The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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I' "MIG Alley" withoi challenge.
Thunderjets swept a ma n's land Into
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Another a yterday at
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two volels bet no personal in-
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p Jn at 4be nf 4th of
io -. Jrgl4L-. bySien-of Bgt.

Street i a struck
by abus, atio p ns-

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weruliekhsw4r The hu blriver is
to s Wth fure to
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Ho'p H pu a ~ Wa&hl, rpreswntatlve
M .- of the fiWclcoksLeleaplgyes As-
H" ..i. m oomls!ion w-ho Lha ben working
HOweIat om time to h tr p
in. Ha mid that MUtra ieIt In rhe
a- ... wZo0e1 o giv him a
will be r backt obsetW Sf r rob
earlyv tnndv Miller in also the author of two
other bills pending in Congres
This time he si travetllb 4 on Civil Service matters wnich
ranst flgKht D om dl would affect Canal Zone workers
Jiei~o t -ouston, T.m Th iandirectly. These would increase
plane arrives at To t : y rates and clasify workers
aJm. but will rema I ntly for y purposes.
onl ahort .Th Congre fmals office said
wil go tbwugh b M a toft he l making the trip to aet
btnlih- and Ij "not UhMGdIu a 'lew days' ret rather than To
stay in PanamA.. take .up any business.

an editorid '

What are th p..qualzlu 6 igo make the successful dL
plomat? Wise me : on this point bt ertanly he
st be cultured, nd patient, verati, o-
cially-competent, pt med nd, last but by no mean
least, a gentleman
Monnett B. s who tda 'left the post of UJI. Am-
baWador to Pana oli edantry' Ambasador to s-e
rael, has all ofa t e agullA i ti and con vinein mtlens .
Thi I not the l&reti ht 4a torlalixt desiring to miake
some pleasantobetr a Wmith- pe to r a periofr oe
portance who sla Ift I the a ty. It I the impld' re
cognition of the olTdm i edn m Udeable facts.
When Ambea-dc Daiaw.m agLned to Panama about
three years ao. hen tot a JurisdIctIon where there was a
certain amount of-tfte becouae.nof the lefene bases Iaue.
Many errors, -ome of- tie me timely important errors, had
bed" committed on ebath ,d d d Amtassador DaEt inherited
these errors as hl dil su ac e Wa not d mayed. At
a Ie conlofe e d f atraft er amu .iofft,
he stated very fu to a t te reaIltWaei
of-the relations bt and the United States to their
proper and tradtlolwoi uO earwm oath.
He -would de t. ftle and energies, he aid, to
the ervice of bqth-
What satlSfIetlAO It at be to Ambasador Davis to we
his mesin vi The relations between Pa-
nama ad the d have been at a higher level
nor on a bads.te t a r lt, tpe they are at present.
This country wharW v s a different admin-
tration wass a-e l- etbe VUnited States for Its al-
le edly uncoop t t bases questIon
now has given ISAto the United Natos
genta d te rtclar in the present world

e In Ad Ia a n o

pmwb hisrm

-sertao funds aw- u were re- n, Humana.Wg, *'j
delved by tho .de atl d mtes as *forM, o- .
.aiftfor.ON vsmeldatm &"let ts t am atlon a*udi :'
- a _m u ar as-t the aodaeml n
an the aSre ea led Ilcerq and under that rno
upon to Ito ft ruoh." h. determined the entire re
I the harp -wordeO early of this proceedingss"

US-Standing Firm Despite

New Appeal To China Reds

LAE SUCCESS, Jan. 24 (UP).
-U. S. Delegation head Warren
,R. Austin Is expected to tell the
UN political ammittee at 3 p.m.
today that the United States In-
sists on the p ae of a resolu-
tion balling ft hrandinr Com-
munist China as an aggreasor In
The United States Is standing
firm on the Issue, despite the fac
that a 12-mation Arab-Asia block
led by India planned a new p-
peal to the Chianese Reds calling
for a seven-power conference to
settle the terms for a cease-fire
la Korea.
Inforzaed sources said the Arab-
Asiaen bloc would ask the political
committee for priority on a vole
on their resolution, thus hoping
to delay the United States pla4
to brand PeipingR a an aggressor.
They added that the new Arak
Aslan-dau I. designed to ove-
Aome omecions of many delega-
tions led by the United States
- who. areimpatient over the
time wasted in seeking constant
clarification of the Peiping ceae-
fire terms.
CommulMst China sent an-
aer ewease to the UniteA
NaUaoti.s in regard to the
Far sti pseaee. The mesm-

Husta La Vista!
Bn route to their new post in
Israel, United States Ambassa-
dor Monnett B. Davis and Mrs.
Oavis left Panama at 2.20 a. m.
today aboard Panagra's l In-
tiramericano. They were due to
Wktie tI Washington at 11 m.
before boarding his plansethe
Ambaador said goodbye to the

IS United

sage was reserved by the Indl a
delegation but the epteato
were not diselesed. It was m--
peeted they would be present"
this afternoon.
Soviet Russia Is apparently
cheering silently from the side.
lines over the squabble among the
western powers over what to do
about Red China.
High level conferenes west -
until the last minute to reoeaul
the British to the Unalted Staite
plans. .
From London eame word
British moves to delay mtals
and avert preep aeits
against Commuahit OMas wiltS
spun out until It etbUs. l
beyond a doubt that Pelpa
proposals are not a genuine
for peace.
A Paris dispatch said '
France has announced she would
vote with the United States wf
had so instructed her delegap,
The move followed a meeting h
the French cabinet. The Mints:*-
of Information said that France
also would exert every InfluemSk
to avoid hasty action.
A dispatch from Welllngm A
New Zealand quoted that eo3U -
try's Minlster forExternal Afl ,
as saying New Zealand would mo
the United on
States motionfR
he UN condemning Chinese .
tlbn in Korea. .'
Prom New Delhi, Pr
Nehru said that diplomatic
vices from Peking convinced bIA
that Communist China Is "wan -
for direct negotiations within N
United States and othbe powemwt
to settle the Korean conflkh 4-,.
called on both sides to halt tblf, 's
iong distance exchanges and r0--.
criminatlons and meet arUm 64
qonferehee table for dirfet t- r

This Is Te
Dunce Cornermt
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poand Freight-Shipm Planes-Arrd


e in Freght Service


6L. & BeM A ..............................J
S.S. Quisueya ........................... .Feb. 5
. .1i oer Knot .................... .........Feb. 12
A Steamer ...................................Feb. 19
BandUng Refriterted Chiled
and General Carco.

Arrives ,

New York Freight Service

S.1.;.spe Ayinot .........................Jan. W
B.S.Cape od .................... .... 2
8.8. Cape Cumberland ......................... Feb. 4
,S.S. Cape Ann ................................. Feb. 11
rvtay a Freight Service
Sailings Weekly from Havana to Crist6bal
t msadlinge to New York, Los Angeless an Seattle.
saOMlo alu ItUIff to@ New Orleans and Mobile.
Url-enu this service are Umited to twelve pasenaers.
eftSailings from Crist6bal to
VoaMt of Central America

- ..... Telephones:
"" 'Crisobaf 2121 PanamA 2.2804



a i

Its cUUPmr,
S S. Dieppe ........ ..................... January 32
M.S. Indochlnol ... .. ............................. F bruary 1
B. Argentan ..................................... January W
S.S. Avrnehme.. ............... ..................... January 31
M. Wyomin ....................................... rebruary
S3. Liberte ............... ....................... February 7
8.8. Gie De France ................................... February 1
Critebol: fRINCH UNL IB O Hu 0 1i rea. -4M71 4 3.A115
Pfenmd LUNDO MADIURO U A. -- m iow
Tel Pemb6 I-sm S-IU0

"We're going to...


i.E.Il WORRY: Carefree travel be-
ause LACSA Is an affiliate of he
SYSTEM. Yean of eperIeIce.. with
the very beat equip-seioL Crew and
equipment CAB spprved.
LESS MONEY: Enjoy the LOWEST foe
in CoM Rikem vetionm btomy. Only
LAC8A gives you luxurious. sche-
duled traveL at budget arem.
LESS TIME: Costa Rica Is 1 Uham two
hours away when Oyen fly LACaAI
LACSA file he SHORTEST route.
with the flunet equipment.
MORE ROOM: M pamenr comfort.
Only LACSA lVes you the naous-. -
for vour Cot Rica nUvcatlon.

SNLY $35.00 Round Trip

Leaving Tocumen:
10:30 A. M.
For complete information:


No. 8 Tivoli Ave.




B.S. "SANTA MARIA"..............Due Criatoba), Jan. 24th
S.S. "SANTA BARBARA"...........Due Cristobal, Jan. 31st

.8. "SANTA, MRGARITA" ... s Crlet6bal. Jan. 29th
SS. "SANTA LUISA" -.......... ..als CrlIt6bal, Feb. 5th


M.V. "COASTAL NOMAD" .............Due Balboa, Jan. 28th
M.V. "RING BPLICE" ................Due Balboa, Feb. 5th

MV. 'SQUARE INNT"....;.....Balls ristobal, Jan. 26th

CriOstbal 21U23 Psanam I-U W17 Balboa 152-215

Shipping & AirLine News
0- "

Salvador Foreign Minister
Going To Rio de Janeiro
Roberto Canesa. Foreign Min-
ister of Salvador, his wife and a
party of nine are scheduled to
leave here Friday night on Bri--
niff's flight 603 for Rio de Ja-
neiro. They will attend the in-
auguration of Brazilian President
Getullo Vargas.
Passing Through
Oustavo -Vidal, vice president
of Grace fa Co. visited the Isril-
mus briefly last night en rouMe
from New York to Santiago, Chile.
He was a passenger on Panagra's
El InteraMericano. He may spend
some time in Panama on his way

Brazil's foremost woman filer,
heo for many years held the
American altitude record for wo-
men, was a Tocumen visitor Mon-
day night. Mrs. Anesia Pinheiro
Machado was en route from Rio
de Janeiro to New York via Bra-
A pilot since 1922, she Instruct-
ed with a Link trainer for the
Brazilian Air Force during the
last war. She to the wife of Maj.
Gen. Antonlon Appel Netto of the
Brazilian Air Force.
PAA Opens Office
At Hotepi El Panama
Susah Clements, a member of
PAA's staff here for the past
eight years, has been appointed
to head the airline's new office
at the Hotel El Panama.
Formerly on reservations con-
trol at the Albrook field terminijl.
she has been on PAA's executive
desk for the past two years. This
desk handles reservations for
local executives who travel fre-
quently, making complete airline
and hotel reservation for the tra-
The new hotel office has bepn
decorated by Pamela Drake who
also did the Hotel El Panama c f-
fice for Panamagr4,
Miss Drake left last night by
El Interamericano for Santiago,
Chile. where she is doing an alr-
lines office at the Hotel Carrera
Shipping Fqderatiou Says
Potential Transports Short
The greatest inadequacy in th3
privately-owned American mner-
chant fleet Is the shortage of
passenger-cayg vessels cap-
able of conversion to troop trans-
ports in event of military neces-
sity, the National Federation ox
American Shipping said yestee-
day in reviewing the status of
the U. S. Merchant Marine.
The federation report stated:
"On the basis of vessels that
can be considered'true tr4op car-
riers,' (e:fIluding cargo ships con-
verted for troop accommodation)
and generally adequate in light of
modern des t r u e ti v e weapons .
there are now only 30 active pas-
senger-troopncarriers, 11 of which
are in the hands of the military
Sea Transport Service.
"There are also three such ves-
sels inactive, or a total of 33. In
contrast considering comparable
standards of 19M9. there were 89
such vessels active and 27 In-
active available at the outbreak
3f war. or a total of 116."

Phone 2-0465

or Authorized Travel Agents.

Panama sails Friday
With 0 Passengers
Only 30 pasengeri are sched-
uled to leave the Isthmus Friday
on the 8. 8. Panama. according
to the advance passenger llt
from the Panama Line offices at
Balboa Heights.
The complete advance pas-
senger list ollows:
Mr. and Mrs. Manson Carpen-
ter; Joe Crawford; Mrs. Marie L.
Davis and daughter; Joseph F.
Dolan; Craig Eder: Ruben waqul-
Yel; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Oer-
shovits; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J.
Olovenco and daughter; Mr. ind
Mrs. Donald Glenum; Mr. Dulcl-
Ito Gonzalez; and-Mr. and Mrs.
LeAle Graft.
James 0. Hagerty; Mr. and Mrs.
Andrew T. Kane; Warren W. La-
Clair; Charles L. Latzhm, 'Jr:
iter Speart Maria; Mr. ad
Mrs. Richard R. Saul; William %.
Stairs; Mrs. ,gra M. Stoner; MrA.
Helen A. Sllivan; and Clinton
N. Williams.

Wherry Wod Hald

Troops For bEurope

Until Polcy sol
Republican Leader. Kenneth. S.
Wherry urged the Senate yelfer-
day to demand that President
Truman hold up further U. S.
troop reinforcements to Europe
until Congress sets a "polloy"-on
the historic foreln policy lasue.
The Nebraska Republican uad-
canved the proposal shortly af-
ter Democratic Qongre silon al
leaders disclosed that Gen.
Dwight D. Elsenhower probably
will tell an Informal joint Mestun
of Congress how far Europe wl)l
go in meeting the threat of Rus-
sian attack.
Wherry said the question of a
"freeze" on the dispatch of more
U.S. troops to Europe should be
turned over to the Senate Armed
Services and Foreign Relations
Committees with Instructions to
vote on the Issue by Feb. 2.
Wherry's move came as Sen.
Edwin C. Johnson. D., Colo.. pro-
posed that the U.S. Army recruit
1,000,000 German, Polish and
Czechoslovaklan volunteers for
duty in Europe. He assailed U.S.
policy in Korea and warned
against sending too many men lo
Johnson called for an "all-out
or get out" policy In Korea and
said It is "more Important to save
the lives of our GI's than the Red
faces of our discredited polliy
Sen. Hugh Butler. R., Neb., said
this country should plan immedi-
ately to make full use of Chinese
Nationalists. Japanese and Ger-
man troops. He said we aLo
should try to shir up dissatisfae-
tion among peoples behind the
Iron Curtain.

To p Im m
yeJow--4 keep ui white
snow, you m m a e y
a Uttle .



- *~-* I 1-4
~1~.~~ e

:.'.. 'Y -

a. ':

l ma

C -
'1 .A



-~ ,vr ,

3192 OF fEE RIDE


'-..:' 7


uaWaltB IFeoRnOR CHIL*-
1 o ~m~ tfm tl 4 w


. .* .: .,-

- Col6n 20


'Cr. *3
',-: &
".. S.


- .. j I' I''

;" J". mum=- -," '.,-'".

~wr9oo4 Reed. Qas4Js


, .
- -

' "





-. *T* as *


. .. .


tcit eme

u 4m

4M.m, omtmwon.

'a& h1&' tfiA~wttl4AY&*J'i


e siath i

pmp. -we Hr.
ionm and the Re4.
were sedved t, a
oa'vltltors, foow-,

1. .
defd. f

[s zt 7Tsn uLng .oiur su
LOO to 4.600 a year,
and 'Psychiatric eaX
eotlonio are locate I
gton, J. C., and vtt
the Paama Canal
WIW- in these
t must have
timt nursingn i B

hich la The orthanI Repoter po-
Fbe. -Watusfftoy aitlons to be flUed.are In. Wash-
rJe ( ia Chief of ington, D. C.. and Veinity. Com-
petitors must a teut con-
mistling.41 dWl^ t 178 words
a minte *f A te For
poW daUoon.a*above,
they m naa appro-
priate respo ce.
SMilitary Trainiag e tors
are needed in the Slnal acchool
at Fort MmMOA W.,L. No
Written tet iws ir To qua-

Ing ad mpr-
Sad. Pertinete enbe
3^ Sf substituted lof 'all o fthe
ii experience, de efdit on the
+. a~E t h g rade of p PoB n B so a
onted at a e will be
ven 8 montBa' trintnM before
ng appointed as Inastructors.
Maximum ae limits for the
qbove positions a ats fellows:
For Staff and Pthtatrf Head-
Furse i the ft CanmlI
De35, and U 1 ngbm 1).
and vieinit3% :r. *BiShort-
haund Reore Military
Traini n tInEs.truS 4
Sage lI&mlt are '- ed for per-
n. entitled to veterans prefer-

.tore detailed biftermatlon
obtained ftrom tw Co.lnM s-
's local rew_. WAues A.
tes located t" Rm0o, Ad-
Wlnlstratlon SutdLn Balboa
5eghts, C. Z., Civil Ber-
iS e Rewional (Vflesi, or from
theU 6. Civs 0r10ee tOommis-
Washinsta. D. C. Ap-
ations for l nu po t

u TI
for i

7. 8. CoVI
rterh, N.
ith, N. '^

s. In neusby eket are
B fli~~

.. um*Im

M. T y<.

m lun't g, tlm.k, a

ek annBot
tricks are aM
-.on made all the S
and shown toda. -
West opened the ne
>- -ponse to 1 14
S1Bas held the u.s
ack of hearts. ast

Swithte ace.
.Larceny Lou. who M -41dto
Ba d&lelaer, could c4uaa-sipt ;
ave diamonds and two elubs.
Then his fast tricks would ooam
to'an end, and he would to
4tW 9 the spades. T M ,u t d
gv East a chance to fun the
S of the hearts, and tI con-
iWact would be set. -.
t Lou knows that tw-.ore
o**nei woov orWfaK\ kil i* t-

ow a

Tn235f_ all Larsun'USlneed-
ed. He .a1ed dummyi ltut dia-
mond, disardmin a sade this
time, ad then lald.Mow the ace
and kt3g of clubs. As Lou had
hoped, West's.discard caused the
whole att .to drop, and the ten
of cluta was iOod for the ninth
West's trouble W1 that he
had4c checke aI2 te .mport-
ance of1 his s aude tricL
He knew-tht ftorwas bound
to wl A, dondo.

if Sot heart oK

J-7-S-4, 8- ,-*. Club 47
spades, t- merww

Your AP q -160(U P,.e bidding

withe oa aodent
lawyer, ps t should t you

-A 0ealer" H explained who
stole g4ft am., penerB left in
the aWd, afe a- -trf accident
sent a thick to 09 theriff's of-
nee for SM.. la Is te
amotI6t 0M r sold them to
a junkr.. Wder, ht eilalned.

weapon, In-
;. ._b 'e oe-

o Ar oe at

Ath fore going
f tmrn. Vandenberg
...t'"Air Force per-
care in public
t16 hay will not be
F- & llterpretation."
Vex ordered to the
that N+O han o Twin-
1".WTl, chief of staff,

and Twining.
-.. the general
e was confident
the remark.
S th came Ve orteran of
nld the House
out Beg had
bW aon U.S. military
n ueum of O'Don-
Too former national
.Ommm -the Veterana of
@1M .sald -the confi-
n d was Issued to
aialtau, sMtablishments" last
Saturday OMd harged that it
Was e 'luable informa-
tin frome and the pub-
The aitM I Rem interviewed
O'Doanel l M i h Field, Cal.,
I& ThurMtr dayit1s return from
m ea ba.gdid-act carry the
1ttaomie bo6W quote. The United
410 ditem.a mely ald that
i bo1mb1; O 'shoft have been
eIowed to "e'liaok hell" out of
the Chine&e Reds. It uid he

SU"tedtd ue the atom
0b. White House ad the
Iet n Immediately Issued
tatemeonts aserting O'DOnneU
was pesaking only Otr himlIf f
he did make such a statement.
bhis letter to O w",
Va1 berg maW:
"The published reports quot-
Ing yu as urglg theMiC a te.
use W the atou bomb- i-ddn-
munist China caused der-

Word Received Of
Mn. Roberts' Deat
Mrs. Tgnacdo Molno, J., Wife
of the former Fore=gn Muter
of Panama, has received news
b cable that her mter, 1Mrs.
Samuel Roberts died oIh January
20 In the United States.
Mrs. Roberts, wife of a former
Panama Canal pilot, reosded on
the Isthmus for many years and
In very well known here; ,e I
survivedd by Captain Robert and
Mra. Molino.

-In tagging the mins-parked ail-
tomobile of Boston Red ox fint
baseman Walt Dropo. a traffic
policeman scrawled on the back
of the tag: "This is for the Red
Box losing the pennant last year."
Dropo was let off with a warn.


Th im chorde of NATIONAL DISTILLERS, S.,
mft here -o.if that the annual meeting of stockholders
wift be held t he principal offices of the Compafy, located
O the Boyd-oaeevelt Highway on 9th of February 1951,
at 4:30 pm., for the following purposes:
a) ToIread the minutes of the last meeting
) o-.fet or re-elect Directors.
c) T aeamine and approve the balance sheer pro-
fit, ua. lbs statement and the report submiaed
*( atl by the Board of Directors.
d) .- T lsah the compensation of the Directors.
and act upon all of the nasmr tha
W Diecm. oerma Dire sr divMua
s'-tcholder may submit.

--. E2 LETAr ....

.: + .. .
iA .. .-- "* .. "" *:^ il'- sa? ^A ^ At "+

Air PFWre a mel must use
care in uS tlrmarko so that
they wre sbject to mis.
i trst. ble lead-
ership WN umnowed u o o .-
ceUently Ie wi si tad the
country -. stead in ur
return to L command of the
15th Air FoM a move which I
directed at t.Ie rent request
of oen. (UMti emay.
"Your aepton o this com-
mand is upon recognition
of th hl~~~mpowtance of the
Strategic JA Cmmand In the
present expanding Air Force."

our store

will be closed

Tomorrow January 25

for Inventory

* i

137 Central Ave. 137

El Panamd

Dancing nightly from 7 to mid-night


Kenneth Delaney and his Orchestra
Ritb MAtww, vowcmit

Avelino+Mufioz at the Orgqn
-' .-



vista Roof fRestaurant

Opens Friday 26th



Sponsored by Panama Lions Club




4 ,i

_ .______L_.

Ahcon Inn Angelini's Duman's '

et in El Cangrejo near Ponamd


Norge Refrigerator -

e Valuable Prizes |



w -" -
.. ." -. .- "A-
'4".--, ,. .'* *. *' -,* : .* .. I- .

Jre (Patio

* *1 I



-, -*


1st. PRIZE: Beautiful Chol

2nd. PRIZE: A Henry J. Aut

3rd. PRIZE: Horge Washer
ElMn Sewing M

AND 1224 Mor


_ __

I --


----- -------- --- -- ---- --- ------------ ------- -- ; -


! Had


: I

F .


On Sale ar:


-. ;-

-. %

iampion Haul

Doe Kunes Sparkled la

actice Round With 68

SRoul Posse one of the finest golfers ever to swing
Va +club on the Isthmus of Panama arrived .yesterday to
*defend the Open title he won lost year with a par busting
.... score of 284.
' Also here 'today was Joe Kirkwood Sr. the world fanm-
* ed trick shot artist and golfer who will compete in the
*-72-hole tournament starting Friday, and who, will also
. ive a pair of exhibitions-one on Friday and the second
.,,on Saturday.
! Posse and Kirkwood join one of Kunes was not alone in his par.
the fastest fields ever to compete busting round yesterday.
-for the PanamA Open. This year's Joh n n y MacMurray (The
tournament. sponsored by the Thing i shot a 69-three under
Rational Brewery of Panama, will regulation figures. ,Omhny, who
see onme of the finest golfers was eliminated in the l st round
from North and South America of the amateur toIu?,Mnt sev
Orldwapis ikn nit

*- I 1'*

4 **'
ai; rrr

r. -
.D F":
mu ,'.
fi. f
:'4 '* vi
i? or:'i

I PABLO MOLINA finished sec-
Wdixo ".I the 1950 Open to Rail
Posse and has returned for an-
other crack at the Open title.
Pablo Is the pro at the Bucara-
manga Club in Colombia.
competing for the cash awards
V. and silver trophies.
The play-for-pay lads will be
swinging f the $1,004first prize
sIoney or an.O Ia-
S umnph h scored last Y
However, he will b in'a
much stronger field when he
iteps up to the first tee Friday
Included in the group expected
to give him the most trouble are
a pair of professionals from Flo-
rida-Gene Kunes and Buddy
Kunes and Godwin fired prac-
tice rounds at PanamA yesterday
afternoon and turned in excel-
lent scores.
unes-who played the top
professional circuit in the Unit-

flew into Panama yesterday to
aefend the title he won last
ar. The competition will be a,
t' I rougher this year...but he
Ws 22 strokes better than the
eeond ranking pro last year
benhen he walked off with the
' rize. The leading pro will re-
beive $1,000 in the tournament
sponsored by the National
States and who is in the habit
competing against such golf-
S pa Mungrum, Snead, Hogan,
it. -etc., to mention a few
SM namA In four under
J th first time on the course.
aooting his 68, he three-
th second green for a
five, carded 15 pars, S bir-
and an eagle. He dropped a
tlful putt on 17 for his eagle
we hIt (he bes st 0
'of. amew aWea m*
imself a o"e o0 the hot
tg upset the defending

Shannon, had five bira and
two bogeys. He birdied all four of
the par-five holes in addition to
te par-three eighth. But he had
bogeys on 4 and 15 when he fail-
ed to hit the greens.
Probably the hottest golfer get-
ting in shape for the tournament
Is little Joltin' Joe Barbaro, the
Brazobs Brook pro.
In four consecutive 18-hole

.PANAMtrAI&4nal Macart-
r6n shot an even par 72 yester-
day in a practice round at Pan-
amA where he teach dub-
bers how to play thesdne. Mac
is always dangerous a will be
a man worth watching.
rounds Joe has et to go over par.
And yesterday heThot a two-un-
der 70, regardless of the fact that
he had a double bogey on the
12th hole. Joe will not be forgot -
ten when the bidding on the Cal-
cutta Pool takes place at the club
tomorrow night.
Buddy Godwin, also playing
Panamn for the first time, card-
ed a one over par 73. Anibal Ma-
carr6n made the rounds in par
figures as did Jaime de la Guar-
In addition to the golfers who
have already made an appear-
ance five more are expected to-
The latest group will include
Pedro Valdl, and Jaime and Gon-
salo SAenz among others.
The BAenz brothers are ama-
teurs. Valdi is a professional
playing out of Barranqullla.
In the 1950 edition of the tour.
nament, Posse went four under
par on the first round, and was
never headed, winning by a com-
fortable five stroke margin over

4y .


All matches In the first round
of the Club Handicap Tourna-
ment of the Brazos Brook Coun-
try Club were played over th$
week end and the major upset of
the day was the win by GladyS
Dalley,.whoe handicap is 18, over
Frank Day who has a five handia
cap. Day shot a one under par 71
while Gladys shot an 83 but the
three-quarters difference in han-
dicaps was enough for a win for
Other reqts:
Efily" Graht defeted Jesse
Roger Orvis defeated H. Ron-
Mike LaCroix won by default
from Joe Kenway.
Jane Huldquist defeated Fritz
Jim Mau defeated Cly40 Stroop.
George Carnright defeated
Hattie Kenrick.
Marion Taylor defeated Elmer
Jim Pendergraph dr6w a bye.
Second Flight
Virginia Keenan defeated C.
Jim Hickman won by default
from Joe Noonan.
Georgians Mau won by default
from Bob Worley.
Howard Finnegan drew a bye.
Gladys Bailey defeated Frank
Jim Hoverson defeated Edna
Ray DeBoyrie defeated Freddie
Cliff Mad defeated Reggie
Second round pairings which
must be completed by 6:00 p.m.
Sunday, January 28. 1951:
Fist Flight
Emily Grant vs. Roger Orvis.
Mike LaCroix vs. Jane Huld-
Jim Mau vs. George Carnrilght.
Marion Raylor vs. Jim Pender.
Virginia Keenan vs. Jim Hick-
Georgiana Mau vs. Howard
Gladys Bailey vs. Jim Hover-
Ray DeBoyrie vs. ClUf Madu-

Army Sports
FORT GULICK, C. Z., Jan. 24--
The 764th AAA Gun Battalion
baseball team, composed of men
stationed at Fort Davis. won the
championship of the 65th AAA
Group by defeating the Pacific
Side 903d AAA AW team by a
score of 5 to 4 In a game Rlayed
Monday afternoon, Jan. 22. t the
fort GuMck diamond.
Outstanding for the 764th was
Pitcher Carmelo Reyes who came
into the ball game in the fourth
inning; faced 19 men, struck out
ou Walked ig e, allowed one hit.
/ it a sidsling triple (the only one
SBRAZOS BROOK PRO Joe of the ball game' in the bottom
Barbaro has not been over par half of the seventh inning, with
in four practice rounds at the one man on base, for a batting
PanamA. olf Club as he pre- average of .500 for the game, and
pares for the Open tOurnament fielded 1.000. Losing pitcher was
which starts with 18 holes Frl- J.ohnson.
the auctionngof the players in
amateur Jaime *de la Guardia. the Calcutta PO.
The~ closest professional to him The public Is reminded that
was Pablo Molina-22 strokes be- there will be no charge for speo-
bhind. tators during th tournament. al-
though a l t f will be charg-
Molina is also back thla year ed for the ozltei and clinics
anplayed yesterday although to be biJa, Kirkwood
he wAs "feel out thec 0trsee.f
mW did not keep a .re And
The dprie-touraim t dImnce will party,... which is toet
be bell tomorrow night, sad the :he teowusASs Cha $1 X

. *- -- "


i "1 -.. i -i.pi +ii
r- t 4'it



, IL,~



ViNg Trucks Sigma

'51 Contrcd Aftv

Taking Big Pay Cd
Right-hander Virgil TruS a
signed his 1951 contract wih UI
Detroit Tigers an4 pVro .Mw
much better seasothupa M
Trucks believed i
en the maximum a t
per cent got 0,000
Son..probby $ 15b000
Te 31-ye..oe d o Trucd=Afks M O
in only four games last yew"
ning three and losing oae
his arm went dead. and he
play the rest of the .eaO,
Don't know what h&a,.4d
last year," says Trucks. "y arm
feels okay now, and I h it
holds up this season. to
make sure." Trucks added, "rm
otng to Florida early to Get a
ead start."
Manager Red Rolfe of the Tig.
ers is saying a silent prayer for
the fat-ballpitcher. "I sure hope
u c k s comes through, says
olue "We need him more now
than we ever did, especially with
Art Houtteman in the Army."-
Outfielder Larry Doby of the
Indians was given a plaque Mon-
day night as Cleveland's "man of
the year" in baseball. Doby led
the Indians in batting last year
with .326.
The board of directors of thq
Philadelphia A's has re-elected
Connie Mack as presideptA The
88,year-old Mack retired as man-
ager last October after leading
the A's for 50 years.
Along The Fairways

Wm Io
a? urntt

anuu U49U5* no

ir ao a to v ie tI
rt Ion the o
b. He got .
* but ran into a
n the third when
io. fnr i i rin.

Ik fuCl UISbL 51I U
A al got two ru
to lee the contest
pining inning 8
walked, went to
third on infield
Sit a hot grom
ilson that took a
a was credited w
I Koshorek scored
Dabek fanned e1

la the third inning Kosi
Lapgi started the trouble a
eot a bunt. Otey flied c
Cox. tcooter stole second
ro home on ubskl's baa
WU efmn walked moving K
to aegond and he went to thi
a wild pitch. Walt Moryn wi
and Dabek filed to center
with Kubaki scoring after
catch. Charlie LeBrun w
and Johnny Clauzel singled
Ing Moryn with LeBrun pi
up at third. Alex Colthirsl
hit by a pitched ball loading
ba d le Neville single
right eer coring LeBruA
ulae,. Koshorek, up for hi
OWd tie walked to oad
ae. Orodiloki believed
tm and walked Otey fe
hone-the sixth run of the t
u lki fled out ending the
The Brewers came back w
vengeance as they gathered
base knocks to score four
Harry Elliott Sngled to
.OW If0. W' W wsm'w.
liott and driving Wlson to
ond. Bob Atwod filed to
the bases. Cox was hi by a p
ed bell foig home Wilson.
Orodidki hit a high foul fly
Bay D nt bai and mi
one-handed catch Of near
stand for th ilrDut. Roy
nedy fgNfjy l out to
bek. td a NC d a bas
Into left fleld- o Cicero
Atwood. Lee Leftridef ulie
to Clauzel endnpg the attack
Neville got byh fifth bu
into trouble in iom sixth a
Brewers pushed tIwo more rur
Cox singled to left field and
to second whn OG dickl
slow roaer to p and
thrown out a fst e. K
dy and Mardi. wq ed lot
the bases. Lee LeTfilge rapl
base hit to left scorIng Cox
Kennedy. Bud arWin, atte
ing to steaql home, w _s tra
and run down between third
home for the second out.
Brewers claimed Neville
balked but neither umpire
the balk and Hardin was do
ed out. Elliott grounded oi
Koshorek ending the Innin
Big John Grodecki had M
helpless until the eighth in
when they exploded scorn
more runs to ice the game. J
ny Clauzel beat out a bun
his third hit in three tries to
ball game. Alex Colthirst rif
triple down the left field
scoring Clauzel. Eddie Nevilli
Koshorek were put oit wit
Clauzel advancing but Rudy1
singled to drive in Clauzel
Kubski ended Mottas scortj
the evening striking out.

Santa Cruz Sior

Monticello Beftbsll Leag
Teams- Won
PanamA Badio.... ... 4
Agenelas Steen ...... 4
Aleman, Jr......... 1
Omphroy Hudson .. 1
It was Phil Walker vT.
Walker in a colorful mound
when Aleman, Jr. met Age!
Steers in the Monticello Sof
League. The 1-2-9 batting
quence was peppered with a
tered hits and thrilling cat
Steers won 1-41 when Phil
colm drove in enf 'Jam
the only run of the b all
Phil and Louis wih strue
two men. Louis w.ked three
gave up four hits -lor one
while walk four and
rendered five hits tor o
Willis Wiley wus =ema's
bat with his -.
DaAsn l'aunth.nlll. d *M El


m; & u-u win over



-.*.?;/ +-.i
4 ....- -

4 +
44.-Pul +


outs. FZMAL1 daims ,
under the world'a uMladih-ot lf_ !.I ,,iaits0iSiBi
nau- shown in b with toran amp
ith a Joe a three,-- op the.
from More. clash p night at
ending thePanam M. --i6 ds o ponent
S a ^IN-pound lM iI.l
T March Of $ps BernIft !lwaAn

lGame. Sehtd GFor Sat y P.M.
rd on
alked -o 0-
field A benefit bdll t o- fr the f inl wasbe
Sthe Ma& a D I 'l-ydd Re
,1ked earuboof-=Dmefre reh-
on Saturday m Ia21, man l.efdr a ik
at 2:30, Army ai neIpe- and e

the seven! ma em.

i t an
lS here 881 nl A .-.

UI Z n A

that TheSaturday morning Baseball "
Adea tLea started with a bang in
the Oriobal with the Criatobal
Ken- teams winning in all brackets.
N- The midget "D" Leaguers, Cri- -
e hit tobal Team No. 1, took the meas-
and ure of the Margarita "D" League
d out team to the tune of 11-2. Wall. .
I. pitohlg for Margafta was un-
able to ame the bto? the Cris-
Sran tobriltes, while utemd. on ?
Sthe the other hand. with ntl
n lyi bl age. did a fie job in i "
went keeping the Margarita ggrega#
hit a tiou to two hits.,
I was In the "C" Leagllue goUP Mar-
run garits. was again pit against
diHg rtbal. and It was a wUdaffair
d a which ended up n a fin a final score of
and 14-1. in favor of CristobaL Most
at Rof the Margarlta trouble came in
r the first inning when eiht walks
and e hit eo~t them eight run. f^:" j
The Pitoer Lamas had trouble fin- f
ha Ing the plate. A. Peacock, w
saw took care of the hurling assign- It'i
lar- meat for Cristobal, turned in a.-
i to ood erformance allowing only
ttans The bet game of the morning _I
inte came wtohen the bg un of th f
itwo n"b League met. ANi Creitorba
Oha t vs. Mararihta. With the two hurl-
t for er atghi for Craitobal and Ma-
rthe donado for Margarita, pitchig-
^ ~ exceUent ball and both team-
n fielding well on defense, it wa a
al asI gam11e all the way. Salter,
h Reed and Aleguas were outstand- ..
S ng for the Margarita team while
A. was I to, Chin and Tagaropue
g for starred for Critoal. Final score
of game-CrsWtobal 5, MargarI -

Yankees Edge Brewers
Sa 4-3 In Extra Innings
ao Teamst Wea Lot
Char VieL ...... 14)
1 eneeeb3 .... 11 C

Louis Last night the league leading
duel Carte VieJa Yankees overcame a
cl"s t -0 deficit to win out 4-3 over the
thball Cerveceria Brewers in eleven in .*..
- u at e Panafma Stadium.
'cet a ite- while Alex Newlirk.
he. Newhktwrkbiws
Ml- ent the route for the losers, wa
wi with entthe loim. ..
F me.. e are no PanamA Laa
Stie sheduoo d for today. r.The I
sneatms will be Playedt .-;..B -
r, Panama Olympic t.
seur jI. d Spur Colean LtsMa
run1 Agamer.

a .s .r, f. orCr-.i ,,al.-.a- ..e-
b o be stefislSmokers

bew sbe cau ght Lowe's hit.
43Il E xta.nnn.
py Pa A made o. co -


*w ea- aml4 .wewIdil ---l-,

Os*wtoijur #tC A
'- .-

.4-: 4 m
I' 'J~J4 ~L. wflAT
V ~*A, ~ I~
*...&~iSt Eta

-. r... *: -
-,.., ,, .... ,, W ,

A-a r' '4

..j;r,4:vKx~ -

:, .'-. .., ,,' 11 4

.^hi -i M -tatau il


~--~" "




. ,




fr*- .S,-,1-- -,

ffw Prlgrami

o.w4 .mmiulty $tato

2 I4QG840'
'*m m ; I; S W

e t eay, Wed1esday; eaw t

"" -
efl- :Ui-Wa'8 Your Fatorite '


7 QPlt R RO-

a" .- -..- w
Mnu ils c. Seed wil arive
on the Usk iifl^Iyy1
an 'gillwL EVI-

hdwwaviiii UU .. id

In AuAv-
tro W 30 n

10:15-Aff tie Record
11:00- ADOW
11:05-rOW* the Record (Oont'd.)

3 '7
S tBad

s ar LeI Paulm


2* ni~t~ftlriffllum


,a a

LEna havt as their

She arrived Moasp i
3M ur.btas. JrI
flaf two weeks. Thtwk L

{lad to the Eleuiff's daughter,

PanMandete Hotel
C those who were at _he

rector o p wtswiMw a-T
tension 8emga.

Tickets for coat Fevor"
will be sold at te boa office be-
fire the pero ce tnlght at
the Diablo Heights Theater.
This per-ormanoo Is the .intr
of a projected e#*W of exchange
r a bet the Cristobal
MO Ml Theat and the Theawr


Rid gway Visft Wau Front;

'Gives High Prsa i Troops
.- 0 -

24 awP.-t..Ge.zr li

ting I

*r -.
ler of

IDIMbllug wn `qninuszam,
RaWg'av visited Fapflttali
HadarTIn ste asaws neId in
on the tactical situation at a O-
ward regimental emandpost
ry.t en. r B. Jo
tedf after hile
S from Coloel yestr




First Aid Meetin h
At Qurry I3M4 p
The wIv 1a servipceprson- W
nel on du t HeigShts F
met tahishe Quarry W
HeightbsTh er for their st in- p
structlon in Fint Ald.
benefit L H T for
Church Bua. FA to
As a benefit o the Oamboa fj
Union Church bfldna fund th
Couples Club Of th church I,
lach trip Watin-
to Colorad o lana
Ta'kcet as me]on .
sThe dUno wtll leave tr.
Dredim G dock at 8 a m.
tand late Saturday
afternoon. pe can e
acCmmotoId the trip, and
those o trip are to take
their own yaw lunhes.
All inteo=t- ip the trip are
asked to ) epia to the Ree.
Raymond Gery, at 6-10 not later
than FM a n -.

After talking th Ruffner,
tidgwaai had "just Hlearm-
Stt te =00) I commasi-
i ta1 ihas retLAn IA
trip.' It ;atle f WON of
e cateO u 233i overlouk-
le irode iM yards to FrenSh
eadqualters after his jeep slp-
ied Into a WtL oBe tried to talk
i t he Wrench officers In
rench, but bugged down on the
rd "suppes and lamely ex-
Ml a h Ip better than my
"I Want the French battalion
a know" he told the French of-
oen, "that I am well pleased
ith thn awing bere. parr-
jlarly the magnfIcent bayonet
*-k earlier Qi month.

*. Jan. "I wl be t pp y need whae
.w n. o.. .. ts or xe 8th Army fol-
me ot low your e.maple."
la'nd At mW-O tiEd st of tl*e
ul kabla aides se*-
bi Rd ,
Ma-in. a.8s e. g wieq Utt for mre
ip writing D M chocolate and
A f n packages fur
ao ; shipment of
Bre htiiwoueld taike
i th si e atr a esi and asked
lo aet h be noted eonally if
v 6q 0.

the ca did not a
"Thr tad Divilm

n. itclo e to
. 14d Peploe .
ailgenose in
O atwy a a-
I a division

Em -yni





MUM the marvel air of spring.
sLuP under woolen blankets.
PITA on local delicacies:
note o e Strawberries.
wd gamen mtand

-made pastr a m .ad.
SlE sUNT ad horebak riditn
exploring te mountainous *Beape.
ais. .,the,,sm na i

y, awites drk Is


^a-a -

--. ele. Mr. Harry airthr
Ste~rEam mo City, and S ho a a .
4 f** who are lwleas the stu n
Th were: Mr. the American vie-consul at Co-
and sM iass, Mr. Ion and Mrs. Charles Whittaker.
wes -,Mg. and I.A.W.C. Notice
Mrs .Mr. nd The of flee i the Inter-Aineri-
Mrs: and can Women's,Club building will
t Captain be open regularly Tuesays and
,an Oap- Thursday and Saturdays from
n% a. Harwhwl, to 11 a.m. and Wednesdays from
a. Par- 3 to d p.m. An officer of the club
e.will be present at these hours.
and ., eater, Attending Dental Lecture
Mr. al, Lt. Dr. Barold ,toee, president of
Col. M.rer, the American Dntal Assocation
Co Mrs. Robert lectured at Fort Clayton Monday
Fatble, lie eBkllman, evening, Those attending from
derson, Mu the Atlanti ide were: Dr. Vestal
Sr. and- Mr Morris, Dr. W. F. French, and Dr.
ure And Mrs. H. Rubn Arda.,
a MMrs. Charles-
WhV. Clniton Wil- 'Mn. Gttek Leaves
an, *Dra Wayne Oild- For N* eofk
er and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mrs. Harold Gillick and daugh-
. ter, Angela and Barbara, sailed
Mrs M pmented via ihe Untied Fruit Line yester-
Mr2 l ed c dayor New York to Join Mr. Gil-
fant n were coma In who as recently transfer-
plimentgd with a baby shower red to the New York office of the
given t the rosddence of Mrs. United Frlt Oompany.
Mil i ta tFortG uick, by Mrs. uuck and her daughters
Mrs am garsrS aer were guest at the Hotel Wash-
and Mrs. am gworth.'toin rio to theirr departure.
Mrs, Ingswwth and Mrs.
ohn B at the coffee Attending
table. s llossome and Penwomen's Luncheon
greenery enirledthe center- Mrs. Jesse L. Byrd, of Colon
piece. Branch, crossed the Isthmus
The Ium-tst were: Mrs. Anna Monday to attend the farewell
inVincentolt Mrs unce given t the Hotel
Mauric Tonwe. eMrs. D u ane oil b lhe Canl Zone ranch of
Mundkow .l, Mrs. Henry Menard, the tonal Lsgue of Ame-
Mrs. Jack Sar. Mrs. Joeih cawomen for Ms. Monnett
Oorn3, ie, Erdlward Dlciln fin, Da s wife of the United
Mrs. ao p ooPer, Mrs Ra 19n:Wt c to Panamt,
JohnmI, Mrs. Arthur Humphrey, wi s leav for their new
Mrs. George Marsh and Mrs. John station 0 ntZL Pr Nast.
COUOAL ~~v amaiag InaWwP~fffa

BrowSe Committee
3po3noaidg Coffee
The T o o p Committee of
Brownie Troop 40, of Margarita Is
IFiln a morning coffee Saturday,
eb. 1, at the residence of Mr..
J. Z. Brlkson. All mothers of the
rls In the Troop are cordially
mvlted to attend.
. Plans for the affair were made.
at a committee meeting at the
Erikson residence Monday. T~e
other committee members wo.
Mrs. Lulse Ralney, troop leader,
Mrs. Carle Taber, Mrs. Herber
Engelke and Mrs. Dorothy Mee"
VIditen on Pa-lc Sie
A a*aber of families crossed
the Isthmus for the wedding of.
Dr. Nriet Chu and Wia 0lorX
Chen. Among those who wer
present were the Chinese Conul
at ol h M Bustace Lee.
They Wt the week end at the
noew te l l PanamiA d at-
tended the inauguration banquet
at the hotel.
Mr. Wiluiams Viting Isthmus
Mr. Clinton Williams of Provi-
dence, Rhode Island, is spending
several weeks on the Isthmus. He
has visited the Pacific side. and
at present is the house guest of

#4041 leo. Boyd Ave.
Col6n R. P.
S Phones:
is1002 1003
Inspected by the
Health Department


New, with the new prove
Modem you en ejoy pe conm.
SAm tam you ever dsed wasu
possIble afaaviron-elestio.
PFor the ew Mo is so luxury.
,Oft-co tuly esmh--uble- a; a
crfla1wmnm aMoent tdt I&
poneds. ei g wkl Mith Medf.
mAd y b's a a J skly shield
r extn-Iong poecda.
Dicov newr freedom wit

Mrs. An1ta Mqfreo Csof ritobal
left by plane during the week end
for a montuW vialt with relatively
In Cartagena, Colombia.
Slz.Tear.OM Celebrates
Jamn Hn M lauphter of Cap-
tail and s lpeon, of Ft.

45415, M at l AEL
Bair, and Yvonn Lindgt...
260e0t oe4 ames
The -Atlantic Bde ,w
Club is sponsor a
baseball ames the'
Bowl" or Joant
to ale moey for the i mHle
taun wUr lay the AfaltI
1g Waner of thisgay
the irtetobal PM
The price of adm
adults and 50 cents for teSl
who have their 8.A. or teen
membership cards and for
diers in uniform.,


CARTER, Charles Rln&
of La Boca, to CHARLEn,.
trice. 61, of Colon.

EOGGR, Mr. and Mrs.
H.. of Coco Solo son. Jan. a6
ion nopital. .s
RADE ACHER, 8gt. andM
Leon. of Fort Clayton. 4d
Sharon Joan, Jan. 18,
JNKINS, 8gt: and Mrs.A
of Fort Amador, -
Everett, Jan. 19, Claytv
ADAMS, Sfc. and
J., ox Fort Kobbe. da ,
ORTIZ, Sco. and,.Aft
Fort Kobbe. daui ,j t
m. layton-r
mit 0., of Pt
Jan. 21. 'Colon Hosp"taL _-
RADLMJIN. Mr. an- MatM
L., of Colon, son. Jan. 2LSf

born, Jan. 21, Coln w an





I ..1

Children grow husky
and ailf ;; ; bigger,
rarl stronger -betteri
equipped for school
and play, aod for te "
future, with a heaty
Quaker Oats breakeftit:
No other whole gl
cereal is more delidC
... and uaifying, no oehd
gives greater noudlsie
OP=meat at less cost.

IEAT IRMALTI FOOD... sa oau.Is r ch .s
el*masfh mdeeWyMiPatrq quick esray,masabaehBd
It suppli aal egmiens., pwelns. arbohydrssj ad
hd, dS DA rXlTr FOOD fr e body.
AlfcftMrseWO.a.bortsW&ovriuiion...w r
Om "aHe"~l lraafm"s eaery dayl .

NIEY .......... ..... h's uigh leht si
S STRINOTH ..................i.. pawld po
C NTAMNA .. to m tU M (Vat* S
4 SNJOYM1NT ...... "Mmbes wwer a fteMs.

.,rl*,'-5 ,,
ats Icti

' b.e,


.-23 ..

i 1


- I -mm-m






-"' .'t" ', "- ; -"

. F:U u

n. -C .-
' jii &.,- k ..... .- -. e. .- -.i.. .


ihma American Classil

14) dewr aden. Nylen
hsve a st d ght. Green ole.
hb 4) Deer Sedn.
eft.y eelr.
1) Deer aen. Seat
Sd tres ar. emn color.
(4) Deer Sedon. Seat
lack oeeler.
S)ALE:--Dodge 1946, 4 Door
Duty paid. Qtrs. 220-B Al-
A. F. B. Phone 86-5(91.
t 5ALE: 1948 4 door Chevro-
".1 Sedan. Excellent condition.
.* .House 1447-D, Owen Street, Bol-

S -rSALE: Command car, four
'hI- ele drive. Excellent condition,
Shone Sgt. Kirby, 82-4272, from
- '7g00 to 4:00, after 4:00. See at
'.41524-G, Gavilan Road.
_4. SALE--'49 Buick Roadmoster
C. ndonette, perfect condition, 9,-
by miles, Dynaflow, radio, a real
buy that you will seldom dupli-
Scoate. $2,100 Duty Free. Sturgill
Sanama 2-0620. from 8 to 5.
i'50. 2.500 miles. $1,850, con
Sbe financed Owner leaving this
,.ee,,k. Grecian grey, white side
vaills, plastic covers, extras. Duty
-., aid. Tel. 3-0125,- residence 3-
.%3445, Panama.

FOR SALE:-1940 Pontiac 4 door
edan, $275.00 Apply United
'1 .p j5luit Co.. PanamA.
[P tft SALE:--De Luxe 1940 Packard
S Sedaon, in perfect condition, suit-
able for Taxi or Limousine, looks
d runs like new. Miller, Qtrs
._' "" NAD. Tel. Navy 3663.
-7.R' SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 4-door
sleden, Styleline. only 4.000 miles
?Jione Cristobal 3-1411.

1 a RoaKn & Motoris
" SALE: Outboard motor, new.
1%1950 Mercury 25 H. P. complete
bhot hardware for outboard. 18
-'a trOss brass screws 1" number 8
'"t$batentlally under list. Inquire
i" -Mr. Cox. Cristobal Yacht Club.

rdjEyR WILLIAMS please come to
.'It! usto Arosemena Avenue No. 73-
*' A, Apt. 6.
t 4#fITENTION MOTHERS! Does your
I;' 'cild go to Balboa high school.
L. Does your child hove poise? Grace?
: .,4w9W Is your child shy? Then why not
s..'et them enroll in our new dance
class. See Mrs. Stevenson Balboa
,. wnm $9 for a three months course
-.;wlic# a wvek. Instructors Hj.i.ett
r & Dunn.

r -: a


f-i .,


Convertible Coupe.

SSedan 4-door
e-, White sidewall Tires.
S a seat covers
t Redanette

Radio-Seat Covers

WSW Tlrei



, r


Plastic Seat Covers
& Radio

Duty Paid


a e y Paymet Plan.
o.: Trad'e- Aeeepted.

SMotors, Inc.

a. 'f Aesomest -

MiTce a-eows ,

cau emplta A A.

Hazel Engel, Cocoli Beauty Shc
is doing wonderful work in reca
ditioning damaged hair. Const
her about your problems. Phone 4

The Panama Canal offers for sale
to the highest bidder Buildings Nos.
459, 461, 474, 476, 478, and 480
in Ancon. Sealed bids will be re-
ceived in the office of the Supply
and Service Director at Balboa Hgts.
until 10:30 A. M. on January 30,
1951, when they will be opened in
public. Forms of proposal with full
particulars may be secured in the
offices of the Supply and Service Di-
rector, Balboa Heights. and the
Housing Manager, Balboa Heights.
FOR SALE:-Three-speed automatic
record changer and pick-up; 60
cycle. Brand new, $60. Call -Bal-
boa 2990.
NOTICE -Drop into Kelly's and see
Steve Gilbert and have a good
time, he is nuts.
FOR SALE: One 18" Underwood
and one 18", L. C. Smith" type-
writer, duty free. Apply Texas Pe-
troleum Co.. Cristobal 3-1244.
18th. 1951. 1.227 pries. Yeou
can't miss.
SAVE $150.00
new Leice III f
Sumilar Lens f 2
Sumarit Lens f 1.5
built in Cinchroniation
lntereationel Jewelry lee.
edjoining Irtemetlemal HeteL
FOR SALE:-RCA 7 tube console re-
dio, with record player. House 2
room, 5 Mariano Arosemena St..

FOR SALE:-Serval Electrolux ice
box. 8 ft. Letherette lounge.
House I 119, Apt. A, Jodwin Ave.
Goamboo. Tel. 6,177.
FOR SALE:-Chineae rugs, new, 6 x
9, 4 x 6, 2 2 x 4, phone 2-
1715. After 5:00 p. m.

FOR SALE: Leaving the Isthmus.
Sewing machine, Z5 and 60 cycle.
$90.00. Easy washing machine 25
cycle. $100.00. Philippine Rattan
dining set, $110.00; square cock-
tail table $30.00; 2 round cocktail
tables $12.50 each; 2 small
choirs $10.00 each. Silver plate
set 53 pieces $45.00; 25 cycle all
porcelain refrigerator, 1I25.00;
aolf clubs, 4 woods, 9 irqps, beg.
shoes and otlpr extras- $75.00.
Xmin.etree ornaments; frrlps, mir-
rtrs, 2 white enameled cabinets,
linens, cooking utensils, games,
bowling balls, fish bowls. Quarter-
master steel table and 2chests of
drawers. Work bench, rug radio
and miscellaneous useful house-
hold effects. Pan Canal France
Field area. House 359. Phone 37-
88-717. Home all day. Must sell
everything this week.
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse Refriger-
ator with freeze chest. 7 weeks old
save money by calling 4-106, Co-
FOR SALE: Electrolux Vacuum
sweeper with aoil attachments. Coco
Solo 238-C, or phone Coco Solo

Real Estate
FOR SALE: Two story building.
downstairs cement, upstairs boards,
1,000 M2. good condition, rea-
sonable price, in Via Belisario
Porras, San Francisco de la Cole-
to No. 151. For information apo-
ply same house downstairs.
FOR SALE: Cool weather in the
house and land. All conveniences,
mountains. Completely furnished
houfe and lafond. All conveniences,
S4.000 Liberal cash discount. Tel.
Balboa 3447.
FOR SALE:San Jos6 farm all fenc-
ed and ready for poultry rising.
Good for shops, factory and many
other business activities. Good
house with 4 bedrooms. City life.
Many fruit trees in production.
Only 5 miles from Panama by
Tranmtrhmian Highway. Very reao-
sonoble onrice. See MARTINEZ.
via Parras No 58.

US To Re-Form

12th Air Force
WEISBADEN, Germany. Jan.
24 (UP)-The United States Air
Force moved to increase Its
strength in Europe today by re-
forming the famed 12th Air Force
commanded by General James
Doolittle in World War II.
Maj. General Robert W. Doug-
las. Jr.. was named commander
of the new force which will In-
clude all United States lanes in
Germany and Austria. including
new planes coming here as a re-
isult of General Eisenhower's re-
cent visit.
The 12th Air Force flew from
England to North Africa and Ita-
ly in World War II.
The Third Air Division of
"atom bombers" In Britain will
not be under Douglas' command.

Our MIRRORS decorate
Me. 4, 1 Eat St.. Tel. 3-ame


cottages, furnished, electilct
frigeration. moderate rales.
Gamboo. 6-54.1 or 6-300.

15,. A A 2

P leapsombh Some CI
Sen nuh4e D 43, D hlbom h
Penome a-I7. er CriGwabe'

Houses beeh at Sante C
also furnished house at CEIW
CAMPANA. Phona Shrepm s-.
boa 220.. .

MINTaU Furnmisld two
recently decorated. ra
on premises building 4;dI t.L0
Telephone 1386. Calofia -
FOR RENT:-Apartment for..;ref
43rd Street East and Ave. MeA1
.co. Call 3-0140.
FOR RENT-Apartments, I bterort.
sittingroom, diningroom, kMian,
both. at No. 20 Via Espoa., -em
De Castro No. 24, "B" Avenue,
Phone 2-1616, Panama.
FOR RENT-Apartment of one Iorm
and one small bedroom, slitting-
room, diningroom, kitchen, both, at
44th Street East, Bello Vista, mee
De Castro No. 24. "B" Avenue,
phone 2-1616. Panama.
FOR RENT:-Aportment. hot water
Installation. For married couple Of
bachelor. Apply Perejil, house No.
7 "Maria." Tel. 3-1404.
EOR RENT: Apartment 2 bed..
reams, parlor, kitchen, both, $35.
Family of West Indian parentage.
preferred. Avenida 7a. and Male-
con, El Coco, San Francisco de Ia
Coleta. Telephone 3-3308. Wil-
FOR RENT: Completely furnished
two bedroom apartment, corner
46th and Colombia Street. Call 3-
1844. from 6 8 p. m.


FOR RENT'-Comfortable chalet, 15
Strget No. 32, San Francisco de la
FOR RENT:-lndependent house, 3
bedrooms, sittingroom. dining'
room, kitchen and porch. Via Be-
lisario Porras. 19th Street No. 10,
Tel. 3-1531.
FOR RENT: Five room concrete
cottage, modern improvements,
completely furnished, in Arralan
on Pan American hlghlay 6 r-2
miles from Locona, sTIn at en-
trance. Johnson.

FOR RENT: Well ventilated fur-
nished room near Ancon. Post Of
fice and bus line. J Street No. 9.
FOR RENT:-First class forge fur-
nished bedroom, kitchen privileges
if desired. Bello Vista, Mexico
Ave. 69, near 43rd St.

If you can walk we will teach you
to dance. Leaon from former Ar-
thur Murray instructors Balboa
YMCA. Harnett & Dunn.
Laotn class still open Balboa YMCA
Thursday 7:30 p. m. $20.00 Mar-
rned couples Single $12, for a
three months course. Hornett &

Position Offered
WANTED: Seceetery with expert
once In shotdhnd sad typlas in
Spanish end Inlibh. Neah-Willy
Overland Agency. Phone 2-1790,
WANTED-Girl General office clerk,
Spanish and English. Call 3-t"69

Barneby St. Drain
Being Repaired
Work Is now on progress on
the rehabilitation of a 4 x 4 foot
box drain running along Barne-
by Street which was built about
1914 and has received only
minor repairs since that time.
The walls and roof wIl be re-
paired and sections of the floor
will be replaced where there
has been serious damage by
sewage and rock as the result
of wear and tidal action.
To relieve reladents of the
area from the fumes that usual-
ly originate from such wor. .aB
blower system has been instal-
led which carries the odors
above the street and house level
by means of a ventilator or

Because of limited .working
space In drains of th sie. the
repairs will have to bg done
slowly and the work is expeteS
to continue until about the
middle of March.


owe lm eeeuer.



i %. ha

S -. ;- "

ndmr ar


lear JaWPramse

Pftw ,' Shippers
Movesa oilers
... "fe .l .
'. (Rudy
TeL ,3-252 toc
Tel. 2-2451


K i Ambassador and 'i. Sonett
r em a farewell cotcta'- given
mua in their honor by a'. IM p
a of Panamanians, In-
SA |dians. an z d d ciathd
States, at the atm
.-. .. g Monday nigh.
* Store The affair was isoed
. Long Joseph E. Mooe. O su Zone
IlTERDa Clubhouse Mn .ge t. e
AXTER W. Weaterman, Asac -ditor
HEIM of The Panama TrBie, witn.
HEIM1 limited number of gt0 11t m
all over the Isthmu Uli,
5 p.m. in conjunction withmte tp
members of the U. S s
staft in Panama City:
SWise, Counsellor of t _ayM y
I VEsr and Mrs. Wise; ME, M d4 .u-
fus Z. smith: SecrtaI.--. W.
I LaRue, Secretary BRane d A.
ValUer and Public Relatim Of-
'HIS AD ficer Joseph Dempsey.

nlok eeou want the
MAgCA U L Search esistanit
Ironing Bond Cover.
a It will Wve you j of your
* Heat reflecting surface enables
you to finh flatwork by Iron-
i only one side, which
mean less strokes.
" WATERPROOF ... keeps pad
dry. Less clothes dampening.
* It will last indefinitely.
I Only $3.25, postpaid.
Box 3318 Panama 3-3230
Panam~, R. P.

French Crack Down

On Reds To An

Anil-Ike Display
PARIS, Jan. 24 ,S(I). The
French government q rked down
hard today on the nimltimnt Com-
munist party to prtyent a "trrt-
sonable" antl-Elsenhower de-
Elsenhower went about his bus-
Iness with a full day of confer-
ences with his military and
French officials before taking off
for Iceland, Canada and WasI-
ington tomorrow. Some 6,5000 o-
lice guarded his headquarters.
The French government was in
no mood for fooling. It arstesd
63 persons for distribrting Com-
munist leaflets, and banned a
mass meeting called for this
afternoon (12 noon UST) in front
of the general's Astoria Hotel
, Thp Communists at once took
up'the challenge and issued ap-
peals to men, women and chU-
dren to turn out for the mass
French police seized the press
run of the Communilt patty
newspaper "L'Humansa.t" and
the pro-Communist dally "Libe-
ration," for defying the govern-
ment order. L'Humanlte devoted
half its front page to a flraae
against Eisenhower.
The Interior Mlnistry said morse
police would be on hand to .y
to squash the demonstration
than at any time since the Pares
liberation in 1944.
At that time, Ironically, the
Communists who attack Elsen-
hower today hailed him as tne
hero-liberator of Paris and of
France. .
DEDHAM, Mass. (UP) There
hasn't been a horse 'stolen in
them parts for 15 yea. How-
ever, the Society fpr Ih Appre-
hension of Horne Thiev, which
dates from Colonial thnes, an-
nounces an all-time high mem-
bership--1,711 men.

35 x nches... V a
40 xwInhes... t
42 z 7 lnohes... 14
30 x *UMRM. 4s

_ _i I- m ..Iai -" m m

Others present were: Arch-
deacon A. V. Nightengale. Dr. L.
BS. Carrington. Editor id Mrs.
Sidney A. Young, C. 5. !o oWe
Supervisor and Mrs. Uf12 U.
Osborne, Mr. and Mrs. emni
Blake, Mr. and Mrs. 'CO
Bycroft, Mr. and Mrs.teien
rique. Mr. and Mr. .
XeAd, Mr. and MWr.
Mhledola, Mr. and Mr. ,r t
A. Todd. Miss Eneida Hamle t0
Mr. Beasie Thorbourne. Miss By-
bil Westerman. Mr. Z. T. %VWil-
llams. Miss Inez McLean and Mrs:
p. Turner.
Also Messrs. Owen Ainsworth.
S. D. Callender, R. T. Ellis,
Hugh M. Hall, Ernest J. Jamie-
son, William Jump. Hugo L. Reid
and Ed. K. Welsh. .
' Mrs. Undine Reid on behalf of
the group presented Mrs. Davis
with a lovely bouquet.

Paniin Fleet

Among Whalers

In Anarclca

The Department of Agriculture
stated today that in the first two
weeks of the deep sea fishing this
year, whiob began on Dec. 22,
3,89 units of blue whales have
been caught. (This unit Is the
basic measurement in whale fish.-
the Department added that
this figure did not Include the
Soviet fishing expedition 'Slavam"
which had made no report.
T he International Whaling
Commission has set a quota of
16,000 units of blue whales for all
nations in the season, which lasts
until April 7.
The Department of Agriculture
stated that 19 expeditions were
participating in the blue whale
!shln on the high seas this sea-
son, one more expedition than
last year owing to the addition of
a Panamanian expedition.
The nations represented on the
Whaling Commission are Brazil,
Australia, C a n a d a, Denmark,
France, Iceland. Mexico, Holland,
New Zealand, Norway, Panam&a
south Aftic, Sweden, The Unit-
ed K the United States
and t Soviet Union.
Norway owns ten of the 19
"floating factories" taking part
In the whale fishing, the United
Kindm three, Japan two, Hol-
land one. PanamA one, the So-
viet Union one, and the Union of
South Africa one.
Netherlands Cabinet
RessiM In Crisis
THE HAGUE, Jan. 24 (UP)-
The Cabinet of the Netherlaids
resigned today at the climax t
a military and political criu
tat' had been smoldering W
some ane. The move came un-

As -*. as thought in
Stbave been t

*- ~ ~ ~ a '*Eiiif *il.-'-

to be l@nk tie tamboa area, a_
has beeSn A".d by rank H.
Lerchelc- Jtor of
the -Am' Emergency
Corps for e Q l Zone.
On the I aO e Mide. Howe suce- -a
ceeds Willta Jbmson, KEZ5WJ t
of A n,'o been relieved su
for other duties. Nelson Magnzr, m
xKZ5NM. o M ILta, will Jon- broki
tinue fas r or the At- e
lantic arma md.wi the crea-
tion of tHe new .Cntral, or Oam- trad
boa area, d y White, It Bis hi-
believed cS nd consistent sold
co aver-eof*t~e Canal Zone has-I
by existing smate r radio emer- plem
agency net will result, and

There are bu y day ahead for
Canal Zone hasp&*'scheduled for
about Wasbhgtq's Birthday,
Feb. 22, ts andti,9 eldtlay when
the hams move thtw e Into
sthe field a te me-
gency power 'a teran y oI -
tions. Atlnc' e.. b.auQder
Manherd he. RaSne
.near be d

als w Joe. ,, .-
Inaddltlonto malalntulftfMin
own OAergency neTW whfn tii 24
past have rendered Wiot4-1
radio service during earthdU
and other natural dlsasta, o
hams are now making prep't,-
tions for'the time when th*er
vices may be utllied byL a
Civilian Defense authoritl&.s at
they will be called upon to f. ."
tton as part of the civil i 4
tense setup here iflorecagti )ie
recently publicized oit .ant
nouncement of the NeOeW all-
Ian Defense Admitaltbta.;
the Federal Commu blta fl
Commission assigning
quencies for use by hans Itlf
To these two acttivi4 % be
added a third. Zone:lB .,A*t
taking advantage of l '.
ruling permitting .l tima
teura to become mis
MARS (Military Amnate
Service). Many local .tan
have submitted their
tione- for membership. S.
bers of MARS they i g
quired to spend
on the air drilling to
themselves with- mlitry-
comu unications proved
sed time in cI rmm WH. r
ta to.oprate and ,tw .
ry radio gear.
as MARa stations, iai
ge special call signs and
on freqencies outside
the civilian defense tp~
regular everyday trequ

Alps Dead Td

tps 300UM

U P)-.n ton of
Alpine countries toin.
mark today as W a
hopefully declared te
past., but Austria -..-
warned of possible mre
terms from avalanche.-
The pgeatest w on
Inheto moder
at its h day

in. A


s ~me

san oe u Sdsaz mamain w.
rust before b44SWb 5gL ius. bad -been aw*A D.
ty .iba.s eba- ar-di nL._M- -
WoON. foldnimt, ds ,L W-p-
Gbohool. L ,I aW .ow'.

S ,. ', if- ',r ,' a a ,; "

UtA.. ernf lFranlfl int 4L-
M4 two Eqropfta8s md'w> et- o, ale ea nd
n man caught tryinttion mon1
dinmnds a worth so9. iU I5~ t he
000 concealed in the hollow ale at % twe thr

..s fl

"nt-aa.r '--..-

(Notionl y

gular General lAow.iaat
will be held 1R itt*
Company, r nNot V' t. J :
ma City, on Monday sarnikJ295Iflt
at 7 p.m ". .. .- .

In. accordace wi the By i
our Company e .tis meeting ca not
held unlMis oneBMuf ph one of e tOlt -
number of 6N ebbplder are pueyep r
reres6ed by proxy, and at leht on.
half of the e dN stock is rpjMmsSdockL
Stoekhtes who qre t h to Uu to
tend this eei SHOULD OWAMD
THEIR PROXIES in due time .


- I-

rr *

. --.



. ....' '.


S* '
- o^f..4

. -;

- .1

- rfl-'r~' -


It, i!


I---: --- -~ -'"-~---'-i--


-- L -

II -nIlI


. -**

- .-./. -.%;.r


Pip rwI7-r.Ap

meone C 1.

/ 'F

I -


I 1 "-l'
brkn-'- -,



SLakee .

p ..e-ta" i n.0
heaoi....A Bettise e r^ a~aoo ^E
M thq expUve poerW aaa~ m J t
)MUgingm R'uWtlerhg a o
ib..InUrn" t' .
Stioa to pem all.

84 ustatrl... A ee s a

r n tke keasa be gafed by t uatioer'y

What of Te New eorkseo DHead: From the Go-
I'U wAg).. l Tileliold': lve
Brokte Z..r Mtt m. aateac,?petent iuertorm-
..ncsa by Margaret Phillips and .Buah Reilly."
T* ms lS^ Sppey'E iwpw e i^e swwlvy1 critic Gibbs: "Ol~ve
B rookstwmeulme aa-pewrfet. Iwasn't much lmpresged with the
, rest."
.. .- .... .. .

ENW $ GOM fitN mur.Dsuw SOil 4g@IS *

1 14, MAIL, $X
n j M e 9'Mg atsiiie
togish eateat we h it el Ip lat~e
low 'An..-is.

If ee" eoif mae *steM* es be by M*e d > rieeft

espaesnT I, srees besee eede
fo IS S4"*er 'M..eft e i fta Si* e t4M ir Comp*et *eent Wr KM

nw by- Marsan -- -- fi a n
Th r EVlIAnewP %'Uf Ibs O

We g
doSm f t

City.Rated(to my
F,,L ,1 -4b --
X'd-V'.^W- W rwjS^*^Wl^

^*a.^r'^"'' M^.0%

r., the newd
Ia m ..t.ntl *,..




wteek before;

.e Kefauver group.
1%best. It woultlMb "

bel at oipe

S e to uht the
President ha the au-
to troops sent
Tb O4 i r Stassen hold

legtal paint? aw les entire-

tt prt of
cma t mmluy mvwthe rm-
ed fares, iy Witl veto power

aover the bIW ee. in ex-
tree casA, fnd eight be
wit tof' mliary ventures
the Congre ight deem un-
wise. But tosiyh tee Oongress
power to dtnu e..istrategy
would be umontaSf to historical
Amerloan. ,prtwaoe of com-
mand In t uver aipce the
days of George Washington.
Thi whole debate over the
President's e sL a legal
Jawing maten anyway. It will
probably' when Gen.
Dwitght el Wenow returns
to Wushlngs at the end o0
January. wI^ ha reaummends
to the Pr W t OadW o Can -
and become Amecan policy.

ly full ot lmanuemsl s. When
Secretary of IStte Dean Athe-
sIon made hl -faanqus talk be-
fore the National PIwss Club In
Washington a year ago, he.drew
a U. 8. defense linae he Pa-
cific that ol doebat e For-
was bitterly cuH~d.
When the Isa t salees a
Invaded Saotjclha l tt ine,
however. mhIbmson
took the le"ad toamg a
polcy of defe e to Ii e and

- I
; oft

* Kornu.
a ofe aem
? poosltA
1 of the
i Repul
I at WM

oa every

IStates is'
~st 1n~

-"**7 "ilJ.jl- *Wf*Tt *
-__ __ _
'i' 7

Nikel Where Art Thou?

ty 6-0 RUARK

NEW YORK. W e e tearful farewell to five cents from a professional baseball player
the nickel, t'o"he day s ct the and said thanks. even. U he didn't mean It.
common phone ird to a e and e- A quarter was riclm to a yogste. Today
moan. the palag oft he ork hosne of6ual I still get b thrill out of a round ohud 50-cent
age, the a imeleUt. piece that I have not recently been able to ex-
For year the rou hole on the rt tract from the dweIn of a denatured dollar In-
In the public telephone, ha been an M I81.@f my Jeans. Hard money has ever been a corn-
yesterdoW's values and suz6 0a oMl gfoe iorting presence In the pants.
comfort to people wbho do nqt d In not-so-recent ars, it is po le to recall
tqn Woods. parity, Orthe nan la. T that the sandwtch-ad-lem e man mad e the
were secure, at leai,]a the thowFeO thit they rounds of the campus each nlght, aiceptin; a
hadn't yet been able tolae a phoe call lit for each of hi yaMe with emwnum1t
The wtIildhon of y geRod on wa l fOunded and the certainty S profit.l Fit rtat bought
firmly on theft.ka wit cute Ut aom- a pint of noar 0 n= 9hom.-cooke4 ewn whisky
ponents, the five fiWn muplcoats. WA oould which provided thle *ame effect of yearling
be sick for a week ft' lies wh qtkp. Scotch at 9 cents an ounce.
4djaw-h-efkoJob 5ok4adal- uk
m to b 3 atK thi*eol' acrt. for fle you had ulkeb ypu had a fIVlAday's
g^ -" "7 **"^***rr ?*** iu4Ssnanee.a ackUofcliafeues, and trahaporta-
ue price at the riday movie when 3eti tt wo M ways, with a Nob of um thrownIn for
Turi or To Mi or Mabel Normand were babee. The 0-cent haircut w no trainer
"On sil n toins, was ten cent, or In tast od barbershop and (i tsooshlne coat
1:: nIs. The 1 gaseous asault by five .gl pennies. I believe he goin0 price for
the foet-tail loft' drink cost only a nickel. Ex- a =Ittck trim today isNeithr a buck or a
cert eo special o elons when you hit up the buukEaad uarter. while the *0 ne boy splt
touch, you started at a In 3ou0tey for les than two bts.
dCb.esttled gladl or a nikel. Sand wetri not 'A It_4 less than 10 years ago, on an extreme-
to 0".16 waet'a single cent. ly. moest salary. I was the prOud prop. of a
It you went b fak far enough, th. red-fronted '4ria k homeop. servant. one car,
tue" 4 hI13 beisodtheir five-apd-ten-capt oneiPa 12 bIrd dogs. The sununatlOn to-
vs*t,.actttfttb h a mungficence of delectable day 1m the sase except that I somewhere lot
nwehiae 1tostoe sins. The nickel cup- th.hWha tu d If of. the IS dogs. This does not
pacafes wa bandard. u was the nickel hot ueaIo betfotanclal progress.
agg tne is'k b s fare, and .the nickel sand- But al told you might haye gone along with
viLa. r ubsg 00, In z*ake. too, in leu .. decrease in buying power of your
ofitsi Iygcclsta whiol now approaches b<5auaedbwklftheyhedleftusatleastone
Beoteb mnl* ita terms of batter. 4mboloi old times, the five-emit phone call.
It thewU* Js clsnt grayon your whiskers 1 the goiksl dies, as die it hasa the dime's
you'emeuufr wnen a nickel lot you a nod of deaftoU Jt aWound the owrer, and day after
tasnis ftrm a waitress and served acceptably tomorrow I suppose we will uwuelerfully get up
M a ft pto a.=abdiver. It did not own the two bits for three minutes of shall talk on Mr.
dime's dignity, true. but many a bellhop palmed Bell's modern miracle.

H1-leadches Of Leadership

By Joseph and Stbvrt Alsop

WAUHIGTON-One of the chief responbll-
NMis (amid we headaches) of leaderip li ai
grEad.. _U-4trying to understand what
mae r tick. The Korean cease-fire
remoutmon V W d Nations, which our dl-
plomats S efely accepted as a concession
to Our 1 $I=~s, strongly the thepro4-
in erica ia ,Why the
5u rmose else hanker to appease the
In this grove ling way,
we. troops are attacking our forces In
Rat take UMe ease of the British. This Is the
__* '4S.W aleo the most Important to-us
Sthe irt control about three-quarters R
S air baM vwe mants use. in event of war;, to
end our etratpie. aviation against the Soviet
of ft Britain is a small.4 crowded Island,
9f the Eurasian land mass.
With two oceans between uo
Soviet base. The existing es-
teuase of about twenty-five
existing Soviet log-
O500 Imitation B-294 are
*Adanage,'ths country but not enough
go ft. ven now, however, the atomic
Usgie ju)aods @already constitute a fear-
'14-00 sdugo Isles.
-rmansi pressure-mine, which we
II Korea that the Russians are
Sg qua.stity, might sorely ember-
Operations of American forMs;
ot tarve this country out. On the
saying great nusnbers of
e. mines in ritalS's
bly cut Ohn Briisah off
rwmteriask Uthe ad to
ort.alhouga the British
h h W the coutrae at made
InISbt i O-'i, there are eaeel-
thp British people and the
markedly lose hot-tempArd,
people and the American
.o. .............. .n .d.
ttIJ~.bI~ di-f

broil their main ally, the United States, In a
full-sle war with China.
Those strong, fmundastSental influences on Brit-
ih vIews and polcley are strengthened In turn
by thes survival in the cabinet of the old* half-
bakedm "pragressive" attitude towards the Chin-
esOn 4OyNlute. Only a year a m the Sere-
is War.,,< g (, ,,@
ary lWar., John Btrachey, could actually ja
th$ the regIme of Mao Tse-tung would '*proV-
be the best government China had had in
tor ths reasons, the British the
=that Chnese Communim Is
ua not "Moscow Con
and tat a splt between Moecow and P
ae encouraged. -They will no
teir ion this point unless and n
- Chinese launch their expected onslaught against
noufthes Au -. -
ThMUrd, the British explain away the rather
glain eldence of Korea by saying that we
mthe Chiege on their most sealitlve
t9 *ate, hrallowing General of the army
.louglag AN ur to drive to t KOrea or-
d4e. The amgue that the t*l oe In-
tervention in Oto wIfatter wcthe Chinese
forces rather rprsgly recoiled thout ex
plottibg their victory) was in the of I
sharp uaratg to keep away from the border.
Th say further that If the warning had beu
needed, nd ow feee had been oowudate on
t narrow seehk KoXrea, matters would have
&ob"ed" l te British pleaded urgtly
for .bM te narrow neck, they now
fett m ~ak' was ours, and that we
9 h. a l the former close Ang-
camen has dangerously laped.
A mmlf aMd In many different ways,
mesS twoears. Thus Britist under-
u oftw &ANlan w m otlier 'and urnE sU ho
v0 to e point disclosed by P MI00-
Ate's asty trip to prevent Preent
I* i m carnaly dropping a.r 81te1

umor ea Prmlam

State Iamwr

I.e.d Is1. a o0 Ick
SstatSof PIG
.IMistate is I Deed
S-- 4 Two (prefx)
13 Repeats SUp.n
IgCeutay In S 6Alg1 *
Asia Bewilfred
S Makelm Laterel part 24-Isone 43ear (A)
edg"g *Preposition of it seapertws 44 *oist
l ~10a olsost plant 2 6zaggerate 45 Always
*g 10 ell~snmalue slIt raises sCitytan
S11 agn e m 3 t RM $Nevad
I Worthless 12 Maker of much-- Neaa
mas headger 34 Greek channel ilel BM
it yche part IT Mesure of as Willows SSt
Staemd arees 37 Withstand N Anent
= 6sar 20 Places 42 Habitat plant 5 Deltri
a-am(prIOx) 31 Browbeats form tems
2B Was borne
Sn se' s p it
aughel (ab.)
so~t e || "
51 ed~al sufrixj ^i *.L r
a 30&W Wiftfy
a celant" cc -
* Amma

'r-' r

"h'. *.:. *<

I f-b. .,.:.

ma'' -

'-~K'4 "~
* .i~- ~


i, wIU
U. .lbu

* D


na gets Mr atift 2011HOman

Menbile soes th* In th P* nta 'ge ':

whotrb" lastin weekal, asbee gv
R ctt d c theatteNew fUctfrfd adi4

S **SI u.u1sr m1Ws. hat
= tk jft lljl

orn ternLlst l w
o s alaedlwMerigdpw a
p b""a Wbigut d as .B- D.ot allde han even
ROMhe UGWU^ Raheas asddf
on IISS& X*Wf#WW,?^
svwasUW tfrgI W^IS

..i lul. bothat beoadsprgessto
a 91M1ethle arsetothe nw a e

to ~ ~ "r *awtaos hemssh Osterisd om thoe a

MUM anb alays d uldU
8^84M. Pf*aul ^faL

trIds ks IN'w-It ALst thAebtard's e
t he .tohe eW4 askmd.
tomo h't"%W129ator wRpad"te VbI4seontoing tw

ifn the b 14 to ID th waxSpatecoStio the0

OInd attention to dispersal butIs hrwing up n
r ~~ A nixbWIMa TARGET8 S

rW AMwheW the Russians can bomb them ealest.The
,90J centu 0of our new plants are being built In
ares &Iare already tempting target,.
Of 'a lat 80 defense plant now approved
ruotlSO ae posted In Pennylvanla's Industrial
The cutw ab built i the producUon centers Of Obio,
a. ama fhanfi and Tw York-witq a few sattetrh
CalapW *dest VIrglia. Kentuky, California,
Words, olnto f seatterla thsm taitor lM
the c ht e a ist I concentrating them n bign
such lb Detroit, Urlagham, Chicago L
gela. aot oly makes our defense fadUlities mae
but adsto the o uaing, t s.UP tation and educational
of these' overowded oetw4.
hnitally, the new plaUnts wM not be built by td
me. but by private opan however, the
I powerful sM-Ys throughtcoraon my&
the National Scurity Resoures watnsa B
nuBt"o iex ltyWfo %%nb deMdafi faeofX
aetty af c WuUe e are fe i for bitg tu
have oy e theis 3
udlesm to gay, thUis a powerful lever for keep the
owt in line. however the NB, 'while it ba
PKI. has not menrtsd it. As a r t, te onwnergae
their new factories right a e old.
It maybe aorecostlytoMU 0 1eu- plants in reauo" o
glons, but it would be sareg feom aeae" air attack, heni-11
cheaper In the long n
* iWe rival neWboys taking sidWu In the Pearson.Mc~ j
feud, carried onn a shoun match on a busy Wainto
corner the other day ** -go
W"e b1i2 othe Wagthioso Tlni-e-HeC ald
"Bnot cCary accuses Pearaon of publishIng secret

k beoUN029 te doy te f Wae n'h

the "Sbo AauPrao
Mcrtwhy anted oaiii-sW Ulnealhi Read all about it!" ill
mom IN TII OUVE **'
One of the toughest quetiao If the and Ina_
the nnappertloinment of the Roue V Ie tatloe t
with Populationt Alf W of the lut xvmT 1,770, tu*1
i-Iflaw eauiy iouh to trAQWf tou -I n MiM
that aled the leart In population to
most. However ths won 't solve the a te e
Sooner or later Coamrem must facraefgst t l
the chamber our founding fathers shouldid
Deeple-hu&t powJ up with the coUntry. The
spresntatives (17W-9U had 65 menfbelw or one to up
S 1,5" Oeopl*. Today the. radio Is one congreusmn to ap
lately 346,000 people. U a
To use a more modern compariaonm there were about
?loople In- the United State. In 111 w1hen the number
iati was raised to 436. Today we still have 435 Rain
thogh the populatIon ~ti grown by more than a third.
Itertyou HeFrIank Ohelf of Kentucky did some tr
taion k othan day to President Truman In a pie.*
uto sais e membership from 435 to
ri Is want the House s1 big that the tai will
deg, and my bill doesn't do that" explained C "
5mply 6todo something to give the people I
iepre-Btittn they deserve and the framers of the
wanted them to haVe."
Truman promised to "think It over."
NOTS-4Tnder reapportIonment, California (which ha* led
population spurt since the 1o0 census) will pin seven
eats Plotda wl gain two, and Maryland. Michigan. Texaas
gia and Washington, one each. Pensylvania will lose
Npiw York and Oklahoma, two each; and.
kaae Mot, KetuMky -lipIad Tennesseoe ec.


- -* ...-.;a* '~aPttt,

-. : I' .
-L'. o ., -


I V IVV / ---

---" OCS Reopened f

gi.e a. Artillery in Goa.,
When I let It drop that people
i e had been a strip- The Department of the Army continue In oprgtilon for all,oas- fl
Sa o Angeles peel palace a has announced the opening of Of- didates other than Infantry ands o
years ago! -fleer Candidate courses at The Artillery. "
yelped the wis equva- Infantry School, Fort Benning, Appllapts for the course W
of "Heavens to Betsy Georgia and the Artillery Schuol be cltiensof the Th ttnd t
A diva of divestiture? Not Syra. at Fort Sll, Oklahoma, according over 19 fl or age wihod I ooars
e stack of curves who makes to reports received at Headquart- not pet 1d the th t
movie debut in Llert's n tas myC b day at 6e gaMted for
$gerprints Don't Lie," ifted a era United States Army Carib- day a the k
enh of lank blond hair. bean at Fopt Amador, recently. course. Tb -muatS the
irbelle me," said yra The first class of the Infantry school eduoitcin gor
don't take notheeng off. Officer Candidate Course will ent, have a ned a
horrible vot pipples are say- open on Feb. 18. the Artillery score of At lea% t 5 on the- lsedma8 e
brIn chust awful!" Coqree will start at Fort Sill n a Forces Q talfieation t ti qualified. i-
's bent on being a movie Feb. 21. higheronthe aptitude ar.s 1
queen. Since 1946 the only male of-
And she's out to spike the ru- icers' candidate course offered -
mor that she gave out with more by the Army has been available
Sis movements as a bur- candidates at i R radio ",
clnS wse star. Riley. Kansas. This cotuse will HW U ns
10une star, R adto. ".t -Atir. O
SDid I want to hear the real, -- -- .
hOhest-to-gosh sad saga of Syra "f G. I
and how she happened to find lanlrymen o Airmen Set At A4brookK

*gma would tell me.
he would make a clean breath Albrook Air Force Base offliblas the riday sight- lam teaches
of everything! announced today the establish- beginners cato code. Between 50
-_; l v ment'of a radio school open to c1l and 60 fel are already en-
7 YITT IT OPP military and civilian personnel rolled Ip tl easse'
*"'zh being dance star in awit- The P. & A. Platoon of Hq. Co., including all United States civil- The cou es are supervised by
rland" she began. "PtippAesitt 2nd Bn., 33rd Inf. Regt., stole a lan employes not actually cm- Major Wayne O. Brewer, comn-
Spp my number. I am on toes page from the Engineers' book at played at ffic th
weeth'byootfulfans. Very artistic. Fort Kobbe recently when they AAC ootpP Further inforzf-
% W. music Is plehing swan sons ;built a i30 foot span over a deep The school which began about tion me be obtained by callhg
ansi I am come on stage weeth brok in the Revetment area. two weeks ago as a radio refre..h- MAjorSiwer at Albrook phone
fw "." Capt. Oscar Drake, Command- er course created such Interest 86-5215.
I erything was costt docky" ing Officer of this coplpany, was that three radio classes htve ewen
wit i her career, Syra went on. quick with his praise of the :moys established. All three are taught
SE.e wowed them after the war for "their hard work and a jcb front to 9 pm an Tues ay, MOltte MCn
73tLanbul and Smyrna. well done." and Friday of each wee* by qu al- i
She American fleet was in dur- In charge of the work was SIf. Ifled radio personnel from Al- To Be Ord ined
lp her Smyrna engagement and Carl W. Watson, platoon sergeant. brook. In the former. Carib en n
0 out on a special show for Members of the plktoon w1o Air Command headquart rs Tomorrow In Ancon
t1M. worked hard on the project were: building.
F-e said that "they veestled Sfc. George Dool. fec. Flave On Tuesday night the clabs At The Cathedral of St. Luke,
a -' make mochbnoise." Brooks, Cpl. William Hardln,. OC deals with beginners theory ol Ancon as a special part .Of t
A Hollywood agent suddenly Ronald Berzonsky. Cpl. Earl radio to stimulate interest in the Convocation Wee2 activities, the
i po"ed up in yra's life. Moore. Pfc. Gerald Dait, P 1. Military Amateur Radio System Rev. Moultrie H. McIntosh .ill
".l' of sodden," she explain. Kenneth 'Hall, Pc. Joseph I. and ainedd toward e successil be advanced to e orer of
I'M send pooblicitay to Sunset FSmlth. Pfc. Ronald Baker, and completion of an amateur radio priesthood by theRight Rver-
Scan zzet i e t movies Pfc. Heibert Boggs. test. The Thursday night session end H. Heber Gooden, 8 TD.
showkess for me in follies. I'm The bridge was built to hold am Is a radio refresher course r..l bishop of the Epcopal
i gn one-year contract." much as a two-and-one-halt n of the Panama Canal Zdne. Th
S "Fa olles. I'm think maybe Zieg- truck. but since it joins the air service of Ordination will b-
feld Follies. Follies Bergere." strip area with the mountains, ron Me ngs in at 30 a. m. n the
One peek backstage on her ar- where the roads are not wideGr p M nDay of the Conversion of St.
Oval in Los Angeles and Syra enough for trucks this large, only P1ul, tomorrow.
n* ew that she had been duped. jeeps and three -quarter ton The Rev. Mr. McIntosh for
Ehe ad -that she buried her trucks have traversed the span 1,p A special meeting of Justicest six nts bee
-ove In wreiling salts and an- to this time. Lodge No. 832 will be held 7:30 the pat six months has b
bounced thkt she was going back __.N p morrow at House No. 974In carge of the Church'st
to uropeI All la Boca at the home of the dlan Mission work in Nicera-
Al odge's secretary.a.HeIsa graduateofthe
B Dut It turned out that she had LI. A o U. a lodes secreT University of the South, Sew-
gped an AGVA contract and Main Items to be discussed annee, Tenn. !here 1947 he
tae show had to go on. VlU Ul' teirvlt* will be the organizing of the earned the Bachlor of Arts de-
Othervtse bleckleest for me." ed or eE W vustice Social Club and the agree. In 1950 he graduated from
wailed Syra. "Backstage they are forthcoming sporting events of the Virginia Theological Seml-
S esaking me If I could take- offt y et tthe ks. nary, Alexandria, Virginia. the
clothes. ayyah.Ico hbut AUlarorc ThoaFt -- t same year he was -ordaase. as
I vo't! Tro dh Rage smd y astt. Ali" D."1. layailbean A special meeting"oX the Star a deacon In -.Cbrist's HO.H
obe er n A Air Command Flying Safety Of- of Progress Friendly ni Bene- Church at St. Paul'i Churcn,
S The means are yelling and cry- fer. was presented a citation for violent Society No. 1 will be held Summerville, South Carolina. his
minr for me to take eet off. I am meritorious service Saturday at Friday, Jan. 26, at the Loyal home parish, by the Right Rev.
not understand Inlaish. Then the Albrook Air Force Base Dav.d Lodge Ha 1, "N" St., San Thomas Neely Carruthers, D. D.
Sens iss saying I am from Brook- theater. The presentation, ws Miguel. bishop of South Carolina.
I lvn. Iss do not upsott me, becuss -t Mcintosheisttheson of Mr.
I'm not understand Inglish and I made by Col. William M. Brown McIntosh is the son of Mr.
am not know where stand s Brooklyn commander of Albrook. All Members Are urged to at- and Mrs. David C. McIntosh of
.The means don't like me. Lat me The citation stated that "dur- tend. Business of vital import Summerville, 8. C.
tall you. nwas not beeg socksessL" in the time he has been assign- ance will be transacted. The The public Is cordially invited
Didn't 8yra even pull the zip- ed as Caribbean Air Command meeting commences at 7:30 p.m. to attend.
per 0o0n a half inch, I wanted to Flying SAFETY Officer. Lt. Slay
know. has demonstrated remarkace
"Honee," said Syra, "I vafs as diligence and devotion to duy
clean as Swiss Alps. Vuntz, two and has performed the functions
i ens come backstage, esk me for for which he Is responsible la a
piece of my 0 streeng. I am not clearly outstanding and most die-
Smow vat iss 0 streeng. I esk girl tinctive manner. Through his t -
Ui, next dressing room and she forts. all pilots of this command
say, 'Honee, watch me do my stoff have attained a high level of pre-
next show.' I wotch. I am shock- ficlency in jungle and aquatic IW
00 to pieces. I am know wota 0 survival. The Caribbean Air Com- WH S
s en g ins, all right. Ise not mand En route Flight Manuel
sometheeng on violin." which he prepared, published, and
maintains, has proved to be, one
S HE FOLLIES OF IT ALL of the finest contributions to rne
safety of flying in Central and
She keot waiting for the talent South America that has yet been
scouts. They never showed. produced.

me theo'Swis chizz cake'." 2nd Bfttaleon
urra took to the road after "The meritorious service ren-
rethat oetu. dered by Lt. Slay during the he
'No more "follies." though. he has been assigned as CarLo-
"I'm play nightmodel. obbs. Denver,- bhea hai CommandiFly igaf

| Ming gown and bathingon D. C. Th bean Air Command Flying SafeLy
f e allow in movies. I'm got daOfficer has reflected credit Sc-
ni bathing suit in Miami. only upon himself but upon Servcs,
ces Hed tay. I'm toddy Ingt. VOPCaribbean Air Command. and he

Nmg places I got more Iss no t held Stat the AirFort Kobbe Service."
b- Pi. onpples everywhere isa con- lub with music provided by
ttlous to me. They are calling -
me the'Swiss than star. Hugh Howardcake'" 2nd and his orchestra,
urray Lerner of Lppertlen Alns Amonthe offce who w
Auctions heard about Byra and d with their wves
wired her to return to Hollywood. Linnell rst In nI
.'fHe gave her the featured role. Dores ance S t.
DSy ra enthused: Gives oatn C/*..
Sm ing gown and bathing suit. The Second Battalion of LI e

oat the kind ofseen bathe womaing suit 33rd Infantry was feted a a
lking to tallow in onvies. I'm got ac- dance and refreshments last AD IN BUT TAK TO

Ains-Holds Amateur Show m AcflACK- S"K.H 18
tlike Hedy Lamerr. 8Iontestants on*aby Special Serv.ices, S ten
laces Hedy ot more accent 8VOP .and COD. The dance wascAU l

S ta ent s how at the Fort Kdobe MAC.
&I1MC i uService Club last week. Arrange- .::
ment were made by M/8.-
Ralph 0. Herbert, Service Club
w iretor, and Sgt. Merrian E. BACKACHE HOLDS NO
Brittaln, master of ceremonies.
FIt prive was $15 In cash, ad R RO NOW FOR ME
was won Pf.Albert Rosc, e SINCE I LEARNED OF
/ Jr.. oBn., u d In..00 KIDNEY PI.LS
oand pte ft $11 went to-7..
ftmwsQofhale. Btry. B. 504th
3 C t. Alone A.Telese, and
UMa. t le Fernande.

W. raw-
rh, Al-
: a.s.m,.

tion. a .

St.. .:.0 p..
Rbrt r The Re,.; 8. Hawkins,.
to m home Corn a.-
tSt no r a at. 7:30 1.m.
dvn prevlytm fai The Rev Mecitosh,
-ng sad.. St.- I ,7:30 p.m.
S. Th e Rev.A t. Pe-
aowTe w "r S wter' T, A n he Rev
Robert I..
OMIAlA elb ,4 Chrst- -the-sea. Co.
whoare'nstha.s ogxIon, 7:30 pa ebacon Wal-

r to sttd ,h ndto
toca o 7 hear thsadprea

11owed to from ,OJ a; ohbring re-
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*George RATf WMHH UiKa


Itr a riot... Thpte you
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The Forgotten World of the
tram nl The Orient5

Richard Widmark
Paul Douglas, In
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Dana Andrews, In

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The One And Only,
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1 Herda dLsate en David; e A. de mente el calendarlo saadseo. i sba, la inapeeldtn rutinarat Por omandatoe
u ,t Bab-Jerq Lewis, Becrtaria on i Go1e l Conxejo General Uveral deanu *pJe-Los agnteo as- fstado eotA bhli
H rgldas i rardo Martino t tariob ya ha dad o u apoba- i Ifjsaspeabbes GUdede Is Salaud PfiOblcase
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a,9?. ~WastAMs a MICeiea. A. QUINTO CrNTENARIO
,. "I.4 erBeocumpl s apaMIn el 22 de-siL l da
MA 1ENLAACTUAL CONTENDA11 p quin rent sice,
quinto centenarlo, del nac*-
Ha lleado el moment en que las naciaes de miento de Isabel la Cat6liea,
Isabel de Castilla, hiJa de JUIM
i mdencias democrAticas parecen estar inclinadas a I, rny deo castia y do
ftec miderar la actitud que asumieron al encfgrar- mue1r, Isabel de Portu al.
se el S eral Francisco France del gobierne ekpA- lebrar con today olemnidad s -
7I tel. Ed aquella 6poca algunos de los gobiernos xme- to quinto centenario. Y e a- a
rkenea bien por simpatia hacia el gobierno teSri- I A ?cas.orque e a ia .m:
co republican de Espafia, o bien por aversidt al ti, estas Uerras se desoeuve-
tetlitarmso de derechas, se abstuvieron de reco.- L por dlo gsur oeos rae
nmoer el regimen establecido por el caudillo. do y t&e por la inasiatencia de
Por mis de una dicada se ha mantenido a Es- Por Ju par lo quan d ZI
paOia en una especie de aislamiento parciaL Entre t6ba coon pudo diAponer el
| tbite ha surgido con alarmantes proporcione. la ar Ler i se srvarl aos -
amientaza del comunismo, que cuenta en Ia RuSts tura geogrolea del RenadS
r con mis Je 150 divisions, sin incluir las n ento., eon un noble cwt
m-1Ates.LaY Port, ounnoble
trops..dje sus satum tes. Las naciones europeas del rio blapan6fillo, ha propuuesto -
Pai del Atlantico tienen no mis de 20 divisi. exaltal6n del Quinto Coentes
rio de squealls reina rubtis de
,: noa, S u inferioridad pars la guerra terrestre no ojos claroa. active. inteliosntq,
L I.. es aparente sino brutalmente real. digna compaflera de uo dei
ainlosa estadistas mias sugestivas de
Se ha hecho pibtlico que el regimen de France, la ipoca, rica en politicos de
Sqe es decididamente anticomunista, tiene a su die- envergadura.
posici6n 22 divisions intensamente adiestradas. Sin un eQ en Panami esa celebra-
d6da por raz6ri de eats circunstancia, entire otras, cl6n. positivamente interesan- -.
la Naciones Unidas, sin demostrar much entusias- tper a cdiho len l canclG El Clniher de '
no, re"sindieron hace poco la prohibici6n de in- nmen eaje dirildo a los Mi- p Dc HIle H h s
, tercambiar embajadores con Espafia, y el Presi re-nide Isabed el acloa Cao te- 11 Mgmen1 el
dente Truman prontamente design6o embajador de sale tiene parrafoa tan vibran- V ita por aquI
Isi Estades Unidos en'Madrid. ter Comoate: "El concern ----- pot- aq-a
S as Uniauniversal, por el or gano d 8 dor Roberto Canesa, M- Los Acmwds Territorioles y Io
S e ve claramente que las grades potencias mas prestigioswa blatorladoraes ,e n io ,4RelaconeExteriores FrdeIs N cion Unidos
deeen guir, respect al gobierno de Franco, sla de todas las razas y credos, do ,- Salvador, au sefors em- Form C OCIOfeS I S -
ih reconocmdo al margin de sl y. u n id enrTurd mis de e
misqla pfltica que han seguido en Turquia y e n da poetizadoe mra y de n o8 nuy 5 o d l p ersonallda, Per SUMWI ue los otras cuatro serfan de.
YYugoeslavia. Se cree que frente al peligro inminen- prejulcios de Isa oca.ia l n d s d s pal legarAn a E xdaulbseuC _SB 5jS d0 go Iado .xU lm .tadoo naUn b
to no me 'puede ni me debe discriminar muceo acer- fluencta Individual de la IsInig- nuestro pla el vierneo en Is do nos Iw UM i a unIm s ovMe, la -Ora. n i
nte 0 se puede ni se debediscriminar mucto aCer- ne mujer castellana, no a6lo nce i ei el vuelo 15 d la SE.UNDA PARTS Bretafay la China. Eatoa cua- 9a6
ca de las tendencies ideol6gicas de un aliado pO. en la gestacion del descubri- compaflia Braniff. Iro tendr id veto has. eaS
t il miento, sino en la transforms- (N.A.N.A) t' el pwtl d Conaseo ae- "
tencil. cl6n de 6ste, de puro hallazgo l Canciller salvadorefto va NUEVA ZORK. 3at 24 cutivo tteopi Pudlege ordenar
En el case de Turquia no se ha intentado ave- clentifico, golpe de fortune o rumba a Rio de Janeiro para (EPS) LM p, a Uw pla q ue 19 pIea iS*i. ts mill-
riguar si el gobierno actual es representative asi- farm de expanal6n politics o m ir a la toma de poseal6n future organ aitewao o- oW i._ domu. lato- !
u' goierno acua es represent economica, en una gran em- del Presidente Getulto Vargas nal, que se uMro n a tra- brve %.sham.* &ft. enr
q iera en apariencia. S61o se sabe que es antiso- presa moral impregnada del in- zar en el DepaWt to de E- mai've 9. as i govn-
viitico, y, ademis que-tiene a sus 6rdenes unas a.,ne d pueo ,mp.aau.' ciduds a no abandonar las lee- dtada drur6 s ~-t.foe cd o Cdoa
i cuantas divisions bien aguerridas que pueden obs- AMn dice ma3 el doctor Ga- clones de Batrl, Oalindo, hu- presiente. uon tdo, en 1943 a noa .te tirfa quedl- r
.trfr ..lasalda de los ruses al Mar Negro. sto le lagh dealle oerl c dngU me d lnominarinent, Lat nla" qu. ne l in e quo tm wtaslcoline~ oen
lri6 sin duds pars recibir ayuda apreciable de juzgue la personalidad y I pos. teriorde-nto hic.ilr pSs..ld m-ener .Prealdente con- j
part de los Estados Unidos. .eodradejIsabellela 1 unlo dMed eue s .espirstrule an la on n odnedo 8an lo el maro
p u e d e d e la r d e r e n d i r s e a d m l -a r S a s o v mj e s O r la s l e fr a n e i c o p r l a r e da c ei o d e g f e n m a r z o e
En cuanto a Yugoeslavia, aunque sU Dictador radl6n a su traseendental ml- rmrs ricas,o a nha tdad par la Carta de l a Naclones Unl. aW i utlo en a ou S
s comunista, y no podria nunca ser considerado Sn nomnbr spuen OtILeilo red alaaQo dm E t d aulerd& a al u a So @ #nouMeeIfel, la
co0ma tolerant de las ideas democraticaf, ha de- la memorial de todo. los hornm- su bermanastro Earlque IV. dea- organzaeon relimanarl do lee l .a -tostitud a una As
mostrado que es antiestalinista y, ademis, cuenta bresal alpoyo de Is ms insig-. cito e n man usrtadodeln Xne unidas antes a, e entire o
ne aveCtura oceica, a Isl-n terminc6n40Iaguerra,ys I oi
ceon treinta divisiones-un contingent mayor en vilizacl6n y cristianizaci6n de bilJottog de I1. mFrtial. El eto no exOteln dicho eaNa- aqi a u rF. lo a
s oldados que el de aWs naciones europeas. del Pacto continent, y, en Amrics autor He do P l o ternsconsl on la ul* r eS
Sel Atlantico-que podriankntribuir a defender qu bas o patrociio u- eneado pemse: "mrs Los factored qua hileron qu, LA .
d Mediterraineo. Ya se sabe que el Mari l Tito daron Is primerasI e;uela, roY persons de l' a etstu-o tunera rdluer' uns abis toa
I ha reciido tambien, aunque friamentp, cier yu- dis prdleran a "leer a tea mlembro. Las ma, a- ran mr pederass : Los nes.pec. a
A da de los regimenes democriticos. santuare"y inyea lcl6el glds la ia rfn sLupro nesedIs dochitltanej -*
S En sla actual contienda la l6gica de ciertas ideas "quemulmln6tcon lmp e y jdios omeJante,- caruyo 'eatlenConu isWatnte an doR I)a- ue diabsa a con
Setia en contraposici6n a la 16gica de las realidades. peoo de hermandad do Is Re- slanalesry rosean yalo s. sreunis e enoD us Aires aenuniverao .
SPor otra part, se ha afirmado que en el intercam coplacl6n do Iad Leyes d no de qua n a-odes u e mas los ouen 1936, a Comn ise entunlas V s e liti.
diea. ga voluntad tutelar ode n ,1Sd4U opa len pidta If tga d oUA gwe%
bWe de Is, vida international la conveniencia a veces Isabel Cat6lica hacls Iol in- qo el aus lo O jus a ur quoa is hpiabdi ell e va l' oa eS
tite mis fuerza que la 16gica. En tales circuns- dilos- Amtriea que6 mani- irpados encarn:isrDL.e toa t: r Tadel yAtlin- I sl
tancias y tratindose, como se trata, de una cues- ascdtica de todos us actors, en ponba ] vista, mscho le dua- fu6 Is eli6n causadsa por ltgrandea poteoa
ti6n de vida o muerte, no es aventurado predecir suOtestamentoycodieOle en que y redonda: In fresta muyan- el boIaba o de Pearl Harbor. nncashlublese i aot
que no pasara much tiempo para que se admits turales de la. Indian coma a Is ht e cuta ompleto o ue hay es ve nldo M
el r6gimes de France como parte del Pacto del vasallot espafloles darles tra- largas y tendidas t do a a euagrdel6n i de i na gran
to de hombres lbros, supe- yusa los dionts sema. I potoncia i6lo puede inipedirS
AttInuvo. Si se ha recenecido a Portugal COMe random lam prejuiciom eselaviatas esbelladunn, rousaFutEba medljantteiuna oflca Bseinrldad
I Athinuco. Si se ha reconocido a Portugal comoa nd l o a cla l ra a l l* u ir
uno de los integrantes, sin previo examen de SUS de su poca Y poa enelna de cade syrescda y poas lta- cOlbca stpl do 1943, l Pros-
lulates ideotegicos- con Mucha mayor razon se A: e e o dSoncedi0 dos hor ..1
qullates ideol6gicos, con mucha mayor raz6n se noble reino, se implants en A- vYmoreno;a la; la ears, tn u ro- dents -meoncedi dos horas i
admitiri en la Organizaci6n de las Naciones Uni- merica el habla de CUtilla, que andam: las pleirnaE, u a enu oe p rov alo ra le laqu
dae a Espaia, que tiene tantos y tan intimos e soerdo cmIstduee ao rlam- blen entalladaos; loes &s hea l s- I o n est roCot
Indisolubles vinculos con las naciones todas de este bre de nuestra civfiizacidn". fiost voteoados a rws'l" onauitivu pr lo que ac refe.m
SHemisferio. A mia ae on s ti esatL Todavia scribe Hernando delntrl oin aT.A A squolla altu-
Parece ser, pues, que en el 6ltimo anilisis el admire por s r rectan- ca u: *Del estima".b ha p- mbr d co
case de Espafia frente al mundo democritico se re- do verss d 6 Man lq u ra Sentorfionalu o edeob-
Ssolvers pronto. No s6lo hay razones de orden senti. pot ais e ris ae ao rsn Cal. 26
mental. Espafia cuenta con un poderio military adtes.- q en Josu e dl6 Saes hombre ade u e n6sltasn legir ia ple-.
trade, ind6mito y anticomunista. Con los Pirtnesem-_ .. taer, -A-. -t__ __ p-
trado indmito y anticomunista Con S Pirinos To e Cuando Isabel contaba. ua- rl6dlcamente representantes que
; inexpuabes l nort y con su extenas costas Hraneits' db. leer enta Y un S un navasnte outparlAtn au puesto n un Cony 8'
fortificadas sobre el Mediterrisneo, esti en condi. l Eddn alis Uebf e de cd en Americsa. cul todos los niembrosn de la o
-- No merece celebrarse, con- Naciones Unidas delegarian la
ones ventajosisimas para repeler la infiltraci6n memorarse, el Quinto Caotena- autouids suprema. Este conselo
sovietica y para cooperar eficazmente con las es* rio del naciminto do Isabel la eoeutboo estaria compuemto de o
Catollca? Isabel la Chlicsc erar once nilembras, uiete de las cus- Co
Shlaas fuerza democrticas de la Europa OceS- una espafola castellana, lea sarian electo par los or-A I
dental. Ya esti bien. gasi ha regionales, mlentra A -E


NATIONAL, S. A. coNvOCAT fl .-.

Por esite medio se le. recuerda que la con 32 p4glnas RA NACIONA, S.A a A.j-Odinaia qe ten.
reuni6n reglamentaria de ia Asamblea ilustrmdn de dri lugar el dia 9 de Pebeero J 1951, alas 4:30 p.m., en
General de Accioniesas tendril lugar en las ofcines principglft de la Coflw( situades en la Ca.
i la Oficiua Priocipal de la Empress, Ave- *IRRAMIMTAS rretera Boyd-ooinevel, coI losf ukuadmoes I-sCa
nida NorteNo. 77, el Lunes 29 de Enero SNAP-ONM a) Lee, a d Amblei anterior.
en eurso, a la 7 p.m. Irde ,,,em_,,,,. b) En.. g ;rrslric*
r- ~~~~~~~Todo mecaisif, y en generl edspersons b) Elefl gi egfDfktia lll--


u .ts

.: _, ..,- .. ,;L-


ta la 10 m. s. 2 f 1
Ci pr est prop meio a sus c psa so o t adAmbn i .
Sdneral quin tender lubras en P s eficia, a ik tCoi m
ranae -vA hr h atNo. 2idi, l 20 ,d eir ydo
192 a li 8OG P.M.

.. -
Panamlas 12 d m.nero dl. 1951.2.o I ,
reolbirin propumia on s oitn s .
o do Ministrodo Mtro dmP O iera ps,. w

,rante Is: hear hiblhe, I rb "., y.
mstrulonaes do as MIpi., tIo S
Panami, 12 do onero 44 1961.
wMilt'e do Obyaa famon

\ ----
m ma
Ufflllfc <\^

ntresda en raigatas d meleor
De acuerdo con lo que establecen calidad, deblcrludid6cidefcbrerodo c) Examiner y aprobar el bdne, ls cuenta de a.
nuestros Estatutos, esta reuni6n no po- coid wW, pue sap*- nancia y pdedidu, y el informed de la Junta Di. -.
I cerin 32 pighia que dmatben e flusta rectaiva
dri verificarse a menos que eaten pre- ,i sHERRAMIffrAS NAMN-"I
sumtes o representados la mitad miss uno lcdla deihusawuie todo d) Fijar h la nnM aei dd .la Dimectore. m.
ol sem ds. ClaigaMp A ramiw10 pam
del total de accionistas y represented por repai ~ i.w e) Considers: y alow l I Atsi m as.uncos que la
lo menos la mitad del capital social. Su. haios, a msquimuu4& de b s Junt suiT, i mIVidwuaim
pleaI m a loseque no puedan asistir que Ico,,."t d1 to0 acooatM, tMi 1. d s T6
ENVIEN SUS PODERES en la debida pouods h"i,.s, ,ir- Pani, 9 de blm.e' -95L
poratumidad. ,IN*q." .-4AxIO
S --_-,---__-_ _.a.,w

i4 urtae

-- ,

:,:.. ..; -"$ -" -T
.-. ; 5
... ,. ". -
-... *, a ",':, = .;


.'?.". ".,


__ _~ __

~~ _~__ ___~~~_

I- *"-
.-.-', .



~~3 ~
A .. .
Wo J-


-. 145.3
he "'C'
1 W~fr
I.) ... -.


00 I



we g.*
a .. 4n src
"Fr-^^^ -'l?^ "' ,- "* ^ *W ei .
ef lrr'
b aholt6

Mldi~a tat mpS

" : -. 1
g. oloe -so X pro-
5k aqusMlloas

Strta coan "Praram" Jlei
@020 3

., 1227

wosnT I
. senor
an na.

oft MIS JNY1tAI Sem2


NOUVA TOitE orer 324 -
( rSSI) rnorima.rld o de v. 1-
500 w repremetaoi6n de qoulce
pe~se stat aemimnendo. a.
oa ,el objeto de etudlar lw
plane para imnlnar lam bne-
rap 7 sinplfltcar Its formsd-
dem IroaterIua come part de
un programs 'para el toment
de loM veajs nternsacilonals d4

eas seslones del Comit6 B-
eeutivo de la Usid Internasdo
na de doRephMItant 'de Orja.
yV el Deps*tinto de ostade,
ae que atos guerrllleros no
conAtituyen una fuea cobhe-
reste. Su retenals ,-la -s .-
munmate so aeuestra .mdt rm
me bte ra7sa y KIu-
M n de dlm fr t a om O-
"AAn ft -man wm ias fm*. *>-

iSand.- a s Vlajeays nle.a.
itSm at el lunes, con la i
de baear i O s. medios par .
mentor l .vtvialtas a otros pIt-
A Dr. Berber A. Wilkinson;
de ko l Unidos, quien fuA
,eleto e nte del grupo es
l agmbalea general celebraua
*en octure ltimo en DubAdn,


. 8o I IUbrica

din la

ep do Vezuela
WAHINOGTON. enero 24 (UP)
-D. l. sMarlett. Vicedlrector
interino de la Oficina de fPerza
Motl Dpars la defense. declar6
en e'lGacg b quo i conetruc.
eln doe'Uns fabrics de alumnlio

Nn'b de)e sanar de otro. A lo meor- otra
petnsom trat d obtener siu nmero. Ven.
gaas inoaibirse al Club de Laces que le
Of w s en la Ciudad Radial. Lotes de 600

* aler t,No. 3 TelEfono 2-3332


(liUd. No Puede Fallar)

S OLETO: B.10.00
. .

(Se Aceptan Abonos)


ler. Proudot Un talet Mamni6ann El grejo.

2do. Premio: Un auto Hery J.

Ser. Premio: LaVadora, etafgeradora Miquil
ade Coer.


. .

mIt smd Ge is uu g
SAparencen en s t l
del Emblader i

itlge esta reunl6n.
In la conferencia me eatA oon
soderando los Infornmes de loa
itcomiea de la Unl6n MTOe e-
uminacion de barrerw los
vajes, transported, restahrasi-
te, Investlgael6n y org a-
16 eon relhai6n cone l as.

Acabaron de Ilegar


i. nero 24. -
endence" de
mas recien-
mAs luljso
16A rteamericano
fl.erto de Nueva
4ae s aludos de
qu e diet on
At llegair de su
dde Boston.
tico tfuG cons-
S de 25 milloies
"buque insli-
$ de la Amerl-
y laldri el
n su primer
en un recoirl-
-.,por el Medite-

kignC" ea uno de
-lujoisos que exis
b- cublertas es'.an
, cwatlene ripilcas
*a armada nortec-
.tDtoaw de grande
t- bares y salas de
a ,gtitlma palabra
p4A. El Oobileno
Waprob6 la mited
Me barco que pme-
Audos o mis en

I no puede opeiar
l.btseco con reoail-
erstivos. tomando
w gastos de pro-
oala de saliar.s
Jam Unidos. To"a
ibterno tiene inte-
.tr 9ste barco.
e hacerse car-
.bUkb para uti'l-
ra iworte en cas.
P1 "Independence"

jeor a dal'tiln quinlento sact-
dade, 7 t conatruido para
recover la rutaM norteameri-
canat- en ot Mediterraneo.

n toos os esfil

en todos los osfilos

y tomaios!

fl ,q&Ewm -ger stle i I Uil


Avenida Central 113

Goce en el Compo Ud. y su familiar
con todas las comodidodes en el

y la Represa del Rio Sajalices do aguas
frescas y cristalinas.


Cabin.s amuebladas con bafio privado y garage, para
dod personas, haata una semana............... /. 9.00

Ups -N= adiclonal, semanal....................
Habl. aoes amuebladas para dos personas, hasta
ana mse aa ...................................
Sp ional, manal............ ......

de baflo y paseo en botes en
ty frutau quo pueden comer


LONIDIn l. (UP).-
s5 encontftbw e iN. seaoiones des
de die .I V s Na-
vidades. I r 0s s0e-
alones y .a os
problema.? stelaM.ta del
rearme, di alt hurnsa-
no, y. de o; iumnte iiti-
qulldad p ex-
cerioreso AtOr I.: geteOst del
Ahors mtenpa
probable Un". ahem elecclon
qua sae cgf&& uoeU despupEs
de la oesca B la del par-
tido labotit ir flt reo. A pe-
sar de laW ditfl4 4. quo pue-
den pr-n' contar con
un marigon'd .o aietes votL-'s
el Primer MWitatro Qlamenz A-
ttlee ha exprado anu deter-
minacl6n dt continuar on el
blerpo. 'Tib i- I.ha. duscar-
tado comoa PPtOU- una CiSu-
licl6n con Wl Conmrvadores de
Churohlll,-* wnos' que los a-
suntom interotlonales asuaian
proporelones mAi crticas.
Attlee so reunl6 hoy con su
Gabinete Con un temario qhe
incluy6: Ia. LUlar a una deci-
si6n sobre la Ulmada a flias
de la reserva do los cuatro mi-
llpnea que a slrvi Mn en las fuer-
zas armadas durafte la guerra.
2o. Ampliar el' program del
rearme..30. .La poslc6n Brit.t-
nica respeeto a China, y la
contestacl6n a la nota Rust
en la que se ]e ahaosa a GrCcn
Bretafta de haber infringldo el
tratado de amistad por partl-
cipar on los planes de reaume
a Alemania.

Adelantan gestldn

sobre el tratado

de paz con Japon
TOK2O. enero 24 (UP)-John
Foster Dulles. Asesor Politico del
Departamento de Esatado lUesar4
hoy a Toldo pars coitferenclar
con log dirlgentes politicos Japo-
nose v el General MacArthur
sabre el tratado de paz.
El General MacArthur, al co-
rrentar la visits de Dulles. dujo
aue se eneontraba muy compla-
cido de quo al fin se hayan he-
cho esfuero. concretes y deter-
minados part formular un trata-
do de paZ con el Jap6n. Dijo
tamblin que el tratado ha debl-
do fIrmaere hae tempo. Por au
carte, Dulle*(al salir de Wash-
ington dule uao l esperaba lie-
gar a un arre@o definitive den-
tro. de sele meas.
El General Mat Arthur decla-
rd: "No seri diflc, llegar a un
acuerdo honorable justo. Es
clerto QUe los Japon'ea estin
diaueatoes aaoeptar Wr acuerdo
ac e e t eqtouipads dy
p arda para gar n panel
in)ortante on los a untos mun-

=eIa" I
Be espera quo e Iratado sea
firmado sin un aprevia confe-
rencda de paz, ya que todo sera
hecho a travys de los canales dl-
plo;ndticos. En caso de que sea
sat, se evitaran grandes confe-

I' ~W

S te earro, elo autobuaes, @tvau y Mo o.
l o1 *,.'i Is l m a puerta.
,o.a "caons -amando pe to -.

....... e.toi A b., I
W' .. 1

.,^ pifCAN

renclas en Pearl Harbor y otras. a tin de 18
WOe mtodode diut el traift- t donde
do a travds de los cables espUgtto e
miticos. esconsiderado pr t k. .


permanecerh cerrado

Mafiana Enero 25

por inventario

Ave. Central 137


estin desempacando

Colors: rdjo con blanco,
azul con blanco, amarillo
con cafl. Tallas: pequefia,
median, grande.
Especial... 1.50

Tallas 4 al 14.
Colors clarob.

Especial 1.10y



Nuevos models en ray6n y en nylon.
Todos los colored modernos.
Talla !2 a 40.3
Especial... 10.95 a 17.95 -

Tallas 24 a 30. II
OGabardlna y cresp6n
Especial... 4.95y 5. 9 .
Negras, maules, brown.
Formas nuevas.
/. ,
Creha. medleada antpti para
; barritoa y azecoloas del- utus.



SI Ud. dessea un cigarrille verd.
deramente refresoante... fume
KOOL. Refresque su gargantas eo
Ios delieoosoe oigarrilloo KOOL...
Siempre frescos y revsfresant.
Pruebe KOOL boy nla o.







~sat. -?'
p.-~ ~-.,.

1 PM n miA (Refrigqradorau,

-; .- .
-.,~,.,c ~~ ,-, if's




~ ---- I I~ ~

k, Ai


- -sL

! / :'-':* 'i "

.. -. -- ^ -*..
.. *.. '?_*: ,i .':: ; '-, .:. ,

Segudo del temblor-se oye un

estampido, el mar se enfurece

y de las grietas sale agua
El pinico sigue domipando a los moradoree
de todo el sector en que estA ubicado Arenas

v" SANTIAGO, enero 23 (Co-
*' rresponsal). Segun informe:
obtenidos por este correspon-
sal, de fuentes que merecen en-


Con el fin de former el Rel-
nado de Azuero dentro de un
plan perfect de organizacl6n.
por este medlo se cita a los
mlembroB representantes de la
Federacl6n de Sociedades He-
rreranas: Ocf, Parita, ChitrM en
Marcha y Pest. para que en
asoclo de los representantes de
la Federacion de Socledades
Santefas., procedan a consti-
tuirse en el Comitt Central Or-
'* ganlzadqr de dicho certamen.
Dado el hecho de queoel ret-
nado practicamente estA en
plena actividad, as de esperar
de que este Ilamado sea co-

.. Cita: escuela Nicolas
co, a las 7.30 p.m. hey
- le 24.



.. 1-Pecado capital.
S 5-Exclamacion.
8-Hecho o accl6n.
12--Adverbio de lugar.
18-Del verzo erogar.
19-Urnas para huesos.
-:. 21-Semilla aromatic.
23-Uno de los hijos de Noa.
24-Imperative de asar.
27-Conjunto de voces.
29-.Dlosa de ia aurora.
32--Que tiane sonorldad.
34-Ese otro.
S 36-Nombre de muJer.
- 37-Vallea de Espafa.
f 39--Inculpados. procesados.
S 40-HUlo de seda poco torcido.
S 42--Objeto.
S 44--EwIrlUia opinl6n.
S 47-Dereto de los sultans.
i, 1i-Indica menosca.o u ofensas
I2-Relativo a Arabia, Pl.
54-Oxido de hierro. ,
6 6s5-Afeccl6n de la garganta.
56-Cludad de Finlandla.
S 57-De color rosado,
88 --Agarradera.
*I 50--Embarcaclones.
1-Emolumento, salarlo.
3-Alelado, tonrto.
4--Doctor en leyes.
2--6-Fastidioso, cansino.
7-Letra castcllana, PI.
8-Del verbo arr.
9---Tubito para tomar refrescos
10-10-Infusion calmante.
11-En el mar, PI.
20---Arbol de Venezuela. Pl.
22-Humor scuoso de Ila sangre,.
S 24-Del verbo asar.
S 2-Baile tipico cubano.


Los L ado,
dicen que to.
qahli aen celeius a la
hew 'l" doriur, Ijc el sue-
a. Ub. teab dI POSTUM ua-
Nasae. e POSTUM coo aecie an.
. M As acbsarer amendo syuds.
,-! V i POSTUM oal bbre de
o u n 100%. v no coo-
quo conribruv. a des.
AdtmA. POSTUM so lI
4eaMed6n de lenura. come
i-p mros lieido6 qua s
s A, c Cnid.. Pru .be

tero cridito, ya qua provienen
de los mismos moradores, la
jira de inspeccl6n que realls6
el cientifico Carlos Muloz Fe-
rrada a la regl6n de Arena
de Quebro, result un fracaso.
Manifiestan los informants
que mal puede dare una ex-
pllcaci6n veridiea del origen de
los sinmos que mantionen a-
larmadoe a los residq tee del
menclonado caserlo, uando el-
te sefor no Ilev6 a cabo Ia
observaci6n ni el studio qua
dicha situacl6n demand por-
que 6sta se efectu6 a vuelo de
Estamos en condiclones de
Informar. que los temblores en
dicha regl6n continaan con la
misma Intenaidad, producidndo-
se nuevos derrumbes y grietas,
de las cuales sale agua mez-
clada con una terra negruzca
princlpalmente a orillas de rios
y arroyos. Seguldo del temblor
se escucha un estampido y se
nota que el mar se enfurece
Todo hace pensar quo se haco
necesarlo determinar de una
vez por todas si en realidad se
trata de la formaceln de un
volcin, para de esa manera.
acabar con el panico que hoy
domina a los habitantes de la
region de Arena.


26-Resumen de un llbro o
28-Cludad de los Estados
30-Metal precloso.
31-Peticl6n de auxillo.
135---Rezo o plegaria.
38-ArAonidos traqueales.
41-De carta estatura.
43-Prefljo inseparable.
44-8ensacl6n del olfato.
45-Conjunel6n adversativa.
40---Vestido famenino.
48--Liquido que bebemos.
49-Unico, solitarlo.
50-Demostrativo, PI.


uen los temb

La graduaa Escuela

Normal se muana

a las site noche

SANTIAGO. 23 de enero db. t hijos reciben el dl-
1951. Ruegole Informer miJeln M acto seri transmitido
su acreditado peri6dieo quo mn Nacional Emisoras.
el acto de distribuol6n de dli-- t p erAn entregadofl
plomas en la a Nmculs arn i DireodMetor de la Normal.
se ha adelantado para el lue,..- eun de fondo correns
ves 25 de los corrientes a la aUB Iex-director y ex-pro-
7 p.m., de acuerdo con instrut o de lat Normal, Miguel Me-
clones del Minlsterio, solo a' ht umry. y discurs do declau-
siatlrAn graduandos, protesorM s 0 utr' MltO. Mafiana le en-
y personal administrative del variZ de los graduandos
plantel y maeatros del anat, a fin de que le dU publicidad
con el fin de que los p e re de Agradeoto.
familla esouchen e s zMiento Director Normal

No necesitarAn imSpecci6on en

la Zona del Canal los carrots

que vengan del Interior

CHITRE, enero 23. (Corre-
ponsal). So ha establecldo
defiilitivamente el corredor pa-
ra lom carros del interior que
traflquen hacia la cludad ca-
pitalina, una ver que no tie-
nea la necesidad de pasar exa-
men ante las autoridades doe la
Zona del Canal. Han concluido
aqui estas actlvldades quoe on
tal motive desplegari este co*
rresponsal en inter6s de aea.
bar con una prIctica quo. el
Interds de la Repfhblica siem-
pre repudi6 per no considerarla
nl just ni legal.

Esluvieron animadas

las Iloesas quo so

celebraron on AMn6n
ANTON, enero 19. (Correa-
ponsall. Exitosamente ter-
minaron las fiestas patronales
de Ant6n denti'o del mayor or-
den y compostura. La Junta
se reuni6 anoche como t6rzqi-
nacl6n de sus laborers, y el
sehor tesorero de la misma pre-
sent6 las cuentas de las cole"-
tas efectuadasy los gastos, con
un superavit de elen bal as,
que la Junta pa
ra le Rpp-a q.i .-A tse4

dIe U IR '" --,. -.. .'" I

A econtinuaci6n el sigulente
telegram: "Sefor Molsis Gal-
-a, Chltrd. Asunto de que
mea hablaste arreglado con la
pollaot de la Zona. Carros de
omoercio y camiones de carga
qu. vengan a Panama transit
no- neesltaran mis Inspeccoln
meon lea soneita, pues poloiaa
pInamefa s encargarA de esto
en La Chorrera y Arraljin. Co-
mandante Ro mon".
or o u reza el anterior
telgrama se deduce pues, que
Ihotia existe un verdadero
corridor, para *los minterloranos.

Exposici6n de la
Escuela Normal se
iauguro en Panama
Deade hoy podra el publlco
presenciar la Exposlclon de Ar-
tes Industriales que la Escuela
Normal J. D. 'Arosemena, lha
dispUMto presenter en uno de
lo.tscaparates del Bazar Fran-
cas. Be expondra alias doselen-
toa buenos trabajos reallIados
Slash classes do artes indus-
Ua, bajo la dlreacc6n de la
prefeora Celmira Chang Or-

-n "I impera s pam I Ae rIA una rI aa IA leni
Bt.,Zi de4 aJer, d ci6n de al' QU.. que tantb
peeen do Pn ." er &so ha deseado eria una mag-
aparen d otogrWsi: la niflca oportunidad, a --realizar
Ilegada del Comandste Re- se esa obra, el ensanche de
m6n a nuestro pueblo y en i las calls laterales en su de-
trge de la sbainder do las rredor princlpalmente la que da
fiestas al oupresado CoTan- frnte a nuestraloisla, que con
dante. AdJunto a ells hay una el aumentdoe ell a ha qued-
leyenda en done soe dice que do sumamente angoats.
el seftor Alcalde entreg6 la
banders al Comandante Re- Terminamoa nuestra cr6nloa
m6n. Eats Informaci6n es In- con una fellcltaecin muy sin-
exacta. La banders simb6lica cera para el Mayor Rogello Al-
de nuestras fiestas patronales ba Jr.., Presidente de la Junta
fue entregada al expresado Co*- de Festejos Patronales, par su
mandate por el eflor Gober- dinamica labor on benefieio de
nador de la Provincia abande- la comunidad antonera, en to-
rado del-dia catorce. El senior do lo que tiende al mejora-
Alcalde no ha tenido ninguna miento material deoAta pobla-
partlcipaci6n en nuestras ties- clon. El ha sido el brazo fuer-
tas patronales, ni ha contri- te para la realmaol6n de las
buido a ellas ni ha cooperado obras menclonadas, con la co-
en forma alguna para el buen laboracl6n del ouerpo de poll-
6xito de ellas. al contrario, tra- cia y los obrerosa d eatsalo-
t6 do obstaculizar la labor de calldad. De gual manera de-
la Junta en la recoleccl6n de bemos agradeer al maestro de
fondos. obra selor Gutavo OuUllln,
qulen sin remuneramolde algu-
En estas fiestas patronales. na, prest6 today clase de ayu-
come se anuncl6 en el pro- da para aIs fell reallzacldn de
grams, tue Inaugurido el nue- este hermoso cuartel dir lido
vo cartel do polloia por el con aclerto por 61.
Comandante Primer Jefe, la
luz aubterrAnea ya terminada Consideramos qua el Gobler-
hasta el parque, per el Mayor no Naclonal, el cuerpo de po-
Alba Jr., y fue echada la pri- llcia y el pueblo de Ant6n, han
mere palada do concrete pars contraido una deuda de gratl-
loa paseo del parque por el tud para con el seflor Guillln


i .

A U 1:'l 9

4. .-


....r1i_."1 "


. .. -1. -*-*.
-..: rf- '....- ,





Dentr del. I -- *A
mo y 0o I&. 4, n-a -
gran LanaAM IM"
Federaclones de.-
tefise y- n z
el festival que can a B6n
se venia antunomWo,

El &ato prIewWll. IS n6i-
tuy6 muetMd_ 6- vMto eml-
tidos a favor de 1wfettes
candidataae w uMa pOr el
cotro del BRelado t. Apero.
Instalado el- JuiM1o ecruta-
dor, y ants Is 9f BU1 df los
representantes doe. ecandida-
tas, el resultado [ue el sigulen-
Doris Edith Ortega, Macara-
cas. 3,768.
Edilma Eppino L6pez. Las
Tablas, 2,48.
Maria d Carmeno Cedeflo.
Lajamina, 2,7Tn.

y el Mayor Alba por mu altrula-
mo en beneflelo del progress
communal. na voe dq allento
parsa la-r continuateldt de las
obras emprendidas y que el
pueblo continue contribuyendo
parsa u majoramlento,. ya que
tenemos elements anuentes a
cooperar on toda forms, miran-
do con ladiferencia a los diso-
cladores quie solo miran el in-
Ster-s proplo. -.


-.. ,- -*
qe uxdste fifi
DAVtD, 'iO 23. (Correspon i
581>. btotmscacloni proS-
dentedeel tlMto de San La-
rnso dint a"a en La Rats
de hey, d nueves victimaa que
viene ceauahno entire los Ind"lo do
la epideMla, manifesta-
clones *o v6*tftoo de d angre,
flebres y diarea
Se meiona al Indigena Ml- hoi
uel Vejarano como la perso- el pM

Elba Idtth Vargas, Pes6 2,7U6.
Carmen mitra Croswalt, Los
Santos, 1M30.
a gl::
A 1M poalbles candidates por
Guarrt y Sea JOa6 so les ale -
n6 100 0 t ,ads uad e.

Do aseuado don el resultadi
obtenidt Itatnabs -que la siml
pitlea Betty so ha puesto a li
caboa de est torneo., 1 pr6-
ximo aserutllto ae ouevara
cabo el 3 de ft0rero en la clu-
dad de La Tabl -. LOS Infoer
mu re~lid n caespMltan pa.
ra antlto e eqt. proporo-
nara orpreb. Con
today sNputilds hltr, Oc'. Pe
dasi, Todmt y otroa pueblos a.
credltartn aus respectiv can-
didatas, ituact6n eat quoe In
yectari m A i lor a.l lu"aa.



Se ruega a nuemtrfm corresponsales ser
brevoe en BUs informlsones, pues debido al
poco espacio con que aentamom nos serA iam
possible insertar sus noticias-a tempo.

La Secci6n de Materlale y Cornpras del Ministerio
do Hacienda y Tesoro reolbri propuestas corradap ha,.
ta las nueve on punto de larmnafana del dia 10 de
Febrero del aflo en cursio, por el suministro de medi-
cinas para uso del Hospital Santo Tomrai.
Las especifioaciones geran entregadas a ie dS
reeados durante las horas hAbiles de oficina.

Jefe de Matehales y Caqmpr






', It

de la Delega_ .




-. Io

n sqa Atum

prbi -ur.. a. :-

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sada pidendo qe se califlque
a China Comunat de agrew


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mejores programs

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desculdo umnentf
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La frrftecliu bWIt.
rable, lo ardorem o
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I, do J A oar ontinu l s
daef tOS 0iarlM AunA

doAsftM Aeo l Judith
Mim ay C. de teia Ui-

enu te oun a muh
fta Hilda Foneca z
P7 ItogRoeMe Dina Jr.
5 A MWO jd x lard Bilaeniok Pan-

b at togar d se elo ep 1os
ELIEa Mto y do *u Bra. USA
3 m Ue as ha visto a-
iaradq s9on Wl advenlkeni m eo
=adio y deseamo una vida
e a de alegria a la reieta na,,
: aid&
Pana ftejarle el cummple.;
*ame de-laO ItaJUdith bwQ
SaW A M ta6r
dre. Vara Judith nueestras fell-
0tt la ge i qm sumla mucholy
Oatno 80 am. atrm deseos.

Apoadde lOa reli6n
ilala' de oatl fslaaoto, cludad

ld la m, 0 l;rtes. es tendra
IL reunl6n menmul de las Ce-
ladorma del AQ lsdo e laI
Orael6n, a .a Ig n el1 Sa-.
16on ParroqulaL

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Piden rmenoacld6n

de los as doa

(MUM) -M h iMN rlo de Es-
tado, Dean AoaMOm eree qJ, laI
ley sabre a sufdofl o -o
reci rocos a partle otn... 'Al
de la politics exterior de loIs
Bstidos Unlida y quoe a .usu-


ria Ielfaai se Dewneisea, y em aqu" sonm s smummau w
oa del Juego complete do preldas quee .l ari t.mmaaj
nO del screse del aio ipmdo, seoflorita mia feee el
-tc. ra o .____._e e

er Ie& lase a e l obJetivo dte la
n6aof dc lae cul dependent la
for -al uda del mundo e *a"ONU" 5es ur a
bre. I

Mel ret'taro expre eso oa
pinion el lunes ante el Comult
de MteIm y, Arbitros de la 06-
mars eRo s pertura de sla au-
dieelst Beeresd de ia pr6rLa
de 14 ley per otrost res airo,
La ley acual, que expire etli 12
de JuntoA fua expedida por pi-
mers ve en 1943 y ha sldo Le-
novadI perl6dlcamente desde
entonees. Ella faeulta al Pre-
uidente para negoclar con otroi
paises sobTe la reduccl6n reu.
proca do Us Inpuestom de na-
truccl6n a fin de fomentar el

"Cada renovacidn de la &iy
Intercambio Internaciooal (Id
Por Q OOngMae",. dijo Aches.:r-
"ha sida va 'Dueps ndlca--:6n
al restod del mundo obre el de-
seo de los btados Unidos de
sedmm mm u S 6n s cons
t eM q .,pdnse n del


de vivirl
J1Q ft sc ta.uhft bd*"ara

AcalS Johmas l sas swime irri.
-aie de Is pleB... jalis
bfra y oavi Am" .-.e '

- AC. K 1m



I ggQ

todos los pueblos
NUEVA YORK, Into 24-
(UBIS). La unzlfaefin del
mundd libre en pftncia de
la agrest6n y de laW amena-
zaN de agreali6n es el objetivo
central de los esfuerum a las
Naclones Unidas, aegtn ha de-
clarado Warren R. Aultil, re-
presentante 1de c Ie aos 4-
nidos en la ONU.
Al hablar en un almuerzo
ofrecido en el ltimo fin de
semana por la Socmldad Inter-
nacional Benjamin Franklin, Is
cual present a Agthn una
medalla de oro, declar6:
"Cadsa piembro dc tojdo It-
bre, solo, as domamitllA ro bG i

comercdo mundial, y abora, co-
mo en el ipado, rmafrinas
eata poUiIca ".

t mB tW-c%'..


*I. M

-' 0-"



Si diviione comunmuia

stAin operando en grupos

2.500 hombres en el centreo
EN CORBA, nero 34 (UP) Loa ataqusa at1res.
Loa avione de combat north4e- i it lamino para qu
amerleano doerlrbarn un avtu paU de tiens pu
de retropropulsl6n Ruos y Avu- n YongowoL aand
rlaron a otres dos, en la qitl- .u trop de tierra o
ta batalls area qtue so liora ia tropu anad v
en Corea en eineo dias con- Yongw. denupe A9 I. L
soutlvos. Tomaron parts en nea allados a bablan
data batafla 16 aviones amnl- deado. Pn dU malho el.
canos del iUpo F-84 y 20 avo- de Tongwol dioe q" q
nea comunlstia. La batalla di- diviado a 15~,Wior ae
r6 quince minutes y 8e libr6 Incluendo a 00 m0l0
ceroa de Anju a 70 milas ej so e i1 nfiltrtndo as d
la frontera de Manchuria. 0- lla al sur de Toawel'
tror 16 aviones amertcanoas e
eantraah en formacl6n puro C1vMPLA AOB
estaan muy al rate pars parti- ,
rpar en la batalls. El total dF
bajas roas en esta, batallaa es
el augulente: Cuatro aviones de
retr6propulal6n detrilbados, ~-a
co avienes averlados y otros
Lrea probablemente deatruld .s
NI up avl6n americano ha q io
Otras tree formaelones de a-
viones norte-amerleanos vola-
ton saobre el noroeste de o-
rea sin enoontrar reulstencia
alguna. Otros 32 aviones de re-
tropropulal6n lantarop bomoas
dc mil librai a tree tOneles et
Hulchon, y no encontraron to-
slatencia tampoco. Cuarenta a-
viones del tipo F-80 (estreailu
fugaces) destruyeron v ar I us
puentes en Kunu boy on Ia s
hana y otrox 20 destruoeron u-
na locomotora y varoes vag-
nes de ferrocarnL
Los allados ban degtruido 21
aviones comunlstasi ean comDS-
tes adreos dead el mes de No-
viembre, y averlado a 89 cI
otros slete probablemente dai-
uulIdos. El General'George E.
Stratemeyer, Oomandante de
las Fuersasa Areas en el le;-
no Oriente, dijo jubilant qie
los vines de retropropull6r,
"han sobrepasado odos los oai-
culos 6mo un arms do apo-
yoa las fuerss terrestres y RoY flbtft ew'
como aviones de combate. pie 4aA d a e 1
tavlo w J, hn
TOKIO. Snere 24 (UP) Ontav i ue10 oho c A
Las fuerzas de laI NaclonS U- ua Otlgp rkarque f
nidas avapuaron a trav6s de che, metL v w cal
la "terra de nadle" COaeana bahiM U IUSeutef
entrando en Yongwol y or's sanab itee. ?4Os
b .identifltar a& Is r _..
.Oi ir em a- .

munlata ea Tongwol, I iW
ha encontriad nngna
ola communists en el serol r-
Lao se Wonju.
S, Mia al este lax trOpai de
SComeai enaaS. d erslr Im s dos divsiones norcoreanai c.-
rleS'-leSs Major" stn mensaron a infitraru a trsMa s
60ml u0o. t a yute d, o de las lines del Octavo BJ6-
s o s- cilto en laS montafia Sobauk.
..O. En Is pRime fotrIsufi SB ha reportedo .quo elomeSuw
p... ~en aios _vemiss a haoqs-
Ulenao ef premIo -a nSl ofiSins de por lo mono sels divislonau
comunistam estmAn operando 60
millas detras de lao line& a-
ladae. en grupos de 2500 ca-
Celebran reunion da uno. ,o ptrull aiadr-
a d d -pacodo en el esca-
graduandos de 1935 pado terreno mlentrai se L-
g man os e 193 contraban caoando tropas co-
munistas que me ban InfiltradO
Loas graduados de 1935 se reu- Por u par. 34 avlones drP
narAn en el Instituto Naclonil cars del eJirlto lanIron 150
eats noche alas slete, con oo- toelada de abatso a le trn -
)*to de di deu eIeart uu- pdo u sr o s acWon
o dicutir clerto n- pa de las Maclonse Ulndas que
oe de Interla pars todo el gi.- dso encuentran on el sector n-
po. trial de las montaflas. en dole
Slash via de eomunleaclonse ef-
Be nos ha pedldo sollcitvr n amenandan por aludge y
la mayor aslstencla de los gra p er troaen rojaso
duandos a fn de evar fnioNea ls, L"a tropas de lams aclon,
COncluslones pertlnentes. Unidas aasbaron con lo qdt
nareeia un Intento de dosem-
Sbarco detros de las lines alSa-
para reslstir Is presl6n del ata- das en la costa occidental. LM
que de un poderoso Imperlo allados destruyeron "numerao
Ninuno de elos. ContiAndo a s 3" bota en el Rio Ansan ed'-
los Estados Unidos, Puede h. ca d Ge Ponrtack a37 a milla ai
cearse lo suflclentemente ode. sur de 6eal.
r Lo para.una defense separa- Lasi superfortulezas del :I b
Las medidas coleetivag son D-2 levaron la destrucWcn
dictadas por la necesdad. i m sector noroeste de Corea. 18o
zando 300 tonelada de born-
Los miemtbroa del mundot 1-. ba. doetruyendo lon dep6stoa
bre, al actuar juntos, counhiat- de Is buse doe homuab a 20
yon una preponderancta de po- millle 1 note de ChongJlr Y
derlo en proporcl6n de dos a 610 e 20 mills. de Is fronter
Uno. dujo Austin. Asegur6 qu e Sovidtlca.
la determlnacl6n de la naco- Haita short n so s iabe iO
ne fibre. por forjar su pode- ins tropas alladai que M Ce.-
rio unldo medlante un progra- cuentran en Wontu ziermaneie-
ma de.- nedldas colectiva, a- rAn pot iWbo tUemno deniio
d ooade reentemente en Ia de la Icludii ye aue durante
ONVJ. "es la meor y Oltima los g ltimos dfsu. 6eto trOwi9
erpeMna". y una divLiain en- '"an entrade a Wonlu dura"-
tre ellas constitulria una frarn e el d ai v 1 hin abpndonado
e ltnvltacl6n a la agresi6n" n ia s oebe a fin de evitai I-
a poelble oioecscda comunl-



ate medole a u

@WW MASANA ff S U do
.. M lm Ohflemda o Sth ato

Dafb, Ilm

S/on Extqi:




Le famill. ve a gozor do
vas CmsedV come elpf

Lot riaoltimos Pqsqumqu ALa
Jasinma preprau s una d per
tre. porque vienm y limos. T
lo quo amd diae A4& her ban
anp iage pun* de lecae eM
*b rue mth-i, bwI y bp M
do. La unao debt temu ng'W-
menclie7on&Cs nl*-,
Sdome ad l pamquadm M e Is
Sa don leaqOqr pro l M o in
comma. -Soaq euisit

I. -- -.. gA2laqaa


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- uumeinn,

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Mi-hmneasu Bienes Rakes Autom6viles

w. nberma nr,
eglade, Fir-Tu Ic 6nS

uirlwi m blM beLi em pIde.
^ t li* k(bam on ess.
a gc I LOBALIS. Vie EIs-
r ,~ a Jua Fhnce.. Tel

-" i abrdino a B.4.75. anon B.8.50
.. Tbtcol Wosted. B 4.50, on-
S ts 8.8 50. bonitos color. bazao
-.-" MhU Apewehb este rebel.
AI'I -MM da rcibir aswnmi blowv.
,i. Cl. Dulcd.o Gonzilez. FibAlca do
u, sito. Avrnida Cuba No. 8. Po-

| SEM VENDE:-Cal de 56 bras el sa-
,o. Cll. Dulcidio 1Gonzlez. Fibri-
S- do Mosicas.
t.2T pmiMem. Ud me pusde filltr.
S pets Mmer II. 1951.
3$ St VENDE:-Juego MLebles de cao-
ba oora cornedor. biEn estodo.
* Colle 45 No 15 Teletono 3-
SE VENDE -Plataforma nueva pora
truel. Calle H No 18. Tel. 2-
S. St VENPI --Adauiero sus tiquetes
S de lo Ritfa de Los Leones. pot Sis-
temo de Club en La Case del Pan-
'ro'on. S, no se Io goan pogando 8
I 00 semonal .durante Doce Sema.
'' s trmbien sele ertregoa u ti-
L. -b- -

VENDO: En Calls 7-Vis IellerIe
Pemav. coast de concrete do dos
recimaros, salad, comedor, cocino,
porch y servicio. Tiene hipeteoe deo
*.7.750.00. IntemeMl6ts TMelms
VENDO: Precio razonable -p
cesi suave marc BAWLD INI,
Calel Rom6n Valdcs No., 1, opar-
tomento' 2. sgundo p fiso' frontsa
Ia Farn ocia do Gonzilez Revllea.
cuartos, late grand en Pueblo
Nuevo, antre 2 carsteras. Infor-
man 9-12 2-4. Tel. 2-0378.,
SE VENDE: Bonite residencla,
grande,. modern. con terreno cos-
todo carratera Central. Informed
Fomllio BInns, Aguodulce.
SE VENDE-Terreno con cas oamue-
bladao con todo s comodidads,.
en Cerro Cmpon no. B.4,000. Dos-
cuento rozonoble. Tel. 3447, Bal-
bb VENDk:-Lo ultima case d ur-
banizac>6n ICAZA Y NAVARRO
en calls 13. San Franciscb d laI
Caleta, J recAmaras. sola-comedor.
cocina, boni. Late do 406 metros
cuadrados. Informed: Juan Nova-
rro, Avenida Cuba entire calls 25
y 26 Este. Tel6faono 2-0481.
SE VENDE:--0 so aceptan propues-
tos para arrendamiento par con-
trato, plazas cortos a largos. Late
1668 metros. Calle 5o. Vista Her-
mosa. Inf6rmese Novedades La
Invs,'6n. Tel. 2-2071. "Picordt".

SVENDE -M-qu;na de hacer blo- SE VENDE: Ponaderia v Dulcerla
SVNDE Mquoncret m de hoc"Besser Clle 21 de Enero No
ques de concreto morco "Besser 10, Manuel Senra.
de tamai,-os standard Avenidao 10. Manuel Senra.
de Julio No 51. SE VENDE -Bien siruada oborrote-
- teria. carniceri y refre-.queria. Co-
SE V'NDE:--325 gallinas rcnedoras lie 20 Este 3. Inf6rmese alli. Te-
CLeghorn). Solpc.te Rio Aboio, co- I :no 2-2845. Gonga.
Je Central, case 2230, Josufa Al-
J Central cs 2230 Jose A SE VENDE:-Lote de terrenoaia de 15.-
vorado. 425 Mrs. Corretera Tronsistmica,
'15 milias de lo capital, antes del
Cuondo no encuentre alguna especia- puente de R o de Chilibre, Rio al
idod que necesita. visit nuestro lado y atris. Arboles frutales. 15
olmacin en Calle Martin Sosa. Alli cts. el metro. Informe Sitio Chili-
tenemos un extenso surtido de or- bre. Llayo Shnchez

3. tkculos pocos comunes: pernos, 0-
'. rondelos y tuercas de todo close v
t*.oRO, torniquetes, pasadores.
-- genchos de today olae. teeales, bro-
A"ve.A Norte 83

l. nal de Panoma ofrece an ven-
Sto l rejor st los edificios nu-
- mres 459. 461. 474. 476, 478. v
.. 480 en -Ancon. Se recibirin propues-
tas sellades en lo ofiCino del Sup-
' sly and Service Director err Balboa
-ieights hosta las 10-30 A M. del
X' Doi 30 de Enero de 1951 cuondo se
tbrirAn en public. Los formularios
Sde popuesta con detalles completes
a, podrin obtenerse en los oficinas del
Supply and Service Director y del
FM'ousing Manager ar Balboa Heights.

Arliculo, de Cam .
SE VENDE:-Frigfdaore today de par-
Scolona Suitido de muebles, enseres
S.ids cam. Calls H No. 61. Apto. I
S Telfono 2-1274. Panornm.
i 91- VENDE:.-Estufa de gas, cuatro
" quemadorei. en perfect buen es-
t todo. Precio razonoble. Calle 48
-' No. 23. Apto. No. 4.
SE VENDE:-Estante. c6modo, estu-
S k de gas. 4 quemadores, vitrino
S y cnrro Chevrolet Coupe 1939.
Todo boralo, colle 13 Este No 14.
Apartamento 17.
If VENDE:-Juego de solo. en per-
fectas condiciones. Calle 29 Este
caso 15 Apta. 3.
SE VENDE: -Congelador de doce
huecos. 6 db congelaci6n y 6 pa-
re enfrior, B.400. Ave. Central
S 275. TeL 3-1619.
j: SE VENDE: Par motive de viaje:
Un chiffonier, una c6modo; un
Sjuego d comeador, una refrigerado.
rto eltctrico; uno estufo cde Kero-
.. in: un rodo; 3 comas y varies
titles cde cocime. Todo power B.250.
00. El apartamento se puede alqu,-
lar. Calls "Q" No 9. de
S sla cantina. Tel. 3-1619.

SE VENDE'-Por motive de vioie
vendo un armorio de dos espelos.
uno mesa con silla. cama dob!e de
metal con colch6n Todo B.85.
CIlle 46 No. 27, Apto 18. de 10
e 12 a. m.
SE VENDE.-Juego de comedor. be-
rato. Ocurro Avenida Norte 38.
Per motive de viaie se vende una
hermosa recimIra de caoba, un
juego comedor de caoba, en per-
fecto estado. Perejil. Calle 2a. No.
1 3. apartamento 10.

SE ALQUILAN :-Dos cuartos en Via
S Espoa. Telefono 3-2940 a sol-
SE ALQUILA:--uarto con muebles
Entraod separada. B.25.00 me--
uml. Avenido Ernesto Lefevre.
Parque Lefevre No. 32.
T OE ALQUILA:-Cuorto refrigerado.
Sinformes colle H No. 18. telefono
SE ALQUILA.-Uno o dos cuortos
-,: hWWInhos. Preferible para guardar
i"suAebrW. 4.15.00 cado uno. Verlos
ip 4 a 6 p. m. Celle 51 No. 3.

lnM cocina y muy
giTf6I t 3-2286.
os frente al
si.teciAn de auto-
,. oMetimonia oa oven
ll^ l u At2 de Enero No. 5

,",,- 4:

de 2 recamoros con late piano en el
meijer barrio residential. Precio,
incluyendo acctones del acueducto
y plant elictries., solomente B.5,-
900.00. Inf6rmese. Wolff y Cia.,
Calle '5a., No. 22. Tel. 2-2388.
SE VENDE:-Sal6n de Bellezo "Do-
ra". Acud Plaza Arango No. 1.
Tel 2-2543.
SE VENDE:--Comisoranto chico, par
motive de violale Precio borato
Calle Colombia No 2, Bella Vis-
GANGA! -enite Ileo de 2.306 MI.
en Ia modern urbanizaci6n "Los
Cumbras". con frnte a la coarre-
tera Tronsistmice, 9.1.00 metro,
Tel. 2-2277.
sa de'4 opartamentos No. 22. Ca-
lle 48. Bella Vista. Haga su ofeita
a Wolff y Cia., Calle 5S. No. 22.
Tel. 2-2388.

SE VENDE:-La reftresqueria y aba-
rrOteri lao Valcana. Situoda en
calle II Oeste No. I11 y Ave. A.
Lotes baratos en El Congrelo a cual-
quier otalro lugar que Ud. desee.
Chalets de 2 a 4 rectmaras en la
Exposici6n v Bella Vista.
Raberte Mir6. 2-1215
SE VENDE:-Caesa de dos piues. plan-
ta bola, de cement y alto de ma-
dera con terreno de 1.000 M2 bue.
nos condiciones. precio razonoble.
en Via Belisarlo Porras, San Fran-
cisco de loa Caleta No. 151. Pars
informes ocuda la misma coa"
plant bajo.

SE VENDE: En la calle prinpipol
del delicioso VALLE DE ANTON.
frente a loa escuela. bonito lot de
terreno de 4.000 M2 con vento-
ia de poderse surtir de ague del
acueducto a bejo costa. Se deseo
vender rip damente y par tanto
oferta roazonable seri aceptada.
Llame a Paredes al Tel. 2-1109 en
horas de oficina y despuis al Tel.

VENDO:-La fanco San Jos0 de 5
hectireas. cercadas y con buena
case de 4 dormitories. irboles fru-
toles en producci6n, gallinero.
criadero de cerdos. Fincao ideal pa-
ra fAbnca, taller. cantina, restau-
rante. S61o 5 millas de Panama
per la transistmica. Precio de oca-
si n. Consulte MARTINEZ, v a
Porras No. 58

SE NECESITA:-Troplche con motor
pora moler caTo, minima. 50 go-
lanes hora. Avisar Tel. 3-1203 o
Bern, P. 0. Box 2096, Panamai.
SE NECESITAN:-Dos hombres 16-
venes con experiencia en vents,
de buena priesncte y con referen-
cas. American Protection. A%@e.
Central 47 No. 24 altos.
SE NECESITA:-Empleoda para ofi-
cinc, espaotl a singles, necesor.os.
Llame 3-1469. PanamAi.
Si NECISITA-Secuitvrie sMa epse-
deaele en ees.emelfie y mecene-
graefisa em ilks y aeselneis.
Agenmel Nesh-Wylsl Ovelwd
Tel. 2-1790. Pamid.
SE NECESITAN: Empleadose.prar
refresquerlo; 'competentes y en
referencias. Ave. Central y Calle
26, frents al aopltolio. ',
SE NECESITA:-Joven para menso-
jero; oyudonte. oportunidod para
evonzar. Acuda a la Cla. Interna-
cionol nmportadora en calle 6a.



SE VENDE:Ooft 1946, 4 put
tas sedan. Derachs pagodes C
220.-, Albrook A -. Tlek
5191. t -,

SE VENDE--Un pick-up A.-4. '
da. Chevrolet, buws condlbic
6.400. Clo. Dulcadlo Gonalu e
brice de Moalicos. Aven;da t
No. 8.

SE VENDE:-Cadilloc Coupe, per -.
fecta condicl6nes. Call H No. J13.
Tel. 2-2948.,
SE VENDE:-Pontioc Sedan, 1940,
4 puertas, 'B.275. Ocurra .United
Fruit Co. Panomi.
n__ _, __ _n1,

VENDO:-Pick-up International 3-4.
1947. Perfectos condiclones. y
ptlio acnvenclonal. Informes tel-
fono 3-2127. 1
1950, 2,500 mills, $1,850, f-
cilidodes. DueAo soliendo del palm
esta semana. Color grs claro, lion-
tras. Derechos pagodos. Tel. 3-
0125. Residencia 3-3445, Pono-

SE NECESITA;-Empleadoa responsa-
ble, debe dormir en el trabajo.
Calls 7o. No. 9.
SE NECESITA:-Empleada. Colle ao.
Perry Hil No. 19.
SE NECESITA:-Empleada serial. De-
be dormir casa. Ocurra 6 p. rn.,
Colle 16 No. I latr.s Tearro
Roosevelt.) Son Francisco Calet..
SE NECESITA:-Empleada que sepa
cocinar bien. Colle 46 No. 32.
SE NECESITA;-Cocinera que co-
noxca bien su ofcio poro 4 persO-
nas, B.10.00. Ave. B 61.
SE NECESfTA: Persona qu siepa
cocinar, inulti prmentorse si no
puede hocerlo. NO tiene quo dor-
mitr en l empleo. Intormes Cam-
po Alegre, Ave. Manuel M. Ycaza
No. 26.
SE NECESITA:-Empleado paname-
Ao con referencias para cuidar
nino y oticio general de la casa.
Debe dormir .en el empleoi Pare
informaci6n preguntor an el Co-
rnisariato el Coca en Via Belis-
rio Porras Jueves en la moAmano.
SE NECESITA:--Cocinero con expe-
riencio, debe dormir en empleo.
Buen sueldo. Colle 50 Este No. 16,
Edificio Son Remo., segundo pirm,
mano zquierdo. -
SE NECESITA:-Empleoad para l
servicio. Debe dormir en trobojo.
Avenida Manuel Ycoza No. 18,
Urbanlzacl6n Compo Alegre.
.i .- _._'. .

SE NECESITA:-rUna cpcihero. ue
sepa coclinar. 'Colte 48 to. 33.
SE NECESITA:-Empleada que sepo
cocinor. Buen sueldo. Calle 48,
No. 23. Apto. No. .4.
.SF NECESITA:-Una persona de 30
a 50 amos de edod pareo culder ni-
Aa de 2 amos. Debe tener expe-
rienciao en Iel oficio y racOmenda-
ci6n. Ave. Ecuador No. 4, bolos.
SE NECESITA--Ninero con expe-
riencia, necesaro sea responsible.
Smuy buen sueldo. Calls Colombia
No. 20 Apto. 4

PERRITA PERDIDA. Se gratificarh a
quien informs sobre perrita negra
"Salchicho" perdida en La Cresta.
Tel. 3-1309.


SE ALQUILA: Chalet omoblado
par tries mecs s, desde I Iao. de Fe-
brero. Precio raonabi*, Tel. 3-

Useless alutelse esein iwerte
heange. PINTUBA 1NERAL. I. A.
Tel. I.8.
Day pesos colomblanl,. tree par un
Balboa. RefresquerTa Restaurante
"Pequefia Paris", unto Testra
Eldorado. Preguntar Poncho.
a. BROUWER-Pinte de cases,. con-
trotista. consejol ticnlcor. goron-
tiea pao n oao. pr'sup JtenOS gratis.
Tel. 2-1276
Joveria "Leny" avim a suI clientele
se sirvan retirar sus ljoyals. Calle 9
Santa Isabel, 8066 Apto. 5, per
traslado a Panomi.
DO VALLE DE ANTON. cuortos a
$2.50 y 1.50 diaria. Comido a
Io Carta. Precios especiales par
semano y par rel. Para reserva-
ciones Tel.* 2.1112 Panomb o di-
rectament al Hotel. ,

CASAS BARATAS: Todo el que
tenga un late de terreno podri
conseguir su case propia median-
te el plan de cases borates paga-
deras en 20 afas. que proyecto el
Banco de Urbonizaci6n. Sea pre-
visor, compare el suyo hey, los te-
nemos deeds B.600.00 on. urbonl-
zaciones modems. Telt6fno 2-

Tenemo. exo tnments *I
VIDRIO quo Ud. snesita!

Calls is z 1 q. I bL 2-M1

_ji-i-y calle 43

UI l Edificio
v onn m,Mur.
'1 y 2.1215
lAs .- Apartarnento alto,
tiveWm, in Son Francisco.
It f(ons 3-2127.
LA-.-Aportamento doe re
, i.dlm ldor 0.60.00 con
,'$75- Belisorio Porres
e aportinento 3. Telefono

SE A^i-UA:-J.Aportamento en Son
FroncsAco de lo Cleto. Informs
:EtEstia n SlGolino Son Jos&, Via
Espofs No. 2.,
SE ALQUILAN:-Dos opartomentos
dhles, aparenti pare hombre so-
lo u aticina, Avenldo Cuba. Llama
tesfonos 2-0825 on el dia y. 3-
18415 en lo noche, Srtao. Arias,
SE .ALQUILA: Fin Vista dot Mar
aopitdnrento una 9 dos reAioamr
con a sin mueblefn, Bonito vista.
Much alre. Telifono 3-0276.
SE ALQUILA:-Aparte ento -Wieder-
no, sola, comedor, dot rechmarn,r
dos servic.os. Avenida Chile, co-
lie 41, telifono 3-0847.
SE ALQUILA:-LIn opartomento de
cinco piezos. Un aportamento de
dos piezas. Un apartamento de
tres piezos. Acuda a Calle 17 Oes-
to No. 41. baojs o llme al tolt-
foan 2-1901.
SE ALQUILA:--C6modo apartamen.
to, dos recimoras, solo, comedor,
etc.. Preciao rozoneble. Colle 48 No.
22, altos. Precio roazonoble. Calla
48 lN. 22 altos. Inf6rmese calla
48 No. 23. Apto. 3.
SE ALQUILA:--Piezas con frents a
Ia calls, para natrimonio sin hl-
los, B.35 y B.40. Calla 15 Oeste
No. 42. Informes Avenida A No.
SE ALQUILA:-Apartamento peque-
oa, salo-comedor, recamara, ser-
vicios. Cerco el Hotel El Panoma,
par B.38. Solicite par Ram6n E.
Conte, Posadena.


QUEDA ANJLADA la libreta No.
2400 r- 2499 de lao drifa del Ca-
dillac que se efectuari el 29 do
Abril de 1951.

F Al 01111U A

SE ALQUILAN- -Locoles cdntricos
acondicionados especialmente pa-
ra oficrnas, almocenes dop6sito
Ave. Note No. 61. Tel. 2-0364.
SE ALQUILA:-Local comerciol on
calle Chiriqui No. 2, Informes te-
16fono 2-2948 2-2948.
2E ALQUILAN:-Exclusivhmente pa-
ra o aficinoas locales cintrlcoa en loo
altos de Avenide Central 44 a
preclasoi m6dic. SolIclten Infsr-
mac;6n en Almacones 5 y 10 cen-
SE ALQUILA:-Locol comerciol en la
Avenida B No. 85. propio pare
mayorista. Ricardo A. Mir6 S. A
Tel. 2-3436.
SE ALQUILA- Local commercial eo
Calle 15 Este No. I frente Villo-
nueva v Tejeird. Llame al Tel. 3-
0440 de 2 a 5 p. m.
SE ALQUILA:-Dos locales. Prime.
ro y segundo altos de la aaco No
103 doe I Avenida Centrol. Pro.
pios paro oficna y residencio. Pre'
cio muy bojo. Informes en los bo-

Se acercan los
za los allados tomaron un sol-
di4o nrislonero, el cual Infor
m6 que una fuerza de 1,000 co-
muiisias Le encontraba en uns
posilc6n mis al Norte, pero los
allados lograron cruzar elpuen-
to que conduce a Hoengeong sin
encontrar reilatencls alguna.
I TeaemoSl ites ia:




de today se




via RiI 3
Tal a
^WH^PW^^-- !,^y^r 4^

5. A..


S- ,

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y en ;B

de an

PeOW ':a-i
ado m:"
asat 4



!e '- ** l -r "' fi

o Mta drbo

-U .y precLameurt pa buo
.: -^ .. A ..

S0-Por ila. a er1 I|
Cedos Falco (CirsI6n e
V y 11-Por la cuel autort-
S81 I za a la Loteri Naclotal de o
H POB Beneflcencia. pars joe imprima u.
dsu billeted. (Comin n de Pfe- p
Svi1l6n Soetal. ~
S12-For la cuel vote unti

--eLicla p par&r bptria M

orden bilaeteisidB do pro-pag

Vl96n Boeldok Ilk
,en sd -l crtdlto a allemunt.1 por l s u- E
S F. c. 4,00.00 putable a
Mia la nterio de eobleio y Jua-
"d ticia~ p ara lar losd diatr- a i-
todoA de ll, ibo pt,
SChaime. Obo ChIme Oho-

de tob de Rente latos. (Comi- a-
sion doe Htenda). twi
(en tedo asMaw) I1-Ley d oueldoo dG Obras c.ot
Pfibliess, (d6ui4 qcn eonota de g
ls Comilaldn de Obu blcaa. o
T Frenos de Carroeerfat 14-Por Is ns autouIa Ia T

Sei6n de ouin ii 9IU10tl A r s t
a suma de 9. 3 ,000.00, paras ete pre
KiUrUU A. MIt6 fin. (Comntsi6u lIspecUl. ALun-
hiskaTei A, N V to situaclt6 ecen6am6al do Co- V

v]nRbREAa.C Raoctn a,

I ,--' -16n ). '
Tel. 2-31Por Il cual Pe refstl orm-
SrLe Nue. de a do onero do I'
'e 6n I l S n la l- m

BATERIAS lon de Agriculturse y Co-
d o c t i o ) .roo l .
1?-Por la cual se oea i
EVER-READY u.,o (remtk e

L rnceLJ dle xt-pordlno. (Coarlo t pr h
18-Proyecto de Leay de io "
P' today clase de Radios. bnali y sueldos y pi a. d _
Ws taglobales par&a o
A uto dGe GCosl a de! rlo
Se bTrabajo. Previslu6 on 7 o ?i"
B 1 ud Pt eblica. ( ol
sa Previbd6n Social). c
18-Por la cuIl s eretablcon Ce
lam rsa m&Uco-aulsternjela ya
D e vota una partlds I
preuepuesto de 19L (
ade Previsl6n deSeDal. g
20-Saobre reform judic.i- 1 E-
Lona par. Calres lea. (Comid 6n de uLvMs ).
44 pulgadas. 21--Por la coal ee re"l Ull- te
Stan Is adjudicaca~ bw doJ
unas tierra addyl a
urretera Bocu dol T0.xl-
SVaseisB Floreados ~de r Ss

*d riquip. (Comii6n de m a d
90 oz. --Por ca se in .d
tro pars color I la e t aa at
doctor Justo Aroemfls ; (Or -
Tela Metatllca. nliOde Educaeln).
23-Por Ia cual soe vaot e- bd
de Bronce dit extraordlnarlo. hbaOt po t
Various tamalos. 1J itemS de B. 43,U"W pl
tables a lox Capitulos y-
y XIV, etc. (oBhn G o
Alambre Cuadros s floc et d rohou). ie
-24-Por eIs cuina so4*
Varies tamafnos. Is venta de bmetin dis t.Lo-
Wtri Naclonal en la protn j
qua nounclon t
Alm cenes Romero (Cem'o sn d -osn
-e- .a), to_
Ave. Notre No. 48 25-por sla cual w cres oU lua
2032i anco Provlnioaleo d Prb- .s
__ne Wc de BoC dodeld T dd df
t. No LAvAocA Dalmin. (Comiadg m

-Yt do Chang om1 'a
LAVANDERIA TROPICAL 37-Por ec ua-1 Gluten use-
*rojBumep r smi- cneime*idt d < relaclonada p ma-
imbbst e l e lohmsdCaie bram entou'a-
Sae probacloen de la amalo Na- am
c onal. (Comnai6n spedla). CeI
'2 U--Por el cuan a autf lW 1.4#
Or91no Ejecutlvo pare aqr -
botnoi y me orea t a

e GO reeulo pttrd d0o d1
3an. de Mi y is ol o

tt Supin o menl,4 pio. (e-.aM 4

.W i ^* ^ u ^ *' 9^-fo, el e....tjh~|-


io te-

i ME"

qu be ado n

ieneties do' adminstr* t-
' Ja o ran t ,t e- qui
a ooncaldr a lorgars .
qup ode tdlYua aree
Isa lneta srosena S
loto aI les tr.

,sad' ena qua ep u laur-
mran on e~eloe.DU0 fl
M eteUn a nt uee =e' quo-
ota inceldt a0 .D ara s.

so iotanead de .

Pg t a l so In-
quio a del to* l a e
ioaw A dquate 'mt pon-

vidu me 91.3umd9f-a
o a Is conjdleoto dao) I

mama ahgo jnr II,-
'que .deb *atort aa
prmi pma uo explotea bi k

AP40 e eUk-fk

quo eln.

on 8a

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railol m

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que ealla entre n tS a-
coftroole.iog a Bl el oSs

.R_ _w rawft -AB

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-Enisaie J nabidr

0 IstDuamael a.

Sp M t welo p b,
de. de

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IO N ItOM Bed ..
Suedo ."mle das _46
rm im. aMmuft Ago

t^^j AftMe n
;hirtl um 3ar .

Sim a .. .,MtL
:.&lLr r .. l

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*:4 ~S 4~ rAt'

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~E. .. T

m, _^ ll ~ _M ^^-
F ^ ^-- <

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.... ;+.,
.> ..- .. ,- p -

i' ^.'" ,Iiy ^
.. ..+4

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l+1 .,: -.a .* "** : ,'- "- r- ,
Tr"- ; "+t~: .-l" ,' ..'*.-'/ f !; -*^ *-
- *". : <. i.:" '.-. ^ L ..-o." .- .' :

. ....l At .-


* +^ ;-. ; .'

~1*- .. -.

"1A ;flit.
lr --.&> sJp

:1:' ;;

uibrlll Coo Th e Ele.. m ot
ame c oda aOt Ia pruebt D. Months as preaent6 flo-
S. o a a tnto, y que jo. no reolbl6 el upoyro neeam-
- -000 t y pD ean promo do.e rreron3rw W urn lbes ftoa. Motlua
,,,,...h U_, _.' Cent_______-_ _.00. fa- enidFra lar duchTs, eon

yer El Proyeto EMmp bs y

EI 1 T O de la Interon-
S. ,. 17L"o de ontXoS dlatlnlallza ea-
a hodf t 406 e I Dd extra
6 en segundo debate iWon eantre oa- e a Hen'e-
m Ley por elo mL e n M er- ra p_ a M decidlr el
IAt s i S eat SIa I s o- IsuBe yr tmbisn e en
WI -gdefta MeNe trogui IleaS.. a log ga-
IT Mom Um"" abaia Wtqw nmodI.rd
a did ou1 5l 4Mi iBB AiiH lleS -a .. .. a... -' MD
.' III ..^ _- ,. .,._ .... .....a

a: aes .... a s

r .. .
rdtttl I ^.(ESTA 1_ -' ran por empatar a Ien punt ro
vets-., (.fU1 t!( del circutto. Fergmmon (1-0)
S '.. .. P serA el lansador d# s. del So-
wort'.... ..... ..... $ s, en tanto que Tndor
._ d ':., : ,, ...*.! (1-0)' ,ert e] ontm s del
_d .-' .... ,....I. t n Alem n Jr. ..
S?_S o_,-_ w_._ 4. 1' Al em n el luegd 4 -a i dacia
S aeao I. S .is or p na hlo
S_ 't. :......... e commando B o,
awe W0.! "Md ,nm ,,'....o. 1 Frinklin Chesm,4 vb Ama y
. ... ;..,,+ ,'* 1 :L A Prince lanzmmaron jt rts -
m iSt" -. .i.. 1 dI Ianando el |tito o fi _n.e
*rr mn ln s olo cuatro y
flirRM : r, 7a LAt
___ ___ Is (LtI
2* Slt_ Sl" ," U" (I' el ... M bn 9* 1
'' -- na y tra i P. -
--- .W f S' :-. t- Sait M s. m-


- UunuuIs s w"M ung, 7y 91 *s ---
r nador obtendrti el egundo lu- vsaMo mI k
gar mUantrat que el perdedor beIms m d 1
quedar4 ea la tercers coloca- nalae s p a *S sl
ci6n If rs per of i ihlh
La Uga. entr rat las troteosn dmopbSUPllT
Y el conu*to 'alldnla cam- uit- e, y a fJm
pe4s I,- r -'A e Pr- _" bd me -W
aIWo Vega o en mu, lou otrom S"BmoL amNO n -
Trofeo aon de Bduaeldn Fl- I'W--R"00"- le"sA
sica y PUlOe y Luz. el juego quo N0.N n os .apU
come uri a lai 7 y 30 p. m. -4e" "-.-isEs,
en puntss' .t '

s~e epra"urn oms a
I^- rB-,L Lllm dM .. y
oW a us l noc ao pta m e

Ujor1 y ROBI3WD QO '
melonm mAis 14 de Snore a0
In numeeto- abre U tldo 6i
m n-on th- clan ", montab'
4n eite de- te Ortoesa
110 llbran. 4sawS

I-A- W S.&
atin donde 0 a00o0 60 I


SCicrto, yo siempre pido White Horse.

Si ro pakda r be spedlar o exquisito, he aquf el whisky de mu
pfuda ... W Hoe. Sore a lguto; mmeloe per su large
rv'uWmWat hubo sam. iW coiun BiEscuas doade lea Exeosm
7y o wads 7 abaulhy7 eantese antes que istoms, han pedrfecono-
ad. iaasmpaiambrnte actl de diilu. Y c6mo peds estar maur
dr disut usiempre de us vhisky' ma vrdad lmiast equisito?
Pidiando uiamp Whis Hone. po at asombre.

WHITE HORSE Whidcy Escoc

.Ud. a .equa s- .. _a t

L a klipm

-- .0.''
'"-''' ~'*:*-"''* '*.. -. ... +-.* iSS .+.S _w


*-2. 'IIUUW-nel



bhYpadi El Ear4a TiGr Jas

Il La rveor 4 a
n r a a sI et Ma -aa ha-r.A debt J. y f$ col .n .
S,, a31 o,,3. a, e twn los ina, w s rrd w tde d.bases-
Sta Jugando un pelota de altsa srte de.all eni
ra- calidad, los r Yanques del Carts mis- altuvo-em*
I a-IP 1' "IBsic a0%S" 111 IW -Jf' wloar m 1otar mn 00 t6 eI Iu tid4m^ f d
S.pbod) a a loa Pa ul do As loos Ya en au r -
L lo g tulo de la Cervecerla, on emoclodafi- bair rm la ea ren'r
mirea7 do1 Viltar ur. Blanse to laog lesbrde aabanoche e decldid esrtepartido. -
Io o deo MbI.-o i Es tadio Ollmplco, por anotael6n
ur1 Lu.b L. do 4 carrerla a 3. 31 lasnadr -ex N
o.o me- RodoeSe. taw Lab Di.s 6nd -el .dJu
.p Rie o -" :-- 'l uegoe un 6 s aealto h rademb uo a rS Ia s t
mdoA.- o de .alor y cuast forms na tb mlntras u '
Chie Av a tvi sD. Caaende Uc arsi hnqira uando lon u- lo mlteve quea ilt. S
S. .... m ntd Ca-- g.alorsa deL Carts. Vieja recl- ves some ano bom r To
s asaltos de mr un.a etresha decTal-n 4.ip .rempla, D .
nlo y n mi- Bab owaL om del rbitro a. Per prite- Mlansn coninuat lIr
S ,P. Po..LW-a f tarr anun a forms artda fue- Profeaonal aon Ia preena
I ha fil ran .ouIlasdes del partldo Al do ur deble uego entr
q -ends ca- a gSonySim' ."I lwmame p4 o lP s or4s yID Bob Li- equlpoa Chesterfldvs C
*ila ex ee- Pww wedter-14t9 ie dA asue. ria y- Cata Vita va 8pur
S. ta 61l aexto spisodio los Ademat habr una -W.
fweoa heb .a..logradd man- tencia de loe mu vrelocs-e,
el55OEn l omando por tI rredor de IloN equIoM
sM M. W cp a 0. ParO lI o 1eoreros comp.ten n el babalm l .
Sh *oemp,; Ms, -oan el 4.rptimo de l alonal..

1 pW uent6 Is Risa tonnlnaron cmn few-
r I l .p O los. MaccCtreprb w de Rib rdd T...-
II -W- ...Vista Rieea, n 3 Pirats,-2
I A- ..:.: I ODN 17 ..n7 In" -21.4 -For S. H. IVALDI 3- | trado D. Urefia en su reempla."'
a.SI .W Dep. Manuelita sITWnra Taba p. I eo.
r E..n. o i d e-an ie 6tls Jw-e. Pla he ........... .. 5 t .714 C. onaile con 1-1, Hau ..t
*3* ptuulasmo ha ,a- geo ~d g atleds, ace men tar s .......... 3 2 .600 dou y Delliser con 2-1 fLuar-.
Ila LIS&a e aloner is sastUaclh de Richard Cheterfield Jr. ... 4 .51 lo mejora bateadures, Ml
Ibo, y con Monrie, anudoer del Manue.- sf6 Dtn ........ a 4 MIan & la pradeo centuraJ
de lo pasado s lita.,o u, a aoce,, u.- Optics BoS 3 a .N man" en Ia ntermina, .e
la drd, da-a- T.r .., T-. o Caribe ...... ....... 3 .N cogid sensaclonales quea l,.
Tuta-r T oarlarib Sth ueutacitun luelda el Frigare .... t 2a.. .. 1 val6 las splausee de em flos
: U nvte. c.. Nies omaamre d" la. talsbar. GOriale ............. 6 80 tentre..a

Iu nv ... -- producto de 8 paaes gratts. I,1oO$l e 9 Ioftbul
~ I I" I 1 golpeado, pecado de Dihz y Ty-/
paldo, nclloa de Molan El conunto de oregularonball de lan-
fairdo en drsa u La. 161.06asso nveraldadas p
en. P Carr a- Otnssa qren nmpu a va quo hadaa quo me diry rforodo n

I f I ... tres boes gadorse de Csrmeno per 10 e*,.
c mm m d e oIsIfa mI,,do ,Ia skco dte a JrooredoJ, o Iea- adli Oar o tno lnr en el

S. Saasun yra Snem quo3a eQanll oapio esra r a l a

l a m iuifnlaisd. mete r lmhr a vgrsnds l an 4oo to a vet triuaien mAa aos
.- '-a "s .'.-t. 'da r d e m ld ss rats I s- panireo "- s ft .
.b-"" .. re boxe s. gador do Cu rm fo p I.. --..
""I_. bkt.,iuTfaim 1104-Wiomu9901 u Osc an.m bi.o
or.b*PtrAm LL sM nt-

J C M .
,IMlSk !,

: 5-

. -

I ~ :-~~


laoteros Japoneses Jugarhn

f h El Baseball Organizado
LAN FRANCISCO, Enero 24 |an con nomotroa puas node
(UP)-Lefty O'Doul. pilot de I eamos quitar peloteroe a la
I s Focas de San Francisco, de Liga japoneass. EUto sog ain
la Liga de la Costa del Pacife.o embargo, que el ihaelualst
dijo que dos peloteros japone- Tetsuji Kawaami de los Gl-
Sb, que seran traido al campo gantes de Tokloy TomleJ1I-
de entrenamiento de dicha nj- mara antesalista do lo TIa u
vera ep la primavera, son su- de Osaka, podelana uar oen la
leiontemente buenos como pa- Lila de la Costa del Paclfico".
,ra Jdgar en la Liga de la costa.
'Vames a traer trca pelote-: O'Doul agreg6 quo el tercer
ros de la Liga Japonesa a nues- jugador qu as el anmdoer
Iro campeonato, pagahdo las bhigeru Suglahita probablemen-
"fecas"' todoe los gasios como te n6 estA aun al nivel del bels
un gesto de buena voluntad" di bol de la Llga de la Costa del
Jo O'Doul. "Elles no se queda- Pacifico.

Piih khizadto recibi6 un cintur6n de

diamantes como el atleta del afio

ROCHERTER, Enero 24 (UP). puntos y Hogan 156. El there
S--Phil Rizsuto el shortstop de lugar lo ocup6 el campe6n pet
losr Tanquis que fu# elegido pesado Ensard Charles con II
"el pelotero mas valloso" de la pantos, en el cuarto el brillan
Lita Americana de la tempora- tel anzador relevai de los Ph
da pasada recibi6 anoche el allies Jim Konstanty con 88
trofeo manual "Ray Hitbeock" co- en el quinto el campe6n mum
meo "el atleta professional del dial peso welter Ray "Sugai
cao" en 1050 en el banquete; Roiamon con 43.
quo a beneficio de fondo par Los siguientes atleta ta
eombatir is paralsls infantile i bn figuraron en la vothel6,
celebr6 el club d- prensa y ra- el ugador de basoncesto Georl
dio de Rochester. | Iikan con 37 puntos, el palate
Rizsuto pas6 a- ser el primer to Stan Musial con 27 punt
atleta en recibir el premlo de el jockey Joe Culmone son 1
nueva creaci6n al que acompa- el jugador de futbol Lou Groi
na un cintur6n adornado con con 14, el pockey Wille Shot
dlamantes que vale diez mil maker con 12, el Jugador d
dolares, venciendo al jugador golf Sam Snead con 4, el ful
de golf Ben Hogan par sees. bolero Otto Graham y el joake
purt's en la votacion de 112' Johnny London con dos ead
cronistas y locutores deportivos. no y el jugador de hockey
Miuzato obtuvo on total de 162 Gordie Howe con uno.

rS % ih i TiVC
f I Lit. V

Ir A I



El genial comediante y bailarin de "AL SON DEL
MAMBO" en otra desopilante creaci6n, en


Patricia. MORAN -- Rosita PAGAN

1~imai~ S .

BOSTON, Enero- El iAnMd
Normie Roy, firm au qutia
eon Is norna de losa M : t
Boaton pars la pr6xil t"u
porada. Es el cuarto Jk
de lea Bravos que flrml a
pasado tuvo cUatro jveu fLM.-
iadoa y tree perdidws.

CHICAGO, Enero--La "ike6
diams Blancas" anuncamao 0k"
el lansador derecho aurdo y.
Ileree, firm6 su contract. pm
la- pr6xima tempor y
tsciende a 33 Jugpdoer Ml e
an ffrmado sus cCa .
Pierce parUticip6a e- 33 pttld
el afio pando ganndo Goes y

SIeslacado ugador

6 de billar reta al

> campe6n nadogal
r" El conocido billartats ulter-
mo "Mimo" Martinez, ha. lan-
a. zado reto formal aI cmped
. national de BlUlar, Ed.Mai Me
e Keown, por medio de una -oar-
ta enviada a nuestra red fl6u
la cual es del tenor ai
I, PanamA. 22 de Snero r t 19Ui
sa Br. Guillermo Rolla
e- Redactor Jefe de la PAgina
de Deportiva de A r = c
t. "El Panama America" '
ey Cludad
la Estimado Br:
By Mucho le agradezco se alrva
incluir en su PAgina Deporil-
va las sigulentes aclaractiops
que consider necesarlo hai
llegar al pblico, en relaclOd
con el recieqte retire del Br.
Eduardo McKeown, camped
national de billar.
En reclentes publicaciones en
los periodlcq locales, ban ap-
recldo clertas comentarios quo
Lratin de dejar en el Animo del
pTblico la Ireencia de que el
Sr. MoKeoWn, al retirarse, no
ha encontrade en sus sets aflot
continues doe er campe6n na~
clonal, un cohtendor caps de
vencerlo. Nada mis lejor de la
verdad, puesto que l1 dease
1945 s61o ha defendido su titu-
lo en dos ocasiones y slempre
con Jorge "Compraventa" Gar-
cia, quin per una circunstqr-
cia o par otra,- que no vale ia
nena comentar en estat. co-
lumnas puesto que es del dlo-
minio public, compat6 sin te-
ner derecho a ello, y sin ser,
orecisanmente, el mAs capacita-
do part acerlo-
Entre los aficionados al b hi-
liar de la ciudad capital exi-.
te aIs creencia. justlficads pir
elerto, de sauce si el r. McKeown
hublera daen, dldo sO titulo
canrmigo en 1949 (como era lo
Indicado) 6 en el torneo quo
recientemente se ealebr6 en el
GimnA so Nacional, los resul-
tado hubleran side distintoes
Estats creenci, no es prod'ne-
to de simpatias permonales o
aussionamlento, sino que se
riva deriv del hecho de qu en 1949
en .torheo celebrado en el sa-
16n "Aurora" su auperlorldad
sobre Garcia fud manfilesta. A
esto tenro que afladir lo que
es -de todos conocido a ue en
las eliminaciones del efmlo
me vf fislcamente Imposibilita-
do oars continuar en ellas des-
puds de heber salldo victorilEC
en mi tnlca presontacl6n.
Para terminar, quiero hater
llerar por este medio al Sr.
McKeown un reto formal, en
el cual no se menclene sioulcra
el titulo national al cual re-
nuncid nftblicamente sino s6-
lo con el propdsito de darle la
onortunidad de demostrar al
viblico quo realmente es el me-
Jor blsarlsta de Is Rep blicn.
Las condildones de este ei-
cuentro los dejo al criterlo del
Sr. McKeown. y yo me com-
nrometo a oonsermir un troeo
que sierra de eatimulo e inte-
De mis eata afadtr aue el
campe6n national se puede po-
nor en contact conm'lo e el
caao de que tongs alguna coir-
dicl6n qu potner.
S Atto. v 8. j.
GalUerms "Mlmo" Martinez

_ ___ MAN ANA





Acompailada por el Aplaudido Conjunto Espafiol
Director de Orquesta:

9.-s *1




838G0 .

c) eon
waft -TAM

Ioso v


Lleva la felicidad a
S log chicos... Y a las
Schica, aunque .o'
Y ta le tralgan ml
diflcultades!.. .-
-(Dede lOas 3a: p.313--




WA f '


,* Wamb"IT


f- .`

A -..i.



Robert& que j",
I A.
odde o tirempo de
oand Alexander, ElH. H beIS
.a trato para waste "li"'ss o ,1 .pa r
at nci6 la novena. Roolelo Ho
-,Siwlf __ Uouw 4 .'

O Io lner-El director i CarrerM anotdast Lula Mc
eo Is apmna de la novena los1 Kay (O() -)c "-.LM ,(P) I.
C -w- WIGd Matthew, a-' Mis Ro n ab '' pI _tnriquo
i ..1, ete peloteros ban Prez (P) 3. ', is
fl entratos para Ju- Carrerw s na .' _I .tl
St rada que se Sanjur (P) 8, QAoa Bnt
lOeroson Walt (B) y .Milton Scntelbar. -tra
Chti Andy Var- nlllo) 5.
.ic"Hancker, John I Hits conects4jt eL Uiil;
SciBob Schultz y Eddie'qu ez Hrr s, ul P
C .hai a .. ...Julio Herrera y' Upnl tP s.
(P 8. .
Dobles: E. hn E y .-.
DALLAS TEXAS, Enero-La Triples C0., Be ( '
la d ] G O dopotiutifa o Ctadrangulafid i rtQ No-
ala de Jo deportistas famous No-
de Tox* fuE Inaugurada ofiS rin1ga (CO) 1 4 Oberto
elmente on una ceremonia (08) Jorge CI 9Horatio
draate el ou innortal el or s brega (CD) FO pVira (C)
Speaker, aeSpt6 Ia dea gnacl6n Francisco Herrers .. ) Leonar-
qmo el primer atleta cuyo nom
I tufe rt en la menpoonada
a. pe qule na en ler va r
Hubbard 'Tx y por.22 aftose Pr XIlI O JUe
6 el Jaaer eetre de las ,
,Medln oas y de o r'"fndoa 1- 1" -l n
del Cleveland de la Liga Ame- De Baseball
Ticana, seo& homenajeado du- ..
ante el almuerzo, el principal
orador seor Hank Oeenberg, '
Oerente General de los Indlos. Pr6ximos Ju g"It ctua-
. "Bala de la Fama" fus crea- ra la Liga Pr oldula Base
. e bjo ausplos de loa AMoca- ball en Panlapir O7 0
ln do Cronistas Deportvosa de, do "
Texas para honrar a loI atletas Jueves 25-
texanc mis lamosos. Asuejoas v Bombarderos
Canuelta, -s aquis
Vilernos 26-
PaO las Grandes Lias ''Carmelita v Bombarderos
Berloe de la Premsa Unida SAbado 27-
CLUVELAND unero (UP)-El Asulei i Yanmls
reoVr 1Brdie Tobbeta vendldo
p4 ~S Medlta Rojas el mes Lunes 9 ,
paado .a los Indlos firm su Bombardere vs CmpaeUtas
contr#Atoion estos y el aflo (en PanamA)
pdifto 'toedri su decima terce .
ra tmaporada en las Orandes los Cardenale -dice que Fred
Ligas. McAllister, joevn de o Ias
e roreqe que e le ha dado un quenoa i gr do bAfsqW len
salarli de 2 mil d6lares o nano r atsa .&. qu aIs
moIn que relbi6 el' salo pa- se j, es el meofr ustatuto
80M. -Con JM Hegan dart que pues toner en .- campo
1 mdls I me ar pareja de carte dal as saies'
receptors do Ia g LiaAmerica-. ..
na. MoAlter .at6 .21
-- con el 6maha el mift sI. a4o en
Ssu terace temporada en e ba-
NUEVA YORiK Enero (UTJP).- sebas profeslonal pero Al Hal-
&E lanador de color Don New- ingswort. manager do bea no-
eomo firm6 su contrato par avena dejoa quo elmuchlahoaem-
151 con ]la Dodgers y dice que pujo e 10carraerma a peu de
il. u braz ague psintindie oaeMr an el oa del tetP lo
tan Wun como shoa y iog iSuars octaveoa oprimero
nade sla ttima tqeporadae l pr
pr6zimo aftio sert n mejor '1 Apega que el npovi eto
rrera. Newembe qule en en i d gerandes lias
en su primer dlo en sla mayoa- ofenlva. Marton. todava caml-
rea tuvo el record de gna* nan poyado en onun bton y no
dos y ocho perdido, tfrl6 ura puede flexionar la rdllla do-
mnolestia en el bramo al print.- puea do la operaci6n que aufri6
plo de la ultina temporada, pOn el mem pando para extlrparle
ro despuds que el verano s- nun cartAgo.
cl6 solo pord16 seia Juegos, ga-
nando doce y -terminando con Antea do disponer de McAIls-
19 y 11. 8e oree quo el salarlo ter bablia pnsadopasar a Red
eel e ha aumentado a 15 mir Schotendewt al campo corto y
d6lares. poner e aesgunda a Solly He-
mus. Ahbora dice que el camblo
SAN LUI S Enero (UP)-Mar- 'sert Solo como "un altimo re-
ty Marion, mnager-jugad rdor de co".

C E I -

Uns pelcula y an bomba 5564w
Doble i Drama ln
.l etrafes en o
Horror laHOBM

Combinacl6n dobe de
Caracter -Atrariavtis
Una pelcula y rbmbOe Uft.
vidabies! Drama do.dtlMEM


I. a, 6 .m -
. "" '. .* .., "
a ",. .-F ,-*.

I 2- H

I .-,'..,,- -,
..' : *, +0 **..b
I.- ..y, *-; ] v f~ *
.^ -- n


" ~


*IC;s *-
,, .- .. ,
!. :. *

AdMus: wE IKreOaMIt
sry G Wr n -- xasm=

Rha"LOBd Widiak '
H .. -

Paul DOglas, en

Dana Andrfes, en' '
mLACAt P....."

mt g ,.. -w

* eon Frank a

V&Jd4f:;. c.

Alasu 6 y pP. WA


- -.

ICon a
-'0 ING


r- +.=. -<
.',- -

p .

tr* *- -


ieo e.1ev, .-
a q ,

5 4pr~

S .',: "-
- ". -
^',T?- 1 _.-


ros teLa


Yarnqg e Andlejes
(en ColO6n)

Martte 30- .
Bombarderos t" AumleJs
Juevea to-
CaaMl~ta w Arolege
soimw ___ Tanqus
Viernmeas 3-.
TanuBb vs Carselita.


Nadi n Ia M a ,

TOO, o; ero 24 (IW> -IA.
rederaule d nadadosu nit-

-180 y sO&drA en .
tar a 1el"
cl6n qtie se efetuat.


tiene tos

mejores progus



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