The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
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wasi i m in, 4to ,.w l"a rean d e4thtwoe e SbeovtieetPoremen'- AssociatMonmetha-u-
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Howeaer,.a- The tulksu'Indicated the fnde- th 1utotlyital1dgrAsnol"so-thM- .y
,*f ep-wo ser .r SfrrceIo ao s6-flat ly.,
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w-e l .7 a- genra a f d-rote rfrorn t dctomm dsa ion e. to w r t o
iefollowen n .;aelthoughd trea.tNlontftacesopo*ealo ogU Im"M

rewinr Wlliam Faulkner Condemns Negro' Klites
W-( I Z -y ford,'he almply does pot dare, to, .. ,- T ,,- .- .. ..

be beum ecu the acts arhche themselves .e
.. the challengers and'sacusers of
vives? ba tib challanacts ar not whteI sp UMMER, Miss., Sept i6- p*ett a ng wife at the$ryant S ltikJt. aL gas 1ls.the He alsoid4sg er
That iit w the acts are not white i (- )Tw white men, indicted ore. e reuaficte a
urvivea, It wi e ae all ment? for murder in the "wolf whistle" The y w found ot ad In "la th aa
teat Ametrlea gartitwn-* ,;,'. r-.- laying of a 14-year-old Chica- 4* r ee d the kf&- sociana0 a -- Wt Gera
"t' cB And if Ame-i- t iur-ve, Not to speak of the other Ar- o, wlg oa on trial for hi napiWnte ice 'v- o CslNao w t o NATe a- ter.
Sithe whote-j ._.Wpeoples who oe already the l es sept. 1, It waa b erl e td iteg down by termedld A... -..;.
l e fir"s- .. tern world's enemies because Se p t. ioday. an.y bl er f .s om c"alw. '
s. O- plial Ideoloe. wer rom acot- said It would std an ,aer "
Ci'.cuaso cal ideolosie. Judge Curtis i. Stan- top to the trial. Th t14 n-s
rnwa;euaisOly"p.ave i 1 be would draw a spatial theitl det aft- a repltefatf
ea o yiu w'tw Hvnthe white AomrcAnsn i Panel of 123 name for l- er both ^dif prosecutlus A Tupedo, Miss., Ne. aa.-
.....:1 ...m."sla y.. tan.t or ttnione!
o, n ..whou can commit orcneay tn oea ury t. storlekp-Atkr-said here wa nnor fan-later meantime, Tll's alW+ thi.
Aug. So, whet 'w.i that Such acts, forgotten already how er e anofa hi eai erswen latermead 'T ay* Uha

S/ grand ury on both murder nd mSlhatchle ounty t en _t AeM hium't
t irdal charges and are held one week before ui th ft aigent (t desg-a
ow then can we hope to hsuri jIll 0tl nehareI Chnarles atiotsae -
t the .next Pearl Harbor, i without -nd ndi trial. -ct allowed to --.
tre should be one, with not eMalte l Till M crie M ld d
a mlerel peee but peo fro q the home of Ahlito l es S raareron- .. lle "
p t amenwood Aug. 23 but told I qt.t~ tbo drait m0
t euloiesrmlorf Cotonty Sher ld "T expected eiNt _. _are so- (i
our arrayed a us-atiterB they let him o ua t be tried on the murder in- -| fltothat l, righ- stomt pw, ..
base taflbt m, as we r ed alter.findlng he was notot diejents ly. 6 an belags-eaft we are 519
i thaeI when S n o one" who at .rV, atsm carries penalty of oopno to b't the wrong.
neither, we don't even"
as aeerdrity and Justice and.
even thie preservation of life for
peple whose pigmentaUon is Cm
not the pam r as ouru. that he adion
And -not just the black people nveo. e a d
In oer South Africa, but the ner
bla people In America too.rah t
toosurhvce, it w-ll hrve to be e-
Io s &o.. ...tfr c
S we choesI and elect and
d to be first of all Amerl- d .e
anm to reant to .t e world one e
Ro t, ofwwmilW

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no .t, a error .
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caber. PIN= 't
leave neither toom noort the ray
prodst in outl 1_ ,lise p ballad 5r 7?0e

My ditreus for the USAF'sa future Was great, the*-

C = .1% forAdM S ULtabM. V"
a cadet: "Stand tall, reach for the sky an. look proud:
you're an Sr cadet, Mister."
AotW accepted perlasman Intrulion poW a
t minding h own bu ess: report your position

and your O all-round scientist who iWe. 8
' taxye;r W t-t.wlth. such civic responsibilities a, for
instance, warding off an attacking atom bomber, and
maybe in some atses voting.
Only -women ,,eed' to uncouthly shout at. .
Saso. lng after re -.of th "

ers in the Pent n have ne again proven their Inefft
ble wisdok In things.
n trthis ohererjemble the management
of the P the oracles at Amador.

ed code of St'ates prisoners ot war
when it dawt on m that this ridldulousnes at the Air
Force Academy a4 craf ty-devlsed basic training for air-
men who on .xet W laVe the miortune to come down
behind enemy lines. ... .
As any ol fluary. man will tell you without your
even asking, it to in just this sort of a pinch that indoctri-
nation counts the most.
Point 5 of. Elsenhower's POW code states: "When .
questioned. 1 am bund to give only my .name,,rank
service number, apd t at birth ..*,wl.evae anpveping 4
further questions to the best of my ability. -_
Evasive action, that's what they're teaching them at
'the Air Academy, under the transparent code nsame of
Tradition. A wily Pentagon stratagem, i compliance
witt the Ellenhower cd, ,bto s enenm saeIt.61^ ex-
tract noe otlg xb. e-W'o
Picture with me th-t aiogan tofnheCTflr'ta.
det who becomes ungummed from his flying machine
over enemy territory.
Excerpts fromupperclasmn challenges and cadet an-
swers, listed n rce I resd, are In -qute
Interrogator: the naho and stegtr ofyour
unit? Who is its commandig officer? Answer mIe im-
mediately. .
Our Hero: "One hundred percent with afterburner."
Interrogator: Slower. My writing flnjW'; fros;4 p
theinkbole.. ,
Our Hero: "Stand tall, reach for, the sky, and look
Interrogator: Who are these persons; and Tall Etc.?.
Our Hero: ..Ourligt omunanders. Called Ina.
Interro tor: Ah, poor boy. Wall Stieteat ha -db.
luded you bqievis l1ey apRbed. f he? are
nothing but despicable ourgeo a deatons. Trdtsky
lites. I''* -' ., '
Out Hero: Same goes with mot-of the squadrnW. It's
the chow. .
Interrogator: Now what was your height whe-you -
were brought down? .
SOur Hero: "Lftve. thousand, two hundred and eighty
feet, sir, and far, far above that of West Point of Anna-

Interrogator: Curse it Now my finger'a got'In the
vodka, a, d the afl's dissolved. Who are these people

Interrogator Wmas their mission?
Our Hero: ep4prt your position, and glve yournext
checkpoint ." "
Agr R acnary spy, I amo not to
l o to he d e secrets of tbe A y

a. ". *Ia .t .

I.m tous tenptean? Thcea B-
Sid a tradition of per t

m the an the iosok proun; m s,-

was a be wasd, .-on- items,
his freedemee lowna .who a thoughtfu
Americi= to fly e, or to shoot
more arr t fi s yelpsbar: "sed
tal, reai e a look proud; yot~e an. air cab
de$.^ Mit^htv 'd1*

I y' "


4' 7 .. ";, -. ..
I '. > ""' *. -' *-

F ~
F 'V
~.1i- p~
- 11 -4$ *LL


ForI p Lp On Family Plan

try to find competent baby-sitters
for "Nipti".
VHUs. "She' adpts to our schedule
Sbeauthfltly, hay* JSate, "the on-
Sw obna in the
Cttl by-s Zodepartment '
Home ase tfr these wandering
mid. mlastrels is a home in Long Is-
land, which, they lament, "we
haven't seen in we long that we've




o in-

0 di-

B t rU iiTRo
r, *o

hatli to bid taft re
Who face other modern A
amn Jma frie flee.

On such doo Is Jackle Cain t ea wht te furniure
had Roy Kral, young vocal artists lke '
who ply their wars- In the musi- To see Jacke Cain and
ail vein sometime s known Kral at work and at play
as @op". would think that they apply
Jackie. '2T, and Rov, 3 have their private lives tmhe same
ever a period of six hetic years mula they Use in selecting
1'built both a .eer and a family, trial for their shows.
Their courtalip is a "hipster's" "We combia8&Js -and drain
Fairy tale: Ica in our routines" says
"and pick our songs by their
-Roy an exseldler, was doing ing humor close n ess (to
.rrangements ,and playing piano audience) and rhythm".
for a radio station- when he start. .
ed "o Oing stalee. A -Chsicago trh
ction, he felt so off he went. a d
In the Windy City, the ambitious 'Abundo .a YsT I
LMlad lNoded a ket grdb. at a Landa Te*ff
small Cptraocal Jumptown.
a .With the. position t cae an intro- ROC E, N. n _
auction to acute pide.. type ROCH.STER, N. Y. -(M
.duction tomea cute, pixie .. te Nature his a way of using
It will be publl____________________next_____spring_____ our hInie named Jackie Cain.a cx- h
SMilwae shold i "i andiwork of man for Its own
;V 1.- .,3 I ambitions. vices.
Rud. V t Publtes Book j ,,t, al nan. e ater, wo nnne er
both were with Charlie Veutura's A century ago engineers g
-orchestra Roy as arranger and tp a tunneling project which
ageS0 y-e m m V. ef ..e i 1 *Jackie as vocalist that the seri.h to link the Genesee River syo
Son as ,oy:"I went corti nts when a rck fall killed a nun
0 every city waross the nation--and o men. Scientists now think
S- w with th same girl" 400 fo9t abandoned cavern has
*A BRACH -(UP)-.Rudy or' studios are conaldering the The over-coffee between one- come the site of the largest
Valise, the crooner who hit pay. picture. night stands romance paid aff fr colony l the eastern Un
diht in the 1930's as America's fa- Vallee will not play himself ino Jacke and Ro became i auband States.
voite malq v a, has goe the the picture, but will record the and wife at the University of Six varieties of bate are hk
way. of nAl l N m favorites. 4muic from his many famous Chicage chapel a hW; jdoies to exist in this country, and
Sook -n his life t in it final, writ-5ngL. He has selected o Jamesyears aego. nF si have b
ingst and pins for a motionDean, who achieved stardom this The tw put together a te leave, located In Leth w
picture bed on his life are beingywear in "East of Eden," t play sve jazz vocal duet6 with auband State Park. Scientists say it is
considered. a part. Roy doubling on pano, and only known coly in NorthA
The "Vagabond Lover." who Vallee, who says he is not an thve been on t go ever since lea wh alla varieties
com-pleted a sucelu lweel's ri old man," has been drawing rave The couple han a 3-year-old rl, found. More than 4.000 of
S apl h i mi achhoelbsaid notices during his Miami engage- "Nield", who is a "regular ittle b edmam are n.
raphy, "isKu, The Yo T he picks up. the high spots of
It will be published next spring our numbers," says Jackie, "and Because of this npreceder
b Henry olt, and Ca., of Now.oes around the house singing abundance and variety, a stud
YorIk u them all day". he cave is planned under the
Newlylscovered- by the. tee.n-1 The family is kept together reaction of Dr..William N. Fen
age st, Valleo left the Miami .the road something which all assistant commissioner of
area for a series of club dates rfchmi three are thankful for. New York State Museum in
around the nation. He'f appear in This is done on short Jaunts be- baky. enton Is especially i-
rtie Man., and he said he tween dates with the help of a ested in the bats' mysterious
the Midwes't, la ew Orleans, as Of.eqqipped with mattresses for the Preliminary a t u d y hasb
well as a return date here this CICAGO A lumber two girls. On longer hauls, how. made by dw would, a Cor
fall, a thheight of the tourist p s t the h ever uch as the Hawaii stint graduate student, in preparing
epsea_ rt s.nape tifuerle shouldbe they' eomnpleteut recentiv. different master's thesis on the bat colt
"As soon as the book is pub- nIfu supply of timber 50 arrangements are made. Last year Gould banded 1,O00
shed the grayinbookg Vallee said, e rsfro now,ut thewoods They rent an apartment in eachand received reports fr Can
"I expect the motion picture on city have a piano brought in andand several Southern states.
my life to begin filming." J. Carr, president of the For.
ford the motion ...._ncd eat Prodcts Research Society, l
or themetion pturen have not to make them f are-resi tant. "
m bnmade buthat 20t C Can-rr, who als o is a committee o!
Et-Fox and Metro Goldwy ay- chairman of the Western Pine A.
sociation, qso said that n 2005 e

ar, MprBrp, Asssid=t30-DAY TRIAiL OFrER!
Another improvement reca
oad. -- Te Tin a magazine b article (Poputr sl .. i m IUE
L1e with e much feared Cho- Mechanics MagaZine) is colored o famous NORGE W ASHER
g.o ,..d. i ,-- T a T ..he wood. In 50 years, bhoe said the o -f -.f-. ... .
Paesi--i-p"ri- b u .twodof entire tree wil e am ous N W A HE
"Wam.t theb C &oF i CS 2'I ofrutioq. Complete Satisfaction or MoBey
which was pa"d '--vrcult will enable helicopters to pick up Back Guarantee!I
ri wa placed in Circulaion. entire trees from the forests and
during the past week by the Ca- l
m e h week by the C. tab them to sawmills. There the
Host, "o has traveled! dfro mte sawyer of 2005 will study the out- -
my "firsts" in scientific researhm the inside by X-ray and cut the
tells of making a tape. rerodi tree into lumber with powerful'!
o a gs t- iler-et mo Xm superheated rays. No sawdust,
tive Cuna Indians, f invading either.
Choice Indian ,territory despite
warnings of thitir hosty and Timber Wolves, Tr -.aUeAutfsaticCnzlsiv
finding them friendly and hofi Time-Ine Automatic Contol; got
coro ) a nmbat a Ju gI s- styleNear Extinction, am I -ifm super p-mnyo. c
houswarming. The bo also in- D ,L.LComei s itdemom t-ats.dl
eludes 16. pages of photograp sOOM m C hig man
and their authors announced by LANSAING, Mich. (UP) -
the library this week follows: .Although Michigan is known a
Non-fiedtin--Human --bociety in the nation's automobile "capital," mt a
Ethics and Politics, Russell; Truth state conservation officials point
Is One, Forman; Civilization and orut that from 40 to 100o timber
For lgn Policy, Hale; The Great wolves still roam Its wild upper
Crash, Galbraith; The Assassins, peninsula.
Donovan; Out American Weather, Conservationists said they ex-
mble: Makig your Model Rail- pect the wolf soon will become ex-
road, Hert;; The VA, Cla p; tiet in Michigan but they pointed
What the World Showed Me, Host; out the animals have continued to
Humboldt, De Terra; The Roose- pla fareralthouh ao awf
welt Leadership, Robinson. bounty has been in existence since
Fiction The RI~ot Song, 1837.
Chn; Captuin,~ uil Chidsey; Wildlife eOperts said the Hteon .
BThe el Black Hearse, Frey- Mountain area of northern Bar- (DISTRIBUIDORA ELECTRICA, S. A.)
er- The Accident, Masters, T h e ags and Marquette Counties is the
B Arde of-the Inisfalen,1a W ity; home of the largest colony of No. 72 Peru Ave. Teale. 3.4518 3. 4S17
The Raiders Wilson. Michigan wolves, with several
other large packs in adjacent area
Ua ---. da-. -A A--


CHICAGO (UP) Motorists
wil have leo trouble In the future
while searehinsg for Uamilar
ets, according to a redt of
the Nate S tfi.
Reflwetoied street sigm ar-
used Ja, merou cities so mo-
torists can find a particular street
St. Ptul, Mnq. converted to tdo
OWastreet s s as a added
8tY .tor and r eonveniesn.
St. haulj C7mfiino-r Frank
tardtof I awapmy u the
Isk c-madts safely for'efta-
romist .*26i become -
f--M- 2*^ M^ '**1^^ *-T

p. ... .I -


;* .,<-!'



- :-

SAMUEL SPARKS, who retired recently after having spent
moat of the past 41 years during as a gankwayman on the Cria-
t6bal piers, Is shown receiving a letter at. commendation for his
many years of service from A. N. Beek, acting director of the
Transportation and Terminals.Bure4u. In the letter he was given
special credit for having tilled .one of the most hazardous Jobs oni
the piers with only one and one half days off because of a
minor Injury. :
'A native Jamaican, Sparks ease to the Isthmus in 1914 and
started working rigl;.t away for the Receiving and Forwarding
Agency, now the Terminals DIVision. His single injury during all
his years of service occurred-with a skid dropped on his toe and
he was forced to take a day and a half off to recover.
Present at the ceremony dere Wa!lace F. Ruison, safety rep-
resentative of the Traraportation and T6rmlnals Bureau (center),
and E. B. O'Brien, acting superintendent of the Termials Division.

National Distillers, S.A.


By order of the Board of Directors, the
Stockholders of NATIONAL DISTIL-
LERS, S. A. are hereby notified that a
special stockholders' meeting will be
held at the main offices of the com-.
pany, located in Avenida Bolivar, Pa-
nama City, on the 22nd day of Septem-
ber, 1955, at 4:00 p.m. for the follow.
Ing purposes:
S To amend the articles of incor-
poration and by-laws of the
Panama, September 8, 1955.


1h 1 .'th y "e'en 'u- tW'
In and GeraRA R(t-, are
Itr e6 an oa- tLernational
there will.-ba-flreworkas, band JA "
Joey," w ahich trt next Thrad t
through Unita.Artestd releasp.- The io.t
side of the law; RobtiMon Ua the.
Canadian Mounted Police Plain
ib trying g to track down a intet
asl hired by the ring
S scent st... .. d,

Perpetudi time!

on yourihands
Being self-windlag sis Indladw Oa
Penpenal wll go fr wever; d i
cldam the added hadywspmi eha b
winding wateh ismore sacrass td
hmn.wound wche. d p
tecftd agaumt dirt, humidity ad
powder, by the wamwpque Ow.
case-wwy, it Is a tre 'sMtsdedl.


"6 CNT AV- 1 "AA-
'- ---.. ---.. -. ..,?;.. /:



oLuisa cpagnoi





,We are giving up the Phtileo Line and are

liquidating our entire line of Household-

Electrical Appliances



We are also putting on SALE ALMOST ALL OUR VAETYR Y

of Merchandise at prices almost AT COST

9fenty of 9 flackadin Maw riclA/


Our prices are so unbelievably low


There's not enough merchandise to lost long enough for '.nr ";b'

Join the RUSH and come immediately! .


38 Automobile Rowa

. ",- .- ,.- a-- ;-' .
r -- = r -
.-\o o. .. .. .! .. .. I.... \tl *. i


(-t%. -*

."-- i- _=

-. 'p



OnpluqAk jrseat


l. .2-..

Li ',..2

-- W V. -A

. < .ADe*

i- jI --

ks.* "r
:? *^ f

mu d


~_I_ ~____ ~___ ~~___ __ ___

*v .. "


. I*




* ~

A ta n 's, ." "'- -

-. .---.. a.. .-. '-, ""




lo aeF remlan esm





4 (NrA) -The book" cadt
ato a en.ment is I who is int
d.thew 's foremost "Infast Crt
6ebeir obt think of can5 ive+
1 as bp strong, MaS .tha t.. ''.
kj" who N't fool a "PareWt ry c -
W. like ba,. velop and e good judg-
t'yoapre, l if.. He has meat and ,-,, yed by ev-
I ernoal "and is an ery new idfe L U mes along,"
I wee she emph
the' Oee he has 1But maph reita have tended
d on, n u number of to to gto t qxne and follow ad
p an Ua illy'sucklog vice too l; rldl, ihe says. For
bombs Withoqt parental In-in. stanae, mg te period *om
m ee. For the booklet that roighly W to 19.I plyi ns
jayed at the top of the fed- stressed t babies sBIe u foed
Government's -best seller list only at regular intervals. This I
ears deals with. the care of was known 'a the "Era of the
l. and such problems as Rigid Sched e."
, sucking. As a result, nuemeroup well-
' highly popular publica- meaning movers let hungry ba-
called Infailt Care," tells bles wabll. .bthe clck ld
k how to do everything it was not um e to eat. A ,OTr-
giving the baby a sponge tain food had to be taken, and as
to changing diapers. It's also Infant Care's editor describes It,,
reading for helpful'and inter. "Mothers felt they had to.get veg-
fathers. tables into the chilu come hell or i
Ie the booklet wa first Is- high water.".
by'the Children's Bureau in But in the 1O9Wa the pendulum
itihas been sold to over swung from rigid scheduled to
iillon persons. Last year more lenient ways of handling
Elmately 387,000 copies the baby. Psychologists dieorer-
*bought. ed that thUe emotional life of the
F the tenth edition of "infant Uhild was important.
S j ust, off the government "It was realized" says Marion
TMhis veralophad been Faeegre "M 0 V I.&Pf
I p todatead also Slight just a Ittle anm eo fd W and
s.e 'ls PrIce has bee put back in bed."
da nikel It now sells for During the 100M' however the
st. ... penP umn been t .swing with, a
ce the firrt, edition, thi vengeace, s e ex*l This
aet, and care of habies .atV s ed in .M e ariod prmi. I
led. as dasticaly aa 01. sivensTs. 54 Ideas Oflaxityto-
U mood of the Infants wards the baby wore interpreted
eM. A the advice given to mean letting children do any-
S B ns has often thing ahey le A I of moti-
aI ert W &era ta e de
. ... a t It ou fo .. .
1. wmtploe, are o urret In the
r told to discourage their ba- care of babies? And what is the
rom thumb sucking. But the best course for arepts to take?
two lu "a very Tk ,
.. d w .eo gPatent 6114
e afrow the niouth. B
w. ijo t follow ba-i '*' ,

- -h',.

samu type or uaougnuu shopping
as choosing a basin costume for
But often the iomemaler who
knows exactly, whi h fis 4
at s flatter her *gUrtr "and CT
oring finds herself in a lather of
indecision whe front v0
dnipry fubrk .
That I'm not the only one to
who- this applies was confirmed
in a recent interview with Mar-
tha Beha, stylist for a large tex-
tile firm (Wavorly). In her fre-
quent lecture trips around the
country, she says one of the

questions hat pops up most often
relate; to window treatments a .
No single set of "rules" cea o ila'ho hast bee I
cover a lwindow problems, but I S- upW .
she did come up with pome sea-Raf "Pr
aible sumggeso lthat may help eY ALICIA tH T h burn tons of carbon paper it
ye andme '- to keep information IDeer,..
you and me. c .. h)r Sicehy
Try to edp the-scale of the at- WASHm NGTON (NLEA c ncen ther d. s-
tern in harmony with the length of tic to all secretaries who b al year-ol gidlvil i k. 1It,
drapes and amount of fabric to be ae bon paper, espeiattly when it's N.C., RMisS y i a aI a
used. put on backwards: been ong m t ieve a ve t 11
Don't pick large scaled de- Your days of misery and rety- spins.
aigns for short draperies. If a ng .may sooi n be over. For a Isa- tthat tmie-her age Is a so
large among of fabric is to be dy inventor with a winkd in hertret'-'shk beamed u an auth-
used in one room, select a pat peye and a striking resemblance matic haL-tipper for WA3A c
tern that is not too bold or dra. o ae West as, devised a 4 Ad- Were occupied with oter airs
matic in coloring. "eoratve. ew l ' d lVan4 get whichh does away with carbon whtn they greeted a weian.
Generally, Miss Beha advises toieUaU-eetle f l S ea le rn ar, i dnil WaverlnabI parper.. .;I'elE T say sq has 80 t in-
Identical or quite similar window .B--,- P .She's-is M Be me .u. iLod t c. caxr u aw
treatments in lving-dining areas. .. ry who has bden abl Ite wejis t e mIta in.
f there are an excessive .vwn-- asements and heavier Upholstery When ad'e as .traverse, unlineH"&1k oft a. printed sheer and world's foremost woman Inven. ew .s a ent a.bne,
ber of windows, a patterned or slipcovers. draperies they offer lightness rain tinted i mg insta lled on tor." Wearing a giata c obIk am nach mea w o ,it te
drapery might be used in the The picture window has feeling, somi control of day- separate traverse rods to allow a hat over blond haL. aqd an out- to o convertible umbrelU Tr gals
giving room and a plain drapery brought with it the problem of light and, usually, adequate 'prl variety of effects. of-fashion dress reaching heiarly Who want cloth covers to. match
an one of the colors selected from adequate control of vie, light vacy. toher ankles, she ame here different garments.
ie pattern in the dining room. and privacy.. Incidtally, Miss points, from New York to IU her car- Then there is the life liketoy
..Use only one pattern or design ..* e,lopm 'of p alat ed and Lined drapesmay be desirable the large yketchy print bon-eliminator. cow that gives real milk. '-.I-'s
per room if you're not too .sure plain casements in all t:... I of and tinted Umgs offer interestl4s*pbrtb &rly" well .. & a for The typoewriter auttapbmant will called Milky. M,",4 0uhM.,.3.
af your judgment. Many new fab- fabrics 'seems to provide e -best from the exterior as well as tle picture window drapb cause go on sak witin t month and Henry. "Many oqys. ano-dir.lilin
rics are correlated in patterns. in all-arounid solution to curtaining, intior. it I s .aqther overpowering nor retails for $90.50, according to Its itne city never have a thenMae to
different weights for use as sheer says Miss Beha. One of tho newer treatments I monotonous. ma.ufacturer.I see a real cow, and they thaln
..... "I invented it because I was .that milk comes only 'from' bot-
a ngry," she chortled with a coy ties. Way whamn the prealdW-nt '-
f-il/ r i/I|.t I .o w! ~ ii w it. rbe .U I If '," ....ylook. one'ofp'the,' uhy M eb A9lt1
nn "OnedayeI *aX.t ki & bag I cos + I ps ooet. aV., .tl oyrait-
e llT 10 5 A to S00letter with. acarbaoc a, d cr br I made, ,ae h didn't say
m snear the end I diseover I was a thin g. He j ust -walked out': with
Is there a new ro mace-' with- and accurate, peai l- ag S ei a turned the wrong way. it a der his arm."
race picture history of the Mae rthe pencilled outline about h Cte papewh es OutaOf the In at i 0h i t-d.,t led h
bride and groom in a sentimental a Sm tw w cn ,4e aa r lhan td it fe on Aim n the trakm. haiesr .B-;sU4ee
od1tag04 tr other iis home .t 1?.e ,mat 'kniS, desk. Right then, I was determin- any of t aul:dns a.whw_.e1
TIt'sa'er jec"t. t calls for the r n.a te fi holder to'as ee ed never to use carbon paper a- ato ,. ne.
csbdra on it e mother of through paper and board to makegain. iork factory where her. vo nvep.
*a bride and the mother of the te "wldosx" for the' cturns. W .n did she figure out a sub- Lions are dev lped.
groom, who are usually custo- Tape ,pictures securely the sttuteI.....- -Wh- Iupratiehfw idi.
dims of the family portrait I ba' k. "y the time I got upt fr om H fa sh mdosn'twa aa
Pictures of the ha cou under the desk it. was invested," a, - +,fda ,N I jy 'Apnt.go'p .. to cover the, Miss Henry exclaimedopaw .ly Sh1 a. i ke Iri p ipe .d`e-
a tee + froWed montage wit glass, give' fMis i how most of her Ideas hair s, ribbon and abit of ad-
"n enthe po traits a squirt of clear come about-in a flash. hesive tape and deftly make a
lor-a 'Iw .t's on# that plat sp ray to protect them Or in the wink of an eye. For rough model.
hak morc a i lang n a random rom dust before taping to mat although this lady is an inventor 'nelan she ta es the Ida to
ooneimid n potos. / I board. and expert mechanic, she hasn't Nicholas who is a
Sb-e lworked I The frame can be simple ple- forgotten for a moment how to be rofassional invention'. developer.
In but as a 1 t,-m meldAing-, natural or d, feminine and charming. And she The two oat- them have ,bean
twaiy a friend or oes, or an old fashioned loves to winkin a.frienaly way aft- working more or less as o ,.tea
ON.fe aup aet fume if it's not too dark or hbea- 'er a funny remark; for 15 year#.
a vily carved. Miss Henry's carbon-eliminator I.'ts astoun .to see the im-
(tPtt) is is a swinging arm like gadge plicit workings of her mind,)' he
delrdeabout ge you that locks into place verthedelares. "One -dayshe saw a
t it and how fo pictures / /type.'vriter ar r I a g e. Basically doll that said mama when you
S -' ..I- /I wnat it ddes is add two more rib-,iAte Ot. Et she was hbotred
pi.. .... -. bons between which extra sheets because you had to up a
sth1 of paper are 'threaded. ga and then down for another
Bt u a--ttea According to those who are W .at Sma. S.we.wmt to w. ,and
d ingO',penc"'. nc sponsoring the invention, it would son w. had a doll that. crie m.
t.In p t tu pI i1 *, -save the U.S. govenmiameit .I00 u n. .e way down. ad ppa
be,,f.b-- F' t e -- tk i nd v. for the P'ntag.n'imst on the way up."
.tAh"e l For those who take Wise and .
a the' "b.yrbJahaebride basesatiaga g" .22 0 0aM 15

St ample s T r to cieek the seeme f a .a -, dresfg table and generally A
S.nd "va r y the .wne latAbs pocketbook .f these ._. In a day of quieh. fto dke.i.
for.the center of the board, apdpallled dy a emu 0 t l1ners,rapidtransitang
oyf a tlwallpatr strips with rubber co- u t I_. I- .II nempiasds anburryaa
iu amentd rushed on back 'of papes 'a' a tiv id. 'A'1 in d- eye If tyou live in an aparte t or advocates dawdpl.g isbe' t
(a" until tacky. Then stick ;he two 113igitofreds Baby getp some stair climbhg i of uty, this colmnwisgag to
for0 together. Make sure center sealas e'ams. ecor l aRob practice whet 'hb'S ready. A cou- Atp O f'ran.s V-f'a ita
S ,for stral ht. Smooth down with 4 M PIOSesot frtdor. or; ;_--d
S- -Wt o tht n r Iaure does .adae taall- doh

w n -


M- .F ..

i t -hoe or GATNdMA'kd *
-, .. 4 Fso ulaf Marfkt d r
IM toa .r A shower forSpaMd m ,atf im


V. Is a young acqu
She 3 m e ac
!ome t L "1
driver's license!" she
"It'r just come. I'm
] to the dlstist'lo
'ty'n Sat SOB
I could drive ye
earefll so you donat
alre. Oh. please--
VeI. youheve-to g
5oftmy at dodti"
I thought of 'Ce;
later, joh V. and
in their ecr, -
A' aost at em, i.

evo fbay t
f lfi

[Dress Up a little suit? Well.C
VTwwill be fun in a few yemrs.
'- r '" something imaginative with
*,--- q ,. scarf? Can hardly wait, A dh
L WC"E lst the car. I want to get out." idea with a oonverUtile hat?
ArM'getting out, added, "You were fall, maybe.
ualatance of right to resist my intereferenuce
with your driving. I am right ti Right now the problem for
SrMtly toIn resist therudeness with which you n teenera is brace. What mO
' got my did it. So Pm taking the bus to I aan means m .oful of
s announced the dentist's.' t. aing metal is attached to
driving mum- I'm pretty sure that instead of ny.
San hou r. leaving resentment behind her, I o "
Where to go V.'s mother would, have left' FirAt of aL 're not as I
W? I'm very thoughtfulness and repentance be- .P cuous to l as they are
iave to be hind her. wear. jthdas you go am W e
kink of some A child's Impudence is always "ompensatig by g..jaael a
Saft I eave a direct challenge to parents' hon- t2wd with Immense honawlas
it lesty. It calls for two straightfor- they become a not very amoes
and an hour ward declarations: the admission part of yeO.
her mother that he has offended us; thei
proposal that we have offended, Secondly be. leud U yo
hey became aad your future s au I
quw the best Nobody enjoys assault by chU. dreni hb Aot Skwji.ctw5
*oaer lsist dren's impudence. This is a rea- your mouthl o e. e e ,
. t .womild sonable position we don't have to family wantts
; V delar- defend by anger. because, anger keep the M
it d faster. Patu our ears to the vital me ask mthe a
in A* ge the impudence is delivering. 8 J tobY u1w 1 M t
A,. = .AlWays thi.s message is. "I do vance. .- ..,,
.: Ui a- trust your justice and good will."
iaj ilWr. ANger a- himadence is futile la I-n L hu s

&I n dMtaP o fun andm for a ughrib what w have a.t. L.a
rla harsh or me waring for o sure has come to. mean a '. pll
big. wmell dash fer a obby, the weies
.... No need to be so verr carefUl Or he bowle 1aft.- Ther iU
-tiff is IP'SE5when first bthg yar ewBa. r-- t w 1 1
S .by. II he doesn't get a few splash-, of leisure, too.
slay grow up to very sky ot s
W1 water or shower -,pot joy' catching 4V
to those 't car ewrtinig o. wisnk T." do d
n- ... *.Me wa, weta vinus, b
:.. +, .. ,__ Whe n pinig the diaper o r aM t s good for us. DitI
line, ven., wna way, brand-new Baby,. lap te back IS not cateing up on
I M cadIn fi OvAam the frMt bWfore pign a* .-
d:_ ChE tbueu hla w rather than the reve -
J Als aMwr *M. am ,T o i his aier to get at w i a., a.. ..
h'onhisbaekWalso a homemaker's day that be
.. ... w l wasted. If there are.
SY, w ay na.i time is lh.est
Bro evc three t lay be quiet for th de al
bor evet uee. w but pretty som a a ib
anything worth while to an.Se. i t
"re as tzTee'th kee bow "t
Sbrighter. m dawdle, au teo well. o0e a
bri' lter comes off t there anGi
Oh w t had to happena.u w t I
here are now Dry Or ,i t
eerp, ias ddn to I the
eam with asinuals, (&Oaf o oe can a rt
yeauus. on can

Wrt s*.annm mui .._ aa

~, I C

- ? *.

.p -
Mftr~ie lc;i~iftitei

-* ,4 '. .*. -
T' s

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I ~*

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:.; ~,''



b- -- 'W



me... up'

r^ .





-4. *

"f w


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**' :; 1 I *' '

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, amodeMs batdo
i ai-do, one .f aev
, wwves sad other

Umi wnm we !Tl9w4 -

_ ". .1 ,.,, -, i

low. mader.
Mra. Gem 0. Parlier ad Mrst. .. -

or M r Parker 2-U4 for resvArckitd, 1Suggests owig Grass

SA meetlg a the Fr. Burns' Memo, LOUISVILLE, Ky. (E P) -~Two -tiajor department stores ;al.
M..Lal Center at the St. Jah's Grass groaying hi the streets is 4 ready have connecting passage.
..... 'Ch on Thursday cta at sybo of econoitaW a, buta ways with large parking garages
i prpoa $: p.m. oposal tdj* ,n only grass oil Third. Alleys at the rear of the
ada e socil ath wl be$ rt -trees = an flwe where u* Fo u r t Street business house
f ,bingo party. iatesof thi ville's m main e arty O would be expanded to handle de-
bqeJoseptas. O.rdweloolu runs Is dra a t r eal dofliveries.
-I interest froAt i ,c P's planners
wunit AN&AMCo wd Gro uand merchants. Hammerschlag, a German born
'i 4 =30 Tp. T rn ".i^ isele u.1 'i lh tem, citizen of this db U try, has other
The Arts and irafts gri of th staet ees alte e t 'bIoc. 1oidea or the city, but this Is the
har Balboa Women's Club = mt of t re are te bg key to the plan-make the city'S
t morratI m.m., ,..,at ho itstme.d to of the bi r'.ain. bus ness street a park I -
ad ri.' lami W hus t hotels, t io in which only a few emergency ve.
t3 Sa r. = the bellt shops. and m ilead-I hicles are allowed.
d. t lh16'.1i fioubl N How do the merchants react
1,1?."61.- ih c a a aj6r hea4- to this? With cautious interest.
lui IIA 'a .t. M-Rabe;l rI ;ll .al 'uvi iiead One of them remarked, "It mendq
S3 projct o .F. '- aas been b an ed. It h Is t w4id so ood I'm afraid to be for it." r ferin o .t
audn en & l0sumeTy of i To 4 1i 1ened from time to tinl efforts Oers note that the plap has a ref errin to thi
SwsrNygrk cstay, tffij~nic at. 1% Cknd'Zoae College Vlu to alleviate,tbe eondfi but'this.und basis but Would be
[m1ad otituies ef coillitool c t, will hold a buuinesas meing2 has always rved only a.tmpo-.expensiveand take a longf tinme :o1 S toltfl!tsJ. oa.'
0q A : i rgi Mrs, Eigte r uAo dren, of Juvl dll unt and tea on tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. at rary relief, ai ow the Siewa achieve.Others are just plain age c ,
techniques fek, peasuring the the U.S.O.4.WB. Armad Forces have narrow as a. re against it. Icreati ely to
t with the Aimuy dCe, f., aw a s fnse til the prob- Center wld g th.e s tre tha t t ria leo'-whicl'
lem ofl ea e epreudc. r even pedestrian traftIc s a p orob' All of them, however, concede the tale, left t
sUte ih the General Aceut Offle in Next all, the enter will con* All ele women are ivtid. lem at peuk ers, that something drastic may have Barbara Thrift,I
duct an aight-week Institute on Mrs. iild ey d her Now a a a Yale. t. be done to check the ennstant self-developme
Sfor early"ority. grl. i the United committee j be hoi stse for ,33-year. Diet.W ammethl, flow of the city's trade from ,the po..lf figu.i
---- States" beanlng Ot 3. Speakers the tea. in his m asters thesis for a degree downtown aret- to subur-ban shlop--. 0I ,S faor.I
willincude national oritles on in architecture, hes,comewh ping enters.
I *T sP ris lrker, Rose Ca- minority problema St. Mary's a a bold plan to Imnprove Fourth le V sr Edith E ppe y Maude F CentoSatl St. Mary's Rosa*t Altar SitY Isteadf t bro gfare, -the

Khef Mr. a esli GioriaBrown, Zli- the M M m Novt I Nov ar twud al-
.o Uy, gt h Wonety Bright, V#.d 01 4 e ction f lowetnJim
rrNdIr Id, g ala R ny, ,k d 1 4i o its e re-- T he isale 'of A L E -i i T O -Sr mt heveT A n t theA w holeB 'arTI w o uld T
.b re .1e sla sss taee for Electionof the new officers for wa wt h attractive flower .ds 1? u s .
i _a 5,. whiV both I :. and Three Atlanti,., cFerSWhen a man and two women the comin ear l ae pla aia teed.. t, d
9 Jag ye heative t certain AtLusehe, eredhis'stre a nd'ascd for at 4this M a Fifths 'treet:,both
*t. Mary'soor m or d AntCaris -AA Sm se Brook' lo I t l
th 7. Ia tb t Uthe -Lllhaee, fllowaed hbyiWge, bHISrnt hets m- 'n back.tetlr dtol t a Iit le o .M Id totst es
I cluat the itu- rinata gaes Was tentdersedm them. The man staed at the edoor in d t t
wit to atit hcipate. Friday at Brazos Brook Country way of the -workroom :watching Rosarians. and ay thee .. ot oud, pI ... .
Stlo atted should club o e a trio Atlanti ders .thm, te. wo .ayed in the este4 in jola eda thisgroup. Nt inr t les.od til
.i A. w.._at Navy Mrs. Mabel. TrynersMrs. Betty front of the sltowi.
3, or "S. or N.. F "as1 3- tean mud Mrs. N. Hutch lnsron t h a the sale fbrr
UK or S-illA. oei t joint -hesteasds for the large which -MeCrone received two Ca-
lw jpaya. werehavifif"itidxtanddelightful affair. nadihs a5-cent00 pieces 4 "'eop.ed
I herer is unlokeds sfeN to find $S1 In frs. fit, Frankel,
Thdses invited included the Meg- i'MU gad $175 in checks missingS

tir ,arranging OieEurnBth Lewis, Maxine SLUEFISH NAUL Mr. Mr. Jack G.oldstein U
a rTower, at Logan, Betty McGilberry, Doro. ITTY HAW,,N. C. (dUP) -
aM Fr ky, for thy- Meeba, Vicky Ranier, Tony In one day, ao. ls
J win. ra tamately two ton of at th

I' Idsre to ai-.alil n WIt ls ea t eAerie a pound e c for their kindereO h sfAh d flower
Trttiom w prv Addion, marie Wall, Ruth offeringso rceived In their
to em 0e tower. Hum phroys, a .Peterson, Em-
ma mro bo Mason- AnpJo-h to o nCol6n, r 11 55
A2 the cad at" thi trip, a' ceal Louise Sgras Wilder, Aurarl .
dr wiill ~be haGrvedm t Gov-Mse vClayton, Alice Diets and El-iLI
Na esld bv dby 'Wings To Its I "
Am'Vl. albi Loer sI, I
,,g+ i The YMCA-of, Balboa w illpr- rW AU
a.' U W of Brazos Pan-AmericanI___ ____
hs sor maW ingsatot SCHOOL OF DANCING

o aSyopm. t During the summer, Mrs. Walte attended the ee
their 'series of round the world, 'AlMties aof T.e _ft oMstUNG s of neh..rdists
.o aj 0 m .oIe r +f -" ;.HL O. eA 0, JtePe r s o n ,h tsn .f.C o lu m b u s
ae Goln U -a t courtesy of /t'dlr. .eted ,ght -, Cl., b..
ile Women's .VIi plc a teU to theseDiP"d ,(ne s
i or a i..Mldst iinrnchedn. to O IN FORMATION PHONE 2-231,
"W-ere pr..."O.eM-
"ded ..1I heAtTlea
.0.e., A M on the ,rbrmal t-togeth-.'
WW mb U er out.a n the ft to li-
M-.. phy ma.the i ne~r vactation i was Come 'n Get It!. B
.- ,+ + .- ;..,..__..n GetIf..+.. .,.,_ ,,_,:,
i-i'.. /aiesof oun thewor, [l~lllF M Cof M tisma ~im .m.+_- .-7,-
exbtt m"I[amlv lllA~ II Il, Iul~m

DEPAM, istI M '
well as a defti _.Hght
e me-ldupi dfia ide urlof.
:oiel Ei PaiAmai,:i rt 4of;.
enhance gooal p. to and toti
i includes t Ab -taws, qW.
o right, ini' lf th h 'mat
8andra B3Urffu Jo Ann trrl).
n otplan' d tW ersMO nla
re rathOT t*M amllapel altme. _i5n
bouseWii business women awd te~etBtd

'I.. .r" -iwiymeo a "..... 8.?1

Ii .-..- -. "


.b -.-_ -.-
.'.'**. '- .
S. r... .
,.,l r ... .. +. '-,
S. _. -
11'**. *'4-->


.S .

sU wadw.

at our

And what a wonderful combination you get fr only $3.261
Choice of *complimentary cocktail anin dllns ._u,
mail r by Asc ama at the organ and straament by
"1ri@ the Oreat," balloon mM and magiciwa.

dancing the "LEWOOT." as Iatroduced L'
Fred AsUtire and Lalse "'aon In "Daddy
Longlg." and the "Cha-Chxa-fa"

.AI 00X Our King of the oar"
M o -tfrmi 10 Mn. to2a.BL In. the mbOa Da
tTuesday Wedeasday and Thwuda.
*Ayo r lethdjrAtndlei
iMano In -

; .*-^ ^^


Why is Revlon's "Touch-
and.Glow'! liquid make-up
changing the make-up habitss
of millions? Because; it's
more than a make-up... it's a
seientificaUy -bleaded beauty
formula to soften, smooth,
actually protect your skin.
The secret is Revlop'aj d.
for-your-skin Lanolite, won.
drous new anmollient developed
exclusively by Revlon chem
iss ... and found is ao oater

Beauty experts describe
"Touch -and -Glow's': ete
.case a
cease 3Tou5h-&andGlow-a

gives your skin the tender
glow of color, the- al-but-
fawless textuei your skin
takes on by candle low.
Never.i*sAy. pea renasy,
never drying ... "Toud-lMbd-
Glow" liquid make-up give
your skit aiwUmi Iy flies

Choose Pce -vKd'fabutous
.cmpibKiaR-selboe or a
* '.* 1,lqN& ^rthme
wom.a f ri the O ut-o
doors, t liatrdl


"- .** .w- ..

Today, dio .'Reqad '

monizing Fa -
.. ..

- ~' '

.- I s- ow-N
+-S1M- 19.

- A

* "-.' 'A'
* ~ ~ -

.V ~-:

I. C.

A~ LA..

a .qw'


- ~-"----
-~ *-
- A...

~~jc: ~

I. -* *-
- .-- I~A

* I



'.' ..,: V 6

Y ,

. p, ..
4w ".' .

.. .. .
,, ,,r.,,, .-,..z w g t b '-.


.o:. ...,. ... .,. .
~'., mm i,. i ii
.,1k. .-




Dry lare Dr.n. Avila Jr.
1Il .uiufc i UniveritY)K M.' .
10 aged MUM.1) Me.. Na. 31A24
< sl AIcon Iew fol n d)
-. 2611l antmB*


I Phone Panama 2-055
t .....- -. ---- .

T P.hU 9.. 02-
iL- am 4- '

Af'ty Mon Tells

Bus Driver
M r O. '. Y/',fUP- Te,
the driver who's operating the bus r
dlang aknvxpert at hima
-rb low pa I
in. e quicJ ay to find;
S ( Jala V L.'.veeks. Just
a gice around at the pas'
pee ook relaxed and are
or talki 1 wilh frld,.-F
er iding fibT e ,ll.
ver," e said, "but itf pep
0 ,7le. p hm.44 mt massm M'

streeee.1U s s as me 1a tyaAv / A'f-tIa 4
60 YJ Au. .J Iw... .. .P .a. o "r A A; AA;fC "AgS

Job Amsemm A *


FOR SALEs-1952 Cedillac. 62
series. Radie and beater, w/w
tire. Cell Balboa 4442 or 3717.

FOR SALM:-1951 Ford Fordo-
matic 4-door sedan V-8, Cus-
whitewall firesV, beutitl, er-
fect condition $7 ;.1A Cd.-
ilalc 4-door sedair si x/wt
tires, Fleetwooed. good condition
$700; 1941 Packard 4-dear s-
don, a este a IWf $85. oavinij
for the.Stats. House 2104, sec-
ond floor. PhFoo 7126, Curun-
du, C.Z.
FOR SALE---1952 Oldsmobile-
98 4-door sedan. hydramatic,
redio. Best offer. Dr. Ilushaft,.
Phone Belbes 2-1255.
FOR SFALI:- te.avig Isthmus.
1949 FPta Cuom aV- w/oaer-
drive $350 or best. fer. Can be
SseR at 168 VYIHms. Son
Francisco, R.P lel. Sgt.
FOR SALUo-B1947 Codlec Sa-
daeotte. First $299 tpkes it.
154-, GavUe." tkt, Balbo.

With Zotns

(Is2tihm iu wftb family
imenbesp or friends In the
SikA ea Forces are tn-
iUt to SM te 4ide-

t, The Panams-uerlh -
Box .134. Panama. I. P. in-
formation as to servicemen'

S' t*
UM &ad


. caliber I1
it with a
la colin

' : i
.3s ^ -

I : AM i .;

Afr 2WId

>arl D. eam long'dMAH.,
|' his mltn~tr to bof Pe r(

Anm'tt di^fy
Mft<--'' ;pa &

cemmRassion as a cnap- and city authorities. All laughed
wounded twce. won when she asked whether they had
S' rvie C oss, lost a road.gradrr.
one cluster. i, Finsaliv one construction comn
J.Ae* -".* to. yisY ntheipan"y discovered its grader wai
', also serving .a a chaplain' i not in the repair bop as aqmumed
WorH W J rteand Mrs. Pearaoo was S0 richer
hooel in 2w. jra when the company paid a "park-
he is peastr Ch t Frankling fee."
.eonal Ch a ci n la thk
mity which he 3f*t is lL i.

SPan llrd flnran rie

M"XI *ug- u



dlB 1e a weef held in Kocfester
Now h6 estimates the maximnau
at aoIt five per week.

Back Benefamen
y=as ago Charles bu I t/he,
funded by sniper's bulet l e
Pacific, returned esoe from se

York city ope dt ,ea .
the retiring I Te oin M
ed. 10,30 to s L hi
, Bishoa never uaed, mArW11

-- Firemena hge eve answer the
'Seventeen firemen aboard five
trucks rolled up to St. Jai 's
Sqbeo? only to nind., "ftihteaed
dea" Germ who wanted a
r translatqd.
'he firemen &6ctWd t)at the
unab -read th ltter
. w :.;ri?.
Te =^^^R^^"** T aw^^^^ =011~p~r-
Z; me PN=M0^

(- .

~ ~ _~_ ~____~_


Houg__iion______ ALOLICS NONYMOUS DOan wmn ;i
....2011. AN K C.. ,.. ....
FOR SALE-lining roe-m table, FOR SALt'-.lak Coke m ts-. ATTENTION 0, I.1 built BOX 121., CRISTOL C.Z. ClubY labe .. Pim 2-
6 chairs $30; meal bd $15; el piupples. Registered. Odim modern faraihed omitena'. 1,
dresser $7. 0254 C mnbog. male and two femaolerlth.'., 2 bedrooiia Ietr, bdd rs't r, LAW meown speed, -D I
Phone 6-228. Ho"b, house 6211-A Les Rl Phone Pnam.. 3-4941.' paired; hoed andl N circu.l J ALC .
O SL-- l .CZ. Phone 2-1654. s round, wt. Prowl moe- r-- l '
FOR SALI:-Tables, steel din- FOR RINti' .Mede*od -ape s chn-8-I1 C 1itndiion-
SIng; buffer; china closet; chairs., FOR SAL-Weshor Vad dr- ments, furnished ,or muralbhed. ro e.j -' TI 5a VS
dining; desk; beds with springs "Wiuhuouse Tarigneg *w Maid spicp ,,end l -dit FOR i, eSALM:-
and mattresses; drewmrs; I bed ctyl, $550; one 9x12 bred. ing obtoineal. Ahembr 'A- WILL SWAP pew. Adpmtrl m- umpi Thrie. ur,f pefedt spamJo .
frame; chest of drawers; glider; loom rug, dark gren $28; Or-. partmentl, 10th Stept. Phoem frigerats3, 60o- cycle, fr well PhO Nvy 1.
studio couch; veneitin blinds; one lightweight portabei type.- 1316. Colso. known new rligeratoer, 25-cy.- R
refrigerator; misc. items. CbUll writr $35. Cristobal- 32884 1- ie. Call 6-483 G#bea. N FOR SAL*-. S. A. mangl g _endb .k
2-1560. 787-8 Balbeo, Tavern. FOR RENT; ArljiMetu. Co .- 50.e. single. good c iondi. .
iIe Street. FOR SALE:--Thorouh re be converted into effif. "QV" NEW ARRIVAUS. Rspee besaty new tires. $200. Call Cristigi -Stt1
FOR.....-.... Dechlhnmd pups. 1546-A Mne-. Street No. 27. Ask for Sr. Cot- service Genell's ag estab- 3-2415. TIm Ae.' '
FOR SALE:--Go Swrl v heo h 'rudlbee.2-4584.- dero. listed Shop. Stateside ce- ed ,
gerator $75, excegent condition. -_ .141_31......- ---'...5-- 8 heir stylists. Cese Cltbhlm. D alem. "
Coil 6-483 Gamboa. FQR SALE.-- Redle-phoaigreph FOR RENT"s-2-4I .dr m. *pe' Na 3812. -ESORTS. FO Alam- -oiSly
.. ... combination, V.M. kchn ,gr, G. i menet, dinligqu *d mosit ** ',. ----- .,."
FOR SALE: Peruvian crved, pre-amp. Knight amplifier, 12. screened. iits Fianchco. Tel- Bids will be acicpted up to seen .G IK L L BLISS' Sante Clar e t ec'a. for1 0 .
leaher topCOff toMe and 4m- inch speaker, 'in mhlny cabi. ephhne 1464 lo. September 16 for pIaiting the. GUEST HOUS verlooks ece PArSS A'$
ho gany desk. C ad f lo n* 5-463. 9! FOR 3-NQ 4-U.m uruls sed. ana *exterior of the A m erica n 1surro u unded b h ad e s lteackhan 6emfh
SS- -. FOR RENTt:-ltund, M- Club, Fort Amder. Fr spfi private shade t b rees 2- 24. "
FOR SALE:-Automatic washer,p FOR SALE: Blac k Cotker .' bedroom modern apauNrt. c nation contact Mr. A. J. F erre pmi. walk ) .as orange&le2- FO
60-cycle; chino cabinrl;.5-pc1. Spa1el puppies. A.C...agl, convenieitak. gar. 168 VI at h Americas Le.le.oig VAra e icamnmedt r 8. FOR SALE
bemboo st; steel cheat of draw- to ed. 7 weeks ld. Tqi dock. S lisario Poe. Ame tr PetcHommdat 8. r
er; 5-drawer dresserl metal bed ad. we rmaed and luauIeti,.. FOR R1NT -IPydependent md- Wanted be roubdl' u ."adinton.f le'w -_ _
w/spring; other misc. Ite"m, started. Apply: Mrs. Paul Mc. FOR RENT dnt mod- Wanted to UY bpnautingrenpig. Boat, & Motu
2050-A 3rd St. Curundu. Phone Donald 2-K Fifth Street. Cc ern department in Peru Avenue Pon, pting green. croquet, F ,,--
83-7238. Sofi. No. 81. PIhese 5-0951. WANTED TO BiUY-Omeg en- horseshoes, etc. Current res: FOR -On diesel angie
"larger. Ca .a.e, -a nft- wNavy 3112.R .ud Le complete.
FR SALE:- hny ining FOR SAL youth's Rof Seg- FOR ENT a 5:0.*0 Shrape'. furn g...e .e. .... Pedro
r finished $95. House 2426. Mar. e weser. iingdl 2, g. WANTED TO PURCNAmSt -- Thmpa.- alba 1772. _ll 4-_09 \
gan Avenue. laiboa 2-2914. ESes 5680.. 530 Lore ice a I P S Spinet piano. Call Gatue 5-378 Thormpro.,Ba ..s.1 7-
Ancon. "i aft er five o'clock. F OSTER'S COTTAGS. ne ml ""
--..---..---- ----.- FOR RENT:-. Unyrniieed cot- _____POSTER'S COTTAM
1 ,,I FOB ......... tote: 3 bedroom. maid's rm a Casino. Lr es Phone. .
R SALE:-10% discount in S 3 b1edoms8ais' :-"166.
Indians Gather ^ Uads"S ps .... U Town Makes
fip M[I"61fa Mt-Hrp,,(- FOR4RENT 4ehalet,hree PHALIPS 0-enIJ JCottm--6L4-3

L EIRIA," I Street No. 52 now del Mar.' cornerof 7tliAvenup -WII I alw beg 3-1673.
I I-42. P Phon 2-2656. ILan-I ""
Open 7 p.m. monthly. Phone 3-3005 f Kur
P Thnk Of Kusk V

For Sun Dance .US i i sBERJTON bT-U u 5 Siron Book A VIl
SI IU lI, P, I I Y YVe sian-borna Jacob tHlgtch, S, likesg,,Il f
PNm the world, but the-place does akefTo Chf, SorS
PINE RID GE, S. D Barberton short stohdm .
S flf t s D M. Lctclliee Kursk, lt- 0.u h;,;
Mt 'i!'eS s erv 2 S4me view, B- s' ""r
Inad nReser11460%gich said.e7 MAIN
brings a mixture of emoilons ~to .. As a dabbling artist, h can pert in children's lieraturi e ven fisl-
elderly tribal leaders. WASHINGTON (UP Sy I with their jobs as social workers, appreciate the beauty and similaris
Th d visiting French, wqumniagefe th lawyers, budget officer, 'and de ty of the two. r fl ooles for tahe as et" in a T el sense ofb,
The daee draws several thou. American womeq are "trep partrent store director. But they Worl filled with the easy enter.- anedan of life's aburd.
and pern s' iancludi g the Siouxied likesqueens'- and spo l o were guests in some Amer- BIagich ise janitor at the high m television. comics movies and a and d f nee
m WyMning, the Assiatlboine T es -ladies Io express hat' ~ntion.d.AJr r Weasrte Prof r. May UHill,-Arbutuot.ot ,
rn -n r'd~k" the Arikareeat the litter on American at 4 O, television, and Ameran ectural I-Nstt. Uteand almost thor of n aWReserezt oUniversity, a nl S d"Pletue h bDk 'I-
e dae nowada. s is for "sh delight at corn-on-the-cob and oth. " clothes came in. immediately fled to Vladvestok on tor of n ant logy of children'syoun est e adren should, o 1-
hnse "o Wir" w er American food, and wonder Women-a clothes came in. the east coast of Siberia to escape about boore said he was talking entim to his world, ad *oriea
e only," William ire Thun- whether "so much television for Bernadette, a lawyer and the political upheaval. Evetually he l his spirit and ve him of trn famy lifare od r
Siou leader s.ays. "It Is no American.ebhi ren is good." Bu 1ply woman judge in Strasbourg! ad toleave leounar entirely. it his spirited ve hia s e- up to a d
ger a form of worship of our the French women find it diffic tfessed develop' a "so yp .t thing to grow. oBo ,T .T 0
e.t th h rt to form an opinion Ameic t" for p-on-th b whi Bla ich's d "as an auxiliary *' tale bave finte
the eventf-l men. id, th terpreter,military policeman for the Ameri-"Some of the mass entertain- place in the nMier child's world,"
S"We u se andI re. The lllses dislikes and nd opinion "I consumed nt ey."a, cans in Pekin, Chian n147,then sment provided for children is she said. "Thl generation, esp-
,"We the rand r-tons of ... were vGced recently wh the six Miss Renee_ er, budget offn- moved on to Shanhai and to good. some is banal and somy- Lnally the blos, are in danger e
a eour father. Tes wa theraditwa of n women leaderss from F. ance met cer in the Ministry of Finance in United Nationp ilernational e- ownrght violent," she told a'_-hardening into a.t.a
o. Fahrs. This- w I reporters after a two-munth stay Paris, said when she arrived here lief Organization' camp in t c confe ce on r i. At l --eft too .soo it e&n
li tredItiUnvrpe zitit r rn f..'h U d .. ... .. a t. go in onzeee or feared a J md1 retous.oon Teyne to 1-
ahe "tra cdilt e spl 6' -. In ti.s coleuqlaer the spons was "arpreh 've about PhilippInes. He was permitted to University o Wisconsi. 'AH ofit interest in l tene H t
i .to ta c aS iIscar- re "Jian food. And said she nt the United ps and does possess the saving grace of believe that righteous ba the
a besmok th ds w s, at fst "amaz and p bee inoarlerton sce o one eye or ear anrt omA rightous. They need' t raltze
est participate ne dan pe st .zled at the mixture of sweet and He'loves America popular mur moving fast so that it can be said rightou" Thqy need;-to 'ralez
stagd to accompanment of to A wolan reporter suggested that non-sweet foods. sic, but his tongue ha# a hard Itt go i one eye or ear and come that iro time to time there stllb
s-are elderly American women are concerned But, she said she found your time with the words. So he sings out the other." ,arise olgrea among us who ntlst be
.V taout the disappearance of chival- cooki9g better all around and more them-in Russian. She recommended four tests for demolished"
Oening.cer e ie year didry in r Arer an males. She asked alatful than ours." She sa choosng the t.Of the "strong .. .
stor mludhe iI 'ea laG t fsif M, what.- they gnhf ood may be-more flat* -., he tg rjEtL
tor reco'dT (hat he Gos ,u Mrng to the taste,. but :t is noL t1 ..y....... ho b w'i -
.tory prectu beB t "oflb E litr, .veMrs. Mar- ,Mhalthful 4..$t '* 1. s : raft as JS
r olec-such memorable characters as 'Jo
WnT Knaei thei aet ege-Lba dI rze-Wurt. a department Miss Georgette Letievant, socialM iwh se, erm. ei .a-nd r s T he .-S ..ree- *I -
meem betweenInuians and Wime'Istore leto from Strasbourg. *r from Lyoe sa.i there is D'.an iNo Dlaih P hsnHeidi al them TkreStns.-H T ,ob
W m 1888, A. wUcp 2404 'ioux. "The Anmeriwan husband really '"certainly a lot". p television isn,.- EM w -i iUll n et door" e rl
tluding WVal on lad duren, jppi'hits wIoe ,.the, American Aeria "ihaeb too much for,. --" %I,1 T 44 nxdo N, ,". -, (
any tr beti- The S other nodded enthusi-" fr.. Enderle said The found1 Uinmn'I Db lstS 2. themesbout Swedish-n e '.' dd Is do-
tagogf the dance were recorded. asticll hen her reply was trans- AaAerican women "more elegantly ,miso sshe .anpe .-teu..
lated. Bflu there was a silence when d essea than I haId thought" She BAFIMNORE, Md. -(UP)- Ani. aid, there seems to be a perf. may have to up h reu-
they were asred for more comment lso ted theur cltoeare "shalale hn y n o nemi o themes and plot r one. ..
Siat the oungebt level. A rash Of,
onbmtfi te fl~d Ame^Sqfx man "ra air Ai n t'.^ aawaremos'. books-about we" Ade n ".' ..y, .4,ea'
1i lldBj atel~e d wp i a tjmeit.too muqch cyWr. dio^/'according to a Job".. HOp- a'awa s books-about wetnss, hoen worke dan s. a vre-
Sin- .it was M whoal a U1meitt acietist coldnesa, sweetness.and the "- houae foreman fo a 'lathffl
e" who, al flos.dedLe ok d .r
f-,ted uu~is'tw did m ell iaat ex. ha flooded the market. These are supp l yAm.,lu et
St me mn." ,erlt in Chic that not lterature. I call them 'so what' basmnag bUine ..
.Sam L" 5 r dm < inl kcr' to rst ry out the theme, h. ao i"eo ; de-
.s.t he? jI Dr. 4. They should have good prose vic, wfidipll ibeta-
res out p."0 -~ l. s ".pe atoro a. "t thg ref ..e. in th e medi- y l e' "tchidrno ah t. s o p pm t
Steek' ne.... : definitely ub.t a f p book, e
a.) '. e weounds.o"rq p aStyle.'- alhisdrenareno
aout.6istopoftitheinth n suC h I ea el," fighter believes, thatleb.a ll.a
1. tbes t-Wa1 th O the vL.ctim 4hi, because.. .... ...

3a6uBhn eno.y dut .tot ln ttW or e Richter advanced the theory that
ria ther~we coupled he said, dath.
0ee m3 e'e e-e

,,,'. __. ,- ,-- -l -- ", .

. ":. ** 1

' : f




-. C' ~
4, ..-~
~t4 z-...j -t

.5 p

I X *. '

oa*' "' '.- ". ..M ,i d -
A .- .: '.,?*> _, + -.^W ii., +.' +,.

.I .



~ r -~~dl~IIY ..- 1.'*I~-~

* .~...:






Grer. .-ps h a h dfadUmined RAF pilat In B urma during the last war, fi In- l.e vith
Wi t beauty who makes her motion picture debut in "The I rple
S innew Cenr leatre,. The United Artists relee was filmed In TehleeBler.

The Purple 'Plain' Gives

eck Top
uit-known, exotic areas of
India, Burma. .Ceylon and Pakis-
tan were the location sites for'the
filming, of "The Purple Plain,"
now 'sh.wng at the Central Thea-
tre through United Artists.
A Technicolor adaptation by
Eric Am e offhe be-selling no-
veli '.a ABt*e, PMdc a Wi
PlIn tar Gegory Peck as th.

. The

Role Of h
the most popular screen star in
the world today. The passage of
the years, instead of diminishing
his popularity, seems to hve a.d-
ded to it. A recent pdll of movie-
house owners across the countryI
named him overwhelmingly as
"top box-office attraction in theI
nation," and Louella Parsonias
pci med that his current perfor-I
mance should rate him an Aca-
demy Award.
Win MUi Than is a beautiful, 21.
yeir-old Burmee girl whose name
means 'Brilliant a thousand-
fold.' Win Min was' chosen for the
pltgns role of Anane in "Thn
Purple Plan". from a panel ol
I tisiands of irls in what was

. :.

is Career
Then, In Ra*go. n ce '
Mia Than, her father and her
Siamese eat appeared, and the
search was over. The ) vely Win
min spoke* En (h
had been t the e
St. John's w etw i oon
and had studiedl.4. tet Wt
years in Ii e n rl
a Burmese uovenuia .4iwc
win MIn m46 1
in her .afth = .'-

The that argtin i 11
mi a wu large n
I ,^ !^^ ii ; I '

Iuinw exation~aj |tuo

With the moat aenaust
woman in the world
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Wet 16th Street Noe. 3A20 Phono 21473

Suprio Cadillac

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Tun. JUBjug TRAIL"

DorsDAY -
"Love Me or Leave Me"
Claema.Sope Colort

Air-Condtio ed
2:30 : 20 11

A ;M- oW.- -M w.

"Men oL th. Fighafn Law

The BIge 01 f A M.6-M Muskals,

"JUPITER'S DARLN" In OCnemascope.

Opens On W isday At The

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FilM, Is ofl
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nl MffH1A*"B(

of PanamA
color wb arpted,. ". ,
Following eke e e cerpta fram rview aN. Y.
a3nterumment or i extiOalntiryins
as vivid and --prelve to tACe eye as it ise
tIng to the ear... the IRfl ra major sac -
'An antoaiihl thins happened... the ma t
the stu1.t r ml tne action of
to f the ... .a
sw-ek! rz. ; ^s


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*POT. *


DiabidMn. 3.d ,.i:
mark 3VINIM

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T'on. POWlR
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r *

Gamblihg Control Board

Minored With Annual Race

For Track's Best Horses.

Eight of the best hones now in training at Juan
Franco will match strides in the annual blue ribbon
event in honor of the "Junta de Patronato de Jue-
gos" (Gambling Control Board) this afternoon.
.* Pappa Flynn is the choice of the majority to win
the $5000 added Gambling Control Board Classic
ever a distance of one mile and five-sixteenths.

IScheduled to oppose the Stud
iqui star are Blakemere, Mon-
t Rouge, Conauerte, KadirBar-
on, Peraian Couatess and Fol.
&Two prospective favorites, the
Stub Montelimar's entry of Atys
d Trgot, were withdrawn from
race by owner Anastasio So-
ona, president of Nicaragua, be-
.Fuse of an order by the "Patro-
to" that would prohibit Aty s
leaving Panama for at least
Months in the event he finish-
in the money in today's big
1Blakemere, a prove ntop class
pmr e-r; the highly rated Ka.
and classy Persian Countess
e the most likely to upset Pappa
ynn. However, arlyon which
proves each time out rates
probably a better chance on the
*treagth of his steady improve-
Monte Rouge, a disappointment
against weaker opposition I as t
week, Fol and Counsuerte will be
the rank outsuiers in the race.
Alejandro YTaza will ride Pappa
li yn. Brother Manuel Ycaza has
'the leg up on K1d4r. Cristian Re-
lbolledo will coax Persian Count-
',q. Luis Giraldo wl boot Fol.
Hector Ruiz will handed Barlyon's
reiuns, Fortunate Hidalgo Jr. will
ibell 1 Consuerte's saddle. Bias A-
S*Cirre has been asi ogtred the
amountt on Monte Rouge a %Gui-
4lurmo Sanchez will pilot 0lke-
SThe once-beaten Kadir and Pap-
M Flynaa will tote an equal Z
':6WMd. Blakemere is topw i* td
,at ely 115 with Persian Countess
;ext in the scale at 113. The race
should be a thriller from start to
,finish with the possibility of a jul-
;ey payoff most likely.
STea other Interesting races are
, UMloded mn th program.
T..,l ftenoon former

track champion Amorlo found
conditions admirably suited to
his style and raced to an easy
victory In the featured $650
seven furlong dash for Class
"C" Imported horses.
Mutuels choice Febrero 11 got
off last when he reared slightly
at the start while the third
starter in the race, Sugarplum,
broke flying. Amorio broke sec-
ond but was soon a bad last
because of his lack of early
Febrero II recovered rapidly;
and soon was alongside the
speedy Sugarplum. From the
turn into the backstretch. Sugar-
plum and Febrero II alternated
the lead while Amorto was
slowly picking up speed on the
Amorio flashed down the fat
end of the backstretch with a
sudden rush and by the time the
horses hit the homestretch he
was already on top and quickly
held a commanding lead because
while Jockey Bia Aguirre elect-
ed to save ground on the inside,
Manuel Ycasa (Febrero II) and
lnaldo Gomei (Sugarplum)
were taking the widest possible
route Into the stretch. Amorlo
brooed to the wire a three-
l eth winner while Febrero I
o ted Sugarplum to save the
place by a neck. Amorlo return-
ed a subdtantal $5jo In the
three-honre field.
The scondary attraction was
wfn by'Rio!epfro In a&thiqsF
In which h' beat mutuel, choice
Albatross by a half-length.
Ruben "Calche" vaaquez, just
back fftm a uspenion, took
riding honors with three vic-
tories Radical, Nacho and Rio
The day'% a* longshot win-

Dodge d
Dodgers began to, make ).nA I
the World Series, their iveWf-
ed c;octors -and underworked pit-
chinb staff-finally began to
round into shape.
As things now fire, only Di'
Harold Wendler, the trainer, will
go into the Series with any so#r of
arm trouble. He is going to an*
other doctor to have hii shoulder
looked at._._ ,
ner was Tempeast, at $15.40 win
odds. ,,

The dividend! ,
First Rade
1-Marianina $6.60, $2.80, $2.40.
2-Coral $4, $2.50.
3-Oongaza $2.40.
Second Race
1-Fuerte $5.60, $2.40, $2.20.
2-Iguazu $2.40, $2.20.
3-Hurlecano $2.20.
First Double: $1.20.
Third Race
1-Radical $3.40, $2.20, $2.20.
2-Dr. Bill $2.80, $2,20.
3-Golden Fan $2.26.
One-Twoe $14.40.
Fourth Race
1-Justina (excluded from bet-
2-Panchita $4, $2.80, $2.20.
3-Muieco $6, $2.20.
4-Don Jaimi $2.20.
Quinlels; 15.40.
1-Nacho $2.80, $2.20.
2-Tingat (Excluded from bet-
3-Metto $2.20.,
1-Reflector $4. $3, 2.40.
2-American Maid $10.60, $840.
3-Matruh $8.40.
1-Dixiprincess $5.40. $2.80, $2.40
2-Lanero $$ .$2.O,
--Discovervy B.0P
1-Tempestad $15.40, $4.40.&
2-Lord Basur $2.60 ,
Quinlela: 51.. -
1-Rio Negro $5.40, $2.80, $2.20.
2-Albatross $3.20. $2.20.
3-Merrv Mason $3.
One-Two 15S.
I-Febrero .A0.
1-Hlpocrates $3, $2.20.
2-Lazy Brook $2.20.

'Tve ubsbed .o ait lmi that Thiags reached tock m ata-
my wist (Itofu? i ol aotes, gain on July 17. Yeu %
een the prl a legu see those' arrows singg t .M
so leant Manageron A dr lo
e e(rid Wait4r 60 ad course r got to use shem.. oi.
bt._ has .vero ww__oking have another pitcher who can
S 'Is- verJ s Wes-throw.' '
close, the cavalry saowa sp. "Them" turned out to be Rger

These July 4 dbublFbo der in
Philadelphia, for uexalM e. Billy
Laes, Johnny Podr Carl Ers-
kin, Karl Spooner andlunI Mey-
er were disabled -ad.a esn of
twin bills were on the .chedule.

This was the ;sal for,- Clem
Lobite, to pitch his first complete
game since 1951. Neweombe follow-
ej with another route job and
Alsto's crew had a chance to re'
organize itself.

Craig and Ddn Bessett. Only hours
out of th1e mWi ; .. l 'iet
victories u )odgef tookr.
double-header from the era.
Craig want, sill e way. Seo4t
didn require healp intUl the- a

And only a ferw eeks agd tbtgis
were again tough. The Broo1 t
three in a row to Cincinnati, drop-
ped S out of 11.' Milwaukee 'cut
five games from the lead. It look-
ed, for a fleeting moment, that It
might be a race after alL

ar, a new ch for swim-
to Ate. e n MIp
g ". -. tt t. nea rc
sichoswith miwulitas lay
school with Balboa imentary
School scheduled for September
14 g November -251, lablo
lentr School from Novem-
ber $8 to February 10 and An-
cOn and St. Mam's schools from
FOeruary 13 to May 4.
'Thi program will provide the
uplPs with 1 weeks of Intensive
Instruction in small classes ra-
ther than the large classes as in
the past. It Is xpeted that
the .e smaller class are justi-
fied because of e greater indi-
vidual attention whichh the In-
strtutors will be able to give the

To initiate the new schedule
Balboa Elementary School pu-
oils should be registered through
their school on or before sep-
tember 14. Further Information
may be obtained kt the Balboa
Swimming Pool.
Balboa Pool Swih lar Classes
School Tear IpM-19iI5
Pre-School. Tu sday and
Thursday, 9:00 a.4. to 9:45 a.m.,
Tuesday and Thursday, 1:15 p.
n. to 2:00
Kindergarten, Monday and
Wednesday. 10:00 axm. to 10:45

a.m.. Tuesday and Thursday, Pittiburgh 011100020-5 5 1
1000 anm. to 10*45 a.m.; Mon- Milwaukee 30132031x-13 15 2
a and Wednesday, 115 p.m. to Law, Kline (4),. Swanson (71
:00 p.m. and Shepard: Nichols; Crone (2)
Beginners Mnd-~ Beginners 2:. da 7 an LP-ILaw (10-9). HR-Mathews 2
Wednesday, 2:15 p.m. to 3:00 1317 and 38), Thomas (20), Ta-
u.m.; Monday and Wednesday, ncr (5).
3:15 'on. tt 4:00 a.m.: Tuesday _________
and Tbursday, 3:15. p.m. to 3:006 r -~
1P.m.: Tuesday and Thurlday, R,. r.s li
3:15 p.m. to 4:00 pam. Jua l ip
Intermediates, Monday pad Dy LI S OME
Wednesday, 4:00 p.r to 4:45 1-Mpn.o iOpaalo
5p,. 2-Jaehalln Pretite
10.ul m er, Tuboiday and 4-Golden tPik Vlineal
Thtrsday, 4:00 p.m. to 4:05 p.m. S-JuleN i
$-Mo n Beam DOl
Testing, Friday, 2:15 p.m. to --Or -,rus '/
4:00 p.m. I-ur alela XI Pasha
"af-.. F l Wms /
$w/n Team, Friday, 4:00 p.m. --febO-i PM thuvleh
to 4:45 p.m. 11-4kyt"l( (e) Ciprodad

Brooklyn ..... 93
Milwaukee ...78
INew York .... 73
Philadelphia .72
Cincinnati ...70
Chicago 6
St. LOuis .....59
Pittsburgh ...55

L Lt. GB
47 .N64 -
64 .f16
68 .j18 S 20
71 .08 220
75 .43 25,
76 .48 27
81 .2134
a8 A 98%'

Brooklyn at Cincinnati (2)
New York at Chicago
Philadelphia at Milwaukee (2)
Pittsburgh at St. Lula
(Called in 5th, rain)
Philadelphia 001 11-3 6 0
St. Louis 004 00--4 5 0
Roberta (22-12) and Semi-
nick: Poholsky (8-10) and Bur-
brink. HR-Roberts (2nd), He*
mus (4th), Mustal (28th).
(Called In 6th, rain)
Brooklyn 002 100-3 7 1
Chicago 020 010-3 7 0'
Erakine and Walker: Jeffcoat,
Hillman (5) and Chiti.
New York 001000 020-3 9 2
Cincinnati 101 000 llx-4 14 0
Gomes, Antonellt (7), Hearn
(8) and Katt: Fowler, Freeman
(8) and Burgess. WP-Freeman
(7-4). LP-Hearn (14-15). HR-
Gardner (3).





: -...a





$5000.o AED



- DISTANCE 1 and 5116 MILES

-'r~"U s;=~T~~


*' S. *.**




opatinlg both" at the





rd ni 9ft RACS




. 4th and 8th RACES"



-, 9

~ 7.

--------------- I -~~::I?;


W, -M mz

Cleveland ....97 I 4n'L
New York .... ..
Boston ....... Sd .H .
Detroit. .71 70 IE

Baltllore .. 44 4 *;

Chicago at Bostoi (2)
Kansas City #t Saltimure (3)
Detroit at Wxdhlug ( I)
Cleveland at NewYork ()
(10 Dinlog) -
Chicago 101 010 W.1- s13 1
New York 000 001W1" f-4 p
Pierce, Byrd (S), CO6suegr
(5), Papai 8), oweil ($ and
I#olar, Mosese .Batte (9);
Coleman, 8trdlyant (I), Kon.
stanty (5), OGrrt (I),acks (9),
Morgan (10) pad Berra, Uivera
8), Bauer (10). iP-Howe. l
18-3). LP--tde (g7;).:. ,
Howard (10), bhn1dy (1).
Cleveland 00 O i s1 Ii 18 1
Boston 010150 00-. 7 14 2
Garcia, Houttemam (5) Daley
(5), Agulrre (5f., Mos-
al (8) and Hogan; Bllwer; Kin.
der (5), Hurd (7), -ely (7).
Henry (9) and WIhto4 WP-A-
glairre (1,0). LP--kIna0 (5-3).
HN-ZauchIn (20), Klner (15).
Detroit '00200 Oot. 7 3
Balitntme 000O10O1OO x- 9 3
.-l aBunnin (6), FoYtadk
and Smith.. n (0-1')

Kansas city ~ i 2
Washington c0001 010--4 1 0
ra rb.--'t (5) i arr ngton
(_); = 0 () mad Mtroth;
Clarke, Steot (C Ramos (8)
And Korchek. W-Nartlngten
(3-3. LP--Rmog (4-8). Bt.
Zer W.l 2( (M and 2@).

K I'TY mW, N.C. (UP) -
A catches 43051lu eh by one man
^wfs _-^


- ,:.
_* ;' ,*





: I:

,-** *


-" -.'r. -...* < J. 'W f. ,...'- : .".* ; ,' 'r .,.' i :, ,, 'r.*.,
'* t.... y ^' .,.i i. ... /W J
S.._. ..-,

- -...- P

.'* r'rfl4~prw- '4 1
1 4
'bt.r '' 4 4 -
"4-i. I .41
I .' ~2..
44 .4. ..' I I- *. -
3. -~ tV
a ta&?b ~ 5!':*;** A.~ ~

P.' .r.,1P L

"* J# ,4 .'''. '
.r ..... o ., .

r RorflW

I4. .. .

CtnI 4AS

it'. .' -t "

COLOf*, UP. One
am'a beat fighting.
apparently overbauld
ed has been given
ht by the Colon1u a
doctor following a e fil
nation of a superficial
Jury received ia figh
Dsvey Moore.
Isldro Martinezs, in ;1
got off the canvas in
and went on to win oa
moat thrillin-conteata
the Colon Arenas.thi y
lowing the KDM. the "C
Hurricane" gave. an ou
display of courage and
ity to take .t, as he out
outboxed and lmnast
DIvey Moore from the
In the tepth, Moo.
that he tas wy 1
pctst, lashed ot s
'duced the Rufietfe 6q

1 safster iI KO v
In island': bed HO
2.1 al .rned wins a

Cle 2:20.l

6-Conitengi '^ -fI9A-.t -ostit at flhwey .3-1

5w uTw 'e Now % 0 .FLps b .OO -.Pee Cleam 2:55
1-Cbepnits. O. de' & 11ix-Not with th* A rider 10-1
2-AV..veuii .... -WiW be eloas up 31
4Bull;..a. : Oa badly in stretch 51
n- wel in last 32-
fm "ro. nJ- p .e p 3-

th R-a .ss aP7 t I-r.' *l C e t a
~ A-.* T

* UsI ,

far 2-

--Novo" 11" -- wUit I reIat
'7h tt w""iPu-uudN.@.00 !"Pooch ow

.--G rande eame i b 1 --Distane to liking
S--i rr a 1da,2 Pe I1e -P-o etin last
40 eMYspeey d
o 11S --oate god chance
6-. br 113 -FasIte t at Laway
'l- hovenoa 118 -Last was revealing
8-Tulama e koa 106 -Dangprous contender

Mt RtaFc SiI C f1 aa $275.00 Peel Closesm

1-M Fighter R. Visques 118. -Returns from layoff
A-Aaegurada U. BHurley 113 -Not aginl these
Choly A. Valdlvia 113 -Could repeat here
.--F"ego A.-YYaoa 112 -Usually stops cold
A-R Pasha F. ldalgo 118 -Fractious, unpredictable
4-Curasalefa B. Agulrre 115 -Reportedly ready
7-Don Pitin E. Orteg 107 -Must go lower
--P1l6n J. Avui 117 -Nothing to recommend

h Ram e "Gumbling C*amI Ae
Ckass" 1-5/16 Mhum-Os-TWO

t p W. hw
Sb his th4


of Pan-
Old w*
are- mom 4

head In-

dih brtet
the thUrd
lu of the
staged at
ear. 11q-

e Blualve Brown Trut prc

l. lwnn trout *tr f avorit 2
with 'fly; meusbonpr b'r. the roil
feed to a mOm. 0 am
anrtsc.. ,Rleu. o t ae
Thei'ste 'cmaderIti y a$n-. thi
er at s.*#a 'iaut l I
u to.

Tedy 0L4|..25 :

Johzpy W~lfl0U116t RA'f

I." .. ,I


ep9n the Central Pro
'nces will be closed p
Monday, Septea ifj
12, in celebraidop o
the Centennial tiE
Province of Code.



kite Fleet

- Artiyei

ttng. Capt, af hose ,short sure expla W ina Wr met
tahe, abi ri de.e wu it" Sand angel ng pr qure In
cpae1bod 3S1MC, Rt4ion platfl areas. ,
SqChuNareGren .lat ighres pd Rhe ba- of all
ir, i Aft tin h wille more heavily sbrdw ettled In
Manna a*Vd Wighe1 80 jiounde an one manse; or e tu, btut pri

_. .the y. et" Smaeverr o t i eda of brown trout,

th ft a, 2eB rw n for the -oati Tng ly.
S Pit next i-. day t tit hewas planted io n min w u-
uee streams rndiaesa of the -advebrook tro4 West,
fisth athi contenders; Andra-luet. whee It f h

-he first two rounds. But after po- d Plh are nommon
R,,f "that I tnews York d In e Mebr if m --StL

.the hninth.o erha de t ,U e grown con-
S"o the hbead, ad only n the an- oSenitlns, brown ot a areamsout
tnn ItMo a pLanted In S3"t'
msatho th. DC. olferd Clao a fight si for eizample) werek brought
at Richmond, Callf., on Oct. 5. t" but thyking Ten
probably with 3od o Chais Of ter pou at aried bu t thehauveobe
sen Jose, Calif. Andrade's next range mitd bycu-

oi n enth round dd the Cuban again reach a oties.f about seven in-
gw.u have an advantagemb e he ly two idely and 14 Inow hes
u-. j 'l f O- Ii ... -53.. .

in footor 'on.r h.ea.
Ik 0 Orlando *10Wt ggz, in I It Ino: Gotwcogd was
re-to lurecng sideways $ 041 D m 39 1-2 pounds
qetnti imeglove touched the 4flas. It Utah, C rula New York,
W his iae 0 was ruled a "slB," ulosta ex and Michigp -redu t lar'
0 mr h'a right, hean-P04e= 1--- I-./
ane 7i' be ready to ght of glove, a, ,,.e at4AX.. In
--hloo heands.Cis i w" -
S thaaflooredprocee4 cheese, the in
a ala six rouder between Just about this time last year didoorede eese, the n-
\WCIoIU .'"a a goup of young men of fu.1- i was Csco's 30th victory In are t'a 1 Uth atficlal
trard puahs as bow City and Cumlon bgn mak- 33 iqhts, and Zulueta's 23rd loss L -
Yte nd buys aiveHumbertoRoo- in 87 boutl. tno, Wyo Rreuon
as tree heads 0usteto l vn and Hector Lope a warm .-- Montanai y 6"SB re-,
5W thmatlm Cas blo p he Mas aorI Lones to stay and star C MMaie.n a rg
S-.. in puIc sp was a on Kansas City no civic mind- browtout t never in the
cam ag- h tandi S ? upw h,-n pTbetc ed Panamanian or more so no number tth the four leaders
will be making his prfessoal In retrospect, we think that full-f _odp hCnied soulhd re
buttitWmany b Aballt ans did not rp
byt by tdIa f rormnu ll twefn-a real big-time welcome home.
S Sa at t ma Ifm ale s frodP our The campaign is on, so anyone
fo Weeks am' midst awl so called to Work up interested in becoming a mea-
The 'scrap wasi Tos's farewell the. neetsary aithu.iasm to ber of the Hector Lops Weleame Itrl1 ,
amateur perforaltance A the out make this welcome a fitting one. Committee should contact this
eome was particularly Watisfact- Now that both have made the writer.
ry since he had been beaten by Great Wi

4:40 b would ok be ml
boy Wed Telsis6.
It has ben rumored, that dro ge, e fourrbmu i, a ama-
3-1 is having difficulty making the tears Bsillo .Williams aad Gre-
15-1 featherweight limit of IS pounds, grio Martinez face each other in
3-1 and is con Hiig m to tbe 'apCelol" curtain ri*-w.
10-1 the higher 81l iff s r tP ya r!dmisslam is S .L -
8-1 7 7-
10.1 "' .


Pae $5000.00 (A4)'*
Peel ClOW 5:15|

1-Papa Flynn A. Team 106 -Rates best on form
.-Blakemere 0. Sathaes 115 -Will fight It out
Monte Rouge B. A r 108 -Could sere at price
4-o uert F. oala 10 3 -Dem't seem like ly
6-au- MTI aM 1003 -Rates fair chance
'41r l B i ,103 -Improving steadily
7--4. CounteIs R. Cristit 113. -as clasp to spare
8-rs0 L Olrado 110 -Distance to lkin ,g


A eenft GennI at Ci stobal For:
BIST COAST sliD 01OW 10WU. V. A.
Sateilss: evary few 0IDe o

Houston and Aew Orleans

Saglag: Every Tayprfor:

New York Phila tk i'o Baltimore
(iu Vesse ea at Vs u TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every ax weeks)

10th kupl"" Ji

155 -mretuen rat

I Ith "N-" laee,..W-7 Fa. P ae $400.00-f oeel ......
1-Proud Pearl R. oImgi.FqMrb vqa l
2--D. Cub R. Ycfq i .'

- iBeBl RBi Aulrre 118 -Dropped an r lass t
--Cha A. V aqusx ill -Last was revenge ee

S The Yaer's Govest Song and Dance Sow...Rel |
--- S A^-JA mli.mi-m..asM mk. 4"rOWWWAi LI-s a % a

I. It

'SfR AtE

F PORTS and U. S.

,. Monhly pilings f. | A

LWilfarJ* MEI( lac.
Mamsie 331ansg oVm*bal C. L.
TULRMONtES: G2TAL: 3 1 W* M3 .

New Orleans Servif

LS.. "MAK NA" ........%............ ...............Sept. 1
"MORAZAN" ...............................Sept. 1
ISU ...............................Sept. 5
G RSOG ............................Sept.
SAP" .................. .............. .
RAAN ...... .......................... c. 9.
S.8W. M R ................................... Oct. 1
JA. "MBUERA" ................................Oct. 14
' Sadins Relrigsatsd Chiled and Generi VCargo

New York Servicae

Arrive. ,:

S.S. "HEREDIA" ................... ........... Sept 13
.S. "COM YAGUA" .. .......................... ...Sept.-1
.S. "MAtAURA. ................................. sept. 22
5.S. TAJORD" ................... .............Set. 3

p S t

N e .... ............... .... 240.00

a sn spoin co.... .,270M
8eg ....e.e.... ...-......$3A.00
41&64ve .3 50
Afto M


1 *

PANAMA 2.2904

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THE ST RY: Wyatt Earp aend aThreygt t an tuy your
liot at the Bird Cage and she ou deal 'er top d
from Johnny Ringo: Bandit The ad a I jolt wa in slo'.
S have sworn to get Earp. Wyatt wiN d't d way he j wo Ua that a c
he once had to kill when a hi my dog, b prp othed to dea. men d y an- ijn t
says Earp. "I got to look after -. have read It his wf ,I youn ate.
xx- LutherPu man 8Ino, ed or f jon. an,

CONTRARY to what he'd told f a on a charged with mplia 4 rt The ras d k d-
1..Lly his first thought after leav- p:kfesst t e escap from the erriff's ky were so t1ci m big b.
her place wasn't for killing hAd it f= e by ckly PP vote had to tetop 4
IJo.hnny Ringo but for keeping Wy- TbhroW that malt satc" the back door white a t e.anust of i
ttarp ave. yed sale forth dissl o ota. to the mIdtble at
He was never the one to horse tShe W' t. *.b horse was be-"ing dr dPh rot 1it.R
blhiself any about the romance or PauL -, Deputy Sheriff Wood. tHe a r h it.. "Str
other nonsense connected with be. aingo can hoA a lts4 been absent for a 6w min-: 1a "Face up
Slag a famous peace office. It took o*k-che hi' addle.- ttes before he was pissed. A jmeaul" -
thard dirty work to hold it. When ho',. t Se ". he cOnt th n e.tside had "Showdown it is." dd oc *,f%
you'd put the years into learning bl.aked. T al jed a hor in readiaws for him. easily, ahd slid him te ckfo
that he had, you didn't worry oft en nf I-ervoUs I e, -- the cut, *
Sbout using back alleys or brass "Pl j in d iphos THEREl been 4 whole deck *
tickles when the game got that Vie don't hold up P o1 any- of lies dealt bft about Doe, good V -
fi r down into the deck. boly;" Pau:l no Bwell aes But one thin g
Wyatt was using a back alley body's ev rgi, He could took the
Sow. The one that ran along be- WYATT told him .bove hold his o $w n ay poker game. u t 0to.riffle t
4 the Allen Street store build- all, to p. the outlawsa t He'd throw ou four ,lat queens, carof ft. He
on the south side. He was us- tht er the n t with an ace kerthecallyou Bar
init to get down to Fifth and jump hisa yether ty asked down to your last lue a-d'aw nly watched Jo
StToghnut and the telegraph for it or l at nhe'd said out on you with three cards to had e T r
office thout be was bushwhack- to use hi Bob Paul the middle of a six-high straight ace of spades.
on tNway. was ua t i*t. now. A- flush. To himself, Del
hat h id when he goto there on wthe old' heart. '
s to huI n our of the wind doul Re .aing.n this talent, .o it
d ask Jak hagrew about his One dt in for about *, Afi't itetg I dubs. Thlthe 5
Sissus and the ew baby boy. Aft- sure. But,. i oe one around the wall to get w asa dropped hclfl
that, he turn to Jake and put were le we With ka sad- it might sound. An hour ft.'oe hearts, now had rey
E. : ia terse, 10-wor legrph order dieguna. 'a x sota dtill- and Wyatt had checked back into and six o g for lush.
at his own-for a ir of brass ed Phl rt- teo the their rooms at the Cosmano ita, Ringo's wL u.
buckles from DodgeHtyH middle s W e Marsh Williams was poun n spot. U
I E. HOLIrDAY wheel t wmthe latter'as dor. Do'
DODGE CITY, KANS. box, f i It,- "Located _ar' for you," "e 'nd- felt
Doc. could usp two u- in up t he trace chains ded, tense-1lie. "Been on a high It agt E r
ties.- Bring Morg. o h ob Pai maakted to grab, up lonesome ever since the stick-up. Bnga Mked his lps. oe
-Wyatt. the limps. Told him you wanted to see him. him his flfth crd the ta-
The Sulphur springs bun Ring two pals ot He laughed that loco way of ble. It were[ Oace-
got wind of Wyatt's disappeA their h h l, if you wanted to upe It Oy
the day after he left. Right e coji could come a .
h,e. they set 0 o their lookouts e He' right where I le
S and south of town, watch- ut ofgt ownth "Where was that?" Wh eywae
Shim to come back iby ai Ad tie, too, to throw "The Oriental. He's on a streak, drop himself his liqst, .am, t t- S.
i stage or saddle. a sca r a wild shots after it. Been a. big game runng e go, the.owd noticed teAno
I.,*co ntily, the arrival of the It was y a little added fact early yesterday. He ain't*.ben out att's Watchdog ba4 d1sa f)rst ldR
Frid stage run from that two .hose shots smashed of hiT chair the past eight hours. fouw r i. ep.- the te s
-on was0covered blanket-cl.ose into t e eo M They tell me n t h5a
t, yot knew. You let him name 3. $000 u t and .
ease t ant a down, not needing dead Ir%*at "Doc?" Ther s.. rare Ix-e
S to his. ten's worth. Th It was only a er two-bit a excitement in it. "payoff pc' ,
seenm u out made fou bUn edition that in th t with Roe- The thin gunman loafed in Doc now de t pstaboard c
your ey0 ald look again to make rig rode $80,000 in ady sacked through. the connecting door that into that hole. p Waltr penned
sure firel atone had been bullion. I opened off Wyatt's room into hi. It was the fifth-and't was the d composition,
Wyatt. then It .u'd thought Vir- The main thing was "tat there "What's the ante'" asked Doc four. l located opposite
Stoshed- Jtbbother, you had been a U. S. mail ck be-,Halliday, Ju o- Via
jttooto reflt now in fa- tween Bob Paul's boots, AW that1 "Ringo's in a big game over Dr. Hollidy had filled hfs flush f M Mear
S of this_ now ln any light somebody had had the bad #n at the Oriental. He's riding a the hard way. Inside and straight. tor of neWW
.less than full day tM from more at last to try to interfere wih high streak, and drunk." The highest hand in poker bar- Piano yllat I
=n s. feet off.he was the spit- it legal delivery. "Well," grinned Doc., the pull ring a royal, And the deadliest t currenfl playing
S.' e' In e a .Wyatt. The high fence of the federal of his gray lips under the sockets deal yourself in a tablestake sl anLt tall
Send b organ had Aawled or and his dead-fish ayes putting you game.
p,,da i aerly johnny ga tbe f mind t a i that ad just Bted the hand out. *
r'4j15 35rmenU W asw seat d h' lot of iomethin he W tt had lo t
Sne an tel about the luck e would. scattered hjs Tt hI,
,, 'Thei d nUt stopped you3 la 10 calf. Ill me pardner.' se the floor and bet in
0 td. Y knew 'd never soeen "'v played w4 ths flush wt h a pair of wote o
his didn't ow him from OE UZ, an old Mex watchedlm pay with others, handled sixes. .w
,the eih Jack down in a i nA le herder, around eThey bu te e mold for bad The talent Confedet .
bitch. mining 0 634 Pa- loser af t*e)'d poured Johnnyidea..-
Sh Was frOT oed andpre dro, had Rino, Wyatt. .
daresget, like the Ur.water n"; 1 i Doe.,-
a wor the gambler'sWi bandidos ad 'a coffee .-..- Do did not move.
Iat tie tl When the r t up' RINGO 6d as only a man "9oheman9 he called *ea- of h i
Sppe bats, the,*, S enough to ul T that's tobbe drunk can. t slyto the bank. "Cash is wthe
his sidine aded r It t p th pt he'd ch for the boy. He wins with It a
Yhi would levsr g' k his dropped, a ncIay had e ces."
ot rin that owasfth t*- oand his ar boug at e hour and houseman came b=acame.
born tou wo the the hold i handed Ringo
to faMiles .t o m slipped out A d tIsat- of those po o e, thick as S
S ar d in Valdosta, Ga.d: obe, a zi d off its last night's 'dJobwt to a ce- s The kid ho d
Setewas a graduate t one t list Bill Leonard Jim er-i0s and pans over-ac1k his l- d abbed e
Sld SoUt' bs.-t'. ow rane, ,Mead and YLther r-lOs over dea ,
n s e or that 10 fb rabty KING. A ltcalber C canton a ht, b t
of those Bic o mSe min. .at. T" m, ni ? tf e '
thc. degrees lb a After days of. was e of those into
S had long bee to nailed r i sed come on smll qre bet
practice that P. on aba i H s to deaL And ev- the ki re. It was about Jte rp ,
1Thaet last no l -rM old Redtf. o eryo thiem had been lost to of two b.ffatsl8 e Its we
ge was D Hoe way a hi double brace of by- ide d a fpol drunk
Ss'-6- i the boy nature rs, shucked to himself gober, could tt aausge for
THE stage *at went back up o as by that 1sy, .A*u*&ced shadow 'D a a .
St eaday n ig t he did' of Wyatt. "And ir' r fl "w
a on thea-c otation's bill- b wia dt the Doe's "p jM.' luck had Riaflo.d 4tis fun and attu-
St place down the payroll cash job. been too for the other d. .
tat came down am t m ug The .m ;d players. The at two of them i 're r arrest," said.Wy-
ruas. Carly bad iton au they hi led as the dl w came to att, W e money.
S ty that that Wednday' Wyatt, d the ex Dodge y tst for orgeti,
Spmet of bar silver would go puty B' aL the eighth go d. With only ,
better ttan$5o000. decided Ringoeft and bim no mor et. o at o
He handpicked Ringo to run the Himat buach, than a couple of hundred ta but he
S ow because the ki had the best Vi M Williams, scrambled led and es still on in hi m.
for getting back at Wyatt. a the table in front of a Doe sai?"
w they jumped the at a o rod afer Head, it uletly V," replied i
,t abort of the top of Six Mle Crane a "ant call it a nigh aby?

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y{%'7), i'riw.
In tig hini

S"Merry tprSB
la now celebrat
'the new bar is
Hotel El Pana-
t Is proprle-
Dolores Leacock,
g at the toul-=
ounge, wlr pro-

dtion of
I p.m."einmd
t of bed in 10 mi-

d 14
bdo, Mr. Sidle
tti hook ou
y tWo. sharp, !i
by Jiml gwmiw
of 2:15 J
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SEP 13 95"
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