The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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.f T.HE.PAIAMA AMERICAN Peter ELWon A Cr A 4 V aCokd i
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IT. N 'STr S S P, 0 OX 1 34. PANAMA. i PP.
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'- United States Atomie Energsy Com.
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nwsTo TO scdITARY TAifaBOTT Sante Fe Operations Office ba,: 7g. !ib Pera be- ih
a budget of 1839 million dollars for ganr
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havfew remoa.ning Democrat0 _n the Isthmus I would like to bring hydrogen and all the otherlightrp l
!a p ieshby erald W. Johnson zin The dNew :Republ. th l ments.a ao Vai Pa
Gerald's pice start by quoting Bender R.), the booming This ew information can now
inator from Ohio, in -reference to albott's resi nation a us "ae,- be revealed is the light of AEC
nnotice that In President Eisenhower's Admin turation we shall Chairman Lewis L. auss' ore- O i o e Pr to
r have a repetition of thefeo so scandals which marktd his pr d en etante .d'i N nta. at d th 1elc .e wat allh in
'.uen Bensu deur I obviously right," writes a Setor Johnson.* t cef A Ata e t the
that prdecessor's regime it was a scandal when one ateno- a =n othe. nt u
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INo i tht all. There la a vet y conelderable difference between the l, t w at 111T. 'oRET r e. ar H lived one
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as chiseling by an official t below cabinet rank." ._# ,-me ,= sg --. T .o.n, ulcan leadss arm lived little more than a yean
r. Johnson amit that Mr. Talbott did.o eak the law, E to, m ads
d adds": upon that oint the one-par has been celam- Ae later- Dr. 1 a leIl a-..lpeuate teenl
ly, even deafenily, Insilatent no tice. t a at loN|I .mtticeIawWI i, ptioS n t e o t 3 t
en did the stenographer break .he law, nor t6 .1i1k,,.ant i ee. m sibeml W IN I e" l m.,.JJ ve daIi P J ep peU r .ent of eam
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.What they did was not criminal, it wa merely cheap asd e~ v tb a ,ew sdurce el .R-l b I-i n more recent years 9ut "Prer,
and pparen it as that, only because they were vaery energy d last Tomorrow's Headline Today: she'll make da." .. alers is a new a terp au eS Ut! .dts have died younger. Of to.
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thematD Serroer of judgment. At ot the Accused should bvatt secret errvipce, th t fdon, w wom he M diveren iseay 4 Wh6ieeS t. Sio alaas pemeted while of the dt 15 Preldents
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That iln't allo r Johnson's piece, but perhaps it will serve T drso dy later, on Au 11, Ad: isreprted. Came f r om pausecret -M. having as biswe i s t ag inho wr will
t purpose of cheering omew atthe I"ladS k"Democrat4 ere. itral Straus s oal ouncadthat the dee lin. e. obe f rmd aBuse-et r,. 1 ea: "rR that i aad wl e'a r trenWgo
,And I shou- dfsdlike to add for the record thi s ToHaro Trumant by ,.S the lnea nd, taning td 3iat w w was wllh 'l ws. are the mobeln% fact
telephone from Key Wt, fired the weekoding attorney geners, hi U.S isaeIn th h o Duff now w hisper tha d i-book chs amos m ap lag to go along i p lead- EIsenhower has been consider
SS offeredno e0S. him. Th oi2A ervice' Dispatch was bout it al. (and who cres?) .. welt"r ta criticsi.azy sub.s-_p a.i, lsooahow i hams been telia n enrtalked o
Suffered apologies i NA e -stJimmy Casino is Jeff Chandler's moats. itet be meliys WP&J thattheyQ had tO OLeo essony bt
S-Credoa! Calhemon rgy Coommission for reviw and No P Be Uat Plenty of Circu MaCr. rea a lead In "The )atome .rownte t wiof.aewpaa th an man wo oepie the f
24 __ l Jan a rtlong clearance IJue after long stances: uke nd- Duchess Wooden Dish gad pA leas le sr te famed Was ngt r I g thi e u a a wt
SE- hld by m A lU mid-July. ever their mrespectivute m i. t. latwoss st i t ano "s .i wh ao msmi w t.tj_ i wiaman of the private di. t
'S, r4 tIt was then retual the writer Asked for and received v (ll F .iddle) wn at S
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Sl I Ileroyl raa te bts as large as he .ot f.oel. s sogs at W a o, I ,achas r rs mnt at ida waust be U
4 of W e bo ItoPtnu a i a .Fro nchdeoaton of SOMi. Ihz.".4 ." o -a.w2! ird

o N ves of um or omte r heavy So ur who are n Italy "H. nh o t co~el, rlm-lte,- ooar Gua,? b elist to do,_ M .A_1
*h' L' 4 oile whe n Pte Ne's fpb s$ir 6-dit th l i aebe peruade to rin ag

i tFIita r al o th te ate U.iS ureau oft earen ,worie e ow a the M mehLlm was i
SIS tfst u usdtflable "scare story" Inup in r ome, had him d first vac, anet r. Ito, robL a __. *of thqd gaff V1101 tee Gn awenm..
s the top 2 'talia nivfaromlecm iap .tim t n n years in teralruptae c aei 1 a for n theS01 ViSen eiai P PiU to thi r' W obstI
mSpe T l jaeS G m othe tngs. U.S. Seat bors atW-he sanE It as ac.tuallycri e e sa r-.env thm Ts. neater wd bre- ,d n

S (poet.) ltern -ide ooVotvhr hea avyerhavnutlerowhoaio lanI teorl yIf? Go eisor cdto ll ie m e"ma -.b.o ." a.'St os i not wat to doso y
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1band0 5Stureon 3I Daybeengaml 4aMtd to dofturae publioaction of th odagusei Glv" them the reHavnl med Na doar "-_'dc. -..- be ? t- Se

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Sr it a licy mar bter which wuld arry the minute's ... VLviae ntlrefamilyn o in sols t ,ttao n lueV er: So umaTrad-J-.
.' Christian signed for the title rateare,- ..,, u o, br...u Ctli .m.. Co. say_ _Bum_ a blo. er
w bThetffeototbottle at theonews in the -Italian film "Ap frodrt" tCharfl thetonhand-hwneeitIpited that the Liberae
'(comb. form) ft111111projectwas maceentirely iwo t a here ... Wonderful some0well-maureGyuth, kau a TVMyrRsioGamh

"r w -,wU. S. AtomicvE gy Com- Sammy Davis Jr. celebr wat, Visngrereshi"ng .-way.of .ntrodc ean hm whe o Ir w, r-,
ion. (it was nm trees d a techd- returnlto Gotha s1 11 t dlf, o mote r e an hvihe he ..,t W T A B mnt, dstm, meeone, tidss
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th :t .CWol'teu .k Stoes, dzg is ovf o d
a bust* amei LFoyd' in auaPgl le. T ab muied dres sIesn. tlmw ieNm
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WEYMOUTrH, Mass. -(UP) -
At 1, Arthur I. Read, Jr.. Is get
sai read& to become a arvard
il!,, to e re-
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mast hRm d, the aYoungeast
oever Sptoas eto there.
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4.i1 I I. .. #4 i p ;.I> 4 ir : .
........C- ,.

t -

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t m id 1 am Henry .t Ameri.can ffl Taylor, a Treasury offi a. l. in

Sialn of the lteWall Monetary Othe iSevelt aunhiatraion, join-
.,a Fund accused of' biga onetime' edt. the Iaternat.onal Mbnetauy
S wid St^ o- member of a Soviet spy ring, it 1and n necemoer 1946. te now
S.---trve. -ed tor. p is assistantdirector of its Middle(i... .... ._-unou.."

L"- -e t -by former Rep. yreon H. Scott A Alnd spokesman said the pr
u P; ah. ns?. asto ey for Taylo r who wa nam- vioun s fading of the. Wali, oSinan"
I ? 3 -2 ..-| i, s u b- ... m U J r.-a s .ud. y a B.d a :.S p ue rc ani8e ab r o fl 0t d a mo e b y e x' n o w
4 -."I."uaI- w y" 'd" "t.. .. e lt ; ed by Atty. Gee. Herbert Brown. bnarib s mS cons__ei ered by.
y 's big" Adi on oati t RedMspy rmiaig sa i ot ha ye n it was inMiact ld the Iwun iln
of a lh.asa. InMd-uI'e.' 'e"s gs)- ._- headed by the late Harry, Dexter take no action until the loyaay
't. F n- C aa c c u s edso f boew soa s o t ..T he
WSOr was accused ofenewhere. p"i White, a U.S. Treasury official, board completes its .meconMiddea-
YA hCar wStd bulcked hmTdost broth, up The International Orgnzatlons 'aylor ks the last person still in
-/ dtracked a down b a sub- .. ,-._w as _teaspuom salt, 4 Employm s Loyalty -Board, a U.S. puwbc life woo was named y ex-,
,way statiOn Monday ..ght, and wounded p r 4, tea nwagency uee. n merde ans ,unt spoy tasabeith Bentley
rNorthtouth vuL. ti to g mt, jm'in a e movie p- ls a m. cies, ruled last ,Mil r was *... ... uparitcnt, al-
" lI 'b lSe est theater W.d ea ."night. t a v.e awa n.a* to di ,htr -. d a loyaity, risk andd ao fom r spy egeiy aded bY hile in t. he
s p l i | c S r o en nea h i ttt. denoun ed tho finW y as many limos.
24 kna -A Pass The Navy leased a 35 ef. pnlgbt. led duck. ". unbelievable and appealed for the On the basis of Miss Bentley's
4 b e "d. Pass epte whh arenee Kerr To boards reCOiilderatUo. He Sd reporLs to tse i~ L, lsuwnei te(t-
44 P" a A' Pass ice Lt was e-a ~a ovia with his ake d broth, ce woul pres new evidence to led an congress l hearings in
SPass rps with a tee sle b wife n he a: prove sor was nnt. November 1953. Taylor was
Lynch stt ed oep an he seated hae d a are Iedi A said it had det id wbi- undear r nd then i
t. b. he co,- d pb tmb ets s-l-d- r, c ac t .- se t n the m poer d dings and The i international OrganI nations .
to y. o i.enI 'ik h ois tom f.miinutte*eg insea broth. Poun l r conduct an addition hearing for Loy_ aty Board in rui g Taylor at .
norti pt t "a 'ad th*er. anted anyfa t wit to make cups the purpose of tU g into the security risk fast month, said iti
ka5ejid.n howato blow UT ne s woke me -- re4 ?* 9* nodo record such new evidence as, m was convinced he "has enga gel in
*It 0 tpooU card e sel fSmw as a t... hheadiredby othe-l H' board, shall e ae and s versive ty
So pbdaagonorg toW ie defao U. se the irestr of ustic el against the United States.i tsq -
.d0ieatse ..41 th. nt- T la 'e l tablespoons ftJ aylor' chI ase as may seem p ro-,ns -1I.t'. a p o
nsu. ld d about th.e vale At a meet es l the executive a f d ie In a-neh per.a T awlne mo es-, o e mw nMuee
hth ecd ca woar oh a, scoui trhe adu Ia, Lm,.e-spu I rteaspoo s oagn W" .h ar. ;eri S. *ld- 3 o .-menS
OX progrsosed Cf the R.l .i Hh shool wd to A -e onion and turnip. Cook eabot 5 the hoard is"a al eteimeradd y R I R I i .

Itwar#sn ramssble Givene hr ce ivda w the epon o the -n waash C a. e m nun g l Ha hor tbSp serve. slivertcvcespy-ein'
4 'i isd, L rtp- ea u mno su e aIo te duck meatte. l an protri on ftrom A
wertheeehing the report d olfo0 th er aolloemchar gaUdNes..u ne d wiaing tA tased, thedeaiy ab
"_- WIade oathe es reerte8 th W l i e r-. Cr en- nearr t theater uts f onrpotsngt. ..... n we.oScott o lam fon e vidingery .A r- y1

Sp. op eigsad, Not oM lI n hee und rS. h equaters can h ol--. hoVrs T ee RefrIger 10 mrcaPine eize." .-_, .esen C mmuniy- .
he rure, ut on a nearmini-'te.e m b lli ju e rem ops to leave e taone. A rhour Ditrdoom t eamprtr H mpiate ut aledve r, that nth"e
mSm ^pei &, t anm aig oer The N angmedit a Caenter i just hot asth- board' hs decision to grnt Taylor"s
o b t, md e tl fr sending t hq council's delelglate .o e -ap r- -r.liemn. sho uldc nc o a ne e aering wa b.alse d ste l (.aRge.s- sJ
Wit wS5 beecirtre nLtitt-sC arpentes fng0erpqbi-t were iti.h UN onScott'suclihmd o fbrtunew evidencetL. *eFnsdi ewelers
qet teotan-b0le1hS ottthe rsei atd We0xtiee uore peneWfriNol prsaent-
To thm e ofoedstpade, North stiifl belng held In Canada. ofood.. on'a getaway car be corn- .PROVIDZCE R. I. -- (P)d ohe o matersia an wiest dintegrity.
lad ne #a to h get excited; He m -deered .lrondy night a ft e r Ariculture Dectr Jh.n logo o in. a letter t tn e
still ha the same minimum open-! The fund raising dire, teweas DteSRtective Wam Mury w. rs hee Iland says persons caedwho wl tenstias to the sube
g bid, and he could afford o]y'reported y the rmmittee, ell kd on a s|way plaorm ut y ees contt loclu.stanvemate r in e resi
-to a that s club suit a aor tl 00 byr hy hd been signed to fi thorite intad of hs department poiaga t Taaybr.. rqsp-t--tm ha
Co o aldwhen S outh h Jumped oromember ofn the committee ate- hodup- -. l t. he th o R ch.oe yha cfevro Ta wOpt inbor a inc- aUdU
s phr dese that Nortd uch pha tecially el :d s Pacifi e s eide) o.- not how they speNt t Lhei F tm e er aes, as "unjust .n d lU TY
uhs m ardsaone y bid ithe c ar gan fo N ee question wasich toellraise thj PREPSILVERCENTERll
owhehe sam ouerht to ie by publ fuctios. esL esiIn a r' STORa 161 caNTtaAL AVENUE
consiu A n e ue "f e siedIdered. IDinc .prb. "
Cld S o tht. .. I Final arrangements were madegag o
haveInthe soroffboard tenanierat r lo h
ha tha &might. rocave a sl o nagorf sxen Raymond George, O like you harne never slept beforeS.
It ws-n't at alol imaposo -hlble._ Give 8 eHeeAtVdee, ls a delegate to .-fo
bSouth ad stron spadesuit, asingle. represent the organiz aiot n tia i Co a u 5'is"atalrt'mes
ton hear,, ade a good fitforclubs, Jembo--ree addit on tobtaKing r, m'iO n (Co rce' /l
Nort proe d ecided thatite ha s been given full power to rep- I L
was up to him to make sout. slight reset.tawce a organe zationg the ato, a sidI1ex on ia
t'&su g a s inhedu'e~n, 2vo--i. ,peni. bi, 1 --o ,,f.nd--raising..ommit- poic Genuine Guaranteed ]00% Pure W white
sho sur tseHence he bid four diamonds before ta h la.t..boea nd fory.alltim e.PtbP
This made it clear .to South that Interngtonal tantus of the ocal Spender.ig Iutol d 2Nuo*lax oamrjzbberitMantT
his gauner ,had the ace of dia- organzatoin-g question which ter-polcem I hS nE a'nme fuiw' ".by
mo--s and giood cluba'suit. The has been penwdng for a long flvorr.nFour bigscr ingd fromint
had ;ear-minimnum time. eachasaesose WIw. you"tas
.In. your1 hoice of 6 excIting eion, Inner-

IatohinncaExclusive Disrilnaor ,"
1,0 .d. .....selestoo. CANAL AGENCIES,. S. ma.u. ., --e--sdeS-,
whether3s0am4oCatedral"blaza (aroiund tin. SEE the wide- rouge Of colors, blonds."" ad, poln,

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An Tnfveraal Dinnerware is .guar- -all Must FE,
astied against checking or glaze 20 PC. SET
cracktoing (cmnbonly known as 'le thi .
crating) or an. damage to the -Ml as h d eI
glaae orf dautive treatment re- a red c of
heat or 40 PC. SET 15.00 ltdoesrinotInclu e40P...S ....
W*re 'expo- e open flame ori?.is m...kmu n
.any dit. source of heat. we ine. I S9
itreal Blperware may safely OPEN K raioli is made wiA MM e e- Win In Our
b6. raf .dre ., ol yf -,ma ckofmm ,*esr:Rttan Jeac
*Is^^ro&0R to i heated oven ON.AL%, flyof -5 sdwci o ther
oral pCS30 CHOOSEl lig m Free Weekly Raffle! HOME OF VERTIWeekly

am.r. S ere than three yarsof
I swaed fln.WBres wtter--a teat FROM Inh flU. C .MV

ain lC II.'ow ad o i-' WK .f;
i,4_ ,. ,-->. .S .- -^ ... +,.. "* OPEN ALL DAY SATURDAY FOR YOUR CONVENIENT

.1 -4

i ::.. .:. +.- .: -,,".-., "..:.. '.. .. ."- ,. .- .- ,, ".' '" "" -= .'i A





PANA~Mua namarIaN



and I have found the cutest
here (Del Mar, Calif.) and:
a location on the ocean
across the street from the
gar track. Quite a parley, eh?
sort of vacatiolog, although
u'euilday Lucy Show" is work-
for us, judntg? from the
W we're Mtti. "Th is The
time we've been on CBS all
a er. Sam Levents Lulile Ball
e're havi a wonderful time
of ks c sand weed the way. Sa up for days. And
or i -- at' healthy! And we waKed rough Mexco. Had
ang swimming with the a woderful Ume. We were there
r they's just brown as an weeb. ew I could afford
a and love-the water. We tgo fio t i l.but I haven't
atl e Xr" and iManax got me Utie. f I have
a week.. We go back to dev-aI
il in time to start work He has only himrsel to lame.
Sept. 8. Des' and the chil- Ever sMe as C shot out oat nowlera
sne best carsy Ba. -, or,rather, out .o thet Spanish
jancese j( acy Saln. class a few years bacei with
Sfor his delightful monologs about chil-
TV''s aew pqjaped show for aren and parents, he a hen inde.
W6d, T"he UPY Sales mand. If it isn't one thing, it's
-ms p elt"o thetoy piach hittin for Herb ba'in"
o. eon Two For the Money" this sum-
are mer, That's over CBr, radio and
lik the Worm r avail- TV, and he's doing fine, thank
y-f e y ters.e Yo ter you. "

is. aI like the show," he says." It
*sives me a chance to do a little
the wo-ld except, perhaps. Imonolog. Only 2\u minutes, but,
st Bechuanaland knows most snows don't even give you
Sam Levenase used to teach that much. I'd prefer eight min-
sh in a Brooklyn high school lutes, of course, Dut nowadays the
less well known is the fact onolog on TV is virtually dead.
Sam sometimes wishes he Only Sariner and myself still use
did. it. Gobel and Glosses both quit."
4 .


L. DAVIS ("Our Miss
M" CBS TV): In no times
,' he will be at your feet.I
Arden: I want a husband.
i Ardest I wsat a husband,
* e, wt UO. 4t

Sam's had several offers for
qui, shows In the fall, after
Shriner retam. He'll probably
take one, "but eves if It doesn't
work out, I can still make a de.
cent livi doing personal ap*

While he jokes about most
got .t 6al of atisfac, M thin Sam is deadly serious about
a ";' ds"jsa uvenl u delinquency, especially
utof working withkids "ays a t p o
tda witha bout the a ,h e l
..... w 'pemrsot *at fault in most cases. And be has
S am y wish I as backone tip for Ill parents somebody
g more freedom then should be home when the kids rei
. Imy, but.more time. My turn from school. He says that one
~ad I love. Mexico. When item would do a lot toward con-
teaching, we couldn't afford trolling delinquency.
SbtweLwent -.,-,Co.c Jll CBS. Radio plugs its five hour
e wdnt" htrlal.C, .ae sunday afternoon musical pro-.
Is '_ __ ._ _Ila n 'a try at combatting
S -- .. ." ,- aaio'S week end "MNii-
.., "-5 .. ..-' ,' -..w i*ih 4hs asloan "Whak *

1...4 44~44 ~n..t~N4f4
- ~ wi's: #Afl'!

.4. 4.
* 4 P..'

, ,_ :" -. 40- '
., *' -

fliU53 raN


/ .. .. '.:. .. ;. _
* ** -"* .. -.. -t'
,,- -, -- d. l. -.


44 4'


LL2 Oct



4mT~W. } Wt


Hollywood's sef-styled "moat "elxued"' actor says he's
happy to be portraying an Indian In his new movie. He be-
lieves that Indians are the only Americans who have made
an art out of relaxation. ,
"A lot of the red men word klJe4 in battles," says Victor
Mature. "but I never heard of one of them worrying him-
self to death."
Mature plays the title role in Universal-International's
Technicolor "C EF CRAZY HORSE," filmed in Cinema-
Scoe -opening ext Wednesday at the LUX Theatre. Susan
aff.0t.picwure, and John Lund are co-starred with Ma-
film directed by George Sherman. Advt.

*Wh6T A*HS NtO

am IMo Im M

I-S" AN K\.O[
\__y OWLt f


*U*RILL -' ,~.- 4.-

W-Swi Lame may record it
; and -M the CBS- Radle gi~oilfra
tRMe C-i) vm it'. on I Faltering Philip!
the at, Wbat a wonderful way to
*get a-ait.' hlFip's Sa Ite (bWed with brolen.
Di 8 QUICKIE: Robert Q. ewer Stesm ad rus be es.
r wistopwele Id-i ila bem ike ew.. -
e. two do"an.s ?. 1 L lOmedt mt the right elsel
"Ikrry," Bob saM, abut '111
gli m yu e dollar. Is Slat OK?"
'I don't know," said. the man,
S"Ti .have to ask my partner.'


A eSeicament



Very Inteestin



P0I;CI rA'


He's Busy

The Open Secret

Her's Reward

4 .~ 4 4
5, '651 ESAVUREP

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- 9



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*I *

S '> -'_..* .*I

- -
- .'-, .'* .
*~ ~ ~ ...2 .......~ -*'* '

I -

r --

- .- -

ft .




.. 4



Lk Atmt

v-~.,I. V.


.-.",". T A T a .- .'- -.,
, '%z1 ... -, .. _* ...* ..*., -
t.+!'+,+++++ ,.~ +.- ,..i... .

-" ~ ~ -t TF- 7 -" *
P T -3 z. ...,- :<

. "-" '- .: .. ..*, .," .. -
FrtAl!.17 .1^ .(fi~e l~~l*A!~

I -

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.J.*7 f-~ ~l. -~
'- -~~*~1~k
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-' LW -. .u ... II .


4 .4-

ea Vaua I will
Nt of the- Stu-
ti .Wte Compar-
gmpas costumed
t'e clTfil.l td-


.. .,RANDT'Y E
Holl ee 350th amnsveuaky of
.E. ,.' b t" ., .4
S ~t Dutch paint -
I Im w t iton with a painting called
S60m ,an-\"Balasm's ASS,'L viAcu is n;wi
oe f On on tth t reMars of the
I biM i t Cognac-Jaiy Museum In Paris.,
a* i Mn, wVo, His most nmous picture, "The
1lvd I .q y. Ai Night Watch" (6pemtuently ex-
"Rebranmt tii at hibited in the tijkamuseum at,
omdatl0lm &B'ned y WAmsterdam), wu painted In
Snauneroum t. Dut h .el cJ. 1940. Rembrandt was an extre-.
na, and two IUn4que ehlbilttlCs mely versatile artist, his naint-i
are belia rgni works of lgup included both Biblical and
SItembrndb 'l.-f etherlands secular subjects, Individual por-j
p will be on veiw Is Amsterdam, traits and. groups, and also land-
Iwhile wprks tr other coun- escapes and still 1Ue. However,
ries wil ble-dled: In Atot- the chief feature' in the, work
terflam. It is aso. -expted that of this master of light and
the whole. Duie nation will shadow was always the Thuman
contribute towards .aJ- national figure.
Rembrandt Moaument, to be RIembrandt Is monsldered to
erected in Leyden. .' .. be one of the greatest artists
. It Is estimated that ,eDutch who the world has ever known.
Master produced a tot of 700 And yet, after the death of his
paintings, 'tla.techla d 2,000 first wife Baskil van Uylen-
, drawing .Thlft 0.1 'h pa."st- burg In 1642. he lived In very
[ging. are to be senAtn publicc reduced circumstances. He died
art galerisalla the Nithernds, on October 4, 1609, and was
and many other sampless of his burled In the Westerkerk in
W work are to be seen .In the Amsterdam.
,p museutiu and art galleries of The KL.M.-ConvaIr "Rem-
d London, New York, Paris, Ber- brandt," one of the aircraft fly-!
, in, Kassel and Leningral ing on the Etropean services of
' Rembrandt.,the son of a well- the Dutch national airline, is to
L to-do miller, was born In Leyden be specially painted on the-oc-
on July 15, *1 00. A early as caslon of this important an-'
p 1626 he attracted widespread niversary next year; (Mercurlo).

elam UwM.r the- DItIdUw
o;f *mana..1 .for students

Novey. Mr. Carls et1 amnd Mr.
Jorge Ramon Paredes.
Caradval Daae.t
Tanft At USO-JWB
.or o..event ob,ye this Dun-
day -t 7:30 pa.,, Carnval aDlee
s~ta.fion 'wil _be. enjoyed 'tlh
O-WB Ared Forcs SerWe
Ceflter. This upogtrail as bm e :m

*wlUl be W.-QK fA oie dap.
s af the cthe TanrF
to. the Curba aOnd" the Punto.
Those who have t h e national
dress of the pollera., the montu-
no or the montuno are asked to
wear them.
A cordial Invitation is extended
to military perseennel and their
families, and,-tf public, both of
the Cnali Zone .and the Republic
of Panama attend.
(Catinesd on trage 9))






137 Centri LAvenue (18.45)

, Th Saes" tonti"es At The American Bazaar

The Town's Best Buys!



. frpm $1.65
I 1 U- k>-,l a _A

.~ -.4

hixni are usadrwiyiforts Pro-
grpam ofSah d,.n to' b
premtsAl at thi ill u.
Pet _!aaN*.- ",

* ..

$37.50 ..................

50.00 ....

S... a 0

$24.95 $ 50

29.95 $57.50


S.IM. Hi Dresser offers you
u- <.. u-U COLD WAVES.
ke'- coor or yprs .your tir d
'aW0". e, a. ttae. nd lasting 'of.-wvm' o

cst ra s Orae .g.
hcU.SIe VaM giEe.

0:4, ,-
'.., "


$15.00- TW and
$15.00 TWO

for $25.00

ONe ctof 9kcad
(shop worn) at $5.00 ea,
Sorry, Alterations Extra!
.U J _i l

I IIn" SAidtt

'Jataf fifnaw~n

$2.95 TWO

for $5.50

Values up to
$ 4.95 .. .
6.95 .,.
13.50 .

SFamous brands

.S C
* C.. CS.9
I.*... 0-0 S '.50 U 0


t. .*be'd


.... $8.50

TWO for.$8.90

NOW .... $4.95

- -.

-. .

.^l^Yy SATURDAY In CLUB 4:30"

. .. kIL
.. ."., ot 4~

: :.+ 'i. T-CH ,

S NOW,.from l ea.
NOW, frei from ... 159c. e-. from ...... .5,95
...SIX for$1 .00 THREE or. U,.7__________
g- TiE o 17

froe% .~.. We.


You don't need
Just say:


4< ''


...f -_



- Railroad -.

..:.- 'v-.

Judt Arrived I

-edril Vacumun Cleaners.
ReegAilr model andself ejecting dust bag type
Service parts to fit all models.



ASK FOR "99"
Every Item on this table Q ig
- Bargains Colore! *

f o

.--II ; ----


.. ---


. n-

: : :;

*' ,


slac L&

.:~ :'Y~

at si,
'.-.,. -'


A '.. ".'

-W,4 .. .,-.

Lne, i sEve W nt A1

- ~- w5.~ ~'w
'-A. + ~ ~Xi



t- 12 WORDS


Phone Panama 2-0552




3m La Canmq ella
Cemnl Ave. 4
Nf5 I LEeter Plea

Hooueold .i
FOR SALE: 12-s ft. Servel
lenric reki frlf pis J-mk-
er; I, @ to v; b etn rir n mae-
trsses and coll spring; leaeg
porelelin top Mkihds table; 10-
el. gam water heater, venetian
bliqds, misc. household .ffct.
Phone Panamig -0740 or coll
ea Ne. 34, 46th Street list Ift-
er 5 p.m.

FOR SALI--Perelin refriler-
afr Westingheue, 25-cycle,
$40. 5286 Merrmisen St.. Ilable.
FOR SALE: VImi n blinds
and valonces, c h p. Owner
leaving. Heus 8002. Marleri.
t. Phonir -2329.
FOR SALE: laby crib, high
chLir, child's w iekI r rocking
chair 1556-D jll toldt Sl-
boe. PhoeI 2-3477.
FOR SALl:-3-jW, tiviy rooms
set*. mboid'-pbistk, sa mint
green, very reasonable; Natonm-
*I 100-A ratto reliever, s*M.
t r r d i quilpmlenlt, trlls-
formr., tCe. Pried for quick
sale. Clytem 5 148.
FOR SALi-Norge refrigerate
9-It., Mnods rpeli photo an1
larger 214 x 1/4; 120 folding
amere. Phone C.rundu 5216.
FOR SALI;-Two FAersn 1954
mId1t 'l -toe window air con-
ditionrs: 4 venetian blinds vlye-
ry 4136 Inches each. Call Pan-
m*m 3-59190


Agenci Internaii d Pu ly

F lI-' FT -

FOR SALE:-1955 Ii fewu-
d4r ivirlM dAln. Tito4101,
wer, steerigane 5i .ke, R.-.
itE. hhofor end fiWe "b
socesseries. Also 1951 lukk 4.
deer udW., groom. Le. fihn
20,000 actual miles. 0ial
awner. An outsteadiea i -
* bile. 2#S Impiro f.
FOR SALE:-192 NOWt er
Cen.vll,. 4 Vwa ll
'pre f tire, khydnle o' rnd e.
Car in perfeat l. $1000.
Can b se In at ed' Cal -
ifernis "Tl.he Stemo 'h
Tempting Shirs," N *. l e3 6en-
tral AvnS i. '. '
FOR IALE:-1954 d 4d .li
sedan, used 9 .3glt
( A**difl thea g j 4**-
*. .-A- -9 1 J^ fj"B- i* __


Motorcy ides

FOR SALE:--lEnlish motorcycle
AJS 590 c.;, sigle. new and
extra equipment. Phone 2-2993

I lSreti ha. 13
th atf July Ave. a J I.
Just AlromeUa Ave. and t ti


Canal Zone Dental Polycelle
Dr. C. E. Fabregs D.D.S.
Dr C. A. Roy D.DA.
DealEr--bridg wor-elt- brasive
General Prmclce
Tlve1 4th ( ofJly) A. Ne t |A2

Bids wil be .-irelw Ifi ef-
fice of the luiSly O Bri l. hi-
heaa N ia or 1l4 -
i, Colu p a llii lM' t
Hope, Cnarl gX1e, lrtU TlOO
e.m. Tuesday. Augut I0; 19395,
when they irUf be M _- hi
public. fr fiWeldMp .200. V It
beat st s.n o Ir o ip he*er I.
1155 trhgk March 15, IS.6.
Invitation for IM FemsK, with
fun prticulrn, may he -btain-
ad in the office of the Sapply
Director, b .l H*eight., or of

ma SALe-a 5n8 ,kline

OB ISAlI:-1-ft. rei ." ru -
OhLol w/tler, 12 p. ilke
oetoed mater. $500 or hlgh-
*4 6 iMeOrN w. Ower bm.
ltt lUM f* 187.418I
efrl 7 4;i0 u 17 t11 during

FO. R 4i.T

FOR MMNT Clseq 4arelshad
rem.,. lkONWu r -el
tien. Now elI. bum ioq 43rd
Street Ni. 3. .

WANTUie- Vsctb e op-ss.
around 29 apt. Rip.. sble
working somp. 1 hu le.
References famished. Cell gal-
boe 2-2964 after 4.
ror Pvile, Me Hse C -m-ni-m-tw-ton,- > in oo te--

eageop6 wh ry Division, M tHe"C
1953 Chevrolet .r.e" Seybold Explains Havoc And a o g di, tion. Apply Co Cen 912 6
FOR SALE: Tropical fi sh.livar Avenue, Phone 414 or
l Pr sre tcin of u e geral pum away from the overflow ln ts. Very reasonable. 43rd ARMY COUPLE. n ochlidren,
sFull Price 140,00 Avenue Tel.. 8-18s uses are permitted to oper- 17It-acre Otis reletvoir dam _*__ di___ v__ _n m Au__.__.
Down $ 485.00 t- em t i- ate on the main thoroughfares and it was being sandbagged bub 24 -15 0.r nth Ctll
where they serve the maxdoicsm in an effort to prevent Its g A.. 0.
number of residents in a to hburating "*te the heavy popu-o ur loo
TRANSPORTI SBAXTEL. S.A. as contrasted with taxicabs lated river vagey. Nearby townsi'ABBIT XAZAiD
Pam Shippoer Move which are for hire for special or were qvacuateN ot A
ft es 2-2451 2-2%1 Individual service. Toa'rential rpins washed out GRAND FORDS, N, D. --(UP)1
Se bold said tho matterrof highways e nd knoele d dowWT- r Pilot Leo Mondry wes forced to
SZont, and particularly the Train and bus service was dia- buzzed by a Jackrabbit. endry
4 l lbuse are quest a The Wetftlel dn Hoalt6ni (UP)-Favr sleepI soldiers were l b
mlent I'ilsit" close attentl heal'b Othe s *Ar ny o.tal.l t d1efT. hare

juries or damage to lives and mid-morning, and it was slthe ground were injured.
Two basic leadership curses, property.' r an t e either ur- Two of the tanks swept across
for Girl b cout leadeCn l tbe The.Canal Zone traffic re e& in would halt to- I ree tents in the first row of the
S. by the Canal Zop Girl -ations which went into effect l wou hat to- mp. Altogether there were 24.
Bout cil. The first class July 1. the Governor said, are p- m Aen sleeping in the three crushed
; =o| y Aug"." 9 from pattrnd aer systeemu sied eats.Butn 16 of them trled clearly
1 .w. to1:3 a.m., at the Port in o Uitend States wher the consitructhe of a bus shel- of th e tractor tracks when an aY -
In the t' o. a bustshe l- dthe tractor tracks when on e.j
Clayton Education Center and pu-blic utility transportation ter on the ea side of Bolivar lert camp guard, who saw the on-
C4 i will be for leaders in Districts 2 lines are permitted to use cer- Highway at Mfl Dairy: a re. coming tanks, blew his whistle.
af Old bile ad 3 on the Pacific side. fain streets and highways and que t or ad tional parking The tanks were parked on a
The course for Atlantic ade r e mited to them. The rea paces for buaseiadjacent to thi qteep hill overlooking a maneuver
"8" Holiday Coupe leaders in District 1, will open ulatione are based on public Railhbow City Commissary hasa rea of the Salisbury Plain where!
( Monday Sept. 12, from 9 a.m. to safety and welfare, been disapproved; a set of ooldkers of the Worcester Hussars
full Price $10 .00 11:30 a.m. at the Scout House in The Canal Zone Government, swings is to be made available were bedded down.*
Pawn $ 350.00 Margarita. Each course will con- hi said, realizes the public need for children in Rainbow City; Lt. Col. James Gresham. corn-
S .t.inue for a minimum of 18 hours for serylice within the residen- the handling of kindergarten wander of the Hussars. said one
The two courses are primarily tlal communities and this la tuition payments on a payroll of the tanks apparently slipped its
designed for new and prospec- prpvlided an a regularly sched- deduction plan has not been apo brakes and chocks. It started tn-
tile leaders of Brownie alnd In- uled basis bypernmits or fran- proved but the Governor skid 4ownhill. Gaining momentum. the.
termediate Girl Scout troops, al- chises to responsible operators. further study will be-1nade to run-a.way crashed into the rear of
Though experienced leaders are L. Davis, of La Boca. said see if it is possible to make suell another parked tank.
Welcome to attend, that the Civ Council there has deductions quarterly 'and the The second tank hit a third. The
S"Emphasis in these classes been making a concerted effort Governor said that rm require first tank halted but the other two
learning leadership ski an to kn tnhe street and reide- Ing all school childro to havs broke their moorings and trun
9 O i Ithe Girl Scout Progran," stated trial areas clean but are having the "whool packages'*of mate. died down the Incline toward the As a Resiult of 0
SP ie Nancy P.tersat ont SGir Sout u much difficulty in getting the rial &ad oulpmentt bIea be ae of tents. ae ia g Se
Mrs. Nancy Peterson ,wirl Scoutr ad who saw the tanks haveda- b i L lGe"
lct or. To," she continued. cooperation of all residents, suspended Te guard who saw the tanks
00 "we tryw tIo s howur s are ia r oin tThe Governor complimented I wait ananounc* a rt the riro.,a f e the hr s smile rant. "ve
Ritdan cou 9 the-council members for their loeetlnt'tbit the t of' the tnts, each with six to eight sol- I T s av
a$225.00 bef for n evenrybdRlyo-ven fdts and asked that they con. Civic Councils' lo mar. ders, blow is whistle shrilly, our fll Ued Car
Sthe leaers onf o i ton Inue their campaign. ket basket increaseJ cent l nured .out of the tents.
To sign up for one of the two "Keeping dur towns cleai.", he o rls n Jurt as a rw i of In, The tanks ctoed across the first
c6urs, new ad prospective declared"is a matter of good creas in he prices rk and liee tnts and cme to a stop 951 BUICK SUPER
leaders s ) contcttheGi cltl~enshlp and. a consistent pro-chicken. 3 n yards away.
tcQutNeighborhood Chaeimanr ram of education along tid es The totAl price. Jiowevtr. Is The tanks w er e Charioteers standard trabs.
.14. their l th eGr ourt hes should be conducted, if atll 81.01 below tieoat when which are tOi clasuifled models.
S. e l thr odetatl callthe Girl Scout necessary, to secure cooperation the market basktde- was first The war office was unable to ex-
Soffice, Balboa 1360. from all resldents." priced. plain how.. th thehe t co uM 1951 FORD TUDOR
SLEKUED RECOuDs Seybold announced at the 6 have beea braked me sInecurely
SEM E meeting that the new Parn so BARNYARD that they cod have .been jolted guaranteed. F
I9 1 Ford V 0 TOLEDO 0- (UP) Cars Service Center will be complet- -loose.
opratedb vid Sipe 2 an ed and be ready for occupancy DEP RIVER, CoP (UPI it hoened," a spokesman
Tb7'O c to b e r 1 5 .A lter loosi T
Mtd t To, Victorian Watts 73 collided here on oer tt r and a said. heurt of inquiry will 1964 MORRIS FORDC
S9 vendia ra total Am nt years of c An ong other actions taken bulina. c le S bSi&, farm. determeie how it happend." pet p t
all Price 925.00 fre drii between them uandt teams discussed at the Au- r Harold T. Smith. ft Ha G ladr a tanhs we tae f l
$31000 ust meeting were the follow. dam, was r lead rges of check bee the troop wedded
nf e y- n -.ounlhm beenrs ven tohei me.e2nI- t Ue8of' lre n parking brsues were smt.
toh i e ae drivlns out ardwn Wednesday night to make arc OLDSMOBILe
I Le GAlr NOTICE t O rd l hl d ben m given oo en h .adtee ptets rm top


ltedd States District Court Far The
Dbtriet of Th Canal Zoem
Division o
ms"p D. Maness, Plntf vs. Dol
S C e, civil Dulist Alel tamor
tei.e t- o-named nt::
fu eare heoy rm ptete b Pear mud
w the complaint led In e above
litld acton withib ninety days after
I tlht h ato b f pdbHeaUnt .
in uM of your failure to to appeor
I answer. Jud4meti ll taken .*
IMA hy dealt f tie nelSt *-
nd la th complaint,
,n the o blltlel Oulltrla P
web Judea. United Status Ditrlel
Sth DiLtrict of the Canal Zone.
? ,h 6, U ..Os D
is. .. .e -
il a "I

o ta IsM srvdp
-v m b .shliomatsm mant ta AM

C1 laI

a. ,s 0

"A :CF~5

'-be In
m, se-


APPTAHW' ft W.Any sAiMes
ci 'Pt rt r l-. tu* -,M.
timo (nimson) dhiad: Prefr-
iblVy slel between ages 2
end 40; fredeto esrdited
tll @ Witl mi .jor in rMen-
ion' or related field Unle
States ciiMn. May nbhri-teta
for cllee p to two yea of
paid experiene Il sale Mre-
reetioael or sinlaer sanilse-
ties. Cell Stuff enirce Club
Director, 87-5203, SpecI Sae-
ic, USRCARII. Fort Clayton.

At SL trbi rs
Visiting. celebrant at the 7:30
am. sung uaharist at St. Chrls-
topher'e Church Sunday will be
the Ven. ,Lemuel I, Lbhl*i
Archdeacon of Panama.
The Archdwen- i in charoG
of St. christoplet'e dinlu tilh
absence of the ar i
who is on JAteI'" ( edagu*FE
na. uL. 'am, ame-' 4I"04

" '1

ur Tremendous Angust New Car Sale,
ti of one.owner U l d Cars th l mwust
heem mompleltely w ditioned and ca

FORDOR $EOAN, Siliny black finish. Ridit
mission. Full price $50.00. '

V-8. Excellent tires. Completely reconditlietalI
II price $760.QQ., 1

OR SEDAN. A popular family car that has new ti
rnd leather upholstery. Full price $10OO00.

CLUB COUPE. The economical kix cyllnger m'odei
found condition. Full price $595W00.
.. A ..-" .. i-----7 .. ,d il ntl

with radio, wather uphilatery, Rw mileage@ an n
ew pa .
pries $$50.00.


Si .

r~~~~ ** *

ble, 0

oil Guest Bs

Wheon give.
met: Lt. sr.
From Waabi

ox., m

CHEVROLET FORDOI SEDAN. L tn and miles of good transpi
tl6n for only $49."00, ''


With falio. leather uphistdryl low mileage and new paint. I
aw I^W w f

L.OwOws Payments

W6Yii Frie.Adt








,- ...


FOR SA -ls.lI wMeIhln m-
yeer oldr fw-deewas lmle is.b-
inelj bw wIth 2 mel, 'Iatcl-
ed se- -f swIf IMb w#i bfobm
od. pied ai lelleon ll- ] ag
end sot' mmnpll w lnns0..
Available at m- W Tavemile
Street Cell BW*3 1404.
FOR SALK, ma i-
tioor, -hp.e', vMr Men. Cast
$299. sell $270. Ph ft *4-
FOR SALE: I-- xlaMt Kodlk
3; cmeir., 9.S. 1/lK./ cMe
and itra f$6l0 It intoln
513-S. Maeb-Us .2 rifle .
pMp iglhtV I -ho, .w cudi-
tieo $3S0 olbb 1514.-





iI I I J I

I _




- I I



>' *'',






* F

~___~ __ ___

i*.. ........; ..*. ,
'',. .;-. .. ""!'' ,* ". .
.. '

'. .. ."
,-' ." i w :.


,. ,.a' .;,

p :* -,

Ivan Black, 51a, a public reas
tions counsel one-regarded as
tit e theater's "No. 1 atrlmak-
erA; Tonay Kralr )0, a former
program exeodo1e on the Du-
mont and Colbia btsroadcast-
Mls system i *mwrk-; Actor
A."anfanson,6,, ,. S olkl sin-
.g. Peter 8 S 3, .,
~ ~ u zi I-)-ul~ts S- o* Islnd,~ t, heBlack said he iwas a "star-
RI j QH BI a i IND-.Jlidepts ot in 1, t In sl ra d, Hiker" as a press agent who
biWOup W hdws 'as HIurricaneaDe D ep .te i s. the am B wide publi ty" or actors and
8n wladoandig arv sp d e a woe a actresses. His pulicty m ad a
tr moves north. starts of hise cli q, he smg4.
All were ad8alant In their re-
Wuslse to suawer quutl fo
were the 18o he 17e wq 0e
called during theafirst three days
of the hearing. Only actor AT o HrRING Actres Mad-.
.... .., George Mall told of Comuanist e ne Lee talks to a newsman
TAL. "Actor Geor e all a ataivt. them t eatria b arld. S n New Y d after appearing
"3 abnomir for Ran act.y tiat 'Ae theeutoatr: h. WSorl, v Se he H us U- I me: i
itefll the house Un-Ameran lack refused to answer.qus- ban cti the House unSubcmmri-
AWN /ISv7V lAN11cthvietI Subcommittee ionclaiming Immunity under can Atievtiesu Subonnittee
.t.w rthas thee Inthe let, 5th, eth, 7th, luth and whghes invet intminmru.
by Ermkin Je rMon bcard-carryingt omme. e ath A endments to the Con- world Mi L refund to tell
q1... also named eight entertain- the group whether she was na
HO-LYWOOD (NEA) Be- one. My mother. saw to that- Be.- meant personalitie he lnew as kab oinvoked-the tand
hin se ollwod sy- sides, i's a wonderful thing. I can Communists or Commnists Kraernde nunstnrtymember.
hinc a;r H-ollywood. jpsy- si/s ., a, itn5th ca ,- -- ",, "- ,e 14th Am en dments., aOedn in-
chi rlr It's said, hive t ree anywhere in the world and notI sympatlhi erd. t vaed the n, th, ind ot I n -st
kinds of patients-men, woImen u .en -- .e, spl... .. .. gertt t d t1 to wer .
forne movie child stars. Jane's telling all about her nor- NEW YORK, Aug. 10 (UP)- esimplyo, noefd to ansX rabr was called the re-
Butdont argue with Jane With mal childhood despite stardom in Rep. Francis Walter (D-Pa.) a iatlo g arond uen lt- b eof iw ca y
rs aboqt not having a normal her forthcomin biography, at wound up his fQur-day investi- stitutonal grounds. 1 t e ttf ortf o y play
\,, ..are Im ,,,rper a d M Wrig ht aord ; Odets and Oscar.
childhood because sae was a.childpresent titled gtal Inorease. nation of communism on Broad, '1e atione I ae"er pro- winning dhCli ir Oet Kazan.
star. epp et stardom may have palt." way yesterday with a dec r- tested i little wen The i lrer blned t
been abnormal for others but note tion that the hearings hae" sue e. "C w ieby a h. call in the 1030s
Sfor e- Go saryncer ner in he .asn't seeded "I alerting people to A0,1a
for Y w be starred i -t thlew Gary oe r later t in an Cott cel ing the e no
*'-\, il" yer. i.t oe. .i in't.e e ..rk .ia dllcte., .that wasubeet on .attakg a foot.
tures RO s fhe 16. talked to Par heo the tuation that exCut M the e andmea t guarantee hold in Actrs Equity, the the
V jf% o Txa Q J iW ath ihuabethcn tlt ha t t h
S a charac- a r make of Th ifi eter. free speech the 4th protects la un.
;h .gia,.,,, J, tol ,- ,t j dd not ,ag cous&l ai" Bl ha"a abee 5e;
do U' ?raSAmeeteaa Aew the am slincrimision- c 4 he wdi'ked U r the netw. ks.
At e a9e a ao to "" t "c decr"aed: The 6th garante th e right

t news for you, dearie. Ihad ure It'remade every year by l on a by l On ted Iop trial with witnesses o-
Si ` some e aiwith siad lotI bepsedo a be arf ly ttW "eyfor the defense;
a s o .ia, t .but ttbe a d the 7th gu arantees the right to
switches under" a different litle. In Washingtoal In January. a trial by JurY; the ,h protect.
By the time the real re ak Ne a York phas e ended t e nd menul
r comes along t's s tale stuff.p" afte th brcg_-ifteha apis rh cruelty atDe unus ect i fo therm
C ,onIp r is planning two indendf the23 owne- ap- t the- olct erI
.. ,-the at- tred before a special eub a- t
"u. eat f l- -'One's a western N. e, .... e t a.n... riht unspecified rights and the 10th
Aste:n:e" fa.^ m 1M The 14th Amendment, pa sed
,- ii ,,, n,,rw 2 oly, one witness after the abolition of slavery,
S,a-iw.rative. guarantees t h a t citizenship
aniotas ase. qVw A bout coamuanism. Black claimed the suboommit-
-/e" :se con- tee violated that amendment by
Pirlp 9ranerI stll l paing Ii I ranging "giving aid and comfort to our
Am-a-ll lM ay from lsuam~aRte agalst searh enemies." He did not identify .
-111 -.m Btan's and sehsure to s amendment tihe enesides.
,habby, pad in connection with the
Dom or's awar ai fteein of Negro slaves. The witness refused to testify
gre n light freb Paramtount to Two refused to answer quu- whether he was a Communist
preview on- of his '"Anything Lions but invoked no constiatu- Paity member when a lilboard
Goes" dance numbers In his set tional amendments. maagaine poll of 600 American
at the Las Vegas Sahara later this In commenting on his com- and Canadian editors named
year. mittee's work, Walter disclosed him "Number One star-maker of
ThWWlmesHollpYwoo'as bowling that former Communlst sapy the year" InL th early 1940s.
+ ovicr Texa Q. eanna. EiUsbeth entley, who has test-
tick o TOfea to h ve tei90 a fled at many prceeings a- Frank Tavenner, committee
.back to Texas to hael t aby, glat Communists, did not ap- counsel, said Black has been
L .I C" aid Joa les I on't s t t r at the hearing. identified as a member of the LOS
Sthe little tykes, o wa reviewing the committee's Patrick Henry Cell of tie Com-
soi .," rn wrk Walter said: "I feel-he munist Party in New York In SAN
I" "_hearings have been successful in the O1940s. Black refused to con-IA I
Not in the s-r: tichard E. .alertin l le to the situation firm or deny this. CHICA
i L l 3 nlxi''ng- -fanmigazineret, e,- that ei in the theater."
Sfor brnme tlayo. wih his i, Rep. Edwin E. Willis (D-LL) Kraber said he formerly was
ram -up with o new reams. -1r a committee member, added thiLt program a"reetor of the Du /"
-saying o: "I'd look panpcjard .' h6 believed "we would have been television network and was -.-
SyI or...... succesul.-f' -if pressure rector of special events for theDETR
This Is Hollywood Mrs. Jones:i L
Corael Wilde elips-oaf ~re of JaneA ,L
R Has e brings with a whip in
ci"' .. TeRt'hairnttl" The "CENTRAL" Theatre continue I ou
oba-,-* "U1 o o11h ,,4 .a* oER K DENV
Jac4k BUtiel' ears-plece by places w ,0Wing

-'-" iil ri "THE SHRIKE"
i -I. -. ..o. A.. A ar., V
*&;Nobgh l DWou Um -,al .Audlee Awad A PICTUREiTHAT HAS EXCITED EVERY ONE I
A it dtwer n he e ranv -

of f, ,, t_ n'ne t .e' iF Y' "
W iid VSl.ult is iJ t w ,hat by on Aetress" caw .
gi, Marilyn ':rm '". Lefal
h~-~-...'.. ~i,.. "i uereos No Businessii
11 '1 i 'raM ielly, wh.o *0 a c.irI.
111 -A '.' R.moka for "Country ir .u _y up
fl secret Omdridj, ( Crnh 54. I
U"i4 Dorb _ay (Young at eBt).
T" nation's theater
". i. 4 castg I- s ballt I rau I il the- -

'th e s es11Itesisting

Lo VE7 CS"

bI A'i C(rush

IsI Asbabaad le Isaoow wei
hurt in a ear terzk-ledt ebway
but the fact. were ke$t scret for
a wek, It was learned today.
eyarW 40, rstilUbJCapitalized
with a .u40 So b Lady
liza Ja who suffered
head lajure. ate'a wife I.
rish, who was driving, and Lady
Jamesoona husband, Rtear Admi-
ral Sir William Jameson, were un-
Their car collided with one drive.
en by a farmer, Will Dove, whose
knees were cut up.
Hayter, Am4anador to Moscow
for the past two years, returned
to London in June to' brief prime
miniate Sir Anthony Eden before
the Geneva "mmlt" conference.
Dearborn official generally are
quite upset when children scr lble
on freshly pored' onerete side.
walks. But they didn't get angry
when one child was caught In the
act. The child had scrawled. "I
love you, afomimy."


One Way Round Trip
ANGELES ........................ $165.00 $306.00
FRANCISCO ...................... 171.50 333.00
,GO ............... .. .......... 144.30 20 .00
NA ........................... 154.80 287.64
OIT ............................ 149.00 269.00
AS ................ ....... ... 134.00 245.00
ITON ............................ 130.00 247:00
ER ............................. 170.60 316.20

io MEXICO with immediate connections

to ti patlit. in the U S.A. and Canada.



j.o PAN -MEXKO $ 90.00

550S.NF4; :~~



Fo r y fi ly'. promecdo. feall O KLIM."
podMcd eiMicled cow' sdt u dsr the mnot
ia d.misutife Eemtrols, end upeafyr-pedied so
a yeoeduwawofpumsesfeMlhA L

3. KLIM qoebe is slweys sNINuN"
4. KLIM,,iesumstfteer gheM e I
S. KLIM" edorida m eeehewd i a
6. KLIM Is ebmmmed w fee weeewe"de i "w
7. KLIM i.s s mee .ipe.eIgpes w.4b ..
. KU4M preeeed Under AWON t eeLe'

;" m Mu. wWo*" .

1W 1
ure piw4

V-46s RM4.L

If you want Bourbon at its best call for.

"GREEN RIVER, America s smoothest



Sold at
* i-'i 1.,t\ ra

'OW! r-- M




I deglW 'ai 1 1a
* qq e 0r *00
on asIftsV
* memo trans
".-Gwqk: -1:4

,,.i u .

o and
Httal prob-
pow at the
Ig... vividly


14 j

, IWV o AV.



and 2-47:

^*-*A -*

A- .


: .

~' :








_ I- i I I- I -I- j R .

_ I

CI_ ___ ~___ _



"~r": :::::,1~

- I



- & o: -
Al; :



d. J




* ~~K* ~4~if~
4J 7~;*.:44*.~. ..4.444

-' -*~4-~4,' 44 ~
4.47 .~ -

', I
* t."~%".~e *~441~
* **- ~w.W*~ 4~- ~

-~ ~
4t4u,4 4,

* 4

IJ~ -.

* ~- ~
',-. .4-".
44 *~4~

"FROM SfLV' TO SILENCE-Things moI & thisuin onths in quaint old
Alamos, Sonora, now almost a ghost' tdwn, but once Mexict*s weaqthiet ailver eity.

9. '". .,4.


~ -~ 4~4

NDb?-Not quite; but this Sioux chief is enjoying a white
sure moment at Ghllup, N. M.,. inter-tribal ceremonies.

~i(,4 444/*


___ 9'

4 4)4

SMrs. Streak waves to s6Ont fiends she spots going shopping in downtown Cicero.

N '', ,._ ..,...;.F 7' *

UPHOLSTERY DRESS-Cathy Gray dshow.a-novel use for-a
water-resistant upholstery material by turning it into a
dress. B. F. Goodrich says that the new air-porous goods
have 50,000 cells to the square inch. This air conditions
the material and helps to provide more seating comfort.

SPAGHETTI BRAlS--Agastlna DiMitlhel. an
one better as she1ecks herself out with.attw

V s4tarle~t,

A _,-e toupee set

;.,. -p
4, .4' ~4

. 4 '
-."** ..,- ;

.4 ~ 4'~

.4 ...

Whetwr MN46

L. -ha



Slkmmi ekts c he cnm,'-Ii Is 1( seft saw* .

m d n to Mrm LoairaineStraWwben

^ ey fr a motorist to talk her out of Nsifln
.4 4lpl a 1an ~ r,.. l nK J tre. two
^^B^^^IBBHB^hand^ Ado1^-^^ -*--^ w* ^^^^^^^"^ ~w^y^

y .-=: Wl WIND-
*-*' i fr f or


.I o
S ^ ..,:

ure trying_ ..* ;s
tricly witia-. -I,
md the iJe "
.U tall .tow' e- '
.4. *** 44*W^l^W'"";'l~"y
4. : .. '. 4 4
-. .. ".-'. ; _
"' .,- .-"je. '. .. "' / .-.' .- ,








^flM^'~~~ p^


' :. ,.- -' ,' -


r:~7~irWrI~TW T:'~Zf(j~Y~U4
4. 4~1 4
- -q- -. t~. n~ .sr .4,.rr vt t*.** -1k- .-.A%
,~.' SM

,- .at asy.M..

Sthe ce il B .t t po

ao a V us; :. .." .. wa a i t, o- rtsi.A

CloM ame w d4 ro a k e eht t ro am e C r

T& Mblwyi flnd a new chaeologieal Ipolit of t toa a
1W. _.r-v t oes.t.M

,-y th-- .- -h e chnrins b oth b o w L a i bt "

sw MIX Q 4a1d oBy e r iS e withm V A hours a cohr
ni'e a s .s.... eve7 oAt.. C >o atam lauua .
0. 0 .. 'i r 0t _Doto 'l .Coly ,. an rhbe m milod byl

IA"-- A k au ao" f tou.t ..^ slel a .ft tMepollce'i Ve ,
L r w- h-n- -& W e p't H l heore. e

ra .1t1, md A .ft 1 Vh o HSMhritall until L| -unre

hro 0e. .... CM t lu`rold aurW`o. ,g r .;--old-MC.ol"b A"-rtk E b ibw t
.s a 0 NP-n fJ# dCteW5(b *nA etw a rvo' t lfobut ,),
e aie s d w I r sd at t atm ompartrneuttutl ie w tthe Servic canal Cen cu

l-e.oa h h, Ioae no-tha tt bt4.ot-- the

M som-e.. .,moo.,buntain? A r rear,.eck to the t-- Serv tehel Cost 1sdw ,e ra o
at Om ..u ..out erN Asi ,S N ,. with the Canal o tne ot L n
-fuba ew T oI edmets, hn if so,*flt are the pew'valvin g t h. The exltblo, f
l-ke? Whea tty m e t k wtirdclerapat, o t ..J. !u; r t
a Ytnurses a ul hDr e medium In which Colby is e-
uaye befls i1flbA~t pflC different Afropni o ts 0 a uat
loeikht there fbW1 umm if%&[nd wad
you 4 .find a newrLaeokogipr. of a6d Ke-W W

"S.a et, had moh a aly by Ifh. -.isntr '" "- ... m .xTwo Mn.
Ak'_F and. q' .e.fCo& p$? ,sa.

saslt.AB.L 4a HI

rtrftqn 4.ft "4~

a -so!

:. 5preemit eto e :. umual
and worthwhile evening.
Members my 'briOg 'ueSt. It
Is suggested that they it-ted
to beome mbeI .d tshe Sud

Unity Lod"ae No. 1to



~t' s/I


*.' i :

SItrn by: "
Youth Chlr. .. Dr. John Wood, Soloist
Girls Trio ... .M I. e IMiloku, Livingston,' Mrs., Hearn
SUNDAY 7:30 P.M.


S your
*o sle w Ufe" .o your dothe


n*f'.. .-
a,-.9.. ..
S.* 1 j.. .. -

i~0' (my &


&.....i. Anus whs,,
i raTqeay. Felrow news-
* Uma fnieral.

. .". V J**
ILAf 0000i?

W48 a hst- ruan- n nle t ltlv-
gas itBea= and, apar@Wly. q
boat trauer. Hugeo tnen le ft
eaphne pulled u.p Z the n e h
lum.rbIt Unir-n'd i-nhde
.unched in the sid. lice said;
rngr e, in a temeooen
IaUa 9 boa t tra l long

tha beach sid I the plaa. -

it your throat Ii ra atd ae
feum ~souglia don't delay .. get
ucgwe a Can ol Xtu might
=M e1 it ypurelt peu Cl
n peia medaoton...hdit
drep ownl m the b minute .h tub.
imo&- ,wale 'witU t 010ad
down y.or thisoat... brUeaking up,
trM thhit -Sioking, g, rdadin

bottle t .. i othingr a proteUt-ve
bmw *rylf ingwelcome Mueuft
deep dowa. 'o the bronchial tuba.
Ak-h r.Wu'il My, a million

tasting, ane i nBucleu i
bittdlol r lxtaeft a
to~atimr. Lm Bcke

"r ,

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* *~ ~9-L


"4 ..j .,. .414


f .a

. -, .,^ .
" t .

.. .Dn .:. .,-


..* C -.."

-I, .I ... J .. .
*fl **-*Iy

* 7 '-
'1 '

MedWm, 9 It iseamy to put your be y e It H
feeding, cheese alk of tih higIest puelky,
goth. Pr.pwe ,ppeciallylrNe A6le's, L t
provide. a Kscientific. Walttd OWt a d' now he lf th'
amitional advmtaep of being eAnrid *h vistem nd
eas n id -o growth, t hpdevl rren hone uml o
sound eeth, ~n im tnI o gooi -*4 nd aQ! .9 ,

S' ,NW I

1i' *, .' '


I .

.- .w .. .I. ,w. '. SB lt WigR

a. i
NtoPnrnStop? NAMA-Y
., *... .
., ..


ROUND TRit :990
.' i .
1 o ,,- .
*'9.- *

* 4 I

-" + *

, I I

' ,
>> r '. l,|
, A- ']

: "k '
S 4 ;
* v

". 9 ,-, "

S ...-


S* P

-UWI 'WWNAw Sih~~iAne

Beginning with the next fight

Tomorrow, turday, Augut


Leaving Panam ...........:. 0: pan
A "iv .@' "s @ '.. .'
AFti iyu tgar ......m...... .'ea !1FS iWP .U9


Lievins Mamd..

Arrivis Panaonm .

:q .e -b.... .. .'

*. .* I '
"- I .. '
'. ,* .I' D ..
*. *. .! _. ; -. ; .. .. #.
' ." i_


I .6 12I.& i a..




No. s15 #a' Av. -


R .;., ,

I- '
.- '*
+ ",,?^
t^ .., *'-,,^<:

U. 1.:

Ir;.'^ ;

U : ^.'T ''

4 J,1J

1 A :."
'e "

. .. *... ... .. '.
* 3. 4.jtt.


a- -


$ 55co

- rV


'. ,'

- 1 __

c ,. .



t .**

I -

S. !



d ji


'*r,.r ..-i)::


*- --' *~~*r11
, .. .* .- ,
.... -' ll -. 'A.-'t*

r e.a
L 1

Barlvon, Money Maker, CZ Boys Make Cna ne T L

Don Cuto In $600 Run Good Showing! Jay irniInOpkf

Six imported Class D thoroughbreds will match At Hershey
strides tomorrow afternoon at the Juan Franco race a Fr.
track in the featured $600 one-mile gallop.
arlyon. which will be ridden the suspended Jose "Paco" Bra.- Fortl. oayon' J uk WLCO aIu r- S
bustling Virgilio Castillo, vo. Kosco (Eduardo Pita) and Playing b6fot a stateside ..* t. "ie.un eWd J, W.' ddha;Wa 1SCmir pe .
looms as t.e prospective mutuels Empire Magic (Amador Valdivia) crowd against Statesideteam. Fit Rae, "i I m. PRee. ". $"I.0I-P_. tp ,very muct hali.. oday and .ow- .Yl.lte'
favorite. However, strong finish- round out e field. the Canal Tee ne ore snw FIT ACIIf T. iOUBLE .B' ,' a
ing Don Culo, mud-loving Pompi- Empire Magic scored a surpris- than held.t1: I-wn at hey ag -
io and highly-rated newcomer Ing win over Febrero II Sunday and were ilkof e twn 1-Newbrighton H. Ru1 104 -Da n 52 a .
Money Maker are sure to be hea- and could be dangerous again. after their 14-0 victory over last 2-Tempeatad A. VraNm4 --rnm %- F c ,lt
vily backed in the betting also. It the strip turns up muddy. years runners-up abhh,-Alabard SV -3 4t -S 3 M.4W, con test o
Last Saturday. Chispeante Pompilio's chances wil increase I.,in their a contest. 4-Copdora 4. x b ort de aes to S
sprinted to a pst-to-post victory greatly. Don Cuto figures to be Theboysad d -any. --. Wonder J. 1 s i nhm. .a

rush to wind up two lengthsb* for recently imported horses who hold thet owna any fpeti- dipped two rtrokea .
hind Barlyon. Another tyo elen h o t We wo Oe tlon 2d ** "Selel" m.- Pee $ e P Cleawhn fyhS 0 nrawllolaCOlUTh- i hasolecould add u Saoa
back was Pompillo. Money of the scheduled starters the Jumptingn a alt the New nCOND RACEOF THIDOUi ul c ours to sow
er, second choice in the mutuelsmuch ballyhooed Rio Negro. This Jersey team. the were CtWN dS Oe of M-7E--I* Red q. p,
turned in a disappointing perform se reportedly -did not make his thrown completely of balance I-Reflector G. anches114 -Hard to beat h u eve The hol three s-
v r s ere aural wCS.nyo aa~gerous n 41n~y lcer local sooner an, wl. e- .. .v.
nce. local debuwit sooner because of an and were set down without a hit. -Caseador V. Catll 1em l --ates ue hw 1 at rok ir st day leader "ris le oi ba'e te
ailment. Despite this, the majori- This team looks like the team to 3-Copar L. ut l10 -Hasn't hw anytl 1M0-1 m of,1lUe, k eutral o Al
Hector RDuo willV. g unab? idalt ty of the track's "experts" pick beat for the championship and 4--Dofia Beatriz L. Giado 110 -Has glod.ary speed -1 with twt more rndsto go k a basgys.
board DoaCuto. Fortunate him to w. If Reie, the Jersey pitcher, is In --r .nn "i._alo 108 -No. .e.Bywer l te 1ihe media pl tor-rAt the end of the rnbo is
go Jr. replaced Alfredo V "~- Nine other interesting races are any kind Of shape, it looks like 8-Amin Didl R. mpB 112 -Must improve more 154 ney. r strto Rico for the a- ^
2on Money ..anLi.o L ,tead ouinuded on the program. Che will be the one to get the 7-Fellae J. 0dngors 111 -Could score In apset -1 Carmlchael, who-stroked a bril- mmand playoffs wiSI
do will guide Pompiloo instead 0 "Most Valuable Player award. _______ plant even-under par round hCamp _chame po.lble LT nmn n ine
S .N r lB The boys ae allenjoying the 'Wednsday, lmped to a 74 to- C"*uA _e na.i n be
GU, N LU town of Hershey and the young- Ird R "N.n.WiAmen"-4% F. Pu. $250.00 Peel Clmem 1:4 day for a 139 total. u r. e wl b .
ST E er boys on the team are ll hop- -TOack Rule of Wterloo, Iowa t, a 1o0. i2--0 p. Akbud_
VODKA MARTINI -- year. -Don, el A. Mena 112S-Mels debut her 2-1 while medalist Dick. te,. Ban- I. ed_ in_,4,by a.SU g -3d qolt.
Today we play the Ohio team 2-En eldas 0. Prescott 1g -Last was revag t Anna, c ., Ii tdy aer floor am
The Balboa Gun Club will hold for a place in the finals, of the 3-Dofga Brbara V. Brown J06x-Rates good change 3-1 Valdoa. .a, d Deane d Oemano t potent a it h orenig *-d
a pistol match at the F a r fa n consolation round and, with any 4-Taboga F. I00I W -Good early a 4.1 Bethea, a all shared fourth 10in a _-Iping off to an 8-0 *'- Negro -e
Rance (located near the Farfan breaks, should emerge the vic- "I.-Malpea =H. u 00 -Dangerous &tie 31 at 14L8. l i.u ead Xzd Iretching the advan- 7-Ore.l
Beach) Sunday 21 Aug 1955. Fir- tors. In the ae'cond ame this 6-Don o A. Valvia 109 -Refused In last 5-1 Defend C Allen 4s to .aXf points twig during --Regis 'B
ing will begin at 0900. Food and afternoon, Chlca o Het Ill. ______ Gberger. C rit the qupter.
drtmk wi be available through- lays Winnsboro, La. The 1noi aI edL. a the ad rocked back ad
out he o da yareasonabla epes. ram .defeated Elin, Ill., last ee 6" Ntve 4 s e 5 Pie CII 2:20 71. bt US lor th 'i the ondpriod, and
The match is open to al Gu n .year's champ, and looks like the 4 *UINIP-p.Poe..1 1.wC at-- DUnn ., .grbeu *dge
Club members in the Isthmus A" winner in t upper bracket of Ue Okln blewto m 8IlforatoDu n-r o nd A g i.
rea, members of the Police, and the consolation round. 1b-Cone krll A. Valdivia 112 -Not ait 10-1 of 154., vlerde
LaIll members of thee Arml Forc- anc 113 -Dia ta 1. II headed by -,forwd LaVen Je-
es of the United States. The Na D6R NOTE: Micke he 110 -Fa.S-"at Dag 1- edgecards e *wd four go .at gurds Connies Coleman PANAA W G
,.- I..D. .0.tional Rifle Association Rules will n muiaer f fart 010-Ftegi'
t e Ashooterstohe p"".s" a.d so-l Klernsam, manager of the CZ -Mrtlu J. aVones 114 soei't-.ld I 1 birdie-a .tw-bo Me bip- and rri powers n the t back A'SO
be dth e rpo team, wrote this story before e-Buubao A. s qes 110 liould this e 3-2 died tw,.tbre, end. r. but court,_beld the tInfantryn to
ing the oote and for break dnesday afternoon's games --1 Paha '. idalgo 118 -Outsider with chance 5-1 three-putted No.8 o the froit on uo L .n2 hi. Matches for atudr.j aWOA
I.--of ties' were played. The CZ. lads sad 7-Mlmi H. Ruls 113 -Hard to beat bere -11 n. fe 84. On the boa lne I" PMeP rom the f.fie. lThet tounaenst St Blnt re- ,
cI No. 1 Chieao Helht wenre vjiet- 8-iConpentida V. Rodglues 110x-Must improv more 10-1 he knocked one out of bounds il mrace Mtheoffen It Ias -e .
Matc b No. os and will meet today for thie -Kentucky E. Pita G. lOOx -Not O enough 1-1 n No. 12, bat recovered stroke the lowestt totw l ofthe ason for R. he, M. A Pe
Conditions: 20 shots slow fire consolation title. bys ainklig a l5-ootpatt. KobJ. wbich averaged 0 point. antl
So5Yard0 any centenfire revolv- _P-toa.
50 Yor ola or larger. thel -- Rase "'" Natives 6y Pgh. Pt $350.00 Pel Clm 2:55 The course played much hard. tros in the w a rin .role r Cpi d .Rhe .
M1 No -.Fr Fru E. Gastell 102 -Usually moes late 5.1 er today with the pinks tucke4th. uhoutgs plvotaa. Lar- h.
onditIons:. 0 .shotste. t- fireK m-3 -Jashalin F. Hida ge 120 -Hard to catch here 2.1 away behind traps or near dan- o eo o he
aI oI an y.cen: f..rev I3 -Metto A. Creldlio 10lIx -Dangerous this time 3-I gerous break on the greens. tr w I four foul He g ,
25 yIrln or pitl 25 Cal. r lar r f-dondita A. VAsques 116 -Form indicates even lne players broke par and
or pistol 25 Calorlargereven called regulation yeter. most crucial ones and held ob-
SROLANDO BUCHANAN, Match o. 2 Hurls P nln i broke the 3-36 lbe', Howl M D
1953 Best Bartender will Conditions: 20 shots rapid fire,. 1th o "peelel" Imp. PpP. Pune p 5$00.00 Poel Cm SllS 'th andarhtoday t ll i t w .re
mix you the best mar. r5ds, any c enter revolver 1 I I FIRT. LRACE OF THE DOUBLE three players tied for fit" pio thr ~l ,.
tin ver--.VpDA -RioNegro L Orplaldo 115 -Reportedly topnI.Lther even -Dick Cmody, Long Beach,
..i a I Match No. 4 |'I2-Fuerte- J. Odangor 11l -Apparently pr, ra mud 3-11 Calif Jamimy Bratten, an Ano.t o
IMPERIAL MARTIN I The aggregate of the scores -- 3-Mon Beam A. VAiques 113 -Rounding -it sp 3-11 nlo,1, ., and moeOnd streets, o Jn
th ROOIEVELT BARfl fd in matches 13. K.A ... 4-..- .. -I guat M. Hurley 112 -Has strong fltinh TOneka, Kmi-au with 1i'I. _. 11
Y R -- Y-ORK, Aug.9-(UP) -Topocalma A. Creldidlo 10x-Hasa't-sbown much 10-1 ehe de. a .
.t. nt_ .* a Mst p 'rigi =I I IAr_, S Ite. erhOF. Hidalgo 1123-No.-1 so tenadr a 3 -L 111-I
by the shooter ; o to the m atch inI 0a -Po .e Mlu.1 l ___have1 b3L'sho" ebt i
her 'Iscopesi or coach ing willey LA, raded sparkle 5. mtobanla- 101o motr-deyinm i er pr
be permitted to assist the coompe- ready glittering; international 7th Rons"6" Imp.-7.PuPo.@$490.00 i.lo 1 P w sh1r Moreay
Sttor in this match. tAny22 League record today with his SECOND RAC eOP THE DOUBLI a TH U
oentorther -Oof any Ca revolver firstno-lht no-rungaRm. ent riedwa
-. u _-r. pistol may be used. l hman a fastaller who. "-C. Prince F. Hidalg o 10 cloe p entnw permitted to RELEA N T WN
vK~TIifjc[Ae q~etlha'e prze willy be gv a en ph for. athae iry 2-Saythis, E. Gatel 10 -Nothng In mes p0-1 y in the "A9 tourney regard-o LAE ET WEDNESDAY ATT CEN L
High Gun, High shaeshoot-ol the past rdseaeoK.eres 115 -Fr. indicates clearly even e sof their qualifying totlsTHEA E HAS STELL
AL-- en and High Marksman in Match- reached the height of his Oa-R.u mble4J e Phillips 1053--nhot3 posbl3ty-1
wener i, e p2,and 3.In Matc.h eNo.. 4 rer In hColumbusmTbur s T-Okila.dit. G.l108x-a-ould b. ruaeoff4.1
AW I, I..eprizeswillr beggh ightbyo l usaT.hlbttrsdam:1H i -W llearly sup 1RP. Table Tennis
Pa nMdid a and3r, .rhL" a e n-0nbh, n ier tha e- ra n. D ae"ues 112 clroe pp
._lJt, ,l.,,Al*T er, high marksman. Entrance fee enabled the Royals to keep b h _II o u
\f U rll5 lll* ifor Matches 1.2 ,,3, and4 a will be wirth in a half g me, of the .m n
.$1.t00 per matd o p ace-setting Toronto Maple 5ItR Ic e "P" Name Gis %Pes.Poue $275.00 Pel Cula m 4:40Cm ms on C
SThe entrance fee for Match No. Lo a. ,WQUIh41OLA.
Anyone wishing tofire but not the year against nine losses onquistador 0. rehscott 10M -Doesn'tl seem 2k 43-1e JlC
R nDto compete for the priZe may fire made him the top winning pitch- -Neff Phillips 11$ f-l i la o o n iuk In winning formardial Wnrorsrltgll|e
II k A ,_ the entire program fbr $1.00., er in the league. Jack CIm-lan of J-.. i6niora 10 7- oul .ay ff ,,
Tommy Hitc has told Knobby Toronto has 16 victories while 4-FU .o F. LL, 109 -Distance suits style 3-1
; Keller and Mclvine that h i I EddetBlakel om of Torento has 5-Iacdll -Nothing recently 8-
nIam wi ellpo bMa replaced thedirs 1 5.-Muflero 108 -Poor recent efforts 6- The National commission of l
s a winner in the ExplrtC as. te r dow the s Columbusa n Table Tennis requ ests the f-
SPat M nhas also served no-Jets 3-0, be hindl Lhman ther S-3B A. VAlques115 -Excluded from e lOwing'plye to be at the .PI"-

S tigh ten their group or find an a h t he Jets gaining an een th Rase "" Imp. % Pl* Purse $5000. Pr Cleme 5o. SiPl btiv of the Provindw i,
[lnd thb do# oter fn edsn thelowly a pmI D ordrto et c ..nhe.roe'
,i .o..o.. .. i o -- r Chiers "" "-,or- ,., las. ,,!_ r- ,oc ue.o p H ^ ,. .+o
SbreaP0 aatmafo.tir oeFisetto -n-e(oiB of & ei M -Wc 01n h, adfothesion atieol On ti of t s ii tooe
aIT 5amw n T hew pL3fn Bdownedtheglotwlyt.hmerl pl tim. nwInIom is
.* s1 ee owet 2-1 D ald Leacock, anINeu- r of the WarnerBro.r p eturd e A l
e" nRaiC it, b l0 .. s r Pl3-1 Ma Wesley JoU, Hi release W nesdayKA I m
of the doubleh d.s.".v -t ret. &I=A -Ll llif 5 3.PIt0. 11X. ("12z -Could u-114JohnsoniJan do'i ue sta1rin o v, ieeU

T e t idl.a e Cub. an ut g ar t

.iI U I I ) Imor le. t S. platktS MrI. ----- 9mwd d A. .--- C .,0RIe ot ot-A- o A i -S /
M Kg two n onealf games 10th Ruse "D" Imp. -- ; MI Pemm $S^0.00 -- Peel Clh.. 5:40 wwIl III..o .-
STANPIN.. ,rbu-d b defeim o _t_-" 1-Don Cute H..ul 106 i-Usus movestet TO DO Wllh Ictetara"a The eo 5. rv wo5lw^e

6' g-,tZnnls ............ 2 0 100 shplIt a pair of gmes. yracuse e act _______________________________

Senoler ligh Girls Volleyball M EATES TONIGHTI
Won Let Pet. BALBOA :IA LO : -:15
1,* I ,o ?WATR ,TINeCT T tikw r.
Bocas del Toro .. 2 0 1.09 1 Pa K1ne At WO
Colon ............. ...... .... .CART0 CARNIVA o,
Coean ..........:1 010W =__
Y w dk iIId w Ve var id ....... .... o I "i.. I ".. .
C a m e r I s!m&no h e d e ms 's L A
n m. g Monday. Colon met David.and l a3e for Nj. 7(*
A tP' 'iOz ntha- named teem- won the QUESTION: WI I I O P I*u
hV match at .ames of 15-13, 23-25 third base, the ba., Ms a My C u RK- P qon a
and 10- 3. ball to the cemar eMer. The r". 2A HDSO
At hstirt of theSame. )- D r-tamgs u keeo l a. ey. ote MAGA A 6: s:o -_
Al ,. drew. the irst o by lcor- bhe;'r o n ,w a son r Colo
S11. I t" t before I the .be isi L.op aai. ,rm s m .
-,,--.-. -.. Baseman move into the
"wbuas Quw. epanof glv ers A en88t geewhfgth
Et m I. o Con team, got the first b :g Is_ eaha-Bob Jaksom I s a ne b n8:a_.- .:_. .st
of 3111"rato retaliste with 7 points : The mgso n weu -n
emring, bashIeV SSld Ow VIMIaIDyq s ly tos liseWailk '= 2
dw.ims-to.*.pu+ d5 [jsem of 15-11L lp tsoaUseduremeS&L
* *- soeened Pte no the ral- I Does the,~ a gl o ba"

.3 .--


One Mile Class W RaV

_ LI_~

- m

"lop ,

^ i, .'
; ** t

T ..?'?-~

"f^^ ^ ^^^ ^ ^^ .1k. -
'V 44~s .**~ ,.r" -t -

4'~B^il^ 4^I *'\ 4

* .2'' V

u. rilj~tS

I *' ** .' '' -'"'' ^ ^ **ja^ ." *

I. .4

I'--,- -. >.*^
S' ;.1 4- ..--
.1 *'.* *

* -,.* .

/ -^tJ..

..i, .
~ -A .4S"ti -. -

- ~- t.

* .4

i -'-. rn. 1-< -, *-. ;


je mowinq m wwwaxt brnm U -



a. *. l**k .- 4-. 4 -.. 4 -



3*A3 ON3-TO-TW
TIJUANA, Mqxico (A) -
taps Ilea -2 choice eov N*s-
2a ia the match race at Wash-
itto Perk, Chkicag Aug. 01. Mi
SCaltent Future BWoo.

W*-' L Pet. TSAMw L L TPet GB
..78 3" 1 N Tok .. .2 47 .8 .
1.6 55 14 C1 eage 4.... 9 A 1
A 5 16 Cleveland ...71 48 .597 1
I Boston ....... 68 50 .576 3
^"Ia--Da7m ... 2 w s
u3 CI* 71 Ad 23%
sWhlngt% ..41 74 3229
z B B *37 32%


Ta. (N)
ola(N ()
rton 09).

^^Z~s' B jfi..&t 4 *cEtM>
MWz rwl -M NW York atm u
v l 1 0timned rain)
SCleveland 1000004 -'15 1
(13-9), War and
Chwi 000000 010-1 0 o. r (11-12), Aber and Wmlon,
4 oftOBT0x-2 9 0House.M
M3 (I -7), t*e Mel and
o ai n (FirstG Game,
Pwter(9*) and urgea. RKansas CfY 000 008 000- 10 1
iliigh 0-55?0- Cla 20 010 30X- 11 0
oio-H IA f0 10rt (1-7), Boyer and As-
Milwaukee 110'200100-a 10 0 troth.
.talst a00012000" 10 0 ITrucks (12-8), Howell and Lol-
Spsha (12-121 &ad Demidal. l r.
J aeresa. (5-11), LaPalare, -
Mae'ianun and Ual. secondnd GameI
]pl ass-City OWeOn 216-5 9 3
Oly gates scheduled. neago 11in001000-3 2
ma ortocarrero (4-6) and W.
*/- NEW WEAT> MAN nats.
ATLANTIC CITY (NEA)-im Byrd (6-7), HaraIbhas.Jartbi
s6eedWed Al Jeasen asa" fLolar. Moas.
Of that Wppaigaanm


iJ.k "4Iu


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) lAe4L4MN




.,qI4.; 'S I*' e: ,.'* f vr -* winV K
0 7,-I1'T. -- 7 7 7 -r
NRA z IpesSW*Uer 1f
ARY Y Steve Biko Only Two steers
S.Asmociatl BIwOcawsnt h. (If r^ ** 4

beir e f irs W inthuh gal
Since punched them Iutl of ---o ----
a. highly y ialglticait that go W1I 1)J6 JA CUDDY big w'n w. a
whti he a natural, healthy and '' Unite7 Pres Sporta Writer lmorerSb
Wholeonie rdates'hip between By CARIJS PARK Americ*E
simon-pure a professional has NEA (peela Correspndemt NEW YORK (UP) Some tight nee 1w e t '
. the strictest of amateur rules. strange new name. yay hbe ugh-to war -ace e ves
On the oth*) band, tenaud or- -(E) bit for baseball's ultra exclusive oete. then that.
g latines, which wail ae < mA). .-gm-wlaser" clb this spa-" .
Weth in g t o d o w ith t h e p ro s, a r lon g as S teve p1 lk@ can I "' a zcm an d th i re also m ay b e m om1 m T h e a .s s
ssut leulest in regard to the x. bat he'll iwayg ad aunt tb absentees among frmer awe nieg cit
IF vas cay comes that tiae oMu nder _wts
whleom mdosip tye B C>."A "SLI;: PARK^ .y"" 1A b K *snw at
pease accounts of touring am- asma ballSpayer. But wen ime- memNers who did n't maintain lbs '5* a in haS a
sedsr.ictest tora omet r cnt t their eligibiliety.a Nesweeuap t e n
unpare o* h ind, nn-s 5 o as te forme Carb all's uldra b lxcusi e Itn- e5?3S-they
"Without lu. tahtpring eosw bandgon sta 40 Mh ucan ht |i t ra d there are a dnaybe sm
p lefi pitinregardwt hathechanceto' asWh orme.r rasndrs IA IBte A DBIe ar &m '
!*UL vt~le I~ coestha th rundher eigbelithe.biggest t 4O

en and committee workers and known on the Los e 191 when there were 13. I
throughout the nation, aur .ro o g club, stea getting plenty o tfio that with mar than The- l ru 3na
"oldtf(bfd nfot bate w chem) fo him-' s weeks of the season to go, the I tar aSt In and Jim eas,
'eve Ihat 00 been able to gi s Yo three other Angels he ebl aver this eease. as Ph.
antdent.hussasdoetphousabl nd th andeishey all should make It 13 I fMli Mk lpaP M
wield be wo haterS re a ele y B o bo ats dCatc- vrne He r3 d5 8 1 ea S
foree tMto omm players ears r te r no tooowm amth am 1. oa .m
3a34 h lpa a than mym piresr would 11t the the 130 ail Iri
moan." commitee worers nl an Cub is known Lewts alouh eigt ,rl S
'esiwife," whispered Cots, whose MAJOR LEntUE LEADERS heavue atmon. winst
ruishoo It, rete th p lb is safely out farthot iner *e UNITED nRESS S a r Joe,-a 14,fl
SnSatdioaem Omen Gel p Champicn. Illinois. krses3aslclid cf lnltue l d
tor osa"The IA.timhewe drotldFan. wae cs pany lEADING iAmTEoS tion
va ri Ist tle s J Wit thePitche Ra oR OAutI-AL LEAGUE d,,*, ,ea nt
meA tafIntworkers had t ongfelde acotaie of help T cmlni wa lt&cr g ab r Neett "w
tribted 0,00 apn hors lass thleave a iteand Ashbuarn, P. 110 420 S 8 311a
TAherI p et theourse he'l scene you of not apprecist- C'nelia, SkIn. 93 350 65 114 .326 d1 -a
for fthe ocoursetalit

mmHers am bps held sad club ing his cooesg." Klus'uI, C. 120 428 93 153 .320 r a
manelrp iIp'stoch in The player cook their n Poet0 Ci. 181 483 t8 150 .211 laa ever ae
d whispepart of the pro- on breakfasts with 'slumhore,," Anider, n.R 114 418 102 130 11 fl-geale dubh1
duiraBM'. The prize money Is negi- as Steve Ito is ktown to cnindavbu1, waned.
ime stnpated s oter toutrna- ry circle., preparing the dinner.a
meats, but the Open is still the AMERICAN LEAGUE aU
U- at aid th ont the -1. r I em n

pl. ayeriir au t or pro-wants to Kaline. Del
J W in above all others. M a o l Kuenn, Del
Bishop makes much of tae fact Power, K.XC
The ldkfty Is the .me asn on the ball club who can et that the USLTA Is a member of Mantle. N.1
by w 1tm, uwat e. Hft glove Is more Imprtant tha lhi. bat. the International Lawn Tennis L a U Smith Clev
A sXpr0 0 0er ~ talent at short will pampeasate fSar a serl- Federation. Le
6W IMMg weaeneM where t won't at any other p bH
Of coure, there Is nIt la against a shortstop both, a "A basic rule of this body pro- Kluszewa
good fielder and a good hitter. But that-cbiAtnation doesn't hibits an amateur from playing in Toronto ..... 79 54 .504 Banks, C
come .altg very often. Theft an indicaos, however, that a tournament with or against any Montreoll .... 77 53 .692 Snider, I
yong Urnie Batas of the Chleago'Cubs may be one of them. persan other than an amateur," he Havana ... 76 5 .576 2V May, 01
saks' emeugepe as a formidablee muasl ma Is the moat explains. "We realize that one of Rochester ...66 6 5 .504 12 Mathews
eurpriing lopient of the baseball year. Ias pringh ts the maost ractWe features of gyacuse ...i64 67 .48 14 ,
esinawan'tron -".a threat for the hqne-rup tennis I t Is exactly.Lha th b2, B9
champloBnIrlmdtfl Air I Vthe speculation centered around same te WOrd over. It each na- uito .. ,& "
WIlIWfmkyr, UE'Do. iery d Kluszewski and Xddie MalOWr. tion made its own rules, there r A1 no i12 8 6 nd
BaDnks Mht hoemu i a friehmag.last en anr trained In would he a great loss to all." Enn
a eomm-ealble yI S a ge, but there ha= 't enW un lbaing r fT3DAY's RESULTS Kluszwu
abeemst I enie orPa 5t Ionvoy a blat of what was to T'"I hnllg.more than a tech- firstt Gae, rinnngs) JensenU I
eZem ttallW, h ae d't al&' ews ewa h to -roftthMe r e nal reason andwhy the rule? Any Richmoh 1 00 o0 0-1 4 2 Banks, C
tion be wold be record maemg NL munele m sne me1 t rule can bp changed. .-, Toronto 002 005 x-7 7 1
Aa-@ Listening to Bishop, you'd -ias-* onstanty and Walington;
Whether Banks can maintain the pashe 1e h set is tor time Pct that when Ba*ara Romach rorniele and serberet.
to tell-time and enemy pitcher. By now they must be on- went to the flaal of the Women's nider, D
vinced it's no trick a-d that there's genuine peril in hise bat. British Amateur Golf Champion- (First Game) Kaline,
They can surely be counted on to rvie the book on hima. ship at Portrush In Northen Ire- Buffalo 00000100L-1 3 2 Mantle,
sometimes this wour s and sometimes it dlent. land last summer, the Sacramen- Syracuse 000 100 001-2 3 1 Kluszewi
Sometimes this wors and som im It i. to miss was playing an entirely Marlowe and Streull, Porter Smith, I
Banks get around fast on the pitch and has remarkable different game .Aid that Peter (7); Owens and Reman, Com-
wrist action. My impression is that he will continue to get 'his Thompson was Ir totally strange mand (7).
share of home runs and that It would be a mistake to dismi surroundings every time he hop-
him as a Johnny Jump-Up who just happeLned to get hot. Pd from Australia to South A.I (FIrst clme, 7 Innings) Kaline, T
fries and on to -Great Britain and Montreal 100 000 2-3 8 0. Kluszewa
eec *this country. Columbus 000 000 0-0 0 1 Kuenn, 1
HANS S D AL E Another B p p t s tt th Lehlman and Bucha; Hoover, Bell. Red
BANS STOOD ALONE noher Biop poit itt the Wheat (7) and Lakeman, LP- Aaron, B
ULSTA is a non-commercial mem- Hoover.
There seems to be a mistaken notion that the Dalais Negro bership organization devoted to '
Is on the small side and that the leoly baR ha contributed the development of tennis. I (Second Game)
unduly to h. new reputation as a slugger. True, he lan't built Wonder what he think the Richmond 105001001-811 1 (Based
along the ample line of Babe Ruth, but in weight and height United States Golf Association is? Toronto 100110020-S 9 2
be's exactly evet with Banider, and help a full inch-and-a- "Based on these principles are Jordan, Volselle (8) and Wat- *
half, a dogen pounds on Mays. In b he's ig enough to t ManytennisPatrons ai lington; Blake, Barnes (3), Het- Newcom be
furnish his own power. and educational foundatonsiki (3). andeok (6, Miller (8) Byrne, Ya
U.tfl auas eani aoeg ath. top home-sa hitter q continues Bishop."TheULA an d BerberIt. WP-Lordan. LP- Donovan.
shrTtine as athe melo waW VeIN Stuphea. b& facat, a these groups would undoubtedly nd erbe. HR W- Jordan. L ErkDonovaen. Do
39th t"ea T rer which apens set as a member of the B.- lose tax exempt tatus if we had eR-mmer. Hurdine, Redo
ton Red Sex Sxin19f. stinp to do with Ope toura (Second GameR
Stepa n wwe4 Sfw toabea firstents 'F(Second Gamey
Stephe was teew to be a first-rat sherilstep; he was m Buffalo 201000000-3 7 1,
a better hitter than a fields, ad waId mas.been 4f sneg .. o Syracuse 0010000-210 7
ninue to the 4elubifblmlaleaw"db ooasten oeCusI in 951sha should eemmu)t smeneSyracuse 000100010-2 10 01
alue to the eht are as let ead rbebndle e Crhittinga vrsed In Federal income ix. Be Flowers anh Streull; Farrell
Sthan t isr n m r lag amateur what keep and Command .I
m "Wsp4 mint have stood alone. I didn't get to see I the USLTA and its affiliate second Game)g
m~h-Of& PtebunviaDthmn btsuhknowingbaseball exempt.
menuh e Parrow Dutchman, bwt such knowing ba: he must Jam H. ishop speaks of an Montreal 010 011200-5 7
men aa B e B we aa John whcoraw overa In he Open tournament overshadowing the Columbus 100 002 03x-8 6 1
have beea s e 00 1 hortOp who was siaUe both in V Amateur. i Drysdale, Mickens (7) and
field and at the bat. e Golf, from its incept inception, Tfed; Oray, Miller (9) a
Could he hit the long ball? Well, in 1908 he came within clly shown that there isroom Emutt. WP-Gray. LP-Me-
two oft leaa tqe- NL 10 home runs. That was the- year Tim fr both, with the amateurs bene. ens. HR-Neal, Kryhoskl. ,
Jordan of Brooklyn hit 12. filing through competing with the
money players. Havana 000211300-713 1 6
.Rochester 100110 000-S 9 2 A
GLO VS. BAT If the USLTA's bead man really Valentine, Harris (4) and No-
GO E VS.wants to *ee tennis expand and ble: Wooldridge, ford (8) and /
o at t the prosper, he should come out for White. WP-Harrisa. LP-Wool- -'
W01027 UN -00111h A n 040FP 8 ti9 othe Open tournament. dridge. HR-Clark.
P Sm aS i *infl arisE -foontiruneu

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il't have to apoloe1 their presence
May weri t37 WDln. .
rk H3) tt MranOvI (258).
1) M rorchr (847), Ijank Crosetti
0). These men pl01d short on chain-
IF, it wasn't their b ttn that but them
In eemmseo tw. gu la make
ar *t* s1* Jam. bUs impoe-
r mpsrtellT' Neded deoa e play.
r P" wee. PhD N64boal a Yankee
.- Way. ...-r
p thp samuWtei"* m e memani
a- .emembE' SkN Or te games he
m be wns.
do t. IBais me iSman to d how. And.
ft*le-aAtMOsdlifctce that
i_ lBhit pbc piuptpnk



A. 117 484 101 183 .351 "OF,,K5B. '".y I
t. 100 470 77 152 .323 am ,:. I
0. 114 467 72 148 .317 Durinj the fr mo
Y. 119 426 100 132 .310 cam n Lmoha
p IIBtii 0 IA f m ^Psln tienion Hadn cItian
e. 119 477 02 146 .306 Wyn ho ha b e a 1et
bel-wether, has e mee it
om RUNS tim es previously but
ki, Redlegss ..., 41 the er e e .
ubs ......".... S9 ord, wo n e x c
f row.wbo WGU ins, ww I

Dod era ......... 38
4anfa ......... 37.
B, raves ........ 3I

Dodgers ........102
iflles ......... 98
im, Redlbgs .... so
Red ao ......... 94
ubs ........... 93
Dodgers .........102
Tigers ..........101
Yankees ......100
ki. Redlegs ..... 93
ndians ......... 92

irers ..........
il, Redlega ....
tigers .........
legs ...........
raves .........

on 16 Do.

. Dodgers
kees .....
W.8. .....
dgers ....
Sox ....

1 2

W L Pet.
18 3 .867
11 3 .7m6
13 4 .765
10 4 .714
71 ..700

Dovan, the Whit n d&
who was felled wMth
lqo i 41
usage, sprtty
tag ist mv*' t
leaU ban i game botbe lab
eew in four. preleus
SBosta Braves nd
"We most a b4m
likely to be RMS
the amve, bewi was m
abooting Jor hi. bis
season. However, @we e W
ly 4 to data ead Mae or c W S
of reach.

Today Encote. -35.
-e61n Cine o
Kirk D2= "fIJ
*1'ZE~ar -
Plu: p s

Today I L 'fie
"Hawk of The
Chaptegg 11 It'

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21 (nip-WdF)

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V's.- 4%


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t w-P

_ ~ ___ __



ii**- 'S;

^'I c.

! mk

-7 -

4 aV

.-.., 'a :..I, 1
,sday, 1, There were J ,

daugher ,r ,n d. :M rs Ed n
'lys of5',~ 15;31

'o .o u t I'.s were reported m,

Of Murdering Fellow POsCoc Hospital during the
a eek ending at midnight Wed-
SnesdaY, Augh. 17,There Were nMso d re10.

patients admitted and 110tidai-
oan dr Oscar a m mu entence of l.. e

hargoded u ht earTinbod.o r ag
po and hat of Sarah M iller,

the..ek ending at mdn ht 15 y. after ,h. court ha w G llt ha, ,'"........ .-,
were l reported.h .e

Bables were orn to the fO.- ,,.r td th. 5 IAt -1"

lowine American citizens: Pfc Ti
and Mrs. j a nes .m t. Wheelerof

aCoc da. aeeelito, daughter ere i te a dn
at cla and Mrs. Jo aRios.h, ofad the

Mr. 6andl; Mr. and at 4:5 p.m., G uy jst as stiR as me who Glgruty ltl erofh a
F. rance Fie ald, oson; s .gt to. nd jusandt as be
ar endi Mrs. Donaaer to n dmld n. Nelfr tof Ceaitt," the t-
oflos, 5? the. ilr.e ge ...t. ... rA B rid. Mdi. F ethlo Pt ...
asP. O 6a, ero a, of Coc e t t mSo-e t ea pr So- 0

dio Bughter; ran m ably would havn e uaidied whereaas Ta o C
br aal rarpl' oAo, Ca c MAJ. GE.. R BEN C. HOOD, Jr.,commander, -a h, Io
ght er, L i a-lMr .. tand Mrs vesIa ler ider,23;l be t hm s ad otry, hee old arou t rAlboesses lt was h flin g ala FI-dadded GodaeS
court h1 o ar ra .f r. that ever was pi. in thma... type t the

Sdaught er, and Mr. n ndMrs ath i er r s ce a er r
-ofn c oodau hted r.n;a,.rnd- se
Colon daughterMr. and Mrs. consider very carf Pate's tes-
,tugeneacker, of rainbow City, h- npr-old Brooklyn soldier t t ny about ahq death s of Du nn.
sonr; and Mr. and Mrs Oscar f a maximumsentencedofhlifeo Pre sad be paw inoagher
LandVerde, of Rainbo w Cityl mp onent but he would be e- hbangll fe h n r nDunn

mob.ohn ig", onio "da P r'1 &oS, uiStoa- apef foa parole a the a rout afteDo n baasf emlet wan r tl ea and reh eno ah r e. 4ort. sapi ..

sIeven girl and 19 boys were seft I r#b a tsdws ndt ently esrd ah d mpiar g
oborn6 at e orgaHospitala durin isa t ur b o no t n uet Crh l g

the week ending at midnlh po15 p. after 7he-court has toa s e Ite oel 0 e l ad Btrou a c r e r o

him "te Com is .f ath anmajomd aouth -nd evas g "rounerd. tr"Cmethel d proredi the inbtor.ff wor.. so- Bn ses "W.
Monday, accrdiht to the week- fe fourndis dbn n h e hs o a n v en e oe te A .rtane 44mn i a ,d ng e
lyosuhsptal report. oothe evid ene a g te, r e see onma ed1"ndan" oaasntwi.thaiute he .
rThea ~ w ere 216 pa ti r o ents ad- trawh rysa eitd tdbleM o hdr gr mbneant drSerr-ou T he l r fo e gn"W

emitted and 205 discard .o adur- the e a dayso llhe trial bt spoke arrtnBdlso of th te .detls o
In' th at perio d. Fart y 'odrmGqvernorss i eJonPar and axt. r allegedly l Uetbllc
o names and addresses of thrown outdoor a s by allagher to i
the ares ornof t he girls boles T urtte, including two form ert freeze to de th. JardnduPan and t -e hUabero. .. a
were: M. and Mrs. J s. F. Robin- Xoux, Var prisoners, received Walsh said the prosecution had
son, 6f Paraui r; Mr. and Mrs. r. the a t he i3-year led hmook- produced "not one worrd e of 'proof"tt iet d Naog
W. Preu te, aof Panama City; t e o1rolyn soldiat1:13 p.m. er as to the cause of the meoDnn.
St. and t r. M.ef.r3elgrave, a2Z b'E's after the triallTrarnon deaths. onr jre core c

of Ganda r. an d iMrs. C and to m arie d re terd ta he d "have sy y eenas d t a. bdeadt to pr in
Mrs.0.X. Gedrald, of amboa; adjournment in ejust as stiff a ls men who eire
Mr. and'Mrs. W. R. Afeltranger, .until today. w b frozeto death and just as blue as
of Los Rios: sd Mr. and Mrs. thoyVWei*%f; t ~ hear a re-readgl P 61 men who froze to death," the at- 1 IUokeR."

bC. 0 at ora taof Los Rpinol. on etr- thene. He call- aaid. Id i bw te tourney aid.

B taetors 4 faee^. 3Ifa,.lJaig "That Inadvertent inttoh olw H de htruttetosemlsons pr i -- B
Aft r lead t. ti e started' n(t ata b g U d the trainer by both sides would I inevitably wuld ae died w
fnj r.B trade was e e vdict esootelsfoud to li y eati-air- occur wa-y wereozed and ro-
01 ; n of. blo a nla. ir. were MAi. GEN. DEN C. HOOD, Jr., commander. Caribbean Air ______________
be m wtren- Mrldae -l e etwud beltir Rescue roun at Albroolit h .wta flyn m m '
ti Ht Cpero,. JfFO rro a BL W t of yrto .fa, aenpawward a c leted another simonths fl RP TruIn P VU F d*lyei4Gv
,aH Cooeotrs .,1orFar-of a,%; -acdn.rtofourth award of this typ th
the S. t .tf o*fA t He adquarterss orrt, -..i .o
wee. Mr. ad Mrs. LW. Wl of 5h l of 1st Alr Re.el .e e1h po el s te o" roVlUtIIA plUeII

aond M Plrs. ; Mr. an js O.
of Prlwett, of Paniln c aiy yn-gogent t 1:13 pim y e s to th cause t me
CA.L and Mrs. J1. .BeVlan mop l or, V .. I a C" Ie wia ,-th. d ri
IN o C FloratCyton rsgt, and. In U ,U %&mo Meoer a d Inrintoe
d r n 0 A lIsort of Ai b ro o k; M r.nLd% pe t h e y w r
Mr. Mo4 Mos. A. A.Fl nn, ja; f UN~aIosPmentunjrn jut asiasm w er o
City;d'r Mr. Mlnrs lsois atuede n ofmcoyd ar, The 41-year-old musician was pr*S.otly ava5 1tb4p.I.,
o o asRe;od Mrsi .t eemy meDemnnd Flierswho rspitalizetd a week ago. .analser
Mr andeMr. o, Loo Rsllm gndafiers':Return weeks.
dyM rws.r bU. r .tlOe fal-pe are,1nd he l p re .a-Sithe who has played at all w meghtrof- IA 0
n r o fP pleading nightclubsin nPan- .onn @t s .onin "mas
o f anar a-dm y;ra 7 Up A.t e. de dInno ent .....' -, ea, Aug. 10 But the C-47i cargo plane re- ama and Colon, was well-liked Isnim4hthisywaftrey .e Person-
aIn, o f P an'a y t n :, Mr epct ii a ned l o a d s d hs.m'" odala hboe e iawarhhiosY hin eoien-uI la
a.CH.,,. DIa nOnc emint ed 0 in- r .. -- -nndto w ay requested a Parkca demanded the two fliers 5;C.1ndl. .. Sat-.norAlt to(orb Rnichnaeaim.
ot o Albrook. a m y e .e d .. .m.d. -. ... .. .
So. =..aZ a sIameJeby the Reds men,uWhose names wereotdis-"i"g dance bands of Panama. Re- ta
C.a,,, oe emanHr ledas trved as arranger"for
.mlW m or felow pris _oners, luDing oParkp said h~e-o"will Ofiersan e parachuted. thers tedand relatedrkamit

, alar were nec -' erft Ire-when it strayed over vided for-in the drafting of the
.)f. raMl.."] kes. *.ve I 0Lu" t 4 ift zone. armdstlce agreement.' LAS VEGAS. Nev., Au. 1g
SA secodplaee sent to search He said U fores had always (UP)-A Las Vegas gA
tar a leyRDAY, Am'u 0 r o 9 t fe t -WO fired on allowed Red pilots "the benefit no. often cozipared w thte ek
_! ey. .". "" 13 miles of the doubt" when they flew door to the mint, can be a
1e motor. iT m-San k... :3 son rM= 00zie across or near the dentm]ita sed proposition sometimes, It w a sa
t ar-steerla 5 A i, 144 p.m.. s w .U.N. terddtry. zono deoed yesterday with the o-
sad. ,w U..N. te. u san .nuncement that a5 million do-
4ar resort hotel had enconutered
sueh financial difficulties.
a- JaTake Freedman, former Bots.
0 o -rton, Tex., hotel and resort qeat,
or who runs the SandsHotel
today announced he wis leasing tbhe
bumes Hotel on the fabulous 41s
11 _OOArCM i WON .Vegas strip starting Se. 1.
The Dunes opecedlas M bW
kqtilC e state gaming control sd
wAoas informed last month It bi
t Inthe r run into financial difficulties- be.
cause of a persistent losing sireall
at its casino.

Freedman on behalf of Oh
twid. Hotel Corp. placed $TIAA
7 escrow, representing a "
re tal in advance, Another
deposited n a
theDunes ist
...... ....1




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