The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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& -T
.: ,, ::] ; -. '. ..T .. .::
"W ""i"*" : ".3Us"-'"" $'Gypsy Hits i al"t
'Wo V. 4i

'H its

a "Munout Lo-ftiery,
r~ o" .' ;. *'/ .\ .: '" ": -, -". .': ;- .. .. ." ., ., ;.' .. ,'-.. '- .

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Detwas of the swidalige to
.. ..-.""'from a lottery ticket'.vendor,
.. ,., -revealS her.;. ,w home

lemma IZCAON ft) (W #-another uaidentified gypsy were 1 e Ao t r
I C =. .. 1,'A, ,. ,
re e le er ,yet.d y i ". "': ..M. ..

Air -i-1, ~The ticket vendorhwOenm
A_ ha ps.yo ee ee ,Vsited...

a gypqy to have her fortune read
and was told she could receive the
"special favors" she deafred by
7of" .- .providing some e.,dollar "bills.
... .. ..' 3 E,- .V :.,o '. ,: ,... ..

A l .1 .After the ticketr'vndor told the
to ay she had no money except AZA, Sept.' 3 (UP) 13sr1led
ea weekly from theo cfapd machinegin and bhy minr a, the gypsy devised a plan todarmi sharp border fighting that
aTi dio690nhh, whereby the vendor could get the ciarceasefir. in the trAce strip prig.
S- .cial favor without sking any An Egla soksmn sd rpli
ep. 146 offt U" M. I Ju" r mney. An.S"Ionq 'ke '

hi sTheplan was to turn over $O aNrnorpd IhIlrkFks opeuut firs on fan
-rthree uonoee rt- rweaksY and thefmomIg ga 9g a 10i
MOW',a dh 5outw:bhida-fwul.r"u t.o ;zl

year t .the eI f a r patrorm plen worked MrsscheoAle
tdout. a-t b"h""tb two week., but the third we ek after Th spokesman said th Egypt. n
r we oia .' th e ticket endorhad turned or ve withboth sides using hey mortar i d a
dams ivanish~ed time tC vendor~g-.p,
cM any&0. d0hisrvisi T d tTheItE.tis Claimed they q!d u
re, r i a. Mrhi o vtttn. lsme a.went around on Frida e y. "o iles and inflicted many" csa
et -* wai..u p -e --.. Bar- 'Police are a arching for the
u s. Their d.ownI as d "we Bpy on the dascription given by One Egyptin ;soldier was W t
arrowhvch gId n so aaneaira' SaId.-
-aMb! at whicow*stir. bel $ticket vendor, bt have ben which lashd mdha m an hour, teC Nw tm

"~~a_ et e r. Ada a'ot. 80 -4 t"c.e terougttheidthe old one ta f ground. The new AMA atd o
adba 1 athe s one from which p
..1 k .- famed ride duinrp
'"it.'.U.I""TlMuJ. yan IGoaeliamilitar
IM Ak Gets FI Ane jund FriaFmrneep;ieWsstandsr.J
a )w the It aIo.. : -.H t.m twotwe robwe-Tnakesaaifmd Ft
old, o u .,Margaret ..'-, y teo .Old Wn Th d y thoellin ads d
e ft y # .i .ot1 a.Ad Mm ooi It ..e ldon i uh heno..
MO -ft a& SM4,, ,goin fmwhc ,vnb ythtmet vorEtin .lmd.tof aderydho li
Rev. orz~lu#&dam; ha- wet arond o Friay. vhicls famed riddemanyduring.

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-L 2' I, z 21V _,fW"

the I

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'4,h .-..i
A Federal"' ,ds.which now er- than.even "menthe aftt thee bi;v O
mit the frimmunisation with se idle. tb
tA. plS t v of all gun Zone Arrngemen have beos made dt talks, i rsume quiet an the "a,
W lidrtqreen. thee -of $ to bidout Po pmto chilpiren Both aides were' sollS gW najS
td It he been.grant to the getting vaccine t next week. close tails on agtlatiw P- R t-
SCannl Zone Government at the Thi was done on the Pailfic ues but it was na -crat he. too es
-UP) -Two request of the Governor. i14e during the first Inoculation A., aeady ted by For Ga ea th
up) _TWO tas rba -s
gA Mrieap jet The funds were ovided -by m through funds muds ad- GoeTGotrN o Chryslera and aSS s dmth odh
a Aovis a t rea. r 4 sessi on un bby private contributors N ws the big t AJ ad bee othr
RIo r the Pomyet Vaccino- rt OAa Hosdtab. It loi, b the "-it"
ont: on Assistance Act. ed won erS tsome'of the Union spokesman said th ey n'ell-borders. f la nse 1
timid ones. Next week lollipops were interested o* in contrget &Ira so
2 F ''c Under thisprogram children will be a routine part of the for members of local 5 at thbe Itosrael mM^ e Aa t;
R wiwhsarr th r, il treatment n all communities. South Bend plant. Other insisted p -

rnt.% abod berwho received thIe first irrnjectioneu Ge- A c-s
uin e r tl of Scienceyaagthemeetnr comnithes and t the various ny W, Sept. 8r eThe

r jw f. d-B sM iC l bai t we' rc- tigite_ .... ... .. w. l V .-O -
ipr nM ,-c J Salmd therth o lit The time and place for vc ya Yugoht be an pattern for a e- ele

prhamy E ligib lnatio in thesolvrllanatommu 5wilel on and rh t*
naeU si the unow.dd abie u bedependentsoftdents of Studebaker-Pacard
CUataaslledr nxa'.-d a 1 i ae a foo _t. g _berg of the dilomatic bo th e wP roup
(UP wSll, fe th v e 2 to op ohatiedlt out o imal Sconeolr Obotreget with about 10,000 Pelkr
f "Wed, launch n rt l a US.-ratercommuntos'of the bevtmtmionlitay .po nes whryU workers in the lDetrOit area. tC

beliu reveque asiit Oka! It wc announced at.the Gov- riefic Sie except Gambon Soviet *cto, stemmg from t no ldeclne, apparenity des 18
W Siare ap tole .ma to A or month conference with Gamn empl Cnoe of U.S. G Gevfove-
c;c4s eion.edAndmay!,UsertSS 1955 Po:P
nmt thanJet anByear, sc ". wq* told Yst. er

no rt.the *, t froth o" aentaves day, Sept. ce; 9 to iiatm. conferences YorkI' "tate where infantile a a
otheef.ay e thrtwo tten consent of -the paretOntTo V -
wet t few$e beNeat .h Dr Robert'd e Wlet- w ill-v Zone-wie ro, rmns ~ a* wll be requIred. How- Bohlen To nVisita
S thW e former ousli at In=Lv Itom s owi flbel flowed next week. Vec Vr. adocumentary pr oofo'13.: N eOf
.ils s- n mi r on .-rani Atstnatiticecom-AdrMobttons W be t Atomic PlantM s -
cemefnt,.e Ad ce0 suat haid..tIn the prlnetipalcivllun tot l
oai u eam o t andin the various m nltes. Because o tohs On ,Sept. T m -(U P)-Twhe o
of .a. ronet.rcIonsa lationos. 'Cards will be Issued to a wllro h I go government ha i0vted U. T
twoulCd prob T v cci clonedaTerday anva td Wednwtw s-eek oc 9 O 5dm'ro C Ehvs hcehiaher eemse 19St or chief

The- vqonu WTilic plant nearKo s-prediced

7e he t & im' The thedule for Latin Amer- was announst estery.0 I for 1952, when the
be ew Chl" selawhe nex rose- be Made In the ever al l S the prop : e' talk to outed to moretn reportedday polio l f

W a Hh^eca haeofesdrm10ept. 7,Xia ot e*ven but fiawt bel 8^o00fD c a& 90 1a
nin Ame.rican -schoolsc.sle. eit 1 t eta mdl wthe s othl Iepidemicl

.1muOa t urthy, s ept. iP a trah
hampesn from H-,l: are 2o n enat a-3comi l ao ere iplomatcD. CeDow .
"kr c"d laden. ?."EM A WVmOfficial who
taaaYuecavp. neh to m-ar-r ,t .dao mustW present wreitieel
-mi' The tnie and place for v'c- by a
A. 1t -d~-.%u1civiliaun c on u- leguation l and r c 7 ie *a mw eal ith B wlne la l w ho e ta I
C al is efboro fthe diplaatic l.thiys ul
h r oD ies School G mnius: corps recently were shown a colo renel Is mo e
be? 6p* to the vwm.ete. 2 to 4 p.m.; for a]] children Observers here believed the tb.rd o e 1k soth.
gain.jsll r 1 -vs ratewcommurties-ofthe Invitatson w as aneo ,eb overauoPCaSom_ as
dotwiannouncedt.theo.a eece m Soviet action, stemmingfrom

Gas:n To ivei er proo_ aanthat 1
gam After 'M VfTcclnution pro.- a sdus: Tuesday, Sept. 6; 8.1 8wGim.dan b .r ry -pollo.
J Various civilian and military a UD.-rate Atlantic 0de com-L o ay Address m Wasbed on Uthe4
OG yen t'tltoto1-
ce.rrndwn Cc.losed Tuesday and Wednes- Lclm.0--ocioc, will deliver a Thisgherhtha dr1950or
ti. will not take lace for y--Labor Day'adam tomorrow at 1951 t .at i-
COWShlli; he ,,fs. rJkm wigthS sinct te h~e tor d e- h far 11:30 a.m. over station HOG, It low the l te i 1,-V9
ta. N of l uniTtlon Is given no t earlier lan Schools follows: The subject of Gasin's talk 'toW amonted to more 'thu
seDMaen: Wednesday, Sept. 7, was not given, but It Is beleve,,O0 ceia4f
-;.* Nu" Al ThusdayiOt fILpal treata".r Of.C steaba beween ml A

WALIMO Nd t-(UP)-,Drt. in a
q the ve]o, srs olt a t dpsu ts ofb A'of MW bm uoePC04

- .a SAWN .Af7: Teday, ept. 6, &t ,ocamer an-


;;o ";,/ -! .. .... .. ... .._.. ,, *;,.. .' >
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- -,, .-;,} .: _, :-- % -_.f _.-M .,A .

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2$^ '*-

SI dIshould havet owt '
aM Fraser as be re Ived a
-a d JaU Aai .

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..- ..* -. .
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.-PROGR.AM? S+"EC.. ""

...- ,';COMMUNITY .$tAV


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_tr___... ___ .* ____ \ ___________
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Wha's lol Nui (MlI

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MNUbmm MdodiM (USAF)

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uptc& i se ir4'
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acred Ha

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Luncbtim Ndodeie

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Sam 01 The Fume

Thbe And N! (BBC)

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News -' Pio

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DoCm Dr.
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pMiflie l PART

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Hernaef is.l Casks,'

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Say As

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a t the Ci" Attti g ra
Ste hif W h," .
alol he- A.JTerry w DanD e.

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off ArALS"

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414 barney -
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were tea.amuailyB aIntL,...- ..-- -- ,..^.;
taCteideO.wHLa trw aine 4=448laoewSiriibiA.*
wheresid the kids can or atger Burke, or lea MecGOr

the other. be. Hera ,.
I a tried' ero friends of 1 whe

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"We arered e&af -vrf ub.

girl, ad y on te prow not convince h wanting o

the varied; o in t em p14, c, ar', I c ni-
to know what you're doing. A tittle innocflte t o

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eatr, W. ,
gtie aned p roymth epThey tiea, fmlor eaaple, ote-

tpils did not convince m of
te Ia ten thye patrol cars, I c W-

thfe 104" ...trn=or a bahig, azNhor
Wn d t ter. 1te a time,
p cutter prow

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04yott e uii t.t* you aze ang-
an Cp AP owl
S*iid the young man.
3SHWert WS4e 4 too," I went on; "that thco

"Why &)MC tothem of tn e
treaty provkls ts that them will be frvod jobs down
bIu fr the kida of American Canal Zone faminies. The
cuane Government's unvarying ewi&
theat-to mwoer-u ersnt

IS wan rod luaratfve routt
6 WBIed's tayo wnuoks

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d s rtft9 moi1mtm m eent
waters vofti

u t w W a i gt t ete -wo r g w .
.... aSJt~ fb. a an& dock- S'p
t e fafr iF pleasre craft w 0.f im Into thbek
o Th awh i OK cost hm be. *eat
Tht R i nt i aj b et Hu- lffSa
fatr baule Iw wat aeveriycent n.ev .3
t9 a e ejt to prove h oaaty.

v ?.E.Nny~PHftaIE'5 d .

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Have, You- Heard?


'nn AUA
aM E's A a.

.*..+ :" :.-- :-:" 2 : +*'."; '.. '- :'-'_',.. '

f IAN* 07"
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.... .1i- ''
* .. L,, .."' .n & ". -. -
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,n In a ow? ,jst? a1-she
fog Wed 0, n-t =.a*m Bet m wi wt.c,
i ,..bWre_; aDet. Woodward Id photo, and-a mot.
o the m of an --ainmail eolap teewts nsdrn
s take goLd ea m f ay little ma. I love hi mso very
.. .lhaM oed. we t hi. Putit at tMe paper F6 T
hk Iao alwq., to my Ett drUan Moqpa.*
'--S -'
o',.: i,'3? .-,3fr .. .




YARDS FOR $ 1.00


*, r.
I- ^ ^ *




RANCE SALE at Cyrnos

; ,, -t -
^ -. L- t.. '* ..


4: c.-$*..- -..-j.,

-- .L' K-"4-..

*_-" E -.
i Sr.


A new
is "ad to

OeaK. Gia


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wootBucnrs urrED
BEAVI1 ISLAND, Miclh,-(t
- Conrvation off i ci al hi

aG a; Rt ti) siip ."

A 4
a a

*2'' ~*.%....
-. S
& V

SSprn Shirts

S S'* ...,t *.AZ..A.J.' *

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.... .. .. ,,.

RCA Air Co mhnbr aren ,r..erom n of s!iluodftl

Sma w.m!liognor ?wum.
WiOs ...inm Ue-e whe -e the tem-
psmture hits 119 the bhuidty I
s*I. WCA A*,tri*eimn doe
-vero ,l, tihe u t...d 'g

-..iter.t "dir -hap.eI. M ya i
S He % N. R pewbat Ai

Onner C.Id ift eWdfIS.f.RcstA
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-*+ /'. ,. ..

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" .'- n ..-., :.
1 ,-^


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- .^- i-,' -,-- -... "
"-.: "- ,t.,... .
... 'm,7++I -+..-, -,+ m .-.---+.--4

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rndr.5eufe *.urnmas a
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hh t.e -M I5V'KA Air CoadMliser b6h

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Fathers. And Mothers

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19495 Bulkh S .4 dear
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leo 800, SMOOT o HUNNI-

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SMOOTM HUNNICU. s.A., Hi.., 33-325S eteer 4 p.m. end W WILL KILL chnc 4 g
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TangIe In $750 Sprint &IdW
3-Henry Le
S 6-Pseuesi

: Ski Class B imported thpreO
four entrants in the $5000-added
Bard Clamic, are scheduled to ni
in the $750 seven-furlong feature
co race track.
The four hassle entrants are tadso
Poppa, T&L IMadR, are Royal per f
nd TurgLtea MAwukwtlutoer- oombinat
i4lpa'e Sgiarplum and Lext pha re
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Mi l eliA TBd w RACE
i. wU'.l1 g&Papp I-Concultaedor $42.60.
Gomez baS' 2- Puha..0., SM.
IreobI and Ui- 7 3-0M0 iAn $2.60.
do the bootng on One-Two .
A ary attmration. .FOURT RACE
r cassie entrant l-Sirins *3.60. 7.60. 7 .
togh b,.t r f 3t $20 M. 120.

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sUsteu Kvwy ffteen Day fers
Aouston and New Orleans "
S .I. lpI Ery T%*a Day ElfWt
wY Phildeph a- Baltimore
evwO)y dz week)
*,. A .''O' AL!

'Bilay from BALBOA to CENTRAL
: i Iy sailings from BALBOA

S Wilrd& McKay, Inc.
,Udinilcilag ChtebaQL C. .
Ta If BOMA~ sUS 1780 3535

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6- (TrueW -o of.1 4 .
q --Copar),. 1o ;h w* ,t.

l-Dufl -kel Giwaft .1t-iI
et r rra Velludas 'e.i nor,
kfl.and .UOtbiaA 10-15 1oW
SJ"00 4, n I H" Nrive -.' 7 0 _.M P.. F
S* -"rot&6n 0. olo 19 Dtst
4' O" f" 'M ". u" t ,. 5p,>,
a.,ly s. wo I g .u if,. l ; .
1I, 6.80. Y IA-- lee Cl et"las'

fl ir"tr Rase Ut^" ', .a -4 e-.
I.-V.larsl ._ Ortea :106 -W"i uel ,t .,
-- A-LDancer J, 0Ogior 12 -Rats i a
I0 w"W.f -w

Ro. I A. A i 14M -

th Roses" "C"I I mp *ad-4 1H e Po C 4ll
.30. lnSic. A0 l M.~l .I.;

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t r -dO l .O -...u ,3. 9l_1 ,. ,, .rU

m Gas V. Cuwtl 118 bh ) up e1 .
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1 .. a m c b R. M 9an w l 2 5 e 1* -
fl u"S 'M* ig?-n FChipo TipN

i 1-( 107x4s0r'd dP1' ^2.3, ,!. r
.20. S. .i. ..... ,. ,. '

Castip-113- -A aild'bs

:ad w --i 3g.. Peis
2-Kadir : A 106 --
4-Bf 54 H. ul 115 -115
,-l .n S. O tel 108
G-Turget X CriediatsItI I

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P re OfThe ..each their '. -
t By A IMNU( bit walfri-
Bi dtg Nftor On thQ Pacic 4ast aw lt4mok
Tb&W, U IIafc to the prm~ j at
trout is now found in '40 .. oa r e

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Seu,. in 'to ,
o Or pa a s, Walk
.... u -.t teb .e am

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G~l .. O l
^| S^ Ft. Amitdor bevl~e. 011
^^^^^^^fe^^ t^^ Inx left) for his 4 I. 11 oa.
^ .w^^faltL Jka let). The *tornment. .a <, w^1^ (
' ^ T ^ '-' > ^ ... .* .'-l 1

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.ft .tbe young lady who just got off the bus
r l -,. rvntloe ace i a serve the opponent does not
tou h racquet, let alone return. A placement is the
prqdt ,t qC tas aame impeccable circumstances, except it Is not
aisrv., ., \ .-
W celemi seura*y refldib the individual eon-
tria at sa l6*r1yer, a eSb to t
sa 1wa or uns batted I n basebedalL
.w instances e oge Player, o ada8a
MTir, w". muo Eg wl plek up the hiarbie,. At -nena
tai E w t uW Kenm

A lift a' "^rtr ..obnc(oh, ye. tMeotW14 box score
alao ba tm- .f f.,tehtlheed l thde uiparly. tebardaOn
had 88 errors, Rosewa o so.
Offhand, 83 would seem to be a heap of errors, and as play
in the Cup matches went, it was on the high side. However,
Rosewal wa guillty of 96 in the opening D ateh of the e cham -
ship and t ,had comparatively easy tine, tuw g b k Vic
Seia ('71.. n fourt. .
tur nveLs u n
a .J ba.bu b te s errors come in different forms and
.pM. T'jur ae Ud In une te olums., under N,.
'"j'-gm!n" ." "N" fpid to a bi ptat te httetw the net
for LM 9of tof -ral. "Ol.1tt9tCls Pd to afball
t ai i i&'i .on the requiatten a,' im the Mrvng
omth Wl !t;v. tt or 1doubatle fWo. *
Is hW igkeatteh with Setas; Refwao umpaltted agy
qpe .A lbut he dew pesNMSI foer 7 B7 *an s eats.
jto tW fl ais arrtned at by addtg41. sprat eatried

*1 arsmrt~ -~k

.'a musi f uaSueataSoSbly valid, and he does
.ham powerful *aiw6 Iftamater tenalB. San o, ten-
n* lan brs d tive as -any other species. Beilas
A"4pf.e 4A tpti opening day; on the final
0a' wr that a at stake, the amp sp
had been decided the day before and Hod wasn't Mkg every
adet a lUIt r es at effort.

a irt 8- -V. S TeW d a
...... ... .m .,e g ...l_ ...

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-7-O- `1 R"g ste,..%nr^ep ta l
4 't-P nots h, ,-

NEW YODet1+ pro(eM btafc CD sue t ported lap l hte rIght owreig
A r thhin'e-peeted because at h ie" l.i

"dly MA r n"' b el s hlns's 'Uee "pUi ,teie bo arp. .
as better bpiasar !nofsinl Mt 8N oBieock,, Wedbb w g
ldth a de 05 b he's a. V o te otakeimsC r rd
trailbail bm 3esix

-. the tral uuUL aNa. -l .Mao dt het n t the *
*f Martiano DO t.t-s bas bee. .. h. o.. ,ms w
-l leWl e t S'A orI .gel hi rls "J t made up my orine
*&' 5prk te0 with "the t"l"ed Wl b the t v ies' "- a'.

mmYork ted Arm the ta- t Drihat much enth h pias for ba
S- *EaU5P rU-bel with eves~.himem ri a& mc87 -belo-e. -p
.thn iheoiV. l;butyh'sra

11stll a the Pacif i Coas t n I uerf fron' Rocky Ma ao r t :age
a d eree c t bbl around .lthea b ialid.a%'T e Oa
me t' l onfdtm ene swe sited 0t11eet to yod sup,. greqaout at tcoe v

op ta Biintt o l'p ee lthghet i*14i pdlan the

YoerO anS c T heerryW ema h chare loedr (m e ade
2 a brtoek. A f u- toh as. or teYalnkees na singe lo"eatsn -at Nr sm .
M -Portuen a w dl bthe,,stoue'' d i o t ee -

bandprart. TS aro manager 1ai 94hat,I tin d hi n t sete mc Tt war a ede
Sor a Th. nxt-year, lSten l won t We hfd a coitracti t five ti... wor.iy ot lay n'. t a- n4t h

t i d Uve i tee lt eoe
nlarei 'Case'smld hsrig enge aid ant for e goe to bpeto
v I ,t NstilleinetheePnmif .- t aOott1him0 but! upeletrame gfrohfa o k, feake oru.t hi s se.rvi

an o d. ThandeM erecordhaseine wit,M meae ac loe .lats other f p... 7" -ioa
There is dee 1t between runs,1anddVstto'VIs slg.i n WIkiss my It w rea' bt.

nr d s s setado matdthnldid Mai Idbust- pe c
16iK .am, 64. ant io hy en,.&Yofpdod b hah
001yar TnoatWwteWbehdMartacng-t-

ce tore n ctityybrifly l, t:,er.

in order to dom.ossaerr, oUto ne .oi u
lsm~ lab t tip toBuildeingl annh t hed-g' to be to
and ed The line jiertMenfmeatmth 'aethit.t:TheWht'-mYo-rFart hoa.

CeotUmo Pr ,,tacity,-r. op

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back. aMid

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fANCY !JS iri.SUU. RIO-Mario Mor

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.motOB4y the ho b,, -IBO top bu ad Moreano wd .
. i Ift% "l ," .

.i-''.''-'S *.'-'^ .- H.

_ .. .. ., .
[ + .- .. 40 -

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';T ;~ ~ ~~- '." -," ,',P... "

I ,C

Cast Air Force Officers' Open
Mess in Tokyo will open it. doorn
t( the visiting Ne 'A"k Yankees
Wan. let theb prtate ot th elub's
d9ling drinking hand slot machine
f ailities.. Al Schacht knockipg-
eine oj tojtertain M00, Yv
one man in Nippon, relays Star
aip Stripes Sports d iSob Bowle,
they call yO Ioacl'd.-..
Bitter business bureau' center
Ungo Avery of Clemson sold bt-
ter than $1500 worth of ads for
the school's football programs

efatK... .,

W.Indi= ,'. tJ .l d him who
did Red's major league plays
g career... Kress, on is
s, d taken to pitching
conaehit New Yt Gits
In p ad thla
f-noon was alled "n o face
Piralu...bases -loaded and
he menacingsteo Lops at the
Tck... scared him o much that
e drew a walk on four pitches...
d Kresis walked right into the
o"ers never again to grace a
leaguee box score...

S as positivive as an electrode
las the first day of football prac-
cCapt. Buch Nystrom of Ml-
alB State will get -A sknied
hfm N pt fan e..1.. *-
U A.'th

e .&Jrnao drives- a A
Pa, wljb Willi ltoei~alf .f

b .

0 Ila :

fe -

ouirfbe the lie'.. apd'e"
." to Join Messr. lt.da -..-a
Outside... when theyj' vsred
e 'Ms three monthsttP-age..
Betweedtulou'n'me g o+. or al,
por.In. ,tJional.aaff la ieil.
so-much 9bao agiso-
he venerableb t -b in |
3reen Bay Packers...-

TODAY -4*& ^
1:50, S2:S, f:M, 1:00 pam.

English spoktf plctui, I
t t' "*:,

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Py- K
1 "I

mtorf th" Detroit ..
drll and darg AA
roro la a.. W H-

a.Wt. itMae

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"t: ". 3
* 6*-e -,-%*i -;**I *


;yt ..**I

S .. -

t' -*'.B~e

THE STORY: Wyatt Earp, st tone's x -
S. deputy sheriff disappears. Johnny sp'read- IKs CLANTO, the elect r ies n
Ing rumors that Eorp has been j nwson ed loudmo4Utu gt tlftbh-new
Sitbe. Shortly thereafter when -somn .-ttnkle the "wi, taleno, hg.t W at, ota f a a "
tage they are greeted by ft he challenged the arps.- "Yoa- nasty fact TtJoa w
umber are halted in then carfoos hired der' the door." fu llseriff of c
5 new express messenger, Wyatt -o "So I see," idk wledged Wy- Right off, Vir$gR .
e-wep re satt. "But my pont s yet to be rulesput a lid on
x cominia giest to tombtope, made. It' one I .wouldn't dare like ofwhich the t i
all in sm and mhty eager make i n Pblc, I leg reasons, winced to. By the t two t
RINGO was the first thing Wy. breath b an going to e to tin ohea
att bumped into when he began- to The ik again s0 g or wh at it Yr-f.
drift through T1mbstone that Ion a quaher d ad hour er they'd a ed, sweeping them tkthe'gang IpW
aSo Saturday nght The next an filed into it, and yatt was empty stare. From the
at thing wtas u lged, bi-e walking down Allen toward the leave this room, I mean to hunt They oVirgil quick uObh.
Mexican d that aued tde-l Place with his so far' silent down and kfilanr man at rsts Behat, mply t hal rom t
rasfrom t office over on friend, arrest-no matted r wh charge as- to a s a
f street. All the kid had he's wanted on .e gng' put hi
offerWyatt-was that J a k e WHEN hIe closed that dopr to Frank Stilwel U'moed forward. lace.
shagrw, the nightp qoorpa, ee ulthelSm a cigar samoe and "Wait a minute," l e called, to
a cofideutfal ea' or h sourma~ e of thRa b ck Wyatt "I smell ore-to itha But. Wytt was awake. I pll '
down at the rbom, e counted a pretty. good getting your oer appointed ed o hidesk drawer, a
The wire war% r te IoAse. h wee Proak and town aarshl. itself, that don't U. S.,et' sbadge on *
t ato Marshal tafor Asm, pete, oft y Then n e ail cnt enout reaset to clean the th, w t rig on eld
CraWle P De at Phoi hin, of Ae m antons: Pony Deal, skillet. Johnny Behan Is stl sher- dowltwi a six xple.:
GOOD WORK BINSON BSTAG Frnk Patterson Billy Qaiborne ff. tNo city policeman is goung to All thi was so much Wa- aL
LAST WEEK URGENT TSE and four, five otaere new to 4im. put.miysef a dent in his .badge. ing, though. Both Wyatt and Be.,
QU AT ONCbL Behan' .wala't thee, of course, Wbre' your kicker in au this, han knew it. And knew wiM the
wMas a Satrday night t wo so wee Curly Bl or the Me- Wyatt?" real sta was. And who i the ,-.: --.
ks .later, when Frank 8 e1, nly at.n Wyatt had already started for A on it h
f and Pte Spence, ecin out Gena ore the door, the sent Virgil doggin The,. w~ s th tg. ho
SAbJhe Pal, potted hi m r idel t after him. He napped his finge rs O r stld e
Ulto the Ox. Stable with ano oth- anid shookhip head in, a mie-wide,
er' horseman. At about the game a ord, so be got put-on way. "'Sorry, Frank. Meantlid
t, he spotted them a fag. th it. to make that point without being the road a ents quet. H idid it
S s wave at thpto hd up., o a ake iht proud to obge. by so simple p track it aa drove L
S IcoeepaniAn waited where h e pl w e f A ished in his pocket, careless the outlawboy to lo *Ipr h. est
w while Wji*swagdown r as though dIork. Hejust saw tott o vry
tmt Wt : smaa and sny Bt h i ,h tha one
' ad w iton .We4h, vet o' teWan'tn qu' At leapt if he hac toWriite his o*~ to tters.
ate s s sct o al t.W a, It was. first two-bit Pil- blunt lamalt top sharp
* t has't beeugn btf hat e law r S ow-tHe wi th a He p-flin n the back. trick e got Wells Fargo to 4 SoMlled
I KSI test 0 &6ldand teIpSh I.t .as ade* United States Bob al on, to ride a 'for n such .es .itl
wh stood. Things ea hih he es ar a bad. those shipmnts. To begi with,dorcmln
tgol4 to some different ra aly ~ad The Pla om hine was ob was a Ih -man a sat as wells ratl agin
w m.' ello f too ue for n the to'. ut ad.e. from thwat- he3I d
MIS 3-_..^^ J ^
The two ytlw didn't k n' Teylw U S.I put on f ts-t d~-ef 'fime ast woans hou as o ton Ma *e
ust how otke arrests. Time d a Behanun for Cochiae Cot y up aheld

^ < WA *.1 SOW, floof to h brother. V.I*T read loose tor "lapk of evidence." Even rigged a crooked bal"tBcopntt in ch, t cotld and rr- and W N-..^..
whenLthattoewSomwaritoheehadt ouase hAds
Tau t a o-i h Y keaPiaChw -y w sBo wa '-Kqmv
wtl No. 2, that sai wim"s en, tao by t on bthe m ne rramn ha a, Wliam av
Sw no longer be permitted rt r of murder or man t them o
sab .Pe sloogs with te owner slaughter, or accessory, "broke off it meant warn SpeciW l faM s ofathe emp wtsus
e; No. 3, that popping off ja and made it away. In each rt Bi hid his the Aoericana theme. This la the
reck lon., anms in the city I.fits, 5av. case Behan had some smooth resess bef ,He putt the theme of firt ntionl si G
pm earie,"iE h. oa. Christmas, New ear' story to make it read reasonable word fr the bo to sdrilt bIe-m an pment, the Senior
s-erier,' said the Fourth of July, t atin the h d e purEpitaph and Nuget reports word o the hp t r in ge.Ot ts gedupt ,ut t heldi MS
Sthe well known window; N &. next day It appeared to make onSre. The waSIpr ptrbI a nu -July 11 I n M. ia
that six-lue woutd hoI be worn smlall eodte fm ch .tte bAouse lecure. Its ub Ser Girl Souts attending
10 te this sean report, somewhere along the line e a nd ed wre give special
Stade te corpor to confines of the same string tf wBaodk-"B a-c- Pe lned toep.upa Ut Fd tCi a prPation for the -
TO'mbsatone, exeng b gentle- ice with a saaddle se was irsP"re d og as ltio of the Canal S 0E TUF at learasow
Swhoo could h ep t- g in the alley bead the '. Zne reetaUvel.
*Oof tey were saI eent jail t roppitng up. was, atocv e ve r"oSbiggeSacmoledt ... "tga.h Sa.-
lh^ro~ muE t al that Wyadtt T waa sn. "l al"he
abu(i ter Affer. J! .... ...

ad-ronria ne-ht ws crossed ,which etwhirlsts J that .mean!'beu
.ilo Psnve p,.. n _w* ,d-
evenono.SgotLEatasold ri toughttwAas notete firs .me tT "My ahie broug sh ueSpa
St No. wao the- jker, alhd to or t"br.he couldn't c mop wa
S t Me can had come bearing oe wintere t half-strved an
wlrs, n ~. n~ighr i t Irns the ity b 1.e .t toe free This sihl, meant that the n half ner.. And with the ma- up .to anf b. -irste wan't inal *
1 tshe fl nlt wl he sid ail. it might as cushy-fat ring trade could car- ceit1on of two; three telegram, th>an 'ixsiff,
ewhatit meant,sfor try as us under Ba's pio- thoessag e s, a had al come trot be not thst 't My

ah pts arelutioldasot be In hsay and d al ettastIsa c h IF U dg Thein heniso v t prok, airdShow a utepshiverng

-wgnrrri Jr him 4?-hat .-
t Pe -l Ousie o rkk h jut
nowr *ond a. .aown m-a a--nddF s.d-.r.r ..ket-.. do whie u. office

aneiba. w iLt' fk'or aty,61Nd

W I gl




F.' -

SK' '. ""

..; -


K /41/


' and. eed t shut

*5-' '-''4 '- -
)W% easqlbsg
$ 19*~~-
~3ePe. idlie
-- .4
-~ 1.!t~~
4 -1
L7 t-tt4 -

, ,. : --, ,,,
-* .^.-. S, ..:.-.I
N. .j
LNI '-.

.; .' ." .' .j -" .. ". .".'"
.'%i.; "i.nm .aes -u caa.:- .. .it

a; lto-et oille he wae all
te was a mfte stirred pL
iAntd. "Like aa if tad
be something blowing a-
Tombstone beide the
a ing. H. e was bae_

Oer anm s1 ste
BY *= tta ask
w E to f

4 *?S

a ,' :..
-\~. /.: :'

A ". -


, -" -:

4. -

^- -
,-- H -.i


., -


. A
,. ".

VT iu



iM 2/66d





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