The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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r or buying le N "
pns. These arnna culam e d ba
t re the Yugoav Ar. aay
,toab lon Ieh-t6 ts m O eiai
A -men. stand
-.wAttoh recon iu .".lM p.t t
"t, ritd -"te by -. 1 4
t*hll purityy Co as ir -
S to and atrms to.. gik

Pody Of Drown.ed .
tPLoad Kecovered .
CRISTORAL, Feb. 10 nnw .t

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eedaye Stata esFreig Servdoe.
ith crap. embasr, legation,...
cuitral center"et.-b o I
St. 8. D. Mann out tWe niame udSddres ,
i D. Pritaia exzmfted examination BeriT ,tO. wl
'I t was reMssed to he should .p Thrpen
Air burial in New Pro- wil n Worm iv ppliamt w
*e youth was the ion and whe.e the .zxiluation
S^ flM. mHenry Risden. nest be rtven.


er, Aucceasful"Tibitg
i to Italy would bav e
)W effect an othi West ti
a, Semmmnitsa....,
* Marshal Iabtted
mI propaganda line to tt
&a an annual a1tm*(i- m


4 In 196. TIto's
made a blisters
aetica of Ieade
ch sad Italian b
it went

st uans by
:if m* d.A,

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., -. ~ ; --. .-. ;.* -'--. ...

,iA WaULL.-.nkinr an lce-vered well, Deutachland I ApMd to victory in an internal
armisch-P rtenklrchen 4ll w. The winning Germans are, left to right,
oLeti. ihl Postaingensad 3 l TehberRo. The Home Guarbroke ean
record beating teao &= the St*4t Austri, Sweden and Italy.

by Sunday's


S*- ha hea Happy Chandler t the bad news he had bseen -4
U*oc; ac baseball ei eer n Pletida last Sg1etam h
red before the dulb.owesand c asllingU e obnasd "-
ded that they give l ia bimd reason fgr their setts.
According to my. Inwteidfloi the i l ot ontY
O)1&hr they dWn n 4 d l lth IQ

'mino Deliop a.M. ht2n6li the.t whole. h ~e T n hemres
c not. asn e ati test. He was In a polon where
he had to no was to s bak and not rook the boat. Onl
comer Fred aih., of the St. Louir Carda, peNlyr opposed

deandd action. Ths turned. oat to a Dre akull. It
SedolQAt of high pressure. They reviewed the complaints
hmTlm b and these now seemed more damning than they had
Tus, they were in an angry, eagr ood when Del
b oo-swner bf te Yankees, masterminded the coup which
r eS any either eithervwhen Chandler contracted
W ffv, America foremost ubocr_ expert, to
year In the beginning this had been
iea, apt dler's. It was the National League
Sthoh that something extra special should be done

S oTh e R.Ii Ag'aiMt Chandler
J I Understand it, *0,000 was originally appropriated for
aadlr upd 4wa this to $150,000 on his own. (Chandler's
coefF redu.ft ofot have. the is ) c this much IUdo
S Yoea oulAn'tsh W hannagah to im.yhOo a lawa parth fr
LN. Tle whole thing was pretty rtdeua ih ayway. use-
UeMde .ubblli about as much as ftesh air, martial and
T ever, a ur the two most Important beeft the qlub
A: r seemn to have asginst the commissioner: (A) That he
laed to aldiMT ure them Into a renewal of his centractw e B)
at he to threw their money around or br
SWe or both constitute "sound res "
A i ub onexr at one time thought so. .a a ttla n
.Whal'.,l fans think is purely academic lince Vyf have no
oais voie, in the matter, but I would have to doubt that
S get too steamed up over Chandler's indelicacy in Conl
coach or the way he spends the club owners' money. Tey
,much more likely to be interested in whether the co tsilB-
Aer Is honest and the game Is honestly played.A
Normally, the fans are indifferent to executive quarrels and
Kh brass disunity, but in this instance I cant help but feel
ey are impressed by the facts some of the most estimable men
the game-Connie Mack, Walter Briggs, Tom Yawkey and
lark Griffith-are t on Chandler's side. They must be puzzle
hen Johnny-come-latelies, like Bigh and Webb, fail to have
e same regard for him. Puzzled and dubious a

SGriffith Gives Webb the Iruafh
I At least three members of the U.. Sulrmse .00ort an one
binet member have figured in Washington d4tousslona a poe-
le Chandler's successor. How far these discussions have. gone
don't know. I'm inclined to believe they were all informal.

71) 2o consitue re to comee from
I know hasn't
4d ho effort with this n view has
Sthe club o eras ea l hving decided
CS t ^?rwhto I % rw .to .beliv have been
oed Vin, Bo.b aM l hrman. Minon.
*er is Charles Sawy. e try of Commerce.
si teeve none was Interested, thouh Bawyer is said
Sdftdieated he might have been if world conditions were
Itc. Webb who knows his way around in Washington,
r ved to have been ringing the door bells.
connection I'm told he called on President Griffith
Ss kianghr support and the Kl~zled old stalwart
o omar .candidate and I11 Ruarantee y= u I heat him."
brass disunity~~~~~~, btI hsisac a' epbtfe

For /# .iff w wonderful

S. Vact

we have that SET


PIECE of fine

C*op .

S.color choice


- .jK I.

Ist Race "F-I" Nafives-7 Frgs.
Purse: -275.0--Pool Closes 12:45
14 it Race of the doubles
I'--Rislta B. Moreno 112
2-Duque C. Ruiz 120
---Friendship F. Rose 110
4-Tap irl J. Bravo 110
5-.-Pe adilla V. Castllo 112
6-Julito. E. Silveras 103x
7-Recodo D. D'Andrea 110
8-l' Mono J. Baeza, Jr. 109x
3ad Raae "C" Natives 1 Mile
Purse: I* e- Pool Closes 1:15
iml Rae of the Doubles
,-favmSara B. Silvers 10Cx
2,-Mr. 0nona R. Ycaza 103x
3-11M lfo Jose Rodriguez 107
4--Bsalefto K. Flores 106
-B--uatan F. Rose 107

lrd Race "-3" Natlves-6K Ffs.
Purse: '5.0N Pool Cloes 1:45
1-Villarreal A. Enrique 107x
Z-Golden Faith V. Arauz 122
3-Aqul Eatoy A. Mena Illx
4-Romantico V. Castillo 112
5-Bufa~o J. Ba Jr. 1x
-ftrke Tio r aRose 117
7- Volador J, Rodriguez 122
S--La Suerts 0. Sanchez 122
4th Race "F-Y" Native,-4% Ps.
19mrs: 2U7.00 eP Clues. ais
l.--,eep ., ler j

-an lo A. u z
7-4ftrUmne B. 4110 b 11
8-La Rosita M. GUerero 110
--Da-dy R. Yea 97x
10-Taplotero J. Bae"a, r. ll
5S Rase Sa"uiperted-P4 gas.
Pm: 250.94 FPeel Ceolae 3:.
1-Full K. n lo 11e
2-Gaywood J. Ph 112
3-Bolero M. Hurley 11
4--Beonia J. Brave 16
5-fair Chance F. Guerra 12

6th Race "Y" Imported-4% Fg.
Purem: $500.00 Pool Closes 3:
Second Race of the Doubles
1-Salcedo J. Phillips 109
2-P F. Guerra 120
3-Pep=00ola A. Enrique 105x
4-Ranchopaja V. CastlloS 120
5-A-radecida J. Baeza, Jr. 107x
6-Bedulno B. Moreno 115
7-Breeze Bound E. Silver 107x
"-Lran Dia 0. Sanchez 114
9-Hob Nob K. Flores 120
10--D. Time E. Campbell 100x
7th Raoe "C" Imported-I% Mile
Purse: 3$8000 Pool Cloes 4:05
Second Race of the Doubles
1-Alto Alegre 0. Sanchez 132
2-The Dauber) B. Moreno 118
---NeWlminster) J. Bravo 115
4-Mariscalito A. Enrique 103x
5-Linney Head F. Guerra 110.
--Rechupete M. Hurley 133
7-Fright J. Phillips 1x3
8-Microblo F. Roae 108
Rth Race "C" Imported -I7 P.,
Pune: 34M8t.0 -Pe61 CloMau e4
S Qulatela
1-Litu4a' J.
2-Bo mra R. V A
3-Athoa F. &a
4--Cotllon F. Ou;a l iS

7-Atamon V. i110
O-A-Vfeulto _iu, M.L CtI!9 ,11
10-Armenb .A. MO l0mx
9th Race "1" ImporWte-4% Pg.
Purse: $375.00 Pool Cloes 5:15
1-Kurl M. Hurley 110
2-Oold Cylle V. COereflo 110x
3-Pulgarclto R. Vaquez 108
4--Evenin oiUnd V. Arauz 120
5-Panglo) J Bravo 117
--Haste Star) R. Oomes 130
7-Hanna C. Doss 122
8-Apology Dario 105.
9--Swagger Coat V. astillo 110
loth lRace e Inmuorte Pg.
Putrse: S375.8 Pl CdUe 5:4
1-Baby Betty B. Pulido 10
2-Rint D. D'An4rea 13*
3-D.D.T. Sanches. 114
4--ensaclon R. Gomes 123
6-Grrsu R. Vaequse 114
6-Zevelarha Josn Rodi. IM
Ith Ras'es" N il-- IL*

3-W-uste 7404'A.
4--oldto low l





meeting when -.-1
pounded ut a eleti 6t 4ii
In i ,. hft tewi '. .-*. "

Eosudero wWil

The fomur-rei Win be
between Clao e i BdBaby Pe-

Juan Firt Tips

1-Duqfr. Tp rl
'fl ifJ ..-w .k


ENuOT the madvelai
SLERP under woolen blankets.
FEAST a lobal dsmoatlts:

Boguete aoes ..- 8trawberres.
W0 pme 0 .Of kindL
Some- ?Ln. 'bread.

HIEum HUNT and b haback riding
exploring mountaiunous landscape.
LOUNGE by the ift replace
your fa-vo.te Inkt hand.
Dally: SL. and up. I J.,i
spee al tes for fmlies-
For reservattosa, wr te,

or see your sWom agA

^^ .^H ^ I I- .

44*- '

jQ Sa



There's no e i between
those two..

m st

*. ...~.-

,--- .~-


-'. '~'r~'

pow ..' .-
-s .. -.

-------." .. ". .*; : :- "ii
.*; 4 -' ^ "-.
__ ,~ '-* : '

Ati rwf X]^ l
B T t {- -. .. .. .--'.
"' .* *- .r -
; -. -. ,*-.. -. ,. ., v_: -

.. .. ; ,
-..= ; -*-

^ .- ^ '. ... ; *'- *- ; '

: .*`<- iit i;. ^...,, .

4"!~- '

-.'y,- i
..- >

,.i:. .- ,",


. '.., l...
' *.- *.-# ;..J -'

" 9. ? '. &: ..
-* l .,.. i .- W ,.. .. ,-
, -. ..... ..

e Sale Of New York (

Early hump To 1,62M

tee p


mot -W

nA tmte

I .

Takees'pul lolas d 0 tP
x *peft, lnaprovmoin ain
Oiwft an d unreerved ales,
th* hardest to peddlq In

V as0l0 our bleaoher atla-
:- a twoar data tell to O 4W
t4 -a t trand total of 2,100.-.
YN. points out.
"It Is conceivable that the
Ste d general admission
syer ,d home last a-
,to pay for his televisionl

In Booklyn. Colin said, "We

ar ver and may ibqter that mai
-bi demand for all
o would be amaed a
r.'nW b a trimn who an
frc tit s ban.. That fb":

"W Ve opmdmed t.wo.

on hol The fang rem
"I agree that this taulfl

rent situatli JIs ve t p1ne

tas toaao
..-'..-t, l
f.. Tirft'f


uszqjr sU

- .- .l -: i"' --.
.* -:f

to bn eu'
prior to
on dwX -

w r i ,Biy giA -' .. ",

it'i.B O"AL..$ i .*,

S. *y. +- ., .. --

. .:- .. ,- .. ..*

'. ?' ;'^ *:*, :

aoo .

B- W **0 .-, :.;, .;,.,A- WS.. ,..


Right in time for this
"sweetheartW" occason
w offer you hif
diryer diased
qvtoit dismondet ll
pw 'helism t4 c whkjj

. J -- .f ', _
- t .aL ..-

- 4 -. ". '...

-., .O E.' ^

'-. .t;' ^ i .y' /.. ^ *p


i... ... ..e e

I.le.. *. .~ I. ...

F .

X T'


reduced ,
ne to ."

SIEISr:d t 44

i 1 -r h four-door "Coronaet"o iNOW
ON DI'L $ A l owroom of COLON MOTORS, MINC.,
Tll, -Mifl A 19S1 npDGE can are equipped with
he nsew OmltWW di absorbers, regarded by DODGE
as "a major adii qe in, automotive engineering" an e'
*3. new emp lalee in riding and driving aselI

'51 DE SOTO "Diplomot" Custom

.. -. .. -
:. ..-..;

zt :t- 1. 4.
'-.44- ~-. A

Tqut .SweS

_ e.k;


.A.k.t 0..;


.hiat r
4 start

I re


- *h.;,:_o.'*..:' -*.'


F' "._ '.."- "
w = :., .. v ",":

.1 -' -

__~______ 1 ~ __~__

, ?

7 ".



. EaINT Is not old-fashined. Like pretty ladles it's.Jlw rs
al .e.O. Thoughtful glft ll fen cupid'. flame JU t as they
ht rndpa went a-trln On Valentine D. ...wd-
..there's no more perfect time to symbollhe your affee-

Charm at. iome

two&5 9n Ae .Range


A-h-h-h. My Valntine .

veller, OQnell BDes a. -he
with am ttMtUt" d.
aet on w af

t you to head straight
with an up-to-tne-MItlte

LND ladies, don't worry about
that first "silver" strand...
it be a "blessing in disguise"
Ssignad l for. you to take ac-
Sand obtain a lovely na-
elaejng hair tint. Julio Vos
Rt out Oil Shampoo Ti.t
S t only conceals every vl-
statd of dull or gray hair.
t, ends the sparkling
lts and lustre that ra-
yiour complexion.

Fik -..

Amart flture-inT
I4ATTEZ living gl rdles are
heart-Ily cheered by millions
women as the way to achieve
slim, supple, youthful figure
ted by every fashion -wise
and Mrs. A complete line
J .Playtex girdles are available
-'at States prices at La Pa-
1tslen. 113 Central Avenue and
at both the Felix Maduro stores.
B the fashion minded sub-
teen to toddler. Felix Maduro
I featuring a new shipment of
-rs es~....little lovelles, as sweet
tiar own personality, in plque.
mmbray and other tub-loving


A "propeelat" offer!

OMANCE is not a seasonal
flower -- it blooms the year
%i And the year 'round Ta-
reinsPanaa's favorite
urters for Jewelry. This
hiti proudly offers a
ewrt". buy flawless,
-cut. fine quality Prism-
Perfection diamond rings
only 50. Bridal sets are spe-
S y priced too!

Now 4do e loo you go a-
bout youtho tework to your t'-
mily and to the easler who catch-
esyou unprepared for a visitor?
Are you trinj neat and -well
btushd"up,. Or do you Quake in
your shois for fee atQ the door-
*ien's rag will s iher in a visitor
who wi find you unkempt?
The way you look As you ,do
your housework, go on errands or
a shopping trip. is as mprtnt
to you as it to your family or to
callers, What they think of your
aparance itfluesiew your own
opinioM of your loks and has a
ked elf-eeup your po#U$e.
The woua *ho 1i fallen lAto
the habit of "wearing u oldj"
lote about the oae. t
f ls l and na1ls becM5
405 (abecI4e at
t a was ote aM anywIy)
etime Wv come
wh ne iSet has gone too far
repair. One bad habit leads toI
.Mo.e.Wa. beauty
work ft tportant than
a dowen UU tupeto a beauty
salon to .ath up the dam-
age of years netlhec.
If you dot O three or four
comfortable ne tailored cut-
ton house dresze. you should
equip your wardzOa with such
work clothe%. TI h ve earned
their rightful pls4a i the home
today because they ftnetional.,
Wearing out your castoffs about
the house is false economy In re-
lation. to your health, comfort
and appearance. Besides func-
tional house dresMes a woman
should-also have one Dallored
House cost for wear at th.break-
tt table; never a Alev-
Swith ostrich trMn to trash lan
the butter.

Keep Snowy
Touches White
White, so predominant in this
year's fashions, soon goee Iray
and grubby unless t s ien e
quent soapy bat The lttUe-y
collars and the aisp cats should
be kept Inmaculte, and can be
if they are given a light starch-
Insq with' each washing.
For the best results, use a cold-
water starch very lightly and Iron
collars, cuffs and white blouses
to a glossy smoothness.
Your touches of white should
get a dunking every night, in t he
same manner that you give your
nylons a wash. Tryig to- get' wo
days' wear from a .white collar.
means only that you're fooling
yourself. Allow yourself enough
collar changes so that if you do
miss an evening at the washba-
sin, you will have a crisp white
stockpile in your bureau.

There wu

..- ..

n Co.

fin Concca

NEA Staff Writer
Bangs are the nearest thi.pto
a universal cure-all In the hir-
4ressing world. Whether your
ace is too plump or too thin, oUw
forehead too high or too low
bangs have something to ,ottff
Victor Vito, well-known hair--
dreuer who Is noted for working
out varled versions of bange to
suit the Individual lines of a
womaxi's face, uses them for both
camouflage and beauty.
There's no need to fret. he ay. ,
If you have a low forehead or'an.
unattractive, uneven hairline..
Short bangp, cut as close to t%
aline as possible. give an Ul-
slon of height to your faes and
conceal the fact that your fore-
head extends no farther upward.
Apparent length is also added
to your face If your bangs are cat
at a alight angle; Vlto recom-
mends parting yeur tresses on the
side where your hair grown high-
est and then sloping your bangu
downward from a high cut at that .
point toa lower poilton op the
other aide of your forehead. n r a4
If your worry I$ a high'fore-
head, you may need bangs vary- .
Ing In length from. one-half to yor- .
one and a half inches in length. TyO h

flew 14utchlir Lin


at your teple. If, howevW
Syourhih forehead l copied
yothr oib e r-to-cn
march tbebing stragpt acrsu
/our freed, .

Helpful, Hints

Try Iths trick for rid
batthr was ed W
**Is."hn, _tnm.


it. ~

ble butcher linen!,
looks like ln lis
and moderately ie
ite of many 4ie
weather ward obes. .

takes emaly to bth t .
has sturdy wearing
One Nor. dulg4 A itobl
Is a 1yrau4- 4^.:e) In
white with m '1io Poe-
kets. usmh-p ebld

a young lady

Who passed a Furniture Shop.
every day

For terns~ld she yearn
But got ehatrs in return

*b nomteli mtogse to
Bre laI w

*ot=nw. Ru-im *-In* an PreWu

dy for use next time
are due for a washing,

taut at the fAtMttens ar* self-
fabric; collar Is neatly talilowd.
It's worn with a matching ch au-
ker cap.
Another dedlga i this series
a suit In whte t t) the jactj

nd a set-lba yl are pointed u
y pleats. A sh skrt has butto
front closing.

t.,; (w) wAha
WJMtf' .firemen were erm

,jERiGENS CIegnes


to set yor
^^ -w

wiielfl ffb P

il PA. Clagele

. '-,. ,.4

~,. ~




*1W J2~r
* .

.4'; .i~

.- -,,,

wr. 0




wse foi "ee" wate

*t -.



: "

;' ,

-. ,

( q

. = .=

W._ :,
;. -, ,^
,- O;' "-

.- 4.,
t1r~4' "V

.' '.l *.. '*.

*4, t.


.5.. N

~hiat U~
Ia p~opat- I

mK AjubfmL

I .apW

E mW"

. .. 4

~T? ) f .

usl14uaOe m vtwe WH.

. nd ,



Z.d -4jP

e they reaeived'tiea far
.i hL antwh -.beR
Smben hrrtm ,A M i'oW w
*u n won.he Dt a*"
thef tealvBidIAn&ors

MANe*l of the
*;Louio Vucnder and
ap Brnett 'atehote
M played Inthemom-

. John Wlgg won the




'V *~

t6 Vlwe
.Un l 1ME



ftuel MauidiUn.and Mrs.
iboon range a Val-
mtty for thi 1. of
Et ,., .

W; M -, 1Ed

Orleans fo iR,


e.icutm him ups h
left with .a43P.



i 4k .

Ofsl w.i E l )M the ua ctlm a t Z*w.
.2% AMM IW That da-i---c -1-- ----

~i~amw 87ca6~




*, ,

.' Our eperteae and integrity

TEi riy




y are your guarantee.


. .. :.


TEL. 2.0610


1. "* .'

o /a new L n


for Swmmer, Spring,

or Winter!

~*. ,~
Jk~- :1..;

A- *. ,.! : .-

~ i i



..jt:..r.-.. ir

* S --
**** ~ ~

tl, Mrs. John heler
brt ahtle. Mrs. J. We .
,,_w ,Mr, D, C Mandeve,.

Mr erick, Mr,n-
A. ke, Mim. Ed
Mrs. Wh, M.rn. 1

Ln o umt a fnd Mrs. John L.
SItt oRd=,ban, were the lunch-
M. y ymond of Brx-
am tb. Also present were
r. A ar Frrell of Vaklboa.
Idetenant and -Mr. Adanm
an kvio soon for their new

IA.W.C. General Aswably
The'monthly Oenal Asfem-
bly at the Inter-Amerlen Wom-
t'W Club will be held tomorrow
afteroon at the e Club 3f an
with Mrs. Prits. ntphrey u
obtlrmnn of the refreshment

I. 4

-I -

U. dU.4W,
Mr. Pful

* F

0 Aki 1

.5.. 1
V. ~

. .

~-~~L----~ --Y- ~~I ~ ~- -- III~FILe~Lrm*I~(~(II1P~~





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" ;: -





~ ~rit

'K. ,F. T:r; .cJ .4.--

,. 7~!4 ~

i.i '
--nigMb eift "--- M

Nash "(0 2'131 1944 Chvrot t
tir ew battery. re-trucks. Tck may b4 oIs .

w 4 door 500.0 Fr, betwn 7 e. .n. an
lW1 Friday. between 7:3 0. e. m. aIndl
Set*. a3. T,-2l14. anernsl. 4:00 p. m. lids should be walled. ,MI. ain r
-ALE.--Late 1949 Dodge 3-4 markedd "Truck Id" and qither A
ten picki'up with ceno0l Sid heavy mailed or dellverqd to the Central p., C
duty ejsaf trailer, 12 tIres, 4 new Ex h relseseCqn 1C.
#.ply,. ome ,used,..asoiwce- Z.oywnl, owed at th,
itay 43 q0lonr. ideal truqk fk Iin- W W e : arsO9tj
ior,- dy pid .t. L @M :0 .R. .l
CoVngat sihm 4 -sW- place. 2` mles1
cuwebiitue eof AAtulf ep. !MIt A. AtLano 03 a ik
Wemas All ay Suhdb Cj. ITb .r O for sale ad i nd b W e
SAM-J- 1947 Ford Tudor So- OL taftont ;4 the highest bidder la ivoin
-14,uad.. 1d9" ',M gIu1/1
c ondit R E l
$39 Chew0e0s .IW H ;to unt3l 10 V ft 100A. M.rJo1
d, If- .n g n'ey 28 ..1951. "i*i will
etelJle"9 b1 opend in. public. Fa ar- etw
witfh full portsape any a t
I s" 3urd' In the offices.f the '$u l
and Service Director, lolbao Heights. .
3d 1se ,and the Housing Managers In Pedom (A
k _,_ Miguel and 6cuboa Neights.
t/ $AL..God WitfncomeI WrW FOR SALE:.-.Aquarium with colored m ,
aII [. .Tad FOURA .CPL sem e. 1 Sf trelt No. 41, Apt. No. 43rd Street East and Ave. MmI. ot "
'.. 'j AFARTMN i,,.' and C c. Co 3.0140. ad Ae M,
M W -nLY MRALE:0-CvWertion office rt- FOR RENT: U furnished o hOWl
TV furnished one bedroom rm-deit S (U
Phon y. P.10, lludiI all plumbing and electrical part ent. Garage. 1 Vsi hl.. .
+ o lted proposals will be re- sorlo Parros.
ruLNE:e-until 3 p.. n. Tuesday, Feb- WARBAW,
:Fuconversion.'rw f'120; i54Tlby ARANGO & Mks "((UP) -
unda'y..0F _t. k ade. k$48"" Tel. 3.12) 1. "" 4.ytl will be a
Ib -; "1-b try's economy
S. F-A result of a new
ALE:--House 25 x.-2i maid's FORAS LEA R -A, t.dl.f of .. ..- ,-. ie s..
NOephSALEeFOe-Ren-Asd jaueeooffiee, ..h ear -_. .. -.... of te le pliu_ )-h:
S"floors. mahogany latei"d On l ; tie teH l. tM iphonelandjel.rvic,"eve-o1 tP01rme la
.l, al strictly modern, nousa e FOR SALE: G. E. refrigerator, 25 eetdil, tebh Ce11B- 12 suc alay
1. 3Ae. NIew ArrOlOn. 12 cyle all parcela. err mohoa- N-- 11 8 $ was better off than other co
frm Ferry. Jack Davis, Box giany'China cabinet. Irae maho- ..,

-- .:.

e 12ji


S-settee, porch screens, 12 inch u Although the axed holli
SALE-WUll sell for cash or electric fan, ewemcising machine,. included the pOpular AeceWlM
terms, 42 cre f land 20 minutes ond tble. garden hose, kitchen Day on May 16. the
from Fefy .18,000.00. Coil unWil, aobpintt. lep, picture. Irmete D late o tA onu a dt.
anama -S. mirrors.. 767-D, Beltes Road. Tel. our r Catholic arty -
SALE OR POR RENT:-Cholet 2-167. owsil, 41% Owpsa
at Las Cumbreps. Recently built FOR SALE: flFr aenoreteseu e04
For more info nrmtofl call tele- In good condition.' I be.4ovm set A tine ltat of the ft- holiday a
pg 2t_ 5P0. mahogany. 1 .IriWgeator Intern.- .R by "I n .t O h d. f
0 d. la IAC P llth

Co!on, Tr'n *dit 1 ems Congress ad the itl ar
a oe -J t i twou Iy'tte a..1-DO
ft. lit""'" .
-ANo. ANo 10, Apt. 4. ottoy A,

VL-- 25 cl 1nd y1-SP I
a~~.t It, ;2' .
,. ALEE -25 cycle Apexwashing ltI and y e* I nt Yo. -
ch..d o ty F n t-o. ed Call ul l|nt. -*.h
"4 ^ "ke4112.Fytrio. ts ht ke, rd
S" ion ii FOR cSALy .:-Refrigerator, 2 ycle". L5 Tem'h
Scceptl ow or outboard motor in 1949 Coldspot. electric clock, 25. Do @u reo ber the old e '
trade. 501-D, Cocli._ cycle, beds, cha irs tables, potted nut ot the title girl who said,
Wanted Hospital Area, Balboa 1468, 9 a. know ain't so?" Lots of us say
r ;"'+cHelp poitoe d nt, orchid plate. 55-9. Corool "Fa.ith au heoningt In what De e you 5g + .... l"
wato e t.p. that we balleve oinGod's power to"V ,Sl(
a TED -Female FOR SALE:ti- help d ticker se e, he o a u, ten. -
r;,= ish and Er fot.imr wth FOR SALE -Wicker sett ee. hairs we don't believe it What an= He g... 01
|fanish and Etgaio r Jw a2nd rchee,of drowe. China dgi we ask. Chris t a W 8
filflU terms. sfom s- /t r"Mon: CrOc clit I single beds, complete one that asketh, recelveth." "A6l-i!

S.Soit. Tpm.nhoney chai2-1 nets.still wnms o sRtd e n Gd o? :1-l...nfGod m .. (s g
-kn 5to _______ o and tE, omps'oand shades, mir- Here re well1e ti thoughts. w or o .p., .t -

cNTEDo wthgll A mai md rant. Mioeneos I2tems. Located the E g Itseluopf is oftn h ot0d11 Fe1at 1 e (l-at at,
to l eived house 2 work-in Bdg. No. 42 south end Diablo. answer A POthe Chrutlo l S.03.
Scc d n u e Open for Inspectinf b .12th o nt yl e ll.aclroep thae ad 2 ssS eile m a

1h0 joundr s. ns sagteO Ablad.y. nrur Maraia l s ffis&o-oe-nw
eife cen .4ih e 13M :14th and 15dh m. to whee a i at w tn .se o l a e

e 1066. 4:00 p!.n.Wonn
oActiveexperidenced Eng- FOR SALE: -One Veetan Biidlai62= ust .. hWeofpr
nish sto.00rpersoa enr Send -2x53 1-2 in.- Mode by Cowes 1inid e s well a Ctnle usa. We ip
n ith full prticu.s at of Pome. 20020 Curundu, C.a e j We year-Md boy. in vario

cng photo. e Box 297, Balboa.s-2 Bu. n oPenetrate n or n ra s Hae a nno T c
H penw t even iSIS 'our /Se.
FRSS SALE-Frigidare, excellent con- Inmost cited. 3-189, house 8170-A, tout God.RWeedisoVeor that He P.o-. 0o x L ThI-t
Your daughter a lady! Through Margarita. ly gives a lot more than we "Pasim. e F l .

music one of the fiSneL arts an the In a different way lthan we_'~,~.Det tohal4e o
lsul of culture. Children "i5t FOR SALE: One wo okdoues d often & seCret way. "- a O

uits m. 00 pa r lenRsi on. Rup ert $ ra4in. ktche cndt. 25 t in He gives loeingly and. mepa
Bntt's Piano Steudio No. 9 Ja 00 2020C, Cur du.anal wisely. just a you do to o eoneo n
I. Sosa St. Telepho 2-:12.82 ,' Zo. Dlove. And "wit" or "non may .
iti nFOR SALE: Moahiony b droo be a more wise and leovng answer o o ]

Guts off--icial- hydL d pl uOOsuite;e mini suit.e tnin a ofemsut@ age to "y
and n10 2) mahogony tasbl. Let us pray: "Receive our pray- .. l codd t thel bt.L
SDiablo ips. Call f ter 5.'O p. m. bthy well-beloved Smo. aying PET L c
Sef Aftue Tel. 2-373a2. AskI and ye shita have; seek and 8a1a5 ed to be broke at

n Secr Poicye shall find: knock, and It shall 0 t: e e er ere1h
SF7 FOR SALE:-- Two pairs mahogany be opened untO you. 8oi v 1e now C ob sns 1A a;l ahn -l.-.un.d>its *seo
saing l, o ndkD I t springs an d e unto us w ho af.k; let us w-ho seek, yun1 'tO2o.. to ma onhR e
3 m1 r.p (eFob. .-O acyetrui, 0wodresousers. Two rockers. find; open the agte unto us Who 7-7iwhere- bdrompro
Stodal that Kurthe nroenlo o .DininrGooset, steel dead- knok, that ouriiely'be corn
ardent. of the RU chairs. Drafting tables and stqls. plete In Thee." Amen.. t
*m anugtate A mclTwenty glass bottles one gallon O ggon m g-- .o'

elevated railway station Bnker CllColombia.Phone t o

came to Berlin seeking Frigdaire. porcelain"oscow, eb 10 (UP) h-The
asylum, but had been td Friire, 60 cycle, like ) onewd .) O N 1 e-d ee-
Sno chace o $150. Also miscellaneous huse- BURLINIGTONV. VtNs ovsetNav y0n
beau le w hold goods. street No. 61 or Nelson Jackson onrw e won a $50 -oaL o UnIt Se el
Sbcaseh a wasfwoandh*est ll hofaot ..MM Vag 40111'12" .
a. a collaborator wa d telephone Panama 2-1274. bet-but It coat him $8,0001 r t f n e aar
"'ussia SecretPoilce FOR SALE RefrigeratorNarge Jac=, now edging 8, was Soviet war effortlfrom 1 am40Ra tot or TI I e- r high edts-
FOR an;y. -Refrigeroor Norge 2 siting in the University ClubI aaltic
i all. K~oening wa found Door all porcelain, near Unit. 25 in San Francic one day inflcts, the'tteube riv and
cat Kroeniny1wthefotnd m dayeInmon EAasikttW p e
'fromarpte l ~e{Ave. Gambo. Tel. 6- "07. be'.i-t".n.I.lcarge
S Ino.-he men's ,room ofM"h.WW. taPrege.
Softer Rag Flors the country In one of th in InndCl- nbt1 A%"
go days." the.idot Asr.,a

DETROIr, Feb. 10 (U0P) on I" a-lat terS
etis.g deaths may be causedO..I .,J.S71 _l_____ -.
ao often by falls a the can- awiork .
yasnthan by. eopowatnt t flsts first mo Oir
That Isi o- er ti. -c"Is-on1 Jacks=onw l4g a led
ofa k4y of the human skul l had aoi na1 a "au ,:

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Jal--And a RespstI

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ALL!- A eReAT i
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,..t .^t''.. *'-!" .Lj ...j ^ f I"
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an Dri v o At Lux

$8Billion Rocet
At ZI1 -l6LOlieat

eodiae ln et of boo d a e and
m tn ntma : ft operation. As on-
1 e rtah "T Offie rk it Once declared of t
htMlAb- Horoo-raln i tte and it hoo
gp -*,atea, nddeltA ortly before he wal
Sh In ded, "their money h
an ame at ad to the actual tr the mob stronger thantl
Theater, nations there i the ttrremnoU0 Army."
SQ rl i"n wts ilumed breeding industry withts U Anywhere from 3 to 15
r ed poce protection, investment in ranmands an persons bet, away from
,,...traaek, regularly, Tho -
bookmakers whose U ali
the bote--a low as

part, usually subscribe to
mOre "wire sevi ," WhteI
t enobthe. S l an ttih
tins ds, insolts= 0 s.
Is et ad the there ae IM
ii ho od of 20,000 iO
.1er i iaand iog e .

It aoff toaA

ff d te o m a iet -- of ---

diate and its hoodlum em t
mo0.y Is clear profit for the e f p
I i908rse. A small fraction
et-MUteo winning bettor.' o .
M o ust, pid back to the n t- -
w mid Jtelephone services mure
bepaid far, rent, salaries, etc
addition, and this Ul a major fee- .ld MitM "
tor in the thottlng rip thefttnt
syndica tehabont theAea o whign
throat,ei tre uln. humam e, Zn tson tbilled Y.
matte of "pr. titn." wh10 foursome it-jha ag a
makes some polio. and politicians oa
overlook this national ra*et. noeS- t
Ndmondt O'Brin Is seen In "71 i
Osn Drive" as an electronic& *aI! h peato
expert who helps to build up a 411h0lear- h
SDT ". powerful bookmSedng organtlu- -w. .lA
DETAIL h-e siae Wth S oe sre in t RKOs i and wire service, only to see il to o
fr4*1.o "Der", by the Isyndicate.f oi tn inOexcel-
a strapless evenlg gown that hIas something Joanne Dru Is-cast aj the syn- an-1geof pace
in the way of details. It's a winged stline under dicate's "leading ldyd7 wife of a .-evI-Whi oil n h t astirlmen
at ta ke pink rosebuds. The gown is of soft mar- syndicate chief. Otto Kruger up- Thee, Iunder of ss ae lfrse i
ulpetpa hams a strapless bodie, fitted watine and a sar in the film as the ruthless Producer ay hatBtw reverses e

SL a eadtof the hoodlum empire. ack the erind g t
.HO L LYWOY DrBKNI JOHN sON otd.p a, t wh.h he as" ..
NeA Stall C'rresapa ondent. Pee0 lona o -.
.._l S

Dunne, Cre or lnck or the, Here's Alexa.Taer Woolcot, Couh.e gave me *.yleOe_
hen she I don't htopsaying It ome 1 4ays, to get s 're'ot l o Jon oh
t allht w over tieraut he rad nd e called ome a ba name more's wive. Charlie C ha plf ta, \.e a
I Iren, he cla on auto And here's t George Bernard too As soon as an get to Pa an re
S tp untd -, a Ime-pose f e nt shaw. I went to London to get trie Wymore, o have all of
........ of 50 genune auto- hime John as n more Invited Errol Flynn's wlves'" 't"
ut a e,." mine into hs dress room land S he -an ted h egA i
ne signedst I wasn't a bit afraid. jo. A on icv e ase had b yo ;h Ct
age '- the last name WS Win th some strange me I lt pMaed obituhea Is ad tH Jh.t -
a is 89 yea rs old and would have been different." .. o them. 'w v alhlie. Beis
spry as Tommy Manville. aShe's r id ot ma
round-faced, plu mpi, han'to. "HOIard aghes ias one o1 only owa fn" a t- f-
grey hai r Bsin her head or ht I the ofaest men. This i a n OWbar od
m d and reminds people of J,0- I m port nt at auto Loph. I Budt Clark, Ja ell ,ave '-o
sephine Hull In "Harvey." t caught him going into eRO and MateS Dredslt. .tai' I ,
hsen of orab id some folk tB I'm A the s g
When it ome to robbing ingthe only reos alinv Who "a e a point,"te rnel i ort .
the Crawhs ol mo eIs atari, ever eaw sr. ang a eak plained. "of oltnl n htIt S -
ualecIans wtritera, dolo- into le h oa e studio. ofee n ares @ o
mats and even an ocaso n- a nice man. D- NJ asgt dputtjrg tee right anb a
a murderer, Irene's speed- name out of me and wanted It's sort of ihe
ter than Sttewart Oranger to knoe i W e was kis olk. he a goodb i~.
with a g sn pointed at an -
elep4 eit and as relentless i"Harry Cohn always tips his.
ase Df k Powell in a North- to me. Columbia's the best ANie
S west Mounted Police i- studio to grab the stars. MOM's Wthem
form. ithe worst. Thl y p soo me off."u
-back in em Philadelp a COVERS THE E
where she makes her "homecippg1
When she isn't on the auto ra h "I know all the studio exits. ub .o... i le U.U
traml-worries about her al te Finally figured out how Jean them'ig.t.a
time. Arthur was slipping by me and BPATICIAOLAR ....itl.o
"I'll be standing owut in th got her. Oh, she's a bad one. United Saf C anspe 5.d
elset and sno waiting tl ,he grabbed my book rehl aly tips
somebody lke Arltie Shawo," Ire- and gned. Jennifer Jones has HOLLYWOOD, reb.1 to .
we says, "My daughter wlli come more ways of sneaking out of a On' of H l"y '
.p and say, PMother, your feet studio. Land's sakest But I hso
e fromen, please come home.' found out. Leave it to Irene. You ff 9 s,
ut I don't have to ie anad learn on this e atcb loroP '8. .m..
Irene r ssts she's Internatlon- Job. AF Wth a ae'I
a as international as Ingrid alrER H t
Bergman, even though she ad- got Garbo on a Iwergdish 1ev- .be
mits that she and tIngrid don't boat when I went to e surope. I t. e' in no y to rish t he
do the same things internation- a/id to the purser, 'ts'lt ha altar.
taly. Greta Girao ugirh that et Fde So fer, she aid, the right 1'-an
The A orre' s e's a stker, hsn't e along. meand ByATRCEat
SWhen she's net ho from that Gerbo. Oshe m e a dfbt, The dos-faced star. who just
her home in West him rotten look. eased her *rd birthday, gt,..
to New York or Hollywoor? her share of attemtlon from man .
Miami or Boston, mIre's g- around town. In her fan mail, she a 9OO e '
shout r with pen ae,,. ., ,a utu m-t- t= ot10 propou .is a wee
"when my husband dgja from mbn she's a e met.
smleft tle comfortably provided AFondstain olIn ha s e* aropn12
coarous a.onaa 'New Kind of Love @I t ," .eerm A ,m

oene started brandishing Maurice Chevalier, one of the Ann marmim him,
blan' page. at elebrltles o0 world's Ietet entertainers, has Miss Myth has had a e
agI ap when she notleed a just with Paramount to choie of mesi date but she's-
a d ostpeapl eding Mat star in ily Wilder's elaborate not out everyD5
I my husband new m'tskal titled "A New Kind "I never mo thn

Sfie.' 3e =.too. He During e past several years, said. "Whi n Ido out, I'd rat
ba too all kinds of induemen hve r go to a movie t one of
right off the let been held out to Chevalier to re- those crowded night a on the y xAT *
i.EIl' sateprauh. I turn to America and star In Str. p" M
%aVs" when I American moton platures. I was T Hlwoi Wwolf veek -
d. rm happy asa lt or Wy WUder, one It HM- dam gets a date with MuB l.
i a la a reas st- lo PlA producer-b Her favorite M Bts in the CAPITOL o
orse ot.nof aowot year have boeen w etoraB
*o plU r mu asIcal .agmus.L I

C- V a l
w M. -ab-X fS ..g .. f .c




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.,-~Q, ~.- ;~.-~Jki&~a~% r *4

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duo at, 1"10
On, no ,Ma
I. 'i SO'

, ..,. .

,Aro e que. O

ob an e -1eato Ut,.

b abta probsdo r .
'l. teriortient v que
tgra lUegaran tr 5
m ner s las s

.. po.. bl.. laW '. ,""
SAs .a. A .t6 -. r'

k 7 lanliulf a f l n *tare i 5,
auslxlamte por la seu
r anbrlP p.nmug as pop

J Acadkemia ofe

o A-
a .' -

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,,- .. .
nri d,. ia t
e dia l) AcAa-

dle ele4 Qro0 el
a i Quo .do .
Ai-dnla m-tAG.

la ,a d uo caus, um
Piafedoran atU6.t
Smr otdt
lfte laW ta

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fee 4.1^

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... ,w F-;. .,._ '-. ,..'''

-t ~''2 1~~1*~* (***-' 'I'

Eansem L O.. ne

'. ", a. "- 01TAPO POR LA.
tFu1S simi4a ITUAOos IN sT7A Ca1UA, eAii N. N .Z




SUltimamente se viene notando que le concier-
|-e que periddicamente tlenen lugar en los par.
He Santa Ana y La Catedral a vces te topmret- a
.ecuciones de music que si en verdad tiee ,alguna
Weptaci6n popular tambid6e es eerto e n- perte-
t.ces al ginero que deberfa prevaecr eIta loem
de programs musical. .
Los directors encargado" e elabt stoa pro-
igramas deberfan haeerlo tomandp enSetM4tu eAw
eonclert e ejercen influenela eon-; Medip pr e-
mos entire los cfrculos que coucArren habtaante
a los parques en estas ocslone. be a1, pueS,
Sqae si e elige cierto tipo de mmsica que em d4 aenoa
Smotivo, san cuado sea el que mis protoca movi-
; Sientes ritmicos, eon do se estA contriboypdo a
Sradicar el buen gusto por la mimd a del pueblo
amefno. Y esa eampafla no debe star patrocina-
do nunca por las autoridades que disponen la ejecu-
46. de los coqciertos aludidos.
SDe ninguns manera creemos que dentro del r6-
onen demopertieo el stado pueda, en esteo case,
ar medidas que proscriban essay preponderance,
,-i oexcluyente, que s le est6 dando en la actuali-
4 a hlismanmda n icak modern. Pero f conside-
ue q el Estado esti en is obligad6ct d eti-
ta do oe Mea possible, la educac6n y un
lIt Ivel cultural doe .estro puebI
anten que si so insiate an divlgar ddede
s de los parque las pezas meaos acon-
smu seaso tnteiido artistic, muy diffi-
c:ultura poppu spda mastenerse a
h u per jdci -- "e.

,s .- afrjocuoae W tSme, recoge
.trr, doss. uPeft1j re rn
'm co non pn ob rtemo kgr quo n e ms
smas muicales se incluyan pleas-do elevada
Dmturo de g nero popular y modern hay
tral abundeatet para edleecosaar trozoes que no
G onofa W paras entonder-
.quoeutaW- t tliut o e todS 16 capacdwdls
de ia generalidad de los guits. t
. Sefuramente hio todiialos e6ndertbI, en special
de la Bsanda.Repuablicana, se redueen a ejecucio-
s in legltimo valor artistico. Pero eomo quiera
oe of e han registrado programs 4de Ia clue ahl-
sd e conveniente que me corrija el .error em bone-
de la cultural del pueblo panamefio.

a todos ois contribuyentos quoe sten on mora on *I
pago do, sum 'ouatnas corrpapondlento al alo do 1950,
quo so concede un plato hwkIror'rogable hasta l1 28 del
preente mes de .fobrero parI la canoelaol6n total.
Pasado *soe trmino. ete dospacho aplicarA las sanqlo.
nes quo para el ofecto Is dtorga Ia ley.



sa ape tura

do nMseva JucLpJa/

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a^ i- p.a aamtl.
" '-..* 3 B o r i; k '" ,
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Mnlto' lbUAmeBnsm
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mo. A ,*
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elfs. r Tr=Mif2Atr

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dsarreolo da' trAlfWS & psamereu s r.
D n Map., pvua.a a nma.s iUae
Jo a to eamr fSt b d A Iu a,
Udldes de depti it a(ll de a s sIag
M dosr w'emndl"..ates W ..
*Adiis 7 Af Mva ftldBse a

or uss- te
iMl adm-
larsf @Ag
Me 2"

as transeretseas mamma p a sian in e*i-Psonaw unuw
9o n. s ons doI merely e r stalor d1urro1usia s demaels
qp1 mor myorr mt arse UasmL.
ie--Uns ma de or-@=gr ab tdivntto wJs

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a s r beae uses ils Vof l "Cal d

le moet gee
y-Vn -ta h do mJ-w .1 ad p lno Iemam do Pp-

Swlae aW te t heaba *bt n eala enatsgai
.,yor rwtd mows, a d oindP i pea peraper-m

el do ealmr a l p

Una Inasti a6a
tadore, directorI de
mentalmes eemerlauni
asi como do laes Els
miniktran amplis pm
seria patreslnada, it eo
bares y sitar IOC1
eipsI lpMes do tr"e .
eo exterior debe Inea
el6Ba medern parsm h
mae del Ara "

funamlouriM subeorn-
id OtrI y Sur Amurie,
SNorte LAmdrle y M6xlc. *m*
mna soma de eerelto exterm
neon flaunt
otleor d eab r s seMblebk a I
Cm l OBm de semome
y =aml dou e eautrs-e
in Sfb quo S tn 7

1.- estunud o le dI fe. uaer doe P mi l Indies equ
on Is ueatuaad t S s des 'lIoe du pmlOPrhde pr
nas sona doe =M4M w s s. (1) oma1
entire d dol ~ .d d oe e Wea oU Ba hiasa
Col6n y (?) el 21 F0ln o adpante a is
Col do ma S ms A &M
En IB opOi ad41 msAema, a t esa del dnn as Crbltd4
bald a Isa m deospl M ad% S e e enom extero, ea1
vista de uelas famnId 4 er saumdn t WMO R
msatismm de mtde s ole mmel de Cri e-
t-Cel para : r Iseom tam a namu i y
a la Zones de5 am Im prlmone mapa det
drian Msr ii em S iellrne del is e yW lsa ir
trucelda de ddo dmA md e e C.a M lk UIer -
Mreo CeQstes prftuW mova I .a* de oM ad0dit neoo -

P-^Omw ye ,nl suaim ha Iflegade aa n =ar uamn

toitodk asIzon vem* ndemde af t
bler e f aL.t eril- Oo A eMsOpft -do
01 -' lMl ( -HO.-IM)

or M.RfMMXlOM- -- -,Sm. LCO-
(1)., o an o- aa.nIM
"TM 101 E hP LtqO11 .-W SM .

SsO" A. L LM U Cup,. e- o.
w. m

s-nmsnhr. WNWa

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toe MartinS m po, La-
brad La 0MM i",
ler s Natt
Lr@ 6ui a 14n1-
rrera J .. .Be,-
rrera Ra66ha4 t
donett MedMaro ,
Ornojo M Ait Justne EbertO
Cortea vetra A ustia .
hafeac iDs o Clara Ma-
tilde, Charts *atmanda, Chtg
Lae Amfl .

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S rtado.

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nVeru n QloMi

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boolo vaqe &aot

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eoema tlla h MN -
St McaLTDA.'#M.

1 .m h.M a dheta Mfseo

1. -NlE~
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6 }. A "9,
O W... -. 4 ..




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" ,4,:.. .4-



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a .t i ,* .
: I i ...


IM-.-- MUN

"i _. .. ,r .. ,-* .* /..** '.--, -

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-"P, '." ...
",*' '_ -
I "." '-" .:. i

Ur, *.. ,... ..- ,m^<

Dams' W *
'. .. -. .. 4*
*- ,-,* *-. -- ^ -1' ,: ;,
w a w n m v.a' ... -~ *' ; '; *'...

-- y.
WO oS- -7-77. IS'I

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B ;'.-,'. ,". -"'-.,

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LA" 1,;!,:5-'-,'.,' :7/ "

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trr ------- ---- -- ---- -- --- -


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.2 ~1'

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Vacc aones..

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', en A.
"' ... : '- '

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.A u .., 1 .. ,-
Aw. C .ttl ,t .,,
A'. '-..'f

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A parade
l&a 4a Extenal6n
*4 BIllons
.I Vltrlna
1 Pie pars Ltnpara

I8& s- vwque ausm r a *


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Ae..Cente itt. AC (AWu uift ftqus)
C023L331A vm ml S CAs.

Sa Id as .a06SD 2.50-
a. ....... ....* 1.50
u a s .rup i b.d0-

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0, ~
47 6~~ ~1 q

1' ;*'b~

c ega lot prec

VUestidos ade rBano:' .

Y un grup do bnlteWs

a preolos revMwilotailn'
PARA SUS NIOS... today
case de rp& e ver ...
Trajue debalo

"a1 plita qulere abomr
S N CASITA to pdelograr"

eNflda Cntrat 57




mjeiw etado
**. .'.' .
.,, '-. ;.
.. ..... '

. ," 1:


r' tufvtidS mezpelo-
* bqUuIto aroma
* DiaeMoln Mabs


Diversos y modeisimo estilost
Luca radiane es veano con an Cl "sk *

tSb que had atar ltos oan tosn
r (Cntidd LimitM

a.:, : ...l.
I^-^B H..ffHIW ,i^;^.:iB '- ll ?,..*'1;I**. *( A f 'iH^

de sa ficrl :'.
d1) -.

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'" ". 'ifl"' i ."vs* :t! ,'o*

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4; -
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nw LAAf

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., p..+ 4'- +

, df- q, XI; .40 tf m^'

acpcIe sine* ^''s^f

:.. ^ 1. ..*
,, "':- m u
S- .;,...--,..:, *. *- .'

afral essul AePi pSw.ig
." Tmenude _0 lmlra w ""m
m, aio Seoa (Manemfr), J. R a,
o m ano ordeal: .

*- "Ci m Deporiv,
JAolaola6n Mcdicsa MNao-
de la Reptblics de Pana-
i a toaeo sus mlemibree
a todoms l* medicos en
-a us runol6n ordlna-
ofoectuerh el Martes
Slasu 8.00 pm.,
e Acto del Ins-
on1 is outl 61
.iode la cludad.
Dr Oswald
Sore Al-
de problems
V. MD.

PI HV 4 hMe*w W h Om bre d i n o t e
ILI.c B lmse b llba U
". Boy r. Hatil or L"L
7 la. tfsgal, F. eL A. Gordtn, 3.

ml dChatertiold .7, ol oUlpo
que le tA piAndol talones aL
nar do. rtarle ao en su
cloque con.el BOiW on en el
oudbo 4La Sa l 4 p.m.
E. Valencia, que marsha a la
cabeo de los lanaMdores on Jue.
gos gan-do jeisronfierI mu t-
gura en la lores dl, Iol cigrrille-
rm otra vs, bRaal Caeoedo riva-
if MrA sml lansmiente con Va-


ae muslel.
ra limplar 1 ealsade.
milvo, PL
pin c6n el olfato.
Scorta, astatura.
tdo e.
i4to implderable.
I verb*o _M.
", IV~do ~

rto. m-i.
i purhsato.
Itnol- latina.
=ll paquetoa.
verbo eenar.
rebate a una

cosa U

o ceder.
p por un eolador.
a we perrom, PL
do metal o madors.
dil cUo.
Po Obir.

I 1-Cloruro de sodlo.
20-Para juger al azar.
21-Unir por aguja e hilo.
23-Indicar lugar y hora de
24-Graminea comestible.
27-Nudiloas de laa telas de
3- mdloses rGaticos.
31-V litntea nocturnoa.
.33- tA o providencial.
84-June civil turco.
8-Contrarlo de buenos.
87-Dolores espirituaies.
40-Oxido de calcio.
41-Del verbo orar.
42-Oenturia, Abv.
47-Diae eglpelo del sol.




PARM Feb. (UP)+-EI norte-
Ie*Icano Bobby Dawson ven-
*& por punto eon diez USalto
I f 'TJ Jean Wannes. Daw-
son a peso medlo neoryorquino

mb00O, Feb. (UP)--Ayer
partsron por la via area rum-
o a. Caraces los matadores de
tor6a Antonio Vel*Cquez y Ra.
fael Rodriguez los 'eales torea-
ran en ess capital los domingoa
11 17 del mes en curso.

pe6n mundal m
Lamotta y el we
binuon feron re
el medico de la (

dianos el 14 de Frbrero.
La vents aticlpada de en-
tradas hiaUeaIk.t 85 mil d6-
lares y el Club Internaconal
de Boxeo quo patrocina I eo Sm.
ouentro spers hacer una tL-
tluUla l. f2400Bml dl619ae.
3l Boca Junfors de la Argent-
na derrot a 1s elecai6na Wq
nal hondbarea pn partly.
flutbol por ana a cero. iLo .
dureflos tuvioron dominlo r"M
co durante todo el segundo ti
po en,el cual preclsamente Be-
nitez del Boca 'andtd II Onted
goal del partido.

Flmallz6 la pdmPW

semanadelonoe," d

bolos del Caf6 D3*wn
Con el JNeo eelebradt ants-

w LVAS. 1-, iwe.
Re. Egtrlpeaut 10 11 1 0
Chile Dies .. 10 ISO
ga. .Estripeaut 130 18
790-742 7964-017
7- W S41
Debo Mnec.. I11 4S 143
Titodeo -It 114 7
Tofto Cucamn. lls 194
PTloo on. 1 In I -I
andp. I..I. 8 ,.
per s an-1.14

TAP rL. 'i & .
I-TA? OIRL .3*0


ordn T w


o.-y a ,' iga.- .- .
i Oiirrr .?.**'ai' i i'.** fJL Iii& '

el protemodS. ufd moc L

Pos en l st.
R4to dnteSi^ lrsno'S,

qi, o en latrro alp o
teur y comenzar el IS 40 .. .. ,

r~S~ at-a

.4 J -, ,

" i-,*

a ast ~acl6u.


oVAn lOS-Mah fles coopetI
los mucha6bhos dltsa. Alberto
raid de bueM voluntad v acercap
eoplondor s inaugur6 oficialmeal
ulado 1d l odan de Bolu a

M o Panamdeaoa .Cordo I
lle, e ropnsontelinala

Embajador aerntino para loaral
sa,14 de d areo nt eortvl
saro rel Torneo do Bular de I
joreS bllarists do sla menclona4
dt el niet de octtbre el D.E.P.
oew a ]ins celeou. deobdo a out
l"' Cowmi0 Omoleo Colo,
loe Paau siBMlo,:to0 caoni
Toads A. CUs" y Adolfo PArMw
n Casraea.. a sideo selereonlM
sentart a Panaam en los JoueIou

I- ~ ~

- Phoebus Apol
.4n"?-, .-/. -

to .

A. _. ..

+++. *


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.us s+quo -m

4proma dt *n
WSS- e On
on am



ire Phoabas

paef empei ak- mle
*. ter
t1 x z

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;*+ ,'Wt.
! .;!: < -:-V ;
: ^..:,,-, -
hm:'. + r-'
lpr. f ."

-. '*

' ^ f- *- *.' :'+''''
*, S.,-- i + < --
:.;^. -^*^

;.._".., ^ *

" "- .* *^t-^
'. .*
1^ t i^ K

t 4
.1 ~,. *. It.
~*. 'a.. .

" ..
24 ..


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& o .


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Inqi' ;~ Hi



I,' ~ *- -

.-. ..


^'^'^S~I lY.
.'e- :r 4t .- .-~ "4i- ,.--V "j
... :, ., ; 'C .

--l. ..F-.-. ,


Iso blanqui- dfi

I cuatdro HMeat
tluhar 10f.2
I" -olocarli tkn -T.a

I a la Inton
SlAueda Wl pt-
.RZ oUfl
M tau mpo-,
Arle debe di
'4 haser 0.
t' 4 ls. narlbonw

I49St d ie,..

-. .. ._ -.-

41 t e n h .t- ,t1 a b*
."4a d Awhoo .
-M ...sf., vif- iI~

:. .V:. X 4 ;

Deno la- -mu

2a.- ,"ati ": "" efIT1


-; =&Mga: m.
_i .. .
.,' s,,e't

up'ra i y -' "- -. -- -* -

-., -.._ r : ... .-. .. :

*^r-W'^L enW, et ? d:P'OW

tftfajrl tnn;m* *k-l j*< T

.g. '.. i

.'.-,. ,.,la m s '.

mor..- r ..

; 'ia d .A l i-
lt toco e Oar]

a s a B aS,.o


.*..e .-.. .
S4.- -~p ia ssag

muodo e ahm-
4 e poeYA A' ik

: I-flplap d

.n-p) tntetel. f d
n i -- A bdlwtw

- IM,
a' a.s -.I -G-

a' CJoo1i
aueldo o..c0 .-- f bfif e,-iiia

toerSt 4 ta z
*t^^y^*^^ ~

rp iwtp ar ouslquier liass-
[ b W-B d of t de lao Inter-
auo tomaen sprt. a
At dt -, ho, tlrad contra
I bl qutrfdoea del Caribe. Z.
tr I- .1allmo quo debut.A
,inf. por ctaUtonea del da-
to de wi-o lorar un reoma
Iftrhaunfs repareoern oaor e
biuqmleatos del otam pas A-
Ilmcirla bate& sontarula.

-e ae Ianamericr.a

W.. A..
aft.Ct oet e w

us 04SSSAS DRe0101530

w.- a t he AMI

to." L kl iI!av*' da ofn o uIhJuj.* "- a -w
Aft Io otiei ift l afnI T ol ft

4.GisnMa 4 m. uasr del uLmm
mdsmap IB sweei'y E ft-uaam N, an WMftom book&-

Ita l.Sapil> DeSi e Bm ak, y NOI.f i Y do1
m "- 02. f oi*
U& ANN.' oftNipso. do
ta ilobA D. CICAshMO

VAjMAMJiO *I&- mom.

eL pS dyoaw kIvmantmafe o pase s Ifiua

eaboeba WA., n tel meeWo. *i. d o3imfs., Vfitns. ii. 1 Ao

Cab Aimauia v aberiae d POumo
buss.~u~ ifff 4 Ce Mane LOSW. "n11= tsele SV-A


.,,,. r .am -
Los ank pol..d. I-

-a --ML -".- ,,1H ^-, ".t f R'ar

v "i." J *.m o W

Imum J4egs Paname,1canes
*)A S. N"MI t=7d

1--.L nif

E-9 U
at In

SFeb. 18 WBIS)
aeballh del Co-

Ar 0M d its

mt~ fhi i. .A- -Ted

Ra a.e St


bin. y
imam rste-
Ibu quo a


n .. i b uas
Steftmro dembro del Cor-
d .mblamdr ;de l Ar-

sn.. m "i4fe II6 c Ve j dco..
oe lo. om.en rio de pseuls-

4 en ,rtholdn con el vnire de
..oS d aT opba o qu lajes

a desy < los ade m, eoLge
luo itoIn do imemr agru-
an eta capltar tam-
mknoi hnlfugt6 dueu doaco-
nose lM ooamntarias de sla pan
m en r-lnladn con el vwhue de
Cabous Luna y quo 61 no ue
prestard pars qum por coaduc-
to du st EmBajada, ste uiaje
* los lagos Panamoerlasus.


tine los

mejores programs

El Gobernador De" Od

Suen a Cmao Domipiolk

De Baseball De Los L U.

COLU Ohio Feb. 10 -(U, de bobbol A. L
P.-Us ieni ts I .ttcun.-, pudo a b

So unpwsto-t41
I l que ... att a mu

e imul a"su l ou

ea' lbambrde a. 4 C* -uIt ale --
tae0 rtaI nsdi

Ae l ere 1m ITe- v

01- sl-o IL awict tiIenM w W

i ae ri
npero' ,


Vd. quiere decker de White Horse!
No todos los cabsalos so de sange purn, tampoco no todo el whisky
procede de Escoda. Si asbh apreci r lo qu e s excelente en este
mundo palace. I Iabosr ico y suave de su whisky White Horse.
De dbade habla de. as muo de Escocia, cuns del whisky Escoce
donde Is Natualm y eLbhaaumb e hba combinsdo para dar vida I
licsr delo ISOeUq WhecH.essa. miembro permanent deo is mejores
clubs sodsl 7 dupacic budel hinveneido en todos o1 convites
y tStal"as y g eom as s as dsinguidasi. As e q deb ser

WHITE HOS Whisl Escoc4j

U s ra e ., f i er e a. n
l *

* .. I -
t. -

-'. .- --.. -- .
*.k.. ..'.:4"
* -- :- :..-. :-.-: ..:;- ::- i -:. -.

A-.:. -




... "i-.' '-e

* .t,



L "



. wit,~


- .
"- ..T .

. .


r.-*'. ...

..i -c. .
.. ,. -, 'n
'": 'T ..-
. "_ ... *- ; 7 ( .. < -n. -: .- ..' ";m "


'SE VEND.:-Cqbolo -Vino. do. uillo,
reua peruano. Excignite ojomplr t
* pear cria. Ounwm Antonio Arftola,
Tel. Z-3206,
SE VENbE: 4ngubgdora el6ctrica.
Tel. j-q055. .-.
"SE VENOE:-Acurio. Con poses de
colors. Verlo in collo Mariano A-
rosemena No. 41, Apto. 18.
SE VENDE:-Modero. hierro, comen-
to, pintura, ferreterla, pinmeroe,
entry .ades en su obra sin pirdide
do tlmpo. ALMACINIS MAR-
TINt. Ave. Norte 83, Tel. 2-
06t O
SE VENDE: Madera usado an per-
feaes conditions,. a precles sin
competencia on to plaza. I x 6 *
4 6 x 6 8 x 8. PAREDES
Y CIA. -LTDA. Ave. Pablo Arose-
mona No. 10 y Dep6sito en Pol-
tilla Calls 12. Tels. 2-3238 y 3-
SE.VENDE Oficinao de construcci6n
del Hotel EL PANAMA incluyenda
toda la plomeraio a instllocionems
oldctricas. Db lser rmovida par
el licitador. Propuestas sellados se-
rAn recibldas hasto las 3 p.m. del
martes, Febrero 20, 1951 par:
S. A. Apartado 1848 Tel. 3-

--I CA&AF Post Exchange Service
of ce en vento bo)o propuesto ce-
rrdos., tres 3) "trucks", Chevro-
let 1946. Los Trucks podrAn ser
Inspoccionados y f6rmulos obteni-
des *n edificio Central Exchange
Worehuse No. 511 Corozal Gene-
S rol Depot, cualquier dio de Lunes
a Viernes,. entire 7:30 a. m. o 4.00
p. mn. eropuestos deben estar ce-
rrados y marcodos "Truck Bid" V
mondados paor corner o Ilevados al
.'Cehtral Exchange Warehouse, Co-
rol,t C- Z. So abririn *n el
Warehouse, al pdblico, morzo 9 a
las 10:00 o m. .
1 Cehoal do .PaneW ofrce sn ven-.
e y, alterocl6n at major pastor el
lficlo numero 143. Pedro Miguel
*Cubhouse, en Pedro Miguel. So reci-
'r pr usto selladas en lo ofi-
%1p1"del Supply and Service Direc-
oen Balboa Heights hasto las
"M1:3 A M. d l dio 28 do Febrero
. 1951 cuando se abririn on puibli-
'to. Los fornyularios de propuesta con
..tealles completes podrhn obtenersi
Slas oficinas del Supply and Service
rector, Balboa Heights. y do los
HousinglManagers en Pedrd Miguel
Balboa Heights.

A Academia-
~b'residida por el doctor Ricar-
do J. Alfaro. redactarA un ma-
.ntfiesto que contendra en un
sa bomero estudlo. los puntos de
vista de la corporaclin sobre
;ls razones de la separacl6n
4:-el Istmo de Colombia, con ba-
s de. los antecedentes hist6ri-
Sco que tuvieron lugar en el
curso de] siglo XIX.
W_ Be deitdrniln6 que en fecha
K'prdxima se celebrara un horme-
h 2aje pdatWmo public a la me-
Inomaria de los Acad6mlcos Alti-
. inamente fallecldos don Nico-
;,6Is Victoria J. y don Manuel
de J. Quijano, y fueron desig-
Srmadus loa protesores Catalino
SArrocha Graell y Rafae l E.
.X focote., respectivamente, para
-jronunciar las oraciones de
|aogio de la labor intellectual
'* civica de los ilustres desapa-

Y se acord6. finalmente, que
lamndido este homenaje regla-
Ipentario, la Academia llenara
as vacantes que hay en su se-
ho, designando los Acad6micos
oe numere que ocuparan los
lllones disponlbles por la muer- los historiadores Victoria,
.u1Jano y Ortega.
.A propuesta del academic
Nsstillero. fueron nombrados A-
Bad6micos Correspondlentes las
liglentes personalldades ex-
mranjeras: En Espaha- doctor
Alfredo Sanchez Bella. director
Gel InstituLo de Cultura HispA-
nice: doctor Ciriaco Perez de
Bustamante. director del Ins-
0tutO Oonzalo Fernandez de
led: y doctor Jaime Delga-
o, Becretaro del Primer Con-
eso Hispanoamericano de
toi de Madrid.
B Colombia: don Pablo E.
enas Acosta. Correspon-
te de la Academia Colom-
a de Historla.
n Argentina: senior Ribar-
Carrasco. president de la
lead Bolivarlana de Bue-
Cuba: doctor Enrique Gay
b, de la Academia de la
ra de Cuba; y el Dr. Cos-
d la IsTomlente, vicepreal-
o de la misma Institucl6n.
tue propuesto por el A-
Dr. Mindez Perelra.

hdaar0 a

WIlNlf 4i l-
CMaIlet pWacliw o 4 req4 ( m t
Just Albpitat, ;wUleq4fW*l4a
Maria tp .eutedo.' at,. t-I

amWRTO. MM. arttn
SI VIO p-Magnifice thelet fnue-
blado con tods las comodldks
quo Ud. puede doMor a pocos
minutor de la ciudad. Oport"ildod.
lnf6rmmese 11O MtM' 2*
SE VENDE:-Villa No. 79 El H;;,
El Valls, B.12.500 notres. Acomo-
do ocho. Cabollo y sille. Vqa fihs
do smnmaas.
SE ALQUILA'-O so vends. Casa de
camp on Chorrero (El Coco) Tel.
Lotes par hectirea en "La Transist-
RO11ITO MIRO, 2-1215
SE VENDE:-Coas 25 x 26. cuarto
para empleods 14 x 0. plants do
luz, bomb elictrica, todo bl3oques
repellados, piso mosaico, tablills
de coobo en la pared, todo estric-
laments modern. Cosa 61, Ave.
Segunda, Nuevo Arraijin, 12 mi-
lals del Ferry. Jack Davis Apdo.
127 Cocoli. C. Z.

Par motive do viable, vendemos Cha-
let ubicado en La Crests, con co-
modidades pora el mis exigente gus-
to, B.30.000.00
0oO -
Chalet ubicado on Calle 50. 650 Mts.
2, sola, comedor, bibliatecea. 3 rec-
moras, 2 baAos, porch, cocino, cuar-
to sirvient, patio pavimentodo, |ar-
din y garage. B.35.000 00.
Lote en El Cangrejo, B.6.50 M2.
OoO -
Lote en Los Cumbres, 2.306 Mrs. 2,
a B.1.00 M2.
Terreno an El Coco, 665 Mts. 2, par
Entenderse con Sotillo y Cla. Telifo-
no 2-2277. Avervdo Central No. 1.


GRATIFICACION: So gratificari
a lo persona quo entregue cortera
con dinero y pOelse personates
perdida on el cine Iris an la fun-
ci6n de "El Portere" dirltise a co.
lie 50 No. 6-A o al telefono 3-

iE ALQUILA:-Locol comerclol, edi-
ficio nuevo. esquino Ave. Cuba.
calle 15 de Febrere. Industrial
Panamericanos. Tel. 3.1713.

SE ALQUILA;-Local paro oficina.
Avenida B No. 59, oltos. Acuda
mismo edificio.
SE ALQUILA:-Local para otclna,. del Teatro Central.
.E ALOUILAN:-Exclusivro n temt pa-
ra oficinas locales centricos on lto
altos de Avenida Central 44 e
precis 6don. Soliciten Int0r-'
macrdn en Almacmem'Sv 10. cn-

dos de Norte AMlrioca. El va-
lor del pasaje de Bos a bCha-.-
guinola y vicovertms a de B. 3 00
y de B.6.00 vleje redbado.
Mucho entusiasmo ha despcr-
tado el nuevo ervielo entire
los habitantea de la Provinc!a.
euyo retraso sm debe en gran
part a la cmai earencl tomal
de vias de coamunlefl6n. .ous
elements que patrlotlamncn-
te laboran par Is naclonsalza-
cl6n de la Provincla de
del Toro y por au Incorporacion
al sentimlento de la vida pa-
namefia. plensan aprovechar
los serviclos "de la nueva em-
presa de aviones para truer
de las provinclas centrales con-
juntos musicales que ofrezcan,
de manera directs y obje.vam
el'acervo de nuestrO bello fol-

Notable pintora- *
tora costarrlcense a nueat,ra
Redacc16n. oila quiere dar pu-
blico agradeelmleits a tudoi
los funclonarlos y vutoa partl-
culares que le ban
generous aogilda eon -ta tie-
rra panamefta y que han echo
possible, graclal a aum sten-
clones, Is celebraci6u de .eats
Exposlcl6n de Pintura, que tan-
to anhelaba resUlsar en Pan&-

I :^rr^usr ji i

1.- r
,r.. _..
- 'I.

doi Sin- date
Simm's 2, mill
de ArmraijAn 1
pudi CbahtlI


ItS, .3e5 O
. V .. _.

CM N VoAelU. vim
lumeln 4, 3s5 -h.

SL ECESIrTA:--Un a .mpldW p Pw
oficica domiticst timrne qs dr. ,
mir. Ocurre "Calxzdes. AuiOM',
Catrol 66.
domdstico, con rconmendlonMt
de 35 a 40 anes do oded. Ave.
Chle 1, eItatoi. Fe. 3-2894, ,.teOt
7-i p.'m. I
-8 PIm. .. 1.. iSI

SE NECESITA:-Buent coclnera pare
un mstrirlenio. Deb lovor la ro-
pa. Acudo a Call* Venezuela No.
10 despud .de la I p. m,.
SE NECESITA: Empkeado actlv
pare servlcio complete do don per-
sonas, nceite. Avenida Tivoll No.,
10, ertamento 19.
SE NECESITA:--Cociner compoten-
to, impromcindlble qua duerma en
case. Avernld jrinmer Le Carrns-
quillo, No. &5, entrendo p r el
Testro Ed6n en via Belisorio Po*

SE NECESITA-Empleado competon-
te. Muy buen ueldo. Avenida Fe-
derico Boyd No. 31. obaojo.

H ie do su hija uno dome! Par me-
dio de Ia musical, uno do las fInos
artes y alma do lq culture. Niio
751. adults B.I.00 par leccitn.
Estidio Piano Rupert pennott's,
Juan B SosM No. 9. Tel. 2-1282.

SE ALQUILAN:-Cuartos a persna
soltero o saoteto, an cala. 45 Elte
No. 22, alto.

SE ALQUILA: C-uarto amsue6fas
ntilado, cage familliq, duee
foto.' eon oallnAlnts. Caole l
No. 43, Apt.. C.

fs- -

SE ALQUILA:-Hobitaci6n con on-
trada independinte y su borTo
onexo pora caballero, B.30.00.
Con muebles oa sin ellos, Perejil,
casa No. 14. Apto. 2.

SE COMPRA:-Cos en Vista Hir-
mosa y casa Chica y borota en le
carretero Chilibre. Para Infotrma-
clones Agencia Thomas Blenes
Races Ave. Central 259 Tel. 3-

Se fraua-
reclentemente las posildades
de comprar o adquirkl de caal
quier Modo arnMas de uyor p-
teneia. Esios armamentop ia n
usarne para preparer lI furna
Yugoeslava que se calclpId rt
Ilegar a dos mnUonea de s lid.
La actual norma norte b e
na fljada por el Chtsejo nal
de 8eguridad r 3 1SM!.
ma a Tito s65lo fhi l
atacad., Las arm p i 11-
vlare rildamente d I te y
otras reeons esurope.

81 la tirantes aisupata 1a 5a
Europa Oriental y al aImp al-
que aumentandM el r o de a-
taque a Tuloewlajoaa ma
norte-amip'po is
care. Tam .n etw- pti
que laa poteils eSdne sas.
cedieran s Sacer..mfa onrado
de apoyo a Ttoi t us edo.
Recientes notIa* do uaropa,
que no ban alddu en
Washington, ban wvela que los
Estados Unidos han gdqulrido de-
rech3s a bases sretm eU Marrue-
cos Francia y il denrano Oriente.
So ban concertado acuqd. can
el Goblerno 7atnes )y Urlttco
en armonia con e plane* detde-
fensa del tratado del AtliStto
del Norte.
De ahl pues, que la agread6n a
Yugoeelavls pudler m usa rease-
fih pars atepuee airs a lam tro-
pas y base de aproviIosamiento
sat'otea. para pritar aumllio a
rto e lmiTaIImt teraIRo-
Jan tIntrodujeM, uns euats ente
Greets y Thquieu.

Avise al comereqlo a 9D-
bUle gen que he .ad-
Iord ws, -f d t
-fa^^j Tw^^IO

Wloft 11110inm <.
lMoNa aMimp
pdjmq uap -

-. 1" G. t'. Mi Al.

ml -:Chn qportemento
S4. ealoullr Vik EvSo ,

SE VENDE:-.-Us ioualem vemqstona
R2 1-2 1x -"2 pIulgof. He-
cho par |em pf-t-eais, 2*2.
13. Cuwidw,'f" Si- Cdot- a
SE VENDEi-Fefriwgeara Cr
jugao do,. Mi,,ro* y
etm enm *, riim,
* CI tIlbem.t t 1I.. ..
St VENDEL-PFiBusiwsd- law
celonr ame.oo n o $150.
,m1 ptMrur VMs, "Co2ltse H
t Apto. 1t l4forio2-121 ,

SE VtI1DE-Mess ceneder exWeni
4 slifs, vltdrna ovaledo, tlad9 &
45.00, ioll nperfecto estado c
cafa, I.60.0Q. vioh llchico sin ci'
Ia con otril 1.35.00, ,prin Onc
patas plqodisor y celh6n B.8.00.
Tel. 3-1739.

pan n Utan la
c6rnea e los ojos
M08CU, 'eb. 11 (UP)-Ls
Academlas de lacnqla RuA
-....* il descubrhmlento t.'
un procedlmiento para restau-
rar la e rnes del ojo y otrog
6rganoa deotruldoe 6 dasaden
en loe organslIo vvientes.
El Pro seor V. Popo, dire.,
tor de) Instiuto Morfol6gico
declar6 en sla &*6p de la Acs-
alema que en aprozimadamen-
t cuatrocisath .2O de tInjer-
tac de plel em ioea en la
superfMlle de lom oja de mani-
fero, la plel us transform en




K..- M ..- .^ ,.

L. Ma iA
SLa mmu Anti
a La do Wayoi

.- -"

'.. : .= .-.
.. + m.- n -

I'...:.. ... -, .

,S \' ..



I~ JJ ~

- ,~.





IE .

I an. a
mar una

de S.
i cama

.'i." -.,,

-io.r .--r.-
. '" ..-+-. .


1, 1




A 7UA Bb w

;. Alla ;i- i :
n Csa "It #o

Tel,.. 4 BA .. _


1 --* #

INl lt

i swaw

I ,C ,.
'* 'V' '


11 ,

Ihe I. -I

N'~ *i


I 1-LI

ggg seenl

mahar a modurmd6
Fq r *S s trven U t

vabay:vida ea

-lanetaf, dim.

:enalt*se ltem& a
Ppes Urey

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. a S- .
W a breve &6
mwe l's v

- St.

Si^. -

"awMs B, l.a an m,.f

es rs
^ |5 IaMm"Uui iftdix t

TI a T Iot

"S -'
II Ijfl

[Jm ncmtemtito reVolutiotario-

man m .t contra reventones$

do producido ahoi
.' *- :-..'_ ,_ .




p Wter

- IT'

"r e~uww,

.. .7...
.2,s^ -.
I' ^^^^-M
,'^HB Hfl



- Un pro d Is eguridad de o-
L eatrl- SBt DSm oo RUeO.
I y- a easmunR u tae tefomn I
) sido aOsur 40 wivent6 reutil
pro.est- m psrt6de do eR dle .to

a PtTs paa coamtrolar e ato a ,
r ule water veoldad. -
'* f Atoo ta nsmbl dai

ei be W-Ume plarde s que
k i imnk bfnuhdopando Coetfr -ic
.e I caobjlect rodos W-catms del
is 4tad abuallt 4ter defndo kew -

Sf, Mtdfotea n ejgtp-idt-
,p01- npna

tfo tinw

ItO "a -V e .-a"

wl. lemra mulelr an s dhe bk
orles Icas, en .erRa

ra una possible gera

ranceses acaparai el c
:3tftr l. a il onzus mensuales. Aznoh tomado acnn etUe
t05 e tt6cnolsr e n green que esta cia t de uni
ore or t- sdo rebobasa. 2) El volume h de ola
Shak con- de Acaparamlento privado do-. .d
la vent "l- bido al curio normal- de los tdne t
SPria a .unn agontecinientos. Ete volumoen o aw
at y edlo y 0 al aselode heoy aspoma- &d C
medil dia Wie damente a 500 milonesf do fran- l$ fnruceseI y'
Ue d.e reapon- cos diarios, y ha fluotuad on d'oro
logs ltimosets mgos centre u an
ternalog baquesio y eat clfra y mUl qunltentos m- quia a l
l dicen qu groan Iones d. frnmos pro dia. gs e I
lamVentas dlari en El Jur"Ia altmo que as ha errbr o

Piaso Uth s visitan 'WI .J
a' ,klafldai.Sapad& rl1
y a p lqupson n-
lto le el O nor- t it l ...
n loa bana. horn- :- |d .m.
negoqioa y eipeculaF -do*=rtr d
de etr laguerr UABON, Mbian, ebrero or
hde, las vent AU 'mer- t(ot 'wI trvice)-La .de

., RIDr ICAo
n a a. y le d61hrea severe de mo e n fop, te ". -d
tH qiJ eqt arfo, duran- a de 8a,271.00o peronua ste at. *s
to verano 1f calfrn.suseat6 diCronlara toeatt kbhtblde aD 1
Lfw n yu adieS du la3 oIa de lob
n ad M de o"l e ls cotce i rt
=i48 atrac Ge los Egtados nipeas
2O- wSbp c= ia > Auhase todao1ft no haj tte- ta
aa ti prmostn- a4a. exota0, elo nfoad .,
t coicoton a'' ta". d a do
ai q Au eArc at Indian qde m ad
W to s b Intr1odSuIcldn de lo nueves lo- i tr
l0ntS -l t venapr- dleF tor. aotr on eIS a m o
o .l dae t do co la o lams keqp6na to
oulat 7 1 volumen api entuoattse. lB coneoparlpaxas.
opal de W futents e to tdos Utildos indar
1) Eatol ita" aber drctblde mas 6rdoenes or d
~que el f3 I los nuevso autom6viles, a aal e a-
vender pe o ade t.iempo favorable, no flute
O. alo pasnao. l es bene rtqpq

La Pn ria P m noticias social y de intr t

"IAIsW 1. lSowSft
.66 WW I niw *x 0

Hoy vremettiA 4t- adWd P
muSlcal. "Il t.-
0' Tho, rimr

Ara. "Los R
Jsd 6n .p V.

el dirt~or, *
'Log .RivalM" e e "s
teat. de Ad
Ldoe m, bTA al

Jlo, .fi, ~Otakn ^W^




^^Si, ^- .
- ->*" ,i ",' .'
e-.. :..,*-- -_
'Pt .

Iwo de ..A ri* -
. "PtwT~mb "we L 6- 0.
OW PttrCAOO A'ato




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- r --;-n-~J11--- ----- s- -7

.-'* .* '.a
" ""'.w
* ,..: \^.
. : S/'f,
->, m,



"*. -: '*,


I -' ~p'il -;


*s "" .-- : '" .. ...*-*, **"::- ,*?"-'
' '-- *--, ..
..... . ... .. '* .



s tiplea
-dq MUles

-. .---wo r,. "o 9- *g. o
' .on IBPUi o mairlo...m a, 6M 1_ t.

Me dae ead duo eau pleanm OM s deu.a I ti
pr enteo a sa, oven espme y m7 hua.

WEi Kremlin proyecta guerra

aivil alemana en el future

Por Gault Macowan
(N.A. N. A.)

HJIDELBERO. Alemania, Fe-
iero 10, (IPlJ-Los planes
e1 Kremlin para el future de A-
iuania comprenden una guerra
1- basada on el modelo de ol
orea para hacer que las
a 1nola oeoldentaleis s lancen a
t &oei6n miiltar que reaulte
i|xgm.y paraJ.ncendlar el conlU-
it auropeo.
U primer ministro de la Ale-
Weas oriental Otto Grotewohl,
a disparado ei primer captucho
t discurso pronunciado por a.-
OE.' dcarano por antlclpedo
puauble de disoa gueora civil.
mprougnda, o ya efha -
0 parecer a K rad Ad@-
.Imp ew l atm va de oac-
'ilrotewolt In
,Aft lUaN de o
o nm o on kld odt
r lattmas auerta

4 Un-
tatton m)o.
estar e tnadas a In-
ad. -Patton term as
uLa erra tal como la co-
," 9an sta. plabras: "Me
qd* ugtra pqUtca, Inaen-
q, to atda por u
r a Alemantv, '*ass
Sv a una a los run y
re co ello la existencla de
do comunlta on la Europa

-t-rlines del Pontbur6 para
empuje hacla OcCidente cons
uyen una series de empellones
orI la paldda. JSu prisaw empe-
a u la anaex6n do Letonta.
nia., LILuania. la Prumla O0

part de la
tnlal ao distrito 0-
.I h dado "recono-
t, -f facto a esta

avanees. Lss alemang ltbr
consideran alts traiol6 da
hecho de quo orotewohl Ris
ratifloado la snoid re
por los polace. Il rI m
ha dloo 1
lacLoneL L50
wohl, George Dertinger, que
buaque el mo .dd compensar-
se anexandou e Asmania 00o
oldental medhntM el empleo
de loa m6todos usadS pr Hi-
tier al mar aaaUmte@s *I Aus-
tria y la Renania.
Despuds doe eao--4de fuon-
tea de Informaeod6n ranceas
-los alemanes harAn preal6a
sabre AlasAls una v* m&t pa,.
ra hacerls entrar an Ia coa-
mogonia comuDlst. Ya d16 Go-
menao la propaganda actirs
an saw entlvJ40.

Diez comunistas soi.

dtotdos oft Berlin
"' BRLC febroro 10 (UM-La
vellela doe Belin Occldental dO,
luvo a dies omunlt aus to t.
taban do W lia iia d oll
cias con el bto de
iojes sueltpas en *I ptleir. 4
J1u rstO f a vi@th d
Iombardeos drante la o qI
luerra mundial LOB rt t
ron halladog eolentimeate -
lea ruinas y los comunts tras.
tla ban de distrlbuitI "au M
tieltas de proagapZda coRnta
etLados Unid.
La pollcia rue enviada 61 so-
n.enterlo cuando la prenam con
llcencia rusa publi6o que los ro-
iom dlitribulrian on *I el giants
nro haju auvtu. OOnpdaPSuli
bombardoa aT- m m '
canoa do hao o
Entire loa m p 41
di taor '" o
san deo baer An4, O-
HiM 1 en li a1 .6



iACIONES Ul)'DAS, N. Y., fe. las do auda dd cara er mun-
iro 10 iUlI.-8 'han incla- dial,.s qu, m.reflon Wl adorme
actlvidades tondlenties a mne- do a Auplu a cu I*t fon-
" a'productividad y nivel de dOs dpeuutou de
* en odo ol mundo, Incoluyen- ,ONU. TUbeulo IM wesw de la
15 palses de Is America Lat- ONU, lnUalwIl s RIMa. contrtbu-
de conformidad con el pro- yen al presupuesto regular, del
tua do expansion de Ia ayuda cual se salgnSa a1go8 m .de un
Mica de la ONU. segin muss. milU6n do d6 lres ara uda tse
.un informe que acaba de pu- nica. El Soviet no ontribuy pa-
,se aqui. ra el program deo eM n, cu-
junta de asistencia t6cnica yo coato es do m l.s obho m.l-
SONU. en su primer infor- llones.
. decade la iniclacl6n del pro- Los palms. ricamno
1a de ayuda 4ecnica hace que reclbep ait na O
lgo meses, declara que se ha media dl
urendido la realizace6n de 145 cQmo la de
beto. ep 8 paiuses. AdemAs la nBlud, ? In- (
de la Am6rica Latina. so tosnacleaz Dp atsrna-
lan del program nueve elotna del T : Bra,l
i del Orlante Central. ocho ChUe, ,oml Re-
Asia y el Extremo Ortente. p6blica D n ouasdor,
w do uropa y trees del Africa. Ouatemalai u Jira M.
64 actlvidades que compren- xico, Ni m r l i
d1 laforme son on adicl6n a dor, Unr V uuSa

mao n El Panamd AmErica?


wUw utww miwm
m mt pssP a

A.M.. I

iAbm se t ris

O>gjlourtelif on 1V
? ^lul tero do 1940.
^ S P mn ads I
a f J del It do rcan
a t" $*I aoi
@l y409 I tP
tu A m m tei el d rnn@

aM in I'BBa
a4 mtt4 i at-

a o i
gg 4 ggg g
a MS $s mag


~ 4A~J

panm d a
aa centre
y am
tu* mt

ir Ias

saa Iredaeolma lu *re 4 pretg *_ i u r
s preduatl re "iowerns o la M
vtro. rr 1BM t doe lKS trow do Delam no tearipse d
Pn,, "doMa, g a .; e
Te reunalodel del4 p"to Ma M europMeas
clerm aado ro n U M -ei m U? Occmdont&,
Co. Lu Boa d u. o ac ids X telB "lo xrp die..
"n QaI 4allquier a-
mnnaa a d a IMa l -ibi t do mrgencla.

Loe aleman' noe pelearin

potr los eofcanos

declarm I 61e eral Halder

FRAN OWt, l buM. Loo nartgsn WloUt
( -PM I n- **l it" eMrs u a

yor don s euera on

declara uls General Ha@Ie
tsals. eas ol m oe na pu s ud

a AG GA I". a

ftel., g0sa 4M I U
e a n t* a6 rnpn d


) SpOgB ftMfro
ofn 6O1 iw^




U9v =Es 41S

; Im


*. .




.. .- .-, ,

h-OU Ijl 9 1
,. *',- e ; .. "- ."
' -? .; : '- ''' **' *-:,.:, ;- ..., ,
lt- ; i.- -. -"
-- .L 'q..' .EX.A '. ...-Jt -.

. 4


"^ / "; ^ /. ,l-
*' "' ." ." *-*." ".. ", -, "- /"
. .- .. ; .:.*; *i.' ,_ -'

*- .' .. 4 i -
... .... ^.- l i':: '; : o"t


p -1

7. -

. '. '

- -ii

A... ..' '. ,


------ -----------n



- -- -- --- -------




!. ...

.-- w 10 ... -,". .W


;vol ied thl e eharo of thow fearing
'a Cnal. Speaking before
- that Rua'a h"ad
nto *a t Ina t. he mid-thlt es.
le ir-olt- ase Involving a Pt. aherman
Il of a well-Fkaow Comunmto. 'Walban
i.-lack of armed stregte the Isthmls,
that te had oee~ o men o .
during ib prosmt visi. ie ha msma
kday fg's maneuver when armed
id ervleemn, machine guos mounted on
oed closing the border along 4th of July

, on. o.--
, A move to protect the Interests of tmulfled em-
P1was during the cmi Panas Canal reorganisa- j
!IM was made plo w w when Zonian earned
.haIt a bill to place Pama at mpWlye now -
.Mpted under the tfton act had been *n-
oed Into o .B L. RamamfY 61 West Vir.
00" bitroddu e .t Ia Sit w" Wonemred b7yW tee E
and hadbe draftedloosa~y b 1dg MN14', pr..
m Rufu. lo Qtr news for federal worker,
ortedl4$y but emanatiung from WasbJstwe: a
frt that CviU 8 CommilMn coaiders pay
aSajustted for empl yer, word tat the
rlou. Service Committee at the Seste wi W n oc
* hgdsuon to teramiae r"thement and earvivarin.
aurance benefits for Fdwal writers and dimeslon
&a Home mmittseeu m ay tarn abUe should
*at be retrcte wT h y in
- te wnd the present.
ft nabl to awn Panama's Asembly-
fussear its osing until Ftty, eight day wa%
a.en am.,g ,, wh,,,OJU.' ",. ,, ,
cEIeEK Ior dot var-u e BtoiiomIom agMe Iea 0 ewhErem Wit
n the political front WMiniSSur, ad iruen As-
ab lyme NNorberte Navarro reeled t the a-
ts f PRAa-eeeom4 i4gaa~ a mloir of- S tmoo

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iaMtafk tine the Ancon iary.
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a-netSl a slMn ra-nks wrd bead '
csranm deity W"u
:7-r .w. .. m.-rls. sr.n
a-_: th.r 2 ----Marts. 54-PsrSau-.g nar -age
1.m> ,.I :';:; K '- --. I M wl in, *

3-ieatt0- It or ups to -rth
^ ....A WO 11-Ring for 8 57-i-Ml
h. a b.^**I dw e batlr
assac" n El as. a m-useg
nfbpct T7-Oif raadgi fls-Poiuuiu e ethe t cormsdfr s -aupuct
Tom d-esp&aer W-Cottfl fl4-u
-imo t d T--Psrt IN -l4f g IB e o .-wnlW 4--Sw t- retai -

l-Ab, dg. tM t .e .h- t.o wla I- la-P ipa ve heart -16-w atr
--Oew1 body m n a ruiet w4rPaM w

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". S. S e- te__ M*ttl to1d

8 "--Author "t 30o-Wito p m

b5 Ao-Mefbter f8l-Showed 74-Work with 6-
. 4 -'.g- mith" ta concern two Mt
-A7-tAess 8 .--.k CA s c Ulan .2-Watering parapets l a .
NWl 7--0r roundwr llf w"(la w Ofwt 7 > au^Aeet -

.-r telge r 'trtr i plae ?-Dhiaged IW-P' .90

pe S -uuarantes" 78-Moesurs ofd
.01asw34--Strip of SSiaW-
ta l--w *am lr-odt- e tte hi-mn. il s.e.
-. M t X-Au41" I 0Ie e-. pbt *-,e ..

I,- -Wen s -.I tg s--stour -&
4 aMnlth" T-B 8oncsarn two ipar-13i l t
S u- i aNe-* -lald 3I2mi-W-atlnsI S- S as f"Im*Rm

NMI % m M p r Mo*t-lPt

: Mi- J"s wrs at im ftm
iu.v. 0* 'k I ,20. l( .
v ad to FE W' W ; '12

h S. ft

.---PI'b.L- "t % onUdfv
J'~~~ &-N taei W-d ha tyn hAMwy-iTt
_y __, .......... _eTt .: _0Btwtt ~ l W' ,'*1 ;l^





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ph lH. ble i o ...... ", .. ^eJ gallelf s
'5, tdS e -m'wS gtb'ib seC,,. -,

ae a .r .

I* y -.oubeha; t.ft
m ep e b tom h ied le g ae esedmp et ap
P.1 8"PRAN. s0 polt -bh 0 -s

... t-. 04 Mail to x' 0. ..
ft r trMod. 'ot.
e l.uoL yems be akind as, to ulo wauls.. _l.a teao
'S prip auru la* .been so kind Sa 1 .C to

S' e4 Mprt fri p new delivery sirtem and priea on ,#f.
ttMhe. pr that ometbI u wftfulh%.
do ke it millk at 43 cent a h b ato
ve-to to the o to tell them what' uw .
S tatte you can calls cent dairy and t .l
ivered that next mofig. "n they use thren te
our bt .the aqperavlual of the dairy and how. i
what should Aaer l-n citizens txpert W.lve.
grade school edttation about the workigs our
f= rom dairy whlob is opera: d by aslent o6 the on ,
that sam ovret is t..e ent which xtl Tp i h _a.ft
sanitaftry redatlma under which all. dairies In t : the st%
operate? Youll pardon me but that 't about as clear as I can'
14 la .rtbln" else toe, the Comniualuy ver r ieently
e otthe .of tde:Ireredi tat i. to 0 cenisa quas.
tim.~n have ta a a dive, Nf some others did -Mit dtt nd -
aokd lanto the Panama tMlk e6many and found that we get their
.lk dee at 3 camt V'ith people telling us how much more;
Dream t Do %poe what? When we called
alr wean .I =Ot r an cder because all their mil&ae -
taken hat time and today we can't t milk thr. S
Alto at the ame time e Drice went to ept Drew aoa f-
(bless m ila) ran a le6un raking the Asoulatat ever U
the A4 Stateas w:nting to. raie the price to 2eQteA Sl
ggwI a up; thy have ben et

-,.-o ,, E.
NA'goose. by 0jhneck, aqg u. .

Dalbo C. Z.PIPOi
MaO Wup ater

u are lUlowed' to Swarm all overthe look while we of
the tal oe a nob permitted on the bridte.e
Beatalll II I l dAr.
I-t D. L .a- and ve a ---RUoMn a ,t,"lal -

Sline Alti mmL ed w.
if tarman. M bof. Mot of
S.f otff, both favor Bll army,
^^^^^ ^Bh^, '^-^.r'r-'-tiiiiiiii0 0 b

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1MS- SIek S.- w a-or1 m e e gig


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K-7~~ A-

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-,,. 1_-'

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-. .. '% ,. .: *.i ,"r'r r-.
rw". -1 V -- q'
-v '.r


- f :. -...
* -. ...' -SV

r) L

E -

The Holy Bible
It Is Impouale to mt$Oj t
aoclally enclave a Bible-readnlg
people. The principles of the Bi-
ble arehe groundworki of human
freedom. -Hoe e OGreeley.
Search the "riptua; for ia
Sthem ye think ye haves eternal
lite; ad they are they whie h ee
tffy of me. --St. John.
e Bible is the learned ma's
a iee the Igoat maa
dictionary, the wln maMs direc-
tory.. -a ir Emer Mddy.
The'Bible I be t of
aned ji:.2gi", t i=nlgllr Iw -
momnr.lwf ffic AaBaWIn

oi me smale irom or
SThe man of one boob lwaiusm
formidable; .but ren bth ook
la the Baible, fer ta l' l "


L- "- W"


e .. ... .1 :- = *.... .r. -. -, _',.'. ...[.. ,. t. .

* '---- A ~ -

* -, t -





Science Teache

Relce On. od

Reliance On GodMmoe

* 5-.,'.'.




Will. .



4:00 p.m.

i31kA willr U

First Churth of ChrinsScientiK,
.. ,., ".Q


S'* h

*s Aic, .,+ **- ^. .: :"


800 p.m.


Cbrd % Science Societ
-. 1. 't .;

,Yy~~r arc..

"-.< -.+. ., *

... .:
as '.

* 1 %

5- *





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,-- 7

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4em ,asaas uuduti e ,


aw. ~ aa ..wlu.#4*
se but "%ie Mm Musu l
wHB~ai OS? g ai *?Ar^s'.4w.^^ an ss*2us Sn na Ass-'.-;
Mi^H^^ffi~~~~~t' t^*aK~^~ f^le**'-flK- s--M itA'tt't

; / .' r .'- '" N
a~i-y i; '-, .* 1.-; ..:-;w ^^ "A

6 Features


' .I
, '

*'-~~ **'s

- ',-

- .:''* -

..- .,'-

S al.trm. gaply lu.t bge -
tod 01r6e too tw, ad 4"
manpower to ac Bri
A rapidly expanding pap
-tion wiul st further reuiae tius qeuib
liveg standard unless- prqd-
tion can be stUmulated and wod- eEr
ern methods na be Introded: ai
rapidly by a vast program of
capital sMecootruction. a
Th T need was recognized by
the Minasters ad the Com ftm-
wealth coUntreb at their meet- M
i ng at C.olombo In JInuary 8MO., ..,
the eutStfiy r i 3 f1 A
day, FPeb I, a the aftet pro
asataes wea J rp t-esetL
for.t- lrrtisse.
"ta alt he pflan u to be a=d WA
8 ,oa.l o 9. deotaned -o 88..

1 _i.-*'."" *' ^'.**'"-1 ftrt s,.

4~;4 7q~\ ~p


* :*,v .~.

-.,7- .. .-
A r t ,htt m..a-,itrtedh ..alaya. l a%; ,"h.
-' ski SweastMwtvaoc pert wra u t@. aaIy

.... ** : *:-._ '* -- A4"'"

Plant toting at an a5iemal btatio I
the laspwtaae of br o af


P; .

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S_ 40.

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.' .. h-. .. ... .... "

4~MiI N1~~*
r a.



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.'.. .*i .,
. *_ .-.[ **


* I :--

-: z..l i .A .!

Ie. .,-,- ;
-. ." ,.... r "



Wti-' -.-.' :.. --i-, *-.i'-.
'& .f *'

;,.'& ,, -: .* ,. -;. a :s
, .'.*":; .- ".i.,. .- :""-*

.; '" .. .. .

^- o^ ?' '.' .* ..

-,:- .. ,. ;1 ".S j

..', T: .r -:

' <'.. "' ./ .

'I *"''"'* ', ', I.'

"-. *. "' "*'' "

.a .

,. I. .

4 .

^ ... .

"' -- .- J -,



~,1r1 14 *

aqv. ,~..

- .~ :~W~'

^- ..

-~ ~!2 -- ~ :4.4*
-. :-~.. .~:
1k- '~

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'I v -h

I -

. 74.
';.2 *



IL k

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Sr.: --
.. r -,_


S. v -.4..
~> -

^;'i;, ,;, ..:^ -.-. A',

't ,, *--" ':" "'* -' -
i:- : :-*;
,. o .

i- *.. ,,, 4 :* ,
, ,; ; ,

:- ': ". ',*. "
S.. .,-
, -- '

! ].....- '" io ; -
f.-"' *.." ,;
.,, ,.,,, ,^ 1 ,- -. t *- **
If l l ,-? .: -** .. .., ; .;*

..- .: ... :

-. .. .* ~. j~d
~JdPs 'p '4
I' :1.4?
(:* "-4
t~L. .

-4 ,~~'

. '-- ..

44 .1




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~?~Et~,,~%-"~*n~-~:~- ;~;





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*I .'I*

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k., .

W .!. --;;,,, ,. ."" )? '

t- -.,,,,- .- "" ,

-;..... 1
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""- ." ~ ~ .: '

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~ -A
~i*. a-

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- p. p
.-~* -
- ~*

T- I ----- I lop o


IL ..

icoano, Mono Mo-

(F to e Hales .a,
,- -- v ^

TI '; :i*


- k

de ni

mas remotnes vuarnoa y 7poma

e .de Io Oseador doe dn
a y de aventuremoeas d4
n. haul el oe1teo, eonta- Ms ,
de t flebre del Ore. TIo-! M1tS
so se hablta oatruldo .mdo

en caravans
con- d taSgo


. I

qu S 1
1 11 y


mfbieMhdd FhifM 4etaodis J& eeuit alm

u a ro deiM ge

a- vida a anos de Indlio hoa-
WAsb. Otro reiMzaron la large
r .pullpows tswles mnaritoth
ojedt del .Cabo do OoM .
*has uieoqugren aIs rta .de
P n, q m- ntopecem la
te alloende- el0MidapL

. *_ '.
atencl6d haclss tn aokM 4
Intris para s .

aSn .embargo .
nando poa Msu
Junia dse .1 a

Al prtnciple eatoo eatgramtes
eslan quo baser el vlsje en
mn vaspor lata- la cost atan-
dca del Itmo y continuar un
penoso recprrido a lomo doe u-
I hafta la costa del Paciflco,
done los esperabs oaro barco
uve los conduces a Call1orp1.
Pero laa multitudes de bcsa-
iores de oor que liasbabu s e
angsoata fas de oUerra dieron
mapulso a una empress strvil-
da: Is construceln ,de un fe-
rrcarril a trav6s de PanamA.
.1W primer iltnto to reapIwa
rf en MI,. fancde de r4t
.ftin. BUvaTt. sabla, t ) n
opo _de eAtasat*a trt*w- I


m PeD a610o sUimportancla pa-
rs .e ~marcl en aIs Amirlca I
asft 7 eWast del Pac tueo

-.. ..^ -7.r .
*. .,,
* .. -. .+.".;. .. ..--
"', .- ---'-- &* :* .-

lowtrabtsjo de la e

*. F o -p .,
. *; -^ -*. ,if-;

sr. o~


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t. .X


Anaftw s mi"


-o corn-
. e .as. ,

* de ilneRS

*I. Jt i *

;k_%& #GM. p

JqaeBf del ?m0arM, to cos
Ps" A%" abwqmelbaoo=
:X@84K..adetn nAt s Hh
!o!. RS~tin it'. a n '

'Au~mzinpan I. emliadA.
d Geoblnmo dlo- sa U
UnidM W 7 toe reimntes en la
Zona, (con lmameria, p"ade-
***'. *i'- '. .' ---i-.-.i

L m i de donad lateetm.

violau. emas r
ate w. G,- t. uttrea de

toauerli a 9Pexa, ,"ego

par-^agj g -i J fB& B

edabin vital entire lau oast
etadounhidwins del AtlAntico

duo rke--
de *Im a

' w.
* **- "J f
"-- **;
"---. *"
(,;;; ':
"'* /
*; ";-' *
W ^'"r
*; ,'1. '>
^' '* ^
'* '' "'i

,. y




I .r -

, *

P'> : .


v A
" '.-. +' -
..r _l

* +.- .^ *' *
A .'*' *

S -ft


/* .

) en raao pUAdoy lesa dan gan abriga. Si Unaw t elless bta- elar eon 1 poUo ode Mt*iNO
adorno; fomnando an fe-ta aIa itradido.m pe qa. C+
la solas I anMciua on el borde DIOR. l as pa de .-sn a
Sde lG faldaI ntre&m eomo s dnr t ta te :P edoir,'
ve en el model A. crenaci del =WrIdU"g qu .u ran A _.a .
.odisto T LAYN. Was eatnavraW t, ear-
LOS iTRA a naeNoon 'Ot d tno.
)(e le B< ) ABGO 3.. L.
LOs diefiadorem insiten an .orp rgMig Bm
Que las obrefaldas se vean blen (Medeal F) e1 pufieWho.de1
*archas enchna de la verdaderm
falda estrecha. Usan blen paos Bn ueate Invietno ba Ulmuado las
o sobreftaldas de 6nero finli- atencl6t el large de lo abrltos,
mo para dar Is Idea de una falda que ho varlad ontr o cho no-
a venoes y salete d6gimea. L ne-
wavos abrigos pam la rmtaveft .
) NUBVO CALZADO traen stos largs poeo uad s -
aesan a un lido el .de trea ear-
(Modelo C) toa que habl side pera imtlte I
tan apropitad todo ...
Losa apateros frances ban ncurpm. Los models baan a-
peento rteclentement sm nssunclaoq t Ie p t ma
S Imodelu. Be ban notado caerts. s oo feqkmna e aOt"m
tendeaal v carI 'atfcas que oe gfneros doe la gnra y e
min Oula alguan seran la moda colors muy rtve; M i va ort;
domimante Il: '. enclllo. "
:'\ Lat taeones a*e oe, pero
slam re msir te *Iw rinolci- ULA MD0A
.l del aspasto las4 nass
ydeUleadam. (Mesde o) 0)
Say gran eontrte de.d mante-
rmil -e la manftra dl S al- Un mSa:ota ut maa "as
sado; adornoe eomoIpliebcionses Iamado lt ater]_ emon Io nuoe
Sy la psel perforada gn ls a- vs g uantwes' tal qu a va.
taotlvoem pMala.. on ls easwo de am .smma l-
LA MODA D 'MPARAU nadS on eaaaby4 g oeJtealua e
(Model D) o aerlax. t i id
Rablando en general Jwe pars- DUSC3IUCN a LOS
uas son mai deimado% v no may MOdIO
S leaian a mom feS a-t- -W e d tarde Or JAW-

(lefbj A) Tanim el- l esbetdo ae Ol d ti s U MO VoI mS
puss., ewnawar, gEma- ammadB Iw
ApDar de los frwB. l vS a O M- .q s- oN ,s ema i
a. ls grandea modta ya d es Lmo eor neo e s n B o n -s lae i us. oam
mm ca lamar las muds. d& aliente m l de i i p. bt-
vora Con Is nluM a lae obMM man amte oM idon. Tatt Mo oa te tuna 0 -ia
SSde aU N tabmlal on oJ m c e lt
S.dl ttendo a.e olv*- e nta el mi i "aia u .
-taue.-Los generN& s efms-

gC asa'sere: t. l mesm s d uea, Ie- "-as Ia-- l -, a

It gsS en d eeds SpSStm It aeov d miS S eI sills de l D -Pst-u sa a I S sg4

.. UATRO -i
.- -.-,. +,-. ..-. / -+ r'. 4


lmondiese I
qM utisedw
- hi pSi n
.aundain -
ng) .>

.-.... _-


*0 -- .* re*." '.. .
-. ... .

.. .- .3 -.
'- .. .' i t .. :,- ;"- .

:. -p ,+ I
1 .. ._.- ., ,,.- .S ... -."
-.: '"*" *,.. -. "-^ ,
-- ^--i' .^ -_'"- ; "- -'^ 3
"r" .* --"'* ''- ; -' "-^I' f

,+' ,;. ."i. '.-
", + .. ..;* .- .. .- .. .... +-.-~l


3 .....
".- "' *' ;'"< .S
-,i !^V "'




... .-.

, r '



t ,-.,'. ..-... ;*.; .. *.>, ,*

-'-;./ il .? "**-*



1 :

: -.It. -
.. ... _o.- .

!..- ;-..-. ;. t o,"o ---.
-, -- ..... -. LS4**W "- .. -'-.; -. -_

S.a a sa


Ei[. Ma ... -. WVmm, U^ *'"-^^^^, "
p' { Wlmbre de 1ItTunta'd
Corfnre de iMdre

t *-C!--- r""" .. -.n --

-.a f t flfl.Mi I UC&.. C TAA

t .. ... U ,ft
S-. Q*'& Sqe -. ...e. i : ;;.-. -: u.
-. --

., t QIn uo" ze. may

lt, -,o .. t. ,

I.[u aw i


'I -.
: !
i* .


.1, SOL

___. .... .. ...w .. y II.1wlVt, I^B^^^W^^ .. ..I -,.
e l a. ia 7 B to a

.- .


* '- 4-~-~ '_ -veeA~rq0~. *t"~~

'I, ,..:

*.' \."

. -- -... -- \._-.

f..-'".-I, "; ..- ..t ~.^ ^ _.f^ l jpM -;--
-. :.* .' ..- .,, ., .-*^ ^
..tI-i'tt ,'*/.

P 1


a ire RiagCaja Adei Alorrrti
S, .iat a.. 3..
Me" p"N"" .OUN ""l91 ""'M'
i to ig .I.T "

anwfI AlI0l* .41. rto (M -.

La Adminlstria l Oeneral de Rentas no ndl6el"E
In ha envoy p 1 alo tis. disa
noutkahion- Sam eooritrbuye* ,
aue no bashla beesu declsrscti
J0entas correspondlteat a o tl- i -
no afil.d Por conceptos do mo cae6io .
arefisaflta aasmedao le doe a! te. -1s
tado li s**sdo l ue
e ee tA tri tando de ebrr. qu. me aMlwtOr el ar"

/ del loieoo do

taAe constroirl coal te nradoe Rut pon- recs l Matia ste
wa te no al ht dockjd do quotM4
taAeo 1ig as I& a=
b hoy regen- aM dol A-I e

ao ora6n. Los los rvepniar de e 6-.-d
cuela Ison de lb na,6n. *-es.

Miran sea siapatia el
ROspital au4 ure Bomeal
Los fun lo alos da i Oflclna Interna-

obra del Hospital del Seguro Como
ea sabido stad fotanoario O de la Oftcl-
na Internaci onaL el Trabla eatutlero
de paso per la cladad a comlenos de os
semana. El Rood del Hospital de 400.
camas, ser de B.I .300,000.

"Nei de beai snus
Los plans del Minoterlo de Obr Ps -
blicas an cuanto a sla W
called de lus atueras dM olodad on e
p ino dlnamima, st 4eclar6 I mAnM -
fro. Ingenltro Pao. oe et -
nando el aooadlloosm ento de l Can-
tera de Matls A erAndes, q objeto de
one el Gobleramo tn. a de pte-
era M pvolilo au ateii ra etoe ta-
balos que o l harin durante es"a w .
Muchas de eaas callu e atAnn f tedo
El denasadwe "Puate
Cuarto" tss Pasm
El doctor Henry Garland Bennet, Di-
rector del Puant Cuarto del Plan Tru-
man, ha quedale atwuybiebIImk f-a b-
de su vtast a ea" pabte mW k a=.qo
ae aniphe Ia siaa=ad "Mps udlpG9
deUr tde la agrmavtuta. do In uao-
bridad y de la e per am1o de
Uont.os..... -
Mebre Is Cenxtituews
Don Qutbrmo M ay sa has dirlrdo
por carta al Proeldente de la a
NaOlnal pmra X"o i de la C00=
eplue el rticto 141ide to l opM t;-
l6na en o que a ls tom de oboeslt6n del
cargo, de Presidente de la Repibliqa so
MNaeva Direottra 4 laI
Academiua de M-e-a
31 15 del corriente. en el auditorium
de Ia Unveruldad. celebrar la Acade-
s-la de Medicins auon id em pa
dar poseBlt de a argS a los n -
de so nue e VWa. C0omo e a-me-
el nuev Preddente doe la enUdad
e a pos l6n es el doctor Daniel
~. CoJr.

A **. P-, dos d on "a PM mA" el fa-
Ma- o M sao axtoreao a
e me..12.NIAffiamaslt pt** em "M

am propm aerepap. r
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El Minlutro de Obrwe

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r Mcar, M ,aM a aVuto tna d'= 10,., a-

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olMd qd wina t e solaastailn I

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made, 14d1; educnto rad,- --
eaecaolmeseth Pasama
8e Infonr6 en el Ministerlo de huea-
Jlm 0aleloW tAStos e ad*A

en el pals. 3 uso de temt ,a
en nuestra elMpelf ha s lA
aomo un mal tenor porque btm inbiy
bechoe en la Repb~ica. e

CordiOs satarie sentma I thei
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do o latt M e M OPre I a rlee n ew-a do .to nora.A
to de ML.a mo and iar
"T"01*dPb.t. .- e 4I.IMO m Tedt .hi,, iro n .lH.a
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cl'U. la-ssfs lat*es se" 'a- 'c"han' a amemoai "D D lo, lm ,.- ",
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flirn pe *orn "d al Mto le on egnda gurar undal.
S ----ha -. u bo dllile5 0 aco. res y otras tns if m e a-

S1 atMI, --aft dJ tUMit .,''. ,.L..- t os do ae deua eonbto-w m 6 a 1 E, ads U *
semaiva Vmae r a dro &f defa6ol e t. BSturo La.fd ni dae
'as-I voss d-w l s pe
*'t^-if; Ae rwlol -mentA Ma uTr Etnum n exhort dA e valo A r
S ldades a .o, o a s. .. d. .a yU pb S BolltO. .aId. 31 Preulente Th Ian ha exhor,-ado,
sr C.grni' de Ii de ?nombzra4lento dcl Magiltrade -a Ysepg-M ta derwenn oa lhm 6n enoram ela toe I-
. h -- .u. ... ...:i- .. .. vel.s-P tsae q. ad h. .ybrt .g | acEtal .nimls pn u in Q ut .

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d ,aliree f m-, n'ine m dei l5 _l 6Wmo_, Siw, dw auS evlan arI& m allies edon sa UiM seaudd e
.20,el gn Ll "Pslgal 1". S. cenrerta on temple.

ud*ie arMse la Ser- lara odlssr a l .Oscdn Be lB no- Las Naloni fuunidae pourarn la *

abia ensi Wl o el ena 1 idndel PUiKlr qu aa negarn ta a alor bon -a p m *t
.n a 3e adle f t w Tr sdoe Colombia pars Cores e ireiente -- a habend o-
Sd- *n alter- .. Wo.ave. hgtn la ustd.. U4imI
art eaem y as D U D f ego^ una s ga iMdo u U"" a loas feal sn do tL eco nalcana n lo mAe altosni -
t1.u e. 4 r.s. ... a s p n iu ha e 1oe 1po ra m e "ests L

c .tra com o. Han sid enre tr on. d n los t cos no po
SSe^nadae debldiente sdao trI o s f e oll-s PdS elimin rar la n cau eas doIe Cul. cen. La-

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TERI OR :'itate',ads eo ,ol ooba noble.
na 46 ame e mojao de o much Bral etA uestonando la om-
b.. -. e i E ..-i d0 el s .adl mpaA ode mUilen quintaloes d harimeen de

al l ~rli -Embaador lot I oU .nad. n lea- dLoa n daloss Estadeo U-i
r-a,' 7"'- ..... Stan ton -riff. Salrd de Nuova i ee ee l a ec ono sl
0 ,Addo d "n r 02" e- b. 1 .wAla# &d-- I a h o L a do -dr a -t a te ro -
nid r a rourar aue los one- ri d a Mad it 1 primer n lom oe e d eo almentos a lt -
IIsI del mindo teigin las caiErn quo uo Ebaador la a
par s .dl e e rt re n pr lo rdan dIs act omfaulndW d
Spn a ero n a. 1ea Gerote pd d diaro 'La PrMensa". de la rlos T e rinae en ia eo hn oUia tal id

iir.le s cl do I rroou. .n toal d
O I vwna Aireas, so ha adwstalde o$n I Ma 1ear 170LE00 troabajadores d haIti con t bra.
w .. i -: Winstro d rabdjo rev n .os cados a causa denl Iparo nei gulatlo.
.el-' ,rarn ol rear Soi al, Joh i Mai s tee 1' v I dc aara
o a .f_ trodento m do Pe01 do dni e"lA u R nos Sir gurra, ha e onbtes nI ao nqu e aded- ab
:.~ta. l--paresof1 m u*a b*oo, -,v. ...q ha u- .dem o d nm. oni6n ,el1. Pre alden d han, Pr '.
p n1e dc-i--.-S W I .l p-- dOe s i" y. Unids'. Hugh Dallst .--.Ru-stsn o ha em-.

]b ruto e la onerra fondo Iorque sin
-:r"/ -o seo a ha obtenido aute bo caba. Tie-
amd del el e nl 2tret do on Coreo ol grueso dat p
"- ',L er a ls 1as u "l me wa a,1ll.e4l Oe ds rd loi d los Zutados Unidos. l ale e

s cou" adsosta. pueblo naorteamnserlcs!o.
rle f a IiruN NMp nortenmISeOicaoe mi a CIrOY
"-l.S .ni ih _. d e Is-ni- L Nadow Unidas h rn A 1n A i

Y, ad .f ..d.e.. todos lon co ia Pru lt. vear s0 neoct deld ados -P- a lC par;I .'

sb..._ real- Visited Rmid u j e A a lS n a ear 7to n l an0 e oaf ncebfide oa lai bNr-e
J 'i.-..el d ,o..4_- -al M Rel die eea n sfri- del a democracia. l omalntl d
Si A ea que s el al aa i a ti too bdn Wa i Ms meA-

-i os-rA- Cotina sin aparecer "La Pronaat 1.
."s ."". C rumbl d Buenos A res. a 1e rl ico q saga
Sir u 3s ts e Me d eni do code eln 2o de en,, l at a '
o s h es ade aormaldad. de lNo mue y
:r B^^ 'W ." 1" : .+.' ... If. -ihello .ente seestr o.u v so eon- .elli tnarla Ela ans deo I a&. facl La "..:s .
.uchoetlnBan Brailes r "e a COeoM-

de6 51 4I stidae.son r s econfil
G .tai i, _._a. taton Griff. ad de Nueva d 0 o ma -
., ... ed i 6dlp moral, e *i i d .-A BeIly on* A. .o fBdid

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:~- *f- -

We doe l-
is condielmWo rS-wifestrwt
son pdlnmas. ul0ndo el
opael de contro-
A n.troD breo oMr medlo
n a Sn do nuee-

s. Rtas
n ineonvenencisa a1-
a mar at no existle-
shop" que racluye a
marines, que alrven en
marina. de pertenecar a
nee de martnoo. Los ma-
=Mos doe ale eomo otonla. .I-
+fuatS. Joemslevia, y demas
,ados por. aaul ae-
n_ L4 edlatamente exclutdo.
'a t o rlap pertonecer a
IaF e de marines de sum
estar contra el comu-
Sf las uniones de Iuases
terra, Noruega, Gre-
tif ., no los aceptar'an.
MA pn las unlones de martnos
t a1m condiciones de vids de
k, >Ik..t hl.tes en nuestros bar-

el C e"R quOe nuetros calartod
"..ot Wle ores a todoaz Ia marl-
as- p&ercantes de los paose eu-
sppeds. tIncluyerndo Is de Oran
S etafla. En Ia. marina mneante
'krlesa existen cutro cases de
selarios de acuerdo con la rasa
de, marino. Los salary do los
biarinos de origen Indio. china,
SdemA astAticoas, son inflmos.
4ia marinas espafoles. portu-
,. ueses. griegos. estonlanes, dane-
d. 6r,' jugoeslavos. quo sirven en
e. et marina mercantp, nan
basta trls veefs ma d Iao Que
x gaaran at trabajasen en la ma-
S.a3-mmerumate do sus respect-
'AA& P-alp"es. comparamn los
ehdp de IM malo ,name-
SM con los ngleses. t0manmdo
en cuenta el tonelajoa de I1
barcos. -donde Jirven, n~taremos
OL. en todoos oe cases nuestroa
salaris son superores. e nDump-
tros barcos e rsado. operador g-
via 52 (eincuenta y doa. llreI
esteri'as). En los barcos Ingla-
assee empez ganando _K lbras i
Sdespuds de sets afis doe aerlcto
en barcoa de mas de 16,001 tone-
vedas Ulgs a ganar el mAxino.
de 40 libraa. Igualmente sucede
con los demAs oftelali,
Acusan que Mnmstra marina
miercante se compone de barcoa
de mAs de 25 aftos y que conti-
nuamente hay protests por par-
te de los marines, debido a laI
condlciones de vfda. La marina
oemcsnte uulUm6.amta con nu-
Mom unkladev de ma de 25
afoa 7 las vrotetasa por tate de
lob marina, debido a lam p4 l-
a,.- condlelones de vida. no 'de-
J de ser tfrecuenteu. n sep
.+ oemMre de 194W, la tri.
del barco Inu de "8s lo
I amindoaeron 3.deb a las con-
d Osei desmaitrlia de te.
.*6ea aho, = M

Otada a latstatwr uana
Utpamu 4a" o tande-

=xo hace 35 a as. Lu
aM de acom ed6n de
Sriplea,-ntes a_ n p-a. en
_ft igosol Cbcoato efm-
SAutrala"- construldo
Oen et "Orduna'.,

S:_.y m u' an.l
5 GI que O tA6 bloo

nt la
SMariaos _ndia s


que obletarnf atw ndes, r
riarinas euuopsu que. *I deeoi
do eles. era aia de soidlcallar
los marine que trbajan ea
nuestrou b19.eb.
ldifr ltes
nuvoestr a nuestm uI
han form ,nece nryo ie- -
Jievs do fent eucam -
bio de goblpeaos, aen bo an-,
aulareo, y la falta de reafibactdv
por pa 4!1 g5t go que Ia
Cuarta- MariaHlenate de.
Mundo neceafte amayor ategpcld
que la de dIk maipln necaudaelhn
de los impuestas. han qontribul-
do enorme nte a favor de lao
unionee lnternacionalea de ma-
rinoa que atacan zinestra mart-

Por recomenda
mnera ConfeirecI
Mercante, celebr
del 1949 bqjo la
Director de sla 8
del MinaiterI doI
aoro, sefler Joel
bikrno d-. Pana
Oflcina Intefa
iboj que sc!a

de la Pri-
la arluaI

tra maria las toler.-
nacional doe Tri o
hay dud, de. qae._e 0 (w m.
camblos do NW
consulares d
roe permitl6 pr
damente par esan Inv
kn la Conrenac, ace ae
ec. Oinebra. fuanes dignamente
representades por el doctor
guel Amado. Hublera aode
c-.-ble retirar previamente -
naa unidades do nuestra marina
evitando sal que la Pederacidn
International de Trabaladares
se valiera de estes cue slafdos
para statsar a is marina mer-
cante de PanamA en eaeraL
Las peroana gue fueron gor1-
ildar para lievar a cabo is In-
vestass~ n no-son perotoo en
cuetloee de bamre Uno mes r
mniustro d4 educad6n leas .eeo
doa ano ban ocupaedao e-
kvad atiguna eon Wi mealaa
mercantes. l'lmmo Seeretarlo
General Union de Martnea

cOpL YWt1Ote au-eicl6n n Joba
ao"e a ha sidoe e cantero ~left
J1 re"utado d ea t osleren-
(;a no ha sido todanSa ifommdo
a IOB c6noulea, quienes 1ndI-
blemente preflorn toner for-
malonesa delteonadue. abre
nuestra marina morcante en vex
de; lot asoulacldentuos potUoas
v aoucalos do Panama.
3M report. preqiantdo ia
Olclina Interntonas l de a raba-
Jadores as el sigutlnt!. -

lo. "No lihy VpafaI
dar eUfcta d o&. de-
Beguridad de Vic ta".
Panama ha kWefe-
anto mt aeseftBd e r 4 u-
L riav de po V)oaa Hiana el
Mar, L *ne vle" a-'
nMeUon B., en od .we.
dsgnatanra dwe so convoela,
como Otu) g fi. cualsi"r
marina. Q partlat L uede gaU-
cittr &o MIlstra de tansportd
que resales una insperoae aobre
las moedtde -.. uldad de
cusalqulm baro niurtof.l mPir-
to. 91 cdonagul do amudpaA eon
LiverpooL MPOa O dfetUt W oa
ps s 6 ha al baro
menst en ete purto. sollM l
M:nistro de Timanaporte Quo ins-
rcelonimra Is medldaes de oeg.,
rMad de eaw bareo. Sa tu eron
eneontradaa en buenas eandcdo
I y ase le extndi6 Ia UMlao s
1l I'M Katute" po r dos Afi
En euanto a Ia Lihea de Oau.
ocos s )oN capitanes de o
martin .woantes europe
wt hn yovado estat ,emla.m
zf. "So kl ra" le,.a
telonwes a 1f doamoulsatio 6e I
talpWlir yerau doe trabajo".
uata aumugddr so absurda ye


1*ve101 ndg 4

Gr p
extg a en I lma- f
tos ionopoea. lclmwin
Orpn Bretaam '. '
So. "No .hay edlos de- Qu eO
marines reeolmn Sua aas slar
Es, a Itntp a ndQ. Mu g
que ,%alh sn%=95.A.
cuentan can loa meU f w
recutperar los sueldob .w
de los maslaos asondtu iih
tos. -, "
4o. "E eup conslaut no ,.
sulilematemento grande para ba
ategurar el etu plfmlento de las il
ley1 de Panama". e.
Bets obaefeleoln et absitd.
ye quo eta4!f cests .-
.iles mn... 1o0. _oo f -

-08uba de que sea, deautMldo
"al Menor avieo do aDi que s to-
me poae Intar4a en laU cuetlo-
nes coanulare qu no tJaskn
que hacer Gtretalents can


sord mmpeioa per V an-

an epustee omnularea son in-
toeables a ear de Ied camba .
do ~, aeerm que bu-
.e- .'ird.I L puests. d-
bto psueapaa -
no deempefiat emsa oloane
Cao myM toars y prestlglo.
-Mad duov cay uapltanet de
lon barec ruentemete ne nto eo
tAn al tanto d las leye de Pa-
cama 1 lo qudo st uas aen en
favor de los tripulantes".
Eata part es verdad. Es ebrto
que e. muchos case losi -
ne4 desconbeen n'ewtras
Iibro editMd par el lr. t
est 4deo de ran auda.l l i
teo la dwventa qu.e en

la oisa dwle contratos se in-
hayesM una traduec,6n en el,
idioms ofale/l, slho que prio-
1'ando quoe lh rpgttuckinef ,
contrato6.tentin el valor deses-
Para evltar today clause de a-
ciUasuaess contra nuestra mri-
namerpaas O pa que IOt o..
anpe el p que se mreeeti
al- ms0e
bhag las aldguente recomeuads

Ia.-fib crearap un Depara&..
mentor ae Marina au Soe C
gue eon tode to relaeonad .
-uetram vea.
*sm-Ihba ceam a
eouUar. VS Us *yor ct | -
trse B J 41 0MM

* -I
I -..*.~,I
Sw .1


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*'~~ 'fi
~Y'# ,4.


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S 4,U

,. euro
dose ve m
res. LAs robto alai
blan producido c .ea d
tmil d6laree). .
Pero l~ pouctha r-
los y fueron ca
i,. f t c6mpl

1 eal. tos, e. tre un u

fornteqlad Iental.'

eiru deo a)ap. ho
td mtIwa HcA sit 1n

; 1 d "l
'l] Ju
'If bin.

Bowiban a4
m acusadw
. ai.... Kt

Sllo elr
Mr~d dim I

b*YW P"1
opera' doi
a worla,. n

r- nde

Ml-. swi a

a- quq.fb tlr6, con una Sang.fitsM
s. amuaada aI cuello".
La paoliea se mostr6 a l c-,.
or6 ueia, da ro en tude
roer ina t a en sw
irnw, s resolv6 b
Franklin en el
lago. B .
am reUn o =n gl m
m.- = $aEs V= a que tdtaba
1- eicadenado.
Pero-Dewasa neg6 aer el via-
Stunario de ftaUlin. y no exi-
A4a otapreba deA so supueto
Sxelto'qu la palabra de Mu c6f-
Oufrntftda con date proble-
r la ui atoridades eatuvle
tndsa, poer fluameate Mer-
eer e, Copen vr hi-
n ra ~ t~~

Z. uh O
no la 46ia"t w lt-a

ei carrm. T t decJr w- Sola
palabra a Pankl hae do u-
na seal a M W on que a
Liclera a u' te, .le UdiparO al
muehacho it a 'min-= ma-
tApdabe lIatanfn"A eame. .
LuegO, cn la mayor tranqal-

IRlat I6 naearSei buen

I Ud. buued uMn tedra 6e bue ,

ianlo iguiente. del de Kauimani
a la We que Mreeir era declaraw
do c6mplice de anbM delito.
De"conformidad eof'este vere-
d!cto. Bowman fue condenado a
aumerte y Mercer a prisltn Derpe-
tua. Tal fue el final de la agM-
tada carrera de este Dillinget
de Ohio.

I i&AG


me loa

P enton-
' A

AwVyaM do
is otsoim

* RIm-a .

Ewe a

Irahlfis, WeoMiula, p lwxpa el Sulomalienete de s -* Om "
.,k, i "uarn f,.- propagaia"- laa~ $.

A~ ~%bdeWO Wa i a uI s aM Jt Gae UWM

al Maa '4 IA e-mir ,u. la .prdahll6a se&t



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S, ."' .
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S, LAS A ZWM LOS Mftsar-
c LA8,caIre COI as ascuOOa,


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. T, '-. '- .. .. "'"*y
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bug 4. jMrs. br11,SaW1W

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m.asdomeo s am. m nfl a .0

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"d mtkea. swetb eaMwkbIs
"t e gae el temtf -ex -e '

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s adiass s&* ea!* s IN
Pou lnan. a l "k t" do i.

amM(* Us. pb -yi iwa
me ians eiter que titMel

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San "a de-teO to, la

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:*f .-; .- .., ,,-?3
..' .. .
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... ",., ,: .,. : .,.' .. _,'^ f^
** .*-. :.- ,. A.- :.L1*
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O" 6a .p s d e ," les, formS d
Sument Uh ae6 e plst 11Rtnpue- OeL @I dto,
doe f cepa deldva en el q a- clasu ho Ude 1Per Oebto tvlend b CUM

S nancell va os6fluo. p onen. Hde o a- he vSda cor Qd mo fi O 7 L
SAtn hey. en nueetro resue*, ej Mma e ataoa kdas IaMe tl ^
Sa pr todA parties el aMdo dt d.Q .
pmaje beoraliteno, Uo.age a- 'ones. i el de t rlu sg c
Smbrca doe vers an hem nte m S des mv vuerltot
S ad acI de verts la co eo Iigl~a s deno er t d y a e fors d6 i ^ ldg "descendemos y. dscen- elt l el el devenir. hStabl
emo a un miamo 0uo mod a- lippn de Her elto Cara, t 1o frs *
o a y no Momo" evident ya hat H d do ed decoracdn. Y esto no pr mef o an
S5ps vial6n del mundoto ien- nats Marx. o arreglo a lia Cuorldsd, ni Auler iarl lIorlalQe s ll
w- distanclada de la concepol6n concepcl6n heralteana v a 1o espeofflco lnnegable terns n C.*l f5n1be, un1 tr1feh'
I1g tl mundo comn. tod l ~ ~crrollos6 do materdista he etnol6to cltRtura mi aod eue m .5 eeGp
Alineboy. an mhn e ono
*" -d mdpreMoratlco. Par Maoi- h ke nas, pudo Marx elabor ar. ma mos endce o .e d te nl a, ta :m el Ifo'l a e lo 1 &

Se e emprltu en em ,ne ae do hto aelt e d apoon rn aiblOq. d ..lmn .tI h
dprtena 6n e ercra lto de erAu tod uprema, la utaonla dntran l adlflcultd ldes- 'm u ito

as el cr flujn l, ro vranament ri- e 1 Cmotrd tsdo 1d-usosaduperestrucurod o d
'f wm\&teisnar aWdbi Af scsspO.dts
.' -woo Uene en nuesl p n e ddal une venlr autonnhco. Ahoza been: lab e t anitR. do *he ddquiere el cardteet.d i

den "evden L NytuKluees). on espgetal moda de ver l a tlm ; otold g, u b dO a

noue l prnc ede dasbereque mtentraurd s del ae
';. oS lamrus, no o ha do deno o es miamo devenir co ael nuvm cane.t y nea m pram mled
Wo exluno de lo dio o de iu er!eIto lga que lo arrla v todo. om de ma a-. elyinoemo ammy me loa'ade
hoembrel since aue aeonpre u.c dad supremat h suatancla del miss, mea-s 1e X tmaa me 1or atrao
e ma y e ueo eaemnte v- Unlao. Come superemtructura, Bon mdltp buiu'- estudlol quo etwe dL...eo hdbm .n i gduestro D 'ed. z '
o u anpaga con media" (fdra. hI tPs adqulere el caracter dhe- de nttlndila uoral or 6- ien t'l el.d :o04 te 2100 A
Sde Da La Natuasleza"). Aun epcial modo de ver o- f. etno io con de o e.hi
,, hlpando este incipl he a saber, qua mlenntra *l ilktorit enert, fola da at cd n adlcultorMs
40rd ex.. a h ta
ersa loa ncmeno. naturalme hnbro no lber e dostuer. lortitmW et al re gtrun e-mene
i hlat6ro8m naop d ec rnuclones doe la ecnomla, Bache lnttent una claalflcacl6n ment Freeuentomm-it. e el w-.' Is .Ialera I sector
lar concepclones elsltu y que 81n de true, la cHitoria drea. ea doel cl, a- etabo md-nte ana da lsn a ara
S eel mundo. Que ai a coa~6 dee- sera, en el fondo. una is p a dobe, etc.)s ddre ptti C al- Interior h ab ficetaI iooeha Co O to fc rbaeadb l
a m y ue se tranafanan m m de d m pa ucha de cases. deraelto entea en la na a del ma- entae el tmpe.o7 al o blta a -
amirnoa al mundo. Naturaleza contrario. Marx janms ha pro- Albert P.Dei aque nomotrIa de un al oae d lae t a olDee t in'l
un hIdo ineluctable, a eat uni- aue me trata qB deItovertr las A de la vt 4 e1dM ru- en asfo paaws -l 1itm-f.
;5Tnlprocemo. El hombre. un cgaaa y hacer -1ftre dueflo ral< .i-d en s. orctura nee. gRnos o los; La d.- e ._
La td, no puede eacapar a lUa pla bltor(a. u Inor ao iom .ea ptouersa. na ea o "mten .o". S
a termlnaclones del flujo Ince- Sin duId lunad la concep- ordS as- tpoa e qlue en caMpenno, dade sam s 6at o '00
alnte. eterno v perenne de laB ci6n de Heraelato meat6 la pre-l ta ed n"'vmdu emIeOrCon-. au hbotacldn, no puede ver 1otlUo Cl-d, Yb) C SS lg-
10 ta cea. mtie pars ia fundacldn de ia trem Internatlonal de Vqore". quo suede delante del eqtablo o rblerto o do pata bteto.IU
Espa cionvlc Tiemp o loca dedevenlr. la Igiec de P"Is. Ita e(a. Doman- del gero a aa en ore a
Z ue o e l tR me revelsa en el un mundo danfCmlmcl. W. A brts : "ospd La camsboqu e d elmenta ( tl adod $
D-------de -Ic e -- i---o-do-Io n-- Nounal9e p p 23 0 I ser. ora na v er em e l aer& m ast atln h o d 0

ESpcO- lTempo r loMLL, ea-bloue dncuentrs tambl6n ea B st. t.I& deo eod oe _i
ea. y"maslonBlog") "o 3SCl obal (CVmplnalt Haute Be alueT ,o6- OWvSi .. SIM pnt o

ce algin tiempo. cuando
moe lam nnotap ,eegKHstro
jde d[c6n en el 0e-
a 1950. nos encon-
Ma con las ideas de un he-
noe alemn. cuva obra caua6
(ran revoluci6n en el pensa-
o europeo contemporanea.
seguldor de Hegel am Max
er, nombre bajo el cual soe
ide .personalidad de
mn Kasur Schmnildt. .
conocer somqramente al-
i de sue ideas nos dimoe
ha do lajecesidad que Ueine
ra Pan ltad de Humahtida-
le ampila el Area que corn-
do IeeWdoe de iafs
SVUnil d. EMs muy Dooo.
eorto el tempo que el pro-
is dedics a la filosofla con-
drines y power ello muchas
Seumbre perma-
S a.eldasV para los es-
as, l coaa ocurre con
su Dipdonarto de File oa M
ster Morf dice que Stirner
raisem6 ts Ides del bom-n-
ado nem ee. =n l slum l
0 fuiomofso. e k is feian

- a varlos idfMbi. -M nmne-
adiclones. FOe u M 1 4ues
iSS4ao6 ol lemo do yaisM Aut
*aMlnm en a IAa reMu UB
Ahu vidas.
ne el hombre e


pensamiento choca-con el cat6ll-
co. con laa dereehas. lo8 soclall-
tas. Is burgueia, la prena li-
beral. Todoa estoS element s.e
escandalizaron cusudo Qel lbro
de Stirner 16 la luM. r lamie
Carlo os ar ame eatremed6 ante
lanillaia de "B Unico y asu
De un artio U naot
reproducimam en el n Orb-
lico". "Max Strner y la ra A
Lemlca". Fontaura, nas dice que
"lublea ido Interesant leeoot u
obra en dos tomo Utulasds "Hik-
torit de la Reaci6n". *
Fue SUrner professor y tradue-
tor de obras para editoriales.
Naeldo en Bayreuth en el ago
1806 y muerto en Berlin en 1856.
Stirner lnfluy6 sobre el cantor
del super hombre, Pederico
MIlet-che, aunque muhbsM Me
quejan de que "'Latlma u no
fuera total ea a nfluenrdal ya
que mirando a Stirner rue como
el solitarlo de la Bandlna es-
cribl6 "A ml Habl6 Zaratuatra".
Ultmsamente se ha querido
vetr ia nfluenela de Stiner tam-
bi6n sobre Jean-Paul Sartre:
Lai ae dice que el exiotenclalil-
mo es una corriente filos6ft a
empapada en el penamdento
atlrnedano. Los opositaore de
BStrner ~sc n que "oalaule
SOMm do e las voluntad do
eaan to de njer Gd
tarde dea por zqm ch
-puede aVwVi a un amejsn-
to. ya que e eadera or
encmna del Ia del a.
Sttrnert fra t6 Unto n
otros ? 6venes eguidor de b -
cI el runo Uamad "Frelen" 0

una oontrucc6n Anica daonde l4nda (Babsu
tdo se necuqntra bajo el miamo central ("Queil
techoy rura del P6Y.
2o.-La eea-patJo ("malson- teria). tc.
cou") donee la existencls de L a- em-
doe a mAs conmtruccloaes deter- longitudln plo
mina sum arupamlento alrede- mamai noeMe
dor Ae up opaclo libre. man oa a 1amims an
menos grande., que e puedo an- ~,lor, e
mar "patio". c la Ospne s
Usadaoe no ddW
L% difftunela fundamenul eo- 01 faCt a, a r
tre la do a poN qrovine- .f ooAnolas
diferenclas do' a exipota6n la habitieltn, esotl
cana-bloque eo en general, is ments., pIea, IU
cass del peueflo o 0medio agrt- J" e Inmueve
cultor; Ia csa-rpatla oa. per go- para squeB&
-bte ee t nt .1
neral, I del culuvador mawr. Be hall l
eta sinteal elaborada para porte de Holen
Francia crey6 enoontrmla De- noroeote de Al
mangeon repetlda per Europa lona), etc.
("J'B r meo Jap et meI La cssa-bloq
vart tversde 1 ope"), e hauteur")
donde maisuh enmpemlanb bam teda ss a
---, -",-- ntecno; ell a I
Llbertastto doe Befti. CritiOs Is
Ideawlag bSoUTa e u de6A E O stro- -am
IS&olea& a) l

hba. .re: Wu tUea e ueOw- barreas in
d tentelec umlyo n restito .
bIn on esm
Sa le to do Stirner e cdn do mant
hal el prvenr. Lao sola constru
aigit veilderoas serAn 1 triaou o Das (d" srom
do *Is doetrina stirara. B uropdftd): la
hombre cam scins s t a v-i s
*da Intelectual *a -up
!ner. Bnoe.asrsdpet ha viato lnte 1
IA ematrctursacl6a p atat de u- habe= =ee
na part 9e" #a ponsaulnto on lace spisla
lai Idest de Marx yakunn. toa). A
Ideas que Stirner a h el7o en os L aess
Ilevaron a ft realidauE. 16 t4 a a

ante). Alemanis
sm"), Ztalla (lIa-
uala qomna Iron-
lue d eltentos
ades & g las y

ha 'uake.,
omnals la

reuua (con a-

to o al mala

iwam o isial"
a atroa s o oa*
0m) on Ia plan-

OWN todo anu
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UUcturas ue ma atoc as

tquo enierrian patio;i
bus parties utmatua"'di.fl
hacda eate, paionterircw t
do donde -oftn ILm 6000 B
to ornptnlrtj -d lljL^*&-

d f.

tan aO

'-"~~~~ ;CL HIYQ~UKGO~~i~.

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