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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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PASSNG IN RVIEW Sailors aboard the destroyer UsV Heer-
mann peer ove rally at "four queens from Michigan as the
ladies visit the ship In New York City. Left to right are: Joanne
Barrett, 17, from Lam, "Michigan Dairy Queen"; Patricia Hap-
lev, 18, from Dowaghie, "Mchigan Blossom Queen"; Marlene
Burtch, 17, from Saganow, "Michigan Navy Bean Queen"; and
Oal'Krahnke, 19, from Chartlevolx, "Natloril Cherry Qseen."
The dstroyer was part of "a squadron in the city for Armed
Forces weekend.

British Dockers' Strike

Could Swing Elections

p~w~w UI~IJq4O

"i To "Sh s To "AirPrice War

He. H Minstrk ShowsT Af cts Ho U SEW Le

nalBudget Boost cancer Fund ave Travel

tomorrow morning by h--*-- Of |meilig

S-iteen ly su ccessful Show, ma also be at th The airline price war which
r nIan I"l be ge band Service enter willz 84 n the round-trip faze to W .
fGoiernowi eday nightwekbe sold b;me ofteC ami may have sm effect

e a so Walltyfor Atlatic S de ota. available at the Balboa YMCAwh e e c e
,elMaouson, budget Tesp- ernor for 1355L ar talso by plane or by sea.r.'
oy ar ne schedule presented ht and the Elka Club on La Boca Replying to a question this
E st tar p ae Wednes # at 8atathe ce Road. morning, a Balboa H 15 ts -- 0--2
e n. Center Theater. for Pacifie Side residents who source a 6d the reduction atart-
Du vring Seyb.ld' absnce, Capt. c Pacific Side residentiiru be plan to attend the Saturday ed by APA and followed by PAA The Council of U ited States Empoyg Organ
Frank^^ A idunroe, Marine v t S prni. at tb tlnstobal show, may use the regular train and Branlff had had no effects puOirng ahead with ts project to e stabih on'a
i a oSchool o Audtoriu, leaving Balboa Heights at 4:55 on Canal policy. iS project to established
a overArrangements for the per- .m. atrday and-return from Uni States ongres for American resident of
This wil be the second t formances of the Elks l tobal on the train leaving Now, as heretofore, they will
rhavingr beenappo t el ted Ruler o adS Genuinet n and pas- e hiand ralroa t o Steps takenso fr have been chiefly in th l
Etwhedn' n rek o 'v N .r.1952 who Is i an of ure for the enthuias l uport u ts airL transport is cheaper. fc finding .
or attndethe House hear tlantic aide. the M east wasexpressed All along, they report, the air- But it was lear6d today that Congrs
w be e first time In a if de nt;sob-In a later sent recently bytheravel has been cheaper has the right to s ish representation inM.t
l try thatdIm arine nigt ceh Trustees toully, thro r whose in the south. The new lower Representatives for residents of the Canal Zone.
than one occsi on me agents frtheQ 8d*,. for the benefit of the Cancer somewhat, both northward and Several weeks ago CUSEO of- primary purp for
t teeepoonea'2-S13 or L. M. Fund. westward, It was observed. ficlal Z. J. Eglinton was asked by exists it
Three other heads of the Ma- Brokm,. Chairman of the The entire proceeds of the two the group to serve as a commit- that the
served briefly as acting r Canal C palM tel*hone 2- showings go to the Cancer They also drew attention to tee of one to gather all available it In the 0m
dbriefly ag n Canal13L Fund. the fact that now as heretofore data on ways and means for ganized T or
Zone governor. Pana maCanal employes have bringing about the group's goal representation im tSe
an option of choosing their own ofgn g a non-voting repre- Repreentatlves.
R m s Of 00 g iptatlon i they wish to seatte voice In Congress. he T V of elal said
J o ers nd Reports om PanCanaladquarters of Veterans of o
Entoibed In Wreck Peruvian Hotelhe r.. s... 6th
j Offices ncou ra inq GuestsLeave *1
J 1 ai-

ui. tear
accused Abn i Ait-
t~ibny .u E ie,,itsof
belng unable 1 coe-wlth the
However, tr stillUwas not cer-'
tan the strikes would hurt the
Conservatives more than the L-
borltes, whose largest union was
efforts by the government and
top.ranking trade union leaders
to avert the strike fled, ait
some 17,000 dockers walked out
in London. Manchester, Ltvel-
pool, Birkenhead and Hull.
Government officials were to
confer again with union leaders
today. Also, off ls of the two
dockers unlons Invylved were to
hold separate meetings to con
sider the walkout .
Some observers believe Iden
risked 10oin g CMMorvatlve
votes if he handled the strikes
to softly. But by be110g to
tough, be cOuld sae floating
tnAde u otes ioto the La-.
ITotayw a*lkoutt resulted from
Ia juriSd4lConal conflict between
the srtking. ti.onal Amila
mated te orred with Ld Docker
nnlop <(A* -) and the larger
Tram2pot eeral Workers
lWy 11,000 of the 50,000 dock.
era at the fiv norti were affect-
ed by the NAD ttke. Ooeratios a
the 2rt5 were only partially
fd c morr ed with Labor
Mthe el a Walter Mo'nckto
eaos and learned that owe t
scheduled t failed to ht the
day, od se evenrts predict-
red asni short-leese i ed.
tey-gWld the rNASD l ort of
fBrand' and tt may lwys
the AmbalftOe d e p oety of
me. which and the'led the
Trade V a0jo_ Covie g for t
A threatened yrll strIke.
scheduled fOr midnltht Satur-
day, could cause even geater
reerceusslons because it wrmuld
rsralva the greater nart of
Brain' nptlfnatsPd always.
The Amalkwated Society of
Locomotive m eM -and Fire-
- men. which has c*4lied the
strike Meka hiher for lb

oary7 an.
natural a

au sccr- a."

warr ipw J

Is tO

Stateside Retail Coffee Prices Skid

Down To 75 Cents, Lowest In 5 Years

NIW YORK. May 23 (UP) The second, made March 1.
Housewives who inched pennies ranged from 10 to 16 cents a
topay up to $.LO fr.a pound of' pound.
cofee 10. months 8ao can buy The new cut ranging up to
their favorite beverage at te five cents a pound, wer made
comer, permarket today for as by firms selling effee on ana-
l,.le~.a 5 cento.. he lowfat lonwide basis andbthe A & P
price In five years. food stores, the nation's largest
Bum per Latin American grocery chain
crops, cstumer resistance to The total drp a fpr this
high. prices in the United yearI U cents a upmd.
States and rM rs of a price Aspokesman for A & P
2 r amn sa ers ere sd-that effective y all of
credited %ft. a new his chain's prices would be
Zow-PriaMd 7f r that down four cents a pound.
morning c 07 fas. '"The dip in price will bring
While ,rnreentatlves .of the our coffee down t the lowest
orfee groin countries pri- point In five years he said.
cipally Brail, .tried to bolster The new A A P prices will
sagging prices OUnited States range from 7S to 1 cents a
wholesalers and retailers alash- pound for baged coffee and 85
ed their prices as much as five cents for vacuum packed.
cents a pound. OGree Brothers and Grand
Officials of 18 coffee produc- Union chains announced their
ing nations were. so disturbed cuts Saturday. The new prices
by a series. of rlee deos they will run from 7q to 95 cents a
-scheduled a eetin hr for pound.
Thursday at which they will try
to establish A, coffee stabillia-
tion pact, -'-
Part of the asgrment would EIF
provide for ttlmW of sow-Drnr -. I 5
Mlus caim* fa 3w market.
thus mowvenuief fSer prise .. .

ver since from skyrocket-
ed a h4h W fl.o a pound
last Aue. W the nation's
housewives m e been on a
rampage. MNy stopped buy.
ing coffee uitirely. Others
used ls ofe per cup.
Alencastro OuIarae= BrazUl-
ian minister of labor, Industry,
and eommnerc id M. pur-
chases oe f i coffee were
down i1per
The decline sBM had serious
con?.usa WMhM'secono-
my', he.e'a. 1,
Roberte Abuar.- vice preid-
dent of tha Pam Americea Cof-
fee SureaN; galsa dwftvy show-

Seaate De. Srr Ldon
B. Je nso esMmton
Wtay for what e te asi
usim am zatue state-
ments about the air
strh of tae m ki$tales and

He was


ce and
port eD

^ 1
Inw..h fi a


Bate -eport- 100 per cons par-
in cofection with the 1955
cancer uaade, It was an-
nounced Monday that Bruce H.
Carpenter, Man er of the first
National Cty Bank Branch In
Balboa wl head the Special
G of domnittee. This is one of
five key committees naned by
the Canal Zone 'Cancer Com-
mittee to conduct this year's
Carpenter will be assisted by
Mns Mary Curtis, Balboa High
School Junior who was elected
Governor of Girls State this
The Special Gifts Committee
will solicit contributions from
persons eligible for Canal Zone
hospital privileges who may de-
sire to give more than the aver-
age cot rioburioO-
According to Leonard M. Brock-
man, Campaign Chairman, six
different Unite in the Canal
organisation have already re-
ported contribution from all em-
ployes. Thee include the Gov-
ernor's Office, Panama Line Of-
fice, Internal Security Branch,
Contra b an d Control Section,
Marine Director's Office, and
the Civil Affairs Director's Of-
Reports have been received
from five other units with high
employee participation. These

TAo utal %mount received up
to mWi morang was $630 from
the units which have reported.

CZ Loiterar
Gets 30 Days
Loitering in a vacant Canal
Zone quarters shortly before
midnight on Friday resulted In
a 30-day jail term for Francis-
co Samudio. a 30-year-old Co-
lombian who has several aliases
and a number of earlier convic-
tions. The quarters he "occu-
pied" were In Ancon.
Frankle Thomas, 21, a Pan-
amanian who did his loitering
at 10:45 a.m. on Saturday morn-
ing at the Tivoll Commissary,
got off with a $6 fine.

But Camilo Arias, 21, a San
Blas Indian found loitering in
the barracks assigned to other
San Bias Indians at Fort Ama-
dor, was fined $15.

5:25 e.m. 11:34 e.m.
5:41 p.m. .........

net pr

, It was Isclosed

The amount owe by guests
of the 16 hotels and two Inns
operated by the official Compa-
fi&a Hotelera Peruanl exceed the
company's total c8a l on hand
and banks, It was said.

Get Your
Reservations In
The following notice appeared
Members of the American
Society who plan to attend the
Dinner-Danee at Betel El Pan-
ani Thursday are requested
make table reervatlons as
soon as possible br calling the
Maltre'D at 3-160.

The dance is In boner of'
President and Mrs. Ricardo A-
The party will begin at 8
p.m. with dream. formal, or
white suit with baek tie.
We have Just run t again, be-
cause the people whq read Sat-
urday's paper apparently don't
own telephones.

Scolds Pentagon Confusion
the urgency for reversing Preal- ed the same conclusion- t ha t year starting July 1.
dent Eisenhower's military man- Congress hold block the Presi- They said the House impasse
power cuts. dent's plan to slash the arm ed on the President's military reserve
Sens. Richard B. Rusgell (Ga.) forces by 111,000 men in the fiscal (Cenil aed on Page 8, CoL 4)
and Henry M. Jackso*4Wes.)
made the statement in separate in-
terviews in the wake of a high-
level ar eat over whether &
Soviet" ln hias wiped out this
eomitry's atomic airpower lead.
ctunu ehafirmas of the pew. -
tier u e Armed Servicee
Comitee saMid "we have rath-
or gnmra$ ad eoaistently nB.
.derthe relative capa.
ad triall abluty of the'

a member of the arm-
Soup and the Joint
c Energy Com-
d the Communists may
Sgaln a "tempor ar y
.te United States in
Ut of atereootinental
&" tterIedera ieo f
M- a dM Wp,

e-w eseeaa-esm
| lIer t the Preui-
Ul "a defeaso
attack mu
i i-

ld e the authi
uch action, a.um4

ing ua re is nothing in the
treaty relationship between
Panama and the United States
which would run counter there-
(Unofficial commentator In
Panama said today that they
know of nothing n the treaties
which would bear on the prob-
lem, but they had given no
specific study to the matter).
The VFW official pointed out
that the olly areas which now
have non-VOting Congressmen
are the Territories of Alaska and
Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, which
has a special commonwealth
status. He noted that the Virgin
Islands do not have such repre-
He commented further that In
view of the Canal Zone's being
a government reservation, and
in view of its limited areas and
population, together with the

gated to him byAct
Eglinton also said so
ton might arise a to
te Canal Zone is mere
eminent reservation."
It might more accuo
felt, be termed a gov
area, in view of the 4M
eminent agencies ope
the sometimes eonfo
emats of the agencies a
He stressed that w
various agencies and I
group have access to
now throufth their own a
each one puts forth its o
of view.
What is needed, he
somebody to speak at
Ulonaevele in an lmpai
f!r ? _, of the wh
1:u puie

Dear Gentlemen, Or Dearest,

The Styles Demand A Change-

It Won't Be Lace, Or Pinch Of Smu .

But Like Or Not, It's On The Cuff

- Fashion designers revealed
here today that like It or not
men will be wearing cuffs on
the sleeves of their suit coats
next falL

The newly designed
without the traditional
buttons on the sleeves
modeled before some 2,000



of te

iLrlD l a "ore
suite." In some
ed ot, e the el
for "less fora
Other featui
line style ahs
men's apparel
nla and thel

;9 -.:

3 ?~~i* I~


'* *r* ^




'C. ~


m a

$I anc D.oDle..

'1 *J'~r


',^ '.. m.. :.. ..I -... .---., -.-.

Sso *-

57. H SiEtT P. O. 0
I TALtous mr.-
OFFICE. 12.17 CNTMI. Av1N2.
FoON qelP Sn NtAIVDU hs 1


Inl tment

.T1171 N. Y,



A ,-,'
h .',:,


Son This Firm Fd
S"t.' AA

* 1**'
* i


We l Box Tis an OM m to modern obf T whe Psawma Amearka. This is the third of a series of
are received l end er handled in e nw articles yn oure revolutionary i w n
IfevW entribute letter dwet be nmpatient if it deun't e~per the This industy is recommended y
Iy rs are pubid d in the ordea re eived. to the attention of investors be-. a a om an t e a
Sto keep others II.mlted to one pagel..caunse of its dynamic growth t e Fod a
h e lefteo r iters is held is strltest coenese. a $9 billion dollar bus nessin re bS ed s
T inewepe r e sumes .o ,eessibilit for emea Is Me l054,e a figure which some in- o
I ns le. t rom e aders.. dustrialists eapects to see dou- t. se ..l t
S- o bled by 1964, whle
OME, OF A TYEI Last week, we discussed some ac he,
OME, OF A TYPE electronic devices already on It, but S i I

si th mroed w ho t in .at a ports oft ti mk t t F
so kind as to personally proof read this here pome. The the market, such as television -. aorov Il the ..butls o
SIn. This poe aint so good- bin two sad a rn proce ting machines. Let uss nof u te t
w rch constructive thinkin. But iffen yole type s. now look at some of the electro- lastel4,

11 d with this pome what they generally do with my erl It nc marvels currently bei de- inaae
lt chances are Imegonnageta ot saddern am now. veloped. by a single company an hee nn
Yore truly w Radio Corporation of Am erica. manufo s"e eav es amo t
-e 8. David Sarnoff, chairman of0 othe an aun
SA Ballad isn Offb eat RCA, outlined some of them in .ea o lth arve for ear
No re shall I dunk my doughnuts with my baby In the morning. American Institute of Electrical satnment !t. h fo,/hart dis uase, oad Gter re-
No ore shall I look across te table at her bloodshot ees Enineers. He mentioned the work done a is ha n re. De o

k me for every dime and nickl e that I ever had. gnitely or "wiped electron is b
St egret mY bn th e nghtving witshe o st me my last enint, ally and used for o their recor- to te bra two Repbll a cream Jo

Ca she was a babe in a milli-a one i n a nd million dame, wnhhi device is regiardlMed a e e Mk eam Th s n aer is rkd atI
An mv erything a r woman needs to get ahead, she had. mis pd3nj e-or n v se toward reoe cnisqustord. examined. If no live virus Food and Drug because a conisti-
SThese tapes can be used indefl-

S lau h but don't tell me that every woman is the same. Oor yw h l b Is presediat, the vaccie Is pro-e tun, who u vented a beet-peelngS
Th #re asdtifferent as the seasons, white from black, good from pable of prorucyng motion p.- nounced safe. However, this test which large, coarse
CaIIIo ture n color or black and i e about an days. be t e ct down so ty
e was a babe In a mkllon-& one In a mlon dame, This device Is regarded ae y M ine ah uth s ofg is min t t

I ww't go into details, but she made my life worth living produced without photographic maeua ca' aab. e t t, bruoh i m=. tote o
A single kiss or just a word was all I needed for the day. developing and can be viewed Tr a d ce publle as soon as possible, accept. and Drug Admhilstration to get
She Inew the way to love a man- the artistry of giving the instant they are taken.i a- ed the manufacturers' tess its a proval. It officials frowned
Ar.4helave me.two or one and trumped my aces all the way. Encouraging progress, General ic n The Cutter Laboratories hose on emach Ie as deceptive,
A e e fr V ( arnoff continued, is being made"i vaePe is now t dr sp eai seru. o ur they never actually b a-
tr each day was like a moment she was with me Just an hour, on a noiseless electronic ar con- ter tiy not only wea t oe d guilty ofed .
And its just as well she finally took her hat and blew. ditoner that operates without inadequate sterillPaon in but Whe run Conrs sman Tabr
We were always in the valley depths or on a mountain's topless moving partt motors or com- has been the oasept of nine other then cba man of the powerful
(tower, pre ors. This air conditioner l suts or by the House A pponC i
its just aswetlsh nfilally took herhat and l tone tatnie mFooc nnice aveo- B IPatedgc vacn e is no uder specal te m
There never seemed to be a normal, level, easy thing to do. works on the Peltier principal, .WASIUNGION- (NEA) Three Because aof the numbe of the 3 This is all the proposed OTC Food and Drugt sdm ation. ad the spia ad in
VI namely that the passage of elec- year tensionn of the reciprocal agreements, an impsreson his Organization for Trade Coopera Other drug companies, with the That was two a oea
She swept over my life just like the Mississippi River, trc current through the Juno rrade agreements program in been given that GAW Is a tre ton will be. The U. S. share exception of Parke-Davas, have not he aga man the
She loved me like a hurricane that roars in from the shore, tion of two dissimilar materials nome form satisfactory to the Eis- aiendoutly coip icated thing. of GAT costs has been only experienced so many seizures. secre appropriate hearing
And when there wasn't anything of substance left to give her, produces a cooling effect. RCA en administration now seems Reduced to fubdientals, GATT $ 0 a year' In the past. OT Parke-Davss has also had nine t the Food and Dru atti-
She quietly disappeared and in the morning was no more. Is also working on the applica- ass by Congress The next step serves two sme purposes won't cost much more. civil suits, Ell Lilly two, Pitman- t toward his betm ne coo-
VII lion of this principal to house- will be to secure passage of new Through regular meetings of the Rep. Jero Cooper (DTenn.) Moore two, Wyatt three, and Dob sttuent. And aga he attempted
I hope she won't come back to me and here the reason why: hold refrigerators. legislation setting up OTC the GATT country representatives, a Chairman of the House Ways and me four. to slash its funds. This time Demo.
Each man once in his lifetime should live high and wide and tall; RCA has developed an electro- Organil on for. r a d e Co- friendly forum ,isprovided for e- aleas Comittee, has introduced On the other r hand, and infair Cn Ft y of
deserts and the mountains In the sky; nic light amplifier that can mu operatin. during the ubstales to expanding a bill to authorize U. S. member- ness to the Cutter Laboratories, it Rhode Island was chairman of
Challenge the tides, the desert athe mnnertake it all nic light amplifier that can mul- This is something new n name world Irae. ogoate omOhtries hip in OTC and give it congress. should be noted that Sterling-Win- the subcommittee and a good part
Flip a coin double or nothing-let the winner take it all; tiply light Intensity twenty but not in principle. -A' smoke' have hih- ta r aginfl Amerl smonal 'IpprovaL eangs on t lthrop, one of the biggnt dru com- et the funds was rsored.
VIin o times. There may e ma se ot
Coast full spee4 down the hill, never mind the breaks or gear otimes.fTheed maybemany ruses b osroe n und a -- tmo e.have to lower these Ag i... Ia m eavale mrou et. e talkon vacci1One-watVAiggstonLIcm-
Do everything heart wants tao do an l oowtth ora qusmorfe For instance, it wl be the basis luok diffout. -. ixchange we-an lower t tarifs There is some possibility that 000 for getting sleeping pills m xd
WI shh heart and arms h eml~ wide, without a Isaj ou dnce, for "mural" television. The Lisenhower administration which his country has imposed ess may not complete action up wi a potent drug used to Last year, Congressman u
S should gme ck for mte, a map sntadInstead of watching the screen will attempt to beat down the opo- on foreign exports. n Cooper bill this session ato er.
dwIx ono4- onei trsCont operbta

tmhesiodeentsImol have ot et ra ofm ted

all those fellows in the Adl coffee room rek down the characteris- act waip e 19aue in 34. Incontraletdi countries. wA ? ATT s seriously crppple Du Adminisration a nd the Pudb-.puAat o can o.
tte ofreIuency, intensityemc*b o, oInw the beginin adplna G Ait be e thareefetarves f the re i health Sero:e by beha certain wst fo
oewth eand;;: r i teo fit "h mieas of pod iceonrieot orl d car othewo hW wairrm in the Peac Ee oue ppoater dis C :m
marmaadetegavea.tnd wera y ok Preu Pflter s n, lwth rton ,dcall y ,n pornts- o e w negoatelte es 'ofGATT between eis.i thre e trade aWreements oa.thSt
lot hal ou leth t thi-bot the relotimbre, vibrato) off mu- tiice hi othe entrl A leme e tames iathe end of the war. an considering the legislation to nd i sAd io i
A ConseN.. B n th eents haI ad t a rThe st revision was concluded et up TC. congress Wsinill nees window of a th and 48th store. i s good friend of Cmngre-
AC OB Ve(anCht ton es woh ~ds ma n r. Harry 01-imnAts. It still has h0 today, at Geneva Io March. t e caorily review then work of GAnto. I makes her famed Calendar liinth ooth m or eyd ti Illnoi t epubli-
BuhfeI Of tbtmi. 1o enear.Included in the am mednts wat But GAr is after an executive tess appear dated. An utbuttoed can. wh1at o
satnnd mCay h Research Lable of lnd, T3 of the prig ncipa tr ading a proposal to set up a permanent a reement proved by the proesi we shot. .eThe red-haired And Busley,, S
atholitory, It ing a m eans of produc-, o ies of the world aert eed to orazatin to carry on t e wors, dent under powers given to him waitreshs at the Peacock Expreso Housae Appriatn Committee
A ndswer Previou Puzzle i electronically an infinity of negotiate these tariff adbintm.ent of GATT between its semiannual by the tsed agreements act. GAd on 4th St. Looks like the Titian last year, managed to knock 00,-
8ollecthinkothatxthre-buterthelookotGoo ofoeaatibree vibratoomuntwithothetourertyshttmutetimettimite so re wall Pth ere. .T lthe redy megagres n ar
Ing the sound of human voices This was the General Agremes- In the pasr, whenever any new f:ed by the U.S. senate. ce n on a stand In Times pr a t he F o and Drug
Yadicl newingr mousical comp lexes en edn employ- iatoisnotyareatewthatkm ATThe Raknt her wallme there. dendal the do rr
and conventional instruments or on Tariffs a Trade, known as isue came up between sessions, Sq: Hot Coffee We Got. Just Administration, thus kinit a

ay be cable of recon- Thirty-fou do tries having capitals.It was discovered that the ,GAT! trade have approvedit the Gee Washington Brid iect dru -
borneIrs"am eat voice to over so per ent of th e world trade he" t. .8,inothe left rear of a tru blc
tneat scrtan riat and ar r tano n .hehk 0 .per cent of this venohi om ". .,On the right: "Sck mo!' ehared, under the Virus, Serum,
6.)I Sauntered ge"playing" symphonIes without f.overs tariff ncessions on over group to administer its affairsemi trade, aabpprova NewhYorktNovageme.tsac tf t and ofTalk io., aoin. the Ftoo
Vatican CitGlfimond 6nefmusit alof mporch estra. loy-eurors 'in "ldiorat The Wind" at e and Dr Admnistr3ation Inspectse
Iis sitad 8 Collection of Next week, we will look at a- non.Eqty actor naed. Peter
,Ingthelsoun dohmarlcs. comp anites engaged in elec- 3 m i es m m+ |lA b Ih i m 3 a r&ma. in that nder the d re. o m ren ta T
sana s either. ifs Life mij butrymecan Hobby.
tcal 9 italian con Iront workt from an investmentrhavebeen A l e r Ithann ow.e nhfu nctii Mrsn.t
,0 Y earnst28 Bel.owed 4w Pronounlpocntobgu-ArwW W insne ll In New k
f ge o t e p c O el.ns lEt4nSpar 42 Meat dish I Oet of 0W, + + bat make / e Play] M". Hobby, th e1 p0 ta=
...... ........s._ar.ff groue,.o od ani tro its... ..... bede! anpproval__y,__..w,.m.

---- 11 Beverage 25 See eagle uerman river
Ssick 13 Compass polnt26 Dregs 46 Peruse
mntend 18 Vatican City is28 Heavy boats 47 Scottish alder
PeerGynd the 29 Viends tree
Por ter y environs of 30 Indian weights 49 Blackbird
Pini Rome 38 Walking stcks 50 Belonging to it
inam 20 Legislative 39 Area measure 52 Babylonian
a- wav body 40 Rawboned sky god
ter., 21 Heavy person 53 Mrs. Eddie
S' Sj "" 22 Type of fur 41 Table morsel Cantor

I letepe
msl *
V (*.)
(J' to

*W.* E I I II -lI I


" d of Casa Fitlich
fnqmflty In neiwMt Inter.

11 vM M a 1

-- -- er) vendors can make The Pla- sne oppose meaica research, as
BROADWAY for $7,000 per wk. .8. Biingley -gstressd Marilyn Ha) o as aa
S nd I. Manseield reconciled afterlrn i eRo thd e 29th ut theth e oatnytnr o g sor leIloU?.. she took a ,tu'md a ault
Celeb. About Town: Jane Wy- a long pout. Mansfield was the Sands Beach Lido After il.WtheeWo is Peter Sifter anwa? n u dertho
nan (nicest thing to itN. Y. since, one who, first put Billngsley o Bioadway years the gu who blow ti para ph for a Hill-BurtonAcd t sd vocation-
the weather) applauding Arte teevee. 'Pooo, thattttt's the thtoe Camel smokerngs i hat- orody-an extra? .wMr. Snitzer, aleducation ande ltatonsadc-
Johnson's co ediatis at the Blue Guy???) Now they say the low- less youplease is. a War Hero -; ..... trie c Cb d.cti'-
Ange Eddie Bracken making down fert Eddie-Debbie merger A 1st Lieut. Bombardier on a B-. Uqn program in caested militirY
the happy tridto the Cashier's delay is "ta'problems" .. .Jo.yee Main Stem VIP: His name s 4 Libs a. .Fifty Missions over and federal areas by $100000000.
Windowafter-t came in Mon- Bryant(se es o at the El E h kIgar .He Europe ..Oneofthem wasm y In every case D Oick l-
day, pyg better than 40to1. gpote t]mbzs w) has 3 a 'o, s Erich k ma Re-s..* Me the famousPlouetAirfields wh g- ers, opposing these cuts, toobkete
a, p um. the sta, of Inheri ed "the air.. ICandians War"-- ma. muc --, M l s gets no billing in the issue to the floors of the House

tnc Sun without bbmg recognized. new book, "6th of June," will be of the jury in "Inherit The Wid" adLse. -. .C.withthexcep.utionpwrogr af t Mh
"No teevisi he cckled. whos le Augst Oops, w ook-ofthe Montho doctor t the la. At 11:of r rol hs fuor
Sonia Henie .....-" -. a miniature Richard (!'Plain & Fancy")'Der b e ,_ t ur Broadway Coufucius: IfnYouaobby has fallen lu more in
l.reca ker -- i ng n Lindy's. ad Kay Hastinga (of society) do cut...-Then he races so U : Never Allow Criticism To Discour- Mhe with the view# of C Hngrq
('.e ag o d gma .the Thaeinat the Vanderbilt's w-y.-Md arie a.. t.e , aei YOu Then Every thrown Rock and has not tied to cut the h health
A he Jeff Stoeg (Corinne Calvet) Purple Tree When (that is) his Only'Theater in Greenwich V;". Dkmou Stot'an e i g
Ltll honeymowguug at Romeo Sal-ldale isn't .v writer BeaWilson.I .. (about 11:35) in time to ate .ere
ta's.. .Harry ieteonte whose last Oops, we didn't mean ".Bus Stop2dodor mu the last act of athriving -
came means 'Beautiful Fountain" %hen we said "B.S." slipped 1Gs.revival of 8Streetcar Named Do.
S.Denis MeM n, lhief In- Shoulda been "T.B.S.' ... Joan he" .. .Mr. Elgar gets ----
tcrnal Revenooer (bean as a f-raword (who wed the Pepsi performance a s a super i
staffer 21 years ago) gen con- prexy) gave BBD&O her endorse. :erit" and very little oma in
rats (An the.t. Cole rent (now ready for billboards) .Streetcar" .But he does keep
Room) on b blicrelaUtions on another soft drink! usy. .And hat's pretty per- .i
firm: "MMaM ews & Co.' ---tant for an actor.
I IFred A whioe "Dadd)
remindsYO is Isthe No.a Blrther tiame in Nanc r Tr*Tee ( a sT
-- NWforwuance at "The Bad Seed". too, starring the many waof
Just beame the fire-scene (when -;6 rgCamnng. It is lost hInthe
Sallies In Ow ARW. "Ankles she sees e blaze start down S hu bi over the tm
Aweigh"', (theisgr*amtht tee herwno Nnc t "ighl
ed its 5thW Mon-t-red for 4 minutes until she was Zirg ppy "The '-PA-
day night (the of the revived -.The patients audience Trasp" (MGN label) able

Sweek) Ia u !tayeve uei..dn'tkq Wathappeed .. 1 s ue"So o. For-
aon run"!' _:- am ~ d fa It)- -au_ '' Is i i I i

c, lM 0"sa se. hoe u-my-d f the Line?
E. Lewis in.In- MDdug."Ximey U-', ..Gum-up

so Yt. G in f .-114, .





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..... .-,. [ .- *.*.. .. ; \ } *- c.--. --?.? :.; ,: T-,'^ s .-. ^" : .'/;:' ,/ '* ^".' -.

F. ,".. : '. ;. ".
: '-% -. ; -_. ,.' '. ..' .lot

*~~ 13Arrrl~ii*MS;

HA N0ALD'S O. 0 FI Final tests of nearly every
. ded .nlle deve" in at t A Fore wile Tert Center on Cape
S Iw WO'. r r tli i p t erAfte. 31Iles launched over
: .he Itildfge I ovt .be.t ,a Uttlesor 41o da1fqr of a missile going .
4heat> t?||.fcAhng fb relied from instrumentation stations
,ta*r;bs t t,-as ridn nd others ppea iti. I the missile goes off course, it is Instant-
'*b ea2WA96 1o d-Eft *rb 1tiel. Among the 'wpirt.loqking lastrnMents spotted along thve
ri5m5 e Wi f -Tel) iT O ubO~, Ipw inA. n ,t .rives aoutomateaay-transmitted ra-
iO- impls tr ai thf e ddiMe'tal t complete, detailed flight data to magnetic tape. At
.. ,, d of tstL tpbe teh played back for study and analysis
., ,

Miami, New Orleans Vie

For Lafin Americkan Trade

SFeramado Velasques
MItlI May'23 (Globe Press)
-Aiot om"pettion has developed
in Unti4 States today in the
a rui tor tin American trade
Th battle is being waged by
the 4f l, international cite I s
of N e deans and Miami Beasth.
Lathns mqy take their pick:
Miami is touted as the play-
greuqd of North America. Its big
att=ton .is a glamorous, million-
doliao beach aud a string of equal-
ly fntalog .skyscraper hotels.
In-aditifm, Miaml boasts a fast
race track at Hialeah and also a
modernr'al Alai stadium. Among
its natural assets, it also claims
one of the finest fishing grounds
in the wm'ld. Marlin, saufish, tar
pon and 'barraeuda abound.
On the other hand, New Orleans
present a city of grace ahd old-
world charmn, It is chiefly noted
for its attractive French Quarter,
the Vieux C'er6, where narrow
lanes, treBised-.c l onies and court-
yard restaurants dominate.

capital te opportunity of fresh
investments in Latin countries as
a means of raing living stand.
yards south of the U.S. border.
This past month, Miami has
bounded back into the fight. .
In May, It played host to the
Second Pfizer La tin American Con.
ferente which had been called to
discuts the'latest developments in
the treatment of infectious disease
through a combination of vitamins
and antibiotics, Upwards of, 175
delegates from nineteen different
Latin republics attended.
In May, too, Mihai announced
Its decision to finance its F i r s t
Festival of Music as a salute to
the Ameriaes. Top-flight entertain-
ers fom all.ields participate.
Pal Whitem lead a 500
piece NOtlM American band. Tke

feAkasl' star-studded cast d wl
10e6he Cnba'd attractive young
soprano, Ehtaa Santaley next-
M3 m c ty aoierlls maoveno;.
a, Iaa Newitalsts BHla Me-
na -ad 'Manel Raedda, from
ae DealpleUa Repu)Iic.
Ah are m mrimba bed from
oGutemal add a group-of calypso
singers fr6m Jamaisc, Including
Winston -White, Sydney CIa r k e,
Granvile Lindo, Altmont Wilson
Sand..Ludlow Dawes, will alsO per-
Miami city officials make no
secret of their intention of com-
peting against New Orleans for
the trade and tourism of Latin
America.' One official told .Globe
"It is wintertime down under the
equator now, and this is the time
when Latin Americans are cdnsid-
erig treir vacations in the U.S.
We are already getting a number
of Latin visitors, and we believe
that the friendly gesture of La-
tin American festival each year
will encourage many more tourists
to switch to Mailmi."
Although the cost of the extra-
vagpnzis being underwritten by

NEW BOSS-John A. Barr is
the new chairman of the board
of directors of Montgomery
Ward. Formerly vice president
and secretary of the mail order
Arm*, Barr succeeds Sewell
-Avery, who resigned. -



To-Cast Jel Pilot

Enjoys Being Hero
VAN NUY, Calif., May (U)
-Air Natienal Guard Lt. John 1.

Conroy, a yearr iold hoathe-

tr, which oincided with th
urdat e of h aviation history by

c flight to Pere to New Yoar ago
b4ck again, stayed awake yester-
day. so he coul4 "enjoy being a
hero whila It lasts."

Conroy, s36 year old father
wo four chilstarsasDiren, flew the "Opera-

date of Charles Lindbergh's.-histo-
ric flight to Paris years ago

tractor who includes such Holly-
wood stars. as Dinah Shore and
said he was a little tired after his
return in the Sabre. But, he said,
he got a "second wind" so he and
his wife, Jeane, went to an Air
National Guard party Saturday

kids- a befyile let me loeep asll
7:45.. .. 3ia t O.going to'take a
nap today. JXm a hero for a day,
and I'm going to enjoy it while it

Couroy's wife said she had been
only "a little anxious" as she a-
waited his return. "She doe s n't
really worry," the flier said< "She
knows I'll be flying as long as I
FrL-- -1- 6 -- L- -- ----

' ~' 2.

. ,2; %.



John Hamilton, as President Grant, listed
Murphy and John Ltel, as Miss Murphy pleadS
Of her fiance (Dale U obertson) who has been
treason. Scene is from th CinetnaScope Eastman
"Sitting Bull." which is slated to open on Thb1
the Central Theatre.

The monstrous .'11 man, half-man and half-fish, men-
aeea John Ag:r andiprt. Nelson in Unwrsa-lntenational's
new th rcWVN OF THE CREAI'URE" which will
bib presented o'Thurday 26, at the Lux Theatre. Advt.

Evangelist Billy Graham Preaches

To 'Deeply Impressed' Elizabeth

The puot, wnho as been flying -
for 14 years, was shot down m a WINDSOR, Eng. May 23 (UP)- his hotel later that "it was a great'
Flying Fortress over ermany on American evangelist Billy Gr a- privilege to be at Windsor today.
id wa hemission in Wrld War "ham preached a command ser- The Queen is a very gracious and
and was heldprisoner or x mon yesterday to a 'Deeply im- charming woman."
months. pressed" Queen Elizabeth 11 in The Queen and the duke drove
During his 194248 military serv- the private chapel of Windsor roy- from Windsor Castle to the royal
ice h he was awarded a P u r p' al lodge. chapel in Windsor Great Park. It
eart Diin sed Flyu CrosI e Queen Mother Elizabeth, Prin- if a private place of worship for
Heart, Distinguished Flying Crosst cess Margaret and the Duke of royalty but people who work on
and Air Medal with two oak leaf Edinburgh also attended the pri- the Royal estates may go there.
clusters. vate service. Some 60 to 70 worshippers were
Conroy's varied career includes roA memberof the Royal house there yesterday and most of tlhei
jobs as a motion picture tough rold said th e Queen listened t, were unaware Graham was to.
guy after his release from the Air .Graham "with rapt attention and preach.
Force, captain of a Japanese sam.- seemed deeply impressed."
pan ferrying food supplies to a Graham and his wife, Ruth, 1,F
Hawaiianl ln .t mil lunched wIt the Q at i Flxseed Prospect
worker andcommerialpot linusore sermte followingthe'25 min P rs- P
North and Central America. He tes for wh MINNEAPOLTS-(UP) Farm-
entered the pool business t w list chose the simple there, Iers in the United states have in-
years ago. believe." dictated they will plant 5,743 acres
it was the biggest .day in Gra- of flaxseed in 1955, according to
His children are Barbara. 4, ham's extraordinary career since Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. In 1954.
John 3, and Wilim one A fourth he preached for Pesident Eisen- the acreage totaled 5.959. Most of
John 3, and Willim, one Afourth shower in Washington March 6. the flaxseed is produced in the
child, Michael, 8 by a former Graham had wound up his sec- Dakotas and Minnesota. North Da-
marriage lives in Buffalo, N. Y nd London "crusade" Satorday kota plans to plant 63 per cent of
Night before 70,0b0 persons at the nation's total 1955 intended
S .Wembley Stadium, and the Roy- acreage.
al command sermon stamped his
controversial crusadind with open
and unparalleled acceptance by
the British crown.
It was learned also the hand-
some Southern Baptist preacher
from North Carolina had called on
the Queen Mother and Princess
Margaret at, Clarence House on a
private visit last Wedpesday.
The Queen's aunt, the Duchess
of Kent, had attended one of ra-
ham's regular non-denominational
services at Wembley Tu e s d a y
Graham chose a simple verse
from the New Testament Book of
Acts for his sermon to the Queen,
the sovereign defender of t h e
faith of the Churche of England. -
It was Chapter 27, Verse 26:
"Wherefore, sirs, be of g o o d Vel
-cheer for I believe od, that itj V-M Model 990
shall be even as it was told to
me... The Voice of Music phonogratph wish
The evangelist told newsmen in the "most waned" featue'r-at an uns-
buiable price! World's smallest, light-
est automatic 3-speed portable... f. first
and ONLY with folded horm speaker
ia the lid! Two replaceable isapphirem
needles in new life-awme all-wesatber
camusk causs ridge~. V.M Siesta Switch
Suoa hiUlly shots offeverythng whAd
gray rweed IAyt Beautil se atsd
'.,s.y twmed so .--

1...'. -

P -o --
*---, _. "'- .1


.1 tW BoBvar Av&.


ammiD. JA&,
9y gSWAL JAConr
W-itten toffiEA Service

The biddijn of today's hand Is
not recommended. In the actual
s. l Mary game, however, it wasn't quite as
for the life silly as it looks in print. South wsa
aceused of : fine player, the opponents were
coloasaga, somewhat less than expert, and
taday 26, at this was the last rubber of the
Advt. evening. This, if ever, is the right
Sort of time to take a stab at a
Sketchy alamn
If West had opened a heart,
There would have been no story,
but who can blame West for open-
ing the salef" king of diamonds?
South won with the ace of din-
Smonds and led a spade to the ace
in order to try the club finesse.
If South had decided to bang down
the ace of clubs, the partIy would
have been over, but South actually
took the finesse and lost to the
king of clubs.
Now West thought that he had a
problem. He couldn't afford to lead
a diamond, and he thought that a
spade lead might serve to break
up some kind of possible squeeze.
(This is a rather vague statement,
but vague was also the word for
West's state of mind.
Declarer won the spade return
With dummy's king and immediate-

SFine Furniture made of
Darien Mahogany. NOW at
amazino lou wrices.

Bedroom. Dining Room and
Living eoem Sets.
Products de Madera, S. A.
mod by Bebeta Cowes
N- CetWl Aeenuo
-: a --a II-"-_ I |U kl
-*-- .. -i~,


04outbo ih to eash
No. of ap ..Wsouth

S West had cpsi the re.
Wad. Sbuth saw no'advantage lead
u 0tAe q of spades and
^ Sun a =i and same one lautdb
better to give up an cardae
ta 100 points In the hope oa away the
making the slam with some sort threw the at
fsw ndle queen of dli
You might think that South had so South to
albolutely no chance to make his with the- qne
slam, but you'd be wrong. South making ta4


Men's New Style
Massive Mounting
of Rich 10.K

s, 120o

Ladles' Model
Exquisite. Style
in Fine 10-K

s 995

Symbol ofGood Hope

This Week's Lucky Winners in Our


Ana de Cordovez
A. F. Malva Gomez
Mrs. George Lowe

Julia de Arjona
* Antonio Stanzlola
e Mrs. F. R. Rucovich

All Slips Ending in 3 Win!

Ch tck YOURS I

~. I-

I -~




-i eA&w ( )

Bourbon at its Best!

If you want a real Bourbon Whisky,

ask for "Green River" Bourbon sold



- itr




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3- ...... ...... .................................. $0.8
Bet Rolls
Fresh Vegetable Soup
Shrimps Omelet a a Espaflola
Baked Potatoes
Germsn Salad
O Amig-a Cake
Tea or coffeee

the coziest co. Lounge in town
.Remember our family Buffet
every Sunday from 5 p.m.

TEL. 40
.- -. ,..-


-4 *~
-~ ---

4;; 6'

, "- .-
,. : : : .... ,; ,.

6872 AJ1093
V9942 VAK10S
*KQ10SS *8742
6K 46
North-South vul.
SBeth West Nerth ast
16 1* 16 2 9
S Passan 5 4 Pa
6 (l) Pans Pa- Pass
Openi lead-* K

1- .................. $140
Not Rolls
Fresh Vegetable Son p
Baked Ham with Raisin
Saee Hawaiian Style
saked Potatoes
German Salad
O.L Amigo Cake
Teaw or Coffee

t2- .................. B1.00
Hot Rolls
Fresh Vegetable Sona
Hot Boast Beef Sandwich
Baked Potatoes
German Salad
O.K. Amigo Cake
Tea or Coffee








7 M


j ;


'" .

"-.' ,-i,



'::7~~451~ ~ J ~j. ri-'

M W.' .* -. -.. .
. --

.. -
- ^ ^J

- : ".'V 2 .
'. 1 -. -.
1' ;-.. ,1-. : ': .
.- .. ; ; .
-. .. .. ......

- j' .

lind Methodist Lawlss

Of Phenix City Now In Georgia

SAVANAH Ga., May 23 (UP)- A Negro later was sentenced to
blind Methodist minaiter, wido i fr the killing. Police prsent-
his life was threatened W ed aeontroversiai onfession from
amse of a crusade on. clAme, d thelb t gro. in wbeh he claimed he
congregation last night t h e had been hired to kill Lee by hon-
wless of once-notorious Phenix ky4onk operators In the area.
Ala., have settled here and In his aermon, entitled "While
Augusta, Ga. the City Slept," Moore. aid the
lawless element driven from- Pho-
[The Rev. William Harry Moore, nix City "found here places of
Ssad from the pulpit of bhi vice, places of gambling and a
eirgate Methodist Church that thriving business in the sale of 11-
Atlantic Seaport city is now licit liquor."
eked in the grip of orgaa ied
iee and that police were accept- "Crime in the city of Savannah
g "from $15 000 to $ 0,000". a has reached such proportions that
to turn t eir backs on ros.- it is now syndicated and operated
Shambling and lleg by remote control from the gang-
iag ales land of Chicago," be said.
S.Moore charged thit prostitu-
*Moom son of Methodist Bishop tion I thriving in a number of
I t ,. M ooore of AUtlanta small hotels in Savannah and that
.a.pd vast crime syndicates, gambling particularly the n u m-
MIIII out of Phenix City after brs nacket, was wlwead. He
*iiarre murder of Atty..-Gen.said bingo and alot a,ehne
ailue Albert Patterson, cross. gambling also has resobed huga
Mver the Georgia state line and proportions. i., .. i
;'; business here and at Au- He saod there i g oree l t 1-
he siteof the huge Savan. quor sold than I M4~ou here,
oSI ver H-bomb plant. and that some of i fcit liquor I
X ire said that during the past "is being sold by members of the
S *yp his life has been threat- police department itself.
three times because of his I
0tta1ks on vice. He said anony- Moore, who has a wio and three
callers have advised him to grown sons, lashed out against
; I police protection. aw enforcement authorities in
-Savannah and Chatham County.
"Thip T have refused to do and "We are also faced with the sad
rKl continue to do," Moore said, spectacle of an underpaid police
"'pd as long as I have in my bo- force, with many members enag-
dy b the, breath of Ilife and my ing in the practice of accepting
mares is not dust, I shall conti- pay-offs amounting to an est mat-
tI expose pubhe officials and ed $15,000 to -$20,000 a week," he
for righteousness." said.
r's stand against .vice re-
1a0d 0the sensational assassina- Moore. who started his vice
li of Dr. Charles H. Lee, out- campaign in February when he
Spon rector of Christ Epicopal was named to a blue-law commit-
Sat St. Simon's Island. 80 tee of the city's Protestant Min-
aliles down the coast from here. sisters Assn., said earlier he will
The Rev. Lee was shot down in recommended that Savannah and
his study in 1938 during his cru- Chatham County be declared in a
sade against vice at the resort is- state of emergency and placed un-
Jaoi. der martial law.

Ara U I w Life Adntures]

: I J ouseRNuIs R Oll M mos aWN

opiN' o61


S: it




4 1 gggm



"Are you the one who state using el the hot water Inth
building whenever I get the shower regulated just rihW*?

At the Plrace


B.B. "SANTA OLIVIA" ......D Crst6bal, C. Z., May 32
8.8. "SANTA MARGARITA" p Cristobal, C. C ., May U
B.S. "SANTA ISABEL' .. ,..Sails Cristobal, C. Z., May 33
8.S. "SANTA RITA'" ...... Cristobal, C. Z., May 28
'S.S. "SANTA JUANA" ..... ..Due BAThon, C. Z.. June s3
8.S. "SANTA (CRU", ....... Due Balboa, C. Z., June 23
8.8. 'SANTA CRUZ" ........ Sails Critobal, C. Z ;'aly
*Balboa Only -

CRISTOBAL: 2131 2135 PANAMA: 24-56 0N57
BALBOAs 1501- 1 $ CAPTAl

N,&u:' ulrrww uu~uz:ru~

Thanks to Dory

*. .

tm l

v~rr 0YA MrTU

Lulu Belle Spills



cou MRgy Y 'o
aON AN ANcor
^^^^*^^&tf.NEW ml/_ ^

Item of Interest



you owN'IORU

The Message

- iA dEAl'$21N

Dog Itemy SI A~ YURNEK



mal 00Ioor1 OUT o0u WA!

ST .L wuA


Everywhere El, almt-

M4Y.1 WULLAuMP'N i ul t

7RM AN1 C M I 1A tMH
*8CAI $1N
fTOUAEe- eq.H



* I
- .

6RuhI (b@PJ a 4fds







'; :"~P.




~prr+r ~

7: Zl~a

bal Ikr~t

4 tfl ---r

?S*^ -**** ;*",, ', ^ Ki '
4v I'.' ...
, r; '* 4.


, .i

I ..*~. *t*4.*~ I****.
S. .%


of the

Wonr;Wr $ leartooahavrrthe
re. r value of' tied

Remerve. Asseulai e .. hi starch oteint andw a re-
-T Sb Ysqlptr meet ng q. nf abi sehi y. th all the atAd s of
A r b s spread before us in. t
:- m Tie. rsdayMn w m arkqt -it ithe red,kady bean
helS' m., Wlectih esd fs th at is most' popular in Pana,
offices will be held. Reftash. ma. P ri F les or frole pintado are
ens Uot native to Panama b4 have ;s Car Gr, i a#e ? othatpit does seaen tting
S uba R ome n's Cd en gh to give the Mexican basic
u wl eatatthehorn ee cpee for their preparation. I have
.Virgia Soney. 36 A Cundufound that even in the prepara-
*Thursday M( .3 at 1:3 tion of such a common dish Pana-
SPlease a Mrs. Boney 'w mania cooks differ a great deal.
for reservations. Members a d ien Is your basic bean recipe

Catholie Daughters have your beans cooked then you
AmeUng and Jastalatiop of of- can play around with any-of the
afleerns w0e held4 b Cort r variations such as beans and Chi.
ta Maria 'No. 447 o the Cath ,c lbeads and rice, or Chile. con
Dughters Of America at 7:30 carnse.
tM. on Tuqs. y, May the 2dth.
the SBared. Heart Chapel FRIJOLES
After the Installation of owicra
a short business meeting and so Two cups frijoles
cet hour will be held. All mem- One third pound salt pork
.bers are urged to attend. One pinch oregano
Pick over beans carefully and
O Irit) we h .ft 'Poet No. am o fsoak overnight. Drain and cover
-ih ls "of the Caah t er te mea Tw e next regular meeting of Lt with fresh cold water. Add salt
,- t e loyal support and wishes her o any. H. Moumbiow Memorial por u anoregao, boil slowly un-
. .......u. am..anal .h"her Jab Post No.h3876 VFW, will be held t al tandet, 4 to 6 hours. It poasi.
In111",sats. Miss ea-.s.. Gardner npera-
abP. will begin at 7:30 p.m.h o
it -rI m.e Be The annual electition of c lu tre all day. As waer bOust awy,
s ,, na --" ue" of thr. Da.. "u ghte rs tiath her an wil be n ul eatt s o ome ing. add boiling water; ever colI d.
a by Mn, Dani ent at her hose Please plan to' attend. Meeting (Use our pressure cooker R you
In Las Cumblee recently. begin 7:30 p.m.e one.)

Octavie abIs e o S LaNehs art bshow! In Medellin and other they come from the .pot a a r.
For AsVaarb a. cities of olombia. er quantity is cooked, ther may
Minister ere im Relations be wed there scoud day with chile.
Dr. Octav ,a r Wan) t r s' quantity will make ten
g s t -.-aor toWhat stofr fayorift eo
-n 'the aristocratic caviar it
n 6._ j

* Col.. J. L. Frink
George Todd-
John F. McDowell
e Wm. Brown
Dale L; Katsch
D. J. O'Neal.
James MoNamara
,. -, *


Buy any of .ise

beaufful sets

by cr*it why
our Club Sysfem



. ., A S,', 'aD .S ..r


o C. A. Cavanaugh *" .-
Rodoffo Pueffo "
o Manual Benavent -
Ida Garcia de trdt '
0 Jose 6 i0imna
Cristina dq., -.,
Eri l a.. ,




N r

Club. ... .$ 3.75
Monthly.... 10.00

A '-A-

K .
* 4% ..



cMssr t gave-.. a
luncheon .t the Etubasy R es l-
dence nto Da Vista.

A L neat AIn-
M retued toI

:.Pana, ,

Colo AmassUes BinO"
tto Po-

painter, mr. Adst,
A !ise is leato haveI

E, "

L of" .etl gralI
to i th Jim. (
ae l o ut I

toa-dobut, of
c dA'tdare say a word

r tei from eIthe w
or .h 1e
wf or tca -s

to r but push hard op
-.wi a w yly. miTions
MUenso much funI
W t wof worme who
its .arm w
to dngbut push hard op0

Mot O ft pis sl
h :r ust ,oF anspf tuby
ive mry pflk ku

aE h|)^ Biiairl

"... -. ... 4i
Miss VasarlwR Married o -e
RamU. Arias I
At MI Carsea
The Sutigse of Miss Ida Va-
Ilarino, daughter of Panama's
newly. appointed Ambassador to
Spain and. Mrs, Oetav. VaiariAo,
td Rkmok Manuel Arida san of
Mr. and Mr. Joj Lewis was
solemnsizd at Crmeui. Church
o. Saturday evening.
Spanm r we parent of t he
briS siporaindpuants of the
bridegroom, m i. .a
Arias, Mr. Juan -* Guis,
Mrs. Adel C. de i. His. .
belleac Predet the
li e o Panama id Mrs. loard
Arlas, Mr.. and MrW EnrlqW .Jl-
menez, -Mr. Juan B. Arias, Mr's.
Lda de la G. de Subjeta, Mr. Jor-
ge M. Arias, Mrs. Elea Z. de
euartematte, raziliam' Ambassa-
dor 16 Panama and Mrs. Aberlar-
do BI no de PFrade, Mr. Jose I-
ase lbega p it. Eilda Maria
A. &d Zuta Mr. and Mrs. Gil-
bemt' Caldern, Mr. Manuel Ral
Aris Mrs .L-tin P. do Boyd,
Mr.-Aqiino Valarino, Mrs. Ju-
lUst A. do M Is, Mr. and w s.
Manuel CW ;r, Octavio a-
larine, Mrs. Gadys P. de Muller,
Mr. Antedode o, Mr. Mar-
eel D. de Valr Dr. and JKn.
Adolfo Arias, and Mrs. Car ne
E. de Arlias.
Mrs. ilas Vallarino Aras was
maid of Bow. .tMesmaM wVee
iMiss Mona Viluarmls, M Is
Mayr VaU-rIk,, Miss Tana Zu.
biota, Mi Mianuelita MO0ie,
Missa .leta Stagg, .and Miss Car-
lotita Boyd. ,
Pollowlag the- wedding, arcep-
tion was held at the home of the
baid's parents in' Campo Alegre.
Dr. Yu On'Xu im. .
To San Salvador
The Chinese Ambasador to Pa-
nama Dr. Waiec. aY AceouInpr.
$ied 6 First cet y- *u 7
Chn, will leave for San Salvador
qext Monday on a speciaL ,lasion.
for about a week.

__ _-- a -: ---> .

T.e -e,. .f OoedAk of the
-to let you dknow

Old-Age Formula
an American Horse, 81 year-old
leader fd O 0 Dakota Shiou In-
dins, had this advice forthe
white asi when he visited Mil-
waukee recently:
Move easy, stay loose.
Avoid whlskey thins out the
POGTPON .8Confine aouk d-inking to beer
social event in the Hollywood and ale.
season.has beeu dela pie aigl.! Smoke wAthout fear, but don't
The date for the edt of inhale.
Dpbbfle hnol and -Addle- Stay away from vitamin p&.l
Fisher. is. now st fslS.- Move to aoth Dakota's hills.
time1 Jv.t Forty oupe of coffee daily.
.Keep the muscles feeling gaily.

E lnijqy' Three Full Months of
Special Rapid AdvahAlcement Course for Ambitious
;Batt:*Stdr mt with 3 to 5 years
.. .. -bsckground training.
Previous Students may Register by Phone

* A


CQu... .1


Mothly.... 25.00
Cub., o o .$10.75









.::.2I :

itA*. 5957




Genuine +T

Manila Rotion'

available in
SUITES or by the 3e
PIECE from 1. t

L f"". .

TRY:\The ,I*

Rocking Saucer

.1 :..

* ExoticdeBubBl
Lamps i
for wall or tablto-.e

Tale Lamp
S all sizes and d .

F0 loorLaps
two and three w i
SFloor LamW
I jAOCgwith awd taeu-4zgr1

m a azn .aft r "'

Favor The WQ For

It. If F You
Fav.a-gsS '_-

7,* ",'

^- "4.

Li 7~3


.. .

.~32k~' ~
~--:- ~.r,

~AEA I.,,

i. 3-.

.3 *

- 3..
-1: .,r


w -V


f steet Me".
a of July Ave. A J M,
Just AroMeu Ave. A ad 3 ft.


FOR SALE.-8-cu. ft.. 25-cycle
refrigerator, excellent condition.
Phone Navy 3071.
FOR SALE:-9-ft. electric re-
frigerator with 80-*b freezer
unit. excellent condition; potty
chair; stroller-type carriage; A-
mericen ekeuty electric Iron.
Phone 17-6206; 355-A, Port
ble be6 Hollywood with new mat-
tree 57.50; Bureaus 18.00;
Chine Closes 29. 0QWardrobes
35.00; Dining Tbe.. sed four
Chairs 75.00; M 4AnV Living
Roeso,tfts 149.00; Iaik 39.00;
SprMis 16.50. Also weJove now
brand new bedoeam'! living and
dining room sets. Beautiful box
springs on leg1 whl innerspring
Maettines. Small down payment.
.CHANGE, National Ave. No.
41, Phone 3-4911 .

FOR SALE: Bargain. Livig
OooRn 3-piece set. and 5-ploce

MS La CaNraqmilUl
Cmeral Ave. 4I
Mfb. i Ltar, rPlas


FOR SALE:- '49 Ford Tudor,
duty paid, $440. Call Panama
FOR SALEi-1953 Ford Tudor
seden, CuOfemlle, Ilk new, on-
ly 7600 mles.with 3-tube re-
die. Phone eles 4433 or IBl.
boa 303S. .
FOR SALE:- 1950 Chevrolet,
duty free, nW tires, now eoet
covers one wwer, 35.000 miles,
excellent condtlon. Call Pana-
ma 2-5490, Monday. *

WANTED-- 1948-49-50 Ply-
mouths, Dodlos, Chevroles as
trade-ins on later model cas.
Will give top prices your car ea
down payment, balance t suit
your income. 'Phone Colon 74
weekdays, 1-5 p.m., ask for Mr.

4Ituee--br e 'IC '019r`1-1kr bessive
a'ienll (44 t of j- Ave .

Phone Panamia 2-0552

-We can belp YOU with

Di A. and F. OIILLAC
palmerr Graduates,
fb 3er Avenue Tel. 3-1399
Ni block from LuxTheatre)

S Loonm' Riding eato
Ridine 3 p i o -055 -

" Distributed by
3 hroductos de M adero S.A.

' Oentral Ave. (between Kodak
SV enetf i ngs ld
Alumna or waild mat J or rel

it beslon tomorrow night. Be
C2ni tomorrow, all 2-3eetn6 or
beheld ats th Pa c eitut

SCentral Ave. (betweenKodak
S & Fifth Ave. Store).

Mer etings
cho DAumni '36
Alumni '36 will meet for renB
*k. gsssion tomorrow night. Be

CI be held at thG pacific Seto
EI Center.

and hearing application for letiirs.
Notice is hereby given that a pettief
fnr the probate of the wil of u -MaI
Culp Tackaberry. deceased, ed fer
tiance of letters of dwlaletn
Jfth e will annexed to Oliver C.C
was niUed In this Court on Mawti .
and that June 14. 15S at 9 o'clock ajbe
a 'the Courtroom .f this Court at-
cen. Canal Zone. has been et fl
Ani of m d petltion. when
any person interested Ma -W
* r and contMt the main. and -W
S f any. why said petitdse
L W tAm Canal ,ZolaMi

C. T. MeCuW k h. Jr
1 of Court

S. eniRtt 8
.- Gen-l Agents




I I* I

S Jely Ave.
Agenda Internal. do Publicaclones

vigisuNIs 7 sued


JUNE I -4 5
The trip of your life aboard 1
Panama's Pescadoral A three
day Jungle Jim Jaunt thu the .
Paonme Canal to Colo,. Sam
Mas. eand Porte 1ellel "Ive
SBlbeo. Friday 6:30 a.m., qee*
Cole 2:30 p.m., leave Cole
9:30 p.m. for colorful Sea-W e
end historic Porto Belle, frlese*
ing Colon Sunday offeridU
Thru Canal Monday 6:30 a.m.,
leaving from Stronger Club ye..
turning to Balboa. Meals eataeed
by El Panama. Bring sle$ o
shorts, bathing suits, eekot.
flippers and spears for under-
wter fishing, your caner end
color film. Canal trip enly-'-
$10.00. For further in ionxtlan
pheon Jungle Jim Price Panama

FOR CALEN -Rmigtnelc

FOR SALE: Remington elec-
trical typewriter Picatype, excel-
lent condition. Reasonable price.
Inquire above the Tahiti Jewelry
Store No. 18-47.
Sealed bids, for opening In pub-
lic, will be received until 10:30
a.m., May 27. 1955. in the of.*
flee of Superintendent of Store-
houses. Balboa, for projelw
bases, cabinets for amplifier and
film. projection heads, moter-
generator, phonograph record .
reproducer, rewind table. lenses,
seats, and sound system located
at the Chogroes Theater. Invite-
tion No. 171 may be obtained
f r om Storekeeper. Cristobel
Storehouse, telephone 3-1205,
or from office of Superintendent
of Storehouses, Balboa, tele-
phone 2-18115.

democratt Scolds
(Continued from Fag. 1 ,
ai also points up the maed for
aintainla strong active ground
Sen. Stuart Symington (D-Mo.),
rmer Air Force secretary, re-
ently demanded a full-scale con-
essional investigation of wheth-
* Russia had outstripped t h i s
)unary in the military field, par-'
ulary air power.
The President told his news
conference last week it- w as
'Just not true" that RuVla had
Etbbed the airpower lead.
This wa# followed by a-rash of
ro and con statements from A-
erica's to military leaders.
Russell told a reporter he would
port an amendment to the de-
nse apprdpriation bill to freeze
e strength of the armed forces
2,961,000 the leved set for
me .30.
Jackson approved this move and
id this country should encourage
her free nations to build up their
armed strength.
The R-assiam "apparently now
ive achieved an Industrial abili-
in aircraft production to match
s almost in quality," Jack son
id, "and they have demonstrat-
d a capacity to turn out jet fight-
s by the thousands, to the great
irprise of our military leaders."
Aviation Week magazine report-
I tolay Russia has turned out
several thousand" supersonic
ig 17 fighters compared to this
country's "several hundred" comn-
arable Super Sabres.
It also amss a has made
"at least"' M u.anud -mile- an-
hour day fIgters compared to.
this couatty' two, one of which
was lost in a erash.
On the other hand, the maga-
ine said, the United States has
bout 1,500 Stratojet med I u m
bombers compared with "at least"
Comparable Russian T-39s
ypes, it said.
Russell said "we've been like 41
ian working with two fingers
hile they're iWt-nanine. They're
cutting nearly .serything they
.ve into matary strength." .,

ast Of ekm

:ompl' Phbhut
INCHON, o ,ar..May. 13 (UP)
-Some 300 US. Maries boarded
troop trauqspt bare this mo-
Ing comipletOBt withdrawal 64
be first Mu l Llion from
The rear at more than
MDO Merin" .lecd behind
an Korretodr-
S ft of -te

7.S.8. wag
pined byt ar Y

" gu-Numm a ri


ATTENTION &. lI, Jut belt
modern furmihed apartments, I,
2 bedrooms, hot, .idi water.
Phon Panom 35-491.
FOR RINT--Fumlehd uad un.
fernshed 2 end 4-rn mode
reertmontL. Ceeft ALHAM-
Phone 1386 Coql.
FOR RINT S---iu-frmishd a-
partment, net to Rooe velt The-
eter. Via Poarn No. 120. Phone
FOR RENT.- Tw-I.bdroom e-
portment In El Canrl., screen-
ed. large kitchen, mald's room,
largo sitting-dniig i om, play-
.ground. garage. Cel 3-3742.
FOR RENT.- Furnlbod eart-
ment. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.
porch. 4th Street Ne. 27. Coll
Telephone 3-6097.
FOR RENT.-UMhrumabd two
bedroom apartment, 2 baths,
garage. maid's quarter. Phone
3-0815. 44th St. No. 32.
FOR RENT.-Aprtment at So-
boans, Carroaqule. Inquire Es-
tudiante Stret No. 98, Phon
FOR RENT:-Aportment. Ricer-
do Mire Street Noe 3, Vita Her-
FOR RENT: Aprtment. first
floor, cool, vetiloted, balcony,
Via Argontini No. 75. "IE Con-
grejo." Inqliro lat floor. 3-


IF YOU HAVE for ment a one or
two bedroom furnished apart-
ment. hot water, aeroeed, in a
modern belloing. located In a
uiet neighborhood, please all
Balboe 2-4632. -

O r

BELGRADE, May i'( UP)-Yu.
goslavia believes so firmly that
peace is approaching that it ,
beginning to reduce its standings
military manpower.
On the eve of a high-level Yu-
goslav-oiet conference which of-
ficials Yugoslavs hall as "a great
contribution to peace," President
Tito revealed that a broad p6-
sioning-off program is already mi*
derwa and an an even broader
one is in reparation "if peaeq
turns out to be permanent."
He made the disclosure baek-
handedly, seizing the occasion of
a visit t a favorite military I4-
nit to reassure those, apparetly
numerini, who were worried
the. prospect of being "thrown out
of the Army" or "put it the met-
cy of local governments." "
The felerp government itself
will see to it that every penIstW
ed soldier gets the fullest Op1ro
tunity to go on serving his cod
try in civilian life, where many
disciplined workers are needed to
replace some 'enemies of our so-"
cial order." Tito told the first
proletarian division at Posto jna
Tito also, on the eve of a visit
which some outside commentatorts
have predicted would mean an
"idological reconciliation" with'
the Soviet Communism from wh ch
Yugoslavia broke away e ven a
years ago, urged Yugoslav Com-
munists to. tighten their ranks and
intenoay their leadershipi role"
in the cUmnt7y.

Ambasldor Luce


Aidhinds To ItalyI

bedroom set. Condition gpod. all
for $180. Between 8a .m. and hab I Festival
a 3 p.m. only. 45th Street No. 7
14-1801. apartment No. 12. T Be Observed
FOR SALE:-Easv washing ma- Be Observed
chine, good condition; 3 vne-
tian blinds. 6454- Los Rios. At JWB thursday
Phone 2-4296.
The Festival of Shabuot. also
LEAVING. MUST SELL-House, known as '"The Feast of Weeks"
kitchen articles, plated silver,- will be celebrated by J e ws
were, new. Phone 2406 Balboa. throughout the world from sun-
FOR SALE:-Refrlgerator, stove, down Thursday, until sundown
dinette set, beds, radio-phone- Saturday of this week.
graph, miscellaneous items. Call Thq festival is associated tra-
3-2324. dltionhily with a great historic
event, .the promulgation of the
4 f E:- aby crib, plastic Ten Commandments on Mount
r'eaoviMDM1 stthes. ley pen. Tel- Sinai. The presentation of the
Sehano Ceolew 1094-A. Decalogue has proven of the ut-
most importance both to Israel
and the world since it has be-
i1b ri Planes come the basis of modern clvili-
zation. It is considered the
proud possession not only of -
d fA' n Jews, but of the Christian world
(SS -'^ TON- a. well. : w
TON (UP) The T -eat 'of Weks w also
Tn '-a WlUlh man first originally observed s an- Agi-
eat '*Hawk needs a home. cultural holiday which marked p1
'W t Brothers' plane now the begiUnnt of the wheat har- m
ida eii m a rafter above cases vest. At this season, the first fo
displaying military swords at the fruits of the soil were offered
SSmithsoM an Institution here. to God. This token reminded the fo
Lindbergh's Spirit of St. Louis children of Israel that "every- ce
Shangs by a collection of dreses thing belonged the Lord and gr
once worn by presidents' wives, that they were merely the cus- er
IAnd the early sailplane, Falcon, todian of these, products. cc
looks down on an assortment of They were enjoined to share tic
quilts and laces. the harvest with the poor and V
Still other planes, marking mile- the-stranger. One who had many
stones in aviation history, along possessions was responsible for
with flight clothing, navigation alleviating the suffering of those
equipment and other memorabilia who were less fortunate. Shab- pr
of man's conquest of the air .are uot today is a reminder tof the m
crammed into odd corners of social obligations of men.
SSmithsonian buildings. Shabuot services will be con- su
Nine years ago Congress set up ducted by Rabbi Nathan Witkin fe
Sthe National Air. Museum a per. in the Chapel of the USO-JWB th
es manent "home" fqr these planes- Armed Forces Service Center, at
fHo "memmorialize the national de- Balboa. The schedule is as fol- JT
v- velopment of aviation." The mu- lows: Tihrsday. at- 7:30 p.m.:
seum was to inherit the aviation Friday at 9 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.; s
collection of the Smithsonian. The Saturday at 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. ot
plan envisaged a fine building Memorial services (Yizkor) ar
which would become a national will be ad during the Saturday
showplace.e er i e h
Today, nine years later, more mornn services.ty
than 8,500 items have been gath- us
ered, but the aviation exhibits are sa
still at the Smithsonian. ecd
However, progress is be ing er
made. The Smithsonian has made s
application for land in southwest-
ern Washingtor. If it is granted, e
the drive for construction funds "
will begin in earnest. IM
The current tentative architects' c(
sketches feature a group of build.- p
ings in the form of a huge air-
plane. "4
The fuselage of the "airplane" .
iI envisioned as a concourse. The
Wright Brothers' plane is to be ,
displayed in a place of honor. A
full size "you are there" dio- zi
.rama depicting the moment the al
plane rose into the air is planned. b
In the drawings the central air- I
plane designed building is flank ty
by several smaller units. One ATTENTION
would have push button exhibits m
illustrating everything from how a w
kite-flies to the- cause of" the A
"boom" created by penetration of CANAL ZONE AUTO 9
the sound barrier. OWNtRS
But until these plans become ac- OWNERS
tual buildings, one thing is cr- .. No. 5 OF A SERIES:
m. Aviation enthusiasts will con-
tinue to view the Falcon and old t claims facilities
lace together. hrotrho at the United States..
___________________________. travel Continental policy
erire pro dehd with a g

LEGAL NOTICE op .Bto cauitee en i
a accident while driving at
United Staes Dtrlct-cort Te al aeldent w ng at
District of The Canal Zo
Balboa Divilon n
In Tr matter of Uth. estate of ade -
Culp Tackabe r. Deceaed.
No. n77. Probate.
Notice of time set for proving Wl w ;- Isom __s o
az~anearns avizc,,onroT ein

js houses o
. Teleophoe
Me Cllage.
4577. CBbe.
187.T, Cuilo-

f oetes.-

WILLIAMW. Sqpt CIera Beeah

3050 -.
Gremilh ifet Cloee each
COMOtt,. it s eonv-e" .ces,
mdrteshks. Pisemo 6inbee

New Ban

Look N By US

On Economic Front

-Chester A. Bowles, former Am-
bassador to ndia, said "it would
be utter fofly to assume from
recent 'feelers' that the Soviet
Union has modified its lon!-
range objectives."
On the other hand, he told the
Senate Foreign Relations Com-
mittee, "it could be almost
equally dangerous for us to as-
sume that Moscow is not ready
to change Its tactics."
Because of the latter possibil-
ity, Bowles said, "our economic
assistance badly needs a fresh,
hard, Imaginative bipartisan
Bowles especially stressed the
Importance of eemonomlc and -so-
called "Point Four" technical
aid. He testified as the' commit-
tee held Its Ist public hearing
on President lisenhower's *,-
30,00t,000 aid legila
to the mn bufa i 2

?ubg#antullay but soberly -
_h, former envoy to India
said one of the main reasons for
continuing the aid program In
that "the world is watching wimt
fasiatilon the great economic
compettion between democratic
India and totalitarian China to
e00 which, way will accomplish
the most in the shortest time."
, Bowles said the United States
must reject many- of the argu-
mens against foreign aid, such
as the argument that It "de-
serves our support because it
will enable us to purchase allies
and friends." He said "you can
1o more, buy the loyalty of a
free people than the loyalty of
a free Individual. .

Wa! Street Bm

turant Mus

'NEW YORK, May 2 (UP)-
The Wall Stret boom reached
Broadway this week.
A restaurant offered a menu
Wpted on newsprint, with the
names of courses abbreviated
in ticker tape style and prices
given in the form of fractonal
For instance at the Hotel
idison's green room you "a.
order up a "Hf. Oul. Ben eau.
ad. -R1ee an. BUc." for "f."
Translated, that's a half a
guinea hen with sauce, with
rice and Canadian bacon for
Or you could order a-. "Br.
Mn. steak" priced t .5- 3-4;
*roast Pe. ribs of bt an u ui" at
3.-% or "h. sp.- chick" fpr 2-
The Mstoc market inner
menu has the main di ahe, Ust-
ed U blue chips; a ,'n

tn as over the cut ,
Sad beverages as odd lata,

Thousands Fight.
Forest Fires
In NOva Scotia
_AW AX ms.. MvW
ad1Wu ern fought g'e ft
Pet firs. bw Nova g*mWti08 O
h *- wost In Z

Be bI Butlga to the
Sa threatened b.
iee 4 ohgAes

- i I

6; detritln." -,
FOR RETINT:-- VTe y eit,

bh. .n.. .il eluder. --aai--

uipd. For seimomw frN
ewly JIhMe. Apply p.22766 9fi
heard, 3.4978 *HerS *p.m.
FOR RENT -Vesoe qmru
Avellebe May 29. CIII 2-1344.

tecoal1s S

ir m* i blw '
Vte Chiea ive^for h
the Chief JZiqbUtv. for hi

. *.*. .. .1111 ..L.... .

utructibke of t.e submarine BeawoUi i pala
B'Mlin. Dr Wation for to mid-July u'h4 I'
second agmsc submarine. ai Is the filepaf
t.'be cleared by the Naiy for, i
i"- "----u --- ..--"-' --- .,

Siclkir Weeks

OW TOMW May M-()-
Weks aed from t four-

.w F .tour towdy
B^ ba, Winu and

wdari-who- arfted wIh- hit

Super-No $
Brighter. bigun

Prof. HUm Natner of-t
ed the dW"Mo)I

Iame. r esid I a- A

ai X.





$to 10 p.m.- Adu Preoitm eea
dreaown. By appointment only.
ring ......... Balboa 2-4239
A ler 5 p.m.....Poaens 3-1660

nal Zone Dental Polr701nie
Dr. C E. Fabregs D.D&.
SDr. C. A. Roy D.D.S.

RO"MK hy y 23.-(UP) U. 8.
m ddoT dClare Boothe Luc
tornals signed over $50,00,000
worth extraordinary Ameri-
can e4onomci aid funds to Italy
Tl id- U in the form of a
loan repyable in lire qr dollars
over bf 40 years It was
m og s ast sum-
o thecomnomic devel-
opAment of southern Italy.
S Mnd the terms. the U, .
g t &.a tto. what and
acs. for
-gibmb0 lre and total
mOU Ig thun hbanded back to

triday to report
an the IfJBbati. 31 re-
s ato cover:
1. ' ^e ?*g
eao. foItaly



7F YVi 56,. TeL 1-0313
.*' ^.4 :* *


T-0#6 11 kip, JJ '*

I Y~.OWN""



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p .wa "-k

nil mmonvBB


7:,- -, -.
.'^ = .. .... -. ,

- -' -

,..1 ". : Fri;,
ifiiA^ ff^ .i A L2 .*. 11 1* A-*.< aa it .^ '-'*- 4'

,*'.^t ." ..^ ^ '**:""*
* ... MB -,,,,,T ,, ., **-^ ^A~ t m "*
t ,'?. -,. ,, pS *'*
... '. ..- .. .. .'

.,, ". .'r- *; ,*"*-.Ty l~g
.. ..- .. ,;.- o ", 9 *'S |
; .. .-
S ~*-. J2"

- ..4~.

nmw *m: irm v T- 0.30 m

;-.~~9. 'y.. "; .,, itW' CA ON

.-w t-ato'j=. "c .try about .
,,a3:65 &

. -04 0' -ap

i- th '
JamBi SXWART & Grace T
hae all the deepest emnot and
VtRaURte moments of a dozen private

1,60 i. ;i


'T -e.- -." T i r -i- "

f wIth ftOu ~AllJON

wl*h hNNW pi

Socal and (t4rWjd .

Mr. A Ma A. J. Jeye Sael R F. E bbs, and Mr. l 'owlr, .r
mmtommma'sradme m who armrangied for a mu enjoy-.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Joyce of ea dcffee, and attractive bta le
N albh. saled .on Saturday aboard de nation of Pride ouf Bermuda
the& 8, Panama for New York flowers and candles. The Club's
to attend the graduation of their president Mrs. Johun Dooley
son, Cadet William J. Joyce froe pireseqte a farewell spoon to Mrs.
the ta elP rtm Military0 lge 1. 3. COUs3Y. Mr0s. Pack
kof Soith Caroltna I -Charlestos. Mnd Mrs. C. B. Gibson. New mem-
They ula will visit in Florida and ers attending were: Mrs. M. B.
rY flatep wIl g to Boston, Massachu- -easley, Mrs. C. Lefevrre a n d
ett, to visit with their families. Mrs V. DeStefanis. uests were:.
Mrs. H. C. Beaebam Mrse. H. K.
N ". ,4,a Ely in Balboea Celer Mrs. T. E. Perry, and
Mis. arbara Ann Ely, dau- --
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Rodney B. Ely alboa YMCA-US0 To
0of Bal ol, arrived Thursday frtow lmToht
a visit of tlea days with her par. The public is invited to attend
ent. MIp Ely graduated fr o the weekly motion picture show at
Bates C6 lege Lewiston, Maine, the Balboa YMCA-U1O tonight at
last year a has been worklang 8:00 There is .no charge for ad-
for the Department 9f State in mission.
lWashington. D. C. She i now en This presentation, sponsored by t.
Rg ot& .. oe. ..B Colombia, where P.A.A. will be "Wmgs to am aiti" .
she will be attached to the United and an "Orange Bowl Football

,, Wfep. ns, too, bease they i had teir tonsils part for her new post ofd Iy Woman' A xia .. Au tla Me A .. ,,
InDm wloe lot. Left to right are: P ~aA "Chur mb of Our Savions" THAT'S A NICE SMILE-Posing for his portrait at Marineland,
RuggalW, 4 W, 7.They live' In Cincl-n a 'ide Farewell S ns The regular monthly meeting of Vla., a porpoise smiles nicely for the underwater photographer.
sos oeIMr k. P. V. Brogan. ECLU N"SA oo o Pre T three the Woman'as Auxiliary of t h e
..By ly Wlv Club ,Chur.h Of Our Saviour" I Cris-
B ....,Fo r y i,,,Th a Fort ia ton Officers'tobel was held on Viieddeday, t .
Wives'. Cub heFtheir regular cof- May at the church.
R:OO P 15W MsoeBimbler -ithe plte anpd business meeting on Many. business ites cicerning H
icer' Club. Hostesses were rs. the nlew church were discussed
4.Mrse ;Thom as C. Robertson, vice-

vai. c ta Iuptio D c.vuur Fmn'..n mly wsi served L. A. Skeel MOVIES TV RADIO

Where 198U t0313 kMe head 4p' hom hor erda appere mat e
'piw &R thI1Dod anPoes)F-l and Mrs. J. 1.-Redmon&

Dr. arls A. Brry will grabbing so of the um movie they were aroriate. aid
:ou oawroe CHICAGO. May 8 (tIP) A address the Natural HlStorod So roles these dapy becaysed a New bald-headed Coogan:
.' T .x""'""arox ', one-amily "ov et'on" wa "eld ciety op the. ubje.t. Aea M i. York stage diYetor" ,clariny ooirst tmne I aw ye n 'itzhe
o d. n!' d 'Gsu"j at a. Chicago bdtel yesterp g cine and Air Force Rescue Work. "Too many young stars are Ieg you ad hair down tos. wast."
W D Dr ,. 1. Cho*i Da gBert jirackid, M, 1e meeting will take place at the lug off bestie swimming peels IA oI s remeia be" renlqd altal,
m* B 9S"V ^watik1eh and his wile and O f "lm oras nem eorgl Institute in Pa- stead of studying between pl.- "and you ha IAIR.'"
ren too" e n- we rSe spread oa Th t m e re j the t. Iay
. end h d "o. e to td As Mario Brando'first dra- hit, "The Bad Seed," but she's
4 lTa. s ,-.iTe baIntao of cke a a -, f matie coach aid ireto of the shedding no teat about it.
bfO 00A months to co 1 n will be edged out largest family arram thefw' c u ould A. Bary wi gust Moaon," short, baldheaded part to veto the role that brought
5:3 'o y a new song, just as the book tory. They de lded to pick aby d-en- r o is ely qsaoun id t od of nl WhatNs all C oog a fn aout
110 O.t. tnh0s?.lced anwtbfrh rooms ir anG May 23 voy Hotel Winnsisecals iled kid of TactIg
5:5-Wats Your Favrteom.ntnth laced a new tab for the ooms ind a i oiluar level off on the subject. f awards, but, she told me, "a ee
o'W book of the month BU added. the family with a TV set, a hot Now at Paramount directing t g that it would be a mistake for
6: AR 8 "But not so the Bibla it iS the plate and an unlimited a.I Ulat of "A anything Goes" Bobby says he me. 'I decided that It would be
:-SPORTS ook of theages." .. .milk. Si e o .d. eA J't understand why there are no terribly depressing for me to be
7:BiD.. Mo ve----... --i'-- =' Mrs..inuIe rhoe aprc iat tae ge milr i aU U dramatize worfksops in MovietoWh in that kind of a play for a long
6" ....-- w-, o radhw'dfapprecnated te milk bDeeAuse er Where "ma. of stars interested r ya."

6 1g',b C15U -he _aslst brood uses 1* quarts a day at W GTON, may 3 (UP)--ma improving their acting- could "Three Coins li the Fountain"
6: w d ea A eist i dhlLlm, Dgho .ame, Thei t AMay"orie stsce it terestedrit ."
10. tSe JgAa [e "rg e out reohome. WSetallter F. Geoore said today have a chance to make mistakes brought Dorothy more critical val.
--" lEbt3 S ..- e..t hril anes -o.n th ec o he will suprt Pres ient Eis n- and experiment with characters eftines than any movie she's done
7:1l-.awdSz- iSt d 'e i Maed wr 'rpe the rt, e The c m hil to1 range d iagn clum shower's specital w0.mllion-dollar they've never played." Says Bob- in years, but the role agaie was
4 Ire Tie U ter or, wt .. ,,, 8 months and gacule. Asian aid "with the necesoatby "' In New York every young a an other one hat went agas her
.-S 0'b.o r. Caspe. CtaR, e .evn (bo -a our Br .n ry and proper limitations in its actor studies between plays. I' grain.
E ~ Ta, a CNaC .ar,.ltC .Chfo r* Choeaeki, b eiwke urad i etis tO use." Hollywood, between pictures, most
P1.), i n e a mo f v... .tsae. :,ir etor. ,to t Earl Rodney h .b.a .it

HOS 1_ 11ttoa 12 1ie t oe r gve i fmily ad chage .osot- The Georgia Democrat, Chi of the young actors jist play." Hiert confesiosn "I didn't like
bonv, e:et lip te on pul d give his family an o an f the Sete Foeign R Marjore Main is ust n con- play the part. pre playing
8. pdl S a h as aof wie, lt i W ereu. every six antmlobth akid aone tions Coummittee, told reporters he fessing that sh almost threw, characters who are liked h and
S -. odr b- tse, frenatlhe a bt maut dratgday ihe mks Jlai f vors sig moet of the money the retirement towel a year ago. loved the audience. -
S.Aw r we il prMe -he 96 cop- a signa ie bab for loans rather than outright too A trpt urop to sn en o e to
:3-5 YfFa ,. i n -. l. Z200.mlnlion-,olla u d, realized what Ma Kettle meant. to Interrupted Mel dy, and The
10:3-, bkC 1 Roth T he m, a d MrUd Will i d, the toiwni. which could be used by the Presi. so many people throughout the Blackboard Jungle But he's ask-i
W h s ob a ont o e e'ter wb f h dent a7 he sees fit, has drawn World. This may sound kind oi f "What's all the fuss about "
12'~~- Of a, w~ h ot n oored tas.t -be -oit i e p.j- some firewithn the commit tee orny, bit everywhere I went in ~ n his mitt is pumped by pals.
SSstattR.. < up e expected to finish c- urope le recognized me. I 'havent hange d I'- th be.
: ,- boarokof aow eAa this week 'on the b Crowds"sti front of the Sae same person" G efo tol me or b
M rse STipbu l be eei n 4oar e .f sFihe drmreaic w hi oy H oteli in L ond n all day w ait- haets k n o ofr a "Tpat o '
t- r -aj e- ASl Ore. ..t ). It's said A e w" ove 1@ get the previ. trains ini taly and France called to h.Ip h. -p ave .omen

" dents who want mnbet' rel goFwrrtten to ontts und ,He s id thmg"at keeps me at ,t now, iwhethst it's befag ,ge-aetor,
6: 0"pecatO ed R NAL -t "hn sure wmleh cas to o, there also is eesederable sent- -tshat counts. To me ts-g hap-
6: th Thb o go in l ret2 ar cra y athen s imo pequa loin gthe iracrtT eingcould" ThineregunsKett-e. an u ing -ou ntai.

1 Dieueaupta ieisb u'in cting cramp u... .... to i A arri s e t ie e
i S.t e. 89 Glen..T..M e.' blu.eSw e [p Geore aid he thinks the co- u hundred persprthmi extras for o arie Wndsor eis denying .tha
7: w- i elo sa s-to nqt h u th o m sicei n ai d legislatroGen, which merely'I aid o e Vagabonn en wasn't to retirement rumor es nqw thpt snes
u the Reprerd point'd) Tl bell offered ertise utus nsin authories the 3,300t,000,000 expend Mkcael 'rt ht's theokmgm Mrs. Jack Hue. say, oI n rngh
7:1 -t LIe den 8mo tyles wo erfway r ce styles ,. driture, will ls ar ni thsae msad Cutcut, yelled mthnhe'ee ulatit onh b a t h rbingd ac a etor'

10 a GETTYUR(, r..-- (UP) -- -.t pren'sur Wh dy tn- without any smac"o uts1 ,aer dsrentor. says lHe gits a idk ou
0 U M uets H a are as e rb, .t he e r eUie .i foroly.-wo, ,d to b .l tpror the ituead mbory "set'sd a lto mseeoics. Makfae', thP.o on e bew n em s ,
S- Eenhowdy rs & a.l -eI .Tw borm l'rues. e d .. tow. th y sor h emt kthe m. 'fo orl undres is isrinaton, too o a ear- oWney. wns o Iesame a e
a :. 2 buIthe 1.l0g thme leesiAts t ie hisemilyy ilnoae gg Oat m-ma. Manafield sari gn a spca a r just prsp ainis j Ire mor afer ne garu up at.g.".
S te R crd co rident'riaco eT.o- horisW tery3,to0a0000x0 ecoen- Michaelndudosn't liking

m uore of -as a a ta of c re ,1mindH e'snfrom anooldam ovie fam ily.
tie aletseare a sb tAedtbodt the v Ariation n eIt action an ouirses musthramsdan tpuropr.a-.
butB-the ong decime lasbeuts the fsuh Aoingtom ttthotm. reey. forthe um edi trook esBi O 6ri o :15r Rodney. hus became a
the presidential c bIu pisn petty eelhnman field s iItaos-eechpattorEsr per. toichan getI rector d a hea vedup acti
9bk4willinvolr e s`1 'feleans .Mrather Pthan tr g ton-i e
womuh tas ad mat ofcome orse.siadh ofef .bab the mormi r andmilitador ha ndia place' ran. r p gaco sn

'abr .,ew wasa thenou battlefield. therampus to .et sX ,rats fuelly t o datebe cease t ho seIrrow TTONIGHT
:3I04 h ad o't Rotthmuche aboult bth oiner point s D theor perf ha ve e olpberateo s ot he od vme asred 3:10e; h s

dlberate thionswerron the $3o3aid theRoO


S r'o uster A. d 318'

b oa

te M S-ie

-l I


REg DMaUE tn


MONT E. cro"

PAR~AMO -6:5 1:30

BOCA I l m 75
[IWA CiU0 6:1 :mm

l Sl a m .

Ao* nd -
x 53,55






everyone's delighted with their a sl ,t
,10:30 ehow m the Bella Vista Room."
Har this terrific trio..tointgit
. (Inugagemnt erds ThMnd'y)
er carfe,. $1../p ersodi ,'," ,
,t J, rge 1. j p.os.... "
r reaevs(oatln. is'., ,.
*- *
^ftd .L


* *

S ...,


ScheLiMn Mmid



IMPORTANT: I. sm. ou
the s rd. Leek foar mda.mi
'Scotch" Bruad in thp tow
whms nd ad pSmn Hmemw

Mu ii

-l~ %&


- ..: .


' U



J._ _

- r --~-

i A I ..



.. 1 .


t,"., .. ..41..



., :+ ,: .

. C 4-.-


.... .. .,. ... :: ..:
..+S ~ ". .4 .Blliiri ,"rri. p"" 1 ."I ""- ,;+' '
.- ^-'F_.,. '".. I. -" :" l"
., MI inwuwvmItP',#* xzwuvma
:~N 'U



Deans W
rooklyn .....27
lew York ....21
)hicago ......20
Wilwaukee ....18
t. Louis .....16
incinnati ....15
ttsburgh ....11
., A lnh^i_ L.I- 1A0

L Pot.
8 .7y1
14 .600.
16 .556
18 .500
16 .600
19 .441
24 .315
324 .303

Or Teams W L Pet.
- New York ....23 11 .678
6 Cleveland ....82. 12 .647
71s Chicago ......20 18 .606
9% Detroit ......19 16 .543
91/ Washington ..14- 18 .438
11% Boston ...... 15 21 .417
16 Kansat City,.. 14 1 .400
6 1 al4timnr 10A 9. 286 1



u hla elpiua .. *. i ..... .-
Open date Op 0 h,date
Shiladelphia 100 000 002-3-: 2
Brooklyn 00 205'Olx- 1 0 (First Game)
Beyer (0-6), Kipper, MlleriBaltimore 000 000000-0 4 0
Iovenguth and Lopata. New York 200 100 02x-5 5 0
i: Erskine (6-1), Roebuck and I. '
Campanella. Palica (1-4) and Smith.
4 "--- Lopat u-4) and Bera.
tilcagp 000100000--1 3 4" ---
Milwaukee 000 020 Ox-5 7 1 (Secondi Game)
S .. Baltimore 000,0214002-5 9 0
Jones (5-4), Davis and McCul- New York 10040123x-7 12 2
1Conley (5-1) and White. Rogovin, Moore (1-5), Shal-
-- .ock and Moss.
first GaSme) I Ford, Sturdivant (1-0), Mor-
few York 010000 040-5 11 '0 gan and Berra. r
lttaburgh 000 000 002-2 8 1 --
d Gomes (2-3) and Katt. (First Game)
Bowman (0-3), Friend and Kansas City 160 000 000-7 14 G
$hepard,. .. Chicago 001001000-2 8 G
fSecond Game) Kellner (4-1) and Astroth.
Mew York 000 000 23-4414 1 Keegan (0-2), Martin, Chaka-
ittsburgh 03000000-3 9 0 les, Dprish and Lollar.
; Antonel, orwin, Wilhelm (2-
G, Orissom and Westrtun. (Second Game)
Littlefield, Wade (0-11, Face Kansas City 014 O00 001- 6 15 1
and Shepard. Chicago 320 210 02x--10 15 0
(Called on account of rain) Ceccarell, Raschi, Sle after,
--. Sain (0-2), Gorman, Herbert and
.tWrst Game) W. Sha.ntz,"Astro i.. ,
St. Louis 100 0000020-" 8 0& Vornleles; Hsrshman, Trucks
Cancinnatt 000 200 002--4 -8 1 (3-4) and courtney.
Haddix (2-6) and-Sarnl.
Nuxhall, Freeman, Valentine Cleveland 002 00101-4 10 0
(2-1) and Burgess. Detroit 000 OOO -.0 1 0
secondd Gant) Wynn (4-1) ard Hegan. -
". Loujs 112 000 100-3- 1$ C Oaver (3-6), Fleteher,- Aber .
(1 "'.inal 000 100 001-2 1 i and Wilson.
-" royo (440), Schultz and Ritice. .--
"1tpstein (1-2). Fowler, Rid- Boston at Washington 3
7 Freeman and Burgeas. (Postponed rain) C

I -
~.' C






... the first great story dl the

evening eagles who drop out

of heaven to pull 'uMoUtd

of bloo.

PRICES: 0.6-

S :-1


* ** *. .r -



1i' *"

Armemoros, B wn

Shapes Up As Gru

their Hl Parade

(Based o0 75 official at Wbat.)
player ind club g ab r h Pct.
Power, K. City 28 108 26 42 .389
Kuenn, Detroit 35 150 25 50).373
Kaline, petroit 35 137 27 40 ,$58
Mantle, N. Y. 34 117 40 39 ,833
Bauer, N. Y. 34 138 356 44 .310
Mueller, N. Y. 32 186 19 654. 9$
Virdon, 8t. L. 22 105 22 40 .S81,
Ashburn,.Phila. 22 85 15 31 .365
Schoen't, St. L, 32 125 22 44 .352
C'nella, Bklyn. 35 1290 6 45 .349
, Kluszewski, Redlegs ..... 11
Snider, Dodgers ........ 11
Mantle, Yankees ........ 11
Campanella, Dodgers .... 10 :
Zernial, Athletics ...... 1,
Campanlla,, Dodgers .... 39
Snider, Dodgers ......... 37.
Mantle, Yankees .. ..... 30
Kluszewski, Redlegs ..... r29
Furillo, Dodgers .... 29,
Zernial, Athletics ..... 29.
Vernon, Senators ....... 20"
Mantle, Yankees ........ 40
Bauer, Yankee ....... 35
Smith, Indians .... ..... 34
Snider, Dodgers ......... 34
Dark, Giants .......... 30
Kuenn, Tigers .......... 5
Mueller, Giants ........ 34
Kaline, Tigers .......... 40
Campanella, Dodgers .... 47,
Dark, Giants.......... 4

Canal Zone Championship

t aned lB4 deins) ta te Shoot f
Pather and lub Won Leot.Pet.
Newcombe, Dodg.*. 6 0 1.000
efft, Cub-. 5 0 1. annual
rryo, Cardinals 4 0 1.000o The annual anal one
rey, Yankees 7 1 plonIship Trapshooting .As8'c-
Irskine, Dodgers .. 1 857 ton Shoot will be held at the
onley, Braves1 .8 6 1 7 BalbOa Gun Club grounds on the
...., B s ..... 6 1 Palo Seco road on Saturday and
Sunday, May 28 and $9, starting
e"ah day at nine o'clock.
S" The singles championship will
consist of two hundred targets
from sixteen yards.
STaere are five prizes In this
S r event. The Amateur Trapshoot-
i ng Association trophy will go to
the o winner. .Z..A. trophies will
be awardbd to the winner of
classes A, B and C, starting with
the second dhigh gun. The novice

4. .. II


js weeKend

trophy will be awarded to the
new shooter who has the high-
est score. A novice-is a shooter
who has never participated In a
championship shoot,.;
On Sunday, the hanrilcap and
doubles championships will be
held; these events are of one
hundred targets each.
A.mmae ol'oi be ^'

f gunsr the hadi.-
cap will receive C.2.T.A. trophies.
In Dthe doubles, the winners of
classes A, B asd C, starting With
th second hgh gun will receive
C..T.A. trophies.
The all round champion the
shooter with the highest score
on the, four hundred targets -
will recelve the Amateur Trap-
shoot$n Association trophy. The
winners of classes A, B and C,
starting with the second high
gun, will receive the C.Z.T.A.
trohles for that event.
hem A.T.A. trophies are ster-
ling silver as are nine of the
C.Z.T.A. ,trophies. The four
C.Z.T.A. trophies in the sixteen
yard event are cast bronze on
an- O" base.

Thls' fourteen trophies are
donate e b the Cristobal, Gain-
boa Ud Balboa Gun Clubs.
Thoee llres are on. display at
the Blb Gun Club Office. In
thue YIM.C. building inh alby.
In ltion to the above, there
1 # endBld prize donated b7
round trip tickets to Costa Rica
Also twelve bottles f whisky
hve ben donated by Jack Schor
of Aatmn Distrlbuidores, dis-
tribute of Kings Ransom and
House of Lords Scotch Whisky.
This erous prize will be a-
wasid, two bottles each, to
cla I 'A C, D, E and F in
the "P round championship. All
clasem in this shoot wll be de-
caLde t the Lewis Class Sytem.
At hd mter b must dhow thoir
A.T. nd C.Z.T.A. mebershp
car.. ben making their entry.
on tl eWigai Eone and in Pans-
an%) I1 lvited to take part in
thl4- Or biggest annual Mof.


Sby t shut
:,Aa ^<>

i WV1


'.e .

Tbe $04". rtmetig between
Cuba's TO Armenteros and
Joltit' j.a, of New Or-
lesao .nA tur4Lboi
office a with the Cuban
making a final attempt to a-
venge is l losI in their sec-
ond ,mi. r~own and Arflen-
teros are ieftled to battle ten
rounds or les lan the feature con-


test. Sunday tght at the Colon Yan k r te of sevsn straight i 4
Arena. Vora d took a one-game U1
lead oM? Clevelad Idians %V y
Armenterqe deciloned Brown In there n ace. tIn s a
the fLrpt time th, y met. Brown those Ann s ogi has hit oM
badly batto!4 the Cuban to win a Mbi .4 bt five home .
the second meeting when the uns in 13 rups. te
fight -was hai#Wd'n the eighth Th*' weather, who th( 0
round. Their third meeting --the YTMkes.AU InKst "Is bet- cap, 8-
the ond that was supposed to ter than. Brotlyp's Roy cam- -The
settle thiagw oeo and for all paneUa," stged '' one-man bat- ewah i
yas at the Colot Arena about ting show yesterday when he .M


0 --
HECTOR LOPEZ' presence on park was built In 1029 that a ball
the Kansas City roster is one Of was driven over tat. spot. Tay-
the reasons manager Lou Bou- lor is Beaumonu's first baseman.
dreau believes "We are starting --
to jell," according to Ernest LEON KELLMAN, Nuevo Lare-
Mehl 14 the sporting News of do, Class AA Mexican League;
May 24. hit a seventh inning, two-run
homer In his team's 8 to 7 win
i- listing six reasons for Bou- over the Mexico City Tigers,
dreau's optimism, Mehl .writes May 14.
of Lopez:
"The chance that Hector Lo- Clippings received from Kell-
pez, an agile chap recalled from man show where the Mexican
Columbus, can fill the second press gave him at prominence
base spot. Lopez was understand- for his ro tripper and the
ably nervous when he arrived Sporting News of May 24 also
and just as obviously lacks a mentioned the homer.
rieat deal in experience. Until As of May lt~ Kalman was
this year he had never played second leading hitter In the
second but the manager and his Mexican League with a .444 av-
coaches took a liking to him erage. He had 7 -at bats; cored
during spring training." 16 runs; 32 hits pnd 16 RBI's.
BENNY TAYLOR, Beaumont, ALBERTO 080RIO, Wilkes-
Class AA Texas League, hit one Sarre, Clas .t& astern League,
Of the longest homers in the hak been piling up an impressive
history of Stuart Stadium May record.
13, when he cleared the S0-foQt Osorio has appeared in five
high, scoreboard in rig t-centa, games for a total of 38 Innings;
375 feet from home pl It ,t se- hase won four, lost one and
only the fourth time aince tho fanned 14.

Sensalonal Turn
MONTh/ECRLO, May 23 (UP)
-The Grand Prix of Europe
took a sensational turn shortly
before the-end when it was an-
nounced over the loudspeakers
that Alberto Ascari drove his car
into the sea as he came out of
a tunnel.
It was not known immediate-
ly whether the Italian ace had
been seriously Injured.
Almost at the same time Stir-
liin Moss stopped his Mercedes
before his stand as 'thick black
smoke escaped from the car's

Thus in a few minutes the two
leading cars dropped from the
.Ascari was uninjured, his car
shot off the road at the danger-
o"s curve outside the tunnel and
1lnged into the sea. The ItaJ-
12 driver was thrown Out of
the car and swam back to the
shore as boats raced to the
Moss' Mercedes suffered from
a broken oil pipe.
Maurice Trintignant of France
finally won out with Ttaly's EU-
genlo Castelloti second.



BToarge ARoyal the pr

To Another Victory

The Cococha Stable's vastly
improved Barge Royal yesterday
made it four in a row as he sped
to another post-to-post: victory
in the featured $750 "Special" at
the Juan Franco race track.
The ftie-year-old bay son of
Royal Barge-Allport, as usial,
quickly sprinted -to the front
after the break, opened a good
lead and held it all the way-.
Barge Royal first staved off
Sugarplum's challenges then
held Turgot at bay and finally
won by two full lengths over the
fast closing but late starting Ja-
quimazo which nosetd- out Turgot
for theplace in the final strides. wound up last, an-
other three-quarters. of a length
back. -'
Barge Royal, A heavily backed
third choice, returned $.60 per
win ducat. He was one of three
winners ridden by starring Man-
uel Ycaza.
Favorites asain dominated the
program with Valaria's $11.20
being the top win mutuels pay-
The dividends:
1-More Fair $6, 3.
2-Uscandalo $3.60.
1-Oolden Wonder (e) $4.80,; 3,
2- Fru $3.40, 2.20.
3-Tampol $2.20.

k I p -

1-Valarl $u1.2, 2.80, .20.
2-Aloosito3.P.40, 2.20.
3-Jachall $2.20. -

1-Sierra Veluda$, p, ,60, 2.40.
2.-Ebony $7.80, 4.2.
3-.Golden Pick $4.0.
Quinaela: $2*.
1-Elenita $2*l0320.
2-tngreida $240.

s--Resgl Bl i. os80
1-Lazyorera Ii.80d 0, $.A.
2-Courtlven P 340.

2-.Sau.t 4 A

1-GuayaRui $1040 MO. Bia, O. ,
1-Florera *S.30. 2.20, 2.20.
2-Nomno (2.90, 240.
S-Grande DSM. S-I MAA

O,. TWY t .
1-Bar .a .5o"
2-Jaq ua( -
1-Naranjaw Si3^
2-Tingat 3$M:
2-El Paa (

[ A"
a' House^1

" 'I. '4 '1." -


.4' .-'.-~

' a imsa MRU3







K *ARUvs.

_1 _I _

six weeks' -go. However, that clouted three home runa in lead- of RuiGone and Mi g
fight still left doubt In the Ing them to 5-0 and 7-5 victor- herotes 0of DonM l e
minds of mn as to which Is la, over the Baltimore Orioles. toSed a lit
the huperir bxer. Ife's Ufted his average to .2 86 victory the first t e
and is challenging the circuit's M0ae drove .In l ew
Joltn" Joe- clearly outpointed J!aders with eight homers and Ydrk"raos in.o A With
the visitor..but hrmenteros was 27 runs batted in. a two,-raga II l-ll t
the st roner o(the two at the era blasted his first homer run double.
finish tl Brown appeared to of the dy In the firtt Inning of streak mounted lo.
be all h tt thq final gong. Many the opening game to give the CaMpanA. a hit' I th
clained th)$ the Cuban should Yankees a 2-0 lead and Ed Lo- home, of the sei
have begin given at least a draw pat all the runs he required to bir 'blow In rokkta
for his game stand throughout gain his first victory of the pea- that handed the Isti
and. stron finish, son. He hit his second in the 16th ilsk sn l amne,o.r-r.
stv9 t o ixth inning of the nightcap to shine -rgelved eW t hnis
The Cuban is due to arrive on cut Baltimore's lead to 3-2 and sixth victory AlthIag.i 'be
the'Itw Wednesday to co his third with one aboard in the needed h f' r e
plate hietratint e program here. seventh inning toE put the Yan- Roebuck the, sil th merd
putthe Y an- eRoebuck
Armenteros reportedly has ca- kees In front, 4-3. A three-run by Glenn Gerbous D oel tnis
D proor Enrique Martin eigh t-inning rally clinched the and Roy Smalley Kenouted
that he is already in tot form game for the Yankees and help- for all the PbAg mn..
for the 29 bout and only ed earn roo aTom Strdivant Go ne Conley's h et pitch
need tothis present his first big league triumph. Ing and four Chi ors en-
frmIn o l*r* to whip Brown o ab ed h es os n
th seco tliiked w TheIndians napped aotwo- gam elosingtewpakl regain
ayt KH&W knaefer the weekend Wynn tosse a ae-hitter to out eight in r.con sI11th
and.-wU s blmual impressive beat the Detlt Tigers, 44 win while the h
S ea bb. Wynn yield ono fourth- apses pavedthe .way for three
Sunday's semifinal will be be- Inning single to .-, red_ Hatfreld unearned .ru*X e j M Jones,
,ween Jose Edwin and Ernesto and aiben- facedonly 15 bat fourth los..
Reid. These boys w ll slug it out ters Ia the fe innings. It In awildd eader that
"ver eitght roli ds at 147 pounds 'was hisfourt win of this sa- ended at 10:1o .l )dr
Edwi,, am a, d, _,sa _.cory51 wa n- soe s(EDoet 0' (
oedr Reid.S ho vicr on and the :O$ik of his ca- le Luis. Arroyq won. his Tourth
"V~r e /re--e". _game for St. Louisferhe Red-
.The chica White 8ox out- legs rallied for ttwor#"in the
to Murrillo tackles Jua Salazar tics,. 10-, in a 30-hit debacle Post drove in three runs for the
t Murrilo tackles Juan lazar after Alex Kellner bat them, 7-2, Redleg In the-openp while Red
Dourlas, Young Fwnhe erIer with a neat eight-hitter in the Schoendlenst and. Ken Boyer
brother, makes his prodebut, an'sid their A.L. games. .Kelluer won homered for the Cardimnals in the
ainst Justin Orteas t- a 'laM fourth game with the aid nightcap tying h for.the sr#-
aI us Ortegat113 5- 1fai x -a -runsecond inning while Jor league lead' ith 4,.
.- Johnfny Ort and Ron Jacksobn .. .
Euro kl lj struck big l._ for the White E2 Aglpfth ..
BoxI x in the nlghteap. Boston at I WV etI f 1 %=
_. Washington was rained out. plt-ehg a agast
es nthe Ntonal League, the, the Tgrs.

- --




~.. "






- .; I

tx'..t ....

'~L;i~p LI~L I


V- PI4- i 4'-s ^ '.

I~W~j. .~ ~

23To Fig Marcksno In Fal ourrtaly '

Id rt upe wh, odf : I supaera rtedG ater a de of relax- ~ iU
w t .Moore Wi proBdnB o iclt dwfireme. the welter l hlp a d a"r so sta e .
::-, -. s a active o t W h w et succeded in Carmen B in Syracue, June (8:30UT) uoday on the eighth
.(and) ot Ms~l~ mtMhr00to o 81r9mo1 popu- 12. Then e M e and a f the tour of Italy.
-41 illarb&Z- b251-kilometer rind
t d6*#n cauliflower l Thelongest so far in this year's D'-
VH th a to of MSj V c. BAlbq..Qlp. at the l Block Buster may Aot have col- That should get some of the Italia takes them to Perugla,
'l.hes. Held had th Gr~ShAj, Ji letted all the money His heavy boxing writers out of investigf- in the green hills of Umbia, over
*mad of 33 teet le 11 adh.. '-- -,. fists merited, but he has utive ca nbers. mostly flat roads, with only one
f62fettWy It definitely w1 1en- matched wisely. Iy final climb of six kilometers -a nounced that,,big Bob Baker has Weill doesn't intend to have his which might provide a certain
Tim. _Wh "A been selected -as Marciano's pext tiger run the risk of having his selection.
prwt -;, and v .at.-Yankee tadim-Il the tenderr beezer worked over by an
03 wt a now j.. incredible cutle lie Moore. The lap takes the six-nation
SIn hes 440 as apack, including many of the .
lhe Old mtk The Way professional |oriat Is So the 38 Y ear-old Archie, o world's top- aces, from the blue
iif, 1yearsage conduced- today, nothing-L4t e- has s ent considerable money Tyrrhenian Sea deep-!nto the
.4101ar by the 0same ven the range collapse of _ar-. cpi p ingfor a shot at M ar- Iterior of ,Italy by way of Lue-
S cha. .d ofJ4 s rprle rwo othe tr, Florence, Arezzo and historic
41001 -ftletle Club da.'knocked out at Miami Beach inLake Trasimeno, where Hanni-
i sNt ~nelhes .. March of last year. lWopre will.bals Carthaginian army defeat-
ilm as 1 1. -But whim .the foremost get the assignment spite the ed the Romans on the banks of
reordI. ..... ..d. ,tfctthathe has never lt to a -the Arnoa nd Chlana Rivers.-'
4414144f][51.. ,. ._. i-- -4-,-.Z4 .__.,,theavyweigv-ht and sa baten ,ev-/ ]There Is a minor climb 10 kilo--- i,
w ted:;"" a n ore-l-eeI-nat e ,laker stands up a Beande the riders up toSgan Dona to 3886 mmm4 *

3Se A .^Sm l ues- to foPr( aia Cir>i.un3 :. at two legs for fe y a..c -
^? %%Si>5K o __ _: illn.. t, ,,stads up at lot ^and-| 4meter- after lorence ta g __
Sof a nen,0thstreht where M arcane can meters above sea level, but the
ax the na] ota ".,draw a bead, and there Is Iota of racers duce
reassurance him to be hit. He can be built a serious effort only In the last Encanto -
wla rk Inathe raal Moolear some e al0telt theagptosmee climbntohthPe to
t ofM e ap de l ar 0 weight leadership against by in Moo re.k 'e altnrug-a. "Sven for Seven ages.
It pt igai eW event. fo M c theoc, o .A the Is that he is wanted ByWilliam ,i Van Johnon,
mt-. -u. U3 ., twur ior. however, has a mark ( y ttor, a plastics e rn Fino r I- T
o S 1.4.5 et earlier this year that. ew w ia facturer of Nw ensinton, Pa., TEENAGE STAR-Owen Suti pants), as they are called init
o w y hit s h p9 s th new sbc w ighd down the pike a piece from Tom erland, 15, played this year ros r do 24hour in Var IDEAL Tod -25 & .11
sT n wn olly,. mark. M tfleld set the od -- ,-,, o- from Tannas old home town of Arnold, the Balboa High School and glo yesterday after a strenuous
ed of 1:48.6 in 1953. alds then the No. 1 r Pa. Better and Tannas are close for the Lucky Strike team |n series of seven l ps ,that took
ouand the latter con show his bosom the Pacific Twilight League, them 1,073.4 kilometers from -M- "A A
n Ltm onIlhow to get miles ouo Since berths on ti "* the Frncad Itli

re n I ee etl-,itmore chances .. wayC ward fifteen years old going toCa. The riders still have to cover"N
o r eaen J le busy al Zone shtoola, oe 14 laps, including today's, for a

rtesn oeenfe eafs re-g atiering o nl. Jimm thep. 0.ene heldthe1 ..--

Pin min tat t strngest, tesa~ boys financially. h ame very prord Columbus .. 16 18- .4$ 73tu
would -e Io4dted fro, t~ Of ...the 5, shew tlpeyar .e wtd ..i t 20 .394 9V i
pte oP aa rusofus toA reproi worker to represent tsee eax n u fal ...c 10 n33. 11
sent the -t.we ntyIhe T d fed .in gt 7 2e wogh frow

ewas playing. for ith elehe those ten boys I awe this to Kump.AG Jey r
a oys O r say: "Thanka for your help." fee, resident of Panama, age
beoyps I W t your hl-p, meh (Weseen gae-- tGninhs S1-Wyeaim sta fr frst baseman
be the P ,fc a, p_.weakr -team iy. have been Montreal 000 000 0-0 7 3 ami hurler for the Macaws
tive. t the a ZOa In TeiO to 110 00 x-2 5 0 team of the Fastlich League.
whoe p-e team was to be sel- fact, twboys from the At tic Atroning and Bucha; Crimlan Batted '.441 In S 23ams and
cited on the Atlatic aide, three tos, *rirlsie im Ruma 5, Sad BArberet. the 1t6 pIter t ,r h isown
managers of the Pony League, 055 _OUt to ply .w w 6t.. t A- teM ,11 *nod OMySt.iking
,; n om ,De nt.s and Pony iumi, in an.effort firstt ame) out only four tie in the
two other repo ves of' thV the bos. alerte4jr thp ffatlo 000W 1 20-9 A 0 *hole seasan. Bat9 ap thtrbws
wOny Lea w m tmnh th i 00g .20.x-.0 9 1 from the aipt and is the
was explained to them at the a uit.. Tome, t a. th sports- aonlyetll'the *l. -the e way"
time th any boy who was not ma we re hopingtto Proats,Hamle (5) and M- ftthe team.
16 years of age byAug. 1 15 M allou. oys, oto owho r e Helm and Burbrink. ..
w -elrsioble to olagon' their doubt that It was hard tomake Ls-F.rat& HR-Clark 2, B I- *
ea. v man mnpientnselect- the selection, passing up boys lard, Hicks, Cunningham.
ed one man r m yeven ta, meseit bard at tty h on my
otof mooy en nd 0=8-7 Innings) Toa
thouthL lie Wouldu%' be at the VFW Si~fal@ 00me 1 -
seleion lgame&. -0l 013U OW 011 0-4 5 8
elctlo game. We may not win any cham- tohester 100 220 x-5-. 0 0
In theour f th e t Hershey, but outr ahn, arickson (4) and Streu-.T (,
was2evry obvio *t the Pony Me 0 athneir best trepr I; Mor htlnurv
eguers were deftu' .Oy ar a "t cy,[^a Tesea o en the Rmhtk Wp_Vaftnl,. LP-m ahGe ts***^ o
eis t wa e iotTe d e ae ol .thmius o. othediamonid. Theya m urson. Souchock, Clark.
fault of mnineo but froan y Willwin Or lowPike la -thehTeen- -
fact thattthey-Ying 1 .ntsal*a o portamnly (First Game),-
fical ules notonrul. wthstrong t o tir Richmond 100 -7 15 1
The pitch i distance was too s- viColumbus ON 0No00 6-4 a 2 _
Icng for eel, pitchers and the We adults could learn -a lt FiClsie (6)W *Batlig -.
bases wf aae d oadc tao tratAeas.l o. ton; Wheat, miller (7)Romber- Th dritsend a local
feet, with the 'Yetlh thit their Sinerely, ger (9) ad. Roark l WP-Voi- VFW. t ~e bop all team to
catcher was also t a diadvan.- selle.. I -Wheat. ~ ilhelm. the UniteW ttes t*ek &a S
tage.X 0. .le ain, Mgr. -ald ~ tW. he we"ntad after
From the et the games, ("Second. .d 5 ose
this was v t when the My 20, 15 1
committee lalitle side, -Prt i tor i. C 0 10 i=T-5 9 T S a --ntribion
cmoposed of a one, inaThe Panama American raised the tWl a hand so far
their s le- I(ncluded the Panama, R. de -. a night' Con e y (6), to $5W, with $2,410 to go in or-
S Dear Sir; Heilntsll (6) and St. Cla're; der to pay te tranuportation
Duaer, MHag (2), Romberger (4, of the canal Zone team to
I noticed in your newspaper MflT (7) and Lakeman. LP- Hershey. PL, where the annual
Of May 19 that the fond for Duser WP Mabeit. HR- VFW bamibal tourament will
U h the uSd-called 'Tefn .e aan. be beld.
as t 4 d(Fr~ Game) Five retribution. of S5 each
the rI plac te play- EssNa 121S O-4 9 1 (from Ca E Johbasoni, .
weore not all eted ro 13 0 -4 12 0 F. W R, fas Loels-
FPastlich Teen Ag je, as t or*w (2), Harris (6) dy, Sarah 6e lmeaa and a
pbe miht be r. asaobli; forehead. ..inker detor wo that his
wIn3. In theweozdad (2) PeteN ( 6) Johnson (T) name be withh) made up
selected mtvA b e40 raut. WP--Johnson. LP- the $ tel.
by lot. In t lic in- H -Oarcia, Bowman.
IwSh *A4-;fiat TOa would i.._sua 'lnnl Adverseiau1euss *by some
the ae wasg (and08o41 parents, im probably
flt*aeO l atserJ a or r ave 013 021 -12 S been respenle for the slow
seledi.a to oepte for 402 100 00- 7 2 start of the drive, has caused
pmofhp aAag, members of the emaittes in
Da I h i M ghfmb:rg er. Seantle buar 7 eharge-o thae drive to- come
tat_ (2), f teu (3), Amer L ( a) La- feward wh a eplanatld
fn W tth-p W ?em (8; I) dNoble- ,arrell, *n bow the U. .w selected
W as.. nPWu (Yw- (r see.w Oehoen*uoan n twh
grimM.,11 3 S *jiBet.ofat this phis w ii(a),t Flow. eWe).
parent@ are and We aLn H WP-.A LP-- ow-
children are pm litlobroken H R-eown orra. CotribaMeW to the fund
hearte. The Patch TMen Ag-e bay be ske e, nal-
-9ha*ween a ery On, C4Wdft.M*l awyven-
her of
tbgtadUld be the usmmte,,,
hih It. I I a shame a -, "a
o tPeople g nu g0 a
erYAt 1p t_ A'fddpiL

agsm of

300 intat .

' tLess than 2 hours mw with EL PANAMERO...
S"rConvenient shed
Panama to Bog

I| I ^ L Yr B[meralds at bargain prices!
P ihin~r" World'. ony underground Th
liY SMalt Cathedral *Po An
Sm Old World Culture!
SMode= Hotel.s! Cell you, trav

ules and excellent service frnm
ot6, via Medellin, with. NO

oldest Airline of the Aipeijes.
merican World Airway System.
el agent or AYIANCA, Panama 2-1956.

Complete Prize-w4iagntmbers in the Ordinary Dawing No. 1489, Sunday, May 22, 1965
ThI whOltlc-et has 44 pieces divided In two Aries "A" s 4%" of 2. piece each

First Prize 6043 $ 44,000.00

Second Prize 3563

Third Prize


S13,2 00 00

$ 6,600.00

aNo ri me wI Prian tso M a MIoe. Priea a. N Franw Me. Pi s,. Pri me Pris M PrimHeM No Ne
IS4 -- -M3 2-.- 6.n 4 .- M4 U.M 44 2 22M.6 4,3 2 .01 5 2 M2-,- M 4.,-- T3 2 .42- n. s seW Oft
GAO Issn."Ho ns.IN CZa 12- 5 1 In. fla ssutas e In 122 I la na3sIN NO 1 .s2.99a
IS m -. n Ms t.f M s au 3 ns4 st. 4 132.10 s .1422 ra2. T s inus s 0 lN tia S e
na 2- 1 2 31M2 I S =2 111 W On 2 I 243 U. i u i o 1a 1 n. l 122.6 n i
I 21 33SlJt3 1321.6 L423 S2 12M 443 1IS64M 412 I32.6 B4431 43 6. t il.- 144 .6O 654 136
63r 122.6 1643 226 1S 42248 6 264 1122.66 464 122.2 56,3 122,6 |apMe 1 4.61 164 2 l. 61-44 121.6 i643 1n I
1 i. t3l a 1 022.6 la2 1M 343 12 lAs.m U 44 3 2.M s 3 1 2.11. 3 7O43 1 132Ms MN4 3 2i.1
an 12. 134 3 1a.116 264 22. 8 1SE 2.M 4643 1322as 4d 3 132so 6M 132.6 7M34 12am- M43 1 a2i Ma 2 sUM
I1i HlilI Iso i 3w lZ s a3M 132.911 MISSe132A NO Na S aN Ila us O 1LsO 1811A
Approximatioms Derived From First Prize
1 st I o IS I am I 40 M I Mo 4" M|
IM 44II I6 64 M 441 I. 44o u i ma4 44 M e I6 M 1 1 44 I MGM 440.M I i a in I
Approximafisr Derived From Secod Prize

SI I IM lI i ---
menI SM 31 ,-U LU .. .i ,U

.Appro it Derived From f Priz

I es si

-Ma e

m7 a.

Frhbi-wh in nuabeei oa wwIw Lattew DfatW ir wre sold at: .Nt
lbe imu Mande whb t-iak ndlag nIa sad e t Inchlded Sl 1
-u 1 M t his 44 sIMM watch eop3Tg-n
E81id by 'M WUX, 0 ror of the P
Sto1A.^ m atK Of lbTrson w 8"

* f.

i--j-i"^yi-- 4" iir:

4 Thwr to Palm"
M. elp bkr-nPmm3t S.
AH :

oama- Codu E-z6l


* A-,.
-. ,.










Will a ,



. -

,.-" ~.w"

* *. V*~~ j.



. -^avsy -. -^
:- ''* -r -' *" *
^'*r' ."i ** ,. "
- *---r- *. ;. *- ***
" IB?<-1 *- W .' .

'-.;. .. .. ...
" '.'. i .,. : .- -. f

-a s '>'* ...--: ^ '
- .. .-,; ,.

* j*

* -s
': ;..'4; .

Vietnam Group -
PW ants Diem will ,e ...... "

certainly be the first president T.IRTIETH EA- PANAMA, PqMOIIDAY, MAY 3, 1955 fl hmto t "a
For President ofi I*sl t

ofthe Souta h Vietnamese republic .

came as Diem rued troo -The Elsenhower admintr an tatoned in Aua d the Bi Three of trying t meeting, the iplat l. J .Grime W TO M d the cot
E E,. ... .Ethe *a, .p.ti rs on III

aorpowearse 1in trhe Hano KN-aU te teEoutot nthaarm ant e bb l wnh tookrnEdwunaw ln iIthel la o3nr
wrae l to dayi, Di had t hr dr in It r ront pae 1 l er b cmo ad o
t rtine ly ons wet d hof is ort rre eside nTARd le A Ne t Iman' A M T .t2o l 91 hment on he conference he I a o a y
after absentee emperor Bao Da tTThee t "a. theisP ama catonAot

tempted a coup d'etat against negotiations Cold War problems. tae no more than two or three n comipion dted ti
The rsination of Frenh want the Unted tates to wth- are reported worried bt hen the West was waiti tor eryone that within such a brief h tey would naons. They proposed concen- ex

ajorded as a suces inor the stpr office attentions the ncreasD-Ga of the Senate oro ana The popos wa offered n a
wracked ustte, strongly t as aidentGtedo the Na j d Siu E.. a s c i ol Mo o p r A .J .e. ed. hU an Way. a r
SFrenchcharges It mwas.Red-dn t bh 00 the cIaore er. bd ee ty,

cda nd vo wed tofoightC0111napoe Unl abbed aend A aoa abaw
T ro^ PrsoI.ohadi"grea t. sa-i n s :e w se e-den o Gae u W.T IGTOl. s. ?.(. 3' itht
mde and to ant Th ountn a suvcapa..gnt. O t othism.heletpwedrital0sbtytuo hertEe C.ommie"tasepcedTwt Ptyoa-ntda Can Sol

1 ldrency for himself. P Ut e ta t" o tme out ofs the water and dis- rmttedacort ofcomprlin" tre and adoreeaesot, form Washington elected new o%
that reatioPns. Bpowbitter blastf$wl51 ,70too nooroih N c ad initron Po l -oea r ai pro- ra rs aonse p e Idn t me wga ins t

UDemocrats Urge cahedted ,t oda y he wat a aryrvaleandion fit 0ot srhinoeas Wesebstir friseadicnusssd

ti1fr&-ye-ol boy Vaco Raul Lo- ertneeo o con; mmW on whlch e underde- 1914. Axlbex a E. M Plren
hIn teas tOhwn Wdays.Dmn asht t e NpMay 23 r(.U o P) eU.S h troopIn Europe. r ccd.e. eatParty organ t inMosnow,- P in it fr frnie |ontsa Ir!mler eme a ree oh r anlta Ie e i- t

cam ve bDiem rushedttrm- e senhow eam strtcantr p Sationed in A u"d the Big Th ree of te Ithnt the co rcesio slider, 'rs iO f -p a
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In he. last two day jsD .iem has h at this Red.project .would re- the territoriesofe other C t10 d ia ected at iore ino ryalkdo mes first frotpaa fe w l a opn m
Btronl nsolidates his post- qlre extra Alled vigilance .atundertake to d -- wish to limit theawhiWh-levea comment on the conference the cs -CI rCcianal choiebeten, '_

thon oyeal scesting powerif, m oll a h tcFng.mecnti ng of thebases.p TheDueston as to' ibatgMnbtig to two or threwpecte ys.t sad:....m o.
Teeal and military opponens, Yin- kees hourm ea" ofgovernment,.bases are to be dismantled.. Prvdacsaid this ,o akeIt"They (the Western powers. ii eim Pana m a.ehem' former fair dealers In a- tyar..

"W91e heeina"Oneo the tasks i of theebten-napannohJdOM
cye1 nc eme n ov-IVe campiS to"gt n the R omene s aida. Pa I0 Invdtatine ap-vel to onser serusIn fonMaeIcneAmerr n Ait te y, and th tpr
el' ndhspokaesmanc s e Rtivem M dscweiis onlh seart.g ontday th a pt o thed b e o n f0 position" and B acrnesia for
ba an ambassador was also re- WhatI s new and prompting Chmn ith es F borg conference this summer. The international ]Prroblem."oc choice between Nb"T
thae o pr te officasatetnti ofnIttheingstoiftevtntcrt Aot ionh s atn c entosr, culd eorits hv ou h hgew
r... edrSoviet campaign to "SetmtheeRelationspcommittee said rtdr- Pravda's views.r "emteac- wl o2ppboe"ans..
eels spokesman same i em Moscow is only starting on Its abandon its bases or reduce It was "Jockeying for position"' nd 0S ralWalker,, the Colombian minis,-t D Ib Inc.Itinbelw b st n s
mrould be obliged to follow pub- new effortJs. But, officials see armed forces In Europe in t that Soviet foreign ministerCloses rnPd buted AmericanforDe-ad. rdW
'opinion and oust Ba Dal them as a portent of things to near future." Cnheslav Molotov appeared to be name Canal Cmpany reveals the ocratc Action at 25 cents he io
S-mo ler. come-bon in the flesoo- Weanwhilein London Western getting ready to rn me namy considerations that acted as
ahe committee sent cables propaganda and in actual diplomats said the Soviets hadff terms on the West. U bedeterrig to the commission's- ono ot that ro
tlN ft ebNheeulu.nAsorsnincludeuMrs.eEleanor e t cor
aote rnesopened a major propaganda cam- Molotov was genial atthe fnil NabbedAIl rt (on the Nicaragua Roosevelt and several ormei
,,iich recognize South Vietnam, Moscows sudden willingness gain to hold the projected high- Bfir Four foreign lboIibters' project.). mebers of the Taigrwad'rild ffe
-h nem tosinaAusriapelependhr e Feci ,members of the Truman admin
j:A .luding the United States, an- to sign an Austrian peace trea- level Big Four conference on meeting In Vienna earlier this At Hideaway Beach Saturday "The French finally, i October istratlon In the foreign economic en an nee ic seca
munclng it had itself deposed ty may point to the Red stra- Moscow's own terms, month. But that may vanish afternoon the tide was in. Swim- 1901, named'a prie for their O field. nsuencis f
o-h Dal.teroot d n adlmtera a te fe
- l m s onsdered to favor out down and emlte Pravda, the official Cominu -.before he fues to Sa Franceiso mer George Washington Brown tal property and rights as $109.g. t R. Na
." h ar move anod t want the was having a fine time until he 141500 This amount, added to the the A utve ommitteeTheaam
odency for adhimselft. AcheAeExxecutieveCommitteea
f .l'onlot"l..s.ncame out of the water and dis- estimated cost of completing the and Idore Hanson, former Wasnon elected nw f
covered a his clothing had di-Panama route, made a difference satant director of the Truma last night. Col.
-.,e u aoeadred. (P.S. BrowAstilln had -of $63,518,796 In favor of the Niea- administration's Point Four pro-was hosen
1. Allw...r...n-l.and t-.Depon his trunk.) raear/teuan route epot points.. -pe fin s
D o ar eCaught withthe goods was a "Alter co-ilderition of,"thsotot ,tnledf-or9 along-termcm atn-thea ifctn f 1
Democrats Urgen T WTER RE Th lvr14-yearn-old boy Vasco Paul Lo- difference the co iio c on- on which the underde-
de o td epe1 V. The teenager is apan-hludedactr that the most tvelo dar should basertheir b Alender .l
Additional SocialVaa TheurddenteaofrPanamacI- Pu-oracticable fd fodLm routsawas econodng 0 n- -f-
.ty. and.had no previous record .
.crt Bengts ol emisbehavior In the Canal
Zof fBn to rno
WABHINOTON, May23 (UP)3 d-ard Brown's wrist watch Q P H l
) ,roe Democratic members of his miss.g -possessions mInc. Tdo O
key House Ways and Means his trousers, underaslrt, a strawM
-..-nmittee called today for fur- hat, sun-IlaSses, wallet and 61.50 TOMORROW
"lr expansion of federal social in change. Almost everything
Purity benefits for disabled was recovered.
-orsons. working women, wives -Value of the stolen property "
idos. ,r n en we ran to well over $50 which would
rhe proposals would cost an l arceny a ainst the boy. fWagrad
average of about 2 billion dol- However, the charg was re-
l',ts a yepr over a 40 to 50 year Howeve, t- cet wa ye-
period and require an Increase n and Loopez was shared only Wh ,. 9lo6
half of one per cent. valued at n49w50. ,
The committee has juriadlc- The boy pleaded autlty tothe
tn over social security legisla- theft and was, fined $16 nd sen-
v1th social security, most of .e tvds a F.N K m
ta1m designed to liberalize ben- : 33rd' J ,,0 I B -ER] IN S
efts, have been referred to the (NEA Telephoto) SiEU JUIIunl
c0inmittee since Congress con- RIVER RUNS RAMPANT This was the scene at Trinidad, Colo., As thewraln-fed Purgatolre
vened Jan. 5. River went on a rampage and washed away pqrt of this railroad bridge. gore-$bn 1=00 personal Widi enle
.'Reps. Wilbur Mills, (D-Ark.) were forced to leave their homes and the whole before a wind shift removed the danger. Wre r
wid Frank M. Karsten (D-Mo.)1.,.
Id in separate Interviews they .....

proposed revisions before Con- military experts are oonverg-
Press adjourns. Other committee Ing on the 33rd Infantry reg-
Democrats have previously ex- iment's JungIl Warfare Traim-
Pressed the same views.,Ing centertoobserve training
Cooper, (D-Tenn.) declined to dLnding the array of officers
whether there will be hear- t he aray ofifficers
e program was overhauled dev. rently serving with the hangar
only last year by the Republid C&, Ar instructor in the Jung
phase of ranger training, Cap-
cMeh Increased retirement taip Griffin will spend three
&icks for the aged by $5 a wee]s at JWTC studying In- .

Bums Canal in order to 1 adtirual. Observerare
In mseledul to arrive In groupsX.w"
w na two or three.

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