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Panama America

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Panam American
"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.
Seagrams V.O.
ffcaciuc WHISKY L*n I
'/fa,,***%/& //,,/,/r,,
TUXEDO UN-JUNCTION Tosied about the tracks In Tuxedo. N. Y.. are 27 care of an Erie
Railroad freight train which Jumped the rails. No one was hurt, although the station (left)
was partly wrecked.
MAC TALK General Douglas MacArthur. object of critic-
ism by the press in many parts of the world, answers ques-
tion by rriembers of the press in Tokyo, after arriving from
the Korean\war front. (Photo by NEA-Acme Staff Photo-
grapher Richard Ferguson.)_________________
Ray burn Tries To Awaken
US To Terrible Danger
WA8Hn*GTDN, April 10 (UP)
House Speaker 8am Rayburn
warned yesterday that Russia Is
massing troops ">n a great many
places" and begged Americans
to wake up to the fact that "we
are in terrible danger."
Defense Secretary George C.
Marshall also' voiced concern
about public apathy and said
the world situation is "Just as
serious if not more serious" than
it was when Communist China
entered the Korean war last
It was the second time within
a week that Rayburn who has a
reputation for choosing his
words with care, had expressed .
grave fears.
He told the House during draft
debate last week that Non-Chl-,
nese troops are massing in Man- !
churla and that the nation may
fuce "the beginning of World
War III." .
President Truman declined to
1 comment on the earlier state- |
ment beyond saying that Ray-
burn is a truthful man. The
White House also had no com-
ment on the new warmings.
But Senate Democratic Lead- '
ers Ernest W. McFarland. D,,
Ariz., who attended the meeting,
Indorsed Rayburn's statement.
-I will ay that the state-
ment by the speaker was in
the interest of the people of i
the United States," McFar-
land said.
House -Democratic Leader John
W. McCormack, Mass., and Vice
President Alben W. Barklev also
were present.
Sortie Republicans had dis-
missed Rayburn's previous re-
marks as an attempt to "scare"/
Another Paraso
Youth Cets Fined
In Balboa Court
A third Paraso, youth, Duncan
Prescott, 23, yeesterday after-
noon was fined $15 for loitering
around a Municipal Engineering
Division building in the Canal
town last Friday night.
Prescott, known as "Dunco,"
was one of several young men I
found loitering around the build-
lng. Two others, Rodolfo Jack-
son, 21, tend Gladstone E. Rus-
sell. 22. 'had been given similar
fines during the morning ses-!
sion of the Balboa Magistrate's!
Pressedt, who had been iden-
tified during the recent Paraso
holdup trial as one of three men
seen near the clubhouse the
night of the attempted robbery.
was arrested jrestertlay on a,
warrant. At least one other in
the group is expected in court'
eon. '
the House Into passing the con-
troversial draft bill.
The Speaker was bitter
about that. He told White
House reporters that anyone
who would accuse him of
such a trick must have a
"damned low estimate" of
his integrity.
"I know we are In terrible
danger," he said.
He added that it Is urgent for
the American, people to realize
now the dangers they face. To
Ignore them, he said, "is Just
plain foolishness."
Rayburn said the danger
stems from "the concentrations
of Russians building up here,
there and everywhere in a
great many places."
"How many and where Is a
little out of my field, but I know
it Is being done," he said.
Chairman Brlen McMahon. D..
Conn, of the Congressional Ato-
mic Energy Committee, said he
agreed with Rayburn that "we
are In terrible danger."
"I think there has been an in-
crease in our peril." he said,
adding that every day Russia
gets farther along in atomic
bomb stockpiling "means addi-
tional danger for us."
100,000 Soviets
Reported Guarding
Manchuria Rail-line
TAIPEH. Formosa, April 10
(UP)Chinese Nationalist quar-
ters charged today that at least
100.000 Soviet troops are deploy-
ed along the Manchurlan trunk
rail-line, and that the Russian
are building Port Arthur and
Dairen into naval bases.
However, the same quarters
said that Soviet troops are not
found immediately north of the
Yalu River.
These quarters, who have re-
ported reliably In the past, said
that trie Soviets have proclaim-
ed Port Arthur and Dairen a
forbidden area which the Chin-
ese Reds are not allowed to en-
Thev said ships are still al-
lowed to anchor in Dairen, but
are not permitted to enter Port
The estimated over 100.000 So-
viet troops are guarding the rail
line which runs from Man-
churia, bordering the Siberian
frontier, to Dairen in the ex-
treme south.
It was said that most of these
troops are reinforcements.
Balboa Tide?
Wedensday, April 11. 1951
High Low
8:48 am..............12:37 a.m.
6:56p.m..............12:51 pm.
Sterling Hayden
Admits Joining
Reds In 1946
Film Actor Sterlln Hayden, a
World War II decorated Marine,
told the House Un-American Af-
fairs Committee today that he
Joined the Communist Party In
Hollywood about June 5,1946 and
quit six months later.
He said he returned to Holly-
wood after the war disturbed
over the state of the world. He
had served In Yugoslavia with
the partisans.
Hayden said he was asked to
Join the party by a woman nam-
ed Bea Winters who was secre-
tary to his agent Berg Allenberg.
Hayden testified: "One day she
aid to me why don't you stop
talking and Join the Communist
Hayden said his first reaction
was: "This is ridiculous." He said
lie went ahead and Joined the
aaity anyway.
He said he believed Bea Win-
ters is now secretary to an un-
identified Hollywood producer.
Air Raid Sionals'
Daily Tests Start
At Noon Tomorrow
A centrally controlled air raid
warning system for the entire
Canal Zone Is now ready for
operation and a test all clear
signal will be sounded every d:v
at noon.
The first test will be made at
noon tomorrow.
The noon signal will consist of
one 30-second blast which will
sound In all Canal Zone com-
munities including Army. Navy,
i Air Force and Canal initalla-
. tions.
Reinstallatlon of the air raid
siren system In use during World
: War II. Is completed In Pacific
side communities, and about
half of the sirens which will be
placed in operation on the At-
lantic side are now installed.
The sirens are located in about
the same positions as they were
during World War II.
The air raid sirens were first
placed In Zone communities dur-
ing the early part of 1940. The
number of sirens was conslder-
,baly increased between then and
the outbreak of the war In De-
cember 1941. as tests revealed
blind spots in the warning sys-
Although the system was used
only a few times during the ear-
ly part of the war to sound an
alert, the all-clear air raid signal
was sounded at noon every dav
from March 1942 until the close
of the war to check the opera-
tion condition of the system and
the individual sirens.
Posters and detailed instruc-
tions concerning air raid warn-
ing signals arid what residents
should do in the event of an air
raid alert will be distributed
throughout the Canal Zone" in
the near future.
Starving Chinese Resorting To
Cannibalism Under Red Rule
HONG KONO, April 10 (UP)
Independent reports from South
China say starving peasants
there are resorting to cannibal-
ism, and that the Chinese Com-
munist authorities have arrested
and shot a number of persons for
Reports said families exchanged
children so they would not have
to kill their own offspring.
Farmers are reported to be
eating wild grass, often resulting
In their death.
Though official estimates place
last year's grain production at
15 per cent below that of 1938 the
authorities are still exporting
50 MPH Chase Nets
Jail Term; Drivers
Force (op to Curb
A 50-mlle-an-hour chase last
night down Balboa Road, during
which Zone traffic officer Eldon
Phelan was forced to the left-
hand curb of Balboa Road, end-
ed In Balboa Jail today for bus
driver Urlbe Vicente Robinson,
24, Panamanian.
In Balboa Magistrate's Court,
Robinson drew a 15-day Jail
sentence for reckless driving, a
$2a fine for driving without a
valid license, and fines of $10
each for an older no-license
charge and a count of abi'niwspaper.
About 1,000 tons of rice was re-
portedly shipped to Macao re-
cently in exchange for Industrial
Further consignments are go-
ing to India under an avowedly
opportunist political agreement
to barter 50,000 tons.
This It is hoped will win for
the Reds the political friendship
of famine-threatened India.
Fate of 'La Prensa'
Practically Settled;
Expropriation Sure
Korea Correspondent
Says Puerto Ricans
Cited For Valor
NEW YORK, April 10 (U8IS)
United States troops from
Puerto Rico have "won the high-
est respect from men of nations
fighting in the United Nations
lines" in Korea, according to a
New York Times correspondent.
Greg MacGregor. writing from
"somewhere In Korea," tells of
the high morale of Puerto Ricans
on the fighting front. Their re-
giment, the 65th, of the U. S.
Third Division formerly station-
ed in the Panama Canal Zona.
BUEN08 AIRES, April 10 (UP)
i The Argentine Government's
expropriation of La Prensa an- I "is the only one In Korea with
peared virtually certain as the | no replacement problem." he
all-Peronlsta Senate scheduled, states. The regiment ha* re-
an informal meeting for today placements In rear areas "eager
to consider the formal report' to be called Into action against
made public last night by the, the Communists," MacGregor
joint congressional committee says.
appointed to Investigate the! MacGregor further comments
newspaper. I on the regiment, which arrived
The committee recommended In Korea last September:
TOKYO, April 10 (UP) General Douglas Mac-
Arthur has asked United States Army Secretary Frank-
Pace, Jr. for more troops, and a free hand to use them
as he sees fit to defeat the Chinese and North Korean
Communists, informed quarters here believe.
MacArthur and Pace had a long conference here after
Pace arrived from Washington on a hurried, secret trip.
Pace requested and got the highest secrecy for the
However usually well inform-
ed quarters here believe Mac-
Arthur made these points:
H More United States troops
should be sent to the Far East
willing to compromise on a peace
settlement only when they lose
hope of military victory;
0) Communist aggression muit
be dealt a telling blow now, of
Formal acton is expected to
follow quickly.
"This war has given these
Americans their first chance to
show their mettle as a unit. Al-
The committee's report was < though they fought with credit
signed by the eight Peronista
members. The sole opposition
member on the committee, Ra-
dical Deputy Arturo Frondlazi,
denounced expropriation as "an
act of usurpation whose only aim
! is to prevent the appearance of
The New York Times suggests
tine provinces.
sjhswer a citation.
Phelan's attention was at-
tracted to Robinson when the
bus driver, spotting Phelan
checking buses at La Boca for
drivers for whom warrants were
outstanding, raced out of La
Boca and toward the Limits.
Phelan followed him, getting his
motorcycle up to 70-80 mph in
an attempt to catch up. Near
the police station. Robinson
forced another car into the curb.
On La Boca Road Phelan got
alongside the bus. but Robinson
swerved over to his left, forcing
P A nuieCtnVrhdeownbt'he road Suspension of. BOAC, services
Plielan 'manaS ^t^bus *^*B&JGS?IS&
stopped and out Robinson under
during World War Two In South-
ern France and North Africa,
thev were always assigned In
small units to other regiment.
In this war, they were determin-
ed to prove to their country and
the world that they take a back
seat to no one on the field of
battle when they work together
to bolster the United Nations It wl spread:
fighting forces In Korea: 7l Asia cannot be neelected,
2) Other United Nations mem- ; while efforts are being made to
bers should Increase their con- build up European defense,
trlbutions of manpower and I The Informer sources did noe
equipment: elaborate on Just what Umlta-
31 The present limitations on tlons MacArthur thought should
oe lifted from his command. 16
is believed he nad in mind the
extension of the war to Red
China proper.
His proposals In this direction
have already brought the Unit-
ed States Informal proposals
from Britain, France and CanK
MacArthur's headquarters de-
nied Pace had brought the Gen-
eral orders from President Harrf
S. Truman to keep quiet and get
on with the war.
Pace came here to hear Mac-
the United Nations forces should
be removed:
4) Chinese Nationalist forces
should be employed;
51 The Chinese Reds will be
Surging Water From
Dam Gales Fails To
Slop Allied Advance
TOKYO, April 10 (UP) The' Arthur's views on the war and
Pukhan River was running up related problems, and to visit
to 5ft. 4>/a Ins. above normal this. 'he Korean front, the headquar-
afternoon as water from the ters said.
Hwachon dam surged swiftly,
Trust Company
Has New Board
Stockholders of the Panama
Trust Company, at a seven-hour
editorially that though La Pren- as a team. The Times correspon-
sa may be lost the effect already dent recalls that the regiment
achieved throughout Latin Amer- distinguished itself at Hamhung.
lea and the rest of the world by fought a rear guard action at
the struggle may yet save the In- the Hungnam evacuation which
dependent Buenos Aires news- prevented this withdrawal from
paper La Nacin and other in- i becoming a rout. Recently, they
dependent dallies in the Argn-1 fought their way from the Han
BOAC Suspends
Services to Panam
arrest, but not until his chase
has almost been blocked off by
the cooperative driver of an-
other bus who got away into Pa-
Meanwhile Phelan's earlier
check at La Boca had netted
officially by the airlines. The
suspension Is effective the end
of April. Planes on the local
run will be transferred to the
Atlantic service. The airline's
announcement follows:
"Effective April 30th., the
West Coast air services operat-
Florentlno Guarnan. 27. Pana- ^bV Brit-h OverseaT Alrwavs! Lno W r ivw. cmriqui.
manan who was found i to.have grgrJS^b2w ^Kon* ^rnergen^n'e'twoHt whthcove?'
!Un\Cred -'Xr C* so ?anama' Llma and San"aJ I the e"" re" Rep" bl.cof Panama'
been altered after Issue so
that the altered license gave
him authority to operate busses
and taxis. Alteration of the li-
cense was discovered after Guz-
man got to the Balboa station.
south through the Chunchon
But the Reds' drastic scheme';
to block the Allied advance with
an Impassable torrent failed be-
cause they had to open each of j
the 18 gates of the giant dam by
T118, Vf f l0.i wa*much m | meeting, yesterday learned that
gradual than the Reds Intended Prlce Waterhouse Ac Co. auditor
Aerial photographs Indicated, have i0Und no questionable
the leve of the dam which the operations bv the bank.
biggest in Korea and source of| The report was preliminary
J"liI'?, SUPP'V- wa down and was based on the examlna-
Ti i. c-, w I "on to date of the books of the
United States and French; Danki which was closed by court
Uoops just west of the dam order MarCh 7 after its cash on
fought with Red rearguards who hand feU below the minimum
nahel.r4 back8 ^ ,the torrent, required by Panama law.
This attack was aimed at cap-
turlng the dam and its vital At the same lengthy meeting
power installation. the stockholders elected the fol-
Despite the nearness of the I lowing nine man board of direc-
, United Nations forces the Reds tors: Justo Fabio Arosement.
Panama Hams Form sl1" appeared to be pouring more'. who has been Director General
' troops and supplies into their' of the bank since the departure*
Hwachon Chorwon Pyongyang of A. G. Arango for New YorK,
buildup area. Panama Comptroller Henrique
More than 7,850 Communist Obarrlo. Roberto Heurtematte,
.vehicles were spotted on North Oscar Muller. J. J. Vallarino,
Korean roads by air force pilots formerly Panamanian ambas-
last night. The great majority! sador to the U. S.. Raimundo Or-
were moving south over remote tega Vieto, Max Delvalle. Paul
secondary roads. Gambotti and Horacio Clare.
United States. South Korean, The entire former board had
Thai and Greek troops advanced resigned, with stipulation that
cautiously towards the reported- none of Its members could oe
ly abandoned city of Hwachon, re-elected.
apparently without major oppo- Stockholders were also told
River up over the 38th Parallel.
The regiment has been cited for
its achievements "above and
beyond the call of duty." Mac-
Gregor points out.
National Network
For Emergency Use
Panama amateur radio opera-
tors Edmundo Lopez, A. Perez.
Venero. Wilbur Morrison, of Pa-
nama City; Eugenio Horna of
Boquete, Chlrlqul. and Guiller-
mo Villegas of David, Chiriqul.
be temporarily suspended, and The wrpose of this network
the Corporation s Atlantic ser- j, ^ traln the amateur radio
vices from London and Lisbon fans who joln tne Rroup ln the
and New York, will terminate at
Kingston. B.OA.C. has been re-
luctantly compelled to take this
He admitted possession of the gtep owln(? t0 an acute shortage
He Wants His
Troubles' Back
Most people have troubles
but don't want them.
But Edward Kleieo of Al-
brook Field Is different. He
really wanfes his 'Troubles."
For "Troubles" happens to
be the name of his dog.
The little white poodle
disappeared outside the Dia-
blo Clubhouse on Sunday.
April 1. and the owner
hasn't seen him since al-
though he has looked every-
The cute little dog an-
swer-, to the name of "Trou-
bles" when called and Klei-
eo wishes somebody would
please get In touch with him
at 6-3246 if they ever see
the dog. on account of Klel-
io misses bis "Troubles."
altered license ln court and was
given a 10-day Jail sentence on
this count. He drew a $25 fine
for operating a bus without a
proper license and was also fin-
ed another $10 on a similar
charge, placed against him last
Nov. 1. A $10 fine for failing to
answer the Nov. 1 citation was
also Imposed.
Suspected Ancon
Gas Leak Brings
CZ Police, Firemen
Mothers scooper up their
youngsters and dogs barked last
night as Canal Zone police and
firemen moved in to prevent
a possible gas explosion ln An-
con. .
It all turned out to be a
false alarm but Anconltes got
a fine idea as to what the
sister services would do If there
ware a leaky gas pipe ln the
Canal Zone.
Notified of a possible leak
in the gas pipes on Culebra
Road near Fourth of July Ave-
nue, a fire rig and police de-
tail answered the call.
People ln the negihborhood
were kept at a safe distance
and no smoking was allowed,
while the firemen searched for
the leak.
Had It been a real leak the
gas company ln Panama would
have been called to shut off
pressure until the pipe could be
As It was, however, the gas
odor was found to be coming
of suitable aircraft, and it is
Intended to re-operi the route
when this problem has been
"The B.OA.C. offices in Pana-
m will be retained for sales
purposes, and co-operation with
travel agents during the period
the services are suspended. Do-
nald A. Cameron, B.O-A.C.'s Pa-
expandlng and execution of a
plan .of radio-communications to
be carried out through coopera-
tion with Government officials
In case of a national emergency.
To date more than 15 amateur
radio stations in Panama and
that the Panama Government,
one of the three largest deposl-
tors in the private banking in-
stitution, had agreed not to
withdraw its deposits for the
time being. The National Brew-
ery has also agreed to leave its
funds in the bank. The Govern-
ment's pledge to retain Its funds
8. Scollay Moore, president and hi the bank also covers deposit
general manager of Esso Stand- of the Social Security Bank.
Scollay Moore
Re-elected To Head
American Society
and 40 meter bands.
Any person who may have an
emergency call (non-commer-
. ielal for any point ln the Re-
nama Manager since 1949. is to Dubc mav contact the director
remain here in charge of the of tne network svstem. Edmundo
Corporation s activities in Pana- Lopez, No 31 32nd st East
m. Colombia Costa Rica and Panama CIty, Tel. ,.n85.
Nicaragua, but the other mem- '
bers of the British staff will
leave by air for England within
the next few weeks. Reduction
of force notices have been giv-
en to nine local employes.
others ln Costa Rica have been i ard Oil for Central America, last' i--------~r~-----
practicing for over a week from I night was re-elected president of i AuriOl bays US, Canada
1 p. m. and 2 p. m.. and also the American Society of Pana-1 pvnr ITn!tpH Kiirnru
from 6 p. m. to 8 p. m. on the 20 [ml, *avor United HiUrop*
Other officers for the coming! PARI<, rlp, Vrpnry.
year are: Leigh R. Cramer, vice \ D PAIRIS;*P,r" 10; tiJPI,TFlen^
president; Louis Gomez, treasu-! President Vincent Aurlol on h
rer; J. H. Harrington, secretary, return home today from his visi
The directors are: Otto G. Haus- 'o the United States and Cans-
man, Robert J. Boyd, John T. da, said public opinion in those
Gorin. Dr. Frank Raymond and'two countries favored the crea-
George L. Capwell. tlon of a unified Europe.
Student Checks With Admiral
On Roosevelt 'Suicide Tale
WASHINGTON. April 10 (UP) of Loudon County Schools, said Henry added that a statement
Henry Parks, an eighth grade Reeves picked up the story at from Dr. Mclntlre should "con-
student at Aldie, Va and Wei- Brldgewater College, where he vlnce all the classand maybe
don Reeves, his civics teacher, graduated last year. He said even the teacher."
are agreed today that President there would be no disciplinary Mclntire replied:
Roosevelt didn't commit suicide action against the teacher. "I can say positively that
even if the teacher did say so. Henry was very upset about
Henry, 14. got it straightened the part of the teacher's re- President Roosevelt did not
out by reporting the teacher's marks that he did hear. He took commit suicide in any way.
remark to Vice Adm. Ross T. his complaint to Mclntlre by "Mrs. Roosevelt would tell you
Mclntire who was the late Pre- writing the Admiral, in care of that she did see the President
sldent's personal physician. Mc- the "Washinaton Star." after he was dead, and I can
Intire assured him it wasn't "Our civics teacher told the say to you that I know the other
true class President Roosevelt com- members of the family did also."
mltted suicide by shooting him- Mclntlre explainsas he hast
Reeves, 25, said he didn't self. He says that is why Mrs. many times before that th*
state it as a fact. He said Hen- Roosevelt did not get to see the late President did not lie In
he had often
"B.O.A.C. regrets the necessity
for this suspension of services,
but the shortage of suitable
long-range aircraft Is such that
no other alternative Is possible
at the present time. The Cor-
poration has no Intention of
abandoning the route, which
will be reopened at the earliest
possible opportunity.1'
'Secret' Was Triple
At Central Showshop
Central Theatre patrons who
took a chance on the show-
shop's first "sneak preview"
last night had an advance
view of the picture "Three! ry" wasn't paying full attention President after he died and why state because
The sneak preview inaugur-
ated something new ln local
theatre presentations.
from a pile of refuse which had It began at 9 p.m. following j dilation about the death of the
been removed from the gas line | the run of the regular show, late President.
but had not been taken away. "Rocky Mountain."
when the "subject came up ln the President did not He ln voiced
class a few days ago. Reeves state. lice.
said he merely told the class it "I thiak that President
was one of many reports ln clr- Roosevelt was our greatest
President and It Is terrible
when people go around say-
a horror of the prac-
O. L. Emerlck, Superintendent lng stuff like that."
He agreed with Henry that it
was terrible for people to "go
around saying stuff like that,"
particularly civics teachers.

Cargo and FreightShips and PlanesArrivals and Departures i

Greal White Fleet
New Orleans Service
S.S. Chlriqui...................................April 16
S.S. Fiador Knot................*.............April SO
S.S. Levers Bend ..............................April 20
8JS. Chlriqui.................................. April SO
New York Freight Service
S.S. Cape Cumberland ....... .................April
S.S. Cape Ann .................................April 20
S.S. Cape Avlnof..............................April S4
S.S. Cape Cod ..................................May 1
Freight Salllnr* Weekly from Havana to Cristobal
Weekly Selling* to New York Loe Angele*, Sen francisco, Seattle
Occasional Sailings to New Orleans and Mobile.
(The Steamers In this service are limited to twelve passengers)
frequent Freight Sailings Inn Cristobal to Weal toast Central America
Cristbal to New Orleans via Cristbal
Puerto Barrios, Guatemala_______________Midnight
S.S. Chlriqui (Passenger Service Only)........April 18
S.S. Chlriqui ...................................April 30
Extinct Animal
Answer to Previous Puzzle
1 Depicted
7 It wag a native
of------ -
13 Joined
14 Spat
4 0rest (ab.)
5 Hereditary
8 Hebrew month
7 Old
8 Grow dim
S Measure
10 Follower
15&w1^!olnftll Surrender
The Pacific Sleam Navigation Company
Royal Mail Lines Lid.
8.8. "KENUTA"..................................April 18th
M.V. "LORETO" .................................April 22nd
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO"* ..................May 2nd
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO".....................May 28th
M.V. "LOBOS" ...................................April 18th
M.V. "SARMIENTO" ..............................May 8th
8.S. "LOCH GARTH" ............................April 24th
M.V. 'LOCH AVON"............................ -April 26th
8.8. "DALERDYK"** .............................April 15th
8.8. "BERBICB" .................................April 28th
'Accepting passengers In First, Cabin and Third Class.
"Superior accommodation available for passengers.
All Sailing (subject to Chance Without Notice.
PACIFIC STEAM NAV CO. Cristbal Tel. 1654 1855
FORD COMPANY INC.. Panam Tel. S-1251/1258: Balboa 1805



Cristobal: FRENCH LINE, P.O Bo* MIS Tel. S-247S a 1811
Panam: LINDO V MADURO. S. A. Box 103S
Tal. Panama S-1CS3 S-ISil
Jry Maxwell House and
ea>sy a really d'li loos cup
at say fate...atohere!
Available ab in tea bags.
10 Titled
18 Dutch city
IB Accomplish
SO Mocker
22 Babylonian
23 Suffix
24 Chief priest of
a shrine
18 Hindu weight
28 Portal In a
81 First man
32 Passage of. the f
1 brain
33 Cosmic order
34 Variable star
.39 The dill
- 38 Eternities
87 The gods
38Names (ab.)
38 Exclamation
41 Emulation
47 Near
148 Goddess of
81 Affray
82 Palm leaf
i 83 It was allied to
| the------
j 88 Reduce
157 Glowing coals
38 Rays
1 Printer's term
8 Preposition
8 River islet
12 Scope
17 Tono E 38
(music) 30
20 Theatrical 8
21 Military group 40
23 Puffed up
25 Country 48
28 Ancient Irish 48
capital 44
27 Chief god of
the Eddas 45
Mlrll IMPI'-l! i ll^U'-
Ufjm r"Jsl2)U|FJ["lS I 1W
'in ii iui U-: in
LI'-'Mi I
ui ii utikUia^Si-jiiii'-'"
r_MHI.ll | aaBaaaaaaal !:][.]>' .'1
L'J'J l-Ji-1'Jk':,! 11.111 HIS
nui UI2IUI-U 4-i:i'-mo
niHiKiuanacifeii iiaoi
lill H3IJfcj|l-)liaSHiHllLl bird
Light mist
Entry in a
Persian poel
Symbol for
48 Hunt
47 On the
sheltered side
48 Converts into
50 Recede
82 Bops' Win '
54 French Island
88 Symbol for
Shipping & Air Line News
Medicine shipped from Panama
to Lima last week via Branlff la
credited with saving the life of a
Lima woman, critically 111 after
An urgent message asking for
the medicine was received hera
at 8:30 p.m. one night last week,
the local Branlff office reported.
The medicine was located In one
pharmacy in Panama and was
rushed to Tocumen to make the
southbound flight 403 at 11 p.m.
It was administered the follow-
ing day to Mrs. Guillermo Garri-
do Lecca. wife of Branlff's doctor
In the Peruvian capital, and her
condition improved immediately.
New Skipper
Capt. Jens H. Mlkkelsen. well-
known along waterfronts, was
southbound through the Canal
yesterday as master of one of the
newer West Coast Line ships, the
Leena Dan. Capt. Mlkkelsen
formerly had been In command
of the Lalla Dan of the same Une.
Leena Dan arrived Sunday In
Cristobal from New York and
docked to discharge general car-
go. She was southbound yester-
day on a late schedule, for the
8outh American West Coast.
Grace Line
The Grace Line freighter San-
ta Elisa is substituting this week
for the regular passenger service
from New York to Valparaiso.
The passenger ship originally
scheduled Is undergoing minor
The West Coast passenger ser-
vice will be resumed with the
Santa Clara sailing Friday from
New York and due Wednesday, A-
prli 18, In Cristobal.
To Colombia
Charles E. Beard, Branlff's ex-
ecutive vice president and Roger
L. Barrier the airways' assistant
secretary-treasurer, were sched-
uled to leave today for Barran-
quilla and Bogota. They will re-
turn here In a few days.
Leaving last night via Branlff's
flight 808 was Jack Karlns. the
line's station manatrr In Colora-
do Springs, With Mrs. Karlns. he
arrived here Sunday from Dai-
The Panama liner Ancn lo
scheduled to leave the Isthmus
Friday with 118 passengers, ac-
cording to the advance passen-
ger list from the Panama Line
offices at Balboa Heights.
The complete advance passen-
ger list follows:

2000 modern rooms
spotless comfort
toot*st! NEW YORK
" in 1. *- M| t tm s.. I
Mrs. Edna Acker man; Mrs. A.
O. Aran go and child; Mr. and
Mrs. Frederick R. Arnold and
son; Orson L. Arvln; Mr. and Mrs.
Russell V. Barton; Adger W. Be-
thea; B. J. Brown; Mr. and Mrs.
James T. Campbell; Patrick Ca-
t-ey; Mr. and Mrs. Clay T. Car-
penter and two children; Mr. and
Mrs. Carl W. Cetti; and Bgt.
Louis M. and Mrs. Cooper.
Mrs. F. W. Dalre; Mr. and Mrs.
Robert B. Dal ton, Jr.; George C.
Deasler; Richard W. Eddy; Mr.
and Mrs. Frederick Einermann;
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie R. Evans and
two children; Oney Evans; Mrs.
Marie D. Farrell; Lamont C.
Feist; Miss Margaret P. Fessier;
Mr. and Mrs. Peter w. Foster;
Miss Carrie B. Frensley; Mr. and
Mrs. John F. Frensley and two
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Gra-
ham and two children; Miss Elis-
abeth L. Gunby; Louis F. Harris;
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Hayes; Mr.
and Mrs. William T. Hearne and
son; Denis S. Heath; James C.
Hitchcock; Lawrence W. Jen.-
lns; Mr. and Mrs. William E.
Johnson; and Agnew C. Jones.
Frank J. Kaspar; Joseph M.
Raspar; Mrs. James F. Kelly;
Miss Regina T. Kelly: Mr. and
Mrs. Herman Klein fel; Mr. and
Mrs Samuel Kleven; Miss Rcna
D. Knotta; Mr. and Mrs. Hubert
A. Latham; and Mr. and Mr..
Arthur Lundeen.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Man-
chester, Miss Lucy McCarthy;
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. McCar-
thy; Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph D.
Melanson; Mr. and Mrs. William
A. Muller; Mrs. Marlon Newton
and two children; Miss Ellen No-
lan; Miss Thelma J. Oyler; Isaac
R. Price; and Miss Belle T. Ross.
Mrs. Marian L. Sadowskl and
son; Philip R. Sanders; Dr. and
Mrs Joel Bhrager; Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur w. Smith; Mr. and Mi.
George B. Smith; Mr. and Mrs
8pencer B. Smith; Mr. and Mrs
Robert W. Todd and son; Mr.
and Mrs. James P. Trimble.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van Wag-
ner; Walter B. Wolberg; Sidney
Woolf; Mr. and Mrs. Carl A.
Yarbro; Mrs. Anne ZlUman; Miss
Jacqueline B. Hunter; and Mrs.
Margaret Eddy and three chil-
Don't let Itching Rci
sema, Pimp! te,
lacuntaas. Acne, Peora-
fthleto'e Foot (Allpunn)
lish.a Slaflcure your skin
s you another dar w'tsovt
...m Vkl. __..___....___
.a Ecsema, .,
or other blaml
and[embarrass you aaowar ear w'tiovt
;!!.N!!od*rm- Thl Sreat medicine
combata the i.nni and paraetteo srhloh
often are the real eiuee of akin troublee.
That le why Nlxoderm ao quickly makes
your skin soft, clear, amooth and at-
tractive. Get Nlxoderm from your drue-
Hff !^yee how moch better rosa
kin looki and feola tomorrow.
y V T HA Ml IB
, THAT' /
Too Much
* W* Ufc' 60K>V4s
VOOQ t>r\W4\K>' MUG
Va** OOlrV \ft My
HUttG My
?Olft> WfV
6KK>\."t fftOOUO
"XWfe (WAKiO- r
cvocv V
lVlt VOOOWVd *rOK jOMl
TOV4Vi\x, \i MV t*N ,_*
tW\ Vittl*. SOCO \
vxw\ out o a tovwr
Eric on His Way
JEwcio out SOME way
IJvSekCINTH OOerfi.0.
itTavtAL* to 5eare*vjr
At Nine O'clock

PKmsvwaa op the
H/V/e THACT 6k3 (?OQ
Sl\/6 IT "ft? MARTHA
we wjceakd
OHlkA 9V
$ELLlM6 rAlS

'Our Town' To Hit Boards At Margarita
Hopea of high entertainment
go up with the curtain tomorrow
night when The Margarita
Playera present "Our Town"
the warm, human, and extreme-
ly successful atage play by
Thornton Wilder.
The presentation, which will
be staged for the benefit of the
new Church of the Holy Fami-
ly In Margarita township, has
been acclaimed by even hard-
boiled critics.
Of more Importance is the
fact that millions, who may not
know a critic from a cricket,
have been enchanted by this
natural and moving drama
through the mediums of stage,
screen, and radio. The only rea-
son It hasn't been televised Is
because the present television
aereen is scarcely adequate to
encompass a Cast of over 40,
and Milton Berle too not to
leave out Faye Emerson.
Mr. Mark White Is In charge
of both production and direc-
tion, and that may be labeled
as a sack of work for a guy
who works in a post ofice. Yet
Mr. White, who has directed
more plays than a football
coach, has lipped and whipped
his Cast Into tip-toe shape for
this impending curtain raiser.
Director White has surround-
ed himself with Grade A tech-
nicians and stagecraf tsmen:
Make-up by Sara Diez, and the
Little Theatre experts with their
know-how; Properties by Ed
Roddy who pays taxes on his
own property up in Sauk Cen-
ter; and the Lightning Bugs,
Don (AC) Johnson, and Dorn
(DC) Thomas to illuminate the
I thought it rather un-
usual that Mr. White ap-
pointed Mrs. White as Sound
Effects Superintendent.
When I gingerly suggested
that this was verging on the
brink of nepotism, he snap-
ped: "Nepotism be hanged!
I'll tolerate none but the
top assistants in my work
and, when it comes to sound
effects, my wife Is a natural
for the Job!"
I didn't press the point fur-
ther (these stage people are so
difficult to get along with), but
wanted to ask If it was not for
similar reasons that he select-
ed Nancy Casswell as Prompter.
For advisors, the dynamic di-
rector of "Our Town" has two
stagey and cagey characters in
John Kelly and Ralph Orassau
who can be depended upon to
help the White man get the
most out of Wllder's wonder-
The only one (besides Sweet
6ue( from whom Director White
takes orders around here, Is Mr.
Anthony Raymond who Is chief
of the Production Committee.
Mr. Raymond ("The Great Pro-
file"), is universally known In
theatrical circles, both for his
production genius and for his
magnificent character portrayals
on the stage. With practically
no make-up, he could com-
petently enact the role of "Cy-
rano de Bergerac." Throughout
his countless appearances in
Little Theatre productions, no
play auditor has yet been given
cause to pelt this footlight fruit
vendor with rotten bananas.
The records do not show
how far back Raymond's
acting experience extends,
bat it Is fairly well estab-
lished that, four score and
seven years ago, he bolted
'his part in the play "Our
American Cousin" to gire
chase after John Wilkes
Booth. He never did catch
up with him, and today the
grease-paint gray beard is
leading Father Time the
same merry chase.
Loyally Day Aim
Is To Counter Reds'
Nay Day Parades
National Loyalty Day Obser-
vances, to be held between April
27 and May l this year, are "to
counteract the show of disloyal-
ty made by members of the Com-
munist Party in their annual
May Day parades, at which time
they pledge their allegiance to a
foreign power."
Frank Leary, chairman of the
Panam Canal Zone Loyalty Day
Observance announced this yes-
The Loyalty Day Observance Is
SDonsored in towns and cities
throughout the United States by
the Veterans of Foreign Wars.
The slogan for this year is
"Loyalty to one 'ism' Amer-
"We in the Canal Zone," Leary
stated, "can set aside this period
of each year to publicly reaffirm
our allegiance to. and faith in.
our government, flag and Amer-
ican principles."
This Is the least of many wavs.
we. as civilians can aid In the
fight against Communism and
to show our loyalty to those who
are guiding our destinies during
these perilous days.
In "Our Town," Mr. Raymond
has a modest part and is bill-
ed on the program as "The Man
In the Aisle." I once saw this
man In the aisle about 30 years
ago. His leading lady at that
time Is still leading him.
A sneak preview of the pro-
ram shows a listing of Mrs.
ertha Dyer as the "WOMAN
In the Audience," and Mrs.
Thelma Lewis as the "LADY In
the Audience." The difference
should be clarified inasmuch
as within certain well-defined
limits Bertha is twice the lady
that Thelma is.
But these trifling discrepan-
cies an be overlooked in the
overall excellence of the 24-
page program turned out by Jim
Moonlight Cruise
From Gamboa Set
For April 20
A moonlight cruise will oe
sponsored by The American Le-
gion, Department of Panama Ca-
nal Zone, on Friday, April 20.
Proceeds from the cruise will be
used for the first Canal Zor
Boy.j' State to be held from June.
15 through June 22.
The cost of the cruise, whi'-h
will start from Gamboa at 6:30
p.m. and will end at 10:30 p.m..
will be $2.00 a person. Tlckcia
are available from any member
of the American Legion.
Main features of the cruise will
be an orchestra for moonlight
dancing, a full moon, lots to cat
and lots to drink, it is announced
by Hans Pedersen. Department
Commander, the American Le-
The Canal Zone Boys State Is
the leading Americanism Proieet
of the local American Legion De-
partment, Commander Pedersen
For many years this program
has been conducted by continen-
tal departments of the American
Under the leadership of John
R. Barr, local Scout Executive, It
Is hoped that the Boys' State pro-
gram will become one of the out-
standing youth activities inau-
gurated by the American Legion
J. Recele, Little League Manager, |
who has produced a big league
job. Recele was given valuable
and professional aid on the pro-
gram angle by Gil Furey, Jack
Coffey, and another old-guard
play actor who, over the years,
has been smeared with grease
paint and printer's ink Roy
Leeser. Master Printer Leeser
had no hand In the composition
of the Gutenberg Bible, but he'll
swear on one that "Our Town"
! is as diverting and entertaining
I a play as ever produced and
goodnight Irene, he ought to
What is generally conceded to
be the lead role in "Our Town" Is
the part of the Stage Manager
played In this case by gentleman
Jack Ridge. Even as a ball play-
er with Panama-Ancon 35 years
ago, Mr. Ridge confessed to ner-
vousness when playing before a
crowd. In the case of "Our Town "
however, Mr. Ridge confide! to
me In his undressing room that
he Is not so much concerned >-
boi't the reaction of the audience
as a whole, as he is with the cil-
tical Impact it may leave on
members of his expansive Isth-
mian family children, grand-
children, brothers, cousins, and
rich uncles in the order o
their appearance. Good? Hi's
GOT to be good the Ridge Clan
bought up a whole block of tick-
College Students'
'See How They Run'
Plays April 18, 19
Director Subert Turbyflll ac-
counts for the small cast of nine
In the college students' produc-
tion of "See How They Run" by
saying: "Only students who have
lettered In track can keep ud
with the fast pace of running
for two hours."
These nine are Frank Robin-
son. Jack Ray. Larry Parks.
James G. Raymond. Tom Peter-
son. Jim Orvis, Annie Nicholson.
Martha Irvin and Ann Howze.
Audiences will be able to see
how the nine run at the Diablo
Clubhouse Theater April 18 and
19. when the hit farce will be
Tickets are on sale now.
Indeed, we can look for top per-
formance by Jittery Jack, because
unythnlg less than footlight per- j
fection on the part of this one-
time umpire, and Ma Ridge is
likely to dust off a plate.
I ventured Into a recent re-
hearsal of "Our Town" and was
nicked for two-bits bv Ticket
Chalrlady Maybelle Theriault
for a seat en the 50-yard line.
It was worth it* not only be-
cause it might help buy a cas-
sock for some destitute altsr
boy,' but because it afforded a
revealing close-up of the spot-
lightheaded at work.
It was particularly pleasant to
listen to organ grinder Rita
Fisher and her chorines. Nellie
and Joan Holgerson and Rita
Howard; to watch Tex and Etta
Cheek. Don Johnson, Nancy
Ramsey, Eve and Dick Grassau,
Lee Larrlson. Merldeth. Leila
and Bob Brown. Jean Coffey, To-
ny Dyer. Ralph Morales, Milly
Recela. George Spelvln. Gene Di-
rtier. Ken Hughes. Bob Roe and
Allen Simons go through their
paces and emote all over the
place. None had to chalk their
cue when It came to remember-
ing their lines.
The one histrionic figure no-
ticeable by his absence was Joe
V. Dlgnam v.-ho learned his
Shakespeare from Mr. Chaplin of
the Cristobal Clubhouse. Other
commitments precluded an activa
part in the play by this odd poop-
er dooper trouper, but behind the
scenes he has gone to town for
"Our To,wn."
So. according to the Voice Of
this Turtle, and the rumors ram-
pant Up In Mabel's Room, you
couldn't witness a finer play than
"Our Town" For Love or Money.
The output In this case is only a
measly dollar. Beg or borrow one
to see "Our Town," but don't try
lifting one out of Father Ryan s
collection basket.
Isthmian Nurse Group
Will Meet Thursday
The second meeting of the
Isthmian Nurses Association will
be held in the 1st floor audi-
torium of the JWB-USO Service
Center on Thursday at 7:30 p. m.
All graduate nurses on the
Isthmus are urged to attend.
Nearly $80 Million
Goes To Children
From Legion Activity
Since the American Legion
launched its Child Welfare Pro-
gram In 1925. a total of $79,827,-
382.93 has been spent to aid and
serve the nation's children. It was
announced here today by Com-
mander Hans Pedersen, Depart-
ment Commander. The American
Legion, Department of Panama
Canal Zone.
This program Is carried out
with an expenditure of 2 per cent
for administrative and educa-
tional overhead, possibly one cf
the lowest overhead percentages
for any welfare organization in
the nation.
Child Welfare Activities of The
American Legion and Its affil-
iates include tfn annual expendi-
ture of nearly $7.000.000 in direct
financial aid to dependent chil-
dren, Commander Pedersen sta-
"Aid includes everything from
expensive medical care, clothing
and food to prevent actual star-
vation to simple treats for chil-
dren at Christmas." the com-
mander explained.
Annual Child Welfare Reports
are made by each of The Ameri-
can Legion's more than 17.400
posts. Aid provided for the 1951
fiscal year may exceed all pre-
vious records. Commander Pe-
dersen declared.
Seventy-four per cent of the
huge sum spent for child welfare
activities by The American Le-
gion during the fiscal year of
1950 went directly to dependent
children to provide the necessi-
ties of life.
The rest of the money was
spent for recreational and char-
acter-building activities, contri-
butions to other child welfare a-
gencles and for "extras" camp-
ing trips. Christmas gifts and
other things requisite to insure a
normal childhood for the less pri-
Written for NEA Service
? AK1083
K93 AAQ76S42
Q8 *
? QJ06 4
? Q053 K102
4 None
? 752
? A087
E-W vul.
Wott North Kart Sorth
Pass 1 ? 2 3 V
;t 4, 4 Pass Pass
4 A Pass Pass 5 V
Double Pass Pass Pass
Opening lead* 3
Reds Triple Play For East:
Grain, Diplomats, Soldiers
HONO KONO. April 10 (UPl
Just when general Douglas Mac-
Arthur Is bringing a cataract at
controversy upon his own head
bv Insisting, contrary to the
views of the United States 8tate
Department, that the Far East
Is the area in which to settle
with Communism report that
the Russian and Chinese Com-
munists are stepping up their
infiltration of India and Burma
are highlighted by large offers of
grain for starving Indians, and
reinforcements for the Soviet
Embassy in aRngoon.
At the same time Pelplng Ra-
dio charged that United States
and Chinese Nationalist spies
are operating against Commun-
ist China from Siamese and In-
dochlnese territory, and levelled
fresh accusations against the
British authorities in Hong Kong
and Malaya.
The Chinese Communists have
already made a claim to over
60,000 sauare miles of Burmese
and Indian territory which ac-
cording to the latest Communist
maps belongs to Red China, but
the Indian and Burmese Gov-
ernments said they had been
assured It was all a mistake.
Pelplng radio admitted the
offer of a million tons of grain
to India Is frankly a political
maneuver. The radio said the
gesture "shows the wav to
abundance for Asian people"
nrovided they follow Pelplng's
Russia Is also offering a
smaller quantity of grain.
The Communists also capital-
ized quickly on wrangling in the
United States congress over
sending grain to India by point-
ing out: "Now the Indians know
who their friends are."
The second Indication of Com-
munist Infiltration came In the
form of a large groun of silent,
unfriedlv Russian consular of-
ficials who passed through here
en route to Rangoon.
These staffers, complete with
their wives, children and 90
pieces of luggage, flew In from
Moscow and boarded a shin here.
"It is quicker that way." com-
mented an immigration officer
who said the grouo was headed
by Ambassador Alexander 8a-
veiev. appointed to take over the
Raneoon Embassv.
Chinese Reds, with 8oviet mil-
itary advisers, are training both
Burmese and Indochlnese Com-
munist forces in Kwangsi and
Yunnan provinces. These forces
could easily Infiltrate the un-
defended, sparsely settled bor-
ders of their own countries.
There are also estimated to be
200.000 Chinese regulars gar-
risoned In that area.
The completion of a 100 miles
railway spur linking the Indo-
china border with the existing
rail network is scheduled for
completion late this summer,
according to reports here. Hun-
dreds of thousands of laborers
have been conscripted to this
Job. which has high priority.
Viet Mlnh leader Ho Chlh
Minh has announced a united
front of all enti-Oovernment
forces In Indochina for a con-
certed effort to expel the French. | But If it is true that war is
Communist naneuvers against | merely an extension of politics
India and Burma are still In the i there seems little doubt what
political sphere. the Communists have In mind.
M.P.G. Economy Test
Grieves Auto Firms
DETROIT, April 10 (UP)
Automobile manufacturers think
twice before sponsoring their
vehicles In speed, endurance and
economy contests and for good
If a manufacturer puts his of-
ficial okay on entering his 1951
super-ultra eight Into competi-
tion with rival cars and the
super-ultra wins, everything's
just dandy.
A million-dollar advertising
and promotion campaign can be
whipped up around the victory
in no time at all.
But If the factory-blessed auto
burns out Its brakes, tosses a
wheel or takes to gas and oll|
like a market- bound hog does
to corn, watch out.
Then the sales-minded gentle- [
men at the motor plant make
like it was all a bad dream that
never really happened.
Take the recent 840-nille Grand
Canyon E"onomy Run. sponsor-
ed by General Petroleum Corpo-
ration and sanction by the con-
test board of The American
AutomobUe Association.
That event has been over since
March 8, but repercussions and
grumblings still are bouncing
around the motor city.
Thirty-two 1951 models enter-
ed the run, and a Lincoln Sedan
topped the field to take home
the sweepstakes t r o p h v and
enough free publicity to gladden
the heart of any advertising
The Lincoln negotiated the
course, under controlled condi-
tions, with an excellent average
of 25,448 miles per gallon. But it
won the trophy on the basis of
its "ton-mile" performance, a
new record of 88,484 ton-mile
What Is a ton-mile? That's
simple. Just take the weight of
the car plus Its passengers and
multiply that by the mileage, in
this case 840. Then divide by the
number of gallons of gasoline
The AAA explains that this
system Is used "to Insure equal
fairness to every entrant, re-
gardless of weight or size."
But from Nash Motors' Detroit
headquarters come weeping and
wailing and gnashing of teeth
about this "fairness" plan.
It was a sportly little Nash
Rambler, you see, that proved to
be the most economical car in
the contest, averaging 31,053
miles per gallon for another new
Because the Rambler doesn't
weigh much compared to a big
Lincoln, however, its ton-mile
average was only 53.489.
Nash officials say the general
public doesn't know what a ton-
mile is. or for that matter does
not care.
But motorists are Interested.
Nash says, In what car uses the
fewest gallons of gas In a given
"Take a Greyhound bus and
load it with slag iron." an un-
happy Nash spokesman said,
"enter It In the contest and even
though It only averages 10 miles
to the gallon, it will win the ton-
mile trophy."
Unless they change the rules
of the run. Nash makes it clear
that ''we are nt Inclined to
enter it again."
If that's the attitude of one of
the winners, think how the los-
ers feel.
Written for NEA Service
A young married couple,
friends of mine, recently asked
me to tell them why they lost at
Canasta. I asked them what their
principal trouble was, and they
replied "Almost every time the
discard pile gets big. we find our-
selves giving it to the opponent.; "
If you happen to have the 3amn
trouble, belter not say too much
about It. It isn't bad luck; It's bad
Of course, it must be admit ed
that even the best canasta play-
ers must occasionally give away
a big discard pile. But they don t
give away very many; and they
pick up many more large piles
than they give away.
The reason for this Is tha'. a
good canasta player Is always
chinking ahead. When the dis-
card pile is small he considers
the possibility that it may grow
large, and he plans to have a sa -
tlsfactoiy course of action if that
There are three satisfactory
courses. One is to get the pill.
The next Is to go out and get the
hand over witn. The ihiru 's 10
: play safely right to the end of the
' hand, so that nobody gets the
: pile.
Long before the discard pile
; has reached a dangerous size, the
; expert has shaped his hand in
such a way as to have one of
these three courses of action
1 open to him.
When your opponents hold
more cards than you. they murt
i nave a better chance to play safe.
! In such situations, you do not
fight for the pile when It is small.
i Instead, you concentrate on
; building your hand to meld out.
With good luck, you will go out
j before anything happens. With
i bad luck, you will still go out bc-
i fore you are completely ruined.
j However, if you start to fight nn
I uphill battle and lose it. you Will
lose the whole game at the same
You're not worried about the
! number of cards in anybody s
I hard at the start of a deal, bc-
| cause everybody has the me
number of cards. However, even
here you should prepare for a
possibly big discard pile.
One of the nice things about
watching any bridge game Is that
you'ie bound to see someoody
happens to be a famous expert
playing In a world's champion-
ship, you feel a bit better aooui
your own mistakes.
When my team played in the
world's cnamplonshlp in Bermu-
da, I didn't make a single mis-
take because pressure of busi-
ness prevented me from Joining
my team-mates on that pleasant
little island. That's the only
thing that saved me. however,
for If you play enough hands you
ere bound to make a mistake
cooner or later. For example,
here's a startling error, as report-
ad by my friend Alfred Sheln-
wold, who covered the match for
As usual in a team match, the
hand was played In two different
rooms. In the first room an Eng-
lish expert came a cropper. Ho
ruffed the opening spade lead
and decided to set up his dia-
monds before tackling the trumps
At the second trick he led to
dumv's ace of diamonds, and at
the third trick he led the king of
diamonds from dummy.
That was the end of that hand!
East ruffed the king of diamonds
and returned a club. Now declar- |
cr was bound to lose another dia-
mond trick and a club, for down
In the other room .the hand
was played by John R. Crawford,
of Philadelphia. He ruffed the
opening spade lead and led a
trump from his hand at once,
finessing dummy's ten. He next
ruffed another spade and led an- I
other trump towards dummv,!
| picking up the rest of the
At this point Crawford was sure
to make the hand if he could
bring in four diamond trick.;.
This could not be done If he made
the mistake of laying down dum-
my's ace and king.
Crawford could afford to ay
down the ace of diamonds, but
then he ruffed a spade in order
to lead the next diamond "rom
his own hand. If West played
1 low. the ten of diamonds would be
finessed from dummy. When
West actually played the queen
of diamonds, Crawford let him
hold the trick. Since East failed
to follow suit, the situation was
then perfectly clear.
West returned a club to South's
ace. Declarer then finessed dum-
my's ten of diamonds and easily
made the rest of the suit. He was
thus able to discard two of hla
low clubs, and made his contract.
another queen, you will have a
valuable pair. If you don't pair it.
you will have a valuable discard
liter on when the size of the pile
calls for a safe discard.
137 CENTRAL AVE. 137
Everybody Rsads Classifieds
Dotted Marquisette Bedroom
Curtains .................. 6.50
All Color Bedroom Rugs
(Two Sizes .........6.95 10.50
All Color Bath Mat Sets 195- 5.95
Bathroom Curtains (1 Yard
Wide; ...............195 2.50
Bathroom Scales .......... 6.50
"Blue Magic" Cookies Can.. 2.10
Bathroom Towel Hangers.. 1.10
Refrigerator Boxes (Three
Slzesi ..................... 1-48,
Plastic Butter Dishes........35
Measuring Cups ............20
Plastic Wall Knife Holders
(Hold 5 Knivesp............70
All Color Egg Trays (Hold
12 Eggs i ...................35
. Small Size Flower Vases. .15
Five-Drawer Chest 9.95
Chest Boards .............. 8.50
Plastic and Metal Ice Cube
Trays ..................... 2.10
Sandwich Toaster ......... M
Plastic Trays ...............%
3-Story Revolving Metal
Cake Stand ............... 4.75
Second Floor 5a Avenida
Pains in Back!
Vi ron food and drink*, worry, oYr-
work. and frequent cold often put a
train on th* Xldney*. and Kidney and
Bladder trouble may ran* abrcia
Aridity. 8tr*na. Cloudy Urina, Oattln
\.p Mfhti. Burnlnr Panacea, l.ef
'alna. Nenouanea*. Dluin. Swollea
inlfiaa DK_><< ( 1t..a>V. ___ i > .
"<*-. .vuviirM. ui*wmww. swell**)
Ankle*. Kheumatlara, Puffy Eyelids and
feeling- old befor* your tira*. Help your
kidney* purify your blood with Cyatex.
Cy*t* roe* Hrhi to work helping your
kidn.y t way: 1. out pl*onou
add*. I. Combat* ger.n* In the urinary
>'*m. t *"0!h aa.l calm* Irrtale
IIhum. And thuayou jlckly get on ta*
road t enjoying life am. (Jet Oyata*
Crea your dxufclot laUaj
For Prompt Relief
for (ought due
to colds.
tivefor both adults and
children. At your druggist.
awmit NOffWiCH hqouO
For example, suppose bo:h
sides need 120 points. You i
and turn up a five. Each player
draw? and discards as folio v. -:
the player at your left discards a
queen, your partner discards a
five and the player at your right
discards an eight. You draw from
. the stock and then hold: Joker-
How should you plan to dis-
card, assuming that the player
at your left is not a tricky playei
and has probably not split three
queens to make his first discard?
Your discard should be the
eight. This will give no Informa-
tion to the player at your rlgfr.
He knows that you didn't pick up
his discarded eight, so he learr.
nothing from the fact taht yen
now discard an eight. The eight
is a somewhat dangerous discard,
but the time to make a danger-
ous discard Is while the pack :s
still small.
Your next discard should be
the six. 8ince it is a five-point
;ard. it Is not likely to give the
count to your opponent. After
that you plan to discard the
blac.{ three. You plan to hang en
to the queen for quite a whil.v
Tlie reason is taht if you draw
For U. S. Delivery During April
We can offer a few.
1951 FORD Custom V8 Club Coupes
1951 FORD Custom Fordor V8 Sedans
1951 Mercury Sport Sedans
Place your order immediately so that
we can confirm an early delivery date.
On Automobile Row
Telephones: 2-1033 21036

Hoop Tourney Set For Tonight In Balboa
Four Games On Tap Amador Hands
In Invitation Play | Albrook Flyers
Tonight is the start of big doings at th lalboa llST JClDcllK
Gymnasium. -------
At 5 p.m. the opener of four games in the tirst an-
nual Canal Zone Invitational Basketball Tournament,
sponsored by the Junior College, will get under way and
from then on it will be basketball on the hour until the
final game.
Winners of tonight's battles
will be paired tomorrow for the
semi-finals and the grand finale
will be staged on Thursday nlghj.
The Wednesday games will
start at 7 p. m. and the final
offering of the tournament has
been set to get under wav at
The winning team will recelv
the Panama Tours Trophv and
the runner-un a trophv provided
bv the Junior College.
There has been much specula-
tion as to the eventual outcome
of the affair and there Is no
outstanding entry among the
eight ouintets gunning for the
ton honor.
Tonight's schedule:
65 AAA vs. 15 Naval District.
6 p. m.
Cristobal A. C. vs. Balboa High
School. 6 p. m.
Balboa A. C. vs. Cristobal High
School. 7 u. m.
Junior CoUeee vs. Marines
(Rodman i. 8 p. m.
Bob Likens. Rav Kam. Henry
Falk and Jack Corliss will handle
the Time clocks and scoreboard
during the entire tournament.
Director of Physical Educa-
tion for the Canal Zone Divi-
sin of Schools, will open the
tournament tonight by toss-
ing up the first ball.
College's "most valuable." comer to me junior College
varsity, and one to watch.
Trouble Never
Came In A More
Desirable Package!
The Rare and Racy
Adventures of a
Female Who Loved
Her Best Friend's
(tw comur irsj
The Albrook Flyers suffered
an 8 to 6 defeat their first
this season at the hands ot
the Amador Special Troops on
Saturday afternoon. Amador
triumphed with 8 runs. 12 hit ^
and one error to Albrook's 8
runs, 12 hits and three errors.
The Army men scored their
runs in the fifth, sixth and
eighth innings, ringing up flrnt
one. then two and slamming out
five in the eighth. The Flyers
racked up one In the third, two
in the fifth and three in the
The game got off to a hilarious
start in the first Inning when
winning pitcher Major J. New-
ton Cox mimicking Albrook's ab-
breviated garb, walked out to
the mound in shorts. The Flyers
protested vehemently and re-
quested the Major to return io
the dugout and dress. When he
acceded, the band struck uo with
the strains of. "Take it off, take
It off..."
Catchers were Luna for Ama-
dor and Krempasky and Corbln
for Albrook. the latter relieving
In the seventh.
With one game to go. league
standings are:
Albrook 16 wins. 1 loss
Corozal 10 wins. 7 losses
Kobbe 9 wins. 8 losses, tied
West Bank 9 wins. 8 losses
Fort Clayton 8 wins. 9 losses
Fort Amador wins, 11 losses
For Gulick 2 wins. 14 losses,
all games completed.
There was a large turnout of
'scattergun enthusiasts at the
Balboa Gun Club last Satur-
day afternoon. Eighteen shoot-
lers took part in the trapshoot-
|ing with just a few less In the
Skeet events.
T. J. Tassln. our C. Z.T. A.
president and Sergeant Brown
of Fort Kobbe tied in the tra;
vent: each broke 49 out of
in the sixteen yard event arm
36 out of 50 in the doubles.I
Charlie Disharoon and Bill Cun- I
ningham each broke 46 x 50'
from 16 yards and 44 x 50 In
the doubles.
In the ,410 guage Skeet event,
T. J. Fogarty was high with
24 x 25, followed by Norton,
Brown and Cunningham with
23 x 25; next came Francis,
Albritton and McNeill with
21 x 25 each.
Trap scores follow:
16 yd.
Brown....... 49
!Tassin....... 49
Disharoon __
Cunningham .
Jackson ____
Korff ______ 37
Christie ____ 36
Mary Tassln.- 36
Mr. Garrv Schumacher, who Is in charge of the Giants' sil-
ver lining department, directs your attention to the fact that in
recent year* the hitting strength in the National League has
shifted from left to right... "And that doesn't figure to do us
any harm," the repentant baseball writer ventures.
It is true that there is a preponderance of right-handed
power in the league. The Dodgers are loaded. They have Hodges,
Robinson, Campanella. Reese, Furillo and Brown. The Phillies
attack mainly with Ennls, Jones, Seminick and Hamner. These
ere significant examples, for the team that beat them will take |
It all this year. Or just about.
Mr. Schumacher Is hopeful the Giants may be that team.
Accordingly he reads eloquent possibilities Into the right-handed
power shift... "We've got just the pitchers to make the most
of the situation," he predicts. "Jansen and Maglle make it rough
for right-handed hitters. And Hearn might do it too."
Have you considered that the schedule might Influence the
race? Mr Schumacher has. and guess what, it could be most
helpful to the Giants. Especially the start," he explains. "Most
ol the strength Is In the East. The Giants, Dodgers, Phillies and
Braves play each other in the first 14 games. A fast break by
any one of the four would affect the outcome Importantly. That's
what won for the Phillies last year. Contrarlly. the Giants got
off badly and spent the whole summer catching up. They fig-
ure to play more evenly this time, but these early returns could
mean a lot."

Thomson's Just a Guess
Let us leave Mr. Schumacher to his radiant fancies and turn
to the Department of Clammy Realism. Though there have
been no Important additions, the Giants, third last year, only
five games back, are receiving mounting support as a flag force.
It aeems to be agreed thev have a sufficiency of everything, save
possibly hitting.
But Is this true? Surely Monte Irvin Is not yet a finished
performer at first base. As recent as last August the Dandy Lit-
tic Manager was ready to quit on Bobby Thomson in center field.
Eddie Stanky does not make a practice of putting two gilt-edged
seasons back to back. Can Jim Hearn win with a flag con-
tender? Who's going to play right?
By way of simplifying the approach let us concede the Giants
are actually satisfactorily equipped In every department but hit-
ting, where Irvin and Thomson are the if men. They must de-
liver if the Giants are to win. How much confidence do they
Inspire? Irvin, a lot. Thomson, just so-so.
Irvin hit .344 down the stretch last season after a fumbling,
r-esitant start. He was all right once he sold himself he belong-
ed as a big leaguer. I believe he will pick up where he left off
since now he knows he can do It. A forceful bat in the clean-
up slot is a Giant must If the flag is ever to get beyond the blue-
print stage.
How can you even trv for a good gueas on a guy like Thorn*
son? Actually the Staten Island Scot's had only one big season
since he cameup. .309 In '49 with 109 runs batted in. Last year
he dropped 57 points at the plate and had lapses in the field
v. here he is normally brilliant. Will he be the '49 Thomson or
the "50 Thomson this year? Who can tell?

The Big Bat Is Imperative
A strident stick In the middle of the batting order is Impera-
tive and the peculiar ingredients of the Giants' attack make the
need all the more pressing. Stanky got on base more than,300
times last season. Whitev Lockman will average about 200 limes.
Put a big bat between them and you can expect runs in quanti-
The Red Sox illustrate the point. Dom DtMagglo and John-
ny Pesky plav the Stanky, Lockman roles. They get on and up
cornea Ted Williams and Vern Stephens to drive them home in
big-scoring innings. Until Irvin. started to hit near the end the
Giants had no solid whacker for the fourth and fifth slots. As
a consequence they had to scramble for runs, and that's not the.
most ideal way to win pennants.
Finally, if the Giants are to reward the faithful with a flag
for the first time since 1937 that was the year Joe Louis was
winning his championship and War Admiral was galloping in the
Derby thev must uncover an able relief pitcher.
Allen Gettel may be the answer. He was 23-7 at Oakland
lost vear. As a Yankee he failed to impress me. Every once in
a while, though, one of these older fellows bounces back with a
new pitch and his name becomes Casey, Page or Konstanty.
flettela added a screwball to his repertoire.
Smallbore Rifle Match Scheduled
For Sunday am At Far^ Fan Range
Another Attempted Hoop
Fix Is Brought To Light
The Herrlngton Trophy, at
present held by the Balboa Gun
Club, will be up for competition
again this coming Sunday at the
Far Fan Range when the local
rifle teams line up to fire over
the Dewar Course with the
smallbore rifle. As this match
calls for iron sights only, the
youngster with the sharp eyes
will have all the old gaffers at a
strict disadvantage.
The Dewar course calls for 20
shots at 50 yards and 20 shots at
100 yards, all prone. Perfect
scores are often made over this
course In the States, using
'scopes. Also, the wind doesn't
seem as tricky there. But with
iron sights and the changeable
Zone breezes, there haven't been
any possibles fired yet in CZSA
competition for this trophy.
Manv of the old timers com-
plain bitterly that with Iron
sights they see egg-shaped bull's
eyes, and have camniagned to
make this an "any sight" match.
However, In view of the fact that
it has been fired with Iron
p"hts ever since Air Force Lt.
Col. Leland A. Herrlngton first
presented his trophv for this
competition, the powers that be-
have not seen fit to make the
change, and probably will not
at least until the Trophv Is re-
This match will be for four or
five man teams, four scores to
count. The Balboa Gun Club will-
probably have at least two teams
and Cristobal and Albrook-Cu-
rundu will have at least one.
Dangerous competitors for this
match will be the Balboa Juniors
and Cristobal Juniors. The Mar-
ine Barracks riflemen should
also have two teams in this one,
and will also offer tough com-
petition. In hopes of matching-
these young eyes in performance,
there will be manv a blood-shot
old eyeball dunked In Boric acid
Saturday night, as the oldsters
sharpen up what's left of their
vision for this one.
There will be team prizes and
individual and individuals
can enter without team affilia-
tion on payment of $1.00 entry
.....By United Press.....
Chicago (A) 15. Chatanooga
(8o. As. > 4.
By I'nited Press
Another attempted basketball
fix has been brought to light.
Two Wayne University fresn-
men. playing for an industrial
team in a Detroit tournament,
say they received a telephone
call instructing them to "lose
the game or you might get
The calls were received Satur-
day night by center Charles
Primas and guard Ernie Wag-
ner. At first the caller offered
the players 15-hundred dollars
to lose last night's game to
Thompson products. Later the
caller threatened to harm the
players If they failed to co-
operate. Primas scored 37 points
as his club. "The Midge's drill,"'
whipped Thompson. 83-70.
Detroit Police Sergeant Milton
Mertz gays the department Is in-
vestigating, but has little to
work on.
"The boys should have agreed
to meet the caller." says Mertz.
I "Then we could have picked hint
up. I doubt If we'll find any-
' thing now because the tourna-
1 ment ends to night."
In the New York scandal, the
trial of the five alleged fixer
has been postponed until May
4th. The postponement was al-
lowed because defense attorneys
were not able to handle a trial
scheduled to begin yesterday.
The five are former Manhattan
players John Byrnes and Hank
Poppe and accused gamblers
Irving and Benjamin Schwartz-
berg and Cornelius Kelleher.
Chicago (Ni 6. Little Rock (S.
A.) 1.
Uncle Millie Romps
In Derby 'Prep';
Battlefield Second
JAMAICA, New York. April 10
(UPi Owner Joseph Cplando's
"Uncle Miltie" established him-
self as the ton Kentucky Derby
candidate bv winning the Pros-
pect Purse In a breeze yesterday
at Jamaica.
The bay colt outran two other
leading Derby hopefuls "Bat-
tlefield'' and "Big stretch" to
win the six furlong New York
feature by four and one half
lengths. "Battlefield" ran second
; with "Nullify" thrld.
Jockey Hedley Woodhouse held
Uncle Miltie In second place he-
hind Battlefield until the
stretch. Then Uncle Miltie flash-
ed past the George Wldener colt
to win going away. Uncle Miltie
turned the six furlongs in a fast
one minute 10 and one-fifth
seconds. It was the first start of
the season for all three Derby
Uncle MUtle was second favor-
ite In the betting and returned
flve-90. three dollars and two-60.
The bay son of Heather Broom
continued two furlongs more af-
ter crossing the finish line and
turned the mile in 1:37 2/5
New York (N> 16, Cleveland
(Ai 4.
New York (\< 001-011-001-4-14-1
Boston 122-100-20X-8-13-1
Vic Raschl. Bob Munchief (8i
and Larrv Berra, Clint Sourtnev
Warren Spahn and Ebba St.
U.S.C. To Award
3 Trophies For
May 30 Marathon
The Universal Sports Corpora-
tion, through its Central Ameri-
can representative. Martin B.
Glasgall. will award first, sec-
i ond. and third place trophies to
winners of the Unisport Mara-
thon from Pedro Miguel to La
Boca Ball Park, on May 30.
The marathon foot race, In
j which will participate the best
distance runners of the Republic
and the Canal Zone, is slated to
i be the main attraction of th
20-event program of the Canal
Zone Track and Field Cham-
plnnshlps scheduled for La Boca
; on Memorial Day.
Interest in the mammoth meei
1 has risen so sharply that more
; than one hundred and fifty,
athletes are expected to com-
! pete. Requests for entry forms.
\ which will be available next
: Monday at the La Boca Play-
ground, have been received from
the powerful Polica Club of Pa-
. nama City, Albel Bravo, of Co-
, Ion. Silver Cty. and Gatun.
The list of track and field
! events follows: 50 meters. 75
meters. 100 meters, and rela'.
14x100; "B" CLASS MSN. 10O
i meters. 200 meters, 400 meters,
I relay. 4x100; "A" CLASS MEN.
! 100 meters. 200 meters. 40O
i meters. 800 meters. 1500 meter.
high jump, broad jump, pule
I vault, discuss, shot put. relay
4x100. and ready 4x400.
Claire, L. P. Raschl.
Wash. (AI 000 000 2002 5 0
Cin. (Ni 100 000 0001 3 0
Connie Matrero and Mickey
Oras so.
Ken Raffensberger and John- j
ny Pramesa.
On Saturday next at 2 p.m.
there will be the usual Skeet
and Trap Shooting.
On Sunday. April 15, the sec-
lond Skeet Match between teams
I representing Fort Kobbe and
| the home club will be held. This
I will be a seventy five bird shoot
and will commence at 9 a.m.
: There is no limit to the num-
[ ber of entries for either club
and the five high scores will
make up the teams. The entry
fee for this shoot will be three
dollars with the individual purse
divided by the Lewis Class
On Saturday, the 28th. there
will be a fifty bird .410 guage
Sk^et Shoot. This should prove
interesting a all the boys are
I coming along fast with this
sporting little gun. The entry
fee for this shoot will be two
dollars, purse divided by the
Everybody Reas Cla**tffWf
IU RAN Tel. Z-Z22*

Lewis Class.
These Skeet shoots are always
finished early nough to allow
those who wish to shoot trap
to do so and If at any time
there are enough who wish to
register their scores with the
A. T. A., our trap manager will
be glad to do so.
So come on out and get
in some practice for the forth-
coming 8tate Shoot which will
be held on May 26 and 27.
*60-Scoh Workout*
N.thine. like a brisk bridle-path workout.
My riding fans, I make you jttl fitter,
ik betUr. And-nothing like the famous
ViUlis "60-Second Workoat" to make
jour tealp feel fitter, kmr look bettor. 60
seconds' brisk massage with thmulaUnf
ViUlis and you PERL the difference in
your scalp prevent dryneas, rout flaky
dandruff. Then 10 seconds to comb and
yc-.i "T '.>; difference in your hairfar
handsomer, heilthler-lookltig, neatly
grooms* ttet ViUlis today I
NEW! For cream tonic fans

A fdU ef SrtHl Mri
Gives your hair that CLEAN-GROOMED LOOK.

TESDAT. APRn. li, 1951
pacific S)ocie
Wry J(mlk tyJaJ
Bo, 96, BafUa JJvfku 'OJ 2 1336
MR. AND MRS. ADRIAAN DEWIT of Willemstad, Curacao,
Netherlands West Indies, after their marriage in Curaeao last
week. They were the recipients of many courtesies during
their brier stop here on thir wedding trip. They left by plane
for Miami this morning en route to Ohio to visit her family,
and his brothers, one at the University of Ohio and the other
at Pennsylvania State College. They will be at horn* in
Curacao after June 1.
The DeWits were married
April 4 at the Protestant Church
In Ft. Amsterdam, Willemstad,
by Dominie H. H. Elderman,
who used the Episcopal mar-
riage service. Mrs. DeWltt is
the former Miss Dorothy Knowles,
who was Minister of educa-
tion at Balboa Union Church
before her marriage.
The church in Willemstad
was decorated with yellow' for-
sythia and pussy willows sent
from the bride's home In Ohio.
On the altar were seven gra-
duated candles molded by Mrs.
Marie Van Cllef of Balboa from
the brides' candles of the Bal-
boa Union Church. The candles
were surrounded by tuberoses
against a background of white
gladioli and fern. The service
was preceeded by the lighting
of the candles by Michael DeWit.
brother of the bridegroom. Mu-
sic during the service included
Mrs. Harold N. Thorpe who was
enroute from Hong Kong to her
home in Norfolk, Virginia. Mrs.
Thorpe, the former Nellie R.
Sands, lived on the Isthmus in
1920 and 1921, and has lived in
the Far East for many years.
|G. Prager of Berkeley, Callfor-
i "Wle ist ein Rose Entsprungen?"
, by Brahms and the marriage
jhymn, "O Perfect Love," play-
:ed by Arle den Broeder.
The bride wore a gown of
, palest yellow embroidered Swiss
organza made with a shirred
bodice and a very full ballerina
i length skirt. A tiny Dutch cap
\ of organza edged with white
lilacs held her short veil, of
yellow tulle. Her bouquet was
i single tuberoses and baby or-
chids tied with yellow ribbons.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. deWlt,
] parents of the groom, served as
i witnesses. Mrs. deWlt wore grey
| chiffon with silver accessories
| and a small coral colored hat.
Her corsage was of gardenias.
The bridal luncheon was held
at the Old Dutch Tgvern and
was followed by a reception for
more than 100 guests at the
' Pasanggrahan (Guest House.
and Mrs. Earl Baltozer was In
charge of the guest book. Also
assisting at the reception were
Mrs. William H. Allen, Mrs. J.
L. Harned, Mrs. Robert Herr,
Mrs. T. P. Hot*, Mrs. William
Llertnan, Miss Hazel Matthews,
Mrs. Terrlll Toone, and Mrs.
Wlnton Webb.
Friends entertained constant-
ly for Mr. and Mrs. deWlt dur-
ing their short stay hare. They
were the luncheon guests Sa-
turday of Reverend and Mrs.
Matthew Smith and Reverend
and Mrs. Louis Flske in Pana-
ma, and dined Saturday night
with Mr. and Mrs. Earl Baltozer.
Sunday they had luncheon at
the Hotel Tlvoli with the Post
HI Fellowship Group of the
Union Church, and after the
reception Sunday they were en-
tertained by Mr. and Mrs. J. L.
Slebellnk in Balboa.
Mr. and Mrs. Lierman enter-
tained the visitors at breakfast
Monday morning, and they
lunched with Mr. and Mrs. Hotz.
In the afternoon Mrs. Ernest
B. Baker took them to Panama
to visit Marta Spoel, who is a
friend of Mr. deWit's mother.
Last evening they dined with
Mr. and Mrs. Townsend. and
before their departure this
morning they were the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Terrlll Toone
at breakfast.
Returning From
Dr. Carlos N. Brln, Panama's
Minister for Foreign Relations,
and Mrs. Brin are expected to
return to Panama Sunday from
Washington, D. c. They are at
present spending a few days in
New York after the close of the
Conference of American Foreign
Ministers In Washington.
The Minister of Agriculture
and Commerce, Ricardo Arlas K.,
who also attended the Foreign
Ministers Conference in Wash-
ington, is expected to return to
Panama today.
ers or to Paul Conte at El Pa-
nama Hotel, Panama 3-1660, for
the Club's Pan-American Day
dinner dance to be held Friday
night. Tickets are $3.78 a per-
son and members may Invite
College Club Group
Meets Tonight
Dean Raymond T. Ferris of St.
Luke's Cathedral will be the
speaker at the meeting of the
Canal Zone College Club's World
Problems Study Group tonight
at 8 p.m. His subject will be
"Personal and 8oclal Direction."
The meeting will be held in the
Jewish Welfare Board Armed
Forces Service Center on La
Boca Road. Balboa. All members
ol the College Club, women who
are Interested in Joining the
club, their husbands and guests
are cordially invited. <
Balboa Women's Club
To Elect Officers Wednesday
The Balboa Woman's Club will
elect officers for the coming
year at the meeting to- be held
tomorrow morning at 9 at the
Jewish Welfare Center. A coffee
hour will preceed the meeting.
All members are urged to be
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin
Entertain for Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Irwin gave
a small dinner last evening at
their residence on Balboa Heights
in hono rof Mr. and Mrs. Lewis
On Sunday afternoon Mr. and
Mrs. deWlt entertained more
I than 400 guests at a reception
held in the Balboa Union
i Church parlors. Receiving with
them was Mrs. Marlon Lucas.
Mrs. Matthew 8mith, Mrs.
Louis Flske. Mrs. Wesley Town-
send, Mrs. Maxwell Smith, Mrs.
W. T. Jeffries and Mrs. Paul
Warner alternated In presiding
at the punch services. Mrs. Marie
Van Clief arranged the flowers
Mrs. Harold N. Thorpe
Transits Canal
Miss Jessie Pugh of Ancon
transited the Canal Sunday with
nta. and Mrs. A. H. Shrag of
Waterloo, Iowa.
Mr. and Mrs. Prager are vi-
siting his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Jerome F. Prager in Balboa and
Mrs. 8hrag is the guest of her
son-in-law and daughter. Mr.
and Mrs. Leo W. Cagley at
Diablo Heights.
Federation Meeting
April 19
The Panama Federation of
Women's Societies for Christian
Service will hold its April meet-
ing at the Balboa Union Church
on Thursday, the 19th, starting
at 8:45 a.m. There will be a
mid-morning recess for refresh-
ments and the meeting will close
with a luncheon to be served
by the Union Church's Women's
Auxiliary. A nursery will be pro-
vided for the children of wo-
men attending the meeting.
Delegates from all of the
philanthropy groups of the Fe-
deration will make their re-
ports at this meeting and re-
presentatives of the various In-
stitutions will tell of their work.
Reports will be made on: the
Salvation Army, the Colon Free
Clinic sponsored by the Cristo-
bal Woman's club, Mrs. Witt's
Work, the Holiness Prison work,
The Iglesias San Bias Island
Municipal Division
Employes Invite
Ladies to Party
Charles Hollander will be the
featured entertainer at Saturday
night's entertainment sponsored
by the Municipal Division Em-
ployes' Association.
The affair will be in the Ancon
Yard, starting 8 o'clock.
There will be other local en-
This will be the first of the
Associations affairs to which the
ladles have been invited, and to
that extent will be more or less
an experiment.
If the affair is successful the
possibility is that the majority
of parties in future will follow
the same pattern.
Reservations may be made by
calling Mrs. T. N. Sasso and Mrs.
J. G. Scott at 2-1287.
-^ftlantic S^ocietii

Bo, 195, Ca\*n ^w Qml*
Mission, the Bella Vista Chil-
dren's Home, the Methodist Sea-
wall Mission, and the Hilltop
Mission at San Bias Point.
Legion Auxiliary
Meets Tonight
Panama Canal Unit No. 1,
American Legion Auxiliary, will
meet tonight at 7:30 in the
Balboa Legion Hall with Mrs.
Patsy Ryan presiding. Mrs.
George Feist, Pan-American
Committee Chairman, will give
a talk on Uruguay.
Mrs. Rodrigo Nuez, wife of
the Uruguayan Consul at Pa-
nama, will be a guest of honor
at the meeting.
The program will also include
a motion picture "Then There
Were Four."
The nominating committee
will present its slate of candi-
dates for office next year. Re-
freshments will be served after
the business meeting. All mem-
bers are urged to be present.
Mrs. Kathryn O'Brien Jones, of Curando, who is a sister
of Mr. Edward B. O'Brien, of Margarita, plighted her troth
to Lieutenant Farls Thomas Walker, U.S.A., of Fort Cl f ton,
son of Mrs. Maud T. Walker of San Antonio, Texas, in an im-
pressive ceremony at the Fort Clayton Chapel last evening
at 7:31 p.m. The Reverend Louis B. Storms, CM., performed
the ceremony in the presence of a large gathering of friends
and relatives.
Sergeant James R Frieburger,' er. with Mrs. Marlon Deffen- played Gounod's and baugh accompanied the glr's.
Schubert's "Ave Maria" and "Pa-; Three girl Scouts were also prer-
nls Angellcus" before the ceremo- lent. They were: Wendy Cotton,
ny and the traditional wedding Linda Cunningham and Grate
marches. Argo.
The bride entered upon the! The girls put on an amateur
arm of her brother. Mr. O'Brien, hour and Mrs. Curtis George gavs
them a story hour.
The Brownies in the group
were: Nancy Gibson, Claire
White, Virginia Mauldln. Andra
Lee Nash, Judy Gray, Charlene
Boyes, Marilyn Deffenbaugh, El-
sie-and Irma McCuaig, Pamella
Therlot, Judy Hallet, Kathleen
Asbury and Barbara Reynolds.
by whom she was given In mar-
riage. She was lovely in her wed-
ding gown of white embroidered
organdy. It was fashioned with a
ballerina length skirt and an or-
chid sash gave a touch of color.
Her headdress matched the sash,
and she carried a bouquet of or-
Mrs. James R. Frieburger serv-
ed as matron of honor. She wore
a ballerina length dress of yel-
low tulle and carried art old-'ash-
loned bouquet of orchids.
Captain Frank Kingston wr.s
best man for Lt. Walker.
An informal reception was
held at the home of Mr. and Mi3.
William Vesser. of Fort Clayton,
following the ceremony. Mrs. Ed-
ward B. O'Brien, of Margarita
and Mrs. Mehl M. Logan assisted
the hostess.
Lt. and Mrs. Walker left for a
honeymoon in Costa Rica. After
May 1st they will be at home at
Quarters 94B Fort Kobbe.
Mrs. Gorman Arrives
Mrs. Robert Gorman and
daughter. Beverly, arrived yes-
terday from Seattle, Washington,
and are the house guests of her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. William
Badders of Gatun.
Bon Voyage Dinner Party
The consul of France at Co-
lon and Mrs. Marcel Gringoire
entertained with a dinner party
at their Cristobal residence, Sun-
day evening, for H.B.M. Consul at, shd be made through the pres-
Colon and Mrs. Raymond Kir- '
Pan-American Day
to be Observed
The Inter-American Woman's
Cluo will observe Pan-American
Day on both sides of the Istn-
mus. The Colon Unit will hold a
reception at the I.A.W.C. build-
ing from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Sa-
The Panama Unit will have a
dinner at the Hotel El Panama
en Friday to which the Colon
members and their husbands are
invited. The dinner will cost
$7.50 per couple. Reservations
Birthday Celebration
On the occasion of her 17th
birthday anniversary, Miss Kay-
leen Vlnton entertained a group
of her friends at a dessert party
Saturday evening at the home
of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Kenneth Vlnton, In San Juan
Place. Ancon.
Invited to the party were the
Misses: Barbara Jones, Cecil
Russell, Barbara 8haw, Nancy
Wells, Ann West. Mary Ellen
Kelley, Sheila Fearon. Marge
Wiley, Virginia Selby, Joyce
Johnson, Ann Morrill, Mary Ode-
lla Morley, and Joyce Daly, and
the Mssrs: Terrence Ford, 81d-
ney Shore. Kenneth Withers,
Noble Holloday, Michael McNe-
vln. Paul Godby, 8amuel Maphls,
Richard Abbott, Edward Brow-
der, Ray Tucker, Louis Celerier,
Penneth Pittman. Buzz Butler,
David Shore, Carl Posey and
Leland Brooks.
ON LY % 22 A^ON
Mr. Williams At
El Panama Hotel
A. s. Williams of the Coca
Cola Export Company arrived
yesterday for a short stav in
Panama and is registered at El
Panama Hotel.
Visitors Honored
By Elks
Relph R. Grassau, District De-
partment Grand Exalted Ruler
for the Canal Zone, and Mrs.
Grassau. and Nathan Washton,
Acting Grand Esquire, and Mrs.
Washton, of B. P. O. E. Lodge
1542. Cristobal, were the guests
of honor at the dance which the
Balboa Elks gave Saturday eve-
ning after the installation of
their new officers. Mr. Grassau
and Mr. Washton were the in-
stalling officers at the ceremony
of Installation.
At Hotel Washington
Mr. and Mrs. Craig 8. Neville
of Balboa were visitors at the
Hotel Washington in Colon dur-
ing the week-end. They went to
Cristobal Friday for the sailing
of their son-in-law and daugh-
ter. Mr. and Mrs. John C. Faw-
cett and daughter. Linda, who
left on the SS Cristobal for New
Join our LOT CLUB ... psy as little as $4.00
per week build the house of your dreamt,
and enjoy the riches of happiness and security !
No. 5 "A" Street Tl. 2-3333
win, who are leaving on vacation
and Mrs. Ernest I. duPont, Jr ,
who sailed the following day fcr
New York.
Mrs. duPont has been vlsl'Jng
her brother and sister-in-law,
idem. Mrs. GuntherHlrsch.'eld.
Colon 966.
Notice To Members
Of I. A. W. C.
Members of the Inter-Ameri-
can Women's Club are asked to
telephone their reservations
promptly to the club headquart-

* VP DwyM'.
'*; i in mat
* f"P~n ... w
K feesaeen se*




Picnic for Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis O. Prater,
wheo arrived Saturday by plane
for a two-week visit with Mr.
Prager's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. Dashwood Darling | Jerome Prager of Balboa, were
of Brazos Heights. honored with a picnic given by
The guests included: Mr. anJ
Mrs. Darling, Captain and Mrs.
Robert Bertschy. Captain and
his uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs-
Ernest Cotton at Galeta Point
Saturday. The group enjoyed a
Mrs. Robert Fahle, Captain and trip to Fort 8an Lorenzo prece-.l-
Mrs Marvin West, of Balboa. Or. | ing the supper.
and Mrs. Wayne Gilder, and
their house guests. Mr. and Mrs
B.T. Bookout of Costa Rica, Miss
Hope Menendez, Mrs. Elsie Mohr
Skillman, Mr. and Mrs. Laurence
Breece. of Balboa and Captain
Rene Oullmard and Chief En-
gineer Jean Seat from the Frenen
vessel Vire.
The other friends and members
of the family present were: Mr.
and Mrs. Robert L. Glawson, Mr.
and Mrs. Jerome Prager, Mr. and
Mrs. H. P. Bevlngton, Mr. and
Mrs. Leo W. Cagley Jr., of Ha-
blo, and Mrs. A. H. Shrag of Wa-
terloo, Iowa. Mr. and Mrs.lAn-
thony Fernandez. Mr. James]
Fernandez. Mr. and Mrs. E. L.
Cotton with Larry, Lee and-Su-
sa n<;f Diablo, Mr. and Mrs. Wen-
Jell cotton with George, Wendy
and Allen of Gatun and Charles,
Worden Earl and Lewis French.
G. 8. Troop
Has Birthday Party
Girl Scout Troop 29 of Marga-
rita celebrated its sixth birthday
anniversary with an informal
birthday party.
The girls were lead in group
singing, and they put on a talent
show. The girls received rheir
one year badge and Patrol 2 re-
ceived their card for completing
their work for the cycle badge.
Mrs. Maxwell Sanders and Mrs.
Harold Chambers were present
with the troop leaders: Mrs.
Steve Ralney, Mrs. John Leach
and Mrs. Maurice McCullough.
Four-Year-Old Celebrates
Mr, and Mrs. Raeburn Brians,
of Margarita, arranged an infor-
mal party at their home Saturday
to honor their young son, Wal-
lace, on his fourth birthday an-
niversary .
Twelve young friends and their
parents helped Wallace celebrate.
Mrs. Zelda Glassburne of Dia-
blo Heights and Mr. Maurice Eg-
gleston of Balboa, spent Sunday
night as the house guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Mark White of Marga-
lita. They were over to meet
their sister and brother-in-law,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dell who
arrived Monday for a two-month
visit on the Isthmus.
Mr. Dell is connected with > '
accounting unit now on the Isth-
mus. Mrs. Dell is the former Mi/-s
Irene Eggleston of CrlstobaL
Turkey Dinner at Gatun
The Woman's Auxiliary of the
Gat-in Union Church is sponsor-
ing a turkey dinner at the Ga-
tun Masonic Temple Friday, at
5:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. Tlckeia
may be obtained from any mem-
ber of the Auxiliary, and will bo
en sale at the door. The tickets
are $1.50 for adults and 75 cents
for children. The patronae cf
(Continued on Page EIGHT)
Cocktail Party Given
for Mr. and Mrs. Arnold
Mrs. Louis Maurer and Miss
Jane Holcomb were co-hostesses!
for a cocktail party given at thi
nurses quarters of Colon Hospital
last evening honoring Mr. and
Mrs. Frederick Arnold, who are
leaving this week to reside in the
Mrs. Arnold has been a mem-
ber of the nursing staff of the Co-
lon Hospital for a number of
Announcement of Local Interest
Friends have received word of
the announcement of the en
gagement of Miss Joy Lee Brock,
daughter of Mrs. Anita Brock, of
Tulsa, Oklahoma, to Mr. William
R. Noll, also of Tulsa, son of Mr.
and Mrs. William V. Noll, former-
ly of Gatun, but now residing in
Richmond. California.
The wedding is planned for A-
prll 21 and will take place in the
Methodist Church in Tulsa.
(meoTte wu
Recent Visitors
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mi'ler
were the house guests of Mr. and
Mrs Frank W. Scott from Friday
through Sunday. The M!lle:s
were returning to their home in
Dallas, Tex., from a trip through
South America,
Mm. Eeenan
Visiting in Gatun
Mrs. William Keenan of Santa
Clara, is spending the week as
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. E. W.
Mlllspaugh of Gatun.
Picnic and Slumber Party
The Brownies of Troop 35 cf
Gatun had a wiener roast at the
community fireplace Friday and
I a slumber party at the Trefoil
House, that evening.
Mrs. Sam Mauldln. leader and
Mrs. T. F. Gibson, assistant leaa-
MAIIIHA I, nt>i*m*kt4t ft ,ICn
*>*,', Mm Cmh, Haw IV*, M. 1.
If you want (round of applause from row fsrall,
jiut serve Devil's Food Cekefor dessert. It trjuadd
the festive not* to aay dinner, wk* not stake a
, Devil's Food Cake today? Its fay to prepare
.. .especially ban you law Duryse's suiia*.
Ak your grocer for u aeon esa) sal one-peuad
package of Uurvta's suissna. You'll Sad
It awful for making all kind of suskea lees
better sad taste better.
P. O. Box Ne. 317, Panam, R. P.
If you're looking for the perfect gift you'll
find it in the finest watch Hamilton.
Only Hamilton meet* all the stand-
arde of fine watchmaking. For its
tested accuracy and time-endur-
ing beauty, Hamilton has
become known as "The
Aristocrat of Watches."
Agenta Genero/
M. Espinosa, Aprtatelo 43, Panama, P.. ft
& 2-1833
Want to sleep
like a baby?
%l Put same POSTUM in a cup
V add hot water or milk
^ and you'll have e delicious bev- j
erage, free of stimulant, which
will help you to enjoy a reetful,
soothing sleep.
Get POSTUM toetay and try II j
To a package of JelI-0 Tapioca
Pudding (Chocolate. VaniUt or
Orange Coconut)...
Add 2 cups of milk ...
Cook about 5 minutes! That's
all there is to it!
What a delicious, tenptiog des-
een'. Always rkh. always full
Get lhase wonderful. m*f^*,mm^
Jeli-O fapraee Puddings tedey I
The Inter-American Woman's Club
Friday April 13 8 to 12
Friday April 27th BALBOA STADIUM

rUESDAT, APRIL 11, 1151
The More You Tell... The Quicker You Sell! ^K\
Leave your ad with one of our Agents or our Offices
Minimum for
IS words
3r each additional
No. 4 Tivoll Ave
l-bont 2-22*1
Perqu de Imipi
No. 4 Fourth ol July Ave.
Ptaouo -S441
It.ou Molondot Avo.
PhoD* >W I (IIN
No SS Woot into Uroot
SO. II "H" Street Panana
O. U.I7 Cu
aira! An. Colou
tOR SALE:1948 Pontioc Convert-.
bio. hydromatic 8 W/W tires, ro-
dio. heater, new op. excellent con-
dition. C.ll 2-2168. House 151 3-D
FOR SALE:'49 ifclick Super Con-
vertible. Phone Coco Solo 302.
OR SALE: 1948 Oldsmobile 8
hydromatic, four door Sedan, ex-
cellent condition. Tel. 2-1302.
House 1465-C Holden St.. B.lboa.
Coll* 9 No. 27 opposite
Olympic .V'um' r>hoB 2-"5
and the
an the Trent-lrthmien Hifhway
juit box to tho
fate Harmota town. Phono 3-3033.
hall combino effort! in tho PP'Y-
mg ot serviceable uaed oulomoeile
parti. advertame, at weekly irrter-
voli. thair atoek a servke-
oblt port* in thi calumn, for your
Look weekly lot tho item you
may need, or call ut at
2-1185 at J-3033.
Winston Caten.
FOR SALE:Large size Norge gos,
ronge. Best oiler takes it. Calle
50 No. 23. Apt. 8.
FOR SALE:9 ft. Westmghouse re-
frigerator, 25 cycle, almost 4 yrs.
guarantee. Condition perfect $200.
1574-J Gaviln Rd. Balboa.
FOR SALE:Bargain! Leaving for
States, woshing machine, Philco
refrigerator, stove, bedroom suite,
hvingroom, all in excellent condi-
tion, like new. call morning. Ave.
Nacional No. 30, Apt. 2.
FOR SALE:5 piece mahogany bed-
room set. New Simmons beauty rest
mattress, excellent cond.tion. Must
sell, leaving. Phone 443-J, Coln.
FOR SALE:Pre-Pocking for States-
Sale of Rare Buys Simmons "Hide-
A-Bed" Lowson Sofa, Early Amer-
ican rock maple bedroom suite,
double innerspring mattress and
coil springs. Lester Betsy Ross Spm-
net Piano, Wolnut like new; lamps,
tables, cabinets, chairs, draperies,
mony other wanted items. Coil
4-583 anytime for prices and ap-
FOR SALE:Household items, elec-
tric fan, green porch shades, Ve-
netian blinds, etc. 1442-A Owen
St.. Balboo, C. Z. Phone 2-2624,
W. A. Wood.
'FOR SALE: 1941 Chrysler, Club, white sidewoll tires, new
... Silvcrtone radio, insurance W5
only $200. Can be financed. Call
' 81-3143 between 3 p.m. and 11 p0R SALE:Large rug. 2 coffee
-'- p.m. Ask for Pfc. St, John._____ tobles. <||.|< Galun, Lighthouse Rd.
:"0R SALEPlymouth 1950 DeLHxej FOR SALE:7 cu. ft. Westinghouse
leather upholstery, not even 3.000 re;noerotor. Good condition. $90.
>.. miles, duty paid. $2.000. Sao it 628-C DeLesseps Area.
: of the Gorges Laboratory from 8 | ___-----------------------------------------.-------
4 p.m. or coll Balboa FOR SALE:Steel buffet, table, 6
choirs $35.00; small Servel gos
refrigerator $50.00. 2166-C oth
Street, Curundu. Phone PAD 6191.
FOR SALE:Belgium rugs, one 9x12
$25.00, one 9x9 $15.00. Perfect
condition. Phono 2-3631,
Do you have a drinking problem?
Wiito Alcoholics Anonymous
Box 2031 Aneen, C. Z.
Employment Agency ot No. 73 "B
Avenue. Tel. 2-1535. We furnish
maids for domestic services for
Williams Santa Clara Beach Cottages.
Two bedrooms, electric refrigera-
tion. Rockgos ranges. Phone Bal-
boo 2-3050. Except weekends.
Phillips. Beach cottages, Santa Claro
Box number 435, Bolboa. Phone
Ponomi 3-1877 or Cristobal 3-
FOR SALE:Hnjh loss ail pale*
and enameli. Mildew-proaf. $3.25
gallan. Tropidure Stores.
olorm for cars only $5.00. Stop
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Radio Calidonio, 126 Central Ave.
Phone 2-1 326.
FOR SALE:Comer Kodak folding
No. 620, F-6.3 lens cose,
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Electric motor 1/30 h.p. 100 volts
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Electric motor 1/3 h.p. HO/220
volts 25 cycle. Electric fan 16"
oscillotmg 25 cycle. Steward
Worner radio 5 tubes AC. DC. Re-
frigerator compressor 10 ft. pulley.
Girls dress i scout I, size 10, new
material. Home mode youth bad
with spring. Doll carriage. Doll
house. Doll high choir. 2 grass
throw rugs. Potted palm. Odds and
ends. Lewis House 5965-D, Dia-
blo Heights.
"z a.m. to
-'.fOR,SALE:Second Hond ports for
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,""" Phone ar come mmadlatvey
_. then parts Ge fast.
The lellowina parts, selected and
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.Complete engine assembly fat 1941
Hi fh-mauth, carbureter, fuel pump,
water pump, generoter, starter,
moler, distributor, reedy for mstol-
lotion and immediate use. Guer-
antead tar anly $150.00.
Transmission, Studebokor Chempien
1940 $35.00.
1941 ford transmission $40.00.
teat tender. 1941 Uiiek Special
Roer Fender. 1941 luick Speeiel
1931 Ford-A tron:mission $15.00.
a.M'1947 Nash 6, radie, aeed tires,
"'eel point, $65.00. Like new
SI.600.00, 1950 Chevrolet Pick-
FOR SALE:1950 Chevrolet DeLuxe
FOR SALE:25 cycle Westinghouse
refrigerator, seven cubic feet, ex-
cellent condition, complete $150.
Coll 85-2134 between 7:30 a.m.
ond 4 p.m.
FOR SALE: 6 piece mahogany
livingroom set. Reasonable price.
Ancon 406-A, C. 2.
FOR SALE:7 foot Westinghouse
refrigerator, 2 years guarantee or
unit; 25 cycle all porcelain $100,
floor lomp $5; 2 green Venetian
blinds for bedroorrt of 12 fomily,
Apt 56 in; X-59',2 in. long $10
each; I cream blind 50! 2 in. X-
58'." $8; I green blind 55"x44"
' long $7; I green blind 57Vi"x44"
long $7; Lorge wood work bench
$10; steel work bech with drawers
$15; Large double size steel
locker $10; 25 cycle motors $10 to
S20. Must be sold by April II.
House 721-A, Cocoli. Tel. 2-1024.
Sedan. Undercoat, vents, new muf-
fler, tailpipe, battery. 353-B New
Cristobal. $1,550.00.
FOR SALE: New 1951 V-8 Ford
Tudor Custom. Arrives this week.
Can be finonced. House 2013-B
Curundu or phone 83-6159.
SO* per heur
plus It per mile.
Insurance and driving
permit included.
Call Panama 2-1995
Garage Elias.
FOR SALE:Cadillac 1949 Gray, 4-
door Sedon 62 with 27.000 miles.
hydromatic, rodio, white side wall
tires, seat covers. Price $2.900.
Plozo 5 de Mayo No. 163, Pana-
m. ________^________
=OR SALE:1948 Chevrolet '2 Ion
Pick-up with metal canopy over
body. Good paint, mechonicol con-
dition and tires. $1.100. Tel. Bal-
boa 2649 Bnscoe 5611, Diablo.
OR SALE:1947 luick Tuder, re-
cently overhauled, nylon seat co-
vers, good tires, and paint. 1st
after over $925.00. Call at house
50S3-A Diablo behind Diablo
Clubhouse. Tuesday after 4 p.m.
CZ Cops To Tackle
Panama All-Stars
Today At Santa Rita
The Canal Zone Pacific
Side Police softball team will
tackle an All-Star aggrega-
tion from Panama's Com-
mercial Softball League to-
night at 8 p. m. at the Santa
Rita diamond.
Such top notch players as
Bobbv Ganss, Ed Filo, Lionel
Hooper. Soyster. etc., will be
in the Police line-up.
The All-Stars will be re-
presented bv Jorge Luis, J.
Chandler, Kenneth Collins.
Alfred Haywood, A. Alzamo-
ra, Ernesto Guzman, Manuel
Padilla, Rodrigo Arauz. Bias
Becciu, Agustn Aguirre, A.
Lopez, Chandler, Mani Roa-
nos, Genaro Gonzalez. Carl
Anderson, Gladstone Phil-
lips, Carlos Arosemena.
FQaViALt:Oldsmobile, 4-door Se-
dan 1937, newly pointed, good en-
fflpj $25000 Federico *oyd No.
Whone 3-1516.
Canal Zona
Diviiian ol Balboa
Le mff1
rumba, tango, m a m b o boilve. oaoMo, et<-..
lesion. Bolboo YMCA Tuesdoy,
sday. Saturday oil doy. Hornett
S3 Misrellaneou
FOR SALEPure bred, police puppy
6 months old, mole. Distemper
shots given, $31.00. No. I, 15th
St. West. Panam upstairs.
Real Estate
FOR SALE: Concrete house portly
furnished in "Cermeo." Located
beside Telegraph Office. Inquire ot
0774-K Williamson Ploce or at
Cermeo Sunday morning. Casano-
va. ; ________
FOR $ALI:3 bedraem comfortable
Chalet 3 bathrooms, 2 parches,
forage, beoutifUl garden. Ap-
prexi ately 1.000 maters a land.
Vie Porras No. II. $10.000. $mall
mortgage. Por information Ne._f)
18th Street San' Frenei:
ton INT.Houee ON f'JACH at
Santa Clara. Also furnished house
at Carra Campana. Phone Shrapnel
Balboa 2820 or see Caretaker.
FOR RENT:Foster's furnished cot-
tages, between Santo Cloie and
Rio Hato. Phone 2-3'42. Panama
cr sea caretaker.
Casino Santa Clara no registra-
tion, oops, sorry! NO MSIRVA-
TIONS NECESSARY! Enjoy, bracing
cool swimming at Panama's most
beautiful beach resort. Doubles
A new and better water-
proofing by the makers of
AQUELLA for protection
of masonry and cement
paints. Clear and invls.
ible. Easy to apply with
brush or garden sprayer.
29 Ave. Central -
Tel. 3-0140
House Committee Backs Down
On UNIT, Scholars Deferment
Gromlich's Sonto Clara beach,
cottages, furnished, electric, re-
frigeration, moderate rotes. Phone
Gamboa, 6-541 or 4-567.
FOR RENT: Modern 2 bedrooms
aportment, in newly constructed
building, for furthei details coll
Mendaz & 7ubieto. Phone 2-3035
Modern furnished and unfurnished
apartments. Contact office No.
8061. 10th Street, New Cristobal,
phone 1386, Colon.
FOR RENT:Apartment for rent,
43rd Sttaet East ond Ave. Mexi-
co. Coll 3-0140.
FOR RENT:2 bedroom oportment
sitting-diningroom furnished $65.
All screened. Entronce of San Fran-
cisco. Information Phone 3-0234.
FOR RENT:Nicely furnished apart-
ment including electric refrigerator
and stove. All screened, tiled. Good
surroundings. Near SAS Store, si-
tuated 112 Via Belisorio Porras.
$55.00. Tel. 3-2474.
FOR SALE:Reol Estote. Three con-
crete block chalets on 3!i acres
of land, tiled red floors, modern
facilities, fruit, gordens, I Vi miles
in Arrojen. See owner on premises.
FOR SALE:Country home in "Paso
Ancho." El Volcn. Hot ond cold
running water, 3 bedrooms, com-
pletely furnished. Applv lo Mr. H.
Feuille. Tel. Gomboo 537 or Ju-
ventino Garcia, Paso Ancho, El
LOST:Hunting dog, white. Sundoy
between Tocumen highway and
Pacora. Call Tel. 3-1751. Reword.
FOR RENT:For 2 or 3 months from
Moy 15th furnished apartment,
2 bedrooms. Bella Vista. No. 7,
51st Street. Phone 3-0881.
FOR RENT: Furnished oportment,
entire top floor at 50th Street No.
30 Bella Vista; two bedrooms;
lovely front and back porch; in-
cludes all kitchen and tablewore
and linens, etc.; also automatic
washing machine, freezer, radios
and all conveniences. Available
from April 15th for over three
months. Call Mr. Halmon ot Pa-
nam 3-0383 or 3-2664.
Vour furniture like new.
lowest prices.
Let me figure your material
needa. Free Fxtlmatra
8 a.m. lo 7 p.m
is the season for
Visit our stadium area store
on new concrete road.
light Traffic Easy Parking
English speaking clerks
The House Armed Services
Committee today dropped ef-
forts to write a Universal Mil-
itary Training program Into law
now and backed away from
plans to defer all "bright" col-
lege students.
Faced with strong bipartisan
opposition to enactment now of
a standby UMT program for use
after the present crisis, the com-
mittee voted unanimously to
support an amendment to the
pending draft bill virtually di-
vorcing It from the draft issue.
The action appeared to clear
the way for approval this week
of other provisions of the bill
to lower the draft age from 19
to H',2. extend the term of ser-
vice from 21 to 28 months and
tighten deferments for husbands
without chlV en.
Under the amendment. Con-
gress merely would agree to
consider recommendations to be
made later by a five-man UMT
commission composed of three
] civilians and two military men.
Congress would be committed
to consider such a commission's
recommendations, to be made
within six months of its ap-
pointment. But UMT would not
go into effect until specifically
decreed by Congress in a new
and separate law.
Without taking a vote, the
con-mlttee also was said to have
approved informally an amend-
ment to give draft boards the
last word on defining college
students, regardless of results
of "intelligence tests" ordered
bv President Trum/n.
Rep. Paul J. Ktlday. D Tex.,
who earlier planned to offer an
amendment to block the college
tests, said under his revised plan
the tests would ge ahead but
results would only be "advls-
ory." In other words each draft
board still would have the final
word on deferment.
National Guard Recruiting
For Field Training Camps
National Guard units through-
out the United States are recruit-
ing men for field training camps
this summer. Ma]. General Ray-
mond H. Fleming, acting Chief
of the National Guard Bureau
announced today.
Approximately 4000 federally
recognized Army units are filling
their ranks to authorized
strength In preparation for the
intensive two-week field train-
ing periods which will be held
from late May to early Septem-
An estimated 230,000 Army Na-
tional Guardsmen from the va-
rious states, the District of Co-
lumbia, Puerto Rico and Hawaii
will move to camp by truck, bus,
train and plan with an estima-
ted 40,000 vehicles taking part in
the movement. Some units will
Many new Guardsmen will re-
ceive their first taste of full-time
military life ddrlng the camping
period. Most of them, however,
have participated In from one to
three summer field training pe-
riods. The attendance goal this
year Is 100 per cent. Last year's
was 92 per cent.
Business and industry have
been requested to give even
greater cooperation than In past
years to enable every Ouardsmni
to get to camp. An increasing
number of business firms an*
granting their Guardsmen-em-
ployes leave with pay, in addi-
tion to regular vacations, or
making up the difference be-
tween military and regular pay
while the man is at camp.
It is important that every
Guardsman receive the needed
even operate "air lifts" to trans-1 benefits of full-time field train-
port personnel and equipment to
and from camp.
The field training will stress
tactical readiness for both indi-
viduals and units. It will be con-
ducted under the over-all super-
vision of General Mark W. Ciar*.
Chief of Army Field Forces; the
National Guard Bureau and Ar-
my area commanders.
Sullivan Is Back;
Miami Press Would
Impeach Governor
MIAMI, Fla.. April 10 (UP)
Foes ofUMT hailed the com- Janres (Smlimg jimmy) Sulli-
ing this year." General Fleming
said. "And. the patriotic
of all employers is urgently re-
Field training this year will
round out and put to pracMcal
test armory training taken dur-
ing the past months. Most of the
men will have completed from
one to three years of the special
three-year National Guard train-
ing program which was started
in 1948. The program stresses
leadership and development of,
specialists and combines pro-,
ere^.sive individual and unie
Many of the units will havs
completed small-arms firing re-
quirements and other special
training during extra, authorized
week-end drills by the time they;
leave for camp, and will have ap-
proximately 20 per cent mora
#20 Tivoll Ave. Apt. 1.
Tel. 2-3387.
Hours: 10 to 12 a.m.3 to 8 p.m
mission decision as v|ctory. won back nls job today as DroxlIIlal, m
brt Chairman Carl Vlnson D n Greater Mlairn wnere > t t0^actlcal tram.
Oa., denied t means scuttling of ; the Refauver Crlnv Committee e l0 aevoie
the training ideas. ;sald he waxed ri/ when lile-. &5peatlng the general pattern
htm. m mv oolnlon abso-' Bal B^^Was a $1M'000'000 i of thVpast two years, the Na-
m^^^^^\t^^^Sir cop took o\?j^^S^^
there will be a plan forUni-'nl duUV-stripped from him !" complete units. DWlslons di-
versal Military Training approv- ]ess tnan slx months ago-wlth- vl,dfd amonB two or more 8tal^s
ed by Congress," he said. ln tw0 hours after Gov. Fuller [will move to campas one unto
The Senate has approved es- Warren gave him back the 'and will train at the same 'lme
tablishment of a UMT program : oad aj Dade (Miami* County and place,
when the draft is halted and < sneriH
JI certainly Intend to go in
there and absolutely give the
people of Dade County 100 per
cent law enforcement." Sulli-
van said.
Just as quickly, an Informal
move got underway here seek-
Senate leaders are certain to
fight to keep the training pro-
gram when the two versions
are adjusted.
But ln view of the stronn
House sentiment against UMT
now, the Senate Military Affairs
Casting Completed
For Theater Guild
Show Dover Road'
FOR RENT: Apariments, one lorge
one small bedrooms, also single
rooms with bath. Apply 44th St.,
House 9, Apt. 2. 3 to 6 p.m.
FOR RENT: One bedroom apart-
ment, diningroom, kitchen, ser-
vices; all well furnished. Abso-
lutely independent. Porkmg drive
way. $60.00 monthly. Look for
chalet at 121 Poitilla road.
ECSond box. book ond toy
es Urge wooden table. Tel.
High Blood Pressure
<^g)Jf High Blood Prewur* mak*--
Xu din y, ba\ pains around
art. haadatches. abort breath, in-
eHaSeatlon, palpitation, and mullen
inkle-, jou can get almost Instant
avsli+f irom th#t*e dangf-roii* symp-
toms with iiY\'<)\ Ask your
MisInt for HYNOX today and foel
*4rs vour.cer id a few days.
Ho 313:;
WHEREAS, on the I2nd dsy ot Msrch.
15I. Woodrow de Csstro. Praetor fur
Librlsnt, I'nrique Ms<-Mlllsn. filed Rent
nhfl in the IHmi t tour) ,.t the (Jaltod
lUtaa for ths District of the /one sgaint the M. IS Gslsn:e.' her
Tiffnes. boiler*, tsekle. ete.. in a cs;ie
of fontract. Civil and Maritime.
AND WHERKAS, by virtue of procei
In due form of la*, to me dire.-ted. re-
turnal>ltf on the 13th da> bf April. 110!,
1 hi-\e Met** an.l taken tha said M. S.
Galante' snl have her in mv cuMody.
Dutrirt Court will be held in the United
Sale. Cauri Rw>m, in the City of An-
eon, Csnal Zone, on the 13th dsy of
April, 1*01. for the trial of said pre-
miara, and the II person* mImi may have or Halm any
ntereit. e* hereby cited to bt and
appear at the time and place aforeeatd.
to ahow <*aute. if any they have, why
a final eWcra *h.uM not > a* prayed
John E. Hu*Mng
I ni:e.i .S:sie Ma-ha!
Col. Sansom Will
Hold Meeting Series
For Salvation Army
The Territorial commander c f
The Salvation Army In Genual
America and the West Indies.
Colonel William P. Sansom and
Mrs. Sansom. will arrive In Pan-
ama Saturday to commence -i se-
ries of meetings. The Sansoms
l'ad previously expected to arrive
last Saturday.
The Salvation Army has invit-
ed the public to attend all ottne
meetings to be conducted by col
Sansom. The following meetings
will be held ln Salvation Army
halls: ....
Sunday. 15. 10:45 a.m.. H'h
Street. Colon; 3 p.m. Rio Abaio
Sunday School; 7:30 p.m.. 15ih
February Street. Panama City.
Tuesday. 17.7:30 p.m.. Illustra-
ted Lecture. 14th St.. Colon.
Wedensday. 18. 7:30 p.m.. Illus-
trated Lecture, 15th February St..
Panama City.
Thursday. 19. 7:30 p.m.. Moll
ness Meeting, La Boca
Sunday. 22. 3 p.m.. Sunday
School Prize Giving. Panama Ci-
lyMonday. 23. 7:30 p.m.. Home
League Rally for Women. 3rd St..
Wednesday. 25. 7:30 p.m.. Horn?
League Rally for Women, l-tn
Feb. St.. Panama City.
In addition, open-air services
will be held and also private con-
ferences for officers and mem-
bers of the organization.
Colonel and Mrs. Sansom wi.l
visit Salvation Army Day Schools
and also the Soup Kitchen In Co-
ion which has been in operation
one year and serves at least i0
persons three days per week.
The. Panama School for th-
Blind will be inspected and the
progress noted. A longer school
period Is being planned there and
trrangem nt made for the
rinqim ln to school of jlind
hildren from Chorrera.
FOR RENT:Pleosant well furnished
independent 2 bedroom oportment,
lovely view, in residential section,
with oil conveniences, including
new refrigerator, maid's independ-
ent room, ond bathroom, etc. Re-
ferences required. Call 3-1861.
FOR RENT:Aportment in 13th St.
Via Porras. San Francisco. House
No. 16. Phone 3-2516.
FOR RENT:Attractive one bedroom
apartment in Riviera Building. 46th
Street and Avenida Justo Arse-
mena. Apply to Janitor at pre-
FOR RENT:Furnished one bedroom
operlment, excellent location. Fe-
derico Boyd No. 1. Phone 3-1516.
FOR RENT:-In Belle Visto, beauti-
fully furnished rooms with all con-
veniences. Ave. Mexico 69 near
43rd St. Phone 3-0553.
FOR RENT:Comfortable furnished
room, best surroundings. All con-
veniences. Bella Vista No. 13
43rd Street._________^^^^__
FOR RENT:Furnished room private
entronce ond bath, very cool. Bello
Vista. Tel. 3-1648.
Saboteurs Blow Up
Oil Installations
8AIOON. April 10 (UP>Com-
munist Viet Minh saboteurs
have blown up two huge oil
resevolrs of the American Stan-
dard Oil Company 10 miles
south of Saigon.
Model IIIF Synchronised
Direct CZ. Shipments
At Factory Prices.
Plaza 5 de Mayo
Panam. R. P.
Casting ha been completed
directors are somewhat pessi-, m- mpeachment of the Gov-
rnlitlc about chances of keeping ernor wno the "Miami Dally.
the training Provision. News sald edltoriayy "failed
The House Committee action dlamaUv t0 discharge nls solemn 'or Theater f>uilds *?";
C*me amid fresh pleas for en- dut)es s rnleflv re%onslble for on of A A. .Milnes Dover
actment of UMT from financier aw enforcement ; Road," which wlU be presented
Bernard Baruch and Secretary ^.^[aml^Herald" and Dally the abl o Theatei-ori th.
of Defense George C. Marshall. Ne s lcl tnev were "swamped" nights of April 25 and 2 iWed-
Marshall said the program is ^ ^ff ca)lse asklna W ; neaday and Thursday.. Mr. Ber-
important to provide a trained to aboflt drawing up petitions "ia E Wright of Salt Lake City
! reserve of manpower without ^ warren's impeachment, andLo,"Angeles will."reel
keeping a huge permanent Ar- Most o{ the callg were -pro- Tne cast, Includes The tall,
mv In being. flnV" the Dallv New? said Brave majordomo of the house
mHe?eU?ne way the revised | fan,e0th *%?carried^ront on^^^ Road played by J. B.
UMT plan would work: page editorials calling V I im- Iciemmons; Latimer, the charm-
The President would appoint acnmpnt of tne aovtinor.
a National Security Training The Daiiy.News devoted the en-
Via EspaAa. Near Juan Franco
tire front pae;e of Its final edi-
tion to stories, pictures and a
cartoon of the action.
Commission, composed of three
civilians and two military men.
Wltl ^ six months after its
confirmation, the commission
would submit to Congress 'ie-
glslatlvQ recommendations" for
a UMT program.
The House and Senate Armed
Services Committee would re-
port to both houses within 45
days their own recommenda-
tions on the commission's plans.
Bills so reported would be
privilegedthat Is. they could
I be called up by any member of .
i either house. Thus both houses station. Rodman, yes t e r d a y
would be assured of a chance morning at 7:15 and commenced
' to vote on such a measure,, the north transit with 105 local
l which could be amended like Navy and Marine personnel and
other leeislatlon.
Only when both houses enact-
Gobs OH 'Navarro'
Swarm Into Coln
For Shore Leave
The attack transport U88 Na-
varro departed the U.S. Naval
Yau anas ahutter tkan lift oat
r.ur lalabea. prrmaMnt picture
ante WUr. Via. it "?P, *
that to ata th amaiina oa Polaro*
Cunera- No liquida, no dark rooaa.^.
Adjoining International Hotel
ed- such measures into law
would UMT become effective.
This would take the normal ma-
jority of both houses and the
President's signature.
British War Budget
160 Million Pounds
Above Sum Expected
LONDON, April 10 (UP>.
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Hugh Gaitskell In the House of
Commons this afternoon an-
nounced a defense budget for
thei' dependents embarked as
guests of the commandant of the
15th Naval District.
The guests, according to re-
ports, enjoyed a day of leisurely
lecreation aboard the Navy's mo-
dern amphibious force vessel
and disembarked at Coco Solo
sun burned, wind blown and
happy. The ship docked at Pier
IB. Naval Station Coco 8olo a'.
6:30 p.m., and visitors loaded In-
to waiting buses for the trip
CaptainR. E. Westbrook. USN.
commanding officer of the Na-
varro, granted his ship's compa-
ny of about 36 officers and 350
enlisted men liberty in Colon last
night and today. Upon comple-
tion of transit the vessel report-
this"year of 1,490,000 OOO'pounds, ed to the commander-in-chtef,
sterling, an Increase of 160,000,000 Atlantic Fleet and Commander
pounds over what had been ex-
Amphibious Force. Atlantic, for
duty and further routing. She
lng and wealthy owner of a sort
of hotel, played by Adolfo Arias
Espinosa; and the staff Roy
Gllckenhaus, Dwlght McKabney,
Margaret Adamson and Kathleen
The guests are: Leonard a
member of the House of Uirda
a married man who -has never
been sick running away with
Ann Ru'us Smith; Ann a
young unmarried woman who
has lived a rather sheltered life
with her father Lollle Madu-
ro; Eustasla near enough to
30 to wish It was 20 wife of
Leonard she needs someone to
fuss over Nancy Sldebotham;
Nicholas young attractive
bachelor who does not like be-
ing fussed over Charles Ma-
Star Of Progress
Will Meet Thursday
The Star of Progress Friendlf
and Benevolent Society will con-
vene Its firsi business session
for the month on Thursday.
As matters of importance will
be discussed the president re-
quests a full attendance of mem-
in one was extin-
The fire
In northwest I n d o c hl'na
French Foreign Leglonalres and
Moroccan troops are reported
to be moving forward north of
Lai Chau where a large band
of Chine.* "bandits" is reported
to have entered Indochina.
Father's Funeral Calls
Mrs. Vandegrift Home
Mrs. Charles R. Vandergrlft.
wife of the Veterans' Admin-
istration representative here, Is;
leaving tonight by plane for
Kansas City where she has been
called by the death of her father.
Charles F. Deotts.
Mr. Deotts. 68. was a farm Im-
plement distributor. He died last
night after an operation. Funeral
services will be held ln Cherry-
vale, Kansas. Mrs. Vandergrltf
will be away from the Isthmus
1 for about two weeks.
THE vi "%oudf
Gaitskell budgeted for a 1951- departs the Canal Zone tonight.
52 revenue of 4,098,000,000 pounds
sterling, an all time high t
He estimated expenditure at
4,197,000,000 pounds sterling, a
peacetime high.
The estimated deficit of 99.000,"
000 pounds sterling ($277,200,000)
will be the first deficit since
Last year there was a surplus
of 720,000,000 pounds sterling.
Almost one third of this year's
budget is for rearmament, the
first Installment of the $13.160.-
000,000 three year defense pro-
Group Meetings
The Magnolia Sporting and
Square Dance Club will hold a
meeting at the Pacific Cluo-
house tomorrow. April 1. at 7.30
p. m. Practice will be held Thurs-
day (AprU 121 at 8:0 p. m. All
square dancers are welcome.
Phone 2-3333
Down Payment lie.
Monthly Payment SIS.
LOTS on Paved Street (rom SI .00
q. Meter.
C For Rent: Heavy Equipment for|
ground leveling.
We Rent Late on Long Term)
r earmyaaaaaae
a An*r balkiHfto absorb pcnpiranoo guara agea
Mending, keep yoi freh. cool and cocniomMe
4/Ur Sharing to eootae Irriiatioa. eomfert d ka. a
kit a aiter-auava ahina.
F- Fki-v, refreah. allay <
ffSmkmn to eootae larf bel relieve diapjaaJprt
fee Bm*r-io keep baby't tender
ar protection againat 'rriutioa.
Ta eWNranil (,i Saaeereert Uaoeeaft See *aater>

T. H *TT P. O. BOX 134. PANAMA. Of P.
TlUMONI PANAMA NO. 2-0740 "5 LINl >
Walter Winch-ell
In New York
Labor New
By Victor Ritstl
You take the sullen word and make them tremble
With overtones they new knew before;
You Juxtapose and polish and assemble
Th sentences you fashion; more and mor
The sleek iambics of your mind 10 leaping
Within the formal bouudarl of time
And pace: You Mark the laughter and the weeping;.
Imprisoning a heartbeat In a rhym.
What shall yon write about, where shall you gather
Th substance that th wrld will pans to hoar?
Look aU around you, or, If yon would rather.
Look deep within yourself; then, sonneteer,
Arrange your little phrases, sharp and terse,
And spill your heart in fourteen lines of Terse.
Mitchell Parish
Celeb* About Town: President Aide Oen. Harry H. Vaughan.
who boat the Circus to town (in mufti' looking like the Zero n
ia...Bx-anrai Bennett Meyers (out of Jail), In town to purchase
a Conn, farm for his retreat.. .Doug Fairbanks. Jr., ilouchlng in a
Broadway doorway from one of Manhattan' April delude. ..Judy
HolUday, the Oacar champ, tipping a bellman a dollar (in the
Roosevelt foyer) to buv a Dally Mirror for her.. .Garbo and Gaye-
lord Hauser making a hasty exit from th Met Optra after Act. II
...Monica Boyar and Luclenn Boyer (of the Boy-Oh-Boy set)
doing their traffic-stopping at 68th and Park...The busy cop in
midtown with his hands crowded: Directing trucks, busses, can
and Elsa Maxwell... Margaret Truman, who wants to go to Europe
this Summer, she has one problemnow to go as a private In-
dividual and have fun. 8he say th offlolal rigmarole alwayi
Sallies in Our Alley: At the Singapore the grab was
about all the politicians exposed a grafters. "I never
heard of that happenlnr in England," said British thrush
Denny Vaughan... "Your officials don't have to take
graft," said a Yank. "They get all they want front the D.
.' .. Ventriloquist Jimmy Nelson says a funny thing hap-
pened the other day. He met an old sal of Truman's
"who is broke!"
Memos f a Midnighter: Tip to reporters seeking a Pulitger
ribbon: Look Into the 808 plan of the Ted. Housing Authority
which may uncover a Billion $ scandal. Alleged overpayment to
construction firm, etc. Sen. Paul Douglas la ou the scent...Life
will hold a photography contest this Summer for all pros whose
work has been published at least S times... H9T Is now screaming
at the Satevepost over its "inaccuracies" in their articles about
him.. .The Herald Trlb may smack down on its war correspondents
who write for Look in its special up-front section. The newspaper
feels It pays Its writers' freight, wages and expense and should
get a look-see at th stuff first.. Chums suspect that Kefauver
counsel R Hallev will re-marry his first wife. Mother of his two
tots. Seeing her a lot lately.. .Dorothy Pinto of the Broadway
girl shows may return from Yurroo wed to a wealthy Londoner.
The Jolson Finale: The total amount of the JoJaon
estate will be between V and 8 mllllion... Mrs. Jolson
will receive a big ehunk outright under the California
Community property Law. She is entitled to M% from the
&f57wIM,2!*~,!x',l,!^ reeordmgs, evies, etc...
*PP'e (his moat constant companion and manager, last-
named Epstein) was forgotten. Intimates report Jolson
planned te "take care of Eppie" hot always said: "I'll oat-
live him!"...m,H was left to each of the following:
i9h^P^ aether and atoters and John Sneckenberger, AI'i
7? -*$?*:.: H,rr>' Akrt- th *ly friend suing the estate
(ror gi73,Me). got many cash advances on songs which
(Intimates allege) Akst probably couldn't have gotten
without Jobon's influence.
Broadway Smalltalk: Oraorl Welles' return has Its problems.
mam" H?., eD8am,.$8v?1'20 ln !cktaxes and Ita,lan mVle studios
$60,000.. .Kit Russell, high on the list of talented "femme" mimics
resumes at 181 Friday Big. click at Leon & Eddie's (Florida)..
TOe Hartmans spllttuatlon was stale news to our subscribers The
front pages finally confirmed It a month late. Her son understand!
.. Louis Hayward oath'd he'd nevr merge again, but pals expect
a June wedding Invite. She Is model June Blanchard The Leland
Haywards ("So. Pacific") lost their image... Insiders of the liquor
Industry buit about a $50,000 offer "to lay off" celling any of
r?inV V** J0?' .be accepted when monev gets scarce, etc
Lily Lodge (dghtr. of the Conn, governor) graduates ln June. She
will try out for th 'Old Vic" drama school in London.
The Big Tune: Cavalcade of America (NBC Tu.seves)
i,WoU5^ku,,5*n> Mw *MH- "cu Me Nat. Doe Apr.
li. lLldd7 M*rtn' Platter of "Never Been Biased"P
Eddie Fisher's final perf (before going war) t Cafe
Theatre..."Damned old Crank": A ^-Portrait ef B.W
fift. edNt-d b5- MCbe Harper-, ^Wishes on
th tth... "Ken-Tiki," the adventure Ym... nrh7 King
nd I" score.
letrtr. re ractl.sS irat.full ... htnel^i to e kafly c.nfid.m-l
hm mtct.
If you rsnrriku*
eat ay. Lttnn art
PMMtS fry to k rfce l.rtcri limited la one pa lenffh.
Identity of latter writers 11 held in strictest canlidcncs.
This aewiMMr assumes a rtsasMuifeiliry tor etotoMtant* a* lataltat
titse in totton foam rvadert.
Communists never under-
estimate the power ot a woman
whlcu Is why uiey've otea using
tougn squaos of 16 and Q men
to slug an-uommuulat gUls
who ve been organizing against
them in and arouno some oi
our most secret war plants.
Red action squads in the
pott /to weeks nave $maihH
irte nose and head of one
VIO late, .most splintered
the Leg o/ another, and heaved
a thud out ot a restaurant
where she had a secret ren-
dezvous wUh war worker
secret because o/ the lefty
terror spread b in* noionuU*
pro-Communist United me-
trical Worker*.
So what we have here, even
as the casualties imiiciea on our
troops by Sovletlzea armies be-
gin creeping up to the 100,000
mark. Is violence on the home
iront lesser casualties ln-
Mcied, by a pro-Soviet uaon on
loyal lauy laoor organizers. And
all because the ladies seek to
protect the very war plants
wnlch feed the CUs In Koroa the
weapons wltn wuicn to protect
themselves. Does no one care?
Not so long ago, the lady
whose- nose was smashed, Mary
Lou Ueniln, stood outside an
isolated gaie at the critical
Ueueial .ectrlcal woras in
And tnav's one plant which
Jim Caiey's OlO etectricai un-
ion wants to see manned by a
labor outfit trusted by our war
agencies. It turns out warship
turbines, among its otner secret
material. So the CIO dlspabcned
Mary Lou and her husoand, as
an organizing team, to distri-
bute leaflet urging the war
workers to loin them and
abandon the pro-Commie outfit
now controlling those QA peo-
ple. Sh went, Knowing full well
chat two weeks earlier a woman
colleague had been slugged in
the same area.
Soon after she began hand-
ing out her throwawaps, a
US organiter began scream-
ing vulgar slurs on her char-
acter and decency. Naturally
her husband resented this and
ran to protect hts wife. That's
just what the Red action
squad awaited. Tha sluggers
had been watching /rom the
window of a nearby restaur-
ant. They dashed out, smash-
ed Mary Lou's nose and rough- j
ed up her man.
It's been happening all over
the last even inside the
Emerson Radio plant over ln
Jersey City, where some of the
lefties once worked at Jobs
alongside Julius Rosenberg, the
convicted atomic spy. There, a
pro-Commie organiser dlvtd for
a CIO girl, Pauline Rivera, to
destroy her organising material,
and left her with a bruised
Much as the action squads
would like to restrict themselves
to battling women, they find
they must take on men their
size. But they got around this
by rolling In 0-man squads
armed with bats and clubs.
And ]ust so no one thinks the
comrades arent free to roam
this country, let me pin it down.
A 40 to 30-man pro-Commie
muscle-machine drove CIO or-
ganizers from the Mark Simp-
son plant 3S-70 40th St., Long
Island City, at 7:80 a.m. on
March $$. Does nobody care
about this and 100 other such
Incidents we have on record?
Remember, this area is the
heart of the electronic Industry
supplying communications sys-
tems for the Defense Dept.
This pro-Soviet union, the
ue, would fight frensledly for
control of such critical shops
under any circumstances. But
today its terror Is even more In-
tense because It's fighting for
the very life of the pro-Com-
munist propaganda apparatus
Inside labor. The supreme left-
ies need this mouthpiece more
than ever now. Here's why:
It's the hard core of the pro-
The Sixty-Four Dollar Question
What Price Knowledge?,
NEW YORK. If nobody cares. I sure would
like to take another swipe at this draft busi-
ness, which seems to be paramount ln a great
many minds today. It just Isn't making any
appreciable sense.
Talked to a fellow the other day. man with
two sous. One son, upcoming 18, Is going to
skip the draft, because he's entered Into college
and the grades are all right. But Son No. 2 la
a fat pigeon. He went to college, made good
marks, graduated, and now Is a member of the
guild which the Arabs describe as The Forgot-
ten of Allah.
For nearly a year his future has been heavily
in doubt. He can't get a good Job. The firit
question prospective bosses ask Is: "What's your
draft status?" He Is forced to mumble some-
thing like "Indefinite" and the boatman sayi,
"Sorry, Buster, we can't afford to gamble."
So this young man has been living out the
thin edge of desperation for some time, await-
ing the whim of the people who direct the draft
machinery. They tell hlra. at lugubrious last,
that he goes to work for Uncle 8am ln a couple
of week, but it took some pretty heavy string-
pulling to get him Inducted ln New York In-
stead of Los Angeles, whence he would have
been forced to travel at his own expense for the
privilege of becoming a private.
The delicate divlsloi. point here seemt clear
enough. I can't soul-search enough reasons to
c'..ivlnce anybody that Bill Graduate, Is more
c.' a candidate for military distinction than his
kid brother. Pete, who Is ]ust Whipping off on
a collegiate adventure. The elder brother Is a
man, who has licked education and might Just
possibly like to start a career and maybe even
get married. But Elder Brother gets the draft
tap. and Younger Brother takes the exemption.
If this makes sense we all got to rejuggle our
In one way, the months that a fuzzy-faced
youngster spends in the Army la a marvelous
education. For decade American families have
spent heavy slabs of money sending kids to
military school, to teach them discipline and a
respect for authority. A good tough top kick
can Instill a great deal of respect for authority
L: a maverick mind ln a hurry. The food Is
good, the housing adequate, the privileges con-
siderable, and largely most of the old Ingrained
abuse of personnel have been abolished. The
sergeants tuck 'em ln, today.
We do not consider here the poslbllitv for
foreign lighting service and the outside chance
that th boy will be killed or Injured. Death Is
just as tough on a 25-yar-old as on an 18-
vear-old. and there is no comparative argument.
But, logically, I can't see how you can send
a college graduate off to war as a bucko Pvt.
when you exempt bis little brother who is just
getting his teeth into college. What have we
proved here, ln the new ruling that makes
learning better than a punctured eardrum as a
way to skip your obligation to your country?
If there la any value to this emphasis on the
exemption of brain-boys, wouldn't it be a little
smarter to pass over the graduates, who have
proven their mental worth, and let the appren-
tice scholars take the whack? Talking along
the Unes of Oen. Hershey and Harrv Truman,
vou are supposed to be building an Intellectual
aristocracy by allowing the college kids to re-
main civilians while their poorer, dumber cou-
sins learn the hup-twe-three-four.
As an Indulgence to the classic stupid ap-
proach, I venture that a graduate bird Is worth
a dozen freshmen, as prospective civilian stuff.
Because the one man has proven his Intelligence
and the fresh Is still slx-to-flve to flunk ar-
cheology. But this is evidently not the way the
genius department in Washington figures. It
makes a dog soldier out of a grad and leaves
his little brother loose to browse the fields of
Once ln a while you get real impatient with
the foolishnesses that surround you. This edu-
cational imbecility, as a basis of separating sol-
diers from civilians. Is a fine index to the think-
ing ln our higher places, and eventually will
build an army worthy of being commanded by
Oen. Harry Vaughan. That's all, brother.
Matter Of Fact
t tort*, don I be im.tttosrt If it -,-, *., .fc- L U'f mrB "H "fi ^"
are ukiialiad m th rear mmL .Soviets labor machine ln Aincr.
T^Tr^rsHm^SrVarl^Ur-H.. !'ca ^ft^.uV.?'^f regularly
Dear Sir:
Among other letters recently
you had a cute poem decrying
the brand of coffee at the Canal
Sons commissaries.
It Is not my Intention to take
issue with the author but I just
want to point out that ln my
housewe always enjoy good cof-
fee, commissary brand notwith-
standing .
The answer, I believe. Is In the
method of keeping It. So If you
want goo.1 coffee (and who does
not) try the following reclpe:
Pui the eoffee, package type
preferred, In a cool place in the
refrigerator, and always be sure
the coffee It kept sealed, so that
air can't get into it.
That's really all there Is to it.
This system keeps the coffee ve-
S fresh and greatly Improves
e flavor.
PA There's ao charge for thh
iafermaUen)n*4 root for N to
eeate out in the lotera.
5085 West 25th Place
Cicero 50, Illinois
United States of America
Deai Sir:
Will you kindly publish the fol -
lowing letter in your newspaper?
Thcnk you kindly.
I am a 36 year old American a
great admirer of your countiy
and Its people. Its culture and Its
institutions, interested in your
literature and In books in your
lunguage not here available to
me. I want to exchange letters
with interested readers of this
newspaper on the following sub-
jects: Our two countries bouks
nature and quietude, travel, the
satisfactions of life. I am also
Interested In your contemporary
art and curious as to how It com-
Bares with modern American art.
nfortunately, I speak only Eng-
anee rely,
Joseph Mann
fueiybo&y foads &assf\e
over the Moscow radio, beamed
to the world to prove that
American labor hates anti-
Communism. Special Moscow
newsmen here are assigned to
cover it closely for this reason.
It supplies parade-power for the
Communists' May Day parade.
Only the other day, Tues-
day, Mar. 27, at the DuMont
plant in Yonkers, we learned
jrom people who had bolted
the left wing that they had
to march in Commie May Day
parades or be fined $15 not
to mention the harrowing
threats and harassmantt.
One girl there said: "I didn't
even know what kind of a pa-
rade it was until people started
spitting at me as I marchad
down the avenue."
Another woman, Trule Trumb-
lt, pulled her unit (at Dee
Moines Iowa) out of the UE's
Red labor network when she was
called to a "wage-price regula-
tion" conference in Chicago
and discovered that most of the
US talk "was about defense of
the ten Communist leaders In
New Yoi/."
The Ua, lefties have their tac-
tics so shrewdly and detailedly
anned for .vopaganda activity
it at Vie RCA-Camden plant,
they concentrated on capturing
the union running the factory
cafeteria. All workers gather
there at one time and are a
'mad to order" audience.
(Copyright lfSt, Post-Hall
Syndicate, /ue.)
WASHINGTON. "Unles the Russians press
the button, well be completely bogged down by
midsummer." This was th gloomy prediction of
an astute observer who has watched the inter-
minable wrangling on Capitol Hill ln the last
few weeks. To predict that the national effort
to strengthen the free world against Soviet ag-
gression will bog down is simply to predict di-
saster, and the prediction may well be exag-
gerated. Yet the signs are there for all to
read. ,
The most recent sign was the passage of the
McClellan amendment on sending troops to Eu-
rope, which the merry undertaker, Sen. Ken-
neth Wherry, jubilantly and quite accurately
hailed as a great victory for the Wherry brand
of foreign policy. The passage of the amend-
ment suggests a number of conclusions.
For one thing, it underscored the extent to
which President Harry Truman has lost all na-
tional authority.. Truman's political Influence it
now such that politicians who habitually keep
both ears to the ground are proceeding on the
theory that "if Truman's for it. It's smart to be
against it." To many of the Senators who voted
for it, the McClellan amendment was simply an
unbearably tempting opportunity to slap Harry
S. Truman in the face.
Moreover, partly because Truman has lost all
real authority, the Democratic Congressional
leadership is divided and miserably feeble. Ma-
jority Leader Ernest MeParland is amiable and
wll-lnUntloned. but he Is neither forceful nor
a elevar parliamentarian.
Sen, Tom Connelly Is always well worth ob-
serving ln action, as he plays out the role of
crusty old stateemsji, But ln the tragic absence
of Ben. Arthur Vandnberg. Connally s attempts
to lead the Senate on foreign policy often end
up in mere petulance. The Democratic leaders
never bad a clear, effective strategy for dealing
with the issue raised by the McClellan amend-
mtnt, and they failed to force the issue when
they bad the vote* to defeat it.
The Taf,t-Wherrv Republican leadership, by
contrast, misses no tricks, as was amply de-
monstrated by the shrewd parliamentary man-
euvering which led up to the passage of the
amendment. What is more, the voting showed
how the old bipartisan majority on foreign pol-
icy issues, whleh during the Vandenberg era op-
erated without a single Important defeat, has
been whittled away to nothing.
Sen. Tom Connally Is always well worth ob-
serving in action, as he plays out the role of
crusty old statesman. But In the tragic absence
of Sen. Arthur Vandenberg. Conallys attempts
to lead the Senate on foreign policy often end
up ln mere petulance. The Democratic leaders
never had a clear, effective strategy for deal-
ing with the issue raised by the McClellan
amendment, and they failed to force the Issue
when they had the votes to defeat it.
The Taft-Wherry Republican leadership, by
contrast, misses no tricks, as was amply demon-
strated by the shrewd parliamentary maneuver-
ing which led up to the passage of the amend-
ment. What Is more, the voting showed how
the old bipartisan majority on foreign policy
Issues, which during the Vandenberg era operat-
ed without a single Important defeat, has been
whittled away to nothing.
The Congressional advocates of business as
usual point to the forthcoming Treasury surplus
to defend their stand. In fact, this Is not a
reason but an excuse. In a few months, the
annual rate of execees of government spending
over income will rise to at least $10,000,000,000,
It Is perhaps possible to exaggerate the mean-
ing of such symptoms of the odd complacency
which has suddenly settled down on Washing-
ton. After all, the Senate refused to give the
McClellan amendment the force of law. and four
divisions of American troops will soon be sent
to Europe. After all, this country will soon be
producing huge quantities of weapons. Yet arms
and troops will not save the free world if all
sense of urgency and direction Is lost. Surely
the country should be capable of awakening
from th strange national fit of spring fever
which has celled It. without waiting until "the
Russians press the button.'*
(Copyright, 1951. New York BeraM Tribune Inc.)
Drtw Pearson says: Chaster, New Jersey, adopts town in
Yugoslavia; People of Kumrovec are vigorously fjro-
American; G.I.S kit by increased living costs.

WASHINGTON.Four brief years ago an American plane fly-
ing along the Yugoslav-Austrian border was shot down by trlg-
gK-happy Yugoslav troops. Tempers flared, diplomat protestad,
111 feeling between the United States and the most powerful na-
tion ln the Balkans reached a dangerous climax.
Today, in contrast the small farming town of Chester, New
Jersey, is adopting the Yugoslav town of Kumrovec. which hap-
pens to be the birthplace of Marshal Tito.
There Is nothing official about this adoption ceremony. It
was worked out not by the governments of either country, but
through an exchange of messages between its citizens, ln which,
800 Chester school kids participated.
Most Interesting thing about Kumrovec Is that, though the
birthplace of Tito, It's getting quite sick of Communism and 1st
vigorously pro-American. Gastn Ooblenta. Belgrade correspond-
ent of the New York Herald Tribune, describes the town as "
lovely picturesque place in the Croatian hills, but the atmosphere
U far from gay. The peasants are clinging to their land. All but
two of the village families have defied local authorities by refus-
ing to Join a Red collective.
''Th 250 families of Kumrovec are happy about their new Ue
with the United States; it signifies to them that a beneficent
American influence may be exercised on the Communist govern-
When I was In Yugoslavia recently, I found toe Yugoslav
people vigorously pro-American, violently anti-Russian. What la
happening Is that the United States long has maintained it did
not care what kind of Government another country had as loos;
as It did not try to force its type ot Government on the reel
of the world.
The people of Yugoslavia are now taking us up on this, and
the ceremony at Chetter, NJ., la one Indication.
In order to help enlisted men with their many problems, thle
column will publish from time to time excerpts from G.I. let-
ters received, and the answers. Names are not published without
"A Bunch of Sailers," Naval Station. San Diego. Calif."We
feel a grave injustice is being done to us, and indirectly to our
families,- by the recent Increases ln clothing prices. The shlp'a
siore now charges more than double for most articles, whereas
our standard maintenance allowance has been Increased lese
than 50 per cent."
AnswerYou are absolutely right that the cost of living hae
shot up ln the Navy, so that enlisted men must now pay $39.85
for the same overcoat that sold for $17.50 before Korea. $20
for a blanket that previously sold for $7.50 and $16.50 for a jump-
er that used to sell for $0.70. his column has found that Navy
clothing prices have increased from 127 to 146 per cent. Yet the
monthly clothing allowance for enlisted men has been Increased]
only 20 to 71 per cent, depending upon rank. The real blame,
however, rests with the White House for not ordering inflation
controls early enough. For, the truth Is, the cost to the Navy of
basic fabrics has shot up even higher than the prices charged In
the ship's store.
Lloyd Hoppes, Wabaah, Indiana"! am 20 years old, an* i m
also married. I went to see the recruiting officer today, arid he
told me that married men could not enlist in the army. We- want
to help our country just as much as the single men."
AnswerParadoxically It la true that at the same time the
army Is crying for more manpower, it- will not enlist married
men below the grade of sergeant, though It will draft them. Thla
Is something the Army ought to explain to Congress. But If you
wait around long enough, you may be drafted and stlu-gst
a chance to serve.
A Noncommissioned Officer, Keesler Air Base, Miss."On
Saturday, March 10, the NCO's were told If they did not beepme
members of the NCO Club by midnight, they would be restricted
to the field. Yet an air force regulation plainly states that mem-
bership ln an NCO Club will be voluntary."
AnswerBrig. Oen. J. F. Powell, Keesler's commanding -offi-
cer, admitted to this column that nonjolners were restricted on
the technicality that they hadn't paid up their debts. He explain-
ed that all non-commissioned officers "automatically" belong to
the NCO Club, therefore those who hadn't paid their dues were
restricted. However, he claimed that any NCO could have got
out of this punishment by writing a "letter of resignation" from
the club. This still smacks of intimidation and coercion to push
the NCO's into a club which they weren't required to Join. The
real reason, this column has learned, was to collect the $1 mem-
bership fees sorely needed since the slot machines were abolished.
This cut out the club's main revenue.
Allen Davidson, Qulncy, Florida"My uncle, Sergeant Jesse
Ferguson, was wounded ln Korea. During the retreat from North
Korea, he got lost from his outfit for 17 days, and was found
with his hands and feet frozen. He was flown to a hospital ln
Japan and kept off his feet for one month. He Is now back in
Korea. I understand that once you get your hands and feet froz-
en, you should never let them get cold again. Why does the army
send combat men back to Korea who have had frosen hands or
AnswerOnly light frostbite cases, which have fully re-
covered, are allowed to be sent back to combat. If Sergeant Fer-
guson was frozen so severely that lie had to be hospitalised for
a month, he should not have been returned to Korea. This col-
umn has asked the Army for a-complete investigation.
A Corperal, Somewhere ln Korea"I don't like to complain,
but our rations are so low that the men are always hung*."
AnswerThere is no food shortage in Korea, The Army sup-
plies plenty of tinned foods for a normal dally diet, also does
its best to deliver enough fresh food to each unit for at least one
hot meal per day. However, under battle conditions, occasionally
supplies ate delayed, or diverted. Thle has happened ln isolated
(Copyright, 1S51, by Th BeU Syndicate, Inc.)


Canal Zone School Activities
Thursday afternoon: 'Candidates are: President, Noel Mc Glnn,
Jacqule Boyle, and Yolanda Diez; Vice President, Nancy Karlger,
Betty Tarr, and Carl Pinto; Secretary. Nellie Holgerson, Fran-
cisco Wong and Joanne Recela; Treasurer, Vllma Rodriguez, Lar-
ry Coz and Charlie Thompson. '
. B.H.S. Notes
By Louise Glud
Last week's school calendar of events was a fuU one. To af-
ford an easier recollection of such a wonderful period ol time,
well list the happenings consecutively and Just as they appear in
Wy TlME^Tuesday, April 3; PLACE: BH8 Notes; EVENT: Mls-
Towe an apology to Jennye Stephens and Bill Altman for not
acknowledging them In print as the winners of the Orange Dance.
I mentioned that the winners of this contest held at the ROio
Shipwreck Dance were Margaret Ryter and Jack Love. However
.thiiStatement was not true. The actual winners were Jennye and
TIME: Wednesday. April 4, Period 2; PLACE: Library; Event:
Senior Class Meeting. w
The Class of '51 was told by both their class advisor, Mr.
Zlerten, and the principal, Mr. Hotz, that they must continue to
work hard and not give up when they are so close to the finish
line Also Prexy Terry Ford told his fellow classmates about the
plans for Baccalaureate, caps and gowns, and the banquet. Mr.
Zienen finished by announcing that there were two scholarships
opened to the seniors the Elks Scholarship to Canal Zone Junior
College and the John McOlnnls Scholarship.
TIME: Wednesday, April 4, Home-room Period; PLACE, u,
EVENT: Distribution of cards and announcements.
Seniors were Informed that their cards and announcements
had arrived and they may be called for In 212, Mr. Zlerten'i room.
The line of seniors was a long one and some of the anxious and
impatient high-and-mlghty waiting In this line were Anton C.
Pederson, Marguerite Ellen Flynn, Miss Joanne Steiner, Ralph M.
Huls, Jr., George Michael Metevier. Miss Joyce Ann Johnson, Ed-
ward M. Cherry, Miss Arlene Marian McKeown, and James M. Nea-
brey. (Names were printed according to how they appeared on
the cards of the above mentioned).
' TIME- Wednesday, April 4, (yup, It's still Wednesday) 2:30
p.m.; PLACE: Balboa Upper Gym; EVENT: Awards Assembly.
Pieseinalion of awards were made to the football, track,
baseball, girls' volleyball, and girls' basketball varsity teams.
Those presenting the awards were Coach Kawcett for football
and track, Coacn Zemer for baseball, Miss Ely for volleyball,
and Miss roller lor basketball. The Awards Assembly was cali-
co on this date because of the early departure oi Coach Faw-
^''."ImE: Thursday, April 5, 1:30 p.m.; PLACE: Balboa Stadium;
EVk. j.: Heseive Onieeis Training Corps Review.
iue Baiooa RoiL unit passeu In review on tnls day In honor
oi Auuiiral bieusoe. Stuuent of the nigh school, junior high, and
tne t.ade sonooi were excused to witness this review.
iA*iii;: iiiuay, April ; FLaCL: Tivoll Hotel Ballroom; EVENT:
Deep oea normal.
.ie Jiu.i-u oiass sponsored this extra-wonderful dance. The
tiiaeiiiiny. Couples aiso appiauaeu the group oi entertainers who
iBiormed expc.ny. von Connor was crowned King iitptune. Vo-
Wu.jvS were uayie Mcuonaiu ana Bid Eimenuon. The.penorm-
nio fc.cwy o\tioneu was'Mr. nscner playing nis musical saw.
bffliin seen Were Anne Lowry and Glimore Jones, Betty
\vuinOii ano Kicuaro Aboott, Sonya Money ana Uasll Harrington,
ana Aline uoraaih ana apiice capweli.
'*jj*at: otui-uay, Apm ; PLaci,: Summit Gardens; EVENT:
Fi'ehi.nia C;i*ss none.
me grdup oi irckhsnen left for Summit Gardens at 9 a.m.* meiiii-fc at tue nujii scnool.- Wiuie at Summit, the lMk>
mea rujo., eu iumiei>e in the outdoors by piaying suit bal I,
vo.iev-ii. eapiure-ine-iMg, anu other such games. After fill-
ing up vtitu sooas and eats and leeling very tired, the lresh-
iik.i. uiciuuing Abdiel Flyun, sue turt, John Riley, Ann Mul-
ligku, joiiii ouuer, auiney .Minion, and jack Corrigan, embark-
cu tor home at approximately 4:110 p.m.
'iixviE: Monday, April \), 11:^5 p.m.; r-LACE: Library; EVENT;
Juiiiur Class Meeting.
ine Class oi a was excused at 11:20 a.m. to attend the meet-
ing. u'.."iiloi'l pr-seni at the class fcumering were Jane Mallan, Bob
Com.-eiy, rt.uen uooice, Juck w-gner, uorU Cotnern, ana Bob
..ME: Maiuiuy, April 9, Home-room Period; PLACE: Home-
loo... xWfcu.r: rvcjijiuei.
^..mois wtre lenunoeu in their home-rooms today about the
rentu.s to oe paid on their caps and gowns. This lee Is $2.50. Tne
s-oner tne wi.oie class pay this amout oi money, the sooner the
ciass will oe given their caps and gowns.
That's all ior the past calendar, so on to the future dates.
TIME: Tuesday, April 10, 5 p.m.; PLACE: New Balboa Gym;
Lit. A': Canal Zone Junior College Invitational Basketball Tourna-
Balboa High School will pity the Cristobal Athletic Club.
An aumission price of 50c, is being charged, however, if pre-
sentation of an SA ticket is made, the charge is only two bits.
ixUl.: Weoneutay, April 11, 3 p.m.; PUVl-E: Library; EVEWT:
Date Eox.
"ine Date Box for the Junior-Senior Banquet will be removed
from the Library at the end of the day. Before It Is removed, how-
ever, all names of those planning to attend the banquet must be
instar this famed carton. Also. Ule seniors should have their
".JaVP'S" In the box before It Is taken away. Boys are reminded
now to only one day to go.
TIME: Wednesday, April 11, 3:10 p.m.; PLACE: Library;
EVENT: Musical April Showers Program.
The Music Club is sponsoring their second annual show
on this date. Performers have been rehearsing for many long
and tirirg weeks. An afternoon of pleasant entertainment is
promised by the Music Club. Be sure to come!
TIME: Wednesday, April 11, 4:15 p.m.; PLACE: Balboa Sta-
dium; EVENT: "A" League Softball All-Stars vs. the CZJC Soft-
bail Carsity.
Our femlnle nine will meet the Green and White for their first
game of the girls' softball All-Star season. It's Important that all
rooters be present to help the "A" League Softball All-Stars win
a victory.
TIME: Wednesday. April 11; PLACE: New Gym Balboa: EVENT:
CZJC Invitational Basketball Tournament.
The tournament continues and If Balboa Is to win, they need
supporters. Come out and root for BHS!
TIME: Thursday, April 12; PLACE: New Gym Balboa; EVENT:
CZJC Invitational Basketball Tournament.
This It the last day for the basketball tournament so let's all
be there.
TIME: Friday, April 13 (the unlucky day Friday the Thir-
teenth!; PLACE: Balboa Stadium: EVENT: ROTC Field Day.
The ROTC units of Cristobal and Balboa High* Schools will
hold their Field Day at the Stadium on this day of 111 omen.
And so ends another week at Balboa High School. G'nlte.
.Panama Lana/ LJubhtmses----
Showing Tonight
College Corner
By Martha Irvin
Well people of ole CZJC, last
Friday night's swimming party
certainly didn't get a very oig
turn out. After all the fussing
everybody did during polio sea-
son, you'd think that everybody
would come to all the parties now.
But It seems like there are more
important things for the ardent
fans of J.C. to do.
The kids who did go to the par-
ty seemed to have fun through
Annie Nicholson, Martha Hook,
Horacio Chlal and the rest of the
fun getters. And Frances Farrell
had her famous swimming party
Well kids, let's make the rest of
the social affairs this year
whooping successes like the hay-
ride was. Oke?
Next week the college la put-
ting on the play for this season.
The play Is: "See How They Run,"
and the cast is: Anne Howze as
Penelope Toop, Jerry Raymond
as her husband, Frank Robinson
as her alleged sweetheart, Jimmy
Orvls as the Bishop, Annie Nich-
olson as the half-witted maid,
Larry Parks as the Russian spy,
Tom Peterson as the visiting
preacher, Jack Ray as the cop,
and Martha Irvln as the town
Now, judging from the past,
you folks won't come to see the
play Just to support J.C. But If
you want a good evening's enter-
tainment and a lot of laughs, you
really ought to come to the shew.
It Is on Wednesday and Thursday
nltes, April 18 and 19, So get your
tickets right away and don't miss
the play. The cast has been
working mighty hard on it and
Mr. Turbyflll deserves orchids
ior the patience he has shown
and the sweat, blood and tears
he's put into It.
A word of warning In advance:
If you see a bunch of wierd look-
ing characters around school Fri-
day, don't be alarmed. It's the
Freshman girls going through a
form of fate worse than death so
they can become full fledged
members of the Gamma Chi. The
formal initiation Is that night
with a party following. So it
seems to be worth the pretty ap-
We do hope you J.C. fans will
come out to the Basketball Jam-
boree. How 'bout It now? A little
cheering for our boys? And our
first regular game a a week inom
Friday, on the 20th. So plan lo
come out and give Ijhe team a lit-
tle support.
1'it i a t-.t
C.H.S. News
This week has really been chucked full of activities. So let's
get started on them! _. ,
First of all on Tuesday the "Torrid Zone Wizards" took a
trip to Barro Colorado with their sponsor Mr. Brians. .They left
on the morning; train, got off at Frijoles and took a launch .to
the Island. They spent an interesting day learning about plant
and animal life. They returned on the evening train tired and
dirty but much smarter.
Some of the wizards taking the trip were: Keith Moumblow,
Jacqule Boyle, Jack Randall, Noel McGinn. Sandra Hammond,
Hlchard Sasso, Rita Fisher, Anna Fisher, Raymond Pinto, Albert
Attia, Frances Wong. Francisco Wong. Henry Wachtll. Yolanda
Diez, Tommy Frey, Ardis Wllloughby. Glnette Wachtel. Margaret
Jordry. Carl Pinto. Albert Attla. Charlie Thompson. Charles Lea-
sard. Nellie Holgerson, Betty Tarr, Larry Cox, Jeb Wllkerson and
Don McLaughlin.
Wednesday the "C" Club held their Initiation.. was It mur-
der! I The old members in the club are: Eddie Brlngas, Carl
Simons, (president) Peter Johnson, Dick Sullivan, Jack Alexitls,
Bob Bailey, Bill Blackburn, Dick Acycock, Bob Grace, Vernon
Bryant, Tommy Jordan, Art Sherry, and Arnold Manning.
The Initiates had to come to school dressed in girl's gym
suits. By the way we were wondering whose suit Ed Sears bor-
rowed??? Their fingernails and toenalls sported nail polish, and
finishing touches to their "canal boats" were ribbons tied about
their "dainty" big toes! Each "BABY had to have on his person
at all times a baby bottle, filled with milk. Also his rosebud
lips had to be painted with his girl's favorite lipstick. '
At noon the boys' gvm was the scene of the milk drinking
contest. The prize, another bottle of milk, was won by Tommy
Hughes, an up and coming youngster in the sports world. That
night at the point, after the private initiation (torture), the
boys held a "Banquet" consisting of hot dogs, soda pop, and ice
cream, although It was doubtful as to whether all of the so call-
ed members could eat anymore, after the "Atomic Special" which
they were so forcefully fed during the initiation.
The Initiates were: "Bubber" Ridge, Bob Baiter. Talmadge
Salter, Johnny Hatgi. "Sklppy" Anderson, Carl Tutle, Roy Wil-
son, Jimmle Ransey, Tommy Hughes. Ed Sears* Leslie Rlnehart
Walter Khurt, Gil 8mlth, Don McLaughlin, Oeorge Bennett, and
Don Ponder.
These last two,weeks have found the Seniors rushing around
like mad, collecting material, taking notes and exchanging ideas
on their "Term Papers" which, drastic as it seems .are due on
April 13. The theme of this year's paper is based on material
concerning different professions, such as doctors, secretaries and
so forth...
The Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom have been postponed
fiom April 21. to May 5th. So... boys, there's till plenty of
time to ask you favorite dream gal before someone else does.
The Juniors are really working hard to make this affair a big
success and the least each and every one of you. can do is to
make sure you have a date I
Friday evening Dora Weleb's borne was the scene of
a gala party, given her by her parents on the occasion of
her seventeenth birthday anniversary. The kids enjoyed
an evening of games and dancing. Seen at random haying
a terrific time were: Nancy' Karlger, and Bob Bailey,
Nancy Ramsey and Walter Khurt, Joanne Recela and
Vernon Bryant, Jeanine Nix and Bob Servers, Glnnle
Jahle and Peter Johnson, Lois Schldegg and Bob Orris,
Ardis Wllloughby and John Fahnesteck. Colette StlebrlU
and "Bubber" Ridge, Babs Hlckey and Bob Salter, Sonia
Welch and Joe Deltrick, Mercedes Peterson and Talmadge
Salter, Helen Kissam and Dick DuCote, Ann Thomas and
Leslie Rlnehart, Jaoquie Boyle and Carlton Croft, and
Casey Zimmerman. Polly Ann Praitr was present from
Balboa. Dora's brother. Max, and his flanee. Arden Arm-
strong, CHS alumni, were also on band te help Dora
Don't forget the Basketball Jamboree starting tonight and
lasting till Thursday night at Balboa. Six teams are participat-
ing and they will be eliminated as they lose. Admission for 8A
Students will be 25c.
Tonight six, lucky Thespians will be Initiated Into the Club.
It will be" a formal, candlelight and dinner affair at the Strang-
ers Club. The new'members are: Pat Geddes, Jacqule Boyle,
Nellie Holgerson. Margarita Barcenas Don McLaughlin and Dick
DuCote. '
Atlantic Society...
(Continued Prom Pace FIVE)
Atlantic Side friends will be ap-
Family Supper at Margarita
The Woman's Auxiliary of the
Margarita Union Churoh is spon-
soring a Family Supper follow-
ing the Little League Baseball
game Wednesday. The supper will!
be held in the church quarters m !
the gymnasium and a minimum
charge will be made for individ-
ual dishes.
Scout and Brownie Leaders
Meeting ,
The Atlantic 81de Girl Scout
leaders and assistants and Brow-
nies and* assistants will meet to-
morrow at the home of Mrs. Har-
ry Seaman, House 57, 3rd St.,
New Cristobal.
Emblem Club Dance
Cristobal Emblem Club 52 Is
sponsoring Its first dance on Pan
American Day at the Brazos
Heights Elks Club. The dance is
Informal and tickets are a dollar
each. They may be obtained by
calling Coco Solo 336. Remember
Saturday, from 8:00 to 11:00 at
the Elks Home.
"Our Town"
To Be Presented Tomorrow
The Margarita Players will
present "Our Town" under the
direction of Mark White, tomor-
row evening at the Margarita
Clubhouse. The proceeds will go
to the Church of the Holy Fami-
eteef **
In The
3:00 5:00 7:00 9 p.m.

The first feature drama of its
kind to be filmed In the wilds
of Africa In color by
MS 7:!
Wednesday Thursday "UNION STATION"
Clifton WEBB Myrn* I.OY
MS *
Thursday "THE TOaTCH"
i- r M
' (Wednesday)
G A 1 U N
MS 7:M
On The

"A Lady Without Passport"
Thurday> Motion Pictures Cancelled!
[ 4 -,M PU Ccert y DANIEI. KWCOURT
lr- mtf ..'
MS a> i
Charlton HESTON Llzabelh SCOTT
Wed. A Tsirs. "My Friend Irma Cm* West"
Asthma Mucus
Dissolved Easv Wiv
Don't couch and couch, a trans'. Caa
and choke ao bad that you can hardly
breathe or aleepdon't Buffer another
'day from Brunchltla or Aathma without
trylnc Mendeao. This creat Internal
medicine, recently developed by a
aclentlflc American laboratory, worka
throush the blood, thus reaching your
lungs and bronchial tube*. That a why
Msnaace worka ao faat to help you three
waya. 1. Helpa nature dissolve and re-
move thick atrangjlng mucus. X. Pro-
motes free easy breathing; and sound
slssp so you soon teal O.K. I. Quickly
alleviates coughing, wheeslng. enees-
rae. Ott Mendaee from your druggist
today. See how much better you may
slssp tonight and how aaueb better yoa
say feel tomorrow.
Coming up April 14. Is the Olympic Hop. sponsored by the
Girl's Varsity Club. The girls are going all out to make this
dance a huge success. During the events of the .evening Queen
Patricia I will be crowned as the "Olympic Queen" by an 'Olym-
pic King," who will also reign, and In turn be crowned by Pat.
The all-stars of '51 and Varsity Club had the privilege of vot-
ing for King. The voting took place last Thursday and results
will remain a secret until the night of the dance. Any Senior
boy participating In at least one sport this year was eligible to
run for King. The girls In the court, and their escorts are the
same ones that would have been In the Football Court it the
dance had not been cancelled. Everyone li Invited to attend the
Coronation which will be held In the girl's gym at approximately
8 p.m. Donna Delth will carry the Queen's Crown and Bobby
Geddes. little brother of the queen, will carry the King s Crown.
The dance Is a semi-formal affair, that means COATS boysl
The ROT.C. Drill Team Is really looking sharp! They have
been faithfully practicing at Mt. Hope about three times a week.
A week ago last Saturday Raymond Pinto was elected Drill Mas-
ter by the boys. Dick DuCote was chose as Assistant Drill Mas-
There were shiny countenances on the faces of the officers
last Tuesday when they received thtlr chest plates, buckles and
white belts. Thursday there were more smiling faces when they
finally got their long awaited for Sabers. On behalf of the in-
terested public, their will be an R.O.T.C. review, at Mt. Hope
Stadium this Thursday, at 2:00 p.m. Everyone is cordially invit-
ed and will be more than welcome.
Tuesday was an eventful day In CH8 for the R.O.T.C. The
boys Is each company that were In the Best Squad received, blue
and gold shoulder tabs. Congratulations to Pete Johnson for
having the Best Squad in Company "D." Keep up the good work
fellas, we'll lick Balboa yet!
Just a reminder to the R.O.T.C. Field Day is coming
up this Friday. April 13 at Balboa Stadium. This will be
strictly company competition, platoon competition and
squad competition. Five men ware picked last week from
each company to compete Individually. The five highest
men from Company D were: Cadet Stevenson. Cadet
Sanders, Cadet Sgt. Schlebeler. Cadet Sgt. Constantinc,
and Cadet Sgt. Vila. From Company E: Cadet Sgt. Dum-
bould, CFC Cockle. Cadet Henaon and Cadet Villalai.
These ten men against 15 from Balboa with compete
against each other. The winner will receive a medal.
The < ompanv winning the competition will receive shoul-
der tabs and the Company Commander will be presented
a medal. The best platoon and sauad will also receive
shoulder tabs.
The Drill Teams from Cristobal and Balboa will perform...
then there will be a review, with the girls sponsors participat-
ing. __,_______
Have you seen the second floor display window? You haven't,
then you don't know what you're missing. Be sure to see It be-
fore school tomorrow. It Is an art display, exhibited by Virgi-
nia Fahle and It Is "out of this world" literally speaking. No
kidding kids. It's reallv something! Otnny deserves a lot of
credit for doing such fine work. Orchids to vou Glnny. Such
talent Is a rare gift!
Seniors! This week the rental fees for caps and gowns win
be collected. Two dollars will be paid by each senior and 35c.
extra If vou wish to keep your tassel. See Albert Attla and pay
him as soon as vou can!
Last Thursday two CHS'ers took the annual U. N. test ad-
ministered by Miss Anderson. It. was three hours test lasting
from two period through four period. The only students brave
enough to take It were Rita Fisher and Elena Lee.
Junior Girls were seen filling out application, for Girls 8tate.
all last week. The only qualifications are; you must be a Junior
in high school, take U.8. History and be ah American citizen.
Olrls State will be held from June 8 to June 14 at Fort Sher-
- S.A. nominations for next year were held In room 203 on.
Mystery it LaughsWhat
a Combination!
Marjorie Main and
James Whltmore, In
It's A Scream!...
TODAY! Presents TODAY!
With 2
Musical -ComedyI...
It's- a riot., with the new and
hilarious team i...
Out at the heart of savage Africa
comes the greatest adventure t>lc-
ture of all time'

- in
Prices:' Se ,25
Sensational Drama of Violent
mjjm laiaau I* law ci I
The Ufe of Lou Oehrlg!...
At 9:00 p.m. WAHOO!
$115.06 in Prices!
- Also: -
Marta Toren, In
Audle Murphy, In
Ann Sheridan Ronald
Reagan, In
$20Q.eo for the Public!
At 6 and 9 p.m.Also:
Ricardo Montalban. In
Robert Walker, In
Spencer Tracy, In
- Also: -

Rated Among The World's Most
Distinguished Pianists in a
program including
Apr. 11th
7:45 p.m.
Apr. Uth
7:45 p.m.
Adm. Adults $1.00 Children .50c.

Mario Galrndo y Ca.
Us Pintaras PABCCO
presentan a
en Solo* de rgano
a las 11:30 P.M.
Panama Amrica
TUBERA galvanizada
i" i" 1" lf* 2"
Via Esaaia 121 Te!. 1-1503
El presupuesto se elevar
a treinta y un millones
> I Viola la Carta
Magna Decreto
sobre comunismo
Est ajustado a
un escueto plan
de realidades
A treinta y un milln de bal-
boas se elevar el Presupuesto
de Rentas y Gastos de la vlgen-.
ca econmica correspondiente
al ao de 1851. segn datos ob-
tenidos en fuentes oficiales.
Aunque la Comisin Legisla-
tiva Permanente est de lleno
aprobando las partidas corres-
pondientes a cada Ministerio, se
estima que estas aprobaciones
son de carcter provisional, y
en forma tentativa, porque lue-
go habr que a justar el Presu-
Euesto a la suma sealada an-
Cada Ministerio ha elaborado
proyecto de Presupuestos cei-
do a cuotas especificas para a-
Justarse a un plan de realida-
des y es dentro de este plan
de cuotas que trabaja la Le-
gislativa Permanente. Ayer en
la tarde se terminaron de dis-
cutir los da/talles del Presupues-
to de Obras Pblicas y esta ma-
ana la Legislativa se encontra-
ba en el proyecto de Presupues-
to del Ministerio de Trabajo,
Previsin Social y Salud Pbli-
El 80/o del acueducto y del
alcantarillado de las reas
de las afueras es deficiente
Los trabajos de la firma de das. Esto significa que hay ho-
Ingenleros Oreeley y Hansen de
Chicago continan firmemente
en los estudios preliminares pa-
ra el alcantarillado de las afue-
ras, pudimos observar esta ma-
ana cuando los Ing. Carlos A.
Guardia y Richard E. Foerster
realizaban Importantes tareas
del planeamiento de tan impor-
tante obra.
Los ingenieros han dividido
el sector desde la quebrada de
Tumba Muerto en Pasadena,
hasta la ciudad Radial en Juan
Diaz, en 14 distritos que han
designado con letras desde la A.
a la N. Los distritos sanitarios
para el alcantarillado siguen
divisiones naturales principal-
mente y luego urbanizaciones.
Los ingenieros kan tenido que
enfrentarse al problema de que
las calles y urbanizaciones no
corresponden en el campo a lo
que est apuntado en los planos,
y tienen que hacer revisiones
por todas partes.
Se ha encontrado que ms del
80% del sistema de distribu-
cin del agua de las aguas se COLON, Abril
hace por medio de tuberias muy | ponsal. La
ras del da en que machas ca-
sas no pueden de ninguna ma-
nera recibir agua, porque es
consumida en otra parte en la
linea de distribucin.
Actualmente a las afueras en-
tra una linea con un dimetro
de 16 pulgadas, de esta linea
sale una de 8 que se va angos-
tando a 6 y a 4 pulgadas a San
Francisco de la Caleta, baja a 8
pulgadas en Vista Hermosa y
Barriada; a 10 y a 9 en Rio
Abajo por la tubera principal,
disminuye todava a 8 pulgadas
en Juan Diaz y slo tiene 8 pul-
gadas en la ciudad Radial. En
otras palabras, los servicios cen-
ifasa a ras Col >
Tendr pabellones
en la feria el
Dr. Arnulfo Arias
Designada la Junta
del Banco Fiduciario
en la noche de ayer
Por razn de la renuncia de
la directiva de la Compaa Fi-
duciaria de Panam, se eligi
ayer la nueva directiva que ha
quedado integrada por los ca-
balleros Justo Fablo Aroseme-
na, Henrique de Obrrio, Ro-
berto Heurtematte, Osear Mu-
11er, J. J. Vallarino, Raimundo
Ortega Vleto. Max Delvalle,
Paul Oambotti y Horado Clare.
La reunin de los accionis-
tas, que comenz a las tres de
la tarde y termin a las diez
de la noche, representaba B.
1,030,000.00 de las acciones.
Otros Informes ledos fueron
el de la directiva saliente y
el del seor Arosemena en re-
lacin con sus actividades co-
mo Director General de la em-
La nueva Junta Directiva ce-
lebrar esta tarde una reunin
especial para elegir los nuevos
pequeas, generalmente con un
dimetro menor de tres pulga-
das, es decir con tuberas tan
pequeas que rinde un pobre
servicio. Muchas son las lineas
que tienen tuberas de una y
hasta de tres cuartos de pulga-
Ms tropas y mano libre para
utilizarlas se cree que Mac
Arthur ha pedido a su pas
Otros miembros de las Naciones Unidas deben au-
mentar tambin sus contribuciones
TOKIO, Abril 10 (UP)Fuen-
tes bien informadas dijeron
creer que MacArthur le ha pe-
dido al Secretarlo del Ejrcito
Norta-Amerlcano, Frank Pace
Jr. ms tropas y mano libre pa-
ra usarlas como lo crea conve-
niente para derrotar a los Co-
munistas Chinos y Coreanos.
No hay cambio en
la salud del Dr.
Napoleao Laureano
(UP). Los mdicos dicen que
no se ha registrado cambio al-
guno en el estado del Dr. Na-
poleao Laureano.
El estado de Laureano em-1 do pierdan toda esperanza de
peor despus de la segunda una victoria militar.
10. Corres-
Feria Agrope-
cuaria de Coln que promete
llenar todas las finalidades
del caso, viene laborando so-
bre planos efectivos desde que
inicio sus actividades.
Ayer recibi el Comit Or-
ganizador de la Feria usu gra-
i informacin por conducto
el seor R. F. Alba quKn
viene prestando valiosos servi-
cios a. IOS organizadores de la
feria de Colon, de que el se-
or Presidente d la Hepbll-
cooperar de manera de-
cldMa con la feria exbJMendo
en os pabellones los Tinosos
productos que vienen dndose
en'las fincas de su propiedad
ubicadas en El Boquete, Pro-
vincia de Chiriqu, .particu-
lar el caf, cuyo grmipiin dis-
cutido por su calidad superior
en los mercados industriales
de la Repblica y extranjeros,
como tambin las maderas fi-
La Carte Suprema de Justi-
cia declar esta maana cons-
titucional el Decreto sobre
Comunismo dictado por el
Organ* Ejecutivo. La Corte
sin embargo, decidi que viola
la Constitucin el artculo 2
del mencionado Decreto, per
el cual se establece que loa
comunistas no pueden ejercer
cargos pblicos.
Salvaron su voto al dictar
la Corte Suprema esta sen-
tencia, los Magistrado! Car-
los Biebarch y Public Vs-
Se resuelven casos
de naturalizacin
en la Cancillera
El Secretarlo Julio E. Brice-
o, del Ministerio de Relacio-
nes Exteriores inform que se
han dictado numerosos resuel-
tos en el Departamento de Na-
turalizacin relacionados con
solicitudes y exmenes sobre
naturalizacin hechas por gran
cantidad de personas, que ha-
ban obtenido su ciudadana
antes de 1936, y deban de lle-
nar requisitos exigidos por la
Constitucin Nacional. Relacio-
nes Exteriores solicita, por este
medio, a las personas que pre-
sentaron exmenes, que se acer-
quen al Departamento de Na-
turalizacin para las notifica-
ciones de ley.
Ha proseguido ce
avance aliado
Se han colocado a tiro de can
de la clebre represa de Hwachon
Con el mismo nombre y en el
mismo edificio ser tirada
"La Prava" por el Gobierno
Ser utilizada paa "el n
bte y su in
TOKIO, Abril 10. (P). La
presin del continuo avance
de las Naciones Unidas en Co-
rag del Norte, ha obligado a
los Chinos abandonar la ciu-
dad clave de Hwachon, mien-
tra que una fuerza norte-
americana se coloc a tiro de
can de la represa de Hwa-
Los comunistas salieron hu-
yendo de Hwachon ayer, des-
pus de haber fracasado su in-
tento de detener el avance a-
llado abriendo las compuertas
de la represa para Inundar el
valle. Las aguas subieron de
cuatro a siete pies en laa pri-
meras horas, pero ayer tarde
hablan vuelto a su nivel nor-
La ('rstica maniobra no
surti ningn efecto en 1
avance aliado, y las fuerzas
norte americanas penetraron
en la reglen montaosa del
Ro Pukhan. en el extremo oc-
cidental de la reserva, contra
una tenaz resistencia de las
retaguardias comunistas. El
avance aliado en ase sector con
el fin de apoderarse de la re-
serva de Hwachon, una vital
fuente de energa elctrica
que una vez le dl corriente a
la capital Sur-Coreana.
La ciudad de Chorwon fu
bombardeada por la artillera
aliada, pero a pesar de que las
tropas de las Naciones Uni-
das se encontrasen tan cerca,
los comunistas siguen envian-
do tropas y refuerzos a ese
sector de concentracin.
Mas de 7,860 vehculos co-
ien mil tropas |
concentra en la *
Manchuria, Rusia i
TAPEHI, Formosa, abril 10. .
(UP). La China Nacionalis-
ta denunci que por lo meneo
100,000 soldados rusos estn I
desplegados a lo largo de la .
frontera de Manchuria y que
los soviticos estn reconstru-
yendo Puerto Arturo y Dalren,
para bases navales.
Sin embargo, las misma
fuentes dicen que las tropas so-
viticas no se encuentran ln-
munlstas fueron reportados en
los caminos de Corea del Nor- ^^^tT1 ^vi^Ml"
te por la aviacin aliada ano- mediatamente al Norte del rio
Estos crculos, quienes han
brindado buenas Informaciones
che, la mayora de los cuales
se estaban moviendo hacia el
Las tropas aliadas avanza-
ban cautelosamente hacia la
abandonada ciudad de Hwa-
chon desde el oeste y sur-
oeste, sin encontrar resisten-
Al sur y sur-este de la re-
serva las tropas norte-amerl-
en el pasado, dicen que los so-
viticos han proclamado que
esos dos puertos son reas pro-
hibidas, a las cuales no se lea
permite entrar ni an a loa
chinos rojos.
Dicen que an estn permi-
tidos entrar a barcos en Dal-
canas y francesas avanzaban ren, pero no en Puerto Artuo.
lentamente en medio de una
lluvia de balas de los rojos que
fueron sorprendidos al extre-
mo sur del lago producido por
la Inundacin.
Ms hacia el norte las tro-
Kss norte-americanas avanza-
sn hacia Inje, a cinco mi-
llas al norte del Paralelo. Es-
ta ciudad est defendida por
alrededor de 8.500 soldados co-
munistas quienes han lanzado
una formidable lluvia de pro-
yectiles contra las tropas alia-
Las fuerzas sur-Coreanas es-
tn avanzando en el flanco a-
rlental de los norte-americanos
sin posicin. Todo indica que
estas fuerzas se estn colo-
cando en posicin para unirse
ron la divisin "Captol" Sur
Coreana que *e encuentra ope-
rando al oeste de la costa
Los 100,000 soldados rusos es-
tn vigilando la lnea ferroca-
rrilera que corre desde Man-
churia hasta la frontera de Si-
beria. La mayora de estas tro-
pas se alega que son refuerzos.
Regres esta maana
el Gob. Newcomer
El Gobernador de la Zona
del Canal, F. K. Newcomer, re-
gres esta maana a la Zona
a bordo del "Ancn", en com-
paa de su esposa.
El Gobernador Newcomer ha-
bla estado en Washington pa-
ra asistir a una reunin de la
Junta Directiva del Ferrocarril
de Panam, y presentarse an-
te el Comit de Apropiaciones
de la Cmara.
into social del poe*
MacArtbur sostuvo una larga
conferencia con Paee anoche,
bien informadas, creen que Mac
Arthur hizo estas peticiones:
1Ms tropas norte-america-
nas deben ser enviadas al Leja-
no Oriente para aumentar las
fuerzas de las Kaciones Unidas
que luchan en Corea.
2Otros miembros de las Na-
ciones Unidas deben aumentar
sus contribuciones de potencial
humano y equipo.
3Las presentes limitaciones'
de las fuerzas de las Naciones
Unidas debern ser levantadas
4Deben usarse las fuerzas
nacionalistas Chinas.
5-^Los Comunistas chinos que-
rrn negociar la paz slo cuan- e importancia
menor duda.
El Comit Organizador de la
Feria Colonense, de acuerdo
con exposiciones hechas por su
Presidente, seor Jos Mara
Gonzlez, tiene especial empe-
o porque a este Importante
certamen concurran todas las
corporaciones industriales y
agropecuarias del pas.
Para el efecto ae ha diri-
gido ya, pidiendo cooperacin
a la fbrica Nacional de Ga-
lletas, a la fbrica de Aceites
Urraca, a la fbrica de pro-
ductos Nestl, al Caf Duran y
a muchas otras cuya seriedad
no admiten la
inyeccin de "Kreblozen" la
noche del Viernes pasado y los
mdicos creyeron que sto pu-
diera ser reaccin del suero.
Laureano pareci mejorar la
noche del Sbado y Domingo.
Los mdicos dijeron que el en-
fermo sufre intensos dolores
en la pierna derecha cuando
hace el movimiento ms insig-
nificante, y que para aliviar-
lo le tienen la pierna Inmo-
0La agresin comunista de-
be ser rechazada ahora mismo
o sta se extender.
7Asia no debe ser descuida-
da mientras se hagan esfuerzos
para preparar la defenza de Eu-
Las fuentes de informacin
no dijeron cules limitaciones
son las que MacArthur quiere
Sue se levante, pero se cree que
I quiere llevar la guerra al
propio territorio de China.
Seal nuevas realizaciones
la Conferencia en el plan de
una organizacin de Amrica
10. La Reunin de Consulta
de los Ministros de Relaciones
Canciller brasileo
visita a H.S.Truman
(UBIS). La amistad entre el
Brasil y los Estados Unidos
"ser perdurable porque ella
se basa en Intereses recpro-
cos y honrados", ha declara-
do el canciller brasilero, Joa
Neves de Fontoura.
El estadista brasilero visit
al Presidente Truman en la
Casa Blanca, acompaado por
el Embajador Mauricio Nabu-
co, Neves da Foutoura mani-
fest a los periodistas despus
de le visita que haba sido
portador de una carta del Pre-
sidente Getulio Vargas para f\
Presidente Truman, la cual
describi como "una certa de
a amigo a amigo".
servici areo
por nuestro pas
Efectivo el 30 de Abril, la
British Overseas Airways sus-
pender temporalmente el servi-
cio de la Costa occidental de
Sur-Amrica, entre Klngston-
Panam,-Lima,-Santiago, y el
vuelo atlntico sobre Londres,
Lisboa y Nueva York terminar
en Kingston.
La B.O.A.C.. se ha visto obli-
gada a la suspensin de dicho
servicio debido a una aguda es-
casez de aviones adecuados, y
piensa reabrir la ruta una ves
se haya resuelto este problema.
81nembargo, las oficinas de la
B.O.A.C. en Panam continua-
rn abiertas para el servicio de
ventas y cooperacin con los
agentes de viajes.
El Sr. Donald A. Camern, Ge-
rente de la B.O.A.C. en Pana-
md esde 1949, quedar a cargo
de las actividades de la corpo-
racin en Panama, Colombia,
Costa Rica y Nicaragua, pero
los otros miembros britnicos del
personal saldrn por la va a-
rea para Inglaterra en las pr-
ximas semanas. Ya se le ha da-
do aviso de terminacin de ser-
vicios a los empleados locales.
Red de emergencia
se establece para .
Los radioaficionados paname-
os seores Edmundo Lpez
(H.P. Ko. i EL), A. Prez vene-
ro (HP. No. 1 A.P.), WUbur Mo-
rrison (H.P. No. i W.M.) en Pa
nam; Eugenio Horna (HP. W. 3
E.H.) en Boquete, Chiriqu y
Guillermo Villegas (HJ. NoJ G.
V.t en David, Chiriqu han es-
tablecido una cadena Red de
emergencia que abarca toda la
l propsito de esta cadena
Red es el de entrenar a los ra-
dioaficionados, que formen par-
te de ella, en el desarrollo y eje-
cucin de un plan de radio co-
municaciones para llevar a cabo
en cooperacin con las autori-
dades nacionales en caso de una
emergencia nacional.
Hasta la fecha se han Incor-
porado a esta Red ms de 15
estaciones nacionales y algunas
de Costa Rica, y desde hace ms
de una semana se estn lle-
vando a cabo prcticas diarlas
de 1 a 2 de la tarde y de a a 8
de la noche en las bandas de 20
y 48 metros. Cualquier persona
que tenga alguna comunicacin
de emergencia (no comercial
para cualquier punto de la Re-
pblica, puede ponerse en con-
tacto con el Director de esta
Red de emergencia, el Sr. Ed-
mundo Lpez. Calle 32 Este No.
31. Telfono 3-1185.
BUjMOS AIRES, abr 10.
(UP). ~+ La comisin bi-Came-
ral recomend la expropiacin
de La Prensa, utilizando el mis-
mo nombra y el mismo edifi-
cio para tirar el diarlo.
La recomendacin dice que
el Gobierno usar los valores
expropiados para "el Inters
general y el mejoramiento so-
cial del pueblo argentino". Se
autorizarla la venta de bonos
emitidos por el Gobierno para
recaudar la cantidad requerida
para cubrir el costo e la ex-
El Senador GlavarlnL presi-
dente de la comisin interven-
tora, entreg el informe ano-
che al doctor Hctor Cmpora,
Presidente de la Cmara de Di-
putados, quien dl a conocer su
contenido a los periodistas.
El siguiente es el texto del
Informe: "Honorable Congreso:
Vuestra Comisin mixta, encar-
gada de Intervenir e investigar
la empresa comercial propieta-
rio del peridico "La Prensa"
ha realizado una intervencin
e Investigacin dispuesta por
resolucin del Honorable Con-
greso Nacional, fechada el 16 de
marzo de 1951 y oa aconseja
aprobar el siguiente proyecto de
Ley por razones que su .repor-
tero proporcionar".
"El Senado y la Cmara d
Diputados resuelven: 1 Decl-
rase de utilidad pblica y su-
jetos a expropiacin conforme
a lo establecido en el articulo
40 de la Constitucin, todos los
bienes que constituyen el activo
de la sociedad colectiva "La
(Pasa a la Pag. f. Cal. ()
Millares de campesinos del
Detienen a hada Partido Liberal abandon^
de gitanos autora sus terrenos en Colombia
de varias estafas
La Gran Bretaa se opone al
bombardeo de la Manchuria
Exteriores de los Estados Ame-
ricanos seal nuevas realiza-
ciones en el desenvolvimiento
de una organizacin regional
dentro de las Naciones Unidas,
en opinin de expertos en re-
laciones internacionales.
Estas realizaciones radican en
el reconocimiento de la ame-
naza de la agresin comunis-
ta a las naciones independien-
tes en cualquier parte del mun-
do y en el acuerdo de una ac-
cin unida para evitar esa a-
gresln. dicen los expertos.
Los Ministros de Relaciones
Exteriores terminaron su reu-
nin el sbado, despus de dos
semanas completas en las que
se trat sobre los medios para
fortalecer a los estados ame-,
ricanos contra el imperialismo! DreCIOS ITilMITIOS
Las 24 resoluciones adoptadas
por la reunin se consideran
como acuerdos sobre principios
bsicos ms que como solucio-
nes detalladas de problemas
tcnicos. Expresan ellas los
principios relativos a los tres
(Pasa a la Pac t. Cea. I i
Fijan a las pastas
alimenticias los
En sesin celebrada por la
Comisin de precios raciona-
miento y abastos recientemente
se dispuso fijar los siguientes
precios mximos:
Pasta alimenticia nacional: Al
minorista B.0.145 libra; al con-
sumidor. B.0.175.
Son Condecorados
don Reanto Ozores
y el Cap. G. Clarke
Hoy a las 11 y 30 le fueron
Impuestas condecoraciones a los
seores don Renato Ozores y ai
Capitn Guillermo Clarke, en la
Sede de la Embalada de Chile
en esta ciudad, acto para el cual
circularon laa invitaciones de
El Jefe de la Misin de la Re-
pblica hermana, don Manuel
Hidalgo Plaza Impuso personal-
mente las condecoraciones a los
expresados caballeros. Despus
de la ceremonia protocolar se
hizo un brindis.
(UP). El delegado britnico
a las Naciones Unidas, Olda-
wyn Jer-b dijo anoche que el
Gobierno britnico se opone a
cualquier bombardeo areo o
naval y al bloqueo de China,
ya que stas accione "inevita-
blemente envolvern a las Na-
ciones Unidas en una guerra
.sin limites con China, con re-
sultados difciles de preveer en
cuento a la posible extensin
de la guerra.'r
Dijo que se opona a que se
l "castigara" a cualquier pas
rpor agresin en Corea, ya que
: "en las guerras modernas la
| grar. mayora de las personas
! que son castigadas no son cul-
pables de ninguna ofensa". D!-
i jo que debe hacerse a loe co-
| uranistas comprender que la
agresin no paga, por medio
| de la defensa de Corea por
[ las Naciones Unidas.
Jebb dijo que el Gobierno
britnico cree que la solucin
permanente del problema Co-
reano puede ser conseguida
solamente mediante la consi-
deracin de los intereses de la
China Comunista en esc pas.
DIJON, Francia, abril 10.
(TJP). La polica anunci ha-
ber detenido a 16 miembros de
la tribu gitana "Ben Hadji"
que ha amasado una fortuna
con una serte de timos en una
docena de pases.
Segn la polica, la actuacin
se extendi a Francia, Blgica,
Holanda, Italia, Suiza, Espaa,
Portugal, Oran Bretaa, Ma-
rruecos y Sur Amrica.
Dice la polica que los gita-
nos viajaban en autos de lujo
y posean villas, y que uno de
los recursos empleados era el
de entrar una pareja elegante-
mente trajeada a una joyera
u otro establecimiento de lujo,
y en momentos en que el em-
S Irado abra la oaja contadora
aclan volar un billete como
si el viento se lo hubiera lle-
Mientras el empleado se a-
presuraba a recogerlo, exten-
dan la mano y saqueaban la
caja contadora, alejndose tran-
quilamente. Agrega que se cam-
biaban tan rpidamente el dis-
fraz que pocas veces las victi-
mas lograban identificarlos.
Estn construyendo
chalet que rifan
para un santuario
Ya estn construyndose el
chalet en Campo Alegre, a una
cuadra del Hotel "El Panam"
que ser rifado a beneficio del
Santuario de Boquete y cuya
organizacin corre a cargo de la
Primera Dama de la Repblica.
Doa Ana Matilde Linares de
Arlas, esposa del Jefe del Esta-
La casa es de moderna y ele-
gante construccin, de dos rec-
maras y un amplio patio. El di-
seo del chalet es de lo ms
La rifa se verificar el da
19 de Julio y el valor del tique-
te ha sido sealado en cinco
Se dan detalles
sobre ponencia
contra los rojos
WASHINGTON, abril 10. (UP)
La ponencia contra el co-
munismo, aprobada en la se-
sin plenarla de la Reunin de
Consulta de Cancilleres Ameri-
canos, al hacer notar que "las
actividades subversivas no re-
conocen limites", recomienda
que cada pais .examine y re-
forme, si es necesario, sus le-
yes para que "las actividades
subversivas de los agentes del
comunismo internacional pue-
dan ser debidamente preveni-
das y castigadas".
Tambin pide la fiscalizacin
.rasa a to pagua k, set ai
Germn Arcinicgas denuncia al mundo una serie
de atrocidades que atribuye al Gobierno
NUEVA YORK, abril 10. (UP)
El New York Times publica
una carta del escritor y ex-
Mlnlstro de Educacin de Co-
lombia, Oermn Arciniegas, fe-
chada el 2 de abril, en la cual
dice que "millares de campe-
sinos que estn abandonando
sus tierras, su ganado y hoga-
res en una zona tan grande
como el Estado de Rhode Is-
land, han tenido que buscar
refugio en las ciudades veci-
"La dictadura colombiana ha
ordenado estas medidas para
castigar cierto nmero de libe-
rales de las montaas del In-
terior del pals que buscaron re-
fugio en las llanuras cuando el
nuevo rgimen asumi el po-
der e Inici una ola de terror
bajo la direccin de la Poli-
ca. Como resultado, aldea tras
aldea ha quedado desierta en
Colombia. El nmero de los que
han perdido sus vidas en los
ltimos dos aos se eleva a
decenas de millares".
"Segn los comunicados ofi-
ciales, se llaman a si mismos
liberales, pero en realidad son
"bandidos". Lo cierto del a-
sunto es que desde el 9 de
noviembre de 1949 cuando el
Gobierno clausur el Congreso
por la fuerza, ste ha utilizado
todos los medios a su alcance
para destruir el viejo partido
Liberal, que representa la ma-
yora de los colombianos y tle-
(Pasa a la Pgina 6, Columna >
Queman tarjetas de
racionamiento amas
de casa inglesas
LONDRES, abril 10. (UP).
Empapadas bajo la lluvia, pero
desafiantes, cuatro amas de ca-
sa quemaron sus libretas de ra-
cionamiento y las tarjetas de
Identificacin frente al edificio
del Parlamento, en protesta a
1 las restricciones y racionamien-
Ms de una docena de poli-
cas trat de impedirles que
1 quemaran los documentos fren-
te a un grupo de espectadores,
1 entre ellos periodistas y foto*
gratos, que observaron el es-
pectculo. Una de las mujeres.
' al quemar su libreta, se que-
m el dedo pulgar.
La unin de Amrica contra
la agresin qued demostrada
en la reunin de Cancilleres
WASHINGTON, Abril 10. ,
(USIS). Las Repblicas A-|
mericanas, en reunin convo-
cada para forjar la fuerza
contra la amenaza de la agre-;
sln del comunismo interna-
cional, ha llevado a cabo su;
labor que se plasma en la se-'
re de resoluciones adoptadas,
en materia militar y poltica
Durante su reunin de dos
semanas, los ministros de re-i
larlones exteriores tomaron ac- |
clon no solo para proteger sus
pases contra la agresin de
afuera, sino tambin se decla-
raron en favor de la idea do
suministrar fuerzas armadas a
los servicios de laa Naciones
Los ministros de relaciones
exteriores expresaron sus sen-
timientos para con la defensa
del hemisferio en la "Decla-
racin de Washington" que fu
adoptada por aclamacin. En
esa Declaracin se manifiesta |
la determinacin de las Ame-
ricas de "permanecer firme-1
mente unidas" espiritual y
materialmente en presencia del
la agresin o amenaza contra >
cualquiera de ellas". Se expre-1
sa asimismo en ese documento <
que "el fuerte apoyo de la ac-
cin de las Naciones Unidas s
el medio ms efectivo para
mantener la paz"
Loe estadistas de las 21 re-
pblicas americanas recomen-
daron especficamente el au-
mento de las fuerzas armadas
para el servicio a las Naciones
Unidas. En una resolucin de-
clararon que cada repblica
"sin perjuicio de atender ia
propia defensa nacional, debe
dar particular atencin al de-
senvolvimiento y manteni-
miento de elemento dentro de
sus fuerzas armadas .entrena-
dos, organizados y equipados
de tal manera que pueda, de
acuerdo con las normas cons-
titucionales y hasta el mximo
grado posible, estar disponibles
con prontitud para: 1La de-
fensa del hemisferio; y 2.El
servicio como unidad o unida-
des de las Naciones Unidas, de
conformidad con la P-solucin
"Unidos por la Paz".
Renunci el Jefe de
la Polica Cubana
HABANA, Abril 10 (UP)El
General Qulrlno Uria renunci
como Jefe de la Polica Nacio-
nal por "razones personales"
El Coronel Cecilio Prez Al-
fonso ha sido nombrado en
reemplazo de Uria. mientras que
ste volvi a ocupar el puesto
de Inspector General del Ejerci-
to Cubano.

MARMODIO l3 1*1 i OK
En los informes preliminares suministrados
hasta ahora por las agencias noticiosas no hay ba-
ses suficientes para juzgar si han sido satisfacto-
rios los resultados obtenidos en la Conferencia de
Cancilleres de las Americas celebrada recientemen-
te en Washington. Para conocer definitivamente su
posible influencia en las relaciones interamericanas
es preciso esperar a que se publique el texto de los
acuerdos adoptados.
Cada vez que hay un Congreso o una reunin
de carcter interamericano se expresan por la pren-
sa frases optimistas, ms o menos lricas, acerca de
las ventajas del panamericanismo y de los avan-
ces que ste proporciona para los pases de Am-
rica en el campo de la poltica, de la cultura y de
la economa. Sin embargo,- oo es difcil percatarse
de que existen opiniones bien arraigadas y 'abso-
lutamente sinceras, aunque no siempre se expre-
san abiertamente, en el sentido de que el paname-
ricanismo est casi en paales y que es, err* efecto,
de asombrosa fragilidad.
Acaso se exagera en esos extremos. No es con-
cebible que todos los problemas comunes a las na-
ciones del Hemisferio puedan ser resueltos satis-
factoriamente en un lapso relativamente corto. Mu-
chos de esos problemas no afectan con la misma
intensidad a todos los pases, y los que parecie-
ran estar en la misma categora no son suscepti-
bles a anloga solucin.
No todas las comunidades de la Amrica La-
tina tienen el mismo grado de desarrollo, aunque
haya cierta semejanza en sus aspiraciones. No quie-
re esto decir, desde luego, que esa circunstancia ae
convierta en excusa para soslayar las dificultades.
Por el contrario, ello debera implicar una consi-
deracin especial en el seno de los organismos pa-
na merit anos.
Por otra parte, hay disparidades apreciables
entre el concepto de vida de los anglosajones y el
de los latinoamericanos. Como no se conocen su-
ficientemente, no pueden siempre unos y otros apre-
ciar sus distintos puntos de vista, ni establecer cla-
ramente las diferencias que existen entre cuestio-
nes de fondo y cuestiones procedimentales.
Por razn sin duda de esas diferencias de con-
cepto los latinoamericanos no han. llegado; a com-
prendery, por tanto, no han podido rebatir los
motivos que alegan los norteamericanos para pro-
porcionar enorme ayuda a Europa y. en cambio,
negarla casi totalmente a la Amrica Latina. Tam-
poco se explican, en algunos casos, por qu las dic-
taduras criollas aparentemente reciben mayor es-
tmulo que los gobiernos democrticos. Quiz por
idnticas causas en Norte Amrica no se compren-
di el alcance del dao que se hizo a Latino-Am-
rica cuando se suspendieron abruptamente las com-
pras de los materiales que el propio gobierno nor-
teamericano haba alentado para que se produje-
Pero sea ello como fuere, y especialmente por
razn de la debilidad que existe en los vnculos del
panamericanismo, es de esperarse que los estadis-
tas del Continente presten mayor atencin al es-
tudio de los problemas americanos. Quiz la expe-
riencia obtenida en las discusiones de la ltima
conferencia de Cancilleres sirva para establecer cier-
tos rumbos que tiendan a mejorar la situacin exis-
NOVSIMO teatro
. te v.
Si existe, algn pialo en la
ciencia culinaria panamea que
tenga tradicin, autntica tra-
dicin, es el sancocho.
Y la mejor prueba la encon-
tramos en lo que se utiliza la
palabra en el lenguaje corrien- j
te, en ese lenguaje de la ca-
lie. que es el ms sabroso len-1
guaje. Como el sancocho. No
pretendemos la culttlanaparla.
No busquemos esos requilorios, \
esos juegos de construccin a-
poyados en el hirbaton, que
siempre sonarn a rebusca-
miento, a presuncin, a pedan-
tera. Tampoco nos desviemos
por los senderos de lo arcai-
zante: dirijmonos hacia la m-
dula, hacia lo que el pueblo
trabaja con mucha mayor gra-
cia y ms elegancia que los s-
felos de laboratorio. Y tropeza-
remos con el sancocho. El san-
cocho sabe a gloria. Sabe a
gloria en su calidad de guiso
y en su majestad idiomtica.
El sancocho sabe a pueblo, a i
buen pueblo, no a seudopueblo,
UB pueblo lorzado y arreglado
a la medida.
El diccionario de la lengua
espaola acoge el vocablo.
Veamos cmo explica ese dic-
cionario el significado de san-
cocho, escrito asi, con ese, co-
mo debe ser. En alguna ocasin
he encontrado la palabra Ini-
ciada por una zeta o zeda des-
agradable. Abominemos del san-
cocho con zeda. Santifiquemos
la ese, sin silbarla: como es j
nuestra ese.
Sancocho leo en el Dlcclo-
Solidarldad en la emergencia...
El Embajador del Brasil en
EE. UU, dijo que sin eeouoma
&aua no hay defensa eficaz
WASHINGTON, Abril 10 sln y a todo cuanto preten-
(OP). En la sesin especial I da echar por tierra lo que tan-
del Consejo de Organizacin tos esfuerzos nos ha costado
narlo Manual e Ilustrado de, de Estados Americanos en ho-1 conquistar",
la Lengua Espaola, edicin de nor de los Cancillerea Amerl- Afirm que el sentimiento
1950. la ltima "vianda a me- oanos, que tuvo lugar antea de, de solidaridad forjado a tra-
din ........ tt,.. ._... J I*. _. _.___._!_ -i. i. n.H. rial t'c i-lo anna "InHilo a loe iri-
dio cocer. En la Amrica Cen- la ceremonia de la firma del
tral y Meridional, ella com-, aeta final de la Reunin de
puesta de carne, yuca, plata- Consulta de los Cancilleres A-
no y otros ingredientes". No i mericanos, el Embajador de]
Filmex contrata a
dos estrellas de
modo exclusivo
"Filmex," la gran productora
cinematogrfica mexicana, aca-
ba de contratar en calidad de ar-
tistas exclusivos para el prximo
ao, a dos de las mas valiosas fi-
guras del cine mexicano, TIN
TAN, el cmico que cada dia va
imponiendo su personalidad y
est muy acertado el diccio-
nario: ac, en Panam, el san-
cocho supera a la definicin:
Brasil, Dr. Hlldebrando Acclo-
11 declar en un discurso que
sin una base econmica sana
venes repblicas americanas a
concertar planes para Impedir
la reconquista, el que las apro-
xima ms y ms cada vez que
un peligro se cierne sobre el
continente y el que hoy de
como ocurre"con Yodo"pTaVo*"de \ no puede garantizarse una de- | nue/ no* rn cunc"? aqui
la buena cocina Ifen* elcz I PA 2? Ir, '
El Diccionario de la, Acade- Accloll agreg: "Por eso, los f g|g e "Jo que en
No: no se toma en el al- ca americana de manera que
muerzo soamente. Se toma a Pued" portar el suficiente
material para la defensa co-
mn". Expres que la lucha
vs de aos "induce a las j- Pedro Infante, el galn actual-
do un
Embajadores en la Organiza-
cin de Estados Americanos.
Cit entonces algunas de las
cualquier hora: por la maana,
al medioda, por la' tarde, de
madrugada. Pocos platos com-
parables a \xn buen sancocho
en la madrugada.
El diccionario ideolgico de la
engua espaola de don Julio
asares-r-nunca me cansar d n,ifl. ..., PBrta .unin ii- e hagau por elevar el nivel
ecomendarlo- nS nos? explica 1,fl L^C"Du6 '"""Xta-, de.?" 3?. 9 P*& Amerl-
contra el comunismo reaulere bras concretas realizadas por
- la OEA, tales como el estable-
cimiento del Consejo nter-
Americano Econmico Social y
el Consejo de Jurisconsultos.
Expres que los esfuerzos que
que sean mejoradas las condi-
ciones de vida en un gran n-
mero de repblicas america-
consulta cumpli completa-
mente los propsitos por los
cuales fu convocada. De esta
reunin nuestro sistema ha sa-
lido fortalecido. E ella hemos
reafirmado los principios de li-
bertad y solidaridad que guian
nuestro sistema, y ana vea ms
se ha revelado la actitud coo-
perativa de las repblicas A-
defensa de los
canos "contribuirn- en forma
inapreciable al bienestar de
nuestras repblicas y a la es->
labilidad de nuestro sistema".
mejor el sancocho: acomoda,
como final, esto: "y p que se
toma en el almuerzo en algu-
nos patees de Amrica". A la
postre se somete el Secretarlo
de Real Academia Espaola a
su libro fundamental. Quiz con
mayor gracia, ms efusivo.
Pero yo tengo la receta del
buen sancocho. Me la ha pro- merlcanas en
porcionado una gentil dama elevados ideales de la civill-
panamea legitima, una ena- zacln Cristiana",
morada de las cosas de la I Luis Emilio Gmez Rulz Can-
tierra, i ciller de Venezuela, contestan-
Me dirn ustedes, amigos lee- I do en nombre de sus colegas
lore.*, que a qu viene todo traz la historia del Paname- York Abril USIS)- La revi-
est-o, que cmo justifico el elo-1 ricanismo citando la Doctrina sln de los diversos cdigos sa-
Proyectan revisar
Cdigo Sanitario
mente de moda. Ambos artistas
son hoy dia le los ms taquille-
ras, pues sus pelculas arrastran
multitudes a los teatros donde
son exhibidas.
Adems de los artistas arriba
.nenclonados, el cine mexicano
contar para 1852, con el aporre
de varias de las ms prestigiosas
unidades del cine argentino, De-
lia Oarcs, Mecha Ortiz, Luis
Sandrini. Ninl Marshall y muchas
otras, quienes estn comprometi-
das para hacer ms de una pel-
cula para productores mexicanos,
estando la distribucin de dicho
material en todo el territorio la-
tino americano bajo el prestigio-
so sello "Peli-Mex.
Desea Ud. aprender
o continuar sus estudios de ligereza?
Calle 6a. No. 1
Tel. 2-2548
La matrcula de la Academia Mercantil
abierta para lodos los cursos
Curso fcil, rpido, efectivo y de transcripcin muy fcil.
En cuatro meses puede escribir y transcribir hasta 100
palabras por minuto. EL CURSO EMPIKZA EL I I MS 9.
Avenida Central, altos Farmacia Preciado Tel. 2-0227
Rones Cansados Pueden
Causar Lumbago y
Levantadas Nocturnas
glo del sancocho. Se los dir Monroe, el Congreso de 1926. y
sin ambajes ni rodeos. > reuniones finiseculares que
Noches atrs fui invitado a i d.leion c"*1"^0 al 'tem Ame-
la casa de un buen amigo mo. I rlc*"-
a su hogar. La dama que all. D'J -ue con ate se habia
tiene su trono es una amiga
ma de las Inolvidables. Era una
chiquilla gentil y yo bromea-
ba con ella y con su herma-
na Rosa para m siempre la
Bran y gustbamos de los
buenos paseos, de las reuniones
en las que ellas hcian de co-
cineras aficionadas. Diestras co-
cineras, en verdad.
Me ofrecieron un sancocho
A.-istian a la fiesta hogarea
una pareja de diplomticos ar-
gentinos: l amable, seor. Ella,
lindsima, con ese encanto por-
teo que seduce. Bail la da-
ma'hasta tamborito: cant con
bella voz. casi tan preciosa
como .su rostro. Toc la guita-
logrado la "fraternidad que
nos ensea respetar los prin-
cipios bsicos que han permi-
tido instaurar en esta parte
del mundo lapolitica de con-
cordia y convivencia pacfica,
y la de resistencia a la agre-
nltarlos Internacionales para su
presentacin en una reunin
posterior de la Organizacin
Mundial de la Salud, ser tra-
tada en la Conferencia de di-
cho organismo, la cual se ini-
cia en Olnebra hoy. ,
El objeto de esta reunin es
revisar y consolidar las conven-
ciones internacionales actual-
mente vigente en un solo c-
digo de procedimiento. El C-
digo que ser conocido como
Reglamento Sanitario Interna
tional, ofrecer un mxlmun
de seguridad contra la trasmi-
sin internacional de epidemias
con minimum e interferencia
en el trnsito entre los pa-
La reunin durar hasta el
S de mayo, y el cdigo proyec-
tado ser sometido a la Con-
sideracin de la Cuarta Asam-
blea Mundial de la salud, la
cual se inagura aqui el 7 de
la yuca, el ame, el otoe, al-
go de maz nuevo, no mucho,
porque resta el sabor a las
gallinas. Las gallinas se han
sazonado con salero: el salero
incluye la sal y el culantro y
la cebolla y la cabeclta de
ajo. Cuando comienzan a a-
blandarse los productos de la
tierra, se apaga la lumbre. El
sancocho entonces se completa
slito. Faltar un adorno
Se Encuentran Abiertas Las
inscripciones Del Basket y
Se Cerrarn el Da 21 Pxino.
EJn J,ven PraKua.y -"as organo que quedar en sus-
Noches del Paraguay" en una ^ en la gra,. fln, de las
noche panamea encanta-
da...: se convers a gusto.
No falt un buen postre. Como
casi no pruebo el licor no
por vlrlud... nada dir de
la bebida, que fue escogida. Pe-
ro si del sancocho. El sanco-
cho es plato saludable.
Mi amiga querida conoce la
ciencia del sancocho. Se acoge
a la receta clsica e insustitui-
ble, netamente panamea.
Hela aqui tal como me la
probable que los dirija 'Chompl-
i pa" Castaeda.
Ya estn abiertas las inscrlp-1 El Mauricio que ha celebrado
clones para la Liga Provincial una serie de reuniones con sus
de Basketball y se cerraran el 21 jugadores, an no se sabe quie-
del mes en curso. nes estn firmados, ya que se-
Los conjuntos de la categora gn rumores, hay varios que no
de mayor masculina ya han comen- se han decidido a militar este
zado sus entrenamientos, entre temporada con ese conjunto,
ellos el Lord Chesteefield que siendo uno de ellos Clayde Cum-
nractica en el Gimnasio Naci- berbacht, que segn se rumora
nal y el Bam en el coliseo del vestir la franela del Bam. El
Maran. La Polica Iniciar sus Bam. traer este ao un lote
prcticas la prxima semana, de muchachos de Coln, siendo
cosa igual har el Mauricio. El su mayora novatos, pero de i-
Cyrnos an no ha dicho nada, bra.
pero fuentes que merecen ente- Referente al os nuevos direc-
to crdito nos han manifestado tores.p arece que hay deseos de
que volvern este ao. relegir a tres miembros de la
r. i,mo!inr rtri emit lord 'niporaaa pasada, siendo ellos
.^.Wh ,ff todos Gorrfchtegul V la Tesorera,
gallinas. Y ya est para que
se chupe usted los dedos, si
ha acertado con el punto la
Los diplomticos argentinos,
el doctor Humberto Ugolotti,
el guitarrero Humberto Barbo-
sa tocador y cantador de ca-
tegora, la familia de don
Ricardo F'brega, gozamos ese
Por los balcones entraba la
noche la Panam. Una noche
T.lttiirQKlo -Q CPU- I Kl .
La Polica segn nos inform Sarasqueta. En los crculos de-
mar, amigo de Panam. El mar. su reoresentante Luis Segura, portivoa se asegura que entre
que est en las canciones de tambin tiene rublcada todas Baruco y Sarrasqueta estar la
Ricardo Fbrega que nos ofre-1 las ifrmaa de sus muchachos, silla Presidencial,
ca un gramfono. siendo las mismas unidades de
Lindas canciones. la temporada pasada y es muy
I M alante u*t*d indispuesto, o ti'
* que levantar* de n uted de marco*. ,,e. vlnsidari ,
de repaid o de pierna*. tnbilloi hin-
chado*, dolor** en Ia* articulacin**,
ardor en loa rondn t. v ,,
xldei. *l funcionamiento lent., de loa
rion* pu*d ner I* verdadera cavia*
4* eua malea.
Lo* alimento y bebidas nial esco-
gido* pueden ..usar un esrrso 4a
acido* y recamar lo rlflnne* de tal
manea que funcionan isal v necesi-
tan estimulante avjda d.u-.'tlca para
ue loa: rlnone* ejerzan bien *u funrl6n au **ncre debidamente y
es*ervarle la salud y la* lusrxae.
Ajnaato l* lin., ca,,
Acani|a la* Miaicoi
Jfl'iS?. nM-o han d.acubl.rto
for medio de prueba* cientfica* y
llnicaa. aal como en el diarlo ejerc*
x. tirofaaioa. au* n diurtico
estimulante de loa rlflnne* y paliativo
mal ele la
para la Irritacin funcin
Jijea y vfn urinaria*
aatado de
acide* e Cyiti, preparado cUmlflr
que es una receta medica, rentenare
y centonaren da casos sn los archivos
ds esto* mdico*, pruaban que sl s*.
!.* primera dosis ds Cystsx comlen-
sa ^a hacer *u efecto Immediate-
mente, ayudando a aua Tiflones a a-
rrnjar el exceso de cJdos. Esto puede
haear tHM u*ted ** sienta romo nuevo
otra vas. Tan aeauroa estn loa fabri-
cante* de Cyst** de que usted que-
dar completamente sstlsfecrc
1* piden Pida Cyatex boy mismo sn su far
macia favorita.
Se toman una, dos, tres ga-
llinas: han de ser panameas,
no congeladas: las panameas
gordas, sin alimentos vitami-
nados tiene supremo sabor. Se
sazonan las aves: se las pone
en agua fra, en la cantidad
que ha de ser el total del san-
cocho, y se coloca la olla en
la lumbre. Lumbre discreta, pa-
ra que aquello hierva lenta-
mente. Cuando las gallinas es-
tn bien blandas se les aade
como Lula Hooper y Luis Orte
nnrZertaO "* COn mUCna PU'anza **** '
un norteamericano. carg0 df, preSidente Germinal
Planeadas con el objetive de copar a 60 mil comunistas chi-
nos que se supona estaban en la regln de Kseson-Sel-Cbun-
cbn (Tiempo, 30 de marzo i, la operacin "tomahawk" foe rea-
lizada por efectivos escasamente superiores a los 3 mil nombres:
bt trataba de los 3 mil combatientes que integran el IIIs Equi-
po Regimental Aerotransportado de Combate. El nombre dado
a esa operacin sealaba el objetivo: liquidar al enemigo de-
finitivamente. _
El "TOMAHAWK", o hacha de guerra empleado por loe
indios pieles rojas norteamericanos servia adems para
quitar el cuero cabelludo a los muertos. Figurativamente
hablando, la operacin "tomahawk" hara lo tlamo can
los comunistas chinos. Los les TOMAHAWKS fueron fa-
bricados en Inglaterra y vendidos a los indios a cambio
de pieles finas.
El descenso de los paracaidistas se efectu en Masan, po-
blacin situada sobre el ro Imjln, y fue presenciada por el
propio Tte. Gral. Ridgway, que aterriz en un avin ligero de
observacin junto con la 2a oleada de paracaidistas. Pero el
objetivo perseguido no fue aloansado: los contingentes comu-
nistas se haban retirado con anticipacin y el total de bajas
a ellos infligidas no pas de lot 200 a 250, ya que lea paracai-
distas slo encontraron contingentes de retaguardia empeados
en una accin retardatris.
Se sabe que los 270 mil hombres del 3er. Ejrcito Chino do
Campaa, que comanda el Oral. Chen Yl y que han estado
descansando desde que en Diciembre forzaron a los unitarios
a la evacuacin de Hungnam, estn listos para reemplazar a,
las aporreadas fuersas del 4 EdeC del Gral. Lin Piao; y que
un numero Indeterminado de divisiones norcoreanas han sido
organisadas y equipadas en campos de Instruccin situados en
Manchuria, bajo la direccin de instructores chinos y sovi-
Aunque las abundantes lluvias han impedido que la fuerza
area unitaria acte con la misma intensidad que antes, dedi-
cando la mayor parte de sus "salidas" a proporcionar apoyo
tctico a la Infantera, la observacin area ha descubierto un
aumento en el nmero e importancia de loa convoyes que lle-
van abastecimientos al frente comunista, suponindose que es-
tn concentrando material municiones, elementos de transpor-
te y personal para la esperada ofensiva de primavera.
MacArthur en su visita al frente coreano hizo unas decla-
raciones (ver Las Naciones Unidas) segn las cuales si no so
negociaba la paz, las fuerzas unitarias se .varan obligadas a
atacar el territorio chino y con ello provocaran el desploma
militar chino.
Los clculos del Gral. MacArthur se basan en el supuesto
dr que las fuerzas de que dispone le permiten avanzar unos
169 km. al N. del paralelo 38 y llegar a lo que antes se llam
"linea MacArthur": una zona one se extiende a travs de la
"cintura" coreana y que corre desde Slnaj en la costa occiden-
tal a Wonsan en la costa oriental. O sea la misma que fue-
cruzada y produjo la participacin de los "voluntarios" chinos
en el conflicto.
Otros clculos indican que los contingentes del Io Ejrcito
(de Ridgviay) no son suficientes para realizar este avane si
se contina aplicando los mtodos de la operacin "Matador":
avanzar lentamente, hombro con hombro, sin dejar espacio pa-
ra las infiltraciones ni "bolsones" en la retaguardia, bajo ana
cortina de hierro y fuego tendida por la artillera j la avia-
cin. Si se contina esta tctica Impuesta por la falta da
suficientes contingentes de infantera, el 8 Ejrcito extende-
ra demasiado sus lineas durante su avance al N del paralelo
38, ya que la pennsula se amplia casi al doble y las lineas
unitarias serian demasiado dbiles.
La nica forma de alcanzar la nueva "linea MacArthur"
seria mediante la maniobra terrestre, combinada con operacio-
nes anfibias de desembarco en la retaguardia comunista. Pero
mientras los comunistas cuenten con una superioridad num-
rica en contingentes de infantera, el 8 Ejrcito no puede rea-
lizar maniobras y mucho menos si las condiciones del tiempo
impiden que reciba un apoyo adecuado de la aviacin, la arti-
llera y del equipo pesado, en lo que tienen superioridad loa
Las operaciones han sido de patrullas, que han avanzado
lentamente combatiendo con las unidades de retaguardia de
los comunistas. Los unitarios, tras de ocupar Masan mediante
paracaidista! y "rangers", ocuparon tambin L'ljongbu sin nin-
guna- resistencia y siguieron avanzando ea direccin de. Cter-
won; en el sector central, se lograron pequeos avances desde
Chunehon hacia Kumhwa, que es considerado como CO le les
comunistas chinos; y los sorcoreanes, en la costa oriental,
anunciaron que haban ocupado Yangyang y posteriormente
Younpo, sobre la carretera costera que lleva a Wonsan.
Las fuerzas navales unitarias continuaban atacando lea
puertos norcoreanos: Wonsan lleva 41 das consecutivos de
bombardeo y Songjin ha sido atacado durante 21 das. Tam-
bin Chongjin ha sido objeto del ataque martimo. Lo que se
persigue es Inutilizar la ruta costera oriental, por la cual lle-
gan abastecimientos desde Vladivostock.
Se ha expresado la idea de que los contingantes del 3er.
Ejrcito chino desencadenarn la anunciada ofensiva de pri-
mavera atacando en el centro, a lo largo de la ruta clsica de
invasin, en un intento de acorralar a los unitarios en la in-
defendible regin de Sel.
La declaracin de MacArthur, al mencionar la posibilidad
del ataque contra China por los unitarios, puede ser Invocada,
por China como motivo de aplicacin del tratado de alianza y
ayuda mutua chino-sovitico. Los observadores militares en el
Japn saben que Pekn ha estado presionando a Mosc para
que aporte aviones y tropas de infantera para luchar en Corea.
(Tomado de "TIBMPO" de Mxico).
Para postres relmpagos...
Son riqusimo*! Al de Vainilla agregela
cubitos de pltano, al de Naranja-Coco,
podacitoe de naranja escurridos, y al de
Chocolate, nueces picadas.
i P*.me> Jell-0 e I.e. y aesbatas he, i
Directores Profesores
Cursos de Perito Comercial, Secretariado, Contabilidad,
Estenografa Gregg, Mecanografa, Ortografa y Redaccin,
Aritmtica Comercial, Ingls.
CURSOS SUPERIORES: Contabilidad Avanzada,
Taquimecangrafa y Problemas de Auditoria.
Avenida A No. 48 Telfono 2-K21
Ahora Muchos Usan
Con ms comodidad
FI.XODEXT 'Fssteethl. un agradable
polvo alraUae i no-acido) mantiene Is*
dentsdursa pollitas firmemente sn la bo-
ca. Para comer y hablar con m* como-
didad, polvoree su dentadura postiza con
un poco d* FIXOD1KT IFssteeth), No
quede en Is boca ninguna letuacin p-
galo**. Contrarresta el "olor a dents-
durs postila" suaviza el aliento. Ob.
tenga FlXODENT (Fatteeth) en cualquier
Con una pequefia cuota semanal
adquiera una
de fama mundial "Viking"
y si la suerte le favorece
puede ser suya por poco dinero 1
Avenida Central ti
American V Optical
i originalmente establecida en 1805)
Apartado 2140
Avenida B 79
Tels. 2-1913 y 2-1916

dARTES, ABRII. It. 1951
_____PAGINA -TiibK
Una revolucin poltica de grandes
se incuba en los EE.UU.
NUEVA YORK, marzo 28En I individuo no tiene mayor lm-
Nueva York la semana pasada, portancia sino para ellos y sus
cientos de miles de palabras re-I socios ntimos La significacin
veladores v acusadoras pasaron verdadera de las sensacionales
a travs del telgrafo de la ra- revelaciones del Comit de In-
dio, la televisin, del cable y vestlgaclon Criminal del Senado
hasta el telfono. Todas sobre un | de los Estados Unidos, era el pe-
mismo tema. Las noticias de Co- llgro de encender una incruenta
rea. de Pars, de Washington revolucin poltica en el pas,
fueron desplazadas de las pri- Los cargos v delaciones ne-
meras pginas de los peridicos | chas ante el comit, la semar
por las noticias sobre Wi'V-m
ODwyer. Embajador de los Es-
tados Unidos en Mxico v ex-
Alcalde de Nueva York. Sin em-
bargo, ninguna o muv pocas de
las comunicaciones explicaban
pasada en Nueva York, no eran
cosa nueva para polticos v pe-
riodistas. Las audiencias del co-
mit tampoco constituyeron una
novednd. Durante varios meses
se haba trasladado do ciudad
pi ,'.;.nulcado oculto tras los de- i en ciulad. examinando v descu-
elles espeluznantes. Los corres- | brtendo las conexiones entre lo*
ponsales de "Visin" en Wash-, del hampa v las formidables ma-
ington v sus especialistas en a- quinarlas polticas, prlncipa!-
suntos polticos en Nueva York mente del partido demcrata Ei\
han colaborado en la redaccin i algunas ocasiones los descubrt-
de la sls-.'iente crnica de lo que mientos fueron sensacionales, va
pas entre telones:
Bien puede' ser que William
clpal resultado del nuevo espec-
tculo fue que muchos de los ne-
gocios de Nueva York fueron vi-
sitados slo a la hora de almuer-
zo. A cualquier otra hora los vi-
sitantes se exponan a recibir
respuestas bruscas y malhumo-
radas. Las tiendas ordinaria-
mente atestadas de pblico es-
taban desoladas. Las esposas
descuidaban la cena de los mari-
das. Los cines estaban vacos.
En las casas, las oficinas, los
clubes, los cabarets v bibliotecas
pblicas, todo el que pudoJue-
ces, emp'eados fiscales, munlci- \ el desposeimiento de ODwyer de
En exhibicin las
mquinas IBM que
usarn los censos
La International B u i ness |
Machines Corporation, fabri-
cantes de las famosas mqui-
nas de su nombre para con-1
Jador en Mxico el ao pasado, eos das. Las posibilidades del tabilidad. tabulacin y ttabajos
tenia por objeto'llbrar a todo el I General Eisenhower, que ya son estadsticos en general y cuya i
mundo de su embarazo v ac- fuertes ("Visin" del 20 de mar- agencia en Panam dirige el
llar los rumores. Pero el com- zoi se afirman aun ms. No tie- seor don Rogelio Alfaro, ha
t del Senador Kefauver con la ne obligacin alguna con los po- organizado en las vitrinas del
Uticos de las grandes ciudades.! edificio de la Fuerza y Luz en i
ni tampoco tiene vinculo alguno la Avenida Central, una Inte- !
co nel hampa. Para salvarse u] resanie exhibicin y demostra-
si mismos y su maquinaria los cin de las mquinas de aque-
polticos se volvern ahora ha-1 lia marca que para la tabula-
ca l con entusiasmo. Es el ni- j clon mecnica de sus resulta-
co hombre en perspectiva que dos, usar el Departamento de
puede ganar con certeza frente censos de la Contraloria Oe-
al asco del pblico por la crlml- nerai de la Repblica,
nal politiquera.
El escndalo puede ser una E1 eqU|po de mquinas IBM
razn poderosa que obligue a adquirido por la Contraloria
Eisenhower a abandonar su ais- General para el Departamento
La resolucin "Unin por la
Paz fu la ms rebatida
ayuda de la televisin v de la
radio, hizo crecer los rumores
hasta la magnitud de rugidos.
Estos rugidos fueron escucha-
dos de costa a costa, mucho ms
all del radio de las estaciones
de televisin de Nueva York v
amenazan con sacudir y acaso
destruir la maquinarla poltica
ele la gran ciudad. Pero ni an
WASHINGTON, abril 10 'UP)
La resolucin ms debatida en-
tre las aprobadas por la Cuarta
Reunin de Consulta de Canci-
lleres Americanos que termin
el sbado, fue la que recomien-
da que cada repblica del he-
misferio occidental mantenga
ciertos elementos dentro de sus i
fuerzas armadas que puedan ser
puestos a la disposicin de la
defensa del hemisferio o al ser-
vicio de las Naciones Unidas.
Esta resolucin llamada "u-
nin por la paz", encontr opo-
sicin en principio de parte de
Argentina, Mxico y Guatemala.
Estos pases sostenan que el al-
cance de la resolucin iba ms
all de la competencia de la or-
ganizacin regional.
Despus que el texto fue revi-
sado, los tres pauses votaron con
las otras repblicas americana'
de manera que la resolucin fue
aprobada por unanimidad.
No obstante, el Canciller ar-
gentino. Hiplito Jess Paz. dijo
a los Cancilleres que su Gobier-
no r.o enviar fuerzas armadas
al extranjero a no ser con con-
sentimiento expreso del pueblo
argentino, de acuerdo con la
pales v privadas, gerentes v st-s su embaladla no servirla gran
secretarias madres de familia, cosa para conservar el nrestig'.n
efloninahan frente a los recep- de Truman. El va conoca los'. lamlento de la cosa publica. Con
^...iJidAn8 rumores antes de que se convlr-> Elsenhower como presidente se
de Censos, es de lo ms mo-
, derno y consta de veintiocho
^^"r.,a,?i^-.E'rt'0^ I mquinas o sean diez perfora-
i que revelaron asesinatos, sobor-
no de altos empleados v control
O'Dwyer se vea forzado a re-
nunciar su alto puesto diplom-
tico. Como un presado, su os-
curo y misterioso amigo. James
Moran fue despedido de su pues-
to municipal vitalicio de quince
mil dlares anuales, para el que
fue nombrado en uno de los l-
timos decretos del ex-Alcalde
O'Dwyer. Por otra parte. Frank
Costello. clebre y presunto rey
del hampa, podr ser deportado
o posiblemente encarcelado. Los
peces chicos tendrn que enca-
rar penas diversas, o algunos es-
capar sanos y salvos.
Cuento viejo: El futuro de esos '
criminal de los nombramientos
polticos. Sin embargo, uan con
estas noticias, el pblico echaba
una mirada a los titulares de los
diarlos, ordinariamente concisos,
bostezaba v buscaba la pgina
Pero la semana pasada, el sa-
gaz, joven v dinmico. Senador
Estes Kefauver. el viejo v co-
rrecto Senador Charles Tobey. el
de la cita bblica a flor de labio
y su tranquilo y perseverante
consejero Rudolph Hallev estre-
naron un arma nueva: la tele-
Atraccin fascinadora: El prln-
tores de televisin. rumores antes de que
Nusea: Pero ces casi repentl- tieran en rugidos,
mente. Al lnters poltico v d ; Perspectiva: El resultado de j Estados Unidos esta clamando doras dlK verlllcadora7, tres [
la diversin sucedi un ser'l- 1 camrjana presidencial de 1952 por alguien que lo haga,
miento de indignacin v de din- i puede bien haberse decidido con I ..visin")
gusto. La alianza entre el crl- el drama televisado en estos po- (Tomado de Vision ).
men v la noli'leade la cual casi |
todos se haban mes o menos -, 1
^'e^de^fBoSESSoffi-Trabajo obligatorio para Lis
convirti ya en asunto personal
ha'ta n'.ra la duea > casa.
,e |a mujeres decretan cu Berln
He aqu por que es
superior la...
J Dctiena rpidamente, lia
peligro, el ador.
1 Hice deiapareeer inmediata-
menie el olor del rador.
I Le ofrece completa pro-
teccin de uno a trea diaa.
4 Pi irrita la piel normal-
puede naarla a diaria.
Mlonri d* mu/are* un conlentiiimti U
S Na mancha ni daa la ropa.
6 Nunca ae aaca ni *e pone
arenaaa, romo loi deode-
rantei erdinarioi.
7 Na ai fraMia, aa deiranera
tino "cold cream".
maquinarla poltica de las gran-
des ciudades determina la elec-
cin d" los candidatos del Par-
tido Demcrata para los altos
puestos Incluvendo la presiden-
cia de la Repblica SI los cri-
minales dominan las maquina-
rlas politlcas. entonces quiere
decir que unos cuantos caudl lo*
del balo mundo del crimen, del
contrabando de drogas heroicas
y del Juego Ilcito, podran en
realidad elegir un Presidente. Se
convino oue el oroDlo Presidente
Truman fue elegido para la VI-
cepresidencla en 1944 por los o-
liticos de la ciudad.
El testimonio, del 21 de mar-
zo, del presidente de sindicato
de los bomberos de Nueva York
de haber entregado por su ma-
no un sobre con diez mil dla-
res de los fondos del sindicato
a O'Dwyer v cincuenta y cinco
mil dlares a Moran, el mejor
amigo de O'Dwver. fue por de-
ms chocante. O'Dwyer neg la
historia despus, pero el puebleo
ya estaba suficientemente es-
pantado y disgustado.
Las Implicaciones eran claras
para todo poltico, republicano o
demcrata desde el Presidente
Truman para abajo. Truman
nombr embajador en Mxico a
O'Dwyer ante la peticin de los,
polticos de Nueva York que que- ,
ran sacarlo cuanto antes de la
Municipalidad. El propio O'-
Dwyer estaba ansioso por irse.
Por ese entonces, va circulaban
desabridos comentarios sobre el j
Inmigrante Irlands oue haba'
surgido hasta la posicin de fls-
i cal. Juez, general del ejrcito v
; alcalde de la ciudad ms gran- .
' de del mundo.
Su designacin como frabi-
BERLIN. abril 10. El go- y otros trabajos pesados,
blerno de Alemania Oriental es-
t preparando una ley de servi-
cio de trabajo obligatorio para
todas las mujeres de 25 a 45 a-
os de edad, que afectar a unos
dos millones de mujeres, segn
Informa una fuente fidedigna.
tabuladoras, tres clasificadoras*,'
una Interpretadora y una re-
productora. El personal para
operarlas ser escogido median-
te un riguroso concurso de ra-
pidez r eficiencia.
La ley est siendo preparada
por Roman Chwalek. Ministro
de Trabajo comunista, por or-
den del Secretario General de!
Partido. Walter Ulbrlcht. Los
medios polticos de Berln O-
rlental esperan que la ley se a-
nuncle pronto como parte de la
campaa para movilizar todos
los brazos disponibles para el
plan quinquenal de Industrias
La ley afectar principalmente
a las mujeres casadas, pues la
mayora de las solteras ya estn
trabajando, y el Gobierno comu-
nista les niega auxilio econmi-
co a los "holgazanes". Por lo
menos el 50 por ciento de estas
mujeres trabajar en la indus-
tria pesada, dejando a los hom-
bres en libertad para trabajar en
las minas de uranio en Sojonla
En los ltimos seis meses el
nmero de jardines de Infancia
de la Alemania Occidental se au-
ment casi en el doble, en previ-
sin de la nueva ley. pues mu-
chas madres tendrn que lejar
a cargo del Estado la atencin
v educacin de sus hijos mien-
tras ellas trabajan .
tiene los
mejores programas
la Gord
ft m fordura arruina i Atura a
haca qne tanca dificultad pan. rsepirar
X pona au aalud an pehare, encontrar
que aa r>ll perder medio kilo par
da con al nun o mtodo la Hollvwood
llamado rORlODA Nada da'dieta
itrattra. o ejercicio. AMolutamen'a
ia peligro. Pida FOXMODK aa aa
farmacia favorita y emplead a adel-
' maana.
presenta fc
tfEl Cocktel Musical Carta Vieja"
De Lunes a Viernes, a las 7:00 de la Noche
~Ln programa estelar en la radio favorita
la [Red Pa
Dobl oportunidad di iliviirsi
un Alka-Siltzir doble iccr
Tiene uited doble seguridad de aliviara
te dolor de cabe/a pasajero ti toma
Alka-Seltier. De doble aicio. Allta-
Seltzer aaalgsico-calma rpidamen-
te el dolor. Y e alcatino-neutraliaa el
exceeo de acidez gstrica que con fre-
cuencia cauta del dolor de cabeza.
AlkaSeltzer, agradable, efervescente,
en ira en accin en teguida. Tmelo a los primeros ln-
toraas y reptalo si es necesario para un prolongado alivio.
Eche una o dos tabletas da AlItaSaluar en n vaso de
agua. Vea como burbuja*. Tomase la agradable y refres-
cante solution. El alivio no se har aaperat. Tenga siem-
pre a mano-Alka-Stltier.
Alka-Soltzor lo tomn i diario millones do porsims Temlo Ud. tamkii.
<1# t nihoa cig y lt
Estamos desempacando
Cortinas de recmara. En
marquisette de motltas 6.50
Alfombritas para la rec-
mara 2 tamaos; todo l??=
color .................6.95 10.50 |t>7 Juego de alfombrltas para
el cuarto de bao. Todo co-
lor ....................1-95. 5.95
Cortinas para el bao de vSL?'*''
1 yarda de ancho....1.95 y 2.50 l'fcV
Pesas para bao............ 6.50
Cajas de lata para guardar
/ i galletas con sustancia qu-
Y.< m mica para conservar seca 2.10
Toalleros blancos para bao 1.10
a Cajitas en 3 tamaos para
! L_aT la refrigeradora .......... 145
o Mantequilleras plsticas 0.S5
a Tacitas con medidas....... 0.20
Cajlta plstica de pared pa-
ra guardar 5 cuchllos...... 0.70
, % :
Bandejltas para colocar 12
huevos. Todo color......... 0.S5
Floreros pequeos.......... 0.15
Qaveteros de cartn....... 8.50
a Estante con 5 gavetas...... 9.95
a Dulcera giratoria con 3 ta-
bulas de metal............ 4.75
o Cajlta plstica y metal pa-
ra hac*r 12 cubitos hielo 2.10
Apariw para tostar sand-
wich** .................... 2.95
a Bandejas de plstico....... 0.90
Fcil de llenar... se desliza como por encanto!
.. la nica pluma con
Con qu gusto descartar usted las otras plumas
por sta! L* nuera "51" con el Sistema Aero-
metric de Tinta escribe que es un prodigio. Kl
nuevo llenador es el mis enrulo inie se ha ideado.
El finir de la tinta est especialmente regulado para
que la plumilla escriba al instante con rasgos
suaves e infalibles. Prubela y ver por qu la
nueva "51" e* su mejor garanta de constante j
duradero placer en la escritura.
/a/tt?ui tnjofsfrt e'mutua?/
Precios: rtamas Parker "51" /. 13.59 y 1.59.
Distribuidores y Central de Atencin: *
Calle 2 Este No. 10. Panam, R. de P.
Edificio Panamericano, Calla a. 7 Avt. BolvarColon, R. dt P.

por Carlos Af 1TLRRAI.DK
Bienvenida al Dr. FrancUco
Al anunciar su' retorno ni
pas el Dr. Samaniego, hijo
ilatiiiguldo de Las Tablas, re-
vive en nuestros corazones un
hondo sentimiento de satisfac-
cin porque reconocemos que
su presencia en los predios de
la patria constituye una espe-
ranza de redencin social pa-
ra las comunidades sufridas y
diezmadas en su salud en el
corazn de Azuero.
Recordemos la labor profi-
cua, de gran trascendencia so-
cial, desplegada por este no-
table galeno en la Provincia de
Los Santos. Esta labor medico-
aststencial fu auspiciada por
la Federacin de Sociedades
Santeas en forma muy alti-
va y digna del reconocimien-
to pblico, porque, no obstan-
te las dificultades confronta-
das, nada los detuvo en su o-
bra benefactora y humanitaria
que pudieron llevar a feliz
trmino de los pueblos sanie-
os. Pruebas fehacientes pal-
pitan en los Distritos de Las
Tablas, Tonosi. Pocri, Pedasi.
Ouarar y Macaracas a los
cuales llev con el equipo ne-
cesario de medicamentos, el Dr.
Samaniego. la accin preventi-
va y curativa de aquellas en-
ermedacds que en forma a-
centuada deprimen a nuestros
comprovincianos y por lo tan-
to, detienen el progreso ma-
terial, social y econmico de
nuestros centros rurales que
constituyen fuente de riqueza
de la Repblica.
La promesa hecha pblica-
mente por el Jefe de las jiras
mdicos aslstenclales, vuelven
a renovarse con la llegada del
Doctor Francisco Samaniego.
quien ha escogido como cen-
tro d sus actividades la no-
ble y querida Provincia de He-
rrera, a la cual le envi di-
cho doctor un mensaje de sa-
ludo, anuncindole su regreso
a la Patria, 1 11 del presen -
te mes de Abril.
Bienvenido sea el Dr. Sama-
1 niego y que su noble misin,
| tenga la acogida no slo de los
1 pueblos de Azuero, sino de to-
I dos aquellos sectores en donde
I bien podra despertarse ese es-
j pirltu de humanidad y coope-
I racin social que brilla por su
e usencia, a pesar de contar
ton elementos que bien po-
dran prohijar estas iniciativas
dignas de loa. Como ejemplo
claro de este mismo espirita
de nobleza y de sacrificios que
ha animado al Dr. Samaniego,
lo tenemos en las actividades
desplegadas por el Dr. C. Prie-
to con sus Caravanas Sanita-
rias Areas, que aunque no lian
sido objeto de ayuda por par-
te del Gobierno Nacional, han
I seguido cosechando triunfos
i bajo la direccin tesonera y
I valiente del apreciado Dr. Prie-
Asimismo, reconocemos un
espritu de lucha admirable-
mente paritico a la "Accin
Cvica Interiorana" que presi-
de el activo Profesor Don Car-
los M. Pretelt, cuyos benefi-
cios se extendieron por la Pro-
vincia de Panam con la co-
laboracin efectiva y desinte-
resada de los Doctores Daniel
Chanis. Luis D. Alfaro, Ame-
glio, Ulloa e Illueca.
Macaracas se prepara para
recibir a sus visitantes

**.< j*

r FlkJu r f
jl as..- **
Mjjrw *v-,
- a?-*
J A t / w
MATERIAL ABANDONADO.Material abandonado de la Seccin de Caminos de David. Este
material tiene de 8 a 10 aos de encontrarse all, siendo en su mayora partes de puentes de
metal, casualmente uno de los materiales ms necesitados en la Provincia Chiricana. El Mi-
nistro Carbonell en su reciente visita de inspec clon tom nota v dicho material ser puesto en
44 Wm 6 1 P I
W 53
55 1 56
58 59
1Cabeza de ganado.
4Especie de ciervo.
8Cuchillo de hoja curvada.
12Rece. Inv.
13Un centenar,
14Buey sagrado de los egipcios
15Con uniformidad.
18Cerebro, PI.
19Famoso hotel neoyorquino.
21Igualdad de nivel.
23Pabelln del odo.
29Letra castellana, Pl.
32Palo o estaca.
33Del verbo arar.
84Medida de peso, Pl.
35Tejido muy fuerte.
36Adverbio de cantidad. Inv.
37Plaza para lidiar toros.
38Demostrativo, Pl.
39Del verbo anotar.
41Hijo de No.
46Manjar antillano a base de
60Semilla aromtica.
52 Ciudad de Grecia.
64Figura geomtrica.
65Ala sin plumas.
67Fruta trpica].
59Extremidad de las aves.
1Ciudad de Espaa.
2Rio de Irlanda.
3Del verbo ser.
4Del verbo acosar.
5Rio de Alemania, Inv.
7Letra castellana, Pl.
Mquinas para levantar
grandes pesos.
10Nombre de varn.
11Del verbo asar.
16Parte de los escenarlos
teatrales, Pl.
20Afeccin de la garganta.
22Cercado, valla.
24Diosa mitolgica.
25Medida antigua de longitud,
26Del verbo tasar.
27Estado del Levante.
31Personaje bblico.
35Lago de Europa.
37Oxido de calcio.
40Constancia, aplicacin.
42Que carece de acento.
45Pieza de las casas.
47Piedra brillante y
48Canoa mexicana.
49Pelo de ciertos animales.
50Adverbio de lugar.
53Personaje bblico.
soiu io\ Of ATEK
ICIAImBpIoIi. InlsBvlTli!
TCI-"1!! UL'Hfcil' fcJLiK
510 IT- I D g D A R OJIO IN c
1 nT aIwja os Ud olS
iUTj Wfiuwu tara
_D Llfel U AILIA r| S I
y j 0 n|a [s s A
i A N I
p p V B an i NO D cus
AT 0 i a a 0 rlf
L Bromo Quinina Grove ee un remedio
Pacfico per. tarros, ha llevado pronto
y decisivo alivio a millonee. Tmelo al
primer gno de, pero acepte sol.,
entt I. legtima cjit. d.
UNGENTO PAZO para las almorranas
otro producto Grove.
C. ConzlM Revilla Hno... distribuidores en Panam.
Sobre acuerdo de
La Chorrera se
hace explicacin
Por la primera plana de "EL
mingo me he enterado que don
Carlos' Rodriguez Lpez, Per-
sonero Municipal de este Dis-
trito "como buen Fiscal de los
Intereses que conciernen al
Municipio'' ha presentado for-
mal demanda de nulidad, an-
te el Tribunal de lo Conten-
cioso Administrativo, del A-
cuerdo No. lo. de 1951 dictado
por el Honorable Consejo Mu-
nicipal "por el cual se fijan,
reorganizan y se asignan los
sueldos por mensualidades a
los cargos pblicos municipa-
les con derecho a remunera-
Me encuentro ntimamente
ligado al Acuerdo citado, y
siendo asi, es imperativo que
haga pblicos los detalles que
tanto el Tribunal como a la
Prensa ha dejado tras basti-
dores el celoso seor Perso-
nero: El Ante-Proyecto fu
redactado y presentado por mi
a la Comlisn de Mesa del
Concejo perfectamente ajusta-
do a la Ley; en el no se le
conceda al Tesorero Munici-
pal derecho a nombrar fun-
cionarlos y SE LES SUPRIMA
que antes tenia de Taqui-Me-
cangrafo, pues la misma dis-,
posicin que el celoso Perso- i
ero invoca en su demanda (el
articulo 298 de la Ley 261 Je'
19461 no da la obligacin para '
incluir ese cargo en el Presu-
puesto; en cambio, en ese An-
te-Proyecto se inclua el de
Porteros-Escribientes tanto a
la Personera como al Juzgado
Es hartamente sabido que l
slo procura con ello publica-
clones y alardes de celo en
sus funciones ya que sabe
perfectamente que en caso de
que el Tribunal de lo Conten-
cioso Administrativo anule el
Acuerdo, slo habr un cam-
bio en el titulo del empleado:
En vez de llamarse "Taquime-
cangrao"' se denominar
podr nombrar un Portero
Escribiente de escoba y man-
dados o bien uno de mqui-
na y pluma. Para crear el car-
go del otro Portero ^el del
Juzgado) habr que reducir
los sueldos actuales de los em-
pleados municipales, es decir
declarar Acuerdo Municipal
del Distrito de La Chorrera el
Ante-Proyecto (tal como est)
que motiv las notas arriba
transcritas; Ante-Proyecto que
reposa en mi poder y tengo a
la disposicin de quien lo
quiera examinar.
Evitar polmicas le aconsejo
al celoso Personero ya que l
sabe que tengo para buen rato.
Ral Ossa.
Cd. 46-210
Se desarrollar un plan de
instalaciones telefnicas
y correos en toda Veraguas
SANTIAGO, Abril 10. Co-
rresponsal. Segn Informa-
ciones obtenidas de las auto-
ridades del Ramo, se desarro-
llar un plan concreto de ins-
talaciones de telfonos y ofi-
cinas de correo en la Provin-
cia de Veraguas. El Director
de Correos y Telecomunicaclu-
nse Jorge P. Adames, est vi-
vamente interesado en unir
a las reglones lejanas con los
centros de cultura y abasteci-
miento comercial, y para ello
cuenta con el respaldo del eje-
cutivo. El Gerente del Banco
Agropecuario de Veraguas, Sr.
Arlstldes Urea nos manifest
que ya empezaron los trabajos
de Instalacin en el Distrito
de Montijo con la colocacin
de un telfono en el Corregi-
miento de "El Piln" su aspi-
racin de muchos aos. Asi-
mismo se nos manifest que se
dotarn de telfonos a los Co-
rregimientos de "La Baya" y
"Los Castillos".
Pablo Caslrejn Jr.
hace aclaracin
a una noticia
Para su publicacin hemos
recibido la siguiente carta:
Panam, abril 6 de 1951.
Sr. doctor
Harmodio Arias,
Director de
Redaccin EL PANAMA
Estimado seor:
Cierto sector de la prensa ha
propagado noticias tendenciosas
en relacin a visita que hi-
ciera, yo, a la Normal de San-
tiago el domingo prximo pa-
sado en mi calidad de Presi-
dente del Comit Nacional an-
tl-comunlsta y que algunos r-
ganos de publicidad han dicho
que yo me present con revl-
ver a disolver reunin de unos
estudiantes maestro del Insti-
tuto de Verano en mi calidad
de miembro de la Polica Se-
creta, cuando no soy miem-
bro de la mencionada Institu-
Adjunto copia de mi aclara-
cin a fin de que su peridico
que siempre se ha distinguido
por decir la "verdad que los de-
ms ocultan", publique mi acla-
Con el respeto de mi ms al-
ta y distinguida consideracin,
Pablo Caslrejn Jr.,
Presidente del Comit Nal.

El Conflicto de Corea y 'AmricaLadna
Panam, abril 5 de 1951
Aclaracin de P.blo
Caslrejn Jr.
Primero: El domingo lo. de
abril me encontraba en San-
tiago de Veraguas en Jira del
Comit Nacional Antl-Comunls-
ta, acompaado del seor Gil-
berto Pltti y otros miembros
del comit; fui invitado a' la
Normal por un grupo de maes-
tros del Instituto de Verano
con el objeto que le explicara
sobre las actividades del Co-
mit Nacional Antl-Comunlsta
Acept la invitacin y me di-
I rlgl a la Normal a solicitarle
1 permiso al Dr. Alfredo Cantn,
mxima autoridad en estos mo-
: mentos en la Escuela Normal.
| Fui recibido en forma gentil,
digna de personas que perte-
necen al Magisterio. Segundos
despus de encontrame en la
Normal, un grupo de individuos
acompaados de un agente de
polica, me pidi que abando-
nara el colegio por orden de
un tal Bayard, y yo abandon
el colegio, sin necesidad de sa-
car revlver o amenazar estu-
diantes. Jamas he usado arma
de fuego.
Nota: Son testigos de lo que
declaro los educadores Licen-
ciados Eulogio Quintero E., Te-
resa de Salazar, profesor Ge-
neroso Emlllani V., y Rafael
Escarrila C.
Segundo: No soy miembro de
la Polica Secreta Nacional.
Nota: Para atestiguar mis
palabras pueden pedir infor-
maciones al Ministerio de Go-
bierno y Justicia o a la Ins-
peccin General de la Polica
Secreta Nacional.
Reto a cualquiera persona a
que me pruebe lo contrario.
P.blo Castrejn Pr.,
Presidente del Comit Nacional
Consultando todos los deta-
lles, facilidades y otros medios,
la poblacin de Macaracas se
encuentra lista para albergar
durante los das 13, 14 y 13
del presente mes, a la nutri-
da concurrencia, que con mo-
tivo de la Celebracin del Pri-
mer conreso de Azuero y Rei-
nado se dar cita en ese lu-
gar. Demostrando sus caracte-
rsticas tradicionales, los mo-
radores del lugar ampliamente
han brindado todo lo que es-
t a su alcance para que los
visitantes se lleven una grata
Aunado sto, las Fed. de Soc.
Santeas y Herreranas en su
afn de que todo corresponda
a la calidad de los festejos a
desarrollar, no han omitido sa-
crificios para satisfacer hasta
1. mis minima necesidad. Se
ha invitado a todas las orga-
nizaciones cvicas, profesiona-
les y otras afines a Identifica-
das con las aspiraciones y ne-
cesidades del Interior.
Adems se espera la concu-
rrencia de altos funcionarios,
el Presidente de la Repblica
y otras personas de gran re-
lleve en el mundo intelectual
e Industrial.
Macaracas a no dudar ser
visitada como muy pocas veces
lo ha sido anteriormente. Por
estas circunstancias y con el
deseo de cumplir lo mejor su
cometido, las Federaciones ci-
tadas encarecen a todas las
organizaciones que han sido
previamente Invitadas, comu-
niquen a la brevedad posible
su decisin de asistir, ya que
ello subsanar deficiencias que
pudieran presentarse a ltima
Usan auto oficial i
para el servicio J
de un particular ?
D.vld, Abril 6 de 1151.
Sr. Director de
El Panam Amrica
Panam, R. de P.
Estimado Seor:
Agradecindole infinitamen-
te me le d cabida en su Acre-
ditado diarlo a la siguiente
Llamndome la atencin co-
mo ciudadano he mirado el
carro oficial No. 304 dedicado
al servicio de la Planta Pu-
rificado de David acarrean-
do cuero, d res salado, arroz
en concha del depsito de di-
cho jefe de la Planta, aca-
rreando cocos y pipas calcmo
que sern de su propiedad
tambin, haciendo uso indebi-
do de choffer, gasolina y llan-
tas que pertenecen al Estado
de la comunidad pblica los
carros oficiales quitndoles et
pan al que lo necesita me pa-
rece a mi manera de pensar
que los carros oficiales son ex-
clusivamente para el uso OFI-
CIAL y no para trabajos par-
ticulares de los empleados p-
blicos del gobierno que deven-
gan sueldos y usen lo. erro.
oficiales para los trabajos par-
ticulares y no ocupar cw-os
particulares y no pagar a los
De Ud. muy atentamente,
Alfonso Gontlec,
Dueo Camin Placa 11140.
Cdula 10-3980.
salos do
(doblo efecto!
1 ALIVIAN rpidamtnt
catarral natalai. .
y adames
resfriadas futras.
vick VATRO NOl
SSXtSS&S Ai 5aS3 "r'^
Granos y Erupciones de la Piel
Con Nuevo
Desde que se descubri Nixoderm,
la frmula de un conocido medico
americano, no tiene nadie la etruaa
alguna par continuar sufriendo de
S ranos y erupciones de le. piel que
eafiguran el rottro y 1* quitan su
Mracttvo tale como Eciema, ranos.
Barros, ^mi, Manchas, etc. No per-
mita que lo* trastornos de la piel lo
hagan sentirse Inferior a loa demsa y
causen la p'-rdida de sus amistades.
Limpese la plsl con el mtodo moder-
no y cientfico que aqu explicamos y
qus har que la (tente no continue
pensando qus padece Ud. ds alguna
Un Nuevo Descubrimiento
Nxodsrm ea an ungento entera-
mente distinto de todos los que Usted
ha conocido. Ea un nuevo deacpbr!-
mlento; no ea grasoso y d la sensa-
cin de polvos al aer aplicado. Penetra
rpldemente por los poros y combate
las causas de tas erupciones de la piel.
Nxodsrm contiene 9 Ingrediente! que
combaten las afecciones externas de
la piel de trea modos. 1. Combate y
mata los parsitos y microbios que i
causan frecuentemente estos trastor-
nos. 2. Acaba con la cometn, plcean
y ardor en pocos minutos, refrescando
y calmando la piel. J. Ayuda a la na-
turaleza a producir una pial clara,
limpia y aterciopelada. Rpidamente
Como Nixoderm es preparado
cientficamente para combatir los
trastornos de la piel trabaja ms r-
pldsmente que cualquier otra prepa-
racin que haya conocido I'd. Acaba
con el ardor, comezn y pie atn en
pocoe minutos y luego romlena* a
-K.U. clarando y cica Irsaselo la
piel y hacindola ms susve, ms
clara y ms blanca. Kn uno o dos dtsi
le dir el espejo que ha encontrado ai
fin el tratamiento qus su piel necesi-
taba para selararse y psra hacer)
ms atractiva a la mirada ds sus ami-
gos. Nixoderm ha producido una pie:
sana y bella a miles ds persones d
quienes recibimos siempre cartel. Poi
ejemplo, la Seorita Roiarlo ftanchei
nos escribe: "Durante II anos sufr
del ardor, plcsin y cometn ds li
eczema. Prob multitud de trts-
Sentos sin resultado. (*n da o hsblar
Nixoderm y lo compra, calm la
picazn en 10 minuto* Al sigulenU
da pude notar que mi piel comentaba
a mejorar. Kn unoa diez dfss desapa-
recieron las manchas rojas, y esca-
moaas. Todas mis smlgsa ae sorpren-
dieron mucho de loa resultados."
Re.ulfsMOs. Setiifectorlo.
Pida Nixoderm en su farmacia hoy
mismo. Vase en al espejo a la sigu-
iente maana y as quedar sorpren- -
dldo de los resultados. Contine
usando Nxodsrm durante una se*
mana y al final de sta au piel deber
hacerse auave, clara, limpia y mag-
nticamente atractiva, deber sel
la clase de pial que produce admira-
cin en todas partee. Sol Ir t ti Nlxe>
denn en bu farmacia hoy mismo.
Para Dmrdmnts cf* la Pial
* MNMMM mt*m mmTLTTj^ "" '-* a r--
^*""* *"ra** k an*7alBer
El buen
que el peligro
aumenta al ponerse el sol

Informes para eat seccin se reciben en la
rKeaaccin Social
Telfene J-J1M
ORAS: S:M li:M a.m.
Apartada 134
ReeepeMn '
En honor del Excmo. Seor
President de la Repblica, Dr.
Arnullo Ailaa y seor An
Matilde L. de Arlas, el Coman-
dante en Jefe de 1 Estacin
en Amrica e India Oeste, Al-
mirante Sir Richard Bymonds-
Teyer y el comandante y O-
iciales de M. 8. "ctuperb"
ofrecern el domingo de 530
pjn. 7.30 m. un recepcin
para la cual han circulado In-
Cernida ,
Para agasajar a 8. B. el
Embajador del Ecuador, seor
Sixto Duran Bailen quien lle-
g recientemente a Panam, el
becretario de la Embajada, Dr.
Alberto Barriga Ledesma y se-
ora Mara Luisa L. de Barri-
ga ofrecieron el domingo una
comida en su residencia, a )a
cual asisti adems un grupo
de sus amistades.
Para agasajar a la seora
Qladys Arlas de Bohler, quien
se,encuentra pasando una cor-
ta temporada entre nosotros,
el seor Jaime de la Guardia
Jr. y seora Rosemary P. de la
Guardia ofrecieron el domingo
una comida en su residencia.
Las damas del Comit Pro-
Guardera Infantil del Club
Interamerlcano de Mujeres in- Enfermos
vitan por este medio a todas
las aocias del club y a sus
amistades, a una barbacoa que
tendr lugar el viernes 27 de
abril a las 7 p.m. en la resi-
dencia del seor Ricardo A.
Mir y seora en 1 calle Co-
lombia No. 14.
Cambio de Residencia
El seor Lulgl Mariani y se-
ora Edith de Marlanl han
trasladado su residencia a ia
calle 60 No. 18, Telfono No.
3-3264, en donde se ponen a
las rdenes de sus amistades.
FiesU Infantil
Con motivo del cumpleaos
de su hija Eileen, el seor
Teddy Schmidt y seora Finita
C. de Schmidt, ofrecen hoy
una piata on su residencia.
Par Centro Amrica
Despus de haber pasado va-
rios dias en nuestra capital,
regros hoy a San Salvador el
seor Roberto Sol. Lo despedi-
De los Estados Unidos
Presentamos un atent salu-
do de bienvenida al Goberna-
dor de la Zona del Canal. Ge-
neral Francis K. Newcomer y
seora Mary de Newcomer,
quienes regresaron hoy de
Pronto restablecimiento le
deseamos a la seora Julia Pe-
zet de Rees. quien sure que-
grantos de salud en el Hospi-
tal Panam.
Abandonan el Hospital
Anotamos complacidos el res
tableclmlento del seor Ino-
cencio Gallndo Jr. quien aban-
don ayer la Clnica San Fer-
Completamente restablecido
abandon el Hospital Panam
el seor Jos cao Garca. Nos
Cumpleaos de Hoy
Seora Carmen Teresa L. de
Seorita Judith Yolanda Os-
Seor Eduardo Arosemena C
Nia Eileen Schmidt Branca.
Nio Jos Mara Herrera O-
Nia Brenda Ins Jan.
Trasladan a Roma
al Embajador de
Colombia en E. U.
El Dr. Eduardo Zuleta An-
gel, Embajador de Colombia en
ios Estado Unidos, saldr en
breve hacia Italia a fin de asu-
mir el nuevo cargo de Embaja-
dor ante el gobierno italiano.
El Dr. Zuleta ngel anunci
tu aceptacin de la Embajada
en Italia despus de una con-
versacin con el Secretario de
Estado Auxiliar, Edward G.
Miller Jr. Dijo a los periodis-
tas que este cambio es mera-
mente de "rutina y agreg qu
no sabia quien lo suceder co-
mo Embajador en Washington.
El Dr. Zuleta ngel dijo que
l el canciller de su pala, Gonza-
lo Restrepo Jaramlilo, quin u-
j sistio a la nuiuon de hiinisiros
de relaciones exteriores, perma-
necer en Washington amante
unos diez das, en asuntos re-
ercntes a las relaciones entrt
los dos pases.
Colegio de La Salle
Estn abiertas las matriculas
So reciben alumnos para todos loa grado* do l
enseanza Primaria y para todo* lo* aos do la
Plaza Bolivar Calle 3a.
Panam School

Que estn abiertas las matrculas para Primaria,
Secundaria e Internado, para el prximo ao escolar.
A solicitud de varios padres de familia se recibirn
alumnos (nios y nias) pan kindergarten.
Pida informes sobre internado.
Avenida Norte No. 9
Telfonos: 2-1666 y 3-0894 Apartado No. 403
Expansin Espiritual
con Discos Columbia
Suscrbase a nuestro
cuotas tan mnimas de
1.00 y 2.00 semanales
ca. cyrnos s. a.
Ave. Jos Feo. do la Ossa No. 1
Cruce Tlvoli
Ttl. 2-171*8
Cumpleaos de Maana
Seora Kate de Payne.
Seora Yola A. de Arlas.
Seora Carmela B. de Mo-
Seora Ester O. de Hoyos.
Seorita Lilia Rojas Sucre.
Seor Alejandro de la Guar-
Seor Enrique Fonseca Zu-
as. ______________
Completan agenda
de la Comisin
Social de la ONU
(USIS) La Comisin Social
de las Naciones Unidas reco-
mienda que los gobiernos no
tomen medidas sobre la expul-
sin o deportacin de extran-
jeros debido nicamente a ra-
zones de indigencia, sino que
se les d la misma asistencia
pblica de que disfrutan lo;
Esta ha sido una de las reso-
luciones aprobadas por la Co-
misin durante sus actuales se-
stones en Ginebra, Suiza, segu
dicen Informes llegados a las
oficinas centrales de la ONU.
La comisin ha completado
su agencia y ha auopudo su
programa de trabajo para los
anos de 1952 y 195. Se reuni-
r el 12 de abril y espera ter-
minar su trabajo el dia si-
Al adoptar la resolucin so-
bre extranjeros indigentes, el
representante de Francia Indi-
c que alrededor de 1,000 ex-
trajimos Indigentes se halla-
ban estancados en hangnal
sin recursos y sin posibilidad
e ayuda de sus propios paises,
encontrndose asi ante la ame-
naza de aniquilacin.
Entre las otras resoluciones
adoptadas figura una declara-
cin de que el servicio social
debe prestarse adecuadamente
por especialistas entrenados;
un texto revisado del cuestio-
nario que se har circular acer-
ca de la supresin del trfico
de personas y la explotacin as
la prostitucin; una solicitud
de que la Secretarla de la ONU
rena documentacin sobre los
centros de bienestar social y
proporcione esta documenta-
cin a los gobiernos que la so-
Cmo podemos amar lo mismo
a un hombre de mrito que a un
I ser despreciable? Por la misma
razn que en un museo admlra-
, mos por Igual al cristo v cual-
quiera de las sabandijas de Ve-
| lsquez. Porque el amor ea un
gran artista.
Jacinto Benavente.
j Estos Maticts "LIPS"
Dvran Afta Mfe!
Un I M*ve lpl lablil fend'-
4* redlenh y dveeaere* matlcei.
|Mes Indeleble *, nunca I i Qu eneantoda avadar IM.
I ver aw* "O*" '*> **'' -* f*"4'% ** ahM
wt labia* eun ma ue ente I El nuero ond'i "Up*
euro Ireeee y rediente a*' mucrie* mi riere.
I Mee Mfftformo-s* sedeiel Debida
un ingrediente nuevo Peed' "lie*" oueWo
en tul lebioi latinado, in orlllei berrees*. Ne
et greie*... no e empetto ... ni te renca.
Centerve wt tablee mevee ... | hecMeSfeel
I Cleres em-HSSOe I Matice moi noturalei.
vibrante* ... tee* de meet* ewe cencverden
sen te tipo y w vestida, i II nuevo Pend't
"Use" e* tu perfects ente de elegancia I
Sociales de Coln
Tal. 43 Aptdo. lt*4
Aniversario de matrimonio
En el dia de ayer celebraron
sus bodas de papel los espo-
sos seor Frank Rudolf y se-
ora Velma Arosemena de Ru-
dolf. Con tal motivo les hace-
mos llegar un cordial saludo.
Cumpleaos de ayer
Celebr ayer lunes sus na-
tales la seorita Yolanda Gal-
tan. A las muchas felicitacio-
nes que reciba unimos las nues-
tras muy sinceras.
Desde ayer lunes se encuen-
tra de plcemes el hogar del
seor Alonso Fernndez y se-
ora Amalla de Fernndez, con
la llegada al mundo del pe-
queo Ernesto Isaac, nacido con
toda felicidad en el hospital A-
mador Guerrero. Nuestros sa-
ludos a los venturosos padres y
deseos de felicidad para el re-
cin nacldo-
Cumpleaos de hoy
Hoy suma un ao ms de vi-
da la nia Luz Graciela Joly,
hija del hogar de don Manuel
J. Joly y seora doa Graciela
Adames de Joly. Por este me-
dio la saludamos y le deseamos
muchos aos ms de vida.
Tambin celebra hoy sus na-
tales el nio Alexander Aus-
tin, hijo de don Louis Alexan-
der Austin y seora Lillta de
Austin. Esperamos que los pa-
se muy contento y le deseamos
muchas felicidades.
Cumpleaos de maana
En el dia de maana suma
un ao ms de vida la seora
doa Victoria F. de Torres.
Nuestros saludos con tal mo-
VIAJERAS.A continuar sus estudios superiores parten hacia
Chalawa, Mississippi, las jvenes e inteligentes seoritas Yo-
landa y Clara Salomen, quienes salen para su destino, maa-
na por la ia area. Ambas son graduadas de Peritos Mer-
cantiles en el Colegio Internacional de Mara Inmaculada de
esta ciudad. Muy fe lit viaje y muchos xitos les deseamos en
sus prximos estudios.
Tambin festeja maana un
ao ms de vida la nia Mlre-
ya Vlez, hija del seor don
Carlos A. Vlez y seora doa
Rosa Valds de Vlez. Espera-
mos que celebre muchsimos a-
os ms con salud y bienestar.
Donativo para la
lucha contra el
cncer se otorga
ESTOCOLMO, abril 10. Los
centros suecos dedicados a in-
vestigaciones sobre el cncer
han Informado un generoso do-
nativo de las Sociedades Fe-
meninas de las Sociedades Co-
operativas, que en menos de
un ao han reunido la im-
presionante suma de coronas
1,000.000 (U8$ 00.0001 para fo-
mentar estas actividades, me-
diante aportaciones individua-
les que varan entre coronas
0,1 y 1,000.
De las instituciones suecas
consagradas al estudio del cn-
cer y sus causas, asi como de
las posibilidades de prevenir y
curar esta enfermedad, las si-
guientes han recibido asigna-
ciones de coronas 100.000
175,000 cada una: el Instituto
Bioqumico, Upsala; el Institu-
to Cltolglco del Instituto Ca-
roline Estocolmo; el Instituto
RadiofiMco del Hospital Caro-
lino. Estocolmo; el laboratorio
de Investigaciones de la llama-
da Clnica de Aniversarios (la
Clnica del Hospital de Radio,
beneficiarla de varias colectas
nacionales realizadas con mo-
tivo de aniversarios del finado
Rey Gustavo V); un grupo de
cientficos del Instituto de Pa-
tologa de la Universidad de
Lund, un grupo de investiga-
dores del Instituto de Histolo-
ga de la Facultad de Medici-
na de Gotemburgo. Se ha con-
servado para empleo futuro un
resto de coronas 300,000.
BANQUETE EN EL PANAMA. Vista del agasajo en honor del Dr. Wilfred Mauck, Directer
del Servicio Cooperativo Interamerlcano de Educacin de Washington. D.C., el cual fue efre-
cido en el Hotel El Panam por el seor Ernest C. Jeppsen. Jefe de Misin en Panama. ^
\ (Foto El Halcn
MU SI CALI A porDorremlll
Gran concierto de Daniel Ericourt
ero de nuestro Alfredo do
Saint Malo en las aulas del
Conservatorio de Pars.
Precisamente despus de 1"
velada me mostraba Alfredo al-
gunos recortes de hace treinta
Gran concierto sin Incurrir i el dificilsimo Estudio de Serla- v j0J anos fn ios que a su
en el ditirambo fuera de lu- bine, que en ia Danza Rusa de \n0 figuraba el nombre del
gar olreci anoche el adml- Petrowska. de StravinsU. planista que es nuestro hus-
rado pianista francs Daniel! Me entusiasm igualmente el pe( Daniel Ericourt triunfaba
Ericourt. El paraninfo de la extra de Granados, la pgina ia par de Saint Malo. El
Universidad fue el lugar esco- "El ruiseor y la maja". Sien- un0 en ei vion, el otro en
gldo para el acontecimiento, i te la msica de los modernos e\ piano. Volvemos a pensar
Cuidado que la acstica no es espaoles el artista francs,
excelente, que el plano resulta | Yo quisiera que se repitiera
duro, seco, difcil para la l-la presentacin de Ericourt. Va-
nea meldica. Pero, venci ta- le la pena,
les dificultades Ericourt, en lo
mejor de su arte, en ese mo- La Universidad cumple con
ment de perfeccin que al-1 su misin de amplia cultura al
canzan los artistas cuando lo ofrecer estos conciertos. No al-
son de verdad. I ta ms que un buen plano en
nuestra primera casa de cul-
Ciertamente. no he escucha-. tura. Y pienso que lo tendre-
do en muchos aos ese Cho- mos pronto de acuerdo con las
pin que nos obsequi anoche conversaciones que escuch a-
Erlcourt: un Chopin fino, sen- noche. Si se trajera un Bald-
tlmental, romntico, pleno de win del tipo tropical, un plano
sugestiones, como ha de ser
el Chopin de los Preludios, en
de gran cola de conciertos, po-
dramos saborear a los mejo-
8us dias de enamorado de a- res artistas en ese paraninfo
quella George Sand, tan ca- que debe ser el eje de la cul-
lumniada. Nos interpret doce tura panamea,
de esos Preludios. En cada uno. El propio y admirable Daniel
tan diferentes, tan cuajados de Ericourt se ofreci para habla
emocin, nos hizo sentir. Una a la famosa casa constructora
de las peculiaridades de la ma- y obtener un instrumento de
dares Interpretativa de un m- calidad OarVjPanam.
que en Alfredo de Saint Malo
se ha perdido un virtuoso do
tipo internacional. Como lo es
hoy Daniel Ericourt. Ojal Jai-
me Ricardo Ingram. Eduardito
Charpentler, el magnifico Cor-
dero, sigan esta senda que da
gloria. Y aureola el nombre ar-
tstico de Panam.
Para el Bienestar
de la Mujer ...

es el preferido
Asee* ele CM y cocinero* prefieren NESCAFE.
parejee con NESCAFE *e preparen heUJoe.
erran y repoeten'a cen un Jelicioeo alor e
cele Cen NESCAFE* lamb* te prepara al in.Li.le
n abroe* cele, cea e ein letbe.
-I...J. ...
*>* eeeee
t*C*Fl.. > mime i. ..I... pJ:,
.i.l.J.I ^iI.Jhi, *....lwtj*4..M. e*,
sico es el hallazgo del movi-
miento preciso que cada pasaje
exige. Y sto me pareci a mi
que lo logr Ericourt. Es un
problema en el que no exis-
ten leyes absolutas y en el
cual el personal gusto del in-
trprete juega el principal pa-
Ya en la sonata denominada,
o conocida, con el sobrenom-
bre de "Aurora'' de Beethoven,
nos habia Impresionado honda-
mente. El segundo tiempo, el
adagio, fue una maravilla de
meloda, de seguridad de de-
dos, de diafanidad. Una na-
turalidad para el decir musi-
cal como la de Ericourt es di-
ficilsima. Pide un equilibrio que
se aune a mayor eficacia ex-
Conmueve el matiz de Daniel
Ericourt: lo mismo en Chopin
que en esa delicia de "Las tres
Maras" de Villalobos, que en
Q se alcimee este hito.
Felicitamos a Daniel Ericourt.
Y recordemos que fue compa-
formula del Dr. J. Gerteira.
; Afamado por sus excelentes rattsV
i taxio* o* lo. deiarreglo tuncreens-
' Its del organismo femenino.
De venta en la* farmacias
Red Panamericana
tiene los
mejores programas
Ningn esmalte, ningn precio,
hare las ua ms elegante quo
Culi* uperior pnrajuef
Contiena "enmelen" ove baca
perdnrar el brille atache liemp*.
Ne agrieta, aViprende al
Viene en teaei may de nada.
ea* maao* ron
El etmalte para umt mat popular del mundo
II AatLeetlt. USTIIINI destruye
aaUloaes de grmene en la* tuperncies
da te garganta ... impidiendo que Vd.
sufra de serias complicacione. Reciter-
de, al primer sntoma de un resfria-
do, haga grgara* con Antisptico
LISTERINE... pronto y a menudo!
De Plstico Duradero
en Colores Hermosos
I GRATIS! Pida el psqut* grsnd* de
Emulsin de Scott conteniendo una
cuchara linda. Obtenible en seis
atractivo colores. Y entonces d a
su familia todo* los dial este tnico
alimenticio, rico en vitsminas y pre-
parado cientficamente. Es recomen-
dtdo por muchos medicos. Pronto
Ud. ver a su familia mis fuerte y ea
mejor salud.
' Tnico'A.imeiifi' n"" Energa

MorN* sr?*.
NO hay mejot Va para VENDER ALQUILAR COMPRAR etc v\
que la ruta al Departamento de los CLASIFICADOS DEL P. A.
Nuestros Agentes o Nuestras Oficinos lo atendern:
Mnimo por
75 palabras.
3* por cada
palabra adicional.
A**. Tivall Na I
fare,ue t I se...
A.*. 4 ele lili*
Tel -M4!
Am, Maleadas IIIM
ru tucel*.
Calle 12 OMi Ne. H
Calle "H" No H raaaaaa
Ave. Cnmi 12-17* Calaa
APROVICHI:Pintara* r emeleal$ ALQUILA --O se venda. Cm d*
Bienes Raicea
mr brillante* a amaba 4* raaha.
.3.25 talen. Almacene* TraaMu-
M. ____________
II VSNOIN:Claeee, r-aersa nafre.
acara canal*', Fir-Ta (cartea
ablaar eare '' '' asejeJe-
ras, Uvamanoi. -cuido ate. A
la* aracia* mu haie* plata.
a. Ilafaaa a iuaa franca. Tal.
1- I50J.
iE VENDE Incuba doro elctrica
fl 3-0255._______________________
iE VENDE:Por vio je, gallinas li-
nos, ponedoras, corotos, blancas. A
precio razonable. Pedregal corre-
tero Villalobos. Casa No. 7.
E VENCE: Abrigo imitocin piel
de ormino por 7.60.00. Informe
en Vio Porras No. 58 frente al
Teatro Edn.
5E VENDEN:Perros policio, pura
raa, 6 meses, inyectados contra
la hidrofobia B/.31.00. Calla 15
. Oeste No. I arriba, Panami,
SE VENDE:Madera, cemento, ba-
rras de refuerzo y alambre de ama-
rrar. Tel. 2-0540. VHIanaeva y Te-
feire Cia. LtaV
SE VENDE:Clovos de todo tamao,
gropas, olombre de pas, malla de
puerco y gallina. Tel. 2-0540. Vi-
llanueva y Tejaira Cia. Ltaa.
SE VENCE:Camioneta Ford 14 pa-
sajeros, buenas condiciones; estan-
te B/.50.00; cmodo B/.40.00.
Calle 22 Oeste No. 5. Apto. 4.
Sr. Boena.
campo an Chorrcro lEf Coco) Tal
3-0255. __________________________
SE VENDE:Por no poder atenderlo
panadera nuevo, magnifico punto
comercial Rio Abajo. Hornos gas
ladrillo, maquinaria en general. Lo-
cal apropiado comisariato. Poro
verlo hoya cita telfono 3-1560.
SE VENDEN:Lotes juntos en "Las
Cumbres", total 910 M2, plomera
y electricidad adquiriblas. Precio
atractivo. Llama Panami 2-3387,
despus 6 p.m. Panam 3-0760.
Ofrecemos baila y alta lata Irania al
mar. Precio: solamente B/.4.35
m2. Wolff y Cia. Ltdo., Calla 5a.
No. 22. Tel. 2-2388.
SE VENDE:Caso de concreto con
algunos muebles en Cermeo, si-
tuada ol lado de la Telegrafa. Pa-
ra informes. Casa 0774-K, Wi-
lliamson Place en Cermeo el Do-
mingo en la maana. Casanova.
SE VENDE::Ganga! Un negocio por
no podarlo atender, en Ave. "B"
No. 43, "Los Quebrado*", alquiler
bato, situado a la vuelta da Salsi-
VENDO:Casa mixta Colle 14 Oes-
este. Produce B/. 160.00. Precio
B/.I0.O00. Tal. 2-3)87.
AVISO:La renta del agua por el
trimestre vencido el 31 de Marzo
da 1951 debe sai pagado del pri-
mara al 16 de Abril da 1951.
F. H. LERCHEN. Municipal En-
" .
Agencia da Colocaciones *n Avenido
"8" 73, Tal. 2-1-535. Suministro
empleadas para servicio domstico
er las ornas de casa.
Al llegar a Coito Rica, hospdase an
la Pensin Morazn. Ambiente fa-
miliar y precios moderado*. Tal.
5842. Apto. I 158, Son Jos, Costa
NECESITO:Empleado seria atender
nios y cocina. Barriada Vista Her-,
mosa, Casa 650. Familia Ross.
SE ALQUILA: Apartomento en
Avenida Mxico finol y calla 43
Este, llama 3-0140.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento 3 pie-
' zas. alto* de let Mueblera Inglesa,
Avenida Bolvar, Calle 7, Coln.
SE ALQUILA:Un departamento en
Calla 12 Oeste No. 5. Especial o-
ra matrimonio con un hijo. In-
forme*: Cali* lo. Perejil No. 18.
SE NECESITA:Una empleada. Tie-
ne- que dormir en el empleo. Vio
Espono No. 20, Apto. 13.
SE NECESITA: Corguero blanco,
responsable que sepa su oficio pa-
ra cuidar recin nacido. Ave Jos
Gabriel Duque, La Cresta. Bajos
da Legacin de Guatemala.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento inde-
pendiente, moderno, amueblado de
una recmaro, garage. Va Belso-
no Porras 168.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento peque-
o con servicio y cocina. Apropia- i
do paro matrimonio sin nios. Tel.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento amue-
blado con refrigeradora y estufa.
Sola, comedor, recmara, cocina,
servicio sanitario. Situado cerca Co-
misariato SAS, 112 Vio Belsono
Porras. B/.55.00. Tel. 3-2474.
VENDO: 400 acciones Abbatoir;
950 de Plywood y 1 50 Coca Cola.
Tel. 2-3187.
VENDO:Cosa madera Calle Coln.
Produce B/. 140.00. Precio B/.7,-
500. Terreno propio. Tal. 2-3187.
SE NECESITA:Empleodo para cuiT
dar nio de 3 aos. Calle 44 No.
9, Apto. 12.
SE NECESITA:Una empleado err ro
Colla 46 No. 19, Apto. 3, Bella
SE NECESITA:Uno. empleodo poro
oticios domsticos. Ocurra: Ave.
Perejil No. 7, Apto, 3 en la lomo.
VENDO:5.000 m2 en "Altai del
Golf", Urbanizacin M*rtinz. Pre-
cio B/.2.50 m. Tal. 2-3187.
>E VENDE:Zinc acanalado colibr
No. 26. Lminas pionas de olumi-
n,o y de cobre. Villan.e. y Tejaira HACEMOS prstamos con garanta
Cia. LtaV hipotecona. S< le Intereso Home al
SE VENDE:Asientos plsticos para
inodoros. Accesorios de plomera en
general. Tel. 2-0540. Villen.ave y
y Teieira Ca. Lta.
SE VENDE:_Kot-Thief, alarmo para
ladrones de carros nada ms B/.5.
No se preocupe por sus llantas v
enrro. Radio Colidonio. Ave. Cen-
tral 126. Tel. 2-1326.
SE VENDE:Cermica americono en
colores. Co. Dulcidio Gonzlez.
Fbrica de Mosaicos. Ave. Cubo
No. 6.
SE VENDEN: Hochas y martillos
de hierro o B/.I.00, bisagras bron-
ceadas de pasador 3 x 3 o 60f.
bisagras de hierro esmaltados 3x3
a 50c en lo CONSTRUTORA TRO-
PICAL. S.A. en corretera trans-
50 or her
ms 7 per milla.
Carra* astiundoi.
Tel. 2-1995 Garata lliat
SE VENDE:Coso de campo situada
en Paso Anche, El Volcn con
aguo comente tria y caliente; tres
recmaras completamente amue-
blod. Dirjase ol Sr. H. Feuille.
Tel. Gamboa 537 6 Juventino Gor-
ca. Poso Ancho. El Volean.
Par' re iu du a Saudi Arabia,
ofrecemos poro vent inmediata,
propiedad en El Volre, localizada
en el mejor vecindorio. Lote de
3.954 m2, colindando con el Rio
Antn, casa, muebles y mucho
oas por solo B/.6.000.00 de con-
tado. Infrmese: Wolf y Ca. Ltdo..
Colla 5a.. 22. Tel. 2-2388 Villa
Astnd, El Vall.
SE NECESITA:Una empleado para
dormir en caso. Traigo referencias.
Ocurra al Bazar Panameo,, Cen-
tral 78.
SE NECESITA:Empleada pora lim-
piar, lavar dos nias y duermo en
la case. Avenida Ecuador No. 20,
Apto. 4. .
SE NECESITA: Una carguera con
recomendacin. Ave. Chile No. 22.
SE NECESITA: Empleoda qua duet-
ma en el empleo. Calla 30 No. 21
. altos.
SE NECESITA:Empleada. Calle 48
No. 23, Apto. No. 4.
rancias. Calla
Api.o 7.
Empleoda con refe-
la. Perejil No. 14.
SE ALQU'LA!Local paro oficina.
ambo del Teatro Centra,.
ib ALQUILAN.txciut.vamente pa-
ra oficios locoei cntrico* an los
altos da Avenido Control 44 o
precio mdicos Solicitan into,
mocin an Almacena* 5 y 10 con-
tuvo*, a,
SE ALQUILA:Un local muy omplio
do 400 metros cuadrados en co-
lle 22 Oeste No. 3. Propio paro
taller, garage, depsito, etc. Paro
informes Mam*/ telfono 3-1147.
Cuartos ,
PERDIDO:En Las Cumbres correo
tejido con pistola y cartuchera.
Gratificacin al que lo encuentre.
C. M. Bronde, Apto. 449. Bjlboa.
PERDIDA:Perro blanca con soga
por la cosa Miller. Tel. 2-3806
Panam. I llueca. Gratificacin.
ERDIDO:Perro dt cacera blanco
el domingo, en l corretera de Te-
cumen a Pacora Llame al Tal.
3-175'. Gratificacin.
Red Panamericana
tiene los mejores
SE ALQUILA:En Bella Visto cuar-
to grande, amueblado, entrada in-
dependiente, todos comodidades.
Ave: Mxico 69 cerco Calle 43.
SE ALQUILA: Recmara grande
amueblada, frente calle con coci-
no, luz y gas. Calle 45 No. 19.
SE ALQUILA:Cuarto con muebles
para hombre. B/.6.00 por semana.
Avenida Ernesto Lafevre. Parque
Lefevre, Caso 32.
SE ALQUILACuarto amueblado po-
ra caballero solo. Informacin: En-
trada la Cresta, arriba Caf lo Cito,
Apto 2, por la marrano.
SE ALQUILA: Cuarto omueblado
Independiente para caballero solo.
Calle Estudente No. 73. Apto. 5.
SE ALQUILA:Uno oportunidad pa-
ra sus nios duronte este mes. Co-
sa amueblada en la playa en Son-
ta Cloro. Tel. Balboa 2820 6 vea
el administrador.
SE NECESITA: Una lavandera y
planchadora. Acuda a Ave. Cuba
y Colle 30 No. 13.
SE NECESITA: -Emplead domstica
competente con referencia que se-
pa bien limpior casa, lvar y plan-
char para dos personas. Ocurra:
Via Espaa No. 5, Almacn.
Articulo de Casa
SE VENDE:Refrigeradora Leonard
9 pies. 60 ciclos. Buenas condicio-
na*. Prado razonable. Calle 2a.
No. 33, Porqu Lefevre.
Avisos Judiciales
El anenlo SMltliri. del Minieterio
. d Hacienda y Teaera.
Qua al da 17) da Hayo del
ano. la II.ara a cabo en al liiinI|.
al _,majen da Hacienda y Taaero, al
remate pbJieo da 17 parte del
u. ecntiluia la Placa Na. ti.i Qua
euaaiate en un lota da terrene ubica-
da a! I*d occidkaui de la calle rici-
aal de OalMo-ia de eita ciudad; I cual
(iluta con I Na. 2b. laacriu en al R-
llatic da la nroaiedad al Tomo 123, to-
llo II* da la Seccin da Panam, que
rorraaponde a la Caaa No. _3i de la
Avenida Central. Iota euro lindero y
adidas aoa loa aiiui.nt.i:
Norte, co terreno ocupado por. Kran-
"iaco lint, Sur. terreno del Geblerno y
% ca da propiedad da Malchora
Garca; fiat Camino Real ene conduce
a I ai Sanana.: Oaate, con camino que
ra nar. la 'CAUTA BLANCA.', hoy Ca-
lle Joa Dominio Kaplnar.
MEDIDAS: Del Norte Sur. Veinti-
siete Mairee Cuadrado con Seaenta
Centmetro (tT.lafz) v d Kate a lie.
t Treinta y nueva Metros Cuadrado
deil-M con uaK auparficle total d
TROS CUADRADOS (107*11* eon
OdmtaL'; I octava parta d dicho te-
rreno que parten la Nci6n tiene
una auperfici 4a CIENTO TREINTA
XI precio banco' dal Iota do terreno
01. aa menciona aer de CUATRO MIL
Un nuevo y mejor material
impermeable fabricado por
los manufactureros de AQUE-
LLA para proteger pinturas
de cemento y alballera. Es
transparente e invisible, fcil
de aplicar con brocha o re-
gadera de jardn.
Ave. Central 11$
Tel. 3-S140.
en caobo. Cos nuevo. Fabricacin I"/ <'*''*'>'
pueete a recibirn en ta B>-
MorflaritO. Ancn *06-A, ZO- ,rurl del de Hacienda y
no del Canal. Taaero, muta laa diai de la maana en
I punto del di sealada par al remata.
SE VENDE:----Meso OCerO "buffet" 6D > Indicad an adelanta ae
s.ilas kV.35.00; refrigeradora 012f*l '"'""" r"i" h"a '" "
c i a i en nn i,CV" manan e punto.
Sarvel pequea B/.50.0O. 2I66-C r., abili^r. mo po.,0,, .
Colle 8a. Curund. Telfono PAD.quiere I cnnaiinaeM dl 10% del va-
6191, 'er fijado. al lote d terreno arriba daa-
------------, erlto.
SE VENDE:Gong! Motivo viaje a El ntar asare .1 preck. del ca-
nuta dentro de la eelatleuatro hora el-
luientei a !a adjudicacin. SI na' lo hi-
EE. UU. Levadora, refrigeradora
Philco, estufa, juego recmara,
juego salo, todo excelentes condi-
ciones como nuevo. Lime en las
ciare, perder favor del Tesoro Na-
tion) del dies por eiento consignado por
el para tener derecho a hacer poatur y
responder tembl 4, I quiebra dl
mononas, Ava. Nacional No. 30, remate. (Arpit I del Articulo l4
Apto. 2.
SE NECESITA: Casa residencial,
jardn, piscina, amplio reciba. Ofer-
to al 3-4065 de 10 o 12 m.
SE NECESITA:Uno cajeta de bue-
na presencia. Buen sueldo. Canil-
tina Chico's Ploce. Colle "J" No.
1 5. Ponom.
Excelente oportunidad vendedor enlre
21 y 30 de edad que hable ingle*
y espaol con educacin secunda-
ria. Sueldo y comisin B/.150.CO
memuel garantir. Exigimos refe-
rencias Baiar Americono, Central
No. 25, Panami. i
l Sortdo cotHpleto de ptataWM
y barnice*
Aso. Mate SI Tel. !-Me
Martin Mam Na. S Tel l-if*
i muum i ~
Nuestra Sucursal ha si-
do trasladada al Almacn
Principal situado en Calle
16 Este No. 4.
Telfono 2-3335
SE VENDE:Llontos: 750,x 16 d 6
lonas, botera larga y piezas ae
repuecta para Buick. Rio Abajo,
Colla Espinosa No. 3025.
del Cdigo F.iaca) *
En Panam, a loa slate da 4*1 me
da Mayo da sail notecientoe cucuent
y uno.
Secretario del MiniaUrlo da
Placienaa y /Taaero.
SE VENDE:Panal Willys ltimo mo-
delo, nuevo, derechos pagos. Gan-
ga! Garage Zappi, Calle 17 Oeste
No. 78.
El suacrito Secretarla del Juzgado del
Circuito de Cocl, an funciones de Al-
a,-i Ejecutor:
Que a ha aenalado de nuevo el da
tres de Mayo del presente ao psra ue
dentro las horas hbil.a del da men-
cionado tensa lugar el reme!, de I fin-
ca numero 8*1 inacrtlo en I Registro
ce vrCMnc di_^....u toen n.i,,. Publico al Folio Tt, Tomo 15 Seccin
SE VENDEPlymouth 1950.DeLuxe, d, P.n,ra ,,, pr^dad d la e.fior.
asiento* de cuero, derechos pagos, Felicia Vea .da. da Sum que con-
ni 3 mil millo* recorridas. Br*.2,000. lt un ce.a de matarla! de traa
Verlo de 8 o.m. a 4 p.m. en al Lo- !.'0:,U,C*1U "Vi */"*' '*' "T'
,,.,,,-. (r 12 I ciudad de Panama ambar-
Ot-gas o llamar a ri(a #n ta tjteucl*n 4 U anuncia
i proferida en la demanda propuesta r
... .- ...... Aquilino Ttjeira P. contra la aaeecion
SE VENDE:CeldilloC -94*. StaAnf** citada aeftora Felicia Vaa vda. de
N. 62; 27.000 rm.los, .Su;'"- f.
. ,, ,, ^ El valor da eata finca an el Catas-
hydromatic, radio, llanta* blancas, da la Propiedad ce de dies y aeia
alientos 00*1 'covertore*. color gris, mil belboea iB U.OOO.OOI en este ie-
Precio B/ 2 900.00. Se- pueda ver m' e acepu com postura i mitad
Ploio 5 de Moyo No. .163. '** mt* nUt- ,,n4 "" "r "'
boratorio del
Bolboa 6446.
St avis* al pblico, de con-
formidad con la Ly, que se-
rn cpnsta n la Escritura
Pblica nmero 457 de Marzo
2lde 1951, otorgada ante el
Notarlo Pblico Nmero -Se-
gundo del Circuito de Pana-
m, inscrita en el Registro
Pblico. Seccin 'de Personas
Mercantil. Tomo 210. Folio
547. Asiento 50.792. ha sido
diiuelta la sociedad denomi-
nada PANAMEX. S.A.
Panama. Abril 9 de 1981.

I ae ate vaior,
I car rroBueiua consigner en la becreta-
, ra el cinco por ciento del rl.or total
, de la propiedad,
lloata laa cuatro da. la sard del men-
cionado da ee eceptarn propueetae y
de cea hora haata ha olneo do 1 tarde
ss oirvn laa puja y repuje.
S hho tambin, que ai en ata
I fecha no tuviere verificativo eate re-
' mat, a continuar 1 da .etguie-ie
|cptadoae posturas por cualquier au-
Por lo tnb, a fija al presante avi-
'. .o en lugar pblla de eata Secretan.
y pone dS.po.ii ion de 1 parle
interceda copia del miemo parra su pu-
hlleacin en un peridico de lo ciudad
.de Panam par trae vaca coneerutivaa
i y una ves por lo menoa a I Uacet
j Oficial.
i Fijado en Ptaonom, hoy 'doe He April
de mil novoriento* eincaetiU J uno.
El Secretario.
Victo A- Guardia.
para tapicera,
liso y floreado
Alambre de pas
Ricardo A. Mir,
S. A.
Calle 16 Este No. 4
Tel. 2-3335
Duran Ms Lucen Mejor.
Calle 1C Este #4 Tel. Z-Z6M
. Alambre de Pas
de 1 pulgada
. Platos de Cartn
. Machetes 'Collins'
para gallinas
Almacenes Romero
Ave. Norte No. 48
ne una larga tradicin demo-
crtlca. Durante ms de dos
aos la dictadura ha estado go-
bernando por decreto".
"La libertad de prensa no
existe en Colombia. Es cierto
oue ninguno de los peridicos
ha sido expropiado, pero du-
rante los dos ltimos anos to-
dos han sido intervenidos, y
los empleados del Gobierno
censuran las noticias, editoria-
les, y hasta los avisos. El Tiem-
po, equivalente en Colombia de
La Prensa, de Buenos Aires, es-
tuvo cerrado durante 24 horas
el ao pasado por haber pu-
blicado un anuncio de pastillas
para la tos Aystolina que deca:
"Silencio! o tosa I".
Durante las ltimas cuatro
semanas El Tiempo no ha po-
dido publicar editoriales acer-
ca los acontecimientos interna-
cionales en defensa de la po-
sicin democrtica".
"A mi modo de ver, la ma-
yor amenaza para la democra-
cia hoy, descansa en el hecho
que el ejrcito nacional ha sido
transformado en ejrcito de un
partido. El actual Ministro de
Guerra en Colombia no es un
general, es un politico, el doc-
tor Urdaneta Arbelez. posible
candidato para suceder al Pre-
sidente Gmez en la dictadu-
'Cuando los ejrcitos son utl-
lirados para propulsar tales '
ambiciones, la idea del papel,
del ejrcito, de un o
de un genera! como la que1
existe en Estados Unidos por
ejemplo, ha desaparecido".
lia poltica americana sobre
Formosa no ha cambiado nada
declaran en la Casa Blanca
Con el
Prensa', que gira bajo la ra2n
social "Eyeouiel Paz y Zelmira i
Paz de Anchorena". propietaria I
del diario La Prensa.
"Quedan tambin esencial- i
mente incluidos en la disposi-,
cin precedente los inmuebles
utilizados en la explotacin del
diario "La Prensa" y los dere-
Resuelva su problema de
Pintura visitando los'
Atencin esmerada
por expertos en pintura
WASHINGTON-, Abril 10.
(USI81. El Secretario -le
Prensa de la Casa Blanca.
Short, dijo ayer que no tiene
noticia de que haya o se pre-
pare cambio alguno en la pol-
tica que los Estados Unidos
han seguido desde el mes de
junio pasada con respecto a
Short hizo esta declaracin
en respuesta a pregunta de los
periodistas acerca de la carta
del General Douglas MacAr-
thur. publicada el jueves, pa-
ra el Representante Joseph
El Representante Martin ha-
ba escrito a MacArthur ex-
presando el punto de vista de i
que deba permitirse que las
tropas nacionalistas de For-
mosa atacarn tierra firme.
MacArthur contest a Martin
el 20 de marzo que l cree que
debe hacerse frente a la fuer-
za con el mximun de fuerza
y que los puntos de vista de
Martn no estaban en pugna
chos emergentes de las inscrip-
ciones de la leyenda "La Pren-
sa" en el registro de marcas
de la nacin y de la inscrip-
cin de la propiedad del titulo
del diarlo 'La Prensa" en el re-
gistro de la propiedad intelec-
tual de la nacin".
"El Poder Ejecutivo destina-
r los bienes que se expropien
a fines de inters nacional y
de perfeccionamiento social del
pueblo argentino".
"2) El gasto que demande el
cumplimiento de esta ley se cu-;
brir con el producto de la ne-1
goclacin de ttulos de la deu-'
da pblica, autorizndose al i
Poder Ejecutivo a emitirlos en '
la cantidad suficiente".
El Presidente de la Cmara.
Hctor Cmpora convoc a s-'
ta a sesin para las tres de la
tarde del mircoles para consl-,
derflr el proyecto de ley de la
mayora para expropiar "La
Prensa" conforme recomend la'
comisin investigadora mixta,
del Congreso. .
con esta tradicin. Martin hi-
zo pblica la carta.
El Secretarlo de Prensa
Short se abstuvo de comentar
sobre cuestiones especficas a*
cerca de la carta de Mac-
Arthur. Se neg tambin a co-
mentar, cuando se le pregun-
t si a MacArthur se le haba
pedido recientemente que an-
tes de hacer declaraciones en
el futuro obtuviera la aquies-
cencia de Washington.
En junio pasado, cuando las
fuerzas comunistas Invadieron
la Repblica de Corea, el Pre-
sidente Truman orden a la
Sptima Flota de loa Estados
Unidos que impidiera cualquier
ataque a Formosa y al mis-
mo tiempo pidi al Gobierno
Nacionalista chino que cesara
en todas las operaciones con-
tra tierrr firme.
Un vocero del Departamento
dijo tambin hoy que no ha
habido cambi en la poltica
del Gobierno de los Estados
Unidos con respecto al uso de
las t-rouas nacionalistas chi-
nas. Se refiri a la carta es-
crita hace varias semanas por
el Secretarlo de Estado Auxi-
liar jack K. MacFall al Re-
presentante H. Seely-Brown Jr.
La carta de McFall, publi-
cada el lo. de febrero por el
Departamento dt Estado ex-
plicaba los puntos de vista de
los Estados Unidos sobre el
El Secretario Auxiliar dija
su carta que "la misin prin-
cipal de las fuerzas en For-
mosa debe ser la defensa d
la isla misma". Hizo nota
asimismo que las fuerzas dt)
Formosa estn escasas de equi-
po para una invasin de tie-
rra firme y .que son supera-
das por los comunistas chino*
en proporcin de por lo me-
nos ocho por uno.
La ms antigua.
La ms acreditada.
La de mayor stock.
Rio Ataje 1154Tel 3-SS24.
Almacn Calle "I" *
Tel. 8-1751
CLUB DE B/. 3.00
* CAMA DE CAOBA, talla-
da, spring corriente, col-
chn de algodn.
a CAMA DE CAOBA, spring
n espirales, colchn da
algodn (sin talla).
espojo 30 x 48.
40", espejos interiores.
B/ 42.50
Rifles Automticos
Calibre 22
H ft R
l\ Tu alMAcViE-ctwci
Pmm Smttmp
Tenemos eo existencia:
de toda clase
T x 6 t T x 8'
Calibre 26
Agencias Globales
Via Espaa No. 121
TeL 3-1503
Seal nuevas
puntos del temario de la reu-
nin: cooperacin poltica y mi-
litar, seguridad interna y co-
operacin econmica de emer-
gencia. .
En general, los expertos con-
sideran que la labor de la Con-
ferencia puede resumirse as:
1Reconocimiento de la res-
ponsabilidad de cada pas para
la defensa de su propio terri-
2Reconocimiento de la res-
ponsabilidad de cada uno por
ayudar a la defensa colectiva
del Hemisferio Occidental y pa-
ra la proteccin contra la sub-
versin Interna:
3Reconocimiento por 1 o s
pases individualmente de su
responsabilidad en la participa-
cin de manera efectiva en las
acciones de las Naciones Uni-
das para la obtencin de la
paz mundial:
4Reconocimiento mutuo por
los Estados Unidos por una
parte y por la Amrica Latina
por la otra, de las necesida-
des econmicas de cada uno. y
de la necesidad de dar a los
artculos esenciales para la de-
fensa el primer lugar para ha-
cerle frente a esas necesidades.
El 8 por ciento del
trales de distribucin de agua
de las afueras tiene muy poca
capacidad para abastecer a una
poblacin que cada vez ms es-
t aglomerada.
Para que el sistema de alcan-
tarillado funcione bien, necesi-
tar que haya un buen sistema
de distribucin de agua y se
piensa tirar lneas principales
de 24 pulgadas de dimetro y
ramales de 16, con lo cual los
actuales problemas de escasez
de agua quedarn resueltos y el
alcantarillado funcionara bien.
Los ingenieros de la Greeley
y Hansen estn haciendo impor-
tantes estudios de pronsticos
de poblacin usando los consu-
mos de agua, de gas, construc-
ciones nuevas a travz de los
aos y los clculos intercensales.
Numerosos planos, mapas y
clculos se encuentran cuida-
dosamente ordenados en esta
importante oficina de la" Gree-
ley y Hansen.
Se elogia el valor
de los soldados de
Pto. Rico en Corea
NUEVA YORK. Abril 10. e-
IUSI1S). Los soldados da
Puerto Rico se han ganado el
ms alto respeto por su com-
portamiento en la lucha en la
lineas de las Naciones Unidas
en Corea, informa un corres-
ponsal del New Yorl' Times.
Greg McGregor, en despacha
enviaao "desde un punto d.
Corea', iniorina sobre la mo-
ral de los portorriqueos en .1
frente de batalla. Su regimien-
to, el 75o. de la Tercera Di-
visin de EE. UU., "es el ni-
co en Corea que no tiene pro-
j blenia de reemplazo", die
l MacQregor. El regimiento Ue- <
, ne reemplazos en las zonas a
! retaguardia, "ansiosas de ser
llamados la accin contra loa
, comunistas", dice el correspon-
' sal.
MacGregor hace otros co-
I mentarlos sobre el regimiento,
1 el cual Heg a Corea en sep-
; tiemble, "hsta guerra ha dauo
j a estos americanos su prime-
ra oportunidad de demostrar
I su actuacin como una unidad.
, Aunque pelearon con todo
; credno durante la segunda gue
1 rra mundial en el sur de Fran-
' cia y el norte de Africa, ha-
j oan sido asignados siempre a
; pequenas unidades de otros re-
! gimiemos. En esta guerra. s
aecidieron a probar a su pa-
tria y al mundo que en nin-
guna zona de batalla ocupan
los puestos de atrs cuando
pelean en una unidad de con- .
Se dan detalles
ms estricta de los movimlen-
l tos de extranjeros sospechosos
i a travs de sus fronteras. Esas
: medidas antl-comunlstas debe-
rn ser tomadas teniendo pre-
sentes las garantas de las 11-
> bertades individuales y las ins-
tituciones democrticas.
Los cancilleres acordaron asi-
mismo pedir a la Unin Pana-
mericana que haga estudios tc-
nicos sobre cmo poner en vi-
gor las medidas antisubversivas
y presentar las recomendacio-
nes a los Gobierno* america-
Cmodo CHALET con tres recmaras, 4os
baos, dos porches, garage, bellsimo jar-
dn, casi 1,000 metros terreno en Va Po-
rras 81, valor B/ 10,000, siguiendo pe-
quea hipoteca. Razn Calle 18 San Fran-
cisco No. 8, Tel. 2-3441.

Bello Rasgo de un Deportista
Seleccin De La Liga Comercial De Softball
| Juega Esta Noche Con Los Policas Zonetas
El Honorable Diputado Nor-
berto Navarra tuvo un bello ru-
co al obsequiar dos bellas copas
a los equipo* de El Panam
America y La Hora, quienes sos-
tuvieron serie recientemente. En
la foto superior aparece en mo-
mentos en que entrega la copa
a don Armando Moreno G.. Je-
fe de Redaccin y Director del
equipo. Los rodean los Jugadores
Camargo, Sargeant. Ral Alva-
rado, Caucho Donado, Tato
A rango y "Pap* Restrepo.
En la foto de abajo el Inge-
niero Navarro lana la primera
bola que result un perfecto
strike. Record sus buenos tiem-
Ultima Hora
..El equipo del Dartn partici-
par en. el VIII. Campeonato
Nacional de Baseball Amateur,
segn se inform oficialmente..
..Esta novena lleg ayer a esta
ciudad y en el da de hoy par-
ti hacia Chltr.
I equipo de
San Blas lleg
ayer a Chitr
CHTTRE, Abril 10 (Por S.
IvaldDAnoche lleg a esta ciu-
dad la Delegacin de San Blas
para participar en el VIII cam-
peonato Nacional de Baseball
Amateur que se est desarro-
llando aqu La llegada de San
Blas caus sorpresa pero agra-
d ver que estos hermano par-
ticiparn siempre en la compe-
El Dartn se espera que arri-
be' hoy.
Por el momento se tiene en-
tendido que el Calendarlo ten-
xlr que ser reformado y los
Juegos de hoy son:
Con la posibilidad que esta
tarde choque San Blas y Bocas
del Toro.
Los Juegos de maana segn
el primer calendario confeccio-
Los colonenses dedicarn su
partido do maana a don Jos
Bazn, Alcalde de Coln.
Social Deportiva
E l conocido basketbollsta
Eduardo "Mandalay" Aroseme-
na C, quien en muchas oca-
siones puso en alto el nombre
de Panam en Justas Interna-
cionales de basketball, celebra
hoy un ao ms a su existen-
cia. Con este motivo hacemos
extensivas nuestras felicitacio-
nes, a la vos que le deseamos
muchos aos ms de vida.
..Con la llegada del equipo da-
rlenita se completaron los diez
equipos inscritos, para, firmar
anualmente el campeonato na-
Hoy celebra el mejor de sus
das la nllta Sllka Ellna Lagu-
na hija del conocido deportista,
Miwuui ;. .,...,,------ Ignacio Laguna, por el cual le
clonal de baseball amateur. ..I enviamos nuestras felicitaciones.
Chiriqu, Cocl y Herrera
Ganaron Ayer En Baseball
Un Tremendo Garrotazo De 4j-J5S?^4!fSS?S
Esquinas De Tomate Alvarado;
Dio El Triunfo Al P-Amrica
i or Kenneth Collins)
Eh juego sensacional que enar-
deci a los miles de fanticos
que lo presenciaron, El Panam
America escribi una Pgina de
gloria en su historia deportiva,
al vencer a !a novena de soft-
ball de "La Hora", en el ltimo
episodio, gracias a un tremendo
Jonrn de Ral "Tomate" Alva-
rado con tres hombres en base.
para colocar la anotacin 4-2.
Fue un juegazo a todo vapor,
en el que los equipos conten-
dientes se comportaron como
"La Hora" abri a las prime-
ras de cambio con dos carreras,
cuando se embas con hit de
Malala y luego Fergunson el fo-
tgrafo, se fu de cuadrangular,
cuando Camargo parpade y
midi mal el garrotazo.
Mejor colocacin el
V. Prez con su triunfo
sobre los Istmeos
El equipo Vidrieras Prez me-
jor su puntuacin y colocacin
al imponerse el sbado en la
noche al Istmeo por 14 carre- i
ras a 5 en la continuacin de|
la Competencia de la Liga Co-
mercial de Softball.
Los pupilos de Gustavo Prez,
batearon once lncoglbles por cln
co de sus rivales; pero los erro-
res estuvieron a la orden, ya que
los istmeos fallaron 8 veces y
los vldleras 6.
El lanzador ganador fu Ju-
rado y el Perdedor Molina. I
L. Barra del V. Prez peg
un cuadrangular en el quinto,
En la ltima entrada Camar-
go enmend su error con un hit.
Moreno qued out con roleta,
Pap Restrepo embas, lo mismo
que el Macho Arango. Con dos
hombres en bases Bab La la
Lawler, fu lntencionalmente
boleado.. Y entonces Tomate Al-
varado conect uno de loe ofre-
cimientos de Cupas para un
tremendo garrotazo que rebot
contra la arista valla Iz-
quierda, para dar el triunfo a
El Panam-Amrica. "Pap"
realiz una buena labor en la
caja durante todo el partido.
El Honorable Diputado Nor-
berto "Navarro lanz la primera
bola y luego hizo un brindis a
los Jugadores de los equipos.
Entregan el Dgo. los
premios de la pasada
marathn ciclista
El prximo domingo se entre-
;arn los Trofeos y Premios a
os ganadores v pedalistas des-
tacados de la pasada Marathn
ciclista que se corri de Pana-
m a Captra y regreso, de acuer
do con informacin suministra-
da por la Comisin tacional de
este deporte.
El acto tendr lugar en las
horas de la maana en el Es-
tadio Olmpico y adems se pre-
sentarn varios eventos de ci-
clismo con la participacin de
los mejores pedalistas del mo-
mento, tanto en distancias cor-
tas como en carreras de medio
fondo y de resistencia.
gando una pelota de gran colo-
rido derrot a la potente novena
de Coln por anotacin de 3 ca-
rreras a 1 en uno de los ms
espectaculares partidos del Tor-
neo Nacional de Baseball Ama-
El lanzador Francisco Selles,
Ermiti solamente tres hits a
i fuertes toleteros de Coln y
reparti diez ponches. El lanza-
dor perdedor fu Cyril Adam-
Sobresalieron con el bate C.
Weddeshurn y M. Sanjur.
En otro de los partidos cele-
brados ayer el equipo de Cocl
supero a Los Santos por anota-
clon de 12 carreras a 4. En este
partido Julio Herrera de Cocl
peg un cuadrangular a una
distancia de 395 pies con tres
compaeros en bases. Gustavo
Montenegro del equipo de Loe
Santos conect el primer jonrn
del torneo.
El lanzador ganador del par-
tido fu C. Hernndez y el per-
dedor J. M. Velasco.
Herrera derrot a Veraguas
El equipo de Herrera demostr
su gran pujanza en el baseball
al propinar una soberana pall-
ia al equipo de Veraguas por
anotacin de lf carreras a 0.
Este es es el primer blanqueo de
la serie.
Pepe Osorlo fu una de las
figuras ms sobresalientes del
partido al conectar dos simples
y un cuadrangular. E. Osorio
empuj cuatro carreras. Isidro
Celestino result el ganador.
Veraguas utiliz cuatro lanza-
dores y recibi la derrota Ra-
Simn Pealoza con una excelente
actuacin se acerc al record C. A
de los 5,000 mts. en el torneo del 9
Se repartirn
premios a los
Esta noche a las siete, bajo
las luces en el diamante de 8ta.
Rita se medirn la Seleccin de
la Liga Comercial de Softball
contra el potente equipo de La
Polica de la Zona del Canal en
un partido que debe resultar del
todo emocionante.
Es el primero que se presenta
en mucho tiempo entre jugado-
res zonetas y Panameos y que
seguro ser de mucho inters.
En las filas de los zonetas
militan mucho "players" amplia-
mente conocidos por los aficio-
nados a la pelota suave y se es-
pera que den una gran batalla
contra los mejores Jugadores de
la Liga Comercial.
La Seleccin esta Integrada de
la siguiente manera.
Luis Jorge 3b. (Cervecera)
Chandler J. of. (CCC)
Kenneth Collins P. (R. Bush)
Lpez A. Ib. (Duran)
Padilla H. 3b. (Duran)
Beleo J. of. (M. Cerrud)
Araz R. 2b. (Fiduciario)
Gonzlez O. o. (Fiduciario)
Alzamora A. p. (Fiduciario)
Guzmn O. c. (Fiduciario)
Haywood A. p. (V. Prez)
Anderson C. of (Hudson i
Phillips O. o. (Packard)
Becclu B. ss (Packard)
Aralln J. p. (Montezuma)
Arosemena C. of. (Istmeo)
Testa 2b (BUR)
Sern repartidos varios pre-
mios, que donarn algunas ca-
sas comerciales para los Juga-
dores mas sobresalientes: El
Monteiuma dar tres premios,
uno para el que conecte el pri-
mer hit, uno para el primer
cuadrangular y otro para el lan-
zador vencedor.
El popular Matas Cerrud da-
r un trofeo para el lanzador
anador del partido y la casa
lodak donara una magnifica
cmara para ser rifada entre
el pblico asistente.
La entrada costar la mdica
suma de 10 centesimos y los
tiquetes estarn a la venta en
la taquilla de Santa Rita desde
las seis y treinta de la tarde.
BUR ptrdl ayer
frente al Control
y qued eliminado
El Control del Comejn eli-
min anoche al BUR. para par-
ticipar en la Serie Final del Cam
peonato Comercial de Softball,
al derrotarlo por la friolera de
IB carreras a 1. El BUR hizo su
nica carrera en la segunda
mitad del sexto acto donde liga-
ron dos imparables de loe cinco
que pudieron conectarle al lan-
sador ganador Juan Chen Jr.
Un total de 21 hits bate el
Control a los lansamlentos de
Sergio Rodrguez, quien trabajo
toda la distancia en la lomlta
del BUR. para sufrir su primera
derrota en la contienda, donde
no tiene triunfos. Juan Chen
tiene reeord de dos victorias y
una derrota. _
Chandler y E. Kwal Ben del
Comejn conectaron Jonrones.
El score, condensado del Juego
fu el siguiente
Comejn 80 tl i-1 1 1
BUR seo 01 1 5 3
TRIUNFO RUIDOSO. Presentamos aquf al equipo de Chirlqul que ayer triunf W"-
mente en el VIII Campeonato Nacional de baseball Amateur frente al potente conjunto de
Coln por dos carreras a una. El triunfo de les dtflUWt .*. ***&+ gg_g?
de manifiesto na vez ms el adelanto que eata Provincia ha ten
Iota. En la vista aparece el equipo Junto con su director Flix Frutos, la madrina ae w no
vena y el representante. _____ -----
Debe Resultar Sensacional
El Partido De Maana Entre
El ptica Sosa y Polica___
Los pupilos de
Sosa dispuestos
a desquitarse
Qued Fuera De Lugar La
Intencin De Nombrar a Ditrani
Persona Non Grata Al Ftbol
e bldiene ms kilometraje por litro
"E aeoaibtoeo lo ese ahorra ti cirafemflM"ere d eren
Emavto Vetionc, etaaietatio ae autobinw en Maulle.
"Guior un autobs no cafa tcil Pero un motor potent*
y do funcionamiento eficaz economiza esfuerzos ai con-
ductor. Elfos* logra reinstalando un nuevo
ruego de 8u|ta de Encendida Ckeropion
coda 15.000 kilmetros, ib OiwefMO lo
que se ahorro en combustible!
He4ttedm eW mim eafere por mt de ue coarte de ote
Muy Interesante result el
Torneo de Pista y Campo que
present ei domingo la Comisin
Racional de Atletismo en el Es-
tadio Olimpico con la coopera-
cin del epartamento de Edu-
cacin Fsica.
Se desarrollaron 15 pruebas,
de las cuales 2 fueron de Damas
y el resto de los Hombres.
El Torneo comenz en forma
satlsactorla cuando Simn Pe-
aloza, miembro de la Polica
Nacional, realiz una excelente
actuacin al ganar loe 5.000 me
tros con magnfico tiempo, rom-
piendo el record nacional de esa
distancia con 15 minutos, 55 se-
gnndos y 1-10. El record lo te-
a desde 1038 Mlchichi Rodr-
guez con 16' 1" 8-5. Ademas
Pealoza estuvo muy cerca de
empatar el record Centroame-
ricano y del Caribe que est en
manos del Jamaicano M. L.
Ramjohn con un tiempo de 15
54" 4-5.
En el concurso del Domingo se
revelaron nuevas figuras de esta
actividad como la Joveneita
Charlotte Goodln de 15 anos que
gan los 60 y 100 metros planos
para damas. Loe Jvenes de 18
aos Frank Sogandares y Henry
Cruz que se Impusieron con muy
buenas demostraciones y en for-
ma amplia en los 800 metros y
1500 metros respectivamente, s-
tos viven y estudian en la Zona.
Tambin sobresali Jaime Sa-
las en el salto alto, que con una
altura personal de 5 pies 4 pul-
gadas, salt 6' 8" 3-4. o sean
' cuaero pulgadas 3-4 ms alto
| que su altura.
Marcos Wilson volvi por sus
viejos laureles y gan los 100
y 400 metros, en los 200 triunf
el colonense Alfredo Orenion del
Abel Bravo. Adelina Bemal, la
entusiasta corredora de distan-
cias cortas, te present muy pe-
sada aunque ocup el segundo
lugar en ambos pruebas. Los!
resultados de todos los even-
tos losd Irnos a conocer ayer.
Buena concurrencia presenci
el Torneo. Los premios se repar- |
tieron tan pronto termin el
concurso. La Polica gan un
trofeo como la agrupacin que
obtuvo mayor puntuacin. Se.
not la ausencia de varias flgu-
ras de esta actividad como O. I
Swaby, P.* Malcolm, Parker, etc
Guayaquil y Dep. Pern
ganaron sus juegos en
el ftbol de Barraza
El Guayaquil y Dep. Eva de
pern Iniciaron sus compromisos
con una victoria en el Ftbol
Infantil de Barraza que dirige
Tem Molina y. Selecta y Fuerte
35 empataron a un tanto, en la
segunda fecha de Juego que se
present en el Campo de Barraz.
El Guayaquil le gan al Ange-
llnl por 2 tantos a 0 y el Eva
Pern se Impuso al Tauros tam-
bin por 3 golea a 0-
En el juego de ayer el
ptica se impuso a los
Camellos por 8 a 7
G. P. PJe.
Polica.............. 3 0 1.000
ptica Sosa :....,. 3 I 875
Alemn Jr.......... 0 2 .000
Camellos ...............- 3 .000
Juego de Hoy
Juego de Maana
Resultado de Ayer
O. Sosa 8 Camellos 7
Esta tarde chocan en Santa
Rita, para continuar la Justa
social de softball los equipos!
Alemn Jr. y Polica Nacional. I
Maana debern ofrecer un
sensacional choque los conjun-
tos Polica Nacional y ptica
Sosa, conjuntos con mayor op-
cin a obtener el titulo de Cam-
pen de esta temporada.
Los mejores bateadores de la
serie sern vistos en accin ma-
ana en Santa Rita en este cho-
que que la Liga Social dedica al
destacado cronistas deportivo
Cristbal "Crucigrama" Sarmlen
to del diarlo "La Hora", como
un agradecimiento de la labor
que ste ha hecho en pro de la
Justa social de softball.
Chester de Bouza es el proba-
ble lanzador de la Polica, sien-
do su rival Luis Walker, lanza-
dor estrella del Sosa. De ganar
el Sosa se producir un empate
en el primer lugar, siempre y
cuando los "pacos" triunfen en
su Juego de hoy.
El partido de ayer lo gan
en forma estrecha el Sosa sobre
el conjunto de los Camellos por
8 a 7. Luis Walker fu el pit-
cher ganador y Lashley el per-
Qued solucionado el proble-
ma que se estaba formando en
nuestro ftbol con trazas de vol-
verse grave y difcil, al aceptar-
se al equipo Ditrani y quedar
suspendidos seis Jugadores del
Dicho Jugadores son Luis Pon-
ce, Roberto Reyna, Miguel Gas-
cn, Flix de Bello, Carlos Prez, |
y Roberto Linares, quienes acep-1
taron haber firmado dos fichas, I
siendo penados con media tem-
porada. Todos esto Jugadores'
Ahora usted puede darse afeita-
das a rae de piel ms ntidas, que
lucen mejory a la ves ayudar
* conservar el aspecto suave y juve-
nil de tu rostro.
Maravllete lorala Todo esto se debe a U Nueva Crema
de Afeitar William, que contiene
Extracta de Lanolin*reciente dea-
cubrimiento mdico con mayore
propiedad "benfica" par la piel
que 1* lanolina corriente. El Extracto
de Lanolina le refresca el rostro a le
vez que usted se afeita ... le ayuda
conservar al aspecto sano y juvenil
da su piel.
SUe en WH.ll A MS
Cada ves que eated se afeita con la
Nueva Crema de Afeitar William
oiafruta de esta moravloea subs
tanciay adema obtiene una afoi
toda moa cmoda, ms fcil. U<
WOUama. la lm'ra croma de afritai
mu contiene Extracta de Lanolina
Contina invicto el
Barriada en el base
menor de Calidonia
En la continuacin de la justa
del Baseball Menor de Celido-
nia el equipo Barriada Jr. se
impuso al Fuerte 21 y el Celi-
donia le gan al Deportivo Yo-
En el primer encuentro los de
la Barriada conservaron su In-
victo en reido Juego que se ex-
tendi a un episodio extra. F.
Torre fu el lanzador ganador
y T. Oordn el perdedor.
En el segundo partido los za-
pateros del Celidonia obtuvieron
su segunda victoria de la con-
tienda lanzando M. Vargas,
mientras que P. Pabilo carg con
la derrlota.
En el partido de ayer el De-
portivo Yolanda mejor su pun-'
tuacln al Imponerse al Fuerte
21 por 10 a 9 en el cuadro del
Hospicio Don Boaco. R. Mart-
nez fu el lanzador ganador de
este encuentro y E. Fagan el
El prximo encuentro corre a
! cargo del Barriada Jr. y Zapa-
tera Calidonia.
i "~
on las autoridades
Se hace imprescindible la
Construccin de un Servicio
Sanitario en el Campo de
Juegos de SANTA RITA.
son tambin del Seleccionado
y habla firmado primero con el
Ibrico, pero despus debido a
ciertas dificultades, renunciaron
y firmaron con el Ditrani, sin
esperar la aceptacin del equipo
Por otra parte no se acepto
y qued fuera de lugar la In-
tencin de querer nombrar al
deportista Francisco Ditrani, per
sona non grato al ftbol, que-
dando demostrado que dicha
persona es ms bien persona
apreciada en este deporte,
ya que a ltima hora no cont
esa peticin con ningn respal-
Seis equipos estn Inscritos en
la la. Categora y son el Ibrico
Pacfico, Ancn, Hispano, Hura-
cn y Ditrani; del- equipo d#
Coln no hay nada seguro to-
En la segunda divisin estn
el Ancn Jr., Pacfico de 2a.,
Santander, Amrica, Hispano Jr.
Alemn y Ambato.
En la reunin de anoche se
dej ver la posibilidad que la
inauguracin de la Temporada
se posponga para el domingo 22
de Abril.

pectobui san PUDRES
CA. cyrhos. S. k

iw/in, Airfir, li, 1951
HOA-1090 KOW1230
Radio Panamericana
])P El Hijo Perdido
Orama Avena Quaker
9:46 Coctel musical
4:00 Noticiero R.RA.
4:15 Msica norteamericana
4 :;0 Peticiones
6:00 Vibraciones del Aire
(Nacho Valdsi
6:15 Filigranas musicales
( o Msica escocida
6: 5 Nc.ic.ero deportivo
Mcrei y Arango.
7 10 Solos de rgano
Lucho Azc.naga
7:15 Ma:io (de Jorge Isaac >
Cigarrillos "Camel"
9:21 i:i ludiu peridico
7:^5 Por los Senderos de la
P.: 00 Msica popular
8:30 El Favorito de Hoy
&: 5 Msica variada
9:. 0 Msica favorita
9:15 Cantares de Mxico
9:"0 El Hit MusicM de Hoy
10:00 Msica sin palabras
II: "i Cancionero Nocturnal
UTO Buenas Nocnes
(..'.o Buenos Dias
6:03 El Despertador Musical
6:30 Noticiero R.P.A.
7:00 Msica tiplea
7:15 Espaoleras
7:30 Melodas matinales
8:00 Grandes maestro
8:30 La voz de hoy
8:45 Ritmos norteamericanos
9:00 El Correo del Aire
9:30 El Disloque Musical
10:00 Dedicatorias
11:30 Msica variada
12:00 Msica de saln
12:15 Noticiero
12:30 Solos de rgano
Lucho Azcrraga
Pinturas Pabco
1:00 Noticiero Deportivo
Guillermo Rolla
1:15 Boleros favoritos
1:30 Acordes porteos
1:45 Cantares de Mxico
2:00 Noticias
Lotera Nacional
2:05 Intermedio selecto
215 Peticiones
3:00 Msica variada
3:15 Selecciones de Saln.
Los nacionalistas chinos
reciben otros 50 millones de
dlares de Estados Unidos
Por Edward J. Micheison
Para hacer ms gustoso su
plan de ayuda extranjera, que
comtempla un desembolso to-
tal de 9.500 millones de dolares,
la Casa Blanca ha Incluido en
l una ddiva de cincuenta mi-
Ridilogo japons contradice
u comisin atmica de E. U.
Por MM 11 Al I. AMRINE
(c iiiii.r-vchir de Eistein y del
Dr. H. C. Urev)
(N. A. r* A.)
NUEVA YORK, marzo 31
(EPSt Dejan las bombas at-
micas oue hacen explosin a
gr.-i altura una radioactividad
pr: rosa ppra la splud humana?
L". Comisin de Energa Ato-
mic norteamericana ha insisti-
do L;empre en aue no es asi, pe-
ro en un Informe que acaba de
publicar un radilono Japons
se afirma que tal es el caso. Este
radilogo estaba en Nagasaki
cuando fue lanzada sobre esa
rlticid la bomba atmica, y u-
firma que muchas personas que
no "e encontraban dentro de la
zon' afectada por ella, pero que
- HOY -
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Una Sinfona de Colores
y Pasiones Salvajes!
Un Espectculo Maravilloso!
trabajaron en la atencin de los
1 heridos, fueron afectadas de tal
1 modo por la radiacin que mu-
rieron a consecuencia de ella.
Para comprender la lmpor-1
tanda de este Informe, si es
exacto, hay oue recordar oue las ,
i radiaciones producidas por una
explosin atmica tienen tres e- i
fectos principales. El primero, es :
Instantneo. Toda persona que
se encuentre dentro de cierta
distancia del sitio en donde caiga
una bomba muere lnmedlata-
mente. Aquellas que fueron pro- I
i tegldas en alguna forma se sal- j
i van ocasionalmente, o Men fa- .
i llecen un tiempo despus a con-
secuencia de las complicaciones
que sufren. El segundo efecto,
que no puede ser debidamente |
estudiado sino en el transcurso i
de algunas generaciones, es el
de la radiacin sobre loa genes,
que son las clulas reproductivas
que perpetan la vida humana.
Loa cientficos no se han puesto
de acuerdo sobre su posible e-
fecto en el hombre.
El tercer efecto, v el que causa
ahora mayor precaucin, es el
que puedan tener las explos''-
nes atmicas en el sentido da
"envenenar" el aire en el sitio
en que ocurren.
Mucho se ha discutido esta
cuestin, y los funcionarlos de
la defensa civil norteamerica-
na han afirmado oue ese efecto
es poco Importante y que, en
cambio, es mucho ms grave el
problema de la contaminacin
de las aguas, por ejemplo. Es
sabido oue si una bomba atmi-
ca cae sobre un rio. pongamos
por caso, sus aguas mostrarn
radio actividad durante largo
tiempo, Inutilizndose para el
consumo humano.
El Informe a que hemos alu-
dido, que es el primero publica-
do en idioma Ingls, ha sido re-
dactado por el doctor Takashi
Nagal, un profesor de radiologa
de la Escuela de Medicina de
Nagasaki. Titulado "Nosotros, los
de Nagasaki", consiste en una
serie de relatos de personas que
vivian en Urakami, un suburbio
de Nagasaki que fue blanco di-
recto de la bomba.
El doctor Nagal dice que "in-
mediatamente despus de la ex-
plosin de la bomba la radioac-
tividad era tan grande que las
gentes que simplemente pasaban
por la regin sufrieron enteri-
tis aguda. Los mismos cadve-
res eran altamente radloactl- I
tiene los
mejores programas
vos; quienes trabajaron sepul-
tndolos no tardaron en caer
gravemente enfermos".
En septiembre de 1947 la Co-
misin de Energa Atmico hizo
pblico un Informe secreto e-
videntemente condensado de un
documento ms extenso que
decia que se habia descubierto
radioactividad hasta en las cal-
zas, de los dientes de las victi-
mas y que el calcio, el fsforo,
el azufre y otros elementos su-
frieron los efectos de la radia-
cin. El Informe sealaba que
el monto de energa "penetran-
te" liberado por una explosin:
atmica es equivalente a "tone-,
ladas de radio" v oue como re-
sultado se tienen que producir
efectos biolgicos.
En el otoo anterior la mis-
ma Comisin public un volu-
minoso Informe sobre los efectos
de las armas atmicas, en el cual
reafirm que los efectos de la
radiacin que quedara despus
de una explosin atmica no
eran Importantes o auiz ni si-
quiera existan. Refirindose es-
pecficamente al caso de Naga
sakl. indic que aun minutos
despus de la explosin de la
bomba la zona na presentaba
ningn peligro por efectos de la
radiacin v que los productos de
la fisin nuclear encontrados en
un radio de seiscientos metros
del centro de la explosin ape-
nas representaban dos centesi-
mos de uno por ciento. Con tal
base, el manual de defensa civil
del gobierno norteamericano tie-
ne razn al afirmar que no existe
peligro por la radioactividad oue
pueda subsistir en el aire al o-
currlr una explosin atmica.
Programa especial!
Para gozar y rer nada como
esta comedia de mlsterlol
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Hery Lamarr, en
(Dishonored Lady)
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espectculo musical en co-
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do lujo!... Una pelcu-
la que llenar sus ojos
y su corazn I...
coto* t
Pelcula Mctro-Goldwyn-Mayer!
llones de dlares a los naciona-
listas chinos.
eormosa est reclblenao ya
ayuda del Plan Marshall, por
un valor de quince millones de
aolares al ano. Los cincuenta
millones en cuestin son algo
extra, no incluido en los pro-
gramas de la ECA.
El propsito de esta ayuda,
segn los miembros de la co-
misin de relaciones exteriores
de la Cmara de Representan-
tes, es nacer el pian general de
ayuda ms aceptable a aque-
llos mlemDros del cong-reso que
aesean seguir ayudando a
oniang Kai-shek.
El proyecto general est aho-
ra en manos de la oficina de
vpresupuestos. Incluye seU mil
millones de dlares para ayuda
militar conforme al Pacto d*l
Norte del Atlntico, dos mil
-imoiie para iinaiuar ei auu
en cuanto al Plan Marshall y
mil quinientos millones para a-
yuaa tcnica a zonas retrasa-
das, contorme al llamado "Pro-
grama del Punto 4." Esta ayu-
da se destina a siete organiza-
ciones patrocinadas por rus Na-
ciones Unidas y a Formosa y
Un miembro Importante de
la mencionada comisin de re-
laciones exteriores dice que la
ayuda a Formosa ha sido Ofrc-
cida con el fin principal de au-
mentar las probalidaues de que
el proyecto en general sea
aprooaoo. "La ayuaa a los na-
cionalistas chinos tiene por ob-
jeto Iniluir en el nimo de a-
quellos congresistas que creen
que los Estados Unidos no han
todava bastante por el rgi-
men de Chiang Kai-shek," ma-
El representante republicano
Walter Judd, miembro tambin
de la comisin ha ofrecido su
apoyo al proyecto de destinar
cincuenta millones de dlares
para "ayuda tcnica a Formo-
sa", pero seala que eso no
significa que est de acuerdo
con todo el proyecto.
"Como he repetido muchas
veces en los ltimos cinco aos,
"agrega," la conquista de Chi-
na por los comunistas signifi-
ca la destruccin del comercio
y de la vida econmica de la
mayora de las naciones del
Pacfico. Formosa por su parte, i
ha realizado una excelente ta-1
rea en el empeo de controlar [
la Inflacin. A pesar de las di-
ficultades que representa soste-
ner un ejrcito de seiscientos
mil hombres, los nacionalistas
no han recurrido al trillado re-
curse de imprimir papel mohe-
da para ello.
"Mientras los nacionalistas
sigan alejados de la tierra fir-
me china, los norteamericanos
estamos obligados a ayudar a
establlzar su economa y man-
tener su ejrcito."
La ley en referencia es la
primera de su clase y est
siendo preparada bajo la direc-
cin de Thomas D. Cabot, di-
rector de asuntos relativos a
la seguridad internacional en
el Departamento de Estado.
del Cercano Oriente, Asia Me-
ridional y Africa, George C.
En su primera declaracin
publics despus de su reciente
visita a esas reglones, McGhee
expres ayer que los Estados
Unidos, a su vez "deben con-
tinuar dando todos los pasos
prcticos para ayudar a esos
pueblo a realizar sus aspira-
ciones, de manera que puedan
asociarse al resto del mundo
libre en favor de la seguridad
McGhee hizo estas declara-
ciones en una trasmisin do
radio y televisin al tratar so-
bre el programa denominado
"los hechos que confortamos,"
Con l aparecieron en el pro-
grama Elbert G. Mathews, Di-
rector de la Oficina del Depar-
tamento de Estado para los A-
suntos de Asia Meridional, f
John A. Loftus y Norman,
Bruns, asesor econmico y
agrcola, respectivamente.
llrlilirl Carr lure u (rada y bellea en el papel de Roa que in-
terpreta en la nueva einla UniveraHnlrrnallonal en Trrhnirolor
"Doai Rrnegaile". ProlafonUan rita emorlonante pelcula RirrHp
Monlalbn y Crd Charlua.
El Asia libre resistir al
imperialismo comunista dice
el Secretario George McGee
WASHINGTON, Abril (USIS) y sus soberanas nacionales re-
El pueblo del Asia y el cer- j cien fundadas, para rendirse
cano rlente tiene muy en al-1 ante l imperialismo comunls-
to el concepto del valor de su ta, declar el Secretarlo de Es-
religin, su libertad Individual tado Auxiliar para los Asuntos
HOY Un Doble Extra!
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"La Muerte Enamorada"
De la ilusin de un hom-
bre y del amor de una
mujer, surgi. ..!
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Fueron tan lejos, en sus sue-
os, que no pudieron regre-
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Como Premio Final del Gran Certamen
Gran xito Tercera Eliminacin!
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