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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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* .

7 '*- -


SPa naa a recan

"01 the peOple know the truth and the country i-sa fe" Abraiam Lincoln.


1-w u 'W.

--Ni-Ti--- ~-g -


I -.-- .' -- ---- --

TV On Zone

Will limit

.RP's Scope

mid PI

0.-:e goveraiient of Pana-
ma has already stlged chan-
nels 2, 4 and 6 to ed panamerl-
cana and the RPC Circuit.
2.-These two, Sirlins have
bought ots on G.erro camnpana
and have made installations at
other sites which will enable
them to cover thkCentral Prov-
Inces In addition.,. to Panama,
Colon and the canal area.
3.-The broadeasing stations
in Panama have. been cooperat-
ing with the U.S. eartment of
State and the Armed Forces in
the transmissllt of cultural
programs In an atmosphere of
cooperation understanding and
reinforcement of, the friendly
relations betweenf Panamanians
and Americana bith in and out
of the Canal Zone, at no time
cost to the U.S. government.
4.-Panamanial firms' inter-
ested In television have declared
That they are disposed to offer
the same cooperation for the
preservation of good relations
with thb Canal Zone or for use
4 the Department of State.
is offer has not been made
through official channels but Js
very much In effect.
This ample, sincere and coo-
perative attitude on tLd part
of broadcaste4s and prospmec-

Bloody Anti-British

Rioting In Cyprus

NICOSIA, Cyprus, Oct. Oct. 29 (UP)- Troops and
police today searched for rioters whose clothes were mark-
ed by an indelible dye used for the first time in yesterday's
bloody anti-British demonstrations.
Some 1000 persons already had been arrested in con-
nection With the mob violence which swept almost every
city on this Mediterranean Island and left some 350 per.
sons injured.
The dye was a new weapon used by police to mark
thd rioters and make It easier to round them up after order
had been restored.

The pretext for the riots by
persons of Greek origin was the
15th anniversary of the Italian in-
vasion of Greece during World
War II.
But'the real reason was resent-
ment against British opposition
to union of this Crown C o I o n y
with Greece.
Major clashes took place at NI-
cosia, Famnagusta, Limassol, Lar-
naca, Kyrenla, Lapithos and Mor-
phou -
British trooeeps, exhibiting a
new toughness, went into action
With the knowledge that a fel-
low soldier had Just died from
wounds received at the hands
of Greek terrorist.
One soldier, carrying a shatter-
ed and blood-stained club, said:
"We have lost one of our lads so
it's not surprising we get tough."
Some soldiers dropped their bat.
ons to hurl rocks at the rioters
and chase them through Nicosia's
side streets.
Troops in Famagusta also pick-
ed up the stones burled by dem-
ontrators and hurled them back.
Morphou, a town of 5000. was
put under 24-hour curfew after a
grenade was thrown at British
troop. Three sadiers were in-
Jured m
Two persons were seriously in-
jured when a single warning shot
was fired at a crowd estimated
at about I B, biwho tired
. k a.- s S -1 .

In the past, British troops here
have been comparatively gentle
witl pro-Greek agitators, but the
gloves were off following t h e
death Thursday of Cpl. Angus
Milne, first British victim of'the
Koela underground which b ap
terrorized Cyprus for seven
In Nicosia and Famagusta, ter-
rorist agents helped to promote
the riots by showering anti-Brit-
ish leaflets on crowds filing out
of church.
Colonial authorities s t r ung
barbed wire -entanglements a-
round key points here tonight, and
assigned armed escorts to convey
British vehicles. Pistols were .is-
sued to. Britons who liva in rural
Police and troops relied mainly
on clubs and tear gas, but at
Morphou troops of the crack
Gordon Highlanders' regiment fir-
ed into a stone-throwing mob.

US Pressures Rels

To Free Americans

He In Chimn

'ON Oct. 2.
.ti pr.t
ilna for the 1:


Pay HikeFor 1100 CZ

Judge Sets Dec. 6 For Hearing Peron.Trained
g. ,lPeron-Trained
$27,000,000 Case Against Canal
Labor Leaders

NEW YORK, Oct. 29 (UP) Federal Judge David d
Edelstein yesterday ordered the Panam6 Canal Company
to show cause why it should not refund $27,000,000 to Call Off Strike
steamship companies using the Canal.
Judge Edelstein set Dec. 6 as the date for the hear- -
ing on his order. BUENOS AIRES, Oct. 29 (UP)
-- --Ousted Peronist labor leaders
The demand was made by 12 United States steam- today cancelled the threat of a
ships companies who contend that the Panam6 Canal Co general strike and agreed to
a bide by new union elections.
overcharged users of the Canal by that sum between 1951 Union officials who supported
and 1954 fallen dictator Juan D. Peron
met with Ila minister L u I s
They requested that all users be refunded the over- Cerrutti andthen issued a com-
charges made on them and that the toll be reduced in munique calling for "aD work-
the r.,tue ers to remain at their po sttn.
the future. confident that their rights will
The 12 comp.-ies based their contention on the audit be protected."
The government ousted the
report of the General Accounting. Office, which revealed head of the unions making up
the overcharges, the General Labor Confederation
(CGT) last night in a showdown
According to the law, the Panomd Canal Co. is per- with Peroi supporters in the ia-
mitted only to meet expenses and not to show' profits. bor movement.
SOfficers of the armed f o r c e s
were ordered to preside over each
union and three labor ministry
SPrincess Has Decided; inspectors were assigned to each
princess Hcas Uecided union of the CGT.
The government announcement
said each of the unions of the
CGT would hold new elections 120
Announcement Expected tG w fomneow. tre
Swift government action ended
o the threat of a general st rike
which would have greatly kamm-
UCCFIELD, England, Oct. 29 Duke of Edinburgh were on an pred Argentina's campaign of ec-
-(UP)-Princess Margaret and unexpected visit in Pertshire. onomic recovery from yeats of
Peter lhwawend today kept a Scotled. The Queen stayed in misrule by Peron's graft ridden
weekend tryst in the secluded Scotland also while Margaret tpve ment.
Sussex hills and newspapers and wnsend met at their
*peculated an.official announce. Winh render as weekend r GT leaders, among Pe"ron's
^*^ ^*h. ^jbj ALA -i~liJBB a bsi'T 1i ^ ^. Kl- l l~nii-W iiiU '- f


- M 0 --

Wage Board

Employes Get

Average 7 cts.

V b~ -~

- 0 -

A seven-cent on hour average increase in the
grade for all Wage Board employes will go into effect
first pay period after Nov. 1, it was learned today.
A cable to tic effect tnat all Armed Services c I
employes who come under the Wage Board classify
will receive the raise was received by Sol Wynshaw,
dent of Local 595 of the National Federation of
Employs. -
Cutis Conte, who is Wage Board representativiIt
the C etral Labor Union, confirmed the raise and&L
that 1100 Panam6 Canal employes will be affected.,
The raise Is the first general
increase for this type of hourly S l
worker within thelast two-and- i de Schooi
a-half years. It affects only U.
S.-rate enlployes. tamaL a D- 'o
Coaste stated that the Panama *. M* S n M U .- 4
Canal Co. Initiated the request ':, ;
for these raises which are based hic aa I v Ti
on Navv yar4 craft and craft UPu i r11r
supervisors' rates of pay in -the
States ,.,.. _-_--*^. fe a

W' an UI m BIt avri.nn.wa4 t. Im

is at iAAat and
eulture, net for milltaiy pur-
t.-'wWith regard to the state-
ments made to the press by the
Caribbean Command on the use
of television on the battlefield...
we are positive that the equip-
nent to be used (during the
training of troops) would be
kept secret and would not be
telecasts to the general public
and would not have any connec-
tion with entertainment or cul-
ture. ,
7.-Recent statistics issued in
Washington indicate it is no
longer "a military secret" that
the Canal Zone is classified as
"a zone of calculated risk," that
Is "Impossible to defended effec-
This explains the growing de-
militarization mhlch has reduc-
ed the military force to only 8,-
000 units. The cost of telecasting
programs to these units would so
igh that It would be cheaper to
transmit directly, to individual
homes, by means of telephone
cable the desired programs.
This would have the advan-
tage of not affecting in the least
e cutlural or commercial In-
terests of the republic of Pan-
ama. the "good neighbor" and
loyal ally of the U.S,

8..-Prospective Panamanian
telecasterd would like to make
it clear that they favor any
plan by the Armed Forces on
the Canal Zone to improve
their technical or tactical
knowledge via TV. Naturally
this would have to be on "a
closed circuit," which is justi-
fled in such eases, and would
not enter the "open circuit,"
which involves a threat to
Panamanian sovereignty.
9.-At present Panamanian
authorities consider that televi-
sion here would be feasible over
channels one to 12, which Are
known in the States as VHF.
These channels are the most fa-
vored and are now being used
by US. telecasters. The ultra-
high freriency channels In TV
from 13 to 83 are not particu-
larly efficient and. therefore,
not desirable.
The announcement made by
the Caribbean Command to in-
tall TV In this area contem-
.0ates probable use of two chan-
eeli to serve both the Atlantic
and Pacifie sides of the Isthmus.
According to Article 3l61 of
the Federal Communicatiens
Comamislon regulations no
TV station -a be given a li-
cense to operate on adjacent
channels operating within I
miles of each other. ...
Which. In the case of local
armed forces TV. if two chan.
nels art used. would block six of
the 12 channels adequate for use
In this area. Panama already
having granted channels 2. 4
and 6 none others would be
available to Panamanian Inter-
10.-Importers and dlstribut-
ors of TV sets should watch this
'*'ry afreflly. because if the I
(Cei.U.i e F agui n g

n1orro itm
Limassdl and ,F
parrently caitrn
Fifty-thre i
ee sa3d 3
Awhen .
n Athens.

u. weIi Gnre
riots Sared

New Premier Wants

France TResjOre

roccan Ex-Sultan
RABAT, Morocco, Oct. 29 (UP)
- Moroccan Premier designate
S1 Fatmi Ben Slimane prepar-
ed today to urge France to re-
store exiled sultan SklU Moham-
med Ben Youssef to the Sheri-
flan throne.
Ben Slipane announced he
will fly to France today to wel-
come the ousted sultan on Ben
Youssef's return from Madagas-
car where he has spent the
greater part of two years in ex-
The Premier-desinate made
this decisive move atdt wide-

ThI i r cd agreed Si". 10 ,
the "exedlou relea of
Americais te were homing 1t
Jail -tr under house arrest. lb
ar. the Communists. have re-
leased only 18 although they
have promised to free six more.
The United States has not ac-
cused the' Chinese.of bad faith.
But officials said pressure for
faster action is bel< put on
Chinese diplomats at Geeva by
U.S. Ambassador Alex Johnson.
The Geneva negotiations began
Aug. 1.
Officials said Johnson has
tried to speed up the release of
Americans by slowing discus-
sions on other items the Reds
want to talk about. These in-
clude possible later talks be-
tween Secretary of State John
Foster Dulles and Chinese Pre-
mier Chou En-lal.
The United States also Is
prodding Red China to make a
public declaration that it will
not use force to settle disputes
In the SEar East. This country
wants to avoid disputes over
Formosa. the Pescadores. Quo.
moy And Matsu.

spread rejoicing *".ri ihout Of the 28 Americans still to
orocco at the eAd of the ex- Red China. the Communists
sultan's exile. have promised to release six.
They are Harriet Mills of New
Crowds Jammed medinas (na- York: the Rev. Armand Proulx
tive quarters) in all major cities, of Lowell. Mass.; Ralph Sharples
screaming with Joy. Women tore Boyd of Seattle. Wash: Charles
off their veils to wave them and Sidney Miner of Takon~a PaT.
shout approval. Md.: Mrs. Juanita Byrd Huang
At Casablanca, for the first of Nashville. Tenn.. and Blshmo
time. there were no French DO- James E. Walsh of Maryknot,
lice on hand to keep "order. On- N. Y.
13 MoToccan guards 'shepherded The State Department has r -
the happy crowds through a day ceived no word about the Doss-
unmarred by any notable incl- ble release of the other 17 Amer-
dents.. icans It knows are in Red China.

B wevea to nave a ilasi maue rwr meesung wia ime queen mI
of her mind on whether dhe the royal mousine. Townsend
Nw S to marry Townsen*, the left Londnita gray Ford to
divorced commoner father of the Erlde oetle home of the
two sons. Marquis of Abergavenny, Nevill's
' Some members of Parliament brother.
said they expected an official He paused there just long
announcement in a few days, enough to confuse pursuing
possibly by Monday. Court offi- newspapermen. Then he jump.
cials were reported anxious to ed into a chauffeur-driven lim-
still the raging controversy that cusine for the 11-mile drive to
has split the crown, church, and Uckfleld. His car drove up the
country. police-guarded gravel drive aft-
Whatever Margaret's decision er nightfall anddisappeared be-
t-.lf she has decided-she had hind the high stone wall.'
the opportunity to convey it
personally to Townsend at their Plainclothesmen patrolled the
weekend rendezvous, grounds of Uckfleld House to

Margaret, and Townsend were
spending the weekend behind
the closely guarded walls of
Uckfield House, home of Lord
Rupert Nevill, in the Sussex
Hills 20 miles from England's
south shore.
queen Elizabeth II and the

Daylight Saving
_ = Ends In 12

Sales Tomorrow

CHICAGO. Oct. 29 (UPI-
About 42,000,000 persons get an
htur's extra sleep tomorrow
Morning when Daylight Saving
ftne ends In 12 states.
..These are the states which
SUyed on the "fast time" past
M1e normal Sept. 25 ending date.
4According to the Elgin. Ill..
observatory, they include New
York., Pennsylvania, Rhode Is-
lM*d. Vermont. Connecticut. Del-
aware. Maine. Massachusetts.
New Hampshire. New Jersey and
about half. of Illinois and Indi-
Eleven other states returned
to standard time Sept 25 when
citizens turned their clocks back
oa hour and regained the hour
of sleep they lost April 24. the
starting date for DST.
The general return to stand-
ard time will end a lot of confu-
sion In scheduling in all walks
of life.

Television executives, In par-
ticular. are hapoy to see it go
They estimate the extra month
fast time cost networks Sl.-
50O,000. most of it the result of
c nfits in schedules which
called for live shows at specified
tnmes in states on standard

ensure the privacy of the ren-

Barneby Street
Closed To Traffic
All Next Week

Barneby Street from Balboa
Road to Las Cruces Street will
be closed to through traffic ef-
fective from Monday morning at
7 o'clock through Friday, Nov. 4,
it has been announced by the
Maintenance Engineer.
The street will be closed In or-
der to permit the Maintenance
Division to install a storm sew-
er In that area.

. Uion leaders who support
PUrn W. the recent crisis which
ended in' the dictator's downfal
served a virtual ultimatum on the
"ew provisional govern mnt yes-
ferday to return the usons to
them or face a general strike
within 48 hours.

Ex-Con Charged

Wilh Stealing

Army Cable

A former convict faced a
charge of stealing 20 feet of
communication cable from Rod-
man. The Balboa magistrate
yesterday afternoon continued
the case until Monday.
The defendant is Tirlll Mc-
Fadden Haynes. a 23-year-old
Panamanian who previously was
convicted on Oct. 5. 1954 on a.
similar charge.
Haynes is charged with "petit
larceny after a prior conviction
otfa rLitentlary offense." He is
,fM d of stealing, the Army ca-
ble. worth $7.60 from the West
Bank- at Rodman yesterday
The defendant Is in iall in de-
fault of posting $500 bail set In
the case.

w ire uwaeau-sus r sue seven- a
cent increase wuld vaty slight Abad will tm
ly with each grade. atate the dbJeete l
S' principles and to
teaching the Spanish
lur S In the U.S. rate ele
Faure Fights schools.
bThe teaching of the
National Assembly
language in all ele
grades gives the Canal Z
ordents an advantage o
For Earl Elections stateside elementary
It is very desirable for
PARIS. Oct. 29 (UP) -Premier ents to become acquainted
Edgar Faure. who survived a the reasons for incorp
vote of confidence by a scant 12 the Spanish courses
vote majority. today prepared schools to understand w
to plung into another battle with elementary student sh
the national assembly over hi s upon completion of the 4
demand for early general e I e c- and to find out the metl
l ions. teaching this subject to ou
Faure staked the life of his mentary students
government-ant France's f o r- _
mal voice at the big four Geneva
conference-in the faction-ridden 'An "
assembly yesterday. He squeaked COir, U
through to victory by a vote of
271 to 259. Change Sched
Immediately after his "victory" a S
Faure called for urgent debate on
his program designed to dissolve Changes in the sailing 1
the assembly in December and ule of two of the Panamal
call nationwide elections. T h e vessels will be made durt'n
chamber ordinarily would sit un- vember because of two
til next June. holidays which fall durlQn
The debate was scheduled for month.
4 p m. Sunday and Faure alrea- The Cristobal will sail
dy has indicated he would call Cristobal Friday. NOV. 4 lsl
for another vote of confidence if of Saturday to permit ard
the assembly attempts to delay the ship in New York,T
his plans. Nov. 10, instead of NOv
which is Veterans' Day.
The Ancon is scheduled
from New York for n
Friday Nov. 25, insa
Thursday, Nov. 24, which Ig
Thanksgiving holiday. ThiI
bring the Ancon Into Crtg
Thursday, Dec. 1, one day
of the normal schedule.

Gas Bill

Inside Job
291(UP)-Itw-as revealed today
that the canteen within the I
wAll. of the Missouri state pen!- THRIMLS AND CHILLS ran up and down the spines of Canal Zone school children like
OATN OF am -*as admi istered yeseday to bhaT.f dtentarmiwasnrobbed of ancun- this group from Ancon School when thank-you cards bearing the U. S. Presidential seal :1
Demingefte d trate In Balboa. The otb o o determined quantity of cigar- began t6 arrive in the Canal Zone this week.
T.nt te, tea Court DLP.tut d W. The cards were engraved notes of thanks f or the get well messages sent by the school
atM dhas eenhaet Ward nWP.Stein- children tq President Hlseahower and eao was signed by Mande DOd El1senhower.
as M h elev emis andv b o faWilr a ived, tehauner mi some 15 in tes as- Most of the children have decMde1 keep both the message an" thebetvalope. which has
week rn the NW-Ams He I& a mastve of NobnAaka"d4had been signed to keep the yard clean In IaVht os eanadest h re.aoi bi a rdWs oa
in PrivateIW In aoha.beppt mt bythe violialtyofthecanteenwere noWhite House return address in the mner. among their most pr b d pou os.
Oev. Jamh am- to a fe r *Mear thrne by thneetyrofncaldl conveying their reovass, 0f ao lai Cn lness.

Zia AW, .

CHICAGO, Oct. 29-(V
Stack $100 bills as high a
Empire State Buildings and
will have the amount tha
Force is spending this ye
aircraft fuel.
The sum is 750 million-&i
-"a lot of money even t
oilman," Gen. Thomas D. 'a
Air Force vice chief of I
said in a speech last night.
He said In 1955 the Air I
is buying 30 million barre
high octane aviation gas, 2
lion barrels of lower octane
85 million barrels of jet ft,
uses 120,000 barrels a de.

Fighting I
Bunch bettors foMUlwag.
dent Elsenhower's remn
ress asruck a bonanM
at the Jamaica race tx-
Fighting Ike, a
brown colt, won the
and paid $57.50.
In the parlance of
track, the lucky
well." .-



I n -m




.' "_





T; v M SNTWr P 0 Box' 34. PANAMA. R. I r P.
STsLPHONE 2-0740 I4 LINs)
04iPmOu a12 179 CENTRAL AVmNUs IrTWEEN *12TH AND 13TH R53T
eI5tmr. m nAVAuC-_ 1.70 0 a.So
YVE AR V II ADVANk _6.5___ 16.50 24.00

-0 -
SMed Be Is mn ** ee ftm me odes nof The Pamnma ANelFss.
at seived *rteeftv end w ao thdod In a who*ly eafiaal
a isterie re awn e le don't be Imptoient If a does 't ppr th
LNtw *eray publisad in the order rcelved.
Stow toi ep doe lIes limited to -on pe y uenhl.
ofe letr Writeris t held i streitstes co eafeid
T s unssuew simpges ans gee atsibiltvy fora stalemle a ieplais
~ed. letet from "Wderse.
It a list were drawn up of the best exponents of true North
rican democracy south of the Rio Grande, the name of Rear
l. Milton E. Miles, in the writer's humble opinion, should be
up to top. One does not have to work directly under the
ent Commandant of the Fifteenth Naval District and Com-
der Panama Sector,'Caribbean Sea Frontier to opine as I do.
e will concur in the District. Deeds speak better than
Tis unassuming, simple and great American should be given
latest honor that our Republic of Panama can offer, as
R and Honduras have done recently, because his very
Mee here Is a guarantee that the United Stats Navy is at
F Irvice.
An Admirer

- We almost had a international incident Monday night. Its
4t lucky one of Mr. Newmans assistants, the feller that don't
*ar rose colored glasses with the short haircut was around or
e thing could easy have got outen hand an maybe the State
eprtment or the General Consoles office would have been
ed In an then there really would have been;,a habeas corpus
Anyway heroes what happened'::::
Mr. Newm&n, that's Mr. William A. Newman of the Washing-
O GAO Newmans an his first team was over at the bowlin alleys
racticin fer the grudge fight with Mr. Steers decimal point

They was really consentratin on the game an bearitt" down
I the roar of the bowlin balls an the crashin an splinterin of
W ten pins could be heard over at the Balboa Police Station.
The GAO tellers was really talking funny. One of em would
hId up, whip the ball down the alley an holler, "One for you
iM" an crash a pin would go sailing into the spectators stands
out forty feet. Then they would sorta look at each other an
ft en nod. The next guy would yell, "Heres a pill fer Phil"
Swhammey another pin would be reduced to sawdust. Then
L bold fer Flcyd" an crash "That will make Maggy
fe" kazoop! I Then "An thin will make OLeary weary -
II an the air was full of pin splinters.
I tell you it was enough to make a man real scared an creepy
turn his blood cold. Me an Red was a hidin behind one of
Sbenches. We st dropped in fer a cold glass of milk but
ee the GAO artilery started firin it was too dangerous to try
lt outen the .door on account of pin an ball fragments an
Sfurnite two.


shi AU a.tu could' hear was the men yellin an shoutin
the balls an the pin flyin through the air an
while a j would hit wall, like one
the br. ..t allan
e most of the spectators was shidin behind the
e men was white an pall an the women folks was
a aweepin 4lke they never expected to see there families
i1.- "' ^ *! *

M-ose by us was a couple of good looking Spanish girls from
ma real putty an brave two. They was crouched down an
|.|the bowlers an every time a pin or a ball came sallin
II Mfr they would duck but they never showed no panic.
Mr William A. Newman got ulln the first thing he
was heave four bowlin balls right apang through the back
$. te.bowlin alley before' he smmered down an controled
;. Then lie 'sorta stralghtetiTd up' an took a deep
!e4et one go an noeked down every pin in his alley an the
W the right an the one on the left. Concussion, I guess.
Men he looked around an saw them two pretty girls an then
k another look. They was real pretty ah I thought at first
Mr. Newman was appreciation of there beauty on account of
b iy would they was so pretty. Sort like Marylin Monroe
Nile Russel Iffen you know what I mean. Mr. Newman took
aer long look, then he zipped another ball down the alley
ie pins exploded in all directions.

By this time there wasn't a pin standing in any alley-so Mr.
Oman took a deep breath while volunteers went in to set em
again. The spectators, seein that the firin had ceased fer a
lute took advantage an got an beat fer the door an I heard
pore old lady say Hallelujah Hallelujah as she made it out.
Them two Spanish girls got up an started running fer the
r two an Jlxt at this moment Mr. Newman give em another
ian yelled "STOP." He started walking toward them girls an
I time you couid see they was really scared. "STOP" roared
Mi woman again an then he turned to his aide who dont wear
rm .o lored glasses an said, "Detain them there girls. I want
hel. Th.eyare walkin off with U Government property
!*tGAO is the watchdog of Govmlnt property as you all

The side (w-d-w-r-c-g) got up on his tippy toes an sais
etin to Mr. Newman an Mr. Newman said something to him
I started stalkin toward them girls again. "No one, positively
ne can it away with U.S. Govmint property," said Mr. New-
By this t'me, his aide (see above) who was standing with his
th wde open, began to yell:
WMlIu wait Hey BossI! Them aint no bowlin balls!

- Sadeye Sam

w u'True Life AdventureI

V IrxiNg a*Ame s 6 iY TH HOUR; RislNG OUJT Of
N4 WTOg TO4lv
D` u Ad. ""
v s.qA..e
,* ,
", .I.
.* tIm. 1

( -'i




Labor News


NEW YORK-Because of its
sheer size, the new AFL-CIO isn't
being born without labor pains.
There are differences over how
to fight the next presidential cam-
paign. There is a feud over the
leadership of certain crafts which
could result in at least one inflpues
tial union bolting the new merger.
There is a behind-the-scenes strug-
gle over the post of national or-
nizing director-a position which
will make a frequently headlined
personality put of whoever fills it.
On the political front the differ.
ence is over the insistence of the
famous CIO Political Acton. Com-
mittee that it remain a separate
campaign machine throughout the
1956 presidential race-instead of
merging at once with the AFL's
political committee.
The CIO's political director, Jack
Kroll, presumably\ talking for
Walter Reuther, has taken the bo-
sition in conferences with the AFL
that there just isn't enough time to
merge the two committees before
This would give Reuther an la-
dependent political machine in the
critical presidential election year.
Reuther is chairman of the CIO
Political Action Committee. Kroll
is the active director who in ef-
fect, carries out the PAd chair-
man's decisions.

The AFL people are opposed to
such independent political activity
after the AFL-CIO merger. There
is little doubt that Reuther would
tie the PAC completely to the
Democratic Party almost regard-
less of candidate. The AFL policy
is to stay neutral until it knows
who is running.
This week the AFL leaders will
attempt to merge both commit-
tees under the co-directorship of
the federation's political director,
Jim McDevitt, and Jack Kroll.
The belief is that Kroll, who will
be 70 years of age next year, will
resign soon after thq '56 election. I

Typical of other differences is
the dispute between the ClO's Na-
tional Maritime Union chief, Joe
Curran, and the AFL's Sailors'
Union leader, Harry Lundeberg.
Big Joe's men sail the luxury lin-
ers out of eastern ports and Har-
ry's boys run the ships out of Pa-
cific docks. The fight started over
a technical plan proposed by Lun-
deberg to man shhips at special
rates of pay. Curran charged that
this woild bring back the 56-hour
week at sea instead of a 40-hour
There's been some real salty
nameca ll. Ilsarorg has said
e has 'eorge ay promise
that he will -Op* *all seagoing
men in the new AFL-CIO.

It is absolutely accurate to re-
port that high CIO sailors' union
officials have said that they just
won't go into the new merger if
Lundeber is named spokesman
for all ship workers. The CIO Na-
tional Maritime Union would bolt,
. the word.
This means that Joe Curran, a
man highly respected and with
considerable power inside CI O,
would not join the new labor fed-
eration. If he stayed out, others
might stand by him and the new
merger would be faced with a
split before it got started.
There are, of course,'ether union
officials who are unhappy, and
Joe Curran might just be the spar
to launch a revolt as king-sized as
he is.

Walter A

Celebs About Town: Edward and
Deborah (at the Copa) a skin
Nat to sing "Too Young" .
Gregory and Veronique (discus
sing year-end honeymoon plans
in Romeo Salta's Greta (who
won't talk to people) talking dawg
talk to a terrier at 53rd and 3rd..
Noel, amazed by the army of au
tograph-geekers (along 5th Ave
hue), after his delightful tv show
with Mary Jane, back front
Vegas, with a tan like Lena's .
Vanessa, having shoe-lace trouble
on th .Pretty Polly experi
meeting with contact lenses in Lin
-' .- th
Cub) monflrm tPrmnal,<,
raachotn ad blivi
rush-hour lights near the Warwick
... Georgia, squired by Orrin;(and
the Gershwin of France), at Le
Vouvray David and Roy (And
their eyeful-dates) ringsiding at
the Embassy Club Perry
(with no Comopflate) at Olins .
Gwen, coming out of the "Damn
Yankees" stage door, looking like
a Star and a Girl
Sallies In Our Alley: A movie-
land ham checked his chappo at
the Little Bohemia "Cheez!'
ejaculated a hatchickee, "lookit th
pomadel Why don't he use grease-
less stuff?" "You croyzee?"
ha-ha'd another. "How would he
get his hat awf?" Hear about
the real quickie producer? ...
The plane (bringing his script)
was grounded.,'So he hadda shoot
the picture without itl"

Another birth P comes from Midtown Vignette: One of the
the factthat Waltr Reuther has State Dept. attaches, (a former
the factme pbthat Walter aeutlherone N.Y. newspaperman) phoned the
become pubntil e uesda aftbernoone. other sunown ... "I wonder,"
ut 2u rs before the CIO andb he wondered, "what you thin k
just 24 hour s eo te o meet a bout us taking the visiting Rus-
AFin thieh tommodore here sian newspapermen to the Stork
ein the H- evl ommodf his plant Club?, -. "Why,Uv r,"
fIr hisrc'vl oi the nws- we said "I gus they'll get the
fobr rgo ac.,- "_, Isame check otzer tourists get"
bor organmaatl. .. "You don't think they should
SBy oA distancec hephone asked o0 there interrupted the State
S loew his CIO colleagues Dept man ... "I think," we told
meet him In a very hush-hush ses- m "y are taking a risk that
-'." i th. Hotel .oosevelt. Thesesome anti-Red will forget himself
included Jack Potofsky of the and cause a seene. But maybe
a uded Jaongc uion, t il Rieve not" They went anyway, and
ofthe Textile Workrs.andCur- had a good tme Devoured
of-tanhe Tcanse Wor an ur caviar (And other goodies)
ra and when waiters started to pour
What Reuther told them then is soda or aqua into their tall las-
still secret. What ev dy wants a of whiskey (up to here!) they
to knows the nam. e manb hecried: "Nyet,, nyett You
to know is na director spoil!" Two days later Sher-
will pr eor a dire man Billngsley (the Red, White
Whoever Set that appointment gift. A huge mahogany box, on the
Whoever g int a.oail fa- cover of which is an old Russian
mOs He wi have millions. of dol- war scene-palnted by a Master
Iss and hundreds a. organizers at *, Valued.we, suspect, about
his disposal for Oa w nation-wide $3,000.
drives. Everthinglde on this'
front is set. The AM-CIO unity Memos of a Midnighter: Joan
committee has dIde th country Blondel's undressing room at the
into 2 and has named playnouse (Milburn, N.J.) is fun
"13 An & =... ClnoS to rua Blue-Chip chap) received a rare
them.13 AFL an i- of fresh fall flowers sent by Frank
only the ntijoa, gati lting di- DeHaney, ex-Washington catcher
rector is a mystery man. inom be- and Int'1 League ump. (Romance
rectorh a a Um w may offer to Sam Levene (back from
take a ve o absce from his "Guys Dolls" in Vegas) buying
Auto Unln and nsaant. himself to a dream analysis book in a 7th
the Jo, alh oUgh bhe has more op-
/oent inside labor than custer
had iWi es. mor ,uld,. Min ef-
Ifac secondonly to G;eozge WATCHES
T t would give any n AFT
chletf the sha11ist labat" ain of all.
St. Margoret's
To Observe 21st
Trinity Sunday

St. Margaret's Church, Mar-
gari will oerve the 21st
sunday after r tty with the
first prish Holy Communion at
9:30 amn.
The Rev. Nolan 0. Akers will
be celebrant and preacher for
the merfee.
At 4 OIn-

the business, adles fomell the
group which advs the om-
merce Depart ent This Is the
grqup whose aute ro"Sinsy"

mer; regarding which also Weeks
was "too busy" to testify last
However Manny has received
the financial records from Slimy
andh they are interesting. They
Two silver trays costing over
Sl \ 1,000 each were presented to for-
mner Commerce Secretary Charles
Sawyer of the Truman adminis-
S. traton and former Army Seere-
tary Robert Stevens of the Eisen-
hower administration. Both, are
council members.
IA $, 02.Silver service was giv-
en to 'ohn Big ers, chairman of
Libbey-Owens ord Glass Co.,
/ also a council member.
SIIJMe, f. $550 wav spent for a diamond
rooster br oo, a h, recipient u-
$557 spent on beverages for the
Springs, Va.
S ,a= paid to the law firm of
John C. Gall in the :ta of 195
'. and $3,600 a year later.
^ ..... 'v,' ..,.. ......- $ 800 gift, unspecified, to James
.S. Knowlson, board chairman of
SStewart Warner Corporation, a
council member.
Over $10 00 spent at the coun-
Scil's m eein in Pebble Beach,
Congressman Celler ,wants to
find out it why these gifts were
rn111c ell I In New IYopresented, also what influence the
S- ^council wields over the govern-
-- -- meant. He claims its members
have the inside track on impor-
Avenue dru shop Tom Hel- (highest paid miller model) tant exclusive information of im-
more (solouyaing a ticket at the wed W. Taylor Harper Jones portanee to business and thatit
Victoria Theatre to see ucyLouhlin stee ae) at Barth's as had a great deal to do with
SGallant" in which he appears... Satdee... TWA's preview Flight recomm? certn top a-
.Kay Srarr and 'CBS announcer Hollywoodto-New York (and then pointers i the Eisenhower ad
Chuck Bennett (after goisteddy non-stop to Lndn) was scheduled ministratioa.
for a long spell) went and let It for 21 hours. (Made It in 19' ...
Sperish. Arleen Whelan'h cur- Bela Darvi (the 20th Century-Fox Phoe Deal O'd
-lrent. Big Moment is Bob Raines, actress) asked for a back table at
exec at Ukniver msa-Int'l. .x. ..El Morocco ... Joe DiMaggio has There was more than met the
SClifford Odets. te playwrit and. given his ls The Beeg Brushor eye behind te wo elite pressure
Sactres Valerie French are Isep some Doll. (Ingrate!) izd planes which the Defense DC-
S. .. Jack Yllen needs b Ig h t -- apartment sent across the Atlantic
S(new) talent for the new Versailles Curtain Calls: Chauncey Gray's to junket three senators and their
revue. Apply -there, s E.' Sth crew and Quintero's at the Em-wives home from Madrid and
S.. .The former Mrs. _Wi. Cagney bassy Club (Hotel Ambassador) Paris.
Becomes Mrs Geo. Cavanaugi in ... Jules Lande's new musicombo i '.
e N assat next month ... The 11ul Pe onaist "The 3 Bls" r No 1' Th e Defense Depart-
(radio) Rating for Ne.w lYkork ,y |c y wLes ComiPoas_ de na oitolrplip e frm t4e osenatrs
has W*. P 7w1 A co that wa.ansonh.!. g= w ___ Sfromt, enatrs
omay s sponsored (Wst 4t)d bo oThe Ciit hrlm Class e ote senate r# now Xh oud t
in e ew parlor game, "Chonaei" .. What the Deieion Dm apartment
Newspaper an Novelet: T h ey Sarah Vaughai's platter: "C'st B ot was a Ocret teleg sent
w send W m Cry (the New La Vie The film versionof y junketing senators okaying
I York Journal-American's g rea t "Tender Trap," Aureqire comedy the much criticized multibilion-
Seditor) to rest today. .vi at, a click The ditty, "Love's A dollar American Telephone and
rick's Cathedral at 11 a.m. ..Manuy Splendored Thing." (Song Telegraph deal with the Air Force
Mr. Curley hired this reporter or literature.) which Ike's comptroller general
Sthe Hearst papers in of 129. .The -- ra ruled Illegal Despite that rul-
Sonly boss we ever called BOu aing of illegality, four junketing
Because whenever atedke Broadway Owl: Most exciting senators telegraphed back to Sen-
one .. When we hesitated abowrt moment at the premiere of "No ator Hayden that they would in-
sgnin, "with such a being news- Time for Sgts," the new laugh produce legislation making the tel-
paper,' he said_ "What's the mat- smash. When newcomer-to-Broad- phone deal legal.
ter?. "Oh." we told him way Andy Griffith came on stage
"I've heard a Hearst job doesn't lone (for the 2nd Act) the packed This cuts the ground right out a
always las very last very long "Rear- house clapped long and loud to from under one of the Democrats'
ly?" he countered. "I've been. with Ishow their love. And when the en- biggest and best campaign issues.
Hearst 35 years. That 1 on tire cast turned to him and ap- Sono wonder a tute Gen. Robert i
enough?" The beginning of ant pauded at Asbestos time. Thrillig Moore, who chaperoned the sena- l
exciting and profitable jobor me scene. (We call him Yankee Dooe-otas around Eurpe, wanted the i
and countless imitators. die Andy) .. Walter Futter (Aw, best for them in trans-Atlantic
S-- Ya Futter's Mustache!), the mov- travel. Moore is the Defense De-
Manhattan Murals: Sign in an'Ile producer, married Howard apartment lobbyist on, Capitol Hill L
Arthur Murray studio: "Wallflow- not's aex-wife Betty Bartley i and, since the senators rule on .
ers Never Turn Into Wedding Bou- JChleiago, where she's with "Anna'y pentagon appropriations, he was
quets" .. The poster on a has- Waltz' Al Steele"s latest gi nurse aiding them through ev- i
been auto: "For Sale! t95. Like to his bride Joan Crawford: A cry airport, every hotel, every 1
Old!" ... 57th Street's most cheer- bracelet with only 178 separate night club in Europe, Asia. and t
ful twosome-gay, laughing, hap- diamonds Millionaire .J., Africa.
py. The two portly ladies (twins) Astor and his 1st wife are troubled .. .. t
who sit in frot in front of the Automat over the buzz that 20-year-old s No wonder also that Assistant
Both blind ... The St. Moritz door. Bill is secretly betrothed. He's at Secretary of Defense Robert T.
man turned into a celebrity by the Northwestern U Ross agreed to send the special e,
Nov. Coronet. The doorman #t -- .Vn, 11 .. ,u
a 42nd Street movie house who Sounds in the Night: At Basin e tauy, tu three of the c
chants. "For the greatest show in St: "You keep playing kneeslas senators we ho undercut f
town see our balcony" with her and shell play attorney- the Democrats are also Democratst
---- ies wid you!" At Absilnhubte -Chavez of New Mexico, Stennis
Times Square Circle: Who sed House: "I met a new gal. Se of Mississippi, and McClellan of a
Rock 'n' Roll is new? Benny Good- drives you out of my mind"... At Arkansas. The other senator who a
man had a Columbia recording Madeleine's: "He's home curing signed the secret cable, Saltonstale a
titled "Rattle 'n' Roll" 9 years his toupay" At Le C .pid: of Massachusetts, came home i
ago. What's with Fayc Emer- "She's min more hot water thaa separately. Senator iMre (W.
son and the Theatre Guild show, tea bag".. .At the Embers: "S Va., Democrat), who was also on c
"Heavenly Twins"? The Sardi's wears her cloth coat like a Good
bunch hear she prefers sleeping Conduct Medal" At Forest SIDE 0" A a
late (like columnists) but on re- Hills Inn: "Well, Heelo!".. At -I D G LANCES
hearsal mornings? (Fayeeesee!) Laurels C.C.: "In the old days to
.. The sign on Jackie Gleason's get a big hand at the Palace, you
office at the Park-Sheraton: "le-had to be a tars. Today all you
phant Room" .Arline Care ueed is Arthur Godfrey's thumb."

6vsMbjdd RtadaL CaM4f#dA.

ll niI I n I I H ii I ] I I I


The senators' paIty ask' r
space at the last minute on the
military transport Upsbur and to
make room for them, 43 *ive, and
children had to get otf.
Thone listed as displacing the
wives and children Includ sucb
unimportant researcher ; in-
to American approprations as:
Mrs. Fil M. whotagged
along with her husband, listedHas
a committee assistant. Both are
from New Mexico.
Dr. William Lovelace of Albu-
querque, listed as "medical con-
sultant to the committee." but ac*
tully' Chaves's doctor. He has
taken one or two other junkets
abroad with the senator frum New
Miss Frances Ortiz, Wilter StM-
wart, and Mrs. Glo'-ia Rutland,
committee assistants; Harold T
Merrick, staff.
Also Edward B. Wilber, the
State Department chaperone; plus
Major Labre Garcia,' Air Force
chaperone, and General Moore,
the Defens e Department cha-
Certainly the group was, well-
doctored and well-chaperoned.
Note 1 "Two-plane" Chavez
is a senator with courage and a
good voting record on most things,
but an incorrigible weakness for
putting relatives on the payroll
and seeing the world. have Joined the Marines.
Note 2 The multibillion-dollar
teleone deal is being handed
by Secretary Wilson, not by new
Air Force Secretary Quarles, who
used to work for the telephone
company. He is carefully staying
out. Also,the Air Force tried to
veto the special planes for the
three senators but when w o r d
came back from Senator Chavez
that he wanted them and no mond
key business, Assistant Secretary
of Defense Ross overruled the Ai

CHICAGO, Oct. 29 (UP)-Ad-
miral Corp. said today It has
developed a radio that derives
Its power from the sun. requires
no tubes or replaceable bat-
teries and conceivably could last
a lifetime.
The radio Is experimental and
isn't for sale yet. but. workA
fine. the company said..
It is a conventional-style table
radio which hasa seven-cell
solar battery mounted in a
plastic strip on top of the cab-
inet. The solar battery can be
activated by the sun. or byo a
heat lamp or an ordinary 100-
watt light bulb.
The radio also ha a flash-
igbt-size. "standby" battery i1
case the weather is cloudy or
there to no electric !powtr
source available for a light bulb.
But this battery Is recharged by
t he sun's rays.
S ight transaistors. Instead of
ubes are used In the new ra-
The standby battery can be
ut in by turning a knob., and
he same knob Is turned to re-
barge the battery with energy
rom the solar cells.
Admiral said It Is wdorklng on
refinement in which the
tandbylbattery would beicut in
automatically whenever the so-
ar cells lose power, such a"
when the sun xoes behind a

By Colbroith


**Thb wer r ty Mnds an iMvetiatlen een iuslieM
afth blind dat tis msem-tMr have ban awful usarer"

':The Natives Are Getting Restless"


- -




gTBRDAT. OCTOM ms, 1 mn

N -- A- Y


L ::

Chr& of- Cist

SAL~bAr..VMi;L 30 B
4umw am &a&as

IM o a

a-loMs ush

SA meSb. w ,o

-Snday Echool ........... <*!* "*
1 atwo m ......... .'*
l3eUnitoaria ...n....... ,"
un tbe Sh alool _

^E3 rtiffdw ....I.. W;to 4to
311 a sl as

firchouu ...........
Unin ........ 630 .-

Brohe erto Ms

F. Papslire, Schooler
70# saun e ......::::. 8:0p. m. A

nU fKTivilkwtl CUC
ra2tl b Cmonoa
s wimm-, aM. gy
21 th.. PAltamCio IM
*surr stDtionsips carac *M-
d stram Melt y sanWa
eW. Wa~l~wdeMinister

Co auaun I m P A L .
8,t0 *S~atundo ketool

7;l .a Cassui Senrt^ '

Balab. w CitW C .
l e. amu" Waldien. Mtam
Iuas bero eP 6 am arm aA- PAL
v u ebs o.oroile _nasa, t.:.V ,
Tlo In lNO l ao onl to" "m
Twdo.7T imB. Prover Metons

i I .^ S -
gST. MA-s-CHURUS--0alb a
1:0 so .m. aw : -5 :4 us an

el as t te8
asl D udymm Club 8*., pl a m
Rnd Ly S :m p.m.
C4onfeons: aturday. SIMW to M
and 170 to :W. p.. Thursday., beBrat

Frdstd 7 onet o 8:0 im.
ntFridays 7-t:o n,.
"I culu Me"a Novem: I M pm
Wd" "ey ''___
Cs sum BBamT-hes80m

HCatechis a hes ss m 4:4 6 an n
Sundov Man"s: So .' 1 &'*at M*
Holy miai-- *'. **m, anJ s:0(

7:15 to 8:00 pj. Thursday bemtlo rst
Y ehld*0 P.tMt a 8:0 a n
Friday ,.
Catftmhi m Clem 1:U to 4A VAL W
OU, LADM 0. oATIMA-4.-,
Sunday ]Ma 0 at ,0 &a.M.
Holy Dayi r*t *8: p.
CMnfioa C)- to GAS i pan Sa t-
C^a~tehlh Class: Saturday SO ADto 1

b Ao T C QB cB
flU.~~g "B U*BW

V4 **10 1Xradar
lawo H...... i... 1 0tw

**p~~~xM~~d- Oba** 4 J
MmnIMeWemM........ Too a.=
rM s t .m.-
W-41ll a" $.....00.. ._. ~ a.M
Mft3W ****t *****4m *-- *** *^90-
1: 0 *i s
Mtendy to month) ........ ]ao RJB
,n BArrCs CHIMcN
ta Avenu* at Sth Sto
Marsaritai Cowal Zenp
sev. J.MI a ullee, roFusA
utday School ............... 9:4S
M sig Wn p ........... 11.00 a n.
BapM Trainbn c Wonl...... *:30, pan,
IvSn t Woerhip ........... 7:45 pa.m
Brhhood, Tuwday ,...... 7:00 pM.
Office Teach
Mn, Wednsdayd...... 700P.m.
:Prayer eLtc Wednedays 70

M:00 Sebodl.a
.M.U.. liPt rd Mdayas
LA.JoA. c9 bes.

9 Ilk i-dwol

gr WHlle ems ide


Coe -Tows Ap 'a-l4*%.
0 salvatio aun

Ia :m0s cAnlo Mn dm
:21A AAmfltt Side
110" Wadld Mm C Ruev, *
= an' a"' o

3 T a,,O N WM M I M Servic
& *Pa* T, Ica,_ ,


am ss ess ss
Caff-m OU1es

ereallWit lllank a t
ft *0 aoa
OWC= Ow *e P004t Avem- a* "

ass *X. IL D= fteo aU tt*ei-

nehy alfr0 a swk
K10 aCit 1e -anlp Sevice
aUr. nI R. ISWlden and rSm. tP.

*~td*t ScheB_. WUjw
ta^Su:8, sciuml tar an a*-w
1:06 Wialp il e and chwrth-

tis urfurywaia
Rev. Say SpakrOy, Pastor.
#:46 ax. a School.
21M &in W=rfl ServicM

%M2?'3SM. Pai B* I W. Wander. Pritor.

191:6 rWo*4h agrto Ms a n

TkK Balboiad &st Van Pabo, f

Dr. Wa~ M. Ministe KM~.
Otflfhe n threBlnae *Po
inJO aj. Cblreh Bdtol
10:40 eJ.k Metalas Wership XWrvia

OCehrist Saentest
Phonei& 2-14 tu $42M 1

C ram stas-- w

t jSW we
beLa I
IaSO 8iae
_^AAwMA ^fr*^V
s^. Sa=JMZ^.

e.e. et t-e felb i AM CamZt SMeW. timeaM,
eaM a m- and Catoa. p"a e* Pam ....eWo d Godt

asgbki an d rindss h
A i pshe premi The Panme-Aml-lkhebdlwby
daeatlm ist wof E *o gl ws cn Sm pasi
lbft arek e srefl#a m e I ftasi Nshe666m bht | hte
so*h wme two eengregam me se Hed modes "Mat herthse sAnd
Slikmft A special lo hiq 6 h wb&O mludB oar ewiseat Am vmrmiael,
Air Fmwe bas se4nd Moedl goalmH..
I*,s- -,-4s.*eh sereshe an sled hplebon see N* ke as sales k
ow mm desk -, wrmIpby Wedowde w- No 1w etthe ww sy
chae Iw for a@ emimZ%='s dhoeb PeSI P


sr. JOSEPH-pant"-
Bunday Maass at 7:00 and 8:13 asl
Holy Day Mass at :00 p.m.
Weekday Mases: ..:00 a.m
Confesixons: Saturday 3:30 to 4:0 and
6:30 to 7:30.
Cateshim Claes Mundasy 1:00 to 4A.00
Miraculous Medal Nevenas 1:0 p.m.
Convert Instructionat Thursday I0N
Sunday Mases: :0 and 80 a.m.
Holy Day Mae: 8:30 and :00 p.m.
(Int i fall n Saturday the Maas a
c0 aM.d-. o an.m). .0 s "

dUmsof C=" P Frries, yIeVd
Catshimn Cu: After 2 :00 s an
Convert Claat 40B vJaL 2%sday. ad
T., TIEA46-Cee@11
Sunday Mass: 8:30 a.m.3 .
Holy Day Mass: s.00 a.L (It H ta
an Saturday-8:30 a.m.)
Cateehism Class: 33 to 5:0 0 .b, Mn
Cf, lo: 8:00 to 10 a. Sunday.
Parqfe Lotev r
Sunday Mases: 6:30a:0 and 30 am.
Week Days M.a: :0 :.. Thum,

Sawt.ne7=e :30 w Man s8-*ad
Fri. and Sat rt day mass: 4.0 a.m.
Holy Day Ma : s 0e j amN ,to :0
C ofesslos- 2 :30 to 40 and :0M to
S:oo pip. onsaturday.
msraeulous Modl Svest ridy :00

pee 7ub a m. n en*
.Catechism Cla 20 p.m. TanSdunday
Covw, CaQ : Monday 7:20 .mV

Or. THUU0rS-LA sm
aund4y Man: 00 a m.
Hol Day Massf S:30 pm,
Confeiensm: Saturday IN to 7.30 p.m.
Thursday b Sore First Friday 4:30 p.m..
Catechism Clan: S:l Sunday.
Sacred Heart ovea: T:0 p.m. an
Convert Clais :0 pAm. on mThurday
Sunday Muses: 710, .10 0ad 100
Holy Day Maase: *6:0% M 8.00 S aad
:00 p.m.
Confeulon: Saturday 4M0 to M$.0 and
:00 to8:00 p-n. After Reery MeA ev*-

18M' Modsel :ov:00sa1:00and g
x't'raculous Medsl Neven 1: M, *
5:00 p.m. on Monday.
Catechism Clam: After 10 *9 ma
Firsf'rlday Exposithi on day Dur-
tng the Schdol Yekr.
bhgt Saturday: Man at 81:0 &A.
Sunday Mame: 7:30 and 11:30 an.
Holy Ma y es: *:00 aja. and 11:0
"Confessions, 400 ID 5140 =61M? to
:00 p.m. Saturday.
Mira ulouls MOdal NMovni 1:00 ,.
an Mesday.
Te-ap 'Club: T1145 P. m Weday.
,&.am=el Cla-; 4 to pifB_,Thursday.
rhit Tvlday Devtiena: 7:0 P0J

Sunday Maea: S:45 and M:00 aim
Holy bay Mane-: S:45 ad 8:60 tm
and S:4S p.m.
Confeom: Saturday 40 to 1M0 and
7:00.tto 9*00 p.m.
Miraculous Medal Novenst Wednesday
:1 and 7:00 p.m.
Uacred Heat Novena: Friday 7:15 p.m
Sorrowful Mother: Sunday 7:15 p.m.
Convert Clan: 7:11 pm. on IMonday
and ThurSdayt
Catechism Clat 10N to 4.-0 pja On
Sunday M Au 7M00 and R0 a.m.
Holy Day Maae;n6:M0 &0m and S:M
Confusion: 77 N m ea Saturda.
Miraculous Mdaw Noveam7: 7 VAL
an Tuesday.
Cateiim sCe:lass pm. VALBa Sunday.
saerdt Hart Noen": Id sVL -an
Ci~uesh 6Monsethii 490 VAL Than.
"-NT. I I,

80nd1y TMOW=: T7 d.a-M. an.
DOW Day Mare: *sm:man. aLda *0
p'Cwtftftw: gm to 73 M rrIfty.
Catechi 342 toM Soll O- Mpa
1 1 2,d w ___ .g- 1 & d
Snay MtiGF *d ajza. and $14aa.M
f~y~ay ~In *||rj. and *:06
;to I" M III*'-to
& =~l =..aa 111 S.M ana Sunday.
N11"eulaus NOWdk IIvaeo.! Too VAL
I^^^^ 9AW ^^^Pl f ki1

" 1 ...

" ,il /



s~mammmeWse namfft 2L IM

TeMprae Grop Mother Acquitted Of 'Love Nestf b i-p
up, bank snsould. hold Pe

[n6,s st las Slaying Of Husband's Mistress b robberssays
lanief. Edward J. Po N
-o bank employes don't tW [
IT0 e -i-I Frilm I*sound an slarm or to at
IUk bw Film WASHINGTON., Oct. 29 (UP) Haynes, from Balzoni, Mis s.a, important physical cbar e
Katherine Ann Haynes, wisp y- came home from her night-time of robbers that might l
One In 20,000" Is the title of haired mother of four, was ac- job to find her children unattend- cities identify and capture,
the modern cinematographic quitted yesterday of the "Io ve ed. explains.
production a purely moral and nest" slaying of her husband's Haynes had rented the &part- ...l"
educative character that the teen-age mistress. The jury found ment for Miss Pcenton and had tence than go to jail.
American Temperance Society is she was temporarily insane at showered her with presents. He would not want her e
offering the time of the shooting last Ju- also had boasted to his wife of his know she had been **a
This cinema production *ill ly 19. "infidelity. Willis Hayne< was the
be in Panama for only ten days There was,a spontaneous sigh Mrs Haynes awaited the ver- ness against his.wife',-
anid will be shown free of cost of relief from spectators when dict with one or two friends. A was the- only ot e
in secondary schools, cultural the jury, which began its deli- minister from Church Christ in ent during the shoot g.
centers, churches, clubs, Amy berations at* 10 a.m. Thurday, Arlington, Va., where Mrs. fiedthatUhe hadIs t
bases, etc. brought in the not guilty verdict Haynes 'is a member, came to pitres oftMi t
shortly after 5 p.m. Mrs. Haynes pray with her. She refused food. vocative pose a t
Here are a few of the dates could have received the death She told the clergy man she openly described pl
and places where this picture penalty for the shooting of Nan-1would rather get the death sen- her sexual ability.
will be shown: Tonight, 7:30 cy Pentor 19, with whom her
p.m. at the Cristobal English husband Willis had been having
Church otse venth-Day Adven- an affair. 1*
tists, 16th St. and Bolivar High- The slight 29-year-old defendant vo t vtPa to 8 ,O
wajr, Colon., Tomorrow, 7:30 overcome with emotion, had tol ou are cordially ivited o we
p M. at the Pacific Service Cen- be supported by her attorney.
ter, Panama City. Tuesday, 6 Before the verdict she had said: iP. Al V' '
p.m. at Fort Clayton. -Friday, "It's not man-made law that both- NiLW 195 DOVG E
No .8, 7:30 p.m. at the YMCA, ers me. It is the final judgment."Nl A i .
Balboa; Sunday, Nov. 6, 7:30 Thie jury's decision means that .,
p.m. at Fort Kobbe. The dates Mrs. Haynes automatically must at a
0f shoving atithe educative cen- be committed to St. Elizabeth's
terms will be announced later. Hospital, federal mental institu-4' __ .... "
tion here, for examination to de- J*J.l j^HI IiF J^ IKr,'
No young person or adult termine whether she has recover- I I IN t I JK I
should miss the opportunity of ed from the temporary insanity. COVN-OaOmRw sw I I u i ,,
seeing this singular, sound mo- If the hospital rules she is now l
tion picture In natural color. It sanq, she will be freed at once. 10th Street Colon, R. r.
shwos lung cancer-its cause The shooting occurred in Miss
anod'treatmenco. It Is unsurpass- Pprilon'Is apartment a f ter Mrs.
ed for convying the truth' a-
bout tobacco and;Aung cancer.
It 1p a picture full of realism and
em tlon that leaVes an Indelible
Im season. Its base ahd devel-
opment are absolutely real and .
sclentfic but adapted to the un- -
derstanding of e*ch person. Jn ,

Other Churches
Aneon. CL. '
Mbtster : ev. Wses 0. Nelsn
o. 5, AneV C. Balboa Un
Sunday men"1 ....... *: .
Morna Wenh.p ........ sei a.m.r
Youth altl ............ *:4 p.m
Eveann rlea .......... I ". pmn.
N Sm-v. saticae .......... 1.80 p.m
Prayer MN-a Wed. ... T7:M0 pm.
Psanm2 RlP., 3rd Street e
... 5- N. L es Mmlntere
Divine Woinhip ........... .* a.m.
Sunday Schoo l.......... $10 pam
Sunday Massaes .... ..... T, 7:1 .:45
"tit Axj., dJP.- Sunoa) Som at
t:0 pm.
Meeting una" and Sunday -
a p- wisa a a M U boa
06!. B1alboa.
o la1ca -41 &As (ceW""
Sund ,m .10 the *JWV-M.t IA
Boc oad, Balb. Priary.and Pris-t
hood- 8:30 a.m tina; Suday School.
I:Ms a.m-. S. aerant aetina 0:3. a3.m.

Sulldnj i00. Schoolhouse Road,
Gat6tn, Canal Zoe.
Telephone, Gatn 34 or-Crlst6bal 99
SundayScol 10:00 an&. Sunday Sac-
rM85* MeJtln :30 p.m. Prieshood
Meetia C10 p.m W n*ay Prinary
CS p.m. Wedneday RaU{ society meat-
Iri so 864ouncod.

T. Paul Holloway, Ft /
Office, Curundu 510 o
Hsmh, Curundu 711t
Sunday Schol ................ :45
Morning Worship ......... 11 a.m.
Youth Meetlt .............. 6 pm.
amv.ns Wo ........... t .

Holy Sih ud a JaR
Tuesday. Wd uda Tnurada
Se1 0 atmae es

Saaa voUnt w .t.o... ( : a G.m
el l t"..e..ot .u f... S .aab e a

Mo aye ... ****.. ........... ** i
i~vte Sw Ian" a a a..... mompj

S4 rrs caSrraet

Nr v, llcon Eli C ar., Pa t
oRed T Tnk, l--Sundayu. I1 aim. div1
worship 3 p.m. Sunday ch 7...... P.
"8 W h S4*-Cal6. PatSre

Re ak ZSunday*S 11 P as m. dvn
Sbundahoo. ............... 8:00 paml
m. |I&pel service.
Pornu L..evro. R.P. and 1It t.m
NSy 44 Sunday., a p.... M :b shool
_Paxra~ino CZ--Swndsy. *At. 8kuudy

it Sit-k St.-Coloe
Red T. W.. cauldias, Pa1te.
Sword y Shooip .............. :30 a.m.
Momrn Wovrhip ........... 10:30 aSm.
Night sa-via ............... 7:0 p.
Pars" n NunaM. % 9Alasnday

TIM% Churek of GOD
Morn (. Wg L 0:aa^-, r amte.
Sunday School ............. .11:0M a.m.
Monig Worship .....,..... 10:30 a m.
Night St-viee ............... T0 p-Jn.
Flaw a 'm--a.rla
vr.Vo Maut ohina Pufier
sunday Si-hol ............ 10 :30 a.m.
Mambo|i Wonship ;..... ..,.. ]I:o0 a.m.
Night Jte _w .............. 7 :Mpin.
,Now st.---oida'jo
Nov. W.. Joand lJM Prxe
Sunday School .............. :30 0am.
Morning Worship ........... 10:30 a.m.
Night Sayvlee .............. 7:0 p.m.
rrtChurch of Goed
1d,. 41-0~iab *te, C.z.
May Wm. L J.nJt"", Paster
Momini Worship .......... 10o30a.rm.

The, W a. naer oGnes, S.T1.D
The Vray XM I allo d ka"O"Aw
._T CAtH ASL A n. US
B Communon ......... 7:0 Ma.,.
iula Domineical an
*b1e CC* ............... *:aam.
Morning Prayer and Sermon 11 .00 ajm.
rimt Sunday of meM1610
Holy Comunaon and S.r
m n ..'.... ....... ...... 11. 00 a.m.
e lMnj Pra er and Srme 71:00 .M
WCDNJXffAYS and Hoaly Don
Hoby Ca"melnm .......... SIM L
Third Street. New Crist6bal
The Rev. Milton A. CookDaso PaSAer
Ho ly Communion ......... :IM a.m.
Church School ........... *:0 a-m.
Morning Prayer "
and Sermon .............. 11:@0 aDm.
(Fire Sunday. Holy Communion)
Vesper Service and
Youth Fellowship ........ 610V p.31
Holy Communil ....... S1, am.
Choir ashearal .......... 730 p m.
A House of Prayer for 'all IPpl.
Holy Communiont.
'Famlny Prror nand Chureb cebel.i
Moruu Prayw sad Seas- U "-m
C. Cl Sunday in Math)
OM am. m &JR.
Nvening Prowa. 7210 pl.m.
Weekday Praoe. 1:00 aj1t
G-d Illbspbod
T. Rev. clarence W. Hayes
S:O %.m averv rrlday. Momume for,
(EW.Q ML Frtda".t
1K. shamB's Chuck
Tho Ke. John Spear. Priest to Cusei
aoMicsg Prayer, -lt and rd.
Sunday .................. 10S0 am.
Holy Communion and r-
moM, &Wd and.4th Sunday .;10:30 1.m.L
Sunday School ........... 3:04 PAL
Youth Fellowship ......... 1:10 pjn.|
EveninS Prayer ........... 7:00 p.m
Girls' Friendly Soiety ... *:00 p JI
Kvenin Prayer and Sermone 7:00 p.m.
Holy Communion ......... *: 0 a.m.[
Woman's Auxiliay, 2nd and
4h Thursday ............... 7 pJL
St. Peter's Churb
The Rev. John Spear. Prieat to Chalue.
Choral lCuearit and Sermon 7910 aa.
Mornin Prayer and Church School
10t a.,Am.,
Childsn'w elcbarlr .d SUNK" IQ
111310. Id.b! I *- '

Holy CAmmunioM ......... 7:OB a.m.
Cvening Pray r .......... 7 ,11 p0: .
except Saturdays. Comptlna
Woman's Auxiliary ....... 7:0 p.m.
Church of St. Margaret
Corner of Ibiv4 Ave., Brazos Blvd.
The Jkv. Milton A. Cookso. lPaster
8:30 a .. Church School
9:30 am. Morning Prayer and -Semon
(l t Sundays, Holy Communion) A
4:30 p.m. Coptirmnatlaon Instruetiow.

Cbweb of "W* IIMy Cs-tarf
Van. U IL. Shirlay, Afcbdesean
very tModay i cam. AHoly Carne-

-TemPersnce Society

Seventh Day


Cabe Ve 0,rd f, Ae.J v d a Oses
*bas SadiaoL 9:-W 15iIRO snr
l IL:4 t min. Yorh'* M28tht 4:0 n.m
SUNDAT: Bible LNMtI pn
WPubmNDAY: Bible Study anm Praer
service. -o Aa ooL
Paseffic doae-PoalA Balbeeoa
Distrtiet Petor -- Wb Waller
Cobo Verde, Ave. J. F. do la NO Me.
77. Panamk No. '& Jamaica Society Hall
"S" St No. & Cborrlllo, 211h St. No6 27
Pueblo Nueva. 2-A St between 3rd and
4th Sts. Rio AbaJo. l1th St. No. 27,
Balboa ChapeL 0114 Gavllia Rd. Balboa
I Saturday only). .
Speniuh Churchoo-Paulm & CrIstboia
District Pator Rdbn Ruix
Panamas Call* Darn No, X. Crist"
10th St Bolivar Ave.
Gamboa & l rjol e
District Pastor A. A. Grixd*
(TeL S -- 102)
Gamboa, Pratt Parkway. FrilJola.
Atlantic Sid--Col6n & Crlst6bal
District Pastor V. G. Newman
(Tol. 36 1- -L)
Col6n. Ird. St. 4 Central Ave. Crtt-
bal. l~th St. & Bolivar Ave.

Jewish Welfare Board Bid. 792-X La
Boca Road, Balboa, C.Z. Rabbi Nathan
Witkin. Director.
Servic, rday, 7:30 p.m. Saturday.
S:30 p~m
(See ah e llsting of Jewish servieM
under Posts, Bases and Stations).
CongrepStion Kol Shearlth Israel. Ave.
nida CVbh and 3th Street. Bella Virta,
Panman City. Services 8:00 p.m.

AT W Chb O tef the LutNaI SunIda
t W e lm o Red. Balb-oa.
IPkaM Ballbee 570
Sunday School and Junior and Ahdot
Bibl Cl as at .00 a.m.; Worhip Sm.
ice, 10:1 am. Regular covered dishup-
par'the second Sunday of each mont
at the Luthsran Service Center at S:3
Pasi Holy Oomunion the first Sunday
or eac month, with a pre-comnmunloi
devotion and registration the rriday
previous at 7 o.m.
(Fuln G*Ml)
ScShool Cyrru.ailum Haim SL
Rev. Vtaul Jorses, A minspter
Sunday School .............. 9:;30 a.m
Mornsn Worship ............ 11 :00 a m
Evangotoe Service ........ 7:0 pjm
Thu.. Praye Meretin In
Church In Panam i City.
a(Cor. q St and Marlano
Aroemena) ................ IM pAS

Bev T.T J. Tuttle, *upt.
Phone: Colon 1094-J
2M00 Amador Guerrero St.
Sunday School ............. 3:0m D.m
Car. Randolph and Klamouth St.
Rev. and Mrs. T. J. Tullle, pa ,o I
Mr. Paul Bryson, Ast. pastor
Sunday School ............... 9:30 &mi
Mortns Worship ........... 11 0a.."
vangei Service ......... 7:30 p.m.
Tue- Gomael Service ,..... 7a D.m.
Th ura 4 Spn111 SOrveo o.... 740nRAW
PSunday Sahoo*a are the foUowing

Co014, 411t & G L, I p.m.; 4s0 pm_-
Panami 2 In, 44:, Wm.
LB 30es M 4 .- _Cberre
S pJm., 4118~m
Parque Lefev" 9 os,., 10 a.m. --
raiso. No. I1. I pm., 4-W10 pm.
L4 Bock Town. Rio Abao,. p#.Es.
4:30 pin.
MondA.S, Wedneidsysftda mrviees
are hold ftg 7;1. ipj. to S'30 D.I


Do you know the relationship
that exists between the 20 car-
ette poisons and cancer.... ? Is
it possible to cure this terrible
disease... ? Is it a myth that ci-
garette is the cause of lngs
cancer..;.? See this ,modern
production of the American
Temperance Society and make
your comments.
"One in 20,000" has benefited
thousands, perhaps it may
your life. Remember prevention
Is better than cure or lament.
Listen to the opinions of sincere,
disinterested, famous authori-
ties in medicine and surgery.
Though the film of such en
Important picture has cost
thousands of dollars, It is being
shown now free of, cost at the
above mentioned places. Don't
miss the opportunity of seeing
"One in 20,000" at the place
most convenient to you.

_ ----,

A Movado waterproofI
Automatic "331", has
part in the Sydney-Ho

4wr Its diffclt Msinn/


SSc.l .I. ..Po s t S *-an d B a s e s m

8:00 a.m. Choral Eucharlst a Sari= Pasi and Bases
12:00 noo, Infant Bapthb .n
3:00 w.m. Church School" MOM SB9
(held in- Building 11) Patttam
S :00 pin. Youth Fll owship
7.-0 nim. .venaSg and Addra. FORT AMADOS
TUzSDA.Y1! *:M
7.30 v a. Woman's- Auxiliary and Al- M a .... *.......9. 10:M
ter Guild JmistbouL LOR N ,
y Sun6y Scho (Buildig M.114) t I
PANAMA 'SMUS W "-*p ............... 2:16
St. Paul's Church FORT K BRE
The Ves. Lemael Shirley, Reeter Sunday School (Building 711)... :C
The Rev. Fit MR. Atwell, Deaces Mortnn Worship ............... 10:45
SUNDAYL. EwvI Wafl ..........J.130 p.=
9:00 a-m. Suns Eucharlst & Sermon COMMi, a
10:45 a.m Morning Prayer and Church A*i*.K A*iW .. .B. *. 0
school LtO I OC M
12:00 r Holy Septp 24n10 31 4 ............... *."
7:00 X.m. Solom Vespers Morning Worshp .... .......... 10:4
TUESDAYS Youth Group ......... *: and 9:00
S:30 a.. Holy Communion EvengWrp............. 7=
Sunday School (Buling No. 1) 9: U
16:00 a m..Holy Communion Mom ~fW .l :....... ...... 11:001
7 :00 p.m. Evening Proyer lath I 0wdRfCt AI
THURSZAYS AND FRIDAYS Sunday ..... o,.................... 9.00
8:30. r m.H.oly Commution Holy Communion .( plscopal )SundayA
HOLY DAYS 7:30 Divine Worship9 :00 (Holy Comn-
6:00 a.m. Holy Cominunmton. union so the first Sunday In the
mBu- i month).
a ls C a* a a Pt. FORlT AMADO
(Oppo9l Htel WA o o) Dail M ................... T0
TheYen. Manert J. Prteses, Bee a Ma9..............7:30 .'00
The Rev HenryA. almk. Assisft FORT CAYTON
Sn9DA Duy Ma ........... ....... 1:
*. MaL Reoo Cessmnias sunday M:..............s*s0 1 7.11
NO &.m Mhoral l*11114A4 and sam CORO1A3
10:3.0 a.m Cbut kool sem Sunday ................. 101
7:30 D.& Soleun SweMami ad S@- FORT KOBB?
11 101A Dafty .s....................... 201
WXDr ISDAYS Saturday Masa .................. :00
a H-i Sunday ...........7M

.000 aim RlyJ o muslor s.ra te C s k sa.nd -0
7W3 p.m. Evening Prayer and germ"B (Spanish) 1:00
1.30 p.m. Adult CopnfmadmUoD Clao ALBROOK AIR FORCE SASE
THURSDAS Dally Ma ....... .......4. M"
5.I Vas. IPrayer Guil. eSaturday Maw .................. 7.00
901 ajis. Chlldrea'a fcielt U.S, NAVAL- STATION. RODMAN
SAT RDAYS Sunday moo ............. :30 a.m.
10:00 a.m Junior Casfirmatlio Clama Daly Maaa .................... Aim
7 MO p.m- Coopl]i. and Med.tatfoa mALBROOK AIR rORCE BAS
Saturday ............. ...... 4 win
Churcnh ef St. Mary, T'irg Saturday ..................... 2 p.m
Tke Ves. Malrsonlit J. Peteio. Tuesday ...................... 7 w.i
Priest In Charge Wralp ............ 7:311p .m
The Rev. John A. BpeMed Dres.e. 1
Sung lucharlat ........... 7:30 a.m. Jewb .S
Church School ........... ,D:45 a.m. ALBROOK Ai FORCE BASX i
Evenong and Sermon .... T O p.m. Saturny ................. 4.:00 pnm.
dSerar d SW B ..... 7. 0 Pm.. Satur. ................. 2 p.M
Holy Communion ........ 7:M1 41a. 22 A|CIIi
SP Getwo Cwd.b dererJnWanrl .............. il- s
The VOLSaa t_$,Peema, rOFORTO UCL 1
mThe er. Joeh A. s D M cac Wohr ............ 11:00
Holy Communion ........i. 1 9 m 4 m Sunday i So .. .............. :20
jhd AND 4th SUNDAYS Morning W ht .............. 1100
Morning Prayer Church Tf Narsery .**......... 10: 0
and St-r.on ............... 9111 a.m ..
Church School, each Siz. 10DM a,,
O chtisf Ce-^ai-k Sunday Mar..............,-348 10:4A
is So om Paxra ve- rotaT J1CS
The lov. Clareaf W. MOMSunday Ms ..................... 11.
ON ,?oam .; .... (=" Dtniy M- ...................... aB0
Sunday School ............ 10M aim. SundAy Ma .................. M:00
Bact S la *m kdl sl C(' UO.n ,
a neW '#P A a d i aT . 1 a .
orAwe ,some ._ _a
vas MZ11101 A"fc Siaa, M ~ tOTK *mp I..... Ii

One success leads to another for the "Solhdg
was the winning yacht on her arrival at Holb-t

Following closely on te memorable Adlhtf
crossing by Movado, this latest expeonnt
confirms the indisputable superiority ofMovWd's
waterproof and self-winding systems,

Mowdo Automate 331", ". } from w yirf
watch in the world with the beW pwectle qsk -
shocks (dual protection): sepe-wae w f. ,i-
model Ref. 18481 (model identical with s^W wdAj
Mhe test). Steel model, de luxe del with aWy fM
riveted numerals (see illstration). SAWel PM-
Inay, 18 K SolM

Ir; ..


7% lfiantfadt for you: this stairperforawma
was given by a watch which had undergone no
special preparation; any other automatic water.
proof Movado could have replaced it ad
achieved the same remft: yours too, if y
choose one! I .
L* A 01 A VMX.- 0 E f N 0S 8 1W IT 29ie tMi4

I iCr 0 A IE 8 A T

CHURCM alp GOO (Postoeseeau
Rev. -L & Watlon O OerMa
Phone 4-1 Box 253. Gamba ,
Church Mt Paraiso. C-Z. (Rev. and
Mrs Hemna G. Whytel. Colds. R.P.
Rev. FIrorando Lorenee, Rio AIbaJ
Rtev. mad Mm Ctarla H=aye-",, and
atV a (2w. d Mrs. CliffIrd G av.
unday mad wvmas swrvices as -
dON&M .


Another astounding


waterproof watch

and a striking


of self-win

Fixed for 10 days to the keel of the yacht "Solveig," i

below the water line, it confronted the waves of -the Pade

over a distance of 700 nautical miles and was offidalfy

attested as indicating the exact time at the finish of the raceI
the ererIciI1
the mere rocking of the boat was enough to mainn :

automatic winding. ,

THouEC, f at/Uich






SaWI1rri~. 011Y03U tar

r ..,.~,
~I ~

t Onth
1. vIes

?. Doi
nee C
it. Di
!w. for

Worth Businessmen f, L.^ T
Travel Talk

ng SA Goodwill Tour
--a --. I--Said, 1IPosture
i J EgIpt 2 Leveout
of eminent Fort ner. Br.. president, Northwest spok take 3 ort
v easmen. head- Security Life InsuranceCo. b (Bib.)
K. Oarrlson, mayor, Others are Charles Hillard, ---chow, (ibra.)
tthree-week good- owner. Hillard Rent-a-Car;/J. L lna 4 mveltour
Ide tour of South A- Jackson. president, Fort Worth 12 Persian poet 5Mr. abs
Steel Co.; Ira Keranic, retired: 13 Hawaiian 6 Tidier
.ing manufacturing, Fred H. Korth. executive vice wreaths TPrat
ViAking, investment, president,. Continental National 14 Augment 8 German city 25 Above
r,. oil, steel and oth- Bank:; Potter King, Jr.. presi- IS Italian 9 Western plant 26 Decide
members of the Fort dent, King Candy Co.: J.J. Lvles, islanders 10 Scent 28 Wazq
inber of Commerce president, Lyles Dairy; J.V. Leg- 17 Deity 1HAdvanta wges 30 Traveln on
orth yesterday on a gett. r., vice president. North- 1W Head man water
lmerlca World Air- west Security Life Insurance Co. arhou 20 Fobidden 1 Microbe
or Miami, and flew Also, Jack Maxwell, owner, Rocks, 22 Recent battle 33 Saltpeter
Kht. Rosedale- Lumber Co.: Clyde W. 21 Japanb wine eld L1st
e, they fly to Peru, Maya, attorney; Retha R. Mar- 23 Grab 24 Impudent-. 40 Save
Utnw. Uruguay, Bra- tin. president. Dunlap Co.: C. T. 24Pea holder
xula. returning to McLaughlin. oil producer: Web 27 Hamlet
w6V. 21. Maddox, owner. Maddox Invest- 20 Boast
the 1 a ments: L.. T. Martin, president, 32 More level
W he "*look-and- Martin Dry Goods Co.; Jack W. 34Waken
ar William Holden, Melcher. general manager. Len- i36Leave
Uo president. Fort nOx Finance Co.: Julian R. 37 Slacker ,
tber of Commerce, Meeker, owner. Meeker Oil Co.; 38 Allowance for
ent owner of the Melvin Miller. partner. Du- waste
C outhey. Norman Bose. Rutledge and Miller. 9 War god Ofs
travel advisor. v Thomas M. Ryan, president. Greece
Rvan Mortgave Co.: John J. 41 Smoked pork
ie trip are: Marvin Randol, Preajdent. Libbock 42 Corded fabric.
resident. Fort WOrth Building Products; 1. F. Reiltle. 44RoyalItalia
ber of Commerce; owner. Rehwmond ,Drilling Co.; family name
n, president, OGriffin Irvin Rosenthal. executive vice family nae
ng Company: V. W. president, Rosenthal Pacikame 46 Hunters
preialdent. Boswell Co.: Dr. Law Sone. president. 49 Follow
toh 0. Campbell, Texas Western College; Gibbs 53 Blackbird
Campbell Lumber Plaughter. chief engineer'. Adme 54 Musical
Fred Cutter. vice Brick Co.: Chprei.' F. Williams, instruments
1ll1am Edwards Co.: presldent. C. W. Williems Co., 56 Writing
oahue. retired; Fred and Tolbert F. Mayfield. instrument
resident, Service Life ------ SHebrw mon
o. R. O0. Dulanev, BARGAIN 58 Ages
ulaney Oil Co.: J. R. .. S -, 59 Observe
mer mayor of Fort INDIA POLIS -- (UP A 0 Snow vehicle
-,-- v --M ,.. .. ...I ei n a romnlete bomb,- t in

-iunarles Eoeriy. owners sm'n on a .cm
P funeral Home: Rufus S. front of a m9itarv surolis store
rttt 8r.. attorney; J.D. Oar- read: "For sale, $35,000."


Great White Fleet
SOrleans Servict


,/ S.S. "ULUA" ................ ..*................ct. 31
SS. "TELDE" ....................................Oct. 31
A 8 N "MA NA ..." ....................... .........NOv. 5
*S.S. "CIBAO" ....... ............ **.... ....*******Nov.
S*S.. "YAQUE" .... ......................,...... Nov. 1j
*S.S. "MORAZAN" ...............................Nyv. 20
S8.. "AGOERSBORG" .......................... Nov. 31
S*S.S. "I M aT I .AS" ................................ Nov. 27
*'.8.S. "AQU".......... .................. Dec. 4
.S.. MORAZAN .............................. e. 11.
*rRa.dUng Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo
New Vork Sercvie Arriv
V ... Cristobal
S.S., 4IMON N .................... ,...Nov. I
".... ........ ....... .......... Nov. 14

m.r ............... .............. .

Weekly ailangs of twelvt passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles. San Francisco
and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristobal to Ne*
Verk, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To New York .....................240.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco .... $270.00
To Seattle ......... ....... ... $36.0



I J.utT g )S v UC" raTmWa
Tji ^.*wIcwaesMF Mod 0aN

tr LD am TM M

55 Aged

Th Pacific Steam Navigaflon Company

Royal Mal-Lies Lid.
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" ................Nov. 2
M.V. "SALAVERRY" ............................Nov. 12
M.V. "SAMANCO" .................................Nov. 20
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) ...... Nov. 26
M.V. "SANTANDER" .............................Nov. I
8.8. "FLAMENCO" ..............................Nov. 13

..S.. "LC V ................o.1

-S.S. "LOCH AVON- ..........................'.... Noi. 1s
S.S. "DRINA" ....... ....................... ....... Nov. 20
All Sailings Subject to Change Without Notice
PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION CO., Criatobal Tel., 1654/5
I JPANAMA-Ave. Pern #55. Tel. S-1257/
POD 00. INC. IBALBOA-Term. Bldg. Tel. 2-1905








* 5, ~ vdI

Now It



* M33hylLL LoSS

Sr Tr. AML,



R vPAS W M% SN M ?
Wt&g OOBM W SW. p=
---w ~ S--- V\ g

Setting the 'rap


AlmR OJ#UMA,1 LAPp O POt W0 1 -PW WU PaU6te ,
ow MIL" FoII R WN .A P N Lcu p uZ L LT Ift L* cKY

8ACKW# nATh C ANptr1
3PA eu mii6

Waiting for the Bell -



The Prodigy




Y Can't Win

Lke That?


5UNDAy i
^ >!'-R ^




NT --. E. wmua

.~ ~Jju


r i



It jiz)rom ?OMLI
I L_41_fl
I ij Q
j j 4* f Got I
U4 f. 4 F-1
if.i LiM, JiMl iL4
f-I U L 11 IRR ja U
L laill J I URMl-,
LaUil t ; u

ogYOtotV .-
j^ID u

5; "

- '.W, ,." ,

'. : "r~i~T~-;'~'t


,' 'i(



Scia and Otherwise

4 .D'd, ^ 4 .4... *4 -o u

Some SSmembers of the Plantt awemtiy and Appraisal
sta*U fi Other friends injthe EnglUearIag Divison of the '
S Ma Canal met at the Ameriean LMg Club last night -
tl r sa effie farewell" to ISltia Z Eagfltef Frank
Md61ther. Several friends from other units joined In the stag
T i h6f or guest Ws presented with a photogfphlc tht-
larger, and several members of the group were eartooned by
artist "Sets" dm the evening.
Mr. Melthwer Is retiring atitg end of t moNMnath, but he
and Mrf MNeither wmi llve In raftm+ tMty where they have.
bsit 'I me. A Iena-te Isthtalahf, he has workedd as an
iflhitict boetl In PImaMS inMd the Casio ZOne.

Newrenmtrr Club Enjoys p.m., will feature a Hallowe'enl
Bu al Party Theme.
eatg w.s the theme of the K Holiday decorations, re refre
day fOr the Nqwoomers' Club and ments, and music to the popular
their ues op W ne dnesda I George Miller's Chic Combo Or-
She -af of C a p t. chestra will provide a pleasura-
Parktr kr ht" et- t the "se a-' ble evening.
horse" a wederfl -day was *pent Prizes Will be presented for best
by all aillg in the Caribbean costumes. beenh
waters of Panama. i Invitationt have been sent to
SI.the USO-JWB young ladies, for
The group left ,'t ..Cristobal the affair, which is invitational
Yacht I a.m., sailed out for junior hostesses.
of Limon Bay and proceeded the;
length of the Chagret River. I Sponsors for the dance are Mr.
Lc Iand Mrs. Abraham Heller of Pa-I
Lunch was cool kind pleasant nama, Mr. and Mrs. Saul Wyn--
moored by the bank of the river shaw if Rodman and Mr. and
amia the beautiful picture of Pa-! Mrs, Murray Klipper from, Boat-
nama's nature, boa.
I A cordial invitation is extended
The weather'was perfect the to military personnel and their r
water just like lake; a happy and families.
carefree group returned from ai -
pl016sat ipy and quite reluctant VFW Having Dance
to eave Capt. Parker and h is Tonight For Halloween
"Seahorse' when they returned toi The Veterans .of Foreign Wars
the Yacht .Club at 3 p.m. Gen., Geo. W. Goethals Post s383
The members of the Neweom- ICocoli, Canal Zoni sponsor a Hal-
era Club attending were the Mes- loween Dance tonight from 0 un-1
dames Charles Chadd, Lorenz til 1 a.m., with music by Blac-i
Gerspacn, Marvin Brown, Ralph ie's Western AFring Band.
Dials William Stanford, Norman All proceeds from tickets sold
Hutcflinson, John Sugar, D. E. will ;,) to the Cub Scouts of Co-I
Grier,. James Walsh, peter Schet- coll.
linsky, J. P. Johnsol, Albert Wild-
er, Z. Snesabaugh, Kenneth Ra-
mer, and guests -attending were
the Mes4aines: James D. Cha. THE FAMILY OF
m~, Clive W. Lewis, Arthur 3L ..
MOLean Enrico Burlando, Bay- Mrs. IHlARRi
mend White, Durnice Jones, Shir- vr. HARRY
ley Blair, and tRuth Parker.
Wish to express their gratitad
Any Newcomer to the Atlantic for the sympathy .shown in
Side of the Canal Zone who has Mr. and Mr
arrived from the States within the Mr. and Mr
st 2 years interested in joining Mr. and Mr
the club my .contact Mrs. Howell

M5. B j sp -m .ugnOer -

h N ae CritObal Tuesday

MIrP aonp if M-Iftled at the
Critpbal Service Center.
Curudu Card Group
loners Mrs. Edris Jones
The Card Group of the Curundu
Woman's Club recently gave a
card eafthd trfif Iawer f.r
-MAt. Mri; Jons *e is leaving
tho Istamu. Co-E0tees for fe
6cealion were-MV I. Naomi Fratn-
jiiti and Mrs. Jamie Jalmesson.
Members and guests who at-
'teded were the mesdames, E-
dr Jones, Ilida A. Bemtbenek,,
El:abeth Benson, Lillian Still'
m6n, Lana Diaz Granado ,
Grtce Colbert, Lucille TAylor, Ba.
bette Sale, Marj Redding, Thelma
Valentine, Jarpie Jameson Marie
Wehtzeli Diana Bright. aar ia
Looke, Margaret Johnaton, Barba-
ra Marobl; Cecilia A. Metealf,
Ettd K. Homa, Loraine Ze
Co" tVelatt,W Mary 'obert*
son, Bea Lombroia, Annabelle
Leap, Betty Bright and G 1 r ia
Witche Rido-
NobgoblHiis witchel and ghosts
will hover over the V.F.W. home
qn 14th street in Old Cristobal
night tonight.
The Ladles Auiliary to Lt. Gar-
vyn H. Moumblow Memorial Post
No. 387w is sponsoring a Hallo*
ween Costume Party, at 8:00 p.
Prix6s, refreshments and danc-
ind re planned for the evening.
All members 6t the Post and
Auxiliary are invited to br ingi
thirl sets and join in the fun.
aloweeW uDale
The monthly Orchestra Dance
at the UO)-JWB Armed Forces
Service Center tomorrow at S:00


. ef e o w L'

has.a ane m,- Hmip
.ime q bom abIS

iir iiir. ^n M ofHmme


d 13d. Pranamn


Plate lunch will be served be.
tween 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. A door'
prize and costume prize will be
Tickets are $1.00 per person and
may be purchased at the d 6 o r.
Proceeds from the dance will be
used by the Auxiliary for their
"Orphan Fund" for Christmas.
The public is invited.

de to friends and neighbors
their recent bereavement.

Don't be misled!
Disregard the price!

at all times !

It enjoy the largest fales. volume Itn Panama, United
States and other countries, mainly because it does not
create difficulties with your hair. it does not itch or
otherwise bother your scalp!
It never fails to give the results desired!
Distributor in the Republic of Panama and
the Canal Zone
No. S "A"' Street TeL .-2971, Panama




helps beauty bloom
FORMULAYIt reaches d*p
to eoeMrve he ptrIcele mMo-
twe of yew knk,, h*lpin to
$mooti out ine lines ant wrin-
klMs... keeps lovelinO olive
a1 the years lp by.
Uniq e In Its formula...emasin
n Ifi tasols... famous Haiwef
+"ubbard Ayer FORMULAYER
rewards Te consistent uer



$10,400, IN PRIZES


PRIZE $100.oo

Ave. Pord No. 6 Tel. 3-1266

of Cosa Fastlich
On the Delihtfully Different
New Pattern

Tie Phgeat Sfl JlT@fN

By St 4m

II MRS. MURIEL LAWRENCE! A child's attention demanding ,
S behavior usually asks for decision
/ .- / Th Te letter lrom Mrs. Red s [Irm us. Nearly alwa a, it repr. I
*"rauu" s ter-mIn-w came a weeK M ,Sents his awareness tgat we have "
" --- ,/j ..It rejoiced that Ma 'a! broken temporarily lost ou, integrity and ]
(w* 9W f W ^f leg was melding nicely. Then poise to worry and confusion ver I |i \
it suggested that its rejoicing some problem. It asks us to stop I
w- ter b y eeed a rem. Mrs. ditherag on t. It demands that
Tickets may be purchased from Reeds sister-in-law said that we decide what we feel and thing,
Chb Scouts in Cocoli or at "he V- nursing Mima hau wurf her out about the problem, so that we
P.W Post 3935 and it, the (toor and "so, at soon as she call traV- can put conflict over it asi'le- I ,
the nite of the dane2, know tnat as Jim's wife ywou'land ber0to ea whole, undivided 0to oI
Th charge is 75 cents per eCu- know that. as fnM s pie you'll person again.
ple or stag, costume or evening want to help in this family prob-
dress is optional. en .a W. do not estfy Karen by giv-k before going to a hospital to
Door prizes will be awarded at eoday' mn.the supermarket Mrs, ing he, -mor -love" more "i- sitit a patient who has gone in
the dance so get your tickets now Reds foug-year-old daughter putterestin activities-but by re- for a major operation or for a
and help the Cub Scouts. 011 a perfkrnetllce of attention-de- storing ie whofitess of our at-j ~sious illness, check with a
--- manding behavior that embarras- tention to her. We satisfy Karen 1weber of the family or with
Army-Navy Clb Plans sed her terribly. for example by deeidtng to accept the hospital to see if the patient
alloweea Dance .aren seemed absolutely deter- or to object to her Grandma's is feeling up to having visitors.
A Halloween costume dance is miued not to let her tatk meat coming visit. Some folks are very anxious to
plasned for tonight at the AImtv. with the butcher. Instead of wait- She is satisfied by our putting get a hospital visit over within
Navy Club, Ft. Amadur Angelo ing until she'd reached the &rack- an end to battle within ourselves. a hurry.
Jaspe's Orchestra will play from er shelves, Karen kept rushing up Our young attent6ion demander '
8:30 until 12:30. to her mother with boxes of them has been fighting for the release; So they dan't bother to find
Prizes will be awarded for the to demand their immediate pur- of energies that our worry has out if it s going to do the pa
best costumes. chase' She pushed at her moth- kept frozen and immobilized for tient sn.e hatm thaM good.
er with one of them so stubborn- days.
Cbildrea's Halleween Party ly that another irritated meat Cus-
Panama Canal Post No. 1 of tomer said, "Little girl, did any- If a child is nersistentlv and FAMILY AFFAIR
the American Legion is 4poasor- one ever tell you that you- have chronically attention demanding.
ing a Halloween Patty, tomorrow very bad manners?" his behavior- often offers us a nec- w: STBROOK, Me (UP)
in its Balboa clubrooms. | Actualy. though i er mother t essary warning. When Stev Swain went a,
The party is for all children of hasn't registered it, Karen h a s All children have a fatal intui- hacatln, hiws 100-cust6 e a o
Post No. 1 Legionnaires. been pressing for extra attention tion for moral weakness in us. vacearoute as courd ea n .s-
Ni t" iga per route was covered each davy
Many prizes will be given at all week. They are too deonnd nt upn us his mother, assisted by sistt,
the party, which is from 2*00 toa to be at peace with the weakness !uan, and brother Randy, 5..
5:00 p.m. Ever since that letter came. of prolonged indecision.
All Post 1 children are urged to Ever since what to feel about its *
attended the party in costume in news have pinned down most of VIA PIGEON
order to compete for the be s t Mrs. Reed's attention in indeci-1
costume prize. sion. Ever since hesitation be- PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (UP) --
The Post has planned a g a I a tween accepting and resenltng her Homing pigeons are usedtomain- 9
time for all. mother-in-law's prospective visit tain communication between Star / I,
was has absorbed so much of her Island, 10 miles off the coast, and v atC .
Halloween Dance attention that oily little loose\bits the mainland. The island has no
The Ladies Auxiliary of the V- of it have been left for Karen. wireless or telephone facilities. 0 t eCLM t ...
FW, Post No. 3822, are holding .
their annual Halloween Dance at I
tht PA lIJmdh n1H1 r Mak i

V You SAVE $43.05
Thrilling Set Consists of-
S6 Teaspean* 8 oup S eomas 0 Knives Ferif
1 Slod Foerks 1 Servin Spoo 1 Pierced0
Serving Spel 1 u Her Knife 1 Sugar Spoan
I Cold Meaoot Fork I PFeiry Server
"Twilight" sets a new standard in silverplate
beauty! Slender, modeled symmetry ex-
citing new detailing brings you the ultimate
in quality and good taste. And, it's so easy t0
own at this special introductory price!


6vitwho4nL rRaadL Cia

In Panama Government

Bonds redeemable


Large and small






and all products of





"A O f ,

For Only 1 Day, Monday Oct. 31st

8 "Cole" File Legal size, 4 drawer ................ $110.00 $67.00
11 "Cole" File Letter size, 4 drawer ................. 95.00 6.99
9 "Cole" Chairs just unpacked, modern colors ..... 60.00 3.99
8 "Cole" File 4 x 6 with lock ..................... 8.50 3.99
1 "Cole" 3 x 5 no lock .... ......................... 5.50 1.99
25 Aste. Files (Letter) ............. .................. 1.50 2 x .99
3 Cash Boxes w/combina.tion ...................... 9.50 4.99
4 Cash Boxes w/key ............................... 7.50 3.99
3 Master Addresser M~chines ....................... 45.00 7.99
4 Yooseneck Lamps ............................. 19.95 7.99
12 Car Seat Cushions (Straw) .-..................... 5.50 2.99
2 World Globes ................. ........... 8.0 499
2 Leather Briefcases ...... ................... 8.50 2.99
1 "Sheaffer" Fineline Desk Set ................... 7.25 2.99
6 Glass Ink WelTs (Double) ......................... 1.50 2 x .99
30 Glass Ink Wells (Single) .......................... .95 x .99
1 Checkwriter .......... ..................... 14.95 29
2 Gummed Tape Dispenser ........-.- --..,..... 5.95 1.99.
2 Heavy Duty Hammer Tacker .. ..................24.75 4.99
Typewriter Ribbons (great variety) .............. 0.75 3 .99
2 Letter Scaje ...... .............................. 3.50 .99
Stenobooks ......................................... 25 8 X .99
16 Esterbrook Double Base ........................... 4.25 1.99 -
3 Bates Stapling Machines ... 4................... 4.95 1.99
5 Speedway Punch .................................. 2.60 0.99
Carbon Paper Letter & Legal ...................... 1.95 0.99 box10G
8 "Eaton" Onion Skin .:................ ........ 5.25 1.99 ream
28 Colored Chalk asstd. ............................ 3.90 .99 .. ro.
20 Cash Books No. 9 150 pp ....... ............... 3.50 2 x 2.99
10 Columnar Books 6 Col. ............................ 7.50 2.99
2 D. E. L. Book ..... ........................... 5.50 2.99
4 Hotel Register ..................................... 4.50 .9
1 Also: Lots of other useful office items we do not mention here.

(Acrosa Ancon P.O.)

Customers who have al lccounU may sayz Charge Ift

Ir -

4* ~'

2nd PRIZE $ 60.00

3rd, PRIZE $ 40.oo

Look for tickets in the

neck of all bottles...


_I F _



A Perfect
of Modern




54-Pc. Service for
ArW-fTernish Drawer Chest



* J;.


Inexpensive Want Ads Bring Quick Resutst.

'* 1 1






i Vo}lvtreority) M.-
a etj r) A N..osat iA
acoB ikoan lhaykreand)
p aL w -tn -Jr-amiin


pb Pnates 2-855I

j F t



Sts R,""4

No 2-451 2-2562
Leaso RMing et
i & iJumpp delaese doilv
5 p.m. Phone 3-0279
s ,- b ,k d -Id nlt-' --

S' Specialists
S, W abcor, Thoros,
|.eu., Fairchild, Tannoy
Wharfedale, Quad 11
Anytbnrln uelectronric.
rate ntee department

48thI St N.
*Tel. S1285


SStreet No. 13
Agendas Internal. de Publicaciones
No 3 Lottery Plan
Central Ave. 45

N U.- U-- S Up._

1W2 LA Carasi"lla
so. 26 "" Street
4tb of July Avo & J 31.

Ave. Tlvoll No. 4
14) Coemnl Avenue
S lt Central Avenue

J. Fee. d ler hr, Ave. oe. t1
FJto ArMeaCmilavAw. -fnd -Di .
55 3kdlsjoe. U

Fmque Lefre I lOeet
l Pemas II
r wa.aisaa Ave.


a. a a a -r a ar _________________

' 'ml


U "We wUl ref"s TOW

(Dr. schl t almd)
y&meo..ment Pb. a.aulr'

ls Monday

Paramlso Church

Beral services for Mrs.
e Knights who died last
aday will be held Monday
oon in the Paraism Churc
4lo. The funeral procession
Leave for the Corozal Ceme-:
t'l1:30 p.m. the same day.
Knights _i survived by
-, Cecil B. inls, her
Mrs. Pearl Knights
W and several grandchil-

in de Freitos
is At His Home
n de Freltas died at 1 a.m.
Y at his residence at San
isco. Funeral services wiU
at Squared Evangelist
Tomorrow morning at

will be

buried at Amador

Benso's s Farm Policies Better

Thn,.. Democrats,--Knowland

'WASH NaTN, Oct,2i(UP)- he would forego a second term.
Senate Republican Leader Wil- But as he continues to show tim-
lham F. IKnwland. atrQongl de- provement a growing number of
STI,-3 i' farm Republicans are discussing the
eieA h o! deelli ~titg are possibility that he might be a
t flthn-to o&e Demo- candidate.
crat .iti. 4t ~ew4o pnd Knowland, who has been men-
Avrell Narrlian. tioned as a poIsible OOP presi-
s aid Benson's flexible price dential contender, joined the
port program n deserves White House in lining up behind
ho ted support ty the Benson and the flexible price
ti~c. 4wreas and support formula.
SWlntr2y, t ev e and Benson flew deep into the Mid-
an favor a hig, igid 90 west farm belt tonight to speak]
per cwt support program, out in his own defense. He told
. Benas s policies have come a farm' audience at Moorhead,
ata.4creasing fire from Dem- Minn., that he will not resign or
ocrat and some- Republicans as change his basic program "re-l
kAls of falling farm prices gardless of political pressure."
tt ~ltically-important Mid- "I am going to see it through
dle West. There'have been pre- just as long as the President
dictions, chiefly from Democrats, wants me, to remain in his Cab-[
that he will be fired as agricul- Inet," he said.
ture secretary. "i .. .
The Agriculture Department Uni rians T Hear
reported today that farm prices U ta an ear
skidded 2 per cent last month i a.0n S cenc
and now stand 5 per cent below hristiOn Science
a year ago. At the same time,
farmers' costs rose about one- Lecture Tomorrow-
third of one per cent. The 'Unitarian poclety will
The White House Thursday have as its guest speaker tomor-
night, took the-unusual step of row, Mrs. Hoer Crooks of the
issuing a formal statement to Christian Science Committee on
deny a report In the pro-Bensen Publications of the Canal Zone.
Farm Journal that some Eiaen- Mrs. Crooks will present an ad- t
hower Cabinet members are try- dress on "Christian Science."
Ing to out him as a political During the past years, repre- A
liability. sentatives of several religious
In another political develop- faiths have addressed the Uni-
ment today, Sen. Frank Carlson tartan Society.
(R-Kan.) said he is finding For tomorrow's meeting, the I
"more and more" Republicans Unitarians Invite members and
,regaining hope that President friends of the two groups of in- (
nhower will seek a second terested persons from the Ca- t
term despite his heart attack. nal Zone or the Republic of Pan-
.Another GOP leader told a re- ama. e
porter that two men high in the The Sunday service is held pt
official family said this week 10:30 a.m. at the Unitarian Cen-
they believe the President will ter, 362 Ancon Boulevard, An. s
be available for a second term. con, at the foot of Mamei Place. i
Since the President's heart at- between Frangipani St., and E
tack, it has been believed widely Tivoli Avenue. t

T n *^ ^s-a ^^'^ ',.b


- 4 S. SA.-
"-Apiatf- -r-- 1-- B -l

ATTINTION Q. 1.1 Jut built
modern furnished apartment, 1,
2 bedrooms, hot, cold water,
Phone Pename 3-4941.
FOR RENT:- Nicely furnished
one-bedroom apartment on Ave.
Peru, facing the park. Phone 3-
0746 or 3-3099.
FOR RENT: One-room fur-
nished apartment. Clean and cool.
Beautiful location. 43rd Strot
No. 13.
FOR RENT: Modern apart-
ment: 2 bedrooms, living-dining
room, porch, bathroom, laundry
room, garage, hot water, $120.
Via Argentina No. 75, E1 Can-
FOR RENT:- Corner two-bed-
room apartment with balconies,
best location, bella Vista. Call
FOR RENT:- Furnished apart-
mont, military inspected. Via
Peorras No. 99. Phone 3-2068.
FOR RENT:-Cool, quiet apart-
ment, 2 bedrooms, unfurnished.
San Francisco. Phone 1464 Bal-
FOR RENT:- Apartments $30,
and rooms for $20. Estudiante
Street, Phone 2*1508 or Car-
asquilla, Phone 3-0850.
FOR RENT.i-2-bedroom apart-
ment, sitting s*oom, hot water,
maid's. eem. Dr. Alberto Never-
re Stret, El Cangrejo. 3-2803.

FOR RENT: Nice residence,
furnished in best residential sec-
tor, 51st Street No. 23. For In-
formation phone 2-2130.
FOR RENT:-Small chalet with
or without furniture, living room,
two bedrooms, maid's ro m and
garage. Avenida Mexico No. 5.
Phone 3-4961.
FOR RENT:-Nice residence on
Second Avenue, San Francisco do
la Caleta, with three bedrooms,
three sanitary services, maid's
room, running hot. water, with
or without furniture. Call tele-
phone 3-6065.
FOR RENT:-Modern chalet in
Coco del Mar, Sixth Avenue, San
Francisco. Phone 3-4969 or 3-
FOR RENT:-Fuinished 2-bed-
room chalet, newly painted. 45th
Stret No. 2-241, Bella Vista.

FOR RENT:-2-bedroom chalet.
living-dining room, maid's room
with bathroom, garage, porch,
terrace, wonderful view. Las
Cumbres. "Los Andes Sur." Boy-
acs Street 2105.

WANTED:- Dog sitter from 7
to 4, seven days every third

FOR SALiE-Kohler light plant
1 /2-Kw. 110-volt A.C. A. Ri-
eaks, house 1113, Apt. J, Old
Cristabal. after 5 p.m.
FOR SALE: Seat on special
flight to Lima, leaving Nov. 2.
Round trip $1.35. Call lalboa
aled bids, for opening in pub-
i, will be received until 10:30
a.m., November 4, 1955, in the
office of Superintendent of Store-
houses., Balboa, for beds, water
coolers, chairs, dressers, desks,
pillows, sterilizers, tables, plat-
form, laundry and dish-handling
trucks, ice boxes and night
stands located at Cristobal Store.
houses, telephone 3-1265. In.
vitation No. 203 may be obtain-
ed from the above source, or
from office of Superintendent of
Storehouses, telephone 2-1815.

by responsible Air Force couple,-
no children or peot, any time
thtru January 10. References fus-
nishod. Phone 86-5112.



New Books

"McKay's Guide to Bermuda,
the Bahamas. and the Carib-
bean," the newest addition to
McKay's distinguished line of
guidebooks, is among the books
placed in circulation during the
Past week by the Canal Zone
Written by Eleanor Cowles
Gellhorn, a woman who has
travelled the world for thirty
Years and knows from first hand
experience what the new or ex-
perienced traveler wants and
needs to know, the book pre-
sents information for all of the
islands of the Caribbean, the
Bahamas, and Bermuda, plus
the South American ports touch-
ed by cruise ships.
The complete list of new
books, their titles and authors
)laced in circulation by the Li-
brary this week follows:

Non-fiction: The Jealous Child,
Podolsky: God's Men of Color;
Foley; The American Trapition
S", in Foreign Policy, Tannenbaum;
*MU The Boy Scout Story, Oursler;
Birds of Mexico, Blake; Mv.Left
Foot, Brown; How, to Service
Tape Recorders, Tuthill; The
Dynamics of Industrial Manare-
ment. Villers: The Craft of the
Silversmith. Holden; Fra Angel-
ieo. Argan; How to Help Chil-
dren Learn Music, Carabo-Cone:
McKay's Guide to Bermuda, the
Bahamas and the Caribbean,
Gellhorn; America at Mid-Cen-
tury, Siegfried.
Fiction: The Farther Shore,
Coates: The Dark Place, Davis:
Sunset on the Window-Panes,
Macken; The Siege. Williams:
Meriorie Mornngrstar. Wouk;
The Treasure of Pleasant Val-
ley. Yerby.
Children's Books: Roy Rogers,
King of the Cowboys. Beecher;
The Wonderful Dow Show. Mace:
How to be a Buopeful 'Ten-
Ager. MemAlnaWr: Judy' 2B4d
Crawford: YOUr Ts nto-
Poole; 1Aef M rt itFU
g ege to, Aa "_ -..-

BOX 2031,. ANCON,. C.
OR. WCNDoHAKE Medical Clin-
ic, Day-Night bdrvice. Oprfoit
Chase Bank. Phone 2-3479.
Bids will be received by the Co-
coli Civic Council until 7 p.m.,
10 November 1955 for Conen-
sionairo to pirate the Food and
Related Services in the Cecoli
Clubhouse, Cecoli, Canal Zone.
Specifications covering Conces-
sionaire operation of the Cece4l
Clubhouse are obtainable from
the Cocoli Civic Council, Poet
Office Box 414, Rodman, Canal
Zone or contact Mr. R. L. See-
ley at phone 25-3852, Naval
Station, West Bank, during reo-
ular working hours.
FOR ANY sewing needs at low
rates telephone .2-4864' Pans-
Join the trend towards modern
window covering with match-
stick bamboo drapol. Also beau-
tiful custom made draw drapes
or panels. For samples and free
estimate, call DECORADOS, tel-
ephone 3-4904..

Position Offered
WANTED: American beauty
operator. Y.M.C.A. Beauty Shop,
Balboa, C.Z. Phone 3677.
WANTED:-Salesman. Panama-
nian, Chineo origin. Must hove
experience- and furnish refer-
ences. El Empalme.

Room with bathroom couple or
bachelor. Meals included. Peru
Avenue 28-4 8 and 29th Street.

FOR RUNT:-Comfortble moom
to right bachelor. Expluasive on.
tranee. Lefewr Park. Phone 8-
$2T4. -

aeh neotee few selsldem ai a t
ealuma s" ei submitted IN
written oam a maied tne ed
at box numom u taeg d aly tos2..
by hand to Iae a-so deMveewO
~s~ea esb caeseettw e bMte.

Arts and Crafts Group
Meets Monday
The Arts and Crafts Group of
the Balboa Woman's Club will
mept at 9.M. Monday, at the home
of Mrs. Helen Wentworth, house
573 San uan Place.
Instrucitbns will be given for
copper tooling. All members, who
are interested in this craft please
be present at this meeting.
SJoJN rers Meet
On Tuesday
The Sojourners meet on Tues.
day evening at the Ft. Davis Of-
ficers Club. .
Isthmian Nurses To Hear
Talk on Tubervulosis
The sthmian Nurses' Associa-
tion will hold their monthly meet-
ing in the Conference Room of
Gorgas Hospital on Wednesday, at
7:30 p.m.
The speaker will be Dr. Rodol-
fo Young who is with the Chest
Service at Gorgas Hospital. His
subject will be "Changing Con-
cepts in Tuberculosis."
All nurses are Invited to at-
tend this meeting.
USCA Board
Meets Tomorrow
At Margarita
*The United States Citizens As-
saOiation's board of delegates will
meet at 3 p.m. at the Margarita
service Center.
SElections, legislative matters
and other business will be d i s-
cussed. "

Concert, Evensong

At St. Luke's

Tomorrow Evening

Trhe combined choirs of the
Cathedral of St. Luke. Ancon.
under the direction of Earle C.
Ieeney, organist and choirmas-
ter, will present a program ot
sacred music tomorrow devoted
to "All Saints. The prograR
wlL-begin at 6:30 pmn.: and wll
be followed by Evensong.
The following selections wll
be presented: Choir-"For All
The Saints." Youth Choir "I
inA Song of the 'Saints of
Oo," bey soprano, Bill Brow-
der. 'Choir "Jerusalem, My
Iappy Home." soprano. Carmen
Diu; tenor. John Cooper. Orraan
-*tegina Coell," and "CMaL-
biW from the symphnb.M
Ifanu y a ; the tune. "St. Pat-
P" -g
afc Star?2s

FOR SAU:,-- MAo ga- iting
set: ertensl. taile tWian't"I.
combiuihs. burft- a -Iel .lqet,
4 cbka,; 2 arm haIln. Reahr-
able price. GCd -.egmrunity.
Call Panama 3-1342.
IARtGIN:- Rattan davenport.
6'19' hookh rug J4d;swall desk
bureau' wiln matchii chair *in
good coiditlonl $#5; tl iAir-
collamoone lasehold ltoii es and
tools. Fhf del-2213..' Houser
510-A. Curundu. '
FOR SALh 6-piece'bmboe .
living reonm at I,.f0-.p- 'e,.- '
l hUanydining .frr-t. mqlihe
any bedrmoi 1sei 8 pi"cegae .;
misceloaHmeo items. a eoae.
Phone Pana sa 3-573E Saaday,
I to 6,.er Sunday'9 to 5,
FOR SAEII--Heyweid Wake-
Sfield' strlmlMfed memdo see-
tional diven. Ib"e eo.s coffee
tables, lamp; Simmons hide-
away bed; .3-fee itqsigirr,
aodra' gi I range wi W riddle,
electric water Jietor, pUt sme^
ceflm.ihu. pfu *di11. .nd .
otRor brfc-a-brec, C. R. .Vjw k
grift. S h.;M. id. lmasai.-
po Alegre.. 3-Q8jI.
FORl SAU -- lendi atoitemaic
washing machine. 60-yo od
Sconditie '$125.. Qn. 580-5
Corundu No5.5. Phn. Curundu
212 .. .. ., .. ..
FOR SALE: Comniti:len .-
die-pheneogro h-TY., 60-cCaa,
SI25; 5-pc, bedroom et wjith h
spring and mattren $75; 9712
wool rug $25. Apt. 5628.1- Di-
ble. Phoan .2^2. ,
FOR SA'l.-3-pc. living r "in
suit, liNht,,. eiT .Oplwi0 Miw
condition 9160; maple.eIdoeen
suite: double bed. 1 box iprin,l,
innerspiing mattress, chest and
dreser *wih n rrr, 'very go
condition $75S Ca'l( 81-713 8
*after*4 p.m. '- .. ....

FOR ALI,-25--yelkr frinr.a-
ter.' 2. v Ol. fiew A heart.
' o00. C.aN s7 A ..,

drawer ds.*r. w e. m .
comer boom, laoe work.
Crhtbal 3.24S. -
FOR SALE:-%..mah.gany .kd,
spring, matter, might table
$50; mahogany eahiea clet
'$25; booksesa $25; 'teeal lck-
-ers $5. Pheno3-5344.

Freddy Martin
Pays $ Fine
For Drunk Driving

RESORTS Sawmto Clara Beach
Ceftfig. Amde sC conveniences.
modefto rate. Phse Gamba
sbvpnrl'e fsmnished hem e n
beo Se f iAClare. Tueplome
Thompe, BIdite 177.

.paw C LwAe. Lofw reLe. Phome
'Beb 4I" .
+- *-

SPlILEeLIP Omide. Coetesd,
|5e- Cleras. Bx 435. Aie..
Poine aNem l. 3877. Crlio.
el ElSIO.

'"LA .iAACAR-NA" Bullking.
Sunedays: 2 p.m.. free bullfight-
in inatrutiopes y."Meronito do
Cadiz." courtesy of Peis Taur-
ina,. 'Redondel."

FOR SALE-Bargain, 1954 Cal.
ifHnia Nillan. 2-tone. pefeft
condition. 15,000 miles, w/s/w
tires, duiy paW. $1000, ib;
$1200 log terms. No more s
slee. Pnese 2-1059, Mr. Besal
at "Transpertes y Tallores."
FOR SALE: -* 1937 Cvrolet
two.doer cfut, benffelfv hpe
perfect tre4sportatln. Only
$150. .May seen at he AtMs

Wl BUY, SellU and Mn Re aRl
Estate. "The Imperial lEgt."
Cathedral Pleus. Peneme. flf.
pha.e 2-0857.

MISS MARY L. ,MeBOARTY, chief aecountp division, Head-
quarters Caribbeas AirConimmand, is shown receiving an "out
standing perform% raOtin from Col. .: W. Napier, deputy
commander, Caii n ir Command, durfn reaentation in
the Caribbl1 Alt ndtCkita at, Albrook
Air Forope Omrecel ea
rbth he tax o r .. ia Me-Orar-
y, Maj. F. Jo c 'Aco Ltol. Harris R.
Owens, deputy' f mnd, optroll, Caribbean Air Com-
nd, apd Napier.
Utdal VTSAF. photo)

WOLLYWOOD,',Oct.j29 (UP) -
Baudleader Freddie Martin,' 47,
da 25 fine-in murwepal court
ay upon his conviction on a
drunk driving charge.
The mupdca submitted h sI
case to Judge Ben Koenig on the T T PA
Srr-t report without offeri too- TTE
timony. But after paying th fine
Martin denied to newsmseautr, 5
side the courtroom.that h. waj w M ,
drunk when arrested- two wqeiek ',
ago. Officers reported his ear
was weaving on the highway. I

Nurses Of The Saile Tomse orrgas, San ferando And

Panama Hospitals A Spcial Fxim 2i

NOW Pkl_"NT AS A N ,
8+ 8* + .. .

I~hy~tstfcv~I*d' a suiJ wauenjng'for a distingulate-
~~~iant meft aLn ana motion picture ethbch
mAt "liTtl 'rious to '-noth that, while the
Inat ore, thib. lmdu aunjust critioism ard other
Li e. !*Apkitr4^uon the other hand, not ply in
rit -a der it as a otmen picture' fu of
a i.i4.....H d.ta ut flim e ev -e w lun tnm n.

FOR RENT:- Furnished apart- week. Breakfast ano iuncn up-
ment, Bella Vista: bedroom, liv- plied. G. Kirchmer, Apt. 1, 1813
ing room, kitchen, bath $75. Market St., Old Cristobal.
Phone 3-1648. -" "
FOR RENT:-Independent fur- WANTED:-"Dual unit" heater
nished small apartment, refri- for 1954 Lincoln. Will pay reas-
gerator.Phone 2-0252. enable price. Phone Navy 3467.

__ _

.: .




I I m n n

.1 I. t ,.

I -



r.- ^ -'r
1 '.


.* ."



atUAT AT, OCT2a0s 90 ,uMa


*'. *f V t^ ^ ^.., *,-* ^-*

i ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^lE^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

* '~&~A'Y ~ '~'~f~'
I ***


n '.

I i ,d ptno.'
,. n .. .? .


T- .VOt ,I
UC. 26-- e.

Dans Andrewas in
Alab: New Baiseball

6k1: '. ,Z ; .. : .Mt p..


1:1 3:l 5;K ;1:M t-:1 p..L

DRIVE4N Theatre
I ft




Plus: -

3&. --- Moe
-PAlw: .-



U.8.A. /

Social anJO j herwite
/ a O I

Beta I Na Phi from the Canal Zone and Pana-
n meesonsg ma:
PeggO olmson was hostess Betty laughter will be mi -
Wednesday even for the regu- tress of ceremonies. Joyce Bur-
lar monthlly meeo of Beta kart Is in charge of tickets. Dol-
Chapter Seta Sima Phi sorority. 'l tyMs wMi take eservatioia at
Nancy tamsey, president, pre.-15-S: Kay IWontz, at. telephone
aided at the waiting, number 3-1202" d N o r m D
Important event of the evening VollU at 3-19 70 Kathleen Huffmman
was the election of the "Vales. will be 'n charge of finances Ma-
tin Girl" -Each year one girl is ry Danielson will be general
selected by a famous Mov' star enatrman assisted by Jean Cof-
fOr the cover of 'The Torch otf fey and Betty Slaughter.
beta Siglo 'Phi'"flial. publics- The entire proce eds of the
'ia from the entries all a v e r breakfast will be used to make
the world. Glenna Thomas w a s Christmas brighter for the school
chosen for' this coveted honor .to of the Blind in, Panama CiUty.
represent Beta Chapter iin the Eva Harte service chaitrrman
e6nate .t. Kathleen Huffman reported letters written to tryto
and her committee members, Tru- obtain, a talking book macine
dy November fourth at six thirty and records for the school.
at the Fort Gulick Officer's Club. .
The ritual of jewels and pledge At the conclusion of the busl.
ria will -be gilven'.befre din- ness meeting Katleen j fiHfag
hter. .i Ifisotry at u lteoat,
Mary'Dantellon, s-ial -commit, 'heir growth i0fI hstowat .u c-
teo' ha tman reported -the :tm tim .and lteratrre Peooradg the
and FinaMef. project for t- e emotions ef aur nation. This ter-
year;- at"BSt dast in HUolywoed,. eatinB- pxaei "waa traed 'with
Dee. S at3 nin a.m. at the Mks the growth .of. .e country. from
Home in Burazob Height, revolutipary: days ntil.te pres-
Admission will be 1.0 plus an ent time.
original hat, funny or pretty. Prii-!. There Were twenty two mem-
.es wig be riven for,-ne hate in bers present.
each category and r the oldest Ruth Morris brought a white
wonan present: the one with'the 'elephant prize which was won by
most dldren: the one' married Kathlleen Huffman. .
the longest and A more. 'The meeting adjourned with t
Judges will be.p iment men closing ritual.
.r ~ ~ ~~,,, 7 = _... ., .-.



'~ rfl~v'


Open daily from
until 3 a.m.

Strike e the


& A ,WK'-.



e good host str the right
Sby serving "Back & White"; it
i the drink mot mappeciu* by his
muest. Every drop.f' thh &momu
w ishy is digilled and bottled in

DutilAd and Bot led in ScotIa4

I.'Al "fsc .

lANS_ augS-NAN ac O. tA,.. *LAsOW. SCOTLANG

CENTRAL AVE. SW" tEl. 2.27


Congressmen's Trips

SCost Tpayers
TMIllions Each Year co O .A j
WASHIN6TON, Oct. 29 (UP)-
Sb\ y EUkli- JdUl W ^ Fo travel b congressmen By OSWALD JACOBT
1pr ly costs .8. taxpayers Written forNSA Servic
S anywhere from one to 5 million rte ar NeA Service
HOLLYWOOD (NEA)-The Good. ne by Hollywood Makeup Artist dollars a year,according to the I
HurMa: A movie executive Moe, the There seems no way to pin NO1Tm 14
with a better sense of humor than gr~np, "are making a let of wo- down the osth la than
most cdmedian and as easyoi oiey eand there a a .gly ruamw at that, eseimly in the wake of 6041
BingCosby is part of edlly- itas due tofine at as d lite-p lI ed keofrat tha ke sf 4
wood's new wide-smile look. Don sriptse Noasoe YOu thAih jp aevera Ienators and some of AK7XQ 4
artman's wtire name artists should not let other people their wives and stoaffmembers.R 4
Onetime Broadway" actor-(192) steal credit. ther wives and steref members. a2 AST
Son er t" o. o ..... For one thing, three different 6 174 ".
d il play author ( The Road We all know It was really ow ences help to pvay the tab on oeQ th 2us
ad oe r Romance mot eloqeMan- Gracive Kellys great body ake he trips: Congress, te thate *
hatt') be's the productionachief that won her an thademy Award lt he was t olen and the Defense De- J7 4 1082
of Paramount studio. WEN t ot at but hard to Department that It was "a con- ,e A 30 (
Comedy isn't my job, he say, Grant was working t Parkes you en a m rnte ecal Oenia lMe D Ju

executive set wahe an occasional when he wa a writer, a pro. It is estimated conservatively.
murdering o the EnglsHf lan- thuer cut frovem a Hartman homeot that 350 congressmen and 5 st took rather startling action
valuable tool Zanuckmys trapeze Good several occasions One night Carysonenal clerstood to ae ae h his hand. He doubled four
humor with a purpose can be te was late picking him up outside list of congressmen and theirav N7ne 2
moat potentght weaponry the Ciro andhis office handing artman kidducer tele- at least one offcal trp outsde arts without a trump in hisne
some pHartetty awf'humor okes aboutod chided him with: alf hour for the United State th year ven though vul.
ard beughes ten m hoes arnd two days ou cai be replaced, you orces wnt along strength was prode only about aea
whether-di e vaker get Rolyww Itu can get Einstein. Truman. Kitotranportation last a reand even though h patnr had
ndio of the mgrat eloqund.ent George meand others. Each gaome."ve a i When a reporter asked to see the dis- Ptently paed.
FOR TEARS speeches for ex reason whyrt the scene shouA listed b e placement w hen t four coy th ngre Defene 4 Double Pa ou an
tivs at Hollywood gatherings get shot at but I hard to Depart meant that it was a con- Pa s w e h
were cauntil Hartman moved into press Remembersoot at a guyDon: wh makes oui gresse conalrk bomatter.d ane military plane double.
Paramount front office, the executives put the scene back but he was said: We are ust the chauf- ,A
humor provided by Hollywood'si t feurs." In dumm Lofia /
executive set wa an ccaioeal When he was a writer a pro It is estimated conservatively d

1rph: h mad o wNT beieES : al sts owr Athnedest ok herwsartln gathanne
murdering o the Englisif in- ducer cut from a fartman rit Is that 350 congressmen and 50o est took rather startling action
guage, Darryl Zanucks trapeze scene Hartma n d measured. So helCongre lonal clerks have made with his haid. He doubled four
act tone night only) at Cilr's, and started sending the producer tele-art least one official trip outside hearts without a trump in his
some.pretty awful jokes about Hograsn t one every half hour for the United States this year hand, even though .lis o '.- n
ard ugns' tennis shoes and two days signed by famous pe About 200 wives went along. strength as only about aerage
whethlerhe'd ever get RKO Btu-Me ike eEinstein. Truman. King Some of the travel costs are and evenrthough his partner had
o off the groun. George and others. Eah gave aintangible, such a the seat ds- consistently passed.
FOR YEARS speeches for execreasor n why tshe scene should be placement when four congress- South sen sehe o ith e s meade hiua
were cautiously ghosted by press Remembers Don: "He never did tee clrk board a military planestartg double.
agents and read by the executives put the scene back but he was so for z'peIoa thas mean the i W t hopned o the
in stumbling monotones. Hirtman's amuse d by the telegrams that he mllrntry has o send another W mend anddeclaeack ol d s/
o e a Hosroodse ntit whn r l.. ..onds, and declare played lo%
sparkling wit and eloquence years ago. raise in pay. plane to get own men over- from the dummy. winninuffed againhis
never writes a speech has made INTIMATES OF HARTMAN seas? own- and with th.. ace. South next a
all ofthem look likefugities from have been howling for years at his Private uns also come int d took the ace of spades, r tsuffed a
a TV amateur how. keen wit, but a Panhandle Dinner theiture. Congresan tome- forcspade in du ', uffed a club ing.
Like the recent Subdeb Ball giv- of the..Screen Publicists Guild. at. times spend somen of their own 'his hand. an1 truffed another spae
tended bv th Hollywood presm. put mo1ey.% U.S.. employes overseas in dummy.
n him in the bir leagues as a front- also open their purses when their I
foroffice executive with a sense of expense allowances fal to cover East oerruffed and returned
humor who believes: all costs of escortifg visitors. 'the deuce of hearts. Naturally
Ipo you can Judi e what Is fun-t Lastrar Caenson appropriat- South put up the ace of hearts..

Westhe took w1th ore of the trimal
yu can also judge what Ira, press re wo n ot f ore him to re-s neer dreaming the doubled penalty lie could wintherefore
uneal whato Hollywoportant for s not believe is best for thedoub East could not have acted
a"t various'. esti- I trumptI wo dh arded a
T Nartman told the ubliists and mated to see it thro club, So f only 400 points at
oblins l "press how thrilled he was at be- the money s spent on foreign or
co ollyood entity when travel to reman n For lack of anything better to doCabl
Ygt ...f he sol his first screen play 20 South ruffde another spade In
Y u ar Cordialnt years ago. Then he said he waited s, d ma speech atdWmy. East overruffed again
S ears before he saw hi'name l bervance ndreturned the queen of hearts
hiz in spelled correctly Bensonin printhas come under a good force outlfed if South g ot

deaIt appeared at varoutmeof critihesm in recent months reasonably good breaks. West
saidbecause of failings Dle Hartung, Ding Hart- knew, however th e breaks

at n FarmerH generally have been were actually horrible. Westu had
SHarmon and fincaught in a price-cost squeeze and all of the spades, and with the knew that
for Hallow n number of polcans nDan Hartman. The clouding his partnlatter ber must have all of the
spookiest man said he sent her caseofme Republicans, have urged trumps. The double was based on.
I Ichamagne in sthat hs exible parm Pi p- the knowledge the rest Southe tricks
e n. "OORHEADMi., Oct. 2. -. wibt the ace if clubs, he en of
M OS "A few days lister," he sid."I(UP) -Agriculture Secretary Ez" diamonds and the cing of spades.

MOR R O rotback ntetanking me fporr T. Benson said todgoing to run Into great trouble on
10th Street Catomizer." P pressure will not force hissu to re- thedoubled th enat needed go before
ppositetheAnn .0 .. Dac.'_ Ding o Dan. t'.n. sign or support any program heIll0o points. If West had failed to
put humor into a Hollywood frontmdoes not eieve is best for theldoubl. East could not have acted,

jucial statement last night he Presidentouncfor success.
Swan theme to remain in his Cabt r n-

sonthes farm policies. ItDay observe aceflsopponent had made a really strong de
thnied any Cabinet member of- haCo-bid at any stage. Evidently this
i merceting was the sort of ame contract that
titutio GuaraEWed by the Stae full Benson has come under a goodwould be fulfilled if South got
ideal of criticism in recent monthslreasonably good breaks. West
because ofroach to th fa rm prices-mknew, however, that the breaks
y 2 t A ty Svl rmers generally have been hs critere actually horrible. West had
Mooraught in aprudiencecost squeeze an, a of the spades and he knew that
INITIAL DEPOSIT $5a number of politics clud is partner must have all of the
l llome Republicans, have u g e trumps. The double 'as based on
CO m loan with M ntee n firt mortgage It hisflexiblefar price sup-the knowledge that South was
r th ecuritie hi program be coI going to run Into great trouble on
1. th Street aColn, R. P. The White House issued a spe- hand that needed good breaks
cial statement last night denounc-t or suqcess.
during as "untrue" and "completely
that the Cabinet is split over Ben-
ons farm policies. It also de- .".
'nied any Cabinet member' h'a d
deposits re accepted thru ~ouht the ouster of Benson.
I From Moorhead, B enson is
THE SAVINGSf 48 eek. BANK scheduled to o to Denver for a
r i meeting with resident Eisenhow-[.
er who repeatedly has expressed an
S ustution Guaranteed by the State :fuDll confidence in the srctar'sgo
A. OU CARLOS MOYNES V taproach to th fam pro ,
S- .Benson, apparently aimirng his
Pays 2% Mwest Annually on Savings Accounts !remarks at his critics, tell his
..Moornea audience.tat "I am
AIIstriving earnestly an. ,'oncienti'

U. .J IlLIJU ,KI.U J~i~T~r q Ito bandleader Ray Anthony. todlayl [ /

MKam Sab-Maagr. Disclosed they expect their first
child in May. t%-..ib.} )
H OURS: The blond star and Anthony ,
.were married Aug. 29 at Toledo,
rft S ImfteJ. to 12:36 J. lohio while he was on a tour Aioim
J.... .__ ..,... with his band. It was the see- P
** u j **** *a X: ale oe marriage for Anthony and the *
. .. ... ---- .. first for the actress.

You are cordially invited to rsee te


* at *

10th Street e Colon, ., P.

the new meeting place,
of the .lot crowd!
midnite to 4:30 a.m.

Ray also plays 10

the new "KING
of the KEYBOARD.
plays for "
your pleasure
with hia s
(NIshtcap on the house at 4:30 a.SL)
2 aim. Sun., Tues., Wed., Thua.

Roma ntic.. lodrama .th .exciting new. to

SHO : 1:15 5.- 3 fS # -r I A, -. *4 f .'d *

There's something about a beach.,, maybe the nmooin
light... oi, t.e violence :.f the waves.., that can get WX
a woman's skin... ant 'when a woman is too rich... ai.
too lonely to uare... anything can happen .. and in W4
MALE ON rIl1. BEACH .. well plenty happens... Sfee Joas:
Crawford aniu e!." Chardler wtth co-star Jan Sterling I,
FEMALE ON THE BEACH... the story of a woman's hunger
for a man...,,o powerful; that nothing else mattered... not
even what ng was .. o0 what he might do to her... 'orthfe
price she mush pny... AI__

4. -

gasy to see why IfW today'
most popular make-

MN greai Pngers

No *$ ipoang e uly -

Volvety powder and foundation n-bntM-
with Vaporized omuty Oils
It's the make-up miracle lhat goes aon with i
pi C a.y-sm6oth, clinging. never drying.
Ang Face goes on with such inre4bt i
as, with such delicate color. Thusa' wh
gives A Face its "soft- s velvert ook
that nofter make-up has lumablte

-' 4",

"1*- ~ IL

.. ,* '. r ..

._ .._- & ,

__ I

"MCF- V41',W-

I~___ _~

~I~ : ~


"* '






| "


! ..,~15~~~~r~C~gl~n

,- '-. -, .*

WAG aIM. wAMfLa m 4xa.mUA An m m a

f *A&Sa a &AUW.fir.A L rhmffwflUi iIW.Y iWPAPU

Iwelve To Start TodayIn

World's Rihest Jaj


Gross Purse $282,370;

inner Gets $150,000

CAMDEN, New Jersey, Oct. 29 (UP)-An even
k juveniles will go after top money, in the rich-
i rpce of the year today at Garden State Park.

* entry box 0l6sed yester-
Swit 12 two-year-olds
td for the mile and one
Garden State Stakes
-MfNew Jersey track.
D-and-H Stable's colt
1uf" is the overnight
Sfor the classic which will
482,3.370 if all 12 start. C.
IUltey's "Career Boy' is
id choice in the overnight
e -,winner's share for any
O.but Needles or comedian
,itrelo's "Bold Bazobka"
be $157,918.50. Needles and
SBazooka's owners both
,. extra $10,000 to enter their net win-
share would be $148,303.50
lit Coast railbirds also have
raee teday...The $100,000
um Kyne Handicap at Bay
* mile and one eighth Call-

fornia feature has drawn a field
of 14 three-year-olds ind up.
*Arrogate," a four-year-old colt,
probably will be favored at post-
time as a result of victories in
both the Del Mar and Bay

Hoad Turns Down

Kramer's Pro Offer
MELBOURNE. Australia, Oct.
29-fUPI Australian tennis
btar Lew Hoad has turned down
another offer to join promoter
Jack Kramer's world-wde pro-
lessional tour.
The Davis Cup star say "per-
sonal reasons" keep him from
accepting an offer of $56.250. In
his first bid. Kramer/ offered
Hoad and Ken Rosewill $45,000
each to make the tour. Rosewall
also declined.

Meadows Handicaps. Hoad's "personal reasons" ap-
I parentlv refer to the fact that
There's also a big race in trot- his wife. Jennifer. is expecting a
ting today...the first heat of baby. Kramer. who flew from
the $75,000 American Trotting California to Australia to renew
Classic at Hollywood Park, Call- his bid. says "I'll never again
fornia. Hanmbletanian winner underestimate the power of a
"Scott Frost" heads a field of 12 woman."
In the richest race ever spon-
sored by the Western Harness, Kramer says both Hoad and
Racing Association. The other Rosewall signed agreements in
heats will be held later. Los Angeles promising to join
At Jamaica today, hunch bet- the tour. "Thev telephoned their
tors who have been following Parents from Los Angeles and
President Eisenhower's recovery told me their parents were a-
cashed in on the third race. a greeaole." says Kramer. "I sign-
four-year-old colt named ed those agreements and re-
,,i h+tin. Tke" uwon andi nl guarded them as binding."

$57.50. ,

p ue Grimm Promises

lnty Hard Work For Braves

t kW YORK Oct. 29-(UP)-
Charlie Grimm prom-
enty of hard work for his
aukee Braves when spring
rolls around.
QOfman says he hopes to get
tf toa flying start, as the
Doders did this year.
u i Wvill have all pitch-
fadtt training a week earlier
lthe rest of the squad.
f says, "This is go-
i helnp us get off to a good
The first two weeks of a
ean a lot, don't let any-
SSources In Cleveland say the
ans have three players ear-
ked as trading material.
sThe sources say pitchers Sal
iUe and Art Houtteman a-
Swith first baseman Ferris
S iii be aWon r the first to
J ___tto attempt to rebuild the
lid must get rid of 9
eBom to' make room fot
Carrasquel and outfielder

Jim Busby, who were obtained
from Chicago early this week in
a trade for Larry Doby. Carras-
quel, currently playing in Vent-
zuela, thinks he and team-mate.
Bobby Avila will be the best
double-play combination in the
American League. Carrasquel
says he's sorry to leave the
White Box, bUt odds "I'm happy
my problem with Marty Marion
I* ended." Garrasquel did not ex-
plain his reTerence to the Chica-
go manager.
Chico laughed when nsked il
the trade surprised him. He
said. "Since Frank Lane left the'
club nothing could surprise:


Hialeah, Fla iNEA) The
leading owner, trainer, jockey
and horse at Hialeah Park last
winter will be back for the 1956
meeting. They are, in order, Hast-
y House Fqrm, Harry Trotsek,
Ted Atkinson ahd Nashua. .

Open Nightly fnm
8:00 ...
4, L&b.CAmdlmlad Sam


DIABLO TS. 6:15 8:05
SBarbara RUSH
Cinomaempe Colorn
hmw ay "TGIT IlSPOT"

MARGARITA 6:15 8:11
SuprCeoApe Colorl

wmw, er, HURRY
EE cmlt Wm CLOWS...
M TH Mui .OamY!

Sunday "JOAN OF ARC"
GATUN 7:00
Sunday ."VERACRUZ"

CRISTOBAL 6:15 8:50
CinemaScope Color
Aim Sbhowlng SUN MON.

-BALBOAV1:15 3:45 6:15 8:45

- m
InD J. -uy


usemnm1cHNI C o MWAu


Is 1-:77

fY '10

ALao am nwhc UG AW At NIONDATI

PARAISO 6:15 8: BOCA 7'! "

SANTA CBm (:u5 8:1 AMP Oa ERM 6:15 8:3
"Of tri T M" T "JINX MONE Y"

The promoter adds that on
the basis of those documents-
he lined up a world-wide tour
featuring Hoad. Rosewall and
American star Tony Trabert.
Trabert already is under con-
tract to an esti-
mated $75,000 salary.

Football Results
College Football Friday
Wofford 27 Citadel 7
Alabama State 27 Fisk 14
Superior State 0 Bemldil St. 0
West Chester Tchrs 27 Kings 7
St. John's (Minn) 40 Augsburg 6
Whittler 27 California Tech 0
Occidental 13 Redlands 7
Terminal Island Navy 14 Los
Angeles State College 0.

Another of a series written
for NEA Service

Jimmy Coselman

TABLE TENNIS WINNERS Military table ten nis doubles champions PN2 Nell J. Van Sloun
and HN Carl F. Brittain of Headquarters, 15th Naval District, will receive their awards on eve-
ning, the final night of playoffs in the tourney, at the USO-JWB Club.

New York Commission Lifts

Suspensions Of 3 Managers

NEW YORK. Oct. 29-(UPI-ing of the New York Commis- Florde of the Philippines cabled
The New York State Athletic sion. Bill Daly, suspended last the International Boying Club
Commission has lifted the sus- June for refusing to testify, and said he would be unable to
pensions of three fight manag- failed to apply for a renewal of get in shape by Nov. 11.
era. his license which expired Sept.
Cus D'Amato. Bobby Melnick 30. Commission chairman Julius THOMSON AGAIN
and Bobby Nelson were re-in- Helfand says Daly doesn't have New Lynn, New Zealand-(NEA)
stated a ft er changing their a license to manage in New -Peter Thomson won the Wise-
minds and agreeing to testify in York. mans Open Championship it the
pn investigation of the New In the ring, there has been a Titirangi Golf Club with 62-7-77
York Boxing Guild. They testi- change in opponents for that Titirangi Golf Club with 67-72-72-
fled last week. Nov. 11 bout at Madison Square 70-281.
Garden. Lightweight joy Lopes ----.
A fourth manager was less has replaced Flash Elorde and
fortunate at yesterday's meet- will meet an unnamed opponent
...- -.-.-- ....- -- -- -- Igo over

'j "or thru fence

ji j' : with loaded gunn

GREAT Lakes NavAl Training
Station was losing to Navy, 6-0 Four Fine Tne ms Go W ith
at Aapolis in 1918 with two m- ur Fine Teams Go h
utes toplay.
In addition, the Naval Academy | *
was on our two-yard line. Okahoma Morale Spirit
And th' winner was to represent
the East in the Pasadena Rose -
Bowl. By HARRY GRAYSON .. loaded for Oklahoma. Everything
The signal was called for Navy s the Buffs did in their first four
Bill Ingram to drive outside our AFTER the blasting of Colors- games was in the nature of a re-
left tackle. Several Great Lakes do 56-21 Bud Wilkinson's weekly' nearsal for the Sooners.
layers converged on him and he football fetter to members of the So, Oklahoma spotted Colorado
was hit hard before he reached Oklahoma Alumni Association was 14 points and then took the Buffs
the goal line. eagerly awaited. out like a guy hit squarely on the
Coach Wilkinson's analysis of old potato by Rocky Marciano.
The ball popped out of his hands what happened to the Sooners on Bud Wildinson's break-down of
across the goal line and into the Saturday afternoon is extraordina-,this debacle was expected to be
arms of our defensive halfback. ry reading. highly interesting.
Harry Eielson, who picked it up,
and started down the Midship-; When Oklahoma won its 19th DR. MAL STEVENS points out
men s side of the field. consecutive victory shutting out that Colgate's 7-0 victory over pre-
Texas. 20-0, the head man warned viously undefeated Yale is a re-
I was set to block any opposing that the Longhorns held the minder of just how good a team
player who attempted to tackle Sooners' running game to an av- Holy Cross has.
Eielson. but saw no one threaten- ergage of 39 yards per carry. The.
ing. Yet an Annapolis player came'ma-ter of the oil and cattle coun-. "Holy Cross beat Colgate by on-
out of nowhere around Naiv 's 40- ti.v obviously' isn't satisfied with ly a point," recalls Dr. Stevens,
yard line and tackled Eielson. first down and then some sticking',ho once coached Yale and New
to the ground. York University, "but in my tele-
I ran up calling signals for the It-Ti.( of the game I noted that
next play which was to be a triple. When rebuilding Kansas was,Dr. Eddie Anderson's boys were
ball-handling affair that ended smothered. 44-6, for No 20, il-i ni. ad the way. They let up in
with my throwing a forward pass kinsun wrote Norman's OlJ Red the 1ast period and Colgate's pass-
Tren. George Halas. among oth- and Whites: ing scored two quick ones.
ers, began yelling that the An- "Great credit is due CoachI "If they were to play aSain,
napolis tackler had come out on Chuck Mather and his staff for Holy Cross would be even better.
the field from the Navy bench. the way they improved the Kansas Colgate was lucky to come that
Team. Kansas was definitely rea- dose."
I urged the team to line up and dy, and they showed by the skill- --
listen to the signals because we ful was they executed their of- DR. STEVENS RATES the No-
had only a minute to play fense that they were will prepar- ly Cross first string as good as
ed. |Iold be found in college, particu-
Into the midst of this confusion "Late is the game I was much lasrly the quarterbacks Jack Step-
came a Naval officer from tre impressed with the way our alter-,hans and Billy Smithers, real ma-
sideline. He informed the referee nate teams crouched along theigicians.
that the superintendent of the sideline in front of our bench and Dr. Stevens stresses the first
Academy said a touchdown had rooted for our third and fourth string, which is remindful that
to be allowed because the Annapo- elevens. Colvate took advantage of injuries
Its player had come from thel to Yale end Vernon Loucks and
bench to make! the'tackle. The "THIS IS T'E KIND of morale tackle Bill Loveljoy to take Nber-
touchdown permitted, we convert- and attitude that makes the dif- ties with and score on a cross
ed and won, 7-6, and played and ferece in football. You need real buck through the right side of the
won the Rose Bowl game. spirit and loyalty throughout the Eli line. .
The play I should hase called entire squad." At Yale and Holy Cross, as.
was never called. I often wonder If asked, Wilsfnson would add, so often the case with easr.
what would have happened had I "That and big and mobile linemen teams, over-all depth and
called iL in front of beeks who pgt over just isn't there.
..- grouid.* TIYou caul' get e vgp^
M MS 0Cm1 saen usy.. C do vi. upos to i sholM6, si .-.
".. ".. .. 1 : '.. -. "

open the breech and
I place your uon nhe
grmnd, or d i to
a partner to ho: whlUe you -
through, says the National
LA cUon of Amerkica



THE PRINCETON TIIER is on the prowl again,,4ad .0is
guess hele Is that he's going to wind up with the IvY League
chanmpYoship. Tbere wouldn't be much doubt abrdt It U tO
availability of Royce Plippln, gited triple-threater, could be as-
sured for the closing stages of the campaign. As It is, the Tiger
may still have enough to go tle rest of the way unchecked. Not
a great deal is needed, since neither Yale nor Harvard, to mtn-
tion two future opponents, has the bite earlier bark teemed to
Indicate. Bcth were outplayed and beaten Saturday in games
they were favored to win.
Tiftre must be some Hollywood in Charley Caldwell, 1956
Scripps-Howard Coach of the Year. He waited until the Tiger
was on TV to. show the beast at his best. Caldwe"l has been twe
years molding a sinewy line of stability, and today CorneM l ad
others are about ready to attest to his success. Muscle and
mobility have been neatly blended, and except fot the ti"e Jet-
propelled Irwin Robertson broke loose for 74 yards and the game's
first marker, the young men down front were seldom badly fool-
ed. One of the obvious consequences was that the fttqg attack,
spearheaded by Dick Martin, a pick and shovel or heavy-duty
back, functioned as if it was no longer waiting hopefully for the
Injured Flippin to come to its rescue.
YALE FAILED DISMALLY in its first stern test of the season.
Still, this wais not much of a surprise. The 34-6 win over. Core
nell the weel before exaggerated the actual disparitlie,. If any.
Moreover, nun-Ivy Colgate had just missed against .tll upbeat*
en Holy Crous losing by the margin of a safety. Oolgate:prob-
ably never scored a more decisive 7-0 victory, racking up )L first
downs to four, and outrushing the Ells 304 to 40 to expose glarIng
weaknesses In the Blue front, especially the right. side. -It was
Colgate's first triumph over Yale Jn 40 years.- It's things like this
that, e.xlain why -the Socialists keep on nobinnating a man for the
The Harvard renaissance appears to be illusory. The John-
nies went down before Dartmouth, a four-time loser, in a game
that from all accounts had little to distinguish It beyond the
weather, which for a change in the East, was gloriously l4eaL It
was just as well that no national TV audience got a look at the
Johnnies trying to get back in the game via the passe ed e
In 18 tries they managed a mere three-yard average.
In 18 tries they managed a mere three-yar daverage.
ARMY FINALLY FOUND an opponent It could beat with one
hand. Only 16 yards were recorded in the air as the Cadets
mangled hap'ess Columbia, 45-0. On the ground, though, It was
vastly different, even with third-stringers manning thls guns.
TIhe rushing total was 394. Also, the .tendency to fumble wgs less
marked', and it may be that Red Blalk is beginning to work his
way out of the chaos imposed by multiple backfield oWrassmamti,
The coach still has Colgate, Yale and Penn before the go-foe
broke Navy finale on Nov. 26. His season already wrecked
successive losses to Michigan and Syracuse, it must be assumed
that only Navy matters now. And by then the Redhead, Infinite-
ly resourceful and resolved, may have found the key. Don't lay
too big a price against it.
As it turned out, the only big thing about the big game in
the East pras the score. By smashing Syracuse, 34-14,
Maryland virtually realized its primary objective, a bid to the
lucrative Orange Bowl. They scored the first time they got the
ball to set the tempo of the game. There is very little meat ln
some football statistics, yet anytime a team is shown to haye
punted but once t is always revealing. It infallibly indicates to
what extent the team controlled the bait and daominated the play.
With four softies remaining 'on the schedule, overeonfidenoe
Vh an ee to t a.Verni fos *fuftilEwr w.earbay la
a th H spendlnglmene, ,i-.q teiely to prove soutf-
ficlent incentive for Bfi Jim Tatu's Werodes, a number al whoms
are much nmpre interested In getting on the pro's 'draft list, than
the dean'h, anyway.
NOTRE DAME, in turning back Purdue. was another team
that had to punt only once Saturday. Rebounding spiritedly
from last week's defeat by Michigan State, the Irish,L taking full
charge down front, though, outweighed 25 pounds to the man,
served notice on Navy that they will be more than ready for this
week's renewAl And, as if to encourage a friendly enemy of past
years. Blalk of Army. the Irish demonstrated that it Is not
at all impossible to win with one hand. Their five passes netted
only eight yards, but in the meantime they were outrushing
Purdue, 325 to 75.
One of the least formful. and most interestjng teams of
the year. Is Stanford. They must be driving the West Coast
experts whacky. They lost to Oregon State, run-of-mill, one
week, then beat Ohio State, Big Ten power, the next. They get
murdered by Michigan State, lose to. UCLA, then turn around
and knock Washington out of first place in the Pacific Coast
Conference. Stanford is coached by Chuck Taylor, another
Scripps-Howard winner, who tries to convince his players they
can win any game they start," and since they are book-carrying
students they don't seem to know any better.

60c. 30c. LV


Fury at the boiling
t infamous Reno Br
to grips with Jame
,/Q the first outlaw hu

H who was worth ai

-I' M

A.* M-H sOLO
:. 5nT w



11:00 P.M.



I point as the

cCOY. *: FRA K GRU ft *_,




" -. -.-

llpdnK PAL i


~ __




, ?s~pibs~so~:ot~7i~A1~C.urr '


~% .


BATUBDAT, OCTOBER la, tall .. *

Michigan, Maryland,



V. Favorite

J .rm J ueral services for the a-
year-ol4 owner-president of
a -- the Washgton Senators and
... ..... co-founder of the American
How any sportsman can keep eas beer, donated Cerveceria Na- Will be ld at 11 .m,
from entering the Marlin Club ciomal. ... Memia at Bamlae Methodist
Tournament thi year the For 7th largest dolphin, 1 case c Bl will be i the
question the committee mem- bee donated by Cervoceril Na- Fort Lincoi cemetery.
hbers are asking themselves now. clonal.
The response to requests for For largest dolphin, Beach The list of honorary pallbear-
pries from the firms tn Pafa-t-a donated by Copperon t ers includes President ~lsen-
ma has so exceeded anyone's ex- ae8 Co. hower and former Presidents
pectations that everyone ts stl For largest, dolphin on8 04 Hoover and Truman, Korean
talking to himself. Let it be said tackle, portable Barbecue Pit, President Syhnman Rhee, LVice
that not even a fraction of the donated by Novey's. resident Richard M. Nixn,
business houses were contacted For largest do lphin on No. 10 rfogmr Vice President- John
because the members of -the test line, Pair rsnerman's P Nance Garner, baseball officials,
committee assigned to this task ars w/Sheath, donated by Pan- members of the Washington
all have jobs and could inter- ama Auto S.A. I club and the press, radio and
view the business men of Pan- For largest tuna, $50 letter of television.
ama only during the brief pe- credit (transferable) donated by
riod between 4:00 and 5:30 p.m. Elga (Distribuldora Electrica, Griffith, who devoted 69 years
The pries have been bounti- 8.A.) of his life to ,baseball as a
fully gi.ven.. For 2hd largest tuna prize to niteber, manager and owner
Because time is running out be announced, donated by Fer-? led Thursday night after wag-
and the committeemen must get dinand Crieban. Ing a five-day up-and-down fight
their tancle in order, supply lists For 3d largest tuna, 1 gal. against a massive stomach hem-
made and provisions aboard the white marine paint, donated by orrhage and complications.
boats, they witi no longer solicit General Paint Co.
prizes. However, any business For largest amberjack, 12 Larger numbers of Griffith's
firm who follows the fishing shirtS, donated by Harry Alt- 'friend, former associates ano_
fraternity here and who wishes man. arden Washington fans viewed
to encourage sport fishing in For 2 largest amberjack. "Do- the body last night and today
Panama'by donating a prize for all-lantern," donated by Inver- at a Washington funeral home.
a catch may do contacting stones Generales 8.A. It also will He in state tomor-
Mr Prank Violette in Panama For 3d largest amberjack. Au- row.
City or Mr. Edward Kennerd in to Accessory, donated by Fire-.
Balboa. stone. Scores of sympathy messag-
Below is listed most of the For largest wahoo, $25 value an have been received by Grif-
prises donated, and the catch fishing tackle, donated by Char- faith's family, including mes-
for which they are to be given, lie Beeson. sages- from Mr. Eisenhower,
The generosity of the donors is For 2d largest wahoo, prize to Mr. Truman and baseball
such that 9 list becomes out- be announced, donated by Casa greats, Ty Cobb, Eddie Lopat,
dated as soon as it is compiled. Fastlich. Ed Stanky, Buddy Myer, Al
These prizes are in addition to For 3d largest wahoo, 1 car- Schacht, Hank Greenberg, and
the previously published prize ton liquor, donated by Carts others.
list. V Vieja.
For largest marlin, 1 carton For largest wahoo on No. 27 Griffith's death removed from
liquor, donated by Carta Vieja. test line, Armour Star Teady-to- the active baseball scene the
For 9th largest marlin, 1 ase eat ham, donated by Armour, last of the game's great big
Grant's Scotch, donated by Inc. league pioneers. It marked the
Motts and Motta Ltd. For largest mackerel. $10 mer- end of an era and a fabulous
For 10th largest marlin, $50 chandise, donated by Felix B. career that was dedicated corn-
value fishing tackle, donated by Maduro, 8.A. pletely to the national pastime.
FuerMa y Lui. For largest robosterf sh.Kct. ._ __ ,- _. .,
Foer smallest marln%,eorotmndt Mofarce'fffef" Per i, -- -
trip by air to Costa RIca. donat- nated bv Servilo de Autos A Om.
ed by Boyd Bros. Inc. Panama phroy, 8.A" n i n I
Tours. For largest amberjack caught Prob tio I11
For 1st marlin caught by by fisherman on service boat, IVMVo 9
'woman, prize to be announced, Individual Trophy, donated by
Donated by Shaws'. Panama Marlin Club.
For Capt. of boat catching A
largest marlin, $100 letter of For largest grouper or jewfish m
credit (transferable), donated caught by fisherman on service i f r
by Smoot y Paredes, S.A. boat, Individual Trophy, donat-
For 1-t marlin caught, Deluxe ed by Panama Marlin Club.
Portable Cooler, donated by Co- For largest tuna caught by
ca Cola Bottling Co. fisherman on service boat. In-byS ut w e t 11
SFor largest sailfish caught by dividual Trophy. donated by
woman, 5 Goodyear Nylon Tires, Panama Marlin Club.
W.B.W. and one Tasco Battery, For 2d largest tuna caught by
donated by Auto Servicio, S.A. fisherman on service boat, In- By JIMMY BRESIJN
For est sailfish caught, Low- dividual Troohy. donated by
boy Picnic Cooler, donated by Panama Marlin Club. TOAY'S punt formation sees
Panama Coca Cola Bottling Co. For largest fish by Service the kicker a full 13 yards back.
For largest sailfish 27 lb. test Tea member from Fort Clay- the idea being this distance makes
line. 1 case Agewood, donated by ton, orize to be announced, do- it practically impossible for a punt
Destiladora Nacional. S.A. nated by Lt. Col. J. R. Burkhart. to be blocked. It also allows all
For largest dolphin, Cabana For indivdual "muffag". most but two or three players to charge
Swim Suit, donated by Samuel fish (The donor has won his own downfield the moment the ball is
Friedman, Inc. ,.ward for the past two years. snapped.
For 3d largest dolphin. $25 Anv competitors?). Special Muf- The way Texas A. and M. has
value flaWinq tackle, donated by fer's Award, donated by Frank been working the maneuver this
Texas Oil Co. J. Violette. season is a good indication of the
For largest sailfish, 1 carton For Capt of boat releasing job Paul Bryant is doing.
pouor, donated by Carta Vieja. most sailfish during tourna- "In the five straight victories
For 4th largest dolphin. Over- ment. Carved glass shower door, after the UCLA game," the coach
seas Phone Call to any place in donated bv Compaftia Dulcidio points out, "the other team didn't
U.S. for 3 minute, donated by Gonzalez N., S.A. bring the ball back an inch on
Tropical Radio-Telegraph Co. For Oth largest sallfilh,,Ailver punts. Our kicking average is 6n-
For 5th largest dolphin, I car- dish ($25 value. donated byv ly 3 yards, but it's a real 36
ton liquor, donated by Carta First National City Bank of yards. Nobody runs the ball back
Vieja. N.Y. 10 yards or so on us.
For Oth largest dolphin, 2 cas- For 7th largest Sailfish Silver ,,we do't do anything different




" r Ave. 70 PANAMA

with our punting. Do it the same
way as the pros. We just work
hard at it and the boys take pride
in doing it."
The record shos Bryant, in his
second year at the Aggie institu-
tion, is working hard at other
phases of the game too. His
charged-up team, a Southwest
Conference doormat since John
Kimbrough was bulling his way
around in 1940, appears to be the
slid club in the area.
After a opening 21-0 loss o
UCLA, the Apies clipped five in
a row, including upetsa of T.C.U.
and Baylor.
"'The Aggies should be getting
better by the game," is the pass-
word around the Southwest.
dish ($25 value), donated by
Chase Manhattal Bank.
Larst fish o 12 lb. test line,
$25 merchandise credit, donated
by F. Icaza y Cla. S.A.
For largest fish on 20 lb. test
line, $25 merchandise credit,
donated by F. Icaza y Cia., S.A.
,For 11th thrgest marlin, $25
merchandise, donated by F. Iea-
za y Cia., S.A.
For 12th largest marlin, $as
merchandise, donated by F. Ica
za y Cla. 8.A.
For h largest llflsh, 1
year's subscript to PA, donat-
ed by Panama AmleIan.
For hard luck boat prime, To
be announced, donated by Sears
Roebuck and Co.
The above list Is not final aW
additional prIesI may be added
prior to the start of the tourns-
Chapel HE, N.C. -(F.A)-Vd
Sutton North Carolina :Ight half-.
backI, a Morshead *-_
al the most bit*ly prind 0 4d
ast arn UMVtwiy.

/ -

- a

Shoot To Keep Bowl

Aspirations, Perfect

Records Intact Today
NEW YORK, Oct. 29 (UP)-Michigan, Mary-
land, Oklahoma and West Virginia were solid fa-
vorites to keep their bowl aspirations and perfect
records intact today while Navy and Holy Cross-
the nation's other unbeaten and uktied major teams
-took on their toughest opponents on the road to
snotltes campaigns. n

Michigan, the nation's No. 1
team, will have a national tele.b-
vislon audience looking on as it
attempts to make Iowa another
stepping stone toward the
Rose Bowl. The Wolverines have
been installed as eight-point
choices over Iowa but expect a
stiff battle from a represntta-
tive Big Ten foe.
Maryland, ranked No. 2, and
Oklahoma, No. 3, were expected
torun up lopsided scores a-
gainst South Carolina and Kan-
ass State. Each it favored by 27
points and can be expected to
show no mercy In an effort to
solidify their national rankings
and Impress the Orange Bowl
West Virginia, ranked 11th
and another bowl hopeful, has
bees installed as a 14-point
favorite over a Marquette
team that has a 1-3-1 record.
The odds-makers see no such
easy pickings for Navy, ranked
fourth nationally, and 16th-
ranked Holy Cross, however.
The colorful sailors, with the
brilliant George Welsh and Ron
Beagle heading their cast, were
five-point underdogs against
once-beaten Notre Dame at
South Bend, Ind. The Fighting
Irish are ranked seventh nation-
ally but are favored to score
their llth straight triumph over
Navy in a string dating back to
The contest is of particular
Importance because it pits two
of the nation's most gifted
quarterbacks against each other
In a pressure game. Welsh, who
has completed 40 of 66 passes
this season, can virtually assure
himself of All-America ranking
if he guides thi Middles to vic-
tory while Paul Hornung, Notre
IDame's 19-year-old T-star, could

n't Keeping

rom Kicking

I's Around

"There isn't a senior on the two
units Bryant uses. He has 10 sop-
homores and 12 juniors. This year
may be a big one. But next year
should be something."
Balor thought this was the
year, after coming into College
Station fresh from victories over
Arkansas and Washington.
"We were hit," a member of
the coaching staff says, "by the
most dedicated team I've seen in
years. They're almost fanatical.'
More than a few football people
in Texas feel Aggie zeal comes
from being placed on probation
for two years because of recruit-
ing violations.,
When Bryant assumed com-
mand at College Station last year,
he inherited a team which had
stumbled through two losing sea-
sons. The former Kentucky coach
was able to win only one of 10 out-1
ings. although three were by less
than a touchdown.
Anybody who knows Bryant's
approach to football knows he
isn't the type to live with a loser
-and as the flow of fast and mus-
cular high school graduates head-
ing for A. and M. Increased, the
conference slapped on the proba-
Uder the rule, the Aggies can-
not appear in the Dallas Cotton
Bowl. If they were to win the con-
ference crown, Texas would howl.
They want the best.
Texas A. and M. .is making a!
comeback with a scrawny-strong
line which has only two opera-
tives weighing 200 pounds or bet-
The attackk is keyed around the
rushes of Jack Pardee, a- six-foot,
two-inch, .02-pound junior f u II.
back, and halfback John David
Crow, who is the same height and -
carries 195 pounds.'
Bryant is eathasiastic about
Crow. q
"He can step by or on you," he
says. "He's strong on defense, I
which is something you rarely see
in a sophomore."
You get an idea of the well bal-
anced set-up when you note that
Crow was injured on the ninth!
play of the Texas Christian game
and missed the whole Baylor vic-
Bear Bryant is a Spartan. type
football man and his system seems
ideally d to a military school,
where few diversiona bother the
alternes he insists upon.
The alert type of football show-1
ed against Baylor, with the Ag-
gles intc- epting four passes and
recovering four fumbles.
It looks like the Setthwest Is
going t6 be forced to fbd another


take a big step in the same ld- ,m
rection if-he turns In I trr-"be
eHoly aCross, which is hopeful v
of beating out Navy for the
Lambert Trophy, is rated n
better than "even" against a ee
Syracuse team which beat Army .iOl
130, but suffered a 34-13 loss to fro
Maryland last Saturday. The I
Crusaders are biddin f for t heir Vi
first perfect wagon since 1918
and sInould make It it they get
past the Orange.
L In the most enticing intersec-
tional clashes, Minnesota fights
for the Big Ten's honor a ainst ... ..
Southern California, M lame i
(Fla.) takes on a Pittsburgh
team fresh from a 28-7 conquest
of Duke and Rice plays Ken- i
tucky. I a t i
Duke, hoping. to. rebound
from the Pitt debacle, opposes i
12th-ranked Georgla Teeh in....... ...
the South's big game. Geor-
igla Tech, Sporting a 5-1 Mark,
is a seven-point favorite in a
contest whleh has Sugar, Cot-
ton or Gater Bowl overtones.
In the Southeast Conference,
Auburn is heavily favored over
Tulane and Mississippi is a solid Course O M Named Duffy Sticks
pick over Louisiana State while
in the unpredictable Southwest
Conference, Texas A. and M.1 After Blind To Fundamentals
plays Arkansas, Southern Meth-
odist opposes Texas and Texas EAST LANSING, Mich(-NEA)
Christian meets Baylor. Texas Golf ,fChaMpbon -When Duffy DaugherLy b.-gan
A. and M. leads the conference drilling Michigan State for the
but is ineligible to go to the Wisconsin game, ihe started by
Cotton Bowl. BIRMINCHAM, Ala.-(NEA)- telling them:
on the West Coast, .C.L. A., Highland Park; of Birmingham
rOn thkedWNo.5 adot, he'topP has been renamed the Charley "The most important thing is to
ranked No. 5 and the top P.C. Boswell Golf Club. keep 11 men on the field."
candidate for the Rose Bowl,
takes on weak California while It is an 18 hole municipal Last year, the Badgers won, 6-
Washington and Oregon State, course. The city bestowed the 0,. when Alan Amecbe rambled 29
each beaten once, play each honor on its No. 1 golfing citizen, yards for the only score-against
other in the key games. In 'the Charley Boswell, the national andIa team that had ealy 10 men in
Ivy League, It's Yale against international blind golf hoampion.acten. Wrleh A~che w. was run
th and Princeton a- Raiford ,M1 member of~ the~ ning, Lei' B ald o 8 ta te
Brown in the key games city park board; conceived t 0 lay injuredwon the sideline.
while in the Missouri Valley idea. It was presented to. the boalrd-
Conference, it's Houston against and passed unanimously. At a
Wichita With the former's first Idinner attender by 225, Boswell'who helped him in his pursuit of,
place standing at stake. Thanked city officials and those the game.

A.C.C Fii

Wake Fore

And Cleme
Oct. (UP). T- A
Coat Coferemne hag f
Clemasn and Wake iFe
violating A.C.C. rWles.
Coammlssionor Jaw 1
announced this
Clemsmn wa fiMd
sportsmanlike conduat
neeton with a fkit a
players. He said, Wak
received a $250 f"ne t vi
rnlw governins relatives
twe "ehes aond oa

The Clemson fine invol
mideat in wbdwhchayn I
nch to take part In ,( l
ar te fed alam thwr ie
[a ame am Oetwbor
Wake Ferm't NIl
referee nef 4 lfndl OiH
om the Wake Forest-We
=a game at Morgantew
irgani, also on October


"A wonderful lo a sforyII
sap8 Hedd* Hippe

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"Wutiny of The Bounty"l

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tory. Besides, the 20,000O filteringele.
ments of VICEROYS' exclusive filter
make their blend of fine tobaccos mel.
lower and tastier.

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to go on smoking
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: 9" "-




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FTi is tA ezeluiie
VICEROY tn w hkieh
twrmess ySvr emow

* d









Fin es



-.. i



foie In Fall
a TWOOD. Oct. 29 (UPI-
sva Marie Saint fell
a desk during ilhning of a
yesterday and suffered
'roQbq)le fracture of her right
Mhr studio reported.
"int, who won an Acad-
warda last year for the best
Ing role in "On the Wa- 31at TEA
t," was working with
tan Bob Hope at the time
be accident on "That Cer-
a. Paramount studio officials 1-
,-Wld the actress may have W 1
ered a mild confusion from
f -,^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

TODAY! .75- .40
1:00-2:45-4:40-6:40-9:00 p. m.

The 3 Year
l roadway
9 Now On
The Screen

.'i. 0i-

caom BY mLUXa

Also: "EL TORO"
COtaemaleope Short!

T'. Pa= --an



Ion Sol



*< n M M.MIMN


ama unrcan

"Let the people know the truth and the country is sale" Abraham Lincoln.


arming-Up Israel-Arab Fight

gi-rc rtfl n whc\ii ra l-AIr.vr DtivrI /
S O O, WSI4 A, .,

W V Of O.lLI %i V \ %w V1 VV I t l Li i cy
GENEVA, Switzerland. Oct. 29 Germany nor suffer to be called between Israel and the United her's territory, to givi aJvance
(UP) The West and R u ssia in separately. States in his meeting with Dulles. warning of any attacks.
locked horns today over how to, The Western peace plan offered But Western officials indicated
settle the "Cold War" but the old'the Soviet Union a guarantee a- none of the Big Three is prepar- Pact members would be pledged
Big Four fetid was overshadowed against aggression for an indefinite ed at present to go beyond their to renounce use of force, withheld
by renewed fighting between A- period. It included a buffer con- 1950 tripartite declaration to re- support from aggressors, limit
rabs and Jews. trol zone across Europe, and pro- sist aggression by either sidee in forces in the buffer znnes, ex-
Secretary of State John Foster posed that Russia set up a radar the Middle East. change mutual information and
Dulles British foreign secretary warning system inside Western .inspection and take "appropriate"
Harold Macmillan, French f to r- Europe in exchange for a West- The potentially explosive sit- joint action against any aggres-
eign minister Antoine Pinay and ern radar system inside East- nation in the strategic region sors.
Soviet foreign minister Vyaches- ern Europe. loomed menacingly ever the Big
Soviet foreign minister Vyaches- But the Western proposals were Foud talks, already 5sna r I led The most important provision of
lav M. Molotov were sit ti n gRtied directly to Soviet agreement down In the same old arguments the Western plan was that it
down for the tMrd session of the for all-German elections and Ger- over the future of Europe and would become effective only alter
"acid test" Big Four conference man unity in 1956. .Germany. German reunification. The ldrft
this afternoon. Molotov proposed a 50 year set no time limit on such a pact
European collective .. security The Western peace plan was a and made no mention of the par-
Yesterday's session disclosed tre.ttrp, Including the U n I t e d nine-point proposal which would ticipating nations.
that the Big Three Western pow- States, with Communist China include radar networks operated
ers and the Soviet Union a re as an observer. Diplomats said by East and West in each oth-
still far apart on the issue of Eu- it was the familiar Solvet tune. ----
ropean peace and security. It placed security first and Ger- Bid For W lkaway
The three Western powers of- man reunification second. Dro.Fr h Dre ier
feared Molotov a plan for a nine- c"hA r Pre
point "treaty of assurance toe Dulles and Macmillan held a
guarantee Soviet security in ex- one-hour emergency meeting yes- tio s Fo E Wllwng
change 'for all-German elections terday to discuss the new Middle Reslnsf ollB A i
and unity next year. East crisis. Today, Dulles sched-d B A High
uled a meeting with Israeli pre- Ener By Ree. Hinh '
The plan carried a historic mier-foreign minister Moshe Sha- aar Keferendum
American pledge to go to Rus rett, in Geneval to press the Big An apparent low bid of $24,705
s' ad i cae o a Four into action. SAARBRUECICEN, Oct 29 was entered by C. A. High for
Eurlpe. westea Sharett conferred with Dulles (UP The Saar legislature he construction of a new steel
Molotov slapped the Wester and Macmillan in Paris last week. slaed down b pro German walkway on the north side of
peace package pan down H e met with Pnay las night On Saarlandersin ast week's reer Miraflores bridge. The nly oth-
came up with a val plan that Monday, he will ay hus co n- endum, voted today to accept the er offer for the work was made
would scrap the Westerncolle- plaints on the Cgomirunestl sale of resignation of the government of ihby Bildon. Inc.. with a proposal
tie s security alliances, in the next arms to Egypt direct before Mo- Premier Johannes Hoffman a n dof $25.927.
The shrewd Soviet diplomat al- lotov at woull new general elections for
R ecseDec r8a. Bids on the project were open-
aheadHe said Russia would have press again for a security pact ed Friday morning by Col. Hu'h
a new plan on German reunifica- Saarlanders overwhelmingly re- M. Arnold. Engineering and
tion to submit "at an a appropriate ejected last Sunday a "statute" to Construction Director in the
e." H added that ?o wantedinternationalize this coal-and-steel Balboa Heights Administration
otm, W eet Cosaul andeCommu.'raa Takes rich territory between France and Building.
preseast- at M *Germany.
that time. Over t Colin In an early morning er
A West German spokesman l n an rly morning session, walkway will replace -the ores-
said his eountr would neither S a he landtag -legislaturel voted to: ent narrow walk located on thet
Sit at de same table with Red ro u llea le 1. Accept the resignation of the Inside of the bridge railing
sirt at the semi tabe wit Red or Un d S s pro-French premier and his cabi- which Is considered hazardous
net. for general public use. 0
[ .nRobert W. Weise Jr. has as- 2. Appoint Saar lawyer H e I n-
Sl P sumed charge of the United rich Welsch, 67, leader of a care- It will be constructed on the

States Consulae in Colon. He re- taker government.
places Philip F. Dur, who has 3. Dissolve itself on Dec. 17.
been transferred to Yokohama. 4. Call new elections Dec. 18.
Weise was born in Illinois. but
Boys 8, Girs 3 his parents now live in Hyatts-1
ville, Md. He is a graduate of the |0.e,.u, af
University of Illinois, and later o n
Eleven babies .were born In attended the London School of Ec-
Coco Solo Hospital durlnr the onomics and the Institute of In- 'o els a sed
week ending at midnight ternational Studies at Geneva. He Not1 KRIeaset
Wednesday. Oct. 26. according to has served as a Foreign Service
the regular hpapital report. officer a Santiago, Valencia, To SubAmmiHAt
Durnng that period. 80 patients Rome and La Paz. |T SUDComUtIII Ge
were admitted and 79 were dis- Weise's previous post was La
charged. Paz, Bolivia, and he speaks Span-
Babies were born to the fol- ,sh fluently. So does Mrs. Wee, WASHINGTON Oct. 29 (refusedP)
lowing American citizens: Mr. who was brought up in Santiago da to give Senation refusedat-
and Mrs. Fernando Benitez. of Chile. The Weises arrived on the today to give Seoluminous diary of tr-
Coco Solito. son: Mr. and Mrs. Isthmus Wednesday. They h a v e secretary of thehe voluminous diTreaur
Raymond 0. Bush. of New Cris- two boys, ages 10 and 7. irer Secretary of theu Jrea un
tobal. daughter: Mr. and Mrs. Consul and Mrs. Dur depart lry W. Morgens thau Jr., un-
Carroll R. Munz, of Coco Sol8to. with their family at noon today til It screens the papers for na-
daughter: Mr. and Mrs. Starford from Tocumen Airport. They will tional security matters.
L. Churchill. of Gamboa. son: fly to San Francisco. nshen they
bgt. and Mrs. Lno Ramirez. of proceed by ship to Yokohama. The Smienate internal se curity
Coco Solito. son M-Sgt. and _---- __ _- subcommittee has subpoenaed I,-
Mr. Ralph 0s oAnderson. of Fort a t h agJ o0 pages of the 600-million-
Davrs. Ralnh O. o,- o or .41-Year-LJId worddiary as part of its inven-
Babies were born to the fol tigatlon of the activities of the
lowing parents of Panamanintan I'-Grandmothler late Harry Detxer White, assis-
nationalty: Mr. and Mrs. Cmr- tant treasury secretary under

bow City, son: Mr. and Mrs. Fitz CHICAGO, Oct. 29 IUPi Administration officials told
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Hudson. of Mrs. Jane Weingart a grand the subcommittee at a public
1_Colon. sn d r Mr. o a"nd Mrs mother atth, age of 41. hashearing that the 11600 pages are
Colon, son: and Mr and Mrs given birth to her 16th child. being screened to determine
Clyde Alleyne of Colon daugh- Mrs. Wengart. wife of a whether release would injure
ter. truck driver. Lave birth to a .i..i,. _n _i .. ..t l .

te" S'usn-ii n-St "e na- 1 onai security.
daughter. Susan Marie. in The hearing was called hur-
DOWn Beat Mary of Nazareth Hospital iiedly Chairman James 0 East-
.... ."_ _, Thursday. Mother and daugh- land (D-Mlss, after he and for-
BERLIN, Oct. 29 (UP' -Louis ter were reported doing well. n-er Chairman William Jennei
(Satchmoa Armstrong. the well- Mrs. Welngart has three (R-Ind, conferred privately
known jaz. trumpeter, said today grandchildren and is expecting within Morgenthau.
he has sent President Elsenhower a fourth In January. Four of her
a cony of his diet to help the children are married. Three' at- Morgenthau, who headed the
President keep his weight down. tend high school and seven are 'Treasury Department for all but
Armstrong said he lost 95 in grammar school. the first year of the Roosevelt
pounds in the nast rnir mnnthc Mrs. Weingart -Rid she neper:idministration deeded his diary
on his own d!et "while I ate all has had trouble finding namesIto the government several vears4
I wanted." He now weighs 170. for her offspring. "but feedln:.ago. It is under federal custody
"I feel like a 10-year-old," he and clothing them Is a tricky in the Franklin D. Roosevelt Ll-
said. task sometimes." brary at Hyde Park, N.Y.


north side of the bridge between
the east and west swing britide
control houses and will be equip-
ped with a safety pipe railing.
Specifications for the project
stimulate that the work on the
walk will be carried on at night
so that neither ship nor vehicu-
lar traffic will be interrupted.
Work should be completed with-
In aoDroximately eight months.

C6i Greel

Siafth aus

At TIvo Ave.
Santa Claus, jolly as ever, ar-
rived on the Isthmus early this
morning. All historians of the
Christmas lore of Panama agree
that it is the. earliest visit on
record of the JAlly old bearer of
Yuletde joy.
The burning question in Pan-
ama, in Panama today, still re-
mains uLanswered. Who is San-
ta Claus? 'Where did he learn
such perfect Spanish? -When
interviewed, he replied with
blue eyes a-twinkle and an in-
fectious grin' "you know, we
generally speak English at our
North Pole workshop."
The Panama Railroad had
been busy for weeks unloading
the boatloads of all the newest
toys, dolls, bicycles and many.
many other items for the new
basement toy shop at Sears and
Santa was anxious to get there
quickly to make sure that all he
had ordered for the children of
the Isthmus had already arriv-

Read story on page 9

Visiting US Navy Ship Crews

Appreciate Cristobal YACA

O-- -

(EbITOR', NOTf. This is,
Sthe h I fth a" Feather
Serif" depleting the aetiitles
of te CanaJ wzone CommMal.
ty Chest),.
The purpose of the Cristobal
YMCA-USO, according to the
certificate of consolidation 'of
the national USO are "to-pro-
vide a voluntary civilian agency
responsible to the President of
the United States and the Sec-
retary of Defense, through
which the people of this nation
may, In peace or war, serve the
religious, spiritual, social, wel-
fare and educational needs of
the men and women in the Arm.
ed Forces within or without the
territorial limits of the United
States and In the wir defense
industries, and in general to
contribute to the mantenance
of morale in American commu-
nities adjacent to military

ed. A special train was hired to T-realize
bring him into Panama City TO-realize these purposes, the
and children of the Canal Zone Cristobl Arm ed Services
and Panama joined him aiong, YMCA-U80, another worthwhile
the route. community oranination whose
support in part is made possible
Arriving at the Panama RR by contributions made to the
Station at a.m., Santa w a s Canal one Community Chest,
greeted by scores of enthusiastic conducts a full Program of ac-
children many who were seeing tivities for service personnel in
him for the first time. His trip the Atlantic Side areas. A close
to Tivoli Ave. was a gala one, cooperation between spec ial
made possible only by the effl- service officers, Army service
clent escort service of the Ouar- club hostesses and chaplains, to
dia Naclonal. avoid duplication of effort and
conflict of scheduled events is
The children of the Toe Pepe maintained. Special Service of-
Club had fathered with Tio Pepe ricers. Chaplains and Army
of Red Panamericana to great hostesses on the Atlantic side
Santa Claus. So many thousands meet monthly at the YMCA to
of the children of Panama and insure that programs in the
the Zone turned out that Santa YMCA bulldinr will fit In witn
soon exhausted his supply of and augment the fine programs
ioodies that he h a d brought which are conducted on the
them. post. Dances, for example, are
scheduled weekly on alternate
He. left to renew his supply evenings, one on post and lone
pnd called over his shoulder at the YMCA. Last vear 144
"I'll be back at Sears every Sat- dances. were held with a total
urday, from now to Christmas." attendance of 16.300 servicemen.
-Partners come from a carefully
selected :roup of young ladles
from the community. Parties.
TV On Zone picnics and sightseeing tours are
arranged for servicemen durtne
(Continued from Page 1) their liberty hours, particularly
e.% forces. without authorl- on week ends.

nation from the Panama govern-
ment. should start telecasting,
they could also suspend their
ctlvitles If at any time they
consider the cost too hth. In
,he case of.dIstributors and buy-
ers of TV sets. they should suf-
fer losses amounting to millions
of dollars, as was the case in
another Central American coun-

11 In conclusion, prospective
Panamanian telecasters consid-
er the announcement of pro-
posed TV In the Canal Zone as a
serious problem and hope the
recentlv-formed Council of For-
eirn Relations will give this
matter all the attention it mer-
its in defense of Panamanian

WHAT'S COOKIN'?-V. Yw-lsaev, chief of the Board of Cap-
struction In Leningrad, U.S.SR., peers into a modern American
stove while touring a new housing project at Franconia, Va. He's
one of 11 Russian housing officila inspecting American hm i
development and construction methods.

By Russ Winterbotham and Ed Kudlaty

S-7 .
,. 1- .~.,

Cdate I a& evidenced
by theUi t of gratitude
-both by ordof Omuth and In
manl unSIlli;d letters. it
Eh dd be empba d that thiq
service ti also given to visiting
naval shipO from other coun-
tries. *
While-.Oe stabllahbment of "a
home aay fro home" for
servlcenni is the chief reason
for being, the modernized build.
,I? _az% i.dpment is also avall.
age fi o ivillans, inasmuch as
such use does not conflict with
the program for servicemeir.
The children's nwimmlng class,
for exa" a, had a total enroll.
ment of=16 boys A gilrls, at-
tendin 120 classes with a total
attendance of 7800. The door
count (total of all individuals
entering the building) amount-
ed to 41,571 last year, of which
195,154 Wre servicemen and
216,317 villans. These civilians
were composed of Canal Zone
residents,.tourists from many
countries and a large number -
of merchant seamen. T he
YMCA-USO lobby provides a
placefor all to sit and relax,
read magazines from the litera-
tire jack or make use of the li-
brary and music room, or to
write letters. This is a service
which ts characteristic of
YMCA's around the world.
The goal of this year's Canal
one Community Chest drive 1i
$35,000. The drive opened Octo-
ber ;3 and runs through Novem.
ber 14.

RRs, Brotherhood

Reach Agreement

On Wage Increase
CHICAOO, Oct. 22 (UP).-The
nation's railroads and the Bro-
therhood of Locomotive Engi-
neers reached an agreement to-
day granting a general wage in-
crease to 8,000 road and Yard en-
Negotiators said the agreement
provided a 5 per cent hike in the
average basic daily wage rates of

i ajs t on urc lbe Mm orte 'i --h
* Crti1tbel YMCA-USO services -Thy also received-- an addi-
S A ut the ai halenge on per' cent Increase "a an
t ouras euinme iat n taff ,h A tmen of differential ine-
the efitertaminig of visiting U. qultila between locomotive engi-
Navy ships and ec c a sional se'sa and employes In other
transM6rts with mUttary erson- classes of railroad service.",
nel. This packs the building to The increase are retroactive
the walls and is one of theserv- to Oct. 1.
ices most aoureclated by mill. Wage talks began here June 27
tary authorities. In close coop- and continued daily except for
ration with local military corn- weekends until the agreement
rnands, the YMCA-USO is ad- was reached today after an all-
vised in advance of the arrival night session.
of such ships and task forces, Negotiators said part of the
end sets up a schedule of sight- increase was given to the engi-
beeing trips, dances and other neers in lieu of a health and wel-
social events for the men. In- fare plan." They said if the BLE
crmation desks manned by local obtains a health and welfare
volunteers are placed in the lob- plan onI Individual railroads, fin-
by. and for the duration of the anced by the carrier, four cents
stay the Cristobal Armed Serv- an hour of the increase will be
ices YMCA-USO is a welcoming credited to the railroad.
center of the community. Not The agreement also provided for
only the military commands but a five-d4y week for yard engi-
the enlisted men as well appre- neers, ifthey request it.
Spokesmen for both the unlotn
EXCEPTION and railroads said they could not
E EPTION supply figures on the daily wage
SIOUX FALLS, S. D. (UP) rate of engineers before or after
Prisoners. cannot serve on jurie, the increase. However, Interstate
but one man who listed hi.s ad- Commerce Commission figures
dress as "penitentiary" wasn't ex- showed that road passenger en-
cused when his name was picked gineers earned an average of $8.-
for jury duty. He is William Bren- 172 for the year 1954, freight en-
nan, superintendent of the state ineers $7,272 and yard engineers
prison farm. $6,255.

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