The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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e..i Ee ._ MM 141 N. PANAMA L -
.L.. OlrPIC8 &31 .17h L Di W-W361tH AND IST githh
Fanlol nee JOMUA U POWERS. INo Oe,
241 MAoISMN AvL NEW YO61. 171 N f .V
Lse s, v MAI
0161 X MONTHh ADVANC.. ,0m1 .00 w .. '
ONE teA. IN ADVANCE dS(.o t NEW YORK Two Chiesg o
IS OUR POItUM -- TH RADRS OWN COLUMN labor leaders have started a itdri
.against using, and with "Areat
humility I halts "cruae by
two frda of mine, earl jimer.
TIH M A la BOmon ano thea i -writ Pat or ..
men's Uni. They kicked off their
campaign wit,, ,an editorial int
The Mail ea is aan wse tenrm 1 e reedersof The Panama Ameril. their union paper entitled "IIw
Were are received getefuliv and are handled la wholly geltideal dirty is your tonrue?'
e:ur. ~Since my hobby s collec~J ern. u'

,lr de i'd I-frn to mov ther along
L-t a ontributDbe atter dontbe impatt n i doesn't appears e I'd uto uove the a t along

,Ideoelt letter wriee is held s ande st cefide ne. all 4abor should d be "How clean Isa
k1twinespaueru o u es foen n y a at y -temesh as plains Your Ital nion?"
S1 ohave!n r dtter a acotwv. am iex. J
tortiner by the name of an d
GOOD GOVERNOR DeKoning, Sr., who now is serv- t
mn tme for LP abo 00,-cm
TieMail Box has became an absolute challenge to me. Night 2from ubani n ontra t b
Som uede Calhou s, sweet Pop Wright and 0ot hers who mi.l Rhra ev rs. the e, The_ is ma
Ia Lheir minsives, I am forced to the reluctant coucla uem. T.s m Local 12 of the "... ..... h. ToH oe Clh l I, Ibr
-- ---vrs )..eracy does not exist in the Canal Z ne. internatoal Union of Operln
or Bimue r "One o Whto Apprecate HF Wife" writes Engin r.aa without whe members WLIa m lertha t
H en re s en who leaxttve their wives at home every eve- st wh os es YOo. can' t .a dl as hnt ena seri arm? e rs. ,s
while these hux.ana d enjoy the sporting life of the various or operate a o g building rf an ai bo w fae d pArs be a 4 P ie
So far, two blasts have been levelled at O.W ..H.., both kind in the be ig cen e a terms a f n -a Te

ing rn t e e a cta ofa ter irage n hi r. sedon. n s al*fa^r shss am & r ce g
ti tatb e' t. ing to corrupt thoe moralseof th a en te fo tm ao n r s er id

Amonwe Aelta n readden oFanamaast N Aongt webo a fe members Bad Eastern .i Inc. as wao voied oRl-th-record la WI Joe
o. Increibllmen. You e, DeBonn n R inati mate friend ofH so e, o
kn5wahim a tho havefra of hewis accomplsatCent r.l has alsat about iany eber e t. the a .o)^all that lookS.&rSel ex:, ac#tl a villgetn oe m
however, the purpose of my letter is entir ly diff erent f o u ebe Faa, fo ulo ela e .ys
e fmrebead dori 'sn io tew. I coruess It's e bven p revolution- I emos prison) terroritedd.oPeathsinh a p iseo
phky. Because Its purpose Is to pra i se o ome wt be s biesof his localpp M =d N M a
Here goes We thik that Governor John 8eybld ,loathe mo st a nweallra and wsio t r e RIo nB dxre that ee
e ated hundreds Of million of dol. t M

t I x w govdertnoru andp the 1most5loal thato the r Canal Zone ho a L arsinLog IslandonsructiBon.iL* .
During the last ten years. (I must lifys the o umer of Ths th n M tetrr we f or sea teta i the t. a4me be ds at
ra, because we've olyt been here since 54. ) 1P sniairs a ke-dowdosdth e;sesl. In I n --i nr h e Re

a start a peronex l dscummer. of anyon s m rn n d raa nce fnao iao v ae, tis so, by fore ad m an b* -d T e .i t bl i iofr m. 8a0 creage and es whicshme aO P le adea e asa
Governor Seybold is a man, m th oreover, and rae an high land. haa f t t a o a a a

ato BrteprssA t hehA oJyfranat l ro i P at he ij. o t m ba okTheyeo t you *laeoe er te lw h a mn cU sert i:a.- n amelac te fur me pro w
e h ohe C and its people and fort the Deoetgdfam.y -thoed h ,e t e S. itat st crd prr. on er f s oIn o r AS, vae o r.,..*,

eves to be right. Which of us could do more?1 k Of o renewed terror for rank Ilaa
Smon we Ameiga n resident s of Panam. overor Seyboldb and. fle members and Easterna r thi o d s ci "1m t th ,. e
mwon the aenct and admiration of all of us who hAve come busessmen. You o., DeKon, o, ~n i rhtherer d .
ments, Sr., has just about fr" 4An Ran school a on MI
know him anwoaerea d of hisa ha, about wo t voiced thoacoI'd islavtei

You know thos of us wiho live rin P anama lead very different .In"_ debth .q nti hceho oees of ethetIs ala a oed e ll al er i t-
Dyes from Canal Zone resident. In all caseseour friends Includei e, mfor he was r. h l fd Wallacea p t .sy ea t r
e members of foreign diplomatic c r rp U-.. 8.Embas wPer- enl1 me oa eths -te p-s. m Be edu..t rr ir su e of ce e po,
ei, Panamanian and American businessmen and thei fami- to be released oro r hh. .e no r dd jONaMmsm"mt ap~tovi f red mo to the
ndArmy and Navy people stationed here. In ourb l Personal i a M..m o ao
ence, we have never heard the Governor and hs at ff dis- He fully expects to take soyr ia ever the br o aan an, de- A
d except with interest and admiration. lde tal. The reW m hl oot ii mew iu ta eatery orl f, tt ,Dth' Rmlerbnr
Why then in it that the very group for whnom they wor t le contrary ~ifs a. t e a u a e l m
fotleaderofthe O aaaians i ai d b, T e
Sexpresses appremtn alt leas t or an eff mort ......e h perai g- g'Jd bt b dd ap plied towool.s o t thet tjhse
SCoulnd this group be the one that almost openly boasts of mn ers Earl Jimerson o t ..h oroo-twaier "Citwould besu ieidal U lo
aing lived in the Zone for from five to 50 yewa still neverm might, o a we rren bout s- t wh.Ptee- -awl, a lonoo.wih-eryw'l e rporetaa !
l Ieaned to speak Sperml.h? Could this be the same thatRhigo relCdisinclination-offnatives tobeWaadto pay farme to keacrea d
t.iv..enrou r tt wI theopalnl=deh ,nsofsneeringly of tHe *IEn5 =, WmKaM .t o L. ..m.-i. hmutuowatwih. t h, h o u I. comp G t wiHenry's ,.__R__n__
h ib he g u phd m -th a t u n le s p or eacs p rh at t han 6 i go& oU410 0 111u. o r bde l u J h i m*.
*" -an Balboa Heights"?otrelghimiTof lite pigs.

oenvictfrnonetal sthtmiest r elig ome aOPn lAadrs don't at
Group that sems to delight In fostering poorper on a ourtv sue B lied their, various names e

bey os nt mnhwh. Tahe ofkseo tihti taha MiiB Sla
prels t-iors be wnthe Am ericaZi and the anamanitan? unimn, there wi b m eorra.Thwereetthran iorkethesewRe FY ever~/I.
re oan hy uinIdeed s all the trouble oever Afiof. Ao I remember Ara m Ey ie e the a p

daythng&o r auda ipd Ju- to line up fa r earn scaiae
ntlny, the ouo motto has been "I ou ca n find a ualg. -oot Ih, and middle. .t ehill.. tat 3rit. hf frm i, mr nowd
n terwr how.praiseworthy, keep very uet. Whnt iDeKforng, Sr.. has beeu The poADA O you first o Broda i. hlonzeWas soecdaartoam leasehse., rented
stao utrrt a personal discusson .of anyone's mnviaT .A "news'-In durance, not so vile, hi.s son, b force and ma.iai .by Jac s".lre.*J.Isabaic. casrationnlaH to. "acreage reserve."yo ui
C,.1ai r S lr go o iPn a s. aw hoe .,r, alrido we lr me.eI01n1* W pstl
ut I& deasseem tome about.timeteatfsomeone camef 'r-tun hstheh lcaluion Wi a.boot tobac'the et.annu ot be. wftled. 'd .nat01d_ e soshrad want,It;allbades do" to the nmei -
to represent an M eey lage groupofu ... ... ,.w a ag.TheA you relax an.kd th rench doctor the hoe miteh a man cOow saudn thi ng:. namely, the farmer would
amen the cal Zone hangig enormousy for the better chosen pmohrasre. mosihoriencouragelrndiv idualbticgreedy day In that, V.t uedou e frtk
the present regime.,. plead oeuit to coercion Mo.o.nm ql. l him ped a ha d oang eofhis farm out of "pro-AIS. (
t e migtyemtoheriohn. eedom-tlaamong Bwe. wCoGs4 himoarduction and putting it.ingross, f2h re
in sorry that I can't sign this letter with My full' name off with susp..endttI napi vens. you, et u., tar in ... tlas, 53 ltl1' e uah,. and e cttentin I idlr ar -
H e mere thought of being accused of, at the vprY leaft, aocl ;when.i, isdadswntnoi brbitsaopigon, Ap o s .pe .. nn. n_. p. e t it toSeere- toa g a om
ions, stopsmehcold.Junr d ohy rr in d after al l.I i s Dmsave treverwalkinga Benso" Benn uld thu. atln reasrmlng nn
-t ao d Del MbhkthetEileed
ILw. te. LtDo an wt i RdAbW
tak p.7_." iwDeveioseni.No. 4i- GOPre- Into therapub.

ia tryt toeommunioate with old friends In Painaa d-ur Inquestio. from tA thA M. 111IllegalIn daysCouent
P -ama Coast Artillery News. Among tem wer the name os- Pet ,atalia, .was him, whn.hen Wal, Ifirsvate Ape-theerThe d.claoraiothenMwuichn uo".i-
Burnham*andRed Mlhenny, thenerraofayour1E I ined ch m san.fok
d e n embers of your staffbeaten for Infracting this rule- know that to.o I frm an Iwb U0 4to e a adTA
eIglltu then chief of Lewis ServiceonAvenida'Central;ichalso.said that any member liver is not but a ca-r r)ofae, under the Triple A At, first tep to implant the te-
Muse": of the Atlantic side, and others in baseball there; Icould be badue from union meet-mendakble act.. .-wit was ewarge, afete y tson to pat asIde a
Pre eley ad Bi Four" of Fort Amador, and an Army 8er- Igo for its. -onths for simply A man wft four. wives Ado. ..t eevAN,'+A -mounte OfAcreagoe. a,.tress
from Tes I've forgotten his name who was our bestbeidtaM om of t m e M cr s to bet eP tb
meIte a Coast Artillery Command back In the are tlling t4 a beating for a blood. Whed, some wild tribes rt K -'" O. w If- k hsuhpytadAeblpantnot
a we .w 'iover as Jar.n'ns ,Tunglen .priadpla- Ualas and some rendered to F Foreichaed ay erC
whwondern t wou nan put thisWormauon out where It wil teinreU'.' One of the reb- forces the other day, seve n locals. isaly with the aid oCo mmfm
the most, osrd.ask al my oldrends to write me now Wels iam Wilkes, who knows loks wered out, andtse i ins, toI a" -,adlComnunistaodd -Re. publi cans. depatmen ft
behind the Rusian Iron Curtain at Bucharest, Rumnalla tured in Italy and sm_ F mohtyb o oi b .amw ct
Appreciate It very much, and will be delighted to hear from in a beastly Nail sn a n n r
one I knew. He I takis ngno non rubber-stamp the capitulat8ua. rCra iCa.Casabloanca In themid.evolts famed fight to hacre the
St6f you all often of Nelson Rounevell, Ted any A=erian prolt of t h 0 ai yon 'are a prc oeoti os.em ra na r a'. c.ustices us
Ariaso,~t o ond hope th en alev, T hrd Reich authwariazlsm. in the old cou r"q w,.at, .do sm enthels dferentod m coura-Now Deal.
'viArias,- and hope that I'll be able to vit Pan- Wilkens and Ratallas haer been d.e' ..." "---"- wsoase GL
J. e summer,.demandin financial statements Sse.Pld"dna

t l ried"lastmonthe foud rEuoimdeu- t weg l wasE

by a crusading Carpenters -o .,. ,.,. ... "s.. ,,.,
!on leader, Bob Forrester. '. Kiekem, Stickem Hack ft1 f
So If Pat Gorm~an and E ar I ketM. Ac011,
JimersonUof the Butchero Work Yo"'Simplewe
men's Union really want to w-O]etea roa e .
IL |out one scandal that wil r 0oRoSB tDWre,D Iwo &Fal~ ir _i T A %
c.sDing, they can join wi that e un .Tall,-&
At& .. -- labor people and the reverend and lea N. Earl. Heavy, Has ied &.""gg : A
CAA FILL YUR N r save the labor Nmovement and the Obvious Over, Satxxt A g il pu-to
CAN al, YOUR NEEDS! nation a headache. Matt o of fact,
let's all get into this one. There l T Ar IIn VIP I 0tl-glob: *
'"- ,. are some mighty important inmeans Mr a
ciples involved in this crusade.,- .-ke ,
Harry Toffel memosM a'g"
it'sJan loftIft t A s



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. CWICAG. -.UP)- More
.r m i 'both large saod
.a are tuning to fon-preperty
rlsh and boosting the rat of e'i
* takes to raise revenue, a at
shows. S
By the end of last year at

Zsi g4e9110lelk 678 cities of the 1,347 With popu*
"a.* T.ub) lationa of more thai 16,00 were
et using admissions, sales, and other
O 'e -o "'. K t i.on a On -propertyta
J 9 O lu ,2 (yIe tbpad Accordin to a specll section in
03, fie X :S tea- t 15 -M uni I Year ook
e -Pepper, A pubH ties of laternationa
p. q .de p C4ty managers' Asociatlion, adop-
*R F W.hUO .' ', eUg, U tlons of nonproperty taxes in the
l ABh I 1.'1 ,a S,-Ue., last two yrers indiae that he
nat ad *aeb or t Y problem ao Insufficient revenue,
.brMth. b. tter or' anagA which hit the big tol ns -first has

~Is .~r bred .mso. esapr o spread stacdly to the A s csm es
-.^iRc i. yl *. InThe types of aon-w d operty taxes
ea **** s C Stir Into the Uilcn te. Cooe o ver difer but a good ideaxof their
*a' bea) low beat-until thickened, about 5 V ab C e shan sown bye liHst of
,'_ .... -i minutes, stirrin g c sta..tly. nonm-propert' y taxes allowed by the
.S .j sc seah1t shi tehe lthn 'Sta d It states..m
V inl I n s o f t t e a n & f o l d i n t o t h e
ma 1 m I 1 g One c' ,lled freih mito rungessed. Admisiton and amusement ta-r
SAd"t a s.. ...... .M '"" 1-3 aS p tautter or ole. Bake in pan the liquor and beverage
S l a Ie cup fl ou wr, 2 1- u ip kn or xe, r allowed mtin i eite, busi-
imCm ..a to ..... .,....... t y bot( ter. p m ilk, itea- es three llo pti topa alone
a. lt, Ig-2h ur V teaupo kI ground on ht7; cigarette random tobacco taxes
'.2WS um81Mi. -SM s .c M. Somes out c len.i.b so, deeomsen... te in.ed.t tae tee Ied trae les, three,
.5 st soupm.' S .'c *. 5 Serve pt cue wirth mushroom g a r b avge and refue service
Vi 9m, f op Sa uS mce.. char c, 4a. ow sewag line and motor
a.-I .s" a15 tto9 4 l po-~O~~IM milresk h d .remB aSwse fuel taxes, five, and income taxes,

'rat,.i?u MaitagIuY. al 'MI l:00 p. a abseV Srturt" ................. > until medium th.. ness, otirrng
_ rS fixt tt 4 nrl --- I ee as g. 'ir "a n M taw e.Aw rr.c s.. constantly. Serve over hot urrid l
I (ThA400 -0 four.
Pc 'a AL" One eup.slied, fresh mushroom n, In, six r ty in permit
t. ;.. ........t .. nr Garnish r ne, e uwit of liquor and beverage
"cup fi.u"r. "2 1- cup$s c.ken or ta xes, 2 a llow motor vehicle tax-
Sinmi i C to I a ........'...... beaultrky bod, i cd p iUil, tea- o, three allow occupancy t

sE5 : f:Hsol a.m. etx Ibrmuf *M WIN a Womi don't need that. kind 0
elo.__:_toso- 'sa lt ..1.6Ci a_ pioum" nd I. ndl' ..t ., e ti on hotels and rooms to rent II
Ilt 9 .._.,;; [ or.a rawl*I-- l n l tiPi iwho 0eallo ;;" ...w...oll and street itxes, i aal-
aa.":::: I 5c. !er *s i : i .to-aSK,-a S?-..-Cr- r ,..,o"< *"t e
.udia. .... Aeled chopped fresi prlemy low p ubic ility goss recepitr
r 'p e.St ( Saute mu hroo. JOi Bn dt Udbuitter or taxes, nine have sa les taxes and

J p FW I ure 's aneUn, annimy a home aa a misfit gueIt.
Too ./ s o. mdMI:I. A..IOOK An tro A W, n d. murarine. Bmend in flo Gradu- 47sllow slew ag s ere arges.
alWo ly stir in nhiekn 0t turkey broth I

e, ean ,-rlSr "3 5 I so ;-,.,,-i cFM @ I-s "c Ionslntly; Serve over hanot c eurr. niied
=on ,:. en ,.mtf t hursday e. /AaO lehicen -or turkey in casierole.

... u .... ........ e. amrh ith f resh p arle v.

AC.u.,,.A- No m" d. a Ao d H oS theL 33d h houet
r i i .-- .I t. .-... I- .. .. t h a t a r e W
i m mm; nn. 5,LONA +101 U
,w to m a nM a t do: .m and:r a gn 1V .r................... .. p M F O T 1 capital
S sturdy t ur M T A w .. ..... s. t* a
aionnow M toE lr rs N e41% THAN Ug A IfAg0 S tI he
cI: lou M al.e a o- p '. ad T1 g a. ..., ....A N.ew Y ?Or --ort O rdvishomes
S on a. Dur aa M N Th h H s .'man belongs in the pictuff t re.i
.*l .:" -, ^ ..1.. ....-"".. bea nI M Og O .u /

0No < to sn. stage setting for one mWember of E1
Pm.i La am..oee reaIIt"efm"l-.

..-By...s. i e w ..cs as, e wed. .l,--. e2 "-II, t IT ace where every mem --H /
Sa m ~. a ~~.. ............ that
S B11? psank" I $,N PALI Tu I -lay and cel at .N i ......,-.o.furnable and decorate e *^*1 I

i .i .......... .
-_=..-- ./A_ C*' I Wome n, .IunIa.......4.. .... at y a .dmoel s ua _,I

,I, Ll i, 21, & .I06._,. ,.,.1 ""1- I' ,smW *omen dont-'need h and Wkid
... .... FO ay 7:.. ... m'd. '. ce -- ..l. u r dvice. 4IToo many of them a already e
.. .. ...m ed so J I N s r iIF _W ,iL I om t Ia gP so.fair in expresst them-
Monh ral .b .r. am. 1 .isV siir o selvs Ues"' their homes tat the
C a d. 3 a m -IioN Moo nM Pa mA' na n M o raa m Aw. m a n o f t h e f a i lyf r s e e m s ao i wt- &fa i yl keee sts, %
H!T. S a .3a a fst I 3: rl.Mwud. and out pl in h of Brnff pnd E" trn Air hll
I /-'-Dimdd. sPMr aD a S d S .LMd l idNo......ok"Nhome a a mis it'. gest. -ig m io Head.
o 'L .. you thms upesrb d w..
.'lo v e'll Dc. aneain .m, Iis [ le UImlj El Conquistador, -some men end so
.0 H Wlyfa M ay betht s 1 Pelacervec to Wty mh
s so s e .. uso where man can feel om- ica nd with no-to

.......y^ ^ ^?"...wlldr For in formaoS ad r tion
"= obelehone2v09-a, Hoelm.
.:06po pu. an asr __ .5.. C T O .- w ... ." e I.
e eaut ,.. -p A j., ....... n-. -ss.u .. S

I B;or.li11901- 1 t ..lM ...i. ... s am 0 -16 1 ",poo
16. l -, i- .-_ probably created a live"3'3n" .
I...... .... p.m. P
_. _.........i "W_ i & :S20 P v.l I.,s .s l .......too.: 0 mLlh-i- k abuI in :hnall In. achina,2110.
S ..... .. .........,,3 /ft TsiL= ml/ y ---rooms that are planned with but
rI"1 Am on" C -a mobonee puo in mind to look
.a--.. ame,. -.beautitM"L and make a proper back-
Ai,,my-.SAO.... ISE O."--Vi-- _--.' .U_ Vg ground _for the lady of the boust.
om- 110 11000ausu .lSundayNases d. 6m a",,1020, M rue-i_ Tmu rZ t -But men rarely comment e n
olyMDand aiy 6A. 5 a .L.. _.600 "10 -- the beaut Of a room unless it
5N6.P cn oDMsgw0Ln;WA9.O lsPoils c M F 0I T in capital
9W ,rIL Medal0-.ov-a,.3t,,o.0-.. ad R ",0"ad4. "0.r- -,.So lee's not leA.any decorator
MSEIi o 'Iini .oW T.- =. o en,_, s, a Ul n. selll us a bill of goods about the
mii! gom go s a Im a _L a.m--,MM go am, p a.-.importance of turning our homes
'! .p ... I r.- .h. IM"aia in ,o" proprba ckgrounds oiW our-
WI. ", --. /if a man belongs in the picture,
5I1 0 1MAo N a aCr= = Ma- --. _3-.6 aT m.mG .and we.wan to _keep him there,
,_- ..- ._I.ymartt. othinLk.more we woul le ri m ore fly o n

S4MI ., fli ,+, I......... ,:-4 ber of the family should feel re
I _1ri i a' NaO"N..... ", .m .ilax- and comfortable and at ease.

lm.PAm. i C62. ...". pm A u.. i p. 4- I' o
fie -a 5o:49 P10.0Sunday Bob 15 6p.. b wt a.n4d'W
Heart aI',,-.,o- .l..-.-,--,.,I ,i.....,,, "" Iu.-a_ ...a. o,- n.aO..gir.-,-

0,3 ADod'-03CO W m U g. wD. aW- Ovesr
or : 7 :00 6 1PdLWSa(0 SomeA Ut ... 1C rib. at pasig. C. (R a
Hear 6 iNvs: Id. ,9,,m .... _6 a. I S ,-... .Su b PWA SA ndo Ln-a1e. R0io AbJO
11;MA, .. ._s--. :_ 7:135 an Mm='9.LU0= 80,,7,ie. m r yo th su perb ne
..MN, tn .m -,f p _. en st-is,. !.- A ,,. __ a. S.l Conquistador,.the very

-n;0 18a, 4 .66 i. v *0-0 so ntac mdin
aim-LASUM V..on"-, ,9... c_- UIU"&B New York and .Washingto
?lawMW.......1.- -, 0 1 MNibI 5 .... e. ,. 2 ,-.

._ _!! o1,rM6l _, wmi IS and-,;- a---".-- yoithisereosu every m
I fa.i~ll Itll LI ll ii llt........... l~li n li ,. ,,..... _Ils l

will m~ it at

Sunday Schoo .... ..... 9;30 m.
Morning Worship ........ 11:00 amn.
Box 78, Aho6n




in the


getting of.

i your (Wome!

~rIm- A m FNTU

-plane service to


-one plane

Lines join to bring
service. Offering
finest in luxury or
straight through to
n. From those stra-
s timed to connect
aior city in North.
p flights to Europe,

all the wyfl.

Scall your travel aent or Braniff t Avnida Tivl II,
nnd, telephone 1-1660, Ext. 130. er Pawn 3-472, .
779 er 797.

~E. ~~5 L~~15~Z. IL -e
O .... ........ V


...... .IN P L A!

1w'm l
-- .. ... .... ; .. .. :~a..., .. ...

bsum lT Tn T1k .S
dem addnss nl fier hmto
diy servisto to ey dM
wig ho ,'!b-Rpm


U 'i


Isaw it inAw


.- Ii'





*1 -

"T .




. -



' A.

-r*. P W --'*-- .a r a- 'ATUDAT 2' '..

na "M Pon I

'In Mid-Padlic

!Search Under. Way

SUPi A Flyin Tiger airline Writte for NZA Servies
DC-4 cargo plane with five m'n
aboard is feared down at Sea
some 410 miles northwest of
a Jo'nston Island. the Navy said. NORTH Is
Stodar. KQ8
Th c fiiur-entyine plare. nn R #AJ2
flight from Rin:"m Field to #976
Wake Islard. was last heard: WEST EAST (31
I rcm at 8:40 p.m. when he pot 432 47
radioe- he was t 500 feet with QI o'", .9. *D VA' I32
three enftines gore. 094 0 KQ1073
:KQ 5 4310I#- ..0
arlir he radied that SOUT A w
Lq ehaddropoed from so0n,
rien he UderW y

L to 4000 feet altitude in a 6AJ O654
matter of minutes becanlse of a YNone j /.
4ss lock.- 06A3 3e 00
z She Coast Guanrd took control North-South vul. 7MAT
df search oDiratinon immediate- Sefth West Neor
1". sendint two PRY psrr from V 14o 4b 4
.rber's Point,. The Air Force r am Pass Pan
atohed two planes fro: Opening lead. ..9 Q
rffam and one from Johnqton '
Iland. while a Navr plane was '
ero rpte from MIdway.
sSoutb had a tough nut to crack
SAl '!hips at s"a were I e rtd in today's hand. for it seemed that .
i lthe Coast i guard sa n'vhc would i nose two diamonds and *a M&in .
.:1 Kukul near Midway was di- t'wo club. Good technique and
.:*ed toward the search Prra. good csrd reading won the day, *no what bappea dwheano fill aspap h with a6
r however. I "Kno w what u, 9' w -oia pr bag ,--
The cuzt-rs Winnebawo sRd South ruffed the opening heart and bang your hand on it?"
as, ;wood ere o ent out fiom iead, Pnd entered dummy twice
.1nolulu afteP tht crews wereWwith trumps to ruff out two more. r, Ps
IUed back from shore leave hearts. lie then led a low club. M U
a ~~~.. _____ ~~~West Put UP the nine of clubs,.1 WITAW T W 1.6Mi flJaun aWas esthIeaM tM r
hoping to win the trick and lead ajo
e r ina el nediamond thr, dummy. Eas A
had to overtake with the i0 of
U rnt'iaiued from Pare 2 clubs, however. East returned the lR i 1JOflIMG AIMLBSE R
tth a so king of diamonds, which he was THE RAMNLINGE OF
e -.u n that the hand stops In ptrmitted to hold. rs d that T.I -WE 'P E
edo hold, and then F.TT.MMWEWErPp
flight, switched to the jack of clubs.
South won with the see of clubs, D F M
he long look of love, the heart's, and West false carded with the *AD ." F'r.. I
wine and bread. w queen. This could cost West north- VANsN V BC1
thn i nt since his five of clubs was .
think of. alone in the night: Phight than either of two clubs ea ,-
whisper your name that my lips that hadn't yet been played. It[*, I .
know so well, also did West no good. South was .
certain that West held the five ofj
II hear Time ;o past, with his clubs for otherwise East would
rusty old bell ithave played the five of clubs an
'-rances Rodmanthedfirst club trick to let West lead
-Frnce Romana damond. -
lo oo o h South also marked West with the .T
Sarah 1aughanas definition of a king of clubs. He needed that ca .rd
starlet: One who has more dates for his jump raise since it was
than talent. cla: r that Feat had the top helus
-i w nd the miing high diamonds. In
short, South knew that Wenthad
A Certain Ham-About-Town up-, se tar n th at West h at four elDA
SA ed into Radeleine's after cur- headed by
time t ad draped himself into After South tue Jack of ...
a chair.. !d movement (from clubs with his Acft be led a di- -n
th flick s gy ashes to mood to the a-tai oetbraed the da
ta exaggerated crossig of legs) jack of diamond astw with
testedd tbat,he was "On." jthe queen of diamonds and was
stuck. He had to play a red eaird,
"Jeez, don't whoay cough!", whereupon declare trumped in
aggled a gal, "bell ink we're his own hand aund discarded dum-
sli Audience." : my's lost elub.
L~~~~1 am 1 s aVinzr=itymv isawas Ad ll
Overheba ad t : "Whit a r ha wh rea..

"Except." reminded J a c Ik I e
ptaenon, "Arthur. G Ufrey." I

IA vet newsman (who prefer
nonymity) tl us hw ring Phil
out hsi l. "At 0, 1 he, h.a meed 11 tt3 k w MItEb 4rlJ1!" am WalIng for the Judge .S T
ested e= I was notning
to be anotherA p.are. Di ck-te. -wei, 0 WiS rgephe uset
s6 I found out apPlttDck
Iens. At, that I would never be ,Sewr erum ada 1 1M tMew. msu 7T.
lEd a itoreo whe asno A l triaswnghd PA__& he itlip)

Jane Russel s remark. "I was ls lbb-=
b ,r with my motor racing.. -'
Left ya headlights on, too. '.!
5 aCeSt 0e Marn A Wh N Aao Cies to the 10g W a

m fa &w or) M

TIC vacstitd wataiq Flashed ,7 IA! StATUS
ai-h' "I I w as net na me' w.
eus. At 10, that I would nver be .hT 4.l A' i IR r *

.'aeflre rmah"".wmapa& W M 4 I
j et ya h a ig t o t .," ,,. ., '. .,


.. .. ...
V O.l QL INo

4 aU 01 Was4 g

*W6A I I AI T AOUN, I u AK IT"'"g

g -N- u1r r -ua
MUOII mll~li gTl, **

* : "-


:,- '- -;* o:".

, [ ,.'.- .'.

,.. l^ -,. ..


BBKAl111* cblems een6ofeMaximo/iMB o-
bye to P.wB left for Nilaru aittt-rtt a' eaerti

IN i. '. .


It enoa


r) Jsuis oft aci iS ad
Queen uat a iht!t t hpl

mua"-nur a

|iV Al. 9V7. fIGHTnMARKx nW vqdayatAbtsraWf9arty'Be

a -DaneS4" wblh wil da so be a spo stlirt pr. Bee. .
at a ba &k 0 n half pet couple mo be p*nll eli -" ..
the doot. M s t. *8 t. : 'Sa 'w T, row. '
om*B woB Counitry CWwb at in w~ft retya1 Mae.quriftb' t mor

b &L ke Et s b k t A f shal per coup le 4y be| ae t j '
"S! -Uttt** t* a s wriltdl gBI ather il ;e
f te ee to the miuic of ataharJbal I
At thewABIvB lab, Ft. Amador, Ltu*ea wl
,tfor: wi l dant a,:. 0M T*A
s8. _a OiWL It G O nin*
Britsh DileOmat Attend Ambassador Home Visit
Mr uv The Ambpsador o Panma eto 41M.m "Org"
Sthe me- at home r tap Ci loo te
84j euila erl rare this vi toL s r. I i

r. Ow. been thof her broth- 3M1"
'er--law id ael. and Mrs. The uap d the CunMr -
I folkways and music E.,A. Cleve O I du Woaflub'wi nwll et On
femur pRPalfeast at Gua- tomorrow toha Wedegat e rie ofI
raft rafot sev-La Mrs. M I Howuse A
P. efiH. with r gaT a de0 The visitor spent three weeks on Co. -
.4 er events the Atilue ,d
t he day.
lon Monday Motta BUk B se
a Teday Mr. and Mn. Roberto Mo t t a
have returned from a visit to New "y
Qleans, La. fr

7 i .
Miof Wenbus
Tooai ofo ViMit Jnuamaea
the engage. Mis otHe who has be -
teer Vlectra to the muestcy. t Ambausa- ny cm. 6t 3n.
Sr i ve Sl d. do, aidb trs. aui* ruS at t *e Co f t e Wd t
Mio Dr. Raftel An- embassy eaidn at the p a a ll AtM

....a ir .. sift

T'stta 164tu"f oes
yI WgtA5d.,rsnesstI3 dashter*
et. t a tee 1

HR.a Ma it. Evanay of I t Maa. we ma r e
; "S Y y fOhas 1e4 for ta r*e -

Vi e o~est at. bor-on Tk- u X-
S *
tilr I



Don't be uudI -
%i. DI,' tbe prieh ... .

0at (it'o

y te larigt sales volume In Panama, United
trio, mainly became 4 not
wiritato U^ your a It tua, a.
us muPw pl
r the

-e. : A i.. nd t. 3-7, fus



Special Mwuol*..nrry Prs -

I -b hi -

*' i l; ." ,
W--.K -.

J .,.' .- : u- ,f .
^ly~iwwy niW^ii'*LOiW pPI





I '9' .

I I,



-I ~u4uh~tA~

. .- -. t*. i- I
_*' \\,- *" '. fV '.' W T ^ ^ ** --'"


t" ^

0 <- "'. o ,

.." ; .

I -
- -.9




FIGHT No. FLdbT No. 2

, ........ *' 6 M a M.
........ ... :
waIs ........1scM '
6wet ......... .;ll

.,i ...:^ ..s,, :3

.... 4:15

, .. .. s

""q 4:_ 3,ees --

lane Toowma..........T:M aa..

Aeav v g....l...... .*:e
Antre.Veled ......... 9:3

Aii Dan .'........... mu
tp* a ydT ............10:6
AM v.nB u sM...,.... 1t:1 p..

1 1 ,, -.. .
1^ .. : ..- .'
r -' ; '
% ~ *' *t_ 4942



r z;,
j: If-'


.A I .



pda@. ..
,. *.w~
-.4 **.U
I> *
p ~. .4

- ; .. ". ,
* *.' -" ..'

) : ,*'"..,.6i,...{'


a 4'


S ,


* "

- I


,,.... -. :,(.,:



%L" 1 *' L -> ,, -".

,, .' -.. 11


T *


: I, .


1 1,-l -. 11 C f i i I1 I -
"-_. U4. r '
'" '. 7

*' '..,. .^.:.,. .'r...-+ ,?*"1''

I. *


'i -
r 'l.



ww ~

M uL I I .- I- I i

I streS he. 21
lb of July Ave. J &
a. Aai nmuMa. A. nd U U.

_ I 1



C'eO X a t Dr. s AluA i.
' (41.blv i ) id2 .
(aell elh Jo r h) Ave. No. lAg4
appoAitOAnnem ar3 n d)
Tel. ;-Mu u


tr Phone Punams 3--55

W f sic "d life Il to yeay |
w teers .ft. lf" e
L .---m- A -- w-m--

Feekelh .- -hipeps mae"
Phes 2-2451 2.2561
Leara RnI t ,

I CHAn0M SCHOOl. sUTrr 1
kdte 2.-SN or PrMana 31-
Indi El Pammid Hotd

Meetings .
OM Conclave
be'.Eureka Grand Christian En-
pment No. -IUO$8M wiIll
iven ag aeesftio l.fd.-
atio lasted y t.e Gr a n d
g'QV America.
i ceremony will be conduct-
ly Leon S. Headley, H. P., ape-
Deputy Grand Master of
irsh Mechanics In Panama.
large delegation of sir nights
r Colon and Panama City will
a attendance to assist Headley
his staff in this very impor-
e conclave will be held in!
hing Star llsd Hall. No. 8
street, Este i., Panama Ci-

cout News

v Cristabal Pack
Be Resume
b- Scout P No. 6 of New
tobal will .e their- scout-
activities in tae very" n e a r
terested parents are asked to
, at Scoutmaster Felix 1ar-
h-s- home at 369 third street,
I Cristobal, at ? p.m. Moadhy
i pans for the reaumpr.


BlUated Tiles, Table-
Toe Pictures, Pan-


F4. ssiesman tfor
fteo dreet order

E P RsF'.s
^^., .
^K^^"~ '''


FOR SALI:-1954 Ponole Cot-
aline. Air acnditioned, radio.
power string, power broke,
hydreaatic transmission, white-
wall tain, E-Z-Eye euglass, two-
toled (light blue with dark blue
top), very mlor ,ileg. Factory
installion onn ll eacc ories.
Enjle your transportation in the
t1pics in eir-conditloned luxu-
ry. Will ell at bergain price or
trade fqr older model vehicle.
Phone 83-3281 for appoint-
FOR SALE:-One owner! Excel-
lent condition. 'SI Fordoemtic
4-door, heatr, mrdio,. direction-
els, low mileage, $795. Call'E-
229 now.
FOR SALE: 1953 Hillman.
16,800 miles, good condition,
$875. Balboa Phone 3171.

FOR SALE: 1951 Super 88
Oldsmobile 4-door-'Sdan in very
*od shape. Priced for quick
sale, $750. Phone 5-360.


Cenma Am a
MNa, s ttm F.nM

' Apmntnos-

I -

ATTENTION 6. I.! Jgmt.bilt
modern furmlied -pertmeuts, I,
2.h bHdimsl, hbr. ead wate r, '
Phose Poiam 3-4941. -
S4ITE -Ownr will suMbiet his
pediment, 'with cvi t It fur-
nithe. "Livin dini ream, two
bfedftoim, k m, lea ., hqt
and c d water. ALHAMBRA
APARTMENTS, 10th S t r a t,
telephone 1386. Colon.

FOR RENT: One and two-
bedrmm apartment, famished or
furnished. sea vew. very cool.
Uruguay Stree No. 2.
FOR RENT--Unfunmied one-
bedroom modern aprtmest, ga-
rle, all convenience. 168 Via
kliarlo Peron.
FOR RINT:- Apartmet: Two
bedrooms, bath, porter- dialng
reom, kitchen, hot water, sev- .
ant's ram, garage $115 month-
ly. 41It Stret I 37, Idea Vil-
ta. Camile A. Prras, 43rd Street
* 3-31.
FOR -RENTs -'Large hautifil
*artments in Rib Ablle on main
highway, No. 010-A. Phee

- '-* -iv

LMhi& A.

....^ ig ^ .. .^E>^

Ag a A P
. AM


s. AlP hi'e
Sh,. w .u. v, il"..
priced. 48th Stret Na. 1,:A
-rtment 3. ."

FOR SALI: Leaving ZX 'b'.
imb sctlomal, set m hepf
dining roam sat, grMen waow
tru (9', 10', venetian liands
(12-familyl. m II ellane ous
itm., May b spen Satolwl. a
Sunday Apt. 043-1., A.n". .

FOR SALE: i'eaxe I Weit-
houen 7 cubic fet: tbie. tieer w
IS-cyal; train thaltfen# '
ea taught rad signMh. send
and cliv mlphx..0305%.C-
7 WON.- Ph*#i 2-29, ->

FOR SALt:-.-abe diliq ta-.
hi., six chain. asit $375. mew
$200. Phone Balboa 2494.


U .'.r~t" 1 t~

FOR RUM.- F-m. d .

pivt. en,, t pm"e.
Frigid-hre. t a Vft tt b T
.*it uMH lai.M -* il, i-.',

FO14 R, StEL4 p.1 c

S c Landrap., O M
DANCING I let, T o. Tl .,
Acrbitl. Colmbus h. i- Bl-
boa. PhNe 2-23843.


. sury w w i

a "- IN am b tlm

t .. A. 6
k etaldagja barre tage

re. rl 1eig a
miV. Swpu w ho i La '., .pet-

,,ue- ; -; alg see,, *; i r eye

fine.m"W 5t e. ae Wla ,
T MNI std, aalant modeti
ake M-3 comamar4p
A ". F/2,umm irem Ln'
t aft* I e ad. ad pt

l uchO S ,,l Mhe pite "A
"04ba mb 51w.Pow p. &3

i ul Ies,,ne. ,$250: tur-
ste-li. 2-3ll0t 0.

r-8 -we@ 6 Ins, hagm t ri
iMgtVg-eiwc iw

pRtrsA:- Aqua..sIpu, sean-
wlp .1to4r task cspIet witk
nloi, seedy to use $95. A#-
**I *-, PM "0H,.2-1Q3;

Wiiiu c-w ck Caekpr $-'
I PO k Moe $50, faw slices$,
61t1.t LM RI. C.Z. CiNa 2.
1636 or 2.51691
FORt A-25-ayclo ceibina-
tie. *rti player $0i,
luggage carrier for top car,
$.7l1 .Pqdr.gM"#i 4-

d e I bqj $3Oama m chair.
$5; am power chap (5 power-
taqis Ila at1 with aJCamrles
, Sli. all Fart awSe 5Iil.

FOR SAl.e-PMre-bse Dalma-
thin pupwit: "aol hee. 1241-

DEMOCRATS GE'T TOGETHER-GOT. George. teadr (left),
National Committee Chairman Paul Butler ( and R.
John Shelley of Cadfornia sm'le during a sh h $-
a-plate.Democratc fund-raising dinner at t


i.ioni todvoat the"w0

ass -'t4(- .-.--.-
r a on t
l. :40 .Si...-
aboard that satellite
.Man-Lve In fiac'?"
ler shows how e .4e

-toaw. uara &, mn uB iwa
- 9l:0 p.m. takes you tritt
offered the headline: "Can
it's exciting adventure thrbl.

Rebuf Confidence Course :

Bolsters Kobbe GIs Moral

Port kobb6r newly rebuilt
S confidnce WoWtNe,G dm ed to
bolster the lndivflt' poeronai
self confidence w eveoplg
physIcal agility, Is iearung corn-
I letion.

The sepI-permanent struc-
ture, consistng of tropically
treated materials anchored in
concrete, is being constructed bY
the 3Sd Infantry regimentIl Se-
curity Platoon under the com-
mand of Lt. William B. Boyles.
This unit, well known as theI
USARCARIB "Honor Guard."
has teminporlly put aside "spl$I
and shine" or "sand and' con-
crete" and boasts that it Is prob-
VbWy the onl Inantn pl wtnI
mixer Las part of its equipment.
Featured among the fifteen
obstacles are three new struc-
tures designed to develop the
Infantryman's confidence in
rope pedents while travetAg
inthe jungle. A single strad

Holy Eucharist

To Srt Of Day
At'St. Peter's
' Th1 main aevite at St. Pett
church In La SoEW toml"l w w
be a choral, '-uat M of .

Dols't -adwl wt
I .for -IL* L A:..

L 1 1 ." I" 1 1

rope bridge, 30 feet in l.enth, in-
eluded to represent a fil.d eMn-
dient river crossing. The oldWe
I required to negotiate te
trad by cliging to it with his
bandr adt while trawlfg
from one end' .mt. other. Thio
seemingly simple tak Ijs aom1-
what complicated 'by,V fact
that the eods of .4he
tied to the tops ofd t
Other new obst ea* Wbrer
expedients used by thesoldler to
climb cliffs. The Individual S
taught how to ascend r des
sheer walls with the i I of va v
tical ropes.
Becoming accu stormed to
height Is another IpM t fac-
tr In developing a sollrs sel-
pasurance. The eour* is con
tructed insuch a way i to telt
the Individual's asns of balant
at distances ranging fro a fer
Inches aboie the grand to man
feet in the air.
The confidence course if 4 ers
from .the .tae course i that
it develops the l~difr's pjylt-
cal skMill a p ad -cofldn
whreax the-tito IS trAce .
against tp. demadt na
part of the lnddal.


'---B 1!I 1 r
S:f rSa~a^B

phei f-
715$&M ap b-..r'


IWusse JA.
Tel. C nda Sue :

Expe* repair Semite -|

For U. S.. Iond and
5 -t h- a

' A
iPanam Cael Aev fAe
-pip far .-t..
ad 70.0 3MFT sAoA,
and Made L a,*wi,_,,d2

10 0 e.n., q- fr T.


D. Boat, tMoior

FOR SALE.-21-feo twin eat-
b'eard emiser. I year old, 'am-
pte with hed. RepIlpi wetr.
Two 1954 2-bp.. Evlnpedoi -
toers. PFmly equIppe, I
codele. Askhi Prie.$000.
Cell Cristleal 2861.

O .IISALE: Outheald iterw
S1959l Evinorude ne se 25,.
$375. Akbott, Panm 2-103,
.2-1036; after ;3B0 3-4863.

FR. 1

eu s"lli;.-..

Ma tei N: 5, k bim '.
A* ad. l e' *.
FOR RENTs-Two-be~.riN.
MIS ebld wear: .t lai
ma. Phoe 3-f074.

FO SAL sa-J '* ie e atbpl ;

'FOR SAtfi^Ma
Aries l $Oe. Tw'b firyg.d
coadli$e. $275", PFane. cae
b 2302."

Florida State. Board Besieged

To Admit Negroes In i

OAINEVILLE.: Fl, Sept. 24
.(UP) The Btamt Board of
Control 1"tned to.aypeala from
a 23-yeO_-old legro-dental stu-
do; C Ou-,,.

of' t.I y 'lorida
*N ~or .thq first nme.
16t the board refudd to grant
pLlan pending a ruling by
the lorida 8fpreme Court on a
egatlon case now pending.
A appeals were taken under
Coundclle Slye of Oainesville
asked for. permission to peter
the all-whi universltyW lm
diately4 tudent. religious groups
and another group headed by a
Tampa Negro wanted.the stite's
universities opened in line with
the U.S. Supreme Court's ban on
aesregationi-n public schools,
"My application s, not being
pnsored. by the NAACP;.. -t
nt*rely Independent," BY asaid.
"1 need only one courn in WOrder
t .oi dental collee And this
show whether. Florida In-
ds t comply With the U.S.
tSpreme Court's -antl-segreg-
tlan decision."
A second group of Negroes. led
bI, Tapa inurance man Ed-
Ui7 mWf appealed to the
r to open all state univer-
sites to Negroes. The board did
t maskt a. Immediate decslot
It itcated it will wait taor a
et-case now being studied by
heFlorida upreme court,
Bye sapealng for only five
iate. emphasized he wpA. not
lg to make his own cae a
i cas. He lad b'e was unable
te attend Florida A-and-M Unl-
Vrtv for Negroes In Tathas-
Sbeause hi are here aan
In oor health. ae said lie could
et leave home.
There would be no problem
h=oI, ao .ad no. .
i a c it I am a
b use I am a local boy,* y3
iB l, mand his CroUP MW.
t that tho
the. UAL. v

pa a a

laws ate B f "r -ft W.
B"t 1 erg

0 lop SI

high court rejected Ha %wkln
ese once but it was sent back to
the Florida oout by the ".S.
court which called for a -ew
ulig In the light' .the' U.*.
couV" segregatIon deelon,
adMen the Florida os e
Court make t'& declslat wil
have the tuan er,. i ot*
whether we cou d
bef then" bo6rd member
H2ol l Rlnehart of Miami to!d
Pavia -
SBoard member Lee Balard of
St. Petersburg 'added It would be
"presumptuous" for the Board
of Control to a the unlterpty
to Negroes the Florq4a
court rules on the Harwkls case.
student religIots groups rep-
resen tog plaopal. Metjo-
Sdist, yen, Lutherga B d
the.-plpet, ^Fr..n.. Quiers
daen inti tot ppti-
tics. urging thebntdto oee
the univeri to Iro ut
not spe ftin their behalf .
"Student pastor, on cam-
pus feel thew. con-
sistent with. their undertanditn
of the Christlaniprictiple,". the
Rev. Thaxton Sprinfield. Moth- dilster of (alnafttle,
tod the boprd.

'Arnold J: West
Dies: Funeral
o AdndyrAt PM
Arx.d J. test, a Paaama .a.
Sal" died eirdy In
CI a4 H.sita after a shftt

of bo.e I shurvfredW
his r188, sad a
L ar, .addition to oh
ruoit services will be hlid
Monday -t 1 P.ML In the Coro-

I Ave.
Income 6

Seen By I%6Msor





* I.' ,* ,

. ,






Igg, Bl um,.-..

.. -1 I M.- I .. --r- -.-

| K.. I~--.






1 .. i n i -



-- -- ---




' i -*




As,-, -. ,

-* -._ .. .. *- -. ".A
.. 1 .. --'. ,,
.. 4f j -+ "' e ;


< ;. .'*". .t .... *-* yl

:' S :*

,. .-" "T -. .. .,- ; +:.V ^ '*. > .. **
f-~~ ~~ '. ^". "

*.'p -. .
.; : 5 .*-+ 1,' .. ... .* ..... ..- ;
a, .L ', .4 i -. ,," P
S- :-. -.^,^ .. f.. g- ..-.* .-o ... -. .f .. ,
.^*^ lifM.. ^^

B.d IG 060

Sl.- i TUEN MoOW
Sel.WOT %

',..:|E Vi

w w1'4 i i UWr -,

it w ha liretlmel

, : nXoR COLOR! :.

Irtgu Nf t CAR!
BpefV4tgt M aatungdteu t 4

Rod CAMERON, in .


r -.~PECK, in


Also: -

chept"et, 143
wharo. sal,,s

- ..

At Tr Cl

What is expected to be the
,lat~et fow'r mhow to be m0Tn
on the ltbilna rw=ll be present-
ed' torgot*lw it the Club Tropi-
cal dlan by t Pacific Ever-
green' Osades dub. .
The show, dedicated to Rev,
and tWs. H.- Bake, will feature
arrsngm aIts of L bfrlhcut flow-
ers. frtVUl5 iad v'etabii by 5tu-

mehit pliht to lis held ti Olon.
'T Werl=w w -Aconducted by
Mrs. Pat Morgan and sponsored,
by the 'vergreen Club..
r'ather Clarenee W.'Ieayes, pas-
tor of St. Christoher's Church,
RIo Abao, wil 'be gtest speaker
on the, program which Will be
presented along with the show.
The show I be open to the
public, from 6 to 9 p..

Amy' lmuch

PrKactice Drop
FT, URAGO, N. C., Sept., 24
UP).-The *Army launched an
investigation today into a pirac-
tice paradhute drop In which one
paratr6opr was. killed and an-
other eriouslY hurt.
speclkift .. Frank W., Pek

pVt.- Walter' W. Eft.w.ak- of
Iront ohio, as serious
condtion smith multil frac.tur
and',mitenl tijuries,
There nmeAn's chutes became tan-
gled, a spokesmansaid, and both
pulled their reserve chute cords.
Only: ne Ireserve-chute opened
and the .mef' feU together. -
This" huge Infantry tr inig
basewId bone of. e 82nRd AirE -
* i -f lk s ." ;- *j "'' +, ', r


If you are old enough to think
"t o old days" were the
be, tt'S your privilege. But If
yo. la to' be able to get along
vit yolg folks, don't keep
haI oen "the good old days."
lSIer that rli" Ntsow they
darejalt what will be "the good
eld f to them.

Ep ideI.. -l su.-

ToIwn, i kn

FORT RANCH, a, Sept. 14
(UP).. ix persons have died
and six .others ar ill I_, thi#
small "town, of. euephalWte a
brain disease comzponl known
as "sleeping ueCknoen," health .au-
thorities revealed today. '
Dr. Albert R. Marshall, head
o the communicable disease di-
vIon f the IDan* 'gue,
a te oar, confirmed at In-
dianpolls that three me" and
three wom4t -'all of them above
60 3eas old died within the
past month.
Marshall said he believed the
outbreak'had rtmn'lts course. All
those who. became: ill took sick
within a 10-day period and no
new cases have been reported for
a week.
Mosquitoes were blamed" for
the spread of the disease in this
small town. of .2,000 persons.
where the principal Industry Is
a meat packing plant.
One physician said the virus
strain appeared to be Identical
with that of a sleeping sickness
epidemic which swept Bt. Louis
in the 1930s.

'Plgy-Back' Ship
r -

today got a Preli WM i1.0o-
ahead to launch a eagoMlng"pig-
.gy-batk" ransUortitlou er4ice.
F.. ISclwetckhardt'a. n Iter-
state Coumee4 Co Iisilpn ex.
aailner, sad do, OdW_ p With-I
said the firn "'preaie r e tprty.
to transport cbmniodtles gener-'
ally between Atlahtic and Qult
coast ports contains no restrec-
tions on the'way. freight Is car-
ried. Therefore, he said, it Vou
permit Pan-Atlantic to haul
loaded trucks on "trailer helps.
The McLean Securities Co.
announced plans to start a trail-
ser sh vice when it purchal -
ed Pan-Atlantic from the Water-
man Steamship Co. last January.
The Atlantic Coastline Rail-
road subsequently contended
Pan-Atlantic could not begin the
trailer ship service without tfirt
obtaining special authority from
the ICC. It said the no*e e of
service would compete w ail
roads, truckers, and other water

Malcolm P. McLean. Mobile,
Ala., set up the secitina crpor-
ation last January when he atep-
ped down as head of ahe MeLean
Trucking Cd. of Winston-Salem,

Sunday, 25th Septembir, 1955 at 9:45 a.m.



Anotkor ELIA KAZAN success as


wwii' I

4 en !the 2 Opq4ic sole
cob 2 3sei spread

- lsCu uti

nst .,,,e" I S iG ao i 4"mum&*
ile lared st i vidulsh o 48Cured4
20m rlam 1elds'. arub2pag bQ2sin
2T 7Brtoad I book di as b Moy =
MGM IrMelric 31 "ina 4wto
2 Opeke m'.e~ wMedli- 4?7el digits
24- an'd SAstA 233Sqaped .418faISe abap
S- 24 Fem saitNU a Charact ruling .)
,o sat, wIf N .. me s

19- .-M


s ) w sHu .Uc .

41 'q.t.qf
45: MA* Mad+ .. + ..


to 6:25 p.m.
to 9:10 p.m.



6"15 p.m.
8:55 p.m.

1:00 p.m.
= 6:1.5 p.m.
855. p.m.

,- .

S;itAi DEPOSIT $5;00

W : usura on firt mortafw
... ".,.- s ..
;M*.-awm on 1'


- ...c. t'r- u o period

by Erskine Johns

.- a -
HOLLYWOOD -(NEA)- Exclu- France was a surprise to Holly-
sively Yours: There's no duet of woodtes who saw them in Paris a
"Friendshi p riendship, What A month ao. All lovey-dovey. .
Beautiful Bli p" for Gina Lol There's big movie interestt in
lobrigida and Xaty Jurado on the' "Public Pigeon No. I,Red Skel-
iset o Burt Lamaster's "Tnpeze" toL's "dramatic" debut el TV'
in Paris. KaQy teUinl pIal that "Climax" Cute little blondes,
Gina's iuptah g her-even on a claims Anthropologist W. W Krog-
trapese laudete Colbert man, no longer "send" U. S. men.
nixed a Broadway run for her The current male ideal, he reports,
summer stock play hit, "A Mighty is the "glamazon," a tall, status
Man Is He but she's interested in esque girl with a lot of classic
de4ai a fim version ... A llp- beauty. But Marily0 Monroe and
ping service i sending Tita Pur- any U. S. male along.n the same
dom all published photos of her room, I suspect, W d send Dr.
estranged spouse Edmund with Kogman back to notes for
Linda Christian;, he's pasting bme rechecking.
them in ascrap b Ua says they
will make inte looking in the Not Ina the Script: Cable from
next round of thi divorce battle. Guy Mitchell n England: "Just
drove through English town.called
Ruth Roman .t a t Ro- e Broadway. So many America.s
wMen hp complete Great DIypIn there it seemed like New York.'
the Korning" for aded love snes-
in her Italian-made movie, 'Te Bill Lundigap may be the G.I.
Sinner." An Italian film short on hero of "City of Women," based
clinches? She explains. it with, a on the Stephen Longstreet story.
uh4" .. J1. I. New NBC-TV comedy star
S. '. ... 'Jonathan Winters is blushing, A
"The producers-were Amerlefts boner in a magazine now oif the
.rMy Lameunfs still stf1king stands reports he and his wife
tU M pke-ip Man Irry By, to have been married four years "and
a)p1l9d her 'rea p 14i when.ste are the parents of a five-year-old
wu a movie '~or r iri.P. e son"... Betty Hutton is crediting
.nhtofor hert rc ,nUt.PIee her third hubby, Alan Livingston,;
' .pac ipea.armeonV.W. for restoring hea "lost confidence"
SA H d i c'i .which prompted her return to show
Wewie "Pr Sti a 1 i" business after the shortest retire-
ad its stars, Vi Mature and Jan. ment on record. Hubby No. 2.
et-Leigh, are leamin'about dalk- Charles O.'CuTan, is staging Ro-
e Afr*4. Thef.J "e g 1 berta Linn'a new n iht-elub act.
nhr.x zbaNow peaces fqrd?.
SDalVriety tok a quickie sur-
bbr atth.ei- p d and hea edIt, Old Faces
r~nd'frlr IS H Bea BPctureox Office."
av sor: im y agaeyt Fo .

egp:tion-of V o'^
A M iton Brando, 0W Varlff_
.M.. .-- :.: young performers nte W Bl* W
S' -; : to' reach any foxl,60BI 60
.B oia Jrim uuArdl can equal that of .mg-eat.alfsn
ik "t '.ed. up-in play'." ,"


$ 1.10 PE CAR -

w rn~t!

k" Bomb ...

Paw of PI ''"i I

S e I -U..

1%' A"

2'- L~'* ~.


SL Lef

What are they talking -about?
No. they're nt talking sbout h;Sales. They're diMasing
Burrough's Gin. People who know just hw good ma. r
good gin is. always wy for Burn gh's because n t *
disgiUed. It is this euxm relinement that makes Bumough's
Gin soft, mooth and clean to the palde. i
Delicious taken plain, Burrough's Gin always "keeps its
place" in even the most delicate co&Atil.

~90e aua*eum ai... 5*, enm st. uwvw a aea*.* 3

ThIy omO mat


STaeke youvr ci r pot. t y wis
K. e .' ,t'M ACOM,

24 HOURSott,,wUl hove yovr eoolr
"; .o e ,If you use
.'Kodk.XCHROME Film.
AVE C.tcLL9 "I .S.Z't
St Mst.nt Cnm BgVILj



D"LBLu lR. ,0:1 -.8 :
:_eG. r.
"Love Me or Leave Me"
Crnm SolMo- Cola- i

"GUN F Vir-" .'or
,.. -" M 2:or

I -g




mlUIA t
flBJ!" ,^a

-p *~,- a.
P p.
L ~ ~11~.tbaaa.i~..a -

MU "





.i. 4



( ;


~ -- ~ -~-rT-l -~'T=.';T~. -

_7 1~-- I)I(



* '-'-'p '- -

~. ~,a~.*j
.. ...

I |





* ..

....,, .. .. -.

IN *M A1*:;-. ,

2ift f^hAMA &WUIot(Aft am A.MI^S^AftW"A

Yalikees, lodgers Rea'dt'
". --',

Ford Versus New omnl

In Opener At Stadiun

Next Week Wednesda
0 -
aNEW YORK, Sept. 24 (UP) The Neiw-u
Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgerp will begin their si
"subway" World .Series next Wednesday' vIth I
hander Whitey Ford probably, pitching a'ga
right-haider pon Newcombe.
.New York, climating a mag- Stongel who apparently
anficent late-season rally, won close shaves. It was the fifth
its 21st *American Leal l pen- his sil Yankee pennants the
nint Friday night by defeating clinched on the fiaal Frid&
the Ited Box at Boston, 3-2. the campaign.
Since Stengel began mana
The Dodgers clinched the Na- the Yankees In 1949, they
tional League flag $ept. &. Rain won the pennant each year
forced tlhm to rest in Pitts- cept In 1954 when the Ind
burgh Friday while their arch forced them -to, take se
Series rivals qualified to play place.
host in the first two games of
the 1955 classic. Brooklyn hasn't Stengel's colorful converse
won a World Series. in seven often confuses his listeners
' tries and has lost five of them his, crystal-ball was as goo
to the Yankees. his baseball this year.
Before the season began
I1oston frustrated New York predicted 95 victories would
.y- winning the afternoon half the American League penn
of a day-night doubleheader. 8- New York's -Friday night
4. That loss snapped an eight- umph was its 95th. Early in
f sase Yankee- winning streak gust, he said one of the cont
bt' manager Casey Stengel's ers in the close race would
i Ben snapped back at night to the pennant by winning e
win and tcrish Cleveland's faint straight games. That's what
h pe of retaining the pennant it Yankees did to break the
n last year. open before invading Boston
Sa. their last four contests.
SThe i pod place Indians
S e ulized out at Detroit as .And Boston was a fitting p
Ile Ybkeiu elhontxd their for Stengel to clinch a-no
S penaut push. Cleveland ha. pennant. He never finished
* 4ro rames Saturday against ter than fifth in six season
re Tigers but wMll be lilaying a Boston Braves manager.
4nly to hold second place a- Pinch-hitter Eddie Robins
4msrmt the Chicago White Sex. fifth Inning single with two
s o scored Bob'Cerv from sec
New Yopk ends its regular -ea- base with what proved the
a with .ingle games at Boston nant-clinching run.
Saturday ana Sunday. Cleveland
has three more games but trails Don Larsen, who weakened(
Sby 3%. the seventh after getting
man out, was t winning pi
Stengel's bruised and limping er. But lefthandr Ford, w ho
'layers drove to a storybook fin- leved Larsen, got the big d
Sah after trailing Cleveland by ,end.
two.ganmes Sept. 13. "Ford won, :h right 1
It was "lucky Friday" agath ght to tcH Sopeis
ftr the griUtled, 64-yearrold ga slo the' SaIad to h
Mengel 5mid. 'Wefl take w
of ourselves in the Serisl"'
At Pittsburgh, manager .
Alston said his *.ters I
""up" ,or the 5ewri the

center fielder., nida a. "typ
Dodger comment.
'"Thre's no one we'd rat
l. ; I don't pare if- I et a I
gle hit as long an we wn,"
., P P friday's othor Amed
I llI "Leagueo gaxme, the White
defeated the Atletics, 12-4,
the Senators defeated the 0
S1 0l, 6-4 and 7-3. The Phillies
S feted the plants, 5-1. and
Bnes -downed the Cars o
S / i. -=, In the aw national Lea
Paw.l playea,o -
-. + "- +.1 t ",,


Betided in ~



'* -'. ..

C. ',
.' -"

44*,j'd ~m

le 'caras .Nues'

IOffers Double

Fetre Oct. 16

Y contractsof the figbt-
era iw ma i up the program
at thr Panama Oct. 16, are
Wrk 2a61 Awtha fit of idney
or A' A^*^Iof Cars. Nia-
xth vla, ve t new- promoting
left- bed4p'ioke ca hav-be pdae
l.eft- so pb0olar among, focal boxing
inst fans.
Caft Nuevat i.onering some,-
thins that should -be very ap-
likes alig to the fiigt gentry -
:h of two- future bouts on one card.
h,, In one of the- bout,
at he Bttn' roberbatch
Y o take 0n M no l Prescott in an
.in. eght-rounder t ;20 pounds.
hav Both boy hve been recent
Sex- winderl. Cumberbatch scored a
ans blWoody seventh round TKO over
5cond RohertoMurTllo lat Sunday, and
Prescott punched out & unani-
mou ight-routd decision over
tion Lealle Thompson Aug. 28. .
but, The other headliner pits Car-
d as los Wateon against Bet Scan-
tlebury In another eight-round
he battle at 138 pponds.
'-in In 'the-other two scrape on the
an' card Ar'lap Mendes and Melq-
tri- nio Pacheto meet In four hean
;Au at 122 pounds. Ariat won. by a
end- split .verdict over Pacheco Sunt-
take dy.
ight The eurtti raiser brings to-
t he rther Tn Shi-w aUnd Dicky
lche Brathwal in a 2 0-pound fear

R.P. PresiW; -5

Panama's 1S ir GI/aes
.p '' "

for rounder. on Club T Dhursday mght biy u tt I-gm and Korcheck.
TQuniti, U a I1 who.represented (h wh Oame)
place The HN Parade the province of P 4an, won B9ltimofe 00100191-3 12 1
ither &rtFrbwks .- 1ft aluska, left out over seven contents from Washizigton 90320 00-- 9 1
bet- MAJOR LEAGUR LEADERS VJFiaaoVWconsin l is08 Darien, Herrera, Los San- Lopat(7-12 ) A cks
s as supri~or passer, 11frr the tter altoond oChiriqui, Veraguas and San nEd e)- and Smith.
Sas...E.RSOa ..e s.rShe was crowned in color The United Pre ha ed chmit (7-12) an P"tF"Ger-
on's fuI l fashion at the National Archie Moore will offer the big- ald.
Sout LEADING i ATTERS ll Theater last night. gest guarantee In 23 years for a ___
ond The Chriqul, Herroer, Vera- return bout with Rocky Mgrci- Cleveland at Detroit
pen- (Based on 375 official at bats) Bil l ir n y 'To and,,~,,,[elc gesa del T, O uensM 'o (Postponed, rai). ,
will stay at Hotel 21 Panama un- Charley.., Johnton nd Jack t ""---
NATIONAL LEAGUI 4 Al the games are over. The gir l(irgnht th. ,ns bnd i~.r tght me)
d in 1b, ,h ar-hudt A ,, ,r etgett troem tae grterC prov-0 Moore, are w. '0 to rantee n C. 00 4 10 1
Ono Dlab f abrINeuurocher; Lnisox Acceptent eth i fromthe l eMoreC0
.oe ayrr,F. IAb .5 2 6 ..J C lW ISl X Ca I are housed at-theto, k Madotle Chic I
t shburl P. 8526 90 18 .343 r as school building$. Male bout ne une.Maain kept o rero (5-4) ,
12v4re- K'el02, 20 victors are. at the National -6hik eptkos. Ceccarelli and WV ants.
-Musial, 8.1 4 96 17.18 I p heapinv'worIntheigh tt roun dConsuegra (6-5) and Lollar.
Klus'ski, C. 151 602 1 5 190 .316 s.k a e.s Resignation p-rar thlet' x -Iaud e- __iiilo d poIsh-ore
:5,,S, o. frank Lane' Resignation st. = ,,on .f.
Mays, N.Y. 1505 212I1 1,-1 .316' an et w~i __ ,etnmole-v .rs-,w and dumu e- should be
AMgB1CAN LEAGUE -- wi t lry plaz at :pts 't L t- a k Wlit-att tion. The ifghtweght
" NEW YOFlI.4-Sep. P) l e r haveached th o t dt of nd made
SKallne, Det 149 580 120 198 441 Leo uroier, who lpd t New a rotn o t de- a the SSS MSed pn --.asO 5-ddlet
SPower, K.C. 145 588 90 188 .320 York a w d cha- r further mplont by the nd then B Orph dd..
Wt Kell,ChlI4. 127 428 44 133 .12 pionsphip ear, will r*lgn as White ea, thise to no alterna- Nage, and buile cbrpe fitt NLo. their o"
SMantle, N.Y. 145 515 121 158 .0 manager wi the naxt ,Uvfor me but to accede to your e National 't3 *Ute and s s. ,tings before
SKunena, Det. 142 608 .90 186 406 weeks u t r u ahp. e- oq ted a AI oS ft s l sI aoth e.
sto ,.S ,,- MInA "oD Iw. 1 a. rPh | .adI of th
'""i him, It -won Vlr Uawr#'W5 ia. gstuiIenue, uu *g 6 fexaS.-..
al y Gants ..... roher den m idvxw a&%.ata -,.,Aboutlt+l nree lnd s .iOId .. I. _iDanI call_ t _
Klusewski, R*dlegs......47 ace'Stonele W .a e there t wil turnto dop-Murder on
;Sr.D C r ............ t- c 'n-M,'b :t M .m l,11 tretand continue to te A Tfo ,r o me$ t p... .
their Bldbr. Dodgs ........ 4 ent," with the announemet or -it., am. who litt.thot roee Ioviw "1'"d *.
irn- Mathew, BWi* *** 4 be made tt ol ivw tf, __-_ asked t lie be receiving phi
he N A present semse,. There isa a e Presldent will. arrive at given nao.tlg and for w *ods am snad ,.on
alh .e V, ente -1 um attend er tli MugglerS. Guadaaftaul during World War
e RUNS BATTED In chance Durocher, may wind 19R te' at l and lter the atugilen *uadalcUa drm ord war
Inidr. m nago-ftheveSt.hLoulas CrrckK gD fii gafld e, Bamnety Ro mi, t puab- Two.
a Spierc Dis B^.h....... 134 124 5B *cSk we, ,ua t and
rl0- J esn uw s*nTiV*n $2.0 Fti gl#,dO Reaitoll a JANE I(USELL nd JEFF CHANDLER, is
de- Ban -, Cubs ........... 115 whenrconfronted with the-Unit; $ 2--pr-- ,nl ,-- Ath,,wil
the sed Press information was:_ "II' te ro l "nI "
ial&. RN loing to have a talk with Mr. 6. DO "fromfte- tr -m vio- ting F-- 0 X F. I. -11 RE
nider, Dodgrs.......126. to lm nd It 1 e i ted | | e, 1 Pcaio Next Wedsday at the "'W The.?
antle,. Yankees ...... 121. Re decision not to rehir Rd or"tOPiarn a"...heh-oot.
SMay, Giants .......... 121 Durocher was reached following eut. ol"e a the I .
] ine, Tigers ......... 120 a recent lbard of directors main stand-I..,-7S J-c saite|
Smith, Inmians ....... 120 meeting. NEW YT'ORK, Ppt. 24--(UP)- -utending te r .ightrm, pati
Durochenr a major league Commnsionr Fpord Prick baa hold do wardtowa rdthe
HITS manager shfte 1930, hits seve splppe daSt00 oa getieral stands; and bsldlt.e. hand In
attractive bupanis propositions aIerlnaaa An of the line witho teheyes with .
I in.. te.T ....... lg I t viplon venture Bl1aoreO fired on the pla-
Pli, White JwM x ........ '.90 Igo llwood. I 'orm-- e i. be
Kluesewki. Redlegs .... 190 olpy,. who played for the T ilou er ays Rio- O.'.
Power, Athlti...... 188 Gilants from 1946 until 1953, pi- ards *teptlonaly violatd 1 1 then giv a we
Bell Redle .......... 187 loted Minneapolis to'the Amier- the. b b u rul. Prck s tte t
eir e. lean Assopatl6n championship adds he de e1hether to a- dogs 34t e the
PITCHING thil season. end Riads for sa entire i te PPTr
(Baned on 15 Decilsions) CRICAGO The p re sident )1 *' fISk _h V i wlfeflw.
Sof the Chio White Sox ay75 Hoevoer, Trick sayr he l etsfrw the *
N wcOmb: Dodgers '20 5aga0tthe resn f era s.he It W 4z tas wil9 say
Erins, Y ees ... 18 4- .800 eager rank, Lane. ruling- under
Labine, Dodger.... 5 .722 Mrs. r-tan.oaky told u.cewouder lr
.720HlrM Mrs.V Grose` 0911" t Id' S3 Sltcumst acesould ro.sgult lnuin. .i Io_ Ii -.-- -f
Hortd ,,em......1772.-6dl4r6lshp to db1 in track land field moriu n .~ ng e .us.. JetIt Chandler and Dan Du.lye .In
amI, aqd e _araftendgymg. Bala- isti .w n o ev_,
ot I*amTsegettingdr6ady.69 MartC F ayms. la- mor. lehar ast'with OQ Universal-Intwe national's "FOXFIRE," in color by TealtpI-
ezar Is etll igneadea t e. cc- k s s ot 'lchard mated wi th aI m and PY9color, a fiery loB s to ry of a young heireo s who m carries a
sTwo arjnez, Io a ot te Tw. other, class. be.twenofficials w hejig1hfesiangs-hlf-trgdAiwendla miner; which ope s next Wdns.
pht promisinglmateurs will rood handed te Tnd at of ternoon -Olym- d at
eftrT BowThe usal. ppulaT admandon a onnus of mp O m*. andh lVescourtIn Jinportlntroles.OAdOt.
h prices wlU'be. sd. Tnecontract halkned'aiht g9 01" qid

I oonB .ash as!"a PLOTAA R5 ANTE
t. 2theCtn thClAra *ch e-- ."

4" -p"ad a"itiao%) PALS.:Or il' I' Si-ca -4 CM, -.".
Teals, the masterful b.s-r- FAST.BRi.-T AND PAS8.NG' SERVIC ESs ANNdun
puncher who. ha moppMd up al BET N EUROPE AND WEST COAST THEandV.

Ile el N.a'w I S.I RIOJA"

lot'ma 10 _4 .*. ,o*M AN U-6 ft6- ther a*.*# ON SEPIEPER 25. 15ir
Teeiml TDuVSA ANAim( O'lileS from Crisbl on Septacter
.who ascheaded to NASAU*. Gg UtAA0 1 U i PAUJb QeAmrraf Crsp willt i Aheeptai for

over Tpi toly Oh -s

bn the ix-rgmad
Tote arra makes ... ...... his ,'Ti... ampre. B .
ae .uo* .A.... .. ..N........ ...... .... ............._ .. .tB ......

vus a MAW .a.V e ws-M t4Wif-
po a .V.mi MOWN e-.

van r. he w*1
In 20 wnd. .!

,, ,rail$ t4IM




1 _~I_~ ______ ~~_~I_~~CL ___ NO otvm _,

. ..- J 41 *

_~~____ ~I~~~

-.* : .; +. ; .* ........ : : :+-.^ r l
'- ,..,..**-
. : ..., ..< "7 <
*{. ... ..,..* ;*/ ( ^'^ 3 y '
.. "2,.' .

.. -; 7 ..
4-$ '; -

~t t

" S

..k. i'

* ~ ~





Texs Tech Serves Notice
h .Se N'

'I ~I*.6b .,I~




*.. --,* "

tory mauling e4 the oIppoltion Is
his quick start. He propels- him-
-elf across the line so fast that
ech's quarterbacks are well-
altered to swirl with their in-
tdiate ri t T oput gpays,.
am r Jea ws a _epbomore,
lf U och was Wade Walker,
t relation, a sgitd "All-America

W% already better an offense
Lthai I ever was."
He hat the coordination to man
the delicate controls of a plane,
holds a pilot's license..
The only difficulty Jerry alk-

Jerr ur-w .

warn plaidm olfkse
"II aUrm 9f ~

.o _la. tins ,

F mrnuB ont a on the
k, mh swim out olf A
which the Yankees wein
In the IudS t l ost,
-ar .-.-, .od -V

1 17,' th uis.e
In a big way.. h1 t
of Cooite Lava ge0.
doubleWhich Y ruiAna
no-hit attempt in
of the fourth aIanm .
Inh l xte a *ai h
Dodgers, Al 0 I"a
rabbit about to be
stew And. cam#
homer-a ;at stg) .1#
as h ae more a
In 19, the satics odf l
gave the Yankers some he
on e rubber And'thesri
to lose Vie ReMail grou
14in the sue during$ Mthe
It was during thi Serla
Uma ;Art Passarella calla
ny sala out at first bane
puited play which created,
riot. Brooklyf won this Ilt
6-5, and the play was a.
Other Yankee. P1M
rimi bal hitting plyed t
*,heImlng role. The
weren't being, beaten by
any wte. instead, wa
homers which KO'd the I
The luck nearly w Ik
/at was. bhe: meJal a
bans 196,he puants ou
the se gath gmena som aM
Mat r Jad to ma whie i
Full, t rasd to erserve
I waoo 's Woru.i Series
bles might be, as Jlt D
Sand Bil Cox claim, a
t sure imntrg absencee
Horse Pi Mayer

]Loses Confidenac
player had just come bic
a week at a track-we.woon
during which he had b
,chummy with newspaperm
TPik horses for alyi ng.
"T hese handicapper,
horse player mouined. wav
Stf hae borrows off me i
give It back.
"I am beginni ,, I

ck from
B-to me
sam who

," the
'cry one
nd don't

Y "

; l---
r ,t Gp Southwqt Comference.
'o !Ramw h o Cmrga tsn co
%t- t6lfeream kohltd oatiCO

EM Iw w-W ,, N W

Tire For YDodger

StAhe rs have at d i

a the Brooklyn comr y I then
t iotron s n man l le -e.t .
ga eew ret aier

wood worker ever to coine out of.
1te, Ar .mys, Doe.-%. a w -; 1

S Dr. who hi red to
pl _. '. B., B waa

Woa, bril ento db right

n sWn EO N GUIA lrns sie t
-a olhasao managed Sehrnegleulbeu-
Sslan the Brooks ln vemplnr ~ i th e ilsw er
al me, new dire bcaltme wh a rd.s ctcer nd sto

i -. o enr York exemationer be eth- Ho Schenallaberger
'lyI like haing thet horFses, as t t
adworker ever to oue no ut t
errfofr t, ,wa hired t0ew n 'nin

p tt Ce Seri. Later it became the

ei s. ThtCent Serie, and we are now The Brave. wound up fighting
* eoUhn the scrivener off the hnook Billy Southworth andt among g
S a din It the Token Sei themselves. The Philadelphi
P iA I ,. -"

d aou couldn't d

h game1 i liae m New York'. overgrown ty. The Giants lost Willie Mays
TL' magi chutes for the little. *-cet and stood still when they got him
L leees o 'aoetul that get you to back. The Indiants continued on as
aetellyo '"hit aouveror .eVarle

BS tks. wan Old Men's Home.-'

luck alt Another goo name for the old Tht Yankees are a comparative-
S act woulbe the 6 What Series. ly young club. The Dodgers have
mouad _- ____ replacement to spare.
humin TgaB.B TB3h S'TH meeting
Bropv of oraid ulet, A nthe will go on indeftnitely.
-J 'i d nne 'ye"ar. The ethr lubs "
ti thue su lap bak ento amew oa That being the cases why not
O the Nw York e' onen t theo shown the road?

d Shi Sar he Braves broke through After all, the rest at the coun-

p tr -or8 ad
A hrmet- II M
t was the or Fve Goo th e leaders.
ttCe' Series. Later It became the
is neir.ydan Itthe Token Se~ls, themselves. T bePiadelphia

A Porset. MA. nineyem. The oth e

* C^LS.L^
0eC '

* .w w .4 -. .. 'V.
_c Tmi.,.. ..' .
I t I,.. ..
l8sOp a *IINa *.

h a e h 4

and neiherhand. touched it.
Ied it w a trappedball, not
S-eatch. Who was rlght?-Arthur
V. Co0 r. .
Aiger: He esau t-as
s he did m t use* p.
I atlwr, hadllag a iflI tIl,
Ma. I UCth a e a with Us
Q. A putout Is awarded the
catcher when a batter strikes out.
Is there any way a atchet can
commit a balk which can be
harjged to the pitcher? Julie

seen a auette play a tdeal
of hepe plate without the ban
he ithr abed ha charged with
a balk, the er sce, tke bet-
I '* ,"
torCmto-. &dbse b eenase ot
repeeandthe all is dead.

Illinok Owns

Tackle-Slzed .

With J. C. Caroline gone, Illinois
football would appear to be in bad
But if size means anything, the
lini won't bt hurt. Not at quar-
terback, anyway, where Hi le s
Stout, a junior, is expected to put
up a battle for he job.
Stout is built like a tackl-
standing 6-4 and weighing 212. He
is one of the biggest quarterbacks
in college.

N&Zr ow (JI.)


26-LoTCainelloa ,.*toksk- "
9,-Cl tca 'vi. A 4 "r'ao". ,
p ** .

Todvy Enceat -
In Cigialaaapet
LeaW9e Con' -
Pies: wical l

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.jamea Mams, fi
.Till m.oa03. .

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because they're made in the Republic

With the
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With the
same fine

which hove been
carefully blended
a very special,
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pleasing to the



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"I made
the 10-day

Sadi had e basuy b
V .C o0Y .
It's th6'e -t
t w84 kin f...

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.. .

Maralla ,wWhits at San Fran-
C* 'C s Mt. Zion Hospital for
Word of hia kidnapped Infant
am o, Robert. Marcus, a staff

p san at the hospital, has
Y* ed-not to lalmn a com-
ourda-old baby is re-
urned safely.
, ; -

turnedd safely.


9:17 a.M,4
10:)4 p,m.

3:55 a.m.
4:30 p.m.

The broken record
that was her
Song of Love!

W 60c. &.30c.
-4.45 Si'p.m.



.4 -J -

-~ '*Wf'*~ '~r-~---* -


"Let the people know th. truth and the country is safe" -'Abraham ULilen.
I T i I I I A + .




24 (UP). Western diplomats
concluded today that neither So-
viet Premier Nikolai Bulganin's
disarmament letter to President
Eisenhower nor Russian foreign
minister V. M. Molotov's U. N.
speech offered "anything new"
In the way of Soviet policy.
Bulganin's letter caused more
of an Immediate stir here than
Molotov's speech. But the 5000-
word delivery of the aging
Kremlin foreign chief was being
studied in every major delega-
tion headquarters this weekend
,for clues to departure from past
' Soviet policy.
An American spokesman said
SBulranin's letter on the Presi-
dent's "open skies" arms In-
pection ilan "seems to miss or
ignore the point." *
U. N. observers after close
study found that it contained
virtually nothing that had not
already been said by Soviet dele-
gate Arkady A. Sbololev in the
past four weeks of secret dis-
armament discussions here a-
mofhg the five major atomic pow-
Thus it appeared the situation
would be unchanegd when Sobo-
lev and Presidential aide Harold
E. Stassen face each other in the
five-nation disarmament sub-
commitee at its next meeting
next Wednesday afternoon.
Both the U. S. and Russla
hold to their previous positions
on disarmament 'and refuse to
concede to the others plan.
Secretary of State John Foster
Dulles keynoted the West's sur-
fate reaction to Molotov'e 90-
minute review of Soviet policy.
He said' his first impression
was that it was "a lohg speech
which seemed to be a restate-
ment of old positions."
"I didn't find anything new In
It," Dulles said in Washington.
Bulganin wrote that Russia "in
principle" has no objection to
President Elsenhower's exchange
of military "blueprints" but that
it does not go far enough.
The Soviet Premier also
wrote Mr. Eleahower that the

Presidents proposal for swap-
pin aerial military photo-
graphs should also Include the
overseas bases of both coun-
On the whole, the letter did
not appear to indicate any major
change in the Soviet position on
It was revealed by administra-
tion officials here that Bulganin
avoided accepting the two main

Russia Calls For

Of All Military

points lq the President's recent
proposal at Geneva. But the So-
viet leader's letter was not re-
garded as a complete rejection.
Bulganin said' the Preqdent's
proposal does not go tO toe
main point of disarmament -
control of atomic and hydro-
gen weapons.
He said It also is important for
the Big Four powers to agate on
outlawing atomic weapons and


Bases Abroad

- U -

24 (UP) Soviet Foreign Minis-
ter Vyacheslav M. Molotov called
yesterday day for abandonment
of all military bases abroad and
voluntary reduction of ar med
forces "as a token of good will."
In a 90-minute policy statement
to the United Nations General As-
sembly, Molotov said the Kremlin
was studying President Eisenhow-
er's "open skies" arms'inspection
plan "as an expression of a sin-
cere desire" to have inspection
and control of military forces.
But he asked what its connec-
tion to an overall disarmament
program might be.
He sidestepped a direct reply
to Secretary of State John Fos-
ter Dulies' offer, made Thurs-
day, of an "overall plan of a
European security" in exchange
for Russia's agreement to reuni-
fy Germany.
He quoted Dulles as having said
limitationn of armament is v i r-
tually unattainable" and charged
that this remark "throws doubt on
the work of the disarmament
commission set by the General As-
This drew an immediate and
sharp, retort from a .spokesman
for the United States delegation,

DRATH STRUCK AT DAWN Smoze rises from a home in
Brooklyn, N.Y., af r a five-alarzm fire broke out In a row of.
houses. The blaze started just after dawn and took the lives
of five persons. Two persons are unaccounted for and 12 others
wer injured.

who accused Molotov of having
"inexcusably misquoted" Dulles.
What Dules actually said was:
"Long experience makes it appar-
ent that when there is a sense of
insecurity and when arms conse-
quently seem needed, limitation of
armainents is virtually, unattain-
Dulles planned to Issue a
statement here on Moloto v's
speech, the spokesman disclos-
ed, but later changed his mind.
U. 1. reaction was summed up
by the spokesman: "The ce on-
tent of Mr. Molotov's speech is
not quite as 'post-Ckeneva' as
its tone."
In his rambling review of So-
viet foreign policy, Molotov also:
1. Demanded adoption of Rus-
sia's May 10 proposals for an o-
vtrall disarmament plan al-
ready rejected as inadquate by the
West-and called upon the U.N.
to "speak up emphatically against
the arms race and In favor of re-
ducing armaments, outlawing at-
omic and hydrogen weapons and
removing the danger of another
war." .


limiting military forces as of a
given date.
Bulganin also stressed another
Soviet proposal ,- "bOntrol of
posts" for runnd Inspctlon un-
der internal ti~aupervision.
On atomic weapOjsO the Soviet
leader wote the President that
"we must ember tha at the
present, when the greatest ar-
ies of the world have at their
disposal such means of mass de-
struction as atomic and hydro-
gen weapons, It sl impossible, of
course, to talk about disarma-
ment without touch n on this
important subject. .'
He said Ohe Soviet' "have al-
ways attached paramount im- to the problem qt, pro-
hibition Of atomic weapons.,
Bulganin voed disappolnt-
ment at lack of progress so far
by a United nationss subcommit-
tee on disarmament.
He said the delay Is due "to
a considerable degree" to the
fact that other nations do not
know the U.S. position on some
of the Soviet proposals before
the subcommittee.
On Mr. Elsenhower's "blue-
srint" proposal,. Bulganin said
in part: "In principle, we have
no objections to this proposal...
It would be better, however, if
such Information concerning
armaments were submitted by all
states, and not only by the US.
and the U.S.S.R.... It is self-
evident that information on all
kinds of armaments, conven-
tional as well as nuclear, must
be submitted in order to avoid
"It is self-evident that the
submission of the above-men-
tioned Information to an inter-
national control organ would be-
comte significant only if agree-
ment is achieved on the reduc-
tion of armaments and on tak-
ing measures for the prohibition
of atomic weapons."

2. Presented a resolution ask- The administration has
ing the Assembly to consider'not stressed all along that the
only the Eisenhower plan and the President's Geneva proposal Is
Soviet proposals, but Britain's de- not dileetly a disarmament
mand for mutual inspection of plan bul dqdpted to be a fore-
forces along Europe's Iron C u r- runner whieol f lead to ef-
tain and France's suggestion for fective arms reduction.
disarmament' through 'budgetary t does nom peu out whether
control." nuclear weappun widi be cover-
3. Without expressing any atti- ed in the exchange.
tude toward reunifying -Germany, On the President's second
said Russia stood by its proposal main point, of mutual aerial re-
for "establishment, with the par- connalssanee Bulganin said:
ticipation. of the U.S.A. of a col. Ido nnot'doubtthat... you
lcetive security system in Europe were guided by. a leltimate de-
based on a joint efforts of all sire to createconfidence that
European countries.'n r nether of our two countries
He said the German problem In
will find its solution through the would be sub. eted to the end.
settin up of an all-European se. Undei present International con.-
curity system." ditons both our counties are
S" "not acting singly."
4. Hinted Russia still hopes to He said the tU.S. has forces In
create a neutralized Germany. many countries abroad and "the
5. Offered, a package. deal for Sgoviet Union on its side has unit-
the the U. N.- of 16 ed militarily with several allied
countries whose applications are states.
pending. Actually, there are 21 "It is impossible not to see that
countries tied up in the member- the proposal introduced by you
ship deadlock, and Molotov said completely omits from cogssidera-
after the meeting he did not in- tion armqd forces -and military
elude in his package deal Japan, installations which are outside
South Korea North Korea, South the rea of the United States and
Vietnam .jr korth Vietnam. i the Sojvit nion....
Sopies of the ulganln letter
6. Called for $be return of For- whre distributed to newsmen at
mosa to Red h and demmans- the summer White House at
ed that Nationalist China's. U. N. i~vwrAir F c amp by assint-
seat be suprendered to the Peip- da whiter orus presa serestry
in regime --
Said te July Big Four heads e .d S. te .w uld be no
of government fenment conference in Ge-t e" n i "
neva was "the most important in- commentco th I
ternatipnal-event of rece-ft times" m i.ZsJenhower's I reply.a -
which "became possible becaMie Snyder said he 4i6-Lnt -know
the forces of peace and social when the Preidenthanswer will
progress had had inereasad in be read. i entr-
strength ." 1 view of some admlgnitra-
8. Expressed hope that Geneva tlon offlalwasthatBuanin's
talks now in progress between Red Iletter "Ign. the basic point of
China and the. U. S. "will play a W iN W'erll_ .P0lopsa1 -
positive part in normenalizing re-. thtt tA. p -roda a We-
latiobs between the United States' t6 i t oSt"o agaln a surprItse
of America and the Chinese Peo- masefse 6sahult bY one nation on
pie's Republic." -another.

DANIEL BOONE By Rs-Winterboti


- IeoWg bed mat a meMneger for
help. To glan tie, he asked
Ilackuh. is ShaMsee awter,"
tI 'wew.


.'I I

~.* -'*~



~ /

Th? ury rutil4-onfly on the af.
tiod whether the defend nto
wer vit of the actual murdefw
of zru-etTill, whom the ad it ,
ted abducting on Aug. 3 batS
claimed to'have released unharm'
The boy's vweih ted body was -
found In the Ta alat o l River
Aug. 31, bludgeoned and shot
through the head. re am t
The jury, which took thed -ie e o
at 3:35 p.m. Iwheked .on the, to3. d-
room door at.4.- J .audge tothe1P
Swango called maourt to a e d
the j.ry filed basf tot if.e reItsn a n befre ta Jrywas
Foreman J. A. Sh ir J!., and- "Itht -i" ry
ed i slip of aer to a- batlitff who a1 alhed a .aa'sva8 oojt.
read the verdet. s -raising a
"Not guilty," he said loudly. Tears. e, I ts summt,
Spectators them the rear of. The defense, in ts summtion a Ne"r6 h re,
the courtroom lep to t he suggested yo Till and his tin- lried to embrace her, ked hr
frot down a shorter rway and ele Moses Wrlg I whom he was for a dat.a sa -whistle
the refrain "aot was visit inmVn r g, might e got in t auh as he w' Md a another
released In shouts aF. paam to with. some of the pe~tsobs who Negro. S, 4. tify th
rsn thecroughthe corridor and were trying to- create ll will a-Ialed, ae ster as'
the courtyard. among the whites and blacks" and liable to ge the eA h ce of a
There was asliht hitch, how- arranged to put "some dece p leal advance ant
tver when J udge wango report ~son" in the river wearing before the Jury, the eaB n-
ed the verdict has not beep return-Till's ring. do5ed that tick;
ed in the proper form and th' ju- But Smith. called such- a,theory It PeseatedU d ade medical
ry had to go back and rewrite it, "the most far fetched argument evidence thatt-eh s pulled
but this was only a technicality. i've ever ard in a courtroom." froa the TaQ kil- ver ap
It took r five e finut for thed The defense made mueh-of .. feaai. l at
and this time the bhait ead iit: &tae abody fearedd to-have bft ie a w Iee
"We the uryfind the defendanris d a t. leas t 10 d whereasJ i
.not guilty." was mission only reedays. W 1tes w4taw:t
any of hla crow d already had s tb sai tahe test mon y th. puton. as "soan
left and as the judge rapped for Mosest wrV gt'-a ,ood old Tun- Cn .ae in. t*haF tfi io"o
order there was no demonstration -try N .ln whi. he idenuid -enb.lg Ti. P
at the second readinth b' the body wa- t f positi" -h.r X20 sarwedand .ry.
Both Miam and ryant, n b. bndy.wa ill .. .act
bd I f mte btruetle whbo M as t' uropean theater ia World
crm aledly attracted TIS, i he atIm dese 4h e .aru. I
smued at the' ews of boy's d act a Summa up, defense attorney
their acIi al Adoth were wiathe ti t Carltpn said t-a states
smoking hig black eigars. summed's up .tCai R'r0B' tl a -'
Mht,. Bryant clut hed her hus.- "Wt u a W ufit the d ed. t od .
bans band and smiled. She said MilUm- .i to Mose's Therl W o .
she felt "good.' hbose and sIa 'we that boy about the date's o
A crowd milled around the de-from ea a any Indl- and Bant ,abu aInLe
fendants and congratulated the. ncatios scu pe said .,floeW tr wst
Then they posed for plcturju with they went to?"intod. .Ito oertoai -
their wives. The fou' children of swarth, h. E then 11 4 T
the two families wie not in the tar said,"I waj u l ly ou u ath his b i ,
courtroom at the time. and will die i the o Afk twhieh o .rrtl wi_
"I'm glad tot he turned loose" I will say that if they bad anl a e -RSi .V pre( n -, wl w sw
Bry ant told reporter. His wle idea In mind thatthis h .Thursday who d a gNegro
si, .d, exeshsesixe thatti -sb t.ts ph Phw
sand she was very ple e d with done sath in wrong they col resembling
the outcome'sh.takekenta moer a n taken t b n Su we
"I'm lad of the outcome," Mi-hgvihimkena little mo erailn _County from h. outgri's were
lam sai i man deals with a child e- heard.
The state had not ,apecifcally to a childand no as a One of the de enda iam,
asked for 4he gas chamber. man"'0 said was placed coming o4 of t -he
BothS ides asailt Ibarn.
"outside natsmess" for raising p defeats ld admitted.
a furor ever the case, and try- a e Udgto A1 drnma-. U nl
I to destroy the Sotea "way eind fhe dtae
of life. Im release L. .l .'
"But so Ion as any citizen of he was 5, -
this nation, whether black or 1blwasUlta .uA-rSlt.
white, is denied his constitutionalI n they were #eed, th1-
rights of life, liberty and 'iappi- west to a heard n"e. U Ii
ness, then we ep ,,'t compl4 bI a M w
bout what happens to u,." aid A to what actually happop'
special Prosecuto Robert B. th Bronts agral storfour iO(UP)
Smith in his finAl poech ,to the o--r--
12 white jurors. ,
-The jury was eiowered to r- CO S TOS
turn a verdict of guilty, as charg-.w ,. b
ed, which would have meant the., ... .,
gas chamber, gt wlth -' "eu.-.,
tedce; or itfl wan. una $to a.
gr aon faihent,- the courtt
Judge 4 wango told the.0. to A .o
return, ar t od on a p Ln et ala.-.Uo .h*
of paper. .he dismissed the law
pltramte juror while the others
filed out, their expressions fiXed
and serious leading a crowd of .to
neary S o ely awaiting a vet -
"Order must hbe malm-tailn,.e'0d'-
when *e9Jury returns ets ve rdt,", hT atg:av w .. -h
'Jude Swango warned. .- -g.Mym
mal charge to the jIry. He ex- '6,d,-,', Or,-a

outlined by the state early In the p .
s aw, named by 01m us- R uth USow ,,eato
. .hite-o -n au" Io StL.-Atty. Gof maOrr
e'-a i- thau.wlthecau esas- view.-

R "! "" '

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^.e... r \ -

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4 .'




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