The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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t te Reds turned and
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oB ass rWhes Forces Will Be

sOn..r 'Adequate' Foi

In Rw IP
at o ew Pa Canal Defense
th=Canal 1mioved tor- 0) u0 e

H a commieA.Stu dfr The -Naval Air Station at the Coco Solo N
IBoard ofmDir ct of the Pona- Operating Base will be reactivated, according to on
maRaload Co' ofproo cial announcement today from headquarters of the
mo m er weomnt- N.aval District.
Wee. Ot.ner0 A. Wheeler The Air Station will be placed on a permanent
&Ad T.A C l l wo., Alled.
Ee thontes.e. orito- eating basis, the announcement said. A Navy ipokeh
bal for, the tates foowint om- today could not reveal the strength of forces to be M i
tfenera uCha r- ed at the Naval Air Statiotn but laid it would be "adeq
man of the, Coma spend- for the defense of the Canal Zone."
lhg the winter on the Isthmus
R"f h. DC Radio Exempts m,.o..
d om ntt submt ed thUon of e t
to;40am ofpa,,, Zone Stores From t abot 1
eCA .: "muo Price Contro ls Waf
0r-npUto reqatted by iuelGE po rted iwh ths
.a1oA in gor"tth i [H o t L81.tether Wth proposed A Wasuhiton raieo received ftoartSSlOn s i
.s isse inon the new c. al rates of ton, w11 ill be at hibkeIgiht lae te f
Is iradior os Oon -ubmittto the Peident some- mondU Ma tat an order eo Coco Solo sat
radio tn that me ore ay 1.Canal Zone er aoe.o o luanu
a gi not lo ur b A7lic on the Gellz hader had been signed 5U.SUfI
ltthat Web&Ueta ona of an- new tolla is to be made byr se tablzatlon dimtoW. StU f
se I.ok .shof- a ter dad ,whenThe wn radlsOn&.e ,the,.-

I II.a' per"u i- vefi"
~b#0 at Nt

the United States, A b AbiS rPL POS 1n1t* te log
on the ME as

ine-toa ,p
SRed ordacvi the of re emeJanuary 1 of ale
Sde t d calBd mometn ar e rates I I sn*lt
lIt w l rWinton o) the anbw etn~md'e by e I

-did not mx m poltics u ei co a e At* the Board of i tr.htor on tne f after noon ,
e_ who ha_ au_ Pat o new rateS wllbe fbmitted to Ca, gaonph oerfy ith of the Two Nat *
Ss Div 2 le Par tdhe Prident dlmr approval sub- rd Infantry Was in "fair ca- formerly tatoned at
f"tli Sttoe Ut eequenh to p1 pubIg hasiKngs diction" at Clayton Hoepltal today were move frm th ,
r wh are ed e ate relt o a serio auo- leDeb
Sof -all Prime Minister At-. I Washlngton about het July. mobie inury last Tuesday near Wth entre personnel of R
Chorrera, 0Army sourcaesd W
'A;.d a ,..A_,.h
Ot 4e tm.ot h b aa -ccident was mo be f
apotLble demand Aee o no resulting from a ri of
'A b W.._.. Chief of admiral r ceOt here H ri O Aaoer rmlte ac idntr s ont a9 Naval Br dtation were As
Biol connectionO ti_ wanewl the,
a n gamwln5fhemith t k C-e cutb h
B on g de In the pt few das Nenanw
elr orcan ahs u o- i ph N O dU an. owned by hi colnm- nI
-lnd ,.Francisco e i answr orand C-b lernlnc ,.hnredeho.,panlongoTn ryHh tjI
Panata Ufts i5Si:+ ,. on ,. no.- 180hem- of he -+m.

diothe mixad o'e et. d B redr h oA a oe n Chr e sc e od at- 1 l f ore em n en n,
.HES ttfo erilw^can, O* planl -.^ '^ to eor^A'Wh wehFirst rebsctes Squaro tn luhtt edt b 4 hler lni 14 A

.saui.t "loge shed and wtof i deerpaoe e x ro 8lbroett. odto Foc epOudo reacee aofn e fthe d eoa hecrm and t racdatd te In oomatt 0 o mler
SBureau in pece, arose a tr t~ itrcan to the Canal Zone fb m the left elbow was dislocated. At that time he comlmltad
iduty wieth iter aRid the a o A d ca cares (Other Inouren said that the low- he worl io
ao ward ,o etter- O station of F eetchtelerat apesot t wah mor ai- nt wia torn Hctialy oat 0 ,0 tere wo d he
.- N r maener l butee until expected s y. A rn eque nst from hs b r adt te elow) h ncm wa r torn prathe soi ta o eDlnet

LDarBiend Provnce, a s l rcv bew o ehalwre s arraefted bhpoe tnan the nava estasesthe N
er st "Was -thre no adihrnall Headquarters Caribben o"n. Doenaw ar red n me 6r the naewould gb n mre

l-. ed- GOP..e-mer L a r Afe Paranso Cuoe skin to ."a. ver...ns Cold., eor -d ther.eoshoa....
c asn uta be oiletn ad u stunted iad or ofif the e da
wher10 e0 or ie niste tef o ten l ch ren a de of thurae lre Ae t
ee hroe, balYratd satie the vy Is thOmum Reportshereleld thie~A eeerdd ouarons C ermi"s.

Boioogy Crlubs, o.alsoo on adi.w etion to e daOr the nle Carlb~ Thompsondtwasn "ri tical
t"Htisaeonditlion," but it was not known s

Eossbutbantosmanett' s iursli z Nngromaeries E la
OParWraCfet ofdmioedrventiqeono to oh eselth whether he was sicko Inured. -to iseanuen htNs whe i n

tlb o t money e eheftte o I
ofthe West CNoa.ta. hT, uAve chair-e Se our lofeAnnhepitst eud hoeeen
ldlChppuarli Cto h he' lleol ewor "NoUneti 1:459toecorttrUcopter, -- n -- o
,.as onw Ithe rom M:ist equipped w ith a i raag

Oil A Bdefendant we not wiShnees which boosted absngean u fCa
refudof lastbJune wto i sote industklup ao ar fcu htnuhered 1,6M
yart l.asu, back to Albroo. a es NEW YORK, Fob: 23, (UP) A to stay in bed at home

John Mi and T-t. ken hundreds of thousands o M hu
'". lea r .loiety. iiD .M wcar the wtates.r
leavR obberd losed sichol_,bcrodedhositaeseill.

10) anaa Uht 4o1 nduednames A s
ter iVes C Ubmi yas sa I met ss T appears toe easesdeltoy
....l"sIde M oA .t1 7,a daIpnlan tsokeao, ablaibFltrt Rescu and De Castro has bent re- adults and uncutedrm hows nds tarMo w
M e ..2..West6Indiaum u s.rD at d .o are reported Inasome ao r the state wo uld be o g
henPn-"loge adwide r "'oQ of two men charged withplac.,btdocortoidymste-
th. armsedattemdoof werepcomparatively mtldrand After the pea"i k n i
sheBrliner w ene, roe p ', .'j the Parelao CluabiZon e. akin to "a very bad cold." Feenster sad, there

v vU&-fr e tlan by bteounsel earlier this week weMs bedridden. Roman Ctatho- mici. .
when, on the witnrmm stand dur- l hebishop Richard J. Ci-BosnHthe
a fwhenever ,.hof theto "Wasthre nio Bdm lag prelimi nary heorinc at sae- i ng lifted Lenten fwa t reglaratins John H. Caulice aaleso
,- ,baa4. Mistrauate's Comt be testS- for 1,200,000 church members ow- dcated that a les
whichOhefn s to get mone, with the fin but tlb..
fConnecticut appered toabe the notoleen a
DausIse &- tolar- only New ngland state to hae Arhbishop.
.AthdVr .y1ON.-o 0_ n1, toe. esRaped the ravages of tha sick- entnA r fas for
B oatCrl fnatwso n owie, wich boosted cintaelaln sure suffl t
t srefued sfubbornly to in "oge induIU a b tup to I1 asr fight the dsa.....
ltisPa tipU on during cent.ManIscrools were heew ao. causee of tIj.

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and Fret-Shi PIanes-- A- s



New Orleans Freight Service

Ar riv

P.S. Lovers Bend ................................Feb.
A aim er ....................................Mareh
S.<aor Knot ............................March
S eaner ....................................March
8.S. Levers Bend .............................March
A Steamer .....................................April
UtandlHln Refrlaerated. Chiled
and General Carte.
A rri
iN. VYWR Freight Service Crieat
8.S. Cape cod ................................ March
S.J. Cape Cumberland ......................... Mar.
8.1. 0Cpe Ann ................................Mar.
8.. ape Avinof ..............................March


fdvaaa Freight Service
Saili;ngs Weekly from Havana to Crist6bal

Weekly salllnp to New York, Los Angeles and Seattle.
Occasilnal sallings to New Orleans and Mobile.
The steamers In this service are Umited to twelve passengers.




American Finance Corporation PanamA Forest PrQducth 16
Asucarera Naclonal. S. A. iPrefeired 7%) ................ 100
Arnngo & Lyona. S. A ...... ....................... 1
Cemnento PanamA, 8. A. ... ......................... 34
CompaAla L1corera de Panama, S. A. ...................
Compafla General de BSeuros. S. A. ..................... 35
Com palia Internacional de egu-ro. S. A. ................ 68 i
Compafla dc Lefevr S. A. (Common) ................ 61a
Compaflia de Lefevre, S. A. (Preferred) ................. 1
Compaila Panamefa de Aciltes. S. A ................. 30
Clay Products Company ................................ -
Hoteles Interamerlcanoe. S. A. ........................ 16
National Brewery, S. A. ............................... 59
National DIatillers. S. A. ......................... -
**Panameicean Orange Crush Co. (Common) ............ 32
Panamerican Orange Crush Co. IPreferred) ............ 35
PanamA Power & Light Company (Common) .......... 32
Panaml Power & Light Company (Preferred) .......... 44
a Coca-Cola Bottuln Company .................
Pans )Trut Company. Inc .......................
eando Clinic .......... ..................
grydeoring. S. A............................-
Chagres. S. A. (Common) .................... -
. C lia:Panamefta do Avlael6n (COPA) ............... al
6PhmnA Insurance Company, Inc. ................... 6



The proof is in

the tasting ..

Just.try it-end e if you don't love
that velvety texture and delicate
favor.Jt's tops for all fine Bakingl
Recipeson package I

C -

Here's a way to relief !
Do you know that one of the common
causes of backache l in the kidaSeys
When they an healthy they iter bhandf d
imprities out of the system-their natural
function. When they grow sluggish, these
impurities acomaltae ,nd. the resulting
congestion is ft n the cae bacMkachmE
De Witt's Pill are speally pr e
pred to help wake up sluggish
kidn The have a closing and
antiseptic action on these ital A
organs, soothing and restoring them
to their natural activity. Relief from
backache follows an a tual cMmeqence.
It is far better to tacklehe cause of
backache than to go on uffering in a way
which is bound to affect you work and
hmaine-s For over h ta.f a. oy De
WiFts Pilla have been bringing rlf to
sufferers from backache and w .have
neaived countless letters of grattude. Go
to your chemist and obtain a supply to-day.

DeWitt's Pills
are node& ocly


: --

Cot FyP 2teD AgvW woy

Ownaat you 2V( ApMW o

6, 4 AM r


BmeTY NrWcAN: Only 24, this Aim n is instructing
French sclentists In a eanegw. tet.

lyra12s Se o laboratory work.

New Ecytologist, w hich
m* &

m. A, meanss ihe cells. Now
Sshe ai 8:30 to 5 In the
Mater eaudelocque, a 17th
Scentury building which I Parix'
'T11 dos4 temnty hospital.
Her lotej IInatructing French
eFrenh selentisn n earay cancer de-
SStoff on 'he learned at Co-
American irls, a year n PCenterrs In Ne n, t means on- T8 AI
SYorlk -t4her 18months ip
C0=toi t study the Papanico
VNw ou t etwchdetect, acnw in
VIA MlA I tsues. A fellow-trainee w T
Prof. Jacqui Varangot. one of W
France' leading obstetrcllan
and ydeloqucoloe, sts.
Varangot was learning the tat
for is laboratory. Ml a
Newman suggeted that she
would Uike tpa go to Paris and help
p ut It Into use. The Frenchman
eagerly accepted er serces, as
nothnnel. utd make CAPTA A-

umhit i Ceter Iench e-
Your mo. thshawithBel-
PAI0o int c0pedte n -e n

phw ple ev"e hour..
tIO r.4 e"Il feEloWway to ob- 1%MO MSM.
Ptain'a good worqkngowledge of *W Mt
'/Aitt.I A^thq language In the year II he MRM *Si ba. we M21
here," ihe mays.
raDespite Parisianlukewarm
baths, cold hotel rdomi and oth-
er minor discomforts New-
Pan Amerian leads man says she's another victim of
the way to Clhimapo with the city1s charms. She likes
F trench cooking, the ttle rest
the lowest prices and th Newm r a snd the afe "where yohe
fastest service. Only 12-s can idle away an hour over a cup
hours separate you from of coffee"
the Windy City-your The one featu e oFrenchmboa-
anPAA DC-6 leaves Tocu. i he loves moai the "slle
onnel. on guard room.
Workmen daily at 2:20 Ae xplainow ar like aix
and your Delta Air ns clu, except that t member are
; arrives in Chio restricted to the doctors, interne
S arrive Chia and other staff member. There V ed
at 1:56 PM (CST) the you find a spirit of good-feUow-
Sveryame day. Y- enthi and convvalhty."e
The meals are good, she adds.,
that's right-the rst and there's reallyl hot water."
point ( trenchh peo-

"sale d to arde" eit In any
Son fly' D6 lutx g womeedgano h pital. i
SC-6'sallhthe,"way! ZEDhe OAys.

DesAfter her Parisilan year, Mia
e l t p s a th Newman plan to rctua to here y
fast. U.S. work. an i ve ntaan h ou ov a cup
the Windy City your The one feature Of French hos-
PAA DC-6 leaves TO psentl she overall mount a the "salrle
men daily at :0 AM goandhis," she explains, "Is like 1

the application of the cner de- oo.
DC ^ a inChrestrictn test technique thete. I $n

at 1:56 PM (CFIRST) the you find a spirit of ood-teow-

very 8me day. Ye Minterand convviaul ty."
m e meals are ,wl "exercsh e Aadds, i3 c1BCHA
herthat's right-the First andright there's "relf-defen ot water.e- I e A6AT
CAIFt Servio means She says that non ocupalikeon troophe L O ,CO c
THriF OURIS JapanAfterer he Paris nlan year, Mo ,IiaEr
thNewman plans to rettt to her
DLAu r U.. Appearing before the ll oue of MhpesV
o remittee which rit committe .e

to, tn to qhe Ve

1 5 ,., ,members to ukthe govermnent .m

-* i A H'i Ambition

ve m

SI uw~4W~~I


* 7 -


Sa." ".

, H$M 11QUIC4, i$S

Vo6WTr' ThtE




IT -- *:-

F -.* w' .M *j. ** ita

Frequent Sailings from Crist6bal to
West Coast of Central America

CrlIt6bal 2121 PanamA 2-2804 Colfn 20


. ~~c--~l_..l--~-r~ .'~L- r-- ---.-I--~u- --^L- -~


* *r





- --

Little Bathor

L L T( '
Vaes 1


'- id

. 0 .

3 'iiOi;r~4i~fi,


Owfced e-de,
uA g 4e r 40

,. t Tok .
*Pte 4.dth or
e Ot

CrA. an n hevi) th aliatdn
targeri cities mplt be
preDe to parnntrs- in mutual.
.a l se the iorw,.le hich
In adA. .i

a4 the gf the

peoIqw' flt eye atomic bomb
droedon a heavily O -pulated
arael.n a
4. I smaller cities people
'shoad learn nursing-not "t
aid-asnce their Job will be to
nqiga radiaticn victims Back to

Ft ie bl i. for an
enetny to j eb aa small city,
Lob U exlnaln Thus. sabotage
Is far the biggest danger out-
sid of critical target areas. A
blocked highw y or snipped'tele-
phome lines could paralyze rescue

Mbrit a tto rt

and educatfon of the average
conao e efto t Uiey p ast
a bieh e be tore
devM tf t .thfe stm bomb
"But.' ffire wve of
atouu abaiTals, even an opti-

"ML a ankb4 a andjrork for
Is tt .w hen the second wave
comae, Mr. Average American
Uto, lthe bh counterpart in
theattle oE Britain, will
read e._
F" .w

r o u n ht e a d VC
WUtop side
Je. L Homer

Da *e backs Down

On "w-Used Car

As Of March
^/wmN, Feb. 2s (DUP
T.jte AhlwIstrattr Michael V.
l oad e has Imposed tempxranr
2htory-to-junk yard price -eUr'
Ing or automobiles. effective
March 2. ia crapkdwn on ana-i
ionwlde "new-used" cM racket.
The order, which also ll vro-
ltibmt unscrupulous dealtrs froM
'loading new cars with extrs as
they become more scarce, applies
to all automobiles whether sol
Y desleri or Itdivtduals.
DIalle said the oroer will be
replaced as soon a possible by a,
permanent system of controls. It
is aimed primarily at the pac-
tilce of driving a new qar a few
miles. labelling it "uted" and
then reqelllne It for more than
the original list price.
The order orobab'y will mean
a bli price rollback on thousands
of "new-used" car now stand-
Inr on dealers, lots all over the
Thenew car ceilin bethe
manufacturer list price plus de-
livery charg apd any g-
mute" extnu Whiae the ce fog
"new-uAe'Vcars will be'e.
de ,vered ce. .
For usa cars. deaolErs 1

It AalM tord.for min e. so
originally for $1.900. no dealer or
Individual can sell It for more
than that after March 2.
Prite officials said they had
been told that large numbers of
new cars being driven only a tok-
en distance from dealer's show-
rooms and then sold as used cars
at higher than new prices.
Friedburmnewas approached by a
panhandler on the street. "All I ve
got is a $10 I11," Friedbqrger told
the man. "Iaven't even got' len-
nies for the parking meter." 'The
down-and-outer IWdled Flrtd-
burger two pennies., "Tba'll do
Youmore good thsn me )" said.

. A q. a-

*,W.< t
[I- .a -

,Prlm-Tte Perfeqtftn*
S Dtaiaodsi
The only 100% fully
." polthed diamonds
on the market.
, |t, si4d- ,-

. IIS.* ,

191 -

,-~ ~e ~

~ Ii'I~


D. o. Elliott.. ._

"The 'L" Side of Paradise,. a
blogrpbhy of F. Scott Fitagerald.
Is oe of the new books placed in
eirinla~on by The Panama Ca-
nal febrpry during the past week.
m by Arthur MlmIr,.it
chr ie first the legend and
the giier of the Jazz age as well
as and his beautiful. ad
iftlt wife, Zelda, who were 1U
acknowledged leaders, an tlhe
late legend of disillus4njame t.
periftil tragedy and Iner
Sstrule at the end of the "god-.
on tentles" both for Am.iea'
and the Fitzgeralds. '
The complete list of newaiooks
at the Library follows:
80ea Sciences Tito and Go-
llath, Armstrong; My six con-
victa, Wilson.
Literature Defense of west-
ern Europe. Wilson; Two le-
gends: Oedipus and Theseus,
Travel, Biography. History -
Vast of home. Rama Rau; The
far aide of Paradise, Mizener;
Disturber of the peace, Manches-
ter: America's second crusade,:
'ftlction Dark carnival, Orel ,:
ue trust in chariots, Jonoea;
e way things are, Lawrenre;
cob's ladder. Rawipngft Mr.
lessington's ImperlWk l .plor
erwood; Man with a 0 alloo
ce. Smith; ThA witch diggers,

E~eplacemnt -. The.
ty MaNLefMidlff l -1 ri
rtunate, Sabathil;" The ientld
Infidel. Schoonover; The dead-
line. Tuttle; Fortitude, Walpolp;
Hugo's French simplified; Ama-
teur craftsman's encyclopedia,
Popular Science monrthly; The
book ct furniture and decoration,
Arcnson; Many laughs for many
days. Cobb; the life of Samuel
Johnson, Boswell.

that Its

Sold newmen "ItaiMWi-
tr on spokesmen are. tliM Us
,oe thing, and facts are the 9th-
'that would be a eeloaegl
: Morse, a member of-thJd'iena e
ed Service C o iwttSeq, sald
plans to send four at Unt-
States divisions 4pl.-
Int the two already ,2n urope
may not be a high enough goa.
The Armed Bervices Commit-
e, plus the Foteign Relatirks
up will continue headwrNg oo
th "Troops-for-Europe" Usue
"'0 testimony scheduled from
Other group of air force gU-
Is. They include GOnarla Calj
atz. retired former ChiMt of
Staff, Lt. General Dennts
rbltehead, commander of Air
: fense Command nd Lt. Gen-
etal Harold George., retired
former Air Transport Command




- --
n of watercolors
Ihr will open at
Whisrgton in Colon
to be exhibited in-
.of Panama City,
I Valle, and some
m exhibit will con-
ro weeks,, through

uMg. i conducts classes
in at the Armed For-
1i. Balboa, and at the
h .jln o f. Henry T. McKen-
lIe Wi W Cristobal Saturday
monrnjm"'". Hef present classes
stementary stage and
six weeks ago, are
nes fl to to any of the clas-
seOwl N welcomed.
All qeuldents of the Canal
Zone and the Republic of Pan-
ama. *re invited to the Hotel
Weaebton exhibit.


Have on Display
latic Bags. .... 2.7
Rayon Bas. ..... 2.9
Blue Black
White Plastic Bags.. 3.9
Rayon Pant/es..... .3
Panties. .. .
Hal Sups......... 1.4
White Blue Pink

V..... 6.95 Bamalns

. 378 Children's
: 12 to 16 POLO SHIRTS
Shirts... frem 2.19 .59
etv of Styles




Remember. ..e dfer


U I-

(Hard-Top Convertible)



to the


family I

The VICTORIA, newest member of the FORD family, combines
the attractive features of a convertible with the comfort of a sedan
You can enjoy sweeping view'from the generous 3,000 square inches of
glass area of the VICTORIA. All widows mpay be lowered or raised ...
-as yo-desire... for better ventilation and perfect vision.

The 6-passeger VICTORIA Is the only automobile id its field that
gives you the s Meol powerw,# tt V8 100 HP motor, and offers the
choice of the coaventlea or rrow lhve- tiansmsMaion.

j. Tsel.2 U & 2-1036 .

* .

to be held aometime between
now and October.
So far the various political par-
ties. haew found no sort of agree-
ment Of this la6w. However the
asusebla *trStl& the debate oy
tossing oub 1 votes to 105 a
RadWaloc t proposal to sub-
mit the Issue to France s a
whole a popular referendum.
Despite tls early success the
government was sparring for
Ume in hopes of avoiding a show-
down in which it would be de-
feated. All indications were that
the debate would drag on for
w'tio Assembly began the debate
without andraft bill from the
The government told the as-
sembly to go ahead and approve
a system of Its own, but with trie
condition that It be based on a
majority vote and not on pro-
portional representation which
was used In the 1946 elections
and returned the Communists to
the house with more seats tnan
any other single party.

Don't muss Felix' famous



on all DRESSES in stock
over 30 days. .

and further reductions on those
in stock beyond that time .


21 Central

Avenue 6 Tiv<

'Ol Avenue

Open from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and during noon hour






U# .9nAd kAit f mSVfrIT- T Dt.*
I ##1f8tbte0 ITr f Iff *f .MIhA.tW f & DuUtIA Of


The annual meeting of the Panama Insurance
Company, -Inc., will take place on Thursday, March
S 0et,1t4030 p.m., at the Salon Washington, Hotel "El,
PANAMA," to consider the following
I -Election -of Director
2--Changue in the By-Laws
$..-.nventorles and Balansee
4.-Any other' matter duly presented to the


.OFeuary 17, 1951.



---- i



*, *i. -r.f

I We proudly preent

Second Annual Bal

Training Ca

A missing player-signed and
. stubborn players-injured play-
er---all figure in today's baseball
The missing player is right-
bander Dan Bankhead of the
-Brooklyn Dodgers. Vice-Presi-
'dent Buzz Bavasi says Bankhead
-last was heard from on Gonza-
"les. Texas. where he was visiting
"friends several weeks ago. Bank-
head scheduled to report at Vero
Beach, Florida, last Monday. has
' ailed to answer telegrams sent
The persuasive tones of Branch
S bRickey convinced Lefty Cliff
SChambers he should agree to
terms the Pittsburgh Pirates are
offering. Chambers told Rickey.
the new general manager of the
Pirates, he will sign after report-
Ing to training camp at San Ber-
nardino. California. The Pirates
now have 27 signed players-11
Right-hander Fred Hutchinson
has agreed to terms with the De-
troit Tigers. That leaves nine Tl-
gers still unsigned. Shortstop Rov
Bmalley is Ip the Chicago Cub
fold-as is Outfielder Hank Sauer.
Among those still balking at
terms are Outfielder Willard
Marshall of the Boston Braves.
Right-hander Jim Hearn of the
New York Giants. Dom DiMaggio
and Mel Parnell of the Boston
Red 8ox. and Bob Lemon of the
S Cleveland Indians.
S Lemon, who is asking $50.000
says--I've got plenty of canned
goods in the house--I'm going to
settle down and sweat things
out" Cleveland is offering $40,-


lIt Race "F-2" Natives-6' Fgs.
Purse: $275.00-Pool Closes 12:45
First Race of the Doubles '
1-Strike Two A Enrlque 100x
2-El Indio E. Alfaro 117x
3-Fonseca V Castillo 120
4-Cafnaveral E. Silver 97x
5-Bufalo A Angulo 113x'
--8--Jullto J. Jimenez. Jr. 117x
7-Cafetal B. Pulido 120
2nd Race "F-I" Natives-4L.i
Purse: $275.00 Pool Closes 1:15
Second Race of the Doubles
1-Singapore A. Enrique 101x
2-Recodo A. Vasquez 102x
3-Volador J. Rodriguez 114
4-El Mono B. Aguirre 113
5-Pesadilla K. Sivera 102x
6-Don Catalino E. Camp. 103x
7-Fulmine E.A. Diaz 117x
3rd Race "D" Natives 41, Fis.
Purs.: 5U; .M0 Pool Cles 1:45
I-Tin Tan V. Ortega 114
2-Luck Ahead V. Castillo 112
3-Stella' J. Bravo 112*.,
4-Eloina M. ZebaHos 1lt
5--Bljagual A. Vasquez 111x1
6---Batan R. Treio -116
' 7-Gold. Patricia V. Aranz 114
4th Race "F-i1"Natlvesi-4i Fgs.
Purse: $275M Pool-. GMes 2:30
1-Dosoino E. Silvers 105xi
2-Friendlhip) A. Enrique 107x
3--Sin PIt) K. Flores 108
4-Opex V. Castilo 115
6---Don Joaquin C, Iglesias 112
6-Duque C. Ruiz 120
7-Golden Babe J. Phillips 110
8-Don Sizzle E. Campbell 117x
9-Buenas Tardes E. Julian 110
5th Race "G" Imported-1V Miles
Purse: 5450.00 Pool Closes 2:55
1-Lacey J. Bravo 116
2-Mon Etoile V. Araus 109
3-Atason B. Aruirre 110
4-Betun R. Trelos 107
5-Charles S. J. Phillips 108
6-Prestigio E. Silvera 105x
'6th Race "G" Imported-'1 Miles
Parse: 5450.00 Pool Closes 3:35
First Race of the Doubles '
1-Bosforo E. Julian 106
2-Callmedear O. Chanis 110

RaN e*p



0ri-'p.--, -.... .-.-. _

wmp News Of 132

Joining the injured list yester-
day was Ed Waitkus and Stan Lo- o -
pata of the Philadelphia Phil s.aI bo.', .
Wattkus bruised his left elbow L ii'vck and field enthusiasts lowi
and Lopata injured the big toe on t t h c .
his left foot. Neither injury Is se- S tonight then- the second annual
rious. i lbe hold at the Balboo Stadium ster,0
Outfielder Country Slaughter7 0 t aa. ""tsr:O
checked in the St. Louis Cardinal ur- wl i .
camp and says he's ready to go. I 32 athletes from all branches of
Slaughter says he will start work- w the te o a ranc I d awh
ing T Aout today. Forca .i College, Balboa High School, Crtli t lb,
Manager Leo Durocher of the 1twl Itowvys Celub and the C. Z. Athletic re- I l
New York Giants says his pitch- 1o'to g o 13 colorful
ers are in better shape now than !/I i 9 to go in.the 13 color I .
they were on March 8th of last Kg competition is expected and ree rnest' sure /. D. CMo we u.l
now." says Durocher. "By Mar %i b *0a cstheCompetitorl via for the said,SIM'r-and.
lit. they'll all be ready to throw bronze teepires. e. I
Right-handers Howie Fox and Trials the 100 and the high stand right after the event totateA
Well Blackwell started bearinI hurdle. with all the get their award.h
down today in the Cincinnati events way at 7:00 .m. High point man pres- resultsen A de la
camp at Tampa. Manager Luke at ~ P I-um. The brief ented by the Tro'pW = ;il -/be n n USt a t as
Sewell sent 16 pitchers and five QUARTER M ILER-Fred R I y-* open emo wll get under be awarded on theae swll a.t ba ound c.Al and p. Ili
catchers through a two and one- bourne will handle the anchor wayit :I .m which will feat- last year. That Is, ea ..knob tber .stopm ,,w .
half hour workout. quarter on the potent BHS mile ure an ff welcome to all-by of a relay team will Sit the tal
relay team in the Relays to- the honoND p Treferee. Col. Rich- number of points hisU Mta ates ]b s la.
A The o night. Fred has a best time of ardon director of the Civil In figuring theh t MAPINm UP .. Jersey
54.4 thisyear, and will have to Affai Col. Selee will I Onl.the.frstthre e aleott m fist to the lI ght a v to e
/do all of that and more to bring turn Introdieee the Queen of the relays and indlvd l1 Will bag at is Glen Loch. N. J.. afterd 1a'- th.Itd _-
L ............... home the bacon tonight. Relays. Mil libby Nolan. Balboa count in the scoring o ov- trinin a es i p a- t
LADIES DAY TOURNAMENT High Behool Junior. From then eted trophy. .- raing f uor ter he- vyweig. Iht title osbalL -
TOMORROW g oon it will bea~ to the boys in thel The committee urgently re- bout with essaerd Charles Mar -MA oaf_- smtl
shorts and rts to provide the quests that all c .tg t ,ats tay 7 Detroit "(NA)s
The TLadies Day TourPnaament C fireworlts. Ad this they promise away from the fins h annd te r- /trwt -... hd t
at Summit Hill Golf Club. the /o do in grand-style. The time ing lines, and don't San up to _hil the sunr told me
last in the series of Lower- triat rig o' i s e astlnd, d' ngu t'ng ."
Your-Handicap, will be held to- -_ HII O "fon t redle w .
|morrow at I p.m. Anyone who .. WWW U tldoesn'tb amm e "o,. atMes al a itv a _4. jla 44. .l t
wants to come is invited. V M S-ai s leAees deal all e an., It's bt tat _s a *1M
Ladies are urged to come out ... lse
and compete for the fine prices @ r t' My ooteen uor Dr. Vincent Nardlello im hi l bt t a-I-mt quos.
which will be awarded in .-i Ii IAlIUIs .ion his, mood secse in offltially identtAu 12lf s Rs aR
March to the winner. U.MsM o ur I binsaon's erner consultant at the LSMt _. ee
^-Arn ton dptor ts 1 iu d for general, not
Walkie-talkie radfo sets will be auld be so agn This ts a situation
used during the U.S. Army Ca- posCI .lil e a .rce. d be corrected l
p ern I ribbean (P nam, Area eGolf e qestIon Mof a wther 0adon Pa ki l epR Mti.tld to t 2
Champi t tournament be- wpight champion b in academil, since ae caI no,
-- A Nativ.gnning 7a t Fort Gulick, theN walt anyway.. I he could n present ed hlsm ., tNe
She USARC A special Bervice pubir would recognise pios.. ommissIon rules to the trary
-Scotch Chum B. Aguirre 110 Office (Ua Fr -c Ah eih an could agd prsete iea eee
-Laotos 0um A sures 110 n o Office announced today. aohampnships will aw4s be won or lost in the ring as1 as
4--Athos R. Trejos 110 the fighters are able to make the weight. Public opinion w gee
5-Armeno J. Bravo 110 The walkie-talkies are being to that.
6-Gale Force B. Pulldo 120 tried cut in tan innovation design- a
-- ed to Tacilitate thie tranamisslon
7th Race "I" Imported--4'1i Fgas. of scores directly to the club- Mike Barry, editor eof te Kentulcky Irish Amwerle writes
Purse: 5375.00 Pool Closes 4:05 house. They will be used at the You afe in error whom yeo ay Ha~ffy Chandler mover leost a 4el
Second Race of the Doubles 9th and 18th holes. son in the litical arena. Aren't yu tt the 19 eleo tle~
1-Hanna V. Castillo 114 when he lfutioo too fnfet Son. tlket gas .. the a Fe
2-Fangtlo B. Agirre 110 LOW U .RDLEE.--BAlthough he The first 36 holes of the tour- on whib To. I
3-Sensacion i K. Flores 124 is first a low hurdler" llminu nament ply will be completed on the muse of A WPA rn te id w r a at-m
4-Dust Over J. Ruitz 106 tive Faul Jamesson will have to Mongay and Tuesday at Gulick. may enad Iranoge to but Chnodler is dea 1
5-Rinty J. Rodriguez 120 settle for other races in the Re- They will be referred by Ist Lt. e.ttIk. hs hoea. t IIo'll l. f
6--Pularcito M. Zeballos 114 lays tonight. There on no L Charles P. Russel, of Itoed uar- yafeo ,the i"i -i t eab ent
7-D. T. R. Trejos 114 in the Relay meet. Paul, run- terms, USARCARID. Buddy am- who will admit p ival or thlhee oh oem-
8-Charlemont V. Ortega 114 ning for BeS. will do his work mond, the ftrt Amador pro, will missioner." Comment: WhI GAn I A1?
In the football relay and the ALL-AROUND STAR An all-around track athlete, Dick act as rat .fr the latte. holes....
th Race "C" Imported-.4'.a Fs. pole vault. Johnson. Balboa High Scool enr wi see patlenty of acti o be played at Amad6r Wednes- I attended the lunheon at w hich Bid Luekman annond
Purse. $650.00 Pool Closes 4.40 in the Balboa Relays tonight. Dick will be In the 100, 440 dayt an ""husda" j1 r'emot from fbotbIn Ch last w i
S Qu niCels U relay. football relay, high ju tp, and broad jump. He i s one [ hn ^ l b a .g TfPown would have beena h
1-Espartano 0. Chanis 108 I. of the best and most versatile track men that the Bulldogs ,the n w b"e at So on Irt'I nAOfblm ho
2-Alo Al egre B. Puldo 1 22i C' Cl aim No have had n the pti stverhe years,. firsthand thhoe "ul- r. i oth%..
S4-Cognae A. .aan 122 d a 1* a L schedule set up by the Meet Com- around the jumping pits. Be o taneuqly. '. '.
5--Montserrati J. Rds. 122 2 oas rtFi x nempis mittee shows the whole show to timefor your event as all thdse ST t
'7-Mr. Foot 3" Mfreno 114 LOS ANGELES, Feb. 28 UP)- Another reeo4 .belides these letes should baomenthoroufhly I.-. .
S-olero J.Bravo 120 The .baske'baLl oa.hea t UCLA on eI tre. toe go. b fam i following time BY UNITD Rh iCg I all bu t A ~Iq treat
I-Fright' J. Phillips 114 and Southern California say they the oards grat se. iche us: town Want qmpany r :t, 1011k
10-Oaywood) V. Castillo 120 don't know of any attempts to fix tackle. Lastof .9* 27:0 p.m. gh hurdle heats, TUCSON. Arisona--Ling Coach B., New Camasm, Coma., wants to ipew
games on the Pacific Coast. Issue to yar. Pole it. Tjump, Discus. Bob Bryant has resigned at the or to catch a ball thrown to the to fft
9th Race "I" Inmported tII FIs. The former Uhiverslgy of San So eems I" g ho'Pfu*.P.University of Arizona to take a meat. Gabby Strelt's ft"el aftsi
Purse: 5875.00 'Peol Closes 5:15 Francisco coach-Pete Newell- seat. 7: 5 (.m .... heats). similar job at Navy. Navy Coach it is a him.) .or the .. L W ,4,.3".
One-Two charges that the Pacific Coast With so many athletes ente. 7:430 p.m. 4 elayr,. o r ddte erdelat n handl t l nt ...... ...ah.t. writers t _r--
I--Kuri C. Iglesias 107 has gambling rings operatingin min the Balboa Relays for .que ..7:50 pi.m i l.s, for two years when BryantsplM- Ia us ly .w l+ a _. ta4 w: M 6
2-Count Wesslyn G. Orael 110 collegiate basketball circles. meet, the committee .s re.ue.tin. 7:5. P.. Mile R. ed wit hthe professional Slan -fl .ence Is e -
3--H. Sthr J. Samanlego 116 Coach Johnny Wooden and the cooperation ot all athletes iy 1w80 p.m. Medley Relay. Pranciscd 49'ert. winer. Dad's me6n l. ee4nmmra m e. 5 Us
4---Dark Delite C. Chaves 99x UCLA says this: "I have never helping to make the meet go in a 810 p.m. Bu.rdles (finals). gto the sameege but .jeinsl ,, II withe
-Apology J.'Bravo 110 heard of any boys being ap- smooth manner. ..:0 p.m. 100-Yd. (final'. .smen's w be ms.Ie..e e It
l-Navajo Trail E. Julian 110 preached, nor have I noticed any All boys are asked to la -90 880 Relay. NORMAN., Okla.-Th nation's vling way to expla how *e big am get 1.
7-Costina V. Castillo 114 gambling element connected with with the following procedureses- 8 0 p.m football Relay. number one football 1gwm o la
8-Frutal O. Cruz 120 any of our games." tablished by the committee: 6:40 p.m. Mile Relay. season-Oklahoma--has elected
Coach Forrest Twogood of Sou. Numbers and shirts mustbe worn All-America Tackle Jim Wetlth-
10th Race "H" Imported 7 Fs. thern Cal says Newell's chargeswhile- competing and the num-1 .lll FFRRC Tps rar and Defensive.BeekB ut Theree was a ,Yewtalllowaa
Purse: $400.00 Pool Closes 5:40 "don't make sense." Newell says bers may be picked up in the hall l. ,a, F ,,, o, p Clark as 1951 co-captains. We%- Ola
I1-Cotilon A. Phillips 120 gamblers tried to bribe two San of the Balboa Gym any time af- By "CLOCKER" therallcomes from Hooker., O i-
2--Allinomas V. Ortpeal12 Pranciscopayersto wi-byo ter 6 p.m. today. Cristobal 1h._-- hma..-Clark from WichitaFA UNlW Utried toII r=m at
3-Alionsito J. Bravo 120 a small margin against Southern Balboa High, Junior Collee, ir i1- 4lto Fonseca Texas.
4--Beduino B. Moreno 120 Cal in one game. Force. Boys' Club, and the U BAR- 2-VOlador Pesadilla -I .1.
I5.-Jepperin C. Ruis 120 ...CARIB School at Fort Gulick will 3- .oldenPatricia Luck Ahead IRON MOUNTAIN, Mich.---One Ofeisuae h o e0s1
get their programs, numbers, In- 4-p-mino Duque of America's boat .ski jumpers-
11th Race "A" Natives 7 Fas. THIEF HAS NERVE struction, etc. as groups, and all 5--Lacey Atason Art Devlin of Lake Placid New
Purse: 5375.00 Pool Closes ('?) others may pick theirs up ndi- 5-Athos Armeno York-predicts a new North A- ,ut .-ewisert6a ,
1-Don Pltin B. Pulldo 113 CHICAGO (UP' A car thief vidually. 7-P arcito Fangio to) merican record this week endast
2-La Loba 0. Chanis 110 went to desperate lengths to ply The awards will be made as s-onac leI Alto Alegre Iron Mountain, Michigan. Dev linI aa PA Clas-if.edn. _e --
3-Mandinga E. Silvera'l10x here. The burglar filch- soon after the completion of the 9--7 l Costina and other top ski jumpers will det ill
4-Hortens a A. Phillips 120 ed an auto from under the win- event as possible, and all boys 10-Bedulno Alfonsito try to break the record of 316
5-Taponazo E. Ortega 102x dows of thestolen auto section of who place in the first three are 11-La Loba Golden Tip feet during the tryouts for the
6-Golden Tip V. Arauz 113 the state attorney's office. requested to go to the awards ONE BEST-Beduino. 1952 Olympic team.


For the convenience of
our patrons we are now
operating both at the


8th Race "C" Importeds (
Purse: $65 00 Pool Closes: 4:40
1. ESPART 0.. ........... O. Chanis
2. ALTO ALEGRE ............ B. Pulido
3. THE BATH ROAD ......... B. Aguirre
4. (COGRAC .................. A. Bason
5. (MONTSERRAT .......... J. Rodriguez
6. SISMO ................... .V. Ortega
S7. MR. FOOT ............... B. Moreno
8. BOLERO .................. J. Bravo
9. (FRIGHT ................. J. PhiUip
S10 (GCAYWOOD ............... V. CutWo

61/ Fgs.


5th Race

4th and 8ti RACES



"A" Importeds

Purse: $1,000.00

7 Fgs. ,

Pool Cierra: 2:55 p.m.

1. AVENUE ROAD ........... J. Phip 107

2. ROYAL COUP ............ B. Aguirre 126

10th Race

"D" Importeds

I Pue 600.oo

- I Mile

Pool CaM 5:40 p.n.

1. (BOLDO ................ J. PMdWpu 115
2. (POLwOto ............. F. i Is
3. M............1... .

3. WELSH LOCH ..............J.Bravo 110 4. W.B )

4. CHERIBERIN ....R. ........ R. Trejoes. i ,

5. PINARDL ....V....... .Ca-+ &t. "..

.... ..... .. 4. C 115
..... a. "0. w
_--- _-.. -

- -.. .J- +_,,, -:t^ :.. .,
.- '" ++"t .*'- I;--.
,. "^-' ....... .. y < -' .;"p

1st, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES


3rd and 9th RACES


* J

k -m. --


. __ .

Hr.,,w,- ...T-

b.a. -es..ers eeu :.a

Plro On
.e l s- a ul- Try.S- .- .6" "....

ti Sn.y n t- at t .
.A I. :t t l

.. -... h il e--.,,r.. ... E cY u--L. f. rtdrs Phmumhe Ah.. llten Wian l do 9

:7+7' (IpnbWel fr edoies M ove To ion vistory

Geg.n Sum nit Di 8 G ts In Action Mumm.r1ashissihtseto
the 1 -pow d d'iviln title als ............
r SEOatk HLF ;.IRhf~ns B o h l released but will have plen- and wil be oat to make his firs Vter Asttae.........*_.
S1 l' foan fmtheU^iB|0 S- to IUin ady Hammond, start in,this.aohmawlnlBnig Vtoru
w am a s T ST=AND SBob LombrtVie Lombrola, oen gone.. -
SA 1 5 1.500 .wh. 1 1sn1mit l .. ............ Dave' rta .rW mLewter,Perc Byl estr Wa ......
S. .. ........;06......0a*. Orham.0 PhllpAetc ,etc. If Plummer has recovered o B by Gre.............
bI j hoo 13-1 1a Amaar ......... e .10 *t*i d oll l week the play pletely from his Jaw Injury us. m- by BDon.............T -
"9" bb n Beriesramn Baek .............. ..*.. **** mvsY to S where Bummit trained in the MoRay bout, be 1 Allen........N. C
T ~ die t ms 6 .km Ments a ,,suu0uu......w0 .... .... takes on Amador and PanamA should wain this fight but only af- La Pancho...........
i lt p Mentzma ll .. I n. et D.avis. After that it s at ter a tough struggle. t Aien................
St o f cond gbe kgC ter 4unnt a Pboy in the 1 me e re lt ( saltehes il nter Amador where Davis and Brazos Allen and Plummer ha tan Stanley McKay......
l ba t on late the 6seat WMh ofa h us swing Banday t le and wbore the all-impor- Eled twlce before. when Allen was Stale Me ..........OM.
.n-..l. t- e. t a- t .-a Psp. Bd sdcOi onCabrera's with the dr4ii d the eabbls t e Summit sao n1 club and also light than he i s now. One Checo to I ......... eM
Cur Ma If MOS OWR bol.* o .h WAto third on a Fort e t the competition ummt will take ce a a r-th bw that Cholate
ld on Jrgen time Fo A will l with Until then mis the wasdelared no-cotest. The bl li......
Sm aictBra e m asit t be .pit up. other was won by Flummer. Stanley MeKay.... t
L '; :'lt wo uldbee i a"h ne fomr place 'th..,eek..a decla r wed l hfi otc Ths qatb a c tllii8:45 n o.
nd WiandiI JuliowasWbls I toedho e best. of course. f4 um thIho that DaIs can at least the other five at 11:45.
V Weyjl tqwunm ldets be fAortn 5 -'itta.w. p oi..nts .
ao t T c heynt. t 4 t stotopthean gi ve Pnam a rugh time and _* O tteamwill be led by
gothe send on ae t isetat could very ess iy pMnt S capable Mike Kul.kow-
p qo 1 -W ea in. 4 n thi rally in the Braosilasmarthis from shel-a ba 40m the length of the t eet
sae position nlafties tweconoh5 znaua s 0oft: *W lackin handed them on theIr 20- out!ot there is little h eor n30
-iaT h f-e. f".."-orm ca t toemnt w ro K.M e001o 4*-a -o ow ua mwt r Scotland' e
aos was In f form ooCAmt O..the vawth whe ul a0. .- 1 0 the a :n al f .his week will have A
a had a shbutoute untl the weed, Lt crd inled taO and Lucao.M, and th bMe i O the same teA that 1u FavoSo
i n th Wen t Rummi- flly f to center, C c rerod Le 'enoutghs lrtto n ..(.ma... Tah tlhVthe
veta im for their only three enter to scoreHtardianwith RLft-7Valdvia. O ph= itj f on of Jaime, de Is, IMfiL th i1
5the i' iu a mvigto thelrecon ae l's The aored Panam twin. Whohappen to be only 50o TO \ ,aN 14 -Tn o e
.,.t t IS by the.1-l Briof l4 ,B 1O& t llll e WUae" trola e .nt did well enough In beor ., .. e t on the gu ofr ean g gansI p h ol b tb noh ,
o S of trouble tapped between third and ho. Ca 10-2 th ador 010 butth best, of course n are swol.en t WSww m.our blood Ii m S ON STRONG
oaidmcns was the de- .hi ofCt di 'tI e-t-b ell" so rray but he li ost splsned SP Ba ItMNd
I r. The Rumilesdld thlraio j et a trout t sharp an out they to ehis year for the en.- rauS n a s g r -
w a hhg.htod byon Gill's base on ball oPe e rs ei will have at beast t ti.iet since ho is pres-. t cl oua n i. atti- ng
Na a gro ored o *VMUbe, talked ao d D to United States where h aolsa!. l L Lg E
re at t-i OglAet Halll's fly to tibrt Clark s-t:ted ot touot eiO Jt=Lt uepa e w iu -t o e ..Head
mAandpitched.....,n ,B t, 1t1afteW r fishing low ama- as.s ,, Ce tun-
ene th Monte-hJohn rodki rped one-hit ball until the fil behind thal week ,On d4alm wti-0 te. e for Ptae-,,Vr SOt WIKY ..
outd r.t. itto.- ar-a-lesWLE
iltelheeWithnone liams. Ya adt out to Mr however, hewIto or don'tt, ifheplays Pan- tltIo v a 1COTCH WHISY
out. oadll eined to Wilson ton but WoodAdrov lflyto t fifth when he walked two 'a prolyid aor Wlo l bebanklngmosat n is5asa~i. omb at
rtofir tretirestops and fotliedd to Kenn to ent G.tle brought home four D wi oa dFrenhad Coo. u.a
46iiip lets t triple ----lay.----Tam Lakos relieved Clark ad quite w11 16ails S at quad has not been __ __ _
SVOr' fared even worse than the start- o. .. t e
L ,ouis.,Heavy Favorite Over 59 --4 h Sta
'1- he-Brewers final two* Voeneuela 000 043 SOx--1O 8 1 .
Wa..ler. Moore IkO's ByIVU a nd tas ,l -,bles. e ,
Wl r, .M O'. iter's Kor er1 e ... [ ts newl .. designed for yout
ramtliat names.. hibUlight to- dies Ray Robinson, and Irving By DICK SLEINER -
Sa ch C ohen who tkea care osf E6ok -
binsom. (Ira- Opianoabuout S aSaafraneos StA riff at
nt.In l.TO D
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Snl ranib ie. At- A00- He 5h Cw 0f o aWithah and care and mink .
r r was owl o orej His road Is paved with bricks
,Ai.. C .Mu Ao Charl. A I 2e ow-ofg7 od.
d'ri t od olpd tor"h Oot oer o wery game he's sold.
V t&lklag eaychaje so. O He_ ,jlta his best for Alma
taeti ou,0t_ A i d1l ewe gh winI oeM 1t
A et rt hs p Y rr s fatr.
Re LBrAsiano. The tn ante 1 i P r by Char-
f On Is-ofe d -a heb J s0u | rtOR l t k
itoa 're MalUr and hit y And ha. Bu t.y of rlife can make

forteltothe Loul-Walker 10- Jack ere-wllre the But revels more in crisp new
rounder. Louis exps to weigh 0,000 They are ang for a e knows how we little
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swch a heavy favorite th at.i tle rtaew Yworkn Com ,lon and Cover u a slol dribble .
betting is going on in San hran- jlnal 3oxlia -'Agscr has He's cherful, smiling, a real
aIe r can take a punch andM drhbr om An t r*, la w right good
hea5d betdw nWtahe a leI does def it As a student sHe may make
Ie rThe Don a fra b ITHab tin t yl a.t-r of straight Ase.
volthew11i0tleyeo MqareDhis moral values are in a
t o uic a-oon W-"thiew"s1tin Motionquare huze.
r a th --e on another bout Gardent 'rc 3111' h o.. .
eenwithher bChoault Ge reas R d. lon mnd He'll play so hard he wrecks
y Bilan sm 0 Nthe main event car d While keeping track of every
for ha0,00 forr*t IletuGarden. MaodisonJimmynpoint.
Wher is the manager of stead, it will be "ale Pruden"of _..,'a,
rih had or eh mig hty*

Commisson wOctons exained -Ws r

tdhe, chport. Neat rt/4 C v

SjMagnate PAYS TbhrIIp.khednd hst
Fhiedte vlelyf?!?td -,

KOUlh t te oTf- theb Stops -4 0 1 0 0 0

wed I .e hA lor. wigh ._ .. _o_ THESE TRA.VALE FEATUR
Dm boakh" T uavst ony. If. .oe0 1 1 3.0 0 sYOU

alam Mbismo, a lout-.olor- v ..4. 4 1 12 0 0 -
ed a loud greA toousso and c0 3 0 1 I 0 0 ew "Odfo Smfl s WetNpanl Igplubo
V"sita. G a. .--:: eo Wh.o i In COLON (101 10th Street) TODAY thru SATURDAY Me
V a. .a 0 0 0 W.
* d h b0 .a. "e "-C ad I f-I ds

...* ....h7 M 'i COLON MOTORS. IN i
Vol'....It..'. TEL. PANAMA 2-1iv l TEL -O Me.

.'.- .C-: '..."

.- I* :-
.. -: -., .--,-,.1
-, *. ."- *."+-" .- "--* :. .... *.*.. *- ^.=:.. .-, f


^~ r* -

' ia x .' .. ,...- .- .4 .

SPanama American Classifie

17Z Automobiles
P tr SALE:-By competitiv bid
I" "'Chevrolet 1948 Tudor Sedans
.' 1949 Ford Tudor Sedan. G
condition. Driven locally. Low
k" leag. Individual bids accep
Can be seen by appointment.
Balboo 2-1475.
Fr'PFOR SALE -1949, 5 passenger
,,.. Luxe, Chevrolet, satin green. rp
chased Oct. 1949. 9,000 m,
radio, seat covers, first $1,350.
Orr, House 1517-C. Akee
Balboa, Tel. 2-2728, rear office
'" OR. SALE.-1942 Oldsmobile, c
paid, bargain $425 00. con
seen at 827-B. Empire St. Bol
or call Corozol 2257, from '7
to 4:30 week days. Sgt. Turns
A Good Investment
FOR SALE-1948 Chevrolet 4-<
sedan in excellent condition $
00. 610-fi. Ancon Blvd. Ani
Tel. 2-1852
FOR SALE:-Bargain! Chevrolet
convertible, with rod.o, con
finance, for your information
Frank Alemon. Smoot y Parede
call Tel. 2-0600.
FOR SALE: 1949 Chevrolet
spare tires, perfect condition. U.
400. Can be financed Phone
3284. from 4.00 to 8.00.
A Good lavetment
FOR SALE:- 1950 De Luxe Che
let A-door. 1 000 miles Not
1,000 mile check. 1423-D.,
FOR SALE- 1947 Crosley Sei
B.35000. Duty Paid. House
Apt. 4. 50 St.. Bella Vista.
A Good Investment
FOR SALE: 1946 Chevrolet
door sedan. 4 new tires, re
overhaul. Owner leaving zone.
saellent condition. $795. 2001
Curundu. 83-2284.
A Geed levem ent
FOR SALE'-'49 Buick Super (
vertible. Quarters 249-D. Coco
"" lo 302.
FOR SALE- 1949 Buick "Su
"' -white side. wall tires, undei
heater, plastic seat covers, low
.Ieage. Just like o new car.
tulick 653 Hurdle, between 4
S'p. m.
Jq ..SALE--1947 Hudson Cen
do&6B, 4 door sedan. GSpd ca
ton, good tires Insured.' I
S'$75000. 612-A, Sago St. Cc
C. .z.
SSALE:-1948 Mercury 4 I
S$950.00. Not duty paid. Inc
:. phone Balboa 2966.
JOR SALE-11947 Oldsmobile Hy
matic, 4-door sedan with rc
Excellent condition. House 369
France Field.. Phone 37-8-746

FOR SALE -Horlev Davidson 1947
74-0 H.V. 25.800 miles, excel-
lent condition, color white. pleny
chrome, extra parts. $575
-Nouse 207 Gatun. call 5-387.

tnla &s Motors
FOR SALE ---Chris-Crott 22' Fish-
Ilg Cruiser "ELENA." Grovmarne
51 HP engine. $1,300 or will trade
for late model car Gatun Yacht
Club. 3-6 p. m. Saturday.

Real Estate
FOR SALE:-Reasonobly priced. Farm
*1 hectares 1-2 mile from Peno-
nomS Hospital. All year round
streomj. A section is planted and
all is fenced. L. T. Price, Peno-

WANTED:-Good phonograph, hand
or 25 cycle Phone Mrs. Moble.

I Take a brush up course in your
dancing call 274-3105 before 9
a. m. or Balboa Y. Harnett & Dunn.

Viur Reosored,

It aI no longer eammy to ater
M lo e of virgur ead maiuhaeod,
w WM c reeory asd bdy, erTousne s.
"In.ipir blood, ickly skIn, dnlremaon,
M poor slop, bemuse en Amerlcau
Doctor has diJcoverod a quiek, ean)
war to end these troubles.
Ti- sdiecovery la In pleausnt, owy
Sm t blit form, Is absolutely
w_ dsNI, away with gland oa-
maS ma and I* bringing Mew youth
Go ad Vigour to thouanda. It worak di-
sefta on the gleand and nerves and
p.u.sinr. erich blood and emonergy In
"- .,ra Y os. tou c n e and feel your-
sk gettli younor., Your eyes
HYou feel tv e ad lull el
B qv ue an power.
JM ** *ew I81us4 a nd
ir7 d thouead and lt now
c7 hb bere. VI-Tabe
i fel ow l of vfor uand
al ,a ? A ,lA
I a ei 'f rm 1 Y ur
ik-m eandtvtitodlty.
**MR~ ssl a.. cudee Vi~cUty

seve So15.60
Leke III f
n Mn1, 3d
Laen t: 2
inemnetienal Jewelry liee
adjoining International Hotel
Save shoe leather! You'll end up at
'Panamusica anyway if you're look-
ing for records, so why ;Naste
time "trying somebody else first"
huh .... ? No. 127 Central Ave.
Nearly at the corner of "J" St.
FOR SALE.-Camera Kodok Ektra
with F 1.9 Ektor lens and two ma-
gizines backs. Finest 35 mm ca-
mera. Will sell for $300.00 cash.
Call Dr. R. E. Arias, Balboa 6456
from 9 a. m. 11 a. m.
FOR SALE:-Ham set. National 125
2 months, perfect, superb calibra-
tion and sensitiveness. I 1 tubes.
Selec-o-jet. Cost $175, sale $150.
Phone Panama 3-0716 or 3-0930.
V.ew at Peru Avenue 55, next Lux
Apt. No. 3.
FOR SALE-High Fidelity Long Play-
ing Records. London. Concert-Hall.
Columbia. Polydor. etc AGENCIAS
DIAZ. 37th Street 6-A. Phone 3-
FOR SALE:-Nationol Cash Register
Model, spring push button rings up
to $99,99. bargain. 'Almocen
Joyce, 182 Central Ave., excellent
FOR SALE: One transmitter 100
watts for radio amateur. Telephone
3-1185, 32 St. No. 31.


don FOR SALE:-Electric Incubator. Call
23 phone 3-0255.
- FOR SALE Mahogany dining room
set. crib, youth bed with mattress.
porch shade. Peru Ave. 69, Apt. 5
- FOR SALE:-Leaving. Furniture, mo-
two vie camera, Peruvian silver. Misc.
cent Apply after 4:30. House 5358.
Ex- Davis St., Dioblo.
FOR SALE:-Modern mahogany bed-
room set. Made by Cowes Ocos-
si;on price. Also baby set. 34th St
No. 7.
FOR SALE-Complete mahogany din-
:on- ingroom set, beautiful ceiling
So- lamps, porch shades, Peru Ave. 69
Apt. 5.
per" FOR SALE: Household furniture
adiO. and one mahogany bar with four
seat stools con be seen at 46 street No.
mi- 8 or call PAD 4191.
room and diningroom set, maho-
gany, excellent conditions reason-
mo- able price. Inquire Qti.' 5464-B,
ndi- Endicest 't.,D-aobl Met H .. C. Z.
P rcl-

FOR SALE:-Household effects 2
large rockers, taobies, electric fan.
2 mattresses. 1 single bed. dresser.
2001-A-A. Curundu. 83-2284.
FOR SALE.-Kelvinator, 9 Ft 25 CV
and household goods 718-B, Pro-
do. Tel. Balboa 3164.
FOR SALE:-25-cycle motor for
Coldspot refrigerator. Call Balboa
2919 after 5 p. m.
FOR SALE oak table and
four choirs. venetian blinds, one
100 x 59, two 36 x 59, flower
boxes with plants, close wringer.
1523-A. Gavilon Rood, Balboa.
FOR SALE--Wicker clothes hamper
and basket, bookshelf, folding
screen, green porch blinds. electric
shavers, percolator, floor lamps,
framed tapestries, picture, odd
tobies, picls, old ice box cabinet,
potted plants. 793-B Tovernills
St Eli'boo Tel 2-1855.

NOVELTY--Just received A com-
plete assortment of points for
artists, from the famous English
house Winsor & Ne.w*on. Excellent
quality at moderate prices Pre-
ciado Book Store. Central Ave. &
Cathedral Plaza.
*DULCINAS." Juice oranges, eat-
ing oranges and grapefruits are al-
ways of selected grade and ex-
ceptionao quality Accept only
fruit that has been stamped -
Culcina -- registered trade mark
Sole distributors. Products Nacio-
nales. S. A. Telephone 2-0028
Middle aged American gentleman
warts dancing instructions iPriv-
ate). Write C C V. Box 93, Co-
Opportunity for party with capital 10
go into the tile contracting b'si-
nesm in the Canal Zone Wr te Box
1142 Ancon. for information.

Help Wanted
WANTED: English-Spanish steno-
grapher, secretary. Must type mi-
nimum 60 words per minute. Write
ouohlficotions. post experience.
Give telephone number for op-
pointment GS -- Box 5037 An-
ron. C Z .-- Inx 134, Panama.
R de P

SMiddlesex, England,


will. after Ilh May, 151, handle aln
exports directly er eMoub local
sents or' distrIbutes whM they
Themselves appoint. gte plesnt ar-
rangsments where WMCUALOZD
t.TD.. through their Raeeaenta-
ilvy.. f XA. RDL LTD. act far
some port markets will tha ter-

Ptmw emuit nqe. Cre
a sn*M 415. Swe M n e
Pane Sl fl 18 e -Croa 1-

GRAMLICH'S Santa Clr, beach,
cottages, furnished, electric, re-
frigeraton, moderate rate Phone
Gemboc, 6-541 or 4-567.
William Santo Claro hea Chatam.
Fwo bedroom, electric reftrimo-
rtlt ROCKe ranges Phase Bal-
boo 2-3056. Except Week-ends.
For rent modern furnished chalet for
week ends or by month, Also lots
for sole. Reasonable prices. For fur-
ther information, Coale 3 No.. or
telephone 3-1147 in Panama City.

FOR RENT: Small Chalet nicely
furnished at very reasonable price.
Rella Vista, East 48th St. Phone

FOR RENT:-Apartment for rent,
43rd Street East and Ave. Mexi-
co. Call 3-0140.
FOR RENT: Beautiful one-room
furnished apartment. Electric re-
frigerotor. Also furnished room
with private bathroom. 43rd Street
No. 13.
FOR RENT:-Apartments, one bed-
room. parlor, din.ngroom,. kitchen.
bath, at No. 20 Via Espoaria. see
Do Castro. B Aenue No. 24, phone
2-1616, Panomi.

FOR RENT: Apartments of one
large. one small bedroom, sitting-
diningroom, kitchen, both. at No
9. 44th Street East Bella Vista, see
De Castro. B Avenue No. 24,
phone 2-1616. Panama.
FOR RENT-Apartment one bedroom.
service, porch and kitchen. In-
format.on coiall personally to Mer-
codo Modelo Justo Arosemeno
Ave and 29 Street East. Do not
call by phone
FOR RENT:-Two bedroom apart-
ment, 2 bath.s, good location,
Bella Vista No 32, 44th St. Phone
FOR RENT:-N.ce modern apartment
with two bedrooms. livingroom.
diningroom. two porches and gar-
age in Gerordo Ortega street No.
9. Sobonas,.
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment
two bedrooms, livrngroom, dining-
room, kitchen and both with gar-
age, very cool Tel. 3-1468, also
one room apartment.


FOR RENT: Two furnished bed-
rooms. American home, near An-
con bus-stop to American women.
References required. Telephone
Panama 2-3067,

Four US Brothers

Refuse To Fight

For 'Gangstlers'
BRUNO, Minn., Feb. 23 (UP)-
Four young brothers, following in
the footsteps of their father, said
today they would not go Into the
Army to fight for "profiteers and
gangsters who bring on war."
Joel Doty. 24, Orin. 23, Sidney,
21, and Paul, 22, are under Fed-
eral indictment for refusing to
register for the draft.
"We won't register, we won't
fight and we don't care what they
do with us," Joel Doty said. "I
don't register for the last war
and I'm, not going to register for
this one."
Their father. 63-year-old Wil-
lam Doty, backed them up.
"I don't care what people
think." the elder Doty said. "My
sons are not going out to kill oth-
er people just to make money for
the profiteers."
The father whn nowns a 200-



n our thamkis
h Bureau for
teh ll pauat in n w-s.
w durlut the

Law Sprinklers
Now ,ttt -w have a large
mAmrta5U a t. all prices, they
may lt 'dry season begin.

Geo, F. FNovey, Inc.
27 CesataMAve Tel. 3-B11

Via opta. Near Jlau "

Our MIRRORS decorate
No. 4, 18 Set St. Tel. 2-6MN

Reds Flee UN Tanks
In Mountain Pass
(Continued from Page 1),
the central front highway net-
In a four-mile drive the Hoeng-,
song column captured Hill 106.
key to the Reds defense line
and swept forward so fast tne
Americans were able to take over
half-finished Communist fox-
hales on the banks ofthbe frozen
Annul River south of town.
The Reds showed nervousness
that the offensive soon may
spread to the western front be-
low Seoul. They strung barbed
wire across the southwest -
skirts of the former:SBooth Ko-
rean capital and duelled with
Allied artillery all the way from
the Yellow Sea to a point 30 miles
east of Seoul.
Three unidentified planes -
one of them believed to be a jet-
bombed and strafed UN positions
along the Han east of Seoul aest
night and early todpy. If the re-
port of a jet is correct, this will
be the first time a Communist jet
has penetrated that far soath.
Far up the east coast the 16-
inch guns of the battleship Mis-
souri thundered back into action.
Her one-ton shells destroyed a
marine railway, scored 12 direct
hits on Communist commatid
posts in caves and destroyed rail-
way tunnel points near Songjin,
the North Korean port 182 miles
above the 38th Parallel.

1951 Red Cross Goal
For CZ Set at $25,000
(Continued from Page 1)
authorized, and cards for em-
ployes who desire to make their
contributions in this manner
will be furnished by the local
Fund Campaign Committee. In
order tlat the work of prepar-
ing payroll deductions may be
lacilitated. the cards for this
purpose should ',be returned as

acre farm here, said that he Promptly as possible to Cam-
**served off two years of my God- paign Headquarters at the Red
given liberty" for refusing to be Cross Chapter House, Balboa
drafted in World War I. Heights, Canal Zone. and. In
."We don't belong to any any event, not later than
church. we don't belong to any March 31.
sect," the father said. "We just .,,T t o .
believe we are free moral agents T amount to .be contribute.
who believe in a living God, u, ed Is a matter for each indlvi-
not a God of War. dual to decide since all contri
Dotysaid he considered theSe- butiona will be voluntary. The
lectlve Service Act unconstitu- campaign quota for this year is
l'onal..approximately the same as for
He posted $1,000 bond for each "During the past year, as in
of his sons to free them on the every year since Its inception,
charge. They face a hearing the Red Cross has extended ser-
q-1rch'2 In *Federal court at Du-," vice and assistance to those In
luth. need. Through news periodicals
None nf the boys Is married and newsreels we are reminded
Paul' s a farmer and ^he other frequently of the great value of
three work on a railroad.. such assistance. The Red Cross
"We've still got our jobs," Joel needs our support if it Is to
said "but I don't know w lone maintain its splendid record of
we'll keep them. I pot by .11 -..i achievement, and the most ef-
registaring during the last war, fectiv help we caw offer, out-
but they caught- me t side of actually participating in
They didn't even know about the the various phases of Red Cross
last time until I told them." work, is to contribute funds
,during the annual campaign. I
S'ask that you and the personnel
LUX of your organizattln give your
5 CUBI,, 3, inc who ehearted support to the
VENETIAN BLINDS 1931 campatg and I a .confid-
S x 64 inches... ..N ent that thil will be .de."

38 x 64 Inches... 7.
40 x 64 inches... 7.3
42 x 64 inches... 7.
34 x 72 Inches... 7.
36 x 72 Inehes... 7.M
rel 3.-1713 3 astb3thSLt


__ ...-.. .. c

Twq duck hunters can:e home
with a duel without ftM l-l5 r'Not
They foundr a duck .' :ignt In a

i r,


'.. S'

IN43.8M Po
V 24 Os

I Pas Pa

When North bid two olubs (the
Stayman Coervention in the band
shown today, he was hoping to
find a fit one of the. Uljor
suits. That wia not, however, his
only object--s Sam. Sta.yian
pants ouot in his new book, fert
w na g.
South's opening bid of one no-
trump showed a hand of fairly
definite high-card strength. Ne-
vertheles, that strength might
vary to the extent of I qeea-or
so. If South had a "bi ,n-
trump, within the limnts'o the
strength allowed for qpch a id
Noh was willing to get to game.
If South had a "sm no-tramp,
within those same' limits North
was satisfied to stay under game.
South's rebid of two diamonds
showed a "small" no-trump.
North therefore bid two 'no-
trump, and .everybody passed.
South would have bid two no-
trump with perhaps another jack
In his hand. This would show a
"big" no-trump, and North would
go on to three no-trump.
When the hand was actually
played, West opened he three of
clubs, and last taobk the ace. eat
returned the eight of clubs, South
played the Jack, and West care-
fully played low Instead of tak-
ing is king. ".
south Jed the king of hearts.
knocking out East's ate. East
then returned his remaining
club, allowing West to take the
cing and ten'ef that suit. When
West led his last club. all the oth-
er hands discarded low spades.
West shifted to the ten of dia-
monds, and dimmy won with the
ace. Declare then cashed the
queen and Jack qf hearts, hoping
that dummy's last heart would
become established. ThiA hope
las dashed when East discarded
ardiamond on the third round of
South next tried the diamonds,
but discoigered that his last dia-
mond was also no good. His only
chance was to lead the last dia-
mond, handing the lead over to
East. .When East returned a
spade, declarer let it ride to dum-
my's queen and thus made his

-- *
RR Strike Threat

Wanes In Britain

As Leaders Meet

LONDON, Feb. 23 (UP)- The
management of Britain's nation-
alized railroads and agents of the
three big railway unions were
brought together again today,
and prospects were good that
they would reach an acceptable
Although more than 840 men
are.otft on strike And 15.000 oth-
ers are starlnu a slowdown there
was general optimism that a na-
tionwide rail strike could be

Minister of Labor Aneurin Be-
van succeeded In bringing the
two sides together after early
wage talks broke down with a gapt
of ,q560000 pounds ($8,700,0001
between the management's offers
and the unions' demand.
Bevan met both sides continu-
ously and a Ministry of Labor
statement last night said: "Fol-
lowing upon meetings with the
Minister, and with a full realiza-
tion of the national interest in
the present circumstances, the
Railways Executhie and the un-
ions have agreed to resume nego-
tiations In an endeavor to reach
a final and lasting settlement."4

WMd Rg Tree Near

Gopgas Hospital

WE 6o Next Week

The large ficus or wild fig tree
above the Fishbowl Area on Our-
gas Road near Oorgas Hosoital
will be removed by Municipal Di-
vision forces starting about 1Q0
a.m. Monday, it was announced
today at Balboa Heights.
Although It is expected that
the work will dot interfere wtth
traffic op Oorgas Road. motorists
are asked to proceed with caution
in the Sea in which the tree
will be removed. The work is ex-
pected to lSt several hour.
,The Igle old tree, which Is
esma e be about 200 years
old, Is a 10-al landmark, disti4.-
gatlet' osly by slie apd a .
ut fi tue sidewalk which wel
built tpgiita trunk. It is be4i
taken down because it has i-,
ciewom' and deoe; le- !
it G s menace to V,*


the auto afli_' r borrowing
heavily from t geverament a-
The tes wny was given a: a
Senate heain Which also fca-
tureda Ka rt-rsaer memoran-
dum reportig' that Rex C. Ja-
cobs of Detrit another heavy
RFC borrower, w4v1ed the auto
firm to hire menmocatic National
Chairman Wt M. Boyle, J-.,
or his law lirm, to help it out
with the RFC.'
Jacobe promptly denied giving
such advise nd no evidence was
prehexted that Boyle himself
sought to represent Kaiser-Fra-
zer before the government lend-
ing agency.
Kaiser-Fraer Presidint Edgar
Kaiser and Vice President Chad
F. Calhoun testified before a
Senate Bianig Subcommittee
investigating Charges of "favor-

Tough Ani Lynching

Bill Inrduced In

So. arolina House

COLUMBIA, S.C., Feb. 23 (UP)
- A tough anti-Lynch bill arm-
ed with penalties ranging up to
death in the electric chair was
introduced today in the South
Carolina House of Representa-
The measure, sponsored by Rep.
Ernest Hollings of Charleston.
defines first-degree lynching as
mob violence resulting in death
to the victim. It would be pun-
ishable by death, or five to 40
years at hard labor if a jury re-
commended mercy.
8 e c o n d degree lynching -
where the victim was Injured,
but not kflUed-woull be punish-
able by three to 20 years at hard
A "mob" was defined as tuo or
more persons meeting "without
the authority of law" to attack
another. Anyone present in a
mob would be presumed a parti-
cipant to the crime, and subject
to the full penalties.
Lynch legislation Introduced in
years iand followed the reeom-
earndt.ionS laid down hy Gov.
James F. Bvrnes in his inaugural
speech. Hollinga believed It stood
a Rood chance of pesage.
South Carolina's last tfnchingf
was in 1946M, when a Piedmont
Negro. Willie EEare, was taken
from a Jail and shot to death.
More than 20 taxi driver from
Greenville, B.C.. were tried on
conspiracy charges and acquit-
During the trial several-of
them admitted being present
when Earle was uteaed. but said
they knew nothing about the
shot which ended his life.

Atom-Driven Plane

IN Soon Reich
Ign Sta In US

-The military's dream of an
atom-powered heavy bomber
that'could fly many times round
thcr world nonstop at speeds
faster than sound appeared
nearer fulfillment today.
Official sources Indicated that
in the next month or so the'
United States government hopes
to launch a new project for the
design and possible construc-
tion of an atomic aircraft en-
tine, and of a plane big enough
to carry it.
The Atomic Energy Commils-
slon i now discussing thlspo-
lect with the Consolidated Vl-
tee corporation, maker of the
srlant W36 bomber, and with the
General Electric Company's at-.
craft engine division.
Till now the quest for nuclear
powered flight has been con-
fined for the most part to theo-
retical studies aided bv a me
laboratory work in the AC Ia-
ciltlfe at Oak Rldge, Tenn. The
prime contractor for this NUEI
(nuclear energy for the.propul-.
sion of aircraft) program h"a
been the Fairchlld Engine and
Airplane Corpor.tion.

Monterrey Social

Clh.b Orpmlned
The Monterey SoiMat (sb -
nPmed In honor of one of.Mexi-
Sco's larger cities was formed
this week by a tronto of yfodn
men who met at the home of
Frank eoek.
AdoptiM* 'Wanners Waket-tjb
Man" -as It motto, the new-tb.
nnoauned u trpome is to *
the uplift of the Newor cU-Me
Im sad to tnerees the Me

LWa-a' sa *asnit.n
'-n er1 y

= tuat
yt ed to a.

PARIS, Feb. 23 (UP)-A French
foreign Office spokesman said
toda that plans are under way
headquarters in Europe from
Germany to the Paris area. He
said the transfer is to brine the
top Air Force staff now in Wels-
baden. Germany, close to Gener-
al Dwight D. Eisenhower's North
Atlantic defense headquarters
near Versailles.
The Foreign Office spokesman
denied reports, however, that two
major United States air bases-
would be built near Nimes, about
60 miles northwest of Marseilles.
He said the only air bases
France had made available to the
United States were five In Mo-
rocco which French and Ameri-
can troops were already refitting
and modernizing.

Formosans Scurry

In Near Pank

TAIPEI (Formosa), Feb. 23
(UP )-Three to six planes, be-
lievedly from Red China, ap-
proached Formosa from t h e.
northwest this morning and sent
Taipei residents scurrying to air
raid shelters and open country
In near panic.
Air defense headquarters re-
ported that the planes turned
away while still 100 mles from
this United StaLtes proteted
Chinese Nationalist Island.
Meanwhile independent Chl-
nes reports from HcngkUgS
said Nati plaes In the
Sput few days have etnoned
tIis over the Be- China
coast.but have eomained Uhur a-

The rW s. m 11Wa

atnI afi~db-i

r Morte


fod's I al4, al
medicine ii. -* t
Wh! 4 1 gg 4

man-. rem

to EatW-Fraer lt
1po6t3hto rhim W n ore e
thea beforee the .
ven if he haid th
Dunham on a loam,
"DUn,_b1Swold noted not mtU-
for na tiat he would not d4ft '
erw$se. "- ,
himer mid bhi firm" trun6d
down all aueetons th*at it htr
"InfltUeotlal contact men and
never retained any outside peo.
pie tobh w it oa R loans.
The auto haitn botroed a to-
tal of O90,00d000 from the RIFC,
the lat lean being 85,000,000
last year.
Calhoun aid Dunham ap-
proached, bli lMt year and
sought pa leal support for his
reappointment to the RFC Board
of Directors..
He said Dunham asked him to
talk to Sen. Charles W, Tobey,
R., N.H., a friendd of Calhoun
and a member of the Senate
Banking Committee which later
blocked President Truman's re-
nomination of Dunham an doth-
er RIPO directors.
Calhoun alld he was "surpris-
ed" by the request since he knew
Dunham "only lightly" and that
he did nothing about it.
Subcommittee Chairman J.
William fIbright, D., Ark., said
it was "highly improper" for an
RFC Director to make such a re-
nuest from a heavy RIPC brrow-

Cuasta Marathonl

Winners Will 6Et

Prizes on March 1

Winnea p of the pix-week ca-
nasta marathon have been re-
quested to meet at Diablo Club-
house at 7:30 p.m. March 1 to
receive the touap= i.
Awards in the nratton ipan-.
sored by the Hamadan Mrotto
and Hamadan Caldron wig go to
the first-place winner. 8gt. R. R.
Sexton, and to Mrs. V. A, Fields
and J. 8. Bamnett. who placed
second and third respectively.
Mrs. Bertha Gessner will re-
ceive a consolation prize for the
lowest tournament score.
The tournament was played at
Diablo Clubhouse.

USAF Switches

European HO

Closer To Ike

., : ._ --.4., .+ -_-- .

4. n w -.

K ..~. -

---- -




H -'**t

The 12 acutes case among
them his own on which.Dr.,
Johnson reports, are those in.
evolving 10 natives of Panamt oi
Jamaica and two North Aeri-;
cans. Eleven of the 12 were males
five under sx yeas of age sad
two of these recovered, three
were In thejl-28 year ae group,
with no recoveries, and four were
over 40, with one recovery, Dr.
Johnson himself.
Six of the nine deaths occur-
red outside the hospital, and of
the remaining fatalities only one
was diagnosed before death. Dr.
Johnson feels, however, that the
high fatality rate should be dis-
counted sinte it is based on fl- -
rea which do not represent the
true incidence of the acute
phase. He believes that it the na-
tural history of the disease here
is the same as tht in other
countries, those who survivethe
acute phase. p into a a
state in which the host -then-
dividual and paraite the
germ live on equal terns.
Comparatively new dlamuaH
procedures, he explained, art
responsible for bringing the mat-
ority of recorded case to the at-
tention of the medicalprofession.

Only One Inired h 4
AcdeMs Se.a Tg .

In OaMrn and thf Ind n sol
dier taken first to Santo Tmse
and then .to Clayton N tl.
Emaly yesterday m ul n. uS
chiva. driven by Wilbert A Kerr
30. of Gamboa. was demolished
when It s4dded on a road
the Cha CMa quary, went
through a bridges rUtag r
dropped 16 feet into the water of
a sma river. Neither Kerr nor
his two passenrs were hurt.
At 1:3 ama. today a bus driven
by Theodore B. Anderson. 2M, of
Panama City ran into the rest
end of a OMC "buasto" (a smlt
bus. in sile between chinva d
pass enge bu) damaging boT
vehucles. The ualto was dri'm,
by Joseh M. King of Pueblo
Nueo,. iha& stopped on0 Gall
lard Highway near Obh lsad
was pulltngot to paea tAbPe
ear wlien deson tried to pMs
were darated.

And Wednesdaya sden .

*flua -'to0a 'a





!TY -


I Alac ie *. %fls LLe 4 o}p 4ole i Jr) i an|
1, *me a.d s^ M ^.IL Bra sad felgoaaas aM Widg it
E-C- T .- --

7951 -'-wgs'n NNWn

r.snobt NIW.
l,-- .E.. : .... ^t;- fs;5 -

.t'bride n mer ra nd waMrs i '
M1,g toime d L 3lman w 4 Ms ahWe Bll am O at sd
ai.bout r. ".n.m. "'' "'m 0 mhfenIhn Haloa h I
.*w .."d -oe- h b l htr evr.... at to Mr. Mt F dar n1 M r g
iil..n1ue .. o ,,e gtleo f wa e s wiemlcr. O nUfl 4aS, j n MMr..
*~hd~iii. ~h;~P;3'~~-set 5%9hi r waSes In PedreMtaM frn lg nap bargts sowr- shirk, r 3Strotd
brideouR. as an dwe:e Rmbe. 1.P e wst ho are pitaL. M
fo;u nose bs g leaving lWt to. be it--
I Bh BX to Sumi ru- sutlme It nrylad Mr. n 4 M W ill iam JObhIS .M.. Wtt
nt- i vet pa. an ott Thative Hr p e : te of Ancond, t The oovr tlhadlee werer

O* d*J s ket ch- n o Dil, net Do f, Mr. D and Mrs.d Davi Mgaurll u b, Mrs- ash 1
ii a.Colorado Darla Z7108111 -6 # STd. Ala; tow Wednesday am-..
Chf .S d ,. 3L Duncan jug M .U. JohnsonIs the former
M, F ra. oR. s. eeln wiRoancl obe Iwith l bMnea w unky M ua Doie r of te Js Nor Wo, Ms a aw *
,.~Ms. WS Wee A .'W wednesday -In and am Mrs. J. ofe Colo os eita, M s. of ua oar Ms WMe %
-n. MsP. ,r .nl Gi o rl Sout W. Bspur iheri e ml Teand Ro-
S S. ?r Md Mrs. Gr ScOfl, ,a at 9:30 a m. be rt i nd Chief and r. Kennethd Ms Mr. en W y ian, ee.
.r..n r. tid. of a' sab dh old C ist ob i,, with their so u lr s rs al d .

m,"t^B, tt s -i -- ,.i .... .. ,^---- *-,.il-f .l a,, ,
AW Mu who Jack band Sam en aoR S

nea pM1 o etoV is ta H e arts oth U. Ch e swimmi nreos. e rher'*MehnrN or- e Davi
g g o'lock whRes D of etrwt, pt ea ore dt of ice Mof at he...i. guesl-nn-l e"e n., rMaeff eleen yO o t r i c aod inr ills 4
w apnqaa ML e onl er w i aeaatyb i fl g Ith the-o tlhd latM rgar i w thiaa e MfotrtDao" d bi
W bl' s Nrup asrlww i d n ortt eatws arra Divsro ot a llne ao a ch whha 'N a e l ei owe Unit tt H. C .

As .P .n elo w-r i: h o to tm e .r only -l w !e power MgiAr d o8 an Lgn ur v ene Ha rr F. Green Ma hos s-
'"*.. '- nd. AM rm "U *a- a- S
-*l. ron e nersn mon la the leave by .la ad -im thor e e L tCm ter elven- years mervie.

Sr tneu D afer eng a o
,..s.Wil.l. -t on o wd e p o d ent Mrs. bobt Po ,ole, Mr., ws gr t.
VIC.TOR!gro.osUnpri, S. Chwe, sae "t ", h o nii aw wl I CS
Is cooelaeant -hm s 0 Mfor Btq .Stoo tbe wa eMston. Te oD on nald bre y. u ld to l rer a k't t The s niJ smr of

o "" lr a t e v na t tt te heR ld ,l wh c h l. t tr Clt adl aal fr o rt wan
tDt c t'will" Ia ey I ude .a- imtfhth e Ttrb "w ee v or t fro Noe a I iat eh The orS werei wlaln bfi
In ~, r~i sw T h a.j a Willbur dat Nelso rfs. a o*t thCrbe or C a oilsoten C itar Cmceyo.M rs I Osinte

at a. m y Vtil. w MTsa. /t r.e.c o.. W M.. u dlio tne Whlod wl r cona lIWtR Mro. a d' rw.. .W r .
VNesnI aaa h-n.lOn s. VICTORY o t Mr tionheL Faoeun at to. fight IOn-o GuRs.

t ak h k drS^ ah kd flab M rs f t. Noe*t the T C 1a6, m n. si no w mG e and ol g Wlo dngry Ntag d Mis

ad .. Gl Mr. and ..r.a..e.a. .re .. uggs elton Mrs. i ee .a u iFl ent.eklo, o
wh itebacan f t rn. d i .ce rn 'n e rhS. e bu sins et an.. d eman Mriwo tuhed f ,i ..n n fh in thGi o "
f Sjsaislcrr~ry WaDASP )675^ U 05l ATte toIta u 1 nsone Into by the firs 5?
e.- l d rIal e a-d, iMd, t h. d fne ,m- an @,Arbad N y tabe llrs eaes tmw

a. ,be nlMi .- aF a Mr. it t ofdl dao ot cloth" to rMin fundslnes afor tohe So. lWald Unit AalC I s

ettther, a0br-,lldeadwoed _M I ,IM. .Ln usr pmowersr fenoer iHis luc ky nmberiw r.d. Mr rrackenaMrsFredi d.
w ga~i e V.Wbr .linaeo of JutWndilr.o M1l aS: The man NAe adB s csna fM kh M
e it- bered renyW troa on es a t toms al Foundation to wpIn-

deuce r"p l c. apor tanhe awa ,pltO W orl notP spheratatsIte thaeren al Gatme-ed r sw.A r r l o AA. 11
1Ci G m iRldoO wt or h AZt Dor c f aort ant f ug the busini o ssr -, Unlin k
bow 10 .In 1110s m andwrhite ca wea r do w leie Dor divorilced Zonead tl as a Elk

!" t on D s I 6ItheO cnOucl__ C ln the. O to -C mith un alrt m.l hu n e hl md wirre in b Mua ril a

Mi" a CH U t byc t de tur hser ety.. She wlos ad easr oes It.
Won ltrbt, d embroider oran anbe R ane ho return ,to""for HinwsatseeHMrs.RGsselley.Mnesid nofe L

saCwm.. (e wathr er Paar rs. R.y,*o s:. inns c an.em the J iord m n Noll et New R oe
as :- --mn. 9 erI" a Ml oe r.rgwepinkMr O. e t iltfttwait fHlefh So M an .. M Aler, at l .r.Ta.e
g ue .. n M r.U l t. ,fordHsI. h Dro Neigh hgLp rnuW-ky nme w e.ASe a
tisardns e h 0 oMe. eorodor Hndes n m t la o w er Wibhdlemof ei th Ige W ith

e u-c dM aloh. Wd ts h we pla s rr and sI. .m ero

m na,.e.- S.lbo ,ig..Intewa w H.tetbutn atnd J aw vr ona t uhThoe s maretnewrr
i iVta .th. .. MrM rs.. .eof. ,hoien Mf en chearg fte.w e ri tb d ane 3i2. ate n an m r nim ogmw ib. ad rM s h aewa. -w i
.log Xnala -0roen o fmBattle.r"no--. ,'waswe uto1 Ipse a _norm".oa lnereapilkee_

b-Colonela, rs hADter the e reiny Mr. Dvs were esto cs i th u
for. j~s. A. 0. 06 t, 4Wft uetthsdMranrv n t e at n GesidMna.ou oFe o .u

t, .W"Wi h ou.sde.r a A.yleail eyo.eadAui -on'hdea o o
C last n wa s h er, u"-0 Me-ato1t R n. a n. hi srbrde hv a ft Ola t ieta o I .Chn to--- Cap. 5 J0sus oMo iu h er of W.Agh ht bRhrmiap-
-OP Mn1 be st and will bhe atr ho 4 A. ieo l eer arie atr y dh mmd by Mrs, RC. ataO thehnviamentote.e..r
h"alItflf.m*prsnallte&l theiar onfs their wed- 0y wl give lul ihn

.$600. t. .ncha e ch -- .n _#,9 t tem t b aer, Jr. o f t 00te0 So lorcim Navala i
t Wr.B a gr o the" a"er- .whffe.. 'thoat ea nt; r"' Stti on'-oeu nedn esa. '
bywlAfter. tmembe of .r .&. stnaf r m irs M q' :r ing--harveiotS t eot-Irreuai-mythU ed iir
HonrigD. obe' t N d" ov MrR Wand Mrs "n a stle, a.irb isuse d eltonu Mrs.e fbWni. in.theflowla.ds ot ayge- uuuw i .IOlCst

weekfromfor b hMomefItnaitemmis -who.mP._s.desre anselfin t thnouge
t a .... ..r dersnr nd --i t be.l a thMsDIn u a"c bm ti
e ., at -th pieentr, the 'ad Ima sg svivi tiegeat theo I0 11 0
0.Th ipiig I-I,...-Hotel: etrno i.1.,W d eI. u B.':sure -i0

,-Mrward Jasehe4e- far.aande Mr.X Ro b Aoerrdn&t0- M at i
red- Hei orme of n and Jo h e i ehavw Crs Ms. uh celnofW t Ms. r Alright," ;I

'o'rAi 4'. enter',tained itml. dinne tWednsdd W ny Watiky
AltaIa has=s; i rned totoaGn-temalanonathtiei r ene in rwllgvde nandMrs.PatyDthersbwillan Wriv SnWAnd-E
s Ieb pe SuS WI e- 6i mm ak lit n S l .d a t t

n atgusSr e InHeights.ambaL .. ..-T li Ho.ide tAie a

: WithMr.and MrsIMat'hey'sas ler tie'o Dao prtynd.WyW Seo.-stationwtE.

And. M rr G T.Co eattlepl- Mvss WilsoeltInMmarried and

es sM wilasl -for N of this healthful aii motion picture star before she
taty cereal that is ful of energy-giving food was killed in a wreck In 1938.
W Miss Wilson knew Dorothy La-
mour, who was "Miss New Or-
A& tt sold -MMb d 6im. ngf ISdeilm-las&" of 1321.
a i WN&-D Ina.__' b a__ du.....ask tm"- tIs "lousJesItstrange what time does,"
.--- s -t.tJA, M iss mme ptabl just ais Wilson said In 1939. '"Do-
IUmntrCream of Wheat has proved to be ohy -Deli was my alternate an-d
mftgues "W -m wlV-41has iely Savor Dorothy- Deli isdead, and Do-
flSW foud* aL shwisrOdlpbrwhes -. a.MI .oodneu dtile ro1thy. amour I famous an d There is nothing in the world
W'Cr'of hobies, too.pit k Her first husband was heo so elegantly refreshing ..n.
aa "sls go wenLouis Delatour, an elderly
.t aod.o qek MM.....- A i C...sp. and Iron. Your wealthy rIestarant owner nia .f- 4 ,,v horseman lea. divore d YA RDLE Y SLAVEN!R
@woa inparse alowe that she divorced
-g b 11 oa aeeesMa 1 Fete -Iealawd Cuasule it Dal- snd Yardley Lavender Seep, .
--rrs.War -las, Tex., last November. ONea..& oMl *e Ap o

egnerI. .deat-.-
gggg Magg& Abo Bafhuabt .Dsauwi ader rub adin
v gun Papers
'.- t. --. #,.. do.

," ___I__- __.S .-" .'- i i "' ir -.* i a ,. .. / N- -,, = ,- --..,-- :..t',
-on AsI.-' i .L L." .

0100COOW4. :- !jm- :.
rtfl~Jca~7JRjrfr -1 -- .~ IL~ .
".. -= ". --. h er: "

"z c -" = [ ., ',.~ .. -- -e... -tr- ,'
; ..- .- ,:-. : :- -. ... ,. ,. -,: ., ,--.-:. -.. ;- -, .:-- -. -ma.-i n
[]. ,,--,...;; ,.., ,. -. .. .. ... ,- .. -,-. :... .. .:_ .: ,
..,-':," : ';,--t -- = :- '-- .? = "- -:-" .. = .- .e =. :- _4- N,";;.. .. -- ,. .. :
: = ~~~~~ ~ ~ & ... .,..-.,. ,-'..... ... .-. .. 4a- ,., .... ... ..!. _,

-. z v." I. I-

Ary, Navy, Air Force News

Col. Page, Ex Medical Chief

Gets Bronze Star In Korea

Col. Thomas N. Page, former rea he has supervised medical
U. Army Caribbean Medical activities of Greek, Indian, Brit-
Off4.r, has been awarded a ish, Australian, Turklth, Scottish
Bropze Star Medal for meritor- and Philippine units.
ious service in the epic retreat of "His labors with Korean refii-
United Nations forces from Seoul gees,' the story continues, "won
In January. him praise of the leaders of the
The medal was "pinned on his Republic of Korea."
battered field jacket" on "the He is said to have shown ".
ceni ral front in Korea. He in said to have shown "im-
This information was relayed tiring zeal in administering to
to the Canal Zone in a news clip- the sick and wounded."
ping from San Antonio, Texas, The Colonel was a member ot
where Mrs. Page lives (at 1.5 the Ecuadorian Relief Mission
Hathaway Drive), sad where the during the 1949 earthquake and
Colonel is quoted as saying he in- also participated in -relief work
tends to make his home when he on behalf of the victims of the
retires. Guatemala flood during that
Colonel Page was the last corps year.
surgeon to leave the flaming city
of Seoul, says the citation kc- Experiments he made during
companying his medal award. his service In Panama with chlo-
Jt continues: "Although his roquin, a malaria suppressive,
presence was not expected or re- have resulted in Its adoption fur
quired in the forward elements use throughout the Army.
engaged with the enemy, he fre- Colonel Page was first assigned
quently visited and actively as- in Panama as Department Media*
sisted front line medics in the cal Inspector for Headquarters,
performance of their trying Panama Chnal Departmentand
tasks." was reassigned January 1, 1948,
Colonel Page had previously as Deputy Surgeon, U.S. Army
been awarded the Air Medal lor Caribbean, becoming Chief Sur-
meritorious achievement while geon in December of that'year.
participating in aerial flight, ac- He left for the U.S. In December
cordinz to the store from ** n 1949. and became Chief Surgeon
Antonio, which adds that in Ku- 'f the Fifth Corps at Fort Bragg,

Maj. B, 1. Everson First Aid Course
On 2 Weeks Duty
At Albrook AFB For Inslrclors
Albrook Air Force Base. d Z.. Has Re istrants
Feb 23 Major Bernard I. Ev-
erson. United States Air Force .
Reserve. a resident of Balboa and Approklmately 50 military de-
superintedent of the Pa pendants have registered or an
Canal automotive division. s Instructor's First Aid Course In
on a tmwo-week tour of renuie knnectlon with the current Ar-
ctive duty at A rook Air Force' Nav and Air Force defense
Base. Major Everson will finr h gramr against the atom"l
his tour of duty on Feb. 26.1 and major disasters.Many
__.... r .... o! _..thstudents are registered
--as E.- n uruna miura Maui ALU'illC

ursieIn. nurses aideU an citiUciUa
ef Red Cross certificates in first
Their instructor. Raymond a-
miro, representative of the Amt-
flcan Red Cross National Head-
quarters in Washington, D.C.,
arrived on the Isthmus recently
to conduct these classes. He
states that on completion of the
course, the'graduates will be ac-
credited as official Red Cross in-
According to Colonel F. P.
Kintz, USARCARIB Surgeon, the
graduates will -be utilized to
teach a basic first aid course to
Army, Navy and Air Force de-
pendents in the near future In
courses to be given at the Disas-
ter Control Center at Fort Ama-
dor and at other military posts in
the area It is anticipated this
lll be a 22-hour course to ap-
paximately 700 dependents and
civil an employes.
Intructional mater i a 1. id
technical assistance is being pro-
vided by the Surgeon's Office
tinder the coordinated supervl-
sion of Col. Ragnar E Johnson
Director, Disaster Control Center

Atlantic Society...
(Continued from Page 71T
Delany as co-hostess, for their
regular meeting.
The ladies presented Mrs. W.
C.\Dunn with a figurine as a
fardWei-present. She Is leaving
in the near future -to reside in
Rev. Ernest LaFont spoke on
"The Apostle .abL" Rev. and
Mrs LaFontfang t-uet. Mis'
Beatrice an diiss Anna Imswilhe
showed colored slides of the East-
ern European countries.
Plans were made for an ice
cream festival to be held the Idst
ul March.

Projector Repair
Job, Grade WB-17
A projector repairer (Grade
S WB-17I is in demand at'present.
according to an announcement
S from the Civilian Personnel Of-
ficer US Army Caribbean.
The man lit must be a mall
whi qualifies for the position
must have at least two years of
experience and training In mo-
tion picture and.sound projector
pletely overhaul and -test equip-'
merit f.this nature:
Hd. must. be able to speak and
read English well.
Applicants are asked to call lsie
Civilian Personnel Office, Cu-
rundu, or contact Mrs. Jones at
Quarry Heights tel. 82-2273--r

Robert Reis Co.
Export Manager
Visiting Isthmus

Glen Coben. Export Manager
of the Robert Rels Company, New
York, Is at present visiting the
* Isthmus. Robert Reis is the world
fammis manufacturer of Men's
Underwear, Pajamas and Sport
Shirts, which are now being fea-
tured by some of the finest stores
In the Republic of Panama.
The purpose of Coben's visit is
to become personally acquainted
with all Rels' customers and to
discuss with them the problems'
and needs of our market.
COben is staying at the Hotel
S "El Panama" and will be enter-
tained and assisted In his worK
by his local agents. the' Irv:ng
Zapp Company, S.A.

con utttimuati to ol srIkvfifAL. momUa. .
(C pt 7144-) AIbo: ,

Radio Programs
Your Community Statibn 'c- N A Slta-a

w 80010001 N'WAM
Presents ,
Today, Friday, Feb. 23 th 'a sht
3:30-Music for Friday alaltory" t.
4:00-Music Without Words out he's on A
4:15-David Rose Show t i .without ail wl
4:30-What's Your Favorite Ir, _- as ao
5:30-News c .,l article at a poicet
5:35-What's Your Favorite WatO- -
CAN facteyoryIs gto pul
6:15-Evening Salon rat
7:00-TUNE-O (El Aolla) -abouto
7:30-BLUE RIBBON SPORTS the sheef stae
REVIEW t oCrtnr euaM Miram the
7:45-Here Comes Louisa Jordan ds .h-BrBlap
8:00-NEWS AND SPORTS She 2.fhut, lt: .. fiS.
(VOA). trs
8:15-C OMM ENTATOR'S DI- 4 e. w B.awthba g
GEST a ablat g Rao HMea-
8:30-FOLK SONGS OF AMXR-' waS* story to t ro.
ICA ..
8:45-SPORTS PAGE, USA W time. fsrJ l
ICA (VOA) Me0L ,?t' tartingg frank pro
9:00-Calvacade of America reason urnai to the screen to e
(VOA) after y ln Tao McCarey'W -- *
9:30-All Star Concert Hall "Mf BS, ". BaW
9:45-America Sints role-Ot .
10:00-The World of Musdeic h meb."- rt It it "on sh
(BBC) allmaia me. V. 1i," sj%.
(BBC) PlU I~m .I drawn the tjW~jl
10:30-American Favorites sheet dian over the ulot nd s
10:45-Jimmy Dorsey # hsi v dehitner.tath
11:00-The Owl's Neat Ward me this descrtion
1:00 a.m.- ign Off oW arde "Thev'lbe fina l.ti-.
Tomorrow, Saturday, Feb. 23 ithako woman Will want iCCSgrU
o--Sign On became .r all have them.
6:00-Alarm Clock Club They're- clothes, not Wht- Of t
7:30-Jazz Salon br'smaM rsff,.m 0
8:30-Morning Varieties It-happe.It
8:45-The Duke Steps Out Abbott Coastello will spoof Tatv yo1
9:00-NEWS umbl iwpeTAdeplos in "Texas st8t4 at
9:15-HISTORY OF SCIENCE tdmn" their next for UI... MUght
9:30-As I See It elne Leion is set for a star ug.pI*W
10:00- NEWS udupt Fo via a native &Irl atatwhou-At
10:05-Off the Record r la "triendly Island." of color tgmld
11:00-NEWS ad tht .7 mO
Il:05--Off the Record "o n lla thi
11:30-Meet the Band aV ro s Hills S

12:05-NEW TUNE TIME U3ofljn ij j's u s.. "
L2:30-Popular Music -iI--- R- f?. -
1:00-NEWS hm a h a u aiMIa 'mn' se'S
1:15-Personality Parade UanIsMV
1:45-Three Suns ,To Ruo briedson
2:00-Bob Eberly and John Gqrt Tcw;
Trio MOSCOW, Feb. 23, (UP) The
2:15-It's Time to Dance Soviet, regs hailed the results of .tg_0
2:30-Afternoon Melodies elections to the Supreme Soviet m, i' t"
:45-Battle of the Bands as a "new brilliant victory" for WGerman e
3:00-Organ Reveries Staliniats. '
3:15-The Little Show The poll drew 64,821,024 voters. *, ..
3:30-Bebop Bash or 99.98 per cent of the total ell- ait's &
4:00-Music for Saturday glble. The 763 deputies were all Now i m 't
4:30-What's Your Favorite elected virtually unanimously. ,, v .,
6:00-GUEST STAR They gained 99.76 percent of the i-_ ,m
:15--LONDON ffrr votes, while 155,723 votes were a-. h'l
6:45-American Folk Songs against them. tl- n
7:00-GAY PARIS MUSIC HALL th ls elected
(RDF) Stalin led the list oZ elected Drie- d
7:30-PABST SPORTS RZEVIXW deputies, whicl incldMd toipmost m s-til
7:45-Jam Session representatives'of Soviet politics, d !i,
8:00-NEWSREEL USA science, art and the R.d Army. eanty lB
8:15-IN THE SPORTLIGHT All members of the Politbureau Louad ndLn
8:1530-PLADIOER PARADE were elected, ax were composer UthL. m
8:15-RADIO AMATEUR PRO- Dmitri Shostakovich, Stalin's so.0 "O1nupy, c.
GRAM Lt. General Vasull Btalin, and A. -niob
9:00-THE HOG HIT PARADE writers Ilya Ehrenburg and Kon- "L6g an
9:30-All-Star Concert Hall stantin Simonov. C1*->." '
9:45-Fred Waring Voting figures that despite the An rather
10:00-SYMPHONY of STRINGS war Russia's population has "Wet, Dampy
(BBC) grown enormously. If the present MickeyRoo
10:30-American Favorites rate of increase dontinuis the 8wed-Off ar
10:45-Date for Dancing Soviet Union's population by 1960 Tallulah I
11:00-The Owl's Nest will be 250,000,000. "Dhalng, D,
1:00 a.m.-Sign Oftf
xzplauation of Symbols
VOA-Velce of America ___ __ ____ _
BBC-BrAtish Broadc a sti r
Corp. l

Late Show





The great stage mdsi even a
greater e a the scrial..
se ty 3r1TON1. 0 -ar mldL. bI



te i t.

.-4 -+. -

I with,

mm Ip

.. '.':



r MW- tl- -*:

rM I

.3* "-4^.'-

." .

M fK.^ ^ "f"
*-- Nit *1

^ ~~~~~~~~~'. ,. T. f .^ s -- ^

";4 ; .3 .
r iW


.' '
un~rat j MU..5

r cra aol%' t the

Stai humialty.. Lwmit
um.S# U


NEEDS Nt PIMNNG i-s!Proa +"
asu spray, q bmm "a|bewuOo
msm osfo wvb a du'p1-d;*

LASTS LONGER, Z *anu...r
b. l y h' peopy, -,m d..-- i i.-Md, .* ,
e -1 -

.I '- yuu',. mml h,$N I. --i-Iu- ..- mh e vt;M6 -h ...
. -.5 _o gi? + .-I-


-. I
~,. ,ar,
.3 .At S
tX 431


AN mmi

ttandr Sufptww


ft AM,

....- *, '." c. .^ ; .p*: f.
.... .-. ; ,7 + v.r1 I-. .
-; ,.. --

=- --^ ;" : k ,.," .. "''q" -i*-a R^.^"

-I -

A LB A The story of he pm that beeam
the law of the landl... Al trn
.andolih COTrr

Also: Marshall TEDU0I Viril M it
+" "DIAL I19"


7:- A. "
^liS^if/SS'm~fw ",

_ .

. 11. .II .. .. 1 11 -

., .sl,


.- ..


.i.' 4[. A" ..-." ";I .


atr.. .+

lI b

d~r =



Fr. ~ rt~s~'f.
* 34

eu" ~ s.eel eUWeavULL m iea
011 AMIA G2 tTeN01. .
*' pT. Afm' ---p. o. mxO 124. PAN.& .. ,.. .
X tjLPMOL PANAMA NO. a-074M (11 ,.'-
CoM w"-&In nwpvNmA.L AVENUE *SETWEEN Ilk an' l ras
AlsTIsM AVI.. Niw YORK. (I )N.T .

Walter Wincht l

n' New York

th' Bpehess of Windsor and iM. V .
elIahed. l a furious scene...Jimmy Dsebaue Wl -
servatl t at the Matsonette (in the St. _gs),
they didn't arrive by 12:30 showtime the tble *
died...A few moments later Jamnies a mIn
Grase.. table was offered on the fleer
was spurned... She stalked out in a swivet... a
later (at a Plasa charity affair) Mer. Aster dM 0e
Windsor's"table... The latter get up. grabbed
best arm and said: "Minnie, yeou owe mte as fell
I eel it sieqld be a public ee"...Minn sales
0W= Mawe was talking about...To wie theb
I: was insulted In that bammentt
hpi d unas"...The diatribe continued
desa for an apology...MIPte looked a$ hef
meO d: "My dear woman, why don't yea aot
Ad than floated away...The noblewoman sa
S8ei.rbet Rlssell Nype (of "Call Me Diohes )
with the husbandless woman to sit down. To whiS lh
mest regal tone, she barked: "Shaddup!"

The Gary Coopers apparently have made up. They a to
nave leased A tepee in the new Carleton House on *2id ar son
oping in a few months ...A noted Negro entertainer tfam
nrushact) is In a Rexl Ingram Jam. She's 15. Imported Pln.
pe, B nn Act. etc.. .A renowned ballerina Is beingi..bass by
weird stage-oor Jpnny. Follows her everywhere... C.atb Cayor,
_umred secret arroled to Ted Stewart lta New York- merchant).
denes it, but chams will bet her... Liz Taylor' divgce imustIe
made her nervoUs. She's smoking now... After Mar Tat noew
ears be "blackout" models. No more chrome... i gers
and Gregory Bautser. coast barrister, are reported lit ide
Middleweight and welterweight baplo Walker_
Sith (afteetlonately famed as Sugar ae oblaMna)
bhaesed tbe Runyon Fund last Summer he. n ate
his entire pure in the exhibition with 1 ai sa Iat
Jeey City..The money involved (plus th tit 'e!
..e was to present another Ruanyoeip ($25e) to
M. the complement when ilgar took Laotta's wn
...He was to present another Sayo heek OeM(AW to
&b ,jniv. of Chicego represenatye (in the ring) and
brify, speech before the fight with this ending: "...FreN
IBayon Committee of whikh 14 ve Just been inM-
e l a now a member".. It was dayd untU after the
ial beDl. And we wondered why...We LO didn't Savvy
I W a arts comment into the mike: "To WW, I did the
I old, et".. .eo we nqulird -d lot this wire frem l.-
ders: "After everyone agreed (oa the morning o the
fight, Ineludin the g lse Boxins Commission and the
ir tPabst ISle LaMotta (one bour "fore bell-tne)
~l d: l WIhy give leblnsen sueh a reakT1'...W
a Jke, It was because Saur was a real champion 3nFORN
the fight-and it took the fight with you-to prove It.

Letter from fight-fan Lowell Thomas. the world's most famous
?egm.ouentator: I thought Sugar Ray's post-flght remarks on the
n atf ed an all-time hgh for the prize ring. ow a fighter could
eo rouh a slunfest e that, then step ptriht to.the mike
St so eloquent and articulate, and marshal his thoughts in
the orlerly way that he did. shows that he has a fine mind as
Sw as to-flght fighting ability"...Lowell, we found out that
whining t rite didn't seem (to hia) so thrill as buln
famed at 1:15 (after hi:s nap) over the L. DF. p.ho that the
RMuon Committee wanted him on it...And what's this about you
nearly getting killed again skiing in the Laurentians last week.


The Mel Sen Is e open torum for sedeon of The Pasom Amerisea
Letters are reslvred gratefully end are handled in wholly e*fldesdel
It yea se ibute laete don't be Impatient If it doesn't appear the
meet dey. l m aeM published in the order reelvedo.
PIeIIM y to keep the ltters limited to o pe length.
Ideeso lekMer wtoritns held in s erltit cnme.
Th ie mwepper lse noes m respestllity for statements or eplNalns
upeNed Is letters f IeeId
0 -

To Whom It May Concern:
I am wondering If the public is
aware of what is being done in
the Balboa swimming pool be-
hind the Balboa Clubhouse.
I believe the old pool is being
remodeled and lined with cera-
mic tile at a cost of 830,000 ovre
or less. For sanitary reasons -
otherwise the old pool was o.k.
The plaus called for a similar
shaped pool, except the shallow
part was extended to make more
room for more children to bathe
and ply in a greater degree of
saety. The corners in the new
plan are rounded, the scumutt-
r was shown with a sanitary
overhang similar to the old one
-to protect the bathers from
coming In contact with the swim-
ming pool sewer, for that is .ust
what a scum gutter is.
Then it was changed to a box
shape for children to sit on and
they can play with their feet and
hands in the acum. This would
have been impossible, as the gut-
ter was originally planned.
One excuse may be that the
outlet pipes are far apart and tlhe
overhang would interfere with
the pitch. This Is really not as.
the water will find its own level,
and a perfectly flat. level gutter
would be the answer. The gutter
must be scrubbed out periodical-
l anyway as the scum clings to
e side and bottom of the gutter.
When the old concrete over-
hang was broken off the rein-
9wcg rods were left intact and
Injod condition for holding the
new concrete overhang. The tile
walls are brought forward ap-
praimately one and a quarter
Ineh all the more reason why
te, could have been used.
however, they were all burned
ovf and a vertical wall substitu-
ted for the back of the gutters.
Also, to tile a ceramic gutter
with an verhang and rounded
-ie to a Job for experienced
W. Ocui it .e that someone
i ta d to ening from a
M t. d to a aht. box-
lce 5fw smple to i1ti

bathe in the new pool unless this
scum gutter is made sanitary as
the plan originally called for.
Who knows what infections
they might catch under these
Dear Editor:
I agree with "Taxpayer" whole-
hertedly. I was on the river a
few weeks ago in my cayuco pad-
dling along, (I don't even have
an outboard motor,) enjoying the
sunshine and scenery when sud-
denly from out of where a big
white yacht with brown super
structure and green top appeared
on the scene.
Being of rather inquisitive na-
ture I pulled my cayuco under
some overhanging branches and
trained my spy glass and camera
on the yacht. Need I tell you 'ax-
payers what yacht it was? It did
make a beautiful picture with ihe
green Jungle for a background, its
gleaming white sides, shining
varnish, and highly polished
brass. It must cost us taxpayers
plenty to keep this yacht like
Anyway the spy glass disclosed
a very well known American that
works in Colon and his wife and
another lady aboard. Outside of
the crew there was no one else.
Who was in charge of this yacht?
Is it possible that a business man
from Colon was using your and
myv property?
Do you think it right that I
paddle my own cayuco and these
people ride in comfort at our ex-
Oh yes, what is that thing that
rides just behind the pilot houst?
It had a canvas over it and all I
could make out was "Little -."1
Some one tell me what it is used
Now if an of you good taxpay-
ers would ike to see my etching,.
here is how you can contact me,
Go to the Commissary and the
first guy you see with his pock-
ete sawed shut, that's me. I don't
want to get caught with -
thW in inmethatdoesn't
tbrs. Toa know it's sttll ui
the n th e States.
A-oer Trxpaye

S. '

. .

across tod '-4M. 4 nu-
ropean of t h lr0
Aleph," masr d of a new
anti Communist uerpdeound
whose umne, M* very mo-
ment, are pla Vjisg Wi the
Soviet Secret order pa-
trols, decodlng 19Ma0s. and
smuggling t Ohl A of their
friends out o I ory ea
of the M VD.
"Mr. Aloph Is full 0
cloak-and dEegr stull
And proud o f,. Specially
of such meftuvers as the
one in which pn'of t h peo-
ple, es5M U 4ft anti-
Communist alpo:a d. Com-
munist Preighte. M saved
from return toiatr-
ture. The Comka vessel
had to put in c a French
port. As it docld; a police
van screoched .i; a stop
along the iVrUplOk. Police
officers, tgnori the t ta-
linut captain spretnts, "ear-
rested the lgetf-Ctmmnun-
ist. The hip sia t for Po-
land without h1mo. The "po-
lice," of eoware wre dis-
guised a oenla of "Mr.
Aleph," whtoee connection
easily got them the gen-
darme's van.
For no amateur In the under-
ground Is "Mr. Aleph."
This is the a time in
exactly 10 yw r that he's been
forced to bule hi underground
railway. In that almost forgot-
ten pre-hltorle s of the Na-
zis, he aved Such mn uas Al-
berto Marehlonl, now. Italian
ambassador to the V. 8., Count
Sforza, now Italy's Voreign Min-
ister. and RondoUh Paohlardl,
the Italian Minstets t Wir. now
whipping a powerful army into
shape to haden the soft Eu-
ropean underbelly. .
And recently "Mr. leph" was
called on byl hr people, leaders
of the Jewish Labo Committee
meeting here this weekend. to
reorganize the *mps network
he had junked after the war.
This time It war to Ee his co-
relisglonistl. The So*Vt Union,
which long ago had urged Its
Jewish cultural leaders, now
had become openly Antl-Seml-
tic. /
Zionis was a crime. Israel
was a ~itol of American and
British Imperialism." Jewish
families wers being ripped out
of the Zuropean Soviets and Sa-
tellltes and boa*caned to 81be-
rlB und:S e jltter d. -
relatives In Odew. Mlhk, KisW
MoohlevUnd other large jrwrW
center were being returned:
"Address Not Found." They were
filli the Arctic slave labor
S htInod the Soviet MVD and
the UB (secret police)
roa Oks barring the routes to
FraaMe and Israel, "Mr. Aleph's"
old lined corps of veter
an underground op rt-
uWOve their network. cs'
and women on the Sofr
vbTtSt liquidation list were
vnatohed and today 1,000 are
S-. Ax4 once again "Mr.
work hie internw*.
S maneuvers out of thi
Labor Committee
era. operated by
wn union people.
today "Mr. Aleph's" Me-
foperation is complicated.
Stalinrt security pobe
the Na Gs,' Gestapo patrol
retrospect Jike the
M n villains of a muical
dy. Where, to escape the
' the ol underground
led their friends on foot
r em mall cars across loosely
g al frontlers to freedom,
Share no loosely guardsd
under Stalin. So "Mr.
"flh', men Jews and Ion-
i. Ie, incidentally don't
U .find a rear exit from the
dungeon. They go out the
dyloor, uslng fase, credent.
iphrfectl forge hey can
Careful UB Ins-
verything else goes .in the
there is a black market
o .e papers. They go for
the lvalen of 100 apiece, an
us sum In Poland or Ro-
uangy or Csecholova-
rais these funds, the
oer aents seek out the
b usinei men who are
l over othe Iminent
aton of their prowertles.
re i a money embir-
go can't get any funds out

4 odopptlves approach a
f er or industrial-
ist ualta secret conversa-
a gets a personal

the man of mpans.
t then contacts "Mr.
In his Jewish Labor
world headquarters
In ew York. This Is ae-
through a series of
r dro e" innocent ad-
In America.
ilf, "Mr. Aleph"
.A baf MaOde
Soae. The


JI K *--f .-i fy, ., _-1.
Jflglinr XK tt moeyd

i **
. -^ ,




By Joseph and Stewart Alsop
WASHINGTON. At leastU *,000,000,000 outo T daounds sensible
of evey $10,000,000,00 appropriated or the de- But. lese contends
fense of the United States since the Korean ag- cisely the same as
grteslon has gene up in inflationary emoke. This printed tons of agree
simple fact, which should send shivers -up the into the economy. I
opine of any sensible man, provides the rignt the value of the doll
background' fd'.-t derstafndin the vitally Im- cash in their bands.
portent issues n dispute bet n Mriner c- the ending stream
ales of the flftalReserve Bard and Secretary in banz. The banks
of the Treasury John Snyder. multiplying credit -
A few ipepi examples wl serve to show ir. purchasing power
what has been happening to the defense dollar. to 1.
A big bazooka, a recoil-less gun, or a heavy In this way, bank
mortar all now cost well over 50 per cent more 20 per cent In seven
than Before Korea. A pair of combat boots for any seven previous p
an infantryman or a flight Jatket for a flyer the government hap
costs upward of 60 per cent more. It costs 16 than it has been sperm
per cent more to feed troops.-, -d the expense r'' has increahdd by
Snoteasing rapidly., rArmy- rdnan0e ie. is Mndr and-aArwe c
"hardware" which provides, th army with Ahe money in citreulatlor
meanss to fight is upD 4 per .ent overall, and Just getting into higl
"hardware" for the other three services has in- to be fewer things t
creased comparably, the dollar falls, and a
Largely because of this sort of. thing, the ser- government to main
vices will shortly go back to Congress for a ment bonds becomes
third supplemental appropriatill in this fiscal ous circle is set in mi
year. Thus the process continues, with no end Eccles proposes cer
in sight; the Congress appropriates dollars; the breaking the vicious
dollars do not buy wha; they were supposed to senses, least of all Ec
-buy; and the services return to Congress for ment bonds be simply
jnore dollars. of the free market.
* is a carefully control]
The same process is at work everywhere in the government bond pr
economy. Eccles and his numerous supporters, cash in bonds will s
including many reputable economists, are con- be less attractive, ai
vinced that this inflation I esev*tlally a money so. Eccles also prop
inflation, deriving from the fiscal police of the terest rate about
government itself. anas~ government bonds.
taken a really serious bite out o "e who eco- The mere fact tha
nomy. In the last seven months, l. tae ready lost to the mon
government has actually bee.' collecung more lion out of every texn
In cash than it has been spending. Plain hu- propriated i -enough
man greed no doubt accounts for part Of the the Treasury's brand,
Inflation, but greed cannot possibly account for from the effects of I
all of It. nomy, this loss alone
The real explanation, according to NBoles and over what might be a
his supporters, lies elsewhere. The basit facts ancing of the public
in the Eccles-Snyder dispUte) the most aipor- Federal Reserve Boar
tant domestic economic issue in many years, are most of what Eeales
simple enough. Secretary Snyder insists, with the open market coa
the backing of President Truman, that govern- must make the final
ment bonds be redeemed* 4 demand by the behind Eccles. Thus 1
Federal Reserve Board at ll face vate.. Thh sue which deeply aft
is intended to make sure that bonds can be sqld the United States an
at low interest rates, and thus interest oil the book will probably at
huge public debt, which must bea included In the entire economy gets c
annual budget, can be kept as low as possible. (Copyright, 1951, New

le enough on the face of It.
that the net effect is -pre-
a though the government
nbacks, and injected them
n a time of inflation, with
ar falling, big bond holders
This momy then goes into
i. adding to total deposits
then loan the money, thus
which is equivalent to cash
- by a ratio of about 0
credit has expanded about
months as much as In
eacetime years. And while
been taking in more cash
ending. the total money sup-
eight per cent. Thus there
credit and more and more
i, while, with rearmamerlt
i gear, there are beginning
ao buy. Tbua the value of
as it falls, the effort of the
atain the price of govern-
more difficult, and a vicl-
tain rather simple ways of
A circle. No man In his
dcles, suggests that govern-
'abandoned to the vagaries
Instead, what is proposed.
lied and moderate drop in
'Ices, so that the rush to
top, because the cash will
nd the interest rate-r more
poses a slightly higher in-
three per cent on most
,t the government has al-
ey inflation soaenrwo bil-
billion defense dollars ap-
to demonstrate how falsn
of economy Is. Quite aside
nflttionn o the whole eco-
ecacels ; several times
aved through c per fin-
c debt. t the
d has the secal it do.;

eI& ts ow p bly'
rfects e seurty of
d every Ameican's pocket*
l be 1 led, before the
-York etaMd bae Inc.)

Biddys' Bumbershoots

By lOB
NEW YORK. Scuttling down Fifth Avenue
the other day, In a hitter raind the answer to
eventual Russian invasion of this nation sud-
denly eame to me, together with a sharp pain
in the right eye. Both the solution and the
pet were induced by the *e stimulus an
Citisns, fear not outlde a r-tAion. forth
umbrella is our first bne of dnse. No bset,I
no hand grenade, not te as atom If canI
beat It as an offensive weain the b ndS of
a determined female. An iibntella needs ia. a-
dar, for it unerringly findjftA target wit
especial effort on the natt a.rI elds r -
It is the perfect we U IA that it seks W
,Te 5no the mact e
own objective, prote I Ischp'to p-
daco and repels everything IEnts path. It Is as

uke and repels one ae btn
paer, to handle It, he si eSW f. bra.
fooled formgenea t n Thsmbr
The fearsomegunbrflp
You know the mae IiOlVated bynmn-

simluarly supplies t y anonymity. Of
meful warfare. I _A ombellBM s*n t
no man ever a m-
biea-brandishing w a= gs
Silence has not yet.
a vand rto s
children and
becomes i
a bombedi
e feels I
r s'
:1 r '*la*iir~i


been revived as highstyle. In addition to Its
function as traffic stopper and man malmer.
Our chief Intelligence agent reports from the
Fifth Ave. front that soe attended a big fashion
do the oer day and that t least percent
of the performing mod ls flaunted parasols after
thed manner of the #oUl'gAftae a. -
It is possible that tir modmr woman con-
templates a full swingback to he olden days of
basic warfare, an disaming herself gradually.
The bones and wires which are secreted in her
intimate apparel make her Immune to ordinary
simple assault. She iars so mueb metal in
her costume Jewelry that she elanks ike a paid*-
u', member of King Arthur's i d Table.
An attempted embrace makes an ardent
fellow liable to severs gaisht t om earrings,
brooches and kindred dangue' SBShe is never
without her sldearms,S h and the spike-
heeled shoe, which ia weapon It-
self, especially in r It to
me that she is 1arnt i as
the Russians rook upw atom-powered
broth under the gules of
If you have' neda a the o vel ona
our most chic daselo S Wi otlel
that the nose-vell rembl time t
visor rather too -et
mental peace. The t
- visor; lance (
umbrella ltsl: e NWa
or reinforced w
she wears as,' w e wLare
store than sirL.
ao = 1W. a

eag ns tf

ba"e b t a "

only to r e but th

aes iontermttae than atl lg
This wqd mean p e
Rang and opening theat or
Oenerl Mawn.n
vance was cautloug. H. dn't
the Communist fa a N
abovj the 3Sth Instead.
But In w "t, "he Aolitht s I
along .with id y'e.Slo igatE
Department andM. aauwbl
have been sent hIM and itl'-theoo
as commander-in-the irjuve
ExzSenator aUt ohtaLd
powerful figues W and t
thing t get back intoh PLcAkd'
lug for a possible Senate
reason for a recent blow-up Inside the C
Senator Wheeler a to In the is
Ioover, and later t 5wisa R vi
flnuuwacr. maSt In I1 3 o_ i '

again. .
Par Wheeer, Int orde -to attract
for the appointment of tvo M ea-
Sam Ford and Ernest Immel, to
Wheeler had cleared these with his old
nan But an afterthoughtt a rWhite n House' 1
Murray of Ntaablor foe o WheelerIsf to.n.t
appointments ,.
"Tou had better read the
exploded Charl Murray, son of e
Senator from tana I snaedM
As a result, the White houe le ti
months. m taeously, another o W el0er5I, La li1
Price Stabilimer't office gMe r and
When Hoover resigned, however he did asln tlei
the brother of Harold Hoover t the Axa onda C
biggest backer of ex-Senator Wheeler.
The Senate Ditrt inun was
make a quorum the ot.erd 0o M .non
and rounded up enough ena .to he
item of business. J Wil-l'
si.ted In firing in ..
Republican, borrowed the telephone
the other day to make an appoltmenk e
evada Republican. Holman's name, howr didt
thing to Malone's office. Patiently ,t edS )owr
spelled his name to the edflf of theed r
sighed: "Such is fame."
(Copyriht, I M by the Bl. ae.)

I Fic ofSftt I

L4 Depleted Is
the state-
of ---
10 Obeelion
12 Annual
14 Godds of
15 Fortifloation
17 Thi state has
S a-climate
IGnH letter'

i Wat iWhe
Ae (pied:)
...l. b

- -


- I5!t~ -

- --- ---------- --------------



- I


1 -I-I






'* ." ... 1;"
y. .*, .-...

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'#4 i+/'
,b a b .'" sa ,



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MSS* Sb*
do isfl- tU



v________ia ali m TeL 3-mi

-~ I 7 -

40< : 5 gL~

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l,' *-. 12-" -a '1^ ,.- ..,---

**.,9Qp r rfrwiiu --..jgi.
*y^ ^F :"? "^. I.- iB"us ~



am S ioV

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, ita.t'-" -M^"a ;," ,,.- "
? ,.- I .
* . ----BIBiaBBBH I~BlK

ano a-
i dij.
lag Na-

l apars quo
un umdo d pe
a m*a roopclon a-
Smemo do CI(VA
13~i~. to-

new m wU"
IMi. .11i-
te In- t
I.-- -
Lw '

E epidmiade influenma q

se cainca de leave 25.OS

eti enfmos en los E.J
LaU emcelas han cerrado, los hospitals estin
n lu industri d rmentida

NEW YoMK, Feb. 3B (UP)-
Punclonarlos amerioapo hban
'tformado que un cuarto de ml-
-NOn do adutoi y miles de nifioa
cttan afectado actualmente en
4odo el territorio de lo Eanta-
ft Unldpe, por una epidemla
i nflm: LaU encudela
*aouentram ton deo camo y el
Scenic ripido y agudo de la
lidei"a ha produeldo una
matRada asncla de Ian Indua-
ttas en muohas cludadea.
Na habido alRunas muertes
Intormada eon algunas lugares,
-pefo lVA mfedle dien que la
.ayoI de l caaoe on relati-
vaen lev._. imilarea a un
fleent mu Maio". En Is ciu-
dad d Boston, I a utoridades
eonid4San que- alrededor de
8.00e1 orwalen ama.
S a est6doo uRichrd J.
CuanlFg, vat6 el. ayugo de.
euaWmea aobre 1,200.000 -
-bro de i Iejisa debide al
nfy1nqMgl& MenoriakS
SdelN lachueettn at S
quo.e an. mteUta er.i.
if l.nto ." nt e t.." ,te-r.
*iM i .-**,<.-' 1. .* --

formedad atacan con.flebroe aW
ta. Zn alguno caoe uso
a Isa gripe Inteatinal",
pafiada de diareoas. L
co agrogaron que an~ o
alguna me puede compare a6
ingle s eta epidemla. .
1l Dr. Thoma Fanrmac, '4-
(ant a i rifg. O6L S
Jorge R. Rosae.s

continuari eono
Srio. de MInse
El Ministro de dotitnr
Jutlla, don Jae Claie
Obaldia no scept6 1:11tn8
preo tsta eta m 9&in :lc potr4
Becretarlo del MafIteoro,
Jdcfp Rubfu Rosa, sito
tonateo 6O~BU uaI al flrte ;.
disha SamaW*4L mAels dod

= u Uam
oon el

aweve Premier J0 de Obedw


nmtro .0t .

ll debta u

hs asd before. de flwnoho.

puHkI^^-imMS~^^^f I.k

I d de ls emn
gr IIV "lE -


agent A po-cia

' Ma Mdm edoc Alfd.cde -a
is. ( me

ida s eueia de Pledra
We. endo A b an=o per
I UtO mujeto qu ao_' ecn *-
riamente complldCa y que rea-
pondea lo nombres de Do-
SWn Onaile., coefto Mi.
I 1ofl a, ba y f Ju-
Jaleron c apttoln ym
ser r por el f

Al Powe&I le" Impea
k trar fiestas sh el desof

a do.

;a4w an

a -
pA d*SS

..._, ++ f..

Don Josl Glemenke de Obaldia
M trox dee Oobiernoy Jueticd
hbeeta Mas a a Ml Panama
America, la sigulentes deears-
Ceons al amink sun funetonea
de Premier de la Repfiblica:
"Al asumir Ian delleadas fun-
clones de Minritro de Gobierno
Justlcia pia deems son de que
s oludadania enters trate de
oaporar en el mantenimtento
d orden pblico para que todon
os. habitante de la Reptblilea
puedan toner la mAJ complete
aeguriddd, de acuerdoa con IdO
wpfhtoo del Excelent ilmo Be-
or Preldente de la Reptblica.
Lan autoridades bajo ms 6rde-
neo estarAn slempre llsWta a gs-
santhiar los de e de los lcu-
dadanos on general de acuerdo
con Is y Is
is Repetza.'"
Em ml fire prop6sito hacer
admlniotracl6n y exiglr de mis
subordinadoa que. no as dediquen
a la paitica, pues como blen 16
ha dicho el aeftor Preidente, la
agitad6n political premature, hno
se Justifies todavia y en un am-
blente caldeado per la paSlomne
political naturalmento no ma
puede gobernar do manera sere-
na y euanlme, par lo queo ven-
(innSa Ia lAigln S, 'Col. 4

pe resentao en
cines inaugwoudM

del Hotel El P=0
n nuevo boletin del "sit
clero PanamA" eat hi iW
dose este fin de memana en4i
prinolpales teatros do la dai

En dicho noticiaro apares
viatas de los apecton man I
teresantes de la LnauguwMl
del Hotel "El PanamA" entry
de Titulos de Patrlmoni 'I
miliar por el Prosidente (o.
ReIpblica Dr. Arnulfo Arias,
aepello del insalgne pate
panameAfo Comandante Jaf
Antonio Oulzado, quiem per a
chose afi o dir6gi eL. ren b
do Cuerpo de BEmbnerer de
cludad de PanamA.

1 Notlclero PanamA dlrigW
do por el conocido camar=6g-
fo SAnchez Durand, logra a
ean6 gltimo boletin un Uaw-
jalon en mu genhr. .

Parece possible un bombardero

movido por fuerza at6mica

a velocidades incribles

W INGTON, Feb. 23 (UP). desarroUa un cabal]
- efiao de los militares de za hora, seria capaz
-btombardero. movido por liar cerca de tresc
a i atomic que pueda vo- Hones de caballo
r dandole varlas veces la horse.
Its al mundo sin parar y a Hasta ahora loa
velocidad mayor que la del fuerza nuclear" han
do, parece cerca. finados a studios to
La circulos oficlales Indican dados por algunoa t
e an el prxlmo mes o algo perimentales de lab
Sel Ooblemo de los ta- Is ComMIn de E
dn Unidoe iniclart nuevos pro- mica, en Oak Ridgi
eto para el dlAo y Ia po- El contratista de
I o" itrueefto de un mo- grama. NEPA (lnenr
*pr ata parsuacl6n y un pars It Propulasla d
sioploa l to suflcentemente non, ha elsdoe oto
S V cO P 7 Ia Cotrporacit 6
&ta"a dlcu- non). La Oamslmln
*be .4 con Is At6mica y al Taf
Z"m Vul-anuciaron quo ta
mb Insa ia sme-n.f .PA nluft, 01i 1 0e.

lo de ft
de desar
cienton i
de fue
"vuelas 1
e6ricoe Si
rabOis I
oratafte 1
neral4 0



+ ," -. -


~,kw d
t- i* V

, .- .- "




a -

d"a d<


r Ma-
ira lo
to del
w Do-.

spas- -^

am- do

: a .-.

r 2i~'.

as ** ctoura e 1a
L T)' (Pass a T


' 1-

de enfe
vital bI
- T =


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St iahll

a6 low

in NN I




; .:*

IIC:~ '"'

I *lls f.'- -

y ooi Is
A ei d
1on =1m

0w mPMr



..*'' .<-. -f- tr/,. 2. '.

* h&. t I'

p ... .^ i ... ... .

v, .. :. -- ,',> -:*. l v
... .. "" '. A. : "" "-"
I .. .. .- .

-T ,_ :' -

"S. tASIS INswu lq,



El dia 15 de Marzo pr6ximo vence el plazo esta-
bIdeido en el articulo once de la Constituci6n de la
Repubiica para que las personas que han adquirido
la nacionaildad panamenia por naturalizaci6n com-
prueben "que poseen el idioma espafiol y nociones
elifnentales de geografia, historic y organizaci6n
political panamefias".
Debido a una serie de factors, especialmente
por negliget.a ignorancia dela ley, seguramente
ha de haber huImerosas personas que no sabian hasta
hace muy poeoo dtas que existia ese requisite cuyo
cumaplimiento ablip a todos los que estan compren-
did.s en laxs pecificaciones del referido- articulo
once de la Consttitci6n.
Como consecuencia de esto actualmente hay mu-
chose individuos que estin bajo la preocupaci6n que
16gicamente envuelve el asunto por cuanto faltan
may pocos dias para que entire en, vigencia la dispo-
siidn constitaclonal que, de no cumplirae, entrafia
la pirdida deo la nacionalidad panamefia.
En presencia de este problema es oportuno suge-
rie a las autoridades del Ministerio de *Relaciones
Exetriores que dicten las medidas propicias para
tender todas las solicitudes que seguramente ha-
brin de multiplicarse en este corto lapso de parte
Sde ks interesados.
Hay que tomar en cuenta tque los efectos que
causaria a un sector del public el incumplimiento
de este precepto implicaria un serio inconvenient
para las personas afectadas ya que, quienes han ad.
quirido la nacionalidad panamela por naturaliza-
ci6n, han renunciado previamente a la de oieftn,.y
al entrar en vigencia la dispoelci6n. aludida of no sat
ha Ienado el requisite e. cuesti6a ecrea para qui
se halle en ete caso un status juridieo sum-n rente
complicado en Jo que a su nacionalidad se refiere.

Sbleata sbrcprelndAl sentido
de ofrecerles gestionar su sblicitud medlitte pages
exagerados. Para evitar Weto se deberfa ihstrufr at
Spiblicoen -b que se relaciona a las facilidades que
brindeSl Ministerio a los solicitantes aludidos.

Acabamos de Recibir:
Ave. Central y Calle Sa. No. 24 Ave. Central No. 04



So notifice a los accionistas do la Compafias Pana-
mefia de Seguros, S. A. que la rouni6n ordinaria anupl
do la empre., tendra lugar el dia Jueves 1 do Maro
prdximo. a las 4:30 p.m., on 91 Sal6n Washington, Hotel
"EL PANAMA", para tratar sobre los siguientes punt4:

1.-Efecdi6n do nuevos Directores;
2.-Reformas a los Estatutoe;
3.-Aprobar Inventarios y Balances;
4.-Cualquier otro asunto quo sea dobidamente
presbMtade a la Asamblesa.
PanamA, Fobroro 17, 1951.



-Llegan buenas noticlas so-
bre la guerra en Corea. Esta-
ra used complacido.
-Sin duda lo estoy, porque >
conoce usted ml aversl6n ha-
cla el comunismo. hacia eso j
que eso llama "pravda" en ru-
so: la vqrdad de los comunis-
tat. Pero no me hago muchas
iluslones. La guerra en Corea
ya nzo ea la guarrs en Core
Lo expllc6 muy blen ei General *
MacArthur. La guerra on Co-
rea oe gan6 por las Naciones
Unldasa en el moes de Noviem-
bre, Ahora es una guerra con-
tra el comunlsmo en Orients
alentado por el comunlsmo ru-
so. No hay que engaflarse. as
la realidad. Lo que ae proton-
de em distraer al Occidente e
Oriented. Qu Ile Imports a Ru-
ala, quo le Imports a China,
en Oltima inastsa. que pe'
rezcan unoa cugntos de clen-f
tos de miles de chinos? Nada,
absolutamente nada. Y entree
tanto\se desangra Occdente. S
canaan loa Estados Unidos deo
enviar miles y miles de olida-
dos a ser sacrificados en la
Inh6apitas teiorras de Cores. No
ea Justo,, no. La reaponasabl- -Ust@4to quoeset& ftc a
llidad d Estado Udos oaUn comoa rprmw. y s* N ode, ao *va
el pueblo mis poderoso de la Is
tierra, Ie impone obligacones. *
Sin embargo, no tanta obU- Viems m- Norual
-Y qud otro procedimlento al ae a = hoor de
habria para terminar la. gue-n_ E r
-rEas Is tragedla. Que no u nares
hay otro procedinlento. Y el NORMAL, eb. 23 ccorrea-
sostener Is guerra en Oriente on AL,na nurlb 22da Delea-
tendra corolarlos. Una video ma pons de la Provincads Centrla-
dificil pra el Occidente. Pre- lean do lart Frao l Contram
close mis altos. Mercanclas mAs le, partielpais n el programs
eacasw. Con ello ganan un qu am dsa ol 0edon Parl-
punto, varlos punts, los comu- a mA namerlo tis do donl a-
niatas, paltidarlos del caos., de iquel con motvo del a-
la Incomodldad. Y con los co- msni na del viernes saidreI ha-
znuniatas de Rusla, los comu- mai Pansam, la Deleacsln de-
nistoldes dr por estas tierras ala Panam, 1lis Delueacln de
que no faltan. Estos comunis- iantla mlos manso qua las d
toldes le hbacen el Juego a los snonIt 6 Lo Antuadulce.
comuniltas. Son suE allados on Poo*6 Aguaduce.
muchos casos Inconsclentes. Xn
algunosa conscientes. Por ven- contar on el Oriente de Euro-
ganza,. por odlo. pa mai qua a Greila y a Yu-
-Usted cree que a Isa larga goeslavla. 81 stacan a Yugoea-
vendra la guerra.. lavia. a Grecia so la tragan.
-Es lo mAs 16gico. Pero no Y, claro es, Turqula. la vioja
shora, no dentro de un mes. Turquts, no podrA permaseoert
de dos, de trees. Los sovidtics Indiferente. Turqala tendri, ea-
se han convencido de que serin ta vez, que ser de las activas.
derrotados. Y no IrAn a la de- MI Oriente de Europa incuba
rrota clerta. El r6gimen so- guerru.
vidtico del secret, dei sla au- -Es qua shora no se trata
sencia de libertad, no ha pro- ya de rutas de comercio, de
ducido lo reosultadom qu slips C tal: va mas le-
esperaban. Con que derecho se j_. ctoaeU6n de Ideas...
habla de democraoia donde esa -MAs a mi favor. El mando
palabra fun umlto? Pom eatd soe harts de injuatlela. InJua-
tierrsa califlcads de antidomo- tic os el capitalimmo, no ca-
crtticaa, de predomnio capl-' be duda. Pero mayor injus-
tallta, ae viaja, 3e pasea, se ticia es el comunlamo, la far-
recorren mus carreteras en au- sa apantosa del comuniamo.
tom6vil. Intent used hacer El Ftado esta en el debar de
uso on Ruals. TUn amigo mlo moderar las gananclas de loa
scabs de estar en Viena. A dos empresarlos, de favorecer a loI
muchachos chIenos lo. detu- de abajo. Pero no se ha de caer
vieron y los conservaron dote- en el extreme opuesto que ha-
nidoe en el sector sovidtle d- ce a los hombres fbaf-os, que
rants doa dids porque leo 91- establece priv.leo a paos los
ptabs na fit n ue pea- viv, pars eli grupitdo de lo
porte. Bonito sistma de conm- exceptuadoas. De ninguna ma-
portarse. Bonito sistema de in- nera.
vitar a lo que ellos denominan
Is "demoMna popular." -Qug Brave eso pone usatd
-Y "1. M de.'TUoesa- :Trrlte, defidol i i
via... Q a ted9 helo m goben qP 'oa-
-No 4at de atl dovedl6n truya, que se le de eIM-e,
el dictedor W sab. neigln -Y. ya ve, no quierp adat n M
dictadari:n.'C: teodo, el limboo mi. Ye ya pand: yoe y, 'e-,,a
sIgnifl-nuttr'n -e unlsmo Maels- Lo deseo para .eats .jale, pe
nalistasA in ne a tro co- esa cluae media, que eptg ,
munismo : Onalista: el do y ea la quo mts suire., '
Moscs. -'qb .a..i N'preten..a que tiene que sa0arei' 4',
la tea Wle. liando as enclen- ante la auLenticidadddEia a-
de, esotul la i uerra on Euro- frimlento... -'
pa. Y ahors 0 se trata de Eu- -Caramba. carambs,-.. Ter-
rope: e traft deo mundo. En minemos el ditlogX. N Xt maf-
oposlci6n a u&- du no e pueds ro de es peligroso...


Lacsa. !
/^sl ^^ LUO *



Wf h mnente Bj. 35"-o.
SLUNES JUEVES...1J-:it i.a
Pars mayores Informss:

Avenida TivoU No. I Teleiono: 2-M04
Aneates do vjes a stoeriandso


- Hasta las diez de la manana del dia diez de Marzo de mil novecientos cincuenta y uno se
recibirin en el despacho del Tesorero Municipal del Distrito Capital propuestas bajo
cubiertas cerradas para el cuido, conservaci6n reforestaci6n, movimiento de tierras y
abono en los sardines de los parque de Santa Ana, Indepeadencia, Lesseps, Boliva
BelisaHo Porras, Estatua y Paseo do Balboa, Urraca, Avehids Federico Boyd, El CS'
grejo, Plaza de los Bomberos, etc. Los pliegos de condiciones serin suministrados enh 1
Tesoreria. '
R N ... -. -OBN-MEREL:J-

adises, as qu... c. estb ns.a mu
y a ir a los toeo... .

n eta ,sd audoi' s
e ons ,s de .d.......a

PanamA, Febrero 20 de 1951.
Sr. Director de
Sr. Director:
En la entrega de as leido ro-
tativo correspondlente al dia
15 de los corrlentes, on la Sec-
cl6n de CartWs 'at let Ar,' ,Se
publicada la respuesta qu el
Inspector General. d TrJaJo,
Sr. ubln Qutrsa, did a.mi
carta denuncta, pubHcads tam-
bi6n asu ascreditado diarlo el
di 2 del ya citado men. Co-
mo quiet quo el eerltoa del
Sr. Quiroz Aponte so sleja de
la verdad, me veo obligA4do a
referirme al contenido de su
farta y a hacer algoaa ober-
vactones al respect. Quiero
creer quo su alejamlento de la
verdad d6beoe, qila, .a quo,
coxA el imo lo afiluma, no
diaone doe Cempo pficlente

prenose daria, y qua ea ea
precisamente la causaa de que
no e hays entera4o dei -
mente de los.punto* a que mA
carta-denuncia se eontrae.
Quieo, aute todo, djar cons-
tancia do que nunsa me he
opueato a que la denunca o'
impugn cl6n que ante la Ins-
pecclin General do Trabalo s,
ha propuesto con relsefOn a
ml elecc6n como Presidente de
PANAMA, siga su cur o regu-
lar, ya quO consider qu e to-
dos mis acts como funclona-
rio de la entidad ya dicha, que-
dan enmarcados dentro de las
leyoe de mi pals. 81 el senior
Inspector del Trabajo ha sa-
cado a reluclr, tardiamente, esa
demand de impugnaci6n, dd-
beas ello inlcamente a la in-
siltencia de este funclonario
plblico en paralizar, a today
costa, miS actuaciones como re-
preontante legal de la Un6n
Sindloal ,Maritima, oponlindo-
lea alempre, como valla In-
franqueable,a Is mpugnacl6n do
ml eleccl6n. Es de saotar quO
habieodo aldo presentads eon
ImpugnaelO6n ante el Despacho
de tel funcionario el dia 16
de Septlembre de 1960, no fue
Ino tVa meoae deepuds el
18 de Dtclembre' del miamo aio
quae e me dl6 trad edo de la
lmpugnaci6n y el tArmlno de
trs dial pars conteatar lo
chrWos, y todo ello a inalsten-
cla mia. Es de anotar tamblin
quo los cargo s fueron contes-
todoe el die 20 de Dlclembre del
m11eo SUo y hasts haoy casi
dos mesa despuds de presen.-
tado el pliegro de descargos -
el aeflor Quiroz Aponte no ha
tenldo tempo de revolver l1
quoerellsa enun sentido u otro,
y soM a peoar de que, coma loI
asedura el sludldo funclonarlo,
trabaja todos los dias, duran-
te lam mafranae, Ila tardes y,
s vecea, hasta avanzsdaa ho-

Qud daRcia! Date prisa, |:
Juinito! Tongo quo sus.
oriblrme on ol CLUB DE I

ras de la Ach De. Do al cri-
terlo de oIb lee oreu deducir
qul6n es el que 0e opone a Ir.
solucl6n doe a controavarla de
qua dejo hbee nfeancla.
Sigulendo ep mia obaeroci-
nes a 1 ,carte-respsata el
sailor Quiio Apouts, qule
hacer conatar que eite senior
continsua Incurriendo en la mis-
ma arbitrafiedad ya denuncla-
da al dSlt l 4a. oaej6..n- del
Departamento de Trabajo a su
cargo e n lo referents a mi
STATUS, ;sin antashtedlar un
fallo quo paong fin definiti-
vameoe a 4 unto, Caozldero
que lo expreosdo por el sefor
Quiroz Aponte en lo tocante a
ml STATUS, sa su persona-
lilsma opinion sobre. eete par-
ticular, y sl blen quiere plas-
marls to realidad, nada mis
16glca es que dicte el fall co-
Y refridrndome a. la repre-
nantaeihn ta l Iar m tuamns -'vm

S"No d
teo, ii. te ptom .1sdian a el a
do.-e -S eaedeb
to. pebl de I 4aIs.t eado.
nido le con aies i lueu tade cc

slats Rue. 0 se



Vue, par i

,-^ -1

n .


.m sim T. 3ep ---.

0euI" i. p .w44

este respect; pero solo
eodAt aodlar.e lo s re lddue l -
'rdel m os oflt a profees l
S quo t hacea pa a la .
defe colectiva o AiniGualm4a-
doe lO debod lA -Ma-
dos. r G eralaA a le e r1
eato mse o e revate doe e-
riMe de erechos medtante el te-'
Eu aan ': 1a6m :
tribunales de trablp, eneep-
tuaado, clarjeattA. a, Is;pec-
cidn General del Trflh, m w
reconce el0- dereoho quoe-*ot&.
a los representantes deo 4oSn-
dieste. pars aetuar an
de sua represtamos e k
taler controveraMi que ao
tile ante esa tribuialea,
patooes y obreros.
Coma obrero, camaA -
sentanto legal e -unsa'
Basld6n sindical, debo -d u
voe doe alerts a todos los '
bajadores de ml pals, y hle
Oonatar que la Isdel
aids que deja oenrever el
rector General de Trba,
tor Ruben Quiros Apoate, ,
aU csrta-respuesta, -a s ft
pars la clase trabaladora. P1..
tale razones debemos pi-
,tan a denunclar en unsa .-
cals maclnaeionalne tornaclt
Is practices queo ae dan
ea despacho gubernaenu Ls,

Antlalpiudole lea gruarins S ___
Director par Isacogia gqs
dIpnsea a esta nml s,-m
em grato suscribirme ed_- &
eteato y seguroa serid d .*.
Preldente ardelad On Te -l. Tl' 0 o Apaf -."1
dical d P-Maritm d .- T- _T--F
blica de P&AMA.

_ ~__ _~


"esr 0- n he wi" s am hplowl

li, C,. Y.. ,a-.. w .
e- fMl" --

le" ma ord- ** *_ -
-.,sd. a'- .oIaO
p. eke, smqmR.


K. I

%I [I
.t. 1:
.JLt -

I" ~t4rI,










''~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.. .....................&^Af- .sA.- --. ............ -.'*\-..?-"3..f';-S'ii'i



i Ikw;'I~wy-

. -z






-... **

m rnam

C. .0. .
S ...... Febroro, 2a o

adeo estas stit- c rompl6 eon el pui
Is eis lenseflasnny ycon aS osa Pot O AUSKUR
a mimo aflo aeta .nsim" (MANrA.)
fduAnte upiq M1UM ninropird a..
S natrImulado i n. nista b italiano a munist s4 1nItalia? Sihone es un
to 'ehPsicolor a .l litcado un lbro tituia do : e o bb na t part del partado
untedo Is& as tmanla o A.n opinion, es he-
-A eoT Epecal de ti que racau," cont en endo foran, n buerta roj sdosinb
SnombrEs dom m =a'ds pets lin e a o qouaerbcunto
101tr otions aontsorbfha l powder realmente
Doatrtorn-Ante. n. or eter querapa rl M ares.que ya pue-
Par ta bec u esco o de te porque tra a d l nterals es dc -
nt nte Marcelo Arel cha hablen convertldo e Pre o esno del comundeparti-
Utl a 4t11ow l D may=tteu, .ro loentementer. n omutdi6n, mayortde lo qeue ca
Sadoo 4, W sn tudiantes -o -ace mis o inenos un kflo It pib llloa"o. Unat raz6n deiesto
mu 4c paor Angler Diddle ubllcado un libro titulado "o m es Z u bIena pareunones del
Dukei, Asatente Especial de lo que fracaS," c ntndc orman, nobure rtas rojos, sinb
ma do E E. ., a trabJMosde. Pero no spromin hacento-a nT Seitereeros qua estperaban
pa"s. i anton riffis. oriteres qub elrn mlembradi l do- dorpre ale o una mayor re-
partido comunsta o uina a tiudO- ace16 do ltotI' taria. y tambl8 n
Pa ot a. obgea Sin luo r* do f tnne, queen trasert6 doel cuantel ement l 6ven, es delta,
WANGT, de renro CATA Ma Colombia, eb.oh rrehablo coan converddtas ay a non m po gas del comunis-
SU CAS mestafi a Fn ebeL n poapus deaoeItoY e la entArl lnt- Cu r el eMoc y lo re- n readd.s por esto que n
tmnadobusrelcof Sot, laente e vente
'h Lbu Slam d, VIS;as dl Ss 19 as. "etr Diddle Duke djoomunloa. onaoone et
to a la 6n tca la re. eando a oura la l be6n dentrodelas ne cu etran qsupuestoseuires
S0 models diS a oeos supcretaro de dad r obl r gando a oI s e tudlantes ex- t personas tno pO de Mosc. Be
Sbi am sp bu tra or a obtener una oror arniarue n partido cainaonurrennO l las reunion de

die t cal eaa a p a sorsak'g adosbse a tie- Io Or --
dto..e. ". compares n de los taccd o dur rcrorse uepr-
Un omprend e de nota beha ca el lnunido. Cooperan r co os aquocSun. cuotu -obligado
Dertsta d tranaorte enta, tratndo de ind pe r rde bl pree6n de los dirt-
SPaxastesdealojainty ompefteros, a qu aq b g an un oonjunto ho-
VW1 wuuw i.Re on asuntex alarpolitics trasada par" ogdneo.
de l. msnutenca6n.dtra inlee s inir de re I

tio' sna 0 iin aI n 'y dads aye a Tl preet -e EN sU CLUB NOC
y tau ana"eL.,,q________L____ Mascu. Pero no no hacen1la rTerera (7osto ha sido una
a.1 P ) Sl6n de quo ci grupo radiQ1l.0i-dPorpiresa haitspars un obierdP-

AtSt nobre la rea- saa "exitena de enorme a Un aa do Icparpiotaloorrudd **lar quee or*mo
" o i do Redes.1Ext. Cartogeno, sin luzieon qIMen d, h.,.ndou pacuanda leo xeomontaa j6vene-del

tura ale, el Washing- amentos que mantne el.b- n netro Club de Lot en la Ciudad Radial, consaia- do rena mioe
WASHINOTO a 3 de Febrawo CAsTAGENA, Colombia, Feb. rr.0glo con l do sunttaytim nn s dutad en as-
'WASSAU ;Fe'b.233(UM)S ( I81ft.-F(tadod. Unidos, Grin 23 1UW).,- Han ocurrido graves denunciar hertzt a Moasci. tarse a Is politics democratict.
... .. Oriental", son la can pspus d perfctoa del PrimCentral Premio de- Cla Lo seria efecto de ea e- n realdad, es par esto que n-
--oPfto r o b l d dodto a Is ta.n6n movdtes la reu- trics, de-ando a oseuras Is olu- bell6n dentro de Ia Uineu Co cueptran qua no pueden seguir
onto 4'-4o ade don l n6n deolon subsereotardos d dad y obligndo a suspenderscoja Ndero HterOYes de Mos.
elalnea d es late Cia.nas eluncione de cin y otros e- unieron a ovimiento de re-
Pei S- BeyI a md -3 lda-e 5- do nC"o, a fin d. onsldezor peCulcn o.33a
gdo. ,is=a o L. n, _p"- *a'b-''1'1 p R. I& Loa
Saantes del a 2o.-Problemar qe afctacion'derado me a-me
n decorad7 y Is..-n ns do caniilfebrei do isa pendlormn sjd trlamasionoas tiene los Iejorts
eta de Is o Unl6n am no s le- ahts cuiado duraoga.
iEl anJe do notrs ha sido el ma 15 A tuacl6n. m
Del R.da erturs de ie- texto. de unA N T O N IO sorts sbre AN

do I33 a d" 31"-obram. eoftumne Y dads aer a I npre-j EN SU CLUB NOC
Sat 6n contInuera dP- as.
t arobrelrea aa etenaortunorme Unaxcpcional portunldad la qu frocmo
A ts a O. ViItea cla o endormes i
.i' d ean Alem tents n 50 somana a TEAS3.00 con Is dos altimas
..... u..., Oriental",05 io la caus d I l ifr del Primeor Promio do la Loteria Nacional.
0aouc ad1nAsnot& die lw *ta- Veanp y Escoja n Nimu NHOV I"--
jdon' Unidqs, i s cua pldeuoe so
prepare. uar "=toaripo ..-opiau. Cia. do Lefevre, S. A.

Fi.&_-2.--Psoble sq ectan a
h .fi ,da- s tW J-m bihmm Alemanha.


de material plistico 2.79
naul y negro 2.95

Tlas 34 a 40.
Oorem roJo y a

at-Sf. A-aa-- fAeun.

C om pminawu o

Caolqes: rosa, celeste,
verde. TaZla 34 a 40.
Espedal. ..7.95
Rosa y blasco.
Tallsa 5 a y T.
Especial...1.95 y 2.25
Con adornox nylon.
Tallu.a3 a 40.
Esped *..3.95
La-media maA final.
Nuevm colored claroa.
PANTIES para NINAS..70k.
Tauas 1 a f.
Roam, blanco solel .

o .


2' -

* *!

o- -a

.~n B ^J..* -teff flK^ ..


blancas de material
plistico ........

de Ray6n ......
' con Encaje .....
en blanco'
:izul y rosa 1



azul, rojo,
verde ...

12 al 16



* .

gran variedad de
estilos, dede ...






par ninAos


-- AGl

alitencla paV 't.auder a su
natria. Son SH Soa y no de-
Sean convertibeAn sastlites ru-
sos.. come tampasp Qualeron ser
satllttes ncas, opusleron a
Mussolinl porquA no querian
permltir que otto hombre lea
dictara- sue binamilentos. Be
oponen al CImlfonrm por Ia
miama raz6n.
Deade su romplmlento con
Mos08c, lone quo tiene cin-
cuenta asiM hb estado nmny
active' en el motmlento socia-
lists, saefilando que hate res-
petsa Io principios d e mo-
cracia y Is libertad individual.


qi i am. ,



adquiirsla en

50 75*f
1.25 ia

S 9)ri/maveral !...


Seguimos recibiendo preciosas Telas de moda.
Luzza esta temporada encontadora, luciendo
nuevas Creeciones con Telas del Zig Zag!
De Irlanda -
Colores Firmes.
Preciosos Colores.
Colores Firmes.

n nl a siaa

Ave. Central 108


I. -

Tel. 2.3418

)Y- HO)


'U T.



Procedente de los mejores Teatros
de Centro y Sur-America triunfado-
ra en la "N.B.C." de Nueva York, de
la "C.M.Q." y de la "R.H.C." de la
___ ____________






Ultimas presentaciones del famous

que ha venido cosechando tantos
triunfos y 6exos en los lugares "1
done se han presentado. .





- Ii

_ _~_



-- I r



i~ 1;..... l.~~ii". ':



-maim 9M


5..... 5a*.~ -~ .AM3SJC

- --.------..---. ~

f ,

La' Norma

era ii


para el nisimero de: alumnos

Srta. Graclela Vargas
por Las Minas
Ambas. genuinas Herreranas,
valorizando la noble mislon que
activan las Federaclones de So-
cledades Santefias y Herreranas
han aceptado la postulacion que
aun respectlaa pyeblop les han
confiado pars alternar en la lu-
chs par la conquista de la Coro-
na de Azuero.
Reconocen que Ia lucha serA
reftida, pero ello no las stemom-
riza, pues saben perfectamen.e
que cuentan con el respaldo to-
do de sus coterraneos. Aun a-
ceptan. que si la suerte no les
fuera favorable, al final del cer-
tamen no habra vencedoras ni
vencldas, puesto que su contin-

Srit. Matilda Tells
por Santa Maria.
gene en una U otra forma ser-
vira lo l amo que el de las o-
tras, haber logrado el 6xito-com- aIs Jir tnldico aalaten-
clal, cuyos fines es procurer el
alivlo y mejQrqInmlento de l .sa-
lud del campesinado de la Pro-
vincia *de Herrera, que con ca-
racier urgente lo eta deman-
Llevando esto como consigna,
estas dos cautivadoras sefloritas
lucharan pulgada por pulgads la
dificll conqulsta de la Corona
del Relinado de Azuero. Muchos
exitos y buena suerte lea deaea-

Arrastrado por la corriente

del paso "Los Negros" muere

Manuel Abrego en Santa Fe

SANTA FE. Feb. 21 (Corres-
ponsall.- Hoy como a las diez
a.m. perecio ahqgadn el menor
de 17T afos Manuel Abrego
Qqintero en el Rio Bulala. quien
se dirlgfa al caserio Bermejo
en compafia de su padrastro
Secundino Vernaza, su herma-
no Ruben Abrego Q., y otros
menores. Manuel Cruzaba el
rio en el lugar denominado
Paso los Negros, cuando de
printo una fuerte corriente de
agua hizo rodar la bestla que
cabalgaba cayendo el oven al
agua. Desputs de haber sido a-
rrastrado,. qulen lucho afana-
damente por salvarse la vida
agarrandose de las ramas sin

lograr eato debldo a la fuerte
corriente que agotaron sus fuer-
zas. El cadaver fud encontra-
do a milla y media del paso.
Presentando leslones en la ca-
ra y el pecho segun. peritoe
nombrados por el Personero,
quien levant el acta del suce-
so. Agradeceriamos Gobierno
nos dote del ,material, necesa-
rio para construir un puente
de tranalto a pie ya que mo-
radores del Corregimlento del
Pantano ofrecleronse gratulta-
mente para su construccln las
medidas del puente fueron to-
madas por Ingeniero Murgas.
Este rio es peligroso en esta-
clan de verano.

Se han inscrito hasta hoy

sesenta y cinco alumnos en

eatudioS universitarios

DAVID, Feb. 22 (Corresponsal)
-El Comite Pro-Curaos Univer-
litarios de esta cludad labor
Intensamente por llenar las lia-
taa de matriculados que hasta el
moment ha llegado a 65 alum-
nos. Varlas reuniones han veni-
do celebrando los miembros .Ie
este comlte con el fin de im-
Spulsar las inscrlpciones que ha9-
' --ta el moment vienen resultan-
do un exito. A pesar de ello 0
espera que casas comerciales de
esta localidad suscriban becas
cuyos valor es de B/. 17.60tpor
los trees cursos. Facilitan ests
magnifica ayuda que se presta-
'ria a la comunidad chiricana.-
Los cursos univeraltarlos que se
dictaran en David cubriran i-
guales credits que los de la U-
niversidad de Panama. Esto ha
alentado enormemente a maes-
tros de escuela primarla que es-
tin Ilenando y llenaran los re-
quisitos exigldos p a r a aprove-
char las ensefianzas universita-
rias que se impartiran en esta
a cludad. Los Interesados, nos ma-
nifest6 miembro del comity, de-
ben matricularse a mas tardar
W. dia de maiana.

i gina a cargo de


Loas .urreospuaiesM debeara
mfiis a iasi iai deipasoiena
das moraw plrodistleas Debes
evialr al perl6dico lom aunto
y notlcias mis lalereunm qu
ofecten a I eomunidad n *ab
miotom se trata de uns opurts
aidad Dars haesr determlnads
ampabas politiela.

..As PALMA1l--elunao dutMrrm &1
EL REAL-Sr. Obdultla ContUra.
uAVID-u tthao Ai'mredA &
UOaUEI L-Lnrtui. WasIon
LAb LAJAS-AMa- bailgeaM
CERRO DE rUNIA-beeiris Mirainia
LA CONCEPUON-L-ll iuery.
BAN FILla-D-mue ebeln
,GUALACA-temlltoeil- Pallhe
HORCONCITO-ra? amoall
*OQUERON-Aawart. Ee
roLZ-bid -aUtemarla L.
SAN ANDRES-FPa-tia Ur Mtmd

ENONOME--46eaeo 0 0=1
ANTON-Amsallo J. Jda4
NATA-Juao de D. Vigu"n
LA PINTADA--Oermrdo e*mNudMl I
OLA--Ocelmo G6ome
RIO GRANDE-JnoM d, Gromae F"
RIt R'14O-l'erTo Quirea
POCJ--J A. Cormio
1o10 D E JESUS-rvioy BatIsM
LAB PALAb-Ck sa amrdlllo
CA0 AS-ZA-Pedro J. Mu4i.
i LrfBAtR- MUiuj enili
ATALAYA--Samuel PiN1c
IANTA r-oveuiS Gairel (VOMue
LA VILLA Dk LOb SANlO'8a-Pr sfai.
Caldr6 0 G
0HITho-Romrau P neka
LAB 1UNAbi-3pndfIldva QNSOM
ILoe Boliel
-,JANUO- DLftenal. Me5ees
PTA MARIA--l-turto oleMes
PARITA-Leopoldo Aro WfG
TONC'I-Je.owuIoIe Me-fe
prlA-I -Aonvlls itilb V-M -
OCM7VirglllB Ar6fulo
tUARARE-.Jo Miew Ananua

Contempla exceso

do matricula de

300 unidades

NORMAL, Feb. 22 (Correspon-
sal).- La normal aera Insufl-
clente el pr6x no mes de Ma-
yo para dar cabida a todos los
alumnos que se espera ingre-
saran a los cuartos y prime-
roe afios, debldo a la falta de
cupo. La escuela que parecto
un elefante blanco, ahora con-
temple un exceso de matricu-
la que pass de trescientas 340
unidaden. Declaraciones formnu-
lada por el Director del plan-
tel Lic. Vicente Bayard, in-
dican que el prdximno afio lec-
tivo habra una matricula quo
pasara de 400 alumno s par
cuartOs som osy 350 para pri-
meros, provenientes estos 0 l-
timos solo de la Provincia de
Veraguas. Be estudia la poel-
billdad de reformer el hora-
rio de classes de la Anexa. para
que lom sextos aenos den cla-
ses alli,. y aui dar cabida al
exceso de matricula en las otras
aulas del plantel. Con proble-
ms que se ha planteado es la
falta de especio en el Inter-
nado para las solicitudes que
se estin haciendo.

Ik -^

Con gran entuslasmo se estin
celebrando los escrutinlos para
eleglr la "Reins do la Ares de
Chame" en es 0poblaci6n, eorta-
men en que particlpan un rupo
de distinguldU sefioritas do laa
cuales presentamos hoy a la
gentil Denia del C. Alba, que
cuenta con gran numero de sim-

Hallan huesos de

un ser human en

caserio de Pes6
PESE, Feb. 15 de 1951.
Sr. Director de
Senior Director:
Nuevamnente en el eaiserio de
"El Hatillo", jurUcodlon del
Distrito de PeO, a dnuo minu-
tos de diatanolis e setin en-
contrando unoI esquOttoi a-
mericanos, en asuntle de em-
cavaclones, huesos, dieuten y
hasta el craneo del aer human
que hace much safloes en-
contrsbag.4epultadoa en un de-
partameao dml ediflelo munici-
pal del Distrlto do Pe06, a la
vista dal p9bl0loo en general.
Agradecidndole al seflor Di-
rector au publicacl6n. me sus-
cribo muy atentamente.
Usn ai ons.


7-Fibra de la pita.
14-Del verbo allsar.
15- jimbolo del sodio.
1 --Letra griega.
17-Ap6cope de santo, Inv.
18-Repetido, dios de la alegria.
19-Bra de los mahometanos.
21-Una pareja.
22-Cloruro de sodio.
24-Un millar.
25-Armadura antigua.
26-Nombre de plant, PI.
29-Mar pequefao.
3-Salidas del sol.
32-Tonel, en Cuba.
35-Garrotes, pedazos de palo.
39--Empleas, utilizaS.
41-E-Osuea Naclonrl ,
Autonoma, Inlc.
42-Del verbo salir.
43-Tratamlento eapaflol.
44-Clencia del blen y del mal.
46-Preposicl6n inseparable.
4--Catfena, Abv.
49-Nordeste, Abv.
50-Del verbo coser.
52-Poner lisa una cosa.
54-Refuglos pars deavalidos.
55-Tardio en los piLos.
1-Sembrado de videos.
2-Representacl6n de una ._
3-Letra griega.
4-Flildo imponderable.
-7-ConducLo o via Mritma.
9--ndica repettieln.

La reorganh1acl6n

del Instituto do

Verano complies

SANTIAGO, Feb. 2 (Correia-
ponsal). Lom naWtAr del
fntltuto de VeranO eMplacl-
doe por la reorganhuse l, nue-
va orientacl6n dada en utsa in-
titucl6n por Ministerlo de Idu-
cael6n. Auguramos al Dr. Al-
fredo Cant6n, su actual Direc-
tor, versado en sauntos edu-
cacionsales, 6xlto rotundo, con
decidlda cooperseo6n dullgente
subdirectora 7 competenteo pro-

'-ea "El Aviso Oortuno"

10-United States, Afv.
12-Destruir. arralar.
20-Repetido, provincia de
21-Pisada muy fuerte.
22-Balle tipico cubano.
29.-Padecimlento, enfermedad.
31-Lista o catAlogo.
32-Que se le busca.
33-Atrevidos, audaces.
34-Oxido de calcto.
36-Rio de Eapafia.
37-De pequefia eatatura, PI.
38--Dep6slto paras al.
40-Conjuntos de voces.
43--Parte de las manos.
44-Contrarlo de bueno.
46-Regio6n fabulosa de la
ritliguedad. r
47-Otrd-ro i de Epifias.
4P,-Hio de Noe.
00e' IIIiIN nD AVwQ

A .0

RInde hmnenale

en ntiao a

Letldl PInx6n

SANTIAGO, Feb de 1951.-
Pars despedf a I SOrta. Pin-
z6n de miu taio de solteria,
ase celebr6 a cena bailable
en el Rancho "Urraca" donde
as reunid6 n selecto grupo de
damask y daballeros.
La t Pinin Ua hija de
un buh hogar de los Al-
garroboe, Dtrlto de Santiago
y a pesar de habeue levantadO
con la nina Syuds de mi ma-
dre, ha abldor triunfar en la
lucha por mu mejoramiento y
asi logr6 graduarue en la Es-
cuela Normal J. D. Arocemena
y vlajd luego a los oEstados
Unldos a perfeeclonarue en su
carrera de Iducadora y hoy fl-
gura entire lo mejor con qua
cuenta nuto ma!lmo eatable-
Como Presidente del Comita
Pro-Bibliotoe& ha desplegado
una intonsa campafla, dejando
Una aerie de mejorsA en eat
estableomldento de cultural. La
Profesors PinO6n, vialara a
Europa para radlcarse en Fran-
cia, donde contraera matrimo-
nlo con un distinguldo caballeP
ro de ee palW.
Con la separaolon de Leti-
cla, Veraguas plerde un gran
Aprovechamos eats oportunl-
dad para agradecer a Leticia la
intenaa. y valiba labor desple-
gada an au querida tierra y ha.
cemrn votes por as felicidad
y qua vuelva pronto a servir
de aliento a ls auyos y ded
esperanzs a 1 Iociedad de-
Anastasio Dias J.
Secretary del Comit6

Folleci6 ayer
un paftirca "

de Palmas Bellas i
(B. C. 8.),- Deapuda d's larga
entermedad que lo mantuvo
recluido en su resaldencia por
mAI de aio y medip f&a*cl6
hey en Is poblacidn de o.ha-
greo, a loe 77 afdos de edad el
seaolr Abraham Becerra, tron-
go de distingulda famlla cha-
iefia; y quien se diatiugul6
en todo memento por su carl-
fi y apreclo por todo el. que lo
trataba. Ml fallecimlento del 8r.
Becerra ha cauzado Bran con-'
dolencla en la comunidad cos-
tefis por tan Irreparable per-
dida. Este corresponsal por es-
to medio extiende au mas wen-
tido p6same a los deudoe del

P bUSImUW eupoMb
Si,. despu6 de influenza u oraim id

.Inl 0-"0 d ".pui. d
din1a. O ,ea.r.. ._
of I*Mzll

I peharim nan m hen s bl. s ll

.r ur .- .a W .
,,- ..... _: -- M R -:. ..- t .I :_L .-I

- V

NOTA: .te srA un nue-
wv e lo perrul an e le.a

tb". -de o de I"
pIodueie a-ireSlas del pal.

culp qus mu de y w-el--
defe im'olij.e ive nui-owi
eatmpgslm eonoMa u5 % on-
d, r'e 71 y b-m s .-a "El
raanta-Aamenca." El Lie.
GUtherMO i. BeBo C., ai d-

.Por ReInaldo Ceballos 8tilson.
La Apglultuwa some bam fun-
d amtsOl pamr el desarrellso
esoamlco de is COets:


tpanlanta y l .rtmt-

IaN del p a a

mscuaenmamu'emee antn 6a
turs iy anidad rumsl.
0 -

"Abel Bravi
CoJ6n, tiOen
vblUntad di
en 'el future
hombres 11
iimtAl on%&

lWU, ntapw
N oa sorprende grandfmete rar sm pro
que en los programs que esta 'y apmmio
Preparando el ministerto de auminlstrad
ducaclon relaci~.loip Dh.; ex- hem
tenld6n agtrbola eh todo el to- en maseria
rrltorlo de sl repiblicA, no ee don Unidos'
hays IUclaido en este a ninguno tro pase pp
de loe pueblos coatflos que for- recomender
man A1 provindea de Colon.-La plrdas pa
actual admlnistracl6n en cola- griOlae Po
boracl6n a lo que ee define en a PalO m..
el "PUNTO CUATRO", estA in- yeCto i ael
teresda pma que ,el easpesino. as .de IM.
sea el .beaefclado bon eate anm- .~s dej. ai
teproyecto, que de Ilevarse a n- Dotar a la
feeto, redundarla en gran be~ de una u a
fiolo para lia iuvenatua oontea; 4pnd t
ya qu i ad a o a quoepa- Uagra
a n Mi. ter--e
aA~ ros0-m12nt12 lla ties a
11an 0alfnite kus eattoMl

car sut estudlOM en el-ColejO cia dde
S. .. ?

o", de la dludad do
on qua permanecer &
1 tlbmp" sn toner fle y bSr a los
breo, Of._ a
visa. -t

og por la pran nos0
rSia 'q 'tuntdos
ariclaB d losIEoD-
', se halan en nuea-
.ra haeoo eatudios I
ot 'lugares aspto-
orgk nsar en treis-
SquIe no- inaluhy






-- ? :

* CENTRAL 41 tamben
veone id per mayor.

Precios Espeeiales.

nte 250
Awa .. 230
Articulos para el Verano
a Precios Especiales.


Patime....... 250

Bmieres. .... 1.13
Sweater' fjina .. 2.25


.-. ..

_.'-*_. ** ^ -f^ *-* ": AMA%='^ ^ *'v..

. ... .: v ... ,.9 O.

- -w o. .. ,
^ A*^^-.^ ^L^^-"4CA.^^-l'-.


L.P Onesru Ml. s .Ma...ti I.7 b.p .a a* n*al "

Sdo lua .oowM swut I od 7 6 m" e**m y q



*^! p~ dMONH


- ~ .-.;

---- ---- ---

i I

__ -.~. c.- -- ------

.- .' ..


.... ..


- .-

r.*" : V. j *11 t 1 J
'JAp ;. "- :

6+; ,-- P

a a

sla sda OGI-
ene, quiet tiami

Ibef. qued diplmna s*
bljo 8s aMu-k ow pia .
L. Mmubleria EL DIABLO
,e o Au a ri m .o

*2 *,. ,.jl, .+
I '-,'. ''-;+- +
IF_ ;' '.i.
s ."t. ,
,. ++ -.,
f. b --i
iM ...* .

Pna* orta is deamosa
qlen sure quebrantoa doe ealu
en la Clines San Pernando.
Abandoa. ei I -
Anotaiioa ooiplacldoa el res-
tablOcSMiento del 2110 Juan Rs-

HEJJOMAN Sedan 18-4 puertUa (Carns do demostracl6n)
WoindCor If-4 puertu, nuevo.
'2 .-den pi u i IpuAtntna.v.

IW T-M*oltar overhand.

AV. Coaetml a33 Tal.. 1S3 3-134m

M Ny ter iso 4 hieuobtfs o ltar
-wB -tan ass hwguam Ia ai

S. ." AL# T
-'........... .


".' '-.1 1
t "- ."

sa a.....W

V. qt .oo 4... ad.e
y do.w f r

beya Mdw944ty

Sals drir 3.a2.el SA
,,isld 0l,-1'1 a logo

A eIM esa wup-

avAno sAPP, a, A. .
A.arta N -X -- am I, LR. .



V 4



Ba MeroAftd-. de

orts A. d.
Irit Morose ova d
Madea Altan COapo

O tea .de Malnas
I Aldais de la 0. as oen-
to Lu Ouardia Pon"e.
LJo o,
m or Tomas A. Arias
Bw Gaobriel Lewi.
Cagmi ayor elen afioe
La venerable sailors dofas
Margarita Pedrol deo Reyos,
tranco de atimada family,
oumpli6 after clen saftlos, rodes-
da de aun hijas ra. Fiomena
eyes de Bay6, y Marf bReyes'
#e Amador, y sus nietas Carmen
y6o do Reins, Rosarko Bay6 de
Viquesz y Ellea Amador de oul-
l6mn. Tlene nueve nietoa y do.
tataranletoe. La felicltamo.;
de 8an Francisco
I1 Cateumso comiens, de
nuov el slbado dia 24, por t1
nmaona a las 8:30 y por Ia tar-
de a las 3 y la tms el db-
ainag 25, a las :30, retrauml-
tids a control remote par la
kImnora Miramar, Onda aorta
4 metro y ondau largas 780
ktoelclos y 40 kiloclclou.
Apoealade de la OrhlaM
Iflelsa de San Francisco
Ni dia 28, lunes, se tendra la
reunl6n mensual de las Cela-
doras del Apitolado de la Ora-
cli6n y no el 23, como era cos-
Como alfits' Coeadorsa eas-
tarn n on.JQRlc uece-
ma intermiti. trc ta1
p~~-etel 5I 3-estarln libres
pars poder asudir r0gasms su
prencia y Isa comunleael6n co-
rrespondlento a sus compafte-

Parece posibir
gfn dia per motors at6dmtos."
1l Dr. Alvin U. Weinberg,
Director de oInvtitaoloneo en
Oak Ridge, ha pronoaticado el
bombardero movldg par energia
at6mlca. El dUio mlentemente
que "tal aeroplane combinari
un tremando e llnlttado ampll-
tud de ouelo y probablemente
muy alta alturs, ambas don
armas estrat6gleaa de gran po-

Con excepo6n-
n, y pr anto mientras de-
zog la artful a 1 y 3, man-
t!one an Vlna el articulo 2
del de.ocet No. 147 do 21 de
octubre de 110, lo que en otras
palabta signift q s "man-
tienen catenae pars menores y
adulto Isi playas dodeo Pans-
mi" Vieljo bats Ufarraza", pero
Be. lavantan la piblobloenes que
pesan sabre el tdo Juan Dias y
otros rioa almdios.
Los nifoa podtan rereuar a
los teatroe y snpo8 de Juego,
pero D nift,, al adulloW podrin
baflarse ean la playas" que ae
m lderan contamlnadu.

RoW B.3.000 un-
fectu6 n el ert de To-
cumen a Noltude ol Cancsl-
lerna de COsts Ile,. qulen ha
remltdo a 5l)oaloaes I terlo-
res Is dolnnintAon ed ldo por
log oenvnta mnuemaslonalwe. 8e
empers quo m embroe de Is Po-
llJa de o'ta wUea llefgun tes-
ta ciuodad dte un amnento a o-
tro a levarso at IOferidojJoe-

lb ;
?MAM tb

w- -'* *



Sla oeSicnMs de Motores mejor vielitbdad. Todas las
lU eWft cludad se eas- vennas as puaede balar com-
a los nuevos m- pletamente para la buena ven-
a ,", de la Ford tlae6n del autom6vil y vil-
ALl y. que combine blUldad completaments despe-
|MI loenexterliorea de un jda.
Scon el contort deo
e oo. 1m "Victoria" es para sels pa-
I two modelo, quo sert alero. Ne l ico autom6vl
rao 4 pronto a los mert- en su preelo equlpado con un
o dit la America Latin. motor V-8 de 100 H.P. y que
S11if t cho totalmente de ofresea opci6n a la transmisidn
Sy 3.000 pul0adas cuadra- conventional y Isa obremarcha
; 44 Otstal descublerto para Ford.

m Nacho Valmh "

U0 M-0 6 ica '
:46 Melodia'srl u ,
1:00 o de st s,
Luho a

V:45 beo 6 e el NA
0100 Selegalone m
:30 Sereastma d
I Canta Stt 4bY
0:15 Maria Vtethtl
1:30 l Hit Muna"a4l o
10:00 ainfonil AnzwvtS
11:00 Buenu Nobs a.

6:00 uenom Dia
6:03 El Dperador Muial
8:30 Noatler
7:00 Mdeica Tiplee
7:18 NApaholerla"
7:30 Grands MasltroA
8:00 Bol- 4. 3sor
0:30 Misea Variada
8:45 RltmntB )ortesmrtcahto
9:oo00 Doliclas Tropic"le
9:30 Vida en los NadO
0:45 Estrellaa de la Mimics
10:00 Peticlones
11:48 Comentarlos Videis
12:00 Acordes Portefsoa
1I:18 Notlelaro
18:80 MisIea de sal6n
12:50 Primera care r
Flesta Hipica de Hoy
1:00 Boleros
1:18 CarLTrora
1:30 Cantares de M6xico
1:45 Carrera
2:00 Mi sica Variada
2:15 Carrera
2:30 Ritmos Tropleales
2:45 Carrera
3:00 Acordes Porteftos
3:15 Carreras.

Hoy comienza-
Cecilia bajo la diroccl6n de la
seforits Lilis mou.
Inmehllatamente .d -pujs, Se
verfticar lIa coloaoli6n de la
primer .pledra del busto 1ue
sora erigido a don Enrque L-
nares en el Parqqe de Santa
Ans como homenaje del Muni-
clDio de PanamA, a la memorial
del Ilustre Patricia. 'Y termi-
nado eate acto habri una pe-
trgrlnaet6n a la tumba do don
3arue Linare, Y on el oe-
ntie harau uee de la &ala-
I el Ptblio A. Vaflezs,
istrado de la Corte upsre-
baa de Jumtelta


Me sirve pare limplar
*I cufs, come baIs
de polves y para
sumvizar las manes.

La Cams HINDS de Mel y Almendras t
es realmnte a cremea cmplsa. Limipia suav
y prong is pI, mse de la cara, las manos y hbsa ls
plemaust CJi al acotarse, par limpisa, y duman
el dia, tmo bae do polvmo. HINDS mamsodrdA Smpre
Is juveail tmsur de su ctis.

(eav o6 7m6 4 adwenoe

-SeaulWo 0c I ,w.i.!

U. I~~'


^' .... -. -


La prena-
go S iollcitar a los cludadanos
y habitantea de palsa, que pres-
ten su cooperation a las auto.
ridades pars mantener un am-
biente de ocordlalldad."
As! mlamo eapero que la pren-
sa Naclonal (hablada y escrita).
Insrada en sentimlentos pa-
tri6tiewo cumpla con su mW6nn
de audar al Goblerno en sus
buenow propoaltoq, critlcando lo
que asea crlticable. nero '. Pr-
nera comedlda y en un lengua-
je quo no pugne con -Is laui-
ce6n cultural de nuestro pais.
Esa mtsma prensa tendrt alem-
pre ablerto mi deospacho pars
cualqulera informacl6n o cual-
quier punto que qulera tratar.
Sobre todo en vista de Isa sl-
tuacl6n mundlal confusa es ne-
cesarlo quo todos en el pals
sunamos nuestras voluntades
pars aervir a Ia Patria y a sus
interese an Is forms mia eflcaz,
teniendo aiempre en miras, an-
tes que todo, la seauridPt de
"-s1 ro pala, del Canal de Pa-
n A" y del Continente America-

El Minstro- *
mode una ventaja, porque at no
cooperannen a buena march
del Mibtlsterio i tendri a que cxl-
girles la renuncda y agrego que
suprlfmria todo pueste quo con-
sidere Inneciuarlo.
El Ministro Carbooall djo6 a
la prensa que papers tenfeden-
tro de laa pr6ximaas ouarenta y
echo borsa \is riendsa abaolutas
del Ministerip -- '.

La sentefult aflao Contenclo-
so Administratlvo favoreci6 a
los Inspectores Braullo Monte-
negro y lglo $ Sals, d Los
Santo s y Herrera, respectlva-
mente, y el seflor Joad Rodril-
queu Finamor, Auzllar de la
Inapeecidn de Educaclfn de la
por Is falts de Sol y en silencido
se entreg6 a la Policia. Inme-
diatamente ft condueldo a una
berlina de la Pollcia Secreta
donde permanecert detenido a
ordenes del Fiscal Sandoval.
De acuerdos con dates obte-
nidos por este diarlo. ouantia
de las flanasa perdidas ascien-
den a uns cantidad aproxtma-
da de B.20.000.00C


tiene los

mejores programs


e.! L a


.;o nEbt .msrdh agwAm Sw i ll
be enenwmbw y a.. fs eM d
/<^^" ~ I~ -/ ^ .a*-.



Ave. Central y Callse 1 E. No.

1 Tell.: 3-1880 y X-L7S



"Donde rinde mas el dinero"!

Forola .

Kotex -



-i -

- .


'f 2

Rqwentante de
10a C Robert Reis
so hello en Panam6
M1. .r Olen Coben, Gerente
do%'. xptacl6n de la Robert
It Company, Nueva York, se
eoneqt vialtando el lktmo.
La Ioert RLai Co. es el murn-
d.'aithsatc cbocldo ?sokicante
doe R6 Interior para hombres,
Pijamas y Camisas Sport, los
cuales on vuidldse por los mis
desatcsdcm almacenes de la Re-
pibUet de Panam.
11 prop6sito de la visits del
Br. Coben es el de mejor ao-
clams con todos los clients
de Oels y discutir con ellos log
problems y necesidades doe
nusatro mercado.
11 Br. Coben se esti hospe-
dando an el Hotel "El Panamt"
y seta entratenido y auisti4o en
mu trabajo por su agent lo-
cal, la Compalia Irving Zapp,
S. A.

Es poible-
coin a Francis como hicloron
hace clen ahos con Algeria.
Juln parece tener el reapaido
de los berberiscos que se dicen
ser un mlll6n. pero la mayorti
estAn con el SultAn. "

En epidenia-
E cuela *d leud POblied, de la
Univeraldad de MiUhlngs, con-
siderado como uno de lo. ma! s
destoadoma peelalistas n'n lp-
fluenza, declar6 que la "'epde-
mis no parece ser de severidad
alarmante, aunque es mas airu-
da que on afl anteriorea En
Denver la epidemics saeot a los
mlembros de la Orquosta 81nf6-
nice de Israel, que recorre el
pals. mis o monos todos ban
tenido que ir at Hospital, pues
ellos estin acoatumbrados a
chimna calido.

. 36
por 19#
por 19 .

. 2 x 25 -

. 250

Leche Klim 5 Ibs. -... 3.65

Leche Condensodo grande 280

Avenido Quaker grande 48


25 variedades, cada lata con un

precio sumamente bajo!



fiMC DU C El61 A( C 1 E A

Filetes de anchoos .....

Trufas - -

Macarelas picantes .

Sardines con picante. .

Petit Pois sin dulce -

. Champignongs a Parisien .

Higados trufados de gansos





87 I





;-_ *,. -. ", ... -. &^ -.

- j
.I, .. .

__~_ ~__Y_ ~ __~_LI_ __~


- -

---- -- -- --


-- --1 zrr

Jugos del Monte
"Peach" y "Apricot"

Spaguetti "Caruso" -

- -

< V4





MisceAinel Bienesa Raices. Dow6sticos to COMEi COM RCAL
V3NSI p-Ctave. ftbubre .N.g, SE ALQUILA:-Q se ynds. Casa do SE NECESITA:--Buena cocinera que SE I xomento dh i
a e mseotade, fir-.Tel tlee6 campo en Chorrera (El CocoJ Tel. duarmo en trabajo. Referteclas, A y calle 43
snel gM owM e s? m made- 3-0255. Cllo 2a. Perejil No. 6. 3-3359. st
am bsol m 0,e plh'u. SE VENDE:-Pbr no poderla tender SE NECESITA:-Una buena cocinera, SE ALQantos. 0- AN
AjtS. JLOALl. Via ~--* personalmente su duefa, abarrote- NO tine que dormir en el empleo. C"u :fcinoa d la coa
#A. epg0 & 0 J-a- Pime1e. Tel. riao pequifla. buen equipo, bien sir Informes on Compo Alegre, Ave. de oeI. n.
3.150., tuada y con muy buen promnedit Ma. Icaza No. 26. ENUEVO". oESP'JOS
"_ deo vento diar. Caellso 43 Este No. Sn AtIpa.aCaa 4nts an
SVENDE: Incubadora electraca. 58. Bella Vista. SE NECESITA: Empleiai ser' y edifiltibdm-o., lugar c6ntrico.
Tel 3-0255 mayor do edod. Refresqueria c!ub.a T*I. 2.0 0. 9 1a. m. 2 a + r M f m
_e 5 ___________ SE VENDE:-C6ntrco y acreditodo Moderna, central. P. Cm.L' /
i V..NDE' /Madera usada en per- negocio, por no podr administror-' urn MMET
fects condicones, a precious sin se. Parea nformeo escrba i alSr. SE NECESITA:-Empleada no mnor SE ALQUILA. artamento peque- FABRIA IE P
mpetencla en Ia plaza. I x 6 Kuylen, Apattodo 1828, Son Jo- de 25 oaio quo sepa cuidor ni, fio c.bCe 47. o. 3. Ocurra case No.
2 x 4 2 x 6 2 x 8 4 or si, Costa Rica. y oficios domisticos. Dormir en em- 10. TA#. 33331.,
4 -6 x6 8 8x8. PAREDES S plea Call@ 44 No. 30. E s+ASL
Y CIA. LTDA. Ave. Pablo Arose- VENDE:-Pioptedad situoda Ca- SE ALQUILA: Moderno, amplio6
mana No. 10 y Depasitb A onPi- lie K No. 5, enta npensual 225 SE NECESITA:-Cocinera. Colla 38 opartOMnMto de dos rechmaras, dos "e 1 ,e 'l.--
tila Cafle 12. Tels. 2-3238 3- Btilboas, garantizada contrato. In- No. 35. servlclOs dos porches, solar, come -
3476. f6rmese mismo luar. dor, etc. y garage en calls Gerar-
346. SE NECESITA:-Empleads para co- do Ortega No. 9, Campo Alegre.
SE VENDE:-Exquisita Pollera de Hi- SE VENDE:-Refresqurfa e n Aveni- cinor y limpiezdoquo sNpa bien su RINDE MAS ... ll
S talc sombre mun- da Central No. 174. Alquiler be- trobajo. Tambion emplodo paro SE ALQUILA: Apartamento calls MAS Ar C .lS
do, Frel, Aven~da 8, lado arate. Informes alli mismo. cuidar nila do dos afos. Vilanova, Juan B. Soso No. 3. Tel. 3-3675. E MAS E --MO- ) .Of'
Bazar Francis. SE VENDE--Barato propiedad co- E ALQUILA:-Un apartamento m- USE SIp tE con s pra oido
SVENDE -En.rdoro de botellas mercil Colle 'K" No. 5. alquler SE NECESITA.:-Empleado qua sepa derno, sin muebles aa medio .. C apatOS
marca Kelvrnator" obarrolera mensuol 225 bolboas, gorantzaodo cocinor bien y hacer l service aemublar. Via Belsorio Porros No. u T 0 N-E X ....5 "
"La Victo-ia" No 21. call 18 control. Inf6rmese mam*o lugar. Ia case. Familia pequsea. Inaitil 168 AC. I_ L
venir sin recomendocl6n, Ave. SE ALQUiLA:-Aortamen d dos "i R U& l -b U ":"WI
Ov.te Pr6spero P.nel. SE VENDE:-Aborrotera; y refresque- Ecuador No 4. bolos. Ae. SE ALQUILA:-Aportamenrc~ d dae ds C P 1
E VENDE:--Por i ae 200 gall.nos "a. Calle 17 Oesle v Ave. A No. reciamls, salo-comedor, cuorto Do Vl p ara n S, se i
finas vonedsras 135 hueos p 9. muy buenos negoc.os y c6ntrico de servicio y garage, dicho apor- I pis
d:.. Correerra Vllolobo. Cosa 7 SE VENDE: Negocio produclivo en PERDIDO locall:do en Ia cell 2.. Pecsla rel *M dATOd
Pedregal. lugar cintrico y comercial per no No 11. Ocurra Tel. 3-0533 o en ELLA VISTA
VEH~-Z 193 ccrones del F duciario poderse atertder personalmente. In- PERDIDO:-Documentos personales. los altos de lo nisma coao. A
ea B.10 50 Is acc.,es. Tel 3-1773. formarse en el Comisariolo Pan- Iloves, espejuelos blancos oumento, .--L..
,_ ... ........ mmi Calle 21 de Enero No. 6. de carey, perdidos a To ,is A. Por- SE ALQUILA:--Elegante apartomen- A d a O
SE V NDE Tractor Intenalonrol. t.llo. Ha encontrdolos. Entegue- to uno solo recimoo, servlcio. teorol6adecabn Of. Me.
rrodelo A. con herramienos Llo- SE VENCE -Abarroteria. Refresque- los esto Empress. recompensa. porch y cocinilo. Informes perso-terol de Ell d- etygonI 1i.R r -. .,
mar S3-4207 des:ues 5 p m r;o. Corn.cerio. B 2.000 conlado. nolbnente en Wl Mercodo Modelo, los ,ardlnes do lluSSed m L la econoi ta ade. -:
657-B. Curundu Heights Equ.po complete. local grande. 20 SE V NDE Avenida Justo Arosemena y Calle embar ue is
SVENDE:--Cr Mo- Este 3. Gongao Mortvo solud. 29 Este. no lame por telefono. embarqn e d '
S9. 00EN :.o Alaoe n Jo-. mrnu a. Pu noc E OE do REGADERAS uopad ectad Venezuela *
delo Nataonal Cash Register. exce- E VENDE -Ccsas de cuotro or- COM R
lintes condiciones, registrar hosta IE VENDES-Cosa ditbcuatre aparS
B99.00. gangs Almacen Joyce, tomentos coma nueva. Punto bn- SEcVENDE:-Modemo juego dre- "q t ml 'l
Ave Central 182 trice con va ios Ineos do outobu- cimaro. Cooba hecho par Cowes. -Ahora que tenemo un grnm I A me A, Fil y 21 i a-,po l)exadol e ne
A Cenrses y chivas n frente. Actuolmen- Prec.o de ocoasin Tomblin louego td COMPRA-S O de elFla, a tdoI predo, -IDerr elite .a m.yo d celio- patmoo r do e pde we
E VENDE -Para ov;culitres. Cria- te absolutamente desocupada y re- de bab,. Colle 34 No 7. tid) i a BD 1r que comlence el Yerano. rrients a do ae t a a t e rode te
dare electric 'Hudson'. ,I ulas faccionado Renta 8.16000 men- Ia Iobra nto. en cuolquier can- vey nc PERSIAN *AS pibla vsnd unt Militr de Go io
pra recr;a, bebederos, comederos sualoes; precio 8 9.000.00. Hay h- SEA ,d oe die Pan am l S oierte que a Mnteuo de irrl y ru .n coneo d ts
'; Todo muv barato porque e t polc qu de 8 1.800 00 se rechaztorl soda sebo de proce- Cria Ip uen :, -uewi y dunY un omii *ee "'
en Ilqudac6n. Carrot Jan Di Call 15 No. 3 a Ia solidia Vidanc etronert a tado sybo ne-
en5170 quidac6n.Carretea Juan Diaz Porras. Tel 2-3239.s a Via Oce denca extraoniera a todo sebo ne- Ave. Central 279 Tel. 3-1401,e rtPORoAS od .kues.o aclan pre- speelal ron atriucl oe eatr :
M5170SAconalQu oya side merlado con .I._ _._cLV0a d Sola m- o I slrdinara, lntegrlo pae "o o, Iaci
S VENDE:-Un trasmisor de 100 SE ALQUILA:-Local para oficina. b AVItriS,. CIA NAMEA.,CrL a3 edel gande A- vetrdenarl, loa
cats de radio aficionado. Tel. 3- MISCELANEA arribo del Teatro Central Aeroeto Tel 3-a1371. TELONE8 DE ALUMINI0 ocadeoo ei ei gadeo, con dn pIaIy"o&
1185. Colle 32 No. 31. ACASpuerto. el 3-.___AV_ rio. Si COlOOliDto dt Blig- de clibA milomes de bdlivares,
SE I dL ROUWIN-Pintor do-casas.-con. SE ALQUILAN Dos locales en TELONESPLASTICOS obro-ontt6n a aa
SVENDE de escrb.r L IROUWIR-Pintor de case, con i Avenida Norte No. 61, Tel. 2- Si COMPRA:-COPRA de produc- corrientes con cabeza .. TE Pp rinpo ie la enteattMdd e- ru e e inda alurr el
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Select-o-Jet. Recomendado. 150. dean obandonodas ,ndefnidamen- o dep6sro n calle 3o. No. ACITIS. S.A. Apaodo 1910. I ACABAMOS DE RECIBIR y pe'r aoeras de l U veriad tarl9 y e tomaron t i
.Tel."3-0716 a 3-0930. Ave. Per te Avenido B. 73. 15. Para Informes ocurro ao mis- PanamA, R. P. Tel. 3-1371. LMULA ntral,'rei Ytevi51 leO r l' medidas de precaui6n,.Ldli
55 Apto. 3. mo lugar o llame telfono 3-1147. RefdM radora rue a F Pagla par, u detedo da por la tenica, pa evita
I.VENDE:Adquero sus Niuts A I L ALQUIL AN:-- lu, me SE DESEA:-Comprar en contidades galvanizadas para -- r que el m al s e ag ae ,a j '.
SVENDE:-Adquiera sus tiquae SE AL UILA E ALUILAN:-xclusiv n p preb lo uinr cuos: lotau es c rel trash radeada
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:de la Rifa de Los Leones, par Sis- ro ofilcnos locoles cintricos en Ie Sand.os, Lechuoa Repollado. Rpeo- f ro PyoS
;tema de Club en La Casa del Pan- Cunrtog altos de Avenido Central 44 a Ilo, Rabono, Pp.nos. Ceboll.nos. de la eiaertd b .n
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VENDE:--Novedod! Acabamos de cion. cares. legumbres. pescado. cubrieron solemnemente el sa- Autom6vilU FABRICA DE ESPEJOS e M -.,! cia. 1 avapsce allado se'reallz6 por mealo de lae imp9 lqe.,
recibir surtido complete de pintu- Informes calle H No. 18. Telifono bado pasado mientras el es- -con un ampJio movinUento d de log cabanes de carrera, los
'rs pare artists, de la famosa ca- 2-2948. eultor hacia comrentarlos nadal N VINDl:--ontie 1947 Sed t LA GARAM IA ta qu crraon bren
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doa. Libreria Precado. Avenido Precio B.22 50. ultimo piso de la SE VENDE-P h 16 La ms antigua. en etguerr anntrodu-tro l o de 8Hoe- ante el ramIaico pobiem
Central y Plaoa Cotedral. Pens,6n America. Ceo.. 5o. No. 30 P eSE VENDE:- Ponl Chevrolet 1946, cido a catones d 8Hpulad ocurrieron dnt qu confco a ve
SE ECALQUILA: CRrto con r el. P2m9eLcana S as. Tel. 2-1995.8 eunud s Lasritreau d.n mayor unidadetock oulS
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'CEIT nr bu- _SE ALQUILA--Cuarto amphlo omo- POgramaS informes Balboa Tel. 2966. Rio AbaJo W2154-Tel 3-0524. n-nvioimo deue Iae oteav y ro a roe de Chip- es el orlOen ae a enie.medad y o
SNECESITA.-Mensajero con buer blado. poro coballero solo, de bue- Almbaen Ce '1 4 e 7 t1VO e rturare lge- a quen. ue. la 1 re
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..hictar Tel 127... .. ...codiciones, buenas ontas. asegu- do las afueras de la ex-capital do Chipyong oftrI6 "tertere- traba-ar recia y activamonte
DESEA:-Alquilar par largo tiem- rado, precio B 758 00. 612-A, Co- sureoreana y mantienen duilo aselaci", ep que doe tad el mi
p ua caso de 3 dormtorios SE ALQUILA:--Cuorto amoboldo, B I Sag Cocol C.Z. de arterial dea el Mar Ama d
cuorto de empleada Llamar Tel 25.00 mensual, pora hombre so- Sa/ rillo hasta un punto 30 moll io tobue War fnle.teadi O ip ucho cdonra no p ,ta p rei"
-247 N. Entrda parrdo. Avenida Er-SE VENDE -- Fargo 3-4 tonetadas BeLUBdeDEB/. 1.25 aleordul.a a-u nn-
... .. nesto Lefevre No. 32, Porque Le- 1948. perfectos condiciones. Lla- Tres vlones noidentilfcados, a
R qu61i qu Utilce feve. me al Sal6n Moaoo de Pueblo Nue- MESA DE COMEDOR con uno de eIos de propulsion bom- fenWiva "aseontnar para aniquilar VybtneueS ha so ale pre
nas debe leer SE ALQUILA:-Cuarto con muebles Tel.-3.1513p__._td en el centre, 1 tabla Nconas Undposic one d lao s fuerzas rjas al ur del Pa- p a d pr t
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SE ALQUILA--Cuoaro con servico Frank Alemsn. Smoot y Parades o a ESTANTITO PARA NIRO es correct, esta eas la primersa chang, captur da poco mar E un de us rlquezas bA.-
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P O IAR SE ALQUILAN:-Cuortos con frane SE VENDE.-Carro Plymouth Sedon fMPA ADI ESALAomuy trci onz orust eoprosiendoron sat ni anl e d Wonrtl 7 61o mncon- como pueblo jo4en y vrnoi o* '
L Ia call. B 8 00 seminal. P n- 4 puerts, modelo 1942. n bue- distintos puntos ac Anju, Ss bre traron pIquefia resita La c- tamos compiometids ton un *
si6n "Chiriqui". Ave. Central y nos cond-conets Prec-o 0.375.00 o LIBRERA CORRIENTE. el noroeiste de Corea. Tre de eo. munista. L as alnyord concen- hermoia tr'01el6n de epope3ya
cll "A" No. 2. Tel. 2-3030. Tel 3-2594 preferable entire 12 Has pumtIon sin exitoasobre an traciones comuntasu s eel- y con una hitoria lende ic-
EN M I p. m. y 6 y 8 p.m. o ri vio de to lr tran aBU flCo, 1u kUi6me- tlos herolaos, para acometr
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\as la HIRR MU:BLE GANADO mupernsortaleza b-2 con )o s o permt|do un promedio de clin---1
|sA AVISO D IAT! IA. FIDUCIARIA HIERRO DE MUtBLE ENTREGADO Japort quo deJaron cner 15 o" ea. I et k!eat S?, pero u Ie L p i la
|oner. de luai l d '"m n DE PANAMA, S.A. puoentes de ferrocairrli n laC- los matando alrededor de 0 S00
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All Castro. ,s h. .f.misada *I d- no.r- EnJa" V O S r, la coatla eate Inlo e galfi, tandolats en una acclOn que PM- da "Alt AbOUt ive", ouys trI.
IERi RAMIENTAS deibual rroee p r:.n..... : ;: ENAMIELOID C LA V 0 S ZINC GALVANIZADO de dies y e putsada ol ca1- sartr la n heustore del rsmlen- oudo ltbral e "Todo iem
Srrbux.l ,..,em, r. To. .inim Seeb- di S MiW.N-WlULM 1 co de guerra de log Emtados U- to "Princesm Patricia". I.La ca- ,dO va .e_
SnA ede-d del demand h :El esmde De rs rail do2 x 6 y 2 x 8 nida, volvieron a entrar en c- nadlenaea pelearon contr&a U n
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mejaico, yen genrod era odprsona m ale re d ormarnil ge c. rect0s sobre pueos del coman- via t're b a reunion que deberia cel-
en herramienras de la mejor de p.. pie B... o B ada d n' B.9.o0 LmSaM ae. ,71,Z 1P Horquillas para Ropa do comunata en cueva y d deo el5 "ig ma" Sone. ; i are u oy n ula maba na celJ-
debe.leera.edia6ndef ebre.rode .C n.s d. a. p. Io truyendo, ademia, un t(mel de cendl6 i aoldado a coroIel eon brtanob ent 1de mafrana en .
-cIdav3s1,puesen p rI d. BOLSAS DE PAPEL ferrocarrl cercea d songJ n. Isa 9gdS muorra mu nd e l, dto con Pos re enta ty da
.12 pdaina qui describene ilus.ran *tor *^ l1 .- n.d pe uu. ACANALADO pra Almaabdl pror 38.Oroo, alton n co. d S ,S,- ap. rmisoras de la capital, ha,
lERRAMIENTAS SNAP-ON-"I t de ,,n. d doc. pls d* cos de guersa de los istad a .u- ljaron los comuaitas. oats side aplazada para el lanes 2
dlahekbueoemoenco n-rsd d. eada seunda mea a 120 v x 6 2' x 8, 5x 7 8; 812 11 nido, cabeado par el cru com Mlats, cada sldedo.tO ene lo auan taa alas die, de
,Citnmes de hrramenus, p 12pxl5y7x 21. ro Manchester que bovni3dec rarga do crmsa**a a Jo M. Fmiades
service de a.urm6ve,. s e so ar. el e.0 -____ Calibre 26 pr uee dIaycanacutio tltor lDpa nte

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anto de equipo industriaL Si ar" iedo] valor do he bip looes. a Av- Ny I"No Wa* y a o eni..
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'ANEC(Fd&, .MARIA K E.NA COfM. TeL_-1_




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Frederick, Ia principal call.
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-e lora en todas partim oow
en Amdrica la observncia de
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tigsedad, es evident qua to-
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certar Bsu energina en la mag-
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vel social, econ6mico y cul-
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leal, delatoreda.
La& dlo.- S N qua en ma-
terwa aaodmial 7 y guridad in-
terns se acuentran vigentea
en .Mi2e"- pgmai a a I &actl-
tuot pyevlse de nuestro po-
blemot, npltt m al pats aIron-
tar con erenidad y eficacia
los prenemes quo plants la
altuacl6n mundial. Eatsa dispo-
sallbees faclltarAn deude lue-
o, las laborers de la Delega-
adn Mealeanas.
La representacl6n do M6xico,
de acuerdo con In lnatrucclo-
nes del ir. PreoMnte de la
Re pbMea, pondi* todoa mu m-
peoo on que las f6rmulas de
cooperacl6n quoa e adopten
oontrlbuan, sin. mnua doe la
derechom soberanosde nuestro
palp y doe Ia gantlUs funds-
metalss del hombre, a Ia con-
aolldaeln de la defnsma de
Liaroa, ants una poeibte aSe-
per qua, on mat-am. e-
ntmtea so apumebow us' Item-O
lusineue quo a) -vita s. Almi'.
rar IM efecto. doe emgenols
mi m a o A mema n n inei
Ia voluntad de lea Rotebcai
do eate HemNfeulo opr mlo-
far ust c Woe m esoom6ai-
eas. political y eulturlms, uno
de los m s etmOees:-pa-
ru robjptter a pea oPjmu-
tar lJo evfro y ttultsdes
que pued-s rvenfi
Entire l do aM Repfi-
blies existen dlstaankalentos
ques conalderamos paeajeros.
jala qu la Reuni6a de Oon-
sulta logre acercarlac. Sara Md.
xlco. que slente par tdas ellas
idenato respeto y afgote, nada
serial tan grato comio ootribuir
a ella.

- .

Todas prefiernt

y **me restg eHiN as wrate. ... a
vem-v oft. d ,: NESCAFPI M e
iJl" pnmo J a. cef,.
elbA qsuTga ^edeh"a a d as.

TIA*""*** on **et re o eN, 6ell 1
v, a.. ME.= Boass eu-
ee dorlmaeuslarsdi d doDay
MRum (a fir a oloh) W un tlslo d
compuesto do Bskye. Comp eestoo In.
.wdlentes en !.o"4 wn BIas

H1atd el d U del wpesnte l
m in d12akrflitwo In
alicitude mai ana rbot

La fom-ularlos a lnformacl n
.be pMIa disa me so deS. Gd-
I' e r"an amft.
rantei am hrs e hbA ..

neerbrlio a l mid .
an 1 dIo l 6nn. n j
.-, -

eomn bi Mtt ela g
ells e w m .'i

pl eb m lAwel W mm. *

i. ss M
-. 'was us



No hay nada on el mundo
que refresque tanto como la .

*.. (Leyia4e bialM)
y el Jab6n de Lavands Yardley,
"el jab6n do lujo del mundo'"
sa.,f 41OL D BOND -rIa/"N. LeS ..Y. e


Que Construiri un Elegante y Moderno Hotel en el "Eden del Istme"

Con gn Cima Frio -- Vistas Incomparables Amblente Agradable.

Modernas Cabinase, Bar, Restaurant,. Pisoinag Cancha de Tenit,. S16n
de Bailey, etc. Cada Acoi6n de B/. 100.00 pagadera con facilidades -
a usted y su fanilla, a un cost pars la empress do B/. 100.00. Coh este
plan used recibe su inversi6n y retien e u acci6n, habiendo he ho una
ganancia .d 100% sobre u' inversi6n y ademAs participa de las ganan.
else de la empresa.

CALI 1 OESTE #71, ESQ. A "H"
Apartado 32760 PANAMA Tel6fonos: 2-1728 y 2-1725


* ,*

.r,. 4'



[ 010t1aifs3Z-4.#-7ZA 43
- :-* ,.,, i:- ',* 1 *. *
' .' ...* *.* .. *..; -' -'-:-'- .* "" : t .'- "* ,i'-'-'.. -, -
...F & .A ... ,- ......a ^ -

*.a- beros.A. ..m a
;-....- ,- .. ; '.'-t -.
.- fc ai^ .;-t ..... ; .. ... ... .



9 .breros .... 2.19,-2.59
f'T .... .. .
S*br. ros.. ..

-"j2-- il

L .

" ..I

- .: *,.-.. ,t-,'* -


-- -- i-- -II



- --- ---- ----------

- -- --



-- -- ~ ~ -n ..... --

(f .

i \ --.


* p


I E**r'.:'. .." :.-.- .. ....
.+ .. .. + +*. .-. W .+..+.
.... n. s .

,,. ,, *,
9 ,- -.*

s. .... I : o b del'
".la 'raB ..B

Y -- .A'e req ,l. Z : -
.. .; t.a L e r: i, r ,, -l S C
"., J t oi .,t .+ ,.. .fnftdS^S iii"i^^*' l CRA Bo nuer

.4owa as'hoftSdo w
Apada. 6 JOB a I"eF.. ..
-oL .1diitet'

p I A .. .r .n

as neentrse of~glass eri les slano Marine i T.eW e b q uo 1 1w ", aS
.0011.raOaI':Dnk S he -UbCan

,-eNe.a a,.mra u. pr ifl c *. I.t d, "LA r dep b carrera *sM mu r lWti ta I t e.i
1 a Alb epotrsta one la lug ar a .a h mMrl ;Ait lcra. .

twd es ea ARRERA, nv do Iuts sur. lava e so-
Glosea liC pleo-n.9to dar te cQA EA.u W1 on o-Jr. de a e lo,

S a rn netros h6sp ede particular a eloamnt a lr a In. n .

."e la terra de los lago. de caa. aido e" ". de toda Ae Axwe* <*e he stlal a; -el cMtov at La popular a_ T'l uoseo ,ido. .
d ndo que l etadia entre ano e l- bern, pr re ed l .

nosotIV sea de lo ma. fellE* portleta panysmeAo : "grq u d larhall Mi. nmaager oale est& dispeeste a rfl a o; F B uM tB| del Ja cnt.d -
A los muchachos cohardeen- maneras estaremos eado. ayer en el c o poet paraotm
arpro*de4l11- 4 agoa-

e una ve .les rala do o e ra tomar ain- port

nuestro regodjo por au stadia prealones y darlaa a eonosea a o il 1Vo q|u1sco lar1e 6n 6l C. .t .J ..
en otma tierra que o s anm ha F la tinl aOn e a.ul Crl egy- "
am'para todoe. l, .. a d l tl -

o m o or Antenoche petaren la m aoa n que vl sanma o cm .r p...r a
fu rAto ,

ma t r od Cabr p ar .a stlapea s lo ogsu ariu a" on a y nionrrO Sderro van a

50ei-do 1 S* -heage me* lc a O f* 04 44. Inrtet * e 096n u1etorr uoos ahu a de 3 rsla Dele-aW ,Sca. de da O. )ltlninOl -em ar f

ld Cpaso ayer al ss.aboe a, Jgryg t.*,6s0-5 tW:.,' 4::lW*
S o se I a lPsuam r i o s *
d r ea oar a o1Mdriegsa l UInroesit ju-gos,,l mha tn a
otf d o hlln, d toa a neoo et Aidl. pope uv

S taIeho ..i ..r... .. .1 d co1 os n>s lY ed I ti a n u s pr ea tiplel r ea. Idafoll a o -e
s'd rem ldserr sc. ... ld.e. n gl.Sr- ea eno e a ne ds cu rr de n almll lbit d sligp m de I" N" n tr. I .. gb ol d
Sn vn:esn:::::: r i~ebat ds Dfa" aARRERA, l as M G de ers n iemor re se.
Glosa. del Ca-m a-pe oI d e-lomo l dP ad ,. ... .,e 12 .'' n

- 9oaotiN .............e 4 d .SU4 tpdes or n de p uldado, deoand6 .maronuiJ Msrillydl .eaI. IflJJ *l blp omS v7 a nlot.s ........u.. .e... OS. .3-M marnoa ejaSr n en loo po-I S entS .t- ..e endo ho m p /e- r a ejor N ela / f

h nobe .....r r.. a .76e cyes cWe ieron. oa ya le nruviorb o lmo opr eyt p ouo o r
P*: J~~pvrente a Pocho frd q tla pr el la alun to

r 1ego dealueldo lor.. .r6a 7"-onarca r*a ufp A" Ca'a tr d1 horn lf, Br. *ea- a r Lig iatealp nd -
9-2 sacandol O anadores d a ui le a yo poqu it anetnB na h y par- r hata la la- i t ledo 5 i:cotn
.7 7 *e agl ento panz a sooro l sao d ro n eastld t Ia. elnGos nasquoE er. l do W do 4.o to mi w h &a cNon 61. C aelan e

p Al ver Is .lo. p .bl. ;st s h porq no- .b.i. ,, ats 70- a s epriv

An ne.s du sdt n h M l on I n ay 6 n nerb A*." Da n dwd i for A. a
slbo..4t 5 prticul2r a e loraJ oen- ilnts 4o" n a iillnrnluns ar 'nor Ion llrd ma cho ors quolvaga t dnata X co.mbds2gSa & -N ra anh .4 l
Sd e s i y area ,oe dtonloJ.m."a, a ol bouro Go do- em.'I. ,. AriUU U -- bee o St os 1 a lg avaobE-e-
ndrmes loa pr ros an I r atecE qu ,eoy .n _la Clb trs n d~ ,wo r~ Sw ),e'- a apd IotoU lt m p- w

I-nuna vcntuross bignvad lds preo rerbs g o rfsN aton at dlsr h-Ini tso .r
mtdo que Irfeld Jr e. di m.are ma no enetaes a y Gl, Is el wtusO rnonta a Ni. b a a mn do do. n trd tp ,vi a Dt Esuul
Wenuotoe sea de lo mIs 1.00 parp.S. panaznd4 e :.l~n#M Kast" ma, Nazziam... XONdO, quo S" imado a a 4; do dlel d bbpe

,, ., al faor...n..u...sua ,o a.berr roianto D f 7-. 0,4&. do.dnR;-fhA70ls ln -. o na numbe
A.s ors muchchos coetarracn- manerats'pgiaremos dodo orth Aa q a ayer on resultagnldo co parg C4 :

mu formidablebtSonn-8AVtel p.l8m a I r. Jn n avll n n eino"-_dol1 oo d I n lu Mol t. Caen Dvldo u us Sep ,,
GesCror nladp .s. s elaneras rue oe k uladono abcc pox e r Df U G n. I drot 01 o Emruos Che
L C tilerb cho r que Lsan y ir I..m.o do 0
qpars trealia(.Cr % ii 1- t-Jm b es aTlo
rand oeech O h e 5 p. atmp Guterpo y i" t equla'" s uta ocnte- pau
dIs _.gac -H2_-t___, ,._

1~ olbiran Cs Io9n er.eh1psroblema n awWNW
onI&rtimM '01 segunona pudo.o11ts E oetl -eXo ram aa o-d 4h Ce0Isdor -O
7-l doS .qu sesmaC eonllo ecl t doI tonlso. do-e uh e Q s a.o suo s r lte an'ucdcou Sail Su:

IB M nea laYdams e-b-ea IM llA ISa,
' y doo tL qcld a lUar tGl ta C mpOa r1@wetf tl
do bacer U, ,but m _
P e; ntu os MJa an urnuoapo- ues e

u c dr d".I paIrtldoe a eta
S 6 7rd-rt l : conul tuvee o -n' proI pavt of J-qo WNwdM O
lad ,f.. d .r. ate..nA* Oftr ft'lld estaft currigodo n ft-aid- a le Czayo n Ia blen abo-
P apldan amsn ........ 6flca l cabor se ontra d u ,,ter o doe, J a B. alu eoUiu y lpu 4 e ",ste11 in. -
Duran ........ 7 7 M 4o2Wre. ar. i. rNoCW W umm no na., Jkl -eon' a
a,.. d n.a.d..a quo.. W. ca wasmo), Zmtllo por 12vnono
O +e ............. 4 .8 .333 coo +e viefonal- a--o, To 4US gar dedi ou ,b. P.& 04Cl o.O B

JIe" a Y media .de ....ija &I AGY kmpk sifim orsone" ft I gir- hosts Ia toom a. I- ,:il= 41

i*1S. F^"j

* ..-I "




. Correro "C" Importodos. 6 Fgs.
Premio: B. '. 650.00 Pool Gierra. 4:40 p.m.

ESPARTANO ................ Cha. JeOBs
ALTO ALEGRE ............ B. JPuUde' 12Y
THE BATH ROAD ......... B. Ag irr 122
(COGNAC ......... ........ A, B '.
(MONTSERRAT .......... J. i 13
SISMO .................. K ,r', .
MR. FOOT ........ .. .., -, B Yi..-
BOlRO ............. .. .


5a. Correra
Prenmio: B/.

2. ROYAL t


.' WE
4.. ca

"A" Importados

1SO"M Pod'lerra,: 2:55

S... i. Ph i

... A 1Trnj.




7 Fgs. 10o. Core
l.m. I Asi.
I- C -

S -. .
.^.-_s-t I




re "D" Imp os F.
B/. 600.00 fldeas 5saM pa. ;

*,* *"**"*;.. ** VP *
IWI O .. ..... .r ......

-.) .
-*. --'. ,

!| -^ s ^ ,*:*** -_ N 't '^',^ ^,,l ,

t VA4 4.,

* -



W W I k G I f% a
la. y Za. 6a. y 7a.
3n. y 9a.

Para la. comodidad de
nueMtra cdinpla opera.
mee abpra tto en l
en itSA W.

7A 75I'


. 10.

- + ..
L .'

r. t

M| vrmvwm,~

. I




I (tp)-BB
Ibrado yer
il1 delCa.
mntatlvo de
ls, derrot6
)ola de Pa.
de 10 ca-
gran pit-
, quen trA
n IM Dod.

tClArk come.
10 PanamA 7 tu-
I trabajo hasta
rgo aqui a
pute de dar doe
hit6 y el inictla-
l conect un
1e 4l6 puntUllas
IausMdor. La re-
I con poa *ufr-
Uabide vapulea-

JUggo celebrado
Paerto Rico

r o

noueatro iet-ba
Ssaiatoe parm
aho do souftrtar"
'ecear eaN iirtl e

0*oNY D

4it. 4-

t, o V 4 o t..
I bd 1 oon i oe esM

S oll doe
teb!oI tu iMact6 po'
ro 7 l M*nipt6 dog
tans d omal de Mon-
teoid .
-- '. ,-'- 1

. ififft. ,

7-am buenos smigee
wM Domingo
.- 1 10:00 a.m.


h. I

idul a ns It e la
iguoen el ratro, on el emoclo-
nante drama de mupenso: "Amer
Que Vuelve" (Woman On The
Run), que. tiene de estrolus a
Ann Sheridan (mas seduotora
que nunea) y Dennis O'Keefe, y
quo so exhibe maflana en Fun-
cl6n de Medlanoche on el Tea-
tro Lux..

itsa prenteadetan-de "A*at
Que.V deve" Mra laSlmer.
else film tens en oa la
ta mafna en la nohe al, Ar
le llevar una delanter' de vas IT-
meses a todom los de ay<
el estreno r doe te
aldo scordso a el a. A
Mayo. La exhib 6n de
eo una deferenola especial lj
blico del Lax, de laUnlV'V a




Present el



M^u^o %J

Em:A e >ladsem
das "Mses.



* u NTRtAL

"COLT .4'5"
(EN T UrcmnoLC
3andolph UCOT1


A33Told A

de Lunes a Viernes

a las 3:30 P.M.


didMp. .
w..-a '. 41 a godo

~~d w

)A t ea .. i

." sMw "uk ..I deougd
.+. t~ 1 -ni. tidto

* .4 4. 1 ii diI
* A4fM FM
^~ ~~ mhi ino tiriM


M 0Y A:.i4o30
,' .;. ..,g .-
El Conjuio Musical
Aretisino eacaesnado poa


ARI vo a udar u
labor en pur dU tt darle-
nita, En dia s e acor-
66 nombrar rctIa nua
Oual qued6 t ad eon Ia i-
ilente forma:
Pre dento nonoalo, Told de
4 Crus. mo o:- "

wo daocia dl j r Ird (Xdt~fi
iAmtn I I a 1 No. IM
Darienlt Uerua tu Im
*w ipct6n.
Do Ud. AttO- yjl,
ebb II ^^o v

Aventu ras1.


Emoci6n a

en. la gran'urbe. M wyorkina

." .
Az -,Thkro.graelaar Melandjofavorita-----

/a {eal ganameriecana


i:i~~#iiti* M a


lcardo MONTALRAN Dide POWLL. aen
Marshall TOMPSON Virginla GRIT. Mn


Una formidable
cemedla damh.

Bigmar i OrandlonM Sil
(Capitul 7-8-D) AdMirs:
Randolph Scott, en
Johnny IMacrown.

A las f50 y 9:00 p.m.
Mark .sAntonieta P mm
Admen: -

DMos E rA1rAX"
Ademies: o
Pedre iedmnte. o
,a,,,man EU pOWes s-

r "mu..- *i.
W1dale Pas


mel marn uw m

4:0 y 9:00 p.m.
Personal del Duo _iR -

Cololw Doble Prorumll
mune Alyson Frmnk inute
Lucillue Brmer. an
eCuando Paame Las Nnb."
Ademil: .
Abbott y Costello. a0

PeaCu mmimn, an
a Adcmni: r
Cdsar Roaro, an
"Lsdronu de CoraMsone

Alan Ladd.,
Gar Cooper.,


Rebet 3ltM. a.
Asseae,- "


g i

ay 4m
17 W

* nomw

I hn'


is;-Ou. '


&-gafmt-'r -

.7r Ma4

-- I



; '
.+ +





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