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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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A *-- -.

-For Salk Inoculations Pay Canals

I IR 'A IOMA I WAV WithLet the people k the resumption of the ountrySalk vaccine progAbram in the Canal Zone for those
gins lots olls --ieW

children who are going to the States this summer, jt was announced at Balboa Heights B.s Ls e
today that a charge will be made for these inoculations. e s Lse st
A fee of $1.50 per Inoculation has been established for children of Company-Gov-
ernment employes.
Charges for chlidre n of other U. S. Government agencies will be in accordance with o ---
traffi being established. WASHINGTON, May 16 (UP) The General par
Others eligible to participate in the Sal k vaccine program will be charged $3.50 counting Office (GAO) hase submitted to Congress twon
lan Inoculation. o new recommendations regarding the Panam6 Canal in ifo
The tariff which has been e s- were not Inoculated before *he parture that the vaccine used report on its audit of the Canal Company and Zone go'.
.a. Bl tablished for the Balk vaccine ship sailed were given to the has been double checked and ernment for the fiscal year which ended last June 30
la essl tr a t t C s O b doses is considerably under the ship's doctor and he vaccine cleared. *
aLYING Trg ER-AND-S.V1JE ENSIGN AT HER STERN and the-Stars and Striped at average cost of such inoculations was to be gdministered Sunday -, The first of them suggested that a plan be draft,
her. foremast, the Russian freighter Tagnanrog moves through Miraloies Locks in southbound In the United States, according if so desired by the parents. The vaccine is administered for liquidating the investment of the United Stat
transit.' Tie 2,000-ton vessel had picked up 30,060 sacks of sugar in Manzanillo, Cuba. .With to Balboa Heights. cTwenty-three children were only upoot request for the par-h est t ales
41 crewm board, the Taganrog was delayed in Cristobal harbor almost five days when her > A recent survey of such charg- inoculated at Gorgas Hospital ents or responsible guardians of rment, w s suggest at tht an
tolls money fied to meet her here On Saturday the Canal was notified that, tolls wer es throughout the States showed Saturday moernlng and Coco children. Prepared request forms code be amended to require that losses sustained by the
forthoming andthe Taganrog was put on the transit schedule. Yesterday afternoon ihe that the price per dose gener- Solo Hospital announced that are furnished and must be sign- Canal Company in the operation of businessactivities
cleared Balbda fot the open sea en route to Nagorka, Russia. The ship was the first 8ovets ally $4 or $5, with the price for 39 children were Inoeulated ed before inoculation. y an n
flat Vessel to transit the Canal since October 1949. the full treatment of three doses there Iriday afternoon soon For the present the Balk vac- included in the basis for determining toll t aes. '-
Sbet as low as $10 in a few lo- after aeWs was received that cine program in the Canal Zone A GAO official said the second re nation t
h lcalitles. the Parke Davis vaccine had is being restricted to those chil- COMmenaann di,
i K- M h 'The tariff established for the been cleared for use. For most dren tf U.S. citizenship who are not mean rthat GA was suggestmg at this time an ia~
Aaus an4i-pol..o Inoculations witl not of these children, It was their attending Canal Zone schools or crease in toll rates, although that might be the event i
Canal Admeasurer Ja s F. a e cr, bt daf ect the. program of free vd second Jnoculation. whose responsible parent is 2, ru ht .. t
"* i q *'1 eine for flist apd second grade In connection with the anti- U.S. Government employee and "e"'l f.
Drunke uriving Co-- ct....... -on ,N --.,o-a Im ,tar m nt te ec oad rii students, since this being eo olio inoculations, the Health who are going to the United i t pi a a r o
rl VrrlI0furnished free of Iharge byhe Bureau is sending notice to the States this summer. GO report to Come saio: the year.
National Foundation for Infan- parents of all c Idren who had The children must be from six GOA"O report to tontre pa said: the year. m i e. *'

Redmond was- found guilty in Redmond was taken to the "without suffi f."f ; inoculations for chlldrx, o of the Canal Zone code, be a- dltitnal capital contributions
CristOb erta t V C ast i Cdktoba Police Station in a pa- The Civil < the 6tatea are beingte' mended to require that losses from the Congress to finance'
week.o?. oa-- autdSmobbi trIcblg. During th ride and at directed th P 'g on regular elh tlue | l lthiI OK V sustained by the Panama Canalauthorized major plant rel--
while i: n-ot f' ,:* %e Sat:saerat.other mei- Redmond as "q wea it was announced today |riV ,t y l1 Company in the operation of ment and expansion, as provided
A. ~fn- weased by bero-t -toree observed awarded hli e at th Health Burea. Notices vu iu iy business activities be included in by section 246, title, Othe A
Cristnb ate Charles condition. neighborhood of -. r have been sent to all parents the basis for determining toll nal Zone Code, ."
Garcia He whaa asked If he wished to In November 1953, Redmond whose chldlren are leaving for **n wn vL Te* rates.h eties..n
The m 4. ear-old American ha- take a blood-alophol.test,. but sued Edwar .J. lan, run- the Statee within the next two r r Ion Ut0 "it ur.. woa. '
edl notice at p eal declted. a. to Ree "T is ree end19n s Vides that th'^n4. ,
m cSonawitt wa -he' Sarals a,'ppealark, a ff ce mp herStr d-u ny'"Zu"' .ef .etht a
tISmf das m an gdm e wer ''t ef1i d a nhntlille t eg tnhle,z- wer toda i g oe vnor will advise Mrs. the Canal aetl y, etly or on properties. d delireela
foB, ji n. ....r C anal on rrotuds that he necton with the Cal'so appeal_ 41t stand make the zecesary approved a voluntary lan de- HObby's office ,on the desired indimrectly, should be kept to
Th 'was told that on. allegedly failed 7at..7 a member of Gree7* ship Altakmon Its the in Redmond: All children who left on the of the Salk polio vaccine. tion, specifyinrig how much vac- cent and economic business United States government '
h Canal Zone Police force was course of his duties for the e suit against Doelah was Paamha lher Orltobal last Sat- The plan wopid be effective cine should go to commercial practices." the -anal Zone Government i
at Mt. Hope Railroad Station Balboa Port Captains office dismissed in US.aDistrict CO 1tt urdy were either Inocpulated b e. following completion of the ur- drug distribution channels and Of the first recommendation, being liquidated in a systemaU.I
whet he observed the defendant He appealed the case to the on grounds that the- personnel fore departure or were to receive rent pro ram of immunization how much should be distributed the report said: _manner"_ __ _
drive in a state of intoxica- Civil Sevice Commission on the director acted in his official the vaccine aboard .... ye.ter. being conducted the National to public agencies. "We recommend that the Ca- to
ti was stated that Red- grounds that Sec. 14 of the Vet- Capacity In hi correspondence day Foundation or Iantile Paraly- Mrs. Hobby and he r advisers nal Zone Code he iatoed tohe B-li
mond's Ca hit the bumper of erans Act states that a wartime with the commission. Doses for nine cidren who ass for first and second grade said "We emphasize that the incorporate a plan f.systema- B iSllI DockrsI
--chool children. safety of the vaccine must al- itc refunding to the Tipasury of
'The report. prepared by Wel- ways be the first consideration- the investment of tl~- United Chdu.Ie uurmS
i;Hnng p Vrt e Lawmnak rs Vo'e To exe l lt fare Secretary Oveta Culp Hobby distribution must be secondary States Government in te Pana- IQ ffI
IService recommended that "for "The safety of the vaccine re- "Under present legislation, the E
P I A the time being" the vaccine leased for use will continue to board of directors of the corn- i I
OIICe r Owers 10o Im ose A s iT W should be administered only to be the responsibility of the Pub- lany is required to appease, at
S, children of the most susceptible lic Health Service...and is re- Jast annually, its necessary LONON May 18 (
SINGAPORE, May 16 (UP)-The' nd police and blamed the Peo- nations Among tlU e affected years old. attention of p, five thrgh ntheth Public Health together with reasonle fore-es, bndgtsO kers in lwn ias
legislah ve assembly voted today yie's Action Party and t h c i r Ly the strikes were.he Singapre Once the Federal voluntary service seeable requirements for author- idyest o d on leaders up so
Sto reimpose emergency regulations Commnmist supporters for create Harbor Board t h W Alexandria M into fet, Mrs. zed plant e emet a x ly oehnd aion leaders in e
giving i, oce powers to impose a ing unrest. Lrisk worksthe N g Rubbber Hobbs gde stinta edThere willebe a shortage ofTpansion, ant pay' a in t e or asthe cr irueeall on ,-

sure as a vite of confidence, ign of bloody terror. An announce ny ene outpa of the f aicth e h hths, Mrs. Hobby said as mount of fund in excess there-
Sent was made Saturday night e-- on th e basesof the five through her plan was aMnounced at the of. ore than 4000 members of the
The vote was 27 to 0 with three of an agreement between the three N i.latlon in each state. White House. "The company haa retained National Amalgamated Stevedores
stenons, all by members of parties involved in the transport N Y These federal funds would be She said only a voluntary plan large amounts of cast on hand and Dockers union (NASD) in
the People's Action Party which workers trike used to pay the cost of vaccine o priorities and distribution to finance long-term construc- iverpocl and Manchester voted
was accused during the debate of .for children through the age of d be mobilized "fast enough" tion projects and for eontingen- last night to support the unon
inciting engineering and industrial British and Gurkha troops who She Rkr Ae? o19 iln low income families, to be effective during this tem- cles. I waders' call for a strike to pro
strikes and violence as a test of were rushed here from Johore tarThis money either would be porary period of shortage. "The only capital returned to test employers refusal to over-
the party's strength i its efforts Friday morning- returned to COVINTRY, aild, May 16 given to the states or used for "The, program meets the the Treasury by the company. ul the negotiating channels used
to overthrow the government, their stations on the Malayan (UP) Ladyo will rde Federal purchase of vaccine to ,Presidents objection of getting since the reorganization in m wage disputes.
h. A. C. Goode; Chief tecre- mainland today. But some a units nude through the eS t of C be sent to the states for the low 'all safe vaccine to American 1951 was $10,000,000 In Nov. T
Ary of the Sdgapore government, of the llth Hussars remained be entry again if a I movie income amlies, children as rapidly as possible 1954. Te NASD issued th strike c
opened the day r with a deman d ad took part in a miiary house can find aeeenced Medical organizations were and assures that no child will "This return of capital re-or its 8000 memberss for May ,
ulaton to prevent further mob An army announcement said horsewoman who lng to asked to ee to it that doctors be denied vaccination because suited primarily from action ta- re days before the national
iolece and said the government the exercise waas held "in the shed her clothes. vaccine only children within of inability to pay," she said. ken by the Bureau of the Budg- .
p eL(NEA, Telephoto) "ooodthe piotity age groups. The White House said that as

Y R Ee o regard the vote as a vote of nor c .e f s The ride he pied for next th ileds for mainten- a result of th e ort, plans are "Because of the relutance of TheABS otrols a r
29, Unted Press Goode odned the events that to give the troops a dress rehear. Saturday i in c emotion with ance of vaccination records were being made to ask Congress for the board of directors to cover walkout sd si but
ma er ~r o ituteast Asia, led to the Lloody riot of Thurs- sal for any real sho* that may the opening of sL)noyle about outlined as part of the effort to an additional $2,000,000 for the into the Treasury cash in excess ere vTtal expcould s .d lmps
d as a result of beating aay which took the life of United come in the future. Lady Godiva. assure adherence to the priority Health, Education and Welfare of immediate needs, we believe rolonged. ould alo t I
by Chinese students ress correspondent Gene Sy- Sympathy strikes have been ca ll plan. Department to conduct the vac- that a Specific plan for reducing loecti oncam.n amit o
a trltkers who have terror- moonds. ed off by union leaders. But there The original OOdtva rode Under the plan approved by cine program, particularly for the government's I9vesment ete ompign am n o
izeFngapore for two days He baid there had been deli- nere sill serious walkouts, any through the citg streets in the President, etch state, "vigorous enforcement" of laws should be provided In the law.
a Communlst-inspired berate and successful attempts to one of which may spark off an 1040 to convince 1er husband to through its governor, will dl- prohibiting sales of the vaccine "The plan should require the NASD officials a *&t ed
asportation strike. ignite clashes between strikersther round of terrorizing demons, lit taxes he imposed on the reet e distribution of the outside authoried channels of refundment annually of an a- Bs,000 aontdn loe ter owo
townspeople. vaccine within the state. prescription drugs. mount at least equal to the de- long to the giantTransport

.The theater's adv tisement General Workers Uon WOu j
yesterday said: horse, Tnem in the strike t no
pink igh andJl'ofl blnde Tit WU delegates said the Lmadea..
pink tights and I blonde members wanted no part of the
wig-if anede 4 ~- -provid- walkout
ed." I
The TWGU executive .,r i
hnas condemned the threatnd ls U
Ore Ship ched,
ContinueS age The sstrkea st
retest m a series of pre-electiom
The Libe Galloway labor disputes plaguing Brital
which was last week a nd the Conservativ goverateq.
during notransit has The last noldouts among 50,00.
been repaired tobal suf- Yorkshre oalminers who e tru
ficiently to co her voyage two weeks ago were expeed to
to Philadel return to the pits today. Nearly
She sailed day with a 55,000 went bak to work Sate
large tem tch welded a
onto her ulL
Investigation ttnue to as- Teenager Drive
certain the ca of asect-
dent to the way which Adrive is now o toeoo
carried a Iron ore. 3000 throah pbile sbsr
tons to send thCna ea
Willord & were agents Teenagers bas lab to h
for the ship. VFW touuament Ia 3'
Pa. Progress of the drive
BA be reported here daily. -
(NEA Radio Telephoto) TUIEW MAY 17 (1A Radio 'tlephotoI Q eoelve. '.[ada36
POLICE BATTLE MOBS AT SINGAPORE Police strive to hold a fierce crowd in check as HIGH LOW MA&GARET DOES FOLK DANCE Britain's Princess Margaret (left), uest of honor at a folkl ed s?
strike riots believed to have been organized by the Communists rage at Singapore. Three per- 11:27 e.m. 5:19 a.m. dance festival at London, dances with Peter Kennedy, son of the direct q _.the English Folk Need. .5*
sons-w killed and 12 were injured. .......... 6:00 p.m. mg n Dance society, wh o was her esort for most of the evening.

I -

- U -

-* MARMODO ARIAas, galf A---A-"6 *o-y -
Bi TELEPHONE 2--0740 (IH LhlNls
349 MADISON AVg. NEW. YoRK. (17 I Y.
--rOG LH -o 11IAi At ^M

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THE MAIL : 0" -,
CHURCH AND STATE May If Last week, we noted
that the electronics industry is oneb
of the fastyet glowing in the U. 8.
Starting practically from scratch
Ti Article may be violently rejected by "eminent and cap- in word WIaI1, Jhe industry sip
4 W! persons" rut I shall not be impressed i any rejeetion which pd close to P billion worth oftheof
06 not seem to be based on factual or rational gr unda. eods in 154 and may well
When Paul said In his letter to the Thespalonlais (Thess., ble that figure by 964. lo
V' 121). "Prove all things and hold fast to that which b good," he Television, of course, is tthe apra mthoKe
ded reason in the forming of this statement. However, his dominant non military product. ,W"rman oh
environment, i.e. schooling in Greek mythology and beliefs, caus- There are some 34 million sets
d feeling; to over-rule reason. being watched on an average of e has
, el to ove 4 hours a day in 70 per cent t
SFirst John, 4:1, "Beloved, believe not every p, but try the of alU. home. Color eleislneotd
spirits whether they are of God; becwtae many false prbapheat and othir technical advances k ru
are gone out into thd world." promise a conti ued high rate ofl.r aS chrc Je
Again, the author of 1 John allowed reason to be over-ruled pisetity on t is field.
by feeling he forgot to include himself as a false prophet. n t tone
Paul of Tarsus used the same methods, i.e., the interim mili gApart fro5 im the entertainment lT la ot
of mythology into a system of ethics. Some writers; appr eity field, television is being used c9r. whch'. .mw .
believe that the government of the United States ah e be h etrialy in various ways. er- d
are connected. That Is, the strong rock which our fouAnd tain compames, for example, haveT W. o laindat
aEd our way of life has been built. t level executives, separated iega t e ev 'Tt aol t a
I wish to point out the views of seVeral Founding-fll &of rl o e m thd of or the atne enual, bottle, B et a im ao e
-hUnited States of America. George Washingtionit the i e 177 toeldconfee on rclosedt t n to wi thte stimoan a. n el oton rl
-1i aIn cany sense founded upon the Christian religion." b u i an osr threa o a reinot intaar on ha pu

-wT it T v ot-t cult oee3in tfhe boathes nnwherp nficdme.nt.
lomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Benjamin Franklinrred ern rev a n akiol inforarepto tto h
dere and cl d not believe In the Nilene Creed of 325, AD which wealth el son for o d i stces deo t *' ta o.
In Pe bes efa of the Christian church makes them godless., an IBM o eler ital atiom "I was not satisfied with the nter preati in of then.addea q
SAb Lincoln belonged to no church due tor the "ator- cdkyhos se "- a ttfo0e "Ids tvny orf ne d witha thersnu
y"W. creeds and dogmas set forth by sl4,rel 1iu. clerks at an en sales n s i a ..Iobt aieret n of-r mr etao a Lnd wnhe at t
Im ec Several compr be, among a. r q hou e b t och, oot w h tas ote 6an"th ra fmtnrr go a
ShmuA emind you that It was Theocratic Chiatlanitn and eylvania Elefoc, are on ue teo wth te onclusone, not ueanni wou t teon r
e nis T that burned, tortured,e mprisonedn M leasl- hea ea"data processing centers. aNr sn.. tni between aten satiate ast fC
fB lar WOUWno women, children and men merely or th t be- Prodruction and other statistics a aI c ._ .h aro e reauied pr o f oatasnor th at nte an heo a y t"lo
mafrom area offices flow t o the then. d a o charrom ge required proof ae cif emin al I ae n thee p at the
artet of the m odern day tyrants: H itler, M ussolini, ter whro they are rapidly reeo rd. 1 tJ The n w -henadean coar _een_ oh e r Yo oto .o de a efu f ee .h e n l t d
il.hAdhChristian and not Godless backgrounds, per- ad and processed thelyprbvo loos o T e w
canoanswer some of your whorlds'c msery. set eogn i tg cooigt or to d d etl on't te e To egi is a re d e nighdat oeri. the blr an saMdofethr t 1o

I BJIW'lA*^-// Do ^" In~ order jeto o-I t fh able dependeot o besushsfud We hve tiedn s the typestihdaont ofher theaed togehe." .tat of.ore thc
rff rvead of mob violence which r ani ted in w .istical at& fb toenW iel' dee l. tvlc re o .
e1iatai (e.g., Nevada. New York, Calif., ett.chhorseh a nd ao chr a e oo
ofa e ala d rinye pU trel." alI Itt t m and second y, certain convratin bl t e a t i
40 eYo uttng are allowed and often tIike pl n.Sun- l R A o .e I 1 R I individual b n advertor aeda .
Sca n explain to me the difference,"betweep gme s) are enjoa y ir m ahe cae was that thoe Kana City Stae which dominant
o'o h atimday or Tuesday which seems to'disturb some creasing vogue. Many of you Iprob. SyM' *A"T h e goarasty m tetharefuk e t ouhn D rat
S \bly saw Remingto Rand's Unl- advertise in sCnl kly papers, I church newspapers, a
1 lk, I anh't see the difference between the race track or t pg anra area dtdict an Eisn n bat n Fnh a thent sm e mdiu iwith a,

sn. sott thedac T enltM o fl o it rowIs and bnes clr eoe the y adeh. T F nho an a ld.Ite..t h ay a tn Btarnee eom l b .. ,
blessed by ofcatg reus authorities on t onlthe most fra mentary re law tur nly wiaotvS watlrsT I loon hlar.he to want to searn about hre a and Bae ded howeverde that there was not asffiien
-In.etortmade. eoahgean (oar he0 donse evhon man ays tay t 0 bourhtayb. ey difficult experience evdn based on thera manatof the ar y

7. therK hae ben deeden on l moment tos suked m Watd dr. t^"if"l We hav Asie the SOer.coarit r ot freedh
(ot ,see w here anyoreligious cult has anything, to do1 a t e tat a o g fogh th e ape dd a brohioen a i th r e n c h o fro mt r w cih as g ap rm aalws c on v ct i on
e Amen Way of Life (what ever that is).I by foreiat, which ultimatlyprovedI an never remember and c others just Aelly-up and quit trout or a pheasant can learn howa ei e ato e nris t e

hnd o'f ,ando these ethics mmeayo mee up)re jwt jusn en oa the e t the n b o
ay be accomplished without et re rc o He says he has the same trouble o l an n th e nr re eentat e

The elero brainsaremoral. Talk about er n with the artificially reared peas,0 ,an bir bib n whacd anthSine sa eartlsng ma ngi
o !t I' bt dSoo a vaiu Iogot one oIn trout and which he is o s re ais own and reared the hard way, ato e eA an th t
liru a m l"sin" Hoard defense industries. hase aats lease toe s. A&li n thin raw.d- ofs learns the value of protective rejr. Youdbeorsey ma de the n tocdis s as Congr -
hWhis tilloris Dra eslie den toerlanpse Pa o lt88,chn oout B0. htat ad heFrtc"hndthy onttee ad

Sg uidedrmic gded manufacturing, T re was a pi ce p.a while.e b' h uter whowalloprrt and protective colors ion antRooney.
| + un frabmco at + o enkow normally mig ra y t heor _ia 4an. 2a rc. en w reyse e rcesAwndh e t thee n f t_ h de

b of, Ct whe ol e e eathe n t ea i D- "' He h .
ima ingnoawlitknisgaingat Sos so.welltheirpamered sEo Ra ccuston to handouts t h ita t dleons arouendo him. We hlve been the attorney general," no iledl
e of..e chrvopingin time !abuWtr, l dtr don't know a, hawk ftw rom a tryinat oeae l uri0 thei sas a th ,ta t~aore baoetl0 te,
." : announementato s ./oud e 4ucnred ckleraae to h rt hda. Mor.. r, aur Aheso doEnC -s- the.Nde na rid, hs It.o h freed acase allegiians of the B shin 8
nd-m-onw beverl aeNprese giorate. but Just sat othe on th inresas y nea oa fue ea trl Haor tmme, o peh tending ofbin tisetis ta roadnibe cl th Fraew.

exr ni~ng itiii, atr. a the howiadNownh erymwtrsatotiwonto to heher somE eowhanose .a iCon rdReisaure wha ,moe' at+th Wd's" onf 'f.b
a maieat cS multiple nag cyls Tem o m fromd a weor tos aok from fire .oe si, sand ha'ly often lArias elybefore thue criminal caV-Q s da1
______.i digit^sho Dy -Tdi n sid t c whlere9w Netg beY or l c... .State cn Tey don't Teven ow where to nawre "I- w atangedt lobbler ne Ir d in the o ryr..stu.-
41=A,5a d vasa ast moeasnp he, onnd Wt ;.ho look for food and water. The ahy're tton iw y "ous "to e e"e ahe ol e

rI'm taking a bo4 e olo rStanuteslt fo:--r a h human. got to start a program to n 6eA to dum they don't event ineowTl oe o is t at deal to bee enot ast oe e Sute He waasan h danh toerttha
uP.. tr.i..tdc. I net thdenrrdh hate a bdle tu o bout b u bh was lm ade to hide and against there subsidization of any ower di ne tor l there sA t boe i.
Cont enS plt stsh h O S uggestthe-anoUltfreised bt t long en o wh theesewre d oodge abroa, like sar y ulith eperi eenes wihYaodr eplied a rmt
u gort gowth posib te so ac nd ee in a i OMr. Wedtb lre iet n mal t. fomsataen anow r Nal liferbe, i lt B
hiel.,ol et wee.kseIs =t a Rur n rl haveec is ate ppropriatto dona e lay. l a
tuade i eonr', aitho s aer n- To I o-eau tsih ad terel the o pheasant t oe for instanceop. re supposedrhrtomV oovr, -I

e*t e ieal o Dn ulgeneies of modern 3 living and g hate re aif they won't ftlyi south n~l l

Sss* o.. .. .......t tioa An t e e ia tbl oron mda and t r Eonho. dlgtr is A y er ot ands it ro-s p ie i fo flh h gr lwoh oethte t s o w hA
iIaJuVrI al nino e ol, hathery waters that wants to hire some exchange or Io is ucoop A todm. rennde r rubli r orfl hit haIia
o *T.e-ol- F or just-ot some 0ilonlCollwrs andmn autor-awheerm Eas lospeakfromthr e, pwidse o r ot gendmof the rnsthtution wo uld bje hovrdo
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Aontdlbltlonl?" p, hip abnormally p p service to a m d- an bte cmputed as a cost ore le nwors if with next fivpheasant or s andat toldvacqa, referring
.Ior muu. U a stances, totthat w r hen the of $500000 mllionbees befor more they are a fish cr an ally. ntepe bttho, adatver ttooSarkma of AabAl
i e wou released Into natural ator th e t loose on their own. the an estit ee l, nk b o w c
-,ew or rl dy isn't enough oxygenes forathem. t -dn 'rA eirevir s gbyoiendg to i egt. is painfully acquired "Tlheu tal dear ment cfa wost beid torn I

I I..T_ Mayr16d l_ b t .hawiver Buteen hd e dpe one at a ed that REA be converted into a eng boy ised only after bfItr nydet e r oriutngn got her crn
tfe CiT.tMy 16s ( )- Tu eI- var Are state long enough they same dodge abroad, like say ith experiet ces e _. "Ye slt e e r ar e b te c an' ev asiong lady
Isands of Cae olhcs waere* shocked -......Senatorelouns flie l.. .d war dldn'tkm n w, bt. wnraos woo Inf sewtt

ere yesterday with a report of. Sa toar.... se kiaw pa tiingo. A noi- w erno o role of chiem u

e "de w t aatitotiav uts of REA. This ry congressman nbows, the REAote b.ines como. s Req be boto better with qical
B ishop John A. tDnnovan of the uoItAr o esrowny. yrwets tht5s
!Detroit diocese said a "psycho. h. toIm I" tfraVea nton" .t ousnsdphoowtat state .
,'athc e rsonalitt",calledsahum.ByPeterEdsoned per whihiae ntto Piureslandgtheoec
troit area early this hmornngwith _omFerID' scooRTep ia n oI
three .of.he the ,a 0 leetlowlcation Adm inistrations:l on dollars a year and it'swgrow : nuyR rUral area. d an1 1in 8 s 8. Ru in, 3 O-yoar;Oled a s n rn e general of,
announffe nt to shocked congre. ctebrates iotys uhbirthdayer M[e. O natura sis Also, NRECA -w thew RNational rida, has freedom-loving citizens otheSunshine Slne
ai a Ialtunder anoth prSo-Bthef'lEAohasnlost or madepwhose gencatl manager il ox-C riat tle y unRubtin ta dd1wabke h Floida's
p e rsw e l, ar e.o mqney o s broken even. grossman Clyde Ellis of Ark sas, C rth .
r of bsn.Thisenot'come from do..issone of ths strongest lobbies in Introducedtn the Flordas frep
55 anflo the i er of ancf fh uTere in st REA tdsinge or hnd 0ayeedrs, o REA has lent close Washintoqn Rtbinat bill would o authorize e probeo alged ",l41
"I'mtakingupaebonscotlectionf'tmiionChan otftr- r bisin dors eto ar Ellis recently wrote aIor cutgres gtsubversiVe actl es to be conduct bya astan toth n
I'm up aconte'b,,iono cew e- ,h.taving 'don: the jobmit was sup- 1100 c r tomers. A thousand of men to charge that the Hoover e toby general" using the samega
port aboutstheada"th ... sip posed tn Since private power these are co0opse 75 are public port "rteks with falsehoods and thebil wouldptT these eWk lqu I. .
h wt o b a' t ompn.were dragging theirrower.distributrs and 25 are p oi- misstatements and power company l.e ha atf,
wforu l sevreleral eday fEAt ote ran rural' electufcation-, this vato power companies. p oa gan es ays t he Hoov. not of a law-;making bd bt ea lwen fon g body; so th,
r'Puated the r.f.rmaton given. abytent Ol f all U.8. farms are fav ye Prste ntwoerentla d that Congress deny further Untilitsinntirocduction tn the ida lgtre u
-t nave h yl'che8 first SO that -l .doiau-- pdler cent of this year. ts o funds- to the Hoover. commission bi n kepth Ns bill secret by the l r dv o fe h avl~gie, ,

gsationally low pri kmm ality cultured 'WIWI!
pearls with gold mounting.? 'them a wardrobal
iThey are wonderful graduation gifts!


A .++ W = +" +. "+ i + .. +: I +: 4

i ,- -.... -....- =
4 i B 't

- ~'* *.
- ~' .4

A '. -

7. -



. ..

. .. r, '- ,. .-

r^ ,*.f ..,K Ir.ry' J^ ^ t .. ,-f .-

LUq~-J -^M.M arm. .. .'.f...S.L

SUS -0i



*det "in today a ud. Re e ,

,,,t .% u catse *ydoto Weo00
ub a rt, and' a diamond.
Wicas, oweer the hand cas
be made. dI
Itwa,ld be ea. to ;e*
defgalf latoay 3a7Ra
pla Wol aus o o oe o
clu 'K, 4 hd tan aO6Bad.
ithT *ae hwv J hehndcn
bQe7 mae.

8 a.m.

2 p.m

" u WIDOW" atafring James Stewart I tense journey Into 'human passion., Alfred
and Ively Orace Kelly (winner of Oscar for Hitchcock's "Rear Window" l, a f .n you wll
her performance in "Country Girl"i andI never forget 'as an exciting thriller full of
nmll--l5.. e.t. 111.,unlOa In lth I luiaensea AdvL

When the- hand was actually ,-L5M ZHUrW a Apcia*.i v
played. West opened the kIng of .
hearts and rentinued with the ace
of, hrts at the second triek. Lee
llai, wel. known. New Yort .
expert, ruffed the second irl V Kf
drev rampb with. the king TanV RI III TV OI
ace, vad led a low club. from the, e
ndumly. WhaEast followed .uit s C. | r .
wi jeack. HazenD pla wS a dFortune
ma tea of vapning the tr-
West tQought the matter over for -
a few moments. If he al*ohed -East OLLYWOOD May 16 (UP) -
to hold the trick. East would hve it i rue the meek herit-
to lead. a diamond away froittheing te earta, a large snare of it i
king. South. would Pla.y. low not lt go t. o nest 'arrez, timkl lit-1
Ar.g w19 bad. the king R fa ir-ln-la o TV's Mr. Peep.
aipnda* for qven If West hadl e
k ing, dearfi could eventually et Lr,
,a3k to dummy to discard a Truck say. it already pays tob
n the queen of diamonds, be meek-at least he's managed
we.. h .o ertook the,, to amass a smau fortune oy pLY,'
West therejore overtook the jack .,, 1 Casper Mi- uetons
r' clubs with his queen He as.he r M- 'ife, Sylvia
ouldn" afford to lea a d secObd[ lIsle. cened in the Brown Der- i
c'ub, ft-r th. n South wouldget aby As they weighed the advantage
free fL'ese. Instead, West ft us of t.andity. .rs. i ruex, a love-
-- a. low diamond in te. hope sy, pixie-iy actress, plays h a s
that his partner had K 5-10 or tat' vte on-tbePeepers shows.
cet-arer would make a mistake. .. rnest may .be-a lamb on the
The dismapd return was screen, .she ia. --ut he a alion
r. )len to lazen.- He played low om. has authority and
irom *'e dummy and captured qt msJHvto m use. L"'
..:st s jacb wih tmhe me,.-Deel-amr 0 -Aer .rtorU uex sad
Lien returned the 10 ot 1' *. .....m r ..".. Z'. e
t,. force out hthe'd. M tlhetad oil 't.j ''-m-'o.. ovies and
vis eas -'tf0t 4 41g"um wi n.. av, as moie a-
Sruinu in order* to:.i mrd y a eaa, l ial B number oi
club on the qiueen4 or m aoa.ims ana Q pruouclios.. uurlng
,, 1 .. I thaLtife Il610 st always play-
6 .m -. "s shrip r.
Mg! woman.
Tn t PIfl "Ir euiss I g sot started In those
Si V ara oecause, ux my sM no e
aie. -"'iP0only five-loot two.'
3 ir a h s i'm tner oman ne so, Mrs.
ny Vt IW= .rue ',r pipeda "I'm five loot, two
St anD a t4 ,.
MADISON, Wis., May 16 (UP)- "You are not," Ernest bristled.
Three. University of Wisconsin re- Not m. our a ackmg leet, you ve
istarellpla said today thev have' t.",'
been. able to extract a substance ..Anywa," she sniffed "I'm not'
from cigarelte tar-which produce bi. ebnu t i aemi'-ate him."
eh tumors on plants. Are.i-x grmneu, ouncaeeams mus-
The three researchers poted Lache elegantly and went on.
rut they were studying ony the, .." pL bOy parts ur 14 yearbi
effect of-the-tar factor .on plant ---ea. t 1had a wife a nd
lie r bma h W ere not prtSared to e-- 'il aseao one prouue--
say wat 'ufct It -'. the u. lr to e.tmeplay a mans pan
stance might have on- cigarette tr to me l ayw a mas ipa.
smeol iea .R. R. _-Ii And lyu.worn one ever since.
Ope of .them. R .L Ron ."fly urst part was a nen-pecked
said thpre were no Imov "a-ni4husband and I've been doing that,
.mlioaions'in evolved' in the ^ve mnee too. it was ate oegm-
finiags. Robert said-ji-s 'only a sinagof the end. "
matter of "academic interest "' ths ruez's. first visit tol
that tp tar produces this tumor llywood in seven years. They
sifeet or plants and there is Uano live i ll i sve,, Lyar. sl0dy,
kuawn ,elation between this ef- alo g the greatt South Bay shore.
f at 'and the tar extract action on heir favorite recreation is sailinmg
animal tissues. double-ender whale boat.
Tile etfeet of the cigarette tar
,was tfund by Roberts, B. Esther t,rs and need not be harmful..
Siruckioeyer a d Sidney 0. Fogel- Roberts said.
herg of the university's Depart- The r1seti hers said the chemi-,
maet of Horticulture. ca, makeup of the tar factor has
They fou1ni that a olress rys-' not beew learned yet. They found,
tallmn substance extracted' from the tar factor while experimenting
toe r.wil producet "caUu"'. or with a plant hormone, or an anti
s lmd Vant- tumors ie it is ,nxin. irst reported -bv Roberts
I aedd ean le t plants. 1mi& r tu ,gd Strtckmeyer in 1963, was ef-
ir'or -or amooma tissmbe cn be t tive taimst plat t tumors caus-
ere q y a number of hner fac ed by cigantet tar.

e AmIsses
For Actor

"He's not the same man when
he gets on that boat," Mrs. Truex
'did ruefully. "He's captain and
I'm 'crew. And there's nothing
bz'ow-beaten about him then. He
gives the orders 'and I jump."
Truex said he plays little guys
by thinkingg big. I play 'em like
a lion, but I look like a mouse.
My characters are manly little
guys, not Sissies They're minia-
ture Napoleans-and that makes
'm funny."
Ernes' and his wife are here to
co-star Thursday in NBC TV's
Vtdeo theater version o'f "Make
Room for Tomorrow."
"He plays another meek iart,'

'. Mrs..Truex said. "B y0a
to -now when he rears a S'.romai
nouae I Just say, 'Yea, dear." l
0"That'st ure." Ernet adtted,
'but then she sheds, 4. tMat or-
two and I'm dead. IlfLt just as
neek as anv of the men
ever played."

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Great White Ret
f Ne 0 as Service &r

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CRISTOBAL:, 2"31 2135 PANAMA: 2-0556 0557
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B>30131>3>-33r3'31> >r3>3og



to I
CAREFULI -Patricia ColtriH
Sadds her bit to a fancy stack of
',English pennies at a tavern in
S.London, England. Carefully
balanced on the rim of a glass
on the bar, the pennies are be-
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first time on any

- PACE 61

when you're 2% inches from
keeps showing you how mu
R the end. Come in add try it
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nounced wday. *
aray and Sunday W co -
-%uonf moioing, after : o ,'and
.5ng jesiuns or )Aibs ,- u.
:4 usi..mons and oe0a0 tipaL ,
.WmihI are open to the public win-
it.. charge
A 'aimiar (onventiin was held
the', *usme place aoout asb Months
*W~ach ueariy a tAuSfao Je-
Evaif witnesses attended. It ,
.@t tn.t 4 greater u;pMar
,I a 'ol ,Id 'is.0U.o-,'
.d. Luling of the oelety's'head-
q.. L.... I Will be the
Matured speaker of the eveMt. He
will appear on the program all
three nays and will deliver the
main public address at 7:30 p.m.
,unday. May 22. His subject is
"Why a New World is Possible."
Delegates from all parts of the
,republic wili attend.

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E Ponah" LOOK LhAI A 111
OM. AND 1'v% a4r A ^lM-Y

, JA -A _






~Z I

.. -. .
, .. .. ,

* qi

.- '

ir ~i.



- :-.




"' *

^ 44



Modem Idea

^ K^/ACA'

. '; s..,




'~ ~*b.



Splling It

0 TyN g MdOlpf
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I "

i.*.' -" A

4 -


slftip, i- ivweifiie iiiiief v ~ ^

*VW *W \O
0009 \%TO COU -OO N 1.


NOW 4 g o T ElWCr ONT 9 *0,54Ium?6
y Sh& Lk?


MN .. A
* *' -: '

i i' .-.<




le v
ea. a a t


. -, N .

tr ae rr.

i1.T. .,.

mI -l .- '.
D!iTffhe le SiXits*

liai D.Dlisa, "Ca Zone. The
.iwedng wfil tae plac, 1b Jly.
IW &. "-M "

y ikritr Gseters were di
.JDtea.r and Mcs. J M.
I Bm. .
It wa annoounced that
Jeeo "-eaudry. illustrator, of.
P lia Tr" will be' It.A,
cr at -the luncheon on -Tuos
Farewell was s a d t
Wayne DeVore, preside
dmeatwl i left Fridayw#Wt
Iv f the States. The ggvd

e. W

S tiM ne 1iIprk Mrw. ?eda A. "BeeIMk gSave'; n~# over to Vice P-euifdnt
L.L fr I o a Coft f her ,iMter, .F J. Garrity who. will .re.
aas May i0h. Mlt .NlnA de Munoz V Pna- until the election Is eld ext
ma. One, pothu1i4 tJoslobertonth.
(&mt Atlau y*sdn'jt lp ie t B the -
iAses" grandson of Mrs. Hono C. de Newcomers Introduced" Wire,
.. lmokt ,a0d the late Mr. SalVddor1 ..1 W F. Grant, aqd Mir. C. L.
Iwth her isteru adbroth Muos. AtmAeo Ne v members attendin,
i is Mrs. Carmen A. Mrs. C. S Brown, Mrs a. J.
Ather of President of Ptna yO.': dinfe A e M is, Mral R A. Jantr .Mrs, M
ru4ei.nguisMliaMoth Jonhon Ma. D. D. MeGreer,
-do .t_ Uet i' C1s Mirei Mu- s a. D. Neyes, Mrs. J. C. Mac-
n, Bettey de Di, aCerih la, Elk oy, and Mrs A. W. Sherman,
SF rope de Metter, Aelda Hicks a Guests were Mrs G. L. Joh1nson,
Mtes Aria siope A. dea Jea, Chi Kirk Th a guest 01 Mrs. M. J. McBweeney
aiN Fort At se o vA." do' I.j l"%.-g.1g*E Mrs. Wood, guestbOf Mrs.
RicarO Ariar, ,let 1 with her IF. 0le .1uasel, Xela do s nd Mrs. Wood, gu o .Mrs
$o&t 'rs-. A a Teresa Arias toW Marart M. de Tbomrs, N I
rd-~a adr. She bas rpcena as Lisa Dis GranMudos,
secretary of the Mrgapit Cha ot. de
There. Ruz Nec Baby
-- N. t Tie, b. S Ec

Ua VMgt& r let tds b .
l ane for an extensive ,ur rw w s DIse06 1
0. ... '-. r, Sub SeeCIlN" ld bMtediIq
Sfarleea ch Ega t ameot of Com- wria to rdefo
Ma IanteTa. Coroe together e eg ay
Mr. F. *Ger with Mr. A Di Scala,Assit h ~ he xrs.
spach, ly ox fl rIlge, Ore ayt Manaer tof e Hotel El Pa Rnam t heak sedby te.
on an d now resuidin in New Cris- oama, aeeonacc yBi a group of the 'us,
ebal~ ebi 0t Panama, an. cleated t e Am Soeciety E e C
noune le eanganent of their of Travel Agents nation th Circe theevening
daunher. MarTI, to Mr. Marvin sd aday th ramt l n. th Cire theBalboa eveUniong Cr
L. B"wB, of the late Mr. and Trs. Vera E the ess n- ofl meet Bat 7:30 plboa Union CMeOnch,
a. Aw BrWn .of H o n.e y tain' theA -up at. ocktails. dfy, Mayth 16th at the home o
Gleve, Texau Mr. Brown is in the aud a typical Panamanlan lunch- ;d Alexander Shaw. 76 Taver-
U. S. Army stationed at Fort Wil- eaon.; r lla street. Mrs. Marion Lucas
ill be co-hotess. r
i '. Mrs. Clyde Flowers will give the

All-Time: Volume t 0oo0s
-** ~ ~ ~ *V. I ,

P T Q!. .Wilma Milles Navy Club
S ,- -.-o The e r business meeting
"' \ '--" "S^ i .con d elect l tef-0roffors, will be
N 16 (UP) a o of home con. held topi at 7:30 .m. of the
ais WWIoutS an l cfly responsible wi les avy lives' Club,
ot Of an 6. -r *osy prodtw at. 1W s 15tit
i ce Do. annI The firss i dtortfend.
iti .atwasa, dollars bl 'W -
PMt *.n a.h 2e lab! quarter of Carr-bea- Slmp Club
a .M*nam] rate of 8M. an4 % gallon higher than' in The next regular meeting of the
m Bllrs, due chiefly to th fir.t quarters of last (.aribbean S amp Club will be
i ia auto purchases and year. Leld at the Tivoli Hotel on Tues
bdng. TNis co mp a re d uAy May 17 at 7:30 p.m.
previous record rate of While auto buying was at rec- --
n set in the second quart- ord levels, new cars in dealers Atlantic Camera Club
43. binds *I' row during January,j Atlat'c Camera Club will mieet
ros national product" Februaryc. h. is insre Monay" May. th.: Where? bl uh
of total goods and serve. ase wa,.. g lin factor in a Rooms' Mt. Hope. T'i? 7:..
b"sce4.' It reflects such ':mall" i business invento- ;,. Wij t? tovie Division Night.
personal income, d i vi ries, the department said. Dick.P.rker will be first on the
consumer spending. It prograux showing his color movie
Ss'ge_ b P al infa me and consumer -.sightseeing Thru Mexico" corn
,.- 1tJ; also reached record an pletA with sound.
. naal rteas. In tlhe first quarter. Capt. Townshend is arranging
i YbOt .Goairm a1 John P oaal P ne rose to an an- the balance of the program.
man ('[k,) f tSen. rjuala talea 'o 392,700,000,000 be .--
I. Cnoasmm i t t e e fore taxes d $20,600,000, af I Fleet Reserve Aesciatiton
d. t 1110 small tr taxes. re latter figure was Branch ND. 7T, Fleet Reserve
is D5 e-oying Its full .4,1.00,00000 higher than -In the Aspociation will hold their ne xt
.ma productionn. He previous quarter. regular monthly business meet.
mars rigd enforcement Wage and salary income regain- ing at the -CooolU Club House at
tjlast laws. "dthd pekk reached In the fall p.m on May 17. for the e
sitess figures issued by of '19M, the department said. The lecion of officers. Immediately
prce Department were sharpest lnceraae was in durable following the meeting there w
awards from previous goods manufacturing where pay- be a social gathering sponsored
ry estimates. The earlier rolls declned last year with un- hy the ladies auxiliary, Unit No.
put the gross national employment 7, for all members a n d their
t an annual rate of 368 Consumer spending reached an wives."
a same as the a18 rec -.nnual rate of 242 billion dollars ---
S in the quarter, 4 billion higher Bosary Altar Society
00ement said a surge In than In the last quarter of 1954 "The regular monthly meeting
demand, led by a rec- aid 11' billion higher-than in of the Rosary Altar society will
e .et. new car purchases the j rs quarter of 1954. le held in the social hall, after
S---- Rosary, at, 730 p.m.. on Tues
Altsnwete,#rewious Puzze day, Ma -174h, at Sacred Hreart
In urrgu (y ape, Amn. There Will be Elec
tin o' Officers at this meeting
ALM 5Home Lahi o please try to be present."

ho at lwu Uo ee r
. li.....mia I

*iSS n S3 Pre o .m 1
sro alows ~o f- s loy s 42Hevy bow
fI. t 2--Ia3d 4.Qodr '*
r (aB..) Phte 34 bl g45p g
21 uhminutivMq$al 1* Valh
.Ot Mald.,' moast 47 Nabers
iS fUleawR -MpI Cpoluhl 4d 0ear
SiS5 I Pacms ot nk l a at A IIlend a e
wdftW(WP.W Ofawar~a-
Adi" R .6

blem C lub meet-
V 17th, at 7:30
Home. Don t
u Swedish


ow e .W
**. .P ;


m how to pIay Ring around the

Scientists' Son Refuses

To Explain Woman' Death

L C., M. 1(U leeras Am traction, c a m e
-eriUwant young. he roe to vilt hr i had hurrwas
luck ohn, on leave it f rom "i alot whes
ob as ,a sptedm to wa on a ulet ath aer. She fell to
fh.r toD. has idly e 'dea y ho m ofDr Kahl w
women than snot I wm thho. Police toud the shot came from
tdow unde poce tiong. room leho ha h.urried.

Kruckhohn whose paren,
nldu ,ohbn, on ere 'I from Lu Me&r vaa td *
j(,b as & siLitrua to wrs mon a l 'luckhohn 'wf s-h trced to, the
Ph. D. has iLoli pey re to a h cayr t ee yh. ma Kahl of
-ore than 'I s eA t t wmi th the Ui came from the h
dow" undet police 4uetionmg. te.oulir a'telephoe- ald he nade I
,eart er abi die day.
Kluckh hn whose parents. Har- e ... day.' '
yard anthropologists Mr. and Mrs. Officers found a-fancy. erman,
D- i d c onn,,were o g -Luger equped with .target sights
.here today, has be "very 4n.his esrn aq the young man ad
i361e nd -very cooperauve" in emitted the pifol came from the ho
reated qusuoning but -j"u t tede
1w i sl e ed. ev "R R o b 4 0 d M rs. K lu c k bo h n s a id h e r s o n 'h a d

Low l F-riy ash 4SiiA 2n the
iam across' the se-;.
lalueshehnas 'atterne oward
TManni.g of aslne 4 the
TZa or 4Azd the
I ase efoj unloadable/and 4he
youth'u mo;ier a BinsinteG "it
voa an accident." -
"To charge him with murder
b ridiculous," Manning said.
The youth, who completed a
ftur-yoar anthropology course at
the University of Ciecago in two
years, was ulso report to hava3
Said to Chapiel Hill, N. police
the. shooting "was accidental."
Kluckhohn. whose father is a
well- known social anthropologist
whose mother is also a recognize
rn authority on human 'behavior,
took a leave of absence from his
job with Row Peterson Co., E
vanston Ill, textbook publisher.
to sees a PI. D.
He crme er# to gather manu.
cripts for hI thesis and, engaged
a .room at theA Sir Walter Hotel
where police found ar bullet hole
mr. the window 'screen after the
Miss Seawell, an employee of the

n.en a gun fancier for m a n y
years and although "he worried
me when he was younger, he
was always cautious. I had ceas-
ed to worry, at least as much as
a mother can."
Therp war no. apparent connec-
tlpn. etwteen Kluckhohn and the
dead woman and his mother said


FVU*1 va 1 W9 w, .Jw.
It Wa tW first titfe' they had
t4adI It"elbit e' at Gettysbur.
a ame-W er alone from their
rma t -"dgo e of the battle
1eld f .the churchh oeks from
toe cotee of the historic town.
. Thi P~tiidet was hatless and
WoI'a s mervative single-breast
eg a tlL. Mrs. Elsenhowe
vwmf .i.lain black si.k ulit with
a bsft'a s eer her ,uders.
Mr. and Mrs. Eieaulower were
imet on the sidewalk by retired
Brig. "Gen. Arthur Nevins, They
were escorted down the aisle by
W-year-old S. Gray Righam, sen-
ior elder of he church, and hip
Bilham proudly, showed report
erC a letter, dated April 8 frora
the President acknowledging his
miviation to attend services and
p.omisuig .hey would bc there

The Rev: Clyde R'aynor Brown.
youthfl pastor of the church,
nose his tet from Mathew, "a-
o,,tree brmngeth forth g o o d
rui." HeS lai in effect that faith
nust b' active and given practi
aIl application if it, is worthwhile.
As an trexanfle, he asked wheth
r. -"if a Lutin American or a
;egre buys a house on your street
....woild you welcome him as a
Christiaa should."
The little ivy-covered f a d e d
trick e'urch was filled to capaci-
ty although there was no advance
word the President and First La.
day would attend.
The Fisenhowers were seated
b6bind' the Lincoln pew' because
the histories bench Is less comfort
able. rbe Lincoln pew has a nar.
rower seat. it is marked with a
mall flag and a bronze plaque
ieh latest that the Civil War
President "sat in this pew at a
patriotic service held on he day
e dedicated the national cemete
ry." o


Don't let a bad s h drl
Witalty. ..m a kao w
cahauted. oet 3,ck ,er ... tar
wor.d-famoua Bkles Cctamo)
tt ... o difereat from a*yo
thlan you ever tried before. Take
oa sip sp Buot ey's. ad ton *
tniguea i*bute... swaowowy.
Then feel the marvedoua efect on
Your threat -ad upper broU al
tub. ee how quickly It heIi
oou.m skly, gam IdP .a
S.... = 1 "mOO, a. 4= 1iaiL

.49 each
CAPS .8 each
DISH CLOTH 1.24 dos.
DISH TOWELS 6 per .98
.72 pair
(OIpelte thae Afeon P.O.)


A Pleasant Place to Eat Well.. for Less
1- ................... 1.5 .............s.. 1.
Hot Rolls
Ge.oan ConUsonmm
Si*e1a Steak a la I
Potatoes a a Crapone CrapoSe
Stewed Tomatoes Stev T
P gile sawd Hasteia
Tea or Coffee Tee or Coffe
-. -. --- -W. -.-. ----
. ........................ ......................... .. jO

* *


I L g in .town
fr m '.ffe.
from* 5 u.m.

. "

7a -Om



Prism-Lite Perfection,*
the only 100% fully
polished I.iaaonds
1, the urket.

Thip Week's

Lucky Winners:

J. R. Moquin
Clara Lima
+ Beatriz Hutchinson
Ralph LZ. Alen
,* Kofhert.ljked;
Wllia n e CVaHes
D. M; Van Ever

A. All ,lips endi
t In 8 wiln
Cheek YOUR!.


Central Ave. 18.45 (137)

Syt you wi n tin

Corner "H" and Darien Street Tel. 2-2181
r .

o Capt. C. M. Goetz
SL enard Freedman
" Theoas J. Dorgan
" Charles Perret
" John 0. Boswell
* George R. Raiser
* G. Helwig

SR. M. Wiford4
SW. Grant
Edith ireitbart
Isolda Philllpp 'i
Mrs. R. C. H oo
Maria d sebZky

Favor the TWO for ONE STR

S it favors you!

"cA i. + y 7- b. -
Sattan 7eadqua i' -
S' *--- l

I'W and Daros
vm^ -
h.'Q OK ~.u'1

i 1 1 1 j ii~irALL






. ^ -

/ *

* *. .. 4.

p. "!'A'





4 Zone Dental Polyclinic
E? C. L FAbrega 1D.D.S.
te-bridg work-air brasiveO
GeGseral Practice.
o (4th of July) Ave No. SIA24
i no Aen School Playground)
rTelephome 2.2011-Panamin.


" I14.2 4th of July Ave.
Phone Panama 2-0552

"We can help YOU with ,
Chiropractic" .

Dr. A. and E. ORII.LAC
. (P.alper GrpCuatesi
Sb Pert Avenue Tel. S-139S
-4-' bldk from .Lu Theatre

Packen -Slfl" Movers
Phanes 2"-245 2-2562
Leart Riding at
RIdi J,*1 i. classes daily,
3 to 5 'Pone 3-0279
oer by appointment.

* Match-Stick Bamboo
9 Veeitian Blinds
.Tr.avers Curtains
,xls5 or Wood Jalousies
Call 2-3063 or 3-4904
Estimates Given Without
Distributed by
S roductos de Madera. S A.
St %iave, (between Kodak
b k Fifth Ave. Store) I

wo'ith J.


TOP .W N-Roger M. 8lough.
51,' i new board chairman
and oef -executive ofieWm of
U. S. Steel Corp, The Pennsyi-
vala born lawyer succeeds
enjamnin Fairless, who retired.
*> -___*

I t- i
fe. l.

A!vEt r.a r-anree-year-
d June Marie KJinger holds a
3$1uhroom big enough for her
o samt on. It's a four-pound
l, fsteak mushroom fo u nd
PMng smaller ones near her
Leavenworth, Kqn., home.



I,.) of 1 -0
Before Ree .

U he Fie lJob-.

T Street No. 13
4th of July Ave. & J It.
Justo Arusemena Ave. eand 33 .


FOR SALE: 1954 Westing-
house rtfrigerator- 9 cu. ft,
$200.00,' 1954 Wetinghouse
Laundromat washlr $175.00,
Mahogany 'wardrobe, $25.00.
Mahogany drop leqf extension
table and 4 chairs, $25.00.
Hutch cabinet. $10.00. 2 glass
top end.tables, $5.00 each. Match-
ing coffee table, $5.00. Extra
large Davenport, $75.00. 2-6
by 9 hooked rugs, $20.00 each.
One 4 by hooked rug, 4.00.
1940 Hudson Sedan, $90.00.
Also other miscellaneous items.
Tel. 83-2233. 510-A Curundu
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse re-
frigerator. 25 cycle, excellent
condition. Caloil 57125 Curundu,
after 5 p.m. House 2209-South
"A" St.. Curundu.
FOR SALE:-Stove, refrigerator.
bedroom furniture, living room
furniture, children's furniture.
Nicanor Obarrio Av., tlo. 23,.
Apt. No. S, Anayesi Apts.'
FOR SALE:-25-cycle refrigera-
tor, excellent condition; kitchen
linoleum. Cheap. Leaving, must
sell. Call Balboa 4268.

-- ~ e

FOR SALE:-Apex washing ma-
chine wriiiqer. like new $60. Al-
brook 6284.

FOR SALE:-8-cu. ft. Westing-
house refrigerator with large
deep freeze compartment; com-
plete mtnernity wardrobe, size
10 and 11. like new; 25-cycle
tilt-table circular saw. House
212-A Ancon IFishbowl Area).
FOR SAI E:-Radio-phonograph
conrble. Phone 83-5200, House
2155-A. Curtundu.

.= .- _. t

~t; ~



sto s-uwf a "

,' : ...g.g.. ,-;41^' **
-r m- m C.A ? ...


i ... b. Tp, ,,-

183 La Carrasquilla
Cpetral Ave. 45
No. I Lottery Plaza


FOR SALEE:-1951 Ford two-.
door Sedan, fordomotic, radio,
directional ignsi, $750.00. Ft.
Kobbe 5245.
'FOR SALE:- 1954 Ford Cus-
tomline, radio, extras. Leaving
Panama. Call Pan. 3-2356.
FOR SALE: 2 Forgo tractor
trucks. 5 tons, perfect mechani-
cal condition, recent models.
ca-Cola Bottling Co., Phone 2-
2616 or 2-4966.
FOR SALE:- 1950 Studebaker
Tudor Custon Sedan, overdrive,
hillholder, underseal, excellent
condition, $450 cash. Balboa 2-
FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Road-
master hardtop, excellent condi-
tion inside and out. House 212-
A Ancon.
RETURNING to the States. Must
sell this week:-1946 Buick Su-
per Sedan, good condition. Al-
brook 86-7188. Qtrs. 113-B.
FOR SALE: 1941 Mercury
Coupe, good condition, $150.
Hquie 1549-J Balboa. Phone 2-
FOR SALE:-$950, 1952 Ford
Mainliner 2-door in excellent
condition. Cell Hele 2-3196.
House 878-X Morgan Avenue.
FOR SALE: 1953 Plymouth'
with radio, excellent condition.
Lacona. Phone 3341.
FOR SALE:-'47 Crosley con-
vertible, no top, $140, good con-
dition; '49-'53 Hot Rod parts,
Ford. $150 tpkes all. 5184-A.
Diablo. 2-4319.

Faurath Juir Ave.
Agencia Internal, Os PublicasoI&as
M6 CeNtr Ave.
Prique Lewev T Streel

a p ~ .. -~ -' m -,LT m ~


Xo nc1 AMCON. C.Z.

female 6 months old; male, 6
months old. Phone Panama 3-
GRAND PRIZE! Puppies for
olo. 'German Shepherd mother
imported from Italy. Mile $15,
only female $10. Rush. 9th St.
& Third Ave.. corner, San Fron-
cisco, Phone 3-5551.
FOR SALE: CONN trumpet,
model 22b. gold finish, almost
new. Excellent for dance band
work, $140. Write Box 543
.FOR SALE:- 45 miscellaneous
pieces of Swedish crystal "Rosa,'
perfect. $80. House 0759, Apt.
B Williamson Place. Balboa, aft-
er 4 p.m.
FOR SALE:-I lot Ford Hot Rod
parts $150; '1-hp. motor, 25.
cycle washing machine, new,
$15; 1 pair fog lights, new, $7;
1 pint spray gun, M.B.C. type,
new, $20. House 5184-A Die-
ble, 2 4319.
Medallist 3.5 cost $325 or
Chevron 3.5 cot $235; either
for $150 unconditionally guar-
anteed. Both have been used
regularly for Supnemant pic-
tures. Skinner. House 562-B
Ancon Blvd., corner Bayano.
Phone Balboa 3748.

SNavy Skin Diver Dies Deep

In Cave, At Radium Springs

HI HOME electric motors are
.now invading gardening. Bet-
tye Greenwood of Fort Wqrth.
Tex, manipulates an electric
hoe, <,t mkem breaking .up
the ,41t mulchf and weed-


Bones Of Mastodon
At MUiskin lum, 0.


Honm in Las Cumbra Ciy cool,
beautiful view, 500 -eten
grounds, 2 bodreIsa dacming,.
rom, Igrge prch, kitch, Hlv-
ing-dining room,. eidsi reom
and garage, tele uig and all
modern convenienie. CUl Me-
duro. Phone Panma liS 27
FOR RENT: Seec floor of
residence on General Jee San
Martin Avenu No. d- Fow bed-
room, living rnms, dialg room,
kitchen, lorge porch. Inquie
ground floor.
FOR RENT:--FUrmlid 2-bed-
room chalet. Wll shem with one
person or married eeple, San
Francisco. Phone 3-2930.

ATTENTION G.,1.1 Jmt built
modern fumishId apatMiieaM, I,
2 bedroom, ht, eold water.
Phone Panama 34941.

FOR RENT.-FurmiVhd end un-
furnished 2 end -broom modem
apartments. ContoAt ALWAM-
Phone 1386 Coer..

FOR RENT:-Fmriushed port-
ment. 2 bedroom, 2 bethrooml.
porch. 48 St. No. 27. Call Tele-
phone 3-6097.

FOR RENT-- Twe-bedoeem a-
sartment with beoeny 1i kello
Vista. Tel. 2-2601, .12 morn-
ings or 2-5 o" igS.

FOR RENT-r. eL d epart-
ment to 2 .ce lFK5. North
American el frequent
transportation., S- I.

FOR RENT:- Apartment, bed-
room, balcony, living room, It-
un Ave. 27. Cell 3-0652 efte 2

ALPANY, Ga., Mal UP)- A few hours earlier. Anderson
Divers yesterday locatW body.had been named an official of a FOR RENT:-Furnishe d aaor-
of a Navy lieutenant "nrgh next" r.ew Macon skin-diving club. met, one bedroom nd ah, for
I !, a guide rope he had used in | *' was coming out of the cave I lr. No kitchen. Phone -
explorming the murky depths of a %then he was coming in," said 1648.
huge underwater cave at fameu'Gerue. "r"111a'odne down to re
Radium Springs. lease the guide line and was get FOR RENT:-Semi-furmished a-
A team of Jour Navy diving ex tmg ready to. go home." pertment. next to Roosevelt The-
perts from Charleston, S. C.. Anderson turned loose the rope ster, Via Porras No. 120. Phone
searched al night in eerie dark Le said, preparatory to further 3-5024.
ness before ney found the body exploration.
of Lt. Murray AMderson, 28. of "I don't think he should Kave
Port Valley, Ga., a veteran "skin lei it go when he did but that's FOD D RT
diver" -with some 2000 hours ex the way he liked to dive. I think i FO RENT
perience underwater, he thought he knew where I R o
i A coroner s jury was expected was," -zerne said. I Rooms
ti investigate the circumstances Gerue said Anderson may have
of the nava. officer's death., hit his head on the roof of the FOR RENT: Beautifully fur-
"They found him right next tr" subterannean vault knocking him nished room, kitchen. Bella Vis-
the rone," said Andeson's good self out or he may have "Just .to. Maxico Ave. 69, near 43rd
trend, Donald R. Gerue, 24. of gotten jammcd between r oc ks Street. Phone 3-0553.
Pontiac. Mich.. an electronics where they tound him."
technician n with a Macon, Ga., na- Gerue and Ed Hughes, a pro-
'al reserve 'tnit, the dived repeat lessional skin diver and former FOR SALE
edly Saturday night in the hunt havy "frograan," combed t h e
lor Anderson before he became cavern, for Anderson before the Motorcycles
exhausted, Navy team came in.
Many local divers volunteered
Anderson and Gerue were ex but lacked the special.skills need- FOR SALE:--'48 Harley over-
ploring a previously unc ha r t e td under water #a the end of a head $300. Good condition.
crvern they discovered 70 Ifet be- 100-foot safety rope. 5184-A Dieble. 2-4319.
low, the surface-one of many Hundieds of spectators visiting
which zorm a great honeycomo Padium Springs., a widely-known
at Radium Springs. :ourist attraction, gathered as the M
Visib.hty wvas about six inch- hunt went on beneath glaring flood meetingss
es" even with powerful lamps aii l.hts.
wtat depth, Gerue said, and the Gerue said on one of his trips Junta I'eme nina,..*....-
three-foot cave entrance was only to the cave, "I lost my ,bearings. M eU of the Junta Feme-
one of 35 such openings to the ; was .cared I jui-sat down and nina Beneficencia were being
underground vault which measure througmn there is only one guy urgedloday to attend an impor-
ed 10 feet long, 40 feet high and whlo can get you out. That's you." :mtanubtm nN tomorrow night at
30 feet wide. Two other divers became pan. thw.Pdf10 Service Center.
Anderson and Gerue began ex icky while exp g the black, Pia1a 6r. the observance of
ploring a previously uncha r t e a (hilly aters t one admitted theS .anniversary are to be.
maze about 6:30 p.m.. Saturday, ,it was "about E dy to throw in diaupss at the meeting, which' aqualungs, a breathing ap. the towel," Geriue said. getii ay at 7:30 p.m.
paratus connecting to ox y g e n Andeison was married and the
tanks strappLd on their backs. father of two small children. anotl eOa of his comrades. Wal

Confederate Veteran Celebrates

NEW C-NCORID o. -(UP) 109th Birthday Wishing For Snort
OfficiaI: at Mu;lagum CoUege ,
have been lnform4d, by the Smith --
Punias .4ttt at., e t bones of a
prehistoric adl recently un. SIANT, Va May 16 -(UP) every two weeksa.."t would be I
earthed near St. Clairsville were Perky "General" John Sailing, one h iame to waste them."
almostl certainly" those of a mas- ;t thMeO surviving ConfeaeraLe To another well wisher who
todon .. IEterana, celebrated h i a 109ti. complained ce wasn't feeling well,
SArchaeotogt *aid the bones birthday yesterday with a hu b calling advised hba to take calo-
Ivere thtae of t UAlperican masto |Cike but said he wished he Could mel and soda.
e(.n "na'nfiut'Americanum," be-tI hve an occecasional "sa n o r t or "I cured myself of smallpox
-ngmg to the Pleistocene or glaci 'o." with that," Saing said with a
al age. ,.'in," when the doctor refused to
Bones recovered were the lower A steady stream of visitors come any closer than my front
portion of the "upper fore -limb, and "ame to Sallings little hillside porch many years ago."
tie upW pirt of the inner bone Iarm home to entend birthday In answer to a question, Sailing
of 't re limb. They were' un- wishes to the aged but clear-eyed -id he hadn't ploughed his 35-
ca ta rip mine operations Btbel. acre farm for the past three years
at Run and were brought ut "uied to do it a couple of
to M for identification. Sailing shook hands with each ours a day when I was 10I.
plans to preserve the (tre and as one visitor put it, Salling still weighs about the
Sa hardening solution "talked our legs off," on every same when he was a young manm
Aa S them. subject from his males-"the bebt His hair is rilack s#th only a
oawgonc pah- in the United sprinkling of gra and his clear
.- States"-to medicine--'you ought blue eyes stall Have a bright
G O p to take calomel and soda if slarkle Hi s tis ham.
you 're not feeling wel." pared however t a fall last
eadnscday SallinK bragged to eveoe a year whica a lIm
ne bout his 35 Pound cake, m ew ken hip
a PW B m t Ike ex t e n d i a g One of s prMicam l interest
President Eisenhower extending now is politics & i a i firm
Ito '."good wishes to you an this oc- supporter of Praugist ..iawbow
atoin Group LaIion, whit really the sacrific- er after voting lt o Democralt
O-JWB Arm- es of t.m on both sides of the ticket virtually I fe.
I t Center on .anliet 1h wftih you served near Salling, rank a "ir
I a eatury ago." honorary. Doariwsth w Wa 1
elasi e recdrd- He cnmfideJ to one visitor that h- was a Cmtiateo Army rod
be heud:. Trio e wished he. dooM have an "oc pert on m imB" ,
I Meadelm hn, casioal t mnort or two" of whisky pr. ingredient Iat
IS StravInsky and whi he tl bten forced to give gunpowder, andmi et aw a&gW
0 36 la C W- s pt. 3 makes cigars, how- combat .;.
r ev"r, iad ev box Deit he ia ir

tir W-flwaAms of Franklin, Tex.,
now W.y s old. Theo their sur
ivig C ederate is William A.
L'acle Bl*Dundy, 107, of Live Oak


Help Winted

Boats& Moto .-

FOR SALE-5-hp. JehM st
\ooard meter $425, 1tB At
bet tank 5;5 depsle h.g ..
as boat (Ismall! $20, .HEAt-
875 Morgep'Atenue, Sp .''-

Real FAte. '

FOR SALE:-4seutifully itvated
lot in Golf Welghte, 40 STV
meters. Cen .2-1661 during of-
fie b.oun ,

SHRAPNIlS fe..iaed hmosie WANTEDO- Experlenea wrm-
n bsM at eStah CG.oL. Teb- an, 26 .8 lyenw. of .j with
phone O T 4 Balkboa no depndmets, to liv in and
1772. :. car for twoe AillN and houe.
Must )u ehs t see pu spook
imfl o iEnn. .e. to oak e.k
Sante C ai S 0 glinshleh at 1 '1 Street,
Phne Pna -. 1-1877. e 13-30 (il 4 to 5:30 p.m.
PI I7,L3 tEureopen prferre4)
FOSTER'S tc"AGS, oNe miles
.o.. .A .. LESSONS
PMolnRAe 61 U an
".aw ".'m .e a
Shill1II IAkArAUD Q *.m ll__ I_ _

Cettove -- roekls, refgelae-
tien, I-bedN4. Phnoe Batboe
Gramlich's Sae Clarn Beach
Cottoes. Modern conveniences.
moderate rat. Phone Gamboa

Fox turns his head from the
camera, and no wonder. He's
modeling, of all things, a hand-
bag for men, shown recently at
a men's tqbiion show in New
York City. Designed. ays At's
made primarily for travel, but
it looks more like one more
"steal" from milady's fashions.

den sneete could be iighty
costly, so Pat KUethekMes
wears a face mask as she'ban-
dies expensive pbtunia seeds
for the Missouri Farpiqe As-
sociation at MarshalL The liny
seeds sell for as much as $75
an ounce. Gold is cheap at only
35 an ounce.

AIfBOA 6:15 8:20 D ABLO ES. e:15 -:
1 AIR n0nlITINlB | O Glue LANGAN
------M--M....._.. NONT SURcZO1

I In COLOR and emIa IUCN eIU-1

MABGABITA 6:15 :35
i .lHbeth TAVLOM
p van JOHns o
41M N mr t ess

. 6:135. 8:3S
SmWAUeR Owr"

-.. cimr |n--j.-E

Private lens In SPANISH,
French, German. or gllilsh giv-
en by professor with u diversity
teaching, experience. 'esidance
in France, Germany, Mexico,
U.S.A. Reesonable rates. Write
Box 543 Balboa.


GEORGE W. PARKER, lock operator wireman at the Pacific
Lbcks (left, is shown receiving a $25 employee suggetlon awprd
from R. C. Stockham, Chief of .the Locks Divialoi The .uages-
tion concerned the improving of signals at PedrO 'My i nd
Gatun Locks. ;J -

:".4 4,
r- ""..?

*1 "4. ', ..

^ "* I' v
'" ,,? :, .. *'

/|.','.. ,.., ,* .
jl ,._,.: .,'?h "..- ..,, *9,^

3(07C., Pgtht SedAllto,8ed
tat l of the Commenilatiom Z
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llmi ._ "' ..... rr.'&- r ...


'a M to 9:00 p.m.

WIW t r*......l $...UW

The mwwasheldd at the hom
of Ponly WM.

*MI Jean Coffee gave the fiale-
!i ning Trudy port for the uance committee. Te
Spre el -ance was a success ande vety
sorority one is Inokin. forward to the net
it final eetltg. iri of the Year dance. Mrs. Wn.

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with -

A D Y"
Dean AlTIN Jerry LEWIS

They're rear-hing new hilarity...Setting
the society set on its earl

reggy Castle Anmnade lilvestre

with -
Riehar& RGAN Dawn ADAMS

Miss 'B" Gardner, who organt
ed and founded the Canal Zone
Art- League is leaving the Isth-
r-us permanently to make her
home in the USA. This will be her
last 'meeting It will give each
member the opportunity of saying
'"AUloa-hasta Ia vista." ?

ca," entertained on bor4 inviting
80 guests to a cocktail party yes-
'eiday. The ship is the All A-
:nerjca Cable and Radio. shi p,
now in the port of Cristobal.
Travel PitWAW At YMCA.-
Chages Date '" '
The t-avel pictures which have
been shown weekly on Tuesdays
at the Balboa YMCA-USO w Ill
Low be presented on Monday eve-
nings at 8:00 starting May 16.
The P A.A. is sponsoring these
showings and will. present
-'Wings to'Englanand Belgium '
and "Wings to Fnland" a ean t
Monday eveig
These progrf are. free and 0
en to the pu of'both the Ca
val Zone and Panama.

K44i rns

What a Differeace a Few Years
01f Marriage Can Mlake
What a world a' difference a
few years of marriage sometimes
Before marriage he was the
"strong. sieaft tye:" After mar-
riage be "simts up like a clam"
whenever she tries to talk to him.
Before marriage he was "mps-
terful." Aftel marriage he Is as
"stubborn as a mule."
, Before garage he was a
"sportsman." Aft At 9 marriage
"he's out fishing wheh be should
be at npme ipowing te lawn or
helping take care of the kids."
Before marriage he was the
"life of the party." After mar-
ilage -"he has to be the center
tf attentive or he Isn't happy."
Before marriage he was "am-
bitious," At marriage "all be
think bout is that old office."
"'e'. As ."
Before marriage "he had mon-
ey in the bank." After marriage
lhe is as "ight ias the bark on
a tree."
Before marriage he "liked to be
alone with her." After marriage
"he never takes her anywhere."
Before marriage he was "self-
aissured." A f t er marriage "he
won't take u word of criticism."
Before marriage he was "the
Lind of man you can lean on."
After niarriase "he doesn't think
a woman ought to have a mind
of her own."
Before marriage he was "easy
qoing." After marriage be "doesn't
uve ay ay ambition "
before marriage he was "the
only man in the world." After
marriage he Is just one of the
many she might have married.
and she i1't at all sure she
wouldn't hve doe a whole lot
. W ..-

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S exacitingly dierent when fiwudt
Revlon' L anlte' Upote
Bake lips soft, youq-r.J.lM.g
both non-sumear and repuler typ

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HggSBt^i:i'. fif ? 9-A

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NE _of alboae won e1 doorter. But h. er iray set would erack swnetug eipa like-l i
SSaWbiar Dhl Fryer and ln- 'i f lf every TV tube in. w ointry. -brush than it Wy-i.
,- Hearb it Now: r. Boyinton-
n I.f.. ill fl U :-I. L Lti f o awelU -. jois Eve Ar. Piiky e a ,es "
Paf' arei g a .. r i. n er I are er. NBC vpegessin-MeW er
story Ml tob.e in tb .. .. of "Our Miss ori" acting with p's .w. Dap
early same months. the rest of the TV cat. But Rock- wd d
plm IW t i pa tat the d By EBINS O* ness did th ow on Stdio Two Vegas ad nothing to do iwith It. he e yes g or f T a Ceti
eeting. HOL O Censors Jeff told me, were a-' he sponsor wanted Liberace his Tnirs ,crossed. 'ar a "ead
. -etng. HOLLYWOOD (NrA) Hol.- afraid that Prulident EIsenhower,' Iraohe. iwi dMd a % i "
-roting.l of TV: Plan.' sea- who was not in-office when theI Sig and pounds the TV u "I'm hoping" he told me "that so l Ag a pnla m f
mmi ,atetly follo the lose sen's "Med show of'4BC' in play was first on Broadway, might etas could' reach: i'. be more of a leading man and movie staratinl V.
of the bualleos meeting elude shohckers y bc offended The elegance of the $8,000,000. les of a square in the picture." at what pri are todila
of the bll ded te l~alrst i r Iit Y, hoSexf- y and Liberace's Lad Vegaact at the nine-tor y Riviera's rooms, and a Iuaron Ho a Bwo d's .
o Officer, ceremony; kie was- a qua- k doctor expose. '; Jean New Hotel Riviera on NBC's Com- hlish caino. It's the tallest build.i CBS- will veCham Butler
asfted by Do isLeeser aM d Ne lans hasn't thrown in the towel ay H)tr- I flew up to watch ~ag incidentplly, in the entire state a build-up as a "person tl" and New Bimak t f-t '
rie, the vice-preeldent sad .. on her 'I Married al" t!- him eo lect $1,000.000 for the TV of kevada ... A battered Ford not as a soiner. Tip to TV portions of thos'i is,g bst .
surer for 1954-55. The newly" .ff the nor is rheoweary of playmgsijsepot-wais a natural for televi- pckup truck parked in front of *tris r- from Jess Oppenheimer Iog novels. It worked wJih
aled officers a re: pridt addle a brained dol. Nego-s on. Only ose bit f rom the regu- the e Pronuter with a beard. producer an~ bead writer of "I oteinberk's- Emst oof EdEn" ,
SNancy Ramsey; vice preside. stations are on for additional filins lar floor show was censored td gent in attendance beneath a Love Lucy"; now producer' David
Key kmI; recording secrta Rosetta Duncan of the famed Iwo cuties in dice costumes be- iis reudin: ."As *ife rtm more complicated, wiacking out all blut o lat-.
Daily el;. corresponding Sec,,-sr, ., cDmee "s-mers q di cause Lh e sonsr ruled out any- omedyv gets upler lt's-easier to "Raintre'e Counitry" to-r t-eM.-
tai., Mary Roddy treasurer the starring role the teveron thing s'ggesiive of gambling.. 'Uranium Claims. Public Sale." ;' an -iproai'ous scene today with era.
teh-e- ui. an. M.rianm of Marie Dressler's great hit. For two years al of the swank one curious fellow; Pm told,
wa. nre I. .. d r Cpnt S? pn "*Tugboat Annie." First time she's Vegas notels have been offering caught one for $5. Not even in .
wa 6 6..t tsapter h ste en osnarated professionally from thetr lavish shows and big stars cs, either. With a casino chip! ..
.. sister Vivian. to TV ind the Riviera s coup in '
P ae e t -t t te landing Comedy Hour was local Dairiy Th6mas. at Ten Sands.
froedm va Hteml E i ,.One (, tf O t&e best coxiody lines in eyebrow lifter. kidding about the amount of food
Dori. Le. e Nr... Noa D "Affairs of tate' a reference But I was assured there was no 'is mother-in-law consumes at the e i lJ..
tni t "a .o fma to the Presdent's habit of drive. bkullduagery. Liberace alone can Thomas maise: "She eats baked iaaaaJM fla JlMA V
s laiey.. nusa Thomas, Jes- ig golf bl throqght be wein. take the bow for giving Vegas its potatoes like you and I eatgrapes. y W ,WW W.
se Gaidnr. Wacy as ey, Ma- Ilows o t buildings near the White first nation wide musical show. An ...-
d ..ONar. D. ie.on, and I'House-- was cut from the.script I insider told me: "The novelty of The Trigibal' Dawar si the -
arudy Gibson; ledges, Cd when Jeff Morrow and Betty Fur- it is a night club show from Las cast of the siow at tho ilvr Sl p.
Parker, Betty Ogilvie, and M.ry
Conan; Sponsor, Maria Gree
Art Leau Dguilipdda --
F Gardner
Zone Art ,Lague- wim
Mrs. Dora Mcllhenny at 7: ..r....... "


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!c( I -


-*. "'

" 4 "

-~ N

novan End ki 3

- N

tcher Finally Comes Davey Moore .5ors 5F I

SOwn After Seven Cops Thriller tSe hen Tea

ears Of Frustration Over Tesis A "a to-s....... ari.
end the Teeae baseball New Yk ... 51 9 ..
Ohi Stat f e a t herwei team tptho f porelp la 0 9 or
1NEW YORK, May 16 (UP)-Dick Donoyan put oh1io tSa ea therwegh t tWert SgSed t a e 8 B..-i m.,
champion Davey Moore, 129, de- W", 070W W1 e. l ;^ | J
,en years of bitter frustration behind him today clalioneddPanama fey there 2 ht9 d--L 8 l 8O:Ia :."::: a r mt
n kiofg er e 1 .i1theCiinNAU .... 10' 5714s
'he just could be the fellow who'll enable the Chi, kns Ped aaro Tea lo, 128%aren t .haPit h ... 1 Is i
*hite Sox to end their own frustrating, 35- r night beforeunds at thrille C olon Arena last drIe 'Philaesphiea... 19NAI rO
r quest of an American League pennant. tmated at 3000, which pouredpl M N
u9badhm licked from pod wrk In D cO r third week ofn ow- PittsbuhO d
$2699 through the mom raisewdhd
uvan, who started pitching The Brookryn Dodgers N oe w windows. i, o" rdaea a yE O e. t ey e rd OTE B 8 A
m t1A. and n, c." won 8 it:York G'ants and Milwaikee Brv. by .b drs
e m f,)ur previous major c allplt their National League udge "Tex" Walcott voted 9 M1- h. UW ma drdesshidroom ROMNIC4NO DOS July1 Sam Wnmt
si.o ued in tTea judge Lloyd Aler- TDin ten rounds he came i to a Davey's tranpo tn of thetirst Ga
hagirt shu.cut yesterday when Cirdinals defeated the Pittsburgh ga scored It 98-96, Moore ana lo arena last night. hnd. The portly.amiable Dos- per peth ain Chicago 0020012x-- 7 1 wR. hanto (33)Aa
,,?nite scored 3-0 and 5-41 Prates, a single contest. referee Coon Al Brown votflod me with a solid man was 'evideatly thilino the tournament. n ee the team) L e ad tt. Lopat (
ries over the Washington Sen-' Moore 96-87. rikbt to the jaw In the fourth, the bi home t arrew a s In Hqrsh y, all e1xenses Hegrn (5-2),4dle and Kett. Ke-ta (0-4), .Bttt a
ies tne swep m ved Wnite Ted Kluszewski drove in five d ll Cu (2-2)n gan an
to within a game of the first- runs with his ninth homer and An improved Moore used a left I. Iad him,"' went o. the Match. anez i (bornd Gyet'e
b rsce l rcand nd ians and put :,.,ee smnglE as the Redles rou. Jab and a wicked right hand to alkativ re. Tesi fought a ms econd Gam -
I u.e *; rd pace .' v Y, rk Yan-1 .ewcombe gained his fifth straight and generally more effective (i aa cotof traport i to the ic .o0 ert ( 0-) '
ei- both o. whon split Sun- win with a decision for Brook than In his first appearance o and know I can beat w ear- on Promoter Dosman's card. Sta*sa*. 2 Ma (3o 9a2nt (0-1), eerCh20.
IY a ,.n..cheadeir. i~.n in th- cpener. Duke Snider's when he lost to Isidro Martinez tnes easy whenever I meet him This "special." although of ra- Contributlofio to .the fund PeMroWa (0-34) aC n Tth, W. hants
Ourpsed .rom Ailan'.a of the 11th bhoner and Gil Hodges' fifth two weeks ago. However, Tesia in. ther short duration, aine while "o 8 Bal efcoat and Chih- fe ( .oat
irn Abioriatifir, 3bL ..cptem v'ere thi bio, blows. outboxed Moore and made him
nAssiaiionat .cpe Ivereithbi;repeablow. outboxedly Moore and madlook pretty Asked If he had any difficul- the semifinal between Manuelboa, C.. Donations also will be *"ffcoat and Cherra.
van made h i ncirut ap r mHse attesty rei he h ctic Prescott and Sammy Medina was received by members of the VrW( t Game)
Sti Ul. season a a pinc Warren Hacker's seven hitter bad attimes ty breathing during the he about hal-way th h. and players and o al of the me First ae)
ie got-ana lost-his first produced a 5-2 win for the Cubs battle, M nez sad his wind Teenage baseball league. n 8 2Detroit 00209?0*-4-:0
___________lost_2 d Bisnw00d00rookl1n
Sthm on April 24 and it the Giants came back with d Moore showed he could take was not asIt should have been, ee that Dr. Aredo -
lien no has 3ieluea just 1 is-hit attack and a 9.4 triumph. It when he suffered a fourth but he had less trouble on that es, one of the Oflon Boxing New it 24) Ci tte
d 21 hits in 31 1-3 inning ion Meller hit safely n both round knockdown and came score than in his bout with Mar- Commission's doctors, while ella 1a i p douse.
SenLnc campaign, he na games and ned the record of 24 roaring back to win most of tlnez. sitting directly before Juan l um 8 van ( a
l our run i 38 n- aignt gam established for the the remaining rounds. "Give me two to three weeks (The Wolf) Coped, veteran
gs ior a magnificent u.i ear- Cubhby Fred Lindstrom in 1930. more to et acclimated and you boxing figure onStht Isthmauls "33) h P6dble trot 014 0
id run mark .al Maslie won the nightcap. Tesis began to tire from as guys wil really see Davey obstructed the iew n Burges. oeton
S. ear as the fift Ed Mathews hit two homers for earlyas the fifth round and B in action, Moore to thisadMr. Copeland told the good (- M (2-1) aBr

e in addition to the South ss, 6-3 but Robin Roberts stop- opened a cut under his ight eye. cool over his naked s a INTERNATIONAL Sports 27 pon r(0-1); roebuck, (First Game)
wAa nho hit the Phr the eighth, Moore unleashed h81 reporter and other bystanders a dtor of the InAT L-en eethe "2 7 S000 o AeI r0 15jIu 4l

ijo. uvan sau outu te Bostua ped the team one short of its all another vigorously rubbed Acording to reports, the meed- LaNAdeOand--- ospne an .- Cleveland ko00000t-i a,
., 7-i yielded one run in Bame losing streak mark with Moore's most telling pe unch rcpplin muscles dentified h lf as fight W L Pet. GB Il tein (1-1, reema and Baltimore 021 10-4 p
4 1-3 relief mnn&s and pitched aI -even-hitter and a 9-1 decision n came n the tenth when he sthun- T bring home hi point torted that he did not glW tw ont al ... 20 1 .667 emon (- n
Uj'win ove the Detroit Tigers t'.e second game. It was Robert's ned an already beaten Tels with nTob home his point, torted that he did not givet.667 "-,Lw, "",n-h.
p'oie gaming e1 1iourtrh vict- fourth win fr &team that has murderous right cross to the Moo proceeded to throw hoots who the doc was, or words Rochester 1 9 .640 1 (Pirst Game)
rSunda with a three-bitter. Scored only nine victories. Jaw. some short rights and lefts In to that effect."1 .
S y r e. C dthe direction of the not-too- HaaoNl .. 16 11 .593 2V Phlladelphia 301 009'10.0-5 I 1 q ..o 1.
I. Anyway, the slim, boylah look- Columbus, 13 13 ..500 5 Milw aukee- 0
h ox ma t x wins Yesterdas ar Donv Teals however, gave a c it- limolar pleus of this agent, In doctor leapd fro is sat 8 1s .34
rlast even games whea u nose third shutout ave the able performance and many who discreetly took a couple and threw punch at the aging Richmond .. 8 17 .320 912 Wehmeler, Millep. KRIpper (0-3.
Kell doubled home Nelson t.hite Pox a 3-0 win over the Sen doners better iedf he mght of steps backwards, while Daemonst- "Wolf" who also got up and put Syracuse ... 3 18 .143 12V and Lopat. (-3)
bnd also doubled, W to ore.-.have done better i- f he .ad not Y finished the demonstra- P hs dukes. -
whose E,.R.A. is a gnd yit l f ,- There was excitement galore Co .... a t a'Burdettol Buhl, ly, Joy (, o-
S.ox l p drove Fiwn fi rt t a In the semi- inal, Manuel Pres- manager,is i salhany, who eav n he t immediatet resToonto 00002 1-3 8 2 (Second Game .
-PasclalrPerez Signs In six lively rounds. A younger, avey was goodtonight, butromG te swing tof and mr ,e-rit'.,ey an46 B u auO
faster and harder hitti Pres- u haven't yet seen hm at his doughty. Dr ler. fat Rob-s -. : i-an"
iso an........ .._ cott had the veteran Mdna off est. When we get back from d D" Eier-- I .--oe orts (4) a 4 ,3 ki
nlti in a f er as the orShirai Rematch balance and connected with ol- Venezuela, we will show some TARRING l a-- N i r-
S ltim e, OriolesbeatBobId c n tJOCKEY Alejandro Syracuse ( 00 200 000 00-2 7 0 Robtn and Crandall. ,
atobL e-id blows to Medina s face and real claw."8alFhany then went Yeaza headed the list of rdsH .an
on a tre n ns. 4- in their TOKYO,-World body. Medina also landed some on to explain at Moore had a suspended at an Franco er Owens and Parks; Amor and Pittbu

h It ie P, ..oweve, re- May 16- I t.P 00.1 0 P- a o o w a n r s o n P t sb u I,
r The IndiAns, however, r flyweight champion Paseual Pc- good unches but it was Pres- couple of fights lined u pin Ca" the weekend with a total of ten Noble.
r. M c ,,flyweir ht champion n8P ascua l te Nbe alltheway.
dod behind Mike Garcla's s rez and former campion Yoshio cott a the way. racas, so they will be fly ing there meets. .
SSte wa h third aoud title i to In the main prm an- k month to take on Columbus 000 000 0-0 20 rk .
'bwa hiser ays..tkin BarrowsV1 r ,mm n e ne-. ....... Richmond 000 010 x-- 4 0 and Atwtl
r =. r -,f, ---n for ref Ms for..- -, ....... ,an, Man
rs vry be held hre y ,l (Gaha was Kume and Lakeman; Starr Jones (1-1), Schult and S .

'.. l M y decisoned pia l Ward. 1 ven promoter Tnrlqr M.r- 5 4ende fo four 600ets for d r
Srndl am homer The fight itheArgentine and in thesecond bout of the tin, who is responsible for Jolt- crossing Gonxza and Mr. Foot andWatlngton.
IBob T es 12 trs om fighter's first title defense a- evening, Roberto MurillO, 119, In' Joe Brown's pre ncein Pan- in aturday' first Mraee
I. a rley'anks 1 strieou against the former champion also Was vidor by unanimous de- ama, had something to say.
Itl ob Sne tl alnt' the fre mi cision over Kid Zeflne 11,118, In "Hey, Davey," hollered Martin, MIO DA-, (Proton) g Rochester 019 00 1 -l 10 F
S anstr ttl Loby SAtnetis topit The signing ceremony was four heats. "I got Joe (Brown) to train andHfour meets for crossing Naran-r 0 0
v-Oe t lin the opener. Turley held at the newly constructed second you. Don't I get some Jaso and Tap Lady ISaturday
i srikteu thtelenteo. Tu eley vision Gardens In downtown A special attraction curtain credit for the win?" Sure Mar- fouth ay Beard and Rand;, Hmleyu

B d his a l a griaut total to gr b --is- .s-s.. a.s if's f hli a s a a s |w- ^. ,: IM)
after the oston Red Sx Manabe representing Japanese fight et for four. (Te Panama Amerian th r 5 1
dout 12 hits for are0eelloxenahCommidfronerva 002hide reported early last week a he also received four more for Havana 000 024 x-6 4 513-Our Fancy $320,.0
dci ou Th itre were 48 bits xin g CTanabe.Allen had won the first three, the Jolter would be in Moore's disturbilg Regia sand Sherry Snyder, Morehead (6 rick- .FSECOND RACEc$
tu doubleheader including stanzas and seemed a sure win- corner for last night's fight), Time un h when son (6), Llpethi (6) and eyman; 1-Ebony $46.80D 12.60, 22.20 th
V Tnethe douleer uigeuday'shfourthyohensono(6), Li (5)and fourmrter.t --0__.60,,2-.
Sby Jim Delsing. Ferris The May 30 fight. which will ndr when floored three times In Probably the quietest and most he rode the winner, Alonsito Raffensberger, Moreno (6), Har- 2-Piola $92.40, 32.40.
d Eddle Joou The loss be broadcast and televised, will the last. The bout was stopped composed person in the dressing as (7a and Noble. WP-Moreo. 3-- rena $10.60.i e
a five game Red Box wm- be eld at Tokyo's Rorakuen by the refeere after the ast room was Joe who gave just VICTOR RODRIGUEZ, (Our LP-Erickson. HR-Montalvo. First Double: $250.4
Stadium. knockdown. 'smile and a shrug when this Fancy) was fined $10 for tam- TIRDErothe .-
pering with weights. 1--L-Que i1ndo (e) $3.40, 3.40 g sta
2-Avivato (e) coated boa Its
nLiLSAINTENl was Th HiPa d 3-Candelaria (no show betting) onld War I ry, is
..11eturcareless saddling of. By UNITED PRSS _One-Two:r F (QU OL Can teter o,,_, i e

AlAMA REwUeLIC OF ht meets to practice at the F2O-Orando $2.20, 220
Complete Prize-winnn Numbers m the Ordinary Drawing No. 1888, Sunday, May 15, 1955 std t-He refused at the (Based on 75 times at bat) "berryhTime #..20
The whole ticket has 44 pieces divided In two series "A" 4s "B" of 22 pieces each MONTMARTRE and Don Jaime -IF' H RA CE NI N T AV
got Wot mats each for poor per- Player and Club g ab r h Pet. o n 60 Gre .40, 4 .0
rorMa ncs and Rose Hip wwag Mueller, N. Y. 25 10er17 44 .4t5 2-Coral $2.60 8 JVT O G3.
Firs t'Prize 0888 $ 44,000.00 ia under orders oft, 1 ea, Bklyn. 30 113 22 40 .3.4 SIXTH RACE. 3 P0e ill
t"ack's veterinarian after finish- ,,Vdon, St. L. 20 76 16 28 -Royal Claim$18, 7.40, 3.60 .
lg lame in m undays ninth race Logan, tMil. 30 112 23 39 .348 2-nachad 3.60, 3.60 TENTH
S e co n d P riz e 5 7 7 6 a -tvo o o by Ch- ar e A- Se-, LE 2- -A3a t Bli3) $ Fighte r $21
d o t ,o.t rondth ,oa I. ,/4 .e3IIBcan9.a5o s2ow (No place or slow betting).

i______,__,___,__________r__________,______r______rr___-lr____________ss__ddllowed__oUto nuntillittissarce(-uKallnn-,Detroitt300116f24i44 .379
Mm ***ns Prisme N ie s 16. Ma Na 5Pm No. Prime. Na Prime N.. Cui.w No Pis s .. tanned that she is in good condi- B"uer, N. Y. 28 11329a38..6
N ., 1 s___ ,_ t, t Smith, Balti. 2"o80010 215.,13
es'' ne 151 w 1ole 13cet to pi s div e s13 twseu 12" 72" 55 122.6 32s eash I! 1g2. D-S.N HOME RUNS
...! b e.. w-2a14 II4got2tWO mees echaor oorperslSyeer an_ C seb s .. ...... ** e-sorae .e0 INu. nider, Dodgers.......... 11
huN gaf. 1 26sIIR 1g .6 2453 a 1'2''.6 4453 m22 NI -s. t 'as45 453 1 s atN l o a en122.0 n0. ...
NM 13210ne 13rdrH2.30' 122.00'ea 13164165 12201'5 613 4.0g 1S00155 122. 01as-m 132.66 o52.0.
12.00 13 32s.00 r eo. 122.00 3158 i.66 na473a 1.2.00 5..8 122.00 eisa 120.-1776. 122.00 3733 13 1 S." .
44- __. _am _,2-..- t,, 63 2 .26, 32I25.66 lto .2200.66 ms uau.6 s muan 2,266.6__awc a o 2,3..o Zuriall, Atdet rs.."... 10
L I amnrn PlaRelK .......uewk, Rer le 3 ... 8

000" 46.3 e .e6 -,446.6 "a I nssthed t erun tiona l tn ied o-n Snider, Dodgers .........36
e a' I* s ea I | 40.I *n 4.6 a 44.0 0 first place race, were n ...o..r 2
[ l J l15 111.1 Ill 13.1 181 13.1 418-11.0, IH !1 1 II iU IllS IS.110U- n- l_ I1 ha -g- m- i aoverthe RU S/

tied f I "" L 1i Ver Senatrs...... .-
S h o ini er 5unsa yet Montreal e .RUNS
ene :i s e.ees t ses~ee afts aggise as ss *.e ess seen ease s*.e e as e *a sus m.* a m ia se in ha f .S*-game lead over the

B~g'sslgie'6s~ols nlswith the Mapla La Ptln as! an, Bravo L............
Th ers split a double- Dauer, Yankees .......... 2
1kIU7-5 victory in the opener while Dark, Giants ........... 256-
I" A mt"IIplsbyswee g 4- ved in htcap.T
S.- 4 Rochester held down third
as. m 1. 11 6 ,124 N1am NSI ams 3t3.0 b w
NisM 3y.11 sel sso amSIMU3.81 an SI _p s ng a twinbill Kuenn, Tigers .. ..... 50
SBuffalo. The Red Wings Mueller, Giants ........ 44
Sae-*innInae Number@ of vrdaY-%* Om Drawing were Msold at: First, Second and Third in Panama. fW-r burst in the sixth in- Unella, Dodgs 0.. 0
lTh NtM Anl ld then ca pt I b te ttM ITst wla Forty-Fo r D llr (44.N ) eM h. 11h n be ptured the L i griB avesm ... ..... UB
B-u and neffisdt lf Oki OW 0 win r w Dn e. s-Zm, I b eind rigfht-. I l
pa go* q oec4 *In ms- the t U spoes m "A" and h v rr hder Ralphr B eard. rih
S. T A Goy e ,tw Piao of Panam*-. Cd. 47-12sh overColumbufter the Pitb sad lb W
t-atve of The rre-sury RCARDO A XLANBMJetSIG opener 4-2. behind rakine, Dodg o ..0 0 -1
.p Havana. continued to Newembfe Dodg.. i
i-, .=M717!. I l
-oor i3_.- .N /., :=..@. 7 -!Iiil'-


S" : -

r ..


aterl-atwetwet v I and 3-3;, rApectlvely.
11ed1i. A Wtmately .The league has just about
*y T 1-%OWe'-D reached the end of its short sea-
Te emder i aon AstbP are only six re-
t ee har for mniq= u t be played.
tar'. Thla the schedule
LtfhAB flt fsit tay itac tSW Vigor vs. T. A.
=fyt-Sve to he- rit Pu- Fidor Brdy vs. Aral. Cola
.M y w :ldT T. .T...vs. Arsi
d- dAited tbrough 6t4 LA6oca. .
-a Aleman Jr. at
-... e a t
j r ecelve 40 IP w WrIyr tTA. I'. v. vAleman,
.rt.AC!, J Jr..atMA o. .
S.I- -hoe-Is still on in this
Of, -t- MDIht b i' glee to w who will be
m. th a#,14 tz tov.face the Ttv4ag
it 7: p.m. with i four Jacni2 team Ontir
iy7.7- i .* thr Ieetfm tarM t besr mia I
bi aterw Rocky t l rfjPfb*lity tI e league
8aWAg4 ato W nlit at4npmy t
t-"."-'-t-.. .L: _. .* .-.;.. -""-:/.5.,- ';-'-"* ?*-;. .S :*W ."


And now you have a fountain pe that is just right fr the May you write
l .-. .. .-. .

a '


AM3?iCA-" flwt POtt WAifR
sic n W at

,iTfor sed-b"!^
iwri --9-
* L 1.-. ^
4- ,jsA tB .. .- -li-Biii.-jrz *, A. .-^ifa S l-Iia-i

-.*.. -


* ** & AN Nfr POI
with PRIn

Encanto T
c gs" o.
PO. ms .



tlt MM[ i .- ,: X,

a s n done to

.. "e Nswitch
-A. ..tD NEW (.EA) ala mb t"noth. AN Iton4 b
SLa hat"e was flmshed aid ing much. i's just got the goods ell over R Mo
AN FRAN I (UP)-Rocky Mar- he s who had been sprint to be a great pitcher, that's all. I would c don
l bc ad forth across the out- lddn't n nothing much to talk' but he
wrld heavyweight erons tomght iinit nt
atoe tnder nose, *ill d4- f teubled into the dgout at about.
; his ld.'we ht, ae tmp t f ht- ng As8ad r the Yankees helad The pleasant-faced Turley didn't Willia m or ....
Do Co e, the plump but fa -pdn g bck to. their drdssin room for sem to think so, either. B t
Sp i the British Empire. a upe of minutes w hie op. "e'a got me throwing ayS mlyaiaer, I St pr
.~teher.o- last op in from ob g aid. Otherwise. I tisehink .tl
: W.thJ hdStet iin 1 bat- f I 1' wkout started to walk 'in about tes Boae. yoou-thatX o'n n tw.h
-oo totaboutabogO Englan
to attract about airAt first thit would lead you tolduce a world heavyweiuhd
it.ooas an oval- dJe b 'u rley followed the other, believe ttra: it Was a collosal Pnwithin five years. :
-bvwlnti ud we Cthddinpsee pbut he got only three or four waste of time to sic Turner on
h atowpplr steps past t he spot where *Jim lurley if that's all they accom-h Tods, Solomoe n v San
'r ake ereleadingTurner wassitting onthe bench. !ished together, except at co re th
.pe. i W were leading tn flt ion P Jthfoehnnyfigelsan- d fei WVe we a-wh the coaeh called him back. 1
he. lated the distance dn te Stadium. rley dugout andhunched over, omethmg vitally interesting, pleasure to y. May t
ee straight singles tied the I"The overhand motion s u remain win. M e sure t
om hte n a Wins tPer- core and il Hoages was on" e lps ne e the bal over the record of our national an
hevw eght h second base, Carl Furillo first th hi see what this fellow does nate," Turey admitted. play. Good luck'
hWe astthe- Sth BillyCox up and none ou t.itri, he began, point-
S t4 rq er his It was the set-up for a big in- FF M .- alIs- t ll l raeful- r Isn't that the whole trick?
hlk Ml&tpr oaal d hng. A good bunt would -'move in l trim era tfmruda's Great Seuld. In the fore- ho t thr aeall"Guess it is." he conceded.
t h he makes his the runners into scoring position. und, intent in their battle for position, are members of an l m start fora basuballet foBo A few more questions piled
title defense. Nobody had to tell me that- erican International One Design crew..It was International .ig trthc for Bl oelatop this soon translated the

ry' th oeeer- titer d al tifore 24 .... .... .. .
and when Cox dropped a perfect Race Week. e one-tim BaltimTor urner grunts and Turley I-
-__ _ild__ mhn manr
But should underdog Don pro- bunt down The line almost half tn te m whose high-test start don't-knows into a pretty clear
vide- a .apset--possibly by re- way to third base, I went for the n American League this sea rictur e of another teaching su-
opening the split in Rocty'v nose ball. Pitcher Johnny Sain tfe ilr1 41l n labeled him anne almost cer ceIs for the coach. -
-he would e the first native- down to get out of my way. D ecco C ops D visional And te g.y who ha d more .... He keep- your mind on busi-
* h .... to win the didn't even tahe Apd t wa last game who has Tnt m ""e k yur mn on bs
born English citizen to win the ddn't even straighten up. I just than a pas ng hand in the Turley ness," Turley went on. "He got
heavy crown. BRb Fitzaimmons 'fired the ball to Gil McDougald at renovating Is Turner, the old me to get that curve over and it
though bomn In land. was a third ase. it was mighty close, Milkman who Is rated, around thelhas helped I.eep b tters off bal.'
n tur hed United Statle s ctl- I ut the uma re ruled at H Softball aChamrpionship baseball circuit, as one of the few ihnc e. haig Obatters he
1e1 wS % he took the title from bad been forced out. who can teach a pitcher. r. ure knows ba t pitchng to
James J. Corbett in 1897. Clem deLabne the mnex b a thte rn When the Yankees swung their them.
Incneo amo y b 4ane ine, thenata the t n ba ll ows bi .0g rTtoSaa-pwinter deal for the 24-
In case of a Cockell victory tnted except far down the llne. was Deeo, .A. copped the 1955 runs, 28 of them earned: and yearold, 6-2 205-pound "At St. Pet rsburg. he watched
they aritle contracted for a omew retu in theThey were clutch plays that championsah of the Pacific Di- allowed 58 base hits. His earned wander, 'they came up with a me fo over-striding -trying to
title bout somewhere ed us out of a ad spot. visional softball League as they run average was 3.9. throer he had fanned 185 men thow too hrd--and, yes, you're
Unitt within 90 days. o f badspot easily defeated the National Dis- Decco, S.A. re laces Army last season, but had put 180 oth-2 right, I throw sidearm sometimes
tillers in the last game Of a Transportation as champions of ets on base via talks. three-quarte" other times and
three-game playoff series. All the annual Pacific Divi sional On Mar. I when the Rankeest ien ,overhand. instead of just one
the runs in the ame were scored Softball League. opened their training camp at St. way.
in the first two innings as the Following are the batting av- Pet ers mlaed t urnr
Constructors gained the 5-3 vic- erages of the players who hit a- ever. AHEAD OF SCHEDULE
tory. above the .300 mark with 10 orl..When Tarley hng up his fifth
The first game of the series more offtidal at bats. Those not doston, he put his strike out-I .Cincinnati '(NEA) In the
went to the Distillern as they mentioned either had less than (alk overage at a highly accept first 89 games this year, 198 home
By BE4NS REARDON walloped Decco 10-5 behind the 10 at bats or were below the sel- ale 47-28 balance. runs were swatted in the Na-
24 Years n National League seven-hit pitching of H. Mostly, ect .300 mark. That's a slarp change from the' fonal League, compared to 169
Written for NEA Service the league's champion pitcher. AB R Ave. r4 Turley. so you ask what's, st season.
Deceo won the second contest 6- C. Allison (D) ..... 11 6 .545
Rocky Marclane QUESTION With two out, a run. 0 and went on to take the last G. Lawrence iNR .. 10 5 .500
-- ner on third and a count of two for the winner's trophy, M. Hurtado (D) .. 10 5 .500 1
judges strikes, the batter misses the third In the final game, Decco scored V. Sampson (NR) .. 26 12 .4 .
One refefee and two j p s ~rike. The catches s. ,$oo, ad 5 runs on 6 hitr while National .N. Trottman (D) ... 29 14 .48f i
willscoreb i 11 he chases thhe ha-Te t5iierrao- Distillers talsd-thelr Irunm on H. Ellis (ND)-......13 3 .48rk
fa .lrotn!tIeawnc the two es from ft and the runner rom three hits. Henry, the wining Roberts (ND 42 19 .4ER VER OPLDISTIM
fRil.te as. third, Ih'ads 1or,0:h. plate. Th pitcher, tosed steady bAll a he G. Griffin (NN) ,.. 43 19 .442
pitcher covers the plate and the gave up only one more hit a B. Williapis (D .... 16 .438 "
SlPacific Women' her'sthim n1ils the single by Reinaldo in the third C. Nelson (ND) .... 37 16 .432
P runner. Does this mean the batter frame. H. Mosely also pitched J. Beckles .NN) ... 38 16 .421
Soft ning?-EFawley. Immediately following the S.Brewster (CB).. 208. 0.o 0
eslAntwer' a h am the, the champions, runnersup Roman (ND) .. 3 16 400
AaANDINGS Q. s the fuld t ene atand the individual winners were R. Flemmings (NNf 18 7 .380
TAM n s the Polo itounds the short estrpresented with beautiful tro- H. Roberts (CB) .. 34 13 .382 TODAY .75 4 .
haa o h ot 10me run target in the in a i phis. The ptsent l were Dudly (CB) ... 21 8 .81 -- Ora
Arle Cola ......... 5 .833 No-th e same pa by Aonarmnt LH. rksNelson ( ) .... 38 1 .32288 Prhr 3L\ -R.lo.. :
TA.T .C..... 4 1 e800 eft Nfiel,- same park's loser. T he Boca Playground director and P .Gaskn tD) ..... 21 8 .381 .- --
Aleman, Jr ....... 3 2 .600 rght field w.r 1 is 2an 8, ut the left Henry Clark, a the league's assis- F. Spencer (CB)... 197 S31NC
Malt& Vigor ...... 1 5 .143 field upper tier Juts out over the tan tacorer. Edgar "Red" Rob- H. Llnza (ND;-----30 11 .367
Funeador.Brandy 1 5 .143 fence-normally 280 feet- reduce erts was.the luckiest player of L. Graham (CB) ... 11 t .304
Iing the dist:.nce to 250 feet, the the day as he took home both J. Ingram &NN) .... 14 5 .357
Results of the ast week's rLsolute mininfuni for a home the batting champlop trophy C.O-ill (CB) ........ 31 11 .355 I
games found the leading Aral under the rules. pand the home run king' trophy. W. rules (D) ...... 28 10 .351 su d
Cola team dropping their first Q. What is the proper procedure Roberts batted .452 andcollect- R. Goldson (D) ..... 35 12 .343 ia
game and the second place tor a pitcher, while on the rubber ed 3 home runs. H. Mosely'a Ft. L. M organ D) .... 27 90 .333
.A.T. lassies picking up a half 1to throw to a base in a pick off Kobbe -captai, took lptching, Salman ID) ..... 12 4 .333
game on the leaders. ttempt?---George Collins. honors with a 6-3 won and lost H. Cummings (NR) 18 5 .322
The games that were sched- A. He must.step ahead of the average. Mosely appeared in 10IA. Bennett (NR ... 26 8 .320
uled for Monday were postponed inow--directly at the base. The aesm, completed 6. tossed 40 2-3 H. Mclean (D) ... 22 7 .318
because of rain, while two con- pitcher cannot make a snap throw Innings, gave up 32 walks,'C. Cox (NR) ....... 18 5 .313
tests were played or wednesday. 'and then step at the base after it. struckout 10 batters, gave up 36 L. Springer (CBp ,. 29 9 .310
raiso, Aleman, Jr. gailped even e
e over Arsi Cola as hey easty
ea ekell trounced the Soda-girls 8-6. Ar-
Ssi Cola jumped to an early 4ead I
Thirty-year-old Marclano, a in the first inning but that was
plodding, bob-weave slugger, is short-lived as the Dipal-girls
heisily favorid over the upright, tallied seven runs between thel 1 H. i*
26-year-old hboXr because of his first, third and fourth innings to
punch raggedness and -stamina. go ahead. They scored an insur-
Also because the challenger was ance run in the fifth frame on
unimpressive In. training. an elrdr and a triple by Velta This is the BARREL There are different ou
Rocky, ,ho wrested the crown Arsl Cola threatened In the of a fountain pen ESTERBROOK M salw V nd sm.
front Jersey Job Walcoti in 1952. topof the fifth jg they came
bat knocked out 41 of hIs 47 op- within one run of- the winners, ,,* Fof
popents.. Cockell, an "In-and- bqt were unable to get any fur- L' i La WEDNESDrYu "
asopped -only 28 of '12. or one- was the winning pitcher of the PALL MALLS esnteims the quality cilgsfttte 7'
10-1 record discloaer he was loser, although being relieved b. pen po-nt in would -.pect tr Iellow RECI, 88
stopped five times. Joyes Anderson in the fifth and the BARRELp
However, the English farmer- At La Boca, Fundador Brandy fati-tmtE
who formerly was a blacksmith finally r d the win column extra legth: Audit's tin that
as chal for MarMino Vigor by tile -phocking score of No matter how you write M IMPORTANT- who smoke PAL-L MALL3 acquire a
I1 ,. tlas cbasp, 18-3. Thae aine was a slufest you can get the RIGHT POINT- First you select the right point added Sir of sophiuticatio,-
4 as Sou t serd. two .as in the first and for the. way you write
lk!t3sn,,ao -e fifth lwere-more than ciearette 'f di Si l a, tUe .

ry Briton with a smash enou shf tory. V. Gittens, .'"

i tt h chunky Malta ior do .practi- i
a body attack call not, wit the slants of "
hmLn July ZR, .Ipa itt they seared on- The -, select o c.wt I
athr ,ersep .J si-gla runs it the third and You qcr the POINT into G ser
r;at t e-re- ioatZh ro nl the COLOR. barrel you prefer the BARREL-


': : '
.+. "...-..

C -

ri ve

6,:" ,+- ,,'.,
*. ',, w ..

\,' (" *
f. _


nauer Wins n i F

I M ority Dme ,S %lr PAPE Aw

El ections 'Pure Ys
i Vaa m r EGAS Mw ay -(UP)
Z, Germany, May 16 (UP) Let Ie people know the rnuth and the cowutry is safe" -Abraham Lincoln. Pnon o fel aomi wero.
ancellor Konrad Adensuer Ttulh at agh to
for his pro-Western andI
a resounding vote of conf a ha 100 a yH^ was^I H H^

a Demo Duolles To Report bid War ains 'o. .-
I .. Ieon e omlUgn a l.Rwn 00-foot
samnt. I his in turn boosted It flash a sm air miles
control over the federal bound away in Aris Ina San Francis
6ti (upper house of parliament e i co 300 miles dist tes and at the "
s h nstat (emeouras of r t Californlm-Mets. b o r d ae r, 265
by the State asemb tly.m Y m I d en ht and w as the
etl a n e Of ve Peace Throug .h Stren q to Ieli Theedmtonad ie oer
adveecure position in t hel t The detona, more power
ly C tholic and ionsertive ful than the ci -shattering Hi.
in the first elections sine WASHINGTON, May 16 (UP)- Mr. Eisenhower hailed the trea- stored Austrian independent, wil dr to the United States, quickly roshima bomb, ad been post-
ignt. t did so at expense, is ecretat y or State John Foster ty in Vienna yesterday. enable the nation to "play hep took the same view In a television pointed since May 8 becuase of
anti-rearmament Socialist; Dulles comes home from Austria: Mr. Eisenhower hailed the trea- full part in world affairs -wi interview. unfavorable weather. It was es-
--cfmpsgned for s 'new ap- today tn report to president El- ty in a special message to Aus-' digkt self respect and r a e- On his trip Dullas was maid to timated at I2 kilotons and term
to the problem of Ger tenhower and the nation that the visan president Theodor Koerner.dom.,' have outlined these fundamental ed "a major weapons develop- .
Christian Democrats won through strength" is paying offS Offiials also regarded the trea The shot osa called "purely a ABOARD 'E AAd

100drn seatsen t he....e i... a.... +,tetern$ wods poliy onu oa e sd e til b t, Americatn o of y meat dpoU tet." lu .-,_- --
t of 00 seatS e e ino the Cold War. tas u dividend in the adminis- STRENGTH-The diligence and laboratory test" and was ob. NavodalOpu s t'bggo
ent. a gan of eight o the traai or eign oicy f peacel atienc. of the allied powers in served mataly b scientist. room ,Wri
reviouholings e Administration officials said in th strength. lding up their arm tr engta under rhe e a RMY a d
imeantThe state's fourth advance of the secretary's arrival As expected to port on to combat Communist agggressionn There were no military ground duarnlg t.e leg ot,- af ..
to the federal parliament at National Airport that his nine- this policyy at 7:30 p.m. morrow is paying off Chief evidence of personnel,. large observer corps
Rlmneand.Palatnate wr, day mission would be In a nationwide radio-television this is the Austrian treaty. But nor animals, a a d 40 military
t him on vital rearmament come lown as one of the most speech exprosing general o p t 1- the free world must not' fal for planes flew over the scene in-
atE mort.ant ever carried out by a nim about chances for peace in Voscow's sweet talk about end- lead of the visual 100 or more.
ad the Socialists won in thisU secretary of state. the eold War-paticularly the Eu- Lir the Cold War. The nature of the experiment
a d^ hvcenauetr won uld h i a cgeti of t atue. oTeoa rMphaU se.o o n was not dclo sd, in line wita
the two-thierds mav orit he It was climaxeu by signature o-minute report wW le t oe GERMANY-Unificon of Ger- AEC policy, and scientists would
ic o in the Bundesrat. He the Austrian peace treaty in Vien cast for the first time directly many is an attainable goal. A- r.ot say if they were trying to
o two-thirds majority tov yesterday from Mr. Eisenhower's private o long with disarmament, th Ger- pack e, en more atomic power in
e ofe constitutional lice with the President Introduc man question should be a fruitful to a smaller space.
peasse of 7 noo r t a ing the secretary. topic for discussion at a Big to a ratr anc e
ge providing g for re a nn tll lt n iourmeeting. H owe Ler, the aweoan which be
Sa- oci lit lost two of the JI llm C Ublle il I In addition to signing the treaty dna 10 year s ao as a bulky, un-
SDulles reached a general "under BIG FOUR- If Moscow agrees, A'eldy package has been refined
-sse-sts t he el Din .the l t stan in"- nParts with h Ig Ia atop-level meeting would not red efficiently to be housed in the
taebi. Tho e Free Demo onD The plioR ( sel officials on policy toward ,ut in final agreements on key cnse of an 11-inch artillery shell
ovanrDemr, tser of the s o 5 I na. And after getting trans questions. Mr. Eisenhower, So- Yesterday'b detonation contrast-
seovermte n t herled so b a Atlatic clearance from the pros- viet Premier Nikolai Bulganin'ed with previous tests in that
9 eatri L I Erar I use i ideat, he joined in a three-pow- british Prime Minister Sir Anthc there were no troop maneuvers
e* ppar vote was sursrl er invitation to Moscow to attend ny Eden and French Premier Ed nor civil defense effects enperi
i a fit. a le isuon l A cll etion of United States i cvel chiefs of government lar Faure would be expected on ments.

iwav for anl io whia A collection of United StatesI W sa
marked by considerably Vot tcommemorative stamps and .of ate this summer. ly to outline problems and re-
t he by n i erl ae A m seb nD M alsoatended the historic commend soutitons for detailed There we 25 major experil-s
t y I eIt e stae s o I tin sadquarters in New Yrk North Atlantic Treaty Orgalsa .action by experts. ments in the series, eight for
givtion meeting which welcomed civl ects, one Cfo er smtary ofeiclo
went to the Poll ,S' efft s ,
r 46.8 per cent of the vot. na Zoae Librry-Museum, in the West ermeny into the military FAR EAST- East-West prlb icc, .15 ot he Los Alamitos
increase of 7.8 over the flth a .nd tial wee of th.e fourt a ee. lemos in this art of the world Sciestuc Laboratory and one
elctio" t 951 annuall exitita o u ae Caribbean undoubtedly w9 be discussed by or the Livermore Laboratories
action i uA to) Meanwhile, diplomats here saw e heads of government. B ut cf CAll oo a, the two organiza
Si but the Free Vt LI AT pt )itte eance this. country wuld s is noo excuse to invite Red tions d i len design the nuclear de-
sMggtAn .the Fe e bet Ra by WILLING AND READY-Pitts- I. t R "-ia's bid for an agree l'.h to the to-level meeting Ov- 'ces.
Bjatit rwon 45.0000 o n Ra The collectindge an e. sen it aEisenhower tells news- ent similar to the Austrian trea en thou h Russsla tries. The explosion wAs barely hears
Sand aht st ome oesf which and Lrs. W. m o id the .ariu men at Washington that he i a n wold establish a reunit- The ni te States is abablutely ere but "rumbled" at Bish
K upyndl'1a ses of whichl'orees, members of th e Larib poe to Re Cia partcina Calf and was "sharp andd cra c -o attend a Bi
ier Nazst officials. Lean tamp Club, is in the first e to te aig ini te a ied e o d but neutralized Germany. opposed to Red Cina'sarticia- Calif., and was sharp and cra T
t fat hghte sase in bthe o o meeting %to test Russia, s In- They said West Germany be- tion. The hed regime might how- ing" at the control point at the
'a t t cme. C.ivi Ataiors cue g. in world ten- ons ~~ theAllied side. einz ever, join some later and lower AEC's nearby Camp Mercury.
SCivil Afnairs I a ing. one. Kreeler .Wes German ambassa level talks. It was seen 230 .mites away at
These stamps are of Interest be- i-Los Angeles international airport
cause, n tr historicalsigh i bytower controller ay Smith as
Iihe.lycance, otm d they highlight events A a "flash bright as the sun" which
l c ein the history of the Ucmted State Aust an Treaty Ro s Back ron urlit up the entire sky around him.
t-ond because ifey commemoratezUs B a k I O.Irn C rt i .E At San Diego's Lindberg Field
aontrsout T ons[tfamousAmer i r ontroller Gcorge Boesder saia
Included in the collecon re Provides Long-Awaited Break In Cold War oud" and might bave been bright-
O')-RAIDS, TYu oala decM Included in the collection ore er than others had there not been
.t )-President Tito declar-stamps honoring .George Waishing- VIENN A, A (UP tour-power conference sum ed .a.sith. t German a slight overcast.
Russia would respect- its ,ashington Garet, andTomasN withdraw att mer of thef cre: s of states eon. h s d
ete independence before it Alva n All ofth samp s ay ,- -9 e glitterig signing ceremony 'The Soviet Union has striv
to talks with top SovietlPre beautiful in both design md'p.ty thut ,rol cN" m Vien_-s.Beiveaere.Pa o find .a solution not only for "v m o
ohere this month. toSv ecutifon taIn forbohd fegad y i t tls back nd theeCur- made &ustria, with its 7 million Austria but also for the German rNn .
a speech broadcast by all h.x .tin fore tho tfisttme and pm population, a -new Switzerland' problem ... but this has rony-Swest ore
l1iesthe Ion,-awaite break in the on the face of Europe. impossible under present c cam-River as oD gtbe itld I hi
olav radio. o stationsTito Funeral Services CIdWar., The Big Four also fledged to sbtances ," Molotov said. Si s cof,41t. A t pAI:
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t he said Yugoslavia wants Diane Zemer itg to npfv t profound effect on The filck of'their juns touched a mail hear alliance- the new o under the N atona Symp of Herbert de C nfe .
ntain "the very best re- the rest of Europe and predict- of the greatest nation al celebra- n"Red lNATO'a r gdStr dallyetheCawtndr hebadtoo iHreries -
a with the. Western coun- Funeral pe-Mces will be held cd it was genend slhoderation" tion in Austria's history. Ever Wars O orged Saturday atr, ix concert beginn ing Wednries-
and added: "Let no one at 10 a.m. tomorrow at the Gor- of Soviet li etoard the slave church bell in Austria rang and "- ith beginning e.T. .e
we are turning our cot as mortuary chapel for Diane sundera s. its thwanb.i srenidud 1 lve whistles add He proclaimed Russia's intention y at the National Tater. WASHINQTON, iay 16.(up,-- (... t nl
oke t the Adriatic port i i, o e ste ministers who ed to the Aiwe ss ne measures Wednesday's concert wi be in The Dep"tit of Healt'Edu- p "e a
spo iss than two das fcter tLiurday evengn i ts to y iv Aus. A deirioobs crowdof 0 o -u rma'sns une ty without honor of PreoihWdent Rcardo st'l a dWelfarea4n c4 a nd i i
S e o r a at at e ee fa reedom 17yearsblioti Aatno amassedarou rebirth of m'litarism." who Is expected to attt d alon Itoday Ita alledaonfor May 91.
ahnoup:ed Premier Int6 me at o r zl cme- w eil ife tng. o t their various the P a made Bih eca ofbinetlo ,a and o heatl-
n is ti trmente at aCod Bae i e g The Soviet minister also struck with members of hisa capebinet uta. dcla us.- s whatEathsr ey -Th e ...e
lgpnln dCommuiad s to 'pin within week Four ministers take repeat a new "peace" note by declaring the local diplomatic ops. -
Story will follow the chapesrv- or tud0s" p iig of the B curtain calls" from abalconj that "European and world pro Cost of tickets for the series is ca. 00 to rdUf and rent ferehee
de tat f pNits l so evl i es.0k A rc b,.h ids at.aie o w andathere b ,rth t .peuveolended"te, h'I
lad a top-level Soviet e o Many the crowd wept and there blems cannot be solved by pro- t0. Single tickets are also avails- juenl dny. Ji,*a" _-o .e ecm -A
e Yuqoslav wh a. The Re Beeby, of the wnn ttreatyAftere.tae-oryarGod.' dpr thank God. Thanpa foran atomic war." bie. Some .70 dotorx nurses and tA
Ygslavleader.woenoht hrFolowing Molotov's declaration, Beethoven s music will be tea- Inca. social wores, repro-esJ wn
urlst nation broke wit ti rc oWill off'o hagaing with the Soviet .nion The ink on e parchment r e of The West's highest officials trodA Wednesday's concert. Th
s sed t he r- h ii ern s te MIt tement on luiov rose twan of Ger sove p y toward ensaved tu the composers "Eric ap wia]ysSm
"h s sporI emlni the Yug- Drianeh wa ersthe daou ihteom ay th f tea era." .e proposed .weing ',tlons-- including the genua-eIInSyI I mphon y N o.3in

meeting we scw to it.t"y thAt oadhattheBlboaswimming olv flt day tor Mosc, Honale te usrin rety meraned and the"Red r eat
w s k ow kShe Is hlso s vive by a s- -s 'r ance that "w -g g to have 5 prl. e Castro hs schedul the reas-

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Cr aolom b io-n ---,.. 1 ..... I ..
Cooba ay maid tde Achbishopap 40r orary mbrotheG
olo a a- wel l maintained." .man Academy of Arts yesterday,
ISMg ihter Here nt the East Zone radio announced

In New York for the Flots 1w t .(UP). .
Colomblans, S.JL, arrived f II I-MP"I, Tenn May 16 -
Isthmus atur l for a (til) Bruno 3n, -, who
re he Pa a viat to rpd from behind the Ira vist to..a Cuwithurtain gave himself,.po-
e's new 4800-ton shi C- -i i_ "after o o n" a
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Cuenca which ut cause his "eonsciee L"
from Iurop..onher .. ...Kl, told.officerA,.... .;. .
the Western emlasphe., fter dotme It Um.-rels. whch
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*"k French -Forerign -t
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