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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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ALL RUDA 2 Irf'S GE* SHOT... Eight-year-old Manuel Lanker looks che
Salk vaccine Inoculation durnn this morning's -mass program- started for
-aeof the Canal Schools. His dad's Klahr Langer an Army employee
erifale ReMd Is administering the shot while mom, Nrs. Al&a Laner (ci
unteer nurae,, aids, Forrest Wise and Beverly Boyett stand

Pride, Lollipops Bar

As. C Kids Get Salk
"11 didn't burt one "bit w. .
zaatt of the first, and seo
grade studettad today as thy
trope t-,d of the Balboa Gym-
nadum gta ; receilaS Balk shot
e ao rfirsta maew.
m aim Slated an,@tbe CAfaI

wie ~ ~are-b *

:M .

bied fire-
on In l a Colum.
be and, ,A ttle aPn-
The pa o _olle and fire-
e in .the -is determined
by the pay ,We BltDitet.
The new will go 'tot
effect fortA davw as seon as
I Is signed by S President.
The .emb yuseoday approv-,
Id the Uua. bill and corn -
ploated Csftoant aetot l It
SpvMides a riN of 7.5 per cent
erful a he gets his ose the ba or such e-
first and second -_____
of Curundu. Nurse .
enter) and two vol- Ari

Tears "Ia
By Perqi~t (Nth

Isu ~ BUENOS RUS. Julya*-(up)
S Ih O S -Argentine- de_ t JuanD. Ce.
.f' roan urge t Party leaders
...... Today to ary on by themselves.
Peron l e -.i an appeal that be
continues g tbe pa"tt ad

stick to hr aigaatoa Ma party
[]/ eu"21111117,112W Ino

4' -
Vt JUMaE HOMlt.-PFlrst to gret Preidept sid us.
0M .Wer pon their axrval in Washington from Geva are
thsir three wandchildreft, Dwlht David, 8, Busa 5, and Bar*
Wbi jasn, children of Maj. and Mrs. John laenhowar.

TOKYO, July 26 (UP) Most Asian capital
ed with enthusiasm today the talks beginning I' j
day between the United States and Commuonsl
hopes they would further lessen tension in the Fs
Coming on the heels of the Big Four Summ-
ference, the new talks were seen as another ste
in improving relations between the West and C
worlds. r '.
Asian officials believed, in fact, that the nM
Geneva will be more important to the For Euast4 l
the Big Four Conference, at which Asian po
not mentioned. .
Both Washington and Peiping sai4j the
sions were called to dsumss return of WS. ci:
by the Reds and settlementt of ether Opratac(c
now in issue..":,
XIud although a Stat. De- loufa
4-4,04 0 k1 A

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godCanal Sone school I FourConierence intierland. as a Whitef ouasdedk. H isn te r
Brecetted the .free inoc- T|^ |^^ he Prealdent ma lear that manner wa a relaxed adt- PipingPeoples Dal a e
.. --- -- -- -m.. t s ed --- ...IMj C o m. blna od y c le

capom ... do "oso e g next th Big e Fr deuchedu l the OendBo e roadcsto be
....ln-.a-.-rate ,A rae n Polvae ahlu d the p b m question oO C ,
rhen oled Pc fic he aat c poo, Egypt, .Tly 26 S tthe SS go' i "th of asct"s The ateo Ue od Indochina t l adr arn Tesen

itheibef of of Gorgas asptal (right) accompaPtes hii son Rob- -P) amal Abdel oltent with coneeptyeo -med""Awee no-e-rseu
e to appear ert, to the Balo gym or hi iree toculat who today Ept would of decency ad and ew Yor heUnd there e be a
r- even,ot h at without a whimper, a d the r ntar ecio n right to atta armament ubcm t-
g g r s ex- yad t s ts monin mtgt. Tghat Mrs. Reld agotlh big a January oathe first ince r at ens cont rnen b teu r a
rae tt" .. eIip inad Frnco edlo rtu- s depoed three d e fo min er s wer e md
vNedrf rtoed a eO br g at up o

poeted that 1 l2ar G frs a r am aic.lgt. wn thedetertWacoedewi Soh faon h oe n sef t t tlws. Ah og
of the cldren lrole tshh tlhe e aceatFaontee openF of tha three-year traraional with the other aig edreiio nt oilnt and other cold war edorial thn te o
-- t hot wald report beforeT the ed. e. Prpeed intuit mne which Er w relaxedters sa nevs s e
S ee i d of y ~~ een ruled ethe military lead- Mr. E sen ower was a eul batl c eneh bthe ber e C *om w .Hi
t t P f Northrearta m- er erewFarouk and Wraelet the Prele did not n Pledgeo that tcheindted Uth e rs

- .. I headed by Boy i W ertog ... on. StarP h Coioohe--dn b e e peK'B tha lyfor-peMce
Ster, of twa the first time Naer neace w i nup ure tc s yts"Uhl B se ae -
S to al by d annucaed a dte fr the w d leade to con e w work cvely teb

jA k. 10ls.' fo> re- Plir mentary elections hs mill- ructively, fnot to re., -ith the W A lets a d aa l oth f wir be onEasmuern rodnferenc pb tthe e
A t er ge of the ce thtm promsed soon after enact the dreary races er le a there tan preoth meeting son te
& wa at th e lt 5C ts C ) pow. of lthe pat." i (Co aede Col ) cns r adi.He i ted the

. vaccungle-Jowled E ett Upholds Soundness prevnosool
S'-er eme e ength of tdiscussion. Gey mals oros an nohat dt ha

SOf NY ar Court Deyptsion OnJl e .ds -

New Yok State recei Vandyke r a dpach t routed the would ofedend at._ d e.h Fwo rkh, ofptheUne.ited a- there s evy reason tda
u''anoe ethled n teall trg atihn so aesutd earn eio a6M en tS
w~ M tST morng. Trs. Reida ~ a- na 156-the fir thteeok mo The co is o

s&. e would report, befre the- r. -period dunna which Eeypt hsms isters o-Genev talL probe. t / t,
leo of haday. e e n o s he military lead- r. ii o enhowe lc wi w h
Inw r the Nodoheat a -Alaainaad Wm ledei hire Pa Inresd didnot iah i

genaina. the firs pla Upa thatPresforipac e. lent.
th.e l ._ N C n ,a-" It wa te firs me Naserwie c nnu feus ure F pur e" he s a spo Him aiwh "o
oha ..d c t10frouared daote for the .wold leaer "to t con- "we .win wok ey eteam ae
ineulution .... .g m a- re-Tha u eleton tr e.. e ot to e- wit_ B the Sovt at a, e the wile ncyontamure broadcrpan
/a claw d_ t, at te a lba fCM l ev.enme o re t: promisedb snoon a*, eathe drar onces dringan amirbew e tin prviu meetsi ti oeq the s ionoofad
rain OR P"rfi health official& ,, ColNd = V. DIGtooo po.e g. of thye psa t." ,..llotor em, e eot ng) cusl.r.W le. ..1vn e s e tt emeIntistndtheaf loe p d

e .mR- h -.e"ta -t-- "cn u a ,on a- th.. "#

sla.te r ; ....-...l ..:,r-osthnwprei caed
dentvolunteers behnest t soa eorn efrig mi-s.r-- ar a-ndinacc-dace.i- .n_-pai

SIamoatowir..r.... ,o nfer ncedote s he ewh, ftlrotoeGds. -: -.naoflnppmee.
pelo ttha t a lar epiFastere a tinErpa seuiyltostheserdfmd .. O
Oat.ew o Y reork t -rece .. Vthe-aL dsptc-G l_..h sroteote ar- c e t mae nhivaAe ".rorle ms.t ,e- se boyspr to _t .n"at
CutyDcisigypthinie srin, em uB eardo 8 .-aIo ndhg
an 3 t- kt said, .frcu ed b e theweardtad An.Erestwnga so he he' ea rn :th atin.u
Coudedtyi5." additional mon- d f a rt Shpa --Iot Ur r
manUWell, the sta.led Man Me-ta


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3. poweiR. INC. .
4 117) N. Y.
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The I? e h e-i s fWM v of Te srem"""ee A"s"s-iL
S eetved f taefllv ead luhnebb o a whely eomnlMasl
t rveae.ntrute c teee don' be .le ates l tt dees't uppe, tWe
da -e L dm imf pehoAed i the eou amseld.
k. bI to he" kev le tterse limits to on page lengt.
L jdeSl" ette write Is held In Iedo cln fidewe.
| meuqsem essMesM mesMpeafty for statements ePIles
i ts i lust..n from Madem.
I .-,-- O --

a Our observations this weekend were not too bad. Hard rains
several days in the hill country gave the city very little sur-
water, but raised the underground water level more than 20
St. Most all streams in the state are overflowing, especially
thf Rio Grande and Paces in the West and our own Ouadaloupe
at iour door.
At last the boss has a few days off and we take off Thursday
. fo a four day trip to Padre Island and the valley. Want to see
i t Falcon Dam with its present high water overflow and cross
to ee the new Mexican town on the other side. Am told It's an
pto-date American town and no trace of the old Mexican state.
That part of the country from Brownsville to Laredo is al-
:,*wa.s faisnatin and something new to see every trip.
In mY early days in Mexico I met many Texas Latinos work-
I_ on 0th construction of the Monterrey and Gulf railway and
aomme stayed to help man the new road. Remember one In par-
Stielar Conductor Canales and in passing Rio Grande City about
I haif of the business was run by the Canales family.
S Will let you know what I find on the trip next week.


;- was a recipient of the last memorandum from the chief of
'' B ougR Division to occupants of Canal Zone quarters. I for
.' 0 agree with him that the Preventive Maintenance team is the
EbMit economical, bqt whether it's practical is a matter of debate,
be st cr y m mypart.
S 'tbast October I called the Preventive Maintenance foreman
Ifa Magita and told him I needed a screen repaired. I wait-
Ed few months, then called aRati in January. Here it la past
htbe middle of "July and still no Maintenance Foreman, no screen
til. i see where the economy comes in no repairs.
-N: iow If that Maintenance Foreman shows up to inspect my
a, I shall not permit him to enter,
Shall Not Co-operate

Wmwimours -
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- b
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t;hf tam *n

.wte *Prvteua runl

17! thlSa


*' Silk
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"_ t.-___

Labor News
.'. r *;-- ', ,V^,. .

We have lost our t
more ways than one
competition has wipe
tiny industry. But th
dustry tells the whole
of what we face as w
cold war as we b
ally and, In turn, find
throwing our people a
dustries out of work.
A few days ago I
Roger W. Howdyshell
dent of the "Marble i
West Virginia firm us
out the "immies", the
the "steelies" whatever
h .ve called them whei
a kid. His factory w
seven in the field whicl
a total of just 878 mar
at their peak in 1940.
Today, there are abo
er' employed in the i
and they will be laid
tiae you read this.
At th, peak, tie ildu
$10,000\worth of wage
e oat seven small ea
SMary'sW. W Va.

leo and Hawai. Today
ship a single "aggie.
At the peak. the Inc
their communities gobi
by hiring the bread'
hundreds of families
hiring the older folks to
this was an industry
in for automation bWc
The marbles were not
human hands.

marbles, in
. Japanese
4 out this
is small in-
grim story
re fight the
uild up a-
that we're

A ..; .. -',1 --r
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,ir w..
It,^' '

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I rt't5n'~' ,,.e,,
*~ *,
Li -S j-~
r -'-~-.
;.* ,4..~

. .-.4. .
'- "-; .-. ,... W '
'; ...- .*, .^ ..
ilN^M ~~MII713il

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S- "5,,.



1-~~ j


By VICwreoWIfL
It 'm flyWi to a above
eoan Airways fttort cl ip

patch case are docuem nts from
unions and comtdaitler whose
people today are not enjoying the
boom because $18-.amonth workers
in Japan can produce so much
more cheaply than our people.
Their story Is the story of whole
plants shut down whole communi-.
ties suffering and of state officials
being fasred to go shopping for
new industries to place old ones
crippled by competition from an
ally we need so much. i
I could write hera of the, suffer,
ing of the tia fish merchants, of
our silk searf mmnufteturereor of
our hIardilt plywood Industry -
which is almniost demolished be-
cause the Japanese took an indus-
try which had only a handful on
obsolete mills and built it into 35
modern plants which not only can
fill all their own needs, but the
requirements of the entire U.S.
as well.
Naturally our union carpenters
anr screaming. The Japanese
wage scale is only 11 cents an
hour. You can't compete with that.
But nostgia takes me 'to the
ancient game of marbles In-
vented by.a Kung Tut quarter -
which until the other day provided
many Americans with food, com-
fort, homes, college educations
and the things which make lie

f so E0i C a tta
for usina and the UbItesd tates
to restore their aete great friend.

Molotov promised Dules to use
his afluence on Ited China to keg
pea in the For East and eft
agred to consider a plan to have
usa Join t Westen Europu
union as one big defense comunu.

Dulles came to the conclusion,
and so reported to his asso
ciates at GC evi, that the Krem.
lin leaders are wr tried cover
-sir own precarious Itmrnal situ.
action and arewllUn to make con.
session. He aiso advised that the
West might well wait; for Russian
willingness to compromise miaht

DUuLaES S OPrMISM increase as her economic troubles
John Foster Dulles, whq lived in
at the villa of Mrs. Louise Worth. OTHER ADVISERS DIFFER
ugtos Boothe, just two minutes'
e frem Te s ornate villa on The Dulles view, however, is a
Lake Geneva, was watching the long way from being shared by
President like a cat nrses a lone other Eisenhowr advisers. Some
kitten. He wanted no flub to mar differ with him vigorously. Were
the united front, stiuh as his and are the differing groups of ad.
Ike's directly contrary statements visers around the President as he
that Russia was weak and Russia begins hAs first session at the
was strong. summit:
Dulles speaks with private pride
about the President, the pride Group No. 1-are political ad-
of a tutor who has trained a young visers worried sick for fear the
charge in foreign affairs. de President may pull another Yalta.
sribed tihe President as enxud. They remember all too vividly
lag optimism. "He feels it is in what they themselves did to Frank-
hi. viscera," says the- learned lin Rooseelt after publication of
secretary of state. "Viscera.,"the Yalta papers; and they fear
translated to everyday language,ithe Democrats might do the same
of.. course, means "gut. thing to Ike if he has flubbed at
There is no doubt that Elsen- Geneva.



The Balboa Case

a ea -

and our in- WASH NJON-(NEA)- Some. board members got tired of wait- with a shudder as "horrendous"
talked time W year, 'er the first ing. They authorized the Eastern- proceedings.
Vice-presi- tim history, it should be Braniff interchange in an effort to In 1? National got sucked into
is U t an an Amerin flag f force the 50-50 owners of Panagra the act. Grace & Co. had bought
ed to turn airplane in w York and tay on to settle their differences, or lose into National. Was it legal control?
o"a tes" t same plane, bag and tbggge, the business. CAB worked out a
r y may all the way down te west coast ot The record of this row is an settlement which it sent to P3st
n you were SoVth America and across their htriguing story of intense rivalry dent Truman for approval Just
as yone of d e to Bmenos Aa c. between partners for control of air before his term expire. d
h employed Tte willbe no need to change routes. dined and left It for Preslt
ble makers planes at Miami as in the past. The Panaga partnership was Bisenhower. But the potato *as so
Only the crews will change. formed in 1828, before there was hot that Ike simply sent It back to
Tnis great Improvement in serv- any Civil Aeronautics Board to CAB again.
it 10 work- Ice is x pected as the result of a worry about, Thgs went pretty ---w
industry ittle-pub cited Civil Aeronautics well in the pioneering days. Grace l-une, IM with CAB blessing,
off 'by the Board decision in the so-called had operated a shipping line down Panagra offend Braniff five
Balboa case. It has been kicking the west coast of South America million dollars' worth of stock in
stry poured around since .1943. for years. This was a valuable Pan Am and Grace if Braniff
is ato just Eventually, two combinations of prop for the infant Pan-Am's would sell its Latin American
*maunities two U.S. airlines eac will offer spectacular flying operation. routs. Braniff refused.
ad ship competing service. But for the CAB tried entla
the P present CABa uuthies only one Pap-Am Flew Miami to Balboa. November, Ji. t es t hm e
i change agreement between P a flew south of Balboa. Preidet
,m a whe tI -ao r '
don't Braniff orates Miami Panama- make Panagra's northern terminus given time to wk age
u.B... oA te Mn M

dustry Kep t
g not only
winners of
- but by
o. You see,
which went
k in 1030.
touched by

They were taken from the
machines. segregated by color and
finally packaged all by ma-
chines. It made it easier for
women and older workers to keep
employed. The skilled workers
earned over $500 a month. The
unskilled $300. This was a godsend
to men and women who might
not otherwise have found employ-
meat some of them were bet-
ween G0 and 70 years of age.
Just as the older worker finds
it hard to adapt himself, so does
this industry. Its tanks and ma-
chines can't be remade or other
work. They must be sold for junk.
And that is just about what this
o,000,000 marble business is today
Why? Because, like the plywood,
garment and fishing businesses,
e marble industry found it im-
possible to compete witn cheap
Jpanese labor. There the average
wage of a skilled marble machine
operator is 15,000 yen 41.66 a
month, or about $10 a week. There
the unskilled worker gets 6,0.0
yen 16.6 a month, or about
$4 weekly. Our people worked
hours. In Japan they work 50 and
60 hours a week.
Taxes are low in the Orient.
Eo the Japanese soon took -our
foreign market.
They captured the domestic U.S.
market as well. The U. S.,
Flag Lines report that Japanese
ballast. Thus the coast of ship-
shallast. Thus the coast of shipp-
ping from Japan to the U.S. is on-
ly $10 per 2.000 pounds. So the six
Japanese marble factories send us
$ ,0oo worth of these toys a
year. Our industry Is f lnijed
The people of St. Mary's and
cther mall towns must ook for
other industries and other work.
How can we help an ally and
not hurt ourselves? There must
be an answer. We must flnd it


CAB froze all route applications But instead ofar A UtCADB ionBsLine s w arduS olput sll GrtoupNo. 2-are militr ad-
For A Cospeting American flag durltg the war, but in tI a it tried got was what it cals "a plethora tess 'ike: H er Hes t val r who 2ave s arn y ad
service, CABoinSt.ft the door open to work out a settlement. CAB of documents." ttow glIn "Son of ftbd h ,e'whechvower repeatedly at Russia s
for an bsterchei un between Na. proposed that enough stock be. The Pan-American argument ist n- S l owere t atsia
tional Airlines from iNew York to transferred to an independent di- that if two or more combinatioms reminds me"of the guydwho said not weak; that from a alita My
Miami and Pan American World rector so that the voting control of U.S. airlines are forced to acui Ha a rin with m in many weapons. This group
Airways-Panagra from Miami to deadlock could be broken. operate this route in competition art a h word and hei also include U.. nteigce ex
Panama and Buenos Aires. Pana- After two years of trying, CAB with Latin America and European Itta inteigenre ex.
gra of course, is owned 50-50 by gave up. carriers, neither will make a got telgbJet batch of beats ev-
Pan-Am and W.R. Grace & Co. Grace & Co. then took the issue profit. And the government will or assM on one screen. Plug. heare worried that he Prel.
This second CAB authorization is to federal court in New York. The have to pay higher subsidies to Don'tCry Dept.: Let's not be dent, who, like Roosevelt, as con.
contingent on the several compass court handed the case back to both. fooledbyde frag form of John. fidence in his own ability to win
nies being able to get together o6 CAB. Pan-Am appealed to U.S. The CAB position is that its te andtear man. people mahybecometootrusting,
a service by Aug. 1. But their Supreme Court, but the case was responsibility Is "to establish a Over the weekend, swim champmayn all or Bulganin's charms.
inability to agree was what held held in abeyance and eventually sound, competitive U.S. air trash. BusteCrabbe started, togive him They are keepintheir fingers
up the deal. dropped. t system to south America." inters at the Concord but de crossed don't believe the Russian
The inside story on the latest That began ten years of what Tbe board thain both systems inters at the Conclittord but ohn. can possible, donbewllingeve toneg Rusate
CAB action in the case is that the CAB staff members now refer to should operate profitably. aied otheat n adash litcrostle he any poss e wnagreements
huge pool.. Meanwhile Johnnie
just got a wonderful hunk of news Those are the men around Ike
from Lou Walters who signed him who, you can rest assured, are not
for the Latin Quarter for five going to let him get too far out on-
weeks next May at at huge in- any diplomatic Imbs.
u r crease ever his last stint; also
SM TIM R gifted him with a $3500 star sap- FOT .,.
phBy LEEire a an aMORTIMEreciaton of te FRO TECHNI
wonderful job Ie turned in last
e month Incidentally, "Variety" CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP) .
reports that Lou offered WW 100 Robert Frost, 81-year-old dea of
Doing What Comes Naturally: ache is new trend in GI dope addic pletely reoraniing the American G for the three weeks at the American post, as eaever sat at
Model Nancy Berg (the most ex- tion in Orient where junkies politburo. t ak e how I new Las thega three weDunes"doing what a deskAm while n ever s. And he
citing babe in town) handholding switched from needle to smoking know. I do. you used to do in vaudeville." corns the typewriter. He writes
with Art Ford, the disc jock heroin. It doesn't give as big or y ,.... longhand on peer resting on a
Helmut Dantine and Lorraine as fast a bang. It requires from TV But Why: Billy Reed insists Confessions of a Candid- Chorus simple board he up in front of
Manville at the date setting stage. four to eight times as much as an the papers were signed at his Lit- Cutie: Never give a chump a him by a walkig stick. "Anything
(I'm asking) That was sultry injection which would make Its tie Club for the latest video show, break it's more fun breaking I write I could write standing on
Liz Scott and Ward McKinly sip.- cost prohibitive here but it's pea- "The $100000 Questia." Winner himl my head," says st.
pg soda (two straws please at nuts in Asia where Red Chinese has to guas the question, that's
Hicks Thommy Mara, MGM flood the market. Biggest advan- all ..Andrews sisters may give
ty thespian, are two hearts in greatest anger from that of law will tick to his "no record" policy IT F t i
three quarters time ... TanIs enforcement officers) is it leaves for- t futtire. Only new C-rosby... .
Paige and Hugh O'Brian .. no tell-tale punctures to be spotted plafters from now on will come '.
Friendly Irwin Kramer, the Edi- by Army medical officers and is off the sound tracks of his film.
son hotel bossman, wants to be the first thing arresting police (What can he do with the loot, -. 'i"
more than friendly with Helena man looks for. Heroin smoke aeyway?) ... Another millionaire
Bossis, the pretty French actress. usually cannot be detected us (silton Boeri) et. upa special
Don't blame him. physiological change sets in, thi-huh-hush fund to take care of
..-. it's too late. Washington fears touches, and will jour phone be I
Washington Not Confidential: At some returning GIs and merchant busy now, Uncle Milte. '
a luncheon this week Vice Pres. seamen may bring new craze back -
Nixon said to my friend, Rep. with them. Rift in the Lute: Gloria Gra- i -'
Harold (Un-American Activities) ham and Cy Howard. The rumors I
Velde: "Don't expect anything Lay That Pistol Down: Jean are wobbly. A
from Geneva. We went there for Stratton, onetime Hollywood glam- -- .'. .
propaganda purposes only. But I o:- doll and "fiancee" of Jose Itur. No Rift in the Lute: Betty Field *
promise you this: Ike wont return bi who was acquitted by a Miami and Elmer Rice. They deny the -. ". *
with an umbrella, ad-male jury of murdering her wobbly rumors. ".
-- H husband last year after she said It
California, Here I Went: Fer- was done in self4-defense, is again The Inscrgtphle Orient: Bill -
nando Lamas' medicos have order- making the rounds of the Getan deo's lovely wife Brenda Ma]i
ed a long vacation stomach ginmills-with an diderly gent. small, aeeafied him when be
spasms. (I always thought the w nt to liK to star 30th*i
gals got the spasms when they The Second Oldest Profession: Foa's "Lovel a Many Splendond
ramped Fernando.) Film ac. Rumors that Harry Gross, orThing." Sill, who's been a favor.
tor Rory Calhoun's extra curriou- someone with the same name who ItI the fana for years thought
lar activity-writing screen plays looks just like NIm is operating U had r d evn
. Ty Power and his regular aganl-and b. h e got a when a group o
companion, ex wife Annabella, teen g ise Joden fans .
tradee a cash deal.instead of the Daily Worker Ahase Capy: C bLond a ia bedroom wall
annual $87,000 alimony. Whatever cago Commisa th t week to oe b hw. t e happy Holdeas a l
it is. it's ceper at that... Joe make for toW. in a O live.
Kirkwood and his former everlov- the "Dofend the. il e. IS
inag Cathy Downs see more of each campaign high with a MNothinuch : Chris.
other now than when wed. Days ly inChion te it. Albert its a. his-her
they co-star In the Joe Palooka TV Kahn, cetpubliisher f turn.e e grat hy. ( out wr
series, nights they trip the light Hrrvey Malusov's'ldFa Witnoess" b '
fantastic. speaks in L. A. e Aug. 14 under
the ausplees of the Red Civil ow p a W Artu aup. '
Attention Martha Raye: Your Rights T f. W r ursimal
Nick Comdog -I again h Act=, i Nat, a tis wat L
as with his present w e Freedom at e ,P i i -? In &o.of v -s,. .
ty Xrbim Capita. -e Irled to cago and to hus) Aianef iIa
pullt a a some faths ago but are 5 silg ys e g d W in
a.w.arevtl w.didn't Succeed. their rightlei. ..

Keil the Cb og A o uAn: U.S. that Uaie?) l a u. : .
Bam C iarCstlre biesM t head- cret direv. S ,et-. -.,-- -: ... .
.* .... .. .. .. ,- ~ ,. ^ .
.. ... .: ... -'.- .- ." .- .. -. .- "" : .'" .._ -- .

- I- I

:::? -^ : -''' :. _' ,*"
'-*: :. .- --. ,. : .. % .I
.. .,.,,'. .W ..., i ',. i *
;. -,,'. ,,.rt,;'. .;-A.>- <,' -,Z: ,- ... ,

-. I TM
M af there 2Human-
SNW S Surgeon's
. ef specialty
N 4 Greek O er
5 Habitat plant
-and6 Reddish
brown S2Cry49 41 Moisten,
I OB 7Wora baebhanals 42Drinkaswa
S 8 Water ly 26 Weird of fruits
o Work 37 Elastle 43 Lia, -
douans loGrant ASAzrow po*on 44The --
r t I Individuals 29 Harry and 46 Tendon
S17 Laundry Truman (prefn)
of-- machine 31 The -- @ 47 Toward t
III Pr s attraction shelteredi
S 1 American 33 Cbwt rattles 48 Nafta'a
bauty 38 Roeas aioame
S 4 South African magistrate 80 Hig
l gramsa 40 Sacred images h mnta

'' "--' "`I"'''~ ''- ~ ~~L ~"~ ~




-- -- ----- _

i- ~--~--~






f '. -



a hhldab

SQuem and Mare
tFar IhIt.L m
a Ct m ith e Chinesetre ieat,
fewe ..uuess the Unitsdu States

The CMmunlst Cbnese threat
Scorse, amounts to diplomatic
blackmail However, U.S. ntellb.
gence checked the friendly
=esoe seNot by the Indian sov.
., r an Ind c t air ha

jut oppo het in
end at red to make mince-
So B ienhower advlse a st.
a id mit be better to st down
with the Chinese in advance rath.
er than risk a dangerous war a-
round formosa.
nw~vTw w n a .....


;. ;. ... -; ". ;,'t'." ... .- *, ... .. ." *- ./-,, '+ -;^ S .. ". ,'. ''^ -. ,;
* .. .. I .. .'-. .. < .

S. ; -P. .
*-'" f" ... '*-,,,,' ... .: .. .. ,.' *.' ... .-*:.. '.-. .
i. _*_ .- .. .; -.. .- : .+..-, .... .. .. ... /* ': ,-.--, ...'". : ,i.+.+ ...
Hi++,,,. .+ ," .. -'" ;. '-,--. ,^*ef'^jr 4 ,' : "
... .,+ ,; .+++.+ +' -,+ .weL,

wonw=..u .Mw. -Au DAMSO -M,'T JwIMADO, RCA .victor,__.- a .xweam .it; aO
Srti ons> ,SStml t m it"y nasl Toffam
.. wa ANNt -aa oen tno t e oft the, I .
ba en dued4 "s ock treat- will be t U projection room. I M

Ingc aS te 1ii A .sll spokesman ai. the 000
+. ., ,,-u,..d i,.ut to st flbili e -rM R Y PtaA M -A MAC IOFIN.K A N DI
England hao been ke to cur- werericde e of the union paid4 Beck Wj
S ee capital outlay and that lo- The AFL Teater Union h succeslm tond t rxed.
f9 AKJ4 roUlgh the narrow str"etO of, u" u"...S n.
Londe fbianiW ditit, .it
Iwaathore IS been asked bou.Itht u on Presrice. Its faltletIncld-a
"W 1. a a...IA. ". 4flM ih I large swimming pool, an artificial
.. 0 BuPaer '3*dm Ptrlaent bthessw E. w-.was Iwaterfall and a motion picture
I W T ea.dtodrea are e1o-asary, closed toay. Teamsteprojection room. hour day
.u"ler andd to htrb dpmeotc A .pokRsman said the unAon' spokesman the$10,on al00

Most AeriB. e4pec weu ttane, orippted'.recently by a se- rof etPpurchase in March
ot op th Nth ar damabeen asked to cur with the teaterp icy of T he union pais Beek wain the
two-bd When an by e meddu ntnctAer- providing a home whereThe pres- AFL an evaluation by a group
ever, i al taine to ee t goal. de "can live entertain andof certified public appraisers.nto a
ma'ie twen .-r.dl .ad Ca-. The chancellor siid also that t business of the union." Iion dollar, white

bridge letilzes,-i dglad e ,Industries will re- y 25 A n marble WAS GTONheadquarteras building
or opening bt.. two pua al outlay and that 10- The AFL Te amsters Union. h a ls ts txe vice pres- here.
diatte u a game tl bef ortle he put e dow foren for aseidbought u n on assi restant Bec avk, note
s 'ppeed, South Whad'er hold1, e or sche5es for a thk's lakefront home n Seattle- Since B became head of the
# 4 1 +ass aapi4ta expenditure as far zasWash., for $160,000 and _turned ..ohn. maciedt athe ..generuti ba.rd.
ood d the th-Sth TV t on the dent-emertus, occupies two hos-dent of an organizar alary in
pa hip speedily eahed a nsamet plan. purchasedee basis, it has been dion. s as the Internationalvded Brotherhood
kmag ~-Wo qe- measures-are Xeeasary, closed today. of Teamsters has a 24-hour a day
readable la cButlerontract in dial e stock marb begn to A spokesman said the union's jth-tweeob and is eonsattleantly on ashington.
on With a normal t ndfa evenbeforate Butle export 12 member shfixeutlde board a sum-p. whetherat hoe or the office."
SA uld e fuld ttcipo of credit controls, er proved the purchase in March in suite, complete with
ot d t he No hout the butw a ries boom a arly dropped d Beckline with the teamsters' cy ofThe union is the largest n kitchen
two-bad, .' When the +iAd h -a, Btler's lpvsmot med.rie,-providing a home wherelthe pres-. AFL and one of the richest in the
iyedI heever,. alain ou. e d the de t "can live, entertain unrevealed untry. It recently moved nto a
bridge. peaed tiens,- f spde, t. x lerwho issues ma aly onemarbleheadquarters building
thO qu's Opee dia Io i ek, ,Ish likely told ink twice Minar C. Mohn, union vice pres-,here.
iand anther a -me.on bis enforce he put down. 5s or a id t and assistant to Beck, noted I
ass ir fappemed, South had'ayvery0 11," autoaobUle'ur "e75 fora D1tat'aniel J. Tobin, now presi-. Since Beck became head of the
good ace.e ad the low bart thr reent on th ler- dentertus, occupiestwo ous- union at a 5,0year salary in
parmursbip l mdily..yea had a sever" Inmtaftmeat plan. es purchased by the union. One ias 1953. he has divided his time be-
renatabe d(slainontr actn'Sdial The stock market began to at Miami Beach, Fla., and the oth- tween Seattle an d. Washington.
mio4 With a normal trump fall even before Butlerspoke, in er at Marsfield, Mass., a sum-IWhile here, he occupies a luxuri-
Ibre*-At... A buld -e fui anll ittin of credit controls, mr resort near Boston. Vi~~D flee suite, complete with
the ;.:. O u the but the bottom nearly -drOPped Beck bought the Seattle home bedsitting room, pullman kitchen
sllow k "" out wheOi hbe.ap ouped'the de- five. years ago for 'an unrevealed and bath.
Wst. speed the ten spades, tgias. Six learns- Issues alone

th qu"e diamonds in niMY The chancellor told Parll$-
~,and -1w eA'dl n to his men% that NrltomN, flushed Iy
t he Re V nd a' &1UW.too km hAnTpF L I 'SinV L I A V N U
ace. Wt a .a'o .oW. a h their-recent proeperlt, singA.





TRANSITONE, ,.- .i ,
of superior quality.





~'-~ :~

F &


A. 't'
F~ .4

Nt U

thq h tike2l.i.--raw d4e.-saw
enluib" ,-l, e ti *a
Spade k to efat tha dSm.
Souft *an w i hav een
reasonlbe enough *ift at hedn't
bid-Ag it was, however, t .er was
*v ert believe ,tht E.ast
had ,ipades aNd four diamonds.
Thewm*a's not the slightest chance
of slft cashing five or.six tri*
in h, rtw and clubs before
East.eCipM ,us siaoq East would
aurelfbe redy to Trufque early.
TMat ml d-ehance for the-;sam,
after .Wet shwa ot tofm trumps.
is to ei"'th fn fo te queen
of hebrti, outb. iMOjt lend his
inglesOn heart and..I ffss. dum-
mv's -ack like a little man. When
this ead bold tthe Wk, H is
well. ummy hearts,
spadgs-roadyi. overtUf if f art
nak fth,49stake Ofifing. If
East m ysibl discard a. club, he
wtill eotBAW jBpi- thermp trick,.
but South makes the slam.

buya the goods Of, a choiee,- he
"We are at present absorbing
too much of our production at
"Our sueeess In Imreasug
peduetion, mi. ouar vwy pros
perity, reapire Imemr ed im-
pprt which,in turn, must be
pfd for by ihreased expWrts,"
BtOr added.
"Bufficient extra exports, how-
ever, are not yet forthcoming.
The strikes on Britain's nation-
alized railways and the water-
froot have undoubtedly set our
export trade back eonpderably.
Some of the setbacks ill prove
to be permanent, adding to the
efforts we have to make."
He gave no details of the
tighteninrof bank credit, except
to say that "I am writing to the
governor of the Bank of Eng-
fand to ask that he reduce finan.
cial advances to British banks."

URMImnvII e11 Vlb VlIbh I

It RE S SES ....... for cocktail year
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such savings !
and many, many more wonderful
surprises at our

starting Friday, July 29
at 9 a.m.
... ~- w '


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LOS ANGELES .......... -............*** *
SAN FRANCISCO ...................
CHICAGO ................. ................
TIJUANA .............................
DETROIT ...............................
DALLAS .....................
HOUSTON ............................
DENVER .......... ........* .

One Way

Round Trip

m ri a ,hfual BbOrBWSh,
=sd Jeff Marrow in. Uiversal-
t)oT," ilmdu iiorBs at the
ST .. tMdy aheved aneviablae pu-
bwteW :b rumM l w ith. lthe doe-like ,,Ip eye
.hsaUed r th e l as af "aetores atr."
bater 1or c th ts, no ma s -a re-

i',,Hb mi rriha, M 1 .m E, ui twO

IMPORTANt Be m yms t
the nue. Look for sad isai
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,Seuter em ees ,aa a br ,,tein ,ay ; 16 TIVOLI AVE. R. P. TELS. 2-2522 and 2-4766


..A t Y. v. "
S. .- .- *"-, "',.

.-..W .

k; .i ,

&' *

I^^^^^^^ BB^ <^

| .


rt l.

r : *.~


-V~ ;~'A~'






r. "in-

. ', .. .' -t .;k
S.',- ='-.+ .._+ ..
-..,- ,.--;* .;5i',iy ,-
-. _i_ ...-<' .- ....e


.A -.

e-- ..-;- -

R. rb SHOP: Putting titles
m-t lrumentals as always a
I g cafalloag. Some composers
;some try to tag
e 6a name based on the
4 "feelW, It it nspires, some look
Sut the Window and read a name
9 eir a passing pushcart.
Now comes George Shearig,
,the brilliant panistcomiposer,
who's just finished a series of new
jazz originals. He's solved the D
problem simply; he'll call his
Works after exo cally-named for. Frnkle Laine Lollobrigids .
.,:eign glamor girls. And so there's
".oia number caUed "Lollobrigida,"i birthday cards by Gibson. Too bad
,:there's a "Yamaguchi" and aResle eput crawl into the
... "Pampanini." Can't you bear those envelope, too.
ni.Jazz eats now: "Man, that
"-Loellobrigida moves" I Dick's Picks: Eddie Fisher goes
rock-and-roll for the first time with
~Frankle Laie gets hunches. He "Song of the Dreamer" (l DA).
*,,got a hunch that something bad Other good ones: lastt Minute
was going to happen, and four Love" (Snooky Lanson, Dot),
days later his long-time friend and!"Where Is That Someone For Me?"
ecampanist, Carl Fisher, died. He (Joal James MGM); "Please Be
a so gets happy hunches, and be Kind." (udy Morrow, .Wi);
tarted /off. 195 with the definite '"Mambb De Parbe" (Eadra KI( ,
leeing that At was going to be a.RCA); "The'Hpt Barqarolle" (The
Good year. It has been. DelMarhc Slters, Decca)- "I'm a
"iv ryig's broken wonder- Rhymer" (Dolores Hawkins, Epic
uI. o me so far this year" "Sweet and Gentle" (Ethel Softhb,
Frile says. Latest to happen o, Decca).
th*r daymic Columbia records Good new vocal albums-
t' 1i his new TV show. He's Fellela .Sanders "At the Blue
pnch-hitting for CBS-TV's Arthur Angel" (Columbia); the Four Aces
Odfrey on Wednesday nights for sing about the "Mood for Love"
eight weeks on a program he'll (Decca); "After Robras" with
SUl"Frankle Laine Time." Sarah Vaughan (C u I u ba);
"It eame out of the clear and "After Dar with Sylvia Sims
blue,' Prsankle says. "Just one (Version); the original recordings
mo seed taing for '55." I of Ruth Etting reissued by Co.
0siW good .thing- -suncessful lumbia.
ses.e pictures, his first fling at al Chamber and ensemble mvslc,
aRsV .flag Calcutta pool netted for classical fans: Mozart's Quar-
him iNO and he discovered a t-t in D-Major and Quartet in B-
,, g, wiw ch he thinks will be Flat Major (Netherlands String
nalssaemal. Quartet, Epic; 17th and 18th
know what I've always Century Italian Music (SOe a
so the f 'Jezebel,' Frankle Corelli, RCA); two Mozart sere-
Sca3e you don't know, nades for. wind instrument
F'r L- i.lne thinks his big hiti (Winograd and .wind ensemble,
"nL.-"'Jezebel," which he dis- MGM).

coveted, is a terrific number. --
"Well, this new one cuts it a Grouoho Man (NBC-TV): (To
doMg ways. It's called 'Hell Hath contestant with 16 children wh
No Fury Like a Woman Scorned,' ,aid he loved children): I lov
and it's in a picture I made. I pancakes ifut I don't have closet
don't know whea the record will be full of them.
zlased, but I-know this-I sang .
Lbsar on that record than anything
Wo oh is sa ying something.
a always gives a good effort DETROIT (UP) Cireul
I records, and you might be Court Commisioner Tom Pasie
sitertd in hi secret weapoI. zny postponed the eviction of Wi
' a simple one-learn the ter Coffeyr, .-yr-old junk col
ady, not the words. lector, fr it' -owned Vaeca
ce the melody over and lot to giIrojpato cro]
o "I t ftto It I time to
ILI' I fig t fnwy


M.V. "S 5A iULM PACElICO" .'........... ...-
M.V. u" J yya ......................... ,Au .

To UNrifE0RNDO"M vt' .ASTa Ar
M.V. "BEINA DEL PACICIC" (1M Tons) ....Aag
M.V. "SARMIENTO" ......................... .A9l8

S.S. "LOC OoWAN" ............................*
S.S."B TWA J................... .*,.

N" ...... .. .
. ........... A .-. A .nt


vuuczr~Ii~ AIRU1~ai



Riding High

K. 'y..av ,-

I','"-.. :. -'

. '.*-> .. ,

. .- -'








%WA xtbhe 3ry, I can
nw ords a I sing
m lt sag er, apt an instru-
,ntiURt, and the only thing I
v to seU t* 0 w rds. the story
ON.T is the way I do it."
Siit be a good way.
t record.
eOlwey b going tibe
Sessenger. She won't
it e1 to your door sad
Birthday" but
t versioBns ol
r wife, dad, sweetheart,
B wll1 be affsied to




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mclentifie Amorlca lax ttIs w.v werks
through the blood, thue m alngl your
inshE and bronchial tubg. a. why
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ways. 1. Helps nature di~ v and re-
move thick strangling 1. Pro-
motes free eagy breathiln and sound
sleep so you soon feel O. I. Quickly
ullevlates couhing, whouing, nees-
Int. Get Mendaco from your druggist
todaT'. See how much better you may
sleep tonight and how much better you
may go! tomorrow.


hJ. eas4'i


Perils of Parenthood

You Can't Win, Doe




wV.LE'vOu w WE"OWNarr TM
PooWh Ar 1I-
m F00 AT=


rr I*0~r Th



Decoy Package

The New








-,e a'smp*I regupw
|:.rmo ipk%

14 M'- CfIPP
AiBtL St> i7.if

* /. '



L *



.. *.-: : .... : .. ,
S. o ., .,..- ,




I ~ I. a ~ ma maca


.. `? ~1_


- =- I


.~;'' : j'_l!f':: :::::

8.L "POTOr .............. ................-






m. /

WMesm eacpw Itr-"

95 B.C M.

g 9

l "o

" '


FT-n 1

P.++y 8'*v .." --=+1
i .*:Hl, ,, !"
tPAN1St^ -t

a" um- M ...M i l. '-'

, .- .... i&

. 1.
--r .' I i
. .

H2 .-*, 51

'.rn Iv

.*. I' m+""' +++'+ 7 >" i r -\
'^ .. ...

**.- 1 -, I .
: .' **# l*-'e- ., '" '
.j..,,, .....- l. AMU it 'Ai.. d i i da. m

-.. ,. .1 -. .
Eh ENTJR)W N P O~ R VAB HaU esei eatent of (ele
T tili Aubassar andt Mrs. endd6ia n gave a Idinneir ll. Lepyma to Mr. ,IiMa i
party at BSattb Emrbna on Mn"t?, at wbath tMe nerats was aauiasted us Munasy 4 a
-Dav i Lt. G, mans -d WWillaia t ermw The-R t mall gathalg z of taneaa ha
R sad Mnrs; eb oode. Cat a d M rs. W. ttet*. eaues.
soe. vlSAn@ lt5 B tlz dBhttlh ad Mt; and Mrs. Mi Kelly.
Tut Kelys, eftw U*rk and Paraguay, are paying a short Former IslnMla Wil
vialt to the Brtlist Embassy. Mr. 5elly was, until recently, Marry Ia-New Melice
President of Interntllonal Productp Cporation Inc. mr. and Airs. u. L. McMillan at
-. --~aton, m w exico, have pad
.i .W tineb, ., o, gagemin i01 tneir
Mthlurlna W ii Vacation There will be no class on today. daughter, Marjore Ruth, to 'Lom la tat e Ilona Serars wlU be assisted uy J on, soa oo rn. nent y i a"sy
Mr, a4. M, Bvid arka of'Rosalene Briceno, Williams Sears Jones of Memphis, Ten,, former-
Ig Bd t.L itoela eiihts, asi and Li Utrnutia Emita and Ode- ly at t. kj obne.
,aI g ift ht wih thpi two nry Pareies, Marie Greene and Mr. Jones was graduated erom
young da.insi i anl nill son for Javan (ialindo and Dick Duran.' Balboa iUgn beraici in Iv) and
a t o a a t nto be BmU re C hitFo snow a graduate sI.ent .in py-
Spent A K1ljunlga, Minnesota and Bom ere Chiefs sici at th. umversi, 0o_ _neoras.
1VLrPi a i Daughter Uill Wed Xa. IB has a bacnetW of science
'rThe Aan wil fly first to Th Cohoandante of the Pana- oaegre from Prtncicpe College, El-
Detroiiat vig Utly wial pick up -a m.a labelrb and Mrs. Raul A- san, Ilinois, where t wbriaeleet
new itatian wigon for use on the ranto have announced the engage- is presently a student.
rest (of he trip. met and approaching marriage h- date nas been set for the
Their vacratop Lncludds a visit of their daughter, Irma Estela, to weaing.
with K s. Mtarkur's parentn,- Mr. Mr. Joseph Whisenant; the son of
and Ur..' A. M. Maloiey, who Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Whisenant. D-partlg to the Uj.,
were Isthmian visitors a fe w A weddifg has been scheduled A "spaghetti dinner" was offered
months Ago. They plan to return for August 4. .du *l me resine of Mr.
to the Z on by siup in October. and Mrs. Cafopreau, to Mri.Car
Aleman-Boyd Nuptiall men A. Angeleir wife of Mr. Lus
Are Temorrow o. Angelin, by the employee ofL
Navy 'Partie Invitations have been issued by 0the CA&AenExcthae SermploceCo
or T'as Force l Mrs. Ida Chapman Boyd of Pans- rozal. E ge rv
LA full thedule of parties and ma City to the mamage of he Mrs. Anelini is dCeprting Lodra
enter meant has been planned daughter, Miss Ida M B or A lhonelni i dpoi. g
for t e pe.opiinl of the visitr to Mr. LUls Caris Alet an Thore rttoendmip e Mr. and
Naval Task Groap. son of i. and Mr. Luis Carlos Mrs orge Macia Mrs. Critina
Las evening at theCoo S Aleman. ll l be solemn-Bustamante, Mrs.' Mary IcD o u-
OfficersClub the Commandant of ized tomorrow evening at Cristo gall, Misses, Carmen D. Camacho,
A m. Milton Miles, A4 the et rcr, and Nancy emoke.
cears 0 Isa command, were bosts Vior Clarke.Art Show ce-
at a reception alOdring Re a o elg e".aa F.6Over Ft.GuwlckOfficers
Aft. im ltt B MeLean, Jr., i SghSaturday Wives bey Lanncheon
iComthi rtthehtall up aend Te. r o oM .Victotbertandeau soofftheo
aeiordcen "abi .,te ships.e Clrk wdtm h t eenahe j led their month-
mMnte sgo.Theyip ^ *t ,etuir Agu t w r lyWmeetig n h1 dne fuM

-~ I,

tArn I

,: *~

Distingr.Iied lor hi w-rki
Vision, versatile actor Jeff Morow a b ci a 11u-
fledged motion pict.are star'ds ell, ahl_ bi wth
Rock Hudson and Barbara Ruh l Unie Uo
Old's Print by T' hnicolr-Cinei r le a re,
"CAPTAIN LIOU," opei re eae tomorrow at the
CENTRAL Theatre.
Morrow made his lfestoLl theatrica dbit on
Broadway In 1936 with atbh Oornell in W"Rq and
Juliet." He later appeared Jt CornoU 6 ;Ga."
and then went on tour wlg tl loopbusLittll"
lyre." .
Jeff appeared in a succeslow'ttew York hitM ,y
which prompted Hollywood tipJ swrd to tf
role of Paulus in "The Robe,' l lbW.i fim 't.
Since then, he har appeared ia bbr of ta a-
mong them '""anqnyla," 1gn of the
Island Earth." Advt.

---* **i -"



HONOLULU -(NZA)- Oh, poel
I've made another startling dis.
covery here. A famous Chet who
even can make poi taste yum-yum.
The old Hawaiiana lived on their
ish and poi, a paste made irots
the Jocal taro root. It looks and
tastes like glue1. 'lThat' an under.
statement, it's awful tasting stuff
man everybody knows n.
But Vienna-Dorn Paul Koy execi.1
tive chef of the Royai Hlawallap
Hotel and genius at the kitchen
fbr 40 years, has a fine respect
for poi.
"It can be good," he says, "If
you trick it up. Aou have to dis-
guise it so it doesn't taste like
b famous for many, exciting ad-
ventures in eaung at me stoyal
lawalian, JCoy wnjps up poi riti-
tMrs, poi walties,.po muftinUs and
poi eake that leave hotel gets
pouting for more.
Tere s even a poi cocktail at
the Royal:
One third pol, one third vanilla
Ice cream anu one trd milk.
Beat, add a jigger of'brandy and
sprinkle with. ouiieg.
AMmembers Koy:
"tllorge reatM the mavie star,
HeOd it st well he drank I by oe
Chf oye a famous for mQder-
king 1 l waiaan iookilng and Js
"Chicken in Coconut Royli Hawai-
ian" UI world rnoed. He bones
a a hal aidcken st a t it with wild
riJe flavored with curry, diced
pineapple and shaUllots.
For the last five minutes of
baking the chicken is placed min a
green coconut sheil and tnen
served in the shell. It has a flavor
you dream almout.
Os Koy's Meiue appear these
other tricked up versions of cook-
ig the old Hawaiian way:
Baked ba.ianas with coconut
honey sauce. Breadfruit souffle
with guava jelly sauce, Ruma

Because Aloha Means Goodbye" Honi Ka-ua, Widk-WItl-
and his latat aoon to be.published, quick. Huapla-A
"Walkli Pola." heart. Mitn
' Altr a week of lIabulon eatlag sent without leaves
tra Keyt malus at the Royal, happiness, joy. Lolo-d
may eveh wle a lsg. At least ant. Manawahi-free;
Shave at le: credit. Menelmun-a
"Put Me On a Diet, Doe, I'm dwarf. Mim-to see a a"a
Afral' to Step on a Scale." a borse. Moe-moo-to
-r- Ka Pul--a sloppy dnS
Hawaiian Leason for Today: out. Ig

Special communication for the purpose of holdings
funeral service over the remains of our departed.


Scottish-Rite Temple, Balboa, C.Z.
July 27 at 1:30 p.m.


Burman S. Spaugler,
Acting Secretary.

Maxwell T. Smith,



k i.+-T--...-.. .. I .M" t 4 7 .5 ,o-r G ..
d .e for v i ting cadets will-be ortralt in oils.
w.hich is I'A. brie f a tSe esw eeti ngw
even at the Army Navy Club, Ft. The JWB Gallecrywics, be bytemeigia
Amador. ',cated at the USO-WB Arm a conducted by the club president,
nu Thursday evening, Admiral Forces Service Center, Bo c Mrs. Stanley Lucas, at w i c h
McLean and.his staff will be hosts Road, Is open from 9:00 a.m. durt d and welcomed to the club.
o* e on aboard the flag. 10:00 p.m. daily. The new members clded e
ship Rdlanoe from 4 to 6 p.s, Military personnel ad theirkfm.T dame i bTrowers i include
S- ilies, and the public, of t dmes Zilad, Trowr, Wng and
She0r iClass "f'erialal" Canal Zone and the Republic of Cortez.
TeM areeNgrt Pnala have been ved the Luncheon guem for the after-
il 0- pl arty JWB to attend the exhibit. n ee M eNdau es DCard, C e
More thilq 100 teenagers w I I- dell, McNulty, tat. D or-ydaIe,
me( I 1b South Patio of El Pa-. R Deputy Leaves ra Agairre.t, andT Barker. .
asssa o tomorrow evening at 7 For Switierlanad A a ari e which r
for the, outh Tertulia which will PanamE Deputy Aquilino Boyd "'specialK i which prodedt
Ie a. "Mlue e-n" party, combin- and Mrs. Boyd left Saturday or r. u enthuslas, was awa
Ing the Tuesday anid Wednasay Switzerland where he wi latteadJ WhhM e rt coffee wa
closes, of Llaia Sear. te first United Nations Conference hlerv desert and cee e -a
Loud thirts and oaiks will be on Juvenile Delinquency and It seed with an e wbon of Latinl
.wobr y both bys. a irls as Cdte. d asi Mr. and Mr Arnold
Wr s be eiand Mr. Arnold
wH .Rs the p tu.. wa g willi he: -..hdrest e t n beorto,
V610 ad Mrs. AAlleto i aAm 4t r saamtae an costumes, capably
Arias, Dr and Mrs. Teedoro M At a no-host party gfven at t P"sent- nt me.tinr the o Fo
ries, Dr. and Mrs. Manuel Pre- Ellta lome in razos Height. Sab. lTh net ficer' Wd of the Fwi
cildo, Jr., Dr. and Mrs. Aus to urday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph ick Officersat a coffee on Aub will
Aubtoa urday evening, Mr. and Mrs.R
Soyd, Dr. and Mrs. Tinoteo Sues. Stewart were the honor guests. ust 1
eial, Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Mere After 30 years with the Comml. ____
no, Mr. and Mrs. Juan Garcia de sary Divislon Mr. Start is retiIr- GMT ERROo
Paredes, r. and Mrs. Manual ing July 31. He was presented with
Preialio, tr. Mr. and Mrs. Car- a gift from his flieds and fellow- SPRliGFI.LD Mau -
M Juo Qatn, Mr. and Mrs. wo Urkers a t -orF au.
Emmino Pence., Bound eventually for Ta .fi p *a, (Il Uvwrenw ol orr, a Jhigh.
Florida, to make their home, the w y epanrtvMie t 31 aer Joseph
obtioa ts h ae f be Gre- Stewarts lak to sail from Cristo- e. receivTnkidItAam -aner

Irans U t. AAa Fa t a re"
Jwlfa srteski. &W i laI Mrs, LS. Stuart Townsend e he
G 4ar Vf *h, Jfrepa Atautic 1e S aW beloft by.)pu (ar
Powce. a. '. triprtp .lgurop via NiVIe il. Ill.k v


A .W A 6:5.- 7:5,7


DiALO i oS. t.. l:le
a Xatba GnRATaON
wi. I Tan. 'M"NW ACM
i teT'ff' ^T:* '
-AoU~S Tr n .15
a st1n1 par:.
inloan'l' i

. W yliiL L



I -


-- Sw'


SEven t'.ie good old Amerian
S Iiturkey gets the Hawaiian touch lI
Koy's kitchen. Before roasting one,
he shoots it with pineapple juice
from a qLart size syringe. I
And the siuen he prepares for
mahimahi (dolphin) should hap-
Spen to all fish. It's nui-loa-great.
any language.
Believe me it's royal eating at
every Royal meal, where the
menus are as famous as some of
Chef Paul Kay's songs.
Thats right-he's a professional
songwriter from pot and pan alley
who recently became a member of
ASCAP. He started writing music
10 years ago and some of his best-
known songs in a list of 20 include:
"Heaven Is in Blue Hawaii"
W from the movie, "Million Dollar
Weekend." Rosemary Olooney's
hit of not too long ago, "Withered
Roses." "Meet Me Halfway." re-
corded by Shirley Harmer on
MGM records.,"Please Don't Cry

lRevitalize Your

Feel Younger
Look Younger
^ UM l h ut t kS^nyu II
S atlon. Tla may malk you ul er f rom
ettins up sNigh trong, eloudy Urine,
-akg mme .
SM. Circle under Be, wo.ic n s.
tOa o.i.MUelift. tM.K' eta., e-
dess kideyW*kalicb houll Itr bit i IId,
f Mloa throw ell acids an4 nloeBm, 0I
.ocresegt" to Joanda1e L.i4i= cisa.Cyrt
year kid In wait: 1. ell
Ja e ko.t poimesm, 5. a- C IeM
ll^lI ur i th zy sysfteum I1
M 000 V68 e flmaBte4 d Otlill
from any driau Act n ew.
0109 w muc ettermi tompwV. I
tlr~r~ QC

Choke 2.8 or 35


Flashi Ie
| ch".lveffe
mI feefOlil i
1/1000 Bee.


40o TO 50% BELOW U. S. A. PRICES

International Jewelry


Announce. the Sallin of Their


Fast Cargoliner "BARRANDUNA"
Dires to SOUTiAM mN (England)
r- vmlauw' ir V T wIw *v 21

1, A

) '.~

- -.-.. .- .

- '1 .TI'h .~ ~efr ~


From WIUMiAAlAJ, JUL -31

Suites ..........-........------..--....315

Single Cabin with Private Bath ....

Double Cabin with at ...... -...

col s- LL

4i t Sorr %tl.i
, IrMM 'Ml .t._A..hiTV,-1

. .

C. :.

;, ~~ .4

A .

i:~bd~ 6'_


'Is .: 17" .

1 e1 xpesi


V ^ .l I.. .r i .


9 Sgag

I Wmt ae. Ia
abe Jd L. J f.
J" lsumm Ave. mn= la lL

FOR SALE: Pr"elselly new,
modem dilsk ream. bedrionm,
6gaa sole Detal lyclIble baby Nesk, ct, scagle I d.
fon. C. ea D. -2739.
Dr C. A. oy D.DA FOR SALL-1 -eadisx washing
-me- in, 0115 C0abI
p sdk"se He WM f.,N At. AmW.. Call ffter 4 p.m.
SS^ V0 P FOR SALE: 25-eyslen adiX
-. g u eumateh washing in a china e.
Phn e 2.3478 loalbe.

"We" ranoo 2.j5

s Ih sum e tbal

LKasm Mm'

I 35 3*XTO ER. S.A.
pPs 2-34l- 2.2562
L"" Rs at
410a44les5 delny
t Sp.m. .h .0279

as byo~ hue~et

K RodncwdTo


hor .!v4Vbrew the
o hve ca ona tril a
Of atmod .gvrygrow-
sk*atM tme


FOlk SALi-- Simmr a flet
spring, ctt mattress. dewie
$25. HoM 124 -I ornlkm.
Phone 6-170.
FOR SALE: Portable sewing
machine, oil tt mesis. In-
cluding beutholefr. excellent
csnditioe, $55. Phone 83-7207

FOR SALEt-All parclain West-
Ilehte a 9% o. f t.rfrigrs-
tr, oId eotagitiem; 7 vewi tas
blind@ fit stti window; 9-
&-L 49 &__ A W -D_ AA ---I-


~eWa_*AiMi~w i
.l--'3 se'y Mae -



Ag i

'""^^y"4 Lil TS., MCI W,^^'.



_ A___________ ALCOndLIcS ANONT
.OX 203. AN
FOR 5AtM l, *'*9, B" OX 1211. CRI, S
S fully slppod, m= e' gIo".
ti., new whte sidewell th, 0 YOU WISH ewrdlep
$550. Leaving this wCk. Coll d &iWt14 N0ae
Navy Ps. 22. pa. r filing enri.e
teL ever the thsa
FOR SAULE:-1954 Ferd Satone is I Anelie
Wason 4-deor.. 3 passamba, mand
emxellent endmile. whitMe te e, .*eute7hlesi
redie. Phone Penem s5-1144, heApphowI. 1-
from 7:30 e,.. to 4 p.m. M thl and.eliv.'a
* OR SALIs-'52 Studdiker 4- r.
der. CoE 87-7110 r -after 5
p.m. Navy 1591. DL CHOLL"' trijl
door, excellent cnditieni $650. rim
Call 83 7207 Curviad, ea.- WE ARE NOT
ange. ___________._..__ weamiowspoa T"W.V M
FOR SALE I-1950 Petlg-8 2- mato syousa m I01Iwoosi,
dew,. duty pwid, m w tire. e- servicing and nUwithe
calt 4aedtin$700cash sMas ere e a e
Pho.. H Gemed, 27. lnt youyr prhAEL2R lAX-
FOR SALE:-'47 Cadll|ec few- TIRmo neto Ite'fane," Tal-
dear. phel, ty phaae 2-2514.

AIT -1 I m d enl 'Phes

a m&., .. -
iedas vvgmw
a ha*#a^ hat. Rgals. 9

*pb g iift U. a Ig, P Ta .

lSt ena Clk Ameo H
'^ IMkp. )*rpM *ARI

" nwj.It Wirse sema lm. Tlr
m w t, eat. r --

MFOR Madeswr u FOI^ilrt
5.- agermtme mliiewl peal Casin. vris Pig
4 ml mey. -2-5- p a 1- 2015.
Fi .ri. bel____ o P-.STS.

. 2p .yrLfrI^M

'* 2 ..


J... m uesi w." '*? -w .:7-- TTTa

* ~elar* waid~ ~eedlNee,
~ hei i4~ cais~le
Semeile Mereles.

Srophet Of Ocd.SriakeCu

Dies From Rattler's Bite

tb. 7-Ibend .. 25.60-ycle PaM. $95. PhoIne arurdEu s- A i

______:____T_____________ The**mne, .5eveins.a 8 fonea r a ndpo phet osas h hoer.
radio s all Maid s-rd tena. L. t1. 2245. FORL- SA t"OF e "r THAt re. July o ( )a aufl). soth a l ,r O S
Evans. PPu*Ie 2-1162 Baleen. ___________#_M=__to The oudeer andle*r*'- (ometimtie
Help Wnted 'Woman.' banmdnow 155we, 7th SeeptN" 22.r-aumuse ItUIRA WI)M a'~nt~anmlans t i ichm14

sai"W M mer de Spurts. beyhs.Mstb p t r r#afe id -iehma
HePpe WAned LatSALI To 1954 t Mbe111 Aseilu=a Paraio laa* -th e
WANTED: Cook. Must hove'or" 2n-5. #I 9 ormy ece i. t.e w-sl FOR NTMd M-. CU. Stro b a w It du Wit Chrma dty
references. Machine washings. ----a- $25. nlo e .44 d. A 4.l wett wt ad h I NsJo 1Jhi.r hur ad tskem Slt havetes wi
PhAan 3-0717. PAA, A T7 (P l ar. PANAMA CACanPt COMl22601 Cag Pama 2-12 m hhM ainan(tWethMonda7ro bansd ao k, ad Ct *he m
mWrleanT Mhld oato moebl ene es ALeI; C1953 Tlde lar Ford. OlowERstive indANtlg m...2 1W l7
seWAaOFFERSt ConIMtmrs erdu oen ins .hes- eamn sai,'ar ade tthsigaoma Ul thae i t gint I= b
heneaMai. 0115 Ce o Htrh es r owtliresl.t in 11 l tlb e- H ge. ..a I i ...u mre ad Co et8cty-g *.ha i.
Teahad R SALbFI Oar epgs. Familhed ape- alPtlmpic Problem.bilause of their ias et tl n. ti

Ca s oti eabl Ce teih, r aw I cBargain II S. be thes alesoienbid ss fo II er, er *t-- o. The sintie fta out as t 2 Wn 1
AMeen. Phon.eZ-2872. lPe, willkb va nS ~ii-S 103 meet, asai,, m located,. te cg uonatin.e fataI rualts, was bit. d up the firlt rattler be cou

fi, il b 1 0-0 6* tn tis
a'm.,-August-is;..----'-- --IN-of-- sample. Phnep be ft d prayer n fitd. otIte hism-and HN lls.
am., August 5.19;, n a e fn1-1405.l. Calieu acustr %rN d C. C. lay vent dow& few i Gkatmho et 4
Aska s'oFihftre 41 ind t lmd .atid the --aerb ea- Vlly to become the nak p
rPpe La5, atgins 10 S Ste ftMT eetin g ToT lo. Towh ot,16b1a 1WhisthM'.naprohet.
P p A sksB S T F ght U Aum ,.omand1Thursday At o iClu* o raage A ASl:Bible,Va a 11 "w of the et'. ha ve
b ea s I wS Ae Decdes Criatobal-Colon2ea BRVaiao wbepf ahei tri ri es
Aeia.s m Rfme tee ,f $5 Fr Saw-A r m' t eiy %Dciee reipinaeded Mat eux vA-iTaDIarurnl mntro thte
Against Reds, Other Enemie s aemer luncl whieon mek. L te S(UAtha ftsko D*lw* Pelicou Th it P aoniBbtwr {Itr
asit heater Fear joisfilling hMM 1 n,-thrdnmiain o ti
"ButClu thisnWeek.aInstead., Aoft ,iTk sa l" Fr Aee elor b Cks faif a tD*
--a-- trial, heIst. heathf, dA inwirll held on T Itr 'qkad It =90id lakshaudlmsecthave tias with
VATICAN CITY, Jul 27 (UP) a*.m, gmdnrutlludta sdd .,'.na. eU h r gei n, late, A m N tt t0he 'a Z e tijualbe- g u i. ad CPoriga-
Pope Pius XII called on Latin A. 1 a erf t ra. t b.a dwin "I es. hoas, mat- expecteudlting eW yto. ta. SIpiWa .2 t ad@ m
vaan weohli r on .mlsation A crl0t meekamaale. -a -t 4S gI I I two
mericana Catholics today to Emobi- Neo rl ma C hto wurch. es stufon N and. tuftflmg m.* Nr sn Sarr e
ohrtbanthe Drte Desaid, ," o wadded c dhi n" Ls. inas-Us e. Cmoesker- The W -~a r a anw
O pn Plugsains t hCommuism sl d TorstnhlC kAsO- l e T lC to be s44 e i n eatr-ee
or ofthechurch. theb.pire dootrimes of t-b *j*eamu.9. Isa.ndustrial 3. Turntoates ?I*Be 111"4Ad411ill
TeOnti ll Oinrear d P roblsan t the o under the a p n A-.of eleeArls g 41601,Pleatnb pra ropo Cn adall e aga'sdha g1.4..lwM
-mhesas h h ith aGu meral JIuo l j ti cp l e iam n i g or t rel d w the aa* f Mfe .sa, sAlnhAoipen.aire.,n t g ar e. ea r-p.
filled 4 h t b v ojiLthepo M as c berite Off and thR a nd WIe"mj r o Vgihru
.:"l esa. mou i8 S P~ayoB Trib' i ,*bublest a^ W I Sjuly 16-C(P) N_'__ _s -P,

..4. t nary ug'a- ld" Clormd -htve whic milae to tu a 21gma 1m V en a la salds'Us.eregal
____i___P_______ra sn fes to the Sco'tahjit SALEth-e4tB ba wat erehe, Dts AtU^nB 5ee Al. thr h

Mr. or falsn a e en em2dtofomrWASHoIndex NmysdG"leauta rs k e l **
es u RevengB "...bymei r = o tobeh lth eo ad S? asurulsb hg Ag
P Pl~ie sted litm~tl time w Mth the Dh t Anlioly n amA osn their osalp t e d n eld to. ad" godi near mdd r a Pa. s,

r nndle ster wicehs for so.o ehor A
isas~a~% cordla, achit. istt wjdma- i

race d ber rs.FOR he e-h A bee C r C o b arbd et wob.'r ub ete e -lyda e il L
Arti,<*FlPMM so or---- $10O; U.S. Il7.40zxlS nigtft. Club teomorw mopizui at and $wlm @A ""f^S l^tr Pa~k= At-

Tniahnuiy pickreasu p as Ae r lstulrJuy t12 he9D O herald 2bmale CK1-45 I ~ tolithae Ir. rtain. H home ah.i- se atas- MI o d ri bud
e hurch in L th n rt% *AWWomrw aeWoo ate 2 h S W Alr Pe eoris tde b- a he misre wieealaowdt tone o e *n h wt hea iI at oeh iI tabred as oi
"The apl ofn astt *rnares by membs o w rn 22o0 n s -i- the B-ab Jur Domme oa- pmligcao Tof- V oerr tat t h "I *P ds-b
arBut notheg so for asM a l be laa Torlmornow $27tn. AN Priced for ar dla pwhlamao. An vfintloheA a hdv- usw tr Tasi htby0 A

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Ia aeesr. a sra ihinhableth t uthe mieeis wihb sumu ena-d, Iotesesrwl had tahe eaduapem 6 par e ci. 1,* L. .P~I
capable ohf Ptosngrd ta 11t hoe- s f ttldnitoe h ol e en. tHc, fou, dt Nd e expected later this loae t cth* 'i5 th* a ere d PRi sa

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days0" too forme senator^ m:ad. ^ ^^ca--st Ike^^~ f ^hm~Totre~Iop
PopePiussaidEthRe 1TIES e^ and Bw^^yn^ cell2,0=In-chow&

Cris t heal JulyC1 nawill Sebcrt ary of S tate orellan Naull w-52 w l empinatoth c 1) The Aarlon TheCar,-aulSwinjandingla

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Gets. Revenge bte Tempte forboa P whode i kthetCae atela n officahar,."bosofWto.wef
filed him with ftrembng 5Officals aid that Army o- Virginia Bone6 on sraow at Gum and r o S

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I"assad. ult'snof anestlWillia m Hen wi not maed ahd14,d W Jneiunlg pro-tam It mhU- a to Iin Red dS.A.
^-,- for the P00 roer n odltleAF& MthIn r-Solunt Pay trIbuoe tome inspet havd of comin h .s and 1ewe1ed a B M A n Mre..

SenderEthe Korean er an
The many,",ckedJope sup asihe"andofficialsbthoUered NItotdo. ckllmaeherhatomIne eeftstte Las.
trpsth energete b him viare ain e aetho ld aal oThe Wl man wa will ber 1u la a Ad awee ohe b w itgta hrm
ma kinghs KCe ng ii e jotm* whedie t W lter behn d thneee sa allowed tot hey aeiinIIID 1 4S K aem Al o ftrie WeSreU..aI =

proation a t m He aret oaf n to the 't

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e to MIoN oprncaiadto .T
autmoble~ otadeMe n dsor h aves been. .,and i t. o0 an seate Fo ign. ; membrs f her am ilFNies ing out M 19of thZ Mrs.. jeBe rnrd
Be sw Protetant m en-dhefloers lat ofthe 1intiae Rlaios Comtteoi Hl of the 553 F r a aincst.othm. rais et taloenesoIGmhfar%,.. eneMr.ster

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yaereg i arctig imm S Mr N lnot hared bend am:dayt former^ ? haita sento andin ex-e stern fectar from the batch 4orTB Frampton. M Aw-^

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of an Okland ank. S ^ ^ "fi "-."" if? w th e ol vdeat o together of ie wilbl oftake placed eith ."ma eer b-,a iean deend m tar thee (ta usaod w eth ra Ba' e Ike rrto. __

OL amore lieal atwl be boa d oces oA d i
itself bCedtte. JuN up a e dock is e ld tha rme cp f m m Inteiaseeers M J.-f laSt lmwre gSEag
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rtesoltinatexresolting -vro! s-. 3 then1"elieved therax
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f n le d an sow d R. = of f tnd mor owe n d. E leK efa vegr and __fore"__ ___a__ __
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wasi f~t~ main hi reotl Als ikrtaennn who AMrw Mnh Thce- menu wil be c aloe toha e whlI miate. a _4an DI 111 -tra M o, 81* ^ ..-.

MODERN TIIHES H tary ~of saerie moared b toll and nio uTM(T)J -.'*^' ** ^ *
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To I.

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,"W ,i ,- ., .. .4 .-- e ,

I.-. 1 By JOHN XIF6 A.
Sa from coming to Panama In the NEW YORK, July 26 (UP)

Stold Jefferon JoIeph of the they open their critil hree-
4"f' t- 17. It 0os lalaet-. t -" l .a.. .e .
I 23%.d refusal of promoter anrque/ never ciu tell It from the facei .f' t

.. ..... C k "i ma-, at aT wmoweune ow ia.l
1 T .-.. .t artn topay money he owes Caney Stengel and Marty Moaron.
.... ,t....... ia.-.-.7oVise ,prown'i -manageri
W...matters th l d. o l inmy phy r" w e a do just about ma well
ISn 4pDOM I he'hatwai tht- a e Officil son what tOtsay Mars y Is
-N) ete 1nU i.n Panambo a buso o t bOghth"do abbut their shaky pitching 8ox have won 3, lost S.
W 1 ioeea" 0 iIn Panma bee* daft. el..

p 'S 1"""" ---lr" de 3t f" last v, wo0 10 out of I games "sure, iat r.
eEr( ,, Wheat (), Haag ( '),on lls' U-star game, sported aid Marn.
Ip I O p en data h o -9alaoqthe pe i d a r ar .
Ser proven that steady pitching and drawl- t hope w can sta with

A long T he Fairw ayso 5., 10 l "3of si 'West"hohadtonight's fray at Yankee,' ta- aei" e do ig
Barnes, Hetkl (7), Shore,_81. m"! I nw.N_.
** and Baerber; Os* *.M H ey- Jfacksoe West h l ds dum othe asa
,,- ---,.I. AN + Nthe White eox could e Wtlke ee aov el
PtammA Geo Club past week ruded Dh Ar man W r--papeaa. p-L mr. ft er retu ing to New Or- ad b hee p ta eil
Pte Arango took the lead. at Frank (ae Jr icoDAz poi b peiATa victory.eshe.onlyi ,e amnumo
Over sity mashl swingSer a e s- ri aut, Tomm Byyer 8ae te Am eaM
re end of tooe v ret 18 holes- of the COR REtiOrsMorenopandTe naoiong omi r geottht big win, Marion w o e hins fron by in eh
ael Pap MJate Peni ComPa no V LTlnl om s w as teen outs r t- Boston-a Lauetr at

net s usb a even par 72 as a Charley Howell Mk MPorke i r e n o .F.u Drop Sl own Uu welar, Mti r o er a a aa.I
lge ,t.y list featured the &firt Dick Dehiaiger, Plo Arafh o ar d -w r u J forrn i o nths for their S tehimse eil.o W thoeontsu tuo a t
aMk 2f "lay in th tourney. u Sm LOU imp o.n.p art In the faudi sow ew. b ns hectic
Over sixty mase swingers D. rown'ssuspp' ag rel-ohI reortp I h tr oeh(t-ow. "wea ln the Atericaves a
W ed the event. In quest of t h e CORRECON e 4 Nvr e. t II u brown's *a pen rel the onet Ie ilt a theB whol thing hie pa yerul i
.utlful Paper Mate peno donat. .. cently cue t to only two ..nth. ha not ten the ox thIs year tlonal League as the -"
Sby the spo s. In recent column It was wre- -ORLE"NS, July 2 (Us) In orderto allow him to ght and has lost to them ance. nrl- D z ba o
In the oat flight (d tox 24 ported that the Phanama course -So-ther s"sai" t ed. e next mo nth la n Seven lones In the last nine lot ern wn o
Idkesp), Manuel Espinosa adi record for pro is 65 and that the slancfs g urdeshow d 8droofwhn oe he would receive oly one amest wthe r Ye t chint s a. s o
i e 1 Ous a each carded o record holder wau Porky Oliver. ,6 '9 for all pfleaed ar ($ i) plus his training x- taff t erlng and has tge.l Having l turne,
for lead at the T true facts The record is 62 through July 18. Charlie nuri, D oenmes (about to hself, threat mt runner.. I

In e first flg, Arango leads column until we pulled that beaut. ure for e ueame period. New Or- mael a neXt month In the bled a e headed into a eri Moreover, the a i
I deo de g uuardia Jr., Dr. But Don Roberto it is--sand his leans was down 212 In ,-ttend- benoenflt less Marrtin clears his meeting with George WrN, pit i i thi stoaiilg O
lerb Mitten awd Don Mavor by record is ten strokes under par Ulie. debt with Visumi. Joe &as Via- the acer general mauags. ti
single toke. The entire first 72 for 18 holes. These two club aong with l has to OK all h fights. The ten -Wels tal cen- Erkine is ready agl,
ght tightly bunched withall ...... Atlanta and Mobile showed ag- Joe claims that Martin signed tered around pitching of couhe, Meyer comes off the diablNe
ut three of the 29 players being CADDY TOURNAMENT gregate losses of 73,435. a contract for him to meet Nat sinee the sta f'.top winners, Bob Thursday ad Joppyod
ti0e AD mark. Panami Club caddies a Second-division Atlanta topped "Killer" Jackson for $1.250. Half Turley and Whitey PFOrd, sudden- expects to be ready by wtk
The second round must be other Southern Assocationof the amount ($25) was to be ly can't put the cat out and re- Brooklyn opens ts
layed bySaday evening of this the teams at the turnstes, n spite paid to Brown and the other half lievers Jim Konstanty and Tom night at Clel ati with
eeylt8holes may be on Swes a loss over last year, the year to Visual.Morgan haven't helped much. Newombe the
Ae tournament. in any. arethey won a pennant. Top prospect on the farms Is'aearch of hi 17thy
a week. l ws1 Ster TCETa heCrackers fure was down Matitaa McCoah by and Mil-. when it war-brought to gaff, one The day after the fight, Mar- Don Larsen, the former Balti- If Newk get it, he'
t 14,294 with a total, as of July 18, ton Wright congratula each oth- 1- thread the other 39 thread. tin paid him $600, Joe claim. more Oriole who has a 10-2 four days behind the
"he scores: nof 18,8 "00 paid attendance. Av- or on their two bigr cteetshWrchl The explorer with the party of Sincethen Martin also gave him mark at Denver in the American Dizzy Dean ll 194, hen
First Flight 11 Handicap) GOLF age per game was about are the largest ext last scientists from the veity of an additional $329 In cash which Association. Deadline for calling 30 game
t scoress. 7 tt lCIAON League leading Blmlingham entriks so far in the InteraatiOal Florida has caughtofe black mar. Brown had to. spend, as follows: up players is Aug. 1. so the Yan- Milwauee o a h
72: Arange. 73: Mitta. de la 'The y mee Of the gained 5,099 over last year to Marlin and ailfish Tournament lin. Donald Hutchinson with a par- $174.78 to h trainer and hel kee brase has to make up Its stand with a night game aI
uardia Jr Mavor. 74:M Cha. The hturd' make them the second st base- beg held t anth in Panama ty of asprstea from Flori da era Benudesz, Hewitt and Red- mindquickly. Phiadelphia and
k, Jame la Gate O bll town in terms of attend- Bay spent nine days on the Nola, but man; $150 for room and board The lanky Marion, on the oth- at another ace
poMu 75: l chaM Cli. C.I We want everyone to tur ane. Their total w ,152. rght holds the number one failed to raise a marlin. however during the time he was forced to or hand, doesn't seem a bit per- his h ictor
S6ury MuIlerSeo, mh ote forSu a ti because the Other clubs wtre sttan .asition with his 395 pound bI a ck the forty-six saglfish caught a remain n in Panama because, he turbed at the idea of tar a RQberts o lost seven
: Mike Moreno, Jim D pries for te2 tourm 2,2. New Orlt*A 81 t ? taken on the Na s off easd sept the visitors back to did n pay thPaanma Oera- a trip we wly e. f
S si. 0a, Ma e 79 t Glera J thei homes a rogthe prtlase of nt tm e- _e t
i sht .Johbs ApVheast reand Browd Welk '.y
,rI fther Mrs. Mc agby lai her rof wel tin ep nbl foi a a
r tte oaelub bullet Memphls, bich marlin on the Vikin on Ca an U c a sh a u ed drlig the fhter
iri~, ,'Uu.. L bardsUsp aftrday's touWrn o .n.n., re- Jul 2. She was usg 39 t-.ead marlin in, om e l.a ,, ,Stay hI Panmai after the bout F
ad a total Increase of 44.- aM a 1- reel handed hae The Calmap w pswedo b$,, With West esuse he couldn't S 11
PK Iii SiialathR 83. Ed Mac. uzient so aan Up. __ ^,7 p9yln6 cpistogers, as of July fish In 20 minutes. Tbis was in lucky boat to 1a newcomer t thU t et his vis m OWWAL Gil L iAJ
Figah ht (A Hadicap) B18. the hot area uth southeast of sport of deep'" sea fihli too lack Brown say& tt .Visuat e -
SweFs (1 Iandicap) rhll MAi al l San Jose lighthese. This catch s Burns was a guest ofhmit for pcts Martin to pay him $471 as -
1: no que de 1la Ossn Mauel M torted for te tourme tbut Is at deep, ai s when a black Amount promoter owes Viscu- STANDINGS lowest production In the last
sez GeorghelBoyd F P- .In the largest marlin caught by a marlin too the sailfish balt he i ($625n Lost Pet12 vf tir s
John Palm, Chaley How ell,.om w i bdb watching di Amountpromoter 'as Brown Fort Clayton2 4 cn connected onl
ArIas.76 3au ~l r augo Jr. "no Other boats have been catching LA ldid nt lack o d ($25 leses 2- Fort Kobbe 1 1 2 so c r c n
Son Rt Ortega Billy Coffey, WM, NW YORK- July 26'-(UP- DAugust I#t The Hilda has cmU t man at the wheel tood goo rwn expr.ess e......... 4 r nine of 1a foul shot
ol... toPnamaAbr a Aet..... 9 25, Gy MmIgitpelk
e l1 :' P a b i d C e A D eI g ht h t a u t t b Y l i t tled + Y-r s i a L e a g ue th e V ir g i n ia o n e s tr ip e d m a r l i n .' th e m a ra l i n r b v 11.P b e_& 'asutn se V i s o n't a l l o w N a v y P a ci f i c 1 1 .0t ons c gWoa n at h, 1 6_p o ntA
Campapnan Jr, 2: Joe (Okay lefty Ken-Lehman moved th Writte for NEA Service the Sei four marlin, one of which and weighe75 pounds.urns Is but he's sure Visoal won't alow Navy .- toward rryD count
Igo) Ptaturo.. *: Dr. Calvo, ilurging Montreal Royals with is a contestedentry since there now in the market for catching a him unless the matter i ONDA At obbe the Troopers
SBoyd, Frank Brennan. IM: one game of,'front-running To QUESTION: With the ses w contested ne cauht in the nsh safish. mstraig tened out. RESULTS MONDAY 7 a d to tone for
S _ooo. er_, _lineCaughtInthefishsailfish._ ._.., Ft. Clayton 64, Army aoe f.r t.
Hkarrington, Paul Du ra n. ronto in the Internatloal Leagu leaded n th last of th ninth. -I ,twoet-w i I nsfrsersmi 81-55 lfih l.t Thursday,
Tal a. 89; Juan Massot. 1: A. race today--and actually Put i ,and 3-2 pa the batter, the Fort Kob e8 roprs,1-D -adidn't have the us to 92: Dave Ham ian. n: eem ahead in the vital "lOWPt er delivers bi AThelo Sis s G *** t th he ahy l itoer 1
10.o: Jerry.Daniell..icoluwmn._m ,run is e d across .li l. U' IIIul... -' o therng
'Lehman halted the HavanaVAa pllt. dot tle batte hes f For t.eCAmdsir.
WOMEN Sugar 1n0s, 11-0, at Montrealthe dut, neglects to go to firs obe Atlante Center Dn Fuchs andfo
while Jimwensofhe Syracuse base. T fielong tem calls for I lL at ort Davis. Wili Hatchrtt caie throu
h the ladies division P n n hlefs wae beating Toronto, 9-4, the ball and throws t to inal Stages C A tlantic t A F ...t ----- to Fort 0obbe alhe. wner managed
Daniell took a four stroke lead o- at Syracuse. base. Is the batter out? E. J. rinal S ia esO fW ", | a h Fort.Clton anda.ort.KoibS hif .ir oem .
lr the four girl field with a 76. In other Monday nihtg games; Mathews. h aI A reminded ans again Monday 24 deadlock at interamsst
tois sec witfol-Bobbyabenicht pihed last- Aswer: batter oes to night that are ill the top Thirteen of uh 17 poInts
Wed by F. F. Purdy and J. place Richmond to a 4-2 triumph firt base without when I Lll I AA wo teams in M Panam Area 2 of Hatchet. s 14, came
IyV. over Buffalo, and a seven-run he receives a walk he heads 8 KetDaI L ea Armed Forces basketball League. final 20 minutes.
third Inning made it easy for lbr the dugWt, the platm empire =1The league-leading Caval ers Jack McDonough was 1
SSWEPTAPs Duke -Markll of RochbOer to ske ni call him bee and have o- The Palace of the put down a stubborn Army At- Troopers 1.h_ scorer w .
coast to a 10-2victory ever Co- hia touch Mrst bass. He Cinmat lanti. quintet 64-57. on the pDint, eight of hlch came
Swepsta ,wle asr tring the.lumbus. be put out. STANINGS I another unfortunate occur- Cayton oor wie Kbb eawn-/ trips mo h ou ne.. uW
.,I r... -akt-- League hI .. e Geneu rnce. -m &Iun lUi second straight time in Lifeliner Jess Valdez returned to asl
|_ I _I I 1111111 IIII.I ~IAtlantic BaoetbaB Legu e -heir o sorer, G R ic gym, 68 -53. forI 11 markniers.
tand one more player. Ed Copalbo, A strong first half meant the Kobbe's ace Howie 39oCal
Naval Sa as iot P .61quit thb e t bm. dismayed, ou-dl difference for Clayton while saw limited action after mlsal
ibralStar 4on ..... 8 m .7 bral""r 7 btoa owe oful nvrSl second-place Kobbe had to rely two games because of a eack a
Gibraltar lif. ....6 7 ..... sports quintet. n r. on a second half spurt for its ment and caged four fie.1d

.Powells vs Gibraltar LIfe quickly jumped out of a last n strong in the third quarter. ArnyAt an c at DB p
Naval Station vs Unhaports place deadlock Into a contend By the Yard and utscoring the cavaliers, 20-9 to in next Monday ght
M T i OPEN NIGHTLY FROM 8 P.M. v M .. o'.Sfa i whatf trai ol454going into the By e. another shot at le
the final outcome of the 1955 Clayton held the league's high Clayton faces the Troop
At the r moat. costing the race will be. The posslbility of a scorer, Tex Yarbrough, to his Thursday night at Fort Amad
S.'. playing of otz. .o Navy- play-off to decide the champ.ion-
Isll- e-wo--- 41_-_ .S_ Il.--- uni.a ame the Atlantic Bas- hin ils still there. It is almost a "-

w* um. rup n # ruer -

* 21BIekck) ChAka luck (BIrdage)

~1 -

. -

~~qP j~

*1 ~

ketball League has only one more certainty that second place will I
week'to run and actually only not be decided without a play-
' one team, Universal Sports. -has off.
been counted out of the chain- The race Is close and much
ionship mathematically. depends on the outcome of to-
nhe home stretch run that be- morrow nlht, double-header: -
sma on June 11 when Naval Star Gibraltar Life and Towells have
tion dropped their first In a se- split evenly In four games this
ri, of three- ecesve- .ose. season e nd meet at 7 clock to-
r wced ita peak, last week and morrow for the "rubber" lame;
the defending ehamps almost Whilver of -the two win this
saw their fourth straight cinam- one will beo.yeing with keen In-
uml p a npped away fight tereat the results of the Univer-
from under their noses. aut the sal Spprta-Naval Station af alr
Tars were more than equal to In the teap.
the adverse situation that devel- :avy blIed ut one more vie-
opIed and Ufgore Powe1 eould torya the championship is
overtake thbleders. Natal 8ta- hy ave beaten Uni-
tion retrnd to their wviMing Ve i: three times In four
oways n e the sarage- but will no soon forget
S I mttnding no- ast meeting the
with 17 to s edte lasOt tunceed them, 80 to
OM 1it V uch defeat will put
K MdquH l, more action has the on the playing of
S -to Z the i", ten t I avy game which Fr
MW 9 S than mot been set for a
mfM Wa B Oan=$. l- 0 fra. /w Phc

* K3HS^&. Adi wB-kb-b thG M lisifkBs eMunn
** '|^HB?^^i^B~iEaiS~~i ^eflaai-i~ji1^*Liiti- Nlo"

No. 3 Pled Aaeu

* 'A,


TEN -Exciting Stars in ONE Thriling Fjlm

ee Home DeIvery

ones: 22404-.2.2441
Central Av. .20.




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T-Jl mt*" *f


* ~it-:2K. '<-t-
.J ,TI. *,

.7: -7-* -. ,,

*, "
... ...' *&. ,* .,' -A

"Let the people know the m ath- d se country I s f ,wm U. .

TIMER John W. Agnew Isn't
afraid of lightning. He's been
hit four times (as of yeater-
day) and walked away eeh
$time. "I'm jut lucky," he


Human Unhurt

By Fourth Bolt

"Cap" John W. Agnew, who
could be called a human light-
ning rod, escaped unscathed
yesterday after being struck by
lightning for the fourth time
during his 75-year life span.
Completely unruffled by the
bhattering experience of being
hit while alone at sea on his
launch the "Prowler," the sun-
tanned and merry-eyed skipper
said it was "Just a matter of
The retired sea captain thinks
he probably can stand a lot of
lightning. for this marks the
South direct hit on him.
"The Old--Man may be mad
at me," he claims with a smile
pointing up to the sky, "but
@e doesn't woil me ye t."
e was p h In out of
heavy storm and high winds offl
faboga. Island yesterday after-
noon between 4 and 5 trying to
set hia bearings, when e13 aw
t- O ks of lightning. ge did-
tear a sound he recall to-

eats only worse cover my
4Intire body. And everything
tastel salty."
Resides conducting electricity,
the well-built, husky septegena-
rian travels around wherever
the fancy-strikes him. He hauls
ipufrnd s and siatseers to nearby
aw, and allIde vaely to a
$0w "secret lmisons" which he'd
not alk bout.
A etred elvl an employee of
Weas Oi dng Plant, a
Friend of e old-timer
=lsims Agnew has led a more
tadrful Hfe than Davy Crock- 1
te- everything from running 0
2 b ta to mangsne mines.
?Te ftiA t time lihtnin1 got
Swa back in 1932 when he
- yin under a coconut tree t
.OristobaL All he recalls was
the flash. The next thing b
e ard was a friend of his a
N S pull him out he's
VN"s kUiL."I
Which Agnew. even then
m and collected, replied:
"I don't think so. ll be with
YoU In a minute."
The second incident of this b
JI=un lghr.tng collector oc- w
o a year later, and felled a
WJlles hardy "Cap-" was
nCrkjc on a Rtraformer in the j
o r roundhouse when hen he
ned lto a workman on the ri
d d to throw him a foxtail T
brush). l
_w ne xt thing I know I wasa u
I on the gro und aonp.- J
Id'of him. But I sti1 don't
e how I'lot there." An eve- u
wfte said the flash shook the ti
TOmidIua and he saw Agnew
fp=te through the air to the '
gunod. He suffered seven burns
soudthe ankle and hand, but
ated away from the scene.,
T" miet working under Pier 6
In Cristobnl at the same thnme. t
however weren't as lucky. They h
e killed Instantly by the
htninnt blastL
S tie Ume Agnew wuas hit a
time. In .Arralan. It was
Ially old hat. Ms. xperi
W bear out the adage-you're
fe If you hear It; :beeaue the
Smma never reached his ear on

hing =phenomenal about
tCveyone'a a ghtnIK rod-
I just a matter of deatree."

Low Wdder ;
R ofer


House Gives Overwhelming

OK To Military Reserve ,Bil A
W .A .... .. 00IT1.,- Ino ., m L / Q wiA Uo In sud vrs

rVRC TODAY aboard the user U& Newport' News, we.* e
three members of Cruise Chrlie who wre among a _umber of
midshipmen visiting reitive during the four-day a. roin
the left: F. E. McGlnlty, nephew of Padre Paulinos, agu
ol ;- D. W. Mollhenny son of Mr. and Mrs. I. 1. Melhenny,-
Diablo, and A. E. Hyer, Jr., cousin of Clair ody, Balboa.
(U.S. Navy Photo)

4,700 Visiting Sailors

Approsunately 4,700 new lath L. do, Painams City.
mlan vlstrs were taking ight- There will be a number of
elp eacuslens throg to. of tatun Locks for the
aan and t oCanal o to- Mid plus paxtlcuatlbt in
S ~ormled commerdaltou and
The wlae-eyed guests include a n ber ot receptions, which
nore than 100 Naval ROTC started with one last night at
midshipmen and some 3,400 of- the Commissioned Officer'a Mee
fleers and men of the U.S. Navy at Coco Solo Naval Station given
who arrived in Coloi yesterday. by the nmaudant end oflcers
They came aboard s sips of o the th Naval District.
the U.S. Atlantic fleet, SMarkin dde Wwere
cmplotion of the ltphase of sheulal today atg m e .
'mdshl man Cruise Charlie," and Wedneday at he Am.
he thid summer practice cruise Navy Cl 0in PFert e Am
if 19". Th-i-s1, B ear' AdmlrpL
For the majority of the mid- L6 0i*th e fflom sud .
hipien this is tpe fi'sf time s151n of af the toek govapuWL
hey ve ever bean or1baUe be .heuirtat a euelms e
he tinental UntWeNtOte.. beel te R AI.uR "
In interviews aboa it fl; McAnLa suMsfW. aP A*.
htip, the UB.S. 3 VuPo, the e@ dvat
iddls were enthusi bout en 11oal1 Vle 1 ,4in ; 0O= .A
mii.s, anam W -and C"auSe a 01 of offl- l o ad r ..Iel

of Guonier,
lelaly "Ulellat
ways beeam
the caas Ia
Middle, Bil
erth, Pa. we
rwa baMdh

a _W.
. aa B at.

- -

nid. *lut. The compromin I
aimed at the goal but officials
doubt it can be achieved.
Honso leaders said that under
the compromise iIs doubtful
whether Preddt l eionhower's
goal cn be reached before 1N1
r ion.
Tey maid it wil depend large.
If o e number volunteers
attratetod lte the earies pro.
The Senate may act on the bill
The compromise w,, worked
it last week by a t congress
tM all conference eommmttee after
t House and Senate had paused
slightly' different measures. It
does not include President Bisen-
h6wer' request' for authority to
draft predraft age youth into a
mndiffed universal military train.
in plan.
ut It doei include a provislen
under which youths can volunteer
for *a e r reserve program
before t reah 1 years of
g a tua avoid the two-year

poalbNe further cuts in- he regu.
r at forces and in des ae
C..wm y Shfort (Mo.), rank-
x Republican on t-e committee,
aid it also might lead to aban-
doming the regular draft when it
expires four years hece.
I estate of the compulsory
fe o charged it was the open-
S wed for U NT p. ,. R.,
Grow (2L.) said it would "set a

FrSlWs On

CALCOTTA. July f (UP) -
ni~mm iirMolds rw i Tmn down

ceiling currently I 1% million
men, only about 70b,000 are keep-
ing up their ready reserve train
Ing on a paid basis.
Highlights of the compromises:
1. livery man drafted after en-
actment of the measure w ou I d
spend two years on active duty
and thrqe years in the ready re-
2. A ready reservist must attend
each year 48 weekly drills and a
17-day field training period, or 3
days of field tra~g. Failure to
do so would subject him to recall
into active service under penalty
of court martial.
3. The PrO eat may permit
up to BeN yenu to jjs l the
reserve re ty f they are net
yet 1 years of ae. They
would b raft-free tey mat
Sthe re ves nUil they are
S2 or complete threeo sis
eats of amy ve traeleng and
egt years of reserve duty.
-. ne Pr 1de 7may summon
one In ready reservists Into
action In an emergency without
required by present law.
SaOlder en wth critical skMflls
would b w enlist t i the
Mt MINt1I5M of active
0The~s lm eivpro vis.on
for m n already in the military
service 0ho want to volunteer for

for four years or reserve duty.
The limit would be 150,000 a year.
2. Until July 1. 1957. a man who
Is discharged from active duty
may enlist in the ready reserve
for. one year. He then would have
no further military obligation. The
limit would be 200,000 a year.
Under present law, all service-
men have an eight-year military
obligation. They are liable to pos.
sible recall in case an emergency
arises before the eight years are
up. _

Hughes Recelves

$25 Million Check

s ftad destruction u four JERSEY CITY N.J.. Jul W
In breu1 ,tyhe fte on the Indian-l.betan -UP)-Multi millionaire ow
p..uaderp uges has a $25,000,0 00o check
g be resumed ad UPon The town of- DrWugarh In The money was paid to him for
4a n Ro n Havaga A 0.5,- w r Assam, was fed by RKO Pieture Corp., by Thomas
tf l s w-terAofthe rain-lw enBrah- F; O'Nel, president of General
m untoi Au ..e Md putra M ver, ,forcing many Telerado a subaidiry f
roup rte for rtben wo- rseeents to take refuge in tree- the General Tire and Rubber Co.
tops to await remeue boats. With the purchase, General Te-
tb athe prM* Stores, offlees, markets o and lradlo acquired more than 500
ar d e tl U VI I ias, schools were closed IRKO feature films made since
Giafdo-: A,. miBM- Authorities amd the floods re- Il@. Among them are mo vies
IslM will receive lnsttnWton aulted from inceat rains in Itarring Jen Harlow and J ane
an engage tn atiulatd anti- reent weeks. Ruseel. Two are new, unreleased
aal n rills, batl bes In addition to Assam. the films.
andIVaW- bom g tIS eretw states of West BengaL Behar The huge film library is expect-
ae, 66 well as actul tget prao. ad Uttarpradesh also were at- ai to be put to use on television.
I4. d. Details wil be disclosed by O'Neil
xeve reer ation -- ndat a press conference in New York
m an o BALBOA TIDES toaY .I
thef aibor= tit bae 0 11 hand his cheek to
l .A. 1- WIEDNEISM 4LY 27 Thomas a. llack, of Spriagwoed.
wtoiK allma- mIMH LOW Va., ugh' personal attorney, at
will uponI sall us. 121 e.m. the Fir National Bank of Jermsy
L Aug.. 9IT p..M. 3:59 pm. City. Hughes was not present.
... -- S .. ... --

Russian Parmers Study US Seed Corn,

Gs, Parties And Farrowing House

t adt vmt
ka end CAvlS
Im* such a
urMeveled t
y tomorrow
a De Maim
o center 'if

* SwO

I. ~.
I *.*

Sultan Appeas For

In Riot-swepf Morocco

M(EN. S, Morocco, July 'om er,'. abreit 500 fanal
(UP )-.ul_ _a _I braf dlhing the green starred

after bloody ting ln the towa
yesterday ked or wounded some

In the old world language of the
Arab court, the aultan's a p pealI
was addressed to "our loyal peo-
ple and our devoted subjects" and
called on them to "cousaerve calm-.
ness and tranquility and do not
allow yourselves to be misled by
the criminals who deceive you and
only seek suitable occasion to
hasten the doom of Morocco and
the Moroccans."
The sultan ended his mesage
by tellin Moreecans that
was "watchig over their interests
and searching for a means to rea-
lise their legitimate interests."'
He alep aId that friendship beW
tweea the French and Moroccan
people houl be the basi of any
future action.
Seven Morocaamn were killed,1
other erwn were wounded and
Freti ueliana were mansuha
died yesterday Si anti f- enah
de aiens inthe native quar.

were a chsho & r r
a riot'in anablanca rIu
the death of 5 peron and the I*.
jury odf a0.
The OVMen.~oroccans were
killdWben pllce fired om a fana-
tical ci tlmiust mob in the na.
tive quarter. T.h a e policemen
were amoeg those intted.
The desonstratorsi ated the
name former ultan ii Mo.
hammed Ben Youssef as they set
fire .o shops and wracked auto-
To aembontrats began as
Grandval went into the native
quarter to cover with city author.
The erowd broke through police
line ad bated th can the
loVerurs Ierl' motrOade. P-P.
lice we attached when they tried
tj force a path.t rouh the mob.
Native sisihed th" wIe dowI o
the aitomobgeu pear a end of
the motorcade and kicked fn-e.
Two 7re ch ,nowsppermen
were roNtfed up and at upon.
The dd e of isome of e care
became paluky cml tried to, push
through e crowdA with tber ve-
Finally police fred three times
on the growd to force a peCep.
e -demontratilon had been
banned by Nationalist party lead-

Square, at
and began

I to three tobacco
* Fmench gesture
Sa French govern-
r aaltomobiles and
S re. The crowd





fartm exTot to A.

A MatSa ti. wanted to a ept ani
M iTaylor revie visit a seed cora
te i. T ar- 0 tht Is I by the firm of Gar.
r o the near Coon II
eeUt x M te s hedue. i
Shand co efrable d e b a te
.. -. 'Matakevtieb a nd m
epmedthe ao f the del

ik. "the other II
they would ej
later I'bd

Co ming .V'emqn ow-.

Starting tomorrow In Th
Panama Amerloan Is a ne
weekly featn reeetintl
fun and Interest people w!f
or ip
a mid-week doubl page
photographs jhowtng Isa
mica. and bldtoun evM
themselves ndU
Watch for ePl
time, People ad "M aeer s
side ewery W4asday's eiq
*Of The Panama AmerIcan

SFrom .... 300 p.m.


m" f FlTR HIE "DY"

a. l so

.g~.- *1"


-r f r,.
ao So ,," t


h4as crpeled '
a ,fl7 I ff

75ff cafa4eS


Joyous power

and t-c1es


iokOf U TnOps

inAsa ToLteave

WM x 31 hl
VIENNA; July 26. (UP) The
bulk el 8. occuptiom f0.r ee s
ill leave Austria dur "ingt. ot
0 days, American aulMherues saM
The'Austrian state ta,
toitag Austria as a
ral nation for the firbt'1e
takes effect too A-
ai Soviet. lrtlls) .+

t a tram, a -

f or rea

'. 4, .
" J .. :;I II: I

l- -
, -. .-

4 Is0" "I


_._- ,. ., .. .

f,'n -.

y.. ;. .

m iurn --new am,
j I* *A *i-p

*'-'I I
'i 1.10


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