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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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mm i T armD. SU"tBiX Mr 150



SN i w .
pK,, Sept. 20 (UP)--New.York -cM def4ase
0pred today for the .p osmtity that the full
In 'tone migt* slam Iniolte crowded metro.

&atkl r buru said the center of the storm wds
* 9 4. southeast. at York on its
S.oeeu seAkt araed that the erratioally-
n could turn on th r e4 ..
bert F.,fPrl* r bo*d o, ptab-

tr tie ati
vardia ws shut -doW1
night and at least 21gupt
were cancelled.
lone swept out to sea on0
ermrtlo .e today bo t te
weather bteas,warned Itt
Is's e tBal threat of NM
AlA~Itt taaued by the Was
4I 'suaU a at
0,14,ke vU~dch



itwknwe o I.oIamU t
ea Wprt-**

."s*h lim s m"Ji
"lee w at ife Ua

Ne.w York City res aDd other
planes wen secured or evictiat-

p Und; Moorm 1I.
imer hna he had expected


7., -~0--

D ic'tator E

I At Anv A

-macS A tbi et o s

_______ m Buenos Ares




Bar Landing

Of Albrook Rescue Plane

seas off tee

ecatt nie and Co. or the owners' a-
-e..- I
S gent Wilftord and McKay on the
aig nature of the exploalon, other
hlp than that the ship was disabled.

)focer was ideq-
iet engineer and
that 40 per cent
s burned and he
eoro LDn. Last

Two Albmrok Rescue

Pines Aiding Men
Aiff mlmnun&du ii11O

BUENOS AIRES, Sept. 20 (UP) -Ousted president.
D. Peron booaded the Poraguayan gunboat Paraguay I
this morning.
It is believed the vessel will sqil at any minute.
Ambassador Ch6ves of Paraguay, who accomparied Pleknf aboard tf
cam# ashore shortly afterwards to buy extra food and equipment for Per6n.
boat d6es not have.many facilities.
The Paraguayan gunboat in harbor here is regarded as offering the saom
rights aa does an embassy.
It has been hate about 10 days for repairs. It can make the fournqy up Il
nd and -Paraguay rivers to Asunci6n in 60 hours.
Per6n and Ch6ves-drove to the docks in a Paraguayan embassy car, j
empty streets in pouring rain.

Vm1 VV miVV 16 1 i It is believed Chaves told the Buenos Aires from rebel naval Interesta. It we have.
Nine miit n military junta recently in pow- vessels in the River Plate. struggle, ta been
MWn m ir y ngersOff L er that Peion -had been granted A military board named by will and l e ve en
U.S. Air Force F In Boxcar (C asylum aboard the unb9at. ILucero ordered all army, na d o -o tb
119) which landed In Puerto Pern is undersod. to hve i and ae oc commipem .
on Costa, Rica after developingtle
i ien~matrhbla isaatoardnwere

hr the
th6s of the
a5 of the

', __ Weather



red little shi toj
Sposilon at all
a n -others that
the wd sea oft the
int wakers in Wash-
* am home an hour
Before normal quit, I
st zdght as the winds
inph in midafternoon.
*lngtbn store owners
i.the fronts.
strict of Columbia air
&wre being tcd
-statles, gorIg as
kgremd to ths atema
defense officials in
also urd business to
r earty possible.
copters and three am-
himnes were put at
.rescue disposal In the

Th ipiluded the battleship
Iowa, aircraft coirer Ticonde-
na dad several heavy cruisers.
Two attack tassorts and sev-
eral smaller ves stayed at
their piert, however.
The Diamond Shotas lightship
was reported "bobbing like a ca-
poe" but apparently had weak-
ened the worstof the storm and
carried out its duty as a sentinel
in the bleak "Atlantic grave-
The little ship carriedd a 60-
foot tall beacon of 16,000 candle-
power that could 1b seen for 14

It was under th command of
Chief Boatswain Joseph C. Dan-
iels of Portsmouth, who was or-
dered to "hold your position at
all costs" by using bis engines.
While lone pummeled the east,
a simultaneous tropical storm,
Hilda. spent Its fury on the peaks
of Mexico after leaving 5,000
homeless in a furious swipe at
the port of Tampico.
Floodingrains with high winds
and tides as far north as Corpus
Christt, Tex., were expected.


ana coaunnueto auWmps
lB ter today. I
Thi~bbp, chartered by e
StateS are Corp. of w
York, Otd was original due to
arrive bere tomorrow moroon.
There ere no details available
to ehte the ship's agent, jlr-


Ar*s o Rvtcw

Iuizo* Trial
Defene Lawyer Felipe Juma
EscQbar yesterday asked the 4u-
preme Court to review the trial
and conviction of his clilet, for-
mer p;radent Jose Ramon Gout
Gulado was tried and sea-
tence4 to six years and eight
monthly imprisonment by the
National Asspmbly for ebmplici-
ty In thW assauiation of Pres-
ident Vose Antoalo Remon on
Jan. 2,
Escoba request was received
by the e.bJ justice and turned
over to jatice Oil Tapla who is
charged with submIttl a re-
port on whether there are
ground.: for granting the re-
If the 'requet Is granted, the
case will be reopened for the
presentation of testiumonv and
evidence by both the defense
and the .mecution within 30
dais. "
AjLq .g tbis a six-dav. je-
riod be allowed for ori5-
gumentafor and against the ri-
vision, after which the Suprepe
Court will hand down a JlIg-
ment :

PC LAmw S abs

hWl'lNs wife was undA 0o-
3IdK bi4Gt Oorgasd

with a dad-

Two Air Force men from' tht
wounded airraft were flown l
re last j inla an SA-18 Am4
phbibn, of two arpl
dispatched to Costa Rica aft
word was received concerning
the distressed C-119. The pas-
sengers, Airman 2-cl Donald
Younger and 2nd UI. Ralph E.
Echols were two et 11 listed a.
board the plane.
The nine rem passen-
gers were be flown
here by an Am plane later
this a teroon. ai complete
evacuation of tI idltary per-
sonnel could not- accomplish-
ed yesterday because of dark-
'The C-11B, Which Ls attached
to the 9th Air Force at Pope Air
Force Base at North Carolina,
landed at Puerto Limon- at 4
p.m. yesterday. Radio contact
with Puerto Lmon was not pos-
sible, so itrias necessary for one
of the BA-1sf to. clear the land-
ing field by making several ap-
proaches while tie C-119 circled
above. The SA-16 which made
the interception was piloted by
Capt. Arthur L. Umberger and
navigated by Lt.-Daniel J. Pen-
dergast. It landed and picked up
two of the men who was piloted
by Capt. Carlos L. Fox.
It could not be ascertained
where the men aboard the dis-
abled craft were stationed.

CZ Police Wait
For Drunk Oldster
To Recall Identity

A skinny, aged Jamaican wom-
an. who said she Is 70 years old,
was healed Into the Balboa Po-
lI Station this morning in an
in cated condition and went-
ly tel down on a police bench
whie she tried to-recall who she
was and where she came from.
The polceaa who found her
sitting on a curb near the rsr
station at Balboa said today she
wasn't "agassig up."-He was not
bringing charge against the
emac d nar but
w s s e it anyone

w~ M.
at 9A,
LVA ...

U_'-,El naUr4y 4 uIarmA nua
061p off for several days.
Lears of the sueocsful re-
volt to st Peron berU peace
egoetlasn today wfth a 13-
man, mllltay committee.
A terse official announcement
said "negotiations on pacifica-
tion" have begun.
The 13-man committee de-
dared the day a holiday and
urgd the nation to remain
Te Persolsta Confedera-
tion of Labor, whose 1,OWM0
members supposedly were the
backbone of Peren's support,
told the workers they "should
be ealm and resume their work
and cooperate Is the malnten-
anee of the public services and
The 13-man military commit-
tee announced it was taking over
after Peron's forced reAlgnation
and the clean sweep of his gov-
ernment which, followed.
The committee offered to ne-
gotiate with the revolutionary
leaders "to seek pacification In
order to avoid useless bloodshed
among brothers."
It also shook up the secur-
Ity system, naminc new heads
,of Federal poliee, National
Gendarmerle amd the Coast
Peron resigned in the face of
a four-day-old revolt by army
and navy units.
His decision to quit was read
to the nation% over the state ra-
dio by Lucero.
It came shortly after LucenO
asked the revolutionary leaders
to discuss a ceoas fire, and short-
ly before t6.4 l&ratlon of an
ultimatum thr itenng to shell

se ,Ra n -Da naswuma-n
Buenos .Alr a -m a
broadcast over i A
urged i a his to
remain calm and tanqulL
Lucero earlier had asked the
rebel leaders to hold their
present battle positions and talk
peace terms In an effort to head
off further bloodhabd. .
Lucero broadcast Peron's deci-
sion, which was addresad "to
the army and to the people of
the natlo.".
Peron notd that he tried to
resign aevrl days ago. but was
prevented from doing so. Then
he added:
"I continue to think as I did
then and insist In offering that
In his announcement offering
his resignation, Peron added the
vice president and members of
Congress also had resigned.
These moves, he sai, pre-
vented a constltiona l solu-
tion, snd he recommended that
the Army take sentrel uatil
peace is restored.
Lucero's voice was filled with
emotion as he announced Peron's
decision, and it broke down alto-
gether on the final phrase which
was almost Inaudible.
"We have arrived at the pres-
ent events guided only by the
fulfilling of our duty," Paron's
farewell said. "We have sought
by all means to respect the con-
stitution and the laws and to
have them respected by others.
"We have served and obeyed
the will of the people.
"However, neither %te consti-
tution nor the law cam be above
the nation Itself and its sacred

As s
24 ships ao
offshore, rad
Aires and adja
Peron quit.
A rebel
had started
a resort 352C
Buenos Aii
ed an
del Plata,
ren& red, ,.- -.,"
army take emr ,t oin
Peron ea d s

erwould h
the 401

have stifer
soul is torn
martyrdom/'^m a p
out mzg *

eudid an

Two ybu1oEtf
failed to r
to rebabtit
peet now of
total pi ten
Prison far
uies. *
This mbrmani e Ots
vision ofetheIT.- DIt
Judge GUthrie 1. .
the minimum "eMOSndr
agers, Rafasil 8s, -i
nual VaAque s1&, U -aI
fiv e M degree 0u4aT
'TIe boys, who eseaud^
last June 9th and
two months later
jolatly *ith
prisma i
da% day ata


VwIVT- -,
Muartfe a
ed a qw-yr
twlo OMANd
iteogws.- Q

's mce came to 1
mlnhowfr as

I .''**^
^ ^
' z '**
*''- .-'*-
^^ [^3

Ip. *. -

U '

r ~ -


-77-7- '. -I r ~ ~ ~'-- 1. -'-


-- -- --- ----r~~sr_----'---~-- ---~ '~p~i I- j71

-- ---


. .m : j


* ;

jii- *. .. ,,




-'" ';- 2.. '



PflflSJZU~ N UW..ssr Nei U--
POUNDEDe IV1mue now" And
91 t A =6 IAo.. er.e.
r S7. H mfST O Bno 1134. PANAMA. R. W K
w TYLaNpioNs N -0740 LINEsi
2L0 *a MAso.N AVL NIW VaOl. 417 N. V. V.

.- A -,.

"rJ~'S l~s~.r l~~'.a --I

.-, p

MH.MIS R FORUM b- ThS READERS y ,COLUMN or the VICtapped o sELor
"_ __'- ( tI'tmusclemen who pags th mselves r ,, .. --
k Iof fmas labor leaders, the mobu and L ,, ;.
d yo 're o d u o r cu- y the Inr ercover Justice Do med at. ,, to ",.L.: s<

But despite three years of fled.
TIVOLI TIFFING oral probln, 60 indictments mof 150
union officials and the conviction we u
SJe r Seir: of 40 these so-ealled labor lead. tf
- In the recent crossfire between "Joe" and the "Goo4 Waitr ras, the .mob bin"i labor is it. 11 .A t tt *aus s "- _
phe T'ivoli, It seems more has been said aand laklzigjnorelmoney, r
I. r than the leaky roof, which was the original complaint. th.a ever before,
ist going back there because of the roof.. I'm not going Te omb e muh cleverer
I ak there because of the service, so you might say ths littlelnow. It om s in vi. ul ev directed to the "Good Waiter" and all of his co-wo ry. industry i center I "the'nation .
o might be suffering from the same delusions as he. ackor t a Justr i e Deparont, to
really must agree with Joe wholeheartedly when he saystordinglto a Justice Departm t
SWouldn't even tlo the waiter a nickel. I not. on wouldn't a ymous. A the offial wo uld i
them a nickel, I would feel downright insulted if y didn't rease is that the Departme's was
S p me for ever.n oing into the place. agents are working on labor hoods i.
Scan count the truly good waiters at the Tivoll on the fi es Boston, Newa New Y orhk .
on hand and the man who wounded off the other week, call- Chicago, East St. ouis, Minne-
g himself a "good waiter" is definitely not one of them. Any- apolis and Kansas City. v n E *i a. hta ls n tla pe e.
Swho would make the remarks that he did couldn't be -~a .good hp .killer ap u ar y p p l le thshn otoit w
tr because he not only jeopardized all future tipping for He would not mention any t e aa had h eadlM....wy Mt e pnoi.
Self but for all those employ ed there. names or even say which of the l I i ta ker nootoa by
Those of you who work with him know who he Is and if honest labor leaders throughout e .
're marmt, you'll double upon your customer courtesy, there the country are working withe m attic and murdered hdt a he 5 do Ue.ethe lee swor
e h him p tand uut like a sore thumb. I know who he Is, as Department. |ao-e I.t bebad by he -i- ,e.
any. No one ever forgets (or tips) a slow and sasmy waiter-. muIdie, fe un dt,-t behy Und s err .a_-
u up there don't know who he is, have all the waiters make I put a blunt question anda s pat. ode l-,t-e t o, o
'. Up count some night. The man whose pocket doesn't jingle got on even more blunt answer. es A andghbo he ap stpl-eat.- aT.- to Teins rC thea
B the man who put N ou all on the spot. "There are labor leaders who the a abe, and divers later ted trapped a.his aer .
Tipping Is a tradition started in Europe many years ago. It are working with us, but it would- e l I I a l f labe a b ousnte eat as outl he as l to s.
-.U .basic ly.offered as a "bonus" for extra service rendered. It do them greet harm or us to oI the river. mn he fire- tho
Sinducement used for courteous, speedy, or special service. name or praise them," I was told. d hae aa
Still offered in the U.S. for that veryreason.. "There are some union which spethate
.,B ut here It is not so. At the Tivoli, waiters expect it, re- have passed resointions, commexnd-,, s ple iu tho ge le of
% l=es of their aitt u, a pear ance or the m manner In which l g us to- trying to clean house. "Tgl er m" Sn ipe io n oat know in c4.
as ab d n _B r e adA nd_ _u_ _I__ o_ of
serve They regard a tip as a sort of supplemental salary, But I can't mention the names,! -o---uglya ofsu p eion
e, t nod ematternd they saor do. or even the enduAstries.. which .p o mot e dto ae th s hic. seu ao
When they don't, tis Upped they become nd lre ant and In- dividual union chiefs are giving rosea R u d m who Art s ir In.sts M H rsa 's a tor at the
gnot even trying to realize why the bonus wasn t given. information nguan ce. e adBuffe r Nciddtet ilrIU Uw hma w a th h

next time i Oi you ne there h ma, do they f op a tyoah e Whoevacoer n theyha tekilrI aewater i paer s thes Badieeuep a i (snuret o A a I d hae bre eiht eTn t to
hy they r ted the Ilast time and try to m ake up for crusading ,labor leaders the p r ead And Bu er N.. oteero a wasa a ed ute ngry a enstfe m i
th e wNo, tipp ed ly ignore you and there you sit wit h- ain appears toer ad e n t be at5 ha so r n oy wG tbe tta-

Sa U zirIy oudemrdt. n evrretrng, vr. Ieicd on h e d oulde theleads foC n- the A l ar 50 investigations per a n. a- wth h p he o t r ed t invest lat n e lt la s t e
u u vlce at all until you d.emand it. Yu nee retu r, the ", mon which has been the grim I i 5,J5 u ARa K the suspect back h sta .t'on oie sa, Or uin l
~a cement suffers andsodo the waiter -- ra e the ast. But now tyile, Ninya rs te, t bh ebbd r .ed 'nices: a a d er apeo re ear d has
f eleve me It s a vicious cycle that e as forced many as re s-l e oa y teases a mon th being uhe th e wf -the ioher tr. m -tyh e0 ie us ea ni'st eeni
arant to close no matter how excellent the food. at i eol2as a result of these probes it i ham e w-e have no o l is -paten tl r aid tn aom kina dec a de to rexr time effect uandrw le, te gasom nm. her. b p. oecarim i atthe

nred before an order is taken. He eta Juist tdwo cad th ea tn knighthood sys ttem in ara AmerIcaholIe apctishein t o ton It eiseu h more d aste. re- b ay tris n i doe otsie
dartu sToreyos no thade dU.tS if fr te la waie i oalhe netjusteeen-rtele eeldhothol o u tei u o ns AI=la aehi
for t mean lb ........... In N ew Y ork
a 7k Jo- -th s it _atin ;' s o_ we. ahhav -he eJus b. n' 5 eaih. he because I for one, would advocate back on Its feet. e a ote a es t but t derH a
eand e I you wnt e n had ime av ne T h eer Utim I Tl doe' thean e Ihi mthat a man named ene .McCll, "(2) Pouredo, o.ut at ara who. otI wuan ntur ed. Ten hr a n ftob a -

sal aine epper.a I ws ho a dime for thery time ter crime.a means on that the mob0 o Af Ld e R theae d sT il ihonsurs t der es 'adios are m on attw ma a cas a blo ut ry te WhatnlAy droi ate pape tt
Sup a t erjL sa m t a hedTivolir hunted for my ownshup me eh London Exress, be ven a stroe raoed banofili o edsof n otr a mnee t, ba k i toaeo l iTn y osrdl iato m ad yt .
ee t g three or four of us were sitting t.ere am ki- i, verly. It.. i nE sr -e -- I b n Dea sler wi Ie's 'e ro cke ns r ofi te unId ye qt o a disp-l ed a e an e r I ay n r Tese de &e

aking It obvious to the waiter that an ashtray wa needed. abi that te tssug ro ma h he anadd ben db ead Srileon ..ucsengeaycs wndopMth a ing a b absi tae U a a Wm trialpy a lie-dtecto mt w ldl-
In mar es tablIshe ents in the States, your Ntppurchase Isrefem no.w olenr thatrtheon oowhma sero betMionh alld a b db tera ndevday aene Sesa piesedq t fmilar g ernor Ten-he seitee Ito Sma 5v

*ho knows, o7 headace aidh n 1 Big aybed -- n omeod wtt erepee er dw ile r o0 b at an d d eoe by elel Bths R ea got rOra the moneve op ther Fre Ao BoUge. e ra n e no t or lsea mendal BYme asde him .v l. w
bfita thank y. A Al i Dc d)tAt the Tivoli you must really shell unions IsCo organidngr.S A. fuei r aao llye attempts to help the;Er-ali Menwhlse gthe murder suc, athe fct wer, w asn ab
:p or-C h eo e t h e S euth aikoy oh.e I a ho a c lr grpsrin sid e th erKn i uft o owu tl
,.-s u s e d Tr ais i s fe n o a ta rim e wh e m a n e c n m yo f 1 afepr r oea nw i tl ietieh e m r e r s u p e t,
Sgoodies To ever heee words used. AFL to fight against giving Fed- e w w a H s bo t tnot ti he ntfai oarkn e a or e m an. e te o as enlY he was t ea id t

Smterate how raerut ratn President Georg t Mey tverybodyi t wrho owes us at least () Clean broken wih thea taking tImed rth can ally pa for ispen ohe mly. wau Ws h iney hte w. cedacfe to dW
-i s to eo., m.u e b eofa sm than-you seoms set on.whole h-t e l I trar lt ot e e taa e t liteon ad hWthe Im su r thpa. r wohe.nther ame s gloma yte .r herpsa ro g sichanis emxainatmi.
factor: Cuba which once bragged the largest tourist trade a nd the new AFCIO tuner mab Ings uw into pariahs-msoo nsttinat of Amer ics osr l ationlm ie bin t.e A, d on a on wl wmy strike r r asoioatlt aliuale
Sany Latin country, lost 31% of that trade during.the lst tional h to headquarters disciplinaryda vasty traveled, te pe t i and sending hn ded oftiousa nds bo cae .sm i .T.e ew on s pi g t, A r
The reason being p oor v s ,. while high tps were lx- pow er s over racket unions, inexperience foreign correspondent her 0 astounr stand guard wth There i s eh more, whei investitedtePassa tple mu -_-se ud

Fai and o qe ate ohrtr fv setatps a labr eoerienceda foreigand i cr rond center yaos g nghen. Aou g tarnd wicthre iOhe hsM atn Inve CtiCAed the Pa soan- tTr iple.I
Sea i nded. situ n became so bad that the re ton sa i
di Tudeniomode CubaIt e ,od end levied heavy fines There has been mob conference wrote one of the finest recognitions us here .a Britain to help keep space does Wt1P& lmt, but. thi der.. Here are the facts w which the tlithdrug.
an bt ,ine e i or e I r ia r h Beaverr aereeDe n t e h tw u to h rm W terr ed. T t e the Arme t- rn

On dT f as th eaqleo inge or Wteservice a (er conference o na n meutraegyofa A a th ve etv e years ago but dl li
e "e shipped To m t m cuti once lentmelit tleastrin e fe oaf hMiOss oagacit ygo oly wh ts ou de ttesa ater thero n hsis an Mo, Mas Caft whoe nte otsa ae mothsye h.
.. .ti... th voltl d wou.dtip tnedr iedois n artists know theater o t i he oa h i vee dy r e a est ou s ne h t Ihe Wi, o W e alistedasa vI
peope ha ve ioIQ.a. mea up tr h tie do tfw

e s I l _it__ m' g Depr t a t d: I n rbr ts ob o.easts u trn do r it e :l o ral the gi t of
S" the staff tint ipp.d T h fth ed .Netri d in mabie g bs i t esan l asrn iach w a he qn b Jr1-0 boI arlye leid e's. aSo ail

I .s ie Iw excellent 1 i, m wouldn't, mind jtieg. l loc ol th t he ionl' the i ta ar m e erindiv als and ati cse t t e h ertoar O t wog tB
S hoks that fifth nightpmaybe eveon"godwtnOmre wit' r o ners a eanddeceiveddby ae-r w llo thioes (Russian "On the money side there aie tofget.n
e atea- fo be "i i -r inro L o- Aeal ing awaion rie ri ay from millions of us who ber lieve th at iSmrn t \ nr ro.llo
$S ,- .mi rc.iii.i Suc rpte oer_ thriee United b Statei ouri staunchest 8 Britain should never have accept- oImay thank yo Ren MaCli, -telcint g et-ina C Te fa I hwe-vh t

l S h ando o rer ndte adhe yem raAgegrianlloones oe nua a- it d
price Tan friarenad o amth e re ra wth" Cn Pd the me eoan .f s a awnds I wer t, publisher who threatened to investigate the offi- I
Asrdelineloehilpcion ?ai"M. e takis half a an the other tremendous finan. took me ioi the Bmavler's on German rfifedo- t t
business is the issuance of-chartors Dal* to writer hi piece. cial and economic gfts which the stream, I'd run the whole pab suspicion heramily was mixed e

ti and W.ltheir friends. A charter enables "I ur, let us not foret the blame the opitIci" i-the'm sur the Beaver oldn't days before the murder A ien hs ea
its drhikp over rpat, eain d w av es." rtis olitici s fovr that o a"mindand the next time M e yfe the girl rln -reherW
utr or gphic area as a e 115the-DUnited bStates has "Of course, tbe advantages otbe.- have hiAmis ifor nDnsad milt ary Pa

llac, munia. Ite tenabe ath% ore 2) steadfastlyoand unflinchingi 'havingllut ora geoulyoerc atprolensae aaiN U

fou b- ahnheadartertsr|als arn srhake downem- b8y a batteOed and g ggy of years ntt hen you a s about owu Prset otoo.

lowe n C b lo a 1 S.dvn. C. !a io'y SDErs-andworkera tlhemt
4 adivdIt n Ben area nr er % I I Q ta Theser e- Mgrudges boiled up i'n the lat qeust a t o
11uat 5g 4 Wsrsht T heArIee bin gIIs ued 3doreer thethprkllm ingtHathe admit-opine(agen esIt'
mS IVhsdrink dohr all over the place-forhtw@"fees" Yo a o w T o Bs -l-iy ft- mI soar
voesmewfanre6 plhaItbecause 1toa mobs*anf leer getrin in cIIn- o N ew Y or thberOfficerto roe kiAiNg* et
.3 ch arters are bei iss u tedlytquar1ele wsltotofrant short-CbaitssoutdIs paper w ork. .
.4 -o% .Bot.. Dear r m t r Ul e under the Dec. 5 deadline n when the1 ? oroo ee rv Intpull t gs f l .I"ae -- _
4 Men and and hAmy 3?ST 1vfe41.Malayan cbieefs now' -C lj qaq taransferred. This att- npt to uo- sI d
e.. A.hIm achiunedn4 l.. .fea te nSea ondu stria .e m aot. -. t ,l l .-

1g1 ll 10 Small beds U Jap nee Poslro larien Behind this lush operation of the.hDb t bee fn t r. gNo t -. e r n st es lb
-eterI ..version.mbieisa mea fulInnonM utriterLeevogo w'smIsr .Ec p1t o nW a t Ite l
F~~n ?H edh Bida:signs,- 46Within the congressional and state ves- _t otu.omFx a t M ily n dwes asl Su nday -. Some are pages. familiar. th the villa. The of aj'r- A of oi

Sear m T a Monroe ine she lt. of for a toeve Sin Air Force Al Inl*oo. On the swatch suspect waformergyiatru- s
Tedof oly reai congressional probe her Mends assures us her agency lie was boatedto fy an a big to their network. "New atio tor and cGLANaElyan.Cbe Hrtheedj

UhN -romGives Devilsrit4roght.tooth, tried apd that Mar ditto airliner.. .flM AF officer New TimelSame Wnchean .. .grumnight. h efulIn-
in Grapefuit a of labor racketeering a through headman Skouras. Isaid: "We -have, an Army plane5ey .D o te lui..
i M Is4 I ndbegh 4l Olld amI nation ofwoae rake ts.I tnow learnhtme30th.headsr fearing.takiag offia- Oe w- seconds, theJo_ hAmtSaf ti lit ,exas
f Sens. for Indsuftance0Fe17 queen ties 09k fiveutos.m nt-.Orso&' BaS
lawyerlsII. hr tit. T he~ichprob-n latert wasr 'temsn A talented picture ("othello")h a ul Here are a host of other clues
only one of thee astates-C rnableuri to you.d .. ..Rita t worth rIsnWind"ndestandthefilm. Terr..ibe.dub- 1. --I. pd twela

S' -'p drnk"= the I I uI I / ni o- a na we ntV wel ar e at me a t E .io"prnsm.iH.; turns all wononi to aglency ames in IS su e i)i *W o

M'A ", ....[--- ._,=--. .-, ,-= --,!

MIND 61ho lt. 7:k __ -'. ,--- #" W "- '1 -
SmOL.UmWA#mara In)act- 4alntMOW1te Wr
rotfnlOmlnutesCPO ta l. I h.
W ohours mS a rt MI n %23,AlknOchWr
her Caimebd 4it 9
Rimfrs o fiti 1ic~f

&L his (maIs hvinata ew la
tpa (asyou ,l .m aj. d ee... 0.

.. a....... ...,. ....-...
t!~(Nx iin .,....,, eI

i ._.
.. --a 6D a PAL.-Rio (asUi TW, =a*mm ,: m i -, I


IF- Ad.


I ,


! TW :t.t--t: "u...
. .. -. ..
. . . . . . -


,-..t $W~~'
~' '~

-. tr
- -'I

J .. ,---

IkI toured As 'More Interested

In business Pals Than In Farmer

CHRCAGO; Sep 0 (UP) -Iem- ard M. Nixon, Agriculture Se're-
eoratle Nationale Chairman Paul tary E ra Taft Benson 'and Hall,
M. Butter band't'd ay that who cant to the defense of GO?
President uBX qwer is.ore in- farm policy.
terested m tii "his ig bus- "To me their 'statements seem
ae'a frildds"'-at he s the farm- ll tempered and unsympathetic,.
er. as It these officials- are irritated
Butler lashed out at adminlntra- with the farmers fbr spoling the
tioq agti.ultur policies as a administration's claims of univers-
Deoiaaict avlibory comamite al prosprity," .he said. g
me to aw up a ttate- s ., Butler sali "It i hard t6 exag- .
I* y on e psive ftlfis gerate theimportanee of the mis .
Theo hc1y.o- saon" M te Democratic farm ad.
mer Democratic Secretary of A- visors committee.
rloIulture Claude B,. Wic kard, "Something must soon be done
said it will review the Democratic to rescue the American farmer
farm program Is the libt of fall- from financial rqin," he sad d:
iag farm prices and income. "Since neither President Eisenhow-
The 'party hAs made no secret or tor Secretary Benson seem to
of hoping to build the farm dllem- have any new plan or program to
sea mt' a mar campaign issue deal with this deteriorating situa-
for the. S16 elections.. tion, it is up to us Democrats to
Butler. met briefly with the com- step into the breach and -do all
mittee which also includes former we can to relieve it."
Agriculture Secretary Charles P. Butler ,said the committee will
Brannanan4 then conferred with explore all aspects of the farm
radio t#ldvision. .rep ta- pr oblem "and will finally come up
ties coverage plans lor. with recommendations that will
i ;. al; onve i el guide the Dpmocratic Pprty

.oeathe. ... -.
Mail 7,- -

agerr. ,,of IFW
below Tab e '.'k

For the orst thu ne the
044ki tufna -were
a.t0uri.tshave a tde $ f,
r e Canad- i aIS t
-fe st a ef n t..
oo ration opgrah, a 'had e 4 T a
bof ad m

B, ioss d to dprdue it takes an expert to buat Sou&
a unbrokhenxAffll. At five diamondsin today'a
SThe defense, e isn't difficult, really,

So ork s pAce of trumps. id goe out with a
S trump.. othen sat back ad hoped

uffed heart, thus, estabishng
,dummus 1o. He could later ua.
AEN, .a -UP) T t., T cardhe a .s clubn e l the 10 of best
and domIfut had two etrumn for
i two loainton e. the
BeastIunefe d =89dfn s Satuth
second trick when a .he led thac
o.. .. of damOee s. I tearud he shou ld
D v iy on' ear d, t h ,lead A clubt n aht up to a ummy.

dont refuse the serving. Tate i Even thalI still has a try
smallportion.tfor his contreat. ne takes the ace

tthe dhmer thai hoaweent 1ry od .au t10 op M& Each
betyou. umust ruaff with his la trump to
P 'a prevent 0.South f,,ddItr dim.
S outha Is the washed up.
Town Of Dovys Wsdiffieult for Wa to lead A
CAMDEN. M, -(UP)- This the play is unlike to cost Any.
c antunity probably has more hmg- fSouth as the queen and
'Davy Crocketta than any other be will eventually finesse
town in the nation. Camden's even if East doesn't lead the suit.
Crocketta are: If South. has only one picture card,
,Da^vy, M6, department store thea 100Costs nothing. If South
So' r Dav Jr., 4,an accountant. hsa th lkng and Jack, East's lead
r Davy a3rd student. e ltetrouble of guessing
,Davy. 4th, oni year old. the lcOUtI 0o1 the Queen.
'An are remotely related to the Only 1 the lastcas e.donEastr
--* fa.ed --r 1 ketbig by hslears and, and
S*many caeit s vital or EAt to
ts ipcu to duW se.tnb





r ', -

W ,m v .,'' -. ,. .

<^w "" ,;"-

.' |*
I~ m ~ ..21




a ebheMi sam ddip
W* Nomawng -
0 baladmlub.ank
a repaJis ahea

n 0ams a
0 ywiean-aft
"tmbma bubb I

* s^sei r

*9 -
r. .

o .-.U64 7 day. its first
Butler acend t.e admiblstra- *
fioa 'of a "canh- and "unsym- The committee 1so includes
thetic" attde t o war d the three former Democratic under-
"amoers. secretaries of agriculture, a for-
* .I cannot understand the atti- met assistant secretary an d a
tude of Elsenhower toward t he sprinkling of farmers.
farmers he said. "Through ta- Butler said he feared the work
riffs, special tax relief and plain of the committee would not be
giveaways. .the President has la- "made easier" by the statements
vishei; help to hs big business of the Republicaps.
friends. But somehowit is wrong "It solves nothing to deny that
and immoral to save the American Eisenhower promised full parity'
farmer ." to the farmer in 1955-53 he said.
Buther attacked weekend "The farmers know full well that
speeches of Vice President- Rich- he did." ._

Pathologist Testifies That Heiress

Died Soon After Abortion Attempt
I 011O11 e

Sedalia. The young cal
An gu .te, atat in

Otter, Beaver
Take In Michigan
Hits New High
LANSING. Mich. ---(UP)-Con-.
servation department field workers
said final reports show that trap-
pers racked up. a record otter take
and the second highest beaver take
in MIChigan history durit March.
Conservation officials said Ideal
weather, higher pelt prices and
liberal regulations combined to
produce the peak month. Field
workers sealed 16,685 beaver and
60B otter.
tsvrc Rrnmankt

PlIADLPA, Set 30 (UP) Conviction on these charge car ," ", 3
h st today that ries maxium penalties of long To Take Place
an. autopsy be hepd perform on imprisonment and heavy fines.
food chain store iress Dor is t Of Lawnmowers
J showed she died Mrs. Ostreicher died in the nm wears
w minutes" after an Schwartzes' apartment ex a c t I y .
-s- tt ,,_ t two months after she eloped with SYRA USE, Nc. Y. -(UP)-- The
aj '.' Earl Ost-eicher, a Miami Beach, SolvaY Process Co., has put U
Dr. Tmd KrXKee.of the city Fla., motorcycle patrolman. steers to work grazing on the gass
oiedc1l. sobA tef- on the sides of the firm's large
e et of bartn-I Her parents opposed the ma r- brine reservoir.
b ieis 4, and his riage an the girl's fami said Officiaal said the steepness of the
betcwla u ,i, Rosalie, 4, who she left him two weeks beto ber reservoir slope make the useof
part blamed t r ing the death j power-operated mowers hazardous.
a' l n pbrwhio ..killed ,,,
year-old bride of two -- ----r
QMI cir 4d1qd lin the
artn o a-zaoih flat in
Krouse a-t P.

1*- r fki Oe- t h aios
ey-hhaired. Mrts died|
WevTcrsJ4plutaaftmn"foreign ar- -
S ue introduced In her bo- e

abi.'r ~' 5 t was Ae1-

SfigWt y given
' t hwtt at a croner'a
"l 1s the girl's,

-4 ferrls wheel ails to fascinate 10.-
rnes at .the Missouri State Fair .n
lan is concerned only with his Bleak
the 4-H division of the livestock absow.

#PCItBtFMT'B -_ r ,,- ,

1 3 Yds. x 1.00

Established 893



MACDONALD M UHI, NITDP, iinlll abo.iHd


Explosive Release at the "CENTRAL" Theatre '
next Fridao! i -

v Jame% Do
a Stelabed
mn Bros. In


--' ., .' '
. : .* ..+.'-'

IL W -

I- ~

aa- -r


amou *dddiiag'bausc
fast, iaookpai ofopte i

Ask .t nughs Mm to. saMw


No. 30 J. F. dlo la Osas Avenue (Automobile Row) \
'1 I

,ook Younger
e n e Falterng Philip.

tlon up IFstasrtrnm, etody Urine, Phtyp'. M*e in steI s W -bruise
Iarn Pas Nerve
la V Cre frU, wllen A. w-w mapn a"W m pnags e a
t,0 2 O. f Apeite, tSye, etc,, be-
tuse ldanu who ld ofb-bood. Re.pai eWold 'le A eIb S eSNk eWn
t to 11s-ew oN asied and gelena, ano
oino t and samws. ?. L, Ussaif $NS the right shiel


SReordo, all labels, 44-7<
SRcord players, RAdioa, .


C~ile M7

f'. ni rdhug*, b flh p r ', t''
PFar. At bargta prkic P '






I -M m

-- a m n


o- r.-..".- ,,. t ^
., '. :/ ",..
* .* .- i. $-. ".,'
,. ; o

flit.- *""..
.. ;, -' .-..,
,T r-~" W .-,l .. .. ,


,Wp.-' -. .. .. f
: ... -- ':.. :.^^ "
-- 'a -, ., *-
n*'l' K "" ..%44fl ... "" i
.. *' : *. t. .. '.:

.J-. -, F = .

larga es val record collee-
i In Oe World? Nobody knows
S N, but, until we get word
Sa bigger me, thu 40,000-plus roe-
ds inRobert Q. ewl' files must
considered the logical contend
Bob sat down and figured that it
tak him 43 days, and a few
to to.lete to them all. At 24
rsa a da, too. ,

SHOBTPLAVINGt It's happened
again. Songwriter Laura Manning ..
raade a demo record of her tune. XR, Q --t ,,1 Laura MaMlag
' One s, Mine," took it to Jubilee. *ibewi
Records and was promptly didn't know. pop fly froz- a
napped up as a singer. Her first eOa run.
record is, to make her joy corn-
.te, One Is tUne." Joe' "l.t eokus 3 montlato.,,ja
Left the mambo man. will bring m
his gret .rran g e ments and 'W tS o dite s scoas.
rhythms to Columbia records. wes radi o lag-ewu1 gcom
-de--.--"ze .. .......c epunanics, radio stwatons, aD eel .
S raphical a lbum for Decca, n- Imeat wire Gillette had thwn
e, caing the firstever record andg ofhave "e tawound up our editing B
egun recodardi "Me and My Rec- w. oy thr minutes of
Sine Columba's record, gan. We bumulets we go in that drecrety

eame out approximately 180wI thd rioites? Tmmyat was a S"U
people have safinds thate piano oudea talk by ute Rockne, telling hs

but i. never did anything about in-t team to quit dr k ing ad
The two men who did something
about ides Wutzer electronic panwhat they wanted. It
t into a sutea created. .. Four boya re complete story PICK Th Mar *
Ot the singing chorus Of "Plain thrills.
aid. saniy'nghave formed a quar-
ted, caluediThe Ihealors, and have "We wound up our editing," Bud
be un recording for Rami aec'/says "with only three minute, of
e rcis, 'stuff we didn't use. That's why
.- there won't bq another, second as-
Sine@ Columbia's record,, Th bum-muues we go in for re-cue.
Greatest Moments in Sports,' ations which we don't like. Those
came out approximately ,12,10.85 three .ti.utlte.? That was a ip-
Pele have said, "I had that idea talk by Knute Rockne, telling his
buti never did anything about it." team to quit d r In'k in g and
The tw9 men who did Something necking.'
about it, Bud Greenspan aSd Jim-
My HamWreStai, created a rea-[ DvCE"S PICKI: Tho Marinen'

Ord album that teems sure to belon Cadence maybave the next big
a leadif seller this year. It's xI- march-type hit, *r'air Dmkum."
j l, for them as likes to be Others: "Troubles" ( nry Bela
stalic about sports. Even many fate, RCA); "Learn into Love"
kick out of it, sible" The Feour Joes. MGM); "I
Apeal, I Appeal" (Wandra er-
TV TOPPWRS, re, Media), "It's Much Too Lae
Ito Go Home" (Jusans Laro,
'T NIE KOVACS (",Tonight," Unque): "Five Cups of Coffee"
JBC-TV): My wife, Wde Adams, (Eryv Griftin, Columbia); "Search
is _to StorkClub soften (The"I L n, (Dot);
she's begd to mCad on one leng. Ps(Ja
'e Carson RCA) "Make Mim
. I Jealous" (&u PFrasnel, MGM);
"Por Favor" (June Vai., BCA).
about thet ara '. r .r Some musical history A has
ut thtbe io ft is a c ,, --ated Rodgers and Hammer.
featuring th$be Psuae is sela's "Carousel," with Robert
of all tUtlas he inst y ear 4. aAid anu rturleeMuae1ni the
Bud mnd j 'sJ the me sand ft sla l .y; Coing se
cScar, t She w 5r- l-the Count of '4-i-is Prested
s oJrsIa1 r TbV vI oun another RCA sui; .Colum-
..It,a mar b "Meet Andre Epitelsnets"


S'Ir.nSu.Sv. LI-.
.T ALVA... .. -L .h
3, mother My birthday ai next week nd I bh 't
got a single dress fit to wear at a suirprl party .,

4 .. .* .. -".. .

V -~~

a A sot

So".n 4 "U muM

. .. .

-- d'

e M .

CarNul, Now!




S le together, says Bud, a for-l ,Conu-t ,-
er sports announcer, "and the old lor (BIGM]
tut'f jst didn't look right. It (ieio
Lmvt it wap cause t he Sle Fr
spund want thrBa. or else It was P Cone
lMid sond. And that started us o
;WrOcame to reale" Jimmy MeAfl (
says, ",thatalthough a Ieture may erto ja V
be worth a- thousand words, .the r
sound .makes the picture come
Tha got theUinftjef lftS 'S
sound. of spofts the.actual, | a
play by-play accou of.
apets incidents. Preos they hbM -
!8oIedea ,too, only they sold
RCbia records. Tlhe, CoU u
oxL pe who was moat enutL
tic, lcidetalUy, was a .tu Who
fa UMl .Of It SBMasA WAIRU. .

. C m/ w



f. d Ct
*. "


SThe Gut

usa mnan 6Amine iA as.




rev3, A

Ditched Asain


o mmscsA7AI IF FW.
AW. O .UW r


Speskig of Chums

.By .A R KAWS ".

I. .


'mao~w~. uoe~.

No Time Fr TR~




f t

*i'"-- "'" .
- .. *..; I


:I Ir


onj .. o w .



^ : ,,. T. *:
;?^r ** ..**-

i^,-,' ,;**
^,i!; f- *
! ':;; ** **' *
' ',** i '

'^ .

9 '.
S .. ..D

.. .. -:,



r At

AMa d

. I .

* -p
* .t 44



' aF-




.. 11



. "T-. -" .-'
^ ..... *..^ -^ ^*. ^ -*, ^ ^ ... ^ *. ..A

fi I .... i i w. ?. J I y* I i-* --^ I : .- .. I_,~,,? K : i^ -r .^ I .I I f. ^ 'i

J .. .44 .i~i .^^M ,^^^*- ttg .. 'El "*, "l 't.. w A. -**^ -- .; .: i.'
- .. .- ... *.S...'. ..... ... *


r .

ia by b#at.
'e toa r her bahoe Ia Tsmpa, Florid
She vins her tleces,

h W-A0. a' W. nOff-rs Wivu$,

S Zmrrl

Mrs. Mrs aris. l
azw, t-l Mrs, MGrl-.
'VeilA ww$ sold to Mts.
uleMrs.- 3 iait, the ru M.of

ra. Ctol B r and Xn Hun-
lif .

th abe mri- elihe club *enjS i
- an mal ashion show, courte-
ChAG Ll .' Mrs. Mary JoM

L.r.g was e i'omm.e.s".
rw. Mrs. S M ile Gre-

tMrs. ri M. ery Grahams.

hfve alnombersn the recent bth o
ta iar thal fas hid, Jon Swcota, at-

S ta, GJ Mrsa. Lt. Graham Jo
w sts was ed there with the Air

Mrs dGraham is the former Meiu
Ds,. B_ Mers, daughe Mr.
*ad Mrs Dwitht Me. Van Evers.
at Dl'a who art now in Valdo
tla to ~unNcs the new bab. .
ati F.rci, hm osame..,

eo. Gho is atlhe to Bal-


g S sarTa&k
regular monthly meqto
t0s Gemn and Mioral
S ioiety.w/ 11be held on Friday at
, :30 pm.' p. -h second floor of
,o .p= wi be tSe main topic
for dls.ussion.
Nature Study Group
Meets Temerrew
.fL Nature Study Group of the
Canal Zo College Club wil have
a* meting t the home a Mrs.
Gerge Lee,. house 794 A Taver.
nula Street, Balboa at 3:30 p.m. to-
morrow a1.
Cope and help organize this
MeW saoup.
hee'afnblm Claub
TbC'r Emblem Club
will bold-its- regular social meet-
tigt :3~1 p.m. at the
briMg all your. wedlaW

r .A i at .


he.Society of
Pattema wilRt Iwes regular
metlu atLWn.u-iaX La Boea
U ', d. m er, ow at :30aa p.
lhlastrate4 leetore nd movie on
*ia n Pa.
C aesnam ICeler
dr te fear
'I eisA In-the

a"06a r
,a .WS0 La .
Rd. Biboa tenam at7:3 p.

lks )'Phm Dece
t 'Get Aelirte .
The Cristibsi Ilk's tndge
1A $pdasort.g a."g t Aeqa
Bome, Brases Melbts, On S
.-i will be as opportunity
renew old acquaintances ad
some new iM5gSJ.r.
* Th dance W get under
at 8:30 p.m.; ticketro ma be
chased a t the door; price #.1Q
V- Te dress is portahlrt.
Please phone m -U for r

in a aspel 1 eit
r, Theater. "" .

ina. Ticket at $1 eci wil be sold at
th box office.
ilamdat Ca
l s y X a t e Underwood,
Ise Caty
i k's memb l es Il at
Atu dinner recently rt the Ibrook Of-
S.. fricers' Club.

o w


la At bal T
A committee chaired by -Chap-
lain Robert Herndon of Fort Clay-
ton has just completed plans t
a new course ta ReliG Eduea-
tion to be held it the Balboa Y-
The general theme of a course
of six lectures will be "Dynamic
Crista Living." the six subjects
I l beW, Christ and the Cr ess'
A Working Faith for a Coitufe
World- The Crusadingf rifit and
the W to win te orl; T h e
Chritiaia and Democraey; The
Choetiat and Communzi; and:
Wha At Christians have in. Coj-
Leboa g local clersogy and a-
tven g Oct. 13.
hereta s ePoargefor te ourse
flhctu raundtose wmiW, to
enrollok Countrmay dosoby al wiBa
boae se839 or at 9 aing personally at
the YMCA.os
Neivueoner' Club Announces f
Details of Torfrpits
In FasloaeDuef Satudsy
The Newcomers' Club will pre.
sent a Style Show," Portraits in'
Fashion" on Saturda iat IBrOZOSI
Brook Country Club. COON'. will
be served at 9 am. fAllow- Y
the fashions at 10e4.M.:
The fashions and accessories
IwllI be loaned by the Cristobal,
Co 'assary. i
4 JAhn L..unar- wilf Co "

MUnDe. eualI anA formal tttwe,. 5-
is hidren'. pla ote *back-
to-k sty la.
All those lakes' expecting a
blessed event will see gme of the
newest maternity fashions.
A highlight of the morning will
be Mrs. Lorenz Gfrspachb, who
will model her own creation. seen,
only by a very few people on the
The models will be oeabcod Iy
newcomer Mrs, Harry J. Me GAin
ness who has had mu tuh, ae-
rience in t-ils work prViU'y ai
and Lround Clevelenad.
The mals* participating in
showing se 41 costumes are
Mesdames: _
Marvin BroWn, Loreu Ge r-
ach, Hery G, Tryner., array J.
heGindess, Peter S aehhunsks, Al-
ibert L.W ,PhilpW be Dt,

ea Tryne B iarbara r Gr, Cud
Chadd, P Wilder, & MIt*&r
Howel W ,. Master Jse ph
Wynne, Muter Larry Stanford,
Mrs. Ben Dials Mr. Mark Sugar,
Mr. Ralph Dials.
*Miss PsaUma' Of 19
1s Mother of Daughter
Mr. and Mrs. Guillermo Shur
Contreras of Guatemala an-
nounced the recent bi r t us a
daughter. Mrs. Shur is maer
Miss iUiana Torres, vr. was
'"Miss Panama of 1954.'


Only th fieahrou


5--vidagm en wys
*ae trae- -rM aafigb
heo'y Spl* i e pe aplally-
ih 'a -a tte ptuesee

After the diner. eards ., e r e
played. The attending weeMr.
ot MoorI. Mrs, LiaVu I, Mrs.
Elizabeth irknman, Mrs. Drthy
Watto, .r.Rlose H un, UMrs.
Mauld&ti e Mta.:Ednia Baker.
Mrsi.- v w Cr tb Mrs. Clair
Jacobs, Mr. Ruth Itus, M r i.
Edna er, Mrs. I oyster,
Mrs. raWray. Mrs. Ia
Mrs. ow B Mabe, rs
Glavel li'kd r Mary Rate U
derwood .00,-
Poies were awarded to the win-
ies lat=I W d each lady re-
evived a-buIatti iltw le flurin.
f o r frage o i

District Lodge
Te Pay Irst
Official Visit
Hfded by t.e District Grand
Mater and the grand pistriot
Deputy Mster, the recently in-
augiarated District Osam.Lod
o. 3, British ultd iqOridr tef
Uoslc Templ wIll .
7,.t fic i t to Li-
nate lodge tsomorow gl(T
The first lodge umder jurIdlc-
tlUd of the new dlitrit to re-
celve a district vlilt will be oy-
el King Albert Temple No. 10,
presided over by Adrian Ford,
worthy mosaic master.

A-N -- r

'W V .*** ** -
e4F '
7E 7.1


7- F.


4 ..

through dteur, Unc6le E
eOwU .A to IlI .fIt. .
own a w (te Win d
ols, a. "Wh t,
T hi na a t yo u

helr lar igSWeJy don' l ...
He left iom dissatisfied. with
the eqdIpmeottatce had r made-

rsel E had them, be's
eade two l. avea. for book-

c oma hi mp ane f evident
reponrble" Jri ett. no,
aiely. Le e to tm le e dt a-,
AM? -are. mii U A ip in-
a mre e id. es, n
this and we d make
fools of Our"ITvu by taking
their flathe r l. tere -
The pettIeoa Alice has made
jaenal ,th. v3e o n ,pn* jvi-
dnce ofhitere o. lowt. e
auspshota Jimm Is .
from catemp a to evident of
interest In o traph. Thrai's
an-they effet flftey. hWe dove-
praise it with rethality. We st to-

or Mp-al-ruken by urantlyo
admiring units, unclesa, neigh-
bors and friends.
THEMR suggestion that we
support the budding interests
with sewing machines ahd Im
ported cameras -I Irresponoible.
We doa't have to follow It We
don't even have to put up with
the discontent they:!b aroused
in the youngwirsRiat's artificial
-the effect ot flattery. We dis-
solve it with reality. We sav to
our praise-drunken young. "You
demonatAte serious interest in
sewing .-and photography-and

i ItW II b WIyl.
po i aitedf nwder cat w
yo baws {lDiv erAu,
p Chafe, Une Scald and
drefy neow uuob as Ammne
Powder doeunt
For Aauns s ispeellymed*
eldto srokef, pmee and help
heal Iriatsdi.Abrser lmoi
mitr w a4srf lly--aa4 i so o
k promote haegiung by euhiow
In baby shaf i &ki amin
further ritatio. Oet Ammse
I dicted.Powe odtiay. -
n mia-Try AsIsws atowur a
MIIl -For. Uial se ain abs-
liuly., isd&a .poeard with
your nam ae d addn to Oi.,
NK. BOipgl-Mysi.rj *l. lIUsid,
N.J.' 0/fr ezmresa Dec. 31,.
1954I.) l9

-. i-.. ,.

framed &uropean

Jar Oresser"

Pamed' Eufopean hair dresser
has been a hit In Panama
with his novel French
style creations.
Wholly Transformed Air-Conditioned Parlor.
Specialised Mantfws -

3ngltsh, Freneh,

Castill del Oro Baildng
Ben: 1:30 ajm. o: 3:21 ajm. to 6:.0-
< lonur s : 7.M ;toai:0--
to, I:Me pA. Ask fo aptmeat

SWIif. Pi.,,ai4 e.t-,o ,

" 1 .'

2f-02 Ave. 7a: Central'- Tel. 2-1830.-2.1833

._ bo4. ,.d

I-i-,-l---/--- ... --.. . whose skin is too sensitive for ordinary make-ups

Fabulous new face make-up
q "

Why is Re'vlon's "Touch-
and.Glow'" liquid make-up
changing the make-up hab~ta
of millions? Because it's
more than a le-up... it's a
scientificaly -blided beauty
formula to sof p smooth,
actually protect jour. skin.
The secret is ROvln's good-
for.your'skin uLaolite, won-
drous Lew emollient developed
exclusively by Revlon chen.
i. sts... andl foumd in ao other



Beauty experts describe
Touch-sad'Glow'V eltect
c a uame efufhm low-be-
cause "TIotih.ead-Glow !

gives your ski the tender
glow of wool, the al-but-
flawless tenure your skin
takes on by candle glow.
Never masky, never greasy,
never drying... "Touch-and-
Glow" liquid make-up gives
your skin a naturally fla less


SI t It

streaks, never look. uneven.
Today, discover ltevoa'l
new liquid beauty treatmiel,
I ouch-and-Glow" -- s
e onomically faiced Has-
monizing Face Power.

Choose from seven fabulous
complexion-colors or a
new colorleu shade, for those -
women who prefer the out-of. 8
doors, compleely natural '
look. *ew ".oc. -C4low
makes || il| itealy HM
hours t Tit's so basso
edifeg gely--move



- --- -' --* go
_,* ; -, .. -- .- .

.~-'-~--, .~r..-. -' ~
A. -

L .. -

d .- -"

4 "

well talk about serloiw euep-
Overpralae of ehilhrei IJat
as crup i n.q aprt 841.
; Poop Tm No *tado" 'he's
iCard of L n .lVtth.,t Xa.eln-
aive tooltht at or him In
his OeUll- wai hop."
. very iM he, loko at them,
their repria with th con-
trast between his youf skill
and their adult efficiency. TThey
ay to him, "We rtpreSmnt the
vro ,,' ectatfns of 70ou.
..usa, bird ae e-
nough. With us, you must make
If I wfrt he. I'd stay away
from them, too.



-- H

I..I r ~ .----- -- .

-- -- --~ 11~__~ _~ ~ _- -C

F7 *? '-

r, .4

* jr.)


SA .. .
. ----- ..a AM, ,W _. i ,II

tAGU U!! ~


hvej~pWlttive We natA
..* ..Wa,*

'*.". : ."^'.f:; .'__ -i___ '.'




I soeet he. 13
4t oe JSuS Ave. a J I
Jame Anrseme Ae, and U M

sg oa Caruese
Casa Av 45
fa t atiev Fy aua


AgendWa I. L PubuloadonW


,* -;, <,..a-
.- ;< "
**' :;-, ....f /:.*

], ..: i, .

LIS -' f

Dr.I. L rAbresa Di .. Avt Jr.
D.D1., (Georietown Unlversity) M.D.
T.A Ttr o ad o.July) Ave, No A24
(oppOqIt Ancon school Ilaytound)
Tel. 2-2011 -- PanamA.


phboe Panama 2-0552

, "LhOllpris adds Ife lo years,
and years I. lfe"

Dw. A. md OILLAC
" (Paebler Graduatue)
S Proi Avmso TeL IM
(I block from UtaLTheatr I

Packers Shipper Mo~ves
Phone 2-2451 2-2562
Lear Ridi at I
Riding & J lmping doin

' .-


FOR SALE:-1954 Penties Cat-
alina. Air conditined, ridle,
power steering, power brakes,
hydramatic transmission, white-
wall tires, E-Z-Eye glass, two.
toned I light blue with dark blue
top very law mileage. Factory
installation n all accessories.
Enjoy your transportation in the
tropics in air-conditioned luxu-
ry, Will sell at bargain price or
trade for older model vehicle.
Phone 83-3281 for appoint-

FOR SALE:-1952 Cadillac 62
series 4-door sedon, radio and
heater. Call Balboa 3717. 4 to
6 evenings. all day Sat. & Sun.
FOR SALt:-1955 Pontiac Star
Chief Catalina. Equipped with
hydramatic, radio, power steer-
ing, power brakes, electric win-
dow lifts and all other factory
Intalled accesories. Will con-
sider older car on trade. 456
Ancon. Apt. 11.
FOR SALE:-1950 2-door Pon.
tiac, metallic brown, new gener-
ator, battery, carburetor, etc.; 5
new w/s/w tires, terrific seat
covers. Contact Miss Lemke at
Porque Lefevre, 11th St.. House
No. I, Apt. 4 (yellow bldg. on
Via EspS a), after 5 p.m.

I'FHSALE -1* '
* EAIJ oY -O14 *Iqg_. ,at, s h
" S CIA KL E/., wore_ 7 ,* uoo
CnO TWAV mi mili 953 Studebaker klrdop
COUL WAVy E V-8, radio. red leather. 2-door,
SA 19.000 miles. TALLER BAX-
S50U TER, next to 11E Rancho. Phone
S" IIPon. 2-2581.
Monday Thru Thursday -
For appointment FOR SALE:-1946 Pontiac 4-
Balboa 2-2959 door Super Deluxe Sedan, excel-
For U.S. personnel i lent mechanical condition. new
S t k families" ly. tire $300 cash; G. washing
an theit famle only mbi. 25- cycle, excellent
SO e condifton. 2613-0 Cocali.
aothan Ogilvie
Dies Suddenly Walter Winchll
W" ., (Continued from Pate 2)
%aTthan M. Ogilvie, long-time Tom O'Neil (who paid H. Hughes
employee of the Mechanical DCovi- 25 million for his film studio)
slon.of the Panama Canal Co., be call ed "'R. K. O'Neil". ...Nell
died suddenly at the Santo To- Morgan (San Diego's topcolyum-
m.I ospiltsallast night, where istO isIn town conferring about his
h.l diaitted shortly beforenew ok 'The Gold Rush Never
clock. [Ended".,. Your report about
r'os e surviving Mr.' 1Oglvte Don Allen, the newsmag corres-
Ssurvivig Mrpo ilvepndent in Rome (slashed his
are his wife, Mrs.', WlblelmInR wife's alleged lover from ear to
OgIShe; his daughter, Cynthia. ear), didn't say he may get out
and four sons. Chrisanthus, In during the Christmas amnesty.
Jamaica' and George, Earl and When Dorothy Kilgallen flunks at
ert In Panama. guessing the "What's My Line?"
Funeral arrangements will be people especiallyy famed mystery
announced as soon as they are guests) she weeps after the show.
edtpleted. (Big baby!). Next time the
-w B Bway Reds call it a Blacklist tell
Pon DI' ',em you call it a Pinklhst.
w Point Bid you ca-Yu Girl Friday.
Made By Coffey
.W. T. Coffey entered apparent
low bid of $570 for the painting
of five sets of family quarters In
t~lboa for which bids were
open ed Monday morning at Bal-
boA Heights.
Four bids were received for
thl* wprk, bidders being Servi- .
clo Br6uwer. Tropical Paint Co.,
lac., 'and Daniel Rojas.
'The quarters to be painted are
0177-J, 0801-B, 1549-C, 759-8,
and 807-R.



C 400.Day 4
C 1000-D S



As -.I



BOX 2031. .ANON. C;Z.

k. Day-Night service. Central
Avenue No. 18-117, opposite
Chase Bank. Phone 2-1479.
(Constraction Confract)

ion of
py for
ng all


shp..r. ftafsh -a.
ML-m rL nou. du.zu *le i

past Casis.' Law r om ies .

**Ai--s 199. '_____
I ilbo lase.
Sieta 0'a Seax 40i
PbA Pame" 3-1 CA .
bel 3-1673.
Badwin's furnished spohmiwoo
Iat Sate Clk t Besh. Toleptin
Probd, BIlbge 1224.


FOR. SALE. -- eGW 5-eyc'n.
f rimratar in euxiNt worlsa

FOkR ll Ft
* P ~ 1 !2!

ATT NT ION lde NT tl.; s-
o eram, w mea I t s e hl'gIi bfd. be',"
,.,.,r.. sv .i ,p4 I uaop.e4l
Peo. eaS .ow s i2 il

Id** I -ndh
M.' .b 0.P .
ow1 e 1. m -
Pon RIN, t to ii.r.
FeO RINT C- Mr Ne. 6.- Ask

. rerrm for ...

Sept. "21, wl lall cheap. Apt, .MG,h '
,121-B P.dro. eiue l. D A
FOR SALEs-4nd tebles Under,..'
wooeed typewriter, ntauItl-
toester, yoeth bed. single ad,.
with mlttrem. Phome -446.

MisMellanenu S W I
WANTED TO DU1 -L.-Lr hi- 1- ",
cycle and sell new fie ngline. Phone Pnem 2427 or
Will trade. Phlne l. 432 0763.

private b i
Meh only

708S .. .

. '8e., L ao .... .

.P 4LE:

* *4,k ;^<" .^.

., ; .*" ;
t '"

.'"', ,.ftM M
O $

Project No. 53-103. AddM
Section of Intercepting I
Charlotte Amelia. St. Th
Virgin islands. OFFICE OF
Insular Affairs, Office of
stories, Department of the
rior. Room 6412 Iiterieor I
Ing, Washington 25. D
Sealed bids in single cop
furnishing all labor, equip
end materials ead perform
,work for the project des
herein will be received
3:00 Atlantic Standard
October 20, 1955 in the (
jof the Director. Virgin Ih
Public Works, Division of
lar Afftins, Office of Territ
Department of the InS
Charlotte Amalie. St. Th
Virgin Islands and then pu
opened and read aloud.
nation regarding bidding v
rial, bid guerente, and I
plans and specificatlns and
or proposed contract docu
ere open .for public hfept
the office of the Direcrer,
gin Islands Publi Works.
sion of Insular Affairs. Off
Territories. Department a
Interior, Charlotte Amelia
Thomas. Virgin Islands;
Konen & Associates. Cons
Engineers, Bell Building. I
gomnery. Alabama; Loiste
Marx, Room 2713 Interior I
ing, Washington 25.
Hoaming and Home Finoni
agency, Room 313 N.Y. Di
ment Store Building. 1064
de Leon. Santurce, Puerto
A.G.C. Office, 1113 Coi
Building, Miami. Floridel I
are Exchange, 46 Northeas
StieM, Mialmi, Porids, F
Dodge Corporation, 119
40th Strlt, New York
N.Y. nd k.G.C. Office
' Ran andiapecelflceten
be pmmelrd rem 4he sflth
R. L. Kegan & Amscistes,
sulting Engineers. Bell Bul
Montgomery. Alabama,
deposit of $20.00. Deposit
be only by certified check
able to the Treosuror of
United States, which will b
funded to bona fide bidder
on return of plans and spec
tions in good condition I
thirty (30) calender days
the dote of bid opening. A
fide bidder includes any I
who subnits a bid for e
contract. but del not inci
parson who subrits a quo
to the general contract bi
To persons who procuMe
and specifications open poay
of $20.00 and who de not
mit a bid, $15.00 will b
funded -upon the return th
in good condition within
130) eelandor days from
date of bid opening. No s
will be made fos return
that time.
Each bid must be accoe
led by a satisfactory bid gu
ty in an amount et less t
per cent of the total bid.
The successful bidder w
required to furnish a power
once bend and payment
each in the amount of 10
cent of the contract price.
No bid maw be withdraws
til thirty 130) calendar
after the seleduled closing
for the receipt of bids*
The Government reserve
right to wol any infem
end to reject any or ea
whom such In. in fe interim

tinael n es the Interco
sewer, paralleiag, the -
13 Incth V.'.. teeing
or. or meandering in the
general eirenim, frem the
Pity of y Tveaerode 1
Lift kSt ai Mu roe Freatl
loge tidu he fe

C CffCan""el
loles (4 to 14 dspth); 264
Ft;. Pipe (Heuling en
Italling 00ly;500 Lim. 1P
Pipe (Haulfng ."d last
Only); 1,070 LUs. Ft. 1'
(Hau ing aid Iutblllng 0
440 Un. Pt. 10"' llNp (He
and lmtqBiq Oly).
The cast em soInee p
be farishe t St. Tb
Vi in islands feem Govemrn
The majority of trnee
18" end 20" Wwer wll I
dredged fiR *eat A 1

1 1- deep.

Mselt I

) Lin.

1 Is*
. 10"

h for

5f .






DRFP IhIMTs -- r,;.

*i -.4'

*Ap ,,A MWaKI AmPgm .
- ** "; .

-t. -_


*K. S. ....v '. '

-. -. t....
- .. '*' ". -. .r

oP OFSSIONAL Automobim

fq~ 5'

!am- I
vorol ,



_ __ _r___P__1__

- v -

7" -


I .

.I -- ,


ii ~~~ ili i


I '|

.' '!



'. ,


m".' Hel Wanted FOR RENT:-3-bedre.m aper-
on elp tement, ho by the .sea,. tiled-
Divi- floors, low rent. Pheus .-1444.
Divi- OWANTED.- Eaevlsaaed maid. ,
ice of Cooking. general haouswork, FOR RENT, Ideal apahRlsent
f the help with children. References living rmre. bedroom, kitchen.
. S necessary. Via Perres Na 60K dinette. Cedll DOdep # 8. neixt
R. L. after a00. 1 street fost 44b of Jufy Ave.
Mont. FOR RENT'.
FT avieys iTKU q toL ....IA Ar j. Nivy an r r r e nt ly : g med I-i
D.-.. TMs ellan h eous v ., o ..C ,nal Pone. r nt .ow, t uleft: NAs ayVa, ) lso
DA-. C. s Top In'pMimr orce);=: Mejor CarlACos Wael' e ..y. .......
te a. FOR RENT:-.JIu built modlern Cau d ll L .Cl.H g..Daine me. to fg.l ma 0aa na a'--TO
Pence locale, facing the Natiose, .. ..l Colf Heas.nd l t ez P Al. Lawrde.U .
Rice; dium, suitable for car agency( E doR .. 8 .row, drapa left arer. 1t Lt. P, xS. xWI0n. 23
agrees eftfcee, focterieq, warcheeees. U~ aadala; majorr Soaquin Prada V.; Cap nth.A
ild- Alcides Gercia Correa, Phone -~. ab Cda. (r Force) 0pt.

Wet Germany i tl trwool pe and in -e.r Ma or Rdlo Patinp; .Mme pr Luts threacun. i
W.h .-.,od by ,,-,, .- r ,.O -.
IS,3 .. 70 u dn 4 '^, l.,. at a e of olWithdrae. f esbt MeInae _ler __. _. :
.lb r.i d" = 6Y ... .... aId-0- ",..

Hiding. The Gaun Lake Christmas Treat Communist; chief- and deputP ", c3 "i."c t '
upon Committee pl a bake 'sale on .premier in'the .na ,beir..tIrIuira:att ,h _
aSaturday at the Knigbtsaf.Caur- Rde o
pqy bus Home Mararta frq 10 the annotmeement IAPtl diiAif my figt.a spirit bloodshed. Therefore we look on
Sthe a.m. until 2 p.m. Ail prducts will SaWvIU ggt rgwni moves ame to struggle. my patri- Peron's resignation as the begito.
Sre.- be home-made. It wmas a bgl day in the Kreni- o im a- n my. love for the pee- ning of the return of peace id
up- ln. In one room of the old grand A group of 24. Gompa P Atr e lanpe mb to male very per- an end to further violence. .
If i Sport Shirt Dante "calade, ie--Ruisuja 'signed a eay, Navy aiyd AlIr-re medical| 9na.l renqpciation.
within Planned ForB. tf 20-year Bokty e friendship a y olmer .I cu tslntly .d .i ne .theace of the. threat to PeUi's blttWP with e
from At Broa iek o mutual rI With Finlnd. medical in tla and aG nI ci-tglea pAs..iona of e1 wle.t-
bon The Waonsho n COio al Tey n ll pr i t asueits t oa hd sbeno pelt e
oneral Saturday ev X's at .e.'Braxoa sond lhe -_orthe'.. Tk e ofTiers, lYeddby fY5 9 Oei-in e P.' .e t-- PiIu-. 'asO
second -,serveof .-ae oer ests or pm-0 o f th_
nation 12: a at tp. en as the ,end of the Finnish-. ai from .o la y. tIeIeve firm ly that thl Roman Cathe eoditr~ .
dders. 2:o. R"a. Dlx.. stay the ht to -be my conduct and
plans Balboa High In nir e oq the Russianh Cole. at wed to e pt hesitate to follow that Peron was a caer .
b- I Activities tr and the le .t Germans but the medicarifa st P rtaC~ i thCer anE ned the
Sne- At FstaPae o .d op .~fiigtouches on their *a Petre : tapD.Koube p.., i1 W tell hhe
he With ai record openini woere t..o- ,. ad .(io" proa.d-hat

have chosen the.a t ey ant mno "fUll. independence." fanlry'Medical Compatyr. t a l o. r.e a.e, .nautiful 81Ma
ha pnsosn the Sehootseeynd W ula der .e" aate medi l sup. ort of d stress bD Its&,o
ftepat heirl we m o as ye. ar Soviet troops will remain on a regimental .com at te -am forew i W ai togel there
p and ptieseS Tte Ange M a a Gin e iacewatch neat the German the vfadtors l a vn< Ur0tbst cMO M oRb- ofthote ea ua"thaui'rt.t
olar a taU e Democratic Rpublic." Ulbrieht They will also see a demon- wia;Tumcuan, t. a Fpe, mCate- lega ones."
Le Ja. m" B, ,t ... were in the
hae 5 The oa Staff.hi. elected said. "e long as the Western station. of '75 mm SkyRwe per mars pd Nequen were in the
e the officers to bead the work o powers are not ready to with- tupsof the-65th AXA Group at h=nds of the revolutionary He le wag elected president to
ill be the B.H.S. Year Book with Peggy draw thelfUty from Germs- Fla menco Island. forces. 19 indt won oerwbelPaflmlon-.
Ann Donovan as n editor and J deony, and liate their military visalt to the USACARIt Cordoba had been captured ol a congress. He .ele-t
bod eth Viston as Asdecsiate Editor, bases, the presence of Soviet School at Fort Gulick is ached, pretVieuy by the rebels and, de- ed in 9 ae
per In the cheer leaders tryout, the troops to1 6emaarY." uled, after which the group will sBiOt O'Vranmt cIlaps of re- constitution .
eight girls who topped the large aut, lie e. "the German visit CAmp Pilt s at the Jungle apt thoe a ebml radi there.
4 60- roup of cone a were le Democratif public will locally Warfare Traling Center otIpU84 to claim -control of He s t dow all
daes ierm -Tl, ane d 'Gerry fulfill it ertions a'nd rights Many of the officers saw a s the C Rd d ptovidm ..he o- o
time McGriff, veterans of last w7e.a r, P nydr the' w treaty" rima-in the eo r n conf.itc ifl I radio nperto lr l"wla "
and Annwscomerg Gdier Mdan n, nThe i -treaty. a military vthe- famed Colombiandos of
a the Pa Hatler, Gma de l Linda pact betwe pt sl a and its Red oftly Iafain American tI Wam
odly Jacobs, oAs e E esdto the net with tt e Po nted.Na a y be, ade

S neth eheei t tetoos x d ythe treaty will, e ps po chus ,- .
prgoyide -f udd yfor.m n vU t Clato p alnwintthe r f
.the aer, r a .to eo Claytproten e an r .o sh
it Jaobaraw A' pa rt --the .
ds leI" .r. ,-


. .- .

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kWOOD -NIA)-. Holly.- Teacher: "Johny, please spell
ac Cooper on a
C lesenlt l ety7: "Fet ew mauelr
q v. ano r/ofl-.- -.--' -
jIl~ti~n i Sti Stal tar fu 'Pt. Ain -.e (rIMII. JH 'fl..),

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vanilla aItri. C ai
e VAfllllaBa a Cream C OS
or ice cream ItrUoe teh U
thiek, tahlwhi a .tte hut
Steom in a-aved ar
erator. a n e,
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.the "Mmil .q
titlet w&tt-

frveuh%-i el6 Sf Fair
ugha, "Miss Indsotry of the
nW '. The s. hbods cokanio
,ro ai. t in Mfesto', contrbtIon to
rs" ceremony, during which water from
i poured into a pool. Oleta's lob was get-
" ou ty _

'Cown ChaldeiigAd Many Times,

i G WP On CAnductlng Pftbbs
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6hge -S1io linvestiga-
' 'bee. hel- Iiace 1lW
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Ep wrn we r amtW an1' wont shock her klddlfyjj -first sa-n h. .
srted acti at B, fans. She told Barr; 0 4. .., t a ot t t y a
",seris. a,'Peo. I Y year s ,latA
ue th "Make sure th ekIiae t UttlA r te. ret~s that Cgress wl challenged bi
to too r th* -way." m az Ut .r the courts. A citizen, who was
John rFlshe ad ay gleduot, arrested by order of an investigat-
oe .- famous Jackle Wayne Morris, the "Kid Gala- "oy, is he rigt." Chances are tn aomitCtee took.hs cas tthe
anYbods choice for sue- had" lad .who walked away from he'll catch you when yare too rm Court. Congress won
ibn e was tossed back on movie, stardom before Pearl Har- third from such leisure-time/'sct- It first teat when the court upheld
beach after ser vice bor to.become a Navy fighter pilot, V is aws wshinl, Ironing, Ber. the action.
e played in a is ottin a TV series t bl coo ul fur, r
S0 w3i* 'becau se gh" orhod Cop." The f irt.flI hem ms eS c. to fti. s SUP l then, the power of !aw-
S bIha to keep my rolls in October when he returns a fast reblttsI makers to investigate has been .
St Jackla from London and his fourth British I call them elsure-m activl- ehallnged many. times. The
movie in 1 moths "The Dyna- ti, for you ay fid to yor court, except for a law cases
m Since 1i Wayne has amaiment that. Fischer seems wiere they ound Congars had
f f i because I IMd en, working an avocado ranch to think we women don't do any overstepped its bounds, have held
Joovr W -ear San Diego, Calif., commuting. work that Congress had the right to in-
m I* to movietown for occasional films. But let him speak for himself. vestigate and recommend for I
S ey ade' Comes Now The battle of the e' an mpt from le. uutio.
A. aded I IfwaianDaniel Boon esyor husby cha while y ou a The first important probe was In
bs b s e war. So On home screens, that is. Bru ein the or movg w wh a em forces had
a trd. Bennett justm ed a "Daniel pMro. Flser: "Never be- b so routed by Indians.
SI 1 .st It was Boone" pilot m for Produer Saiyi Mr. antir n d Ivu e cleared him .
ir. stoc.t plays, them New A nl Gannawqy, Mickey Roooe Ibn history as mff.Im ad- ianvereut Ur public r

a ser voand r e-0 lare sohaesole WpSNA rrlrd m
York ,,aai and *a Broad- teleflm company has another one. K .i?a hMO iy ralea him. t
.-. 4il "Ais S Is eions i g Bon se -ri kese. gll SS woe i nr c owr i.acson who later b. '-
'1% k. v'0"so x co f g The re's no f7es.r the west odorizeid, coreted. enshlneJ came the semvnth president, was I
areso I covd ret thell Ptur tubes. S aner.thg.lergul who drew the fire
I;" Ro" 'm g e aderiId..- renleatld, and rellvd of a coamittt when he cbasd1
SRod am o gets a crack at Ia labor Inda toih territo
I Ws a flop buJackle's Easy Street with hib new money If yo havin't time to h of was Mt Jackson's m a'
SilB ut an d pere ntak del al for Ipi Mlw wa iA 4 ?tothat of ve might Jhive led to a war
tt of "t. Roberts epla "City Detetnve" em ^ j'ricopwomen toay uommitees dealt with P
a 5rw a rehob Says n ie scEseblue ... Michael Rehti" ttgo, some o thea..,qti loMthat
S-TV~o Climax rpodu"r aIm haave crop up ty. They investigad t
.a.: about an Oe v A nhistoryhas-y w o rnmen' Oer. I
nmtt"soods $0 Ito o 's^*- I Re A 'B41sIIatB=
durwing-zuIrisia._ .e_-d o r share years a A stheorls
W.O W" MyF.f.Us avo Husand bra," adtreelurcesIhe -m end weighe the .va.

i at nstg. IL was a per- Ranhiau," Joan's first film s mft ao ler l asad
t- 'flh itty Girl" Iowu Mars agox
.* .elga Moray, Ga ex-we ofnme, ,bli

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''* f| t.. *-lt.K5T ,r ,-
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7 -7 I -

mmunism 34 years ago.
the iM's, .'30's and 40's the
nveutig.tions were centered
d corruption in high places,


-[ .^I TI j s ,
a.i, thi.s.. nsbad em. I c-I

/, ^ M!oAak tyou w tel.uM -- you s I _3
people think you are
Lns oa r tsan

MICEY oRrfm etY Ru St S -AMY .
MM-P O ..w o rs, W time a Ol,
leLOaWi I ta.. s1b ambina., m


IEEC b I r.. *,-_u..'.
SIWCE "BRIDGES OF TOKO-RI" r-p A"Is afnbw and ri ., -rs
S- *m a".Zt r .. e al Ofp. thhe. .,

t R.S.

TO "m." eQ

on. l WcmCO" n ( "M



witnesses alnd iros I m
but can not make a
vision after evidence fit "
Prosecution and punishment
for the llw-enforoement ers
and courts.
Lait yew Ii.gressioal' eom-
mitte spent about .OO0 prob
ing every ing from conduct at
a senator to housing scandals.
Some congressmen htobght the
cost to taxpayers of mushroOmIng
Inquiries was heading for an al'
time record. They felt that hbis
was the time for a" congressloial
investigation of congressional in-




,1At .t .
Ji^;^ .>) ^U!M ,

brs and 1 re .gional braches.
--rs ad -

More thap a million tons of frI AV tt.
corncobs were used last year in COLA LICOURA.S4
factory operations and Industrial'
products.-,: -.r-.. ..t .;

S Astounding FI.;trifng. J.

I ,An'hn j... tY

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What a roof-raisin' riot... WheFsw-i Atom bomb
sends this pair of oandemoniacs sky-high... Aid
turns 'em into super-charged Superman!...

tri v w enuec IuM uu-w-Wb imUunC WAWUuwB m aW
14d th"e adr uy'w* nad.Merap .o r B to -
llud the npw Irfoa. Te toeI.o.r Anmg -
Ih. n -.. dJy. s I a 4ee, at the TM.hT txe.l the
m fit Interplantary fL t, Atly
Sas tWM have already blueprinted It. Advt.

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king of racing, Nashua, hplds court at
Washington Park, Chicago, for onlook-
ers just before his match race with
Swaos. western three-year-old champ.

NO BALL, NO OUT-Jackie Robinson of the Dodgers gives it the old dust storm slide to beat
the ball to third during game against Cincy in Brooklyn. Third sacker is Rocky Bridges.

GET OUTTA THE WAYI-Caught in thp cross-fire Outfield-
er Bob Nieman of the White Sox escapes getting hit by the
ball but is out at second during game' with Yanks in Chi-
cago. Gil McDougald throws to first for a double-play.

OUT-OF-BOUNDS-Eddie Miksis of the Cubs is out for being out-of-bounds during a run-
down in game with Giants in New York. Making the play is Hank Thompson of Grants.
,. '," -'"7.]

CHAMP'S WIDE-OPEN But he's swinging away, as usual and Joey Giambra (left) of Buffalo, N. Y. covers up. The
battler at ri ht? Mid4weight King Bobo Olson. Scene is San Francisco and Olion won it by unanimous.lecision.
ziBg FeftrW 8padiO







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Chrysler-Plymouth Tourney 1st Round Completed
y y y -

-"- -

Few Upsets Registered

At Brazos Brook Club

The first round of play in the Chrysler.Ply-
moath Invitational Golf Tournament at Brazes
Brook Country Club were completed Sunday eve-
ning and. the first flight play featured two upsets
when Bob Johnson beat veteran George Engelke 4
and 3 and Bill Lewis defeated the favored Maurice
Muller 2-up.

in the third flight, Bob Armt-
a created the big upset of the
tournament when he defeated
Commander Cipolat 3 and 2.
The second round must be
completed by the evening of
Sunday, Sept. 25.
The results:
Galndo defeated Lewter, 2-
Lewis defeated Muller, S-up.
Hurdle defeated Riley by de-
Johnson defeated Engelke, 4
and 3.
Cameron defeated Hoverson,
S and 2.
Mathieson defeated Barrett,
by default.
Gump defeated Jacks, 4 and 3.
Hause defeated Richmond, 1-
Priler won over Louis, 5 and 4.
gleischi won over Kuklinski, 2
and l,
Mills won over Duncan, 5 and
Huldquist won over Toledano,
4 and 3.
Field won over Kandrin, 5
and 3.
Stitta won over F. Williams,
4 MAd 3.
ler-gMahoney, no result
ott beat Lang, l-up at

Chadwick beat Misinger, 3
and 3.
Puller beat Lally, 2-up.
Armitage beat Cipolat, 3 and 2.
Corekis beat Mora, 2 and 1.
GrahMa beat J. Noonan, 6 and

Shaw defeated Morland by de-
Raymond turned-back H. S.
Donovan, 2 and 1.
Peters over Kraka, 1-up at
renway over Reed. 1-up,
Hurley over Brown. 4 and 3.
Maduro over Trottla, 6 and 5.
MeClain over Strawn, default.
Bean Over Herron, l-up.
Humphrey over J. A. Hall, 1-
Coftey over Kemp 1-up.
Roth over Page, 3 and 2.
' Hlrons beat DeRaps, 3 and 2.
Andrews beat Ryberg, 2 and 1.
Johnson v&. Sharp, no result
Sullivan beat Schuster, 2 and
Bey beat McClean. l1-up.
Francey beat Peterson, de-
Horbelt beat Nordstrom, 2-up.
tirwell defeated Nufiez, 1-up.
Dull defeated Whitney, 1-up.
Rogers defeated Rylknder, 2-
Johnson vs. Baugh, no result
Campbell beat La Croix,-2 andi
Vasques beat Copeland, 2-up.
Fabreau beat Reynolds, 3 and 2
Mills defeated Carey, 2-up.

Markfeld beat Wilder, 5 and 4.
Boyd beat H. E. Wilder, 4 and
Crosier beat Hofer. and 1.
Cockrost beat Nelson, 5 and 3.
Bookhammer beat Long, 7 and

McNaughton beat Stroop, de-
Stampfll beat Bettinger, de-
McKnight beat Henry, 3 and 2.
Van Gelder over Leigh, 4 and
Taylor had a bye.
J. Wright had a bye.
Tubbs had a bye.
McGilberry over Menchacha.
10 and 8.
Bell had a bye.
C. K. Wright had a bye.
Stewart had a bye.

Huldquist defeated Copeland,
7 and 5.
Hadley defeated Kruger, 2 and
LM&thieson defeated Cordorici,
Leigh defeated LaCrols, 1-up,
36 holes.
Day defeated eynolds, 1-up.
Garrett defeated Whitney, 2
and 1.
Tubbs advanced on a bye.



Gatun's swimming program for
the school year will begin Sept. 26.
Registratl der MI9 progrin
will be eeld between.9 a.m. 5
p.m. at Gatun pool Sept. 19
through Sept. 23.
Beginners classes for G a t u n
children will be held on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday from 3-4
Children not residing in Gatun,
beginners swim classes will be
held Monday, Wednesday and Fri.
day from 4-5 p.m.
Intermediate, swimmer, and ad-
vanced swimming classes will be
held on Tuesdays from 3-5 p.m.
for all children Interested.
The very popular ladies swim-
ming classes will be held on
Wednesday and Friday from 10-12
noon. For those interested in join-
ing this group, the Class
consists of a short period of calis-
thenics, teaching of the non-swim-
mer, improvement of the swim-
mer, and a visit period over a cup
of coffee. The only charge is the
price of admission.
The Gatun Gymnasium will be
opened from 9 12 a.m. on Satur-
The program is made possible
through efforts of the Dvision of

Peerless Hoople Starts

With Terps Over UCLA

Father of Foobtl

HALLOO and ye*d, geutl read-
ers Here it isl he news you've
been om tenterbooks waiting: the
first fall football forecast by that
peerless pr eosticator, your old
reliable veteran correspondent,
Samely me!
During my long, hot summer
ef research into the angles and tan-
gles that make for successful pro.
dictionI ihave effected some
amazingly aecorats improvements
on my system.
Most important of these was the
enlistment of Prof. Wolfgang Mc-
Ginty, who comes to the staff after
nn high honors in the field of
peliaeal o He will assist
Prof. Mr Ziobotay with
the abstract figures upon which
so much hinges in accurate analy-
We have been in a huddle the
three great minds-in an effort to
make our first forecast an immor-
tal piece of literature.
Upsets dot our chart. In the
east, we are the only ones to Mo-
Ject Maryland er UCLA. In the
midwest, we feahtesly pick In.
diana to topple Michigan Sate.
Undantedl we move south and
orecast arW you a victory for Flo-
rida ever Georgia Tech. -
Wha the make of battle has
cleared. im r oAklant you'll join'
I tMon-wide bueas for Hoopte,
of them all!
u, CLA 19
S W mwl. ad Mary 7

The Old Boy Himself

Baylor 14, Vlilsuova *
BStoe U. 14, Pena State I
Brows 2, CAlumlt 12
Clate 13, Dartmouth 4
C anda N, Illml= i 13
Ibdia 14, Mieh. State 7
Wahngta fL 13. Kansas 6
ihbngan M. liud i
Miampo 19, Wi s
mle State 29, n 3
Wiom 3n Ma3 Mtte
taftNd Ore,. iate
1o 3, Alabama 7
Atkames 20. Okl. A. and M. 13
inMKb 14, GeAr Teck 7

i-M.Ns3 i lkt pu 14
Otlahea3, NW T
Netre Dame ,B Melhedilt 14
Texas 21, Itule 7I
Tans A. nd l. i1, L. St. 14

Postponement Makes Marciano 5

The He PEaras

Balboa Y' Opens


s, UNITED S ran
(Baed on 00 effial at bat)

Player, Club g ab
Ashburn, P. 135 514
C'neliLa, B. 119 434
Muall, S.L. 149 542
Klus'ski C. 149 593
Aaron, il. 148 583
Furllo, B. 136 510

r h PetL
90 175 .340
81 140 .323
95 172 .317
111 186 .314
103 183 .314
82 160 .314

Kaline, Det. 147 571 118 194
Power, K.C. 143 579 90 184
Kuenn, Det. 140 601 98 185
Kell, Chica. 124 413 42 127
Mantle, N.Y. 145 515 121 158
Mays, Giants ...........
Kluszewski, Redlegs ....
Banks, Cubs ............
Snider Dodgers ........
Post, Redlegs ...........
Mathews, Braves .......
8nider, Dodgers ........ 1
Ennis, Phillies ......... 1
Mays, Giants ........
Banks, Cubs ............
Jensen, Red Box ....... 1
Snider, Dodgers ........ I
Mantle, ,Yankees ...... I
Smith, Indians ......... 1
Kaline, Tigers ......... 1
Maya, Giants .........,. I
Kaline, Tigers .........
Fox, White Box ........
Kluszewski, Redlegs ... 1
Kuenn, Tigers ......... 1
Power, Athletics ....... 1
(Based on 14 Decisions)

N e weombe Dodgers
Byrne, Yankees ....
Loes. Dodgers .....
Ford. Yankees .....
Labine, Dodgers ....



Jobn j. I

4 .800
4 .714
7 .708
5 .706

On The Alleys...

The opening night of the
Classic Bowling League at the
Diablo Heights Clubhouse Bowl-
ing Alleys saw the defending
champs, the Hotel El Panama
team, down the Sky-Chef, 8.A.,
aggregation, three to one. Billy
Coffey, captain of El Panama,
picked up three substitutes and
then proceeded to roll games of
223, 247 and 252 for a tremen-
dous 722 total. For the Sky-Chef
team, Bud Balcer scored a big
664, while MacLane chipped in
with 551, but it wasn't enough.

Lane .
Welch .
Zelates .
Balcer .

. 162 197 192 551
. 150 167 215 532
176 177 164 517
159 147 190 496
.225 221 218 664
872 909 970 2760


Bowen .
Feger .
Lowande .

. 190 180
. 203 162
S176 171
. 210 192
. 223 247
1002 952


On alleys 3 and 4, the number
3 team defeated Seymour Agen-
cy by the same margin, three to
one. Earl Best and Bill Jacober
led their team to victory while
"Curly" Bates was high man for
Seymour Agency.

No. 3
Stephens 172 167 201 540
Thomas 172 182 151 505
Jacober 109 182 190 570
Almeda 153 177 201 531
Best 199 171 225 595
/ 894 879 968 2741

Bates ..
MeGarvey .
Colbert .
Larrabee .

S171 178 155 504
. 162 163 325
210 195 178 583
158 195 353
172 176 173 521
188 243 431
873 900 944 2717
.... .. _

Would like to remind all bowl-
ers that the Major League will
open at Diablo Heights on Sept.
20 and the Pacific Cosmopolitan
Mixed League will ret under way
the following night, so we'll be
seeing you at the bowling alley.

Slim Fat Away
If ft teis r your fre or make
7. shin of breath and *anan-ers
mr hlh. you winm Bnd It esy
to..* hui powauda a y with the
nw wotlb wood method eleeld
O=DVv No auItkc diimE Or
esu-cl. Aboltl7 Mae. Ask YOuW
ehunot for sORMOD Bas tsu
_ekd mm

The Balboa YMCA-USO has
opened up horseshoe pits in the
rear of the main building and
welcomes all adult U.S. citizens,
military and civilian to use
them. There is no charge for
If there is sufficient interest
in the game, the "Y" will in-
stall lights for night play, and
also extra pits.
Those interested may Inquire
at the YMCA office.
The YMCA-USO is a member
of the Balboa Community Cheat

Along The Fairways

The weather man came
through for a nice golfing day
Sept. 15 when we had our Medal
Play Tournament with full
The winners were:
Bobbie' Hughes net 69.
Anna Moynihan net 70.
Bea Fish net 72.
Ethel Brown least number
of putts.
Congratulations to all you
gals for a good. game!
The Ringer Tournament start-
ed last week and we have a lot
of girls signed up. Please don't
forget to have those -score cards
attested when they are to count
on your Ringer Tournament.
Thursday is the Match Play
Tournament and a wonder same
to meet new golfers. We will be
matched with players near our
own handicap so come on out
for a good game and fun for ev-
A putting, contest will be held
on the side for first, second and
third low in putts.
Better plan to stay for lunch
so you won't miss out on the
fun. Welcome home, all you gals
who have been on vacation. We
have missed you all. Happy
golfing I

Delay Figures To Bother

Challenger More Than Rock

NEW YORK, Sept. 20 (UP)-The Rocky Mar-
ciano-Archie Moore heavyweight title fight was
postponed for 24 hours today because of Hurricane
lone. The lengthened odds of 4-1 immediately zoom-
ed to 5-1 and will probably go higher if another de-
lay moves it to Thursday.

Marciano's sixth defense of
the title against light-heavy-
weight champion Moore is now
set fqr Yankee Stadium tomur-
row hight at 10:45 p.m. (EDT)
or 9:45 (Panama time).
The delay is another frustra-
tion and perhaps a costly one
for the long-thwarted, 38-year-
old challenger who figured to be
bothered far more by the wait-
ing than placid Marciano.
New York's share of the Hur-
ricane was originally expected
last night, but the weather bu-
reau explained that lone's slow
progress delayed the heaviest
rain, and winds until today.
The bureau's forecast for to-
night read: "clearing with slow-
ly diminishing winds." It was
explained at the bureau that the
'"time for the clearing could not
be pin-pointed." but Indications
were that the clearing would be-
gin "in the late afternoon .or
A representative of the In-
ternatlomal boxing Club said:
"'lThe field and seats would not
have time to dry out."
The weather bureau's fore-
cast for Wednesday was "fair
with moderate temperatures."
Tomorrow night's 15 round
fight will start at 10:45 p.m. be-
cause of a minor conflict with
tomorrow night's middleweight
fight between Bobby Dykes and
Georgle Johnson at Miami
Beach, Fla.
The Marclano-Moore extrava-
ganza will not be televised to
homes; only to 128 theaters and
four veterans' hospitals in 92 ci-



In the current issue of the SEP, Bill Heins, a top ranking
reporter in any field, gives a check-by-cheek account of the
$45,000 publicity campaign a group of Toledeo politl*-bUsine
men bankrolled to get Archie Moore a shot at the heavyweight
Since the proof of the pudding is the eating, even if it's
only made of cauliflower, no one can truthfully say the cam-
paign wasn't a success, for, come tomorrow night in Yankee
Stadium, the Negro veteran will be fighting Rocky Marciano for
the big one. d
That's what the campaign was designed to accomplish, and
whether Moore would or would not have got the match without
such backing, is academic. For the record, however, my view 13
the campaign had little, or nothing to do with the final signing
of the papers.
The major theme of the pamphleteers was that Moore was
such a tremendous fighting man everybody was playing the duck
for him, especially Marclano, who ran to the side of his man-
ager, Al Weill, and sobbed hysterically any time he heard old
Archie's name mentioned.
One of the minor themes was that Moore was blacklisted
around here because by his own admission, he is a man of
striking independence and would rather starve than submit to
the tyrannical puppetry which dominates the IBC.
Unfortunately, in any zealous rush to see that an ugly in-
justice is promptly corrected, truth is often trampled, either in
honest error or due to misleading information. And in this in-

-1 Favorite

-- 0-

Brooklyn .....95 53 .642 -
Milwaukee ...83 66 .557 12'2
New York ....75 72 .510 1911
Philadelphia .75 74 .503 201,j
Cincinnati ...73 77 .487 23
Chicago ......70 79 .470 25 i
St. Louis .....65 84 .436 30 VY
Pittsburgh ...58 89 .395 36 1

ties on a closed circuit. However,
some of the coaxial cables nec- TODAY'S (GAMES
essarv for that circuit will .not Phila. at Brooklyn 12. T-N)
be available tomorrow night un- Pittsburgh at New York (21
til after the Miami Beach fight, Milwaukee at Cincinnati (NI
which will be televised national- Chicago at St. Louis (N)
ly to homes.
The American Broadcasting
Company, scheduled to radio TESTERDAY'S RESULTS
both fights nationally to homqs. lNieht Gamei
would present only Marciano Chicago 100 000 400 000-5 13 0
and Moore if staged tomorrow St. Louis C0O 000 230 001-6 12 1
night and eliminate the Miami
Beach fight. Minner, Tremel, Davis t6-11
Promoter Jim Norris was un- and Cooper.
certain how much the one-day
washout will hurt the gate. He McDaniel. Smith, Wright 12-2 1
had expected at least $750,000 and Burbrink.
from 50,000 fanA. The advance
sale approximated $600,000. and Only games scheduled.
he figured additionally that at
least $50,000 worth of tickets al- 1
ready had been sold in outside
consignments. Twelve thousand |
general admission seats at s5 y | A
sale at 7 p.m. today at the sta- e A n
Meanwhile, both fighters- ,I A a
who flew in from their camps Ml |
yesterday were ouartered in L T o I le IL.
metropolitan hotels; Rocky isnea t he le d n dnse
the Bronx, and Moore in mid-, 0 m
Coincident with their arrlv- By FRED DOWN
ale, each Issued a pre-battle
statement In which he pre- NEW YORK, Sept. 20-(UP)-
dicted victory. Moore declared, The New York Yankees aimed
"I've said a lot of things about today for about today for a quick end to the
Rocky and this fight, and I American League. pennant race.
meant every one of them." He serene in the knowledge that'
aparetly referred to his neither the Cleveland Indians
charge that Roekv was not nor Hurricane lone can do much
merely a rough fighter but a about it.
foul fighter.
Rocky, denying; said, "lve The Yankees' immediate ob-
never been a dirty fighter. Noth- jective was a three-game sweep
ing, not even the heavyweight of the Washington Senators-a
title, would make me stray from feat which would clinch Caseyr
the way my parents trained Stengel's sixth flag in seven
me." ygar.aould__th Iediam--Ae
doore cla-mT he has Men their two-game series with the
aiming at this title shot. "ever Chicago White Box. The Yankees
since I was eight years old." But hold a 13-6 edge over the Sen-
later, when he came flehting out ators for the season while the
of St. Louis he went through ;9 Indians stand 11-9 with theI
years of frustration as a pro- White Box.
fesslonal before getting recogni-
tion as a challenger for the gold- Tn Chicago, A.L. President
en heavyweight crown. Will Harrldge assured ls the
-I -- interested parties that Hurri-
came lone can't give anyone
Cwar R o n unfair advantage even if

At the International Race at
Dunbrop on Sept. 16, the first.
second and third places were
all won by Mereedes Benz, 4th
was an Aston Martin.
At the International six days
trial the Czchoslovakia Interna-
tional trophy was won by a West
German team.
All these cars used Castrol

Elston Howard

Not Available

For Panama Loop

the xpinee-Senator series be-
comes diernnutd. Harrid'e an-
nounced that awv wastuoped
games having a hearing onn the
race would be played after the
With this knowledge,. Pton!l
was sending Drn t.praen -nd hi;
two ster 'outhnavws, 17-game
winner White, Ford and 16-
*Pme winner Tomm" stvrne. nut
for a sween in W*s)incrn.
Mickev MeDTermntft.. ~dro Ra-
mos and Boh Porterfieldp are -
necteod tn worlr the three games
fto the .enetors.
Tb. yorklpes -,'erc theor*tle1-
lv crirnled hbI the lno of cPn-
ter-fielder ',.*Pl-v Montil ind
ahnrtaton Phil RWntr- P wal pc

stance, the picture-as it eventually emerged-was more flater- Elsten Howard, Negro rookie 1nl Skowr n's broken toe ht
ing than factual. outfielder of the New York once again Steniel'ls Irbeh
Yankees, will not be able to "t4-enrth should h' ad1ernite to
play in the Panama Profes- meet +he '-, cne",A A vn"t.le
BEATEN 19 TIMES sional Baseball League arxt nTtfield of wia+W wnarn*rd, Trv
For example, the layman, in full possession of the facts, season because of other comr- "nren and W nk NoI,- is J anho-
might find it impossible to believe that Marciano would back mitments, hlv as g nrld cs nth,. n4 tbe
away from a fighter who had been beaten 19 times and had suf- Pankma League prexy Raul le-vi'e. r rr- r'l-on fill t,
feared three knockouts. Range was notified by a ca- '--,not"l, f^r Vl"-,,,t Ar" TEn
Only Jim Braddcck had a spotter record than Moore when blegram Sunday that Howard, r'olline -o ee, rnorpe ffspt.,,
he challenged--and won the championship from Max Baer. one of the two major leaguers thp., "-owron in recent weeks
An impression has been created that all through his fistie whose services had been re- anyhow.
life, Moore's superior skills hve handicapped rather than help- quested by the Chesterfield
ed him--the ruing fighters ef the moment would have no part team. has been contracted at Chlesto. *t+ Tn'a et..rt
of him. elsewhere, possibly In one of *hu'- rie e ,i+h th*b.Whit* orv
The record tells a different story. Emsard Charles, for one, the other winter leagnes. **tirht ftriviii tn n a
didn't cal a cop when Moore was suggested as an opponent. On Howard, a candidate for fr*,re-,me 1Fr1 .*rp-l, b,,,t

around pennant-bound Yankees. I'rr,," frE- "l in n--t. It'll
True, this was back in '48. but, even then, Moore, at 32, was .. ruth Pierce ,nniuh and
a finished craftsman. Very likely he was a better fighter then i Thinks Jack Harshmpn tomorrow.
than now. Being younger, he was faster, had more stamina and r=gi Thi nks
was less vulnerable to shock. g ot many fighters get better once Ara r o n e e
they've passed 30. n fact, Gene Tunney was through at 30, and -.meth'na rd "P
the year.before, Jack Dempsey. 32, called it quits. Abutfld l' c 1-por f 'ec..-. i-
On the superficial testimony of the record-which makes no NEW YORK-Yogi Berra was I01ou h nriv anf.7 fr it- .
attempt to define quality-Moore might seem to be an excep- moanIng about his hitting i the i,,n ir ,, hpef the Tni,
tion. He hasn't been beaten since '51 when Harold Johnson de- Yankee dressing room. no-r times and .hi t '*m rti
cisioned him. They met again here last summer and Moore had "The hat hasn't felt right in m t mes nm
to get off the canvas to win. It was such a fine performance hands all season. Only one day it M-aiver Al Loner snid lre
by the Emperor Jones of Vagabondia that no one thought to felt good." the squat catcher wail- woul1 nIrhb either 18--"'no win-
ask him what happened to the blacklist. ed. ner Early Wuvn fnr P" qcn-e.
writMbe its u ag ie the mind." a the rookie strikeout king. tu-
NO GATE ATTRACTION "Nw. got no ihi n" in my nloht-
go a niThr Ypnkees' " tn mhn-'"

The most popular reason for blacklisting a fighter, here or mind. Berra said. Then he jump- t n llminate the Tnril-n ic
elsewhere, is Ins inability to activate the turnstiles, and Moore, .. "five" while e they'll nffiriall I
though a consistent winner, has never been noted for his dra- "t nothn' m my mwrindexc it that way'kl off th White ox with their
mats in the ring. ning After al. I'm not an empty next victory.
This was one of tne reasons Weill figured on holding him head." _._temyetvor
.d*ff &.41h .. ~. ....IA ildv ou a"k the nubel to at *et a man _

ol anotnUU er yerm. a oW cUiaou yj a Pz w &wept a -in
beaten three times by Charles as a serious contender for the
heavyweight championship-especially since your man had only
recently made a shambles of the same Charles?
If you eooldn't get any money with Moore, why not make
him wait other year when be would be Just that much older
and presumably jut that much easier to take? This is prob.
ably the way Well wised up the eltatleam.
And, them almost overnight, the pleture changed. Moore
looked tremendeis la knocking oat a nonertooeombative middle-
weight, and all of a sudden he was hot be x office. A match with
Marciame thus beesme a natural.
At the same tilae. the unique campaign of the spirited Tole-
doans took oP a reAuism that It most likely would have missed
otherwiss-thanks, of course, to Moore who, from the beginning.
was the only possible hope of its eventual success. He had to sell
hmelf l the ring. The malls are no good for this sort of

New York ... .91 56 .619 -
Cleveland ....90 59 .604 2
Chicago ......87 62 .54 5
Boston .......82 65 .558 9
Detroit .......76 73 .510 16
Kansas City ..63 86 .423 29
Washington ..51 95 .349 39
Baltimore ....51 95 .349 39 1,
New York at Wash. 12, T-N)
Cleveland at Chicago (N)
PAltimore at Boston (2)
Kansas City at Detroit
(Night Game)
Kansas City 000 000 000-0 6 2
Detroit 000011 11x-4 9 0
Craddock (0-21. Keriazakos
and Astroth, Shantz.
Black (1-1i and Porter.
(Night Grnmei
New York at Washington
(Postponed raini
Only games scheduled.

i For Quick

Flag Chase

o -.

Ernie Banks, the Chjeage
Cubs' brilliant young short-
stop, set his second major
league record of the season
last night in one of the two
games played. Banks, who ear-
lier set a new mark for hom-
ers by a shortstop in one year,
hit his fifth grand slam homer
of the eampaJn allboeugh the
St. Louis Cardinals won out fn
the 12th inning, 6-5, on a
homer by Rip Repulski.
Banks' record-setting homer
came off Lindy McDaniel in the
seventh innftr and Wat-his 4th
of the season. The blow' ave
Paul Minner a 5-0 lead but he
blew it when the Cardinls
scored two runs in the seventh
and three in the eighth. Stan
M eslal and Harry Elliott also
hcnered for St. Louis.
Rookie Bud Black pitched a
six-hitter for his first victory as
the Detroit Tigers beat the
Kansas City Athletics, 4-0, in
the other game.


Peru Ave. No. 2
.60 .30

For the first
time a
Motion Picture

Superb Voices!
Wonder ful

3:00 5:00



7:00 9:00 p.m

Todov Enconto. .25 .15
WAHOO! $115.00
Gene Kelly, in
John Payrie. in

Todod IDEAL .20. 10
WHIP" Chaps. 3 & 4
"Fighting Kentuckian"

> SLOT 1MAC11M".
Lfl~j^ ^-^-fonafL i I/ *41*


- --- .I, _.;nY;~Y


_ ___ ___~_~_

. 1

I -

.14 41 IA

f~arcidtwo-Mo oro. Ft ^M
15, a r igaf rore,
OTtu n ........
:' -____*_____*' ^ ,, "^ ... ^ : .. .. ...... ......., ...p p j

Panama meiran alOf

IJ-lt Three Loualri
r aRiT A f II









vI if Greatuxttahba her out in the woodb forsmesrnl
. t L2. The 'hours to let bar "work out I g'
s Ca e So hadb resentment"
rtr jt "I'll stay4l'lodee
AM terture her ditrag b e
ada a pretyI"Shll an.aB stn
w ad", day wil t

W1 W WW" 'V W 1W W W 1 1F IF U WW *1 F.V- 1W W V W -jruaon will ariue us wea S w
start the first f11 sieson of thb
*LS Armed Fofrese Co pro*
"Let, the people know te tr aust amd to cauntry is ste" Abra& am Lincoln. gram in the Passnama Ar -
I~~ ~ ~ .__ ___ ___ __ ___ ___ wney-They win be resent at thet. ;
PANAMA, R. P. TuighDAY, swaEM s, io mCaCENTS Nayton Education enter for
_______ registration Thursday and Fri-
day, from I to 10 p.m.. Class^im
will begin Monday.
Subject offered this seusson
are "diplomatic history of the
United States" at AlMrook Air
Force Base on Mondays and
Wednesday, "history of ctill-
sation" at Fort Clan on Tueg-
Gays and Th pya, map
reading" at Fort be on Mon
days aid Wedne ys, "general
anthropol at FortDavi on
Tuesday and Thurdafys. list
semester Englishcompu ion at PARE N S R. 3 e M and James t Condm (rigbt) loo iat thir
'Fort Clayto non Mondiy an1 Murray, Jr., 1, after they areed on to rOturn thbarby to 4 are
Wedensdays, and adcond semes. father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. ; Do al Murai of N svla, T. Th ne
ter English co tion at Fort with his grandparents when his mof r went south to.lain her P I usb n .
Davis on Tue ay and Thurs-
days. Classes meet from 7:00 to
10:00 p.m. for eight' weeks.

hours realdence credit. Military e pe o ye N t e a c
personnel and oter U.S. citizens
are encouraged to enroll.

Ieud Actdrsed Men With Military Resve

Crockery To Throw The ne Sep (U P) -m fm I jos an paerv res r tanir dia.
il D not endanger the bu s ea way, rectoofin adustrial rehi lem5 r n
reers ofen the ation's you$h but ions, rd ng and Fondr gram
REACHES REEDOM-WalterA 4 Rickett (left) of ettlq 'N g ro bablY will create some proab. plants, bt of Cleveland. Aou &s Co4 Chicago hA

his china-tossi a e of big industrial Spearking solely from ae o c si r .
Wash., s greeted by Red Cross officials Margaret Strathie of Plenty of crockery will be fitm shwvowed today. os stand- t they urgedtoung men etr o a
England and Richard Tomlin of the United States In Hong mashed on th o stag e of the Thea Almost to a man, pers eldi- to "take two years o atie a to tost r aa
MI 9Kong. itlckett was the first of 41 U.S. citizens who are to be when the Guild's production of the New York to San Francico told tion behind them. a possible. o ei. Amo
U o Bl' RE CrHINA-Roman Catholic pr0 the Very Rev. rI aIIBroadway comedy success, "The United.Press interviewers the said they would have no rns rva- tAoiI At ,
Ear W. Rigne (lafti of Chicago arrives in Hon Kong after released by the Chit cre Reds under terms of an agreement Male Animal," open a six- p e r- will not be "at all reluctant" to lions about hiring reservists. Poaer
his release by e Chinese Communilate, With Im lIs Red reached in Geneva talks between American and Chinese Com- e pt to ye in themurspenr On the other hand, Hr y Day, rai engie dills ea
CrossofidaRichard r "Iwaitedhtwo years and two munist amba dor whRenee Gerson and Hilda Hirsch, But 'several said it will affect ronel manager of the prson e a
S* for the laugh hit, are being kept depending on the tyeof military and Electric Co., advocated Im
*'debusy these days collecting o d d s service young men decide to take. six mnths a nnual camp plan lie t ttEenwd
I ~ Mao- whand ends of dinner sets, me I- Indications are it would be best cause It would "give them more t tend camp
matched cups and saucers, miscel- for teenagers to decided on their money and more time for noiwl- vd a
Semne I ous Plate, etc. They will be future jobs and pattern reserve ry trainingg'" _
Seeded for the several ats be- duty accordingly. A big employer in Atlanta, who -
ENtween the comedy's leading cha- asked.inot,nto, be identify also
racter, a college professor, and Under the new reserve program, favored the six-months a ve du-h a 4
his china-tossing spouse. prR-2aft age youths can enlist in cyt7 c years In- the reser 1. Hs
"The "shria e" rate is hi h, a program under which -they will adv pd against t he strai ht two- ead.
Ainae s l s ,emsis arballadse de pclateIit ceocex months active duty train year ia tent, od wai fo re lasa
and cups are smashed per spat ing folloWed by 7% years in the the two-year draft.

f aamia wyre atell Q fJ5n If a d as any i o f ready reserves. Most corn e survey .
FO;~~~ Be rg fi ea m ayp thing to spare, the ls cn btei te gad wy-rin ea pJl fo r m k19
AlrecellrAi #tw-4
TOY0, Beot. LUB ) The e ans Dorrth h Middleton, 42, Cree, He said that under pressure he released Fridy L w ren e "The M a will c i stment l a other sr i
Communed sHild today Ill. They taught in leprI colonies. signed a statement implicating Buoi, a civilian pilot from Stock- nue at the Guild's Wor I oP es are lonh r with corrponding- ss i during ps gu
yaoveerninent must am- e e the th and 9th A rmself asaspy. ton, Calif., crossed the border to through Oct. 1. Tickets may be ly shorter time inthe ready re- vacations.
gadfami o-kren on some mrican the Communists an- "But I refuted it a year ago," Hong KongSaturday with an Ita- procured by calling Mrs. Worces- serve. Tre were a few ee os i A O
lubefore they are nounced on Sept. 11 would be "de- he said. "They never got me to lan priest at Pansma 30010 or a in th reil o w av m p a
Before "expiration of their admit it again. The Communists also released a dinger at Balboa 1368 during the have the choice of attending week- differa between the reservists try
l Peep Daily n Al mtoRev. LuisR.Dolumburu, who B albgt. ly drill, for the 7 years.n d salary andtheir Military pay.
P msD t i ost9thrg Americans not a spy." w re st w spending 17 days annually at sum. L S. uck .ter, chairman cm
SSl oadvast by Peiping were charge with some form of reported that on Sept. the Reds tBALBOATDES cm semmr ending m0 days the CIO veteran committeeman A tf R s
said anupdisclosed aum- ep g. The tw wo e Thee more American priests, began a mass pick-up of Catholic Aoin summer camp annually, p 30 d s th dr.v c miee sai Ah t wrf tae KR yeuos
the Americans "have com- Were charged with "sabotage. pale but hearty, returned tofree- clergy and laymen in Shanghai. WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMUER 21 Among employers willing to of- wage contract clauses foraf ml w chs eere faust
their cases is still aste ., h lbs years captivity in Red China. low prisoners had been placed un- 6:43 .m 0:35 a.m. ing which course to choose were tiations. They would compensate were classified I
a oderouse arrest in Foochow Aug. 7:09 p.m. 12:59 p.m. Ray Livingston, vice president in reservists for any lost wages remain under -a
ewspaper dM not i s Reds, was expect at They raid they bad never been 20, 1953. ___
hewr ogit avy require e border tomorrow. charged with a crime, and had He said they were not tortured, e Mobte a 1 thu
a but ladisteai s. Americans in Red China listed by they were told to leave China im- All reported that, generally *. F wAIe s NIav cas ,e d
Sltea c iena by" the Peiping regime for immediate mediately.T speaking, they had "quite easy laa tbW I JI ea' ying.O i. INe w to be
for, i eto release meeinlg under terms of the agree- treatment" while under hoe tive a b.? eiMl
Sreaschedog le 'N maes worked out in Genva con- The priests are the Revs. Freder- arrest. Doors Io their r o sou ss If u6 g S
Manother:3 keMi n efa Rego r Reports from Shanahai ick A. Gordon, Somersent, Ohi o. were kept unlocked, but were c e ie a
-ad some m nare. today said some other Amernans Joseph E. Hyde, Loweril, M"aIs. guard O ps h B te O ad. O f C t er ao hmnia
-e .were Making plans to leave soon, and James G. Joyce, C SInntos, a aye ago ePamn 1t e ns
? therest of Us Americans The reports said ten-year od mass.Alare members of the The three priests laugh an try. .
of crimes China," Emma4igelln Dairy, thea V- D1 der Mass All are members o t Joked with newsmen and photo-
PeopsDaeily "'tha nChi- te of an American would leave grapheroeasrthey told theirhsto- SUMNER, Miss.. Sept. 20 (UP) to the Tallahatchie River. Th lWair and imptal. men are ao-
S anci n on) w ith a 2 byt usb daht bar moO to fe eooth r, n on sfaid the Communists bothers for the "wolf call" ly- Till's wolf-whistle a t Bryant's evidence and on ,llblarftd.m eai. .
sa c pcedure in a trit of e- loan hiten We d Series in 153 ad s questioned them at lag intervals Ing of a young northern Negro pretty brunette wife on a val The burdeniowthe stte
S.r"sp Robert Howardt Parker- a re- The Ve Rev. It arold W. g1* sin an attempt to fid ou t i f they opened today with the dismiss- to the couple's country store at prove beyond a reasonable doubt ini N
and Red China traded new Philadelphia,wi le at t h n Wat A ickA t a snt o But they never charged us wtth whosaid theyrhadcntierd e o he perspective Jur- b tat doe na at
tion on prisone r release same time with his Chinese wife. from Seattle, were the first to be when o 6 k dnp e fund, o.1 were e for conteice Tus to hat msdidit aei
tooknur the vital second They will sail on the Butte r Ser r eWhen asked if he "shielded Eight Negro reporters, most of into the Milan-Bryant defense cause i you knew thery did it
teG n v talks'e da. h wi field and Hun e Bter counter revolutionary elements" them representing Northern fund, which was reported to on would be witness anda not News o th b
second item Is. "other pac- An Americasn Baptist mission. E as reported by Radio Peiping, Gor. newspapers, were segregated at have reached $8000 In solicitas- urors." -ar, rotd- Nues5
matters'' at issue between ary, Iprisoned for re than Cadon reutd that they were not a separate table as the trial got tions throughout the Delta plan- plo s I
tandW"a ssAgtue bt e r years by r sonef e nCom- accus oft this. under way in a tense apd Icrowd- station region. Another was dis- Milam and Bryant came to Cal., a
mnsu st crossed the frontier to Newsmen asked Joyce about an- ed courtroom in this wall Min- missed because he sed. he ha4 court smiling bit,4hey gre ow-the
hft tr iist week rlled out fTedsom yesterday ad hurst inothef' Red accusation that "he col- aissippi Delta farming twn. come to a fixed opinion abourious as thes.$zla sWwar, way. -
fater incde -relaa- ears wh e heatedbylected information about Foochow "We haven't mixed so far the case. He was warned not to They wore Open hiat. Ai
p. of the Wem tra embargo ries weof n "he a airfield." down here and we don't intend state what his opinion was. Their attractive wiveslc a ne a
tCvel talks boeten Pre- cres o T he a bir th dayp t h cilbive qdI Ci "I absolutely denied this, even to," said husky Sheriff H. C. The prosecution did not ques- rd ia the courtroom with',ther i wa.
t o-n a- andtJ. stere- Rev. Levi A. Iovegreen, of Seat. in the last days," Joyce replied. Strider, who also searched the tion the prospects whether'they children. Erch dtfedent that A -
V itateiJohn. foster Dulles. tie Wash CHARLOTTf, .C., Sept. 20-- Joyce, explaining the charge, crowd for arms. believed in capital punishment. two small sons.
t-minuter toedn ty'he rutish Police Supt. A. L. Gor- (UP)-Familiar jungle calls a said an explosion occurred near Twelve prospective jurors were leading to speculation that the In searching the spectators for ly In that ie s
Gnevgotmatssidors"n wi banker w separates this ruffled feelings of Vickle the el- 1950, and he asked the cook's son the noon. recess but they were sought for either the kidnapping received many "threat"i
age* Britsh crown colony. eph ttodayandthe2,70what had hao ned subject to pre-emptory chaleng- or murder, both capital offenses letters ant*was "taking
14 prIt=aer ",' "Happy birthday he cried. pound animal eluded shim of sending the boy to. an air ach side could strike a who e But Dial. Atty. -Gerald Chat- 1 The TILw b dd
men and "exchand The greeting was echoed by h4 eigh dy. field quite far away to collect in- jury. man by man, If it chose. ham said it was up to the Jury: a ". pus ..h0ba=

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