The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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., .t N. !B SOpt, 10 (UPI,-.Awsoms
hIrlo=Wn lon ctd~Od ith the North Ctrolina coast to-
dy wV* t90 mph wId flooding towns ani fishing vil-
laos, and-. ring the .Diaimond Shoals lilghthip from her
moorig i, of t'ldy Cap 4Hatter.~e
S*e h eWii.,rk* the extrjMl eastern end of North
Carolina .altIaJ published by previoil visitations from
the troplis, and aimned for'Norfolk, V;., 140 miles to the
rdgrth-northvAwt* '
es o i fre re- Meanwhile the New Orleans
ST f the weather ..eU laued the tol-
SM the way lowing &iy i b hurrieano
t Xor Mlda :
Shoa ls...WII",urri t m ifa o#M .-moving

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!A* r 'jrT41 W,":4r= VIF

forces His Rs:i,

or Good Of Tl

BUENOS AiRES, Sept. 18 (UP) Pgis~

L'N""if CT AltGlMWAA ajU-i f (un 71444 s A.lbonueo th6 calldo, an hlatowtc
Miudinfl4Busa M i house. fsome eiet d,.
...... ...

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are tor
mft, JMm

- Ulght4p with

Army minister. Gen. Franklin ro read a "'
from Peon over the government rudi, addresseU4 t
my and. peop of Argentina, in which Peron
to resign for ,. good of the nation and he
Petl'ns tnUage d hdt while his fihtlns p rit urgd h
te, patriots i ri. he pp peted him to .
Crdob* Priu ddty '. a mfna tie maieoypn .nowm
rhe* 1 paced ri 'tict. cere had iA

T lr r met reliltl uncow~qO
rr~tih'ffcb ^ll~fllitn ^ l *rCi '? ,
: "Z1^-^wy; .' :^^


.oast uhotigd 113nn giB t until
tomorrow. .
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and NI
at -ave

dewmmap locates pVzov tiau which units of tI Argent
e government of Freslden Juea Per6n. flgltIng was
Apparently confined ainly to Cordoba, Santa
fates and Entre RAoe ProfaceL,


r- i .A tion

Mtua Hand Analyset Revoltutnio..

e heavy formeTy o Army a

OnA r resort bout 230 miles 30*%ftjj 3jM,-3g3
east of Bu4g res oth e Ai mIrr. of the-
e broadcast reiterated a kS dqmNY. t iteafted the tM
w<%lnto thbe Argetlne popu- eMOoate had been oined by t Ib a
1 evacuate the areas a- W1ly Mpf t .th.e atmW y a sat the..u.
rdd military obje]tives. In- wet as Mii Y the whole been .
Bluzing the inftalllons of the of the t7 Sbi6lers nd n of
at'' oil monopoly. Also reported julin the re- marlutg e
radio announcement said bels were the ImpetBtan air base in wh tl W
bth installation and the RIo of Mercedes In San Luta province thinune MI
Ialago naval school would be and ftJet flter bae of Tan _nto .t M
oedat 1 p.m. dil in uenos Aires province. froAt.
The powerful Arrentlte St* A powerful rebel navy .flotilla, Lolterimn lo were clei
oad Army, with It nlfantry from the Atlantic base of Puerto' (ContunleM d tpage O, cLi

: *A i tr of Cordoba, was fornbe ,f a to sta og enough
, ? staEunch follower of Peron. to beeoot too weuen
I B M Somen stalsresIf

rio Caught Stealing (




at ope post They could sell those cars at prof. discontent is the worsening eeo.
tlreAhed. It ofdfrom isx to eight thousand mic situation. When Peron tokl*
promoted to dollars each. over the Argentine government iS
Redors with The present rebellion, as w a siha4 fantastic reserves of blocked
rae9es; oth- the case nl the revolt of June 16 sterling and fro a dollars. for
hl .poets In with which it was orilsnally wartime food and strategic mate-
r- 'wderness linked, does not seem to be a case rial shipments.
nlaMe chaeo of ay one .amhitous off r try. After the war he cashed in en
. petticularly ing make himself a dictator wo world hungry for food and vege-
muld get Ird replace Pero table oils, which Argentina p6s-
It seems rather an expression of sesseo in abundance.
Who o-oper- the "fed-up" feeling f the Arp- Now Argentina k ted with d-
euly sener- tine people with the M asoMni-p cli lg production of meat and.
aeels sleety- government P a r on UIroumced cemul. Great Britan has, aban-
autonlobiles nearlI ten years ago. doaed government buying, forcing
of exchange. Another factor In the. general Arg bt ito'n-llateral trade
-" '--"--- ----- deils with many co"r, includ-
.",I .4a.!oslvaklia a ndi

ar Battery



Of 3 More Crimes Robbing US Marshal C(
Three men. who were caught ed the at of a policeman car battery which tUy b-1He causda1e
;seeaing-a rai oas h -Wil -. 1g In the back of his Iae of cut. sd

T trio Joe G. ( i.heverri red ~r ar a of e. that of -rand-
32. former conviOt, and !is l a ied against ut
tee-aUe opanionswrai O- theft, which the men for the theft of a rad l
brara,4 and Antonio Qlataera. i o aae Thur-- taken from a ear parked in the
19, aU anleaan. : dayW or er ming to garage of Its owner. Earle Ward.,
S. oIe n e aald his who Bes Aaon P oe i
te en-gNMi .s;- en w W e Iewh lh tm ano the theft ofcar i

or. tha Frtaay ar S ae to epo is.w nSp. 3W
an is hoOm #. mu nFlwIn.
9=2*M, 1" no

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.aft m"ee m ladsesft ar an see In ate "ofe taremen
0va m~f .8 Aes men &nerdv i mp~seIv a"m aaet"m ofte
ft mum m -e u athe maw
SIf magese**th **lem..mmowbftfmafteme u f 'm wn,
to"on"m"wa b f e t3 e ie
I- m e.d b *k amai med

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The w h. d-

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0e3 ol W* L0 h m

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Am marse *a be-
w notas chai n tosumond
part of na (ammi. Mam, *t
aure -- Ikmpedat M I

r A.m eaof aams todhce
S-Oe Wo ApredarHlis Wife": %hasbeem panpre i asdea. -Bs
Now 1@ 16WI SWanw adaian adtenveanmW cwthe3 smral appeank smrte hae
w at X are di an atteMe and appe~t~r oe intoLg ways pto s put lms
.a.nuh j| j thee me to be ha ione of the Cah. alma e a l aiam ai he
SUBbP to aee married men making themselves appear me at tlbU ways to p-
Mia ad al17 bY over drinking? Arent you neglecting -yor aside ar i mM, tiad of
fe too 1wy goIng there to sck your long and meddlesome n ose emgg to gries w tHm ad
to ether people's atfairs? tt m- e se.edd
Or are O" free to go Uwere b.ecau-e di a become fed uap
a yoar- o-WWlone-s and has left totake up red Te typical b the qeli at-
of t ore eaN*Cghtea" and pleasat waLmoqaere? aiatR. vimd f the ied Maie chasr-
U the woman who has to live with M ch a uelf-rightou ad ter. After a decade of einI
-tthan.thou character as yFo. in r g rd rair* l
Amyae who can aped the time thait you mt have spent this seems to be thel year i which
p think up and write Oat tot of baS must arly 1oDe amtoMe, deMi- "M "e made to
Bsb ao wte, d dirgOg r other WS. cold br on eto haee -f e of lth t tha
Sdtered attn owth e lot f waste paper that yes5 Xme I ha. spped pI-Ii.l
in t have spaled to compete ur masterplece, then hanvei
il run out to the Club to check p aon ow the other people "i o M
a affairs va powerl rIejec- t ew
An a man chooses to leave his wife at home and go drink- IemmaPbsbss. aeal wet-
Slelt her why about thatn not yo After aWkte. o t the ome a mug stasi ineral hd
s. the mfityof Ow SOiR
Io ts at te four wa pU te caUMirm a M l m to e i-s eai A set I e
Or dmce sb etc. Bm sees to -s eMeo c tGo IMve n.d
SlAy. thi duties to perform yourself. Bidy.YoueartweE- Two Years ai Secetaryof State
a imtoe ea tMe a y eo my wi7e mpins to o Jit t er s r Daft rd a.tes
=- ane Hi to take over the wa.llhoozg- t etc. eti g a M esuconf Lad mo k a
You write of at you would do If You e n t marOried. I sate rea es M ms I
a tell you what you can do.fnce you are manftod- ade yaOr muo mastr uyet chart reieaw had

-lt -oM W ieho U t OL"adtheM~~eaOft m heorc Mtakeee to i t pAnt ddalg Ia
et at oo i wble. I MD. sbo r that ,y do ,pp- bhe la vored it r
ht her. don't Jat write to the mail Box sayIn t sat You do.
sor.Iso atbuarti d. U -at seemA s to have happened fm
Peirms with the ty 71of mentality as yours prefer to sit in tat awe atii bar chapter rw-
Mb as oglit th he 10 girlsima o as waby andI go the clua -- a wa=Md state. M Otm hde
fh every woman but ya wife to the bamilaUm and em- in eN t r nr i ev U neiMN&
ianUoa of that wmaderfl aody. When was the last Une you a ar ev ew the man
of own wife omu? Not since the time sbe forced you to pay of im has
*o am& of your drinks. I am are. MIkXe whdh bem
Oet abk xtrsalt, buddy: I doua didge behind my wife and -tt tofpe.
hm no fear tilt sin wouldn't be t bome we I I stag- r -
h I, becaMe we truth each other. Do you know what that ". U be a plts1 rnimr
?g I dart worry tear peoples sos out asktoden if IseCgia wi ea-
y s er whee or with whom;e&and whIn go to e a aI a. mf mI

ist-t lRomeo, you feel that you can entatain tbome
h? We. wives aay hav home
018 wow th ieto t hrowponka km

r ginM ralo. No domK y wen ug g b wmold.t
rleh at that too.
Oe whw Wifre Appredates iRn

|it ii -m a.f7.
__L ,,, glfWlbeN

TUe aa as Ua ie door s 3the fa wat -
batA intwealth tsa h t sy be ea. hAt S 1 k AMe S Am s e MIS Sid

wnl ba lesmfor Bu t im p the a -._ t Mm r. me iathe
afild. lmlmii aaldNarma are Sewral C st htorim are car- MLir o as a pla m a
FA em w- th agml. t at id to detecting- theb teaa: ha e .r rtie_.s Ia m pr -
SourcesoWaces pI w *mW btim5 0" hea s hma n
Them w e a jprb meag5iee. t -ah O M in3a.ais.I bmptedtom1 adm.Wd i Imr
da U.N 's Arab rgi Iai pru the pd- researchers: Dt ol mamt e fben easy. Mr. M d itm
aI seamassesbtaey...dedkIrGrace% W lWm in Mis d Nb wO
BE"w latest -IIr f brbali d".m, -m; be e-... w. are- l ar. hb ansm. -taine he was IL. bHe t eway
AAtte pas* bego a dss U ade infms, who garally per- t. (TEma-he ?P eIL A aOd is mover sfdI
Israel ad s s we he sabtey Moie& quef,= Grace em- wt hi d e oirmae. w never
leff ft d:re=t atmabetwee. veysa -ses of diitr w '"- M J as lewsa. ial mL W& m hault pleased wAh &is
m c arimaes s ee Uated m itua-I ee more aEwem aat- I E am d euad tmmer, a- mIwo. Frankly. rm j ae erd -
amatm b=Us Famotracts. F raWuhe s be.- she a a i lwe DgI 3 wi fr whom
the dm ofCnenr adPosed- with Marlo mBra -e me U atof u N MsIam"la b wiee r amL
MX-ceo arm expected to be bnoesear reuested: "Wamt admMraat aeae Toel Traneat A dca eom nor
bemgt up. thouW they are not ye kis Maism, Gramce?" tmag atA Lo 1 I2 a I a e imemr et star .
aie frst a a the pat m She calmdy "1 i" k a & itorview wMh Jack ori
Fa has lakes the pnium habt he aham m m.- (He diM.) hea i.l *Sck ---
the i-a. questo was a ese aaq
mol pdeaed matr wh vh ItA amy to so stare is es- game sme I Wal o"tiam p=ei is a
w a s ma P fee p e r i s o V A .t of. c t as a s o d a n s .. b m a I M g = p aI a S a m e S om e me a a s K i na l
I4aemes l AuddMiatoblmeid beaus co s w aw e It W Uox. Them s
Elsedswao Ueew members toitheametyinmhor: o-E m eM w b he saift. w- -be ome 1wo d:- Wh

*? SE Secur cemd. Tassmese| cam!
sod Zsod l oud Caml.
dl and ww......ce a sead t Sam"
wE m. eue te isa assmln Ut
PolS.g e at the gi oe'-tmessIu
ik year. it is Iakl AmiwaesI
tm tohavte he OammrAst sMlI

wIL AL at I* ocamces ad dec~e awseasthem,-
!L --
sai she it wE be. LApimn
memmotobbtoham asammy sI
gear..eldl an wsehamadmm

'Tnh LUR AveIw.s

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o ns. s@E pL (e-A a.4 e
Sbrr" atia fl tatome a-l
'armhey lt, a- tahem-

i i camm"of b -

The Iatr thm pead I- -od-
mea ft Oweinuasm eematr

m abdr -d @berm *-
Shau bge dm as be Pub-
mU f to ve ain s d a g la s.
a m 1 egi-w e farml

;ss o amel" fo
giante MI ND t aw
adewtm at m e m mta ft
gmis be ag

g~jy~ij^*a a. -g-a-
te masr td Maue=
r-me -sss. ur ik -

hmr kehn to he a gidedoi

The N.sT -wem setm

brat -a hM pisy ad w-

ylm em howe o. M a
t--*aa- a
U*im mX i ea adit

I on as PWa-yet.oA awat
b l-. I%.. IMP

Mal dml d Now-
L bmCA i e am is the i

h. -

P. A

e dct n orchestra as capably
as the be.t leaders it the 1 d. Be

away 6from aa chrmu a
est coitr .of the Air Force
- f. ra la D, Di ,uat
=UgtdbIR Vramm..-

John J. Basebore Adiua Comn-
tr Ia riea chairmanU,.r*
e disappoitemnt ver the .
Met's failure to register to. ute
frm his farm huoe here. Thba
President has announced he Ias
hasaging In voting rideace to
Pen svania.

me wag rusm amusidima
meatme has been doing a od "we have a tiht orace conmlug
JI Wadimsa. d the' up and we had lhped p to the
schoolt last minute that hed reiter."
.d is axa ways maksg h Easbe emeaid. lThe GOP leat
aml twhe-1 cflMtibme eramdIhe laM the Prestident had a h
emtry. rearm to believe he wU be vo.
ifm here Nov. .
KA~la IOemay was --prhedi
to boe i a iat ho s I At a pptyrafly held a the 3B-
an onee -gpe b had dmr -e r fr l% Octoberb ~-
pOpsip k is b iu*F-, eate. he saMidi. Prelat gave M
hf ir eminiatMo t he his autograph md an ded "to.. may
P-tabya GO.P i. Uvy Their couty chatipan-soo." Bah-
e~ar hre satiMr. aseower ha W ut
y m e1 e 1us e ag bem t ^ 18' 11
Imm ip tlie nudbu he mink
e onsmusic and tryi tfmestah-
iah a -em caier in WaW Badiere said he and other
-. coft- l eatrs had tried to getthe
President to register here several
mh own sB dgI n a ma- times "I ein ariTamed to have
awd--y amep h te clMied "terk to be availableb tr
-b I'* at Study aftenmoM as whom be
*-f -mag cu mtsUu. eae a p to te farm It wmi be
Cha, ta Uateuty eof Panl- convenaat," Beahore saM.
wl's li'ed at Uee, _t'e
-* tad Vartog. Pmlhha UIteeraotr,
""" is theI segste eat et e,
- Imf. raa7 10 0% W, ly
iim ~ ~ ~ Sw -ni S?1 ByII~ "*,mm


By Colbroit

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'v 1 -U 'hW=7 ay-ths ".S.

"l | a .u lhble th a tai-r a a e teda d

M -ve captat ,e suRs ad. ,,,, .
lind al a oawt a hmal l. -.. Ira ut anlle
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h. a e f im t ena am later M ai le e Seh rep, MtUhortin.
e uti ....e.ra.. tN t 4f. ...i
War selimWHe tses; a wie of Pocohovas,erguhgA

nl Ine seaa mkhr u ge' tw s 1i16k I w s Ikism
he W abluis hw at V sieI.a..ths hsummerst .yaI

gd. oef t i u dne aiss o that la ias ef ot
l p _e_ _ilm aa_ i ar belt -ckle I tnl Mo dle ..i aw
dlanes by a bad an e r elay p AMlo to sue

S .... Y .o a th e st message to congrew Ya
adim ateIg' a Im! "baby state ofWhis tcessor b his bo3
Ua; Im byehs ass while d be was aC id mueh aboutI mm u
gAnar M as A slMin He

Wbalae IllWhea Int l ateYAllpokli reply toRayCow
11wis t vlst witM his edlaugmer, bedto Allentown, Pa.: Goerlnr
M A .-. s A Ivn a'--- -- y--,t ... h l r

_m m to kew dmcu e tsonres, Mewehled to a
oat is rm*gre 1 ,10 hWr it te m .- r reoftestil A. iews w

___r aa.. d ti esAdmimbsraton,

a iWeN o a S caNe to D.Ci. .m.i s t- i m- be.ia a

=.n..= A i de. Is ni._ .a n.m wl rg .t ae oal OPaRtftpa Is"n "w-i" M I"tUo W
'As,,- w "'r CeWaEwignt sro[nA t m-.- &K 5.r P Nse--- -.
flow.... a yachts ;aon an h t o G as rth sm anSiNwn
-OpcwwV de 3k U a Uk a buei annsvansms iwhenpsJo
e no- bsitaywihise al i aauelesr of Gree Fearealnd
gng w am sow to be so sarthe ad e a ico rssnsrhi3smnh a s

Sefe fif ta p. Iheu w atI A n a is r a ga*Aa the haill Pcrethnai dGOaRth er P.-n RPllin.Ns
ak slpdtent Freathwa,.s a ughm dtra aA ita h sat
Paeno hea de1tes as i- t mer whenhe a. a. .Re MJmil, he P ies today

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a wrin em, leard.
'uit is

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cat ng oemet trt Weat.
e man am




. i-A rtistss d a rathle- a, f wo. Sfow eer
-t;te Adhe Aa um Nation al fae with frustrations.
Teitv' Aud Aeademy and t h e
AmtoAtr Athletic Union- ma k e Any housewife who has a s6-
foltpugu 4us that could 'not hope called push-button home nearly al-
to meet expenses by commercial ways has at least one mechanical marvel that is out of whack or e
A sum estimated l exceed one that has to be replaced.
wase put up by the Fat And the frust eating part of the
rite thea tour which tIe business is that trou e usually
a th~ams r a made pOep.up att he most inconvenient Th ret i a ye as fat ll eei malc en or eth with a itl brim appliqued with br ma
tri le Nur ospean dl the Middle tis l neek I l it haft we w here. Big oannet (upper fo. Adepi by Laddle N h ridge. Nutri Is
SThe electric washer gihoes on theo -t up -T ,8 csu-
rom the point of view of the blink the day the family arrives Sm gblue a one Tvtr scses. ent.a thul a riaa l r B Inhu-
hom a the ieadi t ome from two weeks' automo- oev l wIi we chigo ste a hbgnhe IiWepnWga i' 'jrt
Quite rates the Cultur returns bile trip, their suitcases loaded val vet (upphe rrt ing sid y es o Am. iitwint- felt raidion thts d e hair and si s a si elle.
on this investment are consider- with dirty clothes.
ton aoPorgy and Bess ilan, T b t yearhe airt l hlopstheer i e es
stronow of traditional European night mama has invited 20 for aNarcot
o th performance sold o u buffet supper, confident that then ts the
secutive nights at L Scalea. comfortable. (UP) -Federal Narcotics C o m- sion as a minimum sentence 9f two we'vee been getting wonderful'gents hav to batch their men in
missioner Harry J. Anslinger said years fo inducing trying to In- help from the cities,'"he declared. the act of selling. He said the re-
ve meauunsit p r e aa The hot-water heater burstp and today the four-year-old a t i tf- duce a person to use or adminis- "We try to concentrate on the peat offender is "the best inform-
uallv.ntdis i opera aboat Wt floods the house just before out-of- penalty law against narcotic pu- ter narcotics unlawfully (thI first second-time offender." he a a Id, er" when he Is caught.
en CI~sh- Raw "8one of- ,tU mas- town guests are due to' arrive. ling has helped to cut such traffic time any state has provided Such
The thermostat on the oved of "way, wa,' down" In some areas, a penalty), and a minimum of 30
terpeces of the lyri e." the electric stove goes berserk and years or inducing a minor to use
Everywhere, U. S.'diplomats re- mama goes ovenless for weeks But the chief of the Treasury's narcotics (maximum -of life am-
port, Percy and Bess did much to while he waits for a new part 250-man narcotics squad told the prisonment).
dispel the European idee th aetth from te .factory.. United Press the wants a federal
law that Is even stiffer, A national law of such -severity
Push-button living is fine, so long ta too much to hope for, Anslinger
And 'many uropeans comment- as all the buttons you push work. He said the verge sentence in said, but he did hope Conres,
ed that its all-Negro cast, on this But we soquickly adjist our liv- narcotics convictions now is al- which has 20-odd narcotics bills
official tour, was an effective re- ing standards to our bor-saving most four years, compared to 18 before it. would act to tighten up
ply to widespread stories tr racial equipment that having a machine months In 1949 the current Federal law nextyear.
tension in the United States, on the blink throws a monkey "They're sc a r e d," Anslinger
Swrench Into -routine. said of the veteran narcotics push- As for enforcement of the law as
The producers, artists and staff ers. it stands now, Anslinger said pud-,
of Porgy and Bess are proud of This is the frustrating side of lers in Hawae "collapsed like anT O
being e first American musal the picture of the completelyy u He still wants Congress to pass accordion" when two F e d o-r a I
company to appear at the leading tomatic" h9me that nobody ever a law which would set a higher Judges there started impOsing
theatres of the Old World and the mentions. Even the housewife hap- penalty than the current m n i.- maximum sentences. The s am e
New, and are most appreciative pily forgets it in thqse blissful mum of two years for a first of- happened in Seattle, he said, and
of the honor or perform in Rio interludes when every gadget is fender Veteran hoodlums, w h o now that city is "one of the clean-
de Janeiro, San Paulo, Montevi- busily doing what it supposed to d are subject to a minimum of five eat towns" in the country.
years imprisonment on a second
offense and 10 years qn a third, Big cities are the centers of U.
"are having the peddling done by S. narcotics traffic, Anslinger said -
the fellow who hasn't had a first -New York, Philadelphia, Pitts- Most of us do nowand then.., but
conviction" he said. burgh, Washington, Detroit, i ausncid Sal
HeadIgh'prilie fort he newTexa and Caliornia.l e ss.
Ohio law which sets the most sev- traffic is sporadic In the rest- of Just take tams ooa of spar-
: ere penalties in the nation for nar- the country. kling Sal Hspaica in a glass of
1,.cotics offenders. It went into effect The bureau's police force Is the water and feel how fat it relieves
nagging over-acidity. .ws.
~ FRIDAY -= __ Thmild laxation whicrmay also
accompamy its alkaline action helps
*, relieve the conslipaton that oftn
-J'..OHN m lNgI occurs when you overeat. W .
eart.S'" "I. So be wise-gt the economy-size
bottle of Sal Hepatica today! Have
S It on hand if you should cat too

Take sparkling
S-o tl,,,.O V ,eru, .. SAL
-W"".m a wauuco '. HEPATICA aS

JU.I IMS'JMESIEg r 'AIn IMSRYj.?m ,and smile I



most magnificent
of modern silver


Friends judge you by your
silver see that it eO-
presses your taste, your per-
sonality beautifully I These
exquisite patterns in Inter-
national Sterling you know
are right, for they are made
in U.S.A. by leading artists
in sterling. Every smallest
detail is perfectly crafted in
the solid silver by master
silversmiths. Let us show you
these lovely patterns today I



Ida Griffiti
Claudio A'


3 Wayio'. t'

'By tbe PleWp
By the
Setting r-
* By the Set "

hs Jeannette Eglintre
vila Marco A.-Tejadk
Enrique Noel


.,r *a3t a Iv .tIV, $'t0a
18-47 (137) CENTRAL.AY4.

1~ ~ ~ r-

Emayh4bn &teado Cf



WELL STACKED-Members of the National Model Railroad
Association, conveling in Baltimore, Md., ride on the famous
\'La et locomotive of 1837, which is pulling an "Imlay" coach
of the saWAeers. The "armchair railroaders" were treated to a
day of real-life railroading, past and present, by the Eastern
Railroad Pw edents Conference.



tw-ttw la in ir to itet
, a-nAs teerk ,t
Istthe we-reafaof 1 bl u
so -grevew of the great i
Sti in the near future.

i ., .' .. *
|- i. ? .. -_' .' ." v ." _"' ..


, cause you automatically participate in the Free 'W**y R4ffl



M, k l.MA U d M Ihiml.
. t .m .. .s e
,IAWN tw .... am .-: -u '-ll -.

Orrin Wright
H. D. Moeier
John G. Boswell
Helena do Jlimdne
Julia M. P. do Bernmal
Eldia de Dolande

* Aurpra ionca
* Oa, do Llirrag

* I Ta

* MLm .,;. .

9 Kamm


U 1

r ~ ~*.

-* J n ..

'c i.'.' '-C .,^ r

I ~ ~,

'!**;:*" ''..

- /

N ou al

F .|e~


;I: ~;~- ;r~-;F;ia~~P~- ra.s~ -- ---r-~7--c--- -~-V- ------

__ _


.W .1-

. ,.7 -.**4 y ,. ,-
- *v ; Y ; .

r --6
** .; .. -

.~ ~ .y IH,TAj, :'flfl^HM= .M~o^
+ oirA, &.+ +-

| Barred Hiroshima References

Prm. Geneva Atoms-for-Peace Meet
-0 -
WASHINGTON, Sept. 19 (UP) ed as saying, "Id (bit very afori
SAtomic Energy Commission was being made not to ay p
ea that it barred a U. S. the danger of radittlon tot h
"t"lt from presenting a paper minds of the partilclpant* f the
5te eneva atonmuor peace public."
itdo e because it referred to He said he went to rope ea
g of Hiroshima. in the summer inteadla to take
rientst is Herman J. Mul- pa-t in the conference. B u t he
r na University professor, said the i EC wrote him the U-
We Prize winner, and renown-Inited Nations ha d "requested"
I authority on the effects radia- that he not take part.
t ma. have on the future of the The commission said in a for-
an rce. mal statement that it# technical
staff did request the U.N. "to omit
The Washington Post and 'Times Dr. Muller's paper from the canm
erid quoted Muller as saying he ference agenods fo. oral present.
a 'barred from the conference Lion."
wcUse the AEC wanted to soft- But it added that the pape r,
.al the dangers of atomic radia- "like all othir papers submitted to
the U.N.," willN be "published in
"My theory," Muller was quot- full in the permanent record of the
proceedings of the conference."
The AEC said Muller's paper on
the dangers of atomic radiation
stemming from tests of atomic
bombs was accepted Initially by
the technical staff. It was forward-
ed to the U.N. for consideration for
S. oral presentation.

Wrt fr NEA Service

4A1035 .;
75 63 KJ9843
7K432 -RKJ6
23 8 044
01 ou (D)

But after its submission, t h e
AEC said, "the possibility w a s
discovered" that it might collide
with the rules of the conference
which barred discussion of non-
peaceful uses of atomic energy.
In addition, the AEC said stu-
dies of the atomic bomb casualty
commission which surveyed t h e
effects of the Hiroshima and Na-
gasaki bombings "were definitely
nadmissable at' the Geneva con-
ference" because of the confer-
enee rule, M.ler made referenc-
es to the studles.
Muller, who won the NobelI
Prize for his investigation of the r
way radiation affected generations
of fruit flies, has been an outspok-
en critic of the AEC's effort to;
minimize the possible dangers of
atomic radiation.

Slo7 a In summariln the theme of
4 K QJ 8 4 the paper he 'di t give in Gene-
Mrlhouth h vil. Iva, Muller said "the great major-
'* We Nrh-South vul. ity" of the human gene murations
West Nseth East caused by nuclear radiation are
L Pass 2 24 "harmful."
,.I Paswa a 6 Pass
4 Pass 6 6 Pas
'l' Pass
Opaminglead- 7 I & d

Thee isn't much doubt about the
oue of the ticks fo today's
liat contact. South should expect
tWn fon u diamond ticks, one (Compled by Pulinhers' Weekly)
@at one spade, and six tump Fleicon
Sis in the timing of the play.
Icks. The only Poblem in the AUNTIE MAME Patrick Den-
Dummy wins tho fist tick with ns
e of spades, and South must SOMETHING OF VALUE Rob-
an to Iff two xansl d m y at Ruark
aw truWmps teI t JU TESSE Fran-
o;I. adB,, lose e. C, ", a
pw andiezN'.ow &TOl TEE s Sj
d .4: aiia~Ito leGadk fo Ci lence
BirilaNarirtm.U*iAbB a^ *, 1^ '^ J^-, '^. -

~ckamned b e Bren itish, who.have it on display at the
Internatal Atomn-fo-Peace cnfeenel In Geneva, Bwltw
land. Central mdt of "Dido" is a heavy-water reactor, pow
under construction at Harwell, England. It will be used to arry
out research which Is expected to determine the patter Jr
powr-produg reacrs to be built in the future, -

ns dlamad and m n t drink
A &ISt50 Hideous
,aot b .i. TOR SEA ,Aam ,te,
the r sa ae WER OF POSITIVE
gas aI. THI ING Norman Vin- 51

Ir Hlaowfd o~~.A lA.s Schindler
2 LY OF MAN Ed-,
Slano .In $'i on to daw _W Stelehen
trma t which du A MK CALLED PETER Cath-
s tour dianoWn tricks. T" pinte Marshall "
as ieclar expected 12 W JOHNNY CAN'T READ { hu f
one ... one heart, four1- Rudolf Fleesch e
nds, S natural trump ONIONS IN THE STEW -- Betty
ao t ae ruffs. MacDonald .'


You Already Iave


..^.^Liirauwr iso

VIC VIE1 It's CharHel -



- Fihtinr Ward.s


Ute Ant

.'- .


* A .





4 ..-

IjL !r iI -I t u o w 7-

L!U.lAuu,1 !11

PqVk 11 ,1 -1JL9Q'


I I .. .


*I (

rr cmr~j


., ?
- 1'': -

!-+++ : ...... '+S" ....... A-" i o--+4 r i

I stE,-,,..AI B W. -

w" d as.e 7Pa th. Ua Uab
..,., ., ... ~, ..Pt.. o-.-i.

a .. .l .t .o -g ., :' B.. .:,O .-AO ,X ,- ..a I

ltoat the bythera r
o. .ytobi on Sept. 24. vA various n r i .ll .ther re.. of the Balboa -
S a. b tar d. my Nbi. Ms. tLaClair r. St.

Mij bu a dagg, accomps- taned by calling Mrs. Vance How-, will be the b Eft Da-
S e 2 24, or at the door usascoos 7 er tt der 1
.'ivd be ag Cra Radio l the rtant pudding.y 2 ebaps'water, 1

.y todeitGegr b oneral Mro Boswel will give the devo. e umm ^S^, a r cup (15 cakrs) g"a ..a.ers
Scland we owd to tia tiety Daughter" of the. d i0 ya s u0 Civamon

o ing pbvtd on the At" Ameian Revoltion, Miss Go r- La oea Civic Coael CthMit fe s V teaspp utmeg 2 tablespoons
rade b CarrawayO will be heard rfe ter .aIs. (" ev os na.t nnfat dry buter ,eat,:elte.

eepen1 ozd her ahoirtt t pciit Ce:p p program over C pF.- T'heu a falaouacil wni qhecm memde(-tuce oaa t du mv
At twiththeyn- N ti y pm tomorrow, in ob- hodaspeeaiet ntt i powend Btnt pddg. Add
fat m. ]pavg _. ..arombal.on Sep a..ournon, *sepwm illA zther Ltje,- of the Belb& -U.

CIO eenC1ersothte.atNaat h nva:3 ma p.m. aet I wLU gicave tihe Sdo ment -d- '- crumbs cuph bhrorsuar vfa r- u

h youn gu tof e Paln amao e Consal p u ution a.dy -m l. de aei .t Cl abl uted, a out@a.oon _inna mol
M.uei. we Ca To A Iy ndiiuaghters ofa the Pr a see tart of the te-u -t .eg-.tablespn
,hein .aw .. a t r y an AW rilr e t C l s lele a., .m .. t. r memb l oe boto of S a ry k
,t o. k S s .; w, Y minbte p rra e C The C -cl ell c .s atu ,e W d .
Mt. M' m .n a t lo p...te tm ,ay I. ob- h a cla r ce es m tr e t mit. 'crad rat rB s h' otaryM- -.ter-.
eto a eiht meeting in Balboa ate ycallingrs.anceow- will be the o- --
b rip G d e f r J 4 or atthe rdonoitutaon nton .we .es mo .tim. i tin Coo eIt terminstantC nonfat dry mu owder
uiv.e of-theN-val.Tank Farm, was closet, fix a leakW repo ntr a toast- andpud t ue- water
.o thTeelr iatram.reand gardede.o elntt he ngomm.d. r .for a tte el metU ".-caup (ll he trouble rss we're not a cr

tudyi wmi conteue their tc.h 1955ofte6 ter vof issC ar-. assSta a be ys rday app1ed to Paul's ways ready wov the credit .
egua s MthisaB w Wald r osw aN o 2M eAmerPcan Le- boirf t h ievf .d r t Tstere'ta a trick tsp b.regan sterin ua
t eoa t. thieo p groups o ostobral T e e t Da nersal of the Oa uV-,l .. .. 1 .. Y 0dac, com6iohment amon,
Ldovino public on t hA haRevoluotioa Ms s r-La es Civic Coun al e Pe
ie, her*a t1 in s"n.CIprogram.overC.F.-Ac imell will i. u _.. t'r bW).$=r_ il_ UomleW .sta Ove dtryilTopdd

w as d at wiBtu an m5ews- a io Baeyl whPohaa.m ,eent active Ial tm14 ra handle hd' -napped In two. Paul's father, so have to want
M. Rthi 's u tyts.t e pttPrcipi i speakers of the eve. bowl. te .te

,orrisSmm ocial ta .ta e e Miar- h O w h, n o I ea tt
LucyK. e,. n-- eWoman's A uxiliary o .e
Gienovam i t al Zne Coneftp .UM.P .. .. Of Chure o esdayour the church

Club o the Caribbean Colleget 4'kupb teW MVVUli I at 2:00 p.m. Frien" of tile Parish
to ajoint meeting in Balboa at the -- k4- 2 arevited.
Y.M.C,A, on Oet. 8.| LtJ DM1 N 1 are By MRS. MURIEL LAWRENCe. the claims. The answer Is not
At, thi~e hel regular meeting, On FThere wilt be no meeting of theV -Idl redit for what we have'done
Oct. 1W. the club Will welcompeearlMonday sewing Group for the next PAUL'S father is & handy -l.ut credit and praise for w#at
new members. Qualification oy ofC Steve Rainey, superintendent two weeks.. man With tools. He can make a they have done.
megbsor ip 5 03e yeal en t- of the Naval Tank Farm, was 4 closet, fix a leak, repair a toast-
Both. the literature and garden elected as post tcommander for er with the same speedy skill netrouble Is we're not al-
shel1955-1956 term of ElbertaS. -b-- he yesterday applied to Paulrs ways ready:with the credit.
stugd L oee Ag c ot inueur. Waid Post No. 2, American Le- broken, expr wagon, There's &a trick tb.registering a
studyit glon, Cristobal :...'.-child's accomplishment,. Ike
In e d~ to them group, it Rifney, who IX.,been active Its handle had snapped In two. Paul's father, you have to want
dy Juraia-S ps -ln 1 vartousucivic other or-,S This so distressed Paul that he to Dote them. You have tO be as
bamestIiItstudy. ann ced thr" to skillful father who offered,-to re- are In your own.
urnk. ( ;,eI&.locw$e the .place it. lagerly 1ir _w~tdhed
comt ,adj l gr ta. He;m ar- him plane W.od a neat, I
sceci ts eomw "" -._,k- A. .... "

3 I
.44'; ~, ~4

. -

~. -.~ -p



.. I .


To you whose skin is too sensitive for

ordinary make-ups ..0.

Fabulous new face make-up

actually beauty-treats your skin

~i II

~ .44'
I a ~
~l* ~

a otinein on we n~wu~c-B~ a" AIR E V p ^ lace. GIE@f i je father
Mr' S I'CV l C ..%g t&. ldm, post there
t= w old m a meMbership
ovW morn r, sMihdpmsp, too would st lrhip paint and brushes. With one, he
scb6larship committee, and Interest Tr n aetivltie. carefully painted one wheel of
minr aidi parents of high .
nel aa parents of high t he his express wagon. With the
cho. -tud cil meetingeofr electe sat lst other, his father painted the rest
,.t ,secil meeting of' the ot last of iL
Mir. Mcdhei By crns night include: F. Brown, first
Toce Intte vice commander; R. R. Micek, Then Paul's gratitude tuned
Mi. David Mehbenny, who has second vice commander; C. to envy Fr his epre wagon,
Jbeen the hou guest of his par- Faulkner, finance officer; X. dazitaf scarlet with shiny black
eats, Mrs. and s. F. Mcln- Coe, chaplain; P. Kramer, Bgt. If you're on the receiving end wheels and handed, had become
y of paboleft this morning by at Arms; George Simon, adju- of a lon-distance call, let the a thing of impressive beauty.
plane for'Bouston, Texas, where tent: executive committeemen: caller guide. the conversation. Overawed by his father's ac-
e will continuem the study of chem- W. Gilley, C. Haywood, L. Kau- Don't keep thinking of new complishment, he began to feel
8al engineering at Rice Institute. fer, R. Hurdle, I. McDade. thing to talk about. contempt for his own. He want-
f es einberll. t'sit's thse Obersg 1p % fao
.fellow's sekels that are paylag Withoul quite reao n whathe
for the call. was doing, he computed, the
chances of claim ng-" father's
work $or his oyrn.
MORE N. Y. IrRIGATION work for I own.
His elght-yer.-old brain fig.
ITHACA, N Y. -.( ). Col rled, "My parents l M to see
University hbs Just completed a me very happy. If I rx up my
stdy of tfahm irrigation- areas'bne- claim that I trinformed this
tween Rochester and Lockport and express wagon with much en-
found that mote thqn, twicv thusiastf, happiness they may
mao farmers an noww usirri. notlave the hearttnr mind me
gation in that area which includes that I did not transform It. They
'r of Mooe Orlaam qad y letme believe that I did
Paul shouted "Mom, come see
17 how I fixed my express wagon!"
alert father did not permit
,this theft of his accom dmt,
S"e alled Paul" an thd t bur'

IcxeHelt quaslty, new alas
fay. Prlhtect youwmlf .
Ar the wtrftroowc.

Alao V

LI-Keep your eye wn 9 Mothm-
who i showing tbe prte-wnoing cake Which hd
Sy- to wi
b t bi dor L 1nwin

Purfi t11n-Ing -Fupra tv
~ ~ ~~i.. ,.-_ ...__ -- ," -. '

i ak

U'ttil W^M^uha Only!

ttiiiMss 1'. e
f, B

.-'^^S^^^^^f-wigo W^ s *w

-1 t
111 -ii^ s

eyes turned up to meet his own.
hPalb he said. "you've been
a good helper this morning. N-
cry time I needed a tool, you
ha it ready. It was ybu who
lought of putting the pack u '
lerthe wagon so that we didn ,
on the grass. YoU
I rrighL.-W of paint. You
S that front wheel so care-
I ,+ouldIt halp noticing it.
fe9 did a lot so well this mor-
M, tsHt you don't have to tell
lbem you did it all. O.K."
was O.K. It usually is when
we replace a child's contempt e
or hki work with respect for it.
M To I done to chlUmren
tbem steal our accom-
t They sometimes try,
o. As eIrclams of our work
Slke Pauls, o con-
em of their own, we -just in
0uge th=g coUtept by indulging

Efe m "- -. -- ... -


aESH !
all o tdor

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for 9rj Candlaigh ]

h u~maa~. L~

. N

et:ry MO Ws -
'.: -. '. 4.- 2 #i


I 4










Ag -'. ;. 4 P* AM.E;IC--..

^^*^ ^^^^^'' ^^'^'''''^ ^'^' ^^^^'^^''^'^^^ ^''^^^ ^'^''^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^'^^^ ^^^11110 i- i^s 's

.,v -
* e7~.r.
*''i. I:

. ",*' \ -", .^ r
' "' "
-. 4 '
>,m... 4.


tnexpenie Wet

- A --."

*'f i






.. F1brg -b- Dr.1. lAJ4118i.
) (tGeorgetown Universify) M.D.
Tfih (41h ot July) Ae.. No. 21A24
pioile Ann S3c1ool pho l ygrild)
Tel. 2.-011 Pranmi.


Phone Panama S-0552

A...opraflr aids l Ife to a.ears.,
and ieari IL life."

Dn. A. sd G ORL.LAC
(Palmer Gaduate i
M` Pru- Aveuel Tel. --

.- '_t 'R O # A l.,'"-.: 5_ "... h

i__I______________.__I_._______..___-..___-__.-__.__._____L______" a,

7 Street No 13
ftI of July At A* J .L
Jaito Aruemena Ave. and S3 8L

FOR SALE:-1954 Pontiac Cot-
aline. Air conditioned, radio,
bower steering. power brakes.
hydromatic transmission, white-
well tires, -Z-Eye glos,' two-
toned (light blue with dark hMe
top), vary 1owa milege. Fihtory
installation on oil accessories.
Enjoy your transporteatio in the
Pvocpk in air-conditioned luxu'
ry. Will sell at bargain price or
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Phone 83-3281 fer, appdint-

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6 evenings, oll day Sat. & Sun.
FOR SALE:-1955 Pontiac Star
Chief Catalina. Equipped with
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ing, owner brakes, electric win-
dow lifts and all other factory
installed accessories. Will con-
sider older car on trade. 456
Ancon, Apt. II.
lFOR SALE:-Good 1952 Chev-
rolet sedan, low mileage, new
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Mi Lo cummalula
Central ve. 45
N ., LneL asrkm


BOX 2031, ANCON. C.Z.

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Sept. 21, will sell cheap. Apt.
.121-B, Pedro Miguol.

6 MiMeellaneous

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Will trode. Phine Bal. 2-4382.

reasb el ai Ave.
Agenda Internal. de Publiosobats
0 C.asa Are.

ft.. W .o... a T NUM

.. .4 ,.


Shrknpel's fuamai m edh on
beach at Soena Clar. Telephas
Thoimpon, Balboa 172.

part Cosine. Low ral. Phoe
Bolboa 1866.
PHILLIPS Oceemide Cofea.e,
Samt Clea. Box 435, Bolh.
Phone Panam i-17.'Cbig-
bol 3-1673. -

FOR RENT:-Just built momdi
locale, facing the. National Sta-
dium. suitable for car agOey,
offices, factories, warshouss.
Alcides Garcia Correa, Phone 3-

Abuses To Bill Of Rights

Cited Before Committee

..l u kheeLux j7 ; 4OR SALE:-1950 2-door Pen-. -- --
t loc, metallic brown, new g-ner- WASHINGTON, Sept. 19 (UP) ry of the National Association, 0A
stor, battery, carburetor, atc,; S Americans from all walks of life the Advancement of Colored Peon-
new .w/s/w tires, terrific seat exercised their constitutional pri- pie, said "naked intimidation" has
T* ANSPORTISh BAXTER. SA. covers. Contact Miss Lemke at vilege, cited abuses of the Bill of been used to deny many Negroes
i2-s 24 2-?5 2 PoMrq Lfevre, 11th St.,,House Rights, a'.d asked a congressional their constitutional reign.
; 4 5' 1 '' 2-3 No. 1, Apt. 4 (yellow bldg. on subcommittee for redress. He mentioned specifically the
*- Learn Riding p0 Via Espa4a), afoer 5 p.m. On the 168th anniversary of the rignc oi petition ana said Negroes
PANAMA RIDING SCHOOL FOR SAL rd now ,195 signg of the constitution, the have tried to use it to get local
Riding & Jumping close I daily Ford Stati an n doe group told the subcommittee some school boards to implement the
i to 5 p.m. Phone -;0279 ord station/ w en. 4 dor* rights guaranteed by-the constitu.-Supreme Court's integration deci-
or by appointment. three seats, w/l/w.. vinyl uphol- tion are being abused by Congress sion. T'neir petitions, ne said, have
stry, heavy duty shocks, under-. Itself, by executive agencies of the "touched off in numerous locali-
ca0ted, etc. Phe Balboa government, and by local govern- ties a calculated campaign of inti-
n10. I ments, midation and terror, utterly un-
SA Negro urged that constitution- American in character anat wita-
.A L-.--, J 111 -L_ Ial rights are being "ruthlessly deo. 0 t parallel in our history." I
S1 Insu ed U Banks nied" to Negro citizens; a news- Lue Hart, Supreme .night of
T l | < "" ..... a- "0 !paperman said executive depart- the Knights of Columbus, in a.
C Jma l ag r i iments have withheld information statement read by Joseph'F. Lamb
y Call lrA l ASifc of vital national concern, and a supreme Secretary, said the I
S n nul churchman said the House un A- "worldwide conspiracy of atheistic
tCASA DEL TORNILLO merican Activities Committee has Communism" is the greatest dan-
WASHINGTON, Sept. 19 (UP) abused the rights of "many a citi- ger to the nation. He said nation- 1
East 29th St. No. I -The 13,505 banks Whose de- gen" before it. at security must be of foemost e
Tel. 8-0973 posit are insured; bY the gfo- Under the domed roof of the old consideration. He cautioned a- w
Sfor a om lete ine ernmet increased their assets Supeme Court chamber which against "giving undue attention or i
a p .o--elend and deposits about 5 per cent has housed the Senate as weU as weight to the, alarmed cries oft
in m crls pd during the fiscal year ended'last the high court-the citizens w ho clever phrase-makers who find t
: b. Jane 30,.it wm reported today. included a lawyer, teacher, veter- new evidence of woat they caUl t
S The r.ep *by. j e Federal e *an, businessman, orkingman, the 'erosion' of our rights when- a
The repo u y the reder al De" ndtfarmer, gave their assessment ever a perjurer o- traitor is pun-
bu { ut1 0o tena t. c eris ; of the current status of constitu- ished for his cime." *A
Yars M .fut about ..a 500 of the na ton's tional guarantees. Dr. Eugene Carson, Blake, pres- a
coM mmx ercial anrd mutual savinlta The. group appeared before a Iident of the National Council or the r
iba"n .the DIC Insures Individ- Senate Judiciary Subcommittee Churches of Christ in the U.S.A., a
. u eOa I"- "dpOlt up to $1'0,00. which chose this unusual way of said the House un-Anwritan Acti-k
'; cil h1As ses the ,50 %. ,Li A:. ... observance of constitutional da y cities Committee hbs "used tech-Ih
S s, et s o the. 13 .505 Ii ,ed as a prelude to a study whether idques in hearings which, have, in
lkl totale o 2 0ebillont do tl~r~ constitutional rights are being a- effect, turned the witness int9 one i
,s.n June 30.. Deposits. od bused. accused, and has not afforded ma- h
s nearly 201 billion, capitol and J. Wiggins, executive editor ny a witness and opportunity ora i
LONDON, Sept. 1 (UPI (UP) i accounts exceeded 1 of the Washington Post and Times the means to protect himself and't
-Scotlane iard detectives in, 1lon and assorted liabilities Herald and chairman of the Free- his reputation. i
plain clothes last night mingled were eary *3 Iion. dom; of Information Committee of The subcommittee session was t
i with 7006 concert, goers in the Al- the American Society of Newspa- billed as a "petition for rearess of I
;' bert Hall on the lookout for a gun-, The EDIC said assets and de- per Editors, told h ow Congress i grievances.' In a departure from i
,man reported'to have threatened ou sits at the end of the fiscal and government agencies have in- nomal poceduea, the epiusent-u
Greek-born piano soloist G in ear were about one er cent be- fringed on freedom of the press. ltive "citizen spoeksman" occu-
Bachauer. low the figures for last Jan. 1. "Transaction not at all touch- pied the committee rostrum. On it
-.ut It said a-de"llne during the ed with military security have was a sign bearing the first, a-
And whilt the detective mountfirst half of e-e.h cAlendar year, been shrouded in seeceey," Wig- mentiment guarantee that "con-.i
ed guard Miss Bachauer's conduct- -s quite normal. gins said. "Those that have in- gress shall make no- la w a- .
. or husband Alex Sherman ktpt a ... volvey military security ha v e bridging. the right of the.peo tl
nerve-wracking watch on the cast The 13, ? insured rommercli, been concealed beyond a time pie peaceably to assemble and to t
, audience as his wife played. banks in the Upited States held required by national aiety." petition the government for a re-I6
,about nine-tenths of, the assets Roy Wilkins, executive sec:eta- dress of grievances."
But no attempt was. made onland deposits reported on June--
the pianist' life. 30. The rest was held by the 218 ..
S "" ..Insured mutual savings banks. US Ur-s Grelce T00kl0 TA Ualt
S Scotland Yard assigend detec- V9 _Guas vriac e, I bks. 1l 'ar e
,p tives to Miks Bachauer's protee- Assets of Insured commercial
tion after she had received a pen-. banks totaled 198 billion on 'Deterioration' In Their Relations
Skilled note delivered to her home June 30 a decline of 3 billion -
last Thursday. from the Jan. 1 total. Their de- 0_ :
Sposits totaled 180 billion, a de-
This note said: "This is for your cline of about 2 pdr cent A, the WASHINGTON, Sept. 19 (UP) -1 last week In angry violence in the
own good. If you play at the pro- first six months of 1955. The United States urged Greece Turkish cities of Istanbul and Iz-8
menade concert on Saturday night -and Turkey today to halt "without mir. h
I will shoot you. I have made my Commercial Ianka held 62 bil- delay' what it called the "danger-I The department said it had ex-V
plans." 'lion worth Af govdrament obll- ous deterioration": in their rela- pressed to Turkey "our deep con-
.'gations it-thieend.of thqv fiscal tions over the issue of Cyprus. cern over these disorders, Which.
The note was tdlt.igned nd print- year and had about. 75 billion The appeal was contained 'in have not only caused extensive
.d I* large capital letters. out ti loans., urgent messages from Secretary physical damage, but have also
I _... -- C ~-- o State John Foster Dulles. They exerted an adverse influence on4
A poA ie escort accopanied .._J D .weredelivered this afternoon in Turkish Greek fedshi at a
Misa-achaue and her huitband to lUn -KIsers-. the Greek and Turkish capitals of time when these two allies are in
.'the Albet Hall and a pla l-clohee Ankara and Athens., great need of mutual understand
*$01ve,. ?ipt within a few .eetA -o Dulles noted that both Greek and, iag."
Vh Kas1 went in ana ou o Turke) arc members of Allied al-I
'erea room. C AGO -(UP-- Otficlall re: Tances waich "constitute a strong The United Staes believes the
,.. ........ o .a sponsible for raisin.ct money for bulwark" against possible Commu- Communist would be the only.
DM aehauer appeared fo. r a institution of higher leaIrning nist aggression in the critical easL.1 ones to again if the tensions coati-
Salfn hour as piano soloist inm the throughout thf United States anve ern iediterranear area. nue.
jeS nS ComWfestwo. baInded together for mutual aid. i The u.essages were dispatched
*. More thin 71 colleges and uni- -it that bulwark should be ma- on the eve of the meeting in
.versiie .iavi representatives in terially weaKenec, the cons e- New York of the United Nations
SM' E the new ronnization, which was quencus wouu o e grave indeed, General Assembly where Greece
S. formed at the recent annual ss- the secretary asserted. is urging U.N. study of issue.
!)| P,7 E jlr- Jlon of the American College There have been violent i n c i-
2|-, 2' 3m J ') lPublic Relations Association. dnts m nbora nations over the J'y-tia. ...AJ
1a- prus issue. I An E I
LiM VENETIAN BLINMDS The body will Invite ac member The secretary said the unt of Ap e- U u
directors of development and fund Ihe North AtlaBle Alliance. of U| A
raising for colleges and universi- which both Greece and Turkey Wll
SP.. .. ^ lies thtrsghout this country and "are memintbers, "must he iester-
S- Canada -and operate as a sectionae d without delay."
of the ACPRA. Lyprus is a LpriLish Crown Colo0- IJ TNeat To Fr l
t ,,any wnich les just south of Asiatic I
Sur I key m tie eastern JMeGiLerra- e -NW HAVEN, on. -(UP)-
Dean. It is populated by about 4000, t took a hundred years for Amerl-
I Aa E L. uuO persuo s ul GTrek descet ana sans to adopt the European idea
--\ 100,000 of Turkish desent, of apartment ho*l1es because of
r .-S,.w a ueK>a nave been cam- "fers that it would lead to a
_'_ -i pg onu or seLf-de4 rmunlatiou on "breakdown of the family."
i1 It iL. he island as a step mad d een- wo Yale Universit cy plan
itual unODn wlt Greece. key op a, Christopher Tumnard and
IO'T p Poses uauT on groups "mmnrsy ry H. Reed, Jr.. wrote in their
l r O rights would nob he proeeted afe- recent book, "American Skyine."
I. teiy. uriush elfortas i London that when e first apartment
I Q lemwe the dispute ended in dead 'bu lMg opened in New York City
i.-l, L Ioa.ept,. 7. w yars ago it was, difficult to
.- sent the twin me egsei i teaata.
I b -.. 'la ti e Sauay asaer Ihoiding a meet /
S AI0 5I 6aAM hh e ssue as hia ebo-e. ti, e wri,. m. explainO d that 'he
I //-1^ O .1 + I I "t! Lm. ;i-|< Amqaaages and a S.ui t soitol u1 nm
*Sp tB tement wers handed to re- .[ c v w r ofStI. The'n"
i^Late S. 's, f .1. si alteio in W& M a on.iifi with
Depar .,%.- a Department "aItate-e 0 t.,.e-. -, te
^ '.. ^- -+ 3 M... ...* w .re .ha re.-. ........ ... Line
^Krf~i^HPC^T 8l i -^ ^ll fffS~i."^1'''^d^tita 1'^^^ ^ >n ri
********K ^^M~~~~~~~~t^F '*^ > .Bl^a SS tM l S flYlt .1"

&To. loves w. 4
; CommI Av&.
n sn e n k 1


FOR RENTa--*w Amfr u~n
rfshe or iofum.. : i:..m4
rigm. livw g wedb. TAei-
mow's rot. urTP. Cwwo f
"PoRe Cimeumtomlwie" e 71th
Aveme. Cum del Mat BMW-
ma.: Phoneb 3-309.

FOR RENTi ThriMobodroom
unfurnisedd opidwmu. #elf
Higlhts. Speceiow mquoni. Tel-
ephone Balboa 2*1P.

FOR RENT:-Chalet to 'metried
c*uiple eleaii,$45. Via'Petris
tend Carresquill Ne. 61'. Ask
for Mr. Miglel. .



POR RKT:- 0 If -go
imm, kitchen, sboth t.i Ys
IWA N. 30., SIeem n OU .
Avenue 8 No. 9-42. PfSS" 2-
116. Pnem. .,
FOR RENT --Uu;nlo d wt-
me"t. I bedroomn, dallq-dleig
room, poch. kiltb V, liJ ga-
raf ot Bella Vsla. N. N.fuou
Street No. 23. She De Mastre,
Avenue B No. 9-42. Phoi 2--
1616 Panama. Renor 6.

FOR RENT,.-- Apartment. Cn
be converted into office. "'Q"
Street No. 27. Ask or Sr. Cow-
d* de. -
SUBLIT.-OwVnr Wll .sublet his
apartpennt, with or withoutt fir-
niturq. Living diving ratol, w
bedrooms, kitchen, laundry, p t
and col d water. ALHA I-A..
APARTMENTS. 10th Stree"l
telephone 1336. Colon. -

FOR RENT: Completely fir .
nlhed apartment at El Coenre.-
ij, in a 2-story house: living-
dtning room, 2 bedreops, bet-
room, hot wa tf t, telephae,
kitchen, maid's room, garage,
independent entrance to sport-
ment, near Hotel El Pqnamfo.t
Call for infonrtlon: 3-5586

FOR RENT--Two-bedroom fur,'
wished apartment. Living',
dining room, garage, etc. Comer
of 51st St. end Federico Boyd.

New methods Cuta

S0resi Fiei Lsse
NSW YORK -(UP)- The U.S1
forest Service estimates that modt
ruized fire-fighting equLpment.ha
whittled down the average cpt of
bringing a forest fim umer- control

says steel lookout towers are noW J
replacing the older wooden one.
and planes- patrol vast areas t-
Spot sleepers-.smoldering fires ber
rond t:.e range of the lookouts.
It points out that-once a fire is
located, he mechanized power of
he ground equipment brings .it
n check. Thousand-gallon tank
rucks, fast fire patrol wagons;
hill-climbi.g jeeps equipped with
tw>way radios, amd big trucks;
bringing bulldoers onto,hte scene;
Com ine forces to .bring fires
under control often In a matter of
Bulldozers, with steel plate top
and grid sides to protein. the oper-
ator from falling asnags and the
worst of the heat, -are-Impervious
o the glowing ashes under their
tr-ads. Tankers, alone, often put
Aut fires within close -distance.
But when a tanker goes with a doz-
er. it throws -a protective and cool-
ng spray around the operator,
making it possible Jor the steel
blade to tear. ita tb-mOettest front.
,:-'jn L *

I -- -


Meke PIANO playing yor,belo-
by. Popular or clsalcl, Childre:
and adults. ti mn t'a S dle,
Phone 2-1282, .

AFL H0tel i 1

Pia 1oS1E '' 1

- The.AFL. hotel wor"ea union
warned .Its 420,000 men ito-
day that seeking -work-*n the
Miami area this winter f6j.idbe
"risky" because of the lbidr'dis-
pute there.
SThe- union said'it l o ex-
pand It "'-t rike" a reort
hotelss at Miami etch a;rd
Mlia and extend It into the lig
winter tourist eason.
The union has, been e lotned
by Florida courts from pcketing
21- of 22 big resort 'hotel which
the union has declared unfairr."
Last month the National Labor
Relations Board refused, to In-
tervene In the-union's 4manRsAa
that It be reuogmlzed anW I-
g agent for the-hotil. a W
athe area. -

The union had asked the NLRB
to hold union rpresentation
elections among the enployes-of
165 hotels in the Miami area.
But because df the LRB's re-
fusal to take a. hand In the dis-
pute, the union said, it will add
more hotels to ItS "unfair" ,lit.
It has asked-the NLRB,to con-
sider Its request. .
The union said in an official
notice to all members that 'iotel
workers ,'are hereby advised, -
to seek winter work in-other Ci-
ties. There are certain real ri*ks
involved in seeing jobs In fMltaai
and Miami Beach."
The union also said any mem-
bers who do seek Jobs in the area
should do so through tbe'- ion
local there' "Failure to obtain
jobs this way Will result in
charges before home local -un-
ions,'" the union asld.

SUGCEBTION PA 'B-Op '. "key hotels" are attempt -.t
-v'- PATS 1- operate an emergency rec.leing
GRAN. ISLAND, -Mich. -(UP) o9f.e at Miamtl H ch. ,VI".
- The head of an inSpeion shift screening applicants for .U l04
at the Cornhusker Ordnance plant membership and I maint alnig
here suggested a tool for use in a' blacklist of unimq members. .
work-at the plant tIha la saving bhe
government some 9,WM.,peor year. It also charged that some he-
Orye Lessor, the shift bead, got tels "are tforeln- employes to
t295 as an award for his es- sign 'yellow-deg' contracts" -
tion. The tool strengths thelips pledges to refuse to Join a un-
of damaged rocket motors. ln.. ._

. -

oe, do-b tm A.



FOR SALt -#MlOhobe
-yds -Sla
0d-,,bu v*

pesaw.Cp.*Ca"," Cdol; he
twoaf 7tb h "d aL alt N
twos.> 71, mmd' u^~-i Av.IeW'
re- I WS.~ PO SLrn.n2Iil bd, n

aFORb sAUi .t L-, $ i,

Le rTml -..0;
2171-i._Cke! Fib

12.' WWSu


\ '_ ;'_ f- T in n M
*w _t "

(Ceatiued Jga Page I)

manned in the square which new govetnmet-
otherwise contained only hungry the provincial Jtegl
oen. Lul Alberto Lagos, co- eraS o ohfndea
disloied- that it had gone over all broke
to the'rebels in telephone cUi arms an wMit
played to his Madors hbea. wthlm their mitlI
quarters. aaU.nilIte h ft
dI dte d he had dedoded to take people.'
is trqops into the revolutionary
camp because of "the patriotic Hugo Dpletro,
spirit of the officers and non- tion's secretary W
com- issoned officers." ed the situation
Lar said that in the sequence able as a result
of Wnts since the start of the superiority of loya
revolution last Friday some units have completely
ordered to march, on Corba to Delia de Parod
tie. Those units were under the Party, said in a sp
command of Gen. Jose M. SOIsa rontst women '"ma
Molina, brother of. -Peron's min- nexorable battle
later of defense, Gen. HumberVt the goaensment, w
Sosa MOlina. neeay"
But at Sa-Lulsd, he said, he A government
allied a meetlag of the fefleers said rebel leaders
and. urged t em to revolt a. where on Friday
ga la Pea. Gen. Flix Videla
"They agreed," 'Lag1 a0id, proclaimed himel
"and Sees Molina saadther of a revolutionary
high offleers :11." had fled Into ti .
Lago s -id he -.Immediahly be. country whete peal
gan receiving pledges of a pot n.a mile In hei
from -eeral army and air.
units and that "all they were A government dl
waiting for was for0 s90eone to how strong loyal 1
take the initiatve." su port were elob
He said the governors of the held Bahia iTne
three provinces surrendered to sides in the south.
him and that, while they. ware Bahia Blanca ai
under arrest, they were being naval base of Pu
"treated like gentlemen. were among the c
SHe ait that threw bombers the rebels in their
from ba=e. still loyal to Peron thrusts Friday. Toi
had flown Into the Merceds mbamseold the key to
and joined the rebels. southern Argentin
Argantine government bOad- Other pots sel
east meanwhile eontiuedR a bels were the "Riv
flow of victory claims, base of Rio Sant
It said a brief rebel outburst to the city of 1va
in the city of Tucuman, capital my base of Curta
of one of the big interior prov- the Uruguayan f r
inches some 700 miles north of dba. --
Buehos Aires, had been "crush. 'Rio Santiago,
ed by loyal troops." .-. -, and Cordoba are
A government communique Is- securely back in
sued shortly before midnight last hands.
night said loyal troops conttnu- A communulue
ed to carry out operations, "aor- the high comml
mially." Franklin Lufro's
It said strong columns were presslon sought
advinoing toward rebel held Ba- nervous o ti
hia aonea In the south but said Aies agast e
pronea.had beerf delayed both bombardment. ,
ains and by "'some It sai deFtre of the roads Ba re- lrmeess ti 0 oe
bol fprme. o to bemai'M a m
AW4W goveMps .*n t an- dh4w the s b
iaimklaet lelS.oi that the aetnmmel a u. an
rebs had dated a pipe womnn of r
/i ae esweeting B ae M reA Ilferins msh be
with Baihis BEme. The sup- oessary :,K
ply of both natural andtti- taken to at WM
elhl gas was emrtalled ad the that atmhareao
oosmmuilque asked the res- Zarlier, aiothe
dent of Buene Aimes to een- broadcast idicule
om bse. ity of rebel 'om)
A later communique ordered aid any. such atti
the elosln of all Argentine etuabsd by the go
Iicholi as "an elementary ewr- perlor afrpower, i
Ity. meaMure." fighters and 30 he
Government a moufcem e n t a Shortly after d
9clWmed that loalIt tones -had anti-alroraft bat
tan complete '$W of Cbrdo. Pis do M o we
b 'but spie d yd as cast on but It later was a
these c lals by tbe fa4 the re- Jot pilot had &V
ibel radUat Cordoba continue to tartly off course li
broadcast. d zone.
mmsf On=


il forces
cut off rebel
till restitlng."
, heat4 of the
of the Peronist
eaech thst Pe-
it proclaim an
In defense of
killing to die if
in Cordoba,
rebel leader
Uelaguer had
f at Mi head
7 go-r'nMment,
ka risk % more
agram showed
arces with air
fa In on rebel-
a fretm thr
nd the nearby
erto Belgrano
cities sealed by
first lightning
Bother the t
the whole &
a. -' '
Wed by the re-
er Plte inaval
lAgo, adjacent
Peron, the ar-
u-Cuatis near
mtier and Cor-
now. claimed
n, government
yesterday by
and of Gen.
forces of re-
o reassure the
ft of buenos
hreft otf rebel
-.f -re *bel
t there t
SIy. at ."en
,- of rebl
.8 "4 "'W
Meissin *0eby -
bthat aI l.-
p have 'been
any otiea of
F Impoassbe."
r government
d the posIlbil-
bardmen* and
empt would be
vernment' s su-
ancluding 60 jet
avy bombs.
awn yesterday
terieg In the

ttthe forird.






L.^ ^.^ ^ -^ ':. : +' .. .i.^ 1



_~_ __~

i I .. .

= .T

- --- ~-T~~rr 1--~-----~--- -~_~ ~rB ?-I~~~-~ 8~-C~J` -~1- T1~ ~ ~ `'~ ~ ~ ~~- *~~ ~ U' ~ ~ 1 -.._...1

___ ~_ ~_~ ~_~_~_ __


I i



TO ^ R y'ii-j pfjj



i I





* ~ ~ .~ *''I~ 'i' dJ-F ~ ~ r.
..~~~ ~~~ *4 Y Ii~-r

~r '.* -


* C. -

*. .~. ~
j". AL

~r ~

t.: t a "..
1* w Ww

- l.: ~ "

Uw. O..

SW*-A rt(1CTIONi :

"V. ElO A CA R U Z

M .... 0 I ,. ,*

.an- 1.8m2e. -

.. .: ." --iin
** ,'p n .ao, Ir '

Itadio Nasgs

SVoar Coa muimty Stt..
(Tuleplate S*:345)
Wheke Ioa" pplea Mts

'Sabiha' and Daughter: '" m% T
.^s[. .f *ret of Sabine lo To
WId.,'. m~ 'ike Ste .o our Te,." eme f tl MChte of her Sl'
Mver 5. Holy., wh isaime in. e t. eased nA1e hIs whuh elm m
,tsnd. wqs p# pnut So In PeF.otehs Spdwg as e"*t f etI"
h weIe roepgealed- Mn SlOevishn olr Sol" the NC a WO 40
lpt. I1. This w h bes MWItin's M st televidhn appearOaMeslce 5tW
l at Mwiti which woahlRed ty dwhat is claimed to be the Irgedt gilme

e. w. mingle metec 6 pa rram-.-57 .il .

SStaff o Lee Striaberg, the' rector who
r -te Magaie has guided many of today's9lead-1
ing actors to their positions of em-
| isuetfe .Colbert, who returned imoece through his teaching at the
4the stage this summer in a pre- Acotrs Studio, appears to have
roadway tryout of "A Mighty done a particularly ood ob with-i
an. s iHe," also Intrqduces her-I in his own family. His daughter,, a singer in this show. The Susan, whu is seventeen. makes.
lshe sings Is "Iag Me That her Broadway bow this season in
delsshn March," especially the leading role of "Diary of Anne
i for the play by Stephen Frank." She has already made
two movies, "The Cobweb" and
d ... Pldy Chayevsky, "Picnic," and has appeared ws te-
e playwright who has made a levision.
ant name in televisin and

ee Iovis (he te Marty)", r
fl rch out to t gthls se-
a Wita play party bed on a
television script called "Middle of
he Night."
Arthur Laurents has a new play
sady for production, "A Clearing
0 the Wodds," but it may'utay tun-
educed tr a while until Katha-
ien Hepburn-can clear herself ef
other commitments. Miss Hep-,
urn, who starred in "Summer-
**," the movie version of
purenat' last play. "The time of
to Cuckoo," will be far. away in
uatralia with the Old Vie corn-
any until October then she has
omn movies to make and then she
lay be able to play for Mr.
ateata. That is providing
*WaVtd and hs-producers don't



Great White Fleet
New r eJwm ELMO


T e q r GVA ............................. S 19
*. '-moBASo ..'.'.'...'.'.......................Best. 25
s.8s "AGEm.BORG ...........................Sept. 9
SAL "l f t .................................... Oct. 4
*SJi.L Piiwi ................................oet.
....... .................... Oet. .
i .C e". e... .............................. aO
*"UNadf BrifM Chmaed Gad Oe" i Caup
--? .>r, -... .... .-------^


.., ................... .. .....* J 17

* ..~ 4't .am e.*..El'--
~5~ 4..
-~ ~ 4

Today, Monday, Sept. I
&:S-aWminy Sao fpow
3:30-Mud B-- WMonwta
4:30 ..- What rour Frvorite
(requit4- plPaUS phone
before 3:00)
Wht' Y o u r rFavriteo
6:00-Manhattan Melodl

6:48-Old New Orlefts
7:15-F-dd, Martin -8how
7;S0..-Rept From The USA
8:00-M E DD'8 PNT-
8:30-P oudly WeBall (USA k
9:00-You Aske Foar It (re-
quests -pleae plAn be-
tore 7:0
11:00-Music To Dream By
12:00-sign Off.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept. 2t
A_ I

6:00-Sign OnThe Alarm Clock
Club (requests please
phone before 7:00)
7:30-Morning Balon 'Concert '
8:15-Church In The Wildw o
8:30-Mnualc Reave"
f00.-Ne *t'. -. *
9:15-Sacred Heart
9:30-As I See It
(Cutex and Odorono) -
10:05-Off The Record (requests
-please phone before 8:30Y
11 00-News
11:05-Off the Record (cont'd)
1l:30-Meet The Entertalners
22:05-Lunchtime Melodies
12:36-Sweet And Hot
1:15-Music Of Manhattan
1:30-Sons Of the pioneers
1:45-Then And NOW (BBC)
2:00-lIntrumental Capers
2:15-Singing Americans
2:30-Tex Beneke Sbow
2:45-Hank Snow And His Rain-
bow Ranch Bos
3:00-Piano Patterns
3:15-Sammy Kaye Show
3:30-Mi~lc For Tuaeday
4:00-Feature Review
4:30-What's Your Favorite (re-
o845-t--pleae phone be-
re 3:00)
5:35-What'm Your Favorite
RY (Lou GOlud)
6:30-Your Dancing Party
6:45-Do It Youreel
ODI8 .
7:30o-.Report From. The pSA
8:00 I EDDY% PENT- *.

9:00-Y ou A d for. It (re-
aueu please phone be-
IO:;5--New .
10:3S-Mu t ae o m Hotel l

Pnlamk tm a
"la f-w it kmk

SHE g r.M A -Flery Latiia Morno has
cSame d AZedcas n who were retly calld
week levers by sole" oWwoa Swmnuuq inset. Ria, who thins
the ABaien lver, busb and father the best, ilepa
Europeans' reputation oreLatia technique, says "Americans stead
up better over the long haul of marriage.


2 amderm Saunt" didps unlting the 5AIUIN
Americas with fart ad frequent T7
service. fea
B.S. "SANTA MARIA. ......Due ristebal, C. Z., Sept. 25
B.S. "SANTA MARGARITA" Due Cstobal, C. Z., Sept. 28

B.S. "SANTA BABARA" .Sails Cristobal, C. Z., Sept. 27
&S. "SANTA -INKS" ...... Slas Crstobal, C. Z., Sept. 27
&A. "SANTA CRUZ ........Due BaIthm, C. Z., Sept. 23
5 .. 'SANTA Tr ............. Due Dal C. Z., Oct. 19
B.8, "SSaA CRUZ" .......8Sails Crisbal, C. Z, Oct. 5 !

CRB L, AIS 1 nu PARa am, sM Ma
BALBOA: 5l -Uts

mm l

4 fdorug Philip !

... ,, ha ,,bs, ._
"i '; ,; i .. ,

-. *

To PrWmI Prram

Al P* CedW
A variety concert entitled. "A
Mother.' Sacrifice," will be pre-
sented at the Pacific Service
Center Tuesday y evening at 7:301
by Troop No. 11 of the Panaia
Boy Scouts of Panama.
Several lases will asit the|9 -
troop, which operates In Rio' -- dt
Abajo, In puting over the pro- pr o,
gram. 11
It wll consist of Ite in ;
mambo and other Spanish danc-
es.i d g a aiet,

SMrs. Settice Smith; an officer
of the Cub department, has beep.
training the group-for the con-
cert, which is being given t
raise funds for the troop.

' MsSi;aofe- .
Armis, Sighless
Vaia. l a.J&a& laj>

From ,La school
WASHINGTON, Sept. 10 (UP),
-In late winter of 1945, James;
L. Womack Was hit by an ex-
ploding land mine on a German
battlefield. He lost both his
arms and was.ilinded for life.
Almost ten years later he wasj
admiltted to practice law In the
state of Louiiana.
The thirty-year-old former
infantryman came along way
from that German battlefield in!
1945. This summer he was grad-
uated with high honors from the!
Louisiana State University law
The veterans administration
today disclosed his courageous
University law faculty and
students combined to helo W- o-
maek get through bi iard law .
school course. -Armless as well as'
sightless, Womack could not a-
vail .himself of Braille textbooks
blind students can use.
So the' university set aside a
small alcove in the libra-t and
Womack learned by listenlin to
the voices of his readers-all a-
bove average law students.
Since Womack was unable to
write, he couldn't take notes In
clasn and couldn't take .the usual
written exams. He kept a re-i
border with him in claqs and re-
corded his professors' lectures.
At exam time, faculty mem-
bers would quiz him and he!
would recite the amnwers into'
the recording machine. If a
written record 'of the test, was
necessary, faculty m e m b era
tranadribed the answers from
his machine.
Born In-Sikes, La.. Womack
joined the Army at 18. He mar-
rled his high school sweetheart
and is the father of a three-
year-old adopted son.

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NT -t.B


S. o Tr .r I I o I U

.; / '. ,. -l' .'. .+ ,- ; ... ,. .. '- I *- **- *.

, Grim Hurls No-Hit btlhays Mrn M6ShB J n^ e
..* ,L .e -, lric ,.4" y*.rcj t. ;L.. ,

uli hMone

Relief Ball As Tribe keep Young Fit Vicfory In T k Feature

dDENVER, Sept. 19 (UP) -Pres. _____________________ _-
l-^LfAgain Bows To Tigers XMent Eisenhower said Saturday ATIONA U AMCA A
that "We can and should do more IA IAL L1 1
*-I --o--than we are now doing to be l Ralph F. Chong's stout-heart- B w L q B -
our young people become physic Monte Rouge yesterday found otalS 9 L
S NEW YORK, Sept. 19 (UP) Casey Stengel ft ,ad therpore better qua- condistisos admirabsd eel S : t o
and his New York Yankees had the American requirements of modern life" lr i th tu New s Oon ... .
SLeague pennant virtually locked up today-and they The Presdent's statement, v frl sri r Cla cn 73 77 Detrots M
their, made public by the summer Whit Impoted horses at thChicago ......7
'won the big one" just a year to the day after their Houe, was addressed to the 139 Ju. Framo re trac t ou H g .. .S L5 J.
fabulous five-year reign as world champions ended. leaders in a dozen fields f en- h IS. .ue vorite apa .lyn,,3 S ,6 talS mre a
deavor who have been invited to handicapped by a e impost
With Bob Grim. the rookie of one and retired the last 16 bat- the chief executive's two-day con- of 1$ pounds and gi ig away TODAY'S DAM0 T "
the year in 1954, hurling no-hit ters in order. ference on physical fitness of A- from eleven to 18 ounds to the ica oat8tLOds DA
relief ball for seven innings, the The Yankees scored the win- merican yoqth here Sept, 27 28. oppotion, falte when put to C at Stt to a-ch (d atned. Cit e '"
Yankees beat the Boston Red ning run against Willard Nixon 0t wl be printed n the program a driven the homestretch while Yet scheduled. New Y ork w
Sox, 3-2, yesterday and went two n the fifth inning when Gerry I for the conference, at which vice- Monte Rouge raced away to a I y aDA RESULTs Ony SM, s ,wa .
full games ahead when the col- Coleman singled, moved to sec- President Richard M. Nixon will four-length triumph. Amorio,'New Yoft 200 008 000-5S 1 TSTS"OA t
lapsing Cleveland Indians drop- ond on Hank Bauer's single, to preside. badly outrun to the final quar- Brooklyn 30100 30Lx7 12 2 n
pd their fourth straight game, third on a walk to Irv Nore and I. very much appreciate your .ter, closed with strong a urt to Gaies (9-9), McCall, Monant e Yor m n 1I
I-, to the Detroit Tigers. It crossed the plate as Gil McDou- interest, the President said n his take the place by a lengh over and a t NewYk 00
was on Sept. 18, 1954 that the gald bounced out. The victory greeting. Your conference dell. Papp. Flynn. Bare Royl and EskineBent (8-0)',blae ( d
Indians mathematically clinch- made Orim's record 6-5 corn- berations will help guide the ef- Persian Countess, the early pace- d Campadella Walker Turey, ) ad
.ed the flag which ended the pared to his brilliant rookie forts of all of us 'wo are interet- *setters, faded to finlah fourth a ..
Yankees' record string of five campaign In which he won 20 dn improvg thetotal fitness of and fifth in the five horse field.CinciatI 000 2 003-12 13 1 Iand 000 1"0 1 1
"consecutive world champion- games and lost si.all our children and youth." p j 1 Chl2. 00 0 00--,.
ships. The Indians meanwhile, suf- T White Ho made public Bas Aguirre gave Monte Rouge Ch 0010000iller (1-) Marlowe and Wi
The Yankees, who've won 13 feared ahunmiliating defeat at the the list of delegates earlier Sat-I a god ride to account for his a (17-11 and re.i son
of their last 17 gaines, can hands of 20-year-old rookie Bob urday. Mr. Eisenhower w i I host tfd victory over the afternoon. Haker (11-15) P ca (11-13) NarskI
stretch their lead to 2 games Miller, the Id pitcher the Yan- at a windup dinner and reelve ie was the day's top saddle star. Jeffoct, Kaiser and Cooper. Hotteman. Aguie and gan,
tonight by beating the Wash- kees beat last week and whom the group's tentative recommenda- Alejandro Ycaza, upon Papa 00-1 7 o
Sthn Senatorsa man they'll Detroit manager Bucky Harris In his message to the physical Flynn, ke t his mount under Milwu. 100000 000 01-2 6 1 Wash'n .n 000000 .
clinch the flag mathematically promised to burl against Cleve- President, stout restraint until Monte .... n
If they cop five of their last and, too. Miller, gang his first fitness '.delegates ht r RoU moved alonglide in the oholak, Jackson (7-14) and Blo 130 401 .0x-9 0
Seven games. I victory, yielded two runs and six sh owstat fina quarter before giving him u' ',, to r eSchmltuz (.-, Cf ha kal Ses.,
eh. Indianm c.n finis thwihts Itn seven innings and Dick n tis coferen'c s thhis head bt the weight Spahn (16-14) and Crandal. Stewrt, Hye and Korcheck.,
95 vftytories it th win all Marlowe finished up. p.oAon rabo hand he was no match for the ,Aerrt Game) Wilson (1 2-17 and Smith.

whve ltSe ven of btwalkd me entime; the President S unet r. (1-12), Milrn Mey-hmeir (10-12), 14 d Co ra
B t12 gkmeg Incdit an 8-1 Inthe sixth.Mille then Angled his own physicalfitnesspre- best win erodnd.Lopata. Lopata. and Alo
decision to the Kansas City Ath- acroGarcia, whos ande failures gramthis Wi th three-year-old Irish-bred Of golf On t ia n .

matcal eliminated with the rame in friends. They included famous Pittburgh 00001000-1 0 Hall (5-6) ne and Awell.
Yankees' next victory. golers Frais Oimet, the 1913 FIRST C Philadelphia 001000 000-2 0
Grim, who had won only five Gus Zernias grand-skna U.S. Open chanm ion and Charley
g ahomer wwiat seven to play.orf 1-Ariaval $5.20t 4. I s p
previous mesdthi season e Yates, one-time British Amateur CHA C C ridic D.
l want pitch effort of his Donnort an ttlem h holder. invited conferees( to ,
wo-r c itfh a crod ninth r deeat. aenr e d the two-day meeting. -Dark unetuet tn $13 .0 -80, 4.80. th e a
last e12 gatie includihur S. Aa, w .the Woanld Sries iuthen thsume sector of elin, whewi ndey will a) Me l fo r aa nd Lh ara
decision to the Kansas City At w-hacrosswtwoirus dthe v i gers up hophey ftne pro-D..-_..

brletics yesterday, will be mathe-wnntigui most of w the invitpw d .oen ses ranLotaDttona (1-2 n .
t yartically eliminated with a theframe we...rattends The tw-dy minclue amous ST d es tseu Gm 0 -/ l -ed e

r iI sta Em this Bleasone re-l h h iYates, one Cu, Ie A O RN In.HIS-o'f.. .br ci ain ortedlo Au a vite .2. _4

Wu i on's record 12-17e downed Pitttburgh, atar Statford t f Col. of wac.t14 i1 $s2i0, I.2.20. w124. scored r aT6lp ero s v .iehc ns
thsre a 22nIn the National Le went the the pirates won th er o a hI. r4, I Iaho 7 ne2aso ore20. gfiorr 1G3'to, whe n rbh in wmao$

Sa Brooklyn Dodgers beat he New their doublhader, 5- Tth Miam 8 C.Py. 40 W. Colo. t-. to m berbatch. : T SMurillon
o. r Ss d- tid 20o brM, Stater..c 14 Westmi d ainste or 5 E. O. 7 the seventh rou d
York h hrndturned in the most G routefrhsitvictory. wiles White HsouCs said -Boey expecF..U. C. 0 Mont. e nCface a swollen,-' ReadingrCo
B0.6nt pitching effort of rance but Willie his 5. hmost of thre invite AN on erees a r i F H trned his back on hi

Rhd hw onI sWu poidmtoranot ear ly
Tweve er. t exce W heef er Scott t ahk e two-.da metiang.W& o 1oDrk Sunse S1 360, 4.'.80.l0
S hselfo Lgnoir Rhoe 40. N''t Newr 0 0 t 40 chedf el ttan. by the sreh 7 a dgh
seventh placewhen they'eat6 Thet MhewaukSS R pqm Ii# 2ootoqKFirs Doub lr: $33 I ThriN Packed F Card

Ou TRsVOR HOWAAD Hamp.-syd. 20 W. V ech 14 3-COsntld<3* fight," w .ked every bit iek d
~.them, 9-0, behind i Wilsonsthe Louis Cacr aw,

l f1 pC The Twi me Bowtine AFha 2d, el pat 7 ete score B A near capacity crowd took In onef Murilo wlme no appear to "
Wilson's record 12-1e. downed .. nam it s antTH S tanor 33 Col. of 0a. 14 2-.-l 6.20, 2.20. -.- ...

SDavon Ctwb 0 O Murllo, confident and oceky month was C b
Sork- Mid. Tenn an -, u st. Harvey 7 rie Or0,2 20 for theirst two roundis,s seemed

*B Jax.- W *Al K) 12, Chattanooga 0 Shep'd (WVa) 21, Fair's 6 |S2-Che 4.40 3.20 to have the edge over Cumber- In the semifinal, Vicenia Wr-B
Sh o r lf ap c" ht- WVa State o .U. Tec State Mon Sta a -nd Do Beatr batch abe bobbed and waved rell, 128u a nd Lupe Pacho
prcb We May hi h G wh seve lni AST McN'2ee ort. 26g 3 H'ton St. 26 B. Yu and came in regular y to land fought to an unusual dprw, a
ELSE homer ren his two- no-hTusee 9, Al. A-M 0 SEVENTH CE effective right anh left co rnb.the refereI and both judgetrmaw
SY Pittburgh 27, California 7 Ten A-I. 7, Lincola (Mo) 0 anatont to the face .ad body. the boye even at the a. of the

S SPECIAL With Ken Wheed e anwki Ed Scott eek the hit line. The a ltnge for w-anulan 1 V Mh 1.7 h o ri $440 Th i The t wer suffered a ndeep gash Rxoreobdeb
i -AR in the tarrig ol, the rushed team extra po ant leaguec rao l. M a. 7G'ni l.4on 0 3-My Dear over he let eyebrow- ear in "Bad Boy" Panchowa o ulo

de werru S heated the wtoftes 18-7 in the an- Roticho ,'enRaen 6Mtcn- 4ar Nie w s SBond Do0uble: the third, and althygh sther- hia old tricks as he butted, hit n
nua BPS. interwhquad footba There was Bo coring he 4th R.osln NtM eTl rn 1 CTrus W ed by the blood whicstreamed after the bell and generally,
Red Team To,1 .7, FL n'tu 1 SO UTH

Sum. The cott was played be quad member. getting plenty of h t .. fought back valiantly and em- Artas Mend ei 122d, won
fore a nice ized crowed of fans opportunity to gain some game Bfee S 32. olasmon 1..-Jule $F.20. 3.80 3.40. ed stronger than Cumberbatch Lpet decision over Melanlo pab*
Swho got the first glimpse of Ca-experience. Sveal ofthe nw MIWST 2-Rin o 40 3.0 when the, bell sounded ending eco 119,n the four-rund pre * 20o W 14Cllonsconaiden *
EI. ABETHALLAN BHS Rea Team +To ,18-7 the -0o-- ln + o.,Prd am;d.o.theng let at

Mid. Tenn. 14, MonE. Harvey 7 Mu-rFodrae $ S2 28,.0. a theck ound. 1minary.
SD Joph Chalme x. (Arland 12, Chattanooga 0 Shepld (wa) 2, Fair't 6 ChIe $ i0 to have the edge over C In th se
V co O ver W W State 14, Taylor (Ind) 7 3-Dofia Btr batch asWbe bobbed and weaved nell, 126. and Lup Pnnho 131,

V cTheredteamledbythe buUWinkloskyver andW.heyes. HaCK -e ffec 0 e Kxz orom the fourth lo, the win r Mefder, a hard-fubegela
E AST Mce St.. 26, Wraton St. NINTH BACE ner worked menal o hd amel Indian, dr ln |a
aInd theurter ba g o Sott Several bys fed to dress or ene9,owa te 7 Ag' 91. A-M 0 cut and by the r ixt- bfK also applause fro the upeeto-
-p o-Pi h the27 C noP Itts u fia CTe A-In7 S, .nA (Mo)S 1-Oro Purito .80, 4., 4.20. fatlons towed face andfrom Muro nos e eysred hve comet
m ^ ^ ^ ost of e eveni Scorg r er are Morris, Ken Morris t' s rc lW M 13 st T ', Magoon 0 2--ioprnca .20 fl. and from acut on the hp. behl victory.
With Ken WbeeIr and Ed Scottfhler the goal Hue. Th e unge for Geneva 0, Ind. (PA) TchrS tou 0 L-Tufi c 3.0. Bonny McKayd 1134, nihed
In th starring noe thek red oteam extra poming Fw ay evenness. Pre ma Id. t Cenl 0 midji Tc 37, o 3l d .60, T H A the slaughter, bt for ne bout t for tour
S Potomacm 8. 7, o envilp Ae 8 2. La- .4W () Ma % 0&- e h.t
See atethe as ex, p tLe qad ) Sbe wrng to llr' r or 0 i -Mot Rouge $12D3.0. third, and although ebo ther- hi oldtricks as h butted, ht
wer polh up tthe areal attack and Omahan 3itor Ste 13 Chad.- (Neb) T' D M 20 0-Amorio-4 d Commibion doctor advice ft The fanb en ed an pedally
nul BPS. T Th tnqu had two drive smooth out th mistakes that wiere 428, O r No.( D)3I hn tow the side of the lf treat before up curtain Opiern.
rnae Fday night at Balboa sta-Ir n qnurter with most o ef Wst n ehs'rer th 8 SOUTRWEST ELEVICTH RACE do0ureS'tS3e of the ,oe, hevouew1en 4w sm | er nl
Sra-um. The contest was played beequad members getting plenty of5 Krema 0 1 r t. LOuntn 1(. 8 dhadec mb3al tch a id wee |e

naI Zone1yDENTE HeM f ao 5y 4s .h plo e r eIET |. 3-Sierr enu -.. in the b deadng room, "I The program overa- "M M
kL,' L on a keep ply ion 35qd..Alparn for he Jambore,. the Ama 20T o0e

of blwbacktwent Sutherlaond rand game.. d q a Jose St. 1, UotahSn SU a

_____ .I NT[ H : +..eM ..... ... r 4. Blf 2 I ... I v,..|, m..u .. ..... .. .. I g m, eprogam ~r .

I Ashlnd 1, E4arlham'h4
SVTT rl keep g mouth excellent one.
O..I B U ipsetsI M ark e 14. Utah 13 -M- hi P, I
Adrian 22, Wlingto 19 0 Rk (I) 25, Carl (Mont) 955 h l p RELEA E
CS: O f Football Season C 1, Wrt a .l AIds.o Ct. Peny Dniel wes medalist TODAY at the CENTRAL
Central 20, 13 Phoenix-39, Sou. Utah 0 houor' In the 1955 PWGA Isthian TE L
SPrsons 25, u ckton 6 Cal Aggles 7, Pacific 0 Chamoship tnment being INSIDE STOY OFTENBI DOLLAR
Mich. Nor. 27, He h 'lands (NM) 33, an. Wes 6 hed s year at to Panama G GUN-ANL E E
i NEW YORK, Sept. 19-(UP)- venged last year's 74-13 tram- Stevens Pt 18, Mi. Teh 6 New Mex. 34, Idaho 14 lub. P had an t a el' ANDGIRL
the first "The weatherman smiled on col- pllng by making the Terrapins Valley Cit 21, Bi ttlneau 6 _"I Perantl an sT was h e closest pi l a a
San. Tcht 2. SSMo. Mines 14 The Fr Tnt-w gle CA 11DT
time lege football Saturday... but old work hard for a 13-12 win. The Minot 26, Dismerck 0 Ao r w contender for the medalt I
Pltur- ma n upset had a frown for some thermometer hit 02 an this one en. Tchs. 33. Mo. Mines 14 Along The r WOS a Twenty-two golferswfed. all "-
[] aems at Columbia, Missouri ashalf- Plat vle t., Wart.,burg 7 from the Panama ". None of
Zau Claire 21, Oshkosh 0 the Atlantic gal goler sighed up
a a a a d for ary and .11 Walr carleton 34, Grnel (la) 21 LADIES DAY AT FORT DAVIS for the tournament
*' liBng under clear skies. But ter pased for both Tiger seore. St Olaf 34, nn 01 First mauthea to be completed 2
Wonderful Nebraska and Virginia Tech Virginia Tech had its hope Lawrese Monouth 12 The reiblar Ladies Day at ort by p.m. Sunday, Spbamer Math
I 'were upset victims...and Ma- crushed for a second st Rlpon Knox 1, Davi was held Thursday. The re
r iylnd almost oined them. unbeaten season when ader North Dakota 27. ramline 0 meeting was called to -arder ,by
Geor-lad Te o't by dark- Waten o whoen 13-. Wa9 Central St. 26. St. Joseeh 14 LouIf Rynrlds. On the agenda CHAM ION PG
SGeorgia Tech got Wd 1-6 a forest won8 ards from the Concordia 34. Morehead 0 yts old business, new us,
Mint of Florida 14-6 -n Point went 0 yards from the Augustane 21, Buena Vista 7 p4 the eletion of en' P. Dell +a 3. lS,
: -the quick thinking of Paul Ro- kickoff to score and the final tu Weas 31, Westnar 0 It wash agreed thet Lades Day L. DK2l s HI. DSeIbi
|teerry. RotenbeNrry grabbed a tally might have been higher la. St3. 18 St. w nedt's 6 inthe faure w ll be bi. 14s 0 Perefti vsT Lam*
".9: p.m- B-l- ball after teammate Ken except that two toucMdows SE OM St. ... IL0 L'da o each. wi be eI el Tt P. Tersim vs I. Askew
wne signaled for a fair qatch were called back because of pen- w8 .l be ait OWek TS sha p FImS Fv t
wn. eas hit anyway. Whie M- W"tites. SOUTHWEST b8 a 8" to urn.m. ent r W. Be TsvF1ST
S Roteabrv mced t 4 Hawaii-beaten are of TNe- TVs Tech 0. Te ao nume. F. Porter 5. uJop a.Bd ,
Shed 4e t beaten 50-l0 by NeE s ror minsa 7 The 1S tormmanet wI? be 1"tlnil v A
Si Iosarther f the 1 first score r t la -gotS T.... 47, eans's 14 h oldt Wednesday, q it., Davi Daisy M .... ..
the an Pet wat-. ArksAl g. -hkr" DOd a. to -
sew ke ta- fthee sa los Tart .r W W 0enes 0. susto Ian VI
Arw T t sW vbase o tp alse 8Llei s PL a on 0 *a Chi.age
-MEAL,- Jul e MD-In their games in this it 4 rY U,-'
Clu k s-r l-ray, Tuaas ~N. 14.. .. Ltr 'n l 1 -'+ ..... on agpt .C

I I'w lr I F e-J c[ ", .a ,x,4 b e ":
t ste. .. su S rand pu J. Wlrt Mm 8Lps W. a ''ilue1


* n- .

a' .

I_ t.t .,,'*



.- -. C- P -- -. *% -- -


Player, Club ab r h P.
N"A fterisatr I y Ahhburp, P. 514 90 1750
imMusiA 31-L. 148 538N04171 .34
awe, fw m1l Myreb al Kls'ski 149 59311116 8U4
-ati ofK Powr. AMron, 0. 148 W 103 183 .31C
ataest here *IV 06 Purilo. B. .S6 510 82 160 .314

KIallne, Det. 146 567 118 193 .346
IOBLYN HEIGHTB, N. Y. Poer, N.C. 142 578 90 184 .318
1 -M17rs. Myrtle Power, the renr, Det. 13 598 97 14 .308
lea) P Mrs. Myrtle Power, the Kell, Chica 124 413 42 127 .308
Stest breath-taker ast luvisonsa Mantle, N.Y. 145 515121 158 .307
*as=er to do it yartf'minng,
1The $4,000 Quetion,' is a 11- HOME RUNS
year-old native of Buiord,' Ga.,
Likes to nestle up In an pay Mays, Gants ........... 48
chair .,th the baseball. tegter, Klussewaki, Redlegs .... 4
.SporttIgNews, Basebal GuIde' Banks, Cubs..........43
.... u. .. t. b. ..a.... ... '* -ab e p i .ttle et Book. G d
She d ts hR n t. ahil Dodgers........42
AArT SMNA'D 1115 ,10',Mrs. Feoo lo 6ass b Nis does th is n he nights off -W on W ias PostRedegs. .......3. "
from housekeeping of the vwudam a-a n t us up w VI MIu .e.
with arine Cst. ea IIethtow nh. fid o Drmod. O 5 L ld er, died. By then It"honme she lived In theie, and ha. UNS ATTI aIN
A gentle groan went up In sports had grown up ande atf rented it for 10- years. It needs
departments across the nation sons are Geore, ad *redecorating and that's one sipaon Snlder, Dodger........134
r e when Mrs. Power, with the gleam Palm Beach, n a.; Weta a sh 's a iming at th W soY. IEnnl, hll e ........ 119
of a hungry contestant., gfIbed Greensboro. Nf. C.;, ktnd J r reas ls Ni her My Giant. .' MIGHT...J oe lAuit now admires Rtwhy Madtcia, urt
at announcer Hal Marchs iuest Calls Atlantr, Ga., sl Ater, whose b d Jeht arm which wrecked him nd others
TfI S 7 T orns and moved Up to them $4004 ljdaughter, Mrs. Uish C rooiyvet.
JO E W IL LI AM S E W poL' U n t llve I dt. e;' Banks, Cuba ....... h1
There are low ports guys whoThe third reason Ias"ely per.
There ame fw spcornds uysw.h a But t still has her roots hI n A I-e'd like t a a RUNS OUTOF DOORS th
coulduford, Ga.ft stillowns qw. box at Ebbets F;eld.ners2
The basebanfather have been In the trld Series business tel you that Waiter Dropo of the hSnider. Dodger ......... 126
tfora m than e.alf a ont ad yet they stmile-n't ake up White oxand Ia= P Inka F Mantle, Yankees ...... 121
tthea.^ -^ 'a?!;"^ ^^^^^^^ IfVfeYe wS basic from -^ S
their dis what to do abat a play the of a league record for consecutive s mith, Indiana........118
The two approachthe same basei problem fr op- Mays, Giants........... 116
polte aidesnoaef t tre mt. In the Nahinwal its two out of three,oHIT
iIe in the Ameriean one game desse sClearly one method The $16,916 qestiedt w h I c bT -
mus be better...or worse.... than the other. But which? .yrt, as sue pre ersl to oTe called, W 1ATHAVE BEARS GOT,
breezed through easily wasn't-as, Kaline, Tigers 193 ANI(WAY?
The Nationals ostensibly take the position there Is too much hard. All she hpd to do, with l luewki.Re .a ilBWANPAGE
at stake, and the element of luck Is much too pronounced, to a flood of money on lne, was Fo. White x....... Shooting Editor m o in I w. o
lar tonratdd o the net result of a full 154 ame schedule tell March the five plsyera Carl e p Power, Athletic......184 etter r
on the butte one game. Their contention i that with w OIHubbell struck out ln successulon Kuenn, Tigers........ 184 BEARS certainly are sure
or three ames... If a third s needed.. the breaks will even during the 1934 A -StarS game. f o, o ture |-
Jerome (Disly) Dean.wo wasPITCHING food for tiae imagination. It was only after ftr s
ea.n e a be out ve 1ear r les som ewhr vitaes tt e *41-
i e nwrarm up to relieve tabbell at Just a mild beer at an Officers e me tout of 10 peopc wno write more bro
'ho Americans: until very recently, anywaY., .dalmhed the time, couldat recall the right Club to quench a mids ummiear (Based an 14 Decisions) en auer te somw ee when e ea N
such fears as groundless, it, Indeed, they paid any attention to answer. was watching the show thirst could cost Army a success- get in a query as to the suitabil ee w
the po ty at all. Now for the first time there are Indiato but I couldn't come u with the ful season because that' why of their gun or load "for bea
thattheyareotital aright answer," syt hCrv^s ke Ai! N i w011 Doger 20 .co80
that they are not In full agreement. tf answer," says "I had starting halfback Mike Z you'd No w omake u t d And ten out of ten people who to nd out just how the
. Frank Lae wand hank GetembgIW kbtg for the Wite B Dickey as one of the five. I- was derricked d til December... Bye Dodge rs8 are lucky enough to come out of terms really could growi kid
Sex a d Indians, respeetvely, have deoMed the twb-' miagine an old Grandma knowing Happened at Fort Benning, ameM, an 10 4 b1 the woods with both a bear a
ato-thg a formulae in smore desrable. B Att b wiatea m0t0 0 more than 01' Diz." plaace Don Holledei made a phone Lm. ....10 4 .714Ra buck brag all winter about "the raS
call while on duryuad sjk do Ford. Yankees. 17 7 s708 bar," even if hewag a yearling w
tUh doeydw cnskicauidtg lent g ue Re xato didl't rfore, the tPow her's lilting Southern for the first two ne, Dodgers 1.2. 570abthat should have e left
l ueenIies. that the Natioalslere to the tones brought forth the correct Only L dignitary ho rates' an 18* grow up.we
longer playoff because there Is more money to be made out of answer to that ine. Her showing gun.saklte could ft the ban on I watched such a Niod m
twoSa s than one... and even more to be made out of three, was buried under the tidal wave Ziegler.@aa I w
Or put It this way:ne tr t n the being too much fofr blicity which engulfed Ca t. the thrill of a lifetime on wildereas b e
O a thi Rather than therm being too mc dCutcha A Pennsylvania ridge one flue day. moose and c. .ut-
t stake, ttereIN is t enough. that Is, not enough fort the h cUb hard McCutch, the Mar. e veteran Detroit player Is Aft five weeks of practice, a was holding up a tree watch- estemet was a
nr deea ofwho broke the game wide open by heading fer a ce In s alfoa om I was h n up a t.
wner 'oa rncammte of ten people, consist. a deer path, and saw this get bear ti-at qaoved..
taie a e a ng it ah.. a .t because or aissuading ing of facult ae s e se I
But Mrs. Pwer now ehallengs fluenc e as uckyar- spent t-footng upacross -the ridge here a fe
SlcCutcheiq and Gino Prato, the ris' Kidde Ear br i gadpe. ursda feron selee thete as if the
2000 operlt id a0r. eey' o .raW he my uil. 19 6 Ba boa cheerleadg sad. F a buck behind every bui. e no
-1he big quest. TV fa m a bk, th e to live- ftheM. The candidates were requled to
iineganutsojuvenile as to t A1. wers are of a owan TV ben't attend offial pr He dlie tdn't see me, becau
any le enchadted by money than trco ptto them randmoher would be an expert eral managing the White Box next sens, write a theme on why they rock still. And s.didn'te tha e
mat be pome other reason why they did not make it two out of n the implausible subject of base- yar.. bi already h rplannn s lies are Bat tae t den b , eable bia IsIn order to be eligible fo tryouts. f his ai n because wh.n I fig h thv a g

Perhaps the pet entage against such an eventuatonap-- the Chisox are set except or Eighteen grl tried out nd they red h'd ched everything I s. iLw
peared so forbidding they felt they couldbe big and portig have been a baseball fan couple of pitch ersand third base, Prak Lne eig en toieut an t r he aas e veryh o t er s tS
about It without facing. any real hazard. As it turned out, they for 60 years now," she drAwa. where -George Kel talks lie ach girl announce ive d gt bo rups.d of tr ad msoe a t c a wn ot3In
-ach girl announced two cheers his tracks the black bruun bolted* case of the black, wh wouladn't
ad a 48 to 1 shot go for them, at that. When theIndia Buord is only milesfror he's gin to retire.. M ore Note from Bob Cooke, sports and was graded on a four point o shot, the season being closed, think of making pass at
and Red On tied in '48 it was first,-timto a u in that league. lanta and I always Went to Pe Lane quofes: "Marty Mario Is editor of the Now York Heralrd* basis. Tnofollowing items were on but I could tell from the way th mas ep
*i adasesprevailed tio il ea gaan play*if. They had a the Clackers (Aanta's no r the manager of sthe year, i or Tri e, ih has st changed the cheerleading ballot: body con- cha hunted that t have seen a up 1
fresh b t-Une pither, while the desperate ezetmaens to stay league team) te a y. MY ses I lose h,.e's tough poy M cal- he color of its sports section to trol. coordiation jump, motions, rea live bear "at least 60
in the fi had reuaed the orez Bx to the -ry.en.u of a have three, Y k ano w, a a ly we bad a veterangree ws : "Now I nly ability, rhythmpoise, voice, reIl ned eould have rbeenz thing
second- starter. dahter, .werg always talk- who late last season ascrowd appeal and atti. ousand dollar kick for him. stern-e4 'a
Proponents of the more extended playoff aus this aInslent bh would he go troublel green'e tude.he ba And I'll never forget thea first brun rYiA a. e Iers I
to strengthen their position, arguing that s ore day's rest "It's only natural I'd follow it. legs couldn't even run in the out- wee: yoAfter au'n'l the ballots were in wad Alaskane brown hbear I everih siw. I duwn IB
m have pro ed an effective Boston p er the sod Why, Ty obbrcomeso rm ftd. .. Marty asked mim, Do ni.; tour you'd have it you could will make up the squad: Beverly Admiralty Island, and were were But some
me, ad this would have mae the differenee between a fight- oGehr. hat sthe be repse c- you think you ought to gto Play- upT line up Tony Trabert, Pancho Boyett, Ginny DILBell Marje Ely, up under a spruce out of the ra mething gt em
h e and inevitable deeat. nough. He's the greatestwe cverer was forced to admit, 'Why, Gonzalel, Frank Sedgman and Pat Hattler. Linda Jacobs. Gin- quide Ralph Youn and The man who 1 tl r wpdern i '
At best this is romantic reason, en th hII tr. ** Lew Hoad for a slam bang so- er Mann. Gerry McGr1ff and bear walked out of the woods a its creatur
anything can happen In baseball. Besides It by-passes w mept Mrs. Power bas seen two games ries .Shirley Ransom. crow the slou h, nonchalant I ( I r
important fact. The Indians survived a similar dog fight and a weei since te season started Canada'sfootballi our
stIll lad aed pitching left. The Red lox didn't. Therfoe, the Theither five days, ir a dueo bust after this 2
Indland must hve" been the stronger team. -.d, after all, that television keep her wellinformed with TOtN "and Montreal -
Was whit Iii@ playoff was saqppoaed to proveto diamond donrs. reaI c at as ret uret himI
But how, a reporter asked, Is iust.te= N 9 tibtl boLoNAREI
Mrs. Power able to be sanexpert Leagne. UA
SIXhe.on the rama of agate -typere-CIAL LIST OF THE NATIONAL LOTTERY
SIXords wOo h the gSame-hna s eotns- behind the news: "Ialf-
Same as any other rarity in the entertainment field, a play- piled? Si to JoIElhna o on the r ANM. PULIC O NAA
off huas ie and a sure fire box offle, hence lo ex- "Oh, just -Be tlgs here and tinre1, treatment of bis Complete Prizeewimning Numbers in the Ordinary Drawing No. 1906, Sunday, Sept viS1, 198
ploit its pes tao the fullest is fply sound business. Just thb what's Dlh" ..w lhone ranh ata diw e"
But when the owners try to justify the two-out-of-three tly gal in the Manhattan ppr t a r. The whole ticket has plces divided two series "A" "B" of 2 pics meh
method on any other bais their' sincerity becomes suspect; for g iogen!, t he k 'wspriIhtly gkal ithe warn h batten aprtnault I.
it certainly Isn't likely many of them would die at the barricades sal teae "utikow bow I knewanSdy a bteam spcia .list
n dense of the method if the provislous were suddenly chang- e drg the winter I received "rHullo.S a Francisco eal FIr St Pri z e 4 44,000.00
ed, turning ov~r the playoff monies to the athletes. a booklet with baseball schedules This is 'IiI OGrady. the B'
As a matter of fast, geltt a few pargapts in both leagues iti aid a jaw question and a doctor. McElteny's hurt. Coach
have been d ed p one game even witioutt benefit of any mrs. of them was abut th Red Strader has been tolling me
kind of pla'e. In actfttat's what happens when the consecutive hits. I jut resn- what 4. Iat friend of yeur. y. Second Prize 4) 13,2 00 00
iatle een.4gen to the fnal day of the season. rwualpe p a o
Let's ahft hack to the Red Box of '48. The onbgame playoff ert and what a m arel o b b
in which they were, beaten was, in efft, sa extension of the 'An st I yoru o l y e a lit- you do with athletes. .. canr C
reu cd Thus, isad of In 154 games they lot sect wa w for Iou tll me the name of t.h spe-
nMarch to ask me wit the clallet in Baltimore, so w can
Tp n.ecutive hi t send lcagh there?. ..
Tohe ma. dIt h t~ Ynd am. Ad Nen iN Pl1rua. ems p aso rs Nomas r a
uale. 'pe got sewl "hits Iso one nsas Areble flee. wearing a tb I9 -y a urm mu., aus -ts.u -a tasr sge us.u urm mss.n use tun -
nlended uttIh (No we don't Vyrt.) 24a2d35d5rafs l 243. 2 'ii sesi 44A60.8P 53 2
at stake when a pennant Is decided lthe 1t~h game t for the DrUN dtIo sdi a Th Indans' tippa hal of -a m i '' n : s
bom e r lebar was more pre as 6, 1* sUM ias use tar. 1 a m
"We live mer or lu0 a pound T-formatlou qtionaterback In r IN ue
.. baseballl schedule aumud here his noirtheri California high school
a says ,U 'I tayh..e. PuzleD ass dtaysApfiresim asonhs erived From Firsl Prire
time ef fo the gae.' asspugd to pry ope silt Don.

Amays th an a- gri san burst out'
Ca*ams T ssrh T"sDsol ..."st hbeO las T un s iN u s
C006 e beeTo &A sirommow" r aw Indian 21" 1" sin SIM sin 9131 moms rn ste ss
haney.isA aw nine months tbs I I-
a U ewt a Mrs. *h nar s62 jama es n4Mssj ne.** as sme as ups) =s sense1
]assw Vsho. gmmyais OZIeM 41e 919M s. Z3
" -volt. AMs "M d in 1 e the New York 0.4U I,
so wha w.**r sees ***'s s~~~~~ave halfack .Apeetos8fe rs1ir sa
raao o, t9-s- w o u-'I -n -- I Us A..4 .a .. I

ea'** ha I A = u '~.2 = ~ -
oj ju n. -&W Now Iw

p l*h*i m i p u *w t i g N mbeb r S a l e ry D ra w gu l w rn s e o d : W

IDel5 1o us: "You Who M~me 84 sea 2o 5ad net Indb.leaseRI
s I~aw Sol4ameow nte"thmea i"a
emu*I h IiBe INSm au wo

a:'* .e 4h
a-. a
W ifto tkum Amift wig S- m, .p



>* .. -


. a *-

.u'A W :*;*

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...- ..

I .(Z
Doe rs o Re-

O'Malley Mue / $
Anuomncement AN INDEPENDENT Sy1 v .B

To? Team, Press .. To M $ I
th U, zn will St e d o teU8,)-icus. sept, who (1yeo-rsTh t..
BROOKLYN, N.Y. Sep. 19-- 198C-O get r WW c

Walter OMalley of the Brook a't paould raih se te and e r ,
lyn Dodgers that he will be re -Let thes people Aeknow the truth and the country reat e aT it we rol aon d hu epi
hired to pilot the club in 1956, ,, a to the on4any. Gem .b y .O tI
apme levaos el wsthmu tormam Gamar. Rut Couremwhfda :ltom.roa ta .
it was learned today. dra lto Otto Nshke
nounetent" last niht at a TIRTI PANAMA, R. P., MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 195 ~ ;m T rST er terday f Eas t d ain Pre- p'l t .-
belated ent" li n-ht at a mlar Otto rotewohl in the op-
betepennant-clcinheg Mel- sning session of the second
ebration, attended by the ha1 o le R 's swZw I-?%
Iteam l off ic s and a lit- r Ur es CLU To ea.e. al e
ager next year," O'Malley said T oThe Soviet-East German pact rk" C 35 rS
a he Introduced Alston for a I-will put the final stamp on the o
speech. division of Germany and seal' t en ts
In ad n th g the status quo. aRd itttionh trtentt o
S Alton thanked Omaley af The e t worked on what rclau s to be di te
said If he is to be retained. he FeaIrsu R e...........' ir ecit y est = X of stuhe fo unt s
Ssaid t he la to be retained he 3 Western oervers and East Ger- year by the xtenloan l- e fate~ac M. fll
wants his complete coaching an delegates called an stru- ion of the Canal os iere was i oi
S er oes are a Bily Inn a statement to the Central Zone. He stressed that firefight- "I make this tatet with b m t similar to the Bo treaty Cllege ill be held from 6:0 tat Moscow has ditched
Herman, e itler and Joe Labor on Metal Trades era had received a 15 per cent all sloceri w-lAt for SUpplreme nta AlpAo ten rd Chanc ll r Konrad Ade er clle ofc BTa3 Am tt0 aat Ttd aa Ith on
Becker. Council at Margarita yesterday fringe benefit, and a pay in- Labor, the enaplwjwrm the I905. Sufficient diony was ap- uer.
Morning, le islative representa- crease upward of seven and a Canal Zone would be in a propriatedt fr me se ex- was announced today. terms .
tve Howar Munro gave a de- half per cent. Overtime is bein much wor e t than The ane of the One of the three features f Regtrti Ir cl i met-
tailed and comprehensive report studied. are today and If the do't Panam Lan was an issue which the Sovlet treaty with the 'East gins on the A lani bSd wllen alline.
of work done in Washington Other topics discussed Includ- continue their eOfee through was opiluded in accordance to German republic is believed to held at the se time n Acan e o e C
during the recent session of ed the Booz, Alien and Hamil- their labor organisatbn they our pfey of maintaining the be its role in the Warsaw pact flee Of Cristobal Hiti i ot esa
Congress. He also touched on ton report, wage-fixing, group will very quickly lose what ad- A l e Our asition of common system. Especially the question
the future. health and medical Insurance, vantages they are now enJay- sense of a t ac- E rmn rmamnttot, clouding Inn tn att

may w oon after Prime Min policy were discussed. classiication, postal raises. re- who believe that a one-man or- bli Lw 110 General ects, house old arts, Spanish, alliance.
to rie rn oRe orting on work on vision of the Pure food and Drug ganization, and thg t operating venmen t matters. Th'A Leg- Mi n iSmath atis eagineerin, The conditions whose ac
bs can Ion mone the Bureau doneftp Masongc eervaces obviously a u
ster Sir Anthny Eden returns to reaty Munro observed that Act, abandonment of Panama only n a art time b can latlon makes the Bureau of the I f i t oboy ws
his Downing Street desk later tis help and cooperation was ob- Railroad, retirement, teachers do the tremendous .ob which Budget Circular A-4 on Rental a d i ll en r an is
week, recovered from an attack tned from all unions. He add- pay and the licensing of techni- must be done for our roteeton. Rate law. Conalde able time was rc l Bali. In Cristobal, csmer cleMrln t
of flu. c ed: cal engineers. To those people I a them to spent Ivestigatin the poibll- shorthand, typing, and SpIsh statement s in Sn t
Political observers say the ca- "In my opinion, our position *In opening his remarks, Mun- give serious thought to this Ity of having the A-45 action Tamma r are iste d. a i m remi
bt reshuffle will be considered was uccessfull defended. Ialso ro sal : ques before e a nst. del Ir'- Ie' ie air coImeral sub. -i r b'st Sl om l
along with the prime mnister'sbeleve we received favorable ac- "Can an Individual hired on vealed very little Business a idcommeri s t s t a lr e
ma6 other m problem t ever weprese A consderable work was a part time basis gie me the this time of deeng the entire Masonic services for M. Jects to be offered include and rotewoh
)tw6 other major polm s. e. Hoewver, a bad treaty can be done at the Washington level to same representAtIon In aH the section. It was conals ered a bet- Olsean, retired Pamma Canal mentary, latertedlate, and ad The tough, confident stand
(1) Britain's economic poition;made good and a good treaty establish a policy for the opera- many items affecting me In ter policy to direct our efforts employee, who died ugu% 27, Will vanced shorthand and. typin take by the Reds on reunifica-
(2) Cutting the draft period for e bad Improper adminls- tlon of the Panama Canal which Washington as a com ent la- toward the Merchant Marine be el at :15 tomorrow afte- elementary, nt ed and appeared to Bonn officials
country's eighteen-yearolds. i would be tle land just to bor organization, equipped with and Fisheries Committee so no noon at the Scottish Rte Temple cost accounting business to lack out ny ho of suc-
An announcement from Down the U.S. citizens employed on many professional people?' To official position was taken on in Balboa. and bun law cess at tha Bi Four
An ano4nenie from Down- ct es sen isrn r a Federal
making teady and satisfactory their fears and their conclualons educational nature and extend- 'the more the merrier' I want "Pub ac Law 11 Department pending the etr of his Classes will be heldech next month would add
es in recovering from his drawn from events prior t the ed to Congress of the U.S.: the to caution them with another of Commerce ad related agen- daughter, Mrs. Ett ay ere!. day andhur n begin- fuel to rtl in West G
nfluenza attack nd may be able I treaty hearings and the commit- Bureau of the Budget; the of- well known phrase, 'too many lea. This legislation includes of Margarita, froni the United ning Octe.. mn that b rW to Soviet
to meet d cabinet "in a few tee report. they will agree that fice of the Comptroller General cooks spoil the broth the Canal one Government States. Ing classes, .wll el demands ad ac diplo-
days." the U.S. citizens will not be ad- of the U.S., which includes a m I rem it h and Panama Canal Company. Mr. Olsen, who was f years each Sattura .as ing from 8 matic relations Adedauer had
versely treated by the applica- legislative branch, as well as the Iic I havee committees were convinced ol w born Phll until noon tart o atur- helped perpetuate .the divin
hearwa born iltiipha until noonretartnae oltur-bhelInd perpetuatuttheoo, v,,lsarst
SI ton of the treaty. The legislp- General Accounting Office; the heard te no atn ths yr. th-a. and handmade hs e on day, Oct. an to to epara
S Lou es ton to supplement the treaty Dept. of State; the Dept. of La- taking credit for ti. kieo noalo approria.tions th- e Istmus for made ars. Hame Coury e Oct. 1. e l to n at stas.
should be acted upon next bor; and the Dept.of Defense im credit for at an hol the stats had ntl ad s nhome teart 10 .adnte opi rtat Adenuer is scheduled to
e ner cw..u -.--- Na am not and I am sure nd hold the status quo until had recently made Di h a e least 10 sudt-'0 riga n Aaenausr tott oe=ui. to ap-
S lAyear."o with it0 s competent parts Na- the Iam not and Iamasure ltb s the results of the Treaty were withhis son-in-law and dqugh- day will -be ielled. T ear bee te S t
comment on work done on vy Army and Air Force. gnot the plicy o any cr known. This in itself was a ma- ter in Margarita will not be p~oaeble untia
$ olrthe truckdrivers case paniton to taie cr f jor accomplishment. In addition He was a member of Darien third meeting o eah lat.i. rh a e l oao nm eatc unl ta-
Sn. Spt. 19 -(UP) believe the Civil Servce Co- the American Federation of La- a nythig. to this, free kindergartens were Lodge A. F. as A. M. The family Only United'ates Mtt or defending the
t e os aol sany's appeal be de- Legislat Re resentative with pand its ef f he ome and the Panama Canal sent but that friends who ieats ar ted Ins, same time I
tO e today yarb from He reported that atoent l aten e ovenmt thefv~, e 1Wf a tnd mo.I -_r cthelvc n. d from a-oonety th bufc, oov pnanis gr
taiuo tt o r eces by hs been was had the C- Eploye Council and the vous tehavt eo has beenle 4 with referen e to Cc rowr veu tambake
S sti e erse, e vht train MuSerovicde e Commission o theNational and Inter a tikeona gvelb y their ef r aort the Panama Line may be by -d "1 itn p

S3ow ereo ures potce Including the hiring of non-US- can that we cant afford not to tohnlevel hanf dle the oasen i GAo to set the rate charged tor "NATO"l H^l haded Soviet -
applicatizon fr Ceevi Sefrvce Cta- Uniy on s. prram.I am happy to report ht anaa Lon etravel. .lUI a l.o Vm.
tto all mployes on the CA- "I am disturbed by the atti- this year has been a very "Am a result of conflicting tea- Communist East Grmany'

The resineneeny TtpIIere and Io ao a Aat a-n(U th a dmnGe Rn 7 a cofiftig 1ei
train, who -red to Juaip onu from Zal Zone. But no definite action tude taken bI y some that they cersful one and our acewnom t promis--es" to" Rsi to formag a
* **his cab, was cesmen have been great. Ib waille nP.b Law 1f7 th adefevante w on bry h ttO ois eg n tw red co n
ifrss ipp t train e Munro said he g much at- program. To those I would like nwL give y'&a list of labor'Law en c o g taro
Frn Wga Whiv Murder Of Nea Youth a.-- Panama Line maRB y be y "evsen tkb
Sconsua with federal agenass agned th law hf withheld his t Germny rom militaryrequires
BUMMEr Sept. 1 (UP) case," said C. Sidney Carlton, Defense attorney Carlton aid write Jetters, consult with date "NTO" headed o obgaton
S-Twogi en goon trial fr one of fivng the hiridefense attorneys- can that we can't afford not to ton level, for this year to eI AO to set the rate charged for
their es t firemen for the Canal carry on program "Aproisatlo Legislation is Pana Line trayl. tso that now t oerma
*_ __ofttM_ __ __ __ __ _an annual threat. There were 16from his bed ear- M arran Amendment .Geo ll thee its
app for thewolf wroriatione bills this session main ed n this law G y n would for
which simmering te e to be watched. It was d dP 2bl Law c15e7' Defernse na aimy to join the Red coun-
M ississippi W hite M en Go On Trial Today eces for me to take action Department The olicy ofr tranct di the rth Atlanta
on N r r he tow axl of them. This action wa inT government bield i s to pniep Tey ofmnloul Wh,0 en Rus
nail a ,,-r d, dg Y to alert and solicit aid hrfrom un vatale enterprise by the Defense a and thre rnaa satellite ,
r b dut dand ii det ed awes thOf ct the mty consult with eepl, whor q ther lpsi the Red loTc In Wlar
aFor lv nh stue Mivurcd er' O f NegrO S oUr al todanal committee s & Dept. w'i curtailed by this law. saw las they eempted
Defense federan, signed the law'he withheld his East emn rom l er rranis
BUMc wt m enRgoo a. Wr i e of Ddefense attorney Carlton said write, letters, consult with aoroval from this section. This obligations.
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R, The people of Misbossippi are Two of Teld companions ea d riy to thy bizarre, cloak-and-dag* o-e about the scene and buned w q|-
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Sfrpresentin the case r A conviction of murder in Mis burgh. Pa., and former Sar3eant government in Germany which House at- 9 a IV envs pi an
4The goveMor's attitude of. con- ssipi calls for death the gas Car Lodolce Rochester, N.Y., would have handed the case no
ern contrasted with that of some chamber unless the jury recom- guilty of slaying Hohan after longer is in existence. HELSINKIm Fielandn Septn 19 f a a ai f an n
: n the residents of S lumn r, mends mercy, and a kidnapping they parachuted behind en emy There has been no official ex-(UP) Heavily headed Russia silT IW

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lo w. 110 years if the victim is more tan ground mission, pressed earlier after an exhaus-'out from Pokkala naval base to- WASHINGTON 8ept. 19 (UP)
.Many seemed not to welcome 12 years old. t ive investigation in 1947. The Ar- dy evacuating equipment and CHARLOTTE, Sept. 19 (UP).- touse as a mount and q a trail -House and senate Democratic
# e unusual attention paid to their I Court officials were expecting But Icardi and LoDolce c would my used sodium oentothat "truth supplied following the Soviet prom- Two elephant men, armed only hound. lead x are expected to get to-
,metown. .the little courtroom to be o v er- not be extradited to Italy to stand serum' and lie detectors on the ise to give the base back to Fin- with shackles and bananas, went However, a nearby circus. re- gethe later this year to work
"You're making a mountain out crowded because of the 175 pros- trial and, because of legal techni- suspects in as effort to solve the land. into the suburban "brush" here fused to lend Reed of their gut a "united frat" ttx-ent bill
Sof a mole-hill." a man shouted at pective jurors amnc swarms of re- calities, could not be tried in this 'erime. Late last night border area res- today to bring home a sedlusive pachyderms and the ve ann- fr presentation to Congresa
"J reporters arriving early to cover porters, photographers and spec-1 country. They were convicted in The Senate preparedness su b- dents heard lond explosions at the pachyderm w h has outwitted mal t er wai edtoalter
the trial. "T'he NAACP is really tators. absentia by the Italian court. committee said in July it was look- base and Finnish Coast G u ard numerous safaris by police. zoo his plans. iT-ylaced I le s derc
Making you work." Till's mother, Mrs. Mamie Bad- However, Icadi has been indict- g int the case. sources said the Russians appa- workers and local adventurers. Reed took a second look' at shId tl Democrat eSl ob5cly
Defense attorn predicted the lay of Chicago, was expected to ed hero on cha gep of perjury AI HdOse Armed Services sub- rently were blowing up fortifica- e tangled an ten eh
will last no er than there be a prosecution witness. I stemming from e cas. committee previously looked into tons and underground installations Police ro d off the honey- caled for a ou-ge ~un-red w llnbef tvhe "me sw taIM
.ls. Should Bryant and Mllam However, her attorney in Chica-i The Army, in reply to inquires, the Holehan murder. built during their L-year-occupa- suckle-tangled woods that Vick- leaves atoft ra iavacy 'k De
j ;apuitted. they would face im- u said she would not attend the said today it has n Jurisdictioa in1 icardi now awaits trial Feb. I tion. u, th eleph-ant, has md her The wev ldS-of a -
ate on kidnapping charg- opening of the trial and that she the Passau saying and considers on charges he lied to the subcom- The sources said explosions had e, e hetreate tteure. th. ne The whAt he eW a .. .it.
weuld not leave Chicago until she the case closed. We Justice De- Imitt- when he denied any eon- beei hard at intervals during the 'junR r -J w wuWR d e wn yw^, --
don't believe the state has is called as a witness. pertinentt said it's out of its bands nection with Holohan's murder. past "several days." wee -old hunt o- et to Louie bread .
-_____-__..._. ___Reed, an 80 year old circus loceasr.' td -iMiZ a a 01
trainer, and Johnny (Smoky) tstid so Sg -a tax
DANIEL BOONE By Russ Winterbotham and Raloh Lone gReed and I are oin there
*I i"'. Jgs S-l one," 8rekland a before kep l | x| <
-'the woodlands. "e's goin to L
talk to the e a ty to "If the wated
her down so that, can e m a
t-he-kle her." saW apt A- WX 4


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