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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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IashD gton.S India'perma- 4entiment was Today, in dismisasig the jury Deetson will not be made, It that U.S. aid should be continued A e-elvflande
t represBtarre to the United iey* Pr.Pnn's vow Mon. panel, the Judge stated that It was eid, until after Helton Is to bolster his independence. radiusn in Pan 5 t ^ Sh e efost t
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Krow 30 toe 00 mtil ea ai- +.-Z' a 'L be---. ". "-my. Sancers A.. Real. w M n Po '" Rt.hards told k. an eye o e how the other as IOIbie to miggg BM-1^
rriedB ion a 8trhieSal e Jll a w A eAS k WAB" INGTO h, June I IS (UP)- p --t erorter. Thre much to ofelow was -tak--i. .t2. ie ,,
s er. o e" re the a er Re. Er K tat tr ra bElo of Ies acr a ao m pou nd .1 squaretuite afe a red at l
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O e Y.erablr o-:T511 byDr. Braswell. ing the cha rg e throegrounduthattold. "ama,,. the -etllally I-ar-ed
Wao g on c w l l e comp ln wtess a Pan- flte t od- ca ssador nhivea effortto sav e whrext--- am.e. Cathoin uhadaefesed thatle'raiusHAstho bergen for a sedetd firsthand re-
.w P t. h I l gAubmWa d. c b nd a to testify, time fre he ha lost and pr _ent Russian eff o n t. n P at rfficewader
- taq of wStte John Fos.te. rlad air i'AuwleftdBurne t i tra key o a a
l 'a --nburs t.o ver thwe U__n_ thte on themotion of the raI tie rmy decdes admen tra- I_ W,' h ite ou ,r ..meaa,_wi noul ,ulmin ,
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bAycMr. U )- t Soete-e Peyr s o a nation- .... Th__te- same r asons woldan ee..witness to..their effo Mrt o on tythierewaheI

d he onwas ,. gaiehs r ..,n..o tic, d c a m James u. t ue, u not La
"*"Map -p hed mran fngmto roru de jury p4- 2sinqu aitthell the DA said s CDS.C.) .d some committee acted
Id.m i.waoWr res | _,_Hom_ ext-rttop,--M1--"is re.tT c vrhsta olae theira presec wo-ld n.otn motion "would not be thebas member bre considerably d i- fere a ts for the
I..I i _m laiof- oeIntn a s r ntaer toroen nCo m elt. e o r e tst twa te phn rhalert
h t, -+ _'he number and type 4 a der actstRatmedrt thrt 000,000 foreign aid bill, alreeady Mra- Peopl e alrandt
withthe reuldet d' 0iof Amdesstatoa todan the unpa dbheS tan o be. h me an to p ther =--i- o_.,.,
tafd-Iken for anohsero wiwie se m -- nth tf --rapi> as- feteHu C tesMORT witG 3,1 5s5Clff
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whn..pis have frt regumar. F la t to on- s the e Fltyes Saucer Tpik nludes ,, In idiret m sa te were not .thr

11sinnthat (Cau .I :mW1n Inaeton." d o for 1w Tokeng. A fly. saucer lecture sched-l- a g)i0vca on grounds that Tito can'perid ikTpdinwd '
* e nds e ut of The mi bytAnfv--intle re0C_6 blteP tomJatura l td; adhate- .ee s of he a

m1i+.._matter .._ll t- msr,. Ou hat-an o c... of- unto tw me o es o-f- -a amd- -n ta t
1161UitedSwprkwentI hisbro acust, Perontght woJ_ u isAC aed omeles..wantto put t repo dked o'tak. e-bowtru

r U __, awist 18II msdmJ Sp t te oO-,, The re edu~led Flec ure, tbe ly o ndr Eisenhowr .statioedthemselvesaatcentralOf Panam aa

beassould' w adt ,o Former Rp.ernst K. Br mblet in ec41tion of new officers aXSso a Mrs ot "T-u p, mucht% e w t m

i hTu a~ af- agt -mid put anan for a year- te --e fo r -t--
hr 312 the t fo paddg of his Con WE att he r smemorialI
__ I-ooCher k i 4
For ,.Wa.rm N.. .a- ',~.a~l Zlone Dives For Dppest Cover ke Ch

His-... ..,. O isMayor Visi t _

~ ~euswM e~ r t Hi ceiveds the senhed ate I. st 4Ot Herman W. Sehuli r., lauUm to I I s e
hiNt banA. -astan Gerspaay, ne an li get awy errane nusAresselag s
._th ribe Court a p.etew o s the I-aer hse'n was d ." w
,2. -W'Birt h

"I ld p~ lW .2 Vaua~s"
a-- ,,- ,. ..
MV, W-:-. Lod --a. W. $&us Jr.oz,-.t-40,
ara-0-.-=. fr'O Nxyr -. -h wlner, fur as heyb

Ow.. .,, iei in

S+- a" to VI"
cons-G e 6............--~m for a a#
------.-.........................U ~':, -..L~~ "NOW.


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IL buuaa,.m A D
Ar.'ND,, le -.. Y 1UB V, l.IN a ,

5H.VATlvEO' 1iUA 9. POWEs.
Ma"'" Avg. t Yo k. 11,, N. V.
M'R -0
'. sALi, ^' 180
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T. MoeNl is l n m f tIani Iode of The PamsASed
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0 letter iAJrt l heM se atvustr teh hie.. .
;assepe, sesumes a. eyspeasibtlps wet statements ...epi
deqo o oneen eop -dle, s
Sk n, P rW. *t
ftrmn had the Dieasure at'jattending the dance atwhiel
the 40 A the horn" played. I can honestly say for myself
and thO -rst of the Atlartic side Teenagers that his bafd and
em .0" are really tops with us.
Pnce$ I have attpnded, never before has the
dire Totpd to the table an4 chatted and salt the
rl servj Elot of credit for a job well done
revla L. L.." and we hope you, will be around neas
yer for-. ouriehool ae. he
.. The il la nthe a
d." "w 1ekep f W
:. .* .- .,: part ,oml_ '
S -- -'

- U

e priests who serve as underground agents in Red-controlled
1 Noita Viat Nam, teaches a Vietnamese boy how to shoot a rifle.
Leae took plafe at a mission in Haiphong. "Father X is one of 1
'he darng undercover spas for the Vatiap wa have bae ng^
jWetfnt 100,000 antijo Itoei k1s
tially censored as theYJfej ht4h C h e blc is 1n0d
\:, .. ,. : .,

I "

TMr mTfnTR YOV A 5U DK- U DUIUIU 31 IW* t 2y
S* llM o fti' eat, but would be a long time before you
ge Ite gh to light a T1-watt bulb for one minute. Pretty
DmIsU BWum the eat and instruments shi used to discver
S t wwWnM.taqe ahlot four hundred years, assumlng you patted
tb t el o very second. The Imagilnative secretary for a Cleve-
lad, Ohib, electric company says it would take 10 billion cat pats
Stodoe triLck. She wired a eat to a voltmeter to prove it

I t Jt~ True Life Adventures

Fno. 0

9 Feli'

It I


A- p eople where ey live. Th a Is in ha House Interstate ommerce gomery of the Auto orers says
Accepteth pocketbooks when they pay Co l tee his completed hearings thee reases m t amount to
WASHINGTOM June i5 (UP)- Th NaturalGas Act of 1938 gave by ep. Oren Harris (D-Ark). year for the milli home Oen-
President isnhower yesterday FPC control over both transporta- i tS. hearings a billr s es and Million come
accepted "wldeep regret" the lon and sales of natural gas in I am troa d e t t
resignation oV White House as. interstate commerce. .The lobi s,,pressure Fegroup a Every. lfi-c t- .isnae pr
distant Chakles F. Wulls Jr., ef- In 1950. after atwo-ea struggle, p f l i built up by bo thOusend cubic et at- th vwe
fective June Congress passed Sen. Bob Kerr' ri, f i0 adeMument are, of head-wouM ld etamers 1,7,k-
Willia, e0-founder and co-chair- bill to exempt the reduction and tremendous. ...000,000,
chairman of Citizens for Eisen- gathering of naturalgastrom this a reod..aear and pii con-m- Last i matae, i ers I
h oer, has handled patronage mat- regulation. President Trumoan we- J against. a, -i LUcents p .q
ters. He w ill become e assistant toed it. G og _eal ,,. iim l,,,- e-, a-- a.- i -,.
hairGM of the board of the W. Four year later the Su I 5a !8 aIn
1. Grae and Co. New York Court by 5-to- decided that Fh lrt e I- m as t labr ums arc ,Noll
steamship lise.
Presau -elr i-James C. Rag-
bee ihihot water oerGOP' pa-
tronia problems, had been ask-
ed to live. Ragerty said the Pres- .
i letter "is an answer to

y" h"a "ael .. P.t Af I ED

- ~ ~t IL TW~


I'Tro INI io bukum

_ _1__ __




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., ... i
A 7'- ,. "

),; r 7-.

- i

-' i ucksAKtst, ,os
I labor News- .. : ,

C O M -_ ........

By Rommr tra v e l 4-,o..

The firs reactionto abor.l.aor. ^ .'KJ U1&< , eI
In Detroit ma weil be par
msj strike of thenn
an the freezing of Mi
a miners at their iaone. 1
Sat the helht of tu- '6 i
summer trvel s os on.
By mid-week, thousands t4qh r:
Sts may be traded withiN l e l t lo .
to do but read their travel 6 p i
SDetroit is linked to the w14 l l
tIr" .-bY y l new ,u
IWa"e Immiel What_ tem. -I W I VP- I }\" '. v ";. be-mr
tum wrker grot, the CIO
a now want. Infact, the olid r
led b fta .pnplte-lesstJu oe ,, mt t
trha ihe wastedittforot am'd m t te puled
time. AId ellor outfit, the Na ao Na.c h-w l aie
tional wartime Union, will trie ible for oversee l thb leU a
f tonight at midnight une Nlaw c"h airman ofl ser
they, etooget guarantee of suhp- : .. o o mm ttee at he'r i
plementa employment uppay. tot l4g''l oOtes ao~:'O apndd
Their Isa the first major lab or with .an bedmi t
contract to eapir6 since theme of cail .. w-
ith Detroit auto industry. s Thel aed t al rbetiEnlo allto
sailors' leadit and their a ty, e.a
erman .C~ooer, one b0 labt'sl

TohtO wfas aeane a s =eAs ki thi Meolms
ouhlapeat Ihewtersr sty they eouldl od sn io ser ,
not takre b patt r lees than who cod mrat l serum t
tha et wich as mset In Detroit. b ausd ot ton rouble.,was
TIe CIO sailors are o asln tp e the /o pr 0 .whKich refused de
big shiinag cempanles to tuse no a ie Iatlle pro a
antes te "men on the bisch" loue o i vs tr nn.. e othar oaio
(Jobless seamen) an income of v t ne, whoh e sed sever
i0t a week. In other words, ras ioe i deaths in lt 0 ter oPuC-M
luto people agreed to do in De-oI y stp ped r l r esar cb to
troit, the sailors want the shleppil polio Immuniting agents eor to
companies to make u the d. o fe t .Gl over s emnh octo s he-
ference between State laem.ll. acel.e ot d
Meant Insurance and ii0 for i ao. ,o it can be l rea d ed without ,a
iff seamen. the ie at o ti a-TyS a ve the.
tre e a r a gg he a heaas It n ec it ll
Since there a someA ,000 tn n Ma to ited Pe Ii caY by to e De r e
40,000 jobless seamen around a nd ,, .. h atus .gida .os to
igod deal of the time this pro- t t nIorta. In t l gt lia do- e
with ecstatic enthusiasm by vthie canu I am wabbSed do

poiat was noo exactly gt greeted t iabt se rotke lt tha meoe .ri" "ge to do implo swabched
hip operators. But they'll have a n oa oli t e e ae throa rt. l
to accept some new pact by intea h fr n. B L
Wednesday-or see their sh, A I LaI WILL RUN
crews wak offthe and pickerokett Ki t work i e State Dartment
egoes n toeter in a t rt .eh was no accident that a rash
This would mean that such float- u w i a s lor les cime out of Washingfon o
tg palacesahipp he S. S. Thse HOIIUTON Tlfaa-a Crock- Bold and rtl uadond a treas-with a man's r emembrane b p Sa cago recht that Afdltal
States e S. Amerc, theaving .1a. dt e o te OP Ct'kei r ttF l an lea, mlo- here ioas r whom he wa a oSteenawroul sdinitel run
Constitten e nd the .Indepea t d town ?t craI. If their Dan ;ole tody tremde-it meedy a an gril ar. adult btar. o th n C t to
migrt as wel r e panteIPS orinl vy d returned fro with t so trouble to b fc to him in te As early as April 2 thi columnea
nd te painted wiloerit ead a year ajustf Amdy wioda d t waters. \ fued Adlal' w son Boerde toato
vesse ls ae d avcaused s muc om urnett" y Whites- t thee Is a bride here for his father wo uldrun. But ate
waterfront toh s many as 1,72Marl- a c ance to rash so im Stensator Ke
time Union, tht second r Suh is the command ptio t o one I red thethe the their wayrod law d made er t

Assn. and the Marine Engineers *e v r CS f
Those on Eurthe and know that
th lerne hast been lai.son btw f the TV revival of an (N ) -her ha me sto en o the atesy more for ethine Fati 's not possible wheer Eisen shower i wrs,
These CIO unions an the r tds hratti tone ou natter met him. and alite ary form natural 'a" i n the bJos e and4neread the Stevenson will. rent
pendensht Intps wll hit the bricks wthore- frtom etoderawl. "Oh, Dawervy. Sky," and the story f the mou-. It ompladelmplad usibl other. An ndnew d eputy underecratary Brig.
n's Asatrn. Fact is than t thervor, e said totheactor eitain men't the wa Westhas major cities with total oTo 3. Wilsol ha gone
Marin e Engineers fe gave otr the PLA ri Wg hY"d Congress tor sego Laot aFebru glamor foreme bobn of oveq o lis a v fflh or g. e biggest wornment.

some $r0,000 whes the longshore-morears0hc s1ul be long hower's Advisory Committee .q td for reguaion. s Alexn ir ve nation seee the days of
omeny werside contract expiring theo-o ndh to sgetled atnythng e moept all Energy now cSuppli trives and stuffrc or, camp. of isi clame But Steveso a decidee anotd five

niAFLght. But I am not going to ock Therefe wonder Mobil natural baki etn t wa r per cent M is he dert
LaTheor pactweres covering halfby the NMU iscuret hysteria wh Iis name tort Th. Flempson Sfled a mayor d. o is within a tent thiIt airtouhe off by a Por-
toil tankers the best ding fuelemeints o the think Is about healthiet signwho wrote wrote two memonthrable or cuttagaing firewoodgu eras, many ocl whole, such as
Longhoremens Union into their o appear on the horeseon in a onbooks for boys, Rohat in ter These thins as adepeds o n the ch th. ereatend ri ens
coasts-end tonight. time. If I had some kids I thick/Woods" and "Two Little Savages,"citement cal be shared by inan York and Gov. wulams, d
CIO division. NothinI could be little happier aboutig as well as a book abo natural nd boy ee like, as Davt at Michn prices t gan, are chloe pronalt
came o these aners are t ies their fixation for coonskin psanmals called "W holed Animaling Thproves, asbb Daniel Boone still lve in ction a ..
of our oil trade with the Far East than for the parsphernalia of theiHave Known." Bald and surly as on in proof. Th urge of modern[second, he thinks oit y fair a
nthe contact was set up. lo nt space cap eand Mars dwellersI be I can distributl find should be eat todue fdoors,-anvse e lawurat The company ive

It the CIO sailors and engineers mr of the underFPC regltioni ha no corporate coAn1tweaas I ts a U.S. government for can-
trike would beyll contact the long- th o t un'elorms .of the w po statement el wa witfrom by suburban.usg, with.Pat I-ePt a nteniPal n contract w

shoremen and attempt to get the wch Democrats take anadtin that ur the tinue d regulation discourage U.s. government agents chased
f b or t the o imea o-enl ait Abi dolot h w SIDE GLANCES.

pickets are pickets. It they are come ehamper yth a feting ns ie best wrtpog this aw tee taton l e e. rude Ofl- __ ,
lined up in front of the piers and obtwth ereb on andgh s pru Repubican chairman of FP S. Je* oil production an distribution are *-a-.--.--.
the longshoremen refuse to pass ia r j. Iy kmenda l, asked not under prie l re l atiol of ay e

S rug eir lthe le thing. will e of t ne are to take away hi co kind. So why ao a bt e .let heon-h lot t
move on-or fromthe docks. who come from tate present power to reu. trod in a ree econst. ? pr
-' te first t" imee license a i wtiygbua werstg Rw -l btta the mucopal. igl ult
icers such as the marine -I l a i rough i the or hl Ity tos sto
Stegece to tissue general aurity to regulate gas pris. But Leand Oldfrmer FPC chair ecret rank Knox, and

e aesndttherio ope a brought skill, humor decency ad about. one on pros think Davy Crockett, Kin Workin the State Department,
in join taste to everything he ever touchthee beat writi g I wi ever do Frontier. He's a be h tha ttsayshe n hemha lotmto
uetforebon ordine f Ig t b .ay unique- was In a simpe series called "The Superman or Oe -- at-ier l ,earn dunn i n&O
their national chief walk offwith g it '"6f h r"s runs' eldnStreamf-maim-' Thereiwre othacpr ofriend:IN f,
prize inaetreoietthewtan oo Ielvemo s icsl! ,Ion, to f r ,fou nfe. re formt ,ntho ne isrbout n .is ofeConnetliout to gest.ready I
a priein Deroi tetoo time? I was w the Dan simple toextreme-it mearey a grizzlybfr 6

forest this-yesr. NOTE, Most Democrat leaders
night tonight. T h .us we may fr set ia rna Gias for tnl Democratic nominate
s O pietsspatched to the that the only an who might have
thalerft oonnightby upheMari. P o .o.we toOo so is Senator Ke.
time Union, the American Radio e FtC n anie. of Tennessee.
Assn. and they MarineEngineers ByPeriI E dsof ,

ther has been liaison betw-aed hI WASHINeTONu-e(NeA)r- The haK l nie over the rates of forcoatinuea FPCreII_.ft has beenkept- d-wraps,
these CIO unions and the in d, battle to pree natural gas field t el"lotrs ._qof natural gas. That Mayor Joseph...i C wClt, ., of hut the Commerce Depirlient's,
pendentInternationaluLongs prices from Federal Power Comin- ba.vue settle& the i e. It Phaelphia .d 50 other mayors new deputy udersecretyB
men's Asen. Fact is thatt heIL 'iOn regulteieon the endidn't. major cities with etotalpOmt-ClawTh-inB..Wils o n.Whlsgone
Marine Etgineers gave the yknokina around Congress for aev- Last February President Elsen- latdon of over o30milllp municia .Le ..te.biggestovIernment

cae fths nettetlost
theconactwassetup.'prdu..,.avo, reovao the andI, "sbsqunt whlealngTh lobbyo. for. =.!th-/ Wilon I ~ncinwt

hat a mysterious Spania
afael Duran, stopped
rdon. They talked ab
ailing General Wl
Ie croing ordon'i
-raham. -
Duran suggested thai

"If he thinks his position 1i
troag, he woh't pay," replied Gor.
"You o se Wilson alone," mug.
ed Dra. "Do you ai
I your 1artned,Gr ham,

T goJernqteaIN with a
lordon. Th; i b the amIzl e
'r tape rseeum by

Mttll ii_ '.ordon later con-
fe that ei charges atlAnd
Wilson had 6 part of a ek-
mail attempt .T1us, govenrmet
leuths provM eir man wig in-
nocent It guilty.

By Colbrqith
*W r I --,

, j...





,:~g V,-~

.- -I

~t~I wInI~ ~


At Pei- |k Ql'i
Cowmpto HatyI.odd beds .... .... ... 2.65
a b,.bM -- ,........... ........... 0.96
Maobg"ny watr b .i ... .. ......... 1.40
n.. j tjoom tab.ind 4 hairs ........ 3.40
M --of-.n n te- ... ............... 3.2
S Itoh~n oablnts ...... .....** ....... 4.80
Mop Riving room sets ....... 7.00
M,, A ny ,'-' ers, .....-..... l a0.965
Coff A e .s,..................... 1.00
I!,ptint ad mattresses .............. 0.75
and rny other fantastic bargains

aTnd iso. .

Now ony furniturewill be delivered
Stodgy. ..; Without Down Payment,
Without Co-Signer!

National Ave. No. 41 .* Tel.: 3-4911


I that htroP .feeling of good
w brought m ut..
the extent that is found prac-
he playhougp hoped later to
pa as well uas English in

a M fia-gi ntu 7 a7 of groua D -ofNAora- It is not intention of Pan Ame
S e10 m es as e.e panimaniaaSand *. lean Playbouap to limit itself
Sas strained oranve r ement to i-rd the produton f plays only. Ratu
St al t ,ii wellwail maued out er hopes to. eventually encon
wfor a rs movement to licalled pis the whole reatm of theatre
w .this mominy we received Pua American Playhouu, t .sUt d
a carto of California .vl e ,group will centWv acti, Besides jmrieiO3M .t a n d a r
oranges from our friend, sLiu l r" ound helealrshitof A- ers of both classical and ca
Z.Eller o Los Angeles. He et n erie J. e or. temporary dramatists, the group
alog, rith the sweet oranges a meriy an aciate d ir at th1e 1es to enter the field of opera
oew reel a that use whole ilces succe ul Pa a Play. an the dance In so doing, it
rich a tavonotide. Let's take su eCa ul Porast Melt that there will be an increase
a healthy look. Ab leadIfi for Pdn Amerclan appreeUation for not only these va
Pftyhous Berest will irect a roue arts but4 for the variol
Broiled East 1dlma threei-at *'ite, ~-'c On cultures they riresent.
Fresh Ot aien lle Ya .due to o'pen t A third aim tt-o provide a wi<
c am Hall on e W.aal oppotunl or the original an
Ot large, seedless, unpeeled ip- t ese aT'a, e.,e evident in the in
orages into car -inch reat was, a t, B.o'tU amewn m ed .a .... .
th.fL. Top-each with m teaspoon Instructor of dramat Siat Newl' ays by local playwrights, C
butter or margare. Broil 2 mia- York University.. He ,a a* e. patic works by local composers
utes, placed 4 Inches from the sional actorIn anH thr ieeS tio by local choreographers
source .of t, with oven control of contemporary theatsjt # tin b y local artists and de
set to b -or andn e.-_ted, Top television and cinema.- *l'sgners would be provided the prc
with 1 teaspoon ndi chutney. jThus he brings to this a er atmosphere for critical judi
Serve hot Eat rid u pulp. croass-the-border common it lftt Imsento.
Serve with meat orpoi aitrttc ndt he ntrongartistin oenualo
l ",lnMrUltinaoe:cs .I aus' the Pan Ar erican Comunit
red Maised Or enane eten e bac und m uldt hereby achieve greater re
mace i.ation through having such
Qt Range, seedless, u peeled .With next weeks l- .t s dngoq which to display it
nasel rangmes into cartwheels ccent mon Yoyt th w.. .ar .
ba& thick. Top each with % tea- lean Playhobuse tae. l To rnmi tti high goal, Pan I
spoof butter 6r margarine. Broil step toward achieng werican Playhouse earnestly de
2 minut., placed Inches from Since this organlzat lfs at s res to cooperate with every i1
2 minutes, placed nches from formative stage, and dividual and with every group i
the source of heat, with even con* comparatively few, are as yet a. the area whose interest are in an
trol set to broil and preheated. ware of its existence, and outinae wq related tothe theatre arts.
Pour it teaspoon mint syrup over ts purpose perha in order .ved that Pn Ame
th surface. r Pa American Play 'b fnot on inyhavule has g ofntributio
the surface. Serve hot. Eat rind so much an acting o t to make to those from whom
the surface. Serve hot. at rind is an idea. drays its impetus ai4 its energy
and pulp. Serve with meat or It is more than that It is an Sufh mutual effort abould,
Poultry'; Ildtal whih goes somewhat beyond timer result in a permanent re
th presentatiolof theatr'cal'pro. pertory company in which t h
tossed Fresh Orange salad ductloiis only. community could takq grqat prid
e rThoug never losing siuint A*. 1hbecams, it w have been broug
Toss 7 head each, lett n e.OB sle fres *anges a the entrtainm=te m"nmamt lmand therefore each member of t h
rom0ane. 3 sliced fresh ranges edification of theatre a(o1 es .C.rom could look upon it a
and %, .p French dressing. If deP an American Playhouse h IaN, hi* ow.5
sired, serve with cottage cheese. first of all, to bring together in
Fresh Orange and Shrifp Salad theatrical endeavor the lve
and artistic aspirations O trb va-
Arrange orange cartwheels on rious cultures which m up Pa-
lettuce around ashound of cooked nama and its environs.
shrimp. Serve with mayonnaise or Through such an effort, It Is be-
French dressing. Fi furniture made of
California Orange Sauce IDarU I m in Mhopan i es.OW a
(Yield: 4 servings) Dtoinn oo i.
Combine 14 cups sliced fresh otiv our, Nervous0 Or wek dS A.
navel oranges, 1 tablespoon each, nMy.u should he o t.t Productos de Madera, S. A.
fresh lemon and lime Julee Cun immed tely w RoRNA. eed obr o
cup sifted confectioners' sugar and This wonder meidel aOl" AAvenue
you feel ounier. troilrer and SCmt Aen
I teaspoon grated orange rind. s ,le ao vr a t
SServe over sponge cake, cottage fO
pudding or fruit souffles. .aisfction suauvnm

' EN Ri v''A.ii

to whisky.

a Sold at all leading bodegas and bar's
r1a '^
A.. .

." -i-

D V a a a/tilch

S' r '.



I. 4A* ~..


GRAND TOTAL... $545,100.00






1 .
LE.A ER *1
I .i "







fq a e


TOTAL PRIZES..... $340,300.00

TOTAL "TRES GOLPES" 204,800:.0

GRANQ. TOTAL......545,100.
i o .




S.. -


Benei ce

I- I

'?. n

$O $100,000.00

..... 30,000.00


j1 .4

t+-..-.. -f + .

8. *7.- -

-I ~-1~- --



_-......-, .+; -No

a 1 .




44 L*moo
Vy W -, T.-.ilJ..

- U -

Record kop: Bill Hayes,'
of the w jke-.o..;, won L
ion bis w record. He ll rad
!t-, tromn Davy Crockett's
bidiaphy tor t oicways' corn-
't Davy Crockeltt."
1:, : i

Laedmon itcords. Hi wldow
released the tape Alan
e who never got too far be-. jS!!t Warm
ue he sounded just like the late I4I1 Wan Woer ttar -
X Calumbo, has suddenly over.. -
come that handicap-be's had two were held in Chicago with the Juke
bits in three months. Nobody can Box Operators voting on the three
explain It Kitty allen is hon- finalists.
Soary pluidaent of the New York .1 t .i...o" o.nn
lD wer. Pa Club., which is went to Chicago."lo sy
IrliLeo Dreoeber rooting for the says, "and met the ether two
Dodgers Cab Caoway back j They were both beautiful
o e .records, this time for Bell landes. I told msel, Well, at
S .2 = WarreI of the Met least you gota trip t Chicago
-o aire riser called outof this.
a i erside of b Bt slhe won easily. Her voice-1
k'- Y bo ho which she says improved duringi
dS& a 8 o f 'her noin.sngi- six -years-retire I
D ment-is a lovely one, and she has
a pleasapt way with a song. Her
G -r---ham u ,oinf to prxe was an RCA recording con-
fir% t solo rer-rd ~ he'd tract. Which brings us back to
.me down from the Bronx to that recording session which al-
A' big recodin studio. She most frightened her into running
*eked inside. There was a full wAy. It turned out fiie-Judge for
ihestra. ,tuning up, waiting. ourself with her lovely version of
r her. There was famed conduc-y1 6od sng, "I Don't.See Me In
84r Rg. Whterhalter checking' Your Eyes Anymore.
awasngeRAment wa g for her, Her chances of survival look
JCatrle, in the control booth, good those days.
waiting for her. There were a bat- -.
tory of engineers, fiddling wirth ., of on Graham
their equipment, waiting for h ar ret. ed a tof n yGra e
probleal for the RCA label writ-
era. The company also has Sunny
SGale under contract Ad they've
got to remember which Is "So* .
ny" and which Isa "untly."

Mary Livingstone (Jack Benny
program. CBS-Radio): When he] Dick's Picks- Kay Starr's "Good
*isses me with those thick glasses. And Lonegome- .aboM h Ier- irst
oa, I feel like I'm window shop. bit with ICA Others "'Pas thel

Pg- _____p____ Ilate of Rappipess round" (The1
DeJolai8ls.ers,.Epic); "Go On By
"I said to myself," Sonny re. (The 4ow boy Chuirch Sday
members, eat'ss Just walk Schol, Decca);I "A Litte you"
ritbt out of here, Sony.' But I (Sfm Gale, MCA): 'Learnin'
didn't. I walked in and sang." the Blues" (Cab Calloway, Bell);
"Dream Boy" Micd Mario, Capi-
It was quite an ericne sor tol(: "Junjge Druois" (ILSE Wer.
fh slim, pretty brunette. It's I er, Colul-mblaY; %Wrong Again"
een qute a slg, siace she (The Ang Broesis, RCA).
decid ed to g o b ac to w ark .. ,"
TheL.tare some AJve sodnd-track
Sanny started singing when she lbumf of 'new movies: Colum-
1as 7. First with a trio, then a ba's "Love Me Or Leave Me" has
t, she sang on. cocktail Dtois y :with ae great old
e circuit. She I0- f *,ed Melo-
tp Hunter College. st ,y, ..... filum f
gimusical things) p, y s. I features
dhe got married, had her first ehpdi the ise rrellh with
and suit both cocktail lounges and Om tt-'ari; RCA has Bob

"Say, mister, ho 'bout fkdl*sd S e p ? br8

Aus Ar t Prvi u usA L!)p!


I Singing Inso n
actress. Ethel 2 Great LkI
I 3 Units o

B iorn
13 Interstice 7 Possessed
SAer8 Eagle's nest
4 DAendy 9 Barterer
15 Distend 10 Narrow fillet
16 Dealer in dry II Willow genus
goods 12 Ever (contr.)
17 Domestic slave20 Required
18 Notiq 21 Flag
19 Sa eagle 22 Walking utik
21 Honey-maker 23 Bager
22 Pasteboard 24-Proportion
25 Note in
Guldo's scale
27 She has been
in many
31 Miss Gardner
32 Eternity
33 Father
34 Insect g
35P ia n
36 Eggs.
37 Famous
39 Piece out
40 1.t .

Charmlag Chat




- '-~ p

p*- cVb' .im

S6 Gase 45 Ralr
28 4(English0
S29V c stuff .clergyma
30 Type of chesa"4 Plunder
38 County in 49-.- mau)sty
Kansas 0 Rlvor (Sp.)
40 Amulete SI Compass point
42 Court district p Ha 04 envr
44 White poplar 3 pt it (a"M
i' ~~~ s T

One more child and one separa- Symphonies w rthy of your best incomes (Fr)
uitn later, she decided she'd have diamond needleI Borodin's Sym- 52 Demigod L
B go to work. There was a good abony No. 2 if B-Minor, Op. 5 54 Ba3 of iron
L-saon for this-"We needed to <(i le and the Philharmonic 5S Narly4
jarvive," Sonny says. And .ao ehe Orc a, Angel); Mozart's Sy m- M DanibWs p
me down from the Bronx look phony., o. and Haydn's Sym 1 Bed canopy
Cf Or a singing job. She didn'ttIpd poiy Zo. I (Gui and the Glynd e- .,,
one, but she did cut a demonstra. Festival Orchestra, HMV); ',,.,,
tion record of the old song "ryve Schqlrt's.Symphony No. 9 (Barbi.
a Crush On You," which a ronfl d the Halle Orchestra,
end submitted to the Miss Juke' RCA); .Mahler's Symphonies Nos. L "
$x Contest. I and F on two separate albums ;W N I 1 9
SI ( taki a the Israel Phim ar
And she got into the finals, which emole Orechestra, Angel). .


V.-. --- HR5 MA COUPLE
Iv YOUWON'T--- s1 jDo04W 4

'rit( II..A' B orW



-4; .
-.- .'-k.N

Wllfm-i (nwi
11 OMt0EN 'IrI*


Puzeled Boy





Don't Sit Dow

- I

IAND IN = tcln


OW COORGB1' rr-m^ao
40 119rariB&fi


The Angwer

SW. % VTH 'L6C CItolt \D O 1

WBW15tyBLM P 6'

I'. A.

- OA.OV'

t<050 S |w4 Fw.IfOA.O
(9\CcB | t thaLlh4*MOSM
I ~ I n r F*-'"'--
i t S Ss

Md MinUe


The News Gets Around

i 'UE0,Ur u


vamDInaG mObg a sh AJOM UOOISOU2' OUR WAR'

DWW E I066 m f z MOST CALL ) m
A STotWtl U .i4 MY 1iiEAhiiTY 7p.t1.' i, ri
PU'E HA6 COOCATED 01oS4 Os PA te i 6 "E25os-
I TVACJ TM F MB- .'1m ItATO 1-*c-a5
L*()S dI.)ESic)f r** F PLA i'410
epM^^eT^fi IOTA F
d6$TT6 Al6L. iH9 FALL, ALygliJ6 l~ It^ ^'
*^---^-*^*^."SHE'Di fs^i lm \ ^ v im. j ,





.2 ** -


-' _No w

p"- m-.*--i:igi

'!, ,.

S* "

On Second Thought



- Z,.-

j .L

A9 -Lt..

'* es

5L, -.. Ual
,.,tt b'-t p- e th r ye tho ge Ga : sobdle*n -, ....

ae tme eeto agetthe o.tariffm e. ot
...pLoCtan amO, fke

eii ead p 13 is. he Pr es hidn tea Th a o b or l

.^^ ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^^ B -i H ;ey j-te tof ba 1 pro, ieo fre ofk lieda l e. has give asilatrai Ftli o
S.eocratia. Loader Jor the Pn if the t m
inW M ,VmmekOl on d iillo it the Of P1 -.. .,
Nr poa surt rendered' tho l
t. __nast a teepth l a of Gasl o oheduld taoo on
lotsbIn advance Cltbthe ref 9 ands9: 3onavm. New SURsatio44OG
enate a4angnate ompromlse m -Oe gram ek pteb Cola dn Coung r BELT & BUCKLE Se t
man Rame MonLM

e a th ne ao ui thk the President aurren. The Canalonme lbor lead 1r
S dt tariffs by 15p dered yes," rep ied Mills. has ten a eal radio talk on

eament be tal tnr iffthat "p MllW. 1 is e returting to pedioese k on North S^^J tnop lpe.t
S nate .ts e oRepublican Leader Joseophrth a ah H edI t-N JIth mmu, .

ay c siio on the ister of the apsed mee te toady aoyp thea ropicalbn tlo ae eco p el t e re i
I ag nee ls so be in r 9erhapst. o W. Martin Jr. remarked t h t" .ni deigt the pouBibility
S"o. ee is obige at timea to yield lie heug ant e or talk on ha
Th101 "6cratl id by Ch ll r a o n to o(sn ars lnltthrson over tatlop HOG.
a rd Meag Comfitt, protested "is whether ou yield to get some- .

IKtascd Mr. lighSds f rom tn a pduald io e C ae oside nt T his sit oTb.5otor Dete r M i soel w t T, fe Adl c, S. A.

I^ W9411er '' ^^ t ed Tiae melticang abe opet tno of hl determne ha ter th aeera o .., Airnra bl in black, brown or
.euma be m ampiy N Ohsl that protectiono ist" amead n ts thing to pay lip service to," rine
.... Approve d by fall d. t-. .
semi Illthy II& on'......

s rmGroup etresi Cooper sad the s House had noa -
s ou c ,et 2o in tof id trade progm the choice but to ct the ompro- i ain i d.s
Sthe mu wlers ,groupwl be ina It h mise. He sa te "acid test"..

l f eThe ul tthe jethed ato ia the i i future of l soral trade w
Theld I 1 It 11:00 P .M. t, give iur y. w.Id orer Tour Td, oh-wltPrie
h Col d ) ath l a o n oe idelt 3Ya r Tourt t
ordn h to seekproteciona mPbckleAftersea S

arranged:s to seek protection from can withstand pressure from de. o- nc
ra ree domp tmion under the billa mestic i industries. hle Rev. Johnf S.M Duffie, as
"L-Misea Hles llghos from "Caraicalled e"escape clause." Thisi distant to Dean hMadc Donald A nr The bfine brie
% ,lius anrla. o eNO caced at So tapv Bt M e rigo e m Snthe C athe5ral iof, oStLukeAaonaegat In b lac -,

The itmas oseph o fIdusth rie. al atd wi to the dnc ses wil_ the of North n l'
et oo a. ,,etoa- reve n oneos- th e t Shhl o the *Ciroh wina after nishin ,aio three-o

re I Ng on d the pz ,t a lot b c e t the Ep -al

7ay. and thel o do""cras-d at the noDel Weee ootgfa iluroe's To At oa ch oun the Isthmus.
ea il ec an th e public rom rboah i r ad stem M le0 d, FatherI MeDuff leservedin tBlue-

bsion At tI end Hute of tht le .dac and. onaln wa, Mra S and Evolyn noNiciar and lere atve in hlS tools o t St. iM WANK'
tue Cag hes.Zo and the Retmuu. T ob saiad th amad oe iot gt sroU ster i an S. n ai o
er0 anmlonma r otedialo y nv a lot Tiher to notiate a l oo t prmicaw hter s las eed h ato t eisa's
u FiWM one. -har- ill s compromise ai ie inn the qu--as Anr all n Cl fashion show, tea- ora when th cC o t eitentI ar
iaed r Bce G. of Soiert sRep. Richar d H. Simpson R-Pad touring dress and sport ensembles Since late i m954 Bishop CToon
Churches onn Isthmus. Those Foedtis to afford soime Frotocfeehonor in La Boca and Gai*iboa,
S.ReVerent Miltomn iA. Cookson, Dr. Thetye nadte amnmetginaIrop Aircal,' r the ihow will. fea- a surprise party for himt in Ba -RE
Louis Fiske, Mr. Charles Willams provide for import quotas on c ner turheJunior Arthurs o an op Morris Hail'when the congre- A
and Mr. Bruce G. Sanders, Jr. olan products if the -re id e nt his troupe of 25 actors, singers eao with vounC peTole,
the The eting will b open to the should determinethat their free d dancers i a extravaanz rious gifts.
ipuburc.ea t. Th0 n ito a ter so entitled "Slaughter h6iTenthdAve."
cM A.. dancgD bDNegLnsd seU rty at 8:- p. GastneeGrdola and his Pa. Fr. McDuffle will continue to
Araeolo Selety of Pansma b e sad Repi. Wilbur llls tronome bnd and Clarence Mar- do missionary work; at Blowing
Naae will hold it's r D-Ark said the amendments dd tin's orchestra will play for the Rock, Boone, and Beaver Creek,
F, ka I A N. and tR AN BAs thilr m ooh UlSO-JWB 7024. not require t te Presidentto dance and the show, which is NC., and will also serve as chap-M
gwer V t manoatear A W.I.,lare Mr.L and- La Boca ., Balboa, C. into all l'i ndustrydesd '-oscheduled. to 'get underway lain to the students of-the Appala-
J. Dnele t an. M.% Danielsen Is an Englprer at the tonight at 7:3 p.Am. It is an open b dst aiif fs or impose import promptly at 8 p.m. chian College in Boone.
rAt .rnU. Ceks, Panama Canal Company. The t meting, to whih the public is in- qgeta on foreign Gproducts. nera a n p ave
week ri n ssisis aMpsiaturn d a -few days aeg to Gatn. vit. There ll be illustrated Ot, etiy saI the willh e -General admission prices have
Stalk on Veraguas Culture, by P i., eat pressures on, ,mybutt been set at 85 cents- for both men
Fe 'rso l tr e ChristaCrch lp which will covert It pe easierl for domestic and womeI.
D-ort sat the aar a b tB.he e tiute b te Sujc o uriall
I iit Cld Mrs.'Alex MLeod stations to the Ninetieth iAniver.-IA WCTR o
-,anouncdev the w adding gsry Servicedn and dedication c of t e i w11 Toda yerv sM h.p."S
f daughter Peggy -Monroe opera Memorial Hall to bel whld sTod g st at 5 m s n oer m a TH IS EE SALE IS A "
S 6r. JosephSviston, tonight at Seven-thirty o'clock.- year's study in New York, w i ll
Unite States- Army today e t six address the Inter American Wso
o'cloctk it the Bas Chapel of Al- The Rt. Rev. Reginald Heber an's Club on the subject of Beau-
brook Air Force Base. G .Gooden, S.T.D. Bishop of the Mis ty, Charmand Grooming."
stations have also b. e en Igs. sonary, Diocese of the Panama
sue4 for a Receptin immediate. Canal Zone will be the preacher.
e17 top s a thederemony at tre pr s a hiwrleyMusselran
Quarry Heights 0f.Uorsa' Club. Drawing 'O Navy Rellet Raffle name was drawn for the Z e r o
Peggy chose itP ie parents' To Bie ield Saturday At Dance Hour prize; however, being ab-
Nth anniversary .Aher wedding. The drive for this year's contri- sent, the amount of the prize will
dayt butions-to the Navy Relief will be increased at the next meeting, I
come to a close this Saturday, Members welcopted Ida Sovela. E
AST AD SOCIAL June t, with,a dnce and drawing dy, Miriam Smith and Evelyn .
Co atiand gs of the lucky nuiabers to b- held Barrett, therthiree new members aimed to solve your gift problems:
su[raRee ponebe t the. 'l.cers.iblo be p tiated into theqlu;b.I
Tuael b ffeon 1 1Iadtt wives of t he Dto T-U. E Re'lnf Raffoen e'riasn CaShrefrusemnth e .. A +
Inor MaMO(mrs Irn loanmeeting5
g ood-b i1 iW. may tained by- 1 esIal hour was enjoyed prices drastically sitah4d.
atulated ne family ar, d his ehabing at the one chace :'c'hce next meeting will be 4 -
wife on thi bitth of a son,:onhFri- onmthe avelteen s prizes ben Thursoda=y, July 14th. -UNTIL WEDNESDAY ONL- HiFidelity
day, June 10 at the Fort dCliyton ing offered. Only one donation per -it
Officers&. Club. The dinner dance, couple is necessary for admission. Venezuklan Ambassador And E
sposored b the- officer' of PC" Wife Retura To Panama Specialists
atery jcomed second lieute. Thedancinig begins at 8:00 p.m. Venezuelan Ambassador to Pa-i.- e -ecast
ants William R_ McA Ip*i Jr., and lasts until 11:30 p.m. with the nama and Mrs. Esteban Chalbeau n. 25 or
Robert H. Dupont, Hans -L. U.- drawings to take place at 10:00 Cardona returned by plane yester. OPPOSITE THE ANCQN
stein, Alfonso I. -assp Wallace 1 day from a vacation spent in Eu- El 60 cycle
R.tElender, and B illy TdDisx6nt t -tot rope.
the oattlin, It. Cola hG. *M. M: Medates' ILovenlady, r, ..
elty, tne atthalto Commandert'i SinfI And Barrett "Avy otcersnt;Or Ye- on choose the best products
0"so ed Major Raymodd J. Initiated 'ato Emblem Club "Aoceat Os -opa"
Wri thief W arra4t Officer A large group of members at- To raise finds for Panama cha- Inle, Geray, th ..
Fra C Couch' Chief. ,Warrant tended the June meeting of the r is, the Navy Officers' Wives',sea dwiterlan,.
officer me' .Williams, and La Boca Road. Sister mina Dek ub I pre tin the comedy, and Switzerland .
Captain arl C. McCrary for their Second Vice President conducted "Accent On Ytund beginning on
support -lb. past, and ls.ed the meeting In the absence of anm the 23rd forthree days. ak Coelumbie. W ab* cor, Melntess,
ep luci .a-thear- -new aIssig W n- President Floda Monaco and Vice It Part in tle play will0becth
nedts in he.Sit President Adelaide Seldon, who Pan Aweric n Playh Wre e Tennoy, Shoen, Universety, gloctm
at L. dMrs. Iaomnel st a d Bartest rest,' who de h lolVitt Voice Shret Theren, Garrerdut
e,~0h Nvoybfiaf mas rforenaen of "Yes My Darling
ew hab.,d M tr them with Mrs. Jerry Waioi~d, Chairma .ubu"tzO will -go Wharfedelo, Qued, Fisher, Picker-
ith r ie cup as a gift Off the lntertainm et CommieeU at- To0 p dt o amm a eall- In. Audax, e yirchl, G.E., Hell-
r oc- plans for a benefit Charity Bazaar at $1.00 are on sale. mark, H. S. ScoW", Presto, REK-O-
aufier oTE. Fo a toabe held in there Mfaal l. GI a-lu k C' prse thrCut, Jensen, MeanSesrd, AMpex.
Thd s..-to. Wardens and Ves. Morton wonme White Elephant tTh o frth c f f i s' Wivesl
-. lu au nes hayt thole cheon Hi H Fidelity ,

Friesndn'. 4 et ." mPresident Adtelkind0 Sdo nw og a 8:od a.m. on the 2 e and
poeipthy and all flor-e offerings exiertided will stop at regular school bu u Tah or e

.t U.l- Sa. -.nt Crch Arriving Today 'lud
w t e w s er Reverend and Mrs. Rmy e uak
sters Em-!y Rolew and y or WIlliam wils are to.

day by. plane Utm Hancev A-
Ull A+/_ ..../ Tlabama.KRev.Stilateyw ll be the
Pastor of the Gatun Union Church.
M .AT'TACK" On Friday evening, June 17 t ,
7:00 o'clock an Installation Serv-
ice will be held at the Church. All
HMiom friends of the Gatun Union Church
ael Amrke s aret invited. A reception': wl O-
fi l wl ruf su low in the lower levol] f the
..... ag Chief tionfChurch. th.,n innx ., at MOTTAS

beH For-Tw- ga--ad favonte
A CO N Colrfulienrofl red tomatollces and crunchy
gruMnT uuWfle f w ,thMs solod o popularity
heet a bad soug h i a winner in vary uWesi. Especially when you
Vatea b adbe ab faskw Pl wIpuy tMw Kral* Mayomiahel
l" M Arrang lettuce leaves on a plate. At one
-aoteetaN eedge, piece a bowl of Kroft Mpyo.nise.,
tloag y verU tM'" led Tl amd umrund wih wltercron. Score and slice
im aelO q e. lG I M the Mpdele-d ewumbers. Sterling *t 11n rim of
btvi ''. a .-1. he pl.te. .lter.-drlee of cucumbers end

****** skes.* T---- I--^p--le l---p --heMalve

Few/fop military men can match GCeneral
Maxwell Taylor's combat record. As com-
mander of an airborne division he landed behind
stfemy lines in Normandy. In Italyhe volun- -
tpwed for, oe of the riskiest secret migions of
World Witi. And he's starred in so iayedier
campnig's e's know as "Mr. Attack."
He wag the a President Eisefihower
*.. pl.y.a ie ia hdi .in book, Cru "d In
Kff .e, fo htroic achIVae wile b coam.
goo dk ofisco l*d"t1. Alb a#l4
a .is I 4m o th iour. she-
^ i~ -;:- 1 -

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Our new look, just unpacked

deMigned for all ooasions, in
beautiful smart priMst.
Also fasWionabe BLOUSES
to match every design.

Al ip Bev botte than homnimda aKyomnaDga

Qoft. Mayonnaime.

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^ilk UM L

,- .-. q .

I re t No. I1
b W. July Ave. A J .L
S,.,feOTOQ dY


m5m a cI5W f t of astr Av*.
CASA ZALDO Agenola Internal. do PubliooliMwe
Cetml Av a comsal Amvt "
... 7 ,ARMAClA. BT. ..* -.-y.V Wx..,- ;",.-.
"._ *.H "uri^ '' i' 1 .... .. J~z w~i "'.'" .. ..

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**,'^ -.- *.. -': .'.-

PAil A O I

WE OFFR generous trade ins
on Refrigerators, Steves (theom.
RETIREMENT, LIFE ,ne. ga or electric I. Uey wash-
SRET. E- g meeehine on purchases of
EDUCATIOV INSURANCE igidaire all-prceloin refrigr-
otors, Tappan stoves and Ey
wes thing mechims. Free ppes-
JIM RIDGE .Is,. a saIt Mr. Gonsiles.
ECONOGAS, S.A., Phone s-
Phone Panama-OS, 09 3.0919, 3.09008.

FOR SALE:-25-sycle Westing.

- ~L.f

FOR SALI:-1950 Jeep "Land
Rover," prfeet suminl mdi l-
lion. Can e seen at "Le Me-
derns" Ase m e Station on 50th
Street, lle Vita.
.OR SALI:-1953 Pentie De.
luxe. Prh" 2.1331, Esyano
St., Anson 0590-A.
FOR SALLS 1948 Packrd,
$500. Cell 2-2964. House 0912


- Central Ave. No. 22-69, op-
powie ReliMre Statiem. Pioen
2-3479. Day-alght sdTvie.
DR. SCHOLL'S trained Chire-
Aste. Aend.or. Ju- ANm-..
as Ne. 51. Pnmme 1-2217.


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1 46 *W----:- v c'l l'lf

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2 e-dmem M glbe.dd werw,
PhoM Pemnam 1-4941.

FOR RINT t -"fmiohed and -o
fuormshed 2 ea 4-seem modem
.rtmeMtL. *e ut* ALHAM-
- Pheme I Col.
FOR RINTN--b*ds.m coe f

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.-house refrierabo w ith no Amedeor eoad, ape.i-ldet, "wngo b m r l e.- VINS'FOR AT Wen
eUr=enedi$6 Banl iP U e rst Pe ee, Z-e bi' e I. place mi,, '.
H & D0NN p"ot lob, very c-mesp. Call Ba.1 -a Me. a Whuo

& T .enge^ .. Mw epltment eely. women't dressr. Cell 2-1728, 2-2502. ,, $1.0s r.e aUseble effe,, unfunihMi 2-bedem .pa* -fo rservetin. .-314T. i. -- ,j _'1., "^.
s 2-32429 Ne 624ISD Hsker PI., Die- tL ... l 2203. me. .. e .11"ai ,d-"-, WAN"rTID-. N. 4. 800. cl leed &
A "f'r _p.m.....n- ,- .....0 l. S"" 4 W S .LL: .-. S ,,_, Cal.. .... LESS a I, bt-10-.for
SFO SAL--.ridor ef5leO. ICoupe, i nl unngk fCi ndi ioen, Rr ves oe l ( eR1200. ,) R. Thise=dOW e sd4 _.. ." I

uh., ... ..l. w 7m n u. re Ce0l 2-1 1k, ere,-,: -..:;,-., b,. word ,eu.eSPOR T. S ..TA ,, RCO fuER P"-ho .2 .i". ..e -- .-0 14 MN CRATIVE DA .CL CI 'l.. LOS.. e ,,, 2
n10 .Pro-t e new, FOR S200L P: ne 2c 4449. v l Ph 25. n onrtatn 100. C llbuilt- A dio In mew o *FO E kNT, *,fu IN Ished ti rnSci teo-Clara. Ph.lalbev r-4 .
r C. Fbre bDg.DS. 2-2 FOR SA502Ll:-.Siil bd, breek- .. WE ELL:-- Chiken r, o 1423, ad d. For inf*- OUn@r It- m -m..
S Dr.n C. A. oy D.DS. Bflt 9, D, me ny t Hker household FOR SALkE-SudFbh.ker PrP... .ie. CASA SPOr T, S.A., No. f ,,. m-- : JInd rt, Pn...m III I l l S l ,,O i
A .. .... I. items. nouse 210-8 Sos Plce ltne modl IM 5 Iar1rop sport ii-l8Centrel AvyMe. 1b FOR RiI .T-, nm rapt, 3.3 -
DeldS,- l iM e i-r. Roi.d.. Ancon. ro usa5black'fi d n d, wcle -, r. OET. ,, NWTESeLroh AmWericsn lmef-gU* R- 12
.a..l eaveAne gtM. --- walls, e dramatic, sthmus. Pho 185 Wne SELL- A phe .et k tme -plrei. Yn e *Mtly d t *mh e. "r e.I L 1
Dr CA** Fabre"SD.D.. FO SALE:-60-yle Kelvi, hp. brreWE SELL: l carburer,. 4000 pChien i. 1423. 5 0471. fula k. F r and woe, -(oun v n ,p
Dr .. s e raA.D test frigt, many other ho mlld F 2200R cALE h. Studbae Frie. CASA SP.* S .A., N. til ae e.,a--e, a ll: SenJ -r.. l Panam .u S
items. House 210-3 a m C ode1789. 1-955 hardtop $pert 11Cntr A nue FOR RENTi.- La eh ed m t prtrim
1--. ... ... .... SALi:-1950 Ponties 6. f f.nished .partmeni(h$HO. TivM de ht nfdea]]i|, to ae,-'lte-. ;'
g- W Sce. .07K-9imlw-p5. Pie begN .Io.o Cl itl O fr ew sd r h of Ade

Dmmh.btr I O. ..R s odA Tnolenene _prtbast ni:t on nBraniff d wter-hoi state O f ashie Nt A ent.. n h

IROPRETO | FOR SALE: Ch.,p, ,n good TICKET No. 536 sold at the WANTeD: RADIO T7CHNI- P]lane l-0127: na tnal Airway s El.onqula, ltsma.nufac.rt
n E n 'n 'O LAnt senditio like : C poing, iF R SALE: -Timph TR .2 Cu un o. du n..,n 29 April 195 S CIAN. Ixperl e -: .lectrc ia.u- "'o in route -t-----,--------- --u-l dr G lo tDt. |.t le, to
p Graduate slls. hydrstat, radio 5 E not A cimd. T i pe- Pt time w k fr I.S. the cent o verl peak student t Sta o dnd theuss La
bl fromIar)- with bech, ekt of dw 4,30p.m. Ctst Curau $205. Peme. Oc i l httrips. And and to undertake P eamistry t he5Un

-.. iilt tabl-. -eby -ri,,. I.M's -----M >. H... ,.Al ...Ip ad-, .iry, Sci scientificc r.e..rch program. Colordo. 1
.-l. 0e.-, .L60-cycleKel FOR SALE 0 "p n.. pIl#. C. P 5 Ol 1-a- HOG-840 r as aa
S .i rS .s. m ,ao.$-2,Co M200 csh. Navy 3l 97 ., h R-4N 1 p1 WANTeD:Man r..o. wh e. the world. 'e sre ve sttee eda Al S rnd Caa

n 2-24 price. Call 31789. n I tral Av. enue FORad experience N sollinOr i an rise d y ro their ,
S NA ARI *ia FOR SAL:-rWi enr motorbike G I flyp R is-hed, patme-T-. t- $110.-Tiv- the "de.te m e toI le. .s. Aa a d i t

I 5 pbm. eW SALE9 'e | p.. .H[.Tcylin.d er motor e x -Senl thDo". 07OR.P.AlhE:. te e M PreSnS eke- Alomba a e Carn% aB! 8.
@r otuor$2ia a $175th. 29th SW IM M ING AND DIVINuG t..Pii" r' T W r ,tanre15e ut wain toeu e ap rt og
$ I25. lare 2e u N .l 23. hhnedoor3 ,0ex ce n. a:e Y,6e w uth e real b upY tri t T. r e 'mg e i n O sPry o f nc f aS ser an t

I Wildd-Sick BDeal l ,arge number ofB.- 1 ned dsuhter; Luis 3. Echeverria; PnemoRi. tPoh.el o a a hes a oeady ha"
S 0 S-A i e Pere, r e 3 '.o a e.- RlPositiogrn .Offered. classes In Charm scientistsPsd through Tocumenu o ..
FOR SALE: Chep. in good TICKET N. 536 sol d 1 t10 he WANTD: RADIO Te CHNI- Pe n1-02. atona Airways "El Coqu ta. aP

De IArra d.U o nation like n2tCoApurundudanc9 A- r1IdrencInolonc. t m 2 R adblockedProuams

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ou hsAve.uekTeL 3.13"dbed. r ugrIn Mattress, vanity miles $2000. 83-3218 efter son holding this ticket shold oFactory expert wil lrr ea inyou Idnt aed hteCrdilaor of thePa.s

bsak from with bench, p hest drawers 430 p.m.assengers r e Orect Curudu 205. Pname.Ocasntl she trips. oPe rn hogatoi Aes andt de a
night table.b obyt crib,-?b Iwo d -o PrOPSALE:rt hn eis L Heflhrefter All Tpwens anderwoler 3 pScheolhScitat es eaote pone program ,.

nOwnta b c..ul bueo .A.uninc Wickersham 'sa he later as. ley. Ho; ckey and three children: Mr. g months miirY p nres.eted t' h O--NEBON EDDY'S PNT- promptly pledged fresh efforts to yeerday aa t oi
tpor. signed hi op tion to a Florida. The complete advance pas- and Mrsl. f n5..llanoncela 5Hopkn awd c il e HOUSeB PARTY (SeT- save thsem -e Sirnlltes
Virginia nd cate in exchange for sener list for New York follows: two children and Mr. grama V.O. Shortly afterward, however, the Commitee refe o
ch5 prs e -erest in the o wner- Mr. and Mr. A.Errett Albrit- Lster D. Hummel uand on Mr. He wk assist the Dean of the 8:30-Adventure of PC 4 joint Atomic Energy Committee money or Don

M ,ship of the land. The syndicate ton; Miss Dova D. Ant'll; Mr. and Mrs. Rob;rt. Jeffrey and Cathed/al, of St. Luke until hi s (BBC) dealf the Dixon-Yates plan, a new .ionotU, e. and, inste d sS t
S2 bought e tt he u and undO r the o tion, and *Mrs. Aeust Bauman and *two children; Olaudio JImene a; r retirement from the Panama Ca- 9 --g Your C mmud For It (re- blow. It ordered that no atthe ic a s taet U anwTVArte t
TINENTAL which a FO 0 an are woul be li on; Mss Hae Beaver; Mi Jose M. J veneti Man nal Co. and w then ake a year quet-pleae pho be und be used to connect the t The Preent
S ID$176500. Wickersham said he s Mildred Sandrone and Miss Dor- Mr. ad Mrn of spedy at the Episcopal fore 7:30 Memhia, Ark., power plant wi pleaor e two ad
entitled to 5 per cent of whae othy M. Sand rone; Mrmotorbike. Klontz and son; John Bpartme. Nel Theological. eminary, Alexandria, usc By Roth the ennessee Valley Authority. s a e a ul Wht
Rjatio Jump l.ose"e d a er the syndicate may get i it Fr eady to drive awno and sx rhl- son el. and Mrs. Alexander Ko- Va g !ll:00-esymphony Hall sy tem. nonlerencewith Reo ub tlcn cm
or1 ::- sels the land. If it sells at the ren; Mr. and Mrs. Broaden Lew- tais andr two children; Mr. Greene comes from a thecli:00-mbNewae-ai n .D ir esional tleadey 'oT
". ^ Iame price, he would get a 8.824. F lda- d two children: Mrs. Fran- an.d Mrs. Mdton M. LaCroix and well-known on the Isthmus, who t he committee completely Iag- sthled tra ng.. Pm
Thg nla 1nd is unde exploration Mo .R. Bral el and daughter; oo children; Ml s Bde, M. Li. came here in 1915 a yDd he haS ored th e Preiden ors atomic perv b nd r-bi. Di...

P 5 p -for oil, Wickersham said. He on Mr.gadrt) C. Brenneman; Mi. s ter;- Mr and Mre. Norman Mac- nt most of his lite h.ern Durfng tomorroww, Thursda, June P 6 p4a9 hi p in ito re ergy oil oaey highwra D111 .at1 la r wt .
. .. ,'.. -.. -u share of any oil is one. barrel out Jeiinne Brown; Mrs. Susan Leod, Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Word War -I he served with the ;viouly approved b authorities caused p n, a so were du- .
I l of 1.280 ae Brwn: tewart J. Brown: Miss HNarx; Mr. and Mrs. len K. Uimed te am. .Ame- Today, Weign On The Alarm the nacyat e Univerat o to

....3SWickerbush am said the idea on ry Jane; George w. Mnn er a"o nd twr ; thlcdren; Mr an. Pnm r t n acoc--ub (re1uest1- procee d w Dth t n27,7oW0 a,,, co a. -l ,
TA La i ;$17^ Bruzee, ownA. i ersa of the Wash. IT.Idllo nand five children: M daughter; and MLis M ray D. os- Southwest d University in Le s '..forne '0) M ehs ,. Ark p ower lan e or ....
.,e sy eo a f re sidents and Mors lHrlMnoan Bi n: D r. a gR.alonder m a--h ch e Ay Wldaw..i h. Ther., the i
s e "rr.iuo r s*ec s t he lnC Iaoa iZusy esls the dre. n Mr a. B el. r eerR nd H. OtU an a Zlhoe h0M RYille ete o l.-i wi t oic were .u.- s id .- ," lu10 vry' d.eSe.r '

Il' S -4 11 o-Ah 'd0 o"hp d Mnr .e aI .---SasM r H".r- W h a t 'so oou r d r t "M ^
t 0 11br s Datdammd ay he g t aong the 154 passengers al-F ry: r. and M Mrs. l onovLan d:i i w elfr 2n the. Amor2stheo,3sIpeeInateepr a

i a se la cise atutday for New York. a- eye and two daughters .Mr. bee ab eh 3 S i"0 ) Re .ui r.Mtos For-

S--1 r at to himself by putting up a Line. daug ter:,.i and George a a. .. "' Ernest Robertsn i

Sd Me iM.A .G ld t i ; add oL st Su.. ..a mo.. .d' ,r nt e ei: -E rn*b 5Ioue US

odo ar a m al ah d os m e d thee pSaisliefm N ew rs n forTNew C'ia 1 and"LI Jan.n Aa ylo r 2 eR k P rog rats
SWickersham said the aa York are uHenry L. Donogan Ci- nold to a inI o00-nd In e .a
PPtIn a couple e of thumonths ago on voil fairs Director. &ecp:3 acres of land at $10 an .-iedelra. aDonovanland 3d.REIE

bull- Fifth; A... o ,nh--,esrei the tEvergna in Monroe u to d ru i er; a nd Roger C. Me l a Mr :and Mrs. RoerC. Hackett reii Hte .heE oou etraol t. pa ors -w Musicale
rCont. landesheld by theDea of the Canal Zoneu Dard and daugelr,, Gertrude Church. 7:00-NCAFEORGNELD WASHINGTOne1oP).:-
estate of an Oklahoma friend. o.uCollege, accompanied byaMra.'Halliday: Mr.anis ward The tev. Williaom W. Baldwi ?r I eS tesiedyestErda for V reen ha aneas re a

A. McDougal, he said. W ene o sh-n Hackettr and their daught. W. Hahe. and Mrs. of St Andrew's Church. ....preac1 l,5- DreSPe rin T hd a ysteop rea hn lor rsuroh
ahmosdno- t sengerosare bookd oredc=onhe a the tmor :so-Report From the USA Yatqs private power programs.

neare: Dr. and Mrs. John L. a Ship- mlor. an ndwa r .: ore i.
not C"- i',toR, th_ ot n-th d ora d-.-a0- rve .G it i. Tne y o aromn as b" a ie onder h oe en G-Pop tc essionl e ah s ehe ce v o ed
nl e Casualty usto I C DsutaheWickersham said he later as- ley a S Hickey and there e children: b the ministry, presented the -pee
the -iy eaIto un-hi e-.on- Ttio- n tom an Florida- The comp letel advance pas- and Mrs. William. E. Hopkinsne Ig. f Or hasbeeny yea s wu :- Ei ..HSO N E DDY' (S e Lspvedtgemd f effort to si. rey a ,ga t m ic hir ..
Virginia sn ica e in exchange for singer list r New York follows: and two children-...'.,,-and Mrs. d in. grams V.0. Shortly afterward, however, the"Commi-t_- refused to povid th

5 per cnt interest in the owner- Mr. and rs. rrett R Albrit- Lester D. Hum mel and son; mr. He w assist the Dean of the8:0-Adventures Of PC 4 joint Atomic Energy Committee m r o a si
under the option, and Mrs. A ust Bauman and .two children; laudoJienez; retirement from the Panam a CA- 9 -You Akd For it (re- blow. It ordered that no atomic

C.I .Miss Dr.Jose ehtedu;ied nar. a lO anthen tae ayer
.,,_ N. 176 w, h .icha n r ams id. e ng Mr and 3 h M.isMiindreof specil stndy at ther Episorp al. fore:30 1 M Ark., power plant W I plea fa tfoe twomirAa.p w r len pro
T MON 1- 1 7entitledto 50 perke ntoa s aidhe.sMildroMe Sandrone M Oan Mr.otz anMisonyhnRoth;he enessee Valley Authority gas a hswel Wi0ios

A T ,er the syndicate may get f it-Frank Borselllnoandsix .hil-'saon: Dr. and Mrs. Alexander lo- Va. .11 h, ,,,..h00--y.mphony Hall system.ea con
S. sells the land. If it sells at Theden Mr. and Mrs. Broaden Lew. tarski and two children; Mr. Greene comes from a SeenaimlL o.1..News. lgnoffh r e i o
same price, he would get $8,824. Is and two children: Mrs. Fran-n d Mrs. Ton M. a n ek on t "sthm us who
Thei land- .. und in,,-,x,.plQrationl0Paft. te and dugher- two children; thres>e0.M.Li- came here in 2915 and he has -,noed the President's atomiserveI bl-a,-bo... .'"
for oil, Wickersham said. H 1 wnNer*$ C.sBrenneman; Miss ter; Mr. and Mrs. Norman Mc- _8en4 most of his life here. Digm .rrow, Thursday, June 16 peace ship In its report on -a pre-
Csi hl t rLed, Jr.; Mr. Mrs. Edward world viously proved b authoritizing a o w .
1r (Ui, lefft) H. =oa .4e ni UI. ; Mr. and Mrs.. Alen K. United States Navy,.the Atom(RNItl_,g- Committeetto
ree pomp .... t.. I rual n the optionIwas u ggeitednby ee S ham; Mr. and Mrs John- d MLter he studied.lawatt t-,t Cl (stsiw ithp rojctin cln .,
Brz te, optonwner, wnd othe andM r,.a- t andfive ch.ldri Mto Hter andLss hMaryd. o,-ue University iL---tpleasephonebefore 7:00)h ase. that the Pesid e.-
i -[ 1 r a owe e tofyeW 0ontries an d imarClo dl:5urIThldoo eap prnved projectshwere loen at te tmic s .ri
n la an t r Brien.Cal. and was admitted to The report disclosed thatmany
era hspervtiousely -.,0vo, th:napprodproject wer oI
St businesshrt.Mrs.r ng "orene -. riiilf P u~ .e 1*30-Musocal Reveille nected with atomic-powered sub- e v dtermind
a"I _iuiretah ethousdur er des.iM -, Parker. and trf9. gd ..., .........""aoei ad"ln bapo -.._

N '1 .. m ey._"Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Pulliam;.his, .fic. Iin the Administration 9:30-As I See It _-_'_ o n_, e.... .. ..
Cam to n :g erd Ch a n Tur s d a o e y" at n d M iss V io a L tewtroG eorgehel irer D B u ld t*in n B alboa manyafH r ye arht s, a n d 1', .-O ff -1,arT he eartRec rd (req u e sts D e e r n o w 7.. e o wlan, edc
Iacm Semanada receivmusnaerd class0
pton Pasaeng IsrS ema n and h3chide;o Mr. and gionandhe othe or i 1:30Tert
F o r u n a r d o l n err Scho re n.o J M es g s h y L idst w or p t em p le tin g h is"stu d ie s"',ln.1:0n th w orl as a n erb of ih e
i Called To.ww' "- A -requiem mm oe-lat t I-E l.
Pioe luxuryliner rrit..Mic .ss Cla L a ,ire b r an d the Isthmus to be or- 12:0-Lunchtime Melo ies "est A. RobetAQ. h
willm a uxy Osina LhewAerenuimcmessiforGe rg e dIp ate peaceful uses of atom power.1

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Foreign Office announced For- Wal passenger manager of Cun. 1:45-.Spirlt ofrTheoVikiInIg i --Is rch. ;irbi

not official y announced but It, The complete itinerary will In. rTa 2''--T no d Hi Mi. "." Trsio ieIa
MacmIlan would urge both aidesier, Valletta, Alexandria, H a if"" I2y:06-Orgau aorlndersa&Wd Waitem wil" hold at
to meet with United Nations: Larnac. Rhodes, Istanbul (pre- r a PARIS, June 15 (Up) -The, :15-FreddyM .art n Show.meting toorrwat .att

i records Changers separately this afternoon at the.Barcelona. Palma Algiers, Mala. tiallv esr-,,, and some 30 t roofs Arg- 3:00.

,* Amplif iers Ha-n Ambi'assadort" VittroZ p pn....i't oe r e d-r_3-I-m-in ute:thunderstormThend"polaItcal as V eilas micita r i (Cot'd) o10.45-TIeFo er

5W.. ,. '? .. ,, ." .-

Ok ..,4,,0
l ei 'F

- 1* 101

I-. mw.n84 "Gn m Latimore Wins An other R'ndu

SC WWASHINGTON. Jue 15 -(UP) Lattimore of lying in dying he
w -the u. b. ,ous to Aieawb, oy was a "follower' and promoterr"
a 4-to-4 Lie vote, yesperaay upaeid of communism. Youngdali throw
Federal JudgLther W. Young- tls out in January.
,a Py W hi"wJAC00aT RALBI..;,. N. C.. June 15 (UP) window in which he.saw lMuck-.dal's oismiussal of te over n- He said such "forless and ob-'
M A Service -A PUiw testified today he n a.t just about three 'clock met's "key" pry charges a- acure' charges would "make a -
'sw- e lcd l kbohn ots n that .iy Ie 13th. gamut Owen Lt w moee. ham of the Sixth Amendmln;"
f'nn"mcld o r f mhnuasan mbi lnce carried off a vioua testimony by three er pleaded wit tne appeals c. t be formedd o thenatu
s a f 73 woan killed by a lu fromstate witness concerning 'the'reinstate the counts, said he would cause of the accusation "
S a-'. "J 2B. Kluckhoha's target pisto. screams and siren wails that be- Istuy me iulin. before aeci lag 'h.e .. f. A o. c. I
-- ent Pri a,,llection -i8 J 101 5K .l~~uckh0oe bla rly,21.yer a immediate after the wo whether to 4 to the Supreme Dt u lo a -
doWIUn& AK eeierA parents, w4 on ubO YPtrue as she
__ ses._,e ll aWwRATthtrial hrcharl'rd ewithe the mur uer e same umbrella with r So offi al said there may taus nine judges but there i s
w l 6J92S 6 4 Bernice Seawell, 43-year-old gov.sister, Mrs. H. Patterson Of be a recommenaon thate longvac d to death
ph.;a,-,,,, "--rdMe N V 9104- A KQ 63 ernment W6rkher. Broadway,_N.C. ,and controversial case he droppea o.,"f Chief Judge Harold :'..
Syard of was shot to death Mrs. Wilson, an em ye ntrelyA tie leaves. ff
-ha $46A.homse, Barrymore told shet artodof the Corollas Powertand'hte lower court ruling.
in atuaxiwthisper: ort 45654 4 etdwith her sister in a r o the Carolina Pwt Roveraid that "as far Last yea
V... s e...... ... i rto s the b-r:- 0" (D)3 sweit pa rking lbt across the strt Co. testified earlier hat he ar But Rover said that "as far as L y l l
ramt .baIs li at Ciro's 's the bor AK 0 from the Sir Walter Hotel here a "loud report" through the closed i ..... the government wucon- char gd that Youngdahl was
ati ily, Monroe _A9K 5 May 3. window of her 7th floor office a i ne to press five lesser counts
t MaHollywlya Moonoe .. od Uncensored was quoted by arrest. halt block from the lot. against the Far Eastern expert.
i Hoywood Ua r ,bere ,i, officers a sayingg s ptol lady wan reaming help hise Appeals Court action was- ... .l .scmin.
mo W'int wear a stintMgle sela-tUdi- 6Q e02 charg bullet he had not somebody help," she uaid I another egal victory or Latti- BE INNING TODAY
hdoked hi ffager intothe ded ut lin his first movie, Sin-, lietr side vul. known was in the chamber while saw her trying to mop the blood.more, a long-time target of Sen.
wlh o.,so .ip 5wee.rel y ar.dowll fme on-bI s e west Nrm _ast hea was "dry firing" it. from the victim's face and neck."'Josep R. McCarthy (tt-Vis..
cen,! L L*-. .-va" warrobe or he p is- 1_4 Pass 2V He said he did not know the Chief prosecutor Lester Cham- He was accused by the govern-
'S.iJ ..umer.,. Pass Pan 4* P11 m1 shot struck anyone until s om e bers Jr. drew drom each of hsment o perjury connection with
dMr. DfeMo o y. r, w. md ... final P!ptnati Pe time later,. after he had checked witnesses, over objections fro m his testimony before the Senate
drink ffee i ro osf .et.ts Jery.e. ne t -1 Openl" lead-V 10 out of the hotel. He pleaded mno- Manning, that a large rowd lat- inornal Security subcommittee in L
the shut." ed. oo. a. said: plte a tn & Lewis comedy, e ent to the murder charge., ered on the scene by the time the 1952. I -N
H"e Desut MtllO doo'tad gaid: artists and Mels." LeSaws comedy, pThe state, however, attempted ambulance had arrived,
set"Mr. DeM n we started te Ina "Artisand Moels." ays a pfal to show In today's testimony tha "I would say about 30 people," Lattimore, a Johns Hopkins U-
set of rules Ju aiwhen we started bte e tat way reading r The ninth annual Intercollegiate exciemest was welling about the said Mrs. Hall. university professor now on leave,
ture. He jut aside wMed be l H l at way reading orror ide Chain ponship was hel scene, wtth women screaming and The sister, M r s Patterson, was idicted in a"m5on a 6 yvenn e"
South o pfcontext with te a oFunniest Martin and Lewis rou- earlyin priginsnouit l a cS.olsirens blowing, before Kluckbohn sobbed her story from the witness charges of lying to the subcommint.
role. I took his advice because 1 nbythew ayin 'n theirnow! lege, wits.jeverl thousand cal- left thbehote. i stand as the second witness for the te.
e. I took him." ce caus e, bou' the Neverway, is the ewestudents competing. Prear. Officer B. S. Tesh testified he state. Ints 1953, Youngdahl threw outa -
e wi him. one, Nater i.Worthy a ranged hands were sent out in ad- Officer B. S. Tesh testified he turned to pay the attendant, e heart of the indictmnt--- Selected article. at gre ld
,* YO a u e m-a..nfw o mm _" d- -;leavin e my sister by herself..W hen
S first moi for his Movie Memoryfils. vance to be set up forthecollege saw unfancierand leaving y sister by herself. When charging Lattimore with perry
owq company wileIt briwin Shawls s o students, who would play the vanced seoiolopy student standing I turned around I saw a terrible in denying he bad been a "tsym- Irowi 50% off
a msellerosme Iyearwn back, Milton er told pals he may andmecamen the window "not over two min- thing had happened to her. .ahe pathizer" with communism an
e lYl L som yes a ct, "Sandra"o the film about oa ma itds A. ,showntodayu tes. .With his hands on i-s was so pale. .. I ut my l.m a- rounds it was too vague. Te Apt "y
sYoung hmoth er, 4 Allied Artists. At has a Simple point Ofofdensvehi as the ambulance carried round her star fa alsCourt held You hl .. D t Lose This pporun
Join Crawford took 28 pieces of lone time gihe, was a. private play. The ids& of the band is, so ot Miss Seawe--- 1. Shestarttd to hemorrhage, The government secured 4see
l.ggoan Crawo th ook neym les of one t time she w l private de can't be misd 'esh said there was a lit on soterribly. ,Blood gushed from ond indient last year nL sng Large steek f Itatln
onbly 24g the;asie .waim. ttime. tive.w en s llfourhandsnn Room 214 of the hotel. He saidher noseand m th. for
were only 4 Wr signo the lstwn of a actual y-- however," mo"' of ;'-.1e the lglt was behind uekhoh Police said hotel records showed I "____ .. .
Ma. Lasa read th. complet- Warein the l aw' of a actual allowed South to make t ade i were that Kuckohn checked out of ther Straw, and willow handy
Mariq.Lana read the. compt Betver y la estanate: Grdsayt _cogians alowed. South to make r e oecions by defense at.hotel shortly afeer 3 pm. He ws ,- jn al color.
torn Howard Manning, Ttsh arre'ed about four hours l
ed "Serenade". scriptaveys DANEger." bridge players would make to d M nin, T ed about hours later in
eady.tostart re tverditt hea I m e out in pbotooph thenearby Chapel Hill...
t bs a uit. I all oet now v. Lm- W hen the hand is defended car- m.,
on whether he'll show up. rest oe lING AT OURSERIC CENTER
51J hearts, and East wins with theat,- Yrpc iCENTERi
s Is Hollywood, Mrs. Jones: en. East continues with the THEATERS TONI "O la" in poplIn n6
Barbara Bel Geddes was called un- e of hearts, couectng all of the | I "a n men. .
sexy by Hollywood studios on her missing cards in his long suit. rDeABlO n.T a SSIlbert ROLAND i }
!s-s Potaetori DALO'f C tS RU. L I Oltbat ROLAND
first try and washed movietown East has now taken two triks "UNDERWATER"-
out of hpir. Now shies queen and can expect to take on more : "* a Sc6 olors H' .IpmwUn Thurr Fou Nbin ari rfyo pel ats.
of smulderin g emotions on Broad. CIN'INN A1, .)bl. Ji i with his a1 diam d. s. A four-thA -Colr I *a. I n... o."0 II -r-U i s I go .,a dn andrayon pet oat.
way Te _t S lliam s' -"lt.' UP L -Fje{ Y ideger. 5 of. W ag Pns e pt ., a- d nud o.t

when a careening dump todayutrick to meO falapin d boh' Fri'RadsetwtCxr
Not rin othrie 5 eI t tuneon hs -b qmakWhsre i ce rthat o n l u ps chmdavldiem'.TUBth* bedgo ors.
Not in the :Mae w ons set and sied i. attie strent o ine Tangy f rl Sparkling Clock lampsad other beautiful
explanations for 's rrn -,-in six d +inati Joen ti "-,nmake it elsea that only in trumps MIN colo Fourbg ser, rnamevnts.
weeks of summer stock "For The lrly man was du out n a fourth trick be developed. BAch package. To d of el
Love or Money": "It'sfor oney. of the paig material ala O ast should cash the se ofa- LBOA Air -Conditioned 6:15 8:05 each package.
money-", of the 00ing material &line by IWhen you shop
-- .-. + ,membo :f;, ,the lf .squad" and nds and lead a third round of
The Wilet: ftMrrow U eplyes at l nearby f aldlin s it in promote his- C A S H S A L E S
the Italian version of that hit song tion, But he died two boha later.I partners trump holding. West willw .....
oes: "What Lollo-brigida wants, Fdger was sunning self on n the overul tion, ad NO REFUNDS

Red Skelton's pals are concerned, truck down a bill, applied h i I. actual band a third round I
.bout his paWN migrai head brakes, but kept righ on rolling. earts .sra.t es We Tst a trumpS
n eating aspirins like peanuts. wide walk to avoid hitting a car ruff immediately with the jack, --- st rAl
here have been X-rays and all halted for a red light at the in to pt S hnrUne .s es ALSo hnoWtOe masqt .u.n. T Via Espafia next to Bells Vista Theatri
do of I ,t-sts. tersection. to prevent man verruf West will Via Eapalia next -toVI
1"I took a chance," Clark said. eventually make his jack of
Sim Levin, who pioneered the Seated on the next bench to Fri. trumps as the high trump. MARGARITArd ROB0SN T sean mWNimTT
ovi.e theater businea in San danger were Joe Buckmeier And ." "WOMAN IN THE WINDOW"
raneisco in 19, is sml pioneer- Dick Schweninger 13 year 5 old GUN" 5U:
SHe built the Palm Springs aewaboys.- ..MI.0U l rIlIla, HJ + -I T U R
tore, first postwar luxury ho- "I saw it coming," Dick said. -"
e No whe's raising eyebrows In "I jumped. We both made it. That l T S AL OkIUM O-N o Audrey TOTTUR
ae winter resort by keeping the man just didn't seem able to move rlll A MAN IN HE DARK -
UAW sumleorPfasta The dMIr llMW "oA IN NE SDrAI W
otd openn a summer. fast :eou~g. The truck d r i v e r ss. :a hunirad "CrANO D MuOR AC"
---- .came out of the cab real fast. He I Am1JL *ls i
Wonder it a Los Angeles bur started helping us try to get the ileldlmIo U HIei5
e444 queen is trying to.l re -ln man out ef all that stuff spilled on AAI O :1: -5 I0 LA BOCA :15 7:20
vhe JUv e trade. She's bill. him." DTrI June 1 (UP)- 14 *Enel I Vabaund eo" "llABRIT CRA:IG"
g hersolt as "Daisy Crockett" P s"Eide as "n- TROIT, June is(UP) -T116 eu 0 agabundos" CRAIG"
pletely covered" by the tons of 1 Unitean te- Wor.Wkersm and Aly.A- _____i___
Terry oortthe Cadnt etFil.teon stea fn t blah p. Gasn day to work out -a plan for extend SANTA. CJUIZ 6:l 8:00 CAMP W KR" 1 :@0 8:4
.h s herat h Cannes F FesSpilled rom the truck tak to guaranteed wa benefits to "TU ION O3LOVE" "B'IVrm OF NO RETURN"
iv,'but her British press agent make more dangerous the task of th" auto obile i 1stry's "Little
tir dkL H e were a m onocle and rescuers ( '" "'" "" J"-mob le*ni'Litl "
S rescuers. Three" producers,
'n soon CIO President Walto Reuther
-= wtsnot ex cted to enter the t

. -i ,

talks until they reach, a climax
SEAsome e time is August. But he left
little doubt after winning guaran.
jA B tHR ESS W A teed wage contracts from Fo rd WRAP TAPE aruamd andle ends
and General Motors that he would sothsl W t tight inholde.
seek the same benefits from the
Sremainingauto firms.
Chrysler. the third member of
o along with the provisions Of the
Ford and GM contracts which
guarantee workers between 0S and
S65 per- .eent of their 'normal take-
home pay during 25 weeks of lay-

However. Reuther said a sipe-
eial plan probably would have to
S be worked out for the three small-
er roducors-Amer ap Motors,
% 'aSt udebaker--Packard and Kaiser

Ialw"p. o" Sc Hwhc
wfthe -Little Three" to contribute
They sead draw during layoffs toAN IMPORTANT: Be ure youet
Snsupplemlent unempl -o n e at m- LLUL.SE Leek for and mat
Ka. ao nbpennsation benefits, t.ree eom.- C LL "Scotch" r- ithe
k g spanieshave chap a tir pen moive re mdpeenholder.
A n mThe Ohio state Sea0 today
killed a proposal) ko tmt estate CO VERw m eeic
unenowm ient Compensation lad eutleU h Tapeto
written In the auntobile adous-
-St m 1The bill proposed that maw a-
l... wu ieandi f rt. .
T t a iliq mounts r vefre oAnIth e empa-
e ,o that you re"i"-3,or ol be dedt feelfm sate's Job
S sho inme' a if^ ThOe snbhaiitedto the b

tifor tepfrM= ry sepas ue

-AL-A* .F. A" .. P

k ~






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V 4 .a 4F
PANAM "* ^^v..*ii^^-C

, ,..

.j Must Stay

_, _, __ -__ _' .._,_r._.________- *
*' .. ., .....11.. SAN FRANCISCO A
'l .. yout in the world
,-' Ourse of the Olympic, b
S. Francisco.
S.The site of the United S t a e
< E", U I....IA WIt Open Championship, June 16-
L -M S jwas cut out of a cypress
the dense trees praetlcally m*j
step of the way sometimes besom*
*M"n PANCISCO-Little Lou Lindsey, unpaid coaph of the ing frightening.
Mreuaniuedndefeated (among Western powers) and undsant- So t combatants must stay
'.- stobf d creww, whteh put the finishing touches on Its work out of the timber.
here Sturday, doesn't have to worry about his job. The ball has to be in play of
P' e incoming captain h already auked me to return next the tee. .
S year he confided "And at the same money." That's hew rew The Lake Cour Is a t ra
is run at Stanford. It's strictly a student activity. The school one calling for stout legs.
makes no fiscal provisions for its support. And since the students There will be little ro, for t
Iay the fiddler, they may call the tune. fairways are lush.
Fortunately. for them, Lindsey, a lotal investment consultant,
is anaddict. What's even better, he's a knowing man on the The greens are on the fast
water, as the Step Sons's they don't ke that designation any because the trees do not per
better than Orphans, I hear) record attests. They've beaten the sun to get a crack at the
&verythlngi out here. Syraruse is their next port of call-Syracuse grass there They are fairly flat
and the Inter-colleglate championships a week from tomorrow, with only a gradual roll.
N* Do't sell them short. They will be thereabouts. And they might The Lake Course measures tp0
take it all. Including the coach, there are 13 in the party. They yards with a par of 70. The pop
are not voodoo-minded. On the contrary, they see "13" as a lar belief is that the winning score
pr6phesy of victory. will be between 285 and 287.
Whe they beat California last week it was the first time The championship well could be
'in 13 attemptssince 1917, when crew was revived (obviously they settled from the second through
haven't met every yea, "And, of course, our invading force the sixth holes, as difficult a
S ads up to I. miee? ThOa's the captain, Dan Ayrault, talking. as the competitors ever tackled
SOne ting annoys the Step Sons. (Personally, I like Orphans The 423-yard second is one of
be ; letter.) lthe more treacherous par 4's. The
BWC^ -- -a __--J _--. -a i. Ijtl-dr ..,ll L, sh _


They've got to go formal at Syracuse. They must wear "T"
shirts in the race. Official regulations. The Western branch
of Emily Post is less prissy. Bare from the waist up is consider-
ed good form. "T" shirts cost money. Not much. But when you
A... have to beg, every penny counts. They still managed to make
ssaing on the deal. Instead of buying ready-ma des they fast
talked sympathetic Stanford coeds to print the block "S" and thl
red diagonal stripe, school markings, on the shirts, and "y
'T couid never tell the difference," smiled Coach Lindsey, proudly.
:i No member of the crew has ever rowed over the Syracuse
A'-"m course. The coach has never seen it.
"All I Jmow is that It' a lake," he admitted.
lla A The Step Sons are eome-from-behfiders. They've been left
at the post meree or less by design," LUndsey corrected. "Fpr one
thing, we are a relatively low-stroking boat. For another, I
wanted to prove to the boys that, all other things being equal,
, [ it's possible to give the other fellow a head start and still beat
"T"" "My purpose here was to develop poise and confidence. We
had no fall practice (the boys were building their new boat-
.** house then), and with three sophs nd four juniors in the boat,
I wanted to guard against panic. That would lift the stroke too
high and throw our rhythm out of kilter."
The Step Sons have drawn No. 9 lane for the Nationals.
F' "Prom what I hear," said Lindsey, "lanes aren't too important
ma..-- at Syracuse. Still, in one respect, No. 9 is good for us. Wash-
in iun, Cornell, Navy. and Cal are in nearby lanes, so we will be
able to see what they are doing."
a S


The following was lifted from the Stanford Illustrated Re-
S viw:
"This is the story of the underdog and the confusion of the
exncrts, a Stanford crew who rowed in no fashion within the ken
of rowing pundits. They splashed until their shell was almost
swash with Water, but at the three-and-a-half-mile mark they
hac, the best crew Cornell ever trained headed and gasping. At
the fiisll they were Just a quarter length back and creeping up.
severall of the bornell crew collapsed at the finish. Not a
man dropped in the Stanford boat. When the race was out
they turned and rowed back to their boathdpab. 'Shells of t
,:-e other colleges were towed back, the oarsmen removed and wT101
ped In blankets.
S "Stanford had no lunch. The youngsters had come to tW
S race on, their own. The school had no funds to send them: AS
a matter of fact, they didn't have carfare back to the Coast. Thep
were .l "a to Dawn their shell MPlm. i t a-- --

20-yard par 31 is ua iCid n 1uul
hole with bold green surfaces re-
quiring excellent putting. If a
blind green is missed, the 433
yard par 4 fourth could be a bo-
gey hole. The 457-yard par 4 fifth
reqdtres extreme accuracy in cut-
ting a dogleg corner. The 437-
yard sixth is a strong par 4,
trapped at 40 yards.
The 603-yard par 5 16th also
probably could decide the title.
,. Going ove' the other holes, the
530-yard par 5 first calls for two
prodigious wo od s to reach the
green in two.
The 266-yard seventh Is a sort
par 4 known as the Dew D rop.
The green is 20 feet above the tee
and well trapped on the 139 yard
par 3 eighth. The 42 yard par 4
ninth is a strong hole, downhill to
a tilted target area. A right dog-
leg, threatening rough and a small
green are the problems at the 417-
yard par 4 10th. A rolling green
could be treacherous on the 429-
yard par 4 llth.
A difficult green 387 yards away
cannot be seen from the tee of the
par 4 12th. The 187-yard par 3
13th is one of the more interest-
ing holes. A deep gully is the big
threat at the strategic 410 yard
par 4 14th. The 144-yard par 3
15th is a short shot to an island-
type green. The second shot on
the 461-yard par 4 17th is a diffi.
cult long wood
The golfer can't see a green
with a sharp downhill slope on
the 337-yar4 par 4 18th. This is
one of the easier holes, but the
shdoter bitfig the green beyond
the tol" is fa.c w a trouble-
noialso Is one at fin-
finilg holes from g y point
of view. Several th ao can sit
oq the grass. of a h that forms a
natural amphitheater behind the
gmeea and see the play on the On-
tir hole.

w v pawn ITo rain se ansportatUon n moew By' that time on the final round.
when a California sportsman eame to their rescue. the that time on the inal round.
"After the race Orme. No. 6 in the Stanford boat, said: 'We the winner or anyone tying should
had rowed over the course only once. We thought we had an- be known. The trouble, you see, is
other half mile to ao. We were lying back waiting for call to up front.
spurt. We had plenty left. '
This was Grantland Rice's comment on the 1919 Pough- Li* e ea
keepae. It has a familiar ring. Especially in regard to the im Little League
.. poverished condition of the oarsmen. However, the parallel ends
- when the matter rowing technloues is considered. These mod-
ern Paupers of the Paddle (they'll like that even less than Or-
phans or Stop Sons. I'm afraid) do it way.. RAINBOW CITY
It remains to be seen If tIfty do it more expertly than the
rest of the field Oscar Lowe Jr.. second base-
man of the Camp Coiner team,
won the batting championship
in the Rainbow City Little
i e C row n Is Stric League, collecting 11 hits in 20
P trips to the plate for an average
of .550. The surprising kid is the
shortest and smallest player in
or asternthe league, playing his third
The presentation game will 3be
--played on Friday. June 17 at the
By HARRY GRAYSON ot Stakes. Andy Crevolin. Rex school play roundat 4:30 ptedm.b
NEW YORK (NEA)-Nashua ador and Mesacnh T n n principal 0. B. Shirley, council-
NEW YORK. (NEA)-Nashua had no Intention of shipping De- man I iguel Tang, Ja-cbo "Ba-
"going to the post with nothing cal- termine and Swaps easn the, by" Saln Miguel Tan, Jan C.o "Ba-
culated to make a run at him a.'first place. That's why th colts by" Salpropries, and Norma Crown Brown
Sthe 87th Balhoat Stakes rekindekB were not entered in The Prea s rietor of th Crown Drug
talk about Rex EFlsworth not ship. and Belmont Stakes." IStore.
S g Swaps ast for a crack at the SWAPS DID NOT win the San-
I .le Crown. ta Ata Derby until four d a'y a Oamaha. War Admiral and Whirl-
It parked the second straight after he was nominated for the away have been etched on the sil-
Sear that a California owned colt Kentucky edition. ver. This year it will be that of
I, had retreated back over the moun- "But Ellsworth and Tenney knew Count Fleet.
gains after capturing the Kentucky they had a high class colt," points I So. if California owners k e ep
Derby. A spring mao it was Andy out Kilroe. "He was second choice coming up with Derby winners
Crevolin'a Determane. in the Santa Anita Derby. and beat it right back home, the
A supplementary entry would "It is unreasonable to ask a far Trophy will be fresh out ofI
Seven gOttea Swaps into The'Preak- western owner to stay east for names after Assault and Citation.
Sess S there was a story out of something like two months for two which last took them all in 1948.
SLouisville- that Ellsworth w o ul d races after the Derby when the' Racing, you see, is now nation-
Save sh te r e d chestnut Hollywood Park meeting is on at wide. and some other way must,
There .1Be bee eligible for home with more money than was be found to determine the three-
the Be t Stakes ever paid at any track anywhere." I ear-old champion.
.. Those ly unacquainted with It will be recalled that Willie
the fat the tradition of the Molter, who tra in s Determine,
"old fu dudds" running Bel- balked at flying the little gray to
mat Par was allowing. T I ere Churchill Downs. Why run the
was a cag for the supple ntary risk when there was all that mon-
entry. ey to be had in this own bac k-.
These, Peplwere laboring un-. yard. Determine went to the Der
der the d that the Belmont by only at Owner Crevolln's in
Stakes is t cdueted as it was for ard? Determine went to the Der-
ears, with nominations, closing by only at Owner Crevolin's in-
wh"B the horses wer weanbagsistence. The Alhambra automo-
and fees to remal, eligible bile dealer knew he had something i
*'down the line. special iA the wee apn of Alibhaa,
A wanted to win the Derby for per-
THIS ANTIQUAMAD. 'ST8TM,' sonal satisfaction. r f
bfmtituted wm there was no o- AI
I ftlo mtoger in effectin h ELLWORTH AND TENNEY V
inectmi 'a with -the e.laOat have a tryingg of orse in the I mmm0mI i n.t..
ta_ C or any other fixture, biggest money winning stable. In
SEatrien for this year's em10 California. Molter trains s o m* Le
:" takesrsleed sir" ultaneously with thing like 40 horses in the GoUldena *uH
': A of the Katey Derby Mi State. Their principal racing is
7b# -Pr4Wh u r Fe :);.o dameinn uIa. | S
S &'UhsB mai, eeve,.ofr w "It 's wholly unfair to ask a
is o tebt ser t traier to leave ho con-h a
S"' t i l1eet 5iattentio on or
two races in the east," dtresse S
It would see thpt fro-m now
blatiomT' Crip wC rown g s 1
3. iinipfor 0115 efigt
r .o lm"t S e c was .
naaPw Wue, so oe TA an -

ne s s*Ie am-t. FLa.
*amd win-

50 9

~1 ~
* A
~ ~

I OeyI TJ TR- a m f thke eC efthe Olyu Crn.
.B 1pi.a as the m to B'r

Calcagno Ii,

Edwin Match

Expected To End In Knockout

Local boxing experts today, Jose was the Central American Al Rodriguez takes on Jesus
predicted the scheduled ten- and Caribbean amateur welter- Santamarla in the 120-pound
round 147-pound maten be- weight king before joining the opening contest. Rodriguez has
tween Dan. Calcagno Il and Jose fight-for-pay ranks, been sparring a lot lately with
Edwin Sunaay night at the Co- Nat "KiUr" Jackson and seems
Ion Arena will end with a Promoter Mrs. Juana de San- to be much Improved.
knockout victory for one of the chez Pinto, popularly known as General admission is only $1
two contestants. Tula, has announced that gen- (one dollar.
eral admission for women ac-
This opinion was arrived at companies by males will cost
because of the punching ability only 50 cents. Tula also states
of both boys. Edwin is a slugger that there will be awards for the
who loves to mix it up while fighter scoring the first knock-
Calcagno II is a boxer-puncher. out and for the boxer winning
This will be Calcagno's first by the highest margin in points.
local appearance in several The supporting card includes
years. He has Just returned ah eight-rOund semifinal, a
from a successful .tour of six-round "special" and a
South America. The youthful four-roiipd preliminary. The
Edwin, however, is expected to semiwindup will be between
be the favorite to turn back 128-pounders Leslie Thompson
the elongated veteran, and steadily climbing Manuel -.,
Edwin was TKO'ed by Federi- Prescott.
co Plummer in the fifth round hard-hittini Hankin Barrows The TV schedules tel youwhch
of his last outing. It is the only III meets Marcial Mollnar in programs and when--now we
defeat he has suffered as a pro. the special at 135 pounds. need one that will tell why. em*

I... ~

I-". *"'~ ~


(NEA Telephoto)
P UTO RACE TRAGEDY d of spectators lie on the ground after an auto in the Le Mans
iFrance Sports Car Rac.crl _* and burst into flames showering the crowd with burning
wreckage. Eighty-four werdetlled and more than 100 wire injured in the tragedy, the worst in
racing crt history.

0 e

ot America

a mdmwDOWWG OO mIiA

Convenient schedules and excefllmt servicil h-m
Panom6 to Bogot6, via Medellin, with NO


P"- Al euie W edd A lwpp Ss-
Cal M Wg stom"we oR .1.2,

--~~-. .--a~uT -~_ ~ ,- -.91

t, fllt G, Cl..i.. I.
n... m*.an... mb u* n an W- *

Wbtietl 3' net )conr of n71.
the *4'winnft, Molr
tanye. nsman was drawn out I(
the hat.
Another battle was presented
to the individual using the least
number of uata 0 here aain
was a thres way tILIare, Mon-
tanye, And Eberenn ekch used. 30
putts and when sponsors Teo
Honn and Jim 0gue finished
pulling a slip out qf the hat
Hare was then. this bot-
tle. ,-*'
Effective with this tourna-
ment all tournament in the fu-
ture at the Suffnmit Golf Club
will be week-end affairs with
rounds being'shot on either Sat-
urday or 81nday.
It has been announced that
the Sunimit Cub will hold its
monthly party this. Saturday
evening with steaks and beer
being served at 7:30 p.m.


The Rodman Golf -Course.Is
having its annual Champion-
ship Tournament with qualify-
ing rounds to be played during
the period 13-26 June. The
course is in excellent shape for
the tournament and, if the
weather remains fair, the qual-
ifying rounds should produce
good medal scores. All qualify-
ing rounds' must be completed
by 6:00 p.m. Sunday, June 26.
It is expected that a majority
of the members will be on hand
to compete for the beautiful
Medalist trophy; and, to quali-
fy for the various flights. Tour-
nament play will be by flights
with a winner and a runner-up
trophy for each flight. '
Members who wish to partlil-
pate in this tournament are re-
quested to sign up with the club
manager and list their phone
numbers so that when the first
round is ready to go opponents
may contact each other to es-

M ~~~insk,

'NIX' Minnie Minoso, th
White Sox' platecrowdin
ger, looks over a protective he
met. But Minnie, ,just bae
from a serious New York beai
ing, refuses to wear a batting

Ficntto Todav ..35 3.
'Elzabeth Taylor, in
Jose Ferrer, in

DiAL Today .20.
Dorothy McGuirre; in
Wendell Corey, in





A.. ~L~&

ire even rremu5
That's what you
call fresh! And fresh ip
what you call. KOOL
cigarette, too. When-
you get a i of,
thet od.&
1ig'dy mmntholhted

hcgt...yeu *
forget to fret "
you relax and i .ny .
S the fresh KQ L a6vor
that's so cool and
soothig.And rempsber,
tke c&rktip kpeqm ..
the paper fram :
aticiing to yool(i
and increamea the *. .
e.oym.ot of -.
seeking KOGU'
*'" ', 4

.. 3le
-ag ,'
-._ ... ; : .-" ;:. "' *-





* C'




ss than 2 hours away with EL

Ball fights!
Mountain t uot flohlang
Emeialds at bagin Pew
Wo 's enly p urn-iw ld
Salt Cathedral
Old WorM Caa !
Modern HoteWl


S w.



.- .

,-. i




, -*-^-**M

* *




.. ,,

aw- I..



-<".." r 0




9p"1 7


p ~ 9

I ,



~ ~ ~

....P.. 5 &13BM -
Oew, S .5 14
fllw0akea ... 28 .500 16 .D
hiUldelphia ..33 1 .45 1i,
elaattu ...s 30 .0 19%t
t. Lou ...L.o. 31 .4161 |
Ittlbufh ,.,1B 87 .89 % B
Brooklyn at Oinlut (N)
EG_ o.c ; ...

41k ohm&B u ",Ph s a",(N) rr ott3t at N
SThe n bri B Sun- PittAbumr at i(N) Kansa City at
.i _.- V ma -da, srs.egIM it .... ., .-=- ..
yraneihade cnmouev I1 g14weather n I AW ULTU l
Sku .our..-.-- _; un t= tT Sao .),, eame) .
a gOf t he el ighth.V i O.-.-tntime uo-. O _.0. .1 -- i l00 ."
thi ..-ble'sooe .. -' ._.n",.__ a.d' e 1 e galm.00 .
ta 14:6 0a 'S iurnthe llear-N 3 %weto 1ra, C their h am>"S ^a, MUTI N.i-) (i |
.e ven wb.fl Red do8dl.Mou t. ., bow,. 1) and Courtney. .
".oto e t e o 1 0 ,o 8an.Btoofand w u ( haN woo081010000- ie
NOMe-bit his secondhomer of i 9in inning aga=nn oraId niN wIarN Chicago W or 000 8 ( Gamn)

.hs' -..--While A. mh (t : .. .trm. Cleland 00110100.
.a. .-jn, S It. A- a_ had o, B8, ll(-0 and Crkowe Weh. 1or 000000000 4 4
let Maorl 71Brounder go .O t e Columbus Jets 5-2; aOn!t sent home by Walter ton, the B(-okln manager, rain reay do w aad I, Co per. SGo (7-4) and lga
M .r lot .n-te M e tabordination N n in- In thatzj t1 a nM rmo
r-r a_ t h. ie.- bihe u l iotrk a o- win- I ma o r hav -y- ( ht @S h 1 arm ithel
ia-th ovD I tneasterred to th gwn and P0 0
b d6Wrt wnoneo,,- i ,, uffa l/. / ../..i na-o n to rata to ea ot M) l, ..t .S n-hea and e

, i I I "ll ), a" "s ( .A M.T.. u.. u .dta ....... ..i, i~*w"u< "* ian. ".
T, so. SOt.^o neout,110Ut ..w.. f oa Of sb rt uo a eA Uine-Ei, gh. adGam a- (N g'h .ame)
wower otIto... t t h ehken (4e) Lnhr r 0
^ b s Sall t8 u 00 20 drppe eci toGibr the.anou hUat not00 aW ,a and and Wlso
...e. a In..c(h ... e on dpr0s 0. 0 3p has not yet got going dwithoter f will be o Dr e rth ( ey winner, Boston 008 3010a- .
,1 01hL ,i0-o.. ,,au oi ...o 1 .s th le t wel a.dots hr d,, p_,urdette(4-5) and Crdhe all- D iar -.) 1. .

Hmr.ner o.- h r ted t h r e t 4, 0nn0P0 W11I00re G2 line-up th U4snor man aer Nthert uld. ioug .... ton International at Laurel, Nov. and W. She, ni t
D.Sddle r hed ?on l .he%- Fl a he uNh,018sopu (5 )a I d"4J! raltaer a vy Tos cd bA| I riht I l ^Arkbotrhand hain
r he in ba lenti ne Lad, o(a)b t m u h Of the Gard. 1 ,iht Game) aaled, .r
eR-aun1e oa o r" od"- pi tn Tmnexer. Id ada daatC OolonPitun 0000 bug000 0 i 010 Po e a e000- 1 the ou i b010rI 0001-10 14v' USh nits ( o

heatembMar "thn r is seen ,. h.PR-- a gwtad I ad lralt u .. oineA e oS, Bu.. __.- tApldISi

"" enod011111 the W ASdth 9t1 24ainm at- Lo-w d$0 -o4sal1 c p a ad tish
t ool2 '. th nih ot a00 0- 8 6 Ti'AlorMnet To nl g t o- oA bnKli ne(4-8), P ad At (ht pe
mapB -, -. w -- -- -# .n Ino i so"an th rom w e d
htf e p i.the .A Ie n o i t I e len )ta n si n ceI r fa yoo r a i n tt tch n

fdgaml ahea of the *Amer ann wsb. Cralltgar a Th ,- eouldeablofere..3r.J. .(e, to no 2-4),Lan a or 0
lle. t olu r13 4 4ame losing streak h a vn. i _- activities at the colbh a ky a dSa ... e Ar

S b a a e ul t0. rptpe d dcIn to r. I a nd No. sa hadev of r ab Naa n,

fL0TA MER ANTe r ofDMeeImd 'tnnettIrwaryt a Jl e M.d 1_ cteu
hmI eni n o t lUG Lonet t AtlanticSaokeba Lue Naval tationafter their- opening ;&totoday au a who oran and era .

p.ri ACOLOMBiANA, S He 4Ar. no e .w L e ... bu y --V -e- .gs.. -.N TsaS
. W. e e. s .j Won A. e ct. night victory over Powell.. t

, H ouston n_ ,N ew O rie ins .. t y t ..i t o _1S." I i e" o" I. .t._Tt
F- the White. 1- r= 11 i Nava1 Station I i ... ,... ... ---S. LAUR E L, "" e' '" .
, a I&l o n -eve fthe t ed Dow r r A-I ON"l' .W ib raees h .... e fls t his team Apart ham-"he"-tugs bout,

fint he,' -e&ti e to or., .a)o.tps ...0a to cmmi J3 has not yet got goinn i i h thre other fighl sWillbe f ske. the ngl h Derby wi tm l i

S nd YIsa kgoh3,343ebpt einqtlapuwe salt h the.a power a doks r o wIlp hte the W g ORalDiot SS L A
mim.ed1, a iae o we .::oa, t s aT"'sieGMSline-up riS"'sport m"ahn a g e r HetbetD6 4 m YoungF i Lue Nv B nd
Min thaI*- noTte ht 000 l --41 0"PoW M Uni I"rt could be right.. t S i b Ar-ran'-kidbrother who Is ak-W

h-a wh ite BOXa O d of"0 00000 515 a "p 'vs avaui 'ti on nold ManningJohn w H and John innrofesonal debut, f ae one m E Aces r

, _M,, -,ac-. FJ.6l, ".. i I .
we h-el, of a: l U- etbi -wl .a cu Hk mopel-aO-W-Do. Left on base: T r. apalbo a hot L May 28. He aoes not aem rd ex- Mo AMmcmar RanOb
TcI-her In t the se L-Shult le: on e. r a few others t eto be hired as a major tr a t b "4 .

p i|1.... .. O 9 O 0 0 ball.: Harshman 4, 4. tb or experience and e* S m a. ... but .-I >
". j 0 .0 0 0 0 .O.: Har. m 6, Rogovin 4. rp ing. I I could do some it a ne D o 8 24. .
P Braves.Li ll A 3 2 i 2 tt ofel: lan 3-8 1-3 'It;wai.ti au-ourst combination ders b s. p".o coach or oIthn ome ., o a ., I
Snthrt...._.. ...,iers n0 oI there is a ny doubt but that map thtarned Gibraltar the other. cas will be annapacity."

.... -- ,:M..P... Sal n d o sth... e 0 0Moore 1-3, Byrd 0-2-3. Runs tsavavorite. in the leagueeand O rolur sx_ iue e i e ^ S
o RCoa .s.te.ith... O 0 0 0 0 and earned runs: Rogovin 1-1. ould they al come into th-e r The Cardinal admit Stanky Mantle,-N. Y. 51054 t .3
r i bl. 4-4 v Ictory Inte opener after ( bnd 4 1 7 0 HBP: Ragovi MInoaso). WP: own at once the opposition i go f ha pe alon to aAME around-

SnnyIr ing of ....... 2 0 0 2 1 Hare hma (5-4). LP: Rogovin wg to find thi team a hard one e and as der trepo that they LAi *
pNela. all. Rookie Herb gore Pitchd a Owens, LOVen 4uth, (1), ZInker. &owing crowus Lust.hnave eyenu'ran J)ee 1e b, les ta o the first

The tw- n thra .e. ,a. 2 i 0g h n-. utbbeat me iN b peaw to nelthe f(anch)ne. Ahbury, Phla. 44 1t ht 3H

Gra e F e ir s aI a.. 3.s 0 0 0 1 arsr gt& Owner AuuthtBuanh calls the Klug'ha -ac w1
dinals, 10-16.des &rp*o s Of was rewarded with a 3-1 Nam, Rombergur (9) and Roarko. WP laarrta gYM. Is '1W attention

o .I.. C d..i n 0 0 0 Port "r"dl"lou." A New York o P rtt. 48 13S
New Oe M Service A his seventh, althou e b-oodlng u t ... g 0 0 0 ) |0a S f w2apr-the Herald Tribune ler N.Y. fibraltarCat
the 1 w-alk TheIndI, sa. l- -a TonshnB h8cep3s onmatw nd lon tn h e

7 -allt 2t9 th a wn le 1fourtha es a wn l 1 l

/^. *... the....... .. .,. .a. v.:._.ltee nnned out for ened0 In Ls IIM tK LA N Ia OB W 41*l*= ., u, ..
-L,,- .................u u.u .0" os IS4"th, hoem.nThe w eupapaootew s d a0'8h iN$
I a bStruck out for a in i certain dela othe club had made nider, .....
/,.3..--,,, .._........... 0 e ,_ ,eth r rh were believed to haT e a bad ee.e Campanp _deg e... ea t
/ U lan i -rT heRed 6Man l _-tan for Tr. a B-do. 0 o th. 0ano ar nstt on the aiele of the owner Klub1walakit .'eMl i..;

i8.. rAB v M eMrea n ...h. 'eneed- Ihnln. .......i e 4 p r beer. Maycll, Glanthh C,,....., 17 k

i 4 -, e b se hLI ne WHWid G I otte sl ...... 00 0 00 1 rn _-nisp--t-- Banksa, Cube ......J.la0 g1 uu F the seventh. T e. ......drW..i O 0o0 a re ac1" Nthewsiech, BraI cha
;The Yankepser til Arris ANNOUNCES wa ..., o o oolase yo r Zerns.l Ac thlei n o f..t--t ot rLnK AfL wner. Wao

I.w h te.. .. .J 1 and-No.smax he's also had several of 11d o ny N io'al

/A.des .cagers _.l fi Is mwicor stanky admtlsahe-wantsa h ob bee ide u ..., us' iv
EA. I .......S.....0A. ......with.. year. m d-, two Ia lth i H pI l wJokinghy-,,f memissjawing wVf'e.

New York _h....., i.,. 4.0 0.. ,o..thet.en..Magueyl- "t,. -Ud ,-itl highestscorer In ,the I, .o .. __s.m. .. loop
/ A. ..__ _._: .... .. ...... .- noonth.....t.. 0 he an ..e. .e.evenclosebudwith to, ledthef the Giants but there Ist.peu
AV3hf FridayArive "tpergormatce U A t wihave t a ire r timlsbrat k IN HIGH-Bob Norton wings might be afterhim. ta yISal. UNATEDot ...3...36te

YAPJ I51 Mantle. Yankel ....... 14
S" _nlder, Dedgs ...... i

'; ., .Kal a, Y erw ..av -
".- i- -^Jf-."- .,,,

OCA,,ORT U (NM -)-3d utd m _BE&.

to_-Now, Jr. M

La_ ^*nItfi^SSS^i ili f~

.. Critobal
__ ........ ........... ..... ...Jua e
.. ......... ...... .... .......s
.... ................,.......... .. .... .
i ........... .......... '...J

a t Wt", Po"




at BALBOA on JUNE 26, 1955.
Aeeepting general cargo for:

boulom& IdeftM 4V S.

* z t '*

- '-I A
a,:- j~y~ ~


___ __ _1__1____

~___~_~~~__~_~ _____

... I i" .
ii~ii iij~i>Lw imii~iiit ijin

' .


. *. |,

1^ .

Wal '"-.
,... ,!..-,rfv,,; i
Li /:,'

~. ~ ~~rI
- 4~ $
ft -.

kM ,Ta e 1U (UP) -Soviet
LZunimsts have impo se d
bread security measures to
t a repettion of the June
;,. workers rebellio, reli-
anii-Communist eurees re-
a. tndav.

mtiu-.Communit Committee
SJurists, one of the most
gin-io- in wa nt I llrlin



warn .
ft j '

"Let the people know the truth amd tt"e


urces in East German ?. *. ',-*., :-" .
at for the first time work- "- ":
iamen were used in the -l' ;. '' -,
a doxen villages in the ;
ditrit and voud Wlt.

Smilitia, formed to prot
Zone factories aajntt satB
tS sealed-off nine villages
ckau area, 50 miles sou
0f Berlin, and others arou
berg while police made
' E and searched for arms, 1
Sgancy said.
, '*IUnerous farmers, artisans, f1
dftirayors and other pers o
lAemocratic inclinations w(
rated, the committee said.
0 Ut Berlih residents, who ha
v es in the Soviet Zone ha
told by Communist author
at travel permits will n
ed for visits into the Eam
rea on Friday, anniversa

lanta Earns
,000 From
Srbage Dumps
AI ANTA, June 15 (UP)-Don
ti iD your nose at what yi
t In the garbage can.
da ity of Atlanta reported
SinO,963 worth of scrap met
from its garbage dump
5 n0nth> plus $18,452 worth
produced by burning ga

-..-H LOW
: .m. 5.40 qm
....... 24 p.

by s It most kids oare so well
,ed obout on thing they
ht have to studyf *. .

DDAY 75c. & 40c.
t X:45, 4:49, 6:50, 9:10 p.m.
We passions And positions
-the OGreat Bet-Seller
.-come to the screen *



t he. at the L pIti wo

Che a'e for_ f U-1. 4

review was a salute to a distinguished audience composed of high ranking Air Force offiaoals from 18 of the Amerlcan Repub- er. fan Cr -ero tax eemp- ven on dy s othe to MM
S; lies Concludi review, T-33 jets and B-26,s swept low over the airfield. Other activities staged especially tor the Carib- ed~e la el uesti rdedee .rannon th gen seor e rna o. .ookpor
al oneglct and had purchased seen and me n t
as- teld wu ehum-a5 Town ielwa
Seral vert automobiles aor e of otes io e of f nd o of m owner

o sup use afts police verhingclesx- ted the Selectmen and otWMerS .
amination of his conduct of t t he offials with a restabl in- its -pt
affairs of the Police Departmenth -e plant- an t toutwr MW e n. ik tl a
smartly down the Abrook Ar Force Base flight ramp this morning carrying the colors of their nvrre rpubl. Thcolorful Reeceeetorcenust
AtTuck- ton. proposal to grant beAmer an S ho the Selectmen ha
review w 12 a salute to a distinguished audiencool there omposedof hig- ranking Air Force officials from 5 of the American Ropub- r. a tenea tax exepgiven ly 3 days noicto t
Count tud o Class thing very vital that, in myreveal- on was onthe agenda for En- s ofLospor co
Concludinreview, T-33 et and B-26's swept low over te airfield. Other activities staged especially for the Carib- ed that the p artment ad e- idration and was the'su ject

ed State Air Force School for tatan all of to excellent e btrud e warrant Officer Edutrdo PeredPra tttuy, he, el a chaet theqj sl-
Laoen Air command guest Abrooks included demonstrations by an SA-16 rescue amphibian and an H-19 rescue helicoPter, ejection i tos 1 bdget oyseve of. -aS heateddeat e. t ti ex th th

alForce Base tomorrowthousanddoll have received, asruine As the Moderator called theUSAF Sti he Lati ent emd intaaloT
Diplomat seat trainer demonstrate and static displays of F-86, F-84, a -2nd SA-16 and H-19 aircraft. (Official USAF photo) $800 oin tf new a equipment by question to a vote, however, Ml- should grat i be an I mr
altheneglect, and had purchased mem. hael kelly a citizeairmenn and officer- rtgratitudet andsue n the lnguge grew out o the mu pal government and to om
bers the Panaaan National learn to live oliceand work together. vehebs. Aerv Command Laed theSelecncorportmen aate a cnd othty under there
S. At ther n samne ntime, .te Moder- Town officials with a restrain-
tommr of he uau Town MeeUn,

Tomorrow's graduation cresgnation o the Town Man- oys e te
es w begin at a.m. and the nations in this hemisphere." School endeavors to ta al observers onsidered m o hton
(highlight an extensive week long Since the date over 2000 care drdise te pment terminal large. for many

e ceremonies w begin with bean Air Command further as- of 17 lasses have graduated and tter on aong al n faor of iial asocla t e citizens of Croii i
National Anthem by the 776th Air- ed here at the USAF Sool or ties as nstrutors specialists en ofthlad

Force Band under the direction of Latin Amera find the keen minds in their newly-acquired skills bb nor ou ton bethehost o
on; nde~ould an a d dentsere il wc A ifo iedS tte eror hd mer
a fu neUSAF), Caribbean Air Command corps representatives of each of t Donald Ron W to

chaplain. "This is further proof," conti-dthe 12 countries with student6116 in W c i pealgnedoorton-
A tnues Hood," that free individual class 55-A wl be on hand to per. r r S. nder-er SNT
to in roduce Hood as the Unmaitn tin hs reallmo n which rests morrow. Rthe adute ,tudeAGu i pm s. d t c T Irti

a tin Am c at Latin Ameredan counties repre*j IO o bu _sta O e 1 955t
FoIn a pre-re ase tomorrow t he address, To you students with these received prin- sented Splh. a and vst. AA athrhe Crowe Latin t
ood states: cples so deeply established in ing mission officials include Ch e sho u n t e estS. District ur and a
the i nts, udeoin 11 me. Unine italtes airmen and officers gra d and frw i laae, w out of the mun l nmen p oa'
Guard in formal ceremonies by The Benediction will be conduct-,tin Ameican training program in laws of Crosroads.rl t red
fteVradathbrr fri sateeniti eo the AmDeian -
Command. spet for on another that wi Class 55-A resents the r courses in various avis- blue ans and me's hr- in on Ti
rsterieng benhoetfits and eat class since the school was e-o are taught by hL-- public lawa e tedo States rmal
bTmorrsadatiolcro-kstrethen theibondsubetween all tablished in January 1947. The School endeavors to stan t cal observers conoIdere amn- and to the volunteer staff
aades wT heia atnzni n se p .da ahndntlso
highlight annextensive,a aweek -longn d i Since the date, over 2000 care- dsrdize the eupment, terminolo- ree- Ino them In the o tex.
program of activities. I The commander of the Carib fully selete officers and men Y ad operions and to foste Tgovn went on recod tiCal. o mn
The ceremonies will begin with bean Air Compand further as- of 17 classes have graduated and better relationships among a I in favor of iuinR driving offer at Fort Girck, gret-
the playing of the United States serta, "The seeds of wisdom plant- returned to their respecitve onus farces o all the Americas. conies to qualified redents of sthe citiens of Croasi
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