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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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S .'. I
....., <* '" ,


* '~A

.~ L



RAS, N.C., Aug. II (iH-
F the North.afeltlO.
i time to Nfe t -. gi .ut "..

reports froe, *ei
et 10 il an or



: eoutheat 4 M e Bech, S.C ;
Since yesterday, the mighty mt.Ne driftedjl,et
120 miles pwad the northwest ad I tweari te U.S.
leanrd but for dr st several hour toy .groaud ,
neawt halt out iab *ocean.
umnvinwlidspore still at I des mWr
!theh 4ntrarf pressure in the mk huad I 0IM
Sonwwhat, s indi gtion that might be w
Certain extent.
S arricane fakbe winds .of 75 Private" f
, mU ai or more Sa)
* sad t tbenom geater e M
4fl tin, MA &hn.

F L-.



ft :'

k-v T

tal. I


w ftUs Mi
dam to
wimlth moa
Man6 on.n

contaminated and Ii, first aid
treatment on the pot.
81rens gan bloing at 7:40
on mllty_ pot the tke
cover sinal, and a 8 a.n. the
simulated bomb burst over Al-
This was followedby the ar
rival-40 m uteater-of the
firt db ae "ntrol force team
from ma
wo fnli _Af re of eaUealt es
Swas avu at noon, when dl- IP-ew. I

te Bill Mean

be Maid acorig to your rank.
AMd Itf ou de't alow up when
you ue to and have no
exce t you're subject to
recall to a8W duty for 45 days
unde nalty of court marUaL
If youm are et n the age of
17 sad 18e,e new reserve law
makes It poble for you to -
void a two ear draft call.
you can othiy volunteer-
Ing f a throw to lk month m

an .R.Frwoa of 7 toT
yeuA omv

GTON, Au. 16 (VIF)
8 mhewaewoyewters
Plmte sep
mliasteerve rv. -

l the baton' his-

mnieh e or t
eN* aemt to de

hand in case of
-your dts aM s
ds an tA an

Md tatis
sevr emfagi *" *
wns ea.j~f fa ^

I he fUtj r tish t li a
eartata," the b ate.
A thousand mil of eoastliE
bsIatmWd down for..the f
atet or thi, te glut huria
o *fteason.
Wlnd on the outar fl ngo
the hur storm thbat a

ward o teullhe ou eft of the
reasmee 9eAm
winds. MIttary Hsevams.
tae a mat a4 o m dhi=,

One airplane, a navy antl.


s To You

men, all of whom are volunteers.
Another important aspeOt at fI
the reserve law in aimed at
boosting the nation's scientific
capabuty In defense areas.
It means that any one of you
who think you are able to nailf
dowu a technical or research
Job In a critical industry a
Sthe eh to bypass twoY OM,
active duty In addition to a
Reserve obligations.
But it's a calculated
whia yu have to take
Onendn the amount of coq .
.n0 ve in your sia-

. .
* '.-..',* i

r ashis9anguM a n K
I 1 ag .. .

-"-,-i....7;'--..". -*
,., .-* .- .,.
'* ". ^ ;


-r ,. '& ,' ,- ..
*I -. i l .-S,.
;-. ",-' "*'*. *'-^. *"
o ,' .
., **o'.

- *-tii .
$* 4\

1 to
.,W" 1

w mO

penal -
i* a*anl-W1
W- of Jhnor
AW.U...a u-



nflr M
'ou a;

a to youI
way or
ot no a





'. 4.


* *-
* '*'**

: .,
'"- ,

-, -2 I x

-. A

is a
at IT

.4, _.-2a, -,

I' :i; -' f .


P' ,

m e' o ApA th

- flan*s nu.

y'-- .
US SP4CKRR Wi eo o m'e n-d
S Usme n ago T wrote a, letter to yu and though you 0to
-the Wu n .epl to write to their Senatn an awgrer-

Stw al pa e fnt o t n re nt I am Very e
r w thto o oare not It f atrro w. o
0 VU xn e a of then sar amt, It a man Is convicted of
off hish .toMdste a eauW h on't do t A.
t"Mtu heM f the t We ittm Tt taipe of both
d ae thare tel i eadfor ha rung oile to rvert in-

SBy the tatus of rceas Treaty, ratified July 15, 1913 at the
It nasteonce of the White House, our American soldiers and
fae do oe ants abroad have been turned Over to foreign courts
civIlian offenses.
Thu. air, cb court recently sentenced two Amer cft doys
five ro f sonitary confinement for stealing a taxi whlfI
were"high." In Japan. the wife of an Amteanrn aoldslet
vwaitiMn eat for the ae detal burning of tlkt rent-
a. she orot W turn offte 0 ro
at e Cothat of a olderr convicted in a trial
Na14 %t hden l awned h rto lt on ahis own witneses; an-
d 6lri. ,tstW an Heold ,M In a damp -underground
S-taer, wppe Coung his e e,ad It raised from ten toen
S-f t m6 Ret Informatlon l juit how many of our A-
aaind ithlrepef4dent krpl in fooreimA jU. The De-
Asntn eat ve on the matter ad refuses
dae s i ta det led malledtion. -
Sheor r. ot oul hp, this treaty does not in-
tO ion t o ouf r ta et Dai tM or persons working for
Sm ut = 4 like. gut it they st into
i E arwe r to ria they e hustled back to
.osf or trial il AmOrian eourthPreadn th
teur, I sll w, -n, y.
me remember that ohn -Blcker Is trying
S Uau e.. Our WA-onteft or *e drAfted to de-
.e C onitIton. but Just whiM they are most In need of
tOtUUtlto. they are deprived of its protection, and sub-
t" t6 every soArt of outlndh legal sytemt under the sun
*f Trltkey to Japan.
-.'* w can~ the ConstitutiOn thus be so easily set Aside?,
y 'Only 0 years goe. a lvrelutntary decision of our 8u-
Me court decided t it mrntertonl treaties between pur
j; and foreign states could b e made to knock out the
% gSie thee, the Court has extended this novel to
I t rivitc aseementa entered nato with Just a handshake
W WS-theOtrgseent 6f tha Utlted States and foreign stat6-
fhex.Uecutive aIreementu, as they et called.
|he rticker Amendment would .ut a stop to this, restoring
Sthbe Constltt4n to its original position as supreme law of the
IA '0pne may that it would tie the President's hands.
A ml precise piLt Owu Prisident should 'have his
I Ofat 0 Mid" t6M thO P t t it n accordance with our
5i3&'.pq A eye alspeh Neither the COeVes,
President. wi meant togave

- &w


u of tme 0o6ahmdd
any treaties that
ur hta and treeoms." But what a-

Ia&n4manteeO what future admintIatra-
te and th protective poise f one
n rative policy. Why not
Oba hor6 IsA;ton?
fetom 178I to 1920, the provisions
Thought to be A --Wart of the
the 1th century the jlupemit Court
cannot authorize what the o0 at-4
.1 hury W: also find In tie Supreme Court
S w t0 effect, that Interna.oon agelment
Ma ly bhe soverelmnty and.tb;.nidepend-
by recent dec IOBnaof the
,. l l_, di Bricker, "Man. ilndntial
m la now hope by treaty or by .eOu-
e 'to sm the United States a minor provsll in,
j w r qMfl government."
-, e person can argue that Presldents
l ib itratlon of George Washlngton
irf r that the nation was not fully
o Or that the onlttution fru-
DIA'q !between 1789 and 1920. Never-
Shosare the fallacious charges
a at tr Amendment would mere-
the da o tgeaty-mki which were part of
.=,ran than aqentury, sateuards that have
a sth4eou tin fairly recYnt years.
T mAmeta naa are behind this Amendment.
MI DES ec Min ot9n. The Americ Aaia-
pf4 q4 a4ptl 't wide malortty ot 117 t 3S.
oltions If better vuaufied to evaluate
.... 81i times then the leading legal MInda
nN' i vaen the opposition?
>iketo who i nin the beat potion to
pp, jof appopitlo to my amendment
ift Wa tO get the United States into some
t oo' A, atic Unlen. These people do
-oimtf AmiMiean people, and hence they
ta ..I b-ebl&lw by amending the Consttution.
tthm tairmeN,.. that by treaty or by executive
-ttt^J.* SIS.-t 4,should surrender its sovereignty
wouI o. _'fi~wM, repealing the Declaration of
m nt -.) 'torm of regional or world gov-
-- Unit Statt.~el iNo eam to be a sovereign, In-
,r MBror thinks. ta&t t9a Is perhaps the most Im-
ellen for at Gaflswuaui Amendment safeguarding
ows agenet Iroylalw apa against Individual law by
Inht SIngIa4ri. Jof h j in P nilma ..

SW cUM ovwuDsMe *IU IanR
t take poweta awy from
Sft6 Presiddet; they cn take pow-
s theom to thl* Pedeal Overnmemt
botl; sad the can cut aer a the
l 'SW Ieo"ed 13 Qavernment ee-'
P be reams why he has cnaged
Sts O ftliin the Baicker Amend-
SAiEadment were to be votedthr

i i sto ltee legllam
haf to e9~.

-. .. .
-...'.. .' N'..- S ,
i, .... ... -- *.. -.

~j'fl SI



., -' -- .. *.--
: .. ..
*-~ -----

.. .1..

. _---~- W


- ti

- -rh-. -

44. o:' -.-. ^ .'. .y '1
r' "-^. *v ". ..[ i-;.

wipe ou b. J.aa:ee
t. r. -Ii
La aor
-A d W.

ounKY-Itr Russia t h P
bu, dt without an Am ei
lsl and Mwa n- uld everL drel
wiped out by. Jaho iry afd0
Nw a ynr.

tpoo the o.Se u bi pem
po Jut with.e by oes otftip
nybineosin *ape to tr, -

tuiprn uder Wow. Thes
loungs h aa our friend as
Mat th we buy. TI n flock to_ th
tote. Taeio, where the U.%. "agy.

agandas ag st us
Only a few weks ego, for ex-
nmple, the Japt i dfrtion of
Bar Associatioe turned In a re-
port one ur arAed foresI tn Oh
nawe. 'Tis oeutent read like b
Nazi w1 at-ocity rusryB. TIUa
which ip ooseloy n e to .JapU
te in4utoialm, tchged ocur
mo n ith eieal t bo u tof rape -,
turns, murder, voe lce and 4
plays of human skue i t"
Ony athe rieponlb0ity for tie
tary dogis biting peasants and their
There's much more i thin r-
rt. But the l tprtanr toiVo in
that the reputale and influential
"Japaen Idausiatl Pteh" prAntedI
to 1ohum ant on .ro.11p*ge
plauded. I've searched for at least
o Japaes e buhnuensmI here
Ti. is symptomatic of the al.
most universe, but poice dig-
lik.foru.e. It wol edaflo be
turned into atve enmity If we cut
off ther sales of tuny fish, textile ,
whodefenTded us. In~dutextiles,
pottery, toys, raw silk, lumber,
cameras and soMe SO Other ma-
and dblocating mauy Amnerican

uwe s u and the Japednee. e
other day I wasl told that Andrel
SDodm ntsak, head of the still un-
recbjnlied Soviet Mission in TOk-
yo (Jaan and RussiA technically
Sstil at war), went up to e ee
toatlonal Trade and industry.
The Russ4tn offered oil, coal, lum-r
ber end oher products In ex
cha tne for Jawnese goods. This
woud hurt us. The apanse have
bea buying coal and rw cttn,
too, from us. A switch to Russaa
would hit the south anod soTae of
Jobs Lewis' miners back hbme.
The Minstay r ordially toldDom.
Ssky that Japn woulf .love to
ottj ah. Russia. They continue

. I

w h has strong business follw,
lag ihere. They ep watehaing fer
Sto 1al4 am u ttsic oe
5ekS suah oves are necessary.
For example, our government
cently cut back apendin hen
m.'-itAry auto and truck repairs.
Result is that the Fui Auto In-
dusty Co. now plans layoffs at-
itigs bWo workers. Add thi
et 'SM jobles and the sWe-
e:0al a i Pnemployed who wat
back twkl with their fftillest
th;e Ato d l re paddies ad
the 1 dager of a sharp depres-
% lgjrim layoffs have resulted
SslashIng of arms ad
.afmo orders here. We're new buy
?ing e v ulo00o worth c o a-
,9e vjUl w last year's 4,.,O5.000.
a slash Odf percent This hurts
these ptede. The White House has
t onflecmed o, toeontinue lattli
tha dsutlp ee, toys and oth-
heap products into the U.S.
Swe actually are teaching tbim
how to ur e these materials
more cheaply and sivftly. Th is
will uit our home Iadustries
e.dIn more. ven union labor here
goe. for as low as 14 cents al
We have helped them set up a
productivity headquarters.
Wa are touring special Japuese of Industrial Sprts
through the U.S. to learn faster
predution of steel and autorne-
el-both of which they buy fro
us now. they learn fromits
hw to make more, they will buy
less from u<.
The Japuiese auto productivIty
team left here some tine ago fr
a trip which will take them
through Memphis, MilwAube,
Kenosha Gary, South Bend De-
troit, Toledo, Cleveland. Allentown,
New York and Washington.
Some of these communities, such
sa South BeL-. and Taledo have
mm Ply aet problems of their
slashing of tMLThne or aut aales
But the military feels that the
first line of defense is Japan-md
that we must keep the ipponese
r. ehips ,egardless whe thn Tey fall.
Ieaawhif the Japanease 'll-
ansen live usa a doeof polNtcal
.-. n-nn m -"


. ...... "C -.-, i*

A .1


I I &y
n ~ ~ .: '' -^ *' -

/ *i,%. ^
& ,, .-'|''- A ^ i.'"iSSS

Hard-Scra We

Ad~~f B

S.^ *. .' : ,.i. .- .

it"... ;
;..;-- '. ^... .
* y. '" ',- *
3 i '


It is a curious $ ( to me that hall sad as caslonal mn ort his routla -rut F Amle
so many, at the IOWs who were 'shine t lead im li tol sa.. -, d tob n_ f
bra#n-washed or who elected to I was raised in a sarmii town ta.he wor.
oin the Communists or became and I am here to say abat ior the with ait
tuartcots come from small coun- learned a lot tore deinltry intail. olre y mAnifestation f o
tr. tow0s. Southrto N.C.. than. in t*to bo.ldomi -
%e three POWs who arrived paratite]y large an. e~ M le As I recall the last war I w s
ibak the U.S. last week ill ed ity of Wllnington.. I ve it ,sd pU i yat t es -tgM u
from America to the Korean Comn- more downright ornery ar r SI* staur a s
Mlps and baok to American ai, than, o orney el t Sjtnt S th 0.
e a from tiny tankers. Wam era. And Iisd. ant a4 tdom W tea t
CaWart comes from Dalton. Ga.. vieou.EtNM u oeip Iand ntrg u 9 ab thd e t.
Lewis Griggs is from JacksonB that stirs a Small cobmmuy 0 te U' maerh i were o.
vile. Teas ad Otho Bellis from violeoes. You can get a man li tlt boys j
Hibsboro, Miss. lynched in a small tow by .T# AA@ 'il e'-le e
ru;moer. and eo eru th e
You migt be tempted to y lieke
that a man would e i-apt- to ea a
acquire the sedsi trso a In a It I poular to suppose i 1 eI for three u
ciy. It Is popular to that countai &y i blessed with a 5 V
te y boy is moij add certain axve w Bbaf

h 'em flagranti:iniwg-ty ,t! wwI." aft
thia o Er Caldwte woo
QCOiMo, 'the hUlbilly from the shifst aad,.al
e, .Va., is upped to aS well. As fr as dttritiq Z e
b with vitai, bright eroed, I'll bet a m
with e, clear-eyed th e boyay day agAinst a ttn kids
g reh air. and costatU pp clayeater. lan
rem d, of God's Work by the Te dowright duineas of nAll- t w
lavi atre that surrounds him. town life creates a ree ty t a the bad s
There supposed to be S o eAsn nearly ay sort of sug o tt at to the general
elation more evil than the one pool v.111 pull the brain's wner out e tscee. emn

Ear To Ear

- --I


WASHINGTON --(NB)- Rep. but full proeeInsags and recoin. "aes togp labor e al
Emanuel Golier (DNY) ha endaOng are never pub)lhed t
questioned who or "what special t is gineaa. a thtd b -its'
Interests may be giving the execu- there its n wrLong with ai le
tive branch of government confl- rnm t to a dv ....
dental advice and whether this whitPI it c.T,- theo.y a
serve the national.welfare. detnoy that the government
As Boise Judiciary committee servesj o 'and m
eclmrmad, Rep. Clr fst chl- tMheirh-
C t authority of De- e ohly etieon is: U ould
p .ment of Comamee Bsie whatever .wn ae ove
Advisory CounelU, durn an .nti- getsID a on eye mde
trust subcommlttilve tiaon, He so",th t Ie people will ow upM t
But t is only one of Itmber what it is?- j t
oa se ret groups f t An exception to this would of
a government either wt..or with- course be made in the case of te tr lt Co o
out legal, Congrestonal authori- N eael Security Advisory Comt-I u m beos. tje -uatraee3
l tla. cil. TUs wLS first organized by u bfttte
Prd ident o iseabower ia IM as a W
BATC Ila group a 80 t U. S. six-meber i up for ceonul-ta o n
business exeeutives from blue hip th Na* o euty Counenl
eompanlet sal over e U.. They On natilunal defense and f-relign Taft- nm halisi Wt
ag* Io. n by their own member- polilV eolems. .has a
U]p commite under their own Today the Adviseou Couacilhs h ls N Cl S
rules and by-laws but they are only Ce onetinulag consultant- d eata t e
invited n to by the Sewetary obrt ler of Boton tonhe Peeal. c p an i
of Codxmerce Their present chair- dent's former special aslitant en Adviuorf theyl
man is Harold Boeschenstein of national security affairs. Dilion i be at m to
Owens-Coming Fiberglas Corp.. Anderson, Houstot attorney and a There anw soretwo
Tbled member of the original group Is ad,, gr, I bM
The select 60 get no pay. om now Presidential assistant.. me t mafuas. me a t
the government and they payteeh Cutler and Anderson now asseem- neat -ad iaeim .twmSeM
own expenses to meetUin several ble special advisory groups to deal make reports and some h*FL
times a year. These meetings are with specific problems on which
held in Washington or some plush the members are experts. There U t i. the vaI om ( lov
resort.._ ,is no fixed NSAC memberships eammk ate .n iiN l
They last several deyT. They arr i As a kind of offset to the Cme- adMtla. -w H
lsedto the public the press. iarne Department Businesn Ae i ndo t. t
Theri are some leakr o reports, visaoty Committee. It is mar Vp M '

1 n -- i .- '- ." .n '- -..j

,,', -: ..
4, -. _



- ;.'

yr C- --




-m l uze', mlWa UW,
M" n'., "'

ew~lql -
..- : '. : -.-I--

r. Dewey's law firm,
rgm, at the A

^.. '.s-- nug d. A,

e .en;l" deeom=

M l ne. whsi e De W was^ .on.
d i- side. V a -emoat e

$swOW thea hat foh w e to Slis

nIDE GLANCES ByCo&broith

0 '00-



jfut :-jif. .. -L ** '"

.,.,, ; --A
J-' '-
y4 7

,," -- ,. -.- ;" '. *r.'* -.

A- t : j:. J % r-- ---,' 4



.J -,

-..u... .N eaInm


_1.- _.....,


-- --~--- -~-''-






". *_-*'_*_. ; "a, :-

- t -1


pm~o to turn
OW ball and




.14 ..... ...

,. _

.... .

I Tuf

WN W. y, Au. U.
*.O, O" -. Tho Alarm


4X The Record restss

12 39-weet And Hot.
.1:15-Music Of Manhattan
1:30-4ons Of The Pioneers
,.lf d .Rr (cod

O N-
11 0-Ot The oThe UenkA

.akePh T

136:40-6,wt And Hot.
l:o5 -New8

: 'l:4--rltt The V-USA.

IrnI Wetre (MC)
: o. It (re-
phone be-

i MsWvrpa m Hotel I Pan-
-ma -
l 4-TSaKB Of Dreamp
..._,f Mc inr D y..a B
ztpl.-I ate of @yMoiN,

BC-Baritish Broad cpat'ng

U.S. Air. Force
S.A e Of America.

_ mw..- *. P O,.. -

A 6%0 ar".. J-. U"
.etan *aoiwar eoaen In en't
-toXk own^ -ufts AM ^^ift 1*^"*ii

stern cellars-n lin the backyard
of ow home in this "Tornado Al-
ley" t rn .L Blackburn's
u ,n bul ow rm cellar for
bimelf, the other for -sl, oIg.



at S

r. 'nftua". -"like this in b
Iaysa" he 6id.
-the ai r;
- a man or m m-eer l
By Ume. .-; .; -;
ron-com e i-leb are.
titke a soldler," Codael Zoi
' *,- '::.

Notice of Meeting of Shareholders of'
Consultdated Transportation Service, Inc.,
Sto be wi at the effye of the Company in Carnda,
Camal Ze on saturday Augs"t 2, 1 at 16 e'loet in
the foreneen.
1. The quarterly financial report.
2. A atter of vital importance.
3. Any other business.
August 155.

'I- or
ubuy one or

pk^ san4<'
yy~"1 **(*~ii ,


n "-" ".t" '

on U-A.Ulst Pricqs., .
Why buy inferior tubes when you can
buy the best.
This offer is for a limited time only.

Ave. Central 9.13 Tek. 2-3364-2.2566


4 "- j'.'.t: ;e.' ,L'M I j
. *-,, J it-" .a,-- : -9^ ~it^ar.b l iej

A ""sdw ASsWuc. suc ,
says: 'Twidhnree ahi"
to do anyth l waito do.
They ri e -ern i bsafn and
break window,.,- t,.. pa
ball. R Tey we br # a. i JA
their own back yard a burned a
neighbor's ne. Wo Ivre getting
tired of being bot bryy these
chidre. butthet6paretos d at
wim to care what they do."
Children allowed to oam a
neighborhood and deas they please
can become a problem. It is easy
to look on them as just a nuisqet..
And yet they are children to be
pitied and If soWle helped.
Some negh d in whh
there are a lot of children with
most of the mothers being at'home
all day- can aborb a family or two
l of children whoew repts are *one
all d nay ithe mOers are wiping
to make the to take them In.
It in't eas%, for the children
hate to be taught that they must
obey the rules thn mothers lay
down for their own children, And
it is all one-sided for the working
mother doesn't do anything In
But It is a practical, Christian
way of helping children who des.
perately need help.
Perhaps, if the mothers of your
neighborhood could get together
you could work out aome kind of
plan, whereby these -.who
are actually orphans during the
daytime, could be Included hn the
saperviied play in neighboring
houne &Rd yards .
It b easier to ay, "T5 i sn't
my problet"-and it isn't-and to
look on the children as nuisances,
which they are.
But a yempathetle attitude and a
helping hand wBser*. oered ft a
lonely neglected lin tab work
miracles and is the most rewarding
kind of community servit.
Graham. To Start
New Manuscript
-Evangeliot Billy Graham re-
turned home today for the first
time In five months and said he
will devote three weeks to com-
leting his new book, "Secrets of
The mmusacrtpt must be In the
publishres- hsndL by Sept. 1,
Grahar said. The book "will be
a discoqye on the beatitudes."
IOrhant arrived st Charlotte
j 1 p kla and motored to .thi
mou=tai, retrel. H hass:,M
KiOf'. 0 .& frv -0.i.

two fablnua i

S. -


. mG,.-


Custom cenm wnt i
Jon. Fmimu eti
aw.eks, 3.,

Criss-cross elastic front dips low, divides divinely..?
elastic back sets lower and stays lower. And she
exclusive biascut elastic sides self-adjust for
Fabulous Fift.



mb*af**w hr
Fine. Embroidered
Cotton with Sheer
Nylon Net

A dsscem wear, lovely *to soSlwiasI er
that's Hghtu airy, coufomblifeNo ftckIdiag
ewe, wahes easily, dries quly ad holds b*
ik shape wah after wushl


PANAMA COLO/," .- -.

- 9 WO

In ojbt fleflg&ett 21

,., j .

0-. .

by "Bartlay"
and "Rich Guild"

at less than U.S.A. 'prftes.

I- .*'S

-t -
-*Ywr f wlp- *-
efeeub i er he ha

ou can emee in right now on a Buick
Dividend distribution that's like money
in the bank foryou.And look at the nation's
new-tr sales figures will tell you why.
This year, Buick Is doing far'better than -ust
outselling all cars in A merica except the two
most widely known smaller ones. This year,
Bsiek sales are soaring past every high-
water mark isn the book-pastMMO cars-
and we're still going strong.
So. We're declaring an extra dividend for
you. On top of the long trade-ia allowances
we have been making all year, we're adding
a profitsharing bonus allowance.
But you'll be getting a lot more than a great
deal. You'll begetting a great ear the
hottest-elling Buick in history.
You'll be getting Buick's far-in-advance

Even the new no in hardtops-the 4-Door Mvere-
is Included In our profit-shlrin g bonus deals today.
Shown hero bIs the law-prceko Buick SPCIAL, 6-Pm-
Mnoger, 4-Door Rivier, Model 43. Abelso volableo
thesdpcirmly powered CumuRY Sedriu Model 63.

styling, Bulck's mightiest VS power, Buick's
highly envied all-coil *spring ride, Buick's
extra sizeand room and comfort and solidity
of structure. And you'll be getting the per-
formance thrill of the year-Variable Pitch
Dynafow*. the switch-pitch transmission
that's taken the country by storm.
Come in today and see for yourself that
there's never been a car like this before -
and never a deal so easy to make.
* VMA tPi Dymomad Is se Wy D" 'hw.' Sih AU i Aq.
Is is A Ws as. rOADA.S epis n ods a s w as

6 7 ". ""

Bga ^flfi GmlclAHistory!
I .,. .- ..iwiiniS mS asis t gsams us

- .5slairl -


"'''.*''*~~~~~ **''^f*** I '^

Fashions favorite in color ad styles.

Choose fiom our stunning new color
also in novelty designs !



A huge selection of latest colors!

A new shipment of pure slk

"Adrian" TIES

Von don't used moay
lust say: "Chare It


-"aberdhsks jor men. goo d fatE"

eos. 25 a 71 Central Avenue
II Panama Hotel Plana de .Mi

Opp. Railroad stou .

* .. .

-g -.*- -


-S. :
.. .-xflSS~b *j *d


- -;- ;;; ---- ;--;--- ~- 1-

~ 2~

not mo



**",** ivfywti^
/^*"*. rS.'",

- I' **~.y~* .r

- S., *~.9 t ~ r. tv rs
*~i1 5- 4~

4 7.' "-

t. -
-j -

-' S


7T 1 lVIEJ

.00 the rocks


. -



OFFICERS- BALL Held recently at Fort K6bbe was the Lifeliner Midsummers Night's Dance, one of the'quarti
OFFIERS BALL dancns at which new officers are Introduced and departing office .given a bon voy.age Th
formal affair was spvOwbred by the Third battalion, under the command of Maj Victor L. Tipp. (U.8. Army Photo')


The car of ddtinetion, NOW PRESENT


Available In th: custom built
Also *e
Now on dipplay at


.27 Autpmobile Row Tels. 2-2086--2.3172


I r ,e~ ~ Au ine Moy p Iople arrive for th Ir wu.end ootsfatpt
TELYVELMILE JSKI almE r.7Tahgsp ls.lad pvs ttp lunch. jau*it*b*
crlier. Now d again swviebody qohWa ie ane or ora Is opta ieopter. 4
busipeaman d Abbott of JunW w w Pnatna C i Jtt OdWh
tow from a friendly craft it walef .eklt Vflei run from-tai-Haitrbor Wii
land of flower. Sharks st"apace. aasiC6lIt no objebtiod so far.-Towhg A.
bott a Prank BUnaeon. FPmtong behind Wth fuifattWra- was another' Waterseki exzrt








25 and 60 cycle

L ^ <1
a ;^ ..
"**'.nfl^^ A^-. J

r J Time payments available
.*. C t ".-

_" "-.* ^- -.^'-'-"' l

U l
.** : o.,-* -



* 54

Smooths the Road
Levels the Load




Mr uli

r I






>* *" *,,!

A -. .

- wvw ---

ft"L tS Q;. .o *4, -. ,.

% .-, ._ P. .' .. 1* r.:.r,,. -->
j. ... -. .... ... ...

.. .* and se- the tosat g Imo. .. ;p.
7 .- .be.. 0o lovely, you'll wait a wardrobe of 2 or 3 i colors Utfill .I
.Ji, f i utyli s and they're m 8... a .
,.1 + .. pareaR, 3tre ^end a
a &Ad "Psi ,b-V. ..ue-t"oa
Ssad what coldrie i i.L
From tyl. oe to. maf yoear -
S. water.... all sver or enbaaod wsth e lW stoeM.., hand
brnacelet... and earrings to flatten your lookul JroinI*j.
A wm oM oi
a' -AT Sfs oUR UlattS


No. 21 Central Avenue

W 94i '..$.-- .tb:-
.%' *,,. '. ,. f."-,'-e..* ": ..<'-'. ..
.-; .- .. ..- ,' wr
.e- 'a ^ ^ *. :. ..* .'
i^"^*i'\ rt4?-4~el tA"*^
si^1^ ^: p41*';* '^ **'r
'*^ ^ --1(* *- .L.S ij.Aii,", U C % .t*-i

No. 6 Tivoll Avenue



* I


$s 7.s50
6 piece
Tea Set

At Panama City's Union Club where generations of capital city beauties have-danced
WA INMGTON .STUDENT, and-made their, debuts, a 'young studeuit leaving soon to attend school in Washingi.
tanLD.,Q.., Was feted at a farewell tea. Honoree, -center, in zig-zag striped dress, was Miss Nadja de Diego, daugh-
ter-of .Mr. and-Mrs. Mario de Diego. Hostess for the fun was. Miss Maritza Mortles, in white dress behind teapot.
,-*- '* .... .--' :''" ,




burinr 3,;. rant .call :4t
arlids Rioardo Aria -
the Charge d'Affairs .ad
interir- of the U-nite~d
States, Robert B, Mern.
minger, prose nt ed the *
Chief.Executive with erapa ,
'set which came as a gift%
irom Vice-President Rich-
ard M,.Nixon. Accompany-
Ing Memminger to the
-Presidencla were, standing
'beside him, Duncan Mc-
Kay, Political.Officer of the
*Embassy, and Carlos.Aro-
'semena, Secretary of the
Ministry of Foreign Rela-

........ .....: ,' "-* .- i"
4" ." .L. .4"L A Io arr-wears -..pas ".'.. ion.of
We.b _.w. *I .. aa-g t ss L ;.The Cmw AR.
" but10*4 tS $ atne*A~ of', S .
`w.r;W S rrf4~tJpaw-g; -the
VaiYse *;* iW LJLul~awW-sf Sta RCAIL 4*. Cemmrander-
'WArawa mpiOil6 09MR00der.
": o Jr iS_ * : 4v ...
-- -- ,. -
IM M. -2r40~'fl'"


*. -

AM. r tNe hc';'rW
"% '. ,. -'.,-;' .

" ..' ,J a


lo s. faion for your money, w n you.
s w your own.

.Co and, see our ro/ls and o ils of

* Swizerland embroidered linen
in beautiful colors

* Silk printedtaffetta
in lovely shaden

* Large varity-f-cotton materials

1% : ] ',-

* Si

At. 4t


S0 R B 0 N will give you more security and economy.

S" 0 R B 0 N Gas Stoves are all porcelain made and

easy to handle.


Buy tn


"0 R B 0 N" throuougur Easy Cub Syitem.

No. 11-18 Centrl ,m. m


' ., .

I *5 -rrASL




'$4 -P.

' :'




.- .'* *,.- ;. :-. i .. '. ..
." .

^^l~^^ n I a.,*j
.,- .S :.: .

SI;'e xi
^Hj^B W'9In exp



Sstrewt wa 1S
4th of July Age. & J L.
1.iisfAru mm Lm S d .0

I.. -. .-,


cenl a ve -"
Lo. 5* Wam-

U Ti "'

r -, 4 -
Agenoia Intersal. h '
.....' ...0'- "
'iSS^^ S^- ^

12A 9 S 11

Canal Zone Dental Polyclinie
Dr. C. E. Fabrepa D.D.S.
Dr C. A. Roy D.D.S.
Detfa--bridse work-ll- brave
Gnerl Fpractis.
TivOi (4th a. Jl) Ae. Na. SiA4
Telephone u.zui"eml


Phone Panama 2-0552

"We can help YOU with

Dir. A. a I. ORILLAC
Ipsaime r Graduatel
SPanrd Avenu Tel.. 3-1M
tl blockfrWom Lua TIeaSraL

pJ Pckes. Shipper Mown
0w 2.S-2451- 2.2562
S W Lenrn Riding at
i Rinl & Jumping class doily
S to 5 p.. Phone 3-0279
Or by eppelnnment.

S (Continued from rage 1)
,'wtt his statement that the 15
Vt M of thorium' would replace
th mjIona of tons of coal this
country. .now uses for power.
The ftuslan said their re-
actor, with.a system for turning
hlat in44d4tlle uranium "fur-
" oasce" Sto 1 m for the 6,000-
kilowatt turbine. generator, start-
ed to work June 27, 1954.
Since then, they 1 t ia.
Shabms stem- enrsa 4m ,g

S Household

FOR SALE:i-Mokoany dining
room furniture, bland. Phone
3-5032 from 11 I.m. to 4 p.m_ .
,FOR SALE:-Ga stove and re-
frigerator, very good condition.
Call Penoma 3-2134 for infer-
FOR SALE:--9-plc mahogany
dining room sit. lItost imtle.
Phone Belboe 3336.
FOR SALE:-Fontastie BeinfI '
Complete double bds 6 .60,
Dining room at3 I1.6p, Modern
living room mats 189.00. Word-
robe. 33.60, Vanities with stael
75.00. Kitchen cabIneth 9.00,
Desks 36.00. Center tables IS.-
00. Chests of drewers 22.00,
Double bad spring 1$60, New
mattresses 18.00, P bw6 2.50.
Al. refrigeratonrs. klthem ebl-
nets, sofa beds, et. Immaediete
delivery with aeell monthly
payment. No co-Sipi. HOUSE-
Ave. No. 11. Phone 3-491 1.

FOR SALE:-Q.I. easier $11.
solid male tear table $15.
1521-D rvll.n Read. 2-4331.
FOR SALE:-Eqellent refriger-
etor Frigidaire, 25-cycle, and
fumrnim Perols Market No. 4.
FOR SALS:- Mehelnwy dini
mm table and fewr chain $55,
mehogny booksam $15. Hose
1521-C Gavilan Reed.

South Vielnamese.

Rejecl North Nole
SAIGON, Indochina, AUfg. 10-
(UP)--4oth Vietnam anuounc-
ed today there W11ll no-i I)-
Vietnamese electipna urle freel-
dom of vote and humpa rights
were Iuaranteed in Communist
North Vietnam.- .
Nationalist Premier Ngo Dinh
Diem implicitly rejected a joint
i riltlh-Ame rican rec-
d m tlon. to. AblU tar, t-hW

jor part of the nu.ear po, l ..offl sta the
development program" should o t a*~t
devoted to a new type "fast re9 turned own a; aS midpaknd Ai
actor" which lets a concentrated ovea North Vet s *"ot, A
uranium o oplutonlf.' "b urn t.boths eideas-besnarraNgIng i
without Ige ntrodueton of a for net year's elections bythe
foregln eiWnient to slow down the truce pact. U
reaction. ol
This makes possible greater el- to work all the new generatip.
fiolenoy and power in a small stations needed to ksep. p wit t
rector, but Is hard to control. Brain's' ring power tande. ai
T ous the fast reactor has
-ot efl.e irnessed to power. In another paper, James A a;
constructionn of nuclear pow- Lane of the Oak Ridge National it
or stations with fast neutron re- Laboratory in Tenneme, said U.. M
adtrsn is still a remote prospect," nuclear power pnts mI y
Nlokhintsev said. "Fast neutral produce electricity in 15 or 20 pV
reactors as is shown, require years Just as cheaply as coal, X
larger initial charges of ura- oil, or water power produce it co
nsum-2B5 or plutonium.. ta now. tir
thermal slowi neutron reactors. te
"Thp use of highly enriched He sad the United. tates I an
uranium or plutonium forP ow- "well on the way" to-wa de- 1 T
er production at, present re- velopment and construction of mri
stricted besides by the fact that nuclear plants to produce such a
these materials can be d ala i low-cost power.
for military purposes. | '
*Therefore, the sooner the i
jumt and reasonable hope of
all mankind that the IsIw tsT AsiaitCA11
righty force of nal t e us- I, 11 conI ..CEN
e exulusvely for lueaeful 11m'n M1i ,--
purpose is tealid i he mean dy.
r wUil Jasmie enosr emerge imI- s m Moday.
Cs the road -to extensie de- m ml

a aid the U. S. reactor was
typf with a rated capacity
o0 kilowatts In which the
ictUvity of-the steam is un-
1y l o w .. .
worth's announcement alo
led- the fact that "general
tons" are 'that thorium
nl will replace the original
pj.adl of uranium.
i Views were considered of
* Importance in a torld
o uranium Is. relatively
m and in regions such as.,
kn where coal is. Mltbw In
I supply or heavy-minued.
hunm, a heavy metal fair-
amon in the earth, is more
ful thlan uranium and more
*, extracted. The biggest
B deposits are in India.
Worth said a relative hand.-
E thoru woueald be ebou$t


2 27 37

Ptr HI-FI Ufl

PI;r 6Mt

Automobiles ALCHOLICS N Y I Mount

FOR SALE:-Goinu cr. o n e-r
try? New Jersy delivery, at.
1955 Chevrolet Bel-Ai (station
waen. V.8 mother, power glide,
power steering, air conditioning,.
radio,. white tires, specially priced
for quick sale. SMOOT & PAR-
EDES, S.A., Chav. 6sm Buick.
FOR SALE: Bargain! 1949
Hudion 6-cylinder "don. good
condition, good tires. $475.
38th Street and Chile Ave. No.
6, Panama.
FOR SALE:-Lete 1952 Cadillac
$2300. Panama 3-0267.
FOR SALE: 1950 Chevrolet
Convertible with power glide,
radio, heater, excellent coendi-
tion. Phone Diable 2-4130.

all lae' modal automobiles:
Autes Elmeman
(Bleside Ceca-Cla Pleant)
Phones: 2-2616 2.4966
P Panema

J"' A. _2l.PM,1 A ..,.C. c.-

izII. T .


FOR SALE: C-eskr Ila
pup.. 168 VY Bei* Paorm
cottage rerl). Per IIfesmtion
call Kobbe 14-5105, 3 e.m. to
4 p.m., Set. Gardp. ____
FOR SALE:-Twa. Feddi- 1954
model '4-ton window air condi-
tioners. 4 venetian blindln ivory
48.66 inches each. Call Pans-
me 2-2634 daily S-5.
FOR SALE: A lot of peated
plants very cheep. House 176-
*. Pedr Miluel. 0lH Dihxon.
and Mavis isenz. price $5.50.
will s8rve shetly. E ef,. vyour
copy *nw. A INCIAS STEER,
S.A., PhasM Pawm X1219.
FOR SALE:- Horses for riding
end general use. Camilo A. Por-
m, 43rd Street No. 44, Belle
Visto. Phone 3.0434.

FOR SALU:-1941 Jeep Station
Wagon $450, very good condi-
tion; refrigerator $60. Phone
Panama 1282 after 2 p.m.

FOR SALE:-Silver Cornet, x-.
scllont cnditlen $75. Phone 2-


New Flight To Washington, NY

Planned By Braniff, Eastern
a -

One-plane service between
PNama, Washington; D.C.. and
New York and dally service to
the .U. 8. will be Inaugurated
August 18 by Braniff Interna-
tional Airways and Eastern Air
Lines, C. Melvin Doolittle, man-
aair for Braniniff in Panama,

t of the new in-
hrough service
a on Augqst 18
change serflce
me gh operation by
td connect both the
dast coasts of South
ig the northeastern
ibtd, the U. S. Deluxe
ur, first class and tourist
e willbe flown between.the
0. Cand "uba, Panama- and
thsAmedc. a.
" ,0te equipment of the
s will be linkd
t W! *. with each cotb-
any operating the single aFr-
raft over its own routes wlth
a e0a flight crews, but pa-
mnars will be given a through
Wetee without change -of
lanes. '
In addition-to the new. east
at. flights, Braniff will con-
iue to operate Its present In-
rnational service to the south
ad atdiwestern sections of the
lted' States through the Mia-
. PVa. and Houston. Texa sI
Regular schedules for Panama

TRAL Theatre release'
.. The Month's Best...


1 I. -
A strong story is more important than the width of the
lcreen Ir we box-office vlte of ts. stars. Proving this
point, Bht-anar hav turned out a poignant movie
baed on Paddy Chaye'sky prize-winnng television play,
Osr United Art&ts release today at the CTRAL Theatre.
In shows of 1:15, 2:58, 4:57, 6:M and 8:55 p.m., "MARTY."
That icurCse wana hmittoe of two up miorous peo-
pie,. a butcher and a .pomaber. who fi l a world of
U mdeltandin-g Ione a O lm'. eqntunet eTheir per-

and pa te e" Iba chdez

A" t'

- I! -

Include: A -combination first
claus and tourist flight on Tues-
dav morning to Washington and
New York via Havana and first
class flight departing in early
morning Monday, Wednesday
and Thursday. A combination
.flight to Houston and Dallas
with ,connections to the west
coast and midwestern cities will
leave each Saturday morning..
First, class fights to, Texas ,will
have .aldy mpornln.,4eparltures
on Friday and Sunday. PaSsen-
Rers on these planes can also
connect at Miami for other East-
ern Air Lines' sschedules ilto
New' York. Sotthbbund, ftftn
Panama Branlff's routes extend
to Guayauil, Esuador; Lim,
Peru; La Paz; Bolivia; Asuncion
Paraguay: Buenos Aires, Argen-
tina; and Sao Paulo an Rlo de
Janeiro, Brazil.

The international service will
also mean more convenient con-
nections for Panamanian pas-
sengers to more than 130 U. S.
ctiles served by the two compa-
nies. Major cities on the Inter-
national schedules are f o c a l
points for the vast network of
domestic routes served by Bra-
niff and Eastern.
Both companies are pioneers
in the air transport industry.
Eastern. was founded ina May,
19U, and Braniff in June,
193. During the first quarter
of 1955, Eastern flew more pas-
sengers than any other airline
In the weld, according to of-
ficial Civil Aeronautics Board.
The company Is headed by
world famed Capt. Eddie Ricken-
backer, who is now chairman of
Its board of directors.

Braniff's services to Latin A-
merica were started in 1948 and
have continued to grow uVtl.In
1954 it flew 80,410,526 a enbe
passenger miles over its inter-
national system. The company
initiated the first tourist air;
service between the Americas
with corresponding cuts in fares
ranging un to 25 per cent of first.
class rates.
Braniff was the first to fly
on--stop across -the heart of
South America to link Peru and
Brazil with transcontinental
non-stoo service. Itts .won a
safety award every year from
the Inter-Amerlaan Safety Coun-
cil for operating its internation-
al routes without fataity to crew
or passenger.


1 T tmndhts

'.ot Wal.,

L ioikt

fl 5S i,!_+.4__ .v ca_:er a
KX RIonlC. ,fcl..nm of
.df ma !-V le.,i)ht sam,-.,
finsas ad -m unJslie l k me
-IO ".4 ..

FOR RIHNT a- Nw ehleh. thie
hed-eamm 16 N -4iu10g
del Mgr, 4.- o.f 7.k Avs
and 1Peq4 Ccs.mMiJte iMs Iis
&J M .PoaT 1-wi5-
F10 E MNT: Thmw-heaaqm
boml Gelf H"w. hbem wmetr
HanuivWs. -two boter M Ws
* quean, speetaai m1aIuteld
BrmInd. Phone uesla 2870
after 5:10 p.m. .

FOR RNTr-.- km mMd floore
Pint National Citvy ank .Jld-.
lg. Per .particularm. ply t
Blak in peane. or audd Apr-
taod $55 Paamm. R.P.

Real Estate

WE BUY, Sell and Mens Real
Itae. "TP lImeadel I ,"
Cathedral las. Pn-am. TAle-
phone 2-0857.

FOR SALEt- Apartmeat build-
ing "Sh Ja,. Rio Abeji No.
2192, Centrnl Highway. Apply
Apt. 1.

US Army, 'trved in the Canal
Zone recettil for duty in the
Logistics Office, of the assis-
tant chief of staff, J-4 Divi-
sion, Headquarters, Caribbean
Command. Prior to coming to
the Canal Zone, Rice was sta-
tioned at Fort Leavenworth,
Kan., with duty as instructor
at the Command and OGneral
Staff College. He graduated
from the University of North
Dakota in 1939 with a Bachelor
of Science degree. Rice with
his wife Elaine and their chil-
dren Cathy, 7 and Bill, 2, will
reshide In Albrook. -


The English Assoclition or Ac.
catanlots & Auditors, The kga-
lbh A.moctlsOt Mtite Agents
A ValumEa, The Engllbh Amacla-
tlim el a1ret1armes. Admission by
emmpIen (Stale experience) or
ex athina. Coaching London
f, 5 Chrt S., New. -
taryhip. I bCarles St. New-
paort. Man. En.

AprIwenha -~


I fKe. Pr*fenimel office
and, A e-adt R A avemlb.
Ai* qbe Offke. IEu beswt,
Pume I. Colm.

FOR RINTi-U nfurnlshed
screamed aptnmeat, two bed-
romU felag, dinil nmm,
moed's Rem, itwa als, eah,
goaut, $11t,-at "IL CANGRE-
JO." Skeet NoMe. 2 building
"Carecm." Se Doe Cntre, AveO-
nue I No. 9-42. Phe 1-1616

A-'-. -

Minister Operates
Store In Absentia
GRAY, Me. -(UP)- A trusting
soul is Rev. C. Weston Jones. who
operates a bookshop in absentia.
"Come in." reads a sig.
"Browse around. Take what you
covers of books. Please note tea
taken and put money in tin box.
Thank you."

The minister is unable to be at
the bookshop much of the time be-
cause of his otfer duties. Yet he
says he never has lost a penny
or a book through the system
he uses.


,'- H -
4. 1. ."

.- -s-e. s feh'w ". M'.

ht erat.b *-.
--.u ...- 1.

WA SA( C9peS, hqe

it f~~l

y-. A.-. 1 .;:-, ,-.
* *R -- ,I '.;
ll^ *r' ;


ut1o- o 0m. m., r ,\

eMwl furlged apartments HOME WA .ttS.a b-MsW f
o -i t ste Tole- MM tL sp
phla Smndlh, Selkee il3. l d 43" .7 ..
New."-... *-W i.- ul .

New Reserve SItf
(Coati.ned r Page 1) .
-k .....

return to your Job, you'll be
placed-ln the Stand-by Reserve.
To avoid being screened back
as an R,., .however, you'll have
to stlek with I pritical job for at
least 7% years. And the Salec-
tive Service system will make
sure you don't step out of line.
Thoie of you who are now be-
tween 17 I and 18 years old, or
those who will be in that age
bracket in the next four years,
have the toughest choice.
Should you serve two years ac-
tive duty and then three years
as an R.R.7 ?
Or should you train only three
to six months to be followed by
71J years as an R.R. or eight
years in all?
- If you're eligible for the lat-
ter and eenslderianr it as a
choie, there s aevel de-
tails ya eurht toe know.
First off, do not worry If you
are approaching 18% and have
not yet finished high school.
You can simply sign up for
the program .and continue your
eandnation until vou receive a

fly (or release providil u i
grem tobecome an BjV threee
years. This would be u to
l50,060 vaolune ,y .
Secendly, eou-.. o i Rt.R
for onl e yr a you get
out .Of the service a ten be
relieved of all further nlltary
Thus in the case of a 4itjonal
emergency you could not becall-
ed back on active -duty. _hi ir-
000 men per year.

Legion Auxdlary
Te Hld Feslial
I" I -- "' '

FOR RENYT-Unf rulehed pa-rt-
meat, e. bedrsm. lvingdln-
Inag reem, peah spe ues kitch-
on. bhot we, at eNo. I Gererdo
OrtegO Shtreet. $65 pr month.
Call telephone 3-0422 for In-
FOR RUNT: Sall furnished
apart smt. Bet residential e-
tiesn. Neat all bus step. 43rd
Seset No. 13.
FORRENT:f- unim ***eapart-
ment, centrally lted, Cool,
only to married couple. Phane
FOR RINT:-Apartmnt I3 bad-
room* and 2 bethroe l, living
and dining room cembioatlen,
large kitchen. maid's room with
service. Campo Aloera, Phone
aftr 6 p.m. 3-4242.
FOR RINT: Apartment comen,
plately furnishO4. 2 bedrooms.
living-dining room. geraeo. Call
52nd Street No. 5. Apt. 4.
FOR RINT:--Furnished, .1-bd-
room modern npsrtmprnt, m.
All cnveliences. 103 Via e11-
marIo Passes.
FOR RENT:--Unfunthihed opa.--
meat at "ll CongreeO," F Street,
"San J-d" Building. Phene 2-
3004, 524627.

FOR RENT--A-passtan, *n1fur-
nished. 2 Iedemams. beth, per-
,bredhoig. Mot ,'.
vte. o w,#t ,fi ,!er ., s
and w e, 4rst treo* 171-
Infemstleont Cumill A. fetrres
41d Steet N. 44, Belle Vista.
FOR SALE: Garnmai.t in-
scted, fuitull imbhad, very
nleo small apartment Jlet r-
decoratod. droper vnesties
-blinds. bullt-in kitchenette mat
Including ringe, mink and rahl-
arator. Rent $45. Ne. 22Oth
Ave., San Frnelse, lust eff the
Ems Srvick Stahten on Via Per-
ame orPhone 3-1711.



"MDABLO U m. Ume | g 0.
I -am qfla WtI


Jim --rn

wM M mD a S nw lelehoenulr eqlHn
Mm TELEPHONES un, lth. @oft oca
TjLtpboiM Department of oa de Pm
'wtfba completed inst l th'I
- M Exchange, which. aeAa.ia0
7fl_.i and General Ma"a.-r of 0 -W_.
to accommodate 9 S n o
ie rease o tfI .
the 5000 '


* s-Y:C~ *~
- ~a- --..-w

- :. -

' *'I







--otler alternstvi" you have Pioceeds of the festival will go
is to join the- National, Guard. towards the Auxliary's fuads
This was possible before the new for the care of disabled veterans,
law. education and4 welfare of the
Under thi -'up you nt children of veterans sad the or.
Under t set-up, you Wo.nsaation's comunlty act--
be drafted as as yoU to u5toes. ,toIt
weekly drills and the encmp-
menu from the time you are -
until age 28, whn you w eld ae
no longer liable for the draft. luDi R'5 I
But the Natiuml Guard units.
In each state have quotas which n lll I
will limit this opportunity. 1
One more fact you should bi e ar -
aware of before agree to foi iW li
serve a long tm an ..
that the Prelsdent now has the PAR A t
al pemillion PARIS, Aug. 10 (UP) r es-
uthority to ll e llondent General of Morocco Glbert
RR.'s into cSttive duty .e Grandal arrived tosy for awur-
of a national emel n et col.renoe te Frach
So if there's another __~e~ra5t ent: n how to .anve the
like tha ordeali Wa, chafa how to Solve _he
like the ertn war ,_ sidmmering crisis in the naor'th
ary oumightbe .ortOfIt. African rtectorate.,
Irtrtbs Data into V a
to 2s81aM"d i tth tw** mitarv airport early tyamora-
yearn activeU ty, have; l d called on Worocean; .id Tu-
Wag L 1 Yar anqlan afs Irs Minister pl'aje J1
fta.i mU-Sa r uam t-wil Fly. Thii afternoB he ~ill be r
be two years lIes than me not celved by Premier Edgar Faure.
covered by the 6- m Tomorrow he joins G er
rather than elht yeM, de laI Tour, Residdeat of T ebia
Those Of you who already and Alertl Governor General
served or were n active duty Jaques Soustalle for a mSoln
before the bll was signed are with the aovemmant's North Ai-
not faced with a new requite- ca coor tli comnttmee,'
ments and. u willUcontinue too The meeting s e 6ete do lu-
have an eight year standby mill- mer out ai pin it WiLps vwl.r-
tary obligation without active 'ore peace la More e bad e
trang or mpu to be Gandvals remeamehtuis. .
come an ., bjec to recall Inftrmled om urg saWM rsil
only in war on. has suggested the ahaacemet
Yet you ae fftered two invit- of a sweepilg r e m sfor,
Ihg Dackaj which will hold Morocco before 'Aur m. the aanl-
funtlJuly 1,1957. versery of the depitio of Natis
Firat, 1 you've been on active aist sultan Mohammed RBe eo
duty for 13 months, you can aP-aML
[ \ ....... 'i o '



S.... "- ," -"- I s -um


.. .'


No pvpwmr-



a --- a Jn z m f aME


j -4ii M!! ,i





- --..~-. --I ~..~~,~.~__.,.__.. _~._ .__


- I -

*a j-

j %



t *' ^**1 '"
L I" *"l


iy -q .,
I i. ^:-


- -. UE- S
" S4~

^ ...7T -*- r
:- ,^,;^-. i.^ ^.,..--_;,., .- -. -
4. .''.. .,,..+ ,.


IrY 1Lf

- N -


a. a-e

...-.. ,-T%. a..- .a'do -

S. Oh. o an p hnr betwet tempting
* t. _,.k +' ...... "i...... ... Cro2 pl ye m movie .f.-ra ..-' + lying-"ow n -
*Ftdres. rW ,*t A l kid mus uthio fun omtri f some wealthy
S "'. lriot : r Nite.t. f iends ," .he ab told me,
-- o-, Dr. E age a Mrs bs For "o.t e l D, y ,", 'a- -e's ahb.- .f
^-ui-x^ tu Ma h iefnis oar tbst a Fre so e mo ne. a dia ng a -. the new
-. i. *r. m 'e3r A .at_ Co'u1 w .ww Dea n Marnti-Jerr Lojs movie,,
S- here's no"You're Nver Tm Youngn.
S I eeof tho southern ds o hor e to es iv "Dean and Je lry ca
-.lit ', .m.r.o n rof the Motor tra yortat_ This e D betn want to "
itO oated from Mar~lb DvisL lon .will ave put or a l If stwr i t Bd w o wat to
SPah-eco and her wegh Bol and froms George- aithian 30 yeart with the U.S. gov e. tAntrip o
So a town. VIttn Junior College i a., t before hi. last day n t a e, et the b 'er.. murd itn more
a frii hl ena is' W.t -0D.e C .. w Aw lh the Cmanta. eIfrester itbe w Pake an oe at Para4 eumount aI
r 'Uer Panaa 4.L,_. t rldo.Ut f ro m' --rs baeil o b ells ad be fo -r NBo t ltest wud which
.. -,. O ray School epdlB mi a r. b raluo lt. aseid .do r.i to break up the'
ttAa- .verl wher T lete Ma.._a .r t.e madu ,.
tr of ea Delta -WIr A. iled.sou ,Drector i-owtltmrie s o"d nget a r*
t au Kappa fratnity. e YMCA USO Center ato alboa, Jerry Lewts playing '*Davy le Hee ywod, Mrs. Jone ti
a naet Panama At fa autumna wedding is ad Mrsn. ilodgson after s-pendig couldn't -have wer er. Thet wa, 's est beautiful dolls
QC a e to che -iae0 f a week vacatiing at the Pana0 e rsls Uft geUealaetats -
otinr& o'taot *4through Urot- Je.r' C- eownte Inn left for Costa Rica to tgt Maole a det, at studmei
er IkBtyl -nr easye o continue their liday n the neigh1 Los An-tes and Hollywood strip disr for ed. pFoy Mamle
Sia or.aa hee Wl r Cd el. nmeM : weekly bridge, boring Country. tease t a ld solvede aw do I nt
TedR0i."". Imna at x Gest oatme wera aegeer ar guewtk who ve be t ner satre beitue h wat are 'ens" rblfem with a btuou gold h
To r-- t r t erM with Mr. respendro g a few days its the Hotel a their anage s week r t ay Arra Bought her -
pool 9a0iton eco tea. W.t With are Mrs. Mary Evelyn Fre le, of for disrobing gave several Holly. and ,tole ths how.
rf aan en .Mr e third and fourth. Balboa C.Z., and Mr.and Mr s. wood writers e fomr ie o. -r
core o the a'nc'I on fot re adu r e E.j Francisco de la Guardia of Pan- A title m vig away: You The witoet: French pastry De-
mW evel u t ad. and Mrs. 0, W. ea C.ity, Can't Swor I ow." nise Darcel to a bald-headed gent i
.tCao d fliride on the Curuad. rasde. Th shake, rattle and roll sounds sitting ringride at ,the Royal .
thetr at T:30 p.m. and ( pdwo French Traveleval of Las Vegas gambling assa Dback Ievada Hotel Ip Vegas: "I Juat
wills beelit from atie proceeds. Ated e. Be Shown Bte rer round for Ann Sheridan's tele- love American crewcutd." .
i aJ eakfs t" IAW_ C Ando GOte p m, series, "CalIng Ter Hollywood historians, ays Alan
My Oaegda m alltopg Brekfa through the eeourtersy of th Conw aed on the cutting Wison a sti ying to guess
On Vanason for the it of te Atlantic Side French Embassy in collaboration room floo. he remains a ldy wtl1r Grant (Kati y will take
Fraco Li daNeconers' Club was held recent- with the cultural comite of he es agent in the new story re
wife of the Ambassadr oSali it the home of Mrs. John L. inter-American Wome' Club. a u t l s. Sponsors, te r Atr to
va Pa isleavig to ugar in Margarita rench travelogue t will be n Ann's coIf but were afraid waiter at Malibu's Holiday House:
mti oa trip through Central New residents were called upon shown at the tmbasy to r- to take a chance with a ganibling "I'm on a diet-just seven Mar- I
SAmerica y pn. Bes deA fM- it ar el hour and asked to.'ow. eity CL home screens. ts and a bked potato, please.".
lug iSalvsderJ she w .'top in "Come yBu are" and.bring aI The address is 4 Plaza Fr an*
MlieH ,Lfljd'bi thredcd to quarter for coffee and rolls. Afte ca the hour p.m. 1AWL mem- The huobs at overcrowded Di.s EAR WITNESS: Aild Rays on
M exi an. hqur of chast and muchl laugh- rsg msy bring guests. neyland gave it a new name: suspension at Columbia studio for I
t -- e et I the guests were returned to Riotlandi. naixiag the starring 'role in "Jubal
Wo .a Vilpgja thei. hWIms. tIfleecream Seelat Plaoned Troop." Ronnie Burns. 20-
rn Mr. r s. Margareta Church Pir Laurie's joined the Holly. yearfld son of George Burns and

Mr.- -.fB -alr Roe aSan -wo anwItFera MId-s. ,,'- ,, -, p"t '

.Loi0th one Verta o ror.ow and r-3 9. FransedI Guardiman o .. drgin away: -Yunhe : Fr enchp astrpD-
two Sarrived on-h t- ere ees t the mes: ri Ln cc are panning o zaattpea now ins, ofpaint for his professional act
mus t'eek for a thee week E. Grier Marvi B rown, L ieeream social on Frida r g one with mama. Despite debut in asadena this month.
vial t" elaiq to C is ba- e Mrs. Ja.ea Wash, n w i i to 10 pm, e wh Gene Nelson Piper iA He's in the play "Picu .,,

ci!, e, w. ..t w ati.sgThe sak u aesil tryin tore gue-
for n t in of S d Fn will be give'u at 'the on l insist er w seart la in the Judy Gra e I the
W. s 7 ein -- Whteo a tae group Will Call" f., waitNg for d b. fy y two-day stand s..i.n
Mr~,~ io t nemer l 5 s, Fr has a t S poit ofb he ets t he kout Portan Oregon.
Acrich. r p o. Mc F.Fvreandz Harrinds 'a.d well-wisher. .the army in a lew I4onths. I r Lloyd ,T. BDefrd, the Memphio.
SMr. frd it eic prealdent of MG 1 Vicimor FJonL. Loner-madm e cake, Celuandy, pas ni,I
King Mertt a od :e atWashing- Madge .Cuart, Chales Chadd and home-amd cubdae, and son-dry k s, e B..........
n av sled 'irNe.-suar DinI6ba Gerspach. wch tril ofbe olindano.inks
ten, an lnvtin~ztn no bow' when the nexr af- w be sold.

a Lot An eles Tomorrow at 12:30 p.m. the ref Hotel El Panama's tradiUtonal
Mu n Mrs. Ernest Eloy fu- ular monthly meeting of the New- Carnavallto, or little Cgsarnival, R 'jii u I.A YI'
Aue o Los Angeles h ve anu covers wl be held at the home will take place. on Saturday,
noai the ngeme. as d ap- of Mrs. James Walsh, New Cristb- August 27th, in the Patio. Thin -. MARKED WAY DOWN TO MOVE
or- w of '4b tbl, H oue34-. "Carnavalto takes place every tun-OT FT hi WE. Tis is
i g'reth to. r. The gt speaker wil be Joie yeg o aring iate American cl- i
WIEKWWh^rd M~ r. sorM of Msts. mssales C., Governor of lege vacation period to enable your opportunity to reap a BAR-
, of lo. Republic homecoming dent o oy AIN and beautify your home... l
SlGebersy cAa, of0 Panaa whh the d ame festive tieas aan theid ui
bracoh'o the Du fay have Any Newcomr to thea Ca n a ebrua ar dras. Queen, or present a valuable gift for ltle
freqUdntltypil sqitWyt Pa- Zopq. fritathe Uitd Sptefth costumes, merry-making, danc- money. Smart lamps as cheap as
aSmaB m. r reiOece of eathan years lg wlo be re-unacd i the
The' bdr Anggels Timn notes on the ond bw becoe:s a npeem-i C ln lovn manner. 2.24 each.

. aa- il gTa re is r ursery for children. 1 tu d a ely a lt it l.- n .'o I
Henry Mrs.W eater the patio with her courta -itPiperLau#'e'

-anamIastradt Ata mo (Opposite the Ancon P.0,)G

UOflFh trhdose wo haven't seen
Held' W ibsfne iS I w as0t MonthMsd e "Carnival." this is an opportun-
i*- ity to participate in the merry-
WASHINGTON. Aqg 10 (UP)-rthe re .adjustment- which took ,mai ar the s =t yp ndl a 1 A U-I

Ae "atuy b .thhve ed. a .molr -o ton d adrivaw so Is layht-. ,..
jobsa Jai.Y, -an.tbm.hl-h. This mu wzi. I has sui i. iosc meansfa aInd / .11 I,
er ,e -wih spawIof-Junea*ad p s t te
me V-8en aol
P)X ,* ....i" pI & s o- bud &n 0g r U 0 f .. O a-tI- d
also atocod.. not been m watched a th7 i f ar -
o e postwar re o.eralv s. bs a "hee # .a w-" 'c
An ichtohan unusualy to arrydS g callsMoue
t 4eopreid tem tof s unusuiwm:d ecil aandy, Pi

Xingrka. r andseme'sftMtoaaan'esu
t ane1 .o.e a ,wSS s, ".m".'1jo J:a. ex# o, wil'.b e sold

In LongerlesiaToNewsweek came-rw Pe Veterhales M'aia s. .

htl. e.B,,t 's It a og be boldatthe -nbotewePaeoSrIew

0V Jr sponOfdLtials erinClnoro vcn Aonoea
nam.. 4 red-ak yereMg il ber*gnste inth
6' AMM16 im notes n the U I* 10''..."m.,lnl~~gl.:aner 224eah

Reg- trati0 o Augusrt 29 30 -
10:00 4.m. to 5:00 p.m*
Calumbum Club (m rtalr)
Residence phlme I.XI
Call for information after Aug. Uth
Mrs. Waite" I now tIn the NtSW ateatm'ntixg
vettions of the Dance Mates of Amrlie.,
the Natimal Aussolatia of Da66t mad A

II ni- -- i I -

Faltering Philp ?
rhaftp' ife Isfi lled with bruises.
Well-wi steps and rag he ms.
ERpairs would leam hIsi home like Uewi-
' A. Ciasslffeda Ist the right Sluel

-. 8 3 ",


a I


""I I- n I. I- -.



of superior quality.



1 'f-P' .,



t^ s :<'t~c


RI -.

* and a

,. 11 .: -.: *




* -
r '.
*'* .
* -- ,*,-,

* "T .,. "

^ *

*.. -"r"~7-' I ..-~'".1

si. nsca

It is Wise for a young man
who is going to buy an engage-
ment ring either to take his fl-
ancee along to, select it or ht
least finp out what type she pre-
fers. Shd wil tear te ring all
her life anc so It Is important
that she likes the setting and
that it looks well. on her hand.
A young man may think it is
mqre fun to surprise his girl
with a ring but mieot girls would
ike'to be sure it is one that suits

Tenn., censor banned Bob Mitch.
Tom's new film, "Night of the
Hunter," claiming it's "the raw-
3et I've ever seen." But movie.
men in Memphis claim Binford
missed the preview and hasn't
even seen the film! Victor
Herbert's "Maytime" is slated for
an NBC spectacular thiq winter
.,Gear obel's, a-slat for a
ong and da 6c routine with Mitzi
Gayno infta first movie, the re-
nake of he Lady Eve."
LA SALLE ill. (UP) A
housewife telephoned Mayor B. D.
Bruno during a heavy, rain to ask,
"What's the best way to keep wa-
ter from coming into my house?"
*Don't pay your water bill," Bru-
o replied.

r- V !

_ ~ ~





-* I *,- w
.,* ...'.\ '., .,i

_ .- A ,' .
.,. ,,.. i, .
( aV;l .7* -*lI- f .

24~ S ~ -. 'A.
I ,, *~;. -.
A, -

* I.- i ",.' r
1" -. -.i ; -'

... ,,".n

-. ;. -- *
; -*.- A~4
*-- *if

A 'N
qe'ete- I,.

A few ft.-ifacts: CBS-TV hbas
I.-,Uo crime series ready for fall /
*w ere';"Wanted," a dbcumen.
0 h1 tp.- about convicts and;
6I families and associates will
t Oct. 20 Verano
W .composer, is being
.6.16,& -A- %&M fl..-M .-A--- "-I--airB^

-for% movie company In
lAt works Is a TV. series based on
".'N chka," w i t h Hildegaerde
IWhN who playk the part' in *Silk
St pi1pga" -en Broadway, slated! Ted Mack I Dana 'Lyn
Sfle lead. .. TV beauty contest -
ee. EICvelya l ear from Wash.-I pianist as a young girl, thinks her
bhien,',?-, gets a big. part in:musicaj background is good train-
P. c g Brodway musical.:-g for acting. Especially comTedy.
Reuben," Marc Bl "The rhythm gives me a sense
-tel'Ws work. of timing," she says, "that's help,
ful in a comedy. You haVe to
a Lynn was eating blueber have timing for laughs."ve t
s and i; that isn't a pretty And he we nt to work on the
ie it'll do uitil the raspher-: blueberes again Rhytrmcall.
i ce. along. It made pretty uam y
11s too. because Diana iS a It'll be Caesar and. Coda back
Sa sen,. Evllien between girwhotogether again next Novemiber, at
the Sahara in Las Veis. Only
esinatance. take her well-mod- this will be Sam Caesar stage
IlI discourse about the perl.s manager at the Nevada hote
of young girl getting star.struck I where Imogene Coca will appear.
( began it 1 when sthe start-'He's an old-time vaudeville
e4. ctlng as wel as playing the'Juggler
pia .) .,;Ted Mack, who operates "Ted
Mack's Matmee" over NBC-TV,
got a nice letter recently. He often
# I gets thank-you letters from the
parents of young performers Xbho
SI appear on his show. and he fig-
.. ured this one was the same it
.N 8., Tyo ("Make U started off "Dear Mr. Mack" and
y Mind," CBS- adiol: A des said how much the writer appre-
Is waste basket with drawers. cated the nice way Ted and his
"- 'staff had treated her son.
remember I was enthralled,
by e idea of being a star." she "Would you please convey our
beg ia. "I thought being a star thanks to your crew for the help1
me t riding down Hollywood Bou- they gave our boy? God bless you.
let d in a white fur. Strangelty, Vaughn's Mom and Dad-Mr. and
I a ually DID ride down Holly- Mrs. Ira C. Monroe, Con-|
w Boulevard in a white fur, CfRD, N. H."
la on, but it wasn't nearly as Vaughn Monroe's parents still
ox ing as I'd munagined as a write thank-you letters.
Syy parents had old-fashioned Larr Biydes, starring as al
ide about actresses and they New York cab driver in a coming
wer sort unhappy wnen I be.- TV series "Joe and Mabel," had
ea an aeess. Even today, if I to take all the tests a real hackie
do omethbjg;, wrong, my mother takes before the11il m ng could
ayi "You wee such a nice girl start. Since much of the footage
bef e you became an actress.' will be taken on New York streets,
"Se many young girls, when they the N. Y. Police Department in-
get a taste of fame,and stardom,isisted and Larry took and
get the wrong ideas. There are paiied the driving physical and
a lt of casualties." eye tt test. Wonder how he was
DiaUa. Lyn., is no casualty .She's at tder-smasbing.
easeq and is one of the few
wod' actress* to get -mod.' P" *i

Sfew Hollywood actresses to
prer live TV to appearing on
fi She just did a Theater Guild-
U., Steel .n or. : instance.
the top live Matic 9
I: L Ie tter" she 'ys.. .
"Yo're not ued by t.e 4.
film shows. orever I'm mhot'! .5 I,
kind, of sit who, likes to, see her .
s*elon th. ecreen. I hear4,a1'
a I m1diW9Wa on last,
adt felt futdy. Me beli, o0 U- ;
evi n when I hadn't e iv my ,
permission. Besides, the film
shots are all a nalf-hov; an.
then's not much you can do in
that: time dramatically ".
Dtna, who began as a concert ,



"/: '
I -p

It' '

4-*^ S4 ,

.,.,!!:- ... .:. --. -...^ ,3-* *
,.*;.-," :-., *.,"-.,'
"' :; -,
r A' _.S '

"Can I come over and eat at your place,
going to cook tonight!"

j U S. President AiwOiB
U. S. President
I_ Mm-~^i

1 President of
the United
William -
6 He was the
-- U. S.
11Puff up
12 Idollse
13 Blackboards
14 Continued
16 Hawaiian
17 Dance step
18 Thickness
19 His wife was
21 Babylonian
22 Toward the
sheltered side
23 Seesaws
25 Plants
28 Pewter oin of
27 Tbhroughb
28 Hostelry
39 Bounde
30 RI.6taWAY
U At*leaLat.T .

40 We
SRate" .
43 Insect
48 Meal
48 Group of
4 Getup

so Hirellag
51 Leek of hair
I Girl's ane
2 "Lily aid tof

4 Route (ab).
IArmative t17ib 42IiltI .es
reply 20 Drei. I lakmindUa c
SPertaining to 21 Mytbi#*fS'I4 AsnAp
the ose of BRflte 85'Ip= ges
7 Roman date 22 Antenti 3 Lease
8I Correlative of 24 Sea eagle 38 Pamse
neither 2S Withered 41t iflkt ',
9 Baseball ter.m 27 Cqong t of weight
10 Cured' utenls 5 Rodent
13 Lath 30 Pie with-. 46 Make I
I Strong a kaiR f tke
alkalte 31 CVtfaISSI '47 Ptry

LP- Ia a

.- "

S ..i i I


d] 1.


m o
u|r WI.{' .. .;.* ,

t ,;. a. [ -1....
L.h,< hk ~-^ *__ : N


Ooola's Back

.. r-



.4' 1~ .~..



I HrB cqis

" .a 0' ,


The Patient Peddler

9J'c hE~dIRElm ifHnlr~'I

LrD ro


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T A'4c Las.
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Let A pSea glllof s aged to g e a the olor of e me
wr ttoolu t
wsltl' h"ve Asvr

veTte y the av 4 O the ba rt s de rd variety. ,I r f l e a not her t-w g s t of diamond, ,
'' 's" .4

beayB 'e. te In 4 the o
hier t Mit change. I win mart j ji ad th euim metes
%.. A

-k d h10e T o d b t cht l-a tle ks K onp t p chab te
wareae,-u e .,ewoule Ae e ft-,esed a r o l tb. t-wp de_ Ofa dea

Sqhuslobn.g brge O not to i an tor han usl efie are r t hl map f thm pt
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ear relgthe aa nAseire of h lrsthi berae ta tion onEt a. btk e b adqestnt trw gt i, o n 1
"Ia Oe s W r tra t .p m a iillihb ipwee y nto use No dif. l o t se.
n eJof Mors dSa r ,0 aet s 'tafldand n ea apis,
t h.r. e hosey wae wgqc the .wahiyha foo uth t to

t~; b wo teMhe a. eit East ltieng. West iseced the
Sh have noa dtt te. e L WIC heri TA ian. -(UP) -ofit damprl reaTr n e a
d tIs their ew ow utha e 'i. am H., ot god-b -r ao twtoo c ipn.
a)r Ecroa t wia not wormthm ,a t.oes r e K a Te re w still c Wa for South
ightngtou" hotel an nMauranet b tiqtned to reeave..He usud hafs di69
tie.~,,,. ,* .Ii w4eas5I %O An lA sd

a .r ..on S '-a e had Oa se to an openant, wast tea, ace ha p ven ..te ,. far n
fld tbootw avo uttae a te l eu .di r r oaas ,and r ute low'a pa o, The Itaaeo1 bwldhe nrmrhf, e w
d aThe hos : t es o a
8na6 nations a bea,,w la-e f r aseor e l iinael AWe a 2 rn a a r hl f t

i t r. ~ id a ers D w w the a n :t o thhi c-, mfe _. l "

go thhave atb e wt te the T t. -EAoseST COASTe- ANDe GULa a U.A Suth; o

M t Shwi i che HoustonIe and New Orleanshe

EP H Siigs nY: v VO ery T aen d for: r
smal v m -* ay Ikss 8ing wni h BH dh bG .......... *Aag. 1a

boy bheese. he t a crew Ye trkd- Philadelphia e more
T 00(Gulf Vmeuls -ll aht Kn. ACRU and TAMi CO
a Xl(MEICO) every iie weks ),

e y tre weeks.
Monthly sailing from BALBOA to CENTRAL
boy lMonthly sailings from BALBOA'

Thsy!zs ba k... and their mummy's got 'em... "Abbott A.PLY:
and .C stl li Men the Mu,'.,. and they've never Wlford& McKay, Inc
so.scaresd..... aMd.jrou'n sever had so much man... yes,
"Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy"... their funniest- ,kaomld Buildlag Crlstobal, C. Z..
by-fear laughs-fg -evsryone bit- motion -picture release to" 78 TR 7 1oflS: CUISTONAL: Wif 17i .- .51
8:46SMp with beauteous Marie Windsor, Michael An ,,. .......

..,,Hnt.E.Ar- .....r i..... ..................Sept. ""
,a. am a r ........... ..... .......... A.

..S. .A.'F ..........................Sept. A

Eamlmg 'Refrlgerated Chilled sad Ouuersa Cargo
CDOUos OiO New Yik'Sen ice Arrive
I Cristobal

Ao rl". .........a..... ............. ug. S S
,-,y'r book... ad t......... ....... .. Aug|. 5.

S -.x are t ti. au*? pi r i eai a $ twelve paegr& ships to New

Am e" =-,- t _iw Los,
-sf lutiJl LL n,!nq Wu in-

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he WIM: a'*WKU5'-IU

b tUn r .* u 1e 1

.eu er "a n a-
meni ',i" rucv .-,,<, '-.. ** *" .

.down bSeo ll '. ewo
ay l.tie M ittae and. iaWd

v lt *laes raa "
!or Stevenson.'" 'thie New Olk
governor t Lhedud a tews con-
,ertn caft I .taue mA l psanUn M-
nod to go to lavledOWi'.m tor
& vIrt a te atts'sM Vpilu to-i.

is juMs at o. ",wos a .iends"
51 Oevoi 1-' po "ce
While n. marrime agea of the
corlfac e, polinucssa in crucial
in i tcamphigrt doMat eonoral-
ati aiausuau witwng ImhnlitM l ge"
TSni proiinesf m natmin.
Lagke aed mthe New orb-
governor wO R aed MeIe meet
fermldn bW' eaiafc s t te
Demeerltacould put up.
He maid Horriman to a "a n e w
ace, couinn up., while Steven-
son, the unuccessful Democratic
nomimee in 10, has "done noth-
in g in te pahe.p t year to enhance
'hi chances of renomination."
Langlie aided tho eung ha et
there Is no OP "plai' to gi a t
Hareinan le oinated by the Dew-
"Frankly I'di rather see Steven-
soa nominated," he a I d. "It
would be easier to beat him,"
Langlie said he. was-.agirebe-
hind the Pres*nt.aa "h the
feeling" that present El eahow-

Cape 'od Chikena Recipes lival
to Fishe pencil es
Mot folks p t etr tofind ndy
sea; log and sha rceepes oalOpe

an; neck red.;e l- .
Clean and cut broilers in halves,
wash and dry an abbiet paper.
Sprinkle inside and out with salt;
dust generously with flour. Dip
in oil.
Place in baking pan, allowing oil

4 FR.2 OE eIe aone, muoSe
f a fnle, gi, e brown color
u and w l the bones o
lesshgotl*ae tfraey;.)

Two brotlrs, lt4 ^ cup butter
or margarine, si and pepper, 1
cup sour cream, flour I drredhin
Melt butter or margarine in
heavy kettle or Dutch oven.
Sprinkle broilers with salt and
paper and paringly., with lour.
Brown on all sides.
- Cover closely, lower beat and
eook until .tender (about 35
minutes). .
remove brers, add cream to
drippings in p, whisk, put broil.
ers back int he pan and spoon
sauee over'them. I
Heat and- serve, masking the
broilers wlMh the sauce.
OVAA, Neb. -(UPI-- I Oma
ba glfer 1g disgusted when be
muffed a putt and threw his putter
inW the air. It didn't come down.
While trying to retrieve t from a
treea e D and broke his shoulder.,,

d e alo planed to

rn at his nearby Ub-
a. home nla response tol

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*Trade.-mak of
Unerid Ltd.

$ 69.95

Price in USA

Your Saving -A


Yes, here's matcjless new beauty! For South Sea is so
freh, so orig- al in design that itjhs taken the acuity
by srtonm. See it today and make plans to have a service
for your home Or,if you prefer, select another jattoer
and set your table with Communityl '
The Vogue Chest is a beauty, in dark or blond hisi wood
with sotautin trim for added Intere. The 52-pit ste i
for t conssto 8 knive, 8 forks, 16 tens pws, 5SoMm,
8 salad erisc 8 serving spoon&, 1 buttr Wt, 1 pse.I




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If you want Bourbon at its best cal
".-, : .. *.- ."- "t "




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C atrmnen BasilioR y

-17 Favorite To Whip

ualo Scortichini Tonite
-i S 6

NEW YORK, Aug. 10-(UP)-
Welterweight champion Carmen
allo is a heavy (s-17) favor-
S beat Italo cortichini to-
night at the Madison Square
S(televised) non-title bout
w be BasUlio's first outing since
took the welterweight crown
,gnWTony De Marco last June.
A e has fought Scortichini twice
ore. The first fight was ruled

aheadulo th fight at oRupperl

adium in Newark, New Jersey,
.a draw and the second was a

Monday night at New York. The
Sdeclon foraslo. Carmenpopu
*ma..I'd life to knock him out

th tie. I know the anart's
;01: et more of me now that I'm

SAnther welter will proteseight s look-
ea e to a fight thatmpion Roculd
,di n beg money. Virgil Akins

.Acisbeno sfered three rout with

Ssgor, New YorkE h as
Vie wMartinez andstea purse of

S i d that will contnua un-
".*.7 for each Afighter. t
Promoter Tex Sullivan jays a
.ul4ialinez-Akin5 bout would draw
",zsiate of $100,000 (plus a fat
-tip viion tfee). Sullivan hopes to
A00lhedule the fIght at Ruppert

stadium in Newark, NSeptembery
;4fter his wat over Isaac Logart
Monday night at New York. The
l decision was very u Pt hau-
SManager says he will protest to

Sthe oNew York State Athletic

Heavyweight champion Rocky
uclanrio sparred three rounds
@teda& at his train camp
G Bgser, Neow York IHe us
tled down to a steady trailn-
i r nd that will continue un-
ffeiT h ghti Archie Moore at
SStadium on September
J P atteded his sister's
on Sundye wieght has

tner w l says--F.rom.

'~ .


.e* ,,. -


Incorporated, announces. 51
theaters already have signed up
for the closed-circuit telecast of
the fight'.
The firm's president-Nathan
Halpern-says approximately 50
more theaters will arrange to
carry the fight. Halpern says 243
theaters requested permission to
screen the bout. However Hal-
says the network will be bm6ted
because of a lack of cables.

Shtolous Fture

Intemtional Loop
NEW YORM Aug. 10- C(P) I
The ToratA Maple Leafs, who!

.. '

Chicago S-.

Ideally Fitted

For Platoons

some years it has been early 4e.
moetrated that football's A-tar
Urames no longer a true otest.
But there s no gre ter spa
tade than the oatonaul4aIels-,
ed big show under the hts c i
Soldier Field, and it odne more
wil draw 80,000 speetatr and a
$30,00 gate on tab night of Aug. -
1, when the Cleveland aiow n
deploy against an outstanding
eolecton of Cdkeg AllStars. o
the 21 years since was onceiv-
ed by the late Arch Ward, t s
wide-baSlyhooed production baa i
contribute (1,000 to Chicago
charities. /
It's the kick-off fi the football
season, where football mean meet
to plan the campaign.
There has been talk of the
series being abandoned, but the

haven't been the same club since contpaper mnsGoi itai at
star pitcher COnnie Johnon was ha"ll League for our more years.
read by the Chicago The timing s bad fpr the An.
Sox scored a 1-0 vlotory behind st because theirJob p .t
Jacia Crirnien Maeid ow nih Tsm o
Jace criy' -ne-aegs o half in professMall foeothball are p lced
aer olky o., t se e ine g In Jeopardy. They.'must take time
games oack in r e pace-seobing out for the a. StaroGame when
as i they're busy trying to make good
tional League race today. as money Men.
Crimlan set the Buffalo Bi- Th a .. tto put ut
own imons'lit, the Sme because of the. risk of tbe-.
number loer Dek Marlowe e This summer, for exam bor- wrk
.thlri lcs ueaban .ugar o. n Malloy, the Miami lto the
ad mond ca Te up worth W back drafted by Detroit, suffered
- -h .. but ..fe.. 5, a kne o injury that may end his
otw Msckinson alloweal.the bdotball with the run In college.
Royals two bite as the fourth- .Certainly, a football player can
placeRochester Red Wit rap- pobe h s tgre passer anywhere, butar.
in bac one Havanathey seemak to thfeel better about e-
s- so nd -0 vtory, Twhile pick In[injured while bidding for work.
arrl bled a five-b t, 1 my now, everyone versed in
third ED AIDuban Sugar in should never lose to the col-
mad L maI etAo up .h I atle w-
ls00 3-1, In otergames. he Dei t aicirt ioens last August
.layed college rules. That ke
The Sugar Oq ly Bobby Laynea on the bland were
thboe gamesO offtoePAO*, fill@jBuddy. Parker not caring to en-

IThe result was Just the opsbite
their hat was hoped for, however,
RED RAIDERS the pros turning out to be more
L T a.. -.....- I adaptable at going both e colways
dt thl Meor l eians a break, .profewhional

I"a ble t le teamseisam for Ihea firt ime were back.
Sbe called we i named to.dri them. They are-

S\aid m -eve despite' the los of the nretir-
\\ a o oyGeorg Batterman the pitc-
-* fr.. -ee *4 wh Tle atar..
.4.- >.it. .~~* /, ~._." ~ year o
Sere is' no shortaIge AlM
.l ~m~e tsa at, land w State
Sme nd hi idesohardly and
Ioa's ea t Et vshevnsk, but
theirr qd~pkked squad looked ra.
other foolh trying to run from the
split T anat the Lions, who ranse
away an hid.,31-,.
I Again seeking to give the col-
l egans a 'break professionall
Sophs for the first arme wereph G
S I named to a them. They aore
SCuy Lambeau, Hampton Pool,rge
S I Ander and State's Dave OwLeg-n.
i owe a re as effissnatchers run
ever despite thie loss of the retir-
ed Otto Graham. Paul Brown has
George Ratterman in the pitch-
Ing ad .a lot a other guys toe
.~ e ToouGrogn.
SThOre Is no shortage of talent
among the o 49a can' tars -g from
I y ch e, Al peeanof Wiscons in to
"Watkins., Bob of Ohio State.'
I"b Lam aitn and his aides hardly can
"mus about not having anyone
Sl' l tI.ow the nball. Among those
pst to do qprly are Raph Guart
I imi of ?ot-e Daie, cafornia',
Lars=l .. Oregon's George
Ea -nw ohle oState's Dave Leg-
Theia :& ..pass-ilitrbera; _.p-
neov libe Dick Moegle of lice
and. mammoth and moblOe line-
But yog can't beat organization
in. any lipe, especially in foot-
ball, "nd the Browns have the
properlyy gaseMbled parts.

.KILS aBmen fre W

That's what yen.
call hhl And fresh is-
what youa ll KOOL
cirettes, to. When
you get a tase f

lightly menthlated
tobacco you the d
heat... you
forget to fret.
you relax and enjoy
the fresh KOOf flave,
that's so cool and

tin paper tr
eni to Your
aimliersm etbe


*t:''"- ~ I. '^ NS .j ;-*^ *' Sk
*-,. -'f ftmS^in, ^ f m. f-11
iv '- i, S p. I ; i f i iB i i r a


.2 ." t- :4

.- a."
--r1- e i.3

*>-" ', ar
. .".

1.. 'a 44w


Mayor, Palm Lead Paper Mate;

Tournament Into Final Round


The determined Pan Canal Pi-
lots coached by Jack Perantie
beat the Gibraltar team 42 to 35.
With two game left to play the
Pilots led bBonner Hedlfy with
30 pl teok over tie Insin
track to the Cul Lague C oams
plonship this afternoon.
SIn the tnd game the Emblem
Club coached by Jim Beese edg-
ed by the Las Cumbres team 42-
After leading 16-8 at half time.
the Emblem Club found them-
selves in a 24-24 tie at the end
of the 3rd quarter. Herb schmidt
and Frank Stewart led the scor-
ing with 20 and 10 points re-
spectively for Las Cumbres. In
the 4th quarter Richard Morris
took over for the Emblem -Club
and led them to a 41-36 win and
4th place in the league.



Balboa "E"

Cub L<
Won Lot
Gibraltar .............. 9
Pan Canal ............ 0 3
Keystonwe ,.....n..e d
: aCda .........*... i 8
Emblem Club ......... 4 I
Las Cumbres .......... 1 9
P n Caeral Pilots
fg ft pf t
Bonner Hadley .. ..11 4 4 26
Tom Hadley .. .... 0 4 2 4
Jim Potter .. .. .. 0 0 5 0
Charles Rowan .. .. 1 1 3 3
Jim Rowan .. .. .. 0 1 0 1
John Fitzgerald .. .. 0 0 0 0
James Coppenhaven 0 0 0 0
Charles Foster .. .. 0 0 0 0
Totals 12 10 14 34
Coca Cola
Tom Ingle .. .. .... 0 0 1 0a
James Stacy .. .. .. 1 1 5 3
Doug Pa ask .... .. 8 4 8 20
Will Wkinson ....00 2 0
Ron Hulett ...... 0 0 0 0
Don Hulett ..... 0 0 0 0
Robert Fisher .. .. .. 0 0 0 0
Anthony Wagner ... 0 0 2 0
Charles Rager .. .. 2 0 2 4
Totals 11 5 15 37

s* core By Quarters Inelke
.7-1, 15-4. 25-17, 34-27 Chase :
The;.Pan canal Pilots moved ~ e haw
back into a first place tie with French.
Gibraltar Life as they won over c dley "
the Coca Cola team 34-27. Coy, '
PAn Canal behInU the shoot- ....
lg 'of Bonner Hadley and Tom Totals
Hadley led the Coca Cola team
165 to 4 at the half. Coca Cola in
the second half came back Odeau ...
Irongnenao -ou- aja-- Ja- F.- sero

.. _-*^-^-gai I nlhin Doug Pajak, Jas. ip. Aaeron
y d Charles r to edge D. Aseron
Sthe Pilots 23 to n the last Duran
qI uIs N hi quarter Cola pulled within Hrt.on
I \W tw jppnts three Umes before Adams
-rs9 Th l the Ptlo could put the pame on Griffith .
y B & AN REA DON Ice Totals
24 Years W- N; t a mPa_ Lena f li et s cIa "
Wrteu far NBA Serviee C m Pilot
I Usa tr'hs fg ft pf t
SQUESTI0N: The batter hts a Baonner Hadley ....14 2 $ 30
sarp 'grounder down the i' Tomd .. 2 trT... as,3 l,
tbse bli and h ieba Mhu aS Sm'nPotter I...1 1 3 I 3 s
nor on tr't who has one foot0. Charles Rowan 0 2 6 .Dolan
thebe pe..In the batter out? '-Lou TJm Rowan ... 0* 0 0 Caldwell
Macgregor. y __ John Fitrgerald .. 0 0 0 0Stewart -
Annoet cea. Tbeedy umo .I __-
we-e s or of base, Is Totals 18 6 1 42 Schmidt
S it bya iaed.. sq Gibraltar Ue Totals
atndr 160-w" fly rbas. ToE eorgier Tco ....l. 2 3 '4 7
he inisel DI lse. i amv Ger g LewiFrench .... .. 0 0 3 0
e MW fly rile, a 'I Worden trench ..". 7 2 1 16
.m*k by a baoed bllh is To perantt ....2 8 312P.rer.
A Dar of the Giants swung Av, cu eaoa ,. o o o o .'..
tbhte ba hit his shoulder. Was ,- Uireth
btbjpt bll or was I Tal 11 13 11 35 K. String
A. k all'.-._ because be ,ownBy Quaters ot
ben at beo1re pa bItt14410,13-l8. 3-442-25

2 aL, biihasd Morris .. t 2 2 16 i
iS 4 t ... i t'I O *a-lR y 3 a e ...... 3 0 3 412

a 2 3 3 7 -.
the J.ame Wee ,

1 pSCD-

f.- "I s m

-a ,

fg ft pf t
..... 7 4 3 18
. .. .. .. 9 2 1 20
. .. .... 1 0 0 2
.. .. .. .. 0 0 2 0
.. .. .... 3 2 3 8
........ 4 0 0- 8
.. .e .. .. 0 0 1 0
248 10 56

Aneao "E"

-6 I I
Ia ** IS

Balboa "C"

-. .. .e. a
i. II I. I

Ancon "

er ....
r .. ..
-- 'C '

Don Mayor and John Palm are
within 18 golf holes of winning the
Paper Mate Pen Company spon-
sored tWnament at the Panama
Golf Club over a large field of
maghie swinkers.
Mavar:l-:settin the. pace'I the
a-net f aitbi .tl foe

Iamaucap. 1ru1'.M a m0o .
mandiag. mx. strm.iar. e'ever
A de la oeios. ala s tds at
121 stakes.
SMaIer's 3 total 'for the fint
54 holes of the t hole medal
playA taMuaaanits three sitkes
below par while De La Guar-
dia's 216 is even par for the Pa-
nama layout.
The final 18 holes must be play-
ed by Sunday evening of this
Many beautiful prizes have*
been awarded by the Paper Mate
Pen Company, including pe n s
with three diamonds for the win-
ner oft'each. flight.
The 54-hole scores:
First Flight
213-Mavor. 216-E. de la Guardia
Jr. 219-Pete Arango Fred Ger-
hardt, Lou Chandeck. 20tiammy
de la Guardia. 22--lerb Mitten.
223-President Ricardo Ar is s,
Paul Gaumgardner, Dick Dehlin-
ger. 224-Masury Muller. 225-R.
A. Gleiehniah. 227-Dave Wes at-
man. 22-Pico Diaz. 231-Raul A-
rango, 23-Back Hattler. 233-
Rey Valdes, Bob .yd. Jim Des-
ondes, Thather. Csbes. 2 37-
Bob Mediger. 234 .Vallarino.
240-Lou Sunplon, JW.o Vades.
-Ed MaV Flttie.
I ftAeWd Fliht

0 0 5 0
0 3 2 3 216-Palm. 222-A. de la Ossa.
1 0 2 2 224-Manuel a pinosa. 225-
0 2 2 2 George Boyd. 27-Raul Arano
3 5 0 11 Jr. 2239-A. Arias. 36-Do Dick-
0 0 0 0 rson. Frank Brennan. 238--ionel
0 0 0 0 LHoses. 242-M. Preciado, M3e0
-. Moreno. 25-Bart EIicbh. -
4 10 11 18 Harry Willis.
S6-Juan Maesot. 258-A de Me-
. .pa. 261--Rogelo Boyd. 287 Dr.
Ig ftpf t calve.
2 1 1 5 '
1 1 1 3 Thrd round scores for the ladles
1 0 0 a2 in the tournament included Pen-
0 1 1 lay DanielU 76, Peggy Potter BO,
0 0 0 0 ane Wilson 81. Peggy D beWson
0 0 0 04 F. F. Purdy 84, Raltta Mar.
.-.-. tins s, Charlotte Hunter 8, J. C.
4 3 11 Petson. 93.


. 7
,. 7
.. 3
a- 2
-. 0

1 0
0 1
0 0
0 1
0 0
0 1

31 1 3 3


of the 4t Al
_ the vTOMba
the Battalo thil
" Battery tesm,

game to coie up

4d A"I Bat ..

=,* "*ydi.'V '

-Michigan State meets tm new
football oppmments, llpoi land
tanftord, At Last Laudh this
' W"I '

1, a'


w1 '
* ...-:

"'=eAi': -""-, .L *- y^

+'"l^^ :I.:/ i "" m' .

Scl toevelit thati

! l Lmm of Clevrmdotimnks

, The Yankees turned once a-
/5S P as they Taprepare
[om. Totte drive. Rilght-hond-
rt Gary "RiA" Coleman was
Bouaht and will join the Yan-
ke foray weekend series at Dal-

The 24-year-old Coleman won
12 and lost eight with Denver.
The Yankees recently brought
7 Don Larsen from Denver and
the husky right-bander has won
thr games
.In te minor leagues, a predic-
tlon that there wll be some re-
alignment before next 'season
roll around. This is the opinion
of Minor League President Q5a.
Trautman points out that the
National Leaue was helped by
shifting the Braves from Boston
to Milwaukee. He says it was the
same story in the American
League when the A's moved to
Kansas City and at. Louis to Bal-
timore. Trautman says this sue-
ese was repeated when Colum-
ba joined the Internatial
.eague hd *'D zv.r and -O'0 il,
W Amercan Asoal4tmon
Tsa r inor lesa president
says the b e-irmisn operation
at the b4tinning of the season

Earl Omphroy Tops
Eriesl MNa In

Tin i Opener
" Earl Omphroy captured h
opening match In the Omphroy
Singles Tennis Tournamen yes-
trday by defeating Urnesto Mot-
ta in straight sets, 6-3, 6-0.
In today's action, mrnesto Pl-
nate was scheduled to meet Ce-
illo Douglas while Oscar Sim-
mons an Carlos Levy square off
after drawing opening round
Due to the large entry list tw
matches will be played each eve-
Tomorrow afternoon thet fol-
lowing matches are slated: Bilii
Coates vs. Dan Smyth and Frank
Hladky vs. Angel Delvalle. Fri-
day sees Webb Hearn testing
Daniel Smith.
Sunday's schedule: Monte
Mott vs. Benlto Charria at 7:3(
a.m.; Winston Yearwood vs
dCrehn Guardia, 8:30; Huntly
Dunn vs. Euclides Petit, 9:30;
Carlton Taft vs. Cyril Oldfleld
10:30; Juan Madur6 vs. Irvinl
Omphroy, 3:30 and Ceciloa Om.r
phroy vs. Randolph Barber. 4:30.

Hanover, N. H. (NEA) -
Dartmouth's highest football
score was the 91-0 victory over
Vermont in 1866.

* .~:, I

Thei c i 1 u i etf6 1t

would h0eate tha,
erted wantedJs show ei
man a -good 'Vperin0aIg!

ai saw m a a .

ou ed ad peinde 98 thae's
a ueoe 4w pol. t we. -
7 seore fired ut of the
shoodprto.nflotp( tmys

PSeobk, Hita d Jadh l
Major the b man s aoie ea

weekroe prteos t, thei Wat
he needed now gliusa"htt
on the tfir b stebte .woed w
of0. and ended" u wth' A t'e
of li-. which put. lim t up
there with cobptek tttve t

ft .a
th as the man se( l Ca
fisr some of thw low fi* to

The Isthmian shooting tratesni-
Herman. He and Mrs. N '
will be sadly missed at the- I
day hamburger and ht deg et
together over at the Far Tr'n.
range. With Geore Her ald
Ton McNeil.,t b'
of a- fqew wei low". I Wo Fm
Ireplaceable bit Oftel sad
beart of the Sallbe-s S' ClIb
TwentysevYsmshd.s took PA
"'Sud06 .1.. ..a_ A I
wives and oe.a wewi Mfit .t
add to the crowd gathered at ts.
shed range.

-. InWI ,,,

Sagl .. i..r*. lf *** *
Kgrapfl ,.. .......******
Turner ,..*..*** ..******.
Keller .es..***0****
Teua total i.
0, LPeIM
HaOes ....j.**,...4*a*, 1
Howerth ,.....**.,,,,* li
stewart ..*f.........e..
Engelke ..**m*i*mu****__
Team total L

Lucas ...... .,....O.&..I -
Hardison ..............
Hellvalne ..............
Tettler .............. 1
Overall ..s.............. *1
Vegna ....;...*........ 16
H. Saith ............. 171
watts ...............1..@*
CrHanah 1
Hrater .. ...**
Hitch .............. 163
Jaif~ty ..,,............ 1
Herman ............... 1n.
06ttle ................. 15
Proback a............. .. 160
Perry .................... 14
Hall ..........*........ 1i ,






All Colns is Flat Ssigl
and Nigh0Glee

Goity SNeM* Carnb -

'w ..r C,,,. -e"

... = :: ,., ,-.. ,. ". : -
a '

T0ies 18 5 124i

R ,~., .. 1 0 21

-at 1 8 ..


- I






,I -

"i.- --.




r" .DO.WN
,/'. '- .. ta -. -_.. '. *" .. ... .

a warv-


ott;r `ames. It was tow
sixth straight win.

ra. 4@ the
team l good

.S W Pet. OB TEAMn S L V Pet B
..,...4 4 .598 Brodkl ....7 .0 A3 n
S .... 5 1 it

52a5% at. .,t ... .io0sf t A30-?
e ..ore : 73 3 0N Pittaburgh ..49-73 .65 35

W L at Clevla d () Sft Louis at auk ..e (N) n l
oe _, 6ift (1) N ttsugh a iPh ad0phia (N) m
erdn atit Noew M Cinmlt -at g (o ) Sammy White
S. Owner Yawkey went that high
'TTj P AY'IIS I T DA!' S UL,, for Pagllaronl despite the fact
(Tw~a Oame) (Night .m ,ULTE that he practically has a corner
W 000Gamg a 4 Ni ea) an catchers and no one else is
"Eto Chs ale, (A-2) and F Cil nati z 00000000- 4 1 to Red Sox for several years or
Gerald, myU. __yGo 10 0xS-4 8 0 z), frimm while Sammy hi ouldis healthy.
Wight (3-3) andik and att. With youngsters shunning "the
Si. a SPodFres, Blacned u1-5) And tools of Itn oance" because they
(Nir ht Game craspelltoo Is wheecod strng
1ton 02000021-4- 10 0 oversupplyof backatops putsi
.-tH ate 01O0 00 3 0 gh 0 t Gme- themin an a .dvantageous position
for b 12Chak-le (3-) and err. at 00 30ld 4 1 to trPepper, ade for bacinfg lders and out-
-"ney. Chicago a00 e0010.-.4 6 0floelders, where (hey could use a
I 'lson (8-13), S)halock,.Dor- KPHRtoin .(3-7j,_ MlnM cln,fhttle help.
ftand Smith, a atall. Freeman, Black and burgess. Pete Daley, another bonus baby
S-DavIs (6e-7), Tremel and Chiti. out of Grass Valley, hard by Sa-
(Nrllt G1m, cramento, is the second s t r in g
Bon ,oo100 001 -4 5 ..(NightGame,' .ca.tce"rbed .White.
N.w: York 010000 00-1 -6 2 Pittburgh 000180" 00-1 5 0: u.. in, it..sWt. _hataywoodo
Nixon d-5+ e-d wite Philadelphila 100 oo030 14-9 0 sunivan, who ollectid 50.000 to

Night Game r' eneler (8-9) and Lopata. majors now. te"l ha also played
Sefgblt OOOOO u._2,5 1 a bit of outfield for Louisvlue aft.
Detroit 000 000 300-2 5 1 a bitonormoAt-
01Cleeand. 040000900-4 7 1 Nlht GaM.* er having g been out for a month
(rvTer' (10-Il) Crstante, ',,t. Lous 0000000030-2 7 1 with a ilked hand. With Sulli.
a, I I nd Wiso, Jackson (5-10) Wrtgbt and a colle a bo y and the only left-
eo (114), Narlaki *and Na t Burbrink. ha Ind cater m the orgai-
age, egan.ISpahn (10-12) and Crandall. aatio. Sivan and Duck have.
,.--u ,- ... their Artmy service behind them.
Se Guy Morton, son of the on e-.
SGame Pierce (8-8) and Lollar. time Cleveland pitcher of th eJ
a .I 030400001-4 7 0 R. Baath (4-1,), DItme ar- sae me, is with Montomery
anses 1ty 100000 001-1 1 rington and W. shantst of the Class A Sally league:
S- e~..r. ----- ry Zimmerman a large Ore
gonlan. Is batting fr Greens-
boro of the B Carolila League.
S Joe Theis went from high school
to the Bluefield. W. Va., club of
the D Appalaehian. Bob Walsh
Sbopp d similarly from a New Jer.-
Sey hoblgchool to Corning N. ..,
the Red pon aren't going to be
w t short in catching.
teon oa drnt ntedg to be,
e short l cathg.
t, Sx don't intend to

iIs ln Pasadena

-m hisA -exd-,- )-play
-0 iiiWiyard

.. .. e .. t ..."71.8... ...- l .
o-.1 % gawk tT he Mavu Wu

en O




II Dan DaOnl m

eve gt never die. BU to e often, they
evty ihet-woLeome n the a. Even who aefervid
announcement of retirement, they don't mean It, and they know
The only heavyweight who quit while he still owned his
title and all t hi buttons was Gne TUnney, who had a mil-
lion dollar after his two fights with Jack Dempy and the
soft touch with Tom Heeney, and never had liked the ring,
Tunney married Polly of the social Lauders, moved into the
Connecticut aristocracy, began to deliver lectures on Shake-
speare at Yale, and had the good send +o stag out of the ring.
Take the case of Easrd .Charlesa, fogner heavyweight cham-
l on, who on Wednesday night, at Syracuse, lost a 10-round
decision to Tommy (Hurricane) Jackson, who had been knock-
ed oWt by Nfio valdes.
When you consider that on April 27, Charles was knocked
out In the ninth by so undistinguished a technician as John
Holwaa e wonder what's keeping an ln the ring.
Qaria.basnt been much 'ood since he took those .two trw-
rnd beating from .Rocky MIMrano, particularly that eight-
round kheleaftfg lWt September.
Al anst Jackson, unorthodox, untutored, but currently in
fine condition, Charles looked older than his 4 years. He ran
out of gas early, and tipped It by discarding his abort punches
and making those wid, ineffectual swihgs of the aged and the
Out of respect for his position as a former world cham-
pion, and in deference to his health Charles should hang up
h esoves. But he won't. He Is as hungry for pay days now
as be was 10 years ago, and is yammering for another match,
with Jackson.
Our faded champions cannot persuade themselves to quit
while the quitting is Rood because of tvo circumstances.
First, they have nothing on which to fall back except, pos-
sibly, social dalliance, which too often means trouble. They know
only fighting.
Second, they are aptives of their championship style of
living, and cannot get themselves to lower it.
Now and then there is the Involvement of overinvestment
and lack of fluid assets. Ray Robinson had to come out of
retirement because of that sort of situation, and I hear that
Charles is similarly handcuffed.
Although Dempsey never announced his retirement after
his second defeat by Tunney In 1927, Jack really quit.
Tex iekard, who had guaranteed Tunney 50,09M for a
second defense ef the championshp, did so with the belief that
Dempsey would be delighted to get another shot at the Marine.
The long count at Chicage had given rise to the belief that
Dempsey had been Jobbed oat of the tile and a third fight
would have packed Yankee Stadium.
But Dempsey had a tremendous pride. He remembered
those last three rounds on the shore of Lake Michigan. He re-
membered the beating he took, the deadly impact of the awk-
ward but terrific left jab packed by Gene.
Dempsey also knew that If he met the Marine again, it
would have to be in New York. 15 rounds, and he wisely passed
into a four-year recess. The rest of the Manasma Mauler's career,
1931 through 1940. was exhibitiont stuff.
Jack's tremendous popularity made it possible for him to
go on earning a fortune without meeting another boxer of any
consequence after the second Tunney fight.
The retired heavyweight champion Is fatigued. He wants
a quiet, easy life free of lonI trading regimens. For a time
he revek in the do-nothing life. Then he gets restless looks
at the field he has left behind, and says to himself, "What a
bunch of bumsl I must have been daffy. It's too soft to pass
So, the old title holder comes out of his vacation, and then
he discovers that he is old, that he has lost his zip, and that
he really is through.
Jim Jeffries, Tun Corbelt and Joe Louis all quitt and tried
to stay retired, only to find the lure of the ring, and the moolah,
too strong to overcome.
Louis came bak chiefly because of financial troubles, most
of them with the federal tax people.
Corbel, who had opened a saloon in New York after his
knoeeout b By Fttmasmans In 1897, had an idea that despite
his age, 4, and his years oft nastiity, he eoiud whip lumber-
Ing champla Jeffries. So, on May 11, 190, at Coney Island,
Corbett took s ro3uds.In succession only to find his legs wobbly
in the I,& Jeff. nailed him.
Jefft.s retired after his two-round knockout of Jack Man.-
roe in 104. There was nobody to fight.
Mn yean later Jeffries. now 3a and in bad shape, permitted
himself .to be talked into fighting jA Johzun, who knock l
hiM.out tt 15 rounds, at Reno. Bob dapre told readers of 0
Evet ing Wrld that Jeff's te had been drugged. It was a
An4 so it goes, too often, with our old heavyweight cham-
plon t gete to be a laugh. Better quit, Eam.

7 '." '"I
.. +:.- ,,..u '*J-- n' -_.,- .. *-

Kalne, Tigers .......... 151
Kuenn, Tgers ......... 141
Poet, Redlep .......... 140
m ndla ........ 139
Aaron, Brav su ......... 187
luesewak, Redlegs .... 137
Bell, Redlegs ........... l
(Basud on 10 Deelilens)
S WL Pet.
Newcom be Dodgers 18 2 .00
Byrn Yaiuu ..... 10 3 .' 9
Donovan, W.B. ..... 113 4 .765
Jikilne, Dodgers .... 10 4 .714
Nxoh, Red 8ox .... 12 5 .706

MEMMUN, --^i* i



roday -Incanto
Ia 'U

, J.. :|
.*<*ui ~rm Do'


the NEW MEMBER of the

Destiladora Nacional Family-




the flavorleft
bruntb4he liquor
that i looming tw new
popularity in the U.S.
as the "friendly blender"
with anything liquid I


* 20,



* U.


Only $3.00 per bottle
at your favorite bodega.
Other famous family members-..


- 4

S" t
- --- ^ '. -".'

- ..;..

. -..- .... -- F...

'~4 ~~'j
-- ~ ~b


_ __ __

nt ,-. a.+ 1- ^ .-.1 1. 0 Jt ,, .- .. i. t- r, ,.

pay 'er and Ob at "heove S aeeV'
1 *i o m e
Ill 6 Mc, fro t-ila f Toronto Vpa- Ma kieo.ia

On&TtZa is,.. 7 tSio I afs, o mone as eir enei.vt- s b me r -"W.t he "".1
ai d ing l urned to Ue- Asop to tw

awa .IdRe er, 106 94" o
.-..Powr, K R 1 .-..... 41 who ha t enBod e l ar yea r. e led 11e. ,

wiebth e a m blate at b the s ,t gie bo vace .w
S ltahem, m wllo G all Try In as lm o D.-
I Snider, BkDodger ..... ...0 with aaerence b n sar-o M Ut 3odeo *W J= i2
au burn, p 1hi l mt l .- _.i_ 1.e sb Insiruotd n. A ttste."r ... '":.
nn ot cIubs .......... 2 t -. s14com toped rn hp toes e adlt y ier wht .pi.'
May, GlnIt .....8-,3. 1 2 137byamh hli wpetlh b: h hisotull e w
IInf -- stun, 1a._-- All. br *ka int t DodWr-A, ;
J s Red ..... .. 8 ll is e s
ISI B.k.,om- ............ 37 .on compa ded b i n Upt uo-t os be a t Ti ye ar wlmot a -rde .
u a, uhl.nts .......... 36 nrhe. uppeot tos desJn ~ ifi i
D al k.u-a, .. o..... 9 multeavy st-e t tehe a Reoals bujumped Wt
lll f 1.+ -***........... s who had LoU Boudr u n l la y year. aB led too e le e i-dOn -
S Ma~oewn, iBavts ........ S M he ClevelM i wd't L bau w ith 44, e d t M ead e%
II keystone codmbilation sflete fbr tMo ec.b, and drove Ina Q. >l i
UN @AT% N it baseball with 'aO ver This year in almoetau bl cao
III J n, d ....years.. #o. Now d w rate Ille py of l astIn 9_a g -

I UNmore close, em a oes-/aw e."

i snider, Dodgers ........ 109 and moves to h is right or u don't how e can miss
: Mantle, Yan eu ......... 90 withe al ease. is arm is treag year," ud avy said.
Mays, Giants ........... 88 He couldn't it with Lou, but hiS of

Smith,Indians ..........

.r~:c; ;r. :- ':


Ara pnm


S .f

' -=-"..-"2^..
-. 1

ME :.,

wp ... .. .. .


Chases Sub nOffr -A ...

.dish Coast a 1 U 1i. ,

O Th Marine D epart- e te -. u-ple ne t tsh A
S chased an uni enti-
ixubmarine violating vwed-yo T 4 f u BTI d A PANAMA, t R. P3o i sa u, 1s 1 trd
tszltcnlal waters yesterdayi,0,0,
r othLed deptr the ew ar e e. hars ..1 to" .:.S.. Ada-a't10- .u 3

-$ "etoroelo boat 59es e Mal otted the.... t .e rpled. p..... .he -l 'to Bb =. a e
Uf0n de ilne le -rtaknrtaUndte sde rt "aher tkebr out t
tfled submarntethede off then tar ee I id o y i w' "wv te
of murotldnd whn ttwo fel m athe buhedn re they were Usbcpd r e t
raised.p...l. .oD a....b.W
6 from the Sweoish pa- *d

stand today how he b"Ded the bo- Hey were acrzen to aeth. znd, startedba to idrrn:" clee oendI din't wMaaoM to free No Amerles o Eareas wo
torpealno boat spotted th e t ..'.
ed "Blue Seahc"d ye tell t.rt thtiR e d d wer_
periscope wbut dsthe
ly retreated beneath the On st ood
edish ighter panesater wlNEW YORK, AuS. 10 (UP)-Ild e Jones personally end knwe Bater "What 14sppu- --d tS-.?" Is*-%" dobf0_ _.

s w tnetrs wa Wll s am C. etr undetrtaeBr att te iprr er of byod foigt HeT. aid he saS thw te b, Ar d th b-aaGallW.-.*oanIeD ie got A- rd
.the aarne u d wavenrd, of Ba In Korea where S t rid.i of the twolrk men In February pld m. s tatke ur.i "pt r etma'' 0" ---h
s ubmarie a found. a .Lme Cs at Gallagher allg.ey 1951, stretched out on a porch oi tesr bese upiq d I 'AMeuW Why werets y41**TaheMotfe

wa,. imuurderied two fow Americangthe bn wher ere w g ad rean-lt r ierad mort of e t.4Is .OldawN. clbeh" o
1 ou oate TnnlwTh at prieners ttol from the wines quarteredwta wls w- er.e said hi Te asuL Tt an e irness uae Tre- wh. Th rew ol t he

.il hTonighn JstDonald today how he buried the b- the were y ran td ldet rsd to aro. mdd oroutad eI dhlduee t C t z No Americas o oa s a a
... e d dies..w a N ,ou aha death." reported thed ana In than t, ma a re
wered witnGs,,odB yrd in sdon two-daysa

a t l mm'n e Dead?" arssin a y a Caeuen ot be fro Tn S rth r **sd
Ml A The witness wacBr Wiriam C. ate.r Coiuel Lt. Ero 3. Dluere "i yOU hear any mound omtT nth, ,, ,en and 1 t i
.Theatre Guild venison, 2.24, of Bandy nVa., whno asked. the two me" Druke ked. starioned in To -a' .I-were I ju, y .l oba', ro a it ith- ta 1 A
i wa Amprisoned with Gaagher o d r "Theywr m whining d d ran-. oborated most oAdat o. dawnclashes.,MO.
touts for the new Teae the two victims, Cpl. John' "Their Sbodies.were blUi. like a baby," the witnas re- ny. I Wasina f t
produon "The M Williamones of Detrot and Cpl. Y" the witness replied. pled. The third wtuem ob c Rol tmt um s al the
il d toghnd Donald Thomas Baxter of Wa- en In that condition-have from -"Did on say inthbb" 3bor Calumet also

thr'tampn ol t Be wi or the ^e relo" Ushe d yo :e d ge .
willt h om der bons ce apped -it duplex co--r switch^d pa an
ow-night begiin- at kon, Iowa, in Communist prison en to deawth.".0 tNo.wasf tshta t l n td h o atN pis
pm. at the Guild Play- camp INumber Five In Nort hKo. ... Why?" mn'deaths.- reaie@te cmuoI 1Ma0go
S f ream early 1961. Stevenson said he sawe the twoh .o he fru -efftsi ia l- l
playa for eiht males,. of .Br.ooklyn, bodies .aain eeral hours later ta the e ,e .T
ive females and ds slateI i |:M -4M1sed o .iurderimg ,th when he r nd seven whether men took howeverr theaoe to M t, Id repl.. Idn t.W tntHI

......t s a.... f ecdsis-t m n r chers. ro m thede athid h i rreI
preentation in September. soldier, unidentified, anof cols- them on stretchers fr m the i the s e .
lboratin with his Communist cap- "Death House"across a frozen membertof6 United. Na "
'O Mue Male Animal" by Jamesators. His court martial at Fort river to "Boot Hill" where they a an obligation to staWd by tay
f ber and Elliott Nugent willllJay on Governor's Island in New did their bes td bury them in the we.ye_ .,Ta1 h UI Nmlo., T
directed by Adela Bettis. I Yor'. Harbor is in its seventh day. frozen ground.- term_ r ?Ano-Ju In ya- ....
addition to actors, workers I The pr~cutMon planned to rest a e
ge are needed and every- Ilts case today. "How often were you on the bu-&"A* Wri ng.+
ins welcome. Stevenson testified that he knew rial detail?" Drucker asked.,All.." Mrts
Every other day," the nwites 0 bk tt. e '"
said. ..n.a..aRe [bak 0hur ita ca.t
. .. "Were you on the burial detail 'E PwE *dei elUans wa u "
more often than other men?" to A.t'am.o1 "fromnqh-
"Yes, I was so rt of the under- ton .-hhem-+. '-o ----
taker In the bcamp."At neoind chairmanthen
em other sat weeping only a few aBidaforth r efe oat_ ouf tehe-
lstni om her son' accused ao- lontrwithbo n-.
er and o witnesses testify that' eia ad the pilot c wil bWae
the defendant had thrown, her boy. en the Aloa wCle m l&PO pwini
out in the a ane'nikaer b ofncin a atrato Bumrd m bniw

she was "all cried out" before she
entered the trial room to h a r The workwh rlted
eyewitness accounts of the deathcu Ph rent .meoonmahred

of Jones. iocrre"nt bOwe Mucon-tlD
But ohehtea, rsm th me c waain as Ruee meAao
h Msjone herebard the Whoitesses tol tw

helled lonnduma crpeda

At first, Mrs. Jtone aned heearr ug e wauila
daughter, Mrs. Zg enthersy T na. ,r, a b:n theln.
who came here from Detroit. sat fa towo ejndiha t. I "p

loa. n Je n s herd th Ctol ther tith i
They glanced at the witnesses C rwaolt hew moenro toed A w3
and the boyish-looking, red-haired abo n uttheotim l o sA,
they just sat staring ahead and ech. They are used as auxiliary
listeningNEto 5Wthe a grisly accounts. stations.
Mrs.ISone firstlheard the ac- Bids duhi project will be
count of Adams. He said Galed openedashe morng of Aug. _26
her dumped the two sick men out- ins &r enter
side "like a bartender bouncing a thtaBlblding.
Then he left the witness stand FreppyfM rs
and stepped to the courtroom floor
V LANDING-Joycelyn Plapil (left), of H1lo. Hawaei, carried the men to the door. Homew,.dftn.
custody of a matron a she lands at Long Beach, Calif., Under questioning by Drucker, AN OVERDUE"MOTOR .UNCH early yesterday caused
s .Coast Guard cutte.7e1%a had been taken off the Adams testified he was in a room t dispatchS A-U S M earch
way at Pearl Harbor. her, Adams and Baxter w e r e -08c lu u ado 8 foo '
'+:+7" qUtered. T partition between Th- launch, a&.8.foot'"..'-type boat with a cr of Pana-A
Rooms had been torn down, hehdtho Pan-American Airwys San happy Ameria Ramon, ou 0
said,,and he had an unobstructed .. .diobeacon W1213rOPOrtedly Overdue. The Rescue air- _CommunistCinos prds ON TU WU-4g. Gei. Chrl A. Lindbergh (right), I'a
..._view ims thelbedswhe the. woy twwratMi m *1 b'boi. .ortabelppoximtel ha than a week, flew I S hIs r re r pubapeince talks wit reduce_ a
weiaayii betwehi an 0. t TsInIt w a dWn dM a Pa7aii vessel, due to machine S falure. .nd mo ooethesit.-nb hind-"vese eanti i on1e2o. bey lare sho eat

____nn__AVones__ad______ _wsI#%iiaio,

SufuI odV etiii-fr rt ADOtSbeO The sh Q
is Alingwith LAUGHTER!I hinting obs wn dwas kept ee from m ao.S but tI dft Uk
.iwPIuuE odnin I -as- ao.'vun u ~ -- "
.IJObS ue irates pinttafb.We just lie each O-h.
orT, OLD W ith an offer of 660, se rvicia mlat rawIteo"dbe best to oo ct eu Sh O- d e "
-T 't it n ot. MterW N aft ". i bea m anlda m foCe r
Khro ewTsothe pa.nt lowrcthoat would a sebest toIMissNorth, enacted as

Wb da nag'ho i nterior t thhM a o
B1ller aa the appa b as leav-ng for uthu CentUry-F ....exBo irE mM h4
Wderfr h Itriraatng d..eelm'pireg@SodA"t"lub& st fdle l ta 1 SqtdtJedIftor hepnew picture, "jgr
o, 4.=+ .W .I seardg 'veever an to keep themarria o eahdo

sad -DW* RftbL SO lt ro who a
Freeman was equaily casual a-I She mA that would have live O"4
t bout thee s mrfoundictheirac b .-,,f t 14wtu.o
om M ei ,rghts preg nan." neigto. we enonU t ll '
u111w.. other paint C~f~ a d 'w "G ihe sa ,a
Three other paint m marriage ,lnghe,, 'dn't bout."We'vebn
enteredblids raging ftrM$i111 ln, sand ".what .the excite. ew sinethemai o th
me1IB ndeors ., e Mi s O~k-maybe some of
p aenttsItoabout." WneWs i lls ta t j
ThWe Iatm etst L aitd Miss North was skyrocketed to us.
IDIDlo n~d VWI31 national frame MOrethan a year i.Nrhadremnhe
Zion BlA, 18when she did a ae dance onsen Ineha n'--F... .
Bbmro. Om H ft oerova k ,t
Nb &UAi. ..that the oean at Pac&t if Pa i.sades.
we.-1; s *6 eetPed more favoraeresponse s h .Arwor fame as a daneer Bob"r Wd
01 RoUs 159than.the croonew' first video ap-.on Bron w s e
hPearnce the studio h t wat _lile
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