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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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a~l~ ~

r ativas iraasaced French civilians, LeUgonsares
lots ian, .imtethis one, merioless bullets followed.

SUSPECTS ROVNDEI UP-A Moroccan soldier daands guard over
Kbourigba where a ;hosphate factory was destroyed. The suapec
eral mop-up operations began n n areas of French Morocco believe
fanatic nationalists.

Helicopter Crash

Victimn Evacuated;

A soldier who was evacuated
from Colombia. whn his heli-
copter crashed in Fundaclon,
CQompti, wa con4sldered to be
4^geo^ondltlQo? todayat Gor-

US Mainland Safe
As 'Edith' Expects
To Brush Bermudas
,MIAMI, Aug. 29 (UP) The
U.S. mainland Is safe from Edith,
the hurricane, the Weather Bu-
reau said today.
SThe big blow, with winds of
about 80so mh,. -was- expected to


To Dump

And French

PARIS, Aug. 29 (UP) The Frewch cabinet 0
proved ,tl proposals of Premier Ftger Fours fWor
the bloody 44oroccan uprising
13 The visionn to support was token In |
13 houir .binet session which times thrten
pie his B,0vernment.
Faoue's plan calls for the outster of both
Resident-general Gilbert Giandval, who is Wbted
colonials and right-wing elements of pftsakmi
.lne-up o .d rebels at soft" policy in Morocco, and Saulfn o i
d to be n1 ed largely Mouloy Ben Arafa, who is bitterly attacked by tl'0
can Nationalists.
The premier hopes by the two movesio
ctrekS Fav Rainier the Nationalists ar.d the French who have
"Lr'" Foy Ba more stern.pOlicy toward them by the rt
breaks Toe Al Sg Fallure to find a swift solution dependeeo.) Party
would mean a renewal ofbloody 1g demhads he be
A M UAA violence in Morocco. Failure al. the throne, but It de
ilcu rating Hero most certainly would mean the he be brought to
downfall of the Faure govern- his exile in
When a Hollywood actress meant during Francesa eat o .
nes through here, It's hardly coonial cris since the dochi- Jemo ti
ewa. anymore. na war. iu. C I
l I".d d.'hin uas'a f a.. HA ht NMRIaeh was ..bbeeolse b- I W.

A New UM
g. 4,

CASABLANCA, Aug. 29 (NEA)- llhiv disohlers in French Morocco could
flare like a Iihted matahbox Into full-seclq kiapla war between p t miHioe natives and
a half a million Europeans on the horrible pttemrn of the Mau Tau-Bntish massacre
In Kenya. '
All the ingredients of a holocaust mretqre:
1. French rural settlements too nm otroum atd bislated to jet full protection.
2. Urban concent ioens vastly outn~wbered by; the te ning, masses in nearby

nairive quarters
3. The rapidly-mounting vigHante spiritand.1bacl4o-thewall complex of the French
4. The wheted bloodlust of the Mooo n population, wiich has just displayed
unbelievable feraolty in the technique of *vIlqale slaughtte .
5. The Inability of the citifled Moroqcrn.ttLionaljst ,Aederw to control hinterland

savagery. ,
6. The impotlce or reluqtjnee of tl Wrangling Ftenolk government to make the
swift generous, conessions toward native wl0b, alone might still ward
off total disaster.

Caught In the mn4o -l* two Sac dra
groups of innocet znp partici- mm
pants. rst, = I
Morocco has native hardly s t
Jews; whble they 4 r e d no The'. off
deaths during & Imet ,r orgy, Freo.teh eti
Jewish houses p. m a. ain sev.-but not uace
ral sIaler towns. Itl lS
Morocco alms ha an estimated i, whi6 it
0O,00 Amreocans, mautly i
W civilian psr sand teir What W i

security regulations, ave th a but now
kept the Yanks tuceratedad. atmosphere (
In five recent n4otnta dayt, .
a unformed AmeIanWaa ., PFor a
rand# dth In C a. Oud ZeI,.
Al e b 1 Cis(eA'tM o~une a dra I havd
e.W. NonaWar, i*s eay o er p of
a nreawayl.. dd wh,
Behlelr t acontied to b *wolth
thelt bi.,as etvenl la b .o e."
Got orders In 4ad *
s ett l eme n t s ,T h e a -ud s a u sb t gr e d I
tion ceatrs are a sahbd beaud-of do
uneibramus. ab toray $. all After th
time -- .i jdf ji.l,
Io nheIsOp -&Ir dI Ak seeh Jf
. roder-c Ek Lgk,, aIr a.
maeutely duetaae ftir l zei
witrtawal Wnts bas' UaP
asb Anhe evit of 0tm em a
r y. leal in
plan dovetail with the .
eonulaate general's evacation 14
mam for private American *I thie,
The Air Fore and an#ky alret ynga
dy have carried eout -wral. test
ifidrawal drtl& 9kI
IUatbtaberg and Cag ,.-Johna m iS
Dmbtrgmanadeat B f iPt eb
-=Voeal base, Mas"t
^In a NioWe" cal iezn
.1*?^A" edl but" ?- :.-';^ 'v- *401"'8 W^
ItA .! -.., : .? S -.^ ^ .


'oit of the -Be er tries'
throughout the Morroeean uplands
are watcabg and waiting.
What gads the French is the
fear that uaels the. few guilty

are J'al. t
en dy ote -ram
mdwd ef EO'
ba -sawch~ mis
Tayu of^^r
to man"au

relatively peace:
MIate A.atfeur FfrenA
and two revealed six

eAHlfor I& Gen-
IM P, whh I at-

w. ueqA r cue plran wu
m to Fundaclon,
|b milfrom Barranq ..-
!1%30 ,..pilot.of the heu-
l crashed shortly
-o0f were not injured
U enough to warrant their
Sthat Surgeon Cap-.
ari Bams deemed it 9+r
Ia .bring Glider, who was
Asst. crew chief here for treat-
maen T6e slOldlr, will be re-
t o rudacion when he is
conmupeley recovered.
The H-IS Is used by the Inter-
Amarkw Geodetic Survey.

Cr large T0ro'

Pat4L Anchor
Froi tMldoa ,d
A~ e r ge was called from
OGab l elp ppl out a five-
which lot stuck In.
the Ca -l Ittom at Splboa- lat
Wnatury n ht. dlaa th
e MT ort Brisbane's
tLa ,oat a daY.
.Te nal accident occurr-
ed Jsisti the ship, en route from
Ausr9 to the Inted King-
dam, was being docked at Pier 6

A .151 Canal diver worked
fat.. .,ria.m;n. Sunday trying
lul In hls attempts.
.agent, Norton. an
UWi sas that the anchor
Wa aM 1 ft. astern of the
iHw a 'er able was released I
an atiept to freak it.
77'vWheim all attempts fail-
e, ..e d. e barge Toro was
breOeht a.trom ,mboa. It was
abloeo ull the anchor up, re-
leasing the ship for Its transit.

Two Fined $25
F&r WHty Conduct
In PCQuorters
For bou* and boisterous con-
.duct I fial W ns 12-family
b trly trday piorn-
ta .man and a
V "ine were each

,5 47-year-old

M 1 h, which, ai been over
open water all the time inice Its
diryovexry six dai s ago.

O Por To Ad

As Marine Diretor
Capt John Andrews, Jr., USN,
captain of the port of Crlst6bsl,
is acting as marine director dur-
inL the absence! on leave of Capt.
Frank A. Munroe, Jr.
During the same period, Capt.
Anthony Roeaier, U81, Port
Captain In Baoa, will act as
chairman of the board of local
InApctors 'and Capt. Ernest B.
Ranier, assistant Port Captain
In Crist6ba~ wlU act as captain
of the Cratbal Port and as
member of the board of local in-

Munror, accompanied by Mrs.
Munroe. and their daughter, left
Saturday for irew York aboard
the. Panama Line ship and will
be. absent approximately alk

her wondeinri three-month tour
of L Al a rica must end so.
' Misft Bl who in real fe
Is Mr. enable brok her
to I_"IMu 1 in9g abroe hy
cabin," alth she claims she
had Mhen off gangway ,
an0 dba dI ack on shlt, 0With
out mishap ing her voyage
on the Peru,O Swedish liner.
Well-known r dramatic roles
she has portrayed in Hollywood,
Mis Bainter has no Immediate
plans. She Was cently sent two
scripts for Boadway plans,
"Gentle People,' and Bean 0'-
Casey's "Red Rones Are For Me."
But although the inks the
lays have a gr t deal df merit
the parts, she eIt. wetent fJr
her. However sh la anxious to
appear In Broad lay show, when
the role la suital .
ahe claims teliext time she
attempts a Latin mrtean tour
she'll be a little npre fluent in
Spanish-"I know I can enjoy
these countries a let more that
!&@e veMer aaetres eepecta
to remain A few more dayw rest-
Ing up here before she4ang her
husband, who Is in the rel eas-
tate business return to their
BaOsa Mondes home.

.Yramce relnjorced iWf. tro ps
tgrouBi0ut Morocco *n6 1-t
titro, through, the..Md Tsut* e
tive -quarters), center 006
tslallst unret. Am cas to, :
painted US. f s ontheir auto-
mobiles u protection agast t
future violence. .. M d d
In Cairo, Algerian un beca
ground leaders annaoua b .tbife rd.1W
would "answer terroftb wit
tarrorism" and instrOte theiXr G adval
liberationn army" not to fat la
its attacks on Preach troOp a Sil r
armed column in the future. h
Freneh offMelas in Ted- W- ar i
eloMd a b ofa rebels t n
cromed Into Tfal$ frem Al- WOUa be na
geria ad fmI t & 1001;I at
,m Ne I
nu s eluadihung ly
Owe klled- Ed to suem
Paur faced two --
must get solid cabinet
and he mustsolft lSide ,g1bhis
National Assiyh qo td whAQN= .
Preaier *Pierre "Mea IOe Utv I
last reb.4 bwagieiiedla our.
ptram ofmore independence
for Tunisia. A ma
The prime danger point In
Faure's plan concerned ousted
Sultan 8idi Mobammed Bean
Yousmf, a champion of the Na-
tionalist cause. The Itqlal (aD- .


. be Itm
VAL mar$
jthe Con

I5w firm
Igo De C
ion the pi
Mld pilot,
caused t
: ItN m

the ship t
a northbound
the it nfa
"ca serl
Galloway," a
The O*W
that Capt. Dl
I 'nndfw eft 1

aWe ,L n .-o.I
. ,.
!a lb"Abww~i
wt in

tm w"r a
number of

%h d
|- vWie



A- -
f .. 1



Moved In top up

I'I ,

&'. .




.... ...5. r.r'- ', -,
"- j

', I -.- .
: ,., ..... 4 .

^~" i *.' *:* n .* ^ B1''' "" "' ":
"' ).' ,. ,C A *F *

U M. N .
Al C A Ik',.


1,7 .,
,#. ^

. i_ *




- ~
* ~ 4
* ~ -

S. II7 M *n P 0 Sea 104. Pmrlea M rw P
1 TELlPHONI 2-0740 Ii LLi I
_- CA LIK Aoonse. PANAM CiAN"Il. AN
48 5MA061omn Avg. Ngw YoRK. i171 IW, E.
Fon *iNx MONTHi4 IN AVANCI -- sO 13
FR ONE YEAn. IN ADVANCE 10.o0 t40o



The Mai Bou es an open wutm or nreism of The Pasa Aere
Sdters see meslved grteoelv e nd are headed is a whell MfduNO
W ewn a etribla e leterf don't be lmpMwtist I doesn't ppe
e st y Letters see pubbhed in the order meenhed
Please t y t keep thd le tters. l to nem poeg leMngh.
IdenIly ot beIn wrki e Is held In rictet I satsee.
S Th new I par assu meos swespestiilityv tol etaliemeil es opid
epqIned tt ltersb sfo madsen.
S Sir:
: Recently I read In the paper that the President of Panari
bad sLtate ne aw nu nauce in the e0o is 0o tne uIJ eu bta
o Liuzens Associauon,-mereiy iinal, ity wesi soo&Lng out or the
Inverebo..' 'anans8 to nm, anyway, inat ne rea"ztwa inmeresLa a
- at siacae.
S uso I have read in the Senate hearings that not one Unite
! States cALAZ-ns wiN uc aMiMLeiQa aLbLr.eiy uy ome hew treaLy.
this true? burely It is the uient u0 noneot woia banuere men wt
tus wmu be. Apu wnu ais tne mten, o01 tne Manama Lanai com
patnyt How wiu.uni oe interpreted?'
mow again, there is mne question: Will be Panamania
citizens woliunn in clerical posltauns be given the opportunity
'. quamiy lor C4,v oervnce ,cun through e^ammaulon and tne,'ek
earn qual pay minus tiu a-o as siituia ue, or wuL It, laier L
tna&L te unied Hta&es ciuizns working an clerical jobs part
. cuiarly the louer grades, wui nave Wo e gSven a Lo'wer rise
Spay orcier to kep taom raising te stanoara of living an
wages ot Local rate emiployees
i has anyone btsiaeb tue United States Citizens Associatio
S,. and perhaps some o0 the lavoo unions stopped to reauze
o acu..s the lact tnat, auier ailn i conaiaerea, repatriation is n(
. a aciLor iort ependents are repatriated wita Uteer flmules an
Salso tat income tax is paid to tne United states Oovernmen
and as a woole no actual economy is realize. .
S hqual opportunity would seem then to mean that those fe
j obs tat are ndw ai higher wages should be open tu Panama
ialans in similar clerial positions who iave qualified through
4 Civil Service, and those United States citizens who have nc
ready obtained status be required to do so through Civ
Is this not the system that .should be, or would it be rather
Ato lower ad Joce, so that no one has an opportunity to advance
even those desired to stay on as they had made this their homr
fttrough no fault of their own. This is the case of people wh
*re once wanted and felt it their patriotic duty to stay anr
ltmaain with what seemed a part of their life.
Once established here, it has been hard to become reestab
.fNhed elsewhere because of finances, and actually in many case
ir families before them were here when It was a community
VM thought of a better brighter future ahead.
The U. 8. citizens living here have been an asset parU
ly with their work in organizations assisting in the Repub
t.4A needy, and actually maintaining patriotic, civil
e fiee organizations have had a hard time surviving
post few years, due to insecurity and the course of event
hbae made so many loses Interest In what the future o
id anyone ask the President of Panama or the many
pl. bim. his reply would be that it is not the in
I w,^ rt atalan people that United States citizen
low"". to.1 anamanian artes. Rather the idea
0y 90-an- to cover the cost of living when
to .buy outside of commissaries, and also n turn

belf tat fore long th' bebrought tol Ugbh
stated too in Senate hearing that it is ; ",are oc
U. 8. citizens are holding, lower .paid job, and .thi
deots oft the military and so oh. But had ahyon
t cdold be seen that'this lWnot the case. for their
who have done so in order to stay on here, with th
,iast with the added income they could meet expenses and
Sn.m, time educate their children and save for the tim
-2oy would retire and possibly have a home.
What .=t
a view of the Post Office Department having announced
0* of a stamp Sept. 21, 1955 to honor Gen. Robert E. Lee
to my mind, as a Connecticut Yankee, that a comr
e stamp Issue for his nemesis Gen. George Meade, ol
t, might also be considered.
e, as right bower to Gen. Grant, had quite a bit to do
outcome'of the civic War as he's with his Conecticut
was the deciding factor at the Battle of Oettysbur
ked the rebels at Appatomatox, which led to Lee's sur-
Charles Schlossberg.

True Adventures
i.* ,-m ^ sfis

", oW. ^ "m T NTAYSMT. "

.1ATN AG~l.
.-n C. ,.s, ,..


-i-- IP-"- -T .,f m -p
WM V6W14 f00^T C AT >.O 6.7U &AM OMMX my
*-*.ie b W1

fwke PhiipJ
r *
7a m age .
*'.Ja'Stg '.. ^*' t

te Prm led tw6 w -Y
Saa e used to date er
a calf regh the re m. .. ,-r ma, rar "Pine. Gobs and Gobs of it: Burrayl
I ,,thet ,e s --- st a .m -- Plut-ss ed Judy N M de* Wd
"- as the s in All This and Brains, Too: June No Dise, NM Data: That't tore Latn qte ua rtr I
VuS in S ns. Ths, and Power., who is an "exotic" dancer Rhooda Fit with music pub- trB t ouantor a in
waIs aa n= 11M. whatever that is, .at Tony Paster's lisher at Mills at MaWr=e's 8 g. h ,W
seems me thatPious Nek O wr Villag. carries her own Stask U wa her, g.

..w.o an wts Todny'. .Mm o Ari." th_ new
1''' oo re Raft. (They _r geIt too sis Ar.".. a- A e lt- ""
-L,.) Ilea-ud m's .l__Is on
W a a s Dept. w e Who Ca Wshebe0Al o s was


.2 1

rp, a.
Ms r

nice I

". ."'

Labor -, News Pst

I've been Investigating Mr. Neb. -
ru's Indian governments for somoe
ume now. sacty a the theory
that it is not rely ouri riend and
some day soon may become a R7Tl
rather energetic enemy. In my r OW
buigang iues as some'quaint intor-
mauion which indicates that the
ken. Mnans would be wel-advised to
i1al overlook the tanfortunate, bum
n-g .um rowang oftaeir Ain.
is bassador Gaganvihari
mentse by an per-vealeas lad y
restarauntur In Houatn Texas. Yu s. .
'e I .asins are bar*ny in a pe. l .
des sition to criticlig anyone tor
Reaches of civil diberus.
They have somj o thid toughest
labor and press l ws and anut-tree N
speech regulations this side of the
bamboo uirtain. L
na When it comes to discrimintoaUin ,
s you need ly waner tarougn tae o .
eir nuge city of CalUttaor whether
re Incwan communities. bes, m tpa
early morning hours, the iUn-
ad toucaibies" awaken. They have
is lain in the streets under the cover e e
S, of vermin-ridden cloth. waey go -
to the local fountain and wasa.Js1wafi
hi Sneathey Ihny g amSrounge sm- Me-Amu
n bread."o :
to 'oere, are sae t70,0000.000 of
by these wretched humam, although 1 ""ON S-O
o; the Iniaen goverfqnut says a a ..... -a
now ille great oerup then mod n 'a t aib But e ,
Salso a report in the Indian Parlia- .Wa
arlL mentary is wn e ays atout tlet w
can be done to wipe out the indwian m z.M
on upper castes, distastetor the un- ho
ir touchables" and the brutal dis-An tsm W ad bee
ot crimination practised daily against Ibaaed iS,
ad them. -, a el o et l
tWe can't justify ourselves withL pIo 11
any o'k 0 tE just let me say in q unt eu teeas was sta t-
w passing that lM be fasemat- ed by Chadle Evans Hughes la tat Whllee m Cai-r
g %uW I vasmc n anh Bcues a b Th WtrlUSI, ub itheb os ltn-I
in gletio intol esomegthe bligCalut- .. e' the U er cwha he t n, ainfIei i inI
0o La, Doatn or aoibay h oaels andh he I ld Dvmdl'eis anm Uyhalf, and I am s ure that his sta*e-
il resau'ots day. DUs At ed the once 'a mat is eurecL Howewr,. when
i But thars not all. My trans- Kids curfews -------- .. a
r Asiatic plane put down at the CC fa eb tBa t We A However,S ak de m Bas .th
e, cuttairport the night of a dock B 0 Riyit;W /OM by yoAiro Bt di !. | .1 11e rI
Ie workers,' slowdown. TheOwater"y 08 RUARK..n
o ironts of the world are my bobby, The ether d e, Imesue s e ateeeta ,
id In looked into this type of Indian Chinag adI news 0rv-
strike. I you wast to see some I see nothing particularly hor this wa s reled to I on B w ak-'Bel ton e Ta o i A-
Stough labor laws I action Just ol- tying about the Idea of a nation- ends, unless there was a big hop ot Wit rder teik bt 1 an Btler wrote tt t
,low me use of tne Mulan codes, wide curfew for te en-agersspe- going on. avON be om--, as had 'Niad ,.at l. nU5 ite. Sr -- ee hest the heat.--
ty i belttov mB a once ciat since from. what hear It also seems to me that I. didM uses. Dtlas i entreets t Doer, Del i
ea-se a bt e-ib. lately juvenile deli uency is not suffer unduly,' and was able to I was nst an New yet_ uDi, N .J.,
because of the slowdown. N. caIse partially bylakof sleep. rack up vast amount of sleep. In the ecabrated ,np.. doe toae
Ar- dla, he verm ,t' ,Tras Ofand I say 9 o'uleek this w ,I arose .ar.yed wi .ltthe: but ,-do sat.ei.A l* a ,.
Se cr' r a al l ithiad school, and might have ev-Shrtlem hn. te tavb "A. A JN at in nlin s,,firmt
ti .EzmIopl eyme A Act 10, & bt as a maximum for Friday class va ed ar011 l otbtoo tIrant
iin ki_. orwork-!s and Saturday. deplorable habit or. mgi ms atE by midnight,a rld,_ U ,ig e Do, a pe
,sig ,owly, beg ,to crack-_h, This curfew III* already been class. You see I uneeiclo ,ryim ,,Ing rl -- ---
f A the Ini3W, law gives suggested iln C.--eticut to apply formed bad hais .at gt, and On e West Coast, especall Cea_ ist norItswh ntehwo tfice Is
h' I n *ll .*,latituft toj uvenile uto drivers but itman.have been one of the eew- inthe Us Francieoseam.s te 2 Mitw e mo thertheli mIme r.i..or
y The government can Jail the see to me It would worA sound.. cases which should haveo'clok qt proved a wondef.l.. is agpoutis,
"- st ."or fine the i heavily Or est Is the big cities, where the been allowed a speeal peas to weapon the singleF u l Jee reIembed m .oa .,
is U. .m.. ori tfor Oung gangsters clot the corners haunt the poolrooms. derrimt r'dsait wenthat wheal omoa Dl
.i.f m to knots, and swaeer a- They'dire to wear* us & a npaolas r R YdthtUsd
Ai Platraw.I -_round running hople side, I managed to live thren h1sv- amdV111 10 ulag wn low-,a- U r R U
S awals, nd ha. the sre and e m a of cur .. "a

It to work at

tha Ul work does n't a a rey orI borrowed a bottle of scotch radio "Cr. t ,C hinesn sinD r.-D
g thNreat tarian, aw especIally 41 h p had pass pers over at a place. ." aas oaf egieei Cho En- ngDra.foethat
e haral Ne tru.U e ti session a 1 ass ru",d_ up a-sve. that. n eolaifsaid th otlp. tht iso tero en certain mlorewaoes
d N seems me at in m The It up eahly, here, No, I cannot see how St youth overnanent does Sgt ab to have a
S s p Rar d eveloped ncy a tawut ,tl-e d f.c., I ., c ai vChi"*$" gbes themght to be asso ated with
ti mem -by A N midnight, at; a5lhu eo. Dr.| eh plans touse ra-
lae, by te w, K there the head of the ttM gChin-"rou Z Hou D- e plans r _
was no congestidn a the port. On- w .. --__ -I nallyreplied__dar in both laboratory peime
ly one abip was forced to wait out State using the and in testing the smog as tfoerms
I be tNEW YORK CONFIDENTIAL .the Republic fC.ia-For- es e

S. and marboNehru's Transport Mim Jo C"lang had won his main neerlsAgg.
later had to move. But I say this By LEE MORTIMER poht and ms adw stmatn

crack w t on -evory's power of Nationalist China. But he
n doa the prelustemadh e couldn't but fd a little dsd h.pb a
Slaws. Nehru can shut dow an Rublroa'satchin a mustachlo when she did't havud. or Du.le had lput a l- I o.,
paper It it gets too critical of him. Thl shouldfickleZasaZ a'her name.Dt mea tI ss a a Itsonlycutomer .imistetr Chou na
Thrush .leen Iarton r.and 1 waNewashNote-Wh icueffan. hadwoprimeMinist n
And he can shut the moths ofCeiVed 21 pairs of o from a The Right to Go lft: Here's bease se of the ta' ate apartment that
the 400,000,000 Indian st anytime millionaire admirer who lives the unpublished dpe n the merknown publicists when he handled told by the State De
th iwni e pW reOeO s sh wrtin mie -theEsisexHouse. Themve yhad but Igen Cidv Librthe Conds cls o the i O.. and to ic
Seco1, you fr..p. rce put.l e) elow teTeh o --i--ona ie eal i otor we t Unt th d i e t ameid wa
2 smse por ls wao s im to shet the IsNov at i he name.on e sa er tht -as on e r ws tale th

ipaer Se hit e o them m e t W from a ...h and the, at Oe Impo rt. u raDE ...niCEa ,Bthorlur
Fewrds landed. .t p venu e's Amoiaa "s --o d Ivar Der L F.t reaso nsrwhy Iamemen u hai l-
ISecti 144. C. e (Criminal Prof ,,Itetonal.. pla s from aBoritaT sill fthe Teaht er t Uno wHer'i c5la ,,-- t td e as G shori D Delaw has dn that
-edure Coel n wht s heems~ he was l the -'ssNorwa y a, the ,a on the i e who we .e at b he any oe the,,d d .... h.
m be a volt for a owne rec ent M Undvre" ontes Tal oes., I ear is -n the
constituti and loea F it h b T erse b cU l -f Pierre a t .glawim .oLr __m__ bue__ d__a--
thei rr leI mean. wa who s. Out anererieeleestThetr e iiag Buts de t NLANCES "By'owCRlsbroie'Ii .
S(rsa roitinc 1a waers olo__DTle _t_
'...a. sha~med. Noer New IsGod Nes Lar _tD Barron PoltaN, the '"
e elaw pld esingg a b d igt npo a uwr. o listenn sr ,a J atW show ain bb STenm


. .- .-

r L*(2I.~. *.~ -~


? A1-M nW 49l <"

I-,] I 'I

GOP hiefainLambastes
*' .* "" '


team f
nght at t reet coret
l .Dega, S. C. a nearby a

.. The gedt closed in on th nta<
y dried gumn from out o
the shadows as he walked down
tm frbin bhit "ente' beach k' za
tpr "tor supper and a glass e
beer." ^ .
He Wfu. at *inmed, but age
found twr .38 eallber va'tvt
and two S2 caliber rifle at hi
Burk was taken to the.Charles
ttwvCountyiaif here as d held -n
am' 1 warrant charging unlew
Afl Lgtb4* avid -prcution.u Th
fz'iyutEw at, o" his map
5%5Z, two idteqtlvaa froe
Ntew IMrts-*w hee today tc
mrve uaunfder warrant an tbh
O .- haired Burke. He i
V1 11 toggeiour wpth the
n ^ o Gt dward Waleh bb 40e
utoritita were not immediate
ly Bttan wlt t would be doni
l'Ju~all bn"t hearing would b
isMt l, but no hearing wai
Q apresed tht belie
that, u coige d be extradited
to w York to face mur4ei
Cha s7,. Ihe FBI would release
L ke,'whose criminal record
dales backtrwl., missed by jus
-e t d rting i M his first mmi
v*r"ry of eedonm from Jail lIn
"' S foot 1 formerloishore
m int oke out "of their. harl
StreeJ ilf14 Bo"on Aug. 18, .14
j. daring daylight escape tha
V -has p-ite baSled.
at'the timt e o exeape wag
fa 'charges In Ithe ser fata
TnX of: Jdseph (Spec) 0
ftw $1,10,000 boldup of 'a
t~ks -armbred car in Januar]
T l ftitive won his freedom
when three sked men hApd
hi' t ag thtittle --used gat
dear t as exsereiss Fta.
"-ms e at .e ,
o .wr -vted of a.ldl the ea
Cape. i ." .a

She th ae'-in woe .
S fted7. i arR lived i

- cottage at Folly Beach for about
tm wk ; -

rFBs aget ve Saturday at-
Serno a a .Sd io. watching thp
* cottage. o r
r .olly,.e ferbert Wynn of
* Folly B6 sa the nts wait.
Sed until Bu e4me out of his
P cottage on hia way downtown and
0 then closed e on hirm.
SScI a aepts ullius Lopez, wO
led the c re team, aid Buke
din't rest arrest. Lopez said the
Sfugitive was jttery at tfirat, but
e later related,

nare rs*oRol Flan in minute
-wihoul on even or double
boiler. Just combine theRoyal
laon mixture with milk, bring

each p*&eweWhen you shop
-eOo fo or Flow .

mgw uB u wr KORNteA-funes, jtW saag .paa 'il R -
bal Waea ready as American guqrda carefully wat@cMbiu. -
astaini *ok.. J oreans on the causeway leading to iWdnfmi-o,
XoraS. *4be den anstration was onM oA. many throughout 8buth
R seM lq pt.of President Sypgman R 'a efforts to expel
the. nottraelation' truce supervisors from his country. US.
troops, pledged to. protect the neutral, had td use tar ma and
l4hPa'Msure water homes several times to beat back mobs trying
.to stow US. compounds 'housing Swiss, fSwiah, Polish and
C aebdoovk mabers t the truce sunorvlcuT team.

Truman As 'Hate-Monger
S, o -
WAS INGTON, Aug. S (UP)- Butler were "'an unfortunate fore
RepubUca Natinal Chairman cast of th tped of campaign plai
Leonard W. Hall drnounied Har. ned by'the Dm aocts" for t h
ry S. Truman yesterday as a "bit- preaideitial electio next year.
ter, frustrated., bhate monger" "Witr no real lasue to take t
who is trying o "amear" Presi- the people," he said, "it's obvious
dent Elsenhowel out oe disgrun- they're going to rely on amear
tied jealousy. and sonal attack on Pros
Hal who also defended Vice dent lVsenhower and Vice Pres
President Richard M. Nxon a- dent Nixon."
against .a "vile attack" by Demo- "But the hite-monge* will hav
cratic Chairman Ppaj M. Butler, a tough assignment to make the
cnargea tant Mr. TrUman engaged attacks stick. '
in "name-calling" and "bunk" in "All the bunk coming f r o z
a weekend attack on the Presi- French Lick can't hide the fact
dent at French Lick, Ind. of record hig h employment
Mr. Truman, openinghis pre- great prosperity and peach which
election year "give 'em hell" have been achieved by the Else;
speeen-making, told Insa4na Dem- hower-Nixon administration.
ocrats Saturday that President El-. "Harry Truman-whose admit
senhower has bee guilty of "mis- istration was noted for high tai
Sand demagoguery" es, unemployment and a vacilla
ever since his election. He said ing and ineffective foreign polii
.. iier ml cases a which culminated lh the Korea
chance to "befuddle the issues." 'police action' sounded li k e
Shortly before the ex-Ptesident bitter, frustrated man.
spoke, Butler called Nixon "the "He' is jealous of President E
least pOilar" vice president of senhower'a accomplishments an
the past 35 or -40 rs, cant stand the comparison wit
ie described.. p o' goodwill
tours as "h iarNy" and '"a nice
way to see world at taxpayers W EDNESDAY
Fr bcl with teFGOP reply I
in a special Sunday ,statement, I
Hall said the "intemperate" state- I .
ments" from Mr. Truman and 1 1 '.

i,*I1 -- -a. u a u~
m|.l ,.",-

LA, $d .,b
~-Ll~'- A


every item reduced at

Ave. Justo Arosemena y
Calle 34

tluenhower's nremendous popuslj the'tl
"it,a &A thing Tumman l b I
when to goit his office, rutI'
Nisa was 'ithe M*t tt rti
Stirement with dih gn A."sty
i Hall said Butler's attack ai
when to quit his offer, r but I n.
forces the average voter's -inhpf
tion to vote the straight RetpbUbl-m
e- eaticket next year.' wh
Aw "fick bexon's goodwill tour rbet
* have been heralded, not only baltical

t I



This Week's Lucky Winners:

* Vebana Herrera
* M. Bajtel
* L.C. Cherry
* Mrs. N. Tinnin
* K. L. Middleton

* A. Losd

- i
I .,

* Louise Madum / A
* John Josiah'
* M.A. Teja.da j
* E. F. Daggett


Best Buy
for the
Best Time


- Farm leaders from oil over
the world will meet in Rome,
Italy, nett week to worry togetbh
r about such problems as aur-
pluses and falling prices.
Th beeMttng, scduled Sept.
9-17 -a' the general conferege
of thes ntematloial Federation
of Ar2 lHturaS Wtoducers-WIAP
-a. apn-governmeitf federatln
of private farm orgajlUationa In
S7 cepatrie.
IFAP secretary general Robert
.avazyaldathe meeting will be
"one -ther t Important
neu .ic.t 0 -

sermve-. wor&ewide, ves .nor-
u._ -a ry' plan to stal .il.
m ,up F sur-
rafawm ea, mold
at reduced eS to uner-de-
veoloped countrieal k-er i-e ld for
years In whici cr io i e to'rt
T. Ben .will addres'the Rome

wants to moAve more surplus
croa lto- wrld- market at rcon-
ttep pr ic e 0a, but without
ra :g prie et W friendly ins-
tiCS wbo Alao have farm pro-
dhftato ,a.L .
l1oh wa e :opnaof the found-
ers of theaJrtt tam
los Zrat meeUlan n on
In. 19 a rpr aentative of
the. UV Natal Oonc of

fl-u war
* ,. .~
r-' ~ --
La -. .
.d.a.... .f.A&'. ..-. ta a

11I -


' l




* Lovely Evening Purses

* Costume' Jewelry

* Straw Hats and Bags

SAnd ManyOthers


... N.. 16

rTwdol Avenue No. 16
: -.,. " *'t._ ." _..

sa.; w,.w .-'- <. ,* '- -
''-:^ Ca b."1 a---:. *IA3


8:; .&m. thr 6:0M pm.

.. -~ ut~1~
W.AZ <-. :+:'~7.K~t~L~t-
I -:* -- K

- -- .i. -.a'

P7.7i'. !

-rn-f I

TI 1.463 &tli.. ave (18.I
137 Central Avenue (1845)

** f

'U '


Corner "H" A Darien Street, thi two for One Store because you can win
one when you buy one in our free Weekly Raffle!
G. R. Harris, Harry D. Foster, David Rose, J. D. Norton, A. R. Oraham,
Dr. M. M. Hartman, J. Hinely.

- 4].

*' Iaii
-' .. *. .~
AYA ttXzaLiht fb~t

-I" -~

FREE at.


SAll slips ending in 2 win I

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- l I I g I m I IIII I IIIM

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I -- I :. mm


"-~----- II r. "..,

- -

a ~ 'iy ,

' I. -

sae -time

' -^
*, v ^

r .

Sm .


*1 t

- ,. -


.' 1 U ,
,,'. = +- + .,. v.,


SWrM fe r m ared conservation deprtmant is
to stock Grenadier Island nla Lake
.Ontario with 20,000 cock pheas-
The plan is part of a long range
NORTH (a) experimental pheasant rearing
SK J 63 program that will continue through
VA J 3 October. The birds will be raised
S J Ito maturity on the 13,000macre is
6QJ045 land which was leased by the
WfST EAST state foe th purpose. A portihm of
A 100 7 5 6 A 4 2 the flock will be placed in a hunt-
S9 8 6 4 vieS ing test area in western New York
47 @K 10 3 next fall.
4S7 #X1052 Conmervation officials -Md the
Purpose of the experiment is to
om determine if birds reared under
2 <8 the semi-wild conditions the island
.'72 will provide will support better
SA 854 I hunting than pheasants of the
4AI same age that are reared undor
North-South vul. game farm conditions.
orth pU Somth weIt
1 6 s 1 Paw If the program is a success, the
16 PSs N.T. Pass officials added, they may continue
3 N.T. Pan Pass Pas to raise the birds on tbe island .
.The present pasctiee is to raise
S Op~enln lead-- II pheasants behind barbed wire on
.. game farms and place them in the
field before they reach maturity.
kHeore is a hand that turned.up
A mse A~abima .Lae x'RcU ., Level With Kids
mmiel ot me Urniversity o0 Ala- ALi
a. "Mot .i ortn-buuih pas AbsOM Hosp ls
chad thrce no-trump l ind took
where n truin seven Wto nine URBANA. 111. (UP) Don't
f depending on the caliber fib to Johnny when he must go to
ay ana detenise, i the hospital a child development
l held the West hand. and specitalist advises.
ae tthe aix of nueNurs. South Tell him the truth, said Mrs. MUl-
tn with the queen of hearts, held licent Martin of the University of
Snext trick witii te queen, of Illinois, and he'll probably Jake it
ides, and used the jacK of, well.
ea next to drive out the ace.i
S'Eat returned a low diamohd,' "You should tell him the truth
th rode to my queen. I then where he is going and how loniq
Another heart, which dummy he will be there," firs. Martin said.
.with the Jack. Declarer ledI "Never take him to the hospital un- at clibsa. from dummny der false pretenses."
a finewe, wining the trick,I
continued with a low club to A few dave' notice Is enough for
ace. a young child, she sid, but pn old-
ae er child should be told a week or
th now had five tricks home two in advance.
p cards for three more. le'
to get'the uinth trick frony If 'e asks about- pain. he frank
lay, Jo. cashed the ace of and tell him it will hurt, Mrs. Mar.
and then led the nine tin advised, but don't emphasize
moods. Duapnmy ,lacarded a the detail. If he must have his ton.
and a club on the diamonds. slls removed, for example, tell him
discarded 'a "heart. 'his throat will be sore for a while.
partner, Prof. C. L See-
Ir.. rfibe University of Ala. Johnny will find the prospect of
.M I-thi* Mpostidon ad, hospitaliation more pleasant, she
bl hlpl. With m11 hands added, if his parents will tell him
to cards, East had about the wind up bed he'll lie
spade, the king of dia- in and the buzer he'll use to call
and the-dag-10 of clubs. the nurse.
y had the Jack of spades.
of hearts, and the jack-9 And if Johnny has a favorite soft
a. led animal or doll. let him take it.
tr eebeck led the king "It will givehimsomethingtodo
.and declare looked "It will glve him something to do
*ard from thr dum- with his time." she said.
onejYOU -Hal..

W1aH~isfem Iuu. ura8r mu il

| t l nd. Defendve
pe very rare, aid it is
t to squeeze the dummy in
41tt5 and theu follow up witb
-play against the dummy.

N, Wis. - review of Fitchburg prob-
it was the miilen-
not one property own-
l Town appeared to protest
tax. assessment W



r .!

; t



W fa .


Pie Simpson?

e went home'

Song Writer

ACROMS 64 Feminine
I Today Is the ppellation
birthday anni-5 Nullify
Sversary of song P TaPen
writer John S7 Fortificaton
Howard DOWN
6 8 He wrote ] Freebooter
Home-- 2 Experts
Home" 3 Aflrmatlve
I Notions reply
12 Expunge 4 Burmese woo
13 Wave tops sprites
14 were hi 5 Worms
forte 6 Dividing
18 Race course 7 Song bird
circuit 8 Organ of
I 7 Number hearing
19 Greek letter 9 Hebrew
20 Pewter coin ascetic
of Thailand 10 Seesaw
21 Weight of
321Fbear't ots
23 Birds'hones i
a8tructures IV- -
2 IUver (Sp.)
1l Correlative
avkn" B-I


wood doInl
49 Mountains
60 Talklog bird
A -Hvin lob-.

No Cane for Worry

t L l.

-nswer o / eal ]

l UI Ul flut"E
UU"J9Nha: -U

13 Social group
od 15 Enervates
18 Veteran (coll.)
24 Prefix (var.)
25 Fine fabric
27 Cows' calls
28 Mythical king
of Britain
30 Runs
34 Cease
35 Union groups

36 Turkish.
37 Period
39 Fleet
.40 Decayed
41 Otherwise
44 Fisherman
47 Solitary
48 Part In a play
51 King (Fr.)
3 Offer I


8 imU

' ,



* '.




PM e AN. ..
nOKXum lure -l MnMln


4Y C


Who Goes There?

(Lpfl3Wgg OUB

I "


-, 4

Si I~3~I ~*
0- ~.

0: .. A

l ^^ w?~H

n! m Aan sfim
.' .' ', I I

Coural .

'10tfWt 0W& W.. '0L A1
A. -
) ^^^^B ,.jl^j0 ^^^

mi TOb lv


In the Mal


lekeod Off





.tJou moo"&

-.- U
* IEI.
* '4-..

Like That?



it. -




Om we CAN,
6b 7w -jif


\' ~



& r



* '
* *"'
R" -i **f- > *rt
1. *y"" J'
- ''--*^'*^
^. ''Itf-.-^

* '. %,'~ ,z:

* r.

.,:*+:_* :' \ *-'(' .--. '- :i -, ', "*-'
, .. t .. .. + "

U yrt

-'*^ .^ *,^;-. *i i- q ,i .- ,'-.- *... -. ; f ^
.,, = ,. -, & 0 k".,,

I-.- _. r*- .st -, .
at4 i Mtia a Sues Am ag oeth mIi be the
piMr. -if osw V. Dan- GqverEr elEpm Col
hlpe. -el A a __a Rm.e a _loutt. and the can ul .. a lba
'M ted I r. .. ...with. a uuit r -of other digita- -
s a. Wash- t"O D ire SamEv'eryone is .Invited t ae d.
of The Ro- s Bmae will remain
hue a.. b Imr. .r,1. Mis h d
S. ,.- .N~" l .-- -/-
^ ifrtr .. ,,, t i.-- n',, -" 'Nw /. f+S h IT vt l, r i I 1 '
I tM. Vnictof. Miarfh who hasr
,beD. wn f tbe

.with Mr. hoanya.s. -ByGO-- .O -

T- .ff >~EithMr. and Mrs Art o r he artist, s b -rest, a a ono ed
st ,,,,Goy W., 1p- ,ered 'e a tl di..e L on tIh'gla. O S i' e S r ont, i, n r t al V ermont _ne r bauW o cqelovesl.

S" t he XMo a k .. husad sa a beanr bakeawit Soak bheas o iht drain and
s. DavMdrvo have 1-. and Mrs. Roberto Esnlnn.. now i, the titeR vo dry'or a n Put
nthe account oftheEuw.t Ge o aNFr onwhe bo o
th' an '80 M.m M oAUriso.l' Antarcti c"at dreaso4 hr onion n bottom of bean pot -quart
.. ......... h r eWt Wslcl e V h son, and rs as weD a, the bean. Make several sht ain salt
tea eeme r h 8asu st returned fm guesaths eo u b, v her pork and lay on 1 o6 m o ean .with
.- d .. ..... tlen.. lac ue. h i- Mrs. QuInn met her husband Ingredleits with enough water to
1100. astr.s of Am is., I..., a.- lMmhm -ewip b l- ev when she was working in a resti au cover beans. Bake covered alt 00
ambe all was hseeaIona AublytlMrofI a M mI
w a er Mrs ad A bedrtoKistn. David wilrat adpewhtndelntwn"on.' t oPs. fo ut I _
nowuI.niv eN.. ... .ni.iersottom o.bean igty of V on worked In
f. tnhe O lsum me .e Wals ac ImIa d i w er Antha smt place at night to help He rgi apmF andpreardmm lmade
Ad w ho a e to pun r sue aeae. .n p a a ,,, -ance hs ed .ca t.o of te grapes and ripe ears and
,theolumbus Club in m a Pteaa edS RStaryCh naers Q nt n amed t erhs bottled liquid fruit pectin. She ri
emnt i een can- will reoSpen W s r the new tmaWill Disea P iedt (Leosta Qeuls S~ p) writing dowe n her repe for us and
the cueena oa tne ncpt 6. T s dv, at week.
I station. w be- eld ,od- -TheeeJ ylu tcheon of the Pa- One quart yellow eye beuus-or
was .iven an orchid tomorrow a .nd Wednesday m nama Rotary club has been shift-
am. to 5:0 P.W. ed to a dinner thisvEDNESDAY
nig to give mem anm d guests

A.1Wat N 'o... pm.will be the ]Balbla
t." '- M Dizie ak at.tU9ede P'roof*.''tl "anama$t YEAR003'
which. ..,.YEARIl

It for afy reason you don't
care to daez ..with man, .'oul
don't have to Just because be
asku you. A at yu are re-
qurefd t Ist do aB t e your re-
fusal a reaelos one.
iat,-f teouse yo~ must not
refue one mat sad then give
the ame daese to saother. ,


6CfM#Dauf Rga4 ej







Formerly 0.50 ....... NOW 3 yds. x


* TAFFETTA, all colors
Formerly 0.60 .............NOW 0.45 yd.

Formerly 0.75 and 0.90 NOW 3 yds. x
Formerly 1.95 ................ NOW
Formerly 0.75 ...... NOW 3 yds. x




1 '7

With my
V .


Blanche Thomas, Jeanett Map- *
Sw N pjn, Llln Hodges and Lo The n formed Local 17
War will f-tEtertaineo ment fo the evening erican at of TecnJ a
ervatry of Music was traveling a ar me at Dibl Cluouse
were won by Melioean GrubbsM, at 7: ng
;run Csl, Minni Mae ?S The. local is still accepting char.
I. YMWand 'm. C4OW MC. po ter members. aginears and as
t Patty -. oa the dowr. pr aCated crafts wdrkers are Invit-
a *. .BRefreshments.wesvede ed to the meting.
I8'-.lWio (Wea ., Lorretta Ivey ws also a guest,
anal Zionist Origani Gasmbe W o-e'I lub
heir trends, kasi, s '*ae mar Buq* ree r Ga a W li3w 'Crt
'.P._,'YU J, .It me ne ts Cub willn
e to of Colum. hol. bus ns meeting


, of .ANCI KNG

Oif Aig.t 30 31

taUnl~0 2-iSM2
Z .att w Aug. nth.
set Amerkie, anM. sad
ii.t.f .and te

I *^'ih -Art T7

at .7:,p,m.. in

the Civic

Ramses re Mrs. E. KR o9 ,
Un. J.flfap.,Mn. W. Me Coy,

Ft. low.D NCO ve.
Meet ON Th.i0y
The Fort Kobbe X.C.O. WIves.
Cljb will hold their regular bu-
ness meetiUng O Thundy at 7:310
p.m. at the Fort lbbe N.C.Q.
Club. Plans for an ntallation din-
noer and a pouasble Canal trip will
be diecumed.
SHotesws for the eVenin; are
Reba Powril and nmua Richard-
For InformaUm call Joan Fil-
cus, telephone 14 .
eard, hiee, _.
Caef ua-t 9ew .
Th CnbeSU.aCman'. Club
cuard- g p -l *.nan l sewing
aroup tiw meeo d t W ednesday A
g a.m. at t he-OMUmn y XUdmI .
Mrs. VIaina DMtm m.d Mr. Au
nabole Lea w be 'e-ete

The Balboa e mumen'sn Club
hold a beauzrd ee- Wednesday,
at 9:00 ajm. at the home of Mrs.
Vada Pease, Presideat of Heights
Road, Balboa.

Alumai '36
The Alumni 1 Club will met
tomorrow zlt. at 7:30 in the
"hrory of t' PiftMs anrv



*. ab Jyp'vdp
Satest .novelty n German model at prices
. to suit a o*et


* Mr. W Im UI Art, uttser Dier
in e Cm*." t, *is M wN. throewN
Rat At A mA r to wet mle fws

dndi.m fo, Batr, Mr Of. ..
dlicrtotto mwa ffarts Mi ofuWuf.

M OVADO wm,.wrd agr,.di
desig, fswmp I.9



oi.itLY 7.50 CLUB 1,.75

%o r o; To .-.

"A *.A. s S O, US*


1000 dives

n, the Panama


m... dedars Mr. Wiiam Baddm Quio N
ously Mr. Badders has ijt addressed thdeo
letter to us:
(letlemen: I want to aoruy about the
sace of 'the MOV WatN? proof wrist'M
S cas No.9649 which I O. t me .-tmA
ago frem your local stbu Ca
During this period aFti bn r here bena 4|j
tinuouilyinmydiving i eratioisflbrmiusaaIhm -
i &vfeptlsof from 010to 121Dheoofwaferboe& edh
and l t water. I canAot exay tell bw man* isi
% in tbe 10 yean I have tak "thewachb u r M ,tar.
but my conservative estimate is that it wa a t at
ame iheinad U
Since I purchased it the wehahae been cleaned ad
checked twice.
It might interest yorto know that duin& the war,
oee of my crew of divers sodMenmally daippj)4 is
MOVADO waterproot wagd ia n fiet o tr;
four week later I rou t up aI d wuare'iw .
prsed wbeda it happy ticked away tr w !

71e M OVA 0 waterprof system, wA the fwMe6r MOVA BO I MN
Je stood the resatf atmew wmr yuj wat edMafrkcf u nqo M e -ver A Owor. .
... -_-__.____---- ,-- -
MOVADO satchel are sold and ericed by 1eadbng j
an o~r the wor. I, N .N Yorhk W TWiffT y and
Pans it is Ce.W Fadlie. ..-



I" .' .": '
m !-.

, ~

*~4,i 9. 4.m:

glvun Ia k.3rsl Of


I have

* ."



-J .

~ ,~



_ _1_

______ ________ __ _P i T

, -; .. .1

I -,

F 'iP '~P.


Wf -


P A N A -M A ,;" .

fr MbAJUL,, 0. .-d,

*-'. ...
i -'.
MR .;-.

- ;;AutC~ ',.s~<~e~?

... .. .. .,


- .M


Inexpensive WtltntA Btfri
I .. -I. ,.

:"' ., '" ;." .'' .'"' .,* .. *f ,t'-=^ '''' *. ,s -.
-' .' '- .' ", '[ .
V.., .._;..-'
j. ...-.. .. ; -... _/

'. ":" o-, J- '-. .*. .- : .'-" *.. .,: }. .r .*" ^ -i--'Tgp^'IBHn B BiilCij^"T

-::./'=/ ';^^ --., % *.gg^ -'
t -K."r


I Ai Q



7 SIenl h&e
h of July Ave. t& J IL
Jsto Anmaeoum. Am, ra. tU.t

183 LA Carrmsmlu
Contrel Ave. 4
N. a Lottery Plans


A fljte rfl PubIionec OB fAR M4#IAADADO UWIOQ, TtI* S4 P A



Canal Zone Dental Polycllnle
Densure- wat-l l
Tivoll (4th of JMl1) Ave. fo. MA
(appetite An z oawel-ed)



Phone Panama 2-0552

"We arn telp YOU with

D. A "d 1.O IAC
S T Pert Avemnue el. -3
1 biock & Lax maietr


Darese Waites School of Dancing
reopening Sept. 6th. Registration
August 29-0-31-10:00 a.m.
to 5:00 p.m. Columbus Club,
Balboa. Residence phone 2-2363..
Latin American Teenage cleaies
will also start Sept. 17th. LEARN
Tamborito, M a A b e, Cha-Chai
Cho & Merengue. Register now.
Call Balboa 2-4239 or Penaem
3-1660. ONLY teengepe classes
at Balboa YMCA. Hernett &

Help Wanted
WANTED: Nursemaid with
experience and recommendation.
Must sleep in the house. Apply
at Case Centrl, 9126 Solivar
Avenue, Colon.
WANTED: Meld for general
housework end laundry, to live
in. Must have references. Call
3-2540 between 3 and S.
WANTED:- Good cook. Please
apply with references. 50th St.
No. 30, upstairs.
WANTED:-Cook. Good salary.
Eusebio A. Morales Ave. No. 7,
El Cengrejo.

Position Offered
WANTED:-Salesmen by esteb-
lished firm in Panama with some
lines established. Must be bilin-
gual. Apply:. Post office box
3188, Panama. R.P.

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:-21' saiellboat. sleeps
two. Fully equipped. Aux. motor.
$600 or --t offer. Phone Bal-
bee 2-1478. loi

hryli!er, Un.o


FOR SALE: Upright piano,
girl's standard sixe bicycle.'
baby's stroller and bothinette.
Phone Panama 3-6206.

FOR SALE:-9-cu. ft. Westing-
house refrigerator, exceflant con-
dition inside and out. 3251-U,
Empire Street, Balbo.
FOR SALE:-Fantastic Bergoin!
Complete double bed& 63.50.,
Dining room lets 81.60. Mod-
ern living room seti 189.00.
Wardrobeu 35.60, Vanities with
stool 75.00, Kitchen cabinets
96.00. Desks 36.00, Center to-
bles 15.00, Chests of drawers
22.00, Double bed springs 18.-
00. New mattresei 18.00, Pil-
lows 2.50. Also refrigerators.
kitchen cabinets, safe-beds, etc.
Immediate delivery with small
monthly payment. No co-signer.
41 National Ave. Phone Pana-
ma 3-4911.
FOR SALE:-60-cycle Westing-
house automatic washer i dry-
or (220-volt. Both for $250.
House 557-B, Curundu Heights,
Phone PAD 2107.
FOR $ALE:-7-cu. ft. Kelvina-
tar refrigerator $70; "White"
cabinet model sewing machine,
practically new. $120 with at-
tachments; dining table and 4
chairs $30. Phone 2-1434. No.
14 Tivoli Ave.. Apt. 7C.
FOR SALE: Used automatic
Bendix washing machines in ex-
cellent condition. 60-cycle. Bar-
gain for only $50. each. Only a
few left. Phone Clpon 1462.

Trip To Costa Ric


FOR SALE:-1947 Cedilla s- .
dinette model 62. good tires,
S220 down, two $65 pymernts,
one $56 payment. Saorfice.
1524-H Goviln Rood. Phone
2-2454, 4 p.m.-7 p.. Ask for

FOR SALE:-1950 Bulkk Spe-
cial 2-door, now whitewall tires,
radio, new paint, excellnt con-
dition. Con be financed. Phone
Curundu 6265.
- ---'- ---
FOR SALE:-'54 Dodge Kings-
way Stotion Wagon. Hy drive,
excellent condition, 8800 mile.
Priced to sell I1750. 0922 Am,
odor Rd. Balboa 2-2984.

lAhrAh E -

OWA dAUi. Sflbfln q .
NEW ARRIVALS: Expert Beau-
ty Srvice...Spt ido ULicmed
Operators ..L ong Estblhshed
Shop.. .COCOLI Clubhouse. Cll
Navy 3812.

broidered Children' W ear,
Clothing, Magnificet h a n d
paintings, hand-painted Chrhist-
mas Cords. Liberal comminion.
Enquiries Mutual, P. 0. Box
1222, Hong Kong.,
DR, WENDEHAKE Medifal Clin-
ic. day and night service. Cen-
tral Avenue No. TI-65, Santa
Ana Plead. Phone 2-3479.

ATTENTION &. 1.1 Just bull
modeq fmeishd apartments, 1,
2 bedMeoM, bet, cold water,
Phone Pmame -4941.
FOR RENT: Completely fur-
ihed one-bod m apartment,
$75. Call. fr I t 6 p.m.,
Phone 3-3237.

FOR RENTi- R ffN e apert-
moent with eme droom il best
residqntiel 4idrict. Phone 2-
1I61 during office hours.
FOR RENT.-L4xurieus 3-bed-
room peahouse M fpet refsden-
tiki district. Phoes 2-1661 dur-
ing office helun.
FOR RENT- Furnished apart-
ment: 2 bedrooms 2 baths, best


SPalems e....-i

ShNroW'im fumlbod boom -
hbch at Samo Clam. Telephone
Tammpme. lBalka 1772.

past Caiae. Law rtIs. Puws
2-1515 or 8-2015. 1


SMsectionBelle Viti. from Sept.
Real Estate FOR 'SALE or "8 0p "
WE BUY, SeO nd Manage Real M eelMancoma FOR RENT:-Small. quit, in- OG
*state. "ThelIperial *laoo. dependent opartmen. furnmshed
Cathedral Pls. Panama. Tl- FOR SALE:-Barber ioep "Les or uefurnished, eroes from Ho-
phone 2-0857. Dandys" situated Colon 9th St. tel El Panama in "Gleulel" NE
FOR SALE:-Specious house at across from Cofe "Joay," thrue building. Apply Fete Haleso The
Santa Clara: 6 beds. large living choin, radio, open, in op tion, I(next door). tm
room, porch and outside porch, expenesl low. Firt $90 tk FO RNT A wi te
2 bedrooms; completely furnish- it. Apply Cole "Jeys." FOR RENT: Aportment with n t o
S- -- two bedrooms. living room, din- affili
ed including stove, refrigerator, FOR SALE:-Black Cocker Spa- ing room, etc. Phone 3-0588. try,
deep freeze, washing machine; niel puppies, A.K.C. registered o1 it
2 lots with bearing fruit trees, litter. R. F. Hoech, house 6211- FOR RENT:-Apartment in Ro to h
garage and storeroom. Will sac- A, Los Ris, C.Z. Call 2-1656. Abalo. $32.50. Phone "Gole-
rifice for $4500. Mrs. W. H.-bert's Office," 2-03%4. Hi
Keenan. Phone 2-1310 Ancon. JUST ARRIVED: Bird, cat, ideal
w T NOT o? dog, aquatic supplies. Tropical gra
Y, MN. T P fishes, plants. Acuorio Tropical D lilty
SHOLYOKE, Mass.'- (tP( Po PeShop, 49 Via Espo.. Phone.. adio 1rograms plan,
Harry W. Rogers, 71. for 50 years Shop 49 Via Epe, Phonas
a street car motorman. boasts -5411. "
that he hasn't missed a Harvard- FOR SALE.-1947 Plymouth 4- that
Yale football game in 56 years. door $275. Three speed record nJ-0 J a
plaovr, 25-cycle. Leaviog. Drexte
McAdow, 7. Your Cm ty Station xte

ca Added To List SALE-ExlsI conditions Teupdefl:
a & 1U BI a 8 m* movie cam- Wl e." Pei, o pl Feopa Ma u
era, magtine loot swivel loa Who'0,0 People MeI come
I chqqje wi-i 130 MM. telescoe p 'c Mab
Xi lliS il ,.. s-., *5. i. l Presents ,ut

'DETROIT Aug. teY2 ls phoK viewer, he stressed, adig
C and CIO United Auto b m ) fresh handling of.the two s in
Wor ers negotiators met in ta 6_wih question,
speclid Sunday session yesterday F RINT-Apamnt ith 5:35- s Y r Favorite
to speed work on a new contract webeut urnfture 2 edrmwos. (cont'd) "Gunamoke" will be seen fIr ths
fS or 129,000 employ es who threat- r Hyoj m, di room. wso- :00-M a nh attan Melodies on th network Sept.
W To,"S ... len to strike 'if they don't have L(U
tr dont hve Apply C (US 10 and will be n every Saurday
LIIII one in three more ays. C. Ciral, 9126 Bolivar Avenue, 6:15-LR M BBON SPORTS 10 to 10:30 p.m. Tbe episodesEare
Fw Rehablflation The big auto union has threat-- -Cl. M filmed In Hollywood with James
ended. to call a company-wide 6:30-Melahrino Musicale Anress, a big, lean, taciturn West-
WASIN. GTON, Aug. 29(U walkout a satisfactory s ettle- S -0% di Inew Orle type, playing a peace officer
l.-The Qflce of Vocational Re- meant isn't reached before th headstone of Georgia and M:iln- 70-NWAFl ORGAN Mi=- U in old Dodge City. 4
Slfl tation today allotS, $32,- current five-year contract runs net granite, for Mt. Hope. 7 oEzSO rhw "You won't see many horses In

tfo oreab to eiea pero o entering the bargaining HOUn SE 7 p.m. HOUBE PARTY C ea sort of protege of oh Waye'
ortt n r t room that a union demand for a:-reddy Mrtinhow 'Gu and has bee obinsome of the filmnt
uhd avail forthes fderalF a guaranteed wage for unionized P A:30CFrouATYe- (USA A star's movies.

"But there are at least a dozen SALE phone be- ginning Sept. 0. Larry B l y den
r e of qal mporance to us :rSealed bids, for opening in pub- lore 7:30 stage actor who eatly marri
tolres for thyeaurrent.*laauea oel r noe tkou). Applyto"MAsMO

on f s set aside r m., Septmbr 2 1955 Inth 11:00-Music To Dream By who ha done a lot of TV c
basic support of stateprograms eom a has chaonfirmed be-that ice, f Supanma.u dnt od.f 12:00-8lg Of yf and some stage work, have the ti-
to .l.. thrdisabd ite ond grnting the 8,000 Chryer of- Sthoue. Balba. for booEPA RTY te roles. He pgeys a taxi driver'
retn bltes fn ce5 workers a t guaranteed pay nchrrs. s crew escher, neils,* Temeavew, Tuoeday, Au.. and she is a beaut shop mani-
turn work. The r uaanteed bage oepartin fro brbd wire end chinawre lo- A. urist who would to rap him
Sw .office workers was one of tue PANAMA CANAL COMPANY

If avalble for the proams he ma ttern" contracts granted ca OFFERS VARIOUS ITE" and C00-gn OnThe Alarm Clock into marriage. will hve the
Syea; to "e ear this summer byt Ford and Fbl Storeuse: es. lumi- Club request sts please While only excepts of these two J
disabled. General Motors. The company busting eal Id sie sulphet e pho-ne barer 7:00) shows werh dayed, the fullarri
bar c suo t. director of aid the union was demanding a acted at Section "H" end Cis 7:30-Morning Salon Concert haln-hour treatment was given tohe
label hl hand d p n Store;hs ds wi- 8:15-Church&n The Wodwood the *amle of p a third program.*
S atonal rehab station of- r"pattern-plus" contract. s ers b ase, l ol ill "m e Gth R "hi a
e lot receive Its full allotment agreed to a new three-year ainc frets nSit rcachin" sw atR.t stars Phil Sivers.
itlWt puts up required match- contract which guarantees praOy Bost piling, pumps ales, st osl 9-30-Ars I SeeT t It was rater obvious CBS

?e,-t.n the amount it receives tors reached a siillar fguarano- t. Abaral. bd e st and c. loae- hone before ) sas rotate ho mrthe
reduced accordingly tthder -apva d owagep agree- -omr job-oAm dari y a lsoore inc on pramurist who would sp felen the Riord (contd) to trap him
sfr -, N,.--- _h a ,,,o n-rt ran orpnedcenoted atScton Ind Cris :- t The OrThAlarm r Clock into marriage. t h

Florda ,1 ,39,7of e Cicyl er hs ote "n tedee d nsch edor pri z e whic wilb awa ee prod- ThomiteI much arge.iss. leeIto H ," tel eepho e2, q tg whn
:'ll k oth 6.aroa o Not cear ier ths ntmmtr by' Fo rd a bnde o a rbelSohouson bitttles.r lure-p oCu. bru 2-3-79 M. plueW e onlky excepts of the

S. and t e Virgin ae the autors.mobilThe compaindustry Ador.ted among the prices A spokesman for the Auxiliary te viole sne oen o I- pOf the E:00) show were plat yed, the full

'said the union wdreandin : a spaghetti dinner for o da tM3 th0- MorningaSnh capers t halfhour treatrum"t was tiven t tionalarehabierttion of-de1 r' ..... .r..W e'l"sh eveol "o!t Arm eryh5S post, iine

Another UAW negotiate tea a state or territory w Fm a a a a rd broke thece latore aune by t a ng es, hactue ae Super uli 9:00-Nesag t stats Philt its.

eve its full allotment freeing to a new three-year aCm n e a, til machines 9: 1 --B red eat
-- matth- fired pwhinc, purnt, pro-i stee

Sfeorerling0t s errsetlo ortenworkersai up to 65 pe L t Ntage ra Ferry ass-aS ndVa.Oy- h-
St. peel, who willovhae ibediestIet Ct :0- Se J0URNeOsthevntoutAllybi

VENEfTI 50ANo BINr sin expire 24 hear after -thae- S II ce f Ea 4:OO-ftel nreiew Tdi Ses lcea
EA no ac ll1 Chrysler pactCt. ASAWt a@ 10 : f On S CnD Hean 4:0-fts b Tr *w D-
F.- A bd I eS BUt i8 N.Y. -oPm- l'e Ue t T nieb fr
the amount t receives reahe asimil h charged that r eatuaan-o on t l nkat to ply s
educedaccordingly AC negotiators ha offered a b erformanc-te the and pantomUme dance act Fora River finally has eu.t Rye Mlt ra

oresepower cndthrat wnith Mt 'sre.p m teaseth s micel andras iwrrsoueghstrc kn p
Sn w under those offered Cooley, sonu bY 1,James Cot- thoareincluduced fon the proght rates om n The i1sAs, built si the hd a. You'llNe Get h' will

s allotment include Howevertry -Bg -eitr-o- ohay for five months last winter, turwn s centuAry andin Se usi og
$F T5,449;Nrt h-Ca r o -________ Os d &o accs ordigttho e Weston Tra i betwhopremiereand Ft. Erie, *ut. j-g
SDvore t e ow roads cut the. ratesemergency ra rft against te..peO likes to were

S97,0';Aa ia lry O planfort officeworkers. tale ei rlta wtll er narbO. reoad .et testB -eqhs recy Gra ..- el House, t.? ,auienc. .e.e i
,N iaXgter Panaa where T amea i t nti JkS masterepba e
WOD 9 loU)Seen na ndaearsshibe CUt up for scrap. hoettsmod
os0 nert a .t out of s -l w t
gaiiti. and the virgin^ *al ue the fauitomobiIe ndustry8 Aao I -' ffe tDes, O--6.0 M t

FOR. RENT -w oeloa
sM. br. in gese An-
delO Mt." I se f t Aug. a
''^w^'!" ^''a

Rooms .. -
P 4INT.. .k
SRRNTI Clean furnished dr Min.m Gs f
m. Beautiful residential orea. spWki9 0- eN H ceieln i
sar ll bus tops,. 43rd Street emacee:s lnft Satg
.i*$ p.m.

BS Gives Affliates Lok See

n New Films To Be AIred Soon

lW YORK Aug. 29 (UP) .-' Usual, in'any me dine, Silvers ip
Columbia-Broadcasting 8-y mi a funny fellow.
set up a closed IV circuit P ijte nerest la a S ft lmedM
other afternoon, embracing its program, of course, is ?athe f
Lated stauons around the conn-hour series of 40h 4 "m4
and invited a look at some'ers" which wil h e de e Glea-
is new fled programs due son's personal C bbtion to the
it the air shortly. Inew season. However, there were
I1no sam les of that for d!splsy 1*
abbell Robinson Jr., vice pres- cause the Gleason crew only st.
i in charge of network pro-, Ied shoot her ret W sa.
nming, explained that flexibi- 1 -hoing ere last Tuesday.
was the basic element of CBSt Some persons have been getLtng
s for the new season, that it "a advance "live" Iok' at hi ,
going to have its share of big product by obtaining free ticketa
ana 90-minute programs but from the CBS headquarters three
it wasn't going to get caught' rightss a week to sit in the a-u.
rigid pattern of such to the i ence while the Gleason emsIdes
nt that I could' move in are shot. Gleason wants '" le.
r directions as it desired. laughter" on his sound track&.
r example, the samples in-1 .
ed a boy-and girl situation
edy program caled "Joe and'
el" and a Western entitled .
nsLnoke." Ha explained that .
because some harsh things
a been said of late about; tired 'S wJ
ation comedy asows and 4VW | .^
.Wuhwiis. thiHs a, Ins .Mi SoJj'ale~'i~Rlaell~

1954 Ch, r t

.-el Air a Top Cdnp
power Oude Radi
Wht Nfewall Ti .
FuiB res S-Ls.M
Down MU.00

1951 Pdard
Bedis Fta Ptree 570.0
Dew $2M.0

1.153 B W 4 .

Dewo BoNaa -

- ""






- --- C.. _IL~_


i m" r- mmm-r-m m




__I I_

- I


I -

I -

I *





r q' -'r



-. .r.n .~.
.4 7
~AZ~&;~3&-~d' ~ r i'* -
at- 44VVt- A.j .*.prr. .. .S.*4 -. ~~-f -..
MiAt ~wquinre5fltC, ~trC 4~'~#


A, ,. ..

: .' *'." .f
AN W!5

". -- ":'a _. ." .. ,.

' T e -'
- 4tl,-SSC'

in .-,. .
I "' -:

in -t-


%o I

Plus: -

38c ---------- le,
-Stewart Grange. n,
Also: -

f,. 1 "l-,"-"

C BR 'aG
TOe M, .,
s Ab$o

"- '" "" .'' .r -"

S l D tme- Asuhemr dTW 'W Nevada'
the M- ,Mast j,'and 42 hes l e ytnJg tiame be-
fhe Brote, Mi t arim my l tWe teb LW Veg B arnerfl
In .us 0 .2 B 1W wt v N TV esablisedl reIdene- there
lat1 to-s d mtka the us'i while emo Io "The court.
cEias this afr.*Mh t Ish dlS artla Oaf B MiteW t and
WMts-piit -r- e nfhi hbad to be It Wt-ate at leaSe ones
A 4ll t tlBWht. a gl. e. 2m hears.
,; e.-- -- a ft -tba hot.dogkng-h,. It mo vi
IS ys ,n: Sys L Fre as 9 idame 1l"otule" by MltzI
and n n b' igt: --itgAGayar. Cau oeso weiE they re
stu TPaa1B2 thatI would bel. s 't I the script.% ayeven
* 0810 wind 0p as e t;le for his remakeO
Re -do N ft -,to U fB. o "The Lady Eve.,
ly Vat he SppW "The trouble h.iljpl U.
.i .1 1's 3 pra e. p m Warn upS
que %inn'. *p.h u aps
Maf,,,oe mi del S meven i- iJ& SO
muath ago to play GOrua aIkae at.
ways has been labeled "just a& _
f." -i. -Oywood. But now it N a
seems to have become a running m vs
athat even aocd in Oshkosh.C i .
M *Ws t a where It be- WARINGTON, Aug. 29 (UP)-
lqqip-4 g1u. ecrpary of State John Foyter
O'D et-'l] warn Japanese For.
The big-natieet magazines are eign Mi1ister Momoru Shigemitmu
hot to get Gable's life- story. He this week against get tin g too
said "No" five months ago but friendly with Red ina, infa, rmed
he's agnlsI41stelert to oaters.ThisI.ourc. said today.
time qithoutcamment except, "_i |j '
think it over" Rudy Vauee'sj These sources said Dulles in his
1Oi,000word autobiography, now talks with Shigemitau planned to
being. ed 1t ..and poSsm by istrea th lpmrtanoce o ..arding
Gewe Ml. has sme t'Tve against erofidence unul there
never ti ore" cOfeaushmins is solid evidence the Communist
by Rudy that will lift many at are changing their ways.
eyebrow. Rudy's life would mawk a o.c a .r.
slick flimujcal qd Wtt's the pln T he Jap .e off eial arrived
.-d*. e tor wants out a hisere iset f ,eediKmeuons
ia fOW Alm. H Be's with Dulles- and top defense offi
a t too mch for me. cia wi various problems affedt-
t ar ing the United States and Japan.
S-a ,r BiSemiti u went to Hot Springs,
In a.4"ur- Va.; for. weekend of rest and
l ag.d" proarftion or the talks, which
S ""+."- e l later 'to.ay..
*i -" M e als w one of the abjects

t5^ ^ 'They iad Dalles will be quick to
rta of Fre f tet e nese foreign minister
Sseri is be- that Japn, like other free world
ig in lnatiywood at tons, should welcome any re-
the W S .000,000 oo seve fl duction in East-West tensions but
Hotel a It's movietow' shod not drop its guard too
to "lJt's IA pres 'M with l a iely.
of waerD" u ll D Is known to feel strongly
LuVeqhf er.has-waitere watlg there -should be no mistaking
Men tom shi ae waiting on "stulls" for deeds.
waters ho are ti a y. What is now needed, he feels.
Theplush sky room, wit its pano- are sMcfie action to prove that
tane 12t. of Loe1 ARle a in an aM other Commulidst
Beverly Hills, seats only T.diaers., nations want to be gyod interon-
Serving them are 5 "ciuisyiers.' tional citizen. .. .. ,
A few waer And a new wine Shigemitsu sad U. S. officials
asrive with every new course.sare aim scheduled to talk over
Ee tte .cefs com, out f the _Japnee defense.
kitchen direct instruction's. T h ycar-old diplomat who
no gourmet so I won't attemPt to sid Japan's surrender 10 years
review my revieww" dinner he. ago has served notice his nation
Mut, brother, it wasn't ban on ,.wants to start sho i rtat-
m and I haven't seen oft many e share of its d defense rn.
waiters In qo room since I rept- Since the close of World War n
ed a meeting of the local Walters' Japan has relied principally upon
Union, U. S. force for protection.
Hollywood, town- f -eple, w Thm e Ig question in the minds of
even.balj #rie .adier. Americap defense officials .is how
And Moe lhose waiters may many troops Japan will have by
even Win" w aOsr.- This will be the key to pos-
eNr v l w: B olb og omery's sible redtetioi of U. S. strength
di r, Eliabeth, fiaily wonlin the Japanese Islands.

The Sraty of Two tough, Tough, Gun-Slinging
S American in Mexico...

Opens ReltemsT. Tonrrow oat the "Ceut rt" Theatr

BEREAVED-Edward Weber comforts his wife after the pair
lost seven of their immediate family members when Camp
Davis, near Stroudabvrg, Pa. was wiped out by flood waters.
The Webers are shown at East StroudshIurg

THIS ONE WAS BAGGED There's nothing unusual about
alligator bags in a hlggage room, but who ever saw a bagged
alligator these? This one shocked an attendant at an airline check-
room in Puankfurt, Germdany, until he discovered it was stuffed.
IU was br u&htroaf Vaenuela a a souveair by u German traveler,



S8The 0U Of The SuIt*
laThsrB Uatlpmaci Of WnmAUM!

tome- .--.
ge~tntietana ofthe "PE*
"is palace om e tba-*
id bui Qu Carota.
'eolr. I ow

Ii- I

Air Force Reservist Cleared Of 'Guilt-by-Kinship' CbCg
WASHINGTON, Aug. 2 (UP)-' considered the case of Airman 3-C set up a special board to review were for peacece" She.
Air Force Secretary Donald A. Stephen Branzevich and has deter-' the case. herself as a sort of 'B
Quarles personally cleared A i r- mined that the continuation of Air-. Landy, an honor graduate of the Britian" type. -- .
man 3-C Stephen Branzevich of man Branuevich in his present Merchant. Marine a c a d e m y at
Farrel Pa., at the weekend of status in the Air Force Reserve Kings Point, N.Y.. was denied a
"guiltby-kinship" security charg- is cosistent with the Interests 6 f.ommiss oh od the day he was W fDM E DAV.
the national security, -iraduated. He is now working on N*n''A
I I "This has the effect of dispostai- a merchant vessel.
uarles'speedy action in the ing of the question that would Soures onthe Un-Atnerican Ac-
case of the 22-year-old reserve en- have come before the hearing tivities committee said members
listed ma whose father was al- boara for determination." wanted to question Landy's moth-
leged to be a Communist, left the Branzevich had been scheduled re to determine whether she has
Navy and the Coast Guard with to appear before a special Al r any information on the Commu-
two similar, cases to dispose of. Force board at Mitchel Air Force mist Party that might be useful-
The air secretary's decision end- base in New Yorkttomorrow to an- Vice Adm. Alfred C. Richmond, ..
ed Air Force proceedings to give swer the charges. I Coast Guard commandant, has ex- WILL. START OUR .. '
the young airman a dishonorable The Air Force had alleged that pressed hope in the Gaston case ..
discharge from the reserve. Bran. he "maintained a dose continuing that it will be settled quickly y in u s
ecn was..gtgthe -action. association" with his father, theyoung man's favor. f us-- AIt s-'-
Quarles said the airman's conti- Charles, who was reported to have_ Gaston is 23. He was graduated lE l L )
nation in the reserve is consist- been a Communist in 1943, "and from the academy at New London,..
ent with the interests of national for an unspecified time thereaft-IConl., on April 1. But the'Cdast ever] Item reduced at
security. er, a member or close affiliate of Guard has held up his copmis-
the Communist Party at or near sein until it reviews charges his
His tase Is- similar to that of Pittsburgh and Sharon." Imother once was active in groups
merchant seaman Eugene D. Lan- Branzevich protested that he on the attorney general's subver
dy and Norman Pierre GastoN, was "only accused of being the sive list. R Ue0 1 ) si
Coast Guard apprentice seamen. on of my father." His mother,. Mrs. Jean Griser of ,
They have been refused Navy andi In the Landy case, secretary of San Francisco, has said she has -Ave, Just4ex Ar mena
Coast Guard commissions because the Navy Charles S. Thomas has been active in a number of orga- le si t* r I
of security charges involving their promised speedy action. He ha s nisations because she thought they -
The House committee on un-heduled a- __________
closed meeting today to her Mrs. -
Deborah Landy, mother of Eu- i
g ene. She hat said she one was a
Communist but quit at her son's.
insistence. HS h RIHT P INT
,arles ,action was announced'
in a memorandum from his office.j.
It said: 1 .
"Secretary of the Air Force yo
ma asI ierrT I aI jor the way, u write
I ANCIETtr FRUITr CAE Y2 II'm- .** .2W

Take just teaspoon or spu-
khing, antacid Sal Hepatica in a glass
of water ad feel how fast it relieves
excess stoaach acidity.
The mild station which may also
accompany its alkaline action helps
clear uptlaaotipation which often
yes with uar stomach.
So be wise-get the economy-sze
bottle of Sal Hapatica today! Have
it on hand for sowch ouput.

Take spa klng
and smile
a P*lemI UIUY m U-My*8
* S

I. j


S. '

A t ealf

""" ADD it to the barrel of a
Pen of your choice.


ROOr en Ilatl. wi
our way... mnalumly.

It's simple to select the pen that is exactly right for your
writing style when you choose ESTERBROOK. And if
need be, it's equally simple to replace the-point-you
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r ;'A

. a .

SAlwan look
for thls Hasm
oandW L

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/ aunimaed



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on the roc


lit Wyle


41 --, "


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.-,f -, -
.'. .- -.

nAn mOfl


* ~''"1 C.. .'b.'r far
* -. .-. ~ 5*' 81
if- g~t
'''-"-ri' -.4 '--S

SAussies Thr eaten T
S ; 1

1111iii~iii<^^^l~ii~i|p 1.
lik e .^ {f-."^s.


.uiUn ",Mvputter- got a little -h
ws tw u SII AKINI otherwise Jane would have wa
s b ._ *ted off with the championship
Bouer, 01 A. 9 Quar- Said Pat. "M' putter def-i' l
-ctock iai laaht o&.Baba savod m." zp ....

*alglh year during the 1955 one-up lead after the first nine
Wotball season. holes of the 36-hole finals at the
. Map"S Myers Park Country Club, but
eMaph 4t 13952 graduate of she turned the back nine In par-
bboa High Shool, was switch- 37 to hold a five-up lead at the
from fullback to quarterback end of the morning round.
irthe Buffaloes, who compiled Miss Lesser Increased her lead
a outstanding 7-2-1 record. to 6-up on the par-five 20th hole
when she holed a seven-Iron chip ....e t he e
g, fast and rugged, Sam is a shot from 60-feet out for an GING ON-Casey Stegel appeals to the hire i
m set single wing quarterback. eagle. Miss Nelson, 27-year-old The Yankee manager's frat ve pennants in the
's a good blocker, fine pan re- Indiana State champ, rallied to _
ier and runner and has take the next hole with a 15-
ed to call a good et of foot putt and the 234th-with a O I O T
.y. Hd should be even better birdie. i An A A A
ast year with a year's ex- t UrgUUot Pos To I P Uo U
c0 at the position behind But Miss Lesser won the 25th
and 26th and eopped the title
on the 30th when she halved
dIfve halfback with his size up lead with only ix holes to Juan Franco Fe
speed helping out. He's 6-0 play. I
d weighs.190. The Stud Montelimar's Turgot THIRD RACE
The win marked thI second returned from a three-week lay- 1-Don Grau $9.60, 3.40.
e's a mechanical enagnerilng consecutive year that the huge off in vastly improved form and 2-Alonsito $3.20.
I-.or and one of the best tu- silver trophy, symbolic of su- yesterday afternoon raced to an One-Two: $21.20.
sats on the squad with just un- premacy in women's amateur ea an imressive post-to-post
ra B average in his first three gdlf, went to the Pacific Coast. victory in the featured $1,000 FOURTH RACE
pars at Colorado. 'c"rh- Pomack, of Sacramen- one mile run for Class "A-B" im- 1-Jose de la Cruz $10.20, 9.20,
'to, Calif., won the crown I a astported thoroughbreds at the 4,40.
Sam Is the son of MrsM.M. ypr. Sbe was defeated in the Juan Franco race track. 2-Proton $9.20, 6.
3bihs of Balboa Heights. He's second round of this tournament 3-La Nacion $3.
married and the father of a by Mary Ann Downey of Balti- Chilean jockey CrisUtan Rebol- Quiniela: $34.60.
al son, Sam IV. more. ledo hustled Turgot into a com-
fortable lead in the first quarter FIFTH RACE
then settled his mount down to 1-Fru Fru $12.20, 3.60, 2.40.
an even pace with a four-length 2-Metto $9.20, 2.40.
Sr margin which the four-year-old 3-Nacho $2.20.
Argentine-bred bay son of The
Yuvaraj-Estrella Polar easily
-R m L IN E held throughout. Turgot crossed
the finish line with Rebolledo
pulling on he reins.
Fol came up to finish an easy
second when Lexden and Con-
nsuerte, whichbattled head and
head with Fol for almost three-
quarters the distance, faded in
.the final quarter. Lexden was
Sthirdsix lengths behind Fol, and
".4"Consuerte trailed another tour
useidSm _1anta' sp* -h unig the uo Turgot, third choice in the
.MAaereas with hatt and frequent betting, returned $8.60 per win
service.... ducat.
S E -KLY SERVICE FROM NEW YORK The secondary attraction was
TO WEST COAST OF SOUTH AMERICA a much more thrilling event. Mu-
OAS OF, SOL" w"AM A tuels choice Kadir outlasted
A ARA ue Cristobal, C. Z., Sept. 4 stretch battle to win by a head
"'in a seven furlong dash. Pos-
I WEEKLY SERVICE FROM TI E tinovich was third. Both Kadir
VEST COAST OF SOUTH AMERICA TO NEW YORK and Turgot are sure to be en-
o ,tered today for the Sept. 11 $5.-
,*..L "SANTA CECILIA".... Bals Cristobal, C. Z., Sept. 1 000 added "Clasico Junta de Con-
"SANTA MARIA" ..... .Salls Cristobal, C. Z., Sept 6 trol de Juegos."
Newnlinster's $14.20 In the
FROM U. S. PACIFIC a WEST COAST first race were the day's best win
odds in an afternoon in which
TO C.NT, ,AMERICA form prevailed. FOrtunato Hidal-
TO BALBOA AND CRISTOBAL, C. L. go Jr. and Alfredo Vaaquez, who
aSANTA CRC" ...De Balbes. C. Z., Sept. 2 shared riding honors Saturday
I S. "SANTA FE" ........... Due Balboa, C. Z. Oct. 19 with three victories each, repeat-
I. ..... .. .. O L T ed the feat yesterday.
W. SL. "SANTA CU ......Sile Cridtebal, C. Z, Sept. 21 FIRST RACE
;1-Newminster $14.20, 6, 3.
S *'Balsk A a 2-Atom- $3.60, 2.20. 2.20
Ai AM....... -fAAIa" m Rn A 3-Henry Lee $2.20. rnF, .i T -..iir ..

.- -

iA: as-as-GA
I- ,.

1-Topocalma $4.40, 4. 2 60
2-DOfla Beatrib $4, 2.40.
-aPellae $4.20.

2. ar ScAwM o v
nose apart in in Matt0e91,
affection. The rs the ace
of the W. A. Cfleat the
Atantic Cits
*as Gn m.j'-7
-- -p l -

ssues for
were cons



2-E1 Ps



r le and tun to e th,
kdcably eUir.


re Race
lliffe $11.60, 4.80. 3.
Brook $.20, 3.60.
anizado $2.80.
r $4.20, 8, 3.20.
toe Rouge $3.40, 3.40.
novich $3.40.
nd Double: $24.20.
Lba $3.80, .60, 2.20.
usha $54.0, 2.60.
en Fan $2.60.
Iela: $6.30.
list $7, 5.00, 4.20.
Purito $4.20, 2.80.
to $4.20.
-Two: $6.40.
t $850, 4.40.
ria $4.20. 2.20.
Flea $2.00.

S 4. T .
-K --4t--;J X

For SepA'tt
rald zeuwf? s umrI -:. 'e:

Rosewall, Hoad:Picked

For US Men's Singles

After Davis Cup Sweep

FOREST HILLS, N.Y., Aug. 29 (UP)-Austra-
lia won the, Davis Cup with a 5-to-0 shutout and
threatened today to snatch another bit of hardware
from America's tennis showcase by winning the U.S.
men's singles crown in a 10- day grind beginning
Ken Rosewall, Lew Hoad and plete a'5 to 0 score for the Aus-
Rex Hartwig a trio of 'whiz ,Gle. ..
kids" whoe sensational play Tpny was out ofr action for a
oduced ths worsst American de- month before the Davis Cup test
eat in ers of Davis Cup because of a pulled muscle in his --- -.

w aere ofCnitnoathr i on th shoulder.
o wa one-two-three on the shoulder. ROSEWALL DOWN TEMPORARILY-Ken Rosealln of _uatrl a falls dining for and missing a

Fig of fvrthesforstheay nd rpext oC ,bi.gug 9 -
show at Foryest Hills aendeven But even if he is in top form smash by Vic Seixas (near court) of the Unite States during opening matchof the 1955 Davis
Aussie captain Harry Hopman one of the Aussles will be favored CuChalge. Rosewall was down, but not out. He took the match, 6-3. 10-8 4-6, 6
couldn't a aWhich was in the to bar the U.S. title now held by
best form. Seixas.

eated Ha d tremendouso .% i as~ ~ Wmn. ofi. n[ I..
they completed a three-day 4.a
sweep in thefDavi cupc clnd-u., "I'L WiI
lange round yesterday and re-
ined the trophy they surren- WOMen he nl lh
lered only last December itod I
Tony Trabert of Cincinnati an d .
Vic agiigstof Philadelphia.
Hoj64 walloped Trabert In four 6.4
s ots aon th e first day and tripped CHARLOTT, N.C., Aug. 29 -
Seixas In four yesterday; Rose- (U ) in-bronzed Pat Lesser J.
Wiall bowled over Selxas in four left for her home in the Pacific .
sets on the first d and de- Norfhwest today, holding the i
heated Ean Richardson of Ba- NtionAe Women's Golf title and ..
ton Rouge, La., a substitute for a set of borrowed w n oods she u I.
TrabertIn the four s et wind-u. ed to win her greatest glory w, ..... ...".
In betwn, Ho d paired wit p.b d
Hartwig to score the clinching Buat the fl-jar-old brunette ~ .-
victory in a five set doubles from Safttl,- Wash., doesn't
miatch against Seixas and Tna- intehus to retur the clubs size
bert on saturday. borrowedfroh'her dad.
Except to prove they could win "After all this good- luck, I
even when tme pressure was oftf, hope he doesn't think he'll get......
SIstrday's matches proved lit- them bar," she Msad. The/wods
te. as lo aet to SeIa, loe a large prt In the Vic-
who had beaten-him- pight of 10 of the battle University
previous matches, but rallied to co*4d over Jane Nelson of In-
mask its. rout, 7-9. 6-1, 6-4. 6-4.1 dia. pois.7 and 6 Saturday, but
Then Rosewali trounced Rich- it -h easpo r n e that wL theMIBERMA sErnie Banks hones his pet club end wig. all the bat& can get hi as
ardion, $4, 36, 6&, 6-4 to com- deedifigE.40o tor eswttt rt e long ball. The six-foot-on, 180-pound Chic Cub was a ch to break,
alor league record for horns runs by a. shortstop. His 1ut9 rd lmhmrti e-
Mis Lesser sank her first son a big league mark.g
..Ll. balkan putt nine times In outclassing _____
ma -Of B aba the Indiana history teacher who
l played steady golf but couldn't
To u i A t Aqrlu aematch the greens-work of her __
Toy Swolorado opponent.

-.''* .-.
. F[-..
i,. .

Zit$T:Sr. I

- *-'r : -

best- a1eswel"a -e I. *. : II
In his last Isthmian outn,
Tests lost a close ten-round d las rvg .vt
slon to scrappy U.S. battler fit-or t d bebio stop- 4
vey Moore. ped the paIrs e-.i
Ottis outpointed s y I vester fratr t Are- ke
Wallace in a .-rounder several na Asual months a.
months lo. Since then he has PreS weighed Thomp- alo*$ -eouldera ,
put on weagh and will probably son- 0t127%,. --t end.
enter the ring heavier than has d~~ rs Ps a wa s r
opponeAt. .. ._ __r. m..e.Tag, Go 6 s 4 11, ,..:
To add to the attractivenesp M Fe, NN.) 10 4And a Ir
of the propNu., Tulabas ail- 0tt el d 0 lg ii9 &ll.r.e
ms sgned Alerto"TOt6" fVP S"y saiw7Aa, barra anmd Cladlo M;arttine Io=in'a.I R5.s qacoaizdft' &Q I
who will met eash.ther In That Prescott was dead serious tbot W rteo
the uix-o.*.yd iua...aL about the business of .beting. a e .thth 4. el i
Ibarra, a form. amatuer sen- ThOimon, was evident from th set a or six. -
sation, will be Aing his profess very firtt round. Preacott beat JeMsu S. tfin V *p med
signal debut against Martinez, therd0er for five rounds with a Juan .L Wa- rfty .
one of two boxers who have damaging barrage of short e lslon ta our; a ,nd
beaten Ibarra. pupnhes to the head admid- Kay, 115,. .A cous ot- '-la te
As amateurs, Martinez defeat- section. Rocky McKay) kly9ed4 Dek u-t_.
ed Ibarra in- four rounds but In the second stanza Thomp- tarfly, 101%, In l:10-i t elas
many are of the opinion that it son suffered a cut under his frame of a four-roUnder. '
will be the other way around right eyebrow that bled profuse- Caras Nuevas, whih plapl to
when they meet this time Ily throughout the fight. Dr. Too- present programs twig zhonthly
Ibarra also lost a decislonr to doro Arias examined the cut hn at the Gym, will offer is net t
Enrique Perea, but evened mat- the second frame and at the end card Sept. IL when Robert-Mu -
tenr up by whipping Perea in of the tlhid and B1th heats, but rillo, and Byron O Imbabteh '
ibarra's farewell amateur ap- each time gave permission for will be the pul"clsf. u er- -
pearance three weeks ago the battle to con.ue. batch defeated MurfJlo' initheir
In the other bouts Daniel Thompson's best round was last outing. ; .
Ward will battle Al Rodriguez n In" -' '- .''--
a four-rounder and 14 the cur- .
tain raiser, two as yet unselected I L.. TT I
amateurs will clash. ,"'U Nashua To Fool TrainiTrs-
Popular prices-will be charged '"
for the program.

Si, f He Beats Swift Swaps
Havana Gains n0 '

rul am e I CiCAGO-,(NEA) -Trainers
and jockeys make Swaps the fa-
vbrite he Is over Nashua in the
big match race at Wais lgton
Park, Aug. 31.
ot. ou'exect this in the West

Su he ra he .a.Eddi .Arear 4.

trn l League pennantrace, Saratqga, even wa hua was
are poised only two-games back demonstrating thatlhe was as fit
of frt-place Toronto tday and as the skfu l nd t the the vet- W r Al
ne andone-half games back of eran Jim Fitzlimmoni and ia ot
Mont real. of others could make an out-l1e Swaps -to ran that kiWd i
The Sugar Kings picked up standing performer, racebut this odeis the o r t
a fll ga n e on each of the Syl Veitch, mopping up at the which can. do it.
top two yesterday by sweep- Spa, was typical. Asked what hb "I don't belive Nashua '. r.n,
Ing a double eder from the would do if he had Nashua against with him in thet a fiat
fourthplae Boehester R e d Swaps, the C. V. Whitney hand- the final analysis, thatB gel te
Wings while Toronto was split- ler said: "I'd tail him and hope be the answer."
ting a pair with Richmond to wear him down. But he's the
sad Montreal was dividing fastest horse aud I don't believe ALLEN DRUMBILLER a *..
with yra e. Nashua will catch him." onds the motion.
one Cubans won the opener, 3-g The pattern of the mUe.-and-a-
Wings to six scattered hits as quarter race seems set. Willel "I'd tell the rider to get-out'of
one Cubans won the opened, 3- Molter, who perhaps next to Rex the gate running. and stay nmmI-
1, and a last-inning rally in the Ellsworth and Meshaeh. Tenney any time Nashua makes a-ran a
nightcap enabled the 8 u g ar knows Swaps best, reveals what 1im," says the trainer who was'
Kings to score a come-from-be- heart.lcoul be a secret. Swapsf co-leader with Molter at the last
hind 7-6 decIsion eat little Determine, coditwoned Hollywood Park meeting. "I know
Toronto routed the Virginians, by Molter, and Mister Gus and Swaps can go a mile and a quar.-
9-3, In the first game, but Rich- other older horses in the most ter on the lead. He. did-it in the
mondclunto a narrow lead to convincing of a half dozen impres- Kentudky Derby with .ea& -
conr a c- win In the seconrld ave performances-in The Cali- All of Nashua'p good-raci 4-save
ame. The Royals clobbered thefornian at Hollywood. Park, June one have been run on.sandy east-
Cheifs, 15-1, t the opener, but U a tracks.
succumbed in the nightcap, 4-3. MOLTER STRESSES TRAT .a Nashug did siderably better
SThe Leafs and Sugar- .~ free-running horse like Swaps. has than all ight in=e C" a-
Mea h have 16 games left every advantage in a tceh race. Iton Park, howyer, and it
play, while Montreal has nine euthrow a sailing Lstquar-iit is no- dif t than on
ailes IW LNings. The nslter-. ter at your rival, get him hang-l at Washiniton n r. .
national Leagu__e seaon el ng on behind you, ease off the And Mr. Fits beliavea.t.Jfa.
on Labor Day, Sept. S. pace when you need a breather, h(a has enough peed to keep
The Buffalo Bisons downed and save plenty to really turn it Owps busy in the eary I
the Columbus Jets, 2-2 and 5-3 on in the lat quarter," he stress- "Swaps won't go to-.t
in other action, as Van Fletcher s galloping" the I81 year youn-
and Dick Marlowe. both of whom "You have to have a great horse traiyer assures you.
saw service with the parent De-
troit Tigers earlier in the sea-
son, picked up victories.
The Chiefs, by splitting while 60c 3 LAST
Rochester was dropping two, are *" f Ill T m
only a half-game back of the TODAY lfl lV r.- ..Jl DAY!
Red-Wines in the battle for .D A-Y! -
fourth place, the last playoff


brena Colon Sept. 11r'at a
It limit of 135 lbs.
e. fight, on a program
n up by woman promoter
de anhezs Pinto, is set for
ala, a hustlUg, hard hit- .
crowd pleaser recently re-
ed from Jamaica where he I
four bouts in as many ap- I
*ne agmin st Janalea's I



BALBOA 6:15 L-40 DIusW 2. 6:15 I:M
,Tim "Aftj t;eGrat P~le"
"hOtlw'~s Daughr

-.- -

'rISYOSmT 6:1 6:36



". f *




-- -


..:., ~ -.:,;r -, -
'' -
~'' ~ ~t 9~ ,2.- -. rr.*,~.t 4bskaii~~

- t -.

N395. 09fl^
-- -* f '-a
sr^ *'

w .*", -- ... / .- ^

SMillionaire Galbtstti N&

Pirates His 'iggest V

S oontealo N CA NATIONALfA g Pr'rORGH, Aug. U) rate p p oke
..* -. Roo .0 n< f W-,r .1 it O T E MIS-- W L ret OB estate uler and president of tb sty wtthe enluat -st.
rewYork.... 51 -0Yrw Brooklyn 2.... 45 46 Pittsburgh Pirates, said topy bl avi ory r.i flo
NS~EWSrows ''')3 ... '51WY 0 4 lwukee .....7fUP)2 o k 1 !at place bosbafl team I.hsar
o.l .A... .d ) 1 ma la 1. 2 .I i b t worry" but that Gener
a....... i ; .. M ..... .e., .n-e to stay clb's v aler,
nemultr back N city.- 53 a.4 O ... 71 AGO6 23 front office for at least oan -lh** ls
,. e wes.rwas .t h.,ding Trn ....1 3~ ore ... 3 4 .317 36 Pittabprgh ...0 79 .388 33 Galbraith,, who brain-trusts his and Poit. aectetary Iu
e heading Toronto 23002 11 4..- 1 for-flun enterprises from Colau- have bee forced to
i iODA GAMS, bu us Ohao, told news coMberence loans to the club beestm I
Sy.-aes wre in first place b, e1rMore ea Dtrolt (1. iB&A'n nM. a-- dohe hedr doubleheader en pr att-bee .
a ae wo, gof t P c 1 a 0o at Na Ot the AratesO and the Brav es..
rO lesS = lt 0* games schedalw. Chigo at New York thd exact status of Riekey, under ey Into the
hayby g hR ylor -l Cincinnati at Philadelphia (wT whose direction the Pirates have asked.
a or (Ma am) F STvtDAe S RESULTS Only games scheduled. finished in the National Leaguei "Tha's the
we te back (Frst ame) i tfat kame. cellar the last three seasons will the year," he snorted
W eho a 00100-- 1 1 ashli 00023300"- 0 0 TERTEDA' ESULTS be determined after the on Gaseih s
whohav he e a a k0 111e0lf- 7 0 e veland 002 000 006-2 5 0 0(Irst Gate) over. .r still ould st3
lt te T kell Jaobo (3) and Stwt.. Stone, tobbe (3-11) an d Cincinnat, 0a20001-13 ikys contract as general bck by isligte tem, 4iM
s lt a twin bill with the Claire; Amor and Montavo. LP Courtney. Phbideha 21 11 Ohm a sexpcoirin as Nov mbr wa ti wth te *
-Mrel N will meePhtladels2211 t t manager, expires in Novemn to unli oad,
&'s a ee-upf clubI (Tat Gme)d (10), Mag. 3 *gCNuexall (14-10), Podblelan Galbrat said the club board of The Pittabcigh owses. h
...l an Houtteman (lo-), Maglie, pe- Klipptoin, Freman and ur. directors will meet then to dce two ee to uoa,
west a, s(Fs me) ei an d H eman. an F the Pirate strategy. But the Pi- to Galeraith, but have tur

A o w York OWCO w C Mois It -01- U. 1 8 I cond Game W leN1r, M 0lner (7-4), Meyer ch t C it i a Th
'!V-khd S-. them dowI, -C

PED n Whatems to be a combination boxing. ter las eithe he ls- a' C b0 a0 gI j1000--3 1 Ghalbrs lftr 3ed ia

a, ehwe lta rw e ig h ch a m p io,, w e n t o n to w in a o n t h c u4tp e t eta e i p e rdC m m, 0 it m e eg rt 4-. .n m it. i sth. tea -e r
Ioeeuld chose up with s weakest Browning (7) and Teed. LPI- New York 01o0t-.. 0 O m.sad, are Just the se t
CWhd Series representative sine 'l Chicago 000100000..- 7 0 (First Oame) 0e19yr i i. A

tL Tger won &e 1 penant1 Milwaukee 0000120 000-13 7 0 ."I have lost none of
L with a meager tonal of u victo- (becosd Game, 7 Innings) Ford (15-8) and oerm. Pittaburgh 00 000 14x--5 8 0 slam for the Pirates," Gal
a, -*eet a 4WW %' .0 4/on 4 1.-
I r..ies. n o Jo on (6-2)m an,. saMr, "and neither has ;.
Richmond 102 0o0 ---3 4 0 tin, Coaduesga psd Lolltr, Moss. Crone (8-8), Nichols, Johnson Rickey. The PirateL. have a
j Home runs by Mce Mantle Picone, Blake (I) sad Keller s and Rice. horteu development l

JOE W ILLIAM S s Yoie Nrets ed i i teyNardella, Kosa'tajt (2) (gonend oijj ail (-3). Kline and Atwell. farm club system ..d the 1
a thr-n home y b eask 0 4 0
, J, geed ands. ,ne.. mre in'tbeythin the way to v the White a Coba 000 100 -- n i D 1a13 Jo n n
getting a breed read fo big ee that Sunny 3 ,-m -1 -2 triumph a the aighteap. en- Buffalo 001 606 4 Us tah in.-l er knew. H's ee as d hOn 4 t e crib b eral m M nd Laket le e (2), Howell Law (10-3) and hpad.
Rt ak when he was l and he was 1 hi last d player in the St. Lou 000 6 Ga ,
ofed paeephead Bay arofouruof 1i- -f-
rthday. He got his first leok as a trainer in 1900. Befo re hmer Bob Tuyis CIty 0 6 2 Ck0u (5-1), ttel ad ur
eI usev d to be a Jockey' he ulls. y, ww mi n a oIpe Dia ie Howell reli.ev- brink. Fi" Talr nia
ut what Mr Ftz-- he's unveally known today-miss- e e ithh I MAJOR LGE LeADl. S Harlnto And Atroth. IA
Jeo IhSc picked up, and thaen some, as a trainer. He's The Senators chased Art B.out- Cone 0(00000-- co he hsm chewntaa
Rom runs by sMuthpaw chuck Stabs o v e ra aand RI
Fwo- been tug enoughto hits, including four by Ed 44'0C If P 80221 and NoWman, xstt Rucn Game)
r '-lusy juvenile and salute him as the di Yost, to nthe gtcap, bu Ate
:: the ol criterio.T1a' what routedb e Garcia0 witlh a_ wIue 000hi 0 0.0 0 4

S- L a, flrsJIaO (]Firs Pa4.. A
Th~~~~~~~rg~~r rih,7Mer.H tre alpn

saddled forlie and Nashoas, o A
WFtadty. It takes a than mtrren or Cfle J et Med two bee ......
M.. :S O out o*n tthat loa. -r- a Pd T.l
"Me maitomt hwismen of the old shoel, Is mre likP- sWims .a ( *o 3 CrsOMa. n as y IIIC
IF to uidrat than evrrate a horse. Nafta appears to be Sie mauled the Atleties M.m. KIakL, Cin. 131 1 W 716
mfstl" ant Id.eaLindeed, there sre times when Mr- Halu's homer ceme wt th i"P"t, "a. 1.3 .. II ii
P1it gives you he Impression he puts his poteatialities beyond bases loeded in the firsIni garea, Mil. 129 MO fB 13811
evA the accomplishments of Garant Fox. greatest horse he ee and big Frank ,ev-a- .on UN
r ihua? wasn't able to beat Swaps in the Kentucky Derby. Vic BaRsch was loser. .... ..
U there son reason to believe he can beat him in next week's lusewk, Redle ..... 41
Chicago match rae? The scheduled game between Banks., Cube ...........
Mr. .ltzs toc nswer is getting tattered around the ,edes. the Orioles and Tigers was post- _Wdr.Dodgers. ......... 3
"Unlesse's super horse we'll beat him." poned because of rain. Maya, ants .......... 38
He-stil-lthinks the Derby result might have been different ThelDodgers gained a game and Mathews, Bm es ,,,,, 34
It he hadn't though Summer Tan was the horse .to beat ... y a half i.ea sing their Nas M .
l. time Arcare discovered Swaps was tine one, it was too late League lead to C r a 1 wh1l UsJ aA y
to catch B. the second-plaee Braves be owed
twice to the last-plaeo Pirates, -3 Sni0er, eers ........ 1s l
.n PENTY LEFT and 2-0. Ein Phw M ... ......106
BAD4 PLENT [n Jensen, Red ox. ........101

( re raoft "n TV. He may not have caught enough of it. Whnconh m lets game of thesMason o-r Banks, cube,............"a
Nashug-ebaileget Swaps In ute stretch, the California horse the Murs while *I= t the
cliaerly ptli sway. He had a lot of run left; and might have Cards from an y mthel peanlalt
weon even 1f Summer Tau had spent the afternoon playing stud hne n trucks t Ha e gave lne ..........107
poker, Init herb. Spooner struck out nine adave KalIne, Tigeri. ........
te w, Mr. F-. h a he May be eluding a mer by Mantle, Yankees ......106
N ih otea no te orf nacertainty. 't be Cmpnella here for th eS Smith, Indisns ........ 101
o fd hoe beats other by 10 length n Chi- Dodgers. Post. Redl .......... 98
eao- Despa.besaers by Eddie MIy
.. i..tmay have been the old gentleman's way of predict- KMheuD and eBoby *Tfoom ,
lag blth h es would be driven at speed every step of the the Pire srled far four rnjs Kaline. Tigers ......... 175
way wI a view to winning by the wIdest pseble martin I. as le di aas t omvrc m luinew RdL lN .... 1e
, Aa aiter .of tact, tnWre Is more involved here man the I 3.0 M aW4 I s eai l ti h Bell. Abdle ......... 16
question of which of these two magnificent thoroughbreds can rst game of heir deUeObeader Post. te ......... ln
reach the wire first. Every time Swaps, wins, Kentucky breed- while Ven Law hured a fr. Power, Athletics ....... 1
ie .,wl c--, ,ovrely, California .hoemen rejoice. Swaps hitter to out-pvck vtera Wo- thfng to come out of the Sunkist tate sinae se myn Spf and rack up hisa th P NG
0," Nfegrl fadeout r s on the allent screen. Wt e i e t 0he arlfI.I
The sizing Phillies climbed to (BREs at U12Desios)
THE GREEN CARPET within, W ames of second place W L Pet.
I X nby ic g Redlegs twice Newombe. Dodgers 18 4 .818
The S t t r.tVp up Wrt gected to adD wi th reliever Bob lerM fa, Yankee ..... 12 4 .S
0 onana ee nt sothe teap.Del nnishit ahohnmDonovan. WE. ..... 14 4 .737
ad4 itA toe th o. k 1 it what w the en er at ,,elnd rookie ord,. sna ...... 15 1 .714
ooud t~w a tW r natW a enlpaOtWW psatisfy- Roen gray goig an the way ber he 21 9 In
AMg .vignette 4 .the stooped old gentlemsan stndlg or in each game wie Stan ap- 21 .7
it his big horse ta and Jim Green rass hit first
'tijirt In, hbe jokes ~.. -these Bob Rush of the Cubs shut out
Wh eu'C kon ie.r the Giants elorm e thir thime is'
I season, defeatln tha 0 o4n a
s eage's nine-hit offsive wisth a
W to threw ma put tho4 tn h, j e, a" h tro thattft dinthe
5(4f m t "a I* 'oagfe o s tw run"
t. a mte ur g to aelln, -t 7bntly TEaRrDAYI WfAR Vet- :
m. L .mla H M, ls, he eras nBob Eloedy o.e*fl
0ana aJr eb es Gas, wbhme Ske-rums s romer I
tj m t 'd'day Use- *st of his as ars ling of the second
Sntok i wlnner'ts rcle. In fact, Bes bedas? Tas b teYkees, -L. .
S dd defet .e to Mr. Fin, t.he ..o.fl ln


.. *Tf MAC-IX

'I 4%

. .. I l

esipsi"0 ow fG EI
Ssa-cAeI--ad does the bat-
ter r e t for the extra .
rl hal.11 whisky.
several t h m a ner
this season. Oa two oee
three rumTers seeded en saerifiee
ies .hit .in .t he .Appalachian .. .
Leaime. Each time, the otflelMdr r
girabE d ban faell to the o Sold i
M-aW ew so ber
eesuld aot nthw. The batters were
given credit sr threerea s bat-
ted-I,. I.


EN RIVER" America's smoothest

it all leading bodegas and bars.

Complete Prize-wimning Numbers in the Ordinary Drawing No. 1903, Sunday, August 28, 1955.
The whole ticket has 44 pieces divided in two series "A" & "B" 1of 3 pilees each.

First Prize 5422 44,000.00

Second Prize 2528 13.200 0o0

Third Prize 5500 $ 6,600 00


no Us iao e Pr m Pries sI e prIe Me. urmNo.i Nom. Pr Nm. Prim mNe Prim MIe PrEs Ns Prm
-. 2i62 5L O X".,, "5Z 1. 33 122W 11 22 122A @ i 122.2 60 ."132 I Tm 2m.2 i1a 5m3 MU 1u*t5
tIo2 2 s m122 12 1,2. IS.A s 22.Al 4a2 132.*0 5222 132MN a1S2 2.1 T sm I"12 s"2 ,IM siM as
S 133 12.6 1 ss 12. 2S3 1225 0s 2Ms* a1 3u22 2 2n2K s222 12.S2 M aW W I4 aS IV a gVaS-
.a 13z j i m12 i2.9 2 32 132.M0 4X S122 6 l U22 132.M S222 1322.76 1 .1= I "az$
i .a u u2 iSss." m I ass an a .e seaeint r i sen ,bseO U n la T ue I-m [ --
S 3 W linM I2m 2 232. 22 12 2 .. 1 722 2 t61 631 2I 132 i. s u1s
I Hnig nuMn2 =. 1 lut, UM :M =ULM I iuS AI UmA mSA ma mU. IN 9

Approximations Derived From First Prize
K -" I m I .. ... m m _

a I \s I S S s

Approximations Uerived From Second Prize
.. ..r-: i iiIi

B M -.-us I M as I em Isa u-n m 1 I a s IaW m i sso ., m maIx
Apx**n@A---m -- a -- I d .L 3,

Apprbultiou Derived From Third Prize

t n aU uNmA m a3urn nui i-er UM I I u"r n U
U. 4jMam M W Wt m SjU I

mF1lpaseg LWW 4PflflbmrUWy DIawang was mM at: Fait, Second and TIrT i Panama.
il2~e ucm't ee l m ujS min no a d not loladed in eo showm Uot wi tflwy-Fwr Deabrs (1MIS 8b"." as' to e w e,,,r e t a l "A/ sad "
_aS. CU MS,1" 4 Mmonura OMpaIUo ti *a, andmr .-.
Sf 6So Mago AmA..M GSe. ovram or at e rofes o aetaam.. Ci CM-642.
--- .'ime R tttve Of The Pretm OATARO A a_-ID
.IUMmi: Au ti d Cpew O, fc47f -4T8 Ja0nO. 0 O.r
Magoal at.0 NOM. 795-467 Notaiyp P
..,; .4Z
..*~.. ~--t -6 ....W

Ifc TM--W M-S





i I.. '- :.-



.* *. .,. -.... .-. .-- .. .. a

't '

.*-; .. ,_, .... .
" *-": --. ..*' ,..* .. .:.*.,,. ... '.;t _

Ex-OSS Man


For Perjury

--A federal grand jury today in-
dicted former Army Lt. Aldo
Icardi on eighL counts of per-
jury growing out of the imys-m
tnsrous slavinz of MaJ. William

"Lei the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln,



V. Holohan in World War II.
The indictment -harged that
Icardi, now a Pittsburgh law-
yer, perjured himself in te-H o s ti
money before a House Armed
Service Subcommittee in 1953. I
Icard stayed at the hearinglo n g
that Holohan was killed by an
enemy band that attacked a mis- a
wlnn that the major was leadcLng

behind enemy lines in Italy.
Holohan was slain in 1944
while on a top secret cloak and
dagger mission of the Office of
Strategic Services. His body was
riot discovered until 1949 when
it was found in .a weighted sleep-
ing bag at the bottom of Lane

An Italian court ruled in
1953 that Helohan's death was
plotted by Icardi and-former
Sgt. Carl Ledolce of Roches-
ter, N.Y., but U.S. courts re-
fuied to extradite the two men.
The United States govern-
ment opened a new investigators
inLo the 11-year-old slaying last
Aug.' 15 when the Justice De-
partment put the case before a
grand Jury .- --
Thirteen Italians. Including
three priests and the police lieu-
tenant who recovered Holohan's
body from the, lake, were sum-
moned to testify.
The jlur's report today chlarg-
*n.r ed that'Icardi lied to the House
committee Investigating Holo-
han's death on these Instances:
1. l Tat Holohan left the Villa
Castel Mundo aUve on the night
S of Dec. 6, 1944. The body of Hola-
han, the indictment said, had
' been carried by Icardi and Lod-
l olce to. the shore of the Lake
Orta on that night.
2. When he said he did not
know- tat poison had been
placed in Holohan'srsoup on the
night of Dec. 6, 1944.
8. be- Is-d. that he and
todolce did not, toes a coin to
teorilne who was going to kill
.o ;=,+ .. Z .M .

TEL AVIV, Israel, Aug. 29 -
(UP) Israel charged that a
flight of Egyptian planes ile%.
over Israell territory today and
were intercepted and turned
back by the Israeli air force.
The incident was one of four
new provocations reported to-
day along the increasingly tense
border of -Israel and her Arab
Ma, Da Gov, Israeli military
spokesman, gave no details of
the air incident and it was not
clear whether the Egyptian and
Israeli ..anes had become en-
gaged 1f combat.
On the ground, Egypt charg-
ed that Israeli troops commit-
ted three new aggressions a-
ganet gypta.n-.held territory
in the .re U trip area.
A spokesman tfor theEgyptian
army headquarters in Cairo said
Israeli troops fired on two Egyp-
tian outposts in east Gaza for
90 minitaes early today.
lie said other Israeli forces
also fired- on the village of Belt
Aasoun, in the Gaza strip dur-
Inga IMetin Cof the Egyptian-
IsrieU mixed armistice commls-
ioes L- that village.
le said the United Nations
chairman of the armistice com-
mission suspended the meeting
and ordered a ceasefire.
Four Egyptian soldiers were
killed and six others wounded

British Wives Said
Operaim As Call
Ifai m1han I-

e Incidents Increasing

Egypt-Israeli Frontier

yesterday in a four-hour battle
with Israeli army forces In the
Gaza border area, an Egyptian
spokesman said.
Israeli casualties were not t
known but were presumed to be
heavy, he said.
In Tel Aviv, Israel, military
spokesman said two Israeli sol-
diers were killed and three oth-
ers wounded when two Israeli
military vehicles were ambushed

-' '-,;,. -. -'-- -* "* .. .,V' "- d
at Beairy, a settlement in the An Egyptian spokesman said SIDE BY SlD--The Navy's two a t0i e-powered sl arln" e t d
Negev Desert region, the United Nations truce ob- builder, the General Dynamics Corp., in Groton Con. The Nu tt I for
Gov. accused Egypt of delibe- server found the Israeli fire so nost-shakedown overhaul. The Sewolf, launcLed on Ju i 21, ia bfilte
rately trying to provoke Israeli heavy and persistent he scrib- -. '.1.,
retAliation., bled a brief report on the en-
gagemnent and pinned it Inside L I
The Egyptian spokesman said h white U. N. car to leave a i i l
yesterday's the gun duel on the record of the incident in ease
Gaza border came when Israeli he was killed.
forces began massing and mov- .
ing across the truce line into The U. N. officer later ordered
Egyptian-held territory at 6:30 both sides to cease fire and the n
a.m. Egyptians stopped, the Egyptianurnin
spokesman mud.
But the Israelis continued fir- WHITING, Ind., Aug. 29 (UP) and 10 per cent of the refIjiery called a fluid
ing and the Egyptlan resumed -A multi-million dollar oil re- b e flkming, twisted rubble. converts hw,
firing until fight ing subsided at finery fire roared into it third e firefighters planned to let octane, was ab3ata
Sam, the spokesman said. daytoday keeping 1,500 persons the fires burn themselves out of rubble 2 t h p
.. from their homes in a devastat- while they concentrate on keep- Twnty-fourfreW rsVil

d two-suare-mile area. Ing them rom spreding to ore were standing on
b dB Standard Oil Compay Of f- gant fuel tanks. An ve a yoom it
1-Mods im J Cro pk l dals said the flames at its giant r ion to determine the tauaq of a mass of mea l
iB mi& br' ome tanks containing 750,000 gallonscThick, black clouds of mm o k the"airts cac
Alive uel still burned ieelY. red from the exp losion-and-tire homes ike meteor e
nnR A-on to Gray m-a
The boys grandparents, Mr er han rem e tated.oil refinery yesterday River oflwho

Sand Mrs. Leo L.loyForsyth have a won amonrked throe fuelgh tanks sent ash adreds of Pecrson of thrive n OilThe affectlowed doarea was known a
otte in the Mich., gan vacatug. fighting the firnges, which burst from their homes wandered the reiglit and s I vered
Snr a from t he core of a staggering ex- streets like r residentt tow by r s of a war-torn systems. Aurom 131st on e sou
-Perha psavy C rocett killed a poon at 61 am Saturedy, t p tht running oth ri
b'*r wherPhe wa only t iee, but moni.gno.smaeuk ainutr 1.
11-yea-d ay Campau of ag- The blast, heard for 100 miles Armked National Guardsmen and egnua di ei
IMore Mnmp tha 5 f mestre e ntsto e Jesidends wo th
awhen the by returned o roared from a 2-stor cracking 'eht plin communal te cstree s pri "t s n like aswar-.ndi1v
cottage, he was follow plant located in the ,00-a e these city pdem nkngcu- a
The oy's ground f arentsale r. refinery. Chain reaction explo- beingtifcation from anyone who ap-
and M4rs. Leo L. Forsyth, have aj glanamong the fuel tanks sent prache4 a 40-block section of the The affected area was known a
cottage in the Michigan vacation tons of metal flying Into slusb- t whichwas turned I f t o a. Stglitz ]lark. It covered 40 squar
ynear Care, and Jay-Jay ering homes. TWO persons wire the by residents f lee. ng1books from 131st on Lhe south,
went out to explore the nearbykille hn edswereinured eMushrooming exploons thatrunning ot l w or
woods. e o..akl h d ir blackened a huge oil tank farm. A vn4'-to'Indl' h.
More than 500 families spent the wegtwsrd-
When the boy returned to the.I nLg hI community centers, IP- tien south andh
cottage, he was followed closely o' i t hoMes or in the city arks .
by -al, -pound female oear .-a. -- after being ordered from t cei r "

*5w~ch~ng Um.Yi59ho'o
aThe wives of rti servicemen the woman fed the big nimal e
Paratrooper ingapore are operation as 1 of steel,
t ninga- are operated as gae officers ord wwaeeks "o elebrity building were ri into sham-
.* .situtAs in Chinese br els o th called ae onice or aui sailed yesterday for two bleP by ja un1s off teel
S Check .S cal ginain their leisure __ help. weeks of fun and. .ulture *n the wh__h ,ailohundreds of feet in
S ns Shours, the 8ingapore SSunday trnardreprn Thet bear was identified a few romantic Grek islands of the the air when the first expos~
ANGELA. S (UP) tand d r8 front ITA OF .LIBR13 -Members of the Russian rm hour lat as "Tiny," a tame 5,500-ton ocman --going into an able mass of
Tamara Adele ees Court- page stry .toay. delegatlon. on a -oaRt4king ihem to the Statue of Lbdrty anima l t ra away from a yacht Ahieu samled with the metal.
tan6, ex-GI paratrooper, said to A staff reporter of the Stand- in NewYor Thie groul remained on the vYeal f o. the round game ranch six weeks ago. afternoon tide. On the bridge Standard Oil board chairman
ywve become a woman through ard reported he had a two-hRanchour trip tea of embarking at Beloe' Iland operator "Spikehorn" was Elsa herself, jaunty an.d Dr. Robert E. Wilson estimated '.
eO-change operation, was re- $50 date with one of the girl, Me ented nautical In a blue naval tunic that refinery damage would be "in
aed on $1,000 bail today fol- who spoke with a cockney ac- aaue reading. aV-et a n a with two wide. trips of braid a- excess" of 10 million dollars. The
Sher arrest on charges of cent. Veteran Davy r d each cuf. ed Cross said total damage
g a bad $105 check to pay I L Ja-Ja, capture d a Aboard th luxury yacht were mi ht be more than 100 million.
San-Francisco hotel bill. The girl operate in a racket UJ IUU datIIUIn U fTIcIals rred cllt "ar at age 11. duchesses, industrialists, movie Co m p any officials promised
.e suspect waa arrested last organized by a ring of hotel star. opera singers and Just quick compenaation for persons
Sat a Los Angeles burlesque keepers, brothel operators and atara l i plain socialites. who suffered injuries or property
and booked on the San talcab drivers .-. who contact K si l Blriish "We'regoing to see reece and damage. I
T3indco warrant as a woman. much of the bubthiea with Brit- l n f i Greece is going to see us," the The company also said it ex-
Is. Ish soldiers, sail ar and airmen IJU U JU C aI Sroo Shortage -laf MHuddl sprightly '72-year-old Min Mx- pected to have most of the refin-
he was taken to Jail wearing the newspaper d. well announced to newamen from ery in operation "with In two
'a. ballerina skirt, shoulderless the yacht's bridge, weeks."
Jafketr and black stole.. Police The girls work in the daytime po M I* om f ehnM'A Then she added in a ahout: Most of the evacuees were in:
ild qhe had lectured at- t he Ibecause in Sin pore a lodger in I......... / Vyvi The captain of this yeasel is aood spirits despite their ordeal. i
teaer ,,about her operation anti a .hotel may .ave a visitor or WASHINGTON, Aug. 29 (UP)- and war years. and a tremendous Commander Dimitri Konas. He's But some said they planned to
a "silhouette act,." but did companion in his room during The nation's schools will be short increase in enrollments. UITED NATIONS. N.Y., Aug. doing the actual sailing. I'm In move away from the danger area.
o -atrip. the daylight hours without reg-. more'than 250,000 classrooms this The situation is so critical Ms- 29-(UP)-Russian and British charge of opening champagne Andrew Haluska, who gathered
-i. .. tlateri h her. fall despite a r e co r d building rion B. Folsom, the New Secreta- delegates talked for 30 minutes bottles." his wife and five children a n d
Lt. Otis C. Woods said th i e Th newspaper quoted a gov. boom lost year, Office of Educa- ry of Health, Education and Wel- today In advance of an East- She had plenty to work on. what belongings he could into a
Wprld War II veteran had re- ernmerif official as reporting on' officials said today. fare, is giving it close study in West disarmament conference. Fifty cases of champagne were truck and fled his home vowed.
aeated a-birth certificate, driv- th t there were about 50 white 'preparation for recommendation#! Then British, American, Trench loaded last night on the ya t. "I'm never going to go. bck."
war's license and a doctor's state- British girls operating as "regu- Since last au'umn, 60,000 new to the next session of Congress and 'Canadian representatives The $100,000 cruise also was tak- Ireleally, the disaster wlel
meant Identifying her as female. laV. cal .girls while a larger public elementary and high school January. met to discuss plans for the ing along 300 gift packages, brought death and rui to many
minber operatdM as "casuals"- in classrooms have been made ree- opening conference session this three tons of sweets and two lse brought new fe to at least
S"That was good enough for brothels or-as call girls. dy-the most ever uilt in one PubUlc school attendance th is a afternoon. tons of powdeed milk to be Oe. _
s," Wooda said. He ad d no 'The Britqh .girls. according to year and5000 more than ere fall is expected to reach more giren to oor Greek children. Mrs. Margaret ernandez, 45,
lhys cal examination was given the. newspaper, have Chinese constructed in 1953. than 32,000,000--this in the face of Anthony Nutting, British Min- The cruise wll take Mi Odel- who lived in East Chicago. Ind.,
.bt rtqulred Mra Courtland to mid ser.ntao to do their house -' a classroom scarcity complicated later of State, went to the Soviet phi, Athena, Rhodes and "all the six miles from the blast .,a r e a,
move her clothing, work while they.are engaged In But, said Ray L. Hamon, chief by a teacher shortage. mission on Park Avenue for his Greek stands off the beaten gave birth to her 16th child. a
he cl other operations, of the School Housing Division, meet with Arkad A. Sobolev, tsxak," M atWi Ha ell announe- pound 6 ouer boy. The hospital
.iPollce said the .an FrncLscrt, h." beyowill not make ardent in tht Three years ago the states esti. Sovietdelegate to the.arms dis- d reord said. bor induced by
Wrant accused the suspect ). thrbc the years accumulated mated they needed 312000 a d e- cussions being conducted by a the hostess planned to hold eeaws.a shock
t check without suftfl- there wil absorbs en g. quate classrooms Constructions subcommittee of the United Na- regular "culture classes to b ri st area was mass of
athy -uwds. ,- h will absorb the_ expected in- since then has "eaten into the' tons Didarmanttt Commission. her guests u tO mark on thef %rubble and twisted steel.
d. __ .. .. ) crease in enrollment his fall. backlog a little bit," Hamon The Soviet Union had ndlcat- knowleg o the ancient places The 6 story cracking plant,
Court who. recently Tht Ed said. ed it was ready to give "serious they wll visit.
Cour ~t ,who. r Tht Education Office predicts coniderat4on" to western dim- ueen of the .moie stars a' u.JJ UtIE L.J 4
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CENrrTUrYOF THE $00 (3)
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By James Cr


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