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rFOUSIT *171.




Panama Ane ran

"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.







PREMIER IN POWER Newsmap locates where two battalions
of Vietnam Premier Ngo Dlnh J9lem's National Army surged
across the muddy Arroyo River, which divides Saigon from Its
predominantly Chinese-populated satellite city of Cholon, and
attacked a group of several hundred Binh Xuyen soldiers en-
trenched in' the som Kul market district of the city. Gen.
Nguyen Van Vy, commander of the army under Bao Dal, was
forced to flee from Saigon And seek haven in the town of Dalat,
when his coup against Diem failed. *

Budget Bureau Alters

Budget director Rowland R.
Hughes announced today regula-
tions covering payment of travel
expenses of Federal civilian em-
ployes overseas, other than those
under the Foreign Service Act,

STREET FIGHTING IN SAIGON Some of the first wounded in bitter street fighting at Sai-
gon, Indochina, are helped from ambulances. The forces of Viet Nam Premier Ngo Diem Dinh
drove rebel Binh Xuyen troops .om' algonn n Apr4 29,, whe the above pho as taken.

'd,.-*--* *

Diem$ Suffers Serious Setback

As Delegates Spiot In Discord
SAIGO, May 5 (UP) Pre- now hope for "national" back- his powers with a telegram to
mier Ngo Dinh Diem suffered a ing from this meeotit sinw the Diem proposing a "representa-
seri6us setback in the "war of most important delegates tive council" which would be re-
Con resses" today when a meet- the southerners pulled out placed later by a national con-
ing of provincial delegates spon- of it. stitutional assembly. He renew-
sored by him split in angry dis- It also threatened the Pre- sthistinggestion that Dem eneme
cord. mier's,attempt to stymie the as-toed his suggestion that Diem come
A rival Congress acros town cendancyof the revolutionary ench emperr'sbecvilla Baon Dthe
run by the increasingly power- committee and "revolution- eeds your prec ousuncil."
lul Revolutionary Committee ary congress,"nees your precious council.
simultaneously came out for fir- Violence struck again in Sal-
ing absentee Emperor Bao Dai gon when an assassin tried to 19 Paratroopers
and setting up a provisional re- murder Hao Hoa sect Gen. Ngu-
publican government under the yen Giac Ngo, one of the sign- Back On Duty; 6
Premier,. ers of the Revolutionary Con-
Diem'scogress was to haveap- gress' program of action. Ngo Still In Hocmital
proved today a more moderate escaped but his two bodyguards till In HoSpital
program" keeping Bao Dal as were killed.
chief of -tate temporarily. But. the national army was Of 25 paratroopers hospitaliz-
But nearly all the members fully in control of the sprawling ed after making the "Barracu-
from Saigon and South Vietnam capital and its southern suburb da" jump at Rio Hato on Tues-
stormed out or failed to show of Cholon. The forces of the re- day, 19 have been returned to
up because they bitterly object- bellious Binh Xuyen Sect were duty. a Caribbean Command
ed to proposals from northern either killed or dispersed after spokesman said today.
and central delegates who favor almost a week of civil war. None of the six men remain-
ousting the emperor too. A big question was where the ing in the hospital are injured
It m Diem could not army would place its allegiance, seriously. Most of them are suf-
- The popular opposition to the fearing from swollen or bruised
long absent Bao Dai spread to knees or feet. One man has a
the provinces today. From Hue, fractured nose.
Own -u v u 280 miles north of the capital, Most of the observers from 15
I Sdsreports were received of a mass Latin American countries have
demonstration by 100,000 Viet- returned to their homes, or are
W M namese who paraded through leaving today.
a W the streets demanding Bao Dal's The paratroopers will start
abdication. jungle training at the Army's
Of weapons a er I Bao Da! met the challenge to Camp Pifia on Monday.

The oWner-driver of an In-s
terior-bound station wagon suf-
fered a deep.laceration and frac-
ture of his litt arm on Thatcher
Highway y*terday when hisl
vehicle wa.nvolved in a side-
swiping Wit a three-quarter-
ton Army weapons carrier.
Preliminary reports reaching
Canal ZOne police on the acci-
dent were to the effect that
Adrian Combe, 37, Panamanian,
was driving his overloaded vehi-
cle up Boy Scout Hill and had
crossed the center line of -the
highway when the sideswiping
Though investigation of the
accident continues, prelimin-
ary surveys indicated also that
the left rear of the weapons
carrier driven by Sgt. William
Clifford Kearney, 33-year-old
American, was in what is
technically known as a "side-
way slide" when the dde-
swiping occurred.
It was explained this meant
the front wheels of the carrier
were on the proper side of the
road but the rear wheels were
swinging over,-the line as the
vehicle went around a curve.
Combe wa dr1vin g with his
arm resting o the door of the
station wagon St the moment of
Impact. He wagilven emergency
treatment at 0-orgas Hospital
and then transferred to Santo

(NEA Telephoto)
MOTHER OF YEAR MEETS IKE American Mother of 1955,
Mrs. Lavina Christensen uPgal of Pleasant Grove, Utah, is greet-
ed by President Elsenhower during a visit to the White House.
Mrs. Fugal is a 75-year-old widow with eight children. In the
center s Ben. Arthur Watkini (B, Utah). ..


Expense Rules

who take home leave between
their tours of duty.
The regulations, which
broaden existing regulations,
were developed in consultation
with the major government a-
gencies involved.
They define the limitations on
the government's responsibility
under public law 737 of the 83rd
Congress, for transporting civ-
ilian employes and their fami-
They are effective retroactive-
ly to August 31, 1954, when that
law was enacted, and implement
it where necessary.
The apply to approximately
22,500 U.S. citizen employes in
territories of the United States
and to approximately 21,000 U.S.
citizen e m p 1 o y es in foreign
They also apply in part to a
limited number of other over-
seas employes hired from out-
side the countries in which they
While the greatest number
of these various groups is in
the Defense Department, the
Panama Canal Company, the
Canal Zone Government, andk

ceive double benefits of return-
ing home for leave.
"3. An employee who for rea-
sons within his control, fails to
complete at least one year of
the period of service set forth in
his new employment agreement,
is required to reimburse the gov-
ernment for benefits received
under the act.
"This is necessary since the re-
turn at government expense for
leave purposes is conditioned not
merely upon the employee's com-
pletion of one tour of duty, but
also upon his agreement to com-
plete another tour at the same
or a different overseas post."
The Bureau pointed out that
Public Law 737 authorizes round
trip travel at government ex-
pense for civilian employes and
their Immediate families from
their overseas posts of duty to
their places of actual residence.
"An employee becomes eligible
for this travel after he has com-
pleted one tour of duty and has
signed an agreement for an-
other tour at the same or a dif-
ferent post outside the conti-
nental United States," the Bu-
reau said.

the Commerce ana Intee*or
Departments also employ aub- "The law also authorizes pay-
stantial numbers of person s to ment of return transportation of
which the regulations apply, an employee's immediately fami-
the Bureau said. ly and household goods in ad-
vance of the employee's return in
The Bureau gave this sum- instances (a) where the em-
mary of salient new portions of ploye has completed a tour of
the regulations: duty and (b) where, prior to
*..- -completion of tour ojty, the
"!. Tem plWry storage of public .eqte he re-
household goods and effects may turn for cjmnp llin reasons of
be allowed for.00 days where the a humanlrariarr or compassion-
employe, aftd his return for ate nature.
leave. goes to a mew post of duty. "The law provides t h at the
Likewise, 90 days of storage may cost of returning an employee's
be allowed if he returns to the immediate family and household
same post and storage is pro- goods prior to his completion of
yided in lieu of the payment of a tour of duty for other reasons
quarters allowance, must be borne by the employee,
but it authorizes reimbursement
"2. The term employee has after he has completed the tour
been restricted, where both hus- of duty."
band and wife or the children The regulations issued today
of an employee are hired by the amend the regulations contained
government in the same geo- in executive order number 9805
graphic area overseas, so that a of November 25, 1946, as amend-
single family unit will not re- ed.


To All

U S.

Vacation Jobs

Available For

38 Students

Students in Balbo' and Cris-
tobal High Schools .tid the Ca-
nal Zone Junior College who are
interested in U.8.-Rate jobs dur-
ing the summer vacation may
now apply for summer work, it
was announced yesterday by the
Personnel Bureau. T h i r t y-
eight summer Jobs are available
this year.
Pacific side residents should
apply at the Personnel Bureau,
Room 102, in the Administra-
tion Building at Balboa Heights.
Atlantic Side students may file
their job applications with the
Central Labor Office in Cris-
tobal. Applicants must be 16
years of age or over.
Summer work is available in
the following Company-Govern-
ment Bureaus: Civil Affairs, Of-
fice of the Comptroller, Com-
munity Services, Engineering
and Construction, Marine, Per-
sonnel, Supply, and Transporta-
tion and Terminals, and in the
Administrative Branch. '
The majority of the positions
open are for office work as
clerks, typists, or stenographers,
although a few are available for
mechanical helpers.
In the Engineering and Con-
struction Bureau, for instance,
student assistants will be em-
ployed in a variety of wor k.
Three summer jobs are open in
the Maintenance Division,' one
for a chemistry -student whq
will work !'i the Water and La-
boratories Branch and two for
typists. One typist will be as-
signed"to the Ba~IYff"Ta'TDIf-i
flee Adte one 49 the Water and
Laboratories Branch.
The students assistants are
needed In the Engineering and
Construction Director's Office
for general offfSe work; one
clerk-typist is needed in the e
Contract and Inspection Divi-
sion and one in the Electrical
Division. The Dredging Divi-
sion, a unit of the Engi'-aerihg
and Construction Bureau, has a
summer job open for a mecha-
nical helper.
The vacation jobs, generally,
will begin on June 8 or soon
thereafter and will last until
the end oq August.

Promises Free


- --



Rips Dummy

US Community

ATOMIC TEST SITE, Nev., May 5 (UP) The hell.
fire of atomic destruction smashed "Survival Town, U.S.A."
today as the most powerful nuclear explosion this year was
set off to test how well an every-day American community
can survive atomic attack and how quickly and effectively
Civil Defense can move to aid the stricken area.
It was also an indoctrination course the first -
from U. S. armored task forces simulating a breakthrough
of an enemy position being atomic firepower.
The white heat of nuclear fury burst just before dawn
with the force of 40,000 tons of TNT greater by far
than any atomic detonation ever witnessed before in the
United States by a non-military, non-technical audience.
Watching were some 500 Civil ice-cap formed as usual on the
Defense observers and newsmen white crest of the cloud.
- the remnants of a vanguard For this climactic shot of the
of 2000 who originally came from year's nuclear experiments,
all over the country to see this man got closer than ever be-
test. fore In peacetime, either above
Today's watchers stuck It ground or in trenches, to such
out, undiscouraged by nine a king-size explosion.
consecutive postponements of Eleven Army volunteers, 10 of
the blast because of adverse them soldiers and one a civilian,
weather. crouched in reinforced trenches
The blast was only mile from 1-1/3 miles (2600 yards) from
the edge of a typical American the base of the 500-foot tower
town. dubbed "Survival Town" aton .wbnh~ at u a. M-

San populated only tby ne-;
quins, anesthetized dogs and
some 500 rats.
Its brilliant flash shot man-
made sheet lightning across the
dark skies of at least six West-
ern states.
It produced a deadly beauti-
ful fireball that axed the ob-
servers and 2300 soldiers in
trenches, tanks and armored
The brilliant portion of the
flash was three seconds in -du-
ration, followed by an eight sec-
ond orange-toned after-flash.
The typical mushroom cloud
shot up to 40,000 feet and an


If Present System

so no .weorman, a; zucus
S lles northwest of La V
Fifty-ton Patton tanks occupi-
ed by armored task force per-
sonnel and newsmen were only
3100 yards from the tower -
roughly 1-3/4 miles.
It was the biggest civil de-
fense test in the history of
experimentation with atomic
destruction -or any explosive
wrecking project, for that mat-
At no time in the five years
of nuclear blasting at the Neva-
da proving grounds has so ela-
borate an effects test been ar-
rayed beneath the detonation.



WASHINGION miay 5 (UP) of shots may provoke the disease duction estimates were rosier
President Eisenhower will ask in persons who already carry the than, now.
Congress to authorize federally- virus, rather than prevent it. Officials suggested this vaccine
financed free distribution of the White House press secretary probably is being packaged
Salk polio vaccine to all the na- James C. Hagerty emphasized checked and processed for delit-
tion's children if he finds any that the President does not think cry to the Foundation.
child is being unfairly deprived it actually will be necessary for The grandson of Dr. Alta Ochi.
ci its protection, him to requisition the vaccine. sner, famed New Orelaug surgeon,
The White House announced the The President is confident the died of bulbar polio eleven da
possible drastic step yesterday as present voluntary system will as- after he received one shot of th
the Public Health Service report- sure fair distribution. Salkvaccine manufactured by the
cd supplies of the vaccine have A United Press survey disclos- Cutter laboratories.
fallen nearly 7 million doses be- cd seven new cases of polio to. Eugene Allen Davis Jr., 30
hird estimates made only a week day, all of them among children imonrths old, developed the disease
ago. inoculated with Cutter vaccine. Sunday, eight days otter being
The service said one factor in This brought the total to 45, most noculated at his grandfather's
the "slowdown" was the ban on of whom received vaccine from Ochener Foundation Hospital.
Cutter vaccine. the Cutter Lbratories. Other deaths were those of two
But it said the lag also is due At New Orleans, a grandson of even-year-oid girls in Idaho. All
in part to its refusal to approve Dr. Alton Ochsner, a widely- three received shots of the Cutter
3,900,000 doses prepared by oth- known surgeon, died 11 days at. vaccine which was withdrawn A.
er firms until the manufacturers ter receiving a Cutter inoculation. pril 27 by the U.S. Public Health
submit additional information on Seven of this year's polio vic- service.
their tests of the vaccine's safe- Vtms have died three of them af-
ty and potency. tcr inoculatior, with Cutter vac- Doctors at the hospital who
The White House declared Pres- cine. were in charge of the Allen boys
ident Eisenhower wVill move to The President opened his news case said they were of the opinion
have the government buy up the conference with the vaccine dis- the vaccine was not responsible
entire vaccine supply for free dis- cussion- "a subject close to all for the onse' of the disease.
tributiori "if a situation ever dev- our hearts."' Dr. Ochsner, who has been cred-
ellope in this country where chil- Without referring to his own ited with saving many lives with
dren were deprived of the vac- grandchildren, who are in th ehis surgery, including Sler Ben
cine because of inability to pay age gr3up mst threatened by PO- Hogan's was not available for
cr maldistribution of available lio, he said it is "a very emotion. comment.
supplie, al subject" occause it deals with The boy was the son of Mr. and
The formal announcement, ap-; "the lives of children of tender Mrs. Allen Davis.
pdrentlv' aimed at quieting de- Iage The father is public relations
nand for immediate compuklrN' The President appealed "to all director at trie Ochsner hospital
controls. war issued shortly after af us to proceed very carefully." a 5-million-dollar institution that
the President told a news confer- He said there are problems in- ANEA Telephoto, was opened 2ust about a year ago.
nrce "there never will be a childvolved min the inoculation program HIms FATHER HAS FAITH At Washington, Dr. Samuel Luber A spokesman for the hospital
ini the LUnited States" denied pro-1 .nd they should not be made to administers a Salk polio shot to Leonard Scheele. 7. son of the .aied as far g was known the boy
section "for want of abilt Bto look "too e.rsy U S. Surgeon General. Dr. Leonard A. Scheele. Dr Scheele has bi.owed no signs of illness before
P e also said that on the basis, ntary distribution system unless expressed "complete faith" in the vaccine. Ie was stricken b und ay morning.
of all *he .'idence presented toxeperience pro es otherwise.a -ivth a booster shot seven months at requuieme,,t are needed a Dr. Ochsner w sahh o apciated
hIm by medical authorities hel Meanwhile the Public Health 1later.e cs e e t e e r, eeUhaalsoefor ia
considerss the Salk polio shots Service said 't has approved 10l I expects rew to be'i, s well mnswn also for his at.
safe and wise million doses of vaccine for The Nati.nal Foundation foricompleted in a few days. tacks on smoking as a possible
But he said scientists may de- (lstpibition so far-as against Infantile Pfailyss, which is sup-1 But it sam no production--oth- cause of cancer.
cide there are certain periods of 16 million -hildren in the most plying vacciie for the school in- cr than the embargoed Cutter Only last Friday, Davis. in a
the year when it should not be susceptible age group of five-to- oculation program, said Tuesday vaccine-is being held up pend. *eeepho .e conversation, said bhe
administered to anyone. , years. it has shipped only 6 million dos-! ing completion of the review. was not worried about the Cutter
When poio. is prevalent, usual-: This compared with an earlier es. It has another 1,200,0000 doses: Dr. Chester S. Keefer, chairman vaccine debp.te the government's
ly during ho: weathermany chil- government estimate that more under 'ts cmr.trol lof the.President's polio conference, action in withdrawing it.
uren may nhrbor the rus with than 17 million doses would be The health service said it is,said he is cor.fident the manufac-I The boy was amos a group q(
out it affecting them.-" available at this time. ;eviewjng all of the standards ittarers have not shipped any fac-isome 140 pAersons wh were a 4
Some medical menlve feltl It har been decided that all iscts on the vaccine's safety, puri- cine into commercial channels Iministered the Cutu vatcin If
that in such times a afisataioa childrenn ahoiiM receive two shots 1y and poteacy to see i addition. aice April 12 or 13, when pr- te toqpta .a a ditis ah




~E~C~dL~-j' -~i --r





-,? '. *'r .



'' M;~Jii~drxr.:; w



!^ a

m'usiA AmMCAM --AN fMn uhRN


. THE PANAMA AMERICAN br N wThe- Bandy tuit
FOUNDEt D gy NELSON dOUNSEVELL in 12pa e tg w *
i T. S lg s P. SIDex 13d4. PANAMA. R. OP P. A
,f 341I.MADIsON AVE. NEW YORK. (171 N. Y. Com weut
INA.....D .VANCE __ ... .3.00 041
ON OLIN AV6VANCt I 1.50 314.00 B3 VICrOl INBEL
....1 I~ va ace#ssdully experimented with a for.. ...
.ula which -positively cap drive
racketeers out of the multbllion n
MH dollar union welfare fund fields.T ; ItAlt l
The mobsters first flocked, like
night insectj around a porch light -
rmyofoSAf aCLAsA. COm.o com. 0 sever
ATC AC Tssions alt by placing the union VWT Ud
S Th ls a reply to thp 21 "fingered" delinquents plus all theomt gae a nno an es with emoe il.
ft motorcycles andysuri edloter. aide or T I ac end td art -fCmpnias .e wlateltileft t he
.. ..rU la ne.. .t facts... d M.. a .i o r for la ca e th s e par e. M ean t .
1 owr ,youw willp s ourt l e to kee, i u o aa Nw ble ut ,ivg t p om m :j
(1 Ies behaved cle rueouslye (2) W* Yidn't like It, (3) we pro- unde ts wpes o pr fund ms. Taa p
Yior side (1) you admitted behaving outrageously, (2) you A m individual gets this ua oo "
eajlo d it, (3) you threaten to repeat the performance. members in some f shion. Thi l' a
Therefeor, In self defense, we enlighten your. paren to the man is legal. It h as working they
faBtr wtleh aO Bone call to the Rio Hate police sta ion will verify for six month in New ork -ione t__- _l_ _'_
as the truth. Obviously your parents vetoed further unchaperon- Of the toughest states on insurance ,
ed excursions. Great: we've made our point. Tactics. It has national ipacta
NoaS word about the dl Vatle jaunt. Ask any C0z. officer ecres how t has w impa A te
if onlye in neutral on hills and curvesdoesn't constitute reek- Late last yenr the leaders of
lew driving. It was my impression that a vehicle is requiTed to Now Y o r a 30000 musicians,
under control at all times, with due regard of the surface of whici f as Jimmie Petrillo's biggest T
to road and weather condti ons. bailwciL set up someth oaled
You know. friend, there's a line from the Bard about "I think the "Municjans Seve Iorp."' t 1 a t we
h doth protest too mueh. If .ou are the paragon bf Virte ybu Bpcaus e a it luma was the a p
pretend to be why bother protesting? Obviously your parents trst in the land .over.our years
know we udn't be refering to yotu. A word to thuse o..o. mor.m o f, Ivirtallniwoayz.
gudetd folks though. The hope.of salvaging your sin b welfare nd, the usi o the ltalytndnlo
o durlicy of passive. indifferent perisive on sed me to be e of the dent d fist u l to
fqin touc, vil danoorpraIon's d lre ton. The th many Wleeks the Ylt pp .ast te
Patha will be able to keep him out of Gamboo O are Newbold Morris, a promnt+ dwue n idl the 'l on
grave that way. Republican an4 former ew York Fore *adv te ittj rlem was hel upe
Still sorry for you. B. I t, srlIty neadidaten, a WttrI fr, ittei by the ad t.taheke th documents weren't sa S .
B lboe. ave A S he lp det this a treaty .supersedesAn stte Dulweshad
SAN A ONIO UL apbruonr f its by-laws specir thiupere ats yr awed of the tdm pa Jau.

a hardly get my head through the dust to write. Nvel for xpnses. That was done., and ls tat t
a1 anything like it. Looks like the top soil of most of the north- The. we put the show on the s teeruseda.rtIf o
west has dropped In on Texas. Going on for a week and it looks a oad. The corporation applied to he.55 du has; se re u wer gg
like onl rain will re-liven us, and that han't come. the Sltate In surafe D ivon a wa .. .. fhod O.4, to wdr
Th last days of the Fiesta de San a dinto was a little dusty, pmfssio n to get. as a brokerId ritThalt P a
but it didn't stop nearly half a million people from blocking the he placing welfare sod the ur .oH. o t
Itreets to the end, des for the musicians union.S TaatOISa *,0 I duck a tm sra that the
Oilmen's convention is on today, but it's hidden under the was granted us. 1 RI ttso vear
eolio vweination of the school children. Will take all the wnee NowDeC aLaFrtfaypduok. ma se Ao h.
to f tnigh the joMb to tbe repeated Inted n days. NOw. are oper4tintgsoa cowN. nn Ia 41LAWSy 38 a 't lp
sincerely, pany, receing commissions There, he wants to set aside
Pop Wrlllt every pe ny of which, a cordit. -- th-e .teuy-mkig powers o f th s LOeA gAtrOODe
to teo bylaws, is to be used only p-nt s amanpmnt would
bre. In other words, the rank PARS I mentioned a joint prettyy tasoinitMI is gion to hap. trum S r, and sho willsey elntech of 4 wzeonte, ou ch a ,ioA
am oed t he Calavados in a pieces en to you 1 ior i n. .'no ehp ;ge, no cha nge, still sa tes cha 3w y IeSN an
ow mions are tnd o outsider. All Worite spot Paris, for no par. a movie loose in a strange town An I will ga watt a ng te, t whore ekdlls ltohs, tot o ti o ,hood
CBUl L n f e itsedf wila prooik fr ee Iiw o t dfu. It i s marba my Yu f l or r in ay w w ait f a m in k t he ,ucM ;sh ooBrieT u s, e r t o use me ret w
backinto se omtuncon like fre ur reason except it th on and you fee ike th pretty Iir ump ly S marri to .. a duck linoknee d .o eotRs l m
And.there l be nw jobs mad where hyou always cane o and to prove to a spy and as1o rrettlest little brown bab y rmit o entice du .l Qf Clf
unemployed m um o knweore, you a lot of trouble. (The pretty ver saw, and the French ga fixe n ot with balt wi I
WNO w M ry s ped th em ney'S.1 might ba e sed to eat with, irl sitting nest to me w ias ,Pan "i a feed '.M I2 a B a f ir m il.-i lawaw
Me almAid Or krl orny an with, l t with,kiss, or mernhote, tting What bwe mns d wa rn l bea and iga e vea ed- bact seo
SCtbrvirtUouJ, CVtu. Theo M ornCtev. thie a B l.stewardsd wa r, and s, and ow te duck lobbies
cthbr. virtuous betma.he mon oCharlie a great trih of Gas dWindiOnf mine.) M eaaens, and ou broad, ando bil suaded state B sila re n t. debo.wt us a
Svery penny rit, notha emt ha al ro.plPU a sort of prettyblnd lady ttg eyedpeas, andwesh Of late Senatr Bricker
All. S. citientaxpye s1 the Canal Zen s a eev de out tor ex lnses -Interusive lano .oA the r a a little ou-sho bread and the wi nea e be e been havn hard lime T
Al U; n. eitizon tax payrs en h Canal Zn on a uns and pu don e Ik sat the baby a little, leaving iad Jas ad n ast ht .
who wire exempted from. payig taxes prior to 1951 I s a we a lto
ar" entitled to become party plaintiffs in the pending. of e i .week-t n .a. od bet to ad to go to set wtio e r of d wa i l house.
for ar ed to Walodw k e.bOae.etn-,to bad o o he? Wa td I s
sult tp be filed In the Court of Claims. Original list ofJ AwehI m name Noh aAe do .hbi fot a.d iPiast Sin e
party pia!ntiffL will be forward to Wai nto on iO., .&' ..a would say so and )a ore I ran t r le i
M 1y 1 i. All apploa slt ai re stedl prior'to midnight I ar'n w llo as WeclaV*-'_.r drbn&,li wol h e y remember Ave c, tthe' ps rintm Ce t as a tes rgif e e. d 1on
1:r will be o ;iig thii ved aftra'' a ut of town a nd w au in t v atbr Ardoesn't a d
Tl t Ma : day Inter. t om o ae we Eg h booWilop on the lace ie lt' reasMh why e
vai d will be alitB the -i Sh" letitfon as they The reosp oft Musb Is t ea''so rbe T i beed ao. ncoar de l and so we r e oto ', '
oare Beved In Wsihington. Together with the $5 Sor thouseas aono W sel thati n r b lg Mama. ae gather and vent ho early. L
br e*& for' ron to wsi n Ll knee look ingv for a Rick r oUsay In wiely fasi d And then I went for a drn wah
application fee send name and address to Mr. Virgilla should not the tens of mi li0ns of Inthu c f casibta ta cW sm wyouw ahe e Lamberts-o ou remember th '
Peare, ox 29, Balboa. Check or money order dollars In ommis on on labor ly belie that it actual exst. aria?" And wl tell her the Lambetls-and...
uld be made payable to USCA Ta Fund. 's o a t the ch ourst didn't. truth. Fore ud aj or w
Th woul dovetail with n w how to explain It, harlie you k no wChie e whatE likely story and I won't atl.onw meetings .
T d oe te but in the Calavadt you don't peays the piano i the joint, oven trouble to tell her that I had ern aree n a r1
oulnsat eso a coel lik a tourist loki astra he a got these rieyds see, aAnd o inch by myself at the Crillon,. w. P that
Imer Bx 25, alof ethoao. .on t edmoristerllwaof jIVa ,keanler and vent hoo'q
Swdlfar n nslon blake a in troducer a straa we went to dinner, .And she tia reading a book, because you can't air oni bt
unio l cln. A s. ou veye t hatiat right so what did nowhere with tth whenryfD .
Gelfar funosgorbMc tot e sV ,, rny,4tllmrareiteg wea.h
e adr. no yi feel e a i And I wl -gay I well, CaI anm Paris whan you
Gi evorem r es an&to panr' ...ICh.ouboWatee l Now soseyt oo ry no-1eir
a H oli d y ,'+ Birthday Book _____
.fL115 ge of fy tr tat rha

with the Seamas-ter Calendar .mtr elWa" "be = a- th. By Peter Edson -

.S., Canada ska, awail and WA8INto (NE A) Ini t, and erbert Hoover 81. 116 a e epubliyamsenaters John were
the Cal Zone. This code says: addition to e early spring book But wht about the other p.liti W. Bricker (Ohio) who will be 4 ugium In hou la
No paid union representative on the presidential sweepstakes of clans who are belg mentioned as and Everett M. irkn (Ill). the 00
shall eceeork "01e 6 c st o extra 1r56 thee a4 also te birthday preldental lbtie for the ho will be st. alivesary of the abdo
ay or' Ienefits" for runiangi a wet- hooI to consider. 1959 tgce? The age lImit would Gov. Frank J. Lausebe (D-OhO) of Charles Vu 88 eaerv .of
are program a No union official For say what o like about .to raise barrer against will be 60 in Nevembr. Sen.. Gemany kng of
shall ave any connection with any tough ad indes politicians me is as well as the still- asd B. Russell (D.Oa) Upper stamp.r _rduned
concern or aowcy all, _to do stll going tP their 10's and ssephower. favorite of the South will 1ha8 t alia by Louis Olla. .'
Auita "n. The W, the re aof the S Secretary of State John November. oalee aweaengr n
unli is to go swl to the ap- American are nothing Duleswil be8. H ran FBI Director J.Edgar Hoover 1 tat 50, Lower tmp
rpourtl pIdle a it 'ay icr a tied kr. athi.e. I n the recent Gallup pall. aa"=ark.orse "avorie in sme parts showa c5iriu a a bmbyllhihg
a l Is found ab g his Only seven of thetU. S. preslt- ryof Treasury Geor-M. ofh, the county o will be 61 aet inscrib Tbeseaof Philip, h
trust ound lttheir dents have take ofe at age 60 iy sa six months oldr t r t s
trust shall be temov or more. Thoe were' Eisenhower. He DI the I'b, the rlcau0e de b his family mad
eto bc t + s rc terme t s o- says he wanta no part who will b"9 I December.. A
the lowe bid. nhthele.s. .d. Ambassadorlw es.. ...
ti. alwAssn. 'iter Edsonyloll,

,ormula-and there msy Zachary wbo ic though he rar r-Do
ae at e te th Democrat camp, (D-31) and
Of....t neo yor. J or_. J t e

ary atils, a lot of people have ,D-Te) (iI/I
Ai 7 A. a ml ia

Dwgnt DD.e was 2atwOutl to se in the Whil boge Ile eI's the p
his inaugurationa ald willj be 6atot a long time, will be 6 this Sa. WJiam F. o)
O M AE the end of ble first term. .I t 47, ben. Toseph .
That io-nure years Mhan any .wverell Harriman of (W)U) ad ex Goy.
OE.Aether president has bed at the be-. rk will be 64 on Novema..ton ( wa) at 4 Vile
Sinning of a t a. ept William R. He was an open candidate Ci t.: M. Nt (Mix Cs).
Henry Harri*A Democratic nomination t o"r_
Bound in health today. President elec.tilon to the Now [ I Democrats oer ulw- l-.0
mofihu eEisenhower ." n"rd. cthe nip hlast year sIsenaJohnsonT (o Nt Ju l,
Th new self-winding Sepamr Calelar wUs Is the lonsevitv of .sr, BMga bve.a.a his pre8hs .Menner ) At lL
most fAWthsulms.rvsof d= sess. y o-Buchanin a-* Wg m ntya1 u b o0aag
Other! w _liv I e. you nger than Ps.-ap
. .kingaWi e... de ,,Win tdw.d of the to rip old .-a
doo. low
".h -, o. ma=y.- tk'" m oo Isom WWIG ..

odium as, Ad~ams, e.b
V&San .s diew V OupW Wal seleae, you can fCfore "at 7 *-.0

eld~uhin.. sted MAwigThe SmeDster Calendar
v" kWnds lv46 wh S&l ik your robt. Autumati-
Oft 0 6% 0 ie dthMM 2 ag n 24 o, .--.

I-2 P. A. i IEDS-



, e ha ra l o M

4IP. l .!
Free Storoes l w-4.

shas ( IAA Awo ,am
L ... N ...

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. *,.^> .1.^ .^*1

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^*i. ,~ ".;i" '_i,.j

' :


4.- -

_ ____4444~4*

, .. '; *.* '"r ,' A



by-DalelaiWa bo. and third by 'THEY CALL IT "UNICYCLIST"-Solemn-faced Terry Bodi-
n i .t ana White com- rkw l. never seen a creature quite like the skinny, many-
tJie blk" LouIdWm Council's I limbed one on the wheel, and who has? Called simply "Uni- I cyclist,. the modernistic statue by Raymond Finak was shown
it. tht R ward. A printt n at the outdoor sculpture exhibit at Chicago University. The
2. -atdhe5rinMt.Aprtt conventional statue in background and the stone dice player at
chuSS won, second, and Nick right don't seem to Interest two-year-old Terry.
OmenuMovftch- won third.
A spo l purple ribbon which .
a*&de manly to the color Joseph Davis Obsequies
a& *xhibitor In Clas AA who Tomorrow At 1 O'Clock
o brlmp5lled the most points In
0:8 tlion 1thin the y ar war
:t to-Ms. Florence Mal- Funeral services for the late
t. .Maet's slides h a d .oeph Davisa Pueblo Nuevo
.reUL a toa of I Ints d he ladent who Mded suddenly lt Fne Furn tuo e m de os
.Lato n unhday, wll be held tomorrow Dici dn Mahogany. NOW s
SMorning Guned" of the caftearnoo Loatke Attn athe o- amaz ven ow .
thata trip to uats.- Journers Hall.
C ral onthe Club's scheduwill meet Burial ill tak e place in themorial Diin ,
Pueblo Nuevo Cemetery. Living BOOM Sets.
Products de Madera, S. A.
at Meetings the latter part of M .Thhe
St. Luke. H. Goodegran wi bwille ich I fe Kodak M
'"The Mornin uild" of thecustenango, Loke Atitlan andFhAv.or

g d of the Cathedral t r er. .
o:nf0. on Friday, ay y at 9 am Dayr e I _t_ er..._ _

a he never rrgets. .
To luanids-Pay
E ...andl ant forget te gkfts front
DAeiA~UVA gilts..I



thie fiby wioII v over for a-.
Raymond Noon, former chief
probation officer in New York City
hen FDOR was governor of New
'York. and who is now custodian at
the "Little WhIte House" property,
eaid at least 95 per cent of the|
vialton are Roosevelt admirers.
He a sidan elderly woman from
Alabema Ibid 'him during a vsi
that every time her SoclafSecurity
check arrived she said "thank you
Mr. Roosev "
aced la In 4
The late ent, a polio suf.
springs in 1M24 by his friend.,
George Foster Peabody. He be..
came an Inceasitgly regular vial.i
f t0o be sia, thei a run-down
tormpr summer esort.
As. -ews pre about FDR |
"'swi.,ung his way back to l
heal,;' infantile paralysis suffer-.
Mr_ lak arrvin umnannounced

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- ..?f *- --', ....-i-L
..4 44
-* .i r i W lJ

Frowns Upon Tresle-Trapped

Marrying 8-year-old K11d

III At School By Speeding Train
JOLIBT, Ill., May 5 (UP)-A
CAGO P Most o s terror-stricken eight-year-old boy.
Ats who get married while still trapped on a railroad trestle, was
high school are making a mis- I.ilfo by a speeding train yester-
according to a family rela- day although. one step to the side
expert, could have qaved him.
majority of these marriages William Vinril and hi. twln
.and there are more of them to- sister, Joan. wandered away from
y than ever before are neith- play ound and climbed on to
psychologically nor emotional-the ra~ load trestle.
Sound. ester A. Kirkendall They start' to run when t ey
el ioa Asaw the speeding Rolk IslAnd
aren't Teacher: The P.T.A.. Rocket bearing down on them.
1imr ne*. The child-er apparently didn't
....... .. realize they ctuld escape merely
irkendall" said 'many young a y stepping to a clear track on
eotuples use marriage "as an the trestle.
S seape from an unhalIpy home, Joan managed to run to the
F0m ? alure or from unhaPL'- I end of the wrestlee and throw her-
ess and frustration in school. elf down a 10-foot embankment.
,e M om teachers and some mar- Per brother was only a few
e'l sader~as have told me that hteps behind when the train hit
S aeer curiosity about sex is prob- him
seb;:: another important factor," he The train's engineer, Roy
endl. who is president ofi er.dt of Bureau 111., said he was
.Jrkendall. who is president of, going too faut to stop in time.
*ke Pacific Northwest Council on Joan was too shocked to tell
Family Relations and a teacher of ker parents what had happened.
c, urses in marriage and family she crawled into the rear seat of
relations at a reqon State College, he family c r and said she didn't
said a nation wide survey showed know whit had happened to Wi.
about gm in 33 students in grades, am
20 throhb 1, marriedwi wl they aeu learned the story from
were sill in school. awin lea ry
"Maiy utqise and hasty mar.- ________
rages could have been prevented
had the young couple met Sitting Bull
with fair surcess in their family,
,ehool and social life," he said. Has One-Man Show
"often a high school marriage i
simply a rclpctionof personaldif- Niles. Mich. (UP) Sitting
tie ties" Bull, the Sioux Indian leader who
Jought Custer has a series of
A few high school young people paintings on display at the city
aze emotionally mature, prepared museum here
lor marriage nd ready to assume His venture into art was in pay.
Ifp responsibilities, he said, but meant to a Michigan girl who had
the majority of them are not. befriended him. according to Alex
Kirkendall said parents should A. Praus, director of the Kalama-
talk with their children as freely zoo Mich., museum.
and objectively as possible about The chief who was about 50
- the responsaimlities of marriage years old at the time, made 68 pic-
and family life. tures for the girl, lice Quimby,
whose father was an Army officer.
-'It is only good common sense Miss Quimby left the paintings
to launch these discussions long with the museum at Niles, Mib.,
before young people are deeply si when she died in 1947.
volved emoUtonally" he said. "A Sitting Bull's pictures show his
straightforward talk about sen hi victories over enemy Indian
courtship ana marriage can hve tribes. He depicted himself as a
a wholesome effect." rifleman mou-nted on horses bear-
He said the early marriages oe- Ing U. S. Aimy brands.
enr among ilch and poor stul-
nts alike, enaldren of all occ u- I
patio groups and young people
of every rank in school achieve-
nAent and citizenship.

Professional Men
In Industry Sad
With Conditions
Chicago (UP) Profession-
al men in industry -- engineers, The work of most people speoks
B, Ip.i pyicists are chroni- for itself--but some of it is hardly,
-' frustrated and dissatisfied, a whisper. ..
Wniwrit rof Chicago re r -
(ewm has reported. *
Dabid G. Moore and Richard
Itenck used an "empjoye nven- .
tory" test w'th 548 employes in an
efflet to determine their feelings
cVard their- jobs.
The inventory covered 78. state-
Mients to the employes'
eeliUng about theirlJos, wortin%
conditions, pay. benefits, confi-
ohneq in maagenient. status and
The over all attitude of the
chemist. physicists and engineers
was classified a "average" oin-
pa-ed with executives and top per-
.fr -.el who ranked high or very
The professional employes were --
*,.mtiUcularly critical of the etfl-
4"oncy ,o the company and sdlls A
ir management, the teters said.


"My parents saved all thes-i .amd Wipe pretty out
things whon I was a chlld"

' Highways and Byways [



I Takea short' ISeen on
-- highway
4On the right 3Westn state
8Done oftener 4Sat
if -byways 5 Wing-ahaped
than highways 6 Chrihmas tre
I IConsumed decoration
'13 Medley 7 Very. warn
1t Toward the i Decreases
sheltered side 'Soprano
IS Operated a car Frinces -
n a highway 10Ogle
1 Spanish city 11 Composer
18 ersa Jerome -
SO Obtain 17 Wing-footed
knowledge eIctrcdal
1 Cape : units
MaimcuSett3 Rambler on
22 o00 of byway

'27Orlental coin
:3 Cy C i t o
. apdolaa
4 l4ltlra (ecU.)| P
'86 Drops"es
'30 Measures of

41 Bad (prefX
422 1ackbrd
45 Met money
M1eii S N-"
53 Woodnit ),,
54High apri
S5 Inqulru -r

She Has the Secret

24 Lgid measure 40 Radiae"
S Spam 41 Beveald nt
2tltadsm) 42S Oeod
ST oui' fUnA
2b plVat48Shoahonesa
SV sA- IdiSaO
29Cape 44 Wn
s Prenonm 46 acial ridges
323 kihuanla 4?ihb wwd
38w ing up a

mfr~o" mWIN1.



S-- -I -

AND I -IW -b

Very Buy


4^; W *.4.-
.. -* .
.. .. .....



ALLno 0o

Takinz Over

-.*. *T

ML NOUIM, Iwdi6? C1 IruT LL





M6i Troulbe

Jtei 6
i^ rB

tI. -~


S.' -.

l i.

ries {

rJ a itr


Au Ui A U-.


Important Peture

" r


The All Clear



Baiting Practice

tp -illt

8y AL VTsaii

A w plmax T NT, ___W
" A aE aNDo 'n m es
mcIsmom a
- se unse


MCic ffrA

KAJOn m0us OUT a WAs
| -. ,




S -

-i.~. .i*..

S EDGA jaaXm






I -

* S

* ii


Uj rl
nkiuj lrklt-A
Ll 25 U LA U
;- [-Auu
4 Ll U- LJ C- u
!1_11-11--l T'WIJOLjaj ur..N
IwOlkidl JrJ E.I[Ji-Ir-l"L,
u-j i t-i Lzi r IJKX"l


_ _





rif -C"

Aal",AND so JUUAr A MAn.
Ni jgnU cOajumOb N t 100D MM-
-rr x 6kvw.tfjn~








*'* .-..-- ,+... *^..^^T:. .^^^^ ....
' 0 .' --. -- -..... --,_ t .. '.* ". t .
"" '" '.r V -E', ^. -"-" -*"*-E. *" '- '1"f -'
. *. .t ,- .-.r,-.'.i ,, /.+....,.t-v,..w ,p -;. ,. "-r ...-<.:4 :- e"* ,- .- ,. ;. ,.- ,-. -*
,W I*^^^ *J^.+ .;.-,.,,,^. -:.--, .s : ., .

..- 'U-'
* ~' J*~' F.'

w, moil v;*-. -

of M.9~

howaosom aedr aturei |- a-

ON, ay 5 (Up) culture *ecretar fix pest As MoII bS hotf Z I G Z
e.ah' ,, ve r. soutti to anwhN, to|by .aturday. Pitt buorgh '
S -l~,qower' -i tWas .lcen,. ire -t CIC AGO May "UP -I'heIexectd a h AWh of88 while St
l sim -a.-favor of a' e- nt gram has e n Eastern p., of tt country swell Louis -ad an 8 md- Fort Worth
L hi24s.upprW ,lslrr see 46 tered o te war te__ weather of Ian g5.
Sa P y latal Blow tW hee"eomical and ha ifein the year yesterday on a day
\ ortage of peanut ,-, marked by the almost complete The watIe bureau here aid /
neaU, in a ,oplse action, m. said thee onl' se .of absence of rain anywhere. the welther picture was. marked-
a4'l.V. o.15 to. t W atW ,was The mercury c.lIbed into the by drsyneg.-A over the country,
lunlQ! t1^ fro m t^.1t the eormosa profti" .! en-l>dy PAs from the southern Plaina with not a e weather ataion *. '
.* ttt, a pri. e, ,., p atMhere .. ... eastward to the Atla anti fry reporting a ..-rai- at midday.
t. a ts B po eErice io o erern darthe. debate wls. i the eastern Great Lakes area to i. '
S -cuion' h. o .inqe-afew sprinkles in the MIdwest, Far-
es n hwps t land sp T A measure of relief was mov. Northwest and near the South At-
eme k .4 .p. lIng eastward from the Midwest Ilantic coast .but these were onlyii
Gu,e eofa ,uC eyti Sasl u er. bu't the air wasn't too much cool. a trace. ich rn t W.
iiY tary Sra T eson haS nda it- An .07 of a inch of rain at
thisaqv, conference *arlir,% db 1et thiso.e or'a peanu At Chicagothe relieff cut the Kinrosm MiCo. was the largest
tre ifnt isloerealed on at or near 0 o lcnt.l temperature only to 88frommeportei ,mount in the nation. --__ _____
the -IhW ,.. to give hisa-fled veo n t athe Demoemptembiltl
h p a cance 'towrk a ies the a usei IId neaht ___ ..__ .. ..._______. _11 11111 1"
ms.l 'appoaciino t sias pwe rulp r tal n death oW ths L LE St i it
a i in the Senate. .
iJinae~.s.e present 11paibh1 laW, "" .
iesis.. oton cm corn, wheat. rice
P nIs .uzt be supp0or.e"6
st. from.8W% 39 per ceuT oi the
iI.'iair" p 'k ce. Next ypar -r
w the mliamun w .drop to 7. per ,
cent. L- ets
the flat go-p r cent level bol-
.. ', ter shrinking farm income. Foes
aIrgue that rigid supports brought
MIMWr p l aou cas't play this on price-depressing surpluses and
bag Aeprj the'i vesoedal woo6diln .soWftdill box. It was The us l dent echoed this view .
ahow rppaprjately eanigh, at an annual odd products show in today. H sad the skid in fa ; m '
_.k"s; rance prices ,6oeArred under the old ri- o- r w '-
Sa r ce I..= .. lt j r o .slw.e ab rbl'
Chairman Harold D. Cooley (D-
iN. .C.) 'of the House Agriculture
Committee conceded the Demo-
Fros t Seem Very. Bright To Ike "atic plon probably would have
been.. eat a if the vote hd
Nw Voloence FlaBre IRm u t 'i .r p'od't A, EXATA VI
nough votes by today to pass the
measure, with or without the pea-
nut amendment.
ATLrNTA ay 5 (UP) res line of IAN strikers. F. A. Fer- m .nrati: Whip Carl Albert
dent Egaoh6evr saild yesterday sickk. a' fl ipn, was wouideod (G *a.) .told. a r porter, however,
prospects i ;ala very bright p shUh? S in the .voliy the bill #dead unless. the. pean at
Ettlemei cf the t1Aisv8Ib' 4 Soutbern,1ell rep rtyd l a action -i reversed later.
NashVille lroad strike but offi- and stationsodtiaraed at a.zifpl. Albirt said congressmen from
cers chs ed both Ad pft neliw her of additional points. Dynamite pautgrowl states would v.
violeaiIn t he 41-day ld tl-up. !heavily cdaa ged a bdoste w re. agalnt- the bIll It it does- ot-
The Preoident told his news con- peter state at Birin J lude peanut. in price guaranteed
forence il W a46 laigton that he, is which served; t levisla and awl er crops.
keeping f" e touch .With Secre- heavy ciris .The ~Birmingham-. Tie amendment would lt the
tary of lAb.- James. P. MiteheBl to $Shffield.tcll line tr h north
coneeunce.rn er'a medlitlen to Alabama al~d .was sladied. Now with I
end the Wrike. .
At eiglt places vandals ripped
Mitchell said that considerablee Apart wires in Louisiana, leaving .5' *..
ptogrxir.s'-hs been made by L&N Baton Roug-. the capital, Isolated
and representatives of 10 striking on three sidqe for hours. It "look- MI I V
AFL non-o "ating.unions.' T h e e a like an isolation job '/ o the ci- A
t.nions w l ut !leause the t telephone network, sai district.,;.
company to include a manager carryy C"assdy. ".
compuloo th Insurfnce plan Seven cables were dailved, six .LEN .S .
tv a new tr et, of thep by .22-eallber, r ,e fire,
Mithe a d that he hopes in Missiplsppi. at the,same price
both pa are 'ware of their Tenmi se ov. Frank Clement s .2
duty to Iquickly a fair aIid alqd a.-meti. .of state law.aen -
equitabRle mo r settlement' ai 1il l i f ment aati orities for 3. ...n .

discharge -thaWo Crime ag TiE t mrathw itn Nashvle NT RNA TIO
Fty tough traide g .sa oad- of

In' nortiwet Fl-orida phe FBI r
sarested a former L&N bridge
vamn..Worker on charges of setting
f'"to a bridge with the intent
--t derail, disable or wreck a
tLAin or engine operating in inter-
state comsbe ce.". The uspe "
Ii. Posey,af Holmes Country, la,,,
denied at; bia PgAgmet in Pen-.
saeola that he had fired the
bridge and baid he 'could produce
a bridge near D I-y.,- ..
Only a few b6turs -earlier, anothB- AERO-DYNAMIC
or LIN bridge-o maR- Mo-YNAMI
bile to Mmtgomery e had gone DESKSET
up in .flatolbs- -jaer y Minette,
Ala., swo..,W4 nU5l[dmla
ifay. D L '- ok
at MobWli W p p c In bck or white
cd i 1 th w "In
ed LAN -neathbound triI from.
Mobile. '
At N~i WTen., .,ar.. 'ar-
scsted o-m.-s>*kar Robert Lee, Ne-
gro, on charges .of fi'ing six shots

rThe practical -pen With brilliant jew- tro-p lted pen! A beautiful pef for
Hour. h "u t, th a.yoat..,', el-like finish EXECUTIVES!

Faminy wamry our were an- ors.
iaounced' 4 general meetilg O.'I
Ield r q t. Josepo's Par- s 15.oo

as ow "att -p tb .... .... h|5 S\tLV,9 ER 300"

program, writig..

lowerlad Wi ...'
Mrs .lles .
Thq -at edbythe P .

P. ad-..., -10P011T I

x. .... .* j h o
.-" It2.
'm .. .,P, "
am' ..000 ,, ,=.
",.. _.

",'~ .-


i ,

-*. *o* ,,*


* -. :.~ ,.A9t.?~
I......., .' --




InexpensiVe W#Rt Ad aB

* .tp .prtjwc' ~ ___________


.. .*

t- .


'," .




5 to 10 p.m.-Adults, Pro-etns
& Teoeneg. By oppointmnt only.
Mersing.........Balboa 2-4239
After 5 p.m.....Ponama 3-1660
I -- --

Casnal one Dental Polyelnite
Dr. C. L Filbrega D.D.8.
Deaturo-hdled work-Id brasive
General Practiae.
'eHl (4ib of July) Ave. N. IA A
(appele ABCon BSchool Plnaygouud)
Telbhone 2-21ll-PnaMo.-

S"we can help YOU with

Dny. A. md E. OXILLAC
iPabnomer Gradustei)
S Peri Avenue Tel. 3-1IM
(1 block from Lux Theatre)

Facker ShIppers Movers
Phones 2-2451 2-2562
Learn Riding at
Riding & Jumping class d"ily
I to S p.m, Phone 3-0279
or by oppointmfnt.

lady end Reducing Muames.
-Mc Levy Machines, turlkih beth.
SMele and femel **IpNrsters

atch-tl k Bamboo ,

Ca" i
V isa in n

Distribute db
Imductos dir 01 .
Central Ave. (betn Kodak.,
-.bulding & 11th Ave. Store).

hop Souh Honors

bgro Composer
Wmi. Grant SIl
..diecdive of the growing friend-
SoMt between white and colored
P l in the United States, the
lalgutsheJ American Negro
,.loser William Grant Still, has
,fhosord twice in the Deep
Oith. during the early months of

these honors came through the
operation of Alexander Hllsberb,
ilduetr of the New Orleans Phil.
rIonlt-Symphony Orchestra,
i of Theooore Caskey Russell.
afcter ef the Jackson (Missis.
t) Sylphlony Orchestra.
is fitting, also, that the hon-
I squld have come to William
Nit uill, snce he is a pioneer
i-erican rjmposer whose mu-
Shas been played in important
Ers all over the world. HB
& has been the first colors
S to open many musical doors
U united States.
SJckson Symphoby Orcbes-
t In February under Russell's
I., gave a successful first per-
1acnee to one of Dr. Still's new
.oslons, "Little Song," Al.
brard, the city's newspaper corn.
Atod that the orchestra "seem-
'to .lay Ulill's piece with an
'aamount of pride." (Dr.
Sw horn- in Mississippi.)
Sia March. Still himself con-
led New Orleans Sympho-
;Ortestra in his own "Afro-
Symphony" in a spe-
att st hern Universi-
-the newspapers were

i n W.WM be jltty years
an 11 hU s been the
i, i ms ost tf.
.-.ameM 4tf ir. came .-
1 _IW e was .-5a
t Bat e C"e Jin Lawr
at w
Sildet n's..-W


1 Sirest No. 13
4th of July Ave. A. J SL
Joust Akoemaa Ave, and 3 t.

a 9- U- --

IRS La Caurrameuli
Centrls Ave. 4
No. 3 Lottery Pam

lrewth at July Ave.
Agencia Internal. do Publicaocones
45 CeoMnl Ave.
large Leferre Street


Wo201l ANCON, C.Z.

SFOR SALE -Hooadton in Car-.
reM Meoel, Georgie end Min-
me4 6RANITI, in grave lead.
Inbd raised lters. Open on
5.dmy i-menimn. Murmolorid
Celimer. Meren, Panama. Tel.

MPR SAL -SLll llnot cheap
oiquuomo pients end fish.
Homs 63 Lms RItm. PhMoe 2-

Oft SALIP-MeHr a Day -
rby thid, conaea, beuqueit
'dllf d anywhere U.S.A. and
PFome..'TolL. Pon. 3-0771.
C.lpdeol 1011.
FOR MLE: Leitzi sroioctor;
Heketr lns, bookcase, tabl
lamps, dishes. Tel. 3-1858.
POR SALE:-19' cibin cruisr,
Comploto equipueom inboard
eiMe hbunks. ice box, prmrv-
er,- flndon, line, gas wair-
coa etc., boat oIulod clanmd
and pointedd 20 Apr. 55, clan
and found. $800.00. Conl Bl.
bo 2-1471.

Wanted to Buy
WANTED TO BUY: We buy fer
Csh itndord enarod 1951,
2. 5 Chevrolet car in excel-
aot condltio.-Geirag al e.
Phone 2-1995.

FOR SALE:-194 Dodge Club
Coupe. Radio, sat coven, white
sidoweil. Call 2-1674.
FOR SALE:-1949 Chovrolot,
4-door Sedan. Excellent condi-
tion. Call Navy 2261.
FOR SALE: Packard Coupe
1951, excellent condition. Seat
cevrs. 20.000 miles, hydrome-
ti. Original. owner, $850.00.
Call Balboa 2870.
FOR SALE:-1942 Chevrolet
Coach. $200.00. "A good buy.".
Phone Amador 5210.
FOR SALE:-1952 Ford Sedan.
$1000.00. Excellent condition.
Radio, seat coven, good tires.
Fall Hole 2-3196, House 871X,
Morgen Ave., Belboa.
FOR SALE:-Sunbeom Alpine
Mark II Sport Car 1954. Radi,
excellent condition Best offer
over $1800.00. Albrook 3190.
FOR SALE:-'50 Pontiec Super
Deluxe Caotllne. 22 target rifle
leaket and accesorles. 5329rD,
Devis St., Diablo.
FOR SALE:-Only 7600 miles.
1953 Fodl Custom Tudor, like
mew, radio. $1245.00. Cash or
terms., 3-6230 eovnings.
FOR SALE:-1948 Dodge SedaK
Iood condition. Saecrifice $375..
25 cycle Westinghouse refrige-
raotoer 9 cu. f.. excellent condi-
tion. Also sold cheep. Leaving.
House 0311-X, Anion, Cable
FOR SALE -1952 4-door RI-
viere Roadmuster. glacilr roe
end reeam. W/S tires, radi.
heater, power steering, tinte '
gless, perfect. 16.500' ctu a r
miles. $1450.00. House 1IIA
Gemboe. 6-397.
FOR SALE:-1949 Nesh excal-
lent condition. Reasonable. Call


e wua promoted to Receiv-
ing and Forwarding Agent In
Cristoblal in 1930 and was made
General Manager of the Pan-
ama Railroad In 1936 following
the retirement of R. B. Walker.
He isa survived by his wife,
Mrs. Olive Lindsay.

Avm. TWlO le. 4
s ctal AJkV.
U AOtw io'ri ".

douse '*

FOR RINTIS l celsert, on*
hiftbole, MR fMt. uroml
kirseb 1= 6. Gairnerl
Jon .I'Sr An. He.
6, dewmar, ata k.d,
FOR NWr Sleed floew of
meidoete kneral lo Sen
Marti Avqme No. 4, Fewr od-
mos. lving rm, dinlig room,
kitchen, hla peah. Inquire
ground flei', *

Miscelaneous '
FOR RIt-is-pR well lost-
ad in Avoind Junt Arsnmeuna
No. 37-11.Mory Sol building.
For informtltin cll telephone

J. W .a tg4|u Aw,. f. lI
x Ins- N W '
916 i ii- -

Ifonm colasr, u. w* M
Ma =c. L- w Mc;.-
PHe tte. -
WILLUA' ea, C Cam loMb

moderee. raee. P li iBe
6-441. .,.

phUln THOM i Bui b
177 2.

PHILLIPS *emoml de etM
Sante Chlao. Des 45.
Phes Piameme -1177. Cltd*-
bel 5-1673.

rusilun %IIIUWU



Help Wtan ;
WA.. ,.ii. ,.ii.: .l
Mon lets! 0I-!wmtql .1,w'1

Ish. Aplyt 4 "J" St.
3-10 (lt4) *-e. 1
P.M. (iEmps pu .

r mu o Sefdses t
k" r Ia
Mi e l ,l~ .'*..-


MAKIEPitpbte w m.
by. I lqh lilI in
pepuwMM- "o-ft
miaelt.. Ze I ,si .'I. 2-
1212. '


-Aft M ARloftM .

at s1 Pro o.s 7 -0,
, Apt. 12.

ATTENTION .1.1 J ug built
modern iumLr pl ltments, 1,
2 hbdroom*, et. md water.
Phono Poni.. .344.
FOR RENT -flhed mnd bo-
furnished 2 end 4-rmoma mdelm
apartments. Cuget ALMAM-
Phone 1386 Colon.
FOR RENT:-Reidontlil apart-
* ment, 3 bodremos, pork. sittipg
and dining rm U. lt:wlter,
maid's room. 4 St. eN, 3. Price
$120.00. Phone ..0151.
FOR RENT:-M erhi uim'r d,.
cool opertment. Ave. Tvell 16,
From May 15 en. Cdal 2.527,
FOR RENT: Two bedrom o-
partment with fleh, .' living
room, kitchen ad garage, In
Sen Francisco, FPrn Cinsumnt-
Merie No. 68. -
FOR RENT:-Two bndrem a-
partment with belseay in Ball .
Vista. 2-2601 Peneed. -e.m.-
12 noon, 2 p.m.-5 p.m.

apartment, Completoly Mew,
very cool, 2 bdRE room. library
or bedroom. mMld's lM. lo-
rage. Iown ni heat, n weter
problem. Quiet vicinity. Son
Francisco 6th Avenue.-Phone
3-3797. Call 10:00 to 1:00-
4:00 to 6:00. -
FOR RENT: Cool -edroom,
living room dinette, kitchen.
Next treeoot from 4th July Ave.
Cella Darie No. U8.
FOR RENT--Furnishod upart-
memt two bedrooms, very cool,
balcony. a levteor Ne4 Vite,
SI20.00. Tel. 3-1648.

C. T. Lindsay, 72,

Dies In Florida

Cturtenay T. Lindsay, former
General Manager o Ithe Pan-
ama Railroad and a well-known
resident of ae Canal Zoje. diet,
May l in her Deland Holpit.
In Deland, Florida, acdordinit to
news received by friends on the
Isthmus. He wu '72 years old.
Mr. Lindshy wasGeneral Man-
ager of the Panama Railroad
from 1936 until 11I when he
*retired and left the 'Isthmus to
mike his home in Deland, Flo-
Born in Glendale, South Caro-
lina, he first came to Panama
Ul 1007 when he was employed
as a stenogrApher *lith the Isth-
mian Canal Commission. He wal
transferred to the Panama Rail-
road Compa y in 1913 as Chief
Clerk and In 1918 was promoted
to accountant with the compa-
Mr. Lindsay resigned his posi-
tiop in I 118 to enlist Ili the
United states Arm d u r I n g
Would War I and did not return
to tie Isthmus until 1920.

feronce have been secret.
Conference sources said ome of
the main items. of the defense
plan was a proposal for creation
of an eIlht-nation fghtiN force to
be based alone the border of stra.
tegic Thailand.
The defen, plan also includes
fMrmation of a well developed air
end naval force, with the United
Rates furnishing most of the e-
qu pment, the sources reported.
The rmaon of an ar defense
with planes based in Sipgapore,
Thailand and the PiPlippnes was
proposed as part of the defense

Wholesale Food
Prices Hit Lowest
Level In 2 Years
u W YORK, M y (UP) -
Wholesale food aes iV the
week ended May fur
cents to 68.38, the lowest level
in more than two Sears op the
bun a Pradstrt Ie
The index -ai )A per cent
below tha. $7.6 iaRlg and
was the iwSlt sitaee rU
reported April ii. 053. However,
it was 7. 1 pet a -is e te
index before, thl e War
tbesn in 1 .00
Sindezx reflects the S uM to-
tal of the price per'pound of S1
foods In generti use.

SEATO Natnes

Draft Master Plan

For Asian Defense

BAGUIO, May 5 (UP) -Milita.
ly experts of the eight Southeast
Asia defense or lzatin nations
yesterday conpleted a master
p'an for hte defense of Southeat
: tfort the defense 41 $utheast
S military eis of the
United Ste4s, Britain, France,
Pakistan. lHailan ,, ustralia,
New Zeasnd and '-hslli
in a week of coen l ored
p collective defen i anst
any Red movesin Asia.
The top-secret platr the
form of recoimeadfl that
will be submitted to ISO.AO mill.
tory adviers at a June .,meeting
in_ Bagko. ... ....

FOR SALE:-Mahugeny buffet.
510.00; meheony chiffonier.
$7.50; metal table,. $2.00;
wicker table. $3.00; smin bom-
boo table $2.00; small maho-
gany table, $3.00; miscellmse-
out dishes and cooking utensils.
0763-1 Williamson Place, 9:00
to 11:00, 4:00 to 6:00.

FOR SALE:-13 cubic foot deep
froese. $200.00. 60 cycle. ex-
cellent condition. Phone ,Ame-
dor 5210.-

FOR SALE-Due to urgent trip.
Refripretor, st9ve. vanity, bod, .
living room set, cribs. Make an
offer. 44th St. No. 9, Apt. 6.

FOR SALE-Wine chain, smell
tables, secretary "ek,'oekc"o.
Call Curundu 13-3162 or
2112-C quarters, after 4:30.

FOR SALE:-4 Venetlian blinds,
36" wide, white Eosy Spin Dry
washing machine, 25-cycle, ex-
cellent condition, complete
overhaul. Call Balbo" 1659
after 5 p.m. or see It 0592-C,
Boyano St., (Old Coresel Are)a,

FOR SALE:-Zenith radio em.
bination, $40.000; Weting.
ouser refrigerator, $25.00;
Bandix washer, $22.00; Singer
sewing machine. $45.00. 2
tables, I chains. Cheap. Phone

FOR SALE:-9 ft. refrigerator
porcelain, $75.00. 4 Venetlan
blinds, $15.00. 1941 Ford Con-
vertlble, $175.00. 5 4 40-A
Diable, 2.-3188.

FOR SALE:-I piece modern
maeheany dining room seit
$150,00. New Sunbeam coffee
maker, $20,00, Other miseel.
lonen s Items. 0942 Amedo Rd.

FOR SAL..-W e umtlnghoun o-..-
*4 ftienrh-.fitj, $ 0.0t J
Smine. eriandIeNtMny
and table. $8.00; small glmii
top coffee table, ..U.00; *asi-
'olsal hair, $5.00; smell e-q.
"r Ia, $.1,00. Travie s usM f so

FOR SALE:-,Radie-phonegraph
in. coasle; cpbiane 25 cycls, i
$47.50. Studio couch which
convert Intoe double hed6 Mesy
cheir with Ottomen ond. two-
cushion chair. $42.00. Must s]I
due to shortage of spece. Make
offer. Call Balboe 2-2775 be-
tween 4 and 6 p.m. today or
Friday morning.

FOR SALE: 25 cycle West-
inlhourle 1 a. ft. with deep
freeze end *utomatie defroster.
Solid moahogany dining reom
set. Nearly now Luundromet
washer end dryer. Maternity
wardrobe sI-es 10-11-12.
House 212-A Aneon t(Fibowl
FOR SALE: Baby upright
pilan, very good condition.
$200.00. Chins closet, $25.00.
Lerge bokceew Ideal for eerom-
divideo. $18.00. Square meio-
any coffee table, $10.00. Arm
cieir. red leothorete. $7.00.
Redie R.C.A., three bands,
$10100. Illo tic fins, two, 12
inchr 25 cycle. $7.00 and
$10.00. Cal Fort Clayteo 87-
- 4 2 1 9 I____

FOR SALt.-40- cycle Coldspot
refrigerator, $40.00. Apply A
Avenue No. 12. Sr. 'Diss.

FOR SAL-AlII 60 cycle Het-
point 11.5 cg. ft. diepfreeeo.
$227.00 Wstinghouse Auto.
Cletos dryer $1 qe.00, both like
sow. Westing|ous tonk t y p e
cleaner, S15-.09. Hlbert food
mixer w Itall ta"leh nh.t,
Both good senditlee; Phknu Al-
break 16-5218.

FOR SSALE: 9' refrigerator,
$90.00. "Esperene" ape-t.
meets. "Moeede Beturre" St.
Ho, 22-A, Apt. frenm p.m.



S f ..' -

AB Threq


WANTED TO BUY all late
model eutoIe #lnt .- Fords,
Plymouths., '* Mer-
curys, ... ,fuloks.
.-Codpluim P e thek
spstoi AOSS f,
tof"cekP am 2

FOR SALE:-1953 Studeahker
Champ hardtop. Excellent condi-
tion, $l0950.0. Aleedk 6195.

r Psntar LiniV-SaiIndt*

* '-0

N orthlund
A total of 176 passengers, a
record number so far this year,
are scheduled to sail from Cris-
tobalfor NMew York Saturday a-
board the Ancon of the Pan-
amla Line. A large number of
the passengers are Canal em-
ployes and their families en
route to the States on vacation.
No passengers have been
booked on the Ancon for Porft
au-Prince, Haiti.
Among the passengers sailing
are Frank H. Irwin, Panama
Canal designing engineer, who
is retiring at the end of May,
and Mrs. Irwin.
The complete advance pas-
senger list for New York fol
Mr. and Mrs. Ross A. Aldrich
and two children; Mr. and Mrs.
Robert H. Ashbaugh and two
children; Mr. and Mrs. Phra
Ashby and 4 children;L Mrs.
Margaret D. Austin;

Robert J. Blair; Mr. and Mrs.
Hans Blau; Mr. and Mrs. Wil-
liam T. Blealley and 3 children;
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick H. Boggs
and 3 children; Miss Sylvia
Miss Alice E. Candee; Mr.- and
Mrs. Paul W. Colby; Mr. and
Mrs. John J. Connard; Miss
Mildrpd Coogan; Mr., and Mrs.
Billie J. Oudm and 2 children;
Albeit W. Degen; Mr. and Mrs.
Robert D. Donaldson and 3
children; James C. Drawbaugh;,
Mr. and Mrs. George C. Dunlap
and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs.
Gambo J. Dunn;
Russell A. Edwards; Mr. and
Mrs. Harry C. Egolf and 2 chil-
Mrs. .Lia E. Fauve; and Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence L. Folles and
Mss Mary Oardiner; Mrs. Ju-
lia E. Garett; Mr. and Mrs. Lew-
is A. Qttoni and son; Miss
Una A. Qavitt; Mr. and Mrs.
Walter A. Oray and 3 children:
Mr. and Mrs. Carleton F. Hallet
and daughter; Mr. and Mrs.
Howard L. Harrison: Mr. and
Mrs. Robert o. Haynqs and
daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Robert
J. HlUlard; Mr. and Mrs. Tru-
man H. oonake and 2 children;
Mrs. Frances sorter;
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Irwin:
Mrs. Molly Jacobsen:.Mr. and
MMs. Richard D. Johns and -2
cilidred; @ad Charles R. John-
U. ant Mrs. Fred Kaimbach;
Miss Marie F. Kolebob;
Mrs. Angela Lechtner and
son; Mrs. Yvonne sLmm,
Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne T. Mc-
Neil and daughterw; Mr. and
Mrs. Donald Matem and
daughter; Mr. and I& '-Jaii
lF. M and 2 ch :i; Jred
R. o; Mr, and Mrs
IRalph A. Morales aa4 chil-
drea; MW. mad MmtL Nan pL Meek
and 2 ea; Mr. and Mrs. % J
htI Muria and 3 cbtldren:
iMr. Rd Mrs. WiaIJ. Nick-
r._i:-L Waam n s.un

ii SS~.f
K t3~i

w --*
drena -Mrs. Bhem",w Perry; and
and lazrochnarm, son.
Miss Eva Rae.Rlash; Miss
Elizabeth Reld; Mr. and Mrs.
Irl I. Sandefs and 3 children;
Roy L. Banker; Mr. and Mrs.I
Theodore Schmelsser; Mrs. Dorisl
F. Sharlot; Dr. and Mrs. Alton
Skelton; Mr. and Mrs. Norton B
Stephenson and 3 children;
Glynn L. Terrell and daughter;
Donald B. Tribe: Mr. and Mrs.
Trendon R. Vestal and- 2 chil
Carl W. Warner; Betty L.
Watts; Mr. and Mrs. Morris
Welch and child; Mr. and Mrs.
Frederick C. Willoughby and
Mr. and Mrs. Merlin B. Yocum
and daughter.


The Cristobal 6f the Panama
Line is scheduled to sail from
New York Thursday with 57 pUs-
sengers for Cristobal and 22
passengers booked for Port-au-
Prince, Haiti.
Among the passengers expect-
ed to small for' the Isthmus are
Lindsley H. Noble, comptroller
of the Panama mCanal, and Mrs.
Noble and Mr. AL sta M.
Cooks, wife oFJo h M. Cooked
who was .M Iinted to
succeed Fr j as Pan-
amt Cana l,'i engineer.
Cooke wi l paied by
their three
The complete advance pas-
senger list for QOrstobal follows:
Mr. and Mrs. Oeorge C. Ander-
Lester S. Beetle; Mr. and Mrs.
Peter H. BoIter; Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Borher; Mrs. Helen
Mrs. and Mrs. William 3. Con-
nelly; Mrs. AuWusta M. Cooke
and 3 children; Joseph A. Cor-
rigan, Jr.; .
Mrs. rMOa Vrury
Bruno L i- l;
Noath n1 -:
Malcolm U_ tt; Mr. and
Mrs. Dulcidlo Goz. 0 ale and
William A. Hully; Miss Joan-
na Hasenedet; .Dr. and Mrs. Ju-
lilan R. Hunty Mit Mary B.le&
Hurley; -
Mr.. and Johlnn;
itr. asid M r W* ILr R. el-
ley; Dr. GUIt _s
Mrs. Blai

Joseph PV.."

a. Mrs.
and Mr. j.._lS lr
Ir. Moore: y .

Mr. ad UM.(
bly edve; ~ elBi'~

Chagres Thealer, I

19 1her Buildings

Put On Block By PC
The Chagres theater, built In
1944 to accomodate the thou-
sands of contract laborers and
others who were then living in
the Atlantic ide town, ts soon
to become.a thing of the past,
It is one of 19 buildings ot0
feared for sale by the Panama
Canal Co. under bids advertised
Thursday. The bids which call
for the purchase, dismantling
and removal of the buildings
will be opened at 10;10 tLm, May
18 at Balboa Heights.,
The Chagres Theater, an iron-
roofed frame structure which
seated.approximately 500 movie-
goers, wse opened June 17, 194..
Its patronug lined steadily
tll. the derlflat population
-and" the
hajoritj o0 Chatirs families to
Rainbow City. It ceased opera-
tions as a theater on October
31, 1954.
SAproxlmately 00 chairs and
miscellaneous motion picture
sound ani projector equipment
are being offered for siae a
a separate bid item.
The Afghan charge d'affaires
ed include former quarters an
official buildings in practical
all Canal Zone towns.
They are: six old quarters
builds in Ancon; the old as-
phalt plant at BSos Hill In Bal-
boa; a former quarters building
In La Boca; two buildings at
Gamboa which had formerly
been used by the Dredging Di-
vision for core drilling; the
Chagres theater: and three
quarters buildings at Rainbow
City. These last were located on
St. Kitts and Jamaica Streets.

'Bil Head Charles'

Bound Over For

Old Watch Theft

A 21-year-old Panamanla
Annual RO C known as "Big Head Charles"
as been bound over for trial ih
*-io ***NIl h JUS District Court on a chargil
i lFal U of forcibly depriving another
;man of a watch.
The annual formal inspection, The nickname gs a moalcker
during which the rating of the attributed to James Emanqal
Baloa i and Cristobal High Davis, who is also known .unde
Sehkol ROTC Units is deter- the alias of "Alfonso lanns."
mined, 4a conducted recently Probable cause was found a-
by Ma Joseph M. McKinney, against Davis In Balboa Maeli-
.Inspector General a; rate's Court where his bal wa
Headquarters, UJ.. Army Carib aset at $250.
bean Command and Maj. Rai The charge against him sItt-
iy LK. Wilson, of the 504th ed that at 1:30 a.m. on Ot. 11,
Field Artillery Battalion, Fort 1954. he did forcibly Ste o m
Kebbe, under the direction of the person of one FedrtIco
Col. xiler'B. Thayer. Inspector Heart B., a Laguna wrist Watch
cqene, UBARCARIB, Fort A valued at $40. I
B8140 The charge adds 'talt the
theft occurred in the Canal
A. liS.their activation in 1948, Zone at a point between the
1t Balboa and Cristobal Canal Zone Police both at the
P a =Ise Units have attain- "L1mits" and the Panama,*Cnal
g Ilag of Honor School. Zone boundary. "-
Ilor fctators considered dur-
S. l inspection are ---
W~t~yy of the ROTC
LM I 1 the degrees to which
.---st aaccomplishing the ob-
ie o0 fthe ROTC program.

tore considered a
n which the Profes-
ry Science and Toce
i staff comply with
UmsM and directives;
IG government pro-
to.the school. ad-
eLfflcency of
; the facitleU
I :A thuailt tnL

brt- the




Cuban Singer
Miguelito Valdes
To Appear Here

Cuban singe Miguelito Valdes
will open a three-day engagement
at Hotel E1 Prnama tomorrow for
his first appearance in Panama
m several years.
Known also as "Mr. Babalu,"
Valdes has been on a tour of La-
tinA TerIa for nerl a year
-^A^ ~ ~ ~ WKe f h^ -Jl A,-^^ ^ -.

Aighnt Mobtlie

KARACI, Pakistan Ma 5 -
(UP) Afghanistan, Involved
in t bitter dispute with Pakis-
tan over pobseasloa of the north-
west frontier province site of
the fabled Khyber Pass yes-
terday ordered "general mobi--
zation'! of Its armed forces and
conscript ion of additional
TW order was announced here
by the Afghan embassy.
An embassy spokesman, Fuld
Radio Kabul. broadcast orders
of the Afghan Defense Ministry
for general mobilization, be-
qause of the deterioration of re-
Iati ns between Afghanistan and
P stan.
V1he Afghan chareg d'affaires
,has been ordered to return to
jKabul from Karachi.
\ The embassy spokesman said
the Kabul radio called on "all
able-bodied meen between the
ages of 25 and 32 to be ready
to. defend their country."
The spokesman said he had
no information on the measures
beyond the radio broadcasts, bur
he said he believed the order
was intended "as a protective
The two development point-
ed up the simmering dispute
Iltween the two countries over
Pakistan's decision to include
the northwest frontier proviAces
in the new Welt Pakistan feder-
Afghanistan wants the dis-
puted territory to become an in-
dependent county.

rhmtpits Be b W it ea

ad weo m m a M f be i me.-

?.. Afl*0igg. M1 *' e 4l



Avangeliti Rally
i ".lw-

Dr -tx.f ROSELL2,


Si. '4

6IXm l__

.'~ ..A

.. "


rosmon Wii.r4u
Real Estate coes Easrea. .s-
FOR SALI.-Boaitful lot In quired. Irving Zapp Company,
Golf Heights. 40mx50m. Tele- 31 Franiiceo de lo Oase (Nse-
phone 2I161, _tieoal Avenue) flen# &a.,

iE N




- -- ---

-- --




- ~- ~----`~

. .~., .-'I*. '# ... ,



I -R-


^ fr4'4 '4A ., *"*- *
4 ,' .. -.' "4- : -. "
t,= i ,,zs ,. .:., :...


-I -------

- 1~frY%~'Q.

. m-, Ya- .. f -.r9ifl

M -a r '*

0*5- 6-ti


.- .w N -

With Denlit Moranp

:w'7as. iS -
0:.56, Sa pa


S'with -

-^ -8j;- 5:6 til -"i%

w "w Ida Lapine JSan '
r* l M- Audg o.ff
. PHfThaxtr SW

!weA Waqu~ --~-- i .-

* .. r^ *t< tl,

PEARY'S LPAG TO BE ENSHRINED-The Ameican- fli ear;-
-ied by Rea9 Adm. Robert Peary h*ben he discovered thq
North Pole In 1809 will be permanently enshrined in the National
Geogrehifc Society's Explorers' Hall in Washington, D.C. The
taffeta ag Is shown above, in a 1923 photo, with his daughter,
how Mrs. Marie Ahnighito Peary Stafford, a noted explorer In
her own right., Her mother, who is now 91, made the flag for
hIter htdbind.' She presented it to the Geographic Society and
her daughter will accept for her a gold medal in special cere-
'shobloes, Ml 0. Peary guarded the flag with his life. During four
hairowinj years in the Arctic, he kept it wrapped around his
body to guard against losing it. The flag today Is patched because
Peary deposited fragments of it at memorable ^pts in his journey
to the Pole. On his return hbe gave the flag to hip wife, saying
"It has always been my greatest, treasure."

"But .there've been times when.
it's been a problem," he says. "Es-
pecially when 1 met one of the
mob. I went to Italy and a mutual
friend introduced, me to Lucky Lu-
ciano, the Jd gangster. Lucky
said, 'Bullete' You must be oo
of the rewU.iys.' And he gave me
a long, cold look. I was glad to
vet b ck home."
Go' Vidal did the adapta-
tion o C4S' "Stage poor" some
wee L back. The star was Diana
Lynr, and Gore and Dia are
aow dathag frequently. ke, when
Vdal was signed to do the
adaptation for the coming CBS1
p rod u eieon of -"Fareweoll
to Arms," he insisted ea Diana
as the leadmg lady.
Nothing like a dramatic part to
change a man. Look at Richard
boie, who plays Dr. Konrad Sty-
nor on "Med:c." Time was when
Dick Boone would just about keel
over at the sight of a bad hang-
But now?
"Well," says Dick, "I'm getting
tted to blood and things. I'm even
petty handy .at first aid around
the house.


HOLaYWOpD -C(NmA) Be- arg 'hi Sh k c ( Mo
Lind-s r a-reen: There's -a "Miss that's being stup id. ld a .Sow. "BTV me The s in
"fact EisW1ftflA ,s .s.WMW.rt m front his lA r: "I was held vet
doll, Adelaid in Sam Gordwyn's to star In five i u TV o Or another i weeks."
trim vesioT A "uo i a4nd Dolls." a wek, ays: not sied.I_ _.-_-c,
Vivini coated tpe trile on road. I'm just tipid." At $300 a *eak
wa VIt years gd 'but Holly- that's being stupid "M son, Peter, Is 18 months
wald uualqlr daides tie star-isn't -ld. ot so l ago, he had
the type wh"n a sthge sho* be. Are there big movie plans for his first adventure. He tddled
comes a movie. Judy Holliday's Lloyd Nolan now that he's winding outside the house and fell o a
"Born Yesterday"' switch -from up 600 performances as Captain milk bottle. Caae screaming
Sdiptlighls to film was an exception Queeg in the stage bit, "The Caine back Inside with his had bqdly
and Goldwyn-is betting Vivian will Mutiny Court Martial"? Holly. cut. A year ago I would have
oe in the same league with Judy nood's baited the golden hook, but bees losI But I was perfectly
when the film ii released. Nolan tells me he'd rather try his calm-I washed it off and band.
Vivian's praise for the film nand at directing. a Broadway aged it beautifully."
script: sage show, "something I've wpnt.
"ft's exactly like it was on the ed to do to: years." Of coarse, he's far from being
Miage' only more so. Nothing The film star on playing No per- a finished medical product. When
I-s been lost.' toxnmances in a row: Peter vwas born, Dick was in the
"You have to fight to avoid be- midst of shooting the unforgetta-
Sidelight to William Holden's co- coming mechanical. But even then ble "Medic'' story about a Caesa-
Ftarrir-. role with Jennifer Jones .ou know the lines so well your *can birth. By coincidence, Peter
in "A )[ay Splendored Thing" at brain is free to think of other! mss born in that way, too.
Fox is that he tried to persuade things and it does."
Paramount to- buy the book 'as a aside note on those steel balls "For a week before," Dick says
movie for himself and Audrey He, Nolans manipulates in the play: I1 was able to talk about it with
burn lapt year. Audrey was wBl- They are chained .together. and tme doctors %vry Intelligently, very
mg too, tot arardount said "No." Looked around his finger so he objectively. I looked at my wife's
__ can't drop 'em. Xrays, and talked to our obstet-
Red "'kleton's planet for develop- --- rician in technical terms. I knew
hi new TV ruutkice next se -Ie: Like. Marilyn Monroe. .another what I was doing. I thought I had
Wepl t. previewss" in onemnit movie doll is being haunted by t lekad. .
stands all over the country. He ,picy pre Hollywood photos .tak- But the day 'Peter was born.
bays he'll fly out of Hotlywopd ev- wc wheA she was an umrcover girl. ITick Boone reaUd he was just
ery weekend Mar Cordsy'a ee -,It -..Now another anuionda ther.. to -be.
-arpret Q'Brien's taking ballet charms decorate the covers of two lie practically coaped.
lessons to siam down her hips'and more g;lie girte magazines this .
leg. .I Tommy No.onan's way month but tne U-I actress isp't Boose is a taU, al st-hanld-
he^at.. the race for the r le of tven blushing, "That's the 'other' some Califoraus, who came to
Denanwyoodman's brother in UI's Mara Corday." she br ..sher Kiff. New York er the war and
biog of- bandleader. Steve Al- .The eye-ppping, poses rn t o tudled lstg.tt0 M -arB-ra.
ln w $eimny. ; of many tauen three years ago do, Ev* *,*,r St%. and that
When she was. model aa#y ended s crowd at h e Actnrs' ,bui sand
Mary Anderson's withdrawal the money.. A lawsuit by M ra, the NeIghberhead Playhouse. But
im fbe, asrt _of Broadway's now ann aticheeseeakes cUt i th hisa O n Br eadway Job was as
"Lunatics P-a olvers," after dramatic.roe i p tUa u "fn s JohIn lo elgud;'s nderstudy in
backeta fireworks with play- fire," to stop te reissue, -of, the "Eedea. et Uver got a
arimgt' y in aley. and -co- photographs? thanee to go t Bot he did a
ht1 cs Hakeatt, happened "I've thought- about- It t you lot of TV. and go called to
after she called her husband, know Hollywood. Maybe Ir' want Hollywood.
Leon Shamroy the movie came- to work as a model again sqme ...
iaman' f t idefe. eIon claims gay and I don't think it would be There he quickly got typed as a
that -Kidagloy failed to pick Ib a wise move. But I'd sure lke to western heavy. And it was n't un
Miyts option or. give hera i ., stop. them." t -nWor-' in. -Miner producer of
r "Medicga ldm him that he
Now he' st1l playg Westerms
heavies lisUlatheu arrent
"Man-Without a Si" but he
elso has hop# .e ter things to
come. Maybto rAWSy some =dAy,
and net a an" lderstudy.
"Medic" ipgvesift a s t in the
-a Ara
_I66tT- I- a a-

meeto s

SDiana Lyba n!a !9oa

Steve Alien's lale-plht show
over NBC-Ti is popiar with
everybody, but particularly ow
buslaess people. quite ften, dar-
ing mttion breaks, he'll get calls
from stars saying i ce -things
about parts oft the show. Martha
RAye is one of the most frequent
ta ers.

figures that thtecoming Broadway
musical about baseball and the
devil, "Damn Yankees," is certain
to be bought by Hollywood for
Abbott aud Costello. They'll call
it, "WhoW' On Faustt"


-with -
asy IMAMAR -* John LADEN

CEG1UA Th'" t*e.WV
AlsO.: -


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'A' "

Also: -


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Cash Saleb Only No Returns ,- No Alterations



*. .and hundreds of other wonderful buys!


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p J R."


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And so will your chano

of Winning

three magnificent car

bf't let luck slip through'your finger'.Tl tIwe
velouscar can bqe our '. withoutt ostk yX4 A

All youh'Fivtoid' is exchange'"yourernpty pait
LUCKY. ,,. *t., 41
LUCK STRIKES for eertiSates in the CoDnt

Jone 19,6' based on the drawing .Nfatlo
al Lottery,

but oncmand tI

Remombir... Opportunity knocks
*rtificat*will soon be ne
aertinlates.will wo0n'be'gone 1

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1,.- > --
0. 4.-,W-.*. .,
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sOIn.s boJat sums

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4. -- *"--.
-..-- -, -. -- k .4wa :t'.- ', .-11

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at. .
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ad -
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0 4'rr,*: '--

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*, '41, A-f. .. .. I .... ..
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,*'.- .',w .*- .* '... -, Aj' ..q t- .- .
-. r- t-g.^ -. .. .- *. ,* -. nu ri f r **^ "
S ... .. .. IL iJ.lI....,

a! and OIerwie &, Aba- board
-- "USNSAKL-17 -
n' iI .o f9 1 134, anama Appllcaon A re being accepted "&..
$8,"I,4 0 a a year, aboard at e LUE- EaIcMhUe m sould
4 i ,4,j, j^ A MW-li, I t was announced. wrw'OW tam a-
P ad I *Appllaus must be U.S. cii- t he s number
Szens a ld hld possess a mas- al andh Wuisf
Vq 4"^ '. 40 1- P.. aM- .-0740 ., 1 0 -d 1 ter's licaqs. Anyone interested .e cannot e
T should submit a standard Irom 57 PhOUL. W "
S. t, o Commanoing Officer, Military -
'-. leaving the Zone Saturday for Sea Tranaportation Service, iBox Grls Scouts
:S4 "l : ......' Caafornla. 2W ,bort ,amaeor, C.Z.
All Girl Scoujf ad
Fr .d- friends aie cord[too
s ive Freds Give ,. ceremony Doris Elixia Herbru- attends the cri e
e r lA Ke S ger, Daughter 'of Mr. ana mrs. "Spring Day" r-
A Miscellaneous Shower Sunday toolo t1nerbruger, became toe day, May 7 at the b i Y
afternoon eohonoredMiss undBeatrz ride of anrtus taul eamu, .r., ground iro m8:00 30
Re who dart shortly for Cal- son of Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Ratw p.m. Girl Scout
Reeyes who departs shortly for Cal- 'd of Panama. osat a
'iorna where she will be come the monstrate and i ,
Lrlde of Mr. Kenneth T. Gunn aendtroop acivities.
ideo s Mr. Kenneth T.affair, helunn. Fourteen young women attend- tive camps, fit sing-
otesses for the affair, held on ea the bride. -nu the groom %as ing, crafts and f4 itwi ,
the terrace .A the Army -Navy escorted by Daniel kabrega as highlight the r -
Club at Ft. Amador, May lst, ilest man onu I ushers.
were Mesdmnes Elizabeth Walsh, -
kBetty Coleman, Aloha Baumbach,
tan Bet mClseandAo JBauemnbam After a month's honeymoon ini American Guild of Or#dta)dt
SV an BBogota, the couple wui resise m The May meeting o6 e Itah-
organ "El Paical" m Panama. mian Branch of the American
"' The guests were: Mesdames -- Guild of Organists will be held
.,.. l<..:< .. Margaret Morris, Joan D. Capal- on Monday, May 9 at 7:30 p.m.
S bo Em ily Rowe, C. R. Jones, s onore Ati w ho at St. Andrews Church Pariah
*.... V' John Henderson, Barbara Ramey, Mrs. Wdon M. Petit was host- Cocoll. Electo oh OPfl
.Ane Pathgener Florence K. Red-ess Saturoay afternoon, at a pres- House, Cacoal. Election o eoffl-
Anne Pathgener Florence K Red- ns.teafroyathero daugtr cers for the coming year wtllbe
S/ nond, B. R.-yes, lisa E. Reyes. eration tea for her daughter ld. for the program, -*. r of
Xenia Reyes. G. C. Lockridge, Do- uharlene, wnube engagement was Earl C. Keene program,ill be oow
lores Coffy. Hlomer V. Crooks, Ju- recenty announced. ed by a social period a thellow
Sdith Matthews, Arlene Tochter. Guests we e entertained in the d by a social pndMriod a lbur
S-"- vi.- man Helen McKeown. Eileen G. ana lounge of te Alirook Ofm- home of Mr. snd Mrs. Wilbur
Brady, Edna Mikey, Barbara Ay- cras' tlu. Naval District.
cock, W. J. Dorgan, G. B. Sosa,
Jertha Ca'nathan. Shir'y P. Flowers, a gift of Mr. and Mrs.'
,- :. "Smith Emma Hutchings Marie Camuo thapmnan uo aanama. Woman's Club Meetin
S.' urles, R. C. Sergeant, Wilma Hi. were artistically arranged by ETh aboa Woman's Club M tlln
S,- dalgo Violet Scott. Nancy Gill, Alrs. Robert M ay and Mra. Lloyd The Balboa omn's Club will
annie Smith Joyce A. Dugas, Do- Llark of Albroo. hold tncheiro n at the Drwoo
tn lcres Reyiu Beverly "' ibbettsLuncheon at the Driftwood
SJoan Sharp Angela Lee, Ern Mrs. Jamyb Gable, Mrs. James Lounge of the Albrook Officers
:fCS elle McCarthy. Sis Brady Mary Keough, MA C.L. Logan and Club, on Wednesday May 11, at
Lea Atearraga, Ruth Appin, Fran- Mrs. Robert Hutton officiated at 12:30. This luncheon comemo-
-V -* e. ts Dillon and Nira Reyes. e coffee sevie and at t rates the 9th Anniversary of the
i service were Mrs. Russell Wilson, founding of the Club.
"s MiSBEAS 'IKZ REYES 11heatre Guild s Mrs. William Dewitt, Mrs. Gonza-
MI BEATIZRE"The Moon q Blue" I Pozos and Mrs. Richard Ash- For reservations phone Mrs.
"-- Opens Monday l acker. At the punch talbe wexe Helen M. Quinlan, Balboa 3736
Ticket reservations are now be- Mrs. Thomas Brown. A-2c Jack or Mrs. Ruth C. Bathman 25-
t&a Girl PJans also graduated from Junior ing taken for the Theatre Guild's Holland friend of the bride-elect 3101. All reservations must be
Imor!* l 'eddirg ICollege in that State. Pew produtliun of the recent and her fiance, provided teatime in by May 9. Lunch is -1.50.
as. Bsilla eyes of Balbot, Mr. Gunn was stationed at F Soradway L.t "The Moon Ts music at the piano. Assisting Mrs.
Qnunces the engaseiiient of Kobbe, Hdqs. Service Company, Blue," under the capable direc- Petit with preparations for the tea
r daughter, Beatriv. to Ken- and was recently discharged, lion of Len Worcester this prom- were Mrs. Hsrry Albaugh. Mrs. Lillian Farrell Circle
bi Ocin,. son of Mr. & Mrs. Miss Reyes Is presently employ- lnes to be another outstanding I C. Wagner and Mrs. L. R. My- Please have the following no-
6 B GOunn, of Boron, Calif-, ed In the General Manager's Of- show. Ticket and reservations at'ers. twice in the May fourth evening
;a iflee, Se:vice Center Division, il each may be obtained by call- paper: The Lillian Farrell Circle
.- bri'I--to-l'e was born In' Dao!o Hts. Mr. Gunni-Is pres-tig Mrs. Rov Glickenhaus Pa-' Miss Betty Flatau daughter of of the Balboa Ulnion Church
. Republic of Panama, g.a- ently employed in San Bernar- nama, ?-33.4. sir. and Mrs. J. F. Flatau of San will meet at the church at 9:00
%.-.,.. dL.' ..a Righ Bcnool dino, California. -r-- ancisco, Panama. who will a.m. May fifth, and members
We OlPis,of f949. and, 1so ilerbrager.Piad serve TMiss Petit as maid of hon- will go in a body to the Panama
pded Cmanl Zone Junior Col- The ceremonies will take place Wedding At Cristo Rey t.1. was unable to attend, due to a School for the Blind. Transpor-
.uMr. Opn was educated itn the second week in May in In a large .nd formal marriage sudden Jllne:s., station will be available for all.
sIchoola in Cklifornia, and California. The bride-to-be ls

Sm on E




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* 3-piece or sectional set

7* Central Ave. 21-02 Tis. 2-1830 2.1833

rett, who proved to be Ferrell's
"ironclad alibi. also was indicted
for the murder. However, Garrett
is currently confined to a Galve-
ston, Tex., mental hopitil 'as a
maniac depressive.
. With the acquittal of Jerrell,
,former circuit solicitor -it sin.
purged Phenix City, the state
suffered a severe blow in its ef-
forts-to clean- up the ,eome.
o .sat. Atty. Gen. MacDoaiad Gal-
IMa sai "Of cowmthia it
ian %I
great effect enjacr upw a.aist
Qar~tt and. I den't lkcw what'
spwIAT be taken regarding his
triaL' .
Ferrell -received the verdict Im-
passively and without expression,
just qs he had remained thmugh-
out the long trial.
His brother and one of his de-
fense lawyers, Pelham Ferrell
rat next to the erect Ferrell and
patted him on the shoulder with
a big smile.
But Ferre'l remaqinad motion-
less. He was flanked by a cordon
of law enforcement officers-.sum-
mq d to the courtroom to main-
tawl -order.
The jury foreman rose and told
the crowded courtroom, after de-
liberating since Tuesday, "We, the
jury. find the defendant not guil-
Ferrell was indicted for both
first and second. degree murder.
Patterson was shot at point
blank ange in an alley outside
his Phenix City law office 17 days
after his nomination.
Fernrell admitted hatg the man
who hid bee elected is superior
and. teatimory -revealed the oust-
ed- oeutor had bitterly curp.
ed Patterson on several occasions.
But Ferre. denied the murder
from the witesu stand. State wit-
oiene bad quoted Ferrell as say-
I hated him but I didn't
gun, him..
Ferre claimed he was at his
courthouse office a- -halt-block
from the murder seen at the
time f, the killing, talking by,
.B mteleplmhone to Garrett

The state had made -a major
= e, howebrer, M tihe Jeat hat
U said he- heard or saw
sW the




mr If

Pla Parles .a
wife wants to kpo what
au t'to do now., aMe- de
her m k, if course, in paying
mtuo mut ntioa lto her us-
baid's tstenee that he enjoyed
nothing so much as staying at
home in .the. evening.
Most husbands talk like that.
But a smart wife knows that an
Lccaaienaul night out makes stay-
WWhO stayn .. m,
night soon gets monotonous.
The mistake has _been made,
an4 the problem' is, can itIbe cor-
reed? sure i ct'Can, .ift e -wfe
will take .matters into her own
hands'* iatead of tk.
The first thig she should do is
to give a-few parties, herself. I
Ahe annouCees that she has im-
vited friends to their home her
husband's pride will make "him
put himself out to be a pleasant
Then when invitations againor are
coming in she should start accept-
ing them. If her husband belts .:
and sa.a he simply w0o't go,... i- .
stemad-of telepul 'ag.T lfr.T st- M "
to make somelkmnie eSni 'ds.
pbould say, The I subt I S
have to go alone." Chancees are,
she won't have to go aloe to
!nore than a couple of parties.
Men don't realy want to live
like hermits, and any wfe who
takes ahuband, at h14 word when. k
he talk like eye U anabi a"' 1-
mistake. Marriage needs to-
freshened and enlivened by some
e li f. Ad home e is en-
Joid Ost wne ft. tiW a -t If
o'iat. '

Working Conditins
For Poficewome W.-
To Be Improved -
ceeitai' distaff plice eff
have organied themselves into
the innuoota Apsoelation of Po-
Uqws% ?e..Te inizaton alns
hrtrsr for policewo mend '

ing wlve deliaquency and
I.rease eds.catom m


- I


!kVV *--?"-
4o.. -^
if t7,

nn Lou ,ald today tht return on-
SConogress doenD t rove the: eaon gdDL b mortic evs.
adm mstoratio'k ,ib ,. -dollar obe B. eyn r of NW An.y.
roda bninj program "we wott ahd Abraham ARI cof Ot Connee. a
st anythin" icut appear g ps. re the RHouse t
,He was our t iQ( oveinerp, in- .tbcommitte. to support tt0- A- a
cludinga toe Dp cr V, W".m;rF ministrationpsIrota. They'were l
ca a fle e foned b R a o
to apprOVte their represuitattvsie t f, Wis- t
ton pi ctonsin, -iairtf, N ed M Wash- o
five-year a by ington andg Oregon
Ben. Albert n t'L ) : Under.o atmistration's 10
Gore aMtr- year prW the federal govern- t

crnors O w- tributeS, billo
her's pro sa. Y vrely mun- estimate includes roads- that do
balance W thati area not involve, a federal totribution.
fy severely# Gore and 0WS Denverats have
The pouict -..thae .Is- complained ba1 t the l iideatt's
sue became'nt a 11 plan to finance the Aderl share
Democratic gov efto t o the ae rougIr bopl I as er is a
21 who attended it+ rect Ilpatr device't-o ci iji ag the X-,
tisan White Houst governors con. penditures 5 t-hl-e debtam
:erence showed tiup for. Gore's and ezxeeding the legal lt.
speech. They wverp rA a laa, Gore's five-year Ii;, approved
Arkansas, Mis pi Georgia. by the- Senate fad'scW mlit-
Michigan, New Y O, Oklahoma, tee he head eals fir P2*00,,-
Pennsylvania., Tenaeusee and Tex- wo000, in fqdernt funds. nad .8,-
as. 100,000,00 from the states. -Te A
subcommittee tecommetled that r
Kennon, wno bolted in 1952 to the federal gasoline tax be In s
support Presidelt.. Eisenhower, creased from 2 to I cots a gal- n
went so far as to- boycott a two- Ion to cover federal codte.,
day meeting .of Democratic gov. Kennon contended that three- ,
crnors that was alled by the fourths of the 48 governors fav- s
Democratic National Committee to or the admi.istra on ogram.
discuss plans for the 1956 polita- That point is disputed Pas. __

Phenix City Prosecutor Acquitted

On Charge Or Murdering Crusader
0 -
BIRMINGHAM, Ala., May 51 Ferrell was the third former of-
BRP)-A juy today acquitted for- hcial to be indicted for the mur-
ser Prosecuto; Arch Ferrell on der of the crippled crime fighter I
charges of murdering crusader who hbad baen, nominated attor-
Albert Patte son to protect the ney general on a pledge to ,wipe
fabulous Phcnix City crime em- out tne 100 allion-dollar, Phenix y
pire. crime syndicate.. 0
The verdict, returned after 17 hFormer ief Deputy Albert
days of teslimny during whichief Deputy Albert
the state branded the 39-year old Fuller of Phenix City was convict-
Ftherrell a ."biciros. at n arnd ed in the same Jefferson Circuit
old.blooded aJ ie," ltaly os- courtroom March 11 for lump- t
cold-bl the mo notorious case in mg three bullets into ?atterson's
Alabama history since the Scott- bdy.
shoro rape- ase. I Former Atty. Gen. Silas Gar- L

'Ile bp. -
ood reraws
oPan of Pnam. *t "nd
makers' whIu tep.|i. *
heir tables e r7
'ten flavorr
wn c creation. uch
.lth this wondeul
hat ftarte&a Lobster
>hen 4aura Toled of
tated it. i a. UI a 0 X
!ork restaurant ad It
shrimp Laurmla- he bestat
laces eof .Pnama-'ftlw '.
2 lbs; Siamp (boeled)
Stablespoom bu
2 cups mull;
tt -and pepper tq taste .
.. .
1 clove garlic -
1 teaspoon chopped O
W cup tomato saue .
-cup. beead ermb .
1. cup grted cheese '..
Met : end, butter, flos ad '
r.ilk mfo a cream sauce and sea-
on. -Add garlic and oaioa Ao- to.
iatd sauce and cook. In buttered
asserele place first a lape ofc
hrimp the a layer of ,scream
muce ud add Athe tomato :mais
ure. Repeat the layers adding
cheese and ending with the wuhees
nd brad ambs o top. Place
Lh ah beiow broiler ah etho
muhly brored at serve" Siz
lng hot. '

lusbaads Do't Really Wat T '
ive Like Bermais
Her husband Is a professional
ran and when they moved five
'ears ago to the town where they
now live, people made an Effort
o be friendly and td' include
hem in their invitations.
But as soon as they had met
Number of people they stated
during down invitations.
After several years of saying
'No" to hostesses, they" are .no
longer Itcluded when hoStesses
ake out their guest lists.. -'
The wife, who started turning
uwn invitations because her hus-
and insisted he "liked*6t0 stay
amt" thinks sahe has made a big
"Hle isn't .hap. staying home
o the time," J says. '" He's
ored, and so am I. Only he is
oo staubbor to admit it, and just
bow his boredom by being
Pouchy arod!d home. overritica
c ahrW and Juit
Oil"i r" so. ..




-~ ~i

.4 .. ... -~
'" -. U',--.

S- ,v. -. -
.,.:,- ".; "I .6
- .' ':4 ". .. )'" o .


-? "r
1;' -~
.. "4~ -'a-

--- -'-'--'- "7 '

I-adm" "-ma -


Two capI~ft~ain me majors
last weak la .th 60th Field Artil-
1;r :w Iry Mattalloo Cqit John B. Hall
-,and Capt. ce aP. Tanniseoll
"unh l.:.'< a ,Y" "te Pa..., 9, '-J- a a e c- -:..faila was promotedan Si
.- nd Tannicrll on April 29.
: _Tannecoll e*al to USARCA-
RIB in M2 ha .baitspent al of
then, p.. i mothe. 'rIVp;"_ t,, .... ..ai_- 3s ,r, m B tonths here i the 504th.,
Inad Are __"Daftill on t_ Da. ,lce, magic," Miss I t i- One-third of Bhis t e here" has
. .y.a He lass Locke's ,annual dance rei ta been as commanderef,"A" Bat.-
com 4Y as2 ent M-b=a e i repeat performance F I terry. He se ved eight mnoths as
fam .w l mst with Mrs. Abb-CA-U80, B-urtin-tim e 7:30 p.m. i tillast month whenMajorHall Hall
bau l t Buter Pa., atwa The many lovely costumes a luE took over that -c paucity. Since
then I .' or a month's trip Indance arrangements were created then Major Tanna cllb has acted
aJuns sy Sut i o by MissLocae.Music is b aBatta on Lais Ofcer.
oieta.. The + e n, Connie San Tennascoll and his wife. Julia,
Robbie are Jooklag fomrd to this. Urelor,.le r Preom Cm!Iax have three -hildren: Annette. 7,
trip out Wew po. OfPreocidalnt Sue Pins e r Ronald, 6, an. Dsvr 3. The Tann i
----- IForC eSac edYearI nu B escoh' ,Yea r At the Canalo
Mueal ... The traditoit al Junior r enior G re Zone tois ow perormin the Adutie

college Cb s ered s bet man for te room. The friends of the new of Battlion S.3 with the 50th. He
Re tio close on Thrda coplewere invited to a nque aeprom held at the Ho- e cae to the anal Zone to n
Minisy for the tnnal pns ~ The emberspot of the two clas Albrok NCO Cb. S. M D er will leae a civilian ompend th director
chMrs.of C anal Zone Col nd the. ests were seted soon for their new home Ord, Salns, r They make their perm innt
.t.t at- th.,. -". pe.'- Cristoebai High SchooL homeiTrnton, N. J.

lge Ctab to be held ,t El Pana- .yt a large E aped table Seated 'of assant "-3 and Officer in-
L a Saug riay Ma the event at- lounge of head table were the Ha lle of thas en with the 5o041t

roinJed MinA effr of w odmean lnqu we officers of the -Be Cla which was accepted and paadium was enclosed by Group at Fort Clayton g i
NIorwIay creroa..Frt .ork -0 se aU y Morland, P-". o 'Mi Sand on behalfY of the a indut e ch et fence h a,
reVtento,the roleavingam s0on Nancy Mnter ilr Vine Music or bedancngame the bride Miss. Emery landler. wth the bsupde first fobe leavironths here as Ass-10 for
fr his nwpt. Mod Presirn nt; Sue Pincua S yy y othe 71st A ff slon of Mr. aodSt. Sueewa aseS ledeort ll, Okunda..r Majwheor Tannascoli.
ch Com" -os- A ria ei Leach Treasurer; and Guet ent ermuter b ioolna y of Corosal. At the Cha pe,.is bein re-asigned. The Halls
fuomiMadim PI utterly d t- ial.h l, ad en t Daoier was attended Mrs. Jan Fuller and Georgea make theirs now permanent home duties
oll musicub comedeo lassisMra rl. ,rl P sdl -'reved as best man for leveroom r. aThe friends of the new of Battalion .3 with the 504th. He

Hostesses for the luncheon wll a MM e dy erved as in the ball room. yely_ Robert Macparran ands
Retvhe mioem close o Thursnd du couple were Invited to a tee m Mi following the wedd inut thae came to the Canal Zone in Jlanua-
Drey .. r the, nua ml spring The members of the two clasm- Albrook NCO Club. Sgt. and Mo. Dozier will leave the |Mlhmuu ry 1953 and performed the duties
aunches of the Canal Zone Col -e. and their guests were seated soon for their new home atFort Ord, Salinas, Cailfoi~al of assistant and Officer in-
l C Hammob Jr.,old at. El P .s Misa orla n ed intable. SeMrted harge of the U ation Center
, .a SatitdaM-Kay tiw e seventh at the ead aW were the cla t ori

F .Doolan 2-3504 Mrs. R. s .tudents. Mr Beck too n was intr e th uo s N eus B e ow made by Rup.
Heir. Si4730sand Mrs. F. J. Gerr aided and Miave oan intereblm the pert Chin and Fe G t eadarters, th AAA
hardtknown lur we concert work ushed guests and members of by. MOIplass.M on behalf of th ea m ,tuare white icket fenceahiiB
ew. &d .San F-ncisco, the faculty. I hesei included Mr. Junior Clasn. rn coveredd wii t artifiaelp flowers. w The Major and his wife. Dety .
preserve the prograMi She igred E Esser, g8u rintendenty pr M for ncing was fu Msss School of Dane10 for
sing' a group of Modern 0i Sc ool and Mrs. Easer ;Mser cdbby the 71sit Arsion of Mr. Vaedl,. wS sitedF r SlOka..where Maor Hal
Pench Compositions. n Aria Ial ek Pri l ofCri Guests enter the boa- YSue Pincus. DaJell Gap- is .being re-assigned.. The Halls
from- -adaCmpositiflo and se.- .am A HgIhWeSek o, and Eora. Ctk; L.Lkrough an etarate rose covered panch Mary Orr. Donli I h rumi- make their prmanent home in

Ir m'uaci cm edy Ian M and Mrs. CArl er MrBek; byalaad beinnekthy s starting May 16th. wthorne, Cal
r ,ra! mus.cflealdc, eo ey will ac-" iMrnd Mrs.Jamesrl F. Maedl,u; Mr. ly. deslanedd o ack frenchr cle. cock, Doris Pabon Sarah Bar.
crmpayI U herwl e-d \ d e sMrsn. u G.aer bi er poodle Those wishing to ester may do
co mn. ad o. Wtrae smi;or the enhopier te in for thn e indlvdi Eckhof, Patricia Loael Diane

FRIDAY 7;30 P.and Mrs.Horace L un t. between the hour of 9:30-30.
Hostesses tcr the luncheon will Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Moudy; Mr. servedd table in the ball room. :elany. Robert Maceparran and
+ie the members of the board: and MrF. J. Fugua; Miss Adadma-m in the center of the ball room Mark Sugar, in planning arrang-
Mines. C. J. Browne, Mrs. B. A. ry Anderso and Miss Sophie D. was a .even-foot replica of the fa- lfg, and deecratiog for the ban-
Darden. Mrs E. A. Doolan. Mrs. McLimans.T enti
R. Hammond. Jr., Mrs. P. Miss Morland introduced Mr.aking theplae cards, menus,
Hertgeh, Mrs. A. C, Sergeant, and Eser, guest speaker of the eve- rtificial flowers and the decora-
Miss K. Clark. ning, who eul ngized on the spirit, tive french Ioodles,
Mrs C..-4. Browne, 2-3072, Mrs. sportsmanship and loyalty of the
IF. A. Doolen. 2.3504 Mrs.- '1. S. Audenta. Mr Beck too, was intro-N ]
Herr. 3M739 and Mrs. F. J. Get-dueod ind gdve an Interosftjn Course Opering
hardt, Panama 3-346, will accept message. Summer Course
reservations. Miss Edmwnson graciously pro- Dorese Waites School of Dane.
fag announces tlst present class-
awi" wcoutinr.ue-luntil Jigyit.
T There will also be -a six weeks
I umme- course for new students
II and beginners starting May 16th.
"lTh7 way s foam p Those wishing to .egzster moy do
Iaah-.dogfv unw rsoaoon the mornnOf May16th
FRIDAY 7;30 P, M.. v.toCot It. ao between the hours of 9:30-11:30.








c'. Imluope aw Clor
pd. "ioac M ANCr

TYea w16 CALUMar-d- doN.
sdag b-in powdr.
your baking is sn to W
mI priot ght and hiHci&m
i -* I nmey a Oat" CALUME temal

Marion nRANDO
ftray -o"Ass MAm-

IGAT4N 7:9
"Areoecles A The Lion"
- idler W"A COmrNTBT

laf doTA N
ELr. *rHwT 3ODE Wrg

- AS* 4*M5- 7:45 I LA BOCA 6:15. :40

CIS' 7:5 ICAMW BISRD :15 7:5
SWAG I TW'* "Go D MAto""
_____________________________1_11______________* *

-s. -:.s.

N- "



LEAVING Lt. Col. Joseph E.
Gaudet. popular eneueutive offi-
cer of the Quartermaster See-
| tion, t re fhe "bltboisltmorrow
after a tour of three and one half
)ears. .I
Gaudet is neing reassigned in
New York. where he will report
for duty witn the Army Quarter
mraste q tirst Army, Govern-
ors Island.

1jt D os .oat

at 0Woerotha-cwh far@t

fIue-b com melorl 1 twwg

Super DC6 enltrco-
Rtoigut mi.

* awase,
66 lbs.

to 4 fr ..lS f fo. r m A sM..iMJ

505125 4 W 172
9 we d o *
PFlus t..ox wihm s imb.

; ;,!,* 'Pa
otPAlmePoy [ p.
lum em
-entPlfnl '. __ Im
', r" ^ I *

-MNi foH perk
ol Wvwld.

Ask stet AA mAfuw s. d.uAmm "UM U" a MiW" VMesrM l


'to 1pm


Per Infrmatlen and reservions, phone

S.- !IPammlINIaIS Addillonda
n, A nPSI .. P onAm
P" n. 'e

U r -1 4

popular international artist and

.Dominican singer and dancer,
have take a411 Pananma by storm
with their songs and dances, with .

SIMO DAMIRON, and his piano rhy ,mu!
Tonight is the, last night to
m this"terrlfl. trio!


YOu netw have

to call us twice

when i Wt CAMPBELL





r ,;.. ..'. ;

:.;.*- -,.. .-d
.-- --

,? *.i.-, .....

Phib rice
r tender




For a weekend en ggerment

The U. 6. A.'s Latin favorite and longtime
singer with Xavier Cugat's band!... You've

heard "Mr. Bababu" op rad
'TV, and enjoyed his recon
see him now IN PERPQN-i
show in thfe Bella Visti
i' i

fr table. regsomms. -
A K lrklRy 1tel




That Comes From Your Heart

You'll Find




lio, seen him eh ..:
"s ii:*
dis C o -rnos -
at his 10. p.m. .,

9. 4, -3, -. .

2 .++ + E -


- .-
-. I -

.-. -p


",.-;:-.. .



* .* *.,d

Biiiiiii-------ib^..:. .i-- .-_^-,

BAL30 e 17:58 DIABLO MTS. 6:15 8:25
ftlr-cmdt_ i


a '-

TIVOLI AVE. e1o. 16.:

\ 9.m. ItalIan Paree : SHamii Powriumt, Bottl. J y
* .., ...



k-t -m -


.. i i



.AX '

I *- *H *




_ *






S Members of two 33rd Infantry rifle teams are levelin
After finishing one-two in Panam6 area competition.
C. Burch, outfired their nearest completion, 7470th A.U
its second team an 826 and 7470th and 822. Burch, HI
KOBBDE'S FIRST TEAM MEltkBERS ARE: front, left to right, Sfc.
Charles Roberts, "H"' Co.; Opl. John R. Peterson, "K" Co.; and
.'iSl. Chester Bombs, "B" Co. Rear, left to right, Capt. Jay C.
urch, Hq. Co., Third battalion; Pfc. Joseph Bennett, Heavy
, Mortar Co.; and M/Sgt. Olenn Thompson, Service Co.

g their sights on Caribbean Command championships,
Firing at Empire range, the two teams, led by Capt. Jay
J., by four points. Kobbe's first team registered and 859,
Q Co., Third battalion, led the infantrymen with a 221.
SECOND TEAM MEMBERS ARE front, left to right, 8fc. Mlgue
Bermudez, "A" Co.; Sgt. Rubin Rodriguez, "M" Co.; and Pfh
Robert A. Burris, Heavy Mortar Co. (Rear, left to right) Cp
Arthur Argo, "A" Co.; Sfc. WIuini Miller, "D" Co.; and Prh
Richard Long, "B" Co.






Once ap3n the Sna a -
offers a renfs o the Isiius the
nity to invest in governmten-arnte
which pay the attractive annu intere
(Payable 4 times annually)!




1 -0, -
1 .MO




Panama's mothers need this up-
to-date maternity wing which will
include a clinic as well as regular
hospital facilities.



the Pk4
this mod
Is being


Stfanky Convihced

sUme. who manage. Don (y
Coke, discloses the Eng i iseh asedm N P5 aetst)
lea ler- forRo Marethmo's .
cwn Wse pvehology ad ma- O M Las'U.LEAGUI
tune heala bhis gym work."
_"_ _tbt treat ameat." s I a '
8. "God the it h I fis f s a. f
ribeen tfodtsmal uIaboutgoialet..If 17 AS415
- bit a'l* of Wlon bal=lsi slae sItef *mma -hoodlam. Am *' D D. 19 71-
MR ow ask?'meV IM't pIhp your ehsases for f a is .,',
I back to a I-.Cetllixmanagers ~- .a0in.Ar IRAGS
bar do.- .17

sw-IN i a w .hha. 1 .el *:

n I t l/ ~~~~~JI ...: "i ... -'mmm


.. .- v


.j E1N f tHISMTORYI In addition to the q

'0 NO. rTANCE Or l TAXES on th4
? *f,:l' .. .. .,iir F
-,,e --.: : l C a .


- q1p~~ ~0'~AiP'~~t






- -.--.~ -.

, ,,- ,


I ,


-** ** -..* -'

.. k.y. .. ..,| : ^-, .- .-,- .
B rinM umma

Hodg*$hder, eIla

Expl ers Int24,RoutT
a ". A- .
ltook ntade a bdffWUt "Ve,. J r. I"."TIONAL ".AGUE A FA[i I A
die Stan 2 s. M ad
S refused toU aI I g3 aO
thou se tA been o diu aa .47 m N. w -
couldnt 'be influent t3 i ,S s
the Dod als (' .rdtn/,".t 1 1 .'
ing of thoMi -tween til A ht t '6 n o
S The fiery liete Caainal man- -th (esthig X TTODAV8 ,
ager. skeptic 1.b t i these Mikt. at .S teu Boston st
recent report a Brooklyn 's t r n n No other e he
r i wer. glumly s i s videnoat Bli h t the tWhd reieettfht 1 0 -$ 1 ..
r himeoselCltMs -,, Duke C ',q. IA k.No Wer .o ed. Blh eA
Snider and 'Roy CMineU m n'sAnT( Bo 00
each exploded hai the ea. lnd his hAI "aT- 1 6. 211 ft I0
Dodgers' 17th vE in F9 ft" "thge (i finstge) rd M(
gImes Jons Podru trl-0s 109nn. (-,0 M?00 000 0- 1 (S 0nd Smith.9' apul0.
011..0 o- 000.01-4. t
/r ouhpaw Johnny Podres t sa okr 0- 00Sn I1 orn, (10) aa ,
wasn't quite 0 lar I T Wlly Post Jones (2-3 an .MdCullough. -- .
iving up nine hits, paced .. to a 7-3 Oomes (1-2) and Grasmo, Wes- Washington 013 .io- .10 0
Inclu ding homnt thy piRe- tun WSphillies, .ho trum. Chicg 0 000 SO-4
puski and Ken Boye but he dro I r.ia t straight -- PorterldWd (3-1, th- 7t ad
l was good enough to to his canm= red with one (Night Game) Fitse-, d. Krwpd an-(23)
E. second victory and glt Brook- on tin off loser Ron CincinntAt 101 221 000-7 11 1 Kegan, Fornlel Mng LOBar
1. lyn's eighth compIte game of M reeted reliever Philadelphi 000 111 000-3 10 1 *
. the young season. Jack. Mfmvwtt a homer I'n Staley (3-2), Fowler and Nlkpt Game -
The world dha*len Giants, the ry. ,Staley racked Burgess. Mrolinasi (64), MU- o 000 1o00 too 1 8 7 0
up his tir although he ler, Meyer, Cole and Lopata. Detrolt 0100 00 3 8 0
needed Art I help in the ,n-- ion (4-1), der and White.
S sixth afti*0e ie Mar Blay- (Night Game) iLy (2-2) Ad
lok homl for-the Phls. St. Iuti 000201 0O0-43 .
Pittabu rnt Poed Milwaukee Broo kIl' 113 008 04 -12 9 .N ght Game
5-4, on D 'ra two-run tri- IAw ence (1-2), Moford, La- Newt-ork i01 000 -11 10
pie whio t a five.- dPom 9 ahd R ee, B L Podrs Celand 0a 8 000 000- '8 s
run fifth, ta5lSly. The vie- (2-1) and .Canpanella Fador OrnMOM (1) and
torTy, ridftd Max Surkont, Berra, lOn oL re
was the Piratba' fourth In a Night Game d -gan. *
row. Daes Jolly, who relieved MlIwukknu 010.200 001-4 10 1 '
S. starter ieAw surdette In the PittUburgh 000.050 00x-5 7 2 .
fifth, suffered a los. Burdette, Jolly (0-2), Vargas, Sweet Reenge
ft rnla te aerlean Leag.e. Johnson, Jay and White. Sur- TANI=
I the rakw 1W efor even kont'a(2-3), Flend and ihepard. ANE
,runs M, the two Inoin gs--- lae" ab r h 0 .
ha so,' h Dodger Power Ii6
Lem.U4L41I6unti CARDINALS C43c1 010
put B e t.. e walks aind mj~ly ab r h 9*a 3b ,2 1.24 i
singles by Irr 'ren, Andy C t er. .b \ 5 1 1 3 0 toaMd, 2b n n .
.rv. .,oand' Phi oto for four 3 .20f 2 2 222 02 S o .-.
'rune." ruIt. s;*ite homer lb 4 0 1-10 0-0.g2 .... 0 0 03
the ninth n Is anhomer 'rf 3 1 2.0 ufor 1 0 10
threa-run wily. aMIti the lo eoem a23t 2b 3 0 1 23 01 0 2
LTuumanrn /the. ndIans rorawiedIn =i Moo,. 4 0 0 1-. l0 1 a 0
ATUNITY k ho d.o &1-2 do- 1t ld b
totheRedSolnllln-11 Ime, p 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
nii --e ot-Hea 1. 0 0 0 **
Td 'snfield ground-. bGrams, n 3 0 0 1. 7 1 1 1 2

.r _er utthed-arry Alai tr Ule. 1 0. oe
ppb10t0.11jr.1 t. vO. INDIANS
1te" atsaer t1e-l-l1,02 0-1, rf,.3.b 4 11

Cry'l moed to wiaiwort de t 0 "h 0

_ee -6 % ha9otei1 Jmlbo ,mm13 ,.

--... .. s . I.. rrth e hd o er 4 o i
ha I.nIn e astl r.; o. Oofoibs s/ 0d-0

6 d e In fr e he plt o os boned. "Mheal-We iismse.. B' 2t 3d, ,i Ca4fr
aIt of1 n-extf our 1 be had 8 4 1 1 4,0 D 0

UIL O runRwi THE tha-tbM.S. 2s,3 b r3 1 121o 10e0P0

A 't& i&& Io 1" m a.1/r., e
Fht A SCHOOL F L J M urofa Id f L a0lme "" 0 0 1
.-rf.f d '. -as ,_ ePodre 4. Mits off Lawrence 4 0
a 3 /3 Moity movedto in 3t4 1/3: L- od ri0

argdetonal plant Pd and a half of t.2. Run and earned ,2_ i 1 0
built kf ~disttla witi runm -R LawrenRice and 5sevent Mo- al 1
ve put the OrDolIn trd and 2f LaPalme 4 ahd; n ot lfrO fte /T
R witha threern htor BA otr V re d-I44 outfor ramm inlitch .b-liNared.t for gim an ath.

next four nn Gus (3-1). 2, Pore amne h
and. Joe Atrot 4, oet Byer. Doubles outfo9th.

2 P le3 t ....1.),
~FES1~M SCOO Uf0t~fr ,Lpie~ i al #Lu B.
Foa4 i^Thionke Lare:e4NreM~ tUk u


' i

Il :.

- p-..-~
A ~

~.1~ ~ -

V V .. X .


UI ,, W:I' W W .. w ...r .

. .-

o.. 'i m A; ed 'Li

To lash Tonight Oymppic

Q. I
s. thv % A&

iti way o1
U, l i to 'to m to be t
? "eut s e itoa' e .
erati -m etIln
hine3t t ~ i ag that .the. A
eration inel Ms i---an
W A R a t h e pu

(so,. asm .1 .. ,
in Day how by.
t ,at ea sely there re me n pintou
..a.AO was" sth 8. eatinnt oiA
ur ad ybel towar toe sd.a awi
ai atw .. The a eT ta.

-t o A retd. w ai t

be tebe f8i ws ffllstbli reosp w ,ormes .on - a ti o o k ..s hs p e i S t ohe t estwhento t onie y-
I'e., ay-ll inlo I rep W_ sd ln .. .I

m a w'e a g led d n our .ft.MOT .. .ow
e a reht ." .y new n s, and t prett er mlerew pas r ubrtance In
in lff.d ani.-. oo urenrtn-a 1.5 reason Ba -/
I wanted t. Gawon

by two too a S lem. a r~t posetioe f maWe every crackpot or pnverI
S2;01W t o wl a ~a e- al e nahgIt i ust be t refo malrwho comes along but
'.& other ethan. Whirls w ta lle thest h eit s May n 1, tito-the anetimesW Ies n rowmle -

aock, ~ d O.tem ae I N iU .eer f olarceuya n d, fur- tiona ofgdwill and publiwe coan-
ater p ,teh- r' ifesn that f cn eloP-i n mand a full, fr near k
? a t de ha Hil Gails qtopped. I is tsraa t3lu s altLSt hro lelltst1 iou.the ra d
.ad Mmto w keep him back ha mei 'we oi toherr nameof, the noo m pologistsaind orn nd

rear watM o tveurn on t. are, almost revolutfl ew than O .b let t wore on Man
-But Hill wras a men horse. tieman, and he serves asa Fa D Cher thanto ttp charac-

Nashua ..m" dn esry cn work twe ways bu he lon waD r.oe enouln,
wtha Kebu id e t e anot? v eenoneeis A nse D ban or tsheO
Swo tv Into. oif sharp far o ?aion he was addM ein g a me.
..Or eaed J eert "e ackd takrel s 4ln o r Theth- was not who
i you ve enjoyIed tts ride. ect woo that tIebet to delctor seeks to relao he radne
4L r wepi saigh too tell -whetherel c you've GatVStttom of wdehentcti on byone

1noel(oeloo18 rie? to race around hele,

_off. 4.for ._ltd W a g'a o ad ther and Mir-
was up' wockyad a 4XVigt" W.nMew ot w he

c-.. ) UJM I OW _CRAId, who---iterprets thel/
S JU e I e o wa i I.dIt J ..rthe"wasan the peastantry,
1, tofhokwminto had dn auI y, beside. his ae / gations.e

aid tHope yue ri dl full bs oz e younger oode rd were t en but The ch Irmans roit da on was
A inmy first de. reo.putableo o p ym rf aci, a nd the e

day as c12 a few mla. when Lee d thn hMan yTh
h the. e -n- who -un it.. A po4. nyestable
A '- ow be foracln' present do. '2tatemesnt Wn9doub

_Lns of a nsd Iemethodshae "bewto o hoample" luhrout

,wtSladto hGraVw Mr. LDe r o of a orep- r o 5 'b

'( ,lbo' vetertnm trp xta..i='s. ev aIt, ,
3i#p l Iw aot-e 1 f a t t ev, eoneoer o edy.
&c,9 v o ho O* .. v=-I/th .
r e d 8 K o* e n d hordu i J r d o p e a ll a lo n g n d Y A S omhe in s o e sh o r ets

MA TOQ. Mar 5 (UP)

J O "ar -',to' Udw
peraw John SeybOIl
b. tt rutc~rrd,. O1..
e Command
nd.wlw iiwttr s may-.
the umpires yell "play boll"
an d-te' ina AU Stars V14
tyethe tlel al the Armed
Bort do tle
Manas ,. teams have
thefr boys a t t under the;
.orPl, Maggoer of the
Arme For teaweam, nnounoed
his startinagstaup as follows:
Pla4yen Pet.
Ramon Cabnefa, Sb .380
J. Oarcla, as .378
AILAN SCOfuAc ned Faore- Alan Scott, c .373
A-L... ,'., l rave Brink Miller, lb .409
S' e reguir sc f Johny ate ia, rf .319
new e ague r s"Mdmi f. BoWnerM edle, If .212
w le ee__rd. .. ,_n As arle, .294
R. Rastettr, 3b .275
BIG WITCHU Q. ,artji. -. Panama'.s All
IStar man eir, lSts his stta:ting
ilwsukee, Wis. (,NA),-Mar. lineup M alI.UW
te Coach Fs arsacs af- Player Pot.
a dismal seasn has A. Wellilgton( U .327
hekd fullback Dave Darski A. L, Parades, lb 36
arc. .. C. Wilson, rf .320

. lb .205
a.. S S p Won '7 Lost 2.
* -
No- ad muion will be charged
at any game of this Mresi How-
ever, yluntary contributions

Along The
Olam GoAlp From The
%&ador Ladles I
There -were some close rounds
In thie illes' Hhldlcap lTour-
nament last week. The match
between Perantie and Stovall
eat. 1 hAOlee before Johnnie
won, The' ntdamlst Jinx
caUt. up WMJohnion, and
enter wua the winner in
tha match Pairings for the
tid round ere:
,FirW Plight
J. Stovall vs. Carpenter.
Second FUihl
A. French vs. M. Tubba.
Third Flight
E. Browue vs. I. Oonley.
The attractive silver prizes
for the IHandicap Tournament
winners and runners-up. and
the Rlnger Tournament winners
are on dplayin the club house.
The winners of the "Medal

will be accepted and the pri- of
ceeds will be used In the ca*i po
n againItp .
Th.' Annx Forces Little Pt
LeagIue has offered to tu ove Lo
its are of th proceed to the 41
Panama te fmo delivery to
Mrs. Oa ri, chairman
the o inlteg adm ie u
the ptohasIe and dlstribgon er,L

lay" Tournament. last week
were: '.
First Flibt
S. Carpenter 'Kei k
SYlUh "t *
S second Flight-
A. Frech
R. Hughw ei 5
here was a four-way Ue fo
putts, 33 was the number, an
Peggy Falk won the roll-o
from E. Pefantle, B. DMlfer and
E. Browne.
A "Medal Play" Tournament
Ise scheduled again for this La-
dies' Day, ThurSday. Full hand-
icap allowed, and keep score on
putts. After the Handickp Tour-
nament and the Ringer are
squared away. There are plans
for variety in the weekly Tour-
naments. Come on out and try
your luck and improve your

pIfThey Have

. ON T O
You Can Also








Continue tc

Your Ticke

ba fts

." Sb-
a '*
& 3b **; ,f

-he L,[a Tr
and .';
'DfAL. T. -2o1
John HodkIn. .n
RI.ardo Motaban "
*T Weeks WhLtJ^ *




ts For

June 26, 1955

.f ..elnel. ... t S
Plit, dtl, Mr W .
Octavlio* orra (righ W
NrrMeMlmpnde t M r t

bo. o Isft
-tr, Pint Pri of the
SfHe alil Brewery, and yaM
lam ge .eeod fortune to. hld tha twie
W_ !nday, feMruary 27, 1955.

And Have

the Luck

to Win the


. IUe targe)
At Sutton
a. 6h=rMyd
W. Joha-ai" (410)

Cg s 9i T



RADiO-Mel.k r Cme Anea Avemm 1No. a, 2eft SL D nre
h"g of Mmwd 1,9 L. MPrime n m er 410 P 'i Prv -.
CamB J pry.

I During 29 Week 145 Opportuniti
to Win with the Same TicIkes

- r.

. .

_ 1___

-- ----~- I-. --



v ,im 0-4
i ft1

I President

IAwS Chuckle


rom Delegates

luet of honor at last ni ht's
loome banquet for 250 dle-
ta attending the convention
the American Society or Tra-
Agente at the Hotel l Pan-
ka was President Ricardo A-

k.e Speech caused soieI a-
Mnumeet when he asked If
I--re was a doctor in the house,
usee I am sure my chief of
R.tocol will have a heart at-
ik to hear me speaking in
~~ulsh and not Spanish1" IHe
Bedthat he was taking the
Sity -' "and that's the one
Ibg a President can do" of
a away from protocol,
95 per cent of his audience
i-uld.not be able to understand
I welcoming the visitors
ePa loma, and wishing them
aI in their convention
a, and pleasure during
s ay, the President str e-
the importance of the people
the world understaning

I am going to ,be frank with
,"' he said- "I think Lat t
ericans know you people bet-
than you know us. A t is.
to you to have that brfw
Alcated, because when
ttens our :oblemts will be
Chimaler, han today."
)o&cluding his speech With A
it Spipsh version, President
Swelpmed de leat ofAB.
. adding "y ha rt la vIts
Iroll HUl, president of the
tl eaofern chapter of the
erican Society of Travel A-
t'. repled on behalf of-the
Gates, and both MsPemkr
te introduced by Robiert -
mans, president of the board
irectois of El Panama Hotel.

The I

Judge's Bench

less driving on Madden
around 7:S0 p.m. lat Sun-
anetted a L ine In Balbs"
tate's ourt yeswedto tow

$10.for operating S
Mtout license was lolMe
SB 04, a Panama-

.-He was fan di-

manln lsperanea LoI-
af RIos, agea 2.

Nh 0 Ship

Mof the Termlnal Divt-
K .hristabal, w 1s Injured
f bi while worklog 'ro

I dbai poUo, e wis
I .' a winch cbe, which
I nd at the oc
d sde o f the
ient occurred at 8:40

Mu teI an vt l of

hom s CoM -

Mllft kge togeVe" with
Sand 1aIf aGon .


-. ". N ER
1 5



Panamua tecan
"Let the people know the truth and the co ry is sale" Abraham Lincon.


PANAMA, B. P., THimDA, MAY & 19U

Anrit .m

West Germany Wins Freedom,

10 Years Of Occupation Ends

BONN, May 5 -(UP) The
Bonn Republic won its freedom to-
day and 50,000,000 resurgent West
Germans took their place In the
Western alliance as an equal sov-
creig nation.
Almost 10 years to the day
after the flna crushing surren-
er of the Nail Wehrmanht
dent, sovereign aton and the
ended and a new, Industrially-
booming West Germany receive.
ed from iee former eneaes Its
Independence and the rlght to
raise a 12-division 500,00 men
force to aidM In the free. West's
The act concluding a 10 year
chapter of post-war history was
completed in L ceremony at the
West German chancellery here.
The high commissioners of
Great Britain and France penned
their lgnatu es to the ratifica-
tion Initruments -of the treaties
granting West German sovereign.
ty and permitting the continued
stationing of more than 500,000
Western Allied troops as "guests"
on the Bow Republic's territory.
The U.S. and Germany already
'had deposited the treaties in A-
At the very moment they
completed signing the sover-
eignty trev instrument, the
trea west Into effect West
Germany became an i depen-
det, povereg nation and the
10.yea Wetem allied occupation
Elsewhere uther aclts were tak-
ih,g lace today that would set
4,e flna: 9Set on the Paris trea-
ties and Wst Germany's place In
the Westez ietaeq ront.
In Washington those members
qt 2ATOW*h had not already

Low Bid Entered
On Grass Cutting
PanCanal Project
The Agricultural Development
Corp., 8&A. was apparent low
hidder on the project of tree
brush and grass cutting and
related work near the electrical
transmission line -from Gambo
Road to. the Canal Zone bound-
ary bids for which were open-
ed Wednesday morning in the
Board Room of the Balboa
Heights Administration Build-
The Agricultural, Corp., one of
three bidders was low with a
total offer -k $10,000. Others
entering bids were ,MartMns Co.
In 'to t:.b the tree, brush
and cutting work, main-
teonanc for a period of two
years i, ef led.

A.-- --..--. J .lk-- _-i

ihn haw~ UIUUI ~ U* UZI D UW thI. da u j~ a- ro.----l -

dune so were depositing me raut 5a"r t unaer we me prepare provaasw w aw- w
flcation instruments of the treaty tiny st.el territory between pendence which will announce to
admittiAg the Bonn Republic to the twp couritres will be "Euro- the 50 million GerMIans of the
NATO as its 15th member. pea an placed under a onn republic, and 8 milftMn -liv
West Germany could only depod neutral tom ssioker until a fi- Ing behind the Iron Crtain in the
sit its ratification after all the oth- l rmn peace treaty. Soviet occupation, the end of
irs had done so. All F treaties were signed in hte Western Allied ocempation.
SParis on Oct 38 1954.
depositin the ratification instru- 1Wb .ee n brought to a the ranks of fte nations Just 10
ments ofthe West European U- crewag tiimh mere than years after its most crushing mill-
nion treaty. The members of that five an of strugi g b ry defeat, will emerge, a the
alliance within the NATO frame- Gamiy into the Wester 1' industrial giant of Europe
work are Great Britain, France, ane as a comrade min arms of..... .. .
Italy, West Germany Belgium, Its Se' er qeorqa _-five Its i.ndust.lalP1" last
The Netherlands and Luxem- year of effort, repeated set- year more han id t" e
bour backs heartbreak and near di. mark set by Hitlers Germany.
France and West Germany saoer w the collapse of EDC Forecasts for .ItIMyear i to
were exchanging letters putting iast Apses a gross national ptout i
into effect, toe once crisis-loaded Tl WVst German Cabinet was billiondollars.
o The Bonn government has draft-
ed and will soon present to Par-
Kl element some don bills that will
Kremlin Yields To West the aorsed an
I "I- InI. Praevlint a imade i feet
In Austrian Treaty Talks x.:&. a?
S- 'ftops-ad 0INe air fe*ee! pM
O -- enel am "e u est"* of tf t e
VIENNA, May 5 (UP)- Russia tain refugees to return to Commu- West Germ any after sverig-
yielded t the west on two of the nist nations. t Is achieved.
biggest points of dispute in the Hg-d livichev likewise drop. Americans make up the largest
Aostrin treaty today and the U. ped Russian objections on the angle element of this oe, wth
S Army made pubic its plan to site end armament of the fledg- 200,000 troop and 70,000 air fgrce
null American troops from Aus- ling Austrian army. personnel.

An Austrian Federal Chancello-
ty, spokesman .sai the Krqmlin
hasI agreed to eliminate the ho t-
y-disputed ilicle 16 an Iron Cur-
ain refugees and consented to re-
vision of aruclea 17 that would
hive put a 5300-man ceiling on
Ibo AUstrian army.
"We will o alm to have the
kind of army we wapt." the Aus,
titan spokeiwa4 sa1lc.
In a release tAml lc e, tro.o
U.S. 'Amy hea tsea a~ounc-
Sthe probabilitiess of withdraw-
!" Of occupatn foar s from
Austria nd ave instructions as
to how the evacuation will be
carried out.
A -quick and successful con .
on of treaty talks seemed as-I
The developments e ame as en-
y of the United Sta tes, fussiaI,
Brtin, Fra e e n-Astria be
s ions rtattao expected to eat
Austria free an a neiral nation JiI
In the cold war.
The pusilan concessions on Ar-
+Iclea 16 and 17 followed a series
of exchangesbetween the Irem-
;iz and Its treaty team here, ac-
cordingi to the Aultran Chancel-
i sal LSoviet Ambassador I.
I. Byichev adree4 to drop article .
altogether. It would have allowed "
I-sd resatriation teams to enter .M"A Telephot)
Austria and "persude". Ion Cur- FREED By. EM Johann 2cioslkl 5, Is greeted ~ his

Kobbe GIs, Wives Take Part

In Disaster Control 'Show'

"tJeutsalt Barch, send an am toe manipulated the strings in a
balance to GrPga ave on Kobbe "show" which involved more than
Bil" C Thomas C. a hundred servicemen and wives
Cla, a ved from e con- on the Canal Zone pot.
i i'Jaoter. IThe "show" s one which s be-
S' it latest word from ing acted ail over the'world to-
the t rea," he day- a siren, an explosion and
arked o bta- nda-clad Armyi the onus. which allowI.
t wo ws re ing d end Bombings" at Fort obb, how-
lug message ever an Army, RC- ever, are considerably different
10 radio., frm the Lados Blit of 19o-
it's the atomic bomb today and
Clry, For Kobe control point Army personal are "kp the
commandr, askd, and answer- borse before the cart.
ed. may iostins Tuesday as For Tuesday's operation, Reach-
er field wa designated control
point eadquers. From a poi-
M M M M I ton near baseba field, varl-
-u crews 0 e dispatched as re-
SD A l quested by ro id o
C E T I In sendiu first aid teams to
'* dIsaster arI leaden first had
WITl SUCCESS |I to dete-m'a the Roentgen count
Sn order not to expose rescue work-
ers to exceve fallout.
WATER! IC a come success,
JANE RUSSELL owed in i y by rn
u I I ,oman b.e ra.

Canal Awards
S" ... II Point Contracts
w. T. ctfqr'hs been award.
P annt Cans i a lthisc
paint ptootb, Mda for which
op^a g i lsd s wse to the
mom Sobng

-.m wm

mother at Voeslbu, Austria, as he arrived nome with the nim
group of Austrian prisoners released by wae Russians. Schloss-
nickel was -arreted at h high school In 1947 and charged
with spying.







. .k I *''. ?
,-,., .. ".

1-* -

~ ~,- f...,

f* -. F.,.
,l / .' *

:,-1-'- *, *


_ I _~__ _

"lls.... for .S
S Pas, hety
d be,inifs$h0.J
d by *

9 0-1


* 1
* I

--- C






-,--,q m mm


UfT r





6 :

"3, -

Littk..ue: Dra.. a s

Boys 430' 9 On Ci Zone SetMi,
d0 -
I t t e.', _o on .f th
week a iIo a -o n w
day a
Pwere, rl.e -S e a nT omIt .
C rhu ngd ,2 .d ie- tate fit W- n tote .t

Loatrr o C i d a; and D -smear am st dhe flrente d riBg neb

SMr M b C t. a deni t new u at .

Parents of .s i dae, s, .- -sp m-l ,ud,- InMte t ae
and Mr Band s-,roe "of n mord. re. ate s t ar ed r
o d r t. and by their local meet

Fr, o" di tI. and nMr s e 'fmn. A, dat e--
an 8gt Au41se L W i tlm Th. w o ies f n Iyo r te cetakeud
Bence -o- -- IP --toebhqM a laf,- --, a t taelay y" a,_o, ., on the
andoInarthforttadireWHO t.e uer14
Msa TCl sI M-. sMa. B .M)OI t1b ieor uctsvra t '. si
t Ie wI.t_ ta ke o b.a.MCa'd .I a t.lscas
,auay he o ofQ .. m .

Mr and a i o1rs A9tat are :. ,.e -

SnoB M r. and Mrs. Ngund Sand osGuenerat l Star
yeaterdal on aral; t o ntwo Mr thIea utI in e

Mrs. an dent sho8WAbl l oWy bear. no% by
o erundurI,, ih.. .ot e

rH. M. An-lt4 ofDIabLo. ofa i 0ing 0 torl A- r t" afy or -
arff-ld foairstmndsloo at Ah director pnh a inted oft thatrn
Pa Amria HSighway.n student clas fifed I a clar a-
Zone aft Tria lteI nnoelarte, of the w Ban

a s A 01 edate,,mug ....... .. .... .a 41 l a.. A
in.,. l eas in a mtso r sa1n the tS.hS

n TIwo ieael e T. .ikslal T l ad, to. egl a foulr- .e A. u.-. a.

Mr. .an st fr PanUKlstnigene6r61 asnno n.
t CeA. wy o n alvador, aagua,

,_ ens8Usr nda iv10 the chargelta RPica mad Cuatemala n.1. h
Of uning eM dehein o trsprn or te Poxson No Wears
SStewartn tie n,0bound mov e sts oo r. -DBone o be held o S the atr
IBoa* M r. ands o P _E-..Courtan. 1n1 o wf O sI- uenla i ,.O

dment Oof Commer. nd Lrdnk The play wit absh mer-

0ir, aloner, bureau of Public Roads. are effere! -- eo te A1oe
FRIDY MAY ST, jt's 5a The paprtynith the ex ucption blax ckak chanal 4etA.
Ma Low f Holul reoIurLn2 o toMiai.f bO The benefit t ts week i for,

o1f 0 au .. the1 W.l. C Onlipe T ro. ollan d roffPm a rr..n rel .ti -'.
sS~y ehthe taC ot aAy ericn Ceiun al ero iacn o.R relo sia afrnaeo a_
The headed by 80-'s viaslaz^ ^fo ofsf ttf i e title

X C Ma 2 t %wit h a l ot. e a n o f o rid. t o hp. h
l u lwe fvied foM h eim(W 3 ca rre e for 'n teof P Ioi r a m tu7

parkin c*irle in front of thane* t a.SMecafon aIde orn- vcerea i dt oia f her vfit a.L
Several tuous of It t s.dectiot h of the heas ee.
*tern tt4 a 1 a dvocmte of Fran k pla y c ff tffo theuml
TIheR WMesi B tan t o ver the a on at :3. rl
-e.ger from vutier htonese 0462a in PubDic Ro are offend rce
vAlu a 00.ou ova ki oand, tn Iaee
Babo O fifeso 1 ileTw (u. rcw pper t Genef al'sitan

:3 p e g oad larc then atnda A frican toffce ,ota fa

CarL s w-f .el oveHar ry0.
ed tob;=ar ad=itionto Im- A r
Pringcrceihfotofs:the-43 Itth ..exe brr-oPa.rfIN an
YOUGu Hose A~ o te a m



- *-"

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