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Panama America

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Panama American
"^t the people know the truth -and tUe country is safe" -*- Abraham Lincoln.
l4ixMc^7fo$6z&oi Sragraa*
Chinese Deploy Troops For Major Assault;
Panama Line Fares Will Not Be Raised
Officials are presently giving no consideration to rais- j Dl ||>lirfipr
rhe rates now charged Canal-Railroad employes on j UUII31 Id
Of La Prensa
To Be Tried
ing the .
Panam Line ships, Governor Newcomer said this morn-
ing. No such action is expected at this month's Board of
Directors meeting.
The Governor revealed, however, that the board will
consider the advisability of charging the various Canal-
Railroad units with the difference between the rates charg-
ed employes and the actual transportation costs in order
to relieve the steamship lines of this burden.
Jast how th increased costs thus borne by various
units might affect their charges to employes for other
services could not be learned today.
This morning's statement by
Governor Newcomer followed the
publication In yesterday's Pana-
ma American of a report to Con-
gress stating that Comptroller
General Lindsay Warren had
"Consideration should be given
to changing the present rate and
Sye?tfCyao^rnmrnragen? he of providln.
SSffldivisions of the Canal- tr-^tatlo^cosUbe^ee^^he
is one of long standing. The po-
ment units concerned would not
be In conflict with the present
policy of charging regular fares
to employing Government agen-
cies for the transportation of
new employes to the Isthmus and
their return to the United 8tates
upon termination of their ser-
"The policy of providing low
Company organization In order
that the steamship Une will re-
cover the cost of transporting
employes." i
In the Governor's statement
this morning that the board
might consider charging the dif-
ference between employe rates
and transportation costs to vari-
ous units, it was added:
"This might be accomplished
by a direct unit charge, a subsidy
on a pro-rata basis amongthe Order O DaV
various bureaus, or by a book- 19 VIUCI VI VCIJ
keeping transaction." The state-
ment continued:
"The report of the Comptrol-
ler General on Panam Railroad
Company operations will be a
subject for consideration at tne
next meeting of the Board of
"The report did not recommend
an increase in rates now grant-
ed to employes and there has
been no Indication that such a
step will be taken. The existing
employe rates on the Panam
Line vessels are obviously well
below actual costs and during the
visit by members of the Board of
Directors to the Isthmus infor-
mal discussions were held on
measures which might be taken
to offset such losses.
"The concensus among those
directors who discussed the sub-
ject was that the loss probably
should be borne by the units of
the various Government agencies
whose employes are entitled to
less than commercial fares. It is
believed reasonable to assume
that some action along this gen-
eral line might be taken by the
Board of Directors in any change
in rate policy."
Governor Newcomer said that
he would personally opposed to
any increase in steamship rates
for employes in view of the re-
cent imposition of income taxes
on U.8. employes In the Canal
Zone and the continued Increase
in living costs.
The payment of a differential
between employe steamer fares
and actual costs by the Govern-
llcy was adopted during the Ca-
nal construction period to en
courage employes and their fa-
milies to take recuperative leave
in the United 8tates which might
not be possible if full commercial
tariffs were imposed."
Cash On Line
At Ancon Co mm y
Cash tinkled into registers at
the Ancon commissary this
morning the first time in 45
years of commissary operation
that anything but paper coup-
ons have purchased merchan-
The revolutionary change
on a trial basis In the Ancon re-
tail store attracted little at-
tention.! Only a dosen or so cus
lomera were on hand when the
commissary opened at 8:30 but
duripg the morning the usual
Tuesday shoppers began to put
in their appearance.
Lt. Gov. H. D. Vogel and Serv-
ice and Supply Director L. B.
Moore dropped in during the
morning to see how things were
Credit as the first purchasers
went to three government em-
Mrs. A. Crecelius bought some
safety pins and straight plus
and became the first cash cus-
tomer in the notion section.
First to pay cash in the gener-
al section at the annex was II.
P. Alexander of the Base Sup-
ply office at Albrook Field.
In the self-service. section
(groceries, hardware, meat and
vegetables) the first cash cus-
tomer was Golden Plumbley. a
truck driver for the Motor
Transportation Division.
Dr. Alberto Gainza Paz, pub-
lisher of the independent news-
paper La Prensa, was charged
today by the Argentina Govern-
ment with violating a State se-
curity law which carries penal-
ties ranging up to life imprison-
ment. Federal police padlocked
the newspaper's printing plant.
Police In precinct 22, where La
Prensas plant is located, said
Federal Judge Miguel Vignola
had ordered criminal proceeding
against Gainza Pax and "other
persons" who were not identified
but who are believed to be La
Prensa personnel.
Early today there were no In-
dications of Gainza Paz having
been taken into custody.
Police notified La prensa's
business manager Manuel Cons-
tenla and the paper's attorney
Manuel B. rdonez that they had
received official notification of
the opening of proceedings a-
galnst Gainza Paz but they did
not disclose specific charges.
La Prensa sources said they re-
c e 1 v e d no information of the
charges, and Argentine newsmen
have no access to court files.
La Prensa suspended publica-
tion Jan. 26 as a result of a boy-
cott by the Newsvendors* Union,
a non-employe newspaper distri-
buting organization which de-
manded a heavy perrentage of
the newspaper's classified adver-
tising and subscription revenue,
and exclusive Buenos Aires dis-
Last week one La Prensa em-
ploye was killed and 14 others
Injured while returning to the
printing plant in an effort to
resume work.
Koreans Screen
Moves; US 2nd
Division Gains
TOKYO, March 6 (UP) United States 2nd Division.
infantrymen advanced more than a mile today in a blind-
ing Korean snowstorm against Red forces screening the-
Chinese buildup for an all-out counter offensive.
General Douglas MacArthur reported nine to 12 fresh'
Communist divisions 100,000 men from Red China'*
long missing 3rd Field Army are moving into position be-
hind the central Korean front for what may be an imminV
ent assault.
ALL-AMERICAN CONCERT More than 400 persons, among them President Arnulfo Arias,
last night heard the National Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Professor Walter
Myers, play a concert of music by the modern American composers Charles Cadman. Deems
Taylor, George Gershwin and Howard Hanson, sitting in the lower boxes at the National
Theater were (from 1. to r.) Finance Minister, Rodolfo Herbruger; Mrs, Carlos N. Brln; Dr.
Brin, Minister of Foreign Relations; Minister of Government and Justice, Jose C. de Obaldia;
Enrique Linares, Mrs. Arias; President Arias; Mrs. Linares;. Commander-in-Chlef. Caribbean,
Lt. Gen. W. H. H. Morris. Jr., and Mrs. Morris; United States Charge d'Affaires Murray M.
Wise and Mrs. Wise; MlnisLer-of Education Modesto Salamin and Mrs. Salamin; Panama Ca-
nal Governor F-rancis K. Newcomer and Mrs. Newcomer, and Ecuadorian Ambassador Cesar
Coloma 811 va. The concert was Jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Education and the Amer-
ican Embassy.
U.S. May Join In Pacific
Alliance Favored By Anzacs
Authoritative sources predict-
ed today that the United states
"most probably" would agree to
the formation of a Pacific de-
fense alliance In which Austra-
lia. New Zealand and the Philip-
Dines would be the other par-
Thev said top administration
officials here had been greatly
Impressed bv special Presidential
lepresentatlve John Foster
Dulles' explanation of the de-
sires of some Pacific countries
for a collective security arrange-
ment designed to thwart Com-
munist aggression, and at the
fame time keep an eye on any
resurgent militaristic tendencies
Ji.pan might show.
Dulles who recently returned
from a five week trip to Japan,
tht Philippines. Australia and
New Zealand as President Harry
8. Truman's treaty negotiator
has expressed his svmpathv for
security desires of the two Brit-
ish Commonwealth countries.
Expanding this theme he sug-
the Stalin strategy of conquer-
ing the West via the East."
While Australia and New Zea-
land Old not specifically men-
tion the inclusion of the Philip-
pines in the security arrange-
ments, official United States
opinion is that the historical as-
sociation of the Islands with the
United States, and their key
position In Pacific defense,
would make lt Inconceivable that
thev should be excluded.
The thinking most prevalent
here at high levels is that the
four countries would form the
nucleus of 'an alliance with
others, such as Indonesia, free to
loin later If they wish.
United States officials appear
to believe a collective security
nact in the Pacific if it comes
into existence should not be
oulte as strong In its commit-
ments as the North Atlantic
Dulles In discussing the sub-
let referred to an agreement
!i. which the United States would
consider armed attack on one of
No More Boy Felons
To Pedro Miguel,
Judge Hancock Says
"I am not going to send any
more boys, no matter how old,
to Pedro Miguel Jail,' Judge
Hancock declared this morning
in the Ancon District Court.
His declaration came as he
imposed a one-year-term In
Gamboa penitentiary on William
Edward Francis, who will not be
18 years old until next June.
Francis admitted, by his guilty
plea, that he had broken into
a land-lease dwelling near Pa-
raso early last month and sto-
len $500.
"Boys are a lot better off in
the penitentiary than they are
in the jail," Judge Hancock con-
He has been highly critical of
the Jail conditions for several
months, believing that the en-
vironment where hardened wo-
men criminals, are imprisoned
near 'teen age boys cannot be
conducive to the rehabilitation
of the youngsters. In court re-
cently, he also declared that the
women prisoners were not be-
ing given enough work to keep
them busy.
Young Francis took the mo-
ney, which had been stored in
a jar. hid $292 of lt under a rocK
nearby, turned $200 of it over to
an aunt, he told police, and
3pent the remaining few dollars
en a pair of pants and some
shoes which he had packaged
together and then left on a rail-
road train.
He was one of four defendants
sentenced during ^he court ses-
sion Adolfo Qulrs. 22, Pan-
amanian who identified himself
as a boxer, drew one year in
Gamboa for r,obbery and Rey-
naldo Alberto Pessoa, 1$, Pan-
amanian, was given six months
in Gamboa for the theft of
clothes from a Gaviln area
line. He was charged with sub-
sequent petty larceny.
Paraso Robber Headley Sentenced
To 14 Years; Gittens Trial Set
A 14-year penitentiary term, to 25 year old Basil Headley
maximum possible for the of- when Headley, who had been
fense was imposed today in' cauRht and unmasked during
the Ancon District Court on one i the holdup, pleaded guilty to
of three men who staged a '< the formal charge of assault
masked and armed robbery last
Feb. 9 at the Paraso Clubhouse.
The sentence was handled out
(Z Police Probing
New Burglary At
Madden Dam
Canal Zone police are investi-
gating a burglary at Madden
Dam commissary, discovered this
morning and believed to have
been committed during last
When a check of the building
with intent to commit robbery.
While Headley was being sen-
tenced. Clubhouse manager Er-
nest A. Robertson, timekeeper
Everett H. Drew and waitress
Ovira Jules Holder were in the
office of Lt. Gov. Herbert D. Vo-
gel, for commendation on their
actions the night of the holdup.
Robertson's shoulder was in-
jured when he was struck with
the butt of a loaded shotgun In
Headley's hand and his left arm
is still in a sling. The tip of
Drew's right index finger was
shot off when the gun was dis-
charged during a scuffle, with
Headley In the manager's office
the night of the robbery.
Both Heaaiey and Goldbourne
Cornlllus Gittens were arraign-
was made at about 8 a.m. itoday >d beionj Judge j08eDh Hancock
the hasp lock was found to have j morning on the robbery
been pried off the buildings! t
back door. It was Intact lasti^i:
night at 8:30 p.m.
The cashier's cage had not
been entered, The Panam Am-
erican learned.
Up to 11 a.m. a merchandise
check showed the following art-
icles to be missing:
Nine pints of chocolate milk,
two pairs of shoes, half a case of
cigarettes two fountain pens and j Mrg steUa 01sen Qf Oamboa
two pencils. cipd at 12:45 ociock tnis mom-
. __. .4 i_..i in? at Gorgas Hospital. She had
.1,?J?ry2!t Wu?^1 nm entered the hospital yesterday,
the third for the Madden Dam j^ al services will be held
commissary. The most serious oc- Thursday at the
curred about two years ago when Cnurch at Btlboa
^^JlJl1?^*^ Heights, at which a service will
S^^*th? toffiJS .?"'by.
Mrs. Stella Olsen
Of Gamboa Dies
In Gorgas Hospital
Headley pleaded guilty but
Gittens, who swaggered into
court and looked over the pack-
ed crowd of spectators before
taking his place in front of the
judge, pleaded not guilty. His
attorney. William J. Sheridan,
Jr., waived a jury and trial was
set for March 29.
Before recommending the 14-
year maximum sentence for
Headley, Assistant District R, K.
Hazard summarized Headley's
poor employment record he
has not worked since October,
1948 and his police record
which Includes convictions for
disorderly conduct, disturbing
the peace, loitering and battery.
The Paraso Clubhouse hold-
up. Hazard pointed out, was an
"aggravated case."
Headley's counsel, Woodrow de
Castro, told th ecourt that the
irtpa of the holdun had not orig-
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Gromyko Pushes
German Peace
Treaty Details
PARIS, March 6 (UP) Rus-
sia 13 already seeking to get dis-
cussion of German demilitariza-
tion at the Foreign Ministers' de-
puties' conference here, but the
deputies of the Western powers
sought a general discussion first.
They met at the French Foreign
Ministry this morning to line up
a joint strategy.
The Russian plan on Germany
Is said to provide specifically for
the following moves:
1) The conclusion of a peace
treaty with Germany this year;
2) Withdrawal of all occupa-
tion forces Russian and West-
ern within 12 months after
the signing of the treaty;
3) Restoration of German
unity after elections;
4) Free development of peace-
time production and foreign
5) Elimination of Germany's
military and industrial war po-
The Western delegates indicat-
ed to Soviet delegate Andrei Gro-
myko when he presented this
plan that they wanted first to
discuss what they consider the
real causes of East-West tension
the size of the Soviet and sa-
tellite armed forces.
They want also to clear up the
bogged down Austrian peace
treaty question. Then they will
be willing to sit down and talk
about Germany.
The new arrivals have been
cut of action since the 3rd Field.;
Army had Its nose bloodied bv
Uhited States Marines the fight -
Inic American withdrawal from,
northeast Korea last December.
Their arrival Increases the,
C'.mmunist troops in the line,
across Korea to possibly 250.000.
But Lt. Gen. Matthew Ri.
way, commander of the ground
troops in Korea, said his forces
could handle any Communist
counter offensive.
Rldgway told the Press "wa
can turn lt backat the mo-
Under his command along the
14l>-mlle trans-Korean front are
seven United States divisions
with attached Turkish, Greek,'
Dutch and French brigades and'
battalion, two British Common-
wealth brigades and five South1
Korean divisions at normal
strength about 200.000 men.
An eight Inch snowfall and
low hanging clouds brought
fighting to a virtual standstill'
along most of the front today;'
and grounded all fighter planes.'
The snowstorm finally ended!
after 12 hours and climbing,
temperatures began to turn the,
drifts into slush.
Radar equipped Superior-'
tresses burrowed through th<,
bad weather f/'d plired I I,
tons of bombs on Communssl
supply centers as Hamhung on,
(Continued on Page g, Col. 2)
Balboa Tides
3:19 a.m.
3:48 p.m.
9:37 a.m.
10:00 p.m.
15.0 ft.
15.5 ft.
-0 6 ft.
-0.5 ft.
In 111 military hospitals, a key
staff of professional Red Cross
workers, aided by thousands of
trained volunteers, provided in-
numerable services, small and
large, to hospitalized servicemen
easing their long hours of hos-
pltallzatlon and helping to has-
ten the recovery of many.
In giving to the Red Cross, you I and that the government intenu-
help support this all-important ed to maintain its policy of sup-
program. porting the bank.____________
RPCovt.Will *
Continue To Back
Hotel, Trust Co.
The National Government his
no intention of withdrawing it j
support from Hotel El Panama,
well-informed sources said to-,
Their statement followed a ve-
to yesterday by President Arnul-
fo Arias of a bill which wouli
have enabled Hoteles Interamc
rlcanos, S.A. to float a $1.000,00',
loan locally, in order to pay olf
Its debts to contractors and oth- J
er creditors.
The sources also said current!
rumors of changes in the Board
of Directors In the Panama Trust;,
Company are without founda
German Says Planes Can Stem
Blitz By 500 Red Divisions
tlon for the Kaiser's and Hitler's
today will not be able to wago
a real blitz war. It will remain
what it has been during World
Formosa Told of Troop
Crossings; Red Subs
TAIPEI. Formosa, March 6
(UP) A highly reliable source
on the Chinese mainland reports
the presence of Russian-made
submarines off Kwangtung pro-
vince, South China, and reports
Rested that an alliance which _.
c-eated stability In the Pacific the other members as dangerous also that Chinese Communist
mipht go far towards achieving to the United States' peace and troops have crossed into Indo-
global peace by helping "thwart security. ,, 'China. '
First Polio Case
Since January 23
Reported In Zone
The first polio ease to be
admitted to Gorgas Hospital
since Jan. 23 was reported
this morning.
The patient Is a 22-year-
old sergeant from Albrook
field. Hospital authorities
described his condition as
"involvement in all extre-
mities and the chest mus-
He is not. however. In one
of the Iron lungs.
gas Hospital Chapel
The wife of Arthur Olsen. a
retired Mechanical Division em-
ploye. Mrs. Olsen worked for the
Canal about three years from
1925 to 1928 as a saleswoman in
I the Balboa Commissary. She
was 83 years old.
She is survived by her hus-
band. one daughter, Mrs. Glynn
L. Terrell of Cristobal, one son,
army will not be able to blitz
Europe if lt can be checked by a
superior strategic air force, ac-
cording to an authoritative Ger-
man military maga/lne.
The attack of the Russian
'steam roller" can be tempor-
arily halted by long range
bomber fleets till ground re-
serves have arrived from beyond
Phillip Seigle. who lives in Lan- > the Atlantic by smashing the
weak road and rail network on
Eastern Europe according to the
first issue of the magazine "Eu-
ropean Security."
Edited by Martin H. Sommer-
fr-ldt. wartime press spokesman
lor the German army high com-
mand, the new magazine wants
to keep up the dradltion of the
sing. Michigan, and two grand-
1 children.
Active pallbearers at the fun-
1 eial will be Norman Rocker,
liobert Lombroia. Howard An-
derson. J. D. Logadon. W. E.
Hall, and Randall Ford.
Honorary pallbearers will be
EL. Wood. SI Wodruff. Myron
lUrrington, Major B. Bajorln. century-old Milltaer w oc h e n-
C:.Ptaln J. M. Davis and Bert B'att 'Military Weekly Maga-
Mead, zine;, the authoritative publica-
resources will not do the Krem-
lin any good as long as the Unit-
ed States can control the air
and can attack the Soviet hin-
terland with thousands of super
pembers should an east-west
conflict break out.
Feuchter said World War II
was only won by the Allies be-
cause they had absolute control
cf the air over Germany during
the decisive stages of the fight-
He added that Korea is no test
of the value of a powerful
strategic air force because there
art no strategic objectives ex-
cept In Manchuria.
"Despite her military strength"
the magazine said Russia has
175 divisions. Including 35 ar-
mored and 58 artillery divisions,
under arms'the Red Army of
'in the case of war inferior
numbers of Western troops may
oe able to frustrate all the Rus-
sian attacks- till reinforcements
have arrived only because of
their control of the air."
The magazine claims the So-
viet startegelc air force is far
inferior to the American. It said
Russia can only produce 12.000
planes annually while the United
States turned out 96.000 during
one year of World War II.
The magazine claimed that If
the United States Strategic Air
Forcein the event of war
concentrates on Russia's oil
fields, her big industrial centers
and her communications hubs,
the supply-line-bound Red Army
will soon run out of gasoline,
spare parts and ammunition.

Cargo and FreightShips and PlanesArrivals and Departures

New Orleans Freight Service Cristbal
S.S. La Playa .................................March 9
8.8. Fiador Knot ..............................March 16
S.S. Quisque va ................................March 20
8.8. Levers Bend ................................March 27
8.S. Quisqueya.................................April 3
Hanrillne Rerrt-ented Chilled
and General CartO.
New Vork Freight service Cristbal
S.S. Cape Cumberland...................... March 12
S.S. Cape Ann ................................March 1
S.S. Cape AvinI ..............................March 28
S.S. Cape Cod ..................................April 4
Havana Freight Service
Sailings Weekly from Havana to Cristobal
Weekly sailings to New Vork. Los Angeles and Seattle.
Occasional sailings to New Orleans and Mobile.
The steamers In this service are limited to twelve passengers.
Frequent Sailings (rom Cristbal to
West Coast of Central America
Cristbal 2121
Panam 2-2804
Coln 20
Shipping & AirLine News
The Pacific Steam Navigation Comoany
Royal Mall Lines Lid.
M.V. "SARMIENTO"' ............................March 9th
M.V. "SALINAS''.............................. March 30th
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO".....................May 28th
8. "FLAMENCO" .............................March 12th
M.V. "SALAMANCA""..........................March 17th
8.8. "LOCH RYAN" .............................March 11th
8.S. "LOCH AVON"............................March 29th
8.8. "DALERDYK,"...............................April 6th
Accepting passengers, Cabin? and Third Class.
Superior-accommodation availabte-for ftaeengers.
All Sailings Subject to Change Without Notice.
PACIFIC STEAM NAV CO.. Cristbal Tel. 1654 16S5
FORD COMPANY INC. Panama Tel. 3-1257/1258: Balboa 1905
American Finance Corporation Panama Forest Product! 16
Azucarera Nacional. S. A. (Preferred 7'.,) ................ 100
Arana. 4 Lyons. S. A.................................... 1J
Cemento Panama. S. A................................... 34
Compaa Licorera de Panam, S. A.................... 2
Compaa General de Seiuros. S. A...................... 35
Compaa Internacional de See.uro. S. A................. i
Compaa de Lefevre, S. A. (Commoni................. la
Compaa de Letevre. S. A. (Preferred) .................. 1
Compaa Panamea de Aceites. S. A. .................. 30
Clay Products Company ................................
Moteles Interamerlcanos. S. A...........................
National Brewery. S. A. ................................ 5
National Distillers. S. A................................
Panamerlcan Orange Cruab, Co. (Common) ............ 1
Panamerlcan Orange Crush Co. (Preferred) ............ 35
Panama Power St Light Company (Common) .......... 32
Panama Power Light Company (Preferred) .......... 44
Panama Coca-Cola Bottling Company ................... S'.a
Panam TruM Company. Inc............................
Sao Fernando Clinic .................................... *
Storey Engineering. S. A.................................
Tierras deiChagres. S. A (Commoni ....................
Compaa Panamea de Aviacin (COPA) ............... -
Panam insurance Company. Inc..................... **
There a> uuni iniun named Joe
To a Carpenter Shop went this schmoe
To buy a car for bis work
But they laughed at this lerk....
P A Classifieds gave him a tow!
Braniff Convalrs
Branlff Airways has ordered 20
340-lype Convair-Llners from
the Consolldated-Vultee Alrcr:ilt
Corporation .Braniff officials
here said yesterday. The order ,i-
mount to approximately $12 mil-
The planes have a speed of a-
bout 300 miles an hour, pressur-
ized cabins and can accommodate
44 passengers..
Their gas tanks will be convert-
ed for long-hop use so that i hey
can be placed In Braniff's Inter-
national as well as domestic ser-
for SU*K/ied Sut
la your akin tender, dry or oily? Occaiionatly
klemished by unsightly pimples, blackheads or
rash? Culieura Soap kjoj tptciaUy made for you
-as well as for averyons with normal sida,
who'd like to keep complexion jToblems away I
* Conuio emolhenta and special Vallen to seethe ek>
comrorl, help relieve uriUtion.
* feceptionall* mild, neutral, laade-tkat'a whr ote-
la) aantenee the world orer.
* Delightful fragrance, suitable for men, women, babies.
* Finest quality possible. Hard milled. Economical.
uu ii Aiso km row ua ano ia.h ivmv dav

Cook Dies
Word was being waited here
today as to disposal of. the body
of Charles Triplet!., 44. American
chiei cook on the P and T Explor-
Mr. Triplett died Sunday night
aboard the ship when she was
nine hours out of Panama, re
was found, very ill, on the ma.'n
deck by a crewman late Sunday
afternoon and died about C:?0
p.m. Death is believed to have
been from a heart attack.
The Explorer was met yester-
day at the outer anchorage by a
Canal Zone doctor and the body
removed to Gorgas morgue. Head-
quarters of the company In Sqn
Francisco have been notified and
they will get In touch with his
The ship continued on to Gulf
ports anil was No. 4 on yester-
day's northbound transits. Local
agents for the Pope and Talbot
line are W. Andrews Co.
Yacht Clears
Dropping her owner and his
200,000 Said Killed
In China Following
Communist Purge
TAIPEI, Formosa, Mar. 6, (UP)
The Chinese Nationalist De-
fense Ministry today revealed a
list of 200,000 identified dead-
victims of the Communist putge
on the Chinese mainland In the
paSt six months.
A Ministry spokesman said the
identified dead were only a flftn
of the estimated total number of
mainland Chinese who had fallen
under the Communist blood and
terror campaign against Nation-
alist supporters.
He said the identified dead
were mainly in the coastal pro-
vinces. Loss of communication
with Inland provinces made it al-
most impossible to get details of
the estimated 1,000,000 deaths.
Meanwhile Independent Chin-
ese reports from Hongkong said
the Chinese Communists hod
ordered the wholesale evacuation
of an estimated 200,000 residents
from the South China coast aones
ranging from Hongkong 200 miles
north to Swatow.
The zones evacuated are to be
turned into military areas. The
Reds have already mined and for-
t'fied this coast and established
a string of air bases along it.
They are doing a rush assembly
Job on Russian planes which are
reported to be making daily test
flights over Canton.
No Help From Him
Milwaukee parking lot owner re-
fuses to give any help to his com-
petition, the parking meters. He
posted this blunt sign in the
window of the lot office: "No
guests at Balboa, the 120 foot
motor yacht Marijean headed
back up the West Coast this week
end to Vancouver.
Owner of the big luxury yacht
is H. R. MacMillan. He and his
guests, John Buchanan. Blake
Ballantlne and Donald Bates, nil
prominent Canadian buslnc-1-
men. continued their trip by PAA
to Miami.
Marijean. arrived in Baiooa
late Friday and started back loi
Vancouver Saturday.
Propeller Repaired
Her propeller and part of her
main shaft replaced, the Vene-
zuelan freighter Ciudad de Ca-
racas was southbound in the Ca-
nal yesterday on Cristobal's No.
8 schedule. She has a carg of au-
tomobiles from the United Stales
for Buenaventura.
Ciudad de Caracas was dry-
docked in Newport News late tart
month after having been towed
into port by a Coast Guard cut-
She was located 125 miles off
Cape Henry in heavy seas altar
she reported by radio that she
had lost her propeller.
Written for NEA Service
* NORTH ? Q1063 KJS2 ? A63 ? KQ IS
? 85 <|>72
10976 VQ4
? J10 9 ? Q872
+ 9854 *J10632 >
? K54 1
+ A7 1
N-S vul 1
South West North Ft f
1* Pass 3 A Pass
4N.T. Pass 5 ? Pass
5N.T. Pass 6 / Pass
6 NT. Pass Pass Pass
Opening lead* J j
For Prompt Relief
For coughs duo
to colds.
Pleasant-tasting effec-
tivefor both adults and
children. At your druggist.
wnmu NORWICH moouci
mosi famous
2000 modern rooms
spotless comfort
t sot, st. NEW YORK
< ii lu I|i la*I Ml.
I am sometime* surprised, and
even saddened, by the fact thai
some players who should know
better just don't. For example,
the hand shown todays was play-
ed by a very experienced player!
Yet all his experience wasn't
enough to cope with the heart
The bidding was quite good.
South used the Blackwood Con-
vention to find out that his part-
ner had one ace and two kings.
He then went to six no-trtnnp,
suggesting that a grand slam
might be makable.
If North had held a long suit
1 e might have gone on to seven,
but his pass was proper with tne
cards he held. Since South actu-
ally failed to make even the small
slam. North can hardly be ac-
cused of underbidding.
West opened the jack of dia-
monds and South won with the
king. He could count five spnde
tricks, two diamond, and two
clubs. He therefore needed thrpe
heart tricks to make his slam
South laid down the ace of
hearts and then finessed dum-
my's jack of hearts, losing to
East's queen. South reasoned
that he would make his contract
if the! heart finesse worked, if
the suit broke 3-3. or if some sort
of squeeze later developed.
He was disappointed on nil
counts. The finesse lost, the
hearts did not break, and no
squeeze developed. West simply
saved hearts and East saved dia-
monds. South therefore made
only eleven tricks.
The proper way of playing the
hearts to make three tricks
should be known to every good
ployer. The first heart trick
sh-juld be won by dummy's king
and the second by South's ace.
South then leads his remaining
heart towards dummy's jack.
Actually, the queen of hearts
would have dropped on the sec-
ond round, so that South would
have had no problem. However,
assume that the queen of hearts
has not yet appeared when
South leads his third heart.
If West has the queen, dum-
my's jack of hearts must sur. ly
make n trickregardless of bow
badly the suit breaks. If the suit
u.ea ;c3 3. dummy's fourth heart
will surelv become established.
Me'-i*tr*>e thpre is no risk
hast may make the doubleton
queen 01 hearts.
Eczema Itch
Quickly Fought
Don't let ltt-hln Eciema, Plmplee.
King-worm. Mix-knead*, A.-ne, Paorla-
ale, loot It, a, Atltletee Kuot (Allpunga)
r other blrmlahea dlaflaura your akin
and enibarraaa you a.iother day w-Cinnt
trying Nixoderm. Thla (real mactlrtne.
at the cerna and paraalte* which
often are the real ciuae of akin trouble.
1 hat la why Nixoderm ao (julekly make
your akin aoft. clear, amnotli and at-
tractive. <;et Nixoderm from your drus-
*7*t todayaee how much betlar lour
kin looka ama (cela touioirow.
His Boy
Who Said That*
VTjNOVi "two
TO *AM4'. O V&TC
GOUttP. i_Yt Vft.60 TO I
\T-f\r4D VriVNM* fWifW
VOO \ri Ott'KMl 1 I V\f\ ..'. VOOK ,voo>
^AJUft ^QN tO
In Hidinj?
Beaure,arde Bon
7 fSHOLE' A VVBARy niexw.
in rut

Army, Navy & Air Force News
41 Women Instructors Qualify
One further step In the devel-
opment of the Joint Army, Navy
and Air Force Disaster Control
Center on the Isthmus was the
graduation last week at the Pan-
ama Area Damage Control
School, Fort Amador, of 41 wom-
en as accredited Red Cross First
Aid Instructors.
The graduation ceremony re-
firesented the conclusion of an
ntenslfled course of Instruction
conducted last month at the Edu-
cation Center at Fort Clayton by
Mr. Raymond Amiro, represen-
tative of the American Red Qross
National Headquarters. Wash-
ington, D,C. Assisting Mr. Ami-
ro with the Instruction was L";.
William J: Dolan of the Panama
Canal Fire Department.
Following a congratulatory ad-
dress by Colonel F. P. Klnlz,
Surgeon, United States Army Ca-
ribbean, Colonel Ragnar E. John-
son, Director of the Disaster Con-
trol Center presented a con-
densed lecture on methods of In-
At present there are 20.000 per-
sons enrolled In similar Instruc-
tors' courses In the United States
who will pass their learning on
to an estimated 20,000,000 citizens.
Those awarded diplomas and
Red Cross cards slgnl'ylng them
as qualified First Aid Instructors
were the Mesdames Darrell Ad-
ams. William H. Bach, John Barr,
Margaret M. Ben wick, John C.
Bolton, J. C. Bose AidaW. Bow-
en, Percy H. Brown, William C.
Burry, Collln Bushway, Carlos L.
Byers, Stanley J. Carpenter. J.
K. Daly, Frank W. Davis, Robert
J. Dickson, Walter T. Eason,
John W. Ervin, John P. Farrcll,
David F. Gainey, Jean B. Hanes,
Barbara 8. Hollls, Charles F.
Hood,, Elizabeth W. Humphreys,
Daniel D Mack, John P. Mlal;
Also Mesdames John D. Naill.
William J. Nolan. Katherlne O.
Peixotto, Tom L. Peyton, Ruth I.
Rathbun, Rosa E. Riga), Bern'.ce
M. Romano, Mary B. Schorr, He-
len W. Shaw. Charles L. Slegel,
DwightT. Smith. Allan L. Swain,
Harold W. Taylor, James V.
Thompson, Elizabeth L. Thomp-
son and Helen J. Wilson.
Lt. Stanley C. Orr
Commands ACM-12
Lt. William I. T. Dennlson,
U8N. was officially relieved by
Lt. Stanley C. Orr, USN, as com-
manding officer of the Navy
mine planter USS ACH-12 during
ceremonies held last Saturday
morning aboard that vessel.
Red River Dragged
In Search for Frosh
Missing After Prank
6. (UP i Two boatloads of men
searched sandbars and snags a-
long 30 miles of Red River today
or a college freshman who hasn't
turned up since Thursday night
when upperclassmen played an
"outraged husband" Joke on him.
The freshman, 18-year-old Al-
len Kaplan of (37 Maverick)
Chelsea, Mass., bolted into the
woods when the "outraged hus-
band" a student fired' a
shotgun into the air. With him
iled five or six other students.
who had promised to escort him
to n "hot date" In a Lovers' Lane
long the river.
The other students quickly re-
turned, to laugh at Kaplan's em-
barrassment when he discovered
the trick. But Kaplan didn't re-
turn. And the suspicion grew to-
day that he had, in his terror,
tumbled over the 40-foot bank of
the river and been drowned.
The now-remorseful pranks-
ters, all athletes who lived wiih
Kaplan In a special dormitory at
Northwestern State College, were
returning to their classes alter
helping search for him day and
night since his disappearance.
Some still hoped he might be try-
ing to turn the Joke on them by
"The tension Is terrible." one
of them said. "I feel sorry for the
boy and his parents and I sure
hope that we'll soon get a report
that he has turned up safely."
"We never dreamed lt would
turn out like this." another said.
"I told him not to run toward the
liver. That's one reason I believe
he still may be alive if he heard
me. he knew where the river was."
Dean of Men Dudley Fulton
checked "several reports" that a
man resembling Kaplan six
feet, two inches tall, weighing
205 pounds, with close-cropped
hairhad been seen hitch-hiking
But Fulton said none of these
reports had checked out. Includ-
ing one Kaplan's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Norman Kaplan, had
mrde public In Chelsea. They
said Fulton had telephoned them
their son had been seen on a
highway 80 miles north of Natch-
it oches.
Fulton thought that, in th"ir
anxiety, they had misunderstood
his saying lt was only a report.
He said Kaplan, the father, had
told him he was flying to Natcnl-
toches and would arrive tomor-
tow night to help In the search
With Zonians
In the Service
(Isthmians with family
members or friends In the
V. 8. Armed Forces are urged
to contribute to this depart-
ment by mailing data to the
Zone Service man's Editor,
The Panama-American, Box
134. Panama, R. P. Informa-
tion as to ser v i c e m n' a
whereabouts, their promo-
tions and excerpts from their
letters are of particular in-
THE THIRD JOINT COMPTROLLER'S LUNCHEON, sponsored by the Navy, was held at tha
Albrook Officer's Mess recently. These meetings, held on a bi-monthly basis, are for the
purpose of discussing fiscal problems of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Panama Canal, and
to engender a better understanding between the various officers of the respective services.
The presiding officer, Commander Frank J. Roberts, USN, Commanding Officer of the
Naval Supply Facility, delivered a lecture on "The Funding of 15th Naval District Activities."
From left to right above are: Cmdr. Roberts; Col. S. J. Adams, finance officer, USARCARIB;
Lt. H. L. Landt, audit agency, USARCARIB; Lt. D. L. Moore, fiscal division. Naval Supply Fa-
cility* (apt. John Cunningham, chief management training, CAlrC; Col. E. G. Brown, audit
agency, USARCARIB; Lt. Col. F. H. Stone, comptroller section, USARCARIB; Capt. G. M. Reed,
assistant statistical control officer CAlrC; Maj. S. J. Otto, statistical control officer CAlrC: L
L. Wright, assistant finance director Pan Canal; i. F. Lewis, chief accountant Pan Canal;
Lt. Col. T. B. Stewart, chief management analysis divisin CAlrC: Col. J. V. Thompson, comp-
troller USARCARIB: Maj. R. L. Metcalf, management section comptroller I'SARCARIB; Lt.
(Jg) B. W. Zlegler, disbursing officer, Naval Supply Facility: Maj. R. L. Chadwick, deputy dis-
bursrnr officer CAlrC; and J. L. Fulton, cost accounting branch Pan Canal.
(U.8. Air Force photo)
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Caldwell of
Fort Kobbe. Is attending Air
Force supply school at Lowrle
Air Force Base In Denver. Colo-
He attended the Canal Zone
schools and entered the Air Force
last October.
Having completed basic train-
ing at Lackland Air Force base
in 8an Antonio, Texas, he reach-
ed Lowrle on Jan. 2.
3 Presidential West Point
Appointees Taking Exams
Three Presidential appointees
for admission o the US Military
Academy are being examined
here this week to determine their
qualifications for entrance In the
academy in July of this year, the
US Army Caribbean announced
All are sons of Army officers
and have been named for eligi-
bility to become cadets under the
Presidential quota, which totals
13 cadets. This is distinct from
appointments made by the Gov-
ernor of the Panama Canal,
which must be for sons of civil-
Examinations for other ap-
pointees are In progress simul-
taneously at about 25 other Army
and Air Force Installations in
the United States and over seas.
President of the board of offi-
cers conducting the local exam-
inations Is Colonel Robert H.
Douglas. '
The examinations are limited
to duly appointed candidates, no-
minated by one of the sources
provided by law. Colonel Doug-
las emphasizes that the local
board has no authority to Issue
appointments or to process ap-
plications for appointment.
About 750 cadets are admitted
each year. It is not necessary to
be either a "Quiz Kid" or a star
athlete to meet the requirements,
Colonel Douglas po 1 n t s out.
Though the standards necesarl'y
are high, any healthy and intel-
ligent young American In the
upper portion of his class should
be able to meet them.
The examinations now In pro-
gress consist of tests In mathe-
matics. English and US history;
a mental aptitude test, a series of
physical aptitude tests to meas-
ure co-ordination and develop-
ment, and a very thorough medi-
cal examination.
Details of the appointment
sources, requirements, study-
course outlines, and even samples
of the various mental examina-
tions, as well as general Informa-
tion and history of the Academy,
are all available In the West
Point Catalog, the colonel re-
minds all young men who may be
interested. It Is obtainable by
sending a postcard to The Adju-
tant General. Military Academy
Section, Washington 25, D.C.
Trutta, Skylark
At New London
The submarine USS. Trutta
and the submarine-rescue vessel
U.S.S. Skylark were taken out oi
the "mothball fleet" and placed
in commission March 1,1951 dur-
ing ceremonies held at the US
Naval Submarine Base, New Lon-
don. Connecticut, according io
Headquarters Fifteenth Naval
Lt. Commander Richard R.
Laning, USN. of Amherst, Vi..
will command the reactivated
Trutta and Lt. Commander Ro-
molo Cousins, USN, of Fallbrook,
Calif., the Skylark.
Mental Hospital Attendants
Charged With Killing Patient
6, (UP) Three attendants at
the State Mental Hospital who
allegedly coaxed a patient to
swallow a handkerchief on which
he strangled were charged with
murder today.
Forty other patients watched
Loyd Hooks, 23, of Mlllen. Ga.,
choke on the wadded cloth riur-
lns: a reported bit of "horseplay"
last Thursday, Hospital Superin-
tendent Thomas G. Peacock said.
Hooks was rushed from the day
room of one of the hospital wards
tp the bathroom where he died a
few minutes later. Peacock said.
The Superintendent filed mur-
der charges against C. W. Becx-
um. Alton Lingold and J. Arthur
Huff, all employed by the state as
The men denied the charges,
stating they were with Hooks Out
did not notice he was "eating tilt
handkerchief until lt was too
late. A coroner's Jury recom-
mended they be bound over be-
cause of conflicting evidence.
Dr. R. W. Bradford, who ques-
tioned many of the other estima-
ted 40 patients in the hospital
dayroom. testified that they said
the attendants "urged" Hooks to
"eat the handkerchief," after
pushing lt into his mouth.
To the other patients lt at first
"appeared in the nature of horse-
play." according to Dr. Peacock,
who attended the inquest but did
not testify. "Then lt got serious
and the patienU became excited,'
he said.
Huff called doctors who found
Hooks collapsed in the bathroom
with the handkerchief down his
throat. They were unable to re-
vive him with drugs and artificial
i Hooks, who had been a patient
for about one year, was confined
to a ward for the criminally in-
sane because of his "tendency to
run away." Dr. Peacock said.
Lingold and Huff had blem-
ishes on their records for Infrac-
tions of hospital regulations that
did not concern handling pa-
tients. Dr. Peacock said.
There was a young fellow named
Who tried to buy rum at. a salt
1 Of Rummage thev say
But he's wiser today
Reads P.A
Classified now! in
Berlin Mayor Gives
'Marshall Haus'
To Defense Secretary
The Mayor- of Berlin, Ernst
Reuter, called on the Secretary
of Defense, General Marshall, at
the Pentagon last Friday to pay
his respects and to present a
scale model of "George C. Mar-
shall Haus."
The "haus." or hall, is the main
pavilion on the new grounds of
the German Industrial Exhibi-
tion in Berlin.
The structure, extremely mod-
ern in architecture, Is a perman-
ent building designed for use us
a social center and theater
throughout the year. It was de-
dicated last October when the pa-
vilion was used to house exhibits
showing the remarkable revivrl
of German industry under the
Marshall Plan for European re-
covery. .
The model was brought to Gen-
eral Marshall by Mayor Reuter as
a token of regard and apprecia-
tion from the people of Berlin
and Germany.
Commdr. Holcombe
Addresses Damage
Control School
Commander Charles M. Hol-
combe, USN, Commanding Offi-
cer, Hq. 15th Naval District, was
the guest speaker at the Panama
Area Damage Control School
graduation held recently at Fort
Amador. The class consisted of
36 members of the Armed Forces
as well as Panama Canal person-
nel the 28th class to complete
the comprehensive two week
course in chemical and radiologi-
cal warfare.
Colonel. Ragnar E. Johnson.
Commandant of the school, spoke
of the organization of the pres-
ent school and congratulated the .
graduating members of the cla>l.
Major Edward G. Halligan of
the school staff, assisted Com-
mander Holcombe In presenting
the diplomas to the group.
The three students holding top
honors were Captain LeRoy I).
Llmpus, Hq. Co. 33rd Inf.; 2nd Lt.
Andres Garcia Arache. Sv Btry.
482d FA Bn; and M-Sgt. Philipp
L. Hutaon, Hq. and Hq. Sj.,
5700th Ab Gp.
Tall-Tale Slicker
Causes Furore
In Upstate N. Y.
(UPiA self-styled ex-service-
man, with an aptitude for tall
tales, created quite a stir dur-
ing his short stay here.
Before vanishing, the mys-
terious stranger made many
friends but left some of them
with shaken convictions.
His first escapade was a
$540 bet with Arthur M. Bullock.
The stranger wagered that wa-
termelons could not be ob-
tained at this time of year.
The resourceful Bullock ar-
ranged for a melon to be flown
from Cuba. When lt arrived,
however, the stranger had dis-
The check he left behind to
cover the bet was refused by a
Philadelphia bank. It was mark-
ed "no account'."
Then, a local Jeweler admit-
ted that he almost had been
duped by the friendly "Mr. X."
Posing as a member of a fam-
ous mid-western beer-makln family, the stranger ordered
some expensive Jewelry for his
The Jeweler cautiously decid-
ed to hold up delivery until the
stranger's certified check was
cleared. It never was.
Just before leaving town, the
visitor rented a suite of rooms
at a hotel for his "wife, two
children and a governess." He
told the hotel manager to re-
serve additional rooms. He was
going to throw a reunion party
for some old Army buddies,
coming from as far away as
Well, no one was really hurt
by his "big talk,' except, possi-
bly, the bet winner or, that is,
loser. Even he found a solu-
tion to his watermelon prob-
lem. The fruit was auctioned
off for the benefit of the March
of Dimes Fund.
Five Enlisted Men
Promoted At Gulick
FORT GULICK. Canal Zone,
March 6 Atlantic Sector Head-
quarters, Fort Gulick, announced ;
today the promotion in grade of
five soldiers.
These men are Sergeant First
Class Emilio Rodriguez. 60th Ar-
my Band, promoted to Ma, t
Sergeant; Sergeant Joseph T.
Smith, 20th Military Police Com-
pany, promoted to Sesgeant Fhot
Class; Charles H. Smith. Sector
Headquarters and Robert T. By-
num, 20th M P Co.. formerly cor-
porals, were promoted to ser-
geant; and Pic. Walter Quionf,
60th Army Band, who made cor-
High Flood Pressure
If Hlh Blood Prewure iMkee
you diziy. hiv< pain around
heart, htadarhtr, abort breath, in-
dictation, palpitation, and awolien
ankle, you can ret almoat lnatant
relief from these dahserou aymp-
lomt jrlth IIYNOX. Aak Y"ur
rheralat for HTNOX today and teal
year younger la a tow da> t
New Blizzards Lash
Northern Mid-West
CHICAGO, March 6 (UP).
New blizzards bore down on the
northern Midwest today while
6.500 highway workers struggled
to open snow-clogged roads left
by two previous big storms.
The Weather Bureau said snow
and high winds were expected in
the Dakotas and Minnesota by
tonight or tomorrow, with local
blizzard conditions In some areas.
The three states barely were
recovering from two big blizzarc's
in rapid succession last week
which had halted air and ground
travel, closed schools and busi-
nesses and brought normal life
almost to a standstill.
At least 16 deaths were counted
in the Dakotas, Minnesota and
Iowa from the great storm.
Rain, snow and strong winds
lashed the Pacific Northwest
from northern California to Brit-
ish Columbia, meanwhile.
Brooking. Ore., was deluged by
2.30 inches of rain while heavy
Southern California tonight ac-
companied by winds of gale force
in the mountain passes.
A cold wave was bearing down
on Wyoming and Colorado, and
chillier weather was expected in
the east.
New York City had gloomy,
rainy weather with temperatures
in the 40's. but the mercury was
due to drop to 30 tonight.
New deaths reported in thar|
northern blizzard area Included
the flve-weeks-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. Roy Powers who died
of convulsions at Fairmont.
Minn., before a doctor could
reach him. Dr. Otto Wanke bat-
tled snowdrifts for more than an
hour behind a plow but reached
the infant too late.
At Brinerd. Minn., railroad
switchman Herbert Paine slipped
on ihe icy stepboard of a loco-
motive and fell to his death un-
derneath the train.
At St. Paul today a private
plane skidded on an icy runway
while taking off and plunged in-
to a snow bank. One of the four
passengers aboard was hurt.
Austria Is First Stop For Men
Fleeing Hungary's Iron Curtain
5 (UPi. This Is the first stop
west of the Iron Curtain for the
100 or so Hungarians who flee
their Communist homeland every
All kinds come through here
farmers whose land Is being
drawn Into communal farms,
young boys dodging the labor or
army draft, teachers, artists,
singers, actors and doctors who
want more freedom than they
can get nowadays In Budapest,
well-to-do men who find the
Communist squeeze uncomforta-
Some men bring their wives
and even unweaned babies, but
half leave their families in Hun-
:ary. A few of the latter go back
ater for their families, usually
getting the money for the return
trip by promising to bring Infor-
mation to some Western or re-
fugee Hungarian Intelligence
service, but most of these are
caught and shot.
Plenty of people who want to
Wagner Reports On
Congress Action
To Increase Salaries
Varied action on future pay in-
creases for classified employes,
has been reported bv Walter
Wagner, Legislative Representa-
tive of the Central Labor Union
and MTC.
On the favorable side, the Se-
nate Civil Service Sub-Committee
started hearings last week on an
increase for postal employes the
first pay hearing held on Capitol
Hill in about two years.
Senatorolln D. Johnston, of
South Carolina, Chairman of the
Senate Civil Service Committee
appeared before the Sub-com-
mittee on the first day of the
hearings and stated that the sa-
laries of the Government's clas-
sified employes, as well as those
of postal workers, should be In-
creased as soon as possible "to
enable them to meet the cons-
tantly rising living costs."
Senator Johnston testified In
favor of the bill he Introduced to
increase postal and classified em-
ployes 17 per cent with a maxi-
mum raise of (850 a year for
those earning more than $5,000 a
ye?.r. .
In addition to Senator Johns-
tori, Senator Herbert R. O'Conor
of Maryland. Senator Zales N.
Ecton of Montana. William C. Do-
herty, International President of
the A.F. of L. Letter Carriers,
and E.C. Hallbeck, Legislative
Representative o fthe A.F. of L.
Post office clerk stestlfled In fa-
vor of the bill.
On the unfavorable side.
Comptroller General Lindsay
Warren submitted a report which
opposed the 17 per cent increase
bill. The report pointed out that
there were many complex and
cumbersome questions to answed
if the bill is enacted into law.
The report suggested a revision of
obsolete postal legislation and a
new system of oostal grades.
There is also considerable talk
on Capitol Hill of Increasing the
40 hour work week to 48 hours.
Wagner reported. The increased
compensation for the extra hours
is considered enough extra nay to
cover the increased cost of living.
Ike Appoints Staff
Of Atlantic Army;
No Deputy Named
PARIS, March (UP) Gen-
eral Elsenhower today announc-
ed the appointment of a seven-
man headquarters "brains trust"
of generals and an admiral to
direct his Atlantic Pact army,
but postponed naming his deputy
supreme commander.
The list, which included only
one American, is:
Lt. Gen. Marcel Maurice Car-
pentler. French Army, deputy
chief of staff for administra-
Air Vice-Marshall E. C. Hud-
dleston. British R. A. F., deputy
chief of staff for plans;
Rear-Admiral Ferrante Cappo-
nl. Italian Navy, asslstapt chief
of staff for personnel and ad-
ministration; ,
Maj. Gen, Sir Terence Sydney
Airey, British Army, assistant
chief of staff for intelligence;
Maj. Gen. F. W. Festlng, Brit-
ish Army, assistant chief of staff
for organization and training;
Maj. Gen. Pierre Louis Bodet.
French Air Force, assistant chief
of staff for plans, policy and
Maj. Gen. Edmond H. Leavey.
United States Army, assistant
chief of staff for logistics.
leave Hungary are blown up In
minefields laid akmgVthe borders,
caught in machlnegun crossfire
from the tall watch towers along
the frontier, or arrested by regu-
lar army patrols which often
work with dogs.
Mines about three feet apart,
tripped either by wires or pres-
sure, are all along the frontier.
These are backed up by barbed
wire often piled higher than a
man's head. Wire cutters are es-
sential to any attempt to cross
the border.
The pressure mines are marked
by tiny stick thrust into the
ground to warn the border pa-
trols. But since most of the cras-
ser travel either at night, or In
the summer when the grass Is
long, they can't see the markers.
Just before Christmas six boys
trying to reach Western Austria
blundered Into a mine. T*o were
killed, two badly wounded and
two managed to get through.
Wealthy Hungarians hire
guides to show them across the
border or bribe frontier guards,
but most persons have to come
across on their own.
A 26-year-old farmer who Just
arrived said he lay hidden near
the border for two days and
nights learning how often the pa-
trol came by before he moved
Many Russian officers and
soldiers have also deserted to. the
West along this border. But that
traffic stopped as a result of a
recent Red Army regulation that
all members of any deserters'
company will be transferred Im-
mediately to Siberian duty.
With every member of every
Red Army company watching
every other member like a hawk
it Is difficult to make a break.
Most Hungarian refugees have
only the clothes on their back
when they get here. But they
are assisted by the Hungarian
National Liberation Committee
of New York and by the Austrian
Government, which runs a qua
rantine center for them.
who has been speaking in -
seven-day. city-wide evangelloS
tic campaign, sponsored uy
churches of the Pacific Side
and the Latin American Mis-,
slon of San Jose. Costa Rica.
Director of the campaign Is
Rev. William L. Thompson. .
Over 1000 persons attended
the first meeting Sunday at 4
p.m. on the La Boca School
grounds, and heard the com
ined choir of the Pacific SlUa
(130 strong) give a special ptW
gram. Schedule for further
meetings Is: Pacific Clubhoua,
7:30 tonight: La Boca Theater,
7:30 p.m. tomorrow: Pacific
Clubhouse, 7:30 p.m.Thursday;
Paraso Gymnasium, 7:30 p.m.
Friday and Pacific Clubhouse,
7:30 p.m. Saturday.
Biting Isn't ricking
year-old Jimmy Wlckersham. an
obedient child, listened when his
mother scolded him for picking
neighbors' flowers and told him
not to pick any more. Then Jim-
my went right to the flower bed
again. But he didn't "pick" any j
flowers... he bit off the stems.
Floor Rubber Mats............ 3.50
Bedroom Dotted Marquisette
CurtainsDifferent Colors.. 3.25
White Dotted Marquisette Cur-
tains (Large, 7' yds.)...... 4.50
Shower Curtains............. 3.95
Shower and Window Curtain
Toilet Seats ................. 0.95
Shower Curtain Hooks, Doa.....50
Chrome Shelf Racks............144
Chromium Towel Hangers
(3 sizes) .........40 .SO .70
Garden Shears
(Small and Large Sixes)
SPECIAL.....75; 1.50; 2.50; 3.50
Thermos Jugs................. 0.95
Decorated GlassSet of 6---- 1.50
Beer MugsSet of .......... 3.50
Thermos Bottles ............. 210
Picnic Kits (Service for 4)... .13.95
Second Floor 5a Avenida

ge rom

Cristobal Clinches Sixth Consecutive Pennant
Wide Open Race For Three
Remaining Berths In N.I.T.
By United Press
Ihere's still a wide open race
ior the two remaining berths In
thfe National Invitation Basket-
ball Tournament which starts Sa-
turday In New York.
Jen team have been named so
far. The best guess is that the
Oklahoma Aggies will net one of
the' remaining bids. Other teams
prominently mentioned ior the
tourney are Vlllanova, Holy Cros>'
Cincinnati, Hamline. St. Bona-
venture and Connecticut.
The 10 teams already in the In-
vitation Tourney are St. John's
of- Brooklyn, North Carolina
SUte. Brigham Young, Arizona.
Lawrence Tech of Detroit, Beloit
of Wisconsin. Dayton, 8eton Hall.
SI. Louis and LaSalle of Phila-
So far. only three teams will
play In both the Invitation and
the N-C-Double-A tourneys.
They are, Arizona, which won the
Border Conference title, North
Carolina State, winner of the
Southern Conference Champion-
ship and Brigham Young, cham-
pions In the Skyline Six Confe-
Only two other Major league
titles are still In doubt the Pa-
cific Coast Conference and the
Southwest Conference.
Washington has won the
Northern Division of the Pacific
Conference. The Huskies meet
the winner or last night's play-
off between Southern California
and U-C-L-A who are tied for
the Southern Section leadership.
The winner of that game goes to
the N-C-Double-A.
The Southwest Conference has
a three day tie among Texas,
Texas Christian and the Texas
Aggies. The Aggies and T-C-U
play to night at Waco the winner
will meet Texas in a best of three
series to determine the N-C-Dou-
ble-A representative.
The make-up of the N-C-Dou-,
ble-A tournament will be filled
out by six, "Member-at-large"
teams. The six teams, to be picked
by the selection committee, will
not Include any team which
finished second to conference
Final Day Of Track And Field
Finds USA Wide Margin Ahead
'El Capitn Urges Panama
Golfers To Prep For Summit
Doc" Earle Gerrans. Captain
of the Panama Golf Club Inter-
Club team, today urged all the
members of the Sabanas squad to
play over the Fort Amador layout
ouce or twice this week In pre-
paration for next Sunday's cru-
cial contest with the 8ummlt
Hill.s -Sweater Girls."
The Sweater Girls, nee the
Beerboyi, continued their winn-
ing ways Sunday at Brazos BTook
ZZ DURAN Tel. 2-2S26
and are presently on the way to
making good their boast that the
Inter-Club title this year will not
go to Panama.
Summit's sharpshooters have
actually outplayed Panama by
three and a half points in their
corresponding matches but the
Panama sluggers knocked off
Fort Davis by a 29 to 1 count last
week and Summit can't guaran-
tee as resounding a triumph
when they meet Davis later on,-
So, to all intents and purposes,
the teams are just about even up
and the coming show at Amador
should decide the Issue. If the
Sweater Girls have any edge at
all over Panama It's onlv because
they play the Amador course
more often and El Capitn Ger-
rans feels this can be overcome
easily by a couple of practice
rounds over Buddy Hammond's
The Panama team being gro-
omed to "slaughter" the unsus-
pecting Summlteers. sweaters
and all. will be the same, more or
less, as the outfit that wiped the
Brazos course with Davis but any
other candidates are urged to
call Gerrans at 2-3002 or 2-1588.
Plummer Commences Training;
Kid Evans Sidesteps Wallace
Classy lightweight
/aspirant Federico Plummer
In The
yesterday opened his training
camp and started training for his
bout with Cuba's former feather-
weight champion Miguel Acevedo
March 18.
The bout Is considered yard-
stick for Plummer's hopes of In-
vading the United States in the
near future. A victory for "Fred-
dy" will place his services In high
demand abroad where .Acevedo
has built up quite a repmatlon.
Acevedo, a reel ring veteran
though only 28 years old, has
tangled with some of the best
men in the world In the feather,
light and welterweight divisions.
Some of the "name" fighters
who have met Acevedo are Kid
Gaviln, Sandy Saddler and Wil-
lie Pep. Acevedo dropped decis-
ions to Gaviln and Pep. He lost
oh a knockout in eight rounds to
The March 18 program, which
is being promoted by Louis Cralg,
also includes a six-round semi-
final and two four-rounders. Lio-
nel Peralta meets Teml Olaclre-
gui In the sub-feature at 135
The four-rounders will bring
together Baby Innis vs. Cisco Kid
and Leslie Green vs. Melanio
Pacheco. The Innis-Cisco Kid
bout Is at a 116-pound limit while
while Green-Pacheco will make
118 pounds.
Other news In fistic circles
Indicate that featherweight
championship contender Kid
Evans is giving challenger
Kvlvter Wallace the run-
According to Cecil McCalla,
Wallace's manager, Evans said he
would meet Wallace only on the
condition of a "wlnner-a-take-
all" basis plus a J500 side bet. Mc-
Calla savs that his bov is willing
to meet Evans under those terms
any time.
However, savs McCalla. he has
learned that Evans handlers are
negotiating for a title bout with
the winner of the 8ammy Medi-
na-Louis Thompson bout which
Is scheduled for this Sunday.
If Evans does riot meet Wallace,
it will practically eliminate Wal-
lace from being considered a con-
tender in the present elimina-
tions to determine the successor
to the late Featherweight Champ
8tanley McKay.
McCalla claims that Wal-
lace was entered in the eli-
minations through the Box-
ing Commission's office and
must be taken into conside-
ration before a tille bout it
Ez9 Charles, Joe Walcott
Bout Boxing Vs. Slugging;
Robinson Suffers Influenza
By United Press
The heavyweight title fight to-1
morrow night between Champion |
Ezzard Charles and Joe Walcott
Is shaping up as a battle of slug-
ging versus boxing.
Jersey Joe has said he'll
try for a knockout when be
enters the Detroit ring for his
fourth shot at the heavy-
Albrook Flyers
Introduce New
Baseball Uniform
The Albrook Flyers 8unday In-
troduced the new Brooklyn Dodg-
er designed baseball uniforms
here In the Canal Zone. The
baseball uniforms are made up
of a trunk-type pants and sweat
Originally designed by the
Brooklyn Dodgers, the short
pants uniform has been In use by
some of the Dodgers' minor lea-
gue teams for several vears. The
outstanding team wearing the
short pants and sweat shirt base-
ball uniform is the Hollywood
Stars of the Pacific Coast Lea-
gue. Thus the uniform has been
clubbed the Hollywood style base-
ball uniform. Other ball clubs In
the southern part of the States
have also been using this new
uniform, for the past several
The Flyers' uniforms are white
trunks with dark blue tripes.
The sweat shirts are also white
and have a blue border around
the sleeves and neckline. Air
Force blue socks, which come to
the knees, complete the uniforms.
Interviewing the players, after
the game, most of them stated
that they prefer the new uniform
over the old one. In the late in-
nings, they felt much lighter be-
cause the uniforms do not absorb
as much perspiration and dirt.
Also, they stated that they could
run the bases much faster In the
trunks rather than the
The uniforms have built-in
sliding pad to nrevent runners
from getting bruised when slid-
ing In to a base. A number of the
players who had occasion to slide
during the game, said they felt
no different sliding with the new
uniforms than they did with the
old ones.
weight title. Today Charles
announced that he'll try to
held the crown by out-boxing
the hard-hitting; challenger.
Charles figures the 97-year old
Walcott will come up with the
best fight of his career and he
adds "Walcott looks hard aa a
rock, which means he's really
been getting ready for me."
Charles also points out that
the Camden, New Jersey, chal-
lenger knocked Joe Louis down
three times In two fights.
The champion at 30 Is
eight years younger than, Wal-
cott, but Jersey Joe will have a
10-pound edge in the weights.
The shadow of Louis will be
hanging oyer the fight whichever
way it goes. The former cham-
pion figures his recent comeback
victories have earned him the
right to meet the winner of Wed-
nesday night's bout. Joe's ma-
nager Marshall Miles is sche-
duled to meet with International
boxing Club President Jim Norris
and the managers of both Char-
les and Walcott.
Middleweight Champ Su-
gar Ray Robinson probably
will make his next fight early
in April. Robinson was sche-
duled to meet Holly Minis in
a non-title bout this Thurs-
day, but the fight was put
off when Robinson came
down with influenia. Doctors
who examined Robinson at
Miami today say he will be
ready to fight again by the
first week in April.
With the right collar style for YOUR face
sfelrts fit
A A A A.
**r Jozuur
TtMmn mu*jr~
Playground Sports
The Cocoli "E" Leaguers wound
up the season Friday afternoon
undefeated, winning all eight
games. This last one was a thrill-
er, Cocoli squeezing out the vic-
tory in the last inning over Gam-
boa, score 5-4. In analysing the
box scores for the season, it is
apparent that hitting was the
answer aa to how the boys did it.
Kirkland and Linfors averaged
better than .800 and the lowest
regular hit for a mark of .307.
As the season closes for the lit-
tle fellows, the director of th
Anoon Blue Devils Win Paelfle
Side "C" Title
In the Physical Education and
Recreation "C" Circuit, the An-
cn Blue Devils romped to an
easy victory by blanking Diablo
long 8 to 0 at the Ancon School Base-
ball Diamond Sunday.
Mario Delgado, the Devil's ace
moundsman pitched no-hit no-
run ball, striking out eleven and
allowing onlv one man to reach
the base paths.
This game cinched the Pacific
aide championship for Ancon
and the right to play the Atlantic
side leaders at the Mount Hooe
Stadium on Saturday, March 17
During the five-lnnlng game.
Delgado alwoled only one ball to
pass the pitcher's mound and
none to the outfield. Leading In
the hitting for Ancon was Cap-
tain Herbert Raybourne, with
three for three. Duane Rlgby
Ray Reyes, Bobby Glud tcocap-
taln), Juan Carzola. Al Lombano
and George Selcls each collected
one hit.
If Ancon "C" team wins the
Mount Hope playoffs this year,
the Health Department Trophy
won by the Ancon team last year
will become fa permanent posses-
sion of the Devils. The American
tie leiipws. the director of the CO- Legion as in orevlni uvVrV m\u
coil o/mna.sium wishes to thank gyVteauUfM
dividual awards to members of
the "B." "C" and "D" champlon-

PANAMA m. 25 Jk 71 Central Ave.
COLON Ogojiatte *- R- SUti
0*r Colon oat JVc 11 Central ttorti pen til S p m.
the parents for their steady in-
terest and constant help with
the transportation problem. Their
unfailing attendance to root the
boys to victory played no small
part In making the season a rous-
ing success.
Due to Illness on the Pedro Mi-
guel "D" squad, the regularly
scheduled game with Cocoli could
not be plaved, and a practice
game with Cunindu's strong team
was substituted.
Curundu Is leading their sec-
tion of the current Physical Edu-
cation and Recreation schedule
for "D" Leaguers, and this con-
test turned out to be what will
probably be the best game play-
ed by any two teams in this clas-
sification this year
For six inningi Hill, for Cocoli,
and Talbert for Curundu held
their opposition scoreless. With
runners on first and second in
the third and one away, it looked
like Cocoli would score, but a fast
doubleplay took the pressure off
of Talbert.
In the top of the seventh Tal-
bert got a pitch to his liking and
really leaned on to It for a round
tripper. In the lower seventh the
local outfit almost tied It up.
Hill blasted a clothesline dou-
ble to right, stole third, and. with
two out, set out for home on Tal-
bert s windup. A perfect pitch,
low and inside to the right-hand-
ed batter, enabled Curtndu's
catcher to tag Hill out on a cloee
play, and Cocoli's chance was
gone. Final score for seven In-
nings, 1-0.
ship teams.
The box score:
Ancon AB R H E
Hlgby, D 2b...... 2 1 i o
Reyes, lb........ 3-1 1 0
Glud, ss........ 2 1 1 0
Raybourne, c...... 3 l 3 0
Carzola, cf........ 3 1 1 0
Selcls, If........ 2 0 1 0
Bscala, rf........ i i o 0
Lombano. 3b...... 2 1 1 0
Delgado, p....... i i o 0
Total.......... 19 g | ~o
L. Cotton, ss...... 2
Carpenter, c...... 2
Otten, lb........ 1
Carrigan, p ..
Olassburn. 2b.
Lee Cotton, 3b
McCarrlck, rf
Selby, If .. ..
Tellenburn, cf
Totals..........14 0 0 o
Slim Fat Away
U fat ruin* your figuro or uuka
ye* tort / krnU *n *n4ui(r.
>mr health, th will In* It 0007
U loo* a hair round a day with th.
i.T..*i,.TW*, n>t4 raiua
rORUODK. No draotio al.l:n or
eserciee. Absolutory oaf*. Aok your
hernia* for VOHMUUg aaa tart
(UP). The final day of the
'an-Amerlcan Games track and
leld events found the United
States leading Argentina but the
latter was far ahead In the ove-
rall point standings while Chile
topped their rivals In the
women's competition.
The United States' cause was
helped by victories In two track
events and one In diving but
their hopes in baseball were
dashed by a loss to Cuba which
Is now favored to win the title.
The unofficial standings in
men's track and field show
the United States with 200,
Argentina 125. Brasil S3. Cu-
ba 31, Jamaica IS, Colombia
11, Guatemala 11. Trinidad 6.
Mexico 5. Paraguay 1 and
Ecuador one.
Guillermo 8alas Aravena of
Chile and Browning Ross of the
U.S.A. battled It out In the
1.500 meter race with Ross winn-
ing out narrowly in 4:00.4 minu-
John Twomey of the United
States was third, Curtis Stone of
the U.S.A. fourth. Oscar Gau-
harou of Argentina fifth and Luis
Gonzaga Rodriguea of Brazil
In women's track and held.
Jean Patton of the United States
won the 200 meter in 25.3 se-
conds to set a new South Amer-
ican record. Nell Jackson of the
United States was second, Adria-
na Mlllard Pacheco of Chile
third. Theatri of Chile fourth,
Cecilia Navarrette of Colombia
fifth and Dolores Dwyer of the
United States sixth.
In swimming, Patricia McCor-
mlck of the United States won
the women's platform diving
title with 85.716 points. Carlota
Ros Laurenzana of Mexico was
second, Mary Cunningham of the
United 8tates third, Dolores Cas-
tillo of Guatemala fourth, Irma
Lozano Gallo of Mexico fifth, Hel-
da Mund of Chile sixth.
Joaqun Capilla of Mexico took
the men's diving crown with. a
Berfect three-and-one-half in
e final turn. He beat out Sam-
my Lee of the United States who
took second. Miller Anderson of
the U.S.A. was third, Rodolfo
Perea Cifuentes of Mexico fourth,
Arturo Mariano of Brazil fifth,
Eugenio Opondorfe rof Argentina
Another South American men's
track record was set in the first
heat of the qualifying round of
the four-man 400 meter relay
which was won by the United
States team of Dick Attlesey, Don
Campbell, John Voight and Art
Bragg in 41.3 seconds. They broke
the aid mark of 41.7 held jointly
by Argentina and Cuba.
Other highlights yesterday in-
Hernn Figueroa of Chile
won the decathlon with a
total of 6,610 points, Hernn
Alsamora of Peru was second
with S,M3, Enrique Salaia*
of Guatemala third with
with 4.480.
In baseball Cuba 8. United
States 1. Mexico 8, Venezuela 1.
Colombia 18, Argentina 3. Nica-
ragua 10, BraiU 1.
Cuba was assured of at least a
tie for the Pan-American base-
ball title by defeating the United
Stales. Mexico, by beating Vene-
auela, moved tp within na half
game of a deadlock with Cuba
which would force a one-game
playoff between the two clubs.
The round robin tournament
ends today with Mexico playing
the United Stales and Venezuela
opposing Colombia. If Mexico
falls to beat the United States,
Cuba will automatically become
the champion.
In team standings Cuba has
won six lost one, Mexico won five
lost one, United States won four
lost two, Nicaragua won four lost
three, Venezuela won three lost
three. Colombia won three lost
three. Brazil won one lost six, Ar-
gentina won none lost seven.
In basketball United States
80. Chile 60. Argentina 65, Pana-
ma 54 and Brazil 57, Cuba 46.
In wecer Costa Rica 3, Ve-
nezuela 1.
Women's tennis (doubles
final i Marie Oeran Weiss and Fe-
Usa Zappa of Argentina defeated
Hilda Hvmand Milita Ramirez of
Mexico 6 1 and 63.
The following Is the unofficial
overall standings in the Pan-
American Games including all
competitions up to Monday
Argentina ........ Ml
United States..... 644
Mexico............ 262
Brazil ............ 217
Chile ............. 187
Cuba ............. XU
Peru .............. IM
Guatemala......... 30
Trinidad........... M
Venezuela ......... IS
Colombia '.......... IS
Ecuador............ IS
Jamaica ........... IS
Panama ........... 11
Haiti............... 7
Paraguay .......... 3
El Salvador ........ 2
Tonight's Game Called
Off; Benefit Tomorrow
The Standings
Teams Won Lost
Cristobal......25 11 .
Balboa........ 18 17
Diablo........ 11 26
Cristobal....... 12 5
Balboa .'..... 9 7
Diablo........ 4 13
The 1950-51 Canal Zone Baseball League season
came to a close last night with the Cristobal Morras cop-
ping the league championship for the sixth consecutive
time by virtue of their 6-1 victory over the Diablo Ron
Montezumas at Balboa Stadium.
The scheduled game for tonight between Balboa and
Diablo which would have no bearing on the standings
has been called off for undisclosed reasons.
The final scheduled of the season tomorrow's con-
test between Cristobal and Balboa at the Stadium was
also canceled in order to allow the Champion Mottas to
play an American Red Cross benefit game with the Army
There will be no admission fees
for the Cristobal-Army All-Stars
game tomorrow night at Balboa
Stadium. However, donations will
be accepted. The game gets un-
derway at 7:30 p.m.
Last night Charlie LeBrun
hurled a four hitter to give the
Mottas a 61 victory over the
Monteaumas. Only three Rum-
mies were able tojiit Charlie sa-
fely. They were Joe Stopa. who
got two, and Joe Ridge and John
Uber. All four hits were singles.
Meanwhile, the league cham-
pions blasted out ten hits In-
cluding three extra-base hits.
Rudie Otey clouted a home run
In the first Inning, Manager Al
Kubskl got a triple and LeBrun
aided his own cause with a
Otey and Kubskl each also
had two singles for three for five
on the night. LeBrun had two for
Jerry Scott opposed LeBrun on
the mound and went the distance
for the losers. His work was not
helped any by three mlscuea
committed by 8topa.
Barney Has Dodgers Ducking
in First Mound Performance
By United Press
VERO BEACH, Fla Pitcher
Rex Barney had the Brooklyn
Dodgers ducking in his first
mound performance of the train-
ing season yesterday.
Barney walked five men and
heaved four wild pitches In one
Inning as Roy Campanella's team
beat Bruce Edwards' crew, 94,
In the Dodgers' first intra-squad
game at Vero Beach, Florida. In I
his three-Inning turn on the hill, i
Barney gave up seven runs and I
six walks, three hits and One
error. BUI McCahan the no-hlt
pitcher who is trying a comeback
with the Dodgers, was the most
Impressive pitcher, hurling three
hitless Innings.
Manager Chuck Dressen missed
the game, but he Is due to leave
the hospital tomorrow after being
confined with an attack of flu.
Another flu victim Manager
Billy Southworth of the Boston
Braves was up and around to- '
day for the first time since last;
Tuesday. Southworth watched |
his team go through Its first:
lntrasquad game of the year.
Former Cleveland Manager Lou |
Boudreau skipped Infield drill
with the Boston Red Sox yester-
day because of a tired arm. Bou-
dreau has been doing more!
throwing than usual this spring.:
Despite the tired arm, Boudreau
says he Is pleased with his con- '
ditlon. Dom Di Maggio, who agre- I
ed to terms yesterday, took his |
first workout at the Sarasota
The Philadelphia A's went
through 9- stiff two and one-half
hour drill yesterday. Manager
Jimmy Dykes says the team will
have no more days off because
every minute Is needed to pre-
pare fop-the A's heavy exhibition
game schedule.
Outfielder Bob Usher and third
baseman Grady Hatton connect-
ed for home runs yesterday aa
the Cincinnati Reds played a
camp game at Tampa. Soma
three thousand fans were admit-
ted free to watch the nine-
Inning contest.
Tight pitching was the feature
for the second straight day aa
the St. Louis Cardinals piayed
another camp game at St. Peters-
burgh. Coach Mike Ryba's team
beat Terry Moore's outfit, 2-no-
thing, behind the four-hit pitch-
ing of Clovd Boyer, Joe Presco
and Ken Wild.
Cardinal Manager Marty Mar-
tlon has jumped Into the salary
dispute between the club and
Pitchers Max Lanler and Howie
ollet. Marlon says he talked with
owner Fred Salgh by telephone
and urged him to make every ef-
fort to Drlng the two holdouts to
Four home runs sparked a New
York Giants camp game at St.
Petersburg. Bobby Thompson
broke up a game vlth a two-run-
homer in the seventh. Clint Har-
tung. Bobby Hofman and Monte
Irvln hit the other round-tslpp-
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famous Vltalis "60-Second Workout"
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60 seconds' brisk massage with stimulat-
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T\' r FUI
pacific ^ocietu
Box 96, Lttoa JJtiJtli Oil. 2-1336
Charge d'affaires ad interim of the United States Em-
bassy and Mrs. Murray M. Wise re firing a buffet supper
tomorrow evening at the Embassy residence on La Cresta in
honor of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Moseley of New York.
Mr. Moseley. vice-president of Electric Bond and Share,
and his wife arrived recently from South America and are
spending this week at El Panama Hotel.
Governor and Mrs. Newcomer
Sailing Friday
The Governor of The Panama
Canal and Mrs. Francis K. New-
comer plan to sail Friday on the
SS Panama for New York. They
will visit both New York and
Washington and expect to return
to the Canal Zone early in April
General Quiroga
Visits the Isthmus
General Ovidio Quiroga, Chief
of Staff of the Bolivian Armed
Forces, arrived today from the
United States en route to Bolivia
and will be here until Thursday
This evening the Commanding
Visitors From California
Captain and Mrs. Ott Gardner
and their three daughters, Jean,
General United States Army Ga- Barbara Anne and Sandra, of
Mr. and Mrs. Van Brocklln
at Hotel Tivoll
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Van Broc-
klln, former residents of the Ca-
nal Zone, arrived Friday for a
visit of several weeks with their
son-in-law and daughter, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Werkhelser of
Belli Vista. They are staying at
the Hotel Tivoll In Ancon.
Mr. Van Brocklln retired from
service with The Panama Canal
in 1942 and since that time he
and his wife have resided n
Santa Ana, California.
rlbbean and Mrs. Ray E. Porter
will entertain at dinner at their
quarters, Fort Amador, for Gen-
eral Quiroga. Tomorrow evening
the visiting general and his par-
ty will be entertained at cock-
tails by the Commanding Gen-
eral Caribbean Command and
Mrs. William H- H. Morris, Jr.,
before dining in Panama.
General and Mrs. Kiel
Leave for South America
The Commanding General Ca-
ribbean Air Command and Mrs.
Emil C. Kiel left yesterday on a
trip to South America.
Cocktail Party Honors *
General and Mrs. Schley
Lt. Colonel and Mrs. Marvin L. k
Jacobs are giving a cocktail par- Lt. Simpson
ty this evening at their resi-
dence on Amador Road in hon-
or of the former Governor of The
Panama Canal and Mrs. Julian
L. Schley, who are visitors here.
Walnut Creek, California, spent
yesterday with friends In Pana-
ma. Captain Gardner was sta-
tioned at France Field several
years ago. He and hi* family were
here en route to their home from
Mendoza, Argentina, where they
visited for several weeks with
Mrs. Gardner's parents.
Mr. Tucker Arrives
for Visit
Dr. and Mrs. Harold A. Tucker
of Balboa have as their house
guest his mother. Mrs. James C.
Tucker of Lincoln, Nebraska, who
arrived today by airplane from
Tampa, Florida. Mrs. Tucker
visited here for several months
last year.
Miss Lowrie to Receive Friends
Tomorrow Evening
Mute Janet Lowrie. a former re-
sident of Panama, is arriving to-
day from South Amrica on the
8.8. 8anta Cecilia for a week's
visit with her father, Walter Low-
rie und her brother and sister-in-
law, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Lowrie.
in Bella Vista. Miss Lowrie has
been with the United States Em-
bassy in Buenos Aires and Is on
her way to her new post at the
Embassy In London.
Leaves for Philadelphia
Lt. Robert L. Simpson. United
States Air Force, left by airplane
today for a short visit at the
University of Pennsylvania witn
his bi other, William Simpson. He
has his orders for duty In Japan
and Korea and will report next
week at Las Vegas. Nevada. He
has 3pent the past three weeks in
Panama with his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. W. L. Simpson.
mond Gray at 0265-B, Gamboa,
tonight at 7:30. All members and
their friends are invited to the
Panam Sector,
Engineer Society
To Meet Monday
The next meeting of Panama
Section, American Society of
Civil Engineers, will be held at
Balboa Little Theater. 7:30 p.m.,
Monday, 12 March 1951.
H. H. Hatch Chief of Water and
Laboratories Branch, Municipal
Division will speak on tbe timely
subject of the artificial addition
of fluorides to water supplies and
their effects on dental health. He
will discuss some of the problems
involved in the application and
review the present status of deve-
lopment and knowledge In this
Distributing essential minerals
in the water supply is a relatively
new concept with many ramifi-
cations. Hatch has made a de-
tailed study of this problem with
the view of possible local applica-
tion and his comments should be
of Interest to all-
Refreshments will be served at
the olose of the business meeting.
Members and guests are in-
Plans are being made to hold
the Panama Section Annual
Dinner Dance about the middle
of April.
Members .their ladles, and
guests will be Invited to attend.
Prague Trial May
Solve Mystery Of 3
American 'Fields'
PRAGUE. Mar. 6. (UP)West-
ern observers said today that
they expect the forthcoming trial
Of ex-foreign minister Vladimir
Clementls to clear up the baffling
mystery of Herman, Noel and
Herta Fields, all United States
Since the trio vanished In the
summer of 1949 a number of top
Czech officials have been de-
nounced as having had contact
with them, and one or other of
the Fields has been named an
"American agent" in almost ev-
ery big trial In Communist Eu-
His brother Hermann, 40, came
to Prague In August 1949 then
went to Warsaw apparently look-
ing for Noel. He passed through
the customs at Warsaw airport
bound for Prague but never got
Meanwhile fom New Delhi it
Is reported that Dr. B. G. Krat-
ochvll, who resigned as Czech
ambassador to India on being re-
called to Prague "for consulta-
tions," sailed from Bombay dis-
guised as "Mr. Smith" because he
feared a Communist attempt to
murder him. It was said he was
sailing to political asylum in Brit-
and Mrs.
p Coiner,
Miss Lowrie will be at home to
her friends, who are Invited to
call, at the residence of Mr. and
Mrs. Lowrie, No. 7 Avenida Fe-
derico Boyd, tomorrow from 8 to
8 p.m.
Mr. and Mrs. Erbe
Honored at Dinnec
Mr. and Mrs. Ernst A. Erhe,
who are leaving soon to reside in
the United States, were given a
farewell supper party Saturday
evening by Mr. and Mrs.'George
E- Matthew, who entertained at
their home on Balboa Heights.
Those entertained were, Mr.
and Mrs. Paul Warner, Mr. and
Mrs Walter Koerber, Mr. and
Mrs. Wotden H Cowen, Mr. and
Mrs Sergio Betancourt, Mr,, and
Mrs -John Robert McLavy, Mr
and Mrs. Phillip Erbe. Mr. and
Mrs. John Palmer. Mrs. Lau-
rence Getz and Miss Jenny Jo-
Mrs. Hooper Arriving
from Detroit
Mrs. David Hooper Is expected
to arrive Thursday of this week
to Join her husband in Panama.
They will reside on 47th Street In
Bella Vista. Mrs. Hooper has been
visiting her husband's parents In
Detroit, Michigan.
Circle Meeting Tonight
in Gambao
The Vesper Circle of the Gam-
boa Union Church Women's Aux-
iliary will meet with Mrs. Ray-
Andrew, of Cam
daughter, March 2, Colon Hos-
COPPIN. Mr. and Mrs. L. R.,
of Panama, son, March 3, Gor-
gas Hospital.
DIXON, Mr. and Mrs. Guiller-
mo, of La Boca, son, March 3,
Gorgas Hospital.
SANCHEZ, Mr. and Mrs. Por-
firio, of Landlease 698, boy and
girl twins, March 3, Gorgas Hos-
MYERS, Mi. and Mrs. R. S.,
of Curundu, daughter. March 4,
Gorgas Hospital.
BROWN, Benjamin, 65, of Co-
lon. March 1, Colon Hospital.
BREARY, Nilka, pne year, oU\
Colon, March 2, Colon Hospital.
MOODY. Wilfred, one and one-
half months, of Colon, March 2,
Colon Hospital.
SOBERS, William, 66, of Pan-
ama, March 4, Gorgas Hospital.
VILLAREAL, Elaa, 13, of Pan-
ama, March 4, Oorgas Hospital.
Local Nurses
Urged To Form
(ylCMttf, Midotn puddings In onfy
5 minor*. Just add milk and eoofcf
tMMUrful desserts-! vary Unto Mil
BUY MAHOGANY FURKIIURE-The Best lor the Tropics!
^Mslered with the world-famous "DURAN" Plastics.
The Isthmian Canal
Medical Association has
all registered nurses residing in
the Canal Zone, Panama or on
armed forces installation, to
form a local nursing association.
The suggestion was contained
In an invitation to all registered
nurses to attend a meeting, to
be presided over by officers of
the Medical Association, on
Thursday at 7:30 p. m. on the
second floor of the Balboa
All nurses, irregardless of
nationality of place of residence
on the Isthmus have been urged
to attend.
Although the Medical Asso-
ciation pointed out that lt does
not Intend to sponsor or In any
way direct the local nursing as-
sociation, once it is formed, the
announcement stated it would
aways be willing to render as-
sistance upon request.
Purposes of the nurses asso-
ciation, the announcement,
which was Issued by Dr. Forest
R. Brown, president of the Me-
dical Association, said should
be to promote the professional
and educational advancement of
nurses, to eleveate the standard
of nursing education, to estab-
lish and maintain a code of
ethics among nurses and to
desemlnate information to mem-
bers on nursing.
Burton J. Hacked,
Retired RR Employe,
Dies In California
News of the death of Burton
J. Hackett, Sr., retired employe
of the Commissary Division, last
Wednesday afternoon at his
home In Glendale, California,
after a long Illness, has reached
his two sons who are Canal em-
ployes. He was 72 years old.
Mr. Hackett, came from Ro-
chester, New York to the Isth-
mus during the Canal construc-
tion period and worked for 15
years as a conductor for the
Panama Railroad. He was first
employed In November 1906 and
worked for about a year as a
carpenter and a plumber before
his transfer to the railroad as
a conductor.
He transferred to the Commis-
sary Division in December 1921
and was employed practically
all of the time from then until
his retirement In March 1939 as
a foreman In the Cold Storeage
Plant at Mount Hope. Since his
retirement, he and his wife have
resided In California.
In addition to this two sons,
Burton J., Jr., who left to at-
tend funeral services In Cali-
fornia, and Julian Hackett, an
employe In the Communications
Branch of the Electrical Divi-
sion in Cristobal, Mr. Hackett Is
survived by his wife and one
daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth Hoeck-
er, whose husband, a Colonel In
the Army, Is now stationed in
Washington, D. C.
^rtlantic J^ocieL
vox 195, Ljutun Utuphont (/a
3 78
The members of the wedding party for the marriage of
Miss loan Reed and Mr. Raymond Zabek were enterfa.ned
with a tea by Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Reed, parents of the bride-
elect, at their Margarita residence Sunday afternoon.
The occasion also celebrated the birthday anniversary of
Miss Reed.
The buffet table was centered with a white eafce encir-
cled with coral vine and flanked by white tapers in crystal
The guests Included: Miss
Joyce Sebastian, Miss Madllyn
Oarrett, Mr. and Mrs. Charier
Le Brun, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Day, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cor-
bett, Mrs. Robert Goucand Mes-
srs Edward Neville, Albert Kub-
skl, Thomas Bougan and Dave
Following the tea, the rehears-
al was held at four o'clock.
Miss Armstrong
Sets Wedding Date ,
Miss Arden Armstrong, daugh-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Reginald
Armstrong of Margarita, has
chosen April 20 as the date of
her marriage to Mr. Max Louis
Welch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mor-
ris Welch of Gatun.
CUC Drama Students
Will Give 2nd Drama
Over Station HOG
The second In the current
series of full-length radio shows
to be given by the College Drama
Sorority Has Rush Tea
The Beta Chapter of Beta Sig-
ma Phi entertained their rush-
ees with a tea at the Hotel
Washington, Sunday afternoon.
The vice-president, Mrs. David
Coffey was In charge of the rush-
ing, and introduced the prospec-
tive pledges. They were: Mrs.
Jacqueline Stringer, Miss Jean
Lawaon, Mrs. Ann Maynor and
Mrs. Dorothy Ridge.
Miss Jean Dough gave a short
talk entitled "Come Walk with
Refreshments were served from
a tea table centered with an ar-
rangement of yellow carnations
in a harmonizing bowl. Mrs. Eve-
lyne Wade, the president of the
sorority presided at the coffee
service, and Mrs. Coffey at the
tea service.
The pledge pins were attached
to black and gold ribbons, the
sorority colors.
The other members present
were: Mrs. Violet Deaklns. Miss
Mary Jean Wlesen, Miss Beverly
Ruof f. Miss Arden Armstrong and
Miss Nancy Dyer.
The next meeting of the or-
ganization will be held March 13
at tne home of Mrs. Deakins in
Twins Celebrate
With St. Patrick's Party
The twin sons Charles and
James of Major and Mrs. Jas.
W. Scarborough, of Fort Davis,
celebrated their fourth birthday
anniversaries, with a St. Patrick's
party at the Officers Club Sat-
The large birthday cake was
centered with a confection sham-
rock and approximately engrav-
ed. There was a lucky cup on the
table and the guest who sat at
that place received a gift. Bruce
Wiggs won this prize.
The other prize for a contest,
went to Walter Skeistaltls.
The other guests were: Ronald
Heath, Concetta Verga and Boo-
by Meeks of Fort Gulick, Tony
and Marsha Hutchlnson, Bruce
and Jeff Wiggs, Lynn Storie,
Beth Lamer, Betty Donahue, An-
na Beth Llndstrom, Bobby, Fave
and Dave Kuhn, Richard Carroll,
Jack Ogan, Marcia Kennedy,
Tommy and 8ylvia Gardner,
Walter and Cathy Skelstallls,
Jane Hock. Rickle Green, Eric
and Gary Hartwlg and Marie Ste-
wart Scarborough with Mary Pe-
The hostess was assisted by
Mrs. Manning E. Hutchlnson,
Mrs Henry Hartwlg, Mrs. Will-
iam Llndstrom and Mrs. J. H.
late Mr. George 8. Bennett and
Mrs. Bennett at Brazos Heigh JL;
Mr. Alan Dodd boarded tht
Refna del Pacifico Saturday for a
four-month tour of England and .
the continent, before returning
to California to Join Mrs. Doiid
and Pamela.
Mr. Dodd retired the first ojt
the year as manager of the Paci-
fic Steam Navigation Company.
He has also held the post of tht
Consul-General of Norway.
Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Taber oT '
Pasadena, California, arrived nji.'l
plane yesterday to visit her s,.n *
and daughter-in-law, Mr. and, J
Mrs John A. Taber of Margai:
Mra. Taber is well-known on, ;
the isthmus where she resin
from early construction days ro ]
the time of the retirement of her..
late husband, Lewis A. Taber, as"4
motor Inspector for the Panama-1
The Bra that does
more for you I
Yes, Life-Bra glorifies your up-
of the Canal Zone Junior College perLifelina with firm, young curve-
will be broadcast at 7p.m. Sun- anure. No other bra Is so artfully
day. All of the college radio
Visitors from Costa Rica
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Duplan-
tls and son, Bobby, of Limon, Cos-
ta Rica, arrived Sunday, via Uni-
ted Fruit Line, for a visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Harold White of
Brazos Heights.
The two families were friends
in Havana, Cuba, and are enjoy-
ing their reunion.
Major and Mrs. McCriUis Sail
Major and Mrs. Paul McCrll-
11s, who have been stationed at
Fort Davis and Fort Clayton,
during the thirty months they
have been on the Isthmus, satlecl
for their new station Friday.
They will go to Chicago.'Illinois,
for duty.
Before their departure, they
were the house guests of Captain
and Mrs. Leo J. Hock of Fort
Registration for
Dancing Class
Pupils will be registered this
week for the Margarita School of
dancing. Mrs. Wheeler will be at
the gymnasium between the
hours of 3-5:00 p.m. every af-
Inter-American Woman's Club
Sponsoring Dinner
The Colon Unit of the Inter-
Amencah Woman's Club. Is spun-
soring a spaghetti dinner and
evening of Italian music and
songs at their club building
Thursday evening.
Dinner will be served starting
at 6:00 p.m. and will cost 75 cents
per person.
Cotillion Club Board Meeting
The Board of the Washington
Cotillion Club will meet at the
Hotel Washington this evening.
Club members are cordially In-
vited to attend.
Lecture Scheduled
at Episcopal Church
The fourth in a series of lec-
tures on "symbolism" will be giv-
en by Mrs. Roger Greene of Bal-
boa at the American Episcopal
Church of Our Saviour at 2 p.m.
All members of the church
urged to attend.
CZ Girl Seoul Board
Chooses Delegates
To '5t World Camp
Jfy Jpfr o-r 4y -pUt+p
ONLY $ 14.50 A MONTH W~& *
* Club system + Easy payment*
Teh. 2-lltt 2-1133
ir Home delivery
shows will come at 7 p. m. on Sun-
day ,at intervals of about three
weeks over station HOG Pana-
ma City.
The Walter Hackett dramatiza-
tion of Thomas Bailey Aldrich's
famous short story "Marjorle
Daw", will be given with a cast
of nine young men and women
from the college, under the
direction of Subert Turbylill, by
arrangement with and courtsev
of Len Worcester, rtatlon manag-
The series of college radio
shows presents dramatizations o I
famous stories by famous authors
including Robert Louis Steven-
son, Thomas Ballev Aldrich. and
Edward Everett Hale. The stories
chosen ace Illustrations of mys-
tery, romance, adventure, and
humor, and will be given in that
The presentation of Steven-
son s "The Young Man With the
Cream Puffs' some three weeks
ago received considerable favora-
ble comment, and ail interested
fersons are invited to listen in
or the College Drama presenta-
tion over Station HOG next
Sunday at 7 p.m.
designed. Lifts, molds,
holds, all at once.
Not Much Business
(UP). The post office on this
tiny Island was closed after 25
years' service when the postmis-
tress. Mrs. Jack Hadra. explained
to Washington that the office
served only three families.
cJjfe-Ua 1.50 To 4.95
We also have a complete line
form ft l.
Ne. Tivoll Avenue
Ne. 21 Central A venae
Open from 1:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.
and during noon hour
Arrivals and Departures
Mr. Harry Mlnty and his
daughter, Mrs. F. F. Russell
sailed Sunday on the SS Yaqje
e nroute to their home in Kansas
City, Mo. Mr. Russell was called
home because of the illness of his
The visitors have been the
guests of Mr. Minty's nephew, the
The Canal Zone' Girl Bcqu_
Council have announce their re-S
presentan ves for the WarUJT
Camp for 1951 which will bj
held at the Portland, Oregon
Wind Mountain Camp. Kathryi
Argo, daughter of Mr. and
Emmett w. Argo of Gatun
Joan Baron', daughter of MM
and Mrs. Otis M. Baron of Cu*"
rundu have been selected by a
Joint Camp and World Friend-
ship Committee of the Council.
First alternate for the camp
Is Elizabeth Mary Tarr, daugh-
ter of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Tarr
and Joan Blalr, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Blair was chosen sec-
ond alternate, both are iron
Every two years the Olrl
Scouts of the U.S.A. sponsors
an International camp. T u
ears ago, Miss Roberta Holland-
er and Miss Yvonne Harvey at
tended a similar camp in Mi-
chigan representing the Canal
Zone. This year four girls wril
attend from each of the ten Girl
Scout regions In the United
States and two from each ter-
ritory and possession of the
United States. The Camp will
run from July 17 to August S
and will have only Senior Scouts
attending. The theme this year
will be "One World Through
More than 100 girl scouts are>
expected to attend. Girl Guides
from Europe, Central ana South
America. ?the rnrllRnf' inl the
Pacific Islands will be in camp
representing their Scout groups.'
The Committee charged with
the responsibility of choosing1
these candidates Is as followsi
Mrs. F. K. Newcomer and Mrs.
R. 8. Bertschy, International
Friendship chairmen. Mrs. Nel-
son W. Magner apd Mrs. M. D.
Monagan, Camp chairmen, and
Mrs. Donald Hamilton, Presi-
dent of the Council.
Fish Not Namesake
LANSING, Mich. (UP>. Mul-
lett Lake has been granted its
final "t." The state committee on
geograohic names soent several
days of research before finding;
that the lake had been named
after a man and not after a mul-
let fish.
Enjoy a fragrant, hearty cup
f Maxwell House Tea... a
super blene of choice Ceylon
and India teas. Available abo
is tea bags-
Tet. 2-1655 Treell Ave. and Rochet St. Or vonr Travel Agent,
7:30 p.m. linguist. Translator Missionary, Evangelist


i i

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Leave your ad with one of our Agents or our Offices
Minimum for
15 words
3 each additional
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Phone 3-3291
Pique d> l.rtsept
No. 4 Fourth ( July Avt.
Phone 2-9441
1085 Mrlrndrz Ave.
No SS Weil lSlh Street
No. 57 "it" Street Panam
Mo. 12.17, Central Ave. Colea
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.". vertible, with radio, ran be finance.
price- $1.500. for your information
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Coupe, duty paid. Excellent condi-
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1141 more 1141 more 1141 more
that speak
for themselves
Last month THE PANAMA
AMERICAN carried 3 56 5
classified ads as compared
to 2424 in all other daily
papers in Panam com-
1141 more 1141 more 1141 more
FOR SALE:High float oil paints
and enamels. Mildew-proof. $3.25
falln. Tropidura Stores.

"years of economical service
*i$46 PONTIAC Streamliner
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Sedan. Lt. Green, W/S
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Ponmusico hos a new crop of! HIT:
"Tennessee Waltz," by Anita O'Day.
"If," by Jan Garden, and also by Dean
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Anthony; "Oh Babe," by Koy
Storr; "To Think You've Choosen
Me," by Henry Jerome; "Lovesick
Blues." by Kay Starr; "My Heort
Cries For You," by Al Morgan and
also some more original. "Third
Man Theme," played on the Zi-
ther. Centrol Avenue No. 127,
neor "J" street. Open until 10:00
p. m. everyday.
FOR SALE:Smith Corona portable
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Leghorn laying hens, 155 eggs
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office desk, cobinets, stond for
stocking ports, auto parts, mater-
ials, etc. Frank's Motor Service,
behind Industrios Unidas, Trans-
Isthmian Highway, after 6:00 p.
ESSONS:Ballroom dancing classes,
Cristobal YMCA Fridoy March 9th.
"Teen ogers. 3:30 to 4:30 p. m.
Groupe. 7:00 to 8:00 p. m. Enroll
ot Desk. Harnett & Dunn.
FOR SALE: Venetian blinds for
grain elevotor, including porch.
Frlgidoire, kitchen furniture, 3 pc.
bamboo, floor lamps, tables. 90-B,
New Cristobal, 6th. St. 3-1662.
FOR SALE:-Easy washing mochine,
dish washer, electric motor for
sewing machine, porch glider, 2
twin beds, Quartermaster Dressing
Toble. Phone 5-272, house 127-
A, Gatun.
FOR SALE:Bar with sink, brass rail,
bock piece ond shelves, six stools.
Make an offer. Drop leaf table S3.
00. Mahogany and mirror, coffee
table. $15.00, 2 pr end tobies
$8.00, $4.00. Walnut buffet $25.
Silvertone radio phonograph $75.-
00. House 171-B, Pedro Miguel.
FOR SALE:Kelvinotor refrigerator.
7 ft., $140. "Magic Chef" gas
stove, four burner with oven, $80.-
00. 150 pieces of asbestos for
roofing, $1.50 each. Con be seen.
Colombia street No. 9, Panama.
Real Estate
FOR SALE: Beach house "Maria
Chiquita" with land in growing
community. Good bathing. Neor
Tourist Rood to Porto Bello, $650.
00. Appointment 10.086, I 1 th.
St. and Roosevelt, Colon.
Help Wanted
WANTED:Moid cook and general
house work. House 77 1 -B, San
Poblo St.. Balboa.
Position Offered
WANTED:TYPIST, speedy ond ac-
curate, for port time Generol Of-
fice work. Dictating mochines
available. Pay 15f per hour. Only
American that con octuolly really
Spell need apply. Phono Ponomo
(Continued from Page 1)
;he northeast Korean coast and
on Pyongyang.
On the ground hard driving j
inlantrybien or the 2nd Dlvl-1
sion gained ud to 2,000 yards
southeast of Hoengsong. the Al-
lied-held road hub on the cen-
tral front.
Patrols ranged even farther I
north Into the trackless moun- I
tains. They found hundreds of'
North Korean dead, slain In the
resent see-saw fighting that rag-
ed over the area.
Other United Nations forces!
farther east moved uo to within
1.200 yards of the rugged Teamlj
nateau some 10 miles north-
west of Pangnlm In the face of!
Red morter and small arms fire.
French and American tanks
end Infantry drove 6.000 North
Koreans back to a new defense:
line along a jagged ridge just
north of Taeml yesterday and j
there the Reds made their stand i
An undertermined number of
North Koreans threw three pre- '
dawn probing attacks against I
the United States 7th Division
.six miles northwest of Pangnlm
early today. All were repulsed.
North of the Hoengsong-
Yt-ngdu road Chinese Commun-'
ists were reported to be massing j
to in a depth of four to six miles.
A report from Formosa places
the total of the Red Chinese
army in Manchuria and Korea
at 951.000 men. of which 426.000
wtre in Korea.
United States warships bom-
barded targets along a 400 mile
si retch of the East coast.
FOR SALE:Beoutiful chalet, re-
cently painted, 3 bedrooms, 2
bathrooms, garage, 2 porches;
beoutiful garden. Almost 1,000
meters of land, Via Belisario Porros
No. 81. For information inquire
No. 1 15 Centrol Avenue. Panama.
l:OR SALE:Corner lot. 778 square
meters ot $3.00 meters. Lot 902
square meters at $5.00 meters
Catrosquilla Heights. Lot 749
square meters 51 Street. Bella
Vista ot $13.00. For information
Tel. 2-3056 3-0749. Panamo.
Phillips. Beach conoges. Sonta Cloro
Bo number 435. Balboa. Phone
Pane-no 3-1877 or Cristobal i-
GRAMLICH'S Santa Clero beach,
cottages, furnished, electric. re-
frigeration, moderate rotes. Phone
Gamboo, 6-541 or 4-567.
Williom* Sonto Cloro Beoch Cottaqes.
Two bedrooms, electric refrigera-
tion. Rockooi (noes Phono Bal-
boa 2-3050. Except Week-ends.
FOR RENT:Furnished chalet with
oil' cities conveniences in Nuevo
Arraijan. For information coll Cu-
rundu 5249, ofter 4 p. m.
We wish to extend our thanks
to the Weather Bureau for
their fine cooperation in wa-
tering local lawns during the
delay in arrival of our
Lawn Sprinklers
Now that we 'have a large
assortment, at all prices, they
may let the dry season begin".
Geo. F. Novey, Inc.
279 Central Ave. Tel. 3-0140
FOR RENT:Furnished chalet. Refri-
gerator, gas stove, two bedroom,
living-dining room, porches. Two
sanitory services. Vio Espoo No.
2021, $125.00 monthly.
FOR RENT: Completely furnished
chalet. Livlngroom, diningroom, 3
beflrooms, 2 baths, porch, terrace,
garage, servant's room," garden,
large patio. 6th Avenue, Golf Hgts.
Phone 3-2541.
FOR RENT:Apartment for rent,
43rd Street East and Ave. Mexi-
co. Coll 3-0140.
FOR RENT:One independent floor,
private entronce, No. 4 First St.,
Perry Hill, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths,
garage. Call 2-2374.
FOR RENT: Modern 2 bedrooms
apartment, in newly constructed
building, for further details call
Mender & Zubieta. Phone 2-3035.
FOR RENT:Modern complete fur-
nished apartment. Residential dis-
trict. Cuba Avenue and 38th.
St. No. 9, Apt. 2, available March
21, for 2 months. Moid service if
FOR RENT:Completely furnished
modern apartment, with telephone.
Available March 20th for two
months. Maid services if desired.
38th St. No. 9, Apt. No. 2.
FOR RENT:2 bedroom oportment,
screened living-diningroom $60.00,
56, B|>lisorio Porros, key apart-
ment 3. Phone 3-0841 (Facing
Eden theatre).
FOR RENT:Large completely fur-
nished apartments in residential
sections, telephone included. Call
Ponomo 3-3268,morning or even-
ing only.
Via Espaa, Near Joan Franco
Tel. 3-1503
Veiu lurnltvt like arw.
Lawatt ericas.
l aceda. Free bttautw
XMtttTp HBBh?Mll|
a.m. lo T p m.
Model IIIF Synchronized
Direct C.Z. Shipments
At Factory Prices.
Plaza 5 de Mayo
Panam, R. P.
FOR RENT:Modern oportment. 2
bedrooms, upstairs with penthouse,
beautiful sea view. 48 St. No. 11.
Information call telephone 3-1897.
FOR RENT:Modern well ventilated
oportment in good locution, two
bedrooms, each with both and
balcony, hot woter installation,
maid's room, garage, in Bella Vis-
ta, No. 32, 44th St. Tel. 3-0815-
FOR RENT:2 front,furnished apart-
ments, gas, light, electric Frigidoire
included, across Ancon Post Office.
Phone 2-4448.
Loaded With Twins
FULTON, Ky. (UPi. The
South Fulton. Tenn.. school has
10 sets of twins registered this
year. Seven sets of the twins are
(Continued from Pafe FOUR)

inated with Headley. He declar-
ed that the crime had "the ele-
ment of adolescense and could
have afisen from too many co-
mic books and too many cheap
movies." He admitted that
Headley had a gun but said he
had carried It as a weapon of
intimidation rather than a
means of killing.
After a brief recess, In which
Headley decided not to speak
for himself. De Castro continued
bv saying that while his client
had not cooperated with police
to the extent of revealing the
names of his accomplices, he
was bound by a "primitive loyal-
ty'" which he felt for his com-
When Judge Hancock imposed
the 14-year term, a wave of ex-
clamation swept the courtroom
and Deputy Marshal Peter G.
Brennan had to rap for order.
As the room fell silent. Judge
Hancock told Headley:
"People must be protected. If
we let men like you go out and
use shotguns we are not giving
the people the protection they
are entitled to."
To Rome On Foot
Antonio Carreras, 32. left here by
foot on a Holy Year pilgrimage to
Rome. Equipped only with a
knapsack, a pilgrim's staff and
650 pesetas ($18>. Carreras said
he hoped to cover the distance
in 30 daily laps averaging 22 miles
FOR RENT:Comfortable 2 bedroom
apartment. Livingroom, diningroom,
balcony, etc. $75.00. Inquire No.
23. 48th Street apartment 1.
is the season for
Visit our stadium area store
on new concrete road.
Light Traffic Easy Parking
English speaking clerks
FOR RENT:Best located furnished
room in Bella Vista, with modern
comforts. Refrigerator. No. 13,
43rd Street.
FOR RENT:Nicely furnished, clean
cool room meals If desired.
Bella Visto, 46th street. 18-A,
Apartment 3. Coll 3-1789 or 2-
Collazo Continues
Defense Testimony
Puerto Rican Nationalist Os-
car Collazo today was due to
continue his story that he was
prepared to sacrifice his life for
Puerto Rican Independence but
that he never intended to kill
President Harry S. Truman.
Collazo Is on trial in the Fed-
eral Court here for the murder
of White House guard Leslie
Coffelt during the Nov. 1 storm-
ing of Mr. Truman's Blalr House
tesldence. His accomplice Grlse-
lio Torresola was killed.
Collazo Is scheduled as the
sole defense witness. His chief
defense is that he and Torresola
planned the Blalr House battle
as a demonstration to attract
.mention to the Puerto Rican
Notionalist Party's demands for
The case mav eo to the turv
tomorrow after United States
| prosecutor George Morris Fav
cross-examines Collazo.
18 And A Half Year Old Draft
Voted Down In Senate Action
Vole of Confidence
Sought By France's
Premier Designate
PARIS, Mar. 6 (UP). Guy
Mollet as premier designate ap-
pealed to the National Assembly
today for a confidence vote con-
firming him as Prime Minister
to enable him to end France's
prolonged political crisis.
He warned the assembly that
the lack of a Government seri-
ously weakened France's posi-
tion in the crucial International
talks now taking place in Paris.
Many Radical Socialista and
most of the extreme right an-
nounced they would vote against
him or abstain, and when he
mounted the assembly tribune
lt was far from certain he would
succeed In winning a majority.
He said his Government would
keep a tight clamp on price In-
flation but at the same time
would do nothnig to freeze
He promised a moderate use
of economic subsidies to hold
down the price of some vital
products and raw materials.
Mollet made lt clear that If
he formed a Government he
would try to push through eco-
nomic and social measures first.
putting aside the troublesome
electoral problem, which brought
down Rene Pleven's Government
last week.
The Senate voted in effect yes-
terday to draft 18-year-olds for
24 months of service after re-
jecting a Republican proposal
which would have fixed the bot-
tom Induction age at 18''2.
The action was both a victory
and a defeat for President Harry
Truman and his top military
chiefs who had wanted to draft
18-year-old youths for 27 months
in uniform. The draft term, now
pegged at 21 months, would aply
to all draftees.
The 24-months service period
was advanced by Chairman Ri-
chard B. Russell, D., Ga.. of the
Senate Armed Services Commit-
tee after Sen. Wayn Mors. R.,
Ore., stood firm on his demand
that the draft term be left at 21
The 55 to.31 vote against the
proposal came In the face of a
last-minute change by Sen. Ro-
bert A. Taft, R., O., that Defense
Secretary George C. Marshall was
trying to "Blackjack" the law-
makers Into swallowing the 18-
year-old draft.
The 18>/2 year-old draft plan
was sponsored by Sen. Wayne
Morse, R., Ore., who contended
that the administration had not
prdved it needed the younger re-
gistrants to meet President Tr j-
man's goal of 3.500,000 men under
arms soon after July 1.
Under the Senate bill, youths
could be inducted at 18 for 26
months service but they would
have to be given at least 16 weeks
training before being sent into
combat. It also provides for a
universal, military training pro-
gram after the current emergen-
The House Armed Services
Committee has Informally ap-
proved a starting draft age of
18 V2 but has emphasized lt may
change Its mind before sending
the bill to the House floor late
week. The House measure also
would keep youths out of combat
until they turn 19.
Rep. Carl Vinson, D., Ga..
Chairman of the House Commit-
tee, also outlined a proposal to-
day which would give Congress
the right to cancel the proposed
UMT program any time it wishes
with or without the consent of
the president.
His move was viewed as an ef-
fort to reduce Congressional op-
position to the UMT feature. As
the bill now stands, the President
would have the final word on
putting the program into effect.
, In debate preceding the Senate
I test vote, Taft quoted Marshall
i as saying that veteran reservists
I now in uniform can be released
j only If Congress drafts 18-year-
! olds. He termed this an "obvious
1 attempt" to stir up the reserves
to support the bill.
Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson, D..
Tex., whose Armed Services Sub-
committee drafted the measure,
said reservists already are "stir-
red up." Those called to duty, he
said, will have to stay there un-
less Congress broadens the draft
pool. At present, only men 19-
through-25 can be called.
, MaJ. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey,
i National Selective Service Direc-
tor, has predicted, however, that
i President Truman will approve
his plan to erase present execu-
tive deferments for childless
married men and other regis-
trants with only one dependent.
Both the House and senate bill
would make sue hactlon manda-
Communists Rally
In Streets of Rio
(UP) About 200 persons
gathered in Rio's Banner Square
today to hear eight unidentified
speakers praise Communist-style
"peace" and condemn the atom
It was the first of two meet-
ings arranged by the Anti-Fas-
cist League and the Brazilian
League for the Defense of De-
mocratic Liberties, both official-
ly identified as Communist front
The second meeting is sched-
uled for tomorrow. The police
issue dpermlts for the meetings.
The administration of ex-pre-
sldent Eurico Gaspar Dutra
replaced Jan. 31 by President
Getullo Vargas. refused to
sanction such meetings due to
the "Communist orientation" of
the sponsors. The Brazilian
Communist Party was outlawed
In May 1947.
Senate Continues Probe
Of Influence Web' in RFC
Chimes Go Haywire
Churchgoers did not answer the
call when the hymn chimes at
the Central Baptist Church sud-
denly aroused them at 8:30 a.m.
A power failure had disrupted the
chime clock and caused a 10-
mlnute ner'M of religious music
to boom forth. ____
Huiln Divorce Plea
'Published'In Mxico
CUERNAVACA. Mex.. March 6,
(UPi Helrers Barbara Huttons
secret divorce suit against her
fourth husband. Prince Igor
Troubetskoy, was "published" in
this Mexican quickie divorce cap-
ital today, but her spouse failed
to enter an expected protest.
The famed little rich girl
charged her one-time "prince
charming'1 with cruel and lnhu-
mrn treatment.
Published notice of Miss Hut-
ton's divorce action was pasted
unobtrusively on the whitewash-
ed walls of the combination jail
and courthouse where several
American screen stars and other
celebrities recently have won
overnight divorces. *
Prince Troubetskoy was given
until tomorrow to contest the
suit, but none of his Mexican ai-
vorce lawyers snowed up.
The Prince has threatened to
fight for five years, if necessary,
to prevent the heiress to the
Senate Investigators disclosed
today that Sen. James E. Murray,
D., Mont., urged the RFC to lend
Jl,000,000 to a plush' Miami
Beach resort hotel which retain-
ed his son as attorney.
The loan later was granted.
They also brought out that
White House Aide Donald S.
Dawson and an RFC loan exa-
miner enjoyed free visits to an-
other swank Florida hostelry
which borrowed $1,500,000 from
the RFC.
A Senate Banking Subcommit-
tee investigating "favoritism and
Influence" In the RFC explored
the hotel loans in an effort to
find out why they were approved
over the objections of the RFCSw
regional office in Jacksonville,
The hotels Involved were the
Sorrento, In whose behalf Murray
Interceded, and the Saxony, own-
ed by Chicago "Plunchboard-
Klng" George D. Sax. Both got
RFC loans in 1949.
Testimony showed that Wash-
ington attorney James Murray,
Jr. ,son of the Senator received, a
521.000 fee for his work on the
two hotel loans and another RFC
loan of $500,000 to the Maxwell
Hotel Supply Co.
Sen. Wallace F. Bennett, R.,
Utah. A member of the subcom-
mittee, placed in the record a
letter written by Sen. Murray to
former RFC Chairman Harley
Hise. asking the RFC Board of
Directors to reverse an earlier de-*
cisin to turn down the Sorrento
Murray's letter said the cir-
cumstances "Clearly warrant"
the loan and "I urge you to
grant" it.
Bennett also read a memoran-
Civil Affairs Wins
4th Safely Award
For Current Year
The Civil Affairs Bureau won
the Bureau Honor Roll Award
for the best safety record for t:ie
month of January, an honor (he
same Bureau has received tour
times this, fiscal year, according
to safety statistics in the latest
issue of "Safety Zone."
The Division Honor Roll Award
went to tha Grounds Maintenance
Division, the first' won by tbis
Canal-Railroad unit, the Rail-
road, Motor Transportation and
Storehouses Divisions.
Canal-Railroad Divisions, oth-
er than the honor roll award
winners, which had safety records
better than the record of the best
year for the entire Canal-Rail-
road organization were the Club-
house. Building, Electrical, Hos-
pitalizaron and clinics. Sanita-
tion, Dredging. Locks and Navi-
gation Divisions.
Othe rbureaus cited for their
safety records during the month
were the Community Services,
Engineering and Construction,
Marine and Supply and Service
Woolworth Five and Ten cent
Store millions from winning a
Mexican divorce.
The legal notice said, however,
if he does not file a protest before
the March 7 deadline it will be
assumed he "will not have ar>y
abjection" to granting of the di-
dum from the files of RFC Dlrec^
tor Walter L. Dunham which in-
dicated that Charles Murray, an-
other son, and administrative as-
sistant of the Senator, visited tha
RFC about the Sorrento loan.
Simultaneously. Chairman J.
William Fulbrlght, D.. Ark., mad*
public previous closed-door testi-
mony bv officials of the Saxony
Hotel, showing that Dawson stay-
ed there gratis four times, and
that on at leats one occasion he
was accompanied by his wife,
who is supervisor of RFC files.
Fulbrlght said it "should not be
inferred that Mr. Dawson's visits
to the hotel had anything to do
with the negotiations" for the
"I feel, however, that this tes-
timony should be In the public
record because of Mr. Dawson's
close association wit hthe RFC,"
he said. The subcommittee has
named Dawson as a key member
of an RFC "influence web" and
his name has bobbed up again
and again throughout the inves-
Fulbrlght noted that the ma-
nager of the Saxony Hotel told
the subcommittee that he made
a regular practice of providing-
"complimentary accomodatlons"
to prominent persons because it
was good "public relations." The
hotel, whose paying guests pay
$25 a day and up, has been a fa-
vorite stopping place for high
Washington officials.
Another Saxony "guest of the
house," the testimony showed,
was RFC examiner Hilton W. Ro-
bertson, who recommended both,
te Saxony and Sorrento loans af-
ter lower-ranking RFC officials
had turned In adverse heports.
Robertson pointed out that the
Saxony loan has been repaid in.
full ahead of schedule, and said
he Is proud of his record of never
recommending an RFC loan that
went bad.
Fulbrlght retorted that the
RFC loans are supposed to serve
the public Interest and not me-
rel ybe good risks. He added that
he could see "no public interest
whatever" and "not the slightest
Justification" for the Saxony
AF Renews Search
For 'Monsoon'
Search for the 44-foot schoon- ,
er Monsoon was resumed this
morning when a check with Cos-
ta Rican authorities failed to
reveal any trace of the vessel in
any Costa Rican port.
The American schooner, car- i
rying a crew of three, was las
reported Feb. 25 when she was
sighted off Punt* Llerena, Pa- '
nama. She was Having engine
(rouble and asked Coast Guard
assistance. At the time her
skipper. D. H. Radcllffe signal-
led that he had food and water'
lor ten days.
A C-47 took off from Albroolc
Field at 7:24 a. m. today to look
lor the schooner and the Navy-
lias ordered four surface craft
in this area to keep a lookout
Of the missing craft which la
en route from Coronado, Califor-
nia, to Balboa.
Last week planes from the Air
Force here searched unsuccess-
fully for the schooner for two
deys. i
At 2 p.m. the searching plane .
radioed that it had sighted two
white schoners, one of which
might be the Monsoon. No fur- i
ther details were given. i
* "drums" .;
Intrigues, Crimes and Religious Hates in contrast epic
battles, spectacular scenes and glorious romance!. .

87 H STREET P O BO.< 134. Panama, n of P
FOP SIX MONTH. IN ADVANC.----------------------------------------
18 SO
13 OO
24 OO
Walter Winchell
In New York
Labor Mews
By Victor Riesel
Denise Darcel, who denied our tip last weeks, will file for legal
sen. The flaM-ot-wlne-in-the-face incident in El Morocco Sal.
night 1 ton over the shoulder to the Sapsiety pates... Tallulah
Bankhead's punk. She refused to play boob for intrates who
threatened character assassination. You'd be surprised at how
ananv celebs have been chump-fodder for such threats.. .The Cecil
B. DeMillodrama, "Samson and Dalilah" (panned by most critics),
which turned out to be the top movie mint of 195. It crossed al-
most thrice more than the runner-up.. The latest doodad for the
Happy-Go-Luxury Set: Mink earrings... BIU Slater (the Sardi's
microscoeper) copping a delicious decision on a recent "Leave It
to the Gels" panel. One of the few times a male yanked their curls
...About a year aro we tipped the papers: "Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Ross Period!" The New Yorker editor's wife, Arlene Allen, will
file In Cowboyland soon. We can't print The Reason.
The Florida Racing Commission's nonsensorship. It bans dis-
semination of the Associated Pdess race results (for 20 minutes),
insinuating that press-boxes leak stuff to the sinful wager-takers,
etc., an insult to all turf historians. In short, the ruling now gives
an "exclusive" to the bookies!
W. L. Laurence's "The Hell Bomb" book, which makes scienti-
fic complexities as simple as ABC. Quite a feat...The over de
luxed arrangements on the networks ruining the swellodic "Tenn.
Waltz"...The gun-sight view of war in Halls of Montezuma." a
cinema with a realistic bane: makes the spine vibrate...The in-
credible turn-about tale: A group of visiting Germans In New
York bitterly attacked bigotry in, the U. 8. Looka who's pointing.
Diamond studded male garters being offered in a Madison
Ave. shop. They should delight the she-men.. .The males winning
the battle of the sexes in Hollywood. Only two dolls are among
the top 10 film box-office champs: La Grable and Esther Wms...
The new balladandv, "If," sentimental without being gooey.. .The
folks who read (or listen) too fast. The new Runyon Fund-Buick
contest is not for cancer slogans! Submit safety elogana for
motorists and pedestrians only, please,..A $1,000 donation came
from Sunshine Park track (at Tampa), the 3rd Florida track of-
fering. The others Thankxxxx!
Another Hollywood story with an unhappy ending: Walter
Wanger (a leading film showman for many years), who spent 3
million on "Joan of Arc" (a flop), went bankrupt the other day...
Ex-Cong. Marcantonlo being retelned by the Communist Party to
fight the McCarren Law. Some folk'll do anything for a buck...
The Miami Beach sector, one of the very few places left In the
U. S. with genuine night club atmosphere. Jimmy Durante,
Francis Sinatra. Ella Logan. Billy Daniels. Jackie Miles, Martha
Raye and newcomer Harvey Grant being some of the attractions
delighting all-nighters.. .Movietown is not all swimming pools
and yachts. There are about 10.000 actors there, but about 315
have the security of contracts... Jake LaMotta. standing alone,
near the Copa Cltv lounge the other midnightalone in a crowd!
Fans are fickle. His lovely wife wishes he'd quit "at the top." but
that is wife-talk. Jake intends to be chamo next time...Memo
from Girl Friday: "The Nielsen's Extra Week' survey is In. You're
up from 7th to 4th."
The Justice Holmes blografilm. "The Magnificent Yankee."
uses fictitious names for his law secretaries. Prob'ly because one
of them was Abrer Hiss.. Ex-G-man Madala is head sleuth at
Hialeah. Makes all bookies and kerrlekters miserable.. Among the
top ten movies of 1950 there are more war cinemas than musicals.
Proving the 1Q of audience* is loftier than film producers, who
have contempt for them... Kettledrum tempos are currently in
the dodo category. Most top tunes are waltzes. Shall we dahnse?
TKt Mail li tn Ii far natn at Tht mm American
Lartsra sr racsivad arataiMlly and ara handled in a wholly confidential
It yeu centnfeute a latter don't be impatient it it daetn't appear the
next doy. Letters ore poblished in the arder receive*).
Pleat* try to keep the letter* limited te on* p*e* length.
Identity f letter writers a hold In ttricteit confitarles.
Thi newspaper enamei a responsibility for ttetementi er opinions
axpteesed in letters from readers.
Dear Mail-Box Editor, and
front page carried a story on Fe-
bruary 24-1861- lurldly describing
the ghastly possibilities of a local
atomic bomb attack. The story
is peppered with gooseflesh pro-
voking phrases such as: "major
disaster resulting In widespread
death and Injury"; "havoc will he
causod"; "85 per cent of the ca-
sualties will be burned by the
blast"; "the dead will not be re-
moved until all living casualties
have been taken care of"------and
so on. It presents a terrifying
picture and makes the A-bomb
attack seem intensely real and
dangerously close! *
A Committee has been formed,
which, according to the story, is
making elaborate preparations
(as a Joint Army, Navy and Air
Force operation) to handle the
fter-effects of a local A-bomb
"feels that the Job of this Com-
mittee Is the NUMBER ONE PR I -
Well, General, I disagree with
you I As I see it, your number one
priority Job Is to PREVENT the
A-Bomb, or any other destructive
forcer, from being used here. Are
you. and every member of your
considerable command, really steps to have the Gelgers count-
ed on EVERY vessel before al-
lowing it to begin Its transit of
the Canal?
Suppose the "aircraft" that was
spotted last Saturday night had
been the real McCoy. If It reached
a point over Gatun, wouldn'* it
be too late Have you put to worlc
some method for spotting them
BEFORE they reach their target?
Suppose 100 fully equipped en-
emy commandos hidden in a
ship's hold sneaked ashore in
darkness, from the Gatun Lake
anchorage, and proceeded, ac-
cording to a carefully worked out
plan, to various vulnerable polnis
in the Canal Zone. Could they be
stopped BEFORE their destruc-
tive mission was completed? Do
you consider Madden Dam ade-
quately protected, by a couple of
sleepy sentries?
These are only four demoralis-
ing possibilities. There are many
ether angles to be considered,
such as sabotage and germ war-
fare If the questions following
the above four startling suppos-
itions cannot be answered affir-
matively, you are neglecting your
The Panama Canal was con-
structed primarily for defense.
During World War II. and vna
raw it's Infinite value as a vi'.ui.
time-saving waterway cannot te
calculated. Warfare has changed,
*o a certain degree, but Is it con-
most coloriul labor leader, the
red-haired, whirlwlndish Walter
Reuther (whose fastidious tall-
1 bring barely covers a still par-
tially paralyzed right arm, shat-
tered by a professional Commie
or mobster killer) has been
quietly asked by the government
to become the nation's number
two war mobiliaer second
only to Charles E. Wilson.
And Reuther is willing to take
a leave from his mammoth auto
union although he knows the
International Communist press
will scream, as it has before,
that "the bankers and bosses of
America love" him. And he
knows that the bankers and bos-
ses, at the same time, think
his politics are as red as his
// this young veteran (he's
44 noto) of the sit-down
strikes sits down as Wil-
son's deputy, one of the
silliest feuds ever to strike
Washington will be over.
Reuther's colleagues on lab-
or's general staff here are
note discussing the govern-
ment's bid to him and at
what price In influence to
labor he can take the job.
We will know very soon.
It should be reported that
the AFL may want the spot to
go to Oeorge Harrison, one of
its own vice-presidents, who not
too long ago was offered an im-
portant ambassadorial post by
Mr. Truman. But Reuther or
Harrison, It makes no difference
to labor. The feud which threw
thousands out on strikes and
crippled the "behind-the-scenes
Washington Is over.
And now is the time to tell
the inside, story of that costly
sorority scratch which almost
literally ended In a hair-pulling
match among the giants of libor
and Industry who are to lead
this nation through these next
war years.
The feud really wound up Feb.
23. The country's most power-
ful labor leaders and one or two
of their brilliant and less temp-
estuous advisers, had eone In
for a showdown with Wilson on
labor's influence In the govern-
ment for the next few emer-
gency vears.
Charles Wilson stormed Into
the conference room. His face
was an artist's nightmare a
blend between cerise and
Chinese red. He was so furious
he could hardly talk. Then up
bobbed those ubiquitous sooth-
ers of world woes, the genial
news photogs. Thev asked for
a smile. Thev wanted the men
shaking hands. They broke the
Ice with their cameras and left.
Wilson stalked up and down for
some 15 minutes. But the clash
which might have come, had
the labo'- leaders opened up on
him as he entered, never dev-
Behind Wilson's anaer was
the fact that someone had
gotten to him irtth the kin*
nt a story the Russians call
"disinformation." Someone
early in hli stay in Wosh-
inaton had "tipped" Wilson
on the man to watch out
tor personally. He was the
lanky, 50-year-old ex-news-
boy, ex-Boston mayor and
ex Massachusetts aovernor,
Maurice Joseph Tobin, Pre-
sident Truman's best stump
sneaker and Mend ot every
labor man who's over throion
' a chicken and peas banquet.
It can be authentically re-
norted that Wilson believer* that
U. 8 Labor Secretary Tobln
was out to eet him and make
himself wartime o?ar. And Wil-'
son believed his Informant, who
also Is reported as sayiner that
the labor leaders feel that To-
bln Is their one dependable
friend in White House circles
and that they were readv to loin
the Labor Secretar" in the cam-
paign to drive Wilson back
acro. the Potomac.
Nothlne foulrt have been fur-
ther from the facts. Maurice To-
bln has wanted to quit the XV-
partment of Lahor for months
now and practically told as
rtti",h to a groun no In a Hotel
Palmer room at th 1050 CIO
convention in Chicago. h> want
to eo back to M-ssachu-setts and
run for the U. S. Senate.
'Oh, Him? He's the Prize I Won in Korea'
A_ qwmsiiwTOH
Drew Pearson says: Bulgarian refugee, who fled Iron CurJ
tain, says people warned U. S.-Briram were, about raj
attack them; Reveals so many Russian troops in Bui*;
gana bread is scarce. ". .. "cu to y across tne Turkish border
S uTo'^t"!!11 t0 !)"" He was alm08t llke man cpml
first time in y^trs m0d"n WOrld Ior '*%
H?f. dldnt kn>w 'or instance, exactly what the United nJ
in?"h!a?H ?H.thv0liBht ""* war was won by America, ha"
hrmi- TtetVolce uf ^k broadcast that MacArthur was
bringing U.S. troops home by Christmas. He had been told alad
that peop.e in Greece and Turkey were living on grass and leavl
oeacuse America was starving them under the Marshall Plan.
The most significant, Immediate news he brought was that tht
communists had come in an automobile to Oseno, a village near
him last week, to notify the people that Britain and Unite!
otates were about to attack them. Therefore all villagers mu*
rally In defense of the homeland. This dovetails with other tell-
tale signs that Moscow may be alerting for war.
Osman Omer, the peasant I Interviewed, was dressed la
a sheepskin coat, had a city-bought hat, shoes and other ear-
marks of a moderately well-off farmer. He stood six feet two,
was very thin, had pale blue honest, eyes and was 48 years old.
Hi- was born in Bulgaria. Though his father migrated there fraS
lurkey 75 years before, it was partly because of his Turkish
anr.estrv that ho mor. hn.m^.j ... __..._ __
i.Cei,lLtnat he .w?s hounded y Communists. Finally he ol
--_--- ------ "-o iiumiucu u) vuiumunists. finally he
nil X h,"'8 0f ,land ad iled- Tne Communists apparent*
iS cotldveSP^mmgn ^^ th< ,ftnd0Wne" t0 k< "3
,.C^ .0mlr told me' ,n rePlv t0 a loni *rles 0f question,
that Bulgaria changed overnight after the Russians entered.
TilefstJnln* the Russians did was to change our money,-
laid. "We hdft in turn \n nil ,,, _.______i "____.Tl
pc said, we had to turn In all our money and get new moefl
Get This, Wife
lng everything possible to slstent to assume that the Canal
a local disaster? If the Canal was is suddenly no longer an attrac-
destroyed this week, or this
month, could you look your fc!
low man In the eye and honesty
tlve enemy objective?
Unfortunately, our enemies are
not geographically confined to
say, "I did my utmost." Or would Asia and northern Europe. There-
you brush a fiery Pearl Harbor
Suppose an enemy subman.e
and I hear that our potential
enemies have plenty of them
nosed its way right up the Paci-
fic entrance channel some night,
and blasted Balboa harbor in.o
eternity. Have you devised an
efficient method to prevent this
from happening?
Suppose a ship entered Gatun
lock and laid an atomic egg from
a hidden recess in a double bot-
tom tank. The BOMB eviden'ly
la not bulky. Havt you taken1
fore it behooves us to guard our
installations carefully, to be
constantly alert againstV every
possible threat.
With due respect for the local
"high brass." I suggest that from
now on we have less fishing ani
more fortifying: fewer reception
lines and more defensive mm.
For a change, lets close this trtrn
door BEFORE the horse gets out
If we don't, there will be one hcl!
of a newspaper story some fine
Sundav morning, that we won't
be able to read!
M. Neeaernockin
77ie labor nenvlr rp"'"'' >n
him not plotted with him
when thev saw him loslnn
Influence iv *he war setnn.
They rallied to him not be-
muse fhayi orlnlna'l'i rils-
Hkeri Wtlson. but. because
rnhin has been the only one
in White House circles not to
give them a run-around.
NEW YORK There la a very funny little
book out called, "llie Care ana Training of
Husbands,1' by a gal named Anne Folsom. It
is lunny even if you are a husband, but awfully
Tne piteous plight of the American husband
is that lie has never had any dignity as an in-
stitution. His coat-of-arms is a rolling pin ram-
pant on a Held of bum jokes. His patron saint
is Mr. Jiggs and his patron saintess is Maggie.
He is regarded as nah-goot. half-bad little ooy,
and he has an unbroken record of never once
being rignt, apart lrom the day he led his dewy
bride down the road to social security.
The Folsom lady in her cute little book is oh,
so humorous about husbands, oh so whimsical.
Sne uses the analogy of the baby books pre-
paring ior a husband, beginning his training
early, daily cara, common diseases, special prob-
lems, anu so lortii. Tne delicious humor is to
be ouna in tne common female concept that
the male mate is completely witless, once separ-
ated ironi his pay roll, and should be steered
away from hot stoves and evil companions as
one fends a child lrom disaster.
This patronization of the male animal always
has annoyed the bewhiskers out ol me, because
1 am a husband and 1 know some husbands who
are smarter than their wives, who have exem-
plary habits and who do not sneak home of
nights with their snoes In their hands. I even
know some who are not henpecked. I wish to
come out in delense of husbands.
Female sensitivity to a gnawing fear is a
heavy part of the popular ridicule of spouses.
The dame feels, away down deep, that the guy
must be a little loose in the rafters if he allow-
ed himself to get sucked into matrimony at all,
and hence must be enforced away from further
irresponsibility. Once a sucker, always a sucker,
she says to herself, and takes steps to protect
him from himself.
This is peculiarly true of the American wo-
man, who has been so spoiled, so pampered,
that she has come to endow herself with self-
importance not generally shared by other maids
in other lands, which tend less to the deifica-
tion of the female. In some countries the cock-
bird does rule tne roost. In America he dodges
the hurled crockery and the lopsided logic de-
rived lrom books preparen uy simvelied old
maids of both sexes.
By some curious twist of custom, the Ameri-
can husband has been accorded the position of
court fool, willing drudge whose earnings are
taken from him lor his own good; compulsive
liar, chronic sinner, and perpetual wrongdoer.
He is a man to be managed, to be bullied and
beraled. When HIS evil-doings make life in-
tolerable for HER. SHE leaves HIM, and HE
pays HER. The poor bum is on the defensive
from the second she says "I do."
Children grow to adulthood with small respect
for poor ola Pa. because they have sat around
tne lodge watching poor old Pa take his lumps
since earliest memory. They have seen Pa Join
dull brotherhoods as an excuse for sneaking out
of the house onoe In a while. They have listen-
ed to his alibis until they learn to lie lrom Just
listening. They have seen his masculinity de-
rided and his position ai head of the house re-
duced to one cut under the puppy's status.
There are, of course, some homes In which
father is actually the autocrat, but they are
minority homes, and the neighbors whisper ma-
liciously about that cranky Mr. Soandso, who
gives his poor wife such a bad time. In time
she divorces him for cruelty cruelty meanldg
nonsubmlssiveness to a popular delusion that a
husband Is a beast of burden with no civil liber-
ties In the home.
"Henpeck" is a word that is large in our lexi-
con, and it means what it says, which is the
constant belaboring of the skull by a female
fowl. I weary of it. and of the constant projec-
tion of' the wedded male as a fool, an oaf, and
a potential knave.
And noW all I have to do Is smuggle this es-
say out of the house because If Mama catches
me with it on my person she will beat me and
take away my tricycle.
Peron's Games
By Bruce Biossat
Labor could count on Tobin
even after the President of the
U. S. was glvlnn them nothing
but a frosty smile. Wilson mis-
Interpreted all this and began
shearing Tobln of control over
civilian manpower. This, labor
interoreted as a move by Wilson
and his chief of staff. General
Clav. to seise power over every
civilian who works for a living
So It went. Each Nslde Imputed
nlots to the other far beyond
the usual suspicions in a tug-
of-war between leaders of labor
and men of management.
Now they're beginning to make
molehills out of that mountain
of susDlclons, and we'll get on
with the war.
iCopynahi /is; .Pott-Hall
Syndicate. Inc.)
While U. S. sports pages were carrying ac-
counts of the Pan American Games at Buenos
Aires devoted presumably to the Ideals of
fair play Argentine President Juan Peron was
busy in another, part of town making a mockery
ol the event.
For more than a monj-h a boycott by the Pe-
run-controlled news vendors' union has clamped
a tight lid on publication of the world-renowned
La Prensa, an independent newspaper which
dares to criticize the Peron regime. The ven-
dors' set up a picket line around La Prensa s
plant and printers refused to cross it.
The other day, however, the printers decided
to return and it looked like the stoppage was
ending. But violence broke out on the picket
line, resulting in one death. Peron's police re-
sponded to this situation by arresting some 400
of 1000 printers. They were released after ques-
tioning) but the effort at Intimidation was obvi-
No reports have come .through of any of the
offending picketers being Jailed. Since they are
pro-Peron. this is understandable.
Also caught up in tt)e melee were an Ameri-
can and a Briton, both employes of Time-Life,
ouc a photographer who had been taking pic-
tures of the fighting around La Prensa's plant.
Another U. 8. correspondent, representing the
Associated Press, was ordered by the police to
leave a precinct headquarters. His only offense
apparently was trying to report the news.
It Is Interesting to note that the printers had
been assured of police protection upon their re-
turn to work. Instead they were met by about
_ ----- ---------- -~ **... ... .... vm4 iuuinj aiiu (jet new Ulti
"i' knew how much money each man had. I was allow*
12,000 levas for my family of three. Then every farmer was given
a crop quota and if he didn't raise that much and turned It into
the government, he had to buy It from someone else or go to jail
for one year. My cow didn't have a calf so gave no milk and
l had to buy my quota of milk on the market and give It to the
government another time. My wheat crop was short so I bought
a gasoline can of wheat to fill my quota.
"There was no use hiding anything from the Communlti,,#
Osman continued. "They sent their inspectors around imme-
diately after the crops were harvested."
"Are there many Russians In Bulgaria?" I asked.
"Not now, or at least we don't see them. At first they were
everywhere. Then they trained Bulgarian Communists to take
over. Recently I heard from Varna however that Russian troops
had moved In in so many numbers that there was a shortage
of bread."
"What Is the percentage of Communists in Bulgaria?"
"About 10 per cent, maybe 5 per cent, chiefly people who want
good jobs In case of war."
"To what extent would the Bulgarian army fight?"
"Not much," was Osman Omer's opinion. "Nobody in Bul-
garia wants war except the Communists. Young Communists have
been given the best jobs In the Bulgarian army and they would
fight but a lot of others are given construction Jobs because the
Communists know they won't fight."
I asked Osman If he ever listened to the Voice of America.
He said he didn't because all radios were confiscated but fre-
quently he learned from others what the Voice said. One radio
had been hidden from the Communists by a man, whose identity
he told me but which I had best not reveal. This man passed
along word to the villagers what the Voice of America said, thougr
It. had to be done carefully because some of the young petpll,
in the village were converted to Communism and alert to reporl
Osman was vague about the United Nations, said he thought |
it was a combination of countries fighting on one side in Korea
with about twelve nations excluded. He did not seem to know
that the United Nations functioned regarding other matters aside
from Korea. Apparently he had not heard about our December
reverses in Korea perhaps because he didn't listen to the Mos-
cow radio.
"To listen to Moscow," he said, "you had to belong to th
Communist Party and be admitted to the clubhouse where .they
sat and listened to the radio."
Osman said that Bulgarians had the friendliest feelings to-
ward Americans and British and were waiting for these two
nations to liberate them. This feeling was held by most people,
t". ."t'd despite constant Communist propaganda that America
was bleeding Greece and Turkey white under the Marshall Plan
ana that people In those countries were starving.
"Finally," Osman said, "I became so harassed by Commun-
ists I decided to try my luck in Turkey tall my neighbors said,
'Let us -now how you find things In Turkey and we will come
too'" concluded the man who but one hour before had passed
through the Iron Curtain.
(Copyright. ISM. by the Bell Syndicate. Inc.)________
Truck Typt
20 men armed with .45 caliber pistols, who tried
to block the way and then opened fire on them.
In the light of Peron's whole conduct of the
La Prensa affair, it Is a mystery why the H.S.
Olympic Association saw fit to fly 150 American
atnletes to take part in the Pan American
As sportswriter Harry Grayson of NEA has ob-
served, the event is a travesty on International |
competitive athletics. Our participation is es-
pecially ironic when It's realized that It was
hard to raise the plane fare for American ath-
letes to make the trip. Even U. 8. firms doing
business in Argentina were reluctant to cough
up; thev don't like what's going on down there.
If competitive practice is what our athletes
need, there ought to be some way of providing
it for them without subjecting them to the con-
taminating atmosphere of the Peron regime. Ca-
nada had the good sense to stay out of Peron's
The Argentine dictator's grand gesture of al-
leged international good will offered at the very
moment he Is stifling what's left of a free press
gives us a good gauge of his contempt for the
ideals of freedom.
We in America can talk a lot about Peron's
raw deal against La Prensa, but there's not too
much we can do right now in the realm of ac-
tion. We should have snubbed his false-front
sports spectacle so the world would have a dra-
matic sign of what a great and free people
think of El Presldente's minor league totali-
tarian tactics.
1 Depicted
6 Persian water
11 Recover
13 Cylindrical
14 Roof finia 1
15 French capital
17 Paving
IB Pirt of a circle > Style of type
1 Handles
2 Print anew
3 Pertaining to s
4 Symbol for
i Retained
6 Promontory
7 Either
8 Network
Answer to Previous Puzzle
U;.ilSM-_'ie. 1f> llll. -]
iimii iutsmlai t.ue
.IBM! ^ I E12 Iks : L 3
lyu^suauukei n.<., t-iu
10711 Ik
( 11-31 -II;) >[[ jx][-j
i-ira-wr ici;iiomiii i ; i
UFJWStt lew,;!! I C,r* -1
I-4HKU-1I I a 11 II lUi'JI 1
1-31 -! lafjfl. nil lU.-ei .i:.-J,
19 Snares
20 Yale
21 Palm Illy
22 That is (ab.)
23 Fillip
26 Moccasins
28 Powerful
29 Giant king of
30 Rough lava
31 Crimson
33 Sawmill gate
35 Paradise
37 Symbol for
38 hebrew letter
39 Vigor
41 Glacial Ice
48 They -
used to haul
47 Compass point
48 Plantigrade
49 Disencumber
50 Reiterate
52 Come
54 Penetrate
55 Provided with
lateral parts
25 Chief god of 42 Dine
Memphis 43 Registered
26 Skin opening nurse (ab.)
27 Old 44 Baronof
10 Eaglet' rest* 32 Dispossess mountain
12 Blemish 33 Harsh 45 Vehicles
13 Point 34 Ascended 46 Dry
10 Sun god 36 Required 51 Eye (Scot.)
24 Genus o fresh 40 Tribal division 53 Oriental
water ducks 41 Mast measure

Canal Zone School Activities
B.H.S. Notes
By Louise Glud
----- o
/up, leave It to me to be ttve forgetful one. And the only
punishment would be for someone to take me aside and give me
a gcod bawling out. Ye. I've done It again. Mr. Piper. Tve for-
k-ottv.n to t t enough material to write up the Junior Class meet-
ing that was held last Tuesday. Please, don't think I m preju-
cicert aga nst the Class of '52 'cause I ain't, I mean, Imnot.
idaybe I can make up for this mistake in the near future.
I'd like to mem Ion something about the junior-sponsored dance,
but I don't want to give away any secret plans if they are to be
conf den la'. Anyway-the junior class is planning a dance that
v ill take the place of the postponed Chr stmas Formal
;.o I'm a schmoo. I bow my head in shame! But take it from
> scamco that the Sadie Hawkins Dance was .using an oldI -
cut word i swell' The wonderiulness (ooh, pardon me, English
urofs* can T accredited to the sponsoring class, the sophomores
HC Eob PVcher carried out his job by not only announcing Lil
Atavfr and ai/y Mae, but also by introducing the entertainers
** StToreman and Joan Forbes serenaded the couples with
a son* duet 'Do V What Comes Naturally.'rGert andI Joan both
nl0S5el!dQthe lates? sjl. of SkunkHonow by wearing the popular
burlap tunic over a white gown. Quite the fad!
Tip "chorus gals" (and I take privilege of my writers license
here also gave out with a little song with.their dance routine.
| Borne of ti-e "out-of-sLppers" were Joyce pol.-lnM. Julene Page,
" Helen Haseman, Joyce Gardner, and Rose Mary Hollander.
l.'aye Tucker, Miles Pace, Dave Shore, and Noble Holaday were
fose v/ho pat on the skit. The climax of the evening was the
[noancemem of 'Lil Abner and Daisy Mae The voting was held
En Wednesday o last week. Those on the ballot were. F01 Da>
Mae-Llbby liich. Joan Sprague. Annette Godoy, and Caro.yn
Brnouse; for 'Lil Abner-Ray Davidson, Ralph Hu f. erry Hal-
tell, and Tom Davidson. The wmners were Libby Blitch and Kay
^rHay afternoon the entire student btlWIWJg
at tfutoWttM- the second ROTC "? t'J*'i"'"-
the nolio ban The parade was held in the Balboa S*a-
l'.um iSnonor t .oca. civic and P/triotic orsan.zat.ons
..ieh have donated award, lor, he Anna.I F Daj "g
t Annual Awards Ball. The cadets marched to the mus
o/thi"fit Army Band. As part of the ceremony the, cadet
o.licers, sponsors, ana company guidons marched front and
'Lroig the morning of that same day, the National Honor
D-i-ly of ve ole alma mater and that of Cristobal High fachool
invited t<3 attend the initiation of the Phi Theta Kappa
K\ire Canal Zone Junior College. As hosts, the fraternity also
>ed that the high school honor groups would be permitted
to "sit ln""on any of the morning Masses I personally, would
t..e .o .-n.: tne Phi Tneta Kappa and all those in CZJC for
Tending that invitation to the Honor Society. commercial-minded gals of Balboa High sacrificed their
'Saturday morning to take the Civil Service Exam. Some though.
ftodouier" easy. But the true results will be known when
e scores are returned from the Slates.
This week is a busy one for the cast of Lady in the uar*
ifcils group o actors and actresses will give three performances
[Sruesday Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
' The cat consiste of Gayle MacDonald, Mike McNevin. Joyce
Oardner Murray Fa'k, Polly Ann Frazier, Hazel Griffith, Patt
Walker Carolyn mouse. Edna Hart. Shirley Zemer. Noble Hola-
Pmv David A'brttton, Gloria Morton, Guillanna Marian!, Alice
BaVborg, Fred Sill, Richard Harris, Bruce Quinn, Ken Pitman
B lime for all dateless boys for the Saint Pat-
rick's Dance to be called schmoos. Last week, the girls were
th's week, the boys. Now, fellas, this is the first
[ H al fr this year and it will be sponsored by the Senior
( s. Make sure you get a date. The dance is going to be
hold this Saturday night, March 10, in the Ballroom of the
^n fac Frunces Dwyer, chairman of lie dance wants to con-
Utv i all the bo-s that it Is extremely necessary that everyone
Ihcvcome to this dance. The 0:1 y way that the girls will be
file o a"ind the formal Is if the boys ask them. Don't delay,
I bovs be a hero and ask a gal to the St. Pat Dance.
? 'there are approximately 59 more days of school. Eureka, hurray
Shcopee wfam, bam. alaknzam! .Not that we're getting a little
tired of studying, it's just that we're longing for a rest.)
Presenting a spectacular film and emocional
G.H.S. News
By Jeb Wilkerson
The Cristobal dramatic depart-
ment has turned out another
success under the direction of
Miss Mary Jane Wiesen. Over the
week-end, "Mother Is a Fresh-
man," was enjoyed by many
Atlantic side residents. The usual
bedlam took place after the final
curtain. Sighs of relief poured
from the lips of the members of
the cast. Everyone was dodging
the busv stage crew who were
hurriedly clearing the stage for
the traditional stage party. After
the cast had changed their cos-
tumes and eaten, everyone piled
into cars and drove to the Strang-
ers club to celebrate the play's
great success. It was a tired but
happy group that left the club
at a reasonably decent hour.
The Cristobal R.O.T.C.
has been mighty busy lately.
All the officers and cadets
have been shooting their re-
cord fire. There have been
some very high scores alrea-
dv recorded.
The demer it system seems
to be working well. The spirit
shown in the company com-
petition is reallv grand. Ev-
eryone in the R.O T.C. is
looking forward to the spring
ramp which is to be held dur-
ing the Easter vacation at Ft.
Kobbe. The drill-team has
been practicing at Mt. Hope
everv Saturday morning.
What they want now is a
chance to gel over there and
show Balboa what they can
really do.
The Glee Club realizes that
1 Easter is drawing near; there-
1 fore it has been practicing with
double enthusiasm since the can-
cellation of the Christmas Festi-
val. The outstanding high-light
of the Easter Festival will un-
doubtedly be the Fred Waring
arrangement of "Onward Chris-
tian Soldiers." The Glee Club will
sing this while accompanied by
the Orchestra. Other numbers on
the program will Include "Jeru-
salem," "Gloria" and the well
known number "The Holy City."
The Honor Society had quite a
day Friday. They visited Balboa
High School and Junior College.
They met many teachers and had
a wonderful time all around.
Everyone had lunch at the Club-
house. The initiation consisted of
Speeches on the meaning of Phi
Theta Kappa. After the initia-
tion most of the members stayed
to watch the Balboa R.O.T.C.
t of the West have come
America's most exciting stories...
School Was dismissed Friday
afternoon for the track meet. C.
H.S. lost to Junior College by a
score of 46 to 71.
Bill Blackburn took first place
in the shot put. Dick Sullivan
won first in throwing the dis-
cus. The mile run was won by
! Carl Simons. Don ) McLaughlin
displayed a bit of fine running
by coming in second in the 440
yd. dash. That's good going after
two days In bed.
Your Hearts
College Corner
By Martha Irvin
Our Scholarship Day went off as a big success last Friday.
The Initiation of the Phi Theta Kappa was first rate. The old
members really ran a nice program, and more power to the new
members. Congratulations, kids. And all kidding aside about
the "gleaming reptiles." the Alma Mater song o J. C. was swell.
So heap big thanks to Mr. Turbyfill, and we hope our visitors from
BH3 and CHS and the parents all enjoyed the program.
Do you people ever get bored with life and feel like you could
do with a good, hearty laugh? Then I suggest that you go out
some afternoon to watch the girls' softball teams play. They're
terrific! Now Barbara Ely's team is really pretty good. They win
games. But the other team......well, they have fun anyway.
Friday afternoon the final score was 24 to 0, and the girls were
quite mean. They were playing a high school team, and they
wouldn't forfit. They Insisted on playing the whole five Innings
which lasted until about 5:15. It was even, meaner considering
the high school girls had a dance to get ready for. But the games
are something. Home-runs made for high school on three errors,
and two and three base hits made on little Infield flies. Oh well,
like I said, it's fun. Our sympathies are with Ann Howtz tho.
Yesterday she sprained her ankle while being sensattonaly put
out on third base.
Hey people on the Conquistador staff! For cosh sakes
get busy on your layouts. The whole book has to be mail-
ed THIS FRIDAY. That's right. There is a meeting of
the staff tomorrow night, Wednesday, at 7:00. Mt sure
you are all there, cause it's an important meeting.
Well, It looks like we've gotton at odds with the high school
again. Funny tho, it seems that this time most of the BHSers
sympathize with us. Those who know about the affair. For
everybody who doesn't know what's happened since last Thurs-
day, here's a brief summary.
Last Thursday morning, Tom Peterson, J. C. SA Present, re-
ceived a letter from Frank Mayo, BHS SA President, saying that
the only J. C. students that would be admitted to the Sadie
Hawkins Dance, the next night, would be those who had a high
school date. The reason given for this action was that there Isn't
enough space In the upper gym to accommodate both the BHS'ers
and the JC'ers who might come.
It does seem a shame that two schools as closely
thrown together as Balboa High School and CZJC are
can't get along without the enmity that has existed this
year. And when there has been as much enmity as there
has been this year, you'd think that both schools would
bend over backwards trying to be friendly with the other.
That is why the news of the letter from BHS rocked the
halls of J. C. like it did.. .And even more when we heard
that a BHS faculty member has said that we couldn't at-
tend the BHS dances as alumni, because while we're in
, J. C. we are no longer alumni of BHS. That's what" he
Well, BHS'ers we want vou to come to our dances. We're
having a semi-formal dance at the Sailflsh Club this Friday nlte,
and we want you all to come. So fallas, get your dates and come
on over to see that J. C. reallv Isn't such a bad life afterall.
Say folks, how 'bout listening to the College Drama Depart-
ment radio production of "Marjorie Daw" this 8unday night on
station HOG. It's at 7:00 and it's going to be pretty good so
they say. Come on now: most of you missed the first radio show,
so how bout showing a little Interest and listening to this one
This Sunday, that is.
Last week we had a good mural on the blackboard In the
Lounge called "The Local Boays' Version of the Korean War"...
Even without a dance to go to. a few of-the J. C. girls celebrated
Sadie Hawkins Day anyway. Erna Belle McCary. and Jerrv Ray-
mond, Cora Gomez and Jack Rellly. Frances Farrell and Jlmmv
Orvis, and Bea Reyes and Charlie McArthur went out on the town
with the girls opening doors and paving checks for a change. Once
Is enough, girls...The moron Mr. Bowen was talking about In
Economies yesterday jvas not Corliss.
Paramount presents
rman mii-
0 Colo I;
Produced by Mil EPSTEIN
Directed by John Farrow
SciMnpuy by
lomltun lilimei
Stwy by Riclu nama American, prepared by
the Rev. M. A. Cookson, Episco-
pal Church of Our Saviour, New
"He that is slow to anger is
better than the mighty-, and he
that ruleth his spirit than he
that takelh a city." Proverbs
It is possible to "fight the good
light' in our own personal corn-
ual zone and to j,ain a decisive
victory on the*home lront. A few
of us are born with "easy good
i natures" but niosl of us WB
quickly irritated by others, ci
subject to moods, or cross if we
can", have our way. It is possible
to be pleasant when you are rest-
ed, well-ied; the tesi is when yoj
are tired and pressed, and things
o badly. Ii is possible to have a
ood character and a rotten dis-
position; to be upright, but the
1 very devil to live with. A bad dis-
position is like a rude greeting at
ihe door; nothing afterwards.cun
quite make up for it.
It is really Christ who can
Change a bltier temper I have
seen riis work. Take ihat wom-n
of my acquaintance, for instance*
jiie i ame to a meeting where we
were trying to help one another
and went away convicted. SlW
iocked herself in her room, fought
it out, and came out a different
person. Christ had won the war
lor her. It took a miracle, but He
gave 11.
If you have a quick temper, a
bad disposition, admit it. Ask
Chrlsi to cure it. How much hap-
pier Ufe will be for your husband
or wife, your children, the peo-
ple you work with, if you lei
Chrisl take the grouch, that
temper, that irritability, that rje-
mandlngness! He can get al the
root of conflict, and give you lUa
victory! (
It's A Joke
BOSTON 1 UP 1 -Punsters per-
sist in telephoning the office of
! the. Mystic River Bridge Autho-
rity to ask lor 'Miss Bridget Do-
f 1 herty."
[Panama (^anal (clubhouses
Showing Tonight -
6:19 8:10
:15 A :M
S.I5 A H:M
Thuraday "NO WAY OUT"
7.00 P M.
Clark GABLE a> Barbara STANWYCK
G A 7 U N
Yvonne de CARLO Richard GREENE
6:15 8:2S
6:15 A S:M
K.ithiyn GRAYSON Mario LANZA
'The Toast of New Orleans"
Wed. A Thun. "WHITE TOWER"
NEA Staff Correspondent
Copper Canyon' Will Open
Renovated Tropical Theater
Simultaneous Bi laaai ax/
_Kelease!__ THURSDAY
There's no movie comeback cook-
ing for Rosemary Lane of the fa-
mous Lane sister trio who made
pre-war movie headlines.
Rosemary, now the wife of UI
make-up boss Buddy Westmore,
debunks the career-and-happy
marriage Idea with:
The Lane sistersRosemary,
Priscilla and Lolacrashed the
screen in "Four Daughters,"
with Gale Paige. Their last film
together was "Four Mothers."
With the exception of Lola, all
took the title seriously.
Rosemary has a five-year-old
daughter, Bridget, Priscilla Just
had her second baby and Gale
has four children.

Katharine Hepburn and Wil-
liam Prince, her leading man in
"As You Like It," aren't speaking
offstage. The feud started at a
party when Kate challenged Bill
to a wrestling match In front of
the other guests. Kate lost the
match. Why not team her with
Gorgeous George?

Renzo Cesana, who played the
priest who advised lngrid Berg-
man on her love life in "Strom-
boli," has a new jobkeeping
"blind" dates with lonesome gals
via a Los Angeles radio station.
...Helene Miller's come-as-the-
movie-star-you-hate the most
party turned up a surprise. Star-
let Odette Myrtll came as her-

John Carroll's night club sing-
ing style first revealed at the,
Shamrock Hotel In Houston a
month ago. Is the talk of show
business. He has $100,000 worth
of singing contracts in his pocket
for 1951.
"Oliver Twist," the English mo-
vie which hit the censors In the
wrong place, will be released In
the O. S. minus about 750 feet. I
The deletions were made to com-
ply with the Hollywood censor-
ship code.

The Andrews Sisters have ash-
canned their idea of appearing in
a Broadway version of "Flying
Down to Rio." Demands of RKO
and the Vincent Youmans estate
killed the project.. .There's talk
of another "Two Guys" movie for
Dennis Morgan and Jack Carson.
"Two Guys From Detroit" is
ready for the cameras.

Now it's Oorgeous Joe, the 115-
pound wrestling chimpanzee.
The World Jungle Compound
home of movie animalsbooks
Joe with human opponents and
bills him as "stronger than six
men with hair on his chest and
everywhere else."

Shirley Temple's new hus-
band, pineapple heir Charles
Black, Is set for a return to the
Navy as a lieutenant com-
mander. MGM Will ret i tie
"The Red Badge of Courage"
for an obvious reason.

Plcow, an amazing quick sketch
artist, doesn't reach for a mind
eraser when you ask him how
movie stars act when he's profil-
ing them. Johnny Welsmuller,
he claims, Insisted on posing In a
treewith a knife In one hand
and a bottle in the other. He had
to eatch Sonny Tufts, he says,
"between swallows." More con-
ventional posers were the chil-
dren of Alice Faye and Betty ara-
Dorothy Kirsten, posing for
one of those beer advertisements,
made a startling discoverythey
put soapsuds on top of the beer
to make it photogenic.. .They're
now called "Santa Monicanot
Moscow Mules" at a local restau-

They're whipping up the life
story of Helen Morgan at War-
ners, so I asked Rouben Mamou-
lian, who directed Helen In "Ap-
plause," about the Dinah Shore
of the Roaring Twenties.
He told me:
"Helen was beautiful and one
of the rarest human beings on
earth. We filmed 'Applesauce'
at Paramount's Astoria atadlo
in 1929. It was my first motion
picture. There was a young ac-
tress in It whose hair kept fall-
ing over her face. Any other
star would have been delighted.
But as the camera turned, I
suddenly saw Helen put out her
hand and push back the girl's
hair and hold It.
"That was Helen Morgan for
"She played a strip-teaser In
the picture. The censors cut it to
ribbons, but there was still plenty
left of Helen's strip. She was a
beautiful dame."
Bristling with action from 3tart
to finish. Paramount's "Copper
Canyon" Is the sure-fire enter-
tainment feature chosen for to-
morrow evening's re-openlng of
the freshly decorated Tropical
Theater on "I" Street, Panama
City. The show starts at 8 p.m.
The Tropical has Just under-
gone a complete renovation. Its
new entrance makes It one of the
Capital City's attractive show-
Starring Hedy Lamarr, Ray
Milland, Mgcdonald Carey, Mo-
na Freeman and Harry Carey, Jr.,
the rip-roaring technicolor film
chosen for the opening pll-is
thrill upon thrill In spectacular
An eye-fllllng production that
contains some of the most beau-
tiful Technicolor shots this re-
viewer has ever seen, "Copper
Canyon" weaves its action-cram-
med story around a vaudeville
trick-shot artist who aids a group
of miners fighting a land-grab-
bing business syndicate. No or-
dinary western, this one is loaded
with enough pulse-pounding en-
tertainment for two pictures.
As the expert marksman who
joins the underdogs in their bat-
tle, Ray Milland has a role that
is off the beaten track for him.
But he handles it brilliantly, par-
ticularly In the rough-and-tum-
ble sequences In which the film
Looking more beautiful than
ever In her second Technicolor
picture. Hedy Lamarr turns in an
adroit performance as the owner
of a dance hall and saloon. She
makes of Lisa Roselle a fiery,
passionate woman whose actions
are governed by her heart rather
than her head.
Action highlight of the plctura
is the spectacular gun-battle cli-
max that has Mlland and his men
shooting It out with the crooked
deputies led by Macdonald Carey.
For sheer excitement, it ha
rarely been equaled.
Uniled Missionary I
Service Scheduled
On Sunday in Celen
The Atlantic Ministerial Al-
liance, which was organized last
year on the Atlantic side, wll
hold Its third united missionary1
service at 3:00 p.m. Sunday, at
the Tropical Club, 11th St. Ac Me-
lendez Ave., Colon.
It will be remembered that the
previous missionary services, one
at the Camp Blerd Theatre, In
October of last year, an da Chris-
mas program at the Mount Hope
Stadium, In December, were at-
tended by hundreds of people on
the Atlantic side.
The service to be held this Sun-
day will have as Its central
theme "The Cross and Passion of
Christ". A combined choir, repre-
senting the various churches on
the Atlantic side, will lead In the
singing of under the direction of
the Rev. Malnert Peterson.
As guest preacher for this oc-
casion, the Rev. Ephralm Al-
phonse will deliver the Inspiring
message which the Cross of
Christ presents to people of every
race and generation.
Another guest at the service
will be the Rev. William Thomp-
Release! _________,_ Release!
Warner Bros'.'Silver Lining Sweethearts
in their big new song-dance romance!
----- 1 Jg-----jsr r
mino,. tcacu rur Mx o.' Minuc uxfiloa a m mum
r*oe* ca mm mm Mtmu l
,i uran
Toar body clean out uriM Acids
and poisonous wastes In your blood
hru 9 million tiny dsllcsts Kidney tubs
or filters. Poisons 1b ths Kidneys or
Wadd#r may make you suffer from
(Irons;, cloudy iirln Oettlns; up Nlffbts,
\>rvusnssa, L*s; i-ains, Circles Under
riyss. Backache. Achine Joints. Acidity
* burning p*aiaaee. Cystsx, now Im-
ported from the U.8.A.. starts working
i omptly, helps make you -*el younsjer,
ironsrer, better In S ways: 1- Helpa
our kidneys clean out poisonous acids.
Combats serins in ths urinary system.
Soothes and calms Irritated tlssusa
Vsk your drus;ti*t for Cystsx today,
sw how quickly U ma/ half; ey, __^

presentan desde hoy _^
"SI CaUero ^
Varona" /\
a las 7:15
Panama Amrica
TUBERA galvanizada
i" f I" If 2"
Via Espaa 121 Tel. S-15W
Pern clausura el diario "La Prensa"
Otra contra-ofensva prepara la China roja
Estn concentrando cien mil
hombres en varios puntos de
Corea central para ese fin
Las fuerzas de las Naciones Unidas siguen presio-
nando en medio de grandes capas de nieve
TOKIO, Marzo 6. (UP).
Las fuerzas de las Naciones U-
ii Id as siguieron presionando
hacia adelante en medio de
varios pies de nieve contra las
fuerzas comunistas, a pesar
que se considera el contraata-
que comunista inminente. Tan-
to el general MacArthur y el
Comandante de campo Lugar-
teniente General Matthew B.
Ridgway, advirtieron acerca de
este ataque hoy cuando sus
hombres y aeroplanos se mo-
van hacia el norte en su ter-
cera semana de la "ofensiva
MacArthur dijo que ele-
mento* del tercer ejrcito co-
munista se estn moviendo
hacia el sur, que los tanques
rojos ae encuenrtan en varios
puntos en la Corea Central al
sur del paralelo 38 y que de
nueve a doce divisiones fres-
cas chinas, se estn moviendo
hacia el rea de combate. Es-
tas divisiones suman alrededor
de 100.000 hombres, lo cual se
conadiera como demostracin
de una inminente contraofen-
No obstante este contraata-
que ha sido tenido en cuenta
y el Lugarteniente General
Matthem p. Ridgway, coman-
dante de las fue'rzas de campo
aliado, dijo que sus tropas es-
taban listas para cualquier o-
fenslva comunista eh gran es-
cala. "Nosotros la podemos re-
chazar al momento", le dijo a
un corresponsal."
Alrededor de 164 toneladas
de bombas fueron arrojadas
por superfortalezas con el uso
del radar, en vista del mal
tiempo, en los centros de abas-
tecimientos de Hamhung y
Pyongyang. Los B-29 de la ba-
se de Okinawa hicieron blanco
dos veces sobre Hanhung en
la maana.
Segn el General MacAr-
thur las fuerzas comunistas
del tercer ejrcito puede lle-
gar a cuarenta o cuarenta y
tres divisiones. En cambio en
las Naciones Unidas hay 7 di-
visiones de los Estados Uni-
dos con brigadas turcas, grle-
(Pasa a la pgina 5 columna 4)
El Dr. Erasmo de
la Guardia edita
importante obra
El destacado abogado pana-
meo, hoy fallecido, Lie. Fabin
Velarde, y el Dr. Erasmo de la
Guardia, actualmente Presiden-
te de la Corte Suprema de Jus-
ticia, escribieron una importan-
te obra de derecho titulada
"Tratado sobre la ley de docu-
mentos negociables", la cual
acaba de ser publicada.
En esta interesante obra, se
hace un comentarlo, articulo por
articulo, de nuestra ley 52 de
1917, que trata sobre pagars,
cheques, giros y letras de cam-
El Procurador General primer
suplente solicita a la Corte la
destitucin de M. Salamn
El licenciado canos Augusto
Lpez, actuando en su calidad
de Procurador General de la
Nacin, Primer Suplente, por
impedimento del titular, Licen-
ciado Victor A. de Len, so-
licit a la Corte Suprema de
Justicia, en vista remitida esta
maana, en la demanda con-
tra el Ministro de Educacin,
Modesto Salamin, presentada
por los seores Eligi Salas G.
y Braulio Montenegro, por In-
cumplimiento de un fallo del
Trlbunnal que los repona en
La obra del Lie. Velarde y el sus puestos de Inspectores de
Dr. de la Guardia ha de ser, Educacin "que se debe impo-
de mucha utilidad para nes- ner al Ministro Salamin la
tros abogados, ya que la ley 52 sancin establecida en el ar-
de 1917 es muy compleja y de ticulo 8, Jel Decreto Legal n-
dificll comprensin y es induda-
ble que el "Tratado sobre la
ley de documentos negociables"
recibir una calurosa acogida
en nuestro foro, ya que repre-
renta un estudio digno de elo-
mero 4, arriba citado, que cas-
tiga con la prdida del empleo
a los funcionarlos responsables
del incumplimiento de los fa-
llos del Tribunal Contencioso
Administrativo, siguiendo para
ello el procedimiento que se-
ala el Cdigo Administrativo.
Dichos inspectores de Edu-
cacin denunciaron al Minis-
tro de Educacin don Modes-
to Salamin, por incumplimien-
to del fallo del Tribunal de
lo Contencioso Administrativo
que los repona en sus pues-
tos de Inspectores de Educa-
cin. El caso pasar ahora al
estudio de la corte Suprema
de Justicia para su decisin
Se ofrecen mutua y efectiva
ayuda la Polica Nacional y
Secreta* en reunin de ayer
'Vida encadenada'
ser censurada
por la prensa
El Lie. J. M. Fandes, Direc-
tor del Departamento de Pren-
sa y Radio del Ministerio de
Gobierno y Justicia, ha pedido
a la Oerencia del Teatro Presi-
dente que pase la pelcula "Vida
Encadenada" para los periodis-
tas y miembros de la Junta de
Censura maana a las 10.00
Nos explic el Lie. Faundes
que. ha recibido informes de que
en esa pelcula se presentan
escenas que refuleren la censu-
ra por los dems miembros de
la Junta y se pronuncian fra-
ses denigrante* para nueatro
En vista de estas informacio-
nes, el Lie. Fandes decidi
censurar dicha pelcula, y los
miembros de la prensa local
han sido invitados para que
emitan sus conceptos sobre la
Ayer a las cujeo de la tarde
se nev a cabo en la Coman-
dancia del Cuerpo de Polica
Nacional una conferencia sobre
problemas d Polica a la que
concurrieron altos Jefes de la
Polica Nacional, de la Secre-
En dicha reunin se abord
el tema de los diferentes de-
litos y la Intervencin de am-
bas policas para su esclare-
cimiento y para la persecucin
de los delincuentes. A este res-
pecto se llegaron a establecer
pautas y normas que faciliten
y apresuren las investigaciones
respectivas, mediante una mu-
tua y efectiva ayuda entre la
Polica Secreta y la Polica Na-
cional. Esta labor de coordi-
nacin estar a cargo de los
Jefes de ambas instituciones.
Coronel J. A. Remn e Inspec-
tor General, Juan de Dio Po-
Tambin fueron tratados otros
temas de inters para ambas
instituciones, y segn declara-
cin rendida a la prensa por
un vocero de la Polica Secre-
ta, -la conferencia se desarro-
llo dentro de un amplio esp-
ritu de cooperacin y completo
(Pasa a la pgina 6 columna 6)
No se exigirn en
los autos las dos
placas, por ahora
En relacin con noticia apa-
recida en un diarlo local sobre
la duplicidad de las placas, el
Secretario de Gobierno y Jus-
ticia, don Jerge Rubn Rosas,
inform a est diario "que e-
xlste una voluminosa corres-
pondencia relacionada con los
arreglos a que han llegado las
autoridades de Panam y de
la Zona del Canal, referentes
a la necesidad de posponer por
ahora el uso del duplicado de
placas, despus de constatarse
la escasez de metal en los mer-
cados mundiales. ,
"El Ministro de Gobierno y
Justicia en nota de ayer di-
jo el Secretarlo Rosas, ha di-
rigido al de Obras Pblicas so-
licitndole la cancelacin de la
orden de confeccin de dupli-
cados de las placas por haber
sido pospuestos los efectos del
Decreto por el cual se ordena-
ba el uso de duplicados de
El Gobierno continuar dando
su apoyo al Hotel "El Panam"
El rgano Ejecutivo desea prestar su cooperacin
para solucionar su financiamiento
En fuentes bien enteradas he-
mos sabido que aunque el rga-
no Ejecutivo vet el proyecto de
Ley que permita al Hotel "El Pa-
nama", aumentar la emisin de
cdulas hipotecarlas, con cuyo
producto se pagara lo que ste
adeuda a loa contratistas y a
otros acreedores, ello no implica
en manera alguna que el Gobier-
no intente retirarla su apoyo al
Hotel, por ser sta empresa de
gran beneficio para el pais.
Asimismo se nos ha Informado
que son infundados los rumores
de cambios en la Gerencia de la
Compaa Fiduciaria de Panam,
S. A. En Diciembre del ao pasa-
do el Gobierno y las entidades
autnomas depositaron una suma
apreclable para garantizar la es-
tabilidad de la institucin y se ha
sabido, de manera absoluta, que
no ht habido cambio alguno en la
Elitica del Gobierno hacia el
Estas noticias vienen a desvir-
tuar totalmente los distintos ru-
mores que al respecto han venido
circulando en la ciudad desde la
semana pasada.
El Club Miura
se rene esta noche
Habr reunln especial del Club
Miura en el Club Unin esta no-
che a las ocho. Se suplica puntual
asistencia a sus socios.
La General Motors Corp.
es la Empresa que ha
obtenido mayores utilidades
DETROIT, Marzo 6 (UP)La: Uo una corporacin.
General Motors anunci utlllda- Sus ventas de 7,531,086,846 d-
dades netas por 821,115,724 d- lares sealan un record en tlem-
lares durante el ao de 1950, los I po de paz. Las acciones comu-
mayores que baya nunca gana- nes tuvieron una utilidad de
nueve dlares con 35 centavos,
contra 7.62 en 1049.
En la Memorial Anual a los
accionistas, C. E. Wilson, Presi-
dente de la General Motors, y
Alfred Sloan, Jefe de la Junta
Directiva, informan que estas
cifras sin precedentes, se de-
bieron al "nivel decididamente
alto" de actividad comercial pa-
. ra todas las clases de artculos.
Se abrir Curso de Veranoen, .Esta demanda M deolo par.
la "Escuela Nicolas Pacheco ; clalmente al voiumen sin pre-
para alumnos de escuela prima-, cedentes de crditos para com-
rla, deficientes en aritmtica o pras a plazos y despues de c0_
espaol y cuya preparacin es-
tar a cargo de educadores de
larga experiencia profesional y
de reconocida competencia.
Las matriculas quedarn a-
biertas a partir del Jueves 8 del! conceptos en 1950, ascendieron
Cursos de verano
sern abiertos en
'Nicols Pacheco'
menzar la guerra de Corea, al
temor a escasez o de precios
ms altos".
Los Impuestos por todos los
presente mes a tas 8 de la ma-
El padre de familia pagar
B.5.00 por el curso.
Las clases comenzarn el lu-
nes 12 de marzo al as 8 de la
Para ms informes se puede
llamar al telfono 2-274.
a 1,536,000 de los cuales, 471-
000.000 corresponden a los Im-
puestos sobre ventas y consu-
mo. El Ingreso neto fu de 9, por
tiento de ventas contra -11,5 en
1949 y 12.6 en el periodo entre
1936 y 1940.
El ao pasado la General Mo-
(Pasa a la Pig. 6, Col. 6)
Por cortar a otra
mujer ser juzgada
Esmeralda Aguilar
Una acusacin formal, proba-
blemente de asalto con arma
criminal, se le har esta tarde
ante los Magistrados de la Cor-
le de Balboa contra Esmeralda
Aguilar,, panamea de 24 aos
residente en Rio Abajo, que fu
arrestada el sbado por cortar
otra mujer.
Ella encontr a Rebeca Fran-
co, de 19 aos, que vive arriba
de la cantina La Riviera, en el
lote de estacionamiento del
Clubhouse del Pacifico, el s-
bado a las tres de la tarde, y
aunque ambas han declarado no
conocerse antes, Esmeralda sac
de su pulso una navaja y corto
a la Franco desde la cara en el
lado Izquierdo hasta el pecho.
La Franco necesito 33 puntos en
el Hospital Gorgas, para cerrar
.as heridas en la cara, cuello y
James Hamlet, un conductor
ce buses de Gamboa, las sepa-
r y las llev al hospital, En
Ancn, un polica arrest a la
Aguilar y otro llev a Rebeca al
hospital. El fin de semana la
pas la Aguilar en la Polica
de Ancn.
Se adelantan preparativos
para que la feria de Coln
alcance un completo xito
Se espera que la Feria Agro-1 los diferentes actos con nues-
pecuarla, Industrial y Comer-
cial que se ha de celebrar en
Coln durante la segunda se-
mana del mes de mayo prxi-
mo, ser un gran xlto.
El comercio de Coln y el
Comit Coln Prospera, estn
prestando todo su respaldo a
dicha feria, y estn consiguien-
do la colaboracin de diferen-
tes entidades cvicas del pas
para que aporten su apoyo,
a fin de darle a la misma todo
el colorido y esplendor necesa-
Fuimos Informados de que se
estn haciendo las gestiones
para que el Club Aeronutico
tras danzas y nuestra msica.
El Ministerio de Obras P-
blicas ha ofrecido la colabo-
racin necesaria y tendr a su
cargo la construccin de los di-
ferentes kioscos y tribunas de
honor para los Invitados espe-
ciales y el pblico en general.
La entrada a dicha feria ten-
dr un "arco triunfal", en don-
de proyectan hacer derroche de
luces y lujo.
Lot kioscos estarn divididos
por regln, habiendo pabellones
agrcolas, pecuarios, comercia-
les e Industriales. Habr una
exhibicin de vacas lecheras que
de Panam participe en dicha han sido campeonas en las di-
fera con un gran "carnaval I ferentes ferias que se han ce-
areo", en donde nuestros pi-
lotos hagan gala de maestra
y arrojo para solaz de los es-
Tambin participarn en di-
cah feria varios conjuntos In-
terioranos, quienes amenizarn
lebrado, asi como de caballos
nacionales campeones.
La feria contar con una for-
midable pista de paseo, en don-
de experimentados jinetes so-
bre briosos corceles harn gala
de maestra y ritmo.
Un Centro Pro-Educacin del
Matrimonio establecern
prximamente en La Habana
NUEVA YORK, Marzo 6 (UP) i gares felices y una humanidad
La escritora y conferencista I mejor. Y lo harn de acuerdo con
peruana, Irene Silva de Santola- el programa que he elaborado
Ha, pronostic que Cuba marca- que consiste en preparar a la
r una pauta en el Continente', mujer en su cudruple funcin
en materia de educacin pre-' de esposa, madre, ama de casa y
matrimonial, abriendo el primer ciudadana consciente de la ele-
Centro de Educacin para el Ma- vada funcin social del hogar,
trlmonlo. Inspirada en la slida base de
El proyecto de la seora San- un cristianismo irradiante
tolalla para el establecimiento
de Centros de esta clase en todos
los pases del Continente, fue a-
probado por unanimidad en un
Congreso Interamericano de Ma-
dres, celebrado en Buenos Aires.
Desde entonces la seora San-
tolalla ha venido llevando a ca-
bo la campaa por distintos pa-
ses para que el proyecto sea lle-
vado a la prctica.
Al pronosticar que Cuba ser ?acmanan^
el primer pas que levante un | *si* "".",*
Vasto sistema de
alarma proyectan
establecer aqu
El Comisionado de Defensa
Civil, Don Antonio de Reuter,
nos inform que en la reunin
de maana se tratarn asuntos
de gran inters.
Como paso Inicial, se piensa
instalar un sistema adecuado
de alarmas, y con ese fin se ha
Invitado a los Comandantes de
los Cuerpos de Bomberos de
Fanam y Coln, y al Jefe del
Sistema de Alarmas, Coman-
dante de la Polica, Alcaldes y
Gobernadores de Panam y Co-
El Departamento de Defensa
Civil piensa dividir el distrito
en sectores, asignndole cada
sector a un Comisarlo, quien a
su vez tendr un cuerpo de vo-
luntarlos debidamente entre-
nados. Para este fin se piensa
solicitar la cooperacin debida
al Alcalde del Distrito Capital,
Lie. ngel Vega Mndez, ya que
los actuales Comisarios de Ba-
rrio del Municipio, pueden ser-
vir como Comisarios de Defen-
sa Civil.
El plan de defensa civil es
sumamente Importante y se
proceder a la Inscripcin de
voluntarlos para que presten
servielos en ese organismo.
Como la tcnica de guerra ha
avanzado enormemente, se tra-
tar de conseguir la coopera-
cin de Ingenieros, mdicos, en-
fermeras, etc. a fin de coordi-
nar debidamente todos los ser-
vicios de defensa civil para el
caso de una alt.-.ia ; e\
desastres producidos por el pi-
nico y la Imprevisin en caso
de ataque.
Reabrir maana
sus puertas e
Teatro Tropical
Maana reabrir sus puertas
el Teatro Tropical. Despus de
varios meses de reparaciones
y construcciones en su edificio
e Instalaciones, ser abierto
nuevamente al pblico, comple-
tamente modernizado, bajo la
gerencia de don Rodolfo Estrl-
Para la reapertura del Tea-
tro Tropical se ha escogido con
acierto el film Paramount "El
Placer de la Venganza" una pe-
lcula llena de accin Esta for-
midable pelcula est protago-
nizada por Hedy Lmar, Ray
Milland, McDonald Carey, Mona
Freeman y Harry Carey Jr., y
est firmada en esplendoroso
El nuevo Gerente, Don Ro-
dolfo Estrlpeaut ha extendido
gentiles invitaciones a distin-
guidas personalidades de nues-
tro mundo politico y social, a
los periodistas y hombres de
arte para un acto que tendr
lugar hoy martes a las seis de
la tarde en dicho teatro.
La funcin de maana co-
menzar a las 8 de la noche, y
como dijimos antee, la formida-
ble pelcula en tecnicolor que
ha sido escogida para la rea-
pertura conmover al pblico
por su dinamismo y precioso
La Dictadura Militar acusa
a Gainza Paz de violar
Ley de Seguridad del Estado
Los talleres tipogrficos han sido puestos
bajo la custodia de la Polica
Una serie de "crmenes contra Argentina" se for-
mulan contra Gainza Paz y sus codefensores
BUENOS AIRES, Marzo 6.(UP)El doctor
Alberto Gainza Paz, director de La Prensa, na
sido acusado de violar la ley de segundad del Es-
tado, se anunci esta noche. Los talleres tipogr-
ficos del peridico han sido oficialmente cerrados
y se aadi que los policas se han hecho cargo de
ellos. La violacin a la ley de seguridad del Estado
tiene una pena que puede llegar a prisin per-
La polica del precinto 22,
donde est ubicada "La Pren-
sa", dijo que el Juez" federal Mi-
guel Vlgnola orden un proceso
criminal contra Gainza Paz y
"otras personas" que no han
sido identificadas, pero que se
cree son miembros del perso-
nal de "La Prensa." No se sabe
ni hay indicaciones que Gainza
Paz naya sido arrestado, se
les acusa de haber violado la
ley 536 de 1945 que pas duran-
te el rgimen del ex-presidente
General Edelmiro FarreU.
La polica notific al Geren-
te comercial Manuel Constell,
de "La Prensa", al abogado Ma-
nuel B. Ordei, que se ha a-
bierto un proceso contra Gainza
Paz, pero no presentaba cargos
especficos contra l. Fuentes de
"La Prensa" dicen no tener in-
formacin sobre cules son los
cargos que se le hacen y lo
periodistas de Argentina no tie-
nen acceso a los archivos de la
Corte. El decreto en que se a-
cusa a Paz y sus codefensores,
incluye una variedad de cargo*
como crimen contra la seguri-
dad Interna y externa del esta-
do, contra el aprovisionamien-
to de fuerzas armadas., contra-
a economa nacional, contra el
desarrollo de la industriablo-
queo de huelgas y sabotaje
y contra la seguridad de loa
transportes areos y comunica-
Los voceadores de peridico*
estn dirigiendo una campaa
para lograr que el Gobierno
expropie "La Prensa." Loa em-
pleados de "La Prensa" sostle-
(Pasa a la Pgina 5, Col. 8)
Hoteles nter-Americanos, S.A.
colocar B. 465.000 en E^
UU. en cdulas hipotecarias
En vista del veto del rga-
no Ejecutivo al proyecto de
Ley que autoriza un aumento
en la emisin de Cdulas Hi-
potecarlas, se reuni ayer tar-
de la Junta Directiva de Ho-
teles Inter-Americanos, S. A.,
presidida por A. G. Arango,
Presidente de dicha institucin,
con asistencia de los Directo-
res, 8res. Rodolfo Herbruger,
Ministro de Hacienda y Teso-
ro, T. G. Duque, Juan Nava-
rro, Gilberto Arlas, Roberto
Importante misin
realizan en sta
damas chilenas
Se encuentran entre nosotros
las seoritas Nora Bsaletti y
Mariana Frontaura, procedentes
lssenmann, R. M. Heurtema- j de Chile.
tte, R. M. McGrath y Oflllo
Hazera. En dicha reunin se
acord un plan de financia-
miento para la empresa.
Como primer paso, se deci-
di vender en los Estados Uni-
dos la suma de B.456,000.00 en
Cdulas Hipotecarlas, garanti-
zadas con primera hipoteca so-
bre la propiedad. El Director.
Las seoritas Basaletti y
Frontaura estn dedicadas a
una cruzada intelectual para
echar las bases para una mesa
redonda Panamericana, que en
este caso ser formada exclusi-
vamente por mujeres paname-
Instituciones de sta ndolt
Se registra caso
de poliomielitis
en el H. Gorgas
El primer caso de pollo en aer
admitido al Hospital Gorgas
desde enero 28, fu Informado
ta maana.
El paciente es un sargento de
centro, declar a la Prensa Uni-
da: "AH tengo ya prometida laI "!" *"" "c "c
nrntPH-uSn rt.fciHi muv no*i-! edad, y las autoridades del Hoa-
Albrook Fields, de 22 aos de
protec^lebTda^^murpos: I edad, ^rsunt0^ades del ,.
ble que comience a funcionar | P'^.^^ben condicin co-
deije'"eip"rxlm invierno. He no-1 mo una que afecta todas las
tado sumo Inters all por esta I extremidades y los msculos del
sublime causa de educar para el pecho, aunque no se encuentra
matrimonio, a fin de formar ho- I en pulmones de hierro.
Desean un cambio
de tarifas en la
lnea "Panam"
El Contralor General del Fe-
rrocarril de Panam ha reco-
mendado una revisin de las
operaciones de la "Panam-Ll-
ne". compaa naviera perte-
neciente al Ferrocarril, de~ a-
cuerdo con el informe de audi-
tora de dicha compaa.
El informe dice "En vista que
es posible que la lnea de va-
pores no se pueda sostener por
si misma. as deseable que se
haga una completa revisin de
su operacin por la Junta Direc-
"Se le debe dar consideracin
al cambio de tarifas y la poli-
8r. Juan Navarro, inform que existen en Venezuela, Chile, Ar-
aunque los auditores no haban gentlna y otros pases de Am-
tenido an ms tiempo de ren- | rica. La seorita Basaleth ea
dir un informe de ganancias y Secretarla de la Mesa Redond
fMu a la patina 6. col S (Pasa a la Pg. CoL a\)
------------------------T -
Framente Estados Unidos le
dice al delegado sovitico a
la "ONU" que est mintiendo
En fro lenguaje diplomtico,
los Estados Unidos acus al ru-
so Jacobo Malik de mentir en
cuanto a su actuacin en las
negociaciones del Tratado de
Paz, con Japn.
Malik dijo el sbado que no
haba hablado con el Embaja-
dor General de los Estados Uni-
dos, John Foster Dulles, acerca
ael Tratado ni convenido efec-
tuar otras consultas en el futu-
Gran produccin
tendrn minas de
hierro venezolanas
A. B. Homer, Presidente de la
Bathlehem Steel Co., dirigin-
ro. El Departamento de Estado dose a la A80clacln de Comer-
contest-con "la verdad de que cl0 de Baltimore, dijo que laa
en cuatro ocasiones Malik con-
ierenci con Dulles o su auxi-
liar Ernest Gross.
"Estados Unidos"dice el De-
partamento de Estado"persis-
tir en tratar un Tratado Ge-
neral con Japn y considera
que nadie tiene derecho a poner
veto a la paz. El Gobierno So-
vitico persistentemente ha tra-
intercalar la clusula
minas de hierro de la compaa
en Venezuela producirn pron-
to 3 millones de toneladas de
nierro bruto anualmente y qua
esa cantidad puede ser aumen-
tada a cinco millones de tone-
Dijo que el primer embarque
arrivar a Sparrows Point den-
tado de intercalar la clusula tro de dos o tres semanas y el
de veto y eso es lo que ya ha! flujo continuar en la misma
demorado indebidamente la ne- forma. Agreg que dicha com-
goclacin de la paz japonesa". | paia est desarrollando las ml-
El Departamento de Estado as de manganeso bruto en
tica que rige el transporte de i dice que Malik ha expresado que Brasil,
f mpleados de las agencias del I "no ha celebrado ninguna en- No dio detalles sobrel os pro-
Gobierno y divisiones de la' trevista con el seor Dulles res- yectos. pero dijo que no limita-
Compaa del Canal, a fin de pecto al Tratado de Paz con Ja- | ban sus intereses en material
que la linea de vapores recobre pon", y a continuacin dice que bruta a Venezuela. Agreg que
el costo del transporte de em- "la verdad" es que Mallkk habl estaban desarrollando la explo-
pleados". (Pasa a la Pgina 6, Columna ) (Pasa a .la. Pg. CoL

u gcoi
lng ti
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but I
con ti
vill ,.
a sen
tut w
lur t
Hi :er
I ti'osa
I en W
ill, I
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ol .1
,'air ''
t "I
i i
*- ru
_^ "Nuestra Universidad se inspira en las
PftUafSOUntCcl doctrinas democrticas", Braulio Vsquez
Apartado Postal No 134
Se anunci ayer que el rgano Ejecutivo ha
presentado objeciones, por razones de inconvenien-
cia, a quince proyectos de leyes que haban sido
aprobados por la Asamblea Nacional. La colectivi-
dad ha experimentado franca sorpresa al perca-
tarse de que algunos de los proyecto vetados no
quedarn en vigor. Entre stos est el que trata-
ba de establecer las unidades sanitarias areas.
Se considera generalmentey hay abundancia
de razones para elloque las caravanas sanitarias
habran contribuido apreciablemente a mejorar las
condiciones de la salud pblica. Existen poqusimas
unidades sanitarias terrestres y stas slo en los
centros de mayor poblacin as que una gran can-
tidad de habitantes humildes se encuentra total-
mente privada de asistencia mdica. Por medio del
auxilio ambulante que se proyect habra sido po-
sible atender a las necesidades ms apremiantes en
ese sentido.
Claro est que las caravanas areas no podran
en todos los casos prestar servicios tan eficientes
como los que prestaran las unidades sanitarias te-
rrestres. Pero stas slo pueden otorgar ayuda li-
mitada a los pacientes que concurran a ellas. Por
tanto, los servicios de unas y otras vendran en
cierto modo a complementarse.
Podra argrse que son relativamente pocos
los lugares accesibles a las caravanas areas. Esto
es absolutamente cierto. Pero en la actualidad es
menor el nmero de poblaciones donde existen uni-
dades sanitarias de tipo permanente. Y no se ve
posibilidad alguna de que en un lapso relativa-
mente corto se establezcan en mayor escala.
A veces se censura acremente a la poblacin
campesina, tildndola de indiferente y perezosa. Se
olvida que en realidad lo que ocurre es que se tra-
ta de un sector enfermo, incapacitado para tra-
bajar y an para pensar. Cualquier esfuerzo que
se haga tendiente a aliviar esa situacin produci-
ra ventajas apreciables para todos.
Sera de desearse que en la primera oportu-
nidad que se presente se estudie una vez ms el
problema. No parece aventurado afirmar que en
lo que se roza con las caravanas areas, as como
con otros proyectos de leyes de los vetadoe recien-
temente por el rgano Ejecutivo, no se tomaron
en cuenta ciertas consideraciones de importance
que habran justificado ampliamente un criterio
distinto del adontado.
de 1051 que ofrece la Univer-
sidad de Panam, me ha pa-
recido oportuno hacer una bre-
ve disertacin sobre la impor-
tancia de la labor universita-
ria en general y de estos cur-
NOVSIMO teatro
. R.U
En un diario de Los Angeles
se ha publicado el siguiente
anuncio, de tipo econmico: "Se
necesita: muohacha joven pa-
ra desempear el papel prin-
cipal al lado de un comedian-
te generalmente reconocido co- sos en particular:
mo el ms grande del mundo.. No es ,a primera Vez que la
Dirjase a los Estudios Charlie .universidad auspicia una em-
Chaplin, Hollywood. Enve loto- presa de Mta clase Desde sus
comienzos ha estado y conti-
na empeada en cumplir a
caballdad su misin educadora,
pese a la estrechez de su pre-
supuesto y a otras limitacio-
nes. Aparte de sus programas
regulares de enseanza, ha rea-
lizado en diversas ocasiones ac-
tivas campaas de extensin
universitaria que han sido co-
ronadas por el xito. Se han
organizado importantes ciclos
de conferencias; cursos espe-
ciales para obreros, veladas cul-
turales, conciertos, exposiciones
y otras actividades que seria
largo enumerar. El ao acad-
mico que acaba d terminar ha
sido uno de los ms fructfe-
ros en esta labor de extensin
Instalada ya en su casa pro-
pia y provista de oirs faci-
lidades materiales que por tan-
to tiempo le faltaron, la Uni-
versidad ha adquirido un ma-
yor sentido de seguridad y a-
flanzamlento, se ha percatado
mejor de sus objetivos, y se ha
dedicado con mayor entusiasmo
y determinacin a realizarlos.
Eminentes personalidades de
nuestra banca y mundo d ne-
gocios participaron en una se-
rle de conferencias sobre pro-
blemas econmicos nacionales
auspiciada por le Facultad de
Administracin Pblica y Co-
Discurso pronunciado por el rio.
Profesor Braulio Vsquez con Deseo ahora referirme a los
motivo de la Inauguracin de objetivos prlmordl ales de la
loa Cursos de Verano de 1S511 Universidad y do los cursos de
on la Universidad de Panam, verano. Deca el presidenta de
ayer: una de la sgrandes universida-
des estadounidenses hace algu-
Seor Rector, seores Profesores nos aos, en una ocasin seme-
y Estudiantes, Damas y i Jante a la presente, que los fi-
Caballeros: nes principales de la univef-
Con motivo de la iniciacin sidad, como un centro de altos
hoy de los Cursos de Verano estudios, pueden resumirse as:
El "Aviso Oportuno'9.
fEl Morcado Sin Isatnt"
Es Borato v Efectivo
Acabamos de recibir
los consigue Ud. donde los*
Ave. Central No. 40 Ave. Central y Calle 5a. No. 24
La Seccin de Materiales y Compras del Ministerio de
Hacienda y Tesoro, recibir propuestas cerradas hasta las
diez en punto de la maana del da 15 de Marzo del ao
en curso, por el suministro de ARTCULOS DE VETERINA-
Las especificaciones sern entregadas a los Interesados
durante las horas hbiles de oficina.
Juan J. Rodrguez
Jefe de Materiales y Compras.
Ministerio de Hacienda y Tesoro.
Panama. 28 de Febrero de 1851.
grafa." Nada ms. ni nada me-
nos. Charlie Chaplin recurre al
anuncio econmico para bus-
car aquella artista que le a-
compaar en el papel princi-
pal femenino de su nueva pel-
cula "Limelight", la primera que
va a estrenar despus de la tan
discutida para mi admira-
ble... "Monsieux Verdoux",
que constituy la gran atrac-
cin de los salones d cinema-
tgrafo en 1947.
Charlie Chaplin ha tardado
casi cuatro aos para decidir-
se a Impresionar una nueva pe-
lcula. Y no ha encontrado en-
tre las actrices de La Meca de
la pantalla ninguna que consi-
dere adecuada para actuar a
su lado, como protagonista fe-
Se repetir la historia de
Paulette Goddard. aquella lin-
da criatura que l elev al es-
trellato? Tero Paulette Goddard
fue admirable a la vera de Cha-
plin: en cuanto dej al Inimi-
table cmico resbal por el
5lao inclinado de lo aburrl-
o. Lo que demuestra que el
genio de Chaplin es lo que ha-
ce las actrices.
En el mundo de la propa-
ganda, que es el de Hollyood.
Charlie Chaplin supera esa pro-
paganda. V es, sencillamente,
que l no la necesita, que su
nombre I est ms all de la
propaganda. Charlie Chaplin
da la mano a una actriz y de
una vez esa actriz alcanza la
cima. Se Impone el genio del
Y es l, slo l.
El nico gran cmico que se
aproxima a Charlie Chaplin es
el mejicano Mario Moreno. Can-
l Inflas. Pero Cant inflas no ha
logrado modelar ninguna actriz.
Cantinflas es alma de sus pe-
lculas, que se desmoronan
cuando no acta ante la len-
te. El genio de Cantinflas es
otra cosa. Yo lamento que al-
guna vez Cantinflas haya In-
tentado imitar a Chaplin, co-
mo en el final de esa pelcula
El Portero", que es en reali-
dad una maravilla.
8e ha hablado del humor in-
telectual de Charlie Chaplin. Yo
pienso que el humor del artis-
te '-"les no es intelectual. Lo
que ocu.._- es que cada uno
interpreta a Chaplin de acuer-
do con su temperamento, de
conformidad con su cultura.
Y los que escriben en torno a
Chaplin suelen ser los intelec-
Porque, quiz, lo ms admi-
rable de Chaplin sea su uni-
versalidad. A Charlie Chaplin
lo entiende todo el mundo. Ha-
ce rer y hace llorar porque se
Impone su arte magnifico. En
el fondo lo que le acontece a
Buscar bien su actriz para
"Limelight" Chaplin. No fraca-
sar, no. Ahora lo que puede
suceder es que la actriz fra-
case ms tarde, en cuanto la
deje de la mano el cmico ex-
Eso de encontrar un talento
no es cosa simple. Pero Cha-
plin lo hallar. Y sabr infun-
Puntos de vista -
cursos regulares, vayan toman-
?*' r\ vrano las h=a; Divergencia de Opiniones
terlas que no han aprobado = a
durante los periodos ordinarios.
Asimismo, estos cursos puedan Desde el 24 de Junio de 1950, en que el impacto de las fuer-
servir para estimular el nter-1 *as norcoreanas las hizo retroceder desordenadamente, los sol-
i) Conservar los conocimien-
b) Transmitir los conocimien-
o) Aumentar los conocimien-
No es necesario elaborar mu-
cho sobre estos objetivos. El sa-
ber se conserva en forma per-
manente por medio de loe tra-
bajos escritos y las claves para
declfrarlos, los modelos, m-
quinas, aparatos, etc., produc-
tos del genio humano, y na-
turalmente el hombre de estu-
dio en si que retiene en esa
obra maravillosa que es la men-
te humana, el cmulo de ex-
periencias y sabidura adqulrl-
d acorn resultado del estudio,
la observacin, y el anlisis
cientfico de las cosas.
Es en relacin con la segun-
da finalidad que la Universi-
dad desarrolla su labor de ma-
yor trascendencia. Por medio de
sus profesores, bibliotecas y la-
boratorios, a ella le correspon-
de ensear y preparar para tre los regmenes polticos ba-
una vida mejor a los hombres. sados en la democracia y los
y mujeres deseosas de apren- basados en el totalitarismo co-
cambio con estudiantes de otras
universidades. Por ltimo, como
la Universidad no da exmenes
de rehabilitacin, los cursos de
verano permiten a los estu-
diantes con asignaturas apla-
zadas, ponerse al da sin ne-
cesidad de trabajar con hora-
rios demasiado recargados.
N quiero terminar esta di-
sertacin sin mencionar otro
propsito fundamental de la en-
seanza universitaria. Junto
con el deseo muy natural de
aumentar sus conocimientos, el
estudiante que viene a la Uni-
versidad debe comprender que
la oportunidad que se le olre-
ce no es para su exclusivo be-
neficio; que como miembro, de
la comunidad donde habita, de
su pas, y de la humanidad en-
tera, est obligado moralmente,
a utilizar su caudal intelectual
en bien de otros seres huma-
nos menos afortunados. En la
mente de un verdadero uni-
versitario no deben tener ca-
bida reservas mentales y no
se concibe que use sus cono-
cimientos para el engao y la
En estos tiempos cuando se
plantea una pugna abierta en-
der y de mantener en alto la
antorcha de lag ciencias, artes,
y de la cultura en general.
La tercera funcin, primor-
dial de la universidad, la de
incrementar los conocimientos,
es de ms difcil realizacin
Aparte de las capacidades in-
telectuales de los profesores y
estudiantes, se requiere contar
con los medios que permitan
dedicarse de lleno al estudio
y a la investigacin cientfica.
Para ello es necesario que la
Universidad est bien dotada en
todo sentido, qu cuente con
buenas bibliotecas, laboratorios,
equipos, materiales y con es-
Un apreciable ncleo del es-1 odiantes y profesores dedica-
necesita para que le' acompa-
e en su obra.
A Chaplin no se le escapa
nada dentro de su arte. Se ase-
gura que ha hecho arte social.
No me lo parece. Ha hecho ar-
te, y ya es mucho.
Cuarenta aos de primera fi-
gura en eso tan lleno de nove-
dad que es el cinematgrafo
dice mucho. Pasan las actrices,
pasan los actores. Queda Cha-
plin. La propaganda de Holly-
Wood alcanza pinculos sor-
prendentes. Chaplin no necesita
ni propaganda. Su nombre es la
propaganda. Un pequeo anun-
cio econmico en un diario de
Los Angeles produce una con-
mocin. Por qu? Porque se tra-
ta de Charlie Chaplin.
Chaplin no se defiende con
tudlantado y profesorado, asi
como numeroso pblico de a-
fuera se dio cita en esta mls-
m sala para escuchar la pa-
labra autorizada de hombres
probos y competentes que vi-
nieron a ilustrarnos, desde el
punto de vista del profesional
experto, sobre nuestra situa-
cin econmica, nuestros pre-
supuestos nacionales, nuestro
comercio, nuestra agricultura,
ganadera e Industrias, y lo que
podra hacerse, con un poco
de buena voluntad de parte de
la ciudadana y del gobierno
para mejorar la condicin eco-
nmica del pais y para elevar
el nivel de vida de grandes
sectores de la poblacin que
subsisten en la mayor penu-
ria. Asimismo, con todo xito,
se ha continuado desarrollando
el curso de extensin univer-
sitaria Iniciado hace apenas un
dar de aos en Aguadulce por
la Facultad de Filosofa, Letras
y Educacin. De este curso es-
tn sacando apreciable prove-
cho alrededor de doscientos
maestros de la mencionada
ciudad y de poblaciones veci-
nas, que han sabido correspon-
der al esfuerzo de la Univer-
Es motivo de especial com-
placencia para mi consignar
aqu el hecho de que actual-
mente un grupo de seoritas,
aluninas de ese curso de Agua-
dulce, estn tomando varios
cursos de Educacin en Teja-
das, Estados Unidos, en una
excursin de Intercambio inter-
nacional de estudiantes, fruto
del dinamismo creador del pro-
fesor norteamericano William
Campbell. He aqu un excelen-
te ejemplo de la poltica del
a la elegida aquello que lbuen vecino llevada a la prc-
tica. Y paralelos con los que
se dictan aqu ahora, la Uni-
versidad, en su deseo de llevar
sus luces hasta los lugares ms
distantes de 1 aCapltal. ha or-
ganizado, por primera vez, cur-
sos de extension universitaria y
de verano en la ciudad de Da-
vid. Al frente de esa misin
educadora se halla mi distin-
guida y consagrada colega, do-
na Otilia Arosemena de Tejel-
ra. acompaada de otros cate-
drticos de la Facultad de Fi-
losofa. Letras y Educacin. Se-
gn Informes que he obtenido,
mas de cen alumnos se han
matriculado en esos cursos.
Podra continuar mencionan-
do otras actividades de exten-
sion universitaria que realiza
esta institucin educativa
Si quiere ahorrar dinero
al ms ventajoso
CLUB de 50 Semanas
por una pequea cuota semanal/
Avenida Central 91
Juventud. Chaplin se defien- ro no Quiero abusar de la be-
de con su genio. He ah lo gra- "evolencia de mi gentil audlto-
Y ser asi mentras exista.
Cuando muera Chaplin queda-
ra su arte. Los otros artistas
?.oJVn -muy .P000 C^PHn treven a confesar"
significar en la historia del
cinematgrafo lo mximo.
Le deberemos a Charlie Cha-
losas que resbalan por nues-
tras mejillas en la oscuridad de
la sala, y que muchos no se
dos de lleno a esta formidable
tarea creadora.
Precisamente por su moce-
dad y ms que todo por falta
de suficientes recursos, nues-
tra universidad no ha logrado
adelantar todo lo que fuera de-
seable en esta tercera e Im-
portantsima funcin universi-
taria. Pero ya los dirigentes de
nuestra casa de estudios se es-
tn percatando de la necesi-
dad inaplazable de hacer cum-
plir esta misin. Al efecto se
estn dando los pasos para
instaurar las clases diurnas, pa-
ra hacer ms efectiva la la-
bor de los seminarios y labo-
ratorios, para conseguir que los
profesores puedan dedicar ms
tiempo y energas a la Univer-
sidad. Asimismo, se piensa ya
en conceder sabticas y en dis-
minuir el nmero de horas de
clases a los profesores con lar-
gos aos de servicios y de re-
conocida competencia, a fin de
que puedan disponer de tiempo
para la preparacin de libros de
texto, estudios socio-econmi-
cos, investigaciones de labora-
torio, y otras actividades de
esta ndole que han redundar
en un aumento en el acervo de
nuestros conocimientos, y en un
positivo beneficio para el pais.
En cuanto a los Cursos de Ve*
dados de la Repblica de Corea del Sur han demostrado una In-
fatigable tendencia a emprender la fuga cuando son atacadas
l>or el enemigo.- Tendencia que les ha ganado el nombre de FAS-
CISTAS COREANOS, en honor a la velocidad de los soldados do
Mussolini durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial.
Las afirmaciones del Dr. Kyngman Rhe, Presidente de Corea
del Sur, en el sentido de que su gobierno contaba con 6s# mil
soldados instruidos y listos para entrar en accin en cuanto o
les proporcionara Armamento y equipo, ofrecen un elevado tono
de fanfarronera.
Afortunadamente para los unitarios, otros elementos comba-
tientes teruan mayor capacidad combativa y resistencia en la
lucha, como los soldados franco-norteamericanos que retuvieron
Chyplong a pesar de todos los asaltos BANZAI de los comunis-
tas y acabaron por ser liberados por una columna motoritada y
de tanques, apoyada por combatientes unitarios, que se abri pa-
so entre los sitiadores y rompi el asedio.
Los asaltos BANZAI de los comunistas chinos y noreo-
reanos son idnticos a los asaltos BANZAI nipones: las olas
de atacantes avansan sobre su objetivo, haciendo caso omi-
so de sus prdidas en el ataque frontal.
Al cabo de 9 dias de furiosos ataques de los comunistas, los
unitarios recobraron la iniciativa y el mircoles 21 de Febrero
rmpezaron a contraatacar, lanzando poderosas patrullas contra
el enemigo, pero descubrieron que ste se haba retirado inespe-
rada y sigilosamente, rompiendo el contacto una ves ms y de-
jando entre sus fuerzas y las unitarias una ancha TIERRA DE
Segn los informes unitarios, los comunistas haban perdida
unos 115 mil hombres, entre muertos, heridos y prisioneros, des-
de que se inici la ofensiva del Gral. Kldgways, o sea uno de ca-
da 4 combatientes (los chinos cuentan con 5 mil "voluntarios"
en Corea, ms unos 100 mil norooreanos; incluyendo a stos, las
bajas comunistas serian de casi una por cada 6 hombres).
Si este elevado porcentaje de bajas no es exagerado,
entonces los comunistas chinos y norcoreanos tienen ana
tremenda capacidad para resistir el castigo: es casi un axio-
ma militar que basta un 10% de bajas para que una un*,
dad combatiente pierda su capacidad de ataque v que un
20% significa su completa inutilidad hasta como faena de-
fensora. Esa capacidad de resistencia al castigo slo se pue-
de explicar por una indoctrinacin fantica o porque los co-
munistas temen bastante mis a sus oficiales y comisarlos
que al fuego enemigo.
Las fuerzas unitarias, habiendo aprendido la leccin recibida,
avanzaban lentamente, sin dejar huecos para la infiltracin ene-
miga hacia su retaguardia, barriendo todo mediante el fnego de
la artillera y de la aviacin, que lanzaba bombas, cohetes y ge-
latina de gasolina contra el enemigo. En ana ocasin, 4 bata-
llones de artillera nortaemericana dispararon 5 mil proyectiles
en 6 horas de fuego de sus 60 obuseros, e informaron que haban
dado muerte a unos 3 mil comunistas chinos. La aviacin uni-
taria aument sus vuelos tcticos de apovo a la infantera
llegando a efectuar 1,250 SALIDAS en un da.
Se llama SALIDA al vuelo realizado por un avin. As,
las 1,250 salidas realizadas slo significan que se hicieron
igual nmero de vuelos unitarios y no que hayan actuado
otros tantos aviones diferentes.
El Gral. MacArtbur afirmaba que contaba con autorizacin
de las NN. II'. para cruzar el paralelo 38; pero que teniendo en
cuenta las fuerzas de que dispona, tal discusin era paramente
acadmica. Con ello subrayaba el hecho de que no cuenta con
suficientes tropas para realisar la ocupacin de Corea del Norte
y llegar al Yalu nuevamente, pero en forma definitiva.
Algunos sectores polticos y militares norteamericanos sea-
laban la conveniencia de que las fuerzas de que dispone Mae-
Arthur, tras de infligir a, les comunistas elevadas perdidas adi-
cionales, avanzaran hasta llegar a la cintura de Corea y estable-
cieran lo que entonces se llam la Lnea Mac-Arthur, mucho ms
munlsta, el universitario debe
tomar una posicin bien defi-
nida .A l le corresponde, ms
que a ningn otro, ayudar a
despejar la confusin y la in-
certldumbre que pueda existir
en cuanto a las bondades de
uno u otro sistema, pero al to-
mar una decisin, debe hacer-
lo con entereza de carcter, con
firmeza y resolucin, pues, por
su posicin intelectual puede In-
fluir en el nimo de los me-
nos cultos. A este propsto
conviene recordar que sta,
nuestra universidad, se Inspi-
ra en las doctrinas democrti-
cas, y no hay duda por lo tan-
to en cuanto a su orientacin
Sin embargo, algunos pseudo
intelectuales de nuestro medio
se han dado a la tarea de con-
denar ambos sistemas; con un
no disimulado empeo de ha-
llar ms fallas en la democra-
cia que en el comunismo. Pre-
tenden mantenerse en una po-
sicl nlntermedia y conocer el
panacea que he de resolver los
b-ci^ i-__.; numaniaao. ,.,
mi uf?, "!" U. pJ,r* qul- cort* aue iut sera defendida con menos esfuerzo
mera. Hay cosas fundamenta-
les que no pueden ignorarse.
Por muy gregario que sea el
hombre no puede convertirse
en un instrumento ciego del Es-
por los unitarios, que no necesitaran contar con refuerzos adi-
cionales. .
Se calcula que los 500 mil chinos en Corea Son insuficientes
vara derrotar a los unitsrios y se necesitaran otros tantos para
------- poderlos empujar hasta el antiguo permetro defensivo de Pusn
caao. Las libertades lnheren-' y otro milln para lanzarlos al mar definitivamente. Pero al
la dignidad humana no > mismo tiempo se reconoce que las fuerzas unitarias son insufi-
pueden renunciarse. La inicia-
tiva Individual no puede coar-
tarse en la forma estrangulan-
te del rgimen comunista. De
manera solapada algunos de-
tractores de la democracia ha-
blan de las grandes Injusticias
que se cometen en su nombre
y de la forma como en algunas
partes se burlan sus postulado.
Per oesos defectos que no son
otra cosa que faltas de los hom-
bres no pueden Interpretarse
como errores de la doctrina de-
mocrtica. Que en un pais da-
do el gobierno se convierta en
una dictadura intransigente y
rano, son varios los fines que- se llame a si mismo democra-
se persigue pon ellos. Se desea: c'a no significa que lo sea en
dar oportunidad a los maestros realidad. Pero lo inconcebible
graduados que presentan ser-
vicios en el Interior de la Re-
pblica para que realicen es-
tudios de capacitacin que han
de permitirles avanzar en su
carrera y eventualmente obte-
ner el grado de profesor o de
licenciado. Tambin se espera
que residentes de la Capital,
lo absurdo, es pensar que un
riglmen totalitario, donde el
hombre queda convertido en un
ente privado de libertad y so-
metido al ms abyecto servi-
lismo, pueda considerarse como
la frmula salvadora. El rgi-
men resulta mucho ms repug-
nante cuando se observa que la
que por razn de sus ocupado- gestin gubernativa queda siem-
nes no les sea posible hacer les I (Pasa a la r-g. J. Col
cenles para expulsar a los chinos de Norcorea. Es decir, qui
prcticamente existe un empste entre los beligerantes, que slo
puede ser roto por una mayor afluencia de elementos humanos
y materiales a cualquiera de ambos bandos o por la liquidacin
diplomtica del conflicto.
Collins y Bradley han estado de acuerdo en que incluso el
bombardeo atmico de Rusia no impedira al ejercite sovitico
apoderarse de Europa y que para desalojarlo se necesitara con-
tar con grandes fuerzas terrestres. La leccin de Corea ha sido
aprendida: la potencia area no es decisiva y se necsita la in-
fantera para ocupar y retener el terreno, privando al enemigo
de la fuente de su energa e imponindole asi la propia volun-
Otras de las lecciones de Corea ha sido que os cuadros da
oficiales y clases necesitan tener experiencia de combate. Se ha
formulado un "plan de rotacin" para relevar gradualmente a
los actuales combatientes con tropas de refresco, en tanto que
los veteranos son utilizados como ncleo de las nuevas unidades
que se vayan formando, a las cuales se proporcionaran los cono-
cimientos adquiridos en el campo de batalla y pagados al alto
costo de la guerra.
(Tomado de "TIEMPO" de Mxico)
Yo eSpero M, peHcu]a .XIme.
light curioso y emocionado
Porque mi vida se ha dado el
das" vT^ me,,0rM reala-lujo* de .sisUr\ unas "antas
das Y tambin algo ms: unas pelculas de uno de los aenlos
lagrimas. Las lgrima, alien-'de la humanidad
La Seccin de Materiales y Compras del Ministerio de Ha-
cienda y Tesoro, recibir propuestas cerradas hasta las diez
en punto de la maana del da 17 de Marzo del ao en cur-
r,ml,relSU,mlntr.0 de DDT TECNICO para uso de la
campaa Antlmalrlca.
Las especificaciones sern entregadas a los Interesados
durante las horas hbiles de oficina.
Panam, 27 de Febrero de 1951.
Juan J. Rodrigues.
Jefe tie Materiales y Compra.
Ministerio de Hacienda y Tesoro.
Los Polvos Ashton & Pamoni psre
Bbct ton mi ra villotamentc
uavisadorM durante el perodo t
U j denticin. Aseguran vacaacionei
*' ride a tU regulares y fciles, refrescan la
diangrt y on de uto absolutamente
re (Jlie tegan. Hag ana prueba en la
prxima ocasin en que su beb
te COtnpre est malhumorado a causa de su
l Wk\ OD-RC-NO
WJL i !j -el desodorante
^mt\ W~* e|
^ 1 1
Polvos Matricaria
i Detiene rpidamente, sin peligro, el sudor.
2 Hace desaparecer inmediatamente el olor
del sudor.
3 Le ofrece completa proteccin de uno a
tres das.
4 No irrita la piel normal-puede usarla
a diario.
5 No mancha ni daa la ropa.
6 Nunca te teca ni te pone arente, como loa
desodorantes ordinario!.
7 No et grasosa, te desvanece como "cold
MiUonts if muyeras umii ctntoitiiimat U

Efecto de la sordera sobre
el genio del gran Bethoven
En el opsculo "SOBRE PA-
cado el ao pasado, al referir-
me a la sordera de Beethoven
manifest que, de acuerdo con
las Investigaciones al respecto,
est comprobado que el subli-
me aordt sufri OTOE6CLE-
ROSIS, como me explic obje-
tivamente un distinguido espe-
cialista panameo. No intento
describir esta dolencia, porque
le correspondera hacerlo a los
respectivos profesionales, ni
tampoco me referir a las Im-
presiones sensoriales auditivas,
que se originan en el CARA-
COL y son conducida! por la
raiz coclear. Me limitar a
confirmar, con argumentos
tcnicos adicionales, la opinin
expresada en el citado ensayo,
acerca de como se desenvolvi
el excelso genio de Beethoven,
despus que sufri la penosa
afliccin, que tan mortificantes
efectos le produjo, segn lo
expresa, magistralmente en las
grficas explicaciones, que es-
p cribi a fin de disculpar la a-
parente misantropa que se le
atribula, la cual era conse-
cuencia inevitable de su enfer-
medad, porque sta le dificul-
taba tee trato intimo con los
Sin entrar en el anlisis del
incomparable genio de Beetho-
ven, en el mencionado ensayo,
rechazaba toda posibilidad de
que la sfilis hubiera tenido in-
fluencia favorable sobre sus
faculatdes creadoras. Opin, en
cambio, que sus extraordinarias
disposiciones musicales se hi-
pertrofiaron, an ms, debido
a la OTESCLEROSIS,l la cual
no puede ser considerada pro-
piamente como LUETICA. Me
fundaba, para hacer esta ase-
veracin, en que las condicio-
nes especiales que caracterizan
al GENIO de Beethoven, le
permitan sentir Internamente
mi Inimitable msica. Su exce-
lente preparacin tcnica, que
constitua el complemento ne-
cesario para la manifestacin
efectiva de su GENIO MSI-
CO, lo habilit eficazmente pa-
ra visualizar, en su privilegia-
do cerebro, la expresin grfi-
ca de sus ms ntimos senti-
mientos y, por medio del pen-
tagrama, exteriorizarlos en la
forma magistral en que escri-
bi sus ltimas obras.
Considero oportuno hacer al-
gunas explicaciones comproba-
torias, de carcter anatmico-
fisiolgico, tomadas del intere-
sante libro "AL TORNO DEL
CEREBRO", del Doctor Vrela
Zequeira. de la Universidad de
La Habana.
La destruccin de algunas
tonas del lbulo temporal, se-
gn el anatmico Von Mena-
kov, anula la interpretacin de
los sonidos musicales (AMU-
SIAi. Hay sensaciones AUDI-
TIVAS, pero se ha perdido la
facultad PARA LEER LA M-
SICA (el subrayado es mo) y
recordar o repetir una melo-
da". A Beethoven le aconteci
todo lo contrario .porque su
mal no era producto de una
MA, que afecta el cerebro y
a los centros nerviosos, es una
manifestacin tpica de esa
etapa) sino que fu producido
cual lo Incomunicaba con el
exterior y lo inhabilitaba para
TIVAS directas. En cambio:
las facultades PARA LEER Y
fueron afectadas, aumentaron
debido a que la atrofia com-
pleta del sentido auditivo ex-
terior, trajo una hipertrofia
compensatoria de su sensibili-
dad interna y, adems, acre-
cent su poder de concentra-
cin. Estas circunstancias, uni-
das al trabajo constante, le hi-
cieron posible expresar, con
signos musicales, las emociones
Internas que su incurable mal
le hacia sentir con mayor In-
tensidad. Dicha facultad, ex-
traordinariamente desarrollada
por el estudio y por una ad-
mirable preparacin tcnica,
contribuy decisivamente a
mantener viva LA LLAMA IN-
VA, como grficamente lo ex-
pres otro genio, que no era
nada de msico: Napolen I.
El mismo Beethoven, en sus
citadas explicaciones, lo ex-
presaba asi: "Me est prohi-
bido encontrar un sosiego en
la sociedad de los hombres, en
las conversaciones espirituales,
en las confidencias mutuas".
Ms adelante agregaba: "El
arte, slo el arte me ha dete-
nido i de poner fin a su vida
Ah me pareca imposible de-
jar este mundo ANTES DE i
Panam, Marzo de 1951.
'^fe ih
nnii jm #v MM 1
-t v JL f
k. .- A A. f^^f #*5
^V Bm^PRB|LJ&^' A i Mm 9
_ pr?r -ssn&r*-- n
L* i n
'M i r
4fc ^H J
S.-S? ^ ^ t
REUNION DE JEFES DE POLICA.Momentos en que el Inspector General de la Polica Se-
creta Nacional, Lie. Juan de Dios Poveda, tomaba la palabra en la reunin de los Jefes de la
Polica Secreta y de la Nacional, efectuada ayer en la tarde en la Comandancia de la Polica, y
que tuvo como objetivo coordinar las actividad es de ambas policas en sus actividades para re-
primir el delito. En la vista que publicamos aparece el Coronel Jos A. Remn, Comandan-
te de la Polica Nacional; Teniente Coronel Bolvar Vallarlno, Comandante Segundo Jefe de
la Felicia Nacional, Don,Rene Prez Secretarlo de la Polica Secreta Nacional; el Inspector
General, Juan de Dios Poveda; Jorge Rubn Rosas, Secretarlo de Gobierno y Justicia y don
Rosendo Ocho. Sub-Inspector General de la Polica Secreta Nacional. Tambin concurrie-
ron otros funcionarios de ambos cuerpos.
Ornamentos y Vestiduras
de los Sacerdotes
Obispos. Prendas
Las mismas que el Papa con
la diferencia de la Mitra que
nunca recibe el nombre de tia-
ria y no remata en tres .sino
en dos arcos ojivales.
Estas prendas que he enu-
merado son simblicas en cuan-
to que dicen relacin con la
En toda ceremonia religiosa
Fortalzcase lomando el
Gran Vino Reconstituyente
Tome ahora y siempre una copita
de SANSN antes de las comidas
y se Conservar fuerte!
(fuera de la Misa) la ltima
prenda que cubre al Pontfice
es la Capa Pluvial: de color
negro para los actos o cere-
monias en el rito de difuntos:
blanca: para los actos que di-
gan relacin con el Santsimo
Sacramento: bendicin, proce-
sin del Corpus Chrlstl y en
general en todas las procesio-
nes; roja en el oficio litrgico
de los Mrtires: mqrada en los
Oficios de Pasin y Semana
Santa y en los oficios de ad-
viento o en das de Rogativas
La Capa Pluvial no es pren-
da exclusiva de dignidades si-
no propia prenda sacerdotal en
todas las funciones religiosas
enumeradas, Las Capas Pluvia-
les son de tela corriente; pero,
las hay de verdadero valor ar-
tstico. Algunas bordadas con
filigranas de oro. En esto exis-
ten verdaderas maravillas de
riqueza y arte.
Prendas ceremoniales comunes
a todos los Sacerdotes cualquie-
ra que sea su dignidad.
Lienzo de hno que el Sacer-
dote vate como prenda prime-
ra. Termina en dos cintas pa-
ra sostn qe enrolla en la cin-
tura. Cubre las espalda y lle-
ga hasta el pecho. Siempre de
color blanco.
Vestidura de hilo, blanca, re-
matad aen su parte inferior por
puntilla. Las modernas son ves-
tiduras de hilo sin puntillas.
Son ms propias y ms litrgi-
cas ya que el alba ha de ser,
segn su significado una ves-
tidura que llegue hasta el to-
billo. Representa la tnica de
Cristo y el manto rojo conque
le burlaron el da de la Pasin.
Prenda estrecha y larga or-
dinariamente que el sacerdote
cruza sobre el pecho termina-
da en dos puntas triangulares
sobre las que va estampada la
Cruz, puntas que caen sobre
las caderas y que sejetan con
el cingulo.
Especie de estola pequea que
el sacerdote se pone sobre el
antebrazo terminada al modo
de la estola en aos tringulos
en cruz.
Cordon largo de hilo que se
cine a la cintura para suje-
tar alba y estola.
Del color del da litrgico,
blanca, negra, morada, roja. El
blanco es smbolo de pureza.
Se usa en las Misas de Euca-
rista, primeras Misas ordina-
rias sino lo prohibe la liturgia
por otra poderosa razn.
El negro simbolo de triste-
za se usa en las Misas de di-
funtos. El rojo simbolo de mar-
lirio en las Misas de Mrtires.
El morado es smbolo de peni-
tencia. Se usa en las Misas de
Rogativas, en el tiempo de cua-
resma y en la Semana de Pa-
sin una semana antes de la
Semana Santa.
Clidos elogios
hacen a pianista
cubano en EE. UU.
NUEVA YORK, Marzo 8 (UP)
Los crticos de msioa del Ti-
mes y del Herald Tribune tribu-
taron al planista cubano Jorge
Bolet elogios por su presenta-
cin como solista en la Sinfni-
ca Filarmnica ep el Carnegie
Hall, el sbado en la noche al
tocar el Concierto Nmero 2 en
G menor, Opus 16, de Proko-
El Times dice: "Su sentido rt-
mico fue fuerte y la sonoridad
que l le le saco as u instrumen-
to sin violencia ha realizado
plenamente las intenciones de
El Herald Tribune dijo: "c-
lido de tono, Incisivo de ritmo,
el seor Bolet us una tcnica
huracanada al servicio de la
msica cuyo temperamento ci-
clnico demanda un tratamien-
to magistral. Tal tratamiento
fue puesto en evidencia en toda
forma el sbado en la noche".
Ha recibido Hoy
de Calle
de Vestir
en Algodn
Colores lisos y estampados.
9 a 15; 12 a 18; 22} a 24}
a B/7.95 9.50
11.95 y 21.50
Tambin un extenso surtido
Panties de Jersey............... 0.85
Panties Tallas extra grandes a 1.00 y 1.50
Peticotes seda fra con encajes...... 2.25
Peticotes de cintura con bordado y con
encaje .................... 2.35
) el ms completo surtido de
Ave. Central No. 67
Artculos de calidad a precios razonables"
Periodistas y obreros elevan
protesta por atropellos de la
dictadura militar de Pern
LA PAZ, Bolivia, Marzo 6, tra desaprobacin ante la So-
(UPi. La Federacin Boll- cledad Interamerlcana de
vlana de Periodistas aprob Prensa, queremos patentizar
una resolucin por la cual se
protestaba contra las "violen-
cias contra La Prensa, de Bue-
nos Aires, en una accin que
se trata de una verdadera ola
de represin de la libertad".
que slo -nos anima un sano
deseo de proclamar que somos
acrrimos partidarios de la li-
bertad de pensamiento, sin o-
tro asunto por el momento
mucho nos complace tener esa
oportunidad para suscribirnos
fraternalmente por causa de
trabajadores organizados. Sa-
lud jr revolucin social, firma-
do por el Comit Ejecutivo, Se-
cretario General ngel Arenas
R., Secretarlo del Interior,
Francisco Rodrguez."
8 (UP). La Oran Unin de
Trabajadores Mexicanos de la
la Repblica, dirigi el sl-
i guente comunicado a los un-
I clonarlos permanentes de a
i Sociedad Interamerlcana de
I Presa:
"Ante el brutal atentado co-
metido contra elementos obre-
ros del peridico La Prensa,
de Buenos Aires, esta unin
protesta enrgicamente contra
el rgimen de la Repblica Ar-
gentina que est atacando la
libertad de prensa y expresin
so pretexto de que una agru-
pacin tiene dificultades con la
empresa. Al testimoniar nues-
Nuestra Universidad
pre en las manos de un grupo
reducido de ciudadanos. En el
caso de una dictadura del tipo
comunista estos dirigentes se'
convierten en amos y seores'
de haciendas y vidas, sin que
el pueblo tenga oportunidad de
organizarse para oponerse a sus
Seores, con todas sus fa-
llas, la democracia es un plan
de gobierno que permite una
evolucin racional haeia el me-
joramiento de las relaciones hu-
manas, hacia un mayor bienes-
tar para todos, hacia la elimi-
nacin de Injusticias y en fin
naca el logro de una, vida mas
grata y ms saludable; evolu-
h.1? yV* f00*1* PT 'a vo-
Juntad de la ciudadana, sin'
desencadenar cataclismos, y
mas Importante an, sin pri-
var al hombre de su dignidad
tales* SUS derechos u"damen-
Panam, 5 de Marzo de 1851.
tiene los
mejores programas
Estamos desempacando
Alfombra de caucho, para
Piso ....................... 3.5o
Cortinas para recmara en
marqulsete con motltas, 5
colores ..................... 3.25
Cortinas blancas anchas
marqulsete con motltas, V,'2
yardas de largo............ 4.50
Cortinas para bao......... 3.95
Juegos de cortina de bao
y cortina de ventana de ba-
o en nuevos colores 6.95 a 10.50
Tapas para el servicio......6.95
Oanchos para colgar corti-
nas de bao, docena........ 0.50
Aparato cromado para pegar
a la pared y colocar vaso
y cepillo................... 1.25
Toalleros cromados en 3 ta-
maos ........ 0.40 0.60 0.70
Tijeras pequeas para Jar-
dn y tenazas grandes para
cortar ramas de arbusto
ESPECIAL... 0.75, 1.50, 2.50, 3.50
Jarras-tanque para llevar a-
Hmentos fros .o callentes
durante 6 horas............ 6.95
Juego de 6 vasos decorados
iara agua ................ 1.50
uego de 6 Jarras para tomar
cerveza fria ............... 3.50
Termos forma botella...... 2.10
Maletas con servicio para 4
personas, propias para pic-
nic ..................:.....13.95
jCa Famosa Serie De Edgar Rice Burroughs
Presentada por

Martes y Jueves (J;30
Vn programa estelar en la radio favorita-
a (Red IP,

ASILO DE ANCIANOS EN DAVID.Totalmente terminado se
encuentra el Aullo de Ancianos en la ciudad de David. Se
trata de una estructura de una ola planta, paredes de ma-
tacn con lecho de tejas y que es obra de la presente
En materia de servicios de
extensin agrcola, Venezuela
va a la cabeza en la Amrica
CARACAS, Marzo 5 (S.E.l.
En materia de servicios de
txtensin agricola, Venezuela
'Va a la vanguardia en el con-
tinete. Ningn otro pais de la
Amrica' Meridional los tiene
"en igual nmero y tan racio-
nalmente organizados. Son
-muchos los agricultores que a-
qui se benefician con dichos
servicios, dependientes direc-
tamente del M.A.C: cuando no
es la mquina arrendada, es
el bao garrapaticida, o la
Ayuda para construir la cerca,
o el insecticida a bajo costo.
O los consejas o indicaciones
gratuitos del agrnomo y del
.perito agricola. o la adquisi-
cin del semental para la
granja, o la instalacin de la
'colmena, o la demostracin so-
bre cultivos, y, en fin. una
erie de servicios que redun-
dan en beneficio positivo de ia
Para las labores de Exten-
sin Agricola dispone el M.A.
C. de los servicios de varias
Divisiones: Extensin Agricola.
propiamente dicha, del Cacao,
del Caf, de la Caa de Az-
car, de Maquinaria, Agrcola,
de Agricultura Vocacional.
El Gobierno considera fun-
damental para los fines que
se propone, el desarrollo de un
plan de extensin agricola por
todos los medios a su alcance.
La recuperacin de los llama-
dos "cultivos coloniales" como
I caf, el cacao, etc., y el In-
cremento de la produccin de
10T cultivos Tjtre constituyen la
base de la alimentacin de
nuestro pueblo imaiz, carao-
tas, frijoles, arroz, caa de
azcar, papas, etc.) son los dos
pivotes en torno de los cuales
habr de girar la accin de
aquel plan.
La accin de esta entidad se
ha concretado principalmente
en las dos ltimos aos al
saneamiento de las plantacio-
nes de cacao. En ese lapso se
han saneado 86,000 Arboles en
13 fincas distintas, aproxima-
te organismo ministerial a .
i i) una activa campaa |
nc favor de la extensin del I
cultivo del caf y del mejora-
miento de los procesos de be- ,
nefleio del grano. De esta ma- '
era protege el Ooblerno la i
conservacin de la principal!
fuente de riqueza genulna-
mente venezolana. Los resulta-
dos de dicha campaa pueden
compendiarse asi: siembra de
2.000.000 de cafetos en alma-
cigos, y en sitios definitivos
alrededor de 500.000 plantas.
Siembra de 180.000 hijos de
cambur para sombra: poda de
7000.000 y ms rboles de ca-
feto;,; construccin de 165 e-
qnipos de beneficio, con capa-
cidad para 16.22 quintales de
caf, con una superficie total
de 22.166 metros cuadrados.
AGRCOLA. Esta seccin ha si-
do tambin objeto de especial
atencin por parte del M.A.C.
Se reorganiz totalmente el
servicio de Maquinarla Agr-
cola de Maracay: cerca de
6000 hectreas fueron aradas
con tractor, en fundos parti-
culares, y 4.000 de stos fue-
ron visitados por los funciona-
rios del ramo. Actualmente
para la campaa de mecani-
zacin agricola. el Ministerio
concede, con la colaboracin
del Banco Agricola y Pecua-
rio, crditos para la adquisi-
cin por parte de los agri-
cultores de maquinarias, y en
su manejo son dirigidos y su-
pervigilados por el Despacho
Es ste un nuevo tipo de ex-
plosin agropecuaria, Implan-
tado por el actual Gobierno y
a Cargo del Ministerio. Las
Granjas Modelos Familiares
son instaladas en zonas donde
existe una comunidad agricola
capaz de obtener las ventajas
de la funcin educativa para
la cual han sido meadas, se
hallan ubicadas ordinariamen-
te en lugares aledaos a las
poblaciones, y han sido acon-
dicionadas tcnicamente para
los cultivos, que en ellas tie-
nen una extensin de tres a
'cinco hectreas por grupo fa-
miliar. Se hallan dotadas de
la casa de habitacin respec-
tiva, amplia e higinica, pro-
vista de los servicios sanitarios
Indispensables- de canales de
riego; de sistemas de drena-
je; tieneV. apiarios, gallineros,
porquerizas, estercoleros; cuen-
tan con una vaquera moderna
y con ejemplares de las me-
jores razas productoras de le-
che con alto porcentaje de
grasa, tales como la "Jersey";
y con un huerto particular pa-
ra cada familia. En la actua-
lidad estn funcionando las de
Palmira y Rublo en el Estado
Tchira y se construyen las
de Tovar. Pampanito, Nirgua,
Guayero, Sarare, Barinitas y
algunas otras en distintos si-
tios de la Repblica. El Mi-
nisterio aspira a extender es-
te plan a todo el territorio na-
cional, con el propsito de im-
pulsar la produccin agricola
y fortalecer la renta domsti-
ca de la poblacin campesina.
CIN. El MAC. ha reor-
ganizado ampliamente y dota-
do de nuevos servicios a las
Granias de Demostracin A-
grcola. En ellas se distribu-
yen hoy a los criadores: aves
de raza, porcinos, ovinos y o-
tros animales, ya Importados,
ya nacidos en las mismas
Funcionan actualmente 13
Granjas Agrcolas, 75 Agencias
Agrcolas y una Agencia Ca-
fetera. El M.A.C. ha reparti-
do entre los cultivadores inte-
resados cerca de 183.000 lrbo-
les frutales de distintas varie-
dades y ms de 153.000 plantas
ctricas para Injertos, ms de
21.000 matas de aguacate y
5.000 de mango criollo. En el
curso de dos aos se vendie-
ron 350 mil kilogramos de se-
millas; 300.000 kilogramos de
Insecticidas y 1.117.000 kilogra-
mos de abonos qumicos.
AGUAS. En distintos luga-
res del pais se han Instalado
23 viveros y con fines de re-
forestacln se han distribuido
700.000 rboles pequeos, ade-
ms de los repartidos en las
Granjas de Demostracin Agri-
cola. Con el fin de conservar
las fuentes de agua, se han
adquirido ms de diez fincas
dotas de manantiales para los
fines de irrigacin de las tie-
PLAGA8. Durante tres me-
ses, y con una Inversin de
Bs.200.000 en personal, herbi-
cidas, adquisicin de equipos,
etc.. el M.A.C. libr una bata-
lla decisiva contra las plagas
del "picudo", el ms serlo pe-
ligro contra las plantaciones
Fueron iniciados los trabajos
para construccin de la Casa
Cural de la poblacin de Chepo
CHEPO, Marzo 6 (Correspon-
sal). Ayer a las 3 de la tar-
de en sencillo e Impresionan-
te acto, despus de haber si-
do destruida la vieja Casa cu-
ral se dio principio a la cons-
truccin de la nueva, ceremo-
nia a la cual asisti su Ini-
ciador y sostenedor econmi-
co, Don Toms Gabriel Duqut,
quien fu recibido a su llega-
da por el seor Cura Prroco
Fenosa Pascual, el Alcalde Del-
gado y e/tras distinguidas per-
sonalidades de la localidad y
pblico en general. El seor
Cura Fenosa pronunci una
bella y sentida alocucin des-
tacando Mas virtudes dudada-
as y amor y afecto entraable
1 que el seor Duque y su dis-
tinguida esposa han sentido
, siempre por Chepo. El seor
| Duque contest agradeciendo
las expresiones del seor Cura,
1 visiblemente muy emocionado.
La Escuela Rural y la Proteccin
Socio-Econmica de la Repblica
Por el Lie. Ricardo Jan Jr.
Quiz ningn problema de los
que hoy se advierten en el pa-
norama nacional, merece un
prolijo estudio y una inmedia-
ta actuacin como el que pre-
senta la educacin rural. La
poblacin campesina que apro-
ximadamente constituye, los dos
tercios de la totalidad de los
habitantes de la Repblica, me-
rece que obtenga ya, la prepa-
racin debida para consumir y
producir. En otras palabras, pa-
ra vivir mejor. SI se contem-
pla la actuacin de la escuela
en el sentido citado, podemos
colegir enseguida, que no ha
llenado prcticamente su come-
tido. Comparemos un lugar
cualquiera, que lleva tres o cua-
tro dcadas de poseer escuela,
con otro, que nunca la ha te-
nido y contemplaremos que sus
habitantes viven lo mismo, es
decir, labran Igualmente la tie-
rra de una manera rutinaria,
con Iguales costumbres, la pro-
duccin escassima, la morta-
lidad infantil creciente, en fin.
la pobreza reinante en todo el
ambiente, en donde por razn
de lgica geogrfica, debiera
haber constante -^fluencia de
productos a los centros de con-
sumo y por consiguiente bienes-
tar para todos.
Para comprender con facili-
dad la actuacin de la escue-
la rural e Indicar su trayecto-
ria presente y futura, debe ob-
servarse los tres puntos siguien-
lo.El medio geogrfico en
donde acta. \
2oVida y costumbres de los
habitantes de esas secciones de
el pas.
3o.Programas y personal
docente que en ella labora.
loEl medio geogrfico: Hay
una tendencia entre nosotros
muy arraigada, que cuando se
desea estudiar algn problema
del Interior, vamos a los cen-
tros urbanos de aquellas zonas
del pas y cuando se regresa a
la Capital se acta bajo aquel
criterio. Los habitantes de las
poblaciones atravesadas por ca-
rreteras, tienen casi todas un
nivel de vida poco ms o me-
nos igual al de la ciudad de
Panam. Es en los apartados
parajes en donde debe verse y
estudiarse al campesino y no
cuando llega a los pueblos, en
Avisamos A nuestros clientes y al pblico en
general que la seora HILDA MARIA GORDON ha
dejado de ser empleada de esta casa y que, por
lo tanto, no reconoceremos a partir de esta fecha,
ningn pago o cualquiera otra transaccin que~se
haga con dicha seora.
Panam, 6 de Marzo de 1951
El Presidente era
esperado en El
Escobal el da 4
COLON. Marzo 6. (R.C.8.).
. El Domingo 4 era esperado en
la poblacin del Escobal el
Presidente de la Repblica Dr.
Arnulfo Arlas. Vecino del
Escobal Inform a un Redac-
tor del Panam-Amrica que
muchos vecinos de la mencio-
nada poblacin se trasladaron
el Domingo cuatro de los co-
rrientes al citado pueblo con
el fin de esperar all al Dr.
Arlas M.. pero causas descono-
cida impidieron el viaje. Hasta
ahora se desconocen los moti-
vos que obligan tal visita pe-
ro se cree que est relaciona-
da con el funcionamiento de
un fomento agricola en las re-
glones del Lago Qatn.
que aparenta estar en otras
condiciones. Is en las campi-
as lejanas, en donde debe a-
preclarse la desigual lucha de
esos humildes panameos, en-
fermos y tristes, utilizando an
los implementos agrcolas colo-
niales, oponindose a una na-
turaleza bravia. Con una obser-
vacin detenida sobre el terre-
no de los hechos es como se
debe planltlca y actuar.
Nuestra escuela rural acta
unas veces en llanadas exten-
sas, con especies de Islas do
matorrales, compuestos de ar-
gustos leosos y de hojas re-
cias. Las lluvias abundan all
durante un periodo de siete a
ocho meses al ao. Los ros
serenos, algunos navegables, re-
ducen su caudal de una mane-
ra visible durante la estacin
seca. La temperatura es casi
siempre elevada. La fauna no
es muy variada ni rica. Los
suelos ms frtiles son los ba-
ados por los ros.
Otras veces, la escuela ru-
ral labora en reglones altas so-
bre el nivel del mar, con tem-
peratura agradable, con lluvias
casi constantes durante todo el
ao. Los suelos estn cubiertos
de selvas espesas, con rboles
Inmensos. La fauna es variada
y rica. Los rios torrentosos, tie-
nen generalmente un rgimen
regular, Las tierras son casi
todas frtiles. He all poco ms
o menos, el medio geogrfico
en donde tiene que actuar nues-
tra escuela rural.
Dej de existir
Benito Vergara
a los 99 aos
GUARARE, Marzo 6. Corres-
ponsal). Ayer dej de exis-
tir a la avanzada edad de 99
aos Don Benito Vergara.
tronco distinguido de una ho-
norable familia guarara. Go-
zaba el extinto de gran apre-
cio y simpata entre sus co-
terrneos por sus cualidades
dignas de ser imitadas, de
buen padre, buen ciudadano y
luchador incansable en el tra-
bajo. Le sobreviven al patriar-
ca guarareo, sus siete hijos
que hoy lamentan la desapa-
ricin de su querido padre y
u esposa de 92 aos. Hoy a
las 8 a.m. se le dio cristiana
sepultura en el cementerio de
este lugar su entierro ha sido
uno de los ms concurridos de
estos ltimos tiempos. Vayan
para su esposa y sus distin-
guidos hijos, especialmente
para Don Saturnino Vergara
nuestras ms sentidas expre-
siones de condolencia por tan
Infausto acontecimiento.
Red Panamericana
tiene los
mejores programas
Eczema. Picazn
esapareen con un
Fcil Mtodo
Su pial tiene casi B0 milln de poros
dunda so ssconden loo grmenes quo
causan terrible i'icasdn. Rajaduras do
la Piel, Kctema, Ardor, Dsapslleja-
mientos, Acn, erupciones do la piel.
Barros, te. Las medicinal ordinarias
San alivio tnicamente momentneo
porque no matan la cauaa del.nial que)
on loo srmenos. Niaoderm, ol nutro
descubrimiento, mata loo srmenos
on pocos minutos y dar una plol
clara, suave y aterciopelada en
una samaos. Pida Niaossrm on su
farmacia hoy mismo j acabo con
i caats, Tsrdadsra do ios i rae tor-
N iacottesfin "","
*oro OMaffMMC sj la Mal
4Medida espaola, P1-.
9Bebida alcohlica.
12Afresis de ahora.
13Nombre de mujer.
14Ondulacin de las aguas.
15Parte de as^embarcclones
que se sumerge.
17Dementes. "
19Estados Unidos de Amrica,
20 Nombre de mujer.
21Del verbo modular.
24El primer hombre.
27Circulo o redondel.
28Clera. ,
29Toma notas.
30Gran Bretaa. Abv.
31Pasmado de fri.
33Afirmacin, Inv.
34Precepto, disposicin.
38De mi propiedad.
37Dios de los musulmanes.
38Provincia de la India.
39Que se les ha puesto sellos.
44Del verbo arar.
46A ms de esto o aquello.
49Tercer hijo de Adn y Eva.
50Ladrillo de fango.
52Desinencia de los quebrados.
53Be atreve.
54Hojas de lata.
1Doctor, familiarmente.
4Cancin tiplea argentina.
5Del verbo arar.
8Nota musical.
7Polo elctrico. '
9 Del verbo rotar.
11Apcope de santo, Inv.
18Emplea, Inv.
18Clase de perro. ,
20Mefldas de peso.
21Nombre de mujer.
22Circuios, esferas.
23Labre la tierra.
25Brbaro Invasor de Europa.
26Aparatos para pescar.
32Cincuenta y dos en
nmeros Tmanos, Inv.
35Barrio de Conslantlnopla.
39 Ruta. via.
40Igual al 23 Vertical.
42Cierto, conforme a la
44Del verbo asar.
45Cabeza de granado.-
46Rey de Hungra.
47Desinencia de los quebrados.
48 Cdigo internacional de
peticin de auxili.
51Odren Tradicional, Inc.
rnran iihi-i mvm
rinnn nnra annu
njnnBrjRn nuna
f iiiiMnn i u mi .mm
H'iRFi nnw.r.ii'
nnn ooEHn uh
nnnnrariwn obhm
!heu nam
ninn nnnn.jH.jr]
ninp nnn nnnn
En Chitr ser
el 4' escrutinio
pan un reinado
El jueves 8 del presente mes.
se desarrollarn en la ciudad
de Chitr dos grandes festivi-
dades: la primera, da gran de-
vocin tradicional y fervor: San
Juan de Dios y la segunda de
demostracin cvica en pos de
bienestar y salud para el cam-
pesino: el Reinado de Ar.uero.
La coincidencia de estas dos
actividades, ha dado margen
para que Chitr se disponga a
celebrarlas dignamente. Con-
vencidos de aquello que dice:
que los ltimos sern los pri-
meros, y teniendo como bande-
ra a la culta y encantadora
Srta. Bexie Rodrguez,. todo ello
tiende a demostrar que lo schi-
treanos desplegaran todas sus
capacidades para salir adelan-
te en sus propsitos.
Hasta ahora la Srta. Rodri-
guez ocupa el octavo puesto
en la tabla de posiciones, pero
el da 9 se sabr que fu tal
la atropellada, que logr colo-
carse en el primero. Sin em-
bargo, las otras participantes,
guardan completo silencio so-
bre qu es lo que harn para
sorprender a los chltreanos. So-
lo nos han dicho: "el que re
ltimo, rie mejor" y con esto
Asi pues, este cuarto escruti-
nio del Reinado de Azuelo, per-
filar indudablemente cul de
ellas ser la Reina de Azuero,
cosa que se deslindar el 31
de marzo con un gran festival
en el Jardn Balboa en la ciu-
dad capital.
llama a El Panam Amrica?
De Plstico Duradero
en Colores Hermosos
Por Reinaldo Caballos Slilson
La carretera hacia el Escobal
merece la inquietud no slo
de sus habitantes, sino ms
bien de nuestros gobernantes
tal se expres un hijo de este
lugar. Solicitada explicacin, so-
bre la vida del mencionado pue-
blo manifest: La gnesis del
Escobal lo fu la agricultura
(el cultivo del banano) que en
ese tiempo tena al capital ex-
tranjero en gran circulacin
dentro del territorio nacional.
En 1920 y 1982 los habitan-
tes de esta poblacin no te-
namos ni encontrbamos obs-
tculos para defender los inte-
reses de este apartado pueblo;
y esto se deba a que el go-
bierno en aquel tiempo perci-
ba suma apreclable de dinero,
|ue en concepto de impuestos
'agaban las grandes compaas
y la enorme cantidad de co-
merciantes que all se daban
cita, lo que indudablemente en-
grosaba el fisco nacional. .
, ra en esos tiempos, conti-
nu diciendo en su entrevista
nuestro distinguido campesino:
Loa hombres gue eh se tiem-
po tenan en sus manos los des-
tinos de nuestra Repblica nos
resolva cada uno de los pro-
blema que afectaban a esta
poblacin a la mayor brevedad
Pero hoy los habitantes del
Escobal han solicitado por diez
ocasiones la construcin de una
via de comunicacin terrestre,
y nunca le han brindado la
cooperacin requerida. La cons-
truccin la carretera que comu-
nicara con facilidad a la men-
cionada poblacin con la ciu-
dad de Coln redundara en po-
sitivo beneficios para toda las
poblaciones adyacentes al "Lago
Oatn." Empero, sigui dicien-
do el aludido seor, nosotros
confiamos en que la actual ad-
ministracin precidlda por el
Dr. Arnulfo Arlas M. calmar
la inquietud y llenar de rego-
cijo a toda la poblacin del Es-
cobal, llevando a feliz reali-
zacin la construccin de una
obra que debi ser construida
en la administracin pasada
"Lea Oorresawnsaiea deoert
ceirse a ias ens desapasiona'
das nortvJU periodsticas. Debes
enviar al peridico loa asuntas
f MticiM ms Interesantes qm
afecten a la comunidad. En ab-
soluto < trata de afta oportu-
nidad para haoor determinadas!
rampaha* polltteaa.
Pgina a cargo da
aaia* t
<* *t-a*AS>SMrone* aturras
ti BLALBra. Otsslls Cetreras
provincia or chirioui
Da VIHUi>id Alterada a,
PTU. AKMUaLLssV-Ul Aras Watts*
US Lajas- Arssss asteara
DOLBUA AUtsaasa IsatlB
CIDRO Ol rtlNI ABestrii es
san rll.ix-D.smns Batei
HMqilERON Astonio ties
lOL-ridel Beitattafta d.
SAN ANDRES- 'tustlr..
PENNOS! Esine** c OSfaV
AillAULCaKosslls Rollas
ANTON seselo J. Jeto
NAIA-Jutn de D. Visease
LA PINTAOA-Cerarsa Bar
OLAoteilsia cosan
RIoaA-l-o-'l'ersi* Qatre.
POCsU-sl A. Caras*
110 DI JESS Pastar Be__
LAS PALMASJets* Usrdlll*
CAftAZASPesre J. rids
"Al/ RE Miguel Oeaitlte
BAN rHANClfcCO Elfo Arraeki P.
SANTA ft'Jetale Gertie I Vetas
trasses) I
Calderas O.
CH1TBIsate Ptrslrs
LAS MINASEpidtntt-es Qulstars
EL ".ArUriSTULO Jssto TSlsttssJ
il.o Bastas)
(JUANO Doastlane Metetes
MACARACAB A.uilln. Moras* V
PAR1TA L*OI>elo ArMsBSsa I
roNOaiJoaqnl Moa a ser. '
RDABIwnoMti OHlls Vsrs 1
OCUVlrslllo Arofalo i .
LAS rAsL-a-j.ts Antonia ssaradsa
SUARaRBJal Nlttss AssaM
TCRU-Edseijee M. de OMasJe*
PESEJoras Asaarrass
PALENQUE-Ctliisiro Kasss. B,
CATIVAasi.i Baratas*
rUEHiu Piln-lu. Jisieasa
ARRAUANLita Srcsne
CHORRERAAnltai Maniste
CHAMEPedro MnRot O.
CHEPOJos B. fotrut
(ORATlSl Pidt el piquete grande de
Emulsin de Scott conteniendo un
cuchara linda. Obtenible en seis
atractivo solorei. Y entonces d s
su familia todos loj,dias este tnico
alimenticio, rico en vitatninaa y pre-
parado cientficamente. Es recomen-
dado por muchos mdicos. Pronto
Ud. ver a u familia ms fuerte y en
mejor salud.
Tnico Alimenticio dt Aha tnviyiu
Cualquier pluma sumergida en
tinta corriente, a los pocos das
eilarl corroda. Pero la plumilla
sumergida en Quink quedar in-
tacta y servible!
/impo y protege
la pluma al
Asegure su pluma contra fra-
casos: Use Quink, la nica
tinta que contiene splv-x. Di-
suelve y elimina el sedimento
que dejan las tintas muy aci-
das, protege las piezas de
metal y de caucho y hace
que la tinta fluya miforme-
mente. Compre Quink. 4 co-
lores permanentes y 2 lavables.
Precios: 25c.
Representantes de fbrica: CA. INTERNACIONAL DE
VENTAS. S. A. Calle 28 Este No. 10. Panam. R. P.
:d felo Panamericano: Calle 8a. y Ave. Bolvar, Coln, R.P.
Estn dispuestos
a cooperar para
construir camino
COLON, Marfo 8. (R.C.8. -.
Vecinos del Escobal en esta
ciudad han Ofrecido su coope-
racin para continuar la tro- ,
cha de la "35" al menciona-
do pueblo, despus que el Go- <|
blerno Nacional canslga el per-
miso del Gobierno de los Es-
tados Unidos, por encontrarse
gran parte del territorio que
ocupara la proyectada carre-
tera en Jurisdiccin de la Zona
del Canal.
Tambin fuimos informados
que comerciantes, el Alcalde
Batn, el seflor Bernav Ro-
driguez y el seor Felipe N-
flez estn dando los pasos per- ^
tinentes para conseguir que el
Mayor Pastor Ramos, Jefe de
la segunda Seccin de la Po-
lica Nacional, .en esta locali-
dad, que los reclusos trabajen
en la proyectada obra.
"la carretera del Escobal"obra
que salvar al sufrido y malo-
grado pueblo, volvindolo a lo
que en otrosa fu Escobal, y
convinindolo asi a formar par-
te de los pueblos civilizados da
nuestra Repblica.

Informes para esta seccin se. reciben en la
fSeaaccin Social
Telfono 3-3182
HORAS: 8:00 a 10:00 a.m.
Apartado 1S4
Almucrio Campestre
Para agasajar a un grupo
de sus amistades, el seor Eric
Deivalle y acora Abigail H. de
Delvall* ofrecieron el domingo
un almuerzo en su residencia
en El Valle.
tmida de Despedida
11 seor Arturo Pnica Oill
y su sonora Elvia A. de P-
nica ofrecieron anoche una
comida a la aeora Maria de
Freer y a tu hija seorita Hyl-
mg I. Freer, quienes regresan
hoy a coat a Rica.
Despedida de Soltera
Para despedir de au vida de
soltera a la leflorita Graciela
Brld Duratl quien contraer
matrimonio prximamente con
el seor Mariano Qasteasoro,
la seorita Riga Arango Oas-
tearoro ofreci ayer un t en
su residencia en El Coco.
La seorita Lulslta Aguilera
ofreci anoche oh buffet en i>u
residencia en honor del Dr. E.
Pettersen # el seor Carlos
Vctor Penna. quienes se en-
cuentran de visita en Panam.
De los Estados Unidos
Saludamos cordlalmente a la
seora Ana Fbrega de Chew-
ning, quien acompaada de su
hijo Lsftrence* regres ayer "de
los Estados Unidos.
De Sur Amrica
Despus de haber pasado una
temporada en cali, se encuen-
tra de nuevo entr nosotros
la seora Julia de R. de Quel-
quejeu. La saludamos atenta-
De Centro Amrica
Procedentes de Nicaragua se
encuentran en Panam los se-
ores Roberto Gsrdlnet y Joa-
qun Medina, quienes pasarn
una temporada visitando al
seor Ral Arango y seora
Rita G. de Arango.
Sulen sigui ayer para Nueva
rleans por la via area.
Para Sui Amrica
Despus dt haber pasado
una temporada en Panam vi-
sitando a sus familiares re-
gres ayer a Medelln la seo-
rita Vllma Vengoehea Castillo.
La despedimos.
Para Costa Rica
Despedimos a la sonora Ma-
ra de Frcei y a su hija se-
orita Hyma I. Freer quienes
despus de haber pasado va-
rias semanas en Panam, re-
gresan hoy a San Jos.
Enviamos nuestras felicita-
ciones al seor Ignacio Fierro
y seora Yolanda Eleta de
Fierro, Dor el advenimiento de
Una nlnita, ocurrido el prime-
ro de marzo en Madrid, Es-
Comida en El Panam
El seor Jos M. Gonzlez
ofreci anoche una comida en
la Terraza Bella Vista del Ho-
tel El Panam a la cual fu
invitado un grupo de sus
Almuerzo Campestre
El seor Ral Estrlpeaut y
seora Ana B. de Estrlpeaut
ofrecieron el domingo un al-
muerzo campestre en su resi-
dencia en El Valle, al cual a-
slsti un grupo de sus amis-
Devuelve a loo cabellos su
primitivo color, hayan sido
estos rubios, castaos
o negros.
No es nocivo No mancha
Es un producto de calidad.
Saludamos al seor Ral
Gasteazoro, quien regres ayer
de Centro Amrica en donde
se encontraba en viaje de ne-
Para los Estados Unidos
Grato Daseo lo deseamos a
la seora Peggi C. de Jansen,
Abandonan el Hospital
Anotamos complacidos el res
tableclmlento de la seora
Margarita A. de Vallartno
quien abandon ayer el Hos-
pital panam.
Completamente restablecida
el Hospital la seora Shirley
P. de Smith. Nos alegramos.
Acompaada de su recin
nacido se encuentra de nuevo
n su residencia la seora
Carmen M. de Ellis.
Suaves como
la sec/a

A un paquete de Pudn Jell-O
de Tapioca (Chocolate, Vainilla,
o Naranja-Coco)
Se le agregan dos tasas da
leche y
Se cocina unos cinco minuto.
Es un postre excelente, que
guata y que es muy econmico I
Compre ellas magnfico! Pudines Jell-O
de rapista y prubeles key mismo I

Cumpleaos de hoy '
Seora Itzel M. de Ferrer, se-
ora Soledad Berguldo, seor
Rogelio Estrlpeaut, seor Agus-
tn Decerega, nlo Rodrigo Po-
rrasx Jr.
Seora Consuelo de Lpez.
Cumpleaos de maana
Seora Elisia J. de Sosa, se-
orita Luz Maria Fbrega, se-
or Camilo A. Porras, Ing. To-
ms Guardia, nia Nina Hel-
vetia del Carmen Fierro del
Sociales de Coln
Tel. 432 Aptdo 1004
El Gran Concierto de Anoche en el Nacional
El domingo 4 de los corrien-
tes festej su primer ao de
vida la nilta Hayde E. Daz.
Con tal motivo teus padres 8r.
Joseph A. Daz y Sra. Hayde
C. de Diaz, ofrecieron en su reS
sidencia una fiestecita de dis-
fraces en la que estuvieron pre-
sentes numerosos amiguitos de
la pequea Hayde.
Se vio ayer felicitado con mo-
tivo de sus natales el joven
Florencio i. Delgado jr., uni-
mos nuestras fellctaclones a las
muchas que haya recibido.
Despedida de Soltera
Para despedir de la vida de
soltera a la Srta. Anita Donado,
quien contraer matrimonio
prximamente con el Sr. Fran-
cisco Mata Amador, la Sra.
Amrica de Feuillebols le ofre-
ce el domingo U de los corrien-
tes de 4:00 p.m. a 0:00 p.m.
en su residencia un "Shower"
de lancera.
Cumpleaos de Maana
Festeja maana su cumpleaos
el niita Alonso Oses Jr., hi-
jo del hogar formado por el
el niito Alonso Oses Jr., hi-
de la Espriella de Oses. Le de-
seamos al pequeo Alonso mu-
chas felicidades.
Aunque tarde, nos es grato
enviar nuestras felicitaciones
a la distinguida dama doa Beln
Villa de Wong Chown, esposa de
nuestro amigo Jess Wong
Chown quien cumpli aos en
das pasados.
Mujeres en la
nfre /os 38 y 50 aos
Aniversario de Matrimonio
El cuatro de los corrientes
celebraron su bodas de papel
los jvenes esposos 8r. Feuille-
bols y Sra. Amrica de Feuille-
bols. Para ellos nuestras feli-
citaciones con tal motivo.
En la Catedral
Las Damas de Accin Cat-
lica de Coln Invitan por este
medio a todas las damas en
general para que asistan a los
ejercicios espirituales (retiros)
que se estn llevando a cabo
todos los das a las 3:30 p.m.
en la Catedral, dirigidos por el
Padre Restrepo, siendo el lti-
mo da el sbado 10 de los co-
libertad en nuestro continente;
Agrego que se impona una,
protesta general, que era el mo-
mento de hacer algo por "La
Prensa", porque dentro de al-
gunos das puede ser tarde.
Mientras, la Comisin de Pren-
sa de la Confederacin Gene-
ral del Trabajo, en Buenos Al-
res, ha enviado Invitaciones a
todos y cada uno de los miem-
bros del Comit Central de i
CGT para una reunion el nuevo
de mano con el fib de consi-
derar el "asunto que plante
la actividad del diario argn*
tina "La Prensa." En I* reu-
nion de representantes de di-
versos sindicatos afiliados a la
CGT, se propuso la interven-
cin y expropiacin de "La>
Prensa", y el Comit Central
tomar acuerdos sobre dichas
recomendaciones en la reunin
del nueve de mano."
Los diarlos Vespertino no.
mencionaron, mientrsi unto,
el cort'Iirto i'c "la f.""n", co-
mo re u! i'u i' I c ; i te Huff
a uno i c tiji; .i,. y se hi-
ri a '-orre, el 57 d lebrel o
el f r 1 i t;.n!-j-.Jos do ro-
r r a rui m'iores.
t'rta vista del palco presidencial durante el concierto de msica de los Estados Unidos, ejecu-
tado por la Orquesta Sinfnica Nacional el lunes en la noche en el Teatro Nacional. Ms de
400 personas, entre ellas el Presidente de la Repblica y la seora de Arias, el cuerpo diplom-
tico y funcionarios de la Zona del Canal aplaudieron las interpretaciones de este programa de
msica norteamericana bajo la direccin del Profesor Walter Myers. En la presente foto ve-
mos, de isquierda a derecha: el Ministro de Hacienda y Tesoro, Ing. Rodolfo F. Herbruger;
doa Dora A. de Brin; el Dr. Carlos N. Ilrln, Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores; don Jos C. de
Obaldla, Ministro de Gobierno y Justicia: don Enrique Linares; doa Ana Matilde Linares de
Arlas, esposa del Exento. 8r. Dr. Arnulfo Arlas, Presidente de la Repblica; doa Mercedes de
Linares, el General en Jefe del Comando del Caribe. Teniente General W. H. H. Morris Jr.,
el Encargado de Negocios de los Estados unidos, seor Murray M. Wise, y seora Edith de
Wise; el Ministro de Educacin, Lie. Modesto Salamiu y sftiora Manuela D. de Salamn; el
Gobernador del Canal de Panam, F. K. Newcomer y seora Mary B. de Newcomer; el Em-
bajador del Ecuador, don Csar Coloma Silva
El jueves 8 del presente mes
comenzar la Santa Misin en
la Catedral de la Inmaculada
Concepci na las 7.18 pjn. la
Santa Misin nos dispondr pa-
ra ganar la Indulgencia del Ao
Santo. Se invita especialmente
a los Jvenes y caballeros a
que asistan a la Santa Misin
que ser dirigida por el Reve-
rendo Padre Jorge Restrepo Mi-
sionero del Corazn de Maria.
Se visitarn precisionalmente la
Catedral, la Medalla Milagrosa
y San Jos.
Sabe mejor!
Aydeme contra fes congojosos
sntomas 0*0/ "como de voa"
Si sufren Udes. de esas oleadas de
calor y frd, sensacin de sofoco,
nerviosidad, mareos, irritabilidad y
asclancolasntomas tpicos del
"cambio de vida"tomen Regula-
dor Gesteira para aliviar esas nco*
modidades. El Regulador Gesteira,
por sus efectos calmantes, nervinos y
tnicos en el organismo femenino,
contribuye mucho al bienestar de la
atujer en ese trsnce difcil.
Frmula del Or. J. Gesteira
Otra Contra-Ofensiva
gas y holandesas y dos bata-
llones de la comunidad brit-
nica, cinco divisiones surco-
reanas, lo que asciende a
200,000 hombres.
Tanto MacCarthur como
Rldgway esperan una ofensiva
comunista y avanzan cautelo-
samente entre tres a seis pul-
Radas de nieve contra la cre-
ciente resistencia comunista.
La ms grande batalla de
hoy fu urta de rifles por
treinta minutos entre una tor-
mnta de nieve en Taemi, diez
millas al noroeste de Pangnlm,
sin que hubiese oamblos de po-
siciones. Los tanques franco-
americanos y la infantera hi-
cieron retroceder seis mil nor-
coreanos a su nueva linea de
defensa en los cerros al norte
de Taemi.
La sptima divisin nortea-
mericana, al noreste, controla-
ron completamente la desvas-
tada Changpyong. Rldgway di-
jo que esta ciudad estaba en
poder de los norteamericanos,
pero no se tiene ms noticias

pSeft-r n **-*.- 111|4 .esa ini
SI -4
despus que los ingenieros de.
combate salieron a sus tareas |
fuera de la ciudad ayer.
La sptima divisin surco-
reana batieron dos mil norco-
reanos cerca de Hajinbu, 29
millas al sur del paralelo 98. j
ms al este. Se Informa que
hay 6,900 comunistas ms al
norte de Hajlmbu.
En el frente central los ma-
rinos norteamericanos siguie-
ron controlando la carretera
que porre de Hoengsong, 16 mi-
llas al noroeste, a Yongdu. Es
al norte de esta carretera que
grandes fuerzas y construccio-
nes pesadas comunistas han si-
do informadas por MacCarthur
y Rldgway.
Fuerzas comunistas en masa
han sido vistas a una distan-
cia de cuatro a seis millas. Es-
te es el primer informe sobre
el tercer ejrcito comunista del
General Chen Yi, desde que
fu golpeado en un vano in-
tento en diciembre ltimo de
er encerrado y cuando la pri-
mera divisin de marina esca-
p del noreste de corea. Se
venia informando que sufra
de tifus y sacado de Manchu-
ria para reforzarlo.
Seg-n MacCarthur en el
frente de Hoengsong se en-
cuentran los cuerpos 20, 26, 27,
y 30, que estuvieron antes en
accin en Corea, adems el
cuarto ejrcito del Oneral Lln
Piao, que ha perdido desde el
29 de enero. 131,642 entre
muertos y heridos. La ofensiva
actual Incluir ayuda de avio-
nes de propulsin rusos, segn
prisioneros capturados.
nen que no hay ninguna dis-
puta obrera envuelta.
Desde Rio de Janeiro, el ves-
pertino Tribuna da Prensa, di-
ce que la pretensin de expro-
piar la prensa pinta el tipo de
gobierno de Buenos Aires, Ins-
pirado en las mejores tradicio-
nes del naSismo-franquismo.
Advierte que "La Prensa" no ha
Sucumbido todava y que de-
pende de la prensa mundial,
de los gobiernos democrticos,
de la ONU, de las asociaciones
Cuenta de Ahorros
con la
libres, de los sindicatos libres,
de todo el mundo evitar esta
catstrofe para el futuro de la
- es, ti diario coneer-
'' ( 'tai: .Mail, public balo
i < b 'Como Pern hundi
la Prensa", despacho d
Washington de ms de una co-
lumna de largo, firmado por Wi-
lliam Hardcastle, en que se dan
los detalles de los incidentes
de "La Prensa." En el articulo
se destacan los gritos de "Li-
bertad" dados en el entierro do
Roberto Vuiif/ el empleado do
"La Prensa" muerto, la situa-
cin de Galnta Paz y la nece-
sidad de mover la opinin pu-
blica, sobre todo en los Esta-
dos Unidos que tiene muchas
transacciones con el gobierno de
Pern y que si se elimina "la
Prensa'1 se acabar con los ves-
tigios de prensa libre all.
Red Panamericana
tiene los mejores

- i
Ni aun el ms caro dura ms que CUTEX
Una de las cualidades de Cutex es que, gracias
a] "enamelon", nuevo y maravilJoMrlngrediente,
axclusivo de Cutex, conserva la belleza en las uas
por das y das; no se agrieta, desprende ni descolora.
Prubelo usted misma. En matices modernsimos.
D a sos maaos redn.mlenlo de princesa
con CUTEX. Llvese hoy a easa os frasqultc
El esmalt para uas mis popular del mundo
TAQUIGRAFA a maquina
Los enviados especiales de la Stenographic Machines,
Inc., de Chicago. 111., Impartirn en esta ciudad, a partir del
da 14 de Marzo prximo, un curso rpido de manejo de ia
maravillosa mquina "Stenograph" para taquigrafa en es-
paol v en ingls.
En slo 20 das podr usted escribir de 90 a 70 palabras
por minuto.
No se trata de signos sino de letras, pudlendo escribirse
hasta 2" de stas en un solo golpe o pulsacin. No se re-
quiere saber taquigrafa. Con algo de prctica se escriben
ms de 200 palabras por minuto, y se leen con facilidad.
Precio del curso de 20 das, con derecho a aprender en
espaol e ingls: B/. 20.00.
Las clases sern de una hora diaria, de lunes a sbado,
entre las 9 y las 12 y las 4 y las 8.
Aparte usted su inscripcin. Slo se admitirn 40 alum-
nos. Para Inscripciones ocurra a Avenida Central No. 1,
Agencias Ancla. Telfono 2-2277, de 9 a 12 a.m. y de 2.30 o.
5 p.m. '
Los cursos sern dictados en los salones de la Academia
Mercantil, donde tambin podrn inscribirse los lunes y
El el .Jisiyiia,
Lo mismo que en la meriendo o lo cono.
No h*y quien resisto estol tostoditos si*
mi i* con locho (ro y azcar ol fusta...
A todoi encintan!
Siempre aiy
r. .>K
Dan rpidamente ensrja extra 0 jrin-
dos y chicos. Srvalas o diirio, varios voces
o I da. Adelos rebonoditot do frutas de
lo citacin.
Y, adems,
Les Cam Flakes do Killoj cuesten po-
ce. Adems, chorran tiempo y combusti-
ble porque se sirven del piquete el plato).
Y on codo piquete hey S abundantes

Escuche el programa de Tarzn por la HOA
los martes y jueves de 6:30 a 6:45 p.m.

NO hay mejor Va para VENDER ... ALQUILAR ... COMPRAR etc.
que la ruta al Departamento de los CLASIFICADOS DEL P. A.
Nuestros Agentes o Nuestras Oficinas le atendern:
Mnimo por
75 palabras.
3' por cada
palabra adicional.
Ave. Tivnh No 4
th. s-rai
Parque a* Leu.p.
Ave. 4 ae Jalla
Tel. 2-M41
Ave. M.lendt* lt.MS
Tal. 256Cala.
Calle II Oaate N*. H
Calla "H" Na. 17 Faaam
Ave. Camtral 12-171 Cela
APROVECHE:Pinturas y eimorte
e-.tri brillortti a pruaSa moho.
1.3.25 foln. Almacn Tropiduri.
ti VENDEN:Clava, tabana afra,
acara acanalada, Fir-Te (carian
aiiladoi para cialat rato) maaa-
rai, lenmonoi, aicuiadoi. ate a
la* precior mis bajo an plata.
na. Ilagaaaa a Juan Flanco. Tal.
SE VENDE: Incubodoro elctrico.
Tel. 3-0255.____________________
SE VENDE:34 cabezas de ganado:
Vacos, novillos, toretes, e t c.
En Punta B.60.00. Cerco de la
ciudad. Informes: Colla 29 Este
No. 11 (Exposicin; da 7 o 8 p.
SE VENDE:Ganado de 50. Vacas,
novillos, toretes, terneros, un pa-
drote I Ceb I Punta B.60.00; ca-
ballos chicos y grandes. Camilo A.
Porros, CaMe Ramn Valdes No. I.
SE VENDE:Adquiera sus tiquete;
de la Rifa de Los Leones, por Sis-
tema de Club en Lo Cosa del Pan-
taln. Si no se lo g*na pagondo B.
1.00 semonal durante Doce Sema-
s tambin se la entregar su ti-
quete. _____
SE VENDE: Mquina industrial
Singer con motor de 1 -2 coballo.
Para informes calle "H" No. 6.
Artculos de Casa
SE VENDE:Dos Camilas plegables,
con colchn. B. 15.00 codo una.
Buenas condiciones. Ocurra calle
la. Perejil cosa No. 14, Apto. 10.
1141 mis 1141 ms 1141 m-
Las Cifras
hablan por s mismas
El met pasado EL PANAMA
AMERICA vendi 3565 avi-
\ aos clasificados, cifra no
igualada por los damas
diarios de la ciudad que.
combinados, vendieron so-
lamente 2424.


1141 ms 1141 ms 1141 ms
SE ALQUILA: Aportomanto an
Avenida Mxico final y calla 43
Esta, liorna 3-0140.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento en co-
lle 2a. No. 18. B.65.00. Referen-
cia en la misma case.
SE ALQUILAN:Apartamentos con
sola, comedor, de una y dos reci-
moras. Calle 7a. No. 15, Lafevre.
Informes Apto. 8.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento Inde-
pendiente, estilo Chalet, muy ven-
tlodo. Calle 51 No. 2 Bella Vista.
Informan Tel. 3-2100 da 7-9 A.
M. y 1-6 P. M.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento en Ave-
venida Per No. 1. Llame telfono
Bienes Races
VENDO todos los muebles, refrigera-
dora Frigidaire, estufo Tapn, m-
quina escribir Underwood y cedo
apartamento con telfono. Colle
2a. Pereiil No. 15. Edificio Ruiz,
Apto. 6, de 4 a 6.
SE VENDE:o cambia una refrigera-
dora en perfectas condiciones, mor-
ca' Frigidaire, de 25 ciclos. Dirja-
se o la Barriada de Vista Hermoso,
casa 626. ________
SE VENDEN:Refrigeradora Kelvi-
noter. 7 pies B. 140.00; estufa de
ajas "Mogic-Chef" cuatro quema-
dores y horno B.80.00; 150 hoios
de asbesto pora techo o B. 1.50
la hoja. Vanse en calle Colom-
bia No. 9. __________
C. tROUWERPintor de cosas, con-
tr .tisro. consejos tcnicos. %oron-
l'o por jn oo. presupuestos gratis
Tcl 7-1276
SE ALQUILA:O se vende. Casa de
campo en Chorrera (El Cocol Tel.
SE VENDE:Cntrico y acreditado
negocio, por no poder administrar-
se. Pora informes escriba al Sr.
Kuylen, Apartado 1828, Son Jo-
s, Costo Rica.
En Campo Alegre, centro de la ciu-
dad, ofrecemos lote de 890 M2
con frente de 20 mis. hacia al
norte. Precio: B.8.50 m2. Wolff
y Cia. Ltda., Calle 5a. No. 22,
Tal. 2-2388.
Ofrecemos en Calle 9o., Porque
Lefevre. chalet de 2 recmaras, 2
baos, sala y comedor, cuarto de
empleada, 2 terrazas y buena pis-
cina. Lote de 525 Mts. Precio para
venta rpida. B. 11,000.00. Foci-
lidodes de pago. Wolff y Ca. Ltda.
Calle 5a. No. 22, Tel. 2-2388.
Si Ud. o su nio tienen un cutis de-
liccdo o seco, protjalo, lavndose
eon aceite de oguocate. De vento
n las farmacias y en los buenos
Trigame su Toni, le hogo su perma-
nente. Trobojo garantizado. Tel-
fono 3-4038.____________________
Avisamos a nuestros clientes que el
baja con nosotros desde Feb. 24,
por lo tonto no est autorizado po-
ra recoger ropa ni cobrar nuestras
cuentas. Exijan nuestros recibos.
29 Este No. 20, Tel. 3-1581.
AVISAMOS a los avicultores que los
olimentos "Full-O-Pep" han lle-
gado y estn o lo venta. El Molino
Criollo. Panam.
i Locales
i SE ALQUILA:Local pora oficina,
arriba del Teatro Central.
". ALQUILAN:Exclusivamente pa-
ro oficinas locales cntricos en los
altos da Avenido Central 44 o
precios mdicos. Soliciten Infor-
maron en Almacenes 5 y 10 can-
>E ALQUILA:Locol comercial, edi-
ficio nuevo, esquino Ave. Cuba.
calla '5 de Febrero. Industrias
Ponomariconos. Tal. 3-1713.
ALQUILA:Local comercial om-
plio. bien situado, propio paro ofi-
cinas. Colle Chiriqui. No. 2, Tel-
fono 2-2948 2-2739.
?E ALOUILA:Un local muy amplio
de 400 .metros cuadrados en ca-
de 22 Oeste No. 3. Propio pora
taller, garage, depsito, etc. Paro
informes llame telfono 3-1147.
En los Altos del Golf, ofrecemos lo-
tes con panorama de la bahio y las
ruinos de Panam lo Vieja, en ta-
maos desde 2,000 M2 y a precios
desde B.3.75 M2. Wolff y Cia.
Ltdo., Colla 5a. No. 22, Tel. 2-
SE VENDE:Cantina "Taberna Duf-
fy"s", ubicado en esquino de colles
B y 21 Oeste.
SE VENDE:Casa cerca playa "Ma-
ra Chiquito" con terreno en co-
munidad creciente. Buen lugar pa-
ra baarse. Cerca carretera turs-
tico o Portobelo, B.650.00. Cito
10086. calle II y Roosevelt, Co-
SE NECESITA:Cocinera competen-
te'que duermo en casa. Avenida
Primera de la Carrasquilla. No. 55.
Entrando por al Teatro Edn en
la Avenida Belisario Porros.
SE NECESITA:Empleada para cua-
tro personas; debe dormir en casa.
Calle 41 Este No. 16.
SE NECESITA: Niera con expe-
riencia, buena presencia, educa-
cin y salud para atender dos va-
rones de tres aos y uno de oo
y medio. Referencias necesarias.
Buen pago y excelente alojamien-
to. Llame al 3-0595 paro concer-
tar entrevista.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento dos re-
cmaras, sala-comedor, B.60.00.
Belisorio Porras 56 (enfrente Tea-
tro Edn) llave opartamento 3,
telfono 3-0841.
SE ALQUILA: Departamento. Jos
F. de la Ossa No. 75. Dirijosa Ol-
ga Beuehe.
SE ALQUILA:Dos apartamentos al
frente, amueblados, gas, luz, refri-
geradora elctrica incluidos,'fren-
te correo Ancn, Tal. 2-4448.
SE ALQUILA:Moderno opartamen-
to de dos recmaras en piso alto,
con azotea, preciosa vista al mor.
Calle 48 No. 11. Informes lel-
feno 3-1897.__________________
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento chico,
independanle, apropiado para ma-
trimonio solo. Tel. 3-0109. Calle
33-E, No. 25.
ALQUILAN. Apartamentos moder-
nos. Comuniqese con oficina edi-
ficio Alhambra. calle 10, No. 8061
Caln. Telfono 1386.
SE ALQUILA:Casa en lo Carros-
quilla, calle la. No. 53-B, una
pieza de dos cuartos con luz, B.30.
00, parte baja.
SE ALQUILA: Apartamento para
pequea familia en Via Espaa
2015. Informes: telfono 2-2960.
Estudiante 136.
SE ALQUILA:Cosa de 5 cuortos,
B.20.00. Facilidades pora criar
aves. Jernimo de la Ossa No, 3,
Api. 30. Seor Alzamoro.
SE ALQUILA:Moderno y anti gus-
to ms exigente, chalet en El Can-
grejo, en B.250.00. Ganado por
mi con B. 10.00. Escriba o vase
con Conrado Zelaya.
SE ALQUILA: Chalet amoblado,
refrigeradora y estufa de gos, dos
dormitorios, salo-comedor, porchs.
Dos servicios sanitarios. Via Espa-
a No. 2021. B. 125.00 mensual.
SE NECESITA Empleado responsa-
ble que duerma en el trabojo. pa-
ra cuidar nio de un ao, ocrrase
Ave. Ecuador 20.
SE AQUILA: Apartamentos tres
cuortos, servicio, cocina, B.35.00,
B.30.00, odelontado. Calle 13 No.
31, San Francisco. Informes en
Formacio Lmela. Calle P No. 3.
Tel. 2-0539.
SE NECESITA:Buena cocinera, de-
be traer referencias, magnifioo
sueldo. Avenida del Ptrii 75. olios.
SE DESEA:Alquilar aportomento o
chalet amoblado. Llame al telfo-
no 3-0255, Panam.
SE NECESITA:Bueno cocinero pora
4 personas, B .'.'1 2 quincenales.
Avenida B No. 61.
SE NECESITA:Empleada poro ser-
vicios domsticos, debe dormir en
el empleo. Colle 48 No. 20.
SE NECESITA:Empleodo pora ofi-
cios de casa en general, especial-
mente cuido de una baby, debe
dormir en el trabojo, para informes
dirjase a calle Estudiante No. 73,
oortomento II.
SE VENDE:Lindo chalet. Listo paro
ocupar, recien pintado, 3 reca-
maras, 2 baos, garage, 2 porches,
bello jardn, cosi 1.000 metros te-
rreno, en Via Belsono Porras 81.
Rezn en Avenida Central 11 5.
SE VENDE:Una casa de concreto
n Nuevo Arroijn. 4 recmaros,
sala, comedor y dos porches; con
refrigeradora y planta elctrico.
Pida ms informes en colle "M"
No. 26 al Sr. Gabriel Novoa o lla-
me al telfono 3-2161.
SE VENCECosa en Son Francisco
de la Coleto de 3 recmaras, sala-
comedor amplio. Lote en esquina
de 406 metros cuadrados. Buen
precio. Informes: Juon Navorro,
Avenido Cuba entre calles 25 y
26 Este. Telfono 2-0481.____
SE VENDE:Negocio productivo en
lugar cntrico y comercial por no
poderse atender personalmente. In-
formarse en el Comisariato Pana-
m. Colle 21 de Enero No. 6.
SF VENDE:Lote de 778 M2 o $3.-
00 en esquina y otro de 902 M2
o S3.00, en los altos de Carras-
quilla. Lote de 749 M2 en calle
51. Bella Visto a $13.00. Para
informacin: Tel. 2-3056 3-
|f ALQUILALocol en calle 3o.
No. 15, propio para oficino o de-
psito, para informes llame tel-
fono 3-1147.
PERDIDO Se encuentro perdido
desde esta fecha el ganador del
cholet del Club de Leones. Quien
lo encuentre debe poseer un bo-
leto, que slo cuesto B. 10.00 con
HB27 oportunidades.
PERD.'DO:B.30,000 de recompen-
so o 'i persona que quiera vender
mt c-Vto 7112 de la R fa da Los
Loo na.
SE VENDE: Cholet de tres rec-
maras, colla 39, cerca a Mario In-
maculada. Excelente borrio resi-
dencio!. B.21.000. Tiene hipoteca
B.4,000. puede ser aumentada.
ROBERTO MIRO. Tel. 2-1215.
SE NECESITA:Dos enpleodas con
referencias para trabjjfcs domsti-
cos. Deben dormir en"el trabajo.
Calle 15 Poitillo No. 117. familia
SE NECESITA:Empleodo con expe-
rience en cuidor nios. Ave. Ma-
nuel Ycoza 18. Campo Alegre.
SE NECESITA:Buena cocinero que
sepa su oficio. Debe tener buenas
recomendaciones. Paro dormir en
el mismo trabajo. Ocurra Calle
Estudiantes No. 81. ltimo piso.
SE NECESITA:Empleodo para co-
cinar y limpieza, tiene que tener
recomendacin. Calla 34 hjo. 2.
SE ALQUILACmodo opartamento,
dos recmoras. solo, comedor, bol-
een, etc. B.75.00. Infrmese calle
48 No. 23. Apto. No. 1.________
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento moder-
no, sola, comedor, dos recmaros,
dos servicios. Avenida Chile, calle
41. telfono 3-0847.
SE ALQUILA:Apartamento peque-
o para dos personas. Solicite- ca-
lle Estudiante No. 105 aparta-
mento C.
SE NECESITA:Una niera con ex-
periencia. Muy buen sueldo. Colle
Colombia No. 20, Apto. No. 4, fa-
milia Homsany.
SE NECESITA:Imaleaa can eiae-
riencie en cecina, venae da da 3 a
*. Familia Remera. Ave. Balboa y
calle 1L________________________
SE NECESrTA:Empleado. Avenida
Cuba NO. 8, Apto. 5.
Clases para rehabilitacin de alum-
nos de escuela secundaria en to-
das materias a precios moderados.
Lime telfono 2-0250, Panam.
SE ALQUILA:Cuorto amoblado, es-
pacioso, con telfono, magnifico
visto, entrada independiente, pre-
cio mdico. Calle Estudiante No
71 apartamento No. 0.
SE ALQUILAN:Cuartos amoblados,
para hombres solos. Lugar fresco y
tranquilo. Calle Mariono Arose-
mena No. 74.
VENDO en B. 1-0.00. terreno y casa
que cuesta B.30.000. en El Con-
grejo. Lime al telfono 2-2454.
Bazar Internacional, para cerrar
SE NECESITA:Empleada que duer-
ma en el empleo. Calle 30 No. 21,
esquina a Justo Arosemena.
SE NECESITA:Corguere con expe-
riencia. Esquina colles Ricardo
Arias y 51, Campo Alegre, oparto-
mento 3.
SE NECESITA:Buena cocinera con
experiencio comprobada. Ocurro
Colla 41 No. 37. bojos.
SE NECESITA:Por un mas, corgue-
re con experiencia y recomenda-
cin. Dormir en el trabajo. Aveni-
da Per No. 28, Apto. No. 8.
SE ALQUILA: Cuorto amoblado,
grande, fresco, pora persona o pa-
reja sin nios. Entrada indepen-
diente. Avenida B No. 29, ltimo
SE ALQUILA:Cuarto para una o
dos personas en calla 43 Este, casa
68, al lado corral, olios.
SE ALQUILA:Cuarto a persona so-
lo o matrimonio sin hijos. Colla
46 Este No. 2 altos. Telfono 3-
2755, Panam.
SE VENDE: Fargo 3-4 toneladas
1948. perfectas condiciones. Lla-
me al Saln Morio de Pueblo Nue-
vo. Tel. 3-1513.
SE NECESITA:Empleada paro ofi-
cio general de casa, debe dormir
en el trabojo. Saln da Belleza
Filo, calle J No. 4.
SE NECESITA:Empleado que sepo
cocinar y que duerma en el tra-
bajo. Calle 2a. Perejil No. 6.
SE NECESITA:Un compaero que
sea feliz, como yo. Le vendo SE NECESITA:Empleada para of i -
en coso de ganrmeloun chalet I cios domsticos que duerma en co-
en El Cangrejo, que es una belle-1 sa. Acuda Sa'.treria Panam Ele-
zo. La base es de B. 10.00. I gante calle 16 Este No. 8.
SE VENDE:Chevrolet 1950 Sedon,
4 puertas, 6.200 millas, tapizado.
Llomar 86-3165 antes de 3:30,
86-6191 despus.
SE VENCEPlymouth 1948 Sedon
de 4 puertas. Special De Luxe, ta-
pizado, pintura y carrocera per-
fectas condiciones, Tel. 2984. Bal-
SE VENDE: Motivo viaje, rgeme
vender outemvil Buick 1950.
Perfectos condicionas. Derechos
sin pagar. Informes telfono 3-
C7I0, Panama.
D venta an
Agradecemos s la Oficina Me-
teorolgica su ayuda en regar
los jardines de la ciudad mien-
tras nos llegaba nuestro
embarque de
Ahora que tenemos un gran
surtido de ellas, a todo precio,
que comience el verano.
Geo. F. Novey, Inc.
Ave. Central 279 Tel. 3-0140
Calibre 12 y 20, en colores
lisos y floreados.
para tapicera
Gruesos y delgados
de 5, 6, 7, 8 y 9 vueltas
Ricardo A. Mir,
Ave. B No. 68
Tel. 2,2988
Tenemos exacta-
mente el VIDRIO
que Ud. necesita!
Calle 10 Este #4 Tel. 2-2600
n todos loa tamaos.
Sacos de Henequn
para arroz
Lona para Catres
44 pulgadas
Alambre de Puerco
Almacenes Romero
Ave. Norte No. 48
La mi antigua.
La ms acreditada.
La de mayor stock.
Ro Abajo #2154Tel. 3-0524.
Almacn Calle "I" #4
Tel. 2-1752
Preocupa a los Britnicos
la ltima nota del soviet
Resuelva su problema de
pintura visitando los
Atencin esmerada
por expertos en pintura
Pinturas para log trpicos
desde 1/6 HP. hasta 40 HP.
Consulte: Tel. 2-2S47
LONDRES. Marzo 8. EPS).
La Oran Bretaa est pa-
sando una semana de preocu-
paciones. La ltima nota so-
vitica es Interpretada en me-
dia' docena distinta de 'mane-
ras, probablemente ninguna
acertada. Y ademas, el gene-
ral Charles de Gaulle, sugi-
riendo una asociacin anglo-
francesa que le dara a Fran-
cia la mayor parte de la ayu-
da area norteamericana.
En lo que se refiere al nom-
bramiento del almirante nor-
teamericano Fechteler para Je-
fe de las tuerzas navales de ia
alianza atlntica, que tanto
revuelo ha causado aqui, la
mayora de las personas creen
' que ser mantenido, aunque
: posiblemente se har alguna
I concesin al amor propio bri-
tnico, tal vez con base geo-
grfica. Se demarcar, por e-
jemplo, un circulp de unos
centenares de millas alrededor
de las islas britnicas, en el
cual los almirantes britnicos
seguirn siendo los jefes su-
Se dice que la .opinin pre-
sentar una-mocin de censu-
ra en la Cmara de los Co-
munes, por haber permitido el
gobierno tal nombramiento.
Esto sera dar al Incidente un
carcter poltico que, no con-,
tara con el apoyo de muchos
electores. Es Indudable que los
conservadores tratan de sacar
todo el partido posible de la
situacin. Se sabe que la no-
ticia del nombramiento da
Fechteler era conocida desde
muchos das antes al violento
discurso de Churchill.
En cuanto a la nota sovi-
tica, que pide a la Gran Bre-
taa que se manifieste amiga,
de Rusia, las gentes opinan,
que, sea lo que diga Mosc,
hay que tener presente que los
rusos no confian en los brit-
Adems, se seala que si
Rusia lograra convencer a la
Gran Bretaa para que se em-
barcara en discusiones unila-
terales, ello seria considerado
como un enorme triunfo diplo-
mtico sovitico, que causara
malsima impresin en Wa-
shington y Pars.
Por muchas razones, las re-
laciones entre Oran Bretaa y
Estados Unidos, especialmente
desde el punto de vista bri-
tnico, son turbadas con tan-
ta facilidad que cualquier pie-
dra arrojada por los rusos sa
convertir en un obstculo se-
rio, que pueie causar incalcu-
lable dao.
Gran produccin
tacin de hierro bruto en Chi-
le, adems de explotar las vie-
jas minas all, de manganeso
en Brisll. Dijo que se investi-
gaban nuevas fuentes de mate-
rial bruto tanto dentro de Esta-
dos Unidos como en otros pa-
Framente E. U.
con Dulls el 16 de Octubre, el
20 de noviembre, y el 13 de Ene-
ro y con Gross, el 28 de Diciem-
bre acerca del mismo asunto.
Las mayores utilidades
tors tuvo utilidades de 643.505.-
16 dlares en ventas de 5,700.-
835,141, dlares que tambin es-
tablecieron record para esa fe-
Se ofrecen mutua
De parte de la Polica Secre-
ta asistieron a esta reunin, el
Inspector General Juan de Dios
Poveda, el Sub-Inspector, Pro-
fesor Rosendo Ochoa, el Ase-
sor Jurdico, Lie. Castillo, el
Secretarlo de la Institucin don
Rene Prez, y otros altos fun-
De parte de la Polica Na-
' clonal estuvieron presentes, el
Comandante Remn, el Coman-
dante Segundo Jefe Bolivar Va-
llarino. el Comandante Tercer
Jefe, Saturnino Flores,, los Ma-
yores Solis, y Carrln, el Ca-
pitn Plnilla de la Modelo y
el Capitn Camargo del Escua-
drn de Caballera.
Don Jorge Rubn Rosas, Se-
cretario de Gobierno y Justi-
cia, estuvo presente en repre-
sentacin de ese Ministerio.
Aviso Judicial
El suscrito Juex Seccional dr Traba-
jo da U Primera Seccin. EMPLAZA al
representante da Produca of the Sea
Co., para que ae presente al Junado a
fin iff aue haya valer los derechos de
I* mencionada Compaftfa en la deman-
da qua ha propuesto en su contra al
seor John Northpole.
Sa advierte al cmplaaado que de no
comparecer al Justado dentro del ter-
mino de treinta da*, contado a partir
da la ltima publicacin de este edicto,
fungir la representacin de la "Pro-
duct* of The Sea Co'1, el seftur Inspec-
tor Cenara! da Trabajo coa quien se se-
guir el curso del juicio.
Por tanto, se fija el presente edicto
en lugar visible del Despacho de U se-
cretarla del Tribunal, hoy veintitrs de
Febrero de mil novecientos cincuenta y
uno, por el trmino da ocho das, y co-
pia da este edicto ae le entrega al in-
teresado para ce lo publique por do*
veces en un peridico de la localidad y
una ver n la Gaceta Oficial.
El Jues.
Kl Secretario.
Importante misin
de Chile.
Con el fin de preparar el te-
rreno, se ha citado a un grupo
de damas panameas para una
reunin que tendr lugar maa-
na a las 4:00 p. m. en el Club
Tenemos en existencia:
de toda clase
T x 6 y 2' x 8
Calibre 26
Agencias Globales
Vis Fspaa No. 121
Tel. 3-1503
Edward G. Miller
fue agasajado
en la Argentina
(USfSi. Edward G. Miller
Jr., Secretarlo de Estado Au-
xiliar para los Asuntos nter-
americanos, sali de esta ca-
pital hacia Santiago de Chile
despus de efectuar visitas al
Presidente Pern y otros altos
funcionarios del Gobierno.
Durante los ltimos tres das
Miller presenci algunos even-
tos de los Juegos Deportivos
Panamericanos como Invitado
de honor de la Federacin Ar-
gentina de Deportes.
Antes de salir, Miller confe-
renci por segunda vez con el
Presidente Pern. Estuvieron
presentes en la reunin el Mi-
nistro de. Relaciones Exteriores
Hiptilo Jess Paz. el Minis-
tro de Hacienda Ramn Ce-
reijo. y el Embalador de Ar-
gentina en EE. UU-. Jernimo
Remonino. as como, miembros
del Consejo Argentino de Eco-
No se ha dado- comunicado
oficial sobre lo que se trat en
la conferencia pero se tiene
entendido qce ella abarc en
trminos generales diversos t-
picos que afectan las relacio-
nes entre Argentina y los Es-
tados Unidos.
El sbado, despus de un al-
muerzo en el Palacio Presiden-
cial, Miller hizo un recorrido
por Buenos Aires acompaado
por la seora Eva de Pern,
primera dama de la Argentina,
y el Ministro de Hacienda Ce-
En Santiago, Miller asistir
a parte de la actual reunin
"La Prensa lucha
en contra del
SYDNEY, Australia, Marzo 8
(UP).Douglas Wllkle, comen-
tarista de asuntos Internacio-
nales del Melbourne Sunday
Pictorial, peridico de mayor
circulacin en Australia, die
que la lucha de "La Prensa" ea
simblica: De una parte est un
liberalismo aristocrtico de vie-
jo cuo y del otro el pandille-
rismo poltico de nuevo estilo.
El desorden social y econmico
en el cual se libra el conflicto
da por seguro que el pandille-
ro ganar en Argentina, como
en muchos' otros pases.
El comentarista de asuntoa
Internaciones del peridico Mel-
bourne Argus, dl]o en sus co-
mentarlos hoy, que La Prensa V
La Nacin, de Buenos Aires, es-
tablecieron normas de indepen-
dencia e integridad que los co-
loc a la par con mejores pe-
ridicos del mundo.
"Sin embargo, aadi, desa-
fortunadamente para ellos, su
genulna preocupacin por et
bienestar pblico les conquist
tal grado de confianza y fe
que no podan menos que in-
quietar a un tipo de dirigente
que desea ser conocido como
padre de su pueblo." El co-
mentarista Peter Russo ana-
liz despus los acontecimien-
tos anteriores y los posterio-
res hasta el cierre de "La Pren-
Hoteles nter'
prdidas durante el mes da
Febrero, estaba en posicin da
informar que las entradas bru-
tas hablan ascendido a la su-
ma de B.104.621.06.
En la misma reunin se in-
form que el Sr. A. G. Arango
habia presentado renuncia do
su cargo .el 21 de Enero, o sea
la fecha de la inauguracin del
Hotel El Panam. Sometida a
consideracin la renuncia del
Sr. Arango. fu rechazada por
La Secretara General de la
Sociedad Panamea de Inge-
nieros y Arquitectos comunica
a todos sus miembros que el
banquete que se habia sealado
para el mircoles 7 de marzo
en honor de los colegas, Minis-
tros Carbonell y Herbruger ha
fido pospuesto indefinidamente.
del -Consejo Econmico y So-
cial de las Naciones Unidas.

2 Atractivos Juegos Ofrecer Maana
La Contienda Del Baseball Provincial
Caribe-Frigidaire y jj^ valiosos Y significativos trofeos!Nueve Ejemplares Inscritos
Granillo-Chesleriield J *
medirn sus fuerzas
gan eTlT de Panam en el V Torneo
G. F. Pje.
Pinocho ............ Vt 4 .75t
Barras* ............... 1* .**5
ptica Soaa .......... t 7 .MS
Chesterfield Jr..... .5
Caf Duran........... K
GraailW ............. 1 .
Caribe ............... 5 11 .311
Frlgldaire.............. 4 10 .ZM
Juego de esta tarde
En el Estadio Olmpico
Partid* de Maana
4 p.m.Estadio Olmpico
4 p.m.en La Boca
Resaltados de Ayer
Pinooho 11Caribe
ptica Sosa 3Frlgldaire 2
Dos atractivos partidos tie-
ne para maana el campeona-
to de la Liga Provincial de Base
ball Amateur de Panama, entre
los equipos Granillo vs Chester-
'eld Jr. y Caribe vs Frlgldaire.
Los cigarrilleros buscarn ma
aa mejorar su puntuacin en
1 pelotn del comando mientras
oue el Granillo se empear en
alejarse del grupo de retaguar-
En el otro encuentro el Frl-
gldaire tratar de dejar el sta-
no y sus rivales del Caribe lu-
charn para no caer en el l-
timo puesto.
Ezzard Charles
es favorito en
la pelea maana j
DETROIT. Marzo 6 (UP)!
Ezzard Charles es favorito en
las apuestas por 3 a l para
iriunfar en la pelea que por la
defensa de su titulo mundial pe-
so pesado,, ilbrar maana
mircoles con el veterano Jer-
sey Joe Walcott, pero era ste
el que contar con las simpa-
tiss de los fanticos de Detroit.
El veterano de 37 aos de!
edad que ha luchado lnfructuo- j
smente tres veces por conquis-
tar el cetro mundial, termin
mi entrenamiento en medio de;
los aplausos, mientras que Char
lea termin el suyo frente a una
multitud hostil que solo aplau- i
dia cuando otros boxeadores con J
los cuales se entrenaban lo al-
candaban con sus golpes.
Los fanticos de boxeo de De-
troit han recibido framente a
charles pues resientes abierta-
mente el hecho de que fu l
quien finalmente venci a su
viejo dolo Joe Louis, natural
de esta ciudad.
Los fanticos consideran a
Charles como un enemigo que
t&ta invadiendo los predios del
En El Clsico "E. Navarro"
Nueve ejemplares se encuentran inscritos en el Clasico "Er-
nesto Navarro" ase se carrera 1 Domingo II de los corrientes en
el Hipdromo Nacional, sobre una distancia de 1,*W metros y por
ua premia de B/. l.tM.M.
Esta prueba es special para les mejores equinos nacionales,
y as corre en honor de ana de ios sapadores de nuestra hpica,
l recordado caballero del turf Ernesto "Tito" Navarro.
Participarn aqu: La Loba (1!8 libras), Hortensia (122). Ful.
misante (120). Tully Saba UM>. Maadlnra (117). Golden Tip
(If7). Marsellesa (ltfl), Invaiora (M) y Robin Hood Jr. (16).
Atractivo Programa De Boxeo
Ofrecern El 9 En Coln
COLON, Marzo 6El prximo i
viernes a las 8.00 p.m se lleva-
r a cabo una funcin de boxeo
en honor de los pgiles colo-
nenses que representaron a esta
Provincia en los Campeonatos
Nacionales, donde loa represen-
tantes de esta sector ganaron
nos campeonatos y cuatro sub
Campeonatos, y dejaron muy
bien impresionados a los pbli-
cos de David y Fuerte Armue-
El programa completo es el
Santander Ortiz vs Alfred Larry
112 libras
Ral Ward ts J. M. Carvajal
118 libras
Benito Tan vs Isidro Martines
118 libras
H. Jones ts Marcial Molinar
139 libras
Panam logr adjudicarse el
titulo de Campen Centroame-
ricano y del Caribe de Ftbol,
en el torneo que finaliz el do-
mingo. En esta competencia
solo Costa Rica fu el enemigo
6c cuidado, y segn parece
contaba con un conjunto me-
diocre ya que sus principales fi-
guras se inform que estn com
pitiendo en los Juegos paname-
ricanos. Similar a lo que les a-
conteci a nuestros canasteros
en el Campeonato en Honduras,
nos sucedi ahora en el Football.
Concurrencia Record Ver El
Juego Entre Los Alacranes y
Kanguros Maana Mircoles
Vctor "Culebrn" Ruz lanzar por El Panam-
Amrica y Chelo 'Melena' Gonzlez por La Nacin
por Rennet COLLINS
Demostrando su calidad y
reafirmando sus condiciones de
"Crack", Royal Coup, el magni-
fico ejemplar de Too Anguizo-
a. se adjudic el Clsico Velo-
cidad. Una monta fenomenal le
dl el triunfo a Royal Coup,
cuando miles de fanticos da-
ban por ganador a Welsh Loch
con la monta de Paco Bravo,
Aguirre vino de atrs como un
tren expreso y en los ltimos
200 metros logr aduearse de
!a punta y ganar el Clsico Ve-
Una concurrencia record se
espera que presenciar el sen-
sacional partido entre los ala-
cranes del Panam-Amrica y
los Caguros de La Nacin. Co-
menzar maana a las cuatro
de la tarde en el campo Ue
juegos de softball de la Cer-
vecera Nacional, el mismo es-
cenarlo donde fueron apaga-
dos los humos de los alacranes
por los pjaros azules de La
Don ngel Grimas ha ofre-
cido nuevamente, como gTan
.deportista, una botella de ron
Carta Vieja para cada hombre
que pegue Jonrn en el Juego
de maana. En el encuentro
pasado le volaron seis botellas.
El programa elaborado para Valentin Machure ts Jos Edwin
ese dia consta de cinco encuen- 137 libras
tros de suma importancia para
todos los partipantea. En dicha Elegibles
Daniel Vargas ts A. Carrington
127 libras
funcin sern presentados al
pblico los Campeones y, sub-
Campeones Nacionales que re- | Preclos Ring^sideTao.SC
presentaron a la Provincia de
Entrada General $0.25
Mos $0.10.
Frente al Catedral volver a exponer
maana su invicto el Camel en softball
El equipo de Panam, junto con el trofeo de Campen del Vo.
Torneo Centroamericano" y del Caribe de Ftbol que conquist en
forma invicta, se hice acreedor a dos valioso y-hermosas trofeos.
y en estas Tistes Temos los momentos en que sus representantes
reciben esos premios.
En la primera fotografa, el seor Ministro de Educacin,
Profesor Modesto Salamin. entrega el trofeo "Presidente de la
Repblica", donado por S.E. Dr. Arnulfo Arias, y lo recibe el re- j
presentante del onceno, nacional, don Francisco Ditrani, que est
acompaado per el Secretarlo del Comit Organizador, Luis Ard- ,
En la otra vista, el Lie. Manuel Roy, Presidente del Congreso
Tcnico del Vo. Campeonato y as como del Comit Director de
la Confederacin Centroamericana y del Caribe de Ftbol, hace |
entrega del trofeo "Caldern Guardia" al Dr. Juan Nicosia, De-
legado del equipo panameo que est acompaado por ei Tesore-
o del Comit Organizador, seor Antonio Gramunt.
Airaciivos juegos
est presentando el
se Hball de Coln
Atractivo- partidos est ofre-
ciendo la justa de Softball de
Coln, y el encuentro sealado
para esta tarde corre a cargo'
ce los conjuntos Bomberos y
Polica; maana se medirn los i
equipos Pepaicola y Bomberos.
Loa Bomberos mejoraron su;
opcin al obtener dos triunfos'
ltimamente sobre los Novatos
primero le ganaron por 2 carre-
ras a 1, lanzando Bernes y el
perdedor fu Brown; en el otro
juego se impusieron, por 6 a 2;
por los Bomberos lanz Monte-
mayor y por los novatos Motto.
Adems maana se medirn
en un comentado partido a las
2 de la tarde en el cuadro de
Fort Davis, los conjuntos de la
Polica Militar del Sector Atln-
tico de la Zona y los Policas
de Coln. En este encuentro
amistoso, los gendarmes envia-
rn a su lanzador Eustacio
Smith y los zoneitas tendrn
a Elpidio Moreno. *
Estados Unidos
gan el Torneo
de Sables
BUEt\OS AIRES. Marzo 8 (U.
F.)Estados Unidos gan el i
torneo de sable de las compe-
tencias de esgrima de los Jue-1
got Panamericanos venciendo a I
la Argentina por 9 a 7 en la II-1
dia definitiva.
En el primer partido contra
la Argentina, el equipo de Esta-
dos Unidos utiliz a sus mejo-
res esgrimistas. Los equipos
llegaron a la vuelta final tras
eliminar a Mxico, Guatemala,
Per, Chile y Panam, en la
Tuelta preliminar.
El ptica Sosa
se impuso ayer
al Frigidaire
El ptica Sosa, sigue con op-
cin al cetro de la Liga al ven-
cer ayer en el cuadro de jue-
gos de La Boca al Frlgldaire por
pizarra de 3-2 ante una regu-
lar concurrencia.
Una fuerte reaccin del Frlgl-
daire en el octavo donde empa-
taron las hostilidades y amena-
zaron el triunfo de los pticos;
fu en vano al suspender el ar-
bitro el Juego por oscuridad al
acto anterior resultando vence-
dores por 3-2 los maraoneros
del Sosa.
Anotacin Condensad
C. H. E.
Frigidaire 2 4 4
ptica Sosa 3 7 2
Lanzador; ganador R. Hostin
Perdedor C. Hernndez.
En el otro partido de la Liga
Provincial celebrado en el Esta-
dio el Pinocho venci fcilmen-
te al Caribe por 11-0 en 7 actos.
Toc a Bllllngslea lograr su
primer triunfo en su primera
presentacin en la actual tem-
porada despus de ser rehablli-<
tado por la Federacin Nacional
dr Baseball Amateur de Pana-
m, como aficionado.
El Caribe equipo de presenta-
ciones contradictorias tuvo que
recurrir a los servicios de 3 lan-
zadores, i
Anotacin Condensada
C. H. E.
Pinocho 11 l' 3
Caribe 24
Lanzador ganador R. Blllings-
lea; Perdedor M. Tun.
El Cristbal gan
por 6' vez el ttulo
del baseball zonela
G. P. FJe.
Cristbal ........... 25 11 .49
Balboa .......... It 17 .514
Diablo -............... 11 26 J9J
Juego para esta noche
7.30 p.m. en Balboa
Partido Final de Maana
7.30 p.m. en Mt. Hope
Resultado de Anoche
Cristbal Diablo 1
El equipo Cristbal se ase-
gur el Campeonato del Base-
ball Profesional de la Zona del
Canal con su victoria de anoche
sobre el Diablo por 6 carreras
a 1. para conquistar por sexta
consecutiva vez ese ttulo.
Los juegos de la Temporada
finalizan maana con el partido
entre Cristbal y Balboa. En es-
ta contienda aunque el Caln-
darlo de juegos se dividi en dos
vueltas, la puntuacin fu una
sola, de manera que gan el que
obtuvo mayor nmero de victo-
rias en total.
(Softball Social)
G. F. FJe.
(amel .....-........ 6 1JJ*
ptica Sosa ............ 1.H1
Polica Nacional ... 7 2 .777
Mauricio ............. 2 3 *
Cervecera .....-----
Alemn Jr............. 2 3 .4M
Madurito ............ J 4 .He
Chesterfield ......-----2 4 411
O; Jimnez ............ 2 5 2M
Pinocho ............. 1 3 .250
Catedral.............. t 5 .#H
Juego d Hoy
Pinocho ts ptica Jimnez
4.15 p.m.Santa Rita
Jaego de Maana
4.1S p.m.Instituto Nal.
Esta tarde chocan en el tor-
neo social de Softball masculi-
no los equipos ptica Jimnez
y Pinocho, desafio este en el
cual el ltimo de los equipos
trata de mantener su opcin a
la clasificacin para la Serie
Final. El partido de maana
correr a cargo del os conjuntos
Separado el C. Vieja
de la justa del
baseball profesional
La contienda del Baseball Pro
ieslonal de la Liga de Panama
tiene anunciado para esta no-
che en el Estadio Olmpico el
iuego entre los equipos Azulejos
(Cervecera) y Carmelitas (8pur
En el partido de ayer en Co-
lon, los Carmelitas le ganaron
a los Bombarderos de F.leta por
12 carreras a 5, resultando
Clarke el lanzador ganador.
Segn se informa, la Liga de
Baseball Profesional tom ayer
una drstica medida al multar
aparentemente a los Yankees
Carta Vieja) con MU Balboas
y retirar al conjunto por el res-
io del campeonato, con lo cual
quedarn tres equipos en la
contienda. Debido a esto se
acord un nuevo calendarlo de
juegos para finalizar la segun-
da vuelta, anunciada para ter-
minar el 15 de Marzo.
Catedral y Camel donde los fu-
madores exponen su Invicto y
su* rivales buscan su primera
victoria de la Justa. Belgrave
lanzar por los del Camel y Hi-
llimber por los del Catedral.
El partido de ayer fu un ga-
lope para la Polica que logr
su sptima victoria en contra de
de- derrotas, al imponerse a la
Cervecera por 10 carreras a 3.
Catorce lncoglblea le batearon
a Chao Gonzlez y a Indian Ro-
driguez, mientras que Rudy
Prince, que lograba su quinta
victoria sin descalabro limit a
los cerveceros a cuatro aisla-
dos imparables. Los ganadores
cometieron dos errores y los
perdedores tres. Alexander y De
Souza con 3-4 cada uno y Cole
con 2-3, siendo sus dos incogi-
bles cuadrangulares, fueron los
mejores bateadores, mientras
que Guillermo Mata con 2-3 fu
el mejor de los perdedores.
Marcos Hurley, el Jinete que
desde que se le dl el ttulo de:
profesional no habia logrado
una victoria en Juan Franco, |
sall de su mala racha en el
pasado evento hiplco, condu-
ciendo a la nativa La Loba.
Otro Jinete que dejar de ser
aprendiz y ahora pasa a ser
profesional es Esteban Silvera,
uno de los ms sobresalientes
aprendices en Juan Franco.
Importante juego
tienen hoy las '9'
Duran y Barraza
Caf Duran y Barraza, vuel-
ven a chocar esta tarde a las
4.00 p.m. en el diamante del
Estadio Olmpico, en la conti-
nuacin de la Liga Provincial de
Base Amateur de Panam, en
juego decTlsivo paral as aspira-
ciones de ambos equipos por-
que marchan empatados en el
4o. lugar de la tabla de posi-
Dos de los lanzadores con op-
cin al ttulo de "Novato del
Ao" que ostentan en su cr-
dito 5 victorias contra ninguna
derrota en la actual temporada,
rivalizarn sus lanzamientos des
de la caja del Caf Duran y
Barraza respectivamente, para
mantenerse Invicto en el depar-
tamento de los lanzadores y
bular a su team al triunfo.
Felipe Malcom, defensor de la
pradera Central de los Cafeta-
leros y con marca de 563. va en
pos de implantar otra marca en
ti departamento de bate que os-
tenta C. Wilson, y la de juegos
seguidos bateando de hits de
R. Mern.
Apuntes del Quinto
Torneo de Ftbol
Por L. E. O.
Finaliz el Quinto Campeona-
to Centroamericano y del Cari-
be de Football con el triunfo de
Panam, conquistando en buena
lid despus de batallar palmo
a palmo con sus aguerridos ri-
vales, Costa Rica y 'Nicaragua.
La escuadra nacional se port
a la altura tanto en el cuadro
de juegos como fuera de l, de-
mostrando nuestras huestes su
alto grado de cultura. Razn
para que los fanticos cooperen
al resurgimiento del varonil de-
porte de las patadas en nuestro
El Mayor Alemn
tirar la la. bola en
juego de maana
El Mayor Alfredo Alemn,
gran impulsador del deporte en
Panam ha sido escogido por los
directores de los equipos de soft
ball de El Panam America y
La Nacin para que lance la
Trmera bola en el juego que
sostendrn maana a las cuatro
de la tarde en el campo de la
Cerreceria Nacional.
Extraordinario inters ha des-
pertado este encuentro.
Se cita por este medio a los
jugadores del equipo RADIO
BUSH de la Liga Comercial de
Softball, para una prctica hoy
a las cinco de la tarde en el
campo de Perejil. Es obligatorio
Se cita por este medio a todos
.os jugadores del Club Dept.
Chandler a una Importantsi-
ma sesin a las 6.00 p.m. en el
lugar de costumbre. Se encare-
ce puntual asistencia de todos
ios Socios-Jugadores de este
Ciub, ya que en sta se tratarn
asuntos de vital Importancia,
conciernen te al Juego de Cam-
peonato con el Maran.
El piloto de las Medias Blancas
Paul Richards cay enferm de
Influenza y quizs no pueda
acompaar a la novena cuando
esta salga maana hacia su ba-
se permanente de entrenamien-
to en Pasadena.
f -K| AvivM ().,. -
Dolores de Espalda,
Nervioso y Dolores
en las Coyunturas!
B cuerpo humano a dhac Sal
ti do cidos y desperdicio vene-
nosos de la aanrr. por medio de lea
nuera millones 4e diminuios tabea a
flitros da loa rinonea. SI eatoe Tenenoa
de loa riaaaea o la vajln lo hacaa
autrir coa levantaaaa nocturnas, ner-
vioaldad, dolorea da pierna, ataa,
lumbaso, dolor da Isa corimtuoa,
arldee o ardor en loa coaductoe, de-
bido a la necesidad da eaUsaujaate
diurtico, pruebe Cyatex.
Deahaa del acido orleo toa
veneaoa con la recata mad lea llamada,
C/stax, que es un diurtico aatlmu-
lants d loa rlflone y paliativo para
la Irritacin funcional de la vejlfa y
' 'as urlaarla en aatado da acidas
Cystea aattafarar a usted roiapleta-
mmt y aera la medicina ana uatai
aaceslta. Pida Cyatex hay misma
Termin la primera
vuelta del baseball
de la Fuerza y Luz
Por A. A. Pintn O.
En el ltimo partido de la
Primera Vuelta del Interesante
Campeonato de baseball de la
Empresa Fuerza y Luz se en-
frentaron las novenas Empal-
madores y Planta Elctrica, Im-
ponindose la primera por 6
carreras a 1.
Los Empalmadores asegura-
ron el Juego desde el primer
episodio en donde entraron a la
casa 5 veces, saltando en este
episodio el lanzador perdedor
J. Prez a causa de 4 impara-
bles. 2 de ellos extra base, en-
trando en su ayuda L Lpez.
La actuacin del lanzador ga-
nador Lucho Beltla fu sobre-
saliente y solo permiti una so-
litaria carrera y cinco incogi-
bles; este es el segundo partido
oue se acredita Beltia en esta
rrlmera vuelta.
Inmediatamente despus cho-
caron en la continuacin de la
Liga Interna de Softball los
conjuntos Telfono No. 2 vs Em-
palmadores, venciendo el prime-
ro por anotacin de 18 carreras
a 3, conservando su invicto el
Numerosos trofeos y medallas,
se repartieron en la ceremonia
de Clausura del Quinto Cam-
peonato de Football, pero nos
extra la poca visual de la Co-
misin de Premios al olvidarse
que la Prensa y la Radio coo-
peraron de manera efectiva en
la realizacin de este Torneo
Internacional. Por ejemplo este
diario estuvo, a la disposicin
del Comit Organizador y ni si-
quiera se estimul a sus redac-*
tores con un premio o medalla'
que a la verdad tiene poco va-
lor monetario, pero que signifi-
ca un agradecimiento por la
labor periodstica realizada sin
.ntera monetario de ninguna
Figuras descollantes del re-
cin finalizado certamen futbo-
lero fueron sin lugar n dudas
los jugadores, Gerardo Warren,
Flix Tejada y Rafael Arana Jr.
estos tres baluartes de la selec-
cin nacional fueron factores'
decisivos en la conquista del
cetro champeonerll. Warren con
sus atrapadas fenomenales de-:
mostr su valia y la posibilidad
de que sea contratado para ac-
tuar en la hermana Repblica.
de Colombia. Tejada en la de-
fensa result el eje del conjunto
nacional y el mayor anotador
tie goles. Arana Jr.. prob une
dentro de muy poco tiempo ser
uno del os delanteros mas des-
tacados del balompi Istmeo.
El arbitro colombiano, Ellas
Ooltara demostr muy poca per-
sonalidad en sus funciones y fu
la causa primordial de que los
partidos dirigidos por l fueran
tan bruscos. Las representacio-
nes de Costa Rica y Nicaragua
formularon Innumerables quejas
por la actuacin tan modesta
del mencionado arbitro contra-
tado por el Comit Organizador
del V Campeonato de Football. '
equipo y su lanzador estrella,'
quien tiene a su haber los 5
triunfos. ,
Los ganadores le balearon al
lanzador perdedor M. Abad na-.
ta menos que 15 Imparables, i
mientras que C. Maestre sola-
mente permiti 6 incogibles a
sus contrarios.
Hoy en la tarde a las 4.30
continuar este Torneo con el
partido entre las novenas re-
presentativas del Departamento !
ciel Garage y Almacn vs Dpto.
Distribucin en el campo depor-
tivo de Paitilla.
Se ha anunciado cue Victor
"Culebrn" Ruiz y "Chelo" "Me
lena" Gonzlez abrirn los fue-
gos y ya han sido escogidos las
escuadras respectivas por el Pa-
nam-Amrica estarn calen-
tando para ir en auxilio, del
serpentlnero Inicial el que es-
tas lneas escribe, Alberto
"Pap' Restrepo y Carlos de
la Ossa. Por La Nacin se es-
taran preparando Carlos "Tri-
pudio" Cabezas, David Consta-
ble y Carlos Pedro Rangel.
Ms de dos mil personas se
espera que asistan al gran par-
tido entre estos dos conjuntos.
Un gran zungo de 60 estar en
el baile.
Arana Jr. result
el mayor goleador
del V Campeonato
El jugador Rafael Arana Jr.,
eel equipo de Panam, result
el mayor goleador del Quinto
Campeonato Centroamericano f
del Caribe de Ftbol que finali-
z satisfactoriamente el domln-
i go, conquistando el selecciona-
to nacional el titulo en forma
Arana Jr. subi su anota-
cin a seis tantos, siguiendo
lladlo Esquivel del onceno cos-
tarricense con 4 goles, y el ter-
cer lugar qued el jugador tico
helio Meza con 3 tantos.
Los goleadores del Vo. Cam-
peonato de Ftbol fueron:
Rafael Arana Jr. P. g tantos
Eladio Esquivel C. R. 4 "
! ello Meza C. R. 3 "
Edgar Alvarado C. R. 2 "
Flix de Bello P. 2 "
Rodolfo Navarro N. 1 "
Mario Obares C. R. 1 9
Luis Valds P. 1 "
Horacio Cordero N. 1 "
Eduardo Melndez C. R. 1 "
Luis Rangel P. 1 "
Orantes Arguello N. 1 "
Napolen Molina N. 1
Flix Tejada P. 1 "
Luis Ponce F. 1 "
(C. R.) Costa Rica;(W) Njaa.
caragua; P. Panam.
Los seis partidos del Campeo-
nato terminaron con los si-
guientes resultados.
Costa Rica 8 Nicaragua 1
Panam 2Costa Rica 0
Panam 4Nicaragua 0
Panam lCosta Rica i
Costa Rica 4Nicaragua 1
Panam 6Nicaragua 2.
El lnflelder substituto Gene
Mauch de los Bravos firm con-
trato con la novena quedando
solo el jardinero Willard Mar-
shall por firmar con el equipo.
que est dispuesto a reconquis-
tar su posicin de recep'or re-
gular de los Cardenales y que
la lesiones que sufri el ao
pasado, al fracturarse el hom-
bro derecho no le han molesta-
do para nada.
Criadores de caballos de ca-
rrera: Se considerarn pro-
puestas por los caballos MI-
Archibaldo L. de Obarrio
Apartado 512, Panam
Peritos en automotores concurren ...
Se obtiene mas kilometraje por litro
El Sr. Enrique de la Tornante, Jr., de la
Habana, Cuba, concurre: "Arranques instantne-
os... vertiginosa aceleracin ... esto es lo que me
fascina de la motocicleta. Por eso insisto en las
Champion, ya que son las bujas mejores y ms
seguras que he encontrado. Adems, las nuevas
Champion proporcionan mayor kilometraje."
AHORA! Una crema de
afeitar que es realmente
He aqu un nuevo y admirable da \
cubrimiento .. una crema de afa>
tar que le permite, mucho zaejas
que antes, afeitadas a ras de paat,
ntidas ... sin irritacin!
Maravllelo Ingrediente
La nueva Crema de Afeitar Williams
' contiene Extracto de Lanolinare>
ciente descubrimiento cientfico con
mayores propiedades "benficas"
para la piel que la lanolina corriente.
. El Extracto de Lanolina refresca al
rostro a la vez que usted se afeita
i ayuda a conservar el aspecto
suave y juvenil de la piel.
Sole en WM.UAMS
Ahoracada vez que usted se afeita
con Williams disfruta de esta maravi-
llosa substancia, y obtiene una afei-
tada mas ntida, mejor. Use Williams,
la nica crema de afeitar que contiene
Extracto de Lanolina.
Predilectas del mundo entero per mes de un cuarto de sigla

ftfiKH nrviy ^
W faVaRta Mtkih dtaMo lWfPIHIWIMlB^*^^
57. iJft^
"Barrio de Perdicin" ser
estrenada en "Eldorado"
Surgen discusiones cerca de la
personalidad de Ricardo Prestin
He aqu la primera produccin cinematogrfica que presenta
Venezuela. BARRIC DE PERDICIN, ha sido filmada totalmen-
te en escenarios naturales, con canciones, bailes y costumbres t-
picas de la tierra venezolana. El tema tiene tambin marcado
rabor local. Pasiones fuertes, desbordantes... besos abrasadores
que perturban el espritu del hombre ms fuerte, y tormentos
causados por tenebrosos poderes de hechicera... Arturo de Cor-
dova, el calan de calones del cine en castellano, y la belleza ex-
tica del cine argentino, Virginia Luque, protagonizan esta sensa-
cional historia que ha sido convertida en una pelcula extraordi-
naria que recorre triunfalmente los mejores teatros del continen-
BARRIO DE PERDICIN, es una pelcula impresionante, que
estrenar el prximo jueves el Teatro ELDORADO. Otro xito de
su temporada de estrenos a precios populares.
Es una sensacional actuacin de Arturo de Crdoba, y tam-
bin de Virginia I.uque, quien-con esta pelcula ha ganado el es-
trllalo.__________No dejen de verla.
jueves teatro CENTRAL
ESTRENO! ____________________________ ESTRENO!
CON SUS { \\
*>el coraza
l* T
J \ ... tt nuevo tro
con ui otiles.
Un ataque de risa con-
vulsiona al Desierto!.
Su ltima aventura y
la ms chistosa!
Verdadera conmocin ha cau-
sado en la ciudad de Phlladel-
fla, el Insistente rumor que
corre acerca de la verdadera
personalidad del genial, y has-
ta hace poco desconocido, pla-
nista Ricardo Prestin. Co-
mo recordarn nuestros lecto-
res, en reciente velada arts-
tica, que hubo de celebrarse
en la mencionada ciudad, Ri-
cardo Prestin maravill a la
selecta concurrencia con sus
ejecuciones al plano. Al dia
siguiente, renombrados empre-
sarios de diversos estados de
la unin, le hicieron tentado-
ras ofertas, para sus presen-
taciones personales.
Inexplicablemente, a pesar
de no dar muestra de bienes-
tar econmico, Ricardo Pres-
tin, no quizo' aceptar las pro-
posiciones que se le hicieron,
no obstante ser algunas de s-
tas, fracamente tentadoras y
apetecibles an para los ya
consagrados ante el pblico.
Ahora, segn se informa, re-1 fecha prxima.
sulfca que Ricardo Prestin, no
se llama en realidad de esta
manera, y el objeto de este
pseudnimo es ocultar su ver-
dadera personalidad.
A las preguntas formuladas
por los representantes de la
prensa, Ricardo Prestin, como
en realidad se le conoce, no
quizo contestar, evadiendo en
ocasiones groseramente, a los
periodistas. Esta inexplicable
actitud del genio musical, en
realidad lo es, ha tenido co-
mo nico resultado el que el
pblico se interese an ms
por su persona.
Como dato curioso, se hace
constar que Ricardo Prestin,
no ha salido fotografiado en
ningn diarl, por ser Impo-
sible para los1 reporters gr-
fico, tomarle una Instantnea,
y no tener ningn peridico en
sus archivos, fotografas de l.
Ricardo Prestin tiene anun-
ciada una audicin en una ra-
dloemsiora de Philadelfla, para
llama a El Panam Amrica?
3: DO Msica Variada
3:15 Una Mujer sin Importan-
cia Dramatizacin.
3:30 El Hijo Perdido
Drama Avena Quaker
3:45 Msica Colombiana
4:00 Noticiero
4:15 Msica de Saln
4:30 Peticiones
6:00 Vibraciones del Aire
(Nacho Valds)
6:15 Filigramas Musicales
6:30 Tantn "El Hombre Mono"
Episodios. Kellorr
6:45 Noticiero Deportivo
Merel y Arengo
7:00 Solos de rgano
Lucho Azcrraga
7:15 El Caballero Varona
dramatizacin Camel.
7:30 El Radio peridico
7:45 Donde el Rio Nace.
8:00 Boleros Favoritos
8:15 Msica con Percy Fath
8:30 Cantares de Espaa
9:00 El Mundo del Movimiento
Programa B3.C.
9:30 El Hit Musical de Hoy
10:00 Msica Favorita
10:30 Cancionero Nocturnal
11:00 Buenas Noches
Los mdicos dijeron que el pi-
loto de los Dodgers Charlie
Dreesen no podr dirigir en las
prcticas la novena por una se-
mana al menos puee esta en-
fermo y ha sido recluido en el
Hospital Indian River.
Buenos Das
El Despertador Musical
La Voz del Interior
Msica Variada
Estampas Americanas
Melodas Matinales
Grandes Maestros
El Correo del Aire
Delicias Tropicales
Favoritos americanos
Msica Brasilea
Henri Rene y su Orq.
Solos de rgano
Lucho Azcrraga
Noticiero Deportivo
Guillermo Rolla
Msica Venezolana
Acordes Porteos
Msica Variada
Lotera Nacional
Intermedio Selecto

Los labios ardientes de aquella
mujer, y los hechizos de un,
Brujo lo tenan como posedo I
Una pelcula filmada en
Venezuela con formida-
bles escenarlos naturales,
con su msica y sus bal-
en su mejor papel.
la belleza extica Irresistible.
Otro xito de ELDORADO!
Cada Semana: LA MEJOR
PRECIO: 50 centavos!
lo va ms ofta y
agradable d* aliviar la
Allci-SelUrer. r.Hihlf, cier-
vascente, alivia mavey erax-
I menta. Echa una o dot table-
I tai an un vaso da agua, at pera
I a que ceta al burbujeo y t-
I malo. Compra el aobre-
cito con la tableta da'
(Aire Acondicionado)
s^z= y ;

Tremendamente Humanal
- Fogosa Accin!...
en Tecnicolor
DirlaWa aw UWIS MILHTONi Proa.cW a* tOlUT IASSLH.
A Las 8:30 P. M.
Grandiosa Reapertura!
--------------- LA ULTIMA PALABRA EN: _

Produced by MEL EPSTEIN Directed by John Farrow
Screenplay by Jonathan Lilimer Story by Richard English
Inspirada en la genial obra de LEANDRO BLANCO
y filmada en forma insuperable!...
Nlnl Marshall, en
Van Johnson, an
- y -
Pertafta aW Catasen"
"MaranlU Clan"
"Raylla dt Luaa"
'Naevaa Avcataras a<
Episodios 11 y 11
. Adems: -