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The Panama American
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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at- f. 4Ei
; y 30s ( -Ma i headed for the planets. -
deleAttsl agreed on that t"day in the wake of a White Housp an-
TFt::llttry wllao| h ,a. riffeal moon some time In 1957.8.
Srtr whh the components readyy exist -
Mkkwrd.,.elging. robot fi ghmf brief duration.
wil dA oMtrnate mn'sarpowerto, asap the gravltatinail shackles which
him and h*l works earthbounrd untfl now.

~i. :t~42& -

teC N.J., iuly
I- "evlt, an ea.

W rear
I-, who. two" ".
ago proed te launching of
an 5IuMtifml sphere ,u *S-
mad moon .in a Closd orbit a-
round the erth, sald partleplat-
S ing natlobs will have no time for-
wLr because it is such a vast,
full-time project.
"If we come to space' travel,
and we are on our way, it means
that itl wi require a global ef-
imt Leit,. director of the
7 Feb Pla mum in Ph el-
phi.' said.d
"All 4t the eeantries will
have to fPartleCiPat0 s4 the
^-WA W.6

In 'the:wo= s of defense sere-
tary Charles. Wilson It will
mean "breaking the sace bar-
It ao will mean that the no-
trespaking ugns p.are coming
down along the paesits.
lowed by. Improved versions as
the art develops.
cadenlts hve long been prod-
ding eah other and the gov-
eI men-to get going on a prol-
ect to launch emaI unmanned
64space slp e"o_ UP vast
unko w.hw eis at ve top
o/ ath's at here.
he.r u~umlmos condualon
was: be done.
/. .ten-

Sto auk *- do
Utvcodld be the BvsNtMir. Te
Sar saelaie
of the eah" was feasibl A
little later they !V -.tey %ere
establishing .-a atory fo
satellite research,
Last nigtr, altr the .A.
ansieseement, the'sald they
too were partnif to send'p
Yerdy' White house fn-
tiouneyaunt said tie United
States wo ul. auch, a sat ets
appromaty t, ste of basket-
1n ,d 0 U d~ e:e.



IM, wRith .e lachiag asite
sI" be seated. If tisa41
either s' wlDh fEl. a

pnsreud aen au a

finally the taer augsphe
I. S n tnow can nly gues
at hoW long they will stay aloft.
Estimates rangee from a day or
I two to possible weeks. -
Spesking for the Pr Mlnt,.
presidential seectt rW
James C. wSlty emphal.ed
the, proe be enrely sl-
enI 1c in nature.
The solentlst, said theywhove
the 'rd." as they called it, will
provide-'ialuable information
an, h "ingas air deni ,
'Stmosphe condueons wh
affect radio transmussion, and
Sthe anerouas effects a osmic
radiation from the sun.
An even more ezdlctig prospect
Is- that the- observaieos made
possible by the satmt wll en-
able mnan to share in the outer-.
space experiences now being de-
scribed In the pages of science-
The statement released by the
White House said the satellites
would "Indicate the conditions
that would have to be met and
the difficulties that would have
to be overcome U fh dy comes
in Mon geao beso. d tM e
8tqeOpPeOS In M iA ta-

Sa lkr Ins On Pay Basis

To Begin In Zone This Week

Estenalo au ll be 4stribute. prci to the
th B doy oft iculation, docu-
ton phi etary moot of e will
Sato q o b rquired for t reg-
e to -ine o oi s ed.
m, t were not _a;p;N s u_, a- oher .asi.den
-meek, tewas .sunc*e day be "S l" "-
Asthe one R siurwir'- 3 -the
'." "a. =" "
be on at b ..I f"3.g i be the
agof hier.ono l0. g1- As In the prograitn this week
deoots u.k cze tr iet i vacnationsa for do-v.

Ant notwspomored.bya.govern- AMnt of0 i ipMan j .rsonnel
nt agency. whll.armed forcesPonn=
Th vciatiOn program will will enc --*t eir e-
be held during the coming week pe civilian porson-
wniths to esa neral poce- so
use no sth w11hbe 'vaccinated Tuesday at
ud Intheo the following hours:
lie progrIamto allchildim a.n. snd 2 to 4 .m. for the en-
I- nSin... an wa s.. tire cUlc side except aboa.
t 1 boa Meditl C cr: 9 tor
e al a t nd Coao Solo Hosp al: 8 to 11
made that the Salk vae isoco andolo Hospital:to 11..
ndpro th b r e -n n Crus, Wednesday, begn
hemes- Cjdren at tne Latin Ameri-

glle uan, themrao proera. La Boca, Weineday. 5begin-

tablsoed for ptre ay program nnl at 1:30 p.m.
nyt wek,.pro ouresimence In Raa-ow ciy. Wednesday, be-'
the Zmn M be required gntat 8 a.m.
sguaari ; ..'.. ngo day bs
aOMM., t TA f at w oeW.61 mlo of ongble children
oslP wlaer-. h i
.0. W.. .. _% L ..Iva sd^ii fa1th



Defense Dept.

. '- .



-- .' -

WASHINGTON, July 30 (UP) The Senate gave its consent yesterdaytoe-
ficition of the revised treaty with Panam6 and sent it-to the White House. TI
was 72 to 14. '. A
Opposition to the treaty came from several quarters:
Democratic Senator Richard B. Russell said the Defense Departmpnt had.. %W"'
"derelict in its duty" in not insisting on emergency defense rights in Panamd,. ,
Democratic Senator Warren Magnuson warned that the provision trumh ..
certain properties to the Republic of Panam6 ment that "the next step will,
Panoami to take over the Canal Zone."
Republican Senator Frank Carlson said that constant broadening of the 1E
Service retirement program to foreign citizens was weakening the pro rant-i. -
should he investigated ":
"Democratic Senator Wayne Morse, together with Magnuson and Reppblicajtf-
leader William F. Knowland, served notice they will oppose any attempt to alM
Canal tolls to cover increased costs under the treaty. -
And Republican senator Fran- base Its defense Installations Lon, Magnuson,, Ol 'p. J
cis case said he regretted that durlhg World War 1 a- should _t_, Richard L. N
the U.S. did not take the occa- have iken step to seeit doesn't WlRobertsn,
slon of the .treaty negotiations happen again. .es and to
to acquire any new air rights in _u.brlght said it seemed to and Republican ranci O ..
the Canal. him the Defense -epartm.ent
shouldd.v. stood p or tdh.ose .
He &Wd be is tulanniog to write rights tie ISI RWell VIVHmi
qecretey of dGefen-Charles B.. that is theOrt m
wa to~but as thath

I .. .other. r- ayOe W .
.t w 'the 2 thM to.- r.
I or tly ceful IMen- The initial cost was estimated
r- I Wt 1. allg n -dollars.
es sky1 an rtial moon -irst news of the plan reached
w ,ld, ^ne ircle he bet ,n M here e s.- Belgium even as re-
St ed AM alu. 40miles p at a p o oI port er -be briefed at uthe
urwe WhitemleiaWhi te
SWOi re biSh! A pi5es1n 15 A linRu- It came rromn Prof. Marcel Ni- t
tAr ams 'ta m ith weiefit lequaft m colet, executive secretary of the w
.'Mat.wasntamo:* "e saidis ss re ffasm'sa U speciacommtteeof the Sao- g
SIt w o sd th, N con t iNro- dicoet said the. satellite wil
ea.t ,-t A440 6 .-in a i. .a belaunched from somewhere in it
that athre" I inormaton Is et e United States and will be in
ti o tbe of tu' ema Iportan the form of a three-stage rocket. O
t -wS t For one ting, It may give He sai steins energy will d
tm n-- ence data 1whibh ill. it not be uedfor the launchng. w
_- iaIs Ohe weather torecent.... Th. rtag will' take the l
o emse smIsa-9 cer..a It ieso 12 ,pdted ear p elteto miles high and
-t t .. .~.O mnyle i terqs about the floos the second stage on up to about
con ouldcesti ot energy which constantly pour igo muss. t
b.s 3Ah earth from the sun and There It will begin an orbit a- a'
diide?.o.lff b teo f no anotM wn msoures vast- round .the eart and receive a al
.t.. ly aeior pse third boost to maintain its
oxt ihet the -USa"d He estimated#mht In 7 to 10 4
Igo Voul h Raslat 5 1s5 isW alas ld vity wMil begin to pup it
u Minutes at an 0 revelitar'd at means aFe. b~ac-pat. g.
-GL fle at hangta brk tha spe o yantuany. he' aid, atmo-t
-J sarneth e .n-' spheri friction w l destroy it, tO
971: Tsaid the unmaiimbst as it does "shooting stars."
POOP &I4 p ,bout tthe .is of ,-. some 310 mIles above the earth's
w -. -. would whirl around the aurace. t
a 0. of. 3 pB m h prograIm has been under p
."IT e, .1 a hour. atudy .by various units of the
N e y meetd lt be'tteolMiro the an 1o1p e .-A
il,.4 .R..,o mto .t .on sm d. Uo
land other sclentifc data. Called His Hand
^_~_ ""~& fagnaIm Al The fantastic roJeet wa ex-
dad-totILe- M2 Dlained to' reporters' by a group "00mBA SB.C., July so (P)
., ,- .. of scientists frOm the NA 1ona -Aam BlMem, who advertwle a
-Rd-- Faure headed Academy of and the Na- fLe 4% pound steak to anyone
of alar tS e m tonal aBtdaSon. A who could eat It lS had to pay
*A ous hbe- White House spokesman aid off at -i*restaurant Thursday
f tS" .-"met. Pr ent, d esethowor gave his nbiht. .
mac;mo baan reo the approval of the plane yestWday. Bob Urnaberger downed the 7 1
Nth Aanwex k.Ut mnderae e thees sae. the ounces of beet with trimmings
ajun ^^"Ljjj^ a world's Miai satellite with the help of 10 glasses of
bf'r te d mo.s .il be htf by Mtake be-- milk nd water. He passed up
t df rerrl- twee alt 3 ea a Decamber desert.,
I tega soteastem Alae- .. ,
'a othAbebOnetime Gambler Aide Kills
mnts 'of the continue eedi k-- e-
for stern meaures, The bill e.- CLIFTW. N .. July al up the _P oft bac t l ad. "
tending e-.emeronues to Dec -A one'_ift_ tenant ,ll -%,IU la-l0h'- e llmd llet PC
1Ltee- emIeoasabyaCom e WilUie Nret shot"l ti,
f'rte msMoargin.-l co.ely blond wife mad chased ? eIoars.Ni -vwer e vIireIed
OIthow. the sta of on- "lover late esutreetwtbMg1 ar"Mra Ja1 B1vw P& t
cy would end Oct. 3. while the c.0 ar* ye*ate b' bl 10W ?'utomeiaieA
A I IN on vacation, returned tpis ablsnabibew MeMarseh l.-_ to his automobile
The bir French overseas and- ad fo n I a ude tryt, and at .as xtra .r s f t.s- W
ne was relatively aulet tdZV. pollee sAd as h-o.e pt 11p 'To _et" &m.
o rebels were w and A later foce o as ash S awadow e
h rebes ee the aleged r," ,=A cerets the tar bAsW he had 1.Mt his'
t" e featured bvy h4is cavv. tte -S ed' .-, Cpe_ _ira._ n~iflKram_ i
S also capturIed a sizable a, w eare Salbte a -a
tma nty-fsuODm ..d "eetep A r ee he .3.-iwka.-
ftose Is- A Rose boit SU lelntidt ma eM. Be r was a- 1
am meLouario. ed k e!to' bear laten by U ete,

..--~- --
~-*1' ~ x

-- -


ound For Miami
Amean seaman Carl Chris-
an who tangled with authorl-
es e both asdes of the border
hen h went AWOL from Gor-
u Hospital, was put on a plane
mund for Miami last night.
Ohrta a seamsn on the
ip lerton-Hlls, had been
evacuated from the ship be-
ue of illness but after a two-
ay stay be left the hospital
lthout permission, and with
lotes borrowed, from a
Canal Zone ipmigration au-
harties issued an order for his
rast but before he could be
pprehended, the American was
cked up by Panama secret po-
ce who held him for question-
in a robbed Iy estigation.
Charm against him were
ped howev r, and yesterday
released him In the eus-
ody of Canal Zone police detec-
ans and the ship's agent, Boyd
= "bera, escted the seaman
a the plane. He left at 6:15

Pick Father ,Clavel

Bishop Of David

- p Pls XII today named
Father Theom- Albert Clavel
Mes- esgtly parIsh
primet ef t liele and see-
FoWf $ IT o cO-O
ris of Panm hep of Da-
vrid, ia Panama, a recently-
erected diheeee.

toddmanl Maval Statl,. Tues-
SLa rce Base, Tues-
day at 1 pn.,
cAny cll eligible under thd
pay pro ram who has had the
Mirt i8sa vaOclne injection prior
to July I9 may receive the sec-
ond modulation next week.
Evide ce of the first injection
should I.e presented with otner
documentary proof of edgibility
at the time oz vaccination.

Government Raises

EIvilMn Employes'

Travel Allowances
The' government has Issued
regulations raising the maximum
travel allowances for civilian em-
ployes from $9 to $12 a day.
Budget Bureau director Row-
land R. Hughes said the Increase,
which includes allowances for
hotels, ,meals an4. Incidentals,
was required by recently enact-
ed legislation..
The legislation, also ailed for
an Increase of fjom 7 to 10 cents
in the Imileague allowance for
Utse of privately-owned automo-
biles and airplanes. The max-
Iimum tnWleage allowance for
private -owned motorcycles was
mcrea: d from 4 to 6 cents.
How'er, Hughes said that
from I w on it will be recom-
mende that railroad coaches be
used Ir day travel where pos-
sible r rdless of the length of
the trial .
Trav ng government workers
were a o urged to -use the lower
fare ch or air tourist ac-
comm ltions where adequate.
Huglies said that until now use
of airplanes was allowed but no
specify reference was made to
the lower fare accommodations.

Wife, Chases Nude Lover
bigtm.e nob.ter" d w h ad a first ddte *ith her. He said they
police re ord extea a back to met by chance. They had a lob-
_ Cerce e resistance ster dner drove to Neward for
pd eemad UE to discuss any- ektalls, dropped by Passale for
eept win9' slaying. a nightcap 'nd then went to the
u wrne, t fp to be an Ceret home,
** ....bB:cft drink b Ceree's reerateae
d^amet ATter l W arninree, the alertler asa, and
e mutry was wet e bed.
__" M e. r y asu as Then Cerce returned home and
-sre foud the couple i- bed, police

o was a nript-
LI, who was
war laughing
e Park res-
. hat slay-
I ad held &sM
1 I.01" baU,
Inown MU.
. He said
iwas vaca-

Monschi said he didn't know
what Grce it him with, but he
sMddealy faond himself rouw --
te. aeet In the nade.. .!tM
bU&t behind sige m ruWahs
hitle Cercebrid to him e
care@* *

of rte UJL u ifuae razif m..InT
Zone ard abridged by the 9
treaty. I
As for tells, he said the ques-1
tion of raising them wou
have to be considered o thE
merits in another tuly.1 B0
said he simply is interested ina
seeing that the Canal does neot
become a drain on the U.S8
ta years because of new costs'
Waring under the treaty.
Russell said his greatest dis-
appointment In the treaty .
that the U.S. has taken no atet
to ensure that it will havy
"standing room to fight" in
event of another war.
He recalled that the U.S. had
paid "outrageously high rentals"
to Panama for land on which to

Ex-Kin Of Albania

Leaves Egypt Exile
CAIRO. Egypt. July 30 (UP)-
Ex-Kina Zog of Albania has left
his exile in Egypt because the
ouster of King Farouk and es-
tablishment of an army revolu-
tionary regime has made life
unbearable for him, it was re-
ported today.
The moustached ex-monarch
boarded the French liner Mare-
chal Joffre for France accom-
panied by his wife. beautiful oex-
Queen Oeraldine. gangling esix-
foot ex-Crown Prince Alexander,
Zog's sisters and a private phy-
sic an.
Friends of the king said his
last three years In EKypt were
tortured by government enquir-
lea into his financial affairs-a
sudden change from the lush
years he spent here when Par-
ouk, also of Albanian origin,
ruled the country.

U. S. Soldiers May

Reurn To Trleste
ROMB,. July 30 (UP)-Ameri-
can troops evacuated from Aus-
tria may return to Trieste un-
der overall command of an Ita-
lian general. Foreign Minister
Osetano Martino told Parlia-
ment last night.
He gave a tentative blueprint
of plans for re-locating the A-
mericans who must leave Aus-
tria within 90 days under the
Austrian State Treaty which
that nation free.
rtno Indicated some "pro.
.l ywW be tmtUoned" in the
Adse te tory of Trieste
S was divided between Italy
i Yue ianla this year after
axm-of poftw adipte.
Ti d t e -w- .e.p d by U.8.
mad. Britsh forces until the set-
lemsent was reached arly this

c* ~ *--
A~#-- -

am n. m e aou.w u wawm
.p lap. an. that a_ m w
e eve th mis to .Med _JeU dnnet
take evo .thCam at ai tether. b6und transIt from
On the roll all, senators vot- the ship struck the
Ing against the' treaty Included Caal near -pIre Be
Democrats Harry Byrd, Sam J. This was the essen
Ervin, Albert Gore, Henry M. findings of a board of
Jaekson, Robert 8. Kerr. Rusoel spectors asm ned to 4
Long, Magnusa, Olin D. John- cause of the- accident.
stone, Richard Kerr, Russell

Night School Class

Registraions Open
Registration for night school
classes at the Rainbow City
and La Boca high schools will
be held at the offices of the
two schools Monday to Friday.
Persons inerested in register-
hlb for classes are asked to
call at the office of the prin-
cipal during regular office
hours, 7:15 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.,
between these dates.
Classes will meet twice week-
ly .beginning Aug. 8 and will be
conducted entire in Spanish.
Registration WllU be limited to
non-U.S. citizens residents of
the Zone.
Classes are tentatively sahed-
uled In typing, shorthand,Span-
Ish, bookeeping and auto me-
chanics. If there is enough de-
mand and Instructors are a-
vaatble, other courses may also
be scheduled later.
FOmoM Draw

"'Omn miae his baun wNe
empty. The Mat he ha' a
sr o f ga 4liseN

smfe of s n SMbwes
4a amWso kma q

by HMa qmmy

Their findlnpgs also
that the accident waa
and 8 1/2-Inch excess
The vessel's machiner
sary for naviption w
to .have been a n
"properly and prompt


The Balbeo siydok.
Pan" for
ed vessel, wigg
ing a tfno

ed. The o

to control the wal
The t 'and to dMpLJ|

eatrndia Iw e
ritespet t

rther ire.
aulcton teald R 6.

to control the v taemP
ments and to

SAVS W a n

and .. : -

Lepion To P
Canal 5 e _
post fomfle M

to tioft a"


i.- f f| ..
--4*: lLj


pW ik

724-4 h.RT


_~_~___~_ ~_C_

_ =r. _

-~- -- --II I

I i il n nnn


, *' <

vba = IO




Eerrs. a La bor Non C-w
___ggs_ .

T.. E NA 1 .. l M ,U P WM.. N-P.
i6 ggg AVg gtr th1eTHFANDWlTIuTmMuIId
,U4 P"00601 ayJs. d0oUA D.ePrWR& INC.

101 MaAlhh BO Xi a r

:. .pformd viewa the Vommuaiat
I asked J. E Hoover, diree-

.. a u ei s e PArty's plans to 'flltrate 'the new
labor orallzation which will come
out of a mergr of the AFL and
POLICE PROTECTION the CIO this winter.
-" Here Is his reply:
I am n old lady and as my folks are away a great deal
alghs, I want to maze t clear way I am going to write this let- LABOR UNIONS--TUE Oc 4CT
Ita1 never been afraid to stay alone when it Is nsce.r M
oe hav ways had every conflunence in our excellent By J. EDGA HOOVERA
I believe we nave a very fine group of men responsible for WASHINGTON.-.A bak tenet of
the garety of our citizeas, women and chil ien, but what can Coimnualm hams a lways been to e
they do it hoodllis are given the risnt to believe our policemen Infiltrate labor unlans.-that was a
have no real authority over them, and will receive no backing thesis of Lenin. To control a labor
up from those who should be expected to at and behind them m union gives the Party a power far
Stheidr elorto to do a good job? in excess fits own numbers. i nt a ili seng '
nl even higher a IAhority comes out and makes it Cle is often then i n position to do tr
that St appears to me to be a grave mistake made bc one great damage to a nation's econo- .
Q eillt have known better is not to be taken asanew erder my. to r

Asd' tells me It was women who were loudest during the War U ha.the Auericas Crn. that s
disgraceful episode in La Boca, In screaming curses and aurg ng Pa-iow to the labor union field e to
S to kill. she says her people feel very badly about the who This urgea nt concentration of of. .t Ib t are h ne
thdi, fand that it will hurt their race worst of all. fort is uodceable throughout t e a much ,
I trust this situation will be cleaned up quickly and effl- Party structure ina the
Mrs. L.O. The reasons are twofold d: tsand o r
Ilot the current moves for unity heae te o vamietl been rs ad Pe tea ita
All my life I akve. been taught to respect the police. My of Labor and the Congress fde. i topoviet leadr
S gents brought nme up that way. It was pointed out to me that dustrial Organizatioenus. e pluc e t i
ic 1 nveded help, I could call on the police wherever I was
and the aslrsice would be forthcoming Immediately. These two great labor organiza-s olln"es
We, the public, inust stand behind our Dolice force at a time lIons have done a magnificent Job d l n e d a t att e
and their responsibilities as seen by an outsider. ranks. Te result; the Party now T land miss in the world and thest of .ntlbt al
S**Most of the time, perhaps, he's just a fellow In a uniform finds itself largely outside the lar arml iyn theiworld is now e bm
ft*owavesyou through a busy intersection, but then suddenly mainstream of the labor move- d tel comil E sta..
to a ve so t he man whose fast. si nede hands on an in- Ble nat. i s influence chiefly con-t et abc co mt l l t un kllo ern
lator bri your baby back from the shadow of death. cetrated in splinter Unions. That l t aoer.
He's the follow who gave you a parking | ticket that day you i Commnisn leadrosa sA Ie ,ws Gnvae Ais the d e cose, Fa
wpnt through the stoplight, but ben also the genial, friendly working had to gain some foot.@ f nuO meut enureecomawe mo
guardian the kids look forward to ing at o the school crossing n hold w many s o ab roge arira ano ras-n"-s the wrst a l 'abdeFpae .ato at rane
na thdn. side _Ays world cou1 ma th Sy e(n dlddt frishr % th
s t re rsb tis se w t d o h~eds ia s el lar eo p h s U a t
Sisil oe embarrassed, nervous young bachelor who helped ransTh retParty i nto Russian delegates at Gnev: te a
b sor the e ea, world u rint a f e arihntensify its underground at ac k Overloocked- Hosteso a s-Cigar ets eiu t aa eintlrla e asn thal u ol
firs th-bornto h dutusthtr ieCng that nnghth ar sho2)Th Partyiseno vohme .rn ov- b wh.s...asufn. rinv -o hs -ts n: mse b"clsno-. .s ., A .tiher rs -ru.-

atsi nor atveuad gnd ntega- wed Gwiertwallne he. n i sato uthce m tal e oni T. a

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wet stormy evening, ^tha t over300,000Americans Ike him have etn w eturesuniy s.uinfety fiedvWA eSenGteO these vies i ontpied aSenatelors aontd flrts, D.ily mid:. Eieer belsrigus pr.dtndtecrods F re and m sies tubo
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wait for the day of an emergency. mat, word new Turkish Ambassa. most jovial men in town, gave a laeshave all been showing uptese new rulers ot the Sovieta
This "colonization" prog r a m dor Haydar Gork and his wife with tea the other day which featured early for work since the strikemdictatornipbehaeved, here is the
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The eth brains o Partae tLyndon JohnsMton (D.-Tex.) was served kimeh- a native oean talyst here eAndrew Jackson a
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S'iMle 24 In 1ne 43 Caodae fiber MIN it Md They have defeated the Com- stooges answered with fists. 001 lure's Peer ge 'I afy s .otty MacDermott Is a
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h rie iftiUn dvimes y wNe larater mui o Second Chapter: The Angelets ike PrMe. EMiswower and Abams- AF here is aUotted Gs a
SL f__ _pThey will be able, with the help were indicted lor assaulting and saido Alrich is a Knight COm"- meh apeliag money. But his
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ta 'eeni counteract this con Ua. the line of duty. A jury convicted is an honorary title lven to this: RB held bands at Chany "
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Sute tough luck and the citizens' good respetIve d@ lp. and doesn't an a s veleeS.. Dlo
I_ ______ luck that 43-year-old J. Skelly perp t e s s the titi Ue le""l' irat ReDick
Wright, who was the youngest man Sor" 'L B." RIl s rumored Sat eiMrb Cat \a (Tt Ro
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bench, doesn't believe in r i molly.~ s9J Chigo elst
them down with five years each. tease Indo shop ser e m disace
Now there's panic i East s .arlem. .i a Le sir aware a s.illa the S Quartes D etoygs.
Wright, as an assistS U.S. At- fl Sado poOrs aoSe bfybs -..
torney many years ago, helped ang rj 5Ul lhiG Talt G ang : A o d:
bust up the Huey Long e'lr tlrtS-d of a awo One -a 1 u- Atatir.
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H*o orgI.:: ou s SAa oSas watr ansfer t l a er m enth or the 15 oth aeLtio n of Mrs. Pat Morgan..

P ++I ,,.,c--I 'i S c : ., .+ P._ r.Im .^-S ., ob'^. u ,.. Icye-n + I ...Hlf..^ :^ I
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S 5- .- .. .B i M-., Of 11116 i o e w aepti past two years 'P e super I.

..A- o Ala-..ce -Sit tration-five by tradelIn to compared to 31 per cent partici- dem- bi Snin A st 15 a, 7
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I .. i n,. .. catee ,ai ,a s m l .o laO4:s _oF T ,WDI Cm rA NGTNrrl 30 rUPS and was much lowre than .twobal. 8);C.. .Bryan (Colon 1549)o;eL.ool m ., .
I r -loui'. Medal Nom :'-00 -.m. aSm M .,I 'r: A -NC A -Pre de"nt Eis- howe r told patic f ip station. e wr (Coo or a; L. h wOa yoFur cf
i l "e ear to c er Pman g loun- Colon 119e5) or S.. Baquir, (Colon rveaoort 24 pe &cn oon l n dy 5.
own ....... ...v t~- .'. .yI oIbi lag. ta --T nk..- W. .- ve, cu rr-I "

Maum' Moo and 5:05 p.m. M ann g $ SAtL 340,00 (Coedteihien from Page 2) *, .d. and man: oEr e C lub
ad SS a.o to 1` MR dsuSnas th r s oth break- n't his only trouble: three scrip. 50 "g
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Meda.,. en' an Eta- (neo -, 41-10 .... :is so AAcS Choairmagn o W a r wi e -or divit Crm enusord)m t T d
.- --- .____ n + at. = mom .." ... .. .... ', 195,5. Eight tim were Id or

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a Wn e I ....n aut r y-oo a. m.) 5 t Pater Chunk FORT o7.1 r dow town hotel. Som e congress- unveiled and played the greatest =
I* C .:. .w* ch. CaM: l to 5:&0 pIa em iA..'John pr _. Pe la ta Ul -iA' g ?oe. men wore red, white and blue s tars of t he 54 mon show .
S aSe ra M fPraye4 and Church B1o Aoundn *e as though he has The bifellow was and is a tradiT-
isI al il d o o lids Ba : A lE I'm gre lson to the mit the reaer deio ined 2ast suvive or of a more th
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wa~ws Meridr. PUL^a can welco mar g hiedat to ue a swell guy a
tm Memss': ft a. __- t reesi gtea Impotanc ort a, Paior :0n0e the Ritz 1owrs) Ji
Iodays ,,5=pm. i,*ihIndayCJI Iu and tm anL Assm seam Divwne .a.......... 3',*,o united GOP_ te PORes etsaid hiT samnden od baelboveddea .oan_
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Pm-_ a_ M. r.4"nt useuns g* 9-1h. S, made a quura .................. -..aotpepPreshident zadel io aI ap tres t ho y. t 'tp i 6 ) C. Bryan, (-o1.

dossen W:WI iim. mom am ATM 14. ie rm fanou c a orv e r. po ( l 1 L E
ATLANIC... 6 '_Ipm e anm. .aol m* c_ ta. i wmothe Repubi cansom ldte estr say here Cao nd f Wialt ARoad: athey Ca- J e I :
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andIMam SIM W.In"oaMS 'n ev. GISIS Fmpce
,am W:e ._Thur aSid Day .o. C 0 e S L A IE ...........t.... T prm ainte drevt as en ae s of th e rag ailstl pou lar o aun oh
i ..L* c .;iJrt Sard D y, 4. e d la 800 Cn k ut I ...... ... s a a.. o on la iad played e iut, SOlU ard
i7o ... IS ,840%. ,...._- *t_.. 1a0 s uhoo al asre "gt tog h lea- ing.hs andl trou tfun sayngcsan P D
.= wo. w.. .. 5.0...... Via.' Charmn L ..[ _rd a"... W ..n..Hal fo wo ng l t h o f lla dengha speo r bm DIUO..E
I Colovn "and.. L c- Upseewo_ ....... I a m.. l tm to earm FORTt-iVerr a Chrute for. .1tN AlV UE N
c. .. PAL MOND" w m ........... Houe a nd S enat. e

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Ioman a. Imegr. SiLE a L pa ad uu Tdha 3Od eli. Sco.g Laere n
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L x i nd s an. pae m da. e e ate Receui an s a u phneceatll fo h ereu "t startd n wh mn A ..on so he fae Gt bo a Li
Mab,--- y man: 60*SL(tf5o s' a iHi..meenterd atn reb e Sd wm rep k atly lo e h abies u le (oo r Inpe ar g mea Aharc ColieeH
Catechism Class. 30 ....n Paris whe re show

1 -o is.:,me awl nrea red,"hie and blu er,,, stor' oe of ta e ? mos p Jes B ne Eyre.

"et*.33 6*5o "n. Boil CiU~i1I CuMi.a "r aO orrdng from the trunko a- c r
SIM- TUMe Spear. Ma riedl 6:30.....................I her all publp on cen dr TNC
M _orni n .g. Pa 1e and ndC h Rdu 51h d undw it ca sup. They wers e _o__._ __ _S_---e foo w aJ oi
,C-a Cls15mW D.u .01A. 11T' OU save ,, A "gthe Price of ad Deamet ofrtra oe amoue

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_________ ZIDAV --tHOL C oE of W .ep r t er a Moulin Rouge.
iad e0 a r ia i. Si Soo ......... l:iS h. .. 3 Pm. A Pm Before eain o au st lo sublet PRC
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3 o a --- Le Wast 10' Pierre LaMure who jst happenssJw
'.m.. M s.-.- w audaw ., .~m. itgs, ued VIib 6 as iam 101. p.m. 415 m. to have written a lamd bel sel- a t

6.d0r i~Wldb pie. to To VI %t Iac o month GOP, town S. Abais ler by the name of you're right
1a20er; u 1:5p. Mon da. VA mwU eivce 20 i"milln Roue."
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Ww Coon Toursd GAS-s.-- Rely u teEe.o rer atly t West Coast inaelrl. Last Sum./H SAY IN GS B i.4.
0 am. an a W. 3 ..... ..... 5 m Ms.W Heman 0.I T S S. lid. nmer reacement utme i iteme l
Iundal ... Se p^ .... wi, a- ev dand Mi Mea "). and Katie -eobuin and artist Franci
,,---n Saturday. Sunas, I (73. -,nd -rB Clsaf trhateve ;ster and now a press agent saysnd
1*0ur1 Sunday md we ZW U a a there's a w dng rumor. Werll situ on Guasane'sd by th _--te
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a. =_GS Holy. M "-X1 en 5A23SD7 UM m A er (ex-MrI Susan Hayward) tivin .
SOgadays. B..--Ima .... 49 to Deana tough com-e top osaysle t% uIni Ato ull -f Swags a uygini d
Uh -U Wam D .P I ,,.. EiLI, Karred s affect uns.
uimUd 01=~, Afier as noS*ed -d. Ata1 iu Smmo INT IALU DEPOSIT $5.00. R

Astee- ailucky in love.
Wni Op AlCU'TI0111OaIATS mw15w ReON 115.3 divine ram= M
--T- 20 and I'M a~m. SiSt Achoolnd :and and MA
love. o 0e m ake loans w it h r t o f t r a
p -- Ae utilve see- coufmleas o I- S en tr lme mSrvc am ee U A ft Ic. am s o _er i or aIte
.. L. good pm: .....d ......"0I mer ntl i Center at aIn '
Sabbath Sholi Divine S ly Cou non the first Simdar

S Mire'ute Medal Novena. .1:1 p.m. Pul IATo :tl4v A betweln 3 a -- .
-n ..T. ,th t. n o wh ,o -;. :. .me O OU U
5. W. Oland er P. Catecrie m rta .: fie I ll5g p.m. en i 0 &a & T 'asat i* 4:0 m V AL a* o en o al with a e.n

Tuesday. SUNDAY: Bible crCWMM 72 man 011 dep110 are thed Frida

-s--- MW c e l ,- g1o+IABLO g1Of 48 weeI v.m
Ora W enamid S. VINCR 3-Re1 .Sv .: -O aC1. pri. 72*GO

., rITc" au1 Pac ia ande ...... ia h, .. a ATATCn A dividualsafet deposit boxST fo .Je b I
p :al IS -a 14M --.9 am ova Bc.Sanda n 4:e -m sd w..... a 1o I.
-. e,.pata. I:t 1--- l. and I'm ..Cabe Ver..... A.... O .........71A .l .RS MAS SAVIN SA .
21M. a~m, Wo*p Service Caechim Claw., 11 M am. en B ndar. -a- SI no & Chnlilo Ih AiaMMO m tASunda hmi

on-n N- .I ........a .......e..m
4 % V M A O Ph- L1 m sa m .n o f 4 8e e
.Individual safety d

'/,a-- r .go-b- ? a" J h .- ....... 10:30 Am""-. -' u 2-14." '-- -" -.-- -.'0-. -
....~~~~~er i -' .b re 0 + "- '' .. ... .- ;... ," .. ." A ...,. D o ,,RO U. -o .- .'... .. = '-'- .. : ', .. .. s: ..


- .e~2t.4,.., -.
r. ~-
~K I '4~Aw 2

m .+ ;-, _'K
K = ,,



.-t h4L *n&ei

..- ,- "
--* ... *>. ..... .. _. .'

a 'Wu




.. AXQJ010
* *K
*. *AQJO10
$3 2VQ1lI7
9752 *A6431


North-South vul
Nerth Bast Sth
14 Pass 16
36 Pan 64
Pass Pas
Opening loed-- 2


1.. -I

cow nrado joined an Int r.*
ional hookup last night -.0lai
first time since the start of the
told war, but it required. tWe
conference at the summtt to
arrange it.
The first was the Genevs
Conference itself which b 2t
a request from the lrt
Broadesating Corporation to
Moscow radio to join Lnde.n,
New York, Paris and Bonn Ln
a program called "After Ge-

The head of the Moscow ra-
dio telephoned the BBC and de-
manded to talk with Sir Ian
Jacob. the BBC director-general,
shortly before the program was
to go on the air. He agreed to
participate if BBC promleed
not to cut the Moscow script.
BBC agreed.

"The persons] meeting of the
four heads of state has cleared
the air," Moscow's contributor
began his commentary.

Imagins that you're playing to- ||f D.,,-l
dayT aan d at the very norim con. hying Flbors
beet of six upades. How do you
choose the be. line of play for the JLL -|. R
contract? The defenders take the Fore PII11 KRAE
ase of diamonds and then return a
diam nd, leaving it uptoyou to WASHINOTON July 30 -UP)
win the rut o0 the trics. >m," r;nitui fi'af .* i nii*>
You have two pOSle loser s in s -The United State. is, buying
hrts o u might tp a s b et eas n 45j etfighterplan esfrom Sri l.
best. You....ght trya, rt.ohtop manufacturers for Siltalpl'
iRam, or you mAight p laythe Royal Air Force, It wa -
blafs in the hope of dropping the nu edtoday.
uMe., You might lead a low club "
fri your band to finesse the The Hawker Hunte* planes
que p, lan.nou ,to disclo rd heart. orItitay earmrke"r atnd for
e ae five different lines of you might Eur Gn n try, force
take the ace of clubs and lead the announcement 000 Te ord Amered-

" u'ually pay- to work out a e1's generous offer" to the RAF.
e nation oflub thrwo plays, so that ws ade by te Defense Miwhen

u fi fiesse. Instead other atking try ApI London and lt ed wit-
any finesse, you might discard greter progress with German
bot t from the one dummy onrk. the r formamentasment by there
ee- and efeatk of dia one. Hende e Hecu lation e will replace
tn rf out your losingthe hearts, about 400 F-t w abrejets now
y, club finesse rl reasonable. How do wn by the A e Sabre
pick theest line of playttack were supplied Britain by the
S nat returns a diamonys. so that asUnited tates and efena Min 1is
second switch to some other at.d 153 "at Lodon and critical ssued with-
thea nd discard a hearsn't workom Brit normal crpowmmen b the Dup.
can't adopt a finesse am fense Department here.
.ftr y, for then draw ese may
nddefeat you once. Hence The Hunter planes will reassplgnce
o70 dstatry to ruff out the heart tryabout 400 F-ntrie, iSabretas now

seon dummytric, ouafter with theyou and 1953 t critical time."in
and dis ing ofa heartfromaDrIt. n's aIrpower buildup.
m. You then draollow to bore
of trumps. The United States will assign
tltw yJou cash the queen of dft-the Sabre to some other coilm-
V=1 ,discarding a second heart try or countries, it was an-

[.heuta, only one heart
s:a the dummy. after which youw ounce.
I*? O ace and kisn of heart s

out. Y iget toyour hand
I....... g ao citb (after taking
's ace), ruff one heart In
y, and your hand is good.
t-. hearts break badly, how- I..-
y ou are still in pos tinto n
a club finesse as a second
Sfor the slam. You thus have

iWden his wallet while plow-
a ie In Apil, 1M9.. lowing -

) bit least part of the p shead
t it contained eoue le plo-
He received $t y








-I -L-
IiI 00

** ..

Me's Get1 O
+ .* -o ox,

F 'I



-;.;* .-.. :. -

Let's Chat; Helens

_a .;



* a


?oW t.MEWIAL REACTORW-Diagrlamatc h lah shows eo.-
st rutesof the world's flt nausea reaor deuiged spweJiy
6( uT l iA setAt eseearbch and thueraf. IIb wMAl be pert i the
ne Medial Center at the University of Califoola at LsAnglade.
Tblp tw fldellsil tl will provide two typw of radiutn from
at mt S0i-agetama rays and thermal neutroua. They ean be
beand sletively at deepsMtl, oten difWcult to treat
by fIw yand pent tums t radiatioun. -



MiAi Secret
A I .. -


*y LU T sI ... "
I F' -,



The Surprise



fND,THg CONDI>Alig>^
MAN isM Na"TO ,
I NgsVNIorm SlAmlT M9A4.
mv^wiUKwwrM a mm oirOT

m uISC LA'S ro~

WGos Ium3

Peundlag ese the Pacts.

4oo0 rTereer

.. 9 *.'



Ia the Garage

UAIm sM 00 o 0o1 mR WAS



! 3. JL: aia-l



LA *



a .

1 K..


~ SF






r II

,N- .'-


. ..


* .. "

1^ *



'(( ija
^^*t WP,

Z~t AK

A mi w *


I' r

6i70a FPO"b


1 -

^i~ama Zone Art
WrnSo. The greae
EI' Cwe, who I-.
. 4 c M IM 1e4
S triculate at Co

bthe'4l ma*thst

e IleMave thr Sin
her husbutd when t

a' Wives' Club held a
!o o, artt the Fort Amador
-p-my lSf ub Wedday
rmVB..un of. honor was Mr.
J >tbor +of "The Cha-
orm, i 3 '- "

Well,. ..1o .. .. ?....

right M fl5Jly rew il muds U -

So. t. o .. .s..r a.. x .er d o y p a n- t s

-. .e ue.-," o e raise -l b .g -J ...i -a. e l .5 s i mp i t Ir I m s BoU w e
o tr 'Zrao m cup fi el ilpfche sy6s6di roenruseal p ta toad Godfo th t y 1i
ri...tba..t s. .... I .. t b. heB tro l o y ou a W e ou n the l.s t o sa mof t
st-ra.a-nsedv.boca ...0?s"

oakei.zxe4 pte ts itsldo Shirla Sead i ht Iaj maeesup ti e crao t wovo u Teeited Chnllend thet fab 4
be t wi... e einom h er ees te e simly .e aute i. o ibe FAt
rheatom toest.ff.. ...poOnnlys I ohr tbn h be orl n aon telf.ismR in we

'withebra e c rm bs ons ssala d oi,0 4abe s s er tk in t a i lesof ploie you oje t asw e "lnlet thu t v

enrat isho b ooe to r tohl b gte h m thro m. l l ki s o 11 i y ae y oung er e y ouyo e b us I bet
Cover Bucal or embers tmn swoulde e.. Wse to s noe o In a n
hradcum rll o ril o .her surrWd omn w ho r al bucktew s upnse Is an It pe. t I o ad lyoun ber r s

urnThg tlep- m neat f -ren li %l sey e boan tsw fta. tlat nsh o e vtorn e TbJl c ad tonA l els, rpreepp h knis y th tiparamen yo k- o i '
es, ndsh= ees n summer pEave i's 'We w anted to, shcldkno th ._te'

; butter, u6 cap '.,, e teac You ell re.. mbe, .. or th e ,' the bal. I spiKed .iery brav adveat
41 ly "hi.f, S .ose 1aleo to r h Is heoaue untilI teos b orn re o-

ron .y a.. --ez. '.orv baobomllt spe eer y b r ae a e tu
doemso ut vem B ard Six o Se r o w .ktable-otherswhetl a t rself. ths true, youn opleDo Rain

Meet. -_ 4nsta "cen^S DAL HEIGTS 1Y

or WMr. Rchardr m- Jen Hofneof, th e smaoe unet t intenrt ebste, aive peo more l1-
with brea h uad r msa 1 b vspoo trelidmo, lr P11tablespoons-Hertall in grse, ries of polite youob tothe answer thou
Necoes lurzcrtvob tarLo Sautng rasOlf o i ine, little t in w peoss in g h menme
PhCiebDdnnorum rvbeaetoetthemotbnou r all kcrs of IfhOmsOUaAreFYOunOerSPaLSU ERVCEyouSa":us

wllwbseheldat hometofMrs.ror S cbutetrfcia d u i o. I loe moCn aor a-rnow,
Monday at pn. an bee gravy Nea nnleal shouldeW. We do not kyyouin w .

oi o hze piecesee hd with. l.%e5r erOills relaxed, tease, ad able upen aed I-el
etcombintl dmwe ntv rf in fie to oy her N urrTul tgs, w, realy b. ut.becUui e s imw mia oc (U The
check.Wread hhtu tbateGoill Orsblt slowly see and herl-Mtkersons she evalable condition of life uponhthis-y thistime, youlMklook.

rithe meet :loqueth u m br r mutly untu eets, andu seems unusual p anet. Even we wanted totwd know thkt you n an ..q

S trown-mv < oon C e ah ses..h simplybec aus cohe it not a fraid to we couldn't protect you n nste iLs thet-oo a'
amostn te rshouldont bbeocookedtko oens Mrl. Pbet hb ar lAelantefrtstriCkes.Yyoungplcepeoftnreg
"s asgse f r aHih W o wit P a oce to remember her is becauoeluspenser l.i born. b m
0 vil tleSiamte.witn'ttfeeh0hl. ut t te mask or A pitcher on the mound swings you
Tordo~forthei te .~el orersU in.d fhoe bin her real self from you as back hisarm-and the man atlp, I am muo 4M
a ca redera peo make an impres-sbat is kept in suspense untl heCthanl on. say.For.. .

0o B w eo M teM RalphEchenerher. Re ported a ing at y wage boost exact the way bheeea to. witShuse a ntrouk. a 3 T m o
Eo E a e a i ils o rcnso in In e nears the crirk of wood ahsainst see" is the Chanae h
ebuter, w ededa S a b h cup lemon Jah tea You will remember her for the, thehall. pie d every beave

n .ren 3 gs b eWoestersireoth t es e. simple re n that she s you Jane meet, an attraCtive boy At the human race. "L9
ar I h Vsteaspoons prepared mustVrd, dash see ha hss,.e.s*-a friendly,*

Pere rt, G. WTab one 0ttigton, R. O ansring a .eoance from nmo:30 tInn-
iaie it uldrtet.nga 3 the bee. gravy.. terested In getting to know *ers
DoiBrdy r at INgD ahrougth.SoeTmeLehot+withmt lpa!ribs .

agLlmue'checw Mch repru e a i her scholarshelsat the r Un a- buslacwhiswithftomea fpntsf aeho
station took plae in the office of another Lemgue member, PzITTBURHo July 30 (UP)-lants otercontiewhi rstylanycdusen
Y d wSsoa nnou ett nt with hed COlituor he left four crumpleds $1 .I Dontl bes v isledi
United Steelworkers Union. c for the big w I n d o w tglanssr l iveth re tsesire
Alcoatisled arp. Teysonwer- dos'trrsaert prwitharocktam inete a
0. TBruce woalth.Pl2a ekr-A Wurb ite rf aimingcyesterday to ennounc xade- y etr-es. a
MRecr wNith acorsage.r' taof wagee boot, Demandiw
ty sIimlthear.lethtembtssyhyongIlaniRschmonoquic.klWSundayymidnight.
Sno V&W, wOs atthFnch WalerTi sT-ohir-en .mitheosptlaverage/un at antimes !
t hers wo Iatt e rnd wer e Me atheney,W6."G.dWhite, aK.t tih inle aswithntL A wn i wi thoh-
dsfairs, ury MrlheMzfltndeoGee_- merman,nJ. HubfhestW.nDouw terFARWMAIersREXioCOLONeA
mWoor FGuatemla. th e m, W ,Be ohn BradyCoFilosn ItCenJoy-she largest sales volume In Plamn, United,
Perez,1.1%. WM eMMt, R ----r-- aaMichelson,m Rcard 000 workers In nine plann-,-Al. -States fi ued other countries manly becsedit does not.-
PSitiB .Pt JohEsmWoods,nJ.Martinezcoospa
A.e L. RoertttO dD clkwlt,(,Te uNo) It never ftwls to pive the ray.ltsdesred! .

0X Bruce, wife of the new e thDanc 4 3Trk ported aiming at a wage boost exactly thewaythe__a__to._1__ k 'tI i aS Jeauneof a l troubLe.

- *no~- -.

i th pkitte


i~cMhjlby its violent passionsl... CAP-
.. You'l be thrilled by a love that
asheft moors like a hungry flame!...
TOOT!... You'll be captivated by Rock
s talush the brilliant young stars of
qwertul best selUng novel breathtaking
.. In z olar byTechnlicolor, present today
h4wi orf 1:10, 3:0, 5;01, 7:01 and 9:00
MAL Theatre. A vt.

-..- .. tI -*;,

' Qnand Coconut Wbter,... .35
M4ghbses............... .35
tUm -Koke............ .20
T C ins.............. .30


DAILY 4:30 TO 6:30 P.M.


- .. .w.. ke, an .aw duriagmaa

-1 -I N **EXT vrwisuw

SOrder f DeMolay for boy a
tll gather tonight at the Gatun
lssonic Temple for a "Midsum-
;.er Danee' sponsored by Oristo-
'9al Assembly No. 2, Order a the
Music for dancing will be fur-
nished by the orchestra of Larry
Lane, the man with the horn. I

Mrs. Chambers Hostess
For Tuesday Club
Mrs. Lawrence W. Chambers
wis hostess for the Tuesday lunch-
eon Club at the Tivoli G u ea tI

\Moior+ 9

House Tuesday. Members present
were mesdames Ralph Otten E.
C. Stevens, E. C, Baltoze, IW. L.
Wentworth, H. C. Anderson. and
Albert N. Ruoff.

Crfstibl Emblem Group
A dance at the Elks Home In
Brazos Brook tonight has been
organized by the Cristobel Emn.
blem Clul. A barbecue dimnnr will ,
be served. The affair is billed as
a "Shirtsleeve Dance" and Lou.
gee's Serenaders wiU furnish mu-
si: for dancing.
Panama Vistors
Eaterteied At Dinner
The Panamanian Ambassador to
Costa Rica. Frank Morrice. Jr.,
and his wie, entertalped vistgr
to. the Rpublic Wednesday eve-
cag in the residence of Mrs. Mor.
rice'sa sister and brother-in-law
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Strunm.
Gu iats wan Mr. and Mrs. Li .
nel Iglesias, who are visiting Pa.
mama. this week, M
Amog the guets were i b x-
euc, th"residea of Ptes. l
ma, M r n Btcda Arias.
Mrs. ceao Ch wit Ca
After a vacalton of three month R
SNew Yrk w England a l
Birmingham. l p a ma, Mrs.
Thoras Ogelsby of Bella Vista Nealt's QI
ht-s returned to her home on the
Isthmus, Ev so
Dr. Valaui Q K
Feted A* LunMe mi
SDr. Lu!i Valarino was hnmored
ait a Unionie Club luncheon yester- d
JE VWMSAA O ManLj& I'm.1 Asp am

ay preunuft Fy reiontuni A Ia-
terim of te les Club Adolfo A-
Aps, Jr.
Mrs. Grau leura.
Frolm aIb h sto
rs. Jas faan of Golf
tiag b baa retired to tbe Isth-
mus after severS oeis'
tias the taoto rg bu hr
die visited Mmds aad relations
ia casesk "r Morma.

* DETROf--W)- exlM

'-- .

your ow

Simply drop 1 or 2 \.3'.;.
tablte into sa gla,,d
water... *swtab W
. drink it. Alks- SI
Sllmer pMe to work
-lmtely-to Moothe a
and settle your
discoa(ort. Not a
a ssd* *aesmefndsKx*

Pmaea.lOu -- Fam., Toee


the GimsI
11K is kher-ful of all thd rich choco.
Md soodne mofN dt Chocolatel B .
loe that famolu umte! Ad Nd tle's
w intanidy. Just add 2 ubpoosfuls to a
l .. .... eit upo..,4 ria l.It'a powi
yrup-no re- .
aecaary. At
s -owl.

.M i...

* mII w...

.H- ,
.. --M-_.I It


- eawea Min Tem

at the ,I

.0 .c
i le qrewdl .a0s


from midnits Ie 4:10 a.m.
in the airscenditimned BALBOA ARl
(Nightcap on the houts
at d:30 a.m.)
Wed.. Thurs. 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.



Te N 1 4P Pa Peueg USoh

cowME THEN Rambler

It's a brand-new continentulletyled
beauty-it can out-maneuver any other
car ... out-distance them a- on a tank
of gas. That's the Rsablwer 4-Door Sedan
-the new idea in family caral Come see
the maret car a the road ... drive it
... price it today I

Nowrl Shbor Dumrg odi" New d
Nmedle m ing toeing New sipies us
Mnd linsie oniemtleIs* v .
Tubekwi Tir OpNl-"Al Se em
CTaMsdi*ng ArtlM e Iwea nnig Seg WgA
TMevel Seds HydaMWls Ai&e At At
OW PMIqe mreilae

- :'- Nr.-qw -

. ,

on eand: arbri
Snow at ftrCUi



* I,.

Come See New Glamour

. .. New Handling Easel

-:a anew iea
SU.i a am --M


__~_~__ ~~_~_ ____ ~___I








!12 W GD


4. r...
~ ;3.fl.?
I -.


* i -.- : -. : ; .'


I asres he 13
ob of July Ave. A J i .
ms Arnonmma AveT and U a.

S so..Commas.

cO.iral AE ...:L,
Me .sr P.ea

. *:. .a .

; ... .: .:..,.... :''
:- A- ENR'



- ., .-.". .
._ .. +, .


9w Agenda IntamrnL i Publioaolones

-a-O L5.4Mn sOet

-I W^


___ I -.1 _____________________ 1 m fl


Cusl ZZone Dental Polyclale
Dr.C. L I bepD.D.4L
;Dr. C. Ro7 Di.
Gmemo ne omeee. ". ,
agew Atop k-sr adel
telefle .Ju ll--AT&Wi& A


Phone Panama 3-55.
r ..a. rt -

tppeoeplewabwll endbaslY.

Dmi A. and I. ULLAC
Par mAvu r-
r,. b,, blck --m u Tess0.


lrnm -Wdingf

SIndustry Wasle
CHICAGO (UP) More than
2b U.S. cities of over 5,000 popu-
.lation make industries pay for
disehargLng industrial waste
tterial into municipal sewers,
recording to a recent report of te
Aperican Public Works AslOciatio
)lost of the cities base the charge
0q. how much water an industry
aes. But 41 have flat charges and
Base their charge on both
Sanity of waste discharged and
kind or quality of the waste.
questioned considered
S Wirwastes and those from meat
,king as rendering the most
tloinblaf dischargpd in their
S In descending order as
e* unable were wastes
metals and metal plating,
proiessing canneries, oils a
cta, chemicals, poultry,
garages and gas stations,
a.nd dry cleaning, breweries,
ta rIes, pape, tobac-
pant, glass, photographic
ei and restaurants.

re Dancers
AHost 'Night'
a sp are Dance
w a -host to a visitors
"Rt at tepatftc Service Cea-

tndd as a get-to-
"048nors a 01 to
aaSS'SESSS^M&h matima. I


15 ywts 91

FOR SALE: I I-pleca dining
morm set. 4 burner kerosene
steve with even, double bed with
how innrspring maetress, kitch-
en uteisllm, mcitcllMeous items
Homum 6 32 lb a, Phone 2-

FOR SALE:-Ironrmit ironer,. l-
most new, used very little, own-
er leaving. $75. Call 3-2329,
house 8002, lit Street, Mar-
FOR SALE:-One Singer sawing
machine $50; one Babee tends
$7.50; one baby crib $10. Tel-
ephone 6-530. See at 172-A
FOR SALE:-Upholstered living
room set, complete with tables
$200;. Westinghouse automatic
washer, 60-cycle $195; small
child's chest $20, and micolls-
seem household articles. Would
like to buy 2 foot lockers in
good condition. Cll Panama 1-

FOR SALE -General Electric re-
frigeretor. 60-cycle, sealed unit.
Airport Reed No. 9, Room 3.
FOR SALE:-25-cycle refriglre-
tor $60; mahogany double bed
frame w/spring $50; mahogany
bookcse $3S. Call 2-4262 aft-
or 5:10 p.m.
FOR SALE:-- Westinghuse r-
frigerator. 25-cycle, excellent;
stel table, steel chair. Call 2-
FOR SALE: Gas stoe eood
condition $70. Phone Albmok
FOR SALL:-Electrolux. vacuum
eloane $25. folding bamboo
shode $5. mahogany bedroom
o c k er, mahogany chiffonier.
Nouse 6445, Los Rie., 2-1821.

OR SALE:- Mahogany dining
table with six heim.. twin bed,
might tble, wardrobe, two bu-
mam, one Hollywoed bed (all
mehoseny), Philee radio, lampo,
3 lenle mirror, 1l.'.M raodter,
folding sheir $1 .A, 4-hurner
n mve,4, ts.p, o:e dishes.
Pbea 2-ffft. No. 7, Alt. 2.

'OR SALE: --SPi* Iyiq
gm etr CaN Cein 11122.


WANTED:-One girl's 11" 2-
wheel bike. Phlae Gomboa 530.

WANTED: Vacation quarter
on or about August 15lh. Work-
Ing couple. Call 2-1537 Bllmba.
BUSINESS lotleon for w1ail
trade. Any reaonblre ooi-
tion for remodelling or a ew
building eoniidered. Write Box
827 Panama. "

Kid Fashion Show
Planned Tuesday
A kiddies fashion show will be
presented by Aunt Ellen Club at
the Pacific service Center Tues-
day night at 8.
Several weeks of planning and
preparation have gone into the
An officer stated a wedding
scene including children's appa-
rel will be featured.
A children square dancing
group and several artists are
booked for the program.

Sailor Saved But
It's Embarrassing

NtW ORXLANS, July 0 (VP)
-The Coast Guard investigated
yesterday the complaint of sea-
maL Sutton Sunter of Burke-
vtllerT?., that someone exposed
him to great danger and high
Gunter said he was sleeping
on dedk of the tanker Gulf Ways
In Tampa, Pa., Bay when some-
body shoved him overboard. A
fisher an plucked him from a
hanneli marker about five hours
It had bee na hot night and
Gunter had ,gone to slop wear..
lt-mely -is alghthhlrt.



Golden Fried Chicken
Fillet Mignon Stiakes
Fried Shrimps
SHome Made Rd.
S ered with all d del-
ftio Shrimp 1os
Mandwiches. and Curbiee
Sftc ou get the chess c

- -;,.L. .-:rr wG -n
7f--iTtNdoin wbaMllw M

Wanted Position LANE FOR RENT

tfr family of 2 pop-ne or just
takinRg car of kcild. Address:
R.I.A., Box 731, Anen, Canel


FOR RENT: Beautifully fur-
nished room, kitchen if desired.
ells Vist,. Mexico Ave. 69.
Phone 3-0553.
FOR RENT:- Furnished room,
with kitchen if desired. Inde-
pendent. One or two persons.
Fint Street, PareNM Phone 3-

FOR SALE:-1l4 Ford Station
Wagon 4-doer, passengers,
excellent condition, white tires,
radio. Phone Pename 3-1144,
from 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
FOR SALE: 1954 Mercury
Statipn Wagon brand new 1955
Ford Station Wagon 100 miles.
Blboe 2-3050.
FOR SALE: Hause car, fully
equipped, reasonable price. See
it 63 Fourth of July Ave., Apt.
1. Panmes.

OR SALE:-1953 Austin A-40
Cenvrtlble, ga ood condition.
Owner tIasitwred Rbumonoble.
Cell -0607 POan eme.
OR SALL-l' P hoetoc 0 Cot-
alina, gad coditin, reamnable
price. Cell Ialbo 2-1569.

FOR SALEi-If Its seenemicol
transportation that 'ye need.
cell Navy 3582. 1951 Stude-
hakec Champion with overdrive.

FOR SALE:- 1950 Oldsmebile
sedet CeoH Merme Villreoml,
Hotel Pname Garage.

FOR SALE: Plymouth Belve-
dere four-drooedma V-8. Pew.
or filt trameialml w/i/w ires,
i glem. Krmmvemts. Call
. Crstehabl &-aW9.

FOR SALE:-1947 Dodge, re-
de, PMde. HIt,. Bergain.
15th I No. I 11. Paitlle.


FOR SALU -1955 Ford Fairlanw
Virle HardNtop Sot Coupe.
Only 2500 miles on spoedome-
tar. Forduomtic translation, ra-
die, and white sidewell tirm.
Duty pid. Color-snwshoo white
top b~I't Tropical Roe. Will
seorlfice for only $2800. Call
Colal 195 for demeanmthtlen.

Blacksmith Turns
To Violin-Making
CADI, 0. -(UP)- Hobbyists
of retirement age have a cham-
pion in John Rumcheck, 70, a
blacksmith turned violin-maker.
Rumeheck u" t most of his fe
as a 'oal mine blacksmth,'but
with retirement came a new hob-
by and buinesa. He returned to
a boyhood love for violins and
started making them by hand.
R mehepk recalls an early ac-
quaintaneo with the famed. Fritz
Kreilr. Both were boys in the
ssme Austrian towp. Kreiller
went on to great heights a a mu-
sician, but Rumicheck had to for.
get his muica ambitios because
of economic diffc .ltle.
"I'm too old for a si*we career,"
he told friend. L"Olu, 1'M be
able to follow muoude a bobby
and keep buy,"

53 Ford 6 Cly.
4 door.


53 Studebaker
4 door.


49 Nash 2 door.


BOX 2031, ANCON, CZ.

Gearal repair and Mefinid of
Rat tan furniture. Gusrantmed
woweL. Moderate priie. aHne
dellvry service. In front of ld.
ee- leer Gorden. Phone 2-5174

2667, have for ale wood step.
leaders, different length.

FOR SALE:-Brend now Win-
chester model 52 .22-cal. tar-
let rifle; excellent Wineheter
model 70 30-06-cal. heavy bar-
refl tagot rifle: nwp Bo M 16-
m.m. movie cemore, three Swit.
or lenses, PF/1:, F/1:4, pF/:4.
trigger handle, electric mote r
drive, batteries, case aend special
core for carrying the complete
utfi; 78-rpm 25-cycle single
poled record player; carrying
case for La Belle slide projector
and 1 slide magaeinee. Phone
Ilboae 2-3069.
FOR SALE:-'New weel suit, cine
40 regular, 36" weIst. $1l.
Phoe 2-4139, BIlboe 0779-K.
FOR SALE:- Ovrstuffed Me,
ea M bed; two end tables
be'I hike 26", sirl's bike 24".
@ar" twin baby carriage.
2354-A Owen St., Balboa.

FOR SALE: Springer Spanlel
p ppas. 100% pure breed, toils
.$e .od Phone 2-1229.
'FOR SALE: A.K.C. Cocker
paniOl regstered pups. 2 malee.
* Call 8-452. Quarters 151-A,
S itGuliek,

FOR SALE: 1951 Chevrolet
-4-dear, duty paid, $650; ward.
-m $30; refrigorator $25; tire
tools; R.C.A. radio $25. Perale
103-H. -PhtM 4-639.

AfTENTNlFl 13,1.. -In

NI i rl -l ... l"..
mlodesrrh losolUe, -.

FOR RXHTb-ruu hdmd -.
famished 2 end 4-oee mi
Pha"t 13" 6 Coln.
m N a pm, f -- ",gth
FOR RENT Medo re.'-
dinl-oioP ne n wkl.llli..
IPfermafllon ples wehl al-4
or -422 Pana.m. 4242.

Phonr 3-3004 ad t.237.
FOR RENT:-- Furnpa e7rte
bdrn mM, 2 bothiwg, e -eWs
r-- omWith beth-seu Io. tfuigi

"telhone. bia sllwt -k iI.
livinr-dlnin room completion.
Preforble Jupln whFrance. n
* hlldren. Campo Ale"'e, plo
after 6 p.m.. 3-4242.

FOR RENT: -Smll N ew tiMnt,
"Cangrejo." Sen Jose. .ig.
Phone 3-3004 end 322037.
FOR RENT:- Furnbhd *pert-
Mont, oas clove.,
telephone. Via Esp-ehuse
before Juan Pronee.

FOR RENTI-Smell patent.
suitable 1 or 2 bacheolo Yb
spaila. Phene 3-4841.
FOR RENTtAartm-Api iJtd-
room, lviW-dillng r.ooeR kirLh-
n, bothroom, I. waetir cat-
sitructd building, rn Pnoeo N4o-
vo. Phone 3-0618.
FOR RINT:-- Fumrhed e-rt-
mont on Vie Pors No. 120,
ouxt to Roosevelt TheoMe. Tlk-
phone 3-5024.

Boats & Motors

FOR SALE: 12-ft. SehRlder
kit beat, good ondltlon. new
point, $60. Billy, 0595-B. An-

DORIS .AAY, d" .ANK SINAMA tlaomed in

S 1 I Tm ts 1
"" C 'r L Theofm .. .

also star in
frteamBng oftl
rInm "Luci y e
Ikm Day,

Warner Bros.
T," which
Thate. os Younsg
Swarnerolor film
of Amerlea's vocal
d. -"CalaityJane"
iteat motion p c-
MH for the screen
as evidenced in
-her first ap.-
; 'kthe ecur-
i l ang won an
doj"M a l c"From

Nutt to "El Rncko
- Ph 2m125

.-. .

ei-.. ", ". .- .

I .it iC leu. Teeiphn
?hompee, n. eb 1772.

Real Estate
WE BUY, SoH and Monag Real
btle&. "The Impriel bIEale,"
Cathedral PlM-. Panome. Tfe.
phone 2-0857.
FOR SAL--Icomentleel 8- ed-
room hose in Las Cumbree,
Small down payment. FPe infoll
motion, call 2.0610. Pasea.
FOR SALE: Leoving Isthmus,
Cholet "l Cormen" # 99. Tel-
ephone 3-5013 ir 2-1847 Pan-
FOR RENT.-Lei: one in the
city and the other In the out.
skirts. phone 3.0471.
Houm and land far only $650
down, $25 monthly, total: $3.-
650. Pueble Nt PATTER..
50o. 2-246., Avm- "A" 16.

FOR SALE; y eoruenly $1.50
meser, 450 e $200 down.
$10 monthly. Pueblo Neve.
Hurry. PATTRSON. Aeone "A"
16. 2-2340.

FOR SALE"-Ony $500 down,
mail hboue'od 8*0 me te i
emr new Race ait, f lml I



e. ea-


l W :-t or 4bada*e 'i m
i st fa MarS Am *eric a- owl
N,; Phase 3-5608. Jam.

. ..

NEW CHUfWDES1N-Exampe i ata)eiu dr
the bterioroft the 2 ,mLdmmn Churth In Por"t '-a -
new trend, cealed "sculpture In structur." fotumetate
re .staandlau--bpuit away. bam.the outside weasW
wals support only half t weight ei t l."'.,
simle nptearWi wanoly-baeutitul with. wood dlank Jnj
oleof lijht ra'Alocthd rad theal e ,ham -*L-,u

,.i T '
*,'* *- ,.' -" ;
-t. .

tont teacher there times a week.
For Infermato Phne 3-5508.

Mi ellaneous
FOR REINT -On Sindfv., radio
station for businem or religlmol
instrKtien program. Phone 1.

PAA- Seeking Improved
U.S-Latln America
Service that would -benefit an
estlMsted 18,6.000 Latin Ameri-
can travelers a year and fatel-
tate busine transactlaM Is be-
Ing proposed by Pan Amerilca
World AJrways.
The airline is seeking prmas-
Maon- m the Civil A embqu
BOato dcle te -gap be tw$n
its Wtin AmericangMAteway at sfunW-ff
Miami and lMew Yk, base for howt'tINo oflf- WtCrl
PAA's txanatiatla oatiosptt ll,. His ftS a i ".beat his bask amit u atis
Pan Amediecn pfp' wrote a Mog". 1l"Pawl b.t usa
lxnirovemflt to the VWII ia get tHe o' r omord4 ur.
public bH a rattg a-cag4o I aW Si t aa
service oe tn.".t t t" .o. eaits
route, f the Bmt o 18 ae I "LMe- is ee' :' a .",--" -

o hIa resulted In the biw
hi freiht moving via t r,
avelersto ad from- Lau
ean comise about 0 p
the WMiSW ortheaat
Vle Pesuldqnt MAi P
me told the' CAB. A M
med an average of Mb'
M such travelers per m
bar schedules to and S t1
n America and from *'
k on the Florida route wpul
integrated with the trani
atl schedules toward thi
nation of .the many incoh,
inoes and duplatlns eSl
sneed by travelers and the
pg blo," the PAA op
nefits to businessmen t.
Sthae Americas are eoenStMk
n the Pan American thVeg
Ice personal, Adams dedw
CI oftrough cargo aMw
fta ntl and Iouth.*


A f "Ti


' ---.-


. .. .. v -'. .. w

I -





.1 1 -


I -


i n

' 4, di 4 !. -


I -

i I


'A $*



I _


s-a 39' 'M~
uovu I


: -.4 l. + ii' -I

r w w w In a 116411i- t r
h h the ant. Si iitan641 e

r~.~-~@somethin yol a,.
ft Wy f' s minutes -- plane from uttr
burgs,- some ht p"Wpb
rim ti every step. s the procedure
Wt But au at lA Queen's ur
:'is a a must for mail~lfdq. Th4

e-rdI aM Iand is only
tAreIP-(minutes hi9 plans from Hono&
S*i afl j Iudol

i. .. l ,-Its lu mad wild scen
-been eWn4 *enor fe t .ita, He.-

wIas seoaript far f norad
Wa no -listablg the is 3 'rn aRt
1ve -ver Mea o Pao .'1 fo e".'--
At Roverpofrd

S.w': -, ."' 'v -'."-': '- *at the muit .lt i'unI grotto,
"A l In te u *htWat. I've ever ." "
_r ti leave onI tabi.' There's a& p '-e t _e .,vu
flrvw e inn5 a dd Beed- Jsty '.fta ,,
m ,ba me lu.B m t C tiyairmi a walan sone '.Ad- .us ,I
white iquarea.lf m T sam- There' as a m.W e ,d Ad-
]let a o,.elburd-to e o an raut wto>;W C.0.D. -
*at beeas .w as .ssu ee. Haain ......., over
i 'A :. .. .. i
I'ltelc wtoht o* vli .e

,o a u hea.d r, GuatemaanChie
'refti y deSaert." **i C w W:!
4^" jjn.A.r(,-. a Plans U. S. Visit
8.ppr k t .W%!^ _b Mf-uu meat
a WASMGTON, July 30 (WP)
Bt he 1 Bad taste WN ... Vaift sona annou-c-d

BACKtt TIE AltR-Wft Genanmadt iareraft sice the edi
D World Wr k ibi at the 710ti Annual German Airport
Dy 'at Breijen. Called the "Motor-laab." it's a glider-type
plane powered by a Voldkwagen en.ine. It Aies for five hours
on five galon of gas,

otalet a
oae, so

ua u inr WU Identcal twins
i a sinje dBtrYB t',hf-Mdg WMshingen" beauty-
In th nation's eolitaL No mu bould decide which
r-oald andra, Guld, center, toMsed a oln. Rhoda
ht, was ; .e c l a chpice, and sister t leenrleft,
IAlst!B !. 4 s-,- *AL

U 7" -
: *"i a M....
dfy* M EPO 1 rMl BH

cdas, 6w00 1 s a. etm*Wm.

slippery finish.
Just before the eating is
plied, polyester resna are ao
with a peroxide catalyst. si-nce ft
mixture hardens at room tempers
tures, it must be applied launedl.
ately after mixing. (Amerlena
Metaaseal Corp., West New
York, N. J.)
A new plastic surfacing for ply-
wood gives greater weather re-
Crdon," a' flexible plastic
made of wood fibre and ph2noUl
resin, is bonded to the plywood
under tremendous heat and pres-
Thanks to its water resistance
and its quality of taking paint
easily, the plastic coating makes
plywood, artioularly suitable for
siding anr other exterior building
Inside the house, it may be used
I kitchens, bathrooms and other
places where moisture protectiono
is important.
Road signs coated th CreZop
are another possibility. The peel-
proof signs wll not crack and rust.
(Crown Zenlerbach Corp., San
Francico, CalM.)
A crash helmet for "junior" jet
pilots has all the markings of the
real thing.
Designed for youngsters between
the ages of. 5 and it, the new hel
met features a movable vior,
speaker's unit and "emergency a-
raratus" consisting of a masnetc

r .: ;.-.~r
N .. : -O .
Sbiaby l'lSWaflSV


AWn, WM' .
^|JIJ|jW f .~.. err .

DtISToBAS'tUii 1:3w
Elate 1S10NAB
e n~if~r
Abe Unprlu tI SON ME .


I.A1'11 "iHE HUN

.. ...... ,, '.

s uo o goone, .,.

PARAlS0 o Mt






l fferent -Jungle A"sfv Ii

the 4mAfflt3


- In









.* .. .-. p
V Ett~a

T 0 .N .,* v




W. ... _-.. ..


dg'a onttS & !.
I15 WO.
A O i+/,I

~Rrts "k ~ l.-*- i 5



and still retOain teAi exMllt quaty ?

The answer iestMple! VICEROYS are
made in Panama'.They not osly coMt
le4s they're even fresher now,
they come to you straight from the fat-
tory.t besides, the' 20,000 filtering ele-
ments of VICEROYS' exclusive filte.
make their blend of fine tobaccos inel
lower and tastier.

"I yo're wetdering why I took the 10-day tat,

I'll only tell you that it made me decide
Sto go on smoking
as long s I can smoke VICEROYS."


-. o. l w-.b .q-&IC A

S-. :.

1I4dm tfkaYseistn

bn s *r wwu


, ,.-,..-.*


* .. 5

* .4'

*a "

Iw 'd'* "

..t .. ..- ". :- ,
EilR -U ; :+ .. it-' t. -.. 1



* li

-' Jj~.

- .- -. '


- ~-~L~ I


II I .


7 7 7. .





*:,'" ,*'- ... ,

.. r .

* 4*'.- 1.4'

%' "7 : "" -' /' t "* .

SPulls lLittle

Prier In Big Sulky

'GOSHRv, N. Y.-(NEA)-Cal-
* SoBa threatens to do it all over
uaMl hi the (109,000 Hatableto.
S-n Statke on Bill Cape's triangu-
S i Uarood Time Park miM track at
eyssroads Gdshen, Aug. 3L
lae Swps, which galloped out
the oldenState to wVi the
kyDeby and set up the
math racewi Nashua, S c o t t
ot is Californla-ownad-by Sol
A. Camp of Shafter.
White -Slcott Ferst dropped
beats to Arvilla Hanover a n d
Qlophone at Historic Track in
QSb the week of July 4, the
ora Hoot Men colt came back
St nthe third and the race-off,
h latter in :04 which is dog.
goe seed for a three-yeasold on
S hat strip at that time f
'Then on July 21 at Saratoga,
sott Frost went to the front a-
iaist other Hambletonian elgi-
ie .i th a mark of 2:08 4-5 on a
aln track, and the boys
hopped on the bandwagon.
Iqdqed, a lot of the sharpies eon
met the big fellow trained and
Sve'n by ittle Joe O'Brien to win
the Haimbletonian in straight
bhat. It could go four.
Off his besueal two year-
a id Soera Forst has been
the pring book favorite and is
cUtai to ge to the post an odds-
ea choice.'
Superior handicappers p c k
Childs Hanover to place and Gal-
ophone to show. Childs Hanover,

S Al Reynolds Tourney

SWinneron To Receive

SPrizes This Evening
h p sors of the Al !-a-
; Ids eGolf TMoumentM -t
mtly completed at the ran-
Golf Club, wll mke the
station of awldsto price

itn. *
'tea we by
lms de la Guardia with his
other, Ernesto de la GIar-
Jr, the runmerup.
aul "Baby" sop-
the second flight. Bob No-
was thp runnmrap. Bober-
rret took medalist honors
S toK e "Roy" Vald"a won

rank irvin up, won moali erent-
ly in 2:01, the fastest time of any
simbletonan candidate this
mear but he's erratic betid the
aobie star ate. Billy Haugh
too pilots Galphone.
It looks lke a field of 14 XMiu
Rodney, Sonething Special,
Trump Hanover and Butlh Hano-
ver are considered the mere for-
midable of the remaining 11. The
others are Arvfill Hanover, Home
Free, Colbymite, Egyptian Bo y,
Tasselman, Satinwood and Winter
Coupled in the mutuels Jilth
Sott rrost will be Butch Hano-
ver and Home Free because they
are also conditioned by O'Prlen.
Similarly paired will be Galo-
phone and Arvilla Hanover,
Trump Hanover and. Tasselman
ond Miss 1e odae y and Winter

Scott Froest est Cam p f,200
as a yearling in Lington. He
won nine of 16 as a juvenile, was
second four times, third once e,
earning $33,733.
His most celebrated feat was
winning the Oimarton Ranch
Stake In- Lexington In 2:00 flot,
the fastest race time of aniy lu-
venle trtteor pacer in story.
As Hoet Men, is sire, holds the
wimlnil race mark aor the Ham-
bletonian at 2:00, it is noteworthy
that the son outdid his pappy by
an entire ear.
Slow o it his stride at t wo,
Scott F-et kept hitting hit. hocks
because of his leggy, ganglinm
gat, so OBrin bought him a
special oversized sulky. He then
procelWd to trot away with ev-
eryth "in sight-winning his last
four ina row.
O'Brti, 38, stands no .more
than five feet six and weighs only
1830 Pods. So it easily could be
two tlsain a row for little guys.
Del Caieron, even a bit smaUer
than O'Brien, won last year with
Newport Dream, also the favor-
Hambletonians frequently go to
horses which are not choices. You
Say reoaj Helicopter in 195; ,
iSirp Note in and' Maiulinre
the. year before.
But going lito this one It loo10
like JoB 0 Brien, the lile g u
mad Scott Frost, the big,- gapid
Bucolic Gosheb the county seat,
is 5 Uales up iute 11 from New
York City.
IHambn t Is. i tir Kel.
*ieik bi of 'tIs and -a
S HfbweSeAt day f
ie conuitat. "

-The home address of lilly Kasa
Michigan State sophomore hs$f
back, is 2306 Easy Street, Hono-
llu. '


hs first coag ia star and dl-
I p ahn etorabl character to tihe
e _y-adclaled ro-

u ,
FrancI.sco dte-

vam,.i .- a- tM. *arts I ye Joan *01a, Sklpr
S ett '4$b35 U y andt Vers Pouulas. AdvtM
1L 7 J -


First row: SUlly Coy, Bobby Harned, Tommy Gangle, Bruce Lovelady, Larry Douia
Gangle, Don Cheson, Bill Schmi4 and Dave Colclasure. Second row: Harry Foat
kulich, Warren Ashton, Rusty Glaser, Bob burgener, Doug Major, John Luhr and Li
Back row; Roger Williams, manager: Florenelo Arosemena, Rad y Colclasure Col. .A
Wright, team sponsor; Bob Boyd, R.ndy Oangle. Morton La Vee, coach, an& Walt
coach. Not picture: Gary Anderson, Lous Fontaine and Sammy Wikin.

Joe Brown, Pesley

in Louisiana S

Tl. Match Monday
uneaten in six fights in Pananid
rings, was suspended by the Pa
namnn Boxing Commislion fo
co up the factthat is las
So was. a "riA 'r" by th
name of Juniun West W stead c
the man he had bees. killed t
meet, Nat "Killer" Jackson. Las
week the Panama Commispion cu
Brown's six-month suspension t
two .months to allow hun to fighk
h re in a benefit bout next month
Brown, however, has no t ifle
friends here that he does not ex
pect to able to rulfill his promise
to meet Ismael Espana Aug. 21)
The following is an excerpt
from the "New Orleans States."
A lightweight match compare
ble to the Dupab-Ryff bout to fel
lowers of Negro boxing has bees
signed by promoter Heard Ragai
for the Coliseum Arena Monday
Aug. L,
.Joe. Brown a Arthr Persi
will he-the p Ainils and -a
announced he will award a -ia
mond-studded belt buckle emble
mate of the Louisiana state cham
pionship to the winner.
Aou Visensi signed for Brown
and Jack Levine of New York
inked the contract for Persley.No
aenmite clstance has been set as
Levine is holding out for 15 round
tor Persley whale Viscusi Insists
me bout be held over the 10-round
"I'm to confer with both Viscus
ai lAvian here eay Mn the week
regi g the nuMber of roumds,
s" Rages. "The terms and date
a. *ay but we still have to kiro
out tb route the ri als will trav
L Lia t4puni. to work a comprom.
Lse, 4erhaps u rounds.-
-Lime say* Perley I i k e s a
rout a&I points to his 10th-rous
huookqut over "Killer" Jackson
here a couple of weeks ago.
"Perasl-/ will probably hand up
a ka. o anyhow, but sill li ke
that ipairance which a 15 heat
bout represents," says Levine.-
SViseui is. Just as adamant that
It:'be~ .i "Joe beat him owed and
can dq it again," said Viscuei,
wio has bea tin town. "Peraley
biAw I us i tanklul that we are
ying him a second chance and
'- Wfm be 10 stanzas or nothing."

Fleck In Step

With The Tires
CHICAGO (NA)-.. Jack
Fek was dresasg l.i his hotel
room and asked i visitor for the
et*0t time. "' yo u mas," the
vlaftr asked "that with every-
tg which s coe your way
since winning the Open, nobody
has produced a watch?"
"Oh," Fleck laughed, "d don't
worry about It. I know my way
anirod. S& psed to see a fellow
tomorrow and-he's going to give
m waltche for every part of me
except' my belt buckle."



Announces the Sailing of Their

Sist Corgoliner "BARRANDU NA"

Direct to SOUTIAMPTON (England)

, uNtes ........................3T5.
ates --- w.0wWa aW- ---,- a a ,e$315,00

SyftCabin with Prive Bath ... 295.00

SCabin with Bo '......... 2w








MOST VALUABLE Warren Ashton receives most valuable
player award from Col. Andrew M. Wright, Mutual of Omaha
team sponsor.

Mutual Of Omaha Team

Farm League Champions

iI "--- 9 ---
DUiIng the past baseball season Rusty was the op father of the
the Mutual of Omaha team won league. ot ather of
the 1955 Farm League champion-
shi by winning the first and sec- Last but no mean the least,
ond halves. The team Was spon- a al award wa given the leastJim
scored by the Mutual of Omaha In- myle, the wa diminutive n to Jim-
surance Company of Omaha, Ne- boy He was one native 3 sons with
braska, represented in Panama th Mutual team 3 nd their dad
by Andrew M. Wright Colonel. U Rudy G an of thBalboa, wagd,
rited States Army, Retired ways avui-" f Blcoa,_ wan o
Selected as most valuable play. wouii.l mr e aching or
te of the team was Warren Ash- b .no.
ton, son of Nathan orhton of Bal- ThI p rd
boa. Canal Zone. The leading p new-h SCtapcaynma g this
pitcher of the league, Warren news storywee taken atAn -d
won 12 games for his team dur. ards party at the Jewish Wel.
ing the season. When be was not o ble,"-t'- t wa. md PnossJ.
pitching he was playing an out- ln r on ity an Co.
standing game at shortstop. In ad. MtIi,A M. Wright ad the
ton to all this he was a leading _p-_.;,, Nam ow Com-
bltter in the Farm Leamue. payd .. Nat an Wtknh ar.
John Luhr was the leading hit-.= e bSy* @ wella nt thoroughly
ter on the team, scored the most paen by the pers and tefr
runs, and was one of the strong. .' .
eat firstbasemen in the league.
He is the son of Cheaster A. Luo
of Diablo Heights, Canal Zone.
The most improved player a.
ward went tc Tommy Gangle, sec-
ond baseman. This 9 year o-I d.

itlt on with U and 12 year old-
Unanimously selected by his "
team mates as the hardest work.,
iag. player was Rusty Glazer. men'-
of Sdythe Glaser of Diablo, In ad. *&
dition to being a leading hitter, .j'-'";



r'. *.*. y-,,41v "isr ic 'l.. -. ..
:4:% ..:.,,:.', >. .' = ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~.. .." -- .-.. -' :i%". ..." N

Amateur Chupondip
,S ", .

Fiftesw year old Wes YouI goll balls and a ow r be d
won the Canal Zone Junior A- rmaner Perala e na L h
amateur Golf Chamionship tr dig. .alf bails and GeaM ge aRu
dy at the Rodman Golf Courl odrgu aole_ gai- and' cap.
es defeated 17 year old Jim i o was bIft;ore who
Londea Jr. by six strokes. Enter- tak that dublewuss also le.
lag yesterday's round Was had a ceived a giUt sap.
two stroke lead and Jim had to The merchandise prime were
go0 Vu out which he did but to no donated by- the Panama .C a a 1
avail ZoO. Elks. Lodge No. 1414 of Bal.
The spectators were treated to boa. The -O alios awarded the
aome fin golf watching Young, trophy for the junior division and
[es Londes Perantle and Pa z ae dozen balls,
RIoditus. Young took on early After presentaton ef award the
lead and'was ndver headed. Jack contestants and spectators had a
Perantie opened up estarday and feast of barbecued hot dogs and
.bat a fine 76. Paz Rodrguez shot pop. Al- -M winiaer 4Jas been
an 80 to finish fourth. Tim Hot determined in this coitest..
who was in third spot entering The Rodman Course really
yesterday's round slipped to fifth rolled oyt the red carpet for these
place shooting a a. boys and showed tht the Nav is
In the junior division Mitty Mus- capable *l' achievements on -
see took top honors with a 96 to- as we as at ea. The West Dnk
tal for 18 boles. Ray Futch who course ila definitely a challenge for
was 6 down entering yesterday's the average golfer.
match dosed the gap to emerge Wesjey young I"ter .known as
2 strokes beh-nd the leader and '%,,was wondering. is expected to
won second place. finish. In the tpper bracket in the
The 'teen-agers were oU t in Natinoal Toumey along with Jin
force to compete for a sport 0Dess ondes. and Sandy Hinkle..
the Canal Zone team which will Below is a listing of the way
play at Columbus Georgia be i- the boys ended up:
ning August 15, Was aoung, Jim
Des Londes and Sandy Rle will SENIORS
be the Zone representatives. San- Youn" .. ... .. .. I7 1 153
dy who won last year's National Dea ondea .. .. 79 80 1 9
pitch and putt contest is now in P eantle .. .... 89 76 165
the states. He will meet Young paz Rodri ues .. 92 80 172
and Des Londes at Columbus. Hot .. .. 92 17
Jim Des Londes Sr. and Lt GariUck 92 183
Cmdr. Hudson of the Navy West Hayden 127 C 232
Bak tea.meduptohlget hse..Ior .... ....112 118 230
aboy al.oeeo to. .. watson .. .... 16 119 255
Todirneyu i A LO u ta o Musser ........ 44 52 98
hblp d fray tra rY R. Futch .. .... 50 48 98
were o if-l taect the ist Bergere .. ...... 57 45 102
cot t a e a ~osri Bean .. .... .. 64 53 117
1 yil- lnIu Riullbtiagsa. C. Rowan .. .. .. 56 64 120,
H| dt P anfd tat:e up Cluver .. .. .. .. 55 67 122A
A VeA the -i- r J. Rowan .. .... 64 62 126l l .. ma M w. n k- t Hakti inn son 1

t-w. -.-.. o-.----
madr (- % dides of
Folt N vW erousb do-
nated a dwe as as pries.
Lt. C'tu. Hudson was a hand
to present te Canal Zone opy
given by the U.S. Junior Chamber
of Commerce. The merchandise
prizes consisted of a trophy to
Mitty Musser. Mitty also received
a air of swim trunks and six golf
bais. Ray Futch the runner up
in the Junir Division also won a
pir of swim trucks plus 3 golf.
alls. Young Bergere who was erd,
place winner among the jugrs
won a golf shirt and David Dean
who came in fourth won a hat.
O'Dell who used the most
strokes among the bantams was
awarded a hat or his willingness
to stay in thIrf despite his score.
In the senior division Young woo
a belt, and one hall dozen balls
in addition to his trophy. Des Lon-
des won twelve golf bals and a
glove for being runner up. Pe-
rantie wop a half dozen g5 balls
and Georke Paz Rodriguez a golt
glove an cap. Watson who was
high acorir who took that dubious
honor also received a ,golf cap.
division Young won a belt. and
one hal dozen balls in addition to
hi trophy. Des Londes won twelve

Cub League

Gibraltar Life sura n
Walt Brown .. 1. 1 0 2 2
eorge case .. .... 0 0 1 0
Lewis M rench ... 1 0 1 2
Worden French .. 5 0 2 10
Tom Pertte .. ..3 0 e26
Curtis Fitaerald .. 0 0 0 0
Totals m Cl10 0 9 20
Smblm Club
Ray Cldwell .. .. .. 2 0 0 4
Rh rd Morris .. 1 0 4
James lice .. .. 2 1 2 7
George Fitagerald. 0 0 0 0
Robertlikulich.... 0, 0 0
Joe Lawlor .... 0 0 1 0
1e Forester .. .. .. 0 0 0 0
R Rathgeber .. .... 0 4 0 4
.Totals -- 6 7 319
Sacre By Quarte.
6-2, 14-4, 16-19, 2019.
Gibraltar squeaked bY the 3M*
blem Club 20-19 thereby retai-
I theIr hold on 2nd plae. '
won the lIt halt 14-
the Emblem Club etart-
ad won the 'as hal

40 b flu

S 1, l.


- Whas

I Ledbetter .. .. .. 81
I H. Futch .. .. .. 77
* Tomlin .. .. .. .. 9"
SO'Dell .. ., .. .. .eS


mrs and WrsIrMe
S-. -*


beam on
Ifl Auiba
fqr thes,
five ftrst
burn nees
19s6 Bowl
field eua

A total of Mlvote wa.ft.-ea.
rcUsou0tIng each shool' vote
for its own team.
Conference .ch
Goergia To laelyon
Is of Its depth, apera i. soon
sped and its grtat n w M t
backs, They Iawlude Pabl btet-
W e ..Smhel.. Th6m "
The Pa au&o sowed Doi4
l regard aas oe of the top
cos acs la the bnalnes.w
Auburn, despite, tihe ls of
star end Jim Pyburn ,e Miaor
league baseball, receive back
largely on the mame qualitlep ,5
schools feel Tech possesses. Al-
so, the SEB points to Aubur''s
tine showing in th eOato Dowl
last New Year's Ba when the
Tigers in mauled Baylo33; *-ll.
Ketucky, pacd by quar
back Bob Herd, and rai -i

, ;.


The Inauguration of a New Service from



8.S. "AUGUST BOLTEN" ........August 14, 1955.,


SS "George Russ" aMd 5 "uit t"
Apply r:



The Pacic Seam NavipS CopiR "
INcouom5!aa Csnd m. f

_ -

M.V. I*SAIAI. Ry ..........................."Awimt 3

.Yv. mWmA DL PACIn m" (l Tes ....Aug~l'U.
WT. AI ................ ::. ...:.....' .
S:.0 ........ .... ..... ..... ....... A.

u. "B .-rA~ ........................... t 'i
c I.

TO UK/eONMir i
.L in -" 1- at............. t. .."..
.__... -$4
A t ;.-- l i ..l: l,,.. ~ .* .--...'n si ,.' .

zw' ''->-

- S.

* 1,*
* 'It-I,. ~

[*** *
... .
.K ;

7; ~6t

a IL

iK.- -'i.. 1

"'is "

%gi o

' '*'



4 *.*~ -

* :h;
*** ._ .- '
, : .




~7. -

s PS WiSlgty aFw
rtde wOae tae aaWIg

Ci paii*ch axgle with
a.-M xrom i hNM
g su *hat- we aart aoI
a. Lfty Whitey Ford
a avenBitter &or ala lata
k oa anesared to have

is ,soup -1...w w romps

- M- am W


8, RisUetd .I



... At w 'd
AfORg, 7WYg

G AME, moP


-" a"- T & ? Tor~~ite w, c to s
paeh omer at eU the seere th, Cle. 100404 15 .0 grace 6, Rocbheter 5.
p a Ni eigut. Viao Rhse4 Power, City 375 M 11U8 .S
o f z i city a. m .'en
tananeser former lanka. 0313A lIw2S
was th1e ft. '.Snder, Dodgem ... ... 5
U11Y0"P teed off OR tw, for Ki ewak S ... 33
oaer ateaua I-hil wisat n Sy Oints ........... 32
jt e ray..a. iO tS bae bfal WDaus, Cubs ............ SN
dGray-- 1 i 1to o e ri ed ..h. n.......
of k OcTet at-e SUA ..... "oIN
I anuixe4er w1iem I

eutu?.a. ...........

-is th -w orMi. IMmea ..........
(e V.4.- v i J am e R 1ut0,1u ......... 77
.A *ea- e te:
..... ... o

fcre fin laoth om whe mt xa, as3M ......... 77

' peams aeaa siuiai ia1 Butar n "." .., Avil9 5ad to dpm dark gls.
h S is on"*7 1irais -

U'ntni. car.fOtS (las, TTs p o....) -...140.

tie Dodgers came tre Beui-d W L P, 3r3 1 fr
ageq e a s Ca dia 6, s a d N e om Dkdger s 1 1 E l lk C a g e?
lo rove li. i ine rn so wA .fl r, Is .... 11 4m5 s
S O Dd ...... .S0

LisJ in 1trs Imph she pL33-Clveland'
heldplga pMease sim;W, a us- pM.... 1byAlavad. to dpa dark iglu.
elug Thmera ba) wale a ATAmsIC csad watn) -Mc athestnd

.atifl bo o .a. Ca. tin Fa1t2a0 r-lacntm has beye sur e y.
Seasee ardIl, 4 at Cdb Dvo ... om "17 .1M C 0 aPe
reaf teptntt teHee a the r **. ** */ .
"*' ? pol lrena.. .. ....... 0 e 1 1
flei btYn .s I e 9 2.813 lks Cao

.. uis Fasuoe!_ .a.. ..r.... 0 r s1

help of WA&pincsh17A

:rs .h.... i set ef 1.. :e t m ria .. ., 1 013
o0-16 .3 10 7 6

". .. .. .. 2 0 2 6
.... t .... ..e 1 0 2
L..s bbs .oe ... .... .' O 0 0
NATIOI#A LLEAGU3 At&ANL AGUU ;atl. -. ..:.. 0 2 1S

*ss .m s- sTtals 18310-45

EL ..gs6 :::.v ;* :e *
o ~.1 as 4 a.e 1

4 8* o. Web i ". .. .... o S '
.s.M-tt tIHu 3UMU%3arbA r.. ... 0 a 1 0
R ets2" .... 5 1 4 11
T A' ASe.. .. 1
ft %- 31lati l-aI I "S
"s atW flUL 2a1*61%Ses .. .. .. 1 1 411

0 = s 0-0*- O* ls .. :*. :*, so1 1
19 I l,0 UV0,New 1ork Ma teps121 1

I WSSuh ) wBS h 1tt .f .. 14
1Sqnfl1.4-S.V ]do 1n0il O0as *1 : 1
MSJWghbwtnesf10 e1 a .:::.

-.. 02-Y 8 mWOW, aEk au in "O

..W k _.1.. -2) pa y %
OO; IO' it -si BSi ngt (1 -,I,,

:' ;:: -* .... .. A B^ ^^ *

.-.We .- --3- as',-.._t
^w ff^fc^^yS^.SX^ -." ^^SIRH -FI wUv

fti g~ I j JK^AiS?







S" 2 4 Years In National Leage Ir
... Written for NEA Service Con
*COe Wf*W.Mt..-a*htere is-A esatona tthisHal QUESTION: The pitcher dou-
f VonM une. whisk a kla 'it abmve M.wine3ee36," bles Uad JhJures his ankle sliding
Sax.y @l S lat. mf Ike mwe ? qasI ?( Monofleyaa into second base. Canan agree-
A"he *Ra' wt $sjoin TM tans.aywieeefab- !mentbemadt be made so that. a pinch-nm.
a Fmmno k 2Wi* baseball's Wa0ueOB her may be used while the pitch i
S" LyS sen d recommended i to the White Box.," her's ankle i repaired to the ex.
IwMI lB"ad. De yop collect as er such afatlon Iten t that he can continue pitch-
S'%t? -,: '- ing?-Preston Meanr,
SCtb a ce nWaR. i the spring, A. A courtesy. nrai. annet be
S. us. I W$ invited used iN prefewssonal baseball.
Q. With two s atrikesc fs b

year. e big rret ha en Inbility to develop a time profeional football game,
hr ofto Is the batter t nout? au. Aug.
Un1- Wyk.

rence thi arA. N 's just a foaed Wgner, of W oball.n who ha
e wh Dtroit," hl ontnued. The bo of today don'tA The New
S to touh work. a coYork Giantsence, and San rancisco
dthe lt nine 49ers eet in Seattle's and earfirst bigmen pek of
years.Z an u ge biregret has been hishInability to develop aI time professional football game, I
cancer of Outetandilg class. 'in e th Western Con-Aug. 20. 11
"fth eewasulyoned rt eva of promilae t Wet Con-
ferenes this year, A kid named Wagner, of Wisconsin, who hu"
emadr e with ll roit," hea continued. '-Te boys of today don't
Cke esteh. 'IVs tough work. As a consuence, the exierl-
speed backstops hang on for years and years and men ape" of
M0y CampazZ and Yogi Berra with awe."
hsave turned qWuie a few players at Purdue. But none to
enom w th 311 Btion. of the yankeps," Sehalk sid. "Don't
gie w on that kid. I know he han't looked very good aince he
returned to action. But that ripped muscle in his thigh, after a
terrific start, cave him a serious phyaloal and mental setback.
Till Case noa to lw confidence In this boy."

The eplseat ef bean-ball pitehli ragin lan the majors, with
stress me the National somehow failed t arose the Ndlnaset
oemnmet f say Old tier. It was agreed that Lyons had the
No gawseptism. Ted had the batter skipplan rope with the
simple expedlet of throwing at his shbls. Many layers who
Sld et seem to Mad bng hbit elsewhere ut eeuldn't take It
BusiBasvaAl of the Dodgers, asked Warren Oiles, National
Leagu president, what he thought of Brooklyn's proDosal that
saries of men injured by skull hurling be paid by the clubs
whose pitchers had put those battery out of commlailbn.
there are better ways to handle that problem," Giles
lauhed. ge didn't appear to take Bavaal's proposal very soer-
"WeZ If there are better ways, let's have. them before some-
body Is killed," Bule ejaculated. "The Brooklyn club has paid
WSN000 in a&larie to players benched by bean-ball pitching this
I asked. "Buszie, how would you like to be paling Stan Mu*
al If I*h wore beaned by one of your technicians?" *
TheM vie president in charge of major league operations for
thes-Rokiyn club went off whWa i a proposal had died at

The add tmen here were extremely caustic on the home-
run epideale rmagingn both majors, threatening the Gliants' ree-
ord !of Z;. and Jabe Ruth's SO.
"I deMl aknow itf the fans would stand for the dead ball and
low scores of the ersa n which I won the American League home-
rin .bmamlisUhp with 12," said Frank Baker. "But don't you
think th b owneIr have gone too far in encouraging today's
hoae-nran ? Aren't the tuatomera likely to be surfeited, like
the JIM = t. a 0 andy-fatory?"
mRho wose lteadil.d p n make a meet of the
bat, n Wa.sttaelseknts the ebat, not the
t oat the ban igB t been juiced up, he
pauk ma d. ; "Wh .n he blames the home- Soft ad smooth fst
ra" ggb he once msae ut. the t t f *.-
S sw veT tba ts Th. U 0- excellent frapgasies
tra.ytda urtr2 a bot e ftatweianeprogd U @ama-o by those wi
br make the boa uebatswe= ounces, s avoured by th
eah ductin of hOknow eehcndously. io that this is obtak
JIMSgA ruch fXira Vck l "eu'recora


Sthe Aniel case Is. on thq Manager q "
ape, the oldest. Braves gtvee yw
4 the Glants rope their way Rut Stan Mul, The *
orgh thq last tVd of the sea-iSt. Leqte aa J M li&ft
Antonelll isn't even .00 on th case.
ber. Instead of having the "Wben his ebag ma
id of season his 954 showing fI 't come over- p w 'i
spelled you to expect, ho lost waBts them, he's I
of his first 20 decision and has'eaaies his ast 4
shed only eight times. Irood that be can m et- X a
his certainly I n't the 21 'e.M with .'" MI iS mfl .s
nme winner who burled in the By way of illuMrraon A
rid Series with the authority II, missed the corner with
the bes: New York letbnder curves against Muslal a e .
ce Carl Hubbell. He looks more weeks ago, then came
e the .500 pitcher he wua with with the hard one. Jlasist 4i
waukee .jn 1953. I patched it from view. And it is
round the P lo I Gri unds, same changeup be hit, t :
m front office down to an- year which won for
-6lli himself, it Is brusied off season.
simply "bad luck so far." I That ume of his victories -
run here, another there and 14-aning May- 1 con test.
nny has a fine record," Duro.'Oncalnnitl has anyth i
r says. "Hes still a great'with his trouble itetl t
Jher. But the way we've been by Aptoel. ..
ng this year, even the bestI At one stage f the
*her in the world couldn't win Frank Shelleabackt he New
us." era' pitehing oeeb.. tiN Aii.
ut as base hits continue to tonel puffing heavya ftr :.
ay off the serves of the once session L otfiel, ,
dly left bander, more than "Why, you're Just ott of
person around the National Shellenback barked. ut -
ague is pointing to his back. with more running, AI .
und with a smug look. didn't come around. -
He would still be at Milwau- --_ -.- :*
if they didn't figure him to be STRONG EMOn U -
ut what he is today," is the -
Smost it. "Last year was LAWRENCE, KaM.(INA .
tly lucky." iors departing Kanaps' trofl
He was 12 13 with a second field powerhouse are Do06.s W
ce team in 1953," a Milwaukee gas and Don Bracelhn, Javeifj
it office man points out. Capt. Bob Smith, broad. ulsit
hen the Gianat a made the Bill 'Biberstelin burdlealS
Ie for him. they wanted Gene Knowles, discus; and A= ilPl
ley first. We gave em Anto-ler, hrdles, .



Today Encanto .35 & M2 Todq IDE AL JO .
I CINEMASCOPE l Jack Palace .

Cleo M r In Ronald Reaa, In
"T.E OTNE M |ONW 3 "1101 w ,



inctive in flavor and of
these. qualities ca e
ho demand the best, aud
unable when the cal is....

Scotch Whisky


I .. als .A- p m A.~. t "Ca-
-t... a" U-- S U '


r, ---

- tn:tV -

C -

~-"1 -.


I ._T..-,i.

*-.:.-; *... f..

* *

-.. ..... .. .

,3Ji vl3'
; W.3F

St* d.w'

.4.b ..E..MU..Env-oy-foD na .e.

o training are through com'- -- ^'-^ .. ".^-, .-
tive examinations from then
or Courseor 1 RedHeld er

I a m o .Wlgg. of the Ad- j # *

throJunior Management Inter ohnson will meet Monday at

vice Commaliaon in the Be-'s ambassador to Poland, h.a talks with JohnEon is "to lDa n fodhourson to rotl overturned three mof le Brutels. Some 700 entries represetagw
S of training are through Civil nan. e elob be

S employes xaminat higher cate- on this country am- m eum, N ied
W;gg had the .w ,thiti _..Of

Fries, babinghado to Poland. Ca-.e', and the world fu Poed 81 p suffered |
' Wh canal employ e HIN TOX.a J ouly 3-(UP) Chairan e temaa Fr -
io sar nomination high re na. e re pe today to ove du demand Relations i
. The training progFederal ovrn- that Red China ree 40 Ame- a ighemphar-led that vel confer to t iho-
signed to department abiliencies civilians and th U.S. air- forestalks are primarily in to d monta and could not have pita.
a e.Fade rall er p lyest i n grade men. moss Straits. Ut vJ'f'" !.. h im P" .
-7 108 beoin qua have d i- Johnon received last-minute proper ue. ome to Bavaria better e diter ee shortly be
pdeclaed e ligible to taken the mos stais the State Depart-said Red China on the mountansde. At alt- row sped out ly.

Spanning uptk g haa been told in advance of the tudeP as low as 6,000 feet. Pickng up after les-
onsibiWigg is employed as super- oth have left open the pos- Geneva meeting that the United h pty leaves tomorrow for salermo, It Jmp the trU Prent oe atoml
he ory administrtive assistant bty that there mght be tate not prepared to neo- rich and will visit trabourome 5 le outh o Na poren of pee mb le

was bo in pringfeld the foreign ministers' level it ig other nations, such as Na- Switzerland forgiving two more days famed to rt site of ancient e a
ugh Jan. 27. Johnson will meet Monday at n

e rcuscttr.ainid came tpo thg there sh progress at Geneva onalst China. f e leaving or two weeks In Greek ruinstt aanl i? ueo
oftemed whtht the Clp i W ag. Na. lfl. disc ussy.hi and elimina te tensions n. 4_ i,. S h fl74"h. ... 4 6.' l e- es. centre s r r tu n e

kSe He was graduated Jhfrom is i u nrs a- n te go. of T an (For-an Mn y Police and officials of Italy'
r abo. High school two years .nle o ministry of transport would not tmou .Pi c I1"'.ufee
ace Comm sion in the na's ambasshe returnedador to Polandhistalks with Johnson is "to lad four hours on the roa mi tvet anem thone oe-r es i
that of:erd nk o,.J1 th e Civilmen.SotryUllyheevyr a inestormu m. Ii mt-- iwj- ib

anl. mpoy to bereta.-y A s. "i ita te JPo hn Fstat wnlltesee tod isp ovperrat-sra.mIe jth elo Franiste dt heean Resth bui d s
Zm plna ed bynh ihebur eatn inuthe or te o ist o hiwn' .to- rm enuwrebllaboard e ou I F ier 1
o.Jefno cs s r oaptiv Am i cn il tesa o e ef Ire i on t r Mni cuhs seuca lt, an e. t

dVaies -are Piend tchiefsa fr f etheaappor- th. e pol., ad l-hlr ml _sid ff I
s e Jtan n". D.son w' who u e st m ee t r to elr conduct w le s s of three were of a ag grhteroup w1.2ere v ryin ea c on- ,

be rl the U. o avy r lfe JohnmSlam the RedIt dtsek toadis War oe Ameritan G a who Iu 'bd to Ise sa ad A
S t mi l at ar n ost r hese w toarolab, wh "We anme owin we nomn auiir e a e thre o dUS Ch inthee lI'
Sh edn IGtv e h wr- might be armui the, B aid. nean War. o.. 't. }.

=ton with the Maintenance thee Othe G. biel, 24r of "But we a. ba la America After nearly two years of cosw. ere | Atts At ain.rtoy, the at A g
wilton He washing q epronrat l to H bllsbo 5s.,WliiaA, w. now and thew we'll get junlee..r muanm, Grigg Bell and Cowart nuSeatte La U. ... ''.i ,, .. i
nt department aant genies, Th have salted that ifand Lethis e tawllks acre primt any topuniscushment asked to return home. te a b .

S108tobal office Irn th1. Grgi- iss, of Jacklevdite, Tex.f pr, pistakeis. we've done in They met their families after an The AVIV Israel, July 30 b. .... ,.e.en produc- --.
Stests. Of these, 51 were ton of a unitefrd win th er timt. abene thisof fie s snowUP)ore awn Israel Airlines outhrns to t r another year. A
declared eligible to takeoard themes trait might be taken Officials hereptiond or the three was the boat deck of the Cleveland deled gri reportna onthe mounted At at- row spe out t Sicily
S ianing. h eland. I bn told In advance of the tudes as ow as 6,00oars motheee. Pickin up down Wednesrday by orts to the er- u

Th e partyleavestomorro wfor. le a o Itpjump
S Wlgg employed as super- Both have left open the p- Geneva meeting that the United Te party eaves tomorrow oalermo, t um the tr A GTONJul0 (UP) construction eas, d o n o

| H 7 t(:. B th ha veleft ope n the moo Ch -- -- id theo d o Thd y b ay onr dh Orep tod h tmm I 181 s fo r h son a Ra Mt Ilmas.with t
Veory administratIve assistant sibility that there might be Statesis not prepared to neo-Zurich and. w it o o f Nales. 4 ,- pu uan tr. m t a .ed'.t a
the Administr.ativehBranch. talks later withRed China on tie thereTon _any Issues invlv- Tuesday. Then it returns to between t lo. a#no a Paestum, A al n.. uor i n o'
was bon in Springfield thefoK gn ministers level i I other nations, such s Na- Switzerland for two more adsy tl b amed mont aiysits.oft. | ancient t *_ so o ney..

ausett, and cbme to the there Is progress at Geneva. t onast Chinlt before leaving for two weeks in Gerelek uans ou ae t t nte In as b
a us with his parent In i rtay.. ... ....... b ha to the.ihe, -.n d -to
4.. He was graduated fro l -- -- -.. Poeie and o I oPolice"nd 3 *lri o.Itonaaee thrih o l
raosH t yee e mars r. i a l. m w
wounafter which he returned -.l Eh e ~o 0fr ainathe of-tle nine-carf th ee. ias aV eri atS "0 W ?
# 1the United States. He joinedtri a ur cteea rhe spee i te ne -crai dlft th A ere atw fever -vs ps lls te b itt tre ties
Canalorganization In 140oU,/ areoats iPea rd uetnii ym i iw e et annl wie s trails. _. ehpsgu .. t pnil i.L i u C tps lm ch o lmd bs.
r in the Army three yers z .o -t I. waru l nt how ,r, to .i Aii
whriWorldw ar f rn a turn over thootirsththrtebda1nne7r HOricand t
J to his former PositionO Oan r themecon.d t r .ed: ana ul o 13r w uld ,.
'the Canal in, 10940 A sM i i hr v vmt o re n hS._ -..
g-1 A SII1- 1. .... .A. ems., '--,....--

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e .r and was -'r. wefe communism taetrbeto Reds du s an W .d Americ an Gis whoe reus to Iae N ter o a
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to with the Ma Intena me Ltr Oo e 2 ofn"But we an back I. America After Manly tw o erNars of ozne Ui 1 Eta hof umtao.
,on. He was proW to boroV1s.31, 6,William A,,,ow- now and kisw we'll got justice... msism, l,; e ft and cowawnu rl u w e ,tAt 1R L the.
n istraie al h / th t he tritnobalton, Ga., and Lewis We will accept any punishment asked to return home. tq. ebate "a ri
". . -J u l y 30were o u n i t s e c tron t h er-y etae p a s t" a b s e n c e o f n e a r l y f i v e y e a r s o nU p ) = -l I s r a e l A i r l i s A1r h a s t oa tor a n oera r AW A STO. July 0 ( U P ) -R e p u b-
CL allies -Lan .bn rden rkedcontrasfor.the t oree ws t he at deckof the leve d denied a l ian report the hot fight was expected, over ef- Nousethrew out Pt M
3 lIsgarla s neio ut ion 1was11e1 f l.lnared r tI t Onlhand were Cowan's mother plans shot dow Wednesday by fOi tsto wU eh 'huhe a_ .e ..hi.wJr pbld. h g pro- i Baa Atd i
te e Iedeckili wery noob1an nao. publir d iay II Elsie l Gree g; ee sister. Iers ewith a loss of JIon'of.5a.liv esin-lar-frysM? b'l"bZedntietin whobeau naf .th rt'
m rot e e r a-Gus,.,c.l.s- of.welcome. law; and his 19-year old brother,vio wthu-mocn In the. flat
The three 'turnbott turncoat". for the trio, as he had sinceUthe toWbe..
seemo dazuled by theiroa n e r" ee crossed the Red China bor- Dell was met by his young wife, 1caherHouse
'j b"e July 30 (0)-Threeofaswarmovie cameramien "1came1outrofsChinsth P auleellw he hard daughter duandgroundreportsaboutateo bO t legislation providing forcoi a e
buck hedo e a sew .arm -ofi ,mew n .u photo- d 1 eal .th mo .nt JI ewehistP yearhnot h hd....hep stion of the plane about 1.]Polio Vacine -Economy- llamaan4 expenslon of e
s bjo n we to heasna d d his father. soonIthe Ctime of the disaster.w inde d rules comm it gm ; ..-...ent I t o nt in a s f. -
In -. u,, .,aboard ILane.,iwekeitwwas-not-betrs lan tq,-wasfl -.-- I ,to th prv It- cak.' 8 d
h s ethro .i...f U th waThisdisputedsIssue apparent-HOs vo teana--MWfto-buySilknotwvl.- f. for-publich'-m b
trai toLrborChefs'BridgesOnftot t planned to take against the brio.1" rwill be among those to be vaccine.-but only- for those who OU Led sP against te
n s -ijd w~ whe nI re O n l B r i d g e s Al lo the e h v e e n b setledn b a g IsT h ,Se n a t e h a s a 'Ma r t i n J r ( M i s se ) w h o l e t I i
4. .me "rieu pt Iee-.O hLt. GeU.nRobertN.teoung, 8 Permtted to enter Bulgaria"to-msuch 5ea ,trtction.tld-. od ...MoutiaT t .s ..kig..
I wtth ism 1a 5hrmyouru r Amy commander,- maI- d th erday. tA six-momber Isaml .in- OF1Aw-i,- a.:. [] t =yt
veTtihgatingbooldbforeapre. e commission bad4a hd t hso w
mv"ounded z tru0r R "o -Francisco hresidl...They =my.o.theCOtee (4 a lit- to- bl -h1OR .'J
and the nf..V,,tAu- SAN FRANCISCO. July 30 worthy of belief They testified be ardth. inform- Israelid legdto ofi s) andt,e o rthe A
thef,!y Laborleader Harry the Australian-born lothreMoir=Is ow priso ners Athensr p,,tdereveth i
tan lanIs 1-.4-ye wi- t-hthe eet yesterday m r .from 1933t 1 Conviction on these chargesIn Sof&i was told by Bulgarian
:et...e asked see /- whe ,oul s E. Goe.dan c r iicme the could b s hed y o deah the offi e-l ta theam ot e-mn
Butwhe Goodman ma s earGhe da anderiti e e t heat In th .. e bad

y, whe the At"n ... cor foun th et o theovrtro ofml theq gO'erniueItM/I rahe tha bcoe prsoe o om u l i govenmen Il 6al nIvesly' re

W. eT a Thehow tsetrd Wan 1 ore an immUiMran #hJ t /
10 -~ jwptr1 o"Fl; h iien anod telph",' M r, e'Us s prem ocd plow
.toaphrsaway,sinI h Gs wernJdismissed whenI
a.. mul.b net for you ye n they opomundrs.eis u t s a. the ard
.. ., returned later, Mrs. to see her In 1,.1 he 'was c-ag.sed again r be.

wgvfmma11 at as ar euddeirable alie but the leee Sham he smth. Thea M
'edy o- "" tm.rrow tIs U.. ltuptr e Court in 1045 re- hi fame.s .aw.eE ske .
s.." ire s to "M uh5 tou versed atufation order. uimy of e.n-thai e -a

W'besa b a1. Cabinet PaYbs ittee~lPria1 &WNO 31DBS WITH atIIG6Nesary
MaI never bef a party mem.-
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