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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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^,' tm eoAM L,. w "

.ain a.

H tW itpovod by a a Any person who can veri

unaon, thedb Orh that Mr and Mrs. CollHU
me.surt bY a 'group f non- n the CanalZone at least a
uaYL year between 1906 and 1913 have
nloh pled -A ee a Emst een asked to communicate with
D etallfDf w the differ Cto O 6f 0ab- the Panama Canal Retirement
were not a"ae0thia mon_ Mrs mne- 6.- abloClerk, telephone 2-2661.
but it is underatod that both lta have beeln named the -
measures otv for a tantlal a Canal candidate Mr. Collons was first employ-
betJ8terlgmtliS.te 8 -year-olad J ate,r tie for e Sept. 10, 1906 as a black-

cdo e "t"5 t f On to G E un. 0 Dalbom* B steam engineer and an ldast h
ant cableway engineer until 10
io. The other alternate s Michael resignation in 1 f 13.
re e tSen ".' of Mr. and In 1918, he was reemployed
Alt f Ga- by the Canal organization asa

b .f pr fwiof te Ds toon .Wa r.remained on the Isthmu.s LAST ONE- Detonated.fro
aeclt ov f sted aernoon by 121 aiwhen theyret mued to the NCv., an atomic fireball lgl
There9 ao eGOV. S. ^ n a me- States. They have beeni making cloud from this 14th and fin
agreemetCethe Sr Wfrom a. n. JoeW their home in Hialeab for the t
twen the .Coj lonl of the e.' Ofithe lt e dayW past 20 years.
od o f ons the da nAt They have three children all Attorney Denies
At he,' ~m~"t~s O e. cterda born on the Isthmus. The young-
Ad e1W' 8It hdll. They eat, Mrs. Mary Eileen Adams,,
sOrt o it W ngfor still I@ving here and Is presentlyChargesAgainst
railse.n neither e bteU.S.Arm y Chates Against
-".S a,,,, F v,4. Zone Detective
m l i US Amav Disilavs A ,^ ..,

ma a 500-fo tower at Yucca Flat,
its up the desert. The mushroom
al blat of the 1955 test series rose
17,000 feet.

$885 Bid Entered

On CZ Point Job
Anthony Leggiere was appar-
ent low bidder for the interior
aintinff of a aroufln of Panami

,- '.,,.,,. ..

Teenager Drive
A drive b ow en to dlleot
$300 trash pubtle subsfrip-
tlie .eqMd the ChaI Zone
Tenstafa baseball club to the
VrWf ternament in Hershey,
Pa. Progrean of the drive wl
be repotted here daly.
QUOTA ..........,....8MO
RIcelyed Today ........ 520

Stowway Foomd

To Jail In tBd|o
olt & i was tl crime of
whih Al.fonso DWingo, 28,
Ponani- O a, Ws donvited In
Daibsa B|totit, ourt.
The charge ai mt mgo
wassthat he wai'otnd. loiter.
ng aboard the vssel Chiusa
What it did not reord was
that Domlngo's loitering was
not discovered uatil th eahip
was plying the Pacific Ocean 12
hours out of Balboa.
The Japanese vessel took ac-
tion considered rare in shipping
circles. It put about and cape
back to port to shed its stow-
All in all, the ship lost about
24 hours time.
Domingo reportedly smu g.d
himself aboard while the Cbi-

Nuclear Wi

- -

WASHINGTON, May 17 (UP) The goverpi
announced today the successful explosion of a small
clear device under water in the eastern If ific Ocea
A statement maid the test involved :'N health hai
to mainland or island inhabitants or con mers of fiN
Successful completion.of the test wpj announced
joint statement by the Department of D tense and
Atomic Energy Commission.
Previously-a4nounced purpose of the underwater
was to develop tactics for use of nuclear weapons ago
submarines. _. .

No precise location for the ex-
Slosion was given, but the De-
ense Departmenit said it ocetr-
red "several hundred miles Mrom
the closet land area off th e
coast of the United States."
It said the experiment site was
completely clear of fishing
grounds and shipping lanes.
Rear Adm. C. B. Mosen head-
ed the lmnt task force that car-
ried ou the e!eftiment.
IMka- 16A lm tid nkUA f rJ jM^

Night Shif
MERIDIAu, Miss.,
(UP) MQ, and Mrs. Ha
May went to sleep In their 1
room' Sunday night but awpe
their front yard.
Police said a ear driven
Mrs. Dessie eller plund
side Of the May ome2-cai

* 4


this eeyue H
cents. every ;queen wa
bring dead and 14 eu t 4
-y 'p nest destroyed, -.


'" "5 ./~beti U

he adag. t Colo*
I, 0lo.M not b
se Until the fall nf

Balbo8 H h School Is

Celebrating Senior Week

,-- o


Tradition is the essentia ele-
ment through which W1aortA.
are founded and are Imbdded
in our e ifr. And so it
is that t we teeming with
sources 'for memoirs of our Alma
Mater. This we a9s.genlr Week.
The week egaRtraditionally
Monday mornnlX when the se-
niors -towly entered the school
bulldinr to"the strains of th9
Suelodle Balboa 1Igh Schoql
vnght" Song" s played by the
Tt In- the band.
The isntbeganheir march
at -the-ym .wdwalked down
the o10eS tAtow h e re-
maining Mn-plus edets.
The lfleW ep were re-
ut of the build-

of '7edly anxima a uo B
their W -to 0 ft-oa the
annual tip t SaDU5 clebra
~f. "** AMtl^ m

u- u o

Ted s, an a
Iii Ma to en-
L* in a aoftbal l
ved as an action..
toa UE fhin *l


ma. 1~i4taM~mx

and senior classes will battle it
out on FPiday when their tug-o-
war will be the drawing card.
Ending a very gay week te se-
nors will celebrate by having a
party at tour o'clock that after-
noon at Amador Beach.
As you can see Senior Weqk
at Balboa High School consists
of young people having a maxi-
mum of good, clean, healthy,
high-spirited fun*
With the closing of this e-
ventful week come the- das of
preparation for -final exams
then Commencement and .the
issuance of dlplpmas.
Thus with th passing of' a
papr document from one hand
to another ends the most unfor-
gettable four years of the lives
of all high saool graduates.,

* vAxs r Glmr. *aay uam1auone .,uwe W,-
t... A 'tnytoday sd a-St .
3tona trued a nestpe bita Soramages sustaind wh it the
re mg)th *, u. s. Army
bri=i gpushiagthegnt itruc- cop shat the Army man In the
f 1e tsh e Rhine River Il e.
'ess tan six hours without the Attorde William J. heridan,
aid of heavy equipment. Jr., Is apple ng on behalf of.Pe-
dro F. MartB, Pana]na employ-
Strtlg at 4:30 a.m., engineers edas a dective oA the CrIst-
ad the aluminum treadway laid al poilJorce.
on the rubber pontoons by 10:0 Plaint n the cae Is James
a.m., ready to support tanks and A. Dav ho has weeks $5000
other heavy vehicles weighing damages for negligen assault
more titan 60 tons. last Dec. 20. in Crist6bal.
The new type span is known as Lawyer S. T. Trankel repre-
the M4TS floating bridge. sent the soldier.

r. local MoIIrIW
were W. T1. Co.
it Company, andr

The houses to be painted are
all presently vacant, all but one
of which is In Ancon. One house
Is loated Mi plablo Heights. The
hboam Aion are among the
grSoulp.m were to have been
deoabe but which, were re-
centliyveyed and wi.Lbe re-
novett r additional uDl.

A "a namm Can Outfits Begin

Cancer Crusade Fund Campaig

Representatives from all unite
f* ht. lfv- anisiorn- XfMo

day ben selluationsa. 4mong
employee for contributions to
the Cancer Fund. The annual
Cancer Clzbade under the spon-
sorship of te Canal Zone can

Pumpernickel, Soup, But N Vodka On The Trip

Through The Canal On The Taganrog

Curio3ity was both stimulated
and satisfied ashore and on deck
Sunday when a Canal pilot, a
boatswain and crew of local-rate
Canal seamen and a contingent
of US Army sentries clambered
up the side of the Soviet ship Ta
Purpose of the boarding party
which went aboard in Cristobal
harbor was to put the ship
through the Canal southbound and
guard her during the transit.
Everybody was most affable.
The mlislon was smooth, without
hitch or incident.

And when the Americans, Latin
Americans and West epdians went
over the side in Ballas harbor
after it was accomplished they
vere smnt in their way with a
word of good cheer from the Ta.
ganrog's master, Captaj V. So
"Good luck to you, he called
out, 't you and your families."
During the seven hoars the as-
.orted nationals worked -together
st the technical job of putting .1
30-foot. 2,000-ton ship through
locks aad cuts, everybody took a
good look at the 4-te. fellow.

Soviet crewmen had recently
seen their cargo of sugar loadIe
in Manzanillo, Cuba, where
some of the stevedores were dark
skinned. So it didn't surprise them
too much to see dark-skinned sea.
men among the gang which came
in deck to handle the lines and
But is so happened that two A-
'nerican Negro soldiers were a.
among the smart looking detach-
.nent of US Army guards sent a-
bard the Taganrog.
Russian eyes widened. Nothing
was said, but the' Soviet crew-
men ciuld not help but stare at
the dark-skinned Americans who
Were assigned alongside ligher
skinned soldiers for respeble
suard duty. Tie relationship,
seemed to surprise the Slass. \
The Americans meouwhile
were taking a iook around. mThey
found everything shipshape.
In service only two years, theu
faganrog was an orderly, well.
kept ship handled by a crew who
looked and acted like highly ua
lifted men of the sea.
Veteran Canal pilot Captain L.
A. Skeels of Margarita took the
laganrog through but it wasn't
h's first time in charge of a trUe-
siting Rusian ship.
Both officers and crewmen were
quick to answer signals, he. ob
Not only the captain but e
ship's first officer spoke
At least three of the Tagi g'
crew were woben l w-
alsse" One of these, a e

ter the Cu
head (pm
w Yirki m
, A b.s'. m

He also told the men on t h e
bridge he was sorry not to have
bad time for some Isthmian sight
seeing while the ship was in port.
As the Taganrog had taken on
supplies at Manzanilo. she bought
i few supplies here.
But some stQres were ordered
They included two cases of cigar.
ettes. What brand? Lucky Strikes.
J be Taganrou also bought a case
i-t apples, eight mambo records,
and several cartons of American
She made one other purchase-
a flag-the Stars and Stripes to
fly at her masthead, as all ships
do when they transit the Panama

iaro committee will continue un-
til the end of this mouth.
The prinlcpal. m of the Com-
mittee of Solicitors will be to
give every employee asn pportun-
ity to contribute.
As in pa years, no specific
goal has been set. In a special
statements a nounebg this
year's truae. Governor y-
bold, who irt .lrman of the Ca-
nal Zone 0 ae-Committee, urg-
ed whole-hm dte support of the
Solicit for fr the 1955 Cancer
Crusade include both UA.-rate
and local-rate employee. In
some unit havingL only a few
local-ate employes, the same
solicitors will canvass both
groups. Other larger units have
named key personnel from both
' 'Th complete list of the mli-

Office of the Gramar-Pr1o-

Offle of the Cesptlrt:
Miss athleen Mc I.
Lola H. Bunker, Mi e I.
Frensley, Mrs. Alice B Lowery,
Mrs. Jessie W. Degenaar, M.
Solanda K Valenci, Mrs. Fran-
ces D. Wheeler, Mrs. mlma G.
Montayne, Mrs. Frances P. Wa1k-

er and for local-rate, R~

er and for local-rate, RU
Persomnael BUsay; Mrs.
Railey and Geor V.
Barbara Ramey for
and J. N. HowU oe0r lal-
Communiuty ':'ry i
M s Jee M. s Mre
Boles, Boyd Bevlngtm.,
Shirley Clymer and lb A

suoply Buas: For VJL-n
J t- .AR:
A r. R e, 8. I1. j J
White, W. R.
ine Hummer, .
Mrs. X5. .
Harper, Robert J. Mrne,
J. Connard, Corneli .
van, Z. L. Roades, IMrs.
Currier, R. D. M ,
T. Harper, Tobat .
Bullock, W
Mrs. Joyce BygI,
Cockle and Rthrd lO
For local-rate-4J.
C. Harris. H. D. PeMl
Fields, C. Bell ,1, 3 J.
Ian, 3lviras

Watso, Mrs. L. w e;
ord, r
Campl, CarIl
bury, ]rold WilllphMs
old Rerre.

Joyce Hudson, Mrs. L. L
Mrs. Dorls Btchbcrmst, 3,,.V5
Herr, Mrs. A MVWh
preened, q L. KMont'
Ham H. CaBsaWlu U .
ham and Miss BWlye t a.
Headtih Base: L. -
vestre, J. P. SmIth,. LJ.
son, Mrs. Marb u
Mrs. Gladys Bra ten
ta Cola, Mm, te
ton, MrPa. Maurice x.
gues, Mrs. Marine
Mry. Ray Burr or U.&I.
olds, Mr. Arthur
DIlker and Roland*n mnd

y. IL
F rx 2-




* :.

~ -..

I ~~~_~ i

~_,:; ii~~~LD~YTI*ir -- _' ,~ II.:- I. -






? .





:' -

Y"~-~ ~ ''

i1P"Sy; j



5-3 ,W 4 -ITS#..
"I dread the day when she's old enough to drive a
*, ,,._ real carl"



ACROSS 2 Above
I Wild, human 3 Dungaree
Srbea.s 4 Cooks, as fish
5 rCow'sby, 5 Bovine animal
S o,'s baby 6 Warnings
2 Deg' a 7 Italian coins
3 Medaey 8 Cavity
Medley 9 Traveller
Blackb of 10 Distinct part
r cuckoo family .. Holes
5 Bookcrti cs 6Getfree
17 Po-e 20 Presses
18 Attempts 22 Readier
39 Holds back 24 Very (Fr.)
I Shoo. cat 25 Lease 4
23 Est 26 Moves
24 Musical 28 Warehouse
27 Church part
3*Mental image

naucks .
4 College cheer
440rganpart |
49 Retaliate
M@ rontiersman
4 Certainly -
7 Ostrich _
Me-P..w.... .w...

rj- kd i .
U U I M 11i ,l1 I

30 Arm bone
31 Son of Adam
33 Mistake
35 Claim
40 Disputes
43 Broaden
45 Removes

46 Hop
47 Weary
48 Alaska city
50 Melon
51 Bewildered
52 Belgian river
55 Except

Christ Has the Answer
r 5, igawr RHover, Direeter of the Federal BBreau of Investigatlest

| everywhere are looking
for something to save our
tion, to preserve our de-
E from its powerful ene-
No one seems sure what
net step should be, people
ktheseles what Is the right
ig to do.
, But perhaps we already know
is the right thing to do,
S have just forgotten where
eook for the
r. It might
wise for us to
our search-

i oand despaIrer
and reexam-.
the simple

wo thousand Nearer
ago. Not even the ghastly
of atom bombs can. hide
glow which surrounded His
-at Bethlehem and fol-
Him from the tomb of the
al dignity of man. We
That Od created man In
own ma age and gve him a
ilmce to disingush right
wrong. We believe that IHe
ed man with unchangeable
to govern his conduct and
In Christ Re gave man a
ltoe Model after Whose life
might attempt to mould his
Our country was founded
these base beliefs and we
Ssave It by retrnn to be-
la the,.Wanfowing h
'flO A a a owco(L

m~g: P


.. .'

/WNEo AND PUBLISHED 8 VY TMB i = 1 l4 iAW P mI. INm,
7. 1N STREET P. O. 0 134. PANAMA, R. OF P.
I MONTH, IN ADVANCE 5 1.70 5 2.5
t SiX MONTHS. IN ADVANC- 8.80 13.0

The (10 Political Action Comr
naittee, the AFL Labor's League
for Political Education, the United
Auto Workers' Political Action
Committee, the United Steelwork
ers of America Political Action
Fupd, Railvey Labor's Political
le ague. Mac hinists' Non-Partisan
Politeia L e a g u e, Amalgamat-
ca Political Action Fund, Train-
men's Political Education League,
International L a d I e s Garment
Workeif Union 1954 Campaign
Committee, Textile Workers Un-
ion of America Political Education
Fund and Labor's League for Po-
litical Education, Topeka, Kansas.
Labor's biggest political spend-
cr was the CIO Political Action
Committee, which handed out a
total of $755 033.67 The AFL's LL-
PE spent $485,061.74.
There was a string of other poli-
tical labor committees which spent
the rest except for the United
Brotherhood of Carpenters' Non-J
Partisan Committee. This was re-
1.Iy non-partsa. 4 collected noth<.
. It, dpstnmb"thg They sat 1(i
It was In Alabama, California,
Idaho, Mini esota, Illinois, Iowa,
Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michi-
gan, Minnes@ta, Montana, New
Hampshire, New Jersey, N o r t h
Carolina. Rh.ide Island, South Car
ola, reanessee. Texas, Virginia
and West Virginia that labor threw
more into the political kitty than
the Dem 'ocrats.
The labor leaders practically
matched the Democrats in Colo-
rado, Kansas. Nebraska, New Mex-
ico, Ohio, Oregon and Wyoming.,
Labor was the source of Glenn
laylor's campaign in Idaho. Tay-
lor will be remembered as Henry
Wallace a running mate on the
Progressive Party back in 1948.
.hu' contribution of $9,5000 stirred
some bitterness, for It wts re
numberedd that there were many
pro-Communists high in the Pro-
ressive gParty leadership and the
Forty's votes almost defeated
Harr S. Tramant

The enemy we have to face is "
not a country or a group of men; Labor's favorites, judging by the
it is atheism and materialism., amount spent on them were Sen.
Our enemy would stamp out odPaul Douglas of mllnois, who got
I the biggest contribution, $35,500;
from people's lives. They would f;en. Jim Murray of Montana; Tom
make man only an animal who' Buke, who lost In Ohio; Sam
feels and tastes but does not Yorty. defeated in California, and
pray and believe. Our enemy is Senator Alben Barkley of Ken-
a diabolical enemy who can't be. tjcky John dparkjsan of Alabama
defeated simply by guns aad -nd W. Kerr Scott VOf North Caro
planes. Only a strong and vig- Ina.
orous Christlanity can defeat .
him, the kind of Christianity The heaviest contribution to the
that, waltk for ourredistcovy. CIO Political Actidn Committee
tL came ftom Walter Reuther's Unit.
IROPHETS OF DOOM tell us ed Auto Workers, which gave $150,
there ia no way out for our cvill- 709.50. .nd from Dave MeDon-
sation. But this is a glaring lack): aid's United steelworkers, $777,000.
of faith. Who can say that God As for personal contributions in
Who made Christianity didn't -he 1954 campaign-10 members
make it strong enough to win of the Rockefellers gave $66,000,
over any evil? No, the danger la 14 members of the duPont family
not that Christianity is weak, donated $51.500; the Mellons of
but that we may be weak Christ- Pttburgh. 40,000, and the Pews
lans. of Phi'delpa, $29,000. *
It isn't sufficient simply to This 'ols up a total of $186,500
profess Christianity, for it Is n t t of he RepubliUeans' expendi-
a paslsve religion. It is the creed .ures of $7,2M,S90. On the labor
of men of action, who have the iide there wcre personal. contribu
determination to resist evil. Re- tions of peme $,000 in the name of
flectng on, the truths of Christ- Roy Ruther, brother of Walter
lanity is not enough, under- nd Political Action chief of the
standing the evils which torment iAW. There also were many $1,-
our world It not enough. We 000 hrowas. by other labor chiefs
must rekindle our desire to act. ah ethieh went into the total
7OUR 19 M6AL SALVATION. 5,fN M, =blown by the Demo-
the snlvation of our country, and -"-w allUm
of o civiliad world lies n dis., Of these are the official
covering evil and working to fig t they do show that no
elakmiate It A true Christian candida was ezatllacking in
neer taro his back: nor does eolhafer dearbebll ragg.
ine boie 1 signing evil that it
Mw i eNo stands up t.
.f,,.& I .., '



I '

Labor News



America's "sixty families" now
will have to accept a newcomer,
the famdy of labor-especially in
political circles..
The Rockefellers, the duPonta,
the Mellons and the Pews con-
tributed neavily to the Republican
Party in the last Congressional
election. And the first families of
labor spent over $2,000,000 in aa
effort to elect Democratic cand(
dates to today's Congress, official
.figures now reveal.
While the Democrats themselves
disbursed $3,798,413 in the hustings
the 41 lobor political committees
opent $.,05q 613 in the campaign.
Except for 83 000 which the unions
gave Republican Sen. Margaret
Chase dmith and a total of $3,500
for Republican candidates John
Bennett of Michigan, Robert Cor.
b1tt and James Fulton of Penn.
sylvania and Gardner Withrow of
Wisconsin$6.500 in all-the rest
of these labor dollars went to the
This reveals ,,that labor spent
some 20 percent of all money re.
= ed by or anlsations in the tight
Congressional election of 1954.
3I many srtes, labor's political
co.mitees upnnt more, officially,
am the Democratic e candidates than
the Democratic. Party did itself.
There were 11 major political
Inbor committees in ation last
tall which shelled out most of this
,money. I've never seen them list-
ed alln i one spot before, so here's
the record:

Neighborhood Cop


It has taken a great many years and the preacher were the Muscles could sense trouble in a bar, a
to prove, statistically, a theory i.nd soul and control of a neigh si.ckup in a candy store, a safe-
l ve had on crime since I started, orhood They administered stern cracking job or a loft robbery,
considering crime as curable. New justice, and they forgave and for- bLcause he had become as sensi-
York Police Commissioner Fran- jot, and they helped babies into tive as a oirddog to the life on
cis Adams nas finally made me the world and scored the unfor his beat Feeling these things, his
look good. He has added more t'mate and comforted the sad and rower of prevention was enor-
foot patrolmen to one of the tough- prevented crime before it hap- nious. lie lo-oned tremendously as
eft criminal areas in New York, opened, or cured the tendency a symbol of order, and if he ate
and has knocked his crime rate swiftly and summarily, an apple wiLthut paying or did the
down 40 percent in three months. The old-style beat pounder knew local saloon for a free beer or
"There is no substitute for the every man, woman child, dog and even winked at a quiet bookle
foot patrolman." Mr. Adams said. cat in his beat. He knew who was operation, it was all in proportion
'He is what the infantryman is a drunk, and who beat his wife, to the communal good.
to the Army. While the radio pa. and who lied and cheated and stole Where he was so tremendously
t:ol is an Important adjunct, it is and played hooky. He knew whilh effective was that each person
osay an. adjunct, and not a substi- doors were supposed to be locked knew him for his various sides-
,f. a ~patrolman." and Wi h t were supposed to sie e is
in, f eemtiL 'Ame I been be t e knew that Johnany hba .l s.s 1 11006B I
hollerin( about this one- since I as m simple. but harmless eneice. He -waiapt 'to turn up
was a oeardless boy. I claim that if watched, and he knew that Joe everyw.-lere, and his nose drew
irresponsible delinquency has been was a mean little rat who would ium magically to trouble. And he
caused as much by the passage of need a rap on the skull with a was feared, because a night stick
the old time neighborhood harness nr.ght stick, if he scorned the judiciously applied breeds respect.
bull as by anything else, from priest's or rabbi's logic. We lost a lot of that when the
parental laxity to TV to comic In the cop's rounds he accumu old beaten were pulled in anj
books to war lated every detail of the private .ut in cars. It is wonderful to
A lot of people will not remem lives aoout him. He was loved by know that Mr Adams is increas-
ber the old neighborhood cop, be- t'e good and feared by the bad. Ing his foot force. And I will bet
cause 'cop' to them, means a He would pull a gun on one, and you that a lot fewer young hoods
couple of guys in a shiny sedan reason with another, just as he'd will be expressing their personali-
with a long tail of antennae on it, 2lap their cuffs on one and lug him ties in place where the old-fash-
or a furbished officer waving his off to jail, while administering a ioned bunion-law applies, and the
arms in the middle of a busy lecture to another for the same cop on the beat is checking the
street. misdoing. doors and wondering about why
"Cop'" to me, means the real He could smell the presence of that light's burning in Sammy's
regulator of a neighborhood. The alien trouble in his neighborhood, place, as late as it is, on a night
cop and the priest and the rabbi and knew now to meet it. He like this.

States Duck Responsibilities'

By Peter Edson

WASHINGION (NEA) El-1 Gov. Aver:1. Harriman of New On the farm price drops
Lenhower administration policy to York brought it up. He observed Iugh White of Mississippl
shove more responsibility back on that while production was a rec- that cotton quotas cutting
state governments is having its ord highs, employment wasn't. rrmers down to four acres
troubles. They showed up during Bankrupteles were running at rec. Made. it impossible for th
the two day conference of state ord rates. Farm income was at a make .. living.
governors in Washington. low level of parity. He blamed it
In the national defense session, all net he, administration's econo- Young Gov Orville Freet
Lhe governors complained that too mic program. Minnesota baid the impi
much o the civil defense job had There considerable political 75 per cent dairy price st
been given t, state and lcal gov- sour grapes in this line, but other tkie most serious. "There
ernmenti. They wanted the feder- governors supported it.. iuginative creative plane
al gov-nment to do more. Gov. G. Mennen Williams point- 'be national level," he decli
On the 101-billion-dollar, long- ed to record high auto production, The Eisenhower' Adminis
range highway program, there along with five per cent unemploy- planning all along has of
were strong dissents from the gov- m tva in Michigan. Leen to decentralize authority
ernors on paying for it by a fed- Washington and give the
cral ta< on gasoline Some gover Gov. George M. Leader of Penn- more responsibility for solv
nors feit this was a source of rev- sylvans complained of seven per cal problems.
e-nue that should be left to the cent -memployment in his state For instance: Seeretary
states. But they were all for hav- along with ten per cent of the na- nculture Ezra Taft Bensog
Tg the f6daral government foot t ois-1 I surplus labor areas. back from a tour of the dut
!te bill for more roads by money He reported this was due large 1s counting on a eaemin i
grants to the states. |S >dwps an coal production. He eace at state level to devil
ra ti S Branton area had re local drought relief promn
On the Salk polio inoculations, lived this by bringing in 50 new It is the admiistratilrf
Washington had planned to give industries in the last ten years. for letUng the states set 't
the stat-es direct responsibility for Bgt _hat Governor Leader pro- employment insurance rats
distribution of the vaccine to lo- ros ws a corrective was not wther labor legislation.
cal doctors. Many governors corn more sthte or local government the administration pocy
l.ained this put too great a bur- action. He wanted an extension e to education is to give t
dfn on the states., federal tax depreciation allow. major responsibility on c
The governors heard no reports reg that located new .aati.
from Eisenhower administration pn t b4l the areas of greatest us There Is of course stil
cabinet officers and economists on employment mwoutern states' rights so
on the general business situation There was also a tendency to for local determinatih of
but this became a number one blame everything on Washington. egregation policy. But this
topic for consideration when the Gav. ay Gary of Oklahoma est the only other area mf
Democratic governors met separ blasted unemployment in the d llthere is strong support for
Mtely after 'he White House con- fieMs on the federal government's ather than national govern
ftrence was over. oil port policy. cmitd over many local a


-U. '-'* *-,. -- -

order" ,
he repeat n ext yr y a fl
cause of B age; partly oeuse
ot his vigorous oppe t, ea-~ .
oerman 'ammadge; i uamy be.
cause als s.ouMt of ise wEr,
hurt him un ersly in 'Georgia
eorges piultical future Is not. of
course,. upponot ia .Wmn nui se
ominedas a p Orr& Rag im
o2. Man*n Is the fact
that .an doses .hula ien
o Mrany drtreon staps o onso
many A12Y w lts as Ow hm- be,
come apout. 'b r igat-r
wing RepuqWon I
rore taan the o e His
iandlingf at ~ Yadte o d
Ito Corsa cliiae" a l redargesoi
ineptitudtes. h add ., Sir An
tUony Faen dalis DuiEs witan a
passion that doesn't help Anglo
3. Eisenhower advisers are wor-
i.ed about politlal repercuaspin
trom present policies in the Far
l-dSt and feel tat it wouiWd be tucan
Letter to "embrace" a good con-
servative Democrat wno couldI
share the nlame.

Present Far East policies cut
two ways and could alienate two
Important political segments o'
the nation.
First, there's the very large seg-
ment for peace, already worried
over getting involved in war ovua
Second, there's the right wing-
China !obby segment of kfe Repuo
Ncan party represented by Senators
Knowland of California and Bridg-
es of New Hampshire.
Ike-advisers know that attacks
by this wing of the party almost
succeeded in putting the "traitor''
label on Dean Acheson, and they
don't want that skilled propaganda
anachine directed against Ike.
However, a Democratic secret
tpry of state, especially one of Sen-
ator Gcirge's prestige, would soft.
ern attacks from the Republican
Iight yet nullify completely any
Democratic criticism for risking
Furthprmor,, if Indochina is com-
pletely lost to the Communists, as
,:ow seems likely, a democratic
secretay ofstate would soften the
bitter-'attas-.ureto be leved
.L t adiIdto which
aclgable toWth'tie 1 w .
Charley Willis, the likable White
House assistant who tries to tell
independent commissions how to
hand ort TV licenses and whom
to appoint as director of looemo.
tive safety, is worried sick for fear
Mamie Eisenhower will get riled
over his latest personal problem.
Cbarley had a wife and three
enildren when he teamed up with
Stanley RumbaLgh, son-in-law of
Marjorie Post Close Hutton Da-
vies, and with Walter Williams, now
undersecretary of commerce, to
organize the Citizens for Eisen-
hnwer Committee. Some promin
ent families cooperated, among
them Mary Pillsbury Lord. heiress
oi Pilsbury Flour; also Elizabeth
Firestone, heiress of Firestone
And after the campaign was over
and Charley got appointed GOP
ob-dispensen for the White House,
e set his wife two' Reno and he
marled his co-campaigher, the
delightful Elizabeth Firestone.
His divorce was handled by the
husband of another co-campaign-
w. Oswald Lord, who arranged all
niony not on the basis of what
Charley had.. been making in the
past but od his much more mod.
est White House salary.
The alimony, reported to be $3,
mCi a year. was woefully inade,
quate .' support three young chil.
dren, and the first Mrs. Willis has
new retained Joseph T. Sullivan,
New York Yale Club squash cbam
pion anm son of the late "Little

u, ny i rt ol' jasu,
for ent dlydrt
trted wh
Like's wartime
wife to m ai
CrOss wt.rker:f .f
and coatinus .

And, de ,,f .
clar, ik as dai d-
for years. He -knowas .
th ia no W fiacw

Democratic leaders have agreed
privately not te cut a niekel out of
Fzesident Eisenhower'
uete sty he.wi a

enson d -on
stricken farmers at .macg. ver-
al an. dust-bowLai t /
to as sonw 'l tken
I ar d s t .bowl -- a--
wasy e nir ediral nH abc.
been ruined by dust, b' ri-
ceiture Department abitr can
c.led insurance in the worst dust-
damaged co ties. the fartlers
ncver got a chance to ask thir
questions. B e n a o n apparntly
inew what was coming and g mh
ed off. Assistant Atto-ney General
ropkina is trying to blame the
FBI for using turnabout Hairvey
atuso.w as witness iff comnu-
nist trials. Tompkins Is whispeini
to congressmen that the Justice
Department used Matusow as a
witness only on the FBI's recom
qendation. ,

OOPS!-Meet "Mr. FPllout of
1955." Two-year-old T amy
Garvey picked up the tWtl
when he dropped his bathing
suit in Las Vegas, Nev. It hap-
pened as he used both hands
to wave to his father in the
helicopter above. It's one et
many Civil Air Patrol asleraft
used during atomic exercises
held some 756 miles away.



) ~~~E:i

I ~
* 4
- S

h~. 5




m im

SI I I o .. = .

" .- TI,-,. -. ..

S'-/ '.

. I;







.. ---
. -.&- _

**1 tV-5


.1' .-S.

. .- .


ST'llE RITOBAL HIGH SCHOOL ROTC Unit held its annual Senior Re vlew recently at Cristobal. Shoyn aboy watching the review, are left to
i t Opt, Jmeps C..Clou-, Aset. PMS&T, Cristobal High School; Maj. James E. StearmseUS Army Reserve" Capt. John E.'Griswold, US.Army ine drumiture made of
Re rver Capt. Bernard Irlausni, ,Air Foroe Reserve; and Paul L.. Beck, principal, Cristobal High School. The attalUon Staff, sponsor and senior Dar n Mahosany. NOW at
oadeto are also shown. (US Arty Photo by Sgt. R. A. Shireling.) amazing low orfes.
.__.__'_T1 Bedroom. Dining Boom and
"Ivian Roam sets.
Productos de Madera, S. A.
'7'L mmnAe h by RobeorC eowen
N CotCeolt Avenue
etwmn Kodak Bdlg. and
Mbh Ave. Store
ne a" o1as C .f-
'-. -. We have had painting exhibits, ,,nt but we still like to indulge in
I -a few ualle. performances, plays, the arts whether we are prepared
her records In her uigbtclub act. concerts, but nothing in scope in to or not, whether we become ful
At least, not all the time. NORTH 18 the expression of sculpture. Since klr personalities or not. Many will
S"Lots of the records I make," 5 3 the contest requirements Sor a t!lpw with interest the progress
,he sayt, "I--don't understand. So 990 sculptural design commemorating ol the President Remon compete
I don't sing them in clubs. Like K J the late President Remon is so tien. Someone will receive a good
'Two to Tango' that was so 4AJ 1085 2. encouraging and far reaching, Pa real of'money or the winning de.
repetitious, I hardly ever sang it. WmET AIT nma should acquire a fine piece s-ign. It is hoped thta Panama wiil
Too lazy, probably. 6 1072 64 of _plasc art. in return receive something fine,
SK VAJ10TS4 Not enough time has asstd something p:iceless by universal
It's a good year for AlicHee Simms, Q 015 4 2 A 107 A 3 since Lne end of the second World standards.
who is typical of songwriters. She 6KQ6 3 War to allow the big crop of corn
Las had some hits here and these anemoratUve statues and m o u- One ut the sculptural trends of TRY OUR SPE
over the years and then bang BOUTH (D) ments tu spring forth. The num- today is the fusion of architecture
all of a sudden, out of the clear 6AKQJ986 her of such things that blossom- Fnd sculpture. a relationship that ... ..., .-
W Pearl hu ''ue jorkey, she's got some VQJ83 ed forth since World War I re- had been split since the time of
webMr Perl 5Balley big ones. Her song, "Foolishly None vealed the sad level of pubhc Michael Angelo. Sculpture, in re-
t' bus Sh,,-If you've b,- Yours," has been recorded by 474 taste, especially in America. Ief or free standing, is an inte ATTI A
t'h ec Sop:If ou'vcM Doris Day, Kay Starr and the Me. North-Southvul. Perhaps this was partly possi-eral part of the building rathenSPAGHETTI A
et orou istn ang moDavy Crock Guire 3istars, among others. And Se e W North am t ble bpause the jurors that made than a relief or statue made inde-
lh ithefomou that,tsr" Frank natrn and Tony Mar|a 44 Pa. Pasms the dec-sions in compeUtitions were pendenuly and then "added' to SPAGHETTI A
p"i--,th king of the wild-'uk -re going to do it, too. And an oplead-. K_ laymen who for decades back. The building.
i r from being rousing other number "Tell the Lord,l- hbd no training or familiarity with Anciert and modern examples SPAGHETTI A
ic foud. ntr there m d will be recorded by Joan Weber ... sculpture dut. to the absence of are the friezes and statues of th. SPAGHETTI A
maoh I.utn thatied- isWasol Previously, her big seller has been ... art in their every day living. They Greek \cropolis, and the mural- SPAGHETTI
ash in fire it"I Spoke Too Soon,r which ac- South's opening bid of four. irpected copy-work. The closer ,iezes of the modern buildings
Th ah ce. .rec c in 'lquired salts by being on the other spades in today's hand was a the statue resembled the model, .n the Mexican university city of
Th .eJaouse. Now." side of "Sh-Boom." stood choice An expert will often the better the art. contemporary. design. The Greeks -
Webb Is as fr as any old set- make an opening bid of three with This was admiration of work by did not use Egyptian statues to
tier recalls, the first C & W artist Dick's Picks: One of the best a broken suit and a desperate 3 skill d technician, an ingenious support the entablatures of their
to have a record that completely Iallads in a long time is "My mood, but the opening bid of four craftsman, not-a sculptor. It is buildings. The Mexicans did not RAVIOLI
monopolizes the best-seller lists. I, Love's a Gentle Man," and Felicia reserved for more solid hands. the. artist, th sculptor with whom add impressionistic sculpture to
is the most played by disc jockeys Sanders (Columbia) has a beau. In this case the bid worked, for we are concerned if we are to their handsome university build
most heard-on radio, most bought triul version of it. Others: "Bela the opponents were shut out of the discuss sculpture as an art. Sculp. ings. The art of architecture and --- -
i- stores. It's ,t most. Notte" (Lou Monte, RCA); "Un. auction If the bidding had been Iure is never a craft. Any great sculpture complement each other
hained Melvdy" (The Crew-Cats, tame, East might have found the art is always a sharp Instrument, Since we insist en practicing
tQuf t -what's he first thing ercur); "Kiss Meand Kill Mc cheap sacrifice of five diamonds, not a plaything. it is therapeu. the arts an',v-ay, it is apropos FETTUCCINE
rat p into yor. said when With Love" (The Mills Brothers, which" ould have cost only 100 Ie in the long t r say it wasA poorly chhosenU site to
youP. of"Pearl aley? Well Decca); "Ayuh, Ayuh" (Connie Plints. In discussing a work of art to. Ilace U'asparticular design, the
it-y v y .hitnia.dW otrn.' : ''. e Capitol); "Never Look Min you, a sacrifice 100 day the average citizen would Guethals Lporial shaft, at the
h .;i'Vt Ba" (Dera Day, Columbia); points would have been no glorious find it an experience and an ef. foot of the Administration Build-
Old Betsy" (Sere of t ePioneers, victory for East-Weast since, they fort outside of his daily routine. inm in Balboa. The unsuitable 1o
[ga]t(4. HCA); "A Man ,o)'I. Kinow could h.avye beaten ^o de His counter-part10 I n B.,, Oee prejudesi many to even dis FETTUCCINE
( i''e Dae. M r i tunt.Mr ,>,r. ..- ta t.Ai Oavbr lrSou..uIz heMrt ot there aia Ii-EMTe tke the haft deign, w eh FttTUCCINE,
SI Theres a fistful of fine new pop te vulnerable g~n; and cost tae city state of Florence was a self is not bad at all. Such a 'm-
p piano albums: From plef comes them far more than 100 points, fuller personality. The social ideal pie design seems better related to FETTUCCINE
f.,.. .- ftive more volumes in the series, West opened the king of clubs, then was the many-sided indivi. the architecture and environment
S A the, e t,'y Ai"The l;enius of Art. Tatum," andland dummy won. When a low heart dual who could converse wi t ha of the modern University of Pa
o three more of Oscar Peterson's was returned from dummy, East familiarity on any subject con n"ma.
o.t -- albumsq witr Oscar playing the was afraid to play low. East s ace temporary to his day. Conversely, the conical some ""
TV T6PPR .works of McHugh, Arlen, Warren. c ught West's king, and East re- The most remarkable Individual what realistic monument erected
TV TOPPERS From Cadence is J. Lawrence turned the ten of hearts. SouLthwas Leonardo Da Vinci, engineer, ty the administration building of
GeageGobel(NBC-TV): I wear k with "Popular Favorites on covered with the queen, and West inventor, scientist artist and ad the Panamanian university is bet BAKED MACA
the ....12 i.n .m-i".. we tyhe Player. Piano;" from RCA ruffed. Jentirer. Intellects were a I ter I.trr suited in design to the spot
the in e the amy but m comes ranie Clarle playing Colte Now West had to get back to and sh irp. There was no room now ocsupied by the Goetha AND MOZZ
%iv UAP,- wears the pockets. Porter; and from Jubilee comes Lis partner's hand for another ir mediocrity. The arts w e r e Memorial.
-r"-- -J -- Jack Kelly with a collection called I eart ruff. It was .clear that East part of life Statues, paintings, The bronze-like bust that ap
.asonwirte"'s keep *g Badinage." had led the highest heart avialable frescoes, sculptural reliefs, mag. pears s-ddeniy on the gentle slop. MACARON A
'I -that are lust aw s In order to request a return in the nificent architecture were every. ing lawn of that same campus is
o- 10 don't want to dqW Some excle'pt classical piano higher side suit-diamonds rather were adorning public squares, obviously "applied" to the group
ke tliat." recordings, too: William Kapell 'han clubs. When West obediently public thoroughfares facades of cf modern buildings. It contra- -- -- -
Thbqe things hold true about plays uhopin mazurkas (RCA), led a diamond, South ruffed, drew palaces churches, and piazzas: butes nothing sculpturaly nor ar
her'lt, "Two to Tango." Since Alfred Cortot plays Bchumann's rumps and claimed ten tricks. all the great works of intelligent chitecturally.
then. her record compaldy, Coral, Carnaval ana Chopin's Sonata, op. It West hiad led the queen of and devoted men who took months The regulations a n d require LASAGNA MA
has een swamping her with Span '5 (HMV); William Masselos plays clubs instead of a diamond, East or years to create nents drafted in the contest seem
Ish flavored songs. She's made Bloch's Four Episodes for Piano, would have ruffed. A heart re It no wonder then that the to understand the Importance of
quitta (ew of them, and is pretty Strings, and Wind (MGM); Alex. turn would then defeat the con- Florentine man in the street, the relationship between architect -
hired--oops sorry she's pretty nader Brai'owsky (with Munch tract. 'rained mentally and visually by ture and sculpture. Therefore, the
fed af with that kM d of song, too. and the Boston Symphony) plays daily contact, with, these things lure art of sculpture should have
'If-.I ever get another Spanish Chopin's Concerto No. 2 and Saintr 1v I |// M jas an enthusiastic ar criir a good chance to manifest itself
song,"Se says, "I'm going to hlut Saens' Concerto No. 4 (RCA), Cuh 7 l1t#tt Wedo not lve i such ci"cum -n the proposed project of the in GNIOCCHI W Il
somebRqy. I like Spanish food, but Gaby Casalesus (with the Gullet stance Oure social ideal of a 20th tegration of a fine monument and
nrt songt e qwe to for Pano and Strings, In mny an unhappy marriage century individual is much differ a new architectural achievement. A LA NAPO
lre do me .1 told A LA IN e Qe I
for example, st, the Queen Op. 1115 (MGM). the "other woman" 's the woman
of the Sieta." Instead, she's go- tLe wife becomes after marriage.
rIng W1111aods'nmerswhioclh This 'other woman" often
,Wi~am' numbers, which seems like a stranger to the man
.ode right up ailey'swho m rried her. TO OUR CUSTOMERS SIRLOIN STEA
Another song she's recorded re 'I' -l lht hearted girl and after teny C A I NA A
LinNaed dse Worlds_ I hI hartivl a nd aer ten
Weary.' and "recently" isnt quite r Iyears of marriag he finds he isSCALOPINA A
.a t woIor. A yars o g i. th go her ow o city Bank of New York -EA

, esd sm r w_ .~_.ona and The First National Bank of CHICKEN A L
e erd. Coward the o a,, on' u horrk more interested in feeling sorryHICKEN A L
song I ii London. Bhe got to know dPr irom Broc aa otl a d

K In r 2 Instead of the helpmate her THE FIRST
L. m, ak .i se cMu sg it. twlz nde Th g.t Inter.nal unstrsUve about her problems.- V ALEU LE

. "o_ : *elelStl U t Ar that, whoat gt n yto c. Aare-. iTA A
am ir "" .he hat her u OF NEW YORK TRIerA LA VEo a
-r -er.trgh the bloo., r.,n age hba ve done to her sha e o is Fo I ownltdrge oeF IE LERL
as hr faniy and friends cal Ia.. ow muen eer yen ma pyars-e has tured into auwfces wh the CKof Y r ke name

E K x Eca l c am h_ 'my wife" Certainly no man who!
OW& U dIN w' e. r o h married a good looking girl ex. POLENTA
e ptshtn faew aort years Please continue to use your checks, POLENTA
0 In s.. 4he wi be far less atructive e O
Sooking than other women her as well as all other forms bearing -,- -
W"-NJ.& IMAV% -ee/k p Or he mar'ies a. girl who de.
cdtera' ge -that house: the name of The N tionaI City
Isbe&** worh er be ad never
become Ms aum a an hdfer BoSank of New York, which may
Aen, took, a dlspganlazed
N=,and .aaz,.uto "preserntly be in your possession.
cumpetel., l her main .jobk atdY
thing of aatrna tr to her hu M
M:IH MTe tradiuis "other womm-" Y Bak w Y
occasionally aI ake up a houke.
the most s rInus tmMet toIsthmian Brames
arret be-
w :- .- -MA..;, ._- -. .. -"
A A t "-. < -..- : ,. ..;. .- .. !, *- .*...i-. ; i .. .--

for a few moe g ... .
White Nylon uniform# ..............$ 3.75
Children's socks ............0.20 and 0.30 pa(4
Dresses foi Ladies from .............. 2.95 ;'
Crinoline petticoats, from ............ 1.95
White Nylon stocking for nurses ...... 0.95

1. L. MADURO Jr..j

- Ulimiill

CIAL ANTIPASTO......---..$ 1.00

k LA BOIOGNESE........ 1.25
LA MADRIGIANA ...... 1.25
LA POSILIPO ------..... 1.25
*- -

------------------- ft--- 1.25
- 1- -

WITH PETIT-POIS ..--$ 1.25
A LA ROMANA ......... 1.25
A LA BLOGNESE -..... 1.25

ARELLA ------------- $ 1.50
LA ROMANA-------- 1.25

DE WITH EGGS ......... 1.25
--- -

LITANA .................$ 1.50

K A LA PIZZAIOLA ....$ 1.75
LA MARSALA ......... --------2.00
K A LA BISMARCK..... 2.25
IZZAIOLA -------- 2.50
ORRENTINA ....... 2.75
------ -

A DIAVOLO -------
SVESUBIO ......----


A LA MILANESE .-....---.$ L50
fN CAROZA---------.... 1.50
LA CAZUOLA ......... .--------50 ;i
;NECIANA--------........ 1.00
IN OLIVE OIL..-....------.. 1.25-'a
---------------.......... 0.50 ,
- -/ -

~ ...3 ."

:~* ;


: A .


C r

* ~-...-' ~.*U~ft*.~-~* -
.. *



E l" e -
.^. ** -* **___

- r

.4 '


: : ." *. .... o *-,'.," -^ ^^'/~ ;
..'* -' ** /. .', .- ..+/ :.: ^:
". "* "" '**. L '**" l :
.. ... o. -.. -.
i- --.... t m" pi^-"' ,... -.- ;'" ;;-" I-.'..**i'"- :- '~-/, iyof
- ^ 'i-'^ .... ;. -, ^ ^..Il

GRKKEPSIE. N.Y.. May 17, The iwice.postponed trial tinally penalty of a year in jail and a ii euted has urg''I ft .
A 43-year-old housewife began this r-orning before J $ W00 fine if Lconvicted. tefl as a means of preventing tr,.
of refusing to hang up'Jahn R Schwartz In Dutesa, The New York state party line reedy when. stubborn party lie
party lihe telephone so a 'County Court fil, passed ast year. was con- uwns Khock calls to pollee, fi. A M
could report a fire went sidered a model law and was to ir or doctor.s.
laitoday before a jury head The first juror chosen wasMrs. be pre.-ented to other state legis-
e woman who has a party Ruth Case, a Poughkeepdse house. ltures by the council of state Tite itate of Washinglm and
wte., who was made foreman. governments 'lgn already have such laws,
Mrs. Case said she had a four. -- but tme is no record of sae pro
rs. Mary L. Kayes. 43, Rhine- party line. bt tons slder them.
N Y., i the first person ov "
to be charged under a'law en Four other women and seven alWusslntoA,'* law was d at-I
last year making iL a misde- rmen .tnen wpre selected. te a ach ld suffocated i tas
r to refuse "wilfully" to Mrs. Kaye' attorneys said they mother tried in vain to call
y, hilt." sponsor of a sislar bill in
i oniYd -Townsend. of Clinton. a said several bohomes burned
UY, blamed a barn burned Dist. Attv Raymond Barratta down Lu that state because of de
own caue Mrs. Kales kept "aid in his opening statement that lays.Y' ,. .
t on talking when he asked the em regency defined by the par Bl
tonang up. He said she told :y line law 'means that property .
im to "Let the damn thing or human life is in Jeopardy."
Mrs. Kayes said she had meanLt Townsend. a fire warden, said DIP' Pils NHur 1 1j
o harm.- hilt had to spend 15 minutes to a ? M1& fro.m pt fo fl
"I wouldn't for the world have drive to a nearby town to report P1ieo anotbherhour W11 U-
kept on the lne if I'd knwn there / grass fire after Mrs. Kayes re I l; ileis u asw .
really was fire," she said. "I fused to get off the line. The fire nS t eid _I ifn.d S, e Ig 11
h. nestlv didn't believe him. siread to a barn and destroyed U S? *
'7ou hear the darndest things it- n Asi n youru'w
am a party line." Mrs. Kayes faces a maximum u t Sa. -



Big Busineu

.14. -


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil July 17-24, 1955

pleasure in announcing that they have some limit.
ed accor-modations still available in the group from
PanamA and Colombia leaving PanamA on July 4 via
Call, Quito and Lima to attend the XXXVI Internas.
tional Eucharistic Congress to be held in Rio de
Janeiro'from the 17 to the 24th of July. The group
will travel under the spiritual guidance of the Most
Reverend Francisco Beckman, Archbishop of Pan-
amA, who will accompany the group to Rio de

After the Congress, the group will return via Sao
Paulo. Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Santiago and Li-
ma. Since only a limited amount of hotel reserva-
/tions ari' other accommodations are available, it is
Essential that those wishing to make the trip to the
Euoharist;o Congress in Rio apply early.


P.O. BOX 1626

The Pacific Steam Navigallon Compan

Royal Mail Lines Ltd.

.S. "K NVTA ...................*.............e. June
M.V. "SARMIEN'IO" ........................... June
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) ...... June
M.V. "SALAVERRY" .... ....... i .... ........ May
8.S. "CUZCO" ....................................June

S.8. "LOCB AVON" ...............................May
8.S. "LOCH RYAN" ...............................May
MS. 'DONGEDYK" ....... ............June
8.a. "DARRO" ..................................... June
SAll Sallings Subject to Chines Without Notice
FORD CO. INC. IPANAMA-Ave. Perd #5M, Tel. 3-187
iBALBOA-Term. Bldg., Tel. 2-1905






Quick Decision


i w MA, A T I

I fl%4O IM M 00 GO"
29 I~

S. A.



Mp, 3119

98. 1760. 2535 ArNI


| IW Agi.lMA~ KIW/


1w~9w 6

s foLn
.* -

Army? Phooey$

- ot Fooling

' m rc, M~l

mYT -U3 ftON '

A Plan

No, Re's Unarmed! BTo AT iTJLIM '

Weighty Thinkldr




V4 LA". iI
60ME JUice NI3
roL.A5 16 -THAT
;PiN' AgOUT-



a IIFe

*X J. aL sA

- m,.M

wh m7(T


.LA'S For


Free PeH -

llowr VBangsl

- 'U '




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t .



eifi On Trial; Refused To Hand Up Pi

,. T ,
*'--: ;,'



..'aiI m *aild, "is an

6 a nuat eat h a mirn3 w Naut1uA
g..t 4 10101, ". an -

4l b ..i ~iould havtane to ivnto the Pros.i \

s it, ...... .'s. ...t, .r ti.ole to
Se t at I, th con

,'w-u h a fa g1 c bi
i a ddar. Ada. t Rihever. tw'o a le. a e both projects

.o... ...- '., "

r ae-' r flavor. Th' ch U W cus
Is t4M a 1siP 4a rea nM temtiandw1 at
AV^1G t h lIrdr when lna w jt a cn
e.---. "W.W,-c atteavit. We tesme tl pr

All beLas F Cn .. L tom f Proeatid ..
raysf u.-t t.. q
"i E .w- _"_-"._ te w-r e t ioh levr Tho aols en e* _

S'WRM'n mu. .b .a ; .4.i when uI
ton t oat"#- ee ?*#e. m ne 4,
1W.... at..
"edsto,.sAttend1, .

.Y...S.- S bi JES s S lee hi b th e of preparaao) l -I
J. An -i-W-r totc u bou g-ht t co- ts to new
A .tft lS A 19a le VIA bo&e e e g i t

Sm ery o ver day in different I* a t
C'et a hl mrvne ofthWsJt3-213emAI hart ore than 0 o0 e f-1uS a,
___og tw-eotar g M 96 010 -l -- .. W 4M
8."U I l"vows cnn Cor@er a 4ice touc [h-

ri'1 oN. 1414 A de Benefilcenla will be dlauasaed wimslar with it you should ry
S B Arang tonht at a pe l meeting to : plain Pel it, cut it in inch
lena are adie or the be held at the Pacific Service half moon netionas cover it with
b 4 ,il ,. ar Cent, at. 9: 0 .. .alted wtew r and boil for about i
ty d a te.. A memaers are being rged o0 15 minutes until tender. Servo
SAbtlt the -t aed with butter ealt and pper and
o .f prlse. you'll orobhbly agro e that it lends I.
So uD r o i, a reareshixa touch to a other
ptr wos' I. n .3onIh Justra aiMtlMrs. I, Bal wise ric" meal such as a por
ea y v circle on Iae,., eytl p.m. atl t and p nd
S, kttl -t o onlyf lipsti. that
-e. drfually softens your
Sr a ax Facor w CO RFAST lipstick. It stays on

to aUnid totow th n t arib~e lloger tha any i ndelible" liptick ever could.
wo. the C tblSta- p f'ilub will CbeOhe'lda. LrBis .OEiatoke lovelierlonger...and feels
__r_ e_ Al me i.m. -to.~ight at the Hotel Tivoli.- good tool Try it d ee for yourself!
d -, Ad lt staSW colectors are wel- no lighatoingCm tIh. .an 9smo~
IL* P*ner tlak cldel e rF)a v id Orchid

i-l- !u M n-r-n'B A mueth I. f the Panama Osai *,. *** I-, A e
% p ,,,.m- alrtr. Soci.ty C e rald ia R* C r/ Io er o n* e r. d oeel

d -aSpeakers on the panel wi l be.
isrni VP) I Mr AV. KcGeaov and Mr. Pe- I A
a .mitati o the tg local Press. i too lT x F iat Awr m o aMwt
PSabn-ut ht A tal The public ti welcome.
T.S:S. ^^ Scout News
'of._w"IPad it"o ltCo Large assortment of
l duty O g .eved rented a The fort Kabie Neighborhood iwi t s hwoeum l
LA tonl;. Canal 2On e c Giral Smee tOin SM hto paieriMy it ,cu t Ioi

af -ae-binht garrh 0 orod ojre ehatol at the ifit seribe hCfo HeiROMED cDI E iTE SETS
0411Muald 4 iquota 51 U~Cab. Th9 wer em y abowaed a -TA a
^ lto tex chicken dinner served to Ulo 3S
y T.s seats uL their, n .l
SAe ir O.. r ae...n fred l m t.h smartest, latest styles. -
: ..,i uu.ikB t. I :d g. t towTir- ei tl

SMir, ,.,,butera,..n d .,,.e and choose yours!
td Srize ae at.urie v Jm iat and
Ted.a mproldmUtiotwi paerlt- Pamela M. received t.i iet
tIwt iuiport til u w *trvedlr. TeliAIs t he
31 ta-.V f! s a eomlrmetI t ...m. a

be ,= lo Tar .. oml ---- Large assortment of
-on- .n M..s ;

WI. Iwikaly
..,...n-a- .'r seU S, ,, oso .

""s@ "on" if
to N U itd Stat Zes y r toe t .e r Ci lub N e ie d thl r n yi e p c r d

sof~ as d
From $79.50 Set
-.=,F.r -as. :

HI. ....... 3.75

- I *LY.......10.00

* .'
";. ..- *- .. .

* -

* --. -; .
, ',~ .".. .' -

- .4,

^ Cwtw l .Tic powered i
a g ,* as._
Ot, f

A Pleasant Place to Eat Wall.. for L.,,
............ ..- ........... .....
kt or with ..
'Ap SIce SI't" r ingeea
7!.< Spotasem with O_.nionsI ii .,
. T string BUn
CusOtadi Too or CSffes
Tea or Coffee



- -- -- ------------------------ -
a- ................................................. I. 6,
. Hot Rolls
Celery Cream Soup
HaI Omelet
Fried Potatoes with Onions
Battered String BeiIs
Mixed Salad
Custard Pie
Te or Coffee
the coziest cocktail Lounge in town ,
.Remember our family bauflet
every Sunday from 5 p.m.

* I *-'




. '


. ;'f

'-' -

; -'. :'

tAAunDrl' r


_ .. ;t -/te,,,my
I Wa yWe se*mW*k

T' fail#

1 '/Ipt g I AV I :'-!

Hungry youngsters nwedn't.
h lgry long-it tak jut a I#U .
,. mnmuta to serve ti-a 4
Sfavrite! Intoits anggol'
feaent, garden-fresh veetabsle .
hozneybeefstock... i
touch of seaonig..o wo ,- I
fol-of a agealCampba I
Vegetable Soup...

.. almost a mealin
...almost a meal in rter-:;;

*. ; ;-. ?



~~;:' .;


.4 I




.4 *4'

U ,

~.- l~, I r
-. J '4 1 I I


I SaeM" m. a

IMW AnoMMa AM. Mdi.


-' l. C' m uil,. *: ; .- --...


U-I ECa Flam


g0 ..!pr-Au, Pr-tm

l a t 4nly) Ave. N BAM
).F ...' .. -.eNml .-

iiw 2DDental Poly nlIe,
pC. L Fibrogs DD.S.,
l o w4-5 y l)
f 4ly) r Ave. N. "SIAN

JI .A ,g



bedroom. lfernou
f-iture,d chi mUn.
noer Oberrie A"v. No. 2,
p. No. 3, Anhysi Apts.

FOR SALl-25-cycle mripera.
tor., e-ellent penditieas kithsW
linleum., Cheap. L#Avikg, meIt
sell..Cell Blbo 4245. .
FOR SAUE:-Complta badMn-
et. 6452-P CmeraM Suab.,
Lo R.s, Bibee 4217.
FOR SALI:-9-cu. ft. reftiere-.
ftor. 25-eyle $30; 3 '/4-kp.
electric mother $5 each. 1524-1
Govilan Read. C.Z.
FOR SALE:-W uMgt Iron din.
In ream table. 6 h elei; bad.
ifresia, chair, mehoeamy meise-
tory aid chair, kitchen table,
formice top. 3 chain; rwo lue
drape, pictures. 'eeMtr rag.
tre. 2721-A, CAcN M
Nay 1011 '


So t $20. Swedish rNdle
tls~ erds $175, threw
N eveoav NH. .

S25 cycle, excellent
W.'. Call 512.1, Curamedu,
Sp. oun-. H 10th -
Cumnod. "
LI:--leautiel chreom
A table, sewing machine,
1 It. houme. kitchen mkticlNe.
754.-BDelbna Reod. Phone 2406

tm a W der, S..

1i.bhrBt Kodak
Iu I ttttb. AT, Stwe).

ii^ tiki *,


F0Q SALE-l" 1.4 Ford Cu. -
temlmn, urdlo. ileYs. Leaving'
Panama. Call Pan. 3-2356.
FOR SALE:- IS lldebaker
TgiI Orna m vodrive.
b*de s edsh eaellent
odl. $450 caS. Bklbee 2-

lRrUitNNW6 tet MS&A. Must
par Sdani, goid.-mdtlian. Al-
brak 86-718a, ;Qt. 113-1.

$OR SALIE- |,941 Mercury
COMa, go.d Ied i., $150.
HoNuse 1549-J I, Phone 2
3055. ,
FOR SALE:-$9bS, 1952 Ford L
Mhiklfer 2-deor I excellent
condition. Call Hlip 2-3196,
Howue 878-X Megan Avenue.

SFOR SALE: .1953 Plymo~t
with radl. eocellent caditm.
'.Lamn. Phm a $341.

Pr MUL---'4T7 --.
'wlabl, o too., $34, good sea-
* dH: '49-'53 Hot Red pw ,
Ford, $150 tak4he al. 51I4-A.
IND o,. 2-4319. .
F SA : -:-. 1949 Cadille
Cl rtlbl4 ioi excellent condi-
tiOh. Duty p.old Cll Nayy 3147
"a Ri-i tiR.1tCv Riusau.

.:. Micevaneous

ATool *:,-if;
Agenda IaA de Publl


B^^ *nK *^^ANCONl -CZA.

* Ise Capw eTl Thess..
ti.derIce. ll.phiew 2 .

"CINCED meoe-*lMGt .ead
nm typWi. Wek gu9 A d.
A ranged. Call Ambas


.- I


, 7 .




,+ *^'a


S L "I I :"

. dewil .

'AU1 I:-1 lot Ford Hot Red
0O; ,'/-hp. mon. 25.
waningg "
I aIr o' f lights, M, $'71
"" II t coguM, .M.B.C. tymp
atw. $20. Hi 5 $184-A Die-
Wb, 2-4309.

FOd .fALI: Imcyqtpl A.-
aktam, 30' vlum $, 25.
Ftmb Ppram 2-1872.

Boa & Motors '
R SAL:--5-hp. Jeiahmwe o
"q.AuIWr $125; 100-galo p
C.iPalnii tonk $50; double end-
=i (ma"lm) $20. HO 'a
979 ;Aigen Avenue., 3 a '
FOR.ELI:-- 6' Crisraft bet
wib t1955 25-hp. Johins .nM.
tor.,th tramier; 5-hp. JhnMeon
motor 1953 model. MHoe 251-
A adeif. Phone 5-453.

FOR' o ALE:-Boat. Ox30 in per-
WANT S:-25.ycl, motor for fearsdition. with or wilthest
wetain machine. 1/3 or 1/4- anti. William Nichols 0.,
hp.. nelale phase. Box 1451 4320 Via Fernandes de Cordo-
*.***b. I e, *"'eao NIM v..

"Character Comedy Preferred

* 42,

In These Times"

iItklPHFFfrs" S
+i.A. .* '^


Cho Todd
Rdfe. ,

r"-. A, *

i. e lat awarded each
S ear .to. a 8hool
flcardo M., Cadet (aboe), who
bas hono w kiWall -ifrplane erash
& ashe i been made
.3L ao etof MeGlin
* t mus and in the
..b i Lm^ ig. =klme lwi-"

ati M M | f aor the
itirin of tiiT Hich
,r a it

oreIF r e d -.-'-*"

-r,* d ,, 2. '

,r t iit. wheh hasiR

A V4WL.VS Una C TMMr.i u, I.Un.
00 rightin '"Phffft," the picture
to see, not say.!"The pArt I play
on the rocks Is comoptely be-
tbe guy I play I fun y, but he U
fNdable way. A bit obnoxious, a
lately understandable. This Joe
does and says stern from char-
e nd ke a marionette by the au-
to lit A *cntric, andLobviont pntrived

Bituly dab pr o t up a'
llidftyn, play real.i ppl oo.
10 i( ^ W S other and they g looking for
rgBl lnd to try to keep..Judy happy
I Ik on Jack Lemmon.. I erect-

Ilay of "Phffft" were w fl tt e n by
the. Broadw*y succepu "3J* Seven
yT~gf V~1P, the director of "Cba n" alh
Sd KoImar prOduced Colum-
"ne to open at the CeiatrT theatre
'.A" .Adt.
'** i. .j,-,.^ --- ___,_



.- 1
- -.,

floxer and lad-.

the Loifsaaa"
fa Ford br-

in FOR

*irte Tel.1
alsl or 2-5 ,
AFOR INT ..$ tuiq
2 baedmet,
Ph ne Peonu

FO pII .II$-

ment., 2
perch. 48

patnd dit r
.id' m. Ti* e. 31i

i$120.00. '..'..
pDomet, aplMt q t- It.
rtor, Vim. drr q i'ftia. ,
-50245. 44"h 32".
FOR RINTt--%kdefa rt-
Mnt., th.tar.
rnd dsl "lw I -be
mif',room. 4 4 3), b1'8.. Price
t$120.00.,P$bee m .1S;A.
FOR. RINT:-Unfumra two
b"drooem a rmp: t .
3-0815..44th .-W t:
Frolr rmT' _. LMeae. sp-a
Mont cmplosly. forsh In
ineao h lli Visbltae-, $70
per maotk. Apply S(h :Str'
No. 30. upstiai
FO R Rif-FiedMl I--bed-
.' -g** -p


FOR RINT: fri *
kii o6^kl4 Vk-

_ -FOR Al Pond bedo
,*a u s l- both $45. Ph"o
,.- .. q 'f.- r
,. 4 i-i

naIl Newa 8ook
Gift fromi ble hi
Ann.Le fir-,"
ate- book In eleven yards, I included
S- among the boU placed In eir-
Fd eulatlon during teU pat Week by
ribrt the Canal Zone Ubrry..
W it- Mrs. Lindber Jlivea her re-
% flection8 on a wpanr life. re-
MO. flections which were matured in
w M. the active yeata O f .tay living
006. and stimulated b n'
V And Withmen and09610ewbo a

The complete B new books
Se their MARC
i owfrof th. ~ii ooueos.


Today- Tuad, May 17
.j '....

s Your F.Storlte,
xwy Band CUM

6:30-Addreaa by Ed oaskin
Pre ., OCOCCmK) Local
7:30 Report Fqn The .USA
6:00 NELSON DDY*S = -
grams V.O.)
8; g et ere (BIMC)
140--YoAt Asked Fot It (w-
.; ets pban phone be-
.. M te 7:30)
11:-MuAld From Hotel EI P-.
. ama ; -
li45-Time For Verse
It:q0-8ymphony Hall'
J$0%-News-Sign Off

'oerrow, Wednesday, May W

ft On- The Alsm
; ck Club (req9Uts.--
hone by 7.-)

r InThW~dwoo d
cal Reveille .
1I5*4red Heart .
I See It
e: 'The Record (rqusts
poea e pbone
1: The Record (ff quts


4 Awm ir-


Th1eatenr oV T~dy nW thhrd anist
et Jigle-Arem Ijh W _t r
aqd Kei KoUly) placed wth e .'p

ThriceMarriedm Grandmn

S. .' .
WA OT M 17 .-(UPj bs~e7r, j rie'm
-A I co Jurt jry of .eight his .licj tq 1td'
womw Jed eur -ea m eliberated .atio C Pa .
ou.y e today y con The EW, holda u, gre
-gem e-r"a.
took .tw e, r, prty eto, p, Luy Ags, b
e, rs de d n.tkeo u. t t

Si, a p M. e uI .

d~ ost tW CC to d
Itbag: at bl.e. i'B..--r .e .g ... .
nap roind ,AR" D ui0-;

lieftkfrt~td~wl *** -hh^Lffl h~r.M i~isSSe
anaritaitt tto- ^M UimH-41" 1iLnrj. ^ 1
IVIBMIN11 'p.^aiti..* -A Dy^-<;N^


--* ":M.,
* ^+, .' -,

ollp p

- :.

. :4 .:
- L-

*' .*.," .

Y .. -.. .,

-,- ,



L ~~I1LII I~J.~ --"

- -n n..--

. ; .1.. .. f .


r ,

I -


"1 -~




It -

. 1





*3I' V 'W~~~;

*~ ~(

~-"y& p.1~

S-..._ ..._ ... .-.-: *'*'S
,;-. .- .. *'
,;. A .-* f-. f-


with -
d UmRYS nd pA.WLL

with -
WlZte *peGAN e. CANU
W. "Ali.


- IY- E.: .315 :



~i' .i'A. "

a* *

and' -

Sana For Lean Suppers

- U. -

SCarriage-Depite hbower Ileher and Carol tMCcla.
Itiauth Keileher nm_ Mrs.
StUeClain were co hostmues Wedpesday Cluab
' Bsaby, Shower held at Army Met On Monday!
T Oh, tFort Amador Thurs- The Wednuraay Club held a
day *cing May 13 honoring luncheon party at the ElksHome
a e Eealy. The ifts n Mararita on Monday in honor
re, placed n a decorated baby of Mrs. Janes Facer. This was
Carriage ithe last get-together of the group
Sr :until Septemoer. Mra. Facer was:
Those attending weoe: M e. a resented a gift from the mem
anea Kslee CouwIndan, Lii Wills bers.
Mary toung. Sally Neal, Elea-
r HuRuom. Winnie Towrey, Gin. Guesti present were Mrs. Frank
sty spoier Emmilana Freasley. Cougher and Mrs. Arnold Hann
Audrey Kincaid uizabeth Beall, terg. Members present W ere e
il Se4r, Ertelle McClaia Rose- Mesdavres Charles Green, Fred
m Kenealy. Rose Nkisher, Sapp, John Lower, Mac Gaskill,
Makibbin Donna Melmer Luis H,',per. Rufolph C r e a p o.
S Grace ehlinger, Mary Kel. James EvanF. George Tully, Da-
her, tuth Ryan, Aloha Baum vid Kaplan, and James Facer.
* ut yn o B


Sand Healthier

Every Day

Due to,

JOINNINR IAY: For a ear, it

'r: was coffee and muffin -t
I Another' timn he was singing on
GUiY I BiL 0 B rregi- 9ID6 A1OaLD. T 0 e'wb Fouro r'dio shows -I Philadelpi'a
lar 5lI,r a "in aM a bd? U Mfirted Idrylntg *' for a total income of $18 a, week.
: 7. 0u ed d .. Johnnie. Ray left bhis Oregon
S( 3S of 'ute) Guy' amck ddbts. Th ttdiuit home in January, 1019, to try and
ELBINER ed t6. 6,500. He's t pJ ..t:,?Fck crash Hollywood. He couldn't ev.
'by He'bl- a S : en get an audition at the studios.
N (NE B]efore, o fO' ex .~o lie would wake 7.50 occasional
aat a t -y for a Uligt'st -sling t a cafe.
f BHe uiAviveoi y, .'*as ,
'-' -tclbop. cahlyp ad, d afser
for r and other odd joBs. For a while
off No oion., Ji ames'e aA mate he was a night club pianist
n lh .Y.- y. aearly.. sYoat y working, for, tips only.. ,uring
t U -- apt re ihe entire year of 149 his In-
ii e cea .-of th sort. t the come was $500, He remembers
i -.. p eptil those Y that n ostly he ate coffee and
al start. e ben born n tiffins.-
He'd, '.w o e-r -off famihets.-like Friends who believed in him
fame ansh ortue but hadn't found riffin or those native ew took him in and let him sleep
Lather. fe was living with anoth- Yorkers who could live at home at their place. But after &a year
er youta struggle' and they ahat- while waiting for their break of muffins and kindly charity ho
ed a ream. l ke Steve Lawrence. grew despondent and went back
Gq ..would sing "demos" to Take a look at some of the to Oregon and took a job in the
miakie a buck. (A "demo" is a others: town ,awmil After four' months
demonstration record; songwriters Frank Sinatra was singing for ie was fired and took another
eti and publishers make records $11 a week just before he was stab at show business. This time
of thei- aew works to show re- discovered Hary James. he eonnected,-although it took
ord companies. The singer gets Eddie Fisher won a prize'on a two mtie years of small night
$10, u'ulyA That was his in children as Ishbw in ,philadelphia clubs and theaters before he
come. H and hi roommceo when he was 13. The prize was cl.cked
sfetn the Mfor.'On i irtegu a cake. Eddie 'had to give a 10 Even in the country and west-
tar $10 bill who could afford d rer cent "shlce" to the friend who era field, where. most of the per-
bd? tAked into trying-his first former come from farms there
"It wea a bigt joke"N~qy says "manager." Later .onO thigou, ere tales of today' stars who had
now. "We were young and we ;there were times when he didn't their lean years.
ddn't nilnt One day we opened even win a cookie. Eddy Arnold. "The Tennessee
the icebox and the only thing in Once he was trying to get on Plowboy." is the king of the
side was a jar of mustard.'" radio. He did 10 auditions for country and western field. But
After he was distvered, his CBS for various shows within a ?n Eddy's old days there Was a
discoverer, Eddie FJo, paid all of few weeks. Not one paid off. period when he had to take any
... .... to eke. o'wt his singing income.
I I I I And one job he took was driving
a hearse and helping but around
a funeral parlor.
That -was. when he was singing
at Jackson, Tenm. He was still
playing the guitar he got from
a mal' order house-leirned to
S* play it by taking four lessons- at
Sby Ek. je .75 cents a p ece fro n anti aneraut
teacher. qe got i bi brea
4 'when he went on tour with a
h" "' a-- groupp called Pee' Wee King and
X D IW D (NBA) NO. aren't very good. In fact I loo, k olden West Cowboys. That
T4S IA .LES: JEAN HA- at thm and can't remember hay- l to a record coltrctand radio
Q ; uanworried about her "Make ing made them." saows and his" present fame.
oom1O Daddy" TV fans do- Scratch the urfee- of- almost
t .g"h,-: IBOB HOPE: "I, employ seven aW male staft and yosu'l find
'I a shdldy in the movie, writers for my radio and TV somewhere i h past a dark
h i '".Bta.' But tbhe gir lsn't oEws. bome people think is a kind .jo 1Fe f the .gir sinsders
wtaly a rap. Sbe's jut a galfd tadf'a ace for a comedian to Ive haad sut troubles. The rea-
* La vge-, a. bout virtue." nave I don't know why. on is obvious-a FAS has more
If I cold get good ones I'd have competon,- es vaaes. WHi
A& D LAI on the moat more tod --ay- Xif I coul vdoset is his oly aialeB co-I
A .I 4 ht be'slarned r them. modity No male singer is hired
t-a a1:_'. "low to pack a CLAK GABLE: "No, I'm not Uh los k ao -. ..
lthout terted ai directing. I don't And so the e te. hav to
^VaI& ~ Imthe t want to work tha rd. Predac. sratc d cla w they gaai
.as m S south ) inSMaybe later I don't know xperiec and friends and
dee. p .ni k breaks. Those that make to look
IDA LUPF0, aLout working -"__ \ tack on their lean years with
teltli "A Jost et. 'llrwe's lRUTH ROMAN, denying rumors:Pioo. ph k a al humor "sure t'
ao te for tears. temperament of a feud with Corrinne Calvet was tough, th', sa. "but
a i thee c a ,durig flb m of' "The Far Con ht can don't a it? They
Sm "Other..:Those w" r it? They
T r I e was no feud that I know finally quit. go bome, take other
an T, 'iV yvs., .. 4 very taUme there -are two ac., .,- z "Onoqv U 0 "we and they do And right. at this minute .the
- b Fs t o owato prove au nraofnd together, eery. ar of tomrro-w are Sbtruggling
yourselfI p.lers you do twotfdy thinks there asonmehing gel by.. s t lf bu I
and you're made" -wrwng.' the rewards are great. __-
R0oI4 CAt U fN, tI this my HAL ROACq r.. a hew aie' like to do anything that's eacit-
U- ewr : dqma& t we to a telefilm ing."
at Fx tk to Victor wa ea. I had to do FRAMlE LAINM: "Louis. Arm
mo A thet was toJr a=tigbr arnf pja tram a the way I
,to.SO aTt gt s 0try to pe my vl. I U"e it as
miS e a musical insiumenat, as a horn
two,- I ww k a t tha a aa oafm" oft anwith
li t- exa 01 no thought of a mad with the

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i AR Z- ,

ub Limits Pirates. Joe Brown, Teen Fun sig Drive

0 13 Hits In 3 Games. Armenteros Reaches$5 penig
NEW YORK, May 17 (UP) Is the St. Louis Cardinal An i buton of 5 T Str
v rrent pitching the real thing or the calm before another -- n e te Onbn4ut a .rive5to 0 ena : ... a ...... l
oJoltin' Joe Brown or New or- 15 c Zangt on tenasgrs to the ..5 2 .536 9 1e0 r 1
Ktom of enemy basehits? Nor Yor 15 1 M 9
leans is in hard training for his Mlue.W teenager basba39 tourne14Ch532g* .e....r18 .0 0 11s'1
Tit's manager Eddie Stanky's age. He didn't walk a batter last scheduled return bout at the Oershey, Pa., hw received 8t.Lo : .13 13 0 10 aoston :::: ,
question today after rookie night and struck out three. Colon Arena with Cuban Antonio yesterday by the committee. Pikburgh ....11 18 .37 I' Washlon .11
paw Luis Arroyo hurled the Before ArroyO's victory over Armenteros May 29, It was learn- Cincinnati ....10 18 .87 14 n City ..11 18
als to a 6-0 triumph over the Phillies. Stanky's pitching ed today. T tim pi.s Philadelphia .. 9 19 .321 57 3alttuore ....-1 At
Pittsburgh Pirates. In sweep- problem was the most acute in fTh WeoB N:8Z':Bt palwet Phiadeep fior 14 1a it .. 3
the three-game set, the Red- the majors. Only two St. Lout; According to promoter Enrique ,RIOfrom es of .a se s l areiua w hich TODAY'. GAMES TODI'*'-
a limited the Pirates to a pitchers went the nine-inning Martin, Armenteros Is due to the players who would make NeD York at Milwauke (N)' Kans
ra total of one run and 13 distance in the team's first 20 arrive from Havana Wednesday, the tlan WU. 'wlted. Pitteburgh at Cincinnat iN) Detroit at.
games and Stanky used four or May 25. He will complete his Additon l funds for the drive Brooklyn at't. Lo (N) Chloago (
iose three fine performances more pitchers in seven differ- training program at tie Colon i rxpoo to cas from a Philadelphia at Chicago Clesel
rked the first time this sea- ent games. Since then, four or Arena. i three .tcara! a pl anPned by e -*-..Ch ..
*on that Stanky's pitching look- five starters went the distance a Goals VFW OlnTERDAI8 EBULTS TT Dtioa g
1 -top light. The hitch, of including splendid four-hit and Brown hqs been in constant Po eeitt y, Batur- (Nioht Game)- O dIal
C course, I that Sam Jones of the three-hit efforts by Brooks Law- training since his arrival here day bst u of wee. Satur- burght 000 000 Game) I
Chicago Cubs pitched a no-hit- rence and Gordon Jones In the several weeks ago to tackle ou- I la'ad au ato f week Pittsburghs 1 1 p d e r
iter against the sn-hitting Pi- first two games of the Pittsburgh bay's p hocolatico Villareho. How.S-Luis O il001rerasd Nw ,_or..........

I a "d the Cardinals have sol- ward, each hit his fifth hotm o t e.'n2[) wa, the National VFNW r__ k "t .
r .. can Ju beat the Pirates finals eries -ht attak. Cat ever, in between Armentedros and t o oh s a .C O
Sii a 27-year-old native of Bill Sarn weighed o n with tour Brown. Tony won the first bout h to o (- andSan -
i o P, who pitched last hits ad scored the Cardlna' on a split decaion. Brown TKO' Contribtions to the fund
r forfoColumbus. Ga.n the run ookie of the second anin week. Thed Armenteros can eight rouds p wouldd be sent to Box 85, Bal-
That left Stankyd Houston the The Pirates threatened only theis secoason, and WallmeetyIng through his paces every aft boa Ce athons also will be Hors S ow s
S League, limited the Pi- once-ln the fifth when Jack ight was held at the Colon Are- received by members of the VFW

tes to six hits in scorn h IShepard singled and G eorge na and Armenteros, although .___ |and. players and officials of the --- -
whtherd win thout a loss Arroyo ittsburgh sweep Moon, wh none out but the loser, n had Brown n roua.e Tee e Leage. ..
S.. .aborated with Herb Motord Arroyo retired the next three at the finish. The boys aim to .... s '. u.zents of he anama hgheas 4% feet and te pread
|' feshuttlng out Cincinnati on A- batters on easy chances. It was settle their feud once and ftOr R l-I ".dijg School presented an ex.- of this ump was .take of to
I t 0 and l it Friday snappedslhthe oningimt played yenterday a thwlst tme ;HO ar h- oF ."
thing or merely that Any- r last night to pace the ar- The semfinall will be an eight- .re ay at our p.m. pec event f e ad
Scanheat the Pirates. in 11-hit attack. Catcher ounder between Arenteros pounder LOC Tos Am n e mp en udger no ani
la todP.R, the chunky last bits a nd Je dw ad rnetohe Card Re col. George L. Holsnner who singer. iding n th nt were
Shed 8 lumbus, yielded oly first run in the second I nning. Two four-round prelimnare U seventh years ago ws y. .-Rudhelm he Heath,
haguts and Houne walks tnd wll complete the card. Roherto thIavba M O I n Sl N Rudeslhelms commanding ofh- ob Frederick. L .te
Leay, liew ted the P once-in the fifth when Jack fight was held at the Colon Ar

id six hits W inner his Shepard singled and George s and renters, although and playener had ust nded d on the proff nd officials othe r-Doroty Mo
rd without and house of Lords n -- -- bly, reeling hulk-too pony event. In this event there second Georane Albou
S' ohWhiskey, it th Herb Mofordwasann Arroyo run PANAMA GOLF CLUB heoodrext tree all atloe in the 8 e the finish. The bod to fight but too subborn were manylugh nd lso pls Third Bur Bet
h ing out Cincin ne ti on A- batters on easy c chances. It was settle their feud once and or k t ndh o stay on. T
ayin ffth annualPan of the Panama ulb and y esteral NW YORK, May 17-y(P) amGolf Club Ththity after- amooth6 go with his andi- essn oom by a press tin g horse show, p.,.for an audi J

r. l' ^ric worll Arway Invta" representative of the King's Ran- Rookie Carl Duser's fourth noon when he went :arnd on e cap and a 70 ne$. crowd of shoutngs.portswritern, Next came the begnes jump. jrut- thy Rambo
2. a l l, F ,rid somre and ,House of Lord's organi- nyas-traight victory snapped the Panamna rYs 79 strokes. Julio Valdesxcontinued to coll- te Rock roa. Massachusetti inga lsh ir uho. s ,rho w- Second *. MM. GonoVer
am h surprised at for y hand- Havanalosr ing or last nKngswinning His 1 ht.p o ne r 72 le go all h an 83 less 13 ht. tte evid ha ne many of th children ad Third
Sth a five-hit lin th tournam which k a se x Monaay night a layout gav him a net core for r a nt 0. Don Maer matches .d ought nne tough ..h en D
told the.un ected chk de being layed n honor of osAl the ColumbUa Jet dereastd o e the after of 66 and AouEr JuNL' oOrd. Tied at even par 72s rn to reta his title. oTiumlag ets ju ... g.. -

trin Al Cor ae, a ormerr PAA Reyne dld8for man years local Cubans 4-2. Dunlop gol. President Arias were Mike He 5 tely amarkeda, wa. a, ump,;g in whc Adncedaa e e. George L. Holsinger, w 0Asenger.i

th eap. representative tf a firm. Al r d -b ew/1p r dae, Jim Ridge, Brack. Hatp Tngenve wr he dsfer Co.. l
itched 28 nnngs yielded only Two four-rountchd preliminaries p h oot e n s. M ood seventeen years ago was RudryF. ue hi
1 bc its and nine walks and will complete- the card. pRoberto h bDrav P.Slr n Rnludesheim's commanding of f oy F arele LC gR-k

otr out.. 16 b a wi le two fo u ht. Those wnth an Murillo and J p two-run S alazar Bli t a one'ver i l. His o and fd when he was t p"i ...n.Con.v"ersl' Kirka d
; nk it n.'"l*. ic.P e.ween ,ero and eleven t.e third Md "Bpider'" itet lnet rore was f.. A lar.e Ar.we enjoyed the ase, about the .chnonollo. Jump conalated of 6 bars the FPurth ..v.t Fal m.
S ruko1hatters wthle om- wr in the fir.t flight. The added a ol fouth lom- im. pson,- who a realy Sunday event bpitft and dance c' eh he hit mon h "ose --.
Sn 96 earned run a ecr- ht will be or goerser for Jet ofut at 124 poundie laeof te finest go at the club....the food, as alEquitata ew. But bea never huutiful drill
tide ] m. wold be a wlth hand1cap ranging from 12 The S ue chie.. edged outi h? displapd in quite some ways, was delicious since it was o bt OUTOF DOO RS wih I
S Tnk h to 24a the R imater VIerbant 6-4 t ime off the Unived 77 yof Cincinnati campus, has been relax. (UP) n ds Don p horse back, consisting of t
a vitn Three-quarters handicap w i with k e redit ight for a aet o v th of club manager uar peaking with considered tm-
S iln, S i, be allowed throughout the tour- for the w. ree r fathr u won In dinner-dance a regular pangsis the champ made Imt clear Following ultt r al
il nament. The medalist in each mik aided the Ch.fs who the B weetakeee con eenIg affair at the several tes n the afterfightis event On I to
S n wll b determined by the had a 12t attakTom ne secue timeandtheattht P a b...Pro taron Interview that he was an admir- fs

.I 7 hhtu P" n core (grosf leas three-quar- was thad withethe Ion. the Cab handicapper has slash- un t extension of the num. er of Cockell's courage. -
low gross ofr In each flght uled, e Buffalo Blons and the not bothered Lo In the least, a w wks...Plans are'also ciano d nothing but horse and continued the jump .-
o wl also be awarded a priae. Montreao KRoya we washed out underway dto Improve the mhtothe program -waso tay tes before C -
t id Round Winners sored Quallcatone wael run from at Montreal. GoCther winners in toe da U wer sax a..lRecent rains haee Putting him down-unless It was eveAt Inistit thecda
WRansom and House of Lords aanaWol ova Vallarino, 7-10-69; gras is starting to gro on te t s he hit me the hardest ot niso tr
H erbrth PMithte con d pl lScotch Whiskey, It was announthe- 22-70 and Dia, 80-8-72. Member when the course was t o stbompnowyhloldchos udi
Idovs Stebhen s y ull rod on Mayu22b i .u I marntac ned in better condition Rocky admit ted he started out wif be rig title ponies are very ot h -t
pa FItht hBarnnuaBPanWr loen, p l qnII the Banall Sweepstakes at the I net was throughout this past a slowly in tonied ht's battle and fhoinO g the migration of metiad
laiy ht Prannl rounds will start May 30 and legal NEW YORK, May 17UP)- The Panama. Golf dub will ma n fter-sm ilesoot 76 b go with h condition "He was pushin me around This month hewill appear .n
e athFlghi S vs H representative of the King's Ran- Rookie Carl Duser's fourthi whe Whet Bmiun itchmt ap and a 70etto note that o i wd of se of don't know why." South Carolina, ort CaroljuIapir
** IRa som and House of Lordsoran- victory'. snapped the Paa as 79stroke was on'number 17--sundayo col- the Rock from Massachuseter. "He f aid hoff t shores of N ew

SA s u whisker.p id Golfers in all parts of the ernoon, he was putting for an throws a good left hook and he Jersey, New York, Rhode Island,
S mit -fsUllrpise Tnh ere are more golfing memh Hava naworld will, p ao fipete Ion 2 et gl t le the same hole, bt set iade me miss a lot in the early anyd Ma oftachusetts. childrenathr i
iei bers today at t h ich i streak at o Monday night as Full Inormat him a net scorluding the fortied for a n birdie four..n M .The An d roust fough t nine tough they didawonderfuljob.:h l
le clbd than t any time in the ntry het, is now posted on al SO tournament on the "I guess I knew I had his The blue is found mostly near
S l Coh atoryI i h onor of Al the Columbus Jet defea th Be t hafternl etin atent schedule foof 66 and four July...rd. Tied at even r in the sith round. From t surface w here t travels in
l lnoth i of te players will compete In the tour- ns 4 thr floghtls... Qualifications for of how long It would take." oe of thaIe u most bloodthirsty of
a w a th Brs nament I hnor of Al Reynolds SatPentyrdayoto Sweepstakeugh co neno's King'sRansom the fh of the sea.
SClb Satrdy, The t will be posted on n of Lords tournament Al Weill, Marciano's manager Ared with large teeth and
ll h e1tf, the,rclb eftard in the Macha- "Dutch" Forty-fvI th hgolers participated in mr of Al Reynolds starts hed In with praise of e w n eeso deik a L y 1 v

es havembeen placed on thw tort aeek. p King In Satrt ysb ai stakes under o arday of this week, and tor hCockell's courage. an its wake many dead a choosing to three or hour pounds ard-
Ovat baeth year's a TN two fihtl Those wt hnde- t awr heu Uhotaoe Dove 7ro isos

pu 1a srse zeroand e n Hethi-rdu'r"Ieasor ^ec fought alre.t lighter igco eredjoiedted ma e-
buts k e t 6 Predent uicardt M. Arhe a. hootheol tonghtohe ecli sthe o ba t Fo

SHO With aT2-1 Ic- flOS toRp 4M TODAY o ?csaan- a o sucked,"on h IangHindlandid pomed me
m Ty EATERS TOM enTI 1R ADULTS ONLY! rosofh y. hifo nembeshMpar- a rtneM Ir 5tred w
BALOA 4; T5 7:55 Intoflo hts. s:1 h 8:10 1 8 consecutive para, but s aognye erHoonOand shot an even par angeandgrinarcdtyahdenbudawe Jm whiin puns lthouh durg good
RU. e *y AO rr The DRUG atory! Youth the easy 17th hole and fie ght .%hea on the back nine after a S8 on ildJ t s found alontheAtlanti yars b from fte to 12
ti | ChdickP 1- plyatefirst ,, T rTven to madneh iwith 18th. 0 President Arias' handicap e front de...Erasmo de la Yh, b i o a he hit me on the nose._____mon.
and ht w ol thf o fevro 'rl Jetwd... of twoafe him a neg or tf fn e Guardian kt a big double boge Oftafessrae. plaafs some of th Sd te gesthlue reported tothl

h haMARncUANA ORGrBg-In day wh12e S son (whose hand- the l hole Sunday, but By BEANS REARDON then itlldpasplidar tor as eany have been tefcen-on od and -rel
otcethaww. Wow l an was ru t from 8 to e I n one m tilha a 74 for the day,..^And w ars 1af Natotal Leaee 10 or 12 years, only to return was a eo podll iehitea.t byo
tWnd^ to "24 HE SHOULDA "-ae.e hiad d77 Withe. m nt Proeparedsawlg lritea tfcor NEASr 5taid wacubt the close super-haway on ,
SGAMBOA 0 lonc r hie ance is a'eputting on the The name snapper rular phasis, thchampadis et Cohaceetaarrow, e
l inament -TANGANYIKA" SAID NO Lowit t or the day was turn .He had a three footer tor QUESTION: With a wfunt uerfght ally applied to the smaller er 30 to pounds wre report
iaSi~ Ff lt Mitt**en fligrt-ttwibd t TERRIFICt... me hrd.** |18-t). Hewaa tolowed b Raul T-in-erthsbat get throagtfiha. The weight. ThoToe of from about ona (DnPtrBtet by NBA ai rvicir-
vs*il ey. net score (gross less 4 a three-quar- wac- g1d witha has blter of Cockell's courage.h a a chance

iU e-"Tod-,,ii-,4e -. .,i i4IT. m miL D I ou0eaeb n- baseostbeanWeplay,
In Ment N que rla Ois (84-17-67). Tim T races for fe 9t. As beonsars t"-
i -nsr NT !O' i- Ica+'' -- ____ .- "tcher has inached. tb e"l I t U lia 1 ,i' ,i
bun to slow down, The batt
8:0ao c1 nb back TatcM Athaows
RYur Balboa Gun Club Big Bore crosses the bag, thou starts to1
Weda 0 alberDMM firstand he is aggedutbe
WWI.r + .btchfor Sunday, May 22, at be r "tothe base. sh
01.the arfmn range. Firing w t Or out or safe?-Art Jackson.
s4-art at 9:00 a.mi. try o Answr: e is out. rulEntry fee fore
Feel. Y.Aunger: Re Is*-,ut.-Mw -ride
re. ..-o-,- er a t nh va, ben$' M ilaydys a runner in goingJolv, ,i g...
.-.m o k .sswuni lla be gie*r2f02 yards t wilQl o T nmoer m r ,w e G is '

Si a _- our n team. H',h-t ,as "-aler's amrsa i j
A- *YK 'u = mML or io1 'the

Sam0u Vc e.tin G r.
-0 dib 10 of *00 biasdeNas 37.asbe rbit .1u1e

a luboa Gua Club orehit ses A O
Ij n huaindaya


- A **
* -
.- i4~~- ~

- .- .. ~ A *

* ,U. r.. "-
wCA iitf-f


mp A -..

-, S... **..3



l I



For".peor remar that Nag- th 5yede e41d li thi ct-N ehl
ondadfeM the Derby D 'f to alm a nd it still stands as the
I d o a t. e da ,I..n e e r, for the X Kentue k
e 1w ar world.
-wia withaeer be flor e tbeeausel o rsawl entire ar' eAq
tae l to Rocky Ga .a S dle is area t Naibletonian at a .ss
S. eaOWgI.W M W Sl hol nk e, ro ds o1heno, N. Y., Aug. 3.
Isw4y e, -..'ahoy main O'B yetahan"y ha m a-

t IM'r,* = t~ t e ort :o have t o g bak l
.. .... '- In mr di d an' exeeeh eow ckeda ile Meal a Scott Fr ost ie .
ae .ao ter tehlobe 'u hV tt hmae&' theu brave way eioVeHal r e r
,' with .dDe m ltyar,
Sayand see horses can. F
ftW his br be theP oo Iv ot news bit you.
newIa thet, ,d wh comparatively speak.-a....Cm -

gas 17- "fo tro .te r an w p run. -- ine,,- l y m
g l t aptlo Mboa Olson, --on e l.a
Cal of the hl tm a4see- Bob S Oher Of Ptii lt gh -. Calirals c celebrated cOnse olawcft ine
"---- .......ot Th e ad 0- lo ee ve Derby victories, although D R. cewa ,"y,-Detroit's'Haze'-and

i...3-. .a .. ...... se t- .i
th detluwc, _. s au ,_ t rmino wasr bred n Ke.,n t o', ,M od ,aft. Two,
ardid -o Good State's nk clal -toan o

body too"* round. w auncd along, only one Ias -on to a 'Heeke pP n o
IMh eble had s badt Mari p _,o oo ,f ann 1.. by 8,I Cmp of after Wt. meetings frdm

6he ad ood a i h rlms o
hel f e nV tht s aes of the b out, oves. ctot Frost ase par fr the Grand Circit opened
ud stppe him l the when he gash was reopened th of Detm s ot 3 the sdad, a
st e I seveRwaltl.L ps cause e. ao s never had ith san od.d e- ni

al, prai e lavishly the orown. f;red an awesome battery ng f arm an u Poten lariat San p l
haired hhg frmer of rain. the second ound on, ye struck f l arsgo d Saee
England. The swarthy hRock in the back ofjthe neck witn S otf by tis t campi of ortter d

sin m^' time, but this fellow was the ri apron. When the count owdinter and srn oaf Cnletei
tops."m reach "three," the bell rang. co adtr I atuDele ar, alnf. .S a i p n o
The courageous 26-year-old HiO handlers helped Don back eb aden"tt e .Joe Oaen.
T challenger disclosed that John e is stoolo
Simpson, him frate manager, had

sixth roon wa woefunsH le staggered D n, a right kn k-
s'trabeat hi m, s left hook ArNe eru Frm i o l an pluck
him." ed him half s t the Hrbgas, andles
a, p I didn't," said the pseld o hils nas v the .
bad fo mo o ut e- .yst So lCdamp.o t hater ,

at the tie tusto soo as i e and po hed f reward and ell tofa c fort
goes t sd gets mself two r o vr his knees. ritan noer uitmafereter he took thea

tfro oahktwn4 '-" ofd Gfve Xgain hi iose
mAmve fought wa lot o brave men fw Mhrocgia hst batterlopes ong andsrin of intensive
a t.the dre mell when the reterar
Th courageous a n-y r-oldIHs handersa ep Donb acn g a ve ,- i
A challenger dislosed that John kil -ool c l wt S n l h ey ___, 4004 _,________

Simpson, h te Ma odae ha d the of fas and

i. 0returb thek
wanted t # He the hle III theco tae Dov nu,, a noon no I -,--"\ ii- -n

sibout .g wouldn't time knockout ea Cock-
h l-m.",him. to atr Ma half to the emvt and o Vrpnrl ,.. i

have all sports writers thrown MarOano hIs 42nd triumph IYo Purker, hett ande toe Eo b th thn r o m
"1 al heftboo k, d~P* m Cl am '- I ioutsoyement at Pittsburgh. They ae rfrst I lght hurlers w h
bgurs to cause National eIhitters trouble all year-while another crop of B hurlers, d
S, s r bed a even better, pens on the farm

SIieoun.oe WI te wa1 Im te eth inhrl bo o l-
I. Ut"s ond tard arr er t A ing ntd ll ng o a n g ta e slelaa 'e/ a
fS r ~0 rb pt rti the cucatilst Itrer oehon o Sl tra h o whe h .IdI
aet -m thoine la n at w ibe. h s th pa w en oe rb a b a ibn .

oesn "i o. rl derie sAei eutr Synppe e HeaswStoppe

4 A 1 11 0 0 0 1 V iw ?0 t c o u na t fnlwa hh a d I d n Cs c a o n a ; bd
uhaes. -nl s .ir r t o c nIo stath e u dg m ind1ht11 It rit thee nRivob F the sedu mo reand ~taLrt.eianr waf on d-d hth i mo
dw ,- "g e d gaupwa sft -*I; rnnr on s am a
uf t e e d ,i ro Ea h w t oDhey A deG rw w woRivl coate.s wl teN ytou ta st hoe dmort
orddB10 SKforSlapntWapks cheating .lnstb itcher

nrom..... a et w a s t- ". a Ifrve got o bHyY o .o r ot h id tethat a a s othen det ae

S aOeWN ltl.Amn g sw a sh g ahm ey tter e os than youecol w he e as t andbsmarte vs w
hrm "ea tri a Ia stkortee dor Iv the dekct iwair th e p haed to..etne H -el t c k "
iem have allr-'wri t" -s-r-,ahi4 at hndnd e toyuh t Is Cyoin Saplca hoetypo lMets w.len Rc of Mh e sa-both S ore til ha e goe to e
.23tn ouIldU, .rSdt'kR Aantrbmm d ht 0.p hm s ohi w en bs bitt .amonies w n
snto ut ofv ee turnedtared3 g1 ;tota y t e s ul m ob e r b t t. He mun dL H l e a ou th r t o o so u bee mau s
IwoN A ,rihbme-lose wo te mil re.ased meter .n hep ar, .

SUEdlNa:e- t- he iantsi r ta'h a o et o or And he woPks alone. He makes
a ` S KO INe 3 wa a .cont" bon t me nS v edsb e vnas-n t hacar osle-rni- piWasnt yoeerty of

,e,,,--Ot i Mor_ F Old ,. _, A e ~i t..,osse.d.h r I s AND nuer ,r o o a ebar.'
IN K _i ,I_ L_" r c herg e am e ure. l .. ,n ice t.," oh to -r and Score ad Not while some big stapp
I' 3 w.e -,STa ee 7 y.sam' to __c_ "forrtohe u t tt s e of Washington. you- "the idea ta apl kid's ot"es
s a seth aeh h eto,11ae i~ he eIs e k he w a tiex whs id m e sts a o basbl
d.o .. h s a s. I _eap -ea s t .alir d onw h" t,. se e c ..p.le. ..o. o n a rls o f w isd o m .
m aLea kaSrn mp aMew aswmer eedn, oy3 foHs dnH a so welL I r old and n .be ween chews of roast beef,
d ute t tumor A" em se' PHi~ baIe nothin g lefot but wemo rots' aye
= ke,,, u't, ,it h-ve baAn..r umors o nwaiamsand. .,rgtthird ka went to the ubs a .beet for thu boy.

tolos" aeRi lw l el yue Was the fcrst scout to discover
-; 3Wih 4.O..s- day sewtung It is [httln Intod th n M, e aima oot ad h risnsw and left ahamded Fleter, thea, yucol ,hke" f" t mats ovs we
-II_ For Olde a snlgtle on a 11d.eIsi.d ne frTm an Iowa farm, the oth-.

lt1 IIR r."M b Wes t whoil c.ed, w ,u-d he fopr ttcho..rc s s he catcherlHgepi; d -

F RO R i m -. k ,. _Z. = let a e he. I s .this ln ewghli m h e n wth e e ery oa lt el w hsbodh ad- .
hi ticlearer..a, hel l etre s aonoid.i dghe .it em themother. i..
.. S bnexthe pitch wa t tor's iw b "ber e tloosened theaie treamn.d.weat-o- !-

aws1 "'He knew all the tricks," says
th i s Fr "A itdls f ow like him
paper. to o~arder to "ak the ma-
"h es

* ~ 3 -S.0

' i b o

. .. .

,_. '

K~U nWT6' ;I=

:Katine Up Th,

8 ArMti f p.

lcky Iarrs took.e h a r goe e i
MUas, fai Mar. .1, .l
ew About the Detroi p# ,
asx that he nad '.
SWaen -de sasbn- started with a
iash of excellent pitching that
saw only one relief worker requtl-
to in tue irbt 1 vicoi es, noev
er, the Old Boy Manager began
to thm : or a good season.
"The White dox are the club
we nave to Deit zor 4At place,
hsaria Mow says. You d c eon

& i.

4 'A. ~r

Baa Stailey -l4
r.1od h a &saw

eUBe ayUUing, Uo cUU o U U l U tct i or a
Cleveland ana New York nave an Thm was to 1et
cage m talent, experience anu ed about Ip a ., .
eepth." .
Harris has been around too loug LOe s' fI!1
-"ut I'm not giving a thing to On U l Uw
Chicago aee -* & ueueve 5 a
wel Bi mira." i i
' wutul u tm a big improvo TI
Memt, iur tnc BattiJng mnais, asl
jilaCey uof uakneIld d u u iU i i l NEW YOK (B(MA) 3M
t.aem, wouna up Lua= lat trip, 2s lyn's ecceni Billy Loes
i(ng.s Uab. ua. ti a LUIl.U And a strange l about Ail
tLoaey buncthc wis toe sAed Mox ing wik umpui#w. u..,
anu vbenaiu1s. Loes dispgustd-,a r a equati
iiabrls lingers over his pitchers, of ball ca.: shrtd. to Ga ie,
;ui quai uy ;euw artuou to uai ia s top Pee We ae Bese: ,.
vourite uujetL of toe moment "'The only way 1 please W
tre u, IJb, aiSiiey au:na nu Al .uy is to 11) the pitch righ t
:alfne-an y ou rapaiy gset te there and let tinllt ome rtmj
auea 6k' WWe wucau'u nlauu ja met uy Then everytbmt'f-b fine."
'Ot a protrauteu succeuzuM run. Reese sputtered M
Ii"- hI- hurler. .-
HARRIS CALLS IFNN. t h c "Trouble tIh s 00l moent auf
t abi, .et in tue A ,a r i.c an he said later. -.'-.
League, whMch maxes the asucon -
.-a .zumnus a must vaiuaoe piece 4'B0Ms' "ISLM VIDI
cL Ivory masinmutn s a aoes a
lmgay rauiiactury juo at saort- New York (tA ) I
stop. Harris was reminued toat velt Raceway, a aright
,eu Wm unasa etss, aunuj t agas track. has i Ud a close *-~
take Im pace as suca waen ne euit televisio..'l, Mp so that
resumes awmmind lumoer Aux tIe trons at the s'lt rah turn
iosox. watch the fh, which ordinl
,mant wout prevent Kuenn ; would be ef of their view
who as only M, from continumg to -
get t"e aMI uS me l1 uaun u e
Lia,' no mues. ncoto Tdoy .2s, 1
tarras says ne hasn't done a WAHOO! _-'11i5.-e
amng ior ou'lleier e aisse except
ooan~er aji couitiueuce uiu ine John odiak In
nus beauty o f a-lu.more, wno 3s IBuo *
.u oir a, uau plenty oi uaa i wnen thi" William., in -
he hopped directly from i A g a; "'SI SM AHOY"
school two ycars ago. .
*Al, Aho has everything, include
US speed ana arm, weignea onl ECanto Todoy .3
.L6 owner he batted .276 last year," "ADV. o
recollects Harrrs. ki waigns 1ts5 -
now and has the power to go with
Ht. He bit a home run to rngt -Cwpu Ohadti 3u.t' -
tentero-iel4 i. .Wasinlgles i -.-
,tputl4>tavq h aee nnpao lik "9i.toy .b.m
The oDall raveled considerably
more than 400 feet. -, ... .
"Kalme's early toot is no flash
The boy is in the high averages
to stay." 0

Fain's frnge s shot.
"I guess we wouldn't have him
it it wasn't," he says. "Fain re-
*luires a lot of rest, has to watch
With tis, Harris put J. W. Por.
ler, 22, the fabled Army returnee,
at first base.
"Maybe not right away, but
Porter will bit," he states. "And
that's alll ubba Phillips. a 25
vear-old Army returnee, has to do,


-A I'

The AUm l Bicyc

7110 BOLIVAR AVE. COLON .40-;'; -
_______________ I h i._ l. ^


~ ~

~ S..-. ~

Cr A:

A .I Wow
,e4 W 2. Z,'i ,: "
1I U l







_ I_


k, i

h 9e






eVlO W"ral

* *. 4.. -.4.


te l Dissenter' \-,
e Roberts -- DNDT4
T_ Aged 80 A4, -'-- I ^ ....
S oPHOENIXVILLE. PP., May 17 17, 1 '"
SCourt Justice Owen J. -Roberta

d today Mes his home in nearby
Wt w oVincent township.
SThe 80-year-old "great dissen
ieAd oim thie High Court ha relassa wl oher to bperter t t ruh and th cona ry I tale" Abraham Unt .

ied Dnw Communist alliance fa of tension was bchiecd in Vienna. No time ho ee. has, been sety
voting hehis time govtot civic aaffairsowers' Presit
ort as anatteortey i- I TITIETHv d PANAMA,sR. P., TUESDAY, MAY 17, ini5 '
Roberts left behind a oreputationet note propo 'r d n a t te r 'ench Premier
ai, an independen d r t or a ur r Soviet Prredit
O'e deciding volipin t- < *five- th I Io-f Iou;.IV
;dcislor s of the high tribunal
It wa Robertsr ten which killonly ased to onul ovons a
d the Agrundbtedlyculture Adjustment Ad- be held late in Jul

uem ymnt fco n tproi Neutralotizlie pW er ay n Ast oreigRetimn
iions of th. Socia Security Act .
SLbers clrged he as a confavorable." nd a prop
o hervathe, but conservatives brand VIENNA. May 17 (UP)-Soviet Western Westeroficia believe n t ~really c f anted in EastWet rela s promise pof or ave aecom-
d him a libeeral. Butboth Repub ,reign minister V. M. Moloto Rcussia wll offer to barter the etos and that a lear reaxoation iplishme.d t
ieins and Democrats praised hi served notice today that Russia new Communist alliance for a of tension was achieve d in Vienn No time i or o dibs been set
integrityy an, forthrightness. press for a n eutralze th Ger- neutralued Germany at tht forth. "I firmly bFelie e h t h Gt Iinor th t ap mn betwn
many Ad t hs summiier's Bi Four ve ming head of government C- abo uy v ui- to the Western powers tPresident i lor arblt mrisa
The all, affable jorist, who re- "summT' parley. 4rence. cohesion. MoIotov d I a p 1 a yed a Prim Miniato "Antl Ey E d en,
.qualy w'oir "loud Cbow ties, re Molotov flew back to Moscow An official Soviet note prompos eat.understanint" about the ar. FenchPre4alr Age Faure and
cntly was, a strong advocate for this morning to set the time and vg an exact time and place for rangements for a four power con- Soviet Pr.imer, NNii l A BU
unitin th fie nations of t h e place of the "summit" meeting he conference is expected within erence at the highest level and anin. DiplO ot fr
wo-rld ntob F federal union of ,ith Soviet Premier Nikolai B:F the next week or ten days. I only asked to consult his gov- ions are working g out these details.

world.ntoa Fdern Ha u ion of tSoviet APremier t t In a statement publtiedl
tlantic democracies." ganin. i Western officials said RussPl ia' erment about the date. Meantime, Chairmin Walter F.
A.....cBefoe lea ing he told newsmen zidlen agreement on an Austrian "I myself believe that this con ,. .
He was an active alwmanus of that he hoped the signing of the t.eaty is undoubtedly the f dirt ference coull be he uslale iul Meoantme Charman Walter F.
the Ua'ver3'y of Pennsylvania Austrian stale treaty, which as- step in an a'l out diplomatic of- ur oeary in Ahgust and that itsl foreign Relation Committee pin-
his alma mater. serving as dean blished Auria as Europe's new- tensive to neutralize Germany be prospects are favorable." proplabel on Rus
Qo the law school until recently' t neural, would be "the pat- fore West German rearmament lecreiary of State John Foster ia's roposlfor a reunited but
nd continuing afterwards as trust lrn for the solution of other in et underway. l Me returned to Washington yes eulrali7ed Gmany.
Ke of the university., ernatlonal problems." French Foreign Minister Antoine today from nine history-making G eorg.e'. "a.o Iteeml n's "real
noThis was regarded as a direct ihady paid in Paris today the Big nys in Europe and said the im. .urpe is to d"iih o e w e. .t
Utifi his death, he was outspok- rtIference to Germany, the main Four conference at the highest llen dig Four conference with Germany" fon't resaUig anr d ful
on n international affairs and ,.bject of &viet policy in Eu. rlvel may b held late in July or partiatholdcshopdoe snof "cointrucgtive tiling obligate as a mem.
euently accused Congress o f rope.s early i Augupst and that "i t s accomplishment." her of NATO.
tramittingnolltics to interferei i am convinced that the con- rospects are favorable." i .
with national defense. He was at. fusion of 'he (Ausrian) treat In a statement published in Dulles spoke brieflywith report U ma lI .
ctive supcrter of Universal Mu- will contribute to peace in Europe d l"Progress dt Lyon" Pinay sald:cre at the airport a ..t wento On a Kel
Stary Trans and was chairman and the world," Molotov added "The act s tatmesmthinghas dctl t e ite House to. lt r
aeowthe national security commli as make a 70-minute report to Presi Any.aonca ."
eslip our in to be oo pt se Foreis s affairs Commi tee" n
behad h xpbating socihoetyhandt S htv6 to e retb during lar. e se
id only united world could see iss uthoritatv cs ch wIn Cellar Of H o
Aure d Sn the wase otitr new 0 crd West Ger0man'pke a ra
Spevents future wars. tt ig a o-television report to the nation
U A, teAtlantic democrat t 6:0 tonight. Dulles will speak A-ANTA. May 17 UP) -Po-
Surg t h Aanic deraUn i direct from Mr. Eisenhp wer's lie ad, "no leads" today n r the

mrerstd to aFdve era Unonowf short tte Aled action int fa RuIe
*e to n a oemform en fee om Som K a pid, Diplom.atic W O in private White House office with. Flaying of a women reai estate

itih u ru norceree None o ow the Weee rndplo matd e oV hi d the Prsident acng as his an agemt Ib the ce llr of a fashion .
'o- ppe a o 'o,$he o nouncer. le bo she had planned to
nt sostf people and goods as e e ctive huers
-urest cheapest. strongest way VIENNA, May 17 (UP)-Soviet BI Four conference. Dules wai smiling and In ob "We don't know what to think"

op Com ism create pros g Minister V. M. Moloto- e Weast s areeda erman uaood h or is he returned of th case, admitted Detec
tyad cx d freedom. ",tried Yesterday to steal a diplo. tication can best be achieved fon t ria n Venna whr e e Pt I. Gw Conahw h assigned
His eventual hope was a w a march on the West by or- through free, an orvisd elect participated in- the signing ofIthe "isentire homicide squad, to the
eratina but he, sai this Was iangon&, a surprise and secrett oupled wIl faith a balanced ee Austria state treaty e ed r al o tin. e om o

itofiog ragsn I .d ta adi e A0l s O .m amenrtsho Ausptriststreaty"eekandSlaying.
Wt lIractical in present er es. meeag withfo te leaders of new- (isarnnm gr n pw. e thunde s wit France o Te h

ange. In m d xA r et e i s.iThssmo ve' t'H A Fa o ^f T O DB "W' la

T on era e PabC l a oonw inslters oft t'h aa f T o eahd helemaY 'aven bedThea
Tey marge Au thef wTEafbysteor atof mutual, grotto r furn- ow 3Bm v ada5d. We

,w p +au rman ou Western Tmoiree were no more tinl-ga th range enots. BigN Fo1urUeting with RThve a tlot of work to o do
apr" d than out of rnna when the oKrem-But -thedetal of th co alipt twe can come r to he anyconeluse .
tn 'fa chief diplomat let It slip out ntill remain to be wrd t. aibd t had bee ver Mrs. urdinetti Manley' Foxn
raigwar % at the "sightseeing" he had Much ti pert thought hitoneventful s week" during wrli 4th wasfWdr n glity. God
o stayed to do Included -A meeting go into It, authoritative sources 'much good work" rbeea" mfoett Sunday by bire a Louis
Sin u wth Austrian Chancellor Julius Md. Fox III, who had stopped by the
iders r 1 doUalo Raeb. Ausria ain the wake of itso new a e crWest Germany's en house to pick up his mother aft.
SThe. meetLg-of Molotov, Rab y.wqn eemw ting down tr nto the North Atlantic or he was to have shown t
-M fAGUA Nicaragua, May a dl th3 Chancellor's chief alte S to a study. d.-plnM ft f to ayO Theart Organzation, "good-tals brospects. The younger Fox had
lr-toda tttmtrde nvo- wasla r ged as a. social gather nc futr: Chna. d and abnot IedoPhina saket l her there eariea r in the aft-
Uao rn by Nicaranuan o ug d followed a visit to a state An Austxious del-taIon is ex -the Austrian treaty ignIng and SfOO
The s me iiherte were de- M y 10va u e the meettnl be was established that one pros
by a governmentpokes- ro or yto traslae he to a chefs-of state meeg on te customer esH. Gould.
Sey as "untrue andfan- inora n ton a e st-West tensions agone to look at ithe house o
S rlna Hon- ad ay prior knowlee of ne ailed agreement. He said the Big Four meeting but aparenty empty. Gould told
reportseI Sovieta secretly arranged plans It also will arrange e ad hi e ad
i au eral informed sources saia. Austro-usaAn trade agreement which will, I believe, hold some viftl into every room of th
taint In Nicraay rtir. Allies sources noted the Soviet ha hr house, but not to the bottom. of the
laderi of all Posicon parties natsman went out of his way, Co tiolly, basement steps, seeking the a.
a labor ulonsa ln thi coun- u ring the two-day treaty discus- onfi4d ent foly CAi Aay gcnt.
.40V c firmed the official de- os here, to demonstrate Rua. lUA tes pW Another witness reported pass-
-. using even stronger ana w hole frienasIip for the freed Aus- Ih t t'sinkS safe t Babe o the house h3 pem.and e
CHICAGOMayh u ldeath vntin n Insmmet doa tPe base woman inside. I this wornd
They interpreted Russia's moves CrICAN o We a 7-UPlans Tov Hig B byan was Mrs. Fox. twa theo-
9n Co.nservative Party lead- as Moscow's latest strategy L wallaft she mus' have been slain be
S charged Honduras was In- ave the way ior creation of a ere r Thisc sahe Wse Dionlyla nkha dar hetaeen 3 and 345.
tlbtlng "foreign invasions" to halt of neutral states between East beopee db rnks iS
'ver up internal difficulties." n.d West Europe. p id t r er it i e Slu No wpon iad
i jeanagea newspapers protest- Molotov rlost no time in setting pare itlowormred for several oen eu d
at the "crazy rumors." out here formally the Soviet aim hours bn the af With explosives BERLIN, May 17 u The el
S 1ad leading opposition r the neutralization of Germany and a blowtorch before giving Soviets agreed today to discuss dir
l4wpaper. said that whoever a2 the nex .major objective on up, hw ng the signaon the safe with the western alliesplso y outngr s he disoered e
r, f e.g lift the eest-GermaneCommu-d disaant ed herd groanes coin
I ited the "fant atic Invasion the vititand nista baby Berlin blockade. fo the nt he f e
sponsnble for the cruel death venting German uthe basement.feoorutndtro t
o.ean cota made the iet purpose plain nNoWedd, Soviet High Commissioner Gr weani fld she died t
th;ef outsta Hondura n r M e- wit forneig minister NAot hg Poan, M Puhti d o m e he rushed her to the o ity a-sd
,who lost his life as his plane a"policy'statement at the signing mM..Puto icuss yaeexorbta t Co rnc

washed and burned whenust after othe Austian experts will meet shor und a rvae mttr be theWestern-lied ambassadors- rncyci. e l
r de fretoe th c la Western observers said today -d nearby heled Fox remove his
ee tsame day, t there were yex- t R stopreent u M ait highway theolls Friday at motbe whe Mr. Fox arrived The house. Weinstein
-uts from Teguirqs lpa that y rliou si a se PARTSM A.-y held MSoviet headuat 130 In Aovie in the northwest Atlanta wee

jWOO reinforcements were sent y cnett ouerh e l.umos had ^ bar ^ headquarters. Pushkmn accepted on.a near the Bobby Jones aodfi-
my.fe border to. forea.tll a .DOS-- r'. ths prophsae. jt toree.v

-ninvasion attempt -by Nica-
4 report from San Salvadtir.
X ofta 3 lralvador. sptd the
uran radio station Suyapa
heard reoortina the first
.der clash had occurred be-
pen Honduran and Nicara.
forces. There was no con-

SCurrent Affairs
j9(EP)-John K./ Homnenger
,;back In jail today bwc
hyacinths dPt float up-
horttle saMd- Jfegger bad
double escapiat from Brow-
Co )A JaBl. He Just walked
ee .ft tan armload of
a l "d 'aet ins,. posing
when be tried toelude
's by "Im ng across a
-- klH iR^ L Ddi s mdhk-

More Migs Over Straits As Red China

Readies Air Force Opposite Formosa

TAIPFH Formosa, May 17 -- ly aftee Nationalist air patrols an.
(TUP)- eChinese Mig lighters couimred a new type Mig above
angled with. Nationalist plane the PFormosa Strait. National list
ofl the Fukien coast today for the sources said the new planes were
seconda'a trfit ay, the Natain bWIeye to be late model M-17
aliwt officials aid the Reds arn jt gufers.
getting set f"raa mi air attack FOur NatLnslwut Thud a r j 't
Fort osa tnihJ e offshore bomber reported encoun
,-a-e rofdthe newr -type MWigs
. oda7's M.'attle. was fought messXatSa Sunday.

between two Red Comamist airnd two The retu:ng Nati onawe evpilots
propeller-drii mu Nationalis t t.planes, dp.ieiW o *anew-t ssypo
A NaUomi*t fr force Co mf Natowa fict ers=m who iaadwthe
nique "Mid th htte was fought an fmt were the new l1. wch
for 11 mlato i ver Santuauov e i iuiupewmmt over the H
iJlqs north ut MitM. Ntither sid 15 wbL* &t BRds uad inuSeS.
The iocr.* Communist air d fa -hav e* Bdwo GM
activity paod .up Natiadonalt in A hI in ll
warnau .eds h.eth...e-e..h..

mt toem bv 1 a ut teaoef is&"
the MUaf lrter's T b thai

.: :. ,'.-- -

Ih .: '.' .
"-.. ... -. + ; ,^-i.,T ^ ^" .,..

' -.Si *\ : ..'^ .IK a

.s 4.i i '

S.. .I.

'- ..

BE&RCOBN FOR REBELS Vietnar .D mve cautipusly down a
COntMSud tOn of Saigon during down a cSedS
hb-.ou clean-out of rebel snipers 0 o. trolo bte

Final Drive

In Motion To

Oust Bao Dai

SAIGON, Indochina May 17 -
(UP)-American-backed premier
Ngo Dinh Diem was believed to
day'to have set in motion a final
drivt to oust Emperor Bai Dal
fiom -the government of free
oouth- Viet Nam.
Ob"-vers eaid it probably will
be on)y a few weeks until t h e
government takes the f o r m a,
steps -to strip Bao Dai his title
as chief of state.
Popular demonstrations against
Bao D.a. were reported from Tou-
rane, Hue, the seat of the impe
rtal family, and in several other
At Hue a "revolutionary com.
mitte of the people of central
Viet Nam "was set up to lead the
Republican movement in' that a-
Diem has not admitted publicly
he wants to overthrow Bai Dal,
but he is believed to favor such
a move. At prsenit- Viet-Nam is
in, an anomalous position. It is
neaiter am nmpr. nor a Repub
Bao Dal's title of .emperor is
a courtesy designation, retained
fromo the-time when he was mon
arch.. He has. no actual throne to
The Premier Sunday. dissolved
the 5,0w-man imperial -guard and
incorporative BatL Dai's personal
forces into the national army as
infantry units.
The guard. stationed at Dqlat.
sent Diem its pledge of support.
Most of the guard were members
of the Binh Xuyen forces defeat
co by Diem in Saigon's recent ci
Tii war

1955 'Generals,'

'Admirals' For Day

Announced By VFW
Winners of the 19 5 Vetefan
of Foreign Wars "Generals and
Admirals For a Day' ssay con-
test were announced yesterday
by E. J. Eglinto.,project chair-
man and member of tha VFW
National Council of Adhtinlotra-
Selected as Generals of the
Army were: Thomas 0. Abton,
son df Mrs. race Belden of al-
boa and Kathleen FIeldT
daughter of Master ergeant and
Mrs. William 0. Fields of Fort
William Weigle, son qf 1r. and
Mrs. William E. -Welge, -Jr.. of
Mariarita, and Bqtty Davis.
daughter of Mr. awd grs. Alvin
Davis of Coco Solito Wr .-nfam-
ed Fleet Admirals, white Thomas
Anmals-en of .Ao.kWz3 -
lam. X. Arnold -o O mam 'and
Emily Sik, day u clerawti or
and-MIa. V. M. 9. k-#- Alook
Air Forse Base winlse as Air
Force,b Ob nrah-.
As in previous yeari,. .'full
dAy's actlTSliea la'e bemplan-
ned Im the wlnnrt VJgri .
thee of theeeo1t oiai krued.
Forces Day celeriktSO. .'They
will pay.a call on Cnal ZOA.
Gov.. John 8 S ehold. fter
which they will be ''eonmmmonp-
ad" by Lt. Gen, W i4L.j W -
rso, Cm andd6 in Ci.f, ina-
ribbtan Onmad.
Af vt~it.s to. o the' ea no," ne
as commamderg wi W
e U of their se -ca T a

CTo Piresdde k

DvLt*Ati L


betJah -- bicycle taxi -
vehicle -asva meager form
'apllter3 as government

- Caught- oA the Wtreek t
a passenger and bha ';
of plptetlen froit ile 1r
and rebel -forcea batt.- fo
of Sailgen, ',l

(NEA T-eihoto)
C~UOT, IN THE MIDDLE An exhausted boy stretca out
on'tbe grass in front of a mnan who was wounded in ih*head
when caught in the cropsfire between gdyernment = .' 1 rebel
S troops In Saigon.

:30N B5' 7:3:.. 9:0 Pn. -

.; GUE!- .

She adored
him but
feared to
sha- eis
Mr -Wuneul>-t?'S
4 .- *A^'ifBBBBi



* 5 .. -

.%u I Lf.

.. Iwo wrmx. i

'X. A"

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