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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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HEFW.V '*-IF 'w-'w f'8" SK-
.. V-.; .., ,54
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K ,.. ..' ".- \ -f. '-' .*,.

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, .' 0 ,-i -, ": :. ""-" 'i '" + .," "' .' "-. ". \" "-'4 ,.",N' .-'- ,
.W ORLKANS J 9i w )4 tw- fm ,- .. -, .. .. .", .
t wq4id--ay the M' oto91 ,e C P- ip1nn Cooli '
sw I. N. (Nathaniel) TasKilleu Jaaolir U -
in Panam t t fa 10-round xA 1

rr rd. t p- o .' ,g l*. o r--d t a wa .....

Rua hw. Sn bbI drdock o pa fihdan
SS. .a, .. f ma j- .te es C.. # Agd ,vt o '

7 ...% % i' Ul?%^;ht a ^ _so__ at Sta4"t heTbS;da k
VOWfante 12eRussian Foeign O ifhra o ue IatmW clansf :opekKkw

,,e lfor an cw- a.s n.m t o abal r -oui mz I mn S r tp. .a .1 l Ta T Jnei. iSt, .-- .
the 1." m ythgtome.*bo t u toter Vitacnhn 0S.m. wLram

oeon a s t '4'", s ta n W e alt ofs s ot l w s d tS t1he y had rc"o ived od tf rMal-
e Mo' o tt Jprs sn, manager Of mo m. .* t n- pm e..... ..

BSrw n..nesnru bfoPmer Prey Nodesntwer rus-wilstc oA .TO te If G. iTf B bsb io wa s ru s
a....."w iy- lnonW ,-p ra" rM tr Pm ofrgi who-e a edf ted a, owl cannedn oo '.'w. l. u e -. '" -
.= ..ale .to-" ,t.t ,u. ode_ om
nto P ant=, es it ieduled for8 the s-ne essit es. nat. ol e. g. t '"
. outw ith ti n kIt would do amn good to vclude manf _.on he _o-rntdein wh oprt e nar, .m.,..F -- .
iB we e .an coulds"g n surban _i lborobUO miles"bbse st. md t Coaeo ot to enda sa .a The eanhaw m Canal Co. sa#d tom=te o
I .asked Martin i fI cold o n. '-a' ,. to.,
toldl o, W.A.ha afd .o .. rCoh.cnledmi Critclose down Junewau i veth. e o, .fee ..s.all..d.

ae" W.e that whekn ha took meeting at whih the forme ii J.. W- r a in e-S to tgo.e ,pis wij s
hait the e laout of Panama ty tPresid ent Is. to be the main o v*
k op a nd t-,"One w. e o..tedMY'ph," Guests. who wanted to attend himum .omOrfaw ah at iveO i s 14 i Judo o no w
ae _owrd 'the re asked If hewanted my rea their seat .at0the0Op et a, at forepe ok tm tsevw
e? sd flor al = tAsW' _am to* the *., wh
datso ana am I. tD)me e ein me to eab u m. rhip l.stumeaTn.

W ofonM srver, .- ^ ^ H. ^t..a t..henew p-r, t hp h
^ ^nd tA Cip bank -of-Gaillard Cuit
Mn d hr -w e. .,meto ve im U.N. officials weret equesteld. .101. eg_,.
mytrem a g.0 u then av.,tactfullybrought.the.aA... forthe

SAW .. .. .. I an n ....yk = ',0-

Y ,.1 q Abe..,,lItagentst. ,ed t.e

ared wae 1

(tal the eu

ma, thel
jam1 eli

b'IS5iabu a eiix -
Wn .
Sj uet 1 adlA Th. sight- tea" ,ewho
b *ete." W opgAd almost ate o ny a
-. tlfe cop who gan a tficet,
to. r o5bu1 OLW'Nna 1r. may a the big

S. go t nless The spectacular trafht accident
K.- n. a, began wae Mary McAutey, at, of
said t Brown who I..ra e Wyo., puei o the
.-- 'Pat ato a Ire engine.
tA T llre engine struck Miss Mo-
S, car. grated two other aS -
Wto o2e. anu spun out of control
*- I imto paw ox a coming bus.

S col, slammea another taxi be-
tfljAR tweel it and the de of utae bus.
hsaqsh mU the tramd taxi tawith

A number of items of Indild-
lai cDunty interest were
Mwg-d during the regubir

u t Board Room
e to Ad.o inlt
i. tul

In three eet of ie ground. The
ursi taxi Wumpe Into IWo cars
parked at the curb.
. TUmes Square, which has. seen
wrecm s in c, seeey,
t c =n awed silence.
w d atos strewn for ahlf a
wrecked autos strew for half a
bLoek UPI 7th Avenue in the city's
uOat eight light and theater dis-

: O .a.r-

Canal Zone.,
Fwpose of this convention
to reSr to- the nembernmp
thaw6*k apd function of the
American legion during the past
year. leet new officers and pa s
on any legislation to come be-
fore the convention.

Highlighting this year's report
will be an address by Depart-
ment Commander Claude .
Campbell on the recently com-
pleted Boys 8tate Project.
Sunday morning beginning at
10:00 a.m. at Cummings Hall,
Fifteenth Naval District, there
will be a joint session with the
American Legion and American
Legion Auxiliary.
The Governor John 8. Seybold
will give the principal address.
Representatives of the Armed
Forces and distinguished guests
will be present.

I This seon is primarily de-
voted to giving recognition to
those Individuals who have given
outstanding service to the com-
munity, state and nation. It Is
an open session and all citizens
of the CanaMl Zone are cordially

3A s q" Was the second New York The after
nMWtfop M1ls i McAuley, w hovert back to
says 't At this tin
S. ,at.nwa
t iery s which a the se
n amn contrlWed to i the Natla
loave~sI sasidshe as sjor b@ held in
of.R lRa t P" to Ilp Arhee a fiPt Bart d of
1Cl I Id t whJi he e w-. -,am fir
t i r upee said *6 ddM of thef

. .ooV r tO the AA.rOn, Ui, lrw.e
wr to the ahlor Of o ab Given
Si.c m'ss cw' rh as howe sau wt
t Otot ClinRICa Wed ribs sod bwrke WAmM

i fas &, P-- --- Alas-- --
l Rate Cheas ^ **-;**, eefte M above

r o driver As drew gi n
b TUered es abo ei
Ji^^O^^ ateei~a '*f~taly eipe wihp~~fA
.^^^fll~g^S at~f'Troder IaK^j lS~r

ioon mselon will re-
the American Le-

us SUVO. for de-
mca WiU be held m
election of delegates
hal Convention to
Mami during the

rpw aenllM
l," he saJ4 ."$n.
of suct litmy

so to a thd e 8tstei
was 73.
l .ton 9"n l
ed State and a es
diplomatic re

of Advanced -studi Se1
until recent
tHe had b .., for somel
.me -Aon, a. Is te persoei
interpreter fJor-ot
Minister Vyachav.. SIoM S
and Isn SaI inmnlco, Call.
with him.
Olewg who spet ect Bnk-
lish, attended the r I'a SBcI
in wasitigto d iSwarthmAre
College while was 'M
basador to 'eoth.te&
The elder ai ,ky Tai
ambasaadasr fr t om 5#27
to 1933.

(UP)-- i e to halt
the family e B o u r-
the ag aprfSfilear
while be doaiu.,
The car atart zI r b r e i M r I ": "i-e .-

tI the ox t -.

1M. Curry out e*s I lue
in Charles E. WIl is:uaow
Uw inforoialtoni begin




'Colonel Ron R.s Wt& nBl

'Other ThhM rob/e' rDi

X -(UPlyear
SW. H-(ow a
al mmr.IM1

4oW ete-'ed to
so et *

m n


&6 f. .,.-- I
gad the feo taik
te r ho

wa S
th bsss


d aor

ayer Boss Is Chea

kook a ied fro Pea re director of
Georgia, was ad- at e b have k Atlanta.
t he flew over t' lower branWo "f g'mf not d a
Sws aet for a Mant ntead of co m- to a-. "Bt t m_
Mx refund. iatm Anrewa. "But there are
inesr T. Coleman Andrews also told Jo-Jo is ny millions of taxpayers im
b- a-ma be short-hana him. go into the merits of
-. _He' MMd oh On. a wonwe ar. Jo-Jo, apV reMtly o
"Itt OIL ObK. By te h 'I a a
ide Spy, to Owe Ka .inn A,. aatMN" ho for ap .
ry store may violate he min 5nIe mtervlew, lodt ad t
mum wage law. wir for the advice. MN. "
~harge ,.J0 "oi Ployed" by Donald cosi dered the rftund thlk.
u.. =J an, owner of the Kay en feed.
re years mprso- man another taxpayer JoJo's Washington lawy Rob
wh ocom- e..aceto -face wh An. e.t C. M d all
& o._ < -oowa&shck dumb. Hefm sors cer
2 _m= ,A was ama =ran*erau.An
,.s; cla he a s would -I nto
eN I. 6of a amer and e oidt aes

seat ed

~- ~

. # > '... .'.-..-. -
_ ;_ '. -._. ,

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- -~--r. u-~ 1. w.-:11. _1-_


_- ;--: '-
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'-" *; 4i.f+ ; .'.
-.. '.'. -' ,. ,..+ .,, "

_ -

,.. .. .
.'. .:. "


:~. u M v K 4
. ..,1' M Aiw ,.
a ;' A* I, PA N II

, "' A' Rl:oips. PAMANBI
tta.; rvtlriTON AVE. NEW Y<

n f. i,- -.
a Y., '" I .... -

1T. r At e, is on open forum tor roads of The
mr seaived g1a91fullv and am hadled Is a
Syou ceatrigg oer don't I etolent N I
ie y Letters a s had in thg % r reslr ed.
lease try to keep letters liNd to one ag
Idenmt of letter w er is heldhe strietet genth
S Thi I wpr espen m no resenasiblfty fe et0
gpiewed Ie re from reader.

SSummer hit us just ptlbt ,ltth an Inch and
ed rain. Father's Day the children took m
r the read traversed by the to Frank Tedm
t ende4 In a home in Boquete far the rest of h
S1, Where St 'tht tIm. At was only a w a'
Ahglea, now It's all in nidce posperous farms and'
uding Randeli the pride of the aervic
Crops looklwell and corn is maturing. Wit
t it's about in the clear.
; ThIs d ot for the Paphandle, twice de
r., hail, t tfo to repllpt.
- First bols of cotton Inboth Texas and Me
ptpects good on both sides of the river. If ou
nation is long enough, w.e may head down t
mike all the visits we want to, but sure would 1
G0 f Coast from Orange to the mouth of the RIo
Thaptks to ty47 P da,4 far MAy d June
Sesteyday. Wqltinl to hear of that vaoati
The past weekend was a boomer for us, with
Rogers radio show and a bunch of politli
fties. I found out long ago that half of them

PATNRS AT QQL.E.I-t t't evet h
M r A 0r eltCeU butrtt's what "od
Sasse of St. Charles, Mo., brought the I
herd sire alonh with him when he enrolled in t
a41Isuri' lehoel of Agriculture. Railing regl
SHloe through elleUge. e thanks "Model Plaio
showing the hog his sheepskin.
-;v -.--

Buy (


BaUy D


r M


g Pauma Amerikn,
whlliv sifidUtiel
doesn' ~pgear he

e..em as qlenh

Laor MOW

Fi4butgside by side with Juan
DomziagoPeron's guards were the
Argentne Coma mi. t
enough they were nt
anti-PFrn "revolutionIsts", where
M. m ght O pee th t s ap.
pointed leaders of the "peole."
And goa d s eam. Tiu C4*
munistsahave been Pra' alles
t, t ,a velp P t
that Lon' secret poll, re
th real Piee lCeall.Head-
qqLrters in Buenos As Peron


*- I -.


,*' A4-~

-. I


paG o f p.g

V Mal-


peponally was many
o of caw's a op.
T e tinae Htator was
coddled by so many of Statpartnt at
af of mu pt. people over the years, pr, und that n
a half of much- mitted two, not just one Commq-
ae for an otting Mast P4tl to gamy M009"a-
an T3 years qo, message tO the
hia life. m e LM
t trul e I'll tell yell vY tblef on one 4Ytas
W7,0o0,000 for
thte. lmunist in rna tiona apparas aency, and told them that the into cancer, he
th that rain last pa Q Io'AnLa ds Ruaps w 4 my$ to g 9 teo m
ruled byooemAI. .em t l wi1 iq ,- wRA K .
^ wionst of. whm oy int" WP t?
eAtroyed by wind The memaat a dictaiter takes_12 No explanation was uivenap. But teWa ~oI id.pletema d same
power, the 0ummuzuat parFtp pI CK in diwamatlee cl-l a it a larned p ren1e n ew0 tle
xteo are lp, with in two. Qne is the soI. ed a lp that i e State De .uant is be%4nd-. sS
r Fourth of JulY 4adergroupd opposition. The a ar g v. bacw tn vide ea- i mn m.. a
ha% t way. Can't oquoGleges self un4er "'so e tertainment for the em a sta n o a s
like to make the worker' prty name, nasialiy, i T e t r cWembass s tfs n g 9 o e a yl e es n
o Grande. and is friendly to tne boss. am Aptpire ar em ass U s tae in M appet duteey aon Msuspeln h
Panamt !ev- fugo alog Moscow's i e past hps upaIf WS ed the
man Io 4 lt ieVtdo a t twapl tet for tw o OF S ote .
four days of the L I btI ele n e te
cians from both 0 0t41 'dO.ll U aSS It took a little e t
will be defeat- to b ljast rOO g
rfr ot q, ,4 i- t t s ei na was really rogiln.
,' Wv" ,* 4,ebrl the eon T a lastawvarwhIhuna's

th. whi rai it o n rotn A f t i to h
oim ad eat so be ame n A 'aain that tseh aby au t quto q
forces ilee pain duWr"aing e cX lWOrJt Iistahto th -VI .'" 'r

military and MVD strategy son of P to Ihav0qe r no
I lions-out of which came wh oleI. w a tic u4 sjirt -or eOF t eatea
tsh e siqghtn m of 4n O- yi, qlaoat '- ~Vf @ a 9 orce--especaly R
foarcas Pa dun g ta Vl I U ie theI pa rts te 1 a a me SE n C eqty r al o teh air wat eI th a to 'thg oce .J

9, p a0 1 ad h eMlCA We O.IFTto

omi t o a t b4 I Nt b I n. th e weahe gets cr ou ] F tey co.e ,e,,served u t

at pe go are wwaoati non4 0I40 C"S Air gcand to too a duck ote r unway GoPesid ixonaorat them
C 'ih c w 1m A erand.s Tmatge buirSdj O I ste plI teQ K d eit4 a u the a ins e have o i yoU It a h ip

fion s- 4teof w hi ch cameth t -oy 1ot 0 iM ARdK e 5 am inov9l aot bi h iln a n tri Aio us h f&e oP e Cente
gg, andnw edp". fish lover, al n v r me o pi au. V ( o b a
stpeozep yI tg. to,"It J L have ever ashingtnwhe N N eood& iL

piI athe weather gets rouo they come GOP ttiintos are tsore at iee

m h e 'u'- lthq u oataei f sh, O w-ic to ton pi hok gr u s e yp than Pearesidet ixotrig threat
iml. e. Theg d u Ru lea wT.e ,sem .4t at ll banever n derstood what Is so It happedr whi Sel tN .e.en ,
,a C o ti e a. ,idar lovabe ot e er4hA en j hart of b a a r 0o l ee
Ii ,e Iare m te thq k n ice f *ih, whie oadY rather pick up a snake than

a h rea OktA.n. hart toe f f eIl eea,

a 's I sees insier h e. t e depeth p a t hes os l o
i fAM t gi, aU .e #t s pa o a duc o tt he*e t aotm laem e at r oid m-
orsevie pau 4i0 es weat 44,bile l a tuoetrally to d s e
ere, ts of okpa'gn fb reg I a o to brek Ca r
a wto o tem atct y jes R 04sIyo t4e offk Repuba goet -- f en ob

S, ap an t to operate te trk ev e a side number s De

a w ae ya0y. unrestricted basis. But a AV heap. u
SfU.t.-ter e r a y l or is now beso'g set up das which .... a- A, o iu tl
of sweet aas4t0 week fort 811t,'a"e owIe@&A.

8 19s r t 4I ooe. tV 0o seughtoe st h.d r Y yo | Screen StarTH

t that %94 lu hugw. re wh management valves Rock sland an a er hQtr Car-, t
l Peae i1 n Ae s ipourea N I nto t ru f view. r trs ik Iaes Paciic' usidiary dovk Island r.ea act ac raagted- ;e S iv a lBi I
00-pound Durst Paza .aiei pongr And tneyhave beelusng into the ral- Motor Oe Last De- ly ed eate een ACB s 'ea iH

he University of "ea., Peron sequt, **nomradeso 1- roads' ot O ewrloaive freght bui- cem irantd I d motor earies as tleads mut sere r,
ered hogs put ay a alway h Ve been un- wBoS t A L Ste y t w naa n e to t w( 'bao. Thr X r shitd-Nio forc tthe

>er" forhilp abse to keep tea atteidm this h .ve t"t bck ta sgeer s c sa cb -s lflearanerthi 41 thse ds- a ys
eenryy.t y a i aroe 1itsed ste ma r ye eases ise oByo GaRpu. of banspoaion must nat con moswe. t HeltH
to ins e teCatholcs Trasaton company's opera Irug oas trol t ,another pictures l

elr e a bbs-t hremIne rerenea e tt truck oea estate a aItee woeit wehn ata ts so b B
TA few hewrTs 'later. BerB sught jt al ka ttuqep t Ssge lid the decree ousting the and ets ed so as a subatle ^.l ot n tast of Commerce utteA ilihl.vr,"yslf.d,,..tie, through bFlF.

M O N D S a Ra &I O tIqrof lall t s a u l Oe vrG B h is etdva n ge a jid pe te 4M 4 M t .
s4 1roz the payntmenor It *w ate y e 5e. f tulhW i nc between ap moYs uf tp firta- a2ir tey o d et s apw hi n in
S Red the mi tn phra ia not revAr it t tdo p a en .d Jo S
v i unrestricted basms.outor bmee he ir oraiviV-

eods put back riso ted. to a l rl usurpation o The Week Cabinet committee between
0: ae vo l t S-, Riertcl "lan and wa parse
tr hei put Oy as alwaP s I hq bee unl0 mesa h t -%rmi a nwi o! artatised Th s e wg r^ *> by g r
ord ri t ai thi o ve eeto ha t n hv odie ii o ron Maaat thos o bil d Lno S t P

eenP.e'Oe bee e W h iy oae s of s to 3 IEDS :tp
toaI,. ,IU s aasepu g el

L$. nterl- .fii frona ?Cla n I e u in wh leh ..-.& Il '- .. An llsil r ie Puilsl.
jg.d fnsoaer -etom rotie i eco spu, uet leuviee ti t e
ha"t t O Joe ionintotom,
l0-,an DD te saJ iq s.ara s t e d t ve limi t phraUbs l s n._ ,ehe'w10 jt Y Deiw0f~
tr ho uly u 4a aws avelbeen tn-pea U to B rv'iU teouti %lay-I cao oah ao d uo nt he te iea4r _.lsocti m
44acatiear Dore Feeiseq as d" t ha s etIt
tnt CsTrn V' I to Lpeay -.A O trol another.
am *0iouBan ryirffa-
WOoRM" -;e i tiwngbt r-cclakoomsyotp
KAUa subld lead or ohip thin 7ese d.iairrWeek. 10 a't



S- S--

- ? / ...



euf. -



- e.

Kw- Members of Cuba's "La Son ora Matancera" orchestra, vhlch opens at El
p Saturday, are shown here wi th there-female vocalist Celia Cruz and the or-
do The orchestra's opening on gagement at the hotel will be at a ball t6 wel-
Onian debutantes. The Cuban orchestra will alternate with Clarence Martin's
vide continuous spusic.



A number of students returning
o the Isthmus for the summer
vacation from schools in the U-
iited States were among the 142
passengers scheduled to sail from
W.Y.' yesterday aboard the Pa-
mama for Cristohal.
Also included on the passenger
ist Is George F. Welsh, chief of
he Employment and Utalization
)ivislf -and nine members of the
General Accounting Office who are
coming to the Canal Zope to make
he annual audit of the Panama
Canal Company and Canal Zone
There are 20 passengers booked
o ail for Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
The complete advance passeng-
er list for Cristobal follows: Miss
Maria Arabia; Wilhelm Ar no ldt;
!ichael Artese Jr.; William R.
Bailey; Mrs. Ellen M. Baverstock;
Mr. and Mrs. William Bell and 3
.lidren; Charles G. Callahan;
Kra. Flora Camacho; Richard W.
lessonn; Mrs. Mary Deerwester;
Robert K. Enderas Mrs. Cecily M.
allon and L children; Mr. and
r Fraeis Fadell; Mrs.
ar*e JI'Mr.* and Mrs. Har-
d 3 edrn;
; Miss e

r. rs, arl H.
Alex r Graham; Miss Di ana
reh pWrg; and Mrs. Aaron Grob-
Mrs. Walter F. Hanley; Dr. and
Mrs. Paull R. Hanson and son,;
osi Anne Hopkins; Mr. and Mrs.
Frank .E Horn; Mrs. Pearl Jack-
ion; Mr. and.Mrs. Edward Koetz;
Dunoe Laird; Mr. and Mrs. Wil-
lam L. Lewis; Miss Ruth Lit t-
napn.Dr.. and Mrs. David e.Liv
gs C Gary P. Lowande; Mr.
as M T sqJamin Lowe A
kiear.e- O Bride; Mr. a, Mrs.
9dw f i evitt and 2 lOE3M;fl
ime Marinm e z Mrr. and M r a.
Foha Meehan and 2 chldlren;
4r. and Mrs. Charles M. Middle-
md 3 children; Mr. and Mrs.
s C. Murray and 3 children;
r. Charles Pistole; Benede t to
MuttrsRiocchi; Mr. and Mrs. Al-
nA. Rankin and 4 children, Miss
manne T. Reccia; Mr, an. Mrs.
RdEall P. Rpdman and 3,
r. and Mrs. George F. Reichel
md 2 children; and Mr. and Mrs.
ayle 1. Rymsza and 2 children.
Carios Salazar; Miss Herminia
icaglietti; Miss Anita Schonat; Dr.
nil Mrs. Richard Siegler; Mrs.
11am F. Snyder; Mrs. Erene Spitz-





ii ~W~4!r~
*1- ~D- -
-. ~ ~ f*' U~"~7 ~

er; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stansbury dren; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E.
and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs. Hart- Waugh and daughter; Gtorge F.
man C. Steudi; Miss Carlene Ann Welsh; Louis Wizoki; Mrs. Flor-
Taber; Mr. and Mrs. Louis Velas- ence Wolfe; Mr. and Mrs. T a 1-
co, Louis Velasco, Jr.; Miss Louise madgge W. Womble and 2 chil-
Ruth Wagner; Mrs. Josephine M. dren; Mr. and Mrs. John Woods
Walker; William Walker; Mr. and, and 3 children; and Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. James W. Watson and 3 chil. John Zaffiro.


for the

Episcopal Churth of Saini Margarel

The District Grand Lodge Of The Canal Zone,
A. F. & A. M. will lay the Cornerstone of The
Episcopal Church of Saint Margaret, Marga-
rita, Canal Zone, at 3- p.m. on Sunday, June
26th. The District Grand Lodge will convene
at 2:20 p.m. at the place appointed. Dress for
all officers and members participating will be
White Suit with Black Tie. All Masons are in-
vited and urged to attend. Bus will meet noon
train at Mount Hope Station.
I r .ll I IIg- ,

to hend ammuniti he
gnrPleron (form- Orlandi Armart last wdi
t Voe agvernma nt alst o i o
pe- rvn- out a wee mano today. W 'rst
man arrested was. O Chatw
I M "the vcchi, 2, an Italian e.e
beat police sakid tbyf 4jluns
0 atd ad ammunitiap t 411 fr 6; the
eron foraa. Orlandi Armary last .
Ieiy The government also ft to
*event nsfone eo ti mv the
The Democrata Party also an. abortive revolutlq ving
bounced t release of art the country." Fet e ruled
president Fepe Yo"re nd other that no Argentine ct-e. c u Idd
Conservative lades and meie .
A number of Catholic arrested I Avel to Brazil, Chile. atuay
recent ,lashes ao.wee d. or Uruluay without a m1e tio-
Government sources Wae e certificate. Ag eh, ,tifl-
would annouee a new f cates issued bef6-ore J1 w1ere
government itrueture for L th voided.
tire country-In the near felttre At lest 14 persons wer. aMrest
16 ministers of the cabinet ed in various parts of Shes Ai-
many other. top go res on charges of spreading fsee
ficials resigned yatetrm glyv rumors.
Peron a free hand Ina eargp-i- Meanwhile, it was diselsiiat
ing his administration a prominent general was. h-i in
Peron made n6- mention poll- the revolt. He was Gen. Toms -R.
tical problems. in a nationwilp Ia- Vergara, chief of staff of the
dio address last night. The speech corps of engineers.
concentrated on the abortive na- One of the rebel aerial bombs
vy-led revolt of last Thursday. struck Vergara's car, killing him
The president said he would give and two soldiers Instantly. It also
the people the facts of the attempt was announced that at least four
to overthrow hIds regime in view federal police officers were killed
" i

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( -- l. tua s t
waged a aign a-
It the wordd
peate assembly m today, past.
FRen peacee @te
Anti-Red co ) ndao quads
moved quickly again[ the Com.-
munst gathering, which opened
Wednesday despite this little na-
tion's po n on the Soviet bord-
The squads put up posters how-
ing the familiar Co m u n i st
"peace dove" dropping bombs ov-
er defenseless cities.
They worked through the night,
gumming the bills to flagpoles
lying banners of 91 counties re-
presented at the Coiomunist-called
assemgy. .
The poles line the route from
downtown Helsinki to the exhibi-
tion hall where the "international
peace. fighters" are meeting.
The poster campaign posed a
problem for, police. n sadition to
the adjoining borders with Russia,
Finland even has Soviet military
bases on its soil under the U8a
bases on Its soil under the 1946
peace treaty.

But Finnish sentiment is inde-
pendent and the' official decision
was a compromise. Police took no
action against the bill-posters but
sanitation owrkers were sent out
to pull the posters down.

in the revolt.
U. S. Ambassador Albert F.
Nufer disclosed yesterday that he
was with Perhon a few minutes be-
fore the revolt broke -out.
Nufer said he had discussed
with Peron the problems of Ameri-
can firms trying to get out of the
country profits made in Argenti-
na, His audience with Peron in
Government House ended at 10:55
Immediately after the meeting
was over Peron went to the War
Ministry. A few moments later,
rebel planes dropped their first

The twalihme pay t the. average
factory worker rose s sew high
lbat month while east tof livtP
remained uncha the gover
meant reported today.
Labor Secretary J mes P.
Mitchell described the develop
ments a s"concrete evidence of
the strength of our economy." He
said they "mean continued pros-
perity for workers and their fam-
The Bureau of Labor Statistics
reported that the May average of
factory earnings rose $1 from A-
pril to $70.12 a week for workers
with families and $62.83 for single
persons. It was the sharpest April.

partent.. '.

mer prIce si-.dw
stod at-1lW-. 1947-4 prices. Te
Index ar varled'bp
tenth (flle.pere- -s

Mitchell s"id I
the past dix
been equalled bef."
food, bou0vnqg nig
tion delie t0ti
age city dee et.
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,. -.:_ ,..


w. 0


.- .- '- ... .". .1
.- .* i ^ ^ .,, ".-*.J '. ,, .
.. .*.' .. ;" *i "f ,

M- .iiUm Wages In Perto i
*'! .'- -- ,

SAN JUAN, P.R., June 24 (UP) I increases as a result of congre-
.-New York, Chicago Philadal. asonal committee hearings, Alaon.
his,. Miami and other large cities so sa d.
n the United States may expect The Senate formula for raising f
a r y increased influx of Puerto Rican wage miimums
Purpo jcans if the i slan d Is would mean increases of over 2501
the United States to Am- per cent in three year for some
7mWip.jnum wagep dlapropor- IndustrieL, a study of the bill re-
A li?'a tpp officials warned to- vealed. ... ..
Most island minimum would be
said some 45,- Increased one-third over the pres-
app, aoiv llose their jobs ent levels next year, and all would
i m saeT a lip10 industries here be escalated 25 cents above mid-
~~wpuld-oe, by a option of mini- 1855 leyep by a, ., l19'. I
mum w. it la now pend-j Applied to sweater and bathing
S in tbe'.S. Congress, s uit factory workers here, the for.
Puerto I can officials were de-imula would mean that minimum I
scribed by Alonso as "greatly dis- by 1958 would be 150 to 257 per
turbed at the apparent unaware- cent higher than they were on
mess in Washington of the serious June 3, 19W5.
impact adoption of such legisla- Sweater and bathing suit mini-1
tion would have on the islands ec- mum were increased from 67 to,
onomic future. 1138 per cent this month through1
Both factory workers and those special review committee proce-
S who earn the'r, livelihood in dures. On June 4, they were,
"home a ta leujt w- would be boosted to 5 cents an hour; pre-1
iLIt&JW nu. oA* twkar addmg seri- viouslyv thev ranged frm 21 to 301

S .to an. already "alarming cents an hour.
e mployient .problem, Alonso
Ri aeady has over Indonesia Said
or almost .20
21 ~ a~ labor osie,
one 2 yofom Planning To invade
HWr thbe labor force -
al. son added. l h N Aw 5ulnea
It was under pressure from such Ww 6 nvO
population growth that the insular AMSTERDAM, June 24 aUPa
government launched operation -Captain Raymnd "Turco 'Wes-
bootstrap,, which has establishedterlin claimed in an interview to.
100 new industries in the past 5 day that he has received informs-.
ywars towcqeale tens of thousands scale invasion of Dutch New Gui-
f new joes, -the official pointed scale invasion of Dutch New Gui-
out, ". rnea this year and will synchre-
Autfforttief'e' .th t a sharp nize the action with a new crick-
-rise in unemployment here would down on the 100,000 Dutch Nation-
greatly accelerate the migration al still living in the former Dutch
of unemployed Puerto Ricans to oly
New Yok Philadelphia, Chicago said the information c me
and MiamiL t from "reliable" Indonesian sorc-
Last year. migration tothe the i
mainland dropped to 21,531 after Westerlin" told the U.ited
reaching a record of 69,124 in 1953. Press he still intends to sail soon
U.S. Senate bill 2168 would force for Indonesia to lead an uprising
a 25-cent an hour "across the. against the Jakarta regime before
board wage increase in Puerto it falls to Communism.
Rico. The bill is now pending in
the house. oo
Its adoption would hit hardest AT M
on Puerto Rican home needlework- t
ers and it was estimated that
nearly 30,000 persons would lose -
the source of their livelihood The rollicking, lief-with-father
there. biography etof Col. Atho Drex.
Another 3,000 would be forced ..v'. heid e lOtoh.t-el
r- work in sugar mills; 4,000 p ila's mo)t I tial atulen. is
in tobacco stemming plants, and among the bboks placed in circu-
.,,u in sundry manufacturing lation during the past week. by h
plants, officials estimated. ;Panama Canal Library.
The proposed legislation wouldI 'My Philadelphia Father," is
severely curtail .the islands a i. Colonel Biddle's story told by bis,
dustrial expansion and thereby af- daughter Cordelia Drexel BiddleI
feet its economic future adverse- to Kyle Crietpa. the noted- bJi 1
ly officials said. .
The Puerto Rican government T eompleteit of new
favors continuation ,f the present alk announced by
flexible system oT periodle wage the Mlb'arythia" k follow '
l si o Non-flcuon-Evanaton. an Tn-
-.- terpretatioa, Niebola;. Waterfront
Priest, R&ymond; TB qcket Pt-
one s, : C ". Cook.

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i .'e; Henry F Iame.
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is Sylvia, Wilson.
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Book, dross; The Angry Planet;
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Hose, Meek; Mystery at the Old

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I .1-7

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I 1

--- --

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2 ~-


, .. .-
fir', ,

a 'uniorig a gep

k. 3. "1 o. Mul- P AMr.' ,a Ma il a ate of Abra-
M ric s. Laurenwe te e h L1o Hg S1hol In sa
d 4 Mrs .lav. Donagd K fsmlaL te aUo. niv ersity of Oregon. m
"-'- --. .----- T .- _.. lThle co pe will leave the lath- m
mus o" August 6 for New York
Deaeso Leaving en. route to California. Mr. Boa
WithM .aile will enter the University of Call-
SDr. e Mrs. George. Zimmer. fonia n January.
ad r .rt ofeaudry, mane. Ao are mailing bag and
a wit hr bahethe Panam Line b at. Bo Wlers Enjoy Banquet
S-P oIc ad- ,eaudry, nl I New York en route tio At Yaebt Club, Cristabal
FDang sOis, was e m state of 19wa, They will A gela affair for the presenta-
t a luncheon at be' aed by their t wo ti M o bowling trophies was held
.aedoy. o9Quag Is. Dr. Zimmerman has Tuesday evening at the Panama
.0et to say a reluc- or'asstgned at Gorgas Hospital Caqal Yacht Club in Cristobal.
taunt-tsaart.or the past year am a pathologist; The participants, members of
S- .w gyme nof the he Is is retureiug to the Universi- the Coco.Solito MIxed Bowling m
ter of e o. e o Iowa to continue in his spe- League were agreed the dinner
St w member s Past-president J oh n Pavlc, rSGT. ANGEL LUIS RESTO and Mrs. Resto, the former Miss Ma-
othe edse Another medical family who are with the assistance of his wife, r M. Ort, cut their weddn cake at Davs. .They are now.
SPe an I n -onoring Mr s.'leavi- for-ood Is that of IDr.' on a wedding trip in the Interior of Panama.
en women o honorig M rs. _Car frL_ _of _s thad oe .e ..1.
etu, y.Ts Rober H gBoeon. He d departed. P i Viola Pavllk, had charge of the women, Viola Pavlisck.
Sat_ .w Mrs Mp Boon andue and directly after the din- Winning Team: Roy M e r a
'Min M arin a their mall children. LbeM r ia mgesd heertawarded trophies forr h i g hJohn Pavlick. P a u I McDonald
OfGoar Marries She emakergWar Marrae i A averageem high set, high game and Betty Van Pelt, Mary Galley a
A beautiful wedding solemnized. Announcements have been re were as follows Others present were Mr and
a nuptial mass at the Ft. Davisceived of the marriage of Mrs. M a. ,r. Chuck Parks, Mr. and Mrs.
Maria -M. Ortiz, daughter of Mr. New Jersey, to Mr. Isaaq L. Shoe- Van Pelt: women. Mary Gailey. laid, Mrs. ColnFleen Castor., Mr. and
and Mrs. Florenelo Orti of Caey- maker, of Vero Beach, orida. A Liberlan government spokes. High set men, Lon G a i e y; Mrs. N. Nelson and Mr. and Mrs.
Puerto Rico, and Sgt. A n ge I Mr. and Mrs. Shoe d aker made man said yesterday that an at.-women, Lynn Myers. Bill Bresl'er.
Luis Resto.of Ft. Davis. Father an extendedvisit in.- Paama last tempt was made in Monrovia to High game: men, Lou Castor; (Continued on Page 9))
Muscovic officiated at the double- year as the house guests of Mrs. assassinate Liberian President
ring ceremony. Shoemaket's- son, Professor John Willijam V. S. Tubman shortly adt-
Cook Wfrd, 2nd, of the Universi- er the national legislature an-
The bride's wedding gown. was t of Panama. nounced he had won election to a
of while chamtlly late and tulle'. They will be at home after Oct. third term.
over taffeta. Her veil was of tulle 1. at 877, 22nd Place, Vero Beach, The spokesman said a r a d i o-
with crown of seed pearls. She Florida. gram from Monrovia reported theI
eaxi orchid bouquet and a President was not injured al-1
SMr. Shelto Off though three others, including two
wTffe-itrOn of honor, Mrs. Car- "For C "lfbri s of thi bodyguards, suffered bullet
los Garcia, wor a grey suit with Mr. George Shelton who spent wounds Wednesday night.
pink atcessorin. 6 a week as the house guest of his The report said the assassin was:
mother, Mrs. Rosaria Shelton. and captured and he and five alleged
The best inan was Sfe. Carlos his sister, Miss Gloria Shelton, in accomplices were placed under
Garefa, cousin of the groom. El Cangrejo, has- left for River- arrest. The gunman was identified
In the absence of her father, the aide, Calif. as Paul Dunbar, described as a
bride was given away by a close '"desperado." .
friend, Sfc. Harold Du Bois. Square Dance Planned The radiogram was signed by
Young Carlito Garcia was the. At Coco Solo Saturday Tubman's presssecretary. Regi-
ring bearer. A square dance is to be held ld Townsend. It attributed the
lower girls were Mary Ro s e SatUrday, at Coco Solo at 7:30 assassination attempt to political
-and Bonnie Du Bois, who we re p.m. It will be directed by t he enemies.
atttred in pink-and-green organdy well known "M ke" Othausen, The spokesmDn here said Tub-
rocks. President of the Square and Folk man received bout 240,0000 votes
Dancing Group. to the oppositozA's 1,200 in the e-
Following the wedding, a recep- R d square and folk dances election held May 3.
tion was held at the home of Sf. wil toured The asasss tion attempt was
and Mrs. Du Bois at Ft. Davis. m a d theme-of the dance made about 'p.m. Wednesday,
The young couple arelnew on is ad 4 will be giv- according )o the radiogra at a
wedding trip in the Interior of Pa. en C tstume "public gather l'g, after'the na-
Sama. On their ret they wi an l tfonal legislature for.Inally report
Ie dolpi on- A aT July M rM y person el aIh eIrad the election results. -The assa- 1
T'he bride ap il at Ft 0a b(So b e d was said. ,n *. a-
via and the gow ad t sckets may be obtain d at ".
with the Avay at Davis. door, or from members of the
0sry Society, Holy Name Socoe-
Mrs. McNevia Ballag d in the Chaplain's office.
eksf hBoas h ; dance will be held topside of
Aboard the Cylstobal northbound the CPO Club.
tomorrow will be Mrs. Elizabeth
McNevin of Balboa and her son, Flahe-Bost Emgagement Fine Furniffure made of
Michael, who is now a student at Is Made Knows Daridn Mahogany. NOW at
the University of New Mexico. She Mr. and Mrs. Myron W. Fisher amabi low rfees.
will spend a summer-on of Bells Vista have announced the Bedroom Dining Boom and
tion in New York while ae will engagement a n d approaching Reem Sets.
visit Europe in the courab of a marriage of their daughter, Don L
midshipman's training cruise. nalee Maria, to Crawford Bost. H, Productos de Madera, S. A.
so of D. and Mrs. Crawford Bost fsmad by aero cowas
SMarionette Show of SAn Franciso, California. 11 aK Ae ue
A'Mexican company will put on The wedding will be July 22 at rih Ave.Si tor
S arionette show at the Union Fort A or Chapel. rPhone 2-3s0 v
on Sunday, especially for Miss. Fi attended Our Lady
th children of Members. The per-.
tofmance is from 4 to 6 p.m.
SMrs. CagJoun Retuns
Visa is back home-AfteDr several Make your reservations now for the
*eeks as the house guest of
on. in s "ne... Lt. Iam,. outstwding social event of the yearly
mein Eiot Away
For Two Weeks

la, where she will be th THE DEBUTANTES' BALL
guest of friends for two weeks.
She expects to return to Panaina
Cjt early in July. to welcome home


. yu eus comt

ew at owmas egipaa-mSw

SATURDAY 8:30 p.m.

featuring -
two terrific bands
for continuous dancing!


with singer CELIA CRUZ.


and his ORCHESTRA.

(In due of rain by 8p.m.,dance will be
V held Sunday)

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i ..... ^8 1 R- ''1"- ct- ..... *-P
-WA ^J ne 24 (UP)- ed thi nites the govern-
.T-te A bapeals,in a a nt b8d% atl reasons for
84J, c ru_, yru ,. refiuit A.
_y a e ite )e- The govrnim t los th e con.
iltnt' ,t tW that it has ole tended that -a* Aeport involve6s
Iwmer to gqm Or deny passporb foreign relatko and that the
for travel secretary of state has complete
Tf.W' tlt-e. co urt held unan- say over who shall, and a alA not,
[ uOntaw 4 right to receive travel abroad.
ass a et to. court :e-' But the court said the right to
W. ,' .- "go flroih place to place" is a
. It said the State Departmwpt "natural right aObject to the rights
cannot wltlhoHra e paport as part of others and to aasonable rega-
o its conduct or foreign affairs if nation under law.
such actlr'detuiles a citizen Of j
UIs const=t 1 tinal liberties. "
SThe cort.hawt ded down the de-
ision in a brought by Max .
hacht.n0 to New York, chair., best thing
i .fe Independent Socialist has .
V 9 ree years:the department at ned
refuted him a passport because to COnariesI

Now that they're on
vacatioar come and take
advantage of our

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WftWM6 CWt#"epnAu [i&*



* U


I -.


ulim&~ I S ,.5-TaL Cdito g. Susi Tea &.!.' "
*. .
t C.,


* I

* -. -.5

. li


I L- ~u---1


_ __ ___I_~ __


! "Ir

J. llE aII IM 'W .M- 'TA *. ?-- -J .C.I_ j



.f':- x- -..




.' .-..

W ..' .


0 ~


g .) ". ,

I seUr1l No. 13




retk dly AvA Ae pTe alit.
Agenola Internal. de Publiomnldi FARMACIA ESTAO UNIDOS




F R I 4tb o l Ju yAve. Ja J. | c5. mm I.. !WO "o.-.e s e" I, ", .
1r_ wmmmm Io

-Housi-ld Automobiles ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS Grapils's Samm .Beach
.. O N A L.i. 411'[ 111"MOLI A odn.... ,, ...... *...., .. ,
FROPESSIONAL o ,OX 2031 ANCON., C.Z. Ai u. it Mw. 'sm '
SFOR SALIE 7-fet Weting- FOR SALi--1950 Jee "Land CRISTOBAL 1311. ATTNT'm 1.l JlIrt J iot moder ,aeMS. M- Pl Gambos WI BUY, SA ad el a eRol d
Shous, e frigerator, all porealls, Rever." perfect rumanil co nldi. modern Itms, prrt s I, 6-441. t. TM lMtel I l." I M.
rrTIREMBNT, LFE w x t co Cdio ien c Fl AL 2 bdro'o, hk. Imold wotr., P oie ."'.r PO"- ire ...
WC O IINSUdRAUCE drotesi lided, $75. Phose denms" 11We1 see Sta"e n SobtF Phs Peas^ -a1. utPHeIIP O C Pe p 2.0857.tO
S1CATION INSURANCE .2-40. Akes s.,se. stret. o vida.Se ana C. A 4. S
k liscellneous FOR RENT--Rnhd and Phone Panama .-1877. Cdsl- L IE L i I
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Mae "Da ms 5 o-n perd. shell a iwden side. tien. Priced to 'sell. Phone 6. Mynah Birds. world's best talk- BRA APARTMArTS, t St.. FOSTgR-S COTT _A ,me mile er No. i-.. "Phmt I- iN. -4.' .s
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FOR__ ._.. ._r Phone Balbea $169. -. -- -- Phoeo 86e1:2 '1rw
FOR SALEr-2d stand Rattan Da- FOR SALE:-1947 Buick Super P,'on"- FOR RENt:-2-bedrohm n smer FOR WLL- le a r
e poe _and chairs. ge. 2 B. 4-doer Sedan, ne*w upholstery, FOR SALE:-Gulbreages minuet apartment. Iving-diming ,m, WILLIAMS' Sean t lra lBeech FOm RSALE -Eli Camia thre ee
No. 5 kegy po tutire$t oo. 6.$ .La....IM.r.
& D N PF Clayton.. good tire for $250. puty paid. CBsole, Ebony Crackle, heating screened $65. leliserl Porra. Cbk re For lnfermeton sell 2-0610.
Call"-&CHu IncSiAO l ,L em--n-Cell Sesrt HmMHcttt, S.A, e*ment, ew condlemior. Amader No. 56, key partmeH No. 4. ,ti -bodmm. Pl se .bee Fo m cB 2410. f
NA DANc o sTO FOR SALiEB -..double make. Phone 800 C*Ion. 82.5189. Phone 2-2316 er 3-0234. 3050. M1I
I. OFCD Telepheoe gal. 2- __________:-______a__s *_ $SU
5 lding 10, alb.a FOR SALE:-1954 Bulck Read- FOR SALE :-Boer puppies 6 FOR RENT:- Lale 2-bedroom Shrpne's furnished h"o s o with river, fruit, trees. (a
Road. *' muster Riviere, 8500 miles, weeks old 5.00, 10.00, 15.00 furnished apartment. Tivoli Ave. beesh at Santa Clam. Telephone PrTvian.9 of Co3le. Tel.;-2%4, A
power steolsg, power brakes, dollArs. Phasee 5-18 House 114 ae. Call Balboa 1866. Thomp so, Balboa ,1fI. C ,riatmal.i
FOR SALE-Light mahogany electric windows and st, twin Gatun. FOR RET" ....wsp"-
S.diming reMm table and six chain, turbie, dyndfleIw, radioe, FOR RENT:-SmH furnish*& BaMwin's aprtments for rent at-
in very good condition. Tel. 3- in, dynefw, rFOR SALE: Rollelfex 73:5 apartment. Peru Ave. No. 23. Soata Cler,. Pho"-e h 3681 FOR SALI:-Real Ula"Bts- jlglaR
in5443. 44 Stret cNodt17. E.-Z e glass, white wells, back coated tessar less complete with Tel.: ,3-1177 er 2-0710. for reservations. low and yard. Ilequ e,. S-
5443. 44 Street N. 17 up lights, windshield washers case, lenshade and RIolelflash Informateion: Themes rdware ATON
FOR SALE:--.Phhce Refrig uater 8 end custom trim. 86-3115. attachment. Binocular 7x50 with FOR RENT.-OAe .mLESSONSe 'T l.5 0 1AnJa d
cubic feet. Very good condition. FOR SAL:-'49 Ford, very ood case. Evrything practically brand apartment furnished 0th street LESSONSCoetr A m Ste 7-10, Ap. An l, w
Prieced low. Panama 3-2589. condition, new. Phone Clayton 4239 after No. 50. Apply upntais. MODPRN CREATiV "'ANCE. P-anama. dys, i h been I o etr
,oly29, CREATIVE DneNCt
SFOR SALE:-Recnditlen Von- seat coves $500 or bot Aoffer.* 0. FOR RENT:-Furmished apart- Interstiag c hllelglg dre with sleplg sicnei from a
..Cadtlened- studio .se I tian blinds, 3 strand Ratten far- Call Albek 6-2166. Ask for met $50.00. North Amerian motic. Classs for teen-ge FOR SALE.-Real Estat. Leaving mosquito it, doctors'd to-
e is. 5 to P. n iture, Chinese carved desk and *** FOR SALE:-A couple of poki. neighbors, frequent transports- ,and y adults. For inferme- Pnma: five Io bdro fuar dy. ,
mseh m1 scllaseusChinese ritF SLlm nowse puppies. Can be soo at East tion. Call: 3-04 n cell J et Panamshd ag at SanaCa
S 1 0 ihboa 2.48 or amami3.-16 miscellaneus Chinese $ .a itnSon FOR SALE:-- 1953 Hillman I1IEth St. No. 8-15.ti"Cl-JaEot .......nid for l 'st b Clm o r ..
pbses 24taImps. Call S. and Sun. 3 to Rth St. No. 8o_5. R 3-3608 Beach. Idea for swanlsutlem or of the olty-lrsh heatiU unit,

< FOR SALE:t-Dunn Fhyf* Din- FO SALE:-O-l aumobile he Contineal CauOlty Co- Alegre. Telephone eftlr l p.m. nm.'A heslsl af2 0have san discovered among
ilOPRACTOR .=--T.b Ch .. FO.Rf.coditi. HSe pa"y oChica. 1ll, as of P... 3.4242. anO ce SWll 1.00. The Engineer. U.S. tny Ca- dagsonosed hedsasee
DO EL OL Bu p.m. 62BLby d, Foam2L Rubber l, Mnm exn cn VIIl Americ' lrgt, trongt coto. n-A TT DUMl ribbean announced the c ve been trAnaitted by
ELPANAMrGAdaTELs AT$950.00. Call Coto Sole 617. SALES OPPORTUNITY FOR TOP two bedrooms, with two bath- SUMMER fVACFATIONErN SPECIALI d e or d aat n l eein
.GRADE ENLISTED MILITARY rooms, midstroom with both, liv- ForN -ea- ietn ee ias h me s.
Fr e- e PERSONNEL!arn $100.00-per. lg and diningroom combination, Rkegistrtion fo aireo d Army i nt O beng m te.
re s f 25 Cyc' d50. Apply re don. Low lele. rIn month, or more, selling auto- balcony with sliding door open- class will l Junne 25th a t 1000 Am
SMI INGWH 32s-A, 25 a Myle$50. Apply excellent condition. Teepo mobile insurance during aftr du- ing, garage, watchman and care- m o-lL o. YMCA end A00 area h coes ofrt d
S382A, 2nd and Me hol equip- ni 4 ,:00 p.m. July 1, ty hours on you r pot orsbase for taker service no childrenoom, fully opo.I Po. h er nw cour i

Lear|RidMnn prisesl... .. 44.. St. /O t,,, k trucks. Sllr rurrves washhie rchi. Must be rent- on a tee d ups. For ifor-
hFOR IALEu:-Duncen Phy2 Din- AE lothe Continental cs Alegre7. Telephone r 6 p.M ad fo.
,L FO .STl OUN ../ hoer Uon aney FOR RE NT fr_
tgtO SI Room Tabe, Chinall C al l itio 1952, perfect condition. Hotel pAnyi ofChica l O., one a Pan. 3-4242. dane book elil. for $10.00.
dO BALBuffet, Baby led, Foam Rubber Panama, garage. Mr. Villareal. America's largest, strongestDUNA corn-rbbean nnonthe
s. t Gad I ress.2 rings; aSwiy M25- l C nies. Clal Panama 2-3881 for FOR RENT:- Smal furnised FR RINly fe o
Sans eaus e e. Phone Alb 3146. Tel. 3-1 660. interview. apt. Comfortable 1 bedroom. Ap- LS -onI th funawardOf a contra
dAven4T.u HelpSt W ined ilt1 or V APo. LEaN-Jin the f a nt Co. The wortoa i. Cl pe l ul to b -
FOR SAL--Prct Wally no w ftt R. mor oCICAO (beat -ul puts apt. B. lt Comrsl hTelehone Panama p-inting of industrial build ne
nature including e bedroom set, tion Wagoni. 1955 Ford Country ilver set consisting of one tray,3 p.. g27. TCoraa ,findteamou
S.Ar dining room set soap tet, s alba 2-3050.12 champion up,0 FOR RENT:--Bautifully fur- orozl, n the mo
i P Sl BA S XlTER. MS.Aer frigidaIre, stVw hla machine 'FOR SALE.-Seled bids' accept- quire in Ave. ; No. 13-85 near t ished apartment" in wonderful LLdONA SEARS annune the $;7,273. Jt s Of ee

1 A v& Movet"ee KoFsR Pioyg Found Sports s.a ses. use, n a.lrerins a gcp omm .evny r r
Mo il t t.for two uod 1947 Chevrolet /z .aquiped also nice kitchen with ballroom dantlig for 'teen seeero
L AT yo r AM OuIC MMER i l Nl. ,.wsn o 4 K5Ph .med nt eDer-o s ely.K" t he

Ctspil on DInl olfl2l.2 le2intlrallInprfed Actlylt le hmu. hoe 25te111. vada and WeSl1t Virries. Andsif doe an oifsheee n 10o cs in
S D a rn M IA R e SCH O O L ".h N o D Aoo.50 goru cks.iSellerrre saxes t r wsh afteWchin lso. mder h i n three at gr groups. For i ntl or
PANAMARIDIGe SCHOOr L 117,AptW right to rejct any or all bi*ds. e ex ALead for at loe oq year.Inqauire motion tlepionoe Lnt Sears,
S G n lea. py Union Oil Company, trx 174-5. 44ent was bref and to the pont mg for wide open pace wher
Po. 3-7, i ,.Panama, Telephone 20771ck S. Boats & Motors B FOR R N -
ar by appointment.L C nver. FOR LE.1 NorWh De- puty F N Defeins ete r Rntoow.. FOR va:t S' FOR T
Sant Crus .'"tl. Dyfio8 w, electric wind otr d tended aliae a renet Teris pimi
La tanl 5- Itatr, lrw milenae,en ga lHnt e Am aer Rd Tl. m d on 2, ted shortly. .c t n t t t s mi

Sit 'al d anRll. Call adi on.Willell at real bar gaqin ollae bouht ide the state .Although no ras give of2,meayear.
11--21 a Dtia o on I5- In NorLt. C1 Swth Caroa ,.l cretaty IoU l FOR ReNT-ecly und
ch o ls, am tS4152rat,0SAS-m r rts- h( l rwme s. t Screenidepl t h .r nd te n -.
Severe rtas kWednesy. t L FOR SALL: 52 Chevr4ota he once expected trne succeed W rrion. "eenedorh ba I N

G .an 1 oWo o~ Teaee impoo d ,even-ont son as topoman. That was no long- ey, educational direC o M
a -. "dongood-40 H poin tl. -WASHINGTON, June 24 (UP)-. 34, 46th St.
II L en watheel Dl25athrur motor fuel tax ontestate truck Defer nsie Seretary Charles E .... Io at the Carnegie Mseum here,

VA Of to-Year-Old nGirlwigng le th Io4 000that his pound th den s se Pe son. l v C AAv -
a WANTSb. a -La'Rn dre, ampnd h RP t SA.O-.1950 Oldsmobile t (UP) State g chief i aide s ice e00 m up n ld ch ker when
Distrbuted by Nusi Alyer 6 p.. V- i 3146. ernments are imposing higher retary Roert n by a Brand. Anderson1955

. mxcle has edd rgrto rees. g epin wIth headquarters at a ad o eboritholo- Ford so reasonable? If you -
ut plote ho bldg. 5th S epoit. apt. 6. O SA Lrs-i r r1951 46 17 nbwtIaxes and fees on motor carriers resign "a few mth" tot
1t(e tw u. e n k oDan 2t h rri mie ,made da by Commerce oClear t ng Pdays in the P om entaguon's cil ri an NuI IIIo
A., .ft]Ao.ab..) Ployrou Sntports R ap.., 948g high commooAe, o o ac or bu Arm-y Secret'as ry
hhnrt, slR Aa ri son, a48 llo, omeF-' doublaxan d bas lo oert T. itevens rlw 1e thne mlr u,,n. Irt.,,,- .
FROc-- an buineslw, Wednesday and President, Esen ,nI- UU flV MUS .p in
LATIN A5 RICAN SUMMER tonal condition throughout O- THE LONG Gn N E" i*ngthend undnoh 5 pan Motors, your Frendly

Grant (P 3. Division A Cham-gaton agent was dspatched to r highway constructionrat from TexaS, refused to ee orchids and rhododPittdron
r.CT Maynard Ra onditen and motor fuel taxes there will be reporton received s fo r the temptation to merely na
-yr-old Z Denlver man who Stball Throw Gir B whou vanished ariedrm hea re311. ment was brief hh Dr. Twomy doubts het wo e i
........ Frae gs Won c neIn rdians net tbronutby the dozen.
teeftr e.brobbed1he National Standin Broadump, Girls B bang t, was last seen en- en Iow made perm- submt his re on t he a
S0...........G e... ip anent In Kant a North Da- next few mont and that the But or r. Arthur C. Twomey
eter Welch RC mdde-aed mn.e rASEc s korst and extended in California Tayt erstPTTe r ito r y isG p rimail

man identified. himself as Division B Champion. Santa fear fhe may have been kidnap-u taxes t r i b n e e 'lo as u SCHOOL CiEC his .tyle loTng
SctcRerwoearsa rea" lag(rounds3L Cop p ion-i tio tadhe aohnnesWus aenedryn thatep traveleneds ar migato WHY...
merican Smer Recreation pro- p.. -11. No Caroln has a new usegovernment." He said "a succes-usne All Models, S les & olors
sCasal8t auto ee ra, o Ct s. tax Of seven e r gaon for sor to Mr. Anderson will be nomn stis ierdisat bcuing The Aill
Sh mnd n ad gasoline bought outside the state Although no was of 5,000 year. The
ranch but consumed on North Croa for Andrson's resignation, dthtthere tcye omaes 5,0 yeirly round triph
schools, a e to a cloe st r oadhave been published reports thatten e ar nd T I tri
Wednesday Santa Cru where .i.nea ahe once expected -to succeed Wl between the Arctic nd the Antarc-
Pnerect *#i l lem. $300o ind sonr a .as top d man. That was no long- tain c regions.
tCe.Table Tourscc l motor fuel tL o inHsrstate trm Carnegie Museum ere.
le toa etweihing less tha ,000 pounds. There also have been reports t r a t t he i he
roaas.btweent teeiers rabbedh thee tthe,
,*.I mwi' L "W .major share of hat mptoCuhies eeonceexper hant A tnderonsrbucntess Wassoc. FxI tphensLEoht-A
nthe inter-la ofct-w Two states, nsas and New sro ni Rereita for a re
tiesTl with antor-l of 17dtatles.In ROE, Ga, June 24 (UP) Mexito repealed their ton-mile Before joining the government o hmne thexriedtnseumilesoe
M. ten table wof RitTuamInty Th ,eoa mn we ares- t rlesct0toupT was general abanag e po vetsg te AtrekArptic Circle.othebyl
Mo SdCpLacanntaoC and Taraee ed th Tennestere todayr- icle wtsneres. on'ste, sivastachin He plans to bring back rare con
"_oanwith 0.anandeoCeland tirdo section with the disappearance hts raiTed Its registration e and strange birds for mus0umie 7 nau
Tn o he ,inte o r-pyear-olndIntirdgists.dah there tos-miewBeg fnersoinb witth e g Dem e ists.h
12 T- pthe s with 8tiotal o ap ee, In a od as officers ... ....... .. ....... Vernon, Tex.
resultn ofpthe s ield Day quitTed a fourth min picked up at fe._ere on cstaersin "oWdefrayeratierPantyrin 1952tand support eraainc, aprdviyos ti t the
: (Aare ot Ol) follhowP in the ncase.e-toda- admitnvic tlve eig enses ot ed President Eisenhower in adq uarter a t edstr he seid fleo nt ivthetho esto oes
1. Is e t;dlouis 2 tirolds'aid the three men, Wilmeh Pu.bli Utilrtie Commission In In.- campaign. He served a NavygIndians land ut-thrOat pike in facts ao
pate (i); 8. p. Yiousngec). ofathi.Charogleasofficoraham ndIdiana thef ees aonertiseceryofrom FIerrly 1 9pr ntevo ad usetfr dog Cabo those Bt of sf
c-4861 dato feesand eftiers"ale ego," i n May 1954.asu o art
Laura Bailey (ollow* R. w er4e ickethemArctiowuto thew at Pikerh.sid.
GFrant (PIi 3. N. Best tRC,. Ten.. motel OP request of Ger-d Dr. Twomey described the delta mussto tody
nT e loser 1.yLaura B oai y(LB;i2. .p wereA ickI u pho a' ublReY LINE"rD as productive of plant lifemusi
1. Wlrence Morgan CLB); 2. R. A Georgta Bureau of m nverstth-f foHEuLONGr1eldifu nds tups north, age
5amsTH LO G RAu a rmdh gevend found tN o nC Dalrs ,your FrieDoty

Softball Throw, Goya Bi l of the baHis of "some n do,'Ma- Ihe Entprtainment Triumph of t he e arv. growuringthe shotsaide
1.0L. Maynard (Pa: 2. C. B w-etion received" about c he dsap- s for the temptation to merely

Dnor:fr5 Trg'ald te Patrol r ecived

WWWAam A. lm
an d v lfo.1-6 ack o~t Bftball Throw. Girls D 8trader'said the paitrol rec~ieivePIS
.S mi_- 1.a. Jones 8C): 2. G. Ed- a pickup order on the three
AP y~ACI6 ome men 7Tuesafy pnd their __ _CPA
(SRC'; 3. enn Arc ine kae tsri d in the l tordelr,
amrod JumpGir were spo at the motel today.-.e w .
Ar .mo 2,CL FA.-. ,,.,.od,
... I .Y WAp lp p of th girl'

mp : La th gi r'se makers *c Herom N to t maty" a d"Then
,-mealnA were G' TLneeFora t it'sa AVasma
[w~b .t h eyamI t*ea sad --
B ++' rz OmA, Ma 8 A man d of Na- ctureWoof-gu-yIn a rnasomInk t s ..,
A BysBily redrllr4 M msaid ll l e itures "*The LonsGOr~ayLinelm 31Cne0 Op! netatea te eeft pud AN MAIA
GilJniA i ractlwoes "ffthoyw r *f A~ I -
AFvcat homgizeJ ItAme area cor by Technicoo I Next Mg at "Lux Theatre
-.B ,i nob ro W orrell h o p e of X o m tra c e A d
v y R bro O S ii ii iJ.... '

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* : -.,_" =


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I btlk,~tj~ = -ltk

Also: -

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-'Also: '
(la Teelba~iite)

___ ___~_ .44

. ...... .,A M.

By BSINE JOHNSON elalist about an ailing left orb but Groucho, Harpo and Chico Marx. T All In Man
S ..k NEA ra r CerospdMint still beamitg over her role of Lib. Groucho's already set as the
S-erace's ledng lady in "Sinerel show's host. ANNISTON, Ala., June 24 (UP)
HOLLYWOOD (NEA) Hol Yours." ---- -A brigadier general interrupt-
cod Uncensored: Li Maon Mayb" he chuckle Selected Shorts: Errol Flynn's ed his direction of 51st Division
rando and Montgomery Clift, who weemay t she chuckles,, "We business manager and partner, maneuvers today to fly his hell-
ed him n p from meat for each other. We Barry Mahan, is in the U.S. to set copter to the aid of an Injured
wIMo"ew himY dr leamt pig s fro m -both have a mouthful of teeth."
ew Yk dramatic schools to mo- up a deal for the star and wife South Carolina National Guards-
vie fame, Jam-es (East of Eden) T is Hollywood Mr Jns. Patrice Wymore to song-and-dance man.
Dean inet gaing to settle down in A oank w oown Mr s. it at Las Vegas and to do some-
.Hollywood and let movietown offer gourt such delicacies as thing about $40,000 of Errol's moo- Brig. Gen. Henry D. MeMlllan
'"'^^^ "drain away all of my en- chocolteevered ants from Inda, ey attached by former pal Bruce Jr. of Jacksonville, Fla., the dl-
usasm. chocolate-covered ants from India ab vision's assistant commander,
and fried worms from Frances. -topped directing artillery fre
It will be a return to Broadway, ad fried worms from Frances. a trecn atilleir re
the star and TV "for at least a The Witnet: Dick Foran, back in France Orders 8 aid to Pfc David Porter,25,who
yetold me, after he pcrd aid to Pfc. Davd Porer, 25, who
e-a ; ..ayear,", cha fftrorm' "The Reformation of was injured in a traffic accl
'n e the f version o Callope." first film in the 0. Hen- Sikorsky 'Copter dent on a steep hillside.
,. ,e ."Giant.j : P o playhouse. tells why Porter's home town was not
A jve le delinquency shocked h s toped making his western e- Tn Fight Rebels reported.
,%;. ""%it -^B ^ ^^ "Rebel Without A Cmuse"' Is a es once filmed In the river bt-. 0 e s
~, ;,;*. "f' ..,,Dean's Just-completed second mo- tom near Universal studio. McMillan was notified of the
vie. But the title, he laughs, can't M i PARIS June 4 (P)France accident by radio and immed-
be tacked hontoehishdesksto t "My western career ended," be PARIS. June 24 (UP)-,France accident by radio snd immedl -
S li Ji ving it up tacked n ollywont od in mo avoided "when they paved the river has ordered eight Sorsk H ately directed his pilot, Maj.
'bed.copters from the United States for Clifford Athey of Colimbia, S.C.,
star style. __ use in fighting the rebels in Alge- to put the aircraft down in the
..... .He Lold me: Not In the Script: Overheard at ria, authorized sources said loday. accident area. n the absence of
,, "It's not that I dislike Holly- the CocoanUt Grove: "She's so Algerian offlials have s aid a medic, the general treated
Swood, but why get tierd? I'm go- kind to animals-why she'd do that helicopters are he most ef- Porter personally with his first
nes back to New York to get some ay nythin for a mink." At the Sara. fective weapon for combating the aid kit.
plywood drains away enthusiasm toga: 'She didn't want to marry b iackrobed "Army of G oper
plywood drains away enthusiasm, lm for his money but she didn't sting in eastern Algeria. The re. The soldier later was removed
I mean In an actor's art. You n ow how else to get it." bels are tipped off and flee as to the Pt. McClallan hospital
hardly ever hear that word in Hol- Puzzle Dept: Why Jud Garland ground troops approach, but hell- where it was determined that
.b t wood. is skipping Los Angeles and Holly- copters can tip. off ground forces his Injuries were not serious.
S' There's big talk about brilliant wood this summer on her west and allow other troops to be called
intense young Dean as .a future coast song-and dance tour. Near- t prevent the rebels from escap- Meanwhile, division command-
Oscar winner but he levels it: "I'm eat she gets is Long Beach on ing. er Maj. Gen. John Henagan of
not Interested in -an Oscar. All trm July 11. The helicopters can also I a n d Dillon, S.C., commended Lt. Col.
interested in is learning about t-- troops in rugged areas to make William P. Simmons Jr., division
tools of my trade as an actor. NBC-TV's spectacular f r o m checks of suspicious-appearing na- intelligence officer, for his dl-
Jean Simmons warbles four Hollywood June 19 may reunite lives. rectlon of the movement of more
songs, including the sexy "A Worn, than10,000 citizen-soldiers from
S. an In Love" "Guys and Dolls," than 10,000 citen-soles from
,-'-. f ',^-. i -an In Love-GadDl. hometowns in Florida and South
Sbut she doesn't see herself as a Carolina to McClellan for their
,., :" threat to Dinah Shore or Peggy 'annual two-week encampment.
"I just belt the sqngs out," she Simmons used 12 spec lal
laughs. "It's not really singing." trains 2 motor convoy 60
^ -; Joanne Dru is seeuig an eye ape'chartered busses and'-17 aircraft
_"_-"_"_ JoAnne Dru is s__ng an eye sp_-4 to move the men.

Rel rn To Salpn
,, SAIGON, dochina, June 24-
''" )-- ngre fifty refu-
geep, only a handf compared
rather than return home, wiUll
.land at Sam Son, south of Hai-
d Infrormed sourses here said I.
iwas not known if the Commu-.
nist Viet Mla wi. agree to re
."" to go south. Reports reaching
S. here said tens oftousanda ha
: '. -. is............ ... *...,,I ir villages.
.cseph L Manklewicl'late. fil "'The Barefoot Con- lost hope of getting on the ship
te a,' is shted to open "son atVt e ~e 'C i Theatre. The roiln south and have returned
picture, filmed in .lehnlieolor, .in locations in Italy, tells Ftheir vWages.
of the dramatic rise Jrqm obscurity to world-famed star- reved the Viet Minh would al-
doW of a dance" discovered In a Maroid night calub. Thee M ud
ffliturt stars Humphrey Bogart with his co-star, Ava lGard- low no more than 1,000 to leave.
d th tile role Others heading the impressive cast-
d te.cdhond O iJaen, Mar iu Goring, Zlisabeth Sellars,
VA~ Cortes. Rg~ ~ br(sMatl Aldon and War-
tU ees. Advt.

Sunken Britsh Sub

Salagedi Board
Io Seek Cause
' PORTLAND, England, June 24
,(UP)-Boyal Navy salvage ship
today completed salvaging of the
submarine Sidon which exploded
and- sank mysteriously w it h 13
British seamen aboard.
The sub was to be beached at
nearby Portsmouth naval b ase
ister iq the day. .

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informal occasions.
pair $7.25 up

The ei

Ger roirmpsipqd, qnd practice
the reasonable pi
Sterigog HoUoware

Sterling Coaster-,
Doubic Your Me

T E 4 W t I .
137 Central Ave




Sa century-old
r of fine silver
iin every flowing
of this lovely
$9.50' -

i, end Cruwm

al, this set aRonnt I.
"ios of our -
S16.50 **
Ashtroy $1.95
ney FREE

. (18-45)
07 -- -l


Sold at all leading bodegas and bars.

-p. .a&Wral-inst-h sub
Service Commission; has .
apDFlp mp ted hd'4d lB| 4 W 0
eds Edward Cort. whoa, A"
being fired, deaoung the 4I
ram as a "complete faihre*



- 126 0t0a0 Ava. *

continues at Miami Shoe Store


No one know how vo Pqpa e ravioli like the Italians!
Therefore or CHEF' DOY-AR-DE chef chose a real
Italian recipe prepare is delicious dii
But a rood mcipe a.uke is not emuoh one also muSt
use ingrldim e of w e thighes qua Chef hoy-Ar-Dee
ravioli is made with Mapiffken u at r aW d a sauce
of toIa-oA-O s dw high quality 'imadi IThe re-
u"?.- s &A dish sb can be pie ed im minutes and

Sra A.Yeawr Commwsesry Siore

'aA T CIMuY-

Muller Bdg.

'* T*5 I'

i .. ^

* .. -.

* .,

'm 'I..
na 4.

,il' ....


, ,

-7 -, L


S ........


T- m

*"" *-*w~ .w 1.1<:

,," ,

Sy6 yt" arsmi


w" vSW... O+ S set up in August 1954 by an Awrtmatrs broadepat are., accurate iBut adveriA- wot -
St their ent conimer- of Parliamaet., It bas 4 .i torylao I7al .. lowed, as they re i ta :
cala tl atiqn in Britain life of 10 yeais. 1 Only.-n exceptional c I re un- "sponsor" programs.
Will start transmitting its pro.- Under htis Act ITA will not stanqe *il TA put on its own Once programs have been
: grams. ve to produce programs. It s if it is necessary in or- worked out and created by the
At the moment It is bbing built main functions are to own and e to s. ure a proper balance In companies, they wil be offered to a
at Beaulleu (twouneem Bewley)'operate transmitting stations. the programs, or i er happens advertisers. -l
.. Heights. Croydon, as bu r b ofl The programs will be supplied to be a temporary absence of iri. The complete program will re- -
SLondon,and will serve an area in by privately financed companies vate ,companies able to ., povldo semble the c contend of a newopa- o
which about 10 million people live. known as "program contractors," materiaL But this emergency is per or magazine; .mere will be
By March, 1956, two other corn- which will work under long con- not expected to arise frequently. editorial contents and advertise c
S. mercial stations will open, in the tracts with ITA. ITA, -.for its initial capital ex. ments, and advertising time will
Midlands and in Lancashire. Th se. iva .mnW.i- ..v penditure. is to be allowed a loap be purchased. t...
So closely do people live togeth-. T he private .el. a from the Government of up to $5,- ITA. controls the amount of tima
er in Btitain that these three sta- to.uip themselves with ithe .00,000 within the first five years given over to advertising.
tons, despite the relatively short ^ ^fac J. es the need to pt on thei of its life, but only 2,00,000 of "Sport" advertising time must U
radius- of coverage of television own shows, t ITA w '" k, "p a this loan can be drawn during the not exceed an average of six min- p
transmissions, will bring almost careful watch over the programs first year. utes in the hour, although adver.
6i per cent of the total population t smits and wiill make sure tising features such as a "shop. oa
S ofa te United Kingdom wi ohi n that they maintain a proper bal- The whole amount will have to in ide" are not subject to as
aech .nee. and preserve good taste. be repaid before the end of ITA's Imnt. .
reach. ITA will require the companies statutory life in July 1964. i ted
S After thta stations will be o. to provide varied entertainment, The Authority also may. be giv- Advertisements may be nseted
opened at the rate of about one a and will make sure they do not en up to $2,100,000 each year on only at the beginning or end of
year. specialize in any one type of pro-,a special Government grant, programs, or i natural breaks;
Virtually all the people in Brit- gram. For the needs of the moment, that is to say, not in specially ma- a
ajn can be reached by 14 or 15, Fews program swill be dealt however, ITA will have to rely al- nufactured breaks. d
stations. This, in contrast to tele- with by a private specialist orga- most entirely upon the money it Furthermore, there must not be r
vision in the United States, where'nizatlon. the Independent Televi- will get from the sale of transmis. more than six periods of advertis-
the coverage of the population sion News Ltd. This organization slon time on its stations to t h e ing in any one hour. L
might require up to several hun- will supply news broadcasts to the private companies. I No advertising material Is al-
dred stations., private companies, all of which The private program companies lowed to be inserted into pro- 9
: Responsible for Britain's new are represented on the Board of will get their money from the sale grams dealing with religion, Roy a
,, t- '**'-vicp iq the Indepen- the news company. ITA must see of advertising time in the pro-|altv or national ceremonies. ,i
dent Television Authority, or ITA, to it that all news and political grams they provide. At the moment the only televi-



Nite Club


* "Jacarandosas" Girls

Ebony Bomb-Shell

bilingual Songstressa

The "Plel Canela" Dancer C





* sli



i -~

24 (~TP)


united 8 The 4ot-
any wag ed to tell to
orrow wbe ready to
pen the', and decslve
Uoge of gatZ g on UBW de-
nands for a "*lbstantlgl" pgy
Unless arment is reached
Midnight Je 30, the 600,-
work ra covered In the ln-
ustr -wide negotiations will be
ree to strike,
Negotiators for Jones and
aughln Steel Corp., Youngs-
oWn Sheet and Tube and n-
mnd Steel -gave their economic

.a l A


Torch Singer



1:30 a.m.

9:30- 11:30 p.m.


Between shows visit the most romantic
spot in Panama, the Air-conditioned


-. -


* S *- Pe ,
1 : a savul.

S6 Passn Pasu
Oa 'nc '" d. '

nalyis of USW demands in ae- Most bridge players would muff
irate sessions today, with USW the defense of tli hand shown to-
resident David J. .McDonald day, so it isn't surprising that it
rid his staff p.-d many of the players in
hose firms were the last of the dLl recent Intercollegiate Chain-
dustry's "Bit Six" group of pionships. This is. the sort of hand
producers which appeared here that many people play wel on pa-
is week. per, but few play well at the bridge
table, where it really counts.
on service in Britain Is run by West opens the eight of dia-
e B.B.C. It is a national service monds against the very normal
id will continue after ITA has contract of four spades. East wins
arted. with the king of diamonds, and
The B.B.C. may begin a second South .plays the alx. East knows
ogram when it has been allot- that West has led his highest dia-
d a wavelength but the B.B.C. mond, and tat South there-
oes not, and wil not in the fu- fre still has te queen and the
re, run a commercial television jack.
rvice. I The chances are that the av-
ITA has been begotiating en. rage player in the East seat
acts with four companiesforits takesthe aceof diamonds at the
st three stations and in May second trick, while trymg to de-
ned the first contract As more .ide what to do net. ta
nations are opened, further con- time, however, It is too late *,o
acts will be drawn up.. decide anything at all. 'South is
How nnny stations are there now .in position to lead the queen
ely to be when commercial tel- of diamonds from his hand and
vision is fully developed T discard the jack of hearts from
The Director-General-of ITA the dummy. As a result, the de.
r Robert Fraser. speaking to the fenders will never get a heart
nerican Chamber of Commerce trick. ... .
London this spring, made a East must do'hia thinking as he
recast, winsthe first trick. He can bi
sure of getting two diamonds and
He said that ITA had decided to O.O club. One additional trick is
opt a system "which would give needed to defeat the contract If
in the end perhaps 40 or 50 that trick is to be a heart (and
nations, all of which, or the great it cai hardly be anything else),
majority of which, would be inde. East must lead a heart immed-
ndent one from the other." lately, right up to dummy's ace-
The new.'eOmmercial TV it jack.. N
would seem, is almost bound to When East leads a heart at the
read fast, as it already has in second trick. West, plays the
e United States, queen, forcing out.dummy's ace.
If ever there was a country ab. This puts East in position to take
lutely tailored, for television it a heart trick and defeat the con-
surely Britian. tract.

6:15'30 DIABLO HTS. :15 8:0
Colmmn MU4Ln

CK I 'peratln Manhunt"
FmM 40 IN sU.a T Yr j t. yi *e e3.r
GATUN 7:10
SAe t "Tm.I of Celm
SM rLmTIMni ml MARGARITA 6:15 8:01
arbar. RUSH
*aVIi j "Tass, Son of Coebhise"
-ME Technicolorl
Abe tahewtas At. nm.-- m.. let. G aOri amaTIRs"
Ase.,.Sm.i "DAWN at SOCORRO" Color!
:15 8:0 fl. TWe's No a b r

LA BOCA a:U 8:11

SCAMP BIRD 8:15 8:-

*,' ".1



j' *. T7F7. *il-




I.. -

, _. .... ." j,_. .

-. -,

.f .. -' ,"-"
_" .'. '- *- ,'- .' .

. *-t- -. ic

... -i -I.'


7:00 P. M. ONLY I

* -'-.--. .
-- .~---

*4e got to witk it out." They
ah "ld; they have thousands "
d ra of commitment as a team,
pie a nIng that perhaps they
wouldn't be able to work alone.
If you have an old, wet tear
around, now is the time tosh edt.
Let it bedew your cheek as we
consider he sad plight of Forrest
Tucker. Poor Forrest Tucker. This
guy has to make a series of TV
films In-sob!--Bermuda and he'll
have to stay there ftp-gulpl-nine
months and work three or four
days a week and have tWe rest of
the time off for--boe-hooI-golf or
fishing or whatever he wants and
aren't thing tough all over?

Tennesuee Ernie: (CBS-Radio):
Most women like to arouse an ani-
mat in men-mink.

acker, tl tan, lmd star of
e As has -- akanit Ik-JN5C

tionCA rbe Key. And the d. ai
Nay, h -an r, whi TOBC ,or
P r winIu Sate trday Eve-r
b spot oisut aM T"Crue
ayia1. heir fistm boaat.
AuiJO h-ta ly a a qisma n
tga ath m t ferryl
arg' ronga the asvy, the da

T.ere t-ey've built a street .and
a dock, which wil bhe.Wyli ft-
tional Caribe Key. nd the bla
also boasts an abandoned IU. ,
Tu w use for i04oor
A xid" 9 this isn't a44 c
up, it do until Disug'aB e90% O
along, kr.. outd %. ac
t agpy i c a l a r r a n g o o s dmw
I8 d withhi part After aic

M a s. h.. ii. W i.

.le*. ";,
for Zaich but el.s,4on.

to ca et 'A yc u-un
b character. me he sake lib
Zachbe e judged y is act, I
hi. luteat ions.-Wedaesial
Peggy, tryng to help A ,
*a way to elpheeirt
Thursday Col. Gb't atl
flea favorably for Zach, bu
McKee mahages to cast af ugy
lht rim tory. Frkay-ah.
learns that Laurie wants to ter."
.tiyate following day."
SWonder what happened .

calt Wri. h.'' .'
covered again. After
awe on NBC-TV's "Coc
dier," Earl's been getto -
offers. This, he says,
time he's been de
had so many ups'us,"
Earl says, 'that I, ,
second-hand; ocean wave."
rick's QAvi 'r. aorde*
' e PR V 9r, suffers
.0 tnid a.d 8 to rai.


ta. to e what my deag ratt
Whais of s.-a West her to asn sa, 'Who's thisn aa, any. itema,0of..-var interest.
e?' a o announed for sale .are 3
Wylie's-stories, 39 of which will items of property for which his
be turned into telefilms almost will be received on July n a t
word for word, are 'nice" stories. a.m. The items lclude Bospit* e-
Mot etof the people are good. The quiment, dental equipment, .l*,
situations hre believable. The trop- ing chairs, trapstormews, m uOal
ical setting serves as a back- instruments, and many their Use-
ground only, with the human char- ful items.
acters and stories paramount.. Bids will be accepte *
"So many movies and TV shows Property Disposal'Qf te ig.
are about unpleasant things," 630, Crozal Gene he
Tucker says. "Now I'll be able to dates indicated abae. The
walk around with my head igh." ty may be inspetedby t
And then their's the Bermuda Inm the -ly'- fI-,
anle. It'll be a good lifeo Tkera i 10:30 ..

I Late Shows Tonight 10:30 P.M. I







am ounces

tlie inugurtidon of a new etrVife from
Firt .Arrival ..-....-...... 8.8. "ATE kLTEW'N"
JUTN 216 1936
Second Arrival ..+...... ... S.8. "GEORGE RIUS8m"_
JULY 2. 12 5
Third Arrival ..-..... 8.8S. "AUGUST BOLTEN'
AUGUaT 14. IM5

~C-n *T6ilW Be Accepted fqr

. E$. -E US" and
PL .

7- -. .4-

,. ~.I- --
'I-.. -, 4* .4 -


S ml


PARAISO 6:15 8:14

SANTA CRUZ 6:15 8:85

I .


Featuring -I



2:00 4:15 d i4J **93'5 '

; ---"- T,'.:. '7~7



" -r

_ _________I_ _~ ____ _~~_ __


__ ~______ _=~

_I_______~__L_~~ __ ___1_1~_~~1_~ ____ ~__ _

"* J

S .,'



-; ,."




-,. -,.7.-~ iii C




' F


rlow C t lecture N g
t o i d- The S ix tout Th ,e with a r it et talk to solve the r a
Sad beennight asked their olda Postwar I-

,after b wo the- si ~o t e crowd red in aroal lel- Ch ristia
tov. Adam, re The wn was covered with ,- o a ate ts

I te a ount ma Adam- 000 cairo and houared in of other o letw g ist

'r wgl a meetr oU nthe itged uur ed hof e tate lndspettplaoa dms ws itood. OffiPae Ptsdent- Demort a es tled o a
Art a Craf s roup of hd a o. n n ae Jan. o lecturee" ef e the edthe crowd at 15o000. It a hti .h
n by ieerng0 Clb "at I ay. Wa t. oe ai ed of' s O

a 's atO his:h toe lld1r o g bli r ...o ath e di etads e otda.

un Ju Pa ioe coin hew pItt1-1kt, tormhiNg w s .UPv Hotn e oo aker Cbbareint. i to Hee ld a
Meey Pcti And Fu, arometgo wh tooest Ts etowashwer sa argftrer n bw nL asLthe C
Mott theiomeo os iuaJ Cg o e t he tee wnte awlyaanbitse s.- e o oet renal ea r-
vd a omera Clb at111M Insos tp ias1d assstnt f ff irs o' e nir wsti o fv wC hr istia Dmer ec its t, pe o wosegl
to a t do- m A W..- ) a t ahich would pnlu thcians

au fl.p CSRe rl 'ue Wpent wo r t, oon-=uned pjwnwaegrcovrwa- newe 9og m rjsfey louuetrough ett Siceaiss,

ed The cad rouave a another o the Photograpc being taken me d tcond r rals went out to pir b erndayou

l rttift o fhr iapded to ai e G 1al Moto d c nnS e.reb m bsh0 1 home evb swith ooid. he Proe p
eSs io. PanM cby hhelton at it regular ppa wl the notal w t the r I went out to iat the troop

m e lawf e t Mr mee g Monda, at 7 p im. r e m ar we appve it Icoul go bk and do my job ,
o Ttwo t Gwould g nte punc 20 the r Cm

oAbtaeabe Ruasa n er AqO:st realas =lcot m .s sf iti nsopn ad teionT o o lur t
yr'A eric arproduc i nd more cooperative flh in The Christian Democrats, whose
ewinehmofI" thSeiafe"wisasondrof "Ik deep dnsplaet and personal Joe
D ofetofadspea cew"an-HJTmpsheresie tlked is lousiesbroughtbptRe !b a's

-..owel.onTthe way the y Hampshire. His lat two- dayt of t o r.

d r n w e an c re u -time record ot n.r74,g3 a unit s th film. fishTft in Vermont had been so vi ei sa n nd tcn
E ARntT rtth touse1 t uned o ne asneeded to os e a history.i
a whole was "enjoying its beyUst rbe P Democra nt. They won't bite together odcaUtion

uHumphrey Bogart co-tars with Ava Gardner in ew wsrvrew. Fr __________ M n Co
s" 'Fitceres And Fun would goanewtis u tools Tbtr'd te in i e sid t pnt ait o h oftheertclst essi
e igto .e cor ass oo t Mtrse sad oel an the 0S o-
BwLhA"e mreetin MluTe Topics: potheaes k other facilities alit sthe ftkrey't.Tihe o!. w, ihoe, sr pndo "T o a ilb

Sl h rt ae a feet o ad itional o pace m Il h e e w o I re ettsi
... A- p sar oe al n wa y m e. War' a dr e w ere daiunhius. s tm ThEnglandgvisite ohiswartime visits relas 0ay and p in
a ndrefres.., h.imdntsT thisueprslentiifulprese nt a id.

ner. the worad tom nifanother of t h. 3otogrs cH-risebeingsmertasen.atw ownS me i ompo d from Hhin nerals outtoin

THE BAREFOr Cer .e zbcea Jther teegerbdri Ithe fs i o m all
rilgift to MrMaryWitu le Ofl asl o d ps trsobut h he ses
* a ro4g WvinC for the-sgiteiled u,,rTesh Fico lorn, _tsa r .as d te eAtn ._to h_ enable us .to^ I tIe re St erling w ho t. was reversed.

-un-oyShehon atit regular o t g he nrtare kow 'm "I went ot tovisit the.roops
Hu mhrmaleyBogear StRsb wubjith aGford.sine nion row the outl. better," he swo e F.

trcoastats coalasncuic tsaid thy o throeb house Gu h
well ol the way to be akin lls Hampshire is last 'two days of
C I Im ,IAsw0Imrn3 Aedous tdr goD manner yehOnc wiloipleaseulhert.andhthetnwhs
T lBA IRE OT'1OME.Curtie saiN the industry assing,"rfishainavtrmohtmustea
a whole was menjoying its b oeaset be Democrats. aly won't bite
tyeare In history." for me."en e d c to e s .
Humphrey Bogart co-stars with Ava Gardner id GM did not breakdown e e a n
.on theyle te outlay would be dir.'v; A Ur QLO Cflj
coast t s though t o f imhaidn the o ly ofmi. e ,
si..that it would tbe "subetn fr thalyr
c ompleted" by the and of t hIes Sunday I yaday ofr t.
is' have' anything tdo. AB KtOheb HcabouterNDrte mwife?

ORk as pGOOD lANSWER t TWO.mwllV iewiDeronandgvuehroarlemodori a.
SOMETHING TO DO' BLUf I plne chancetoesartd twe b 'urn y
I family! u dracirtraa at the

A rt IeouPof mothepawirrallwi ant h as, and "Erie he Greatr
h is g o pro b le m of h ow to keep :t oh,..

face oth e thought of having them
sitting around the TV se t for threerssa
months complaining thato hoy

ds't have anything to do. heHo mke you el wed .*a .'h m en
monQhuths.eaf s.o Use new, longertlasting MUM. y
madeW as possible time flleers a nd..ther Don'tgovrivetunderarmlodorS o
swimming lessons, golf, planned''Tb e bete r of f Ifsthe o esiofuc.e y
mut nmoherep there -thought pngo a mint se "-diffe a rD elicately fragrant MUM is non
the old rah eonld noteonmofeexpeut-SII fres vegetaitatingbternormareskin.lendedii
Wog a little work frtmusSoawern.ticot-of it w -discolorae.wbri-
NtrodtwithtandOuLppe bnolohiJ tlblainou, d Y e

i avtyea one of those mothers Isall
Overworked. And yet tht a oryep t* 'tlethsrawoure m yoo.s.. At.mea
taking on d the extra.-job of .st i speclal m e co n we tim -r bt weie.,nh
wor eepo mper. teen-ae lkcohIre;h= tnd. bottlsa a-agv C, se
amused during theuInI mak swn C.nt you dilor t the refresh-
Wouldn't the teen-'ters and their *kingthyu evertWedW i"i! .
mothers, too, be better off sif the of e sip of Buck f.'IMd.. it 68 The Juicesof 8 different. garden.
mothers expected a little help from theeW l ww,
Jobof ertthrotatAbuppe absothroddniungstersnovr
ord oeiit lively flavor, and thrive on it
flat'is wrGoodg with wo rky as an u Itvitamin-packed

work to Improve the looksnof'theaymod--foverl90 minion botles a m0 the reresh-e$
house or the yard or m akeb someutnhowAsk .yo .druggi lo' a tbn m nthe yr e ntsh
f the necessary repairs around n urip rtrie p d z tl.e rk-sazhnas s ongig oiaatn theyen gnerhI
his own homers fe .Sgneir msihiM" eaipve"gh tckle r#to wrkVtheynourish.
a tWhyoshouldn'tx.oateen-ageogirl&-tow.,le Tehioo adh res rai bie ik ar ile Ie lwhoAsssss0
learn to few and make some of
her own clothes, or take on the -
aob of getting breafast or dinnerW




that give auoh a lovely .lift'to ail otosu. ,. A
full 9it .,I for pl :. tyl
B coae^ .ii rt s .*-***- -' -'*.,,if

NIQTIt$.s,,horts in nylon and
o ,onp e d, 'tr-mmpd
PANTlES, different styles '
BILLFQRbS-ln Jeatht, fantasy
also Dafv Crocket billfqrds
We're unpaoking dreoa every do
,.Large els also half sizes


Justo Aroaem
Tel. 3.111

., ..
"* A":
my. '
, n-a

1*) C,
j t; '

na .
LA .:
.A ,.

NOWI G.t beaut if ul
silverware.. with i keys

onl Qaker Oatandl

Fer TOU ..;-to decorate your
table and enrich your home. Im-
agine... luxurious bearware by
OmADA LTD. ... with the ador-
able "Lady Stuart" pattern that
you and your family will love to
own. This is the seMsational offer
that the makers of delicious and
nutritious Quajer Oats are giving
,. anoffer thawilbe welcomed Save the Keys f
by everybody. Read the simplel Quaker Oats thin to get
direction below. a complete sili _- t _p

eMes for al-a-l- --2-2tCO.-M
Sd n oL cerea THIS "
tston u- Z I nowTing b u ora
+ he "mhto I f.HwRIr4a the I..- j
enjoy ood health. or kaeys and c em th s.
QUAKER UATi tn' ....n t. s- Y rs
tin today en -. .
you'lU be prond tom I Ta.Kf Kel ...-40'.. w.. .Sk=. ,WV .
your owni Tmhoffer IsSutsfeshew Ih*heuo' I '

nner in the.


ill Contest

FlRST RIZE ws' won by

Mr. Miguel Rivas

h'# 10,156, 10th SWeet, Colon

is sweet and fresh
as a daisy
mondu and months
ftd" k's bottled
a our dairy.
SNoaberclam ",


pn W seulihed

sagite, twhij fast,

.dera. dhaciou. n
*v s j -. .* -

The bottle baby
needn't be a
Robmsm' -o atten Bari
added to your baby's tm
diget-o 0 to I
disastiem ad sasoy ur-

Weakut aumh sew1
a&, i
p eople -Wic

M, a li

. 1 "./

To give 'N w ULfe" to your clothes

Eye w te e aNm.uMDg disnOvey &tS
eat ciing time, aid a qua ai oft SATINA S
Pw hot siacb before applyng to &i&he.
WhASATJNA your fromdomuu't drag smi ks
i k as paiildty at wrinklh ......
AMTA give your dothe a beaWtid la
b aid ay cleaner -We. m

Bwy mr e~yo **d l

- doi -,

- ,

With number 34383. MR. MIGUEL RIVA
WON the 1955 BUICK 4-Door SEDAN.
FIRST PRIZE in our June 19, 1955 Contest.

.. i ktuts l p' e *- "s es
mlahsIatom fApe*g.wn -i ,eb
. -ft m to4 -i6





1f b.

a. -.-. i ..:

. ,wb .. .. .
',- *'.** -.

4 -

A .

S.. ___ _




___ ~

Apro,~ eee Doanovan,. Never Had

. ,, .

I ~ ~* ~
- <'5


To their new home at Coco Solo. All the personnel at Colpan Motors
on 16th Street in Col6n extends a cordial invitation to each and every-
one of you to avail yourselves of our excellent shop service, p a r ts
service, new and used cars sales and New Car deliveries at the port
in he U. S. when you return home.




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TEL CO&ON 441-

"I'd heard the big rap against I '
him was his temper," recalled the By BEANS REARDON *
former Dod er. "So 1 told him 24 Years in National League
about It and said we better have Written for NEA Service
no more of it. We didn't."
Donovan remembers the after- QUESTION With a 3-2 count on
noon Wyatt showed him how to the batter, the pitcher throws
throw a slider. wildly. The ball hits the dirt in
"For seven years guys all over front of the plate and bounces.
had been trying to show it to The batter swings at it. The
me. Wyatt -he did it in 20 min- catcher grabs it, starts, to throw
utes. Hle knows how to teach," the ball around the infield, be-
recollected the Mick. living it was t he third strike.
Demevan, who also hits well, The batter trots to first base and
was told of his old manager's the umpire calls him safe. Why.-
statement about his temper. Arthur Susakind.
"That was because I was given
little chance," he explained. "I Answer: I twas ball four. The
knew I had to deliver with one pitch was not lpgal.
shot. So if something went Q. Who was the first major
wrong, I'd get mad. If somebody league ballplayer to wear glasses
made an error I'd cuss him. He on the field?-Byroe Igoe.
waft taking the bread out of my A. George Teyorcwo o te( Car.
nmout. I didn't know where I.dtaltoIn
would be the next day.
"But aow," Dick Donovan con- Q. How many chances did Cm- *
eldedt, "let 'em make the errors.. ao's Nele Fox handle before
I kmw it's ust the averages breaking steak an error
cateliol gp with me. th sea+-Lr Do lfe. -
V~W yet, I know where as A MTe we-I seter Whad km. -
gotl to, be tomorrow." died US i a W A..
lAs. oes wer h m I b the .

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atthe 1
of the
bfte owd!

f. mi to 44 0 e.m.
in Wke er-d bhed ALSOA BAR
(Nghtmcap of asi thso
at 4:XO i~mj

Wed., Thurs. 0 p.m. to 4e.m.

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pon Cuto, Postinovich T Wy Tau Him

opponents In Mile Run X.. Wyt ai
r c- Atlantic Cage Loop Resumes rwY o ,_.
Impressive Chilean newcomer Cbnsuerte tomor- a h four qes .. llorus115 t
;.Vfow will be shooting for his second victory in A ;, A U ar ta nnnht as T -- '- 3 .... waon
Action At Margarita Tonight0 #1 t1
i many Juan Franco starts in the featured $650 one C C A falre. _. .L u on, R --- ,- ,:,+7..
, mile gallop for Class "C" imported thoroughbreds. .- ,T .. Na ves .ga, P irse il R1c
M me glopr Cld arSaA og ae of the Dbl
4p The long striding five-year- Postnovih ed t he THE STANDINGS of those crowd pleasing affairs i Viu 13 .
eld bay Ion of Jall-Cocktelera must also be ree oMned lth by Atlantic Basketball League that the Tars took by a 63 to 59 Mt i
aioed out Majestic in his local finishing third lasa week when count and Unisport's most re- 9j.-. 6F.6ra 11X -Bake
V ebut two weeks ago and is re-lie returned Irom Ia'offr. For- won Lost Pet. cent defeat, at the hands of --Ch89an&-ta B. oy 101z-W8M S m n"a
S y in mch better shape to Hd in the val station ..... 3 1 .70 Powells, was by but a one point anvo Rpa A 1 -h2- fcoold
rteyinmuch better shape tunato X ee3%ob e2 be. 122
_or t race. baddle of OlW o iultent son of Gibraltar Life .... 2 2 .500 margin, 58 to 57. 1-M IItto ycaa I --- rS lmI 44'I
k. zuae he will be facing much/ MirzatOW o once one of the 'Universal Sportse.. 1 3 .250/vWhenoru. ,corts'de rtea hat Un--endpay
i a ntifer opposite Blaoemere.g the track behorad undt recenntin, close ones despite the fact that 9-J e F. Rose 113 -Dangeont
u he latter ia trained by cagy is the outsider in tn- race. If their top potential scorers have
,ula Rodrlgnez. Consuerte is t-cA cconaitjcns ait to his Ilk- TONIGHT'S GAMES not been producing, the rest of rS a0ke0 3rd Race "H" Native 6 FP. Purse e27500 Pool Cloi
e l wnedad tratoed b Rodriguez' ;1i;. _c or prlac. the league can be alerted for a 0 1N
',on F& f Hector Rut lw r the reins Unisports vs Naval Station more strenthened opposition
p Blakemere eems to hae ac- r.' the Stud Mr .~r P owells vs Gibraltar fron the last place team once Forth e e 1-Golden Ola A. V aques 121 -Wide open event 1
. ulred the Cti, habit of get- Ten other Interesding races they get into stride. By JACK U E 2-Dofla rBara B. GatelU 103 -Has good chance 3.
fat f belhuM is opponents are included n the program. Wrtt for NEA Service 3--Con aor J. Qadoan 108 -Usualy fractUou
ut with a ood start he coulduded the program. Perhaps one of the biggest 64-Mufeco Aufrre 122 -Jockey should help
in this one at a price. Jorge D I By TREVOR SIMONS surprises of the current cage Did I ever flb one Boy, vt 5-Villareal M. ca 112 -The orse to bet
hlhlips repleeh Ouullermo ran- Ila Fre nA i.- loop has been, thie amazing per- got a lulu. 6-Sirena A. Oonzalez 117x-Has strongest bla hS1
h in the saddle while San- JUU 11 r CiO I IU S After over one week of idle- formance of the Powells quintet; l Mine cost 15000 and that's
will rld,Consuerte. ness, the thrilling race for the a performance that has landed cash. ister.
8uperiun, 1ow running better 1955 Atlantic Basketball League them into a tie for second place, I 'aRemember last year's Tam 4th Raee "G Naties 4 1 F. Purse 5275.00 Pool Close. S:i
ever, bbould be in the By VILLALOBOS championship resumes tonight just one game off the league io w on iBb eP" ts4the 15t Qh I I EL
S of the batne lbro t start to Br Ble L artha at n 1950hegothifirtchancMargarita. At 7 o'clock to, lead. 7-herD y mew MB. aza tUINI 1 LA

a otten ne best results out -Miratoa DonC Unsport's failure to win more icant In the ac that the a b he now an't remember that. 11 -
rs fle, .wh'rode ,- Metto Rabiblanen night Universal sports, cellar- of r ad ot-of B. A 1e
Swin last weekl Golden Glass dwellers of the loop, wll take on After losing their first twoB- bndr Ad soud 2-Rn AR F. Ooe S11i- urscr t
ait e irons of An- I-herr e la the league-leading Naval Sta- games f the season the garage-in D This cost two strokes of my re Flea A. VAsue 114 -BaForm ind form -
S e In t o --5-Tingat R oi tion five while Powells and men bounced bac, with cl cous lead andy.gave Toskithe rev. -aicltii R. PAiu.s 11 2 -Dhoult bd nlase .P

An Rber FIRme in the league on their roster, drvbwards a basketba ot chamas Soma cc rtoho ,orr A.JVa. v o l
V In CnemBio While Naval Station thus far mo e v r W enDhnovan I 1 do find if I miss a sot-that ---
Mick a.Irh r -fi e-tinolrdass bralta r stand by to break a two- dump first Gibraltar and then- .... o an te t- -Don Wend J. nor 18 -Dis ne to

y c ran are staging a side battle for so nas favorites, but has since won hi s e- gae in 10 out it a bit.
e fnrd lat way deadlock forsecond place in universal Sports. In 1950, he ha got his first produedsu ch a radical -Amer. Maid Hidal 115 -Dangerou mudhelp 10-1
Souldood olde time. Lit- mountainmusic the nightcap and t two ames forthThat hole55 defeat handed them by change -Ple Face R. Vaue 118 -Rates chnc e -1
kManuel who has thus n-Turf Lodge Amat Ractithatithee'iet-o ihrememIm v st lyt
ottent e best results out ato n why the hills opensor nt'h t a nd has since m owells on June 10 and will be n* 5-Irish Profit Agurre 11a -Shouldn't mi now
Sa -ren'ovrpopulate D More Cu tbeen one iame of the four they younger owella five performed failedNothing a Donowith he van say ca r r-Young. A Gonles 105 Poor effort in la 5-1

.ti ad th ..l, so r. "anfx ii-wway rretaaell astonp iet outco n rntingenapret iuarewon th i ae A.' N qaives 611 gePturns 5 .oo i.p l 4
ti ftsnMri have played to date can in no like veterans In a game thatwasErllstyearepAlat e ball
a ft tto of tighter than a drum with pre-innings for the Tigers and gave far off t h right llnd ou 14-u improve more

Stroifa I off exotly7 i- ---r, ad 1-Majestic a. Brave 11-Alw p -l
onight'oper.What the last sure n the cloin minutes. Bil- P ne hits d e e de rBegonia re11 -Reurs from layoff
ncno Today.35, .20 place club does face, though, is lant play by S ammy Morris and wound up back with A nt nFait J. Bravo 11 -Shou bat these

Donov-aT taA- 3 hi os t sk i' Havana .re 41 2o .612 5--locote Ofy; ode-I 1.xs'lonfosL20
Stewart Granger -Grace a confident defending champion Ramon Rey-es has been the main Today, Donovan, a talkive Coa s e--
Kelly. n that boasts the two tp scorers reason for the terrific e a hanc. They stuck with .," Rochester andgave1 3 .484 9
"GREEN FIRE" in the league on their roster. drive towards a basketball ham as hot a piece of pitcher as the er .to break through. 7--erra V* Valdivia 115 .-Mtg e 25-
piohip majors haveDon short of Don .. 27 37 .42213 8th "F" ew-Imported Pre ool C :4
In CinemaScopeI While Naval Station thus far conbe, of course. When Donovan I do find If I miss a s otI-that I -
rules the roost on top o the Their contenders for tonight, walked out of Yankee S means not execute it qheV ia 118 er e
Leslie Caron,In LL"akedaoutchJ eofry YankDee SFoo ESTRD 'SREULT 2 .DamI F.Hialgt10 sea-dtadium 6 Import6P e 0e
heap. Jerry Hall and Frank Do- Gibraltar Life, ated the sea- the other afternoon, he had just way I want to-I generally fade rtoh u
DEA Tody .20,0the league's high scoring honors. relinquished that roll to the Na- ings for the Chicago White sox. at's what append on the 1-Choice Brand A. Ycaza 110 ld b a t p-1
UEEN of sthe JUNGL val Station five. The Insurance-15th. o 2-Vericoria M. Ycaza 106 -Could in api
Chapters 5 & 6 Universal Sprt won their men are anxious to avnge the What produced such a radical 3-Amer. Maid F. Hialgo 11 -Danerous n mu -
That good oldountan sic first ame of the season on 5 to 55 defeat handed them b change-Pale Face V ue 11 -Rates chance here -1
UR RATIONSy be son why the hills openin night and has since Powells on June 10 and will ben 5-rish Profit B. Auirre 115 -Shouldn't now i
"PIRATES OF CqPRI9*' aren't overpopulated. oqe been on)a steady three game los- hoping that thbir powerful seor- "Nong" Don o v a n say so$--Youngt P. A. Gonailez 105s-Poor effort in lasJ 5-1

So up in 80 minutes and he wl. s in- 1-Emp.-Magjic J. Bngora 110 -Not against the. 1-.
Inga o t o rs.Te ir l a J V a baurI n Lg m 7 Inn t e nings)' 7-hingri A Vasue 118 -Reta from layoAto 4-1

agansHis slider breaks the opposite Syracuse 100 000 0f1 3 0 h-Tlsama 0. che" 112 -Looked good o osnt 4a
arona Tja st eeed to Bracho and Noble; Johnson, *I. ---
w cmis oul up wi deuver e () ad Lon- A "C" I ord 1 Mile s C :
SQp here P IUAD RO N ICIsee Moeal ... c 26 .0 1 h o
SPthsrion and Frank Iine y ane Columbus ,n 132 34 0.485 # .. P 1 o r $4
th chance. Theystc it i yrcuse 000000010-1 onauerte G. nhe 5 a eril 3

'mhmit. Iueche and MoneIlvo. par- 5-8upersun B. Agurre 113 -Will fi6ht out $4
ni ril s :t s t- Zi e 8) 8 t Rals Doen' see li l 1
As Donovan .alked, a eagal Buffalo ..... 27 37 .42213 8th Race "F' Imported 6* g F ur. P50.W Pool Clos L.U
S, wit"The guy sees meWat coming and o use ... 24 4 .39 1-Welcome 8. B A are 110 -Jockey rould help w4

minhe proceeds to thr now about the Ph PioneVollellies' 7 -Papincel kes 106 -Rates chance here 4-1
43`6k -hr -.hToronto --t 61- 2 421%-"1 11RIos- Im re -I .
Sharpest pitching coach he tossanaged all ght laireVanbraba UT 2-Aftere F. che 110 --ouas weak competition

vand he throws iast year. He ad Rochester 010 100 002- 4-Vauy Breeze Dario 105 -1Cold WOVin lowla 5'

Wp att recoected t'is episode 3 2 o. 6 -ara1utra O Chan 108-Ready for
with a smile. Aft v ersion o the games Buffalo 110 011 02x--.6 11 0-More Fair F4-Vulcanizado M. YczGodoa 115 x- ne. 1 n an -
ur on nco D--ovnt waD S l-Meaiu -r 1pper F. Rose 115 --Not nto the clubimo1ouse, but *
lDoovan was gone-. T he nextC() d;u m--r iiAe B. Aguirre 118'-Poor effort 4
day, however, the big powers anditcher wastreu. P-Mar-
"HeDovnltey eed a new kell. HR--Cunningham, 2andt, 9th Rmes "G" Imported 7 Fea. Pms $450.00 Pool Cflosel hF
o0Jrsatelierei news Demeter. OiN 4TW
there, his head hanging lcam e thatown,"
fast a sma old get that crve Montreal 000 331 03x-0 3 3 -Reero Vsqu 113 -Hart tobeat here
adiosf BrUt he needed one mre Blake, Hetkl (5), Shore (8)3--Cadrlo A. .Ycaza 110 5-Not good enough
pitch So, I worked on a slider and Berberet; Dnysdaoe and Bu- 4--Turf Lodge r H. Ruio 110 -Dangerous contender -
with him. He picked the thing cha. LP--Blake. cDrysdale. n lJ. Bravo 112 -Sould be clos up
.oup iI minutes and he was -an..zl-agic ,". GgoIa 110 -Not against these' 1 ,.
(1 His slid breaks wle t.hen oboiAtedTroacnu 100000 0--4 4 0 9--Tila0a S hr 112 --Looked good1in lst I
way. That's what he needed to Bracho and Noble; Johnson,(i -- kp-1
pi Sup ic s delIvery. Owens (3), Zinker (6) and a on- 10thRaoe H "C"Im Rted 1MP
JJQU A D R O NIIdon',t n mean gYetting the ball over (Second Game)- iDonoChut iMM. cae 8118 -Has trongest

brplate so much. I mean get- Havana 110210000-4- 2 0 3--lakemere M. Phllips 115 -Dcpendaonstar-
ting that temper of his down. I Syracuse 000 000 010--1 6 14--onsuertei 0. Sinchez 115 --la2s "A" zateriai 22-2
think the night that made him Cueche and Montalvo; Far-J5--Suponun B. Agulrre 113--Will fight It out 24
a pitxIer was in a game against nell, Peternon (6-, Zinker (d)L 6--ratoata H. Ruin 106 -Doesn't seem likely 1-1
yank him. 11th Race "C" Imported 6o1M Fi. Purse $275.06 Peel Closes .
'"U ARN "dn "The guy sees me coming and Glmbsmod 00 i s 70 11
he proceeds to throw about the Piease, Voisele (7) d S. 2-PilnCel Y. Bakes 106 -R8ates chance here
hardest pitch he tossed all night Claire; Vanbrabant and Bur. -3-After Me G. ,nchez 110 -Hsas- weak competition 3
think hength ats m rightat-ime." L0P-P0cone. 1 --V tualy Bree e. D o 5 -.- d i

lonoavan wes gone. The next -. ...._________ __________
day, however, the big pitcherawas n1rted Film.
of a small boy. 1k A e70. .

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k V .,+.-r- i

i S$

e t hSrag

le to the fuAd for conatruatia
of children s ads," e
T..-ed phyca i t cation heod
a"toGlGosle Garride teday Ina

1 g gert~ o t sue

BOXING, on.was..omoney
- 'i O l- t '... -: -+T
I.;. oer e the childw,
.* -d & tt o .he.t .

(' tion etc., waP n haxidled m olely by
WI 3Wim 1,-a l|lete. d esaied his Autla main .
I r activity was to he publiola the

(., ea .e Ar% '.7, U* W* *** pr 1rabmothrt eh lra in which 5rw t
P Vi i eipbl "ea ir00 i -1 'Va S NM i4). pirrp, seynag andilae l apt Chiesa ew5_ t h- teed rM th e oter a- h r
B. Le 000 503 g 13 a n of the Amdula, a inm left, nd Al hallne are the backbone a ain exnT-
-8 w ( o, a. i e. ;ee ,Afee ae. A ou at u onn wept his average near .20 and a relative to te program ao giv W Sn
aIWvanee ) E ( e a-W ted the at I .470 I~p throughout first two months. that eit would be clear wI-t sum-
pr 4nd Lopata. CleelaMA nd 300000-e 1- any, the Phasdeal dalltonJ
by bl t 4ule S (No t Jone brought the the boxer whto helappeared against
fo1tao (7.e. e fir stn nrp lduheru- A"prolgram throughahe toA M Des sv VT4y

QMypSuthe4o- 9* fi m U^ a e firs hte ped vthe |us 6s fIare 1th It bIU t lh rOmtep
; o to Naon apa change 1 i the loss. one percent agle. th op pai d R00 to

nbeate .Kobb Cagers 91 ee, the .. die rves. em Lane onte fight. ois
4 m's wi^th V '1-4 viotory a oer A) p e although It wrtillt be.a' ratlI .|l|ou.1^ ^ r relieved wq $| 0le t ^ i n ,n
st. h o uted the Philliea tIe- l pthaa nih 10p Ile tac aon home red for the Cuba oe aug t oef t e onnet i 2, ido.rl I
78-tt5,lg~lli luk wt t Se n aI ao t A y t th 1.4- ,iw tn thee sith.s hald to, at 31 o et ho cover expenses I o11o1 l hi t.eurm to leMllul a I 11 e d I
Sa 1 9 2 te r ie l as ir Bob0e i le,- B hB f od a nn t ee t. I rlati t hetl pr- o gra s ofSde iev nfowo5 tIr i sh V
For 4fth-5 rStaaiedh W ird ""a""t-o th ro ugh oar ir roti omoths .tttoud
imtrpl a us' mls g a 8 oPt ad ed onl ter against the P1.lUes. Tne matter by the anamR oI en .~ Inside and otsiM .de
aaorm al ot iefo nthe yhtheey

.Fo ** D a to u" m, and wlked onp two Ttsp- o rt es _ill T .- o ar s e ont ew ed enough h run t, o aa l ma l 14 im o f h o assU r e $ fety.
Fo"orI r ig h t in a I all ebby S n at i-le tort ua4 iboi be t wi n r e ud. Save p to ha what a
ill tgwrop'_ rule dou1 quest against i setbacks. ntli homer, a ws and held tongt ie
W W W B' Api. a bt pe the Blthrd Anin -A four-run rally In the se- Vlrdong G ver th hiane, run1m V u RA
tn.. 8S Veteran Dob Felloea astehed a ther ololle Rdaw d9r PTiin t
... e. fouh.a, i aa n ,t atimnore Th ta# C"a" been .nd that
Alb ..i.1* gaw A C I IorV Tlonesebro appeared against
plac b lat 1 a sehau ed ry y aa r Oriole lPAAdAscop Tandel 9r.4 Jc rW od a
lo.k 7. -0 *j* ; .40 hurI fDoo es 1 f-t. Gena Wood- d

Ser CH,;TR Agendas Mq p 1or
eon.Na MadiW Fenblly .1rtT 44 P1t

-,', "Otifs Fighh Tonigtht. *
Ar j A A jpl | a BYRACUBj, N.Y., Jun Sl pt"' Il r
0--8() A-- Atlan one-hander e a 50-48 (UP) Vince Martles o Iat oms n aeTni ew i
,tig at Fort Davis (7:3g1. lead i third perlo and the Irson, NJ,, tie welterwe ht broa tn
Itw-tGated 11 the p ,1 ,eift -hZ Jearryp 1itt th, "gi funded' by. tKhe International fow qu Im ClpT -r ag on
nght a o a the a"li 8 lig total BoxIng Guild, finally oget flht ...4 *. -
eaterdy vi th i, ollowedalola tonight with Cuban ohloo Va-
beaten five eared by pes y the op's top scorer, Fra rona in War Memorial Audito- -
its fou straight Victory. Dorap, with 2. rlum.
Turn ,. ac r .m on .5 his field tries from eut- Although It will be Martine. '
humped the Trlt Troopers, court. The Trooper nard hit on first bout of the year, he is fa-
r8-5, and Army Atlantic crum- six of seven tries in te first half vored at 3-1 to beat the Cuban
ble hvy Pacific, 77-4, and epded wIth 23 poiutT for the slug er in their nationIlyt tele-
1 to:--- ason'son-Ftebt. Mate Jack yact onoupia vise Sa broadcast (NRC) 10-
hotBshoo rbSte r 4whh Pacing the As was big Tex
---p+ '' "4 .oo1t. r7, eonvre p p tm d Al 1grew he t
S- _ose n of 1S Stretop. Ma a m Tare 0 r. Thre
The Bushmasters compiled p w ils vieory In 43 pro- That sports nistoric moment when a football player
rIIarue ,o ..tgn of at,7, ,. fe,~ah rbout. k Bas kpocKlled named ldnute rRoctkne "bombed" etto defeat an Army peteam,
'le0Ta out 32. At West Point, with an unusual tactic, the forward pass, is

1p...._DING T I 1." o 0 l SSl .p* s"on copeI O nsd color by Ter hnecolor. din emav. fI'...
PUO( 0p ofFerffBelal at lia@) on A R drqald ea 69- ga
Al~.bVt m 'enh t Wins t

Apo I.1,.SwlT hat- f rward -PthsiletV elveet. AhtNAMii &Mde
_r :_ 91 kallFm Ie 1-1ur so S lite oe Woo.d I

aiUf4. ~ ?1i*- ,'. -m ld o Ko so I l a

lIu, Bk3ly 63 239 42 81 1 a swmml~nn cham- gtlUhter it ..... 4 v0
a1i IM Nthe n W h hg...- 3..11. M11 6ills g S
Jr .1954 hapo lb ........ 0
,A,,, r-. ,-, -pe" in at + '.. BYACS,- ,.. N ..Y:.:, g o26__ P Y, ,,,,oa ,I, If

..,,. o a lwo b.W .on........ 1 0 1 0

ve the gsa ..ham- ,e k
... .t, ,. .. .. oo Sitt orby MDou adI b...3.. 0 0 1 6 4-,,.
,m r.....ra.. n sb- n .......4. o o ,el-_ 1 10

...... owa d ......'". 1 3 0 o 0 b c "p
W, n......M7... o n.t. l. em if ....e.. 0 1.vA,ki. .... -_--
3b........ :.. ..4 Total1 0M I O N. OF r
0 lee.. a-truel ot tou W....... nt a Ik.ado e ee446d11 14C't, osed otIn m ,topt.aen itt .
[ 4' OW I n re gg e ._eio ..ele 0........ a? 1 o 'of .,_... V dm w f_ .-n- .- _-_' *g g,. s"( f
i, 0 a. a on t, ,-, --. ho-se
V -0M.......%K... -V I haw* lea owes .ha. ,Ito g
lt ot..,0 ....I I ,_L g..I. tas3. .. ..a...... ... d .. Lh. _0.
..... ,. .... C,_e [ / 4 n it41y rX ... o. gigl .. _,us wli. -.h "eol" .qp. .iesei W t*iA Pga tide l,
O I .. .... a e ptre I York ....... M ont o It.-41po. od Ooseo fd*ue--s *e4n .
-,..t*I......... n ,nge,0,,Aho ar -d ?val eseft momd'h0v,401"
.0 amro %wea' vet" i#L!

os .. .f r O p
S- .City sam
KA.n weTs 's me a *AS 3 o19,

goo $44- .y.
: .+, ..: ._ .. -- .. .. t .. .-: .. -_ : .: .- ::. .I.+: .

* ~f"~I ..C. *.



~ ~- ,*-".


4. -~

'" .- .... :'+, .'* ." '..-
.-. :K III!I////+ ,,,


*'"te the peo pl k nirnthe t wd the cnwry yis we -Abraham -u

* **u



r nan -Per sPANAMA, B. P., M3DAY, JUNE UN iU

Dulles Names West'

BFor all" HitiTo Cc
dinhil e f Canns H a sl t
sued recently in Italy. It shows, C
ian inhu ueducF SAN FRANCICO. June 24 many, the s' te couni.' of Indefinitely prolonged."
ana t (UP)--U.. of State Bastern Europe, Communist Chl-' Turning to the countries b e-
~tao !ohn Poster l td Soviet na. International Communism hind the Iron Curtain, Dulles
rWra a Interns- Russla today Im polite but and disarmament, In that or- said:
one.. blunt lasnguag-the price the der "In Eastern Europe are na-
on! hl free world wan e for stopping He said the "unnatural divl- tlona. many .with a long and
the Cold War. lson" of Germany constitutes "a prouw record, of national exist-
Dulles spelled out his "ex- grave Injustice" and declared It ence, which are In servitude..
L.e J '-' "-.' tremelv salle method" of end- was an "evil which cannot be They were liberated from one
i -ll. ~rlsl ,O l, International tension in a
s. "bC ,pee preehrpared loe delivery at 0 -
S-- -10th anniversary meetingF
.of the United Nations. Fv
,rls1 1. Observe the Charter of the s.alhIno UN
e.ot, Girls t T :-.. C lng For UN Revision,
United Nations.
"- -- 2. Refrain from using force or -
threatening to use force In deal-
Te birt d at C ing with other countries. delegate Fabrega W arns
". HospiltIZ. lr e wek end- 3. Refrain f r o m supportin '
S at mni Wednesday. There and directing subversive activl- ,
79 ptnts admitted a d tes In other countries. t r L -
atients discharged during that "To bring the cold war to an DOn Expect M miracles
No deaths were reported end, seven points are not need-
Babies were born to the follow- ed," Dulles said In an allusion to -- -
American ltiens: Lt. a n the seven point '",ace program" Several aspects of the United so show valuable progress i.e.
Richard Barweli, of Coc._ posed by Soviet foreign mm-i Nations far-reaching accom- economic cooperation, admin-s-
o, on; Cat and M_ s.d hn tr. Vve'heslav M. Molotov last plishments, and Ideas for its fu- tratlon of non-governing po-
Arms, od oil. Gulihk, daum esday ture, were highlighted at the plea, technical, educational and
Mr. and Mr. Richard M- Is ent. San Francisco meeting in a sanitary assistance.... By rats-
aof anw Cristoba.l, s r It la in that rit that we. go speech delivered by Panama's ing the level of underdevelo ed
,Cap. an G Jose M.. Tria Po va, aiwd hope to find Foreign Minister, Dr. Octavio dommunitles they tend to be-
af Fort G.UICk, son. that rit shared. Fabrega. come more peace-loving.1 were born to the follow. Dulle touched on many sub- In general he called for an ac- In analyzing the need for
olf wer ton lw ecfts, ranging fram the a- tlve middle course; but also fa- charter revision, he emphasized.
parents oftter naiUonalaties o e"of the veto; the need for vored Immediate revision of the "This Is the real Immediate
*andte Mari, of tie security; 7"enourag- UN charter, problem. Again, opposite views
daugter;Mr.and M ru. J developments In Korea, Dr. F~brega noted that oppo- arg held.
Peres, of Colon, son; Mr. dhina Astri and Yugo- te are hld on the pr- ome feel resio
Mrs.l d C. 'Drak of laa and Soviet gesturesto- tie ad areheflca foMth re sU .eSomny e. aelenlr uwold
bo in tywly, oMs and M rs. .w a nt eandm leffreaacya the e olHne.ut lef wre wrd w
Sldgil dt e Jaepts .and d problemSll rIe- .mp feel It -ll promptl- at. Oat ..hers ye J
atd 3 -aa Mr.n -ch evu- .niversal peace. Others start promptly a m
*Ci"+" icd Young of Colon eIfig wit J the last toplc. ,onseq it weak structure which "A eoasble midI, -coU .
.li'ughter. o C ,, miWed no w6rds, will only make more severe the Sems -better. Ryii sal
I ted the problems as er- impct of eventual disillusIon- .be taced wIth t" .i but
Ten girls and ten boys were .m t. The sensil e view in to re- dim .o.m. .
bon t Gorgs opital during ard or gJniuation as facing very a R MW cMusuoI to W
di dMfnfeo at midnight. dI t 4Pk but capable of orient word opinion ratbur thag
XMi acordil t the weekly mn. iudos rough reconcl ation of wali.pansvly bo .'e .iu prac.
report OPposite. factors: theory and esa. B sides, an honest attempt
re weras. patients admit- practice, Imposition and toler- at revision. ma show m .many s-
tand 209 Wieharged during the t .nce,.ntlonallansm and Intrna- plraalone. can be .talned. wtth-
Z ouo IsT reported i, onai m". out. aemenm t, rough better
arniespitufj& thatoiod. 0H In reviewing the organization's IoR tributlon of
'Aw-o 2UiU4 U9I m nku tM -c a mrOihmenta Dr. Vahbresa fncntirns nat variusar itr,,a

iagt .^ot taeAN babies we"e:
Vt: Nar. n. Robiertson, of
B _'0a; 'Mr. *ifd Mrs. F. C. Val.
.i of Pa a City; Mr. and ..
S3. MrM. Marquez, of Panama
Bll; Mr and. Mrs. D. S. Jom.
a Cnlr", otm i .tty;M.i' a. and
C. A. Smith, of La Boos Mr
ClMrts t. od Mrs. FA. Pr. Iz.
, of ~ ; Mrsand Mrs. Fied
e of La Bocas -gt. and Mrs.
GJ. hougibton, o Fort Kobbe;
a4 Mr. and Mrs. G. L. English.
of. Panama City
aos were born last week to'
tbe following: Sgt. and Mrs. L. P.
lguin, of Albrook; Mr. and Mrs.
: A. Ramos, of Panrma City;
I and Mrs. W. C. Coffman, of' AMA HEAD-New president of
-oa; Mr. and Mrs. C. c; the American Medical Assoel-
IU of Panama : ty;Mr. and atlan- Is Dr. h --er Hs of Erie.
i i. Zumiga.o rrera: Mr. Pa. Hehao stressed the impor-
ad Mrs., Wft of Gabok n of mental health, sug-
aVA Mrs. .. J. ULtfl of Bal. :seastingi Ihtdoctors become in-
L n d s. P Smitho, creasingly active in developing
CMr. and s.t P mh 1of more psychiatric units in hos-
Grfih.of Co oli. t.. al

oI I


I .uE'


night in Paris... with
songs... loves... an
" -.a i .I..

4 s

- .. p

R. ._ ,.

sp l .2ot
s Price

ln. 'I
lemn intin tak-
^fCooint China, e aid:
Communist .Im which be- .of a scheduled, I-round title n
came an In Korea. fo. Lightea vywght champ Arc
which It. tand condemned left hook to the had of Olson,
the United Nations.U romoe-
aggreion In dochina and _
used force a't thp threat of u l
force to support its ambitfon in i i
the.-Taiwoa (Foraon) area. ,
"eet m "top mentl. ilit- lOSi
luddla thaft lftlatee of the -
that the i tle et Lu& inner S trike
war may nave reeeded. Let 1 us -
ray that tw e I so. But the LONDON, June 24 (tiP) -The
tt cannot be M ted with nt ner Qeen ElUabeth sailed
itoatloo Al M&da remainseam for New York with a ful crew
eual~an mty.' aboard yesterday on a voyage that
s for Communsm in general, weakened the p of strike jea.
Dulles mid: men on other i. Cunard ers.
stence of that appear satulors knownfro other lers had.tried
as intematlMei Communism. It si"0l90=.
scn-titteJ eId-Id s, -. I va~i for several days to talk
constitutes I~otld-w-de con- te iet 's atew ijin
ospirey to power thisa waikt for better living cog
formin of govementwch nevele
inany country,atranytie.wu But hse Wordld largeselner
free %s bythe-B t preoele, n1o ,
wehi dr the all f oIn- saied 'n schedule, as cnfident
dependence. Canm officials had predicted.
Dunare 4.ed that nCa-. Observers believed their action of
cas last year, the Organia- the Elizabeth's crew mIay break
tion of Amerieal States heM the back of the w at walkout of
!L .. m!ulmupsn to tTImmn of the liner's sister *P
"ate M atd six otheWO
I. _er! ..ofe OU., ., lin er.- traded In part at
and thrat to ternatNal the peak of the tourist season.
peae ana desety.
"deT.htlre at. end," he Leaders of the
declare. dores',ulion m l
tb or po ted'"ut lans for a series arn.- -
Mnuis -i tiy n. a go baek to wwkk and end their
Ras t Ubieaben a cemt. 1rereek walkout.
ed then. hitd weoulh
prevete the 'resent ie- London aa dockers had voted
live production' of atomic weap- to end their walkout but northern
onfl. port strikers rebelled against the
"This unprecedented proposal iack4owork move.

Ruby Goldstein counts Carl "Bebo" Olson out In the third jm
ath for the Ight h vytght champlouMhip in M
le :Moore, wh asuceuy defended hia title with a
stands in a neutrAl coiner awaiting the completion of the
I .a

'L............. -1'. "* --..m".wasma a ime when the London dockers then grew wary --
obterd faolud flly d ld alcne o mlse. We.?t nte So $wasOle possessor of their own decision and ca CL __ ..W -.. .
"it hia failed to fully dis- should not fear revision nor of this wapon." h1e pointedly lons were the walkout would con1 Olon bite the dwk~t l~ of the'11. miuna .1910
charge Its mfio. t has had, tas It withi pr dic." reminded Molotov. "It wps re- lin t,. the Lodon and provib. G nd Nef.. Nm to o.
ry successes. But they should the limitation of the UN's role. .... -...-
not satisfy us as half peace is He warned:
nobody eace. 'Amed peace Negro Congressman Nixes Elsenhower sReque To
w Urwe.' wish to eet the charter we Ne,
"Accomplishments have, how- should not eXpect miracles o o- N
ever, been substantial. The or- fro it. It. n.ot
ganization has been a forum "After all real peace will notSTo Re rve School
vent to pinons and passions instrument, but will stem from o m
which otherwise could have removal of causes of friction.
found expresalon in battlefield. Realvremoval would come when WASHINGTON. June 24 (UP)- The Preiident's letter, dted Senate approved such an amend. is "bowing to the wlll.~i a .llno
After all, the present world, bad world wouldnot allow the aim- President Elaguhower ltodaurged June 21, said "reserve legislation met. to bar racial 4isriaiot it, .ty"
as it 1I, is still at peace and sub- ultaneous existence of abun- Rep. Adam Clayton Powel Jr. to with a non-segregation provisloo in the draft. The vote ln.tie Sea- "It's dangerous that is,advis-.
tantial credit for this belongs dance and poverty, education drop proposed race rights amend- affecting the National Guard can- ate wais 58 to 31, he said and the ers are a.le to get h lar saga
to UNO. and Ignorance, freedom and op- ments to the administration's re- not become law. School construe. House later passed the l I to such a letter Powell. M
O __ther aspects of UN work al- pression." serve and school bills unless he tion legislation containing non- 140.. .. The 1=risdet ansuraed .owl
wants Congress to defeat the pro- segregation provisions cannot now As for federal aid ol at "I shall, of course ,.0 e
S. rams. become law." construction .Pown, .Fo V'e Wet toeek such prou
SW hInrmln (OnrCO I/ 1- ? IThe reserve. program is essen- 'waeaea and loo l- .tb.ho sggation by the ma t
I i I 1 But Powell, Democratic Negro til to the secu of the Ameri Prdent...wold ch have been so successful
cngesmpan from New Y o r k, can people," it said. "The building an embadment a-bltance last two years.
sal the President's appeal made of schools critically needed can- advoaing these of federal "But I shall do allin myper
Shim all the more determined to not be put off without damage to und to efy the S r Cea rt.. to see that we .make w. M..
1o C.Uf Ia I TfiC D LOngers apush the amendments. the children of all races." He aid Ule Pre:iMat's letter needed progress m other s sal
He said he will try to aid them powel said the letter contained made his "hackles" e. He aid well," he said.
o .to the Preosident's housing pro. a."complete fallacy" about the it e dto be a otes-ion that "I do not believe we candoeith.
SOLYMPIA, Wash. (UP) -,reoied the far northwe state gram swells to the reerve Senate's never assing an anti- Mr. sej.ower beideveseate hanUt- r ifiwe ldsst Path
WshnLPtor State is one of thet'for Udis Itve ist lSa se l I.ereai amene meot. Segregton fight isu utln e ad one field be a condition .a.n
safestplaces in the nation todrive place awardtoWashington for 1 .. usUtn,1H. he said the hopeles" and that the PresIdent toallowig grogresn-
I a car-considering. the mortal ecordin atic safety, admini Hes e w r a
rate that has been piling up on tration and. enforcement during a "roadblo k progress" a.nd
the nation's highways. 1is. said it would stifle and throttle
The National Safety Council has Washington's hasn't always been the full eression of the rule of E T A V IST A T
a safe pace. The death rate Istill the I .ty! L .
S Di-s pretty better than one a Mr. Elsenhower, in a personal
day. But Imt~e a combination OfIletr to Powell, said the admin,
ITDAY A. T 6 b to make. tstral ll continue "to work P 76i .-. & 0--1:3& 3. ,. S:U. "WHY DO YOU
DAYse30c.rlplae in n.,etoward he .eventual. eoimlation of -%--n rny-' ',y-pox twesents
Gov. Arthur B. .a.9of om our national I NEED AWQO I
CENTRAL e, w T their reere d KIkk DOUGLAS N WH4 N
"killers whoi r Pmchooleglation esonot bess omen
with cars mUtold of guns.- law itPowellrLAsh
11:15 .:5 :5 8:5 p.m I = ama with a-. gu.m or h BELLA DARVI is "
regory PECK T"nTODD call I ,arr; kl a man _wttIL
Charles LAUG afta two tocsteg machine and we can I *t is s fact of history that no CIBR RO LA %s
Charles COBURN i gorn how ever meritorious, GILBERT ROLAND
Ethel BARRYMOR atsutrte a t t al provisaon has
AI aALLI JOURDAN The w s rtedat h tall end vr the nate the Pres.
oif .... .itOCu.. dI i t h nKill o e B aw.m' .. "So we must find o& -3AT-
pill''no k. .war, but now as "I.

.i -- D Or -. 'RA C ER S
battle t down -traffic man reserveby-1M wskRA C E R
:ndinjur y Itis credited withba .rsvPwl _m I,IN ..
a .Injur..y .... ... r reduction ofmentof rv~ s ists to
's -U In mtual ls r
.Wa acren.ts in.Wa..A.gtonl. ou a c m It
year, butS that to refleqi d a r..6 .,,
per -*out reduction with, se ... o
r u th1e s five years m said he -o i
jISW@I last yeam an t Ailplatioam amdmaut to

wi tho G as a m i110.
the do rmil e" i. 'I-I

O.s. ,o- -. '.W ._3 : -71 -
NO a,- -rw .. .,--r.+ b+ d .+._,:"-o'.. +..;
+~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~2 SOAKmI "I ... I"I' 'I i"I ..II
+ + .. _-, :, _,+ ... +=. ; ... ,,+ l l J
7* "S- -" "A "" '- : :

b *


.' -1 n. "

i ,I I 'W

::~-:' ]:lp :

C..; '


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