The Panama American

Identity of letter writers is held in strictest contidece. The new drive, lashed a few T te. .'
s nw per eume me responsibility ifor statements as pi days ago, sp gs from labor's ,are f ow g
s .e k frome reader. Cataluzy that the Prldent 1il '. r No
So _stand forre-eectumamext y" .'
Noti atm inor part ol this camaag.
SHOMES IN PANAMA against a e Presd nt is the mount, tA
sawger i labor erl s r
Dept of Justice efforts tq' crack 4LTg
You can fool some of the people some of the time but you tudr bv the unio n. '
'. t fool all of the people all of the time. The first real blast at the Presi-. S r to
Sometime ago a statement was made that homes for 2500 business, Jack Krol h o s ucceed- .
le coming from the C.Z. will have to be furnished: then a ed the late Sidney illman as dl. ot belive in bby-- ir
r came out and said that the housing problem in Panama rector of the CIO' Political 4cUton ;. ten M wet on to obmr
Il be definitely solved when the nominee for the next Preui- Committee. "e .,.blldrea toWO
tial term holds the reins. *because teI
| term hs hres. ILroll, a veteran of labor drives .t o ok afteA t" '
1) How many of the 2500 people will have jobs with the P.C.C.. sinSe 1910, can paint a capitalist ides, nowadays shve too
hen rta clauses of the treaty are put into effect? Ian a Republican more horrifyiI to l with and not
2)1 Will those people left without jobs be able to rent homes ly than a seiece-fletion writers ou."a ps J'
Simpossible-no money)? description of "things" from out- tale
po !er space. If Ike wants to know just The Ilful text of the Truman let- ay
3) Every time the Presidential term arrives each candidate what they will be calling aim er, ewriitt from the Federal Rem- h
lves big promises during his campaign, and when the success- from now on out, he should get _B n.Rk B dingKasas City a
ul one goes uo what becomes of the promises; just, a lot of words a copy of a speech prepared b t llss:
,.astcd. Yet a writer says that when the next candidate goes Kroll for delivery at the Wood- JSea 8utw: I certainly ap- M. ew
I) p he will accomplished what others have failed to do. (Rather workers' Union convention in MUil- t t Ihecier you mat me Ju! I1,
it than heard it). waukee. o f th L11orrison ]otl nw
SIImore than soIe President will dsover that
4) It's about time all this grand talk stopped and somebody The President will discover that yomuwhle I was there. I ad
bodies got on the ball and looked for ways and means of open- the CIO political spokesman tme but they nearl, re
work, because the crowded unemployment roll will be soon blames the White Housenfor every-. ro me --a al most wOre me
struck en child ren in b un lu ng s....wL :i sh. .. aiet ass In y o u
ov Ierded and you know what happens to overloaded elec- t o d. o you every success In you ofice. His p cW oYa
wir. This speech will make history not i I ve dein y taken Ho
.sit onlyf or markidn labors open hearinlgson'juwhvecn i c You meiny e tnHoe r iall
S. season" on President Elsenhower d- m t rNWt ud t which I gladly r. to ... B.
but for signaling tth return to a l ,L a voluntear--thle best cure is for the t
B n ., A- labC m~osj~l. t of u had R, .mamas and. papas to stay at home fBE NG FA* .Oa
iT .1l NLi CE Dy OlrIT though ab' andoned. -most"ofy L .. M imd ralse their famlies. The re- Traged. ot t Fana QM
Kl~l--k- --------- ,--Thole who heard or read the l "...-:'r,.! .. ,sii., y of.l .. on ^the _ir.t ,
pressIon that bewas.ikened to4 Na DoI Moi b bNews Wis.!B d: When MIt Janasittersoras ldistobodt taari
IHitler Lenin and Musholiim. I taIst FaitaB i .Ingschoolsjust because the pare
Sa Iu K .pulled no punches In his stead w, sing are too las' to looi after thel. Be- help small- .fnt, a
return to the old war series of thp e Qer bec w-wealthy i an L Cey sides, children nowadays have too friend of the big farmer ant the
SCclass trule days on 100 picket baw oris Duke, Brenda Fra- the r e many t to fool t a not big op who has even dated
lines. He cried: a nd Glnori vaVanderbilthave. gotd ted. I. Lan t ore, Sinft el. ours, t t smai c rm, th h aveo i ndt
S.. is.enhoe d 1i fyou andins vidu organized -.. doing the thlg (sied) Harry S. Trnan. by the wayside, woeH just ay-STu
"The ..wisenhower admIn stra. foundations toa asptr rti t Th. e' No Bi, ebd where is fetaer'p eomme-t was, "I abolUsh the Farmers Home Admin-
th is n its most corrupt adminis-I. .. ow ya like this for a switch: Lou Cpoie ( amone s m star in the S*- have never beea the'story so sue- istratio. But whenever. t ries
traction country has had since Cleo Moore, the kissing and a-bus-,'ove ) as wsad up i "." chltold." to atitsbudget, congress buff
the regime and it itf tin' gal, gave a 2-carat star sap-,a& So wa. pAln Epidermis at B at N, rM, ot ,S
is a continue in office -hire to Charels. imonelli, the once tb h roonc when the shoulder pW t*a-rj BENSONS BOYS REHIRED So menson has put the oarmera
ill result in the complete dom- film exec. All that and jewelry o together fur ohe ma low cut sun drsI t Home Administration in the hands

"they Pl i gn t t bHousy W i an o o neow Marlene. I like row a i e besieged what Hom retoretio hresix top agriculture L dmIish tread sai MIn Tex.
a version of the old sheli game-- e '... ne Withers got a Thun- so a ers he'3 even ''. de-,-ent -xetivs .esly as'.trus waste plant oW ,t-. w
yQI'ro su posed to whlch derbird from Ken Errasr, of thehotteran hethe Damone Dept. of -e andt em b sls it ass pae ss
S. "Four Freshmen," and myhow dAys to:t-paybouthe amoe'D baW

.ao .-
0h1 rll ht eharglf President wieh yo1d liae ao know thW Adlaw ie ob asaiero I c a e p cts. l Bagon hk h Beam ir^
bower with saoOtage ofsaick ay th o Da a tr t.the in te
sf ren, cool hitirs o a n olt "e r t so an m b mte a Mthewv t .tr P Jleona rd c rb-o d : th r l
ionb sh l e.tS dfreo w e lRmenes Siva ever tries dto tt a t S a deas s
ine class. SprnowledmthrougIe? ahamre o ahVeg ton UpnS1rt
rwere t e old fshio.ed hissigex-mnager will be waiting at tlheo. m u to t" T'r e el t a bo ati 0e f tt o ,e y o Wl
resu lio "neo wap Ndt nk bto al the show hut to' V aas ter than one.f" dtAstr l eet me t
^ .* Iones line "Tht o Mink Admin- .",r wh.' when Hop e t on. -----erudnt i
l istrat ion." irvaUMo at Ie evinow Wo0,Woo ofLhtWeek: Dandinf sn plc thi. ..
waThe Pe e's Choree: ThougAhtNTltedto beaacsea werhdRe Iub .CopWoman',Hnilfo
I Then Kroll hit the President with ., l ee to b t S Woman" Hori irme ph of c athereera
thse \ ow thyou'd like o know that Adbaai qWs Is a WCho customers. legal ena hAhd to mak tor m fied,
t ist not Ailt away with the aIllinois o- the street. Wellshe the the
(1 cm"I ds ......n.'...Tonerae'o youto do It at that.....l o
use power of. t ,e sut et you a n i mrl ere and be will losoecoul 'tget Ginmore' Steak House (Thank -Heaven): El Morocco A Tly, Dealy to v d in fan prob s. .
Sce leouroppsctiodn ourvecan- Ipercat and maybe more of the the weOptJoe E.Ltw- elegant publicist Leonard Mac bin rixstate d.edit partly be- them are ., 'hw ,
Sthat story yourd ost fver d from nownttal fnL b who is a direct descendant S some didn't w t
mosi remerI,,just-ain't nov w ay- to come I o a vegas to mo del Kitty Koppett.'of & eood king of Scotland,, ba H ortly be elu tido ,/ =
S.tpu.tevnry y to stept t party lfresidentlal convenUon ... Ad- Took mhi anhour, to tell her he'l said he W d sp end his vacation toz the Federal Re mth for Or ,
A1 found I. C touteIn rusasbe back a&e'I _04
SaMussolini in Italy and Hitler In o' to etalquor licm ense day before his Copa opening. wayf d print it. so hapy a- enmsh a, rten lnd Chambev of Cmr
S" Gtoo. Tri swank edto:ub she funs ----- a ard.... Tan
,i 1Ia s w al t er D o t h u N ot m It d A C a r e r o w I tw t h eo n 1 -- c t e nu m 0

vorsI i r^?s e th elf- -. Someoe aske
N M, O .EA N ea a r s aret to u re change as of s a e no in a

boards. Every efort was Un. ottimer. You've got toS
by the White NoUNs staff to 0"eabout the Sept.S Marriage
CO fall tt-ei pro Mike Palatela .. a
avoid the r, J t, Jr., *6 Allentown, P-., d
istration was discralAllal" at=tycoMa wants to runat
against CIO. J;sit in a nlush New York Bast
I _he wr .ie spot. but what's wrong with
i N ow the CIO has declared. m axown. M-x
an Eisenlower, his f and m Whis ownSX
*e habits as well as his i policies. Un- m About Something:

.aI...y r is oeun. ,-- 6
,,a abroad. The h ebfrmrot cld Gk -.
Sn1" h N G b I I ee r

warhi is--696

-..... ._
ba .o b. c.- ._ Combhination *0 ,oq..

_lat I~ Misrthat
a"cu -7_

is mm his
..... 0 .,. : .. m.. .ud
.;; t' d he %as

'"" i i .'.; ] 1

M in ..-" .' '- -" j""
' :.+ +,.+- e :.; + ..< .+- .. .". ; .-
_ # r ^.':.+ ;_ .'-:. 7 ..._, *. **. .- *. *.. .. +
ijl-*=.-" -' '- -" ^ ^ ^ .z" ". ". "'-

*p i. ,' .. : ; .
. *s *^ g ^i& wtn>t C-^ ^

*~~i JCII 3L-* ... ..

.~,. ...
* '~~~j*~4-

an .18 I B tes IAre Ste
s ea th t rtMr -. *

i rdsm ptrolld h l- NP
adeld i. 3 :16-F-rddy Martin Show
Thie masivi blae, touched off :-At-Music For Tuesaay
when a 2-ttory craig plant ex- 4:06-F lttUre Review
god*d r&fly.'ijttUdA m W 4:3N-yWhat's tourtravorite (re-
was er l coatgr a fhc to uests-plese phone be-
ta" .r i Lti R *" tore 2:31)
st oalold to 6:-30-News
two ,we be aowed to ;5:3 Wht's-Yoaur # av orite
burn t e out. 5-. cont'd)
S"td- f Tir e (cona'd)
lafO te killedd 6 U ALmy Band MSA)
tww purtio andi.oWtred hundreds', 6: LUr RrOtOTH
44 ~ yehosptalbsed, ev- RIBON TS
destroiyea nd nof REVIEW
S y the bla1 6 .-o Dancing Party
AY ... .(VOA)
estimated damage. 6:45-Do It Yo)aOlI
sN to a cre insalltion7: W:-N]SCbAMOn"AN MLO-
It milndl ars, 7:15-BQW CHSUTIAN BC1
Si:30 Rport rom The USA
The eo soald. lossB was (VOA) i
covered b I '"deduct-i 85:00 NKLON REDDY'S P NT-
ibile" hidofrdnneb'ieabka Inaur- HOUS8 PARTY (Sea-
ance will tp care a l lOases grama V.O.)
ever oe misEon dollars. The ina- 8:30-Educating Archie (BBC)
surance is slpit among 3Q firms 9:00-You Asked For It (re-
so that none Will be hit too hard. quests please phone be-
nToe company opened an office fore 7:30)
today for personal nJu or pro- 10:25-News
perty damage claims and report- 10:30-Muale From Hotel El Pan.
ed about 20 persona filed claimsI ama
In person while others made in- 10:45-Temple Of Dreama
quiries by telephone. 11:00-Muaic To Dream By
Meamwlle, a team of Standard2 Ign Off.
investigators waited for the fire to Tomorrow, Wednesday, Aug. 31
burn out befesmoving in to A.M.
search for the eiuse of the blast. .__. 4 On ---'he Alarm
aThe exposion occurred in a ."'Clo cb reCaWts-
h*Idrform" cracking plant that .S o n. byh- 7-
employs. relatively new method .:30- -oralzn alon Concert
sof resfta gasoine. However, :l5-Chuch In The Wildwood
spokesman *aid the method is a g:3n__u-".i "iH-c ....
thorughly tested one and there is a'"0-ical Reveille
t.' ,:--Aa1 Heart
eOffical s estimated about 10 per I10:00--Off The Record (requests
cent of the .srawling plant was --please phone before
destroyed, although the fire was 8: 0)
confined to about 15 of the 1,60011:30-Meet The Entertainers
acres. A total of 60 oil tanks and 12:00-News
42 million gallons of petroleum P.M.
and its-products went up in smoke. 12:06-Lunchtime Melodles
12:30-Sweet And Hot
Hond s.' Power 1:00--News
Hond.Va. Power i:15-Muc. Of Manhattan
1:30-.on Of The P1ol0921
BPRINGIEtLD, Mass. '(UP) 1:45V-Wrrlars of Pace
-- You it. almost onm and a half 3:q,.-Date In Hollywood
more Oft pounds of energy eutta 2:15-n1ingc Am.ericans.
1 wgCTp&et nt dry .a S x nZ= umAWshow

c tut 11:70 85:I. ta Tour Favorite
ad renqured only 10,- (cont'd)
f1t o pounds per 100-.square 6:0--Serenade In Blue (UV )
feet.. 6:15-BLU RIBBON PoRTS
0 :U0-.,e1chrino Musicale
Low -Proein Diet 6:45-Sclenee On The March
"-' ,, 7:00-NXCAP OR04N MWLO-
Proven DNo Bor DBIB S
i 1,. 7:15-Freddy Martin Show
T intmunization 7:0- o- Fror m The Ar
m .C..--. (UP) Low pro. M**- ma ED Y'S (T-
te rati ed to hogs will not U pARTy (S
prevent sccegoful immunlza- grai m.." voA.
tion aImut hbgtcholera, the Amer-1 8:--Worl-NOfJl (VOA)v .
Scan Vetornary Nedleal Associa- 9:00-You Asked for It (re-
tion r t ."" (Bt-p abe p onm be-
-VMsa-d It had been wide-e fore ) be-
y'.ved :th.atswiae qn a low 10:25o-- New _
protai' ration +were poor vaccina- 10:30-Mutei By Roth
tion Iks.. 1 11:00-Musie To Dream By
With *ine _si emphasis placed 12:00-Sign Off.
n thee t eatIra onf .ah .eeral --
more mvs*viaO are plUmnnedly Zxplnaion of symImb I
veterinary eieltaw to sEiy k- BBC-Briltlsh Broadcutlni Cor-
or beloleve o iatdirfenrith Jthe pratlOn ;
de veIomen I olid immun/y -USAU-.- Amy ..
againt hoanolerajA the wsoclL- IA -UA Air fce
VOA-VOtIC of America
...St iwfi^ aif r' .. -* j .j"** i -- -

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. -

Bbed the marathon battle
was watched by some 5,000
Wyrod's hand was nearly
Saw by one of Rollins' shot-
no blasts and Oberdinaki was
ased by the same charge. Shot-
u pellets also struck two p e r-
sons in the crowd.
. Rolins moved into the home of
gun collector Bernard Smith, with
whom he had once roomed, i
week ago. That was one day aft-
er Smith and his family had left
for a vacation in tscky.
Neighbors believed -' ith had
asked Rollins to watch the house
and paid no attention to him un-
til late Sunday when one of them
saw hmm walking between to hous-
es with a rifle under his arm.
police were summoned and Rol-
a greeted them with a hail of
Inllets. A crowd quickly gathered
ad police were reluctant to use
their aevovers O the fear that on-
lookers might be hit.
Tear gas charges were fired In-
to the house but Rollins refused to
come out. Finally, after minutes
passed without a sound, Wyrod led
a three-man police rush into the
Rollins, who was descrIbe by
relatives as a quiet, Bible-read-
Ing recluse, hid in a closet and &
pb fire with a shotgun whn
the police approached.
Wyrod and Oberdzinski were




.C .d. Fa 'Ji*dAses Wepo

in Losing t ith 100 Policeme

DETROI' Aug. 3O (P .- Po- wounded and the officers qulq1
lie counted 2 bullet etIa today retreated from the house.
-i the hody if a ear t g OWy Minutes Jater, a fire broke a
Worker who hoed up i ncol- in the attie of the houan~ m d R
leotor's home and tutrne" 1.ans was forced to abandon h
a dozen weapons On mnia l ar fortress. He made a dabh '.i
my of conveg ing ceWA. freedom out the back door bx
DetecUvea said Chatles L, Rol- was cut down by police bth
Ixne used 11 ahotg Ul, rfle and asd died en route to receiving hC
pistols in his losing fqur-hour bat- P Pe..
W with 100 policemen last night police said Rollin a nephew
oe was cut dow by a stream of Smith' s wife had noprevious
Whets when smoke ad tear gas ice record tt would account
fiualy forced him tQrom the I hou the sudden shooting sp% e. Th
rtly before midnight. said Smith might be aba to hl
I somq light on the reason f
o licemen, Walter Wyrod Rollians' actions when he return
d Anthony Oberdzinski. were from his vacation.

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ps. the bet pa, against To Follow
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S a aderstorm Is IaIde. an auto .
pil.~ban 81 -Ajn jo

ut fYor nit near. anSIR b
to yth when the hit tnl
rta g ody PW .r 'said the best place to head furl Is
de take th a large metal or metal frame
or useat decide to refuse building. If you can't find indoor THIfV'ARHUMAI
kt Pobably have to shelter, keep away from small i M A erwald,
The very ned sheds and shelters in an exposed' his daokgi -partne
w ilprobably.,tell ybu area. the elentist away
eg i. ert randbted at a-re
Iqolatedu'..tralwi'e Mecern Pmfea of A
2t- Wet plays a low heart tops and e pe aloMns n. ,
t' care it the world, you g 0romu to be near d n.n e
M t, Eut has the ace ol tral. storm, he added.e -
. la thqt can yot swiftly ter in a cave, a depreasin in
c.lub In order to drive ground or in'a, hmatu vwoo ..
-L out first. But If West' area. 1 -
'yippu' sut UP t e. areg you'ree indoors whbn the t ,rMn
Sccfl ti ga sttike4, .w; *w from metald'Ob-
sv.db.' .t v d atv s an. jea opeu 44.' d -fwa.f a... ..... .

- z ANm aIg qiuM t


. ,..K\.

"- *
h-' .'


In the Dark

I. aMSm.

OftR4 I0

N. TOO-Out of character but not out of step
an atomic scientist from Italy. One, look at
r..,Can-Ctan" star Lilo, explains what pulled
from his equations. Aebereswald and his part.
iception during the International Conference on
atomic Energy at Geneva, Switzerland, _



4 .

Saak. Pievlew







Yes, He's Wal l!'


Roof to Roof



RALPH-i Twabw :o
aJNDeit orTI.Ne

- Lmhy Day

'-4.- .
; ." J .


'- .


Ft i

' ,

\ *
" ** ; *.'

A -

'. ...- I
: ,. \

ALLmE 001




By V. T. A .U


o05 Oa WAl

at j i. mSkA-f

''';; ~- -,

' -- -.-.~-~--r--;r -- .-





: ::: .

. .' -..

AMt fMT .T00 W


.. <-, -/ '4 '.. -
^ '*^ -.. ", ";l' l..'

.... : 4.^w. '* .
7. 1.
- 6 .f.

--_ C.-. -. *
ItMWAS fl Nl aB^
TV ':l "I

." .'M "* '
,:;" t" *- "- -


4.-.. .
.v. ~ ,t.
r-v- ?~4t~ -. I ." ,1 p a d M- .. I- a e.. t,, o E o
% Be~ m of r-a t 1 .. 4 aose. ... -- .- 1 n r, r s / .i, ... -
a s .-e is, : ,, ., .
-..- .... u S Ca n J, B. '- -" 1 ,

,it a .s i A.ter-a bTave t ea. trio -. 'an-ow .. .tr e .i.n.. "the o a ....
',MWis aVal e, the. C o.up-., A ..e.atwhom es Y& .l& -bu tt ....Mr. anod Mr

at Tiere d g1ep JWSHte !i CJneam ues nowCted by n atht d
i ', ,e. d -." r .n o. .. e r ard J el d in s
h-Mi-. Sar, Su. a y. j Far. s a
..tb e' I -d o Tt ..% p -i- i , o B.. H. *S0. Fa3 Fepi. on*I -. I a Bla 'O i bw

[al ISijdle. ler ,t hes ab-ssafor ,l,-a
S .g "~ .I ,' ,+o -of Etirado o.stL- Was host .utest
daa y at a chw arelatalo ad-M.. a d Mrs.
i Foreign Dr. o.tavi L.a- ; ar Oe n wr ora a e hte
rat4snm; -l a" Rth, on July i -rm, i.

dtth e la o14 Sel wis an hions h ave been i:'ed but *il D. Boyrieel wero eiro. t.i. e p l B.,r. !h
jtiw lndFollowing the annual meeting o dent .-he Ah b ntre Side. p -
nemer at the Uctony Club .1
A. r.s bt he.l"- members the

dshme worn elbow- LSc. 3BW BrightanCianwhosNEW K at Ltm bartn nhew isp otas
ge % pe4 j irs. Herman Powell, formerlysal.ed wthMrs. Bright ativr 'a M tr In
Sbaughut of r of Ft. Davis, who, a recently dai abo theC f URNS Gibbous en the peaock b ness

a was' I u. Janeiro, Drezil,. jas arrived n K o Ky. :- wrh npu, vioet
Sas matron exf ectly for a stay with her son- Ms4. Bright $s the former Miss oid ls c
a white ny i-Sdayw ait daughter Mr. and it Rosemary M.ay ofd William X. Under-
I 1entrDr..ore rrio. a-mms d.-g--edtl irth of durgh ter h ortant fa. So a satin
LAR..a'mS K oRuth, on July .- K -t, s ud w

while "- et? "nsalRMl..-.eet t na- bro iofy1 e son ch an
o en1 t- .- Atlate .hipc-. 7

be a. M. ad M I. C em oS h te primary MARK n's UC tl ? our socilpllds. Auttic tartans u sed I
,Whit smoker at tr club., Fr t.Ko Ky.2 c.... 'to : Ii
I h" wort'elbw- --7.Sfe. BillBri t, an Istmin whoi NEW YORK, -. (N...-. the .-Spicyqto. pry
or ncept"on whi h follow- -Balbo. have aaunce h ehoo Bttalio Ca tal Zone and the Fin wlas a ro urcefl choo ild. wa -" o s, mini atur e patternSl....
qd 't h e s Hos, Mrs. vas atent and approawell, mar- aled wit e is the so DenMrsBied parental care, e made ."o me I Frn, totacjdt 0 of Katen
oh the grm, had their daughter en of M me Bright, his environment take car of don't emr Greenwy show f a
S tiered gold fruit ga trout ii. Joseph Edward now Pas C. him and deloped at kll "OU ould he sa ve shrt style p ol ham
Swas. jas Iloft rived n K

S'decoted -with white ptlys f or.etar wit ers n- ~ In taking cath that belonged ly had co here find ray with ginham. Thi ci tab-l
a n a sminiatu es D s, K. lg to the Mississi p RIver. it e a d a blose ', th there
bri. and groom. white y- a Ife aau My friend ,ickMr.any was just dMlst Weak. asy tar ma ra .a .t.
roth the bride d groom are The wedding has been get forr. us aeroMrr DrThis. RSfael D B oyrht's second lo like him. His drunken parent It. out Debby w. resist,

he with the clam of 1351 and he nto Church. No formal invita- mCanada where he will join MrsI made his environment produce 84 sat lero that covers a top nold pot-
the class of 14rn She is an tions haReve been issued, ut was te Boyrie, who has been vacgh ation- I for him. However, his resource- hat, t e. sin chambray.
a th eT Army at Coo sal friends Manthe co.School.i- will be we- t ..,had tp be disapproved. h o i
bemeM.a Miss Hasema a is a iM te ."ht.aM RMane not Rivern's NeIa d.a, ., b Itrtns. t

S heladeInkk hopnimayminr'reet. As I abud 1 tdsP
liehe oal. oo d t l w a r c he pw t not save AT

twtI was resdtte& Unlike tohdo seat e
'telr.' n ai It R 0pe I.N "Z Intensive Sp is'h Ca
oi 4.. the rom,-had .ba.edofMr.-~no en, Br iduga ptedh inow .t oft

--llikav. a:th i .1
-"L "" :: 'city-. SK... "" I 'k. .; ":

America'n most beautiful waitress is waitd4 w .
chlliAg as she relaxes at Las Vegas, Nev. Diane at.i,
Beach. Calif., is hir name, and she'a been elected "1.



Ballet Tap toe and women's clasum.
Registration for class, which began October 3rd, wI kf.
held Tuesday, Wednesday snd Saturday
Sept. 1, 7 and lO-troM 9 to 11 a. .
at House 744 A, Las Cruces Street, Balboa.
Previous students may register y
Phoning Balboa 17?1.

We wish to thank our many friend&..
the wonderful expression of sympathy'
Sacts of kindness shown during our re
bereaverment of the loss of our dear.
Jackie. .-


burse from EPTEMBER n th to
rt t minutes* on n- i _Jme a

"' '.
'. .'7 ; -C '

Registratiom Au9! 31
. i*ar.m. to 5jI p.m.

IM. l A uSW*tte Ag. w th.
,B AmeiIs, Ic. and
o f sw and AffIlfla
,'- : 1 *..m AriI* e._
.'i; 'a. i2I k



7 ,

ty.,ougan., a .da ..At- )aV hard it Is--0e in" g of Qm
Mrs. Thomas E. o. f.M me &.'t get the Know what Mr. Stare s
AfiT M, e. ae. ... B lIIIiiljie As he'd io am? A link in it, Just like
sr babfMr ate MrsN I W A. ot expeoeielod i protection, and the President of the
are Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Gour of he-just couldn't trust any rules States. Something, huh?
Marlboro, Mass. n it made for him. It wa" a something
Sgt. Gour any now stationed in YOU'D be surprised how east- straightened things ou
Germany.l_________ iy the problem was solved for tween Mickey and his or
him. merlt. And may be usel
W "0 : -4. l He told me about It -one day other children who i
I w fl y u lP Jwhen we were both pretending that they're the only
II'f -" to watch some other boys in a who have to obey.
|4 MAK5 Il baseball workout..-
i J "The youngster at bat had
I truck out. Snorting with dls-l
Sgul t Mickey said, 'l"Tey pat I
that jer 'on the .mound their I


When a friend shows you some! -'-
newly acquired possession, never By GAYNOR MADDOX
ask its price.
If she wants you to knew, she We've been looking around for
wilw tell you. vegetable recipes to perk up Au-
Sgust -menus.',Here are some-
-- mnexpensive. .See i you like thm.
A Quick ?aP e Cqrr4a 'N' Ouea
I -9 ..W .(k 3;= 4)

W We C Mbmi ~Wash, scrape and shred enough
..--Ij. fresh golden western-grown carrots
'v *,to'/,/ m-e fUpi. Add one cup onion,
-J -' cheopped or grated. Heat one-
/ "jlk-.' quarter cp bacon fiat in a heavy
S I l 4k4. Add carrots and onions.
SSeason light)a with salt and p ePr.
Cver mod -cook slowly just until!
Svegetables are tender--about 101
minutes. Sti frequently to prevent
Sstiekig, .usig liberal portlie of
butter or margarine -over the dish
Jut benus a erv. w .
AkflB' MeSS: If you are
1s40 lull'e prepIarig aru eie meal, place' thel
w".-carrotsWd lmhs In a bakng dish
I SKIM4 1 ATIONS with a t .Cover. Bake at 310
S Ih E ATi wiyl odehees. .fr o.0 alf hour.

Ba e w b Dide,.,r (4 sr ngs)

Daper Chof ir, fldSe ad a
htfl bAm RuA as Amu
ifu '. doiss
Sflm"h--*y me

to-go if m ON--l' A
. t S i am .

I I tlT i n si la
ea (M e "..e" "e 9 -

d threw. ip west
cabag o. k in an .u
d pnt, slsig see-hair !ncl

convemaiop, cofiJo5m on ynoa rasuiayu. r t.?.'7
SRegistratton opened at Secretary's Office. painn buildi"of Utivertal) frOM&'
matvd. ,,, 9 to 12 and from 3 to 6'p.m. High School Diploma required toat.ldents irBl .'.
ys Im for cre0ttA. Mtadents for non credit are also admitted without such requtirea nt ,

N OW 4-----a


. I -IN

anAfk si


+ I

llX PUtll tFFIt
s.M a
- M0

I 1I
37D AIM I*rfa35
45* ,fi.

I1 \YT




Sov p27.00
(4i*Bwd-ep. 40- SO dog tlm)
..v(t.r.r ) mws..

Vlst Mexico... Your money wI go
Song way
High speed ultra-modern equipment with press.
surizqo and air-condluioned cobins.
Stop ers prmitted both ways with 30 day

VistW your travel

Pnauer. I 5tet N 5, Tel. 2.0o67 Clo1Wiiel Milo.,w




Stm goes on.-.- -
: ,' -:**.
Formerly 0.50 ......NOW-. y' x" -, 0--
* TAFFETTA, all colors
Formerly 0.60 ............. .tmQW O-.t d

Fsrtiwrly '-.76 and 0.90 NOW 3 yds. x

Form irly -1.95 ..........* .. W.i.
'II. o* ...... -w -. :
"" + :" __ '.s i


44. -.
- ~;t ~.,

" "' f "
La r .L r '..v *...

____~__1~1_ ___

-- --~' I--'~--"---~---- r- -- ------'---_ ~.-L_

_ _____ __


_ _

_ __ ___ _


- ----M -1AL

1.1 -;,

I -


: ... : V' .T,
A A"r"A R .C
., -- ":'' ."
.f. ,i,,^-f.'- Kit.-, f. .-:,x. ,,, ,^p
.PAAM A uMCA --',_?-Wa0

- Ai

*..7w.AtCV22'L.A^ -^.
.-. .. ". .-' .-. *. 'L .
,. -- ^,,.. ^..,
.. .., h .. ,- .'



A V. ,. ,E..- ,. "

.? ^ 16 ^ ... ,*.. .;_.,, ,-; *.' .?..: ;.} .
"- ..: :' ... ,- ... :.,-.. .. .-.j*....4 :. .

;c. tr44. ~ ~ AM ,~
~ rj~'sd.a~


yr ~
**"f /4
~S.0q.i.UJ.y t. -

i^. ^; '. .- ...^-. _.




I .- -MN

t &elt he6 13
a of. Jml ALa. A J i2.
JUM AiMa*6flt Oa.. aLE


Comnd Ave. 6
Me9 i i1WWr40 W ,' 5 ,',, .

r 3o c



4S9N3W Ave.
AgenclalntriaL de Publeiaones
Stows Av.

' --"" -M a ,
A mJ- t.. -. -

N IOA I- Tl i" I
-' 1 W ^^t~'^ .*-""S"

_ I_ I* -- j- i_--.. i. ... i- ". i i a*#*:* l -. a a's-a"


Casti zone Det a tyclime1ef

ie, (40 of ,Iu w gA'AN

; Phone 2-655

S Chiropracti"

(Paler Gradumte|
, J i A mo _Lux

P .sers Shies Moversn
Phsme 2-241 -- 2.2562_
Lat Ridnl at
7Riding j Jumpin eland" dailv
. -e Spm.. Phoeme 1-0279
o. nby eplhtmat.


Doren Wale School of Dnting '
re opniRn SWF ek. RngitMtion
Anulut 29.-0.31-10:00 eam.
to 5:00 pm*. Cllumbus Club,
Balboe. Rdename pOne 2-2363.
A Word T tenagerst Don't
odely to rlister for cleiMe
sNrtin $ept.17th t1lelboa Y'
9 WAm. For primary course ar
Slusfoet At erb, Jimru F t r o t, I
Wolf & PyII t Dances. Only,
tienage clors; will be held at
Balboa YMCA. Cell Balboa 2-
4239 or Panama 3-1660. Her-
neff & Duna.

Help Wanted
WANTED: Med far general
housework end laundry, to live
in. Must have references. Call
Panama 3-2540 btwen 3 1I 6.
WANTED:-Good cook. Please
apply withlreforences, 50th St.
No. 30, upstairs.
WANTED5 -Ck. Good salary.
usbioh A. Moralos Ave. No. 7,
El Cengrjeo.- I
WANTED:-Maid to cook. wash
and iron; smell family; attrac-
tive s e I a r y; recommendations
necessary. Phone Poname 3-

Boats & Motors

FOR SALE:-21' sailboat, sleeps
two. Fully equipped. Aux. motor.
$600 or best offer. Phone aIl-
L_.... U

be e 2-147'.
CENTER Panama Line
S PECIALO ailings
gift -

Monday Thi m1nMday
r sappoeatment
..s S.$*besS4

A large number of college stu-
dents returning to school in the
United States following summer
va tion. nt' the Isthmus are a-

FOR SALE:-7-ou. ft. Kolvino.
tar refrigerator $70; "White"
cabinet modl sowing' mchiner,
prbtically new. $120 with rt-
tahments; dining tabli and 4
chair $30. Phone 2.1434. No,
14 Tivoli Ave., Apt. 7C.

FOR SALE: -- Used outomatie
Bendix washing machines in ox"
allent eonditiep. 60-cycle. Bar-
gain for only 550 each. Only a
few left. Phone Colon 1462.
FOR SALI -Powe lawa mow-
or table and 4 chairs, mald's
bed. ladder. wkhoolrrw and
yard tooe, miellaneous house-
hold gods. Phone 3-0378 Pan-

FOR SALE:s-5-pleee mahogny
living room set. Call 87-8100 or
see at 2363-C, Cooaf, C.Z.
FOR SAL: 1950 Studibekeor
Chempilo 4-deor, overdrive, Mo-
die, now soat, covers end' bet-
tery, 2,dl idtfon, duty paid.
S$495. Pkh*e 301783 fImne.
FOR SALI.-1950 haulec Spar
ceial 44eoir, on 4adrfea, pow
battToy, sa@ tires, seat covers,
$595. HeM 0590 Ancon. 2-
131 0 .

FOR SAlE: '53 Ford. rdie,
leather, e.ellent. $1125. Tele-
phone Curundu 2196.


dog. aquatic s ppe. Tppleel
fishes, plaen. Acmisd TnWil
Pet Shop. 49 Vi -ImpfW. Pone
FOR RINT---Apatomsot wth owr
without fumitwn: 2 hof rom'.
ru*eed beokyrd. ApAKCa

FOR SALE:-l0%'4 -fes in
heastone of GMe:h ad :Ms-
nmes wgant. for H e,
SCoraeal and -eJo.i 4o Pe
(M.,ken>. Ampp'b'".MARtM,.
.LSIA," S Strunt e. 52 newO
1t-44. Poweam. ihMe 2-2646.

POR SALE-4 now r:oema
stools at c-kfuorcrM UotA
stord soot, eak. l-.60
Pjin. -4982.. e.p. to 6 P.m.
FOR SALE.-HoreMs and mams.
Camif A. Panes. 43rd Street
No. 44, Belle Vb]t.
FOR SAuI-T.w trunks. lro,
S5ft; mediAi, $7.50; likt ,for
$15;; bnWbyf foihn. ta1e $15;
carpet eweepe '$3. Phone 2-
1310 Ancen.


FOR S4Lfp-'54 bedgo s.

Priced]. el $1750. .92 Am-
ode Rd. Bose 2-29-64.
Real Estate
WE BUY Sai end MIeM Rel
Eslet. "s p o lfMel obIw."
Cathednrl P.I Pme Tele.

FOR SAi. Sm ALEoe hen t
sEBU, Se caRduMenRe
Sni, C,!: 6 b*4. law .aRI

2 oe wit, bearing fruit trees,
ort 'eind itoroto. Wll sac-
rific for $4500. Mrs,. W. H.
.Keqan. Phqne 2-1310' Ancep.

Chilen Senale

To dSle. Strikes

SANIAGAO Che Augf. -30 -
(UP)-The Chilean enate con-
siders today- demands from. Pres-
Ident CaIros Ibonex for sweeping
extraordinary powers to deal
with a spreading strike wave and
frustrate what he termed a "se-
ditious" plot.
Ibafiez called on the Congress
to grant him the power to es-
tablish a state of siege, suspend
Individual guarantees and re-
strict freedom of the press for
six months.
. In a message delivered to the
6Ite yesterday, IbAfiez aaid
.:flwerT were necessary to
aStlQus plan clever-
>-.i. *l dkAathe
Ibans .saiod ti m
living In a period of unrest, ac-
centuatig ap chaotic t4-u'u01n


modern furknsed l p meals, I,
2 bodr woj.h.bef 14old wat6r,
Phne. P"Mae 3-4941. "
FOR RENT.-. Efficiency apart-
mnt With on bedroom. In betd
rsidtil ditrlct. Phasone 2-
1661 during offiq hours.


at Saner Chfsu tami&,T s

ew, lo "37eM.bA 37

rLoww e tes. 15a. mo
-.1515 ow'3-2015..

-I ; _

FOR RENT-L U irioau 2-bed
rem phetaomeia n bea resides.
tipl district. Phoe 2-1661 der-
-nag office boi,.
FOR RrNT-,-Smo. quiet, inr
depewudeit pa enent, rnshd
or unFurldq, oere'fo.m Ho-
tMl E Peonme in "Glewkle"
building. Apply Foel Helcn
next door.
FOR RENT: Apeitment with
two bedrooms, living rom, din-
ing room, etc. Phone 30588.
FOR RENTI-1-bed4room aprt-
mont, ground floor, nnfurnished
$60. furnished $75. 43rd Stret
No. 1-91.
FOR RENT: Apartment, un-
furnishd., fine flewr, all crmn-
ed, 2 bedrooms. both, parlor-
dining room, kitchen, hlo water.
maid's room, orare, $115 pr
month. Information: Camlea A.
Pores, 43rd Street No. 44, Iel-
I. Vista.
FOR RENT:-2-bedrmm apart-
ment, living Mwnt dining room,
screened, San Francisco. Phene
Belboa 1464.


FO RRENT: Claon furabhed,
roim. Beautiful roldedntill oea.
Near all bus sop. 43rd Stret
Nb. 13.
FOR RINT: -- Large furnshed
room, good ibthrkno. AmorIan
Inspected. Just Aroemena ve.
and 31tStpt, No. 9..
-' iAi. nl ..a .. .. r ,-

PHm m." ..... ,.--
PHie, IM, *eeia, 4Ces .
Pa I- >.877. .ie -
bol 3-J71.

Reds Accused

Of Neglecting

Hurt US Flier

The United Nations military com-
mand charged yesterday the Com-
munists withheld proper medial
treatment from a shot-down U.S.
airman in -'erans disregard of the
probably grave consequences to
his ]ime."
. The U. N. command also said
the Beds attempted to "explot"
2nd Lt. Guy H. Bumpn e for
"propaganda" despite his dan.
gerougly wounded eendition.
It charged 'that 'Bu m npa s, of
Jackson, Miss., apparently reepiv-
ed no hiedical treatment from the
Communists. uitil the second .ay
after tie leds shot d ow n his
plane Aug. 17 over the demlita
rized truce- zone between North
and South Korea.
I ven then the Communist doe-
tors. merey sewed up his wounds
which could have caused, menin-
pitliath UM, charged in sat ,
I mfjb..!1m uuuiiutl

;,;i :...

33 AA *'

-TU r.t.NT ,

$12 .W(** -6

i .s .. a- -... .
-m mmFr OhaM s srW .

w 1 0 i .
xstt /Aug 30 (W -
W"ef' etA V0ce'cpmg In
rMiami er.prlv*W" l t-
h O' charge eity
court tqda. .
Mrs. Adel & Martin wifje6
atof ViceL Co asul VicnuteMtrt-
nez, Aid her maid were mreat-
ed y. etoctvea o. .they "t
leavlb a doimtown store. itea
yetrdAy attaDoon. They .weSO
chre with pett J 4 en.-T,
- PoI, chargM the V. -Con
sul's wife with the theft of two
'perfume bottes and a pQ der
box valued at $3, and the maid
was charged with the theft,( a
32.9, manicure set. -
Detectives said they .ptnessed
the two women taking the arti-
cles .
SVicf consul Martine posted
200'bond -for his 36-Aar*eld
-wife- and. the. maid;

Sk W w '* huasmso l sea.- *.
B :,... .-.. ,-. *-.. "* I P aa i. .ai .* ..
No passengers have been -'

New York follows:
lof tTaft Richard Abbott; Francis M.
ag I Adams: Mr. and Mrs. Theodore
S Issu A. Albritton and five -children;
William A. Altman; Mrs. Viryinia
ITT A.n 30 tUP) -C. Anderson; Walcer E. Benny,
Co rp .lnd TCIO United Jr-.; Miss Elizabeth Clare; Miss
l _Workes negoatorsj today Joyce Collinge; Miss Bara Col-
a. a t least a dozen unre- linge; Mr. and Mrs. Eanuel
side issues" w fi hi Congani: Miss Katherine J.
e d to sena 13,000 e- Cross: Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F.
^ on srike ai mianitant r and Mrs. B. A. Darden-,
oorw..James Davidson; Tommie A.
.,,, h nboth side have been Davidson: Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
*- n- on IL ........ guar-L. H. Demers; James N. Doye,
wae contract6 a4- oa Mrs. Ma:.-y L. Driscoll and son;
e gart of notiazuns|Ml m Lottise M. Edmionso; Mrs.
a 27, theyoamited mi- Regina Enj unto Q. and 2 chil-
nof. ufs have sioweg the i Len; Miss Marian Evans; -Mrs.
to vSWal atansi ll. aMaroo Gandasegul and 2 chil-
union barganing ban d dren; Louis A. (oiez; Mr. and
lrigthened by an almost Mrs. William F. Grady; Miss sal-
'rSto-lke vote among Canry-ly Grigg; and Thomas Gzlmi-
lir ptoyeg and a 22 million Bo.d
trike fund built up by John D. Hayes; Robert J.
e SicAW duray t1he zou3r ientacheid Dr. Elizabeth Hoyt;
toenhts. Since May 1, he unlor Dr and Mrs. Henry J. Keane
ha upped monthly idues or i s and 3 children; Mrs. Dorothy B.
k than one milon member King i. and Mrs. Frank Koe-
hro gani.S t$.o 7. it nihge sad 2 children; Paul J.
apsbzl, UAW stcretar Lasmo: Mr. and Mrs. Walter 0,
r and one of the union'a Laurie and son: Kenneth R. Lee;
tors In the Cbrys- Mr. MArorie L. Lewis; Mr. and
eported before today Mr&_ WI-t-m R. Lundy William
t"at the union h a McKenna; Don McLaughlin; Mr.
la strike fund goal. The and Mrs. Andrew J. May and 2
began amassing its huge children; Miss Anne C. Magee;
.=d last spring In anti- Rdbert B. Memminger; Ouy C.
of possible strikes a- Mtne; Mr. and Mrs. Martin
either Ford or General Nickel; Mr. and Mrs. Theodore
Olson: Joseph T. Oliver; Horace
V. Parker; and Jack H. Pearson.
Hamlier, no money was need- Ma Patricia Quinn; Mr. and
^fi Ford and OM Mrs. Erwin F. RAmsey ,and 3
)e B panels grant- children; Mr. and Mrs. Robert
i B autoladustry's L, Ridge and 3 children; Miss
gflrag H w gae. ggntracta SrBe amuel; Herman W.
wt i;Mawfrtifne tapo 1b ; Edwin G. 8chull; John
...aa f. ohn Joseph Smith;
S n W of ThM"as 8. Smith; -Mrs. Erene

offered the un-
tjp -m- terms.
ptth44tfef boa


U' #AiEaUfllt'r

8pltxer; Mr. and Mrs. Paul S.
W Helen L. Thoms: Charles
'ft- Townsend; Kayleen Jane
Vintpa; Mr. and MOs. Alan S.
Wallace d stepon, Robert F.
Zuvnftdo tie-at Wa-
tsm; and Mr. and Mrs. Robert
t-Wblte amd 3 children.

Miss Sweater Girl
Contest To Be Held
By Bel-Air Club
A-mtest to choose MiMsn
atr rl of 196" will be
s"a here by the newly-1
r-JA* r Club, It was an-

is have been selected
It si Te esteat which
Msdtre.P nof Alfred

A Az-
at~~~~ei Qii fl

sauH iyp ,. ...Im :E .: .. II q-
IMPRES0f4t$T1O ART--Sculpture effects people in different
ways, as witness young Ray Plhmper 4 Bemen, .111. "Migrant,"
one of the art treasures exhibited nuathe Bement, Centennl&l,
inspired Ray to make like a bird. The theodore tosz.ack creatUop,
is valued at $7500.

THE PRICE OF "COMING CLEAN"-The "prisoner" in the
Stocks is none other than Ohio's Gov. Frank J. Lausche, paying
for the crime of shaving. Lausche made the mistake of visiting
the Canton, Ohio, sesquicentennial celebration without a beard.
Offering him a cigaret is Canton's Myor Carl Wise.


Tires & Tubes
Automobile Row
Tel. 2-4624

(h ranteed Tk Months
100 Level
siUe Black White Wall Site Black White Wall
GOOxWi 1550 18.50 670x15 18.96 2;95
I60x15 15.95 18.95 710x15 19.95 23.45
7tl0xS 16.95 19.95 760x15 21.95 645
79x15 18.95 22.95 800xiS 23.95 S.95
Wo S' 23.95 25.95 820x15 27.45 3.95
ar1 34S.95 '26.95
With Old 'lires No Mounting Charge
t .. redit If Desired.
A --" -.-.-.. .--.
-S 7'7

"-I Sw ewuavau s"aent wpopm-
patlble with o e econcple and
n tal poallt~es 't the
loury, creating a seditious up-
rising in some public services."


New York Compete

For Trigger Burke
-CIAR STQN, S. C., Aug. 30-
(L..)tr-.A MasgashLsetts assistant
district attorney arrived today to
compete .-witb Nw York officers
f'c"usody! of Elmer (Trigger)
Burke; accused hired gunman of
watertroot wars, but the govein-
ment put in a priority claim over
both states.
Y Edwaxd, Sullvan, assistant
Sufiolk Cou'a ; Mass.. district at-
Wtrn, j h could not say any-
thing about the case until he had
conferred with officials here. I
Two New York City detectives
arrived Sunday with a warrant
charging Burke with murder in
the July 24, 1952, slaying of an un-.
derworld acquaintance, Edward
Walsh, in a barroom brawl.
Massachusetts wants Burke for
the fantastic escape he pulled in
fleeing the Suffolk County jail one
year ago yesterday while being
held in connection with the tinks
armored car holdup.
Officials of both New York' and
Massachusetts vowed to fight for
custody of the 37-year-old ex-long-
shoreman and one-time Army
Ranger who surrendered without
a struggle when surrounded by
FBI agents Saturday night near
his rented cottage at Folly Beach.
Suffolk County Dist. Atty. Gar-
rett H. Byrne said in Boston, "we
will put up a terrific fight to get
this desperado back."
But in New York, Dist. Atty.
Alfred J. Seotti said "we intend
to make every effort to bring
Burke back to this jurisdiction to
face this first degree murder In-
The federal government, whikh
set up the capture of the fugitive,
apparently sided with New Yrok's
claim to Burke.
U. S. Commissioner Earle N.
Bishop sIaned a warrant in New
York Caling for the return Of
Burke to that state to face fedlr-
al charges of illegal flight to a-
void pracewuton.
Meanwhile. Burke was b e0i n.
held und' close guard in the
Chbarletof County jail. He said be
would extradition to either
New yVT or Massachusetts t
asked IN a
U. S& COmnnisaioner Gaines w.
Smith, wr totaling p.
o00 fSl s wheduled arn
:et =I. NBond was set I
lor of the New YeSk
and MaS5 ett5 charges.


Services Here- 7 a rm';:'V a
... *Army observer Ca Charles W.
Conventional services began H C. r, 3 '
yqterday 'at the King Solomon S. senior delega to the arm
Spiritual Temple f alibethlan twice Comimissmo, told the Comme
Church of God) on "P" Street nists that Bumpas "cannot recall
here and will continue u n tiI receiving any medical, treatment
Monday. until the second night following hi1
Special' prayers and soul-win- "q~bat which was then received
ning services will be the main consisted only of sewing up his
feature for the eight nights. The wound," he added.
general assembly of the Church- Parks said the flier, 'Jto t h e
esof God will meet In Armory, best of his knowledge, was never
Cleveland, Tenn. to celebrate the X-rayed by your doctor and your
50th annual golden jubilee, treatment and handling'.of him re-
flected a' crass disregard of the
Bishop Homei A. Tomlinson, probably grave consequences to
general overseer is in charge, his life."
Delegates from every nation are Examination by AmAerican dot-
expected to be present at the tors showed Bua pas asffred sia
convention, separate fractures of the skull and
a five-inch laceratipn over h 1i
The services here will be con- right eye. Parks said. fe ffrae-
dueted- by the overseer, Bishop ture projected into the eight front-
Reginald : Rhoden-James. Rev. al sinus.
FaUter Oscar E. King, Deacoin "ThiT fracture could very w eally
Edampod Toppin, Deacon E. Mit- have resulted in the absierption
cheU; Rew. Mother G. U. Head- secretion nto the brain tissues
ley, Mother Clara Joseph -and causing meningIws. the S. del
Leadress E. McLean. egate ai f dneros
Vtesuse of "hl.dgeros
,, emdesU he ostDhlave b e.n
a ler ease 'aid M permitted
by Your side to walk.'
When he was freed by the Reds,
Bumpsp. walked unescorted from,
the Communist ide acres th
truce line o waiting Allied Offi-

ColmbIan Pipers

tHave Olkial

O For hwsprhnt
BOGOTA. Colobi. Aug. 30-
(UP) The government, in A
new blow at the pres, a
ed today that newlpe wia
be unable in future to impo
newsprint at the preferentW
rate unless they have offlaW
An annoUncemSnt said the
lndoremient of the new NetUOCI
&l .Publiettions CorPWo DW
be required a o future pm
ierenUal import te g"- or
new sprint. +vo no 1nrS S ,
o the cnd a newspaper
6t1 haive' tofuil t get


1954 Chewlet

Rhige imas.


1951 Packard
Do -

.-i-th im a

853 'ft

Whie 8 1dewB T" e S
Dow. .. -


V. -

' -4
,, i.*- -. -'- ..








- ----

-- r


. /



" *- ..

';! ; ;. J, "? <4'v -!*': -; *'" ', A .-." '. ..*-". **' '-. -. -' .*- ;", ... "'-* '- '- .*' ;-" --'*.' -- ", .." -; : V .*"""*" -, = '- ;-,S*^ .' .-.
:' ; -" '- -/ S S*. a s- '" '- 5-t ', .; .. r'' -;-- ^ .* '-; .*, ,--... **.' ^ .,. .- -' ^ ,' ^. ;." .
.. g B .- .r.. A ,j .. .. ,. r .. .-
A" "' .' "- "' "'~. w "" .. -"'' ; -,
M -- -" ,. .. t- ,.' -
-._..C .. ..-'.-.-
:f IL,, .. .. .... -0. .L Pb. .... .. _

r~ -~mPwFs~~Y':.
'I.-' --'-*

a"'' I
"'sr 4"
r Th 4
2 ~4L.L' ~' -'

1 '>~':'.r~..



Jea6i^ "o rta ALLITSON


STwo rmc T VIWl
E- A150 -.


... AsiaWR ..

%AD r

.... ;
nfu t S ?

I Op al4 ti eRM tt

w *NaMapl fat 8-.-iendner4 f 48 *r
*.a jatheas surnt
U 40p WN= 4iire wen
a "1Fm aod - ?ebaUdimtv 2g6MSknaldm

( t polio. 1"-.oftho 50-fiddled

33w 1 JUA 9 -- men.and
4. 4"-., -43 atsy. 4Pty l uarel hssl tl
u i r ,.i- Igotylp
. T... t8 The.-- SMeeur$f
--.. W uSatu oon typ

of hot soup down belfort the cere-
I mo. but I'm still so nervous my
lless a -blabbery."
She sail she had lost fLive
Ipohnds in the list two days.
SAnthony, 33, was so nervous he
had to think awhile when the elerk
asked him what his oe'upation
was when he applied for the li-
"I guess you would say it Is
a bandleader," he finally replied.
The simple ceremony on .the
sixth floor of the Commodore Per.
ry Hotel was witnessed by .nly
nine people. Mr. Mad Mrs. 4Ward I

leader, Anthpy's business mas.
or Fred spson, .three easera.
men and three reporters.
A hoheb0mn wasn Potposed,
since An has eone ni gh t
stands, wth a band for nearly I
two weeks between here and the
W e s t C o a s t
West *---'* -- 3RScIE At 8'A-LiAsting to port, the British freighter Arkobeani flounders in the Atlatnthc 300
plme oft te coast of 8CotlazU as a boat from the awedis liner Kungsholm cast off with ex-
a used crewmen. The Argobeam became hlpleastip. a storm following an exploai6n and. fire
.... .., W Iin her engine room. Tw" nty-filneot the .e hter'fs c.wmen were remueld. '

THE RECORD HOP1: It look .
like a happy career for Jill Carey.
The cute-as-button Colima a; b.iILa,
* ageris now comfortably settled
(for the moment) In Ca lorsa,
where, she's* regular on the lew
JohMny Carsm Show. And she's
teitng for the movies. And. what
excited her most she as a
swimming pool Complete, wvita

Yowwho only know pretty, perky .
Peggy Kmg from her appearances J aI
on me- George Gobel Show, be- -. .i1 a,
wares The re l Peggy King Is a '-
far cry from the wiae-eyed -child- busine"-.and ~her Califorla
like little thing who appears with tio. and her two dachabud.-
Lonesome George. This is a solid Miller dad Gobel asa
hunk ot woman and the sooner we acting. .
all realize it, the better. *Tm a IbettUer. act .'
In be' nigatelub act, for e'Xam- singer," abe .says Which
ple, she sumgs "Whatever Lpla pce. her on a par with
Wants" witn gestures and then Bemrnhardt .:i
adds, "See, told George Gobel I __ I',4
can say." IDecea's gr et w ern
She c. And one of these days Weahl, Pl w eas ,.
she's HalMl t6 get bet onR records Jilus LaR .'s5 TVshow.
ad then, Patti Page and Joil terwardi asked "u"
Jame and Sarah Vaughan, watch his strift atf I straight
out. Because alU P ggy neeis is oris,
the right seq. Her umbia oss, | 15 ui- the naj -
Mitch Miler, says that Peggy has all is reegre" .Webb
"flawless instonaon," whka Isn't *"Wll y chase A
bad. Her figure's ice, looe. Eesasked *"futeseku
'" ..," as Aoe -W i
TV TOPPERS "m Just start playing i
The DeJohtasl mS ithad
GROUCHO MARX ("You Bet record caUed -No More, .t
Your Life," (.NB.'-V): (To a MeGai re istens rvei .o
woman surgeon who said she was song sold 250,000 anmete. T a"
unmarried): That's surprising-I bother Julie and .Dl Dejis
would have thought you'd have whit-they wro t oneIg, oI
some man all sewed up. profited from royaiMne s'te
Guire S-te-r' reeord ; a .-
So far she. hasn't had a big '-" '
..record hit unotas u. y count the LS&I 4' P 3 KbfLt

wen with intent to kil.
V m..e...s. ., tea 't C.
W. Hall after a length out a ,ns.
RGM NGOD.-_(NEA)-, Ra interviews and reebrdin ll heard the casew. out a
wSSG _'- ;i eld s t daIons. Other day papa Bb ry.
Birti ldd oief b 'k; kedher, "Well what's the' Murdock said he iteAnds to try
fSh'" L .bat BeBt S I elougles t t of it a? There was Crank on murder charges if the
At qtanc if*. toeuarn. queailn in Cathy's mind. wife; now paralyzed from the neck
Idt-o. .toses nd t l his 24 "Dl she, rplied. down, die within a year from the
"aoral ife Th controversial date she was shot-Ma26.
f.lm a.. q-f, the. hitnove, l"I Am a Cmera" won a C- The wife, i2, doesn't know she
".Ut.bye. My Lady is g ( o om the Le- s under a se tence M"ofo w
or Dramndon until 's old enough ion of Decey... ox picked d death Murdock said
to detde for himself whether hel up Dan Dailey"s option for another A .32 caliber bullet ranged
will be doctoB, lawyer or crme- two years .1 ParSmaunt would through the throat ofr te wm an
back tao .A .tlike to team Bill Ho lde and l-t Mrs. Isabel Hartmnan Crank, an
,M" ,d r Me a aMangano In a movie .. clipped away three-fourths of an
There's a new twist t the Judy Garland'.i slimmed dow to Inch of her sinale Column. he 1
Udtyood .puble -cross the 115 pounds fo her TV debut next now paaralyzed and helpie n .Do-
deTem.yTwoeuVtWeo orug-flmonth. tor said she will dieo when te
PihIO.d lit a a km* film effects cause a breakdowns vT
di t Iknw I but each ha Ii Marquee sign: "Rear Window" body funto s.tor
b latee ap ed-by the other. "Give a Girl a Break." The pae blonde woman was
........ c- u t. ..i -t e ete--to rdbrought into corS a set tr mtr
U-I. executtvas HlveJust -about Hlywood'is planned Mpti Ple. to testify. The udghe e, Murdo wck,

fIva S ngeq harro r emalositnon tand O of Fame her husbaCd and oter attornneysE
rtJ n o the doted lne a r a tourist at'raetiou didn't JtU. e a m-owd aom te p o a figure
SAw.iM h' co-. star i 'we Announced reason "Rising costs." to h ear r. .' I a e testimony.
ctrl t saew l Sta"y. It in': the Inaidi explanation: "Ind ustry. in- he cannot speak aoveU a etw lWatd. s or NvLIets.-Jiuth m'f o t- It files.. l cyhwe te tm

scit. bsco tfl" tYea excla."e ate per, i a a oo rathis a, 50 po ith ldoaircraft -with jn Jatab.e wings. TM "l h rit M s sai
ar- bl ik .-l n Years- a pe r. L, i 51i-.d
ag jon nM Audoe were re s' o Crank, who sobbed th out to be comparatIvely inexpe nsiveto prouoes and ay to transport. The e fwagIs ftd.
romantic tem. Den Diue explaining his sqnick the hearing, attempted to hold ber before fhlghtwith a conventional auto tire pump; W A .ospow. enul-ta etwo-seeats

roama fticitem. Babn Ble expa inin ie the be a ring, o b o e we es .OWB par, SI, CT R
sa.. -return asthestarof a Las Vegas h. and- n an. of about 100mfles. Photos above show hecraft Is tsko -ol 'the r (ti to.and
Th 'sa.r o--romior wshow: ~'Aek a rgo I m, Get yo rhaid away from her laatlm s 4e(bottwoma. oues ts wr made nw LaA
bt e?" look on the face of R ecihere, won a lot of money and- so an Wut -ang," Mdoal oop--. A
H o*, ho return to U.I so the bosses asked me to work ped.a Hall or ert dCranTk to r les De"
afte "ubst role ofhis career-rinit out." her hasd.P i drastic inngs Homng geonAW L

.... ...W at ....nrooBror WhetherMrs.O. CromDskSfis d hOer bus- ,.hr
hisrols ll reaind ..hingh ear Virginia Mayo, only- sta_,_rnaeba Is!7- -pple Sage Tr

his ai .be omonaeftm -. W arners'.full-timeaI her" EDR e- a n res re uode with feerlTT gov..
Gag iaa ud Chin"itdon Un- t "x'e _m t or,, I on doniestis M .ADISON Wir' .-rUP)-t A unL-Here's one homing pigep.. that ap- wLeint a s s& t Arf. reset-ye 15.
to L -b s.. AdC ll id time arrives t wnm She, Theo r. ww .o r varsity ofWisconsin horticulturist,' arelylound other fields to In .The owner's name wan furnished.

1 uing the Texas years o b agree to skip five Ml Dana, has develop a vetiaT ow tred out to be
I m e s. m ain on the p ul. s l r br e 'bindU m h .od fo r sto ri g so m e ap ple v s .) T 'aZ at C a m p E b bie s s of G ran ts P ss, O re .,

ost'.ine.heenthesothate Th fartheatei r ichIsonlySomas away.
S "it Cl"d't fThes Is 5. NEW-~a he-'kthe enetes of a Ionin Nw wJa n att Was do t near wees

W A Mn,. y Jon ", _.W ."ing-in the-earlyftweks
M n w w W_-C-il-( tus Si..ofacurrent fan ta sIes h ueutse, from Pes e..

sI x lv r n ,a "'.u l -lld furnished.I left home for the miles trip

asU1a b r a aIade For EZachk ., e k.... "iat s "'11h isha.- t h ap.e wr ke that
--Was Al a Mistake." Take your sm of .kno a a, _buwyo to_ eih months a
eaty s chru es .... Gar.. y Gary eosn-i thy sad mlt t.medoo t thers.stoired without the
A~WO~ ~ ..W U~,i"do.-.. Wso m nlegosy o liners had become wooed SHOWING AT YOVR SERVICE CENTER
I a o al-tNwas "No Thanks" 40a-fromet __
....A Fred ac y sad wAyouwshathe~~ you wish 4, e Plastic line slowed down stor- a m nnmn -ma-u ta a mv -_ or-a that .uod ripening in tests with Golden

i 'heeoey iWelRusiet.on M
recent affairatthe "at""ave*rahe uss -U ".lng TheGreatDivwi de
Valor. ,Wrie.hereasFrddeftheFrete lins wr n

W: Widm-MWyWl:Sanderson4*s developed "

be e. *W Nfl

o ok. I .

*UyB. AJ 54S u ns tur yw u '' s' "
got to make it. And I never thought KIks" (
.about it again, because they dkn't "More and More" (31E
use it in Calitornia, where I live, lord, Wt);M"Kinelaut, I
Then I began to get calls from DrestS i, AtaaypwP) '
my friendss in New York, asking coats." ( iS Care Mcu
if ,that was me. "Kiki" ( ingo Whtetaf(lRCA
"Then I got a call from a man 'in Madrld (The PaI.
who said ne was Mitch Miller. trs, Capitol.)
I said, 'Sure, and I'm Snow White I. Soft and Untenable new
Butit was Miller." bums-the Norman Lm bWfH
And frem at tomato ea uce sings "Songs of the West" (R A
commercial came te record co.- Pegrgy Ka n, FeUa Sanders
tract, the Gobsl show, movie f-Jerry Vale tell the story of -
fers and all sorts of things. In Meets Girl" (Columbia; Bel
cluding 00 cans of tomato pace, Hackett plays 1In a Mellow Moa0
which pretty, perky, Peggy got a, (Capitol); Percy Fala plas "1
little bored wit before wey were sic For Her" (Columbia).
She thinks one of the reason for New and brllant orchestra i
her success of late, has been that bumsa-Canteo! W W Pbitla
she looks like she's ready to burst monle-Symphuy Oreceatra of No
intotears. York play VivaMi's "The Season
"People seem to like that." she (RCA); Oranndy and the Pl
says, "-'tere are two kinds of peo.- delphia Orchesta play Stravi
pie happy and unhappy. I'm sky's "Rite of Sin" and Peti
an unhappy people." chka Suite', (Coylubia)l
But she's a happy unhappy pe am amlthe Royal wA
pie. She likes' her work-he's play Elgar's "Raloa Vauiaties
snow business crazy since she was "Cockeigne overture an&d er
two, when "1 would have blown nade for string orcheora (Chu
up Ravenna, 0., to get into show bin).

SToday at the 'CENTRAL" Theatre, thl battle of
the giants in the biggest spectacle o.of them all:

fluen. I



S Mexico under the ruleof
.5 -new Teclukolor-auperacopn
.tb NTRAL.J-, 1:10 s:07 -5:4 7:01 -
gnreroduction filmed entirely r acn
So of o Mexico, "eracrm" po-$s lY
steal:. CesaR Jomero ad sowD B
Mla ontil, a new Latin B ai
S" bac man, Gary 0 t o Iytl.
"ft- of Ben Tatrw fl a,-J
of his brtllant p
9l.e bock ftro apSSop kat P^
to heavy m o -dra .m.
n t Ithe CMpSfJa .
t" hs own teflW bS -. H
a' :A,' -- -,-

'^ "-AN ?*^ ^ MOT T __





I ki- m. -I -I .' -. -. I


I. ,1

- 4 4.

- 4 -

- ... ~.. -

essent Knocked LasPSpcrko

Dodgers should be very gener-
ous with Don Bessent wh en it
come a,to cutting up the World Sa-
It was the bespectacled r gi h t-
hbander recalled from St. Paul who
B 1a knocked the last bit of Mle out
of the National League race.
"Thats when a farm system
Proves Its worth point 'out Chsbar.
ley Grimm of the Braves. "Its
Snot so much what the chain stores
provide in the spring. It' what
'd. i"they' give you when you need It
most that counts.
SWigh all it hard luck, the MUil.
', waukee club would now be In a
1 Opposition to make a real run at
Sthe Brooks were it not for Des-
sent. "
Down to just one starting
pitcher Don Newcombe, and with
Cl6m Labine and Ed Roebuck
-.j staggering in the hull pen, Walter
Alston trotted out a pair of 24-I
lii.II.i year-old farm hands, Roger Craig
ana Bessent, to sweep a double-
header with the hard-hitting Reds
on July 17.
S With Carl Erskine, Billy Loes
Tenney ins ,. ,ini ,m and Johnny Podres nursing bad
S.eack nae _....._. shoulders, Karl Spooner arm trou-
ble and Russ Meyer a broken col-
CRACI WltFP-Meshach Tenney, left, is the trainer of Swaps. larbone, Craig and Bessent ac-
which set 1p the big match race at Washington Park, Chicago,, counted 'for six games without a
Aug. 31, by beating Nashua in the Kentucky Derby. The eastern defeat in two weeks.
champion It in better than green hands, too, those of 81-year- I The arrival of Craig and Bes-
old Jim Fltzsalmnons. The horses haven't wanted for handling. sent, for the piactlcally pitcher-
less Superbas had run into a par-
cel o& double-headers,.
rJ(7. The more experienced Bessent
18 Pool And Six C. Records went on to be the real lifesaver,
for in addition to starting the

Set At Atlantic Side Junior

Olympic Preliminary Meet

S. riday morning a large crowd
o spectators were on and to
ceer Atlantic side children on
Sto break 18 pool records and 6
C nal Zone records. The records
we established at aatun Pool
here the Dreliminary meet to
dtermine t finalists for the
AA.U. Jr. Olympics was held.
Tom Dugan took the spot light
During the mqet by breaking two
Anal Zone records and two pool
Srpcorda in Othe Bos 11 and 12
f0 ysrold 50 yard breaststroke
And 50 yard butterfly events.
STom Dugan also participated
Sin the boys 200 yd. 12 and under
edley relay .team which estab-
1 ed anew pool and Canal
Record. George otton, Ter-
8 lighter and George
completed the four

f' ,RadiI w iOed a
rC.Z. and pool record In the
14 and under 100 yd. bauic-
e. She turned in the fast
of 1:27 in this event and
won and established pool
r rds in the girls 14 year old
sand 10Q yd. freestyle events.
H Slaughter 10 and Linda
tgham 16,- each set two
G Oatun Pool records in their
e following children also set
Pool Records by winning
r events:
lene Graves, Helen
Jack Holcomb, JeWt
r, George Slaughter and
S Mlie Radel.
See children who place-
&nmd, .third and fourth in the
p mUmlnary events will compete
S e finals at Gamboa on Sept.

*he complete results:
Alantic Side A.A.U. Jr. Olympic
yds. F.S. Boys 10 mad Under
Terryslaughter. Time 15.5
$Henry Shirk
James Jackson
Ocegory Hakanson
St.S. Girls 10'and Under
Smioene Graves. Time 15.6
S oeoft
Pa Daly
AcL. F S.-S Boys 11-12
.eorge Cotton. Time 31.5

JEW &t 11-132
Time 36.-

" :shed

Jacksonville lad took the over-
load off Labine and Roebuck in
relief. When Bessent got New-
combe off the hook against the
Cubs the other night, putting
them out with four hits in six
and one-third innings, he hung up
his sixth victory In a little more
than five weeks. He saved two
more games in a total of 11 relief
assi nments.

50 yds. F.S. Girls 13-14
1. Grace Argo. Time 32.2 I essent hasn't as good a fast
2. Diane Hickey ball or curve as Craig, but right
50 yds. F.S. Girls 15-18 now he has more of an idea where
1. Linda Cunningham. Time his pitches are going.
25 yds. Breast Boys 10 So, the Brooklyn club not only
1. Terry Slaughter. Time 22.3 has the pitcher of the present in
2. Joe Coffin -Bessent, but a pitcher of the fu.
3. James Jackson ture in the six foot four inch
4. Gregory Hakanson 'Craig. The latter hadn't pitched
25 yds. Breast Girls 10 more than a season and a half
1. Charlene Graves. Time 23.1 ,since coming out of the Army,
2. Pat Daly was not above Class A until sent
3. Ginger Thomas to Montreal the past spring.
4. Nancy Mitchell ,
50 ye. Breast Boys 11-12 Craig is bigger and stronger
1. Tom Dugan. Time 46.3. than Bessent and has a live fast
100 yds. Breast Boys 15-16 ball and an assortment of stuff. A
1. Jef Slaughter, Time 1:3.2 modified cross fire makes, him
100 yds. Breast Girls 15-16 especially effective. Like nearly
1. Linda CunningAam. Time all young pitchers with outstand-
1:48.5 ing natural ability, all he has to
.mdo I At. Pi e plat .
100 1d. U.Sa.-te -,Mtlm,1 bpbig howevi
_I B BF I^ MM^M Charley oWmm- *ms repea1ng
4. Jae ack ur pitching staff does not
2y yds. Back Girls straight out until we lose our
1. Helen George. Time 20 best maf, Gene Conley (pinched
2. Linda Cockroft nerve in the shoulder), com-
3. Ginrer Thomaens the man with the banjo.
4. Susan Shirk "Hanging on the ropes, their
50 yds. Back Boys 11-12 ;pitching shot to pieces, they come
1. George Slaughter. Time 29.5 up with Bessent who acts like
2. James Manning he's been around asI long as Peee
2 Wee Reese and owns the leae.
50 ynd. Back Girls I-l "And they ask me w h p 'm
1. Virginia Hirons. Time 47.7 nursing ulcers!
2. Janice Bookhamer .......____ -
100 yds. Back Girls 13-1Lehman
1. Grace Argo. Time 1:27.0
50 yds. Butterfly Boys 11-12
1. Tom Dugan. Time 43.7 ehl u
100e yds. F.S. Girls 13-14
1. Grace Argo. Time 1:17.5.
100i ds. F.S. Girls s-Saig
1. Rosalie Radel. Time 1:17.0
?00 yds. Ind. Medley Girls 15-16
1. Rachel Radel. Time 3.44.5 | |a t
2. Linda Cunningham u ui
100 yds. Medley Relay Girls 10 S- Wfu
1. Linda Cockroft. Time 1:24.3
3. Charlene Graves NEW YORK, Aug. 30-(UP)-
4. Helen George Joe Taylor's slugging enabled
H G the TorOnto Maple Leafs to cling
200 yds. Medley Relay Boys 11-12 to a half-game lead In the In-
l. George Cotton. Time 2:45.0 ternatlonal League today de-
2. George Slaughter spite another brilliant pitching
3. Terry Slaughter performance by Ken Lehman of
4. Tom Dugan. Montreal.
Finalists for the Diving Fl.... i.. aI... .. 4..I..a.. ..

Bevs land Under
Terry Slauwhter
Girls 10 and Under
Relen George
.. Boys 12 sad Under
George Cotton
George Slaughter
Boys 14 and Under
Michael Ounningham
Jules Damlami
Boys 16 and Under
Ernest Stlebritz.

a I





three hits and a sacrifice fly asI
Toronto defeated the Cuban
Sugar Kihgs, 9-2. at Havana.
Taylor's clouting included a two-
run homer in the fifth inning.
Mike Fornieles pitched four-hit
ball to score his third victory
without a loss.
Southpaw Lehman. meanwhile,
was recording his 20th victory
and fourth straight shutout, 7-0,
over Syracuse. He is the first I.L.
pitcher to rea6h 20 games and
pow has not been scored on in 31
innings in his string, which in-
cludes a no-hitter. He held Syra-
cuse to six hits.

The Cubans' loss to Toronto
dropped them three games out
of first place.
Rochester took a 2% game
lead over Syracuse in the battle
for fourth place by beating
Richmond, 6-5, in 13 innings. In
the only other league game. Ben
Flowers of Buffalo pite hed
seven-hit ball to beat Columbus,


heard ft
Campan Dadeins go t w2l Into ft1 irst serious
aler Ato It's serious business w left to ri
ne and Iuke Snider. They've blown healthy leads

Stl seion. they.
e Wee ee, Royr
-' --- '

Weather Forecast For Swaps,

Nashua Match Rqce Favorable

Nashar .An Irish Playboy

Sd He's Called 'Mickey
/.. .

A i'S

I NIasEu. gee AareS a.

CHICAGO, Aug. 30-(UP) -
The weather forecast for that
match race at Washington Park
tomorrow is a favorable one.
It calls for slightly cloudy sklse
with temperatures in the mid
80's when "Swaps and "Nashua"
square off in the $100,000 dollar
winner take all event. Post-time
for the (televised) Chicago race
will be 6:17 p.m.- (EDT) (5:17
Panama time).
Nashua drew the Inside post
position and that generally is
considered an advantage. But the
trainer of Swaps isnlt worried.
Meshach Tenney says-"It's a
two horse race and there will be
a stall between them. There'll be
no bumping." Sunny Jim Fitz-
simmons, the trainer of Nashua,
agrees. Bays Sunny Jim--"It does
not make any difference, espe-
cially after the first two jumps."
The crowd at Washlngton Park
got a thrill yesterday--a good
innir aL. "1Mtah.1. 4, The Eat*t'.

Up nM nashlU, WAnu Wou11e 1 049-
maker rides Swaps.
Nashpa breezed six furlongs in
one mnltte,;' and one-fifth see-
onds In a workout. His trainer,
Sunny Jim Fitzslmmons, says.-
"I'm satisfied."
is a Ma

By JIMMY BRESLIN eat and sleep. Usually it's a prob- OOpS
CHICAGO (NEA) Nashua leetto get a running horse to eatHigh hoo
CHICAGO (NEA) Nsu enoh.The problem with Nashua Hi c l
is a colt of Irish extraction train- is to keep him from overeating.
ed by a Celt, Jim Fitzsimmons. Mr. Fits doesn't go along with
With a typical air of Gaelic in- the theory that horses are dumb. soccer Title
dependence, the son of lssrullah "Some are too smart for me,"
prefrred Mountain Valley water he says. 'Horses are intelligent Playing superbly to maintain
bottledinHot Springs, Ark.., to enouh to take care of themselves, soccer predominance over Rain-
Saratoga Springs' famous brand Some will ease up when crowded. bow City, the fighting soccer
while training at the up-New York Some won't run well on the inside, eleven representing the La Boca
State. Spa. whrs they don't feel safe, etc. Senior High trounced Rainbow
th this, the stable hands call ashua knows me and Mr City's representatives 4-0 on the
the big ba "Mickey. Woodward (Owner William Wood formre's home ground Friday
I"He isIn Irish playboy" says ward, Jr.), who gives him sugar. afternoon before a large crowd
i-ynearmold Sunny Jim Fitaim- H e knoW his groom, Allie ob- of spectators.
mone. "Some have him down as ortson."t h r
mean, but there isn't a me a n La Boca took the first two en-
thingr about him. He's just a mis- Nashua lies down ot sleep, 'snores counters by a one-pOal margin,
chievous kid." like a man. Mr. Fitz suspects he's but dropped a heartbreaking 1-0
Nashua' playfulness as a two- sleeping when he stands is one contest in the third outing at
year-ol included rearinA and at- corner of his stUl ,Rainbow City. But Fridqy, the
tempting to tfrow his hockey or squad utillzeda stubborn defen-
exercise boy. He's been held ever Nashua Is curious, sees for sive tactic and a wing to wing
since, except when working or himself; spends his non-working forward line technique that
raeing. j waking hours intently watching proved bewildering to the Atlan-
Nashua is big all over, stands those around him. That's why Mr. ic Side kickers.
16.2 hands, weighs 1,200 pounds.' Fits worked him only once at Ar-
His weight is well spread. He is as lington Park before the Classic The struggle was hectic in the
sound as a thozwughbred' can be, and ad the same program for the initial half while the two aggre-
go6d legs, good feet. match race with Swaps at Wash- gatlons battled with ferocity
Nashua-.liks to do two things ington Park. without letup. The situation took
'- a significant change midway
through the second half when
the La Bocana penetrated their
oppqpnents' strong wall for the
firat al which apparently,
dimmed the hopes of their rivas,,
and dmnilainhed their viso rfIir
Stubborn rivalry also prevailft
In the junior high school circuit.
between La Boca, laraiso, S.ant
.Crus and Rainbow City. The teWn-
acity of the struggle in this ca-
tegory can be judged by the
closeness of the scores to date.
In last Wednesday's tussles San-
t. Cruza barely squeezed a 1.0
win over Rainbow City while a
Boca and Paralso fought to a ntI
nil deadlock.


frat a4 second bases, the batter
grauds to thebshortstep ifte u
owr sem ad base makes be
Iew.~~bt j 7 lt to escape belag
Mil IV & bell. rtmahsa l
the wiay7'a .b to ca-se the
shortmiep Sa his he adt et

CherS. ,t. w toa-

do" fjK 1 jll .t f -4k" "
mta-- ^ o-i-- r'mm ^I,.gl~K^ B~i^~i =- I ..

'.4. -' 4 -

. r .4

4-- Ar .-:'

* 1' 2- *. 4~ ~

i .. -



pege l@ Wt n v#e. 5tUo,*g M 5 -

Ih b ra p a et o a w
eelumnlst, for It wea't Up to hi. to is.

Suasfve bforaphical re vd hfaet tat he wA not.
only born on a race track, but his first home was built by a
race horse?
The fact a, It's the only [he'wtey r had," al tagt-
year-old tralper as hoe we packi hag ad tonarmew
ach race between the East'$s m isaa ,w 's.2
Three generations of our family iteW .-t at-bho In
Sheepshead Bay, you know, and I call it Itoeaux"-Fm not
"su of the spell, naXbe the 'A' do4ea't Dblodg.,. AD wil, that
WiE thte ame of he horse that built em hbe. -
Mr. Fits paid $lIBV for him In'Florfda in 11 t19aN hbe im
more 4thtn a dosen rame..."And I learned somethi r b Ma
I ever forgot. I learned that a cheap hjrae e" A. S.wv agl
honest as the .most fasionably bred ad the t texnaunt.
I've had a number of name hornes ie w t 0 thatne e mI
with ia heart or more desiretha=nt-at o1.
Watfinally became of him?.
"xI rry to say he Wound up nla my ba4 yg"A.4s .
because we also had a sow and one Say the sow g ay.
fretd so ,adly we had to destrq hbL Nledyft hl e
dinner that night. It wAs a=t lke1 we h lot w S
the family."
Mr. Fitz was asked to turn back to thet day he Woudrnt Fb
up another $400 to land Man o' War ,
"I wasn't the only' one that let him get away. ktmembtr,
I stopped at $4600, and as he went for $S there had 't be
some other bids after I pulled out .
"My excuse has always been that I didn't want to go any-
higher with another man's money (I was bidding for my b..b
who was not present) but it I had been able to read the future.
Rockefeller couldn't have made me q0lt."
Seo* .* o .
One of the curious aspect of the historic sale, i,,ta s-
members, was the conservative nature of the bidding... "After It
got past $500 or $3000, most of the uwp wee at $100, and I would
have to doutA that Sam Riddle was any too sure he ad, made
a bargain." -
I* the 70 years, man and boy, Mr. Fits has happy felowed
destiny's prefabricated career. He's 'een an sdilea, array of
supelrative racing stock, lnehlding eenslderble Eris his own
work beach, but if there was ever a more magalfleeat -emanle
than Man o' War, he declare he maut ha*e been eoin the
other way when It passed.
"I'm always learning something from horses," he chuckled.
"Man o' War taught me a good J seon, too. Namely, 'that there
is no such thing -as a sure thing. Teaon ow, he was oely beaten
once In his life... Well, that had to be the tiae I piett .
make my first $1 0 bet. It was else my at."
Mr. Fits doesn't wish to create the Impressdoh that simply
because It Is a matter of history, he could Aot beat the game,
even when he had the greatest horse In Amerc running for
him. He Is no longer Insensitfve to the siren eall of the odds
board. .
a 'Oh, sure, if I Uke a h Ill bet him, but $2 is my .U*it"
it- ,.. -"1 at least one $ b0b on-M A3u
B-4 ,,i.riin' a 4- 0

umesu. .1-was
ding for Man o'

n's many as was.

'"But we weren't. shut out altogether," he aiMd."e-dd 'get
his brother. Remember Playfellow?"
Playfellow was sold for exactly 9SM0 more that Ma. e
War and chances are yoU. pver heard of iJ On-ietnl
thought, you may have heard of him in Ionneetn with a me-
morable law suit.
Harry Sinclair charged in court that Johnson bad 'sold M
an unsound horse. A jury agreed and the oil magnate gt ack
his $199,5o0.
"There's wasn't anything wrong with the-"it when we sold
him," said Mr. Fits. "Why he couldn't win for Sinclair was al-
ways 4 mystery to as.
"Johnson developed a deep hatred for Sinclair and next
year he gave his yearlings such names as Pettifogger and. Caveat
Emptor, mocking the oil man's spwtsmansbp. Besides, he
charged Sinclair bribed the Jury. Those were hectic day"
The days were to be less hectic and more rewarding atBeIr
under the direction of William Woodward, the very Ibiaer, aad
at the hame time, the very staunch and- understading New
Woodward died a couple of years ago. Ironically, there
would be, no Nashua-Swaps match race If he had lived. .His
plans were to race Nashua in England where he also had a
stable. After his death, for reasons unannounced, it was gfded
to race the colt here. ,



Sthe YEAL2 -

. -r. -

-.S^ '^


S, \, '.,

' '


I-I- ~L I -



.,r ,.", f. .






' S' r *W .
& 7-


. ; t ...- ...- i ,

-....., .

~4~at~ .~-s
s-ia... 4
S Jr
laS Santa tam

.- 1
Jai' !^ ,r 'C.A.

'I *

I stugrn$s

S .

g HAarry Ghiti hit two bonwras
ay mb, nut Gene Ekber and Dee Wend!
SRMtIwam PeUE u the Ctube bombarded
^ B.*irtMg.We l, f iI fo. -ISolft pitcher lor 14 hII..
s ii ii Warren I ker met the route
%, h ti '-" b"he for bi 11* laze Jima NaO"
*t tnieTe Ift 0l htisl tan lM oMtW 0 of the bo lt
^ K- 40 a q fafg the foorMth inand suffered
himslashtuelut wa. ama m his th owcpared to 14 Ole-
f the min. tories.
SSy BurSep and Post broke In the American Leasie, the
a' spell with back- four conttende were ikdl aend
A.. -.i oeta s~he t-a In- the'Baltimore Orioles made the
Stn ad pa r o mot of the all-butipty stage
indltht tled he ac --sn are at S-S-by eearer
atj. tied leader
iSh h r hter of the from the eroit Tigers; 0-0 Lad
e e That the 4-3. Ir Palia pitched fivec-
t.orWp Bo'e iamwI lg hitter for his fifth-win n the
Wiob in the ninth..
a nl rn-Tm

as Wr

wilA Bo&Ac take on ithe Wi W

Decathlon Has

Them Nailed Down
- Horsemen agree Decathlon has -
the most unorthodo runinl style IuZRB'S NO mery wy A
rIna Y todaf a 3tlna'O S S fa N
nail lust winter. The du wiret bit L (arh&I
to dt away ipart o the colt' Irat e a t eart'"
wht tfoot.w d napite f hisd s iN w lo ie ooktth e t al
2 fi g action, Decathlon us ually e 1,(Do w a?)., Jo h hin f.
Sa tdo (t rt?), wlm lly
ther. ladngd l p4. the Reds' hur-erus-

opener and Rs Moore plced up them more than Just t r a v e
ds seventh victory In redfin balMm .. to the rumored tune ,
the ntap. It wa the cd $,500 apiee ...
time tbhi season the Orioles --
swept t doublebeader. When Arcaroe Lo out. o
The Tigers now have lost 10 of of the paddock he's sertn ied
their la 19 afe and 18 of 28 with We Banaa"
this month. was only a month ... to whi. Ns .,chw es
ago that olen asking tey back, 4 .. Ar-
wire, "darkreer" centdadrrars aiaeod a W
for the flag. s kffe -W -O

.. "

.-. .- .:

U -. *1..
r-----rt- x1r~tnrr~~~ .Afl -

f-" A1A ..-.. Ilph hu.r
rfl .e ,A- cLaA GwU 9tekt. RichmondD D A -O
S.MW.oR, hd tP)- P olir. W t q o B Pet BEANS t I ARDON
% Car, hs an TRM W L Pa. A 0M,000 N 000 05 r 0 as e
.13.5m: 1B .3_@m m u..o 246.b m, .., ....o- 0 _Years InN ea L g
.....I 4. .6e NNTewT4am i ..t.. 51 .t5 e .Ws alLague
-)iiyeurginps" a All ;I and Mwue a 2w12CWritten fenl r ..ero.
42k5s4e Hal2 La a f.o : g th..77 1 .602 t San Al-adloe B lylock, Jacobs (3) Ludwig Writte t' NeA Sere
BrSuIa 20005 :0963 1 52 1 lCsvandf .: 77 52 .597 1 Ig ts the Coc'ae n tonmoro .".. -sop* am" Bt UNTE oe
s Ph alide9, l l 2 1 e a areu l .(13) and St. Claire: Connellv
3--"".New ..... :M Bston ,....-...74 54 7 8 3 watc ... Leaving fto a maifd hls arm's not tro ln ty1,. a enough fdrorJordSn (9), n( M .Q O Te b
-l.. lb I 00 -ogo de$etr tt .......65 s busi Ass et ar ther oer 10).-lr e D m n oll (13) and
JamesdWilson, head of the Chicagol...... 63 1 .470 23 nas CiWt ..53 75 .414 # ipC odh f Il a- Wa tlnton. WPueaofo. mtr i et en rse
elttrgh ..; 2 33s alore ....41 8 S di s aparl tmea tppin ms-4o1 F demne ougn the ball, but the runner a
--. 0- -..leage fr nd" .to h3 o ...etshe or lelue ri key he ksadonis who _______ touching home, think It has been
,_____ TIODA1'0 GA0IA "S TODAIS eGAM-.. he rsith O tUse bs drcta ... I tootk of MW in bets when caught. He headsback to third,
Ap at (N daltuore t leve a Ford was t D nl d but the throw beats ht and b
ClWan I l ( N) at o t Ci (N of the Detroit on an Imm i payf. .. Doug s ta ed. What is the cali her e?
Se a NewTohat (), NLio isjaky to be live-, let alone practice t l.osly for mo nth -Carlo Badeni.
Mlwa-iouei sat Brooklyn (N) New Yaork at Qys Qity (tN),.the .indefensv back In "o- canebcto takersthesame-
S. .Lou#ttspltbrh (K Wanton ati Dotoit (N) ball .."t ig from a bhauI wod c a ap 1M50 ahead ... Answer: .The tominnet b ereoss
SHall weom pra as a Cam City Dol' thve e c ash on me," airily MAJORI A LAV LEADER d the plate to -eI Ycor a
w o -oolnam j .00008a 0, s -aIIeLTSr. a be w as plame waved is ofonentl "I'l l ivet N run, it be a me Iapssible for im
:r O T.M. .. 1,Wre t---mo 006020-4 10 1 wprta byath e lleeman' w ereed .D who led all, the,.
J 1 tel .Wri htaaar- Detroit mOw0604 5 1 toth ist. feoser 's I IAIITRS 9. Did Vernon Law receive
virtual usree pithe 18ueinningsleofirIn a. gm theor5 1
dewalk ...and rendered themb fancy Cadie ar nd drove of wire (Ba Mo tbat) creditor vory wn
a (9, Litbine And C am- PSIc <(5-10) and Triandos. ,u for t,.reeyear.... the m.age. "You get these baLk pi a gme the
p la. GrOMssk (ll-O),Toytatk,Cole.-whis why ihecurt turn out fore t o NATIONAL LEAUUE Pirates won in 15 aglat MUil
-.. .-- ; ,- 14 ManMand .he .w. .U..iUAWhewwanaB r, upjt dugh. i waukee this season?--evin Cul.
._t-0 --a 2 -- t i-e-- A. and oM. Between yoan'm e. Southrera Aahburn, P. 113 452 76 150 .332 -"'.
S. Oa practice fld, California football prOarets may cnella Bkln. 102 3 73126 .
S( 1i I -1) d Chit. alti re 390000200--4 9 0 you'll fid Muray Warmathbe hay, but b cist H. D. Thor- Klus's Cn. 132 526 97 167 .3171 A N because e left l th
,- ..- W ea (14-13).GbM, Momant. 800-. 7 0 Srt ca-p backward* ... he easu wps.... 't.. tbal wil match Pat, 133 24 100 164 .313 2s n.d his r"llmer, l.ob
; C M-I mB att.- I ..cant te vior.hiseoyes .. ...aIay a _te nationB B A t trai ni Iron.aMil. 1 158 .11Frisd, was credited-. m i
i --firikt Moore (7-0) .Wiht imiybe :2t's why he -starts S e Co.stlst.terysn frome Tankctersy as the "S am of
ZWg3 011-w hyndmtTri .tutember practice lAt 6:3 a.m co...,aaashtrougd nsecon dessert ..... AMSEBCAN LEAGUB c"rul "
201000000-3 (6-0 a1-m) Birrer. Aber, g 12 50 107 177 48 KaiUnQI Det. 129 50 107 Q I Robn ert of the Phil
.-.l TED FRUIT COMPANY Ph.o.-, R.lB 07 3114...... At
W r I .i' V 'J + __i '- ]I ^, _., Smith Cleve. 129 514 101 157 .305 bant @ ig safely 16 tim kn k
Great WNt Mue, N.Y. 12l410 a.g 0 rum.
H.. 4 ,o RUNS
1 *** Klua zewaki, Redle 41
". ..... .. .... .. .N....Is
S.. ': :l: nider, Dodgers ......... 39
S..... ............ a Cuba ....... 39
: I I ....... ..... .. ............ 38
s 1.........................
.*1.I. I Po Redleg ............ .S S
SS ........................ .... D BMathews, Braves. ...2... 4
I L ~. ..... ................... ...P a l m I Ddg, s ......... ,, II
INK Mo ...... Xantle Yankees ........ 24
". ;, (, u~. .... ...... .. ... .........
US$1034 ... ... S RVIC .ES." S N... RUN ATTED I.
............S.n -i .der, D dera...........119
I t 'as.,t.r;.. n-le, Phile, ........: -108. .
Ar. .Jensen,,Red SAx,..... 1
rAE A1154Lussewki, Redlegs ta
,,if.... S. Post, Redes .........
.7--IIans Cu s... ........9 ,ll8f
... .i TA .AN ; .... ,.., .. .... .-........ _o .... I
! ... ..e,'.....t..-,4,anider, Dodg e..I....106
i.. .. -_..... ......-. .... N'owII
I i ANA*iI t ., Igt-xl] ep ........ loo
;. ,, Sept N l n-Tigers. .......... 10
WP M ...........- .-.-..-. Sm iRth, Wndian........101
Ml- '"." MantlI Ynkle"_ ......- 6I
... .. 5_

%.*.. ...-m .2:2 Post- .e.lgs............9177

IraN/.....C. .~s:....... 2

ae.T L. #
IN 'hi o A, _7

1 -

nuu-wamo, p
1U4-OD A


. r, ..

r ^ w i^^i^

Today-una3J bZ

si 'rn It
J .~ 4,.ill 5- *'** r

Thiuir ID5ALt;- .6
-JUNGLK 36032r
Chapters 6 ad' t,
Plus: -



We Acce ptOrd
Fur Direet .L





* -A





. &s'S


,~.. .-



ilt / / :..-. .ijh oIf, ew:r.

It olde i dte .o
gp .t eIndian
Y our ,%be ladt live
| lv ecua,?, a aos nt 9 C ry-
asLI ot it t W l
SFlight of the Snswbirds at New- little of his prospects at the Naval
of Rivermde, Cali, the winner. Academy a year ago that he dis-
creetly wondered it somenow he
could still get a football job after

International 19T r. dt l didn't know
I *Ipwhat he had then. He kura ws what I
he's got now. "Therefore," rea-
soU ans Erdelatz, "why bother with
e- gu e l *2aexcusesa? Your enemies don't b-x"*."'
lieve $ou, and y eour friends don't
S/---- c p s da p edneed s em." /
To rnt .L. r P.t iSo al right friend, what haven't o e uat
-.. ,. rEST. B wyou ot tion last yr at ruipg tM
Toronto 87 59 .600 ,WU", expounds the burly T option ay. Bude ha ti
Montreal 87 59 .596 land-luboer, "we've fol 21 of the J e a w ouh I
avana 84 61 .579 3 37 on the Sugar Bowl eaof labt y.W ead t i two e0at .
Rochester 7 .503 14 ear but we retained he most toos relative 'm e
Syracuse- 5 .4portant Ingredient of all do. tio
| .falo 3 83 .42_24 % What? Is this going to be an-I. "Out ,i ,
chmond 5 00 .379 32 other Team Nanie d )eirc, the "is tof iad
catch phrase Eddie dreamt up at welslL and dev'ap -
Y*STERDAY' RE.ULTS. a prenssce and on c nrrie. all mea an *..
I ,ehaan Bu-a the way through a 21-3 march a-'rents, last .' stt .
against lead-pantsed blississiiPpI? moved'W et Daft e, &SJ
S Foroncuto 00 000 000-9 6 1 "The team w delevens eve re itwabbd own fro, m ad ie i
Mntreal 400 100 O-- 712 name by It permn on theJm ew at r et hslf. t

ens. er l)t' Pnd touh to work p n p oud le B _rohett
marn; Lehmans an d Bucrb CueI- ca asqugaint a t eam withures tewo f. If hi kee a
Owena. same ends, tackles, center and Strentle, to bam themnup."
Toront 202.022 000-9 12 quarterbacks of one of the finest 'Oft aln practice. ;g
T oronto 202 .023 000-9 12. Navy. elevens ever swabbed to- boy from the pie,,Ed
Havana 000 100 100-2 4 0 getber. will open i-t left Na, .wi-T
It's pretty tough to work up pound -Chat .urehett at tle-
t'ornletes.and Berberet; Cue- case against a team with two pm-1half, If his bkee is. Stayr
che, Valentine (3), Ladera (8i. season All-America 'choices -end Guest will give us expue
/anves (6) and Montalvo. LP- Ron Beagle and qu arterback fullbackk" .
Cueche. HR-Taylor. George Welsh. Navy's also aK. 1
S"But that Welsh is such a little terback nainm PatI-FoL
------ guy to expect to carry a team," tre Dmr te a
sighed Eredelatz a year ago. than four*S.hW a a bL4.
Columbus 000 000x021-3 7 14 the little guy---6-1B and a soraw- and yet iA
SBufflo 000 022 0 pxt-4 11 4n 2. pounds -- became. most tr. .
cpro ceat feld general i na ,Th .
.., ass~( ....) and Mu".tt;I' ...
VWHH -mflita' VaSP^^^ ^|kMBji^|

sew *x


4 .

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.-. ,
W. $-1B' -7 -'
,a-, .- .......




* **'r*~**

-.. C &; *?
h R'* ***'^t~'


In U.N. Disarmament Parley

UNITED NATIONS. N.Y., Aug. i the American position at the two work in the end can produce tude expressed by Prener Niko-
30-fUP)-American disarma- ndone-half hour opening ses- practical results that should lead lai Bulganin and oasaMuist
ment sert Harold E. stassen lon and let Stassen, Mr. Elsen- o an easing of tensions and the Party Chief Nikita Khrushchev
today took. ovet the job of per- hower's personal assistant on heavy burdens of armament that treneva.
suadl g the Soviets to approve disarmament, take the lead. the world l presently carrying." U.S. and Brith delga tes met
President Elenhower's military Stamsen and 0obolev met pri- separately with Russia a Sobolev
infection plan. vately r the second time in Anthony Nutting, minister of before yesterday's meeting.
The fivernation U.N. disarma- three d a at lunch yesterday. It state, represented Britain, Jules Nutting and Soboley, according
'ment subcommittee was to open was not known what they dis- Moch spoke fur France, Sobolev to a British spokesman, talked
the second session df its current cussed. for Russia and Paul Martin for b n for 30 minutes before
talksts afternoon Canada. U.S. Ambassador Henry the Rubnn had lunch privately
tas this a rnoon. Lodgeu at. before the suh- Cabot Lodge Jr. was present to with Stassen.
Thus far, there was no Indl- commit, cupoaed of the assist Stassen.
cation of Soviet reaction to Mr. IUni o" Bitaitn, France,
BEisenhower's lan for an ex- Ca and Ruais, detaBls of The closed-door meeting was
chande of zal blueption eachnIts t e oR is'E gius W alIs
change of ml tary blueprints the o wer an, which regarded as the first real teat of I
and aeria Inspection of each was ft che at the Big Russia's ostensibly friendly att-
othera s twritory by the Utlted Four MUtmnit conference in O-io lire Anlll nf
Stste asi& Russia. Genewug .
inbassador Henry Cabot The Pr.esidet's call for an ex-Ia. la I Amns
Lodge Jr.,tl da closed session change ly blueprints,German Priest H ld Tro ed der
at the disrmanmment subcommit- Lodgen meant: Ho E irEsist uo0u
tee &y~storday that thh United 1. "' M dntlflcation, strength, aAA
r red to put the commM .Ed rtActure and ug.posi- By SUosi R) (up)-. Bg ypt, Aug.30
*plant lttdiately Into effect as tion of peraopnel, units and E n and Imr eli tnos
betweoiturseIve and the Soviet equipmam-. all major land, sea qAAnm 1 h Si for the s_0h consoequ-
Union.M and air facx, Including organ-' Seei5 52 Amey s IV*rdayWoAY ifi tetommIneGaza
RUssia's Arkady A. Sobolev, re- Ized reserve.and paia-miltary." ar and t litar oeman
itpratlthe Kremlin's professed 2. "LA.omptq. list qf military BERLIN, Aug. 30 (UP)-Church l5ed. no .yl aildli wa
. desire t6 "strengthen peace and plants. t l and .tallations authorities said today that a Ger.
lessen. Iternational tension," with latLons. man priest of the Roman Catho- The spokesman said an tgyp-
urre 't.-latest Soylvt disarma- Pre @ t. E]lsenhower In a lic Church. released from Soviet liPn outpost opened fire on an
mrit r on the subcom- statement .i4sued in Denver ex- captivity last weekend, reported Israeli force when the Israelis
mit e ag a rested opfthe same spirit of he.had met two Americans in the crossed the truce line. He said
"Thenext step is now up Fto a and coop itlo which not orious Soviet slave labor the Israells withdrew after an
thm Western powers.' typiflie thj- ietlng at Geneva camps at Vorkuta. exchange of fire, leaving weap-
Lod ovd ito. the back- would preval;at the setsions. Church spokesmen said Father Ons and- ammunition behind.
roun e crucial conference "If this s so," he maid, "then Hermann Tiehn told them that ,The spokesman reportedi the
after e r a stalementt of I am aure that the subcommittee oRaf the of the An ns he maet in It'a llsuffeed sma oatla.
S" )Russia had been' arrested in Ber- fAna Egyptian military training
BU 1 .lin. The other, he said, had been plane was reported to hae
__arrested in Bqch5irest, Romania. crashed yesterday at Alaisaa
S. : 1 p.9 4 Chturchlmn they Ald not airport, the lot, Qipup
equL S 4lcns imnedlitely. a tu l v asour i lld
"Y -,z hMer I-'Fea* TiwhMe wa. a Hi'rn' fi nadhv.-n wa mu i a ltnI

Johnston .".Acmer ele
ON PSad, Nees testify a- -si& A "

Career Plan w'eraeg8S
The w, iot uinderwa l* 3
W ill Honor committee queed the
of merJehat a aian E utn Mg
dy about her- Conmunist b a e k-
ground that threatens to cost her
son a Naval Reserve commisMn.
P M of The Bradley Bech, N. J.,- widow ii t
John Palmer t6tt, fleh Mrs. Deborah Landy. appeared a the A,,
the Division of Sanitationt has behind closed .doors. 4 t ...
been nominated bY sthelaith i m n
Diectorand endorsed by. the Kelly and Nees were witn.esses son the
Comany-Govetarent.lfr parti- in the firt case ton coine under t o tud M ro f
plpa ion' in thbi arst Annual the .ubconimittee'g ti nty.I im4 ., ti "'sldeh OVlh t
career servlct awakta program evolved Mrs. and .M.. Saloi AYD m sp ei joi u. the
sponsored by the National Civil Waxer of Detroit. both i of whomed .
Service League. ran afl of the. Ary's. security e- o .
Smith will be one among the system. Thew we 4" accused ".i a t,
ma"y candidates whose names of aswlatung' mh"'Cjmmaista t- eV, of c c
will be sent in by gernmet and Red. rMA .".tigatr .-but did n-otut
its trae &rm all over the United Waxer, a t-yr4'Ar -
bap o competence, effidte.eran, est fied Mr. a or tetiedthat e

Fteotle andn cgtleinutyerl en- fled M.r t!la ur '. r' e, = ,. a Orber
ploy deratsl n albe to received to t e rmaea fm a whehr t
thcivie award whh are to be iven cause r0 o b ~ra
He fo WbsIasdsuch
Nominations are ihadeOn .o the an associate '
baui of competence.,effictency Waxer's pretty- aubur,- ha Mrs. Waxer testified that she At the ti

Cqnueideratidn aio mis iven to i,, myMi upeede r.m. .. h cerificatek
iiwknoe hercivil services n a
in which the nominee has parti- go and that heg ts d ny Se. rr outWe Io 4
qlpate4 and the special efforts to get a hearing tod ey as a security rk on March 5 and einfo
he has made to prepare fbr thearges ag st her .. 1 served m n
service and quality for advane- Joseph Earl Vargo, a former clved a pu
m served with ate .Dpartment employee, testi- TAKES FIRE TO STATION from eml<
Smith ha. served with the M u married a Russian woman tration Stil
United Sttes Government con- m with govemmental apSprov. (UP) -. After Q.
fliuously scthe 1,93. l1 and *as fired ,n 103 Ibcaeu Guoe aibe twasi't d$,ue _': t JAti
je ha. been ea.ployd with his wife's mother still was at ail when rubbish in the reof be born.
the Cnal. oanaUen aqe the Iron .Cvrtaipn, 4h truck bur.t .into m.- aHe is asu
a 11tththhe HeAth Bu- i pt1 uo Kt- Loula; a
mumrni lC1, .* 1 -*VrK e' ifl 'TeifhliOK i^ite rii iirT~iTii l

s..- P "

I p

rUIUEr!ppO UMW.i4

: .0 p t $-
i:; ,'NOi w

eTe mo8t vio let' "
-dramatiu atwery
ever set to musiwI'5

.I -

"M&d'Rh e' A Jf-DE liI Mfl PmiI

- ._. _ea n __ _..._ ---___ = .. a ..

Pale,. Red-eyed Ritai -Hywort

Quts Dejected, Weary Haymes. 'n al
since the elements of disease
Stat,once made the Canal ZoMn
HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 60 tUP) sure that caused the f1 g h t," a 500 square-mUe jungle otjesti-
I Rita Hayworth, pale and red-eyed Haymes said in a dejected, weary leoe mand death are still present
from crying, admitted yesterday voice as he sat with sympathetic or near at hand.
she walked out on troubled Dick friend in the beach hoMte. "Smith as4 his aoclates
Hames but said "I don't know" if "She went to stay with friends, are pratelu sanitation n aon
shell try for. her fourth divorce. I .don't know exactly where. I'm high plase which is studied
The shapely star, who stuck by supposed to hear from her later aad emulated by experts in
Haymes' during two years of his today. It's nobody's fault an a many parts of the globe."
legal and peosonali d culties, an- there'll be no divorce." Those employes who ate chosen
nounced through her attorneys Rita meantime was scheduled to to receive the award will be
yesterday shehad thrown in the visit her attorney. Samuel Zagon. gueata of honor at a dinner to
towel "to thin ang out." to discuss her $150,000 breach of be ag n In Washington, D. C.
"I have separated from Dick contract suit against Columbia n October. The award itself will
because. I. believe in the best in- Piqtures that is scheduled to hoped n of a scroll and personal
treats of my children Dik and today in ,federal court.i e t on v
myself'it is neesary tt bth of Hayme appeared crashed at tionl Civil serve
she sad statement released cuss a dore with e law oran on for good gover

ed, "I.t love her and .I hopeon for good govern-
hrouw w get togethers. Therhe drell be no t vorce, Haym aonsorngo d the m
"I don't know at this the e that said firmly.' reg
the separation is f ." Lawyer p-pon refused t the preder of S rv of ther
Whlayme e earlier admitted t h meant and mere a dlyed am era. t service by bringing to na-
rto d-h ed star had vanished from three hours on the tegan leph to ar- thnce some -of the
ed rome, but he drama to colar- the a dreadful u wh. I'm expect. nti careers nfederenr
repo, rterstll love her a. hope Ambaador Hinel where hey-
we will get togetoker. There willan unha Haymet Hcroonymed to tourit ad
be no divorce." not exactly pi-point the ordfi of ServI 0 Brouwer
While Haymes waited at home event in tl family drama.
to har from his wife,ashe ezorl- He _1id 1,ecouple belgantoaor-.SuilitsA oren_
ed from a hideaway to conromt the Ambassador NoW where ,., i pp ..
reporters at the office her I a w- the Ambassador Hatel where they.
yen. they've been staying wle ow Polnt Bid
She looked more like an unhap- Haymes crooned to tourists and
py housewife than a movie star assorted local nightclub heppers. rouwer with a bid o
in her yellow, cotton dress, sun- "After our argument, she ntay- 4er p m l iw Or the
glasses end a black bandanna tied ed here Saturday nigt. She didor 4t ulterior o
over her hair. not go home then," Raymes said, ade' nOd two apartments on

She refused to talk to newsmen.
The flaming-haired star packed
up her two children and moved out
of the couple's Malibu home fol-
lowing a sialing battle with the
linger at the Ambassador Hotel
Haymes. currently singing In
the Coconut Grove at this hotel
came home from work Sunday
night to find their seaside lovenest
"It's just a whole bunch of pres-

There was no a
Friends sid
to. control er"'
".iust eculbn't tU

hit her or

-W" e



PRICES: 60c. 40c. Shows: 1t:0 -- $.-07 5:04 7:01 900 pm.


iwiA.610w- 3-t
O'*T~fh~ 131R~H^-Ha
.; rt'4 .4,,.* .A ~ *'-. .

le, bid tor which
_aModay morning in
,a Heigtts Administra-
2M rau gig from. MS
eterd by Daniel
tad the Tropt

,No. a boto

Rol Ralph Lone

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I, .4.A.,

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p **ew
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pip wrur e
rna .

no U -j
lttendedf a laI
tar tai offidl
res Woa .he
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re*tenthe retu
Uca Fiere hp b
4 ywi

-iAi N


" ~1 I

, ,.

I *-

I '



wAigs aw.|

IN nfo!
dif edo



Material Information

The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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* 1~* *r'w'~'.'~, '!Ut.':

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in :'..'$ W. v

-A -- -s

* ..- .
rr^ ^ t l ^ *" "1+1++ **.-
Bwii^".* 44 -:

I ,~ 4.~ A:.

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th. -~ ne ~;-'~* '&-:~



'; wpm

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__,-, __,_ _. ..q "* ".
r U ,_P....,

; .AM .MIN- ., .
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T 1.S

4 Fi*.
$45 -
* .~

. *- -**--'zr

.. .. C..a.ih, h. o
w su the mothr o trI chllere.

Red Chinese Built COntHi n

54' U.S. 7th t Com od
. L -

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..*.. ..... ..

*. '

^ljoAtlantie :State e>.w

MZ*ZtAft 530 I)lu
co* W5ith, weak. bat e
day toward the o- At
tic I mesppins l fes at we
The US. Weather. Bureau
aami. Wtamed ship. fl s
threat rohm the 75 m
".waringiear the can
v: tti was not longer .
eat to the UZ. m .1
d, weithermen asid. I 0
The weather ABureau said
:z wheadlnto PARIS, Aug. 30 (UP) Pffip* fT
ortheast d on 0 a statici of urgency' all A te
mph after brushing more roubl 4e whit. tyti
the MacAd of Bermuda yes Ti
day. State 6f urgency prer
J.. tfpg ^rebjn mofIntl oWu alrse
p. a decm fdftgnd
*g 1 ^n a wol...orks out fl
OMoi rocq u pan but m any.. .
Feavre won cabinet appi
marac scan plan but many'
Sn tislld'and the crisis renone
i. A readr t pamanc" w" had eivt inonly to forestall t i o
a last ht 119"d
b t ediond snW tdeoae. Tl a1 accepted secr the i
.- le i1i- n,'o. shore den l.Gilbert Grandyal butf a
4' w^ r.-Otthst Wen~ounceNt forlfear one would to
o.aW yo-o,. a 4&1.e0nheo e 's ngtbrrnqho t Morocco.
bi .Wan. W *,-le Yb*:! *
ebrt- r ow rhWol n Tw agreed re-&le
-,iA m r .

-s a
;,*"< 1
"' +-B^

Mich. '01o
:l the L
3 lastw

6n 1t^

a to the rub,
t1:5 -. a

?.7, A United Nioh information As sta Is
+o of a r e-Pert, hael A. FonueI? to o tewl
t" te

hee As % ab B V ma Tri aUse a-te ofct a|W
Ca Ubl ssitoSto bothsys
then dr., J 'Z" bd&, t+ ob spark ne ulot&.
1 =ab A Un ted Nations. ,inomtnao, At formno An
12be.a174exipert, a Ae lFeusmd,! j to n or wto l i
bt aobeat s ni d.-t barera tAe foonl&foy .e...t
apeh dae" tlhapterIn t phe lo Br-ne -t lo7U
*at tMpnledHosee Fptes al jrll-t h tt4e.

the aot rs. bVStl. Me pbic dt 1
.. .lSA Cl fcsl L 1 54 l tl^lt l a I b ,0 diers formation Center of the Uwited r o tSwri
Waasasmed today. io and thi AntOleu with el*
,.p ufr emOp W by Noqis to spak baton (bel
Wh#SAY.UI Afl1S B t RIM Ie, &mtnationa Nal-Muse grou c ouldbe ^v
HimcLOW aeM.ieVe bialeha.e m yet thUnion lan ioelo- during its firsttn years. Rnr It
tA 1 8157 P;Mt8 te d ma er bur .".l1 1.
J l t., Toight, ,tFusotA is e a t.. d
e Commnity 54, rrst Street. El Ba.ns onmduced
Csarirmen, Pasama City. gime of Dom #a
.The public Is Invited to th' The Faurep
jIt e nnad to "stbh-nto

t wweub


h.. .I. .


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-, *. 'F,.


? ~'k~ ';~

4hrwI~#l!r pj4t
574 'tr A'


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* *'*'*'* *"'-*

toe' to

4'.. f~f 17 ^Ff' ^^ t" :f.^-i *-f

41m ase m.PULI6I4Sa ato e ft WARAV AM A i La IAS. 01r N@. Uf60
POUth.D or u BL SW U N* U UUSVL"AL og 33a nr. ..M
WA,-.O3N AIA&. semenO
"" H TmgT. PO BOX 14, PANAMA I P PP.
TE.ZLOIOI 0740 n LamtIN "d
3145 MAI6on Av. NEW YRoK. 417 1 N 'V.
MoN T". m mk 0 .70 Sa IAoI
t qent Mor I.nov~ae .0 .0 o e-
General Eisenhower fI. ugt

Se atlvld gdlmfulle tad are haicdled i whl sfide Pign was. m an. dle labor's to

bfs. luicy making sanctums, anW .the
If you e onlibute letter don't be impellent if M4 d10'I ppe.i th nelad. is being taken by those e.x-
W -tday Letters are published in the order received. partsof Co who WH raised is
SPla ,e ry to keep the letters limited te'ene poe mlt. the old c"i.strge" days.
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