The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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SmOph Janet

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ne d 1hthe
sted WAdwu .s-
I headed Iito the open
SSea6 today with a
grown force of 115

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nfatry regimen imall elerk (U. 8.
Irwin Kahn).

To Kobb Via The Caine d nnma.flnhhe" MIht lriins.n 4is to .t.A..... ..

S new temper, termed -
re'dy Ulalerou al~thU h
I twO days @old. roar
W & aeroa open water to.
ward Central America
Weathermen discounted any
dental threat to the JC. main-
land some 1600 miles away but
maid the twice-hit Yucatan pen-
Iusuna might come Into Janet'&
An advisory from the weather
bureau at Ban Juan. P.R., esti-
mated Janet was located about
100 miles south-southwest of
Port de France, Martinique,
The advory said the hurri-
cane _as moving westward at a
a tl reduced speed of 12
mph, often san Indication of still
further intnsification.
hurricane warnings we rals-
ed frm (renada to St. Lucia In
the West Indies.
aret blapted the British. s-
landof Baobados today l -t. be-
an SI ominous mauch Ito the

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To Aler Draft

T Put Younger p

Men In Service

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The tickiiuk problem of how to control the
tax-discountedSiipor on the Coasl Z w-ewa til
up the plaI t effect of that chlk 44 iw
but both Pm : e. and Canal Zone O a ftol .
greed that the moadu opreasdi of tmi letup
be worked out within a few dys
A Panoam Canal spokasmn sW. "t 1
lem is Panam6'u, how they work out ftttn the ;
the Canal Zonq; they can't very"t send an
with sich botte.- *.

left o the corner build-
t I Buenos Aires, Atr
rea with puntire. Hard-
ra in the building) re-
Pern forces. They were
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for si cos s ffiers test, b h1h a a 00 mli on h dollar is lica pewers pl 4 th e nme m ,orBugllt n ..w To meet-thie problem, ee-- a twa d a et
pwi bean sea, ---A' plcatwil It
hit N _,,or -CwUould.nI-- lies i tire ai t .loe lrooktresu pl n ali h Voo Vfr
tnon and his wile, d th, bread .ha ose obbe's-a1Ar oft'rra e dl. b .autu e obi the 59d 1FU P miet the .set srns Irntyd oreti t e r oufr local ~ory s eh 2s
ly e quick glne at my" e.w consits a sady r' ". es "lari .-r puic, td e me)h tor rhoid ~sa h
.. .oe?. A. _. tme slan hoe roole d tfour pers on Meanhe Wfah o t heB tee h opre fathem s pp r hoo d. Par is you an "th w al rslye l~.ort s ra cen off a s bl .. n
'caineefqe bu -diet of nned hl and m;a good tourist car idtar o ate tii The new Yo r 'imes sia to plr ougld- mea most fat ers th o as O i e
re pho ftd 'fereoltspd-orderandsugicotton, tifon rol iet rro cabe today of the ~ ne.
he..d- obj e5u ve aminend r-oy thern ot. e o deroin a, kusa has offered econdi- fatlld btonlpi draft-st. adr
stameD as l.t oph rsil his t Ol"4. 'kd TtM ,' e Pae6hhlrr t_, Crneeroed voese wheniw ht he -nal reonhe.
0o oba hi s tided t- his hlnb rrm .id ( euin me j
beca meaWWe ateh 1b For0iebeou
Te r Minister Altredo.z Al- dmnitratten officC0-ls refm-o the heroch pr nighn th.
n pouns o muse Janet ws locat oed b two al d nsi d l iat as to whether ene ol hrnS.-r
Srtie Al though he ba not a.qido edesieair night aut the tb inmleerld oept the Kr shchev Funds New r ci alainbn o n-mau
ou n by his Life- the r 't cit 3d clan .as.l o e de nor encd reo ub c.uer o
t te .o.b ..demande d aoet, th"pet p' aes. lg into the_ frigd Arctic near Adon er e no ref tu
mo b s c h g m t h e t i d e e s o f t h e Wrhs ino ae eonse t oe t her
f ots -h- stu for the -omnM a one left eigt mvele$.Nikoli Nerulg -lL P tTOo prnlt ci eg f e 1s e-
*6 iTe s lre oal RI O 1110b hiel l 7 -, --he Un Nde Nat-ns tela nod wedo.r thinf
feal an8 are graced bylarstae firm #M.As the of rir t studi and Co l bh ,
br he d' ed-offeeu taest, ih heA- n m Ii's ettes -. presumably co- Russ l) i ded -t I W 2 w w
tie V.01 E ma or.,f 16p week. uo e ek ae .v
,l on quc glt my o -Hurricae la, which waonsits hPiets- -. i, pt. a--(UP)-- exists aIpcn enormous propor nsa Today his condition is reportt-n we to ds
hthny den d Fren Premis Soviet Counis Party chief Inthe Wested te countries." he ed at ogs osfta Nc as pa o Io
slches~ n he ja tn~ stry as tlhrguoh hi. ma-r raging h ila week at the me Ed ar F Nkita 8. Ktu ev .tday cr1- said. Th, al ough he as ttia on the sers fa 'ou W -
S-.. -. vAieo? Ceuband edo ito ied the "enormous propor- "In Pars ou can't walk ously li st. Forty r ce of al
time alano n m k ie f pr s" 04estu Weshethe city without a ga rluisbdw burned t he ex. .... -r s
Mxico mad caused property0d Ipai atn U Igouo i. en tdhe would
m- damae In the milons of dol- foreign musflr experts tuae er count s.w teS

rgan was located toy tssenbowr bi he saidc
O e Too e Amerinan leaders anxiously ao th mad.m rd the remarkth tEe
antettdeia. uelpreoedeated news con- Cop-rn o ai eal
wartmlnt. e d .ld p lot saever b ente
l.CQ Bock Tax whed theLlettr sI o i elcrack serence dtbnu whio ch he and So-

.d Tead an Min mistlio rdoler -n W rdmitant s rfIote .-hp

S-. m lr to y $ 0 in bak in letter.u Sut they said the MOrconverstion covered i tre-
S ilt -c8tt h td' the flau t.-tJtaxes on liquor distilled over a fetter was).-der urgent ionsrd- menados range- of subjects r
.. Vq sn:.l-eou oxearl. eraion nets. atth e summer Shetwo leaders had these
a UL1, Nobbe m h e we*ben t -reacto to this H Whit. Route in Denver. and by things to say:
n N teist and we do ev'.eryhing we Edar
voice? u i tim e as killed by the arttn i te s Uin iteint ions cn t ltiberate e certain pert of P .....
U and caue tproe fir forein heistsa is r ests 15(11- pf crOmru these. wrabhum sat-r in o to stay a- : -"on
-tj .n ah a olliof aof le n sao t eetnc tn ofre li gon which stlll
Go: ... ., a" works ond i s can pr C aacti theSAndao
pllge .thatW letter from suve. rael l se a- she .a nd lud ingecu'ea
Panama Dis "carr Io ta never toa
* letarr Dempd A 45T Khrushche v -sremaikd
hodd To Pay of'

so--t weet Unite Ntos rf of Prsr e
I., "l r talked m wos h to teuCinea leiquds-
Ro5et -bnaaWl .Sri" of contr-l
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.g"-"' lP. M gM P. 0. M 4. n L W, P.

Labor News

j *4.00 B By VICIOR IEEL I. "",' -
Itwll M probably hof MAdaI.
Stevenson to larthat AnkeriIhe,.
Can Communist Party and the in-. 5fthk tlhtb e
%L gg I- Ia pe rence for him over .IiM'u i Su mn -. .' u
I t E' "ogMAIL BOX n..T-o. -
WW I --r n e. A v erell H rrr ..l
S I ho le b.- MM ft ler w m t esl The Pa, maiI Co.. g_,i ,at a moment when Mr.. nl o t s a
01 IN= etan e hand led hv wuirhmo f iteveon's -and Gov. Harriman's
fore"iarenHaing up power behind.
h ie leter t< I-mHptent lmepesat apr the dase for the t ht for the
;.':. b dIni I si er NM"l eMd O a4 nomination for the t o .lh. -. S .'_US 'i'..
upe lb eess Embed see pge lenth. Presided Ofthe U.S., the Com-r
g9 Ip whem h held in srlstei 0e1udee1 mu11itu' Unsolicited support-
so m ii -- s4;apeadblbft for stsmmd aseat s i e lntes may prove to be the 5kims alz 1 ..rai
i. ,, death for Stevenson., .uthntim.Te t c s g,
Khis Kremlin kudos will con- -U 8,A. ulg
**^ OlKEATOB Wit apparatus has orders to keep ii si i
t Sir: oh e pralig him and smearing BaHr- .a. crri ed by e I tt e .at .
to "One Who Appreciates His Wie": riman. e Cominform leaders ov Te a eale, ldom i
m eSi oyid reading your letters in the Mall Box, are under orders from Moscow to |o a u
1"ve 41Ofto blstUyote new haunts. Do you know of blt say< who is too critical \ redi a i A
of I M tter I've been ope more cautiously. recently went through Europe and -h ** Geto olir- weather otr t U.S. Nemws '
l t t e nm inl out pty goodi ltely with the irued statements there and here m n /r G or- ortiu _liets
w not ruino good I hlng. uIleaae don't encour- at home expression g extreme dis- .r IAllother // rs \\ \ rem \a i 1e y
Lrhubaa too stronglv tn stay at home, or even go home trust of the new soviet lin e. a, O is// \\ trict." oped. aw.nceI
llisKnat -o rus Th world Comimunist chiefs re. tj He n / \ M -, a grt ha*- .- w As "alMa.P e
Midnight Terror Member that Gov. Harriman was \ civil liberties and a keen he aluW t h bf Alps
-- ;-a tough, out-spoken American Am- \ American hisy, h i the y n.
,,bassador to Russia-and have nev. .iIthlgraph over hi man_ For n' report
TIVOLI BBBVICE er o venz hm for not being tak- ever since he has bee nr sid^ te lti a
by their Russian lullabies. aSeaste. their paprs
S mused at article in the Mail Box crIttlg then Lecently the word went out from' "The artist who painted it," who an obW

e W writes expect red carpet pre for them when ratment." A Prty statement, the g who issued the orde
1 lp tB c al t or two? Issued -by its National Committee Il r mit come back to haunt ment ime lanW a m, aw ndp o S
M.C.M. and reprinted in the Aug. Ii, m when he ran for Congress it publicly tor*l.
-,- edition of the "Com rmfrom Ohio. It almost defeated him. Asked abllt hi part the
it Bulletin." said very specifically. "I have been concerned _overic Geneva n
t o wion- g with the Tivoli Restaurant that a lit- "Labor should also use its infli, t t erosion of some of our rights horn oalll
a by th-nagement wouldn't cure. ence in the Democratle Party gu N -- --- j O to aad an the a urr dln are pleasant. But curb such anti-Geneva statement mBta," espsained the nator Oe aage. -
a ently notltereted In how the a that of Governor arrim ad fom is uri It seem to m I pott o ld
wi11 A as. It no wonder that they are so win support for iotive proposals l some' them have b, n owhitd it P tates buysn
cus35 t oeirs, like those recent made bydAl --- at d away and that the Amerloan for nekels in it ops
the iiffect of good an.ervislon And manaie- Stevenson and Senator George. e not a alert an the sd, be. u der then a.-
RestaurantI could esa aualifty ua the model "Such activity Is also an india .T o n guardin their right sse beau we get a hei o
Se n ". theemployes are well trained, efficient, pesble part of the eff to TO p s reaIon nr tCheo rt ansor l pln-e get l9 ohtah n
t. sad most lmpqttant of all really seem In- assure a constructive outcome of tigatio* Russia's trategic targets.
ob. Now this st did 't happen. It's the IM election. And the fact that o endings hO t wb ,rar hve been mplutely in the ,
o 0o the manager. the 15 camp comes after Ge- By PETER EDSON*sum nOn gthear w aot lr as da
ava enhances th e possibilities for pass n freedom of relii
-d vacr the finhttond t Worhp, guarantee toe r already nows r
coldwarand the twh tnp c end the .. u amendment;tand on Octoberel e. n target we ha e.
This tion of the statent to ofthe best ed n 183. government subs dy. the first amendment. Report f did carry the
T..d Ihi. sn a sec tirosn the csta .m tnexa les of what ails American mThis n at increase i due toa Even such stalwart cotton state OTE-Senatorh enningse h orn Ilan dil o e Lueo
."s ovon usprl noad acrothe Commury, ae ultue. better ftlers, insecticides and senators as James 0. astland of picked an afe Republican attor- a the Geneva conference s
t atist' ov rt undercover labor Ther is a 3-million-bale sur- farming methods. They hve in- Mississippi are. beginning to hedge y from St. Loui L Hocker over
Sr ope no i us star itthe cotton trade in reaped production from 3 to 387 a little on this theory. Their idea a counsel in charge of the investi-
p op to provoke e animosity th e La. This almost two years' pounds per acre in five ears. I s that cotton ubport prices might gat ionPaley and Truman
a i Thihans aered man labor o-- The question which nobody wants be adjusted so as to let the market
leaders who hava considerable in y the end of the year, It Is to face-up to is how much acre- price be a little more flexible. No Visa for Sadlak Ed Pauleys entertaining of Vice
1 iflu inside the Democratic Par- Xpctd the ovef ent' Com- age would have to be cut to get They-believe this weld make cot- President Nix n, which created
It has especiallyenraed some m Credit Corporation CCC production down loser to the level ton mor competitive with the Forty-four congressmen are re- such a furor on the nation's front
AFL official whose position an the own outright more than of cotton consume tion? Ten mil- synthetic fibes and foreign cotton. orted visiting the Soviet Union pages recently, shouldn't have
Russians and their "new" lineof eight million bales of this surpluss, lion bales could produced on One suggestion for this adjust-i summer. But there was one caused such a stir at all.
smiles s similar to Harriman' or wo-trd of an average year's 14 million acres, at today's aver- met is to change the base grade congressman who, though he went Pauley, multmillonaire oilman,
s Thiresentment could-and aprob an. age Yeld. for support prices. from the pres- almost to the Russian border friend of Harry Truman and DAm.
h ia wr-hurt m st oa vd-n b' Departmet of Agriculture A Yes" vote in this year's ref- ent e-inch middling to one inch namely, to Helsinki, Finland oratie fund-raiser, has been play
Or. .- ch i tei.e No man can be nomir must therefore olrder a referendum erendum will of course mean that middling. This would put a pro- went no farther. He didn't even Isg wte'other aide of the stret for
ote d today by the Democrat vote f all cotton planters before all cotton raisers must comply with mium on the better grades. It ia y for a visa., soe time now. He didn't .dve
ithouthe ort labo h Te on wll be the Secrtar ota if they want might also cut down the production Cgresmn Ant Use it, b Ed even a
S" I owi heSo the oape. w wheth o : marketing govern t p e supports. of the poorer grads. a .sRe pu blian of C le o o
.. .-of. lma np o wer .RA W u ,, A d I .

-thiver t those qu They e e arm ha. It spe edthat ck in the preset law, It Is ent Congress by going to tin to carry water
AtoothSteve on And Hara pected tdo oagain this year. the atutl apply f -eatton forbidden to reduce the support MOSCOW." on both shoulders.N s
are t p St laboe o MnI H ritma ora a goes up beyond reserve, set-aside price on cotton till there is. i10 When you examine what Sadak One backstage factor in woo
ther r the omaton. he planters vot"Ye" th requirement, the support price per cent of the coming year's e- didn Helsinki, It is eay to under- Nixon the fact that Paule
the a month there have been at yea referred Secretary must go down percentagewise. timated demand for cotton e- dStand wI he didn't act for a oung Paul Marshall th 6 a n
ll S a score of uiet conferences Agriculture t Eara Tatt Benson This cut is not yet sure and .it serve. The new idea is to cut this via. Fore made an ani0 omu administrative assistant, rplac
,l l KII rbetEeII these s rategists ald have to proelaim marketing con- may not be for much it comes. to say 102 Xer cent, to permit aist speech that must have chilled pauley' brother who n led t
C .s e r ofBT th ladies'B n ad trols on predatw sned acreage al. But every penny and point count. lower suppo prices. S arrow of U.S. diplomat who yr. And when you con r
Leaders of the ladies' and nn's lotm t to poduc s than Some farm experts say that the Cotton as always been a fa- were into take advantage of Marhall' tie with Nixon
arment workers the teamsters. 10 mfllon bales e minimum best way to reduce the cotton su- voree crop in American farm law. Moscow s 'new look." The sub- it's no wonder that Hare Truaa
a electrical workers and the crop established by law. ply Is to cut the rice by a cent, Thus when other basic crops first et- "Cultural relation and is mted at his old end
on action trades union h ave In 195 total U.S. cotton land or even two or three cents a won 0 per cent of parity as their mutual understanding." Pauleys. maneuverings.
been approached by both the-te. was 25 million acres. In 15 It pound. This is of course resisted support level during the war cot- if you want cultural relations For Phu Marshall and Niyoa
on and Harriman forces in was 21 million acres. This year It by nearly all cotton planters and ton was put at This political and mutual understand ," ald were once New Dealers toget-
their search for support has been 18 million ares. Yet on politicians. favoritism is now being challeed alk ou can haveit when young lawyer in the same A
This ockeing for position will this 18 million aeres, cotton raisers But Benson has hinted at get- because of the need to reduce the the last remains of a great man.or Roosevelt hired epuit lican
continue unta Nov mbr, when a e this yar producing an esti, t the price down so that more huge surplus production that now who now Hles in the Maine mon- as well as Democrats. Marsanl i
Stevenson will pubtclyv declare mated 12.7 million bales, as of e U.S. surplus could be ex. overhangs the market. moat in Arli..ton Cemetery, can the son of arch-epu an %h
Sa- a icandidatfor the presi. meat InPllolan-Cm ey t .thei so of -ec
Sf suieof a Tandid he the preui- go back to a free Poland." Marshall of West Virginia, lana-
S irg oitio. Then the fe u. The "great man" was Ignce time Taft booster and assistant

wilintoa the open. Then, ,P adeewski, who died while P- general under Coo.lige
..=re, Ied t ol noohr Wtin ea rgn oiew lo.films...1,-
d it..trehth. u-- pendent-. ndicr opposit oh
SThe andida with the mot la Of New York trim beard and a relious skull own wife. She han he i n uthr o Ike's Plan Hrold who resigned fro
I C Re o we s ... cap which he never dos... Dig.-the cethsame H at the cabet p et.
tet impressiCn of THE WAIL OF A FRAIL altfled meticulous, highly artlcu- sine- t even th that The ou man question claimed that an oman could ot
f A. labor *especially the late. He captures the attention of eh In b hi l. Eps a her mde deny it, butthe real be i charge o Naval oil la
OR SPEAKING PEOPLE ower a ate unon I will never tote The Torch, just e patronil His acoam. g st hours a day." autorof enhower's aerial sur- and he raised the confliet-of-ter'
AT TH ERSITY OP PANAMA we who are to the Demo becae you brok ur vows. mes P ancia c v plan which he sprang est question which recently ca
crate, wIl shy cltar of even the So you've got Two ig Brown sultent, law a t, lecturers Times Square Circle: Jackie suddenly at the Geneva summit the exit of Harold Talbott. In the
adusted in perods of W minuto- | ing to the same political at- You won heve wsulk and.ob, upcoming b His magnifi- Peron had as much trouble with colonel, Richard Leghorn, now Senate and Truman lost one pl
and Thu r sdayat evening hours mnhere as the Comniei. melancholy, teary-faced, cent imoiicker is: Ras Kovett! Sat- the Argentines as Rita Hayworth" vice president of Eastmsn Kodak. his best Cabinet officers, all vM
i at daythipe, j aidy they are talking about Like a semi-mental slob. (You to Kevil Ibo Asha Mundhi ... The .. Congrata to "Uncle Paul" (of Though Harold Stassen has a man whom 'Iruman has now
SSSUNESS (Dull. theh Communists' attack on Harn- can be replaced) newest busboy at the W. 57th St. The Polonaise) on his 50th year as been trying to cbnvlnce everyone snubbed by refusing to go to the
-ih m R to a m.m Bman and are waiting for Steven- Going lueae in a club lsn't Automat! a top restaurateur Many of that the inspiration was Ike's ac- West Coast.
so n11c (Ba 8BaB1s): fom 5 o 8 p*m. | to hose down the Communists my philosophy, the G-Men, who quit for easier tually Colonel Leghorn promoted ..NOTE-Paul Marshall went to
Sa n 6 to ? p.I with cold political water-not just No tear-be) r for me. (Watch a M The Jobs (or more coin), have applied the idea publicly in the U.8. News Vice President Nixon for advIse
eAtI domestic Comies but the So- & seeu) Memos of a Mdsghter The fo relnatatement. Miss the c- and Wora Report lait January. on whether he should sece
stlo eem. (pecial atentlmsa I themselves. There are other things to seek.- a1t-nhters at the Theater Guild's tica, the hoor, etc It will Prior to ths, the Truman ad: Pauley's offer. Nixon told himor
eenverestion, eS a* pealtlet aad the have to wait too long for in this world of joy and, strife. A View From The Bridge" (intake another six years f The ialistration had made a some- all means to latch on to anythig
Wto Mr. Stevenson will I'll forget you In a weekf-It i Boiton) were shocked when star Super-Race to remove the last what similar proposal to .the as lush as this.
1to ge mihty power takes me al my life! Van Reflin klised another man broken house and rubbleit Ber-
iG at :eWacty Oftice C b = -A ette k r a scene. One critic winced: i... mT cSomic T Av n Ar i
to soveents the chap was unfit tomurrT Tlawn.f et. 1d8 T S M vent
mS HM I9-'9^ B ?. are a~on ada About Town: W. waru *.. .* "Arbian e Iets a wt-
II oor sa jehit e Clle (at Jones Bjac) was mo re ofJ ana

3ThunderbIrd V.8 now aa nne a May gwo In & ( on on wom t y S i
in 11e Di i iadze (onue an English Lady, Lucia are dtos-hla Didden the her name t lease the Pater... 145 P UiI, ,PPIN I
a l Queen, now a Rockef gel the dand rHot Stu: Conway's nevist
1 956 FORD Whlte RusisPrinces hasng den Sakj to Gmbels? ..Te fSams is .Dell, the AdomI
fat e Ho ldo sabtolli.ntg ..s.Be9P. a B eIBns5 h fler since he was Ph** s. Tohle Witt^es GadnheE
Watch I* tg ** the HoteP.s Recgnied S ^ onl sot b.a*h flom ia 'laef i&.

...i.N M _._ mby TWA's handsom eai i t. nearlyrago spa. T nea- .
A former RO leading omanr w z day I r
;9&n Fontaine reading the firstorR boa.e lw: W R
MS.n(ews-buB tas a (i Gre ew or)i eV: '* t, w.: i'! .
..Pair. .old bionlar. nc.. 0 nabouta n s the new
Star Calern leaning at a to-Coasl mV e
Park Avenue eab pilot, who ig- W- .-. 9W ySI. n
nwred his frantic waving The The Cur Beat: T lf- sad h ar s5
_I2 arts at the E ers Ja- nor's Carto de IT4hlig mu
4 dV. --a stpShirleyi Yamaj ,_ i, in a "M y-y .".. '".7"
eans d6th AtomatWM 3 :44 a a.
btam And gets. frst sa".
( lawn silk sash, seo and te a
# Pyeb DOtps) t at
4 a-s I nt Alle.y' Oetbaurd in," l.
at bMeteIs : "g: "Do

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ta ...ji
0507-. ,. Ig puN w- withaI -'-**-. -
I -' -+ I. -

* -: ,*- '?- '^. ... '- .: .' "" "



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4 .

waft& -
11000 *.* ^ -* .* .. *

^^^ T^ -^ ^^ ^ h.*''.-..., *- < ""' WJ,- A -M Mdpno I %le thick.
*, sprinklers %in ec
v-l As pastry. ftf -w ;er L, spreadpi
.J, e 'Dchesries g ind rem ainin g s og ~n *
Drighen uvmdy.a~g ture. Add almond extract, t tap
A' ^ .if^^HB^ ^je^ ^^ loin f i~rm ftfA ~ l^IMF A&A ^ h,.*rO thwith eirmainipp "str rallied 'A
t6in fs p it w n- i S.Pacific her es inch thick tu under and
III elfc Nothwst w$red flute edge. Cut 2 to I gashes in
i t ed high In a bowl, cA m t o A p emi to all for the escape
ed with:. (UP Mons beede e tebampte.a 5 .
Mof four "our- wainy way you look at them these very hot ove (450 degrees. F.'.

*1' oteraaa o tr eerd.^^ ^ I ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^bu am t Nose snaamy dawd gtr apefr uit .land gretuenostem.ab 5miue in JU
ra hs Jlrom f Nof thwst aherris add to the gA- Reduce heat to moderate (350 do-
e a a of erof eating -eand good utiOf-I agrees F.) and bake 45 minutes or

mudrn otebeifB ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ e nhee"2 b-ck'% as watteon, too.ull~e %nc~ aad_ .fr
a ks11 st 4W6 a until crust is brown. Cool before
w acs eNorthwest Cherrytime Salad serving.
ug. ruled the the
.On'where One pound ripe, pitted, sweet
1aSa o. wor 1- wb Les aiamon re cherries, a3 ripe bananas, table-
e previma s the eeo a o sen o spoons lemon Iice, 1 large grape. i
bout ew tu At .the tore by ered About 6 am. In the amy dawn fruit, sectioned, salad greens.
Pryt th~ og talk.a~ .In t e d w
ddw he to he rt, did tan lk of Aug. 28, several hours after Wash and pit ch erries. Cutu
S eTill was abducted, Reed said he peeled baanas in half lengthwise,* like you have n
rsa. ryat's ieband 'and his saw a new green Chevrolet trucks Merinate in lemon jui ne. Peel a nd
h*el-bae nr were being tried for oceupie4 by tjree or four white 5eclion graneftuit. Arran;. frIts f
re~ard te s tre bfe t 1ain -the Amick" as he walked .on indiV idial, plates on crisp salad
nmurdertuarTI1 In -the. belief be mhinhehk"ah wld greens. Senve with honey-insyon.
WPSAMe egn who accostd the to a store.wgreen s Sea th pie-plaOnly $45.00
wPOheA re. w aoe Later, he said, he saw the same nasi dressing.
WO ertruck parked before a barn. Over o
I a d e mee objectives he said oene of Houe a Dresng
t4= ov *lewa,1V 2 egt e h e nhvad seendInie. One-half- cup mayonnaie Genuine Guarantee'
trcNeric leed lke" tb e "y, few grains paprika, 1Ita-
`9l Pboy, mtn da 7t 7lespoon lemon juice. Combine all Natural Latex Foa
eglf ra o r ohe t e a0victim. mogredients carefully. Makes b
1e i at said! the Negro ask. hel e wa C ba the wa m rn cup dressing b4
iedeWn abut a. d d baby" hatrd some Me"' ad b inea r d
ai-f was ped her, used an un- ameb' h hopeeI" r s asard Fresh Cherry Ple-( servings)
Mm'i and bragged of call e h]*
t h dt with white wom- ater, Te: he saw a Pastry for 2urst, 9-inch pie, 4
ke.rd cups (1% lbs.) pitted ur red
e the a tand n out' of the be go to thewell cherries, 1% cups sugar, 3 table- OUr hoice of

She wachse. arollow d tosth e ckleSteadr, psolstapeyt qu's ltouhitha eecoeokinbok tt sbswtapiocaf*e V f'
g 'mbbed used a :a andaodrink ,tham retur: to resing. ed coverremovable ou
3 W. it wife of t~e 6th- -- '------ the barn. J teaspoon salt, teIpoon pure al-
r e*pidant sai she in h s defense attorney reland d extract, 2 t tablespoon but-
Aq. Yeartof he store sWe time. agudvgorouly that the Reed ter or margarine. Exclusive
'bod wiar afh onlrh'r.quesba i nd sares- testimony was e"not related in Sna Line a ynch pie plate with *n
ibut her family and' hasbdr TIIRIA ,ehar'Jr.eegro nwaytod the shadow of 01;&
ftseirs. C. Strid er of Talahat- der trial of two wnt mn, wh o accused of slaying a wa1 y t or the lato of CANAL AGE
elier County where the trial is year-old Chicago youth, at Summer, Miss. Diggs center) ar- He failed to get the testimony.
betgheld, rastofed the Tbody he rived at the trial with two attorneys. excluded, however, ort et a di Cathedl Planss (around th
saw taken from the Tallahatchie r s. Brdict said she cad from Felix /
River appeared to have been there store and pulled the first Negro his side. Bryant. aTheo 1a cudt wre Ene froer Felix M\duro
"at least 10 days-if not IS. outside, she said, but he did not Willie Reed a lanky 18-year-old "has not been connected in anyt

days after Tills^ d'"isappearance.1trcter 'Na" f ^ wwUb slce o p hcg tha bee connctd inv to "a x^ V
Thea body was found only 1hr go "peacefully." Negro, said he witnessed these way with thd disappearance o 3 3 YdS. x 1.00
Thabys mother Tillstdivaearlicer rmt.otiesecniudoccurrences at a plantation in ad- Emmett Till."
Theby'thatotherbodyset hm t heyug elr ae j~~~oining Sunflower County. Mose .-Wright testified Wednes- a
toaChiago thefor dyralwsdefnitely tohat young deyj limae a whIstle.' Bryant and Mulm have admit- day that 1111am was the man who a
that 'her son. Cadltoun gve his version of a ted they abducted Till from the came to get Till, and he a a I d To make room for tI
But strider said he could not wolf-whistle and Mrs. Bryant said of an uncle but said they Bryant waited outside. -
y t sondedlikethat lethimgo when they discovered Although Sunflower County Is aztwco e
tell "for sure whether the body "ef," tsuddlk h thyhdpceUPte"rn"sa ocutjriitonrs-
was that of a Negiro-ll thatI Te state rested its case, after teN a ice ptegr"wrIuong'searate curtbjra* saio n oset- 7.jl a tso e
could tell was that It was a hu- an uneasy witness told of see- gro. cutor Gerald Chatdae said no at- c
mala being."d far yeou Negro resembling Earlier the victim's mother Ma- tempt would be made to changes i
daysar thallegd Titbein g tb oaharn ,from. .il Bradley, testified tha t e e h e ia
Ingidmnt at the store, Irill'sbe which the sound of blows ain d 'dy sent to Chicago and buried was not determined In which county d
dy was pulled from the river cries of pain then emerged r son. Till actually was slain.
his head battered ad a The witness said J. W. Milam, Strider has raised a question Till's mother was composed
bl ole to it sad a chunk of co-defendant with Bryant, I a t e r whether the body in the river was when she began her testimony
waegs It ardondhis neck left the barn, a pistol strapped to Till's, although it bad been Iden- b phtgbro h he ntosobsbodythe D R E S
tougeSdwango.rfseto e SSF w bead battered and with a bullet
Judge Swango refUs. B to vet- hole In It. She identified It'as) o
to.ijury hoar Mrs.Bryant'sver-T sts Fo Stud e Ieing her son. She said she examined in a.11
sion of what happen s the night the body minutely when it was
AuD at thec store she oper- sent to Chicago. a
t t he, p odng Naval Career Set For Dec.10 thoroughly," she said. "I knew
But the defense, producing Ner a beyond the shadow of a doubt it ^
1W its Ent witness after the state was my son.'
rented, asked that the testimony The tenth annual competitive February. From the pool of qua- While the jury was out of hear-
be tgken for the record. examination for high chool sen- lifted candidates remaining in ing Mrs. Bradley said she had
The juryretired and Mrs. iors who desire to attbad college competition,. approximatel 1,800warned Emmet before he left
at wearing bl address with and train for careers as Naval of: young men will be selected for ap- Chicago that he would have to "a-
It.or Pan Zbppeher ficers will be held throusht the point RToC, anhedT a deop utaneow ayoflife!' when be he

Pstn ore h ow avible tnw1 mhsaib recedy- the fleet, and irill recemiwe $80 an..

said, when she held It out for ed by Nov. 1, the announcement nual retainer pay until commit. ------
the money. I added. sioned. In addition to the normal
Casting her eyes down demure- Successful candidates will start college curriculum, the midship-
ly, Mrs. Bry*nt said she pulled a- their naval careers in colleges and maft will study a planned course n 1 1
way and started. to the back of universities across the U n it e d in naval science. All tuition. fees, e 1
- the store but the. Nagro "caught states in 1956, with substantial fi- and books will be furnished by the
me at the cash register around the nancial assistance from the gov- Navy. electrical syBte
waitt" I ernment. After a normal college This college training program is
"Did he say anything asked education, graduates will be corn- also open to enlisted men on ac- *i i
defense attorney Sidney Carlton. missioned in the regular Navy or tive duty in the Navy and Marine wll be in the all
ers,bhe said 'What's the mat; Marine Corps, for active d uty Corps. Such candidates will-be se-
t baby, can't you takeIt? with fleets throughout the wbrld. elected under a separate quota es- 195 6, FOR
t~witess5 replied. Mhe said the
lawalsoaskedher for a date MaleL citizens of the U n cited tablisled for the services.
attere4 an *unprintable States, between the ages of 17 and applications are now available
wz~d" 2 ar olgibe t aply or he t aj high schools. college, and
Wo&9 2 ae lgiletoapl f.o. t heK0" ^ U.S. ay erutngsatos.o COU-AN MOT(
H also bragged, she said, of NROTC aptitude test. Persons who rS f NavymrehruCi N statoNaor COLPAN MOT
'*havim been with white women attain a qualifying score will be Personnel, Washi gton 25 D. C
btos. given the Navy's rigid midship- P lWano, 2D.
Another Negro then came in-the man physical examination next _


Jut arrived...

B E .95c.

Re.etffladsc0 j.
100 Central Avenue



We are unpacking

*Washable cotton bed
spreads In modern
colors ................
SCoca entrances m ats
e Rubber entrance mats
in colors .............
Se atin drapes In rich
colors ......
9 Bedroom table lamps
from ................
9 Modern ashtrays with
ceramic- plates ...... 7.50
**Metal ashtfaya with
ligahter ................10.96
" Modern woooiezcorner
* Modern step table ....35.00
. Modern coffee tables.39.50

* Musical liquor jiggers.1
* Betas of 3 Jlggers in
chrome .............
* Aluminum ieg cube
Jugs ................ ..
*Pitcher and glass sets
trom Wuml. ........
e Aluminum pitchers.
- glaesa and trays In col


p~tfttiB Y"r-
e.A Wtar e
moor by Teb-
Arthur Ken'
cl and Atne'



'Now Anti-Foullnj
18 MM Spark Plugs
will be in the all new



ever slept before
(C.Z. price)
1 a
d 100% Pure White
I Rubber,, Mattress

exciting colors, inner
ter cover and zipper.

e *- Phone 2-0324
) Panama

ie new merchandise
we have

&aML. psAku

El ___ __ __ I






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.2 *

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"p- I


------- ----

______~L1 L~


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M I IN, _2



I of,.. + -

0 Wom
S-Iw pmm

..;- -
TA phenomenon of the eason
is Capt. Richard McCutebt, who
ay yet change the "Marines't
moto to "Suiffle Fideles." The
w of the 4,000 has been i
with offers-Paramount
;ev wanted him to become a
actor, and he was ordered
to shingtol by the Marine Com-
in t toreviewptro gs.
h ad- nam, oxe offers e froz
sad book publshers to
irtu aly every food man .
S ar In the country wants him
to ore his product. So far; he's andrn a aner. Nina Foch
to down everything. (One se ,
artlestaring his nme,: There's more to acting than
w authorized.) g mor.
-to be an actor- What a won-I rA y want to buy a sound-
de life-nothing but a little roof booth? Don Fedderson
pl eting and a lot of glamo producing Edgar Bergen's comian.
parties and excitement a u "Can You Trust Yoeur. Wfe?
I that's what you thir Ihad booth built for the
te Nina Foch talk about the sho _lw. l came "Tthe
wo that goes into preparing ofr $4,000 Questi" wth just such aa
S t. .ed ao.. o Irnmeat. Fedderso. didn't want
"s an exceptionally talented to, .t, so he's stuck with a
ac s. In movies. she's been ... c-_ t_ s bo h b w hla
lo ated for an Academy Award Uth-ere'o y R itle demand. He
c 'Executive .Suite") and jus el or I. an it mit be
fin "Ten Commandmentls"in 'ida cin m ther Iaw.
wi cli B. DeMille. She's acur- STa LEpmR OUTE: This
S doig a lot of TV, waiting letter, from concert pianist Sendra
rehearsals start for her Blanca in Berlin, dischases the,
S way showI "Child For- unique tour she's participating in-I
e to analyze each an American soloist with a Ger-
eta .I r man forete ta, pith an'Al
bgan.s And- W got a fat American (Gershwin s o rqm for
script from the desk, the script an all-German audience.
"Ten Commandments." and leafed "Dear Dick The orchestra man-
th sh It. It was covered with Da rn had ik ae misgivings
t W. n pen.c.l and i"in .b eome whether an all-Gershwin program
Se shortlike "Don't be would draw an audience in a north
cnt! d ple but German city like Hamburg. Such
a g others ran on for a thing had never been done.,
V ery action has an aimed" be imagine my amazement The Mu-
9 er -.. .. sikhalle in Hamburg was not only
aN "Nobody does anything with completely sold out-with 300
a purpose. Even walkingjextra chairs In the aisles-but
1 a as roo.m- ou have a r a on plewere turned away at th-
for hat. Itry figure outwhy ,Xoffice.
th characters I'm playing is doing The concert was concluded with
she's doing, and thpn I at- the Rhapsody in Blue and it was
to t to show this real reason by ven a stand ovation for more
in actionsiv e maninu with htion for moreting
told about one particularly than five minutes, with shouting
toldov urone rshehadl and cheering such as I had never
Command- heard from the supposedly cold
Ione d be an playing the Gershwin pre.
th faith?'i know w gl nce simply MI o leave.4beir
a a tl? I know ea a seats until wv aead the Radl-
ia 'stb a di. dy again. .l,."".
BLIND, II Sedra.
t w Idncide tally, M.
*e soon release1ui L record of t e
Pro.Musics Orchostr e of IfAm-


I Radio Actress

ACROS 7 Musteline
1 Radlo actr.e, 8 Amerlean
Vivian-- -Aerica
7She is in rdio Sea ele
13 Round- 10 Communists
SRoundd II Greek god of
14 Bullfighter war
15 Harangues 12 Painful
SOffer 19 Station (ab.)
17 Roman bronzegl Shines 3
18Atrlean fly daazlingly
(var.\ 22 Concurrente 3
20 Compass point23 Body of l~ad 3
21 Of the 4 tops
.tomh 25 Larissan .
25 Gems mountain 4
28 Declares 26 Deep holes 4
Masaeuline 27 Fish sauce
appUltion 2 9 Subterfuge 4
38 Feminine
34Cublc meter
5 onaer.
36.le*, as a

42 Golf mound
,4,Llght touch .= TWU

. .. t ... -^ .^ ++ ,K -i. -., ...' ++. >... ;,- .. ... _- ,, *-. -,*-^ ; ... o+,u/. + ;+ ?.., _
-* o--^- .. .... .. .* ** ,** .- .- .
.& y ;-. ++ + "-+'* ^ fv ..^ ..' .> ,* ., ..++,:. ,/ o .+.- .

+-,+ .. .. .. ;.......,- ,,,
AL... 1 *

---'b,-loll,"t fl., +l' +

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.( IKF L
MEni .^


num Wl8 MDI


. *



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a, you' never 'any

Thetm fro i u
between --t ..least, ,
|ibe d&I. ben d.m- move
. Twl he a" ndme.
b im, iwtl my O" @but.
i, wted to rseh b u.,
w dof Of C111ir.
that.-Wa blind faith. He
It the chatr back of coursc
Mn't kaow It. I aith w
Bi d I dbiind fai tn Jini."


tbe DeieSnI~na w El

New Luxury Lounge

SIn the all new

1956 FORD

Coming Soon

m'I oo


". A
ffi)n44ad Caatd^(da^

No Wateh



o. oure Hookd

ft LIsU TVRNn. .. .

i a


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~fh. iu-ULp'

sBy AT y AY -Iu ,

By aL VUMim

September SnS


AProS lot~u

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es ast

.M il* 1_ I i'm N M.M...I


r .-.-I,? -, -. Y -,t
..... ...... ..." ..... ,:, ,...*....- -

',e.,.wwT -V

. Bo. 134, .aaam.
.~A4 ~J t4~4Jp.~la n.USU'EE


I. ,

aIIor who uwasa-m ed

Slnter-A lelcanI WomulifClub gathered at the Union Club-yester-
g Mrs. Julian .Harrgton, wife of the new United States Ambas-
notary vice-prbsMent.. The acting president, Mrs. Frances Sander,

SThe at PanamA to Dr. Anill Bo,
t 2dlri4 w thle:E-Mgi ata e ,ell I.eeedin te r
at tarpeiasir.hieaensata e their.

T J .i I RA,- ........

- Mr. a Riard L. Young, The Fort ClUton Officer
who ha the-uaPests -of M. W laesa .lub.h th eir regular
and.rohnHavrilsebak at Al uffee sand business meeting on
brook A^ o "the last 19 days, Wedne da at. tfo Fort C yton
haVe. ret-mi to -their home in cmr' Cl*,ub.
Rochesteiv New York.
Mrs. Young and Mrs. Havris- The hostesses, Mrs. W.N. Horn-
Cheak are sisters. -Mr. Young is a lab,. and Mrs. W. G. Seal, arrang-
mechanical engineer in charge of ea for a much enjoyed coffee, and
rerigeration and steam develp- very attractive displays of t h e
n' Btefor the Eastman Koda k various and different type of hi-
Wompny,- t -. biscus.
go a7"a The preudea Mrs. bTon R.
SVon Pap a ers d in
'yVo -t Weat'Genanyto Pausim, disca in
re"twnei aboard e ss aWlan 1 t t"- dW,.
t dsayter a visit f110 ladies *sere Wql
-... -. ft i.. .. & ,
I yW ,g mv e md,,. U fe a. 2.. ,

tW :Kn y Mr. H. Cluvay Mr J.
Mn Wa W Fog ColUins, Mrs, W Mr
VIhave ae r-th.& J. R. Dodley, rt.Q.. d Mrs.
first f chiM, a dahter, .i? oGl1dys, at Cc.dlW do Springs, wrs. -. .French, ..G HeckI
Sco. o sept.. S B Jrr ;. Belsel, lIt. W N.I
Forpme .~aes toe.ati. the Canal Hornll, Mrs. A. H. kWhlgren,?I
SZone, they left for the States a Mrs. E. FKrueger, Mrs. K. G.
t year tar so ago. Kinsel, Mrs. C. LeFever, Mrs. E.
.. J. Mecadon, Mrs. S. A. Messner,
SMiMrns P. Morrissey, Mrs. J. B.
Nichols Mrs. A. C. Phelps, Mrs
r Mrs. a. B. Powell, Mrs. R.R.1
Robertson, Mrs, W. G. Saal, Mrs.
SWA.T. Saucer W. C. E. Sauser,
Mrs W. R, Seymour, Mrs. R. H.
Sievers. Mrs. M. B. Starke, Mrs.
SH. S Tubbs, Mr J. H VanEmnt,
and a RR. H. Wells.
Mr. anid MIM Jabear. Han-eUl
1 expect to sail Sunday for a three-
onth vacation In Connecticut,
aWshinton. Canqda, ennsylva-
Wlaa..-Tennesse. They are book-
Mrr. omeu rIetwba
From itself
Mrs. JaequI ae- BlaueRome-
ro, 'heu-retumred". fr6m- VI e re Is
Switzerland, where she was called
l. the illness and death of her'
wthear, Mr. Juan Blau, who was
Swiss Panama.

The Archbishop of Panama, .
Monsigeur 'Francis Bee k n a u.
.has ed. af brief .visit

S (Contiuue on Page 6)


"-! But wiuwk."k
a him? Why tin-.
KUM as4 be ent
ot bm titlayt
aof bafrnat MUM
mn, wokt fruitat.
r harm te fA -



Tropicel in Colon by the Silver tax t Cican a newly-
"b* wle l be jyed B* Xaes-'mak. l "t a for a 'atrlke-it-
tM Jam and .is Tropical Squarelri h1 'tt S o be pre-
AV Dane OOrtbo. "eftde Oct. glt',t e Jamaica i5-
SAveral Panmnia Oft business:
- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bryan of eatablashaments. have edged to
Panama City quietly observed contribute towards the success'
-thle 15th (Crytal) weddln1( an- of the event. '
niversary yesterday with an In-' The night ot fun is the first
formal get-together' with a. few of a series to riae funds to pro-
close friends. vide for th'r pbor at Christma.
The college student who iows
hktt perso in hA wie towti
to te 000 rdctionmmena .d 1 'r
to a should
sure to write and than the perW 2 llM iP .
ison. 2. Alm~i Meepiwifwf rwriprousev^i~

The young person who to quick
to say "Thank you" to. older
people who help him along the
way gets more help than the
your person who takes- eery
kladpess -lat eomes his way atA
a.xatter uO eoewe.

What a car! I
Coming Soon ,
all new
1956 FORD


I. I1..

Will resume her dance classes at the Balboa YMCA

Pro-School Total and .Women's. Classes
from 9- 11 a.m. at residence
744-A Las-Crucee St. Balboa
Previous students desiring to re-register may do so
by calling 2-1751.

;. II1



CLUB $1.00
Easy to-fold in less space and converted in
bed easily.

Wm!-- FURNi uU r. .I \
7th Ave. Central 21.02 Tels. 2-1830 2-183:







8. KLIMI prdse n-d stries*- erol

Take wue oove,
Ttdu aU lsu and you
pm, s u M sI& W. ILeK
^^p^.^.,ft Lss w v
NUT hiMfmnHca INl WOW 0VU. al~tJmal Cdltf. nowl~r

*" '.. 1,11 3i'ti I-A- 1.ia r*


tedle located In Knog ft
Member of The Dance Masters of h a/n., as
The National A&octatton of Oaee ad
AffUIated Artists.


I-~ ..L IIL

RCA presents New "Tower" Radio


- I


iW v -*

' as


-4 Pp.1 .

cA TO" i RAUMO, Model 50B75X. CotGaental-styled band-rubbed wood cabinet. SimpliBed nalversE
pown-turasaxnr-permU edst to bhe epot*ed an voltages of 110. 127. 150, 187. 220 AC; 50/60 cyckles.


Amedl seMX. He 3 loedspeaken
ftr "sw, seor mnd. 2 ve* e... *b ..a mll ...ner
lee. o .pemes a so dlwTen vei-
.gM... 1-1I,-130-197-2MAC,
50/60 qydk. po4yp keys pro-
Wde iaumNec bheM-eleson, *,
tieM .hed.r bed wel.. sabUIs.-

Medal 0sRmm. HNe 5" piole., w
rhobw lew eNM ol. Opewse a 5 ceuW. of medm.. ed 2
dheq ebend,orlog, medium end
|hes*oe eaemd. Weiegtrauned
pklnM DM .el., Avetbish in heltey-
*,new ed vwe y wilh meium mOd
hex -wbe@bndsuIly-Medi 50m 4..

Now RCA brings you thfs running aeow
Tower" radio with three full-sized
speaker" for the riwhest clearest
you've ever enjoyed from a table. sd,
What's more, it has pin-point tu. t.l
greater selectivity and 2 automatic vtW at
Controls so you can adjust tone to yowat. -'
Band selecting is automatic too... just pres.
one of the 7 piano-type lieys to hear lag
medium-or short-wave prom s. Three u
three short-wave bands! If ye u a t to listm
to your favorite record through the ws* er
ful 3-speaker ystm,.,ther's a pbononi f
attaching a record player. See and hbee this
sensational new RCA 'Tower" madio today
or write;




g@~m AKT
paeibib-d014 -C''V

Re"rds, a tbls. ~- 8,, $3 1/3,.R.eordlhg Machnlh',
..,Record plays. Rade, tdio Parts. At b in pripa.


-- -4

- AN


C -::

- 3:AVlnGT

.~..dP 1..'

rl L

"' `'




Ifop M4 1 R- I

-- -~~~-~---~~~.----T-~-r~~-~rc




X& .v i ~

I -"

I 1 ; .f .. ....


: I

7 -'

.. .....,* .'" -. .

-- -,, .
,i .-

~ic&roto, .

a.r ~
~ SP~pg ~

~3 ~UCl Jj~Bi~~

ipenr e Wmant


.'+ '






I Sk@re he. Ia
tlb of July Av e.a J s.
Just Ares Ave. asd 3 3 L

I U__ -_ ~--- ---- -- -- I --- --.1-- -I- --- ;-l~

W3 La Cur-1saull
Ceam" Alv. a
Ne. LAey PIs Fla

_== ,__ ,, I _

ODnMERCIMA Atoobiles

6 C. L Irdbrep Dr. L ,Avls J&
&p (Goors*lown University) M.D.
it (4th of Jul ) Ave. No. St1A
~lpAe oneon heool 4la ewnd)
L TeL s-2611



Phone Panama t-OWt

Othiapm ae sa" life isr umr
and years k life."

Des. A. and K. OBILLAC
(Palmer Graduatesl

Pgda" Shippers Msvre
MM s2-2451 2-2562
Learn Riding Ht
Ridin g J6umping e1eos detly
3 to 5 p.m. Phoe e-0279
or by eppoelntmet.

I call
Eastg th St. N. 1
Tel. 3-091 J
for a complete Iae
In orews and
s belts. I

lfCAre Before

Medical Assn.

FOR SALE--1954 Pontiac Cot-
llne. Air conditiened, edio,,
power steerla, power brakes,
hydresteli transmlesin. white-
well tires. E-Z-Eye glass, two-
tood, (light blue with d rk blu
top), vary low mileage. Factory
installetlen on oil accessories.
Enjoy your trensprttlion in the
tropics in eir-conditioned luxu-
ry. Will sell at bargain price or
trade for older model vehicle.
Phone 83-3281 for eppoint-

FOR SAkL:-srand new 1955
Ford Station Wegon, 4 door,
three se w/i/w, vinyl uphol.
0tety, havy duty shodcks, under-
coated, ate. Phone elbee 2-

FOR SALE:-1955 Ford 6. Cus-
tomlle Sedoan. 4000 miles,. Ford-
emetic. radle $2000. Margarita
FOR SALE:--On owner! Excel-
lent condition, '51 Fordomatic
4-deer, heater, radio. direction-
oh. low mdlege, $795. Call t-
229 nw.

FOR SALE: ,- 1952 Chevrolet
4-deer. ndie, 2-fene blue, low
mHleng. Sorifo Le$750. CoH
Kobbe -8411 evninelgs.

Tu4pr, perfet .condition. Leav.
lr Iathi .. a Sl for but offer.
SCenlfhlece. Paema 3-3550.
FOR SALEG-If you need good
troissutfe In I, llat m todel
car, 4I aibee 2181 and ask
S-m / It.___
FOR SALE: 1951 Chevrolet
Tudor. Perfect c nditien, now
clutch. new brakes, $595. Pans-
ni 3.3550.
'50 Cha.;. Cvt., .aw top, ra-
die, good robber $560.
'54 Stude. V-S. Wh. s/w tirms,
red leather inde, radio, over.
drive, $1300.
'54 Mere. 4-dr. 20,000 mi., e-
die, pwr. brakes, wh. s/w. 'A per-
fect car, $1795. ,
Tiller bater. sftt to "1I Rani
kh.," P' -e 2

$ l. Sl ;a Pl- 171.
FOR SALE: 1951 Sper 88
~OJslIkl 4-dor Soda.n i ver
Shape. Prl for quk
sale. $750. Phone 5-360.

Dr. Francisco Grande, w or ld i Cee ALE:-- 14iB uIIe eedi
'Bmous physlologist and lutritionfo up, od conat Hione
rt wll lecture on his expert- -3. Can be seen atH.ue
es in the nutritional field here,. 2 -.
ct. 19. Dr. Grandt is on a lee- /
ture tour that will take him to 1 11 I ,
Latin American nations. I M MK 'IIL
Assoeiata professor of Depart-
University of Minnesota, he
deliver a number of lectures
4n ntrltlon to various medical i r
roups during his tou. .eh ieiee tiel cdes thk
On Oct. 19he will ta about ab.o uu t mauld asu itt in .t"pS.
"Aatibiotics and Nutrition" be. Sil ersm ad mnidtSue o fe.
the Medical Association of ,e.. o--. M I.n
Fattma Imy B4 g toi e. s!t"W W--a
Grande left from New York onI u=w nop be meted sr a o.
pt. 18. He will visit Havana, Ca '-
te;, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Club Altamira Meets TeIght
rtevldeo, Buenos Aires, and Club Altamira will hold a reg-
before arriving here. ular meeting tonight at 7:30 at the
Afterlecturing here, he will vis- Pacific Service Center.
Kli sxc. He Is schedUled to re-
n to 0Iw YoI m Wedne.da Victor M. Carew, president of
I, ,I a.di .f,, Dr.. Grande the Club, is expecting every mem-
[ -medrate a round-table dis-ber to be on hand for this impor
uia W uttiSt nfec-tant meeting.
.- I -mbly


FOR SALE:-Due to trip. b'd-
room, dining reem. living rem
Mrs. Ale children's furniture.
steve. refrigrator. Reeseably
priced. 41th Stret Ne. 11, A-
peftient 3.
FOR SALE: Large Figidaire
9-ft. enamel. Gded condition.
Gamb a, House 102, Apt. J.
FOR SALI: Mattres laner-
pring 39-insch, new, never used
$35. Phone Blbe 2-1475.
FOR SALI:-Llvins room, din-
ng Mom end bedrom ets, of.:
fice furniture, chilMen's four"i
lure, folding be.s, kik$.A eb-
ipIfs. liumnspring mattress. etc.
EASY TERM. HWuseh d u-.
chaege., MotionaleM Ave. No. 41,
Phnie 3-4911.
FOR SALE: -- Leaving Zouse.
Imbk eenletom set maiegany
dining 'rwe set. agree woeelen
nrug 9'*10'. venetian blinds
(12-fmilly) ,le ells o u
Itmes. My seen Saturday or
. Sumdy. Apt. 043)1., Ancen.

Malcoln Delvalle's

One-Man Exhibit

Opening Saturday

Opening at
tomorrow is a
er colors by
well known Ii
returned to P(
wing his disch
ed States Arm
studies at the
Th exhibit,
In cooperation
ne Art Leagui
Oct. 14.

A resident o
rduwtet froi
NewYork prik
and work ex
During this pi
art received e
from cities in
Delvalle has
ing 'record at
versity and pl
studies there
AcadeiLe Jul
studied during
once in Paris.
' Many of
will be exhibit
ed works of
vimrns. They
by his mother
valle of Colon
turned after ,a
Other painting
liar scenes, o


St. G

I MeUEII ,n, Envir
as1, Colombli, women's Activity Club Race
I The Women's Acivity Club Cloud
ur and a balf,jwull meet next Wedne da at the fel T
een conducting homeof Mr LMonlo at Wood
untdernutrition ver-si
, He is On Members are being urged to be lay; hve"- on time. 'Paris
l)vh1 e idw Mont
anehoo. -Genei
Ito M.. -D des
S Me- & A,-__ I-. Aversi


/- a

Wnmtd.-AAtIv salesman for
whoheal a d ireet order
gC Pleasea> la writ-
iac satng qsalfieptlous and
encloslngl hetoEapbh to
"S-1e0 a, P.O. 2 .Be 14. 4,Pa-
am, P."





,ns of Pa
I at h
i; Early
sa of Bolo
I; Chapel
ty: Reark
s Church
; RnlayI
vieve du
lme Univ
n a Chine

objects of a
name, Still L
Gormet's Del
Colon; Ibtrr
Moulin Rouge
The public i
a.m. to 10:0o

f St. C
The 10h a

the JWB Galler
n exhibition of wat-

lOX W8. ANitH, ..
Box 11A C

ship. Spwa.riea s We.
ice. I 4 w BmI e

STATES C, I. O'&2, 914 21
Ave. NHth, *.-P M fIU-
ide. I buy at w and
charge 10% lar amy sevics.
G*re**les. sfmoo, p@seWia r-
chendise. L


FOR WINT: Campl Alpgre,
nJaly fmnil em.el m with
p dvatel bh uirdhil5d meal.-
Mesh *. li uu 'aly if-170*.
FOM RINT)- P :room,
prihateoa M plw bath.,
Fr o. M e Vh,$0. Tel-
p e3l4 I| ________
FOR RENT;-HNicaly furnihhd.
vate tMrnce, quiet, cool. No,
34 46tb Stret, after4 p.m.

Social and .Ot erwis

SehUNdts Goilg
To New York
Booked on the Cristobal for
Sunday's a sailing are Mr. and



ATTENTION G. I. 'Just built
modern fumished apaestme.h 1,
2 bedrooms, ht. cold w t r,
Phone Peaeme 3-4941.
FOR RENT: Compliet-ly f-
ibbhed apetoment ilt Cangre
le, in a 2-tory hoses evling-
dining room. 2 bedrooms, bth-
ibeam. ht water, t lephe.e,
kitchen, maid's mm, garage,
independent eotratlce to eport-
ment, near Hotel i Pnamme.
call for Inleormliten: a-5516
Poa"ae. .
So Rt'NT-Tw'-boi"eos. fur-'
sheld paitment. Living room,
rdini feem, r.m etc. Coaser
of 51st St. end Faded Ielyd.
FOR RINT: Wileox'i part
melts. New Crisobal.
iLgLm oed. rorge# f09llt8im .
Frws77, P.,O. I o Co.

IIIUT: -Ow- ir will p t his
Pc t, wvlt i"or witilt fur-
nirwi. Living diplte. som, two
bedroomm, kitchen, srmdMy. kht
end c a I d water. ALHAMBRA
APARTMhNTS. 10th Street,
telephone 186. Colo".

b"Nld's *patlmet, furikk4 or

FOR RENT:-.--b.drm apert-
meat. Apply 43rd Stmee, Hoe
No. .15.
FOR RENT.-2-bodrom ipari-
meat furMished o ufunfsaIhad.

ir a *w -&- I

Malcolm Delvalle, Mrs. Theodore Schmidt who will $65. Phone Balbo 2-2107.
ithmian artist who vacation in New York.
ais last year follow-
ar es from the Unit. Vuaation In States T
my, to purse his Mrs. Anita V. de Remon, wife
Sorbonne Universi- of the Minister of Government and N e w B /ok J i'l
Justice, and Mrs. Anita D'Anello
have left for a vacation in the
which is arranged States. The life and theater of Anna
with the Canal Zo- Cora Mowatt, famous American
e, will remain until Elks Pln Dane actress of the nineteenth centu-
Tomorrew Night ry is told by Eric Wollencott
The lounge of the Elks Club tI Barnes in "The Lady of Fash-
ill recall the sue- Balboa wll be the scene of an Wi" ion," one of the books placed in
)a at the JWB G'- formal dance tomorrow night with circulation during the past weei4
y ct Panama FQrt 5POB Lodge 14 in the rol e of by tW e Canal Zoqne Library.
b and at at the hosts. 'Member may bring guests .
which present- and admission is free. g k is not only a study
p wr' Music will be furnished by a fs not o

ae Armed Forces as Th Natlonal Te tro r
at the Informatli There were two highlight.. trthe. r of the metrot -
Ceater at Fort Tuesday's concert at the Natio- ciiesh well a themun ivable
al. Theatre, played by the Orches-l arduous theater of the proin-
tra of Panama's National Insti- clal circuits
of Colon, the artist tue for music under the baton of lt
m Pratt Institute in professor Alexander Feinland: The complete lits of books
or to his first study A superb interpretation of Max and their authors announced by
perlence in Paris. Bruch's romantic Violin-Concertohe library this week, follows:
erind, his works of in G minor op. 26 was given by ., .n. i
eathusiastic acclaim the talenteU Italian violinist Raul Non-fiction: Man's knowledge
Europe. Oscar lotti, who displayed b o t h of God, Wolf; A Policy for Skl-
splendid technic and a tone of a ed Manpower. National Man-
made an outstand- beauty reminiscent of the great- power Counal;, A Guide to the
the Sorboune UTi- est names in violin-playing Planets, Moore; Home Music
plans to continue his Well deserved homage was paid Systems, Canby; Bobby Box,
as well as at the to Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Fein- Links: Fun with kits, SttUnts
Ion where he also land by their colleagues on the oc- and Stories, Eisenberg; Anieri-
S isa first experi- casion of their 10th anniversary as can in Russia, Salisbury: My Be-
music teachers and music promot- loved, Oatherine Thomas; The
ers on the Isthmus. Lady' of Fashion, Barnes: Fa-
painting which Prot Roque Cordero, director of their's footsteps, Rmyon; and
ed are newly creat- the Instituto Nacional de Musica The Revolutionary War, Street.
Paris and its en- had few, but very significant .. ..
were brought here words of appreciation for the be- Fiction: Noble In Reason,
Mrs. Kenneth Del- loved artists and a gift and flow- Bentley; The Seagull on the
i, who recently re- ers were handed over to two mu- Step, Boyle; The CAse of the
a visit with her son. sicians who have devoted their ta.- Talking Bug, Gordon; The Rob-
s represent fami- lent and love to the musical prog- ineau Look, Knight; Low Notes
Panama. ress of Panama in the last 10 on Hg Lvel Priestley BUzl-
years sard, 81o : Adventures in the
are Winter In the Besides the Bru ch Concert, Sklft Trade, Thomas: *and Chtl-I
kris (Entry for Ex- with Raul Oscar lotti as soloist, dren. of the Black-Haired Peo-
S sIux Arts Exhi- Alexander Feinland led the or- ple, Ward.
nt Indo-Chinese, ehestra also in Bethoven Over- '.-
PitPres; Bazeches- ture to "Egmont," is Cluck's Sym-
Paris; Louachamps phony in G and in Haydn's Sym- .
aris-seen from St. phony in D. MolotoV: Soviet
Morning Mist-Eif- -
in from St. Cloud; Rummage Sale (Contiud from Pare L)
ige-seen from St. A Rummage Sale, sponsored by
of Borbonne Uni- the "'CBurch of our Saviour". into prints witthe United States.
ng Horses of Mar- Cristobal, will be held n e x t A Times ilpatnch from the u-
Biners-Environs of Wednesday, at 9:00 a.m. at Store united Nt.on.s said the Soviet
of St. Genevive du No. 6015 on Front St. near 7th SA. Unlon stipulated the exchange
Day-Church of St. The church is desperately An of information would be made
Mont; Rue de Ia need of more rummage to sell and only if: .
it Genevieve-near would appreciate it If all those .-.
versity and Rue who have it cleaned out their 1. The United States agrees to
near Sorbenne Uni- closets would get busy and contact Include information, about A-
Mrs. R TThomas, House No. merican, oa saseas baes;
261-A in Gatun, Mrs. E. C. 0 r r, 2. President U senkowes pro-
iese still Itfe of rare House No. 29 in Cristobal or Mrs posal or mutual aerial reee -
art; New Cristobal j B. Dorow. House No. 12-A Ina nalssane Is a part of a com-,
Shrimp Boat-Par Brazos Heights or Mrs. A. Stokrer, prehenive disarmament plan
ife-A i n a n a House No. $W3-B in Margarita. which would Include the bwn-
ight; Folks River -- ning of nuclear weapons
nission-lDancers at Tower Club Meets
and Animal Auc- Mmday Evening e Ti-mme sa 'stlet
The Tower Club (a couples' club ter to the President r. witten
is invited, from 9:00 associated with the Cathedral ot in extremely cordi language.
p.m. daiy. St Luke, lEqOpa, Amnt) an- a.pprovffl the ,plan In general
p.m. daily. t huaet, IP verend but r X specific 3Uditions.
SR. Heber GoodeM w be tu.
Services sipa at ae meatinrto be held eety of AmeriCan-"'Irs in Ce
..... at Ir 1k.a. ain Diob lrls IURHal r epvary, will be shown.
satu ti Cwt*al i2 1 Monday. MWm Competition subject:
At Church (u.*e. o* ,. d Cosh-sT
Bs Godes wI dics h NATVrIU
Lhristo her ctd toIS1 whei~ he Gue are always welcome.
,hrristopher attended te Goen.CeCventloa. G ... I
He has alsa brought bak some 1i- g lmuea a pba o 3) 1
n.A.i att. rW l T it.mstin motioim nletlnr L Of his .4 -.

rythl1 for

,fety in the new

4156 FORD

I- ~


THE F MAA *isiUilftl
r ^ t^ z


1.5 $41673.


FOR iAUhi--.21-i twin ea.

FOR SAL -Mtrycle Englh
Ariel SOOce. Twin ,y
conde .52 ,*Phone C&Is-
bal 2302. ,
FOR SALE: Hevll.evldso
metorte in geifee esodlNlO&.
Inquire "A'" Awe. N, 96. Tel.
*phone 2-5778 Pnama .., .

S ... ', -'

PSR RMNTh--Nw ehwlt'
Aobk *r uw,'e 3l 11I. 1-

FOR SALE: L l lathkmn. ,.
Living W diing rse, bed-
m IrwmlnreM; R. C A. nrdl;I
I48 Ford. -l d c itio. S .
In. 51t Street No. 13, Apt.
1, Roes Merim .as MS

FOR SALE-1955 PetMle Star
Chide Catelan. Two-tlo pait,
eusy-e glass. leather uphe.-
eery, rdle. whi, kio well tube-
lss time. lumle Inigts,. thMe
ligLht, lyd amer Ps .
only five 'miths. 1943 Ibdlen
Chief Iterc ce Iw very odt
condition clE0w Mro.iat **n
white. Wlqab Cpppeuy Soby
Grand Plarin veryC eondi
tien. Abe ether h-Ms-beI fur-
niune for tl. Leaving Isthms
very man. Call be seeM kt aes
614 DeLaseps or cell -3.101
beweea 4:10 p.m. and 5:30

FOR SALI: At Ineemwrakle
prices: Sewing machiMne, hand
end p04l1, superior ushlity.
GereA edr f I ye Met be
Mn It boe eapplmated. Alse
button hole elttwasmts 'andI
ports. "Ces .La." Cebkn. be-
twE 7th oAld Irth, Ave. Her.
roi N*. 7085.

FOR SALE:-r-Hacrafter ieriv-
or 1953 S-40.1U, cot $140.
Cedis e cellent. Sell nsen-
able. Plone l1.1155. 1550 Kc.
to 43 Me.

Arab Band Bombs

Bus in Israel;

2 Kled, 10 Hurt
TEL AVIV, Iuea, Sept. 23-
(UP)-A bend of Arab inflltrat-
orw machinaguond and bombed
an Israeli bus i Northern Iranel
last night, kilinother two perd two
and wourende into t0,e anvehile.

He ad omf the wounded wetre I
ors racked the bus with nmachine
run fire while others todsed two
hand grenades into the vehicle.
",Some" of the wounded were In
serious condition, Gov said.
The spokesman said the infil-
trators were believed to have
fled IrI a northerly direction aft-
er the attack, probably to Syria.
United Nations observers assist-
ed by police dogs were following
their tracks, he said.

Britain Practices

Jet Defense Against

Big Atom Attack
LONDPN, Sept. 23 (UP) -
Britain launched a major air
exercise over the North Sea to-
day timed at testing her aerial
defense against "atom-carrying"
attack planes.
Gloster Javelins, Britain's new-
est operational Jet fighters will
take part in the exercise for
the first time an Air MtnSptry
announcement said. U. 8. Air
Force Sabres from the Third
Air Force will be on the defend-
ing aide.
The exercise will be divided
Into three phases, in each of
which "attackers" flying from
bases in Germany will launch
sorties a ainst Britain.
The attackers will be pre-
sumed to be ca rying A-bombs,
informed sources said.
Tied in with it will be a major
army exercise across the north
Germap plain Involving two dl-|
visions of British troops and,
units of the U. 8. Army equip-i
ped with "Honest John" rocket

USOF Radar OultfI

Blows Up, cares

RABAT, Morocco, Sept. 23-
(TUP)-A-I oxplwe rocked a
UVS. Alr Trooe tadar station to-
day In grim warmig to the
Frepch government to step up
Itsto rj1 to sotll the lpoccan

r ThTW sas no ssph*on
U tsrrorism thie said.
But the blast, which demol-
1ahed the station aear tbe Rn-

t a s woaru ce s laone

WANP;-Va-atin quarters
October on. Wahing catls.
Cell 2-4285 after 4:30.

FOR RINT:-Twe-b4Mrsreu faw.
mwd halet ner Hotel Pand I
m. Phone 1-6074. ]

- 0 WPm AJ


Our Used Cars DON'T need transfusionsl! Every
car has been thoroughly eq pcs d and oomplOslyjreh.
conditidned. Ask Ed Abbott .to show you one if
these low priced guaranteed bargains.

1960 STUDEBAKER CLUB COUPE. Many nies -on
each gallon of gas. Ready to go for only
1951 CHRYSLER CLUB COUPE. A oar that's boli
beautifully oared for and with low nlieage. .
accessories (ocluded. Full price $875.00.
1960 MERCURY FORDOR SEDAN. Brand now. 19 .
Four-layer paint job. Completely reconditioned
and. checked throughout. Fdll price $695.00.
new. An ideal second ear for any family. *'
1952 FORD FORDOR SEDAN. The popular r 6.ylind*,
Model with low mHeo~ and many extras.
Full price $1,095.00.
1953 FORD V-S CLUB COUPE. 2-te* 'gredn wl*
radio, -"mw tire, Seat Opvrs aid 'mWay 14tri.
Full prise $1.295.00. .
1954 DODOE F6RDOR SEDAN. -Equipped with aHl
power sooeeseries InclUdhig radio and leather '
upholstery. $1,995.0,. '.

SFord Part, Made Right, -
SFit Right, Last Longer..



-* .4

-. .- k~.
.4 ~4-- -


M ciaeoIA S tosteIt t*o ,.
I ____...___ -,_ ..-; Meu I VE *o"S t +

Urert ef aJli Ase.
Apnoia InternaL do Publioaclones
a mll Ave.
fPagme ssvre T 5beg

-&= Low. -on ay att r t yr -: .....--
w1 be observed 'at St, Christo- visit.
(e urpic M h, ch, Rio Aba- Al married couples ald thel
wi Wlh -oreaar services., friends are invited. Fleae ca l
Sei. t Sunday of t h e Panama 3-148 to secure sUpO
U theh mmlthly y service reservatieas ($1.00 per peson)
wil be eedoaeted at thei : a.m. fore Monday noea.
MSg Eharist. Others interested in hearing tha
ishep's lecture are invited
rAM CMWS eomet o h"M.eruis Hall at
Ap... e

olm f 1 m-s-e e .
*M. this comwe aOw Msaw
Otnt6s t- Organ F uls atP 16at ML 3426
Is Le al lOss"y eay m .,'sia' v 1t
ni ttalr t ea tc aphic a


Fewr Frdendlvy Ferd-M'rcW4$*ei

_M6. A A .
r^-f+il9w9 ,I .. .. i

.. ..


-- i 1 r .

wm- I


I __ ~I__

' '


___ ___


WAS CAIE.- I i Ml-- I i


L ~ .. .**

* .-


* I' i?


_- Wn

moak Ai atio di"s -
-4'; 1 .^: -

*^SB him

If T* Ai7Z l

, .a :
*A HAPT3 M .

Presr PKCL, Ea


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I '* 4 hi i ...l_. JIki

I I I .. I __J . 43 805

pst. "a t LONG LEGS"

MitRGARITA 6:15 8:90
m*-vaC GABOR
"Capt. Kidd The Sieve GM"
khwu "wOGUN riUR"

DAIO ~.615-50

S"Three Caes of Murder"
.BHt 1t m The .Cear.m "
GAttftT 7J0
.'1apt. ip, I S kve 6S"


C~U T 7:55

...hto,,.w S muTH"

PARAISO 6:l3 8:1 ILA BOCA 71iS

_ _.__S

SANTA CUZ *:1: 8:2I CAMP 6IUO 6:1s5 ,- :S



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* !**.9
'? :i:*

imI uinM AMP..m M bwm s Mi e w i a a
"au oilate ri et uehr sames e as e' "' reouoaf l U ea wsUN b the
S--dlUen Wodaite f enew pa, eW e SI O

. HOLLYWOOD/ (NA) --ehind
otme legal bk?^' Ol p'St W*ile out oth r'Wamrer
tor ano~u1 yeair dpt. Vir-
laia 's h6wls that ae's only made
me movie on the Warner lot in
three years ad that the studio's
"ttin fich lading hdr out to oth.
Mies LoaOut gain for RKO's
"Great Day In te Morning," she
told mi:' *
"It wouldn't be so bad except.
I'm not getting any musicals and
musicals are what I do best."
REMOVAL of Paul Muni's eye
at Mt. Sinai Hospital,in New York
SUywo ed als tat the
dstUngulbshed Oscar winner went
under the knife or a glandular
ail mnt In Hollywood a few yearn
ago. The operation was kept
Eva Gaor's all smiles about
foreign editions of her autqbiog.
raphy, "Orchids and Sami," but
she Isn't planning another book
"for a few years yet." Back in
Hollywood for TV and more dates
with Tyrone Power, the blonde
beauty who calls herade "T~e Act.
la Gabor" told ;-e:
"I want to write ilm tt
book asoia. da but lets face It,
-Ormhids md Salami' wasn' a
very goed bok'
THE WITNET: "Give some TV
Croducee enough rope." says Lou
Krugman, "and they'Ul make a
cowboy series." When asked
his favorite color, a Hollywood
"Yea. a, report Tani Gerry,
will, lwyfrsay Plaii just to be
safe Overheard: "She has
an hourglass, figure the kind
that makesyot want to play in the
JON% Orvill Latern plays his
aISrd leot a movie op in a scene
with T Power and im Novak
for "Tle : dly Duchin Story."
When he isn't aMting, Lantern is
i licensed ehiropodist, specializing
in flat feet,


6 i5 p.m. to 6:5 p.m.
8U55 p.m. to.9:10 p.m.

1:00 p.m. to .1:15
. 6:15 p.m. to 6:25
8:05 p.m. to 9:10


ROW !r


I delJht'


LOJi s .IA

iADt 'IAi gAh FTA.-

* u b*S TYa .V -speOta!Sr. UD
wase ne of the first bigj .H ywood
stars -to brave liv4 home screen
appearances As everyone ex-
pected, General Tele. radio, new
owners of RKO studio, have a
"'or Lease" plgn on
plant's big library 6f old movies.
The price for around 600 features
and a batch of shorts is a stagger-
ing $15,000,000.
Back on t perfect health road
"I haven t even taken an as-
pirin for two months" -Red
Skelton went on an eight day
whistle-atop road tour to ballyhoo
his return to CBS-TV. Looking over
his.train schedule,, someone said:
"Red, you should ,be running for
some kind of office."
"elax," replle edfle. :eore
tha tku. Is over I may be un-
ping for the border."
* It's 30 years of marriage for-Ted
Lewis and his Ada on Oct. 7 .
Just like the song with the same
title, the'movie "White Christmas"
will be around again during the
holiday season .. Nancy Sintra
is about to follow Gary Crosby a
the second generation warbling
league News item: "Esther
Williams will do a European trav-
elogue foi TV." Underwater? .
Marine Capt. Richard McCutcheo's
knowledge ol food and cooking on
the "-$HWoo0 Questi6n" TV show
leaves the Marines with no choice.
T:.ey'U have to change those re-
cruiting posters to read:
"Firs! In Peace, First In War.
First in the Kitchen."
SHORT TAKES: Marlyn Mon-
roe and 20th Ceptury-Fox calling
off the feud, reports Variety, with
Miss Wiggle Hips wiggling into a
new $100,00 per picture contract
I and the right to do ome ldepend-
ent film a year Sarah Church-
ls headed for England to divorce
Tony Beauchamp and this time It's
Said to be for sure .. Now
that Jimminy Dean is defainite for
MGM's film version of Rocky Gra-
ziano's life story, "SomebOih 3 p
Ther Likes Me," we cal be del-
kfne about Eva Marie Saint as
his Teviuion's impact
hon 431;ood wi b' a fall sub-
ject on Edward 1. Murrow's new
conept &,f -I it Now." .
Jack Web chid his mind about
put'ag "Drale" on the shelf and
willvIm 55 more episodes to com-
plet his contract. Mebbe even
simom be hMntso since shelving
"Pete lellys liues" as i home
sere s series.

ea Cel -

. ; .w Padded sun
se* 'Gar Caton

,. ; .. ...

.110.1 .: .
J '

Relax In
comfort and
,oerrtinuous soft.

Opposite Hotal .1 Panul


I Aaiel.r^ I


o "eay ways toe m, e d lq eveye/ae' nste...
I~w Peed sok upht s i es p them onm he shel.

a wit Meat is really uty with
apegh OK but also its dlicin ta m
fried eggwiih sen,
and even with rke to
ma" dur delikious yellow :. With a
little imaginari6n you Wsbd many ways
-of esing this tih prepared sauce: Buy it
t. today sod ke* is deypm~ls-

Sphbgheni Sauce with Mushroqm
makes a dih to delight the most ex-
%cdin trst: It's very easy to prepare.
Just heat the con-
rents of a can, add-
ing ~s water (m ured -with- itc same
can) and when it's hot, pour it over the
spaghetti already W inak aer.
B Sprinkle wich gousd cheese and W it!
*Be~l^^BI^^Ba ~use It *a f ,Ki. r l

FPed A Ai Yeaw Cmmsay SfeUN

~ 4-
;):T P H kr a' lOS. :

.4.'-i'`~ ~ k~~L~

; ~-~-~ 1-11~5~...--4.~~ a_.~Lf~~

Serve. qporkling Royal Gelatin,
They'll love the rich "fresh fruit"
flavor Four big servings from
each package. When you shop-
.aek for RIyel Gelatin.

ft-47 C.TThA WuV I
11-47 CENTRAL 137

Faltering Philip '
'hltp's I 'ifs filled with brulses.
WRel.weor steps sa rp be ues.
Rpairm would teht 6Is bonfe ke new.
?. A. ClasaifIeds. aIt the rigbt selet

-. ~*~* i;~
* *.




41srC f~h^M *
^^B~a^^' 'J^^M fin*^

- .4.4

,Civic Recognition
Group To Sponsor
'Night 6f Fun'
The, Civic Recognition Group
of PanamA will sponsor a "night
of fun" at the Saltn Chester-
field, Sabanas, from 8 p.m. un-
til 2 *.m..tomorrow.
A door prize, various surprises
and valuable gifts will be distri-
buted during the entertain-
Proceeds will be usedc to
further .the charitable work in
which the members of this
group Ip engaged.

. r'-


, '



S A I' I'UPA Y !







- -- -

~1 -

- s i m f q

gttiumnla s cnest


I nAsw sarr


S. *J4
., r ^.
o~ ~~ "" ; "' ', 4r4"q,

.** 4.~ ~ '. r -


Sgaemay ,with a
the marvelous
wag macsehine.
'awl ejbrulders
da of
Matoelm without
ewaft a piece...

. MAehto
r yomr h0ome

'. 150

S6ws better....
Embroiders better...

at only


"I aFmnre Steit'a' PanamA

f.": iTTbSPAD LsL C ababe
Poerto Armugaes

02 TrIf-sr-
53 Tel.. it-I63 2-.533

The outdoor., fete will be held lo-
cally at Quebrada Bonita at 3:00
p.m. Busses will leave from the
Eoit Lodge Hall at 4th. Street
and' Justo Arosemena Avenue at
2:00 p.m.
Members of AMORC. who are
desirous to attend, are requested
to contact the Secretary of t h e
Colon Pronao Mr. Joseph S. Dow-
ner at 506 Amador Guerrero Ave.
nue and 5th. Street, not later than
The public is cordially invited to
witness the ritual and participate
in the fete.
O.E.C Card Party'
Tomrrenww Night
At Anew Temple
, All members and friend are In-
vited to the Fern Leaf Chapter 4,
O.E.S. card party to be held to-
morrow night at the Ancon Maso-
nre Temple. Card games will be-
gin at 7.:30p.m.
Prizes for individual table win.
aow and a door prize wfll be a-
waded Refreshments will be
els may be obtained by eall-
i Krs. Vance Reward, Jr.. a-
.or at th, door.

A Fordor Hard Top
Convertible will be
available in the new



*camed uiropean r(air OJresser"

*Famied European haIr dresser
has been a hit in Panama
with his novel French
style crea .a.

mfo'rmed Air-Conditioned Parlor.

i4 Mani urist '
.. SAL 4sB
: SL .8ik U: 8
^ffi ~y ^?/'! Tlr~ll*'o'rJ
^^te'^-.Ol-r i



Sintuwa' fl. 1 at!..

let It rain-
day or night, the weather
is air-conditioned

at the CLUB 4:30

Friday and Saturdays
midnight to 4:30 Iam.
(Nightrap on-the-,ftase at 4:10)

11:30 a.a. t to M. I In .
str-eeadUlMOIKeaM4- DAiOA*
Complimentary coektal., delicloual6n, d,
Azeinaga at the organ and L
. "Eric the Great" to entertainl.,
all f I LU

j Si open nightly
from 8

chuck-a-Iuek slot machines
le WBAR iMVlCL ,

with Clarence Martin's 0.'-
chestra for ditnga and dan
ing nightly for those who
refer the best


a' V

held at te razos Brook eoauntry -
'.octa( anrf 'Uwkewfe wie srved at 5000R sfe Moth
old the style aho t 10

"m" '" The Cristobl Commissary Tha oF Ts' ,r? '
**consented lon the fashions. M. To Fathe r i
,.--- -- R. L. SUll van, Mr. 0. N. Engelke,
S" 'l -es ,Rt Mr. T. G., Rellhan, Mr. John L SUi- -
Balboa WWoma Ia Club Opens ~cRwutht, Thehns Kru,, Ruth C igar, Mrs R. T. Conley. Mrs Vir-
Year Wltk Tea Bathman, Gextrude C. snouse, ginia Williams and many other SAN FRANCISCO, ept_. 3 .4 ae ad then was turned ovef
The Balboa Woman's Cub e. -Viola 'laylor, Gloria Brouw CoD- employes are assisting to mak e (UP) The distrau t fat. bY of a ..t.ioritles when a postal t.
cently held their annual tea to o-a. V ea chart, Betty Bright V'r- the show a success kidnapped six-day-old babl feeiv. i, was addressed, t
pen the 186956 year at the JWB g:nia S. Boney, Lois Van Hosn, The committee organizing the ed a $5000 ransom demand'- the doctor.
on La Boca.Boad, BaJboa. Loa. B. Fernandez, Cla-ac Hollo'coming event is: Mrs. John Su- mail yesterday, ktut waited'i vala. aie detailed note, pAinted
The tablet with beautiful dec- way, Fobtine L, Wombir, Edith gar, chairman; Mrs. W.M. itair at the rendezvous point for the pencil on cheap tablet .pa
orated with white and pink gla- W. .Deun, Clara C. Jacouoson, Do- ford, treasurer; Mrs. H. G. Try- writer to show up. ea.- "We have yo
diolious and coral vine by Mrs. ris Bradshar. Polly Michadcs, ner. publicity; Mrs. Chatl es Police said they wre ,ves at-Dont worry, he L aIn f.
Marge Coffey. Margaret Johnstun, Elsie E. Gar- Chadd, hospitality; Mrs. R a lph Ing the note fully, ahta ;a.n is beimg taken a .
Mrs. Mary Ruppel was acting cia. Agnes Hearon, Annabelie Dials, beautician; Mrs. Howell tions.It was notngf want $5,50..,. #Si ape
hostess and Mrs. Vada P e n c e. Leap. Edris Jones, Lueille A. Wynne, costumes and Mrs. D. E. cruel and despicable hoax" erpq/denominations.,ad thnebl'a ire t
Mrs. Patsy Ryan and Mrs. Marge:Taylor, Katherine Daniels. Edith Grier, tickets. rated by a crank. .- ungarked. .
Coffey ured. !Brown. Helen Barrett, Peggy Par- The club is only in its 2nd year The chil8's father, Dr. Sanerdi note bore a dial'amd.l
Mrs. lut J an i ns was in ker Louise Merchant, Audrey Kin- and growing constantly. As of this MarcUS, 34, wept to the debated Oakland residential I
charge of toe refreshments. caid, Helen Quinlan. Mary E. Rup- date there are 30 active members zendezvous point at 'L. akand directed the ransom obr
Several musicals selections pel, Alice Bryan, Celeste Powel, on roll who come from all parts street corner-unde uce under a wood .,pitanif ,at fre
were played on the piano by Mrs. lorence Klipper, Anne Poplin, of the United States to form a. by a pickled Iudie- ,. t northwest corner. .,
Audrey Kineaid. 'Nancy Lemcke Betsy Bevin, Mar- most interesting organization. The.left after a futili I Jalt. "Have the. money .thlqre ,
Those attending the affair were garet Clough, Amily C. Bolton and object of the Club is to acquaint The ransom note '*as e oatwo a.m. Thursdayy "the note saMd. ..I
the Mesdames Mary SS ey bold, Mrs. D. de Castro. newcomers with their new a u r- major development t e a ree- you Inform any -lawenforecatni
Frances Tucker, Marjorie Jodg-i 4 roundings in an aim tohelp them day old induction t6aod.-Taeoth- agency'your son will be.don aA
son Harry W. Paine. Sunny Roes-. Pertraits In Fashion' more easily adjust to living in a er was a report that's wman an- way with. Also if rm plkId
sler, Audrey Brick an and L 1.1-iOn Stage Toomrrow foreign country., wearing the. descrptilW rthe one by the police while pick np
lian Stillman, Vada ences Marge AtBrases Brook Mrs. John L. Sugar -has been who snatchedI itU Rort Marcus ransom my partner wllo away
Culfry. RutA Jenkins, Pitsy Ry- The Newcomers' Club of the At- active in club work in the States from his crib at Mt. -Hospital with your son as we have set .a
an, Leona Saarlfen, Evelyn Hlar- lantic Side will present a style before leading the organization of was seen stealing .diw a deadline for my arrival back. Aft
ringron, Helen Wentworth, Edna show "Portraits in Fashion" to be the Newcomers' Club on the Atlan- c in, Sa ~ .a er we receive ransom under t .
tic side. She is a past-president of The letter,- d to Dr. above conditions we will lea v ,
the Newcomers' Club in Westfield, ... .. au tbree g deth to your baby in some Oaklani
New Jersey. and now makes her the baby, turned p-t t.'t. in church with Instructions attach
home in Margarita. motoffc in c. Wi t late as to where to return him. Goo
Any newcomer from th U isttd Wednesday. it was hel t the luck."
States with lead than two years mal because of insufficient post-i The note was signed, "The Kid-
SUf JIUAq. residence in the Zone may be-
come a member by contacting '
Mrs. Howell Wynne, Tel. 3-3189.
ThMeetings are held the e c o n d
Thursday of each month and a
nursery is available for children.
hum Iva Rosicrucians To Mark
Autaumal Equinox
Outdoors On_ Sunday
Members of the Rosicrucian Or-
a der will observe today's autumn R Cow s
equinox on Sunday at an outdoor
Sl fete at which they will commem-
9-O.i .orate the building of the great Py- When you ue
ramid of Cheops.
Explaining tne symbolism and AVOSET, you're
traditions of the philosophic order,
Mr. Cecil 3V. Hughton, master of ream
Sthe local AMORC Pronaose ob- from fine
serves thit the Pyramid of Cheops
at Giza. was begun about 4000 B. i y herds,
C., on the occasion of the fall e-
quinox. Unlike the other pyramids sterilized to
built during the pyramid age of
Egypt, it was not intended as a Stay w
burial place for a vain Pharoah for monhs/
who desired a monument of his
reign, but as'*a temple of learning. AVOSEI
The construction of the great py-
rainid, it is said, required a knowl- whips fast,
edge of all the known sciences of
that period. Its building entciled stays whipped
a mastery of mathematics and
physics, and a considerable under- for hours,'nd
standing of those damentals of i s
Sastone~ny recogntd today. always
M Since the Roslerucians, it is htlthfu, safe
said, trace their traditional origin
back to the,year 1350 B.C., when and dlicou.
Amenhotep IV was Pharaoh of E-
gypt and historically known as the J
*`1rst great personality in history,
they commemorate .their ancient
..k ~origin by the ritualistic co.stru e-
, ,- i lion of Bat a e
\" IM& Ite 1 0 1.

*.B buxom
Thee Ua w (enoh o a aa Pt v. d aZ I
reoteat manhunt in San Fran- little lrM guts he'd mak'a.f.per-
isco police history,, with mqre feet coward" In th Cub:
bhan one-third of te city's 1700- n I tuck I stick".' .At
an force engaged in a house-to- sJ;"s',t rea' es for a check
house search. kelta coptagious.
I -71


I dreamed I went:

-Maiderwette Brd

My agum is e maswterplece-e thing of
beauty and a loy forever In Maidenform's curve-lifting
Maidentee bra. Its geptly rounded llnes
and dalnty bnsta give me the smoothest of figures...
such a flattering,.oun4ed bustlinel
In nylon taffeta, acetate satin, or cotton broadcloth
AA,A, C, end D cupL Sizes 30 to 48.


,* f ,
.. -. ..I^
' *rgBm




I -i JL '- ""
4Toiy,'WTlw, Sept.
[ .o .

S:00- .atur .r

83:S-Wba Tour ._io ,iS^

6:10--AimOn- Th.PORT,

plre sho3oe~ m
8:15--e5 uA ou fer ft"

001--Tsa t P t'

Temnarrow, Si uhtyrd ept. 4
A.M. .
A -k V I On The. Alana
c0ofk Club requestst.'
please phone before 7:00)
7:30-Morning's Saeb Conctm
8:15-More About Biffer (BBC) -
8:3S-Muslcal Reveille
9:00-N dlis I '
0:15-te Chhiatophers
9:30--As I See It
10:05-Off The Recdrd (requestp
-please phone betor
8: 0)

11:06-Off The Record (cont'd)
11:30-Meet The Entertainer
12:00-N ews
12:056-Lunchttme Melodies -
12:30-Sweet And Hot
1:00-News "
1:15-.Rbythm And. Reason
1:M-3.Pootball ProIphet *
2:00-3Imen.t .ape

3: -. lortwrayt On

7:lQ--Frdyuse Marfa B o
'7:5-Freddy Martin Show
7:30-Rep ort Frou The V"U
8:00-Paris star Time (lD.'-
M8:3"-ral Wth he
1:00-Your -it Parade

O Pa-Vogmof A
10:0-The Owl's Nest (dguwf
-please phone "uri-'

VOA-Volee of Amifloa


Shave t mafor youre gft
Is ieat fItWar So
sad take saftasage of thie
A LOKvLY VAniTT 0 o1


.. e the 0 i.

fc* it.


'. ~


.'-. s





* > ",


: fl. ll t ~)e-4 .-r- .:e ,_ ".
s16 _"d ft to some very e r
saZ. To ""with
:.sho.av massed bsthe open- .
ef ai Meaartaofradlsa. r OMA ON' a
g ..ut when. Notk did raise,. YOU OY e GO 1
B made thq peculiar redid of ONE ," ,I
two spdes s a oombinatioa slam-
t. ad dqeptive d. Women wb. put wei .'rs taot
S- forward whem talking to Lt .
S rtdidn't encourmlage sm *m- omen: '
Ut, but the peculiar bid did The wanw with a -slim
wet i t. auction d who is 'a W ttalm
L4 in thse1ar. adt doubledth. ing oterwttutt INr ia toe '
abid of forearm h to o et.A
tiUof taking spade tricks s really areowelf unseo
. asn trunps. East's troubles'fortably c ii or
-li' later.1 .
oek wne the first trick with the The oatt whb *ys
q of dlamoeds, took the ace of though he; ows chU .are
,Ir kand led a low heart. West feet. This Is most- u
Moy w, and -dummy won with more trialSlaIdtR'
e. ,of I. h" n ing the trosl ts:...b h. _
S; ith dwer ow m .
elarr returned a diamond The oman who.t ,

mWeattithek atual sbe

ihi o The, w .an d ,.
5 I Jprtesa to baE

_.f. ".n- 'O. UW 5.5 '_ .. *.

diaa tfw vearyotthe u not article '-

AB, IAhte nteT walog,.who l ne:o tti attir'le.
:- ecbjhe oter woma .not wk ho i *
r.un a. na aa
*~ ominwtfes' of eyeCTuubnitd, aa'
M- N*. or U~t 'a s Is1 "'o sis:
WNeb. (UP) wib. She goesiafterat S
Know l es jt an an finaal rtIg th a at..'ia
el ause Ailks dec1-7 such quebstlgs as "Wbeye iB M
aelsltata the Fourth t y live?" "Do flu kow lb SsS
Satlas'early. ei for So's?' who are taly seSIOn
Jaj 4rher, were important. "What doqs ypr. hug-
Plml.ei r i ofayi band do?" '
viix bew : lte! The woman who iets out to let -
other women know how impo

_ -

- C


yysui. e IqumS SAUf Iygj v
O w, Y a. .. .. ,
.,3 e oe,,, .-:r .

.1 F.Ar.


gt z. ...,A,
-' *?*- ^. T .+ "* ^^ 'tf' 1^ '' A t *;' '' J *'" ;-" '*' '. "}
.- ...,, &.. d 'jg. -.' ^ y '41 -.*.
+AI W #

p. jupaw rr.pq' iwm:

Oi tnlttwn

Security Pro
Ing led to believe OOP security
hodare "rbitrary, brutal
A t unteo en.'"
Sen. EMre t n. Dirksen (R-
111.) aloq e out aatc critics of
the sgr today in
a lnterlew onthe "Impact"' of
the BDageessMacLean spy case
in Britain. .
mDirku& sutid defection of the
two rIth. d itlonatsto the
Conmii ".tanlla too eloquent
proof Wit _ors'and more em.-
phasis must .be placed on an ab-I
soblte trY of acity where
matters of hh security are in-
McCarthy asked Ihe President
to revoke orders which deny
congressional investiptOrs free
saees-to goovrnmment security
e. said, tepo keedpg
0!e fd s Ionl prevents i
the admS1r4tration from coun-I

pa'gn'" agiuait the
that he said, tbhe es-

- .. '.

P It.

Packers Ra se
Whoitesae Prices

f "wita aTtd cf.t
S tour ee*itf a pou6d and a fofu -
s id it wdWd foy suit Mn

tose has
isla mt
are blak

General Foods CGrp., Miartin'
son Coffee Co., and Stand&r
Brands, the., tacked on the in
dresae today, except on theL
instant coffees, .
Albert Ehlene. Inc. announced
a four-cent-a-pound wholesale
boost for next Monday.
Effects of the hikes .at retail
ievel were not immediately pre-
dictable.. General Foods said re-
tal, prices "may not reflect the
i ease for some time because
of stocks of, coffee In trade
channels." -

Concert To Be
Presented Sunday
At Parque Lefevre
A musical concert sponsored
by St.-joseph's Orthodox Choli
will be presented Sunday at 3
p.m. under Ut direction of
Clement Walks at St. Anthony'e
Chapel in Parq'Ue Lefevre.

". r'. .. .", .-

r b ., Aa

S. .

. .. . .. .-.. .-


*-. I mw b. pay
mlbk any or N of 78a entries and territories
ly PAN AMEICAN. World's most experieniid .irline.

9. I
^Unci*TM tUllt Pamaee.AvIeses, Umee *and Lts@e **

'" a -h w oiiinal Pit AMERTCAN you can easily make your dream trip on
.y Later" Plan puts.a round trip PAN AMERICAN, the world's most
i ticket W iw rr Hds wts h I yperiwmed airline, and pay foritjn low
Sof trodwaidk "-tir NwM OiSonthly installments, after you return!

L .m ... ..Tl t -
= +'.-A," ,'.+ .

a F *

"gI rd ll m i lit) Also appearing on the program
will be Mrs. Hyacinth Yearwood,
dent dould undetake "a vig- Edna Day and jtafford EdWards
oro u e tion campai" to in vocal solos; Mrs. o. Aird, Miss
explain why the pblie s only C. Solely and Mr. Myrtle B
getting one side of the story." Lowe in elocutionary items, with
With the deck "safely stack. Mrs. Pearl Forde as chairman.
ed," he said, "Democrat-led
committees parade before the Tickets are being sold by mem-
public one ex-empl oe after an- bers of the choir.
other to recount hs 'ordeal'"
before government se c u rity
McCarthy acknowledged the
security program "is far from
perfect" but hi view of ts m- All power accessories
perfections was considerably w b
different trom the one many will be available in
Democrats have been taking.
The complaints generally ave the all new
taken the line that some federal
employes have been fired un-
justly and deprived of their con- 1.956 FORD
stituttonal rights of self-defense. .
McCarthy said, an Impartial
invesUgation would reveal cer- COLPAN MOTORS
tain government departments
still are too lax in the applica-
tion of seeturity standards, and
that potential traitors still are
In fevernment.

, .: ,^-,--r'.,.r- r.+ .F"- .,.r ,.FJ'
.** .. .*" .* '"" I
.* ac- .' "'J t".. ,'
.'\'-. .. r. -.;
; i,' d. -'% L' ,- a..




Ashton .Parsoas


Every mother should recognize uee ale-
ness, Inlafamed gums and fui j i the datit
Atbn & Paous Infnts' Powdas, -'*'b jtdS
reduce high tempemnmim, ae iI( ditma adn 0toth
hi into resitfd sleep. They act wy ab-
sohutly safe. Be sure
Parsons Infans' Powders-k tar


I, -
.5 Sw


.. 1

Ii .. .. .A
__ .* "
,- .

.'. ...

9 -1
* A' -


* 1(0

:. .

The fabulous flattery of caw

yhy. is Revlon's "Touch.
ad-Glow' liquid make-up
changing t make-up habits
of millions? 9-eMutS it'l
more than's-
scientifScailyblended beauty
formula to soften, smooth,
actually protect your skin.
The ueg."K ou's good. Iwon-
drons new utTeloped
acluively by Rvn chem-
im .'. .ad found i a oaker

,i Bj. .
Beauty experts -4 aibe
.ATeucl4ed.GlKwV 4eso

- Cause 'ToAaaC.u#I

.... ..

gives your skin the tender
glow of 'color, the all-but-
flawless texture your skin
tames on by candle glow.
Never muaky, never greasy,
never drying... "Touch.-nd-
Glow'!, liquid make-up gives
your skin a intly fiawles
Choose from See fa lmlou
compleion-eolwo. or a
new celoriestla&a, for thoe.
women who pfs A e ozodf
doors, completely natural
look. New "Temck.adlGh"
makes powder a c.S m.t
ha lonsr, and f-t Mb .

N i" ni-M

~cpitmr oru~

a '.PA
~~~~~~~~ swig"' :. *:

I :.--

Ut 3.
4- #9'
~* '-'

* Yuw~uw

----- --- .
et ver,Blih skirt. iPale rey n
*1 Atrim. 4Rer tweed suit i A Ihli
I olti..lue and black shaDaw stripe ( mial,.!Jvl.-UILy GAlL. DUGOS, wA Wonre's

To you whose skin is too sensitive for ordinary mdep.. .

i a-- .' ".wo.E.'

- ~




'"''' ~" :


n- ANAmu

Lifeboat, Jaqt-mazo,

Blakemere, SUgarplum

i Seven Furong Race

S Sevn well-matched Class B and C hiported
'thoroughbreds are tched to dispute the $750
srse in tomorrow's featured evenfurlong sprint
,at the Juan Franco race track.

Pable mutuels cho ce in
-, *t* wide open event are Blake-
Surgarplum aid large Roy-
f lwer, Lifeboat, Febrero IT
end Jaqinmazo are sur to be
wd-backed in the betting als o.
should e off the rank

[ Ilakemere and Barge R oyal
have luet been dropped in clans
from te highest bracket while
ugapu, a former topnotcher
a.t from an impressive post-
tolpat-.victory last week. Lifeboat
moves up in class following a win
lt Clas "D" while Febroro II
and Jaqulmazo trailed Sugarplum
home in their last outing.
GuMlermo Sanchez will be a-
tboaMrd lakemere. Relnaldo Go-
iMa will again ride Sugarplum.
AlenBmdre Yeaza has the leg up
Boyal, Alfredo Vauez
i f- Febrero IL HMantuel a-
M wUdo the booting on Lifeboat.
S Aguaie bak top from,
,) handle Jaquimato's reins

Lematf -.. w-



whlle Andres Goonalez will be In
Postinovieh'a saddle.
The race promises to be a hum-
dinger from start to finish and
could produce a surprise winner.
In the secondary attraction on
the. 22-raeo program, expensive
Albatross will attempt to get back
the win column. Albatross will.
opposed by six Class E imports
in the one mile $50 eleventh race.

Juan Franco Tips

3-Dr. BMlI
5-Lady Edna
7-La Uoes
8--ns BRlt


Tlin Tilla
Money Maker

A 202 H. P. V-8

will be ih the

1956 FORD

coming soon.





Ind Re. .H.2" Impead wSFewPe Ces
ON- '' a
1-Tempesatd ChA-t bm i* c ap
2-Olsmo L=
3-Cadrino M. Zebao -Iiort
4-0. Wonder J. PMIlpu 1a ul l
5-Newbrlghton H. Rlii 115 -rSates lIIl d
6-Beduino B. A tlrrell pa, .soon
7-Fanhlo M. Tcs 1 -Ran wel- In last
8-Coral R. VAaues 115 --Hard to beat here

lrd .Rae "H" Nativee -% PFSe Pw e $275.00 -- Peel Clmse

M1IN'MEN-t wasU rather loenesme i itha outh.: C hrsa
lh1or luardSDick CovIy ten, left, anqd emndrt as Tn.he"
are the only returning reu=ns from the 1954 Gamecock forward
walL Coach Rtex Enright has to fll the five empty belmeta

-0- O

3-Tap Lady
4-Dr. Bill
a-Tii Tlin

R. VaMques 110 -Quits badly in stretch
A. Reyes R. 03x --Nothing to recommend
A. Gonsiles 07x-Poor effort i last
R. CristUn 11 -Form indicates
R. .1a.B a -seritua p ort1e
8. Carvjl10 -*- tasen ffh
A. CreldldM 1Ix -Fastest at getaway

4th RaIe "0" Nave I Fs. $275.00 Peel Clea

4-Choly -
6-M. Fighter
8-D. PltU.n

X. Oantell 107 -Nothing 1* last
A, VAsque. 114 -Showing improvement
J. o6ngom 110 -Nothing tp indicate
8. Camajai 10x -Rates outside chance
0. SAnheb 113 .-Could win again
R. Criatin' 113 -Rounding into shape
M. Ycaa I110 -Hard to beat now
Z. Ortega 108 -Usually close up
WAA-%-VIA eml

NEW CARTRIDGE ITEM critters up to and including deer, -Ai iurMa F. W aigo 1I -4- Uanierous
antelope, even sheep, its energies
IS TWINS out at range are as good as those St1l Roe "Nee.Wiamn -4 F s.Puoie $250.00 Peel Clesm
of the larger calibers, better than
By WARREN PAGE th .257, u? to some .270 or even 1-Chanito H. Rui 112 --Could score, in debut
.30-06 loadngs. Sound interest- 2-Golden Fun A. Viaques 110 -Rates good chance
Shooting Editor ing? 3--ngrelda F. Hidalgo 114 -No. 1 contender
4-Dofta Barbara E. Gaote 105 -Should be close up
It isn't often that the loadiing The 44 ennton, chiefly a 5-Lady Udna B. Agulirre 110 -Workout indicate
companies bust out with new rifle barrels of 12 -'inc twist, enes
cartrblge ideas. The last one wasfor a medtumweight rifle on the Sb EaIM "H-2" lpoed -7 Pip. Puari $400.00 Peel Closes
the .222 Remington, which arrived model 7 2 action. It drives .7- POIST RACE OF THE DOUBLE
on the shooting scene in March grain split-tip p at over 3500
150, It really hit the Jackpt otrfoot seconds a r&m-the muzza to 1--Verticordin A. Ubidla 108 -Nothing in months
I--td ovsehe t. ls ayf -
shoo.ty favor, and the wo.L i get devastte chucks or crows. A 9 2-._Thi ouche kIteyes'115 -Returns from
is that It now ranks fourth in can-lgrain bullet at over 3,1000 is on thel3-7"-,-i t. Viq le 115 -Improving steadily
trfire ammunition sales. way. 4- .yt" A. Yean 118 -Poor recent rates
V*Aw T *.trdI tlin -/Jhancp in mud onlv

The latest rifle cartridge Item
is twins, though not identical or
interchangeable twins a pair
of 6's the .243 Winchester and the
.244 Remington. They ue bullets

ket rie in rflean favor.
Tlerg may be a bit of bias in
this corner since I've been in-
terested in .243-diameter bullets
.asl their remarkable ballistic ad-
vantages for the past eight years
and was personally instrumental
in urging the major arms c o m-
panies to go into production on
the nbw cartridges and the wea-
pQns for them.
Why? Because the 6 mm, bullet
of, say, 85 grains weight has bet-
ter ballistic efficiency, without
going into all the technical phas-
es of it here, than a .25 caliber
bullet weighing 100 grains.
To, the varmint shooter and
this we've proved in hundreds of
long-rfnge kills on wood chucks
aa similar vermin a good 6
anm. offers flatness of trajectory
and safety o f hits far better than,
for example, the .220 Swift of the
ultra-high-speed loadings o the
.270 beyond 300 yards of range.
Its high retained velocity gives far
fewer problems of gauging wind
deflectionthan, for example, the
ilemen gets into with any .22
e= e.

ind to the hunter of small. to-
medium game, by which we mean


There's not a woman who's tried Aunt
em:um Paneke Mix who didn't please her-
elf (and family) with theie light and lufy,
goldensbrowm peimakes.
Really... Ia so EASY... and results are
wonderful. Aunt J mima does two things for
you. IWtt, most of the work is eliminated.
You make pencakes the modar quick way
with Auqt Jeima. And when yo follow the
simple instrutioMns carefully, of your griddle
come the most appetizing, smooth-textured
pHaO& you could Imaine.
So e abetter cook... and get lots of con-
pll5nts. Bw Aunt Jemima Pancake Mix
todayandlrpriseeVERYBODY tUmorrow

The .243 Winchester wit heavy-
barreled target-weight rifle ready,
will probably go also into the new
verso of the Mod70, Wine-
teas ,withad a with
ftr ae LVerhi 'm at s~,
a 100-gramn m slu at 3,00 for
s much energy at W yards as
the .348.
I doi't know, honestly, which
is the better cartridge of the two.
Not enough votes in yet b ut,
they'll both be deadly on all man-
ner of varmints. Leta wait a year
for the choice.- I'm just biased
enough to think there's room for
both of 'eam.
(Distributed by NEA Service)

The HiI Parade
(Based on 275 official at bats)

Player, Club g
Ashburn, P. 137
C'nella, B. 120
Mays, N.Y. 14p
Musical, 81.. 151
Klus'skL C. 151

ab r
522 90
438 81
568 131
551 96
602 151

h Pet.
180 .345
140 .320
181 .319
175 4183
190 .316


Kaline, Det. 149
Power, K.C. 144
Kell, Chica. 126
Mantle, N.Y. 145
Kuenn, Det. 142

10 198 .341
89 186 .319
43 132 .314
99 186 .306
99 188 .306

Mays, Gilants ........... I
Klussewsk, Redlegs ..1., 4
Banks, Cubs ............ '
Snider. Dodgers ........ 4
Post, Redlega ........... .
Mathews, Braves .......
Snider, Dodgers ........ 1:
Mays. Giants .......... 11
Ennis, PhillUe ......... 11
Banks, Cubs ............ 1
Boone, Tigers .......... 1:
Snider, Dodgers ........ I1
Maya, Giants .......... 1;
Mantle, Yankees ...... 1:
Kaline, Tiers ......... 1I
Smith, Indians ........ 1:
Kaline, Tigers ......... i1
Klusewkl., Redlegs .... 1t
Foz, White Va.......... 11
Bel, Redlegi ........... 11

AmmBraaeva .... 13 5
-a nT, .... 18 7

-ia z A N. oridt" 11 -NoIl ahil r
7--opadoa A. Reyes R. 110x-Longshot possibility
8-(Refleco 0. Prches 115 -NShowing improvement
9---Lady Prths EA. Pita 0. 107x-Could help entrymate

Ig-Salus A. onal l x-Doesn't cam likely
- XbRib n 710. -Hans l4,st. eht
3--onuasg .. AmnepIlox -Must binprove more
4-Marhxfins 1. Ortega 115 -Rating to best form
8--La Unea M. YcoU 106 -Last was. revealing
6-Mr. Foot 0. Prescott 110 -Not against t.le.
?7-Qulacm a C Chives 105x -Not goodnenough
--Lady Martha E. Pita 0. 107x -Could spring surprise
9--alustio A. GonzAlez 105x--Doesn't seem likely

8th RIse "D & I" Natives--4 Ps. Pa $m00 0o Peel Closes

1-Rina Rot B. Aguirre
2-Alonsito A. Yean
3-Chepanita A. Reyesa R.
4-Biscaya E. Gastell
8-Okiland D. Barret
7-Caelota R. CristAin
8-Sierra Velluds C. Lino

10-1 .


MARKD MA-UCLA ome east for the Maryland
10-1 the raeofhe esriy Ldason-the wandering and
5-1 liclsed Oi e Ktiox, who threw three touehdown ps.6a-
8-1 'gainat Texas A. and M.

'Alston Gives Bums
i ; -

Silent Treatmenf
3-1 I
2-1 --
4-1 By HABRY GRAYSON til he convinced -Alton that
e v e n w a s J hy sJ cal y At t o .1 i
N3W YORK.- (NEA) It has on up. ee s e ha
1:5 been writteniand said that the old be sent ioh before he w t.cV51
type of driving er passe e wnn binge that linoed
out within aJn t.W. the pean.

3-1 that way today, it has been re- na r, we, against
10-1 heated. .. best fire on. n.
2-1 But the more violent school of "tow does B RbW ler
10-1 managing s st with us. It reporter aks Alstom ..
1 all for the boss to storm into
2-1 9 dressing room and the n "Donok pretty
10-1 erupt. .J ha -e

4 20"1 ". n_ m ,.
51 her in more recent y 1ars. Dres- MaUVE'
10- soen. you'l remember : started an admittedv on list Il
2- oucand oft$ war ;W' Pra U fi W to.,
2-1 in Brooklynz Duroce- s .*had one wi= .g rid eS,

10a1 Maglf 4 J0ohow tefa. cra does thetA t
20.1 m h-ma'nauA a. ha liaj b.'n


120 -Form indicates
114 -Dangerous in mud
10Sx-Retuanm from layoff
106 -Nothing recently
04 --an well in return
108x -Not against these
108 -Good early speed
107 -Should be close up

9th Rae "6" Imprted % Fs. Pr e $450.00 Peel Clse 5:15

1-Ciprodal : 3z. re jSL -Back. in best torn?
2-G-ayR ag A. A. a ue -Must golower
S-Lff -1rk V, -' t -Bad strt last
4-R im J. Wab 10B -lO X am
5-D nxlprne 0O. 8anohe .--as stroa pst
68--Orit OGatell 113 -Good chance in mud
7-F lore A. V t111 -In favorite distance
--La"ier J'. Jlm l X -Must improvemore
i(M. aker L. 1 l0 o 1 -Dangerous this time
10- (Le .re 8. CarvaoI 107x-aa iown nothing

10th Reee & C" Imp. 7 Pp. Pase $750.00 Peel Clemes
1-4Posat&ovich A. GonzAles 10zx -Doesn't seem likely
3-Jaquilmo B. Agulrre 112 -Could score at price
--Febrero U A. Vaiques 110 -Always a contender
4-Lifeboat M. YOaoM 108 -Will fight It out
5-Blakimere 0. Saneheu 120 -Usually beats these
6-8ugarplum R. On6mes 118 -Back in winning form
7-Bare Royal A. YTeam 118 -Could go all the way

Ith B, .'T Iihes..- 1 Mile Pene $550.00 Pel Closes
1-M' Wy L. Oirald 10 --Dange a contender
3-D. B. Aulm roe5
-5.- 1 5. 15U 1a2

6-V aJ. Ji es 10e -Rider ouly handicap
7-Mut HR. ea 115 -Will wn soon

12th sbee "N" Nati es -. V% I. Plms $I.00- Pl Clkes ....

1-B-gBV andei

a. Ca~L $ -- ycUommend 10-1
M. ZeaJ 1., -=4( LNnmOths 10-
0. Ade.Ii tz s-M~ieed .Bkely. 30-
J. Cadoan 118 -Batejood ehikbee here' 2-
0. Preott 110 ly washed up 15-
A. TaMiter 1f n--i y sh 3-1
A. Tiemm I -a lan'mt 3-1

o 't. tad. won

^fl *.*




Casey Na gel.has dressed
down te Yaees a time or two
and the o peresser i as nm
at double tqlklg to baseball writ-
ers. Marty Mrm = aff Minnie
Miao0 the other day.
All these battleares aimed, of
course, at steaming up a player
who is not lively enough on his
feet to suit.
Walter Alston does It different.
ly-e-n the creole way O-all ..
by simply giving the athlete in
question the old and most effec-
tive silent treatment The manag-
er of the Dodgers just ignores the

he's not getting bjg f
enough when batUting

Alston wants Robla losadiat
Amercan 14,
Billy Loes -y o .4
but Alito had
Itbraa. He.lettie l

Jackie Robisp la as
The ancient UCLA Ilumnus Irn wre Oer. ,
ed whe Alston di't use him
during se a p r.i g exhibition alt AltA o ~Mill ned a the
games. t igilted e 'only spark old pro hbe has 'hit.4 ;lld i
left in Robby, spurred him on to to win Siil'yn'a fikt Wopld-1
occasional flashes ries in eight.
Roy Campanela squawked that And that happens to be the jpb
he was s0 eighth place hitter un- for which he was hired.
LI *



GreA h it.l Se
New OrleanS Serics


*8.S. "UHIU Am .................... .....S... .
8.8. "AGGERI OBO" ...I...................... -

8A*S Z ................... ....... *OA..
*^8BU' .................................Oct. .0
g gH ; ....../.....* .... .., e...ahet.i

*Hauhdll afiInelew J @ad Geowrn

w York Service *- A
.. -.. -'-.i
S ........... ............ ..
Ss. .......................... .. ..,
s.s. ............,I.......... .....O 1

We, kl o PumP *

w, ..6 A,,&,;

a rleta .-.t

",. .. t"-

I r.,

S .. ..-.
-'. "** -: 7
.* '** .*^ ^^ ^ ^J




-' 'al .I

.4 I

. d A


___I ~ _:II

----- -7~

LCII. 7- 1'


' I

:.- d .,I .

"-'c-' y.,




* ..,AUr

.s. ... ....... : -

". .- '. .... 8, .. -. _', ... "'rr : 1 '

.4i.A 1 -, ,Ja-thUitId sta e,

At- ,on "aor I* C8wI- .. ... l Tigerl s b-,,d 3'

-. HlBloik ,..ta8 .1 J **o*'**- l.,jOe: mwi ,dN,,AK T BSMttiB T^ T.o t t at tdo o''s.. D*" ":
of me BlBla wa b,,1,!" ..'.: 8 .4 1e Btil ..?." H nthnn tt' ,b c f K toth ,M-U ". l ,, b n as
i@apEffra a l of thcsd~e argh ...68 93 .386 30 S^.of of r 1n ute tsh h t
rd ws t an Al is atta t pitch but .pn date Opea dat" the Ith for T.e sn' th Whteia r Ss s IO i. ,M ,b ee .,,
_... tg when the Irihi h aOe.tartiI from ateh. J, ck-M) I.It we'Ion llinch the f a aun wal w1 t~tke rIB aBalteto So U
ean u l.'b' alalsw WaDsIVV be d i e r osard o{ i a g o o the sd I -
.-Iis allr la TerSy besteA. ad l ato ma t *ad She 1.m mne their l10t.iytebas od-n1 dsan5rS am

' BN"'45 1t t icl IthI* wh.o on 'way ao thmn era f: 10t,.te r pound center VOnA I T
n -(). b, .. a *.. "Wen aven"t had too much for An to hole gamrq"M h their
= 1 con- ga st W trouble a at h Dodde a A hine 5thi ou an wt
WdLDetroait. dt*m ak g taea shalfbacd

p 8ri wbut avte 0 ad out m noat' a^dif ere ett. of do wahToddeo est b attleweb

.. : .,, _boat de erl lase o0 .,Morr is at1 7-, ou d W heeer
DWo ra os at las _- aRum.erastoemewa "e p chers, o __ brt__,______ _e__0e _._the-u enyo f rha,"vessrin. i
Caa olTeep, of he Pat e. i hh e ics 'atc Jan c- t e a" t cl h the( ag to .ore ot i ea lah
.Whtn S S wom etp the uipretbS Red 8o, ant t te fV .lEaan d J. C. from th oet wee dble
^ ris ainov. The lum^Bos, who laot 1) gt of em l nS i one. K w ll mn to & ]e
TMhat S1 n o sfao t Athletac b hftI8 'AIC. t h tolb old-
i s tea. aaIn w atCblaeU 4Som e19W k to tL o "rc l d 'lrl S E at rIt'I fej ut e h

paston arrives rh De- oftetaamH If I **. H'ee how te so..d gol si rk heIof an g out a, nr
br --'" t I tre 1t, tahoe the DP a -,b
- tilyU*Ume d RUG*voilyn Pa r 4(11)d 'an1-a hoe eedththbe the ir

On Marciano-Mowre Pros Need Se i e gl sd
hosdia tb enotbr Ld owrtrod eSn&A TThplJ J ldebbi b mu ToI kl l
a w ith .0g t hanaca iO e t4h0.Ithh ae tchambeirs and
winteIiheut WorM Series lateriOet gngDett, thee flu an Tok ae orkutIooly end.

to Tonearl absA. and. B,-I ."t .bea.tld MadbO wby .*dOa

?bstt--aitsa--sAut Rutgera In a arms8 _
aobsOWLSt1"ldor P MlpN MJnaheihare vnpr c i blt .ld d ,ft-ee t ete
Pam Sao pckehIgh11.hol",e hft--t too much r rle to reliefthei
eow ramthdiptb

out idemmra. atW*v- wohdlfdevga s0on et '1is1glena b bl e '',

a.e oeo z wh at .o.tar' ow NT 18t0t lane I Onerido It g i rem -ain =o lbe.
my- -as,..m.LiFecth eolaent Onwr better, ,,,riee,- .

dwn *at'I.e .s e .eua esgl-. 4 id 1 010-a.H. .

will.take. .0.M a .
t~a C Gle cc sratsoaadiff ereSeribal ut i.tho u t ePd
abu Coa- -"" etheifr ip Dthreele.rway wrOte D

[] / r enr-.-Teop.*tk.eMT-inrrsa %III(samenthdeatUS t.ean blgde .-.
In aseran1l dWoet Giti. tnelload on etgemt im, kO e ,epa),--/onoua a 4O )e
LA ST sinaleabutlRutoelytoseven .1tter it. frutle=aiseolwl:meft a E

SiChampionshipBouhT TotMakeGrade
lewiattr l itee-i U7,N
The 308M o10. t.ttrt Am ktr om wthebmtw chaosb g'rvspin iteoe'resign torbe

GeoreiaTch. ttuor, (n d--r cent S and 1n Mbl. hr" s
C L aaTt C=yli o at116-n- t

au" cumber- e.o ne deter-

_e a& of November ju it sad g it. .
St more Pan- '
, r,,,,, andorldre awu msUvB B e itoeso ytts. .itlg .gib 'ea c ..r tB
InberomNTe topat ,s ei "t"&h antyry i
SAabam at Ris i NO need a 1. rng. Cste who setm BRo AM ad d1
e 5iW ard S as gbeb M* thI year. yne w cm -77= eai jBf poM-
waa.. l,"r.. o' ..

odes, yft A "f" "-"








' .


- r. ..... 1

~- It
C ~I

"Le the people know tho truth and the country f safe" Abraham incol..
I________ I___ l_ I__ III__ ___ __ I _I__i_ |



-.o7.US To Continue Red China
that was her

'Talks If Prisoners Released-
S ^GENEVA, Switzerland, Sept. 23 A communique sued after the meeting and discussions of the U. er that Jobson may have mad
(UP) The United States agreed meeting in the Talls Des Nations N. trade embargo., ome comment in today's closed.
today to continue talking with said Johnson and Chinese nego- The Reds have released some door session. Next meeting *a
Communist China on political and tiator Wang Ping-Nan "continued but not all the 41 U.S. civilians set for 0900 GMT .Wednesday
trade questions pendlng full re- to exchange view with respect known tq be detained In Chins, but Sept. 1M.
lease of Americans held by the to the implementation of the a- the U.S. tas holding out for com- Unofficial Chinese sources said
Reds.. greed announcement (on exchange pletion of the transfer before tak- the tal W s are progressing in a
It was not immediately known of civilians) and exchanged views tug up full dlesuuion of the second "cordial atmosphere."
after tqda's 10=-minute meeting regarding item two of the agen- agenda Item. "We would like to know what the
whether U.S. Ambassador U. A- da." When Wang laid his proposal be- Americans think of our proposal,"
les Johnson has spec1cfally an" fore Johnson last' gatuday, an- they commented. SNC OF 7MHE BATTLu-Hea
swered Peping's repeated de- Item two was agreed earlier to formed sources said Johnson did after knocking charger
nuds to discuss the lifting of the include "other practical matters not give any direct c om men t. Strict secrecy re-imposed on too n
trade embargo, and for raing' of at issue." Last week China said They said he answered the C hi- day's meeting following public -i
the present ambassadorial level these specifically included ar- nese request with an "enigmatic statements by h sides recently
talks to the foreign ministers lev- ranging for a foreign ministers' smile" only. designed to "c their posi- *
el. It was considered likely howev- tions. eL el ueG


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S1:31 4:45* *:4- p.m.


QjIVZRKA TJ theBO O waten : : totworkon
labor in.tdepr leftIn da1e0 4ia whicbstrue Taon0ca M i e
ur e took the I of persons evco and hundreds are nmissig.

Hlde's Toll In. Amateur Posse Succeeds In
Mexico To Run Capturing Runaway Elephant
Welt Over To ,CHARLOTTE, N.C., Be 23 for transfer to a circus at near-
Wo Over 500 su.609.
(UP) The owner of VIc the by Cuastonla. She broke away
TAMPICO, Mexico, Sept. 23 runaway elephant who eluded from her handlers and fled Into
(UP) -C A tots of 04 odie ~ursuera for 11 days said today the woods on Charlotte's south-
have bee recovered in areas de- e received advice "from all over western fringe.
vastated by rricane Hilda, the world" on how to capture Her successful efforts at elud-
fielals said ; At least 30 oth- the ponderous pachyderm but it ng searchers stirred the Imagi-
era were allit missing. and took a Posse o amateurs to do nauton of readers everywhere.
"assumed dea the job. Partlow said he received letters
Mexican air fore pilots who flew S.ome 100 searchers surround- and telegrams fromipersons "all
over the stricken areas said the ed thg 2,700-pound Vicki in her over the world telling me how to
towns of Santa Fe, Ana n an and r1Vat "Jungle" near h er e catch Vicki."
El Hlgo Were "completely.destroy- Wedn.eday night and brought Crowds began gathering at
ed" by the storm the futive in after elep hant the. zoo- Wednesday nigh as
President Adolfo Rule Cortinez, men, trumpeting bull elephants word was flashed that Vlckihad
who came here after an air in- and lures of choice food had been recaptured, but Partlow
section of the area, decreed mar- failed to turn the trick. said he "didn't let many per-
tal law over the entire region at- For almost two weeks, Vicki sons see her because she was too
feeted by the hurricane. had payed hide-and-seek with excited."
The President said the govern- assorted groups of "mahouts,"
meant would carry out a program successfully dodging all efforts
of reconstruction but t at the to entrap her In a heavily-wood- IF KRh
first consideration wasto supply ed area on the outskirts of the
"bread and shelter" to the thou- city. A
sands left destitute. I think Vicki was as happy to
be back home as we were to
An epidemic of colts was re- have her back," said Jack Part- l" S.. J
ported to have broken out among low. "She was so glad she cried |0 Lulu iK
refugees in the cathedral her e. all night last night. Big tears
Two children were dead and 100 Just rolled down her face." PARIS, Sept. 23-(UP) The
others endangered. Swarms of Vicki apparently was none the Fovernment plans to rush back
mosquitoes in areas where the worse for her experience, except to France tough Republican Se-
rains had stopped brought the for the loss of a little weight curity Guards (CRS) now pitted
-danger of a malaria epidemic. due to a vegetation diet. against the Algerian rebels to
First estimated of material dam- "She's in excellent condition, reinforce security forces during
ages ip the Tampico area totalled better than we thought she the current wave strike, Inform-
13 million dollars. The govern- would be," said Partlow. "But ed sources said today.
meant owner oil industry said its I'm having a veterinarian give A Communist-backed railroad
installations suffered damages es- her a few shots of penicillin for strike tied up suburban traffic
timated at 30 million, some minor scratches that got In Paris and disrupte4 various
Infected." parts of the natlonalled1 net-
ipt. ASM II Partlow said he was taking ex- work today. The warning strike
OW.- nw ilonn tra precautions to see the es. is due to end this afternoon.
cape FI not repeated. But strikes in the h y in-
a "We're going to use shackles dustry have paralyzed a number
Tanier at all times from now on," he of key plants in a number of big
said. "We had been in the habit centers and the administration
Alt' R of using them but made the has complained there was not
.Ilb gg Dmistake of leaving them off one enough of the police and CRB to
time. It won't happen again." cope with often riotous strikers.
GLASGOW, Sootland, Sept. 23 The usually docUe Vlckl was
-(MP 1The Alvton Bteams p scaredby a calf on Sept. 11A l Dt
Corpation of Ptnams today while being loaded Into a truck DANMIEL B N
mOVed into the second phase Of _-
&ntla ** US (onsulale
Arthur M. Bek of Washing-
SD.C., corpo on .ok. In prs Pul
said yesterday's launch- In C rus
of the Ia,00o-ton tanker Al- l
o te ,o Und er Protection
of the37 pro- UIC0OIA, Cyprse. a-S
AW(Ut)-The U.S. ul&% was
sad that seven years ago uner protection of a special
Vluma of military tard, today as safe-
timo began making guard against demonstration
tt. s followed United Nations re-
t that... on of a Greek appeal to on.
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pa V litWV iter A madbloek of Pon" and
01. o.a.^thwo-no traffic 111- the main
road the
poll" cleared the city
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