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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Become COsIf Vaccine

Six young Canal Zone students
will be elevated to "Command-
.,... orIng Officers" as a result of the .R
FV AV (NEA TelThoto) annual Genuals .and dmirals ..s p
FIVeft IB 0t VAL BASE*EXPLOSION Twls t.dwreckage is all that remains of the Navy's For a Day contest,- which 1i be-
unde mt., nance.wdepot in the U. S. Naval Bast at Newport, IR. I., following n xploiton ing conducted for the fourth
thp civ The blast was touched off b compressed air and fluid used n consecutive ear b the Veter 0 -
9twore~pulbimechaniamms.W. of Foreign War, in conjunction
with this year's Armed Fores WASHINGTON, April 29 (UP) The go
Da? celebration which w1U be
S t l' Judge Altman heod May 21. today put its epidemic intelligence s"ric on the
SThe contest Involves the e- poli cases involving children who received Slk
Sr S Calls The Odds: ~eion o. fi ..a a submitted The move is part of the Public Health Service '
lB25-1 in tthe seventh and eighth grades out effort to determine, f possible, whether the
at, Balboa Junior High School, anitself is in any way responsible for the onset or
r-lba Juor gAh fchong oatd or picking up $1 which didn't St. Mary's Parochial School, on of the disease .
n g be ong to him at the Tivol Co the subject, "What Armed Fore- Two experts with the intelligence service h
raissary, Eladio Sebereino w At es Day Means to Me." T epert with the iell service hiladrn
1 .e-... o-- e- fined $25 thui morning in the al. The contt opens Monday dispatched to California where vaccinated children
Calling BookV~let 'Bcat~ lundo a yeib Magistrate'ss A.ot- Bb f una or H .choolN i.tsel is-- in---- any w rpse frt onset or
A r -. Ca r ion said-he frown o Magisnstrate's Court. and ends midnight, May 9. En- ,' been hit hardest. Other agents have been alertedIn
WAiM r N.ON, Ap Charles E. W sidh However, Judge E. A*Alcan t ries received after'thip date will been hit hadet Ohr g
Chairmof Styles Bridges (N.).o n such compilations thich could add
O n m se oet u a spend paym ent the fne. not be considered. Entries should IN N BID FORB EEDOM Dr. Samuel Sheppard ght rest of the ountr.
the Senate RpubiaPis1 lot of trouble" tto placed everino on probation be mailed to: 1(VFW Armed Forces Is un-TA ndcuffed fr a deputy sheriff at Cleveland as he ap- These investigators are in addition to t o f
ident Eiae towrayistae reovry- The Ptisidet told his news con- The 48year-old Colombian de- Day Contest. P.,r 4ACu- pears in Common Pleas Court to a a conviction of murder- sleuths rushed to Berkeley, Calif earlier to run
errin toth '- rene e rundu Canal Zone. Winners will nhis wife. Appeal s based on of "nely-dlscovered" k on te operations of utter Laboratories
errig twaoptate grOupoay hnerbic Wednesday that somle i0n fondant was charged with larceny r C on W wl
U.o l.wepn.aap rnyd.-. may P have ndered in publishing to be notified on or about May13. p H a b n e h o to tte tod
He dLaT rflbed to. P te- the doeumeni le said he never saw Malquiades Alvarez drop the One girl and one boy will be A h r ent banned d rt,+ .n hM ,earS ..
s.atemet as $w b eit. would have 'I out such informa- olar on the floor, but failed to nam I, another butio e Cutter va b a e a SSt usl.-
le told theui d hi on ern it e ir Navy'Adra nd a thal ird hes A ew ednesda because polio asst
mti3ue Gsr, d ae my a Dhes couple Air Force "Generals. They. er .dayot ed eea n.ear e te
p ali- nem her and w1 eU6- receive especially, tailored
re .sit e D rt aut re e sp i y tl o pieces reported among children who had Foihs ,dant shb
t y ov idorth the now*ot nt a sin i caps presented by the VFW, out-
pit ii theim r polot -.he d ` bmeo teeltho given f cutter shots. a no evacence o' pa
go rer ni.te- S "vtcet ore Bsoi remnd aas Df thirou"' n rSa Ud r i i org Fve additional children whho o u osfh. Whldu
,demealens if o e -l s .t wah uli Pil ay ecedingAmed hab d received the Cutter vaccine e
;es| pub lnati- d W e ,1nd w ithD- o. Dle r.a the derenldisnt edd wne s a o
ae db lerh mrr4as D onffnc I tForces Day the "Generale anda ci n Se Be E in7flP e anC indUs wte eliar p l v yes a Io0118t saa 8 aheA
ve rsti atn i s 4 thefne aa w i t er-Adm.ias" will be guests of their t .roy -tho n e re io n L a l. o w baes._o__.f teei
was-ex- inCal., -o Ge co,.. ,.
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jIe eatfor a a n, RP Mus tto, 4, a d Rubirosa, natetl a -ia m- for the the-;.. .. mor .. toM a1 tat athe Baaitlod ofim th on was prol t- o pe c tO
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onal .t s -ugeIh &r dd contain mJob osla.on Dep e. 3, 153..Laess than three oamander wt h ba been t i p-i.. Gsv ev-wnmen offci als sahi th eyA o.b.n on o Foted t .l
et vioae TuUa. Ioit emsnaolniths later, they apwouncedaIan acthey poined T h aram$ tus oo d residea l 'ather T Thended Sv s
thre.,. piGdm i'ntre dtchioaieml-soCn la esio1 ew ra g
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andl, -But be fus ghweathe r o quarrel w the own g[ fl momehtargW rS.t =tom wher too ntileePo-I .., lit
'rwee b medrtoday for the sink- It wu Miss Hutton's !irnd'reeuptu th / ialenv fod eaekari6O
two vessels, one ofrthem tmarris Ruwosa's to frtl hb#Jyno.T h e TiECton ites Itaaeendlitao ot
a flsh boat,Off I ella Vista Detal. of Rubirosa's'brief were 2 es be 4nene4 1b_ a' / l" -. that the ia -. s v case.
SBeach ear yesterday morning. not disclosed during the prelima- committee of iimis tludgeslo N D A --" cdOnpse CIOn l eatreo -
ceoperative pesquera Panane- roary aris conducted in t h thescteoD Vntri2 olee For-n W$l Mioridw
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IL0*,Ai2 (UP)- sured for $14,00, went out on a taeCnship w in she arrianed CountI "r mn employee island. re esu
Ssasn raP r reove.. tflal-rx'*Wednesdq ,after a new urt Haulgwibz-Reve o,.her, .-. BU by thatbody'refused to com ply -- .. --s .'A pre. ,, VSO- The .n... ec e '
$Jo2.wvpast (of 1lPs engine.was Installed. It ran per- ond husband and became a an- Poi .ce hemongla
will Mlt*e.. l. s ffeculy, the owners Said. ash subject. Bar oter hue b:aa w eadntoaw.m t Y u.aba. ti ra y
b od yD. dt were Prince a is Mdvan, ac- ed to submt to a loyalty ceck. ...-s only-to .
th e rantowOas n Hospta. Hev Ru.. Caeyytime flll -or
'ftrflthe Sapto Tlotipie -phiot Heavy Rubiroasa.Us. been married be T.ONM.N.w Apr1 a --(Upl-N.tribunal has ruled ,tb-I. &V ,US Sqtman'.s 31 new case manubla e- ute lIaIed ota
mut Ws Xi tfled to set seM and 15-oot waVe coming fare "to Fltr ae Oro Trujillo, daugh'Prh.n .Mhniate. Sir Azfbonv Eden eSCO's chief was tel "t Body ture4 by era of the six drug ii large SOgh to check
ber ex.bow d, Sets B a r from the southeast forced the tv of Gi ralsUiumo Rafael Truji- Pld_ his pbluet met -in crisis |them.. What is more, the three P jjewere awaiting .word am totr b. era of the SXroll
p r Way si spa t % wail where it Lo, former President and now Fort. session qa.- Aad pufove4 em',r- g r es are now to. the dioehltum of. ta.n al d hi se.,. the. gobvdm8 n t
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sonl Pr .tour. /He riter- rough weather wa'.ommon .at Repubtea;. FreAl actress Danielie q ef q of national railway larsi iht6:d .bord hbiAdo; -
a rtl e l hs en-wies sul- l e second vessel which sank, His name ble been linked -r3"I- -- o'..ab r *l4absurd that Bru- abtheoIyar-d s An- av oid a b a O 3 d it a es o l
afte hisTula, belonged to John C. Cal- fically with 4ungallarian actressCio wltilnrouteelionSmoty.. c t
actress"ThecanttaA In shoUld waste her money lae42-year-oldeseamanen Y itedk T, -mhi amd,sworkednwell Aprl 2 heew
Alt & "uno vsitor"a sign hou It waa .ipr boa used Za G n, recbtiy divorce a da waek h r il 'eri q-jollow- cFO. it is scandalous th at alativesinnewYorkatnet-c la c Involv
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rii.. ,wpr i tted woe? -aboutfl0. -'-\40 itUitd.- Pockets of three who choose o notified and word was. exlmd[rby' the National Foundad e
w '. UL mbad folrp;t o ... c" I .... ...'s thistwahe hafeje rarrel with their own 40 t-"momentaryy as to where the o tion for. 2 andle.Parl But
d N .. .-'- ckton 6, mr4 Stn the ,abinet
fe Inlt ,e+ xcptFor, Old Office Locto d e E Gas e o Cr *r I
w dFrT-Nk Irwin. anapau Canal received his oaeftee engineering bformed.Pnne-, 00Athe "v
bon c.e r g Ma. after. 2 yearsof .ud srMd ..wo yeaW at a Noeu. meceseuv to. us tr1otos and rru
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57. H STREET P. 0. BOX 134. PANAMA, 1. OF P.
345 MADIBON AvE. NEw'YORK, (171 N. YV.
aI X MONTHS IN ADV.ANC 6.80 13.0
o NE YEAR. IN ADVANCE 1I.50 24.00


i' The Mail Box is an open forum for readers of The Panama American.
rn are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confidential
It you contribute a letter don't be impatient if it doesn't appaer the
-pl*t day Letters are published in the order received.
Please try to keep the letters limited to one page length.
-* Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence.
This newspaper essumen no responsibility for statements so opinions
rpM ed in letters from readers.
BPOE 1542's Elks Annual Ole Time Minstrel of 1955 brought
d.wn the curtain on iL.s final performance Thursday, 21 April,
,.t the Margarita Thrater. Since the Mall Box is the most wide-
ly read column on the Lsl4:mnuE, the entire cast of the show wishes
to use its medium to express their sincere3t thanks and gratitude
to you people maue the .show the tremendous hit that it was.
You the audience, A hu received us so graciously and applaud-
ed ds through four woi.cerful performances, are responsible for
our success both financially and otherwise.
Every performance was a sell out and when we walked into
that packed theater at Balboa that was all we needed to give out
with the best we had Again let us thank you for your very warm
reception and we hope we' pleased you as much as we were pleas-
ed by your responses.
Now a few personal boquets; to Brother Bob Lawler of 1414
for his "cooperation plus' in giving us such wonderful publicity
In that equally wonderful paper "Tne Panama American'; to the
'tat and Herald; to the CFN Radio Station for their spot an-
O nouncements and generous offer to record our show; to Lodge
1414 for their fabulous wc'come and delicious food on the nite of
i e Balboa show: to our ver Rood Brother, Zip Zierten for his
V,-ery own personal way of saying he enjoyed the blow out; to our
,three musketeers," Nate, Wally and Lee, who promised us a full
VOstme at Balboa and made that promise a reality, something we
i have always hoped for but never dreamed could happen; and last
but not least to the local businedf men and merchants of Colon
who donated so generouLy and made possible the programs for
the show. With folks like this pulling (or you how can any pro-
duction help but be the howling success that the ELKS MIN-
STREL of 1955 turned out to be???
And now in closing, since Mr. Tully did not have any lines I
could steal this year, i guess I will have to "thief" a few from our
opening chorus and say:
Be looking for you next year around the same time at the
game places. We'll be there. Will You???
S- --Thank You
Dear Sir:
Just a word of thanks for Cocina Corner. I have lived In
i tin America for many years now and have always enjoyed
'Cting out about the local foods. I am convinced we can all live
i paper if we take advantage of what is grown In the land where
-' live. Perhaps some readers could send in recipes they have
found good In,Panama and in other countries round about the
PUilbbean. I shall send In some of my own real soon.
"Mango Eater"


VGCRAPING WORKER-The coloesia londag as big a. tb1
stay building in the background is William IL Culle, maints.
ce man at the Ford Rotunda, Dearborn. MichL Painting a mlnt-
6 lJet-mobile, he stands astride the monorail train and elevated
wievel highway in the "City of the Future", a wcle4ode. com-
ception of city life SO years hmnea.

Two fresh, new pattern ... both
backed by a famous name infne silverware.
You'll wante one of these Mw patterns
whe you e it, hold i I

NUM P90U .I*


stely pattern
"cent of chai
a Engideotering. l
... a odern floral -
Ca deien. a snal
4petsf Conf ia and see\

Peter Edson


to their surprise, two .high-pow-
ered national survey outfits
have discovered that the Amer-
ican people aren't very worried
about the threat of communism
on the one hand, or the lcss ot
their civil liberties to reaction-
ary forces fighting communism,
on the otheu hana.
Less than 1 per cent of 'the
people interviewed in these twin
public opinion polls said they
were worried about communam.
Less than one half of 1 per
cent said they were worried
about losing their civil liberties.
Only 8 per cent of
terviewed said they were con-
cerned about the international
situation or war.
followed this up with a leading
question like: "What do you
think about world affairs are
yoq concerned about them?-20
per cent said they guessed they
were, but that's all.
These somewhat astonishing
results were based on 6500 in-
terviews made by 500 Gallup and
University of Chicago investiga-
tors all over the country last
May, June and July.
The Army-McCarthy hearings
were going on in Washington at
this time. Most Americans sat
magnetized in front of their tele-
vision sets. It would be natural
to expect that people would be
more concerned about commun-
ism and civil liberties then than
at apy other time In their lives.
But they weren't.
This Uurvey was made for the
Fund for the Republic, a Ford
Foundation endowed research
group. Its head was originally
lifford P. Case, now Republican
senator from New Jersey. Pre-
sent head Is Robert M. Hutchins,
former president of Chicago
University and Ford Founda-
VEY will be published in book
form this month under the title
o f, Communism, Conformity
and Civil Liberties." The text
was written by Dr. Samuel A.
Stouffer, profepor of sociology at
The purpose of this survey
was simply to learn the truth
about -American attitudes on
these controversial subjects.
The fund's directors feared
that American freedoms were
being endangered by a wave of
reaction that was near to fasc-
ism. But it wanted to get the
facts. What it will do about the
facts now that it has them Is
the next question.
One point of view is that since
ls thn r cen of the
era" pe are '0ncerned
tl|u, Itere n an civil li-
I | there'a nothingg to bo-

The other point of view is that
since the American people are
so little worried about these
things, there is need of a great
educational campaign to aAak-
en them to thl dangers of the
International atuation and loss
of freedom.
more Interestig han this is the
discovery the opinion sur-
veyors wh at the Amerioani
people really are worried about.
What the Fund for the Re-
public's opinion survey found as
a kind of by-product it never
Intended to discover is human
nature. People are most inter-
ested in the things that touch
them personally.
They are concerned over the
prospect of war primarily by
whether a son, a husband or a
father or brother will have to be
There is one chapter in "Com-
munism, Conformity and Civil
Liberties" which reports on the
subjects the American people
were most worried last summer.
Forty-three per cent of. all the
people interviewed volunteered
the information that they were
most worried about personal
business or family economic
problems. Twenty-four per cent
were worried about health. Here.
in condensed loran, are typical
"How to make a living for my
family.., The weather and my
crops... Security... The mort-
gage... The baby... Paying bills.
....My job.... My health.... I
worry about my pension.... I've
been laid off. three months.. .My
marriage.... My children's fut-
If this's a correct gauge,
there is a lot more political mile-
age in social security, employ-
ment insurance, pension plans,
health plans, housing and such
things than in the much discus-
sed International situation.

Every Contribution Another Weapon

Walter Winchell In NewYork

Pals wonder if Mona Knox and Mexican film
idol cantinlias are secieny sealeu... x-nim-
bassadorfiihl U'Dwyel's new regular is spanish
thrush Inez Carlo...Arturo Snan gets his sym-
pathy from archaeologist bsermce t etson......
WVhaiever became oi the olt-itexuta elopement
plans of Winthrop Rockefehler and Jeanette
tdrist...Serge Ruuinstein's biz-partner tstamey
A. Stanley) as bodyguarued because of more
toreatenmin notes... uary Crosby's boo-bu-ba-
4do1ng is reserve lor Isaruara Drake, dancer....
Xhonua Fleming and ieo. Gregson are tweedle-
dee-dee...Noei coward signed to star at Las Ve-
gas June 7. He'll be the desert lnntertainment...
race Kelly and Oleg Lassini are dating again
after scads of weeks of not..."Ankies Aweigh!"
(the Kean Mutiny) is selling out. They nad
standees and over 200 persons were turned away
last night irom the Luiusical.
Skewas Are Like This: From the Iron.pages
of April ": rowerwie' hearohes .Room ot M-
steins Murder. Less than a nmni n alcer Merge
Rubinstein was muracred in --'is bedroom a
prowler invaded the slain man's home. Police
confirmed the report of a society columnist yes-
terday"...The society columnists version;: 'The
murderer of Rubinstein may have paid a second
visit to the scene of the crime a few weeks ago.
I learned this from an unimpeachable source."
Unimpeachable is Right! From WW of March
11: "Possibly as a result of the tip in this col'm
about S. Rubinstein's closets still bulging with
femme apparel) the murder house was broken

Imogene Coca (in splitigation) is doing the
spots with Hal March, her TV lead.. .Betty Reed
ithe gal Rubinstein left 10 Gs in his will is
doing the same plush places with a wealthy Cu-
ban... Barbara Kasaar, actress, becomes Mrs.
Robert Meddick tof the stage and TV dramas)
next week... Society bud Mary Alice Gallagher
ia Beaui ducted at Cafe Arnold...The ShermanI
Hotel chain were dickering for anothLer-in In-
dianapolis.'..Tennessee Wiillams reportedly ad-
mits the idea foi his new hit ("Cat") originated
by a query from ass't drama critic. H. Hewes
(Batdee Review), but at the Cricits' Circle ballot-
ing Hewes didn't vote for it. (So Tlhere.. .Betty
("'Ankles. Oooh-Wahl") George foolA all the col-
yumists (except this one) with the name of her
Current Pashtime. (Tch-Tch!,...Th Roney-Pla-
za Schines report that if son David s marrying
Piper Laurie soon, it's news to them.A
Washington Ticker: When the H e ,Un-
American Activities Comm. soon disclose, the se-
cret session testimony of actress Jean Mr ir it'll
panic some Broadway show-folk... The\sanme
committee plans probing the number of alleged
Reds in current legit productions...As if Jerry
Lewisenuf problems, the Internal Revenuers will
issue a lien--f his 1953 arrears ($56,500) aren't
settled soon.. .Commy chiefs are planning to re-
sist the% Treasury Dept efforts to collect taxes
from them... Recommended to Senate Banking
Committee: From the editorial page of the Ark-
ansas Recorder: "When Sefhator Fulbright's com-
mittee writes the report of its inquiry into the
booming stock market, it will render a worth-
while service it it concedes that the federal gov-
ernment's policies-not Walter Winchell's tips--
are responsible for speculative prices."
To The Desert Inn (Vegas) for its 3rd An-
nual Tournament of Golf Champions (for the.
Runyon Fund) next week: Las Vegraclas, senors!
(We'll be Teeing You!)...Joni Jafes' newy, "Is
This The End of the Line?" is a torchant for
those Who Got It Bad... Phil Foster, who be-
comes a TV baby (with his own show) in June...
"Dear Walter," Wires Jerry Robbins, "I.4ppre-.

ciate the plug, but Tony Charmoll did that show-
stopping anuce number himself in 'Ankles' and
rats fuil credit. I agree it's a great job"...Fran
Warren's MOM aisc of "Kiss Me and Kill Me
With Love" (from "Arikles") is a corker. Ditto
the Mills Bros.' hot-beat version. (Decca)...It's
a girl for the Wm. Condlts. Mother is former
Conover moael Kay Jarvis..."Stars of the Grand
Ole Opry' ta new TV film series of god, clean
corn, via Flamingo Filmsi looks like a new nat'l
past4me...Pat hnite tiovely on "Stop the Mu-
sic", weas Dino Cerutti (attorney) May 14th...
Comic Roger Price and attractreus Judith Braun
are an Oun's heartsy-totsy.
The Runyon Fund Contest Winner of the
1955 Cadillike: Mrs. Susan M. Griffith of 125
Causeway Street, Boston, Mass. Her winning en-
try (1st Prize) on: "My Choice for President In
'5b and Why?"...Eisennower, the best represen-
tative of American dignity and vision. Above
Parties, Politics and !latitudes, America can
.have confidence in his ~ise judgment of world
affairs"...2nd Prize: Ms. Ira M. Wine (of Port-
land, Maine), winner of'a rountrip to Paris (via
EWA) for her entry: "Ralph Bunche, man of rare
insight into human problems, experience In In-
ternational paecemaking, and selfless dedication
to the service of humanity"... Third Prize: A
S2,500 gem (The Starillan): Mrs. Fay C. Palmre,
Isoute e, Lenoir, N.C.
The balloting gave Eisenhower 81%, Steven-
son 5%, the remainder were scattered (2 pc and
under) for various well-knows.

Eleanor Holm's former .favorite dance escort
Frances Green...Carol SteVens (of "Silk Stock-
ings") gets her nylons from construction engine-
er Jerry Shaw...Dolores D!n (blonde Warner's
starlet' is showing Our.- own to J. Fleming,
Canadian millionaire...Ph llis Kirk, who usu-
ally restricts her dates toi ow people, is steady-
ing with a medico. (Oh, Dr!)... It'll be a-Fall
blending for Margaret Keane (a Time, Inc. slave)
and J. Bren, jr.... Betty Goldsmith will be a
June bride. He is Wallace Forbes. His late father
founded Forbes' mag... It's a baby girl (Jane
Sage i for the John Cowles, Jrs, of the Minnea-
polls Star and Tribune tribe...Gen. Motors exec
Wm. Gregory will wed Kathleen Kracht, staffer
at Parents mag.. .D. Dietrich and Diane Friml,
grandotter of the composer (she debut in the
"Daddy Long Legs" film, merge Sept. 1... The
Chas. Goulds 'he's ass't pub. of the Junnel-
American I are imaging. Mrs. 0. is the paper's
beauty coluymist, Peggy Shannon... Magistrate
Murtagh's traffic cops are looking for a girl
name "M. Monroe" to explain ignoring scads of
parking tickets...Not our little Marilyn?
Hottest Scandal in Town: One of the favqr-
ite big-name movie actors had to be slugged on
a flight from the coast...Too m&uh wyomlng-
ketchup... Wanted to pilot the plane.*..He ar.
rived here wrapped in a'rope. (New shortcut to
flopville).. .That was a violent brawl between a
one-time top singer and her beau in a jazs Joynt.
Refused to let her have one more drink. She went
berserk-and cut him with a knife on the table.
...The scion of a very social family has been
confined as an imbecile. Married and well known
in the smatt-spots.. .A swank Park Ave hostelry
is sitting on a large scamial. They learned smes
Hotel execs were "dipping their dukes Into the.
tambourine" as Joe E. Lewis would say.. .A fam-
ed bandleader was conked with a whisky bottle,
but saved from the front pages by his hotel boss.
...The scandal of the week: The critical abuse
of the talented people in "Ankles Aweighl"
which is great fun for the sellout audienees....
The customers are laughing with the actors and
the actors are last-laughing at the critics.

S DREW FA ON says:
net to imal -bk be,; Me.
cow outballds is In long-
range jet bomb"i Uenae I
prpIare 6 4l proteet-
whie-collar workers.
President Alben Barkley told
his old friend, ex-President
Harry Truman a story at a
dinner last week in Washing-
ton a story with a moral-to
it about WeatbrOok Pegler.
Barkley told-about a column
Pegler had written which was
very unfair and which made
him furious. So he sat down
and wrote Pegler a letter..
"It was quite a.stinging let-
ter," Barkley said. "I began It
with 'Dear Pegge,' and ended
it with 'f syndicate gets what
your columns arf worth, you'd
be a pauper.' -

"but." continued Barkley,
looking at his old friend Tru-
man, "I never mailed it. UnTidle
you, Mr. President, I never
mail my letters.
The American public May
not know it, but the power
pendulum is swinging overt
toward Soviet Russia as far as
air strength is concerned.
Last May Day the Russians
flew a giant jet bomber, the
size of a B-36 over Moscow. It
was their first and only long-
range jet bomber, known ia
Type 37.
This May Day the Russians
will have 15 of these Type 37
giant lets. In contrast, we 'had
two B-52 jet bombers of the
same size a year ago. Today
we have only three. In other
words, the Russians are out-
producing us 14 to one.
White House foreman Sher-
man Adams. has come up with
9 counterfeit Democrat to re-
place Securities and Exchange
Commissioner Paul Rowen who
made the mistake, in Adams'
eyes, of opposing the bitterly
controversial Dixon-Yates con-
tract. ..
By law, Rowedn'si:-t.go
to a Democrat .W L- re-
quired to hav e'jcrats
and three R e'
the OOP is n in '
However, Ada iT has pid a.
synthethil Democrat, Con-
necticut's ex Cbgressma
Johnny McOire" who made a
deal to support O0P Omvrnfr
John Lodge for re- l,
Ouire's rewarwi ]I
job in Lod n
Unhappily 'M how-
ever, Democ t Abe Ribicoff
defeated Lodge for the gov~'
ernorahip. And McGuire became.
became a byist in WF-
inaton. -
He represents Franco Spain
and thi big natural gas inter-
ests which are trying to -over-
rule the BSurgeme Court and
prevent price. regulation by the
Power Comnasston.
An independent uasi-judicial
agency, the SEC is no more
supposed to be run by the
White House than is the Su-
preme Court. Yet Sherman
Adams put pressure on the
commissioners to approve the
Dixon-Yates contract, awarded
without competitive bid to. a
private power combine to sup-
ply power for Oak Ridge, Tenn.,
an4 Paducah, Ky., atomic
However, Commissioner Row-
en defied the White House and,
for voting his convictions, will
lose his Job.

Not since the en
sweatshops in garm
bas any group of i
to endure grette
than retail al
ilofted of thbeo-ff*
collar workers.
costs the highest
theU are till paid a

1*I some parts of thi South
they are paid as low as $6 sents
an hour, compared wih the
stabished minimum *ae .of
7 cents an hour unier the
Pair Labor Standards Act which
does not cover retail eployes.
Also, they sometimes work as
long as 60 hours a wek, com-
atred with the 40-bo 2 max,
urm (without over pay)
under the Fair Labor WSdarde
Senator Muray's bill not only
would brihg retail employea.un-
der the protection of the Fair
Labor Standards Act for the
first time, but mould raise the
FLS minimum 'A wage for all
workers to $1.95 an hour. It
would also lower the maximum
netweek to 35 hours.
The Eisenhower Administra-
tion favors a comnromise of 90
cents an hou, wit no change
in the 40-hour week.

To rotect he ie mall, corner
grocer,, the Murray will would
apply only to retail employers
who have five or mori stores,
or who do a gross business of
more than $500D a year. This
provision i$ aimed at big chain
and department stores, which
have always been immune
from the government's wage
James Suffridge, secretary-
treasurer of the -AFL Retail
Clerks Union, testified at Sen-
ate Hearings that big retail
establishments should be sub-
ject to Federal regulation under
the FLS Act just as industrial
companies must comply with
the Taft-Hartley lat .
Some of the big retailers now
immune from wage and hour
regulation include:
The A & P grocery chain,
with 4600 stores and an annual
business volume of about $4,-
A00 ,000: the 1845 Safeway
ma; with 40,000 employes;
c' o Kroger Company, w th
t664 stores and 30.000 employes:
F. W. Woolworth, with 2021
stores and 960000 employes. J.
C. Penkey, 50,000 employes in
1647 stores: sears Roebuck, 99
stores and 120,000 employes:
R. H. Macy of New York, 26
stores and 24000 employes.
NOTE-Another huge wagef
nd-hour exempted that Senat,
or urray wants to bring under,
law is the W. T. Grant
ariety Stores, with 500 retail
et eploying 23,000 per-
Ms GSufridge testified that
a Gia -t tore in Oakland,
Calif., pai retail help $1.08 an
hour, while a Grant store in
Tampa, Fla,, paid only 65 cents
an hour to the same type' of
worker. Bth stores charged
the same retl prices, despite
thebig disparity in labor costs.

Hard-working Senator Jim
Murray of Montana has been
conducting some little-public-
SIzedbut important hearings on
behalf of the "forgotten work-
ers" of American business -
the great under-paid, over-
worked army of clerks who
watt on you in chain stores and ."
other retail establishments.



By Colbroith



....... **'**^



2 I


I's Amazing... "|jmm fO 1 jf-q

"i I I mp

Sc0lusive.0 DACRO

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S auel
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You can wear DU PONT'q exclusive NORTHCOOL 100% ORLON suit
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the thread. Think of the easy care, of the money saved on slewaing.



. : -. .

*" '+" r," > -- :.','S ^ F-.k l
.^-- .- _-,: ..
.* -- S a f *I u f .- f- .
.. ....... .....

.3 -... ..

* ,:- x -
* i '

.* --AMP *
... .


j .-
- c .
r-i ;

i. 1 s
*'.. k


-- ..I




/1 k

I -

P.. 5 S... Z..- P....,

':, -* ,.


4w.' "



-V.. -

uw a .o i

I To Bypass Segregation

passed By Florida Senators
ALLAHAEE, AprTil 29 (UTP) milk prices, based ills aWpro.
ate B andl former acti pating 25,00 for Inter tonIi
Charley Johns pushed aycee headquarters at Miami
h the Senate without a tetch and mating a second
g vote today a bill de- conviction of IcW"-' the scene
to enable Florida to side- of an accident a felony.
theUS. Supreme Court ban The House 9*e0 he t warn-
regation. g from Speaker Ted David
rned after laws In Geor- that unless it olts tP' '"- "t
idend Mississippi, ohe measure much time debating minor ac-
S uld ive local school boards tion, it would be forced to hold
-mplete and final authority to morning, afternoon and evening,
O' dermlne whether their coun- sessions.
: shall have separate schools Senator Johns explaled his
*(.white and colored children, segregation bill is desalned t'
= .ov. LeRoy Collins declined to "ease the impact of the Supreme
Whether he would approve Court decision and to avoid ten-
rveto the bill if it clears the sons and disruptions In the pub-
ouase, but he said "from what lic school system.
have heard of the bill, I don't "Countles that want to keep
telleve it is necessary o r will segregated schools can do It un-
serve any useful puoset.' der this bill." he-raid Johns said
Collins said he has not chant- 90 per cent of Florida's Negro
ed his mind since he asked the population s, Just as concerned
Legislature. on opening day not as the whites over the desegra-
to take &an nation until the Su- tion ruling,
Ireme court decides how dese- "There are 500 Negroes In Vmy
nation shall be put into effect county and I daresay I received
states with constitutional pro- every one of their votes because
alons against mingling -the they know I1m fair-... and would
ratns. not do anything to the Negro
"I think anly legislation on Ion, s he said.ash
this subject will be premature... The bill directs county leioal
and may well serve to inflame boArds to.assgn each child to
the passions of our people uo- the school t 'whicl he is beAt
necessarily," COllins said. suited and makes the decision
The anti segregation action on attendance areas "full and
eas the highlight of a day in complete and final."
which the Senate also beat down I directs that in making the
.determined efforts to reconsider assignments, the board aholl
the apropval It gave Tuesday to consider the orderly and effi-
I. bill lowering the legal] voting client administrat ion of the
te to 18. schools, the effective Instruction
The House, after defeating an of the pupil and the health.
Attempt t& send back to corn- safety, education and general i
Mittee the compromise bill per- welfare of the pupil.
Sitting a 15 per cent spread be- The bill provides for heating
sein maximum and minimum upon demand of the parent of
any child wishing to attend a
school other than that directed
by the board with the decision
of a board majority final.
The measure passed 34 to 0
with Sens. Pletcher Morgan,
Jacksonville, R. B. Cautler. Mia-
,mi. Harry King, Winter Haven
and :. Ed. Baker, Umatilla, not
The 18-year-old voting bill,
which now goes to the House,
weuld make 100,000 more young
men and women llJJeihip vote.
The constitution now limits ;he
voting franchise to 21 years old
ad over.
Sen. Bourke Floyd of Apala.
chicola, who ha tried to past
the Masi re through three pre-
viouns se-sins, branded as *-..-
pycook" arguments by Ben. Har-
ry XIt of Winter Haven that
Youngsters in the 18 through 20
agle group are unstable emotion-
all and "apt to be upset by po-
litical campaigns."

Lawrence finds her place In the
sun on the trunk of a leading ,
palm tree at Miami Beach, Fla.
At the moment, that particular
tree has nicest limbs in the area.





dbily Art

I a

.H .AAM -- .. .. .^ A. .W D


I --


Answer to Previoui PuW i

[Cooking School

4 C
22 C
24 1

ACBOS 3 Moat sensitive
. aro.a 4Cuts '
a s IVein ore
Dvled Iy-- st
r Law Rviolatmon
Temam. Ire Spplb
rditate .RlIltan
Number woltbound
!be amSe I Support for
he tSW d trousers a
Ca'tin 17 Made lace 2
Measures of edgings
type 19 Prayer
Overfeed en4ings 2
Blood 23 Fall flower 2
Ty 24 Festive 3
Distant 25 Baking X
Retaliate chamber in a 3
ride holding stove 41
hidol ir

1 Butter
2 Curved

1* *~

* .5s~' 'r,- -
4- -


SSingig voice 41 What A
7 Those grocery bill
accepting the does
Inevitable 42 Newts
8 igh cards 48 Painful
S.Communiats 44 Woody plant
31 tgy buggy 46 Coagulate
83 Rieds" .47 Weary
38 Slanted type 48 Ireland
0 Encounters 50 Historc time

reM IIt -' t4 5
Ow, Nby nam w a ite o& 4-aO.
"It'6 ,E stv of time taking them to the movies-they
p waking me up for popcorn and candy bare!"
S.. ..... -

6i oy d.Qasijds

"" 1 1 ^ U I L III I | I '1






* -

"- ".4- ..


^^T&B? ~~~ D'tf- -mlI
1 ,


Teu'ne Got It!

ir KrlM" qaNH

CATC 5 tU'-"It ViW e

WAs 2I*. ow
WN. amO LTr wA

GAVE 11' sEUJO A ft




SI-. T. MalLIM



*.MN 14 vHaiaWTH vF
0Wfi YWR 6 WO
COSp WI .^

- a

, Dreaming



4, I -~3

-- BR 18X15 Tfl'fNEB

- 0' RAM I UT









7 4 A tI T7iiNs Land'
T11a WAY -. UM! JA..E THIkING, THeea5A
NE Ylou TOMORRowl!'. ..0 Awl TI



-- ..

-: "' *,*~tl-- : **~:'

Cranial Surgery

.P. TW )AYTLS WN K L k. 901

-_ :.

Near M"l W LL

- NearMiss A .

u-`'-'''""""~- ----' -- --c'~ 711


--...5 -i

......-.- 'i.--. ^a- -..I T.

= r IT.


. I

.- .. : ** -. .


,- -)


h \L









*v*~; :y~g$ -
a V ?m,-'~'-

fl~DAtM4IUWtssUs -. -; 7 U:. -. 1.

s"crtaft OCder

r!& n i History

$te *110.-i iened under Wartime afea

-X be- Greatly exi u .sc tile's
Vik -Sy ,glteraft were reportM fo the Gui d ae
suluWVtW** try of Missile. 3ange Division a Coeoa;
the'lduty lorida. Pan American, under
This w.'reyeadld ir tpe cm- contract to the U.S. A#r Force, is
pS i a- fauMu .srport. t maintaining test center f.or
madse to stockelders by ri. launching, testing and .tracking
deant Jtan.T. Trlppe, which also pilotless bombers and other guid-'
heoqhd that PAAs passenger re- ed missiles hiom the launching
Vesuess were 1u 14 per cent and Lase through a chain of auxiliary
ita cargo revenues up 14 per cent bases stretching more than a
in 1 54. thousand miles through the, Baha-
"Erippe said that seven-Douglas mas, past the Dominlean Re-
"'Super-7q," scheduledd for currant public and Puerto Rico..
el.0eery, will be the fastest long- Pan American maintained its
range reraft in internat -on a leadership in international travel
aeriMce, 30 Miles an hour faster during the year. Its Clippers car-
than ay other over-ocean plane. tried 1.800,000 passengers for a
These Glipper will provide non- total of 2,285 000,000 passed g e r-
stop tourist service from Ne w mile, cargo ton-moes were upf
YoaitIb Paris and London as well 15.8 per. cernt and cargo revenues I
as --toZprable high speed; non- increased 14.3 per cent.
atcrpi-vlee on Pacific routes. The report held out a bright fu-
Deliveries will commence ear- lure for air cargo. Acceptance byl
I-y 19.5 on a iiew fleet of 33 the North AGantic carriers of new
Dou lab-.uilt "'eve.n Seas" Clip- and lower rates for bulk i hi p-'
evs .mequl .ed with. amp to ved ments according to classification1
Cairf Wright turbo-comp o u n d first proposed by Pan, Amleian,
engines capable of developing. 600 should increase such casgo vo-
more horsepower than the engines lume by 50 per cent, the report
in this year's models, Trippe spid. saicd.
These aircraft, developed by the As in previous years, Pan A-
Dougla# Aircraft Ccmpany in co- pnerican carried more passengers,
operation with Pan American, wil airmail and cargo on over s e a s
lave great" fuel capacity than end international routes than any
the Super-7s and a range of 5,100 other airline. Ir 1954 the travel-
miles, ers who chose Pan American a-
Pan American has committed mounted to 28 per cent of all those
40 per :'ent f1 its productive capa- going abroad, by air and sea.
city to a p-uRram for a civil air
reserve fleet whereby a large a-_______ _
mount of overseas airlift will be
immediately available to the U.
S. Armqdorces on 48 hours no- EX A A
twice in the event of a national e-
mergehey,. Trppe said. Nearly all
the ebmp ay s remaining l4 ur-en- |



all-nylon tricot

SFascinating formula
.- for that light, bright
* 'ad "in-the-pink" feeling A
-Luxite's sparkling J
A shimmery undertone \
to your pew costumes \.
*'; '.o for sweet dreaming
at nighttime. In
carefree nylon tricot
for lasting loveliness.

b wer~embnederd
4 to 7 in
tidled pink,
S bl. --f-, white.

7 Z I *'.

'Y jI~


- .

. 2 ,

S hi

1947 O mobile 2-door 98

Rad;niow lesory, hdromalic
Earl.R.P on Tel. 2530 Coln,. P.
Earl. R. Peoarsn T7.. 230 Coldn, B. P.


We ore unpacking

e For mildew stains in your
bathroom use "CORSO
* Bathroom hampers .......10.50
* Plastic toilet brush ......** 0.60
* Air wicks for your
bathroom and closets ...... 0.85
* Toilet bowl deodorants .... 0.15

Aluminum extension .chairs. 14.95
Aluminum Swinging gliders.43.50
* Fiberglass pin up lamps ..15.50
Metal magazine baskets .... 2.50
Living and bedroom wrought
iron lamps from ...... .,. 8.95



1 < t- ^t AIM&

- .. .dij... 7 P,".

.c~cIwvr. L,j

- *..a...jL-~t -


-i .



0 RATTAN 3 SEAT SOFAS.........



FABRICS .............

LAMPS ......- ..........












Then NOW



9.50 6.50

122.50 99.95



5.25 2.95;
22.50 9.25

22.50 21.95



remember lay 8t is other'ss ps'



S .

tuer -

tif S'^

I* UNAU aW A W IlI w.,t ..


b' b:




---------_ ---- --------*~ --- ~-F--- -------- -~71rPl-~-~'~n'.r~rV ~ ;~S~~T~-l~i~;CYii -~-*---_-~--I i -r---~~T----l~ -~ ~F*i~-----~-. ~~






u- .. -- 'r.

.'..* / ..... :. -


Inexpensive Want Ads eBrsi Qwck I e.lts!

-. x ..- ,.
'.i --= +. *. .* -.
*. ...,. .





1 Sireel No. 13
4th of July Ave. J .SL
Juste Arosemeuna Ave ane 33t.

18U La CamqHilla
Central Ave. 45
No I Lottery Pla

arotb eof Jau Ave.
Agencia Internal. do Publicaciones.
45 Cmenl Avy,.
Parque Lefevre I rOet

_____ __ .



14.2 4th atf' July Ave.
Phofte P oanmA 2-0553

S|"We can help YOU with
VI If. coblroprae1" |




Below Blue Book



4 Door Sedan


Sport Coupe

CADILLM; 1951-

4 Doordan


4 Door Sedan


4 Door Sedan


SDoor Sedan

"PNT4AC 1952

LC talsna Coupe

NTIAC 1952

Door Sedan

L f'v. Coupe

kC 1951



o6r Sedan


J. u p

t *.J-^^? '


~ -~

Drs. A. and E. OBLLAC
(Palmer Graduates)
s Parus Avenue Tel. 3-13s
(1 block from Lux Theatrs

Packers Shippers Mown
Phones 2-2451 2-2562
Learn Riding at
Riding A Jumping classe dally
3 to 5 p.m. Phone 3-0279
or by appointment.

Body and Reducing Massages.
Mc Levy Maochines, turkish both.
Male and female operators.
Justo Arosemene Av. 5),
Phone 3-2217.

Match-Stick Bamboo
man Blinds
Traverse urtains
ien or WRod Jalousies
Call 2-3063 or 3-4904
Estiamates Given Without
ObUCgam .n!
p t1buted by
?oductos je Maderq, S.A.k
Central Ave. Between koda
building & F)ifth Ave. Store).

(next to "El Rancho")
m Automuile Transmitter
SPanting, Custom
Body Work
SAuto-Radjo Repair
SSpeed Equipment
C. R. "Dick" HEATH
Phone 3-2583

;i --- -




AlM Three

A wtP of a .


(Just below "El Rancho")

Parts Sasi- serves
Muebleria CASA 8PARTON
Odntral 2U-79.
Tel. 2-4501.

FORU SALE: trentor.
SAdmiral. brand new, five
years' wrranty, no down
payment, $132.50.month.
central wg-'.

Sier ato <.n-Mald= 1
abnasid no downe iet3r"|
antee, no doWn paiSient, j
10.00- aint41.
uMMta CA8A SPAlo


Household Automobilet
FO SALE: lecitrli ronge, FOR SAils-Chevrolet 1952 4-
Woastbeghese. excellent condi- door dmxe Sedane : Owner
tion. new heoale eolmeets. May driven. tires, new spare,
be mean at Qtnr. 4-A. Albrook. 23,000 idles. Phone 3-49925
Pheoe 4243. efter 5.50 p.m.. 1.0732. .
FOR SALI:-Westinghou 're- FOR SALb-. 1953 Studebaker
frIges tor 25 cycle. 1948 Dodge Cha.h Ipadtop. 10.000 miles,
5 ndon with short and long wave badtfl l condition, $1195.00.
ratio, good tim. Both very good Allilsk 3192.
seidWteon. Reeonebl. Cabl ---
Heights 0311 -X, Am.on. MF SAX.-1950 Dodge -Pow.
ae WMB., I ton pick-up truck,
POO SALEf-Refrigerfeor Waet- low ,ieaae, only used 2 years,
Mhoeuse. $50.00, Refrigerator with stolr new rebuilt engeln,
Norgo, $25.00; Electric Fen, which. and hve 'excellent mud
16". $18.00; 2 choirs Rattan. grip tires. Leaving, for quick
$50:00; dining room suite mi- ale, $950.00. New Panama
hagany. $100.00; miscellAne- prie. S4089.00. 524-A. Cm-
ous. 169-B. Gamboa. Phone rind. Heights. Tel. 83-3185.

BOX 2031 AICOmN C.Z.

FOR SALE: Camera equipment-
one COntoe III with F1. Sln-
mar lens; one Auto 'ilfflax.w
with F3.5 Tessar lens; telpbepho
lens and many extras included.
All equipment in Nw. edi-
tion. 86-3101. Albrook.
FOR SALE:-3 V'4 h.i. mater,
$5.00; I refrigerteo 9 es. It.,
$45.00; I' apartment sime aivsh
machine. $35.00. I524J, eovi..
Ian Road. Santa Cleun Le.
STAMPS -. U. S. SVMn etW.
Several other countries. Can be
seen -21st. West No. 8-89,
Apt. 10. in front Moete mark-
et. Pneomi until May 1 th.
FOR SALE: ~l.eore iase air-
compressor one motor. $65.00.
Bemch grinder 1-3 h.p. moe-
tor. $10.00. 2'xd' weok beach
3" swivel vise, emery wheol
1-3 motor attached, $4600,
25 cycle. Zone 2-447"3h
= --0 S*E-- =-I b,-- --
FOR SALE -Bombe bar, with
matching wall shelves, $35.00,
.Clayton 5126.1.
FOR SALE -Gold isthes. ecuo-
riums, filters. San Francisco 7th
St.. house 18. Toel. 3-5587.
FOR SALE: African violets
roses and other plants. Pyle St.,
.houm 2483-A. Tel. 1464 Be.

Hey! It's

Going To Rain
The following weaker condi.
fions are basW on the records of
the past 48 year and ttay be ex-
pected to occur In the final Zone
aind vicinity' dring.tjay.
son weather .iie t a
the first of 'owet'
may be expe4 f tly with
measurable ran.1 oce ng on a-
bout 20 days. during hb Month.
1 he average rainfall fTr May is
7.96 inches at Baibiee lgtfit 11..
34 inches at, M dan Dpm, a n d
11.30 inches t Wv 'i*h i va-
riation betwon tlt wettwst and
driest on record il '15.1-fto 2.3Q|
inches at Balboa HIghts, 19.72 to
3.23 inches at Madd Dam arnd
-2543 to 1.63 nch at Cristobal.
TEMPERATUrE: The nor m al
mean temperature for May is 81
degrees Daily highest and lowest
temperature wi, average 87 and
14 degrees at Balboa Heights and.

FOR SALE: 9 ft. Westinq-
l hoe 1 refrigerator, 25 cycle,
$75.00. Phone Balboa 3740-
5438-C. Dioblo .
--ORt SALE:-Frigidaire 25 cy.
In good condition. Will trade for
60 cycle refrigerator. 5 large
.green perch blinds. Girl's i-
cycle 26". Balboa 1756, Qtrs.
609, Ancon Boulevard.
FOR SALEM-Dinette set with 4
chairs, 15 Venetian blinds for
new type cottage. House 6260
Los Rios.
FO RSALE:-G.E. 9 ft. 2-door
refriegrator. $200.00; Apex 60
cycle washing machine. $40.00;
wvoinut'rdeing table and 4 chairs.
S20.00; me t a I sideboord.
S9.00; 2 60 cycle fans. $6.00
& $10.00; Mallicrafter. 577-A
Ac Dc. Radio. $60.00. 2053-D.
Curundu, Phone 83-7186.
FOR SALE;-Small washing ma-
chines "Whirlpool" and "Mas-
ter Grande" formerly $95.00
and $50.00. now $60.00 and
$30.00, Halmon, S.A, Vie Espe-
ll _No.J. __._
used and reconditiaped furniture
i at Household Exchdage. Ir.U-.
L fulj living room setl 149.00.
I: diomg room table and chain
S49.00, Hollywood beds with
brand new mattess 66.50, Bu-
r vam 12.00. Wardrobes 39.00
Mdll dks 39.50. Guaranteed
6e8,g oySeas 69.0% 1r.c 1o"
10n4'm. INOUSdHHo. EX
CiANCf National Avoi,..
(Auto Neow. Tel. 0 9J.

One American Seen

Aa.Soviet Labor

Camp By Ausirmns

FOA SALE:-1947 Studebaker
4-deer. Radio, overdrive, new
point, battery. Cheap. Phone 2-

CaU H. Prtto,.
Automobile soles, oll makes,
now and "sed cars. Automobile
Imoroane 6007 Front St. Phone
1604., Be 748. Colon.
19.5 Lineel 4-door Sedan.
.00 miles, car new, only
3600.00, trade Is accepted.
Studebokor 2-door Sedan,. new
iholstory, tirm like new. only

FOR SALE: Packard 1951
Coupe in excellent condition.
Hydremotic. soot covers, 20.000
mniles.'1000.00. Call Balboa
2810 or 1901.

FOR SALE:- 1951 Chevrolet
perfect condition. Must be sold
by May 1 ot any price. Call
Nobbo 84-3212.

FOR SALE: 1951 Packard
"300" 4-door Sedan, block.
W-S-W. like new. Owner lav-
Ing, Prime $110.t. Curundu
55 1 after 5:00 p.m. *"

FOR SALE:-1950 Buick. Ex-
cellent condition. Radio, heater.
new tires. new upholstery $700.
Navy 3688 after 5:00 p.m.

5OR SALE:-1949 idgo,. Club
Coeo. Radio. .se covers, white
.iowaelh. C 2-.674.

POR SALE: 1952 Ford, 4-
door. 6 cylinder, Fordomotlc.
27,000 miles. Qtrs. 362-1, Fort
Clayton. Phone 8715228.

FOR SALE:- 1952 Chevrolet
4-door Deluxe, excellent condi-
tion. Mergorita Phone 3-3150.

I VIENNA, Austria. Apr11 29 FOR SALE:-1951 4-door Mor- 86 and 17 degrees at Cristoba. The
(UPi A liroup of Au-rana re- nr Minor. Excellent condition., highest and lowest temperatures
turning tds frI ll Soviet Baraon rice. Telephone POn- a ot record for May are 96 and 89
imprlpdnaen t said at .t one em; 3-3423. degrees at Balboa Heights, and 951
AAmericn was being held In the --- and 71 degrees at Cristobal.
Russia=n Potma slave labor T
camp south of MoSCOw. Dndtl Y TD ..he re lative humi-
Russiansl A ree 7 dity will be higher than in April,
They identified him as Johnny averaging about 85 percent.
Hopkins and said he told them TI alinn I DuhumIm/ CLOUDS :AND SUNSHINE: The
he was arrested In frlin in 1952I I 'Alii auvinl I skies will be partly cloudy to clou.
while serving in the U.S.A. Ar-I/ L y most of the time with an av-
,m. Thery were noth clear wheth-A *W rage of about 5 hours of sunshine
'er he was a sol e or a civilian sl daily'.
The weary, ailing Austrians VTENNA, April 29 (UP- The; FOGS: Nighttime and ear ly-
said a second American known Russians spr-ng a new ri loma- I iornir ,fogs may be expected oc.
to them only as "Dimmier" tic surprise in Austria t day by casionally er the C Gall ard Cut
"Duembler" was being held a agreelnq to formstin of an section of th C anal and the cen.
camp in ceutriM Russia. eylAustrian air rescue free and section of t e Isthm us along
could give only the phonetlcl to "corrider f ) air overeign- ohe Trans- ikelhmi to ohecur at either
spelling of the name. and were ty for the nation. none is toocccr at either
hary on idep eatl c ons. was o C u
The group of Austrians was Soviet igh Commissioner T.
made Utp of 13 men a-d one I. Ilyichev proposed at a meet-
womanx. One of the me: was so ing of the four-power. allied
ll he had to be carried trom the council that Austria should be
train whein he arrived at.Voes- allowed to buy and operate five
lau in the soviet nne soith of helicopters and.five Ught planes
Vienna. for mountain rescue work. The 1d S
_'____________ Jmove completely reversed pre- a .W
[ vious Soviet policy.
Britain'as Sir Geoffrev Wanln.
9 : ger promptly countered by iaro-
posing that Austria should be
granted "full air sovereignty" -
SIncluding the riqht to noerate-
commercial airlines. He was
S seconded by U.S. High Commis-
siloner Ll]ewellyn E. Thompson. .
Ilyecev. with rare cood na- EO'ff
turc, agreed to have the Idea of
full air sovereignty submitted
to the allied council's air di-M e
rectornte for consideration and
study." t I



.4mnse C u
ido of the-m b
Imad fr Aswfo
hem -uPdCod U.
16 S'd! af tie



owner left the country.

(CES with autiful land-
.43,000 feet. Cool

a v i'wo

Ave. Tivoll No. 4
Sn14 Central Ave.
50 Street No. 5a


ATTENTION G. 1.1 Just built
modem furnished apartments, 1.
2 bedrooms, bt, cold water.
Phone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Fumished ed n-
furnished 2,and 4-room modern
apartments. Contact. ALHAM-
Phone 1386 Colon.
FOR RENT.-Modeor and nice
located two bedroom apart-
ment with 5 closets,. combined
living-dining, mold's' room.
garage for occupied March 3rd.
Apply Justo Aresemone 97.
FOR RENT:-Compleftly fur-
nilhed, scrned two bedroom a-
partment. maid's room, in Bella
Vista. available May 15 to Aug-
ust 15. Phone 3-4992; after
5.30 p.m. 3-0732.
FOR RENT:-Spacious one bed-
room. apartment new modern
building at Pueblo Nuavo
$40.50 per month. Phone 2-
3483 or 3-0638 business hours.
FOR RENT: Moderd I bed-
room. living room apartment in
concrete house No. 45 Aveni-
dao4ose Fco. de Io Ossa (Auto-
mbile Road). For details see
"coastro Ave. B" No. 24. Also
/I furnished apartment.
FO RENT.---Furnisbed apart-
ntme living-room, dining-room.
2 throoms, gaoage. maid's
room with bathroom. Telephone
2-147 end 3-0709.
FOR REIT:-2 bedroom apart-
ment, livble-dining room, bath-
room. kIfchbn, hot water, maia's
room with bathroom, closed
garage. "A" St.. El Congrelo
Telephone 3-2148 from 8 a.m.
to 1 p.m. and 6 to 8 p.m.
FOR RENT:-Furnisebad I bed-
room apartment on Ave. Peru,
facing the park. Tel. 3-0746--

FOR RENT:--Spocious onj bed
room apartment new modern
building at Pueblo Nuevo $40.50
per month. Phones 3-0638' or
FOR RENT:-ReAidentlel apart
ment. 3 bedrooms, porch, sitting
and dining room. Hot water.
maid's room. 46 St. No. I. Price
$120.00. Phone 3-0357.
FOR RENT:- Comfortable two
bedroom apartment with hot
water and garage. For informa-
tion Tel. 2-2416 or 3-5322.
FOR RENT: Apartment. 2
bedrooms, living-dining room.
kitchen San Francisco. For in-
formation telephone 1464, BSl-

of the Canal entrance'. Most of
the fogs form around midnight
and dissipate. before 8:30 a.m.
WINDS: TI. wind force will be
conmiiderably lessened. North r I v
winds will continue to 'prey a i 1,
buit the Dercentage of light varia-
ble winds increases. The average
hourly wicrd velocity will be a-
'mout 8 miles per hour on the At-
lantic side and R miles per hour
oB the Ptacific. Maximum vplocl-
t"es greater, than 30 mile per hour"
are not likely except for short
vustg during thunderstorms. Thun-
Jorstorms wL'l occur on about 10
days during the month along the
coasts and about 24 days In the
Madden Area.

You will love our 6
S-Urle .DlPIE-t 1ALU)l

J. Ve. do, In O- Ave. Io. 41.
SStreae No. IN
Via Eca*.p Ave.

/ Houses

FOR RENT:-Smoll chalet. one
bedroom, living dining rom,
kitchen. Moderate ret. Geonrol
Jose de Sal Martin Ave. No.
6, downstairs.
FOR RENTi Second lom of
residence on GenRal Jose Son
Martin Avenue Ne. 8: PFer bed-
rooms, living room, dinhg moom
kitchen, large porch. gquire
gbuand floor.
FOR RENT -Vactiton quarter.
from May 7 to Augut 7. 3.
bedroom, suitable for 2 couples.
Telephone 2-2746, $47 Coro-
zal Hosp. Read.
FOR RENT-Vacation quarters.
starting May 9 for 3 months.
T%% couples considered. Belbae
FOR RENT:-Furnished cholet
for Juno, July. August. HouM
103 Paotilla (Via Brosil), corner.
of 12th street.

FOR RENT:- Beautifully fur-
nished laos room, kitchen Be-
ll Vista, Mxico Ave. 69, near
43rd St. Phone 3-0553.
FOi RE': -Furnished room
with gas "Frigidaire." 4th 'July
Ave. No. 7. dteudio Sose.

Position Offered
U.S. Orgaahixation requires sorv-
kles of male Pum laon,. bilingual.
between ages .of 21-25, Must
have accounthg akpeotence and
aducktion. Reply in writing to
Box K19 Paname. stating ex-
perlen aohd personal data. En-
clos photo.
WANTED:- Excellent .-oppor-
utnity for experienced bi-linguol
Secretary Stenograph, to work
in Colombia. e resunoro-
tion. Write J. Mk.Box) 1297,
'. Ponami. ./

Elected President

By Italian Solons

ROME, April 29 (UP) Glo-'
vanni Gronchl, 67, speaker o0
the chamber of deputies and a
Leftwing member of the Chris-
tian Democratic Party, was
elected President of Italy today. a

12 WORD .


; -I

p, Snm, Cla,. Law t., ..

WILLIAMS' Santa CGlara emai
Cottges rockets .rfa .
tion, 2-beIdrom. Phone. ,et
3050. I
QGramlich's Santa Clare, Beach
Cottesm. Modern coy
mera"te rates. Pheomaipbke
SHRAPN5L'Slfumrnoed .a
p. bed e t Santa Claered e-
p phone THOMPSON, 1eka1*
PHILLIPS ceensl e Ceiagas,
Sant Chlara. Box 4y, .
Phono Panama 3-1T7. CeTst..
bel 3-1673.

WANTED:-40-41 car or 50-
52 mall cor (HIlOmen. Ausin
etc.). Phone Albroak 8284 *ft- -
or 6 p.m. Stan Dlkae.

Wanted Psit ion
WANTED: Elderly W mW
seeks employment as baby i t-
tor. 1N t. San MIluel Nt. 4%
room 31.

Wanted to Buy
coa stranded aeredI 1951.
52. 53 Crv lto, eLyfi-e
lent coardlton.--iaqlr 5alm.
Phone 2-1995.

WANTED:-C mat' moil.
raok, a "m k, &ftmnM9u ..
am. *mplte n. lla. PB, '
No, 72. '
WANTLED Mole o fois flo
ironing drib, megle. 'Law .
deria Americai.". Pers Ae-


FOR SALE: -. 42 ft. .ilbet '
with twoa bmksa.dlrg o deep .
free. 25 h'p. auxiliary engine.
Call 2-3481,

FOR- RENT:-Chrysler Maine
engine 6 end 8 cyl., from
200 k.p. Speciaelel Canel Za
prices. linaneipg avelleble.-
Heurtemette & Arias, S.A. Pan-

Gronchi, a man who wants to
bring Leftists into the govern- I 0~o SA Capt'
ment, won the right to succeed
retiring 81-year-old President C ,ll
Lul i Zinqudi on the fourth bal- Oin o T ,C g.
lot n the Italian parliament. For Officers
He needed only a simple maj-1
ority of 422 of the possible 8431 Senior-Captain Ruth Lemonuq
votes to win. On the first three officer-in-charge of the La Bocl
ballots, a two-thirds majority, Corps of the Salvation Armyi
or at least 562 votes, was neces- has been selected to represeu
sary. the Central America'and, Weal
Indies territory at the okrsaiz4
As preiiding officer of the tion's Internatiopal College fga
election, he called out the name Officers in ,n4on, England.
scrawled on each ballot. This The two-month course of stL3
afternoon, It was monotonously dy commences on June 2,-and
"Gronchi... Bronchi..." All the captain will be in a selt
the way as he announced the grou from ma parts. of th
news of his own election. woris. *" "
8-Capt. Lemonte, Who leave
the Isthmus on Wednesda. r
travel by air to Ja-l-aid, wherd
nMAM? she will board the S. AiIgus
YOURSELF" MAN for Engl" nd.
A farewell meeting for h-er
IPECIAL this week. will be conducted by the secon.
al officer, 58-Cap. LE W. Hodg,
for only ........ 1.98 son, at The La Boca Salvatio
ER SET for onlv.. 1.98 i Ary Hall Tuesday.

A I nm r-r-r-trL 'm-n ,. -. -I ..--
One set of each per customer.
Till Wedneaday only!



100 Level

Ist Line

-. u..

(Oppoite The
Ancon P.O.)


No. 2 OF A lIESlW.
Marine insurance, on ar
class vessel to my United
States sort, without addi-
tional premium or endoru-
mnent pl u v omra whe
your automobile is ei
transported to the a
Zone ity 4mea cim-
| in PAW.

tL... A map&


.' I ? +



I .




. .-- *. > .

-+ _' "+


' I




~i~ ~saus~e~~. ~rS~remiFdn

*1 .77
*v .'**~

. ;".: .. .

-* .'l..

*~w LW

- ..', ~-~-':


1 :3I0 6: a : .
-with -
The story of COLE PORM= With.
BWl tbose Cole Porter-seng seatlons.



Also: -


.11 1 --. -'V' .


,1953 DOp 4-d4or SAd...I$f


Par. on me, Sefior, for seenging in your face
..but I am so-o- hoppy 'bout these beayos-
tiful cars at COLPAN.
Believe me, Sefidr...
S eef you dod' have a
geetar to serenade her
S weeth... the next best
thing is a used car buy
S. from COLPAN L

Ask for:
and he will Guarantee
you the Best Used Car
DeaL During Colpan's
Huge. May Sale.
During May we won't
be under sold.

.', ,- ." .
195-Litcold 'Club Coupe. Luxury at a price you
afford. Brilliant TUWdqlUU Finiaf. pot-
lesss interior Radio, W' S/W, automatic trans-
nission. Full Price $1095.00.

1953-Ford Sunliner Convertible. Light Green Paint.
Radio, FOM, Excellent mechanical condition.
New Top A dry season Special. Full Price

$1 50.00.

1951-Mercury Club Coupe. Traded 'by the origi
owner on a new car. Completely recanditi
eld wit all new tires. Full Price $795.00.

'1 j, i
1951-Buick Super 4 Door Riviera Sedan. Equip;
with' Radio, Four niw.tubelus tires, fact

igstalledseat covers. See this bargain tod
Ful Prie1 $895.00.

'195-sCI r Covetrible Coupe The popular
cy.fe r odel. Fully equipped and ready
p. F ull ri*e $89500.

-1jl-.'PwtIac Convertsl. Yellow Bldy on4 Bli
i Top. Radio, new ties. Excellent mechanic

We4ition. full

Pr $950.00.

1952-MG Converibl Coupe an
ce for any family. $875.00.


ideal sec


ed pte Finaciag Avagu
SMints Delivery of ayVw CarlI

t 4.A. k*ta .f

ground for Stardom: So me one
once told me his only objiection to
teal life is that it isn't t4ue to the
But he had never heard the
history N of a girl who 'played
Santa Claus and almost lost her
life, and -the story of a boy who
worked for at telephone company,
About the girl-
She could never reme-m b er
when she didn't want to act. 9ut
rhe very nearly lost her life,
nut to mention her acting ambi-
tion, when she was a little girl.
Tre near tragedy occurred at a
boarding school when the girl,
only eight, 'was playing her first
dramaticc role
It wasn't much of a part- but
it meant everything to her. It
was a happy Christmas pageant
and the girl. dressed in a gay
rvi suit and long white whiskers,
was .playing Santa Claus.
scream and the horrified cries of
The flames shot. high licking
a' the Christmas tree the tinsel
.nd holly. fley caught at the
Santa Claus -beard the girl wasi
wearing and inflicted seri ous
Irurns on her face and then on
her body. I

For eight weeks the little girl
lay in a darkened room-eight
lAteful weeks when doctors at
first despaired, of her life and
thep of her eyesight.
But then one day the child was
led out into the light and the
bandages were rem ed..
"Mama," she cried pitifully,
"Mama-I can see again. And,
Mania, I wil ACT again."
Yes, the little girl did act again
-to win two Academy awards.
..Her name-Bette Davis.
ABOUT THE BOY who worked
for the telephube company:
His story mvolves a girl, too,
and every time they meet in
Hollywood now, .they have a
standard greeting, "Do you re-
AL Jteyhave to '' remember
goes back. to the. summer of
1927. r
He waq playing a banjo with a
band while working for a .tele.
phone. company. He also sang a
l:tle but he was particularly
eager to become a master of cer
Once in a while the band
would hire a couple of acts to
entertain anI he'd leave his ban-
jo to do the introducing.
One day he received a call
from the theater. The master of
ceremonies was ill and wouldn't
be able to go on that night.
Would he fill in?
.Would he?

HE EVEN MISSED dinner be-
cause he had to rehearse a pat-
ter routine with a girl dancer on
the bill.
nal It was a big n ght for the boy.
H Ris nice personality was hit
and he went back to his banjo-
S playing with vivid dreams of
bigtimo stardom.
The girl dancer moved on to
another town. They never saw
each other again. until after he
haed become a Hollywood star.
ed And 'then he Srranged for her to
play a small role in one of his
r early movieir and she became
t star too.
ay The l-.-Gegjr ogers.
0ay. The whoeled to make .-,
S- ra Eleanor Parker
'- is peciled in for the role o
Anne LUdbergh pnpuite JAwy
.Ftewkart 1The. pirt of .
$ix louis ." ,.. MGMh is ready to
leap into telefilm production. TiN
i r anno uncmAe is due any day. .
..Bob Mitchum will don a trench.
coat to star in the big film ver-
sion of "Foreign Intrigue," the
TV hit.
B. S. uey ffled out hispay-
roll deduct slip jor "Guys and
Ock Dolls" apd' says he lited five de.
pendents--'M.* wife. child and
ica1 three bookies. '
cal A J ane Wya. ramatic series
will replace irside Theater a
tlevisc ina October. She'll star
4 X8 erWtbe0f4e4 of 44 plays
narrating the others which w;i
lise guet stars from motion pie-
d' All of Clark Gable's studio
brgr e dais alm h started in
films A a.t silenAt movie
houne i Uy p ini
Clara. DWs ISvU ft eke
"The n"e iAe a _n
Gabw i n We W easi m-

I'. L~~



16th Street Central Av.
TEL. 800 COLON, R. P.


La. KE Ut
LaNeratry Is niMt SaMe
di now hlfplws ten a
Lacds aO uranfr the h
prm e t _artamr y
and eimai rritateG tin
Cysetx ie noow ImporI

mentloMte above within
of this wrest medodne.
Get Cysts ro W
and hew quliltt
ea the rM to huettw

DRESSING FOR X TRIBUTE-A pair of Hollywood beauties-Rheada PleMaig, left,'and Terry
Moore-try on their costumes for a tribute in New York to Damon uftyon. Guests at the party came
as their favorite Runyon characters, and these two came as the "Dolla," le g the 3uys" form
a line.







Just Say:



Kiddie.Kit-pink for girls, blue for boys,
Plate Is molded of Monsanto 'Lustrex.
Hot water won't hurt it. H-

T Ir-aT wa

S Catral Ave. 8-5 (137)

!^ 'I I"

rY "

It's here...

ust what you re been waiting for






"J" St. No. 8



I.++ .of of-.ftt M e (<
-. ,. ... f l_' .. k, r u w .. ... ^ ..
asaa;N. rnnsunr^. mumll~l^ a-w n"'vaail




.......a j!,

<2 ~tK:'>


i. wt-



Revitalize Y

Fight Backache
I you are Vesi run-Gown, Get up
NIghts, or muffs from DaeckaE. trong
m.tism. aig Paj&. BwoUen AnkleI
Nbnousnemi, Disinm. and feel oi
before Your tme. kidney trouble ma.
be the cause.
Wrong food and rinks, worry, colds
or overwork place heavy strain on
your kldney. so tfat they functhm
poorly and oftena m v ieed help !h
properly purify your L.. u and maintain
eeJth and energy.
Revitlle MTor KMidMys
A fast acting Internal medicine ealedI
vtex. STeloped by the Knox tCmatnS

* -


C -1- II-

III -I -i

l~~j|^^ AM. ct:i~i^".

fc~l-." ^Eg&MWr.

.. s ,

. I I

' <



- :FI1.


/ ,

* w riJs. 7

LIZ 'f


cia/ ant' (i.rui & ',

By Sj 4 t.

S134, Pan.ama

4g, /n" P .0/ OLU \UJ ro."ka
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Mr. and Mrs. Geo. E. Coleman, Sr.. of New Cristobal as-
ounee the engagement and appreMhing marriage of their
aqghter. Carol Lois, to Ralph 0. MEAmib, son of Mr. and Mrs.
peorge MeAmis of Kingsprt, Tp e ssee. The bri4e-to-be at-
tended school on both sides of the Isthmus and is employed
Wlth the U. 8,. Navy. Mr. MeAnti, who is stationed at Rod-
went to schools in Kingsport A July wedding i planned.
'*1 i

-.Ambassadqr Bursley
I .]Panma .
Mr. Herbert Sidney ]uriey
the Department of 8ta, of
t United States, will b on
I Isthmus for-the -montil' of
w staying at El Pana, a. He
:Ill known in Latin oAmer.
, avin& be Am7ta1dor
&V Uit tMe .n-I
P ,.i, 1947. PreXiqup to that,
whe w* 'cbunselir'ot REd-
SIn Mexiee. Mr. N u r s-
w makes his hoo, In
gton D. C. .j
1 ..: J

Gqems of Cant.
AhItMriT. Gundersen
Leave For States
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Andrea-
sen'ind young son Curtis, sail
ed on board the M. 8. Tamesis
for New York. They are re-
turning to their homq in New
'City 1." after a six. week
vJsit on the Isthmus as the'
'juess of Mr. Andreaspn's
broher-in-law and sister, Cap-
n and Mrs. Christian Gunder-
,W-to Los Ries.





To enhance the natural beauty at
stainless steel, Gorham has cread
four distinctive designs, each."'
possessing common beauty of line.
Stegor's satin fiais "' no_-
tarnishable, requiring baUya
minimum of care. Tbe balance an&
filled one-piece handle is made frM._I
a seamals tube. No sems to rust .
or discolor. Handle i rattleproof,
and guaranteed not to loose.'Stegor
is a wise choice for new homes, and
In already established bmnes it
makes a handsome second set.

-': -.


7 I

Ewy Ehrmau'i fltertain
For #rank Irwins
Wednesday evening Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Ehrman entertain-
ed-at their hooe in Gamboa In
nonor of Mr. apd Mrs. Franz
H. Irwin. The Irwins are leav.
ino[ jbon to make thbir.hbme in
Camornia after Mr. UI )n's re-
tirement at the sad of this
month. Mr. Irwin has headed
the Engineering Dvislon for ma.
ny years.

High School Tea Honors
Three Teachers
Who Retire Soon
Three popular Canal Z o n e
teachers who are retiring at the
end of the school session were
honorees Tuesday after o o n at
a tea given in the library of
Balboa High School.
Members of the faculty and
officials of the Panama Canal's
education echelons were on
hand to register their good
wishes for Miss B. Sturtev ant
Gardiner, Miss Hallie Beav ers
and .Miss Alice Candee.
Miss Gardner will spend the
summer and perhaps longer at
her home in Woodstock, N. Y.;
Miss Beavers is going to North
Carolina; and Miss Candee will
live i.-BrXtgeport; Cdnnecticut.
Active in organizing the tea
for the three teachers were


Here are the dates tolregister your child for
Summer Dano*Classesh th

WED. & THURS. MAY 4th & 5th
9 a.m. to 11 a.m. 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m.
House 744-A, Las Cruoes St., Balboa.


a t less than: cost price!



21-02 Ave. 7a. Cmntral
Tel. 2-1830 2-1833

y-US w-

gym.. ua inmk a mining&xmwuA f
aet humb tugO, add a squam re at SATFA
yba hot slma bAhei applying to cdote,
WI&SATINAyouriadoeA'tdrag orttS

8ATINA Wiv" yg duats. bWe Aitl AW
vfiag thml"" t w1

md- 4p. "icw ow
, w m'asdiLm"


Sandlas present a double
challenge to the pickle lover.
_When Cocina Comer was asked
-to print some watermelon re-
cipes, tlle first answer on the
.phone was, "But everyone
knows how to make melon-ball
cocktail, and what else can you
do with watermelon but enjoy
it straight?" A few hours later
I had gathered my wits and
had answered my own question
and was deeply Involved in
making my second batch of
watermelon rind- pickles this

Watermelon Cinderella
I never can make watermelon
itnd pickles without pictur-
ing the wonderful sense of ac-
complishment and contentment
my delightful *othew getts rem
making them and seeing them
neatly stowed away on the
r a

row It aay, s e dIves
to rescue the rind before it is
popped into the pail. If you
find you are too busy to make
the pickles at once, the rind
can be peeled, scraped and
stored in the refrigerator a
number of days before prepa-

~. .&nQons (J^Uo zJami;4
Through this medium wish to express appreciation
%and gratitude for various messages of sympathy re-
ceIved .foM this city, PIfanma. the Interior of the
Repubi. _'D1 -National ibm of Panama; The
4, Wa theirs of t '* 061 Citedrall Thei
wi nat. of Colon:, .mBPanims; The National
GuardThe National MSal'i.O fon; The Colon
-t0~p$1 Council: The D zratit Liberal Party:
of Doctors and NHreso(' The 'Amador GU- .
* M ptal; The Col6n-Helesia Society; The Colon
Sub; Autonomous and Private Corporations of
thi .publc; Press and Radio and to friends and
et who in one way or another sent their ex-
of sympathy and tt dodence due to the

(* 1 ,3) .)
L ,E. 4" f :pr'.29th, 195.

.* -.9 *r '

.. -

K L-7. .-.p...-.




1838 'Tx-u

their colleagues, Mrs. Mary
Eugdne, Miss Bolse Munro ft
Mis. Mary. Brigham.
Chiater Graham Caderi
Kntertsa At Movie Party
In celebration of his 7th birth-,
day Christopher, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Casler, Public
Relations Officer of U.8. Em-
bassy will entertain 30 of his
friends at a movie party at the
NRt U. & Information Service

Miss Elaine Clark
Showeredl*0 'Linen
On April 23 a linen shower
was given for Miss Elaine Clark
by Misses Donnalee Fisher and
Veon Nichols at the home of
Miss Fisher in Bella Vista.
Miss Clark's engament to Mr.
Warren L. Cook had been an-
nounced earlier, the wedding
will take place In June.
Mrs. Sheppard Clark, mother
of the honoree, served coffee to
the guests.
Those who attended wer e:
Mrs. Sheppard Clark Mrs. J. R.
Clark, Misses Karen Clark, Sue
Washburn, Kitty Blackaby, Es-
peransa Lopez, Jill Me K-al,
Josie di Bella, Nellie Holg e r-
son, Patricia Foster Ro sale
Young,. Virginia Kam, Migdalia
Richa, Yisel Vega, Maria Fa.
raudb, Irene BrId, Norine Dill-]
man, hirley million, A lice
Mc Kelyy, Helen Hase m a n n,
Phyllt Bager, Livia Noi ran
Margarita Latorraca, Molly
Rigby and Patricia Rigby.
Coffee Honors Three Members
Of Arts And Crafts Group
The Arts and Crafts Group of
the Balboa Woman's Club wiDl
meet on Monday morning, May
2nd, at 9:30 a.m. at the home
of Mrs. Agnes Hearon, House
6447 Esperanza Place, Los Rios.
Immediately preceding the

Fine Furniture made oft
Daridn Mahogany. NOW at
amazing low prices.
Bedroom, Dlpg Room and
Living' 3s Sets.
Pfodue s .0Ste&. S. A.

Pous 2-250s

Yel Lew




90AUS ffi t IS

100% 9ut CO ffo


conitt:An OlMA
.Drts*Msulh sbuhbr *m -mwl


hurt nor threatened, Williams
pa. qPn : b
., Thy told us to B @df r
five minutes. We. ee a a car
drive off Immediately water tbsy
/The bank],s located on State
flighway 75, .some 23 miles
southeast of Charlotte.
It was North Carolina's sec,
orld robbery within two weeksM
A; lone gunman took at gun-
Pett- 5.602 from a drive-in
aik at Jacksonville, N.C., ApMI
i ^ j ". -- |

.... II -..

Illmlus"m "Pbm'e
iart tin, m, wm ogoe"dI
Itl is takn lDROP DOSIS ly
Fw ilei In n dru"gste.



PEtlwng, at 91109
eW' will be
Mrs. Jessiaca
Plumer and Mra1
Group who ir .ip
maus shorty to r
V. Pence, Mrs. w
Mrs. Hearon."
abort Peruvian Jast ,
For Obaldias
Mrs. Maria Olympia de Ohat
dia and her dau ht,, MIs Ma-
nongulta de ObMtis. ae re-
turned from a Aholil to Pe-
riL w ; -
Balboa. Woman's Ib.
To Celebrate 9t.l f ,-"
. The Balboa W-n 'cub
will hold their anmui Spr in g
Lupcheon at the Driftwood
Lounge of the Albrook Oficers'
Club, on Wednesday May 11, at
13:30. This lunzbMn cooanemo.
.rates the 9th n .e of e
founding of the Cub; o,
A musical program of the 3.
C. Trio,-Miss Mary Rose, Miss
Ann Livingston, and Mlus Mil.
dred Damerau will follow t he
luncheon. There also, will be
.aI exhibit-of the Aft sad-Crafts
Table arrange e nt s have
been make for those who wish
.to play cards and they are
asked to bring their own Cards.
For reservations phone Mrs.
Helen M. Quinlan, Bjboa 3730
or Mrs. Ruth C. Batlhann 265-
3101. All reservations must be
In by May 9. Lunch is $1.50.

S .' 2 .- .- -
- **- +. '-.-- : .- ..,* l- -


*. '.


a tableware
,r. aincve


-- I


ration: It may be. Irthwhle ck jars selling asc alos ,A
to wait until you' ve the $1.00 a pint..
rinds of two melons before
starting your cooking Putthtg T a
the rind In the refrigerator'w
may get a laugh from those
members of the family whoiDa L mll m la ial
complain constantly that thereBe MIn l
is nqver anything in the box
to nibble on. "a A $
If mother is accused of
hoarding scraps, she can proud- WAXHAW, N.C., April -(TIP)
ly wave this a ilpe and say.-Two young, well-dressed gun-
"Walt till you see your old men smashed their way t o the
melon shell turn Into a. Cinder- Wafhaw Banking. n4.T s o.,
ella dishl" t, dlay and escaped w an--e-
tlmated -i8,000 in ash. .
Watermelno Pickle The three employees, Inclut0 -
ing two women were forced to
Cut the greenrind and the lie face down on the floor whie
red meat from watermelon the gunmen rifled cash drawer.
rind. The rind may then be The robbery occurred ab6pt SO
cut in rounds or balls or anvy .fln4ntM.Ore the 2 -a.. clog-
desired shape. Weigh the rind. ng t ebut cashier esse.Wil-
Cover it well with: "liamssaid the door was closed.
Williams. said the bandit en-
Salted water (1 cup salt to 4 frame and tm by breaking tie lass
quarts water), from. Inside. .
Soak It for 12 hours. Drain. years '
Boll it rapidly in boiling water ...
to cover until it is half tender. "'One ot tifruslqS
(For about 10 minutes). Allow and drew a gun," W ullas said.
for every pound of rind: "He threw me o. the .s4 er. and
1 cup water tied my hands behind my .bace
1 cup vinegar with wire. He did the same to
2 cups sugar Miss Hope Sims, a teller."
3 inches stick cinnamon He said that while the men
8 cloves 'without heads were in the back, Miss Lola
Burgess, assistant cashier, en-
Tie the spices in a bag. You tered. Shi4 a10o was tied and
may wish to add to your spice forced to lay tfce down,
bag, ginger root. Boil these in- go more tn.
grpdie4ts until they form a The robbers tlbemo thl
thick sytup. Add the rind, and '.aid Ila .
orange slices if you wish.- and ..They didn't get as mu a
bring It to the boiling point. they expected and th y ll
Remove the spice bag. Place foe morep he sacid. 'toldth em
the rind and Orange in jars. they could t -samemprev^a-
Cover it with the bolling vin- "y from the safe bttI "I- ld'
egar mixture. Seal the jars. open it because TmImn were
Before pouring in the vinegar tied and they dfin't.boher to
mixture you may color It wait."-
brightly red or green. This
gives an appetizing beauty He said they were in-the bank
which competes with luxury- about 10-12 minutes. No one Was


Watermelon GAs Into A Pickle
If mango time hasn't inspired
an outburst of chutney making
in your kitchen. It is probably
because you rfamily doesn't go
in for that kind of relish pickle.
Perhaps they haven't yet dis-
covered the. delightful curry
dishes of India that chutney
always accompanies.

For the economy minded
pickle lovers the sight of Pan-
ama's streets rolling with wa-
temelon peaents a ,challenge.
Not that "'andla" have come
,down in prlce, 4fh the mar-
'ket is oversupBPe a The smal-
ler ones, are 50 Ct. and 75 Cts.
to $1.00 for the larger ones
seems to be general this week.
Quality is better than last year's
sparse crop, and most of the
vendors are willing enough to
"plug" a melon (that is, cut
out a sample wedge) for the
prospective buyer.





'7i .-

. -


I "

. ^ .,

* ee"

. -



I .
-1 -: ". r J L --. ; --

- ..
* V.

.. ,A
r. ,-
*.-* .- -. .. "-,.i^ pr f -;' *. ./ II ,.

it ia T&yli ueat, natural 1 y,
that ountr W u. elizabeth Thy-
ior fans may sai-e. wits it, but
.maitN oN terstIg book.

'11 star w rig* the
lead l- ts m eJave after
ta ve t'be Is the
1 iw wU a ter tllah the orii-

fame. -
Nerwed Sm'th, who has boeen
askiN-seareer of ichI atplafer
a.bAt., hereby goes .or record a
-tKi he' &tIted of it. He's been
temdtiy tlpied ifor upward s of
t eeat4It, .be replaced
XAOer AMAin -"'1as noa Dolls I
4L h b the leading manoind
.6tn-hiif fa" about a year 1ow.
-T 'I've bee-. making afmey,"
he sko, "b uta matter ow
zon k th" seeotad
I anti .l M.ant to be on the

AND, -(A. A My Maule.
Had, CBS-Radio): Ses so pl.
eom-fted, she could walk an-
ale fle sideways. -
He's come close .to opennl
eight leads. it. so f is
-mssed out we n the producers
decided r go with a bigger
name-eve" though, in "ome
cases, he's eien starred on
Broa4ud mAs more than the
big ame."
,But no", Norwood sd y s the
tim, Bascomeo to.put his. baritone
foot'dowyn. "Heneeforth, r.o more:
z eplae6mea 'He's bholing out for
in Original rte.
*I'eVcir bilefore," he sa y s.
".had both W. courage -of my con-
victions and the savings vn the
b'r.k to wait it out. But now I
have both, s Fori. going -to leave
%CAz-Ca"i- .J. June and 'wait."
m It In w dh i he i,

gays. I'm too bi. to accept a lit-
t icpat. ar.ed iot big al o s for r

He a .a t flihandsomne Califor4 -
an ith a t .al hando.ed voce.
Started g to bg e an .operg

ger, but Then ca me the wrabr
ans fou hi TV in the Army and.
when neit ws all o, there wa, he
cays. I'm .too biga o accept a lit-
tle par. axl not big enough for
a big'a" b i
Are's .a-toll -handsome Califor-
nian With a faB, handsome voice.
1 started -aut to be an -o p er a
singer, but then came the war
and lour -years in the Arry and
when it was all ovev,,there was,

lwuegedl'siLand. da n and
rn-.aDIkSe 'k' result is one
(d" the v 6 rt- shows in Broad-
way history The two saving
features are tine choreography by
Tqny Charmoli. (the "Hit Parade"
daee. -diretor making his Broad-
way bow ani the) most beautiful
rhors g'~d of any s.h.o w, now
3qt (he K t45o ap oA


h to ld the Cnot tpn Mao
re tax burden" an -

lmeetlnbat b a1 o

MI l m.r

on enmpl 6w.. .

tage coatintully. How much egg- a tat the needs q te ttta
plant can you take? four big d@partments-edBC-te1i,
AMher new show i caea beaith, welfare and highway -
"All In One,' Ia anue am&pt epuld .not be met by economies
o 3rodiyig samples of verioso in other agencies.
art forms. There's a short, W)l The smaller agencies have a
hat oper-L e o na r d Be- budget of only about 21 million
gel.ns'. s rie troublee i. ToTo
MU1-stnd a edaac con ei"t b
the incomparable Pfal Dra-er R
acd a one act Tenaemsee WW- i
lama play called "27 Waga
Full oe Ctteal" that takes you,
boy and soul, lato darkeat ab-. t
-er all. L fI4 .
three gems ao t make .
oe Mbg wei.

Draper, ineiendtally, does one
danee he call "Imprevlsaaobn."
lie asks the audience for song
titles, then nis accompanist plays
the songs and he makes up dance
ca as he goes along.
At the secuad might, one of the
audience exiled Qut 'Marilyn
monroe." quick on the comeback,
Draper maid, "OK. we'll pla y
some Marilyn Monroe music.
What key do. you war that In?"
The guy in the audience snapped
back, "A-Flat."
The guy 'i4 the audience was
musician-ma4ician Richard hium-
Morgan of "I've Got a Secret"
says the reason they put a mo-
vies on TV is to give the people
who missed them the first time
the chance q. miss thea again.

'. .- -. ... -. -

in33MAN 1-AN MDru NEWS
;,-. i.

"H9 So textule AL, now huas 105,00 He ftid Wd .O-1 employe i h lf m 180 nll bn
trama Study CommitNtee Il ook*- dollar annual pyo, making it
Z 5 i"rtdthl no@ei three timeslirgeor ta4 any oth,
^the.fpur-blgip a te tujtryitt th 0tat% Annual
of recommending wya- a nd dollars.
means of produg .t addi-
tioMl funds requu ad ath He aid. thosp figures w.e r
year of the next fmu-4y I r pe- "all the more remarkable" inee
I d. .most of the plants are "rela-
The governor said gorgia's tively Imall."

1947 Bick SiiW 4-dor.. $275.

16th St. Central Ave. ,

TEL. 800



fve*4 feed. 01.b

At mid-day
Eat our good
Bm y a delight-
ful e.iuroment.

Family Dance-Buffet

starting at 12 noon
only $2.00 per person

Adults will be treated a "Daiquiri" ap-
petizer apart from ,he menu. And the
ki a punch.
The best servc ef oall houi!


.V ia EIpai

SP-BUICK 2-41 -


... '. .-

". 7,-, v. o'f ha,' done- for OYM0flW ,IM.

T happens .like this. You need
pickup-sad prouto. So you get
it. You get it by pushing the acce[-
er ior pedal of a 1955 Buick all the"e
way to the foor board.
Tbhd-without jerk or lag or lurch
or p-use-yovu get action! You get
action whether you're just starting
off-or asking for a safety-sirge

And the amazing fact is-in a 1955
Buick Dynafow DriVe there are
20 little propeler-like blades that
also change their pitch, just like
the propeller blades of a plane.
This is a transmission engineer's
dream of beaven.'A build-up of
momentum as smooth i flowing
Pil-and almost as quick as light-

there's only one thing for you tp
do. Try out a 1955 Buick, and soon.

Try 'it out for quick
we've mentioned. Try
room and comfort and
by all means, cast an
eye on its style for it

th'e pattern

action, aL
it out for
ride. And
admiring -
bests the

Buicks which set
in the successful

of power out on the highway. sing- plus better _____ year-lust endel.
To. giemi'e ugeincrui. l We're waiting and
There's nothing like it in pat hat IDwwi ioefo
experien -because there Hi H-2.3 wh6t mtWIe.AoABMARM eager to hear from
exp ause there h whole atoemo- aspwo.som yousoon.Sodropin
never been saytng like it im. bfc iadumty h 2s. Hpi.C.Tcum, -or give us a cll.
auobtoe before. .,etlag for Pin I. tSPICIAL We promise you a
Thie actionn tht comes fro*t 'B ML h Lto O. \ thrill that no other
principle of variable pitch proT r car can deliver.
M p.da "S .dS .# -,a.5|. et at e"car n dealer .
piporIWp ids change "pitbh wd a 10aoo
*; b .eat hundreds of
lat of the tm required to lift a -

,40 ..-_1 0. ; J, "

"- 1 I -

* .7 -* *t

"-' / '-'* f a-
,.. : .' -',, r
"'\ ".*.,* -i
*-* .- :-:,-- _

.- ..'..

I ... .






- famous

were .60 ea.


SSterling Silver
i Silver Plated
50% off





Cotton Prints Plaids elld
1 to 6 sizes ...... SALB ot .1.
Play-School Dressy size 7 to
14 ...................... .
PanUties Kayou white and col-
o -s es 2 to 14 Three fr 1.
Nylon white and colors- sises.
2 to 14 .................. J
Fine Cotton white sizes 2 to
14 ............. ........... .
Fetucoats ayron ........... .
rocket sooks PIstle Straw.. .




~ ~-'--

II. IE:~~;

* II


I DAY OF F X'll r





makes, fine quality.,

"Apple" "Desert" "Ivy" ,
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from .25 -

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FOR GIRLS 2 to i14 XO
Plastic With hoo4,. belt bag,
F'ine ttbberiued plea ls la 4l a. L
?lai.- wl hiea-blat r i-
co selors fancy -w s

Pslia 'P* AJtotde.

L. ,, ,
S- W. ..i..... :

S B. O

to S ........ ... i
Colom i Cotton A "
SB ..J feem LW :
POLO 33iTS & 4f sniu-, y r
15 a Cleas C( Stripes inaoy; 8 s.
33o0Ts SOCu .......... s Ma.
3 IJ1(D mSUn T. ;........... 6 e ,I

Se. BATHNIIG TRUNKS'.......... 1.5 ea.
N 4.5 0
SNavy Gro een Gray Oad e 4K.
Gray wahabkle ettiq ........ 3.5
8HORT PANTs. Khlsa ...... 3.50
San. Little B SUITB .......... .I I.


S-S. E S If

S ea.
Ladles 10 rI 1k handle
S3.546 ea.
Ladies 16 rib nylon
.ALE 4.50
Ladles Folding (now type
Men's Umbrellas SALE 3.5
Children's Uumnbrellas
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- -




- Xr<. 1

<** a'.. '

vs .tPAmA a A -,ICAN bar

*1 &r .
.3 "' : 4 a -
.. r. .*., W S

social and ( 4ewC Police Seek Arsonist:
.... ..rtm M.-
SO InChiHotel
S From Vacation a and Scrabble werr a ach agale rore
Jamaica enjoyed by the following guests: w Mu ', April 20 -(UP)--r dadeL
Dbr. a. Mrs. Horacio Conte Maeas James Porto, Rich-* -e bo aiMt TLip0[S601edia ena t803 ia .w t TbNS
c.oza of Golf Heights and at q, Robqrt Blak q r, d, df ol 1 Twr,,, ma hotel s RId tnm Snt r drafted a 93
ir children have ret turned Leouard Ab e, Ray Smit s ~m aatam5dd y t i dd near Orte, i
a vpcatdon of about three Pidney Moore, Don Neer, 3. "'1. hne yeter th and hol1 it a M w toor V n
(.nZinjnmalca. Catle, H. 0. Tusighan, 0. D. ssmAr'who aru1h boW aba and iS i lue to dpelsWms t Pt!Wum
Vy0 A ob Heckler, William ark Edgar Carribean Stamp Club and may have, caused the et A *e aN th rS 6
Voyage Party At Kobbe Price, 8 Adair Bern a r The next regular meeting o fire. tor, 2,
M. Fielder and MalcoGardner Pridhaim, Cth C... ...B. %t n Cu W thit s core oMn_ Yorrk_ _urd__Lt_ _i.__dn_ __.__
o dlwde, Mrln Met E be h eld at the Tivoli oWotel o n InjuredVW t ,ie, ludinbshd
wst T. owMarylin Metheny, d.we"WmdAsthe
RickAS Ward Dix, James Tuesday May $, at .7: 0 p.m. In.jused ragby the r eva .f.tP
Martin 3. Kelly and. Leard, Edmund 8pra .ue, four tg' renen r HillrouIh IIa .O mokeOp _rO were ttr lu
bra. Robert W. Bockmpn. were' Dale Bean, Howard Eldr I dge, from the host and guests. af oioent build i o0 M..da .said N t rao e.- t r pe oagtdepebaige @ e
Ita-s" at a farewell party James Gardner, Jacj m it lh, Your door .rl wert given am. re foot spe elrw" 'A
wen fr Mrs. Leonard lder fClyde Shaw, Lula Pisano, Da- and were 'Won by'lMrs.Dlagkern. a Mtpersons died ntfa whe- a n Cane
r- en1A. Barry Swartz, In the vid Sorrick, Henry A. Turling. Mrs. eldridge, r. Garden e r tel, T ,nwg eedfir Ct. w ned.roef- adentad fisytlXa ute s.!J
Sunge Room o the Furt Kob. ton. Thearon E. Thomnscn, Ho. and M. Catle. Dulbir swhowasr crushedW lekn f taronm wa rpS res. n r
Sbe on-Comilesoned Offioers' racdf Mage, C. s. der hree children an tmae dI reckd awbI One y .t ilS- .
'Ci. William 1$0er, and Don MII. -" were kidedn thetuen e e d tooor o l
Sin. Balboa Woman's Club Three persons were missing In evacuate o-{ll dc battered BdSl... w', b n~,mS. r- rBrowmep sal4 tI,,t
Mrs.. Fieler and Mrs. Swa.rtz Holds Deed he hotel fire and feared dead. by means of a The. .n en, sut dThe. not birvinaemw, ed00 =B
are jeav g with their husbands Mrs. Swartz and Mrs. Fielder Pa a n.aPresident a szeme searching the ruIns .A passer. hJalenm, 3, his dte. a ar Mi to Juce De
for new asuignments in the ia, reeled lovely farewell gifts of the Balboa o 's C lu b w drawn for etyrea parked Helen, 4,r settle dep
States ve a coffee party in the Fern rson and a power shovel was or w*en and chre apartment w I c, of a acon Ma th aed i r
oomof the Tl'oll Ouest dered into use to complete the eaIe. s e. Levi pnty tiL. S .s a procedures a#* ,%sop a r .te. m frtom
House, in honor.ofMrs. Edna search operation. d saBd theElyTheir -WeoAplaintda rf.stopa..radlte4otmny
Plumer, a Past-Pairel d ent of Fre officials said the hotel had about 75 the hopital th W without attin y w- reo ln" have been
i AA O E ?-r_ |the Balboa Woman' Club, who recIngeede am tha e be We
"LA N A.t l. LOB EL L. u I is leaving shortly to make her
home in the States. alleged anti- trust U waS The atey general sald }a
S DRIEKSSE'S Mrs. Helen Q unan poured t A r 1Iu launched about y" Te when complaint not nae e any In.
ScoffeeMrs. Helen M. Quinlan poured i it appeared that cert divdual members of the AN.
'--AT ,,coffee. Members whV attend ed a m f.J lishers' groups wae opera _. PA.t
-A were Mdames: Vda Pence, a "recognit" m. Asked f any radio or.-
S* Margaret Johnston, Ruth C. ..- -. Under e be on stations ere into T d,.
SPECIAL DISCOUNT Leot hurnen, Ed- t.rse eeroupsutab MIaIn Browne id, "rm n tlpu
I Plumer Elie Ettinger, \ .. standard which had b met ed to anaer that ye'
FO R A LIMITED .tM ONLY WE WILL enc lpper, Ann Popln, by advertinlg agenciLa. Unles It, wan undertook fmS ther
IN ."-w ".ce in. our. l. T Vans Horn, Mary B Rup the agencies Inet the standads sources that a radio' asodktton
CUNT 5%r placed in our e, earn Peggy, Par. they were barred from dealing wa mentioned n te om
s for Lana Le Garments Helen M. Qnlan. A with members of the publshinp p,
ore, for Lono Wez, Ruth Bourgeois and Pat- assooations, he said. Justiqe Depart.ent R e
SEMBMER, orders mast be ied with us to gai -thlis f Ryan. "One of the requirements un-td sald th.vl&n tor a S-
aving. You do not get this discount when you order der tbh plan a that a compl- cent. fee
direct sory 12 per cent advertleo inag
TCI T "'"T ^IF (t i W I --... \" .ed." Browell said. "Tifteen becau. o t
JL U -, U per centy of the cost of newspa. not xil'tblet
Down "1 STRET bl tound the corner per adVertising goes to the agen- adve agnnt.Ilk
onwTRT Ne r ces and thU are not allowed
U *0 I 5 v Em to cost anything less than that" has an agency plaia,;wflt. ad
The attorney general w would make up an ad for ht. the
not Identify the other aiita- agency then buys spapin
The banks in the cties tons nvolv on roun t newspaper and gets per t
mi --_ J_ -*-_ The banks in the cies '.- A have net yot beqn ntfled .0 of the coat for hle effort.
I of Panaman Colon, Da saidt IN ntpolicy.o M s m i
". '.."- ,give advance notice of such asn.. nv a
V vdid and of the Instituto O their sources incated the
O th er evolved would in#a ud t a
de Fomento Econom a e' S mocl nons
first word of the proposed
co in the Central Prov- f po Pa hrFF m
incest will be closed on DE FATIMA WKS ,
Monday May 2nd, in Pre-KINDERGARTEN and True Mre O te
BO D B-', KINDERGARTEN ti w wmett a
celebration of Labo BSY KIER LARTNCUMtRES ssNw dwamI
DaOy BOYD .O' B,*cO wE IN- '20 8 d Chidren

No 3 A OM I IW They may be rck e b a a
":UP 1t 0bo" In'the
*-.,e soug- har -isc. pO ;I the .program. .hW e

-0# 10f110dIkeno0Ar Tquk. v -- -I a inBp -ee-
tery sing of Velveeta conOtains cts in .w Inoe arn d4.

c"u Ja double beler Add 14 c* Iwkey or dc en' a .. e
brolft'stlr until smooth. then add I e.
Sabed uIkey o~lhckes d Ic. of mix ed,"
f of4 ," "- 'd v., ..
W tspiN, buttered bhodult. And op withi -c p
w~~~ou7 orpmnofrclr

SMomrels'shing food Va
n rS an 8-oz glass



sing is supper

sen CharlU Cirp

Phy# F441
It' .shocking th grea
numbers of young married
women today who "think*
They kow, yet are woefully
ignoraa4 about proper intl*
mate feminine dlesadllnme
Every young woman a should
b: taunkht bow necessary
douqabing hea is to wome .
ly. cAarn, health add ketinq
happinee In marriage. Ans
how wIek, Ihomemade mia.
tureduca iM *alt -ad water
no NaO d co.4 OT ..
the -reat seraidal ntad
-eod wa pmiu o. opw
-it oreolutiodary prin.
cipl disaprered s a
mo Sawaeon and
No0thyat pe liqId atwaep'
lowpi ide for th d= obe
of A those e eu#. is *
PowJrL. yet ,O .uAn t
delio te u1.60.ZnM iO..
medhfiy killNs aD

heytCA Ntad rfuamfw

,a S l t Si .a

Health-building BISCUIT
is the big pjus in'French's

Vital-ich Diet '
Fmrench',r .mlj dt of Bird Bdal.Wd BACit
is just what ~ pet needs to IeMrbaethy,
happy-ulnghig $Hwe is a colpajt* btoead
food-rich i protein, vitamin a l'inaiak
This ms In tesr, healthier groWt alnd
better f5tlflb .., iSwetO r, tool
.. .... o,
And rwm pr-yotrisk ~ryourt'a"
health whn. w loo ouissd.Jl, n n
comeamed I e ptr
m117aauy liu to bett t

toda-wt tc' UJ pl '

Gusma il ch am can't resisd
- Use ainl loer-lasting MUM.
Do's gie m adimn odor a'
chase o stan ..,w N foe
r. a mce o bem..

-.T a

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S 'USi.P~

,frssC Mum b noam
Vm' -a.-, -w"

!*~~ ~~~ ffr-fttl

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The,,botte. baby
'need't be a

aae dank rfoe

Ip and with

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of nmilk


m umd 4 tea.
your regular

r ptriagy or
9ly Juicy mad

IF amw .- .. ..I..... -; .iI i-J.


Im "a m .,..-.,. ..

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-^^r---f f' riS- *--

I. ..C

QUICK-DaIAt G Oft William Ryan of the DuPont Co. demonutwte v
quack-.dry.,ng DuPOt~ Ayol uit in Baltimore Md., for retailers from al Over the U, Bt
L.own (l.'to r,) befe washing, completely wet, drying, and*(a few minutes later) cpletel
ry and ready to ear.
One of the most revolutionary towear in a few minutes with- cleaning costs as well as the
deveiopraen.s-in he textile In-, out the need for ironing. time spent at t he cleaner.
dustry is the ne* fabric. being Experiments include having a Washi.a suit made out of tha
us-. to maice "?:orthcooi" adits. person take a shower wearing a fabric with sos and water
.he sauits,.. mae entirely trom suit made out of the new ma- ma k es t possible to remove
Du Pons nylon (buLtons, sipper. trial. The suit was ready to so1 and erspiration odors
lining, thread,.etc) when Vaas- wear a few minutes after it w ias O, z-i does t a!-
ed with soap, and water and taken off and hun. up to dry. weiya e e. ec
hung up to iry, can be ready The new Northcool suit, ... -
which will go on sale here short
L ,t rR MlOt,, clothing srors'
Church Of God W.~. at ', .w. es New Books
S practically 'f oats" on the body,
Legns Serv;ICs which mtakrf it ideal for the An authentic porttyal otte
S .- ... tropes. mysterious Avaro ,Inzl* and
At Doiblo Sunday This new fabric eliminate; a description. of thetr tch-
The lt -C-h O -f niques In the faseinatng poM-
The rt ri ,< will d 0 es of bumnan head hrkin -g-0
be An services a st 0:30 6noy r u u a PrcOes as yet unattained by
rrC-ig at Diablo fiagts l'in modern science Is given by Ber-
t'e .b ,ilng formerly dcuped tr nd- r norntoy in ILvaro," one
by the Specdil Engineering Di ]O"f V o wdf the books placed In circulo
ViS ti, across from, the serve, ... tIon during the week br the'C4-
center.- A A I ",1.f s al Zone Library.
cTh :30 morningworship, o On Own Workeauth, a ty
be .ondweted sb, yR. William .rerienced explorer has led no
Livings .W i lowedB NEW YORIt,April (P) less than a pelltions
Sunday .ch llts. Sanitation Com sooner nIn to the Upg Amwon, a l
v ray d drew Murain nled ou aP-as been. honored for his co W
the new location. especially careless street litter- M-_ p,5o r
Ism_ I_ L* 0?Pe'd anr Sou Amer.
.is.ah ande f"a'a leading g aphical, his-
re is ntsh rIcal an1 ex oration socie-
---colletors, h6o-D ce- tgoet.o e
By ElksTeapleSunmday Mespill .bathey an sup- A90a .t o,

tend -ani'.nAusl,--k i s I t all daSSSAent, hsa il
msrvy"8.un : .Wi To alt l'd eat SHOWINGAT YOU
St. Paul's a..- "_,, 1 department oOb kC tr roh
Male me ,of Pa tc employes..r I Is to IHt TER
Elks lodges IbeI t ~ xt A reets clean spll-ed M -te4
the as ~ Oh was. A ShIkalb a pan4EIo -
ly .1sed ftor parler h e sr* Bt...o 4:30,
S.Balboa 4. ; ,.6:15, 8:00., .. .



Panama's singing and dancing star
with "R. NGOITrO" CHAPUSEAUX singing.
and 8MO DAMIRON at the Dpiano.

Crm.e. cbar. $.,pPl fae (ftr :4 pJnu )
Call Max, -1600. for reservatol,.
.. .- ," *

* *.. .. 's




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Cmi _7 07

Utl.j;..L destw Jt.. li t -e; ..
rie mowe, ts2=a w Ud in
featuree aMtla p ever

sailed on the aI ]
There are thie d
by the 46asu f '
and with the W=1
graphy. Each dance i
the entrancing g8ratl
dancer. One nuab=
dealing the atrame n
Hugan (Voodoo
other number .4
ask EOmballa. i
a secret whifh
nally, there aIs
number which
Miss Bowe. "The
teal Thatre, "t.'.,,

ed by the llbry this week fol-.Holland Seals
Non fiction Engineering
Analysis, Ver Planck; RIs and Ratii.a.tion f
Rigging of Yaa iiIps- Ratification 0
Brt; The hellot fl ow
t es, Fay.; .: :Paris Accords
lied products Institu he ,
Queen's Award, ueon; A''rea. iL. .
ury of the World's Great GTUS M uM, Rolla"
Speeches, Peterson J 1i ar o, 2 (oUP2-o0lland bee
lmrnoy; and Rutherford B. last country to eompl
Hayes and his America, Barn- cation of the Parisj, a
artL. a Westen z;m

Fiction: Wsalk t*ard th Raln-
bow, Claiton; Jlla Co0me
Home, Fu; l.l ddenf lrf,
Jameson: ;mS-n City, fw
nin;. an Great ouae,

fTO~JH Ef' I 2

D o

Mfm& W.Ndf BXU

wyn* t S'
GAir! i".
m.. ~~ wxW-,* wAe m~,mmA'

-r- se.JuS t. MAN-3Ar


nd, April
ame the
ote ratifl-
cords for
i defaena

union iU WWt German rear-
it: 3terday.
The first chamber upper
houe of la. lamiaet approve
the ratification bill by a 32 to
I vote.

- 'F

199 Pt-.:

4-door Sedan .$S1

Cal George B. Lawso, :

I" I

Ask AlPA OIOW Me 'lmowAs eA VeOW"*"
O br I fe s-0a -* rimWkr -4 Ph

wWS eam WATw .... c r.'


All1sales ard d.kvery service of our BEERS and CANADA

-DRY products, wilo be suspended May 2 at all our plants

in celebration of

I I- -- -- -- ^

in time for deliveries

- ... .".,

.. ,

" o^ V.


MAY 3rd.


J -


,~ 4~.* -

* .. w-p
* ~.* '.7.-,
.j~...';. -~

r,~.. .
/' ~ -

- :
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set. 7 ss awr I gromebs OL EE "4a@e U-MDtisuT

TA-T .M" "W Bo a
*6:1 3s3_ saul "14= WIDOW"

,, tAM ATS IT -ROIi'-

.8ANTA caw. :U |:_04
tLA A40- KBVE"



ciNEahi ...E

Please place your order





- -- -

___ 'I

-r---- --

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- mill

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%M a ,

TM r VAX" -,c- 60.ND*

- --00 I ., '. '. ..

S--,- U ,a

lass D Throughbreds

i One Mile Feature; ...

-ally .Spruce Favorite

An extraordinary weekend of racing which will
be climaxed Sunday with the running of the year's
ggest race-the $15,000 addid President of the
pubic Classic-will get underway tomorrow with
$600 one mile gallop for Class "D" imported horses
feiturint the day's activities.

SThere will also be races on
SMonday, May 2, with the main
t listed s the "Labor Day
S.-rndeap"' In commemoration of
. trnati~al Labor Day.
Sally Spruce, a weak-hearted
printer, the choice of the
majority of the tipsters to carry
w great speed over the mile
ute to victory. Cagey little
.-. I1 Yeaza has the leg up on
", T h competition is expected
distance-loving Postlno-
sad the Regal Chum-Royal
al entry. Postinovlch, just
aped in class, will be carry
k 18 pounds eight more
'.B7 S1pruce. Alfredo Vas-
SwUguide Postinovch .
AJejandro Ycaza, Manuel's old-
tther, will ride Regal Chum
PO Fortunate Hidalgo Jr., will
lth 1_ o. nn speedUv nRoavl

this time. He has been perform-
ing poorly of late but under the
weak handling of Julio Jimenez
Jr. Sanchea should be a big im-
provement over Jimenez Jr.
Lexden, providing she gets a
good start, is a probable upset-
ter. This confirmed in-and-out-
er comes up with a corking per-
formance when least expected
at times. She will be ridden by
Hector Ruiz under 106.
Binn Feiner, apparently off
form, has shown nothing re-
cently but come to life at any
moment. Freddy Rose *111 be in
her saddle.
Ten other Interesting races
are Included on a well-balanced
program. /

Paraso Civic
0 -' U* a adsi Is

Written for NEA Service

I FAILED to finish the second
game of the 1952 World Series a-
gainst the tankees and in the
iifth it appeared that things were
going the same way.


With the Series even at th is' IAr W, IL rn 6
point, a 4-0 lead the Dodgers held' r .V.. "-y'B
went out the window in the fifth
nnintg I walked a man, then'
was hit for three singles.
Then Johnny Mize sent my
spirits into the ground with a big f
homer that gave the Yankees a
total of five runs. Yankee ta. .- .
dIm never seemed worse than at
this stage.I
A ... .. ..- 'rA&-,

0. :-

ut the to

bon' almost swt
F Southern C
moped the cross-

Sump record l
=a sm hoe-the a
a of the mark.

Dame Has To Build Line

IAIi L E aA fA--IDg

5 "-V AIMna -.1 m'.i- -co0ld 'cri -
4-Ov o. h 112. -Jockey shod! u
6-(Gonsata J.m" 113 --atei flar' an g

2 4 Uf. .C- MI. "D" -Nvatnrse W cit ... .m u
fI v. ScoV aeea.f-ftl Dbr.w
I-Nacho v. caRAMUo as -Up a1 cloa U' '2-1
2-ChPeftf tA & Vt. -RalS fair ch;ce 3-1
$-- AB. A Uine iv -F'orm Undilcates '3-
4--T1 mpo Y -Could 3Scoe aoin 4-1
.bib .... o U410 -- -Nothing reeaty 11
.-Rabiblanco ordo I0 -Dangerou conteener $
7-3Ika A.. 0 O2M 7-WUllfortcet ow1.
8- (Biscay& .- 110 -Regaining best ior- 3-
9-(0Ilon J. Oongora i 4 -Has already *on here -

3rd RaNe 'W'Natives apn& Pone X75 Pool Clses 1:45
ON Two
--Avlvato H. Ruli 108 -Would ay long odds i1-t
2-Ebony F. RoS 120 -Good recent races 2-1
3-Plilali -' ongora 113 ~ uld fI t it out 2-1
5-Candelaria M. Ze -Rates good ,hankeU 4-1,
7-,Lady Dancer F. HIdal 110 -an well In a"t 3-
S-Volador M. Ycaaa 103 -Should be clo~ eup -1

S-roneo M.Yas 113 -Could mcore again .
2- hev A A3. Agu rre 119 -f rm indicates -2
-herry Time T. Avila 120 aodaily peed1
4-Marl 0 0. Duarte 1lx -tfot with tider 1:
v! 5--a erm 1i..J. d--

ta w 0.-- UA 's' .... i.- .a-- As Mize trottea aroIna, ...... ITI u XvJ I fl I Ul V-Tin O, fix -was ove better _-1.
~I. -, E(Gnel Sof tballlooked at:heddugout. a expecting -oh Exce
aniado (Guillermo San-e lifted bt I wasn't. 7-Montero F. Hdalgo 113 -Retas from laoff
);. whW?.hets in under a. Plan This Dwo a was the make-or-break -_______________ "______r l-n Jatmne J. Gongora 112 -Rates good chaan
Ively l, t 108 pounds,p Iiiy I Point for m-.. I got Yogi Berra------------ --*
er dangerous contender on a fly to Duke Snider. / By HARRY GRAYSON 5th Race "G" Natives .. Prs. $ .
law, Pian for the softball tourna- by. v' $...2:
S _" ment sponsored by the Paralso That made the first of 19 Y / NEW YO (NEA)- If they 1--Okland V. Catillo 114 Ran
CO Civic Council have been co- straightbatters I retired as we learn to cutl twist and turn, Au- 2-E1 Pasha F. Idao 116 -R es^- retur 3-2
1'.-- l eted, it was announced today. ent on to win in 11 innings, 6-5. LIAM brey.. Lews ad Dick Wllkirs 3---Qu Ldo .H 1d-jl '-s- .w mi n.g-1
S y CONRADO Play will get underway at 9:00 A eah by Larl F o rht JO E W ILLIAM S would be the first authentic break-. 4-Bull Plea B. Aguirre 115 -S g on -1
m. Saturday at the Para field didn't urt me away since 5-Bagdad E. Pita 120 r m
pam ue a wittam hte .e ^, If I evfr had to come through I,, ,ed Sitko and Larry Coutre ,_Iren_ J. Rorguez 115 -Noesngo itni e 1
e CRabibi ao o.. na hg turr ing point was It. This -was no a stage en-,a romped by the bally-hoo*de-. *S wh an a n-Wsre soarA o0 o
ay Rlafead. La Dosa Colsonae ofam betlc th te c ta flet -
3ny Voladeor, anPrio ......_ _t__'_aunoe of the Cay Center shoW Wp p en. et, appeared asaart.Lewis, a disciple r.iecathlon man outL ..
atern Avispa of the men w ho have a &mo and a "vow onte, m t ogah wiui built-ein coa ic .rMorciair, N. J., e o 6tL we "" Im r e hnut
Sred .Ala r .. ,Al i VFW Final Tryoulsa s was seer ons s bout d a. tracklEscholar
.ra m Puga The che.. : Th. aspiration,,,nd h opes of ~ et m a as goon hl sa.o stwo. .. on a mp. u W ilki d ra is fro D unan,]
SBeduto m iMar Jn Stn anford Gr- $ e a the mldis_ Otuf -oebut s4 it worked out, it r r i io iunai 1-Panrs Midi J. Cad oan 1 -
= ute (ancM. a arL- ao B ahan diErn esto -we .hp.c a certain in fluence ons

otahco. r d Leaetteam and the Pacifict e very large gent smiled ben hesitant. tentative stabs, ar it seeal -ovt like thes -Sun Moo K I'lere 133 -ec n 9s t
S... al Chum (e Fa ch Ao taners m em ask rea t feake ofmight awaken a slerp- you'd pet n cheer veeport on vVadis F" od Les l o 1.-Mo~?rde b"1
9:00 a.m. ed after the complete on of their ow that all depends on which ti moinater. the Irsh, vfh end20 days of --Testad V. Castillo 115-
Elks v. Western Stan. ame this evening at Fort lay rights you have In tntd. my d6ar y t fftround, though Lou r with the Old-Timers ". 113 -Danger contender 3-1
m n under the lights. young lady. had.oWnrome his simple -W r. g e Varsity, May 14.
10:45 a.m. "I had to givetht question a tin and once when Ra truth, is wer that 7th Race -G I" n aPa
orge v Dark Millionaires. As the two quadconsist of little facy work."' said the Old strue s which was ND prospects for a w e
12:15 p. twelve players each, It can easi- Woga Maq, as e oped a friend tendd tbe his "comic stance" r aint too bright, thou ab
Hal Sporters .. Dup. O l. ly be understood that some of standing nearby. couldn't be but wasremarkably ~re nose losei to the situation don't 1-oHIP T.l S to al n. .
aw r is-. rs the boys willbe disappointed If sure it wasn't a rib." tent ofa. ad EglIsh a tl pt A doen aS S?1
Sl:4p.. they don't make the States Lou Nova, ,featured player lint, the. Bown Bom beth Iveos disaster, either. 3-Amat A. Vaqs 1189S __c-
bra Winners of 10:a.m. squad. But there Is always the te Broadway revival of "Guy ck his e and laughed like 4-arlyablb Pit. .108 -
0 .sCtry Uhly's: 3:30 p.m. consolation that they healed and Dolls," takes his part seriou- crazy. Terry Brenban, you see, has to 5-BarOne p. GodoyT10al '
f Sor o Chemplonahp game. ake It possible for some r without t it nice tohote, tak-. 1 COULD TAKE build a He to goewit has t -Ba e.-6 eduino B. A re i110 -s uom upt
n Ant at i p boy to go, and that they will al- Q himse seriously.i The Louis fight was no va ceptionkal lbaeto. 7-Clproda B. A res 110 W dablous -
is iwaybrisb No Groond ay be bleto ay were on I didn't q make it all the most remunciative operation in C Baptll a mek is the Only.e 1trafm layofb -1
t. feld tt P" 1 9:00 P.m. the suad of their respctie way the affable Ca land a tha b beak. ttn holdver up front, an,
S'Shops vs. Say Hey Kids side andthab alone should bhelpu ga b 5's efani5 from contact 8h RaCe "" Imported t P $400 Pool Closes 44
vscnote.el is.san aotorlrin ike4Jac4'boa.Is Vhs'5
ns. easouenrot i et s ,ea- alcones vs Nat Distillr A. this will be the final game best.' It wasn't, however, hs hardest ve ke e oflast sedsn ear
12:15on~ v .mN". Dbletween the two uadl 8ml The Big T.)wn critics agreed e ttw ere T e t other lineman back 0Tro Ycaa 116- t
of '1 0:5 a.m -. a ds o be thefirst chance-tha t sa seoap, hopng for the ondKw a1r e oimd Tony00L-, w e cee Binity hf e n--a -o i st A. OOy,,' :1:
. .......... sssf t" him fo dead,
B er ore than o 12:15 .m. aso be the first chane th s was sometho more t Oan ade- ito had efthim for senior Wayne Edmunds, a Nego -Pebug A. na 115 -Could score a ut-y De2-1
SBuckley's C diol Mi. Winners of :0 a.m. bothides will have to am uate i hte oi e a et mis tackle registered from Canons- 4-My Dear Rose 110-Raes ood nae 3
oty Winnrs : .. as tomorrow at mt. Hope r on be true bt.y much dB n either. 0M nteed

asiChampionship game.aIn thI 'fture, willplay the Dinty moore's and one of the cus A Mthe stoio, as the r quarter last saon thlare 9th Race es Imported 6 % asP.,se pPo
0 L, an usaulnl. arsstopped at Nva's table iger tlls t does have h his passing tested under ire ONE 1
I CallotWthe showTteeeother,,imoe acts.t c1 fight w n ow 'a-".rnung r aley 5:15N. n-pt
'Sunday c Idh i ternoa t wwell I d h a Gog Blake ad mt learn. tionayn dl
S ternoo,tBbotnightand e youwere had hl GeorgeBlake tT option play. 1 0 M. Hurley 118 -Ditance too short i-i
Stadium at 2:30, the Fastlich n t seen since the Louis fi ht, fetehed al the way from there, Senior schexer, as versatile as 2-Tur Lodge B. uire 112 ll fight It out
.on aluml, under the direc- and at I didn't recog nFze Coast,.to nreeet; a square shot' bel quick and bruising, can table nt F. dalgo 118 -Prefers l
t on of .., coach Stewart you." .er, i eganda stickler orver for Hoinung at quarterback, Sot Flore 118 -oud upetoi 1
Brown, .wa the V.F.W. Nova rubbed his e.a (a) reflec- r an ete, at was hi rep. -Qumat V. c astio 115 a 4-1
S' Teeners in in e a nsere of tivesy, b mu ,.ly () r um.a- but showed up very whell at -full e-pagi--q o A. Vas5uesz 113 Z..
Sgameats o thenewly formed tively. ;Take your .) "And qt course, that's why we last trip gaming something like 7-(Majestlc A 1 Se IN
T e / 8 pla ing unit. "It's a goodthie i seo got saNova. "Gale n taol yr 8-(Expllcito ,Rodriguap 113 J-tateS .'2
With a ]lodO 6 material to .ue after The L t. He nev- was a ~ rantly foul f. h tonr. Otner quarterbacking camUI -. t .
choose from, t astlish Boy er would have eonlzed me." Blake wu make him fight clean dates are sophom or es Larry m
S should have trouble turn- It is typical of most fighters or disqualify him. Meanwhile, my Cook and Frank Leahy, Jr. 1h Ra* D" Imported I M 6.. 0oes 5:15
Sn back 'eef. but the tha the farther they et from manager, Ray Carlen. stressed on Not Dame mses graduate ii .
Vmi spirite4 lot their active bellicosity, the more me the necesesity of keeping my growd more than quarteitheks -S i AVaB 218 -DIstane to 21
and anydu r n .- "llosoophical ad generous they head.. alh uglidnmi and Tom Carey 3- r in F. Re 115 -Poor recent efort 30-1
Some. There is something about 'No matter what this guy does and ack Joe Hep, however. 3-een,_ s 1H. -Depend on a 4-1
e alchemy/o.ime that enables you fight clean.' Carlen warned. so any d ion of te ouook 4i Vul"sau .G. l --Serlo etff here 3-1
F ; B. \\/ / V ,WO -5 t Man. I themtooseetee other side of the -Blake wi. take care of him, but 1e annd be largely confined M g L. Yoas 110 -M-I-n. earY a d-11
picture. Dempsey's most ardent I don't want you to stoop to Ga- u the'Uline, Last year's starting y al Hidal. 105 -Racing to to tom 2-1
\ \ A ^ ooster today is Tunney. Nova lento's ievel. Keep that in mind.' eonds, tackles center and a guard 7-(Regal Chum A. Ycasa 108 -xceen sort last 2-
\l\ admi Drlin takes another look at te Louis "Wen.was you know, Galento did gone.,
f S fight and comep with a laugh. everything but pull a gn on me. u s G N 4% A C
lRht co Pa. MTHE CEla Frut. Fom the start, he ed, butted A kie that required an opera- 11th Race "G" Naives 4 Fgs. Pw S5
UNIVZRSITY PARK, Pa. But on 2 of SW. 29, and ed. Before the first round don held Gent Kapish to limited LitlU. Blue F. Rose I111 s
S(NEA)-'In a survey conducted 1941, in the PoloGroundsit was i as over I couldn't seee a inl but this se 2- eawy M. Y a 107 .o In shart 3-a
t | to determine the scholastic stand- ro laugh, and wban referee Ar had thumbed me0so often. I kept o be the Celts most formids 3-Alonasto F. Higalgo -120 I- 10
e a 1I 0 111 Pennsylvania State thur Donovaa;(a) iItervened, (b) waiting for Blake to do some- able offensive e n d in a hal 4-Don Wende B. Auirre 110. tabst fio lp. yoff Even
i eer-winners. Ron Weldenham. interposed, () called-a-halt-to-the thing at letto say 'nau dom. eamp2S. Junior BoS -Consentida A ca. b i sprin1s Even
i C U\mer was found to lead last semes- proceedings because they are naughty to Galento, but ee Scael iae some last seo luego A. Gonsc 110 good chance -1
Ster with a average, visitors e ch here is re wasn't a peep out of him. But the soD. ck rendergast, fo 1 pnsoibirt
stricted to -W.1), Nova did- time it dawned on me that plake Homeweed, ID. is the most proi. *
A 3.0 repress te feetion and n't like itata intended to do nothing I was so Ising soph. tem again. The "it Mite
Loo I IPenn State's a .na aver. for This was in the sixth round No- far one I couldn't have IpaM U sI GF ry ngleetS
p.:*Look at the label. the san* en- ding t o ary va was badly )Man but still on Galet back in kind, even i Edmunds, Gene Martel d
WU Het sotpS tat aso wished." and Nicula haI tDeV .
SRemember that any rum a to he stfl Two things Nova has never athe is out to iim
0~'.1y Weldo ummer co-aptal aed had a chance, that one solid able to figure out: () SuSd or tackle.
the ba a i team and l punch win h r him. 'a sigular Indifference 6n fut ? iat eglia of Worces- P.
whether ct comes from education oddly, not as now dte itence that he emu- s. ana V est hre wa ee A
Jamaica or not. How US5 01ora^ This was the fight in which No what may. trom center and te6oad d ag as to as ISo


SBecame the label says


..w.* .-
ir MA mctume' Anocadon (of Jamaim) Ltd.,
2 KIi mk., A Kianaw *
Rena. l..W.L f*.

w -wP ~

U e siEF wW WI or e we U- U 4U .

-.- OUNCES --


..waru W WaT4I



'--V.. ..




x v A 18 *iLB1 OA 011 APRILt^
^ ^. '.. AP~I4.4 ',-... 'ipAP .,
,& ^-AT. INC. ; .N.
B .: OR6TQI L .
^Hllt***lj^^ '-*Vtl^


__ __

ki .,

, ;- :.--
, r '.,



u--niarX L VPHIMA U I m. I Iff T"-

.W A


-~ ~2'~-' ~*-~

-* '~~~PmuAMA'AmI~#

; i* -

reams 'W L he. GO Teams W L: PeO, r
rooklf ... .3 .867 New York ...9 5 .643 -
[alw.utee 8 5 .615 4 Cleveland ... 8 5 .615
Lt. Louis .... 6 '5 .545 a Detroit ...... 8 5 .A15
hlldelpbi .. 7 6 .538 5 Chicago ..... 7 5 .583 1
ago-...... 7 .500 5% Boston ...... .571 1
ew York..6 7 .462 6 Ka Cty 8 .385 3
Indlinati .. 3 11 .21-1 Wa'ttgton 5 7 .386
Lttaburgh ... 2 9 .182 Baltmore .. 3 11 .214 6

Chicago at Brookly (NI
St. Louis at Newtfork (N)
Milwaukee at pFtladelphia
Cincinnati at ittsburgh (N)
;hiCgO f 026 000-2 4 0
rooklyn 000 o00 40x-4 6 2
Rush (0-2) and Chitl.
Isuine, Labtne (6-0) and
It. Louis 000001-4 12 4
Mew York '- 004 000 lx-4 9
Haddix (1-1), Bchults, Tlefen-
luer and Rice, Sarni.
Hearn (8-0), Grissom and
Catt, Westrum.
(Night a e)
ilwaukee 000 101000-2 6 '1
'hllacllnhila lO flfl011-3 4 1

B urbte (2-li and Crandall.
Roberts (3-1) and Lopata.
Night Game) .
Incinnati 000 100 020-3 5
ittsburgh 000 001100-2 5
Staley (2-2), Lane and Lan
A th.


Littlefield (0-2), Wade and

Isthmian Lii


Boston at Chicago
SNw York at Kansas City (1)
Waihington at Detroit.
Baltimore at Cleveland.

Boston 002 100000--3 8 2
Chicago 0OoC0100-1 2 0
Delock (2-1) and White.
Harshman (2-1), Dorish and

seo Oarro1' Gomez Monday

-o-- Un hiois eu oAn te oU lerUU
(Night Game)t in his homeland, Barron hopes
New York .013203200-11213 2
Kansas City 201010 000- 4 7 3
Grim, Larsen (1-0) and How-
Gray (0-2), Bishop, Bleater,
Burtschy, 'ricano and Astroth.
(Nfght Game) FO Sund
Washing. 000 010 000-- 6 0d
betroit P00012 10x-4 8 3
Stone (0-2), Shea and Fitzger-
ald., Ohio 8tate f e a t herweight
Ioeft (2-1) and Wilson. champion Davey Moore and
l, leading contender for the slth-
Only games scheduled, mian 126-pound title Isidro Mar-
tinez today were reported fit
ti i T Lgue and ready for Sunday night's
t e I Le pel scheduled ten-round 130-pound
main bout at the Colon Arena.
1 Moore and Martinez took It
ayeeasy yesterday and did not
work out with sparring part-
U ners. Davey sat with the spec-
* -- tators and watched Isldro

By WALTER WATSON The following schedule for thp
East. championship series was drawn
Officials of the three franchisr up:
ed little leagues op thbe isthmus May 5 Armed Forces vs
at down' together' last night at 'Panama, Olympic Stadium. Time
he El Ranchb Garden and to be announced later. .
worked out arrangements for May 6 Panama vs Pacific,
he Little League Isthmtan Little League Park. 4:30 p.m. "
Championship. May 7 Pacific vs Armed'
Forces, West Bank BaU Park, 4
Present at the meeting were p.m.
relipe Motta, Eli Acrich, Fernan- May 9 Pacific vs Panama,
)o Halphe. a*d Stanley Fidan- Olympic Stadifu, time to be
iue of tlhe Panama League, ol. announced Itter.
lastetter of the Armed Forces. May 1Q .~. ama vA ,me;l
Jttle: League, ou. Olud, dc es, Wt an Ballpark 4:-
Devory, H. J. Melthone, 0 p.m. .,
saldwell and Fred Huddtestoa May-11 Armed Forces vs
)f the Pacific Little League. Pacific, Little League Park 4:30
Lou Olud was elected chair- p.m.
nan of the tournament commit-
tee and the fdllowing..were elect- Special permission from Little
d treasurers of their respee- Leatie headquarters is being
ive leagues: Stanley Fidanque, asked by telephone, for the
ack Devoteand Maj. Burke. games at the Olympic Stadium
It was agreed upon that each to be played at night. If this
league would I unls* two urnm- permission*is granted, games
ires and that the umpires of will start at 7:00 p.m.
the idle league would furnish It was unanimously agreed up-
he umpire-in-chief at each on that proceeds from this
&ame. championship series will be used
Each team will be an. all by the Little Leaguers In the
star selection from the differ- fight against polio. The Pana-
ent leagues and wlU meet each ma League will turn over Its
other twice. Games will be share of the proceeds to Dofia
played a the Olympic Sta- Olga Aas de Arias, Panama's
dium in Passes, the Palfle First Lady to aid in the purchase
Little League Park on Galliard of Salk vaccine and the Canal
highway a&d the West Bank Zone leagues will contribute
Ball Park at Cowgl. their share through the National

Fifth bullfighting program of the season'

reappearance of the famous
S headed s
t i~sh Ilst row ............... 8 .0
anb row ............... s.
/ Jr". K3 / W 3 row ............... 4.0.
Om .ld .......... S

.L V-. k-l l General ............... .0o

punch the heavy bag and go
through a series of tricky Veal-
This afternoon, however, both
boys were, expected to pull out
all the stops for an all-out final
heavy workout. They will do
light calisthenics tomorrow, then
rest up until fight time.
The short and chunky former
Olympic. National A.A.U. and
Golden Gloves bantamweight tl-
tle oder has been so impressive
during his loal.workoutt that
the majority 9t leal boaing "ex-
perts" are picking him to turn
back -the classy but eccentric
Isidro, consldered op .lo-
cal featherweight Jmany, pos-
sesses great courage, good speed
and a better than fair punch.
However, he may not have suf-
ficient "know-how" to turn back
Moore. This writer, despite Da-
vey's brilliant reeprd, plck&Mar-
tinez to cop the decision.
The semifinal should be an-
other thriller. Two willing
mixers, Manuel Prescott and
Juan Salazar, will slug it out
for six rounds or less in the
126 pound elass. Both boys are
riding the crest of a winning

.tT afi -. -
Meklcan bullfighter' i dn, who wil altrnewith Ell.
7 afternoon in a special &-Ight program at La Maoarena, is
s of a throng of admirers after a recent brilliant performance
s to repeat this effort here Monday.

ore. Mart inez Set

ays Arena Bafttle

President's Classic Dandies

FOL Chllean-bred toiuzxr-old 4ark bay horse by I tTble-
Insenrata. He Is owned by Mawakl Pinchevsky and trained by
Manuel Reyes. Ouillermo Sanchez decided to ride this good
router after already giving his word to Bradomin's owner that
he would ride that horse. Fol will tote 113 in the big race. In
12 Juan Frhaco, starts, he has won live, finished third twice and
out of the money live times. He has earned $2,675,

Daniel Ward and Al Rodriguez
will meet in the main four-
round 135-poand preliminary
while Claudio Martinez and .
Rocky Pee Wee -are slated to
swap punches in the opening
contest at the 122-pound limit
A part of the proceeds will be
donated to the Colon Boys Farm
program which is being directed AMORIO Chestnut horse by Adalid-Maja Mia. Owned by the
by Colon National Guard Chief Stud Santa Cecilia and trained by Agustn Soane. This eight-
Maj. Pastor Ramos. year-old Argentine-bred router is the fourth leading money win-
ner in Juan Franco history. He will be ridden by favorite jockey
Blas Aguirre and will cany only 110 pounds in Sunday's feature.
headquaiers of the Little League His local record shows 49 stats. 15 victories, eleven seconds, 12
for the pollo'campaign.. thirds and eleven tines unpraced. His earnings total $31,307.50.
Invitations to attend the
championship series will be ex-
tended to the President of the DSrat c Hava a t
Republic of Panama and hiss
cabinet, the, Commanding en-
eral of the Caritabean Command,
the Governor of the Panama1 d tI Lead On Powells
Canal, the Commandant Pit- Slated Sunday
teenth Naval District, the Com- e.
manding General of the Air Dr ram will be held Sun- dIJP h
Force and the Commanding day theacraairstrip-timel ng
General of USARCARIB. Appro- 9:30 am.
private opening ceremonies are The gs will be placed as
being planned and it is hoped usual starting t the Tocumen NW YORK, April 29 (UP) -
by all the leau officials that rd re Thanks to the shutout pitching
the public rtes00e to this se- of Bill Powell. the Havana Suga
ries will be great. There was a good crowd at hei.. s were able to altla
last races. CaMs from 1937 mnod- their half-game margin over the
No admission will be charged els up 40o 6 U Fords, Meres., defending champion Toronto
to enter the ball parks but dona- Plys., .TmAn, Olds. and Builck Male Leaf4 today in the Inter.-
tens will be ollirled among the Century. national League.
fans for this very worthy cause.I Hflow abolt you owners of all
othergmb as Caho.. Stud., Powell, a six-foot, tw* -hq.

It waw Mat* osa y agreed
upm that in ease of a tie, one
igae would be Plad by the
U teams to deei6e the ham-
I I. The Panama and
*_ I.Lk Clubs have gen-
,aw__lMo> a spophy to be

us Misd could wel be the

1 .

r. Thtuderbird,
haph. etc. Come
e a cemp re
b quaeter mile
I to be a racln.
alpato even
i. fart t.low.
S tfSI iBun-


W-leun rlghthander, 6fM-
tlely spared eight hits Thes-
dby _hi states bmlblf blg
np.WL ex rus for a "* i
tery ver the Buffalo ~me
who sUn are Ilooking thbe
"tal voteory of the -w s


* ..

j. j. harrison jA
,.~* .. .o:, :.

Bullwen UV wW wrONLY two days lenR for A viCOs.wr ..
the running of the $15,000 add- would ma he
aed mile-and-five-elghthb Preal- oo'S leadoasing !a
dent' Cladic and with enthu- ha = earn a.U
NIW YORK, Ail C.(UP) -- lasm reaching feo r pitch, some ed tos g iNt i
The.soft*t job n *the major interesting data nceb rning the winner's hare ain
leagUes t0,se days is being a re- race has come, to light, race I,$15L .
lief pltdter for the Detroit Ti- -
gers. p VERITABLE elder statesman TUHRE HORSES listed t iU
In tact, the whole bullpen among the trainers of she In Sunday's big race who
crew may ,ve to apply for un- horses in this year's clasie cis csed lightly yesterday 'J
employment compr ation If the Henry Samuel Casanova White, sprints this morning. The
Tiger states eep up their Main Road's trainer. outs:
present oe. The DetrotPitch p -t- 1Ouayaquil 13 2-6 263-; M
n t, ly coached by that White saddled h1s first Presi- rio 13 2-5, U 2-5, 52 and i Se
wy m right wander, Schoolboy dent's Classic wnner, Reins o0 2-5, 44 2-5, M, 1:10 1*4
Rowe, has turned In eight comr- Mora, In 1927, and since then 3-5. Fol went the last two,
plete games, every one a winning has had three more Okinortilongs in a aBlling 24 a-4 -5,.
effort, or more than any other in 1947, and Main Road In 1952'stretch furlong In 12 flat.-
team In the majors, nd 1954. No other trainer in the ---
Thprsday night, lefty Billv ilstory of Juan Franco can ACCORDING to report f
Hoeft, the "kid' veteran Ir ,*tiatch White's President's Clas- Peru, seven hones wllbe,
Oshkosh, Wis., pitched the 'i-- eial record. Closest to White Is ped to Panama soon.
gers to their fifth straight vie- Isaac Oustines with three win- Rufino Peres, formerly a Jo
ory, 4-1, with a nifty six-hit ef- ners Microblo twice and ey in Juan Franco, will br h
fort over the Washington Sena- Montserrat. animals over. They are
tors. The 22-year-old Hoeft, who --- Trotter, Moon Beam, ChlvUai:
is in his fourth season with De- Ponton. Gamonalr Money Uake
trait, pitched a three-hitter a- OF THE JOCKEYS, Bias A-'and Rio Negro.
against, the Cleveland Indians in guirre has been most Audceasful.j Efforts had been made to has
is last outing. The veteran rider won with Van Rio Negro come to Panama t(
Zealand in 1939, Granujilla in run in last year's PrUleni
Detroit, pushing Into a see- 1944, Phoebus Apollo in 1951 and Classic but the plans fe ll
ond place tie with Idle Cleve- Amorlo in 1953, for a total of through.
land, haa won eight*games and four wins.I -

lost five. The only defeats wre
when the starter failed to go
the distance.
Steve Oromek leads the staff
with three complete games, Ned
Garver and Hoeft have two each
and rookie Frank Lary one. The
only clut to challenge Detroit's
complete game mark is the Yan-
kees with seven, and one of
these was a defeat. The Phillies
and Red Sox have six each to
rank next.
Washington's only run was un-
earned, theresult of two errors.
Bill Tuttle hit a Detroit homer
and rookie Harry. Malmberg,
with his first major league hit,
drove in two runs to break a 1-1
tie. Al KAlle's two hits gave
him the major league batting
lead at .460. Detroit's. modest
winning streak of five is i.s
longest since 1950 when It fin-
ished In second place.
In other American League
games, Ike Delock pitched the
Red Sox to a three-hit, 3-1 tri-
umph over Chicago and the
Yankees trimmed the Athletics
11-4.- Cleveland and Baltimore
had an open date.
Home runs recided the out-
come in thr6e National League
games: Wille Jones homered in
the ninth to give Robin Roberts
of the Phils a six-hit, 3-2 win
over Milwaukee. Carl Furillo's
seventh homer with two on gave
Brooklyn a 4-2 win over the Cubs
iand Ray Jablonski provided the
victory for Cincinnati by driving
In all the runs with a homer
and double In a 3-2 decision at
Pittsburgh. The Giants topped
the Cardinals, 6-4, as reliever
Mary Grissom pitched his way
out of two bases-loaded jams.
Furillo's homer, which put
him nine games ahead of Babe
Ruth's record pace of 192, de-
livered the 13th Dodger tri-
'umph in 15 games. It came
,after Bob Rush had pitched
One hit ball for six Innings and
had provided both Chicago
runs with a homer of his own.
Jablonski lived up to his repu-
tation of "good-hit, no-fled."
After his homer put Cincy ahead
1-0, he let in a run on a wild
throw, but took himself off the
book with a two-run double that
gave Gerry Staley his second
Jones' homer, his fourth, broke
a 2-2 deadlock in the ninth and
came off loser Lew Burdette,
who yielded only four hits. The
Milwaukee hurler beat the Phfls
five times without a defeat last
Grissom, working in his eighth
game out of 13 played by the il-
1ats, held St. Louis to three hits
In 2 2-3 innings to save Jim
Hearn's third victory. Four Car-
dinal errors gave the Giants two
unearned runs. Stan Muslal hit
a St. Louis homer. Don Mueller's
two hits gave him the National
League batting lead with a .404
Delock pitched hitless ball for
six Innings in his triumph 6rer
Chicago. Faye Throneberry pac-
Od Boston with a triple, double
aWd single, raising his batting
average to .412.
The Yankees made 12 hits in-
eluding a two-run homer by
Mickey Mantle to top the Ath-
letics before 32,559 fans, largest
crowd ever to see a sports event
st Kansas City. Vie Pbwer hom-
ered for the losers.

World Sedes ToBe

Shown Tomorrow

At Camp Bierd

of 1i4" "albe shown la

extend a cor.dal
of the hmrnatoal

Wnaltd a t a t te n d e.

S.. uorm -B IN

SINCE 1944 and up to 1953,
the classic had been run over
the m II e-a n d-five-sixteenths
route. The distance was increas-
ed last year by one-half furlonR
to the present mile and five

THE LATE Antonio Angul-
zola as an owner, has won
most President's Cleasles. Main

The Big Five

NEW YORK, April 29-(UP)-rm
(Based on 40 official at bats)" .

-u won twice na Uinon an
once for Don Antonio.Player and Clb ab r
S Mueller. N. Y. 13 52 10
patnRepulaki, St. L. 11 52 8
fWO HORSES taking part In oon, St. Louis 11 54 7
this year's classic have started in Schoend. St. L. 11 40 10
previous runnings of this race. Hamner, Phila. 14 53 4
Main Road has had four ap-
pearances most in the history AMERICAN LEAGUI
of the classic and Amorlo raced
twice. Kaline, Detroit 13S 50 14
Skowron, N. Y. 13 51 14
f Thronebe. Boa. 14 51 14
Power, K. City 13 9L. 1S
^^\ Carrasquel Chi. 12 49 17

h PI.e:
21 .44-0
20 $
10 .

1 *
21 .4 2
, .
1..8 -

Encanto Today-35 ,
Adrey Hep1m


'DEAL. Today- .20. 1 -
Chapters 12 13 -
"And Baby Makes Thre"



"Pro*ton '

give new tire safety.

1. The smooth tire is thoroughly Inspected before
work is done.
2. Same high-quality tread material as used In
new tires is carefully applied.
3. Scientific control of time and tmperaturO
assures toughness and maximum wear.
4. Final inspection inside and outside -
assures safety.
5. Save up to more than 50% of what a new
tire costs.

Automobile Row 39, Panama .
Tel. 3-4663 and 3-44- ..
PANAMA: Serviclo Para Auto, &. A. (S -e.



Auto AecaosAMI
SterUlng Orage
Agendas MEa D. UoaM
Astoaa Sana '
Arias y C ., :,. ..
Aate -+.P.:,dg+.e


~rf~ (

". '.; .

...-~. -.

T-.- 7.. -.A .



- -IN f

-* ,. ,. ,- ,

t: -T











iffte League Tourney Stas Red

S. ad story on p. 13


.'Q '*. ..WAN 2A i i e e:"bao this week Ine Pr e .a
-.- "..Let th epeope know e their n ihe coen try i w eAbraham ieol n. res,
-' *" ^ .Nine are in the [ sd nsed and
TA DTIIC O CEEO E y a 4r FRIDAY te u n o tT Rated roup snd y re g a
j AAA e sek FRIAe smay be A
Jenner Flays Planned Surrender

WASHINGTON, April 29 (U P)-1 Administration sources have in- discuss a Formqsan cease-f Ire .o bring in (e Nationalists "or Poitio open
S'Zen. William E. Jenner (R-In.) dicated thaL if Red China would with the Chiese Reds without the some representative of them." group include: arm a wind.
?. Introduced a resolution yesterday give up its Idea of seiia g Formno- presence of Nationalist Chin a. This gested the possibility of er, dock foema, owboat
Seallling for a ban, on any negotla- sz by zorce, ths conn0 might The President added, how Ce ve r, broaden eFormosa taw w tg engineer, dr e general
tons by U. officials for th h'e e abandon any plans to de fend Que. this country would not discuss the the physica presence of National foreman an 1tor.
surrender of Nationalist Cli- moy and the Matsus. "affa irs" o Chiang Kal-sI he k's PL spokesmen.
a's coastal islands to the Reds. Jenners resolution would ex- Nationalists ehind their backs
In a fiery Senate -spech, Jon. press the feeling of the Senate on Knowland said e could not msee
e r said "hidden appeasers" are the matter and would not be bind- how any tae edud e held on *
l ingn to "undermine" Congress' ing on the administration. While the Formosan dispute "without l
AT THE DEDICATION CEREMONIES yesterday afternoon of the unveiling of the Roosevelt defend-Formosa resc lution by it drew no immediate backing, its the interests of the Reublic of
SHE l statue, L bonel Moses, (on speaker's stand left resident of the Ro ar Club which seek ing the surrende r of the Que-atroduction sharpened the Far China being deep involved He
parkeoi the campaign to complete the monume it, addresses the gathering. Main speaker at i noy and Maw coastal i islands to Eastern poliy split between the said the Reds would demand Que-
p "" .'ioc eloe pa muelttur idendd y woas from both sides of thbe border, was Panama'ehed China a administration and a bloc of GOP moy and Matsu as a "down pay-
the eveng if Ocavo Fabreg a t upper right who srnsed the l ate U. President Franklin Jen eid not Identify the "ap- senators, including Jniner a nd meant" and eventually would de-
SDelano Roosevelt as a "great statesman and friend of Panama." pea r." But his resolution ap- floor leader William F. Kowland, mand Formoa-sither by U neg- 'TA
t io me o at the administra- Calif. tiso e luie this u gr the Udithe N he pc
on 's expressed willing ness to Knowland came out bi. terly i ons, or by force.
negotiate a hiormosan cease fire Wednesday aysinst President Ei-
WB, .wNl t Baboon y Cin ics withCommunist China. hQnhower's avowed willingness to Chal bWalter i. George (D-
OOSeVe' l Sta ue Opening Next Week Brink's Truck Springs Lsp ea an 2th: Wi uatl theeds h e atoen e -
R o o CvI UadinitraiontS vi e.than t t I t a .:
oen i eease-fire with Commu st China
without Nationalist repreantation.
Wel Btlabytlicswi llpte W g iinn e V further. He saidr at ifWltr n egotir(-
Inally Comp leted W Onrn tic e st n Haof Dollars Flood
de next week in the towns tions were broadened toinclude
1dargarita and Rainbow City, it t Ihe rights of sovereignty over
I orwas announrea tod h e ta y at the Formosa a wo ln
The Panan-nian people whoa Agelo Vaetti was ca Health Bureau. ST. PETER, Min, Apr 29 broke open and half dolls t be-
onributed so unsefishly to h Apongeo Vom ettie wasock.1 d m u od a att (UP) -A truck loaded with half gan to fly out.
o teo ile to complete the work The first Well Baby Clinic at dollars sprung a leak" north "First we thought thee
tday saw their wishes fulfilled Many spe'.tators remarked yes. Margarita wll be held from 1:30 of here today and spin 1led cigarette papers," said ^ain
hen the beutifu I bronze statue Lray that the face of the statue 2:30 o'clock Monday afterno cons for three or four miles Ince, a guard in the armored
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was I oy Vanetti, who came here for the in the former Police Station. The while pop eyed Moto nIat tick. "Then we saw it was Leaders convene
veiled before a multitude of rtiensony, was remarkably young. -linic will be open every Monday watched in amazement. money. After we disco vear ead
Sfrom all walks of life. following at these hours. A Bink's, Inc., employee esti- this, It took half a mile to stop s
In the ,flmain address waple o ebh, ted about $0 toc$0 In hal thesem-asler.eI
The sun shone brilliantly as Pa Freign Miniater Octavio Fabrea The Rainbow City clinic will t illed out Onto U.S. Motorat s stopped naldongl h
a's President Ricardo Arias mentioned lhis. He said "Presid- art TA ursdAy afternoon ando wi ll ars sp "like flying silver way an d soo ped up coins. The
.... d the cord unveiling the seat- Ent Roosevelt appears before us be held weekly on Thursday frnom Highway uck to p- Brink's men telephoned author- BA IO, April (UP)
ured of FDR eulogized as a here in the classic arb of a state- 1:30 to 2:30 o'clock in the after d for help. Witty and his d.SEATOmilita ry leaders met In
at statesman and friend Of man." Fabre a ad ed that the noon. The clinic will be in House P puty, several police fr oma neigh-As T me lI toay lar met 1in
d M. ppinttor .wle one ph t irem f:m0soecered today amdoro siicg Monday. p llald**e***, aI
hama." us former Presient peaceful express. 6507-A on Randolph Roadw. ng hgs nr e fo r o n d i he a lo e anti-Communist na- \oS
on was one of repose, thanks to Mis s Agnes E. Sugrue, Public A crowd of motorists, auto- boring towns ead he hay pa tions believe they now anre
-. hmveremore s .erdayclimea o- asiand n s .n oe open evry Mny Nowth of ae rmednt, mone. rusted to Cis.o v are Aran .iwv
vTheceremonW yesterday climax-te art of the Florentine sculptor. Health Nurse.Wl be in care rigtie s nT newsmen hro e ushed t ofs S area. -oh 19nough to defend Southe
ton years I plan ing at n e, eoie o fi n t 50 owasto tally mof both nnics. n' ar e his e ploa y e a re for a i. | ut heq u.
S totallingdiffeent from the i exparessione heofb ot hc s y ig iapinct aupd Te F ren was aloo e "OWenen ou th-
Se fromdon or in th last harsh yar of lif Formerly, the Well Baby Clinic ditches. Wittydthe TO natis, part
u r Th hoe rf tl s. Iorei t he iaaitn t cshlo witarshp me, s he r o aoi l'e n h e I d ,_ ... enug stin
I Madei m Panama ten years Fabrega declared alsothat P- for all Atlantic Bide communities "The road was really ray- A Brik's spokesman at Min- cularly the United State a
ond t- e sta through its tofhomae to the t The change being made ford Witty said. of such a thing n 25 years I've force n Southeast Asia tostop
with th money. t great North American atean as a convenience the residents "Some dirver pe n P been with the company." any communist attack, at least
arble sha wa p up, Opening speaker at yesterday's of the Atlantic communities. money and sped away," Witty "We sure don't carrythat in its initl stages.
aped stes mand bre pr gmwan a T. Gabrile le Theclinic will n nger be held said, Ib'ut most of them were atu like coal, you know, he Thse tera said the U.
ty b, a second scptor, It- was e second speaker. He ad- referring babies to the spiRtad l O ...... Aor s power ii itantiClfns and t
am essed the audience inEnaglish. for treatment. he pL aed the fo rue k o a ues esUSdo hreAin s liesedthe whe
represented the Roosevelt family, "thanks for the dough," andd apr ie are to hit back at new
A which was unable to attend the US Evangelist kept on going. John Blackte -n ou Vietnam ~' sr e
_S o cldn che hicse h PARIS, _April 2 (UP) -Pre. fly at least 1,000 warp nes into
The program was opened with To Speak H ereh to guard the rest of the ar ure officially took the Formosa area thin
TODAY .75 & .40 he playg of th e U. S. National money, estimated eween sue with the United tateshours of a Communt Chines
___. ___________ Anthem. Later Gershwin's "Rhap- Dr. Merv Rosell, one of Amer- $7e money, s$2000Brisffmi-t over sou Ith Vietnam today by attack.
sody In Blue" was rendered by ICa's foremost evangelists, Is ci s declined comment on the expressing his hostility to the ormosa, occupy ed bi the Na-
S :, :,, : pv pthe band. scheduled to speak at the First total. government of Premier Ngo AT he fese a ea .
The new monument stands at.Baptist Church May 5 at 7:30 "We recovered quite a bit of Dinh Dem inthe SEATO defense area.
Sthe intersection of Tocumen High- pm. the money, I'm a t sure justu Bu t the French Premier di- EATO military chleft- repne-
headoUarters in California, is A semi-trailer truck was car- ly with American officials o Britain, Australla, New Zealand,
travelling with lis musician. rying the money in sacks from end the bloody civil war ragin France. Thailand, The Philip-
I Howard Skinner, on a tour of Denver to the Federal Reserve in SI n arid save the o lines and Pakistan have been
LL LOIiiiflO Club South Amerc They will be Bank at Mch eapslia A Brink's hands of Comml ( Lrp. meeting in this Philippine moun-
stopping for only one night in armored truck, in which Balck- Fanue at his bi-weekly re tan resort slnce Monday.
Dr. Raca s beomeanoet. ei ten was riding, followed to keep conference said that "Diem is
,Dr the Unitedbtses fecor his it an eye on thing'. not fitted for the mission which BALBOA TIDES d
rotSh olars hi pse wide campa. ns where thou- the right side of suitre Just Bee th e F r onh eme words SATURDAY, APRIL 30th, 1955
sands turn oue to hear him. The fell down and knocked d ow.n eve used in regard to the South Nigh LeaOr
A scholarship of $500 was a- public in cordially invited to at- one of the floor boards. A bag Vietname.e premier by a high 10:23 ra m. 4A03 e.w a,
warded to Diane C. Skinner, a tend the one-night rally. rubbing against the board de French official. a11 t 0 pi.m. na 4. e en
senior, by the Canal Zone Col- .,
lge Club, which for the first m i inea a m
time thin year is presenting r ee-/- -l_: ....

-Junior College. th Ut f ho
oh p-r *r each were given to Miss Maryet rud re

ubn from Balboa Hight School in --- d n

June. STURDAY 30 DAY 1st nd
The object of the College Club-.I MO
as stated In its copstitution and
.B6 by-law "to ceat i t PRICES: 0.75I"o0.40
,.minds o~f Canal Zone girls a de- 0
l sire to attend college." Each
. year previously they have a- .
warded two scholarships.
I members of the Scholarship I
Committee are Mrs. M. D. Mo- ,A
m y pInop, -Mrs." R. Johnson, Mrs.
-a[ VDonoEVene,- Dr. Dorothy PIT
Moody and Mr. T. Lyons.
The9 three students and their
I mothers will be 'Ruests of honor OF
at the animal sorins luncheon .
to be- held at 1I P anma, Sat-
r u*day, May T.

S 9"m % ...
.: ,-.ay. _
mal i

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