The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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itM th a n city strike b ad b- rua Atqons eployd by contractors ca the Offs" f t
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P4,lnmb .a ah .S4 renew crit et aIn te e s tl
bm^ u ,t e Cuec hoakl laeOeo -w jt SI.& the. faoet ing 000 far year. Pies
T i .ta wrthounk ted a1 Int S an 1w OnSiS Inis oP the dfnomtrelf t. from &, _peafdlwr e p d Apine .r trawl- the" Canal, amt thepercent. this..._. n., #r11k sent t oeW
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".SPerg GrO~ S .;. t, a'visit to yesterday when a package ne d-a
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IuVjpred In the a o per atel emplones workers tothlbet atle o ta. 0... at h I extend -Ae iflO _from
the colonel's tnw:, tse.- ofi.M0 fr0om the yP 1t "e n -, strike w w over w .... JThe Injured ma,. n Samuel UyS lo tlo a olzM.hsoae, leatheie.t 1 -t or more it i
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-' MAIL BOX 0.This" aft for
I gThee wi Ceonab. a mfumfo r readom of The iima AmeAntolsen. oy -c
a s e, .sived ae A entat handled ar e l t m eini l should d be served for fields that
E heemiuute e leites de't Bue impeteenl i i eee& a ppf ethe st and local governments can't
.1at.- I .trb a11 ood ".e Ig "u aPS. Ia, *p atienIthS S rf IS S ?Sef i.S. K
Suf r Ue, epIn ov ers plf ld summary,
Ste of let .ter writers is held i strictest comt ie t e.
-t ws ppe es ums me spo ibil tv fr stease eple smendatin i n -awaited" re
mport fro th al-coo gres-

-S sional, 25,ember *commission eon
WORTHY CAUSES .What, if anything, will be done
:I agree with Contri butor regarding pthe ontributi onso to send ib dtomo o o at o ge W n
the Cz's Teen-A~e aseballers to Hershey. hls may be a needy ernment machinery Ais uncertain.
cause, but also I believe that there are things more wotthwhile President isenboer w ill no
r g s contributors than a mere vacation for s e doubt send to thte a ressons ofUf
..r .roo n fo r so m e. .Z .......e. .r- .P. Jt.'.;. .h.
olrdreneh Congress a program for carrying
The CZ t, especially PC employa. should think more about out some of its Policies.
their own future rather than a baseball club's future. If money But the federal government has athm1
is to be contributed for a good cause, I would say that every PC no power, .over state governments. Al
eumplore ae tld give generausly to the Canal Zone Labor Union It can't force them to reogsgemiset e t
ir the United States Citizen A UE oc laton (USCA) a the se organ- their state machnt y nor modern
-lztions do le w thing directly for the people by maintaining he their constitution. se el. e lit
111r mi r r t VO Washidgtl to fight for our causes.
People, re still staving here becaue they feel that ondi- Also, there are well-o ra nie tdl
stat andh lc al gove rnment kept/up
3t m to de t $10 t o r really help them gest better. saeaka.oca ldw, ef feg ern l Imenos kep't : i t i Kra .. wa a

The work of LaVeiernt Tielweg, the USCtA'bs attorviey in Wash- w a iefent. In that con-.
ilngt oon, d Howard e. Munro the horrble Labor Union's .repe a
.p tative n Washington, cost money but p people should not be r by o
f thego hese legisletiv e lo ts bringo-It will take a powerful force of u-t,.,d
taut to pt for the good these legislative lobbyists bring o blic op n to o g overcome On day be ate John. .th a ia t
o ra a ond CLU apd ePposition t m of.r li ereu
tea- A USCA no mnid CLU e porter whh t1 c mi n o .
SBENEFITFUNDovernmen re s points governmental relations points up
-DEATH BENEFIT FU S in a quiet Sut effective way. I oluti vua ral g to de.L _"w ,a to a
Sir: --. When Meyer Ketdnbaum, hor d of IMd t iig t o' o t -.. .s-.
I too would like to express disagreement with the President's t e We er a um o Hart, Schailer & ea- o e s "Wherin h, th Preskhis
yerly report of the Silver mployes Death Benefit Association. aned r hicago, wat to testify, t word he a the CO mfort
I a n t that we Invest in real estate does not eneetmalt a d tseteathetcHnfi i
I ,,, for rom.a.t ..e ..c .lIi Im mission tw o years ago, h e w ent to / C...........s preesed be1aewd eor.
of this mebr, for from Vast experne simil op see ex-President Herert Hoover t m the phone," sai r o I ace
u allt result ga to a chosen ow. e that for advice. "Pick out the horrible I'dm him Bted ntad a oey dCaby M.
oW present returns are somewhat small for our large investment, examples," Mr. Hoover told him. to"YIu havpt .ot an on is old fried, te ndew
t ItIsa very sound and clean investment, If the president Is ,"You haven't -got an lgag orwo beoeno eto
by such small returns why did he not avor the clean% Re ports of the Hoover Commi- nI .a. vr. .Impotat be td his own Reoblican party,but he
-A sound local investments which our government ha placed pon res, ot eoue, Commied wth. Srloovel had't. e testifd. ae let Capehar ave it.
-mehe market that would double our present returns. exampesof waste li federal gov-. ,wHtom record agalst t"The tan arfitls waos ap-
;A Member ernment. Te Kestnbaum Commis.wi ant n ,r .e an. h. aiet / i iv
Sion report hasow a w horrl le ex- ntoe hads t thet e met g up the Tachen Islands was p-
amples all right, but nobody a nose e t u t i- eos, basement. Glvlag up Norther
Ise. a lI t rubbed in them. 24I t we Counts t heir hr late' e ..'J Ia m
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e r f tenTheyure dte ,tnd nu oica ha thoa tf ia #a
.y s hod w fi and 4dp litio the tu aned -b "hsolnys ,b. N thr epuSbian rty p*t. today
Whe a f U states in farm ar aid. hgawyrecountry.* a U MP m eeplat- sonowItw
so takest hsaevw of uat beeweg e te ir or asod eo Iattb eto andar ble quin pa?" e et e a r h -ale
therams, dKastr relief To er o '

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relatIfoba t o he oldest Probm e moi eIn o.u. .O.. wnks a e o ben ntae .. e hve wa a -n- o
hia c~o ren o s ew (n, .ItiB o ilrt ae g -. dj e hieh.6 r tI., d om _o Ie 1 mo alti. a. .a d .MCa gI rk lHNa Ibs tr we qt t .ise'
th ofedera l g urnenh e8d o hAn sM a, o th e .. Ka t ... ..n d oto r Cst n S atged

S .uit'yof.a ll gimli. becyt overt .tuh W Ite ma e ehpo cky o le rn t A anU p sen o s ine te is dtIoh tema nrbb tohy b ,uote wa,

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twsinpes ,M1 d tAshowstbt olho. e o r e mos e olfeSwifat i-,veeo l desa wttththt ep Sat et"t a

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alon thIotuoers n an llo ed int te wU.S ahi arsIVth-o ,p h -tt .mn rcohi haba
thel pferWte cO m o r Iho t adpts words knownr to, ualmosall,,- ,,me nd.lth ane Doads
..o-,-,ed tredics O--- Jlo1yt e ha. n tu or mant wome n' m Nsorv w aat u alstw Mit~o.Auis aa ns h ot
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hepeted.oycr tokl his bane bg ee bout hioIve mt l m re tromran xan an so&e- pa e,.c

s ucceeded hio- ,, s a tdde-ot ie- of .e by ..og-J oin n siv e nolm e at m ,ai. .t t.a -ibe ;' h '' netnedtoesisM
hrad cho appoa- to-tohe o probe oe a ke ".iI A huc e tomern hl. h de bo ".-ar

bee, takdn It offrs o atjit e taed t iams v ry s oent e in ae h, affir with h .ndr ,.fezav th e t et an e uslc n th ye gued, a ow
formula for 'solvingo over alm ostaureverAdableler"t(arhotdtooS d e ar-olgi) adcd d togeth e als meorywas
o..d.Dt alei to f hagvernamnt em g aht tare s. er .. ..y e m a ea. de, .y i l greera oa ar la the o,
I.tet-e maetentmpovermn c olaleAsy. Dt ss tody scholar sp ng oft he wold's cs ru we. to .t

tthme emphasis o ha ot yet cusompetedo-I eo inced ea tofns ed. M an tlis o hl
bytoda brds.Comsfrotate to assue thei oc h n the book. rtes ,thet fried arrisme toay fr oa m age. I tOmadhhaty ot o
.... l rsponsib H th h.las t laught.. "Fin .- ,t ushg hirs- an story" be... bcomp same of sub.. seo st
,. ,hn0!t Noreeog nhat s o the ta of m"eoul dehavaeea a efaol o more .de' r ea_ inu -. reawli Vt last Vratc entn,
iho'co I- ur Bridal Re' stryofuederal eover shi e en e apime t, J oy e exape rts aAaI k intim n at, "byheuiis- he.m weube te be bto nnedate
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.Agastil tero Ito exempt .trta a ate a. relay thatturns I gt ,
S, .pruer' .pr t e con- or ,off. The "Tou troa- unit Is
T ,Rfdeut"lpr Ja Mt foril lse ended, soelal see zity installed either in the base or body
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Two x elle Msgrs. Expect m o.v at.i.hE* .ii
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(General Electric Co., Bridgepott,
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forly Return To Argentina .
S. ... taaog is a small-hand' pistol which
S- -- an cash a beam'from aerom the
.. room.
VATICAW. Crft-July a (UP)- meant that Tate and Novas would IV ans ean operate the "Flash*
Iem C atlbe clergyaen be readmitted. Matie't receivers by aimlalg *t
-43:ti .i te Argentina But is was learned both clergy. various "windows" In a coftrner of
'auie co atmlcdo. of men received regular passports the receiver. In this way. the
r Jueid n D. Peron expect from the Argentina consulate in viewers can turn the set on or off,
t6-" "Ir o0me soon, it was made Rome before they left. switch to another channel or turn
kOwd. tay "With the return Of the p the sound off.
a-lduiistso of the clergymen latest to Argentina, the cause of The flash-tuning technique has
to-'Aysgla oald lead to a quick the excommunilcation would be re- been tested for the post year. The
tink of the 'decree which excom- moved," a high Vatican source new sets. also may be tuned
IuBlo&tednot o Peran but ida .. manually. (Zenith RAdio Corp.,
er* td te w Nomal decree would be nee-hicago.)
*f! i BoreI Iessaryd to lift I*'the eacomunica-
'tesd Y the .B M;r, fa. the re! to.the off
SHe ezplaiaedtt 4f B oohe Apos eoltnatry
18 tiouSz, teo nf att' le Vatican._ *
w W M i B !si If t tfilocurrea tho se

ea byrtplan e at'thn e e a ryidht O Ulifl

Aeg entle goon e menteAc
aRehd t boaa ltCantholics.
day that th two clergyman were
to bereadmitted to Argntina,
camp ust as Tate and N0ovo 0 a D P
weae embarking in Genoa for io
-e'.l", T. BrrtU, to attend WA 1
*", _' + __'.^______ __ __.
,a% a *, fMater the a- U -ik
cltie conference we are con-
fidrat we t b Te able to go on to
SUN= evidence e has al- P
we ad it will help
us too. The-.ituatio 4n
o Ar a m s cham m uc h.-
on s .ave oi
SthA t thO -r"W.

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rW spm V \jr PAPER-MATE Ap
Wete~ n Union aph Co
5i'A t h uI re &C The practical pen
pnami f Withl:
10.SM .. y ie that fits anyone's i h
t f,,Am S.. budget!
Te orks the mosto ati Selection of 5 col-
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ithW. l M~ i 1nt e 0 aulm trpyru--mife. with
S,4a .. uurti'., "aA.-amaw'a
I imN... I RtM o-s *y iUng the cades it s
*MM--l-^-----i ^ ----- ---iii^ Ago.--





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S9 5V43

*AQ942 *KJ -
4687 *QJ*6 ,
Bo, rU
N4orth-South vul.
ewtb "dt 8softh Wed
Pas Pass 19 Pus
a 1. Panss 4 Pas
PaM Pam
Opening l- d--

South won the opening club lead
in his own hand in order to try
the trump finesse when today's
hand was played. Much to his de-
light, the Jack of hearts woo the
second trick.
Squth's delight changed when he
led a second trump. West discard.
ed a diamond, and It became
evident that East had artfully re-
fused the first trump trick.
Declarer went up with dummy's
ace of trumps and wondered how
he could get to his hand often
enough to ruff both of his low
spades in dummy. He hopefully led
a low diamond from dummy, but
East held the trick with the nine
of diamonds and cashed the king
of hearts. Now dummy had only
one trump, and South eventually
had to lose a spade tridkb losing
altogether one tail in each suit.
South was in too much of a hur-
rv to take the trumo finesse. He
should have provided for his
spade ruffs before doing anything
The correct line of play' is to
win the first trick with dummy's
ace of elebs, cash two top spades,
and ruff a spade in dummy-. South
doesn't worry about an overruff,
since West cannot overruff the
dummy. If East overrufs. he has
to use the king -- in which oase
the' trump finesse was going to
fail anyway.
When the spade ruff gets by,
South getq to his hand with the
king of clubs, saved for this pur-
pose. Now he ruffs his remaining
low spade, assuring the contract.
If East fails to overruff the dum-
my at th!s time. declare can even
get to his hand later on with a
diamond ruff in order to try the
heart finesse.
t wilBHoi. as th .eardq Ne. but
Up to chane Qn1 taking the truimp
finesse merely because he first
Stakes care of his spade losers. -

Chemit' Set f t rc
Americot Flir Train

Regularly Now.
$22.50 $16.88
$24.50 $18.37
$26.50 $19.87'
$39.95 $29.95
$46.50 $34.87
$77.50 $58.90

,sin '. ,
* 6+62 ^'-
$ 6.13
$ 0.13

$ 3.45
$ 6.95

Toys and.
$ 1.00
$ 3.00
$ 6.00

$ 2.58
$ 5.21
$ 8.62

$ 0.87
$ 1.74
$ 2.88
$ 4.31


Educational Toys
Now Savilig
$ 0.75 $ 0.25
$ 2.25 $ 0.75
$ 4.50 $ 1.50
$ 7.50 $ 2.50

"J" Street No. 18 and Tivoli Avenue.





22 K. gold-elec-
tro-plated pen!

briHiont jew-
l finish

s 5.oo


In black or white

A beautiful pen for

,s 15.oo

14 K. gold filled!




hPre S.ive fi~ -


-.%. .--.'

; -.'.,,.,, -. +.* ,-

Chemistry Set -



, ~i.

*-*/' .. .. ..

'I I +I ir I I


'. 1 .-. -





+ 2 --.'. *' .> *, ; *'-

VI' -~ I
r f

'.4- I 4W
- 1'~

* .. 4 *,~ A,
4' .~A 4'

-~-.*:r. '


i. ..;s



"- *h

.*, *r

H141slW WI

NI0',LE-.IKB M I. k

' -I.-

a one of the h
I ip to the Jordeo
bty life," the great co0
sMid, 'v e been sinam
crossia over the Jordm
I'vg always wanted k

i tur


I5 wr

out to be mall a

FAST FACTS: Jeff Marian Anderson. Miss Regular
i a new member of
o movie star is now a I
ber .. The Colgate and Ica even do my dance with
r planning a bl n-I my hair In curlers.
Adler and rry s.. To hold the wooden pack over
i f 'Pajama Game" her. she'has to crook her arms mi
i : a-kees." Already an awkward position. She says she I
wano r are Gwen used to be noted, in her pre-pack
I pTro, Jr. Helen days, as a dancer with very
lay Waist1 and JJim.,graceful arms. (As well as beau-
k. George Abbott will tiful legs.) Now, when she dances
Anr- CBS-TV p..res..without her, pack, her arms are
ha:. TeeB orTred ts still in that crooked pose. There's
raestio s a be .a clue for you: Look for a gal
atwork has s big with her arms 1 a funny posi-1
be (all they want ev- tion. Tbat'I Miss Regular.
battle stations in --_

__ ,. Almost everybody in TV has co.
"Would you like to meet one of losaal vacation p1na-doing sum-
Old Gold dancing packs?" iner theater, maiM a .move, o.
tred-blooded American boy 1g to Europe. S. Is refreas g
't leap at the chancel A to get a noe Belah l c
Sties a week on TVwe the prodouer of "1kUa,ra
9;I Mb ight of three ad OiMe," with tia Jragraph:
o beautiful ta -danc- "Burr (Tlltro) probe
Sndtl we wonder wha is Booked stay around CM Ith mo al
north of those legs. It turns ig on. the lake.r (Auson)
to be- girls. expects to ',ped so time in
Califoruna ad I am iff, to North
Old Gold Regular-she's Carolina."
the doe on the right- bee? Normal.
Ja to the plush offices of -
Shlaced executive of the cig. DICK'S QUICKIE: S c Cess
e: She was accompanied agrees with Walter Slez ._ He now
executive. After each weighs 390 pounds -'to round
sti, she conferred with one, figures. \
tlnea both, before answering. "
rTXI EALLEN (' ozlght,"
[i ,, r NC.~T.): I'm proud to tnounce
am.-weoll, that would be that this program Is being filmed
This eme of 04 close* and sent to South American to be
seerets of our age. I can overthrown.
this nuaeb-he has -me,
a blood. That narrows B
down some. Atd she's as
Dancing veteran of the N ilB ..icm W -
vo .erirUmI.. I ,~ *VIurN. Nervoumsness wMeak-
mm a you A ld hepyour s-tate
i.aJi' Rglular bas been cavort.e- I ,e,, e u.iatsaA.
-~ .Wond .er.b

- pack1~


.~. I[4.~~ *



ON I s1,140

Faitring Philip!
farift age as flmer .else a.
Wft--wuu gm ueme seq U
opatr wwl aW ImM beie tie ew.
. A lMadii. i"t te Qitt sduel

prd for Matt
." :


-. -. A.

' .s. :, *' -"

aimo i
A*klrr 0o?

S. .'

-'I 44~ ~1
~ 4., '.* a 4 A

IL i,
ft L A- ,



( '

Mj wi von .Ii aovn S


,* t

A .
* V *,

,.,.. ... -U-

** ~ t T

Ip49l It

Vt *MlOW .ZIW TAM F al



wood for Thoouht


A MA 3...'.


r FWi rpqjO

Come Bpkleprmw



B At nm. P '

No Pole

By iN A. U'V



~outa oim~~M..' --





* -*44
lt El13

'r ....

IL!PA~UM~IIE4 b.dhh '~~2I I
5? 3R9A3 4IA5~Im -

* -a

' '*.

S I.t-





I.4 1

p., 4


- i



I; U :*


N;o )

tv. 4-70

, q 5l



- ,. .. --- m.- a ..
Sa.r. ad MM.. .ItaM O JAar-

it3 M amul m-I me ,as maamr.I.aoaya. "

t maonb Sby na wlo l

A-e a- srth.neymOoU in Santa Clara th eeuple will
reldt at. odi-. -

Mr. Ad- Mrs. Newlasnd
Nw. Of A [baydi

Woodruff, Mrs. Bennett and Mr.
and Mrs. Woodrow.
Mr. An dMs R.andel
* Have Hwae Guepts
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Randel of
Golf Heights ate entertaining as
Their house guests Mr. and Mrs.
I Joseph Pemberton of Goidaboro,

ln8 alter ,his alther'l Z lbU *7 3
-7r Pemberta yu'day x% tUn
ataine4 eA .t's
. Of the new batek ar wPi y 2Y- e'n. ,
e C"anal Zone. -e embertons ieave Thursdi
or.ana.erMisElaine and Wiu stop en nto their halei
Star ot a 5 ndor a stay at the Tower Ile Ho-
t OM f al- tol at ,jngston, Jamaica.
his. father is the sou -
Ir. Wilim .NCw- Monblow Auxliary
rs.- -h_ mK. New v-,W M'4s Dance
Paeific sidere now s y EvP
.rii. the f i rsat The Lt. Gordon H. Moumblow
S mbards t- Memorial A ilia y Post ,387, V.
or FW, wail bold a Ainformal daoce
rd is viat hea r on Saturday night at the post
. ...... -in ex. home on 14th -Street in Cristobal.
on-ilanl w Musie will be furnished by The
Serenaders and there w ll be
dancing from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.
laid" Door prize s ana sLeatured ea'te-
.derseo tainment will add to the. e a e-
'Zwador a is aning's fun. .
gavr adln- Tickets a* IDer couple ail f1 friends thAe Augiliary are In.
-,Br ---Em --- viled Lo participate.
"j "- ""T-i-r Ex- 'The, Moumblow Posb har at the
I. S.k f.lf Zi post home is now open in the eve.
1so" de? iser0 from Wednesday thrpuh
iusador of the 6n Sundasy ights for e .cvenIenc
s-aadr of the D-;s :of. members, their gut *an d
-s-and Senora' de servicemen.

rar', t he Ecuadorean
r and Senora de MoA-
Carlos Aresemena, Dr.
Rvaymond. Mr. and Mrs.

)f Success
mism C0~em for

editor Of Quarterly
Is thalma Visiter
Mrs. Carmen Sequiera of Mex-
ico City, the American edior of
the Spanish language quarterly
"Ceatro. American." is visiting
on the Ithmus and is a guest at
the Hotel Internaclonal in PaLa-
ma City. '
During her stay here, Mr. Se-
quiera expects to collect material
for the magazine which covers
various fields of c ral arts.
Bridge Winners
An Ame Gai .
Winners n the' Independence
Day bridge abal played as a
lar w y sesdia at the TI-
Guest oue were first Mrs. withMrs. A. D
h; e Mr. and Mrs. G K.
M. and Mrs. nust
Mah, .C. C. W. Keuns
wo M r. IL Catr .

CaNK 4 NO.P. 0l 9N T eO


-f tSo letod dt nond in reaope to
roqut we a lMr s ur e v

.4th of July SPEICIAL .
Aiter ww k. Aw you knw, Its A "
S A-:A. I C A i

-ii-- : '- '.' i;-i

.. .. i ; -' I

as xgllsecyF, Prmeiddt o, the
Sepubie of Panama ad EMrs. Ri-
eardo Arias, will be honor guests
the a opening of Oe ballet
9Wn o be. on by tbh Nation.
it C 'Dan e keedf" ed
a l aCeel ue l deo a
Shto" Nstoo l Teater
SertU will consist of to fol-
SSwan Lake Sym.
Ia Variatn, and l P e r-
patf r of t h"o Sh of the
Swill p rmn the b ts
tecltal als will be held on
iay and Sunday.

B be made by ea g
Sbix i P at Panama 23(5
or the Pchd al a P maia r 2n177.
Edpardo M enee Wll
Marry Venezuelan
Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Antonio Ju-
rado Blanco of Caracas, Venezue-
la, have announced the engage-
ment and approaching marriage
of -their daughter, Amanda, to
M.,.- ZdjmrM AniIla u 1iar m

lJ :-

a daoe, at ti

Uttem, d a ak pU.
a P

Permanently pleated .cotton Is
cutting a knite-ji ath through
summer fashions. t
Tightly pleat.4 akirtt, k *I ts

4.- eUe MU w A jnawULWf sU n.
of Mrs. Emmy Midence of Miana-

The rem's brother Mr. R
mon Xidaao, Jr., will be beat .
man for the cerenMr. ba-in
inm toddy fbr Vaemuela.
Saturday has beg set as the .
date.for the wedding. ., ) .It al St y
-,--- e x i. ,sigat, Ato.
EntertauMi-a pit abrad new
For Mr. lier .vpr6- i ovement to we na-
Dr. and Mrs. Willam T., ailey tio todnan aft-a 14-day olf poli-
of Ancon e tertained at a small tical0 ii. ,
Chinese supper on saturday eve- The 84-year-od Sardinian hand-
ning in honor -of Mr. John E. ed over to President of the Re-
Minter of Daytona Beach Florida. public Giovannie Gronchi list
The author of the Riverso, f A of cabinet ministers at h o n.
merica volume on "The Chagres" Will full acceptance of his cabi-
is visiting at Albrook AFB w it h net, Segni automatically w i uld d
his young daughter, Marty, and become Premier of Italy.
son, Sandy, wbo were d4nnaer Barring last minute cban8is,
guests also. the government will be formineof
Italy's thew largest center par-
Others at the informal a I r ties-the Christita Democrats, So-
were Dr. and Mrs. rank Smith, cial Democrats aNd Libieals.
Mr. anda Mrs. D P# Markian andi The ReINblp .Party, a ngil-
*ss? Olive Broo*',. ,J Il o tle th Ritonak f*ur pavty
I A 'fqew ..l erlier, M,. an d alfMto nomitas4 rd~M'riS

re bits for W. Minter, invit.
Dr.~e- Mrg. ailey.a l Miss
ina Steuse for 1iUMW.
'Farewell Lunhea to
lomer Martha ZU A ap
A farewell no-host lheMoa wi
be held In honor of Marthan Zel
Adams at the Albrook Officers'
Club on Saturday, a 12:30.
All friends are invited to attend
and m ma make reservations by
calling Mrs. Kathleen Fulton, 2-
Reservations must be made not
later than Thursday.

! Ultate*' Tiat -
'DWcter'a Holiday," a movie in
rolor depicting the experleposs of
a medical research team from
the Isthmus, will be shows at the
BO1WB Armed Foree Service
Centr. rMonday, July 11, at 8:00
.m. Narration will be offered b
r. William Koan alnd Mi Ell-
abehb Marsh, memeri of th e
research party who acted a pho-
oapb r .for the Mroup.
The research edition, a per
sonal project of Dr. Jose Manuel
Reverted of. Panama, was o r g a-
nized with Mr. William Kosan,
civilian employee of the Canal
Zone, as Director of the Physical
Aspets of the trip, and Misses
Elizabeth Marsh and Lee Hedely,
of Coco Solo Hospital, who, as
nurses, asited Dr. Reverted.
The group crossed the lepblic
of Panama from the Pacific side
to the north Atlantic coast over
the mountains of El Valle. The
fnWib sW the way of -ie which
h ee h gt countered,
ew 'their medWl and other e-
qlpment was Ia sorted the
type of people -mdt .4 d a
study of their prdlmu, th ani.
mal life, aid arhegical
points of itepest, sad thw ponts
of interest of the more uneoxpred
part of the Rpublic of Pamsea.
A cordial onfation JW ei ed
to military personnel, their fami-
Ues, and he pbic, bothf the
Canal Zone rad the Republic of
Panama, to attend.

B m moI I"I s .i

with random pleats, blouse fronts
with a touch of the same, plus col-
lars and cuffq, bib-fronts and
lodg sleeves all done in this won-
der process are perking up sum-
mer scenes all over.
The high texture interest of the
precfss hati mide it popular in
moderately priced lines and on
yard good counters as well as in
designer collections.
These pleats can practically
never be destroyed. Nonetheless,
it is possible to dull their sharp
linbs *il improper washing care.
.Tho Ibrmula the experts have is
dip, dip, drip.
For washing these permanent
pleas,,,use a. dipping motion in
thick suds. Rubbing or wringing
dulls pleats as rapidly as, an y-
To rinse out the soapsuds, dip
through clear rinse water.
Then allow them to drip d ry
Hang a dress On shaped hanger,
a skirt on a skirt. hanger. Smooth
te .pleats strafglt by hand.. Wheq
partially, dryi. grasp the plated
part lengthwise, one hand at the
top, one at the bottom and give
it':a quick, firm pull. his should
Makei. pAts" apap to with mili-
tary goi" -ion < .


3 sond. Radio Phonograph



$ 41,26

2 Bond Radio Phonograph
Repltarly Now Sxfin
$165.00 $116.25 $ 30.75

Large 5 Band Table Model
Regrly NOw Saving
1$16S5.00 $123.75 $ 41.25


"J" Street and Tivoll Avenue

Ipi f ,=to w f--h..o
...... am -_* e -"
- up etewtdB~iewsb a-0u'b .NPd m h -lm.t

Upwst uMeAe an ask$4 feel
pretty low. It Is eeed lg rver*
acidity in the tomaeh, aid this
make you feel sluggish and nt
of sort.
But thee's a simple way of put-
ting this right. Pour yourself a
sMMtgb do0e of ENO'S "Fruit
Sat" ed yo'll feel better in
few mrlau. __i k

Ix' quickly eof e the exessa
acid in your stomach and relieve
a8 the unpleamnt symptoms oa
ad by stomach upset. Take it first
thing in the morning... every
.ornalg I It's apleas Mt dLrif t
elests awy impuritied and is god
for the liver, ENO'8s rit SetS"
is particularly necommeadl for
Invalids. Keep a bottle bandy as
the time.

will.V 9 cc ,otltn or adpl-
United JaruIl Sema.
A special meeting of the Unit-
ed Buril .Scheme- of Panama
will be held Friday. at 7;45 p.m.
to dlteua free hospltallzatlon
and medicine plap,.
rvie seeo tin up
A apecal eet~t of hbe Civic
eOgamj n.t-QrO -will be held
Mo1 at, 7:45 pAn. to discuss
s of Importsouce.

To Combat Smog
The House passed and returned to
the Senate today a bill authorizing
25 million dollars in federal aid to
combat smog and other types of
air pollution.
The measure, adopted by voice
vote, specifies that the federal as-
sistance is to be limited to re-
search and to technical and finan-
cial assistance in research and
control, programs.
It would authorize the Depart-
ment of Health, Education, a n d
Welfare to develop such programs
in cooperation with other federal
agencies and with state, local
and public and private organiza-
The House amended the Senate
version to permit participation by
industrial concerns and groups.
The House Commerce Commit-
t. in a irert refnlMndingi R-

adoption of the bill, said the
lem "is rapidly becoming i
and cau&sig alarm in.many
It said "considerable pu
has been given to "smog"
in Los Angeles and public of
have indicated fear that lik
editions may be developing .
widely separated cities as
York, and Cleveland."
The committee estimated
at least five years of in
easeaah will a neede4 a
ommended the expenditure
Health and Welfare Dpa
during the five fiscal years
ing last Friday.

veotilatbrs oB Sides
to keep inside cool. Fine
Dmascus cover, of agperior
quality and durability.
Four reinforced holders
which permit easy handling. Lait 3 tflass "e'gt
any other mattress; therefore, it llts ut
O .4.


*I FuiT-fU TeS TUN
Ave. la. Central 21-02 o Tels. 2-1U 2--IUU

L a .- *I I i I .....
e ous .. .

sieges -

lge con- ., ..

by the

_ iflodern 1
7 Man ses
7~zo,. llar...

Ideal for

* plants,

Stewing kits,

ice cubes,
magazines .

* newspapers,

and many other usesu

Can be used in the office
or homes.

Available in rose, bla ';
white and red, and p|ee.t .I
over copper or iron


* *. ..*

L .,;7i

| I

. 1

- ------ -- -- --


< l






- .-.:.

--.. .~. ;1 E

H. YOU .CAN .W 'T .
., f+- A:., t

VE YIU -^ W .

T IIf .RiAI aj ir ; .. | ...
"12 I. -'-"..


Sw^- reet NO. l i II 3 Cis i 2Ss sm- sti- L .
FR O R Sil o nJu*ly "An. S, J U i C i. 5 d. .. .. .I.-a .../. -..

DrOVESS1ONAh *l fueLd hZ ; L be, AOC, A. ....E 9 Tie l FR AE4 d ,inin
SRETIREMENT. LIFE -___ER..IA.. 'i s ." 2-D. C

SUCATION I.SURANCE FO5MTlts.C hla A6R S --;eniu a--s. FOR SAmeISlentdisc 9 mbok F6Ol __NT.- l unse n A. oxiltt -, r I-I
I RIDGE _. Fbe E D LP hone ..e ba1 c6. ,... M mewp o o mi.. ... .R UN. Ta. .
e at Sa CIla Telephone D-.FS H.O S tALn .ed.,,, C $.."' Ak. fuhb .Sd *d m.t. Su.on S

sIous, eit C II G-r *i *"* C i n ih a -Sl. "Servsi *Is.treeAN. PIsh lm NO. 53. n e 3I -n li1 .e-S e l Aan Itl paIn.. hnimeln a y tm e" .u.

* !" a Hf 1. IP Ocl da C sl Io u 415, l 2. FOR2 SALE: --Ml at t m ------ VIrU, FOR SALE1t 5Fds ods .lFn RlT y 3 r7 -'&in
PhnePOi nam -uered Cn- Fii;J.Oef asiowaor sth olIAe wt r In e o m, FO AlE 5 o

RETIREMENTLIFE D : 3 -1673. wvosher. beds, Morrisl four-derbike t ire endjas went m he Coily, s ies hlmrge. S l eS eerw r uctrs ef orfA: -M c. doel b aed 20.

1 1 7 l--el ..... t. II hldwi' I f'\'^ hl? et / .. FOR eT ii p wk, tI w u' -. ,* .... ..
a ednN,---- "teSWILLIAMS'e SeanI Co alee ah aAL OLICUtIinA l 32I. m APA 6 b0. Cosol d

] : B rPanama Line Sailings ,C1 BOX 20-31 -,.. A-.",Ra C-,ripp Arthric SF EvesO
2r U AT IS U-NC- 30arlCchTsASanta FOR RNTe- Llhf_ l, mdjR. UIOR SA b E 529, -t'7. Ic
go'r ari WilirtieMII, na*,:__il. + f u. I oo l. Phn 1d171,

p S o uth bo und Sant a Cldr.nL2.rtes -D10A Il FO R LR N T .R ou rn g H o meu
D m tl.C". I _r.." 1 p" alt. Pm one d b t i FOR SA a van. Ai cyl Ifour A 1949 P th e, 4- "r. li O I NT: Smlab e-nl e d (lnPI wom .,fcriperbq : 5. ... Asar I baiby ft
BayRDG44eg 52C all Cuietes almni MOd onetly 00 l mlon t lr d sd $40.112 h I car twintul -2

chill return from 8 n I and Enwil hdr mee. Coll ie l 5. li it e V aIa lo Fu rs t r heumati e wa-s i l
!Sh' I .Baldwin's furnished baouseson. --- ,-,, ci lights, b..ok u /. l-i -

m t s.ess or ramI s rtnb the Statea on the Panaa. Te lner TateHan; Mrl and M Geore t toda o I ha a t
Thompson, Balb 1772o. .f
TEL mof Ave d UteCristoba l which a tomorrow TAChr, t. e MM oR SAL, : 1950 Cevet p.m. -2739. engl-into hrin topick Stir.yup
oNo. rr .WPhone 3M2217.LStreersnsthatwoullike .mi Iserin, giaregCo ama. elovetor anysthin

aN lt Clra. I c telma, Cris. FOR SAIm : -s LRola Wuriieam- g FOR SAL b-1954 Mtherur S Rlont F r. C ih lOM-I S hoo t ,who.aid frne thd Fego agC

treferosces. who state ak npenish n 50 Mc. mod rMig candi.- al W3332 1955 Fort Cmor m. c. ttater. 2 bPAR $- doe(Sl- $t a5.f orlioose dor her woim 1mogto n-w !,
puPo Panam 3-1. Cristom, 1 ,,r m t- Inte ou t id S

Ia den l h a s in k i Thew .aoe he prrvacation traC-e l l 2-NT-d w o ct r". .. Br niff A rw

IoLI t-F-c Ergba P oerure 7s 11 afr 3 p'."m.. F AeO er AL tos hrial .Ca MEMPHIS A (aulp8 -r A iterthep s W t in ouo1-h- d W h
w pased. an.d the 103 paen r 3-421f, -rom to .yed with arthritis Paate --

SA TIA. mplete avaen- booked to Cotae. stoddrr d shift. Todaysebe

So A $*3 t for t aItFcfwn the Ancon i r the lowMt er a N w ten to not more tn e

ork Harol d n W ao One te thT| IOO on Mr. and m a Liaene aturday, Miingis a Carp ate Democratic Leader Lyn A an ino tg hoe. Ce ben li
S I i lde Baa Mr and Mrs. Lawrenc will a bark at-ort do B Johnson is recovering atl- he fund te Iby rooS Branf Imo rn
0279 Barcarince. The oplete p r ctor from severe heartt- ourt Jud Perry adjacent to the ithen where th M. Doolitle, manager o

UK ~ ci~n "._ >,_^ r i "cka; Mr. a -.M -. obert J. d]t for New York follows: tack and should be able to return We l!.. Sellers passed sentence on stold tire had s tarted. and despite. airline in Panama, s at aio ced ,1-.-
lt aair .nd 2chfdren: Mr Lou- Miss Charlotte L. Alen; Mias to the Senate nextwunag. u Michl ze, 20, of Jersey City, choking smoke and her. n dis- th w
SBuch-el. Mr.y..ana d Mrs. Gordona Mr. Lestf r s r. M CBaidFley; Mr. and ean 8id tody. .i Canale said the airman had with. crb and card hr o ra n p c o
Thompson, Balboa 1e72 excelen giu Wlell Ue Itreethwhen heodwninhne

k B o B ; p Ann Carnes; Mr. Mrn an o ci- i dran from a consra to mr Bere anne l ge er, rer s are ,

Band Mr. enry T. Carpenter and rn William Bent; Mi Ber- The statement b Dr. James d discharged airman, Rich- she had taken Shirley across the alone's tourt flght t th '
-an ftun s hOal soa* Mrs Viola Carpenter; Wil-radmne Brodvniky; Mr. and Mrs. Cain, Mayo Clinic specialist, was ard G. Carter, of Cambridge, 0-street and pu er n the arms of united State. They apply to
at V 31ikm 34 s i -am J. Carsaon; M s the Cole Al C. BuddE:; M Ba rbara Burt; read to an anxious hSeate S AS July 6 t i o. the r rl wo had let the Denve, ol. Salt ake
SA -JonSTe Mr. and r. Virginia L. Cr C. C ents y prominent divorcee, Ftevenn h briefly when the UtSh Ls Angeles m .

SMr. andMr8e. Mlchael De uca; iary P. Carter and 3 children; has taken over as acting Demo. Mrs. Norma McCauley, 33, was A third airman, Gerard Rosen* fire started Franclico, Calif.; Senttle, Wa
a -f Mr. andMra. JB. eq C Miss Edna Chapanw: and Mr. erratic leader. found strangled today in the bed- that of New York City, has alrea- .Mrs. Davis wa put under the Portland, Ore., and V- nonerw.
SateL TE I ta So. a l s. n Mr. ran Cook S ors of bot t dy been convicted of murder n soon ater Brith Colum
.i.tNA Diet and 3 chdren ; Md and Mis Haer lless; Mis EleU a ly cheered by this report u d enable Bel-Ai r reset. al section Carter and is awa g execuion the fire. a.

.li I r, Mr d e Drsoll ad an oote Mr. and M rsg.. aHerbert in- prae ad p- for t l, s West Los Angeles, the state electric chair. He ha ut i eiatel afte r h a- a -
,m l -aitrbuted.-by t; Mra. id tMrs Al. nt ar ft orW Ns r.n Mr s. Lrlne s i sa pare y wa a le h sntenc tn s n about Funds Complete
... o .m. T a A rifladn a rs. o n W ond c hlde I e. hfd le 2l i ra Vn e e the Htae t tnn hoe acro.o osbo cau s omit he ps w pas .
( IR O R C TO Ke r. 4adwd ,, G9o l re L P0 pr FOeREdT;o .r m s udioor iving.d end it d i g rh t rem~1 mdo hne yon B ,i

iu er;an; Mr. ana MM ioar'. g d Mr s.; Mre der ritih bundbro e Pherof ae to f mel eith- he on r ac hT z a w r tkernao bi r nle _Cente t
!DlI o cw ;M~all H nry ca r one Jr.; M o., nro. Ray p p rteue nowa.ddewarin Joh on ha|r othet A rt ur he Month including anh m at eem-lttaryeOf the otaA-artments,
iss eP Mr. ando Mrs. Ar r ll G r h eotr re, street ni her i e a 1 m e o rr s
hedule to sOTQ t&wanaC mt ed
Senile Democraic a-lf pr Ars pourufrom it muFR thencounted..ow

or Am. ns t le Bri, o a hino t. sle arnev a tr mr. Bdn; .n an e rc and MrSto n s.. asrnide. d ar u nd b hOe eAth er o n th
r s ce.n. Cabro n. MWhe ;Mr re r .An M uant ;I e Me he bera n of t Banb t o r-nt ho John o t ting e am nr e 1 cp ot
Sr th u iDrUostoa d 2 hrtM'nand rasd.h eyr and Mrt buinghl tw h d onnPan oiV. amal U mla. eoom elor e Se -Iorel arr. tet t RnFeeaN C i f oae

Sredo- th e-n' _o- -_r n ] and Bnd. Mfor xnae n o Ind slad e s uSmna te wi Tfe oa DtThad lee. aedor bi ds rite CellentM MPHI l a6 ( P spi... ttnhd Ierw oas Cetit Bee e olttao, C t o
s.- ae s Mrshal l ndasse dl J han; Mt. 10a2tande nh nier s 3-3I h I ssl a febradgt from 6ionestn oowa s i a th e oNe d i- bnd Ne d de 0 o n the ean wi far- e
Sr e on; Mrpae rs. on.L M aP koe a d on; M r and M rs. o ep r icHan Aa c .oun o arue Aortfy ith. h ome f erd a m consa ew .o r.tyia sa l er saa as e WTla en I e

--B Ms My-^ muarol s srlrlll-" Strns. Yand or k ; fol lows: Senat and houl a r.n .retun hoa s e boneo 3-2 ga alh- ui lte ytieetmon m uaaz ae on- he r l oe pyel- s. o Thea Yorki Colt'.
I II, c a n Sit 00_ ,thn -Mri-St. 1ind nrnm Mr. and Mra. Al erati thy -s oll nede e a rter mamnwitdrw htdburn ho m. eyp. pe Jl
DanA1. 5 to MrsC Jan e iolloy e a nd th s m n- tean. and Se..r Mr. e ant e prayer to Jo es, n thLeaderaee tr airevb is aroomtBritey f attr henatr t

J^u mning Mosses dllya Bn.arles: r and Mrs. Lanw Mrenh eel Mr. w iber Jfbandk ; at- Fr- ankW rdoo erao.tve r ing slefeat- mP hr omi en tl Cou eJn the a x 11 aaen t to the k w r C ootlen a

M .1r.. .- rIa-.... bn4 Wa.. labr l,,t Michael T.e, 20, of Jeter senate seyeCityclhloki m kief ateneidh Bhw o awn /P.'" dis d waeek i ....w
li. imbot4"\I\' M3'1 te aier n h iaranl aMrn. lo- n Chi n; M r. and Mrs. o iesuehi s u e. 1 tiea pon c od on ho tie t st e e. mr t te n
riet oa Bouldc; Mr h and Mrs. Lloy Ma r do n o; Mr. and oMrs.and ringfun heor. attacks RrShis hs Fou dr taofng led t h er Ateoeraten wanit. abWeit- te nst A"fro tE Te i n ewB to tre c tio

I E I -. It HiiTE fr iomNe wi. Mary Yo rk,; M ra. ;. McS _digoh.ter A on; Ms elMr. maed S t Pm F ho 2sh9oray aters mid alet ro uOt the on e T lo. it- Plat- unde- .... I den t o t t A|
S ae b ght her new dre la M and Mrs David Peters: Mis and Mrs. Willia Tharp d congressman with prayerful h.motive bdre strangulation mur- fther Uasctiet DI M 0 in ti ,
Personal a etion a Podraa; Samuel B. 4 chdre n; Mr. and M Wea e sympathy and under standing. der becatnoe rs. McCauley's W IH ore ny u -.
Carp ]rt ei_ nter; WiM~l- mad n;t B r .d n .; Mr.o a d.Mrsu.asin, a
o ne t i si:lin Cli sec ialist, waso home "two ld iends ar Gnl Cs' anoade r, reasof Chambridge, 0 streetsandut.e.'io iWn the- armsd u nii Sae.. Tplytof
us.lines.Mwkad. Mr dOwido;2r. o nnad.W"Virgian iaL. Caxmpl l;ril ywh

t Dir.set: Marsha and 3 h-drchildren; Mr. and MissHazel en; Miss Elenal-y csheered by this byeA .inedb Eeool-ire lre'denaosectioron Ca he andind2th is awaitingexecution l-be fire. w0.MGM$,stutioliving
D...... yh to. Jaes Dt'r;1 n ard cll xean broo d. Ste;Mr.s andon" Mrs. Herbert Ine prais e a nd prysro nrWeuse t Mos Angels a e' ou the teselectricy char H e h Bt im edip. a tey aer r.- -
"ir and 10il mem; Mr.sEnst Lst:o Mr. ansod Mrs. Kerne g. ra y .Texn ed A e k t d s lee eapm ly w as apeaewo d his se nee. t sthe R. H.dSte in 'tho eI
'Ire cadul ed to r 2RU.i hden An ue o ch idren; is e wsedrosra ngle teain ma T unoh te edti o the s at the

d Madera Mr; and MrsTFank Feuk orio e Oactnetr;n Mrs, Eel-o Pogsfresident Eisenhower.tpgh rone moto t hnIt RosenthalhdldCr For Lo Center
.... a ... o r O !th I s. itm-i -In :add |

was found knotted aroundshaer deathotodorder to obtain the dM", Pir.edo nen A1ixf CHICAGO -(UP) Mor t
oda Anet 4chlrofe Moran;d Maurls. g chit. aldo; Mr. and M rs.Al- aieM hi r n oc au .haa youngsters Outseth
yess Al fbetween LeoM r. and eck by a mi L u LD mar Rmoan's muse beri u p at idl cstri0t. 00ll tEMPHIS, July 6 (up) bheldin sof thu. r
lea era Ther maid3421 h t.d s m t e aSh
Missally eay;IdlsMrs Gs rng; M rs.AnnaIdhim rcovdry whosaid,"Mommy's till Miou Airma Fho tured- bsae. L siersA
Henmplete r: I Sv4 Ma rJsen ackson; Mr. d a n dMs et rE n rn Eeet rs ieno r lrsfreleeac bhk lcr e
a o;4n rGr .MNr tn oM.dhGa 3 -tetmdoa ot di o hd Ancon in the low"$n in a hoe kuice Ra here liste fall
t d ,re O r Isfor W ban and Lifeliaeis singing GY i !r Hawaiika
?1 Milton F. Hughes'and13 l-no andultchilacdrenA an' r andeban
slow" dai Baren; Mr. and Mrs. a e will eoF-Mr; Of the Senate sin i ts sLo fer -npo- outcrydurin the nights Ut theint bin g fo lae wyersan d law ga-m
Flnek;7arcn, Jr.; Min W4Jbelmn. anddaughter;.M Thi haiCplate p apit n or sufferly oism a sev ar t heart-dtPogmwinence. c oe Criminfl Court' Judgsent ry adjae nt to the 2itnhen whDv o n t oout th aie Rates
Mka; MrM r Robert Je. let or New Yorkedllowsc sack and should be able to retuSace ostold fhat d
is r B .ld; Mr. ad Mrs. I Gd S. Mrgarn t M U. Anforls; Mr. i ud ring further attack, his p h onw shortly aftermdnightRthaly. was theone yh inlM.atoo 'gaveacd t ner I f an tgacr
Bucher, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Mrs. Icx cbl P. Bailey; Mr. andMr. Rp sid todey. rbtn. ofscid the airacy hd.wt h. criazand Am erican
-taTf"co Miss&ra, i.MAn GCanes; MiMrMrs. Ray cman Mr two AlbT wa s drawn crom a conspiracy todre. Na mur tiBefore alunerget Of the toItal 26,0ws e
andMrs.AlenrytV can;r W Whel-rs Hllerbm et. Miss aer-n The statement. by Dr. h a i.e J dnr e discharged airman, R -ch. She had taken Phlety e cro Tera inhnor of pst peideta
et s Mrs. Viola Carpenter; Wil hae dins Arodl naob; Mr. efd Mrs.pCaing falSo Clinic sateorklit.i wds ard n Carter, oi Cambridge, t- street and puthSer in the rtc orwatlott. -
hM J. Carson; Miss Ruth aole; l-B2 children; M r. t, July wup)a
Mrsn She.nish labors b y hoA socially prominent divorces,t 1rtevenso nroom briefly tetiie fr hestteis Th bndwa ude Crc-,
Mr. andM ar M aazchael Doiauc;Mrs.E P. Cstevn and 3 children; has taken over as pacin, DremoM-Ihs. Norms McCaulty, r M u, was out the stimony o T s hoA third tormrE, rerard Rasen.aeire stmrted.utt ell o f
Loritan'.MT leMr and Sturn;o.ip Mirs Edna Ch MJpm an: and Mr.1erctic leader. oound htrahgle d today in the bedthere ol ud hewbeenCity, mpssi toC Mrs. Davis wsut uN Y ork .dl
mrs. Sac M ilnsler. : MisnRoeeonSutand fa. F and chden; M session ween cayefctedoJh murdfao ayr vire o1 her physician prov premeditation oa_______
dgana 2i;oandMrs.;LllAicE.S an;andke; Senators oM both Parties ;is her home h mnh f Rosenthl.

tr; Mr. and Mrs. EO'rst Du- Forst: Mr. and on-. Kernpr E. ran ssu Teanl. ae h nit stole l apparently workessennc"
A tskidgoan acquaint SA.cew ee E and 2r chiOdrand cilren.e Miss cree A and 4 uildr g cis tk f used r th trhngle the young mwaste-tesCiYibdq$ot- statethat
b rewdrss 5 MrandMrs.FDanidPMiss Marlon pardner; Mrs. Hel-rp qu President Eienhwer, ic atra nu mother or three children. IuRA n had plotted Carter'

her how mKot she paid motjuJs piturthahasithr brouht .bsfor*
""her how m e .. Rappaport; Miss Angela F. Reil- H. Townsend and 2 children; rather than b aptiousanpet urse was misin
. FMaybe. she boughtit tatjly; Mrs. Nine Schneider; Mr. and IHendrik J. Vap't Veld; Mrs. ty criticism." The victim was clad in a redV uu 0
li. i penglyslittle store and In Mrs. Hypolite Seix"; Howard H. I Ethelvina Van't Veld; ad.--Mrll.a nd white afternoon dress she hadlo1a k ..
tI Xi l ui. t drmero Sprague; Dr. Stuart 8. Steven- Lllie W. Wood and son. lev la M ay worn to the barbecue, B r o w _nO er s
t&C" -Iu--srsal r -said. Her body was lying on a
v. n. ta.e-.chaise lounge in her bedroom. She 8 y
s 96haimI't 69. toew ppre sAfa Uad been beaten about the head
-m earch Abandoned For Marine F rs Orde Ta eand her nose apparently was ro- PARIS, July 6 (I UP) Wet
ken German Chancellor Konrad Ade-
US.F la-wstff- s Brown said it wa possible the nauer said in an iterview today
TOKO.Jly6(P). ..pan'US FlatSitanl d murderer, hiding in the houseilbs country will main a loyal
TOKYO, July 6 (UP) The planes t- discontinue the daily air when she returned, struck her a- western ly despite Soviet w oo-
U.S. Air Force and Navy today sweeps of the Pacific. The 10-ship CLEVALAND, Ohio. July. bout the head and strangled .ohr nlg.
4-.lllqJ abandoned their fruitless, siL e- i l Navy task force that par- (UP)-Mayor Anthony J. Cel e- with the stole when cite resisted.
ers missing since their efi s-telpr- te in the search was or- brezze today ordered taller Amer.- He told- the pro-Gaullist weekly
bomber plane went down at sea dered back to Yokosuka, Japan. lean flag-staffs on the downtown Carrefear the west must no rolls,
June 26. The Navy search force radioedpublic square so Old Glory would sGerre Dasent quish its vigilance because it was
Sn Given up for dead were' Capt. it was "reluctant" to giveup. flyabove the flGqfhe United iweste rn i an embodied in th
LOPj. Hid.n PlMootague, 26, of Jack- Task force Cimdr. Capt. F.V.H. ans. i Pariseebr ethato prompted rus-
-CubPln hesms.adNa av ionsa relxation ownnfral
R- cord Club Plan? Missean ,t David B Ell., flesms ,oaged VicaAtft. W.- Pars .a e
t. the'sbP on ol a wealthy and iciHal. m K.calaghaen, commander oft John Collister, 7, charged in a Tomo0rrow At 4 na d:'l so
o WE omYent Mminneapolis, Miban., Naval forces Fart Est: "relue- taxpayer's suit that oe city vio-
.... .. .. wod_1 sme btk st. City Law Di- CWA 01. ced 8 hste- t o nf e ruience in ., .
AA0 WEEKLS TuirFo rceeer yaf-Nly brimtrt h 4tt at -, of iateavi e h .eld
amilyedisAmercn Slag. hoired ther anaa s. p s
M.. *WEEK..oa stm oua- redinic tor stiffoa -a d A Can amnJohn Dolandsr dmoTminah res r For
ia or ub. beaches In the search areas would I ..-par- and said the staff for the lars-K.asorn in Sto
'be made today.. bdssJm. and a-swas might inches tall. Vincost ..-West Indies, was Zuealkatonbh x Of .l.
cai t.pianos er. -, ,., Conferenhaschgd of~h
de Pt, you Plmanessd ships- fthe tL. -I&tAirtMic faaa
2ions *,so.isladdmoretthanupi,0eoPManamaA... aotn- -hasbecomeaf
c o m b ed-- -n Sor e t hsn t h e Ul yil-to -
Minn-ON Tokyo" "P f eliliter W hsAttorneysa d mu ''will be cal ah Paris accor T
sof th e .arch Mea lo t .0 g- w.d. .oa ua 4 p.... .

vo odltrof.EUaions&eT
-aThe reasoekt of the islands and jeb ams& PO im- 4amut gE .wt etna o
"eostliasbl ofTc ofT -..
pok ontom slender aet #Wit a
t-ace of Wreckage yan
.,.-. ......... .".search was fbe i 1 i1t1 0 NO; i.-e .to
Isaday -IP.. M r..M ..LUX
three er _a
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-Mm:to;- -'


35 Imum ec

j Riot in 'Washing

-*-Ifedim WALLA -WALLA, Wee., July 6 room
s VOW Pollse (UP)---hiurty-five-imaximumnsu- asinm4
POWa= =ity" conidta, armed with and tv
Wel"es n razor blades, rioted at The
Is1.;11 0 e-the Wash state prison Yes41- :4a A
13 M amisterdky alld a role officer, Conn
now d bmvpm five son afftic &sand two on rul
*W.| Ur ( Wolc gas as hostages. the c
hfluby lqEUtWe4! ione o
14onde .ol.) 28 y Prison buaiess manager W1 c spd

,8fe%^^^%"4,^^^ r _,:-.nTit 4f
ISelsos Prsooe 90 -2A Item Conneall said the ,convicts % 1
16 0t ardde $have c lete contr rol of No. elle
l38a u3t6pg 35t The ea-ke cagInn wegt Stat
Atti dev ices Powet *dt ,bth wr Connell was in charge of theaties, c
Aswlspeec24 Identclteh alh nsf w son during. absence o w arden uards
Simulate-p s lo36 East Indian 3M Sy, fod .dSied1sallwrence Delmore who was in soon a
4 His wife O woeb ttey lk alympia, the state capital, on armed
pzetdtewprisma business. The convicts do- It ha
cli manEdad a conference with Con. t roubl
Finell. on. In
27 Tferift Two hours after the ijot start. convict
xi hmbelis e a d, the convicts reIca red oue g er st
32 e astap t hostage f sou Capt. Al Rembolt, s trike
M S t Z ghea of .ireWi 33 Frch and tol "spread the word" ed the
er -f al etatiring h otf me rl t pre O. threvoluti fat that if violence were used against gram
eSt fti ha0 te A maten .-t right) presents ht e S t e the rioters, te hostages would- be fornia,
tinl to president a lfaenhower at.the White Hoause. Ac- 35 PuOedup harmed. Rembolt was not burt. victs a
i tit iteZ iA 1q tapurd overto %4 the Sta ate ead 27 stam At the start of the riot, Assist the au
DW IlD D. na n ecW" building
m & vt a -recreational director B.B.-buld
Fai~sa dh din'tknow exactly
40 rFoth Fain said he didn't know wOsctly
Arabian what had. happened. He added the
42 6ligntal rioters "did not want to hurt me.
44 Noe'w Gui .na lorI've never been treated better in
51 my life."
Gu50: Ai. Connell talked with one of the
0ttiahostages, Theodore Bezzerides, ro
Wy *TV assistant asrrintendeut for cus-
*nt &A)dn tnh s A* wow *atody. Cowell sa aned Bezzerides 3.00
es. meter.quoted the convicts as saying if
S, ataes aw violence was used against the B
D3(NI uthe mqvle edition ilI flow "The rioters they would use violence
Jri4Toiur d)w oo.King 6tV 1" on her schedle.n
wayr ihy'*dlightlhut I can sa The wloters were locked in the
tth~canebaioaumsakfluitinlfl hsI llyoIr ae
out, 0 OARdolls in those skin- Since lt-year-ld Tbmoany Rettig 's No. 1 wing which ifipe maxhp~m
tigh tor eador tpots hick '9b TV's Las s sa miies, Re- security cell block where the
I ei ehave a~famn bail ne ac N a blro Hungary Reported Jn Verge .toge m co-`1 "00
ipus iesyoner"S,
ye y or .oSs a e Intervire t reeard- r.
flk .t h*ri-Ip a -.- pawle, transfer and grIpmnA
en,;" P b s rrnremierissing
I ridilu2read a n. -,TheWitdet:"Movie neweemer C h P iee M srstng or a held paroleo na
I. y- -had *rei* evio r aios, Tommey Rallsp*ttes ikHlthe r- itcer W.S.toevatos

rth ni *batop-ead Trad a m elefs Sneak previewovrdict:I Roaliudl sou__lo Jess Bentley, control__,_ _____ ___ S
n -fitr letway to r evsein a Re Gil u osr.VIENNA, Austria, July -(UP)Isofrmtion- Wo ey, conl
s ght- paes look good. On My corner and 6eadpan :-Red 3IVrUy was reported to- ble Western i on tes wh is a id m
Merican women, they look awful. "Man, look at_ all the Marion day to be on the verge of a us- Hungarian police ha opened a
11hthitiM owflyu three moyle Brandon-" a tonal crisis. terror campaign t*o weeks I
ats av"eakgrand appeci to go and that e 13'. S. and Brit. -
S them-Frenc ballet queen NOT I1 THE SCRIPT: Come- The Independent Vienna news. lab legations in Budapest were un- q
Jdaamne,- Audrey, Hepburn and diemie Irene Ryan said-it: "MGM paper Netter Kunes said Premier der-survellhnce.
she' *ad, "1 have to say Roy and I are having contract trouble. Andras He edus is missim from The Neuer Nurier said it had i
oers. ", 'e -u Thy won't give me one' 'he Hngaran capital and &hat po- received information that more'I
oy Rogers? leason why *Dlam Ln and ice terror is being appl to le had potired Into Budapest
"Roy" aid Edith, "has the Andy McLageln, Vic's .son, won't stem strong undercurronta of re- during the past 48 hours.
trlmmnuds derriere iq all of Holly- ose for the pho aphera is that volt. It said Huagarns are forbidden
we-l I Andy 144 .Vedt Borg have, The newspaper gave no sourc- to assemble in groups without poa
-----not come to an Iesa s for Its information. But there lies permission and food matoraege
S D C kett crae Re about dive. Any, who m have been persistent reports in points are under special armed
verse Engish,.. bis bow as a director in "TI Lockithis nation which borders on Hunm guard.
vW e directions for the ?and th Key," andr eda r The- L gary of serious distarbaces with- The newspaper reported prepar-
tsw.ungliayan strrer,. "'rap "Guys and Tii,. 4w been! n the un un land. stions are being made to move
Gu 7" I. .Eward Small produc- legally separated for it months These reports said hundreds of more Red troops into Hungary's TO
tian fbi United Artists, states very and still "ham to pork ting; out"= week ago amd raidedhoms, esa- frontier areas facing Austria and Ga,
hats'OY' according to Anear. -.tea and coffee house.. Police were YuoavaP A
Beark' a hs, ftsaid to be patrolling the streets I also reported that 1,200 top th
SelcMO850~ts 4@ Chaleswith guns balf out of their hol* Communist organizers had been
Jst Barker's takin his first heard a 'pint-sl'TV fe say it:lpera. ordered into the countryside to
le I ce the ua. Hay- "Davy Crockett at the A La Mode.' 'Hegedas, who became premier deal with collective farms which
p'*in th forHALglast April, was not among the were said to be in state of04
fa. Ivo Briefs Competition In Vegas for the government and party office a "chaos."
halt complete that wfill p-- Liberace tribe: Annr Maria Al. Who showed up for a July 4 arty The newspa r said Hungary's i#101
asiO eagles to file arnthe tierghetti's entire family is in her at the, U. 5. legotio n m ada- government affairs were "in com. 0C DOr
cosr-e? anals. The actiost can new act.. Nine-year-old brother Pest yesterday. atyas Rakeal, plete disorder" and that function- IW'
ga finalimdoiu for a Paul conducts the orchestra-1 boss of the Hungarian Communist aries feared to take any actions ioffi 01
s fear or more. year-old sister Carla sings; bums Party, was present. until the outcome of the crisis qa' o
her'Vitorria plays piano and Papa uThere per. unofirmed re- make their positions clear. Who
lMilIer Is centlinula her Daniel. is featured aI conductor ports last week that Hegends had Authoritative sources here said w.
_r400as studies t UP- and cellist. Too bad there Ist't an fallen from power or had been the government is bein run 1'tam- Y40
tOe far aw free older brother. He could deal in the called to Moscow foar consults- porar. y by MinisterJo Interior s*ttys%
shell wed Casino. tions. ItZrnoe Geroe, with Rakosi st il 0e1
asseef as soere-cThese reports dove-tailed with handling the main reins of power.
g eg obstactee aye Ceared. Sneak preview verdict: Rosalind
ussel sa a hit in her first 1mu-
MQM b'ibund a way to resent 1sical, "The Girl Rush."
t h e e n is iw m n T e a a n d 31 m m 0 W I E Y U M T 1 A S Y U T N W A O T A A R 1 1 I I S
pa ateetsthi approval of1IEgyptelogy students atBan1 Dieg *G1 W HEowYOU MA1. mar, a n 16ou To ENOW ieu? PANEA asmvcss uasr*
mainsrs. d sadio eat.are, taestC ~r'wbo amashda sheik II

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Only Paesepra can offer ye
10 fitob a wek to BTnale
Aims- Chdices of two wnderful
earviceMf De hlue i lneW
Amwican, the fieet-w feath-
ee is South Aseip am d .-
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urity' Cons

;ton Prison

deskman Bert Jenkins. as-
ment officer Harold ennissn
wo guards.I
convict began rioting atl
Mel said it was against pris-
es to release the mames of
onvicts but admitted that
r the ringleaders had as-
three times.
* a rough customer," Con-
e patrolmen, sheriff's depu-1
ity policemen and off duty I
Rushed to the prison asi
as the riot started. All were
With riot guns.
as been almost a ear since
e has occurred in the pris-
July last year, about 1,400
ts went on a four-day bun-
rike. They called off the
after state officials tndicat.
y would set up a prison ro-
along the lines used in Cali-
. In September of 1MS, con-
It Walla Walla burod down
ito license manufacturing

-. .3-.


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-'^ ..* .. .. .. .

Giants' Miracle Boy

Hitting At .367 Clip

Since Being Benched

NEW YORK' July 6 (UP) A little rest did
miracles for Don Newcombe of the Dodgers and it's
working even greater wonders for amazing Willie
Mays of the Giants.

Mays, whose batting average
dipped as:loW as .267 last month,
has looked like an entirely new
ball player since returning to
action -June 21 after he was
benched for the first time in his
e because he was "confused."
All told, the. young Giant cen-
ter fielder who was named the
most valuable player in the Na-
tional League for 1954, has slam-
med out 22 .hits in 60 times up
and walloped eight homers since
beine reinstalled into the line-
up. That a .367 pace and with it,
the -Giants don't figure to re-
main in second .division much
Willie mashed his 24th and
25th homers of the year while
leading the Girnts to a lopsid-
ed 11.1 triumph over the Pi-
rates ledt night. Mays' hitting
and. Joeh y Anteonelll's. fine
four-hit pliehl*w brought back
peolleetl ns of the Giants' ou-
p remacy In the league a year

The league-leading Dodgers.
S who still keep an eye peeled ooq
the Glants, even tough the
z world champions, are 17 games
. back, dropped ttelr first Mame
of the season In Philadelphia by
bowing to the Phlles, 5-4.

came In. however, and retired
Oil Hodges for the final out.
Cincinnati nipped St. Loulis, 5-
4, in a game marked by a free-
for-all by both clubs that was
touched off when rival managers
Birdie Tebbetts and Harry Walk-
er swapped punches in the ninth
inning. Johnny Temple's ninth-
Innin gaingle drove in the win-
ning run I the nitnh after Ted
Kluszewski and Bobby Adams
had homered for Cincinnati and
Red Schoendlenst, Joe Frazier.
and Bill Virdon had done like-
wise for St. Louis. Reliever Joe
Black was the winner.
The Braves and Cubs were not
In the only game played in
the American League, Rector
Lopez' eight-inning homer off
Early Wynn gave Kannas City
a 4-.3 victory and knocked
Cleveland out of second place.
Shortstop Joe DeMaestri ended
Wynn's string of 29 s oreleas in-
nings when he opened the game
with a homer and the Athleties
added another run in the first
inning. Homers by Al Smith and
Jim Hegan tied the score at 3-
all off little Bobby Shantz. Tom
Gorman, who relieved Shantz in
the eighth, gained his fourth
triumph while Wynn suffered his

Robin Roberts batted in three third loss.
1t In helping himself to his 1
tl victory but It was Andy
minick's twq-run homer in the BENIOR TOURNEY
5hth innin that spelled the
irdin of victory. Roberts was. NASHVILLE (NEA) The
ked for Duke Snider's 28th first Senior Amateur Champion.
er and finally gave way to shin of the-United States Gold As.
Iek.yer in tht ninth when mociation will be, held at the Belle
Oklyft put together fo"r bit $ieade Country Club here, Sept.
r- ltw-tnaf'-t'w ,rUs.. Meypr M-Qet., 1.

I was




. ingi

The Greatest of-all Tonics
PHOSFERINE is a really woderful
tonic for the wak nd aiI,, the
you ake P. PrNE you wl find
ya apft. i'$i. And because you
capy 7 n itom* to do you

of All Tanica

Co. Levetney



Fort' -a..ti.yo.eybalrsgo!W -#..
Into ction_ July *th In .a cerm t "n --' "" 3

ep ny De r par l e... e w e P W O,
Eored by .the i" Claytoo t pe- ws t o weare. ; 4.
which a n bhe of ate double roftid Ba r S
robin tWYP, will tke place at the night In a trmy a Ms
Clayton symnuumi. saw one of the commi s
Rosterg are linlitaa to only ten eq uf a
player with one,. man allowed "
as manager. Pl ummEr and Brown ampeavd -
before the cp imnins lawu it --.l.a- .
Then a o i eh will be de- to a pl 5 poor shaot -in
termined on the basls of the beat Sun4ay ht's 15-round
won and lost record. bout at the panas e.& 1row"M
defesteoo Plummer by uanamousn
Units from Corbzal are Includ- decii on. .

ad eold the week of the
fiht sad tcht Sh bu tor .w S2a
Along The Fairways g o.od-rm-nes Sunday
Eo.said the exertion 'durIt.
Last week's Tee-to-0 r e e n the bout aggravated the condi- '
Tournament was won by: tion ind he lot tired before &he Gtam) i
contest was halfway through. 1
Rae Huges, 1st low net. The commission ruled that
Plummer should have soughthe ..
Marian Tubbs, 2nd low net. attention of commission Dr. Ig-Plol. 4; 3.
Beverly Dilfer, 3rd low net. x nacio Fabrega, who would then .pe and Pto rsag.
haTe decided whether Plummer
Ethel Perantle took the fewest was fit to take part in (Nlsght -a me) .
putts t301 and won a new golf round championship batt e. His nt. i 0 0
ball. (Ni iphe ) failure to consult r. Fabrega, C ucial.105 10 .
MARCMIANO TO XA(HT MOORE At MW York, International said the commission,' showed ArO .WE P (34.
All lady members of the clw b Boxing Club president Jim Norris holds a-portrait Of light heavy& carelessness on Plummers part, and Mi u X-_ .
re me to play these week- weight champion Archie Moore during a chat with Moore's man- hence the $25 fine, the heaviest Stale Freean Back -oc
ly tournaments. It's fun. Your aer, Charley Johnston (center) andheavyweight champion the commission can Imp e. and Batu (
golf improves unaer easy, friend- Rocky Marklano after they announced Mhat Marciano would ut Plummer's traiher, I 3 e a yn __ *
ly competition. 0, come out and his title on the line in a Be timber 0 bounat wit ~e. Th Shockness, did not appeut at the,. m, farn eteduled 'hIb'i
join us. said the fight would be held in New York's Yat le. dt am. hearing
The tournament for this week ) Roya did ainerst of tho al
is a Par Substitution. You may in dff f hi t l k- t ;Ee1
substitute a par for one bad hole defense ~f ,seeeo he a tem o
on each nine. This is for the nt 'he explalnedt ha tl
birds-those birds who would f urt i t ble own tao hi.. t
have had a good score but for id '. sob. mwn's w itt down toathe'
that one lou4y hole. See you. li.
________a re J J. fra5e Wei a When he found that he could .
not move Brown from 141 *& "t D C 414
ounds week before the fight, Ton t ...... Pat .. '.
Sco ulted Dr. abr who M ate ..... 30 1 0 .
SECTOR LOPEZ, Kansas City, PAT SCANTLEBURY, Hava- placed own on a diet. which N .....
American League, -was much in na, Class AAA Inernational dropped his weight to 139 olumbus 41' 41 '. "1 r.. ...4
the news of late. League, had won six ames and Dr. Fabreg advised him that r ... ....
The shift made by manager lost two up-to June 2. It would be dangerous for. Browl Bufalo ..... 42 10 2 liI s lAnpt, ... .. .. a
Lou Boudreau sending Lopez to Usedonly in relief, Pat had to take off any more poundge S se .... 1 48 3 e s, t
third and Jim Finigan to second appeared in 22 games, pitched 48 without runni the risk of s- Richmond ,. 0 51 ,.j0 S .
has been paying of Inning and fanned 31. silble collapse during the AfIht, i I
e not result is that e Scantleburytha nder Royal d
strain has been taken off Lo- Jose Brapho. alternated between It wasE tkhe m ade iq'h,4 SW EIUL S T
pe, who ha.started to hit the mound and eirst.base dur. mind that Bro would come in 't'ordi ,o
now tht he so longer has to ing. th lsott two innings at. Ro- over the 1

Sand .in knowing when and Cubans toMaeto g tr phe otU.nepnl neoi have ato .'"
when not to cover first base. Manger ele Oer 139, he wo a ath ave beet ~too' ... '
SLopez singled home the, win- Scantlebury pitch only to, the weak. Havans a 0000001 001--9 _
ning run In the eighth inning in lefthapded, baMnrs, whily Bra- The commission took into i RiJcha o1n4, 01102%4' J -"
the second ame of a double- eho worked against the right- sideratiofi that Browna's t Cu '.-"" ". ,
Sheader aas.i Chicago Monda. lander. had shown good faith oIS t-e Volselt 7) an* w".u; r. ".* ".
In the sixth frame he had hit Pat, who had entered the ing the commission doctor. Put -Thompon. """" ....
his second major league homer game in the sixth inning, got they sa d, if they had known o
to tie the score at three-all credit for the win when Angel Brown's weight problem, they Rochestr -r 1 '
Kansas City won 4 to 3. Scull singled home the winning probably would have postponed Colum .14' ........ 1
run iner the ninth. the fight. Since Royal and Brown Ludw ,- .1
Yesterday, Lopez blasted his coulIw not be completely absolved White ; Aaron, 1 .
third roundtripper in his club's HUMBERTO ROBINSON, To-. of neglienee, they decided onz Hag Mueller, ...100-
4 to 3 victbry over Cleveland. As ledo, Class AAA American Asso- the $15 fine. _
of June 29 he was hitting .257 clation, who reeled offG three Gareia's Ire at his egslagues Kunm.W o. ..
Sbut is probably away ahead of straight wins on reporting from came about when Plasniuer, .
that figure now. Milwaukee, was pinned with hisl under questioning by Garcia, wo:._
second defeat June 26, when denied tt be was Brown's '. N a ombe, Do .1- -
I FRANK AUSTIN, Portland, Minneapolis shelled him for four "compsadre." (The S p altlsh OCEAXIRT,- .L,-. L A) Dmofv., Wi. ... .. -, 9 .,8 "
Open Classification Pacific runs In three innings while term "eomitre" lindicatest the Antaon20.Les, dge, ...... ,8
Coast League, dro pped a romping to an 11 to 3 verdict. relations b betweel thief a-WA .. 11 3 .'
squeeze bunt with two strikes their and godfather. a ehld). Park, i ..o.,.. oLab 2'7 "
on him, to bring in the win- LEON KELLMAN, Nuevo La- Garcia moved that the hear- General ~ .. '
nin run in an 11-inning 4 to redo, Clas AA Me aick a L .ue, ing be postponed until next
3 In over Seattle, June 25 w as still holdIbg his gW a Monday to give him tiVk ub-
league's battlfrace, with. &61 mit documentary p oo f hw s
BOBBY PRESCOTT Holly- BA, as of June 2g. charge, but, his motIon was vo R GANt-
wood, Open Classification Pact- Kellman's grand-slam homer ed down by the other
fic Coast League, was sent back June 25, broke a 1 to 1 tie and sion members, who felt a doel -
to the outfield June 23, by man- etn Nuevo Laredo on its way to salon should be arrived At then rs
S ager Bobby Bragan. a 12 to 4 win over Veracrus. and there. T -'ters-Seni n.
*- Prescott was being used at --T The commission also aenepted
S ,. third base. VIBERT CLARKE, Charlotte, an apology from boxer Byron --
BIp BOY-Here is a close-up Clans A 8aUy League, registered Cumberbatch who had made dis.o
of aul Anderson liftin 4015 CLYDE PARRIS, Montreal, his 13th triumph agalns four respectful remarks about com- The Rodman Golf Club Cham bea e~t Luts ip .
unds in the two- handed! Class AAA International League, losses in a 12-innin 4 to 1 vic- mission members over the public pionship TournmW t eter 0the teMple'adrey A r.. .
heavyweight event mn Moscow. aMoved up to among the top tory over Jacksonvle, Rune 29. address microphone in the ring semifinals this week aftr a I
The 341-pound native of At. eight hitters of the league with Clarke, who allowed only five after his victory over Roberto busy 4tt of July weekend. 4 to- Plpt lUghtk,
lanta. Ga., broke two worla a .321 average as of June 29. hits and retired the lst 1I Murfllo Sunday night. He was ta of 31 nmtche ,Wire play ed.
records in less than 10 minutes. Parris 12 homers was tops in batters he faced, scored the let off with a stern waning over the weekedan. dia fet up- Adifs fird t flht. wIA.
the other being a gl-pound the league and his 46 RB1's was deciding rup when he opened e ored. The results are wrLi H eynd an Pp e ven
hoist in the clean-and -jerk. I third best. the twelfth with a single, ad- bidas follow: *n 4 s d "A ". -
-anged to second 0on a .cV4flae ,w -d:
and crossed the plate on a .- Men. Chalem.hp ight nals are.
gie by Tony oag.WHAT Spts. -
i HERMAN CHARLES, Tyler, Cleveland D R H A ue1.Mo ; alph roreted Man- ;' ..
Class B Big State League, wasCA&et42A 0 1A ael. onr bI'e. ..0' 'ted
I Longhorn League. Youn la cb ........ 2 0 0 2 2 Forces t-l 'e
I Tyler recently dropped out of a-Avl 2b ...... 1 0 1 2 0 ed3U i u. to, a

Kiner Il ......... 4 0 12 2 e wle youi.e p ,,.-
a at~hn tpl M...$nad0.1 -h_ ob ..........
as giving hi manager, Don Fries a cWboodlug r ..... 1 0 0 .0 p-. ast .
every day and stll have e2ghnwyS b .....' .. .

.hu. recent asn ca .. .. 4 1 1 0 aapAo ve. _pEing a e
i1 b dRealm rf........ 1 0 0

toi prhaPs the game wasn't longa n ..... 0 i
1 R t ......1 .

I ... S t h nne ~ Aagro,s "' '- .



.C L.





-. .
,.".. i ^-,,,..



:>( *~r'.

r' it *~Ci

:. ;.

*-,'..'' ."- .'
, .. ..- M ...

f tfMsta Mat
A eahast

team Tof pr. Us; I- to taevi .
SWu hoy iu.p yo eu. cm_ ..
a e b in o the

a i e. -

!wfe tly i ve game at .e .e "e. ...t r'3F" te ,
Natinal tseint ain

idtaidun euts. The 'only Brooklyn, you see, ca ase Fine mao l mul showed
now lefoet is whether back tothefeldran wa c hoo
m' ftnBolad w"il be enoug without this y ay pebar.dh t- sa Tr oo5or
th. Capnired again -r Dodgrs' la|uries-"trflrse g. l t ookiame bt oo for
dOR" thoenh. bow 0 SoR Am ros' backb act a boy ke othe oswhor cae out5
"If we Were five games a. Loese sher, Russ Meysd a bro- o La Wha sor wathe b
t adParbo h mp son thee i Cncmplerbonew the am b tahS TefI fo un an
er iz e-e eat and diree owa. But not Campanella's f Ht t he
frjs. "you eu id "I na 't think you go etver board ti f t
t no d say Thion's. t w saying of of st who:
Stlionow B'left iserab we ak to the field in ano w Shut out the defending state
WWid .it agrd w cay. at Thom o y. champyan on reS hits is the '" 8
SU ed at beralculouse n b. t-es first me. l king out t.
e w n lkd.i inJured a,,,ino rodersen tieo .Orddne el. el.
ad -on tWjne. bow, Sandl Amoroa' back, Bil boy lie hone who comed ou

livme gay &- Lee, Twa.e Iaer a ou t n a the
iad,? e. bT ho a eo ates tu- te mee To. batterseUk -
rl vlde-yzeildr at nd .1e0, a But not Ca mpa nell's )%ee, ;.- H &are, too.. n "

e Al, -tyou-ld" ,,i n oe nthinkyou was ooverb oa rdWa t they saw wa the
i Qr stawith fans wour bleadIft o y don'tof Key We, who:

Ioitig. -shadm asmbt won o3s. .y
7axd aaC w asn't lre tlae th aja4 Citsaare n o in relief late a
Lte hadC0mpy bee ridclaousey go toof r championn
'~ YU. itew: .he nup l tw ad. i AeUas Twn oatro hp .-l as h W at out thee stars e

i .ad a.q p .t t aeita s to ai lb nda o kanila Masbe ht Meins Gen e breas o
tet hic ans tCus, Braves aud Toney had a i U record fr t
E and even the Reds, oars- gar season, plus t

I5h hisd Phillef ny te average. At
'libed uapbehomfiendbe$dustt-urnled y

Is Sg g.u I able to ass it more earve u- ame anin e R e r, a f E l t

*s ilas. had a spur de- table t see it more clearly "
e R'inae M wasn'lft rlght.e Itoin the campaign started.- Sarstopth si ni.n was never known as a
al ad e S ws as Ca Roy a a as Key West won estate shot at cot e another
d. s a time hIve namd. esThe trading showw tm-o onsy. It was made rom the 11th tee
t al 3been.kwy.unr ndoes to a db..-Andway- onv ateyanris a tI.ei last 2oinad, re-

M.A A .t
Carter -uuters Recor6s Ii 'f ;, Ii
o bb -. '7 0 1.000 Ilost the euMa t the top ofthe
Srt on 1 *Iswing and hooked the bpl into a
V-fh I i ht i antics 4 4 00 ditch. 1 dropped a ball back of the
A s ..I. 5 .375 ditch for a ay stroke, then
-0olrs ....... .28 9 exploded over the green for the
By HARTY ORAYSONt vy ic c ic. .. .. 7 .125 fourth shot, got back on with the
Fifth w own ih two putts.
NW YORK (N ) My mistake was playing a safe
my e t is ruin NatFis- a m"UTa TUESDAY ty shot from the tee with the 2's lie work.I h ihroe.4wod ir a sound
Flea sber, editor of Ring maga. Fort obbse 90, Navy Paeific 4 Frthis, the 4 wood is asound-
ie, ha sspet longer uan ae t Fort Kabbe 74, Navy Pacific 47 r end better club. -
ca s to remember compiling (Completn of Ju A e) Yo a count the great play.
Sline-that are uppose toDAY ers who are expert with the
be a true aof the maly art Cocool at Fort obbe (7:0)irn oon the fingers one band.
of nugl mugfs. La P 7ort clayton atA Fa Albrok A Fae withn kind of an n-
ar more than threears now (7:30) usual situation, the first thing to
Carter has bein losing up the be sure of is thb proper selection
book; He is cluttering up the Troopers vs. Army Atlantic at of the club.
ZIA with ightweigbt hampi6ins, Fort Davis (7:30).
who while- tey were adged into
the book -by the chameleonle
lutr out of Ozone, Park, N.Y.,
hsard wo sahove, Usay Joe
Gns; Beamy leonard and Toy
C*uaeunle, out of a boxing Hadf
of Fame. Pa
Carte aa:good as he wants to Bi ly BANE8 EARDON
bes te first prize fighter in eU UluWIars t Natlobal League
Iislr2 to win and lose a world U U Written for NA Service
tite three times. Make the price ten ent took to
rigt .nd Carter is very obliging. rmit Fifteen atrnts tot Q W a r
Swas Lauro Sales Lo tennis courts tt Fort Clayton .,QU-STION: With a, sow run-
tit was Lauro sMlenalor-. ... r ni or first base, Se batter a
AInes, then Paddy DeMarco ilr tory.nullifes any chance of Car. this afteroon in quest of the m r t ba hot fly t the
New Tork and now Wllaee (Bud) tar boxing under his banner. Fort Clayton tennis title. ast man, htan hort f to the
Saih in Boston, Crter has 45 But Ketehum, the Nipoits writ. Although there were no need- thi bntaman who drup nr
states aid the District of Colum. es' friend,'didn't get any sort Ings some of th top threatlifrom Intorst base4races to seon
biar .go, not including the Scan. of advance tub thumpi in Bos were former Ligh University frontfhrow bass ham to he bag.
dinaran rights. too. The good Beantowners go for racqueteer, Gordo qll, ~ nbt the mpire eint tthe ruer
home-growns and remained too Dave Perry, who was capital of ut e.. w i-e cswald
MWee Carter and S~mth slded excited abut Tony De Marcos the Haverfofd, pensylmata -sswer: f L i s no force
m(n.b -themp o the Botoa spectacular with uinam Baslilo collOge net team. sdt1ae:. Ther e 1im W to fbe
Garden ring, they stood, In full in Syracuse. adS. The aWr wis aitolma.
view of t tn', television he winner will represent t
sudit.=l *a ataigBt from-the CincInnati or Los Aneles, more Clayton In the Panama Armede dopetl a
toxtook e le of modern probably theater, e e Tt at Frt A- S dr the
"ksoIrt ,.was. Tourntme Smih.idor Q. With cue out, a runner
bel t T p for nCart er i ador.breaks for sen base. The bat-
ow .aa lat l a fro rl ly better n either p ,in vs ----a tar htti a long fly to deep right-
NOW .A a lHa et better In either e ,orunnerthink
in d blfitlnnld a-a'V rmd there they know that Jimmy Ca !1a1 jrla I ul ar ceterf lieb eld Thbe eugh, thiinheg
mat it DMaro into er can t.. when e wanseond bae andheads for third.
ln how y aAmraw-tter h e H p e o tA_ fljaau r. The right fieler catches the ball,
inhsow Y aw be 1 wa ALFtl throws to s eeadwhine the set-
oer division, too. That one Happily for all concerned in wV Wottn l hrWo'S
b Wt you De Marco into s i Boston, the IBC and its latest i r head of te rer g
w ei g ht campIonshIp WedUd nbt channel a n d3M he a f the rt run n
t *i Jo y Sxton.a snd wita the other deienrng
Cubr'doves t anfies br form rvlltrble to l save h and eJ l iayes u th d he
nv *s 'ttitle bouts. He more day.N. E y 6- )-
=Ie sa S md de- But in tfme ight ums e au r ee-rn ok r-frst base n 8sigi bthe run
r ooe F re dode But in the fight's m A bound, ran by 'C Aoi lP^
W tfl to Oandogee tting 0'Os BRed Wimp ner to return to first. claims the
oteneo forf. to Orandose ieht inntheaHeubenthoC- man i ssafe. Whoi rigt?-Art
quhli the. title b or an othar kind o amp mbu e t milit and to Jarrett.
Iaekib oum t IkLu Wllians in the ship for th matter,-mlj i -within throesei of the fit A Th I neli
ha.n S. 0. Iw in order to. o fochim.
tu .PonS r as I60-s mob saya, R t y t
too th CNg savags at Art A- mutch to s emi*rs li L
fi lv,_LAmzd a.s They're ittin closer a ad a e fhe m-psa Sied Wins
Sileby unas. to the studio fights Mk ecihsed Columbus starter Jck
e*goi MN a wit a cb thlle eabout.i ba*-a get a
:me rap ids-( (Bb) .In thefit and -'
se*l.-- er tit m ua ge CSA*L I .a"f 3 In the fiLth. Colmbus made It
Sto 1w Ctart Ne W setRK (NhAmtwo mo In ithe
hn,* I lo, w lea's oft) SgowbCO

heII~It~ ~aw~u s~

"." i "' ^- "
.- ;- .'' fl'W"* -. r
I MTW !- l7'




I.- I


on the rock S-.
-" '4

"THE INV O'tAt t r:.


-t9 t .* % -* .- -. -' :-.
-^..M- --,. .A. -**'c1

.'UWAI- ..." n-

4,. 5*:*r
-. -. A 3

4An kiLmeupa{ayFWr%

S .... ""-,1"7

CHICAGO, July 6-(UP)-The
.- -._ tbd.SOh paW -tr..s S .,.
e,... tagameso rival manag-IBn!_g
e"Iers L UraUOchir and Al Lopem
4 were faced today with a press- I the time
S ing need for outhpaw pitching.
-In each league, the fans pick- Can a d
ed a lineup composed of four vteO-Wtt.l.
left&handed hitters, three right- ers'In. .
handers, and one switch-bitter. "
That could force Duroeher of hI n la' wie net
the National League to open te d of .. .
game with a lefthanded pitcher,.
,. such as Warren Shn of ML aere. ,the Iml ,.
(NEA Telephoto) waukee or rookie Lul .Arroyo of voting fint bed:
l service for Bston Red Boa firqt baseman Hairy Ag- St. Louis and Lopes of the Amnw -
d to a lr inr Wa nigton. ast White (left), of the ican League to counter with ief- NATIONAL IG Vt
nah it" stand two Greek Orthodox priests, and a Marina bolor ,oea lare rookie Herb Score ofi its $
1901P In the background ad. the Senators stand on the first ow Cleveland Indlazi.or Whi- lb- M dS. sw 1 u 48 A
tey Ford of the Yankes Mu a .s 1, -
The need for a lefty seemed to Gene Baker io,: t
be greater for Lopes, Indians' 3b-Mathewsl w,7M;
I- : i skipper who Is directing the A.L. som Jackson, Chicao,
Sby squad for the firs~ time. s-Banks, 8,0017 ;
.. ,- Logan, Milwaukee, 14, ,111.
S" .. lThat's because the N.L will "
li alr Wiy x u A / af .open wo i th a linenu ineludIln lf--nnl, 1732a-i : W ter
SW JU W ILL IAM S Duke Snider of the Dodgers Lockman, New York 1,601 L -Z
M -: and Ted Kluaewski 6f the of--8nider, -. .114MW;
I edles, who are tied for the Ashburn, PhiladelphiaJ, 1 ,
S. Hogan's co n th th On cship is Major-League home run lead rf.--Mueller, 1, 0S4:43.
f t Hogan's contention that the Open championship Is at 7, plus 20-homer slugger Aaron Milwaukee, 1,351G 67
neerve-voibn A.y one tIle bat rather on all- the holes, the ful Ed Mathews of Milwaukee, and c-dampanella, 2,154,077: We
71 with sute the regulation test. pesky spray-hitter Don Muel- Westrum, Now York, 688,061.
In the. sense that the aggregate low total I the determin- ler of the Giants.
Ing factor, Little Stone Pace from Texas Is correct, and yet a Ernie Banks of the Cuba., Del AMERICAN LEAGUE
statistical study of the winner's card almost invariably shows a mnnis of thI Phillies, and Roy '"
hole where he consistently picked u" atrokes, sad, converseley. ampanella f the Dodgers all lb-Vernon. 1,72,0;
where the rurinerup dropped strokes. are righthanded. but the dan- Power, KansarsCtr I ,4i 14.
For example, Jack Fleck, the 1000-1 shot who eventually gerous Campanella Is hobbled by 2b- a, 198 ; obVy Ai
landed in the winner's circle, first tied, then beat Hogan be- a knee injury and may not even la, Cleveland, 1 ,9ag.
cause. he decisively outplayed him on the 18th, where he was. play. Re' Schoendienst of at. b -Finiran, 1,68Mf37; OG4a
playoff included, 4-3-4-3-4 against Hogan's 4-4-5-4-6, difference Louis is a switch-hitter. Kell, Chicago, 1,,M166.
of five shots. The A.L. will toss at Durocher as-1Kuan, 1,781,294:; A
There were other holes where somewhat similar disparities a starting array including the CarranuNel, Chicago 1,642J31.
existed, favoring one or the other; but confining the discussion great Ted Williams of the Red l f-'Wansm 1.7A443; Gua
to the 18th for practical purposes, It would clearly seem that It Box Yogi Berra of the Yankees, Zennial, Kansas cty. i.21. 1. -
Is quite possible to win or lose the Open on any one particular Mickey Vernon of the Senators, c.f--Mantle, 2,105,7 : -Larf
hole. and Nellie Fox of the White Box. Doby, Cleveland, 1,621,441.
Conasidering the Olympic's 18th, a 337-yard par 4, apart These southpaw hitters a rf- .ah.lae, .,1 1; HaK.
from the rough, It is anything but terrifying. So the fact that more dangerous group than. the Bauer, New York, lA-8,32.
Hogan wasn't able to get a birdie there throughout the entire three ri htha er--Jlm FPingan e-Berrt, 2.138,739 hena
championship was surprising. A plausible explanation is waning of the A's, and Harvey Kuenn Lollar, Chicago, 1,973,143.
stamina. -* r ""' i and Al Kallne of Detroit. Mickey
Fleck, on the other hand, had two birdies a putt 'o an- Mantle of the Yankees Is a
other in the playoff, which he didn't need, and WW nett.i over, switch-hitter. Td Ew I
Even when he hooked his tee shot InBt t fhe roI, Just how Durocher and Loves day- nc"no "a ".1
bold, perfectly controlled second shot 'atoP ew e enough to will move to meet these threats Edmmnd rien the pin for a successful 6-foot birdie will be known tomorrow when -d Iond O'Brient i
: ---.- % .. the pitchers and the substitutes] a- r -- |
I- a .- on each squad are announced. John PaIne,
BIG OFF -t Ig lineup, exclusive of pitcher. I T,, O ,tAA '-
's.r. .. w ". ..-- ,' The rival managers pick the rest
S 'A a m in r of fta, ktaero wn ,jfa of the team. Th4 rulea say the_ ,T^e* IM M K ,
S rd e h re f at Te1t I -
pot as prominent as it might ha on th ut most of them "MAN FR
Hogan dropped three shots to Fnle& 'this on. will stay in longer than that.
coming champion had five succaelMj .jj4w faltu ti WUlliams wl be appearing
three bogies 4L. In ia th All-Star game, ,
Another hole where -Hogan dr IN'vtlei bL- more tUan any other player la *
held Fleck even in aggregate stre p:f:wa me
17th, a par 4. Actually, this was an u tb patT ithe set
so far back only the. longcat hitters 'euld .pol et aen In -,
two booming whacks. .. '
One of the features of Fleck's .g m as fuf o FLOTA MERCtoANTE
touch on was his muscle off the tee. RObert.Tr1 0"? otW h. ..e a zN .
fntures, which I was privileged to see -t ter% deedpe .he
Man Nobody Knew as one of the big hittes*i t nt. AI U Ic C
His drives, Including roal, averaging neatly&,... WlG l ,LVO BIArIA, A, .
This put him in the top bracket of n a e men an ex
elusive group of only six whose dst the tee raed ANNbUNCES
from 250 to 26t yards. Mr. Jonges, distinguished golf architect, THE ARRIVAL AND SAILING OF THE -r
has been assembling such data since 1940 as a scientific guide
to trapping courses and designing greens In this way he stilves
to give par a realistic meaning. M/V "CiUDAD DE CALl
What he has accomplished, among other things, s to lay "CIUDAD D .
the myth of the 300-yard drive. Nobody, but nobody, makhs a AT BALBOA' on JULY 3, 196
practice of splitting the fairway with 300-yard drives unaer o
normal conditions. The maximum average average at 8an Fran- Accepting general cargo for CENTRAL AMERICAN
claco, for example, Uas some 30 yards short. and U. S. WEST COAST PORTS.
-- o -- ALSQ, ,
The first, fifth, 16th and 17th were the muscle holes at .U DE u u uiuu
Olympic. Theoretically, tney favored the long hitters, such o M/V CIUDAD DE QUITO
Sam Snead. Dr. Gary Middlecoff and Mike Souchak.
In actual application, muscle didn't help. s nead's aggregate O .Juf- 7A _. frWaW U' 8. Wet Coa1 t Prt *n.d
for the four holes was 3 over. Souchak 2 over and Dr. Middlecftt O.u.y ., f.romU5'8 Wea Coas Prts nd
76-78-74-75 tells his story grimly enough. Muscle Is all right for Central Amerioao Ports, to Paolilo Columbia
a Mr. America contest, or a bar-room bouncer, but golf will al- and koasleorean Portas
ways remain a test of accuracy. n,^. .
Incidentally, the week after the big one, Dr. Middlecoff won REFRIGERAiTED SPACE AVAILABLE
the Western Open with 69-70-70-63-272. Thsla was 31 strokes A P PL
better than he scored at Olympic, where bhis 303 left him squirm- A PPLY "
IgR in a multiple tie for 20th. .' ', .
The Memphis dentist, who prefers sand traps to cavities, UM,* KAAY M I '*'iw' .e
would have beaten the 387s, with which Fleck and Hogan Ued. WILF RD & McKRA-, I1 .
by 15 stroll, Jf, .e1 eul4 haye used Wa Westan Open total at ** -.. "
the battle oSsa Pra .sco.. Masonic BuiTding, Crietobal, C. Z
23 over at .OyMtle. ih answer, obvleu*Iy, f.'that one was a TELEPHONES: CRISTOBAL: 2998 1769. 2535
soft-touch ocurw with minor penatt$Uu. the other a tgh baby : -
Wut maljor QnW. g .a



'.; _"
- '

. ;,


7 : a--




..*"V" *



n: r c j-.. F

" '" .


S 7 ....



adle' -

awsis may Keceive 42vu,uvu rnze.
to i J,".have the idea. .
E}ie> Ud f ,te Inta "coolle WASHINNG N, July 6 (UP) materials Into this country" and the Measure wa backed by It Asld Osne #ir0 e'
w traberry and whip -The Hous ed unanimous- "destroy vital targets" prior to the Justic e hwtu Would .jnaclude ,W. WM
a.q n which matches ly today to a reward of up an enemy attack. Amic le t t, t o ".rigger" t _b.
O topper. to50000 anyone who un- "It hust be summed that p.o- a ta .M Os iThu.hey,, d *d as _..
.. covers an ef to smuggle a- tentlal enemies can now devise Ageny, the ma top-see- "i1abaUPi' of bmb With
'-- tomic bombsOr nuclear ma- small atomic weapons, so con- ret espIonage ageny. a baret.. A ~,two inch-
ter'ial into thr. united States. structed as to minimize the n ou er It aid .
a.. :' rs. *L |Th e meaurt which-now goes chance (V detection by customs, The Fti mo t, K ._' th, iq -wm au Up t SPPHONW WVARXAUONS
U Effects to the SenateS. action, is aim- by counter-intelligence or de- ago alerted poce ~o ~ 0 ._hes. 3tfityp. .t said, fetturmdwne t O
at'ed at protectg. tie fatlaon a- fense personnel," the groupsaid. croamthe atlon _t. o-Wah out" ,0 .6 --ie4 a man's dez. mdldnao*-i1
SN.J., July 6 (UP) gaint sneak mic attack. Of- The committee noted that fior Sbombs e mlparts of bombs as a by d l.e
,, il have warned tha.t, a whc mit be smuggled Int o. setinfs weredeslg bY Qul
Day parade here witnessed case' A-bomb could tause un- Red Delense ocrel ..s .t yl lg UPs ewW
an 'auic explosion. TheJ t Atomic Energy and shore taons to main l
Firecrackers used for sound Committee, which recommended Ie d ak .smu n a r 0 watch.I
effects exploded and set an a- for a saboteur to "smuggle nu- purely precautionary. * bomb parade float on ire, clear devices or special nuclearU T R epesSwordsmen d ,er the, hAs s O Vr-P ace
bill, cash rewards tof oe Ani nsr
S uncovering suc an atteanpt t. nsf
LoN___K 7.LODON, July 6-(U])-Ra- could range u to 000,003. Th a WAWINGTOJ,. 6 )

i --defenses aainat sworse of ....... nAnaddidion,-the gha dwsnt, ihtat...
Siii n a broadcast, monitored .... .. t. flU l 1 W e an- o Prnc dyes tyt t go f-D. .-is th le dl-
here, Moscow said:' alien who tiPh 6t tits eon Fermin .jbIed the AlC staff f oa Mrs. tici- R.Tone '
'"^ ^ $. Along the Dnieper stretches a try to atomie smglg n higtr .or Osext month's dance ree itl desi *
massive wall, crenelated and forts.. United naton_ meeting in Ge- P showcase for te of the
: ..^ ^ '. with turrets. This is part of the In its bulletin to local pole, neVa o ful ute o nuclear Young asprith bnlleriaS will be
famous Smpolensk fortress, built the FBI made public dos ener ; Indeth she would also presented Frt 4a.d
Over 50 years .aoe. Now the work ton of two types 6 a ont with the A after Sunday t 4
of restoring vth valuable an- bombs or part of ti that assignment Is completed. The first part of the program
cient -monument. h be which might be, smuIlggSed The Ittlsa-born Fermi, one features an excerpt fon Tsea
.. ... .. of the world's greatest nuclear kowsky's Swap Lake, to be pIse-
...... ME physicists, des"gnsB history's sented. by the Youtng pupils of i"-
first atomic reactor and demon. ma Wise de Arias.
strated the first nuclear chain "Symphonic Variation"' f r op
reaction brought- about by man Bizet's music, the second part of
Ies died In Chicago last Novem- then ram, stars soloist a.
ber of cancer. re agnuso and Vilma Garcia
Shortly before his death- he and the dnc0mrs t
Nrsived a $25,000 award from firstya -so thM s dad l
the ARC for his contributions Gykia Jo l7&
to the U.S. atopte oet.c The
award, to bi made p lt0 ilWy
henceforth, now bears k ahame
His widow, Laura, a slight,
,and attrctfv6 woman, N d, Harde' ipez, Miris
,t7 author of "Atoms in the Garcia ds areded and D may r a

It Is an inmate and humorl Taoh
ou0 i8count of her family's ex- For the first time in Pans, a
periences in the bewildering regular Spanish ballet wiI bl e
days when her husband was a presented hers. With the libretto
key figure in the mystifyingly by Enrique Ruin Vernacei, Se-
hush-hush wartime atomic proj- nora Blanea de Ripol, who ha
Set. just returned from a .vist to Spain
has set to dance the music of I.
Cadiaul Mindszonly ho uie
Ro;ofndout Suiddo

MOHAMMED ARMED ETLIBA, the director general, eney of ays p So A
EKsypt talks with Maj. Gen. Lionel C. McGarr, Commandint oGen- I R MUN h
eril, US Army Caribbean, during a visit to Army Heado-.l'ter u To Bet hanged
at Fort Amador this morning. The Egyptian survey director it
.... D a four-day tour of Inter-American Geodetic Survey activities VWNA, Austria, July 6 (UP)
.in Panama and Colombia, l ArmIp 'm*te., ofe er s oD end, Juy --
fa coo) spot -inside(US Army photo) fromU-nudapet -Who cllms to be (UP)"Time. w0s hem" t o-
'dnt-dr his, ,'aw-a ahine. That's where -a ne'phewof mprisoed H ay for Freeka n
..m.he ,ooa a ap, Thea t re Gu d Rehearses iIIo health. day.Mr. Justice Gorma n at Stat-L
...... _io is Oe of 27 HungaLrians fordshire asbalss s*ntp ted Cross
_.".-_a ...., ,,., efrah from. nuoala v norison tIM .W.U, iv..I

For Happy Time Comedy

Under the direction of gene
Simpsop, rehearsals have al-
ready begun for the Theater
Guild's next stage presentation,
the comedy called 'The Happy
Time," which was one of the
most successful plays on the New
York stage in the last decade.
The play will be given at the
Theater Guild Playhouse in An-
con for six performances begin-
ning Aug. 1 through Aug. 6.
The play will be given at the
Theater Guild Playhouse in An-
con for six performances begin-
ning Aug.. 1 through Aug. *.
The action of "The Hapipy
Time" takes place In Ottawa,
Canada, In the early twentiesa
and deals-with the French-Ca-]
nadian Bonnaud family a vo--

John McTaggart as the toatish
grandfather and Kay Wrabander
as .a lovely newcomer to the
home who makes bi aware of
his dawning mascu*ltfty and
evokes a love from Desmond
that leads him to abandon his
garter collection.
Others In the ct will be For-
rest Wite. Esnmsu Lopez,
Bruce Urych, Jack fiqgga and
Richard Gerson.

earlir thai week. The Tuoislavs
released the Hungarians near
the Austmo-Yugolav border and
told them to cross the border
Into Austria.
Tarlo, who said he was held
in TugIoelviO for more than
one year, did- not say how he
reeves t..e information about
He said that according to his
information the Cardinal is re-
cently held at the Harta-Fatrm
south of B- ap:s he added
that the Cardnals aged mother
I -permltted to visit him twice
a year.

Desegregated Schools Democratize

Community, Says St. Louis Educator
I. I

late, warm-hearted household CHICAGO, July 6 (UP)-- An siyear-long pWram of gradual
whoms members- nursue their In- educator said todayti tett
dividual pleasures In uninhibitedga- ^ hly ept-d .wf" with J unor
fashion, to the dismamy of the ony a "amore l o9? aufrt A hend te because the
Scottish materon who hadoar- deal f m- W and falety of t see -
Scott ish maeltn who had o it but more v forthe have more "social maturity."
raed 1to-nthei rmidranf texeMpyer's-" mosy.H, sid. t program has pro
ucth iadiete upon her bar sdoles- UISuJHickey, gra ssed ti high scehis
et -_ of St. Luis ubl a r, -roort- and will be emSpleted in Sekem.
Because the family are nlt n- ed on his city's. d' pM- a rton her when the delentarn and-te,
herently generous, sunny-na- prgramiat theN ar t alihet- N. dsre nteg
turned andu thosprt of the ua Nuofth a im dsbductgati

^ ^ Itraayante
aI auhJad ?e MasSn. :7 W tt
play isand ieti e blend of hil-ikey saidthet bea n h a am icit"D
ikey saidp te aM- ,hen itr e a- endmare de-l
onc in omeasb tI hu : ss tr
was prodsKi. n New York by ac
the team fRodgers and Ham-. vidM. Iy .5'# truly Aa
merstelt (authors of "The KIn careful adIvanes. whole- :rmvmmnyt
and I" "South Paeific" and "Ok-.beared t n a
laho mat'p It bad Such aapea- firm xeuutl. -l me, he s
halfr vcem It ran sayear and. uH toldm't .for
Al anid Pe 4is parhowa4 "base*of thb
f1Pf eAmAItroles issue-ts ta
e=Vfi ,society has w beenor
Pat -- -;
siic w eedfch ldh ,oon .ai h
-Paever __theless m n ,at..
R-nw m-0sho t- ,.'the L, k-"

.","-: .-""-. '. .:: -- '
.- --- .
S -i -; "
)-^ .'* "' -

E l i ... .. .:-
.; ; p ,: ... :. *_ ...

Io UMe 1. o rIwt so M, n s eUva.
Cross pleaded guilty to m u r-
There is no appeal. Within three
week she will die-as he wishes.
The 34-year-old killer had led a
"bad lfq" and he brooded about
it He had seven convictions- the
last for blackmail. His wife I a d
left him.
Recently he met 26-year old
Donald Laintop in a pub at near-
by ioson. lThey eft the pub to-
ether sad drove to a lonely a1
m L ainton's car. There Cross
stabbed L.tton to death with .
pair of scissors.
"I killed him so I would be
handed." Cross told lice.
Swant ,to bang y wite went
off w 9ith anhertcy an.d qur
4"I wi22-broodl over ie a nd
knowlqwht a bad life i b t
IbougUt a tin of rat p iMm
kill isyaulf.
"But I had not th uowageI
gothe idea that If I kiledi .w.ud
be hanged. I am sorry or the
refused I aM.a i Yester-
day he pleaded gult to the tr-
der charge. TThe "pI h t
"I yon plead 5 X no
IatolAN'iv iput- s opa W
"Y sIr',"saidCross. -

R Sgi ft Allied

t6otb "Chind '

,. munhs 'itqE. ayr by Ans &a, tid by a
-ris d TJ. i r t l
Mo The National Symzphony a rchmtQ a cI D

national Dane Sto

. 4g

3-Skew Season Toight
Pes d bya r t.ct OW*

rua.W "-a-.. R .. B. -.

eks Plam: i.tte po. on

uisa a B oer
D)lz and Dies Vega.
BbatWul otser the balts

Diney Fim Wins
Damwnuy Firt

Prize A rtn

Dpsey'SBim ehe.V a n i h in
Prair" wgas oeabY A public

t mn a alIa Film FesUvll
tod .: -

lcon best anrt ML
Atotaof 30 con -logib fe-
ture film, amd Zanr ed
documaatary uirla fros 30 nil.
ions. were s th the fe-
yvjl w*ah endetd'tlday.
-T Getmom at.ur aThe

-A ric...'

QAZi, Palestlpe, July (ACUP-
Israel sand nt resui talks
today Ilb ot effort to athe
sporadic border clashes tbat hae
taken at least 50 4ves this year.
Representative of the two CcobU
tries met in a tin and mud hut
on the trues line Un tih Gs strip,
a finger of land that separates IW
reel from the Meditanezan so.
Canadian Maj. Gen. E. L.M.
Burns, U.N. trce chlqf, supet-
vised the negotiations .
The talks were suspended ait
two meetings last week when
the delegates failed to aSee on
a modified spend. '., .
Burns previously h a opoued
stabi ton program which b' .
presented to the United Nation
when that body's eM al assm
bly sejed the Gafl tstion
April, i
Egypt's delegate, Lt. Col. Sih
Gohar, proposed a new agenda to
Bumrs, fornnd source s ai1
A previous gyptan pfwposl w
aot accepted. oh r- re
Burns agenda at last we esk
IstaU *leg w4 *sor *
edr-to- ..I'-



-, .- ---r

* t A ,.E. ,.
*y ."""* T "- I
,*m3AT,'"^ MY


.; u .-w -.,..-;
-: A.'' ~



it ot
K. at


__ _____~__~__~~~__


_ _


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.. ^ "-