The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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p or 7- R0e p
S..itUN Ga iuis"

.1.,,. .. -.. ,.a;. ."i0
Si' ota l Strike failure Chinese Armies

Net -.F0W. .IsNw -eh;.a.
Stie Reported

.on .... i ie. .
ofbr Dfa 0L OO_1lV
ju .ei protect .. -
flaw AP ;l. ,TOKYO, Feb. 13 (UP).-hinese Communists center.
Se tack today n attacked nine miles north of nchn today, dislodging Un
calleflatrca.e *- dulr nb tu-s ted Nations forces and wiping ou the ony ga s reported
p e aw ,t a lo ..,J. by UN troops yesterday, as a general led withdraw
ofieow st disao tnegatir nk was carried out in the central sector.
o rC gSunda ofe a United Nations forces thrown for a 12 t 15-mile
weB a rudder feareda 'e state" by the* counterattacking Chi nese dug in on a ne defemsb
Va-con.Tfeg pie e g. pht I3 velA r a s ledSa te"VI I line somewhere south of Ho ngsong.
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....d d Rne p h&""u" 8he "
.-S As ---r 4t s e d tft us Rc* tot ef snh eeh a ami es a.n t.w o fu o a on" rh b i
0".SdSJI1tJnet abNu t wi hold ad oo hNorthtKorean Army corps bad steel rai adily ton -

owever, .r oug h'" s ottwh-c Korea.:.
abto nfbsadoanl'fwna been assembled for a push dJ l second omtiiro
"-rm. .- o.d. -o R r o C a h lo al t Abo t u ate l h o n ou souro the l ea eptal .e th e i
and "5ne p ot lsy Waolbwot a t t e asb ae d ted o paet aet t
a Ihindx non Was ae. r te E I a It this wouldIndicatepo-entil ft. lon a
o. .n 'n a l ,. .e bytri ueIen s h. e the a ra i we ondam a .Communist: manpower of 140,mn00 of Rom sn -a

Isg ,t ; men t n ._...., -,-o:.

A .. ( the Mr ..e. 'in her ay drais t dRteote. AnteSpera du. e
a. w conaid K..Mechem, vz at of Lake Ct we o t news- demoon stratiln -t ovedsout during the day hurri d ont

L W e must tot fan Into We able *aI~falL ~tlantl Si d o tand uunl Aote r- oehurawo in
antcr er- cwN .r c i on rl ea d, oowenSatttlb lmayprubdoeiac wene &nou pndr a o an oan esti at d 500 Chinese bridge t n a
o wa a 1 w n tis-ne at fe st lb reqnthe ic klayl e fol ind pAllied with- bridge had bon kn d ot by

ero ofeautigt-lWse AMnl Ispoted role tione -ate ful ltreg th. h h a.-
NSssfour Melvs e0ts h nd .e

herlo. S sio l n drt uf he re rot a lo at a rain unt hi s or- W oaly Sigehtlyn aff ctmdmint s t aoni therewas n o f XI ? ti Lbo un
s" ix Waft,3s i ca, InS ,herne.ta br a tn toe O m.b 2o l~_t h ad fighting. Along most Tof m e o on n
iiw m Twelve,- he Was prro mointentrepta c

lrdtl f ihilnhl hre ad ?el telve, whe iatt onm on t rdet o3; l.Ae 40-mile U en tral front. Alled heavyro- A lop md 1 tinm o he M
m iwl notifiedttherNapyw4r ruder into o he vo l-AUahtaatufBens rb eard relly d tonc io oher t-Th furerab n indese du oion aned l

p s p at .therot Curch .d t ie 'nooewst serd se otoelle Inicr o p o etl n son "y in tion

foudo The O ~ral farsmby has nn "The mwitnthnlvenue ffl oarshl the loo.ameand pW opatom lhe r cis h as hesra*v'werendmed Tth taet atend
ple F lorrtls o ansB S teo ton.Lta Reports I front the west-cent eral mad tha ilte ritd oe. h e op i

ABd Panama iUb n .a-e pof then h n eent -ply daho we e r maaeo ngga fotl said t of th n 4mss t tileorado asr-
M, w 'a.BS *lto us poren isfl f ff e ry and xelseou mted -- mw e be at-.gol, to Iet thee n l. He ls eand Korro ad bids nt bero .m
int. eM .p re'ehon_,r ..anorml. Then o1o~e2l da fo a l p h dn econ dor. o
w ertugs weres bOaobeft in as. bl I ts %Bo to hwhan'h r ed t.b divisions which massed foro lent resl t
lut_ WP)'.IW, war ,"9,(.. 7 battle, about one-third had been All of tomust -- Uma td t,

lra.-oh rlbwho eo mrry an ht he 1. mort. rfor
.. s. 'b ee. .pv Ii-. w o e n .h eu p p ron D r s fre e ,Daoup s ,'at f l e ns et t' ,- 'a t On th e w e ste rn fron t g ro u n d r a ed t h d O r lo

hrm8hehidddain- an H Ci..ol Pn h am r he mes e-- e r .ievhlaengm am..
do- ShI.iWr nos;y1;0deeWieMeetonsFite activity2was mostly limited to %ih locally.
A%, c F and ertverywe han se asopuoto banikfs omfpthe BaniRiver. .aaWMINune-
twhewrs.Nvena 23-year-old N-miti tanks abandoned .w briO hEn nw ee r Me

Se -h t- tlocalh a oil I It ot M a t scret wteon f demao nued t o iat Mi- nduringthe Allied retreat. In lte
Mi i .i .u he t hheeepoationr uby Sider ,,etho Wenis the freedom and I snd s- sc d Re ee eamHospita w oil ee e t Deember from the InjIttn River. g r ern agmeedt.n
e" (z r. dSd ,' ofheC ounofoofa t ahe ee nty u n of te|re ss wh 1 brought Thursday b two i n e t r he t- weore turned against UN o p the Bm loy Je i
indthe d 19. h P Who dm n, noted labor pwyeorolv e enl who found her frozen roops today from dug-inrmsinp ol t e r ana d C ml. vy
A T e. dj nh adiion holding Ma e osad tdybefore rhi i ts n an alle ery ts o the reths oft ea d ithson Ite
11It ,lt fitNeayot wnYleorltw 'An"kbyr bdoy thne y e d temperature was river.
Wt4t iaawl tO a~ t A hubs t auke .'an Jose. d found to be 64 degrees, lowestl iet Tanks fired a total of 150Radekl v m
r oca a rs a n ant d c oes had been a but frozen Tuesday. Along the Han River are... cr.
re- a .p.w d i a briefovacation. on the .into immobility. east of Seoul, two Communist mnlw
al .h s "The challenge r the'ine- say wdetmp ere she would mak e a UN battalion this afternoon and tion ference to be held here
m&.,oxN. I&MtZe not apP iPrensa of Buenos Aires. gen- there was hope they would nottdtsk. fOaFeb.1I
mbly o t the have to amputate her frostbitten
PointingsaU tina,"Waldmand red"re- Coordination of detaLs
WeCode is based on bt of oMrs. Stevens now and theniat 2,488 t Chief of the Testing Laboratory.
oosigS sin cum&-ave pi and that lto a the guise of a demandPby aiMsSevensenowand th en dCo m atecsal to -in direndi,
-h.b. 13 (UP) C a mn th~ sad",ort owheow r. ci__duy TThis subterfuge do ej.u consumed liquid foods ith a t
.otnatnc-soGeeral t forneysa IMthw woUld eed denedory_,en.. the naive. The action of that higcaloric content. Canal Engineering Dviaon.
*.Or Vedm eetlatthrter s id before they o v of attack union In Buenos Aires s t be doctors aid she was "rational offensive" started 1i days ago, About pent as
The oasewi e would tofinish the business mould go along with a statement made upon iay .oman livingIn trayal of the cause of lbr and fully conscious of her sur- This figure probably includes the corrosion, ro
V80 Lo I session, except for Issued-y thelocal collector yes- the Army re I$WMYSIOstve been the sinister Implications bold roundings. some overEapping ceims, metal fields In the UnitdStates
trdl se m.ois~t the indexgthe korean War. terday afternoon, reported to AM Provost be clear to all liberty .l In Delicate tests, they said v ArFa r Eee exected to parii.paet

hif misarf corn, hayois. etlB of- turns is not applac." her nw wa gI fo 0The World. '
T .tobacco. -~r& trgaSikU PawB*An(Bs- "There Is anmedlaa aed LLnW U V "Y i
Si s. d that to mobile every ablTe w own On Flying u
S. Never Ratls- Cu d to know N. N Fe 're the survitv oFu La
SI ts a ah r n ever fo bt j B eked Prensa in the face of t s a- WASHINOTON, Feb. 13 (UP) the balloon project: added that "There is no single reliable re-
I mi who a- ct gat ot'.etil lB h b l et into te0rou atmt ne de- Dr. Urner Liddel, chief of the the proJect was "completely un- port of an observance which
Nw1aRw lg ee e th.m5. The Pro' mocratic voice." the labor leader aU. Navy's nuclear research classified" in 1947. not attributable to the cosmic
a y -,"- rS t lt l Ma-K"Would comeflusdedt. a. program said today that Since 1947, reports have cropt balloon," Lddel emphasized.
.^Eai. .sr a -emhtt.o i.0 Mr. and Mrs. W RaI awet yntig saucers are no mys- p up In the United States of He compared t balloons to
Soentertained atlun n ter y they are huge plastic saucers beg seen in the the moon, saying that the al-
K saw A 4 _8 I -t eOn arfonde ay at the T]p1w; ;a T sthe bkoa s uaed In atomic re-b heavens. loons turn somewhat "and re-
iWaedrenl .-it. -e entmbers of e Cn search T e Air Pore has said re- fle the light of the sun in
... theAssociation NHe added that "accounts of eatodly that the reports are flashing sort of way, so that one.
-flyin 5:I :g saucers were elther tall the result of Mlaiterpretationn, becomes more spectacular." 2.
&A.BaKsW@39 tpskor reports from reliable of various conventifnal objects, continued:
Cisvic A rvers who were either look- a mild form of mass hysteria,
row. a .Ti"ug' l at tihe balloons or miinwer- or hoaxe "Pilots even though alccu-
G V *eaV-es Tn hat th"ey.""tomedo se
a ~-. je id the balloons as Dr. Lddel offered this expla- distance of tings in the air --
.. -, 180M t h in diameter which nation of the sighting of "fly- have not had experience with,
W I at windswept speeds up lUg rs" by what he called th of this kind and. their
boon.e t to miesan hour. ,no gar ctanRtThe we I e ionte
Elastic a" "skyhooks." the bal3 # l at any speed use horizon and Stri h
Wry les w a delicate instrumefnlk sot ro The saucers They e cit
-MZ lean about conditime at cn ULebottomscaw*a

_' -: ;-- .- -':X! "'-. spe. -
A' Ers.x. 'J "1' '':"" ""- '5,"

u. ..-. I '.

5argo and Freight-i


New Orleans Freight Service C
B.S. Piatano .............................. ..........
S.S. Levers Bend ................. .... ..
88. Fiador Knot ..............................M
S.S. Levers Bend .......................M
Handliun Refrigerated ChlUled
and General Carre.

New Vork Freight Service C
B.S. Cape Avinof ..................................
S.S. Cape Cod .................................. .
S.S. Cape umberland .................. ........
S.S. Cape Ann ... ...........................
Havana Freight Service
Sailin;gs Weekly from Havana to Crist6bal
Weekly salliags to New York, Is Angeles ad I
Occasional savings to New Orleans and Mob
'the steamers in ibis service are limited to twelve pa
Frequent Sailings from Cristobal to
West Coast of Central America

Crist6bal 2121 Panami 2-2804 Co

1he Pacific Steam Navigation (on
Royal Mail Lines Ltd.
M.V. "SARMIENTO" ..........................Ma
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO". ................ Ma
M.V. "SANTANDER" .........................Fe
M.V. "LORIGA" ............................Fe
8.8. "LOCH RYAN" ..... ....................Fe
S 8.. "DALERDYK" .............................Fe
i. .. ............................ft
ti, n p useat e,. at. Cab i, Wi
S**Uperior accommodation available for passange
All SabJeet to Cbanse Witheut lIft
"II l Mu NAV CO.. Crist6bal Tel. .M
S01 COMPANT INC.. Parami Tel. a1.I3181MI Si


__ %e40M^

W The speedy and convenient trip
always dreamed about .. superior
ditioning and pressurization control
your COMFORT from take off to l
Customs inspections in New York

Consult your travel agent for special reduced off-
and 15-day fares to London and Europe.

British Overseas Airways Corporati
20 Tivoli Ave. Tel. 2-2112 Or your Travel


vance report receive dwa; ow.lgd .,
ile Steam: Nag -:; rs'Md .r
i i e, is that L. AortId
larelt is phamegers >a -l-.
Sarch i hew lberthinCrisle11
A s due here tMoMrrs iI * "n: asc
abrout' o af two dry teaolno-,, .aoRno; Mr. d Mr. l9

Avne report rthel; Rowl Mal Ha Mr
otfic Steam M-a 1,; M 1Ka-d Mr r

rlst6ba local agents w .-,for ; Mr. Vvato

Schooled ule.oat gi De; Dr. Frdid iok A.
S Is the l et, is that Os w _eers. poraot'y
eb.l 18 hirda five~ lse. tck l Nelson; M.
Feb.h 5 e handled ber8 NC.C 0 Tomal s. Park:
about r a.m. tpadnorranl d; Mr.

MArr.I The yesterday, Fe f; Mrs. He-
Tow Arro tea H. Mrle an;
;rtb Thl due ts wer. a Pluz; Mr ad atwo
riveduJi n or. Frslalo aA.

)f the tug Dmtona Folig, 0.
Feb i to transit today fe P ach; Mrs. MPadre
She w wiait theerb va n1Mrs. JsL SM.-
M Sotlandtug. prow .wLW urt; D r.W andMr
toMa. t here yested Coast th Ap... andlio; Mrs. rH
--- Hermand daughtWebber M:

Donald N. Barwuell, od en- 4Mrs. Jay White: Me.
iner aba d the Arthur T. Wilder: and
lftt aaredighterForresbant, was r t A Mrs. Rit Wilki- a' g

e( to be still seriously ll .bu Corli Wilkinson; ard
proving la t tra stt day atwf n Mron. M.

N He was rushed t the Jhocspit
SMan t 300-mile daproThursday ; D rs
i Frday afto eora pstnchh Mrs.r MMrl p.
treated his chei M. erm epWebber
>l6n 20 B ~S~iaheanirt. mTM AUCT O0 -
DoInglddNB tweBoo, r4b0d an-, ad. Mrs. Jay Whlte; M',.

geerboaf d the ship last Thb T.
CEf Bheubarwelmwas wdorki fs. lan w Rit- '
ed to be stit ertoutly Ul but ^IS,, l11O^r" Wlrlnaon; and 2Isedgpg|1

rs ting late ycht.eody runt:ton.
Balboa he was treated by the BrOSWALD JACOBY
S m ay after and chief steward on ra rttMa for NEA Servide
detrated instructions from Gorias
r. 6th He succerstnlly underwent aed
-AVANA three-hour operation at Colon NIORTH t
the Canalsp Iturday, enroutresd *AQ 3
Australia with sulphur and ge 4 K J 7
i. 3 rd eral cargo. wwAST w workg ."t s' 1O >M-

I CristobaloCemun4$J742 4$10 %00" 1
b. 16th T. ColemanAndrewp member O94 4 3170 2 94. C
b. 24th of the Boarnd If rend s.liped, en1- 542
rA LIN erWilliam R eat. Onr, Vi e run to :- )p)
oflba e w treated b the OSWALD JACOBRailroad Com-

ny are scheduled to ardye on rhe- Wt A forN Svi
IsthOed natruMonayro p AK5
_b. 1 8.-Crospltal. 8Accordingo the ad- O7

b. 19th anee-hour ogerUostfrun thePa-Colon T
nama Line offices at Balboa N-8 vul.
S Hospital d ht. North 1101
ER H sh*ip eon-nued on through as t Pan
Australia with ulphur and Ken- -- KJ7

b. 1th T. eman AndrewN mem. Pber 14 .T. o
b. 4h o the o Director Pa P
A l0 atobal. Op log lead--4
L 6*WI461 advance passen-
SW am. rVe.rdI. Allen; Mr. and
IM MUts. Ro det Monderson theMr. nd Nobody was surprised wh Pe-
lb. Ih Mrs. T. Coleman Andrews; Miss ter Leventritt and Raith Sherman CAPTAIN EASY
b- YIanda ArblaSz R. V. I Beshne- won the mixed pair event n the

M, Race H. Cairns and daugh- i n New Orleanu last December. T.INS 10
S tW: Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Cha- Both are among the leading g ~ c To
bers; 'Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth plyqrs of theyounger crop of ex- LOIIVUmMAIAo1
phadwell; Marion Chapin: Mr a. pert.and ou S M#lA
Edith Y. Clough; Mrs. Marion The hand shown today gives PICK TAN UP
Conner and two children; Mr. some idea ofthe precision with g
and Mrs. F. H. Cordes; andM 5t. which there bid and hran
Kenneth C. Dittbrenner. Leventritt's first two bids nthdi-
Mr. and Mrs. MLeton Ehrilch cated a hand that was too strong
and son; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert D. for one no-trumpional cbut nhaot strong
Flanders; Judge and Mrs. Fran' enough for tw6 no-trump. Miss
ciU tJ W. Ford; William Ford; Mr. Sherman read the leadinage c -
and Mrs. Robert L. Power: Mrs curately, and very properly dex- d-
ahGeerll; John T.Ch lancy;: d that her hand would offer a
David Gould; Frank Graham; fine play for twelve tricks but not
an adequate play for thirteen.
Kenneth C. De therefore went right to tebis -
small slam.
Mr. and Mr to h h West opened that waour of spades
and Lvenritt wo no-t n dummy V~IC nIT
with the queen. ed s ntae t eap waee
and M. Robert L. owler; Mrsto lel, and hevery propem drly dend
anlet the opponents lfor th. teen.
As it happened, West right to twe i
th rtensmall slam. rt ad returned l
the jack of sWt opened the four of spade ,P LL
,f C" with the kqueeng and East discarded 4ep w A
a low heart. S rom dA mmy a 4
Peter proceedoed to ash his witpitui

high cards in heart, Ws clubs.
On th erten of heseart d ras Westd
air con amondthe jack of apreventade. Dummy frwon M
aning- wSouth fromthe king nind a trick wIth. l
ldng aame a low spheartde. Whatever he di a
ny. carded would cost needed to rick.a s
On the key last ofwa the lose s fWest
hewas squeezed. He second onlyTh
youve develop cards, but he squ deeded oually. f
air con- diamonds to preventmy cashed hi

yhigh carded withould giving up a VR trick.ADI

f heart trick, he would have been
RJA& L" set. "eoaM raBRnt
Agent. rase 5 JMITSA
n__r..__________ f aIm ., Pressure CPRIMA FWNT
?0" ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ECE~ST *'y "*P11 '"< erB iiBi

i.kle. yOU ea t g.aMO Inatant
relief tfrom t _e4sMOorous one.
Lome with 0X. Ak yeal
Chemist to r RYOX toa fe Saul
Year o'ungerJIW a few t .




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%", Camp-.

aris-.Oh, Yeah?

BOUSE .. .... .. M-- A -
ou6surra r BSAvd rroillqe
W'iOCW .- M -W6 4 li.0D6 8 lUO
6c rE6IA M rT *AJIM


* *... ~

aa. :. ,.. .. .
.......'..'..., ,. ... ... .. .'.. .
*. ., .-,:., <*.*. "
. .... ... ... . .. .-. .-. ... ... .
...:. ..... .. -

No rKIMn '

"p, lit k I

~ ~ UAU*b


L. A


Excellent Accommodation Available

aelle r.Muinal 3ME. ... Maal hugh aM. '.



'a- ~



W-.. -

., ... .- i i ". M. w




l'ek. 12


in-j"., l.
A4 0.
for tm -

Feb. 14

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Ztd crim lmnd t
r .mprovlalnK."
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L~t' oe f W U Wof the- WW

hal oewf ist
n w na, .,

t o w a,,on,.o u MOUI'. ^
*Ww d m la*& 5, saddemis the In connec-
tion withthene
I n hel at l
Manhra hour Uid-
ti.- therns wnl v I e t hg ter-
avce ln the Luthamdfltoi Cen-

Refremnhmentis 4 in served by
ate League Lutc. Women.
-41 cordIal inMfttb exoned to

;--1.. ,. .

~'2r~. -
53~ t St..


-a,--- .-
4 P (4
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tith aman
2.*. ll fq

No, dome
wan ANm

,u etrance
Sfrom the
it qondam
4*ito the
Mtoi@ #a,-
* e 1,000
i oper-


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ChSm.e .- l Barm .# .5

Bafina l, rm. ............. .,

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Nt In In wfort

omry diamondsm ..l.Jl

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, -Ir"

Large Assment HOOKED RUGS
Al colos, ods d uize S3.50 up

z+:m~v, ,epr, s

Platle.Mattre. Cover witbh-
mpper (all slme).,.4 -5.M
sm"l Travel. Ba"% 56l5
Pri es............ t 4AJ
Travel Bafs (large al .
Speci .............$5 S.
Ironing Bhrd Cevem .1. .J -.5
, Abeto, Coes ..... j'.3.5.a

Al m
.-..- "


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.N.i-ud-iw um
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'a'.:4" maw
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r*C^" *;:' .4,

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k7 :' -+. ,, ., -I -;

bi- rtwtuZ M ITAM

Rummies Score $id

aight Win Over Brewe'r

Sji". The Standings
I Teams- Won Lost Pet.
1 Cristobal ... 17 8 .6180
S Slbot ..... 11 14 .440
:. Diablo . 10 16 .385

Cristobal . 4 2 .667
SDiablo . 3 3
S Balboa . 2 4 .333

Criatobal's Eddie Neville is the probable starter for
; ,le league leaders tonight against the Balboa lrewern at
S6ihe Balboa Stadium. The game gets underway at 7:30 p.m.
;-o- The Diablo Montehupias conti-
. 'o nued to wield their strange con-
trol over the Brewers and last
SI Ii I night made it three in a row In
ttnnf tli II the second half race by scoring a
W ". V1tae lIp 7-5 victory at the Balboa Stad-
The contest was a -hitting
l S. IA I Smaffair with the Bal aans getting
1 KC W safeties as comped to 14 for
k rVR Vl the Dialloans. 7
S- I E" I ddie Yeager and Eddie Peua-


lay ht's heduld tea-
ugbti le tsa_ boet at
mAlie Oym between Cbo-
HaI salK M a w illbe
Sdelayed renewal of a
started several years

.t floowinlg an exellont
5wib was marred only by
ai the bands ot hard-
r taar Leal, met the ace
J l Chocolate and doe-
Colon lad.
Mo, however, resumed him
ag ways and In a return
mocked out Evans' bridge-
wq Impaired his Jaw to
in extent that Evans was
Ia the sidelines for over a

sy led the winners at the plate
-Yeagr getting tfu" for five
and divin, home three nam,
Pouseuy hithew four include,
Ing a double ant one rnm driven
For the Bm rs Roy Kennedy
hit three for four.
Paul Dewey, the losing hurler,
went the diUtance for the Brew-
ers while the Monteaumas used
two pitchers. Larry Scott. the
winner, and Barl Holder did the
twirling for 91ablo.
fights. Sunday's eeatest is a do-
or-die affair for Chocolate.
Meanwhile, tedtest In the six-
rouand Mal btween Br'v

ares. 1gse. pmd t a
elearm-et ve" -oever leantle-
bury in their ft meeting at the
Colon Arena.

r" Hawklaul eee-ted to be a big
Sadpletly recovered Evans favorite x* the bads of his ex-
ed to the rln| last year and sellent show lag st en-.
e, Imnsrlve victories have tional Liaed A*1K." May ta
placed blut in the limelight thought that the worst Hawkls
the tpnotehers. deserved in that bout was a draw.
S -IHe dropped a splt deeosion
ate has been somewhat A sis-rtasder between i ,l-
w i rea t droopping h o
toe dloco Plumar sui fe Am adk Ratitig ms-
K v Mea and a decision to ero plus two four-rounders ceo.
HoDade in his mri erseeaot plot. the program.

Direct from England



Single and double breasted models
Sizes 34 to 44

+ from 82.95

.1 Central Avenea 6 Tlvoll Avenue
Opet from 8:30 am. to 6 p.m. and during noon hour.
.! '


0 Am. Asd Reeks Stat peywe bSY$ d

, Ma:

Play ThuEsi'

In MexioO,.

MEXICO CYr Feb. S13 (i-'
Play in the Mean
ehauiploisblp, wieh g
way yesterday wil .be
o vesen 4r7 a ywt,
hi John a
1 n to sn
action Thurda.
The field lciud"s, in a
to outstandinX golf er
tin America, four Amerilao
fasuionals who Ignored _P.-AL
quest to pas up the M
tourney. The Am, ne t
i Domewet. Vie 0h =otlar ,?
lAink, and morti WHil_ &
Arkentlne Robote tde YIaitd
was scheduled to arrive g v poIn
today to add further class to. .
field .
MacMurray, who hua'been hen
Since last week, displayed exe.el
1 nt form In a bref prfaties saW
Ion yesterdy at the CtiMalt-*
pe course. Te PanammuA n-
pioa played here In 1349 MI was
Elading with Frank Btr .ahan,
the ultimate victor, wh..A h
came down with neumha.
The Mexican Molata Io lo
It was "honored" by MacMatti
presence. a "

Browns Drop 4-3

mne To Bluerds
( Teames- Won Lest Pet,
Ce/eoeerla...... 2 1 .n
/par Cola .. .... 2 1 M
/sesterfeld. ..... 1 1 .JW
Cartl VleIA...... 1 2
The Cervecertla luebirds yes-I
terda afternoonalpped the Spur
Cola Browns 4-3 tO move into 4
first place tie In the second halfI
of the Panama Pro Leagne race.
Bob Lkizts. who waS oredlted
with the win, and george Dries
teamed up to limit the owns to
five hits while sanpping aumber-.
to Arthurs 21 game hitting
streak. .
Astor Cupidan, who started fo -
the Browns, was shelled In th4e
very _fint Inning when he gavd

Pedro iguel won one and
dropped two to Cocoll in the see-
ond altf opener of the Recrea-
tional Baseball Games at the
Look City over the week end.
Cocoll "B" team, undefeated
this season, took an 8 to 1 win as
Pitcher Kirkland collected 2 for
3 at the plate while holding the
locals to a lone hit. His team-
mates, Linfors and V. Vasil, also
fot two for three each while the
Fatter stretched one for a homer.
The "D" game was really tor-
rid as the lead changed hands on
three diffeunt occasions. Craig
of Cocol sored in the first, while
PhlUse, MBlakburn and Mead
were brought in on Twidd's first
homer of the season In the second
for Pedro Miguel. In the fifth
with the bases loaded, Donald
Hill sent Waickburn's first pitch
to the street to win for Cocoll,
6-5. -
The "B" series also proved to
b a a thriller as the score stood
a 4-all in the last inning. Eddie
Tinker crossed the plate in the
bottom half.-to pot Pedro Miguel
in the win column.
Captain Ray Nickisher's slants
were too much for Cocoli to solve,
as he collected two strikeouts in
all but one inning. Hammond,
Knight and Rilev stood out for
Miguel. while Jeter, Dorach and
Davl on carried the freight for

a '

oftong Island University and two
other coaches to be naSed at a
later date.
he high point of th& 8-game
trip comes on April 9" when the
teams meet In the Rose BowL A
court Is being ftilt to seat 3800.
A soll-out would tp the world's
ecord i f.'o0 set at Due-
Us AIM k D-em r. ,
e i .

Montlec Jottbi League
Teamse- Won Lst Pet.
PanamA Rade. .. 4 1 .MS
AlemAn, Jr 3 4 A4"
Agences Stees.m.. 4 4 .45
Omphreoy udsea 3I i 8
Clint Parris, acting panta Crus
physical director, pltche Ale-
man, Jr. to an impressive 18-9
victory over Agenlas Steers,
moving his lt inZto1 .%941o
place In theleague sadnigi,
Wiley was AlemAn's bat with
four hits forfour attempts. In-
cluding two extra base hits.
PanamA Radio blasted t4
8-0 win over O jhi Aud.on'
On phroy had been plingt A1
softball for the past few weeks
and fans were expecting a
fest, not including i S
many arguments il -I .
or and Umpire .

Inning. In the f l
batting for George W
ed a two-run homer over the
right-center field fence,
Reggie Lynch h with
the bases loaded in .t1 aXtlh ,t
establish the finallng so6e.b
Hudson got a number oa men 04t
bases but there was no One to
push them around.
The baseball field Was in the
hands of Gamboa's Latin-Apeak-
Init residents for the dy. A don-
vention. from the Ie 'of eta. Ro-
sa engaged the above-mentioned
Mroup in a hectic battle of base-
ts and errors,
Don't let the 20-19 wmorer fol
you, it was a very good baseball
game. It left Ear'I., 1M, -
ager of. Santa Crum' A lle-ldA -
mAn, Jr. team wondering If ef
shouldn't get man of tl .,atle
element on the city amaed.
Fraguelro and 'CI a Kid OoG
maies doubled up on the
to give the Gaamboa nine a ine-
run lead, early in theu mlbt, b
Santa Rosa ballbayet id 1R
late-inringt rall Io.tit al I
19-19. Oamboa's Inat@ squeez-
ed in the winning run I. their
half of the ninth. .
The teams tPes b* later
in the day and m ld t
it somethingI 1 T SwyE
were feted at a rsw an
game and all wn a r "r
party at the gymusW. nv.

OklaUo tUhe Q ko le, the
18th. Indlanllshe 1lth, De-
troit, the iflu lwaukee the
1e n and hin r Bo.ston on the
Kths, ,

Along The Foirwoyr
Atlvm 8l1led-UlP olb "ad *
wonderful tlmq for taempely
Sunday, It was Swtah-auruome
and the beautiful greens
S wasbedecked with lovely
women and their not-soovely
partners., it was fun, and whpn
t frantastically low scores had
beon tabulated and che"ted
was found that Tobe 1 au
Jak LW uson ha@ used a sharnir
prLefnta anyaee r ele. EYOi
mad Howard Tottena
tneed oa close eond in the low
net scores. The mother and gop
duo of Pearl Trin and Free .slm,
Jr. fought their way through ti
Yi o os Rnors8 'o the day.
IDue Whc iuen ocf aall Mi
participants, there Will be man
more of these Scotch Foursome
at Summit Hills Gol0 Club. Cant
name Lny exact dates at the mos-.
dent because of the Inter-Club,
est Ball etc., but be re la
dies. The Tourament CWommit
ee wishe to veoca 8Ppeelatiou

UgS.. 11 74 elWthe ofo "fore4n.
. ft" i e afternoon. Btb Loin.
Inoa adfr. farl OGerng picked
on Gene Hochateflene and Palt
Moran for a little bobaj1
match. Unfortunately, their na
didn't Jell and the match flnlish
ad all even.
. Sumttv's Inter-Club team will
oppose Bramos Brook next Supn-
WaMorning -at Port Davis Golf
Club. Here are the men who
been elected to play for :umm
Hills. I ny of the men -l liaM
not be bale to play Sunday, Feb.
18, piMi n otify Gene ed.
or. Dick Coldton at Corogal
As 1 n Possible. .
Bere,- Mt w uller,- udiep
!bar Al Saariaea, R. W.
ThMpn, Dale Bishop. Don

.C- + 'P Rich-
Jack Law-
eom~ ye Mahoney. and Gene
AMR for the team are.
rres Mrun, Sr., Carl Hu1ris. Lo
Desj 0l0t n.

TO 2a14r~al

ft. *3 U 'I'
ttIee* ''3
0~ ~ f' ;,f

CrNTESTAJTrr Ihr O.Godby evp t

bel1entri-esl in thewelgt I events l-
Bal* (

I~h me Globetrstters,

A-Stanrs In. Ho* World Seri

N 0W YOR,3, Feb. 13 (UP)-The I Here Is the ltsda.
Harlem Olobetrotters and a team Opens at NMW .ori

NaIy wunt ta=
s uMA-IM kiwh

A A-6 bNAN


gk eIaI

eflar I


o bhet defeudse ayn
both teams was .iI'
Oharle ene, MAch, W a. a M
The Ineups: .UX
annnlan, s a.rl, -"mL.
Craft, o i ,
E. Marshall, of r '
Halbrook, 2 .
Daniel, rf .. ... .
Cunningham, a
-dnknsi, lb
Fewhard, S3b
Ramsey, of n
i f l ,n fl3If

TOln.l SH

-casea sale s*

." .': il ..
-., ... -.*.+ +-.'. -
-4 +- --- .
*. 49.. .. .

*9 ** -

I 'a-


mI au1 i

a a.. sd~IaJiba eauaflaaatsO &

d twc

I n'tl~~l:,'

On The ru. .. ,

Prit-hard. 1_ 113 14 -- "
Bnyder 111 1-
South. 11 l i4.

baker. 1 j1 .
el 1 I

Total b 194' 7

narck ..
T forris 1 1 1 4 I

Handich0ap. 135 1 1
Total I8 804-
tXdenrelch. 14 1- 141-
Treflinger.. T 147 t
ormt. 1. 1O 6 t

lndica. .. 13M 12 14
Total .... 872 885 3-37

300lelnrso. o M --
ane .... 140 .
S. 150 1
/ m ... ,185 154 4
i a. ., 157 175 l-
/ cap.l 18 9 150 eli
Total 951 8 8 1-W

/mtetr. 1. 3 13 2
oanas 140 1 J1 I-

.av.: 130 IEl
tue en .. 1146 1 '
Handicap.. 14 1459 1

Total GObO6 84 6'-i
--vi. .- *, a-
VFW POST No. 1N.--
'Jackton... 142 13 1 'it- t
KJdtke ... 1 45 10.1 -
gtaley ... 127 127 T-
Kennedy 11 143 l 44
SsoM ... 138 112 .1-i1
ndlcap. 132 3 IN -8
Total 4a" ass UO




" ,\ :

S -

- -

-- I

- ... J.o
., .S- ,.-., ;..._"f C -

6 IL. .. --

~'.3 .f U0 C WIT .I MP

4"=- A- T" _:
Jfa.ibu a twiis.N Cnalstbail .A; LW
12!fr f dIunT~ pafli* Fl~as' mntuw jiu
&Ai1> I-i .1fop

ttotw were: Mr. and
Mr. wM m icnkel. Mr. *and
iMr. Irr' 0tn,Mr. and M.A.
Lloire OtMr. nd Mrs.
,lartr" Iealspy and
W. Ranv.wtA^ and mB.

t-'" '.

U,. -t

. 'Thee
sma 111

C," .:.

.I qa.

-.* .. .. 7 .





.. m


..- .. ..- U. IO

" Amb asAm.

a :. -

As. -- itt 4., -


PA. -.

-* .OstT DRUaS

.* 94AA and PoMM *STE


;,*.,.i ". :'^**" iM -lii. .t -'19
-*" S -., .. & --. .3 -. '

- ,...-'..? '"."". ^ *.. -f ... 'f,; *o. "

i .- 1.- I;

--- ... V


5i 4

aI low S

cm 0r a& pgligish
un* *- ,.- a
Is. ,Itg. .t.w- m

* .


- 8*^^^^^ ,.J^^^^^l

Just No Us


. JL.. 1.

Wo. W aw Wp.



Chr1ltian Science.

I Teaches Rellance

On God -MAloe
Attmd a fr- leotue *Otmd-




of Chicago,_ lli.elth


a Dw Mra. Alber&,1 their tlunolpof uQti TjL
Mal or- at tM otel a.lngtoa ...
'I -- ;~"7" "

I Owen, Mrs. John Fuler was ho u

thy w he e"'oa

pr, mentw itthlMrtanmsz_ pith
fl^n, Ms Refr~ t merared after 6
.aiuIal wer e" opee Wmt.irt. FtFebI
MDer- table. Troi flower us edI
ras. Mrs. in hoeratIm,d
I er&Mrs. Arthur C,. Lanm
t0r 1rr, ""'m. Mrs. Jsok BaT, W eon ad
Es. astelle Wood, NMr. Jon MiqCeon,C
II Mrs. bert, Mrs. Max Ty",
ri, d Mrs Frank Pled Mr t, Mr. i
d- nd.ra In. odwto. M. B ,Or".L 'I.
oi Helen wig. a. Paul Volght.wuO. Ml- ap$
** ... ....- v. lM H 'rysCO- M T4 fw qi
pr'e, Mrs. Duane Mandkowlaki dlWlt'ra
, epatt- .....-... ,, "er Gi Ull0 (C1b1A.
z aone On- I ..
qut at the -
vmening for
i the At-. .,
" Iud Mrs.
jad Mn.
* M M.Ih- n I I

* flaminp ..
S' hartrou ,


w thc

- S.


i I



S. .t..s .. .. -. .
aCrOO a i ,a. hw olw tq-, feu 4l eWM~ v u
LCWN b y hu- *a a*

n4-.,.tO ... w w -k ".,,



hA It
-3 Ua^y-.

-.3 **.
2: w.~,


SA Ur SmSr maM mI.T.

~: ?$


S..;jet .
. .- .


t., '

announces its new line of

latest styles and fuahion coos.

3- '1
ii., j

a awAas'~~iMII

---- I; ----;- ----

r~o~s~4Xa~ar~- .-r---- 7` ~.



m-.a -R



*\ ,

t .''
." .



ba Ame rda
o : *- -" ". ,- ^ ,* -'; .." "...^ -r -'*

Pfanao Ametori* Clas5


'ij~sALE-194i7 Ford Tudor Se-
r*dsg.awod condition, original own-
*fecoated, $975.00. Balboa

SALE:-1950 Buick Super Rive-
i A M4 door .Sedan. Dynatlow, Radio.
Whlte.side wall tries, seat covers.
-,. ;CaH Balboa 1654. Can be finan-
-0d. ,
'.'t VRTWIB -Gdood tires, good
.i nor, new battery. Chevrolet 41,
De Luxe. Duty Paid. Call Tel. 3-
S.; 2463. 30 Street No. I.
V; 'j SALE f '49 Ford convertible
-' with radio. Can be financed. Call
or*' gtbm 2550 until 4 p. m., then
t boo 6341.
,'KE SALE:-1938 2-door Ford.
tI Good condition. $275.00; c ne
i vY938 Ford Coupe. Interod r poor,
$; 150.00. House 2015-A Curundu.
S. Phone 273-6212.
SA good buy, well cared, for 1947
, r-j.s rd Sedan. finance available. 609
t Ancon Boulevard.
.* < ( SALE:--Coit "45 automatic No-
o ..;Sional match. "Colt '22 Match
: 3'arget., call 2-3643. between 4
I ,vnnd 5 p. m.
' 'FR SALE -1947 Pontiac 8 cylinder
two door streamliner, duty and
S 1951 Pansma'-lcense paid. Origin-
-',. 1 owner,'new on cushion tires,
rW w paint lob, has radio, can may
b4- soen at the National Brewery
: tlllwoukee Plant.
S SALJE--1939 DeSoto 4 Door
,,.Stean $O150.00. Good motor, tires
i..' d,.brakes, 2-1580.
04"p SALE:-1948 Plymouth Sedan,
4'd11ooF.. $T,300. House 882, Mor-
:.-" lin 'Ave. Balboo.
It M'SiLt:-'39 Chevrolet, two door
S' l, good. condition. Reasonable
S*I'C. Call Balboa 3234._
--S.f.j&WLEtb-R.nvult, 4 deore 1949.
r- b esnabfe; Tel. 3-2503 3-

S SALE:-1950 Ford 2-dw se-
t. Custoi, radio, seat covers,
a =1" Y s miles. ll' Balboa 2984,
^ w T^T aC vailelble.

i-KALE:-1947 Harley Davidson
AI condition A-1. Duty Paid.
*&SS.00. Phone Diablo 2-3247,
4:3Q 6:00 p. m.

' SALE:-Buick 1949 Super Con-
SVprtWe. Quarters 249-D,'Coco So-
FOR SALEt-1947 Ford Sedah coupe,
Sl With radio, new 6 ply tires, fog
S' tghts, sun visor, spot .light. .win
h'" .dOw aodes, and heater. Original
e' w Ar. Call at 10:086. 11th. St.
C C)eon. Redl borgoin!t
LM .$ALE: 1941 Oldsmobile 4-
^ -qf;W^. qcellent condition, 4
mqr--nFc irds and six various size
ni,lsianw outbewa mete
-" Good condition. -Phone. 3-
t3_16 house 139 New Cpistobol.

S' Real Estite

o SALE:-House 25 x 26. maid's
i ..q- rtlers T14 x 30. laght plant,elec-
r -fftie-pumnp, all blocks and plastered.
' ti" tle floors, mahogany paneling on
S ells, all strictly modern. House
Si1. 2nd Ave. New Arroijon, 12
r, riles from Ferry, Jack Davis, Box
1*4 127, Cocoli, Canal Zone.
ft 'SALE:-Furnished house with
*td "t'Cerro Campea., $3.000.-
'*sO0 ., tLmbert. Tel. Balboa 3447.
tALE:-Villa No. 79 El Hlat
:o500 meters. Accommodates
dHorse and Saddle. See week-

j $ALE:-Vacation house with lot
x B30 meters Maria Chith.
.- e- n front, good beach bollig,
S"near river fishing. On Porto Bello
Seed. Accessible year around. Ap-
pintment 10086, 11th. St. Co.

Heo Kids, yes dance claomes are
ill open, see Mr. Stfverson -
flym. $9.. 3 months course twice
a, week. Hornett & Dunn.

g Help Wanted
fyTED:-Active experienced Eng-
5h-Spanish stenogrdpher. Send
p piioaon with full particulars at-
Thing photo. Box 297, Balboa.
.AINTED: Competely' furnished
apartment for t.o months, mar-
S rid couple, no children. Phone 2-
2 2644. Mr. Dikes.

Legal Notice
SaWhlm Diviseio
A. Shea.
81n8. Probate
_Isia hereby sle that a peu-
#Xi the probateef the will of
A. Shea. deeaesd: mad for the
a, f lattera tea tamentary to Jo-
rS lShe iaofl i Bae, Can.Si ene
..K I this Court on February 1,
that Februfry 11. ]1m. at
.L *, In the Courtroom of
at Aon. Canal Zone. haa
t* the herig of Eald a-t.
mad where any person in-
":@Ioy r and eontent the
i "t11 8., If tmwh, e y mid
!|4$cli Note t grouted.
-t Amon, Canal Zone, this
.1T.5s06M5 Jr.
CleEk af Court
'-I ia r. wITz
case at Court


February our finest $20 prme-
nents.will be S15 and our '$15
ones $12.50. Price includes 1951
styling just for yea; shampoo 6
set; rinses; lacquer; a sempli-
mentory makeup everything
' to make you a lovely valentine for
him. Genell Bliss Cocoli Beauty
Shop, 4-657.
save $150.00
Le@a IMl f
Leas f: 1,. <
Lea f: 2
InteIetloel Jewelry ter
adjoining Internationol ,Hotel

FOR SALE:-Piono, Lester, in good
condition. Reasonable. Tel. 3-2503

"DULCINAS."-Juice oranges, eat-
ing oranges and grapefruits are al-
ways of selected grade and ex-
ceptional quality. Accept only
fruit that has been stomped -
Dulcino registered trade mark.
Sold distributors, Productos No.
conales, S. A. Telephone 2-0028,


FOR ,SALE:-All porcelain, 7
Frig;doare, 60 "cycle, like
5150. Also misc llaneous
hold goods. H Street No.
telephone Panama 2-1274.

cu. ft.
61 or

FOR SALE:-Refrigurator, radio, fur-
niture, household efctsh, bicycle,
for quick sale. House 799-D, Bal-
FOR SALE:-Piano, upright Grdnd,
small, reasonably priced, gas steve
four burners, baby crib, play pin.
Phone 916, Colon. .,
FOR SALE: Mahogany bedroom
suite; maholgny ...llping-room
suite -and -two (2) mnhoaony
tables. Royal typewriter. Hoae
5647-D, Diable Hgt., call..,after
5:00 p. m..Tel. 2-37$2.
FOR SALT: -"Refrlgerator.. 1949,
*Coldspot. 25 cycle r .'trade for
comporable 60 cle 'unit, 559.
Coromll HMapitol Area, Balboa

FOR SALE 'B-by'L winter
(coat end legajrl size 2. TI
baby carriage, kitcherw line
9' x 12'.,4. large green I
blinds, bird cae, two tennis i
ets. Must saill by Feb. 15. H
19 East 50th St. Phone Par

FOR SALE:.-Eureka Cleaner. Works
like new. Call 10.086, 11th. St.

Bea&A, Mown
FOR SALE:-Fishing Cruiser, 22 Ft.
Chris-Craft, topnotch condition.
No. 4f4 Gamboa Yacht Club. Will
accept car or outboard motor 'in
trade. 501-D. Cocoli.

FOR SALE: Medium English Dot
motorcycle, three spreads, new
tires, 60 M. P. H. Villiers engine.
Phone 4-323.

New dance classes this Thursday 7 :30
Balboa YMCA $3.50 pel -month,,
take advantage of this offer.
Hamett & Dunn. ..

Lasd Minute Appals

For Condemned Nam

Seem To Be In Vain
FRANKFURT, Feb. 13 (UP).-
A flood of last-minute appeals
to halt the execution of the
last seven condemned Nail war
criminals poured in to United
States authorities today, but
they appeared to be In vain.
The appeals including a te-
legram from the Protestant Bis-
hop of Wurtemberg to the U. 8.
High Commialioner John J. Mc-
Cloy came as rumors mount-
ed that the executions were to
take place tomorrow.
In commuting the sentences
of 21 other doomed persons, re-
ducing the sentences of 25, and
releasing 33 others, McCloy had
already stated that the scale of
the crimes of those he refused
to save from the hangman's
noose put them beyond any cle-
In Washington, an airmailed
request for a review of the se-
ven sentences was rejected by a
federal Judge on the grounds
that a Federal District Court
had no Jurisdiction to review the
findings of a military tribunal.

RtvllIlizo Your

Feel Younger
Look Younger
NtbtUM ern ma wnes mas'

L s PLIW s deara
hfMW Ovrlooks ocibn .., .ut
ra-i4.. by shade trf a...
ng* and refrigerator or..a lcom.
Mrdete' 7. Private stps to bech
(Z min. walk).- Nbecue, ping-
SpoO, badminton, -rca4uet,- hours
shoes, etc. in' sha plAyground.
Coll 4-557 dlay, 0. ,ings.L

Willing soto C-

boo 21.30 W W -ent I

GRAMLICH'S -ft-Clara beac
cottages, fumt tcl
frigeration, de ;t .op
Gamboa, 6-541 O 5f. ,,.
Balboa 2698. '

Phillipl. Beaches $in ,, C.St d
Suo m5mb 4. u elsa. PMll
Panom .-1877 e Criatabol ,M
1673. i

GRAMLICH'S Sata Clara beach,
cottages, furnished, electric. re-
frigieraton, modgait rates. Phone
Gamboa, 6-541 or 4-567.

FOR RENT:-Completely furnished
house. 2 bedrooms on Via Espba A
(finol), 3 blocks from oftel El q
Panami. Tel. 2-1756 office hours
or 3-2111 after 6 p. m.
FOR RENT:-Chalet three bedr6ip -
porch, silting, diningroom, itc. Be'
lisarlo Porros Road. 19th St et
SNo. 10. Tel. 3-3651.


FOR RENT: Beautiful one-room
furnished apartment. Electric re-
frigerator. Also furnished room
with private bathroom. 43rd'Street
No. 13.
FOR RENT:-Two bedroom apart-
ment, best location, very cool.

FOR RENT:-Furnished apartment
bedrooms, sitting, diningroom and
spacious porch, maid room, gar-
age and two sanitary service, for
two months. Available from the
20th February at No 18, 50th 'St.
Call Tel. 3-3390.

onama Rooms

F6R RENT--Two furnished bed-
rooms, American home.' near An-
con bus-stop, to American wo-
men. Available Immediately, Re-
ferences. required. Telephone Pan-
am 2-3067.

AffonHctSocdety. ;
Ceonat#eed Prom Pa r rIM t
alon of her fifth birthday anal-
versary ..
The guests included. several
cousins of the honoree. Michael
and Dick Brzezinsky, Mary Fran.-
ces, Kay and Virginia Dignam,
with ElUen Hunnicutt, Gale iScot,
Lee CantrellU, Wayne BElkina, Stan-
ley and Albert Motta, Jr., Marcia
and Choryl Pinto. Teddy and
Christie Knox. Nancy Chadwick,
Herman Henriques, Pierre Flan-
dreau, Buster Nelson and Buddy
Clark. .
Weekend Visitors
Mrs. C. N. Nix attended the
picnic and horse *how at the Pa-
cific Slda Saddle Club Saturday
and served as Judge at the show.
She brought several the young
riders home for te for t night to a-
tun. Her guests were: Miss Shel-
la Curling. Miss Barbara Mundt
and Bert Mefd.
V. F. W. Meeting
Veterans of Foreign Wars. Post
100 will meet this evening at 7:30
at the Boy Scout Shack in Old
Return from Santa Claram
Mrs. Thomas L. Sellers of New
Cristobal and Mra. Harry Wal-
bridge, of Margarita, returned
Monday from spending the week-
end at the Wallbridge cottage at
Santa Clara.

Vessel TIugles With
Sub Net, Freed'
tangled Floalls.was delicate be.
cause force mlght puU her bot-
tom out, according to Com-
mander Charles B. Parwell,
commanding officer of the Na-
val Station at Coo Solo, who
directed the operation.
A man In. a 30-foot motor
launch was put avet the side of
the Mluel, which had to stay
some distance away from the
fouled ship. He Cut some of
the cable and an attempt was
made to pull the FlojaUs off
with a Panama,Canal tug but
this was not successful. The
Hazel took a hand in the tow-
ing, in an attempt to lift and
pull Flojalls out of the net,
without further damaging her
bottom. She had already begun
to take on water in her after
About 2 p.m Farwell dis-
patched thelTe i lad the L.
ot to i ftUm et. It was cut
by torches and the frojalls fin-
ally freed atl 3;20 She was
towed by the y= o a spot
near the Mt, ie drydoclkt with
the Navy 'uNtlehag pu lp
and persoisW l tf t. 1 r from
sinking In anto
take on more wst;
No time estlimnate O athe re-
pairs cold be lvmi this morn-
ing pending BdeermBalonm of
lth damest *

-' -'I'


-. -


O..lur $J RS decorate
Noa4$pstt St-..Tel .-am
S.* (9 f .

or sIN9WArrz
Al. ft. ka
Sal t. 0.40 M.
-- -. a-
r*e Lsea S, we hbie -

er see oear tmr fM.l

m t t aoSe

OEi! t'lltsllovw



Magla Silver ily.. .
P.O. 13 315 an --L

Arizona IliNtr

SucceSfltUy Fis

'Just Like- Bidi'
JUNTA. Colo., .T I (UP)
t1oo Ewers dellotil'tt lhe
can "fly like the blrds, was look-
ing for someone to take over his
S100,000-a-year business todayso
he can spend all h a with
his man-made wing.
Ewers. Inventor extrnu %lbl
flew his nylon-and-s
a distance of 150 yar1 at il' t
titude of 30 feet yestedi a ill
under the power of hi own mus -
He revealed that the successful
flight, which reaised dreqm
conceived 50 years wMhet u
jumped out of a hay wt, Weate
first time he had ever betn off
the ground "in any kind flying
machine" in his entire f
He said he got thi ide whi
a boy on his later's f i
Kansas. Hle used wl off of
a hay loft, flappfngt7 1 MS
wlrdly-as many bowtf.
wished for the power far iit
He vowed then to rsiua.
Yesterday, he dw id i
Darius Oreen, w
failed, look like a wO=e
The wing hasa span oa Udeet
and resembles a glstj .M
not a pair of wnl F t ,

stretched two ban
rubber in a cro
"I don't case Vw
third a.- he a
uoon landing
"We've done lt-tl
in an, the o
s-tace aen of

- '-.. .: ,-

Srr* land

Wif the ti -L AMY OWL 40 p.
-SM a frase -ad a5u4th tur ak,
UllteBI I to 3=0 6tbthe-iln-aX35SdfW-
e1% hei Satutay =itiang,-en. e -uoe
wis the 'ttual pre adan CSMet Ar
(ago, l vg the two cadets
are AnI sr n (l), Chief of 5 ...,
m lponens e a. e. en, -a EL e. t
(ribjehgtound), uCo UmS -Army .
bea. -Both Ge.= Bortwer ap im eM spoke at 4s
cere oay as dideaorian Capt.n Medina A.
y( t U.e. Army pbog)

Chnse Reds Sheli
British Tanker On
Way to Hong Kong
HONG )ONG, Feb. 13 (UP) -
The tino-Reds tslelled the Brit-
ilh tanker "Caltext 21" today
as the vessel passed Lintin Is-
land in the Pearl River estuary
en route to Hong Kong. The
tanker was slightly damaged by
two hits astern.
Casualties aboard include the
captain and the chief officer.
Lintin land is njust outside
Hong Kong teeritorial waters.
US Sub Goa Aground
In English Channel
PORTSMOUTH. England, 1eb.
13 (UP).. -.' The United States
sub marine Half-Beak went
aground off ortsmouth in the
EniUpb Channel today but was
refte seven hours later with-
dut damap, according to Mship
p uAg uters.
.. The Half-Beak and the sub-
zarine Toral were apiroachig
Partsouth early thi morning
when the ub hit the sandbatk.

= us aed that power is
bouncing on the rub-
ber -on. the r
.. l Aigbt the pilot drp h
weight, ona the rubber, whbh
ertl~reaedis tqknsuted In

NMgria mhdy

WI DrawtUp PIS

'* he Preadent of the MarOgata
Reoreatisnal Assoolatlot i-call-
a o meeral meeting of at -
senat vs from vau clvicand
mlitr organizations to a t
11 tantIc Side 4th o July
committee. The meetun-tq bib
helt-on Feb. 20, at 7230,.3 .1i
the Ma glarta otGmnau"
.oss r those present Za: 131M
alhan will be appoIatd aa
pgids W1 then proceed -or the
celebration. .
lthis as the same alte, .i...a
was every successfully
ye n Margata.
Any Interested .ersowp arM
pore than welcome to att
eeual meeting, as thern l
t eal of planningI a
up a celebratiOt _.

A -.
lot Avalmcht *

Jh inton '. uS f I .: .

z.enul gn winner; san c.. ...
Willhm A C r.. lni, fourth la


udMay, aCet. -ais W. rumg )HI
Asllistnt Co oa the
.B.t Carl -bhool at
Forut e pren talt ndd
veld op to a ieutentan d-
five cadets of the A
my: Lt. Oscar IMies.
yor, Cadet AureU ,e
dtt' -utilermo'
Chester A ,.man
'orres 'a d Cad
These athletes wai Ao
the 1990 Atla4tic etotr

TourLadaent at year.

This ceremony ws one of te-i
highlights of the 19th graduation
rlerclses and recepDt.b ItoW i
the School since itsInceptia aM
eb., 1940. ..

Hoffman F:nerI
HeldThiYs O

Funeral service .vi .... -
moring at the
ry chapel for '
Hoffman, 79, who diet
ly Saturday meim the
Ancon commissary;
A native of .ChIeao he was
employed by 'twldi.f- la-
nal CommIssion in io:-'Tt
the exception of two years
1932-24, his iervi-
nuous until his
June 30, 1934. At
was mate on a Dlvi
son dipper dredg.y --
Survivors Include -Ais ,
who Uves In the town of Sft
Juan, near Santiago, uq

-. p-

tell twe-
shortly in

h '' ...

.' ._'. 1
-, h.. d. .4--

* ~-. -*S t~N

9 and

at it
ms ti

-,.- --.. S.... -
- 2* '-a'. t*' i

* '-, .J.- 1

I --- --moms.

~- -- -- ~

- -

. I

- 1.

1 -406:1

I .......




1 r


I --- -- --- -- ---




:,:. '. .



NNW YORK.-It W i* td be itrangely
.unmoved by the 9= =b 1of poverty by our
recent anpentad 4 A Wa or to M
Mr. Will or. Ow bared his *
books, dto-lNo= da ts&M u
aotjag e atW*,t~t charaapg ads
be Wo

tot urt g ~ f a highy ,. ~
tgeei M O~twf Woj rhIn a harrys jfr to
t w a oprprlse tentt an the 'face
which upshook
ct a neo w police

Oused of t
h the Mad- i
and possible do-
reason forp Mhs to
It and.quote thei
gowns just on A
eAnt Ack Liit of the
New Toft Mirror.
The I -O etOf.a man's purse Is supposel&
be the lat Shing it bares to outsiders, and t
size of his trefure trqve Is supposed to be hI
own business unless a man comes in wavisog '
subpaoe a BWt Mr. O'Otrre whips but hid biak*
booes and that of his wife, to exhibit sumo 9S
les than ,AON bet peen them. He than Wv
poverty to the point of telling his Intervle
thats.e od. fl n ag a. rough $10,000 a.
I rit. I order to take the job .
I& e'tO admutaon, too that one cot o
top appoistive diplomats must bite his ba4dies
to Afford- amStoaatlon to a place whee
*6tae" Ia Lat,. and the local Joness
taO a power 0 up to.
Only a very man cana afford the up-
keep eo an cra-on It takes scads o*
serantsand lot te free-load boose to make an
eambnhasau, "e speapse-allowapce is -relative-
K A -

It, WE
rAmoy to
ai in Ka

li slight, around $10,000 a year, and the salary
of 325,000 is subject to a tax chop.
Papa has to dish out the old bubbly and
serve up the caviar on a&sultan's scale. Mama
must outdo thq local saliffy set in clothes, in
chahn. In entertainaent. What you recWvbyou
must pal back.
Mr. O'Dwyer leaped into a discusion. of what
It costs to clothe hil'bride, which he quoted at
M00.In clothes he sought to outfit her for the
trip. This is net generally a auect., a man
wouM daicus freely, on the grounds of it being
nobody's busians but that of the easter and
the Misaus. generally accompanied by strife.
Mrs. O'Dwyer i settfng of very UE in' the
plumage department. A fashidh expe gtves me
a figureof 11.000-plus as covering the bastemne-
ceittes of a lady In te Wpublic e. without
jewelry and -only on'sltt-coat ,f W domu
price not over-all wardrobe, dating back to
years. but Just the new stuff a gal might need
to play ambassadress. A decent mink alone goes
around $5,000 or $6,000. On Bill's statement the'
fair Sleaa Is a star In the crown of frugality,
since she shows up almost daily in a fresa
I atire Bill's willingness to open the assets
to publ e scrunity with the possible demurrer
'that itf he had aythlngs.he wanted to hida he
wold ortatnly hide it. and not flaunt it. At
4884mt would be the way I would figure for
myelf. t I had 10 bucks buried In the back-
yard that I wslahed to keep alsilent; I would not
tell the first casual questioner that I had 10
bucks planted under the fig tree. This Is basic
humftan nature.
It bolls briefly to the fact.that Mr. O'Dwyer
IAs olaf to have to answer an official question.
nalr.s ahis assets, to the District Attorney of
NW Tafh County, and this looks like a nice
Pon %tong.
cAo uu to htis exhibition of private finance,
he Is to poor to be an ambassador to a major
naft id ia any case methinks Bll doth pJo-
1k A

Moo In Moscow

By Joseph wd Simnt asop

1 .0-A report that Mao Tse-tung the Western balance would have been a Com-
for t Moscow is current on high munist triumph in Southeast Asia, with all its
i The news is unconfirmed as' a imini and demoralizing effects in Europe.
IS gn news of Molotov's August Today, a the other hand, the Western alliance
V *hen the Chinese interven- is la-39Y divided by the follies of Its leaders,
Orem was Panned. but now as thw, RttaeilOady Its tAerlcan leaders.
at'-leMt many pressing reasons why In London especially, great numbers of social-
In'fgat Par Sastern vassal and the.. lits of the Kinagley Martin stripe are talking
b oiu ad need to talk about. new a *boutJp American relations in a tone that
Wa e OS. Robert R. McCor mlc k. Today,
the target ae, the Vea- therefore, an attack on Southeast Asa would
r called Cachin" tch n e to weaken the Western alliance. The
ent.- from' air attack, ets m et would 'be to shatter the delusions of
May 1I when the beginniifn the wKi"Inkers In London, Delhi and else-
n .akes troop movements eI- wen:a nd thus bring the Western allies to-
Mone if the Chinese wish to eshegmtabs ibis a great lows for Mao and
Man to do so will be not later the Mvit high command to balance against
eptheflM wek of arch, whih a otagt Aian l against.
tw nths of campaigning In It may be true. moreover, that the position in
nS pawvie. certain new fe rs Kore wltaU fluence the W king of Mao Toe-
which make their in- tung. lanot of his masters, about adventures
than two maoths ago. lsewhereI. Te Chinese are now plainly dia-
preparatIon for an 2_1tt in L that it tI not easy to main.
:s ju st o strong as when It tan an Army of 450.000 men without winter
f thti space. 'e A Chinese elethiang medicines or transport, in asn Ice-
ofSo maS, under a Sino. erty-atricken country, at the end of
S stgfl ta s poised on the in- nsupgly lines under continuous air
Improvement of the attack. In-te o Pentagon view (which of
nemospleetdL The sue- co-rp oay te as wrong now as it was former*.
STwigny in rallying ly). the Chinee can no longer throw us out of
Chinese forces in Korea. it with their present offensive they
a ao ti4nh'S native Communist rik loeigm their army there in the grim com-
MaOsNeit more likely that the blast attrition of combat, hunger, disease and
.........openly in order to carry cold. ,
St c Thbtp Ios ore sanonu than It may appear. The
is now evidence of another betag s asto Uwt the Chlnese Communists have
aWm of from 100,000 to 0 4MM men under anrms, but that only
irw e at the head of S et these constitute the "first team," of
ow lty that these seMUMed. Well offleered, relatively well -emulp-
b goad toward Burma toops. Thus really heavy losses ia Korea,
ted appearance of a thme fir team Is engaged, wilt Impair
tr country across alitarm y strength of Communlot China
d S- present oeats- tuan wol shum w ikely, If one
w e the government the surface figures. Agatin, a severe
ROI is 'gng n wi two be bilanced against the gain of keep.
U ndx and maMy a 0e Wlaned down in Kom, and
wlterntiaon thu eped men U ad "resources OM.
SIn-Chn so dlufctalt West froatteg M, t
aafotiy made not be eurplsng If Mao 'be-tung
od theud trtdthe long journey to oe,
aws t recvethewdrao

^^^^~ffr^^irit'^^ Ue, M~ fer Uw TriY BM

b**. ..-. v.


, I -

a -


* r-~



- lAY.'
''A*' "

*t-e *7.

snor hae.

w s"



I' 3-

h it euvet(Milwaikee) went mad about her
Ma.ies.atg tebaMp.ia.ike TeaSty emosevelt
wsM abdM 4% I m the mgr. of Olabel's store them. She
hise nor .onater. .,.ovr Tsknl adsn
go. call

MAt the hisCoC.,e
Coral aes...The neow song, "ana Live 'T-M I DWe" (reports
A- inl to mit "Gonna live 'U eertanly
SMa srt9 M-ion
A sa gia.

..- 0 '-
--*- i.A/ i -*i' i .' .. *^
.e *Me bii hOes pe a leam tn fe oeesf The
a att *w efteo l at

o- o

I be ageud n a oldet
iWcar urm orthf tot&
SlRtaped a=f


dtsoi 1w. efr- 'j un-
warranted strike. It was.i
But it wee worth f to the
Moscim strateueta,J it
df"d trwly Eaiure- .sh
economy and jpftige in
the Orient.
It was at a secluded rendes-
v o u s bverlooking Montreals
main avenue that Canadian
Seafarers' Unlon pfeuldelt, Har-
S Davis, tresh fn secret
world Federation of Trade
Union M st Juilantly
brought word, "We eon strike
the world." The heat W dy, word
came from Comnatit party
chief Tim Sutk "tsUM." The
membeship were tM t*at their
wages were autAt. to be cut. Aznd
the strisr was of
The other detefs, awn with
gre oate or pt&tH than
mine will need to mnake public
whien the tiVme eS. ut
meanwhile, the a#e orders
hale been peeedh thesazn e
seamer, Just Uidj*ao
every omualt
trade uisw cents. Result: -

e am Weast af n-
mrs were em tfo e e through-
out e ImWmi aud eons,
true"a en U o re omm t
off. Some N other veseTl were
stalled a n as wys. Military
cargoes did not wove to the
Across the world, m the big.
gest ealgt~ m Iar m the fre'
worm 1105 .i 06
AunrtMb f .- HB~

Nmfslpk if news! Mr-
W4W tfl
eC~fr a-g
Aslr .a is irA
ty Kxe ff Alaw '
o0doeew- IM or-

And M:"mt It onlyu
mm h of emi

jwre isfl E
-j*;if -i:^^i60





4 HyotbeatX
sroI tl ter

I ftabol for
le Devurbsate
IS f Maun -ISIha
ISampe pSI e^I^unvisa ilys^^l

17Ow key omhvN SO aadate ftU
A(ab.) lAmple iTeSMN
MAc 0t fStagger 4G0rete
rversing 40Chengesite MNegatt
11 Examlned 42Borderon weelz
Omeraghly 43agllsh resort U2lgteld
23Perplex city' M4LewG
25 Satiric 44 Comply with a (ab.)
2 Desist command WhtIle

I -"

... *. .4.
d~ *.r tv ~ --
*'-. -
-a--' k~ ~5 4~':4444~.,. ~' 4-KrL ,&------------- --

:~. Si :vrt4tri' ~. -

Drew Pearson Sewy: "Prie enforcmanet suffers go
pain; Sea. Me m ttaflks thei police; RFC r
to talk.
WASHINGTON.--Ofeg Washinste hs cow reached .
all-tUmr high for conftalm and chaos. 1at *f'this of
results from the inevitablity of war's rwg .ahisTa
stabilisatlon program, for instance has bi moving
rapidly that even the most ewrlenced W tlhtonolan
been unate to keep up wit It. M1fWhSret.
on mbes, oew addressem, a na and mtow
Mions have eegel lhr
Take the caa'%Tlggs",, Donahue, the able -4-
convicted West Coast labor gBridges and
recently mated th- 0 er1he new
Agency. Is hit new J, be egMillions at
and cotalg black n m to w Gat to comet. N
morning thr days after ea seern t. ha disc
1. The rice-control law M him. as power to
black marketeers ad price chiselerk.
3. Overnight, someone h d assigned him a new office,
his desk, and dumped alli Us fle in a Mg eoffinlike be4,
could ejTen locate his mume pad.
L M masitli had been l eo somewhere between his oli |
his new office.
4. The "new' office, a a little room in an over-age t6dM
ing, didn't even have a tqM.. .
Remarked the noW re-afgrcement Chief:- "if any
the United States lI lolatn pce cetilig today, I'llI
hear about lb via. carrier .igam. Of coarae, when I hear
Ic, I won't have the autlori to do anything about it a "
Predletton: However, pe Donabue bett authority from
greas hell do a bangup job of protecting houspewives apd
businessmen from the price chiselers. LJ
Sen. Wayne More of Oregon, who Is np mean talker on a
Senate floor, had to outtalk two oops to get any sleep a.
nights ago.
The scene was the Pennslivania Railroad Staton here
Morse, a champion of the raiway workers' taslronlcally tr
ed by his friends' walkout.
At 3 am., the Oregon bnator folded hie. overesoat for. a 9*Iw
lay down on a bench, and put hise hat over bha face. But ot
long. A railroad policeman shook him. "ou efta't sleep be1
Drowsy, but never at a loss for word. Morse retorted A
long as I have the sleeper ticket in my pocket and the
vania Railroad does not provide the s I can
Whenever you need this space for attf, get up.
I'm going to sleep."
Outtealked. cop walked away. An hour later-.
paoceman tapped Morse op the sols of his shoes. 14
nere brother',hbi said.
The Senator went through hi pe alU over. Th
man's eyes widened In dsbeuef. rinay be sad: "I
You're Senator Morse, and you're Just fou were on
vision program. You outtalked 'em all theni, too. t
thought you were right them, .and I do now. You go on
to sleep." AY M
RFC PAV811112M
Here Is another example of Me beIista faf ldrigll
has made the Reconstruction iuanee Corporation one e -
most dry-rot agencies in government.
H. A. Bonyun. sal manager la Indutralcol f. Sor tb
giant Publicker Industries, als worked for the Lb aR an l .a
expert on a per diem baish.'l-ts capaity en oe w o u
Jo is 40to buy leo)hol. Yet on of the bggest alcohol ua li
Bonyun's own Publicker Compay. Thua be nmay be In the
cult position, of serving two .Mga
Particularly interesting la the fact tt wen this lahU ,
querinieRC's Rubbgr ReMere r dingM em 11119 o U '
and the amount of alohql u ed from apany e w
he works the RFC refUsd at first to mast ptui asay aue.
Specificay RFQ was astd how muh aicoaol had beepu
chased from Publickter.
ror 24 hours the MC flatly ref to t*ake
ures, nuly, wham reminded gta a
tited asLtp
fr om' Pubhisbet tbaA' aeIn ay oth .
The average priep was *1.84 costs a gall.n. Those c.aa
are not automaeoally awarded to. thw lowe bidder but e e .
otiated. Rubber Reserve is paying anyt re from t0 cents .to
1.25 a gallon. '
0. ;OberfeU, RFC's production -manag, started that Do X.
yun is a consultant because of knowledge of Intusteial
alcohol.. "It Is not possible to eir such knowleeM outside NNLAt.
duaL~ry," he'al
it wa. Au r stated that Gerald Hadlook, eeutive diet rs
of Rubber Waeerve, handled the salem negotiations with 3mzyn's
firm, Publlcker. HU OU TNGLIU
Our combat troops, now fighting in Korea since last Jul? are
showing signs of combat exhaustion. As a result, the Army_-a
started spding small groups to Japan on N-day t
Army is ntow dustin Korean civilians with DwT to fl.l iI
carrying li,. No o al estimate has been ae ofNm
sAualtas atirom, typhus, but one captured No I
porad 1,000 ca In his. division alone...The Army fi J
0,000 more reservists to Korea, not as relnfoilnenbt s
ae eI&...OeneralCOolllnis, the Army Chief of tf,
l cyagelyq e Ar% will be strong enough a
months fo the t l atesoa to t tough its dlp.
otlatlons...The Army captured two Chinese Com
e other day com pletely abandoned on the battlefiqld h
ported that N to W pe cont of the Chinese Army In u Is
fferin froIm frostbite and trenob foot.
(Copyright. 11, by the Dell o so dlsste, bae.) '

I vehicle4r lm si
{ "" -1


S- .'. .*i.*k. ^i

Empty Pockets?

f to0 RUARK
a -


trader, -
14 Pt bek

SnAllaed Agree
4 Orektletter
#Rtislve of
Slavia -
* amlity
31War e
a8 Ve at are
33asiia poet
34 Keavy Ilow
as Go by
ST Syabol fo
2Outet (Dta)

* IoeSle
2 Lamprey
I roeacwow

,W4, -

9 Jears (la
iia) I iftil..&

_ ', .
.-y -', ,o W, ..* ** .* ,., -r -,...,.- .-'
s' -v ,.~.- .;- c
# I- IIII .. .

Canal Zone Schoo

By Louise Glhd

Well well. well, well well, wel, well. well. Maybe by The cat c U.I nterlud in tht
placing all the wells ate top of the heap now. .wn We'tS busy humdru m di
I zitbte or dig into them later on while shoveling themugh Areted by Mr. J. .

S dancing over the dates of this week, you'll notice that tomor- who was thrilled to Mr, J
fow is the day set aside for that boy who sa so weul-known and the C, H. B.l formanec
throughout the corridors and lasarooms of B -dear little Dan let's hope for an o e
-u Cpid. To lessen Danny's'burden of piercing the many hearts of 'e Seniors' i
NHS boys and girls, the Student Association has decided to help finally reward w e, in evd. They
ut.are gold plated, th ehain that is
.onl ". attached to the 7r 51. -
The BA has arranged to have singing. Valentines delivered Last Friday, besides and Febiary
during the last portion of every period. It by any chance you 9. It was the "C" club day. Teall came with
i have a little spark flickering for a ciftain someone, take your tneir "Baby shakers' and plaidh Wo't all! ll They
troubles to Danny's helpers. They will send your words of love also wore bow ties, which made ..ll tourists.
by ntaslc to that person. All you have to do is sign un at the SA Can you guess the new "plus" I3 classes? Of all
Room as to whom you would like a valentine sent and also from things-trackl Haven't you noticed I d y. Up to now Karen
whom. However, there happens to be one little catch. A small iLp is manaig in higia lump and DorW itn oftball4frow-
am' ount will be charged for having your message sent. ng for distance (warming up for shot-pt. Wonder who's ending
.. .. i .1 me wu ana the mile
1 O, oh, now don't fret. The price won't lead yog to ripping 'ie play "Mother Is a Freshman" Is CoIin along wonderfully
Stie ieams of your pockets looking for that last cent or make you under the expert supervIsaon of Mlso Jean Welsen. This
Speep Into the far corners of your purse searching for a stray ply about Abigail Fortitude (Jacqutes Ire), an attractive
copper penny or two. young widow who goes back to college wuth her daughter Susan
Also tomorw Q n I W r wibe honored (Pat Qeddes) only to fall In love with a sung ana handsome
Also tomorrow Queen Patt I the Queen of Hearts when her picture is posted on the Parra- sented by the Thespians on March 2 and. tl will be on sale
Set Daily along with the names of her court attendants. These so on..
' claassrepresentatives in the queen's court are: seniors--Annette The Crstobal High School Tig the Balbo Bulldo
Godby and Mary Ellen Kelly: juniors-Cecil Russell and Tibby In the Mount Highope S ti um. were winninulldogs
N an: sophomores-Libby Bowen and Bunny DI Bella; freshmen n sore or 2-0, when In the in l lo red three
ne Lowry and Josle Di Bella. runs. The fI'nal score was Cristobal 2 r'muR Balbow 3.
The announcement of Patt as Queen of Hearts was made at On Saturday morning the wrels' A 10990- basketball team met
tb Senior class meeting last Thursday afternoon. This Senior Jr. College at the Cristobal Pa shed, aC 'defeated College by
clss m meeting has been the second one held for the graduating the score of 29-10.
clpqs during this school ',ear. off TO end the busy weekend of sports, the era played
c during this school ear. the postponed game with Jr. College a-"Balboa. Roy Wilson
I Following a reading of the minutes of the first meeting, was the pitcher on this game, replacing TOtnMI Hughes who pitch-
Harold Zilerten. clase adviser, reminded the seniors of the dead- ed on the Friday game.
line' for ordering their cards and announcements. Which, by The Cristobal Tigers won this exciting game by the score of
the Way. has been extended until tomorrow. 2-1. The Cristobal High School team standing s now; won 5,
lost 1.o n
Zlertem continued to say that the seniors are now on The Freshmen are going to have their Valentine Dance
their last, lap and after Easter It's only a leap to gradua- Friday, Feb. 16, in the girls gym. This dasse will be the second
tion. lnors should keep this in mind when they become one to be held this school year. Here's hangp it won't be post-
L on their studies. It won't be long so why not make the o pne d.
best of hat little we can. Remember there's nothing to Last Thursday and Friday, movies oWre shown in room 106
lose and everything to gain. on how to survive an atomic attack. It showd what to do in case
On the day after the senior meeting. the voting was held for of an atomic raid, and It also showed whAt are the chances of
'Track .ueen. There were six nominees who were chosen by this urvivig.
th-._ IS arw-inhv olan

yar' ck squad. The girls on the ballot were: Tibby Nolan.
I I *ergne. Cecil Russell. Doris Bradley. Libby Bowen. and
Nancy Wells.
The returns of the voting were known that same afternoon
and the name of the Track Queen was rushed to this month's
edionra of the Parrakeet Daily, who in turn. hurriedly posted the
names of Track Queen Tibby Nolan I and her attendants CeckI
,Russell and Bruni Lavergnee.
Last Friday afternoon the UN Club had the honor of having
F Rabbi Witkin speak to them on the present situation of the State
of Israel. Rabbi Witkin not only described both the old and new
cities of Jerusalem, but gave a historical sketch ofthe Holy Land.
V. The talk %as cased on facts Rained from Rabbi Witkin while he
was visiting the State of Israel doing post-graduate work.
1. Looking at the list of events for last week, we come across
three shorthand outlines plus some figures. which, when tran-
scribed. say: ptwo basebagi games- and 2a1. $4i core.
.. -2. a that of the baaebil l mse Ibs betWWitu t B M6 Wl
Cristibal High School in the Mount Hope Stadium. Balboa being
the winners. However, the BHS team was less fortunate on Sat-
urday night wnen tney met with a defeat by Canal Zone Junior
College.' The score of this game was 2-1.

First, you were reminded of the singing valentines, and
then the deadline for ordering cards and announcements.
Now, there is an event which almost everyone would like
to attend, but cannot. This affair is the Ches Eloise
Fashion Show. The show will be held in the library to-
morrow evening. Only parents of the models will be ad-
t. tted. No students will be given entrance to view the
fashions designed and made by the seamstresses of Bal-
bola High School.
Again there is something taking place tomorrow. But there
As no exception as to who may come. In fact. all students are
ced to attend. What and where? The basketball xame be-
tIrne, the "A" League All-Stars of BHS and the basketball team
knal Zone Junior College. The game will be played at 4:15
It-the Diablo Gym.
There will also be a game on the Atlantic side when both
All-Stars will meet the Cristobal High School varsity team
are reminded again to go along with the team and help them
w1t their victories.
t' Talght's closing is a happy one. Yes. students of Balboa
SHigh School. it's finally come true. The number of polio victims
has stopped climbing Its steep hill. therefore, the ban is gradually
beoig lifted. Chances are that all dances that were postponed
earlier In the year will be held in the near future. However, they
will not be held if there is another overwhelming number of polio
cases between now and the dates set for these various activities.


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Members of the Cimara de Ia Propiedad de Col6n
are requested to be present at the meeting to be held
Friday, keebruary 16, 1951 at the local Chamber in
the ToleIano Building at 7th St.
Non-members are also invited.

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came bhok thi next a
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He laughed. I took hi home.
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A re-Issue but still good:
Bing Crosby and his pal, Bara
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B a ^ "! '- s ;- n. '.r .medidas pa r .. .ae, r elm"q b t. A control
'c .---"" w "--- d d "" era Cap "r d' '-i
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Se. conulta a profesionale..

aspectos del Nuevo Hospital

a -

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li -fto ..

l.m vbStasM

'~ 'I

proyectado por el
'arw &Cpultar dTverso as- -
- res)m Mado eon la cons- _
GW deapl ldel Segareco Enr
a od do n OrAbar l Ad.Ila
ta d : rt M r Ntrntisi-
a reox, 'a," a cud concu-I__
de .otoa e divers frr
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marzo ldciian

coleccl de

Alcaldia del MatuitO Pl
edio comunla a 8I Mrl
Interesadas u in
r6ximo se o
r todo loa pn rer
2tren n oltumraM a i*
indoe al QsCUMit


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1w1.ihD 5-0710 CENTRAL P APAQIADO POSTAL NO C d3*lit
EN suE TALLINsI a ruuADS rN ISTA C lDAD CALLE.II. N. 5 7 del doctor orstula F.. A41 01 m ln6
comtunl6 Is otrat ma qua obra di Cu sable. caacdfl
PRESTIGIO INTERNATIONAL u qa o ae ts u ormoadou
1 e = .. .co. aom cerebral, iA %otici.- ta ." I S,, .X 3
seAqU lo noPod e- Ge to i. Uid
El Organo Ejecutivo present oportunamente a b.a _u.ado po iad tao W*b r Cancer, r- to do -tl, us
1rii internaci o- cn ,S a re en mso o eas-* "- B S "4 do
sl Asamblea Nacional algunos Convenios internacio-ian eraon labu la t lito roa Yal .ha is l I1.ri
atlsw que de acuerde con Ia Constitaci6 deen ser do can le haWbi escuch e-o ts e nt ] ilo a ent rme_ ps G'yon s Ia I
ratficados por el Organo Legislatie odel Estado. SI-r con uhodo rapto que ap. ds? muo- es e tr art,
embargo, enos instruments no htan sido objeto de or e doteSo a eloen l sblan r cos de asomne l
la coileract6n que debl6 haberle dispel oracllo AFermit m ro hal^ hanm otografl ar an land ha demostrade qu ane-
Asmblea Nacional, y como consecuencia eo nomuerto. que no babia respd-6 1. mlcoin o ela o ctr6noeo, SuoPlSo0m aom., e.s mAor 1u .1
me ha enado ese requsito biico mdiateel cuat rado el conoclmlento trs&Idim e.n .o 10 mllad S n- d plel o lem mco,. pudII
Is Repfblica de Panama assume definitvamente lsI no do isme aentaima _n-. A -d ,Iorme one, O contain "ci -
re"ponsabildades deo un compromise intena Cital. s lud dedlina a s pr taian dl y qua de Is i
Lo mAns rave del asunto es que entire las Con-/may.o. s p"og.o qo a m mi eloa-t-on-cltan ado a "nvr uso Int' tuto o i
mayor'e e Uos t coqua u do del canoe", a anunotieon que runido un @ onSgnto lmprI-eaS
vesd e eiu entin sutriodeao Is indifereanci del t6 ante e*ta maqu(nts con Ofel .mir te, nto c nfl rmbae .a naturalstca on dev
Orne Legislativeo se hallan algunas que, come s PrOP6ai;do ilianareua a o11 ant per clro o er y naturalese lnhea b c idel
Carts do las Organizaci6n de los Estadoes America- blementAw m did a M40: -,haw. S 1, a d ed.clare' -quoI ICOI a e.
nos, Informan on contenido de suma Importancia -a es t hae.. Que tildo o. nlmale eas- El ....oles" a nadlr o lsdcab- ieVle .
deatro de la vida juridca y political del hemisforio. Y tendr rz6n. La sunpremp dad stogla nR do lnea edl probMa Citaba oh- s u sinho io ea
ste documento constituye un statute fundmenntal raz"6nselniei iieom-ca umplo melsarcoms dc dehi- ao mmu a.N a me Idea,
os e l s is te m In t or a m e r ic a n e m e d ia n te li -se1 "naI-aod os1%s se nus s s ed e na r e u er l m u WO eti pic a, l-, E S Me W4I .
ss prdas de insospeheblte trascendencia. Es, i luaTodo ha t dpad o oiopr e l* prt at
Eon tit ome easts euelo dais o I-sl ,ed e l, d. au..t..
no dudarle, el instrument contitutiv de I 0EA H e namor ibr n eplor quca osdecu- parisito, el os oi,1. Hae, -&-mdto I eran mur .b..ena, pro.| .o@* a0. -:..._..,td
Ademis hay otros asuntos pendientes de Ia ratifiesa- mistd.qo an con lt .uect.eal bu rasLUaa rms p oia r.

tmae ecoudmic, psetados en Is Novena Conforen taro me dispon aqual s aMPotet s ita irs pcn ors e "el tr ."Elhe ei o Tr
cia Internacional Americana reunida en 1948 en Ia evit ae It a mu ofl na his and el indveatgan druammnte as e001 abasaitas daeos'or cu
d d o ofinal1eromepraba nl me-, V on-prcederse- a-fin orma a. -n r a .-Isc lpaos bO.ur
as culdadoalmente arreglada ac re, qt'0 Is prloridad.Haci5 Implantarse on for( aegunoda srca rieto do e3oa di
Es de lamentarse que hays transcurrido casl fggaro era el orden, Is & qudoel l -qoan a oyr, ao Du bre .a.S u rlen aeS u r as s
mi ss .so clinics, del Hospital le pr oparado .lees l J i e acob. e dab !S 01b- "--' --e5.'
to ta lm en te el p res en te p erio d o leg is la tivo d eja n dol o-l ls .-
elamente un askdo muy reducido de benfice s nra laborador, hace casf tneo lon ate e-teruad.e so debts o laloneg i.leAr .pt in mneo a* Viva en Pa-'0 d deoM lrta
lisaciones para el pals. Cierto des l gunep e de politi-. tees, eua OcU1 ap_- a *-lvtk' m 2.saoMqumev .e_ pos ex..l I nst o4 po queoI can deo ea s"W? ----
queria y de demagogia contribuy6, a un'sonalayamaen- sdftelsolones don vooral as gudn haSU. acausn., q, os Svera a -- -L os bomberaoos do p s
to censurable de ciertos problems fundamentals, Ohisrl, otro hombre dSignse _dCdnicam o agudas, las leu- eco6n. indique ale peradbro o aemaos- /i os-"n o. ".g'aC'-
entre ellos el que ashora men ionamoa y qu Interesa pruifdo tu di, doun pesa as U naesatieen mn re un on&, evdi Uno de los maejore argument- treo ttumfb4). ts do oMea iltlde nbst s7
a'PanamA como pueblo y come Estado mlembro del Hoeratme uca t e a alncr avre Ae loeu dea t no do c mer Alaraen Ws AST N, mfyWero 8.'- Ido h ela.tit aI a
stema interamericano. No so quebr6 6e e. cirta clle oen h ,e u nst" re iromo Q itdlotd ..
Frente a la grave crisis international que con-L jsa i elamos e-n m uael loraI u re-,--ade obra._obr is cal ms-.__or ol o_ no o euatsd i d-'IsA"r b.a.I '1-a b pr cm a .. -
fronts i el m undo es inadm visible s lenidad qu e parece s ,o m on la plan s do is a l _. S, gArooe s or Jo lly. I to- own ci tes auran te v s n al doel m rs r, r-cal de cleam -ol d tu 7n 10 --bI,, t .. 2- -
odmlde T aboga. A don NoraQ io qu o eont=ate Una leucemihl a g s durante va iesn oral d ci m arl sesl do0 c am P o rm0 agoV -o ne
babei* prvevlocidonlenodela ars e o nqe namraba Islals sept1s gillinas, ,bido a un 1nos con todas iMa Ounoher von Kluu on Talont- nin e dsel E)8rdo Rojo eta ede1 pers ma melia;'
mlaotenvenciones mencionadas se refiere. Ahora queto$e. m" as aa, demostrado quo mu a- demostraroi notmn e Lom al-mans deosm n det.I -m- -no l-du-tata p
e sta1as a la puertas de las Confereneta de Cie,- So eaumnergia on Ia mar omeotfe L-e an ultn.vr.r,. Peaa. b l agoaa @.-usia ser a cu_ ct 16l'. I
le rqueo habrA de renmirse en Was to parece ta muchacho. Nadaba Almein. pa lly, a lecma an s ntsa E I ntes r, eto d t
que im no figurisri e. b p~ n hublerk' 'hoi 'verlo, #s ffltranto, pot coat. V id5 comb.IO. LoS pI se .a--."cod
l ,Cart Constitua L U I '- 0 a del filtrefo no rel" "agea tm r.- r1
Is n de los Estados Ameleano n el salud, de la dlmc e la doI &o, w=I vs.ubaat tZ tut atd,
place sentido del concept, esa innegable que tal cir- ..tu..N.o era n s- o o e S e..r r mp r- ai, mi rtOloetu. ..
cunstancia -os coloca en una posci6n desagradable, de a justllia. Bu palabra son ila aplI = c Old o cd oris t~ ea balN cauo7S 77--- n cabaNa ..j no e -.O ffalos no" na f =larn t-ra_ -t_" do, "cr
per decir lo menos, sobre todo si se piensa qu per tu I" 'a p ms 1 ero al. ntr" ai-. o tumos An DliciSodotO de a mpd qu ca po oe
factor. de politiea banderiza se, ha visto uns frfa sigente en 10 que a honradez e1 paralelo de net Ida hs a ueio Ulagw ron dol sos .luersn mootos :co
ind iferencia en u n asu nto d e sem ejante m ag nitu d, Y le ta re .rra Sd ba s ha. fo I s umren a 1 c anc ret uitand aG Poacin v e to t i r uasos I d a

Ojala los Honorables Diputados meditaran ei
la responsabilidad hist6rica que lee incumbe en e
desempefto de sus funciones legislativas y tomandu
ese on consideraci6n aprueben los Convenioa inter
naeonares aludidos.

Se notifica a los interseados quo Its Iloitaclones
para el suministro do total, confeccl6n do uniforms,
gorras y corbatas y suministro do calzado para la
Policla Nacional, quo estaban amnwoladas para el dia
lo. do Marzo de 1951, han sido p)uostas pAra *I 2 do
Marzo del mismo aSo a lai misma horse.
Contralor Genetal
Panama. 13 de Febrero de 1951.

quefias intrigas, deI la camja-0 cl6n d bucar uSa a Inr- ea rso i- i aue no B la p dijoee. pB e t OW
nbaa de poUtlqudria. c fecioso de una y otra ec. lavan n J, y oeab6ban, ~ a caprutsa o n tri mbebmdte nuevos e 'aa!e- tueo v9 no aSm sie
S EZcribia un bello catellano 8I los Dres. Chevalier y Ober- por fin, que log ctnq.res de losI ei pierdia su deresho r alon-. to. "cisI todos son an f- |ea nt q -seW .mwMw, A
exacto y eef.ldo. cho On la iing conilguleron Oiltiv al ul- vego talu sOn inocuablaem. B fAOl detoeco .aturateM abito ". ov60. o tu ome 6W o G toeoe.
Svejaa cue las d Ia culture, travlrus que ban decubrt ,l elect, d de las I voestlgaclo-B ,,2n, ,,,andolo orS l a& lfuron ahim Ida "Ku- i ti ,,, t ,MS S&MG s
. nune rne6g do ella. a mu. nocularlo en la mrM. de ol noe de Rtwin 8mioth. as abe l Su unorse lakes" os campesinos ricos de .c&Mr vt CS a"rt 1e
cho,-co SriS y pTofchO. B mamirola Iss0- quo, oael cNncUr Ge lat re- M. J Su" coat6od efl S *a" No
manos del doctor Horflo r. eoimental dol rto ftr-u aolse' yl losa eranlo el aolnver a reunirm. o lu' cn exl roast pelnor coa- b d ra de-St s e.doTe tea
Alfar so encontraban btrmo- lano de loeuats Sl eastn teis an virus prictica- "Dm aato*r reuni m fiti yra ex!ac' i Lge Ch gatr tyel ss
os lIbro. m1 sable coswervar- hceha. mente mntoilble. af ute su inicapatcidd set t ZIuef orrenaU im Ow ir u st2mS ua
s'oiT placiat it smoc" "t L qu ha *r t me 1 de subrlm lent por ra, pr salap 1 -le m o ea-r, lS SI
Loa ra latvsa ar le -rdo edoIs ro na iio ratd6n e l a mo u i al .. ..qu BO- 1zn -.--- --., e"a 11- "-4
En cuantax ocaulonm 1 e Dr. non too.. Sna s woreWWM ru gmntedocoWapramlento do b chfl^t*ldO. Z Ml hIsurosa deo ___X- pow 6
pren .6 motr ndonme antalportute, dn40 0- vSrUltravir4 de l leuc mia, po- Interrogatorotom t at otE ROJo. 'Tiu me am ots
Hrsn i .o3'.-diro noe or- tol d I o lided r dot1 SAs i otn nuft aOiO S I m l orden adelf o det, daiL6. alBmuai idea d* Jo .
tproduccn aer adableq &n j ecor- o- baa --- i "nn ro .unta: Cul fue au pri- p los deecontento .oudo o p-61asoa is Id G.. '
.nadnot.ila d, art se? De p .tao D en' plo ede *u e rs Iso wad o it tooed hie- zmh t acta6o? W el actual slatems con-titta- 3- tw o per Iam s
Gran caballero, ra elor d a O iM t eaio aSsp.esta.: "I o olal 5r 5r o ue .e? ?
&I doctor Hondla Fem 'pa, r o tdavia hera lfl1tASO4 U1 us lejao d ha- no dR-Prsupuosto quoIoe- 7oat. iot1A.
faro. Aguno de s us hl bs A oedares sa lad.a quoe. pmmb A0 ores, y7 M aIord .5 t a, que tdo eot a ko i6metros do VIft L n._ qu .... a .
I o ~l o h olh. abor alalado el alSt! l@ del supoW u ia el cMEr ms No tea ma pa. Nso twaimal ,-- -ow oQUO4 _a_ &-ve r
sido parm ni atmim coTdal cancer. Los carerogs, Pr eldo per Una mtMldpn mpa del toao. L-.prque... no nooen us- A.unat 4osuata V
e acu habar, no do se r to a t RO t o On 0 Sm pr- P,--No tenlan mapas lot ol- I l stories Ge at i -
fefon un dolloado r qan a rguyendo que, depiO oeutu- di gendoeAsdton factor ique o factor ho- tampocojlo do R env ls -n "Na N
Rorao nte. ed rea Don diani la I"slace leg topid -etal A-C ti.f dsit Cst" Itettr des- -oDdo etab lS tt. pg aqutdgo ffl
Spare, ems dque lsorefla daen lgcanceromos, ya ha to-et lbrimlent ntoav plol eleCe-d6, antre nosot4. 1a a YI vioma o.- A-rtA Po.. P lotes a. t r
accio,,s d o lal, a s.. Ga..,lamfnogo bacito en sus mierosco- aoneentrar todaslg hIMves- 4t 01 Ntuestras marc ls,. .go1"... sMu r
aon roma. plos, y qe 1o anico quoe fn t onlesh n un solo sentido, den de march, todo era i.-T gene sted Iloa reidn tna l ha
Qneda ,uL sa iota de mtIson milcroblos comunos y "i3n Calr isaMrai qulzas quo un0or. izado. So -quoeIs -.nun .A utM (e. 31U.S r:
d aff to Paroubadis3d 1 anodeaaarsa una AQd qulere ut$tRaiSIi

Porqueea n el fonda es ha dgnos qua- me hdllerozt 0o1 .so A PPleno, paa unoaetrs ndo doe R ite,, t.-1.
sldo el doctor Eoraclo 41" Afa- nor de mu amLitad AVmIO4L LICO Ita p, p 1 angn s.'..
rto un hombre ausom ) jiuto. A mu vilua, a ts -lom -- 5.I .tt g .tran- Me s-f s
leflor, mseor... Pf r ?at4tlam"]al2ymeIeI.iageu eI.A gue rdnoanR -J
muorte ms cbs e odeatn as apes- lta ras doe anesro dolor quo ea la 30Arqua.erai 04l s4Pt6. S I'.u
ritus do oxcopc6n y od roanda gan emo a s u pens. d C5mer 041 a! p4- gonn E oA primif .t-PegsteloR ai. eagn ntan lf 5 P 5
|a otros del- oebles? Se ha ldo an c bllero que i'o memo oe.s r l. _UN.-1ke p de los mares. sear l 4W a sls Nee,,
Adivno el final de di suend lonrab a PanamA. i tr b_ N o.. ae nsrart Ta _oetrA. l ,o qu o s a -
..IS Ala ot. ... ., .Y Uo _.i f_ ..._
Adhilna bit fnI eT bi P.-Ulqp duranton a1a

f" "" ubica Po ron P blo uevo, g11 tb l al fro.a.. 'aMt m chB -is de 1 queo
,e rRe.e 1oob&r aenos al aa: .... r n-i de io ,1,-.q m.o-.. -. ...1 (Ade" ....IA "

o to? aa amermo, posI $ lg o- u

t... -,mtacealmm i ,
Distrit- do Fa "ai.!7.. $crd& 4~

As J e. M a ,h.vsam'pfli NCA Pi
pwqn co NU$CAp, sUnpinm Im.IaJn
"eqa ueM g==6 panuor ma" J *ied
Com i ICAPftam i I* S r *I l a"t l"as. &I
un shrae ea(t. can sixn lee. A
*a .. 4 N@a.r f so d e s .absima- Oe s e nm
~IkyAoa ..,~.nmga~u-

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ObiBH W onk dfa- ~A* j iAhl ~t ^ i

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p777.- A. ~JrI-~J
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hr.> ~,I A I

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7.~, C4'~

otras desth.,
o celebran.
*daa sobre.
-uceem exits
Ste cst-
Seufico pazdo
'aIdam W1 a--
ie i aRepIuUl-

aMI us HUla,
Albania, y
icilnm a una
Sque podrfan
Iolmente en un
ies uovidticos a-
= nd"e y heriic a
m l; Nacio-'
.aen verian obliga-
On stcorro de Yu-
kWndrian que con-
batrota moral der'
e am mlembro en
la Naciones Uni-
mento an el Con-
Urildad, mienLras
.aumania. Albania
Ban sido admitl-
9- de aquella or-
mnrmente porquete
Ochentales no las

p- y rusnzq
fnWtruyendo Ii

u rnra do a
a, a pdrian
A :Nacionds Unt
a luchando e
plar la P".),
hde ,a o)A -
Abfelrvando *
So &-que dichc
poaris convert

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S. **. ,. .

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....a 8 p. m. ui-, .as D .irect. Afl i
chlebrtari o el fodtd ka CAmara m cl IMlchl Tub
i vca C -7l.l q

quoaXL t k pitrIw,
q, omaiv so a M .ibm*& Kilado.

U4n e6d4 a m atnafiajusta
us faf iu. Vid iW t is ni. a
Daly Wdlti'bi btth ija nte l
csapoo m A 4 0, Abbott

iar nuatno q"ytom feUclta-
clones. a ., .W l ta_
Bi bsise oclert que lai Na-
ctones :_'N 4 Waoral-s
Mente a "a etudir en
Syuda de Yufl6uaw14 en caso
de Sr tanda pr en velnua
aomuRaltas it disetiblemente
muckho- m 466 d 4teha or-
BnlSel6a h -ao tn& gnauerra
ta vi'l.tatuMalia renueute-
zente, a .a que.- a.ilan a&-i
Evidentamenit la uropa oc-
(Pram i s Pi. L. col. 4)

Uh 'wtmo ala (hop
La Drou~o Quhini tints- vqsriq&~
pemco pam e tat snd4a-gj
y dcivo. daivio.s aMia, Tfushd
p-iAu alo do reuta" pe, mpue saW.
neste ]a lhdda l aka 4d

UNQUENTO PAZOS part a- Ahi nnso
otro.pridueto Grove.
C. Gonzalez Revillu &H iaN.. distrhtlemsf mya PS



Lwu PUwmr.i del Dr. Clan
ppedeBer manife(tWcioaef de
fh~ed14"I del hfado y dk la,
rifteaneses qmeuimen emp'.
.ta; 'panr' qu puedhs P B
la matedra"i olives yu fl
*. ..U. .I. I. *ab ..*.a
.-* tP^BBfl ,;.^^^^^^^^

m Panamefos
r r- "* ft A 7 -

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A: Yr# oEU oSU
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Snu esftro Pa

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Si... .,j .iu:"
;.**' t.. !... -. .: ., ,.. ^ ." i,, *'. '
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^ -:_ .'-. : :^ ,. *, ; .

s mjestuoso o de Av CentraiM
PA u -d e .

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,A,..* ,- z.I y :--

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- P-A M.-.A M. .t < C A N A.


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"- :.... -...., .. ... ... p


SRfio Abl
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S us am*
la mona urbI


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3 LA/8 P.M.

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it gPado pArt mejomtt it Caee -
S. A .. i _. i ** *L. '. f

..Un uces.e. bquo d .-pudoaca r a T
c. l d od endl a b t to delA Cl
rr6 el1 f= de'SIMAM e00f e4 seloh d
Ia o losdEl6n E .s -eas, d ao poUSIA,
Sa d. a a .d. Verag us, e .padre.? S 1o- -
S D. Azael Vargas, tb a e a
hqrmlanoa as proaentar ea -"L ga da l Mo qt.fe
-d*utod.- .-a

Wlila G i ste provoca ndase l a In an iqu partly rdn al
S1eslcandalo may Culo en el A7 o el Diputado Vargia
tVoe quo intervenfra I t o aun fin fatal de-
Begn veral6n recovlda, p l a Interven-
to uns ene mnstad e much
abs. ntre Is famillia .tdll ado profun-
tolde y la del diFutradoe raesd
m a uo de "bn lI& Ie, bg.Iouasideran la.
Savi6 transports gander E de "Aerovis Bud Americans cul hea e provocado yamuch m e q u ea
Ic." des 8t sPotesbLa Florida, EE. UU., trajo deeded O cals ma idente. bra oso den. pectAcu- 1
S rida, un be leto e dh ejamplares "CTeb". cy ma eto de 9 Todo parece Indicar quoe a loas
Sabesisn -e se desembarcare n ela A ropuete u o tDavid, t.m-
1orss de Chiriqu do sA o Neg aite aI&d l s aN o6 dle ulae N al J. PD. doe i a0 op5e rtut nidi IHOR yWO 4 :
on Juan Ge Is Guardia.1 a ft.e. cipan a- dis tromomeniarYer odi b0xit one flo wd internal ru
desulinbaqdo delwi lsute.' maacda do uefsloSAW=tB omt' rscluaz& r ), tor e ii Ml dl Ontdr.
cativo escolar primario. s niustil lt Po -,damo atle.
L3) De agoato a oltubredl Dees Aroiem ag -o hA& 1-Mones tchine 6d pltaiO r
aIo que acaba de foenoo eto ma- Ist n. "rales eX. uti
Ricaro L o nin el nro Aromop hBecho legar at lmaeL- eea hs aqup ptoActloncUt-. 15-Muchsa do sorts odnA
ine tu comNma Zali doscentJosjI tenot Sodae dIn.ttere iargentalam
clons al s que brindS ride.S 9- re a "G ubnaidorB; a v'a td S -Palo gu oz as labrar
t S ril l a lt do pinst aS ho ia cDresol6n doo t 5a .
tor. Lon vicentie iBayard inate.." Ia. .WW mla Incus :! AIW#.ipe 1ug
Ricardo Lasso. alto eam- cuntanci lespecialai1a d e 4 qu e9o A l 1 ida a u e moc d
del Ministerlo de Ed u- durane el 4ro no hemo ren lr te dra las bue if 0I W Iapfo 1 ) orM L4 ,0 trEit4rdo, 0t "
nos yha dado par su bido una syndiel tionics del Ml- do, tendrLu o lueird e u laarelo *aIore.e in stat i ado.p. llta l -p
A e "yuda detic$ms Ldtrmo,m.ucaci east 31- trItAu.
cl6n la siniente oarta. slaterlo y eel director ha, teo gNrm e 4 ien 4- 0 lox pau condusentes -U a d
am&A, sel s m slp 1 d-,951. Ado que rtedrala par o. v oar e ver, In
V icento tya ra p to o Isty d a a :Pr. sejioG o mW -af dlotad vo virl a r.
D a6agtener Aroe senA que ocstp ael eto par ceto du e. ,

o aoe 15 del p o doem a s- dIccr eM ( saa df euobno 1sp ayue r m- Mn3s sumeatdr. Adi
S Irn-nnnam5n l r a n d o u een l n de ol A eo oo .proferlo ue n L 5-lN octol, dtar Idt nla
mc tm pensamdo ento.b v p een tde ddpi e raos an Idh bSearpbae a it--r eilord. 'd MU aalr

-tor-ala loa d M ragstlo e r s. e5eIs s w i ad o oer tlul pa e ft Orf l-d enad bf d e tp 1a .
Scarmoa La al o e 1 c tCf0or e scar sel m sca dae Ip- 1 .&, ua .o l la a tapa'RirdC AEe *: pa I r .
to als mudmno, pear Ahacor- sib! por queo lo i mantel i l Co T e iorec do Ismow el _s ll do el ,
l eo eo mpdionel cooe mdu- dosm-ate e ler ,aabor. MumrIsar egun- Elcu eria Normale tanto o en gu tig roy au y is ertL? Atrelu
s oso e unparsac uadus a parte no concurds canl o ie do e gniares c o do era que -t r n ln a o m a.l id
Sl. nirt als emoane vivi a h iho, puesto que durants a t egur paoa lom no;na Sa-Afirmd s quo e de Al6 I est a- 6hSa y e
gls so dolaboro n4sac oficoito min dos ya Monducata ncopis;d

lnpatn rrs :u ndo:;eoabac prosesrte afo lotivo 8i h comie to enreA gsiaforW pi- tro s egraadoa at p a" s is-dal spsola.
Astdt eo l abordo nI dg juto u d Rletin, aIs A- n pearlies rdcmatl0aaSl.d tlagn o euer s einw .h
ie Ie Ven e Ica ardl sl a l quo u de l e nlr o o a t ora an* temor a eaqui- bl mer tea i t g esrtunldae c 3-Pa l tdi era l a.
s'tar o n l t o u oel pMe-n Ieg o d pdue r lIo pm o daeldl. 81 nee rg. 11rd e ne .11 a P. i md cos -
Ca 4m l Menaendo vmo1- etmde V Ilsolte anmo dprope ional oeUs osll eplas b pudo Repb o c h til s h r enaq g VoRdo a.e S to
ANM eonalU ReulA o- d ft er men res dad pao auhabor sa adoIn l bite o oid s smobra e m a l
el23, rsUpCal tavs el7rto s po t l os pofoaorsue tvbin do is- otadade tranfor ot p C poarerinm i mrs anAy ~.8E llc.E -Polvlo quo piraban l.
patI nasei oe o a lsrao p aestalgacl6n a o. uesto arle do nu- eltra Normal. 6),o dicp-r e ntA o. Yuen au-"a aM1 g e a lo o
Fuor esenoalfdonpoeso n ton h c ud proesto. t pue lan ale8 ad er 1o e S us bu,--Af ria 2u la io e m are- ic
L mnaeant, fse eio es a p reMatrtuto do Vhe- epadoe n lug ar on Se i r m iosuellao l f-o ie--a DIepreconas .
tea el mno opdble.huch peram nel eNomalo-inoistro dMe A r r inIlegsin eor'M aGe-Mttun l.d-Ald- dob ve- o demIs barao epal $
%inmandes isfd o nes. A ur l- sod e me : l pr deo Ot lar A el I s me, qua la do D servlr mueItg I -------
in ano'etm do a m .eal tuyo.mlo, sin lograrlo. Nudotro r ectpo re Co plntno Seud- elog crad0. cut~er lance"f forTsC ALo
t"e hecl aclono Y r a sent r aad, iat- r W *rie eadoae Irll lorma d 6a.
L abpero podoter comentar am- pdetoora tadio d eLeo@ Vodoit- y tr yFrolestu ,Coordinsdo0s bumron trab Ja on ci.- Peaeoa.raw
e Mis mnts ade lant.a *a Maonto; en msa r lnirndari e psnull-d eMater tloas. to de b t rovts q1 u qa n e a lt nortol- aftuvowa Ia'seoesad e
t nvltdb quontod ex- q tram api:lonus olane y las rtrprotsrspetamb m o igpa *bo. lYo tSdae Gdls c eu -adlao on lP y 6alyever Is.
o iresha quo nodc;doesito, dn loaduo.rion1 r p1r. o- ntrbccliden aLmtexeoltiCpe.onralmuet proml8sndos s 1 Woa l, coma ioltea
ot heamesh la a eo s uo7e ,la, pr6 n s do l Peerjutud ts oal Do-eu-nt a cn eleties aUIOsnanao u sguuecn if nel0,reav a Afroo
a.t .a e e p d t A oe nends ade tt o fA AA, NO-to un T r;oy tjhrude dt.
S p ia ,e lous epdeareo el mae dn prs rulo itd a ea nsM- dt M aitti. I ta Pe ron t o le ouv ali l
e one n e rdoaro i a lel o m paeoo le reEor, a- leaRormal. enoo otes lsE po o'e d lel
too l-urrir yen dotalesn r Sdorgs
Et osath od or e f e ie RJuns pan- .Guets30 iela suce condouce Y6 manral asu- vs.rlo
toe ep e aft otn. rYInef,-.sWantslrITwer (1u0..
ppae tit6 pri e tr l s q le o sit dotcan e oora t Nlen- deoervit ohdm e ,Ito e- A lgfo ncase het, 5l teaS l4 cosha
perorp ule traiconaElteilen lot actitude o pro r eial Pts 1m ame nd tqbdo. usn9 utelesqua Is a1cuc uen- q u oi alacrhnticntea n utes-
ateor se sental de Progse n adePcuadapreo eyara do maim- eaco e pot oC,ofu- ba or a -es n t -s e to
I -leuopera que ha v ed- tros nos traladamo s I eaNote l tsdoa -6alt"p-d et e n g sa-
ivo estne po entr ue dal a- a bnra .u T nedoames- ao l O pre s dB.
s io o noeser d m lua x-Minitro MaxAr lnel Itq Cne a sia a U u ,ei s obetiv.o m 0 r tc
m de eal n it es. semena, las profesora Otllt A, A.enlo.-ss'- s14t1JvJAsto o le 'I"a studiar tbbe el terrtfl"
rmen dme ar pazconen Tguar- Tejeira y Berta Arangoy IQ nio tor e .1i Ils
. oIEt c omplzcomensb profesores Temistocles R. 0dl- n "da -MLw -- ndo a pensar d C W IWla Normsl, Juan Doem6tevp
ue a Escuela Normal comen- pedes, Ovido de Le6n, Victor _W0- ao ss
an6 laboreSfe ite ia "en rms dmez y qulen susrlbe. Al, ci6npe .-bar- quo iell1m Re as.
en mesa redonda, presentamos Veragu--S a s a I *g radio on vaorm p I L ar Pat ,todo ls anterior, y m-
R pais entero debe estar en y discutimosIlos nuevoa prop6- una preges mid -",,- bre c o ter ea ti smro em Ia trqcendenala di
uto do quo Ia nsttucon qu alsitos de la educacl6n Panama- clalizad-at-w- t I* Wo r .a que oasus M osU. 0 b Is obr-dujcattiva eutupsna4-a.i
toy diriges, hdaaaconocldo estes Aay el Inf. del comiti de Pre- ti t y .... vt rfe- om quo N orn0- ten-.. .... d is pvrtse" O. l ada nued -i.
A o inlehaya cread p parac n del-Personal Docente, alJ p e vm s .,e co-quo ma t Go = nua tros-m c
1 enwnigos de la escuela". ,d.....,a- ..,-- CO.-dJ
Opp e quo ha ilegado Ia her' la .ducaclan Nacionml, 1o eual ,n .....u 0.-h o A-"A y' o me he reftwo eis su-A. (1sp IcL*

rgi on raro en
tajant lafirin:ge dnI gr2 a
b plantel doIis lnagniLu4
d la Escuela
e* obligante que la di-
Put c:M el apoyo deo

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'NDE Miquina de escribir rjeno an Cam. .w,.o A
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tugo No. r 26 de 2 x 6 y 2 x 8. Segunda, Nivo Arraljin, 12 mi- SE NECESITA: Buena mpleado. fQme'c de
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COMPRA:n frige raora de Ke- SE VENDE:-Lote do tirreno do 15. SE NECESITA:-Empleada pare'que- NiDE el I
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il e telfone 315. de la capital. ants del eo Engel Ave. Norte No. 12 iE A to. l e t s recm rt -
puento de Rio de 'Chl bre, Rio 01 unos escolones hacia el m .et .e'f a edor, etc. Via D0
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I H luM- U Cts. el metro. Infam r Sitio Chili- tente y ueria para dos personae 3-301' A.-h.-
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SE NECESITA 2388. SE NECESLTA:-EmPle'da can -ref- tra.ita. ,apfl"s' tacnicoa,*saran- ROS. 1'.1.d6
la mrenciers. Ocurra Calla Dari6n No. tie Ir an p i a. presupu stos gratl PIs.NTUR AS --Por al. a]se CnM 1 oi-
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Spo que habia- uomenrado una priva. Avene Ernesto Lefevr Alma a nI el e
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atg Dimev ush nde lostea- Todoo dopo-ro debi, Fri En Z- rasi
nort mnchornas cr so nr o m a y r sdion Aea ACA
db"antea .eas trabajo d so recolandoc-do a ne- nb eaggm REFU

unbe- d t cre Au uncria ou e

sd I M DISOLION tyer part quo hsan ron-fr olan e6 _s od qu ps

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Y's, A S-c 13
I CEeaM'&C.a a

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visa al pibl) o de con- las auto0rdAes. AVISOM
p eatos n poe ldo, uss.
I&n l, lea que oa sun A psv-r de su 1pooo ala1
an escaattra p~blca el Mlofls is enred6 en Isl, m e- s g

OllCr. AIR""
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,...... s

f U9pa lants flta

uItistia ugartn n el c.;
jdel lttlUUto Nacaonal alan
M Oa l. .UIpos Camel y
Castro_ lanr. por -to
iOsSdo Mansoche y Del-
rave por los del Camel.
i iU Ayer
C" mrveera y Camel empt.
p Ayer tarde a aeis carreras.
l untode sla Cerveneria
= eo rtid e, cuando OChU
l .Io empu 6 -a sut compa-
to sAvOeell qde estabs ease-

El COMM Drevctor de .Is

madrd Q .151'

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dam ai

esoemaw ide teHi etc.

uy, Danlel idl-td to Ba-
illa, Dr. Juan NlI, adl co-
o L. Ardines, OMaMat, ivas,
trani, etc.

t, y
I 7i-


.1st** -f

.4 '.1..
* hd. I.I 4
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'~~-.k ../ ;' --


nU ..rando .V.qu' I .
op tds.udrd-ed

5 4 Sug conowa
1bte dierent-
tn 4 i jinon al1

ento po oga a ~ l ena S

; Hondur no be a A a^
t s -e pan O eucarAi 10o
repuest a rinl. rau lO D
epuatfinal.a on el istadio.
31 Congress Tcnieo so Mtw f de Bom-
ci &I do mino g 18a d 3/* -e Inla tm
aoy ys en enutra otn e- *eW duranteo
t ealudd el deleadO de I al-d 9.oe a la Crm
Viq Dr. Armanda Arta, tami R nM los paml.
rtgabin d.esmpeaara 1 earge adie aedlol
,',oete do la DelOesci6ta aa ea. laois pa*s
ea ants caulpiteals fteft 4o turns ddu-
al. g. a. LS ma-
Oelegaolan do Coats ies fsn a sip a desarro-
el dominto 18 de ePX- X ,P 4
Sr y sla Deles i de i dM A, Oramunt qu-e
ador arr6el Ie de od. tado l rela-
adso 17. Lua deleacionei det W ood S1 Seldeeonado. Be
Oarfao y Guatemala M Kp d I t.'yad de la Poll-
roe el lunes 19. /vi acng i p los Jkwe o.
' Intre loa otros sauntom y Ta i- Mn qgopera-
pants que me trataron y dicron st6n d1 lag hd do
It emocer on la reunil6 d mitula pa rtas I ue-
aun e del Comlt, Organqador Sc ~so a6 n do
to1eso Io ulgulente: Cas De- e ir WI Arde-
lescal6n presentard un Arbltro Aas com0o maicot del equipo
para actuar en los Juegos del panameMfo.
V. campeonsto, y ademasa La prjxima reunl6n del Co-
i-tlatarat un arMbtr db u nailt6 Organimador a efectuark
pala neutral. maiana mlweaofs.

1 z. : r.
.as iS l ueM, e s e s e a s-, .
1" 19*1IL d Pa

Pfil Anus de Paiata

la Cdej Nasa sAofracea

utmIs sa l anl as te to

In la jIfta do hoy na In-
formi ti 8 4uan VYieg, Preal-
dante de s Li La Comercial de
Sof tball q on f los ru-
mores qte tare n. en r-on
cl6q- ml q"I #t tobna f & u-
urar, 1a Q --_debldo ,a
prot ismas I ors.
Tal Wmt0 e"aad6
te-ndr, ar a e ocho
Oe la neche en e eIampO de
Santa Rita rilaz sla prime-
ra bola del Mi 0o.a Uural 81
Mayor Altreis Alsdm.


-4or A. D. V.-
Resiultde de ati*r
A. Call IJntm-
Jui2a de fl do
Martem 1 Marsfl6n.hua t
it r. 14 Mauriclo-6. l
Jumves 18 Ista
Viernes "10 Chandlerq
Bib. 17 GranilO-MO r
Bb. 17 Patrla-Dtbora lto
BAb. 17 Caliter* W
Bab. 17 C. Tulta-firM5
Dam. t8 Maurlclo-

Ip mel"e .essarren"

'77 amA kilnmr per I


-D poll
fdnwd w^^^

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t .. -_

eran lg br a l p asI i Ar 11

aeapta lmdem q- p~~-a to-

ran un ras 0 A de'ad
un trail auto & la Teletfntl-
liM~e r eatIaut do I .tblI-
ac. de amn, aQ pudo auMeur
Ma d6 a ea d lea
lt#ntedo el reapaldo de u eas
dro, qua Macitd 7, errors8;
Sendo kegs neemplaiado el i
iltimo a etoe W mpt Gumis,
Cerrando Itelmante ste el ide-
satrosno eptsodo.
Con este triunfo, los Telefoni
nistas le qultaron el Invicto a
bulos Distrb uidor, que ando
prboU6 emp tadIa con lam 3m
palmadore n el primer pust no

etectdo el usbado en a arde
entrel a nov ena repreaetati-

Illon unto nor dor batl6 m,
Cn' a ete triunfo, los Tanleadorf.
Ita e quuen ro el invicto parfdr
o iltribui dores, qua Medando
Palmador venedor, tl primer puW to i

nda. peor anocitlendo e 13 ca-

dbxtancja, permitiendo 0 ilnco-





para los Jueos Pianaimertci.s

(UP)--La Confederael6n Mtxt-
cana de Deportes. anunea qub
M6xio euviar6 una delegaelin
compuesta de 205 mtembre a
los primeros Juegoe Panamert-1
canon do Buenos AirAl, a iele-
brarm a flaem de e te mea.
El Preildente de la ReI bllU
ca, Mpuel Aleman, autorI la
suma de 320 mil pence par
l asto de traslado-y y
en uenom Airea de la delegt-
La Faderael6n anunclo6 qu
Mrxico eatard repreMntado en
loe algulentes deported:

eaparecen los c

.. .. ; *'

Atletitmo, 1quli6nn, Nat*.
efl., T, P..
ma, rggrl-.,
ma, Lue, X aslad *
to. de Calmtena.
La .pV(R. dice que -
S"wa Ni 04aiw no M es- ,
vlTas seleeaatr naclonal do .
fSutlbol. *
La MloideS ha pardido l
aspor ptt memaufenthram-
oB iW da oglunda1 sil -. '.
Tampo' Aoncurrir seleeda *,
de r ,




Frigidaire rte aIDUr maan
ESTADO DR LOS EQUIPOl as Frigldase .y Caf Durtn
0. P. Pje. la 4.00 p.m. en el Eteo
Pinoeho ............... 9 .TM Ollmpleo.
arrasa ............ 5J4
Chesterfield Jr ....7 .i Rate match. proiete rtoltar
Opticsa Ses .......... 6 .M InterenaMte, parsq log equ1os
Caft DuS.n ......6 7 .41 contemdlentes hba preaentado
Priidaire ......... 4 .445 buenos Juegos ~Jap te.
Granule ...............5 8 .
Caribe ................. 6 .3 Optea Sos gap m ayer pe
Forfelth I O hebge*fl flr.f
En otro Interesante Juego, co- *
rrespondiente al calendarlo re- En .el partido celerac ay
gular dI la Liga Provincial da n e cuadro die IocN ptI
aaseball Amateur de PanpmA, Ca Lea" *ndlpor
oe enfrentan mafhans laa ovse- al ChoatelM Jr.

Se re nc esta

noc e d CoiMiti

NaL Oliupico
El President del Comiti Na-
clonal Olimplco, hace saber a
todos ld deleados de loe dife-
rentea deportee, que esta noche
a lasu .00 en las Ofltinas del
.Departamento de Educaci6n Fi-
0* ,n ealebrarak ea. n ar
una importante a
cual ie aeordarnan mntlt de
samo interest.
Be ru as por eaoe medip Ia
aslutenee de todq'3p delega-
doa a t re=ni n oual pro-
mete raultar sufimmte inte-

I irbitro atemen nugandAS .
el partildop dr lluvia, luee can-
t6 a juego y al no responder
los cigarrilleros al Ilamado 19
ci6 la victoria a loa 6ptcom potr
El Director del Cheatertlej
Jr. Charles Williams. protest
ante los anotadoree per la for--
ma en que. fa -cantadei 'forr'

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9e cta para m saang mMite..
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ayda a cosw el aspect airahe

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Los medicos ensalzan esta

maravilosa substoancia

tbTUDIS;, se h elablaxdo uaa cmna
'-l .*itar con pn ingrediute special quo
.,trfarfelta lee efectos de la navSJ4 y
q4mda4 a conervar el aspecto juvenile del

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nal viylloms sabatancla "t' msiiath
a nE Ezextracto de Lo WE s
aa es*f que a La4qIsM Is

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at :e t aOJ .

Extracto de Lanolina. Ahra-cada vs quo
usted afita con la iutma CraaI d Aljt
Willkam difruta doe at a sumiba a marm
vioes. Y, cuanto n ds m WiliaMm, as ,
mooidvene d lo b MMoa a la piA
.81f ddm abfiteda lAMN, a smd l
qua sydan a conmarvwr of -spmtm padabl
y juvenl del ratto, u- las ae Ca ,d
Aitar WWiMbin. le bi aI .en afLat
gue consinezmaexo idoaeanm. *

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ANIT DIVE11 f iI1 PIt1A ; NATALIE WOO PlILIP Sill JA41lfll ll|
Adem6s: El Sensacionol y Documentol




11op ian wa ie o iO
8^ oDr ~Ham sef 1KO1.

Con 2.500 actores y on tres horas de duraci6n se desenvuelve
en la pintalla el drama de una pasl6n que desmoron6 un
SImperlo!.. Un ftln lujoso y maravilloso seglin la famosa
novel. de Stendhall


con -
y miles mgIM1

LONDRES, Feb. 13 (P) 13 t twadoa Unidas eait ;Amaa ? Ftairide, 5K
El Primer. Ministro Clement.A ubd 4 tofa tulta dobro & 7as de oOnS, A1ba do
Wtlee anunc6b hay on sla Oalai, < &de cruzar el Praklsu- de Vr
ra de los Comuna uee ea, declare que as tad do A Bten, Colom
blerno Britain he oie f no ban comezado de Aret,. Elabeth. de EAl
se vuelva a cruxae el de la orI.n.*- ot ae rg a
38 qn Cornea antea nal. Aparent- agr o, .
tar en las Naelones Th i- laia consults Be asA -,ad
ecialmente co. las do etos moent ar E- Elena S ft
que combaten h Corea. ahihlton otra ca p a t l ma T ,Yo t
Attlee fu6 el primer -.aapr vi !. t l,, cliya Srlp, 0d yetras m is.
del Gobierno y tom6 part an I Pl, el delegkio u a
el debate sustltuyendo at -.i- tsJ ro elth Shann decl.u e in-
nistro de Relaclones ExiBOt 4 ai Julelo, laas uerra de tea I e duar- CiaBpleidou de hQ
Ernest Bevln,.qulen se enUuen- MS.Eolonei Unidas ya tienen dl a de El seflor'don RHrbert Told'l
Ia enfermo. Agreg6 .Qqui. adAs ..i&- ltorlaacl6n pecesala ISslt e o- no festeja heby sa .nataiw:.
-cuando Gran Bretaa aeguid atfp e. nueo el Paila rita mfeUeltamos muy cordcilmeRt
Slealmente las decisiones as a1i SWembargo, agreg6 que ea- con
Naciones Unidas, y consider pri ante~ de tomarse uua merx$e iiAuded Pa
a la China Comunista age~aurA 4can tal sentida se ceie- Jat ". yHast0elude d tacu el
en Corea, "la cuestl6n de ias bim 'coniultau entire, las nacmio. t n ds Donf Crvrade Peteracl
sanciones se un asunto quq no ntvi:w eatAn participando en reSt-amyB iea a oIna o nPeder
podemos secundar heata qte no latprr d Corea. Bhann mla. ree l l, Ie :. iLea umar oy u ao m
se hayan perdldo la espo M- n 6 q hata el mnomnto s. .
zs de una solucl6n. .o. no ha consulLac, o I
En IWake Success, un wforo xsa so bre'esa cuestlol. DON lCD iu a del aa, labor~ rtdes
de la delegacil6 norte-art1- perv o a do t do
cana, interrogad sobre n2-ot ;i Wuahington se dice que ;a p! e ..uI 9 i dire d; planted 7 e S10
Clas procedentes de Washlfg- dedftld final de lac Nacloiil t se,. irs.h ( es 0 oord adoraa,0 A-l
|..aobre 'el cruce del ?a- e1 .PMoYfi as dooepteo-on Iana e laX 4
o a en corea depended de pBl nex a s.0 4*tiNIelo rpl
L*' IilePtoas mi'r llita res 7 dl- *aritrie iqtU -Y.u. p si e p e n aGIs ?
Dzel M'i V lWpi 'u1 jt iiti f~~-l future. 81 alo. fuer- ide A sIPOU 11604 ee iacl sit och lieW"
1 IL fforduLarrt i )aciaon Unldaa d-* loS md SantIlago y pqueSas coWu
ha. g. tmuga afiltai ruus Unidar de- c Iu-.'I
SVae mesalud an udreeontrl. pr el Paralelo 38 Y e-de crcu nas. lar e
e m t perdm a kilo a una rerte lines o fa ldo W "S leoi do exteinsif ctra
ia a mo u RoD iioa ijas a .eaprniza qu o 3 con- voca puca a sir p -
a&06 e1to odu % asoli 011"C"! all.can- yOOliiteels'cr
d ti o eJerlcleo. Absolutamen tiaomulita accedan a tdo a is ydaoer
a* peliro. PdlA, FORMODB I il gngu'en'der el ueluo, lo cual per- e Jnuetoa lrs '4*1 expelenoiaa, u a..
fermenI rftvorita y emplce && adel- nf'm eo
_____________, balo Ia vtgflancla' do Iam Naclo- Cum a o y lo doo d-
S rnt y o a S, ulcen d o ral b lr l ie81nvltaci6n, 0o
SDESDE JUEVESUnld e legal al idunsa Brb8 l boaquenos Atentar maente
A__ 38 y LAS NACIONES ni crucemos, aos c do I Normal sreaua mie chO PIs-
asd a una tregua, so0pip.ncuanto a a orienti ,al, vecho tleds, siempre qUo as-
#aL I yu.MaF cidental no eatA preparada para ud program pmos odurnos com o-

retutir el gopfuerz de un 1Na-la dadeore y a de
Un DESDEJUVESa Unidpa serdn autola- e6tdos do aprndA coor- madors y gua do matro.
000000... podro auda e a eruzar et Paraleloy. Ete dd ulabora d mblnte Atentaute,
U xCore"f-edettr% y7-do erthones,
Explolsiv e y sensactlo- ntrar limtadamente a terzito- ded tr k s *oar S dentroS y earl N .RLass.
nicu drama qu ... Todf hea bae- nororeano. me bs-t
rtdlco y realista I
"AL prote n de la polcal dental no eat. preparada pare

eque e ha ctir el opedo .un lotsil"" e.f|j
L&.. ,..C VOn-e de da tI een lo nruas
Un sindnoato del o depuestas .g-
8 000..podgwom y auda dad ysm en ltado ouamulea GFate edral. oun.maf"
dexafla, Ianyleyei.H1 aquiIs, pano ha reapildado lau es-
fut. Ge isa clont Unidam .- MARIA ELE-a MA RZQJv;
revelaoldn do ee racMtl... La .por defender I& Repdbllca deoA COR.S"* .oC L TAVARO;

protlecifn de I spolcla! tInido a me ha& pusto cads eol
que se ha celabrado n vota-
c16n de Impo-c la vitl'en
el eeno del Conuejo de Seiur1-
dad y en Is pMablea General.

SPCara el Bienestat
de la Muier.. .
F6rmula del Dr. J. Ousmi*ai
Afamado por us exttelt s reu k A
sodm en lo demwrgln uoiLA MAoASA
le d*I onrgaismo ge.mif..t..
..- I e vepn""aal a as con la actuaci6n e .. H1nas. DOLLY!
.. -

-m om cm
df~n L &1:J&X

Aunque con accion trepidante, no .es una
pelicula de guerra Es la historic inti-
ma de la vida y amores de los soldados
americanos en Italia.',"!!


.....JUR ES
CECILIA ,ES DE. J EIA n film audaz, violenso, dAtiv,, queq revela muidow
:g ', .cen, cib V E R W prohibidos y aporta uf. O aje de redetci n!
codi iiim...ju I LOPEZ i FANN
Una audM pelleul4 que abre ante los ojos dode potr e LOPEZ FANNY.
bUiogablmou^xualqquaLAGAR NAVARR0
M M L "

r y .M. ., A

AJI Allps- Dica 5i N, m

S... ..- 7 --
S.":-- .. _. ,-t-g -


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- - - - - -
iu*ASIEEI.N ; .U' 'I IJ
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no"ta. m, a ou-1

"Los C I y"

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; .' : _' _-,: "






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-~ .__ T --_~

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! ... +..

* *'

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ftsM alai

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