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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Across Shipping Lanes Peroia Strongarm t

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sth ea. B From Blazing. Headquartern
z +cd n se v e

-han: /f tos oae In i ves -X-- -- m a' ... pc te"

City h1o09e of SMnd Milton AMiCON, TMe9o. sept. _1- t y The offiiOS anounement, read ovr the ate radioncdenid the d ben
San a t was W ite. acv eoratA as tho le tt T C othe rebel-held naval base of htiliti and said:

^^eSippghty foa tlyrvecovera andRio nighandhundreds of prso n Is off I the Satsfacttition of negotiatienS wl. -oUMO
m le otapeCod, IndladIned n be = mroess- re otein Meomlita ccdrelpacterms
w atbcrB ta lera t ed ran s a da t o on nam a atea 1. to r n tre anOffi-wedo. oi s c al rdi,. rebels leaderywil t"ake o em w a o t
u.~n., 4.a s

Sse t Ft. Davis Dies Instantly iir a

r a nto eM 00 bodies were discovered in VI- revealed the body ofthe 19- ar- A Argentine pnt aboard thei o Id
howeveao oTAPICO, Meilco, Sept. 21- bTheoffiunnwuncementreadr the state raod
Sy social Hurricane H .ilda's death a
lu. t. e.- Livfnw e s endsi .. .. +.. .....
*we Intt theoM toc-t to ell r'ose to 95 known dead last Ais OAu
J i i BTem est j.. .a t wcoveday to survey y. analbteIt dge night .and hundreds of persons Any mo .ents, the satisfacto. .1sol o n iof c negotinn wl atoday e e B
a. adthese i In n osbepmore se- Were missing from devastatedecause he mli try Junt hpa hs pe lcoraditionsmad. .

- o issavageA g.s.,Auo add-- s the had lost was killed nstAtly last nit IDtofothe Z ast Diversin stream.
.. .. T hes10 O f le wmt ers %decount of the Iznure&. and four others. were injured, The cr was complete demol- Smok ti e thip Mor 11 g The fifsam: t tovs drae%
sp Allans bian hospitals and emergency two of them saqrusy wheft a ished all windows..werersmashed. from the da ble apr il
r. 'I-& Hrs, vu ye eu of Beaufort. aid stations were reported over- private car in.-wihichthey wene Wa;6 r's wife In Mddesto, cal- been.the hasquar tet A-sittm ptO lea ofsafety i n
than eight Itch of rain fell attIng Ine.e Highway and turned upside traedy.tparty Whosehmemi clashed isa mecha u
relt II I1e S w' that the death toll In Tampreo a stream. investigation of the accident. the $1 and pe re -Pere' toa o e m l iar d f or ue po d. i t air.
"udrds = mor I ordeal peak w in 108 + alone had reached 74. Police investigating the Iaccl- sokal.,orm -who, won
.etre I n ed thesstorm9 istruc -lanhd report- Pouteen dead were found in dent last-night at.10:20 discover-ama d ton droos ten ch yoe r herd t u ateg War Mint s a n d t h e
e tween --,_of CludCd Madeero and .another Was missing.. A. seav' of the -. 1 the.. _ves accompanied the outed ovm i
Il ra Cunuhtemoc, a suburban die- old corporal, Terry' Walkrer.= cm too t aarg tpa pntine, .apbo.rp .heisra
'-I y .. '., x e trict ofdmost1 w oo .en houses. in the Mast DIVerldOn *. ..
a'- .sd e des aMaenleft of Water.1

.90 lau erb tl_ i' ige- of on


eta ontla

tlMuirIrma 110u 8 Ip -Y-U-Sf- rerve I
around the stagm's san c1 u pet them frat
and Its eye was sti definite aid this er
aa n t0ie .- are n t
nia coast as wIt rew. November.
Damage In the Norfolk area, Th A
Which received hurricane smarbnces th
W1steday as lon turned ? for two-
wI Aup al But o.rth Ca-" i y rea
Y "f~Iw an i. mmenrelief
andrepair job hampered by opqur -<
Ierp erd butlon.... .Larger di
r est hit t 7tatie nintr e.t
was New Bern an two PerSO._lS .obtain 56.00
were drowned in tw.hevicinl ey.
pDa n ae was eatipMieid at 1 d
mmio'dolars In the state's his- I
toi flat capital. -see. W
I aMl water blown up 'L Under the reui
is and .Trea riversrc'E .by. Cougars
r toddyleaVIg7andr
.rfoi si
"a weoe il
Xi. Y : ,,' resere.

the wisater e ear for t

S ar. For the I z-
t m

ar ac Gar-
'ada wife ea.
: w" I ..e t 'n .er-
i Sl a A l Oide thils thed upr

Sa Coco Solo _
^irseDb I timee the Ji0sath
BO-a i= t am=W an ed the trans
i Ccod SoloRoHpital of Dr.
ELtH. Goggaow hoWl re-
r. James V. who
brl assigned to t Naval
Ai fioen at iCoco Solo. ,'
D%. Jalme BaTa wg bor
SDd, Panm and this year
cainsteted his third year real-
4aBKfla ophtmalmoflogy s1 Qor..

the hospital'ee, 1er,
throat staff or t he '

two year '.den al "4
In New Orleans.
i h. +U, IW oC e-Ihas e s+
ofr0e the1_ k.

-1-., 4tv

w P modth
mr. draft
m ow toswga
luty which as-
n .draft. But
It teion, may
1 Tiy draft
to f men i

ca r up prompt
off ctve duy
Id apg. a De-
pe ammt- an this
d were made
e avy.a deciais
r-ruits through
Sbetwee Novem-
LO They will be
i taken by the,
i.Wa IL
ire program set
last session,
8 years old can du-
7% years in the
*for this training,
reod the two-year
required by the
requirede. to at.
drill seripas and
summer traing
nest 7% years.

t six a4Mth, the
orps also ls ex-
S .aofse o six-
imt- Navy and
at-lan to paOW -
ram get Into full
L. po to e

wrk Tanol woluntes jw"
r d on. without r.t-.
ii*dte mornmn we the .tI
ofat H s wd winds firt touch-
Pd the city.
The ttle village of La Peesa.
100 miles up the coast, was re-
ported swebt "cleanly from the
face of the earth" by torrents
from the river. There was no
sign of the more than 200n-
The Inland city of Ban Luls
Potosi reported Hilda roared
from her death-bed Monday to
strike again before disintegrat-
ing into chunks of harmless
overcast above the scene of her
last mortal blow.
A final, furious rainstorm sent
the Santiago and Epanlta riv-
ers churning across low sections
of San Luls Potsi, tumbling a
reported 700 small houses and
driving 500 "persons from their
homes. Authorities said five bo-
dies had been recovered from
the food-aters.
Another 17 dead were report-
ed from the flattened village of
Vigia Chiea In the Q tana Roo
territory of Yucaesn's Carib-
bean coast where Hilda entered
Thursday night.

Wire Theft Nets
30 Days In Jail
For stealing 80 cents worth of
wire screenig. a 23-year-old
Ppamaulian was sentenced this
oarnnl to spend 30 days in the
udg Altman found the de-
fendant, Juan do- Ios Martina
guly of tlarcY. The 10
pounda o e g was stolen
Tawday charg Ofbum
Oatost Marina was rede te
.tit I ebonthe recommen-
dlitrlet atto-er.


"A" Battery, 'ith AAA Basa-
lion, Ft. Davit.
The car, which apparently was
travelling souI4 on Bolivar High-
way, went out of control about
9/1Otha of a mile south of Oulick
Road. The vehicle went over on
the shoulder of the road and
skidded before It turned over on
Its ~lde upside down and came

Balboa Fire Buf

Answers Emergency

Saves Own Child
Fireman, save w child! turn-
ed out to be fireman save yor
own child yesrday when aC-
l Zone fi an a ered nt
emergency ca" n his own home
in Balboa.
Richard 8l BO three-yesr-
old daughter Jane pulled a
tie of astma Is off her
era' dresser and swallowed an
undetermined number of them.
In the Balba Fire Stat la
fjSt-aid crew which was aum-
moned. to he CAU from the

te DsaUd-WER out of danger,
Smpson hom -in 794-B, Taver-
nilla. went Jane's father.
She M % gWen a mixture of
r me andHU tard to drink
mid.byi tb=h s orga doc-
ta ved,, ,s e had vomited
Mhe vulf w- out of danger.


2u11 -..--.. sq

as win

1he patiet, Daniel 4ato, of
Brooklyn. wPs flown here by the
Alook Al PForce Bases rescue
amphibia b which returned at
midnight from the dangerous
mtlon *.accomplished off the
st of Nicaragua. Be was sul
ferbig from burns covering 40
Scent of his body a ia result
af an explosion aboard the ship.
The same explosion knocked out
the engine.
SLatest reports from the dis-
tresed vessel indicatee that re-
ialrs to the ship's bolers were
being made last nigt. The ship's
agent, Fernle and Co. Indicated
today that a passing veel, the
Alamar, provided fresh water to
the crew.
The Albrook amphibian at-
tempted to land near the strand-
ed ship about 80 miles west of
Corlnto, Nicaragua, yesterday at
noon, but heavy seas prevented
the completion of the mercy mis-
sion. i
The plane returned to Mana-
gua to await word rom the ship
that the sea had calmed down.
At 6:59, the lae was able to
land close to the ship to effect
the transer of.the Injured chef
miineer. On the plane he was
Under the can of Albrook's
Flight surgeon Capt. Charles A.
Meanwhile, the owners of the
lxhp have been notified of its ac-
cident, and the agent said he
was awaiting word from them to-
odr iginay, the Shinnecock Bly
was due to arrive in Balboa this

IMnamsS Army

Int Aclon Agan

Rebel RIer Pirates
SAIGON, Indochin, Sept. 21 -
(UP) The South Vietsamnse ar.
my launched a general oafnsive
today-against theB.iab Xutbn re-
belS matrenehed in deep jungles
outside the gates of Saig., the
goveinMentt ,mreth.
&Iue*al doeae amy battgluon
O qportedbWe attc. ked at
Ins S via-pirates 1i
af to duvta*mMet ftb

*i .4 ..i ..o
-" 1 fie orders to
a a~1

bun""g -aft ,sernlis Abe Sr ih a
-,ela W awac aI he2-
.M mS t ,. -? igs euiba"y. Salad the
*Atr a.m.'j e ulI amlnd M w eq--heaw y extra.,
their cordon ..a.ound the b I o o k i ,La rud uMdmer m tie 9
where, ,t head quart lerfoermrly trms Ifana alaw. u
stood and olice and oldi It hs be a Bo s Aires
by t-.snot..out any of the. -li d ds-- r -alrs. ,J
s who. resamdenone D r 10 days for repairs. -
h diwght remain n Diplomatie quarters reported
T, dist w.. i_ dowe meanwhile, that a wholesale flighi
ita 'm ere r .abrby ,ofimportant members of the fail-
buildings also were block' off,'
The Allaini a headq ters
stee at the cor-er of Sm.ustln .
tin StreitadCore _" vIte ..,
m., the "DroadwayoBf so" r (JO)
Thp soldiers manned small anti- 1
tank guns n anticipation of anbth.* .
er attack by .the Aliansa te or JlI Dy rOG t
sti.. armed police were 01
statiined Mrofnt..' .. h RUBSU LVILLE, AIla., Septt 21 a
aIm rtant^ S eznmulst (UP)-A "Junior grade" Belle a
tsr with offices -' o 4 America, Starr who roamed the ranges in r
Westm and Trans-radio c a is Teness and Alabama with
eom anles scarcely or tha husband rustling cttle has
remya aw d. d the brtk e Jaled here, au orities said
bat P gasy to which he tday. .
aParagy to ll be iFranklin County Sheriff J. S.
An ouncement carried by Byars idetifled the woman asn
rebel raio said they had set up 2"-year-old Victoria Darley ofJ
a revolutmionry provisonal overn- 1lAwreneburt, Tenn. Byars madid
em ,,tw a of Generais Lean i.M I ,, ley sad her -year-om a
a do Lardi. er hu .sand Huron who Is In jai atA
Adm. Iiea'RoJas and Gen. Aude- Chattanooa on a Imilart
ino Berallo, 'defender and matle- .charge, haa an unusual gimmick
sta ofrw and orer in the eapl. in stealing cows from ranges in
tal' the two-state area
.Eergallo's name was Idgnificant According to Byars. the couple|
because he was samed byI the parents of two snal children, ,
military junta in Bu o Anres as would Pile into an automobile
ew director of natuoal saety, and trailer and cruise the rang- I
His were the.forces which dealt es until they spotted a group of
such a blow to the Allanas early co ws. Then with the aid of ac
today. lasso and an electric prodding
From Meadoza, rebel Gen. Ju- device, Byars said, the Darleys
lie Alberto Lagos whoe powerful wouijd herd the cows into the
Second Army helped swing the trailer and drive off.
tide to the rebels, said In a tele- The sheriff said he had not
honed Interview that 10 more prov- been able to estimate how many,
inees had swung to the rebel cows the couple have rustled in
side. He said they included the recent weeks. He quoted Mrs.e
entire Patagonia region in t he Darley as saying she partietpat-
south and four l the north. ed in the thefts "because I
We said that Peen "must he thought It would take the pres-
brought to _." sure off mv husband." She did
A"Mi wh= he beloved Pe. not elaborate.f
m, *mld ermitle to leave M Mrs. Darley, an attractive bra-
the et7, ei replied:. netted with bangs, said she learn-
"Adealqusetmt be berught ed to. "handle" cattle while liv-
to tal ing with her family in Texas.
Argentine warships reportedly Both Darley and his wife were
Locked Peron's attempt fl areted in Chattanooga after a
Into exile aboard the araguaysn cattle owner at nearby Unilon.
I boat yesterday. At th same Ala., recalled seelog them In theta
rebel commanders threa- area. Darley was held in Chat-
edto renew the civil wr. tanooga on a Tenu e warrant
ThJe faLen te m and Mrs. Darle was returned
I got sely aboard s e =1 h1s, sdd.. r et Darndl
S gunbo a( Paraguay.t the said s w a nat of Tanus-
Buends Aires aw"ter ,
00 well, TenTn.
dar morning, -but atlu a.ter-
Doon the ile iu d. t at-
tmpted l under am bise WaN l
) gus o1 the Aruotipe war- ruuuu W
at -im

rod radtioj Va A Colombian OMllH? pbl

^^^^^^i ^J^^, .. ^k~^^ J Itmm

.. ..- .-+i ..
.- .A
a-i* Null ..A-*"


Two waterspouts In O
Zone waters In ome ioao'
eiai. Two waterspotuts ei
lal Zone waters la fiWin 4.
ust about as unusual

Thd first waterspout wu
ed outside the Cisto fl
Water last rday i
rhe second whirled Its I
ross the surface of
northwest of the I
nestrday afternoon
When yesterday'8 sp ._g
irst seen about :15 ph..

Of Choo 8oao. W
as o.plinl v .isi e

of those repQrn.Wo
spout had seen tKt'of-
eomparn the saM f t
Meanftoe tha
nal's Chief dof .
Ragu 0 spu r

lctat" Weatuer,

dest cwaouer eotlow

myrsodct rn Waiand-
conterp opart'e antiai
notngr, the.ta"wo am

though, admittedly, aw
Is. mne euzoma. i.
pear fin t at wte il
in the ha ... t
alt of fine mBt or ,
dense cloud. It ray U/aJ
cipation; on the oher,
mav produce raia anfl'-f
plenty and even sol
bee. At Its bae there ^
cone of water n8u1
frosting of foam, c i
nothing but a s _1S
deprsift on. ..
"Its wind velocel l u
very hg or wey 48ow.
veel that tMzd QuVS
ters reported ae^ttw!
than you would expltiv-

It .s a writhing MOW

elmW ith
watr ut~ad^ ^


-~ -~

.mw. te I- a. d ,de country b rahidam U c .' .I
'. .- *".- :. -- '

J __ __


it'l .

.-s'i r *:: .


. ,, ; **- -

VAa! 2" 1.

, ~:V.


01m MIDe P5533 IL

ess ue em e umm apa n no arM eme
I.n. ii n
s MADlirON AV. NoW YOR. L17T) N. Y,

I. = VA I II AaVANe .1.50 4.OO



Labor Day weekend pased with the highways lined with
care and dead bodies s usual, but more of ter The
a td 400 death toll was soon passed, and the figre went
oi a W T00m. Texa checked in with 34, against 29 for the
*-'''-nldo eSe ,Sogood, and it looks like everybody wants to
ge there frst. Most accidents occur In trying to pas a car
dth&'s going the speed limit. One headon colision that
Sill five occupants of two cars was reported by patrolmen
as betwgeo one car going .b mph and the other going 100 mph
-- both aedng the limit. Both cars were demolished, and not
yems fit for the scrao pile.
We .yv ste and taed home. The tropical storms are
maMn tIk ud fut. Tt girl Gerte wa&. se a freak.
*t5Med her mind and went south, letting Mexico. B utuhe
gate us sme rain.
jAst year the same kind of storm went up the Rio Grande
pat Del Rio. did heavy damage and put the Southern Pacific
tallr oeut of commission for two weeo ..
tides are credited y th two deaths on Padre island. but
it M ah lmks purke u caresfess efor go ing Ino 2he oult with-
ISIuwopened heresy with mixed claves for Negroes and
wltua s. Oft know how It will work, but I see moat, Negroes
here pDt their own schools as but a few are registering in
ethIM dmop in temperature Is a sign of cooler weather
S th e the year. The heat Is getting me down.
Pop Wright


t is the matter with the men In the Canal Zone, eivliWan
-a M All they think about i the boys. B Beoute,
sboW I ateanfabo tri in the jungles, on fng triphh
05a gIin o911u= a Iooti af&a.
SimW' thee are five or six men allopIng around
t#ehg them things, borrowing or spending money for
th tatps and everything all free.
X ytS? SA want someone to teach Girl Scouts or take us
n 1 Not a man around to help us. We even have
to othArmy radio for someone to back Girl Scouts,
but they a It Interested, all they think of is boys.
What Is the matter with them anyway? Don't they le girls,
fi M a tflaA of us. All they think about is playing with
MBmEiw the boys baeenot with the men so much
S eve they don't like us. Wish was aboy.
Litte Girl from Balboa

- *
* .'

i i-irl PrtoPrtu Pfii

. wgtt

r Oews birdsUf

r d I pmso
id 1Oelentaleotn

Sl"Tghman' a

dog a

wisae ,sUmaIs
"*MfIen 44Miis

Mu-m 4ulA'4n7ft"a
to 1Wou t4 U .,eonbl
4 eamor (ab.)SOit |
14chim" Mo1 =f
weight OOn84dllelm 4 w
I Cemussom 54 Negative Word



Labor News

*y vWmau tumnt
Wiro the nation's top pioel otfl.
er, J. Edgarooer U. th B,
writes a letter t6 henai to,
labor Cief, Gorg M y te
AM IXJa ise new., -1 r e-
member my old city desk training.
h "t t t oletteiwU
on at el g I to me, more
significat than the M the
massive. No other unauso *ves-
tigatoryagency that i've i at
work Seand Yard Red
Chinal "P ol'a Armed
o'ree' -we take the itak-
r to t on reco la this
Ua atud on th evil
libet Ivmd In any al laell
case. '
We are in the midst of a great
debate on civil liberties. The FBI
has been attacked for moving into
some causes celebre and for alil-
in to move into others. One such
blast at the FBI came recently
from a California lebor offaial-
o blistered the Bureau for Me
and beaIng of a Teamira
unlon organizer at SebastopOl,
The Teamsters official, Bill
Granil, really took a beat At
-Rp. AOgu he was
else. huseky t s lai
lboal at head.-
quarters at Sebatopol. He was
heaved into an atomobil. After
a ulmrt ride, he was taken Rm
Sar, gagged n ied toa tale
oo pois. 'hea he was bttaly
.Mrg. Iatcross the back by,, hat
eled to be a ngth ot hin.
Blooded, Grapil was left tied to
ter he was discovered by a lO-
caL raud Word went 0 the
whi h lanvesUgated the assault
Ue orgasm .
A few da later at the state

ki4appig of WlIam Gramld-
r. -the Teamer orpganiing
d e in" Sebasopol."
When the reprof this speech
reached A r Hooyer, he
checked with is California agents.
the FBI for "not investigating the
letter to AFL president Geor g
Meany on Sept. 12-parts of which
I anote;
aUn amaued that anyone hold-
ai as prominent a position as Mr.
pviny would publicly criticize this
ueau or any other organia-
tion for that matter without first
having the complete facts upon
which to base an allegation.
On the morning the as'
sault took place, Aug. 12, 1 the
FPI was notified bW th% ono a
County sheriffs offc the
t=il of the case ead ht the
a.hffs.. anflf e w earnistt= an

f a federal violatio|
conducted no inve i ad We
conduted an Inves itiI where
no evidence of a vdlo -within
Our tnvestigative ursd exist-
ed, the we could be subject to
criticism and jusy so.
S"I have also not that page one
of labor'ss Daily' for e ,1955
etdtls an artclel entued 'Bf
Criticised for Keein 'Hands Off
which refer v to D 'blister-
g attack on the FBI.
Mr. Diviny has riht to his
ay have the righttobe
I n our tacts. Mr. Dvlpoy did
t is facts right, nor did
he exercise the common ourte
of eontactng this Bureatuin an ef-
f an to dotemine whatthoe factor
w" before b m I his
ftelrmarl I u de r at the
public reaction if I, or any e
,use of this Buresu, were to
mesuch statements an draw
swh onluason as Mr. Diviny
Id s Iveses without having
tineereily, J.Edgar Hoover."
It should also be pointed out
that the federal kidnapping law
states that there must be Inter
state transportation of the victim
before it is a federal violation.
The FBI cannot move in on a civil
rights violation unless the victim
or victims are deprived of their
Maiht by some law enforcement
It is significant that 3. Edgar
Hoover, who has Ignored a thou-
sand other charges, refused t o
have the FBI labeled as an agency
which would willingly and know-
ingly fail to bunt down those who
flogged a labor leader. In th
great debate on civil liberties, it
seems to me, men of good will
must no add to the tenafs which
Should well split us an widepe

3011JOB FO F11
and Mrs. Richard Rulhetord
thought they were seeing things
when they looked at an apartment
building they own here and saw it
had a fresh coat of paint.
It seems they didn't order the
building painted. A similar apart-
ment building two blocks away
had been scheduled to get the
pant. The painters admitted tey
made a mistake.


*n <2


Onli lI lslithelRug From Under Mn

:, j

I cuay.
as .u

Bill Of Goods


WASHINGTON -(NEA)- See- German unification and all-Euro- of inspetion on both sides of a
retary of State John Foster Dulles en security as a single topic unified Germany's eastern frontier.
will have quite a bill of goods to Te Russians had originally in- The western powers would be per-
sell when nhe its down with is isted that they be considered mitted to inspect defenses In the
opposite numbers Foreign Miis- separately, with German unitica. Communist zone and the Cor-
ters Harold MacMillan of Great tion being taken up last. munists wohld be permitted to
Britain and Antoine Pinay of Inspect the western zone.
France, in New York on Sept. In the informal talks which the This wosld not disrupt either
27-2. This will be the session Anmerican delegation members had NATO or the Warsaw pact alliance
re western pl will be made with the Russian representative of Russia and the satellite coun-
for the meeting with Russia's For- at the Big Four conference to win tries.
eign Minister Vyacheslav Molotov their concession on this point, it Unification of Germany would be
at Geneva Oct. 17. was stressed that the western expected to have some significant
The iollnatlon of the British and powers were willing to give bind- aftreffects in the sateliteloun-
French and perhaps the Russians, mg security guarantees to meet tries, however. If the East Ger-
too, may be to r.ecept present co- any objections which the Soviet mans are liberated from Russian
ditlons as pleasant and let things might have against German domination and united with the
slide along n the new spirit f unification west, other people in eastern
Geneva. It was made clear that the Europ might get new ideas about
The Ameri will be western wes could not abolish liberation.
4-h*..' ar rthe TreV y .
t r imie"t.' +' hs01: d l m.m ll
The Russi attitude seems to had against Grmany'sagainpleas forgreater m
be that the frisW r atmosphere becoming too strong militarily, eastern European countries.
which they have been displaying To t Russian fears that a
ispayment in full for pasl ualfl Germany might break But If any progress is to be made
damages. away from NATO nd start a new in the next few years towards
But from our point of view, what agresion, it was said that the further cooperation from the Rus-
the Russians gave at Geneva was wetern powers would guarantee sians, it is believed that there will
only a down payment. Having to Join forces with the victim of have to be a united western stand.
accepted this first in e the that aggression and suppress it. There can be no blind ralince on
job aed it get addtonal time It was explained that the -west- continued peaceful coexistence.
payments and maybe square the ern powers were already obligated Thic is the importancee of the
account by the United Nations charter to American British and French for-
The showdown on this ma come fight such an aggression. But the eign ministers' meeting in New
over the fit item in the Big West was represented as being York. It is a necessary prllminsl
Four's Gena directive to their willing to go eevn beyond this to the hard bargaining to push
foreign ministers for the October commitment, back still further the threat 61
meeting. One type of Insurance suggested international communism at
Thi calls for consideration of was the creation of two new zones Geneva a month later.


..;.its triple

Specified In hse Cotktal which won
the British Islesn Competition
:AJN=I ItMoUv LIZna. a9, CAI

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eah beek-
whi h -m
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to Ipeac
give his friends first r u 6 ~a: t la peach 3
turn ovoe ef1r .ctermen '.," .: .-
odiUst-bowl ares lie. on tU d b h wr the WU.
orthe W'tiheaten w
wou d not h thres 'rn afl e T e el
a oed i utbdoat bee
Nit A4W0Ponhm
whose. lnd was expropriaed by Joe Bvini are Irawlng uptje ia.
the j u ientdura we it achmes'. charges. or -1 Sem.
XL. 1 herbal casouBge t Mow bar, acoa leshae
W.; Texas friends, w i to- add
aplnM ranchland ato the a rulir .... Prise for th, mu
Ararl Harbor afflut bby in t
SPeage b would also force electric power industry, wh
the sale of oil rights along with *pent $47,510 in three months to
tho land, thus robbing the taxpay.- laflu nce policy. Its Irlteat
ea of july royalties. Uncle a smluedeel: persuading the Tedel
ao could t keep any arable land, PowerI Cqaleon to turn he va.
thouh la some eases ratestie unable HW Canyon Dam ste ove
mit be desirable to prevent to Idaho Power.. The
dust bowl conditions from re- power lobby's best frnd
turning. Senate is WAisin's bleowVA
... .t Lhurricane, IB MeCarths, whoJaa
This tremendous-. Poage g ve-introdumes a flock
s already on its wa to- would help no one but thepivrtde
wrd beoomin law. The Teas 0utl". The G-rl 0"
omgrMumxan.dPi;pi. through the or" r
R Au" re o t sizx months ago,
te ng hectic minuco tes ofth gueeomp( bi spent ",Mder
recent session of congress. o- three months, persuading th
aientlous Seeretay of Agriculture l top assa law that wil mean
,mrus enson Is fl hwise to Po-''e"-higher. .mmthl. gas, bills for h"-.'
however, and will fight the bill ves Commentator rra
next session. Edwards is writing the funny w i
Wa h of hi life a laugh-a-page book
Washgton Whispers be al "My Last n M
Spoor. no old,'oia
The political rom nce between Ster, Ji ye w' ams
e-Prsiden ar m^ n and mister, Jim Parleywho's mes
w lex-President Harry Trumanan for remembering names and fa.l.
would-be? r ident? Adla f even couldn't place Seetary of L tt
son has definitely cooled off. Thi Jim Mitchell the other ver i.
was the word that seeped out of Mistaking the GOP Cabinet
a secret huddle In Indiana between for a Democratic holdover -t
Trum an,. Democratic National Labor Department, F arlo er
Chairman Paul BuUbr and ex- Lchatted. mably about frn .Se a
Chairman Frank MeKinney. The renos i a
consensus ws that Adla lacked a Per s
the masil appeal to win the White fl.e 1Ie old lady, saidtly
House. ... Pan American Jr-Ina De' mcra % t-to-D.morat
ways doesn't miss a trick in s ,ati" s M 'rat." ood
Washington game of w innlag sl a D.. -- '_t
friends and influencing policy. -
Latest: Pan Am has just gen a 3 TrOt Prove
plush job to the Presidenat's fa
vorite nephew Milt Eisen r Costi
Jr. T. .1 "IV -illby bui_, .e
Jr ~n k o i 0.. T._ & I ... ., -. .

soun *And Ato. 'v'** '--B w uu erwa M U.** gwi
of Georgia. ... The National Press after he la@dd tret om a
Club has stumbled Into the middle pate stream.
of the .gyptian-Israell ruckus. The The judge ordered the yt
Egyptian ambassador wanted to t lo t to pay:
present an imprint of a Cairo a qr entering the land Of an
newspaper to decorate the press I without permission
dub wall. New York news ace $50 for exceeding the daily liiat
Frank Holeman, a press club of five trout
wheel, innocently accepted. Now f tre passing
it turns out there are no foreip for the total catch
papers on the club's newsy wais The judge dismissed a $1 park
To make an exception .oz Egypt i tl6ket MacPherlon got wile
might offend other countries, par-
Ucularly Israel. -
gaggran AmeualP"1flt
AmecanTlphon and Tel. Nothing Like
sejt to got a Sw ranteed an*
l pofi t Tos Two Courses
coDuetNl profit tha wil t
ta.yer a aIn O.e. Rond
This Ienerous arrangimett baa S OCHESTfR, N. Y. --(W)
beem oaered by the Ail ForTe, Mrs. uas Wogender kadwe
whiah wiats to WdSnie its air- wy out on, t a o sure.
.defee oodumeanuistio so radar he didn't Mow hr way baek.
outpouts caflsh reports off 1W Aomuat~a~tve nhw i memb'
ifltlfed planes 'automatfo ll to att Oak Iff 6nt"ry ub,
tso Oatlte l iW a mmmut- i ft-
lnes. telAi Force will lOseWsHMe e ws
from .T.&6T. we a.r .aek, tliOaeana o
T'e deal cllS for the Air FOUC employee and a"-,-
.t lO-yO t which WN 8t tWe- Tol
euabeA. T.& T. to Intu. Mthe fithtee, t6e
new equipment at a gualanteed lsyd .the last two es,-a
%tl.rhis atr-defense uetworkrv* hersefat t -es.o bb
s ystem, asit r 1 c8lled0 gii th bedUt Irondob4wmM.
As up atlepo bi "as high try u

Sf)E GLANCES By-Co ith
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^tlm Ce either, D~om1al'--7ni 71"h wo 0lle
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SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 21 (Ut-) m pwas m .lt.rlag n t hospital' MFki from heS r bore in Ath- (UP) .w me3 wiNl be
-ouflU fti jiuaaccaw, Mal ny ouxtio Ernurwsery section Mo,- ens, rlges, to visit an ant. A day for ea.k e Daviso a
Seu r~e.,,u, lear-d I oldaio drt afternoon ande later was iee few deas later she wa.n having d.. know.e as a ost
SaUM iutAay cartau uFr ale dui bur p ng away herm tE Biosshtalalsor audwessas frrIsaJ
o. ulr- uss- rnsw SaI m& with a blanket-wrappeId bunde 1 tUbI e
SN.F a t a NIury heptn byXePe 1 ioo1ti .K har afrmomhwas he tha e moretha
ual Aunawu May Uk t maiI The woma was see by.n eal driving a grocetr pat whe. o w
aase Sun, four-day old Rtobert about yero i a ae-ase.e a s in te dark and oIs oe atrs
Aru martus, W aL ma. npcM. ...g. etal weEubing about 1. O guessed she was Greek," he said. ailane.
s anue,'un we aLu. n fu y .blo de heir cut in ba lnve Uraa to to the pc brie ess. body wO~lt
soLomy an 1 Y mlr f riturnedV. bu it?:iaS rom M
or apCil e hospital offered a~1,osl ther were areiwo weeks late ne to h bi e
L. IrewarL aot i(fbrmaDon leading torW n ob
w A1s U4 qU LaA Ua uel.- -u l "pthe baby's return.troubl
LDuCn ,. uAh u Y I.ayIucl a.nuull Tee Dr.. lmarcus was shocked and
C Ce uUCFa n eay nu ursm feel that thiswe r as done by a th il
Lwea neauurag ecion-ulRsecu ao lonely woman. who wv. a
.l.e .altsuy Qpu&l.anC I .elunCi ned, lonely for a child and went to the s
olrMarcLusa ruabuln g 11 Aloiypanas. most obvious place to get one,"
S ..,Itfler Uilttal wne a ,-lLuh a l e said. I*
bus and Iuway sYaLiLUnu anu can iHe asked the newspapers and w I o
anm.sco rnib rm Aunaso u Au -'u)n. radio stations to assure the womr ep
A sualoikty was sedn, auwever, an that he would not "seek re
t.IS thl! L au oue IUpmy nave a11. vene's" f the child were returned y. "
peu. ouu aot r Utow ue e duI e p ac unharmed. "we're not angry or t
uart was plac. e uA' vindictive," b e saId. "We're just .
Cu- reuap reprmte ta puusea ne hurt, frightened and heartbroken.
saw S WvawllM ali iWUg ine 5u We lnow she must love the baby g
a pect's Oesactlsiun carr Aog a but we love him too."

...... a..".: i M:ipms'ndy
S. 45, said he noticed the woman in
a e es l 'a cthe throng of commuters because; a
t. smer, he~ scol. kid' klas, 4 It and clealine. habits to wo_ A ltn tt al over she waarryingo bottles od" r
e t. if eeaaq a that ishedl be ra 's the face centerr) after a good cleansrg cap .lep eal with gse was carryigeno bottlers ot
S .bf shei e.. A spe$l helut fif problem shin. Net result (right) of a od e annd care is bags or other baby paraphernal
T.vir. p I) ap. ,tha rl ag pmple whfle gol diet /a almn, aeifteonseloss return to SchooL usually carried by I brought ers.
-ly answering the ilescription of the .
Prices nnti e whiple9 warn but we lr" Fhim-too."
suspect had been questioned and
tihe wril, her comu was be a/ ei

PricesUpped Onkd'1956 Fords; comptrollergNixes AF PlanstToHave :esewasc aridgnooanbl
*9t p d y cchecked out.
To ig ithe third child of the 34year-.ld -.
Pe & dieaclmrivate Firms Operate Ra ar system h,;he ay brn atSa
HikestangeFrom0$46-- o To.$99i--surcson and his e29yearuld wif-eth1/V' 0.

-| WASHINGTON, Sept. 21 (UP)--hower. If he did not know he have a son, Richard, 3,
Dsupe a U daughter, Susan, 2. d tal n
tDd.. -- .(UP)For _t Mho ee l Lin-, Campbell has issued a er eralo osepsoould alrave.' a h been, ra d~r ed a he tio nw h
alredy M(, T-he baby, born last Is,

16 Potts anda average of more The prices onthe .Lincoln, a low.- private tesepboe firms build ndof the dirtion ceter m was e t under sedative by her oi t ,
than P, a car today to confirm volume car weren't .consideredope -aose anu0 o nd bell dopton ceat. co- b last night. bd...-
the frequent reports sin early significant y the industry h operw ationse a a ,400,000000 comr muni- bell's opinion disclosed tbat con-i Chief suset in the abduction
Summer the new round of wage ever because of changes m ae warning tracts covering seven additions was a chun y, blonde woman who
34 0a0ng system.. combat and direction centers are l _nd his
increases wold bring higher arths year to strengthen Licolns Camp b's rulln, disclosed by about ready for signi "ng. "
prices, osiion in the prestige car field. House Democratic Leader Jo n k in
Ford, which is putting its new any items that formerly were w. McComack, s aid the Air The Air Force outlined plans for I L
models on sale Friday, announced luxury, ektrs-cost equipment n Force lacked authority to contract the new communications syte& to 4 ad l S
fee s r g from .$40 to $99 Lncons were made standard nJ for -the. system. An aide said this a Senate appropriations subcom- Mn"in rnrI
t 1 cars, compared to the items this year. means no federal funds can be mittee in January. Officials said b edeer
prices for 1955s models, h h b e spent on the project unless Con. then they believed they had the No stinq Kh lideer D N l Ur.ri .
Theprc k an Highner prices eave geen exheet gress grants specific permission. necessary authority to go ahead MILWAUKEE -(UP)-- Mrs. Ir-
Sprice e announemeMcCormac, who demanded wth theplan. They testified the ing hrma wins the award for
,was the first by the industry to Ford and the auto -worker,.Uflunon congressinal inquiry into th governments interests would be the most patient home-owner in
efleMr the impact of the 20tent siged, a precedent shattering plan, called it a "bonanza' f or lully protected. town.
hourlt p4packagoranttothe guarated wage agren private business He accused the cu e w1 ae gits earmn.
CIO United Auto Workers and the Some, persons in the industry Aid r Force of a "secret effort be Campbell's ruling, dated Aug. T home D a ear ago Ind stoctt-h
highe steel prices which followed urgea immediate price e bypass Congress and said Presi- 1, did not discus the merits of termed 75 pon a of rass seed on
the ise ve to the CIO Unite try to identify it more loosely witdent Eisenhower must accept e- the financing plan. He advised the $100 worth of tops. The rain
Steel Worners this summer. the wage boosts. sponsFibility Air Force, However, that the gen- washed it away.
r r" t"rt fThe Massachusetts Demosrat eral authority on which it relied They tried again in midsummerS t

rhc t- r specific sauthorizataipd by Ao n topoIlir E was o-A
,Wsthe.fistyteinduse e- tresteclin Fodan heai onoked pruiono e oinq uryiw o td h o er nmn t's nteratsw ouas neouns atie nluk ,
ee- t grdisi a prent lb sting "a l is designed to the Air Force, .it was learned, of four e sft bloowking the path." g l
R pathee nabtrbate whieed are age make radar warnings of aapproach-b uprparing an apiac from theuT Mers. Bormaanrs ordered the work
nted oina erbandthtewingenemy bombers as nearly au- rtCmg. Presumably it also wil re- delayed aslay.eaa..s.
weeks ao. shared .steel rice .The steel Industry estimed istmti nd nil i inlv i wues onesona clearance O m a

atke were unjustified- and said price rise boosted the cost of steel construction of ome 25,000 new the proe next year. This could
Wage. increases granted this sum- min an automobile inth $2.500 to telephone structioofsome tough off another arisen furldor
sner could be absorbed by the $3,000 price class by about $15. telephone scircuystems i the councomparable to that over Dpartisaon-
companies. He asked for a con-i Ford, in announcing the price try woud be ysted in the cunsyste comparable to that over Dixon-
greusional, investigation at t h e boost, said it dropping the try would be tied ino the system. Yate
time. price on two ofo he extra-cost op- As soon as an enemy plane wa.
tionals it offers on cars. The cost "sighted, the findings would be Atomic Energy
The price hik anno ed by of power steering will be cut from fed toeiht combat centers and
Ford were expected to be fol- 85 last year to $49.50 this year 32 direction centers which would BringS Out New
loweehiksi othrOcprice of six-tube radios direct filter, anti.ariraft
Lines. ier ersd are Intro- cut from 1. to $7 1.20. and ied missiles against the Low Publication
duclg their new -models later 'a rs Low Publication
and will announce prices when The cost of automatic transmis- Air Force sources said the sys- .
the cars re Introduced. s ewr brakes and other op- .tern would eliminate the necessi- CHICAGO (UP) A law e onearie t h ad $ t- o ': equipment remained ty for Y watching the radar screens publishing firm has announced a
been announced earlier, the $14 to changed from 1955 models. around-the-eloc new ublication to cater to afast-
e Under the new plan, the Air growing field, the law of atomic
Force would pay the Western E. energy.
electric Co which makes telephone The Commerce Clearing House
AWIL equipment, and various phone of Chicago, specialists in tax and
MAN WILL CONQUER SPACE SOON!.. companies about 240 million dol- legal law, report that civilian use
SEt TOMORROW AT THE "LUX" THEATRE: lars a year for 10 years. T hi a of atomic energy is creating a
would pay for the system. The multitude of new legal problems.
O F,,P firms would retain ownership. The new pUblication will be
"This is a situation, to say the called "Atomic Energy Law Re-
F Sleast, that is shocking," McC o r- ports."
imack said in a statement." ."It It will deal with federal and
shows how far some individuals state legal requirements affecting
will go in their contempt f or contracts, -labor relations, patents,
Congress. health and safety, workmen's corn-
"The responsibility for .this sit sensation, insurance, transports-
uation rests upon Presidept ElRsen- tion security and other subjects.

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geay will play the lead in "lime
)ut for Gingmd over CBS-TV on
et. MIE Stokey planning
., make "Pantomime Quiz" a
ross-country operation, with one
eam in New York and one in Hal-
iwood. olly Bergen will have the
lead in a straight play, 'Wake Up,
Darling." It's the second season
to a row that the lovely singer
ont sing on Broadway The
golate Comedy Hour I NBC-TV)
Sa signed Harry Belatonte and P
e Alberghetti Family for five ap- Bergen Arthur Van m
searances each this season. PollyBer. U Arthur Van Hers
,TV may -be bigger than radio
ban it comes to quiz show loot, "That's Jimmy Abato," Faith
t the old gadget still does the said. "He used to be with the
b on news. Next to your news- Phlhkarmonic."
Wtaper, radio is the best source of
ews., Tv runs a pretty poor "What's the matter, Abato?"
~pIIrd. Why? j ro c allev d t to"My ofathe
SWell." says ABC newscaster n i na c lls note. M, fhc as
Arthur Van Horn, "the producers and ain't good enough for you?"
are obsessed with the idea of sow- -,-
ig Ptures. Too often, if a big aOne of the more exciting pros.-
r breaks and there's no film pect o this new TV season is the
1 they'll just sort of mention revamped Armstrona Circle Thea-
i pV ^wo be bt tre. This will e an hour show and
eitbas gotten to be almost will tell true stories. Producer
yie S newsreel. It's fine If you D1avid Suaskind, who dreamed up
ant to. se pictures of yester- the idea,canls them actuall.
It fySeg, but you're inter- wHere are a couple of these draIma.
imsed .1 today's neWs you don't tized true-life shows coming:
ant, a wS3reel, You want facts,
wdtan s TV would be- better fOn Oct. 11 you'l asee "The Story
'rgea ut .pictures and, if fthe Hurreane," shown through
Ieessary, Just have a man.sit- the eyes and instruments of a
re thee readingthewe news weather man on Nov. 1, the story
Eiz we do on radio." f adopUt on ocus ne on the fa-
mous Cradle; later there'll be
stories based on the life of a hos-
pltl i nterne; the story of B. P.
SSchulberg; and the story of the
town of Sanford, Me. which was
left without income when the only
SGENE AUTRY (CBS-Radio:) factory moved away.
oublo with you, Pat is that It turns ot, Susakind ad
at e,(and more costly) to produce
n only human than a straight, hour-long tic.
Autry: See? There you go ex- stio ho writes are as-
gerating again. a Tke et ks are as
and then the0 may come
an Horn, incidentally, had his back and sy there isa't any-
sht foreign assignment whe he thing worth withig bout. If the .
covered the Geneva doings. And do have a fvor ble report,
Same back from Europe with there's more weeks of research,
) lowing of the grean legal expenses in gettlg permie-
ark Radle o uroupe is doing; slon to use real names, the ex.
l) creased ad atio for the ese of brings the pripals
wok of foreign correspondents; to New York (they appear at
and (e) a story about a Tyrolean the end of the show) and costly
iauthenticallon of costumes and
w.of us,. Van Horn re-I sets.

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e .came up to us saluted of-
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- Zirate, Jr., who pro*
s CBB-Radio'as "Wool.
h e.ur," la the we of the
ager of the New York Phil-
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ag ZIrato was watching as
y Faith rehearse the wool-
bshow's orchestra is KilO
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Two .tJaveasty oft Mild students whse romance began
at a fraternity-serorty party, were married Sep15 l an eve-
ning ceremony at the Coral Gables Congregatia Church.
She Is the former Pdith Nors Beauchamp, dahter of Mr.
and M". Lesli A. B auhavap of Balboa. He is Clares -Ed-
ward Shutter, son of Mr. and Mrs. Mark- Shutter. tor Vine-
land, NJ-,
The Rev. Fred $. Cole perform -
ed the double ring cereniony in Army-Navy ,Club
snail wAite setting of gIail, lans Iatlfly Danee-
crysaathemums and tall candela- The:Army-Navy Club, Ft.- Ama-
Sbra. The reception was he iunne dor plans an eve.hig of dancing
ilats afer D the ceremon- in the on Saturday front4 p.m. to 12:30

tulle, and lae palsHer h l-
dce was a cloche / natea
ce ki tiered veil of s iltidon,,
Se carried white orchids abEd ry-
santheutums. arranged in a fan
shaped bouquet. Her only jewelry
were pearls, a gift from her hus-
atricia Parker, sorority sister
the bride seAved as maid of hon-
-Brid's maids were W an da
udn and Betty Jean Carper.
rs. Jane Stoddart was matron of
All of the attendants were cos-
in golf crystallette and car-
ed adturmnnJeaves and b r on se
ysaIthemums tied with bro w n
bbon. '
The flower girl, Betty ElIen Cal-
way was dressed all in lavender
ad carr*d a milk turf bride N'
The t ride's there cho navy
d Mrs. T. C..
blueside lace with shell pmk. acce
soMr. Sher corsa was babyi. n
.rain'as best ma. Ushers were
yElhard 1 5 Joseph.Popp and.
Edward Savalti.
The bride's mother % .ho navy
blue lace with shell pink- acs-
sorie., Her corsage was baby pink
rosebuds. The' mother o( the groom
ware ow*f,' lan and tanle
with hNeriea $ad caor-
Mrs. thea former% res-
the weddla g MWrs.. Eriank
Baxter tW I u-8 h
charge of o
The brlde~c^ em ns
maser, is ._

yea ts roaln ^ i, a. & v* ,;

Alneria ve. G Gablesuntil
Oct. tat whlh time they will
move into their new hpme at 641
SW.w sth eet after its comple-
1t e l'.- ". i
The .eqple nto re-
Ietoe ti es- a e at Univer-
sity of Xiam .

X"-'- -
N '.f '... .-

-- I. A *- -- "
,':i r-- t. -'- .--- -- '- -- .
,.. L": r'.-' '.'


delekm S airstt. To Be installed
Rbbahe Worthy Advisor
Tom'e rrew
Miss Madelqn Garret of Marga-
rita ill be installed Worthy Ad-
visor of Cristobal Assembly No.
2, Order of the Rainbow for Girls
at an open installation of officers
at the Criatobal Masonic Temple
na tomorrow, at 7:30 p.m..
Miss ainaeIa .awthorne, who Is
completib JAgr term as Worthy
dvisor, will be' the Iastalling of-
All parents and friends of Rain.
bow art most Invited to the instal-
lation' ceremony.
Refreshments will be served In
the banquet hall after therinstalla.,
B* ook Review Group
Of Ceoege Club
Meets Next Week
The Book Review Group of the
Canal Zona College Club will meet
9ept. 29, at 9:00 a.m. at the home
. of Mrs. Edwin M. McGinnis, 0619
SPlank Street, with Mrs. W in t o n
Webb acting as co-hostess.
Mrs. Neil Branstetter will dis-
cuss books of current interest both
fiction and non-fiction.
All members of the club Inter
ested in the book review group
are invited.

Cristobal Demolay Chapter To
Hold Open Istallatten Saturday
Jay Cunningham of Gatun will
be installed as Master Councilor
of Atlantic Chapter of the Order
of DeMolay. at an open .Installa-
tion on Saturday at 7:09 p m. at
the Cristobal Masonic Temple.
Mr. John F. Thomas. P. M. C..
will take over the duties of t h e
installing officer in the absence
of the outgoing Master Councilor,
Daniel George. who left the States
early this month to enter college.

All parents and
Refreshments wi

friends are in-

l be served In

: r- v 4 -' ,
,at ..... rThers Gaetl And Crko- C- O e-
TeB candidates from al Pr s- 1TheGten d Cristbll- Ch
sue and dau esat the Uaion IhoL an ltraot -acaO
Club tomorrow even, T hi onh- 2 meeting, Friday eight t :a i thr
ject is to choose a Queen o rthe Rinbow City gymnasiuts. t e:ial
First Annual Nitidnal Games of Ramws eakity g sl m. t e i
Panama. The lucky winner will be uaete.pRert lv nla. CtM v.
eo wned at the National Theater ather Robrt Vignola. C...
Thrd mes areexpected to at- The officers have arranged for
tract track. and -field athletesAnd the ervie of RexArhibold and
their follower-from all over Pa- ou. local arti.nstse as an
nama. siraaddedl feature of entertainment.
They start Sunday and. continue
for a week. on hand for dancing.

Mr. Constantide .
Returns to Sesol '
Mr. Lqo Castantie le f t- by
plan Monda- to resume his stu-
dies at Purdue University, Lafa-
yette,, Ind.;,after spending his va-
catisi here wt = his parents.
Mr. ad Mrs. Novey
and Mrs. Grge oNo ve y
were. at h Ae at'. Bel.p Vista
resmce en atrldy, e ve nin g
They entertained. tlds who call
on the. occaimn of-Mr..N ov e ys

ieby Mr. ad Floracio
Campo Alegre reaI4mt 'lies
T T _a nvir o 'Panwma to

are-vsitlqg friends auf fllathres
ia~he capiFtl city
Mr. and Mrs. Alftasol Rid were
ss o hosts at a dinner honoring
Ambassador and Mn_ oRios
assador To Costa. ca their
CRam eare re.o Post i

SnThe Panamanian. Abauador to
Coita Rica and Mrs.* Frank Wor-
ftle:Jr.. have rettuod'l to S a.n
Jose after a brief vislt here.
Balboa Elks Dance
TWis Satulrday
An informal dance will be held
in the lounge of BPOE Lodge 1414,
Balboa this Saturday evening be-
ginning at 8:0 p.m..
The Marimba Orchestra will be

Members may bring guests,
Admission will be free. "
CPO Wives Enjoy -
Luncheon At Coeo Soee Sole
The CPO Wives' Club of Coco
Solo enjoyed a luncheon, given
for the outgoing officers, at the
CPO Club at Coco Solo on Tues-
Hostesses for the luncheon were
Mrs. Tuddy Alama, Mrs. Jean
Shirewalt, Mrs. Fvelyn Trottier,
Mrs. Eleanor Skirka and X r a.
Emily Wallentlison.
After the luncheon the regular
monthly meeting was held. ,
TPresident, Edna Karls called the
meeting to order after which new
officers were elected.
Mrs. Betty Majors was elected
president: Mrs. leem Heyn, see-,
retary; Mrs. Al Franklin, vice-
president; Mrs. Eleanor Skirks.
treasurer; Mrs. Eillee King and
Mrs. Charlotte Larson, board of
The ladles enjoyed cold so ft
drinks after the meeting.
Fern Leaf Chater"
Cord Party Sat. ay
Fern Leaf Chapter O.E.S. will
bold a Card Party at the Ancon
Maseni Temple en Saturday, Va-
rious games will be started at 7:30
p.m. Refreshmenta will be serv-
ed. and table prices and a door
prize will be presented,
The Chapter invites all their
members and friends to this gala



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.. ;;"/ ii" L:+ : .. ..-." "' .'" '

A CHOCOLATE IE XMAERs NEWS: Any tine ytiu wish to lim-
'press the' famly or guests serve this smooth, rich pie with the
SI meringue shelL

An unusual product by the ma-
nufacturers at Royal and Flpisch-
mana products is on the market...
a dessert you-can. prepare n 'one
minute... and it's ready to serve
in 15 minutes. Directions are giv-
en on the 'package and they are
really, simple. Just pour two cups
of cold- mik iito -a deep miying
bowl. Empty, the- contents of one
package of instant. pudding into
the bowl of milk. Beat with a ro-
tary beater until well mjxed, a-
bout one minute. Pour into serv-
ing dishes. Let it stand until set.
This takes only a few minutes and
your dessert Is ready to serve.
You can dress it up if you wish..
toppings of whipped cream or whip-
ped evaporated milk, beaten egg
white with nuts or candied fruits ..
but we'll wager the. children will
like it be: plain.
This palate delighting pudding-I
the instant product comes In four
popular flavors-chocolate, vanil-
la, caramel and coconut. All are
blended to give a super smooth-
ness whici makes the product a
leader in quality and taste. The
coconut flavor has tender shred-
ded coconut blended throughout
the mixture. It's versatile too. De-
licious pie filling, smooth fill
ings and frostings for cakes, deli-
cate fillings for cream puffs, or a
whole new adventure in f r o z e n
desserts can be made in the elec-
tric refrigerator. All these from
this instant pudding packaged and

Christ For Youth

To Hold Rally

Saturday Night
A soul-winning rally w ill ba
held Saturday by' the Christ For
You b the Chorilo

Bro. Pablo Bryson of the Gospel
Mission Church, Rainbow Ci ty,
will b guest speaker at the ral-
ly, which will be open t ,the pub-
lie "0.

I7~- -

It thM1,.a u, sc,,
dning it should be the society
editor of w per :*ho, Bknows
better thn anyone Just what "so-
ciety" is up to.
That Is exty what Athlya De-
sheaa, Sothty Edilt of tile Chicago New,, did recently in a -Se-
ries of articles that sought to en-
r the question, "What's Behind
llt iurease In Drinkn?"
of the points the llet,
edor made wai that the cocktail
party has berbme the EASY way'
to pay off social oblaions
That:get" us right'down to the
Fact that laqy hostesses are to
hblrnp fo' a great deal of the so.;
eial drinking thit is going on nl
Anlierica in small towns and large.
It takes thought and effort for a
hostess to either together a 'small
conential group for a pleasant din-
ner, yet when the evening is over
she can tell herself that she has
offered hospitality to only six or-.

ready for your uA now. As a spe- eight person. -
cial treat try this chocolate pie. True it was a friendly, happy
CHOCOLATE PIE evening she offered her ghests, bdt.
socially she hasn't-done mhch to,
3 egg whites balance accounts.
V teaspoon cream of tartar $i it is easy for her to get to
Pinch salt thinking that with no more effort
% cup susar than she puts a on a dinner for
2 cUps mU six or eight she'could' have a cock-j
1 package instant chocolate pud- tail party and serateh off'anywhere
ding from 50 to 100 names of persons
Beat egg whites until stiff, Grad- she '"owes."
ally add and beat in the cream .....,, ,e fif ha ...
of tartar salt and sugar, beating As tale I~ e has- 'beomeb
until @a and saUV. Spread a- more a matter ,of repay debts!
until stilt and satiny. Spread a- tn of j "ofull 'e ng th
boit two-thirds of the meringue o- tj an of oyfullyenhe
ver bottom &nd..sides of well mitednuniberof ee e y
greased (20.3 cm. or 8-inch, pilike and enjoy, the ostalarty
plate. Drop remaining meringue 'has come to be t hostesses, de
around the rim of the plate, Bake light.
in a very slow over (135p C. or And It Is going to remain so. i
275o F.) for one hour or until me- even though most people get veryso
ringue is light brown and crisp, even though most people get very
Cool on wire rack away f rom little real pleasure out of being a
drafts. Prepare one package of in- guest at a largcocktail party-
stant chocolate pudding following until hostesses quit tryi o .be
directions on the package. Turn both lazy and socially ambitious at
into baked meringue shell. Let set' the same time.
until firm. Serves 5 to 7. For the cocktail party Is .the
lazy woman's answer to how to,
"., tiA, __^,*jfc.-" ^' m-'-" inlnree with little effort.
l It isn'ta way of making or keep.
/in itdi irienas-but an easy way
S. Mg of keeping up an acquaintance Wi
Sa lot of people.

1% I -I

e 14


yf yu 'faw to make a GIFT in th(
and take advantage of th

We have gathered a great vtari
TICLES and have'really slashed "
and see for yours


o 11

Ft'SPJAI.t,. y;

their pr lo ovr4
tbelr Yrtapq. .osm


: Opposite .the Ancon P.O.



P i flppine eattan

Corner H & Drella Its.
2 Tel. 2-8181
L r. .a.

/ r .*'




M MW waI-
If you have met someone on a
vacation trip you especially en-
joyed b .-wl t It. Is. gracious
to writfwliqa, Wno' after
you bqme. ken. I
gaents, "tttel ".'ofta appre -,
clation for the gd times you
had together mJilmportant.
It marks you as a person who
has a feeling for others.

Will resume her dance classes at the Balboa YMCA.
Pro-School Tots and Women's Classes
4 from 9 11 a.m. at residence
I 744-A Las Craues St. Balboa
F Previous students desiring to re-register may do so
by calling 2-1751.

The tem b sawe -4nb.
O asm e teWm"e wAial b ew
. .I d es d l.. a



P -O. 212 0 V. ,S4 I -

- .... ,- l.
o :. :-_. pJ

- ~ r~. -
-3- -
a .tAa.a -. -'

~r 1':
.414-~v*h %45

S** e



~~' ft" a

The name of Vacheron & Constantin is the symbdreof'tbe 4
most perfection in watchmaking.
A new, decisive confirmation of this mastery Is represented
by the creation'of the "Royal" cbronometer, wboseSpwed -S
precision could be achieved only through the l Itroducti nt
several important technical innovations.
The Geneva Mark, which every "Royal" chronometer ean,
is a guarantee of the so-called "Geneva quality" which fO d.
cades has been famous throughout the world, owing to.te
rigorous conditions upon which ft is granted.
The Geneva Mark is impressed officially, under the 4gq
vision of the State, and constitutes a veritable title of r.o

I .


I *< -.I




-, -- 4PINWA

T, -. -

- t S.;

- -r

-. -A -

. .


--- -I

I. I -- --


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.. :.... ;. .... .. .. ,:*
',YO CAN- ..

..i. "* yQP CAN t I

*/.# .. -.. :.-.:. ..,~ s

w m. ",. ". .4'


~T~3~'' ~ ~ K. ~~::~ ~ ~ .'i~

- ~. ~'
I.' *



'q 12 WORD .


a t a d Ja AW. J .

iW Ca Camedlh
Conoal Am. a
o. i8 ,Alol PSU M

Aft l**t a e h N we d e ..
Agendal is *sal. de Publiasoions FARMAWlk ITADPW UNIDQO PAl AMA AWERICAN
'ewSi.@ JAms 4 ,1 5a 5 ".
..I .... O ed mi u u'. .' '. i" : ,-..

PROFESSIONAL Automobile. Household ACoLs us Apartme
PieROFESSIONAL F F19R54 Ptiu C. O SALE: 4 Ivory vanetin. Mx201.. ATTENTi S, J'
al. aH. Air-csndti4ned. radio, blinds 48" wide each, like w. ,.
CANAL ZONE POLYCLINIC power .Marine, power broke, Panm.a 3-6123. 8 a.m.-5 p.m. -FOR RtNT yWs- t
..'..C.LM'r....need light blue with dqrk blue fiellaneousORR -Md e,

SP .. e.e.d um eer your nese no No r gc
rC. for .r bre-Dcl. AAve Nr. 41v. Phorn .-4911. Aides Gare Co., Pe 2 p.. .d p.e. PTm. -4242.
DD Phe .(Geor2etown fr oint- POUn )D. SALE: Glider), b t 6 .FOR 8 E:g wMean. t-
Ss cRETIREMENTor LIFE d amc'- v, ,- O n W nted to Biw y nwi e otr oig m-
.....t. o fCE SR ALE:- Brand n w ta s l HELE. an fa-i the ,,i 9. bederme. ivthing an.
TelDUA i.2O N Nr E aid Statim ....- eo Uretrde-in dels. Neaioneal o .gideclen er t ki n e el,. d-lueewndi.

t e EDUCATION Rored s w vehicle. darve. H. H o.w 5-B A WANTED TO *rUYo Smeth cu da dp de.s. Cn be -ed as
PhJIMoe oat foroppoint R- FORPhaL 2--'01! i er, e t suitable fr reh 2 bede Aart t n
ryhRETIREMENT, LIFE medu. furestrre, work beachuwith vitc, -N .m tinL J PeuBeu e ey ildingsami

i FoR PdO s s now Blbos2- boo SALE:-Du. to trip. Ave. No. 7. Phe 2-0. w r an beins. R .
hEDUCAPanama 3-055 g3050 raeo, dining s em. living ru m Phe r Panesm 2-0027 er I-
io Palco ePhonSeihb"Z- POR- SALE:--De trip, bAv.Me.N7.Po2-04.we
ton Panama 2-052 3050. room, dining room. lving room Poon Pan ama 2-0027 or 1-
FOR SALIs--1941 Jeep Statiosn mts. Also children's furniture, WANTED TO BUYi.-. Trityclr 0768.
Wiln. PaLm. s -1530, 8-1!;i stove, refrigerate., Reoasnobly for boy four yVarn. Seinlg fire-
Ammco 2-11 254. pikted. 48t Street No. I1. A- engine in good cnditon. Bel- FOR RNT:-3-beiasem *part-
pli r stict adds Hife to m10 78 p 3, big 2-43& meant. house by the sea, tiled
a years ir. lie." FOR SALE.-1951 Ferd Tudor, OR SALE:-M.vf, wsher 2 low r2nt. Phane 3-1444.
to irslWood tiS, spOlilht.,nio, FRsum :wr, Thr
aio, seet oJrs. gond condi- Rato wrmkt |Ala T Af-wt
|(HIROPRAU(TORS tio$595.Phs.b.. 2-. h eater. All w... Re sl nable To t CI FOR RENT, Cmp..r-
Dw. A. nsi ORILLAC 2645. P -anN 3-3550. D I nishead apomratnt at El Co gne-
(PiWn, ua-a. a-'a In. in 2-t ery helw: living-
W eu TeW. 3-IM FOR SAls-1954 M r c u r y FOR SALE:--Newly painted bed, dining room. 2 bdms. bth-
811 Mntersey 4.d- radio. white spring. maress 20; 9 x 12 A rm
grryo 4g$Wl doee w, i in chi room, hat w l t er, telephone,
s/w, pewer brkes, 20, 000 g,,, $0 a n U -- kitci.n, mold's roo., garage.
V-I, rdio. red leather. 2-dear, meet. war.NOW in FORUM.
mile 195 Slidebaker khrdto ... .....;lip9covs 0 el" "IIt Idependet entrance to o~hrt-
TRANVP..TS.TE. __.A. V.-., *Je, A LtLEr. 2-dr. iyh- 2744, qet i Ani05o-A me... oar Hued E Pnam.
|TRANSPORTIS BAXTE_. SA. 19.O uile. TALLER BAX. By torer. Anon. ______ NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 21 (UP) Coll for Informetiont 8-5586

Peken S. *2 T.R, o II Rancho. Phoe FOR SALE:--Knmoeeanne --Sen. James Eastland arrived Pletsa.
i Pbnes 2-24 -ti Pes. 2-280 ed than washing. er. Cel 84- here toy to conduct a oe-day
Sin let .The... 24 hear ing to beerme wheld tho- dn i s_. Tn kedom fB-

S...... ...mho IAl25-I ,.T e Mrs. Clarke Dies; orrow, Is the ^irst of a number
Sa it. 261 S .D soli.. ""' Funeral Tomorrow f major American cities where NT Wilos Aprt-
FOR SALE: 1948 Chevrolet r the Senate Internal Security meats. New Cristeb, L Good
SSod .. r m Mrs. Beatrice Clarke, Panama Committee, which East land neighborhood. Gorage facilities.
.y- -l Hunmicuit. City resident, died yesterday in heads, will conduct hearings. Phone 77T P.O. Box 50. Co-
g. ., Apt. 4. Afte p. m Gorgas Hospital after a brief Richard Arnes, asso c-ate Ion.
Bd gI ;At .. -r".illness counsel for the committee, said
I ^ @FOR SALIs-1915 Ford Co.- Funeral services have. been that it appeared from prelimi- FOR RENT:- Furl had op@art-
Call S tuline eda,,4000mzneU, rd- ad ol..leduld for Frlday at; p.m. nary evidence that '1"ns" of met for bachelor, bodrom
.,Ie ,"andio 000. Mrger#& in e Corozal Chapel. Burial Communist propaganda w a s and bath, Bll. Viaa. Phon 3-
SCAM DELTORNILLO iI -II il. followi1te emtr.. coming into the country through 1648.
S .clark e .is survived by herNew Orleans.
11 1 t _lNo., W 1 e ,er.I.- I h d, FitzGerald; her chil- He said the purpose -of the ..
Tel W j, P Smour. and Beatrice hearing was to obtain legisla- R.NT:-A m e -
--deer,.enmap rudie. dirg e Q lGoOng;: and hIr grand- tion providing that a11 such uel MiRa do Yeos nCIi t. .b-
|el"&as pml ae w Lo miatap, $795. Cag 5- I Lrrry Bid J651e at-t ronpagnda be "labeled. posite Raymond Clink: two bed -
4 Ss. 29 wmIte,__ Geraldine Fields, Bernice "We do not fear the compett- eam., living-ding room. kitch-
01 SAL-If you ad ad the Rev. Utace D. Clarke, on from the Communist," he -, 2 77 garage. Phe
,m ION. Si aBLl --I i.* iiedwood ..i Millicent Bdt. Maria Jackmatn usaidt -773
l s and two greatgrandchildren. "We jt believe that all tres-

"I .'. iJunEiU Accepts ef of many of the young peo- plousi ond. Telphu -
,miag -in e 1, MCol. (C, sed from -ag- 1) ipe who read the matter." BlbM 2870. .
rectne and efficiency."
19 Chrlt Banks, stores office. factories .
I aue.u taev- land other estabihments in great.
'*'*'..b a.r n o ,ahungoffer. I.' Buenos Aires were o ed. i
Paaimna -3550. Many workers, unaware of t h e
holiday, arrived at their jobs a
usual only to be sent through the
rain streets.
Panama Lne The eronist confederation of
s I-- Labor (CGT), for years the main.
",sa -y of Peron's strongman regime,
ordered its 6 million members to
Sg i.o P e. l."cooperate in the maintenance of
the public services and order." ..
t r p a O a Berglafl, new director of ma. o
iftC-three. d ps a o r M tional safety, warned be would
a scheduled to sail forNso York act with "am iron hand" against
S :day afternoon aboard the an meb action or other threat '
Panama liner Crlstobal. The to public peace.
__ __,_ ,. shlp, which wsu delayed by the
T hurricans on the ast Coast. Is Bergallo warned inlabitants of -
XXWC j& LA. Col Martin now scheduled to arrive In Cris- 5uenos Aires that the troop move-' .'- ~-
Ia rri d here f.or tobal about noon Friday. lments through the city were nec'
SResaqt, urte rs Caribbean Louis Garrido Ia the ne p'- ssInary measures. He said the ar- .
mnd. H Wll hI *assistant sanger booked for Port-au- rival of 14 truckloads of military .--
tiewUs ler ln.thue offie of Prldce Haiti. college cadetsa in the city also was
ssta at Staff, J-3 dvanc sail t of his precautionary plan.
.....ati..u DI Colleywas The complete advance ailngag besides naming Bergallo to his
ously assigned to the Offie list for New York follows: new post as director of national LT. COL. C. T. MARSH, Jr., left. Commanding Officer of the
pe Inspector Gemeral, Deart- safety, the ruling junta shook up 764th AAA Battalion. Fort Davis, congratulates W. 0., J. 0..
of Army WashingtonD. C. Mr. and Mrs. Woodford M. the entire national security sys- Harry L. Macklin. center, on his appointment as a warrant
a i log W Mr u rite, with Babbitt; Mr. and Mrs. Hugo G. tein and named new heads of the officer in the Army Reserve, and welcomes him to his duties
children J0 a andGott, eker: Mblvi Blerman; Mr.Jnational gendarmerie and the aa Radar Officer of the 764th. Mrs. Maria Maclin. the new
Spreently ing t r- and Mr. Donald N. Boostromcost guard in a effort to ensure warrant office's wife, looks on. U.S. Army Photo)
and 2 children; Miss Caroline a ainst any rioting or other vio-
Castillo; Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. leace.
Christopher: Mr. and Mrs. John
J. Dwyer; Miss Irma H. eilman: The rebel chieftains b e g aa .
TSIEPRONE: urs. Margaret M. Finnegan: mggotlatiaos with a strong hand.
S TUD -- I Noah Flidman: Mrs. Louise Tae gam of their warships were
S 4_ 2 Pln Fleger: Miss Bes FrO'dman tI tra ed mena agly on Bue-
S3 o Nelson B. Gardn: Mr. and Mrs. n Aires and the valuable n l
painted Tiles, Table- Louis Garrido and 2 children: InstaatioknO in nearby Eva Pe.
-e ir4t sir Pn- N Mr. and Mrs. James z. Harrell: rem (-La Fiat&).
*a*- K-3U iRudolph Billberry Miss Betty
H01ocUk; Mr. and Mrs. Join E. No formal ceasefire had been i
"W ... .....ots aI d Mrr. D hostilities went into its 6th dme re- i
.- ....e..and son;ports poured in from throughout
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Lam- the country of former loyalist
bert ".nd son: Mr. and Mrs. leaders surrendering to the vic-
Thomas C. Lear; Mis. Olive Lee: torous rebels.
Roland J. L : Miss Joan Mc-
_.X VENETIAN .NDS i nte.a. o aper: Mrs. n Cordoba, Gen. Videla Bala- '
Mrs. Burr. s .. Rios: Mr. and elI forces, in the province, saId
Mrs" Otto L. Savoid: Mr. and that all rebel army chiefs Iadl a
Mrs. Theodore W. e.hmldt: Mrns pledged ndt to seek personal ad-|
Frances Sure: Miss Theresa Via- vantages from the revolution and
cera: Mrs. Genevieve Wynant; to decline any possible offer of
and Miss Margaret Wygant.' the presidency.

'4 Notes' Quartet g. he .. em, l .ei e, ,I
J -----"- Vlm u, I an d opneared o Pre l I i

T FIw Year Together di plomati soure he sai
that Perons former army minis-
i ,e Four Notes quartet will tsr, Gen. Franklin Locero, who
Jlt .hlat ls _.1th year ofexist-as been put in command of the
-. ne on Oct. 13 at th Pacific forcess r pressing. by Peen.
.'Service Center with "October to sop the revolt, had taken re-

'de." .faJthe Uruguayan Embasy.
The quartet will be eltd VIt w Lweterq who Mad at-
rAUMMAII ditties, a dwh later
.. tuai, which er r,'s statement of
ty o f te group. W he adio A CLOC.K-tYED
Sne t Fo 7r Notri esm toe gte epr dn ir afteger- G any, _chee.i his wath. wtt
hefir willingnessoab to .e r. r _..
triservicesa hnae o mite sovers- LU Velsdial ist o. p
adot charitable ashSU.


A. Le C.A ,

SAMU E lek g m l-o
MM giastin fbu.* c1Waud
he*. Hltd IA, A 4. 3 At.

I. t N-mm .." t..."
'na SA, I s d puE riaId *l d k


oft" A OW-WSP-.. .--

3:30-Music For Wednesday
4:00-_Feature Review
4:30-What's Your Favorite
5:35-What's Y6ur Favorite
6:00--Serenade In Blue (USAF1
6:30--Melachrino Mualcale
6:45.Scce On The March

grams V.O.)
8:3--orld Of Jazz (VOA)
9:00-You Asked For It (re-
quests-please phone be-
fore 7:30)
10:30-Music By Roth
11:00-Music. To Dream By

Tomorrow, Thursday, Sept. 22
6:00-Sign On-The Alarm
*Clock Club (requests -
please phone before 7:00)
7:360-Morning Salon Concert
8:15--Church In The Wildwool
8:30-M musical Reveille
9:15-Sacred Heart
9:30-As I See It
10:05-Off The Record (requests
please phone before 8:30)
11:05--Off The Record (cont'd)
11:30-Meet The Entertainer
12:05-Lunchtime Melodies
120- -SCeet And .Ot
1:00-Newsa '
1:15--Music of Manhattan
1:30--smn Of The Piane sM
1:46-Spirit. Of The Vikings
2OO-.Instrtten1tal capers
2: 15-Slin AmerCaDn
: 30--Teat fteke. Show
2:45-Hnk AndM s H Rainbow
Ran0h Boys
3:00-PIano Patterns
3:15-Freddy Martin Show
3'i0-Mugic For Thursday
4:0--Fest Review
4:30-What's Your Favorite
(requests-pledse phone
before .3:00)
5:35-.Wh t's Your Favorite
,' (cont'd)
8:30-your c party
6:45..-D .It y
7:15--Freddy Martin Show
7: t Froms The UJ.A.
1:30-Take It _rOM Here (BBC)
4:00--Y u AeSd pfr It (re-
q -pe phae be-
10:25-H-n "
i* gt6nl4
6:00 Wn t;,.9. .

HOH WIN the National Lottery of Panama. Ut fIt
would take mom than lotteum winnings to purchase t* mileage
represented by the 23 feet or "short Snorter" hills ahown draped

1>,4 millIon miles while collecting his "Short Bnortet,? reportedly
the longest In the Air FOrce Most of the bills were collected dur-
ing his assignment with the 1254th Air Transport Squadron in
Waphington, D. C. The bills reflect the importance of AdLts'
flights by containing such signatures as those of John'Poster
Dulles, Admiral John W. Radford. Harold Talbott, Charler E.
Wilson and Walter Judd.

(Ed Note: "Short Stporter" to a mythical organization amosm
pilots requiring Its members to have performed an oneeanceflight.
The membership eard oensistp of a pieee of paper currency sign- '
ed by 'members of a partlUelar flight verifying the trip. It has
become etom of military pilot to affix cr ereacy from each
country they visit to their orlta1 bill.)
*_, ,(USBA Official Photo)



'a Owminco Diaz St. N(6 13-37
*-~~~ ~ ~ ,''7*-Bf ^-'..*'. i:.:^
... a;&'.r~ei.j'g' ^ **>' iii .l- ^A l

. .. -... -....- .-. : .-.. ... .. ..--...... .. ., *. .
'* '-. .- ^ f r ^ ~ ='S i :'! -., :_ ",i. *' '.- ,'' ,. -- .* _-.< .. .: -** .-.- ... .

'I ~>,



-~ t.~.... -.

* ~. .

I I ~" '


- -- Z I

_ _

I_ _~ ~I


- -

-.. ..".,...- .". ."."

i- .'L '' .; ; '' ,. ."



i~ri .. I


,m=ml ,m.-, .. ,m

.. .... .. ... B 1
04 1" at~m-th 4at OR Oid 1m0 6 DAY
S R w "- "St -. t..u. .of. the.

::& .' .. W ( ] .. ... J ,.,
., +: ++ ++ '+:+ '+++ .. + o + S.:In
ANN ++++:+:+ ::.m+# ....

'.Nilht! a.t 4 mEKR CAR! /
Robert NEWTON Glynil JOHNS


A Double teature d fo-AduIlt myi
Franolsb ARNOUL, in n
C- Alm:

2. S- ANK

-Also: -

- Also: -


. l

NOR=1 3.


212(1) 1RAST
6 QJl$ 4432
SY1048 2

P,4, North4*outh vd.l
*Weut w esS oat W ehaw
Pass 3*4. 3N.T
P*4 "pan Pass
U," IOpealafelg e Sd -6

Perhaps.North and South should
r. t PUuim-Ve P ARL. W h" ave bid UP to five Clubs in to-
I TA M e. day's hud but athi would have
.wI o r 0' A sE a been av luckY tract. on th
basis rc ds, they should DAUGHTER6 OF FAM --Dauihters of two famous men chat
have stopped at a comfortable par quietly us they ride in a gondola past the Church of Santa Maria
score contract. When the hand was della Salute in Venice, Italy. At right is Margaret Truman, apd
actually played, however, South at left is Gun e *e, daughter of former U.N. Secretary-Geral
made pme at no trump, and it Trygve S Lie.
was -very hard to blame anybody
for the defensive error that gave
West oSpned the, k' of spades
and Scith held off u the th ird
MSBH TV. ADODround of the suit, discarding two
small diamonfids from the dummy
by grai Jh m bn the second and third spades.
S-outh next led a low club and was o -
.- o glad to cover West's eight with
Sdummy'a nine of clubs thus CZE. Girl Scout Prexy tionale of France; Mrs. Dorothy
OLLYWOOD -(NEA)- Guy# "se's-a-lady" Grace ily league, =making sure that East would have Returns From Parley Flower, County Commissioner
and Dolls: ..Robert Mon gtomery's "And" says dark-e e, brunet to win the trick. Mrs. Wesley H. Townsend, and Guide Captain of Wales,
prety yearold daughter, Eliza- .a *ynter, "I hope they really Thanks to the hold up, East president, Oanal Zone Girl Scout Great Britain; preaMidents of a
._th t mery, is osing mean it. An actress ha" to sort was out of spades. After some Council, has return d from an number Of council including the
her faous dad hadn'tt herself! ut a d decide w -type fear and trembling., East returned 11-day Internatiolal-Intercul- Canal Zone; two regional corn-
. emneraged me" 4i her ftt h will tryt o be." -rtM h born a low diamond, and West's jack tural Conference at Edith Macy mittee member; several chair-
A ias a movie actrss. D. ew ho w ja5 e ltvats Dixie forced out dummy's ace. Training School, Pleasantville, men of local Judette Low Cot-
niFe too"s to .t d. Britishse -t as South now ran the clubs. On the N.Y., as a recipient of a scholar- mittees and other board mem-
annou od a tr .Ifm~ew third club, West discarded a l.ow ship awarded bY the Juliette hers,
MO ..-s 4we- diamond, while Rest was still o Low, World Friendship Fund of Many meniers of the group
-e m a4 lowi 'suit. On *6_iwt e l1*, theGirl Scouts of the U.S.A. baave resided- or traveled Ih va-

'E! I E'Wa abiwwIrasioo raenitaifvef from West Germa- for even years a resident of
Sto unguard the quees o diamond ny, France, New Zealand, Aus- Okinawa, helped to bring Scout-
'e a or should he discard a heart? trala, Great Britain, Canada, ing to that island i. 1950, and
4 it actn was wha th to d ture, ter more fear and trembi Swedn and Finland, as well more recently has Ated Girl
wa tled.' 7eeumske,"Igreat ofi East discarded a heart. Boutad from 17 states and the Canal Scouting in East Quogue, Long
A t at least themewast an."In't many. Almost r eve u Ve knew the situation, of course, and Zone. Island.
*rwold.rful- blessing frqm leatW aeut alcg ve rm ed decided to help the situation along The conference advisors were
antgomery when Liz phoned b thragh Tv. by discarding a heart likewise. Miss alen M. Feeney, member Mrs. Joseph Schiebaut, Gulf
i tsa id she'd signned a contmember at Evas, typed by Hollywood This discard fostered the impres- of th national staff Mrs. Ed- Port, Miss., and a former resl-
as "t ~Corf ne cast member after he leaped to stardom in "The sion that declare had no interest ward Black, Saddle River Bar- dent of Bavaria, Germany, left
in o Martial Of Billy Steel, Helmet," i netting the in the heart sult. ou,
Mitchell," her first movie. ce at astdctrs t k e ew the situation unteer trainer the conference early for Formo-
e h i e chance in'TV t lcast directors West likewise knew the situationand member of the nctionat ast, where she expects to be ac-
She' lobks startlingly like Grace never gave him at the movie and hoped to warn his partner to personnel committee, and M tive in the growing Girl Scout
Oely with her blonde hair and factories. save hearts by discarding a heart Betty Mauchel, exchange trains movement. '
green eyes but she hits the ceiling from his owr hand. Unfortunately er Saskatoon, BSakatchewas,
when told she's a Kelly look-alike. He's in the Tracy-Bickford West's discard was the nine o Canada. Ruth Schreiber, West. Berlin.
fige's still smarting over rumors groove as the father in 20th Can- hearts, which was a high enough The purpose of the conference a trained nurse by profession, I
that her demands for salary and tury-Fox' telefilm series, "My card to give the impression of Thep knowledge a naO the ide la er ofe too
star billing delayed her film debut Frien Flicks," and hopeful that strength. Hence East discarded an ws to g aht intowred cures 1 g oipetelyet f from
UtiUl now. it will never have to play s other heart when dummy led sight into the varied cultures 100 erhs completely cut o ff from
Says the second separation Mont- grizzled army top-kick or a villain fifth club, and now South made united In Girl Scouting through the rqat of Germany. Mrs. Geo.
$o.GUerx in Hollywood: -again. three heart tricks and his game the Promeand Laws, which Wauchfpe, Huntington, New
"tlese rumors matde me really 'After 'The Steel Helmet' nobo- contract. are common to all Girl Scouts York, who at one time was
ar. Iey were completely" un- dy thought ot me as anythig but There were, of course, many -ou d together through the member of an i oa Johnson la-
a tough GI with a, ,i"gar in my ways for the defenders to solve world association of ri ulde fa showed color slids which
am _h" sat5 ,GeS. itlme a their problem but even experts and Girl Scouts, and to show she had taken of Girl Guide ac-
Steve Coebranscareer scriptcalled for may be forgiven for going wrong. through an change of edp tivities in various parts of fri-
Ag It te advice f pant, I ams eactd. The they Such hands are easier to defend ences and felowshp, goodwill ca, in 1954.
e rebel t d gis ne les. One on paper than they are at the ta. 1nd mutMal .understanding can
As a Bhv after I a p1 aas ad? t b e developed. Mrs. Slako *axpellin, Fnland.
nI t'nocente M tuaV. y rkrwaie* A wealth ofbackground and a housewife nd mother of
lights out of lead. a What a dit. experience was encompassed by three young children, and the
u the members of the conference, leader of a Finnish Girl Guide
his o'scomany '.% An Aekes Vy to 12 years who included, Mile. Matte Ball- Troop, who was one of the reci,
f ring a byS 26e2w.4 tW nW lard, Commlasionaire Interns- pients of the Julltte Low World
| e tor and for two year a r pw note.
te turn down a pyramid Shed.BRMHecksrt, the Duse.M Dua p.i m a M am m .m i. ,
g tur aw ceafided between es o f '
Move wo w e l' "Nlice)e In tho Rain":
9in,". .,,IoL,- I US. To SeMld "Noons" round Earih..
Sprag, "Is a4 I -4 r 12 years fee was too
,s.t 1. ve p oni for'Hollywood. Suddmfy my
Srora pleture faee isa t rght. I u D get .
btoV. sme that an actor good' notice n roadwAys ws THRUM
ii rand thatI was cr ad the im copae woul RI
ot y career wakli W te seid for in me. But the minute they'd 60. 30c.
ti he s Vree,c ta the take a look at my face, those exea-
d by stapg f the tives would clear their throats and
a6r" years I've escaped tl m t it as nice d me to

IAIbJoA :1- 1 dm T. iyTd ma excuses 4_

n wcomeri a a to A m up., It was a

SMAoGAItI A" 6:1- Ie

,- rhree case ao M.ard
forstrdm. aYtam. Usees OOffnses*

VIEW- --Ior"a ItThe

-1- -. -. -. .Ow, ... m ,nme


Friendship Scholarship and who
spent two months this summer
in Scouting in Boise, Idaho, told
that she could avail herself of
this opportunity only because
she has what she termed "an
American-type husband."
Her opposite number in the
United States is Mrs. Paul
Coughlin, Tallahassee, Fla., re-
gional committee member who
eft her family of eight children,
three'of whom are Scouts, eacla
willing to perform his or her
own chores in Ober absence to
enable her to attend.
One of the special features-of
the conference was a, cdorful
flag ceremony held on Saturday
evening, Aug. 27, In which the
uniformed representatives of 11
foreign countries and the United
States Conference members car-
rying their flags participated, a4
we4l as Girl Guides from India,
Pakistan, and the Netherlands,
who were also in residence at
the school in a variety of capa-
A highlight of the conference
was a trip to the United Na-
tions, on Monday, Aug. 29 dur-
ing which the pprticipanti at-
tended a briefing session by the
public information department
of the U.N. and enjoyed lunch-
eon in the delegates dining
Areas explored during the con-
ference included examination of
the cultures of the varied na-
tional groups here and abroad.
inter-group relationships, .and
how Oirl Scou=ing through its
membership in the World Asso-
ciation of Girl Guides and Girl
Scouts can be a contribution to
peace and international good-

iairama s'genesg


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A 1 1GOO/N IS FOUND Wh A For began lok ,oki. 0oud for .MUo-U11
A GOOD MAN IS FOUND troleum officer to se to itst fuel and lubricant needs i at new baie Irnuse i.
under construction in Spain, they found their man at Albrook Air Force Base; Looking pleased in the ceitrl
of the picture is William Jaffray, who was base. petroleum officer until he sailed last Saturday aboard the C6.-
bons with his wife trolyn for New York. They will visit relatives-in New England before reporting to MadrHd.'At.,
left, photographer during the farewell party, given at the Sky Chef for the Jaffrays,. are Col. and Mrs. Harvid
Sager. He is base materiel officer at Albrook. Standing beside the Jatfrays are Orih Wright, his successor, and
Mrs. Wright.


The car of distinction, NOW PRESENT

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SIX tG0 ME-am"who fr o thfa. to. .sy'.. ....*-f.. i4 ,s
dents, W affm Jaffray. irigft ifr "e Are prsidtr Shu(t Wynihaw, Jaffrashart.r nmbw
Coiston, Jr; m', p Fsirtdsidpt Aaroni 8 ried f Lnd i1rt, vlce-prIdtiw Irg-I l r-o





ReIi Uor

. .;.. '1 8 ,. .r
-i 0- : ^ .M.l i".- J8 S w e
-:',' y :. tj ".A ,'1"; .. ... ---,, .,, ..



t .- Tel. 2-2386

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-Smooths the Road
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I. I

.~. ~ ~ 4
* Al. ..,

S..;. "-'- ; -- -t M

* 4. *4.
4 ~ -9-- ,*.~-
~4'~*% F

,-.-m ^ .-*, '-. -[,t^ '- : *- 2
: ". ',-- / .,* ', : '-.; a .

-- S.. -44 U~~1 rl
;; ;i~

*4. *, I

This peaan your "'eparttee" Vw ompleti oums.,
made easy for your seleete mIsattod fabrle and
,4lo r t .. ,

alRTSE ., o.......from.
siu. :. S.O ....from

P.S. There Is-aloe i. on our niewl
Dres. es.. to ibe v UIC-5 .p-pn.





Centering IA,.. tl ffet 1.ble- 6 G.**r si Mrs. John WW '~bbitWienter.
WATEKILLIEStained at weofronifg r-and Mrs. Julian F, a'rington
A. Ivvely arrag'ont of waterHillies in a sliver boo. Since the early diyI, whn a speO.cial species of imported
#t.Y. a mb'4 *.rp to j.officialgatherj w oor W as have ,bdon
Li,,vrI .par, and a ',

0 .ON' A
A -"J." T ,"ene' ..,
... .

dirostor of 00. IMsitue of
Laws of, ,Ai Ar.". s, at

SouthWIr Y M otUniver,
city in P .s, Texas, visit
Wd theA. J. Thmus roe, ently,)he
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,.Laws of tlt, Ailer'iou, at
South~em- M.thdiat Univer-
city. In Palas, Te xa, viIet-
e-: d the Isthm,, roently,)h,
Sconferrid At the. Unlver-
ity of Panama '.With Dr.
Narclso Garay. right, dean
Sof the faculty of the law
school, -and, with Jerry R.
.Jines,, CUltlral Affairs
Officer ,tth Unitad States
*41 #*> .

No. 31 Cetral Aeuse





No. I Tivo AvWue

:1 I


- 7.

- j



*, 6 piec
S "'. '-. I, ^ *''.,
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I Frick Gags Ma qer Denver And

Utah Won't

-ame s Best Salesmen e Setu s

By ARRY GRAYSON Whe ews of the edict broke, it -
%as reaily.udastoo why Char- pleves th e of laes
NEW YORK- (NEA) -"What ley DreMenEea suaferedJ ElJAt o ues
y ou think? a writer asked a stroke in Washington. anen e ad Coa Utah
neky Harris. Chuck Dresaen with a moutb o ach,
"YLumean d e inant race, of handkerchiefsespeclani. just wheni SAL AK CITY Utah- -ii'i -

ee. missioner For Frick isn't much alse to chat about or Most of the Cow ys of last
eske us to keoe quiet. All I can see in a baseball way in the lng- years fine team are back, headed
SThis rder, faithfully obeyed by Ik nr. I Phil Dil*s w i throw
rris, therold campaigner, and E G WAS husky his heads and say, "Who? Me?i
other managers out of conten- spri, whn Dressa~ Not a aib.. I ts a frame-u p. e-
1: u G.ULU+gS +ft -A A hL1Z Ms '- W Dresses
g o e us6 last fall the coaches also
, K Ccn In the American League., mut asmn pt up .. f o .... h b a-eal-- : i n I o on ly t oseDan
downintheannalsof inlanidg daineup and eWlig I nltrke1dW oming,oilykosee Den-
Cseball asone.of the most thick- Alt how he she robte th* y n eari if. o o
added ever in aed. Drodkin pt her ow that henis ,DInver lost 'Cosi Bob Black-
se is erest o the madin a spot to e a dd to the fire manwo has tobeq repla- h ced by

orpl u a ik warn edtem busi, NEA-8 PROBAJI.Et- .ip ...
ramble In the A. gradual- "ouhisint unit s 0 Wathu rticult LLJohn C Tonw bp rti lma

l statements having o years. W f manager s of ap e league 'to mak should be extremely strong. .4 i'
the strmanages and coaches, whose cruks about the club In the RO rve At tA Ie and Larry R ,

eub are n It only as potential ote aseall for me ears an end, are, tp The back
ol froms, can't discuss be aal writing md ad p fh to be rebuilt. .

The a coe s sioner m office ui .manrs i
plains that rick warned them als N 'S PRO LE.
ea S. against " a ms that Its0Kwith Frics k hog,-- nay

n statements havingeU to do with for a manager to comment O .,nmo

the strength and weaknesses e e the other clu Eu ntharge e'n s r vetr-- h o l ,
contenders that m ht be misit- can u a thing worthwh le. fare e a ar l b Tea hii e. W r
--prted by the fans. ND hanp FrICo -has obeen awa Trjlt b hlayLuousettonran, Wyoming
SP *. Thy sals from baseball'w o writing aSd radio t4-Kd rT:at, De rm ied Mce
With eaners across the annoating long eno uegh to have ne e omeiJaeger, N wtw Ca l -timh ro Mexico
SeMgoe he amany bit of informs- a oeaineotatre baseballad.l- aetac r ie

Sn r to hef Ight to a Ae*ei* bt on' rivalry and o Ama r dbobe .' f"# H

tn gsYS the 'meflt, i i*.S gu I olovetoaeS -t 'e W .n m e g e sh ored ol pon ee w alse Onll
.e gees es e Ne e tesmen. t-eA deb aa nd' anoote ipth. aJambIrewothe Wy'ti stg i as her al T-ith
Fr years, the other AiL.- i .a m eobo. tMaS e m th r. w a.
C'ronceded the flag to the Ya- s. 1------' e ball wa ror.It.d a 1ba .he. a tonJr Araaer D. ooe.
That seemed to Pbe quite All rigt %Weand U. aoTqious thin wrong
withoFrick.oButr-rblthajtteYtare with baseball notothe least 61 acWMof). and M., with Irs

nt BUENc A gth MApnnan, ad Wh,. ils a cAYiasln .who P tompe- C.Co laoA.n.d: K .,twithit

-hav.something to-POP e feieeen that tho that heT "o *' i.public 'ab em bet ab r 1932l-lar G k w.

a boutthboslmasdpanIro point of view rather a ny th a int nationeAedn reae lasode

..+ ( oii.-w ,_,1^ "w. ','r o ..nd I t. beeaeea a| te *tj s a aa d half back for Illinoi-. The .

." : "et atw a t ho o Crlath bal and Beal bio a. twith e a" "" I Tue -te a dowa "
Ihb a mxdesairn N AaP utmn Is l a distinc t d ark hor o

AIENTA because d ea, large idu tbrl o fv.t .
M n l ef u tO S o o vin g g' .!?d ..A % S ? Ahokeo i. T-from swricea-
Cmuglthmc naterM BobWeber.

1 8" f b .......... ......-**-ek. .. ,^ B emg, .or. ,, I "M re e.e *- ic h f. .ndmswnith, II lanrirb'e. w n o te eLm'. ,

NAVKell; 125 417M 42 12 :d A0.e what t d of tqas e 'bp Ow f ... to C. ar how
hmmu g 1 f d' wservceafine t Jamboree'-Spectacu lar

T AUS I a yard-tlck fe' e abhg -at Utah State The AgW tofirs
'L ---. ... ..edi ,last r, U. ar p ..mlati wc
a,.. ..i. O b ...L.a.. i nt w tims tht i .ai mw a t im bu t fast c ldUC
F''s U A le. t suheo thD m ~e wa mot w ic comTehithn ret-2d Years a iNationa Lea wgue

A" Ge Seral. scwat... Fr$ obwithfibs-Ashma nevtel Byers t.ov ofaortotest s.Thiss waslortrepeat- Written for NA Service
SN ab o.....A. Is a sedle....bor tal ai t em hAaln I rany suseque uEtyear.
SMathewA, aver ....... 39 givent ou a bit of the Amei tob with 6 po b T a te
Houston anm'd New Orleans.I ana aineratl r dh eB tr tofeat 2fie

Sa .e boWilln wa y mat e in api &hod. the gme Hgh, lt College fowed third ba t ra ball stuck u
3,esfen ehtve na l a14 w I te of F etball has bn. e .of the up to er Jamboer vlt w the dert or 'F s sa n I
SwimF UnewNcoaching mare I' oLn

m' 1. soared and au cer- si U C. of a. w .i ohfCti M gSl mone P*i s ". (tb.) I r-.4
JIM' "q u elato. *a lo to rt- .J.ta-, o rmM thb t
which.Itrwas o cs l- ,ary to eul .- .od ,Interference. .rn es .r wntsto tou ,h thq l ci within b o
NoWehasp J .n ofo U t ha nds to the action. The na Thehome-team cr w,.d. playha e'r,.adn.--aee.,. s ,

S.G U A .cial o d ,dtrii fn.r frwa serltete .F nwewa emt, *hesa.s .....e.. .as. al S oo6t jal po ..att as iWWI n noplay o eistd bI

A l i 1 .. crop"An d. 'losePtoo many key ,' dhe bow
.!.gr u i The............... .. .,. ,touch with the only ,_xcption be6 ,A~lb a.968s and, 2= 5 0 ,at'Ia by then. Who was right?

AMERICAN PORTS and U. S. WEST leaden..for emeI lAds are Lou to.hi0r-sTed aain Imoc ti 500.Answer: u, In your ament
C O A ST.a.'ck pal= .cloth or "fla g" r= t he ba n c ar- ity. ,Ann H o wse, Jpnlar C olC -bath ere wa,- so i
Moly s g fo Bn. A* Mountain Confer- ri.'s belt --d that took thepblce Marie DiBell, Balboa apd t te e a I
n.glbAllyr illtig, is sup,, strong miui.g., cA pers to the CA he have-
AWLM:anZone adbeen accustomed to me- when Walter Hunnicutt, from -theaw snup in the

___Th____,enthusiasm. withwinch
ki ,football. was resolved in 149 Pre-gan""e eremobieswas eut

FR T schools division had mad dWe "AthleticClub" was admitted to FAMLIARPOST

TeO Newer .................... 49.00S UNS thp s.a.e.Me -Jamboree.o Si -
To Lpft Amp" an 4SanFrahboo, i eL NomeetA? h Ki

M. S n .........1. 5 ii the uns, Cethe j mb

lab MO rut
':::., :-. .." .!!ll~ m .,- +_ -.. ,! .l __ +..,am
e : +'. .-. ", -
'"V.. the it-: c., Cal"1- k b "

tnt, *.t4,*,.

*:- ~vp'r ~ 1~~

'' '."

National ArWin
btI4t, Va. Ward ted in 8
misi s of the MtOjI l aaa eve.' *


Explosive Release at the "CENTRAL" Thstmr .
mxt Fridaqx! -*.. *

repv drama Iwlhth aso *ta Julie
aey m raole. ne xt o a
"I next Ite goodhe wont
in l tebusst of u.

A. -r Tn.,& I
of us sndui
* Mit-


For N







New eergy and -gth for yel To
day. You wil have I gner .m n ..
beer appetite, a keener brais. Sigato
weakness wilvanish ad youwMl ealor
life.Get Phoe amrl now. ..

SThe Greatest

[ *- Tulle" .^,
i ''i r r t

i t b hi"

pi a
a,, -. a" a- 'e -rm .:*


- -

i -I-i i r..-

: im

j' "-'T ", 'A r *' ""J .. -
k I a "'- i"

y f i n, .

, S.

,W~~s -5-'VA*!%*,

-. -. Vi
r++",: -.:,. '" "" > *"
-.. -


dia Remain Aive

Nlas had W 0 ii ( P- The C.Swhnd
AWS litE Bos. ru6 I
... ,n t Be y M rd to t. he thII

d -ea th.o"b"a.-"" u lotgo
-t t even, -pe wn n UtUk
.E d-;'O kayW blow un- WG bL Be to w i
the. tblow
n .TI.-,o t-- -ofe:

-Zgm .o.w,__.* e* a., ..

i a s ea the Y nakees' sItart I.
I m Seov*te t Or ioe _
;aeauL ab: * ad -4,

T see- t otB dlle t~e le-ft *Vr ..l w

Mek aed Ihu-I

rn in the ninth and had the homers anl and
tYadiij &e rT nnri base ats oneu s mmre etgh4trl li
*4matowSam. T. O-MM

aw ier a, iI e, p cn8 for IN

'e NatoolG e
,ieo'mm. k lu".. .,Flo
Ud.teb i the Kamaa City m
i : t a m '; p" : IS, h 4 t Ibi r,",. o A r '
*!f a- i n f"ew '. .. : "

Prtedent *cardo AriasZs been made tor the ,eletion of
lowga the queen tomw zight at
noa tie the w ion Club and hereorna-|
S adm t pm at tM. at the atoal oTheater

being Wflcm .

A v eign over la andmil b
the tains will b b e a w o .xng., e ca t nw.u,_. ,

Along The 'Firways
-ODMAM 001I EWS thaU-pugfrter than 40. The
RIg e .Tour e y la.swilth*mlq. e oao-

Tginger at 5 1"wi aret 1 406 0 on-

or to take an early
as a core of
s on holes 10. 14,
and an eagle on
par 4 number 4
an is tied for the
fth Clyde Shaw;
a scores of 69 on-
if the pace. Bean
s on holes 8, 9, 4
Isy Is low man In
[ e leaders with
on No. 1 and one
w seventy shooters
and with the

p~ husm


vy Favorite Retoai

Champion 2-1 To Knock Out

Chaenger Archie Moore

i r M .. a..

....97 .647 Nw York ....9 .64 -
Mlwakee 6 8 0 13 Cleveland ....1 il .eO7 le
N k7" 1 .81719 C Ccgo .....87 8 680 8
phi 75 1. .497 33 .I ......83 6. 5011
Ciinat...73 'I 8 .2 IDtrot ..'....s .77' 73 .181
Chicago ...70. 80 .46727 KMS City .8A 87 .40 so
ISt. ... .44 081 al .. 8 .58so
Pittaburgh .18 91 2898 88% Wasigto ..67 97 .45 41
TODAl1% .O-o t_.ft cum

(Twilight GO"0 (D _ay Game) ,.

phlad ephia .000100 200-" 9 NO ht010I-4 12 1
1 0Brooklyn 2001 8- 0 Washington 110000010-3 9 0
8I Roerts (i2-11), and Syer and Lase. W n Morgan (7-3), Kon.
i 4 .stantyerey r and Bera.
sent and C(5)aenda. lermlLAbernethy and Pita-

(irst Game) as (-
Pittsbuphi 100000001-1 8 1 and ht Oamed.
NewBrooklyn 011002x-1 0 8 o N w York 003000600--11

LRobw (33-13) ad 00 em t n 1C), n r00000n20-7 10 .1
o (-14), Ltanty :d Byrne and Berra.
(First Game) 0- 8tone, Clarke
Pittsburgh 010 000 000-1 S I andlo
Now To 5 B10831010X-11 19 0 o .
Law11, Don(10- 1, dow, aters Cleveland 000001020-3 6 1
Sand000wa. Chicago 000100 003" 10 1
Antonelli (14-16), and Katt. Wynn (17-11) and Hegan.
.r 1-. Pierce (14-10) and Loar.
second ame) ---
Pitt6ugh 020810000- 4 s City 000 10 000-3 10 1
Noenw York 047=0 0x-14 10 Detroit 3 OOOOOOX-7 11 0
Cox (0-1). Shants Harrington,
Surkont (7-14) L 1 ttrefid,d Boyer and W. Shani t
Law, Dono0o0, Hall and heard. MaUs, Unning (3-5) and Por-
Burnuide, (Vilelm (4-1) and ter.
-- (First Game)
(NightC Game) Baltmore. 000 100 0101-3 11 1
Milwatukee 100004200-7 12 1 Boston 1000100000-2 12 2
Cincinnati 000 000 18 0d 6'-0 Woght (15-8), and TViando,
urdette ( 13-8) and Crandall.Smith.
Fowler (10.10), Nuha Ool- Sullivan, Hurd (8-5) and
lum, 0row0 and DurgAs. White. ,
(Night Game) (Second Game)
Oblcago 000000000-0 8 0 Baltimore 000 004021-7 11 4
St. Louis 2o00 X0-2 6 3 Boston 000100020-4 11 0
Jones (13-30), Pollet and Chi- Moore (9-10). Zuverink and
ti. Smith.
Flowers (1-0), Haddix and Delock (8-8). Kiely, Brodow-
Burbrink. sky and H. Sullivan, Daley.


Service to

Rnad Tri 3S-*

ti: 2414~
~ ..-- -

-* -
NEW YORK, Sept 21 (UP) Beavywet
Mardano today ruled a heavy
to bhis crown in tF 15rsI
chafplondlap battle against chie Or Are
Moore at Yankee Stadium.
the 4tag_ -ing t ceremonies examined dotor from
S the hap aniNew ork to Athletic C
thst wait until misIon.
go: tt (i4,amAUe) The m0 n etoae the
I when -aly t e asto As" *
scales New TOI.
*noon 1 aw tor andl fouan the hu.rritae bwo
Sone eroud ad- o to w a ed the *eaR
.nta oveTr*hte ore M aMn- h outem. Msalis
elaho came in at and one- SquIre h whe a
imartt -- _tit U~t hosvy-I n~hu weih0f-m The t
light hea- W h w s o-
LdaohampIo Atan a"ve Id%. east for twhti.el
a the mDtera- the tuIlt'so n tbe
lubSpostponed and a l&w humity.
the fcheded tor- tonight
and wBnt a It foer to Wedne- Moore, although acting
day eva agat the Yankiee nervous at the weigh-in, I
am There wasno welg-in to- ned when he her of the
nuS*ment .d. e.
-yea.M Treffering to his
k i I* /career in the ring. Marcieano
m his uaul genial self as he
Panam Ridingl wered questions fired at
Sfrome t newsWen in the a
S-- ,-. of one-Ipua-d .t the we
I U Both flghte made it a
[1100 nolS /to i reach othea r a 1
ed cotraot 0 e Mual s
of mllin and hang ha
I IeI I Managg direoetor II
potponement didn't have
effect on th gate. lan 1
son "We have a l ,WOM
vance. There isno doubt In
eManyneattlratiosi 6re 0mindI that the gate will e
featured at the Panama RilS n our $70,000 target."
School horse show Sunday ao
the stables In Old Pan am The o0ed Ma.M ol1no h
A:,' umIJxiP event.that eons a (to I-4) 8P0 a1e
&owd oLac in l in rid- sv51 Dft
was done abriel Feder- = i .tothe"t ng whk
k and Lacy Xhkle. 8-year-od Moore. MA
Other peclal event were: Ru-. reati s Oa ld(1-3) e
dy Rudaelm Jumping hts horse to seore his 41d h In
Gay Aria% lour .r& sin. with-.W
ou a bridle. i an S. o and oore wl
a by the midg sht it e, u tonight.Moore
i a, .ilng in three. Horse_ through ght limberiug u.
Uzani Oo I a o Ieusdingreia9es CleIass'Ites0
mona anh i Mod noetrg, sad- whil Mal }ust 1 a1

nrdthunder. on e btitlter man will win
Group I eutaton won by oxn- r"_S'

Group II eqlui tation wom by J
Dorothy Moea seond iChand V
Em, third, r wn andVolIleyball Group
fourth, Sir Guy Kolwacheck. A
Advanced jump won by Resuiies Classes
Nancy Ask, seconaD o ,ro esutes as
Moses, third, illy Kirkland and
fourth, Renee Duke. The women's vo Beybaoiln
Open jumplng won by Maine under the leadetrihil p of I
Conover, second Lacy Hinkle, I. r. Trail ha resumed
third, Suile Magee and fourth, Thursday morning lass at
Miriam Conover. alboa YMCA-USO at I
Many high strung h o r ses a.m.
which have not been seen In Theso Interested In jos
shows before were Jumped and this group are t.lied to to
proved to be very exciting for to We 0 Th=sMlida sim
the audience. and umet 3"s.

8-1 reI*rd last saw&.



00GI GRABS IT-New York Yankee catcher Bmfta ca
a bit oul pop off the bat of Bill Klsaus of th BDostn Red
grin- durly the second inninb of a game paed l In Nlew 1
Rod- Umpire 3d Runge covers sy

we Snider Likes UCLA, Iris
Te'ch In Week's 'Big One

United PrV ports Writer
rates the nod over Maryland
8tgdrday in a college football
headliner that Ahould have a
far-reachini effect on the na-
tional standings for several
weeks to come.
In other high-level games, it's
Notre Dame over Southern
Methodist. Miehian over Min-
our, ad Oo Tech over
Florl, but fr sheer frenzy
none figure to come up tO the
clash of the Titans at College
Park, Md.
The win per baby will be-
ome sthe nation' No. 1 team.
Around the i aeA s, lr

UCLA over Maryand lie
to choose; both gunnlnkhard>
Notre Dame over southern
Meaodgt though Ireh may
belC pr.
Kiehian over MimsourI -
stiff tet for Df 10 Umnt.
Oeorgla Tech over Florida -
edge in speed and defense.
Baylor over Villanova good
edge to Towa toughie.
Boeton U. over Penn State -
may depend on State's Injury
Navy over William and Marl
-We%, dusts off his spUt-T
Also: Boston Collver over
Brandels, Brown over Columbia,
Bucknell over Albright, Colgate
over Dartmouth, Cornell over
Lehigh, Holy cross over Temple,
LaFayette over Muhlenburg,
Peninylvania over Virlginsia
Teoh, Pittsaburgh over Syracuse,
Princetdn over Rutgeri, Army
over Furman, Yare over Con-
Oklahoma over North Caroli-
na, could provide tip-off on
Sooner power.

Misssppi over Kentuao-o
on the beam agan thih yeqa
Duke over North
State too many "ho
Also: Auburn over Cha
Ka. MSsisO ppi state over hi
ease, Georgia over Vand
South Carolina over Wake
ea, Citadel over zlon, West ,
ginia over Richmond, VIa
George Washngt, C
Over Virginia.
Ohio State ovet Nebraska.
warm up for re-built sRose Blo

igo: Colorado overA
Purdue over College of Padlc,
, over MaIruette, Dayton
Cincnnati, Detroit over TolNdO,
Wi a over ta Stat r
Rice over Alabama Rice
highly rated.
Lou.isana State over TesX
A and M- close one.
Texas Chrulan over Texso
Tech -. and don't bet he
Also: Arkansas over Okalao-
ma A and M, Teuas over TulaO ,
Tulsa over Eardin Simmc,
riona Temp Stat over
western. Texa western oyer
North Texas State. .
California over IllinoisU*
strictly guesswork; mni untsf-
ad. 0
Stanford over Oregon statt-
could be free scoring.
Southern C eo. r (t
egon TroJans are trAimpteo
Als6: an Jose State over
wall, Rockies. Colorado4AnqM
over New Mexico, Dever
Drake, Utah over Ida*o,I"
ming over MOntana, 'm ifA
Young over f Angels 5 ,

* Peri Ave. d. 2 *
0 P EtI S



'7 177" > 11'. -U
! ; "* :_. .'. ". -. H Ir...

__ _

, -' -* .


e 'KeAMM



*^ ,,- *.; i '. ,','^-.

..R cky,




Boosts Gate;

Odds Same

NZW YORE, Sept. 21-(UP)-
S"boner s otponement that
ihp Moore Into the ring tonight
fX their heavyweilght cham-
.ahip fight left the odds un-
Ic sed at 4-1 but gmay boost
l ate t toward e900,006.
f-th the weather lid fted by
8 forecast of "cool and fair," of-
ficals of the International Box-
tog Club figured today's rush of
ticket buyers might swell the
crowd at Yankee Stadium to 70,-
pi0 Fresh sales were in the ra-
0e-jf nearly 5-1 to refunds.
'. Despite challenger Moore's
Stuou ness during yesterday'
litcdal examination and the
belief hat the 4-her
'W yweol bother him more
the "lce-Doed ehampie
betting price retat
SUnbeaten Marclano and the
8-year-pId light heavyweight
c ipldh were slated for an-
u physical exam today by
I. Xra McCown, medical direc-
,Vfor the N.Y. State Athletic
".art *.hiend vnt. ndrso



4* *

'-. .
1, .~

REUNION IN HON(* KONG-United for the first time i
year Lawrenmce Robert Buol and hia wife, Sue, qmbra
Hong Kong after he was freed by the Chinese Red

All But One Of 10 'Spie

Released By Red Chine

Jrd tiY of another weigh HO.NGS KONG, Sept. 21 (UP)- sent back to prison to
examinations will be made All but woe of 10 Americans jailed der."
eir hotels, as "spies" n Red China we r e Neither missionary an
free yesterday with the release of immediate travel plans.
eler respective tr ainerIS Sarah Parkins and Dorothy Mid- Two of their predecessi
ted out that the weights dleton, both missionaries. the border, civil air trans
s hrday-Rockv n wht and The 10th Dilmus T. Kanady, of lot Lawrence Buol of S
S188were habou t what wa Houston, ex. was expected to Calif., and Fulbright scho
.t.d; for Moore had three arrive at the order crossing to- ter A. Rickett, of Seattle,
coffee about an hour be- day. He had beeosh sentenced to planned to leave s'h o r t
i on they breakfndt 4% years as a spy. ome. Buol received a
a hea s caylbres.t The government said it was passport and will leave fo
the 0 am. postponement "deportng" all o them "before lulu Thurday, Ricket
l"ementa expiration of their terms." A to. praised his Red captors, v
leir expected weights at toa of 41 Americans were to be re- ceive a special passport gi
time tonight, 9:45 p.m. leased under an agreement reach- for a one-way trip directly
aoI time) are 187 for th- ed b Red Chinese and U.S. re- Mrs. Juanita Byrd Huan
Ki' mBl6ckuater and 18@ i atatives at Geneva. Southern Baptist mission
hrohbald Moort of"San Die- Mrs. Perkins 63, of New York, finally from Mount Olive
Calif., and several other and Mrs. Mddeton, 43, of Cicero, and businessman Ralph S.
ie" cities. III crossed the border together. 64, of Takoma Park, MId.,
& were Preibyteriln mission- in Shanghai and may fe
heir inly ezereisee slated aries. soon as they settle their a
toa were walks ln dfeu They were arrested for "co n-
3eine3l I ducting tabOtage" in 1951.
me of ~ Mrs. Perkins in a white sum- Fl Kol Troop
x k. Means Ntp ma mrdresse sail: "It's so good to
S't Ca p, e6 Ido. thien.Do Ju Train
u Mr. M84Uton, in a green sm .
Z 92sa4 the, was. odth Of "
to, s e mouataeis of !e08 a n8
l ht. .... If It ovesi a
"'I've prayed so much for this If It do 't move, pick It
MV boa~fts nw figured 0-moment r'm getting gray haeir 7ou can'tVick it up, either
r JIM No" a _Zup 4 i&"-'An she e" ld It or cul It down.'
bo l yt .Both women lookedtired but With he., above field o

.s t a ho" tt aed March 3 1951 and was jailed Armed with machete
were clearing d huii Canton. he said she was won paint brushes instead (
ne veered out toea. It treated, although some of her cap- ventonal arms, the L
the rst time an Important tors were i She did a crews began their drive
bo had been postponed want to talk a t Chnese oceans of tall grass and
e the weigh-n. ration sessions though she buildings in need of "to
sd anyone lased for IO periods. up" as a part of the Post
ri dend any boner. He She looked surprised when news ntclean up campaign.
Se: "I would do it a men told her the charge against The program will precli
We had no choice. Fore' her was sabotage. "They never cumulation of possible
from all weather bureaus told me so in ose words," she health and fire hazar
Nernment, Navy and flyng said maintain the high stand
--were hopelessly gloomy appearance habitually e
we were being bombarded Mrs. Middleton hedged when tered In the Fort Kobbe
railroad and air companies asked whether she thought her ar- Each unit participated
00strutlons whether to start rest and imprisonment were justi- palrin facilities, painting
e tal fight trains and fled. Ings, clearing drainage e
M lor New York." Mrs. Perkins asked the same removing vines and In p
- question, angrily responded "no." lar, "campaigning against
BALBOA TIDES "We were not guiltyand we kunal."
were not once accused of being Battalion cleanup area
URSDAY. SiPTMIER 22 spies," she snapped. d wanted by the post
M LOW Mrs. Perkins arrested in Fob- officer Capt. Oliver W. I
.,. .. r.ary 1951, said that after each son, who coordianted the
p.M. 1142 p.m. before Red officials she was paign.

,ate Seeks, Wins Recess For 'h

i Mississippi Wolf Whistle

Mamie Bradley, Till's
and Re Charles C. Dig
ro Deoratic Congi
from Michigan, arrived as
ry waetd.
were seated with t "se
Negro press it the Jamme
More than 400 spectators
ed in the hot, smoky room
Ing 50 Negroes seatd se
at the back.
During the morning ab
more white men were led
back stairs by deputies a
found cramped pliees inse
mThese late arrivals eo

-4 to cour as dM the
But the boe s ew e
start =a or" -4
wwo led w a"
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Russians Give East Germany Pow

To Clamp Blockade On West Be
BERLI Sept. 21 (UT) A Adenauer told a news confer- the goals despite the Moscow a- lead, despite their mt
S Communism, East German d.elea- ence that .ext Jan. wold be agreement to exchange diploma- of 'sm toward the W
tion returned from Moscow tory "A-for-Armament" day, the start- fie relations with Russia. believnBao commu
armed with Soviet permission to off time for building up the Ger- Adenauer spoke to 35 foreign mately wlelonquer theI
set up a full-fledged East Sone man armed forces under the Par- newspa per correspondents at the lacce
n five army and with new powers to ha- is pacts. chancellor. Re reentatives of am wit I
Ice in ras Western traffic to and from e big international press asso-
s. Berlin. The chancellor said the ew ciations n vie and ha s not do
At the same time the Soviets, division Wormacht would be to obtain rfration of toh
In a pac signed yesterday by raised, en ndThe itfullat change
"I w .i"+. 'A :' ,.i. '. l
s t imaas anea tsnA oir forceand- smallaoF.w*
2oS Nls k ula minB an1Su-ce coastal navy one year later. not been invited because the chan&- BR5ns'u attitude would
they will k t Geiam Ben diosekl d ose dates have cellor wanted the atmosphere of r cent gative. But I6
forces In s t Getl ay o1 r been given toa MTO as reaar the news conference to e "more ay events the b tcade
the.ommm a be ..g." ae ment anets and added his l- intimate. o at mor'eonc tory.
The East German S s dtermined to meet Ad uer warned the remna oe xla tl
Frm ainfor egne ad domestic
matters and gives East Germany
wrmession to control traffic be-
reconsi- ween isolated Berlin and the .
bounced Allied military traffic to and
from Berlin however remains un-
ors over der Soviet control in line with four
port pi. power agreements.
tockton, I n animplied threat East l
lar Wal- Zone Communist Party b osa a
Was h. Walter Ulbricht Indicated yes-
ly for terday the CommEunsts may put
rear new difflaedtles i the way of T O
r Hono. Berlia-bound traffic In the
t, who West "continues to step up the
will re-t Cold War."
ood only Ulbricht told a Moscow press
y home. conference "It they continue the
Ig, 51, a Cold War from West Berlin then
ry ori- you know very well what m e a
SMiss., sures we will answer with."
Boyd, Meanwhile in Bonn, The West
also are German cabinet met today to put
ave as final touches to the government
affairs. statement in w which Chancellor
Konrad Adenauer will ask parlia-
ment tomorrow to approve diplo-
s matic relations with Moscow.
At the same time it was expect-
i ed to discuss the new Communisl
lUi threat to squeeze the vial life-
lines between Weast' Germany and
isolated West Be n110n miles
behind the Iron Cutsin.
There was no immediate Bonn
rlute it- government reaction to Unbricht's
u up; If threat.
. paint But officials here f e a r ead it
order to West Berlin and the matter was
ines ofI serious enough for cabinet di s-
o 1 dlers cussion.
'eration However, they insisted that the
e. a Bonn government would continue
as and refusing any direct contacts with
of con- the East Zone regime.
Ifeliner Adenaur said yesterday West
against Germany w aond have Its new
several soo,0oe-man army ready for ac-
uching t tion by the end of 158.
'a cur- He warned Russia's "new look"
is merely "a new phase of the cold
ude ac- war" and urged the West to ire-
safety main strong. He said his Moscow
d, and accord with the Russians should
yards of have no effect on West German
tncoun- rearmament plans.
area. The West German leader said in
by re- spite of recent friendly gestures
build- by Soviets, the best the West can
litches, hope for now is an "am d
artlcu- peace."
It the "The Russians have recogni-
ed the oel methods merely
a were were driving the Western peo-
safety pies more closely together, he
Robert- said. "Now they hope by this
cam- thawing out process to weaken
the Western Alliance."

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Murder T rial Ws
mother, came to the trial as an "observ- M r s
gs.a Ne- er." But he said he would hold a M-GM present tis lifp-inspired drama ne of the screen
esvran ress conference to give his views ovie -Loue Parson. "A wondeul loe to -eda
the ua- th case. of-958.
Th Negro leaders have called the
I court- trrocity. En ireM the WettIe
In New York. President A. Phi-
crowd- n Randolph of the Brotherhood of
inlud. S Ing Car Porters (APL), call- in SONG, COLOR and CINEMASCOPE
parate-ly ed ra mass meetnlag in Harlem
Sunday, expected to attract thou-
ould b Sds, to oest the e chN ORD EL ANORPA
up the young Emmet Louis in Is- ethodFsD E
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nation In new qua- the
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OR, Mis., Sept. 21 (UP) by the attorney general has not
state unexp sougt had time to confr with material
a reones y in witnessess" Chatham sid.
two white men for the We have learned of additional
iBstle" sladfg tof a Negro wltomsom whose testimony wfl Ie
that "mne wieasss" A Qid ofa to the state," a .
late the explosive ease. Te Jury was set to Del.
y ef t farmers, a laborer a o e e, ma by
Iaurape man had bee r th usual
hI a court recovened m bAm.-hwere teoM to let
meh mor the prsentation of at Juy we ewaen sor tele-
te's case against h a If- visn newscasts or s to raI-
a Roy Bryant and J. W.
sa let them look at shows
e acued of Mfil Ifn wapt to but no w "
t CTlata Swango instructed the
(st "A that wll be made
is witaege is stnad available after the trial Ip over."
ty. Gert*Tl~hul e The uos, rng age from
es*ee. h. s e- n to ,nearly -bur
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