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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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iTo Besieged CiI
rFL" .Mb,. -, .orthw"rd l:-S(M: k "^ i h^^rfll --
r Fo Cheerfu l Af
iteaolff d Lmen.. ,,
FreWch ersorities believed they had trokn tleback D L;
of i reubfllion, but Legionnaires at Tisimal.Bie, still RebelrfO
ctaff and much av fighting ra et peace
can e restored to the bloody triangle k FfR4 in.t..r '
Resident-General Pierre Boyer de L.our took off on V li S U l r
*a weep to the south the area in whink he fought 30
ypem. ago to keep the rebellion from smpradi He
delded to arm certain loyal tribesmen t help in tie de-. oat aAre.
e.of ti e area. whose
French troops won an in!t P Snipers 1a t oe efeksaky hneoa--tw o
Vito water dy when an. er ofe a tAlu p- ennt. th .- e^y
m ..t pped column..d ered awdt o gu.
h ^rebel-held o nes Troops admit a~a few nt1- -Immediately afterward e de-
reachd Boured,another outpost per n the hcu eg gould ided to force a showdown de-
town. pin down a eeh ae rn- bate in the National Asaembly
The French to trap the pany below e -a tonight on the deepening North
- selds in f 9ge formed by only aI suc rate0 spots as AMr rlnri s.
Rour4, II. l44)Tzl and the Nador Pas 0 theycono to ac-
yeaflt l k headquarters tual grips. m. e ure dismissed defense
at matter cleft. Puere zeeny.g
ad w fla'Two gswehe u-ennth. ilng acol- an three other Ce mebnsem-
Anldy" white flp weto unu. iot way tough e of th GauflJt groupp or
flutt over some tr0bal th.e blocked W s toward the be- their iGbbornM opposition to
ai- me.K seatrn'sector gied ganIO at Bouted and Afis-poelis in Morocco.
"eud asked then i The mllsters had been pre-
renh for forgln. Less a two hours later, the to re~gan, but Faura fired
rebel k war*eG down from te the first.
Bra.. wo. Henri Barton, In surrounding hils to block the fn an emergency Cabinet
eha of the French armo narrOw S I. *, ed under the guid-
o o some of the The end from the W of President Rene -oty,
ap r.A be losing faith north and South but the rebels emwered Faure to go before
thi u.stoodI. .-Chamber of Deputle to-
Wild tribesmen stream- f of
'a4ownjh Riffmountaln yes- nt i
.a and^ recaptured theIW NaG "immediately started
dir e the en Me I o a new defense n-ONWA TO WOR Vice President I
*I9 0rlis f muesi E-e-d nenk pan to stakt theide over meetings of te Cabinet and t
Votew Cte 1 fmi -" e oBmm* io counciL.
Tbso-urI h from o I dee mai, ift agio.^ ,. :to

.,-Em..- im

i2 '.. ran
o .-*' ..,* :* '-.W *
i'. ., f .. -. ; *

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*;-;*. .. ,- '.
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mq uor
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Mchard Non speaks
itWasngtn. Pres-
m tb contuae to pres-
the National tecurti

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Zound Ike RP
DENVE, Oct 6-(UP)- R--Th Spo esman
atmosphere around President
isenhower grew more cheerful
a.y, reflecting a succession of
mesa! bulletins that told ofb U *
steady recovery from a heart at- W p ll l
Mrs. Esehower even had a R es o s
=mall '. ovie party last'night for u I :.'
., of tY'L Fitzsimons
h stat and their wives In *
BusneU auditorium, on the I | "
eighth floor o the hospital, near U E
BuWshwins Wita UO firia
the Presldentts room.
The PresideIR did not attend,
however, nor cobuld he hear the
sound track frOm his room.
The movie party had no dl- -
rest bearing on Mr. Elsenhow-
er's progrebbut it did re- A Panamd government spokesman said today it w.
fleet a lighter attitude on the now up to the Coral Zone officials to make available the
Chefrt Executive, people ndo was reuced-duty liquor prvid for Zone residents in t~
stricken Sept. 24. new US-RP Treaty, which became effective Aug. 23.
tions of ham steak baked sweet The spokesman threw the responsibility for the delay
potato, okra, cantaloupe and in effecting the 75 per cent tax deduction for liquor sloa
skimme uld seem at first ed for Canal Zone consumption, square on the US. E
glance to be somewhat heavier baossy and Panama Canal Co. officials who are participad
than most meals In a 1600-calo- ing in the negotiations.
rie diet. But press secretary A o
James C. Hagertv corrected this An official note granting the deduction, and extend
Impression. ing the franchise to oll Iquor pumihosed through the
meals are still being held to a establishments in the Zone licensed to buy and sell liquoJ ,
ially total of 160( calories, so was handed to the Amerisan representatives hi thetani
he won't gain weight.
SOther evidence of easier by the Panama government's Foreign Ministry, thsspokes
.feeling about the President man added
eame from several sources.
Bagerty reported late yestet- However, a Canal official In- ahead" as to when .thh7W ,-
day that tSDuyslelanu tint- dicated that this was "the first and get the reduced
Sthe rrsen_~sft said they I've heard about it," and today said today they were i
bd found medical evidence Pt-ted out that "no agree- up In the ar as ansi" -
that the "healing process" I neat" as to thi details of the The Army denied .g.
Mr. Elsenhower's heart was Mstet to be employed have that NO snd OfWicer
"t9aiB pidae.1' b en worked out yet between military
pero suffers a cot- ttwo cottries. -In

ofd ac to tTONre o o- W (W malaeam p e seem- ontacted toutlated out
ren e to e rt a ma a- that they were g gge II
t o the er et 1 th ena of S WASHINGTON. Oct. 6 (U) mount of gaddmal ene onr tlions" In an attempt to work out .
t 0'0 rt Worl War ..faced Pts gr p owe wyi aidp Vce-President Richurd M. Nixon daily ti goideratlof of if- a plan mutually satisfactory to i "
Vh ON.1cot. InthAeot7eo
lyno le parit 8 ea .ed .s f the gFrench S any ad1te of the -level la asi both countries, but that no defl- bOne of the alleged "li
Th' eIt Are ctr 'o' oraas cni tationffm ret h 'ew-il Se Co- Ye e signed our re nte decon has been reachue operation d o dc
my intot and l "f"hor "the second such s e s s en .over cess a nppoitnt men and initial as yet. nue operations, a.-o t
time o. i re-electn which he has re since two oer administrative docu unconfirmed report. ,
Aose "ear tS*-"he the 719,-h g Pa of I rmed t ota-ties said teaure sa.- i. President Elseni o illness. mental .during a 10-minute conS He added he was not at lib- Oregorio Du ue, Who to
Atlanh ss. ton, l 1,18ar the Pa o to te ethae deputies I en by, te i t ference with Sherman Adam-, erty to disclose thp points of ed to be one the. operator.
Spanshlroc~rago ivo Rewegtaton, polbd 1,181 th.Weal debo- e that they will ae aie s. wi h arvte a c- In advance of tbjfeeting Nix- the assistant to the president,2 disagreement, but these were the Illegal numbers raket w*:
So 0e to i ho between s a it e wir e e c- ton conferred with residential as- The wor ast night was tha believed to hinge on how was suspended last w
SMere or-. race also w ,e. n N foreh African reform or an mandt a oice In tlhe eletMon sistant Sherman,. dams, who re- the Preetaent was laughing or could be sold to ladl first time in several -e
rti wa...n,.a. d, S-wellftotbb uals n thcude sCanal Zone wo -ortedly made a serolemn e
_ett to Le-- 'n.the .0pMirtaleO 4e iron-flited po that might of his successor and wlu urge sstunet WrmahAtodams, who p, a ne t wa s.... el ,luh is in the Canal Zone wo portedly made a solemn
n t 1 contest le to a sit onimilarto that the nomination go h e is three rand- are not members of any of the to police authorities he
a a6e0f0IvsaBteone strongly committed to House t Denver h 35 licensed establishments, permanently discontinue thep
rehtat rs a. wants toet up a three- the Enhower proam. edcal bulletins contain' racket which authorities up jI
eir enemy W .Vtuay fb- f w ..he. .Repub lc an strategists Late yesterday he discussed ued to port satisfactory prog- The Panama gwove rnment depriving the official l lot *
.].___ agad ad lor ._._Sna tf Inrocw. which would th .eeen.. e on- cl with other White HoUse aides the re Ta recovery fro.m his heart sk esman whon dictated that thousands of dollars m
gieulOrt, r e Wel t Waed byre establish- also price n th reset "routine matters to be aon-ider- tah eak no his Iq er part in the negotiations mu.d ,
ll and 1t,81 for DK btoe ant ot a broad Moroccaui ... a- senhowe dal by the security councd and the But the more indicative new was over, added that e Canal A number of influential.
Sd govment with which quickly o W ehe Wi cabinet tomorrow. wasi ow the President filled the Zone officials are aware of the clans from both sides
Goulart, leader the Labor o be agitated. the d m a n th thsoom with laughter fact that the rest "UP tot up Is said to have
Goulart, leader Of the nihtso be *n oA MaJ aea rr
M nte BALBOA TIDESand should later than Elsemana to
Va00anutopresideat bothmthee concH Mrs. John S. Eise nhower. rClubs in the Canal Zone whs o :a2_guarantee .le '",
l ts also IwaA favored sln the FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7 January, cabinet meetings. He por with delight over have been waitn for a "go- tinue operatngthe ,
majority of.4te-electlon paedle- -, s.m 1:13 .m. These GOP informants toere Erler today Nixon commence assortment of gifts that in Meanwhile Secret P t le"
I tionts- 7t0 p.m. 4 pt.m.s no means o sure, however, regional directors the S m a 1 ed packs of gum, playing car ,---- MeanwhVaes saidecret
,oW .91_or_ mate, -Betupa__ o"9e Hector Valdes sai
NW K.-(UP- President senhoter ll Business Administration or "the writing er, a Western story h ave failed t capt
Ietr o *aei labor n ed them at a closed meeting yn d ashmrael Tells U duck-tailed" automobile
Imovbie bute w ac inRop sbric Until" y'estoeprd t hea NryTels -e
Some thought the Presidenot Nixon yesterday ot his second dent's sick-room creation .at h ises r wo fndia tehbe ne
today at i. i will decide to run. despite his report thi week on he farmsitua- Fitzsmon Army ospita was ee ea
irirtyteritn hoian slt4!wfir helt is- ^^ HH H IHrll osne'ss, If he concluded s that _is tion from a Republican congress-decidedly on the subdued s de
Stroke. the only way to preserve the ad- man who had just returned from The gift arrived last week but Vlde h
Sministration's program and personal surveys it the farm belt. the President was in no shape C1t I in addt
A ksman fog especially to preserve world o be opening packages, no mat-
said eNell's physans were peace. Sen. Frank Carlson (R Kan.) ter how small. WASHINGTON, Oct. 6 (UP) Ihltated in the k
"encouraged" by l press. said that farmers in his state still Israel has formally told the Unit- hilng out In the n Canal .
is wife, who ar d by plane One of Mr. Esenhower's ear- are Republican, but that they ex- Yesterday with his wife, hw-ed States it needs new arms aid '
ro e l wsti hst suporters and close t Con- pet the administration to do ever, and with the consent of. to counterbalance weapons Egypte I
his cs ta lestnal friends s said ylestercy something in the next session of the doctors; he had a few bright will et from the Soviet bloc, it l mu
aboard the e V Mary aand V- at the President can win re- Congress about the agriculture minutes looking at the rifts and iwas earned today. t. :
theh catnts -The.notificationsdctthmia
removed to ae l *- election easily if he wants to price-cost squeeze, beaming grand-paternally over The notifications came within
ocked lit Saturd. iFI D e the race. the crayon drawings, one of the past week. u E W -
joe s turdyy nme the rame. ErNixon decaUed no comment on which showed seven-year-old Israel did not request specific
MCe s a member etPartia- Sen. Prank Carlson (R-Kans.) California Gov. Goodwin Knight's Dat4 astride a horse on the Els- military equipment. But the action
IBi trm Scotland and is indicated thest w rc to s yf a t gc tmg-tVW*
3flgt SOAlem Bootie sa. i *refused to speculate on whether annotmeement he will oppose any enhewer farm at Gettysburg, mcicated the Isieell government
Ypea ORKt., to .e e 9.e A r ..ert PMr. Elsenhower will run awain, effort to line up California dele- Otandfather Eisenhower was will folio s up its formal notifires-
eNal.e had se But Carlson told newsmen: ates to next year's GOP presi- pictured on 'another steed, tion with a request for new mill- Public
bere sm bustoes. l ential convention for Nixon. (Continued oa Page 6. Col. ) tary aid. enacted on
sie tiho President tNtould re-- Diplomatic sources said Is- the last tty ,to n
etnaErael is convinced that only t eterm ranrefor sme
aiLeetor hisresw t United States would be in the Pi-rnwhore rvewn
dinessgIfhconcrudesoats from anRepubiN aqwcngsuU n u fll tion to supply it with enough arms War 11 sbd the
* osu-rio., ,ta A .l tt Aly Khan Squ mlches fal e lasti k""- i
O...foT *hm r an 'KissA n And Make Up' With Rita easrrnt.wra rirta Czech ofer, ind Zo
of arms tosEgyptpIswcarriedgNov. 23, 1355, lathe
p er-Kthrough. line date in order8 to
OrW iShtOCmr i i taesiFurthermore, Israel fleeeft ld it tage of this extehss
Wallet Ha Hectic PARIS, Oct. 6 (UP) Prince Rita also had scheduled a news woulC need so much military
Nis who aidbMOnth Before Aly Khan,looking as if he meant conference today, but she c an- help that the United States would This deadline
BoADING, tMll6s -Oest. it, today tossed cold water on all celed it on grounds she was not have to supply such arms free ans who were in aet
(TIP) A Britiseout tiet R oinind Owner the'spelatatina that he and Rita feeling well. or sell them- oa- very liberal ytinrre after April 25,
entered three ts Haaorth will kiss and'make up. The red-haired actress was out terms. In the past the U n ted to renew their Gov
rtlaweed Irish e Army to -TW are ueod friends," he said, lat night with movie industry of- Stater has sold n i mited quantities Insurance Terr: .onlil. e .1
eorMd aisat rda. pa t wImale iT.s s "that's a. ficials and she had been expected f weapons for security purposes the 120 day period ite
n aas ga aMs ^;.. -a-- Walter gohalu latswa.lletbck uita failed coyly the other day to announce that she would appear to Middle eastern Nations tol7 on from that particular
ay be eta ha last Au a month after d It and the whm asked about a renewed ro- in a new movie, her first in twoia strictly rhmbuirsable basis, -'
gst se really had bee "through mane. But Aly appeared d e a d years. I Secretar State John Foter Those veterans w .ho i
SCamel rml." aerlets as be spoke to newsmen P r was reported that Rita and Dulles de ed to tell a news con l.rem ums on their
*Jtantce a CS.e d ot+ia .It d of his town house. Aiw had a short talk this morning ere Ti whether theUnnit during their tour O aI
asn et in pit" s. ,iat lta wood iMtlnk whether he in- before be drove to his town house ed States t be wihao I Lerm period had
.gfheeremiry Rita. ly roB- f his7 ne hws conference. trs lsnrael ta-i to belance-ven though ghurt SeyadI
ation: said he intends to take his Sovle blc 4ea to Arab l payments of pe
Aie fhidie rhnteffriends. She is S cu a tour of France.dtes whargoi have -a
Eartavilldo. o,-~e -m ere daughter ow haaftera h r : that lost
-t B rK a hm-'"ne", mut he help hat- --eU itdS atespll_ .


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.HAINM149 0 ANIA96r arem
s7. M nra Pa o. Box S 4. PANAMPAN L or e
.- S= A4o05 rLikes ,
iI5 I t.Avetnuea atwss1aT As A 1 11 eSsvtam
T. seiHt. m ADVA. ...... 1.o ,.


JR11 I -0MV 0'1

S he Mn M.. h s eo a forum tor readers of The Panama Ameriam.
leors re received riv a nd are handled i a wheNy sealu deatial
Vf as s ribate s letter don't be Impetleat i I doesn't appeae the
sW at Lettn ere published in the order resohead.
1 ._a Stry to keep the letters limited to one page length.
L lty of letter writers Is held In strl.test oafde .se.
Smi NewMper ap umes I e responsibility for state eats es plale on
". em pese Ia letters rom reeader.

a : Why to people get married Have you ever heard anyone ask
This question Have yur ever asked yourself the question,.Why did
I got married? It is igimaterial to me why you did. I consider that
: not to be my affair but apparently you don't know. l
I have been reading thebe disgusting articles in the "Mal
SBox." It seems to me you are supposed to be full-grown adults.
: (When I say you I muan everybody that the shoe fits .
*' That this trash that ha, green written shows only one thing.
All you so-called IntLlligent people didn't learn how to live, just
; how to use words you read in some book.
,, If you are so smart, don't go around broadcasting your fanm-
l U y fairs. Marrla&e sla something to be considered sacred. The
,, elleOt between the husband and wife should be worked out in
rtvatnot used to criticize one another by means of a news-
,, ne man sets himseLf up as God to his wife. From his letter
'* he I the only perfect husband. Well I have news for him. There
la no wae perfect. He maty be one of the better husbands. I use the
term loosely. The only thing is, does he practice what he preaches?
I Or il he Just trying to snow somebody under to hide his own
f* faults? "'he first atcp toward being wise, is to know that you
.. re bon mortally inzcrant, And if you would not be foolish In
the Judgment of otlheis, cast off the folly of being wise in your
Sown mortality.1
A fbr "The One Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best"... you and
your husband mua, have been in love at the beginning or you
would not have made the fatal step, as you do not believe In
Have you ever asked yourself, "Why did my husband stray a-
:'way You seem like the type of person that wants to try. That
I' S not for me to judge because I only know you through your let-
Ster. Did you ever atop to think that that there is a possible chance
of something bothering your husband, that he is afraid to tell
you because of his lack of faith in you?
A marriage cannot exist with a 50-50. It takes 100-100 from.
Each. Don't forcp him, but use a little common horse sense to get
him to trust in you and no matter what the outcome may be
show him that what has passed is in the past.
Do not cry over spit milk. Iove him more than before. Get'
him to build a faith In you and he will not stray away. Don't put
him under your finger. Let him be free to love you willingly. It
u wl be hard, but if you want it to work out it will. Remember you
are yur husband's reasonab's companion, not the slave of his
eusJnI ; to the end of your being is not merely to gratify his
loose desire, but to asbist him in the toils of life, to soother him
'with ylar tenderness and reer.mpense his care with soft endear-
As for the rest of you boastful beings, I also have a word of
'advice. You despise the judgment of others, your head is swelled
.w4th vanity of your imaginations. Your delight is to hear and
.speak of yourself a&1 day long. You swallow up with greed your i
'.ow' raises and it returns to cut you up.
.. 'Ae wise, Intelligent and educated person you deem your-
Tlv& should not listen to his praise and should not believe It, but
S h ou d but be the last to discover his perfection.
I think now la the time for you to learn that life Is only what
4 .ake1.. ,t i1,t. NoW LoSe out and show your real face.

8Sate In Brazil

IS2 layg cards

IS Meat decayed

i Choose again

24 Jolt

as tealea t

tt" (ab.)

I aered image

3 Allot
4 Fall dower
5 Cookinl
S Opposed
TOot up
8 Poker takes
9 ldxume
10 ertainng to
the ear
I, Cheer
20 One defeated
2 Evergreen
24 Yank
2 Toward the
shaldted side
34 Turning back

- m -~

28 Sounder *
30 Wings
31 Chest rattle
33 Clinging
35 Round-ups
40 Texas city
43 Indian tent

45 Entertain
48 Gloom
47 Operatic solo
48 Cavalryman
50 Seed covering
51 Posessive
52 On the ocean
55 Donkey

S Sl i' |5'" I"

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. ..

I -r"" -| -- --Mm

^ J -" r4-Rr

Mm a

_ a .. a -114


- ----




strange and a little unperving
to U.S. security officials to see
members of the Russian embassy
moving around town as freely and
eagerly as they have during the
past months.
Since the new, all Amilp polley.
was handed down from Moscow
practically every reception, cock-
tail party and dinner you attend
these days is dotted with the color-
ful Russian military uniforms.
And you invariably ao t Ie Var-
ioas civilian Soviet officUas, ae-
companiedby their plump,
grinning wives obviously rellshng9
their new social emancipation.
Maybe it's the novelty of their
getting around and being available:
for general conversation for the
first time, but these Russians
seem to be awfully popular. They-
re always surrounded by large
groups of Interested persons.
ost of the Russians speak pretty
good English. That's one of the re-i
quirements for assignment toe

There map be something diaboli-
cal behind the new Soviet gestures
of friendship. But the best result
of it at the social level here is an
exchange of an awful lot of small
For instance, it is now well know
that most of the wives of fhe
embassy officials do their fod
shopping at the town's Kosher
delicatessen. They get foo d s
there which most closely resem-
ble what they can buy back home.
The Soviet gals love Washington
for the other shopping. Like just
about every other housewife in the
area they save up their rubles and
go to Garfinkles, the fancy depart-
mebt store, r-hen they want to buy
an especially slick dress to wear to
a party, or to take back home.
That may be kind of capitalistic
but it proves that the Communists
haven't yet found a way to brain-
wash that kind of feminity out of
the female.
The embassy maintains Its own
school for the children of the staff.
But-the amilles live all over town.
The Russian kids play with the
neighborhood kids. And they come
up with the sam ratio of broken
windows, bruised knees and black
eyes as can be found in any U.S.
Just about every Soviet embassy
family ha a TV set at home and
it causes the same set of problems.
The kids want to watch the west-
erns. The old man wants to watch
footballl and the fights. And the
wife, likes the dramatic shows.
Nobody, of course, likes the com-
mercials very much.

secmaitales on the telpoe, and
demanded, "Can you name i.e the
home-run king of baseball?"
'WillUie Mays if you're talking
about active players and B a b e
Ruth If your are talking about the
all-time record,"' t h e embassy
man shot back.
"Just checking," the voice said,
and there was a click.
That's an example of what the
radio and TV has done for the
Russians here.
Actually the embassy male staff
engages in a rather ambitious
sports program. The men have
soccer and volleyball games each
weekend on a big public play-
ground out o- lth St.
In spite of the general Impres-
sion that Russians are now being
allowed to roam all over the United
State at will, ance vice versa for
Americans in Russia, the strict
travel ban which was slapped on
them last winter is still rigidly en-
- ambers of the embasap may

without special permission from
the State Department. They can't
travel at all through many re-
stricted places around the coun-
tt'i obvious that with the Rus-
sins circulating more and more in
town that the Job of keeping any
eye on them is made tougher.
In fact, the wonder Is that the
Russians here went into their shell
for as long as they did. If thev
wanted to spy or pick up interest-
Ing inform they certpinlv could have
done it better by getting around a
In any event, officials charged
with the country's 8ecerit.v aren't
likely to be caught flatfooted if
this whole thing is a ruse.


Sometimes the Pres .rde I-oo Boad
S-. ...


Rich; Full Life


I certainly do not debate the Whatever, of New York or Duluth6 S pesb Ma doesn't buy and
merits of a particular brand of or Albuquerque or whedver." servt tis bread for 30 days? Canr
bread over all other breads, itf A contract, my friends is a con- she be sued? Will they take away
you eat bread, but I will sure and tract, and a simple letter or her citizenship, or what? If a guy
rightfully debate the validity O memorandum is enough to make gives me a free tank of gasoline
its advertising. Nor am I knocking it legal, or even a witnessed ver- and signs me up to buy his blend
Howdy D o ody, .but somebody bal statement, and here all of a for the rest of the year, Can he
ought to tell these people where sudden you got the mothers of all, recover if I sneak around the cor*
and when to stop. creation signing a statement by ner to another filling station? I
Howdy Doody comes voer the request which actually makes don't know.
TV and the kids love him and they them liable to a suit for breach All I do know is that I'm sick
tell their mamas to buy the nice of contract if they received the of a number of modern adveras-
bread he advertises, because, pictures and didn't eat the bread. ing methods, where they offer
quote.."Fresh so-and-so bread would bet some vice-president weight reducing whisky and men
Rowdy Doody's favorite bread charge of pool thinking gets in white coats shaking scalpels at
eanse Ibuilds strong bodies e ed on this one. you as they sell deodorants, a
ways" Andl don't mind. eit al the .etravagant dlauimeA r -

Doody pictures at once Ill'giWioo s i andqfeit-smYrt,
right away. Y could by inUt
But when they tell the mother, mdattio, ma enough trouble to
as commanded it. the advertise- satisfy .even the Commies if you
ment, to fill out the coupon below start a whole new process of con-
and send it to the bakery people summer blackmail.
it is about time for the cease- It is all right, especially in the
and desist boys to move in. radio and television fields to
Because what the thing they wheedle, cajole, demand, clalio,
want dear old, good Mom to sign and subtly set the childrq to
is a legal contract which reads clamoring for Whatzis cormfla& s
thisaway: or Belchola, the soft drInk of the
"Upon receipt of the complete spacemen. But this buailns Of
set of Howdy Doody pictures, I hooking the old lady to what may
promise to buy and serve my be called a contract in return for
family such and such bread for a sheaf of throwaway promotion
thirty (30) days. Signed, Mrs. pictures somehow outrages me.

^/Dowtof to4at

P it in the window and I will
but it if I want it, but nobody is
going to command me to rush
right out and buy it now before
the burglars break in and swipe
it. I have heard my last, "Yaaussi
ladies," with any good humor
whatsoever and I am personally
going to boycott every product
that ells me I at to have ith
for a rich, full .
Right now all I need is meat.
soap and whisky for a rich, full
life, and I have my own favorite
brands of these.

* -

C4t Jait6ick


Ony tH fine J iam.on gems., /

"feofrI riliance, clarity and esluty

imele Mr ,uall/

ll stanar ds. See our



T, h-p br- rilrrabats w
W %..T 7 yl ft

a me'rica ra surplus
-0I o ...
but desirable," replied h-
heoy through an interpreter.
lit*. BEater Eafauver. Tennesee
Atr th, n ilM AlehaI=
.dismaiulm of the two
k farm problems. At oea
K, hrushchev remarked -mis-
vhievously: "You have helped us
toI-be l*t8adff t ,y zbudng to
.tpl f tood.P
no refirlre t6 the Soviet pro*.
a* to b a new farm land un-
er ultivationThe American aagr
ltral 'attlehe later confirmed
to the senator that Russia has
pened ~5%00o,000 acres to farm-
.n all 'as forded, In part, by
the dm stration's refusal to asell
surplus food behind the Iron Cur-1
tain. The Rusglafs can thank den.
Joe MoCarthy, who raised such
a clamo against trade with the
Soviet bloc Mat the administration
lost its n e and dropped rgeom--
menedB d lpoang of our surplus
crops behind the curtain, but Bee*
rotary of Commerce Weeks fought
against it. Finally the administra-
tion, worried about the political
repercussions of McCarthy a clam.
Or, sided with Weeks.
It now looks as 1: McCarthy and
eeInks directly aided the Sovi6t
arpl program.
NOTE: Khrushchev also let the
senators know he was annoyed
with the Voice of America. "You
can hardly call that a friendly
voice," he snorted, though he
added tauntingly: "You fellows
have been traveling around Rus-
sia. How many Vosee of America
partisans did you find?"
More than 40 senators and con-
gressmen went to Russia this sum-
mer. And only one was refused a
visa. He Is. Congressman W. R,
Poage of Texas, who was promised:
a visa but didn't get it atthe last
Poage and Congressman HaroldI
Cooley of North Carolina, demo-
crats, went together to the Rus-
sian embassy before leaving Wash-
ington where they were assured
they could ich up their visas in
Helsinki at the Interparliamentary
-" On the same day the visam were
supposed to be ready howepr.
on^& MAi anjj slith. ho^ z..a^J^-mil&

The -was
pared by uvt f Hious
Iovernment a

asserts, qluroad eaani "hi ve
substanUsally il'ovev erthe
eviOua five ars and'iW some
cces equalled thq lailasa
during World War II .Row;vr.
combination of high earmnga and
/apid tax amortsaton from
o 1055 have failed to po.dueu a
many new cars as were Intalled
In the revn Iou fve-yeapeqtod.
From the facts it ih e fa ilt to
reach any conelsr other ba
that the railroads have substan-
tially imlproed their
operatiOn and finaitalr eond
and at the same time have fled
completely to expand the haoan's
defense railway transportation pe-
'"Rapid tax amortization wa
Granted to any railroad purehasi
a freight ear," the report also
charges. "No application was de-
nied on the grounds that it repre
sented a repIlaceemat."

Dream Helps Get
TV Set Going
MEMPHIS, Tena. (UP) -
Next time their television set i
/n the blink, a Memphis ople
won't send for a repairman. T :y'l
try to conjure up a dream.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Orendine had
a dull evening without TV recently
when a tube on their set went out.
Worse still, they faced a big repair
The next morning, however
Mrs. Oxendine told her husband
she had had a queer dream.
"I dreamed I turned on the TV,
and it was all right. Got the clear-
est kind of pleture."
The Oxendmes turned on their
set, and there it was. Been fet
tint the Clearest kind of
ever since.
---- -

tion pano, wEru WU M 5 a Oa
oerfaence of the U.S. ma u te
luctant to place our trus in words
"We don't want coexistence, but
cooperation," he said. "The Soviet
nations should stop shooting down
unarnea 'planes ... our prisoners
should be'released by the Reds ...
I will never take the bloody hand
of the Chinese Communists as long
as a single American boy remains
in a Chinese Jail."
Result: That afternoon Harold
tooley and the others got their
visas, but- there was none fqr
Poage. He went to the Soviet em-
bassy to inquire. Everyone played
dpmb. He thaen went to the Soviet
delegation to the Interparliamew
*w TUnnni Nn oamulkLri'alvl ha e

'REtCOONIZED-The Chaealo
ler dO WieNt CommIt iatI o
195 -has been awarded b
rranc*to Max HU, AllN a
town IE, taI The I
dent of Hem Brothers oet@vve
the award for hi eontrtbuttoi|
in developing better eeonosti.
latUonu between yo ou
arid Vrae." He o Ma M
with bringing moe F M
fashion to the USA. than '
other retailer in the Countt.


d% gLei

Mair ctl fferflon

tomorrow !

By Colbraith
.- ~ .

Costs Less To Se
a House This Way
Ye l.n.It fead.. vye i
pfles-ee sell 0 les. see
"em k eim peam- Am l l
Ad In tohe P-e--s Amer-

* I

The trouble with "Ib
s"M I ios tomuch to
It *

ie V'te butifed M~ Mm lii'.^^SS^Q

II w -11I.. ,,11,,
IlftMWt W.@=
I m ''

.. ,.-=.. t ,, .% M A., I

A 202 H. P. V-8

I will be in the

1956 FORD

Coming Saturday




* I
j I

'' C.



ln s m Mocow. ~O W wen. IT w n
* sumlin to inquire. Agpia every-
Sone played' dumb.
Posge 'finally gave w, turned
over to Cooley te Hei alinki-Mos-
cow-Warsaw resewatioc he had
prudently a e e u r d beforehand.
SCooley took of for Moscow Poage
came back t- Texas. ie had
s pohen too soon.
oi Boue investigators are prepar-,
SIng a blistering report, charging



~ ..-..'-'


_ __


-' .-



' *-.**,


a-tr' tw~-r.

"-o -. -' A- r t I *W.. ;A. PE
j' m i-
.- trAN-ZIO=m

A.~ vta' I

4, % .- '".

TENSION MOUNTS ON CYPRUS-Antl-British sentiment on the strategically important island
*f Cyprus in the MWediterranean has grown so tense that Great Britain has dispatched new bodies
.et troops to quell frequent violent demonstrations. Some of them are pictured above, standing off a
. ob of Cypriots in Nicosia, the capital city. Some four fiths of the Island's 500,000 people are of
Greek origin and 95 per cent of them favor discarding 77-year British rule for union with Greece.
IMP. ---

West Will Offer Russians

Buffer Zone Across Europe

approval of German unification.
This would be without prejudice
tc the settlement of Germany's
eastern frontier which would be fi-
nally determined by a peace trea-

i- I Agreement on the principle of u-
LONDON, Oct. 6 (UP) The against attack from each other, of-i unification would go hand-in-hand
West will offer Russia a semi- ficial sources said. with the security pact.
demilitarized "security b f f e r These sources pointed out that
zone" In the heart of Europe as the western blueprint calls for a
part of-a broad scheme for Ger- buffer zone' on both sides of the
man unification and European se- 0 d e r Neisse where Russian
curity at the'Geneva "acid test" and Allied forces would be grad.-
conference, officials revealed to- ually thinned out and withdrawn.
day. Meanwhile there would be East-
West arrangements on the freez- 1
The proposed security package ing of their respective forces on
may include eventual withdrawal both sides of the Oder-Neisse line ne
of allied forces towards the Rhine, andt heir control bp the military ; 9
it was unofficially reported, commanders on both sides.
But .the price, informants said, Core of the Western plan a-
will be Russian withdrawal from greed by the big three fgreign
east Germany well back into Po- ministers in New York last week-i
land-perhaps as far as Warsaw. is Western insistence on Russian
The .West plan with it will offer
Russia at the.four-power froeign
ministers meeting in Genera o-
penin Oct. 27 would be operated New Luxury Lounge
In " y
Moves -for German unification Interiors
would be carried out in parallel
steps with a security pact to safe- in the new SALAD, FRUIT OR
guard Russia and Germany a- n new FLOWER BOWL
STri 1956. FORD
Rarod ..rainmen Coming Saturday

C FO, Oct. 6 (UP) The
BDrotMrlood of Railroad Train-
men today won a 10% cents
hourly wage boost for 175,000
members from the nation's ma-
jor railroads.
An agreement granting the
raise was reached early today
after a marathon\ bargaining
session of nearly 15 hours. The
brotheohpod, largest of the op-
erating ra unions, originally
asked a fl-cents hourly'increase.
The union said the agreement
also provides an extra 3,2 cents
an hopr to 45,000 members who
will shift Dec. 1 from a 48-hour
to a 40-hour work week. All
raises were. retroactive to Oct. 1
this year.
The settlement involved train-
Maen oq 130 Class One railroads
In the nation.
The railroads, and trainmen
agreed in the new contract that
four cents of the general 1012
cent raise could be put later in-
to a health and welfare plan.
The settlement came as two
other operating unions, the en-
gineers and switchmen, contin-
ued negotiations and a third, the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Fire-
men and Enginemen, conducted
a strike vote among 60,000
In addition, 11 non-operatinq
unions represent t n g 800,000
workers are negotiating with thp
railroad in a demand for a 25-
cent hourly increase.

Ex-Sec'ty. Durkin
On Critical List
With Brain Tumor
Former Secretary of Labor Mar-
tin P. Durkin is in "critical condi-
tion" with a brain tumor, his
physician sad today.
Dr. Thomas Kelher said D u r-
kin. 61-year-old president of the
AFL Plumbrs Union, is "an ex-
tremely slek man" but "in no Im-
mediate danger frI the next week
or so."
Durkin, now at Georgetown Uni-
versity Hospital, underwent s u r-
gery last fall and again this sum-
mer. Kaliher said he suffered a
set back nearly a month ago and
"has been losing ground slowly"
Aince then. ,
He said Durkin is "comfort-
able," however, and suffering no
pa'n. -'
DurkSi was President Eisenhow-
ersa first secretary of labor. He
quit I .Setaminber 153, however,
Mn ntotroversy o"er recommen-
dsti gress for changes in
t Tafrley Law.
ALBANY, 01*. (lPW A,
duernsey cow owned by Mr. and
Mrs.I 11eth H. Miller came up,
Wkha mltMeB-to-ne shot when sheI
gawbkrth to .triplet calveq. The
l_, aIl females, are in excel, I
^- Je". .

" Al-a- .
- a a a

fly one-plane service to



one ticket- one plane

Braniff and Eastern Air Lines join to bring
you this superb new service. Offering
El Conquistador, the very finest in luxury or
tourist accommodations, straight through to
New York and Washington. From those stra-
legic centers your flight is timed to connect
with service 'o every major city in North
America and with non-stop flights to Europe.

all the



For information and reservations call your travel agent.or Braniff at Avenida Tivoli 18,
telephone 2-0975, HFotel El Panami, telephon 3- 1660, Ext. 130, or Panami 3-4726.
Colon Ticket Office, telephone 779 or 797.

II ---- ---



We're, moving to our- new building soon!

---~l~r --r-- --T-----

.., _-


Adenauer, faure
Refim Support
01 aar Plan
LUXEMBURG, Oct. 6 (UP)--
Chancellor Konrad Adenauer pag
Premier Edgar Faure reaffirmed
their support of a statute interna-
tionalizing the Saar today lb the
vlident hope of persuading aw-
landers to approve it in a plebi-
scite Oct. 23.
A communique issued after an
eight-hour conference in thtse pock
et-size grand duch y between
France and West Germany said
the two men also discussed the
Western approach to the coming
foreign ministers' conference in
Geneva Oct. plans for French-
German cooperation.
The German Chancellor and
the French Premier did not urge
the Saarianders in so many
words to vote for the statute, but
the wording of the communique
made it clear they expect it to
be adopted.
The statute would Internation*
aUlre the Saar until its final status
is determined by the long-delayed
German peace treaty,
The Saar. which was German
before World War II, has been
linked economically to France
since then &nd would remain so
under the statute.
France and West Germany to-
gether worked, out the statute, and
Adenauer has urged Saarlanders
to accept it.
But the pro-German parties in
the Saar, and many West Ger-
mans, bitterly oppose it.
It the Saarlanders rejected the
statute, it would mean bad feel-
ing between France and Germa-

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I 4

A FEW FAST FACTS: Liberace' enne and they d say, 'OK, be fun-
is going dramatic. He'Ul do a ny.' I'd run out first. I can't be*.
sketch on his filmed TV show and: funny like that." ''
bhas cast himself as Brahms. Rob- Which is why she says she isn't II
rt Hutton and Diana Lynn will a comedienne. She deals in char-"" '
appear with him NBC will try acters, and considers herself a:
to make a comedian out of Tony "character comedienne." Maybe
Randall, who used to olav oppoeibe that's splitting hairs, but they're ""* .
Wally Cox on "Mr. Peepers." beautiful blonde hairs so lets not
Louis G. Cowan, who dreamed up quibble. ? o1
"'T' $64.000 Question," sais he Pat was married last January,1 000
had no idea his brainchild would be to an agent, and is currently learn-
as popular as it fact, I'm ing the fine art of cooking. When -. O 0
honestly afraid now; afraid .f first was married, she served her
What TV can do. In the wrong husband champagne and cl.eese *l-
kands, TV could split the country sandwiches (left over from the .
three or four months." wedding) for a few weeks. sr .
id Caesar has a TV drama, "The When those staples ran out she *e *'
Funny Man," which he wants to tried a macaroni-and-cheese cai-
do for NBC-TV. It'll be spotted on serole, but it turned out so hard
one of the network's hour long dra- she had to hit the casserole with
=a SHOWS. a broom handle to dislodge It. *
S- Then she found an exotic recipe *
C'BS-TV is going to turn Sun- for spinach-and-sardines (served T.. ..u I Pam
days-at least the afternoon por- to the strains of "The Sand and* IR
tious thereof-into public affairs the Sea,'" obviously) but her hus- st6te--l
days. There's a new show, "Talk- band caught her washing the sar-
around." feAturing Katherine dines individually, under the fau- "Quick, hide your marbles! Here comes 'Sure-ht .
Copeland and some teen-agers in cet. His lau'.hter ended that rec- Simpson!" "
stimulating conversation. There's ipe.
"'Adviiture," the plans for which That must be what she means
Were detailed, here some weeks by "character comedienne."' -... ... .
ago. There are returning shows
like "Let's Take a Trap" and big studio to get into the TV field. in the screening room. looking at
"Face the Nation." There are new TENNESSEE ERNIE (CBS Ra- Finally, the pros prevailed. old movies. I've got the production
shows, like one featuring Ericidio): A boy rushed home from "We had five weeks to get the book and I plan to see everything
Bevareid tentatively titled "Sunda school and told his father he'd shop on," George says. "We'r" us MGM's ever made."
With Sevareid." There are shows been in a fight. "Who won?" ing bits and pieces from past fea So "MGM Parade" will march
not yet scheduled, like "Airpower" asked the father. "I don't know,".tures and short subjects. Four along, if Murphy cover gets out of
and some 90-minute "TV giants," the youngster answered, "I left in nights a week, I spend three hours ithe screening room.
as CBS' Director of Public Affairs, the .middle."*
Irving Gitlin, calls (hem. --. .VuynCKIaEaSF Iaa aMnillEa
CBS In't sparing the horses-- George Murphy, one of Holly-
I r the dollars--in this project. Cit- wpod's (and show business') most
tb says there are 200 people now respected citizens, stopped by to
MVolved in the network's public offer a few well-modulated words
, Malrs program, withi the budget in defense of "MGY Parade." This
"In the millions." Be sees this as is the ABC-TV show, produced by
Sa ign that "TV is coming of age." Leo the Liod and company, which
AH the shows, Ineldebtally, will be has disappointed many critics-
seen on Sundays, with the possible they seem to feel something better
exception that one will be switched should have come from a colossal I
to the adddle of the week. colossus like MGM.
The one that may be switched? We weren't out to prove any-
@Sunday With Bevareid." Natur- thing." George says. "We just
Y" wanted to put on a half-hour of
One of te f t edinnes entertainment. And I think we do." __
One of the funniest co mediennes considering what Murphy (who 26 modern "Santa" ships uniting the
around.these days is a gal named is the MC of the program) and his Americas with fast and frequent
Pat Carroll *ho can't tell jokes, production staff had to accomplishservice.
isn't a comedienne and be ieves they do pretty well. THIS NO
,b washing -sardines. teey do pretty well. THIS IS NO
Takinghes aelements invidual- Peabody Award candidate. but WEEKLY SERVICE FROM NEW YORK
ly .at .ayssmisnnever could tell each week does contain some in- TO WEST COAST OF 'SOUTH AMERICA
i joke. The petty blonde-who "I'm either particularly pleased S.S. "SANTA ISABEL" ......Due Cristobal, C. Z., Oct. 12
was the star of the latelyfolded with the show nor particularly un- S.S. "SANTA INES .........Due Cristobal, C. Z., Oct. 19
-started out san atressa a thaphy with it," George saysTHE
-eanr to spcale in' ,charaeter"mostly, I:m jUst amazed that It, WEEKLY SERVIE FROM TiE
ts and befe ou could say ot on at al violent fal. WFST COAST OF SOUTH AMERICA TO NEW YORK
Myr Power'she was a co- tions at MGM-pro-VI and anti- 5.S. "SANTA OLIVIA" ......Sails Cristobal C. Z., Oct. It1
r t TV h t e ones. that wanted e 8. "SANTA MARIA", ... .Salls Cristobal, C. Z., Oct. 19
3l 1 .e ."BW --., .. FROM' U. S. PACIF. 4. WEST COAST

V 'erything fot

Safety In the new

1956 FORD
It will be here





S.S. "SANIE TE' ............Due Balboa, C. Z., Oct. 20
S.S. "SANTA ANITA" ........Due Balboa, C. Z., Nov. 12
S.S. "SANTA CRUZ" ....... Sails Cristobal, C. Z., Oct, 11
*BaJboa Only

CRISIOBAL: 2131. 2135 PANAMA1s 8-066 0M
BALBOA: 1501 2159



Lke That?

The Bad News

But He'll Findl Ot "

Good Neighbor


~E ~ 1~












MAOuM ou0ruB


M56 80T L cold/r 7-io
11-16 CR16t,6,-AM % OT p sL A,- p. tc .Oc ,!or
TO HA A H4LPI E6T 7. IY4A M, r
60 6TA1S6UCH AM3D OrA- cp f '6 LP LTLL MIddBLF
S-iD You FETCH A 00 '1TO A 30op

s uKs Tmis4 HAT rIT s UV'NoIwI
WOW CAN I ND ftl )


a -,. .r "
" / 'i.-.;-- "" -
'. ,'-'.J .. 4". ." .

C .
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rt MaMn wr. nr ,


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No Pain

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Inter Captain Sylies LIE TURNIR

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ranEE7CON, .LES Co.-1

1 $*IOF. e"**.. **

I .

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cneAr n OM

. -.~:- .I:-I -.



+ti "T++ .-+,-. ". :' ....
f. <,..- .. .. ... ,

* '~ *, '- '- .r--r' L-,in .r A"~-I4ft.9 ~
'\~. '~vv~ d
A.', '741 -.
-1'-*. .7

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~p- A.~.i`' eraZ'


S ; .

NEW CA t., l,
(UP) Strikers n nasetriker
fought a gui "battle t the gates
of the stre-torn Perfect Circle
Corp. foundry yesterday and at
least sevan persons were injured
in a wild two hour melee.
Six petseus were wounded by
gun-fire and a State Police captain
Was hit in the head with a board.
The rMot began when a howl.
l ag, sweariag herde of 1,2-
tm p k ers and sympathizers
rik er s and s yapmtM r
Splat, where somne se-strikers
Shave been working.
Police said the dempastrators
fired guns at the plant windows
and. a water tower.
The unionist charged they were
fired on from inside.-the plant.
Lt. Gov. Harold Hlindly acting
In the absence of Gov. George
Craig, climbed atop an auto to
plead with the strikers f6i order
when they returned to the scene,
but he was jeered.
Tgv3c o u g h CIO representative
Mose Kueella the demonstrators
threatened to "come back, asin
if thq city fathers permit t ose
scabs in there with shotguns a-
At Detroit the 5I0 United Auto
Workers Union, wkose members
are on strike at tbeplant, charged
the demonstrators were fired on
"without provocation."
i The unaon said New Castle
authorities "haa issued gun per-
mits promiscuously to strike
breakers" asa-thab Is would de-
' mand an' investigation to deter-
Smine "those company represent-
atives who here responsible for
the order to fire tpon our mem.
' The shootlg stopped when av-
thorities agp d to remove non-
strikers front the plant and con-
fiscate weapons.
They fount U rifles and shot-
guns, six pistols and a quanti-
ty of ammunition, 20 aighttlicks-
Sand t stack of pipe lengths In
I the plant basement.
In the plant at the time were 90
men and 16 office workers, most-
ly women.
Company attorney Clude Hoff-
man admtited the first shots were
fired from inside but said the firm
did not know the guns were there.
Hoffman, however, said the
shooting started in "self defense"
when the demonstrators b r o k e
through a plant gate, overturned
a car and threatened to drag non-
strikers out of .the plant.
SHoffman saidM: the demnoastrat.
r or were armed because t.h e y
4 returned the. tire ipmediately.
It was hours before the bWlk of
the mob dispersed and before they
-left they set fire -to a shack near
the plant gates used as a police
shelter. It was iluopmupled at the
.ueella t

evolved in ti
Be hinted demonstrators are "go-
ing to be active there."
Handle, going to the scene o-
ver the advice if authorities. told
the throng "let's disperse before
we kill somebody."
"I plead with you to have law!
and order," Handley said. "Statel
police are here only to keep law
and order, not to break your
The throng jeered but quieted
when Kucella also climbed atop on
auto and told the group "we've
achieved what we wanted to do."

,: -I ..
L. "1 4-

*1 -ry.
- "N "" "lUltv ade' '' 'M W M "'
and addelttbt Handley'bad as- --
sured himn-"thprm-ill be i more M -
guns i p-thept if'twe'db't !use
guns. .. '
* at. Puhee tS. beana s7w .
Ing noa-strihrm "t of the plant
and hustling te away. J$ .... C,
The incloent apparently was VW ." 3
touched off by te ompats firt- 4 4
ing of 35 strikers Tueday night. AQ 1074 3 ,2
The strikers sent other 'g 3 Q. 04
unions urging them hel protest 4KQJ 496 5 4
the action. The crowd swelled to- OOTH (D)
day to an estimated 1200 demon- 6 A QJ tO,
strators although only 350 are on v"K JIO
strike at- the plant. *J s
The throng 'gathered at a- niar'by 6 A 16
athletic field and then marched' NorthrSouth vuL
on the a time when odlp -r 6
three city policetnen'were on du-! 2 W.e V#a h past
ty. Pa 4 Pass
eee. said te maarelers ap- I a Pm 4W Pas
pe;are .mar .,Mbpt -as they Pa ss Pass
suddeBs.pis*4sn"anoa4 be- pa n.Pass
,addal,, .m an b-" a --m_'Opening leb"-6
-gas.ralg a.r windows and a Oei i- j
water tower. ,
Aides of Gov. Craig, who was in i
Florida, ordered' State Police to In the play of today's hand South
the seen and sued standly or- won a finesse and lost-his slam
ders .to National Guard officers. contract. If he had been wise he
Capt. Robert t o te. St would have lost the finesse and
Police said.he eimbed atop. a mad his slam-
tomobilq to tryo reason with the West led the king of clubs, and
demonstrators aud-was hit on the South won with the ace. Declarer
back of the head by a board. led's diamond to the Iing and re
The Perfect Circle. firm, scene turned -a trump to win a finesse
of other violence in 4 10-week-old with the queen. Flushed with the
strike- of United -Auto Workers, success of this ineuver, South
makes piston rigs for autos. led another diamond to dummy's
The walkout' egal July 25'when ace and took a second trump fi-
about 2,200 UAW employes ruck nesse. He then led outthe ace of
at company .plants here and in trunps to drop ast's king
Hagerstown and Ri amond, I n d. Only at this a did South
over a wage -and union shop dis- Only at this s tae did South
put: oulon sod wonder what he was going to do
pute. w rumed with all of the losing cards in his
Partial production was resumed h f r
here after a ..urt Issued n in.ihand. He could ruff one heart in
herejunction aainfter t mass picketing. dummy, but would still have three
Lunct week s'anps as 55 strik- : losing hearts and a losing club.
Last week ars anp 55a for South evepttally went down three!
e oere res in e ont e bday for South was -on the right track
ignormg the peketmg when he took the ace of clubs and
S" entered dummy with a diamond to
take a trump finesse. That, how-
ever, was the end of his finessing
for the day if he played the hand
SSouth should next lay down the
ace of trumps, thus setting up
East's king. The next step is to
lead a diamond to the ace and ruff
a diamond, establishing the rest of
dummy's long suit.
Now. South ruffs a heart with
dummy's ,th trump and begins
to run the diamonds, Delarer'sf
first, discard is a club, and he
doesn't care when East ruffs. If
East ruffs, South will eventually
ruf aisother heart in dummy and
run the rest of the diamonds. If
East -fails to ruff, South discards
the. club and two hearts, water which
he can ruff a club and 'ruff his
lqst heart with du mo y's last
trump. East cannot -set -the slam
even though he k ick with
the: ofel- rn i -

RETIRING? -'After 20 years
of 'movie- stardom, Spincer
Tracy is reported thinking
about retirement. Shown above
on the set of "The Moubtain,"
being filmed in C h a m o n i x,
France, Tracy says he may
make just one more film, "The
Ofc Man of the Sea."-

Campbeli Chicken Gumbo Soup

A grand old recipe is the secret of
Cadapbel@a Chicken Gambo Soup.
It is so delicious and different that
.it's just the dish for starting that
special dinner party.'
Pieces of chickm, fluffy white
rice, ripe tomatoes, and tender
okra are combined in 'rlgins
golden chicken broth-all ssoned
to perfection. Serve Chicken
Gumbo SOupl I

AMBITIOUS Not bt. tent !
with winning the "Aur C% at" 1
beauty contest, Maryse Fabre is I
after the "Miss France" title..
The 19-year-old secretary frons I
Marselle is five feet eight and
has a 22-inch waistline. Other
statistics are not available, but
it looks like Maryse measure
up to all the requirements.


1956 H
15 Hornet

2 Tones

3 Tones
We can now accept orders
for these beautiful new
1956 Models featuring the
new "V LINE." Styling
power and whisper quiet.

hi Maors, Inc.
43 Auto Row

PEEKABOO Despite his ey*-covering bearskn, hat, Scta
Guards Maj. Alastair Ritchie isn't blind to the .charm.of the new
Miss America, Sharon Kay Ritchie. He can see through the hatrs
of the 20-inch topper. The major is. on a -good-will'tour of. the
U.S: representing the Scots Guards, one of five regipepnts assigned
to guard Britain's Queen Elizabeth. The two Ritchibles. -who are
not related, are abshown aboye as they appeared on a TV show in
J New York.

continues with new bargains

every day






New shipment just arrived


s 56.99



No. 38 Automobile Row *

Tel. 3-5381

5"'44 &ada CIIuIdI




All power accessories
will be available in

the all new

1956 FORD


^~ f




SAk your travel
S J gen abati* our lfamous I


or call

mnim. V.r- mlA !mnamo

cawi yd

Arthur Godfrey Pays $500,

Denies He Flew Too Close'|
WASHINGTON, Oct. (UP) But DeOrpey submitted a $, -
Television and radio star Arthur check to the CAA. said asked thel
Godfrey, accused of violating gov- CAA general counsel to -confirm
ernment flying rules, pad a $500 ny understanding" that this is'
penalty today but insisted the pay- not to be considered an admisssionl
ment was not "an admission of of any violation on the part of
guilt." Godfrey. |
Godfrey's attorney, C. Lee De- He told reporters he had receiv-E
Orsey, said he elected to settle the; ed such assmuance verbally from '
case without a formal hearing "toithe CAA and "this closes the in-
minimize the inconvenience and cident." i .
expense" to everyone concerned. REM
But he told the Civil Aeronautics I Under the Civil Aeronautics Acti Wih
Administration it "is not to be con- of 1938, the maximum civil penal-1 know
strued" that Godfrey was admit- ty for each violation isSl.000. How.i Portr
ting he flew his private plane toolever. the CAA is authorized toi P3npf
close to an O4zark Airlines plane' compromise for lesser amounts.
near t hicago on Sept. 7. -h
DeOrsey also said the red-hair-
ed radio TV personality 'extends
his sincere regrets" if any passed
geis aboard the airliner were
"disturbed by the seemingly close
proximity of another aircraft."
Godfrey has sad his private DC-
3 passed 800 to 1.000 feet to the
right and 200 to 300 feet or more
abov- the airliner.
The CAA wrote Godfrey Oct. 4
advising him it had received re-
poi ts he flew within 200 to 300 feet
of the airliner after taking of f
from Chicago's Midway Airport.
"Under the circumstances," the
CAA said, "it appears that you
were in violation' of civil air reg-
The letter added that the CAA
was "willing to recommend ac-
ceptance of a compromise offer
in the sum of $500 in full settle-
inent of the civil penalties arising
by reason of these violations."
The Chicago incident marked
the second time recently Godfrey
had been in difficulty with deferal
aviation agencies. pt
Previously, his pilot's license
was suspended for six months on
charges he "buzzed" the airport
control tower at Teterboro, N. J.
I Godfrey would not comment on
the latest case./

q 1

. -fl
I -up


.( "m

.i.. i,


a :
k.t 1

v,,Iy P INvu ,, W*. UfoUn.rp wn ri

* 8 Weskliy ~ (Toutiff-Ih ts
.' "(120 day limit)
. The only DC-6B flights between"
Panama and Miami --"

* 66 pounds baggage allowance


etN. -5, T 2-0 ; Colon: S s wg.l. 1097.
reet No. 5, Te. 2.0670- Colon: Solos Btdg., Tel. 1097.




_ .,t_

wo ...e
VWILIAM CBANYT aegg" S eruA a .S- Od
S DiMsriinssam: **TsAew I 0 l(. L2 rjARA

Ws& lpaco an tm iSee Pro :ofATs.:VAUI
LOOK, rot HEIN *D@.A .wND itit LAt
M0 4 ll. t = ?y_ t

I '


_ ___~I

-- -- ------

---; ----- ---

- ,

. I .


IEMBERED --;The lae r
elm Furtwangler, well, ,-
wn orchestra conductor, t' .,
'ayed on this new,. 40f ,..;
nig West German stamp. i

-..... ..



* I





Inexpensive Wunt.Ads

1 Street N o 11
ab of July Ave. A J 2.L
Justo Arusemenu Av,. ad 1 IL

1 La Canrasmalla
Coa. Ave. 4a
No. I Loler P rla.

rerthi of July Ave.
Agencia Internal. de Pubiecaclomnr
a Cstmnl Ave.
?Maue LaavI r I Sean

Aviw *vi No. A
to .tra. Ave.
8a No. u

U *___ *_LI__ANaMamnAukW&

I CNAL ZONE POLYCLINIC 6-week cruise to Peru and re-
c L turn. 65-foot yacht. Will take
-DENTAL MEDICAL two men, share pense. Leave.
C nJr in 7 days. For further details call
Dr C E Fbresa Dr. R. A~)la Jr. John Demos. American Legion
D.D S. (Georgetown Univeril) .D. Club, 2-2646.

Tlvrll (4th of July) Ave., No. 21A2A
(opposite Ancon School Playground)
Tel. 2-2011 -. rPnama


p hone Panama 2-0552

,4Lilhopracdc adds life to years.
and year* t life."

Drs. A. end I. OnLLAC
(Palmer Graduatel)
g Peru Avenue Tel. 3-13M
H(H block from Lux ThestreI

Packers -. Shippers Movers
Phones 2-2451 2-2562
Learn Riding at
Riding & Jumping classes daily
5 to 5 p.m. Phone 3-0279
or by appointment.

wMidh MassM s- Stam Bath
(Dr. Scholls)
Just Arosemens Ph. 3V217

S ctelh Holidays

WHI Conclude

tom ow and w collude at
undown, Sunday.
Services for these days will be
conducted by Rabbi Nathan
.Within, Director of the USO-j
JWB Armed Forces Service Cen-
ter, and Auxiliary Chaplain
United States Army Caribbean
and Caribbean Air command.
Services for the concluding
days of the Succoph holiday will
be conducted: Tomorrow at 7:30
p.j., Saturday, at 9:00 a.m., 5:30
p.m. and 7:30 p.m., Sunday at
9:00 a.m.
Yizkor (Memorial Services)
will be recited during the Satur-
d morning services at 10:00
.,.Special memoranda have been
iWled by Headquarters United
States Army Caribbean, Carib-
bean Air Command and the Fif-
teenth Naval District regarding
the observance of Succ o t h
(Feast of TabernaclesI.

-O TRUE That's what
7Waniea Brown, above, is say-
Wm about reports of backstage
ering on the set of TV's
Favorite Husband." Van-
gs.a co-stars with Barry Nelson
Ina the show, and they and their
houses have been making a
gay foursome lately. Barry
didn't get along so well with
fanessa's predecessor, Joan
CaulfAld. .. ..--


'ib.s 3-W s

VffVa 93-Uri
-- I 1-liU 4&-Je- ^mkiB

ATTENTION G. I.! Just built
modern furnished aportments. 1
2 bedrooms, hot, cold water,
Phone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Apartment 2 bed-
rooms, living room, dining room.
kitchen. unfurnished. San Fran-
cisco. Phone 1464 Balboa.
FOR RENT: Comfortable and
cool one-bedroom apartment,
suitable for couple or small fam-
ily. Calle Darien No. 7. Apply:
Phone 2-1455 Panama.
FOR RENT:-Cool well ventilat-
ed bedroom-living room, kitch-
en-dinette. Couple, small family.
Calla Darien No. 8. next street
from 4th July Avenue.
FOR RENT:-Small modern a-'
partment with hot water, unfur-
nished. Apply Feto Halcon, a-
cross from Hotel El Panama.
FOR RENT:-1-bedroom apart-
ment in new modern house. In-
quire Via Espana No. 17. Phone
FOR RENT: Completely fur-
nished apartment, kitchen uten-
sils and linen, one bed room,
living room, porch, dining room.
kitchen, garage, garden, hot wa-
ter. 9th Street. San Francisco,
near bus stop. Phone 3-3356.

WANTED:- American bachelor
wants to rent furnished apart-
ment or small house. Phone Pan.
2-1956. 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

lCheerfult4 d

proudly bearing an American
Apparently it was right after
breakfast that Mrs. Eisenhower
presented the gifts from David,
Susan Elaine, 3, and Barbara
Anne, 6.
The Individual gift packages
also included:
From Susie: Two packs of
playing cards and a chunk of
bubble gum.
From Anne: A box of note pa-
per and bubble gum.
From David: A 25-cent book,
"The Mackenzie Raid" by Col.
Red Reeder. a story of the Texas
border In 1897, and bubble gum.
The gifts, were reported sel-
ected personally by the children.
Their art work was colorful
and expressive, although tend-
ing toward the loud colors of
younger children learning to use
The President's eyes glowed as
he unwrapped the packages,
each done up bv the dpnor.
"He got the greatest kick out
of going over the box," reported
Hagerty. "It gave him a lot of

stamp will mark the 2500th an- I
niversary of Buddhism. which
falls next year One of a se-
ries of four new stamps to be
issued in Ceylon. its design
symbolizes the preaching hand
of Buddha rising from a lotus
bkosomn J

,- i 11

safety elti, CoHadIbI
Steering wheel, padded
dm beard, Padded -M
ViUs, mw iedr estalBb
mld, at aer ref rears

"W sm FW4 tqustde


FOR SALE:- Hallicrafter radio.
four tuning bands, worldwide re-
ception, model S40B, $50. Call
Panama 2-5490 between 7 a.m.)
and I p.m.
FOR SALE:-1 Argus G3 cam-
era, 3 reflectors, 3 flash guns, 1
General Electric light meter, I
telephoto lens, I New Home
sewing machine and attach-
ments, 2 buttonhole attach-
ments, I hat and shoe bag. Tel-
ephone 2-1914 or 2-1016 Bal-
FOR SALE: Emerson radio-
phonograph console, 25-cycle,
78 rpm, single play, $40. Call
FOR SALE: Display 10 feet,
very cheap. "El Vendeltodo",
Phone 2-0049. Ancen Aye, Tl-
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cycles; also 1954 Triumph Ter-
rier motorcycle, good lighting
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mileage. For less than half price.
2-3775 Balboa.

WANTED:-Will pay cash for
1954 or 1955 Chevrolet with
Power Glide, four-door sedan.
Must be bargain. Phone Colon

Help Wanted
WANTED:-Single girl, -healthy
for general housework, simple
cooking, live in, good salary.
No. 22 44th Street, top floor.
WANTED:-Laundres, general
houseworker. Five days a week.
Must speak English. Jos6 Ga-
briel Duque No. 11, La Cresta.
WANTED:- Experienced cook.
Very good salary. Alberto Nav-
arro Street No. 26 (El Cangre-
WANTED: Maid. 3 days a
week. Must be good cook and
ironer. Do net apply without ref-
erences. 715- Prad, Balboa. ,

Prof. Fusler Plans

To Present Concert

By Two Students

FOR RENT: Spacious, cool,
furnished room. Phone 3-4347
FOR RENT: Beautifully fur-
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ble couch, icebox, stove, kitchen
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vate. Phone 3-0638. # 3, 52nd
FOR RENT:-Clean, comfortable
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tween 5/p.m. and 7 p.m. every
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WANTED--2 used foam rubber
mattresses for single beds. Must
be in good condition. Will pay
up to $25 each. Phone Panama
3-4982, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Radio Programs


Your Community Station
(Telephone: 2-3066)
iWhere 100,000 People Meet

Today, Thursday, Oct. 6
3:15-Sammy Kaye Show
3:30-Music For Thursday
4:00-Feature Review
4:30-What's Your Favorite (re-
quests-please phone be-
fore 3:00)
5:35-What's Your Favorite
STORY (Lou Glud)
6:30-Your Dancing Party
6:45-DDo It Yourself
9:l5-j ddy Martin ShCW
7:30-Journey Into 'Space
'rams V.O.)
8:30-.ake It From Here (BBC)
9:00-You Asked War It (re-
quests -- pl4* phone be-
fore 7:30) &I

Professor Manuel Fuster of 10:25-,Ewsa
the National Conservatory of 0:30--Msic From Hotel VEtan-
Music will present three of his Atna
advanced students in a special- 10:45-Temple Of Dreams
ly-arranged program on Nov. 23 11:00-Music To Dream By
at the Caribe Tneater, Colon. 12:00--ign OQf
This program Is being spon-
sored by the St. Joseph's Social --
Center. All funds obtained from Tmro y O
this Jrenture will be used for aid- Tomorrow, Friday, Oct. 7
ing the needy. AM
'icketi s may be obtained at :-0o-Sig On on- The Alarm
the St. Joseph's Social Center on cck Club (requests -
12th Street and Amador Guerre- please phone before 7:00)
ro, Colon, or from Helena Law- .:30-MMornlng Salon Concert
ton at La Familia oan 10th Street :-15-Church In The Wildwood
and Broadway. Also from mem- 8:3-Musical Reveile
bers of the ticket committee: ioN_
Carlos Lazarus, Roy Maxwell, I :5--8ared Heart
Loienzo Gillette, Herbert Moise,. 9:30-A MISee It
Val Sterling, Jones Quinlan, 1 :oo-mENNIFRm's JOUR N AL
Lloyd Bovell, Algon Herdman, (Outex and Odorono)
Paul Martin, Samuel. Nighten- 0:oUb-Of The Record (requests
gale, Alex Grant, George Lun- -please phone before
gn, Colville McGrath, Dorothy 8:o0)
Bennett, Violet Rampie, Norma 11:0 -News
Brown, Marjorie Cummings, 11:05-Off The Record (cont'd)
Cynthia Williams, Gertrude 11:30-Meet The Entertainer
Lazarus, Alma Caro Amy Mor- 12:00-News
rihaon, Ina Lwis,' Leola Elias, PM
Thal" a Oiscombe, Elsie Allen, 12:05-Lunchtime Melodies
Beryl Carter, Amy Bartley, Ca- 12:30-Sweet And Hot
talina Mascoll, Lucille Lewis, 1:00-News
Daisy McFarlane, Joseph I ne 1:15-Muslc Of Manhattan
Thomas, Lorenza Pernett, Eleo- 1:30-sons Of The Pioneers
nora Edwards and Eleanora 1:45-Songs Of France (RDF)
Brossard. 2:00-Date In Hollywood
General admission will be $1, 2:15-Singing Americans
reserved seats $2. 2.30-Tef Beneke Show
2:45-Hank Snow And His
Rainbow Rranch Boys
NOTICE 3:00-Festival Of Waltzes
L A N OTICE 3:15-.ammy Kaye Show
UNrlED STATES OF AMEcA 3:30-Music For Friday
4:00- eatuine Review
United dates DiCt Cort For The 4:30-What's Your Favorite (re-
Dutrict of The Cans Zone uests please phone be-
Division of Cr istbal fre 3:00)
Milton Feldman, Plaintiff vs Yolanda 530.-News
M. Feldman. Defendant. Summons Case 5-:5-What's Your Favorite
No. 1989 Civil Docket 10 Action for r v t
divorce. I (cont'd)
To the above-named defendant: 6:1500-Guest Star (USTD
You ,iie hereby require" to appear and 6:15--BLU RIBBON SPOR'TS
answer e a complaint filed in the above- REVIEW
entitled action within ninety days after 6:30-Melachrino Musicale
the first publication.,
In ce of your failure to so appeal 6:46- .Or COfMO Show (VOA)
and ansver. Judgment will be taken a-1 7.00-- TLA'S ORGAN MZL-
gainut yi by default for the relief de- ODIES
handed In the complaintL 7: 15-F'reddy Martin Show
Wltnc the Hoarle Guthrie n Into e
Crowe. JAi. Unted States Ditric 7:30-Journey Into Space
Court fo" the Diertlat of the Canal Zone (BBC)
thia fourth day of October. 19S 8:00.-NESON EDDY'S PlT-
C. .cC.aWe, Jr. aerk n v S p ARTY (Sea-
(Seal) Cprop V#).)
e/n*/DaM K. e Deoty Clerk 8. :- Od* rs 1rV r1-
T 'ILLN. Felkaa9:00-iOW Asked eE It (re-
dmo 0" h | Phu=

det, of n- Outd.hrie -u$ 10: -isy

FOR SALE:-1950 Pontiace Su-
pet- Deluxe Catalina. Inquire
2114-C Curundu. Phone 83-
2182 from 4 to 7 p.m.
FOR SALE:-1947 Buick. New
clutch, brakes, god motor and
battery $250. Call 87-4265.
House 9, Apt. 9, 46th Street.
FOR SALE: '53 Oldsmobile
"88" 4-door, hydramatic, w/w,
heater, radio 2 ppoakers, new
seat coven, excellent condition,
51600. Call Balboa 4473.
FOR SALE:-1955 Ponflac Star
Chief Catalina, two-tone, E Z
eye glass, radio, tubeless tires,
hydramatic, w//w. Bargin. Can
be seen at house 614-A1I, Do-
Losps, or call 3-3101 between
4:30 and 5:30, p.m. Leaving
Isthmus r vry soon.
FOR SALE:-1949 Hudson with
radio. Perfect condition. Can be
seen at "Estacin Moedel," be-
side National Gymnasium.
FOR SALE:-M.G. and Hillman.
Marcos Villarreal, Hotel El Pan-
ama Garage.
FOR SALE: 953 Chevrolet I
4-door sedan. Phone Balboa
1952 CADILLAC "62" 4-door
sedan. Radio, hydramatic, white-
wall tires. Color: black. A very
clan car.
1953 Dodge CORONET 4-door
sedan. Whitewall tires, new up-
TIBLE. Radio, overdrive, signal
lights, new top, new upholstery.
COUPE. Leather upholstery, ra-
dio, hydramatic, whitewall tires.
1951 OLDSMOBILE "98" 4-dr.
sedan. Radio, hydramatic, signal
lights, new upholstery. A bar-
1951 FORD CUSTOM 4- door
sedan. Fordomatic transmission,
radio, whitewall tires. Clean
(Beside Coca-Cola Plantl
Tel. 2-4966, 2-2618, Panami.
.L i.. ,

sounds don't mean bees if the
bonnet worn by Jan Musial of
the New York Ground Ob-
server Corps. The odd helmet,
developed by the Air Force,
features an electronic device
that picks up radar impulses
from approaching enemy air--
craft. It weighs 20 ounces. _

P STUFF-No hot
iE for Gen o ru Is
=o@Ils her own creadisf a
cotton print play suit w"dh
also can be used for belin.,
e d monitrad It b t
urfac of the waters of al ni
Eirts am DunoLkm,

FOR SALE--Urgent trip: dining
room. living room, bedroom fur-
niture; R.C.A. radio. Bargain.
51st Street No. 13, Apt. 3, "Ro-
sa Marine" Building.
FOR SALE:-Mahogany bedroom
set. rod condition. Will sacri-
fice. 49th Street No. 9, Bella
FOR SALE:- Dining room set
consisting of one table and eight
chairs, in good condition. Phone
Panama 3-0800.
FOR SALE:-Set of bamboo 6-
strand, 7 pieces; room air-con-
ditioner, /4-hp. 'Yorkaire' mod-
el AS7; freezer Philco 6'x4'; sot
of Chinese rugs. Call Panama 2-
FOR SALE: RCA radio $15;
QM dresser $7.50; metal ma-
hogany bookcase $2; 5 pin-ip
lights and shades $1 each; 2
venetian blinds $2 each; 2 rock-
er $1 each; linoleums $2 each;
odds and ends, cheap. 866 Mor-
gan Ave. 2-3464
FOR SALE:-Dining room set, 6
chain, excellent condition. Call
FOR SALE: Bendix washing
machine; mahogany dining room
set, 8 pieces, almost new. Ecua-
do, Avenue No. 26.

FOR SALE:- 1953 9-cu. ft.
General Electric refrigerator, 60
cycles, freezing compartment,
automatic defrosting, like' new,
one owner, $250. Call Balboa
2-4493 after 4
FOR SALE:-AJ 2l-cycle: 1952
refrigerator, washing machine, 2
clocks, fan, 3-speed record play-
er, 'Also carpet sweeper, single
bed. bby feeding table. 11 van-
etian blinds (51x62), dining ta-
ble with 8 chairs, china cabinet.
0590-B Ancon. Phone 2-1310.

FOR SALE:-Rattan-set, dining,
bedroom, set chinaware, reri-
gerator. Bargain. Parque Lefevre,
Calla la. No. 21.
FOR SALE:-Dining room tible,
vanity, small table, desk, 3-comn-
partment aFwadrobe collapsible
4ini os tabl 6 caft. as e

mahogany. YVi'Crdeva 44120.

~4 ~.4"1

re. doe iA O Ave. No. 41
a ft"reel fat
s Ame ln. w
Via Ma" Ave.

FOR RENT:--Nice three-bed.
rom home situated at 4th Ave.
and "C" Street, Parque Lfevre.
For information see Mr. Yarel
at 30th Street No. 4-58.
FOR RENT: Beautiful two.
hbdroom furnished house. First
Street No. 47, "El Carmen."
Phone 3-1517. $15. ____
FOR RENT:-Furnished 2-bed-
room chalet near Hotel El Pan-
ama $90. Phone 3-6074.
FOR RINT:-2-beroom chalet,
2 pereohes llving reem, dining
roam. kitchen, n"aid's room.
$120. CarrasQullt No. 160.
Can b n emanytlme. Keys in
front. Phone 2-4744.

FOR RENT: Completely fur.
nished concrete h se (chalet),
two bedrooms. Rea facing Pai-
till airfield, No. 109. Call 3-

Boats & Notors
FOR SALE: 1-lft. playboy
type outboard runabout, com-
plete with windshield, remote
controls, steering wheael, trailer.
Phone Las Cumbres 2036.


*"- 4'--




Real Estate
WE BUY, Sell -ad Menage Rek
Estate. "The Imperiel lgl,"
Cathedral Plase. Fememe. Tele-
phone 2-0857.


Shreomel' finished bho s on
beech at Santa Clare. Telephone
Thoinips.; Bal 1m 772.
past Caine. Low rates. Phone
Boolmo 1866.
PJfILLIPS Qeena ei Ceag es
Sante Clara. Box 435, BaIbe.
Phone Panae $*a 477. Crisge-
bel 3-1673.
Baldwin's furnioheP opartmeats
at Santa Clare Bicb. Tdelphone
Probeck, Balboa 1224.
Gramlich's Santa Clara leachl
Caotages. Modern conveniences,
moderate rates. Phone Gamboe
6-441 1.


FOR RENT:- dfilces in com-
mercial row in front of Hotel El
Painam. Apply Ftoe ,E Halcon,
9-12 and 2-6. Phone 3-.1 179.r,

And Now It's A Python Hunt

In Carolina Big Game Country

JACKSON, N.C. Opt. 6-(UP)
-A 32-foot regal python power-
ful enough to crush a man like
an eggshell in its sinuous coils
has vanished from a' carnival
and the second big-game hunt
in a month was on last night in
the Carolina "veldt."
Everyone In the vici4nty hoped
the reptile, one of the larger
snakes of the constrictor type.
had been stolen and wa still in
a cage or, at the worst, lad been
fd lately. ,

1-annu me e rt of the
time they are docile and sleepy.
The big snake disappeared
from its open-top, boxlike cage
sometime before dawn Saturday.
It was owned by Johnny as part of the menagerie In his
Central Amusement Shows.
The snake's disappearance re-
called that of Vicki the elephant
which escaped from an amuse-
ment park at Charlotte Sept 11
and foraged for 11 days 1 a
suburban "Jungle" before assart-
ed police, mahouts and civilians
could capture the beast.
Hoping to solve the new dis-
appearance quickly and at least
avoid panic before the carnival
left town, carnival men kept It
quiet until Tuesday.
Police arrested the snake's
handler, Louis Webber, 47, an4
his assistant, Dominic Reo, 25,
on charges of stealing the rep-,
Held in Jail here without bond
pending a hearing tomorrow
night, Webber and Reo denied
any part in the python's disap-
pearAnce. Webber agreed, how-
ever, that the snake probably
was stolen. It is worth ;1,100.
"It's possible but not probable
that it escaped," Webber said.
The python weighs between 200
and 300 pounds and is too heavy
for one man to handle. He esti-
mated it would take about four
men to load the reptile into a
Police Chief Elmo Wheeler said
the arrests were made on war-

rants sworn by Ryan and his
partner, Miss Pat Muszziliski.
Police ran down tips that
snake-snatchers, attempted to
sell the serpent to shows at
Richmond, Va., and Beaufort,
N.C., but. had no success.
Ryan obtained the python, a
slate gray with rich chocolate
brown and golden saddle x*ark-
ings and spots "like an Oriental
rug," only three 'weeks ago. It
hadn't be6n fed since .Central
Amusement go it..,

a few chickens.
' It crushes its larger prey in
its coils and swallows its meals
Then it sleeps for several
weeks to digest the meal. It has
rarely been known to prey on
No one knew the'last time the
python ate.

boomiU mwem,

I -




i _I.i~_L ___~__







. Air.

-J. -



Also: -

Burt Lancaster, in

- Als: -

* .c ...-- -4.. ..... .
U1:1 X:4 t -0it d : p.m.
Buperscope and Technicolorl
Da ROTsO a f EST
VSneNt O3 1 IAt St Th in

$1 -- ------. gMe.
83:6 4:11 5:52 7:30 9:11 p.m.
Sensational Release in Technicolorl
Claude RAINS Martha TORN
P In -

. de.


Stewatt GRANGER, in
Alab: Robert TAYLOR, in

Pedro ARMENDA3IZ, in
Edward G. ROBINSON. In

SIc. -- -.. Usk
On the esreon:
Also: -

Also:. .

ra, o ,. 13

A.. iriw I, pas e Past.m 20740 'e 2-0741 L6u0. 900
Members of the Panama Newsmen's Union were hosts last Kenneth De
eventag t bu'ff .b oringthe poup of publishers, editors, Prior, with
radio and TV officials stoPing here for two days. guest book
Otheopgests at the Cam del Perodlstsa Included Mr. Ern- The Frer
est des i Guardia, Jr, presidential candidate of the National nama, His
Patriotic Coaltie, Col. Bolivar Vallarino, m mmandant of th- Vasse, and
National Guard, ot'-er Psaismialan offiesals, Mr. Harry Casler were guest
and Prestoeatambo, lPublc Affairs Officer a ress Relations Mrs Lion
Offleer, respectlveiy, of the U.S. Information ertice, and Maj. French Am,
Arthur Dreyer, Pubiei Relations Officer of tlI Caribbean Com- Mrs. D. L.
m -and. and Mrs. R
.Yesterday the group met President Eleardo Arias and ton.
Gov, John S. Seyboild.
This morning two planeloads flew to the San Bias; some Former Ist
Inspected Point 4 projects; others went sigtseeing or shop- Family Via
pling. Mr. Edwi
At noon they were guests of Hotel El Panamia for lunch- slathmian w
eon. From 5:30 to 1 p.m. they will attend a small reception to the Army E
be given by United States Ambassador and Mrs. Julian F. Har- War II has
rington at the La Crerta residence. wife, Mrs.
ney and the
Shave been
Mrs. Capilbo To Wed Del Valle Reception Mr. and Mi
Mr. Arndt This Evening Honors Work of Young Artist Bella Vista
Mrs. Joan Powell Capalb o, Art lovers'of the Canal Zone
daughter of Mr and Mrs. B. B. and the Republic of Panama were Mr. Dela
Powell of Diablo Heights, will be delightfully entertained Monday er for Goo
.tarried tomorrow at Ft. Amador evening at ilovel" candlelight re- Co.npany i
Chapel to Mr. Rolf. Carl Arndt caption given by Mrs. Kenneth The fami
son cf Mrs. Dorothy Arndt a ndDelvalle. at the U.S.O.-J.W.B.I United Sta
the late Mr. Gerhard C. Arndt of Armed Forces Service Center. Un-
Y riden, Conn. der the ausices of the Canal Zone Miss Garcia
Chaplain (Lt. Col) Roy A. Mer- Art League[ Mrs. Delvalle exhibit. Weds Mr. I
den will perform the ceremony set ed the work of her son, Malcolmn The Crisi
for 7:30 p.m. Delvalle at the J.W.B. Gallery. the scene
Miss Barbara Ann. Egolf of Cat- Mrs. Delvalle brought her son as the maria
Un will be maid of honor and Sgt. work back with her after a two cia de Pare
James. C. Burkhardt of Ft. Ama months vacation Li France. Art- rillac. Fath
dor will serve as best man. ist DelvalJe is now studying at the the ceremo
All friend of the couple are Soubonne in Paris, France.
invited to attend the wedding and Invitations were sent out to the Mr and M
also he reception whchentire French Colony in Panama. Paredes an
low in the Fern Room of the Tivo-as well as Colon. This lent a de Mr ad
li Guest House. I ded French atmosphere to Del- Sponsors
e-- valle s paintings which are of fam- of the brid
Legion Auxiliary I iliar scenes in Paris. Jose Anton
Delegates To Attend JosenaB Antde Anton
Convention In Miami Captain John N. Lietnaker of Rogelio Ori
A delegation from the American Ft. Amador, after studying artist de Orillac.
Legion Auxiliary, Deepartment of Delvalli"s work, created a m o s t Paredes. M
Panama 'anal Zone, to the Auxi- unusa.J centerp.ce and table ar- Garay, Mr;
lia' Natidr Convention in Mia- rang nt'wi hibed Ana.y
""t'-Wx t& it^rea l nee 0e fie. Mrs: Afredi
oelinnT toordw afternoon, it wki especially designed to car- cucalon, 1M
The delegation consists of Mrs. ry out the theme of the Artist's Pardes de
Grace H. Gravatt, Mrs. Grayce work Robert F.
L. Nadeau, Mrs. Elinor Becker,1 The'decoration was of beautiful ose A. Sos
and Mrs. Patsy fiery 'red exorias. placed in a A. Jimenez,
They will be joined in Miami tiered copper arrangement, sur- los orillac,
by Mrs. Louise Griffon, chairman rounded by tall red tapers. Red Orillac Jr.
of the delegation, who preceded exoras graced the four ends of Otilia 14. d
the troupe earlier this week. Mrs. the table. On the table, carrying A Tarte,
Mimi Wolfe of the Aruba E s so out the theme of France was an Amadeo 'Vi
Unit of this Department, and Mrs. attractively decorated cake with Mastellari
Marie Bennett. the French flag displayed. Mrs. Delvalle.
Given in
Treat .yourself to a stimulating and envigerating white orchid
class in Ballet every Saturday morning starting MiMar
'6ct. 8 at the Balboa Y. .C.A. For more details i.L ..
call 2-1751 b. .,,oom
Stagg. Mar
Fernando D
Former Ballerina, Radio City Rockette rings and t
and Active Member of the Dance Masters home of th
o 'lf America '
*" (Additional

We desire through this medium to acknowledge, with
thanks, the many expressions of condolence, cable-
grams, cards, flowers' and masses offered upon the
recent death of our beloved mother, sister and grand-

mW m mo -m a em m n
Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Phillipps, Mr. and Mrs. Roy
Phillipp, Mr. a#n Mrs. Charles L. Kirchner, Mr. and
Mrs. Alfred J. Wiel, Mrs. Rita Paterson, Mr. and
Mrs. Donald M.,Portilo, Mr. VirgUle J. FortOil, Mr.
Vieto~M. Portillo, Grandchildren.


--ao CALUa

ONw y C"

037 jRnco1

4, Panama A ES TV. 1A
-- Jl I by Erskine Joldnn

Ud s... pHOLLYWOOD (NEA) On- Dick Powell's also leaving Four
...... S2t'age, offstag"e and upstage: Gary Star Playhouse. But he'll be back
rlsh assisted in plans words when one will do, was sitting Willie Dante gambler, he's played
rangment of the table. d .theet of William Wyler's '7LM in several foGur Star telefilms.
cev line were Mrs. Friendly Persuasion" when a as- JIMMYC4GNY started a mo
elvalle and. Mrs. Verne sistait director walked up and said viet rend when he pushed a grape-
Mass Sue Prior at the My Wyler wants to know if fruit in Mae Clark's face. Dan
L. those script changes he sent to Duryea kept it going by s ping
ch Ambassador to Pa- your home last night are satifac- many dolls around he wn the
Excellence, L o ne ory? title of Drt.r Dan.
Mrs. Lionel V a s ~or 30 seconds Cooper just sat But now its Dan groaning:
s of honor. there, obviously lost in thought. "Toeday's bevy of beauties are
el Vasse, wife of the 'You did et the scene changes, made to be mother*d-not mntilat
.bassad.r poured, also didn't you, Coop?" asked the as- ed. It's just nmet believable for a
Benton, Ft. Amador, sistant. guy to sluIg like Grace Kelly
B. Herndon, Ft. Clay- "TYup," replied Cooper. "Just to and Audrey Hepurn."
Iug to think which way to shake
---'o my heed." No, Myrtle, "Blood Alley" is a
lan Joins. --- movie-NOT the Hollywood free-
iting Here o ollywoods a normal place, way.
n J. Delaeny, a former is it? Just another city of normal -
who was employed by people with neighborss like the Customs officials puzzled over a
Engineers during World Joneses in Omaha"? That's what set of dumbbells (with which he
arrived to join h I you may have heard. But not from works out daily) when Mario Lanza
Edna Escoffrey Deot- me or Frank Lovejoy. arrived ;.n Mexico for location
sir sm.U daughter who Says Frank: scenes in "Serenade." Were they
visiting her p a r e n t s, "Let's not kid anyone, it's tough toys, gym equia ent or neg iron?
rs. Francis Escoffrey of to lead a normal life in Hollywod. A top-level official finally rated
I've been happily married for 15 them as 'tools of trade." Guess
ney is now the mang-' years, have two children, seldom this makes Mario the only movie
odyesr Tire & Rubber go to night clubs and work hard at star whose tools o' trade include
n Buenos Aires. my career. So the other day my dumbbells. Iron ones, that is.
uiy is en route to the agent says:
tes for a vacation, 'Frank, the trouble with you The patched-up Dean Martin-
is you lead so. normal a life every- Jerry Lewis feud has given them a
a de Paredes body in town is convinced you're whole new comedy routine with no
Ricarde Orillae a neurotic! evidence of "smile-whenyo'say
to Rey Church w as MICLEY ROONEY and his mov that" strained relations. Paramoun
yesterday morning of partner. Maurice Duke, have call and NBC are be..ming about the
ge of Miss Raquel Gar- it a day after some choice name whole thing.
edes to Mr. Ricardo O.- calling. Don Barry met Susan
eir Zuluaga performed Hayward at the airport when she Anthony (Magnificent Matador)
ny. returned from Hawaii. .. Donald Quinn was g9est of honor at a bull-
O'Connor is seeing Europe-at last. fight in Spain. He declined an in
e is the daughter of Now it's Zsa Zsa Gabor and vitation to get in with the bulls.
rs. Roberto Garcia de Franchot Tone. Perry Como's explaining: "I didn't bring .my
d her husband the son! son, Ronnie, may enter the priest double with me."
Mrs. Rene A. Orillac.:hood. -
including the parents -- USED BEER CANS
dal couple, -were: Mr. U-I Is selling 97 of its old west
io Tarte, Mrs. Angeli- erns to television. Sale price isi MADISON, Wis. (tlP Con-
Garcia i Paredes, Mr. -1605 per film. Jane Powell servation department workers
iliac, Mrs. Aminta A. and MGM are feuding. She wants, have found a new use Tor' empty
Mr. Rogelio Garcia ce'out of her contract. I bans left around state parks by
[rs. Cecilia Tarte de CLAUDETTE COLBERT bowed litterbugs. The cans. with their
Juan E., Jimenez. out as Jack Benny's wife on^Time ends plugged, ae, float J aimmoz&,a and Out for Giner," slated for TV to t .mtratipt in 9ri
oOr.llac, Mr.*Manuel.Oct, o=Mar0a'sh.
[rs. Della Gareia de .' "I
Motta, Mr. and Mrs. Every studio in town s calling "
Chiari, Mr. and Mrs. for Jean Hagen since her slick
a. Mr. and Mrs. Juan the-lady-isatramp role in "The,
Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Car- Big Knife." But new chapters of
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Danny Thomus' "Make Room for
Mlr. Ju o Prieto, Mrs. IDaody" telefilms have taken her
e Orillat. Mr. Enrioue I out of movie circulation uhtil April
Miss Julia Cucalon, Dr. and she's laughing: '
center Mastellarl, Mrs. "I've gone back to being a good
and Mr. and Mrs. Max wife."
Worried about the reaction of TV
marriage by her fath- fans when they see her as a bad.
e wore a gown of white bad doll? Not Jean, who says: "I
a and lace with a tulle think they'll love it. An occasional
arrived a bouquet of shocker is good for the career of
ids. any actress.'
ietta 1. Orillis wap "The Caine Mutiny Ceurtmar A t,.
nor. Best man for the trial" becomes a TV speetagular
was Mr. Eduardo from Hellywood Mv. 19. ... Rosa-
iasela Diaes and I d a lnd Russel's also set for video
yd were train bearers. version of Ier stage bitr "W .der
Isz, Jr., carried t h e ful Tow," this fal.
the arras,
In war held at the
e bride's parents.
Social news o0 P. 9) .. In.l


FORD'S new
Thunderbird V-8 now
in the

Plos.n yourew bmd-yewur
whole fomily-with lusIdoo
Roye PuddHFeYytePropo.
Four big servingi from seeh
thrifty paecioge.
When yo du -
mk for koy.1
PUddgei. J^r~A ^

1UTV ; --,-l
LOS ANGELES ............. $165.00 $306.0C
SAN FRANCISCO ........ 178.50 333.00
CHICAGO ............... 144.30 269.00
TIJUANA ............... 154.80 287.64
DETROIT .................. 149.00 269.00
DALLAS .............. 134.00 245.00
HOUSTON .............. 130.00 247.00
DENVER ............... 170.60 316.20
Via EXIC isih jinecIa concin

Via MEXICO with immediate connections
to all points in the U.S.A. and Canada.
S9O.CO Panmal-Mexico $90.00

16 TIVLU AL. PAAMA P. T 3-2522 Mad 2-4746
Came To Yw. ForUe Trme Agent


FASTEST-In trials on Lake Mendot eoff Madiso, Wis., the
Monitor exceeded 30 miles an hour, maklg it the fastest type of
sailboat The speed was obtained in moderate wind, 15 miles ans
hour. As the boat picks up speed, water mvin ast hydrooil
extending below the boat t tthe hull out io te water.

in golden chicken broth!


4Y.,eady to enjoy in a matter of
moments-Heinz Chicken Noodle Soup is
deservedly popular. At lunch it's a de-
lightful meal in itself... especially loved
by children. At dinner, it makes an appe-
tising prelude to other good things to
come. You'A better get a good supply-the
more you serve it, the more the family
seems to want golden-rich Heinz Chicken
Noodle Soup!

P.S. H'= MoNdef ba eki-
XS. onit--l Bl yonuluileve!


Id LOw-s10
Keep your food fresh. -

Club...... 7.00Q
Mofthly..... 14.5(

High Power burner, cook"
faster and economically.
F !

Club..... 5.50 S
Monthly..... 13..
Washes the family coth
in an hour. -


Monthly..... 20,V-
--' ---
Kerosene STOVI


S- a
Club. ...... .. 1
_- ,- ff

21-~ a l *ot l

.~r. .*


1956 FORD
Watch for it at

rl .~ ... -~




:..... ,.". '.. .. .". ,.... ".. .""..-.5' .... .. ,"".. ....

. ,-. ... ..-.

A GOOD SCOUT-Mamoru Shigemitsu, Japan's foreign minister, poses for Seiji Horie
(right), a Japanese Boy Scout, on arrival at the United Nations building for luncheon.'

A CLASSIC ROLE--Jeannie Carson arrives in New York for
rehearsals and 15-city personal appearances on behalf of
the title role in the immortal children's classic, "Heidi."


MARKET IS BULLISH-Juanita Aparicio probably doesn't count sheep in her sleep -
she counts bull. She has 120 bullfights to her credit at the age of 20. This Mexican
girl.grew up in the bull ring. She is stepping aside just before the kill in Mexico City.


CANINE CRITICS-Pit bull terriers and one English bull attend a screening of "The
Bar Sinister," famous story about a fighting Bowery dog which became a blue ribbon
champ. Screening was held in New York with dogs as critics. It's rated at four woofs.

TUXEDO fUNCTION-Rising film star James Dean, who has been called a carbon of
Marion Brando, talks with Ursula Andrews at Hollywood nightclub. This is believed
to be the first time Dean, a member of the torn undershirt school of acting, wore a tux.

AN UNLUCKY ROLL-The rider aboard this horse had better watch his step or he'll be
pinned to the ground. His mount finally got him off his back at Helena, Mont., rodeo.


ASK ANY MODEL TRAIN BUILDER if he wants to see a real railroad
in action and he'll put a streamliner to shame in making tracks down
to the station. Such a chance came to the National Model Railroad Associa-
tion, the industry's biggest boosters, at a recent convention in Baltimore.
The hobbyists, numbering several thousand from 30 states, spent a day in
the railroad yards of the Baltimore and Ohio line at the invitation of a
local committee of the Eastern Railroad Presidents conference. Along

Model railroaders in native habitat watch trains go by in convention headquarters.

They're riding the "Lafayette" locomotive of 1837 eta.
.Xings Feaures Byndicaes

with live models (female variety), the hobbyists took a closeup view at a
couple of historic pieces of-equlmlnht; th '"Lafayette" locomotive@ and 4n
"Imlay" coach characteristic of the 1830s when the railroads were born.
The small "Lafayette" contrasted sharply with the line's streamliner, the
"Ambassador." They concluded their tour at yards of the Canton railroad.
They nostalgically rode the last steam locomotive in regular service in
the Baltimore area, threw man-sized switches and then coupled cars.

Precariously, Mary Tamburo climbs into "Imlay" coach.

There's no doubt about their reaction after getting a ride on old steam locomotive


r -

NN '

V~ i1 ~h^



U- ~z Icu5mW

Social and Othe rwiue To Outfit A Teenager's
SPromising to fit up a teen-ag. from florals to geometric.i and ab-
--L-oninued car's room to proidc the prniac ,tracts in a variety of weave. and
she wants for study, daydreaming fibers.
and gossiping with f r i e nd s is
Buffet Supper 'Porgy And Bess' Cast sometimes easier pledged t h a n A good case in point. I think.
A buffet supper was given by Ente-tained At Luncheon accomplished is a room fixed up for a teen-age
Mrs. Julieta Arias de Moses at the Members of the "Porgy a n d he backudget may be fractured de lttle-grl who ilntd to ha t fromwn
home of Mrs. Adelita C. de Sosa Bess" cast who will give their back-to col c ng de little-girl frills to a movie grown-
on Monday night before the meet- first of three performances at the mands. There may not be time up combination of bedroom atudi
ingof members of the "13" group. National Theater this e v e n i n ht now to embark on an elab ith the accent on contemporary
Guests attending were: Mrs. Ju- were gueats of the sponsors at a to r me sewing project. And dero, r
lieta H. de Galindo, Mrs. Tancha luncheon give today at the Casa decoration s not aa ons nasyior The new fabric that killed the
M. de Qu:1quejeu, Mrs. Matilda A. del Periodista actionn is nut always easy. hill t, a ,turd' tweed de de de la Guardia, Mrs. Lupila C. del eriod Daughter holds out for a .,ophir. given a high-slyle touch by vir-
de Lewis, Mrs. Poliquita A. de Blackmores Dauhter ticated background M o t h e r is tue of gold lurex ,W ipes woven in-
Conzanni, Mrs.Celia D. de Galde- Visiting Mrs. Comber torn between fluffs ruffles and to wide stripes of subtle color
ron, Miss Ruti Ehrman, Miss I Mr. and Mrs. John S. Black- something that dli' "*wear well" combinations Gold. charcoal and
WaUy Arosemena, Miss Cecilia more and year old daughter. Ta- and not bc too expen e. gray make up the combination
Heutematte, Miss Angela Arango, mara, arrived yesterday morning Fortunately for all concerned. Others include accents ut tur-
and Miss Emilia Ehrman. from Greeley, Colorado, to spend thre is greater cooperation than qu inaue, mt green or co
Sthe month of October in Fort Gu- ever between manufacturers of coa with gray and charcoal. Good.
lick, with Mrs. Blackmore's mothready-made bedroom ensemble, denim, as eers homemaker
Teand textile mills -..
"r. l Using a combination or read)- ....
Mrs. Blackmore, is the daugh- made and matching ard goods,
ter of Mrs. Teres, Comber and its possible to pu'. together a well-
the late William G. Comber. She coordinated room quickly and at
was born and reared in the Canal a modest price. Patterns range
Zone and graduated frrti Balhn a

n \Iesfie nolt, io un High School with the Class of '49.
column should submitted in ty Mr. Blackmore is from La Jun-
.rl'- on form nd maledto one ta, Colorado, and is making his
the box numbers isted daily In "R- first visit to the IEthmus.
ela and Otherw e ," or del.Vered
by -band to the office. Nottlese a
MIuPARITY CMnnot be accepted e tele. i Dance Planned Saturdap
RATIO at Army-Navy Club
A "coat-and-tie dance" has been
College Club Starts scheduled for Satuday evening bp
Course On Women's the Army-Navy Club, Ft. Ama-
Management Of Money dor.
The Thursda, A.M. Study Group!
Eof the Canal Zone College ClubW Dancing is to start at 8:30, stop
,I I 1 1 I 1 I II I 1 1 I I II itt I I il 1 I l II 1 will meet at the home of Mr s. at 12:30 with Lucho Asacarraga at
0 L l l '30 5 '40 '45 '0 '55 F. R. Johnson, 102 Heights Road, the organ.
1910 'l5 30 35 Balboa Heights, on Thursday, Oct.
-FARM iNCOME ON SKIS-Newschart above shows graphically the spreading divergence be- 13, at 98 p.m. i .. ..Janko
M INCOMer earn and what they, PA out when they buy. "Prices received" line (sold) has Thiisthe first in a series of iTo Wed Lt Smith
wei g down steadily snce1951 through the first nine months of 1965. The "what-he-pays" line meetings devoted to "Money Man- At Ft. Bliss, Tex.
(dttd) has been rising, but more gradually. Parity index includes prices paid by the farmer or agement For Women." M J ph A. Jank
oods and s eeis he buys both for his productive plant and for family and household needs. It also Mr. William J. Sheridan, Jr. of Gatun are announcing the en-.
taxses oafarm real estateadwagepad rredblahor.ri PlicC Defnder oGan ae anou n t en-
includes interest on farm indebtedness, taxeon farm real estate and wages paid hired labor. The Pubi Defender of the U. S. Dis-gagement and approaching mar-
ottom line (parity ratio) measures the relationship between the price level of the commodities trict Court in Ancon, will speak on riage of their daughter, Mai-trha
o-mr sell and the prices of goods and services they buy. When the parity ratio is 100 (1910-1914) "The Will, Its Importance a n d Jean, to Lt. Phlip Nelson Smith,
cultural prices are considered at parity. Inset chart shows most basic farm products are below How Made." son of Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, '
the parity Index of 100. Prices on only two-potatoes and peanuts-are above the June 15, 1951 Ft. Kobbe NC- Smith, of Parkersburg, West Vir- -
reenWives Meet Tonight The couple will be married at S MISS MARTHA JEAN JANKO
o-f the Fort Kobbe NCO Wess mee Michael's Chapel, Ft. Blis, Tex-
Club will be held at 7:30 pm. atas, on Nov 24. Father Edward A. of Gatun. whose engagement
A,/w lcan IjMl the Fort Kobbe N.C.O. Club. The Curran will officiate. Is announced today. ,Ill be
Main order uf business will be t Che Miss Janko is a graduate of married next month in Texas
NewectionPef officers. Cristobal High School. She is pr-es
Neeeds Proper seasoning Saturday, at a dinner to be held in ently residing with her grandpar- DRIVER WANTED
Gnthe social ounge of the Fort Kob ents, Sfc. and Mrs. Leonard F. BRISTOL, R I.- PIP- Sam
IN -s oh n h f By GAYNOR MADDOX be e.C. Biedenkapp of Ft. Blis,, and has ,uel A. Mott. 68. a truck dri'.ci fi.I
BY MRS. MURIEL LAWRENCEits front l at when his father sud- Cocktails will be served at 6:30; been employed as .a secretary in the Bristol volunteer fire depart
denly nmoyed. NEA Food and Markets Editor p.m the American Furniture Company ment, was disiiis .col from the oi
AT 6 years of age, Peter fell f He put. his hand on Peter's Careful cooking and imaginative For dinner reservations c all of El Paso, Texas. nation when itas discovered
a tsee-and broke his le shoulder. Clearing his throat, he seasoning can make welcome -oan Fiscus 3234. i he didn't have a driver s license.
As It Was badly set, it had to be said, "Pete-I can't let you ride budget dishes out of the less ex. Lt. Smith attended schools in,
reset. This was a painful experi- this one. I want to. I just can't I pensive cuts of beef. Here are -r Esser To Address Parkersburg, West Virgiia, and
ene for his parents as well as for know you'd be safe. I know it two recipes from our family files. oint Meet I received an A.B. Degree f rom 1
him. It left them -withe an unrea- won't hurt your leg. But I'm scar- Of Coilege C bs Washington and Jefferson co-
sonable fear of his leg. But they ed of it, anyway. I'm-I'm just Pepper Steak The CanalZone College Club lege He is presently assigned to Wha a cr! !
conscientiously pretended that nrt. no to it, Pete." (Yield: 4 servings) will play host to the Caribbean t Fort Bss, Texas g Cente
they didn't feel it-and when the It took a moment or two for his ; lege Club at a morning cff ee at Fot Bliss, Texas. omin
cast was removed, made a great son to register what he'd been Two tablespoons shortening or which will be held on Saturday.
point of encouraging him to treat! told. Then, without a word, he got, beef suet, 1 pound round or flank at 9:30 at the Balboa Y.M.C.A. -- ..
it normally. !out of the car. He walked over to steak, 1 teaspoon salt, tea- For the first meeting of the Isth- all 11
Six months later, Peter's father his father, hid his face on his spoon ground black pepper, n cup mian college clubs, Mr. Sigurd E.
took him to an amusement park. stomach-and hugged him in per- flour, 1 small onion, chopped; Eser, superintendent of the Canal Sigurd6
They had hot dogs, pink lemonade tect understanding of his rnrea. cups chopped green pepper, 1 cup Zone Schools Division, will be the
and rode on the Ferris well and sonale fear. cups chopped greer pepper, 1 cup guest speaker.
the merry-go-round. Peter s father learned a No. 1 water. To be presented to the group of CO- PA i MOTORS
Opposite the larrousel was the lesson that day. He learned not to Heat shortening in a-heavy ski- College Club members is Mrs. 8 CO PAN O1 OR
entrance to the "thrill ride ofLall pretend to be xsonable to Peter let. Cut steak into strips, 1-inih John M. Browta, president of the .
time." Even from outside, they when he was not. He discovered wide. Roll in flour seasoned with Caribbean College Club, who will
could helr its passengers shriek- Ithe relief of aditting his limitations the salt and pepper. Brown in hot share with the Pacific s i d e r s
ing as its cars dipped, climbed to his child. shortening. Add onions and saute. some of the .interesting programs
and crashed around the course THE sencere statement, "Iam Add green pepper and water, which the Caribben College Club s
of the giant roller coaster. afraid to let you do that," is al- Cover. Simmer until tender. Add was responsible for during its first '-
ways more acceptable to children more water if necessary. year of organization, and some ofW
OUT on the embarking palt- than the phony excuses we imag- its future plans.
form, Peter corld hardly wait for ine we have to rally to justify our Stuffed Beef Rols Music for the affair has been windshield curved so porkis a
his car to disgorge its kimps pass. "No" to some action we fear. (Yield: 4 servings) arranged by Miss Emily Butch-. ticket won't Stick to it. .N,
engers. He was clambering into Many of our fears for the young er, director of music for the Lat-
are unreasonable They know this. Four cubed minute steaks, n American Schools of the Canal-
Peter knows that roller coaster inch thick; 1 teaspoon salt, Zne, who will be at the piano. this
.i? fL .flH rides do not break people's legs. teaspoon ground black R ypeper, 'i y,w b epano i ear's study program and
SYour teen-age daughter to whom cup chopped onion, cup chopped i en and instructor an t the C a actions foate w a nnual k
You've denied an unchaperoned celery, cup chopped dill piee, nal Zone Junior College, will in- Sprin Festival St. Lu k es
MAN WILL PAY AND PAY IF HE weekend knows that girls survive 1 teaspoon chili owder, 8-ounce produce the program.
FLUNKS ON TV QUIZ SHOW unchaperoned weekends. can (1 cup) tomato sauce, 2 ta-I An invitation is extended to the l Mrs. Rex Sellens of Gamboa
blespoons shortening, cup members of the Canal Zone Col- woman's deleat to th
The teen-age girls in our neigh- So when we try to convince them blespoons sho rten g, cup lege Club and the Caribbean Col man ios delegate to the recent
bor hood are avid followers of a that what they want is wholly rn-bwater.s lege Club and their guests be Church in Honolulu, ha consented-
daytimeTV ie-awa showesonab, et to Iuble. Sprinkle steaks with a mixture present at the morning coffee. ,to ghlghtts aspect of the con
thing stirringly romantic abo a the resentment we ourselves feel be onion, celery, dil pickle, chili Retired Employes Plan vetion activities.
t. iin g sting h a r omant raised a at a person who takes an absolute powder and 3 tablespoons 'of the Victory Meeting Hurricane-ReliefGroup
platform, all yesuponher while 'and rigid position on statements tomato sauce. Place a rounded A meeting of Chapter 24, Na- Meets Tomorrow
Ser husband tries to answer enotgwe know are doubtful. tablespoon of the mixture on each tionat association of Retired Civil The coordinating committee of
questions to get her a wardrobe, a i steak. Roll up tightly. Fasten' Emplopes, wifl be held at the Ti- Barado rrian el
question o g her ut when we just say w ith'edges with a toothpick. Brown allste oEmpl Guest Houbse, Sunday afthe Barbados Hurricane Relief groups
mink coatandarip to some honest simliit "I'm. Brown voli Guestill meet Friday evening at 5 a o'-
faraway place simpici, f m scared o sides in the shortening. ernoon at 2 p.m. clock at British Consulate in Co-
r a mat f th mn this .action you want to take," we Place in a 'baking pan. Combine This will be a victory meeting In
But as most of the men falter' are more likely to recieve under- the remaining vegetables and to celebrate thn recent increase The meeting will be presided by
a m iss ,es ioa w ouldand to.elebraten iriecete d ^ .. _.t, .= ... .. s ,
and hiss wiesthe qut io tat woud standing instead of arguments.I pickle mixture with the water and in retired annuities effective Oc-in itih nl hn l
give the ir wives the big pay-off There s nothing surprising about pour over meat rolls. Cover. Bake tober 1st. Members are asked to nacthi Btis g wionu cJ, hirn e n-
I can't help but think that the0isWeustchangeour-el---] -nerhaussett, who is chairman of
really dramatic part of the story this. We just change ourselves in a modern te oven (350 de- bring to the meeting any persons the committee.
never gets before the TV camera back into 'a human being from agrees F.) until tender, 40 to 50 benefitting by this legislation as
a Rider of the High Horse. We step minutes. Remove the beef rolls to t is expected they will desire to
,What di s when mom a. down to earth from the patfom of a serving dish. Pour the sauce support the organization that
Whatpo p ar e ns then mom andHow the Always Right Arthority. over all. mad it possible.
pop are 'out of the studio h e How------it-possible .
does pop explain that fact that he Other matters of interest to re-
didi't know the answer to the .. tired employes will be discussed,
qlieion that would give his wife .i. those who have not paid 1955 dues
a chance to snuggle into a mink ,,' are asked to do so. Members may
coat and start packing for a long, make their own arrangements to Five and
How does he regain herfaith in have lunch at the Tivoli before new
the meeting.dFiver tew.and s,
him as a man worth looking up to .."I
Wait'll The Next Time A Balboa Women'S Club
Does heprogise to try To Hear Mr. Wilder
on another give-away show9 Or The Balboa Woman's Club will
does he struggle to egt out of his regular meeting n e x t
undignified position by saying "It Wednesday morning, Oct. 12, at
was all your idea, and it turned out t ,. w..t.-U.S.O. on La Boca a
just as I expected it to and I don't Road in 3alboa. '-
want to ever hear the word 'pay- The guest speaker will be Mr.
off' again?"Frank Wilder, Security Education
Or does he ako the easy way Office.
out by promising to buy his wife He will give an informative talk,
at least a mink stole, or take hert entitled, "In Today's World Secur
on at least a weekendtrip to the ;it is Everybody's Business." Mr.
neaes city in order o get back Wilder will speak promptly at 9
nin her good graces? ..a.m., the meeting will follow. N.-a

Elves with their disappointed and EleGarian d h NAtla-
disillusioned wives? That's what lie Griffin.

of those husbands are still paying'Meets Tomorrow -

+ %0 side is expected. ,m"

Look for these

THIS EATS BATHIN-Aay be but it still gets
hot in Dallas. Tex. as Billy Martin, 3. can testify. So be useshis
own time-teteed method of keeping cool Throughou t. r sof
i me BillY has whiled away b the ht day the curb in fr
his hore-after first unscrewing the water hydriat plus,

Meet Tomrrow |
At St. Luke's I
Women able and willing to de-
vote a little time to furtheringi
i church activities are asked to at-
tend the October meeting of thel
Morning Guild of the W o m e n's i
Auxiliary of St. Luke's Cathedral
(Episcopal), Anicon. This meeting
will be held at the home of Mrs.
R. Heber Gooden (next to the Ca-
thedral) tomorrow morning at
Matters under consideration are

The juices of 8 different, garden.
fresh vegetable. are blended into
this famous drink. You'll love its
lively flavor, and thrive on its vita.
min-packed good-
ams. At mealtime-
or between meal.-
V-8 gives you the
refreshment you
want. and the nour-
ihtunent you need.
11 0 40 es .ins fo wgo gl wotdloWo

Campbell' frozen soups

in your grocer-


knows, wishr-; ell and wein
like iron and tLlus material. as m
In this case the bedspread, *
scmitailored throw. came reody-
made for about $13 Matching ca-
fe curtain. cjst about S5 (Yard
goods in the same pattern at 90
cents a .ard sunplied material for
pillow co\era and chair cushions,
implh and easily hoimesewn.)
A niche in thp wall hack of
the siiiinle wool headboard is a
natural location for books. Shelv.
m_. stained tile same walnut
-liade as tbc headboard is support,-
ed by bracket-, locked in hard-
ware strips mounted on the wall.
The new piece of furniture is
a strictly modemi white wire chair
with black tron base.

WELL I SWAN-Police book all kinds of fugitives, but Ilhs
booking is a rare one. A 40-pound ss,.an that c;-caped from d
lagoon in a Chicago. Ill, cemetery is rcgiL-Ierel in the prj;onei
book by Policemen Jack Cullotta. left. and Glenn McKc-e The
looFe bird ddrter' into a busy intei leorti .'a; lakrn tiio cr,.'O'iy
and feod at the jail. 1hen it was turnid ocir to an anmjAl pio-
tertie society.

special soups from Campbel s

/ ...thanks to freezing

oor 0




^ ^F7SW C/]0W12^

We mean Lery special soups. Soups you pA-
ably never in the world expected to pet 'I

prepared form.

Only freezing makes it possible for Campbest'



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and holds the delicacy and temperamental flavi -
of these truly great soups. So be prepared ft '
something very special. -,

I ..

Convertible will be
available in the new










f It I i I IT I I- I-' A

Both Dodgers,


To Make Player Changes

Walter Alston Optimistic

About Brooklyn's Future

NEW YORK, Oct. 6-(UP)- Stadium watching his son pitch
The man who led Brooklyn to Brooklyn to its first win in eight
Its first world baseball cham- I World Series.
pionship Is hopeful about the Another happy person is 19-
future. year-old Naomi Baker of Port
Manager Walter Alston says- Henry, New York. Miss Baker
"I'm very optimistic. We have so says she has been "keeping com-
many fine young pitchers that I pany" with the 23-year-old Po-
don't anticipate any serious dres for about two years and
trouble in that department for that they have a "sort of under-
a long time to come." Alston i standing." Miss Baker was asked
singles out Johnny Podres, the if her plans include matrimony !
winner of the seventh World i and she smiled-"I sure hope
Series game Tuesday, Kar i so."
Spooner and Sandy Koufax as National League President
top young southpaws. The Dodg- 1 Warren Giles calls the Dodger
r. manager expects a lot from win-"The official end of more
afech right-handers as Don Bes- than two decades of domina-
sent, Roger Craig and Ed Roe- tion by both the American
burk. League and the Yankees."
'The congratulations contin- Giles says "There should
'ue to pour in for the Dodgers. no longer be any doubt that
'Governor Harriman of New the National is the stronger
York said in a telegram-"It league."
will be a long time before we The manager of the Yankees
-forget the great game every blames himself for losing the
,'one of you played." Series. Casey Stengel says-"I
Perhaps the most excited per- played the game wrong. I had
0on of all is Mrs. Podres, at my hitters 'taking' on Podres
home in Witherbee, New York, and I should have had them
says-"It's wonderful to have a hitting." Stengel explains "I
sQr like Johnny." Johnny's knew the kid hadn't pitched a
mother says a community cele- complete game since mid season
bration is planned for Saturday and I figured he couldn't last in I
night when Podres returns either game."
home. Podres is the toast of the
W baseball world but it looks like
Neighbors say Mrs. padres was the end of the road for another
"too happy" to join in the pa- southpaw. The Chicago Cubs
grades and fun making. One .have given 34-year-old veteran
neighbor says "She merely Howie Pollet his unconditionalI
stayed glued to the television release. Pollet is In the insur-
fe until the game was over. ance business at Houston, Texas,
hen she began to cry for joy." and the Cubs don't know wheth-
Podres' father was at Yankee er he will continue in baseball.

Ibarra To Meet Kid Zefine II

In Panama City Pro Debut


I MANE EVENT-Shipboard starts off with a bang getting a
new hairdo from Albert Foot at Belmont Park. The Montpelier
Stable crack is the high money winner in steeplechasing.

Jack Kramer Hopes

To Sign Three Top

Tennis Stars Soon
NEW YORK, Oct. 6-(UP)-
Promoter Jack Kramer hopes to
'have the world's three top ten-
nis players signed to profession-
al contracts by October 17.
Kramer says a contract for
United States singles champion
Tony Trabert already Is in the
hands of Trabert's lawyer. The
promoter thinks that deal should
be closed within four or five
Kramer also wants to sign
Australian stars Lew Hoad and
Ken Rosewall. "I'm pretty sure
they will turn pro," says Kra-
mer, "but since they are both
only 20 years old, they will need
permission from their parents."
Kramer wants to complete the
signing by October 17 so he can
pass the word along to sponsors
of his planned 16-month world
Kramer says Trabert has been
offered about $75,000 for the a chance to ma. e
more on a percentage basis.
Kramer says the Aussie stars

Caras Nuevas' complete pro-
gram for Oct. 16 at the National
Gym was drawn up yesterday
and released to the press this
In the eight-round, 120-
pound headliner, Toto Ibarra
meets Kid Zefine II.
Ibarra will not only be making
his first pro appearance before
Panama City fans, but he will
also be fighting for the first
time in a main bout. Toto has
never taken part in a match set
for more than six rounds.
Panama's new boxing idol, who
as an amateur fought 52 times,
losing two in Panama, and two
abroad, has done all his pro box-
ing at the Colon Arena.
On both occasions he won by
kayo. He stopped Claudio Mar-
tinez In six, three weeks ago,
and last Sunday put down Juan
Salazar for keeps in the fifth.
Pacific side fans have been
disgruntled because Toto, who
resides in Panama City, has had
all his pro activity on the At-
lantic Side.
The announcement that he
will appear at the Gym in his
next encounter, has been en-
thusiastically rece ive d. A
packed house is expected for
the long awaited occasion.

Hiles Stout

The six-round, 119,- pound KING-SIZED Milt Stout t
semifinal brings together veter- gives Illinois a quarterback with
an Goyo Castafieda and hustling the physical dimensions of a
youngster Claudio Martinez. tackle. Standing six feet four and
Castafieda was a winner by weighing 212 pounds, young Stout
TKO in his last outing, and really gets off a jump pass. He
Claudio was knocked out by carries well, too.
Ibarra in the sixth ajter putting
up a courageous battle against
his classy opponent. l .

-0 -

Brooklyn To Stick To

Farms; New York Will

Go To Traeing Market

NEW YORK, Oct. 6 (UP) Those delirious
world champion Dodgers and the disappointed New
York Yankees both indicated today they will make
player changes before the start of next season.

But there's this difference-i
the Dodgers will stick to their
farm system for 1956 reinforce-
ments; the Yankees will go to
the trade market, as well as the
In refusing to "stand pat" on
the lineups that played in the
recent World Series, both teams
took warning from the 1955 fate
of the New York Giants. The Gi-
ants didn't make any changes in
the team that won the world
championship last year, and this
season they tumbled all the way
to third place in the National
League, 181/2 games behind.
Manager Walt Alston of the
Dodgers was scheduled to confer
with club officials today and he
said the subject would probably
be "farm system players we'll
take to spring training with us
next year."
Manager Casey Stengel of
the Yankees, who is presqp.d
for time because the Yankees
are leaving Saturday morning
for their tour of Japan, also
had meetings planned today
because "there are things we

for 1956. But observers believe
the Dodgers also will be comb-
ing their farm system for ad-
ditional strength in catchers,
third basemen, and outfield-
The Dodgers know that, as
world champions, they will find
it tough to deal with other Na-
tional League clubs.' Last year,
when they didn't wear this man-
tle, they found other clubs un-
willing to deal anything resem-
bling a first-class player except
at prohibitive prices, and that
will go double now.
Stengel indicated a strong be-
lief the Yankees may have to
make player deals during the
winter to repeat as American
League pennant winners. He
pointed out that "we just skin-
ned in this time" and looked for
stronger challenges next year
from the Boston Red Sox and
Detrotit Tigers.
The Yankee skipper, like Al-
ston, spoke first of relief pitch-
ing when 1956 plans cane up
and admitted, "we'd be willing
to trade for help there."

In the main prelim, Sonny K.U'L' .L Ol gotta do that I want to get Although Stengel won't speak
McKay, who has two kayo wins started on." about 37-year-old shortstop Phil
ic t Ttrnamo his credit in as many pro By HERBERT MOISE Rizzuto except to praise him,
i contests, swaps punches with Alston indicated that relief other Yankee officials frankly
S t Baby Noel. The 115-pound clash COLON, R.P The new Pan- pitching will be something the state their belief that Phil will
rll Of All Tim has been set for four heats. ama Professional Boxin Com- Dodgers hope to strengthen con- only be good for short appear-
l Tony Shaw, the San Bias In-missionhas sent out notices that siderably. ances from here on. For some-
r r J TL. r I dian known as "Red Feather" the recently created usage of a- "I would like to have addi- body to carry the load every day,
0 -nri |KllS Snda/ around the training gyms, bat- amateurs on a professional card tional left-handed help in the the Yankees could look to Billy
o E T his Sunday tles Dicky Brathwaite in the will definitely get the "no-go" bullpen," said Alston. "Karl Martin or Jerry Coleman of the
To n T u four-round curtain raiser at a with telhe. y Spooner might be the answer, or presetn team, or turn to Billy
NEW YORK, Oct. 8-(UP)- weight limit of 120 pounds. it th.em. it could be Sandy Koufax. And Hunter, who played much of
The longest and richest tourna- This has been a defensive then there's Ken Lehman from this season and then was farm-
ment golf trail of all time comes M h me en a b enrs t Montreal." ed to Denver, where he broke a
t an end in Baltimore this Sun- measr esed promoters1o cutdown expenses, but ow did Spooner, bothered with a sore leg. Or they might try Jerry
Tournament triedmpror tee uSun-nBHS-JC Grid the fans take it? The few times arm much of the season, and Lumpe, highly-touted prospect
tournament-tried pros tee up that it happened in Colon we bonus baby Koufax were with at their Birmingham farm team.
today in the first round of the D t ahe Dodgers all this year Leh-
$17,500 Eastern Open...the last heard no adverse comments. But the all this year. Lepitch- Stengel said the trip to Japa
of 43 major money events thi last Sunday's card with two a-oman was the top winning pitch- Stengel said the trip to Japal
ye3 majoramoney direvents this Ray ntest- n I matur fights certanl received er of the International League, would be a time of "experimell-
O'Ben says prize money on the andis st ceivm bitte real's pennant-winning team. In fact, it doesn't look like a
golf trail which started last a icism. Alston said he hasn't given very quiet winter for either of
January in California total $1 ,-w Fr o, the fans complain much thought, yet, to plans the late serine.ivals..
Many of the big money win- that they pay to see profession-
ners-players like Julius Boros, als (though many of their fights
Cary Middlecoff and others- The Balboa High School Bull- re thematter is onef potent A T
have quit the tour for the sea- dogs and the Green Devils of He tial quality instead of outright T N G
son. But the Eastern Open still JuniorCollege will meet Friday imitaons. The human mind at
has drawn an all-star field, night in a continuation of their times works along strange lines. IN PERSON 8 P.M.
traditional battle. Last year's
Little Bob Tosk is defending battlesaw the Junior College de- A man would prefer (before 0 WORLD-FAMOUS CALYPSO SINGER
champion...and he has return- feat the Bulldogs 13-0 in their fight time) to pay one dollar for
ed to the tour after spending first game and hold off the Bull-fight time) to pay one dollar for
most of the season giving exhi- dogs in a 13-13 tie in the ace-ahfor-fighnarden thou
bitions. "I'm glad to be back," nd game. As a result of these the preliminaries match no- M I H Y IK
says Toski "there's nothing like scores, the Green Devils retain- name pro fighters-yet this same
these events to keep your game ed the Anchor, traditional prize party would balk to pay the s DIRECT FROM TRINIDAD
sharp." of the BuIldoGreen Devilsame dollar for a five or six
arp o e anBulldo Green Devil Zonecard program featuring the top --
game and won the Canal Zone notch amateurs. In other words,
have bee offered about $45,000. championship. in boxing, the word "amateurs" LEON GITTENS'
Kramer plans to open the tour The 1955 season has shaped up i always associated with cut-
in either New York, Cincinnati, with the Balboa High School rate entrances. OOLIE CALYPSO BAND
Minneannlis or Los Angeles. squad having the experience and COOLIE CALYPSO BAND

weight and the Junior College Our opinion: The pros pay for
-------l__ ending up with a large but inex- their license, and they deserve
perienced line. an opportunity to even get back
L ST BA I TBoth teams have a big experi- their license fee. Use profession-
enced backfield, the Junior Col- al boxers on professional cards.
CRI STOBAL lege going along with Bill Ma-
loney 165 lbs., Al Blackall 190
F R I D A Y lbs., Lambert Mantovani 160 lbs.
and Bill McKeown 155 lbs. Mc- The new Boxing Commission
Keown is one of the outstand- of Panama has created a new
IN PERSON ing runners and passers in the ost of "Hih Commissioner."
Canal Zone. McKeown was held What does this mean? Would
out of the Junior College-CHS one bf the members define def-
LARRY LANE game because of a bruised hand, initely what will be the duty or
but will be in top shape for Fri- duties of this High Commission-
day's encounter. drc
Balboa High School will go a- er? _
THE MAN long with Ed Scott 160 lbs., Ken
Wheeler 205 lbs., Owen Suther- HOPE TO FILL IT
WITH THE HORN land 160 lbs. and James Hotz 155
lbs. Halfback Dan Winklosky CHARLOTTE. N.C. (NEA) -
will see limited action due to in- This city has erected a 13,000-seat
AND HIS juries received in the BHS-AC in door area-although it has no
game. university-with an eye to spread-
ORCHESTRA! ing basketball interest.
ORCHESTRA! Friday night's battle will againI
o see a ground attack vs an aerial
attack. The combination of
6:35 and 8:35 Mantovani to McKeown will be
pitted against the Split "T" op-
SCREEN ATTRACTION! tion as operated by Quarter-
MICKEY ROONEY !'Mck F dScott and the Pile driv-
Oing of Fullback Ken Wheeler.
sTHE ATOMIC KID" Kick off time for the Balboa
HE ATOMIC K High School -Junior College

game will be 7:00 p.m. tomorrow
in the Balboa Stadium.



BALBOA 6:15 8:00
"Made for Each Other"
Repeat! -

MARGARITA 6:15 8:00
MontgoTnery CLIFT

DIABLO HTS. 6;15 8:15
GATUN 1 :00

CRISTOBAL 6:15 8:10
Superscope Colorl

PARAISO 8:15 7:45 LA BOCA 6:15 9:~
"Capt. Kidd & The Slow iova "PFFAIR IN TRINIDAD"

84NTA CRUZ 6:15 7:31

CAMP BIERD 6:15 8:10

~P I

New Anti-Fouling
18 MM Spark Plugs

will be in the all new
1956 FORD











I~_I~C ~C~




,., ia T TN



I :*

....1 -
S I '\^






Athletic Club Favorites Over Tigers At Mount Hope Tonight

Matchless Hoople Sees THE-QUARRY

Army Mauling Michigan
L. .._ 0____
JEROSzPHAT presslons of C
jubilation have been pouring in,
congratulating me c my prodi-
gious feat of picking the season's
major upset, Marylnd to defeat
UCLA by7? points, exactly t hbe
margin of difference.
Some of my zillions of readers
tiged their rase with minor r
criticism, pointing out that I pick-
ed the score to be 26 to 19 where-
as Itreally was 7 to 0. Heh heht
What boots it?
Prof. Wolfang MeGinty, who
has been assigned to
probe Upset possible itie conrms
my prognosis that four Jucy from
reversals appear on this weeks's The Old Boy Himself
schedule. Tey are: Army over
Michigan, 20 to 13; Texas over
Oklahoma, 14 to 7* Purdue over Fltt 20, Navy 13
Wisconsin 20 to I and Wash- rlincetont 13, Penn 0
ington idte over .C alifornia, 20 to Ohlo State 27, Illinois 13
Indiana20 IowaI
The fact that Dr. McGinty cor- Michigan Atate 33 Stanford?
oborates my judgment Is import- Minnesota 20, Norhwestern 12
an because usually he disagrees Tex. A. and M. 19, Nebraska 86
with me violent. In fact, he Texas 14, Oklahoma 7
disagrees with everybody more or PurdUe 20, Wisconsin 14
less violently. My other assistant, Tex. Christian 21, Alabama 14
Prof. Manchester Zlobota, peace- Baylor 14, Arkansas 6
fully chimes in basing his cal- North Carollna 20 Georgia 6
culations on astronomy. Georgia Tech 19, ,.a.State 7
Now that you are loaded with Mississippl 20, Vanderbilt 13
these colossal fact, go on and Miss. Rate 14, Tulane 0
read the entire forecast: Wash. State 20, California 14
Army 20, Michtia Colorado 1i, Oregon
Dartmouth 1, BIrow ISgo. CafoftiMa 14, Washington 7
Holy Cross 30 Colgate 14 Michigan State 34, Stanford 6
Columbia 14 eaIe Crltobal 7, A.0..
Cornell 7, Harvard 0 Balboa t13, Jr. College 0.

Football Schedule ___.

(Home Team Listed First)
x-denotes night game
a.Colorado State vs. Idaho State
u-Detrolt y. Houdton
IK-Hotram BrIdg rt
s.Kent wv. ldwin-Walle
-Madriet vs. Captal
a-MiAl, Fl NVtre Dame
x-Ocedental s. The Citadel
x.San Dimas vs California A lgges
X-Southern Methodist V. Missouri
a-Tuskogee Inst. vs. Clark, Ga. (1)
.U.UC..'. v. Oregon State
.1WemSrn III. vs, Mh. Normal
yqAgstewn vs. West Chester
Alabama vs. Texas Christian
Alblon vs. Hllsdale
r Albright w. Gottyw
it.Alfrd v. St. LawrMee
Amer. Int'l vs. Northeastern
Amherst vs. Bowdein
I-Arixona vs. W. Texs State
Ark. AM&Nvs w. Wiley
t.Arkan l St. vs. FPlorne St.
Auburn vs. Kentucky (2)
k.Anuustana, S.D. vs. So. Dak. St.
a-Austin Peay vs. Middle Tenn.
Batew vs. Brandae
a-Baylov vs. Arkansas
Beloit vs. Wabash
Supton Col. vs. Villaneva
.Bowling Green vs. John Carroll
Bradley vs. Omaha
Brooklyn Col, vs. National Aggles
Brown vs. Dartmouth
Buffalo vs. Hobart
Butler vs. Ball St.
i-Calif. Poly vs. Santa Barbara
California vs. Washington St.
Carleton vs. St. Olaf
Carroll vs. I1. Weopyan
Central Mich. vs. No. III. State
Central St. 0. vs. West Va. State
Central Wash. vs. Whitworth
.Chiceo St. vs. Whittier
Cincinnati vs. Xavier, 0.
Colby vs. Springfield
Colgate vs. Holy Cross
R-.Colo. College vs. Montana State
p-Colo. Mines vs. Cole. Western
Concordia, Minn. vs. Gus. Adolphu
Connecticut vs. Masschusetts
Cornell. Is. vs. Monmouth
Cortland vs. Bloomsburg St.
Davidson vs. Presbyterian
Depaup vs. Oberlin
Dillard y. Morehouse
:Drul Tech vs. Urslnus
Duke vs. William & Mary
Eastern NM vs. Adams St.
A-au Claire vs. Stout Inst.
.EImposr St. vs. Washburn
Fisk v. Alabama A&M
Florida N&I vs. Savannah St.
i-Florida St. vs. Virginia Tech
.Florida vs. Gee. Washington (3)
x-Ft. Valley vs. Fla. A&M
Franklin & Marshall vs. Dickinson
Freano St. v. S.D. Navy
Goorla vs. No. CarolMn
x.Grambling vs. Tenn. State
Grove City vs. Hiram
Hamilton vs. Wagner
Hemp, Inst. vs. Delaware St.
IHarvard vs. Cornill
X-Hastings vs. Wayne St.
laverford vs. Juniata
X-Heodeilber vs. Wittenberg
Hoe vs. Kalamazoo
x-Howard Pay Vs. New Mex. A&M
Idaho vs. Col. Pacific
III. Normal vs. Eastern III.
Iowa v. Indiana
x-Ithaca vs. Wilk"e
John Hopkins vs. Carnegie Tech
Kansas vs. Iowa St.
Kenyon vs. Denison
Kings Point vs. Rennselaer
Kutstown St. vs. Millersville
x-LaCrosse St. vs. Superior St.
Lafayette vs. Delaware
Lawrence vs. Grinnell
Lebanon Vl. vs. Penn Military
Lehigh vs. Bucknoll
Lewis & Clark vs. Linfield
Lincole, Mo. vs. Kentucky St.
Lock Haven vs. California St.
X-L.S.U vs. Ga. T kch
n-Loeiviill vs. Dayton
a-Manruettf vs. Kansas State
Maryland vs. Wake Forst
X-McNoMse St. vs. La. Tech
Mbiwo 0. V0. Tloed-

- n ..
x-Mich. Tech vs. Ferris Inst.
Michigan vs. Army
Mich. St. vs. Stanford
Middlebury vs. Williams
x.Midwester vs. McMurry
x-Millikln vs. Elmhurst
MilIsap ,vs. Sewsae
x.MiN, Cel. vs. Howard Col.
x.Miisil Southernb vs, No. Texas

x-Merray St. vs. Memphis St.
x-Musklngum vs. Ohio Wesleyan
Navy vs. Pittsburgh
Nebraska vs. Tecas AM
New Hampshire vs. Maine

Me. Daket. v. Jewa T hrs.
NLa. s SW La. a N\st. f T -
Northwestern vs. Minnesta
Netre Dame, Can. vs. Col. Idaho
Oklahoma A& vs. Wichita
Oregon vs. Colorado 4.o.-
Otterbein vs. Akton de,
Pacfie U. vs. Pacific Lutheran i 8 EB
Pensyppdia vs. ermincto W rld-raf by' he' Army." Daryl Spencer missed the World Series of a year ago. Th
x-Peopp ai av. Pnceteo n alang tnts ee to make the World Series this fal bu their young infielder t into one o
Ph Sth s. Rus e s o ing ei Mil waukee. Spencer of the Boeing Bombers upsets Hawaiian third basem
PionCl. ramont vs. S. Dieg St. in stealing third base. The bll nt into left field and Spencer scored. He will b
Prile VUrw vs Tev. Soth ew York fom next sping. Veteran scouts consider him a remarkable prospect.
Page Sound vs. Western Wash.
urdue V Wisconsin
x -Rico vs. Clemson
Rutgers vs. Mulenberg Stengel To Use Trip To Japa
St. Augustine. v J.' C. Smith
St. Cloud vs. Mankato St.
St. John's vs. Hamline
xS. oui'sH"m v.ulR. cIt For Yankee 'Spring Training
x-San Joe St. vs. Arlsoea St.
Shlppeasburg vs. Stroudsburg
Slippery Rock vs. Ashland NEW YORK, Oct. 6-(UP)- ned the hip and adds-"Frag- Mack's wife, Katherine, was
Sth Carolina vs. Furman Manager Casey Stengel plans to ments of the fractilred bone the hospital during the ope
x.SWV Texas St. vs. Teas A&I use the coming trip to Japan as were secured in good position." tion.
Stetson vs. Troy St. "spring training" for his New
Susquehanna vs. Swarthmore York Yankees.
u-Syracuse vi. BosonU. U,. .p s o the w.. an I w
-Tenn. Tch vs. asto n Ky. The Yankees, who lost the ..
Tennessee vs. Chaltanooga World Series to Brooklyn, leave
x-Texas Cot. vs. Langston for Hawaii and Japan on Satur-
Texas vs. Oklahoma day. Says Stengel "There are J
.Texas Western vs. Texas Tech a lot of different things I can
s Thiel vs. Allegheny try on this trip. I'm going to
Trinity, Conn. vs. Tufts play Billy Martin at shortstop
x-Trinity, Texas vs. East Texas St. and anyone else I can. Stengel
Union vs. Rochester adds "We are liable to find a
x-Utah vs. Brigham Young regular shortstop like that."
x-Utsh Ss. vs. New Mexico
Valparaiso vs. Evansville The Yankee skipper also ex-
x-Vanderbilt vs. Mississippi (4) pects to get plenty of work
Vermont vs. Rhode Island from young pitchers like Bob
Va. Union vs. Howard Univ. Grim, t ob Welsler, Rip Cole-
Virginia vs. Penn St. (5) man and Johnny Kucks.
x-Wartburg vs. Lf her
Washington & St Vs. Centre Stengel says "When this
Washington, Me. vs. Drake trip is over the wife and I will
Washington vs. So. California go to the Mediterranean, but I'm
Waynesboro vs. Wooster not sure which countries. She
Weslyan vs. Coast Guard wants to go one place and I want
u-Western Ky. St. vs. Morehead St. to go another." Then Stengel
Western Mich. s. Marshall winked and said "But I'll be
West. Reserve vs. Mt. Union back with 'the Yankees next .
W. Virginia vs. V.M.I. year."
x-Wheatn" vs. Auqustana, 11.
Williamete vs. Whitman The Chicago White Sox, are
Winston Salem vs. Bluefield St. undecided whether to hire an-
Worcester vs. Mass. Maritine other general manager to re-
WyominE vs. Cole. A&M place Frank Lane. Vice-Presi-
Xavier, La. vs. Southern U. dent Charley Comlske says--
"We will decide in a minimum
Yale vs. Columbia of two weeks and probably clos-
er to three. If we decide to hire-
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 one, then we will begin to look
L.oras vs. St. Ambpoe for one."
Scranton vs. St. Vincent Comiskey is ready to take
over the job as general man- FITTING GESTURE-For a while it looked as if Detroit'
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13 ager and admits he has talked Pershing High couldn't use its 290-pound tackle. Tom Learsk
trade with other clubs. Says Football pants big enough could not be found. The problem was
x-Youngstown vs. Morris Harvey Comiskey "I've also talked solved by etting-a pair worn by Les Bingaman, retired mam-
-oo VSiy lth my manager, Marty Ma- moth middle defensive lineman of the Detroit Lions. Friday
Fots: rion, as to what we might do, Macklin, the Lions' equipment manager, fits the youngster.
I-_t Birmingham, Ala. but we've done nothing solid."
2-et Birmingham, Ala. ctors at Presbyterian Hos-_ _..III. .
3-at Jacksonville, Fla. pita In Philadelphia say 92-
4-at Memphis, Tenn. year-old Connie Mack came
5-a-t Roanoke, Va. through a two hour, 40-minute
operation "very well." The for-
mer owner-manager of the Phil-
adelphia A's suffered a fracturedi, I'epZ4. rfAAI oeA
,SOONEIS HO EaGROjVN hip on Saturday.eIt is hoped the:u & a
Norman Okla. -(NEA) -of u fasr.DrIlarlon Go-
Oklahoma s 61-man varsity foot- padae"sayarehopinh
ball squad, 44 are from within the there are no conPlilont us.Dr-

Experience, Notre Dame Two-Point

Weight Give Favorite Over Miami

MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 6-(UP) and Texas Christian 14 over Ala-
*.*. Edge -Notre Dame Is rated only a bama.
two-point favorite over Miami In the Far West, Wyom"i
of Florida in an intersectional seven over Colorado A-and-M..,
By TREVOR SIMONS football game Friday night. and California 19 over WashinBg-
Experience and weight will be That's the word from odds-mak- ton State.
the valuable allies of the Athle- Southern Methodist rates 14
tic Club tonight at7 o'clock points over Missouri...HoustonLU
when they take the field at Mt. dx over Detroit...and U-C-L-A GUN CLUB
Hope Stadium against Cristobal 27 over Oregon State.
High School. Saturday point-spreads (in re- NOTES
HI S h glonally televised games) include NO E
The A.C. will be seeking their Wisconsin seven points over Pur-
first victory of the season, hav- due...Colorado seven over Ore- GAMBOA n
in dropped a 7-0 decision to gon...and Southern California
Ealboa High last Satu r d a y seven over Washington. Holy The Gamboa Gun Club asn
night. That fact too, that they Cross and Colgate are rated even ounces a registered trap shoot
were able to limit the heavily fa- (in another televised game). for Sunday, Oct 9 10:(0 ajm
vored Bulldogs to one touch- Biggest game of the week This will be the first Shoot
down, stands out as a reason for matches Army and Michigan. It's since the shooters went to the
the A.C. to be listed as favorites rated a toss-up. Grand American Shoot, think
over the Tigers tonight. Here's rundown of other lead- they are all back and will like
hing games, to see them at this shoot. ,
A line that averages 170 pounds In the East, Penn State Is 13 Beer and soft drinks will be e-
an da backfield star-studded points over Virginia...Harvard available, so all you Shooters
with Arnold Manning, one of the seven over Cornell. Navy seven come out and make a day of t%"
smartest quarterbacks on the over Pittsburgh...Princeton 13
Isthmus today, Carl Tuttle, Will over Pennsylvania., .Syracuse 13 Cops
Nickersher and Charlie. Brown, ever Boston University...and 4rt Co s P n,
is what the Tigers face tonight Yale 13 over Columbia. Dart- 'tJI p
as they attempt to score their mouth and Brown are rated
second victory in a row for '55. even.
The Gold Coasters defeated Jun- In the midwest, Cincinnati six o. level WTer POl
ior College 7 to 6 last Friday in over Xavier of Ohio...Minneso-
the first Interscholastic tilt. ta six over Northwestern.. .Ohio
State seven over Illinois.. .Kan- by I l
Work-out sessions all week has sas seven over Iowa State...
been built along the lines that Marquette seven over Kansas Ch rlie Battery, 764th threw a
coach Luke Palumbo wants the State...Michigan State seven scare into tVhe favored Fe '-
boys to take this one as a warm- over Stanford...and Iowa 13 quarters Detachment, 744$yth
up for their all-important home- over Indiana. A.U. before succumbing to the
coming game against Balboa In the South, Georgia six over Headquarters splashers in the
next Friday, Oct. 14. North Carolina... Auburn seven finals of the Fort Clayton corn-
over Kentucky ... Mississippi pany-level Water Polo tournfe-
There will be little, if any, seven over Vanderbilt ... Mis- ment.
change in the Cristobal tactics sissippi State seven over Tulane The Headquarters poloistt had
with Kaiser Bazan, Bob Lowe, .. .Florida 14 over George Wash- previously swamped the Charlie
Bill Rankin and David Haw- ington.. .Duke 19 over William mermen 15-2 and came into the
thorne schedule for the back- and Mary.. .Maryland 21 over fray with an unblemished eec-
field positions. Wake Forest ... and Georgia ord. ,
Tech 10 over Louisiana State. But Charlie made it evident
The Tigers, unsuccessful thus In the Southwest, Baylor seven that they meant business by cop'
far in attempts at a passing of- over Arkansas...Oklahoma A- ping a decision in the first geam
fense, is expected to stick to and-M seven over Wichita...Ok- 3-2 by virtue of an overtime f
running plays with Kaiser Bazan lahoma seven over Texas.. .Rice riod. ,..
providing the driving power and seven over Clemson...Texas A- Because the tournament
Bob Lowe and Bill Rankin do- and-M seven over Nebraska... on a double elimination bas
ing some speedy and shifty run- second game was necessary
ning. FORT KNOX SUBSIDIARY the Headquartersmen made
Lamoine Werlein, C.H.S. Jun- most of it. Forward Shirt
for with plenty of football tal- Arcadia, Calif. -(NEA)--Santa I tossed in two goals with 3
ent, is expected to see plenty of Anita Park will distribute $1.055,-ISCowcroft and John cadinc
action, not only In the backfield, 000 in 32 stakes during its winter each and tihe trophy was th
but also on the line. meeting. by virtue of a 4-2 win.

Wait till you see the AHTod O 'E s.7
David Niven. In E ",
the ultra-fashionable "ELUSIVE PIMPERNEL'"
1c 9 / Barry Jones, in
new Parklane "SEVEN DAYS NOON"

SA 1956 FORD Todc IDEAL .20
Station Wagon "Son of The Guardsman"
Station Wagon Chapters 1 and 2
S"Harlem Globetrotters"
e COLPAN MOTORS "Goldtown Ghost Raides"'


s'at a t REASONS

Jordan Olivar
Fifth of a series written .
for NEA Service Vsresfone

VILLANOVA was leading Man- give new tire safety
hattan, 14-0, in the fourth quarter
at Ebbets Field in 1937.
Instead of playing conservati-: L- BSd*1d'
vely, I was pulling out all the
stops, gambling when I shouldn't. 11
trying razzle-dazzle instead of
sticking to straight football.

Clipper Smith senti n a guard i
named Matt Kubert o tell me not 1. The smooth tire is thoroughly t.a.,.... uefore
to pass but to run and kick. When work is done.
Matt reported to me, he mention-
ed briefly that Coach Smith said, 2. Same high-quality tread material as used in :
"Don't pass. Kick or run." new tires is carefully applied.,
I said O.K. and as I got ready to 3. Scientific control of time and temperature
call the play I ran hte items to- assures toughness and maximum wear.
gether in my mind and said,
"Don't pass, kick or rut? What 4. Final inspection inside and outside -
else are we going to do?" assures safety.

So I called a pass to John Wy- 5. Save up to more than 50% of what a new
sacki, a fine end, and he scored a tire costs.
touchdown. Wysocki scored all
Villanova points in a 20-0 victory, FIRESTONE INTEI AMERICA CO.
Clipper yanked me immediate- Automobile Row 39, Panama
s ly, but did not say a word although Tels. 3-4563 and 3-4564
I can imagine now as a coach
s what his thoughts at that time,
i must have been. at that time PANAMA: Serviclo Para Auto, S. A. (Pasa)
COLON: Auto Accesorios
I was a very fortunate signalcal- Sterling Garage
ler inasmuch as I only had the op- CHITRE: Agencas Max D Ulloa
I portunity to callplays for one year
- on a veteran and very good Vil- SANTIAGO: Estacl6n Sans6r
lanova team that suffered no de- DAVID: Arias y 'a.
feats. As a result, p o s t-g a me' DAVID: Arias Cia.
quarterbacks didn't have too man- LAS TABLAS: Auto Partea Ulloa
y corrections ot make. p
Going over each game piece A
meal in my mind, however, I find r r 4 ^ 1 dk
that many times I called the B i r i
wrong play but it turned out cor- 7 s n i i If
rectll anyway.
- NEXT: Red Sanders. __

= i i i M i i I IIIM








rTio row

--Re ad story on page 10
I~~~~~~~~~~Ra -on III JI l ..i ...,


Panama Amwtcan

"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.

,The Dillon and Hickman Con -
struction Company, with a basic
i.rRp sum offer of $99,500, was THIRTIETH YEAR
saorently low bidder on the _
construction of the new Latin
African high school building
Il Paraiso. a g
SBtds were opened yesterday by
Col. Hugh M. Arnold, Engineer- L
ing and Construction director, in a -g
thle board room of the Balboa
I-peghts Administration Build-
Four other contractors, who
entered basic proposals ranging e
Irom $114,300 to $126,972, includ- P e r o n
ed Bildon, Inc., E. 0. Hauke
instructionon Company, Isth- AUNCION, Paraguay, Oct. 6 -
mian Constructors, Inc., and (UP) Former President Juan
FrZamorco. Inc. D. Peron of Argentina will be left
alone by the Paraguayan govern-
Most of the contractors mak- ment unless there are special rea
ing offers for the work also sons for curbing his activities,
viade proposals on the five ad- Prsident Alfredo Stroessner of
ditional alternate items which Praguay said yesterday.
mere included in the specifica- Stroessner said his government
tons. intends to "abide strictly" by the
rules of the Latin American con-
The five alternate items call- ventions on political asylum in its
ed for the use of cement plaster treatment of the ousted Argentine
to all interior surfaces of the dictator.
concrete block walls; the use of He told a press conference that
tile in all of the toilet rooms; Paraguay made no secret deal
tle increase in the length of the with the new Argentine govern-
shop building by 15 feet; the mnet to restrict Peron during his
firnishing of preservative treat- exile here.
ed lumber in certain sections Stroessner said that his gov-
'nd the use of non-wood con- ernment has no intentions of
struction in certain structures. sending Peron to an interior city
The new Latin American unless Peron requests transfer,
High School, which will re- or there are special reasons for
place the present Latin Amer- such action.
ican high school facilities in In reply to a question as to
La Boca, is to be provided by whether Paraguay would take spe-
remodeling completely the ex- cial measures to prevent Peron
,sting Locks Division store- from interfering in Argentine po-
7house located on Paraiso Road litics, Stroessner said that his gov-
and Acla Street in Paraiso. ernment intends to "abide strictly
by the rules" on the conventions
The building will include 10 on political asylum signed bp the
classrooms, a library, laborator- countries of Latin America.

les for home economics, physics,
and biology, two teachers' rooms,
and school offices. A new ma-
sonry music room and a steel
building for shop will be con-
nected to the main building by
a covered passageway.
The new buildings are sched-
tiled for completion by March
1956 and it is expected that it
will be ready for use by the be-
ginning of the new school term
which will begin in May.
Equipment and supplies from
the school in La Boca will be
moved and installed during the
school vacation period from
March to May.

He stressed that his government
would take all necessary measures
to prevent any activities that might
harm the friendly relations be-
tween the peoples and g o v e r n-
ments of Paraguay and Argenti-
na. He did not elaborate.
Peron also held a "press confer-
ence." But he refused to comment
on his flight into exile and would
only allow still photographs to be
Meanwhile in Buenos Aires,
some 8500 meat workers staged
a sitdown strike at three large
packing houses to protest seiz-
ure of their union by anti Pe-

i m m mmm i- w




mW mW mM mI MM -A ImWil g g

Wilh ti Louikos par-
chase, Misri cam to
the United States and


MEMBERS of the United States Society of Editr. iand Commentators Inc., who are now in
Panama on a tour of Latin countries, visited te Milrafores Locks and control tower Wednesday
afternoon accompanied by Gov. J. S.; Seyboldiand geferal otner Canal officials. Above the group
barands on tie Miraflores Lock apron witbthe. SItknard FrL, t liner Contessa seen in the lock
I chamber in the-Jabcground.

Treasury Official
Sees 'No Assurance'
Of Tax Reduction

Treasury official said today there
is "no assurance" for realization
of an administration expressed
-.-.- hope of a possible tax reduction
PERON SLEEPS HERE-Deposed Argentine dictator Juan D. Per6n has taken up residence in next year.
this house at Asunci6n, Paraguay. The house, in the residential section of Asunci6n, is le-'ted Dan T. Smith, special assistant
around the corner from the U.S. Ambassador's home. to Secretary of the Treasury
George M. Humphrey, made the
statement in testimony before a
ronist leaders. Army troops glo packing house; 2,600 in the ly 2 million, have been, taken over House wags and means subcom-
stood by to prevent violence. government-owned Ww, N e g r a in the past 48 hours by anti-Peron- mittee. The subcommittee is in-
The troops were sent to Avellan- Iplant, and 1,400 at the Ciabasa ist leaders., vestigating the administration of
eda, where the plants are locat- plant, owned by a private compa- CGT leaders have protested vig- the excise sales tax laws.
ed just south of Buenos Aires, sev- ny. orously to President Eduardo A. Annoyed by the Treasury's tail-
eral days ago when Peronist work- No American packing compa- Leonardi against seizure of union ure to come up with any recom-
ers rioted immediately after Pe- nies had been affected so far. headquarters by anti Peronists mendations for changing the ex-
ron was ousted. The strikers did not resort to and demanded reinstatement of cise laws, subcommittee chairnian
Police said their. we r e 4,500 violence but merely refused to all former union officials. Aime Forand (D-R-I.) asked
strikers in the British owned An- slaughter the cattle and process In another development F o r- Smith if the Treasury was holding
the meat. eign Minister Mario Amadeo said back data in order that the admin-
,," C that all religious holidays abo- istration couid use it next year.
The headquarters of the large listed by the Peron government Forand said he has heard Pres-
Sues Nr s Aires was occupied Tuesday night -- a cut in taxe"early in the next
Sby delegations of the several sub- session of Congress."
unions which make up the meat CAe Gorge Wans
SPermit workers organization. Sen. We "Inar can assure yon that there
TI tt A ,are no plans now developing for
TV Prmiti JSivw More than a dozen unions, with AJ '|Md| sh i any tax program," Smith replied.
an estimated membership of near- IaOllnll WvIWIUI Then in reference to H u m p h-

New Orleans officials today jug-
gled the blame for refusing a per-
I mit for an appearance here of the
famed Ringling Bros., B a r n u m
and Bailey circus.
Lee G. Lowe, city revenue col-
I lector, said he refused the permit
at the orders of Robert Develle,
city finance director.
I Develle, in Milwaukee, Wis., on
city business, said he told Lowe to
i hold up on issuance of the permit
until his return Friday because
the matter was under dispute, and
the final authority was up to Ma-
yor Delessep Morrison anyhow.
SMeanwhile, the circus f iI e d
suit in civic district court asking
the city be required to issue a per-
mit. Ringling Bros. Officials call-I
ed the city's refusal "illegal, un-
warranted, unreasonable, arbitra-
ry And capricious."
I Develle said the permit was
held up because the location I
sought In Audubon Park was not
l agreeable to residents of the area
and because of its proximity ot
dates already granted the Shrine
Circus. He said he did not know
about the circus suit.
S the circus had asked for the
park on Oct. 21-23. It named as de-1
e fendants in the suit Morrison, De
velle and Lowe.

It Never Pays-
MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UP) It
i was the age-old battle of wits over1
who should wash dishes.
L;' College student Martin Lifer of
Greenwood, Miss., was practicing
i putting a golf ball on his living
room floor when his wife, Gerlene,
said he should wash dishes.
I Martin, who classes himself as
I a pretty fair golfer, challenged
I Gerlene to a putting contest to
I see who would wash.
Losing the first contest, Martin
made a second bet for stacking.
1 He stacked, too.

foot six-year-old Ians takes
good care of his little sister,
Liesel, 3, at a Red Cross refu-
gee camp in Berlin. The young-
sters were waiting for their
parents to go through the nec-
essary screenings before they
could enter West Germany.

Of Cutting Defense
GRIFFIN, Ga., Oct. 6 (UP) -
Sen. Walter F. George said today
the chances for long range peace
are good, but warned against the
"gamble" of cutting national de-
fense funds.
The Georgia Democrat, chair-
man of the Senate Foreign Rela-
tions Committee, said "the great-
est job that any of us in Congress
can have is trying to find a way
to avoid war so that we can a-
void the tremendous cost of al-
ways preparing for conflict."
He is barnstorming the state,
presumably to take the pulse of
Georgians b e fo r e announcing
whether he will seek another six-
year term next year. George is 77.
In discussing the future of the
world, George insisted it appears
to be moving toward peace but
said it is not yet safe to "gamble
with our future by cutting expen-
ditures for national defense."

rey's statement earlier this year
that the administration hopes to
have a balanced budget, with, a
possible tak reduction, in the next
fiscal year, Smith told the subcom-
"A hope has been expressed.
But there is no assurance that the
hope will be realized."

Sec'ty. Hoover Says

U.S. To Stand Firm

On Red China Trade
TOKYO, Oct. 6 (UP) T'Under
Secretary of State Herbert Hoo-,
ver, Jr., said today the United
States will stand firm in its trade
embargo against Communist Chi-
Hoover called r hurried press
conference following reports in
Japanese newspapers that he had

"It is better to have a 1 a r g e indicated to Foreign Minister Ma-
armed force and not need it than moru Shigtmitsu that the U.S.
to need it and not have it," he was considering relaxing the ban.
The veteran lawmaker said the In a statement handed to re-
Geneva conference of the Big Four po.'ters, Hoover said that "prob-
powers, an idea he originated, was lems concerning trade with Com-
responsible for "breaking down munist China" were brought up
tensions and making it possible by Japanese officials during a
for free men to talk about their meeting yesterday.
problems one with another."
Further progress toward world But he said he "made e I e a r
peace may be made at an Oct. 27 that it is the policy of the United
meeting of Big Four foreign min- States backed by American public
sisters, he said, but the session opinion to oppose any change in
undoubtedly will be clouded by the present international controls
the illness of President Eisenhow- ovtr such trade."
"He had the influence and p
er and conviction to make a fg1
along the lines that would lea d I
the world into peaceful acitivites,
George said ofthe chief executive | T oE-VChoos
heart attacck.Bao Dal Or Premier

SAIGON, Indochina, Oct.- 6 -
(UP) The South Vietnam gov-
ernment today ordered a public
referendum to decide whether the
country wants to be ruled By pre-
mier Ngo Dinh Diem or absentee
playboy emperor Bao Dai. -
The referendum will be held
Oct 23rd on the questions: I chose
Boo Dai" and "I chose the pre-
Orders went out to local au-
thorities in South and CentralI
Vietnam to prepare for the refer-
endum in which three million cit-
izens are eligible to vote:. k
(In France, the 42 year old play-
boy mosarch rushce to Pais from
the resort town of MAP-. Local
Vietnasm wurces said So Dai
hoped to stood the refe at which
could strd him of vW the sia-
dow of pwr h still p -ses as
titular ero Aaa a aid
Viettinls e of stte

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