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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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&34 n 0t.

THU ?ARIPOSA in Alboa dryd

Holed Freighter

Docked At Balboa

(I -

More an f80 workers be-
tg dpw into the lob of dry-

laison, In charge of drydock-
ing the Liberi n-flag ship,
said he wa slowing down the
operations to pent't water,
whdsh hgd filled thevnumber 1




SIdaho Public Health Official $1,000,000

Slams Salk Polio Vaccine To Counter

WAaHINGTON, June 27 (UP) henceforth would demand o
-L. J. Peterson, acting director "much greater reassurances and t .
of the Idaho public health 1e' evidence of absolute safety" 'Mbe-
t, today challenged s e ore again reconmiending the T
of ci venes, as well as the vaccine.
@- of the Salk polio vaccine. In any event, he said, maas Close to one million dollars will
0 same time he accused immunisatibn is out In Idaho. be spent on a vist plan to eradi-
d a and promoters" of Any future shots will be a am- cate the scour of malaria in
the e of an "ap ent lack Ily physlcian-patient basis, he Republico Panama, It was .
of interest" in the po outbreak He also expreued "great learned yesterday.Sh t
which followed Inoculations in doubts atthis time tat thealk The program will be carried
hiss.ate.. vaccine is effective against par- out by the Panama government
Ina copyrightedd interview alytc pol" and questioned the with the cooperation of UNICEv
ith th ma e, U.S. News & report of Dr. Thoas Francis, and will tend over a period of .
World Report, Peterson also Jr., who headed the up which fIve years....... .-.
resed "nothing but sympathy evaluated the vac experi- It was understood that VENNAJune 27 (UP) Indian Prime Min r
For the Cutter Laboratories of ments of Dr. Jonas Z. Balk. ite Na bod VIENNcune (U) Indian Prime Mindister
accinetse in Ida ed the tribute .M. and Panama will aharal Nehrrsaid today he "saw no Iron Curtan"-M-
"We feel that Cutter Labor&- A J. Jr. appropriae S ,500. travels in Rusia and its satellites.
tore probably produced the v r v I n n y Thne. plan contemplates the f p ..
vaccine.. .exacy as they had spraying with dieldrin, a power- He said a new drive for peaceful coexistence betw
been instructed to do." ted oI Rnde ful mosquito insecticide, some Eat and West is needed, because world statesmmIuw ve
Although three of the nation's i t .WUW nw ruvn 130,000 house situated at an alti- ved inco..... e ... ....t. L L e i .mb y '
Al toplo experts cha enged the tude of le than 1000 feet above pncompeent to settle global problems by military
)ek, safety of the vaccine at a Con. Of A If f L iofln sea level, over the five-year pe- means.
nal round le session meeting scheduled to eru, at .a press conference, ducked all question
liat week, none questioned Its gmbng In scheduled to e
W f rman s effectiveness. At its 36th annual convention, underway tomorrow in Gusa- bypnewsmen relatmg to Russia's oppression of her sMte*
v mu sw l And the U.S. Public Health the Panama .Canal Department mala sCity to work out a plan for lities and about Red sl lab
Service gave the resent vaccine of the American L.egin unanim- joint anti-malarial action by all or camps.
aMnMA i and the nationwide inoculation oiy elected GOorge A. Black, Jr. Central American countries, in- I'Always hate evil," Nehru said, "but not the .evil
Program a ringing vote of con- aatheir Commander to lead their eluding Panama. doer. Try to win him over.
or i- ,- idence last week after 11 of the organiatlrtiD' !thfroughout the Minister of Labor, Social Wel- e "- n.- ei "" n'ote w'
l Tdaw experts voted 8 to 3 In their far forthcomalg year. fare and Public Health Catalio CO-existence is the only alternative to war in the
VOI tin vor. Arrocha Oraell is scheduled to m itRc Oage."
Hef IWuT APeterson said his department At the age of r4 he Is the attend the meeting which will be ,
o June 27 (UP). West youngest Departmenth Command- attended by all the anti-malarial Nehru winced when he was "We are now almost into Jtu-
Germeys rearmament program 27W e cthe onl thIe sa ha Zone chiefs and public health minis- asined for an account of his "trip ly and nothing has been done
Germ y's first earmamentfull program todm ayd the only tve so hay- te of trial America. behind the Iron Curtain." about arrangg these
when defense Minister codor yng arrived of the c one aThee Joint anti-malarial pro- 1I didn't notice any Iron Cur- Nehru said.
Blank Tppears before the Bun-T a at eJ age of tMs ed gram was agreed upon In Chile tain)" he said.
deBlank appears before t he Bun- ..rCommander Brlak d 11 e r at a. meetg of publicWar-
the deloense prog l T0. I Nis as an I.B.M._aoervisorwi th th e O aat directors of the American Nehru flew here from
lthe defense program. "uo th a epulan yesterdayfora
Blan two hour ezuitionN Z.I(Mdf a- Copn e t t, -,-

*1- 14110 In meAG q n Q m7- --r7 ** = I* as ***Ww-
n er p ect, and 0" sorO were ex- The Defense Minis ill at e.o gea mtoro f r.M s-aember of the t-t the- N
Sao d peed to arrive latr to help in t t r en o' reported there., execufe committee for five lO C no al roWles be- force o 0
-b ound t after she r pairing the -Lship. tempt me mers of itis Lonnie Igleslas. wife of years, chairman of the finance i twee the et er from Bri 's
ra to the ei ast bank of Gall- Melanson expl that 400 prom members of all political a missionary, was considerably committee two years, club treas- A Panamanian youth will face Union. "Invaded" t London
S Cut, was towed to Per 7 blocks measuring nches by parties h perturbed last week when sever- urer for five years and as a the Balboa Magistrate Wednes- He said he did not ueston front today to halt a
ths morning, and then l4 ft. Iocks measuringth and 53 Inches beenpursuing "eoret pro al cases of variela (chicken member of the house committee day afternoon on two charges, soviet leaders about the rman work moment by 4o
ha morning, and the drdock at 8: had beength d 53 Inheoo ram for rearmament. Theov- ) e out among the San for a year. one of burglary, and the ot er problem or the future of Red shoremen.
ua. Ino the ddock at 8:1 the cham been lald n the floor er Ment has been accue ofa as population. of resisting arrest and striking satellite nations because was H dred of p Ai
Sblks were placed o declr e tempting to ram through."hur- Two Arerics women, Mar- on a rtment level he has a Canal zone policeman anxious Insofar as possible not up eshlo t e sole .p placed=adelinelevelhehasaCa alZon policeman
iteen minutes later the tfltthe, coneoutna~ebot p" legisl? without pro- gueite A of New York and been p ice Commander fot The charges filed today a- to go outside my ow*idomaintof upshelsbere d
P ena rations whlich usu- oft the ip# thf harbor-mastr I v f or pr safeguds Adelaide a'Oama, two'yees *nd a member of the against the youthful defendant, thought." r e
apll minutes to complet- said today. th rte sp. of revived ml- who weroe v to a Depy Executive Commit- William Gordon, 18, occurred in Bt he indicated that vlnde strkersnh
y drain the drydock chamber decto ahelping tee emberp chairman two different places on differ- Ity of Asian problems d m
beg O"ac .T rtn ean manager of Legion ent days. come under discussion while same union.

r Andro fortune Beause of it le the 47added, enveI Occasion fthsecrearmamcy." t wh ch is dism din
--itsWfs.lcn a ,eo"uth- tem ite fculle eargeo, eM7 debatenin tAe Importhantslower to td came H S ooT-n er ori-o s K
trit a few hours ear- and was forced to to BIs- ne stegsa nty to start the rearma- o yState p I p l etmo between May 28 chin because last Sumnmenohe on

boa. meat m rolg ehid sum- on.
Mwv-today no report of 19 after ar feete it ltal tset the pro- isn't o oavy Croc- land, when strip-tonl level has e just a touch of Mkey plane 20 years, at $300. Geneva agreement seemdcan ap Rialtanport or s
Sw available' se and ran Tei t aM ramh. t ign of good ktt that hasm osan to ab da mer af Lynch stripped thrown in. accused of rpen this time. ngen wer norern t
rIf uwol out tb ,ee hethe Ca d w -o l- iwith ogei wermhn intnt hs heqs t down to a e arrest at Paralso n the It will take some dointe for to _Inwethrownup by st
which was ed at lele. traed der the Pars agree- hat grinned a lot of folks as bur house as Day ht?" Damon akedt however o the ds hold alot

n~tga alet;. of 27,245 Panama Canal C atfflehalo In ments. y as that old loe bear named ster t.e co"vskin- Daisy The professor pointed out vCowies of r l, almanas stowed w eit colored me rr
Sre.tly swoUodere an ddprecedeted te, walv n "Dt whenlepo week in t Croc that one of Davy's charms is away in the Library of Congress cards the teedore

r voyage t Che reactivatin the doek.-and prisn ei. doctoruns roni teaser at the Bast- his feats without a word of ki- alator up Niagara alls and tedote s inored m

os blp' agents Fer- said they would permit the Ms- side e Methodist Church btlag from the wifeo kids. of Wrestling a 12-foot cattish to pt union leaders and
fim. e'I r.ilposa to undergo .pairs t here q S nters e.a s n Ile .. Sirea n hanny ,d JeUNe Canal Zone s licema n and try- Under tise. won oe agreement, t ork h..e "a 0
la said the 13,281- on a nse bas Me onThe uteers law hbeen called er nessPri w asked her class L in totake ial possession of July 20,19 was fxed h, Manhester,

S t w u Han Grenade cMa gae "oe n aw l ea one an r ee r his service revolver. date oeelectirs to be discussed

bas s dat Engin rs L BaIoo Jane47 (W)-Pre- ther we a roftVodkad A of a figure IjV 1 -arrangedfor-tRioLO
megaph o ne1 to M wealong short." A. nwm ber of Ad'enau J1161 Frmiel
de:. ; o. .he sipm T .e .ud'.l.. haeng gr,,a e ep a..sety$200 asoball on bytlnoderb af North s&W Sout_ '

& i investigation -by portf.01te IWOt- long. ft docko the riaDemocrticp y 1d7 Th rtt cranes t bhe a0 b 43 m..thscharge.Vie so ra u ra n th h
w asmade -lty ship was car m a em was unhurt by the beat not confined to ml ry on To O- s rlers

ga Diable Clubhote at thied Ietrl e attrs the teedoQuantre alpons over oonskin lumber comp of-r
U after the-Ca uper- ae eeblocks. onvn at train eamp. o e however. Davy drew a dely f e with 4
e.r Andros F otue. rpd7: p.Beu. anse of itse bopthe fo were wounded by sp b. on adu IMy t worth object e hiL i o.
-"-wli n .Pedro Wmguel and f Mar.pos could-i. be servi', Lo"L"avy : J ", ; : th

Da 0ohe Ce
Stcsl t a few h ous ear- and was foreeto rn toBal-nssary to start the rearma- wea as rerto
S b o ie r o boa. _eo_ on mroli ng this sum h0 dot n,

The oft tookua me3,eDvy wrtcAgMety or abo
The p t a ~government (UP) en out ve- do-your addi -om, 1 yers r
Vo today no report of, 19_ after aa1"k ietW feels iis td get, the pro- it Isn't hebeat, 's Davy Croc- land, 1q, when strip-tease just a touch of Mckey Spillane 20 years, and ff anh e Rival tembrasp..... Inort workers... henh"

ol wasr aasemandItwilltakestommsgefgodrtr a d y r thr in
"o'$ out 0tb se of the ACmaLaaiei-i- faith rnintent tow.doherI dwnt c teDaw Crocktt asodo

mhr tl th lthth s ne p but b

W6not rhetwas r tratleat le.-tr oser the Paris agree1- hat grinned a lot of ol asm d burl- houe as-Davy* hit?" Damon asked. however.tes h af
Sa ill f2,2 hrrPanami -Canal." off leoalsfInAments.ley as t oid grily bear named sister e.theCOO oe e clore
.pie.ablrdh dmase, a the usual $25.000 to' charge for i sumer offensive 2i40t, sngasGille spie, a Pat- thathe accomplished almost allrOrt Is claims of riding an lue.
.ei_ yqg age ChAeAi reavatg t.he ddok, .r d olotdrums. orson, teacher at the ast- hisfeats without a word of ki-Jalttor up Niagara. Fl, and iRo .gor
.iWps agents Fer- said they Would permit the.a M,- s .. 'de, Methodist Church bftgfng from the wifeaOr kids, of wrestling a 12-toot catfish t of u a a. d
S_.. spo,,toaiuddetohImpairs,2uon rqayusaepesbaIs' While cma D Ka. reported that He said the first Crockett the finish. Davy won, of course, stay out, a i
-, -t,.,, e t alS l-/on _.I "*.J 'er~ o~ Ni .cganem ,'Pbo-.]w no .asked her .class-t
.-- .. G"enad gaiot"ilone- "in Lon. dra -stche of the Biblical Hull. Three of te
.. .. EoUMM.4 E..eedon and the Russias ivowe d .d, ix o the tykes
,m11rt leavenhDiemnr 6 M nnrDictU narowly McarY,+- to g0peace, A.noer-" a n-nbf.. .ad

of u .. Mm i i .ldlo sosed today. IThe Crockett craze was notchu.'

7:30"pm."andhoto op tot were woumde b buad on adult In too.. worm I o iai ,afterhe"
Wee k-of ugfnDavytDavyed f

tme Ca p t ial'ned for any Davy, who beat har
r .ith raten dfoay ThursdaandIs 25 $ Mr 2 years Ago-
Officials worked today Davy lr e._,tt wrist watch gave
to oftfa walkout. Some 3,- tall cokt to th Micey
U~ have author~ed their IZmouse desuch as a let of
to ca l a strike against Were
Le t4 Tr1i,0 And o.the Davy Crockett
) t heredally 1An w everything, the Stou-

aw l- seet r e -ato -,o.t-rDamon,. ura-

Wpl- Traithilsa- .. ,- am atP I se,, arminwuToWAiMioToN-Ge
&-a, ...& A. .. .. ... ... ...- .....: .-.II his arrivl In
.-. .....t -o
umonfug Yes.-. .. ". -'. -
box go"~1I~ ~- ~,j '

`,J L

-. L _.- Z ,1.. b" ."

.',- '. ^
? .-.',- .- T

..?-. y



* ~
* .4,'. .*..j~- V -~~-*'

*~ -.J i'~.*r

S.. .. .
. ,, _. -: *'" ', .*


HE nPasN. INS.
I 7T. H STReT P. 0. *OX tMA. N. P.
Ta Ths.P I mE1-0740 (S LlmU)
345 MADOION AVE. NEW YOKn. 117 N. Y.
,ioAL lAN.
FOIR *IX MONTH@. IN ADVA8N i C.0 "1300


The Mil Box s on open forum rfo reedrm of The Panama AmeleI'.
.4e*ron are received gratefully and re handed hi a wholly Confidential
t "yo coaibue a letter don't be Impatint If II 4dN't appear the
me, u day Letters are published In the older received.
Plea e try to keep the llettn Tl.fd to ea page l.gth.
-. Identify of letter Wteri k held in lte confided e.
ST'bis ewpe m nemiuan s moasibility r Mstalemt s eopll
in ild In. letters from reader.

S"i think your Mail Box Section should be highly commended
for publishing a letter concerning the situation confronting Local
900 uqder the present irresponslle leadership a one man op-
rateoht. The "Disgusted Due tr"' Is only one of the many who
4s lustuick and tired of having to lisatt to all the complamts,
exc u tirades and attacks of personalities which are prevalent
in meetings of Local 900.
t wonder Just who is paying all those radio broadcast billi
for ie considerable time the president of the union uses to "jus-
tify? why he "resigned his job as Principal of the La Boca Ele-
medtary School." If my dues money Is helping to pay those bills
Sthe# I must get out of the organization real quick.
I would believe as a Canal Zone local-rate worker that the
president of the union would reason, if he still reasons, that the
problem facing the employes In the Zone with all the Canal
Cncpmpty building projects going to contractors, and the pending
change coming out of the new treaty, would be more important
anG urgent to look into at once rather than spending all his time
fabricating reasons why he quit his job. o
If he wanted to quit his job for whatever the reason may be
Is etitiely hisb business and I don't think the local-rate employes
.re Concerned over hit "supreme sacrifice" to save the loxa sWtftI-
It is utter conceit for a man to believe that he and only he
Is capable of "saving the situation" in the Canal Zone for Local
I ask then: What about the president and offidder of Local
90T? Aren't they too obligated to do something about the local
rate situation? What about the other officers of Local o900'i
Aren't they too supposed to do something t bout saving the situs-
tion? Or are they to be classified as only a bunch of figure-
heads?" "
What about the International Union? Isn't the International
Union also obligated to help correct the situation?
If this is so, then where does he get the idea that he and
only he should make this "supreme sacrifice" to save the local
All right, let's spy his "enemies" have told us that he doesn't
know Spanish and that was the primary reason why he quit his
In my humble opinion, if I wanted to contradict or disprove
aheae "lies" from my enemies, I would go on the air in Spanish
toprove that I knew Spanlsh and that I really did quit as a token
of "personal sacrifice" to save the local raters.
What about the Isthmian press and radio? What about the
foreign office of Panama? What about the hundreds of consci-
entious U. S. raters who also would like to help us out? What
about the scores of other people who down through the years
have taken on the magnanimous job of pointing out the predica-
mnents of the local raters?
Are all these sources helpless? And only one man who has
not been able to do more than create trouble and blast personal-
ities is able to save the situation for the local raters.
I do not believe even him can believe that Isthmian press
and radio and these other elements who have struggled and will
struggle have not done a lot and will tot do a lot for the local
ran .- They are the ones who form the public opinion which in
ur elpe to get us a better deal of what we deserve.
A Real Union Man

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all. "How," asktd the clerk, "do womap is only a woman. But to
By all the decencies all men of But I can't remember to stoplyou spell it?" a woman a man is her life."' L i
ood will should haw against forgetting -- -
Peroe. Yet we find that Ti, the -Don Wahn L. A. Is the smoggiest, From Victor Cohn's essay on
Dictator, defends Peron, the Dic- -- London is the foggiest. the Balk Vaccine Centroversy:
tator. E. V. During in the N. Y. Chicago is the windiest, "Wiahe llShouts Vaseek May Be
What are we doing Ina that Fra- Journal-American: "Another man Vegas is the sindiest. ler...A ear ago when Wincheal
ternity? Why are we giving Tito who is forgotlen but shouldn't be -Lester Lanin. broadcast his waitn Salk sup
those millions without a guarantee is Theop hllus Van Kanel of porters called him 'another side- -
that he will be on our sde after Philadelphis. He invented the re- You can have the rest. walk superintendent." '
he spends the money to equip ad- volving door. Going through a New York's still The Best. From a headline in the N. Y.
ditional armored division to re0 revolving door is an exctllent -Johnny Johnston. Enquirer: "WW Proved Right By
place some of his remaining character test. If a man pushes Vaccine Mess."
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Whose side is Tito on, anyway.. the door a terrific push and slams wind up eating the wolf." Run, heart, run quickly out of
it against the back of the person ..- view-
in advance it prdives he is not a Cast o1 Chaacter: Rudy I don't want the old aches to
gentleman and isthe kind of man Vallee will do his half hour show start---
no girl should marry." (tv) with Jean Martin, spoasom d I had such a time mmadngu
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apPdgktr (Mrs. Geore I. The Torhe t: When you can't
Time heals all wounds, but not Manning Jr.) had a a IL forget her ad ean't e.
all- heels. The distict attorney's office Is member yWo ,-. When yo t
-- I or tly on a nationwe he's Th Most and ae t
In Calif. where the girls grow v IMMfi It wvll dw arf you're t' Let. ..o t.s over wena
up (and out) Grouhe onM e he e f-euae.. that Ia o
said: "Now there's a pretty girl" Union es banned Pre Prado the w as th
S"Becareful," he was told, "she's(creator of the Mambo eraIse*) _, J/
only 13.' Ifiom 't for rherM M. Breo : "I's over
"So what?' was the mapper, ... C owa (h daton d c wbtm ss at aj~a tea 'i
"Im not superatitihusl" Gloria Grahame) Just a ti beouoeas on
Fro----.--e foan"A- *l
Psea jaff leasi ap* "A;lf T two I .&
meet Cr a new rvue:"I "Mm:f'I !X s=4411a. a 9 Aah
."wa a S 'ha b Mr. Scott Jim*._ I'. .. I-
do**Tjlal* usee site o s*e~fa o doir" a itpr. of dittiesbt" ^fftl Mb" *a =M&',
th way lb m"2 & 1- *Iwo ? 10

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ipi\ i -:'

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_1_ ___1 ~~_ ~~~__ ~ __

. .

Labfr News- ;1

+ +

There are in th files of te
Central Intelligence Agency fall
reports on Marshall Tito's recent
the U.S., the Catholic Church n
general and Cardinal Spellman in
Whether these files have been
consltea, only a few close to TCA1
director Allen Dulles can say. But
there is 0o dotubt that the dossiers
reveal tha even as we are co- ad W
uldering giving Communist Yugo-.
slavia e$41, toC000, its radio and
press has accused the U.S., the
Uathollc Chureh and "American
trusts" of inspiring the revolt the
against dictator Juan Peron. said
Certainly thee is no shame ibn .
any ewors to oust a government
which specialized in terror, black-
mail, unadorned snakedowns and PO

on that ought. a the a
But the 1ito-controlled radio and
press makes the anti-Peron revolt
out to be "americhan capitalist in- tn
rigue"-areal Yalaree-douar sta.
wuh;a line as intended, to prepare ib
tae working people of Yugs avia i
for a gradual turn against us.
icouls propaganda experts also an ren
their Internal media because toae rthedS
Argentine Cormmunists have been fig
allied with Peron for years. In year
turn, the Latin American co m- 15e

while an dlummnist unio chief U

'e'c m a s do wnwa to 1,7500 t ler l ai tpe eoxrpeag alsno ta
were Jailed and totaured. th t

the broadcasts wnet aon to malin ng ram r
weirstsome commentorresha. and
alleged th he was the ainter- By Petier Edo
Roman. Catholic Church and .the-
American ru sta."
This r aioa revealed that WASHINGTON -(NEA)-For the Cupid gets all mixed uP with years when marriage rates were
Barba, the gficial mouthpiece of first time in ten years, cautious the statistics. This comes from a at record highs.The
stbo his foreign heoffice chrg. ears are bei expressed that declining e. S. marriage rate over The more liberal terms under Tbu
ed tha Vatican wita prompting the maybe too muc new housing is the past ten years. which both FRA and Veterans' Ad- ,
promising, The words us were being built instead of not enough. There were record 2,291,000 inistration guranteed mortgages now
isapd reviling aed not Federal hoserve Board's mon th-marria es in 194i. The figure are now ava ilabl e have of course e
be repeated here. i t to r l "Bullet tin a the Departdropped to 1,9s.000 in 1947 and contributed gr stly to this hous- red
rt that Tito's -own er Commerce "Business But. 1,811,000 in 1948. It has been i i g boom. I rhps the terms of pausi
opened Its ganda g r vey" have just come out with long the 1,000,000 to 1,500,M00 bracket nothing down and 30 years to pay 1 na
t analyses. from 1949 to 1953. Last year it was at 4% to 5 per cent i faterest are w.4
There are no recommendations down to 1,475,00. too liberal, as the mortegagr ban. that,
All this ollo wed the oscow for cut-backs o new home build The prospect is that thes mar- ers say. f x-ne
line. Russian radio propagandists ing, nor for tightening credit rhige rate will keep on declining These terms have beoa tightened house
linked the anti-Peron na forces terms. The b facts are just laid out till 1960. This Is the result of the recently to the extent of re air- or
with our arm and the U. Of for anyone to read and weep over, lowered birth rates the depres- in closing costs to be paid cash senno
fice of Naval nteillgene." 'Ths if he nels so gi"omaly inch ed. laon years from 1930 to 1940. In advance. But Federal Reserve ever,
verbal caressing of Peron goes ;This seutimet reflects Much Here some of the home build. Board has no authority whatever enty a
far baey .any Sovihe tea of cautious ban ng opinion. ers step into the pietUrd to say that to control housing credit. wai ite
Catholicism. k e re a e eav It is all wrong to base new hous- The FHi A interest rate cant be Wa
position pivots on the a leolt "No one is competent to say that ing demand on new family forma- raised by the Federal Housin doe
Peran -has been doing buiias the present spread between the tion rates Commissioners, but thhe Vi neard
w hr that tie formation of households at o 600,000 interest rat icas et by aCon s. iore
al acessres and new private housing 3hames R. Price, President of Another factor in the r atal
as Mart at the rate of 1,400,000 4 tional Homes, Corp. Lafayette, thp ere Istoo much ba s
a won ad ~i iar as a safe and sound mar- ed., which plans to iuild 000 da ntl the cdA cy rate .orer
SBin," says Homer Livingston homes this year, points out that One of the big insurance co6pan. soerm
It's, not geraI known in the resident of Ameirlcaballfkers' newlyweds are p"oospects as les recently estimated that five Cain
U.S., but s would have Association house purchase r. They aren't set- per cent of the housing units were out
ri to pi the A on The born optimists in the real tied and they just don't have the vacant today. It pedted he va-
CoWfederatoof.abor ha't estate and home building fields money. cancy rate might go to 1o0per cent AnaA
called thsands into the streets have no such fears about the hous- by Im if present building rates aides
and to his buildings during the ing boom collapsing. They are This is supported by a Fderal continue. mare
attack. The so-called labor chiefs, largely supported by government Housing Ad traction survey of U. S. Census Burehu is making perse
closely Baked to the Commnirst home finance agency heads. 6500 of its homeuyinag customers a sample survey on vacancie as ,
"underground" in Argentina, took "We regard a high level of hous- last March. It showed that the which will be completed this F ..I
to the air and ordered their ople g activity n i coun as a average couple buying their first Iola th e ]
to rush to the center of uenos good thing," Hou Ad istra- house had been m carried to 12 A field offices report a spotty mg t
Aires. tor Albert Ma.Cole d the Asso. years- and had several children. v i cancy rate. The remedy A N
The words were to commandeer ciation of Mutual Savings Banks This would supportthe theory suggests local actio-as in Dal-e
all vehicles-buses cars, trucks, the other day. But he adm r that that many families in the new las-to cut down on speculative oa UaL
even wagons-.and kill any driver be never had so many different house market now were couples building until the vacancy rate rsawe
who resists." expert opinions to choose from. who were married in the post-war Is lowered. A. mse
They followed orders. And on Hoon rvei
o to the fighting still ripped the iha e r
country, Peron mad dsie oa special at ctmiad e ae. .,
trip to the labor headquarter- etca
speeches he was able to get Wa offr Wtno s h ry e or o -
his chest. listn
He addressed- the secretaries of o.U
the Argentine Confederation of BROADWAY, BALLAD From Bricks Atkinson's notice: scope". '.A Fire Island paper to-
Labor unions: "And this column also takes "d- sports that when Marilyn washo
"Comrades," he said, "I want- Wasn't there some tht ing about a ly to in l e stafle.s newd asked what s nshe thawt of Fire t
ed to gather together the secre- vow.e .. o song caed, 'I Can Live ,ioup eIsland she satdh vI was so aur-
taries of the lar unions today The one we took t hat could not It,' meaning love.e. .'Who needs pried to find weter o i
at the first opportunity which I be shattered, happiness?' the lyric asks. 'Can itldes". The Village 'Art Center
events began which we have wsi how... values is tho ItI-prov g" photographs. I you whi a prz
nessed in the streets of Buenos When you ad- tre night were Right from ose col m? you ratea One Man Sow. e
Aires. all that matteeasd. e Among the offerings are three by As
"For this reason I wanted to Wasn't there starlight on the Mr. Atkinson, of the B'wa Herbert H. Leman. (The.n
come to this building this after- lanes Homicide Squad, once observed: Senator?). .As he di a't thy's
noon to converse briefly with the tAAn trLs we kept when the "They talk about critical power. win. If rJames Ilan p rap t .,
comrade leaders and also with world wa sleeping.. I have no power. Sometimes a w os a divorce froMa a wealthy his
those raensible for al you have Wasn't tere something that still show makes more money In a Texas gal (which is not likely- at
the order and d rsci phnof the .othd wind- goIchill and the be His Next
organizations, because tn s to na th cones Wreeltkg... that you Fame's Like This: The other tob I
that it has been possible to pre- as'at there something t day City College gave alnunu des"r WW," writes St
ey "chaos", the dictator meant Something we lost that Is worth agree. One of the staffers phoned tatio Marksmanship the great
a successful revolt against his gov- retretti.. the Statler for a reservation "in lIqe by Cole Peorer In a 'Silk
organsatios, bcausemanzsm niht coes oeepld ... ame' LikeThis Teohr---I
has~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~t klnsil or a' hr omt/ hto aC ..
the tpo ,, P -[ g Y y ty llegegavealumnsl DerWW wrtsTmy
ventehes i th ciy. treall r. ona Sak a honra~y d-]Hgen 'Istt~mi fo yor qlO-l l
By "hao", he i .ato...mant So e tiniwe ost hatis ort I~ee.Oneof te saffrs hondlttionMarsmashi th Irt,
I s.uces sturevltagans hs gv-reretin^.. ., ., ,,, .,,., e S~~eror a ~eerahon "i lkloll ,b o Pu4ro a 8n

INT NO. -Adlal w "
d Eisenhoww could be Of Rusia
d. He described th President S D-nU sat
nie y surrounded by bad Car
It wasu to the who attended the
ate candiat Demo.UN ferenceas
= to lot t her t Apsrl an threna a S a
IS derstai that wasme t ea t
gon Inthe White use. o N at
this end. Sevenxam told 14 me sLi h S
da he i w pMrpftd to beg e al
active campaign a ly. toke
el t wuld take tift& t w
to Mbreak down heju<* Elsein.te was esear e .
V ^' >* "*h t Alo;
me of Mitevanson'a frie tod know who is the top a t
tus wusma e poe uaf uicuae. to. the UN today.
adviseou imt toast ior a -
rears, Meanwaue run gdanat GEORGE "GIBSON" IXON
mVeew iirasen, asip,'an,
e bena an a no .me ut An- Homey Sen. Dennis Chave -of
Ias no. AD ari uel toat te New Mexico, who chews a "bg
Aower issue vi to to nmet ar and speaks panish as wd
sr ibmeeiower ran or not, am he does English, s quite fond
mat ue willocrade partr fhi s new son. ,,-1w, coloaist
uso Umopcrauc emantqui George Dixon, even thuotgk
Slot sit around waitingM ior ge ,hu friends .1 ia
t miae up uMm amau. w 43%pptica .
8*atto Chavez, zsiniuaaly or
"ST .PAUL" CAIN otherwise, got back at Di on soec
time ago when the solei-daf ac-
e White House isn't talking compatied his. father-in-law to
1. i, uA iA, y La.sU, u&i-e. New Mexico.
seatior Irum Wasdawson wo "I. want you to meet my new on-
nis un we subversive AcuvI. in-law, Mr. Gibson." a th'e eM
Luntrol oar, was almost stor to New Mlcan friends.
aiser ne ma9e is last un. "l'm very fond of him and I
oneu plea ior more tolerance want. everyone to meet Mr. Gib-
nunng aueged security risas. son, my very nice new son-s.
at tuc puPc doesnrtnXow ia law.
netore ulaslng his awa oat, ostFC PRESSUR
,ator cam waui ,to Ie nWN mA CC PRESSURED
Sand tried to ieu isennuw. The Federal CommUnicationg
aoun nis pion to oast uL e ,.-. Commission has been getting a
wer secuy program. ow- lot of lobbying pressure, plus pub.
we an secuty program. o see li reaction, regarding- th noel
ao oio e 1& inM to a0e g ke,
copy o1 his speech at me subject of Pay.s-you.Nse tele.
4 hUe aSLeaU. vision, a system whereby the best
teter anyone ever read it he operas, prize fights, and o t hI r
1t know. Lertamay ae never programs would- eme over JTV
from the Wite house be for a price ranging from a quarter
delvering the speeca.- mme to a dollar.
ly alterwara, however, ne got Moot Qf, ;h byhl
et report a m Le ouce as has been l~ s
nan Aaams pronto. tfor.he .Ma'e
n dla, and got 6n bawling dfor it. hIeS t' to
0 his ile cide whether to Ihve th e nw.Ye
M, however, stood his ground. tem a whirl. Two of the wag-
As, AM t=r, told preseen oua YOm-see systems filing the
n m tarn, tol presental FCC are Matty Fox, who devised
pat, waMUae himself~ aa the. Sklatron system, and enith
pleny Or misikes aUnao
sutea plenty oz people, an one of the most energetic oper-
now seen e anglut, ators in the radib TV field. "
Sno saint the ex-senator 8kiatron attaches a decoder or
ens esat,' "but 1 -nosenator unscrambling set to any TV set
o ans iey banu letter usuce n which enables the subscriber -to
ve oeeu going to people witn receive either free roams or
ea tg ou t bou 1. it's e "toll" programs, whichever he
Sotafm Avg ever seen., wants. He pick@ his program
Ca i job to t on see ju. through an ingenious iterna onal
an board t oi nany eun. business machine card whfh is
boruan out up ow run y e insert ed into the slot in
mower a isnmratuon, o. the TV set attachment. Then, by.
what groups, cm societies,' pressing a buton, ae ges he pro-
wnat groups CIUm, sociees ramhe wants a a bill Is sent
lnare 'ni to am recenrmlm1y at the end of the month.
mid tae ost oseonen Sntiment for pay-as-you-see TV
a s o sed t o exis t aton ne comes in part from the smaller
as ct were acus, y aomt few stations who are bucking the big
e list were acuay omnu- programs of the big networks.
was after this latest blast at
sisenhower security system PAGING DIOGNE
twe White House tried to g- PAGING DIOGENE, 8
out ways ana means of hiring NORWELL, Mass. -(UP)- I
isnamy lcideli public reac- Dioenes is in town, he might do
wound be bad. -
,..,sas, .AS now called the w a to stop is and cast his lantei
Sal'- ofthe McCar Era. on Thomas Barstow of NorwelL
au" a rthy a' Barstow, chairman of the town
a i n once persecute Crs- board of selectmen, thought a
so ain was once McCar- $1,000 pay increase voted him dnd
stanch Wrisei and defender. the chairman of the board of asses-
like Paul, he now defends ors was far too much. According.
former victims. ly, Barstow moved that the
--Sa Francisoe-Go-GoRund-increase be disapproved. It was.


_______~ __ _

". I
', ...:

I ,

. -.' .. .. ., ..-1 4- .-.. '. -


T -7

By Colbroith


.*,-r~. ~
- ~, zr'~.l

- ..' .

- -- :.'.-. -.',.. ..
S: ...* .-'..,.r. .* .-...-.. -.. .-

* 'I..

II,. *~

'1" 0To Keep Coin

S(UP lttest f n ta .1ng business and. 250,000 servicemen to 1,100,-
Cwtnia forM" on i" with f ti ov~eament. 000 civilians and -3 million serv-

'K Me^ pa I.1 pos without liquidaing a businessmen to a series a k e y commission asked oness t
Smendatiow was one 'of D efbe Seertary Charles E. fense secretaries to about $25,000
1, adva.eed by the ommis-ion to Wilson had to dispose of 2 mil- a year.
WEST AR t t n t Defense Department business lion dollars worth of stock before It said salaries of higher-rank-
10 A4 and personnel practiceson a more the Senate would confirm his Ing officials should be increased
eQ 5 4 ,fficient basis. The commission nomination. proportionately.
QJ 107 .. said its proposals, if adopted. Outgoing Army Secretary Rob. Three members dissented from
49853 2 Q10. would save taxpayers 2 billion ert T. Steveni had to sell his in. the proposal for a new agency to
SOUTH dollars a year. terest in hts family's textile firm, buy "common" supplies for the
S6 7 3 The commission, headed by for- military services.
SOther principal recommenda- mer President Hoover said the They were Sen. Styles Bridges
A1K 5 4 tions included creation of a sep. law should be modified& "so that (R-N.H.), John L. McClelland (d-
A 5J74 ar4te civilian-staffed as g en c y to presidential appointees are ngo t Ark.) and Rep. Clarence J. Brown
Nthotupurthase and exercise Inventory forced to liquidate lifetime busi- (R-0).
North-South vul. control over ordinary commerical ness equities in order to accept The proposed agency would buy
North East Seoth West type items and services used by federal appointment. the 6 billion to 8 billion dollars
0 Pass 1 6 Pass all of the military services. Th e worth of non-military items the
4N.T. Pass Pass services would continue to bu y Instead, each new appointee services now purchase individual-
6 6 Pass Pass Pass their own military goods. should takel an bath as part O ly each year This is roughly one
I a alrector, imp ore ta Gardner, Opening lead-s P The commission alsoros regular oath of office that he fourth of the Defense Depart-
cltablerto R Spain and go with him to Hollywood. W- establishmentO o a new toleve will disqualify himself from part. ment's total annual budget.
bigro ecleaeaor production "BAREFOOT CON- civilian post to oversee f a n nsure eipation in any decision which in.
'next big release at the "Central" Theatre. Advt. a oefetivpla ngad vlved his company or financial FILLER FACTS *
Some players would open to- effective replanning and revnt interests," the commission said.
day' North hand with ssa bid of m t.r y squi. Te In its report, the commission Some 820,000 Spaniards live in
Stwo hearts rather than only oae. It called for tighter control of said the Dfense Department of- the Canary Islands off the north-
It isrprobably the right course, for military shipments, research, per- fers the "most obvious opportuni- west coast of Africa. The archipe-
then North can afford to make sonnel and finance. ty" for federal economies "be- lago forms two provinces of Spain.
z T 'i r p moderate and mild rebids. The vice chairman of the task cause it has three-fourths ofthe Each of the six huge loading
As It was, North opened with force that made the investigation government payroll and more than machines along Maumee Bay's
only one heart and then discov- on which the report was based 60 per cent of its total budgets." south shore at Toledo, 0., can
ered that he had no reasonable was Reuben B. Robertson Jr., Absolving defense officials of a- empty a 100 ton coal car in one
way of showing his great strength prominently mentioned as a pos- ny responsibility, the commission minute. They raise cars' above
at nis second turn. He had to drive sible successor to Deputy Defense said most wasteful practices en- ships' holds and turn them nearly
towards a slam, with no way of Secretary Robert B. Anderson who countered in the department are upside diwn, dumping the coal.
stopping anywhere between one is resigning. the result of its topsy-like growh. A continued shift toward earlier
spade and five spades. In fact, The conflict of interest law for- It noted that the department farrowing of spring pigs is evident
when South's response of five dia- bids federal officials to hold an expanded from 140,000 civilians this year, according to the U. S.
Smonds showed an ace, North had Department of Agriculture.
to push on to six spades. In 1954, Americans spent an un-
West opened the queen of dia- precedented 234 billion dollars for
monds, and South won with theh T H ed eT it RT u goods and services.
king. Declarer then led a spaden, t M IA M I oOri, er hervies
playing the king from the dum-e de
126 Central Ave. eMuller Bldg. P DENTEn HEATRE
This gave East his chance to beHENo.n2 Per Avenue
a hero. He merely refu sed aC FOR ALL TH FAMILY OPENS THURSDAY
this first trump trick. This simple d SOE SOt ho ALL Hne FAMIL i yr, ao
play had a profound effect. IdDep AEL. LEO
South had to lead a second o N S l REDGRAVE n GEN
trump since he couldn't begin to Don't Need Money Just ay ANN T
ruff out hearts while he was ex- MJST o Td
Sposed to an overruff. East took ofr SCA
the second round of trumps with
the ace and promptly led back a: "CH A RG EFA.-'.A OP T HU A'
third trump. i t was for this pur-
pose that he had refused the first
Now South was doomed, and Yoheu n dio niuts
knew it. He could ruff only one
IE IN VERMONT At Rutland, Vt., President Eisenhower en- of dummy's low hearts, and the
Jos some chicken at the Rutland State Fair. At left is Sen. suit did not establish with one
George Aiken, (R., Vt.). The President is in New England for a ruff. A heart trick had to be giv-
aix-day speech-making and fishing trip. en up, and the contract was down
south would have made his slam
contract if East had taken the
Hs 'kiy Aer Sergp e an siu ht first trump. Even if East had StE --
Husky Army Sergeant Soug th en returned a trumpet, declared
would still have two trups left LON DISTANCER A D
-- -kin his hande. He would take the I e P R
i eXtas Slaying Of Thr n re ce of hearts. ruff heart. get "THE ORIGINAL AUTOMATIC"
0oher heart, and return to dum- ANNOUNCE APPOINTMENT OF DISTRIBUTOR
21m I l diamond rff to draw
e wie te a27e u nry- -salid Mrs.e MPhlehsen- wa ie dha st lws VFW .o 14 NEW
sxe.I ootCo en, s eor. T he e nt se in t He son, then be g rc
01 e was sought today George, had been shot-. i the back g-
as nd suspect in the slay- of his head and Mrs. eNorman was
qt. threu s members of weal- shot once in her throat and in the CF RAW FO RD AC I S tr ti
th isly in their secluded, pine- side of her head. No. 18 "J" Street No. 2 Tivoli Ave.
altered ranchhouse home. Usry said the three had appar-
Officers identified the triple ently been dead since Wednesday
murder victims as Mrs. John Me- or Thursday and were probably Tels. 2-2386 2-3265 2-2142
Person, 44, wife of the area mu- killed in their sleep as there was
pervisor of the Harry Edwards no sign of a struggle.
rilling Co., her son, George, 14, The gun user in the slaying
and her mother, Mrs. N. J. Nor- had not been found.OU E A O DISTo
man, 45. Usry said the bodies of M r s.
Deputy Sheriff Pete, Usry said Norman and George were found
the solder, Identified only as "El- sprawled on a double bed in the:
W,' is believed to have eaten front bedroom iof the $ 30,000O O
er with the three and t hen ranch-house. Mrs. McPherson's i N O
shot and killed them as they lay body was found on a bed in the
l e-e p ing either Wednesday or master bedroom. All three were
Thursday night. wearing nighclthes.
Usry said the sergeant also may say te NIF F'Ste of j s a w-
m= Fords sedan. The are is miss- Lighed e arhgarefle wl HOW WOUL e
hsv. A safe rule to follow Is never DC-6 excursion flights to
A waitress in the Loma Lindardsnoasignoofrapstruggle.
r eo re f s erffnExplo si any personal characteristic things
Cae er sothe Mntcsai she hea whn Off Explos ion dto tese' ""yater pr abou t
Mrs. McPherson telephone r a doubl bed n t
other wite Wednesday afternoon.hin se s h person n might possibly be a-
ahe maid eM. t her e on e t y o t hamed of. Just because a pe-
o sl d te sergeant t r stom d f sn orern fghty AMen'* OUR FRE
hre sotolae wras cPhersons~g "a so ak jokeasein atehi y on e
n o r"d sedeanfrd The sear gie HOUSTON, Tex, June 27 (UP) hurt him to have others make
a friend ot her older son as k herd Ye oung women rom Long e same type of Jokes about ,
30,hoi hoar Theotten~n bIslan, N. Y cuere burned, one If a remark could hurt-then
i. Clm son, Ca die critically, today when on se lit a Ihsn't f enny.
ud e ry anSd u a h ohe f or y al h that s t oNf ao gi an tic U P) _Or m fo h a vel otrvrs m e "

Mehio, who is wre been work- th e are from Jamaicae, Long Is- ,1
lat a s d I Slphur, La., foder Tthe past lngde the s e yo oa 52 U
tree weeks on an oil jeo b, re- The girls and their mothers,
vers Dickinson late Friday Mrs. Grace Pfeifer and Mrs. Mae
Uafr being notified about Z. O'Leary, also of Jamaica, had
e k e stopped in Houston overnight en
to seet drniling super-intend- going on a vacation. we Bul hur is ao motel and their mother one ad0- you y with million-mile pilots
had a- four hour drive joining the girls by a carport
wre-De ktaisons The blast occurred about o am.
RMeohrson told police today he yesterday when Miss Doody a-
ha& -nofi. d his son, Jack, of the wakened and 'it a cigarette not
tpd k and about the "Army bud- realizing that the room was filled you enjoy famous friendly service
.tht officers were seeking. withM as. Immediately, the cabin eht d
Jal saki he had no idea who expl oed. The blast gutted the in- you sace Up to $73a

the msteio sergeant might beu teior of the girls' cabin and left of us donowand then .., b u connect with other leading airlines to all others.
Of 1eers broke into the house only the walls standing. famous antacid Sal Hepatica gives w
oflee 1 1.6 Fred Aruedson, Authorities were unable to ex. speedy relief from overeating upset. N O D O
Sail 9 i-mad re orted he plain how the girls got out of the -66 Ib. baggage
ede't 'ee'the McP nrsons for cabin after the explosion. It was Just take V teaspoon of spar- 6 a a
veral dy. not know whether they w e r e kling Sal Hepatica in a glass of allowance! THE LOWI
helped out by an unidentified res- water and feel how fast it relieves H LOW
i i .cuer or whether they escaped a- nagging over-acidity. T'
All three were hospitalized at The mild laxation which may also T
Hermann Hospital and have been accompany its alkaline action helps B RN F Alfred J. Necker0
'^ & -under heavy sedation since the relieve the constipation that o often
blast. Neither Mrs. Pfeifer or Mrs. occurs when you overeat. Henry May 0
O'Leary were injured in the ex- Daphne Downing
plosion. So he wise-get the economy-sin ze Dpn D
bottle of Sal Hepatica today Have o C. R. Heard a
CAMERA COLLECMIO it on hand if you should eat toe TWO
HARRISBURG, Ill. --(U) much. Favor the T O i
*44CenPmercial photographer John J3T -R
Poster has a camera collection that Takespark g sesmute alier for r7 HyeO. i
includes a Clack camera patented f c e t RappOova .
in 1141. Other cameras in the col-I v
lection a rea 3B Quick Focus of
Sfom 1vintage,E1 Ea anIm and *HATI For Irformation and reservations call your travel agent or Braniff
a 1902 view camera. Foster also at Avenid. Tivoli 18, telephone 2-0975. Hotel El Ponoma, tale-
has a Cycle Graphic Paoram aled swbt.' i phone 3-1660, Ext. 130, or Panoma 3-4726, Colon Ticket Office, g a
camera that takes pIetu 8FO 8"e 9tFR EO R "
inches wide and 4 feet log which ---um-- PARK FREE ON OUR LO
be uses aecealenally.

,PT "I WAIT.,- br U. 1 .o .'..
have it repaired with 20%i




Clear cut-diamond setin
modern mountings of
14K gold.

Clear e

This Week's Win

* Sarah Eisen

* Clarenc

* Elvira de Castellano Liliai

* D. Galvez


Francis N. Best

and they won for I

All slips ending in 9



137 Central Ave. (11



'ut-diamond set tI
ern mounting of
14 k. gold.


oe Prescott
n Preston
T. Tinnin
* Maria de.a'



r i4

845) .




JM~**lP. "-. .'


Martha Pollack *
Dora F. de Morales *
Rosa de la Cuardia *
Juana T. Zetner *

Ana C. de Burgos
Manuel Mufioz
Jos6 Anria
Mario de Diego





,= ." ) ,


. .

__ _~~~ __


I _~_Y__ _I_~


-- 'r

f r'"

,-L;==.- .--:.





MATS Establishes Enviable

Record In Its Seven Years /

'WASHINGTON (UP) The' Already adopted are the Lock
Military Air Transport Service, heed R-7V Super Constellation
seven years old in May, has car I and the Convair C-131A Sadiaritan.
nrd an average of 1,200 prio ity The twin-engine turbo-prop Con-
Zapsengers and 200 tons of catgo vair YC-131C has been service
every day of its existence, tested for possible future use.
L Gen. Joseph Smith. MATS Douglas C-118 Liftmasters and
commander. reviewing the record b e masters are now
to the super-airlift service, aisc widely used.
reported that the service madc ..,rying service, now
over 70,000 trans-ocean flights dur- ne :'cars old. has completed'
ing the seven years. This is an more than 23,000 ferrying opera-,
average of one crossing every 51 lions. These have included trans
minutes. I port of all types of aircraft to
More than 3,000,000 persons-ap-: North Atlantic Treaty Organiza-
roximately the population of Ken- tion member nations as well as
ucky--have been carried over '- U. S. installations in this coun-
.MATS' 10o,000-mile global routes. try and overseas.
These include Armed Forces per- Another important MATS tech-
;sonnel and individuals on govern- rniai support unit is the Air Res. .
ment missions. About 514.000 tons cue Service. set up to retrieve
of Defense Department cargo and military fliers forced down on
mail have been transported. land or at sea. All armed forces .
New Planes branches, and nationals of foreign
A remarkable aspect of this countries benefit from the ser-
mass transportation feat is that vice's operations. ARS has aided, .
the rise in flight volume was ac-'over 56,000 persons to date. A not-
complished by a decrease in the able recent example of its work W ,
accident rate. The service was was the assistance given the '- I ,
awarded the Daedalian trophy in French people during last fall's ".
1950 and 1954, given annually to a heavy floods. I6
major air command in the Air Meteorological information for v ,u., ., o. I 4
Force with the lowest accident the Air Force and Army is gath- c.r by,, IA,*.e,~I
'ecol ered by MATS' Air Weather Serv- Iwill h eo ,
As airlift loads have increased, ice. The unit has more than 400 "This one really will chase your blues away and put you
MATS has been replacmg its obso- weather stations located in the in a gay mood.
lete World W r II aircraft with U. S. and 30 foreign countries. Its
newer planes designedd for more work is coordinated with Naval -
speed, range ahd 'cargo capacity. and civilian weather agencies.
.... --- In the past seven years, AWS .
S MONEY planes have made more than 1380e Life Adventures
D 06 MONEY flight to the North Pole area. Its True Life wv e
ROBIN SON. Ill. (ULP) reconnaissance missions in the
Brownie, a cocker spaniel owned Caribbean locate and track de-
by Postmaster H. L. Thompson. structive storms.
usually carries home a package, Other MATS functions are the
when she accompanies Mrs. Airways and Air Communications .'lgf
Thompson on shopping trips. On a Service, tht Air Photographic and ORS.EA6' INI7AN WARBLER,
recent visit to a grocery, Brownie Charting Service and the Flight STITCi -S THB r P488 OF
refused to take a package in his Service. l..IAVWG TO CONGTT E LICc TO
got home the dog deposited a ioiw tw"
teeth and when Mrs. Thompson A MANSlO NII I I, ,,.,
mouthful of dar bils a hteret. Walter W inchell
The mor~y was retired to the
store but no one claimed it. (Continued from Pare 2)A
stomach for revolts. He may be.
.r','--.. ..',; wail the fact that his newspapers
Share captives of the gov't but so
;''long as they carry the football
!si.- .scores he does not greatly care."

Novelet: Gene Barry is what
N they call a red-hot property in
Hollywood. His last ten pictures
were winners. They called him to
S play the role of Lillian Roth's bus.
band in "I'll Cry Tomorrow." The
exec producer, Dore Schary, okay-
. ed him, but now he had to get
N by the director. This was a cinch.
. The director and Gene, as kids,
struggled together in the dog days.
But there you go anticipating the
He turned him down.
The Broadway -beat news
photogs toltabout one of the craft
"who is. god photoapher bat

1'0","' teased another, "make it
"Okay, was.the reply. "How do
ydu spell boat?"

A Los Angeles judge, sentenc-
SOLD IT'S NW ing an actor for drunken driving.
60 OLD IT'S NEW .- Does added: "Your career does not be-
this bowl look familiar? Sue- long to you. It is held in trust
you can see designs like this for you by the public. Every dol-
In any china department that la -"it down at the box office by
features modernistic decoration. a theatergoers is his investment in
Well, the bowl WAS modern- uu, behavior on and off the
about 2500 years ago. Comely screenn is important to tilA movie
Fiorella Colatei holds the an- fan. Everything you hav%, your in-
S elent Greek soup bowl that was come, your cars, ytr security,
recently discovered at the Piaz- comes from him."/
za Amerina excavations near That's why the old saying goes:
Inna, Sicily. "Sober as a judge."



Faltering Philip!
t hfltp's Ufe ta filled with bruise-..
Well-worn steps and rugs be aes.
Repairs would iese hi home like new.
' A. Clasalfieds. tfst the rilht eluel

Reverse Twist

Great Expectations



r- ;. r,'-- r

it.- '~'~


i .
:1' *

* 1s'^^P^



Air Obsetwrr

Speaking of Catches

By M3RiaNo BLOUB '

r-1 ~

[1:1 ~




- ,- ..-
.-:t :. ,

Can't Win

Uke Tlht?


,eAM65 HOL rtr UP ITI
r16 AU 'T 4
P^f- a\l



la a. 3I LW3 iAMg

.. ,.T.-. -.
ri. 4-

.- ..



- ...;.

* *. !.,...





i-- .- W -. _.

-.?. \



:- -'.*.,-. i' '- **; ,L- ; *. ," -
: u. ..-.ira .ui i .iii.' .ni i i_ w i f *r i jn n i.^
/ ., ,. :' .'". -. : i ". w ,'

'II,,,AINP .WiPl: ..,'r'"~ i..'B -r -i| i.' "- ,.~Sf '
'~' f j

Sr,. 4.
1 1

-- 4 .

*',w w

- ....,..,,~,a.4..,

luncheon o- its regular club day,
Wednesday, July 6.
A tea nud faihon show is.
>l-ulaa ininuv with ti@Fr t1'f A-

8e.0 te ntr- erR W#nWTIVeA^ima or nUlt Weistves Clubard
eAWC Leaders Wil Wednesday, July 13. It will be,
Meet Wednesday he t the Army-Navy Club.
There will be a meeting of the
board of director the advisory ing
boa rdr, and o.the cormm ittee chair- Cards, Bates and Sewlg
me n of the later-American Wor The next n etI ng of the Card
men's Club an Wedaesday morning,
at club headquarters.
The meeting will begin prompt-
ly at 8:30.

I ze mo h meant of discover in 'TheIm E D lten trs .Wive Hea g Aids a a very
when Warren Stevens, Marl Aldon, H rep og and 'Lunch On Wednesday I

Edm ond O'Bien awalit the appearance At dhW At The Doctor's W es L hon
this meeting the unknown dancer starts her meteoric rise Club will hold its meeting on
to Holly wood stardom. Jose h L. Manklewis wrote and di- Wednesday, at 12:30 p.m. In the

reacted theTech color I Tne Central Theatre n- e t t
ounce s 'THE BAR OOT CONTESSA" release for very
Aewelers will speak -to the group

Sj nic esson precious stones, and a do r
Nutrition Prof iGoes To' Bre at pie JW be g CRAWFORD AGENCIS
feAed imbreOEd Minst adrasMembers my contactA the lunch T t e
Seon committee for reservations,
'For More Whbe Bread, Fats sateMr. Rut-Lan, Mrs..a, F k

For MoreOrnon White reamdt F ot Mrs. Pie e ard-Ami1
i a oe GoveenmenSt Expert DisagreesC ho Te Niwic i MIAM lSHOE STE
Next Week
The annual election f officers 126 Centra Ave. M r d
WASHINGTON, June 27 (UP)- Vegetable growers probably will take paace at th neMulmeet-a--

makes fac rees when yu feedhm c lauded that wnen boiers t he o r ciety, Tuesday J yo 5 t 7:30 p.m.,a J uns o
~~~vegetables':endening white bred withvita at the JWB-USO on La B oa
Feed him bread instead a n d mms and minerals in 1941 t le road.
he'll be just as healthy, says Dr. urgent need lor green ana Ddyeiow Youno nt Need o e J t R4gpocre

Robert S Harris, a nutrition pro- vegetables i our alet d iaSme rp- Durin s the meeting, p rects for
fessor at the Massachusetts i si- peared." the forthcoming year wdl be

t r Pane, coa i a n +auo autravelers.grit~ultor i yer be
tute of Technology. An excellent" daily diet co ussed and a Dowan orchid, dA
Ing about 60 cents can be madewill
o,-eAND HAPPY ABOUT T are nine young ladles from PanamL.who o.-one lot of bread, t pound of be awarded.o

reAnsungg viaeminD taha nonmexa Uhoulndc ves
un fr t idebu e, Above, aking p s for te formal, are Analida N w rd u s vitamin D m u ana ounces o .Calderon, Irmau Gonzalez, Eleonora Rubio, Elsa Endara, Manuelita Vallarino, Irma oaane cl e, Ha S It i

Arpq Virginia, de I& r Guardia andLol M nChapman. In tiie bottom picture are Misses Juli ana sp e s s at, Wais uo ro t

tegre, as they appear- By VO. G. ARTAN s ee
sao r r FCa margarine industry conference.

ho -th 0 ben boeinh ho de eh Bnnts w NEW YORK (UP)T- C ahew-i r d g government -nutrition
to sew n altar linens and to work i u offers the newest oprevin- necessary food elements but
on articles for thoe bazaar to b e iis motion sicness for 'nobody coulh b d eat tlat much fat

SDece ber "' plane oat g and auto Wavelers, every ay."
Sa n The anti-sickness compound- The ..aT. profies sore m in e
The regular business meeting meclizine hydrochlorise-is con- size how verr that e i ato

Ing of each month at l he Churth. is claimed rt "e mi For many reasons, it ais good to

SRaymonds Etea ueez feelings for atBut Harris declared few Am r-
The Brazos Heights home of hours cans realize how nutritious en-
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Raymond One or two tablets do the trick riched bread really i-s e-
was the scene of a luncheon yes- The gum also eliminates the need And he advised the margarine

night for New York. enriched white bread with spread
Mrs. Kernick's husband is now You may be able to go to a -butter or margaine. -adt
hin Guatemala but will join r driven theatre this summer and This "is an inexpensive way to
New York later. They plan a trp enjoy the comforts of individualmprove te diet," he insisted.

Neo roc a wiSote. Ti tndsg. in o utomo-e, An Agrs in ultu.le Departimernt nu-
iMlM i rie ks hihe t ela ooh c a o i ot Jner as lt aI today with 4 to t
onaags cent non-fa lk solids, i even]
"*~th I rP__~lra ch l eter, bt- bread.
to. ( Gonvdl .D moll, f I Science Is still discovering new
One tube pumps In cool air, and necessary food elements in
ights Vacation while the other acts as a return whole wheat which are lost in
after extended vacation in vent. In cool weather, the unit may white breads, the government sci-
the States, Mr. and Mrs. F. N. be used to pump de-humidified entist said.
Light have returned to their Mar-Iwarm airinto the auto. (A. R. A.Harris in his address, also
grita hme. i Manufacturing Co., Fort Worth, blasted as a "food fallacy" the
garita home. ,Tex.) idea that fats ond fatty 0 tood al
ridgeNh AT ilesa should be avoidedin hot weather.
h eNiv Gut House in An- A li htweight bicycleseat IOther authorities contend it is
con will be the gathering place molded of Bakelite vinyl resins in easier to keep down the hea t- No. 18 "J" Street
this evening for the weekly bridge a solid, tear-resistant piece which producing effects of food by eat-
games on the Pacific ide Te eliminates weak points such -as Ing salads.
Ancon-Balboa Duplicate Bridge eyelets, stitching and clips. Mat.
Association welcomes new mem- tress-coll springs help to absorb Harris, however, asserts that
Sto its ranks, and guest are rod shocks. carbohydrate foods especially
invited. This seat, which w ilnot wrink saladse-are major heatprdicing
or crease, withstands sever, times LUCKYo STR KE i de
SYou'rkeep cooler in summer by
Games start promptly at 7 p.m. more wear than conventional seat adding fats to your diet, the M.I.T.
Att he Margarita Service Center tops, according to the manufac- professor believes.
bridge players from the Atlanic turer. It may be slipped over a r oo Teu A g a in.
Side gather at 7:30 p.m.. new seat or used as a replacement
-- for a worn-out seat.mes Throug
Lions Club will Dine Tooled to simulate leather, the
On Installation Night seat comes in eight colors. (H & F
OOn the occasion of the installs- Mesinger Mfg. Co., B1thel, Conn.) KEEP YOUR KIDS
IHlOME FROM SCHOOL SET PACE tion of her new board of direct-
FO W .. LCOME PARTY AT EI, PANAMA ors, the Lion's Club of Panama A vending machine for apart. OUT of MISCHIEF!
:ew Dance steps to new music set the pae Saturday night will hold a gala banquet at the meant houses will dispense as many Now that they're On S
9llthe young and the not-so-young gathered at Hotel El Pan- 'Union Club on Saturday evening. as 36 products around-the-clock. VUcatowth eatth eoCI
.at M for a welcome home ball honoring almost three score event at 8 p.m. downstairs and pick up milk, eeggs, advantage of our O. mm
fbift debutantes who have returned from distant schools to a ice cream, meat and other items bpckupmlkWegSALE
speaM-the summer with their parents in Panama. h MrsVelrde asGudsts J virtual a. te r ot r. E e w
Jt was q formal occasion, at which the girls wore iheir Mrs. Velarde Has Guests virtually at their front door. T OW
Mrs. Nina Velarde de Johnson The machine also is being con-
t~elberate dance frocksL Each honor guest also wore a of Arkansas is the house guest of sidered for installation outside of
ll crsage as she charged partners to the tunes of two her mother, Mrs. Evelia de Ve- grocery stores to provide after- To keep them busy
IsW Nr... larde, of La Cresta. Mrs. John, hours service. Prices of the food outdoors or indoors
son is accompanied by her chil- items can vary from one pe to Toys for every age. ISsE
M as Scott Due Mrs. Sugar as Guests ren $1.39. (Vari-Vend, Inc., Chicago, No. 18 Via Espaia (sbanas) Pas
July. Mr. .'anal Mrs. Delbert F, Brown -IT Ill.) UNTIL. WEDNESDAY
MISJma Scott will arrive .on end daughter Beety, from West- Mesdamis Aie mn, ONLY is the fortunate winner of the 1955
Judly 4. 4i extended atay. with field, New Jersey, were guests 0 Garsla "de Paredes Return ONLrOT U L !| Chevrolet 4-door Sedan- It was won

Mi s Se6tt has bean working for The Browns were on e Isthl Paredes, and rograndson, A eT it-yourself ar repairing has .dme
the teaat UCI4A .in West- mus for the wedding of t eir son have returned from the Unite o d i nef ea anghaz e O t P
Lt. Philip T. Brown, who is sta- States .. U May opened up tnir commear Oeltn A ..-
tioned at FL Davi. LtU. Brown garage to motorists who want tq
... cwas married on Satrda to Miss HAIRCUTS POr MEN do their own repairs. The amateur
.nte.tainVs,1Jatite Ferrell of Clarkspurg, W. mechanics pay only for spare parts
Amb s sdor i J l MILWAUKEE -(UP)- Emun and equipment they use.
s And Wife .unker, general manager of new =
ailmber* of social gatherings Diana Chiaris Show television station, WXIX, had com- a a -,
ha-ibee given or are in pros- Opens Wednesday lined bitterly about the impossi-
uet to the Ambassador of in C ristobal ilitynod getting a decent harcut n,
Reaurns awd Mrs. Marco Rouda- Diana Chiari wqll known Pana- Milwaukee. He solved.the problem *T L
1aq .1m .who are ending their manian artist and teacher, w ill recently after three months of 0l O*SVJi ,,-s
Stiot Panama soon. open an exhibit on Wednesday at "Milwaukee haircuts." He now -
WnerS1SY, Mr. and Mrs, Igna- the Cristobal Red Cross building, gets trimmed in a beauty parlor. rP e
eI.UE6Ile Were hosts to the de- 7:30-9:00 p.m. n eiip
a Ct mpo Alegre home. will sponsor the Exhibit no ad- i
the Ambassador of mission charge will be made. Th iSFIS ,
r. ,one V. plthe bates
. ai nner t dinner ln their r nnor. and textile work of art fori te w
.. Weeks. ,messy double boilers, hot

fAter op gini ht the hour oveJstluiistheRoyal ho-i lllwoug h cookln A a Is ll* Pesre
wW be from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m;:Fkm IA^lute w al r of Nne e e L -
Clornettasses in the art of batea paint- Flanmixture with milk, bring of u.oking mild delghful LUCKY STRIKE cigorett.
ing will be given on the Atlantic Don't let bad eoh diln y it to a boil, then pourw it into this f oM moker h asm l a M Iuto.
Success ^ "Anyone interested may Call vitality ... mak you feel weak mod. Four I servings ae. Ow ..
.o Suca3-250.ated. Got quick lef ... tary from each pucuke. When
wsigl Ceorse forI wod-mous uckley's Canadal
p", WUs u 0beWoman'sAlffi yur'es drier ent tak you1-U. forRoal And now, we inWif you 1to9 ewufav eno
D July Is, herwb-flbour *"esip of ucklafyt' i d It on the
p..m. The gWulaz month te.ling of toqgueam a 2te,,.w w slowly
how to lek and feel the Woman's Auxiliary of the Th e the er Cht.elf 6f Out Saoioau In Cis. your threat ,.addaL
f ead t aI n yo toba wax- h eld last week at the ta. S -
hat this wW be church. Urs. R. T. Thomas, pres i. oom up wat
tmemiet 57 ddent .Ps.eld. i e.~e.e400
'an mhake B Maunits wale serve d by 1spOalil S- N4 p ler eseaMh s be ameing plle e

-. .

*.^ *\ '- : -* ;


_ __ ___ C_ _L___VI__ __

hI I

",-- u,

-. -

.tr ..

'. < 'W U i1"-^ J B i iS i *

- I* .'V /

*' .' ,, .-Tx

f *,y .' ,-'.



*,~ .>, *0 -

?'4~ 4~h/~
~ '~
~' I... -

-: rI


I asreel No. IS
dth 1f July Ave. A J .L
Jusle Arememnsa Ave, and 3 SL

____________ In



Phone Panama 3-0553



*Air Condiltlned Studio Suite II
: Dance Hnr 5 to I p m.
Clharm Sellool a.m. to 12 n0on9
4Tel. Balboa 2-4239 or PSnami 3-166M


r DrA. andG E ORi.AC
Perl lAvenue Tel. 3-98
ot ,blnrk from Lux Theatre!

-Packers. Shipper. Movers-
Phonls 2-245; .- 2-25%2_
l Learn Riding at
SRiding & Jumping class daf
S, to 5 p.m. Phone 30279
or y appopntmoft.

'* tatch-tlck BatmboO
!.4 Venetian BlHnes ./
r Tiverse Curti. ,..
oe al1- or Wood JAlo nW'
Call 3-3083 or 3-41W '
E: estimates Given Witout
/ Distributed by
froductos de Madero, S'A.
Central Ave. (between Kodak
building & Fifth Ave. Store).

Canal' Zone Dental Polyelnic
Dr. C. E. Fabrega D.D.S.
Dr C. A. Roy D.D.S.
.Dentare-brilde wor.-ail kstra
General metlce.
t*eO (b 4hf iWyt Ave.atL I Ms
4Sosdf ARMeoS shom lywoao)
Teleploe .-an-4M aa.

rhih is the year to buy a Caei-
anenal Casualty sauh1le rauee

e.i... w........ a, J

f'tamI luurance Compauy. Ic
(Branch Office)
S No 12 TivtU Avenue
Phone Pmiami 1-301
(Aerou from Aaeen Poet Office)

maouseme lasses In Tap. Aerobsete
andO Balle.
I. Claytnum: Monday ad Thunday
m BaJet I34, louth Canter.
oo.eU: Tuesday and rrMday 3SS p.
Cocell cubhoMe1, s ei el
L', In Tap and Aereobac.
S uPboa f l. a2-441s

Fruitful Debate

" I .I


FOR SALE:-Duncan Phyfe Din-
ing 1oom Table China Closer,
Buffet, Baby Be, Foam Rubber
Mattrss and pins, Sawing Ma-
chine. Phone Albrook 3146.

FOR SALE-Gulbraonsn studio
console plane. Extre string
length end trephlalilsd. Good
condition. Phone Navy Peelfic
FOR SALE:-9 eu. ft. porcelain
refrigerator 25 cycles. Aquo-
riums. Cheep. Cell Navy 3192.
FOR SALE:-Dining room set.
I table. 6 chairs. $20.00. Chine
cabinet. $25.00; Radio Zenith.
$15.00; Buffet mahogany. $50.
2145A Curundu. Phone 4294.

FOR SALE: Bamboo sitting
room furniture, dining table, 6
Cosata Rican bamboo chair. 1
mahogany sideboard, 1 mahog-
any bed, 2 night tables, 1 ma-
hogany dresser with mirror.
Phone 4172 Curundu. House
No. 675 Curundu Heights, A-
partment C.

Playground Sports

The "Biddy League" opens its
1955 season tonight. The teams
have finished preseason prac..
tice and practice games. At this
time, it looks as if the league
will open as a well balanced,
Following are the sponsors
who helped to provide uniforms
for the league, the coaches and
members of the teams are also
listed. Team No. 1: Sponsored by
Las Cumbres Civic Assocition.
Coached by Jim Selby. Team
members R. Bettla, W. Ashton,
F. Chase, R Daniel, W. Beardall,
J. Lawlor, *U. O'ell, B. Ldvela-
dv. T. Bouthwell, C. Pitgeald.

Pool, T. Stacy, D. Paak, IA TT'y-
lor, A. Wagner, W. WilknWop,,
F. Wodarzka.
Team number 4: Oponsosed by
Pan Canal Pilots AssocIation.
Coached. by Jack Perantte. Team
membersr: P. Denton, W. Engel-
ke, M. Lebrun, Bob Walker, B.
Hadley, T. Hadley, J. Potter, C.
Rowan and D. Zeemer.
Team number 5: Sponsored by
Keystoners (Lou Glu'dj Sport.s
Store). Coached by Dorman Ful-
ton. Team members: R. Bishop,
Jo Coppenhaver, C. Corrigan, W.
Coy. B. Gouckenour, C. Brad-
shaw, K. McKenzle, F. Stewart,
R. Watson, D. 8tewart.
Team number 6: Sponsored by
Emblem Club (Ladies Affiliate
of the Elks i. Coached by Jim
Reece. Team members: L. Cald-
well, L. Corrigan, R. Glazer, D.
Hulett, R. Hulett, R. Mikullch,
R. Morris, T. Plowman, 0. Slice
and J. Wilson.
The opening weeks schedule
Is as follows:
3:30 p.m. Las Cumbres vs Key-t
4:30 p.m. Gibraltar Life vs Co-
ca Cola.
June 28, Tuesday:
3:30 p.m. Emblem Club vs Pan
Canal Pilots.
4:30 p.m. Las Cumbres vs Gi-
bralter Life Ins.
June 29, Wednesday:
3:30 p.m. Emblem Club vs Key-
4:30 p.m. Pilots VS Coca Cola.

Parts Sales Service
Central 26-79.
1Tel. 2JA-I1

'WASHINGTON, June 27 IUP) FOR3SAM:Refrigerators.
-.The C.ongressional Record to- Admiral. brand new, five
published aide by side two years' warranty, no down
-- "Baanas on Pikes
a" nd "Applesauce on Cap- payment, $12.50 month.
i." K Muebleria CASA SPARTON
first was written by Rep. Central 26-79
osamer (R.-Cal.). He saidk
ilbht am well appro-.
SP a" an to approve FOR SALE:
te-pas- g bIlon-dol- Gas stoves. Modern-Msl
09 a odo River water I S.-.'- _".-A-"M_.
baeu~,Ul ue*ai

tfn Was by Rep. Wal-

r at~xlim- *1

rana new. one year guar-
antee, no down payment,
$10.00 month.
mueblerin CAN A ATOM
Cewtnd 2&".I

Foethmel aly Avw.
Agencia InternaL 4 Pu&bUcacIone
45 Centrl Ave.
Parque Lefeyre 1 tint


BOX 2031 ANCON, C.Z.

FOR SALE: One Hammond
electric organ model D. appro-
priate for church or night club,
reasonably priced. Call Colon
phone 33.
FOR SALE:-One beautiful sil-
ver set consisting of one troy,
12 chompogne cups, one jug.
Inquire in Ave. B No 13-85,
near Panama Freight House. B.
FOR SALE:-Dunlap drill press
and motor. Phone 2-3692 Bal-

Cyprus To Profest

Before Greek Govt.

FOR SALE.-1950 Jeop "Lend
Rover," perfect running condi-
tion. Can be seen at "Lo Me-
derna" o Gasee Station on 50th
Street, Belle Vista.
FOR SALE:-1954 Mercury Sta-
tion Wagon. 1955 Ford Country
Sedan. Balboa 2-3050.
FOR SALE--1952 Chevrolet 4-
Dr. sedan, good tims, good paint,
leather upholstery, radio. Tel. 3.
2543 Cristobal.
FOR SALE:-1950 Oldsmobile
V-8 Hydramalic. Albrook 3146.
FOR SALE:-1951 Buick Spe-
cial. 5 now tubeless tires, Radio.
Perfect condition. $300 cash
$700 finance. Tel. 2-0398 after
6 p.m. 2-1815.
FOR SALE:-1950 Mercury 4-
door. New tires with accessories.
Good cedidion. Phone Navy
Pacific 3778.
FOR SALE:-1947 Cadillac 4-
door. Radio, hydre-matic. Call
Curundu 83-2246.
FOR SALE:-1953 Buick "'Su-
per" Riviera. low mileage.
hydrometic, power staring. pow-
er brakes. Factory installed Fri-
gidaide air conditioning. Selec-
tronic Radio with back seat
speaker, windshield washers.
c o m p a ss, tubeless, puncture
proof, life guard WSW tires.
tinted glass. Must sell Will take
52000.00. Call 87-7116 or
87-5125. See it in Quarters
517, Fort Clayton.
FOR SALE:- The Navy raffle
1955 Bel-Air Chevrolet Coupe,
haqdtop, 2-tone, w/white side-
wall tires, special paint, new car
guarantee. 52250. Call Balboa
2-2485 or can be soen at Quar-
tars 0902. Amador Road.
FOR SALEc-1954 Chevrolet se-
dan. tudor, tutone. excellent
candhion. Asking price $1450.
Blb.a 4171.




Awai a us ai .
10 Cenral Ava

M Steal Ra



WItUAW' 544 te dl eb-

Shrapnel's hfrshed boues
bedh, ot Santa Clars. telephone
Thsompen. Balboa 1772.
Gramlkeh's Santa Clara Beach
Coltages. Modern conveniences,
moderate rates. Phonee Gamboh
PHILLIPS OensMide. Conages,
Santa Clara. eox 435, Balboo.
P:one Panama 3-1877. Cristo-
bol 3-1673.
FOSTER'S COTTA' S. -e mile
pest Seat Claer. Loe staes.-
PhonE Belbeo 186. .



actl at a E .

WI Buy. ~w, .s.. Reel.

phone 2-0V7.

FOR SALE:- Leaving Paean es
five two-bedem furnished cot-
tagil *t Sante Clara ech. Ideal
for ergaelmtion o business.
Baleoa 2-30S0.

FOR SALE: 2 le oHf 2000
squre iters ina Rio Hote for
$200. MeN r highway.- Pemea 3-

185 La Carnmuilla
Contral Ave. 45
No. 3 Lettery Plas


On Recent Bombinqs
NICOSIA, Cyprus, June 27 (UP,
Informed sources said today
the government is believed ready.
ing a formal protest to Greece
charging that Greek influences are
behind the bomb throwing nation-
alists whose attacks are turning
this Mediterranean British bas.
tion into one of the world's hot
The sources said the Cyprus
government planned to relay the
protest to Greece through Britain.
The fanatical nationalist organiza-
tion "of Cypriot fighters (EOKA)
allegedly has been responsible for
the outbreaks of terrorism in the
past few weeks.
Terrorists cut the telephone line
between the towns of Paphos, Ni-
cosia and Limassol last night and
scattered EOKA leaflets in isolat-
ed villages demanding transfer of
the island from Britam to Greece.
Tension between the Greek and
T'Arkish inhabitantp of the Island's
town is increasing. ifty e Ight
persons have been sresteit since
Wpril 1, 13 of them since Tuesday
wen terrorists demanding enos4
(Union): with Greece fen ewed
bomb 'throwing attaies.
The latest attack was reported
early yesterday when three mask-
ed men traded shots with police
outside the lonely police station
at Ktima. The terrorists made off
as a jeepload of police reinforce.
ments drove up.
Meanwhile an amendment to the
island's police-law passed by the
Cyprus government yesterday em-1
powered police commissioner M.
Robins to halt traffic on any of
the island's winding roads at any
time. The amendment also em-
powered him to recruit special con-
stibles to supplement the regular

Migs Shoot Up

Nationalst Plane
TAIPEI, Formosa, June 27 -
(UP i-Chinese Communist Migs
today attacked a Nationalist air-
liner chartered by the U.S. mili-
tary assistance advisory group
and forced it to crash land on
one of the islands of the Matsu
An American miUtary doctor
aboard was "possibly wounded,"
the PFoshing airlines reported.
Airline official said the plne.
an amphibian patrol bomber
type. was en route to the Mat-
su Islands to pick up an Ameri-
can officer reported sick there.
The Chinese Miga swarmed in
to attack shortly before the
plane reached Matsu.

Claim Nine

*-As Rains

Ea4e UI In Honshu
TOKYO June 17 (UP)- T h e
death tll in northern Honshu's
floods rose to nine today but in-
habitants- breathed a sigh of re-]
lief as the rains abated.
Unopftirmed reports said four'
other persons were missing.
Rivers swollen by the torren-
tial rains which started Friday af-
ternoon were receding gradusa 1 v
this morning and people started
the work .of recovering property
that were salvageable.
Upwards of 15,000 homes were
flooded in Akita, Yamagata. I-
wate and Aomorl prefectu r e s.
Flood waters also covered 36,000
acres of farmland.
Yamagata recorded the heavi-
est rainfall in nine years.
Akita city was the worst hit by
the rains. There 10,000 houses
were flooded when the Asahigawa
river broke its banks yesterday.
Residents were trickling back
to their homes from higher ground
where they sought safety.
The floods disrupted always at
several points throughout north-
ern Honshu but service was al-
most completely back to normal

June 30, Thursday:
3:30 p.m. Pilots vs Gibralter
4:30 p.m. Emblem va Las Cum-
There's plenty of room in the
balcony for all the parents andI
friends of these boys, so come
out and root for your favorite

Records Changerr
Mahogany Cabinets

ATTENTION G. 1.1 Jws built
modem fmrnised apartments, I,
2 bedrooms, hot, cold walw.
Plhone Pmma 3-4941.
FOR RINT.-Funsised mad end -
furnished 2 end 4-roem modem
apartments. Contat ALHAM-
Phone 1386 Coles.
FOR RENT:-Modern apartment,
two bedrooms, with two bath-
rooms, maidsroom wit, bath, liv-
ing and dining roon combination,
balcony with sliding door open-
ing, garage, watchmen and care-
taker service, no children. Campo
Alegre. Telephone after 6 p.m.
Pan. 3-4242.
FOR RENT:-Furnished apart-
ment. Rasonable price. Phone
3-5229. Vita Hermose, Ricar-
do Mire. 52.
FOR RINT:-Lorge 3-bodroom
apartment. House No. 31-A,
Francisco Files Street I Vista
HermosaI, between 2nd and 3rd
Streets. Betania buss will leave
you right at your door. Apply
next door No.1 31.
FOR RENT:--Large 2-bedroom
furnished apartment, $95. Tiv-
oli Avenue. Call Balboa 1866.
FOR RENT:-1-bedroom apart-
ment, beautiful furniture. gas
stove, refrigerator. No. 25-28
Central Ave. Phone 2-1816.
FOR RENTs-3-bedroom apart-
ment with 2 bathrooms, living
room, kitchen, garage, maid's
room. East 51st Street 20, cor-
ner of Ave. Federico Boyd. Ap-
ply upstairs.
FOR RENT: Small furnished
apartment, comfortable, I bed-
room. Apply 3-4871 or Via Por-
roa 56, Apt. 6.
FOR RENT:-Cosy modern a-
portments, two bedrooms com-
pletely furnished. 45 last Street
No. 22-13.

East feO ps Spurn

Ida Of W1chnical

Talks With West

BERLIN, June 27 (UP) -East
German Communists today reject-
ed a western offer to hold tech-
nical talks on normalization of
life in split Berlin and insisted on
a conference of top officials that
would mean recognition of the
East Berlin Communist city gov-
East Berlin Mayor Friendr i c h
Ebert in a letter to West Berlin
Mayor Otto Suhr said city prob-
lems could not be solved by tech-
nical talks by experts as Suhr
proposed but only by direct talks
between representatives of t h e
West Berlin and East Berlin exe-
cutive councils.
Ebert said Berliers disagreed
with Suhr's contention that the
West Behrlin city #over n m en t
should not recognize the East
Berlin city government.
West Berlin city officials said
they would reject Ebert's porpos-
a] to hold high-level talks. They
said they would not recognize the
East Berlin government.

Chicago Cleanup
CHICAGO. June 27 (UP) -
Chicago will be "cleaned up."
Mayor Richard J. Daley has
ordered 40 new mechanical
street sweepers.d

taught. Ca Jaon Pla @sib
or Z- ennit, Phonoe -1


FOR RENT:-Furu .hed
Livingtome, dining,. hmuen- "
en. 2 bedroom s,.porch. ...
NoetIal Panama. Tel. -6o074.

New Roitish Liner Launchae

For Routes Via Panama Canl

The Reina del Mar, new pas-
senger liner for the Pacific Steam
Navigation Compan y, was
launched at Belfast this month.
The Reins del Mar is expected
to make her maiden voyage in
January, joining the Reins del Pa.
cifico in the line's European-
South Pacific service through the
Panama Canal.
Mrs. H. Leslie Bowes wife of
the managing director of the com-
pany, performed the launching
Among the guests attending the
launching were the ambassador of
Colombia, Peru and Eucuador, Sr.
Don Jose Maria Villarea, Sr. Don
Ricardo Rivera-Schreiber and Sr.
Doctor Don Jose Ricardo Marti-
nez C., and also the Prime Min-
ister of Northern reland. Via-
count Brookeborougb.
The twin screw vessel of 19,320
gross tons, is powered by Par-
sons type turbine engines w it h
17,500 shaft horsepower and has
a service speed of 18 knots.
Reins del Mar has mod ern
lines, with a well-r a k ed bow
curved bridge, cruiser stern and
one streamlined- funnel.
Her overall length itf .600 fee t
In addition to her passenger ac
commodation, she hn capacity
for 6000 tons of cargo, including
refrigerator space.
She will carry 201 passengers in
first class accomodatina compris-
ing De luxe suites, stte cabns
and single cabins.. All. caips ae
equipped with private bathrooms
or shower compartment.
Cabin class will accommodate
245 passengers in single, double
and three-berth cabisM and 359
passengers will be accommodated
in third class. /

An important feature in this
commodation is the introduction
single-berth cabins.
AUl cabins and public rooe
will be air-conditioned, also t
hospitals, officers' and engineer
There will be open air sw
ming pools, shopping center
ardreasg saloons and clae
shows in a classes.
In the first class there will
an open air swimming pool w
Lido cafe, also a separate C
dren's deck with dining room a
playroom and an open air p
dling pool with sand pit..
A chikhreu's hostess w
see that -the young peaaBUsi

.. 3

dinard :

I of
r s,

S, .,:-- |
not lack entertainment and a spe- Tbh ves4 is equipped wIt
cial stewardess whose sole dutyDenny-Brown stabilizers w hI
is the care of the youngsters wi will mainmize rolling.
be carried.

USAF Sabre, RAF Lincoln Bomber

Collide 6-Man British Crew Dies

BITBURG, Germany, J- une rammed in the wing by the AnU@:
(UP)- An American Sare ram-lcan jet.
mad a four-engine British bomber The American pilot w a m.t*i
five miles up in the darkened sky as saying he was not "ea ._H .
yesterday in a "million-to-one" intercepting the Lincoln wbea.d
crash during NATO atomic air crash occurred and An -
war maneuvers. did not know it wasu i i.
'All six crewmen of the Royal -.
Air'Force Lincoln bomber were American forces radio r*
killed in the flaming pluage. Thee pondent James Machin of a
American Sabre plot parachuted Francisco, who interviewed ,'.
to safety. cials at thie cene, said the AasuL
can jet pilot told them:
"1-canat remember a thing a-
bout what happened," the U.S. "I can't remember a Othing-
pilot was quoted as saying., bout what hapened...I didn't. s
The piston-engined B r i t i anything... I didn't see th boaib.
bomber and the American jet col. er...and then I was spinal"
lided while flying at an altitude through the air."
of 23,000 feet northwest of the
German town of Bltburg, near U.S. Air Force o officials al6
the elgian border. not directly denuti the jet* [10.
They crashed in wooded areas But they isued a houlta"
ab seven miles northwest of tleaseon American pflt
thia U.S. air force base. The Br it parachted In .the same tera
isa bomber burst into flames whenae night" at
it hit, craft "developed trouble."
"It was a milion-to-one chance The Air Force said st L. Janm
that -ueh an ecideat should o C. "Hopper of W .
w"* Air Force spokesman "was forendt O 4a i.ut ,
a y had th e w sky aircraftdeeoed
wk tolmaneuvar." ing from an ina silt to
A battered w t watch found .
on the 'corehed and broken body.
of oae of the British cew mom- The a" Out, the a
hera showed the crash occurred at was madhte "'0 m:ilesa dA
35 minutes peat midnight. (CIowa." S LC01000it about 0
The two planes were takin me tro suOl .."M 00
prt in atom-bomb attacks and in- .u ... attached .b to m-
tereeptions as part of the nm8s- P .
live NATO "carte blancbe" man- C Fli "li wW iN
euvers In which 3000 Allied plane t s LndatuhL.
AnAmarean sAir Force source The e.ollisO oc9 d .
sid the Jet and the bomber. bu- Of night 8 s and
ed at Helmswell, England, wee fromaix ft cntrw 99 1W
maneuvering at high titude when croed the skies _-of '
they "crossed courses." France. Belgiuom, a -1 -00a-d
Sources who saw the bsned-out simulated,atomic ratidsi-
bomber wreckage reported tat t t sulatad atomic raid
appeared the British craft was captio L s

, r

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F 50.


e Ou N'P.






- i -_Ir T T~- _




I IMN -%C- V- --- ---- A A r%^ I ~_ -


P. a

I I -- --- -

- I --- ---- ---- --

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*** *m***

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.. a.' -~

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*- ..

" -' -'..-' ":''TV
' ._-;' -? /:'W ,' ^ '
.T : +._. ,-."
.*.-., %,, ;. .... .:" ..-., ..... ,.-^

SA. ... -- I
.' ...*.-.j. :

"A. ~A-- ~


g ~7--~'~
A' ~ ~
-. Ct a '.

* Alo. .

qu"i s y

and :00 _9 '. M.
O thre Screen: -
with TOTas CV

$bows-a.W9 --- M:3 im.
Jose seAMKM*. Jack PAWMANC



T6 a t re of the Yearl

mmRst: .JuY
"To ml,


SHOLLYWOOD -(NEA)- Behind they're mighty good. There's mo. come September, In another pile
the Screen: With Father's Day of that modern le.the-ehid.have- of greenbaclimprsonal scenery
conveniently falling just four days his-owsway o saft around tar both enjoy.
after the June 15th bills, it was heme" I V:
open season on Father of the Year. This Is Hollywood, Mrs. Jones:
V V To Every city crowned one, a new tie There's another reason for Lau For "that girl who has everything,
wrapped around his neck. ran going along with the idea of Hollywood novelty shops are fea-:
Humphrey Bogart can go buy his the screen taoughe as Father of I turning a mink toothbrush ... And
-ie leerd h.qp: Nat "b11g' own tie, but I'm nanming him Hol- the Year. She marvels: .little girl can now buy white er-
b pe who sitag like a sunset loos, .. .ywood's Father. of the Year. "He took Steve to San Francisco mine Davy Crockett caps. Honeit.
s .li Naw honor. He has six sides '- No Myrtle, NOT because he re- on the overnight train when I was --
*a,[b :.time on the best-sefllg .* .J. fused to scare the kiddies with there wor ing in 'Blood Alley.' Any Valerie Allen, one of the sexiest I
m whibth is a record record- uns that sounded like cap pistols man who takes a six-year-old on chorines from the Sands Hotel in
iHitget, "My One Sin," could 'be' on the TVersion of "The Petrified an overnight train trip deserves to Las Vegas, is screen testing at
S b.. one or him. Inci- Forest." win the title." Paramount. Clint Walker, former
y, CBS-TV has signed Nat I'm picking himn after talking it deputy sheriff who helped agurd
to do 10 guest appearances next .Mii over with wife Lauren Bacall, be- Sk All the Talk the Dean Mar. the casino loot at the same hotel. SOME
teason.- getaparneI causee he's a rugged "I'll set my tin and Jerry Lewis are calling it a will play the title role in the n Italy
o...... wn rules" pop in raising his six-day as a comedy team. Ft. Knox "Cheyenne" telefilm series of 0 m.p.i
Q4eb has other project uder- year-old Steve and Leslie, almost couldn't afford the lawsuits that "Warner Bros. Presents." Mario I
w ` Ztt e n arg, b' M I ^three. would be hurled against them if
worl-o e a n der esll sngI Says Lauren: "HMe doesn't do. they did. It's now official, by Hollywood at i
"(0e to Ulcers." Seems both art- anytlng by the books. He makes, .De. ..... ... 'least, that Liberace has a certata
i4'. have problems in that dl. The wpr Lads up the rules as he goes along and Despite a ew fed, which as type fan follow. A call sheet for
iet d that wht be --- separated them by a continent and "Sincerely Yours" listed "40
ter -way tol sae than with week. Thee are best: 'Freddy .. n oean, they'll be "tothr 'berase f"an t s." If
a f compsion If ever (Conie Francis, MGM); "Hum- Tra aga on TV Sept. 25 and then |
a in coapodltl., waI av mg Bird (Frnt e Lain, Co ta work int Se t m ovie, 1 The casting office came up with
eo appendicis, wah ut mbia) That Old Black Magic Blas Trapshere Men Are Men." 40 wel-pdded matrons.
coes -- -u (Samm i Davis, Jr.T DBeca)c M illa c M Dean's in Hawaii after refusing I The -Witaet: Vanessa Brown
The FOURLads, all six of them "Precious Love" (The Marion s- nlll rU to accompany Jerry to the New joined a group of film stars dis.
breeTed back into town on one others, MGM); 'Do It Yoursel" Yorkpremiere of "You're Never cussing international politics at a
their hurried, record-making trips (Smitb, Glamaun Quintet Bethle.- Too Young. party and asked a staqet next to
The t Columbia record s qu-making t rip hem); "ReemmberMe. wherever n n UW He says he has a logical beef- er what she though of Tito.
tet ( at two) has been on thquar- Go" (Alan Dean, MGMI;I all the ballyhoo was tobe centered "I'm sorry for her,' said the
road almost exclusively since "Nuevo Laredo" (Jim Lowe, Dot); GELSENKIRCHEN, Germany, on Jerry's return to Brown's Hotel Irma-brain. "And I sure hope she
theyfirst came down from Canada "A Little Love Can Go a Long June 27 (UP)-An explosion in the in the Catskills, where he worked'and Edmund Purdom reconcile." WnI
five years ao Long Way" (Doryce BroWn, North Star mine here yesterday as a bus boy. Dean gave a big ----
So, when te time comes for MGM); '"Street of Make Believe' trapped and killed 14 men under "No" to the whole idea months Selected Shorts: Ben Bard and
them tordo a little recording, they (Buddy Costa, Pyramid). tons of rock and ceal in the worst ago but everyone thought he'd his wife. Benna, quietly joined the
fly back to New York, stay a sew' For the quiet hour, if you're mine disaster in the Ruhr in five change his mind "for the sake of ranks of exmates. He was former-
days' cut a few sides and fly out lucky enough to have one, these years. .the team" at the last minute. Atily wed to serial queen Ruth Ro-
their Aext engagement. Like thintnew albums are ideal: "Dinner In ,the last minute he hopped a plane land.
tim The re Denv, op racas"; "Music For Tired1 Eleven bodies covered with gri. to Hawail stillsaying "No." ,
a iani p to e ew York. ctiLovers (Woody Berman and Er. my blankets were brought from' It takes diplomacy to handle Name of the dazzler in Paris
ei1i- ".s ibtd before you could rll Garner, Columbia); Wayne' the blasted tunnels of the mine by Martin and Lewis. who's dating Porfirio Rubirosa is
ay s others, they were f I's "Melod of Lve" (RCA)! rescue crews. Workers M.ill were, June Marson, a 22-year-old. I
.on ght. Chiago. an-or ayne ag' "Melodies of digging in the rubble for the oth- Paramount goofed in arranging. --A
eI' if- a work so fast he. Love" (Decca); "Sweet and Love- er Wree men. the premiere at the scene of Jer-' Aside to Walt Disney: There's a
can a' get, Mike Stewart, 1t" (Lou Stein, pi1ne and orehes-I ; ry's boyhood. At the moment Dean female character named Lovey
whole NbwT yo, ,pic 1ks o tri, Coral) "Music for a Lazy Officials said they had little kes the scenery elsewhere. But Crockett in the 'Steve Cochran-Ann
thel 19 u Bell send t'em ea Afternoon" (Camarata, Decca). chance of being found alive apd with TV and movie contracts to Sheridan costarrer, "Come Next
tf te aaesdstratiou ,e.rgd. Tt. iast one, incidentally, is must be presumed dead. ulill they'll bury the hatchet, Spring."
in -a ey'lr -r y :w r. strange despite the title, it doesn't' FamilieW and friends of the dead
tc, a their.oael rooans. conan the song, "Lazy Afer- men stood in sil tne as the bodies
m therefote, were carried frpni the tunnel en-i -
ethe :T .r t ca t e aS by p. cue.teams. TA
..... ... .. .FLOTAMERCANTE
min 4m:I A I A A .)l~laul k h h-A ,&.M 1b I A a

or- r u g. Thelumb ia) for set off otler charges and tumbled
.Foar C oa le trol a artbe Phil. masses of stone and coal onthe
al a ie'rmoeia Orchetea -(N .) play miners.
dae l e -all young -Sumann's Symphony 'No. 4 and
ha. td it no great Wigaer.'s Siegfried ldyl; Toseal The explosion occurred at 11
phy al train. and the NB Symphony But mentally it getl to be a bit,~lay Mendelssohn's Octet and Schu- be heard on the surface. T h i s
rf a bore, this hotel-train-motel- ert's Symphony No. 5; Beecham brought rescue crews on the run,
algh8lub.-lae routine. But there and the Royal Philharmonic (Co- but they were unable to get into
are ways our (or six) young men',lumbial play Dvorak's Symphonic the blocked tunnels in tm e to!
egn get a little relaxation. Between Variations and Balakireff's sym- save the trapped men.
them they pack 14 water-pletols, -Phonic poem ,Tamar. I
for example, and there's nothing --.- It was the worst disaster in the'
ikel gaed plriling match tore- _Jiummy Cannon ("What's the Ruhr area since 1950 when 79
lax W Storyr" DuMonti: I'm an FBI-A workers died in another Gelsen-
Then there's the airport bit. As FudI-Blooded Irishman. 'kirshen mine explosion.
explained by a representative Lad,!
this works like so: they go to an .
airport, make up a silly name
Ib the airport to have her paged.MIAlI SHOE" STOR E'
Ten they stand in the main part H : U I
of the airiort and listen to he 12 Central Ave.
voice solemnly asking "Miss Tillie 126 Central Ave. Muller BIdg.
Knockwurs Miss TUillie Knock-'
wurst, coneto atehree." Qite' SHOES FOR ALL THE FAMILY
JY Wn / Arnold also plays golf,
and Connie Codarini some tennis,
d Anolde also plays, gol, You Don't Need Money Just Say
when be can dig up a partner. Yu Dont Need Money -Just Say
Bernie and Frank just stick to wa-.
ter pistols and the airport bit.'
Most relaxed quartet you've ever "CHARGE IT"
seen. I

One of the est young plansts
ear operation Is 25-year-old Cy
Calemia, currently at New York's
C tehr wit his tri. It you
ea'fet wIere, take a lite to his
New : taen Beads. He hu"
vw s hi MWE an old standard
.fre* ,kd tll familiar. iMke
v ldad l face-if
Plcks: Not too much this


s.S. "SANTA INKS" --..Due Cristebal, C. Z., June 28
8.8. "SANTA CECILIA" ....Due Cristobal, C. Z., June 28
B.S. "SANTA BABAIA" ..Sads Cristobal, C. Z., June 2a
S.S. "SANTA ISAD ." ......sails Cristobal, C. Z., July S
S.S. "SANTA CU .........Due Balboa, C. Z, July I
*S.S. "SANTA ADELA" ......Due BabIe, C. C., July IS


-.4t' } l

CRUZV ... ... Crebat, C. 2, Z* 5




J7o STit B, .
Also: -




' 5e. f, en
Olenn FPod, IA
Also: -

4m R

JUI i*..

^. ^ .^,y ^.. .. +,. ", ,'.- ',, : ., R., ,,;^. ,,,y '.,:.. _-
".- ,* -" .*. -v ,'. ., "*'' .
'. ^? ,' i... 1 1 .- ,..- .. .--., ..
.. .- L ;-;" -* ":

v ;::~~:K22~ '-S. -,


#4 _

W ,,
THING FOR THE FAMILY-This iught plane with plastic wings will soon ,it on i *1kket
f'or about *00. Shown in l'aplesu. the small craft weighs just over 500 pounds, heches ;
h. and can land in a space less than 160 feet long. Called the 'M.D.B." rtour its ietore h e"
De Bernardi, It's powered by a 33-horsepower motor and has a rotor for- vertical fig t r

you want Bourbon at its best call for

GREEN RIVER," America's smoothest



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Jl ]




the inauguration of a new service
First Arrival ............ S.S. "BEATI
JUNE 25, 1955
Second Arrival ........... S.S. "GEOF
JULY 22 1955
Third Arrival .......... S.S. "AUGUST
AUGUST 14. 1055
General Cargo Will Be Accepte


per the


Wilford & McKay, Inc
Masonic Building, Cristobal, C. Z.


Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service

*8.S. "HI UEBAS" ..........................
s.s. "AQGSmOR" ........................
*B.S. "TAQ ....................... .......
*u.S. "MORAZAN" ........................
U.S. "MA ,HA'
5.S. "LEaPA" .......................
*B.S. "HIBUERAS" ........................
'HMn ing M elrigerated ChjIted and General
New York Service

5.8. ""FA DBE.RANGA" ....................
8.8; "MMAILM A" ........ :............. ......
8.8. "MATAU A" .............................
8.8. "WEPARTA" ............................

Weekly saialgs of twelve pumsner ships
York, New Orleans, I.os Angeles, Sax Fri
and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cftobal t
York, Los Angeles. San Francisco and S
To New York .......................$
To Los Angele and San Francisou ....1
To Some .........................



SS. A.

;e from

ed for


:" !



....July 2
July 3
....July 16
...July is
....July 19
....July 23
I Large
....Iuly 4
.... July
....July Ia
....July 11
.... July It
..July 25

to New

o New

k. 2 0 I"



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Hurlers Pound Out 19

Hits, Drive In 11 Runs

NEW YORK, June 27 (UP)-Pitchers in both
leagues staged their own "hitting picnic" yesterday
and the majority of 'em certainly had their fill at
the plate.
Gu~ s like Willard Nixon of the Philadelphia, 16-5, in the open-
Red Sox, Alex Kellner and Ray er of a doubleheader as Gus
Herbert of the Athletics, Vern Bell, Stan Palys and Ted Klus-
Law of the Pirates, Jackie Col- zewski each lpmered, and Art
ltrn of the Redlegs and Ned Fowler gave the Redlegs a
Gaver. of the, Tigers got In sweep with a five-hit 5-. win
sopi mighty fine licks yesterday over the Phils in the finale.
as hurlers in both circuits slam-
me atotl of 19 hits and drove I LkeCOllum, Garver also help-
In tot f runs.ed himself to two hits although
N .i n ... three-r relief pitcher Al Aber was cred-
Nixon the seventh innin- of ited with Detroit's 10-hinlng 8-
dqub.e in e aeventh _,-i decision over the Senaonrs.
the opener to break a 2-Ua tie4 d siton 'then snapped a
and gve the Red Box a 5-2 vic- in o s app
story over the White Sx. Boston nine-game losing streak inthe
then went on to win its 1oth nightcap when ickey McDer-
ga in 20 starts by taking the mott beat the Tigers, 11-4j while
sec0 gn $4, -2 behind O om scattering 10 hits.
e game, -2, m The Yankees split a double-
Breer. 'header with the Indians, Cleve.
Kellner not only hurled a one- land winning the opener, 5-0, as
hitter against the Orioles in Early Wynn pitched a three-
beating them, 1-0, in the first hitter and Ralph Kiner homer-
of two games, but his second ed, but losing the nightcap, 2-0,
single of the contest drove In when White Ford pitched a
the only run in the sixth Inning. four-hitter for New York. Even
Herbert drove in two runs In though they split, the Yankees
the nightcap to hel the Athle Increased their American League
ties sweep the twin-bill, 5-2,. and lead to three games over the
hang the seventh straight de- second-plac White Sox, who
feat on Baltimore. dropped both of their games
Law was instrumental in after having won five straight.
ending Pittsburgh's six-game
losing streak when he,drove in Bob Buhl limited the Dodg-
three runs with a home run eri to five hits in pitching the
and a single to beat the Cubs, Braves to a 4-0 victory. Mil-
"-4. But big Bob Rush gave up waukee broke a scoreless dead-
only five hits in pitching the lock with a run in the sixth
Cubs to a 2-1 triumph in the that was set up by Pee Wee
seeond game. Reese's error and Ed Mathews
Collum collected two of Cin- added the clincher 'when he
cinnati's 17 hits while beating poled his 17th homer with two
on in the eighth. Ed Roebuck,
who relieved Russ Meyer in
the fifth after the Dodger
Elks Hoop League starter was Injured in a col.l-
eon At first baseedu was the loed
*enor Scheduled

MI The .umnals trounced the
Giants In both ends of a double-
tVm w NiO header, 0-2 and 7-2, and left the
,1 world champions 17% games off
For the third straight year the the pace, only one percentage
Elks Lodge 1414 of Balboa is point ahead of the fifth-place
sponsoring a four team basket- Redlegs. Southpaw Harvey Had-
ball league made up of boys dix'beat the Glant# for the first
Jrom the Balboa Junior and time this season in the opener,
. ior High Schools. despite homers by Whitey Lock-
_iames will be played every man and Don. Mueller. Larry
Tuesday and Thursday night at Jackson was 'the winner, Stan
tle Balboa Gymnasium, the Musial smashed- his 14th 'homer
fitt game starting at 7:00 p.m. in the opener off loser Johnny
ani the second game at 8:00. Antonelli while Red Schoen-
this year the teams are made iensti and Bill Virdon each,
of eight players ea6h and'a homered for Lou
leaue sipulatio nis that every nightcap.. .
member of the team must play '
a minimum of two full quarters TESTERDAT'S STAB-Alex
o0 ach game. The roster will Kellner of Kansas Cai. who
p obably drop to seven players pitched a one-hitter and drove
pr team when the Teenagers go la the only run of the game ain
t0 Hershey, Pennsylvania in beat lg Baltimore, 1-0, in, th
Sisters of the teams are as first of a doub, der.

*f ^ Hawkeyes ren' wim
+Edward Kirchmier, captain; C9asses Beinn Held
]ymond Bacot, William olan,
Albert Nahmad, James 'SelbY, At Citbl YMCA
gr Million, Bud Curdts, Ted riS l YM A
BadgersThe Cristobal Armed, services
-BadgeYMCA-USO announces the fol-
John Perantle, captain: Joe lowing schedule of swimming
Blackburn, Daniel Eggleston, ool activities and hours for the
P1mile Mead. Jon Ebbs, William sufier month s.u
alvosa, Tim Hots., Milton Ro- rent's Instruction Classes
d O ue GIRLS
. Wolverines
S WolverinesTuesday 9 to 10:30 a.m.
James Reece. captain; Joe Wednesday 9 to 10:00 a.m.
OSllowav, GeorcA P'-ble-. r'nrr- Thursday 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.
nun Fulton, Charles French,'
Kedny Morris. *t,, nau. DBOYS
Barbara, Fred Leslie. Saturday 8 to 11:00 a.m.
Wildcats Ladies Instruction Class -
4:30 to 5:30 Mondays.
Ramon Reyes, captain; Lem Business men's swim period-
lirkland, Norman Pedersen, Pio 12 to 2 p.m. daily except Sat-
Delgado, John Reynolds, Michel urday and Sunday.
Nahmad. Robert Fearon, Eric Family swim period Mon-
Washburn. day and Friday from 7 to 10 p.m.
*The opening night schedule Open Saturday and Sunday 1
bds the Wolverines meeting to 5 p.m.-Adults only.
u Re Hawkeyes in the curtain All children's classes offer
raiser and the Badgers engag- graded Instruction from begim-
Ing the Wildcats in the finals. ners to advanced. Private in-
herhe is no admission charge to struction may be arranged with
these 1-gses and the public is either Duke Wilson or Mrs. Wm.
sradlaliy welcomed to attend. Dunn, instructors.



Presented by
c Tm Hitf
&MMA ILl TAXI Strrin0 Storliuf t4vdn
: 1 ',N'

- I

* I*


Tr4 it

Eliinate Head ic

And:J. Drobny r

nati, O001o, uassu e *e Wim-
bledo tunn is toiaen t of a
new men;' inlT chUon e l pln
today yben elimslatd
Jaroslav Drobny of Egypt, the
1954 titleholder, 8-8, 6-1, 6-4,
to reach the semifinal roun4.
Another American advanced
to the semifinals when 1950 ti-
tieholder, Budge Patty of Ca-
liforals, turned back Austra-
-la's IAw Hoad 6-4, 6-4, 6-4.

The HitParade

(Based on 125 official at bats)
Player andclub g ab r h Pct.
Ashburn, Phila. 58 224 41 79 .353
Mueller, .Y. 65 272 29 92 .383a
C'nella, fklyn. 64 240 42 81 .138
Klus'ski. Cinci. 64 252 43 84 .333
Virdon, St. L. 58 216 30 70 .324
Kaline, Detroit 6629 54 96 .365
Fox, Chicago 66 271 41 92 .341
Kuenn, Detroit 57 231 36 74 .320
Smith, Cleve. 71 203 60 93 .31'
Doby, Cleve. 57 217 36 67 30Y
lder;WiDodgers.......g 23 -inbrief attire
Canider, lla, Dodgers .,. 19 bledon. The Italian la
Mantle, Yankees ........ 18 e was eliminate
Mathews, Braves ........17
Mays, Giants ......... ..
Snider, Dodgers ........ 71
Campanella, Dodgers .... 64
Ennis, Phillies ......... 53
KlusseWW5ki, Redlegs ..... 3
Jensen, Red Box ....... 52
Mantle, Yankees ........63
Smith, Indians ......... 0
Snider, Dodgers ....... 59 |
Bruton, Braves ......... 56
Gilliam, Dodgers ........ 5 5

ox. White Sox ......... 92
Aaron, Braves .......... 90
(Based on 7 Decisions)
Pitcher and Club W L Pet.
Neweombe. Dodgers 13 1 .929
Wynn, Indians ..... 10 2 .833
Arroyo. Cardinals .. 9 2 .818
Donovan, W.S....... 9 2 .818
Loes, Dodgers ...... 7 2 .778

Service Cage Loop waysou

Finishes Out First always fin

tound Play Tonight PALL MA
In its b
Service basketballers inhIn its b
out the opening round of Pana- lends an air
ma Area Armed Forces League
play tonight with a hot scram- hav
ble continuing for third and
fourth places. PALL MALL
Undefeated Fort Kobbe and the smoke,
second-placer Fort Clayton look and prolc
strong as the No. 1 and 2 teams.
The Lifeliners venture to Fort
Amador to test the Tri-Post
Troopers, tied with Albrook AFB
and Army Atlantic for third
spot, each with 2-3 records. PALL MA
Navy Pacific, dropped to last PAU MALL
place after last Thursday's set-
back to the A's, visits the Caval-

At Fort Davis, the Flyers and
Army Atlantic battle. All games
begin at 7:30 p.m.
The only hang-over from the
first round of play is the Kob-
be-Navy Pacific "blacked out"
game which will be completed
July 4. Cecond round activity
opens Thursday night when fast
action is expected in the strug-
gle for the top four positions and
another two-round go-around
with the lower trio eliminated.
Coco Solo's 1-2 punch of Frank
Doran and Jerry Hall continues
to hold the scoring lead. Cen-
ter Doran has 113 points and
Hall 103.
The statistics:
g fg ft t
Doran. Coco Solo .. 6 37 39 113
Hall, Coco Solo .... 6 38 37 103
Kisio, Albrook ..... 5 32 25 89
McDonou g h, Troop. 5 38 13 89
Yarbrough, Army A. 5 31 25 87
Kohrherr, Army A.. 5 37 13 87
Davis, Ft. Clayton 5 36 11 83
McCallen, Ft. Kobbe 4 23 29 75
Rupert, Navy Pac... 4 29 12 70
Ward, Troepers ..... 2 7 65

D I7 --(UP)-- A truffle
court d dant blamed s bi l-
Ing 4ho MsbM. 4 ebad e V
work ohmu Mid e~mani smomto

- ..'~- ,*..r.. -

.ess Cls


::" -< R'"

The dividends:
1-Encachada $5.80, 3.80, 2.40.,
2-Gdnzaga $S.60, 9.40.
3--Atom-O $3.
1-Forzado $5.80, 3.80, 2.40.
2-Escandalo $3.60, 2.40.
3-Double In $3.
First Double: $23.80.
1-' ue Lindo $13, C.
2-a Alal $3.80
One-Two: 54.2,
1--Don Pith'$13.-0;Y.80, 2.t8
2-lenita 0, 2.20.
3-Tlin Tilin -$.40.
Quiniela: $12.4&.
1-Nogalino $2.80, 2.20.
2-Eric $2.20.
1-Salustio $8.80, 7, 5.80.
2-Royal Claim $6.40, 3.40.
3-Los Morros $3.80.
1-Albatross $5.80, 3.20, 2.80.
2-Falrlyable 3.60, 3.
3-Joe's Fiddling $3.40.
Second Double: $43.60
1-Pru Fru $43.20, 11.40, 2.20.
2-Daniel $11.40 2.20.
3-Jachalin $2.26.
Quinlela: $253.20.
1-Sally Spruce $16, 19.20, 7.20.
2-Regal Blis $4.80. 31.0.
3--Dark Sunset $4.40.
One-Two: $63.20.
1I-Barge Royal $3.50.
1-B & B $2.20, 2.20.
2-Carlota $2.20.

Kryhosid Smashes

6th Homer In Less

Than 2 Weeks In IL
NEW YORK, June 27-(UPi-
Dick Kryhoski has been in the
International League less than
two weeks but already has
smashed six home runs since be-
ing shipped to Columbus by the
Kansas City Athletics.
The veteran first baseman
from East Orange, NJ. picked
up his latest homer yesterday
In leading the Jets to an 8-2
victory over the Havana Sugar
Kings in the first game of a
doubleheader. Columbus also
won the second game, 6-3, be-
hind the combined four-it
pitching of Bill Duser and Al
The league-leading Toronto
Ma le Leafs split a doubleheader
with the Buffalo Bisons. Thi
Leafs won the opener, l1-10;
with a 17-hit barrage, but Buf-
falo copped the nightcap. 12-3.
behind Jim a Bnnthg' seven-
Montreal also split a twinbill
with Rochester to remain 1%
games back of Toronto. Glenn
Cox of the Royalsa pitched his
way to a two-hit, 12-1 1 .cto7 In
the second game fterthe Red
Wis Van 8-4, be-
ahas Jack l*b
lar llbed t of the
b a sswepiur tst double-
header with R a .hoa and
u Pitcher [ W ventuth
his owi n amr

Il Scores

Humberto Faasaec's prombiin
Chilean colt Nogslmao yesterday,
afternoon raced an x-
ed -z-and-on!-hff fur long
Press Classic for two-year-olds
at the Juan Fran race track.
An odds-on .ivtAdls choice,.
NOga wob. .;one should.
Csln Rebol t the big
bay son of Fodch-Armenia off
to a good start, hustled him a-
long close to the pacesetters.
pushed him to the front nearing
the far end of the backstretce
then opened a wide lead and had
the colt under a stout pull all
.the way down the homestretch.
Eric finished second, four
lengths ahead of ReWlector. Qui-
laoya was fourth and Distingo,
which set the pace for half the
distance, wound up fifth and
Many newspapermen crowded
the track's presidential pavilion
where they were feted by track
manager Alberto de Obarrlo.
Guillermo Vega, president of the
Panama Newspapermen's Asso-
ciation, presented Fassano with
the usual silver trophy awarded
classic winners.
The secondary a t t r action,
marred by the, scratching 9f
Bradomin and Sugarplum t*wo
top contenders, was taken by
the Cococha Stable's speedy
Barge Royal in post-to-post
fashion. Turgot was second and
Monte Rouge last In the three-
horse event.
The "special" was a seven fur-
long $750 race and Barge Royal
paid only $3.40. This was not the
case with Fru Fru, which al-
though finishing second last
week in the same group, return-
ed odds of $43.20 per win ducat.
The Ycaza brothers Manuel
and Alejandro were the sad-
dle stars with two victories

TEAgo ..... L Pet.

M I.wau K.. -Z .144
New York. 36 .478 17%
etclnaatt ... t .477,1.l
S. Louis ...... L. .4.49
P Iph)itA 30 .4A61 0
PI burgh ...22 4 319 38%

Open date
firstt Game)
New York 061001000-2- & '41
St. Louis 000M 1 l.x-1. 11 -0o
Anronelll (6-9), VWVlhelm, Giel
and Katt, Westrum.
Haddlix (6-) and Barn.
(Second Game)
New York 000000300-2 8 21
St. Louis 014020001-7 12 21
Monast (0-3), Wilhelm, Mc-
Call, Orissom, Liddle and Kaft.L
SJacksdn (3-4), LaPalme and
(First Game)
Phladel. 000308200-8 7 2
Cincinnati 3 410 12x-16 17 1
Roberts (10-7) Mroelnski, Kip-
per, Kuzava, Miller, Dickson and
Colhim (6-2), Freeman and
(Second Game)
Philadelphia 000 000 000-0 5 2
Cincinnati 000 000 50z-5 8 1
Simmons (4-3), Meyer and Lc-
Fowler (3-4) and Landrith.
Brooklyn 000000o-0 5 1
Milwaukee 00000103t-4 12 0
Meyer (3-2), Roebuck, Hughes
and Walker.
Buhl (6-5) and Crandall.
Pittsburgh 030101000-5 12 2
Chicago .030 000 001-4 8 1
Law (3-2), Surkont and Peter-
Davis (4-3), Andre, HIlman
and Chiti.
(Second Game)
Pittsburgh 0000001001 5 1
Chicago 020 000 00x-2 3 1
Donoso (0-2), Friend and At-
Rush (5-4) and McCullough.C



W L Pet. GB
Toronto,..... 44 26 .9 .-
Montreal .... 42 27 .809 1%
Havana ..... 41 30 .577 3s1
Columbus ... 8 34 .514 8
Rochester ... 2 36 .471 11
Buffalo ..... 28 40 .412 15
Syracuse .... 28 41 .406 15 V
Richmond ...27 44 .380 17%
(First GameIh
Buffalo 001 530 100-10 11 0
Toronto 120600011-11 17 3
Schultz, Cristante (4) and
Yewclc; K. Johnson, HeLak (4),
Shore (8) and Griffin. WP-
Shore. LP-Cristante. HR-Be-
lardi, Lepley, King.
(First Game)
Rochester 001 001150-8 13 1
Montreal 000 120000--3 8 0
Mackinson and Rand; LaBor-
da, Wojey (8), Stanek (91 and
Teed. LP-LaSorda. H'.-Clmol,
(First Game)
Richmond 000400100--5 9 1
Syracuse 100 02021x-8 10 1
Jordan, Volselle (81 and Wat-
llngton, C. Johnson, Lovenguth
44) and Erautt. WP-L-venguth.
LP-.Jordan. HR-Bowman, Lov-
(First Game)
Havana 000 100 100-2 10 1
Columbus 002 301 02x-8 12 0
Ladera, Harris (4). Scantle-
bury (7) and Noble; Miller and

BALBOA 6:15 8:301 -MABo o m .. ss Ii .

* ..

* ^ ^5I^T. glp*^.a ,

I AR A | .I

Garver, Birrer,er
Wilson. .
Stone (3-9) and court .,'
Second Game)
Detroit 100oo0 O
Wash. 0029 5.
Lary (6-), amr
Birrer, Aber and i
McDerpmott (6> aWW:',d
ney. ,.
(First Game)
Kansas City OON 001 .. 5
Baltimore 000 00." 1 i
Kellner (5-0) Sand'tr
Wilson (5-8) and ams*.
(Second Game)
Kansas City 1020 l101-4 11 1
Baltimore 000 0o2000-- 7
Herbpt (1-6), Ogqrha sapd.W.
Johnson (l-), Dortasb.MO .on-
aid, BeSchallock and oGasta.
(First Game)
Cleveland 000 100121. 1
New York 000000tI00 -.w i
Wynn (10-3) and Hegan.
Byrne (S-2), Konstlnty ad

Cleveland 000000 ooooo- 0 4
NewYork 100oo00ooX-,, 7 1
Lemon (10-) a d), o
and Began.
Ford (9-3) anad Berrd.
(Firat iaame) A '
Chicago -100010000-4 1 7
Boston 1100000 3.4 a 0
Trucks (8), Martin and Lhl
Nixon (6-41 and WIito.
(Second Game)
Chicago 000 0o0 0 00.
Boston 0022301 -4
Keogan (0-4); o'0-1 '
Moss. ,, ,
Brewer (4-.) Umldi ,.

Bur.. LP-Ladera.. Rp*
'boaki, artpn g -.
(Second Oame, 7 IlnM' s)
Buffalo : 2 042 42 1
'oronto 012 000 o.- S 2 a
.Bumal r and Streuli; Yewec
(4); Crimian, Fkhr (3), Shore
(6) and Berberet. LP--Crlmin .
HR-Rodriguez, Hoderlea
(Second Game, 7 inn s)
Rochester 000 06001J-'-1 2
Montreal 013 206 x-.12 if. 0
Kelly, asehos (4) and Whit.;
Cox and Bucha. LP-KelIW.S.,
Cimoll, Williams.
(Second Game, 7 Innings)
Richmond 000 100 0-1 3 1
Syracuse 030 120 x-- g i
Thompson, Nardei () a
St. Claire; owens a t
(Second Game, 7 Innings)
Havana. 000 030 9.. 4 2
Columbus 030 O0l x-. .7 1
Valentine and Noble- Duer,
Romberger (5) pna
VrP-Romberger. B--Bart.

I, .

*. !

- Glamorous Lea Pericoli outdid Gussie
in the All-England Championships at Wim-
iss' form was good, but her tennis wasn't
y Josephine de Riba of Spain, 5-7, 6-1, 6-2.


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a lI II -I.
'.-_ "' ..-I '.. .. ,-
J. ...*' *i ."i y i' -


Vk. I1^ ti




; r-





.' ...



% -;


A s Man-

to e nd s the seals. The w

itarm frihts hwsm- ee at 1, or thrra e B Bes hi

rtt ~ooint is that Olson and Moore are fruit from
S e and weight of which, in stch in-
S1tlul. and in consequence. we at times behold a
Wblch ls uO iggtte of a contest between men Of
rhylch proportionms than an act of a itern parent
a bimpudeat child.
lUl Moore fare against Marcnaao? Spectacular and
as t was. you can throw the Olson fight out a
fv a. It din istlast long enough to Illaminat suchr
AU the con itlzin eo his 1 lg or the depth of hisl
w -et course, Olson'i fIrepower war w lainted there
asUlty yto udge how Moore ronft to a punch thee
t intla o0 *b o SuinWsu~

NeR not the Job done with such lgshtnirg devstatlon,
th U o be a tendency to ignore the fragility of n
and overrate him in calculating his chances against Mr.
claw0 I september. %
ye m thng, he certainly un't going to be any younger
wheo I* auswers the bell for the big one, and whether he's 38
or 40 S i.t very definitely an old man as ring ages go. In fact.
If as a. p his: age It wuuld be unprecedented.
lthe wil be fighting a man, aft a boy. Marelano s just
as=st t nAt stronger. And the Breekton belter doesn't play
t MUn&e like. What's mere, he'll be on top of him, crowding and
=IIMI tb=m bell to bell. There won't be many rest periods.
Mas wilt have to get hini earty, if at all.
aut Moore's Jab Is to his credit. The pin-point accuracy with
which -le reached Olson's face and the power he put Into It,
showed its a more formidable weapon than I suspected.
As anawoWthis is the one chance I give Moore against Mar-
clune. The jab is an effective blade against a crowder. More
often than not, it lands against the nose, It's an odd place for
an Achi HeNel but, as you know, that's where Muscles wears

The way Mootre left Olson for dead came as no surprise to
,Mwny the little Brooklyn expatriate, who dressed the
SSs mb C promotlen of ,the Cookell-Marclanao bg-

Than tol me a story, which I allowed to gq in one
ear- nd-come out the other, an esoteric vhich I
am hoelsly addicted. The gist of it war- t ad per-
he.ltted'a hoax on Bid Fabrty, who masterminds Olson, and
whose oast is that he never makes a match his man can't win.
The heax, for what It's worth, concerned the announced IMN%
punds More weighed for MiNf Vades in Las Vegas some weeks
bec. Mualrr labu sMoore weighed closer to 18 and the Inflat-
ed fi ns er meant to deceive Fiaherty Into believing Moore
woule aglndl t a& but lmpeosible to msakoe 175
I eould give the story more credence now than then, espe
cially Ithe light of Moore's sustained secrecy about h weight
at the ttralninx camp, and the apparent untroubled way he hit
the seale ulmit on the nose the day of the fight.
PossaidW0nething va1q could be red Into the furtive man-
er ,in which Olson ducked the pressm-Including California writ-
era whp s particular Interest was in his post battle comments-
and the *Arse. on-the-run remarks Fiaherty designed to scatter
among the waiting boxing writers as he fled for the plane home.
Perhaps Flaherty was distressed that his boast hadn't stood
up, for this was one fight he made his man couldn't have won,
evo if tey bad tied one of Moore's hands behind him, and conm-
eld himt to wear a blindfold.

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.. establishhd x1893



.. Lso.. r

,* I .&WO

as Mmlamn Is wita the shocking
'aecume 'I a-w Yore.
Si a antage, nw manager
o ra n o. asIt was aonu gs
Holle w touec. g ome to. e back

Swaos reported taaut Duroher s was
to ania an agen y wr toe neer
gorT A. L Jr., wno Is n dis-

abrewes by the Stras' owner.
s dae bstam y as white athmass' p
lot not long ago, nothing was said
aoout e s d W orld be- n
any g more Lip's an a stopgap ana
anyinmg more mnan a slop-gap.

It would not be surprising to see
Durocner resign ams post at Le
r'mo urounus. at i woua give
everybody an out anu enauLe ine
up to negotate witn JiUscu.
Lurochbr nas a rncu o. Louis
background, aormersy r e s i u va
tnere aa it was at Sportsman's
elrk, noW used btsaoam, tn a t
he piayea his inest saorutop ,or
the celeorae uas louse bug 0

Concern about a long hard sum-
mer at te roio urouaus prompt-
so tonaeam to move. %a1e s
have Armwa 4,U0i t10 ate, out
iar in me rucA and iiirig with
me second uoiVmion, two remaining
aenes-L.4 gameos-wita tae out.
era is aouL a mte iroUa ouilce n s
to AOOK lowaIru to in me way o0
nanem urnssue spin. Une again
lAroomyn ans have to come tu me
rescue or tpe Wtants.
Darsehkers trouble in a great
measure stems rom me taes a att
ne treats Daseoau as aoug u
were a part-time joo. As tue re-
suit 01 weir snasaiing success in
lt4, too many o tMe plants nave
too many ouauine interests, au-
rocher is seen on television and
subway advertisements e ve ry
time ou turn around.
When the Giants re home, Du-
rocaer is at tae e a r y e-
nougn, but sits rat hs aes and
dniusa courviloosirow4rienos.
Me aeqsatio to go o tde
uield untoi sbaotly bore game
tie doesn't watch the opposition
batting practice or that or t a s
own players. U e r managers
watch lor a newcomer's xauts,
After a game, Durocher dresses
quickly mases a couple oz tele-
poone caus-ana disappears.
lie tal with basemai writers,
but gets it over quiclAy. It's the
same story on the roiu. U n c e
gone, no one associated with ase-
oail sees Durocner until. tae ext
Not once during the enitre train-
ing season a nMuemix ait ine man
wuo snoum. have been most con-
cerned Show up at press head-
quarters, which was ulied by tig
league ofticais and scouts. In-
stead, Leo's version of tratermz-
mng wita people with whom he
makes a diving was pttching a
fantastic party at his Meverly
Hills home. 'Tne prime purpose of
the sending was to snow the
giantss of tto Hollywood pals.
Casey Steagels telephone num-
ber and that of Waiter Alstoan
and every other major league
manager are in toe books of base-
ball writers, It would be easy to
get Dureber's-but it strikes you
as a number not to use. Working
hours tor in, yous, see, m to
be strictly the lngth of a ball
The club standings clearly show
the bitter disappointment of Own-
er Stoeehsm, a true fan. The
sparkling club of last fall w eaat
completely to pet."
Rankling Stoneham particularly
was Diurocher calling Sal Magle
lazy when that faithful right-hand-
er excusably failed to cover first
base on a bell that was headed
for the outfield until It struck an
Darocker, whose two-year con-
tract expires this season, could
have used much more tact in rest-
ing Wllie Mays, and it was when
he saw the most valuable player
of 195 humiliated in the dugout
that Horance Stoneham decided It
was time for a change. -
Mays seemed destined to re-
store the Giantsa prestige, li f t
them from last in New York to
Now If Willie Mays brings this
about, he will do it without the
genus of. Leo Durocher,


We Accept Orders
For Direet CL
Shipments at
'Larxe Dihoit

First Prize 4189

Second Prize 3339

JUANl FRANCO general man-
ager Alberto t'Piti" de Obarrle,
wnose relations with the press
have always been of the best,
yesterday outdid himself as host
to newspapermen who were
guests of the management and
witnessed the running of the an-
nual Press Classic.
The press boys or rather,
the gentleman tf the press--
know the importance of "get-
tint on the scene early," and
yesterday there were no late.
comers fothe party Don Pitin
had for them.
Nourishing Scotch and re-
freshing cerveza was served co-
piously to the newsmen at the
bar in the presidential pavillion
before th race which was
the classic, d the large group
of writers had only a brief re-
spite from the guzzling of these
beverages when they took time
out to congratulate Humbertu
Fassano, owner of Nogalino, the
easy classic Winner, tAke pictures
and sip chainpagne.
The partr lasted for about two
hours afd'iurl ta.lthat tme a
patted andoversd with
his uests.
It was indeed a happy day out
at the track for newsmen yes-
CIA DE A &EDES i a young
man, hardly over 24, who has
been training horses at Juan
France for probably just over a
Taechto's short experience as
a trainer, however, has not
impeedd his gpdainl the repu-
tation of being a guy whose
specialty Is putting over long-
shot winners, sometimes un-
der suspicious circumstances.
Just last week the stewards
fined Tachito $60; his mare
Devonshire Club was suspended
for 12 meets; and Celso Chavesz
Tachito's favorite jockey, was
also suspended for 12 meets.
All this came about because
Devonshire Club had finished in
the ruck for weeks, eighth in a
nine horse field the week before
and seven days later the mare
came back to beat the same
class at the booming odds of 75
to one. Chaves was the rider on
both occasions.
Yesterday Tachito had anoth-
er longshot. his mare Fru Fru
won at 20 to one, but this time
the stewards, and the public,
had no reason to condemn Ta-
chito because Fru Fru had run
second the week before, and
with the .handicapping in her
favor, everything appeared to be
on the level. It was Just that the
customers were caught napping.
But not so Tac hto, He was
the happiest fellow at the
clubhouse after the race and
his friends shared his success
when he treated -'his buddies,
who sit directly across from

N M lea Avenue


Approximations Derived Frem Second Prm

Ms M u a A.oo ."Bi 11 s a n. s M. W. a
3.M 1100.M 31236 I"5* M 1O 2220 10 Ian 143M 1S 1 M 52S 26. IS UN. 36.0 123 2AN iea
a S6 11M I Ss Um MS II0S IS IIe M o Sa s

Approximatons Derived From Third Prize

1 5" 5 M tin in -" | 1 3 m111 s um Tn um Ism S sj
SHS S i.( n148 M. MS e lM Sli M SI N KwM M. n tSIX M Sp 5I1M M1
5147 SS.0W 514U S Kils 51 S.Sm SIM M1M M1 55 aMC Mll 111M Ml
Prtatlb-Wli'Numbers of veoterday's Lottery Drawing were sold at: First In Herrers.8omd Ina Pamnam, Third n tiniMLt
The Nine Handred whole tickets ending it 9 and met aIDdeu in the above It w.i rety-Pour WMars IMS) W L
The waole tlket m aa 44 ocs *Weh comprises tbo sVrti A" sad ""l"M

Signed by ALBnRTO ALMAlt. Ooveor of tfe Provine of Panama.- m01. 47-MU ...
The eprementatslv of The Trasuy RICARtMD A. mlm .. .
Wna : amuel N. -.M .M
Julio V. MNo. 473- .-: *5..: .


, 'U

SNaval nation, Gi f

Easy Atantic Cage ,l


(NRA Telephoto)
ACTION AT OM. PLATE Sandy Amoros.. Brooklyn Dodgers outfielder, scores from third
ban on a long fly to the outfield by II H geas nla the second inning of a game against the
Chicago Cilbs at Ahicago. Taking the t is Cub catcher Harry Chiti. The umpire la Bill
Jackowsakl ad f the foreground Is Jac e aobinson. Brooklyn won the game 7-2.
0 1


j. j. harrison jr.

I. I r '


- 4 4s .' / *

the stewards stand to soda
And that was not all. With
pockets bulging with his win-
nings, the forgiving Tachlto ia-
so sent bottles of soft drinks a-
cross to the stewards, and those
gentlemen took the peace otffer-
in n good spirit, as their
smiles indicated.
However, one steward, evi-
dently thirsty, (it was a warm
day) downed the contents of.
one bottle as soon as it was tak-
en over, but at the end of the
day's racing It was reported that
there were still two filled bot-
tles of soda pop in the stewards
This fact made somebody re-
mark, "Wonder if the stewards
who did not drink, were think-
ing of Farrugla's gibe."
Luis "El Mago" FarrugIa,
one of Tachito's friends, had
hollered when the drinks were
taken over, "Be careful gen-
tlemen. They so Mi key
Pln|st" ,
peiaa v'er the weekend, He
was. Vrgillo astUlo who was
given four.meets for changing
his course wth Encachada on
the first Murn.
TILIN TIUN. was suspended
for 12 mbetsefor fractiousness.
He bore in on Don Pitinin n the
homestretch in y e s t erday's
fourth raee and forced the lat-
ter Over on Elenita. Tilin Tilln
finished second to Don Pitin but
was disqualified to third position
while Elaelta, which finished
third, was awarded second place.
Bias Aguirre, who rode Uleni-
ta, suffered a bruised leg during
the bumping and was unable to
continue riding for the day.

Cary Middlecoff
Eight of a series
A GOOD part of the gallery of
4,000 or 5,000 went down like ten.
pins when I blubbed one in the
Los Angeles Open of 1948.
I was playing with Lloyd Man-
rum and someone. Loyd was
in tg, whieh saeonted for "te
bif crowd at our eels.
It was the third romtd and the
17th hole at Riviera which
measures 600 yards and is a long
par 5.
You can't possibly reach the
green in two, but I ot off two
tremendous shots tq being perfect
position with a perfect lie for a
three-quarter wedge.
I shanked the ball off at a
90-degree right a4gle, scattering
spectators left and right and for-
ward and backward.
And there I was, not one foot
closer to the green and in rough
and trees
A shot cant be worse when
you don't gain a foot and win
up in trouble.

Atlantic Basketball League
Won Lost Pt
Naval Station ..... 4 1 .00
Gibraltar Life .... 3 2 .600
Powelis ........... 2 3 .400
Universal Sports .. 1 4 .250
Naval Utation .0, Universal
Sports 50
Gibraltar Life 72, Powells 48
Naval Station vs Gibraltar Life
Powells vs Universal Sports

The smallest crowd of the 1955
Atlantic Bask'etball League sea-
son attended the games at Mar-
garita on Friday night- they
must have anticipated that, for
the first time this year, no
thrillers were in store for them
and easy victories would be
scored in both ends of the sched-
uled double-header. Naval Sta-
tion started the evening's activ-
ities off by taking a firm hold
on first place with a 67 to 50
win over a weakened Universal
Sports five. Earlier this week
Naval Station had lost five of
their players in the regular Na-
vy rotation, but the replace-
ments were adequate 'and the
top stars, Jerry Hall, Frank Do-
ran and Freddy, Aleguas were
still around to land telling blows
on the cellar-dwellers. Doran,
the league'os No. 2 scorer, boosted
his season total to 79 points
while leading Naval Station's
winning effort with 16., Jerry
Hall upped his season lead with
15 points, to 84 and in addition
continued his red hot pace In
the free-throwing department
with 7 for 8. Hall's total now
stands at 48 for 56. Only for the
first quarter was the Issue ever
in doub4, for the game started
out as a low asoring affair, 8 to
8. at the end of the opener. From
that point onward Navy opened
a lead and was never threaten-
ed. Arnold Manning was top
scorer for the losers with is
points for his night's work.

oibraitar's 72 1t 48 win over
PoweUs'Wth 27 pots and im-
mediately entered the derby for
free-throwint wIt 11 for Th
Powells two-game winning
streak, howeevr, was not broken
without a fiht, Gibraltar's first
quarter lead Of 3 points, 14 to
11, was lost at half time when
the Powells team posted a -1
point lead of their own, 31 to
30. Even as the Gibraltar five
fought back towards, the lead,
the third quarter score still
showed Powells still yery much
in the fight on the short end of
a 48 to 42 count. But the fourth

Battle For LeSague Lead .
Friday nI ght's results a
effect upon th e
the sta f aWedM
battle tohe league .
tweM tho two te
QObraltar and Naval 8tAI
val Station's lone deft
suffered at the haads of Olwr
tar on opening night 2 an f .a
tr quarter afflk, 74 to 1,
the defloding ohampa. wait
back In their second outi,
June 15 to down Gkbraltar f .
57. Powells and Unlverl
are scheduled for the aiiQ edI
event. More details covefiW
these two games will be appeal "
ing on these pages.
The box score follows: -
Naval Station I fog f p_
Hall ................ 4 S*
Aleguas ............ 5 2 :
Reingardt ..... 2 2 4
Sofia ............... 0 0
Doran ............ 6 5
Balignas.............. | '"
Sobkowlak .......... 3
24 19 1 01
Universal Sporte
Manning ............ I a 1|
Simons, Carl ........ 1 i
Mosr .............. 2 1
Smith, Gil......7 0 214
Constantine ........ 2 0 *1'
Hayes ..............o 0 0 !-I
to 14 13
Gibraltpr Life fIg 5 plt
Gibson, Bob ........ 5 1 0i1
Capalbo ............ 4 0 A
Brian ........... 8 0 1 0
Gibson, Noel ........ 83 | 3 T"
Tagaropulos ........ 0 0 0
Hooper ......... 11 $.
Nickersher ..........0 0
Richter ............. 8 11 41
3 14 14 7
|P w ollS ;' ; +-'w s
Smith,Dudley ...... a-
Smith', Don ....... 1 S -
Smit d .......... I 1

Fncnt Today 35,1.
Stmwrt ranger Oaee
"OR=N P1in"
In OInemafcopel
Leuie Caron, In "M

DEAL. Today .20, .1
James tewart, In
Dick Powell, in

$ 44,000.00

S13,2 00 00

Complete Prize-winning Numbers in the Ordinary Drawing No. 1894, Sunday, June 26, 1955
The whole ticket has 44 pieces divided In two series "A" & "B" of 22 pieces each

Third Prize 5155 s$ 6,600 00

M& Prm, Presm M, ,rm. I s o. s m Pr us.o ash FPf"I. ftm X. smI f m si sm e
M 13S.M0 I.M 132.6 1SM 13L I.M 18 2 .a 4M 1"2W t. sNs 1 2.259 T00I uIAs y a 132. am S* Itm
In 1 130 132.W21 383 123 1 0 SM WA2W 140 3L M IN2
e 32.0 l0g. SO13 2.01" 35N325NO2 lW0 122 1.00 2W 12 12t1.00 1N 8M 1M
0400 S 2.0 la4 1S2.0 k S aS M2 332a3 122 l0M4 InmS l4e0 Os 1S 74T 2I".N 14 1SO s. ms M
0120 1, 2 1118 1.28 2.02 3789 132" 1W *A 5M 132.0 A 1an M T0 122.09 TO.M SM S S
1% I." O220 2 12 N 13" p4mWo Os10 2 D.M N0 12.0N i70 M M 0 P1

lApproximaios Derived From first Prfze

4sJ 41a1 4S 41 9 4191 IU. N" 46 4WM IIM 41 8 0se 4s asfti
4ft IQ 40A 41SW 44O I 4117 4M4. I 4WM M li 4_4 MA 41M 4*m u 41M I aM so.M


;r--------- --

. !

* pff
- *.. -.. 1-;



Trab e,



-' .-
T. -
- -- -
- .,, .~

[1> ~

:- 1 iT'_.* ,. ` '.- -, V
- ;,,* '' "

Inonesian Army P

Defies President,
Boycotts Chief

'i^ e^

DJAIs ARTA, June 27 (UP)- The l t
Indonesian army today deI.,.,d KEIUa 'I
President Sukarno and the cabi-
net and refused to accept a new
Army commander appointed by
the government.
l p Army officers boycotted "Let the people know the truth and she country is sad'f Abrnaam Linoln.
the installation ceremony of -Ma .
Gen. Bamban Utoyo as chief of 1
staf, and a few hours later the THIRTI THE ABR PANAMA, R P.. B ONDA. JNE 2, .I :T.
acting army commander announc-
ed he would reuse to turn over *
his Utofo. 1'"
Col. Zulkifli Lubis told a press.A
my officers to stay away from, Al 0 U.N.M e b No
he ceremony during which U Member N tons
was advanced from colonel tot e c e r moyd... wi Uo.
maeor general and sworn in as

a r determinedd To Keep Peace
and has been acting chief pend-
ing appointment of an officer to SAN FRANCISCO, June 27 (UP) The final session of the U.N.'s "They have pledged themselves scured previous talks among Cold
replace resigned Maj. Gen. Barn. The United Nations began its loth birthdayrobservance came to equally to press forward in the War participants.
bng Sugeng. .second decade today with diplo- a close yesterday with a minute search for agreement on a-disar- On Wednesday, Molotov spoke CHICKEN FOR IKE President I
The boycott and Lubis' an. mats of its 60 member nations, of silent prayer. Then the deleg- moment plan. that can provide a of encouraging developments in happily as he reaches for a New H
Sn(-rpeement added up to army more than ever determined to ates scattered to their homes and greater measure of security to International realtions, but he call: during a chicken barbecue at Lacq
delance of Sukarno's authority as keep the world at peace. I diplomatic posts all over the the nations and remove the threat ed on the West to give up its
commander-inchief of all. armed This determination to work for world. f atomic destruction from the'regional military alliance. *
forces. Sukarno nominated Utoyo peace- and to work hard for it- world;... Pinay and Dulles said tft e y
and the cabinet of Prime Minister was the stated aim of speakers Dr. Eelco N. Van Kleffens of "The difficulties before us are w6uld not and could not, at least I
All Sastroamidjojo approved it. who addr sed the 1th anniver- the Netherlsads, who presided ov-.a evident as the dangers and dis- right now. s Ik DUllS
sary meng of the U. N. here. er the sesians summed up the appointments of the past. But we ,n
The government had not yet Every speaker- and there were feeling of :the delegates: ave the Charteras our guide, the Dulles said the diplomatic at-
announced what action, if any, it 73 of them- agreed that the U-I "All members... have reaffirm- Charter which prescribes that the mosphere apparent at the U. N. T
will take against what Lubis ad- united Nations still represents the ed their common determination to United Nations shall be used as a "could mark thetbeginning of an 10 umo SIer
mitted was direct insubordination, best and possibly the, only hope save succeeding generations from center for harmonizing the ae- era," provided Rssia shows with.
Not one of the seven division for a permanent and lasting peace. the scourge of war" tions of member states." I acts that she is sincerely interest'
commanders showed up o the- ---- -- "Although the U.N. meeting here ed in lessening tension. A I
installation ceremony in the presi- was supposed to be purely com- On Friday reports reached the *au Of w *
dentall palace. .this. .ping. A e memorative, the Big Four foreign U.N. representatives that a Rus- .
handful of lower-ranking army oJf. J U U r UtU o ogr ph s Con ainCfeu, ministers conferred on vital issues sian plane had shot at an Ameri-
ficers were present but Lubis' boy in the Cold War and the fOrthcom- can Navy plane over the Bering PARNACHENEE LAKE, Me.,
ott order was obeyed almost ing "summit conference" at Ge- Strait forg it to crash-land. June 27 (UP)- President Eisen-
completely. In lew rit tehu T aetC nmanS neva. Dulles asked Molotov for an ex.-hower announced today he will
In. N ewes, N ew 'T es a I t At a meeting last Monday night, planation. hold an unusual late night meet -
Utoyo and Sukarno were to re U.S. Secretary of-Stte John Fost- Molotov made It Saturday, say- ing with Secretary of State Johb
ceive a battalion honor guard but e Dulles British foreignn secre- ing the American plane was over Foster Dulles in Washington to-
it failed to show up. tary Harold Macmillan and French Soviet waters at the time, but night to discuss Russia's surprise
An army band was to have pro. NEW YORK -* June 2 (UP) -A Da *ington, in his search for forei minister Antoine PS n ay addi that poor visibility and' at- offer to pay damages for shooting
voided music but it, too, was ab a the Louvproposals to Russian mospierie eondltons "made po.a down a U. 8. Navy plane in the
sent and the Indonesian national the New T ent, complete with Mus in Paris consulted withoe minister Vacheslav M. sible an error on one side or an- Bering sea.
anthem was played by the akar. pho l o scholar in the soo of elasica Molotov about procdurs to be other in regard to the exact posi- Mr. Eisenhower's press secre-
ta fire department. try, was day by te studies in Athenl., th American followed at Geneva. tion of the plane.." lary, James C. Hagerty, made the
Utoyo had no comment on the Amrican Bible Soi ety Solety Aadeny in Hole and the Molotov accepted th proposals Molotov expressed his goern. announcement shortly after the
boycott. Produced by otora re Shoo of' Orental Research in almost exactly as the es pre-ment's regres and said the So- President went out into deep
... ci bt G Nlthe vetso Jerusalem among others. sented them. viet government was willing to Rump Pond to fish for landlock-
contains hotoiaphs, nine 'maps The society has been publish- Speeches the nations delivered pay half the damage. ed salmon in this remote Maine
a nd six agrams t illustrat and ng separate books of the New reflected In general-a tone of cau- The conciliatory tone of state- woods resort.
Alarify various pOrtonsof the New Testament since 1951 are art of tious hope for the future, ments apparently ended any dang- The President is scheduled to
SLLA Testament text in the lightof re the project. The edition w'ico st Macmillan spoke of the 911ft- er that the Incident could disrupt fly back to ashin n ton tight
Scent archaeological and historical. 'ing of the cloud" which had ob- plans for the Geneva conference. ending a six-day ew England
TODAY .75 -..40 studies. tour.
3:05 5:05 7:00 .40 p.m. heBie soHle d d the e He will go directly from the air-
roject asB e "a lestone inbd the port to a White House conference
project as "a milestone in t he with Dulles, who has returned to
A LO T prritin ng and distribution of t he Washington from the United Na-
"IUrlS I"P-.Sj D n ew Tey alent." It involved five tions 10th anniversary meeting in
A O -yearsorpnnlanni gand research Sa Francisco.
ACROSS THE' ad -WO0 6eatios d.9 r I b-" The presidential plane. s 6hed-
OF CO N11 rt Darlingtob, socif tY mnr. Wooed to get Into wasjigta ar-
The text is rrauW in mode o ern ound 10 p.-
paIregraph Isom awi t ehapt rThe meetipg was arra d
and verse markings to facilitate ter the President and aD on-
reading. The society said that torrd by telephone on thSoviet
goyLpOf thephqli arahs an re of offer made unexpectedly in San
wiog e araphirallr a 'and .objects FranCisco by Soviet Foreign Mi-
which are virtually munchan gd nister Viacheslav M. Molotov.
since the lifetime of ChrisLt He told Dulles his government
Twenty-one of the photographs was willing to pay half the dam.g
were cltaosen from the aics, statues, ages for shooting down a patrol
are oie-ups wal oaits glass bomber last Wednesday.
manuscripts, wall ainti n s, glass. All 11 men aboard survived but
ware cpotogmaphs ar used s seven were injured, three by shell
illustrate specific portions of the '
text. Dulles immediately called the
20aC0ntbrispi In the gospel of John, where President, who had kept In touch
KIRK t LeRT Christ heals the blind man by with national and world affairs by
DOUGLAS DARVI eROLAND t, him g, wash in the pool means of a microwave radio-tele
5of Sieam".tX1; wag ehone installed here especially for
.tograph of the pool of Sileam. use. There normal i no tele
th book of Acts Pa ul'sphone at this resort.
journeys by ship are illustrated Hagerty said Mr. Eisenhower
with pictures of Casarea, Sidon, was in the middle of a bridge
SCyprus, Myra., C lauda, LSyrace, game at this luxurious 4ishilng
,rBU ,, = and St. Pas s ayi at.Malta. In camp when the Dulles call camte.
"E II[-AT | addition there are drawlngs of the GGUA MMOLOTOV AFTER SHOOTING WARIf tG Acting on a tip that a man with a high- An early morning rainstorm
ships he sailed on and of coins poweOed rifle planned to ambush Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov at the a Francisco Opera yesterday threatened to mar the
he used. House, police take no chances as Russians pu 11 up to tlh Opera House in a black sedan (left), resident's fishing weekend here,
acting chief of police George Healy (at circled numbered one), in plainclothes, watches. Police but the skies cleared at noon en-
S Darlington said that Wnrest in are also spotted on rooftops (at "2" and "3") with rifles and shotguns abling him to set out for the five-
Bible lands gave an urgency to a-h-smile trip to Rump Pond.
pr ration of the volume. ne"He is really trying for a sal-
"LAND OF LEGEND" lsI :acident, ortharougni t l ma m m m m m m mon," Hagerty said.
"L N O EG N Iut 1 aioneal Violence .,the t lre Pr I k aIrW

A CINEMASCOPE SHORT New Tes nt times may be l ul
destroyed," he said.'
STHURSDAYa JftheCorintb Cual, Bench
____ ~ started by Nero with Jewish slav-
Sfe|; the ^pavement where Christ
stood before Pilate, and excava-
tions of the palace of Herod Agrip- A quarrell between a brother
,, wui-ta1) pa at Jericho. and sister in La Boca ended up
Negotiations, for some, photo- in the Balboa Magistrate's
,4i s graphs took up to three years, the Court this morning.
e society said. To take a -picture of
a small volcanic island of Patmos The pair, Jean Kirton, 20 and
where John wrote the Book of her 17-year-old brother Herbert
S*- Revelations, the society had to D. Fraser were each fined $10,
.' get permission of the air minis- but payment was suspended by
S tries of the British and Greek v- the Judge and they were each
S ernment, the G Mk, i" placed an one year probation.
.Service and the U.S. Cvi ero-
nautics Board. The charge of disturbing the
Seace was an outgrowth of a
igJ ht they had in quarters 1054
field Work of La Boca. It concerned a fam-
fly matter.
TOKYO. June 27 (UP).-U4eV-
eral members of the Japanese Valentin Garia,. a 16-year-
S parliament posing as tired btal- old Panamanian was fined $15
nesamen in search of relaxation for reckless driving on Tivoli
visited Tokyo houses of prostitli- Avenue.
tion today for an on-the-spot
survey. Woman
The legislators, members of the UnknownWoman
lower house judicial affairs COmn-
mittee, told newsmen they were IP8WICH, ., Juneg 7 (UP)
S collecting information'to be used -Police last night appealed to
Sin debating an anti-prouti atut an w a who kepta rsadoaCtlve
dle trom an "At -for-Peace"
blAccording to the lawmakers m l t iIt P before she
lr the prostitutes completned tst kl her by radltUln poison-
the split l their earit wWh I
the house was too little. They
wanted a 504split0 nt of The discs were handed out to
the 60-40 they now a crowd watching a demonstra-
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Most of the salmon here run to
more than a pound and a half. I
J The President, equipped with a
I two and three-quarter once rod .
given him last week at Rutland
t., was accompanied to the pond m
by his assistant, Sherman Adams.
Mr. Esenhower fished for trout
for three hours Saturday after-
noon,. He caught a fish with al-
ost every east into a pool at the
base of Little Boy Fals.

Pets In World, I

-There are 360,000 Catholic
priests in the world, or one for
every 1 270 Catholics, kyatistles
compiled by Vatican sourtesa
showed today.
The highest percentage of
eats was in Europe, especially l
some nations where Catholt
in a minority. The world rei
one priest for very 50 Cathe
was in predominantly Pr
Icelaud. LAwest ratio wis jn
temila withone prie o
The nmber of e udt
the world seminaries csa esdt
ed at 60,00 or me pr every T
Vocation flans

(UP) Jxbout

Wlienhower, who's on'a tour of the New ng
ampshire hen presented him by Ben. 8tyl er d
inla. Looking on ia New Hampshire GOov.


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