The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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i^|, ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ,,!,^i^ il ^'^ -"A ^
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isso/ tmied

fI Rape Case;

Trial Set JMy 5

OOas "er, k D- .nx
"- 3
;idf ara aht I ob eslr 11D ~

IN UWIO-s 3AWN Poulce fficrs SOare a wor-
, MetresoaU Cathedral in Buenog AreA, Argentina,
;weekemd.dotouIn the atty, whqoe between e and 600
Wte been arfW i n anti-CathoUe moes by Presidet.
Juan Peron.

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Pith d A-Raid
4 0L h

, .M

Argentine Navy
'. ". .

Shells, Bombs

Government H
-0 -
BUENOS AIRES, June 16 (UP).-There was 4
heavy fighting in this city today as Argeulaet
Navy forces apparently attempted to overd*'r
the regime of Pre*dent Juan D. PeoW, e.zom
munieated earlier in the day as hb feud W th te
Roman Catholic Church reached a cni-ax.
Naval planes bombed OQwornment'.Hem,
Machineguns were firing in I streets. A ,
controlled radio announced Army forces
putting down the uprising.
Machingun fire was apparently i rngi
between Government Houi and the ne Na f
Two worships were rtdlr b rdoin .
ment. H .i ..

and te th td lht
A bAra .t .a ...

po feout that he te on

bi t of to in the asgirls in Ofand a p- re t he utlon a ea newmen l y rft grs n May Square, the hertf the y.
of ,B.e am4atm -air crBi,8 l w,.g wr bo,. iaft nPd.. ... *nsA.omr, m the h A.

Sfar o I don't _al the means t he had trico Guprd ut" Daefee mlttee area was also undet ariul Ottack.
.,f.le b Guar ,In t.ho.
toWas.o 10oc the girs ca t oPanama few peaoth tert. of yeuterdayhe r Te Vatican t Vdt a lia and AldbaISt
g.h~d~tn was a in legal cir- to teet lnezalned Sfba pl he-dIhe 3S cover signal: t Smr7Mryea. ormUy with etd or n amed
0_ ;AS d"ep.lained that pie heahol for" Me IranM'tn over s

AIf Nf1u 4 1le toda sh t ouil te two ha hadtnoe 4e tere was no most at thoe wo did hear "We 'ta wolfto X wt reste or IA
themecide tu9certaln aaa lte WY een, e ikte&T
See twy he oul compel them to seemed tn to do. at he explained, the arrest and expusIOl f two eate
T ng a. Arn* authorities would be come to n along Central Ave- One an pointed out Roman Catholic plate.
S able to s artal Mltchell. "Have Mot witnesses In the nue frid of Iay Plaza to that w n a year's time there But it was the ftint tbe
hs avdated that unless past who. wm not Canal Zone the BaE-Ndoni, People were is a conlderable turnover in the The formal excommunication UI that Vatican
GO=fA' a e.. witness appear- realdent..b_ brought to court far m sltnd on Personnel of thm e Canal Zone, .in in T decr gld by A-md se a M penity.
*at p -g about the Panama po e? De Castro ask- thaire anti s which the ter 'nal cities of Panala. n retary of the saerend CO t- Ot e. .
offe Mitchell is ed olt ave offered some Also the general public foret egation. with t
Conaratatian. -U0 JCaNeUsl wM do
charged "Not to knowledge." prote very easily ed theVat pln of le
A e 26-year-old Army ser-t "Hiseal aid of other h falre to Community services Dfracto r tOerntevatose Puliod of the dGl*ad "s
was returned to Balboa lic offillah n n enlisted in the respupd to estake-cover s51- thro A.conoand Blo ro c Of Un Aies
I%" of mezU interest. tooude.!r b replied. IohasmeasSenrPleas with the results of the de.without even awaiting of
m4nbere of the u. 13. CI Caiorla Garcia were or- In erdeora the two special before on theCana Canal Z oo a communities. the firt-handtestimOnY.O t ~ t e ahe .all,
ume of -USA oe t ate the two sisters ne eded(Contued pa6,COL) t"id Icut ceterI, h Ilunehers aT wer a a etire .t". Terfn th a
h3p Aelftd o im aI the p-gowitsaatI thaeoteraloM and. itme aboardaAgentine t eua l-". .
of flee peroabnl. Fatherb TToo
Service CentM,.i was annou toe t to bri nkabout theirprem- W n b do offquietly htoe "Arln e d p .1o that _e
ied tod. mf of thde on.designated ete i the in- The vat n decree church 54
The U A emut AtC 0he- This virl An e of._Ue do- ner,,oby mdwas of the dmun c rted al l th ose conn.dgth the nMu _
miTh iso.tlostele .cfestdhec, with the arrest and expulsion'lrOf the Ca..aUuo A .oW

ua1. A -nef nl"progre s sreo netone-rma y oen a the c.v C L eon as,ehe,,b heythose who Induced eiro, Braadl, thseloItw
of the nome tax sut being The andbo irs,hethe oente
tabMle bythee Was slad,aepresdtheir dissalsfac-tstfarbdthconweha
tr ge s bW whiePwouldrnot
tngton attone, L Vern -8.D1oB. v tthe_ ra_"unsatietor .,R gion 2ves unreal pro- .o larin ihut thudr 7U.Y saPid0 w_4h" .
Ie is-a, .. a^ deiin titc a arr.

weugto t one L ,ai r YService Center officials point- Patic sour rees explained this ., "
.o e in" ee w b gthe a se, e andthoom Ite wihout the .

g An e c hlires Build g e ste to .. .
2a. o tadgahoevetheree ate dyme- olu eerthe- rf e Y men
Adt he SAateW anmd Its outer lobby do not oto Po t h,_e.i ado.t -
3.m o e.ter "onth b, m .aff o2rsd the vsa m bew protectArgentiner ate, bihutar p t se
of the UA'sp1946 I-would Probably crumble in apolce and Catholics who I "InSpitoatIam

.-_,t ,n .. nleawt, oar thetr e.
ma tg ^ g S ul. 415+bluslt like P yesterday's simulats ae r n
A Ne btih ra' swwrnit te e

-". ppotai.ensofa andOnbiiardighway,a l lper. dcal with those inv okedsince Jut the clownihale
(Continuedo n Page 6, CoL 71) CeaaPpreferablet a"w7t
,Mb@-met peAite' -M A.D ir ao;'..the.eer..thete we 0 a m

0"Mo A. (OfP) gAd..-eause Department reprhera.w A fcre uiged
A A tnrTi-,"" to qu O WN-tateve havet he p

utin eeissued lamw-
tohesie so

.. _' r at o ton cter
3atomC M-qflf~t Q,B?~~>goptt~ul pt.a
ajr ~ ~ I ComMeWd mwrit .qga ei~^j flary twlriche tl

The tate Departmet would I
t the e~~~emi to .tko
after wlt w
priatnM fral aalhu wa

m' y and efn

be....'. -,."
*mA I bs -10- w" C

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K-Jfl' *^****^^*^B^^l^--a,"
*9W^ .^^w^^B^^fl^^ *
** ^T .". *

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VANAMA WM CAN R ,_ ] Ni No- We,. tt BMhive in FoI W,3 .. T,

Peggl P sme asuan- ,vs J17 HA i. Powsns NC. II m
P0m ONl P st4O AaoI O WNW.In. Labo -Ne T"s. iO.. I.m
It, bi Trhe rallo e


i ersThe tiesss thare too good oiey dd theh

'T" 10 v 0a1A ,eR I tAM ef T0" PasaAmdhe rea-fogtfor h m e Gatrae

S thegeautestindustrialebout nf the
maIn tryatssbeenlVol= ubb

u hwa thowue6r, 0ar-e n bdonawhe Canal wo urld p, atll els Whea the aw d.4 up to a

aes riding into a new boom with h f Bior 'h oVha
i o eg wlme No hoomeNbac tte stild wehe ne asutie entire economy just when we oe o, ha tp
'e ae -ri digane o getani wr a Iastopaeowoudhe Udiepted a1rt to
ti620,000 at work and lostothan fb4m 4Me

t 8thiss wl if'to 'sr w n d n, t lle7 rd iotutn ATo' shmrpla t
I n o theIfU Canr tOeautyo menetona we n n o te ke d r-

s Students hdg wrnh at o ge l tihe job o f 08 3 anald Zo11e 1 e sramicsaa 1 i p, textilesGO AIbl a

dA. ad *S ardonly relving 60 cents. A couple of fortunate ones tog get a Id k 0 .5 I S1 rts to S* S t la
S s earnl important atoe trouble a o t ber of colleges, and for trucking, me.t.a na a sore 01tolr Ia s prt o

i tue n.w. Wht do you ay we .nt system and give them pat ".uffltut ty._ ___ ,. 3 A S ABO AGl

to earn so-mcollfg.rPthninder ad edolad l*t betgI Am tSAla a iof wware
;thir own vacation .trasportat hs. ae -in t o hae man as TnedTgraph ld AT an t t

pC.N. Ah! su. irs outh to a a h ro.wM m, for kl._ tem' -"la u. .
S Co rtulaltu tloe, to and Crtheir prompt actand en in bringing guara tn e antoe up of v o NTAhON sReR r an r to tnmulat thO"pi wvan -
Anroysr angirse whose parents tre still here. hey just thefirst time since lnt. o'u tvh-t-" thv-r. vI A

t aise on yAnerovn 0e ToA ,ooup leado g o btnte wone stoppsee phct bwld ko- m II..,, haa, 00.P
r 1r- soetit to do. ht large dos m ^Aal expansion. An thel p Is Aease
this wrong. ISecmglodetose sraretary of Cmmerce Sinclair daement bak.-*gT abeVa ll Thu of had

i l arning so of the r own cOny.dTh point is, howeverWn ks whom isConsiderediLb llti -n ;utheate the bur-,

t hevhita d n c nesehopk ays we'rer metis toe ta
TIh s situ prtntationrkil o& troulprp o studera r ee d eturnringlad* sarep want ta uth rn. m G M on hthm..t res| to delver
at ol ege nt tee t to h government jobs sound eetar the Arm for man- preneries s the antm-tru at vie n ident eosh anoumes Stor

hereAwr to Previous ruxzl CouM B, fla he re emrt. Eleve etird and resrve offi-power and reserve, $1a-000 a year. to drop the cate. 8 000,000to makem va-
Another thin the students are ling the jobs of and tt to av he get no py t or tonly Ma G. Wilton P Deene Department antfa
Sbra have bare do tir pen the Mon (U.S.A.-Ret.) now detycents. A tcoupleof the antt-truot t on te toS wtoive
sg wh.7 w.u crac k u.. ip ptt thCont to the Presdent, a e ounds that the ties between AT reidentan powe

S areey va Industry obs after retg on Four are paid e obe a day when Rf-r Adm. Lewo r Stratua T and Westfri .dlectrior are otroidtherdit
ly d t li n t e end of ter l they work ob sands of his own CO mn'ta (U.S.a.R.-et) now hairm Ato. ecessary ftor lefene, artilara reu l he a h up then
tr asrante w emuestuldent at a rea e wage Trare long work- .rIlyoffr te sa dee oA -
I *t 4 tB tedom r or m a of the Art eo Tle eotelu.l Gen. Herbert Dav"n Vogel d at ssantewtaro of uen

This is important faor troublinghumber of college recordbra g ane chairman of wdemno There have alway bn about (U.S..Ret.) now hairan Ten- defense Donald ares, in charge hoev
eguN eti Whatwerman of Ameriyou say t e system, atd give theto ery t ie inof AT & o Goatr oia
S le College Pathfinder circles Intimately connecteld tos e l lbrt ea t orPe n en m uti
GM's manages ml that eve at an hdta W os

...... "--.- Mw sStSe S lo ,-bFre-k B r e.e odds
e C.N. s o liO RAMe t th late moment in theR 2 WEK on t ot aMroGe em enaARt w ro lraa
aAr phr r atulatro t ltocUl N for their prompt action in ty d ubr Ping bringing ar -enay oime psden S.eR ., .ad Ae e ton. h

f4 1p.ratog l an g r ovtee hn w aged usatatation of tht h cmnghtl gmentened ralso edense AfEan eatol For. eofa o t to e, formerly a tree de tBuhea a.
1i Ijiit Anderson and Tom Moore d1idta s splendid jobier n won't stopf sucpact. I4.The Penon oa. tee, tagono as brore at-*sea a
tfttr6Ueda of* I Saturday Night Sd Hit X In fact, I RdutherdecN ort rBshkforl
music -ve thotlr S ati"h.It theyi com ang y tdsmt.d Im l rete wa s Brig. Gen. t Al C es o eui Ste a-
e4r4V16ulr iatdIn waso ltn lhg g to the reap tMore than company ) r noi t6t en sac ore

more pav on e e wo 1Or n D Ti the aue r fal com boonoet te Robhretin B. Ve Ade. hrale B. Delanee R.) spca ass isnosereroytd ethn adment: S owed te
L .a e t1 mi t heie wo ta l ye ar. Ui) n only (t.nee ow ento d iecto ob Pte.r0o aoaedt Dr oe t dismissts anerct Ld
teiro k t de al d nt a ansoe dto. Spgin the s t' n at .oInsurance,d 0a eop ou. o en. Wl. 8r m alnes a d entToe wtho B p blian,.
ahl.y woad or hear of a oote dt, and rie d treGnv corr wt thn companies decidedt) now_ i aon. offetr e the rAtie .l t e r
their fut A nd in sot d gain the t aetir ig t h a M could pay outjust ? WASHINGT ONP e(NEN Con- T s alist of-retBred bras. now militia, i HAtomic rgy a D rinten tired ic divorce t outi .e
ud euh oman led uat otal e p th woman. ( glr ean civilian bg. COnMM s e$ 000 a year. t er eWesternc a ecutrcie o tor -T
Thi ands, 46fiTratulAtIontTweedthea woud-anted tea couldseh c- Coilt mehas take et aftere. al then hrt Bnai wr turned btG. pen. a gh .Milton to wtrisb manufacturestrtne le ph.e

Sann uamltfo nth ...v efr er n.n obes In bg- pn- uels (. mformB;. a m t saent, $i. e. pounds that the ties tsiween A s P etan
pei riod.eNerta rer ty a ura etim a vaIeus ry obsafteretringon r eld 0 a y hen e Adm. tra T and Wesrn ant
8 Sr tel-Re ei um;aney payce. nu t aov.i th Bat wth cn mTenfo at he end of their ml t they work on the job, whih int ... t now e rm A necessary for efens e armen r- o

e at otherFor wn ofto Tow Th'roe are dh a Teaknergy comission, a ionahy 'e Though taley ae hi
o-b te will addt ptuble nampoy- tah y careerns.o topenin longteB on.Sr wAorkin. m -Ra t)nnr owissiepun y 0eseh a vithe A sn andvlo. p-raiont
t rNme ar inurae. utB a.ENSt at the m- lash tk teft rMsgoame t. at : l b teomeea r I. f i led t mayt e ol Coi. --ir
t theom es not co General of the Arm Dat leav. en. erb. Vodence that assistant rotary of uban senators have e duk-
peritd to aye teg oUr e loDent v sid sroof ter srti n on uurp d .D50 day he r A d w ishow o &a n ad fr o dn the hearing
ai.t oea f i tor uraneet MaArlhur, chairman of m.- There have always been about (U.S.A.-Ret.) now chairman Tan- defense Donald irles, i charge e
h ereni t W..e ek...'s pay orbeven inIgt Raand. Gen. Luciusm D. Clay, this many. They have been picked nessee Valley Authority, $15,000 a of research an devetopm9nt ,a bo3tedhoer e
hootcopeur. f wemaostpay. chairmen of American Can. Gen. because they were god admini-oyear. formerlyy vice president of AT &,
1A All l -they are contracted to do is Walter B. Smith, chairman of strators and they have given dis- Bri Gen. Elbert Parr Tuttle T's Bell laboratories. Ba y C olb
1add Anywhere from eight dollars American Machine and Fou tin epubli service. This Is .1.R) a n" "U.S. Cir. The depty director of research ctror oefdr of Ohioanr
I I e in"Med a week to $15, perhaps 0,tea y week ry. t And so on. t.a ist : cult Court 1of Appeo, $11,00 a and development for r the Nations Aol of Cold ora
towT reabaltlst teh tsaBte e oe a oreg. Ge. Frank B. Berry year. Security Agescy A B.Clark, PI rt e ut i
3ItalianlivrIlim ve um i ance payments-FOR 26 WEEKS.on the part of Mrs. Green over (U.S.A.R-Ret) now assistant sec- BDr Gen. Henry C. Byroade also a former efl Labra
nl1 orgn smll After that the state payments idithat. But the thing that really u- retary of defense for Health and (U.S. .Resigned) now U.S. am s- vice president. R. K. Hoaman, so h
.IME L a 4OGilER s...n After that anybody guarantee of .t her as what happened in te Medical Af ,. a6er sagd -ort. rEypt, formerl. ya- deputy assistant secretary of
1g 51 IIf the companydan revcom65oerccnt AdvierFBrg.Nwo,, enU.S... mverarteo.eokcce. uMAJvewho armeetonowssicta tryofta ,tefetth0r16.attor k",Pa -
ruVERAot BALwould Lseut. Gene. Jos epthl -M, o ecurt0 ywe onV i aY f ,ec.ha
oYa take home pay forexample,wouldFiretLirut.Gedwasn adnetofat day, wheniepexecutyve Llo of fMaboishan
Nov ae run to abo&t Sw4in0,ga.a West P intr clsmat of ublic worked plannmg, Couancil ao work,s are Here are other i-AT& p T. .
t PPR V and han ay even one wekafter thec o ofImmigraton at Vice Adm.W atr. Delaney o .o.A.F.R.) now commissioner rund the government:
state Uspayment jiman 11 7,500 a year. U.) now deputy director Rubber Preduling Facilities Dis. Deputy defense mobilizer Victor .... l h
.out, it wouldhvo thatolheq two other. retired gene rals ne Asaistance Control, For-posalcommission. Cooley, for merly president of c p e o,
$.... T isW ..d beah were named as assistant commis en OperatlonT AdminIstration,. Adm. Thomas C. K In k aT I southwestern Bell;ssitant budg- wot h e. -
more than a fringe D eedit. Tissioners at $11,8W a year. They $15,000 a year (UT.SN..Ret.) commissioner, Amer- qt director DonaldBelcher, for- Meanwhile, leis-tin to rlieve
would be a garanr .e- were Maj. Gen. Frank H. Par- Maj. (Nn. Glen E. Edgertonlican Battle Monuments Cominis. merly AT & T treasurer: census th. ..alk
whetgarhesaofwheter or not omre bridge and Brig. Ge.. Edwin B. (US.A.-Ret.) now resident Ex- sin. director Robert Burgess, sn xe )
is work for an employ#. Howard port-Import Bank ,17,500 a sear. Brig. Gen. I. C. McNeil (U.S.A. Western Electric Executive; &I s
This would be real finanCommeateo Rep Robert B. Mol- Gen. Gra B. r s k I n e, et.) special assistant to secretary sistant administrator S t a n 1 e y
financi.a lW l ,.Lohan (D-W.V I'Swagonly (U.&M.le tow assistantheooof t. 'y. Damkolter of the Commerce De
anteed wage as defined bygCu80wardted- 'er 13 ela_ Op1 Lt. Gen.o W. as PAWd(U.S.A- pertment' business and
"tself, and quoteo~neoft s purra- on by this, Rep, Green o rations w a0 a year Ret.) now assistant to director, Of.Iservices on leave of absence from
pers. "What is meant by the u er. bla.ive Service .h Lilt I- ll .i M .1011. rt.t Bayard p .. of Difelis oblluatUon for Pacific telephonee and Telegraph
Ma. M eanteed Empomnt Plan fo T congress to work O oneta-er (UA.4et) now chairman, pies ean eso. .andHareldM.u..,, a
pay checks each year? e of Deftesmo0iliations,,
"This is a program whereby the tleavffice omeLonslMne Co., an-
employer wll guarantee that work.
41.era with the necessary seniority other AT & T affliate.
wil receive employment through This is only a partial hro acvello
Of lost work in pay."u gonent.
The peace pact edn the bese t, workhfor the
Semble ,i. The n tce pact t nNote-FCC chairman John m

will seek g 1 3-5 -e-ars..Actrss5 -f Cobb almst missed "Mas-
4. INDSTRUCTILE Q cGale (former bshow-gal), wh -okR ay of Son- awMv on .,qteeen
ed with a Mexican mint ( was a yofist wfightA M l st omn
Luntsaes, l.b, 1, romn.
NMlON BARREL "nMigueldDias VA lega),just toin m ndd-isaAd .
WlI not wear. break or crack Aolcang ereih im end dan
woTLenCexchangPdsrecipesfort1Po,-o me
ck idp itdoffrcc- ... Barbatra Warner's I mm
tal.*a here was wealthy
5. STAINLESS STEEL CAP Landau, who e edn
planed back to H'woOd.
6. MYV1YS A FRESHLY- vonsFGatmbura
t pros p buton M turns ballyosTlhim
1 .1: t nwwRnI ~o IH~aTood CO.) 14111.
. n gvst to new writing position.
Iranabe "sm M, "0 -
sul we., prevents einghandsomen
The -Men are nep b -l*a

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..'.o-, o .f~~ ~ x i. produce)
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arr.:.x.~ ry
S.) -'--*iL~*. -
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- -' :- -TT~ .F-

4 Job Vicancles Sch Ored-
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 9 LAS.. .1hk =" lkli '~ b~

Oner .o th ms M b HAntonio W o-.

In (ataen Area $, *'"I O' I"fe Thae Speed By tealntilee*8,-
Scret aent who or the re- Car The

The Civillan Personnel Office, latance mpv4men n a- south- TALLAHASSE,, la, June 16 A tenttiveshedleforId ne for One te
ftary Pete

the Canal Zone/ t "Due} of t" wh aain wstdoes on ipeetf the Florida Su. was approved by members of the for the middle trains
orl A ,!!y 'Wll

There a two vacancies for the boo placed i the pre- Court ruled today. com "t m tn T vy nd the The
The CivilianPeroraoffice, sst awfpe t su th-TALLAHASSEE, l.F-, .June 16 ... ....tnfo cedl o d- ne for a"'. t'_ran8"a esm k ,leetq
UI8. Army Caribbean. today an- e,,*toafttce. .- (UP)-- America rightly places a p endenceeDay actfiw_ es for. the _|e pr.ovid:lby th1* Tl
no,,at four job vacanres I" h l 11,ll$" In/ hevalue eat uman lifethan Pacificcside o.f tne CanalZone|Buredu and afpnt Il*tu n.,........ anspgee; the Forida Su- wsea.proved b members ofthe frte ide0plalb
Thta in twvo Vacancies for thbok" pacd c- t' n me Court ruled today.' : comnmittee at a meeting held re- yadteDv dno
The er thbots Balboa H.. .....s. Tehue.
electric motor revalrmden_ n.t* during the past week by tha ._ cenly at abo Helnha. -! -houses.
ULS. permanent-postio. DUtrea nal zone Library. The court made the ruling in definite program will be an-
conrsat 6f analyongand Oetect- -_ -e" l- o w affirming a $10,009 Hardee Cir. nounced shortly. "li *
Itn sources' of trouble in e The complete of new books cuit Court award to Wlliam Ward ,
trial motors, appliances, gAer- andtheir authorsan announced/in the death of bha 18-month-old As now planned., the day's cel-
Ators, starters, AC. and DOi*A bt the libary ollown[0__: child, fatally injured when she ebration will include: ....
tors, exciters and alternators; lon-fictloh: No Man is an Is- wandered on to a railroad ross- A children's parade, to start i
winding armatures, field coils, land, Merton; How We Drafted ing at Rowling Green. from Lawrence Johnson Placea
antransformers; and testing Adlat 8evenson, Johnson; The at 8:30 a.m This will be preeed- i
Actors and electrical appliances. Westinghlouse Cook Book, Fur- Th- court naid there is evidence ed by the distribution of favors
One poitsaon Is open for.a gen- ness; How I Raised Myself from to show that the Atlantic Coast at 7:45 a.m. n
eral engineer, U.8., permanent Failure to Success in Sm lling, Line freight train was operating
position. Duties consist of de- Bittger;O 0. Henry Memprial A- through the town .at. more than Jeep and fire engine rides and
signing and planning projects ward Prize Stories, 1965; Party the allowable 40 m.p.h. speed. kiddie trains, from 8:45 a.m. to l l
for the maintenance and con- of One, Fadiman; Somebody up noon on Roosevelt Avenue, un- / l
struction of water and fuel dis- There Like Me, Graziano: Duel Ruling that the judgment was der the direction of John W. /
tribution systems, sewage pump- of Wits, Churchill; and Still the not excessive, the opinion by Jus- Ridge Jr. I/
ine stations, plumbing systems, Rice Grows Green, Caldwell. twice Glenn Terreil said that ver- "I-
compressed-air systems, boiler Fiction: Captain Cut-throat, dicts usually respond to the value "SwimminLr meet, Palboa swim- l
plants and other mechanical Carr: Not Honor More, Cary; of current commodities. minq pool, under the direction /
and sanitary facilities except re- Rough Winds of May, Hallinam; of Ross Anderson, at 8 pm. Il
frigeratlon and air-conditioning Hubertus, Mittelholzer; The High. -"There was a time that a ver- Patriotic exercise sat the Bal- ll
plants and systems. Passes, Reese; and He Went for diet of $10,000 "would have been boa Stadium at 3:30 p.m. Iii
The fourth position -Is as me- a Walk, Smith. reversed for excessiveness, but' l
chanical engineer, U.S., perma- ----that time has gone glimmering," Band concert by the 71st Army
nent position. Duties consist of .engineering studies to increase .he said. Band and the 776th Air Force ,
demlening and planning projects o-eratin ffi eciency. Band with the Banda de la Re-I
in the modification and con- iApplications for these posI- "Tn those good old days, bacon .piblica, arranged by the court-
struction of air conditioning'. ti'ons should be submitted to the was five cents a pound, a good esy of the Caribbean Command
ventilating, refrigeration, and Civilian Personnel office, US hat cost 50 cents a pound, a good and the Minister of Government
airne compressor systems;ion and demoterli- ARCARIB, Building No. 23, Cor- hat cost 50 cents, shoes 75 cents and Justice of Panama.
mine constrequirements, and condutoll- Osal anda good suit of clothes $6." Fireworks, from the top of So- .
ton requirements, and conducts .

Rape, Murder Case Judge Vanishes

With Wife From Blood-Stained Home

WEST PALM BEXCH, Fla., summer cottage at Manalapin, 11
June 16 (UP)-An elderly judge miles south of hqre;
who handled only capital punish They found the cottage'open butt ,
ment cases vanished with his wife empty. Fresh bloodstains marked
today from their blood stained th pth from the open back door '
summer beach house. down to the ocedn a few steps a-
"We don't know whether they way S
were drowned or kidnapped or I 1
what," declared Chief Criminal The couple's two automobiles If
Deputy W.H. Lawrence. were; parked in a double garage e
Lawrence helped direct a huge adjoinmg the modest one-bearoom
search party along the sand beach house. Their.wallets and a
dunes and among the mangroveother serial objects were un-
thickets south of here'.for a n.yItouched
trace of Judge C.E. Chillingworth, "
Waen' ?-'h-red j dge- t "'s a real mystery," the de-
3 he kindly, sandy-haired juudge ^ y
iputy sheriff said.
lailid to show u at his office this "
morning and! fe'ow judges sent The circumstances of th dis.
shetriff's deputies to the couples .appr e were strikingly srei-
_a ppearance were strikingly s tin g. I-
_____ lar to those in a case at .nearby .,
Miami where a man 'and wife
lkl .. a lla M vanished from their blood-'
smeared home six weeks ago.
--..l e "'-i 1 ]The Miami man, Charles Ferri,
"" a ^ a- [has testified in an income t a x L
2"__ ,-_ .... case against the notorious Albert .
SL10" lNUM Anastasia in New Jersey. No trace
-- --T has been found of Ferri on his!
S Written for NEA Service
w Lawrence dlaclosed that court |
"' ... .. attaches were searching the ree-
NOTH 2 (D) 10 ords of recent criminal cases a
4 A heard by Judge Chillingworth to
V873 determine if there were any de-l
AK 2 fendants who might have a re-
4 J 10 6 53 2 venge motive against the jurist.
WEST EAST He heard only rape and murder
69843 6 J 10 7 6 2 cases whichh could carry death I
Q6 V A 2 sentences. |
#J1087 #9543
6AKQ 6 87 Chillingworth, a Navy veteran .
of both World Wars, had been on
80tTBm the,bench here since 1923 and had
6K QQ5 heard hundreds of cases. He was
VKJ 10 9 5 4 regarded as one of the state's top
SQ6 authorities on the court system.
69 4
SNorth*4South vul. He and his wife lived alone in'
North East 8Suth West their home here during the win-
14 Pass 19 Pau ter and at the beach cottage dur-
26 Pan 3V Pass ing the summer. They have three
'4 9 Pass Pas Pass adult children who live else-
Openia lwd- Kg where.
.Lawrence reported that officers
were working on a theory the cou-
The worst -crime you can com- ple might have gone swimming
mIL at Le briage tame, in we and did not return.
opmnion oz thne average plia)er, is
to trump your partner's ace. In He s a i d the Chillingworths'
today s.auan, utns crame is coiu- clothes, taken off last night, were
matted in the worst possible way still on chairs in the bedroom and
wtL tae oesL possioLe result. the woman's bathing suit or suits
West opene thne kming o clubs were missing
anu ueclueu, on seeing te aum-
my, that the delenaers were most "We found two bathing trunks
hauy to winm neir tricks m cIubs of his but we don't know how ma-
anu trumps. He therefore Cc o n- ny he had," Lawrence added.
tmuned wito the queen of clubs at Two bath towels were found in
t se second trick. Wnen this hela, the living room.
West lea the ace o0 clubs.
It was now time tor East to do A floodlight over the porch was
a little thinking. The first two broken and glass scattered over
tricks had oviously exhausted the area under the light. Also, a
toe clubs neld oy Last ana bouts newly used roll of half-inch ad-
Knowing this, why did West con- hesive tape was found on the front
Imue with ue ac.e oi C lus?{ porch
East worked out the answer with 'That doesn't look too good,"
no trouble at all. He was being Lawrence said
asked to ruff with the highest pos- ... ".
&Die trump, in oraer Lu estabusn The bloodstains wreh b e i ng
a tump trick for his partner. East checked to determine if they were
obeyed orders by ruling nis part- human
ner a ace with the ace of trumps.
Ihe contract was now doomed. -The small outboard boat and
South had already lost three tricks motor were found in a canal near
and was bouns to lose another the house where the judge keeps
trick to West's queen of hearts it moored
South would ha e made his con.- moored.
tract but for this defense He -'. His cottage e faces the ocean and
would have tost two clubs, if the much-traveled highway A1A runs
defenders took them promptly, but near the back of the house. A ca-
be would lead a trump from dam- nal runs along one side.
22y with the intention of playing I
the king from his own hand, if An Air Force helicopter and
East played low. Then he could several Coast Guard boats combed
lead a low trump, dropping the the beach, inland waterways and *
queen and ace together. South'canals for traces of the missing
would thas lose only one trump couple Some 50 -volunteers and
trick, thereby making his game policemen searched the wild beach
contract.' area.

I -o il

. mI

- I ,


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On June M, CBS-TV's "You Areg
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Teo Party. The program 'Is spon-m.
scored Tfy an insurapies company,:
and there were worried frowns
around CBS when the finished
script of the show was read. i
L here's a lot in the story about'
John Hancock, patriot-namesake
df another insurance company.
Urii. Dbspite the great temptsa
tio, CBS bravely decided not to
tamper with history. Hancockwill
atiln appear.
Dimliri Tiomikin is A tall, ex- MaoKense Dmitri loakin
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for his scoring of top motion pic- series. "World Music Festi. .

... .. .... pn series off to Icear to onst -
tures ann the songs pe's wd t oor- troupead pea cm y rf

oii ,Russo-Hollywoeod lanagua and cuiuralieach-head on the stra

given subject. Viz. lead in "South Pacifc" in Daais
"I Just finls h p.siure Picture trom June 20 trough July 3. thbn
the Russian-bornl 'oomkin ,,, e vn Cp enhag en ...Organi.stE.

ward Hocks. (Editor's Note: How. ro **,N "not ga mble.
ar Hawkes.) r. Hock sd me the stra
*ul Ruso0-Hoil w o il la g p re, Rn ,r_., .. ".n

ot-o uie d akyho pmra .al uss Brownqa who plays the anusy
lo 05 P'ictuW e all about Pharoa en, DnL Yankee_ i .one
when.gbui. With stage ambions, she'll do the

bad picture good? s i r ti "ladrout fSant
I Read in wSouth Pacific in Datlo s

"Why you think top producer1 We get such a kick out of doing .L"
spen4 more moneys ob music for1
B picture than for A picture? Mu- M ilyf Mfar turfed up back
ic cn help picture. I should know. tae a t "Three for Tonight." She
Work mostly inroum eo was rtheere' to l terview Marge an
re pictures. Ph Gowr Chapl, two of the three
pyramid. Needs harchitec t. stars This was another Marilyn
Architect say OK, I gung build'Monroe, however a 16-year-
pyramid. ,old high school girl, one of a
Do you work from a script or r of high school editors. The
from the figonished print? stagehands were a litle disa
Russ: wi have pashsit script. Not regu tfro
lar script. Spashil script. Script P
don't saylak 'Close-up on TootI Dick's Quicke: Lipoel HpptoB
ly you think got sayl producer and see that Uls re the most
a tooteest she vary sad. Thatlneutral people around-always wil.
way, I a more moneys on d music. inge to such a ten to both sides
yu sat my pippel free. Lots pppel .
dyink, all over the picture." o re ... .
How do you time the music as I,,l.,.t g,...oT n g
Io wrimostly in medium mete io-

e"Work to within third of second. ws h n t a
Third of second important. Third s s was an er -n
of second enough time to.go boom- ie is
desta s were a oo. Boom-d-boom imp or-
atU t sometimes. Pharoah say OK,
1 sat your pippel free, you s i nd1 ^ ^ --
kice cozy pyramid. Harcitect
say Om-."
How do you draw your musicals
th es from classical music?
Work much Rusian themes.econd.
Noon; could be Russian oy IP males

Phirdaoh of secondeimportantd why. Thirpec.cho
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A Few Fast Facts: Here's a new
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I 'jfe li "^ ^ !^ i A 1. Li T a .
S'hiere has recently bee mdeah to orow between 7
0 14 I y. 4* pilatieancc seantg and 9.~ .p.u" *1r seevolent
-,IAw sof. th e 310 L a mediest laandiProteotve OWder of Elks
"00ch:4"eb.u s. e't A folder thA soi of ttalent show "facore!'*
.^^Of' s, b oe 'b se n si has Just i leached the de# aplk t soe
aMa oLd &ad the Weaioftaklg a laast* The talentsabow.willlbe com-
M.CI bl ng mateihi., tour around Latin America in- o f students from the jun-
and clothbig. trigues me so that I am going to lorhJg Aschool through the col-
Infdstlal prigi as X spoeotthese at once, be. l age groups and from both
y was 18 on the loard's in- ore trying then out. Indeed adhes o wf t ie.sthmps and will be
dox, which uses average produc- there may be some readers, lh e presented b tudenta.-The acim
VInthe years 1947-49 as a com- some tourists, who like to look.on of the *wa toralse funds for
p basis of 100, without getting too involved and a plastic surgery operation on
Iasm a ms t "_ .w previous record was 137, for these gde e obdrver these Vinclo Medenhall, a fellow
I ar mg e rno iet In my and July 1953. recipes should be good reading. If classmate who lost his eye while
t upu of durable Inou are not an adventurous cook cpat in a b a s e ball
X!, j .May was still not as high as dur- the lrecpes should give you at game.
reI ng the record period of two sum- least (if you'll pardon the obvious
mon a rgo. hPuno r kaflavorf the country. I The show is under the direc-
ew aies Coinci-An. The board noted, however, that aF a lmay seem to be i little hesitant tion of Bruce Quinn. "Bincre" hi
The ller monthly meeting of durablds production was "oney abut completely n dorsing t h e scheduled for the last week in
the Canal Zone Central Labor U. moderatelybelow mid-1953 de. recelpes.J. tis be auee the ates 1 July and wlllbeipresented at
om-Melal Tr des Council, A L, pit sharply lowee r defense podu recoe, I feel p otwrittena the Balboa Theater.

111 be -h eld Sunday June 11th at d Olraert eeIn'mother cales, they haovep
:30us.. llthe DribblosHe 06te,- Outpu of non-durable goods set take the mt b c o m m othn All students who are Interest-
tesand new record n May for thse- form of the particular dish. Let's ed and are unable to m e the
areas of affiliate uios ar nd straight month and put theremember that the way to be a tryout y call Mary o at
rgd tO, attend, mand all m over-all average at the new high. good tourist is tohave an open Balboa 1496. Zn addition to the
heo wet affiliated i. th the mind. This tour nmay lead us into talent' necessary forn the produc-
are elon at their home ee In Juan Frn a li t watee ho r but hich after tlo, admini trative and techni-
To, 1.all is ,all In a dayig kitchen work. cal help is needed.
rte TvL w oti l be adr em -- th l *I Shall we start with a near neigh.

PJusa n .Cte otlel at e p ar.m te ame r sd rLbe pCre soo alt Rca&
the Washington Cotillion Cub ritether Family
rom p.m. to 12:30 a.m. on-rLeave For State$ SOPA DE ALDONDIGAS
A venTinu, Jun#e 1itm, Mr. and Mrs. Nel Bra better (Ceota Rican Meat Ball Soup)
th Bo Bro Golf Club.c e daughter. Margaret Ain l eft
T use will be furnished by the an Wednesday evening for 2 quarts. beef broth .,

Royal Surede tod a. Di hein meut Secretary of heat and
Thfel net laa metin of the. ot N MvlChra s itet hs wqsi mubin u, b lle r. done.e
Royal Sultans ti. De ver, Colorado where they will eggs
spendatte most of their two months A te spoon pepperr
Carribesa Ste Club v cation. 1Rpbu ndn ground beef e a ur rttr made -a n oo
idThe next regular meeting of the tMrs.l Branstetter w i I be i Dar Ms h NOW at
.Caribbean Stamp club will be oheld Washison D. C. the first week Cornmeal or flour o ath -enorod.
Mat the Tivoli Hotel .on Tuesday itnd ha s attend the World Con- teaspoon marjoram d
Juee, at 7:30 p.m.s e bm a rOmmon c riand Libraariatof 1E teaspoon salt g .. t.
We will hav, an rFrtme
Wer will' hae an A n te m e. Mix' together' meat, eg s, onions ProtctolS c MCRl & A.
r i wrs.uestis w mother of' r and andthe seasoning. Forms into small di e byAi Lf *a (
r a .hratal Rebekak Ledgeo Ne. 2 ursostetter, is aopaA a rtng balls, roo. in corute osl or flour. te totd e \
.dr Ferges ellU S o Na h Ds dforw "t r c- "The "re r meeting of Crist e e broth to lt ing point, drop ae. 's

lu Rober t e to. F e ar US ho o o e fo Bn d bat Heof or 0io oW P g r ill Tbe,- d f tu.s-
o and Mrs. bel at ioi ri a N fer ein meat balls. Reduce heat and
o heeld onr onJam a 7:30 p.m. at N" Officers' W ves simmer until meat balls are done.
UNO .. the Temple. Mrs. Heen To Nut. At Morgan's Gardi
DOUbl eIrin N ith aENIOina m tS PAT SONA LY Stern, Nobp Grand, will preside. Th t aext aval Officers'l Wives
A dinner wibe served at 6:15, lunch
e na e a ro ot ona r nn i e o aser epoaret Ts ng edn o Lorma beautifulgarden. A. box

Majom ee rsdarnnas meetings wl r tu torge ans iarne weddh __1_3_oga
Jelr U~nIs John m aon Wednesday evena, June 1, D.isuilt Meet Members should plan. being 40 0:
w, atheo A 'Ar or a C alZm, A.m rtaht meeting- of the pr ntat this luncheon at 10:30
WIWI C laln Johi.e,- Frtor, e ausAMY, naf l tin ze, Pacific6 istict of the Internation- am. On June 21. This will 'be

rOh dis CrM AlalSc sf eatltiv o a the yea ee sterr and at.r s e g Yed g o n
Pattes6ion ,US Navynd Mrs. Patterson of Quarry eights.t.o-r
The bridegroom Is the son of Mrs. ay Sabsteon ef ck on Friday evening, at 7:30 ent.
T. FlomSr C t n o ay o tonog t All commissioners, acoutmast- t r S
S The bride who was given in mar- and other officials of the district Leaves On Vacation
a by hr father, wore a gown French mbaador And re urged to attend. The Executive Secretary of the erFr

ad t ulloe ove Mrw Mras srtGiv erosR R b D
saF ginger-tip veil of Freich Depedida For Octvio Fabregas Foreost on the agenda oft he ary Diocese, the Rev. Dr. John
illusion was attached to a pearl Iin honor ofL Minister of Foreign meeting over which Cyril M. Townsend, left the Isthmus '
coronet. She carried an b arm bou Relations and Mrs. Octavio F bre. erley, Pacific District Chairvan, Wednesday afternoon to spend a __..
quteL of wb#o orchids. Vg ga, a dinner was given by French will preside, is discussion of plans short vacation with his family in "o... 'o o...
"- y sAmbassador, to Panama rand Mrs. for sending of a representative to Deep' R i v e r, Connecticut. Fr. ,,_ ..p_ h
Mrs. William Lord Lennon of Lionel Vadst lost evening at the the World Jamboree in Cn a Townsend. has been convalescent
Lumberton, North Carolina was Embassy residence on La Cresta. during August. Ellis L. Fbwcett. from an operation recently per-
her niece's Matron of Honor. The Ambassact' fdentes of Mexico president of.the Local Councl will formed in Gorgas Hospital He oLe o M
b oidesma were thMrs. Edwa T as ton' the EmbagUrsitde attend the meeting. will return to the-Isthmus in mid-
ker Mrs. JohnhR.oo"lvat ten d dJuly. -
All wore i'cal gowns of wl 't r o Helt and W P Lee
tulle ovfHelorr dta. and halo rite Ae dWelfare Pa- "dAnAdre ro,
Aof ctige, and cASe "b-It d1eooand Mrs. AMchat. e i ,M na v r
an dh"ItonraErcMiheaA u.eAnrreis en
arm0r.Shasta 330MEor.eand Mrs. xYrkeay-vBridgev M oenta-
tied tlribbon. Aigrstw e ot'srduplik r *
on the S. S., Ancon yesterday.O SE Ao the Tivoli
Cptain John Burger, USA, was Allen, a well known 'writer i ,oq eo Leonard; s e.ond, Mr. and t Mrs.
beat mane ,UshArng were at. Join publicist Will sta g at el- Pan ia. t Honeymooning in the Panamon- V. Kohn; third, Mr. H. J. Horsm
R. Dome, US Army, Captain Ed- n addition to enjoying the tourist te Inn, Boquete, are Mr. and Mrs. with Mr. W. M. Kennedy.
ward T. Walker, US Army, Lt. attractions of Panama, Miss Allen Karl 'Mellander. The bride w a s
C6mdr. Fergus Feely, US Navy, looks forward to visiting with Col- the former Miss Molly G. Rigby
and Lt, Robert E. Fisher. US Na- lege friends from Barnard. of Diablo Heights, daughter of Mr.
Loe and Mrs. Arthur Bronson Rigby.
FoLlowing the rmony, a re- anThe couple were recently m ar-
ption returns For Vaation ried at St. Luke's Cathedral in
ce w# given at the Quarry After completing his J u n i o r Ailcon.
ig(MLO ficers"Club. The bride's year at Blair Academy, B 1 a i r a-
table wA& covered with an import- town, sNew Jersey, Lionel Aleman. Bird SpecIalIst Arrives
ed lien and hacecloth. In thbe son of Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Ale. On Ann"al M igra-tM BAKED OR STEAMED ORFRID
enter w*As four-tiered wedding man returned to Panama by Eugene Eisenmaun, one of the
cake t oied -ith a miniature plane yesterday. authoritids on the birds of the Pa-
ride ta "- rcandhlabraon o "e- E s y tnama area, arrived yesterday, The m ost doledable fish
capras .ilver candelabra.' The Honr French.Eeeers .home is'in New York, is a mem- Ur m am nod with Parka
CAk- C with ta t saaine'sword To 4welcome a group of eng.i- her of the, law firm of P r o e-
whfei:lhe bride's t-a t he r and neers who arrived in P a n a kauer, Rose, Goetz and Mendel-
motheritused to cut their wedling from France last week, French sohn of &hat city. in Panamalhe oFrmet1Fng ior svorlForappetite
eakt a bers a eo. th Ambassador and Mrs. L i o n e I will visit with his brothers and apel hipr Seei all
After brief.honeymoon, -thbeVeasse will give a dinner this eve. sisters and at present is the guest Yes. ours magnificent menu golden toual of Parkay Margorit e
yOu c le will be' at' home t at the Embassy residence.'A-|of his brother and sister- In law, and cocktail on-the-house at They're wonderful fried to acrisP
For ez, Canal-Zone. msolg those invited are the Minis. Mr.aInd Mrs..1. Robert EI.sena d.t a
or steamed with luscious dabs of
D parkway. lust tate the sweetgolden
are a real treat for $2.251 i g od rltmyoekes ani tiouh ,
Azcizraga at the organ. gloriow-tosthnl spread for bread.
FOR THE JUNE BRIDE "%3ric the Great" to entertain! Enriched with Vitamin A. Never gVM
T -11:0 a$&ML r r 3:30 p.m. ,Ior flat.Seoive Parkay at evito meal


w' a ,.y; ...v .. ,

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/ lOOKF9I 4
oftfl CMII-N~f

YoN can 'f1 your ba*y

rigt Fi s ...t

Baby Fogds

IYe ... yo r baby can eat nourishing Heinz
Baby Foods right from the jar. You simply
place it in water and heat to the desired tem-
perature. And the jars can be stored safely and
conveniently in the refrigerator, Each jar is its
own sanitary container for leftovers.
Heinz Baby Foods come to you as flavorful
and nourishing as the day they are packed.
Start with Heinz Baby Foods now.


D. W. Dickenon
P.O. Box 831
Panama City

ncleod i 250 il md odx HAN.
**by Food labels. Pleas mend me
ti f4eaz Isby T-bler h c@lr
dked belw.
0 S13 D P,

ruus- AUNT

IM I I9Th IaW t IO. J I lfSi. 9M,_.

^w''64 2.4 etas^p

Hi Fidelity

25 or
60 cycle

Y" ei shekem the beat products
from Egland, Gerwmey, the U.S.
and Swrseland.
C*lumble. We b cr, Malntess.
Teenmy. IeglM, Univerty, Electro
Vele ShuM, Therane Gerrard.
Wbefhi, Qed. Fisher., Picker-
l,. AAxd Feikehld, .E.. HeUl-
smes, H. U. SetM. Pros,. RIK-0-
Cato M ,, Meogee.ed. AMP

I Fidelity
-PhIme t-12&15
4Sth 1. New 1

I 'a



Lovely Hutchen Reuter Figurines

each one a piece of Art


TIVOU AVEL lt4f 16


-~--. A





.5 1'i'


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'.'. A. ; .'a .-- : .". -- ",..." .'-- ;'i 'f-
-e e-; .. "ez' -

L4~W ~
.7 1'~



112 W" r

.% .I.....


Phone Panama 2-0552

Canal Zone Dental PolIycliic
Dr. C. E. Fabregs D.D.S.
Dr C. A. Roy DJ.DS.
D mti O- b d w or:k e b na
-1 PrOL41e , 4|n fl Jl Ave.

Match-Stick Bmboo
Venetian Blinds
Traverse Curtains
-a Glass or Wood Jailos
Call 2-3063 or 3-49
Estimates Given With
Distributed by
Products de Madero,
Central Ave. (between I
Mdilding & Fifth Ave. S

iis; is the year to buy a C
sueal Casualty uteo auui

W~ 9tIrnH tn'lnIen I;
elm..n amnl..I .L ".

Panama Insurance Cmy
(branch Ol f)
Ne 12 Tvell Avenue
Phone PIOm" <-4MI
(Across from AMai eat i

(athollc Daught

16 Hold Commun

Sreakfast July 3
Irhe Catholic Daughters
erica Court Our Lady o
Miraculous Medal No. 874
htd a Communion break


Aday Morning July ra.
tel Washington.
they will attend the
iss in a body at the Mir
dal Church on Fourth
lendez Ave.
Puest of members are w
take part at Holy Corn
i breakfast.
reservations may be mi
im June 31 by calling any
lowing committee mem
Katherine Trimble 3-275S
mn Calonge 38-1293: Mrs.
6-444; Angelina -1350-J;
a Lyeyw 38-1486.

Physician and Surge
Opened clinic in
Sf July Ave. Na 18--8 -
e Tel.: -.251 5 e.ace

cub praEihfU Hi oI
Ual Paeuci Clrbimbec arc
M, $t 1.119 Nam"a wirl
mm ue Nmbef Ismsert
W te ao ir Mu
CisileCod Ce., IsW imn


S reest MNo
4 .1 fJul Ave. & J .L
Just Arum m Ave. ad i.L

U La Caramosuia
Ceo.Wn Avea,
Na. I Lafery Plam u

F o Uce --..-.. ....

ie*th at jly Av&
Agenola Internal. de Publlcaolone
Ceral AAn.
MA A L Wre St1e -

7,' LEWIS fV
A.T te Mf, 4 ,
a1 Caebdl A"p
Iw 's -,.
Ml'-oo d

!* o,

q Ave

I -


WE OFFER generous trade ins
on Refrigerators, Stoves' (kero-
one, gas or electric), "esy ash-
iMg machines on purchases of
Frilidaira oll-porcla n ref rir-
aton, Tappen stoves nd ERey
washing machines. Free approis-
I. c oe n s u I t Mr. GonsilxS.
ICONOGAS. S.A., Phones 3-
0985, 3-0919, 3-0908.

POR SALE:-Single bid, br eak-
fast sot, many other household
items. House 210-5 Son Place
.end Gorges Road. Ancon.
FOR SALE:- 60-cycle Kelvine-
tar refrigerator, A-I condition.
Cheap price. Call 3-1789.


FOR SALI:-1950 Jeep "Leand
Rovor," perfect running condi-
tion. Can be seen et "Le Mo-
derna" Eso Gas Station on 50th
Street, Belle Vista.

FOR SALE:-1953 Pontiac De-
luxe. Phone 2-1338, **ye*o
St., Ancon 0590-A.

FOR SALK: 1948 Packard,
$550. Call 2-2964. House 0932
Amodor Road.

FOR SALE -'48 Chevy, excep-
tional condition throughout. Ori-
ginal black finish, clean, runs
perfect, excellent rubber. Owner
leavingii, liMUL Phon* 25


BOX 2031 .ANCON, C.Z.

r .

1k, Central Ave. No. 2 t op.-
posite Railroad Station. Phone
2-4479. Day-night ervoce.


WE SELL: Syntitic thinner
$1.85 per pilon (geon ctns).
CASA SPORT, S.A., No. 11-18
Central Avenue.

WE SELL: Chicken wir, all
.11-t8 Central Avenue.

ATTINTION 9.1.1 Just bWilt
moder-ppmbesd apartments. I,
I u, dramI, be, seld wite
Phoe Paname 8-4941. -

FOR RINT-- umfmuJ *d rn-
fumrnsed 2 and 4-romm mdeam
apodertm Ceo~ns ALHAM-
Phone 1I86 Celon.
fOR RENT:-2-beolm cdrnwe
apartertnht Irln-lndihnig r e,'
screened $65. elislrie Parea
No. 56. key epaflent No. 4.
Phone 2-2316 or 3-0234.

FOR RENT-Md aparmemt
Jfurnihd: room, dinif
I -_ I L L e.L- oa

PHILLIPrS O=IeqMde Ceaes.
S..f Ca... 4. 3S. ...
SPaon Panem" -1177. Co ^

Cottages -f nr igs, rebigelf-
tiei. 2-bedroom, Pbne b lbe -
0 ,5 o0. FOR

"ariwin's *Wsrtaaits i ret at
SanteClIre. Phone slibM 3611
-for reervetis.
Shropsml's fimialhed sumses on
beech at Santa Clmr. TolepnM
Thompson. aloa" 1772.




Im, 1-12

SPINT: Hcdy furnished
M, prete bath, private en.
m eel, spd, qiet all
Ifert. '
R RENT: Beutifully fur.
Wed Ige rom, kitchen. Be-
Vista, Mexie Ave. 69, nmee
d Sk. Phene -30553.


phon- 2-.0857,

FOR SALIs-rE ieeskpl teeW-
badmem bae in La Comioeb.,
For infomn4 call 2-0414. "

Wanted Id Buy
,for 1950 PlymeMh. amoge t.*
ias 2"-1995.

be and .mattma ,a yet"
clmir. Phe-S 2-333V.*

F gAIT room, VSO. P 3K11110 I0era
FOR SA -13 ventia.n blinds WE SELL: At a. low, price 46th Street No. 42. Phone 3- REN
us;FOR SAed-13 venetiandblinds,: W SL r 2 FOR RENT THE SURPRISE HIT OF THE YEAR..
S just reconditiened; 3 Chinese FOR SALE: Studeboker Pros.., SPORT, S A,. N., I- 1 Ce. THE S RISE HIT OF THE YEAR
r os; e Mi uolor elk P a1. let. model 1955 hardtop sport hHlou A vsmS ________ _IE
6 216 LosRisSan Miguel PI, coup block end red. white Avenue. FOR RENT.- Lpwrge oom
S from p.m. to 7 p.m. walls, hydramate, radio, 15- FOQR4ALE--"Keamore'" furnished apartment $110. Ti- FOR RINT.-Tw-bodroom re- T IG HT SPOTr
SIFOR SALE: Upright Nore hp. 4-bor arf rtor, 4000 fri range, little used. argen oli Avenue. Call Be 1866. Idence., suned, completely fur-
de'eptop e, electric fan, Sun- mile., $0k 16OR99.. 00 Infoio RENT:-Mede coo one- lrg e garden, lletie. ,4 OPENS RELEASE TODAY AT THE LUX THEATRE!
boeem Mimaster. G. motpr, 16.FOR RNT--en coole war, ar p.m. every indefinite time. 4
"*bedroomapartment; hon LWtr, 34
washingmuhiol-60cycles. FORayNo
Swashing Ipine, all *h0o ycles. FOR SALE: -Triumph T 2 FOR SALE:- Radio 'Hellicraftl ideal fotr a l orn- echelor. 46th Street,r Blle Vista. All
eta Bl. Sptor s~fotodter, under 3500 SX62, 450 Kc. to 108 Ms. in 6 Opposite the Rymnd Clinic conveniences, dining room, sit.
S b"**e "". milep $2000. 8.3-3218 ofter bonds, 105-250 volts, 25 a"id Building. Calt -3421 from 5-8 fhi teom,. 2 trreces.
FOR SALE- lishr Pe, 4: 0 cycles, mating -4speFOR RENT:-Sall chalet, one
or. Phone 2-3335. 1 ;. FOR REr. Phone 2.33ot. *00
A table model.excellent condition. FOR SALEt 953 Chewolet hFOR RENT.:-Smell apartment, bedroom, living dini room,
Ai s go nein panish shawl, fan Bel AMr -droor with rdiloe, EZl FATHER'S DAY is this Sunday,, completely fumished, $90. Glo- kitchen. Moderate rent. Geneoel
design, black end white. Chep. lass, upholstery, 2-tenepaint, ,Give him the gift of a lifetime-' riel Buildin,. ero S from Hotel Jose d Sonee Martin Ave. No. 4,
- Call 3-6072 evenings. verygood condition. Cal: Smoet A Bible. Wide selection at Edi. El Panama. Inquire Fete Helcon downstairs.
FOR SALE:-torkine i nicutt,, .A,, Phone 800 trial Caribe, No. 12, Clle Re- 3-1179. O
daily w kantwet mattress, like new che just off TivoliAve. ATTENTION .: Furnished
279 $40. 3-2171. FOt ALE:--1952 Bluick Super FOR SALE:- Missellrneus opeartment. North 1American
Riviera with dynolewi rdeo, husehMold goods: beds, electric neighbors, frequent transports- MODERN CREATIVE DANCE
S'' o l d 22,000 miles. Very goe4 condi- .an, refrigerator, screens, plants. tion, $50. Cell 3-0471. Interesting challenging dre-
f' OSItion U tered tn.C. cl..E ,ar oo, p Phone lboa 4171. N .. .. mtic. Cla..s for t.on-oe rs
2liS 9 1 0584-D, Ancon. FOR RENT:- Furnished apart- and young adults. For tnform8-
SWANTED: A mIe t, one smell bedroom, one tion cell: Jean Borest, Paname
WIAN'ID: RADIO T NI." FlOR ALE ; reein lToday :FOR t SALF:-New t0-getloa gan big bedroom, living room, $90. 3-3608.
Experience in leotronics. Ol l950 Chevi olt 4-doer Se- et w er heater, chrome dinette Phone 3-1648.
Part tism work for U.S. finr. don, duty paid. Good condition. set, portable 75 r.p.m. record It is never too late, never too
tes factory e t will train you n On $715. Smiet Hunnicutt, player. Cell 3.6286. early to strive for perfection.
ie Panamae. Oc-aslonal short trips. S.A.. 16th and Central Avenue, FOR RENT:-Furnished 3-room Students accepted from 8 to 80
04 All expenses and slary. School Cholon. FOR SALE apartment. Phone. Casper, Bl- in classes r for individual in-
out begins June' 14. Write experi.- FOR SALE boa 2-4395, 3:30 to 7 p.m. struction in body conditioning,
ence to Apartode 494 Panama. alignment and posture,, Phone
to AEprtAde 44 P aneme. FOR SALE: 1949 Chevrolet Motorcycles FOR RENT:- I screened mod- in Sears, P d on e -0
WANTED:--Man or women who Deluxe, good tires, good sondi- ern 2-bedroom apartment in El L. o. -
had experience itn outs delling tion. Priced to sell. Phone S. FOR SALE:-Wfiter motorbike, CAngsrhis. Call: during office*ee V a one playing your heb-
SmA.e*rchnts, PX's 4ex d om- 3191 or 86-7115.- ready to drive away,.425. Phone hours .-2575; afteroffice hour, .t Cle sical end popular music
S miaaries. Complete saeept line 25.-3111 "742.h.. -lZes Bennett, Phone 2-
Kodak plus generous seoAtiss.slWiPMust FOR SALE: Bergoin. 194

whexerio.e. y had I nell- $ I0. S.moo.. t i' nicutt,.r IA. OR SAL
Ing, specifying what typo of Colon, R.P.
merchandise you sold. Write to Boats & Motors ..e e otler
Salesmen c/e Panama Amri- FOR SALE:-1952 Plymouth 2- ol o hr toe exciting talk dramas ever
ti- con, Paonam, Ite. do P. door Sedanette. Very good con. FOR SALE: Beet cabin 16' ce by Hollywood, pg ard
Srance ditln for $800. Call Smet mahogany, 16-hp. outboard. G. Robinson, Ginger Rogers and Brian Keith, opens today
Hunnicutt, S.A., Phoue 800 Co Fort Gulick 84 71 or 885633. n weekend release sit LUX Theatre. According to advance
Wd I", R.P. -reports, "TIGHT SPOT" is an unusual combination of taut
H elpd drema and sparkling daloge that promises to be one
Fo Sl', a de CaSl e Co D. Dismissal Denied the most discussed fim of the. year. Advt.
WANTED:-Loundres to wash vertibi. goodfronsportation. For (Continued from Page 1)
in Vie E space 144, Victoria $225. Call Earl R. Pearson, Tel. Pwtee Jugre die t
Biding,. 23 Coe n witnessIes, i dge Crowe diret- Civil Defense
i ed them to report to the court an
AMERIC FOR SALE :-1947 Buick Super an July 5. (Contintued from Page 1) m
AMERICAN family needs maid, 4-door Sedan.a k w upholstery,
enere l duty. Critine Bile 4oor Seo ne u stery pa "If the' sisters will not agree CIVIL Defense P-1 .. IO-d .
upstairs. Manuel case and 50th Call Smte.t Fr H0nic Dutt, S.A. to testify," the Judge said, "I signrited spot oft safety within
str. ee Phone 800 alen want these officers to attempt to a. few seconds after the Take a i l
Fteo S- 15 volt get them to agree to appear in Cover sounded. Sailin s .
FOR SALE: -- 1954 Chevrolet open court and so advise the
Scout n' w Bel Air 4-desl W/Power Glide, court, telling their reasons for Because this building Is. en-
Offe So radio, 2-tone, w/w tires, 10,000 e their unwill ngness to appear." closed -for air-conditioning, the -
-ffl ne n miles. Cell Smoot & Hunnicutt, However, in the event the sis- regular siren could not be heard.A total of 117 passers
S.A., Phone 800 Colon.. ... terms will not testify, or come to bo the ship-bell of the old An- f ly of them students retai
SInternational B Scouts court to tell why they refuse, the con s sotded in the muse- ny ofrom schools iuden ts returning
ake Canal Transit FOR SAE- 1951Ol Judge directed Cazorla and Olr- uo. c n e s e
4-door 88, with Cydraonetic, ra- ia to bring in a detailed report summer vacation, are scheduled
S The International Boy Scouts of di, very ood nditin $1200. E CHARTERBANQUET of th n l formed 0-30 Club took of the attempts tosecur this B Hights mloys o sail from New York ht
lo the Canal Zone scored another C'an Smoet ntt, 5 place last night at the Hotel El Panama, when the constitutional testimony, accompanied by a re- operated forthwith with the s- aa Line fo Cristobal. Thirty-
milestone on Sunday last when, Phone 20 Coleon. charter from the international headquarters in Sacramento, port to be requested from the ren *t wreall in the basement two passengers are booked
through the courtesy of Captain IFOR SALE: 1950 C6mmer. Calitornia, was received. 81xteenrfov.der members of the Club, Guardia Naclonal of Panama shelWr. befQre lt/ take co-fr Port-au-Preai.
H. A. Lincoln, U.S.N. Port Cap- Pick-up duty paid. for $200. all businessmen in the Repuil c of Panama, attended with their advising the court of their co- signal .ended. -Of the 440 em- rmce, Haiti.
tain of the -Port of Balboa, ap- Call Smoet,,& Hunnicutt, S.A., guests. Officers elected were Arthur J. Lindo (president), Se- operation in the matter and of ployes.assigned there, 401 were The complete advancepasseng-
of A- proximately 50 boys and 10 lead- Pone 800 Col. bastan Compafy (vie-pesdent, Carlos Afredo de Saint Malo their reason why they were un- on d A few people who have r e mplete advance pa
f t h e ers boarded the Tug "Gatun" at (secretary), Roland Gleichman (treasurer) and Ruben Paz (ser- able to secure the presence of difficulty with stairs were .per- Grace Allen; Cristobal flows: Miss Lilian A
4, 6 .m. and made the Canal tran- eant at arms). Guests of honor were ifel Moses (president the two girls. mitted to use the. elevator. Miss Dorae Ariasen; M r.iss Lian Andres;
fast on sit from Balboa to Gamboa. FOR SALE:- 1952 Nash Am- of Panama's-Rotary Club). Dr. Pedro Brin (futUre president'of Crowe further stated: B'o u ir ean Aln r. adtMrs.
at the ,beasdor 4-4doo with radio, up- the Rotary Club) and Bob Chiabfa (master of ceremonies). The "It is the duty of the court, T see buildings on miW aJr SBe n; Walter E. ,
The entire group bubbled over holatent, duty plid, very geed above photograph shows, from left to right, Vrs. Lionel Moses, the prosecution attorney, the po- tary posts, doubt seemed to ex- A. S. aBoyd L ; Dr. S oyd, .
8 a with enthusiasm throughout the condltioe. Far $800. Cell 230 Athur Lindo, Miss Ann Marie enriquez.ald Lionel Moses. lice and the citizen of Panama lest as to where, civilian em- d, Ja. Dr.
aculous entire trip, and many were the Colon. R.P. and the United States to coop- ployes and others should take and Mrs, Paul Brady. F tn ;
St. and favorable and grateful commentslF v rate in every way to bring a- over. At Ft. Clayten, for ex- Mr and Mrs, D. F. Br niM.aMr
r b b d eFORlSALf:-9-trn boutkseandMrso Cay M. Brown;'V
froeothboysandlead tet maintenance of law bple, those wt Inquired a- Mrs a a
'r Credit for first resenttheo Cbever Power Glide, wit h IE Eand order in our respective bout $he mafest spot at their Mr. andMs aryV.
welcome idea is due to Clive M. ailey, adle, new paint job, new uphol- Countries in accordance with the place of work could find no- Mr. and Mrs. Jar V,- Cain
union Pacific Neighborhood Commission. 'story nd t irs. C el a & .provisions of our trdaty" i y wh had g thought Miss ara CrCtanml
er and to Pacific District Chair-Raiisu Inoneor- ado gov Inn.
ade not man Cyril D. Atherley, who help- 7U"PNW arUII neIl last week, the Judge said it :& ed. ater(lesterday's test wasM ars. Cosgrove li "hl-
yof theled complete the final arrange-1 FO SALE:-1949 Peckard 4- I i l.eEw... ar |f tis ki c, tl l a ss welaale ort)
I;M is A. Couck; Miss-
bers. ments. door sedan, new paint job. Call Il le U- 9oHurIpu ta c W. Crouch,,ta Mr.s ain*dI D- 9
0; Car- Sm oot Hunnicute, Phone 800 iaave been Wiared to t*me in Many people in different cat' A. Culotta; Miss Maximu*-A
Lowe- Pacific side troops which were ;SmCot & l unnut., 800 FORT MORGAN, Colo., June n16 lan to testify nee they were sub- ei or -wanted to kow where rickson; Mr. and Mrs. Rob
Cyn- represented included Troops 11 (UP)- One crewmember was eet to barrassmeat. they 'should Ro, in' their own Don aldson. and Mrs. Robert D.
and 18 of La Boca, Troop of Gainm- FOR SALE: 1953 Dodge 4- -killed and nine other persons in- PRTLA ND, England, June 1 Hesaid the fact that the irl hon n t th waces of sa an .E n
boa, and Troo 7 of Paraiso. The door Sedan, very ood condition. jured yesterday when Union Paci- (U P) The British submarine Si-felt they had been laughed at work; Iaf~ tha.t "wltag sound" Miss arian C. Evans..
early leaving hour of the tug did fluid drive. For $1275. Cll fi's crack streamliner, the Chal- don blew up in a mushroomig was extremely hard to prevent, were tobe heard without pre- Miss Irma H. Fe M
not permit any Atlantic aide con-! Smo6 Henicutt, S.A., Colo len eru M the rails six miles geyser of yellow smoke today and because "for some reason or oth- l nary'fiure. Jam ; Mr. and
Datingent.ast thee a, .ter flash floods sank with feared loss of 13 men er, sex is always funny to the Mrs. ames Fe o ; r. aun dMr
lashed out roadbeds. but divers dropped to the seabed pile..." "b 'CV tobil Controlt Center, Cars H. Greene; Mrs .
Don Adult representatives accompa- The luxury train, en route from to hunt any who might be e- During- 8 trial, he explained, whikb theoetca* tooE over a Greenemis; MBarb ss AnaG
nying the scouts were Cyrl D. Unitarians MOVing Chicago toLos Angeles, was car- tobed alive. It was impossible to prevent any char c*of the attack sa .th?, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Gren
Apt 15 Atherley. Pacific District Chair- rying an estimated 315 passen- out.u..stat.ugh he was forc- Pide- was "destoyed, Mr. and Mrs. Loeo ".------'
3-3g4e man, Aafonso Phillips, Pacific D-1 ndacrewmen.It d 5pSeven-,aurtvivors.we .Jured edo A several occasions to cau-tttg;D a successful command Id,Jr;; Dr.-r.
tract Vice Chairman, Clive M .is. ToNew Home ew. the violent blast tht ripped ton th- o r exercise and. cabled simulated a d r.
Bailey. Pacific Neighborhood ADId It was detoured off Union Pci pen the 211-foot submarine and this. Reports to the erl Civil De- Ml. M. Hartman and aulster;
Commissioner, Wilfred Wa son, fl lo v five's main line because ofother s it 35 feet to the bottom of e Juge went on to s tese Adn lo' 3rd Re- Walter Hartma; r. and
"hairan-Paraiso TropCom it- .washouts to the east in Wom- l utl trCiasapeoplequite al roCm tons Center ctiiyrtn- MoerP. HandMrs.Cun t
ET tee, Ruthwin Samuels, m em ber After over eight years of ing and Nebraskea when the deraoirl rI- ImJlty a ao t., w oat p u c o apl ious" in le. -a. The Zoner Hcerent; Mr. and Mrs. ArKel
Paraisn Troop Committee, Jose meeting in the rary of them diralty housed thatcomes.under-s direction..erkovitz; Mrs. Ethel R. ely;
Paraiso Troop Committee, JoseI e in the' orirY of the!ment occurred shortly after 3:.00 1 lsU thrq oet c.1 l of the actions of the court. He eoml utdert direction. Misp Verna Elaine M ..a Ms.
as French, Santa Cruz Troop Corn- Jewish Welfare Board Armed, me a o. ur"isg bt .the13t: n ,ffi cer.outtat the. M, Ven Elaine Kell Miss.
mittee, Robert Elliott, Santa Cru forces Service Center, La Boca i "missingbut ded: the courts of England and the Crowe said everything was Frank N. Light; KteplWha Msdu-
men. Scoutmaster, Mesdames As t o na Road, Balboa, the Unitarian So- Dead was electrician George F. "It is not possible at present UIteed t o& E has always been done topreservethe dignity of ro; Mr. and Mrs. re Madu
S. Parchment and Eric Green, and city has acquired new quartersHobusch, Jr., Sandy, Utah. Ob- es any firm opiio till that the ub- the trl. Ocaunallaughter." and 2 children; Mr. d rs.
Council President Ellis L. Faw- and is currently preparing; Bldg. servers said his body was crunsh- t 3le11a& 1ore sf t will hale lt. right to -Mr he tned out, "was something Charles .Meyer andD
eett. 362 Ancon Boulevard near Tivoli led between two cars. The tint- dc l dear before wtnm see the court In ac- oer w we canwothve c mn- and Mrs. IHenr S M ad
oS a eI eldtheren Sunday at 10 Ibes and Ave Jsengers, nonsea-iure Tb"F e'A11dai0s d Jn; nk sr;adLrs-

Sh bot hn on cfio li-Ioad d ever io- --. E --w--a, ar f laim i slatd tO appear Jack Pearson; luicen. tA. Pe.
nth eIyo e w t b u t p rese n t c h u rc h h e sp o tte d the w a sh o u t a h e adtbon oraae.. Me t u rfei. u n ez.- U P u r so n a ,, l b ; MzI .

I tow n elwil tt i An e serv 1te and fon in the The stre am lner w a r asuele s' a v e n sIu h
fenMH I o hoit foliowin t it tiul u 50 miles an hu stthe tnnounc ea a a r e Eth alat ....L. S tarkey: Mr. 1
TELEPHONE ispeO. Otherwise, DemuloBa.JTribee ;oM ran.c

Lm aeb xiwaa State,,,and some seenc. .. ... _-_Ja .... T~~

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with Joel Mcrea"
-Ale: -
vith M&ir, Ctmia

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with Virgizai'Eyopier Ange.,
Jack Palance add Paul Newiman
sides: A dutiful Short
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at crm-' .~ / s 4 e earned the religion bar and Rob-.outstanding service Capt.. Towns. -Pwbo. Raidbow Assemm 1 ..
UHrJ VI ikI k df :w V *s I e ( i The traditional flower talk, De. ert MacSparran earned the music bend has performed to AUtlantic. Miss Pam. Hawthorne, a
S ocial H -nd 0 J a /ler Molay's tribute to wpmanhood and bar. Chapter. a, 01 Ur'ApMhal
especially to their mothers was Mr. Gibson then announced that Special guests at the installa- bly NO. 2; Miss JuaS .
I ^^ > ^'' i B-SS S. ... given by John F. Thomas. P.M.C. Carol Newhard of-Gatun had been tion included Mr. E. R. Albritton: Worthy. Advisor of Pedro M
I U 'a BI u-" isM *- I^ -...'J | .The Past Master Councillor's jew- elected DeMolay Sweetheart. t Assistant Deputy of the Supreme. Rainbow Assembly No. .; rs.
\ S S ,a^B fr -- .1. ......... el, a gift from the Chapter, was Capt. C. S6 Townshend of New,Council; Mr. David 8. Me en- Jean D. Judge, Mother Advi
W I W | ....-- _-- S. presented to the outgoing Master Cristobal was presented with the, ny, Ritual Advisor of the DeMo- Cristobal Rainbow Assemlyy,
a MOVIEI TV RADIO '7- 7 Counellor, Thomas P. Gibson, Jr., DeMolay Cross of Honor. Mr. E. lay Advisory Board; Mr. and Mrs. Rev. Milton A. Cooksan. gues,
by EMnkilM Io ei J In 'DeMolay By Father ley with Carol Newhard; Senior made the presentation and re- the Supreme Council, Order of new Master Councillor; Mrs. Leahi There were refreshmen ts a
Atlantie Chapter, Order of De. Deasea, James S. Facer with quested that Mrs. Gibson pin the DeMolay in the Canal Zone, made K. Dugan, Supreme Imspector of dancing, which was enjed by
--. u golay held a public installation Dom a Humphrey; Junior Deacon, Jewel on her son. the presentation on behalf of thethe order of the Rainbow for was furnished the o n tra
"Remember, I't the one who's officers Monday evening, June Robert W. MacSparran. whosal Mr. Gibson also presented merit International Supreme Council of Girls on the Canal Zone: Miss Larry Lane, the man with t
HOLLYWOOD -(NEA)- Ex-paying for an this." h in the Gatun Masoni Te rox Ronnie A stead escorted bars to the members' Who hadDeMolay in recognition for the Sara Collinge, Worthy Advisor of horn.
eluvely Yours: Neatest be.d I I ow," -awned te offender. pie. In a impressive ceremony Bonnle Smith: S senior Steward earned them. Thomas Gibson, Jr. d
swngi ln. mov cover girlOth YOU ever w George, newly e ted William E ves with Ma e received six bars this term the
season Is dished luscious beenIvited. Mater Councillor, and other offi. Bleilly;: Junior Steward. John Past Master Councillor. installa-
Lan, Turner in.. prodigal" Not Into Sri: Lady srilbeto cers who will serve with him, L. Lindgren with Edlthann Eck- tion .band, athletic, religion and
but it was a fawe toglamor' James (East of Eden) Dean, who were installed in the presence of hoff; Chaplain, Lamoine X. Wer- visitation bars. Barry D a vis on rl Ali //
performance, belongs to the school of. un-neat mor. than one hundred and fifty lain, whote proxy Luke Palumbo D ellcO ous, rireioing (s
Lana says she' swung her last actors: "My.husband has a shirt members, parents and friends of escorted Rosalie Kade: Marshal, *
beadi. ke the one you're wearing, but his..DeMolay. Barry L. Davison with Rachel R-
gla'r* xvedmy time he ldt t.bis clean." "del: Standard Bearer, John Wil-f .
glamor tepartme, she to mld Thiomas F. Gibson, Jr., who has nuloihby, wh o oroxy. Philip Ha-
"New I wint to do 1 somethii PREVIEWED: "TheSevenLittle comped his term as Maste idarits escortedJoan Facer* Orat. W8 ow i J fSSS .grol se f r
' ,thes ust walk through ple Foys." A new twist on the "Road" CotmucWor, was the installing of- or. David S. Stanley with Lvnda la .. *-- .
tures.a e Ipictures-rBob Hope on the road to fleer and was assisted by Keith Geyer, First Preceptor, Ray. -f n 0n ve
.. as a new, determined, se- dramatic stardom. But there's no Motlmblow, P.M.C., as Sean or mond Ct Croft with Terry Louis; n -- rw p
rious-about-her-career Lana, who shortage of laughs as Bob mothers C6unillor; Richard DeCastro. P. Second Preceptor. William P. Fus- N ju to M --- el
said she will nfit for "fine parts" a family "of -seven kdsa on the M.C. as Junior Council=r, Fred selian with Patriip EIave s:
until her MGM contract expires in vaudeville circuit. Sam le howl: A. Reward, P.M.., as Senior Third Preeptor. William C. Law-
two years. "And these she said, Bob clinking a beer botte with his Deacon; Leaslie W. Croft. Jr., P. rence' with Lindd Cunningham, .;:.' I
"I'll play only roles that appeal to youngster's milk ottle at 2 a.m. M.O., as Chaplain; John F. Thom- Fourth Precentor. Ralph W. Bongs
me before both start -ulping.. as P.M.C., as Marshal; iHarvey: with Sandra Hughr%: Fifth Pre- -
Ms. L h r h"ad t do asoe oe ,- .*i.. S. Gullicksos as Sentinel and Miss reptor, Theodore Herrman, with
fast talkl -.tnitted to co. Hal Peary, who rd ralio's Grace Argo'as Musician. Linda Erikson: Sixth Precentor. Ill
star wit. WJo D naW e in "4The Sea TUderaleeve,"' is qwitchin from As the officers entered the Chap. Ernest, A. Striebritz. with Janet 2I
Chase comedy, to menace He's a deep. ter room for their installation they Swicegtood: Seventh Preceptor. Jo-
"*The wor was out that MGM dyed villain in "Wetbeek," the escorted members of Cristobal As- seph H. White with Lois Stevens 200 plibes ons
*woulo Aev leid me, I had Lloyd Bridges starrer. sembly No. 2, Order of the Rain- and Sentinel. Lester A. B a ile y S usable rules ihclue r
to iteak the -ce. Even it it was bow for Girls, dressed in white with Kathy Hamilton. My rooms with Tlevlei
Wayne's-pictute, it was important i a_ formals and wearing wrist corsag- A the invitation of the Tnstall. i r i0 ELICIOUS PLAVORS
to my career w work ithhim. Wa rer W lC O of pink carnations. ing Master Councillor. Mr. George
I'm thinking, of y future now." The officers for the-new term installed his son as Master Conun- Oenge Leme -iU e pe C wMy *sMOOeny rhe b~
There's about& loan-out for (Continued from ,Pa. are Daniel Geome Master Coun-.cllUr. the highest office in Atlan-
an aftr hec ate n"help gave never si have or w eort amela aw. tie Chapter. after hearing his in. and -ins love
Ca t Fox and: one and I want you toJow bal Assembly No. 2; Senior Coun. Rev. Milton A. Cookson. Rector I at .N YORt
Ibmin the clouds a bout t Its w nmv ern whie cillor, Malclm J. Stone, who en. of The Church of Our Saviour. and ONTIMES SUA1 ATMDIOCI | and yOU w .
e co wa 'it- It's never-.eem -to whre tered with Alice Chambers; Jun. guest speaker of the .venin wI ,
This's p r I'eal dame." wT oran epres s ns i Ye or Councillor, Yy A. Cunning. gave an interesting address fol-
eiv*' ." Davy Crockett, Indi- ham with Jeanette Swicegood; lowing the installation of the offi.'
an S I' lied in 1n94, witsl 'h
George g y as Davy-boy,. Ains Sheridan's long-t.wo.fitor
is a p Crv cbli e for Walt Dis. (Rudy Acostal from .
ney. U rtu V e of the ,ilm Mqxico to find out wh~'9its mes-
gnore1. -kinof the wild fro L sages aren't getting' across. :.Ex-
tier ard the "Indianl cmp Joe L a Leola Ed-1
out", Crockett r3 wards (estranged.. Crus-
othe bYou know a) are .Champ
lo er,." n.- ..." 'No, I-.a mde.. .. L L
tW I'PAifnh,
wt1 U U I E 5~Wr *

she waii ano ffl .1 1 .. s:
,ailspig.- mkle :,Ito. er
rent golsip magazine. Te wordage illie Pep competion or ,e at-
hit her harder than anything ever tentions of An. Walker in the
printed about her. Chateau Madrid line.. .N ovel-
Ann Rebinson and young hotel ist Florence Teets becomes Mrs.
heir Ed Sweeney called off the Everett Drumright on the 15th at
love match. He's trying for an act- Tokyo. He's U. S. Consul in Hong
ing career. Kong...Bruce *Cabot and Merci
Ginny Siims has been chirping Ramillion (19 year young Parisi-
at charity shows, but it doesn't enne) are si bon!.. .It's a girl
mean a return to the lark league. for the Dean Bedfords at Detroit.
Her two sons, aged five and eight, The mamma is the dghtr of fam-
are her good reasons. ed mag cover illustrator Dean
Cornwall.. .Was printed yet no?
THE WITNET-Spike Jones is That actor Lewis Stone's widow
telling about the obnoxious doll who Hazel is now Mrs. Gilbert Van
inherited a fortune, purchased a Klatt?.. Lois a owles (Look Mag
yacht and took a large group off heiress) weds John' Harrison on
on a cruise. Resenting something the 28th.. .The Torch, is over when
said by one of her guests, she the blondes take the place of the
snapped: blues.

...and here's why you will love it
Campbel's Tomato Soup is mnad
.from on the AtM eunre-d
tomatoes,bleededwth delicate
.--- bulleVelvetysmoothconesistey
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S it a i4dal pour-onauce or cock-
iNgrdittL Buy a fD w t can of
S Camljeil', Tomato eSop todwy

-I_ eWi -Ne- -W- --M- ,m s" wn tMI
Igggs ugg 05@AT D**WIT hn

V jr. ..W ,-* M W U W .. U

Mainline 6 Cyl.

Tudor ...
Fordor .

U ~ ~

. 1807

Mainline V8

Tudor .. .
Fordor .

. .

Customline 6 CyL

Tudor ....
Fordor .....

. U ~ ~
... ....

. 1897

* 1913

Customline V8
Tudor . .
Fordor ......

Fairlane 6 Cyl.
Club Sedan (Tudor) .
Town Sedan (Fordor) .
Victoria ............
Crown Victoria .......
Crown Victoria Skyliner.
Sunliner (Convertible) .

Fairlane V8

.. 2004

Club Sedan (Tudor) .
Town Sedan (Fordor)

Victoria ....... .
Crown Victoria ...
Q$1997 Crown Victoria Skyliner
$1997 Sunliner (Convertible)


* 2134
. 2269
. 2376

Station Wagons 6 Cyl.

Ranch Wagon .. ....
Custom Ranch Wagon .

. 2177


Sedan 6 Pass
Sedan 8 Pass .
Squire .

. 2224
. 2355
. 2460

Station Wagons V8
Ranch Wagon ...... $2187
Custom Ranch Wagon .2268
Country Sedan 6 Pass .2315
Country Sedan 8 Pass .. 2446
County Squire .... ... 2550
Thunderbird V8

Prices include: oil filter, oil bath air cleaner on Mainline, plus vacuum booster fuel pump, electric
clock on Customline and Fairlane. Turn indicators on Fairlane. Dual exhaust on Fairlane V8 and
Station Wagons V8. Customline and Fairlane delivered at Jersey City also include wheel rings.
Gas and Oil, preparation and conditioning plus Federal excise taxes included in all types. _





... -fr~j


In order to combat some of the tash Ad-
vertising that is being so widy dieminated to-
day, Colpan Motors is offering you the straight
facts about the Ford Products. Below is a list-
ing of the Ford Motor Company, prices in ef-
fect today at their factory in Detroit.,
We are in a position to deliver a new car to
you in the United States and you will pay the

Ford Motor Company against their invoices for
the car, and not us. This insures your paying
the U. S. Government controlled list price and
not a dealers price who offers a fabulous dis-
count from a heavily packed retail price. ,Di-
rect shipment prices to the Canal Zone are
based on Ford Motor Company list price less
excise, tax plus freight.

EMIIdE2 2-1033 2-1035 24036

r -r I --- -

S* : .. -. _.. .- ,..- O p
.. ,- .... ;/ ,. '..' -r*... .. .. .*.";'^* .. .

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- I

I little Second Baseman 67 Overseas Calcagno Il, Edwin Coi ue

SSparks Team In Split Golfers In Wo kouts For S unda out
0? l. ._ WW 1 __ '_ _" _, "_ __ ,'.__ pB," "-

y FRED DOWN British Open Anne Forces nConu7un y---go L A AI 'RICAN LEAGUE
meW 1. .- .. Community .7p; ; .,

NEWYORK,June 16 (UP) Nelson Fox .D3BW Souand Jine r.lok .. .
weighs m atameroerl4iat pounds and n'chaw THOn taidutes sl ...e "t ud-l Li S1
Fox, called "the greatest play- from Werner Birrer in the n and roth etln. ,, ...

erpound for ounea in the game as the Detroit Tige beat tUhe tate forlude Ameri can i 6531s7 rloetar-r e sapg -n 40' GAM 2S
ay"by W. ite .Sox general Yankees, 8-6. Jim ,lig a .tes -e, ..r., ..'o -.. o in,. f h. l *S
..ang. r Frank Lane, slashed a, F.'.rank Hose homerd C.for teihch ap"ldoAm-rc> Furgon fon r er TI h rm F .Lc_ '.m.. S h, r .,l.h ......O..A'd .A....
Lhomer and two singles in each Ter le sub femsean oe r s N e th e cor u a r t Detroit :
ed a doubleeder wit the t Yankee McHWar Fund to send 15 teenage During s t ou
drs in0 ssr _4 u l02 -6

two tames of theW Yankees and thune 1rdl limited Vicenor and Antonio Cerda, last The Non-Commissioned Offi- ood a r to tOr1kout. 4- Clcago 10 0
a the m a one-game leam over outheaw Dean to el in year'a Argentine Open champion cer Club at Abroo w rpon-, unbeaten a a un WeBaltimore HOx-, 8
S third-pe la' in- frnr the i athi ngnto JeC a F. De Lucca and M. GonzaHle. bible for raising $6.00 whereas aI l he ranitd F.derito P.ummer t Keegan. Marti. Howe4 Con-
Sdiansn g iethta0 tr ush.inTto Senr- Brothers Sebastian and An g el the NCO Club at Fort Amador in hi. leat bbot, hopes to re- suegra (4-2) and lar.
raisie hits in eight tries tors toa70 snaped Ta Sev Miguel are in the seven-strong sent in their second contribu- s ume his winning way against~ .. r 1-), DavIs, Jeffcot, porish, Schallock (1-2)
hrae s battnwo in average toe sto woS nnin l sk aknockeds ad from S ain. thon, this one for $~8.00. This the longated Cai la who asi. .s and 2Smith
ladfo theNe wYo rkYanoe wut es rtin si-eBtrun .t w.ll. represented brutsh p h ols i t d

c hy Lfmf u the c ovn th reac to ( (Night Game)
to pe asol lendig tsheat st frae tht iode RA eneod amatelr r announcedd gtt the aFr-0 S4S co more It
ier and has 20 extra basithe blows ny roth also omerse .theurtdaeiawl yefre tar bnd tw s ao end h the Hard-hittin Jose is a former 4eles (5-2), Pierce, po

amone his 71 hits. Washington. se heured i os n y ear fair- .plne. othis Poesr4 b the, central Amer*Aan and Caribbean am. *e (6.3), Spooner and lu"gra and Lollar.
Boby o t Woe o ^to w Me/l Panee,8 yiledth In thelhomeru coin enmet .eicanr g. out o

tmo t oy Bmes ofW thth-inonBox Mnnl Pand ne To m tdeeormr winners Henry Cotto, ta e VFW has been postponed amateur champ and hie main l Wilson (5-o ) and Smith.
homers foramhewcnp to asu t- .nrfo (r-m) atd iuroes.W lion (5-) and mmth.

ilbdrovein Coan n he d a an int iome Hr Fred Daly nd Max Faulkner until Jul 1 when a Fun Prolic itn to succeed T Des arn (-) and Burge.
ted Fo's first-gam he- i thenth in while dynamic little Welshamas and Festival will be held at the igne as the thman wter (ight Game)
a s th Oristn scored a rt edhiberat the Dai Rees also will be in the fled. post's new home in Cocpl for welgpt champion. Despair re- (Niht Game) Cleveland 000 000 000-0 3 1
bo ieras. thwo Ne e a l oned as le n the The entry crises 211 profess four days. notified t Pa 100 0103 Wash. 10 -
in the third leaning and also nsh it he s an onals, asL iants and 9 a- The festival will start Juy 1 n Commieon that et 001 2100x-7 7 0 Feller (1- Gray ht,
Srdel .ed a inbleh e tri ote a 0ai u ea gemt i uel ateurs. c h r nt in the second, tan ing from the rsing. r 3), aat P eomt k dt HDri rell n
W sorved, their -ne TIn Htn Pead ...... I~r'a-"- i: "--"_" .'r-
un the eighth inning on Brooklyn Dod wed to f thee .rs ation-that Is celebration of sunday's se nal will be K Ci
n-- ercgl singli season'ch o eren- eterromsaongo u,00,0......s"oHehPnDa seu , a

and Bandy consu greall P m York Giants beat the second- r i un th .t is r in at ), rington and
d. n the nightcap es White S ix nin t he isen rcse sufficient funds, the n- h crest au five bout wtnnin W. Shantz.
It hers achieved their fourth aeahuao Cubs, 7-2.. ...eed ,_ ._.Rot e are working o.t as__ often Atreak ei ta .3A.ored p .ad W TGame) aParnell (1-),udand "t
s shutout in their last six d fames.dh thse Ph-ins- ixa-es defeted Pa W tl Ta[ en ast T he weather p8rml. Howev- O hosampsonto hi s t list Of viti a_0 --. also the ninth shut0'out of the -t. Louie-s C ,r-i .a- .. b attim Ce aretion r,. erunni nA 1 ,m J2ad 0 5 00t 000 00-0 6 0 Detroit 0310400 000--8 I 0
the ear or the staff high for P tSout im ta e e of competition a ad would Thre e other contests round A New York 011001 01- 1 2
both leagues and a pace which eaPtsburgh Pirates, i-, in oter si toa hear from various tems t the program. Han Mar- iWeh meier (5-3) and Lopata. Hoeft (6-3), Blrrt and House.
dia .s pitching theW Bamsh ,t..Se"a-FolDe Iuccaand M. Gon zalez. "LLle for raising B.. I= 3unbeaten ..... a 0"- 0101 (1-1) and
w2 eaonl th e hllenge ae c me MllMlr Cs (8-4), Crone, Jay and rgKukas (I-s)., Sttlovant, on-
AmerLcan League mark of 30 for b .i edo-erin a-si Pope.y'--wil--rrepr I n tedby I pttepuam paii u ou_ eat 125 0 ,anty and S1avera..
psdnable it n ou thS ner GR iam htat o-Nriun eIPh- h ird baseman Bihly.uu i 's
a so hsoS Fo erbs th1e90 White Jo hrePo and cas de Fox, Wi- .2 sat lioit et heloac to rr f
ato a .92 pace ashutouituntlnhec ninth rwhene BaL th.MdJune Indians Eb a "het 1 0 poun-d2
niswne'shl homer.iGI l Melld e dCinhando e u ntied al n e sw t- MAREG LEA E 3P specia u-ron dbout022be-
t I lef 1 Ines n a e ouln lake, two of the rIn iHar e itn R0 NTS PANAMA TeAR NOrlando teen amateurs. Alejndro Pa
.in ol oin0 1e oefi17 gmen nd single to pace Cincinuati's t- yesterday's trade et ween athe A BNetfiez, 15,' sole Panamanian checo and Ptrocino ien will
t d ham e ev.. e n. ... tacIt k. Cleveland Indians and Baltimore N ATTRS lad on the squad. Pitched for get the program underway. The
SBilly Hoeft "gaed cred. for Paul Giel, $45,000 bonus pitch- Orioles, have refused to join' the Ocelots of the Fastlch amateurs will fight two n
his sixth victor- with reli e aid er and former Minnesota fqot- their new clubs, it was reported Based on 1S5 offlal atattis) League. Hia lusty hitting was rounds.I'
a- v.tmest R, f e the iats G s lle st od loay.rdo.t.p a major factor in the Oce hlots r i el=
bal sgame for the Oiants. Gel started t NATIONAL LEAGUE. winning the second hal I General admission Is only 1 I
te b i ni ngd alsothe winning ninth-inning rality Cox, traded to the Indians, Plaryer and elab g ab r h Pet. champonshp. His batting, av- (one dollar).o.n
ot Der n A iawith a double and yielded only said he was quitting baseball era e was .369, and his assort-"- b
SIt was the fifth loss in six games port, Pa. Westlake, sent to Kluaskin, Cinci. 52 208 34 70 .337 some of the best bata ters in Sthe
rn It 0alti rooklyn to the more, reporte to he finalte 49 143 21 46a..e leInre. orlando s 5 foot 8 iT ing. St
AY0 Herman Wehmeer's i-hitter Orioles for a few 1,0utss last MurN 54 22326 74 .32 Inof7 and weighs 'IS pounds. Detroit ABWl RHbeA
g t ELEASE2 earned him his third win of the night and thF 3 flew back to Bner, klyi. 9621553 S4.321 6flf5 .n....... 4 0 2
k mls B l RedySchoendenst, 0esa BohIere i%_voamlved bl I CANd nd Tuttle cf ....... 4 0 0 8 0

Sn and Bill Virdon hit homers or in which Cox and outfielder aline rf 4 1 0 0 0
nwicaosoln Fox of the White aox, who and cash. Fox, Chiitgo 5 h4 20 32 71 .323 ted 3rO, a .
S t in l t had six hits in eight Dt-bats TiWestlake drove from Wash- Lollar, ic g o 46 1512 48 8 1
the O oaftera bri cuo, o n l r-with Snider, Dodgers. ..... 20 BeNElW YORK, June 16 (UP) Brrer p ......... 0 0 0 0 0 CAUGT IN THE ACT Ransom Jackson, Chicg uls td
S. Orioles officials, flew to Clave- Campanella, Dodgers .... 19 was cast as the "villain" whn e totals 37 8 11 27 -7 baseman, tags Dodgers first baseman Frank Kellert in the se-
end wri he dian arthee ageg Redlegan s ...... 18 the ama e ,gar Kings' On- n o u "
i t rie se a "emal Athleti ....... streak, longest in New York tempting a steel into t d, but even his slide was not 0ast
r ..ess to receive sme extra money t, A ....... e ia Lea e this sea. enough beat caher H C thrw
S.a ...i.. .I f he were traded to another RUNS BAED was ashed wednesday McDou aid 2b 5 3 2 2 .3
w "".." ea d.on to rtaseoball. s anader, Dodgers ..........rot..T...a..former backstop of re CiBauer rfo ........3 ,
...... -decision to ut .eelDodgers .... o MUwadee -Braves and New bCollna...n. 1 0 0 0 0
*d member of the Indians, he e nnis, Phillies ......rrpatitle of ....... 441 1ne 0
B..*Tono G was In fllmeor a share of the K e, Tigers........t Ythkistants, rash a. p i atl 0
tofoPrhits"and"iadA. "" orWd .t which oes Mantle, Yankees dul e wththe iss jamana Hoar ten......3000
h tD Torot Montreal .t35 23 .603 V2 cubs I hee RUNS nlght to drive three runs and Rion lb ..5 2 3 12 1
1 gae Havana .. 36 24 .600 2 A ebs san te l iwue as Agive. Richmond a triumph ov- Silvera c .......4 0 1 7 0
mtWIhochester ... 282 .00 e/h learned hao thierilelwe re t Mantle, Yankees ........ OR u Kin..',.
acithmond .:6 34 433 eam nto tac tn atoh nrut, rs.. ..... toTgr -te, because a vic.t- Kucks ........ 0 0 01
aenatetr. .wdod have :suatcavana i neStUfrcvantroc.....
BllyHoeft aSyracuse .... 23 34 14 '' separatewaiver deal. Wit, th, Indians ,t........ 47 first plNe. ea e -,ding Toron a-8k0Wran .... 0A w
i YSBuTElRo ..,.AS. .RoE s traded yand Wlle-Mranedauboty- olleam, Dodir ....... 4o to wa ready to be taken after a Konlstanty ..... O 0 o 0 2 -,"
YIYIU ,Richmo 020 000 004o 0 eraenb would b noart in o are lenr, Tgers .......... 1 Instead Havana, still a half. Totals
Havana 002 030000-5 1 es aouid be neca u in order Arn Br .aves. game behInd, remained in third a-Struck out for Sturdivant in!
Bickford, Heintzelman gm5 Juea1 trading dsFox, hte ox ... 71 "te "hipen'agspoulnts .
fortpassedts.lsteNAO LLEAGUEhad Maontrel, which also lost, b-Flied outnfor Baueer In 9th.
TOAY .784frtheCubP o, passed. WoKlusskiRl.50.337 8-4 ,to BuffAlo. In the only other -Doubled for Howard in 9th.i
LP-OC"nche. .. Selects Rome I on 7 lYn-kees.... :: 001 012.4 .
ontre l 400 000000-4 1 A .t re d Newcombe, Dodgers 10 1. -4 II GOOD or--Howard, Kucks
ao 101x-8 1BalmoreeWynn, Indians .... & 1 .889
SiCox, Wbjey (6), Sthnek (7 o Ford, Yankeestu .... l7 2 .728 2aherst, Mass. (NEA)- Mas-W Medbr 2,.Hsoune scored on
eand Bucha; Trakan, Marlowe 0 Doo..n w. .... I. Alumni Field seating 2obnn a..n ), Kuenn,
'. "lu o It" 1 o. rand treuli. WP-Marowe. iymphc himBe Ienes oealdeRsI C "G778 e pactit3 will be increased to 2,-. n .2.. o-e -2
"LP- COx. HCard Pana s, rnt PAiriArrya Cardnals .. 1 2 iel n fr/all.m' HSRobins Nore....n.2 D .sa
Weta Rochester 000002 120-p5 9 1 PARIS, June 16 (UP)- The In- ..,.2,D2,_oe. _I
sonFoxfheLudwig (5). Beard selee on oday5 ao t it -Mant Howard.
(6, Mackinson (7) and Rand;Then o mo e displyS ONHI. -b1r showgirl Edn Scott can
,AiirrifBl a lm( The Italian capital won out ov- TE.. ,,S TON,! e-. s. b.Yankascahardlyhb hTe ts -as she feels te muscular armo
BIeret. WP-Macknson. l-e six o ter cities of which Lau- oft 8 2, turi ar ons one a
-L Blake. HR--Berberet. anne, S w i t z er l n d. as th DI LO T S.1.. :1 I.,.~G n .. oeft 8, turdi- ...17Adoni contest L held i LondonI i w,,s a Ana t at tha'

IA st ......contender ..d.. -. KEL WMaI&n 13 S <,Wn -SW"IDUU--------ff--K.k..7.-2 -
A ouc s strongest- 0HowadI. UThCe. Cino St urdi it 4-5 23-. Kons21-3
SSyracuse C100 100-3 6 1 Detroi t. Michigan, was a dark- i o RUSSELL 0-1, Hoeft 11-3 (Face o at
1)NE WColumbus 000 101 20x-4 12 1 horse contender but lost out des- "UNDERWATER" MaBGARITA 6:15 83:10 ters In th). Birrer 1-1. Runsbat-
Spring. Lovenguth (71, Zinki pite a sensational offer to pay the supweruee Colort "NNIS G.T YOUR GUN" and earned rer u -. Runcks T4-4A T
3ITTA FO TH CE (81 and Heyman: Duser, Rom- assage there of all foreign ath- rs, o cocsr -rl. UMLAND PACWW" Sturdivant 4-4,4Hoe 6 -. Hit by A L B AR y
LESSER SAMUELS rrr.tiller (,andrtes out of tleleout ot n.the edsPpitchKUcks (Hateld), Sturd
LESS SAMU Roarke. WP-Duser. LP-Loven- Earlier this week the Commit. -*--t ( 118uc,'8 tH et 'I
ASSOCIATE PRODUCE uth. HR-Micelotta. Heyman, tee confirmed Melbourne, Austra- JosM' (-u WP-Ho).8-3). __\.
... B 11 ryhoski. lia, as the site of the 1956 Games. CRISTOBAL .'CYRANODEBERGERAC -Kcks (-.
i:~~~~~~ &l ~yok.. X I-_ Al "CYAN D BRGRA +


, WMr TM O. thr re n,

Tyg lf TO T IMU so -i m....s o wdim a awe m
., -*A-m

*s= 5:B 0 iui* eUK3S ATE-.
BALBOA Air.CondifsnOd 6:15 8:10

,, -





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"I".r'. ? 7 -

r-^ e. .% .

Sne a ^ob* O uolwfoMr TH.ks*t

.. "- -,P -" "'.. .... "e" h "o. '"t H "a" aT m .a oo "s .
J a 19 -WILLIAMS E oo'J ofbat Pe Na JotorS

SIp .". .. era,,.r.-. .. ...... .. c l, s.headed t..or -t Un.v ty la Colmbus nd Vitorwa .-
;,.t h .,ht. ,e-ti s mlus-, .an r.,a la rr er touan talndp ...n he* t..l

t heao<he fiN s w t I ha ve beenota bks

I brother to getdy or rnchd, but h" was mor( o Fleknkd uat f o t1a tie 0,tes o -h
Ice ofmsfulw ato d^alers InI madet a -lbght r. H eforme athecl nA. 'v theorIe gaes #i thewtn rway
I me atoh that made theerage Amerouan f- elVs inse.TM campaign wieya sqt- unNtiona alg
SA n In the tll 1913. Up to ten brilliant performance aga nnat Cato ne rave, e1n
| e ot a th of .."teoly In teras Newport arlato- o thern California in the wRose for avlMeb t o thae C yr
was on a peowhfor mes"rof.him s.enaverdo uatvItwoetiall sa dalte. I

an ant he bal neverbeen aboe Ot Bobo showed inbreasingly liot. heoidd seaa meete dcsoltanc e rred
bfr o hruly a s r the ddy t an ks eohr And tmo e apttud a Ian clnBmroom.b NA how- | mentsm n ydy

Th"'.e. +e W In three-way tie. The playoff for grabs by any football ares to acu Tenneee talent-
srowel still able to play It over dry. Tettes of P ople n -C dma n othe yA
Old .IScaelo h d thenew sr len Ohio t c tw ilaim a new e
anoncdtfo-ofs de

= 0 LD 1 P T 0E O .iN ehi State whthen teh pone be- utween Knoxville and Cwh m-
gan to ring like drazy hI. Chaun bus, Oth at eth
S Wii raining the taorain the playoff started, sad there ce, o ., populate w the kid's whwIt seems a news servi
U a mteru dela at the ,-te The three lyrs had ol home town. ,re ere more t a uren taht thws e a t
I. thtJON ed 0_ tid+me .redy r chgiage.the touRh Bro course. offers than Rocky Marclano has i t-- e phn s I
Jo wi bn for tough W But there was somethI ielng had sice he became hamplon. oncoted by the local efec- long distance, for Hubert
ing. hat must have been t frime In the history of golf Friend of Tennem arranged n *e16. uo --
Tao -- m m-iA.will .O. B33 OWN sd. held up the C t champlonablp," grinned th. for Bobo to visit wvil. e.o n...l__
round eInfo*t between Wj n Lowera. "The truant officer ileaied of amy -whereabouts. Agents of the Unive of nlar-
o.nder.atc l lad we oee m thU .e I br byh im rn d hin the >tin atphe S tl d pointedrout that was
forCmb-br whodI lI N o mldly ebked by m nC who proNeWded to give me nothfig wrong with the state's w
four-round pre the E lecture on golf etquette and cortey to visitors. My explana- mate during the footballseae meets s
competee .herd. The t ~~,~aDparten tion aepted with amtsed undetandlng. I aiouldrd |ra -o 0w .
a cta Vd eats.t wi-l.0loi ca age ae wenxftdo h myor lod A en ci r e h. Ohinee i e Bobo sthow ediarn ilg o_ an new. ,ow-c
onl yo1 a hp lyfrom the addu 'inksmhimsl f. A ndte aptitude in clasro.oms how- In/the eant'm, a...o4

one time "anth" o anyone famiar
92=fmaam.h evea or ...t. ttn oamdl atern.d soa rsu the wasu d

66TDheomathopreon i in athree-waytie.eTedplayoffforgrabstbya ni* et the liokba ll-o lc Ch aseyoe whlicht spcl ace doee's

Cworns tg Up Sponsepas; ad ingeh oidmaet .7 laiterry.g aoals? i dam
Sathe first nke alqute witu h m8o. let took the. leod at the hans las iwesit hy l cl os

atnnuee pttit. And he waa n0ver headed. i s at to
SHA GAYSON hew fac a cor t But I think the playot wa really decided on the fifth hole
BimPrtWad das. d ws freethe uth ecd g en to ring Meets You save up to $731fmm.u"ht ,htno

nd.YORM,(EA)%-,JRNor.hid t. then he played a Oplendid spoon ahot to the dren from a hazard-e ty0 pu kid's a .u
2a4 ew erponor o dr the k"Y,0 had o ihee atnd h ol iown..boer te ra / -UI
Sn ifthlte is I "I r hintA w, the yo I. tim iM oVardon and Ray rotea.lized eOC wmmers are An excellent price for round trip s
I n f orateW ltt lt e bad a o thhr-m r hsiel ndd i ncehepecaehisd irt Robbes aop,.,,f

r r ;......I.I i...:"1tmus t he ".im In5. othm e i oryof, l fe FriendlsfTenne s lse pa e 1to that "go n hIIo

ne tne t to fe m isortane ihle t2on Jnah .rces gaatviwayIthoppingRt'uhr-Handuvcateos t' .ht
anairB ROWNaCayi e veoloalupth"h amen afer hwimos ntho o prde Now'brouht to ou ws

oS? -^ bo Ins wel it mean truanton.ofFor ont ol Braniff's own very important extraO- OIla-
roundpbe 1-sad l#on, n hlm the r^ a K ^ ha &pointed out thati o wa .

e mete ,.TheMb n "i81m1 __mat antl onemt terst dIe thrda.ll arme with8moli tze too i the raape't to "h enlnch u toaI oftWe ii
"Mu, ._ IZ.thehitoi lyof" e ag, ad y i n ohlo by I Ohl

oneou a"Pathr"Te wre T- -th ih agoll 0na .dthle a.hth.Proent-daygolfertroube -thplaro Braniff s. and to onnet with te

There ae tewpfor the fighter F heddrd and wot to t maximum four events. Des8ado other leading airli -.
and, w atnh h ., h e i poao ttoth4ae e-oldn fr com a in the 1 and 400 aBoo's

t t e lo a hat fight. ". dot o t N when i mu mtyle, 400 yarde l icareerndividual tourist fares. Be ur you fly Braniff!a?

..i o wa sa knot pro-e ft don't want broke a leg pla ball for medley and will anchor the 800

A reliedLn-I "I Westhin that a texfirta me Vnad An exreeestyle relay team. Baggage allowance-66 Ibs!p
Worrs U. vt enran t l- to k f galag to work. the 2h-year-old Pa fg th'-ir hands John Bayroth, who partcpat- wimerar
O tw thiag. Oeweat Fott ho than about amk we tot e d in the 193 unior olympiea *
i. a New Or, around us" ted. E. "We can't get anybody to box thA ii tart in thune 2 yard beast- A Nbject new low

aa, he like hter." cpt tor our guy. H is e of h him in the Sym," iut Irvin troke and 100 yard butterfly. d. N
1h1 a p e to0al- o tra. hWndfalt left who wants to fight." Cohe, his manager. Join torted bym JohnVanrE lenbesga over nm t va
n, a sl t out of the two plan to compete in olBaf'srthe i m nn

a Belt. OUB OU TU*NED out to be d"Rocky Grasmans walked into Ra 400 yard medley relay, but have amebOral
en' a. hevyweight out e Gene Poirer, a through a see the ay one day took one look na not decided on their stroke. ctrov plo
Ne eoatt- two ottwo.oa able al-earimg welter orfg at sme, add sad: 'h roving, % the me e Other ramelmbero the team
continued te b. r Porer w e exp gny ha go t to be a good fightA u_ yar, bea to oln and their eventmMe hhem are: Elyme.r Ro-
Sd cla, th Mexcan anta." b ive tsto the Boston youngsterl'sremer a een taken down. Goner Loft-frendliness- famurs.on two. c uins.

headed Bimte, e ce tartd in and laeludal er.s d more a trouncing of Tony De M tco "I asked why. roft chor on medley relay team d For Infoateon and re- e
tede vie lon, there m dte In astl. toc vit bBecades R ot ting i ns l ameDlitheTotrrs fr 10 loali ta c-lAnd Bra niff fli ar t ime d
i re is ssrsat ia a th a tel rci ad rhK

mWole a be the onl lar ii1m t^Xa obuled f partroke Tntoll 1e, telephone 2-897-- a
..t,'. ",++ .. L^ f RA., IE : ."*,*, .<-.- --I --.
s" ?fA .... -s.- dvin ev """-nm-78. Colon
OTBBR* a, 984 Isat attN Yeh's S. Ni"hai A- 1 are* compeA=lrO Swim her
here t outore Chuck Latan and Ticket Of flee, telephone i

WSht hest nodde td wen to ith & ettokth leadiputed king of the obbe a
k ,ocke off bfreG tAin hwfaS. w-igtmW t'shi yle? Hwtho 20,t tgins thOscar trfyw resllynd30 adrenotoepedtoerolect y

meet. H ancy plunges won e and holed. a b to iay even.

A'. of men's t o ile- f, hAs M $1 ,It f r-h e yI.hg I i ghtjOg wthen 1' l_ ahne dI M the de oand 400 yard
tgor currently training in earnest acor passage to that "good neighbor"
n ew Or.aroin d"On-twothings.ioned, that he-AW a fine dhoemaker.catethat hetactiondJIne219 uni r2olympthe,
l ge f e him ,oIn th e gy," l hoalwill start lnathe 20eyFortd Clayt onbpool. j t o w
tol-Wit rofhslet whonwantserofiganiff.' his rma nwtvergerm r tstoke and 100 yard b erfly..
aoasaei Joind byJoh Va millnongmile potseneon.t
IU T Ethtt down the stretch yta walk Ouimeto thaI e have btpn tseloced to corn the lo
400yardmetphteain the p.namv area event.
_t.o Gre.Oneerofrtheatwo or three authentic reimne greats of aolf.n schedule, onetime reliability, thei27-
t c- twothe m, In fegt ablea -'ar ing welter "f m pe,.and sa_ d 'ving, beths, thi to qy apoor, Al of themiw .ers plceosi
tgoineteoad, c "ot g e-rn ails am"e whose expuim. gu .....b..toteBostongyoonttterearegoarkableods
for I terT"a. 901h-pointedouttai icdt eefrmembrhs of theto finish, he had no three-putt teaens.mDelgado Rfriendlineusfamous on two continents.
ad more erat rieunhlngotT myue ar is r asked nhesema, are d to be fop
because otelision, thus e nre Io. Becsidrer elooks andmtheireventsr.are:rEfAnd Braniff flights are timed to take
hnl In,-u si t getting back c hrtonviddl.eyrelaygteamng- onamer m, all the bifopapers,theclubnarore-orteoOEM,' -
thecuntrya .t hee-..e. ludt yea. e1,lrewardedr.OfheYmtuokaupnellect, 400 eonard. Indivihual edley- agen
World:Wa r. .. (.Isb. s I" tatthe gonody h aiswanthe'start of Mr. Low fr smillion uled 1for d biuerly:ton n et r
Tuere are .ew wqs.forthoLkb.br10yrdbaksroe andd Tiweont.....temaximumlfour eventsegado otherploading airline-.
yountgtlerto, star, ,a id w ache .Tlded iaftetiing you will y Kai 4 100 y 20 and 4medleyyou reledytorevelyyU. 8. city
sdoinces lae.Mually d ha .. Prer b beenionht'she U,,Junr0DondinstOsnarPnitaanHotyardeEreelstylePard8-0aytrdfree .e
knocedov f besort at ains -WT ? What'shis style?cH WilWSut meicnwelterne,,h styledrelay even 0 yar.frthouneedl3e16 E.lay, oBeure you
he "otroritey Chuck wilanhor and TiketOftelephonen7h20an 007yar d

at maill stFIra" Ln'thewi Si unior Olympicw u .
helI cog disforputedguyIlkekis ienof tofmeinthe gym," ut In Irving Itroke and IN yard butterfly. e

elmr lt~lI ei ltodllo oyD acLl-Iakdwy I Ii' I co nmde e~MtI, ,-rrmumtu u +
handly;" t k ll .~ss IMintbac MelII ecae h ]Okl ikeToo[ IK wrd lek.100yar blkstoke s~r~tina allyou trvef





I IALRA on JUN 26, 1955.
Msfqria. geaewl cargo iors
U.s. Bf COAST pOe.S.

SWI' LtD &I mC

'T*ilr .

I. 'MST IUTAI ...... Due 4Ztea. 0 June 1
I. "LA;TA WA SAU ..."...DMeCrbtel C. L& June 23
_it.. MlaIyI, 3., Js une2
U, .. .w c'e Z., Jisne

*a wA .. 3Z, June 17
sa. cWA esTA U. ........e aDo C. &, Jur It


~~- C~ -- -*---culrr ""lt"L~rd- -

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to be aummd4 d
w you ditVe dme- the tfd
I Imotor eaddI' &
Ald milu Uat l'm~-" .,
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i Togey, -e Bti, k
kdg, took a whaek at tb '
dhaft and Vraded dlubl.
our day, you had to
hot. Now you buy oe.
1anto Tfoda' .y ..
Audrey Hbra,
bnubeth Taylor. In
AL. Today *J .&
Keith larson, to
Audre y, aY. In



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University of Texas prior to en-
try Into the Army. .


, Les t*fn 2 hours owoy wth E PANAME O@... ..

,, .," -. .. "f, S s
F"*qh N


-~--. ----- ------

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', *" --
F.'l I ^

t~ ;~ ~Ya~~ ~~

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Y. i,..",

.. .. i+ fl .^ "^ ':-,. ^ .'*'-
* ...* +" -" .. .' ,,l r ..
^ +';,; ^ -^ + "' i -.
- .- :- ,::- .. _. ,.. "
u lm i~~i + ,! "< '=- .-i, ,


% 3


irls 16, Boys 7 -

I even boys and 16 girls were
born at Oor00 Hospital during 'A.... H
I ba week ending at midnight
Monday, June 13, according to
her were 193 patients ad- Le f the people know athe truth and flit country is f Al- braham Lincoln.
limited and 166 discharged dur-
sJng the week. One death was re-
iported. THIRTIEETR 1EAR PANAMA, B. P., TRUBDAY, JUNE 16, 1065 .'V011 C6 1
The names and addresses of
the paretns of the boy babies
were: Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Darr,
CMoa f O Connor Denies Salk Vaccine
of Farfan; Mr. and Mrs. Robert
etrinke, of Fort Clayton; Mr. and
Mrs. L. C. Morales, of Panama
City; Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Fran-
cis, of La Boca; Sgt. and Mrs. J.
R. Wesolek, of Fort Kobbe; Mr.
a Sn.a an M Woo v as Hurriedly Rushed Into Use
ainrlswere born to the follow-u
ig: Mr. dMrs. Walter Wil- WASHINGTON, June 16 (UP)- cine in April was premature. expense for taxpayers. He said two bill. But he. sharply disputed
m anam Clt: Mr. and An American Medical Assn. pi- "I think the thing was rushed," existing laws and medical r- Price's contention that the vaccine
as, C. R. umberbatch, of cial charged today that the Salk he replied. rangements are sufficient to as- was rushed into use. No vaccine
nba; Mr. and Mrs. A. E. plio vacrine was rushed into use Normally, he said, a research sure vaccine to a children wheth- in history, O'Connor said, "ever
Jene, of Panama (;t Mr. n violation of normal medical project is spread out over a four oer they can pay or not. had the testing, preparation and
ens ; M n. as Qalniadc of procedures. He blamed this for to six-year period but in this case He said he would support reluc- evaluation of teSal vaccinee"
Psa .n City Mr. and Mrs. H much of the confusion over the it was "boiled down to a three- tantly the administration proposal
4 a amcitySgt. vaccine. month period." He felt laboratory if it is limited to. children whose
l Mrs. iente Medina, 'f Ft. The charge by Dr. Julian Price, testing and evaluation could have parents cannot pay, lAmensCri ned loo _
be;Mr. and Mrs.. B. Ardl- of Florence, S.C., promptly was been spread over a longer period, However the administration, to
be; ofPMr. an y Mrs.Ca .. A, denied by Basil O'Connor, presi- thus avoiding some of the current meet Democratic objections, has T
of Panama City; Cant. Frd dent of the National Foundation "tensions." removed the "Inability to pa y n Tc electedCommioner rOf Lockport, and Stu Guatin, C ounell take t nih
X JRt.-.. .N. Mrs. C P '. p for Infantile Paralysis. He said But he acknowledged that pub- language from its bill and now Is from political ac ty to enjoy dinner prepared by Army cooks at Fort Colick, W r
t ford of Panama Mr. the Salk vaccine grew f r o m 18 lie clamor for the vaccine may killing to help states provide vac- L. *Boys tate i progress this week. (US Armiphote- by t. A. S g
ormy:, .M J Homes o pa years of research and there was have been so great that other te- cine for any children up to the t o i l N D i "N- Bg" "" A.
i l Mr. and Mr. .m ers'n "no rush whatsoever" in its re- sions would have been created had 35-million cost. Mr.. l."- .- w Ca
ra, of Gamboti. Mr. and M'rs. lease to the public. it been withheld. O'Connor took no position on the Flues talIN _60 were as ess-
Ford, of La Bca Majorn_ O'Connor told the Senate Labor The committee Is considering e s Firin Po e
H. Haskins, of Fort b-Committee he thinks a large part two bills to rovie vaccine to is rs-- eriring Po ce e boys State
be; Mr. end Mts.X k Cragweolof o hof the 51 million children through children. One is an administrationyIst resis rtai erd 4yeagstGeor- erc.A-,Shief
,snama Csiy; ganr. Can o the a..ges of 19 can be inoulated bill to give 35 million dollars to Alexander w, 44-year fi-old Americn.
nmRivera, of Lona and Mrgt. and by June 1956. But he believes the states to help with their pro rams Alexander was.first fined $35
l out in sc g hools to reach that oal to provide free vaccine for all iR reckless manner on Seafortha A-a stsim let Eye O n CZ
*robbe. He said the foundation would be children. The administration esti. venue in Cocoll
Swilling to handle the task of vac- mates the cost of the democratic r Will Pass He was next fined $25 for f Citizens of the American Le- Margarita and Pacific CivilCo
rinations through the sixth grade bill at 135 million. He was next fined 25 for gion' 195 Crossroads Boys State ls repectively, discussed th nr a eeh
.oeIA Rowi lf3/ i vAccine is furnished by the gov- Price, speaking for the AMA, lure to remain at the scene of the turned their attention last night. to problems of representing commu- aL d the cee
eO BroWn 136/, ernment. The foundation now is flaty opposed the Democratic WASHINGTON June 16 (UP)- accident. a consideration of public affairs in nities of a substantially, larger ... n ..
vaccinating children in the first pan as "completely unnecessary" President EisenAower said today the Canal Zone. size. to te isioners, sw
Ja cko 1/. and second grades. O'Connor said and involving an "unreasonable" "I feel confident" Congress willSpeeding resulted in a fine of Representatives of civic and la E. A. Dooan, personnel direct- coure of da
S Jackson 135 he expects enough vaccine will be --ass a bill "for building the kind $20 for an Americanand $7.50~for bo groups who spoke were unani- or of the Panama Canal Co., out- e byhes lavor
available b July to complete see- of reserve forces our nation's e a Panamanian. The American, mouse in emphaizmg that e v e 1 lined the growth in importance of Chief and the ornr i e
f ar Tonigi's Boul ,,w;e e :ea:: Nallonal yp hony i m? "- *t ad- 40-d o P n
S .T, oht rla o vac- a 0 aH r ad was cvmga m p no eo ......... e, -- ,

G* 1 tha Hipplet, 1Ml eom l t he t ought r f tWha ,n' rlnn*I, naurn em lO r ,0fa0d n redy reseave ya S r_ nanla s .. hr, rstUae.. ie w rk ed Ur Celains mbicer, uuu Ieie the 1 l, ,,
J aksn Boust d t8s t eenineh a twoeaaseii raef c rn- Chwn N uires" ble f or e ita i a ag e t w as oUont ors roe then oaunciclsr the t iob e o Jame
o T Mivn frNoInNN grades. Tweodioa- ll atnnhl, s Ju r m th nsummer, T .ntin. more- -t7p.. doneotrt delete a ires ectlyh o ffitniathe e n i o f c one vermene rig ni wrtoser- Te Maplr r
%Dr.Pric Be, rnardmemb ero a 40-mile zone. The Panama- of their government, the principles ert day.
ot oelr M t tp- aMr of the Cincn nati Zoo, sad manian, compositions which e Contr- of democracy receive e effective Norman Johnson ai i e andI, D ais a
sE""' hog dha the v f iTon t me r a d a m ert to have e a e i n ofe t c ev
S tesl esat1i3%a seyon me- Herbertee t ra n dthotodtretwill obe paloes a assur a e afeaseri a Z. wa 1i raohndunonhgroug ance wor ol in s functrnion o ed
7 aarson le er Houseabom P ilea a n a longaGhran. o feisu-vEl

asn )* fr tondhsth d ferat redl t i na io e ion oo in thConc oe series o dpuo t aia se g u abnse e e ncing wna BELLA VISTA

ifBALBOA TIDES 'fashtwu t wee.n C ceintsnt Zeo s "I eelconncerttthin National Guard units. Representatives of the Central Zoa.^ne Government.:e.
FRIDAY. JUNE The heart of the baby hippo ment of Fine Artsadministration so far hast bert Cornelius Jones, Pa work explained to the boys the t c he boys from among their
hd weighed 00and 121 poms. A comunds,ar 0258.ts next Wednesday ator the Na- Collins, national commander obuil ended, for his failure pck-u pear Walter Wagner, CLU President, used particular p r o b e m s
mebmvely. mCINCINNAT, Ohio June 16- tonal Theater. the Ameriean Legion. it was in ore. n court as he had prmised. discussed the democratic orngani cussed at th April shirtaleev The umal 10er ass
m (UP)- An autopsy revealed to- Fluist Eduardo Charpentier Jr. ply to a egram f r o m Collins zation of the union and its overall conference tustte Its opera-i ed Blboa Mags tes Court
*bf t Doug, a weihed In day that a baby hippotamus which wRll be featured soloist in Moz- praising the President for insist. erman rmi .Thom, 58 pro unram.Rbcilrt Bl T, chairman tin. I t he s
''13_ %, D /de Ward 1344,'i..ded last week turned out to be art's Concerto For Flute and Or- .g on a reserve program. Panamanian, age 58 was fined of the CLU's legislative commit- Members of hepanel respond gn st two trespasses f"u i
Months an: Ward meet In the first blue-baby hippo in medi/-chestra in C major as one of the "I greatly appreclate your June $15 for driving a vehicle that was tee, described the importance ,of to numerous questions f r o m thn the T Gri_..da
myain four-round prolim. sal annals. highlights of. the program. 8 telegram," ge answer said. not in operating condition, accurate and timely information Young$Witailed sw over. o nncimvic a o,-
EDr. Byron Bernard. veterinari- 'Ensayo Tipico," one of h sar. "There is no pr ly hearinal terry a afternoon. The drvelabor m ember of that counciltdescribed an wean, Disy rs i e

AL. an of the Cincinnati Zo, sby the Senater Armed Services came awybth no Injuries, ex-lthe partioar problems confrot Itdp mf rcUlr terest
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