The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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"E.i t.* people AdoIew th trat anod the country Is

T-RAT. "27- "0...


ShippingIrms Trying

To f l' To lls Hi e

WASHINGTON, Sept. _17 (Ut)-. Lavern R. Dilweg, representative of the Uhited
- tites Citiiies Associatirn of the. Canal Zone, said here today that shipping comrn-
piHfles, in their suit apliWst the Ppnama Canal Company, appear to be trying to
forestall an nerease -4i tolls. "
"One way theg appear to be trying to do this is to show that present tolls are
too high," heeakid.
"The foundation for this charge le found in the U. S. General Accounting Office
m report of.Jiay 13, this year, which shows a profit to the company of $27,836,504 be.
ore reductions to make good losses by the company in other operations than the
X "This Is the exact figure which the shipping companies are suing to recover,
n a*adi,,nw t a ranort In Param._t Vilwaf uid.



- ,.

Driving Ene

From Cordc

o0 -N

The figure of $27.000.00 cov- eled with the salt, la "The company's practice of T -; BUENOS AIRES, Sept 17 UP)' Argentine
erg three years ended June 30. adiion, earta otatas establishing relatively low pric-
., p. yo de o 3of Man -.~ b... .o I :oefic- troops spearheaded into Cordoba today and drove tli'
1!54, according to a copy of the r. tle t er etlar e or commodities and services oope into
reprt. Offle (tOW) rart to the ef- has resulted in fringe benefits to .. T g P t i
I owed that much revenue, fat that the Cal eampany Canal organization employes SP TAL-Mr Myrtle Power and Yankee outfielder Irv bel back into the highlands above.
u d te m It were cnsts is Gene ier .aeuaEel ,po ria co onn Lsude9atngtflshewr
but deducted fr6m It were costs Is fllo n uaiogal -peoe and contributed to the loses Moren talk baseball as they breakfast in New York. Mrs. Power i .
of $14,8,971, leaving $18.- ana se .pod ee.are. sustained by business activities. won $1,000 by answering a question about bueball on a New L-St reports ot nightfall Inda ted the tOODS W re
028533, as "net income." H14lted ae n other pas- "Generally, sales of commo- York television show. prg .1 .i
iweg said the le items sage the follo. ditties and services to employes locked in combat with the rebels north of the city i
roe tnom sueb e ratpm as oss st th business acivi- have been considered as tran-ea t
* ilra,,hp Neow York ties ttrbutablqin lrge eton within the Canal or
S- de stincud g tlon and, as su Dem ocratic Farm Policie dental area called Alt Cordoba where the large Ge
most others. In United States eidt- priest charged have not includ-
ne said her spoeed th we 4 D- It-D that could b ed all elements of Canal Zone Belgrano ra terminal lo e.
" an coT at wuld o c-to files Ity. government costs and other F D -
'R1 ,..o -ed,,.atss citbods ,oeontl- rel cBrErai
Sa oted te oo a Flayed By Ezra T. Benson Grernimpet troops in the city of Crdobo issued four 'aninue d Sr
Sswe grads "fhe company general coun-tt t B diagrams showing how the rebel si.onghoids at Rip Son- ~ebe held avl ba
A 5Id.T T j.e'Suw ed in all "The company'snerl coun-
ef sid reloewe( grades of sel stated that in opinion the tioo and Curuzu Cu were rushed.' 6.
red8e.)onbthe tiCoi and Curuzu Cuatia werecwushid. Sofita t
d owf a th 6 reE ab policy was not in accord with the WASHINGTON, Sept. 17 (UP) Ithe far belt before next year's O of thd sh d hoth rebelli non A
an s tak roi a to .obtain Unitedi States ci- intent and purpose of the bas- .-ecretary of Agriculture Ezra presidential elections, asserted e t 8 gr aso shoc w he on at base o
mk S th le e tir work In te tropics, la legislation." ~T Benson shared today Demo- he was "not accusln anyone" in Crdoba and ia B a w

s e ol fo e i i OI. abnormal ', I --__"* -
.A I .. ..- 1 c r t fe I*. S t .., It
Pf proeL
or-?r- 1 a 'edge aYnth ARs. otac rBe am 1 a. ao aint
S In a slat, at Democri remY the drfaets," h said. the .east; t *6 c~ lry divioals Instan
Spolicies, he said-the farm recom- The secretary, who returned from the south and sduhet .
mendations he plans to send Wednesday from two weeks a- and the Furth'CavalryDivislMon The, .on Cordoba a tiets I.
t Con year will d al dl- broad, ave an pt p t from the north and nthwest sh ngoed r D ns s een
B recty wit rohmh but will on.hW kwith uopean rm -_--"-rm-y -_ a.cking fro t north wit ,
not call for plowingg under of officials. a"r support In the east aFnorther o f flter tdc Tre
SSt de t H e di (UP)- ussell Peatb ack- i." Bute whle he was away "try- A was bearing down from Sant .. Im. after the
mward driver wuh forward ing to open markets" for Amer- *o H a t ar i o .n e se fnom te of
manner, may regret.both after Benson also told a news con- eran surplus-oods and "help To-H a e Flo ate from t ar
Stoday'sdemonstraton. ference his aides ave sent in agriculture lielp Itself," he said; rd Many rebels were reported the erminals of three
Pns et P 4 with his head out the formation to Vice president there came "the"old effort" e Leion Parad fleeing under cover of darkness e rin
1rLngf~eld College student spo!s director ornd-Pyl.ti eg unde covendrt; oft dr ermo
rit o S direct t is a st window of drove in reRichard M. Nixon who will de- make political football" out in torpedo l s and ot
flies from Bradley Meld Thuri- year directed the Hi and verse gear down Collinsville Av. liver a "hard-hitting" speech on of agriculture. He said be Was George A. Black, Jr., Depart- rafin torpea rea ad eth Anti-ae ma
day morning on route to his Branch Sumar Fun Club, the enue, one of the main streets the politically-hot farm issue at "not amused.", meat Commander of the Amert- The vessels were attacked from ort area t
home country f Pa with agency' day cmp here, at speeds up to 40 miles Wabash, Ind.,tomorrow.anLegionannouncedesterday the air by tr force plariesi

J ose d'Ampudia, who has been hundreds of Springfield youth doorway of bank. per cent of parity. Nixon a he we took e ast of Puerto Belrano
tastudying for three years Dr. The SC rldent now in close will show thatPresident Esen- e said the Democrats did The float which a being Demebackpart- N
Springfield College on a $1,00. touch with International "Y" of-. Detective Lt. Frank Kerrigan hower has lived up to his word. nothing while surpluses accumu- sponsored by National Distillers, Gen. Pr LuceroM
international ctas arshi grant- facials to asst one of the col- halted Peatt, who startedto Benson said he s deeplycon- led, exports dropped farmers features a are gobe of the ALBANYAnother p.Y. -(UP)- Neer ne a l
ed by te cole I ed his lee' newest alumni In accom back across anntersectionaft-ceed" about the farm pr were hit with drought nd price world with shps revolving a- since Colonial times hs the rorea
work or the bachelor's degree phing his goal of human serve er waiting for the light to lem and hopes asolution can be controls stayed on.f the round the globe and transitional beaver population been higher t vo aid -the ng
last month. He complt four ice. chan. found "despite what rmers sa rices, which began in Legithrouh thParade be held it is nw New Y nState
and hs ear of-volunteer study by attendinre t iCan't you make youok shelter in the prophets of gloomand doom and toward fromNatona do the north
s;ummelfor three and is now e *nk Is now In o "L an keteon's t Heart Attacks lines will ,riidentde on t ehefle- weoat The nsoffice."ervation department th
Steady to serve is homeland. want."ishkred.'nrd satrecin A m g ers\ a d In polleras and lesion- extremely proud of that.fct .
on TV and forColurch ond ctivii Sekeu whrnal"" of- Detective htd and charged T heDemocrae rtsoAreogearedforWorlhe idto tnhi Dsthers, c tben wettlern o o n m m I
ISnternatonal aar rnt- fl als to assist one of the l- halted Pyat, who Larted to Benson said he Is "eeply con- ist e, a n
roed bYp te hroughoet finishe hi area, also with re newest alucklmars a vn n o-aintersection aft- er e attacks on adminis- werIre G t ts droepgt an prime rlsd w tr 5 ofthe Amrj f nll ne Cola te h. lever fnorc ssltr' ean
work for the bahelor's deree pshing his goal of human sere- er waing for eo ao the les o nd orts derers f egaonues a tedbe ofr tmentshin Le.avr N.Y. beP) Nhe .,.m iste _e

lamt month. He complete four truck the cht bank e found c despite what ais ayo chabtoard generals to get away outside the continental limits of

S yeaves the stdy by ttpring ndin of Panama Canal yesterday you make your ar o prophets of gloom and doom and through the Pana, East Germ ny an t now et half a the United SkStte. tates would have
summeresessionnforward?" Kreortg asked. the political depression that reara S Stewardesses from National Air- doba the north eud

Sabout one miles outh of Om- a illhold first meet. day every week to stretch their floats in what promises to be v dprtnt l -
i want" replied. ,"Farmers a n re in a Co.pI mona te aires will be out fitted in montu- asin 190 the leaver l ul.rebels-aonI
' A aoselwho h thmade ,y a no fSonined, a nk er side rd or b a wrd. Id ve ouh r-Iuen and et'S real" he de-" nos. ton, which played abl p.w$ I|ruin C med_-

publie ppeaders h aa dtflee .h e pMl arse. On h ar. ed ye rScr t guaryfo eord rs arae. early settlers i theerso o vermn

STV and foir hre png- own power. Canl Bank Reu ficaton a agriculture Clauese .car. least, ftom c F over a flurry The float was designed by
Ss tr oo he d the Benson said he hth rlea driving es thin of heart attac ar- stwhichrecentlyLeoPagechll harder attacks on adn- architect of the
cldarity td b e f umideSh ip- captain planned to Owan---ol-- have Immobilized some f the Panam, Canal,
S s to y a bit of youthful The 549-fot wedish tanker dery conduct., triton farm policies. The Dem- WASHINr TO' S ep. hiP time in the hstry of the Amer- elow namec Clarence livedaor sults o
eri na sebth him woen he .ocratc National Committee an-l-ThAe ht ore ere s Icasn Leion that departments i acquete Lake. ah an.

r te S prinePerIeeue F-ies o New ax Hasslestruck the
evee mu edl nouned that an advisory roupar enerato et away outside the continental liits of the- ..
StheP "three R's" haes profedor wonder-e 'U S t a

I eslt fBut Heh oM Go On Seling More Jewelry lonst e pm acls
a. e1lnem. onti fnea the uti oe hr wrfoas PoffeatberaIrh a math- ody, It- I usesa dl pt-,a t Ute
Tter fha pe dfot4- r (un wJSve daer t ah s oeadbony formr y secreLa of tnh order st e the tones ot arae se -
& weekfrmCe enwop fr.-orl wdWe w oe.ermany.ill se Ariultur Claue warl. lest, foa c nacntge over a flury he fleat wd ied
Ctya piloton.t vaue a miget S c a anp a nu tBenston said he ho theof heart ttackd which reentleo Pe che artet
thsAMeeJ1from Ro ocal -T.l wih Sviemakiby cm n party n S eech pn es hiaoe d ea d r ecel of hua l

grada_ ie Crsta wtd onoa e wh le r las G-ermans emany who said he willbe ralshave had r eteies ie thtd or e b e l
n value n myouthnO hisj.o

H hillr=- 11 Jewlry'pthree,'s" has professors wonder-,I
e U,, a i.'n -i ng11VG -0 A .hild development specialist, I- .I
a;-- Bgf H 'ro D. throh e wedwingThomas Poffenberger, ma a -
ATLANTA. Sept. 17 (UP)-Jo- federal tax machinery, More acCounts, and Lawrence Brown, through the crowded waiting ematician, Donald A. Norton, both -
zos learned the vao. eof1aJb the parakeet lew into a new specifica:y. he perched on the supervisor of delinquent room and th lady and prakeet of te at the Universit of
mound YIACA r aelli ft :f tax hassle today.-Het wasJlused brow of ATax Cemmrssioner T. counts, took stations around the Were overtaken outside at a taxi Califbrnia College of Agriculture,
,p1Wt--ta t a eed dp of slate a- -Ird-d tax Obarss were photo- before they wnnt In to get Jo- in San Franciso an d told her mathematics aptitude.
n dayt st a refund on the wly bird. lanta where representative of Noron said that i, spite of more
S- -~ WbthsIth1YOLliWod the deduction made from the bir d's the Key company wOuld meet ad more need for engineer m a m r.en..-e.d.fen..n eer .s .. w
-- -.seae A. Y. RlA WL .-Jo. get the refund but moat hidden by her coat. The Jo-Jo." she explained. U as jo- b'hese fields in colleges and-
MI' nl -dT turned him It i I. Ilmtate newe state md t notUce It but a ruffled his feathers. affronted. tlsversities.
e. Ci.._. 9 1a- butie Bikinis. 36409 HeC IA a blank look as ad a promise from Ramond "We ma. not be able to make
.Set I] in uofthe am ueqt- Is-the .ct today the lady stalIsA away and the Gilbert, shelter clharmma for memeMatics any easier to under."
Whena li ttle bird rorted firedd It must be a the Humane Society, that Jo-Jo toid," ", said. "but we hope to
_wskt 1-= .',twas hired by a jewelry fI wristWahes all over the coun- Nut when Williams and his the boundaries of the state un- doot like the subject."
atr he was teatbYta bck to eOr o men walked briskly up the ramp l hs tax e CI Srettgled
31&atb froma date In Cailfor- Stewardess Do othy Oriffin of "ItM OK to Owe lwy.,' hod .t ntr .--dle
to recent this state. "there no b here. the oalY stoga "but it's not OK to owe ooura s a Davis. Students
.inlAa.. .a n. e tm of f finding out About their
hains. W. B. he.i kdlnd his so e -1ma -_ ....4.4 ,.t .
,: ", ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ m ..' A .--..-, WW- .Wp.. .,,..: =- ...;...,.- ..'-;,. -.
Im .. m "' m iM m m m" m m m m m ; m "m : m m m T f 1 m e mI ~ m I m
: W ".,,.uog -;- .. = "= ... ,,'.. .>.- r- -. ., .z -," "... -- "- ". ""*

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semindedlby to d

ap4 wenchesm W. reward wee toosIe43 7Aru
wa' beaded .o"o 0 "n Of e-
cale on.l Mioo 'Albert
erepoin h demonstrat r the British
and rop combine Publichangman it
n th thO J fpr dnr/nle-

minrodedly to t-min l a s ?l !ether
nuisances rating fr behind women as a danger to man-
kind, win =ilte.ame.
Then there Is the fellow who Invented beer. His royal-
ties must be piling up, yet there is a conspiracy of silence
when it comes to giving him.his due.share (or need) of
praise in the history books. -.,
-History is equally unfair to other contributors to our
imperfect but improving civilization.
What do we know of the architects of the Pyamids,
the TaJ Mahal or Diablo Clubhouse? Popular history is
practically mute. .
Who are the unsung Inventors of the violin, poker
dice, or the electric eye that opens the Miraflores Bridge
immediately we set wheel upon it? Shrouded by the 'DDT
truck of history.
Who wsctth.e to see the Vl41e of Kastmnir
i by by searchlight, or the K-10 road
by no gi$r names are not readily available
wit lwe enoth established that merit, enter-
prise -urge to benefit mankind are not the pass ,
ports to on.
If fuI We. evidence were wanted of history'* caprici-
ous Ingr .it was ouchsafed last week to Oov. John
S. Seybold. wh.en od preserve, of Balboa Heights and
continuous terlt.ry, .
First, let me give insurance that I am not implying
that the Governor's long and distinguished service with
the Arm Engineers included, at any stage, the Pyramids
job. .And most assurel4y his acquaintance with the K-10
road has been coupled with diensg sunhna e in T"ry
I instance. .. .. .
But he is linked to should-be celebrities of Uni' gone
by as a fellow sufferer from the fickleness of fortune..
If you remember, not so long ago the story ofIn 4lip
and her crew locked stranded in icefloe oft lnd
was .eas* of .Ihe frob a t

How the ship got into the ice flo ibt oQw,
and you are at liberty to rap me for my'ignorance or this
count '
How the Zonlans got themselves stranded In New
York. was because the gentry of the docks theri were ex-
erc their cherished, democatc right to o t t toan
at by the forces of law and order to elm nate lck.
backs, hoodlumism, nass-production robbery, and general
defiance of civilized conduct from the docks.
After all, what's a poor gunman going to do if he
can't while away time on the docks between assignments?
How can a dock coss earn an honest living, if the ship-
ping compa onu offer him fiscal encouragement to
ensure that Y ships don't get the old Immobile treat-

Whetir se questions of high social consequence
were mo d d by iomeward-bound Zonlans, perch-
ed on their at the pier waltng fot ships that never
went out, I am not in a position tO disclose.
But the fact remains that, -t the inOfanc- of Gyv-
ernor Seybold, 70 stranded wights found themselves on
a plane and into Albrook in about the same time it would
have takensthe ship to get unstrapped from the dock and
puff out to Ambrose Light -
Did history reward John s. accordingly? Sad to say,
no. He was treated by history albMst as he had shan-
the unfortunate 70 aboard the plane to transport
them to some sort of a penal colony here.
Such avowed slave-traders of the old days inthe Car-
ibbean as Jolly Jack Hawkis, and Walter ]aleigh .ated
knighthods rm Queen EliSabeth I for their pains.
Did John Seyboid rate Bold Sir John? Did h. hell. He
rated a $27,000,000.lawsutt
Seems the shipping companies wanted their money
back. They as muh as suggested that if they wanted to
pay the Canal for roads and schools, they would go Into
e trucking and football industries.

But as it stands, so the argument runs, they are in
the shipping business, and prefer to pay ily for
wear and tear on the water of t. Canal, plus 2lsaybe
something to coax the hired men to open the ock ratess
when necessary.
In my n nen esate way, I like to Interpretil this
as just a ly screen for the shipping ca.mpn.t. ation.
at Governor Seybold thrpuwitg p ui s the AIot
the airlines. Coupled, of CoaS t the help a 1,Uuq
000 kitty could be in a the the nmored tradions
thIe mlonglhoremen are 0 i tof W t fp.rf ,l to
New York harbor. Perhaps? btul y eq 0ve.lmshonor-

I am not suggesting tiat this line of ari' nt will

pany weave Its daxo.. 4tb liumi thi towering. Far. t fom me toa..w. ttWcS the

The bnr gmW y is to pint out. i orry
reward fIte aed out one ot .a6e-f-"
of action late-y best. .. .tqtl l

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: W. W J _

'. ffi : -^ ...S' .. '. ".i. t e"-_ Kt'
.L.9 ; .

0 r#0S- ontiohi&Atsa way"e bonfies, ayr Arenaleb Catalan
9un"'s coAomic..10 who predicted even greater eaom-
lokde t the return of "flight ere activity during the second
cjitaW %t reiad hlalf. of 19

oTh .h'Yof nat
u is oname in Guatemaa
S a"rbuinew and prl-

Stecaplwre de-modino is com
i b..bk atet ,li rat of neoaly, aN *

entomry IMfhtdr Jorge Arenales ..
c babe caused -the mass h V

oy cdiIoneyu Is con i
t(hebabk, at.e"" m of nearly -a
MA Wbar a month, said d.
.Only ,.iite Jo, Arenales ,

twrd the eq of S; government

iT available to
snustiat; : for *

o J,.A

a osIit~tan were

-od argd o re

S ned by combined Gatemalan
S d foreign capital.
Ala, G.tmmla's new inter-
i aal posito .s.. eabld it to
Ncee loan and techlcal .aid
from the West for renewal of long
ab domed road, hospital and com-
municatizma projects.
The United State alone has ap-
. Proprinted :SBS,0- to reopen
construwti. on a. oasttto-coast
road and contributed $1,425,00 for

A -G i

eCAGO-- b)-Home work,
maw at unpleasant task for Ju
ar. ra ior- i his work

l htat 25 per cent of
ShJave .defective
ma4-f e trouble in

th' Ii itute
moatist eohawn'au lls
SF5 a.

It sa. *tat bebt adh cufbwlb
aitedldeiilaht nw i< study
.. .. .a. .T ".-
*' f-Ct ,--. u -jfBX ^P,,fi^

Sighting tips from the
so ta ithfasa

ft l wN

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*flb que' t f when, Jbtf
Ia .." W-hoA. .ea-d
pea, in PC
n a traffic eaccIdae t e an
employed wore together, a Cza
'a claimed the triw eif
"to; prone wtR of -
ply e /'" + *.. *
The State Wldustral Cimbles i
diaagreed witbhts b and
fused inaUtion t.Caja.
In upholg the commmuW si
Ud c o ,.h el x C. ete

The vciitor waIpuennttlf o
gvldft. 461019 t -

A spokesmainfor the Audu.
Society said there was no
of a redahank ever having bee
seen before in the United Stateat

EBDAY- -- 1

'r- i 'the age olohildtra, and that tkt
*',Bejtj m their, r are especially hard to diagos. i
fftm .adults,I" h r newly born mbbia.
Wcers. gb Utey
are dismi as eui, "Children arund. one year teW
or feedl problem." ",' to vomit," he said, "oveI tV
S, years to school age .they auffe
Si x Tudor estimated thit osw to five stomach pains."
Spr cent of all childre.hpve ulcers
sA to e ore te rad t 616 per He seald the eause of a.ulmerp
cent o a adults. tbi anild h children la not known, but that ii


of famous NONE WASHER
cimAnahel oa.ian .rMoneyV

Lz-&1 ". Az


3 I I .a. l.

KTN-. Au..atf CoMr ea

adults emotional disturbances n. If 54 ard,'
doubtedly play a role.
'The sorry pau," he -said, IS
that children are really so easy ito t
"Very often, within four to.
weeks after treatment has begin,
ali symptoms aft gone and X-ray a
evidence f .the uleer'has disapI S nA h
,,e ...

Another astounding

triumph, for Movads

waterproof watch

and a striking




m ',. m

No. 72 Peru Ave..-

of self-


Toel. 3-4518 .-.4517


if -'~'-:-

- 4ten. '"dh1

fly the new

one-plane service to,


all the


Braniff and Eastern Air Lines join to bring you this
superb new service. Offering, El .Cnquistador, the very
finest in luxury or tourist accommodations, straight
through to New York and Washingtq~. From those strategic
centers your flight is timed to connect with service to
every major city in North America and with no-s4top
flights to'Europe.

PFor complete dtalls, a yeo trial agent or Braniff t Avwrid Thl 18, telephone 2-0975, Hotel El
Pmnam., Wlphom 3-1660., ix. 130, or P-ams .3-4726, Colon Ticket Office, te.ephrn 779" 7,9.

-'-C.- ~*.
1* -
-. ..-

,hMduleshw W1 way,mrvihW
to key cities threughbut the
unad um...





I ;

A MOvoe WatpWo

pat In. gj Sydnay-Ho
Australia, known ad
fc its difcult


9 1


inxdl for 10 days to the Ieed of the" well
bdow the water lne t cufruted the wans of ilfea
oer. a distance of 790 au0tiald miles an ml,wara
attested as indting the exact time at the finish of he ial
-"w mere rodt -of the bot was enough to ., i

One uccem leads to anode fort terai i"
^ l ..,t wa the winning yacht on be ans l at Htist

*-' Following closely on the fmeRmle Alla
croub gSby Movado, this late" t UmpIQt
co.^ f wmenstheindaputabk*upeiODtyNo$Mud*V
waterproof 1ad 1 fI-winding ltuam
%.* ,'\, a~~

'- as".


rMundo Automwaie -ff".I-', A hew M*
ith i uff woqrd witfhke he. pr a dAM
Scks (dad pmereti i) d a w

t.-" 1 IW flat .... .
". .a ". "- V'-

gwTspj ipamIo & u 8 A. 8
-', e

. MO.ADO74A, ,,ld4,. s4 1. i
Jewelers ll onr- New T fwy al
in Pannama Ce*i lUCH

-i ---Il _:'


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*.-.-..' --?

-. a. -
LI.- fr2
twA'- A-

,.:-. -. *
-~if.?. ..,. .... 's. -(-
.-s ;'' ?.. *..^ ..,-'.

one ticket-one plane


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d 7V""t. ...o.o.f- ...,

e .e -o -. 0. w e Ge r- :.d..owe r w .' -. .-. / a .,
.t ron, .A".---.,oa mf c "-"ore "o wa "OV "" ""

n ars,.o.,A..yw a:y, a- n. ca f' .s. t. ,ht her e... ,olv h o. ei e e
..m.d..o. .U .U. .4 .'o h ...

.h e sw a: .fr: .. .-- 'i-. i ..m '.. .: "r h.v. *d. E."- .en o e w' ;s c ote". ,le t n h r s .. ..
liv~fe^^^a. rat- g Fr ^s-^ ':**-' .^ .^ "wy^ armie"fe h5dewS whoor o tic peruotna an btems Iiar* .e* wpen ohellW hee ce Slag a 'a.en daBe b s hir SC I tAVE W s bi fji a3 a
The 'ID -the create?. 05g; On' ta,.^Ie wa yed w l-f^ o tf wiraslawm.i;fea l Bqhigrad eM1e4* lt:e othe was V seam. theHY b DAUg.TOn thTO IW
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o ws lob iMhm o f Werstion iutena Oliver pahr e;st 'aw sh wt of t to-ad tV n DA T
Dltfr glcrefi nene o wn Has e '

r ttIntWtichhraft"% ohis a db ta ea Aeen e alEien or leftr 'a sdiei b e h aarz

torieespersons aoi this sp b e for classfe p e e sandm e aht royvf Itae h te C hM#L* B e Ike t Ic t sm u plct-e oaA -
mil itaa from th every r( it. Sh will foret the day- s hBi eau wat our hum*n on to e opte a aup r
cofvehnefo became: -him.

t .ta coattooiglngt ty ofae mpontee al morning Lieute anh. the daughter lattn ... h e
l watched Baue we do tend to do ya r

emodesIter aparetsaoI, htwey S pn her.a"T h t i stIes s- wl .,e
SW Toad oaay bt re a Fo l. That this a tould have p u
hselsdmou wh arvd with l or E NEW d0ta h (UP) When true and by A y career stand
, rm ilf o f fe. t Whe ld. l rm the nraa t from sunW h erv n a of fe r ards IPAr 0et pa A.oaXt s .
S Sg ar,, O rm Spread uniform, ly fill e r rele st i- mw t i nW NEE-Gv

 age gisadfuia tp -tbr Combine aps ea o thoee of Beas F. Ga a ir y has AyaICIA oTh than sk ) chars ti tco-..Ct
.l b o d.erk have o / iinitesim ha veta Corlor la ee d ''apasrL tBeaus.te a le drive''
toheA r tnorl d oacluofhe- b a tr 'p fet i fa huS *UI44 l dGI rect.i ea ._ "ut. i ,r I m I the dSside. ei'hac lon 't can s' h e,

er.heyare"-b...4.f. a' t.ia1r11"4 C111" -.
da- lv mr.rwetauhroatm e.sewcoen"uo nrbtntpllm oh.O lta"mar
!&chifrto .e Wt UPiN asb detod tht o Wtst& Frotneo e d Mrs.adMrs. WHY DQ .U AD T S OME .' E f t-'ySRomm

rrgt p ons..-l itar yBorreap ledoen I'hlo" er h asnew hfi-ta Mash r, jone th.e WA n WTO L M m we shrethemwth_ n l.voyflie.,,
u t,-w. a.General Br t .dleyO o: th Becausewe. don'tW Intend to do.ythotS .. ro. t.i.

q rd rosa--a '. .eda..etw OWcora"" haa g. --e.r.aa t /YWE
NEwish-W -It-That this,,..oubays proved
SInIm ASIGT'- i,-% P-. ereay f". o"- Ge neral M ar- -adb Artcrertn--
an lr w '. .ew i l bthorder ed o rsyou.e o mngi e x". on t- C.c,,,r .. ie ut enant Olive ~r g- se cret- ,,-,ql o ei -=C m abini nag al applesw dh e pi ned'of iv L G M a er'se R turA -goT In sin e ea ., ,.-.
a Sew- moni, she Wa. Nit. C~oMM n ,mo- ..-6-5 Maoped 'o tSeev e, eanasoisede, e wn s pecialG ablitnes as ae cfd eudo f aAs o fe. WOt"',..b. .s.""

WM t l e, 'f U g Fh.iteje n a b: S a so oV DO T i
seoe-dO4vd 9. ,mPe.tagoains t jmn iag t dhisconfidenlthal s,' .-r.r..-ft

i o ,, ,,noot,. eleeu $ .'said-,.. ,. .

*_Why "f"lI"ismsAYn
c o b 'W a y .. .. s I,
14 0 w s.hIN 0to .. ". ...

Z ot t 5 ty," messyIs.w !.speciic "tr.,A"
to sYet,. 1o.. ..OW
ot" i"s ""Whi
d Nt : ntrneby.-ta V- himu ,re .."dayswies.. .eee
Some alls tday inat

"11A a on'T ..i#00-----w. .-lout 0400"K., %-Awita u.,
.r t o earhsn. -eisstt' t j' t, for i.,
"*II6 'I m iI. ZVOW : 0&&I II
AtsIa" rode, hawler"stern
.am cm.'ritocai e t a -,
.. t o-err "u my fr wakt
In At ZV I comb. '. .-= .

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mu A-. CE moli .are wastwassBgivenIsA'wi ltfi Db' d ay0
SMIS MART ALICE M Knig bus home i Afteir a web;-the Mean
,..,-,.. bo, .... :,. 't. mo a.+" ngPel-.-W -; in Hoi
herg t, t aerA, Wt i Hs
Mr. and M Wilism Griffin Are; Senior, of Shelby, t th a. a
North Cetolna, anneoupe.tke engagement of their daughter, U' e class i 0. -. i. _s I o ins
-,ry All, to .Mr. Joeph Sibley Dorton, Jr, son of Dr. and eStf l i c l tia ir .""
DM. Joseph Sibley Douton, #as of Shelby..... '.efiUpOC
WMasArmy Is a graduate of Sallins Coilte., Bristol, Virgini CHAMPAIG?, fl. (tuP) -
For two years felloring graduUaon she resided In the Republic Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity mem- *
if Pin wilehi United States government service i the bers at the University -of mIllinis
Canal Zoe, at Albrook Air ForeeDase and at Rodman r ase. ran thank a burglar't cosAlence Every occasion
The wedding will je an event of November. for the return of $469 taken from
-- --- the fraternity bLouse.
rks T Celrate Hensierthe grooms Mr. and The.burglar broke into the fr- caloils for
r lit esle, the ooa's Mr. ternity treasurer's room and made
W -d04 AafJef Mrs. Adam MaUett. way withths money whi the i
I.- dd. HRber- Rev. Father Michael Wye, C.M. boys were attending a dance at
ll be eplebrel their officiated at the ceremony, the Champaign Country Club. hlE
t^ift 9t lMrs. Mary Rose was organist The money, accompanied by a
r ce In Bella Vista. A for the occasion and Apn Living- message, "Forgive Me, God,"
f fend joined the cou- ton san "Ave Mri" before the stonn envelope from letters
St rtm. The l cut from a newspaper, was found
S ,_ o & m e in an auto In the fraternity

director at the Amador Service
c b). ,*Br *eban4 is connected
w3 etlgtete company in
FPIM Cy'1 Both are actie
laUber, of the Thiter 'Guild.
mos lervies Club Program
-ort Kobbe peronnel are
lisping their full" share from
the v rvest of the Post's erv-
le. lub -seasonal activitIde dut-
,'tl mosn-th-of ieetentler.
t f the season's festivitls
took place Friday with a "Jungle
Unoy ip."
SUnder %the upervlalon of Mw.
Dorris B. Oaldwell, club soctl
dlitdtor, the dance was held In
hAnor of the M334 TfslatrY 8e-
Ond battalion's return from the
J glse Warfare Training center
ier patitcipatitng t a sir-week
tr#ls#c exercise. The. scene was
o j In a- jungle atmosphete .by
t ie* .elub', deebratr
=wt --with kM Mai graai J and
piMted jungle bunnies lending
0 uen I background.
ale" d sandwich-
p e the refreshment of the
e and door prmses were
thi junilgers holding
bt prestted at the
a t on the Service
I clear Include a
i toeraphert
for Thiveday.
AMMlfy~ i bugo wo i hafve
pto pI tgrapI
^un&leadaing mtnod-
Mi ghtg will. be pro-
e tie models from*-
Sevemlig a and flea-
ames dthe local
.folowing Thursda, a
d eukedown
heneurme grndi.

e~ m" d. dia-iai

d ss1,' bm toas

-W.O. s-ed Its a
rBtStu.W 3tkb vo
wid~w-b e6nc. rf'a

J1 g^.**"1 ^ ^ hblmde

Come 'n Get ItI. .

St our

And what a wonderful combination you get for only $2.251
Choice of complimentary cocktail and delicious menu,
m. al by Azcarraga at the organ and entertainment by
"Eric the Great," balloon man and magician.

*e.RA COX Our "King of the Keyboard"
plays from 10 p.m: to 2 a.m. In the Balboa Bar
Tonight, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

e Have you visited yet the refurbished and newly
Dine and tiance In cool comfort with

Comforelbe Daf hOti.
"Weilttt|^ellt. With jac-
quAded k u~l-.-.- from
ai9ieI. Lifq.Girdle No.
1592. Shown withb Lds
T-'Wkl ,Dra. 54.'

a SItMhe Beat *W


' Pampem, never hkmpml
DasmeJasS6 mawqm-
S itae with satin elastic pan.
*Il uad detacebhals crh.
Life Sluk Pantie No. 1183.
Show s ih Ta 4 ni


"-':" '" :'-" t ""- *- ,* .. :. -
m .,.- .,. .. .- .-'.- .- :
i-si..:. _.," _1 .'' .*- -. .


F~ .%-,aVT" 7-, '"-..r.I,. "*.I --..'. S I l l.- -. =

T...- an, -- --- -
p *', .- .._ W. .. -. .- 4- ... .! : '-, *.. ',;-*.. '-: .- -- -" ,' s e
. ._A.. .. --..... :: 2 .y + X ...---.

\. PrIsS" aad beniuirie
o Doam le0 1M DMDmn
m r. 5.. L Gir-
.- il us. Sw with
ha.. No.52.S

LIFE Bria and.LIZAGirdls,.by.FormAt, are .
designed to Sfit,p if made for you alone.
FOMFlT-and onl FORMFIT-offers. such
great'selections of styles and designs for
every figure type.. for every fashion need...
at reasonable prices. Treat yourself to comfort.
an$d confidence you nyer dreamed, possible.
Befittetodayat your favorite store.


Vtflh ANMd la *il. .L t7, Pel..

.MMtf IWe-wl4NiNmOir
"MAN PO5 ba u

-..,..t -
-- ?~ ..~tr:.4

at u a.m. jring your lUnch.
Stamp Club Etetlug
The next regular meeting of the
daribbean 8tamp Club will be held
at the Tivoli Hotel a Tuesday at
7:30 p.m.
WMeday Mayleale Meets
The N yday uui.cale mi meet
tomorrow pt the home of MrS. C.
J. Gets. This will be the first
meeting of the.fall season. An in,
&Ir al mucal -program will be
Presented. MissBarbara Gegg will
present a group t Soprano solo
and Mrs. R. A. Edmondson and
)rs. C. J. Geals will present a
group of.Brahms Hungarian Danc-
es arranged for four hands.
A short business meeting will
follow the prOrap .
Rebekabh Ldgea
Meets Tvmnlda t.
The Is"nI IGal Rebekah
Lodge I of BRata,Will meet Tues-
day a~ the.Wstz Memorial at 7:30
for an important business meet.
There wilhAbe refrehaments in
.. the banquet-ball after the meet-
S Visitlg 'members on the Zone
are welcome.',

- Use Of Big Bills
On increase,
a Tresuy Reports.
WAS0JIF'O3 ..-(UP-I- Inoease
n y.vou hadit' jlticest the $5.000 bill

- these big bills haive only a limited
Use. For example they are used
to tlear balances between banks
or. to clo0 larga business transac-
tions where cash is demanded.
Even so, and despite a booming
economy, use of thesebig bills is
on the wane.- Fifteen years ago,
there were $6,000,000 woth of
the $10,000 notes in circulating,
On a more familiar level, the
Tre ry report shows that the
bll baa replaced the $10 ill
as the common denominator of
the American monetary system.
Before world war 1. ae economy
was firmly based on the $10 bill.
N But the sharp rise in wages nd

000 olroulatiung .1 the a
',t'"nO tt.... ,L 1 4.. ,.n,

0 BUIl. nTMe ev mNuB aM -Ir
nation amount to 600,000,000.

RumD. No Pt Ad or
.erota1 AbouA sfe. A k your
inUmlagI tmagwyI.

OUUTy ., .
P SI. '. $LVHI.

60 6 4 d*zds a >..5B
! *Cln *madat
hisfu~od. fiadA ('luif.4E

SHair dressan ereatleons.

pemanent, the latest French
novelty in Cold Wave.
Do you prefer a Soft Cold Wave? NINO, of course
Will give you the answer .,He's a professional beauty
export who will beautify, your hair as it deserves to be.
eours: 1:0a.m. ufl a u
to le. p....-w4"99MM
Cordtoned) et,

*"- -..' I




SI av au.-

vit youw. ~~raw
ilmt ,+" *******

. .


to S.L* A 4-.-. = --
- .-. ...-;- *---. .... .^.-" .--- .f ..; --

,' .. "-', .. ... "-'3 :

*"~~~ ~ .- .MB .p ^ .frt ^ ^-W .
Hith speed ufre~imqd*ere4
uried end o n -ltt u ,-
Ieopvers permnitted bi*
C- ; -t

2 r*FW~'-." :'>
.-- ~-k
~ WCWt'- -
~1 -...* .
1 3 --

17 li~1


.^ &







~ -- ----

- -- ~ c--


", ..

=, ,




w-T ii ,. ,I

. .-.1 ... -C, p.

; ,, -' *,, : .' .^ ; '
', l *J ,s.'. ; in ." '. "
N o N o.w % .,_- .

7 tr01 lulL 1e. & 13W e C abrasl o: JApp A&to A t i
FOR 40 AWL c... 1



SaldAS ,. A omope '* .ALCOHOLICS AN# A *;A1.'t iC b WANTEDI boRI _________wB____
l rRUnS LUMqAIo l-OX 2033. NCO, *T 'erwepa ri luhh *e- quarter aaOt. Ot. 1it1-"
.. FOR SALE *O y ?^.0L BOX 121. CRISTOUAL. C.Z. ATTENTION G. 1.1 Juslt bul beach te Sata Clri. Tlp weae m4eaths. 3d. 25 5 2 r 4. O AL0.E :e
f rd, five .. modern furnished partmnats, 1. Thompson,. als 1772. AF it- a. r ls
LL 2 bdrooms, hot, ca1 water, FORSALE sber
.l'l FOR SALE 3-. l"mc otW h is-- p
Ad.e FAFOR RENTE Madam e-mts- pau h. stlFL CasiosE. Low m rt.. Ph.a.e
pJownr ie teKsA etHousehold Iets, fumished or umfuriilbed. lobeetaISO .- :'*i4prse '
C1. (Lee ssowE amty B hydramatie trammlulion, white- Maid service and air oNdition. Y Sll nd Me Real f : Im bl
m ( Ju1 ) Ave. Xo. SSA2a wail tires, E-Z-Eye glass, two- FOR SALE:-1 black top table brg available. Estate, "The Iml=peel .leg 'el l Sewfl s .air,;N h, .ead p
n ir > ened (glt b tAe $12; I enamel kitchen table Alhambra Apaitmets,* PHILLIPS Oceeald eU, CatMdrl Pe. Pamie. Tle. .1 r zlmled Md
tp). Vry an $12. 761-C BaSmeby Strrt,.Po- |10th Street, PhonP 1386, Colon. CSantF OClrE. 435. t phone 2-b0857. uwttCed fnr. 2 Tneas. ad FO M4an. h4 Ihdn.
Itlop),an fs be apprecid Alsot--
|Enjoy your trospMtion in the -a- FOR RENT:-Unfumished aMrt- CFOR SALE OR RNT' --. but thmt and FOR P.NT: -- Thi.,
RETIREMENT, LIFE' t*rops in air-ctcfditon*d luxu- FOR SALE:-Double bed. mot- meat, 1 bedrooms, sitting.inn -167 rocm house inb LI Cumbms. pIl. "Ce L." ,Ce-m, be- 3ufu6se adee M G
I. ry.Will sell t bargain price or tress, spring, good condition. reinm. kitchen, bah $60 at Via ________ _____Pe o 5 4twee. eie Mbe As ea- .S
DUCATION INSURANCE trade for older model vehicle. Fort Amador 5135. Espean No. 20. See De Castre *' r N..0. *. s
Phone 18-3281 for appoint.- Avenue U No. 9-42. Phone,2-. -
JIM RIDGE radio-phono console with three- 'oShe r DaL afi 12- er 1, .
SFORSALE:-1952,.oadillac 62 speed automatic record changer, FOR RENT'-Unfurnhhedapart.
Phone Paamua -4558 pries 4-door sden, radio and completely overhauled and re- mont, I bedroom, sitting-dining : '. ;
6 evenings, il day Sat. Sun. S.A., Via Espoia No. 1, Phone roge at Bello Vista, N. Oborri lt V all rnia la To al -ra
-i""OR S -E -- -: 1 3-0383. Street No. 23. See De Castro.. -
1Seporttle adds WeI yS e FOR SALE: Berin:' 1953 -- Avenue B No. 9-42. Phone 2- -- 0 -- -
nd years e. Mercury Merematic, radio, FOR SALE:- Refrigerotor 60- 1616 Panama. Rent $60. --"-- ..- 5NE DTRO Queen was gone.
heater. Owner leaning. $1200. cycle. 9-cu. ft. From 2 p.m. to -- SACRAMENTO, Calif. (UP)J inet all. The batht a step for.D O Pafis- Queeby wab gon. t '
HIROPVery god condition Mxco 6p.m. House 45. Apt. 5. No. FOR RENT:- Apartment. Con Nowo can have batroomwai and wereid a b isLa. (up th
aIR A. ando C.A OAC e o -- .tional Ave.---- Street No 27. Ask for Sr. Cor- bomb shelters at $200 a throw. thinkmg about civ defense pros p A Au truog vessel has given a taken across the Bayto San Fras-
rtA a u .esl8-a FOR SALE:-'50 Olds Convertl. FOR SALE:- Mople dinette aet dero. nOr, f you buy a house from lems .smnaUll boy wio cannot run with ciao, where she would btb etvssmp
S bhis, excellent condition. Apt. 15 $40; metal desk '$15; wooden --- erry Blomberg, a Screanmeto The Blomberg house, designed'has t rien some of his bapiet inside .nt out. prior to bmi
No. 23. 50tI- Street. r cabinet $10; and other miscal- FOR RENT:-Independetport real estate man, the shock-resist. by architect Carter Sparks, I mod-. moments. jp of that eit's. sbo e
iLoR S L--15-Cfh e. -v laneous items. Call Balboa 1874. meant. excellent location, Peru ant bathroom can be a I re ad y ern in every sense. Each Too tahas. T'e boy is Rick Bamsey a V he sea..
ANSPORTS DAXnTER. SA. 2-dOR L zl95en codl i .- Avenue No. 81. upstairs. Phone built I. a sliding glass wall which opePa on tim of polo; the ship is the Pa. The saddened youth agreed that
I T AXTMo,, 2-door edn, excellent cond- B I 3-0951. The bathroom meaSes five by to an outside garden aea. lTac Queen, last of the great Cape I was-a good idea that io friend
Pa oKv-. S -2562 tiqn. $700 o best effer. Pan- PR'SA.E:-Nosg 25-cycls six by eight feet. It has eight-inch -"Not protection unless you build'Horn sailing fleet that now houses the Quee, a. going to be a pa
Pmmas 2-24S 1 2-2 me 3-3550. hi .. fa ,aeniet wolin FOR RENT:-Unfurniieed one- thick basalite walls and an eight- something inside," said Blomberg. e San Frpncisco Maritime Mu-,of the Martime Museum. He
-Leaf Ri r qv a for, es bedroom rn. S Pe., inch reinforced coperete-steel ceil- "We hope our bulh-in shelter sum... 'knew that otherswould thqe t.
*JPANAMA RIDING SCHOOL FOR SALE:-1955 Pontiac Star 21 wl A-p.. Apt. eroge. ,1-a elh e.- lag. The door is three inches thick. serves to expose the public to new ,Soon after being struck down by, able to see -her ad thus kno the
alid & Jumpiml asses daily Chief Catalina. llppad with EB. Pedro Miguel. ra.s. .. From the inside, the bathroom ideas."- his. illness, 12 year-old Rick began magic of sailing daye i sin
a io es p.m. Phe O-0279 hydromatic, radio, power steer- looks like any other, except it is The bathroom has plety of frcling voluminously. Not about past, but never thqught.tat h
or p at. l, power bra electric win. without windows. A similar struc- strae space. An alert cowoys or space cadets aut would anted an e so o
dew fits and allo ther factory stood u.pduring the ulst ato- could store canned fQods ag e hips ahWS. 'the shp.,
called a e illn- maic tests at Yucca Flats in Ne- water on the shelves ready .f o .$oabporbed did the spunky little Then human natu-r added its
tider'older car oe t ade '56 vada. May 5. use jffst' in case. The b bder willow beomn with the sea and teo sent's worth. A museum ofi.
ARNET & DNNn, Apt. While wood-frame house was said the bathroom would -sheher its travellers that he soon filled a cial hea of the by'spl wish
SALE:-Levi the Ith being bo1 w n to smithereens a six persons. large scrapbook with pictures and arranged for Rick the street
S.L-OOM DANCE UDIO car sedang the lt- structure much like the one Blom- Civil defense officials; who vessels clipped 'from magazines of his you,. -fe.,. .
0HOOL, I ood rndign. Cheap. S it at berg builds withstood a 35-kiloton, worked with Bloniberg on the speand newspapers. An invitation was sent t t
-- 2- 9 or -19 "Snd Frmogelc" Gsoline Ste- t bomb at 4,500 feet from ground cifications, agree the. bathroomm After leaving his bed, Rick be- Ramsey home, asking the boy to
V P d 6th Ave ero. Would give some rotectHgainst making traps to the Saalitoleome forth and take his "closer.
on,~ ~ Pl| -. ^ ^7h' A.^ .E :Engineers are cautious in esti- radiation. And th euter b o(f i.cks to look at seagoming craft, It look."
FOR SALE-194 Buick Road- Mag the effectiveness of such a the house would seven a. 8a long antpainful way but' Rick was overoyed. Not- only
Riviera 2-door. Power shelter. The damage from any brella" rotectiol, if .h0ou'..Well wolth the rt. did he -see4he Pafic Queen qq
wr brakes, electric rticular-sized explosion variessurvive There he ipetae Pacific. Quee. had,alwaWn to but
L B bOA SERVIC, in a* rom o blst to the next. And, s v' d ..Fpbm'-that. dao the boy as r was also.w td'tel
plus mw a 9000 mile. even a 35-kilo-ton bomb, the equi- Protection from ea de.- ft.aeto -bobble' own to the ier in hi hands-ald te g
SERVIPu s s valet of 35,000 tons of TT, ht spends on the type losive, eee t uen lay at anchor. the water for the ,nS2 l Ser
TR fori$ .Ale f0.W be small, compared the proia le, used. Radiolo, istaap qftect Hg the weathered ship trians-bay. 'voyage. .
aEoUTY SR AB size of a real warhead. from a cobalttype e bomati, inb that someone As Rick made i y a
EAUTY S -"In any evipte said one Cali- would nt 1tw y 7 aboard so ttd Queen's nwy-ppth"de "
:-v. o ic. .. ...ial, ..o.

St o S SaEellies Progr InM ieIVp

Ires :: -Speed IB l Mi Project 1145 NA
;.1, AD E'Dt n s | U tnBieS ON FU tLeAVES OW TMe 6IANT WATER L.L.Y.
Yellow Bt Eere a search on a fantasfc ocean-span- to Brish-held Ascension Island.
.i' "guide.,'). sang "ul timate weapon" may be1Them isslePs w hic be fired the length,
S T la CtI.olt h W e ro civil defenseide ea t saelt fo sce tfc"

a en was bothered because ha *aed.7Al:e-
t orA .. "- t hOne of the problems is the ter- -.

took the wrhome ofg buis mother. MrsIt is moaet, him to quer Ev- t CARE, ich r he weapon, knon as the he ca n be little or n advance missile
M "ton Cohen. erst leastlai a pack el-trou n- .e ith and Centralive offlan-coper, e o t r. the same bas mos ere n attaker And even if through

teilar' modesty lIfa boyish en- mUro_,.-.B. Am)-Group eaquartersn Fort.Cla tercette, planes did get up in pace.
liter ante earns an dnteen. ., o th-, tlleotl-e 1 e%_ 00, Is well In Panamads tht be devslop. inemal twres of the yet been solved is that of defense. m:"
to the home of his corner and Steve h e him tonquer es r pack h CentrAmrl o ttof n- wan of a att ack. And even c iIf OP
A franti lasted b Helbary's modesty, his boyish ew (U.S. A 'he pr "thWi en interceptor planes did get up in C-M r-rI
dA fal towi sfian the aatd thlasm and hus siwty to laugh leI1f au H n p tabeloeu i S 10,000 roles Idt Pi-

moetbat l peand H isfirt errorSto S h e B oe bt h o ade omt e 1 a rn shll: voe t2e Sam bom m W'Fa iorttlani
AYellwIP hwhevecaimee ind L dE endr a rr Is arltonaie tetlieet IsanorB be Russia is believed on thome track _
Ith e e rlitlh th e t yello bireeEa i d fu o he tweaon"mfyurhumiorlearierbehaatoee"al umbe 'p.rttedw hn ae e fre- ll enth ,

At eveninget irt yelorwe s vri heouthrn route ter, no h bokle on hol enga Noed iav if aoter rl af.. a wkof rgnfcaa Liverg oofscld '0 SETm
r Mned to the o ner and Stevte a c I9eone to. son ah to n dtee tomWICob p

m off, ot at all oncered be- i o ing tisscole i story.and a se ac veasl setthn deefrsp xcptof wWITd the woulcifAdQ w usiet

Is* tooaedn Hungarian pride while was theg to hear wheth enr sled, Search for Uranium 1 the distrots considered favorableP
o .tb tre day at thev 5disa sOtew Ut ut b ai but noRussia may be ahead p oflms the Unit- el T-o TsMGSLV COME TO
totwrntusIto tsometing. B to sadu A via Jco nsnu unters wiomoo edsth doeese eistsnownarsmted- tatesn si renearc.m h. INS, AWAITSm. ON.
$W a s tamp toZel nd at a osnooft bec ause h se w r anor mConeralant-nble dtscU rans M silvey caiu m "parthcuFae l
m ayel sthae illy to 16rso inghow he yieul throuewnfh atomit ochydrogen war shyealro establish a"crash" Nh
taee1csoiMsaondIn he toreow omeddat dsr- te hoead-t o 01ra eetod rere T
Ilf"m b edthe myserour -ai n i aesnd WAsI -- UP- wstrlionlln twe tarst area. or speediip -program, stjlar tp -.e
tak toaaaaalncom.xd o u Ireao ooron b rthe Manhattan Project whih dci-a
s oby a dhe g ot er sthe mytri s ca o b t iefanpme- t etn e he edontial we nk, mto an age iso le l th wear
ItlCu i -ou- or n cames in 195Anwhe nrh e U. B.s Ge ologica l Sa r ved y ever indust r in thomous wrke i sequald to Tca n ds believe e th e IB t can beofsteer
meantherIoNOalNhe har. es -. .. a Te employed byethe gtoverment and The missile wohld be aimed veloped the atomic bomb in World,-t
w h en tse v didn t ab l usp oo en d & o h a st- .. .n 1 0 w nem n g np a ien e Cd ,eol og isurv ee onou r i n thi sorka n t th IstN. p o t e ntedh n epul datd
to th etff Ofthripedtls m thtI'wit bein"am't o aerretillerysleensW arhIan dtohtU ranrum be athdspnes rofma ao waakoevel
Mito C he .e ve s on1 1re e a o s e qu ] to S Msen At"u a be 000vealhe miM s in tes t
betearety.h etrb n ers inmindful of the trals 'of uranium or larger than the totlumbrph a3 me
leov er w t h ier sorsutnht ade or a ywoherniane Ps. la .seet kpowe othe r t t h w i0 l
A viet e e n out u hunters, now has a booklet on how engaged ad of ot1
FeTeten q the giant o giants. In o. 1952 h 1 atc. mnral n. the thousand les. With an H-bomb
bfac again, longteg -ing cale wit'randlItsIseauvastly.simplified desc ,ip- exception t dIV warhead, this would be sufficient'
N=Oampoton between .sportsmanship andon.of a, geolofgla survey report .Desp the fact that my of accuracy. -h rea e
s is cooed, Hungarianpre,,- whilea- w g... ear we-en, earc or ranm the rmes wondered f able -a.untld
a. tou c~~r eam sautch wh yih e aiss team would do It firsteoK 'the Unted States." for t of uranahearl- -.Two types of missiles ,ay be ha"'" "
V al rich ro thePP- Ingit rcametheocance touanc snenia abouttdhe repor-tre -dn examied, t arly test stages at the Air Mo/ d
.e Ms. Jut before servl cs hitin s ac s nForce's missile test center at C o- *:"b"
4whe ld b Si'J H nte a uS oi alS un is c vr s treMcnvty ssair. r r efr r o es, Fla. One iste th e tI bal eisticseA
tings, at1b"j8 s nes account Haptures the an"the m ost promising methods ofrluranium n sandstone an r type that streaks out of the atmos-
Aeethtylc&thickur veeal n discovess s thesgouthernryofumendedhcat-edistributionofwthesdbooklepositsnhvarstotates."'el han 12,500 feet per second.
Vd Iput..s. 8 biso eaitoed h&t ofmonta oWe sa tyofrindthea U. minerall okt o'1. withe The other is the jet-propelled
b..ontalicup tof ...epdiin because of his greatbooklet, available at theportanres of uranu soa wy bte of be mores acratel
41sou edgcre am, cover a st.ndehisw b icemanshipeame t printing office here for potential uranium eetin g contl

1 hour ei'w and hi qua itieswolderdoit ist'ents. was prepared by Dr. Vi-dthem .is enormous, MeoKe&vey said. geotyTi-koid wll bh e wayb to steirn
pep --- boot the chancm nt er-c1 A ta ewney, a government' But they cannot be considered oft ielbyteh kstar.esatoteer
ledse.irngh1 tabtaspi sonality ofaa "n man .nsple fiteldngivOSeolost. ... ... economic, importance at this time. Dipsloati' ansdthecricaa
tr8vstheed hot, villa I entilara m meuap M"emostoy poing me out that not, Uranium bearing standstones ranmpetats now are in progress
paoly aore muore scientist assiandt-, and conglomerates, M c K. c k v a y to set up a 5,000-male missile test
-Ibut it has been more intens.v"urautiumisourcerinlth o .. .
mwLE"- c k"t. g lo than that made for any othertand the largest known In te
m.eta e d the nation's history.' world--the Colorado plateau and
D pasoenrDes He said the number of gelegists Africa."

A mwaltin, moat of his yhg life to

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P~wi.Stint Nh~u.p.,R DM106 NAUY~. 'day'n jtemther peat anteo '.- W '7
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a YO ftA a,,i_ *t. 4* a I dt- lag re helping Shelbl Wiatees
shy k wabole a ts reioft I oof Mree straighten out ker basixess and
dates ALe. W. stu'--4ary G eUMW. Alamn amiu atfair. The trio were the
off sad-John ; onlWya" y" only -oviet nrmns who tured
Don', T .'W -t-fei n -gflarl Slate told it out for the funeral of Shmley's
Was #te Spstian's Lod i-pA runik father;
Shi ..wallet -in a L3gater .
, a.*id !'Thift a hodup. Ear WHnass: Meg Mylqs, who
Oaft me your gu:'" appears In the "Phenix City
u t ad-J. Arlqt UrsaS A401". is getting more gpabloltythan the
i# 10(?).-ON v X lota,e h d e- Mi ', aoii0,llfl>'a s ... C'mp ter1
n ormhe'h-... Rock ludmn's-star- new record clilk "Soheoe On
ers ..T rol Glant" 'at'-Waner;Your Mipd" was re erded the
JI .. i.'1ind the Alai-d throM- night hte aud his wife Jantfor
.i -xerr-tr lea .. Betae reconciled .. Jerry ColoniM pdtys
Sdd' arner theaters t Enland and Scotilnd
la Lh e firt A/few years, a k ck wa a next month, then open. in Ve a
r o R WrsrglerThese-growig-chilpen-n t:
el McCrea movie, ddurJane Wyat'sf eldet so, Chris.
bo thUe sw th S Joan Caul- Territory,"' at the same atAdio .. ,enters MIT this fail and Robert|
ufe0oVaoesaa Brown n-the first t's' Monte Hle's trick son title: Young's daughter, Barbara, will be
e lmed "My Favorite u- "The Suar In Your Sweet alk a student n s School o Mic.
S 9demie lope aiena. A i-rt the ..... ; L i .`k w In ---.. Week,
rta)B a .0 9 "ides- H'*' aw- rla Andrews. iut ap- eo a Mack I'
and Barry Nelson celebrating oh l"Aed iptpelIal of the n~g, ang With .T' (iW la "e at
heir- ixt wedding anniversary s high schoftolinHogaton,'Texas, 'Man With.Tb e' As thtit
Is and. George Cooperl Dasa "%Andrews' brother. l pIs b eer,.An staggers I
Jef --^ .-nvW -.--A ctr-ess- wfe c rcl9.; Baud-bow-wowser, *o
One-ta moy aB Jauck A aren aw Cotanoe Pl-Tdoubta .. .
'u ad Ana .Giodasno are- bit- ".< -

0-6I never met a mai1a d'dt
aspbpears oi Unclth e.Saf' I
stamp commemorating the umnor-
ist, who died in-a lane crash ,30
years ago. Willatw"wite4A
AS ,gers Memorial In stare-
ore, Zi I. i:e--his an., .
Girl "ftBJoaCollnES followed *.
Sid Chaplin .p the ''ari Th .
Sky" Ordgioettf re cat- |
tiemia camap qi t s a new switch B BI
In star atoraphre quests. He |'4 MUUMMAR i Wl 9ii|
asked eff nd to bru %l i
,,No thanks," ,-d hff, "i do't
my name on A" 0 ,
After dining at ,'Escoffter, the
swank, eaoe7 at the Beverly Hitn
where A dinner for two can coat sles
,100 Ed Belnu.l 1~. t I. rt f lc satellite -300 mins it.
thb~ 'aeba e eLat ega.) ics. s. e it lit


West lh itree~N. 13A2O Pho -n173

iuserwr Lv a Mace
", .

We can proudly, say say that-we have no cUmnpet i
because our sarvio, is .jp.eprior

OUR MOTTS ca v AtUo .. .
lHonesty .'"
PROMPTNESS: peni andeflemII

TAKEN CARk OF: ne. Caduu elac m theet

pi, ., ne. r p .emi tLe .5 M.t


operation. wo may *ttw to' you ; aR

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IplaUon or wany no seleeiea
ch naed Wildfire for thi
movie"'Bar Sinister":
" o,

$1AY at the"LUX""1

IWctura, etj'dsfti
w y'S full f er
"Iri I~ an

aftr b
how to toi
bahe my


lg al- athet by Edward kope d ad Maugham, "Thre f or the
k girls ". e0 t.=rn, who based their Show" wu directed by B.C.
cares work- on a play by W. Somerset Potter and produced by Jonle
now- bShow" was- latected. ,bv. .C. Tape. -e

J* Sacers Will -Feature

y P

-e.p ~

. Cathy Wibezwill start serb
aso practice sessions tomorrow
1n throwing ates, cups, .u- t
cers, and abeorted chine this
as a part of the rerheaslo 1o0
ha .r

.The play. opens o
the Theatre Guld
formun ces, Moa

Guild's 'Male Animal

one scene. a the exasperated
wife of ,a univeaity professor,
and h Is One of the more do-
licate part of the play that Dl-
rector Adela Bettis feels must
be carefully rehearsed.

Meatre Gruld. I in ."The Male Animal" with
M Sept. 2. at .Kah.y Wlbr. wll -be Leoh War
for six per- caster, in the "title role," so to
y th r o u rh speak --. an. embattled college
Professor who concludes that
be Len Wor- since tigers, wmther and even
A.crockery penguins fight physical for,
-, -*-'.- teir mates, so will. he.
In way thi comedy is a dra.
matie development of the, series
of draw James Thurber

Ce with
Iii End. stite:vh


--,-.-WO,' f ilo mml f,
W Lip t Los Iller
,Nams buMaua. Clever wip w
eass h e a*s sahedway mmetmo sa*a f s bwe*
.dw.~seuin..o*6*or" amom

f. fA .

pa "CONQUEST OF SPAC3" Is literally out of this wol0d.
Evy see o. the orge -Pal Technicolor production take
fa. e r. ToleWhel, ijmasultid- e space actionn 406
miles above the earth's surface, aboard a rocket In later-
planetary space. or on the planet Mars. "CONQUST OF
SPACE," arrivtag next Thursday at the LUX Thara In
great release, Is she prtpptng story of maa against -the .
universe. Advt.


&-.-;- 4.~'

Captive Beauty' is miraculous liquid
emollient -bracing tired contour. j
revitaliWing the tissues, Emoothing
tell-tale.lines, stn ting the comp let
.to a glowing radiance.
'Captive eduty' vanished into the akia
without a trace..of greuioii -
_M nd works 16,

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Std Chiriqui Star 1Meet

SFour Opponents In Sp

Gambling Control Board Classic winner Pappas T
Flynn looms as an odds-on mutuels choice to score NATIOG AL LEAG ME
Shis'third consecutive victory against the.trsk'q best TrEIs w L ret. GB TEAMS I
horses when he opposes a mixed field of Class A and i e gee ... .. 0s -ivea ork
3'f imported thoroughbreds in the feature $1,000 New ork .... i 1a 4 gx-Chicago ::
seven-furlong sprint at the Juan Franco race track Phffladelp .74 is as 0 Baoton.t ..... .. *
thiClnst .. 7 afternoon.Ii Detroit
this afternoon. iChicago ..... T 2- 4 x-Kanasas Cuit a
St. Louis ..... 1 .4330 Washington .6
The Stud Chiriqui's classy little three winners each to lead the Pittsburgh .., 88 .393 38 Baltimore ...J.0 4
;'our year-old chestnut colt toyed jockeys. t -- 3 x-Night game not
with a much stronger field in the .... TODA GASame
,000, added Gamblin B o a: d The dividends:. Cincinnati at-Chieago TODAY'S
-Classie last Sunday an his legio 1 tew York at CBro2 Yostn at New ..
t o repeat. -- r, *. w=Yok at3)1ta t
of bake expect him t- ranna$9.40, Pittsbrgh at Philaphia (2) Chcago a
Barge Royal, eorklag sprinter 3--"a e 3. .O t MilwaukeeDeWashington at re
who is at a disadvantage over the M A- TESTEL DAY'- RFqt! n.Tq -* .
longer routes, was. not am on g S-COND RACE St. Louis 110 000 002-4 8 3 ""-
those beaten by Pappa Flynn last 1-Fenix $3.20, 3.20, 2.40. Milwaukee 001000000-1 4 1 T
...... --eoe......Duchess $8.ADin3.T0..MilwaukeeA001000000-1I4Y1'SETMO.Ay _.,
w-and.h expected to be one of ain 620. Schmidt (7-5) and Sarni; Bob- Washington 0000.0
he- meat 'dangerous opponents. Inson. Nichols (2), Crone (8) and Baltimore 010
ae, soa wbe riddin by Ma- First trouble: 4.6n0.L In. Nichols 21, Crone (8) and Baltimore .01...
olyal bridd .brotheryMl- it oue: .60. oselli, Crandall (8). LP--Oob- atobbs, Abterbrathy i
O Yeaza while his brother'Ale- ------ inson (3-1). (8) and Korcheelt: A ;ve
tjudro will have the leg up on THIRD RACEKn ( -1 -- ini-'() and smith,
Iappa Flynn. Barge Royal w iI 1-Carlota 5, 6.20, 220. New York 201 120200-8 11 (11) mt 4
earry only 110 pounds as compar- 2-Panchita $5.20, 2.20. Brooklyn 103 000 100-5 8 4171 .-,-
ed to 122 for the Flynna, 3-Curazlefi 2.20. Hearn, Glel 4) and Ktt;
Another e which was One-Two: 18.0 pooner. Meyer (4), Craig (7 Boston P.-* #, ''-M 4
Another horse which was not in and Walker. WP_-lel (4-41. LP Neow t_ _I Ott
:last week's classic is Amorio. The FOURTH RACE -Meyer (5-21. HR Hofman Her(44e
former track champion showed a. 1-Tulra $22.20, 4.80, 3.20. rillo (25) M (47)- ylne e
return to his beat from when he 2-Little Blue $3.40, 2.60. (10), Furillo (25), Mayry (47). (- *.
iXaIryl flew down the stretch to 3-Proton $8.20. Cincinnati 000 000 002-2 6 2 Jensen(3). -
sore an easy victory over Class C Quiniela: $18.40 Cincinnati 0 1000 00x-3 11 0 .
.- performers Ferero 11 and Sugar- FreemanChicago 10 D200100 1 0
P um. Hector Ruiz will be aboard FIFTH RACE cllppatein, Freeman (),. 70W-N Vi t 100r00100--1 10 1
wi pr (B) and Burgess: Ruph (13- leveland'.d 100 000 000- 10 1
S norio with 106 pounds. 1-Black Gold 9.40, 3.60. 1) and hiti, Culgh (, Lary(14-14) and Wilson; Letn-
Monte Roue, a rdIta e acho $2.80 Cooper (6). LP-KllDpstein (6- On, oM4 (3) and 'Hegan. NMar-
Monte Rouge, a re ditab 1 e copHR -ablonskK ( gon (9).- W--emonB (18-ai,
fourth in the classic, and Persian SIXTH RACE 10). (HRJbo kl (). ( .-- --- -
Countess, a dismal also-ran, com- 1i-Oonzaga $5.60, 3, 2.40. onlyames scheduled. Chicage t t- Cs .()
plate the. fIe-hone field. Blas A- 2-Goldeh Wonder $3.20, 2.80. Only fames schedued. -Chc f a N)
irre hnte s mount on Monte 3-Fangio 4.20. V
Ps s'aboad -SEVENTH RAC Juan Franco ips aIm ewa
a s 1--ipocrates $20, 2.0, 2.20.
2-Vulcanizado $4.80, 2.80. **
The gcondary attraction Ia 83-Merry Mason $3.40. .
S, lar .mporte..d non- Second Double: 11.80 By 1.UI8 RO S. :.i

winners in whilr the hly aly- ---
bwooed Mostadet is, scheduled to EIGHTH RACE
a, ttstrides against four other 1-Hurlecano $25., 8.80, 2.20.
reeeit .lr tta 2 -Reflector $180, 2.20.
S 'Nine other interesting racm are 3_juaau 2.20
S included on thq card. Quintal: 25.20
Speedy sugarplum, owned by NINTE RACE
the heirs of Ant6nto Anguosla, 1-Ciprodal $13.20, 3.40, 2.20.
1. a te d tor at ad ro ond- 2-Topocalma -$4.20, 2.20.
re l king and rdMo to 3_-,,ute2 '.4".
a three-lethdst-t ic- On1c0-Tho$ 556.83
tor in the featured ywo us
S sprint. 1-Sugrplum $4.40, 2.80, 2.20.
S .--P tMro 2.00, 220.
SThe ba4r dUtntBt Dr o f f tu- 3-Con,, -te. 2.20.
.u. ..L*.&... .. We -n ot the- ,.
SW S an like L VZNB BACE
,-- a i-ftteboat 65.80,.9 0.

with the latter
/h:1.-am. by a head ,.

contention .
i 'pyw dden by Relal-
$4.40, 2..80, iant
a,' *' "prot ls ,

Mum:r, Guillarmo
D& nd-Wasguirre had

p.M oim -a fii nn-m
I c.303,. V

Ti. WaNt. 0uTh.i 6

ryr Py
~ind flea' 'nSA

I~a& Snot-i

-. ... .. -. _-_ !. '. .. 1 :
world record ,saMtflf, weighing
116 Ib,. Sht caught b

Worlin Cltcbe

L-Fltdimro tom"
2-M-MAker (e) r#hk (e
3-La, XN&cl AMSOd
5-.Goldi Fan Aga


.B;0at 113 -SBas-
& .zrvaja lO99x -Wag bn
o. de Leo 1llx.--liug
P. t 113 -Couald
A. Gon1msAles 1rllx--ta
R. Do-ta 11t I -Jok.ey8
H. aDiv 106


y Wgtit s shownlre wIth her X-Agur1ada1 HI li -Dbitaqj
130 lb. and anohW weighing 5-- ,Ra '., ie.-.,-' P $
oth on 30 lb. test line. Nth RcMi Nltwve 1- 7 Fal. P'

r And Catches li
I r a sa --UsarY
A.AV&aua 119 '-J~hey s
s a good omen for their boat 7-Riomar AF. idigo 104 .s
The Wright., libe all Marlin
Club menmbets a lndsbyg en- 6th Roese "S l" IImp-4%I P Pert. e $.
thuslasts in raniama the FIRST RAE OF Tp
Canal Zone, are now busy over- TH "
hauling their boats, and flahing .--Pan lea C. LIno 1 -Mua lr

-Allto RICHMOND Va Set 17 tat lin Annual Marlin Club Tournm
.~ Aa',nce Am- R Ta (UP) Harvie Ward, the San ment which will be thl
1 P).Ml o nr Rg Francisco automobile salesman Mrs. Wiga r us d. Piny4 Bay a N r 51
i o"a'de" t ) Mn B-" ""won the U. -Amateur Go llUton, who ive fbl% re November 13. Detlsllhedule
championship todayy when he of t lhe W g uoll aNd data for Itls .tourzameit
-r overwhelmed Bill Hyndman, at.i y feel tSt -t'e are almost complete ow., sa
p 1 hPhilaA hI lsurance broker. -.inr of the, fir athmchnich- oflcials of thp RA a
RO T9an1, :i. sol ubarine e Nab" soon be peay fbere.tlo4.
William E. Hilton. 30. was fined Wl.i' "ax some of t
61.75 for speeding. He forked most brit. f this turn a
over 6,100 enies -and 75 cents ment ha s eVer seen, was five-
larger cohundr .a-for the 2 holes it
larger co ooedllo t. win the match.
T I was the biggest victory
L S' T'Wahts a *Banored'sn B oh e tet '
S title. In hies first try, back In
1447, he lost ouit n the quarter-
.M sOpenlhelvyfro fihal, his best showing until to-

f Then eo, dHoJ.oseph ,?; ^i.'i.fflM'r
WIth his old rusty-putteO work-
ROtLT, 3 I g Ulike magic, Ward nbuit up a
21 (LACKTACK) 0-up lead On the morning 18
_N _.....v,.holea sh e shot a course reord-
tying 31-25--66, four under ar
dOeIoR while yndman wOas five over
UC-A-LUO Ipar with 3-3---75.
SOn the first nine of the aft-
> BAR;SERVICE ernmoon 18, Ward was one under -I^ lha .eno hR
Ccmdaudi sWe. par with a 35 as he increased his
lead to 9-up. Billy bad a two
os. "Aover par 36. ,H
MI -- -i- I W Then on the 28th hole. Ward
S WEEKIN closed out the match. Both were
IT U to the left of the green with
S U '" i Itheir seconds, put their third
[1- l MeAerr shots on and sank their putts.
Si KRELEA SE g So Hyndman, in his fifth try
for the title, failed against his
b; I10-year-younger opponent, who ,P-.
,tB ;:' shot the best golf of his career. -
UhtS- GI(Js IT-Yankeea' shortstop Phil Riuuth grabs Bob
I a a lWaaLith his bdel to the plate in the third Inning of
oT 4 3 -JvnurnOfl JoSs the Y1n%-Detrolt game at New Ydri. The Yankees won. 6-0.

I Jefferson Joseph, vice presi-
dent of the Colon Boxine Com- Dia ta. b:80 6:18, 76 :,75OA '.:
I mIsSIon, is scheduled to depart "e Me er Leave Me"
fro m .TomAep airport at 5:185 : fuD1M 'y 'w "
pm. today for New York on a F o -
tWWVt vacation. -oDw uRr- r, t! 6AT. _i ._I ,
Joseph Is anSai sports fan, M "a ,, AR"E'D "Teae CasoIdie",
spo.hts _.s. f an IM0 :'

kinps to oe InKS m me Arcnie
ore-Rocky Marcao heay-
ht chamnpionsrp bout at
an ee Stadium Tuesday night
ud the World Seri t the fol.
gn week. Joepsfavorite
the Brooklyn oges, will
at the Natonal Leaue
Against either the Mew York
Yankees or Cleveland Indians.
Yesterday evening a send-oft
narty was held at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. JoreR OPolre for
Jeff. Oregore is an "advisor" on
the Colon BoxinR Commis n
SDaiDeleado, president of thi
I&loln, lu the empee,

Uargarita 2:36, 6:15, I :3
Stalebard TODD
CbmamScope Colewl


t 5:30, :-
CM-au-p. Colrt

M. Yeasa 10S

R. Viaqeuz 1;8
G. Sanchen 113

-. !,

___ L. I_, .F ,. Pa m W L Da ,' ,
Race "I? l|M '1- 1; 4 huIt-MH HS MiTE~ -r .fi tn
Zarat.%* :. Yeaa 113, -Spdousyeptheu .
.cpnadlo. R. Vaque 113 --Rae! to pgdt
Copadof o. M$ *g *tDW'.
S. 145.- y ddlyg u'.

k. --..Early spesu 1 ..
-, 't r. u,-- s oM a ep *I tA
W.-O-b "

3or .od win again i
4-G F. fe 115 --Back in beast form 3-1
--Noveno H. _yes 110 -Usually close up 4*+1
--Slnp F'einer R. Dorta 1056 -Nothing ina maonu 25-1
7-Tilama R. Crstin 110 -Will eight t out 3-1
8--Oro Purnto F. Hidalgo 10 -ut badlyin last 10-1
8-(lorers A. VAsques 11 ad go the way 1
10- (Aat 0. Ghantas 13 -Racine to p' f.rmn t *-
10th Ro. "A 4" r, p. Pgs. Pne $,100.00 .Pd hase 5*
1-Amorio H. Ruiz 103 -Do 6 tvei.ub" -. -,
2-P. Countess A. VaqAve 110 -Must e.more ..
4-Pappa lynn A. Ycen 122 --Desite ightit evSt
5-M. Rouge o. oChasi-103 ,be.
Ith Rmse "Scial," 6 Pa. PPm $S909.06 -, emi.....
1-M. Stuardo A. Vianues 110 -Nt reay t for the 1
2-Little Fbol A. Vergaru 1lOx-MUsttepr.eia -1
3-Moon Beam M. YMaz 10 -Etr' orzt t :..I
4-(Mufti Be -113 l be r 1,-!
- S*-------*v.,T-r-At 80s ,S

... U \J~f :..: .- *** ,

IN S LU(~1)-


M t'*"'1^^" '-2 4' )i-'* -i
,* :2W.
3 A :"

2:007- 4:10 6:20 8:30

m. -. w..: ae a,.
,E'Mt '

'".,L ...


-. ;

10 a "lam(
__r_3 van






.. J ,.
; ... -.,.~ ~ ^

*~' r4-'-'


%L- .
-o a-'f ^ia





T p



A. ll:
-** 4 .' j,,w ." ". .- .-- s. .! .t.-fn,. '#" ;

U' '.-', .ks* ~ .~'"S
I-' -'--.-,--..r,.


m ..-.



min biet UtthtIf

.I stteo llh
r to Q6
p of s .... .. ..

- ERN Vf'Gflgq~i^ &

1. mer

tM from Ou the'ia
1' nezuxer eniud hands 'wo ld ow
o ". plan the battle that way. The old *0/ 4~,b'5a
-MnoE ijo MURILLO guy with the goatee must not be 0.t"-A*, J Ai
Srmitted to coast and make his ,
eanh bit cpn ote fromp a sk. = offight. *T'
ein "thd cmi ftr m uta by After a thorough seaRre, using
ouhtSm le 4 1 1 e w ay ears the fight
last a h a ft.4 e ee a ue this re.
tme ~n mre mar e poarof athletic litera-
lmaterar 'hi Fis was~~ w tuare cannot find one Inethod or *-,-
t .aths means by which Archie Lee Moore ]
ex L tree.m, can win the heavyweight title.
Known s the ring's "bad boy," Moore's best chance lies in hurting .
Pancho built up the reputation of Marciano early-euttin hitm up.
be in a "dirty fighter, but has Well, The Rock has been in a
foU t more clesnly ever since o r bad way as early as round one be-
doloo Francis gave him a dose of fore and the severest cuts havept '
his own _medicine in a rough and as much as annoyed, him. He's
tumble brawl st the Colon Arena much more formidable and ring.
last year, in which Francis was wise than he was when Jersey Joe
the winner. Walcott sat- him on the seat of his
In the main preliminary, hard-of pants in round one in Pbiladel-
hearing, but hard-hitting San Blas phia. He isn't going to get hit any
BYRON CUM U lBATCU ldise Arias Mindes, engages. Me- harder this trip.
... "Ikao Paebeco Ib ifbur; and in the As a boxer Moore renimse L
Murrilo looked r b. P curtain rer byngs to other ban- strictly to,, fli, he has forgotten
coring a una ipt .b o tam1na ag Sniny Ka y and more trucks than a dozen Charley i. .'d
satflon over R hfoTh IU I Eddle M lr, Goldmans and Jack Moores could
rathwaite several weeks a ..... ..vteace a trained street fighter like
luxillo will be a slight favorite Mar niso. He punches crisply,
might. 0 move. -0 alertness.
C Wberbatch ha be In ctive As s.and d definedd as the lhe
Sat Pl Is between the
'flal. "b -.,. .. -

audMce In wkt bly the a-
oeal arra. S- r sasetst ha weight goinl 15
In the semifinal,. tempe ramental pounds should have--bsekwools I
upe Pacho en ages,- icl te n strength and stamina.c
orrel in six sta.nzas at 1 t
oands. I Wh Ma rclape tears at is ,
_- .n r ppingd calling p outo JO E W IJL IA M .

basic of ain fiere fighting. The Bard was correct as usual. He wrote The Play's The

t I h e a vines weo t heir way ho a m e. ualtitud of shorteemin op.
S- guy, all this means nothing, While then from t he tmbined resources of t rehe three top ones "We
Sept. 17, 1ii55 t.he er l c.tes the classic are trying to best each other with junk," frowned Marty Marion.
er. 1. 1. Hanrre r. movesand nnshimself about His White Box had just won a Peoria special from the
ports Writer BONNY formandboxing, e gets drone d Yankees in the stadium in 10 i nnigs, 9-8. One of Marion's
rhe Panama Ameren .under a -fl p ad levering' Juwnkers, Dixie Howell, had come in from the btll pen to stop
Pear Sir: Samy a cousn. of the a.e puncb es. 'When yo. M the' Yankees an4 get the victory. After 19 years in the bushes.
S c Rocky k"FY, f(eaght' for tl I etake into canWsdea ation the fact the 35-year-old pt-hander was finally learning how the other
In reference to ame artlee on first time professionally, Aug. that he is gnlag "tob pressed over .hASf.l V n bs-InW O 1
ny hew Sonny Me ft 28. e scored four-round Kayo, rout, thfactVlb that ls be t .'Ves help us.a"pt as much as Byrne has the Yankees,"
or apert Frlday, i. oT ick Brtte,' years of fi ght to be behind -s Marion.
wh ha i haiute th io n ht, Coareas Nuevas also of- him. There are nearly eight ar There Is, of course, na. more distinguished junker in base-
o Senny which said, "things fers a treat that never fails to in age, 11 years of fighting end 96 bill at the moment than lefty Tommy, another 35-year-old vet-
qre tough at borne and the get the fans in a good mood before wearing fights between Moore and van, who got a surprise reprieve from the minors late last sea-
7r3 Sinl to dow .to g to to serious ht iMes .itgr .son. .
or e wth fe some Five hoodedon small bys, weigh- Marciano. When Byrne beat the Indians In that big one Sunday for
,ae," I wish to state that ing between 90 and 95 pounds, will Old Archie's Ide of a fight No. 15, It equaled his best win total as a P an e Yank .. Back
hat pat -of the stery was be let loose the ring before the these nights is to lay back, relax, s the 'a's, before the brass decided he would never get con-
mewht exaggerated. curtain raiser. pace himself and look for a suck- tro.
SBny lved .1oear oie for They will slug at each other in er shot. At his age, sustained acti- The Indians have a positive obseeson for )unkers. A dug-
aw yeaRs, nd T we what looks like a blindman's vity and expenditure of energy out descriptive that apparently apples to the lame and halt, as
re humble ft,.the situation buff game, until all but two are spells disaster, a that's what he well as the nothing pitchers, whose trick IN .A out.mart ether
e~ ~et.-fio a where eliminatd. is up aqainst--stnrcY. than overpi wer the hitter. There are times when the Iddlana
s flSW .* t ..- The hoods wrn be then removed So, ta hand l es Moore will fatclyp rae x slnkers qn the same game..
s f ap. this mat, aid the gaining pair will battle o ing the way 1 fi th.-others at They started playing it this way last eason when they pick-
Stae muter ea' e, for one round to end the horse-ie ists this slightly smaller d 'up Art Houtteman, Sam Dete and Vi Werltz, and proceed-
i i "' o a edition of James J. Jefifr esi ed-to win the pennant... Not-only that, but to set a league re-
Y r s truly Prices for tonlght'sprogram are It could ome,.mainly because cord with 111 games won. However, Hank Greenberg, the club's
(fad,) tela addle R Icents geera~k aJatission h$1the legendary 1psy's .a, in. al fOM, an ever ready man with a quote, stated in a national maga-
Va. Noo.47-Uu7w0 = Argle;~se resrvea early round. Maybe, like Walott sine piece that the Indians had so many talented youngsters in
i _' i--m e. in the second fight, with the first their farm system there woul~tbe no room for unkers in the
S "flurry of puac A. future.
S.. ,_ O, otherwised. ThM ck gILl be his .
suWal w -r-em doing sel That be OLD MOVS HOME
ing the case, it takes somewhere* He warned that within a few years the cry of "break up the
around seven or.eight rounds fot Indians" would be as familiar .a the old demand to disarm the
vnauits leading to an early cab Yankees.
FIr QTA AA Z(E downteow:n.e o s ust an- A Apparently, the farm pip didn't ripen as fast as Green-
GR AJICO O IAN AIThe matter oA soh yen t b ds bers anticipated. Not in suff"jent quantfitles, anyawy. True,
S other theory when the backsides of erb core, up from the Indianpolis farm, proved ready, and
a1' Fappeo RkYMar and o aut s t. othen somh thet Indians epeded more than pitching help if
uster Comes outInttheysemi-
.A B crouch. Greenberg had previously neted the effective mileage the
.o4c. Yankees got out of the Johnny Miss, Slains, Hopp, et al; also he
hid fresh memories of hptw his b junkers... especially Werts..
t* H .1 .ALFBACK MEAT had contributed to the '54 chasJonship. .

y:t s f ..-BALBOA it. LR
g ERICAN PORttand U. 8 ST
.J 'A COAST- -


You know the rest. Everlwme an old timer became avall-
able Greenba bed him. ,e Ralph Kiner, Gene Woodling,
aPeris Faeb ,' bwee and a and when Sal Magle, at 38.
-sWi" ,i l 'of the NL, It .Pt naturally figured there would
~b*et a qJt wdter bott~r~eady for him at the old men's

Wh. MLU ,'


... OR






Commentary on the p
'just the thought of an

r is a

k a to the average fan, ex-
gu^ the-goo& wursul major
guer... 'The added .touch of
y, etc., mean uch less to him
Is seseelvable a league of Babe
Br bit as ele asnd exciting as a
i fans weld be so engroseed In
SIt wopuwa' eemar to m that
ts the Mtistra fl perfeorm-
Ssewmi a MNadpemlt of tech-
it.. e, of n Pe-
in how"s w" in.

Moore Won't Stop Mar

On Cuts, Says Doctor B
0. -.

0 '0,!"

K By JIMMY BRESIUT "Now how do you likely
NBA Staff Correspondent He's haf blind and .be
iees It. z -. f
PNW YORK-.-NXA)-4- lot of "In the first Charles
things could happen in the Rocky cut real good around the e0eye:
Marelano-Arehle Moore. deavy. He doesn't even want, to.
weight championship bout at Yan about it. He just caoniest t.
kee Stadium, Sept. 20. corner, sits down and en ii
But the one thin you can forget forward like he wants to go A
about is the opinion, in some out there again.
quarters, that Moore's chance is "Cuts bother thiz guyi Yout-W1
to chop up the shamplon so badly ter find a better way of b"ekttj
that they'll have-totop it. him. -_ i
"Cuts--and I don't care how bad 'This is a bul! who doesn't ,re
they are-don't mean anything. for anything except the guy t'i
To thsf guy, anyway, and he's the fighting.
only one that counts. "Ifim-he bates." ''
That's the opinion of Freddie ,...
Brow, the flatnosed trainer whb
has been in Marciano's corner AP .
throughout his reign as champion.
Brown is an expert. on the art of 'B
handling cuts.
"He has been bleedinb pretty ', _'__ __
good three times now," Brown ob-
serves, "and it didn't mean not- TObAYV .I .,'
bin'. II TOW --J=-.75' A

"TAke the nose for a starter
Ezzard Charles busted it up in the
third round of their second fight.
Rocky comes back to the 'corner
with the 3echnozolla bleeding real
good. I swing into the corner and
take a look.
"This is no bargain,' I say to
myself. It is sliced like a piece of
liverwurst. I go to work on it with
a solution I can't'tell you about be-
cause they ban it everywhere. We
sneak it in at championship fights.
The bleeding stops for a round or.
so, but the cut opens again and the
blood keeps gushing.
ringside is talking about it." Al
We're worried and the whole
Weill keeps telling Marcipno,
'Take the guy out. I o u' r e cut
"But the fighter- he doesn't
even listen. He doesn't care. Back
in the dressing room, he says to
me: 'I thought I had a bloody
P In all of Rocky's claret-colored
engagements, Brown maintains.
he failed to utter more than a sen-
tence or so about his condition.
"He is too busy waiting for the
bell to ring so he can throw more
punches," Freddie says.
"Take the Waleott fight. That
was horrible. He was getting lick-
ed and everything looked lost. He
could hardly see for two of three
rounds. Blood poured from the top
of his head, his eye and his nose.
Something from Walcott's glove
got into his eyes.
- o "So, finally, the guy says to me,
S''m having trouble seeing the guy.


-a --

presents -



STORY Slwt h"

6 p.m.

on HOG


00 2:50. 4:45. 6:45. 9:00 a
hLo.. M-G.Ms a



Per6 Ave. No. 2

.60 -.30'-
For the first
time a
Motion Picture!-
Superb Voices!
SHOWS: 1:00,
3:00 5:00
7:00 9:00 p.m.--

Today Enco ,.35 .20,
Richard Todd Jean Peters'
in -
Richard Basehart, in

Today 0EA 25-


iA T.& !)

Discharging pugo from
Miami Hil Jth. ***^
Loading for no..tilme, :a
Puerto Corte. Pue.,;r%
Barrios, Belize, Pdaoftt
and Miami.


miPORTilS i m


o 2161 BolbowM

..... k..M.. OffJA e sl


aviim, r everO






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.. ^-t


5.. -4~~'3.*. ~ 44 .4

Har vie> Ward

Irv. z7
-, .,
.- .. .IIL,, d
_.= .. ;':: .= .; 'v"'.' ...^

-.. ,.:0 :. -' ;:
-,*- "... I. 'V
.' -, -". __ .u : : ''i
Ix 17-7
<-f-, *-**-***' ** w\-. *

4u..C -


-. '- .."'
4 ,. ".4,

. -o -... '' '-
', -,,- ". 7";.r.:. .;i*^'^
,,-^^..t._....,-, ..'. .. .:_ ,

.~.. -a

; -n.. 4~

THE STORY: Wyatt Earp, marshal of Tomb- t- talfo tC ad f T S
.tone, arrests young gunman Johnny Ringo when "What about thee other Clautos d
Pfingo attempts at gunpoint, to take back the money Stoward thefive WGleyvs
deputy marshal Doc Holliday has won him in a poker boys. pfrdner. -
game. "The charge is highway robbery," says arp. sWyattquiet tnotded 'th l a
Ringo is soon out of jail on the-"fastest, shysterest -You go set your ponies. Rot A f
writ f habeas corpus ever handed out in Tomb. up your friends and get scarce.
writ habeas corpus ever handed out in Tomb- We're not looking for you an4
stone.' we're not looking for any trouble
from you."
XXV Sulphur Springs raid naturally Wyatt gave them another lo e
and Curly and his b u n ch had pause to make sure nobody felt
THE Li. bulk of the men that bought the entire bolt of the right cheated of his free born Amt-
backed Eill Brocius and t h e do.n to the bare spindle. ican rights, then eased around and ly
Clavton McLowry rustler outfit He waited only long enough for started for the door. Virg and 'u ..
passed theminelves off as honest them to get all day drunk and Morg flapked' him right and left. hey went t
"ct-.v envs ne simple fact was for night to come on to cover his None of the threp looked biak. past their tsoa
that 'better t haln h the decent'own moves. Tten he called Clum It was a rare man who wasn't the ilen e
folks in 'onbstone never caught, and the Safety Committee to or- willing to take in .Earp'.s word *ude al
on they were otherwise. You can der. for the surest thing ahead of tax- yon4
still let an argument down in! "Gentlemen" h9 put it to them. es. and
Cochise County that lots of those; "As you may laut possibly have lonely
boys were innocent, haid work- heard Curly Bill Broelous and XXVI gailif'
ing cowhands, only in town to let'John Ringo are in town. They are
off a little steam and having no drunk and disoA~derly armed in IT was just past noon that Vir-
better sense than to hang with' defiance of our civic statues and gil Earp, coming out of Halford's Fonrt s
Curly. Bill s bunch while opening are announcing to anybody who Saloon where he'd gone to trY note o.
1teir valves. will listen that their purpose here and slow Doe down, saw Ike Clan- stem ar..ot n on
Wyatt always said that in his is to wipe out certain duly appoint- ton and Tom MdLowry riding up desert f .
day lown here you didn't spell ed peace officers and open up Allen Street from the south. He "Loiks Ilt e.
cowboy any different that you Tombstone. jumped back inside the doors for back ,tt Op4 thom~ .~
did outlaw. "Mr; Cltm ha expressed cer- they hadn't seen him. couple O f.te vbi' Td
Taken that way, it wasn't so tain reservattons about the legal- The two outlaw horsemen were Morg .l-- -
funny that when he heard Curly lty of my intentions to see that heading for th O.K. Stable down "I dnU't
and Ringo had hit town with a these boys are served what they the street, an Virg was see
dozen Galeyville 'cowboys." Wy-i cante afer.t sheasWet, he sw war sen -g Virg
aU got the old shotgunown onoffaIt belesaL Viri here s methgt whha
it,- wall pegs and went to check-,hasdeaptized.. Mcg.n aIn a mY casttse fiiot shot &! in stret
ing the hang and feel of his .44's:iself. w e n 6dWAY Ow w
When he'd promised Clum he'd and we areD riy sworb in as wherever oD-Wtattiil m a .to it-.- --" .-
stay within the law, he hadn't local IAwmp a-t there are any gether wiir fiSe e *ti. .a r "au w '
at been letting his tongue ram- questions let them come about or thinking bact tbo sa Tly. a
One side of him that has never Clum backed hin all the way dyst t'msdd lsa sfe rgts,"tay -W
come down through the years like and th omme Committee backed Clum. Ain hllsta W hen ha fr.t lt
that lion-sized head of his. And it's He thanked them politely b l t through Hafferd's and d own thy he be..I-F. aro.
important. Anybody that wants to said he would not mov Uptol l aley to the sear aof he, 0. X W l' t at y
take a square look at the record one step., ulems him jaid his Stable .o.. 1111 6 -e y tY.t amy.,T y,
has got to see that Wyatt w as brother rs Were allowed to -go it a- AU he w was ta -k* any of theil, Wev*e
smart. But smartness comes in all ness comes in all lone. Giving second thought to wearln two ru an id m aled elthe wy they
sizes. And every brain has i s their loving wives and a co y his rfe across the horn f his "Y'
blind side. Wyatt always weighed homes and to the reputations of. addle. "You'd bay rights" boddtd Wy-
out short on political savvy anhd some of the celebrators namely And'all e thought wari that-oe dtt tt, e
on the ways to butter-up people Curly and eingo the would, -bedidn cott,.-jt a W-tt, h r .ta tlhdtWaltt tie stent of tile
and make friends and defenders of deputl[. u Me mltt Q io al ri' i ot yatt iehuo
them with one hand while ro b.- than thiup. fractured b r b'Pthe htO dLM=a d I le
bing them blind with the other l d' .. .. zike that. -r -iAl. h
At the samletime was euat e i ant Tom rode their atrses hi Ae~ ,dnt oh1b'-"*
kind of a mind that all slickers Earps were 16 hours ahead of his- on into the stable, being old The sec npart of it went off
hate, and that they can't under. or. And 10 minutes behind some hands enough not to bdosther smooth as antelope tallow under
stand nor handle. blabbermouth on the Committee. climbing down out front to lead a front-wheel brashoe.
He always thought in a dead- Wyatt never elt that. anybody .m ing do f r tont eel b iash o. a
straig s l i them i Both of them were still Two minutes a f te r leav ng
straight lin e. olinkh, d. rl. M thddt dr... .. binking to get the bright nd o b no Morg, Wvatt jumped his first
You couldn't bribe him, y U It was just that where you've
couldn't make him like, yaou uI got a couple dozen mouths walk- sun out of their eyes when Virg's bird. AW dropped him on the
couldn't turn him aside. ig out of a pleasant greeting hit like a buck- jump. "a
couldn't ohimaside.s bmre b acksideout gtns het omicer e b- .
Someweeks before, the Con- closed one of them s boud to Mornig, boys, I'll jus t e n
mittee had put Virgil back to flap oven the minutes it hits dout- Mt k e y d
work for the city. They's madeside air. One way or another artillery, e. Ea d Moes itLORY hd tiled
him chief of police, Wyatt selling certain that ,Ringo and Curley Bill W. All the way around, care- TOM cLORY ht a d tailed
Mtem on the idea it would let himcaught the. smell of suoden trou- ful." e orever to the courthouse, met
aud Morg operate in certain emer- ble emMing up Allen Street om Ike shoul d have recognized a the himcomingout. and hot d t
.DS where they couldn't legal- short-,-,lautes ahead of V r g II family d r a w I but apparently across the vacant lots bS p4tAe
nins etyU a- .at didn't for he came all the way outhlde buildings to p ithe
orin as deputy U. S. mar-Earp d his two new deputies around with his saddlegun til news ahead of him t in
a The kMi later claimed that him t dhidiean d s the back door of h Be
Sand Brocous would never have in his hands- e back or of Becknell'Hard-
-MEANTIME, there hadn't been backed down except that the Virg never gave Ike's kind the were, he came springing out theI
mEAm thr pthat Clantons and M ow r s breaks that Wyatt was in the ha- front. He bumped into a largely.
yf emergencies to turn Upsn vn e Wh V K.
t this bill. But where one were supposed to com g up bit of giving t When V I r g we resse citizen passing on
ldt fit yth But wase ote fro down s oueth areton called a man from. behind Ii ke afternoon stroll He didn't bump
not fit, Wyatt wasted no time from down south in Charlesoan,h t e did it wit h'- Pe--e ... "
Manufacturing one that did -had failed .to show on se edui that he did i t with in Pe mak- worth a hoot. Fact was, b e resent.
ght out of the whole cloth. Iand Curly dnt want to t thle er already out and In hand. Du- ed Tom's rudeness Took it so to
a s back of b ethe Earp w ithoUtn them. ing the time Ike squandered On heart he called awkward and
a been his u iea ehis urn-around all he had to do 'discourteous.
was reach out and tap him. Tom was not the one you used
Ike stiffened as though some- such language on in vain. He

dropped his gun and stood there since riding into town. When he
w s head b buzzing, did, he got belted alongside the

wasn't armed and there wasn't "Unhook them, Tom. Pass theh
anything else he could do about over by the belt." Wytt -siatgh
him just yet. "Me and Ike are go- the rest of it. "Some day you b a
ing to have a little talk with JUdge will ler oucan'tly w fire-
Barrett."o b? naeW t arms insid e the l p.-
Ira Henry Barrett, the lc 0Ia "Armsl Hiht, Eac, 9-uslb. -
magistrate, fined Ike 25 an&d set Ig me.rIee how longaw e lo
Khim scot free. But Virn g h ad ol4da Ito
Like's guns and didn't linger to ar- Wyatt shook his head gently
gue te verdict. Fact was, he d"You run along and along and
was walking into Wyatt's office find your lit&o f ida.-Only run
down the street before Ike ever that way.S" He moki ned g his orth
got out. with the Parker "J' s outht und11
and don't care tosep you algn a
HE hadn't any more than liv- Frank McLowry was n.Iath
en Wyatt the first of the g a a d Crystal Palace sIa .r&i IS 5"
news when brother Morgan was nomn cd _.itb ,herift Jelmny Be-
stalking In from oirer on Allen han. H.l t r'un1 us a nat
h bStreet with the rest of it. "You cut ot. -4 -
think you've -got something with Wyatt-stuck his hed Inthoug, .
Ike and T'om, Virg?" He pdtt the the cut-glass doors anda,-4I:ed
,.. quick fami a ly ji ck at It. "I Whoever owned tl e]kmt'
u&"M-. i snapped Wyatt. A--I-g t 6. law,.. ,

DANIEL BOONE ly-Russ Wintm: .u.-- -

with J
ed I
a*irs I

Dfl= 1


:Nweiq lie gin' scramg, mgg rudmed
lies ImesIssug
batelmuhas. hdmssedb~Ij

Laod w Dol'al lowm, cat.
PP" his f rfle,


S thatstaggtda 6.'.shot,
Sa Frmk 's belly all
tree rgt !ott into Alien'
ngwaw ger tot wlAd up wthi
face ',a Wyatts'. e wasnt' p t
t asabow forWiybtdybt e
afternoona cuteiners.
Ad- -yatt knew it.
Ie patted the twin Aibex, gin-

ed, (uged hbttbg shouldds
ere teat! y down 1on

O shot r.

Ga r t'foo. yatt took
gunbl8o dped it Aver. hja
right r to n lanc the

Cohelse County sheriff wau an-

boys" and that they were rght
it e .
taen on the. wy to the O.K. Cr.

Thsis wa.C. news to Clu.i w
OWhy, I just saw the lot of tho
oing out of Spangnbeg's" hi
leOtested. "Every man of tlien
e herifd b turned up hs h ear
I did what I eould, John. There's
bo law against buying a new igun."
"Then those hoodlums have no
deaof leaving town and you
know t!" snapped the little may-

or angrily. o
"I only know what they told
"Sheriff Behan," said Clume
dropping his voice and letting it
come formal and straight. "I'm
asking you t6 do your duty, arrest
those men. I will back you on it
and the Committee posse will back
me. I can g hav 30 men here in
Johyri Behan waited only tmn.
til he was out'of sight before step-
ping swiftly out the. door and
acrogt Fremont Street toward .the
O.K. Corral,
OR the second time in 24 hours
Wyatt turned Clua and.his offer I
bf Safety Committee backing flat
Hie had ad f l Citiatns Safety
Cownt"i tes posse long before the-
Ear e ba1 to Tombstone. It had
been s in iis clumsy- leads
mim wly t slow the ruat-t
doppn hei dvoie a win fe t
d n. Ic a n sa w h e 3 dwa n ew s .

end -5l~d~aein'


S- -

SHI'8 TOPI5Actress Deb,
orph Kerr is the pinner of the
Sarah Siddons award as Chi-
eago's outstanding actress ol
the 1954-55 season. She won
fob her performance in "Tea
and Sympathy." Thirty-seven
Other actresses were consid-
ered for the honor by the Sarah
Siddons Society, an organiza-
.tion of drama devotees.

Sleft-hander fashioned
Needed pitching most.

5,e aS~Mr .

SAFE AT SECONM -The Yakeha'. PWufibizu
BUlly Martin'a. relay from Iain BaQ er, wl w
trolt's Earl Torgesoh at send In the first in'tV
Detroit game in N' w York. The two-base hi'
Kuenn. New York won the game,

TODAY'- 5- 2:44 4:46
60C. 30c. 6:48 -8:52 p.m.


I 5 hkf-ftk


Sugqt wnow,?' a*
S ..ig-out of th
K,_ into e s .
pfiue -window,
Swo'tgo ago .- -

olph Lone

~ -, -~

:. '

St .4: -'~

." .'.. --

- ~1,S,.S *54554-5,

4 S. -

,A. .--. -5 .
t**" --'-.- "_4 1' 5 5." ='

.. 'A..' 74
&,..- ". -, '-'.*-.
;.'. ..



_~- __ W5__,-?TF54 .

- -.4..: ...... ... .
5' '--...,. "-i. :-, .' ....


TIM --

. i



_i_. ~


. L-Tt



Afterward, you may wish to
add colorl.
Of ounrse, If you are merely
.... An M.... J IftB.. h Ia MAU&

the draw
the obje
fed by t

* *T *

. -.-. -.. .-. ^ .. ..

N '/
S- -' '" ',"-

yyza L

Spuphlin and w
.One Bo' Every Minuute ,_"M
...oW-tFYrumt ytu have --out ,?W A,
ige d pa h k to &. peuator t.
Meklnloutside o" at .& IC c.
,aKt -' ". ", v" ., pumphein e t

1- rods f .- pte e.act but you t- -
'... itrf-m en ,.as L I otm the e tite
S. drawling ad
l Sd ** st i.

Sui ot ,' '

I 03on the SMp ,

a ueage ws

I lrl ed?.
So *!i 'bf g -

*aI aj tw a e asd 6I -J 'Iy *e ima


Y OU take a chance when you solve Crypte-Crax.
S They, may give .you a laugh or they may try
your patience-that is, f you .don't peek at the
answers They are, of course, amusing quips, anec-
dotes, etc., whose punch lines are in cryptographic
form. Which. Ip to say, original letters have been
replaced by others-the same letter substituting
j op the same letter throughout.
S Today's poser:
S A ydremsing student was suddenly called en
Sto Nwer a esLa dAWImmedatey b friends en
e or a& Id eught to o ach him,
I 'hasf hlding you up f". aed the professor,
hImptietly. "Yeo caught to know the answer, with
- all yewr sleds' advice."

** yanq curious and do not wlah to make q
y lkciu


tot a totheflguresa
numberge re 1 at right than l "
to it .4o meets the gianace.
that to lea to They contain a
.add one each greeting 'and a |
time you p@tto terse message. 7I
a figure o the can you figure
pit dial at it.. out what they -
gardlesin. aay? a
number yo S Solution is sim- V j
S pick, .and upon pie; Involves no
reaching 20 In his complex operations. lee If you
S ad0it n, b ia to'!* AsIeover the answer without
itop ou. '- peeking at the explanation, right.

seven numbers atFOR CRAffS-N
first, making sure OLVy this teat similarly to a
on the 8th count ros .o.rd pste, Using Sm.
to land on.u berainsta0 of letter for the n-
r .he O YOU swer. Place one digit in each
Continue Pon* ^blank. Vrrvt answers Wi fund-
wisn until your tio r ad o
friend calls "20," ACROSS
S" at whiah time 1L Your chances: Heads we
you should be win: tails you lose
pointing to the 2. Age of Johnson% DItionary
number which he of the Englisah Language, In 1959.
eee \ 5. Year of Queen Elizabeth's
Finish Rac deat An aid: My Day Closed .I

N a distance race at a college
track meet, Amherst's entry
Is 100 feet behind Brown's man.
The latte is 75 feet ahead of
Oolgate's runner. Colgate's con-
testant is 150 feet behind Dart-
mouth's entrant, who is 30 feet
ahead of TYale's participant. Har-
vard's man is alongside Brown's
Who win the race? In what
order do they finish?
.JO.. l, ia AOIIO pJq
Pal elto e pupJvH-u*Ag 'Div
*aw IUq sqi q3nowutm a mmvtasV

Question of Age

"Trouble far@ sal the aldent. "X NTN AP tt one and a half times
OGNVPX Wvmtt -O CN V HEBVNBVJV IKQ R old Bruee.- When Ralph
was half as old as he 1W now, he
KBA ..was half a old as Brues will be
Cryptic hint: Commonest double-letters In ng- eight yea from now. How old
ish awe* nd T. .. Is each now? .
S, E I O -zn .I m
Is" 'Ae.0 ="Z

Letdiwp Agreement


I AN you il the aeIllag t14
S te f the S*keletoitlod words -
In the frans above?- They,'a
fouad f follows:
Cpy sob letter now shwi
In .ne es b ak or blanks d-
reI beoeh t TheM.& uas the.
Sletrs t the tower blanks, gull
Satb blsam ig It and try t
foeu shOwwrt words, qkewlse pl

of aespMti Bea a.OW l
*Whegbhe oseae letterMU at the
a y wiorm as toif, .Aorts
tI l owner du e i.A Wtf.iut Is.
et a nessmeary te I tn at satire
iagrem to tie asw r;:tt t
1 In.tee..a.g soi e-_ as y

Oh. p,.:y .+-, fLab
a" is b o Uf

iie tT

Myrtery Writing
F is noted In MEnglish amIs
*that at Camulodun, an ,a-
m ont Roman town In ftigond
near e present Colechter,
ercheologlets feusd the following
i screptioA:
It p pled these for a while,
until thl realised It wamWt-bat
it semmt to tiat i fatt it
would be sead y anyonery* 4w
That hboe cas*o. b w M k
ly es apNIN it? -,

-siNA S .N' I StM &A* I Irt.

- 4 11* as s m;s
ages -Ig.e 1,eqfdo -a f

6. Federal law limits the work-
ing hours of a 14-year-old during
vacation to this many hours a
7. Qompute the number of
beads you can buy for 4-bits at
twelve cents a dozen, and reverse
9. If nine of the eighteen
games played by a team were
lost, then were -.
10. A perfect hand In Crib-
11. Clue: Having determined
the weight of the stone Jones was
14. Visiting teams made no
baskets; home team made 4 field
throws. Score was -.
15. The -th letter:
'rTbs whispered in heaven,
'twos muttered in hell,
An echo caught faintly the
Sud asit fell.



- a w J
delveri peRpM to
.a M the hoauMes ow
In diagram at
S** right I the oWNer
Snla wheh they m .
NO numbered. Ho a
long win it tale I
Syou to nd his
Crostlg hn1 -
or trIna u aft psJ
are -ot perni4t
Tf csuso.

s to to USCaver
the dr&wing with I
Tissue belon you
Save a -anpe-
t" s tb -lee who -
eam $ad Lthe iMut
in theb ftastet

Helping Yourself

lag Into a sewIng card,
ct can be evlly identi-
raeing its outline. How
can you complete It?


qoq "

7714 77/9

1 07734
I w*i ona pas e|e

-.mA3V ema o qds EgnIA*UUJU S pegV I


1. Skunked.
2. Two more than the number
of checkers In a game of check-
8. Verdant U. 8. Currency:
There's so legal, so tender.
4. Descriptive years: The fear.
ful -ties; the dirty -s: the
plenty -s.
5. How many pounds in 5.09
6. Uranium hunter hobbleBs
are dubbed, "Weekend -ern."
8. Largest two-digit number
beginning with letter "f."
12. Number of tribes of Israel.
13. 6 it. 6 in. i equivalent to
5 ft. inches.
1iR How many legs has a

.SwsIf *.5-5 o-1-sWay sINWyT

A OmWIvoING liu of atS*
ed or few"nt *knoete s" for
home wufonm-a wed hobbyist.
#elected by p erk b Emeird
The W Bowt Bitorle Ame1iai.
Houses. by Ralph I. Carpenter,
Jr. (Dutton, 112 pages: $2.75).
Inspiring pictorial guide. to trea-
sured dweUln of the Colonial
and oeden periods which now
are furnished end open to the
publl. i abis would be invaluable
to the hlistoclly-mlnded tourist
and atique- colctor.
MHosi Dedsi. by Eugene a.
Klaber (Reinhold. 247 pages:
$ .5p). BhoiW that with Intelll-
ent planning the wont aspects
of sardine can housing project
can. be eliminated or minimled.
Hence this Is a valuable text for
sning advocates, land developers,
money lendetu, municipal officials
and students. Much of the con-
tents should be of direct benefit
to couple considering movements
Into new communities.
Fos WIth Qame Bird, by Fred
Evertt (takpole, 287 pages
$7.59). A gft book for an out-
of-doors Mian.

-J :%%:

.3, t

I -m-ts-ium- -- --5 --
IN order to- paa this test you must gue sthu
name at least three of the well known
tees represented above I rebus form.
Here's an esnample: No. 3, top left, shows the palpn
of a hand the answer, therefore, is a palm tree. As
a furtheald we'll tell you the number of letter In
each remaining ttee's name: No. 2-fout letters;
No. S-three letters; No. 4-five letters; No. 5-
might letters; No. 6--seven letter.
an you name them a? o a
*InAGseqQ v *qn *p *qy 'T *s"M I *BWia *I am@AU

1-i :



stirring it the
woods at right.
To and MA what,
prieed a l-
DeginIIng at
aot 1, draw con-
a oting lines
fromn number to
number consecun
tivey until you
reach dot 23.
Where two num-
bes ae doae to
one dot, us the
dot for both.
The drawing
lends itself to
coloring after-
What doed
everyone always
take off last when
he retires for the

Wh does a
hair hate a fat
,"m = Ianei~

k 3

Its Your Move

uiz (Rwn Wit Wisdom 7rom thele

tm "ugene Shafer
1-Whet Is the 26th book of the
New Testament?
5-Vipefs. .-
9-Whoem d Rhode see at the
ates. (Acts 12:18)
-Ecav ftion for ore.

am- "Idds of.dawn.
21-Prefx: halt

O--Mates dinner.

NbuckadneUzar to c
Tyrus? 4Ezak. a:7)
M. mner aw4the1 f fthe
g"- rdi. (Num. 2-S)

Olt t.

73-Son of Relem (1 Chr. 735)
74-Cox wooL
76--oarame bar.
I-Whom did Herod kill? (ActI
2-fs strength a this.
5-Jesas qde one at his entrance
into erusalem (John 12:14)
6-Made' ionvulive body move-
9-aCoing utensil.
l0--On0e-whom Paul sent ualu-
tatlopp (Ra. 16:S)
,12-r (her.)

25-Paid notice.

E Ow- in cletis

-u..s-t Not ~rod from
f7-Hebrw moUlt.

Phe-Wi what W the
S-Bibmal ciy MY se UAo

-2 r. 'w W s tha A.wsvr? Am
.HAT t* We s~ia a
'1 "A.2 -W .P*a
u, Nbmt yoef WSM h. U


By Millard oppe r
Lang4-Tme Open Cheeker Cuap
BLACK could use a blokbuster
here as White checks move
and win in ive moves. Can you
plot the strategy? White, moving
up the board, move fi .
9r'L *IRMA 9I-a WS 1n5-a **RIM
01- M -it P Oi I

J gggmmB"

- L :- ;:* "-

,.- -e%


*e *.
.4 1

- s.






* '*

*7 9..

The -

~g: ~

I .

-- --

-- --


--. --- -


"^ 'r'~'

* .:$NZs-,: ~:tA~;
4. U
$tj )' -
C ~-.


T r

e e
T*ZY/.e,;e ,

-t a &Al



^- ;.:. -^ ..... ... .



, r >

'A BOY'S BEST FRIEND-Three-year-old Stevie Wilson of Coeur d'Alene, Id., poses
proudly with his cocker spaniel, Taffy, who Won.a gold medal at a Chicago banquet
as most heroic dqg in America. Taffy saved Stevie from drowning by racing for help.
-* *' I .

FEEDING TIME-This, in case you don't recognize it, is
the open mouth of a very hungry hippo at the London zoo.

.- .J I. .

AND STILL THEY COME-With all of the competitors that Marilyn Monroe has, these
German twins, Alice and Ellen Kessler, add to the list by doing Vaparody of her in a film.

CROSS-COUNTRY SHIPPING of perishable produce is being speeded up by means
of machines that feed ice into refrigerator cars in a matter" of seconds. At the
Latamie, Wyo., plant, these 13,000-pound machines zip down a track and grab big
blocks of ice, chopping them into 50-pound hunks. Machines then flip ice into bunkers
at the end of each car. Next, two bar men chop'up Ice Which may be sticking above
hatches. Salt machine then automatically places correct amount' of salt with the ice.)
.- r nmmmem.w

of 300-pound blocks of ice is ready. Priduci isced ( n about oni-half hour:

-- r: LARlGET OF ITS KIND-In Pomona, Calif., stands the world's champion camphor tree. From this kind of tree comes
A .the camphor' that goes into many of the preparations that the purchaser gets from his neighborhood drug store.

-CATCHES THEIR EYE-FishemOi pause to gaze back on Rainbow' lake, in Montana,
after a successful expedition there. Beauty spot lies in the northern part of the state.
Xng Be re r BSyndiows

on chop up pieces hk aobev hacbs. Salt h the oadded nd"

| I

' '

' r .

- I

AI "

-1 \ .

. M _

7 -

\~. v~J.
~ ~.

o' *

^ *,,'4-

s .'.' ., B

* 7



tMe nI *er a i te r m Pe.. 22 & 0.



rPmANa, L. r, sumnA, sarrEmsMR ls, sme '



''. ^'y.

From TheT.raced Soes A

Pix and Text b.k iL was going back "to the old coun-
RALPH K. SKINNER try." In my case, .Vermont.
My recent trip to the United | It was mo deliclou to drive a*Ing
States was a delightful experience a winding road libed with stlie
filled with masy Individual good fences, to see the tyinea de4lpr
tiMes. All our family thoroughly of New England farn oUse.- am.i
enjoyed It. their every-present brafs, and- to
chat with real Vermont farmers.
Amosg al the vried ighlights There's a fredhaes to th.wVes
f thik vaication, perhaps a two diaymont hills that thrifll eno, and tIE
aotor trip topped it all; For me, smell of the pine trees covering

in Vermont. Jut a a all lke surrounded by trees but how retful, 4resh and

for the auir a r i rii tag the i"d e a r.
ZtJc rwq STinhj 5.

lamldar every Vermont farmer does wdva
.he stops for a chat in baying mMa
lOe val- ,n. He talked with a eal twang
re *t Ateb sounded a little strange to
z4-l tbL with me but was sweetly
EadMdmuar to se.
w- .

A RUSHING small sarean of water hs cut thia me through
the rocks of a New Hampshire Mountain..
'. 'w..v, .-^- ," '" -sA<. t_" .. ... "i. .1 .z ..s"

IM S AERIAL 2UA.MCAR te 27 arw W-V.t!p to
w- tlp a ,




oiC cd iJJs, Qf VermoQnt


7B 7

"I' A2~~ *~ ~


best money crop he said, but he
did run 18 head of cattle.
"Milkin' 12 right now," I be-
lieve he said. Twelve fat co w s
bursting with milk twice a day.
And this belonged to this one aver-
age Vermont farmer, who also o
had a fine'two story house and a
large barn to house his cattle,
-store his hay and grain, and oth-
er crops. Yes, his house had elec-
trieity. I'm sure he had a radio-
mebbe a TV set. He lived v el1l,
ond was well.
: It is a strikig contrast between
yur average Vermont farmer and
e campesmio of Panama, each a
Oel-sufficient individual tiller of
the soil. But what a difference in
the sthndar~ of living!
While tlkin2 with my Vershire
farmer 1 .napped his picture
which you will see oR e cover.
Not be waQ orWh m~
becauu Ws Ito M he ae
Sall Vermon1 farar had
liant, homeat, think-
And that ps. wlth the pitchfork
i 0rs so typical to me. It was not
ni0K tl e ~ture was developed
cl ate pa one that I rea-
l tat -age soI was
haiind^qth father ia the
i, A fles 'was leanimg
a pttcfork ;rie father, i ke
A8d wht a hrila wk w r Id a"se

road ed my etue
road partially framed m

tkWMO w HATFYIRD- a ght dear Ao a=y heart.
Here was a seal Vemont souvenir ..
for me! .'
The second day in New Hamp-" ". ..* '. ,
shire was just one lovely sight aft- -'
er another. The three girls rode -'-.
to the top of Cannon Mouptain on
an aeial tamway which glided
over three lofty lakes till the sum-
mit was reached some 4600 feet
We visited the base station of .
the historic Mount Mountain cog
railway, but didn't have time for
the ide to the highest point in :
New England. '.
From the top, more than 100 A '. :
mountain peaks d t be seen in at
least three States. This was the
first eo railway in the world.
SPrA. oni N.ota wMi. its wood- .
edA ruse reht lg plaees and
gy lnterstig lame, we -
y y lk 10- up.
to he *r t ledges wheb make
u hp e it mo W oile In New
En The Old Man of thk 6
mountain. A U.S. tamp was is-
sued I July with Oe mant serene "
we saw in ts breaf tess beauty as
We stood *o the shares of the lake.
Daniel Webster, a native of New
Hampshire, is said to have stated
substantilly as follows; Trades-
nma sometime hang ol
of A.-'A w-- sakaer

CwesiLm ed -xf t ae

IN WNW BMATlIUBE e makes uln. aee stocy.

h.d~ ~

V*GP'I PAitt



*-i. -'S


@@LNI O1 1R 26 7U

Pse Ale HA. I gM Ag e- *
Fve Mt MONTH. M A t
pop oR EvAN. m A



Just as may flager on' hieWars ks
Make mus. io e t aA Mti
OR my ip tm agii tI
MusC is feeling, then, not odkid;
And thus It i that what I feel,
Here in this room desirng you,
Thinking o our blue-ddowed ilk,.
Is m aic. It ke we strain
W" ina. tat elders by Susamna:
Oft resi Maicng,.clear and warm
he ba a hr till garde, while
SThe red- leer, watehln, .elt
The bassetf thth being threb
In hords, and their thin blood
Pulse pitMlM of Hosanna.

In the green evening, clear and warm,

The touch 0a springs,
Ciealed magintngs.
sihe ighed
fo M much melody.
Upon the bask she good
In the eool
Of apent emotions.
she felt- among the leaves,
The .-w -.
Of old devotion..
She walked upon the grass,
OtiU quavering.
The winds Vre Irke her maids.
On timid .*4,
Toe bi her woen marvee,
Yet wavering.
A breath luon her hand
Muted the nulhts
she tmned--



BMom, wiLh a Nolte like tambourines,
Came her attendant Byzagkines.
They ondfird wy Sumana cri.
Againit Lhe ildenr by her aide:
And as they whbspWred, the refrain
Was l Ue*' willow wapt by rain.
Anon their lamps' uplifted flame.
Revealed usanna and her shame.
And then wbfslmoerif Byantines
fled, wuMa noise ike tamnburines.
eauty Wi momentary In the mind-
The ful oradno r a potal*
But InU flesh 8 to im 6ta1.
The body:a Ite besau 1e. .M
A ez
So aeek breath renting
The cowl one
Cole of e d'a TbheraL
Sa'g msi to hed the bady strings .
dOf hoS aeonste :t sqarb

And makes a ertat s ent of p t?"W.


,*4i~. *~

* w





~. p

~ 4



I ngto rryRoUd

l-AL at fronm the be tero makers' wel I-
he @Mb~.F .M mar 1ew Ga.'e fe j e" Ban.-
to ute drafers a athe g eat hege
It tcap.)* ari l-e 4Wed- th
Si straeigth ti alabout id sa s aon _a t
e a sorted t he O oker
uMg.. i i wl AFL te'A =UEdo to aoae eu
t the Pbythis a ttes,
SM ad to

i AFLnd CD are tak.
Pei". to 11h be e sb loyal ID the
20nh.M was e I Ar.Bit& AFL. at of
In December in New I'ml be free ace."
S e Lynch was equally frank with
Wakests [kl AFL bosses at a recent executive
S ciuel qgia Chiecip. He told
Sthatt Bet gidej have Urged recah ".* Asheam w nover
ITM4 but to -save t.r. wankcept yo
thuiriees uti llaew? Iw Vteya areM -
ne the nt satisfed wit-bel letIn the sa am -
movnew smp--erw. an Jbohn L, L a-i merge. Csai
unio"phy- pmee itr wheb me asAgt 1resAM
L be as and strains' of amalgamatioLe w is t b 9an hi s
b. begin o hit homre I aet signed catCumnew
ebeve B !and sig Md that apuiComunwAst
I Com- When the rebelling soetanar a.
a wavir, Jobsh I Lewis 5aay hiu*i
.seNf laa iraue aaue.J Note: Lewis is stronglyy ant-


I1 adirn

Falteing Philip!

W es-sws aspw. iNo mmw sa

- Admeie go* e wush dm1s.


yet ea I


'*.g 4


-" ." -.~ : ---

"' '* .^



^ *'.



. IL A

.. .. .
whe. are A

7 N.

h 7 .r r -. .. .. a t "*

Xhit*'nowae. ea f i w ha s trar t l the a t

oMe uoaidt e. aebp-
aefter hb a a don't mind that," MW01 afternon four them off
Means O N Jtoh Leis M1 W at l tis of itnr c aw teo A=r. retTaf atuat ~ reminlsast
S M t a t en h" earby, pranksters an a n foUotba
Sil t o ie ote p al alh e thi ,.. .M on manKnaals WiM nrt dM he f pe rc. ume hers at the mea t
nil ,,e er frt S. ha. ANer.t lastIPreportmevesI 1ork he1nP as"We ehPrist of
lon a de retmed t. few Miners 4nio contributed. x loa of ," he explained. Ivy rs t, U..Trsurer.
tem t at r 4. another. was bSec -ner (treeti -uae se retarf wM in Secretary ad State John oFter After a gigantic reception at the
oM he the rar.And3 joa Thlwillreallybr aDulles, who boxatrahtled the equiva Sheraton-Park ,Rotithe co ple
'Bmi rtsfor an-a.u% baa tbp aemrt ak 4 m aB'spee" dtalt of man Vtha l0 times arond taled to makm a eleagat-away ia
ether r abut to t ld drg b t yen their ca how
rdstrikes hard aazie WhVA fiso F0 o ee, now hashi prob- ever, managed to bleok exits
0ft.M ehit ger tga r ao Ala aben t e rhe R experience wat relac f.
rI heecmes about rt hen went to work on the
on6- thiUi" ak ibreini to go any plete new Fo rd 7merifird a LLA.
like Hr Tman, an t- eade T Seetry a Cmdr. Pleret Andrew f r.,
door tio 41j atd e6. IIferitt!M owar td e ivebe Jea Pster Dueasgaves i Am"I s as ac.tial eqis pm en the br1e9nam in t a Whitee
mans a orch ie da he dcitifhe se o&ver:i16 ho ev.r i a beB b08hw. saide hiaU Tin am woo tire
White e auire, t r& er t to5' father aes d reB th m the boak ar "Attt tAm dW

onhertienrelI. INY r
O ha (, bSe a copy of the seWtrad ek c che. souMe mattress obs *aexema ter aa over the ear wl d
S unione. epublit s Amrica htaree too a era. eA3Ha o hipsaa attoly
an hi. S yugh hAw itM o al M n. Peot roe oOat
Me"P SeM eplae the xsiU aet o t re bra donelto aMeamit e4 Mde we e ear "a m e.e eno
ean tiW lIlsai dtho t Anow H .' T d t nI a t a e a e th i i.e ato eb it bef.a1re the h.e.y.ote
e h1s$Ig aever rc in asi ar etisnlte nasnei fa dparre .8
Nowra he attack or ers"idze tl sa oSr ae se t S s aarso, i advatasgeo the eabbah l l souh
labor wW. m 5ubeiiaitan loe Ft Lewis petb afotra, oand heoub. 1) food booaFie. AnAds nt .vrits Naval aie. Weddings a"
--ow -eowt tAher A m r ets e ut ay Wg F ose n t, ofreTeasry R ndt s ithard to leave tro to a nt tr f have wiped out th
EarlPrw whotm MOeew e. easof tSe.aowner had to l Ce sanerB uodatdeastesoutverir botttie "Ithr ofihmenmwho serve as
eiO as F of the American peak dgoto jameaist to a Dbete uge uitesso or a larger spply I ne representatesfor the Navy atthe
Com t Is back at wok rwat fS tt eAr- rin Seor r r 3 Ar r ItIs oneee ate ecautive mansion. But tay-be
after floundering around for arams utch their =ohn anck oa on c ODe budget balane- eas why the yearly per caita replaced before the White .House
Afterefus to teov dment hcoud have been tax re n they ame coamin here comes toa party season gets under way th
aut"hore ahte sho nws. oiniled to m o ddaverd b s te Preaident's pre confer- fiv ga which in roughly five and winter.
sas the P1ttrlin d e nedt. 6 pretd ( th e' atW representatives in th ir .
cve Thirtes. when t seicadit rcesth eeities T n

at Inflee, Browder lived anOBa al oe PM adoble'la A meT han Dob dor* I asln -Whm his mny a t Ir
t e .. _el M ereaging tw bi_ alo keIr H o H tl a ri l l t ld
.nCommit-arebslleone-lookinoto two years vhaaB details to be bp
a ft"h osentia eknow.IHe Tosandle the teclicalities, the BROADWAY airline's uniform like a Venus ... titr DiaaewparRobert Ber to-
Swash theiutakig orders direct. AhL and CIO have ret up a i. DMJ ee that ad (in the Sabbath dy ft tt c
Nw e SNta eaf r. mah sub-comottee: For Jw A aL Celhe About Town: The Bto iabe0) for a Fire Island hoe dearyn is due djea
e r both wi 611there arM eep att Woll, George Fellera, the Al Rosens and the seribed as "A Proverbiy Fairy.At- .a ISba" id ing thlt
There have been a score e Hae rnia. al .. Se derso trome ph Chaffee) Kinerso d land" (Honest adve rUi (is theme) "i s her
S eret meet a in h hotel roms and head of the Ilunois AFL. For the the Clan ban team, chuckaUf The Art Bakers (he'a te You mand to selectb her own director
rivlatey os. these paste days CIO there are Jv_ ar oe t To e In The Stork.Club Aaked For It emeee) wl have At nd easiL t... We asked
Si" om mltimnit, deii.rgurra .m. Dvnnn eranDter the N.Y. .ank ... unravelled ..._.AddT i : s r bm aKnd ... n
F rbust watertant strike. Some Ament aghoe loems is the Man oore, defiroing the Nelsa, Tab ue Wayne sending her has ever stated us
edl 'atw biggest baMes are l"of tahe tohes affs.T_. ng's apackedce rowdsMalory 'A r a o mee left. PermdLt" J.
water." IMf.aaM hottrai .v a eeith.a lusy dhe for the samey
S/It'hs not-vIy realled-4x- awe field orgmers. The lO er C afterr his $10o 000... Patty Fiel o fo "Plan was si pLer ar for
ceet in T poltical eirles 345 emplOY.e--with~nM ci, Maa d. win) at'Toots shor'sh .a.t-ris new Mrs. Aden ei .t.o "tte e pa r, for iL
-that NthwsJUtlcal dynamite Total salaries come to $ adorable "Mits America, S Dharo Daley's del J Magini Go't his money ok the first 2
lan the wa rwar. It may af- a year. M.Je will be .f.und y Ka It) Ritchie benatif ... Towerare over the -s Made 4 miln bux profit
Feet th presidential election most mofemlb-eai-spel.. dywa Our n Jayne Mans .K paper that eour ta -
In-s. o .. new_ u.tioide unloni ing drive whosaeiie p a anywortayth Suy iW& eXl u-
T sTh'n judt the first ef a series which, wil follow the merger jext most te girlie map, doingthe sive the day after.
of strikes which may get out ofiDecember midnight spots in a hh-ekedi Why Authors Die Youn g:
hand and rihrt the economy of -- sweat Elleen Borton, weantI So g 8MA Novelet Th nane, When th best-seller, "The Sixth o
New Yqrk and New Jersei. The The gov eat's drive to di- 'l aiwte carnation at the tip goveribra of, both ateas wl .ae ve solve.pom_ munistmi Flsl BB mese pigtail bairdo, thing was= ted by en- o we .a Time lasted t
G A fwmlMe nrgtt0. Wverlr In n. tieu o -_wwmawyrerUa's.. nara-Pthol j y-rw -rre S. .e .n ae wereatoo few
Sside they"Baewyl .mak poW- willnick pteanm.,It I.,p- W & 1 iTiasm running t an errand (a Thawt th Sm's ti le was terrible hem e andbedomsin it. He
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which ays eampP c'n_!al, shippis, .cmm, Ava Gardner before flying toWt- fucer. Buddy Adler to change it. "eaoeh sepei mental
tr bta oras. Also, e Ne i lon h a e & I&- Fia-de r night at her in Spain. ouras was opposed to the theme f leaves I plane" S ,

agjlUn"adMHinnflEta ,gh Uha .aetedlrhaw at aw ill110 1- ioa to ... Liked no part of the alongimte ki shait o mar ble-
iiat he .waterfr t any betterlagailst .hem_.abortly as thySallis Our Alley: Two slow- most beautiful song in years bo .:.. wi Ha l ysty hee for e ame
,than others have. | ain the Mine, a Ki.lla neds m at 1h; Embers were discuss- So the composers had two str"k editorial, "tere are few sigs

es tupe hreara e t a ra 'Ie In st bliher H. Laee's ri
Them areRobert Union, which oA*ht: "Why do backehe applahudy e Ggd) a t (al-aG 6 wa tay hisn d
Sso hard at hopeng?' ..'eo wake l bAomeA d ae to colf .
ptaerritics! lemNo-* was hCe*o a
p t -.r .- a.... C w Ool AB ot se dort
i emos .ofaa ^ Vignett": BroadwawPgy ips Suar 3. 4,e America gof .in-
,laB ws- ae i e a recent 4 a.m. Had To Record J Lasl Weeke t. one of the talent entries
te-ws ese ary, r ed a weal wt I 0c .
weai this warm trt.y ,aGag Na s: : as oe of the finest
,O aBa PA. e Dily irror press ear Sw4f-aver ... Bdek, i a ni Ameriean drama" .
S-l-errat L' near Pather Dt fslBe t 1t A ald' e- f-erwVt tv bow0 at tuhat wet-

g to a young man k be- lM, Du Outed ... t (of Wa w.. win
are theo monument of th..e wol & a. GLdd. ea w Rofer a, a e the
ai ,u I dr *. .. T, ,o ,.saw l ld wa e. _e Cated Co I .ee ....a t -d
thieswarm st-y. -Alf Pa a R elatthM mat
4 tePlc=yar fi Alabama and I never BuScombe, ed S .W.-.-, Ihect Our Teetwa
ke thkwer of b us-sk aid^l Iay a Dareehern & UPnetim ng* .. BatnRa ede a
~4 IBfl-prayer fr Amereabs e-e him." Out, M Cheathig. -ter. .l i area, Mar.
qt a ,*' (.... G All tt s i w lll le A S a mle
... .-.,- <. G. ae 7,. .Cri

-4 P* IT sWaT TAI p ar e The la ds r a& i e *iW abstt ~o 1t a f DBr ** ,yo pus .. in
1 .-.--nifE i -... .._ d.N -:. .. t M.l I _als p_ WIB be m?.e. los-'Rlat wek. "llavr-Wag*
| ; -- '. -- .. .il we t W,,a Dary .orehou may b-,e d.e. a,)r bden.dept, "S 9 av
mguys ='.'MP- .R. GR & q I .. .

S r a,.l .l -*,", '. '-

3&* I- .IS!

n14m4t". .4l~ -c ~ "-.,.eC*- -'.
A -
,~. 4



OLD PBPPflW SS as the firat engine an thtworld'si .fi
cog railWay, only 11 yan younger !thn the PMt.


bow that In N
makes meant .
Oar 500S'mile
a u vort ofthe
e- a .-o.
S ,On thbe cover
$Stoa e Cris
.0 Skbaer of Abe
from the cove:
eoula Note. ]-
daughter, Dl.
same scene lb
under an rebh
The ease and
S oi Isaits Nit
bipufY it.a r
.g6eraments i
oThe thought
some day here

cation In Venmo
(cIamsimed a gesW tUER.

e ewamp He W 4Lt th ae
.. ,e re,. at a
-plda p p Aro Uthe adu
et bide a lonely th Ue ..' Ce.'. .
e hundreds oLtbree MetM e a umerkab
S4er ftrom oifrp
ryo see Lorusa s om0t u .t
obal and l a i r We e, a l id
eon tpg brikly tf w bj .tueks or- .
red bridge at Fran. I s f y aide a
N. H. My other 4k'Zyfa (amee
w, a utoollthe g-oi 1 to
rkodMom from the,
lg oft tre. ,
I eoriit th wnich m11*40,
a #ute .t ocal U/ .. t'. ii_.,a
* *uMee. tor lee bUt fr toB I


- 'r- 4.

C wi.i- I Jil `", 1; I m1 -

Trafalgar Square is colorfully dresased Kim W wrlwarGoldJ4-
year-old Kdrean who served in the Ble Brigade of the th
London Regiment in, World -War I. The obtat worn by Ils,
who has lived in London for 50 fuar, could almost( turi a
ptgeon's plumage pale.
a" T -

. ., ,,-- -,-..'

. -.Er

/ t,-p- ot
I f orse

| -ror,

-^4. ^4'1
l4 ."-r '-*i f- y"
.4 ^j~

r-epmt gateW*,
r. e p o .

,'.n t.. 1 i- the
riegimt tie*be

f. e.& .... at

* fl- t-,ef -o
'as .'- a 1e.1


SW bT .LR V It M r

.-4 "I .44,. :1

.A ~ *-{. I.

*' : :. W f~ w
- aea uku 1f A "4, w, ,-
ao S4.u wSA mtfhn TAt-Whod

xr" -r-,

wtS.wa lderen t ** .. '
nuarW ~
.^f-tttGot' ttND I^W A

Ii.- .'S3S .-.. ,a -uy -,

I~~ .?. -<- +, '
fl,2 MMm

sidl~te cS-Iei* fMCoot'l
~n~eW ladhfeW

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bf~n.e-Owe --i

i7Ft .* *y* *PL2S

lhLiir 9lulrfsw.
.. cu.- iA, <. -f~^
do" ctt"* .! .-Hm
<1111-. '* ^ g 2* "3-'?

r^E~f fda *-/
*1 g' t O ote ^S

e ; .. j. ... ;.. -p + "'
.' .4.-' :
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..' ,' ;. (,*' .-' ;, -. .,, ,, ''' iL -.^ .- .. '-..' .

.,4.. *.t*

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"'f, a .,.i -. ; t *., AL..1 ._., j
1 -, '-r t. -th.R',
.-,_ -..-.,6" '. ..".^ .- .

r V-n -

3. -"-Y~"



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C tr-4~-~ # .tr~w .J o*? I r :. ty. .w- .
A;t M t -n-. ., .

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oet "- n or*!or.w
obampp. ,TerTrI*...
.., : ,s ut et s 4+4 s. .
WA !'Should +

have s,' .,,AM .J'


:~~* the ;, m
..the. to:.
nO~l I ~x$91tkIItl tll ll~i'll ., I e]h~ 'dd~ ;.a..n.i
... IAI I I{! ,. UZZ',.u

.f~r eO~h from~l h

sw IV,..; I do'+M.
(~7 IB SRW ,sp"a n.


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r T till

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, 7!9.+ m+ + .,; "'. % .- ,a ,' ,:.'




(oMw arm oth* g- rm ; agsk


I 4'M *
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a .

r I ""' ...

IIC~ -~--~-~-'---..~----i~---i~-~-l~--= -~.~.

* I.

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rl M L9

res- AS A WpING



kwrr-I- IM I
tHIM AT Hi6 &





,7^7 T. i L L m L wil
MOSMopy eq c^ir a
mom Y CAN OU


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. *S ONMV ou"as
* i1,4.CK !

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.I ,, ... 4. 4 ,,

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,...- .. .i





(tmr aow owr aluinus hew I &a


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sa".1NfCg I


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LU NUWLy-wcf.


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LQeN A -il~B-^ ^'^ U
,V, US/ BW T W.^

L I !

I a ." "

,-- *- --.-. -a^.

* *t -;. /

Comi supplement

S -. .

;C/ .A'gri
ILL' TO A im--7----. ..
..- M.OS .jS

I 4.A0.1


EouU~POPE%/ E, I


,f -


TRATMAILS aEt.L, I usRSE M~g U)ER Mod 41

AWAY ANC T1tt C* 041 4


I, ~ ~
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Polo%. -),,-
D OL u.* ".


M WE~t .owtEv


o' 9RRw E MS TRaRm! FT'S ALL RT,




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THE slteARD 1111
L1 %D A J.

M. DCR CtreH Iu
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