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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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''Le lb

know the

country Io esae" -dbranm Ulbm :kI

T omorr
"L ^

'. At w a y

Know Why It
Needs $3,069,000
The 15th Naval Dla1 to-
day twas the only o 0the
three armed *ervie ets the
Isthmus which did nJ kiow
how, or for what, tb$3,069,-
900 which the Defense Depart-
ment requested of onpirens
yesterday, would be Buent.
The Air F] ee j which
was listed kfor SISS.00, the
S 1l4 a ]UUMA4Nask*Ied

xigUyaan .n.u jet target drone is rocket-launched at San Die- for by the Dcparta o
il n. CShbe of better than 800.niles-per-hour, the Firebee slated for elate nle
s control Sn e can be tsed- as a guided milalle or for reconnat ment const as
of the dronl as an evalsve target for ground and air-to-air to a spokesman y
S._________________________________ The Army was put d
A _. $..- 52,350,000 which would
i'k new NCO ad office
b l L r ters housing pfoJect
1ni May ostC Lhiang Claytn replo .
-'. --The approrlaUons w
a f s llllll I Into effet fl yeh o
Of erseas Chinese Jl 1.
Spro-W powers to seek a Pakistan Is linked to the West Eatinig Coal f
O soltl ,to the eplosive Formo- through U.S. aid and indirectly *
P a crisis, according to United to the Nort Atlantic Treaty Qr- VIl Ai
SPrs reports. ganizatlon through its pact .with oIVV w
o India's Prime Minister Jawa- Turkey, a NATO member.
n harlal Nehru entertained at din- The Red Chinese Premier l K
)- nor he three key figures of the twice shared the commit tee's vd v vH m
a twic-postpoed Formosa me e t- procedures first with an ofec-
d -- Chou, Oen, Carlos P. Ao- tia to the election of Prince DETROIT, April 21 (
chieg delegate of the pro Wan as rapporteur- the man coal miner who amazed
n- Wen Philppines, and Prince who will draft the committee's ans by eating 77 naml
SVan Walthayak, re Minis reporta- and later with an aru- one sitting put away ,
d ter 01 pro-Weteru Thailarnd. ment over the definition of "lhu- of fried chicken here
a e diner followed a secret man rights." claim another eating K
a. o ice earlier in the day In the end, Chou backed down
t betWeeChou and Nehru's troia. a both points. But his obstruc- .chaene afyona.
Is M heptta special envoy V. K. tlve mood was in marked con- world to mat my
- r ia ven.on trait to the mild and concilato- sid 4-year-O Phil
. ostton he assumed Tuesday Oly t, Pa.
,dai* n what n s first. speech to the Afro- -opawe4 I*
twsMSB at&ig t I Bm Lt I n.M Atlan MumfEauman 1An. auulk t d *

pt, was
, equip-
own for
.cover a
l' quar-
at Fort
would go


S(NZA Telephoto
BACK IN THE LAB In his laboratory at the University o
P) A Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pa., Dr. Jonas E. Balk checs samples .
Phicago- virus-ladea fluid used in the production of his polo vaccni
rger. oat President Esenhower has proposed-Balk as a new national her
,orerds a for his discovery of the polio vaccine.
,Attlee Flies In To Lead

Labor's -ction
I' /. U -.. ^ Jf -i

5- .., ., .3

9 .S- Bou d

Kids To Get

PoQIIO Vaccin

I Nineteen Canal Zone children will be the first g
to be inoculated with the potent new Salk anti-pelio.
cine tomorrow afternoon. ." W
The yong0ters, nine of whom are from the P
side and ten from the Atlantic side, ore scheduled i-
for the United States Saturday on the Panam6 U.i.
Balboa Heights announced today that since a li
ed quantity of the vaccine had been received hit
schedule was being prepared for the vaccination of
ployes' children whq were leaving soon for vacation
the States.
) The first "shots" will be given tomorrow aft"
P. A spokesman for the Carlb- card showing the date a
o bean Command said today there of te oculation and tl
would be no difference In the only their firt
administration of the Balk vac- tIlA tin r Canal Zone
cine to military and chlilian sent them as evidence
People sponsored by the Armed aeeond ino tion in thea
rlorces in the Canal Zone. De*O -,- .en | W tr
Spendents who are leaig soon later sat wl
lor, the U.S. wil be aiRculated both first
the vaccine stoop now o I tons hwa,
B~tewjhij^ ^ ^,**tt TO
..~ ^ ^j^.^.!^

uaend (Inawh omuievou
mti Cne
heg.I th
Ttt" ^oertjm W. ffn.-.^
g es b u t .I t -

tof a ias a tfllsip

ewrals ae year's B
meeting. ,
Chou, who k:w ..he epfing
regne' ha neaS .fr control
of. at 'lst a mt!o of thze ov-

uatfled first in idonefla, u a
Burma, 1pUang Chon's game,
urged desi to. frame 'the
ageiUt expected here.
A del. with Burma pWUemaSY
wol.alMpibw .
w 'tbe two lined 'up, Pl-
ping alJB ly would, find the
renmadr of the overseas Chi-
nese l Red pickings.
Echo's only problem would
seem to beow many Chinese
may choose to declare for the
natiOn where-they "rede, rath-.
er than for Red China.
SOblervers at Badung agree
Chinese CoMmunist preP 'is
so.ig, and as the hinese pre-
fer a sure-bet whiMer, most will
S rbably leap aboard the Red
in a-on when the present
BUmna .and Indonesia.
Meanwhile India maneuver e d
enetgentlcaly last nI gh t to
taoe from collapse an ambit-
ous A bring Red Cta a
ten aneutral and

Sn o... .
an mer n Society
TO nct.' NISwi

Own N 1, 1 ha M .the

iuOad to cho-4zs
of tIe Volombo a P
d Ceyli. Indoneia, B
7an = ?kle All but te
arm considered neutral.

NADMo April 21 (UP) -
Ceyltn tay linked a proposal
for a tdtteeship for' Formosa
with trb geoeat attack against
Commii yet befbrn the 29-
natifon 4n-Afrloan erence.
Thea a~she* f aChina's
scowllng u a2-.laa striding
angril y m the pnference
Che aled Ita to face
for Me e w"h Ceylonesue
pr "waa

mX lr W ta tha second of the
day. also
"A0, ought all the dele-
gates by'pse with his pro-
poesal I g m nu fteeahip
which ao uld U slade with
drawafte C& Seven. th Fleet



met a

a- w=wcva47 w nu 4 i
Sd di. e.lrat .. arodd ,t b e
e United Nations defalitlin dMthat
d concept.
The afternoon session o the A-
slan-African political committee
VWe- convened today to debate two
I In draft deci rations from its sub-
iWly committees on WVat New Gul-
aulo nea and racalisl.
Red The rather mUd declatoa on
West New Gui or a a
muloa the Indo an all it-calls on
calls the Netherndto reopen nego-
eting tiatlons with the Indonesians on
-In- the matter and expresses the
r ma hope that the United Nati ons
latter will attempt to bring about a
peaceful solutl p.
-an V. m-

the dissolution of all Communist
groups in Asia and Africa In-
cluding the Comlnlferm.
He lambasted the Comlnform
as "this central agency directing
all forms of saubverson in our
countries.. *(whoe) LsclvIous
tentacles clutch at every Com-
munist Party member and fel-
low traveler in every land in this
He also denoMeed "Soviet
colonialism" In this speech in
which he listed Hungary, u-
mania, Bular, Albaaa,
Caeboslovaida,o aa Lthas-
nia, Estenia and Pdand aa
colonies of the EremUo.
It was this address Which so
angered Chou that hi stalked
from the room with a scowl on
his face.
But the caustic reacting to bhi
Foirmosan proposal angered Ko-
telawala, too.
When reporters asked him
what kind of reaction e had re-
ceived, he b hed pt them
with a bitter, creation n ie hang-

Colones. Rh.e I

Man Aloha Shirts

The colonel N
wives -oA 1m
basset uip s

lrl 21 (UP)--
to.. Axnuyt

Wq assm-iuure LmLtuI u wwuiu
beo out of reach.
"But I started getting a lit-
tle fll after S1 orders" he
said. '"Bdes, I never like to
forde myself."
Yazlzik washed-down each or-
der, which consisted of half a
chicken, with a soft drink. He
didn't bother Wtth potatoes and
other trimmings which usually
go along with the main course.
The 194-pound Pennsylvanian'
attacked his first plate of chick-
en breaa4gs, thighs and wings
at 9:40 am. He polished off the
first order in four minutes flat.
After slowed down a bit
and didn't finish order No. 31
until 12:50 p.m.
Yaztalk k ald he was leaving
for Chicago later today to ap-
pear on television show. He
said he had to be back at Oly-


merit 'Ltee flew t ..1 r r
Canada today and took
ate command of the Labor Pp
ty' campaign to-.oug 'Sir JA
tpony -den's onservative gy-
ernment in Britaln's May 2aMs-
tional elections.
Attlee aped to a .Labor Paty
national executive confer en ce
Immediately after his plane
touched down after an 8000-mUle
dash back to Britain to hammer
into line the divided Social i t
Party's wavering ranks.
Attlee cut abort a six .- week
Canadian speaking tour to n-

Deflense Dparlmei

Request Idudes

Big One For CIA

phant by Monday so he could WASHINGTON, April l-(UP)
return to him'b in a coal mine. -The Defense Depatment ask-
ed Congress y au-
A~-- n Be thority to spend $2 4" 0in
AMwC = B y the new fiscal year itarstg July
1 to expand and mp the
C a-ed With worldwide network o ltar
CWn"a -With bases.
Included was a request .Ir up
SCho l Theft to 56 million dollars tlr the top-
secret Central IntelligeneeAgen.
A thirty-day jail sentence was cy to purchase land and bd a
recommended yesterday by the central headquarters for
District Attorney in the case of bal espionage activities
Thomas M. Kaufmann, Jr., a The proposed legislation would
l8-year-old American who Is include $1,305,319,600 for con-,
charged with petit larceny. struction n the ~onlnental
However, the Balboa Magistrate United states, $652,697300 or
took the case under advisement secret rojec wn the .estst
until this afternoon. y services, the Army wld get
It involved the theft of 15 e 543,365000theNY$1,197-.
cents, and a case of soft drinks 300 and thent Inornc1,173,790.-
5 5 000. The Central Intelligence
worth 32.85 from the Balboa 0 e are t complete" the.
High School, between 4:40 p.m. ta requ
on March 31 and 6:40 a.m. on The program would provide
AMil L $329,963,000 for some 17=, new
o housing units for servicemen
A second youth was origin- and their depen ordentrvicemen
ally picked up with KaUfmann aThd mtitar d iled ng pto-
aIn connection with the heft gramwould Include 29itnattiaa-
bt. was released on probation 'ions in 47 states, all ex West
and will not be charged. Virginia, the District of tCum-
bla, Alaska, NewtloW fland, Ice-
land, the Caribbea earSsou.-
srope, Arica, awaiU, the PaFifiC
defense Strategy: s"andthr -

For Off-Duty GIs Braniff-Eastern
-- To Work Through
will be at with by the mil- RP-T NY
,.Plane RP-To-NY
red-heqded, freckle-faced
o broke the news last Direct flights fro_ Panama t
L= 1taA' a0red Army New York wiba@ oh ag l.l
ad4th Amer-n"e..will ne be
baebreaked t he Civir A *lf M ar
t *e-naked dresses, brief leclon, with approval o. M
a tersn. 'ent losenhower, faort ag
roped arrangement
MIUt~W women in blue leans out between Braif d at
AWe00" A rliies.
E at ae Braniff aMd astern have wb e
AM& w a rn a OaN this week to neg

,ltareJCua in rama to


WSy Brit a a limited supply of.the vac-
si* and Labor Par- recetyv e terdas wl 1
1hk command drafted elec- lo. the inoction CA
aon a tr ate g y at London's Me n Yots prior to fort<-h
into a closed-door Conservative the a ul- tmin uuall y
Pan cs at Church House, n d much aren than locl-
,,Ls. r thattaccl ed
him, fo. 'ras ar chief.d G ernor Johln Seybold said
abhim formal as at chief. rday that arrangements
Labor a s t a over e" compBsted forthe Ca-
th clash between, oda er a t e o Snewt to secure
party leaders and the let I a ulv l i uvnt of the
wing's America-balting Aneurin k vaccine ad th In the in-
Bevan, closed uneasily beh ind terest of public health the anti-
Attlee. polio inoculations would be ad-
S"Will you be leading the par- ministered at no charge to the
ty I. the election fight?" An air- individual. a
Port reporter asked Attlee Canal Zone .nealt officials
"Ye, as far as I know'" Att notified the families of 19 chil-
lee replied, chidin himo with a dren scheduled to sail for the
nfle--"Who else? rStates Saturday, of the vaccina-c
Bevan was expelled from the tion schedule. s
Lbr Prty In a.liament r Children scheduled to leave for
his defiance of Attle's leader the States In the immediate fur
hlp. But, so .t is the fiery a re will be vaccinated fiurias
Weouns podpulaeowritnyn -wthe coming week and familieseI
eans o Inrt o-will be o Sindividually notified of
oallt chieftains stopped short ,th shedule. I
pf removing him from tt.l'Mel chr- children to be inoculated |
7 outright l t er the initial program arc
Attlee told reporters he will toer between the ages of six I
stump the country seeking 8- months and 16 years (those hav-
alat, support. He said uce La in reached their 16th birthday).I
bof Party stood a good chance Health officials said today
of. ousting Iden. those children leaving the Isth-
'It is going to be a good mus in the Immediate future
flght," he said. "We have a ve- who receive only their first Ino-
ry good chance of winning -we culatlon here will require a sec-
are always confident." ond shot after reaching the
Both Conservatives a n d So- States. It is presumed that these
clalists banged the final nails In- can be obtained from private
S their election platforms to- clinics or physicians. All chil-
~ay. ,,_ 1.4 duren vaccinated will be given


accomplished before the
the present school year
ported by the National
tlon for Infantile P
provide for the In
first and second gdrca M
Allocations of theve
ready have been requ
that the anti-pollo
be extended to r-h
betwe the ages of 6 a
and 16 years tincluuive. .
e administration of a
S vaccine is enthe
voluntary basis and a
on a form to be furnished.
Health Bureau, rmut be.

cine bwill e ,

..v to by,

vid e an Ave 8.2
increase, for e name's
postal workers:
The roil eall vt was U2in
The = owr IIAk
Fothe Seatl Wob

ploy". A bae-Houe
solve the differences.
House p CAMe
had a vote


othe cS et


Qenerai EOectrit Co-
Mtd.N.Y. fic
wk A&-Mmoth-'i K


AA -




The ao
lem pat
the eoMn
the -Ntt

Ce*yn Premier Attacks Reds,

China's Chou Quits In Abger
-'- A --


~~~' ` i ~"-"'- """'-'"Y~ '~' ~-~*''~'''"-~r --

I..., ~ i I-- I


a l. "i

" '




.THE PANAMA AMERICAN RatsStart .. ..... .

57. H .. o I P ANAMA. -P d
r- Qg-ei -*740 (5 NE
C4$L glas& PANAM ERadV. L AAA
345M A. NEw You1 17) N. Y.Y0

mercial and too often is meas-

H ', AAA L.d pad 9X sufflng their pockets. with
-1 Nail+ .opn T PmaAllgms I f which sets the theme -, ,ou
e an iIis oon foumm for .faeede of Theon o rda 's .story aboutaa hand-
are rai -.s-aratefully and are handled In: a wholly 6"i w Ofch -selers. I offer It as a state Dull. .
StEaTstoryAitNproventhata s that anwen,
ye o a letter det b. ip'Ailat it t sprawling national union of In h t
dyLetterin ae pusblisd Is ihe erder1et~y**Id Uo00,000 members in 900 locale
P: .tryh to the lattes r sted to *m n. n I police itself and keep its repre I t l m, a
Idie htity .dfl te writes ia .d I sntriteotfideatLf ~satea claff hundreds offcts ht may cau s e_ .
in I=rvc. uea ins ov .e.. .... e to oto t national head(rI troe r oublelthnd an hd r oe.
|!p qaE nts..,rters. One is thereport that, e ,a ti on3.. -
CREDIT RATING _It appears that a new racket bas been leaking Yalta to
waw los 4d by 19 officials of Ii? t ca u.aoFO nhago
I th cI lCIO' citedd Au to Workers nroroed mresmene.for s. U. say about es?" In
Lonal 163. This unit covers the Long ago Dulles' srarnatgs (ured a

.he_.% _er 5^ttterZr-and.womenp wh Broadway wooed me, Broadway booed me, t may wef. Nat and navy brew len l h ti sonate h,' u" ( MP?^'"..
ive jousth flish-d .eadin the article entetitled C o. tere in and women who w ad proposed b that wt n u .
mfnity Service flueau wins Ve6s AnnualO afety Trphy, tur ot vital aircraft nstru- million) Another is the
I note with iteest and amusement that on mea, automatic pilots, gyro th on Ede, o
yen any credit by napie in establishing this enViable record. d*es, air turbine t components of e gland, ao
ting from h arts of the item, It stats: "Inw prasen the forkets and electronic systems way e definitelyce d awth th
hety trophy to Wilson H. Crook. Copunity vi esO h Bendix Aviation Corp. that the Yclta yapagh *.innee
,bold stated thpt the gathering for the presentations tihoro, N. J.
om nity Services Bureau for their cooperatto A nd e s f ac me bumped and dempedme, Washburns.we d the se Damen flr
ontshment tthe saey programs epn ibleoreteagne Compc t o e fertralledy,"dCbla ldponlbl r Coros .t eoi rl th
tion, Seyboltd stressed, reflects the record of the man st *ing netted them-
V top and is a way of determining whether thq maA Isrun- and emptied the toIn this colrtn.syet, as oh
the job or the job is theirlocal on. reported in this lumn, M inistration of refugee pro-

la i the job.. or the jo 1 ru R the mn. "n the per, sai a ,' Cardle never des anything grm proddBite Jn e in
o S thinksofterankandfileemployes.w t amp at f ave
everything for the 08-14 and -15 boys; fo urthermorefer Roof' reported critic "inside" Artur
ttle man who does the good work for which t e1- had been leaked to the New dee

e f, D s bn tt pf th n. tack. Because his gents are t

Os gth cei &do A btthet^t company .an dYorkTiGeora Jean Natnant "on such a secret. (wwi) eo
I think It only fair that the man' who did the ade wor the c and -
taccomplishing the remarkable record which wo he t o pltht in e for the same hours. 7ire, jh to o aost ehry r
for the Community Services Bureau should have een Ah lose, of plants hIne NINa Wiiwrsthe."--tsh eeoing sde o

.. .. 1 Thumbnai descriptionsorw the front page poheoo blveioaus to see oretasy e
ned by name in giving credit.. He, however, is a only l co ne e rn remembereddatn'sowuverysts-
.7 and, therefore, not eligible.for honorable mention. or, land companies give t up cigar bands. About o t he once Henn

theaters sector' Tnamehel EmmettZen e erst ou see In nIllegal Is a w sue a ive C eod I ha
SCottofabiose was on Tuesdac o Maowe, who has a 40-nch bust and very exciting. He wrote us ecompelled to daner But he p to th
T rdr nor" 0sae a the o member lal 'mUnion thee r e Manfeld, ditto."W m tell you we are making great progress. It may tea h mtpre without ed ar d

ADio w o4P atinle C.O. s lortantene in our national Boundw lke a heluva lul n-Between. be only a matter Of a very few years!" Cor were "very friendly" de- think It sometimes Just
M ro t d th UtAl defense yst men and othr helr r report C 16, when Senator KnwPanhed akd e nacel po heue ateat we
o iSo pnCase help The Runyon Fund he ali tfornia and Bridges of New menr"

huopre n 4ra1i as r n B thoreo r t- Uh 1 i en h owan ruted m a dotor asked es abotsearcher in the cancer frght) rhen rovrd he
COMs ? un e twiobXe ad dowmte led Asbrst t Bear eou Ithe rleak, e denied anysJpoo

ow all~aFr a noti or I Unicrssl d Mmtat r of the Autor Un.on's oe ook. Pichr when Tow, Rlaeg o 0Ss orge his1RaP
o ms C S o M wind to ae s a mnaN een h tInn tv n mother knowledge of iInofctBs Mdgrthys vI gn th
M Isfor. W o -k in oo roretortBOA lWA NDa e coul al us, thet p1 mer, Iti s harder to tell a girl she's not pretty than 'ghast" n12 m

e na in glen Dout wh r Aebey ond uion doruvep Grng" ento tell h e s nt.e a u dg act.. So the secretary of state may jues- h erd
din Did you know Work ssi that your C. s leave nthe lines.Broo hdwe bre mee ohdw af Item poer hen e thed oa ee tr o bnt o th

e Higher Bra vedthorder promoting his coffeeand Then the companies sh l Broahdwaylad me-to a goal.I iBroadwayt1e aboy: lThe Hllinger usherettes hook. p n d n e i
es Ie pit 'Impy Br T oadwaymoet: Wit Broadw yeed omealys wh o m i suA I int a el. th N -ir no
an 0.would to be re ed And you konw do no t pay them for the hours Holywood e, B ol be d a e w y wextmnld oe blouses and navy biskirto s Meanwhilehis." subordnatpto ae
h u .. -coffeeend cake man were promot- away o and the men charge It pooh-poohed me-I n therole. (the M oale stao ff.-black bow-ties and se I -Navy have been weantaing him to fire o sueh

N we o hat the Hl ghrtB rass could never explain t e o t ime. I ard me-tow be shrewdty nDorothiny D oan cridge iso ae e-an ear pertme atnlo t nbverty f l at e t
ouOomtdh dy an repe t n ext mBroary crushed e, Broadway nursed me, the W paldorf. Nat d rand s owynnes h, cre anwd oi e co-m Prttr-hat on (u ge

Sp- b n Co yo ur U erit won't e te rs tme, tlh a Vsten th doore and wdhooWs stund. flrtVe 1 nt o e I *
in r o is Broadwayb i, Broadway canned me, night Kay Ballard (at the Cotillion) Ih o S re smAn br le

P 3 inawithinnte r p oe t. nex th e w. o ifHo h a d b "oby st work oppor tut We' r Tui Onnseer t r m gas Vr e a Ba -
be as yoqr would write a ni letter so you could carry mean. that the union official inet me-and mut ose another Large Ci ... Rumor:e A newspaper In News and Worl N

you know that whaY ou are assigned to ny new unit special high rates, brant e n d les o eo aea ment "s
Almost fiveyearin grade now, 'what oupe oMelot theIoBroadway schooled me-uowa to cry, numbers n t' p a girl at the Joutk ("Fanny") 0 t t McLeod, McC earthy's W

bargaining cA ee -which eadline: "Ben umpedand Finishes 2 d in Me, Another said: "It is always people from admitted MaLeod undep que- i
Snegoates w work er's Tournament W it to die. sez to thside Pitcwho make this illeinformed criticism. n argehis
o-. ---condt l bef, I. it was broken, he V audeville News (1920) It's opage 185who have sat here for hours can se e

tn ofefca, tl- dipin Weapossibly know when other the air fish or foul 000 refn and preference a ht Jule Wilson In Ol
to the union ntinued Pat Ward's new otorcycla e Compriding out ignorant critics ke you that we keep all
sIt won'tobe thert time," flipped a listens the doors and windows shmt." odCar-e dt

Inb, h idyllic ut dthsocr, "she's had the ops chasing her." + S!DE AieCr
hobby, ty w tee JOined .nte From Chs. VdML a Sonety page: "Bare
some sp omttemn an Antonette Donnhe beauty col'm April somstim
chsteward. Thir take ran from h: "If a mythical genii would grant you but ed breathlerdasly Aov.. lis l n Beach villa",
less than a hundred dollar one perfect figH4re d Tin Roof,' reported critic "Inside" story of Maro a garbled peLalemnation with hsi I o-

Instances e a thwebtondl oW be foolish not to make a small trim waistline housekeeper. Barbark tght she said her boa
its s t rn W e'll stick with o George Jean Natha "on suhoza. an, whow ) feet out of a
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a8 __ Barbara's concern."
SIngtern Model Agency chief Grace Downs is in Wotz a Wnelaleuon6Lre?
. .he UAW argle of the Miss N. Y. City contests. Grace
T met Armiria Mrashall of The Theater Guild Joyce Bryant on when The Torch is Over:
faced d the* hd l saind: "My job's more difficult than yours. "When the gleam in your eye replaces the Tear."

an SAea m
c charge A e%. L &

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.' f\ ;", -f' ",



Fly oihe"E tPanama"
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V.. A
-*t y ,' *.
: ';. !: ,' .'

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:.. 4 ..., A
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(9KY 4 N-15 MN.) (SLY 2 HROL10 I)


a 'Ti25

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Plus tax wher opplcable



me uso uoo

, 5 .-. .. -.., A ..... .. "
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PHONES: .: ?

3-1057 .
no HOWle
R PI 3-1697
P ,-IW .
,1 : ". ""T:.' '
f U "'^ ^ ".. li %. ;

A -

4: ~ i. L.
,' ,,-,. ., ,
r-'-,.-t; --. ~~~: :, :.. ':.-':: ,' '

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^ *" o;.- *' ,.F :,

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A' .

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A I.ct
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*A.~t IA


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...... ... ...
O 4


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: : .:


-- -


i~p ,i~~. s


-1 .6-7P-l.



-".";. /


Vir .um .:_

PW7? _

ra gambling Lord

jurnd Iihed In Bedroom
,... .
A. Fla., April 21 (UP)- son said signs of a scuffle were
d vengeance has caught found in the bedroom where
Swith' "Big Charlie" Wall, Val lay.
describeci by the Kefauver Anderson said Mrs. Wall told
ttee as the "elder states- officers she telephoned her hus
Sof Florida crime. 1is wife band Monday night long dis-
his body in his bedroom tance but got no answer. Shp
S :terday, hia throat slashed then returned to Tampa, ar-
ear to ear. riving yesterday when she found
WaI1, who never served a day the body. Anderson, five other
all during his 50-year reign deputies and several city police-
ambling czar, also had been men answered her call m-
twice in the head, police mediately.
Wall, who always had his
S,,.ie silver-haired, 76-year- athletic-type b od y perfectly
descendent of a once prom- groomed and spoke cultivated
t family apparently was English, was Indicted in Sep-
e 18th victim of Underworld tember 1950, after the first
assains in the last 20 years Kefauver committee hearing
this Latin-flavored seaport, in Miami, on charges of gam-
ot one of "the previous kill- bling operations at Mlaii's Club
I' has been solved. 86. He also was questioned a
.IS Charlie had been dead late as 1965 by a-Hillaborough
o days, a medical examiner County grand Jury here.
ltd, when. his wife returned Shortly after he was indict-
_n.i out of town to find his ed In Miami, Wall appeared be-
boy. clad only in a blood fore the Kefauver committee's
soa .cd nightshirt. second hearing In Florida.
'.ree times previously the The aging gambling kingpin
i, cle gambling czar had also told the senators about the
dueked assassins' bullets. Once assassination attempts upon hi
his automobile was riddled with life in June 1930, June 19839, and
S lugs. He arrived to tell the April 1944.
Senate Crime Committee head. The 1930 attempt. in which
ed by Sen. Eater Kefeuver D-. three gunmen wounded him
Town in 1950 how gambling had slightly as he walked from his
a jtyrocketed to big busincvs In garage into his house, led to
i^lorida since the 1890s wh construction of a covered, wall-
'he started out as a crap dealer passage ver the path.
He also told the committee In 1939, gunmen tried to am-
the cheating secrets of bolita ush him from a panel truck
1- ie latin numbers gam- he drove by and he escaped
ir c- tte aAd craps. The corn- th third try when his chauf-
,m.- : gave him the title of fedr spotted the gunmen and
S *c. r statesman" of the under* stopped suddenly, throwing Wall
W d in Florida. to the floor of the car and out
S .U had lived alone for 20 of the gunfire,
yc. :s on the edge of Ybor City The loose Jowled gambler
'the Tampa Latin Quarter. Chief told the committee that "the
r.riinal Deputy Ross Ander- slugs only glimpsed me a little."

Senate Censure Committee Chairman,

Offers Joe McCarthy No Apologies
SWASHINGTON, April 31 (UP) ate. As far as I am concerned
S- Sen. Arthur V. Watkins (R- none will 'be forthcoming."
SUtahs said today Ben. Joseph In addition to the count in-
McCarthy's report on his In- evolving the elections subcom-
icome tax status does not call mittee, McCarthy was condemn-
for a Senate apology because ed for calling members of the
-McCarthy "has not been purged Watkins committee "unwitting
ef contempt," handmaidens" of the Communist
Id WaLkins headed the special Party.
ate committee which recom-
s)2ded last year the Wisconsin Meantime, the Secret Service
i llcazk be censured for his continued its investigation, IntoI
.S.. .:.'ntuWous conduct toward the question of who made copier
1 ;fube intee of McCarthy's tax ref check
........R ..v..t.J.'. Copies of %be cheb begaui

rn .m .. .lm


x4."*" r's.:''r aE

* .'.- T-

.~j ~?..r

* I ..* ~



OF u----'-

I wA A T
rM. ANeuN--F

"We're starting our own Indoor roller derby"

,~i 1.'

Ll 00




kZ 7 ',, "..,

e i a tai fund obeck hsa axees.
,$1 85.75 to support his It is illegal to reproduce ani
ita t. government obligation such as
Re tn demanded an apology a check- or bond'
thme elections group and Secret Servfte chief U. I.
J committee. Ie'tld Bsaughman sitd his agency i
ic "ddspredted" them. interested Jn "'ho-printed" the
tah Republic told a re- photographs of the checks "and
riiowever, that McCarthy under what conditions."
demned for misconduct Once these facts have been
two Senate committees established, he said, any ac-
t-. Senate itself, not be- tion will be up to the Justice
anything Involving his Department or the U.S. attor-
: aflnrs. ney concerned.
t S as not been purged of Conviction on the charge car-
t,1" Watkins said. "No ries a maximum penalty of 15
Share in order from the years in prison and a $5,000
committees or the Sen- fine.

handstand on a wheel cbair balae tti
crippled by the disease. They rfil
sponsored by Sa Diego, Calif., folk t'
-. -- sclerosis dLe.

H L oS acoes a
SW O t -a program
16.,2iport a multiple

4 0 -.P
.. ....__ ."


pe e eW Are

1 7


Celeste Goes Calling


S ftan

-V lv.... -



Fast Finish


* t, r:... .......
~* 1*'- 21 .


New-.ou Knew


Growl Is Curious


F-sgim- Aiol -to EIB iw GiE 4A? V C4 Al 67 JAA l !- 'LL
6 SV IN, I A
FAMACiCtE2 OF Fit4 WI '.
E. ALAS!A4APWM axIt'i B aeW'8pl1

TO M A 14M


- --. -


'8 rOP

_ I



%MRaS on we agekrust w isssa. WS ear Do"
toie S c AMs -o ON %= u.. Ma
H^I~tPB C OMM, AeCOTO ANP\ c. y kl MMV~
I"avgsee me af v pw-ff

. ^^seel^ I s^. 1^


a ~ -w-wt 'r~. 2- t. .2-rn
5. ~ 4Ac. 7 h~ cV _t
-.' h -,
S -

.. C ..
H.., -- .-,f *-<" ,;..- f *";?-,*"

-5. ~ r ,ir~ r -.


* .. 7,(..


. ,50377,S.
-.. -


S.F~ i~a%~

E p (sitting) Ipalains to" Medeaus; R. H. Sewersn, W. R. S4y
3" *t---sweeney, fD. Mer, 8. Tubbs, W, E. LaIdlaw, J. R. Dooley and W. 0. Tbarp, the
na I ses of saanan frits and vegetables at the Fort Clayton Offlser Wives, monii
ly phen at the .ort Clayton ificer's Clu.

Psanmanian Mrs. Mercedes Alegre Smith
DeSmotratedl ., who then gave a talk and dem-
Mrs. Mercedes-Alegre Smith onstratloi on the cooking native
Members of the Fort Amador dishes. She prepared as a m p 1 e
7r ffl 3OLb sad thbe dishes%. coa0sItIng of Plant a In
4 Cb joined Yucca and Seviche. Mrs. Smith
the 'ort -.Q o f Of i ers' named And discussed the prepa
Wives' Clu kt tilt regular ration of several other fruits
muthly l h layton Offl- and vegetables from an elabo-
eets' .--W rate display. Mrs. Qmlth is well
Mrs. Willard R. Seymour, the known throughout the Isthm u s
Program Chairm&an Introduc e d for her extensive knowl e d g e

- I


and teaching of Panamanian
Hostesses were Mrs. R a ph
H. Slevers and Mrs. Will iam
0. Tharp. This luncheon was
enjoyed by 107 women. First
and second door prizes were
won by Mrs. A. P. King from
the Doctors' Wives' Club an d
Mrs. P. T. Fancher of the Fort
Amador Officers' Wives' Club.

and' '. O, m

ard the n as Ich

k '.

1" ,

:. '." I -r

Mmm, good! ...just taste that rich,
deep-flavored chicken broth blended
with extra-heavy cream... accented
with tempting cuts of celery andever-
so-delicate seasoning .-. topped off
.with pie ces ofchicken so tender they
"-- seem to melt in your mouth! Gt set
. or a special treat-buy several cans
of Campbel's Creaminf Chicken Soup
from your grocer today .


looking for irin$hb'g to do after church?
are you a late-rter on Sunday?
"batchiwg" it th weekend?

complimentary cocktail
choice of wonderful menus
only $2.25
Ascarraga at the organ

S (m



100 different JOKE ITEMS and TRICKS which will
break the ice in any party! Come and see something
new, amusing and original. On SALE TODAY.

(Opposite the AnQon. .O.)

41 ,



Va. Au".- GIOrace Colbert, luclue Tayl or,
Theni, Club eatris MUIa Diaz ih
held ther~d i on dos, Margaret Johhston, car-
Wene dayiAtt heMen- Reimann, Lorraine Zen t,
Ounadw bIii Lor- Thelma Valentine, Naomi Fran-
l Znt.~-~ ~ ~t t gloni, Ruth sourgeola, Paulil
welcomed all .i.bers and Jasper, Toni Rudel,, Etta
graciously Intod uee d the Homa, Esther Sauser, Bea Loin

man, IntrodueId t-.% lowl n g Jones, Carolyn Au Buchon, Me-
OffIpes fort' i.. 'AMl year: lida Bembenek, Corrina Walker,
1st.'Vice Pre Anna- Cecillia Metealf, Nivia Mare h 1,
belle Leap; 2ad.- V,,'PrSeuldent, Leroy Kirk, Aurora San t nae x,
Mrs. Grace Cdlber eoprding Polly Michaells, Helen Favrot,
Secretary, Mrs. A nk''tb M oan; Marge Boland, Caroline Brown,
Ass't Recording Seeitary, Mrs. Mary Ruppel, and Marge Red-
ILma hinely; foelp O n d n d g ding.
eretary, Mrs. Matiret John- -
ston: Treaurer, Mrs. Mel d a Mr. And Ms. Memmlnger
Relsep-nek; At. Treaslurer, Entertal For Delegates
Mrs. Beatris Mills. Of CathoUle Confereace '
Mrs. Naomi Frangloni wasr The Consular of Emb ass y,
chairman of the luncheon a n d Roert it. Memminger and Mrs.
Mrs. Virginia Boney co chair- Memminger are giving a cock-
'1an. tail buffet at their pentho use e
Members and gest attending home In honor, of the delegates
were Mesdames: Virginia Bo- of the Third Catholic Congress
hey, Connie Rebutt, D a n a of Rural -life. They have invited
Jinely, Daisy Torbert, S e t ty 35 of, the delegates to meet Pa-
Kennan, Ann Me rs o n, Irma namanians and Americans re-
Quintero, Annabelle Leap, Ma- siding in Panama. Gov ernor
ri. Locke, Lillian Stillman, Jen Seybold and a '"small group of
Ifettten, Lllian Waddle, AUte officials of the Panama Canal


Aveea aDreed fe
Coekta ..
There is nothing brighter to
start a company inner than
your attractive heorbet cups
lined with lettuce and piled with
balls of et llow-Iesea avoedos
scooped with your melon ball
cutter. If your refrigerator boasts
ah extra piece of papaya get the
bailer to work on it and mix It
with te. Avoado Add to this
as tangy a sauce an you like. One
good one is the thick French
Dressing made-with tomato soup
and roquefort cheese. Want the
As the first week of this cor-
ner rolls along, friends have
made comments and we have
some additional pointers on a-
vocados selection to pass along.
Some Insist that the longer the
neck, the bettor the fruit while
others insist on plking one as
free from rasled brown veining
as possible. Still another test is
the "rattle test." This theory is
that If the fruit Is ripe the seed
will rattle. I have lust learned
that while in the old days the
best aguacates came from Che-
po, today San BIas is one of the
pribepal sources of Panama and
Colon's supply as lann and boat
bads come from the Islands.
Zone will attend also.
Amrnit jhe guests of honor will
be Bishop Zuroweste, Bishop
Mulloy, Bishop McDonald, Bish-
op Luis Perez Hernande, and
BIahop Alberto Urible- Urdaneta.
Mr. An Mrs. Lombardb
Give Cofktail Buffet
For Count And Codntess
SMr, ugene' C. Lombard Ex-
ecjt5'e Secretary of tIe Pana-
ma Canal Zone.and bMrs. Lom-
bard are giving a cocktail buf-
fet this evening at their Balboa
He9ibt residence. The party is
to honor the Count and Count-
ess de Rabage, who leave Pana-
ma next Monday for a two
mouth vacation in their native
country. The Count is the Span-
ish Ambassador to Panama.
Dr. Oetavlo Fabrega
HoEsr-To Catholic Delegates
Minister of Foreign Relations
of Panama, Dr. Octavio Fabre-
Sawas host for a reception and
uffet. luncheon yesto r d a y at
Hotel El Panama, honoring the
Most Reverend Bishops a n d
distinguished delegates to t h e
3rd internationall on

Rural Lo...
One hindved a W N fifty go
attended the eeption l,- to

Formal Dglip At -
BrailDan mbse -
For do do ab
In honot -a mbamilder mI
Spain to PmaUm and Cohdlei
de Rabagoi wbo are living fol
Spain aen, arumslla Ambun
dor to Panama and Mrs. Abe-
lardo Bueqo de Prado tendered
a dinner lt, evening at the
Embassy Residence In Bella Via.
Harry Caslers BEtertaa
For Margaret Do Voeehl
Tuesday eventng, Mrs. Harry
Casler, Public Affairs officer of
the American m bas a and
Mrs. Casler gave a buffet din-
ner at their Golf Heights hdmae
for Mis Margaret De Veceht,
who is the house guest of Am-
bassador and Mrs. Beldin Cha-

Fine Furniture made of
Darifn Mahoay. NOW at
sam ing q price.
Bed3oom. Dining Ems 14
Living Reooms Bet.
Product do Madora, S. A.


Ave.)tdleoa 67, Bela Vista Tel. 3-05 r
SBt In Town American Methods.
roilment open from. Thursday. April1-,'*emoe.-

*- ...- ., : ..!


We have just received shipment ..
RADIO BATTERIES in various size.. ..'



W Now eon enMii toe diild,
blended cigarette you've always
liked and pay much leo for then.
Try an ISTMERO.*. they're only

* peck

.THErRE BLENDED TO BE ELD oI ijest sse m a ses i a" irs.-
m tT J-I -*- *......-ips,&






IF And It Begins Tomorrow April 2

fr J Some 2f"- em4 omnOA t












.,- -. 4'e 4.;'



' ,


,! "' '-" "" "*:'". : /:
- n ..,. ..j- & ,.., .-.;
;---- .^ '- ^ *:- .. .

Rattan J(eadquarters
&.& i" i ,4e +m w i _a

:- '

t .

A wei. W ,
wris t

elve n .rU .
This a ole li med
fe N in b.os .- u uI
Case, r, s sle. le s

Theraw e UNI..
VEIRSAL mamm il
, p

s~ :,

; 4 "

s. A.. Ua W ,.-
ITy e.awloMN^^ i

t .. "A ; ;" CAN.PLACE

inexp nsirve ,

- .-.-- 4 .~-z -

* .- -. y '.-'t -rlM
S -. ", '- *"* "'* .-u 3
.. -'. 1, ;-. ""
* .. '* .? -.'" .'. *. -


I Street No 13
41k of July Ave. & J St.
Justo Arosemene Ave. and 3 3IL

U W U- -- -- ; ---

182 Lt Carrasqnulls
Central Ave. 45
No. 3 Lottery Plan

Fouefh e July Ave.
Agencia Internal. do Publicaciones
45 Cetiral Ave.
Parue Leaeswe 7 Stteet

S., Ave. on '- .
14 Comtl AMoo.'
s5 Street NOa e

.1 I--- I- U U-

1j0a8 HO D tHI4ANOE
J. PA,. etA ,i

Vie i.. Av.
'J illi~^';!. '- -

.- '.,4. -... *4 a,
*,' K i /' ,,j
,* .. '-, 1

*- 11t**9***~


14.28 4th of July Ave.
Phone Fanami 2-0552

-~ Li --

*We can help YOU with
: chiropractic"

Drs. A. md E. ORILI.AC
S Palmer Graduates)
" Peru iAvM P PO ,l -198,
1i block trom LUK heitre

Pakersn Shippers Movers
Phones 2-2451 2-2562
Learn Riding at
Riding & Jumping claes daily
| to S p.m. Phone 3-0279
or by appelqtment.
~f~leS aaaaa'.v-'^^.-'.*
:'. ,| -f^,Vflhl liUUU*-. -*1 **"
*i JII ll C if

beo d by .
,etivic council wll

Sdevelopments on- the
valuation. te question'
facilities at the theater
railing e6nditidon at the.


FOR SALE:-I set Rattan 12, 1 footrest,-1-36" dia-
meter coffee table, 585.00;
1 Frigidaire with freezer lock-
er, 9 ft, $150.00; 1 Easy spin-
dry washer, new port,' com-
pletely rebuilt. $75.00. Call
Bol 2522 after 6 p.m.-0590-A
Boyono St., Ancon (Old Corral


FOR SALE:- Gonerel Electric
washing machine in very 1ood
condition. Rio Abale 13 St.
House No. 2831 downstairs.

FOR SALE:-2 rug---ono 9x12,
one 9x15. 1 set balances-maho-
gany. Very reasonable. Zone
-2-4127 .- ...
FOR SALE:-Leaving Isthmus
telling living' room. bedrool
sets, gas stove, refrigerator,
g ood condition.chep. 44th St.
No.' 9, Apt. 6
FOR SALE:- Large mahogany
dilingroom set! buffet, table. 8
chain. $110.00. 5524-B Haines
St., Diablo. Phone 2-1310.
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse re-
Sfrigertor, excellent condition.
"Call Balboa 4227 after p.m.
. .. week days. anytime onvewek-
ends. ,
;oOR SALEr-2 cots and mat-
fresses. $5.00 each. 2, electric
aas (25 cy). $20.00. I leara
i2 cage. $5.00. Phone 2-
2662, Balboa.
FOR SALE:-Mahogany dining
room.set, six chain and China
cl6et. $100.00 House 6203,
Los Rios.
LR SALt:--Crib and mattress.
Shiker' Featherweight sewing
machine plus attachments. Book-
cases, desks, typewriter, body-
length door mirror, framed wall
mir-er Agfa amdre 35 mm.
Coll oter'5:30 Paenmi 3-5101.
FOR SALE:-5-pioce Rattan Wdt
$90.00. Phone 3-2494 House
414-,. New Cdltqbal.
.POTS Lie -7-.-piese green
w at 4 fiat .m4 set. .
$100.00. Phone Ft. Cloyton

FOR SALE: Ford V8 1953
Customline 4-door Sedan $1300.
House 500, Ancon. Tel. 2-

FOR SALE: Mercury 51, Sedan,
4-door. Good condition. 8th St.
2180-A. Curundu.
FOR SALE:-1953 Ford Club
Coupe. New car condition. Pric-
ed to seol May be financed.
House 2245-A Balboa. Tele-
phone Balboa 2417.
FOR SALE:-1948 Plymouth.
Perfect condition, cheap. For
further information, telephone
2-4366 or Balboa 3289.
FOR SALE:-Packard 1951. Big
value. Phone 2-2373. *
FOR SALE--1949 Pontiac 5-
passenger Coupe. Radio, stand-
ard shift. 83-3191 after duty
FOR SALE:-Oldsmoblte 4-door.
Excellent condition. Only $450.
Call Balboa 4464.
Need a car? Call H. Pretto
phone 1064 Colon 6007 Front
Always a good buy. 1952 Mer-
cury Station Wagon, 4-door.
gain. 1950 Ford 4-door Sedan
$650.00 Excellent mechanical
FOR SALE:-Pontioc '49, 4-
dior, radio, duty paid. very good
condition. Finance available.
$625.00. Coroxzl 2226, duty
FOR SALE:-1954 Ford Fordor
with fordomotic drive. Best of-
for takes it. Tel. Panama 2-
3883 or 3-3744.
FOR SALE: 1950 Plymouth
Convertible. Very good condi-
tion. Phone 3677 (Navy).

Aut bil~o ., #t
WA NTE: to buy all late
models automobiles, preferable
Chevrolets. Ford, Dodge. Ply-

FOR iRNT:-Small chalet.,' o
bedroom, living dining room.
kitchen. Moderate rent. General
Jose do San Martin Ave. No.
6, downstairs.
FOR RENT:-2 bedroom chalet,
maid's room with bathroom,
garage, very cool. Paitilla odad
No. 59. Tel. 2-2418.
FOR RENT: Large concrete
house in Los Cumbres. 15 miles
from town, $100.00. Gamboo
FOR RENT:-- Second floor of
residence en General Jos Sets
Martin Avenue No. 6: Four bed-
rooms, living room, dining room,
kitchen, large porch. Inquire
ground floor.
FOR RENT:-Vacation quarter
Mayo 21 to |ept. 20. 821-X
Craton St., Balboa 2321.
SFOR RENT: House June. July,
f August 3. bedrooms, 2 bath-
rooms, maid's quarters complete'
ly furnished. House 103 Paiti-
lie Road, corner of 12th St.

ATTENTION G.I.! Just built
modern furnished apartments, 1.
2 obdrooms, hot, cold water.
Phone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Fumished and un-
furnished 2 and 4-room modern
apartments. Contact ALHAM-
Phone 1386 Colon.
FOR RENT: Furnished one
bedroom apartment on Avenida
Peru facing the park. Telephone
FOR RENT:- Modern, living-
dining room, 2 bedrooms, spa-
cious closets, bathrooms, kitch-
en, hot water, maid's room
with bathroom, garage, fenced.
A St. El Cangrejo. Telephone
, 3-2148 from -8 s3 m. te lt .m.
and 6 p.m. to' p.m. ,


h. tuo P-n n. s. r Oldsmobile. hall. *
SWe pay cash on the spot.- maid's
TM ... A .INWmil AUTOS EISENMAN beid.e Phone
0'0 Coca Cola Plant). Tel. 2-2616,
Wun Lost Pc. I r 2-4966, Panama. FOR RE
... Tae Jungle Warfare FOR RENTmaid
.. .. "3 C(ourse At Kobbe R N C
For the ioeventh onecua e o FOR RE
-ar the PhysicA-l Education and FOR RENT:-Furniihed room- ment W
,..wreatio Branch is sponsor na Personnel of the 33rd Infantry cool, oil conveniences. American 2-2739
a Bummer recreation basketball Regiment's Jungle Welfare Train gentlemen only. Near Ancon
Soff to a good stat, carpet recently for a group of 3068.
d e' etel Olympic 38 Antilles officers who flew to--- Office. Phone Panm 2-
.. e champion f last Panama for a short course In FOR RENT:-Furnished room WANTI
miasoitn thc OpeoinguseJunle waf to bachelor or married couple. Americ
i ua- waa the high point-' 'Headed by Col. Frank R. Har- First St. Pereil No. 7-130. Tole.- United
ame.. prison, commanding officer of phone 3-0397. tado" 3
second -a'e~n thc RRa s; the 865th IMiantry reotment, thp
on a paraci to will by a. -roup, It.hsrectec tailities ar| To
of 37-2" trainingat JWTC.-during thel' Douglas Hyde To Lectui
"--- i* nine-day st.
'Summer Recreation ..
ft order to as3uie success of greeted bv Col. A. 0. Elepar
'ft nmmer recreation progratmi the Antilles contingent w a
S, oal.Uni fo, more volu- I briefed by Maj. Robert 0. Abarr.,
S repor: at the Santa CruzC.O., ,TWTC, and then dispatch-
un. Your cooperating led in small groups to the vari-
~. S' even of -l t#o officers were
4 '.' -- ^ from the 65th infantry. the re-
Choir malnder- congw from staff and
,o ..... 'separate unts. Topping the list
r*'aelnt Post of staff officers were Lt. Col.
John J. Morgan, assistant 0-2.
MusicQle sand MaJ. Harry 0. Williams, as-
Musicole sistant 0-3.
iL musical will be Durina' te:1ftO's' st Abarr
nEit Thuraday at 8 and Maj. Illam ,F. Shless..
tbe-junior choir of the JWTC executive officer,, ave a
-lthqdlst Church. Detailed account of all training
,of the choir are sell- and opertironal procedure. '
'for the concert and Highlight of the inspection
daily rehearsals, tour was a condensed presenta-
tion of the etire training ro-
gram cwbreatuVldng offered by
S the jungle Xps. The con- -
densed version was offered to
NTI" supplement traintlh t which had
been given prior to their ar-
AM rival. "

- I .
S1 et a Series:
U Casualty policy
r'm6 have repairs
F at a garage of
oee, including the
S portatlon Dlvi-


Sbe. .,
15W Pot

SIn addition to observing train-
Ing, visiting officers were con-
ducted on tours fo Canal Zone
Installations. Two lieutenants.
Ralph J. Barbano. Has. and
Hqs. company. 65th Infantry,.
1ind-PTatrilk i. Cross, "B" com-
pany, 26th Enrineer battalion.
volunteered and are to partici-
pate in 'Omeration Gold Road"
an obsU ere.

0gl tMhalt there lu-ine
v flyns
eC. -with hull of 39
a draft of 1o
Canml zone.

ow2e 4. iJU

nost"M. g

NT:-Residential apart-
2 bedrooms, 2 perches,
hitting and dining room,
quarters. Price: $125.
3-0351 46th St. No 8.
NT:-2 bedroom apart-
new building, hot water.
room with bathroom El
io, $115.00. Telephone

ENT:-Furnished apart-
rell situated. Telephone

nted Position
ED:-Employment with
in family leaving for the
States. Write to "Apar-
3556. Panama.

re In Colon

DOUGLAS HfDE (shown above with President Arias at the Ru-
raj Congress), one time News Editor of the Communist paper
"The Daiy Worker" n England, will speak In the auditorium
of the ColAtlo Abel Bravo in Colon next Tuesday at 7:30 p.m.
The program is being sponsored by the Alumnae Association of
St Mary's Academy.
Hyde is presently in Panama participating In the Third In-
ternational Catholic Rural Life Congress
In 193 Hyde Joined the Communist Party. After twenty
years as an active member, during which time he held many
prominent positions. he became disillusioned with Communisn.
In 194S he resigned frao. the party and joined the Roman Cath-
ottc Church.
S1nie'hbs gavernln he has toured Europe. Asia, Artica aM d
the Mb k. legtprinK on the evils of Communism. Hyde
aes tMa a. iswnot Jut an anti-oommunist, that is, he Isa ot
but he wants to instill into the he-t
of Ideals with which they may ovesame'.
"-'S p He Is the author of the best miler
s has sold 'over one million V0/..
O,_. esday will be
mar Apostolicof
.'... a.. ,. A t..
: / ;, R M


BOX 2031 ANCONC.' ,
A Round Trip by P.A.A. to
Miami. "A week at the Allison
Hotel for two." For $0.50.
Miraculous Medal Church Ba-
soar May 4th., 5th., 6th.' &
7th. Call Cristobal 1343.
Dr. Wendehoke-Maedlel CMl-
nic beside Capitol theater, Day
and night service. .Teltphone 2-
3479. Panama.

FOR SALE:-Mahogany chest of
drawers, and drop loaf table,
also professional hair dryer. Ca-
rundu 83-7233 evenings.
Offers ferrous scrap metls for
Sealed bids. for opening in pub-
lic, will be received until 10:30
a.m., May 10. 1955, in the of-
fice of Superintendent of Store-
houses, Balboa, for approxi-
mately 2000 net tons of Fer-
ro"u Scrap Metals located at
Section "I," Balboa Storehouse.
telephone 2-2720. Invitation
No. 159 may be obtained from
the above source, or from office
of Superintendent of Store-
houses, telephone 2-1815.

Wanted to Buy
hp., 25 cycle motor. Pleoos call
Balboa 1588-3002.

Union Churchlouths

To Hold Conference

Sunld At Balboa
"Th three.youth groups o the.
Babaa nioin church willhol
a confe 'nce. at the church Sun-
d after s0o80red o the
Sior High ae ship.


I -. _

PHILLIPS O .n.ik C e.
Santa ClaMra. 4. MIe.
Phone Pan.amd 77l us,te.
bol A-173,

post Setan rte.-
Phone nl -: -

WILLIAMS' W *%tle -fes h
Cottages r *fg
tion. 2-blodWM 1issg ISioe
3050. ,
Graomlh's l5%o Clor Ioeash
Cottages. Amfn. eeovqaimeeei
moderate t. H- amb
Baldwin's aeputmento fte rt *t
Sante Cler. PheM Baboa 3681
for oeserve i,t ,, .
SHRAPNEL'.St-iot id kasM
on beach at SaMte-xJm. Tele-
phone THOM SN a elbe
WANTED:-3 bedroom bouse
unfurnished El Cangrea, Com-
po Alegre or Belle Vista. Call
3-3564 after 6 p.m.

Police To Conduct

Safe Bicycle coursee

At Diablo Sarday
The Canal Zone Police will
conduct k safe bicycle operatjMa
training program for the stu-
dents of Diablo Heights Elemen-
tary School at 8:30 Saturday
All parents are encouraged to
send their children to the train-
Ing program, designed to teach
the child the safety rules of the
roads for bicycle operation.
Cflildrenjshould report to the
uniformed pollcPman at the en-
trance of the Diablo Heights
.luthhlodwa noeln In.lot with their

Theme of the conference will bicycles. Parents will be invited
be "Youth's Responsibilities" to stay for the course of inatruc-
and will be divided into three on.
discussion groups: "Youth's Re- ------ _
soonsibilitv to the Four Fre e- .
d'ms"; "To Youth": and "To Isthmio, Tr avl.
Adults." Pl ip
Registration will begin at 1:30Society Plans Trip
and the opening session will be1
at2 p.m. This will be followed To San Bias Sunday
by discussion groups. recrea-To S n as Sunday
tion, and a joint panel. Supper
will be served and the confer- The asthmian Travelaire So-
ence close with a worship serv- lety will make the ne-day
ice at which the Rev. A. H. combinedd plane and launch trip
Shaw will speak. to the San Blas Islands Sunda.
Supper reservations are being Tis l probably be the last
taken care of by Gayle Hase- tourist trip to the islands before
mann at 2-2689 and Caroline the rainy season sets in.
Zirkman at 2-4265 and must be A 30-pasenger plane has been
made no later than Friday eve- chartered and will depart from
ning. Tocumen airport at 7 a:m. re-
S_____ turning about 6 p.m.
2 33rd Infantry After landing at Mandinga the
party wUl board a launch for a
Units Get New 30-me cruise In the Caribbean,
visiting several of the islands.
,,v...p- ,For further Information call the
Comm noers secretary of the ITS at Balboa

AppnlUelln o Vrnewc 1.oUmpa-
ny commanders for two 33rd In-
fantry Regiment -units was an-
ndunced by Col. A. G. Elegar at
Fort Kobbe this week. Assbmp-
tion of control took place on
April 15 in b6th Heavy Mortar
and Service companies.
Capt, Harry Nicholson has
been assigned to Service com-
pany as Company Commander
after fillUhg a like position for
1i months at Heavy Mortar
company. Leaving Service com-
pany is Capt. Horace F. Gamas,
who Joined the unit in August,
1952, as C.O.
Oamas has been reassigned to
Fort Lewis., Wash:.a post he has.
not seeen nee he first entered
the service Is years ago.
First it. Ted Vance is taking
ovpr Nicholon' asuumptlon of
command at Heavy Mortar com*
pany. He has been assigned to
he company since December
1954 as a platoon leader. Vance
has been aIn the Caribbean Com-
naud fogr 1 months.

A competitive mpstol Match for
tht wasiat. aI Canfal gW

On saw4s
for tha
who an

a will be hel at
lwe Pistol anuaa
O9:9& aw.i
CBB hamp M

Next week end the society will
spend two days in San Jose,
Coaa Rica, visiting Irazu vol-

Jungle Warfare
Instructor Gets
s-ilt. Lester R. Curtlsx, In-
at at the Jungle Warf ft
lI peter, was notifle( Fp
t. of the Army this
Ehe bhad been accepted
Ef i mnidIoned officer in the
A i'bght by most career
of O, the commission came
.tt*lt 6lgnature of the prw-
IditW vAFw approved by :tt
nt-_red the Ary In
Black lals, Wis., *e
,uctor is a -raduat
ofM Btate cohe. Hf
b Wife, Madly

lFt|be Drum,
:Corps Asked






19 b SMOBt m A .
a n w sandpaper tan finish Fai!y *
tailed set covers. A low mileage ear
a real saving. Full Price: 585 .

1951 NASH Rambler Hard Top Convertible
Light grey body, daik green top
radio and new seat covers.. ,795,00
Full Price.

1951 BUICK Super Riveria Fordo.rSedan
Glistening everglade green finish.
Radio, seat covers and &.sibrand new
tubeless tires. $950.00 Full Price.

1949 FORD Club 'Coupe -.New paintk- k e j"
tires and completely reconditioned me.
chanically. See this 'bargain for onfy
$495.00 Full Price. -

1941 CHEVROLET Club Coupe Who
wants a second car in the family? Runs
good and looks good. $100.00 Full

1951 MERCURY Fordor Sedan This car
has bepn carefully driven and is in ex-w'
celelnt condition. Radio, seat covers
a. ndew tires. Full Price: $695.00.

1950 PLYMOUTH Coupe A real econ-
omy lf ain, completely recondition-
ed and ready to go for only $675.00.





;,, C .: .

'". 7"-

r?' W' .'



.,. .,;V.

.. -.- -- .- -.'. -i


1. .

2 1 r

.. ~ .... .. .. .

', i. '.

'* -' '; / :<*^ ; .-. + ... ,. **;.. A ; .' .- ". ": -'"^
.- .... r... &.' -:- t' rr :..' 1 -. ..
.*^-^ S'l~^'t-ff 'N. *^^ ^ ^ B i -.'-A- -< '\ ,;; .- !-^ '* w ^ "-**** *- r*
I' .I-. .. .. '

* : .2 '1


HE-...,in .l...

I ......,. .

S. mAaa4 ...b pi m* m-mO
- Jj.-. r- w, i M #. m rle .. ,mA r -, .. w it M O .,"
'* 'SJS ^- M s!B'5 iwii-iiB^ 1

@ J I

.w mat-

t. A

* l -

-To b In 3

i-Th Jong ea. the repdilng o i bills nd the heatB '
a o N. Y., from his needed sleep He dozed'
S ate Awghbtilwh lh father. Assemblyman Louis Walach, left, stood,
' v. ed and debatSd the state's new laws., .

Strikers Firm As Southwide

W6 I*Qilout Pass 38th Day

'Ouawlnding Woe

In JournalIsm, TV.

S ; _- o-- ..... eR dle bI 1AwnFd
ATLATA, April ) BelL T1ephon* -Co. In anine w,.. "s Ta
rslraad..wkeTtodtto 8 s overors and representa- NEW YOeK, April.21 (UP):
that qo-strikers "don'tsget .::t9 V esfQ12 states unanimous l y [The Sidney Billman Foundation
t te walkout' a s 4 oVed a resolution calling on today .presented seven awards
th S hide'LoulivillT e Ni the'railroad and the strikers to for outstanding work" in jour-
-, s!ye system pame submit their dispute to arbitra- nallsm, radio, television, maga-
is. h 4d a ,rdtion. They asked Southern Bel ziMes and literature during
through 4-M, day P An-., -a gtor Comatinlcatt o e i s 1954.
p r.-it a, :6lit-&an Worlnrs-Tf Anrericwto: meet in
f a *rb. rt k Af nAtlanta Satutday with 'th three' Among the awards:
ponortlWnu unions thdt v tr- governor committee to seek a
... Lome 8 '0.,, ,,,...... I1law% 0 award for 11 editorils- li the
j &. toldI i We MwI Other parties in the telephone Charlotte (N.C.) News .about
Or-lo'g ai h 9 t lie strike a greed to attend the Sr civil rights and civil liberties.
was aS violencee" lurday meeting. The strike be-'Rednemer, former city editor of
VU -.6 ",y Ihqe that gan over company insistence on ijhe newspaper, is now executive
S .ome aoulctmi will se thatjia non-atrike clausewhich the r secretary to Sen. James E.
they the non-stikert -don't get. union refused to accept without I urray (D-Mont.)
to oSrk. Yo have my pernis-. some means of arbi treating ., ..
Slon tto to theirfront oo grievances. Daniel R. Fitapatrick, cartoon-
anl d -do'amhtsi ou want fo st of the St.. Louis Post-
kbe tlhe m ff5 mettintbw ork The twin walkouts have Idled Dispatch, received. a special
Wene 5 1" some 80,000 persons in D i xie $500 award for .treating public
ah~o rd wan sutrik e rfs and seriously damaged the re- issues "graphically and effective-
not to "oput the sentence" on gion's economy. i ly.
wives, and children of non-strink- Iw
is "d km counseled b ut Ina no&ter Southern wrangle The $500 television- award
"setf caught with anyI= ng the FNI.was called in to iventi- went to ri e Sevareid for his
onsid tered a concealed wea-' gate possible civi rights viola- April 18, kli4, telecast over the
on. a a ons in the ast Tennessee a- Columbia Broadcasting System
His statements were challeng- res where violence has occur- network on the Oppenheimer
d however ,by' meM be r a of red between unemployed union case and his July 4, 1954, tele-
three a mg unionswhIehj"deep" miners and non-union cast on the race riots at a
joined the N walkout Monday. st-in miners. Chicago housing development.
Harry m Jomes representing' The non-union miners a v e
the Brotherhoetd of i rp oad 1 refused to contribute 40 ce nts The Sidney Hillman otunda-
Trainmen Firemen andEnglne- per ton mined to the United tion was established n 1947 to
men, and ardmstersqaI ne Workers welfare fund. carry on the late labor leader's
tack and, "is notIn PhntcIsg et relations, race re-
m way connected a pera Phonetic Inctitute llbertie .world
tag -1 To Begin Enroflroent peace and Alated Interests."
Tha LAN's 10 non-operating.
=10Bi. *js ch struck a din Registrations will begin Mon- Judges were Lewis Gannett,
pozte Ote a healthand peso day at the Phonetic Institute in book editor of the New York
man, 4~v bw Urvd to return ChorrIllo between 9:30 a.m. and Herald-Tribune: William L.
riZ lately by tlb p.m. Shirer former foreign corre-
southe 'Ooyerbonr conference Classes, which are in accord- spondent and commentator, and
which nmet 'at Nashville, n., 'sue With the curricu 1 u m re- Bruce Bliven, former chairman
ta s the tall 'tieup aniW a cently Instituted by the Minis of the editorial board of the
=a -3 day eq0muilea try of Education, wil begin May New Republic.
tlns'strike agant Southern ,

" I

* -,- --S
* -I-

V~4, s-s


The 17th annual Spriug festi-
val of music tor be given at
Crlstobal High School tomorrW
etening, will be a three parts
and w i feature., a bd of 47
members, the hh 4ol choir
of 53 members, the orches-
tra of 42 members '
. The orchestra lQl be hard in
the "Grand March from Aidm,"
"The Procession of the Bar,"
"Air de Ballet" from Alce s t e
and a novelty nuiger, "The Cat
and the Fiddle," with Nancy
Montebello filling in the story.
The chorus will present s ix
numbers including, "I Belivo,"
"Kitty of Coleralne," "The H0-
ly City "Give Me Your Tired
our Poor," "Wanderin" and
"Black Is the Color of My True-
Love's Hair.
The high school band will
close the festival with "King
Cotton March,' "Jungle Magic
Overture," "The Pals Polka,-"
Morton Goulds "Pavanae, the
"Happy Wanderer' and t h e
"Footllfter March" by Fil l-
Sollsts on the program are
Barbara Geg, contralto: John
Dougan, snae drum; Sen n ie
Dials, baritone horn; and John
Pabon and Doh Smith cornet-
lts. Piano accompanists will be
Robert MacSparran ad James
The Rrfm, which begin ns
Pm a in3 ., Is free.

Calelics Pipare

For Faily osrowy

Prepiaratia are being m4go
for a "Pa fly Rosary" to be
held at the Mt. Hope Stadi um
on May 15.
Representatives from various
Catholic societies on the Atlan-
tic Bide will take part.
There will be speclkl peak-
ers, Includnlg an address by the
Rt. Rev. shop Preclado, Vicar
of Daren, and Benedict ion of
the Blessed Sacrament at the
conclusion of the ceremonies.
There will be a meeting of all
representative from other Ca-
tholic societies tomorrow at 8
p.m. at Father Byus Memorial

First Tubelss Tire

For Plans Passes
Severe. Shck Test

AKRON, 0., The world's
first high-pressure tubeless air-
plane tite capable of absorbing
the severe shock of landing or
take-offs at 300 miles per hour
was announced recently by W.
C. Gulick, president, Inte r n a-
tionsal B. F. Goodrich.
The new tire passed tests be-
lieved to be the most rugg d
ever giverny tire, Gulick said.
Although no larger than a pag-
aenget car iret withstood the
almost unbelievable impact of a
load of approxim ately 10,000
pounds at 200 miles per hour in
a series of consecutive landings.

One Of the main features of
the tire ts a special tread capa-
ble of withstandlng the extreme-
ly high temperatures and stress-
e developed by high speeds
end heavy loads, Gulick ex-
Oulck said the new tubeless
airplane tire anves up to 40 per
ent 90 tube weight. Basic con-
tracton principles of tMe tire,
he added, an similar to those
patenti and used in B F.
oodrich tubeless tires in pas-
ianger arm, Introduced seven
yearO igo.

Whim# CiIs Py

e ru, 3

..N_, u t -Ia


* with -

AnUeary ITEL Shella SAM

** uI.

SIAm Thatreu--
wth Ge, Montgomery
Also: -




SN ow,

Architect Says Nothing Wrong

With 'Pedple

-It's Architect


NEW YORK, April 21 (UP)-
Modernistic buildings were de-
clared out of date today by one
of the nation's leading arc h i-
Old-fashioned styles of archi-
teeture-and furniture are much
more to the public taste, he

"We must drop the doctrine
of you may not like it, but it's
good lor you. We have to give
people wnv t they want/'
Lapidus said he now scorns the
picture window glass walls, in-
direct lIghtM and chairs with
pipestem legal he used to love.

Morris Lapidus, architect of "All picture windows are good
the lavish new Hotel Fontain- for is to let the neighbors know
bleau in Miami Beach, a dough- what you are doing," he said.
nut-shaped Florida hotel, and a
swank hotel in Nevada, said he IFor years, Lapidus said, he
has given up a 28-year struggle was opposed to fireplaces as un-
to put streamlining across. necessary and mess e avils.
People Just don't want to live Then he visited friends toasting
and work in houses of glass fli- their toes over a hot fire on a
ed with liver -shaped cha irs snowy night, and he began to
and marble slabs, he said. feel out In the cold in his own
"Modernistic styles are t oo0 living room. Now he's building
stark, too severe, too function- a house with a Jumbo sized fire-
al," Lapidus said. "There is place.
something wrong with the de-!
signers, not the people. "Twenty-five years ago, we
.,------- --- said lamps had to go, walls
had to be stark and the bric-a-
Dadi Prgra... brac was thrown in' the trash
Rdiog rl illUS: can," he said "Modernists went
on. a, 41mplicity Jag. Things got
so asinple that everything was
HO r-O aco Wmeannglss, cheerless
HOG-840-ard brtloW.

Your CGmality Station
(Telepmh : I-am)


Today. Thamsday, April 31
3:15--Freddy Martin dhow
3:30-Music Fr Thuraita
4:00--Feature Review

: W0--What's Your rav ite
cont'd) ... .
6:00-French I i The Air.ARM)
6:30-Wayne King Serenade
7:15--Oae Night Stand
7:30-Report Prom The USA
8:30-'ake It Fom Here (BBC)
9:00--You Asked For It (re-
quests please phone
before 7:30)
10:30-Music From Hotel El Pa-
10:46-Time For Verse
11:00-Symphony Hall
12:00-News-Sign Off
Tomorrow, Friday, April 3S
6:00-Sign On The Alarm
Clock Club (requests 4-
please phone before 7:00)
/4:60-Matinal Melodies
8:15-Church In The WUaweod
38:-.Musical Reveille
9:15-Sacred Heart
9:S0-Am7 g See It
(Cutex and Odordno)
lB:05-,Off The Record (.epeti
-.pleae .phone bofon8,1s
11:05 Off The Rftecord (contVy
11:10-Meet The Entertaine .
12:05-Lunchtime Melodies
*2:3&-4awe And Hot
1:15-Music Of Manhattan
1:30-Bons Of The Pioneers
1:45-Songs Of France (RD)
2:00-Date In Hollywood
3:15. -Stging Americas
2:3-..Tez Beneke Show
2:45-Mank Snow And His
Refltbow Ranch Bs-w
3:00-5eetval of Wa.kes
3:15-Sammy Kaye Show
3:30-Music For Friday
4:00-Peature Review
4:30-Whit's Your Favorite
(requests please phone
before 3:00)
5:38--Wht's Your Favo rite
(canVt'd) -

I:3sfMa, hrln Maele .
6- n On The March
7:1-.-Onegt Steed

A:O -Y u oUI wlft

Lapidus said he thought the
modernists hid served a useful
pgose eby cleaningt out t he
j nk airing out house"
Now people want to clutter their
houses up again and the archi-
tects should not try to stop them,
he said.

Aircraft Researcher

Says US Air Fleet

NEW YORK, April 21 -(UP)
-W. R. Rhpads, Lockheed re-
search engineer of Mariet ta,
Ga.. said today that in the n-
vent of a military emergency,
the air transport fleet of the U-
nited States would be obsolete.
In an address before the So-
ciety of Automotive Engineers,
Rhoads advocated development
of a "whole new family" of air-
craft for the United States and
friendly nations. a
New planes needed, he said,
are those that could take off
vertically with 10-ton loads,
those that could haul 100 tons
for 4000 miles and others that
could operate on short, hastily
prepared runways.
Rhoads, who is chief military
operations research engine e r
at Lockheed's Marietta plan t
said there also I a need or a
plan whereby cargo planes may
be operated alternately by the
mnlltary and commercial tair-
hne as the military situati orn

Russian Whalers

Cim Top Catckh

I. AInarclk
MONTVIDVEO, Uruguay, April
22 (UP) A Russian whaling
fleet of 1 ships and 754 crew
members including 32 woven
tiep up In Montevideo Harbor
tod en route to It 'home port
of oesa after a succenfuJ
A spn esman for the fleet sid
they caught 3,300 whales from
Jan. 7 to March 19. extracting
an oil yield of 27,500 tons. They
.claimed this was a record for
the season, with British wha-
les takine second place a n d
Greek-born Aristotele Onassis'
t registry fleet taking

The presence of the Russian
whales attracted large crowds
IatoJ- Waterfront. The fleet's
ship Sla&v used loud-
pelers~a to broadcast popular
I n music for several hours.
The fleet was scheduled to re.
aik here five days taking on
storm and fueL

"SINS OF .,L .r

with Hedy Lamarr -

BALBOA 6:15 3:30 OIABO1 _DfL4P!L- -w
&I'-CeEilllnI O "nREGADO "* J
a Kirk DOUGLAS .Cin Piu*qepe-Cqi Q
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rai1r '1A-A r; 415*gie

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Bums Nip Phillies 3-2 Zulueta Earns

For 9th Straight Win; Title Shot At

Robinson Makes Debut Jimmy Carter
NEW YORK, April 21 (UP)-Those jack rab- _W he winner Uano Zu-
bit Brooklyn Dodgers may be clear out of sight be. lueta. whose Jab-and-run tac-
cies paid off In a spilt non-ti le
lore VOU can say Jack Robinson. decision over Jimmy carter, to_
'Winners of nine straight games already, the day demanded a promisee"
secnd bout with Carter, this
Dodgers can establish a new modern major league time witn the lightwisht chai-
record for fast getaways by defeating the Phillies pionship on the line.
today for their tenth victory in a row since the bell "i' ge hme up twieshothth
rang. money," answered Carter's
. manager.
'AID BASEBALL Lead .. ... bases loaded to save Burdette's zulue.a, fast-stepping Cuban
-e Dodgers tied the record of second triumph, who haa lost three straight
m*ne in a row held jointly by the' Left-hander Luis Arroyo of the fights and entered the ring at
i F. znts. t TLouis cardinals made an auspIcious Wine Arena a 3-1 UDderdog for




9 rws~as-sn$.ewsf



4: -

I .-t~Q ~,.~4.i~4:.5Y.j~4..'r

3 ..** .

lcw,**-.k :
, .4

1,-rt. 7-





New Gcan Canda tl

onnd themselves when mIidor league debt, hcfrldigther ia -st fights -nationaly -i televise r um. e *
rw pfroe behind to over-iRedlegs to five hits In the seven 10-rounder, upset the experts by

tae thePhilolie, 3-2, last Fnight. and two-third innings he work- making double use f a brilliant tt
Theylookd s odIn winninged and getting credit for a 3-0 leftjab to sop Carter's rushes
that even their ultra-conserva- victory. Herby Moford, another and Sotroll up points. Game) P r '
rtiecontain himself. 'check over the last one-and-one- us a title shot if Zulueta won POew tB g Rift)
"This Is the first time since I third innings. Joe Frazier hit a his fight." said Hymie Wallman.
ave thiken over the club that it two-run homer off loser Art mana er of the Cuban. 'Now we "PASE NATURAL Spanish bullfighter Luis Mats is shown executing a partt atr- (Nigh t Game)
a ever played thiswek In the Fowler in the fourth inning. defini ely want a crack at the ral" during his brilliant performance at La Macarena bullring last Sunday. MAo Phio oa.i 000.101
hr ever ipoad dstments The poor Pirates apparently title." with the equally brilliant Navarrito, also of Spain. Sunday in a specially requtd oe. prook 0000
three potingandd fielding, were on the road to their first But Carter's manager, Willie Navarrito thrilled fana here a few weeks ago in what Is generally accepted theas splay Rids (01), Loehtigt .
ng, ptchng an victory of the season with a Ketchum, said matching the two of bllfighting ever seen locally. per and Burg.
Alton declared. 3-0 lead over the GiantS but men again for the title won't be Loes (2-0), Labine and Cran- w A B o A
The usualy solemn Brooklyn rain postponed the game after as simle as all that first Zu- da.
boThe usually e reasolemn to glow Felpe Montmar bashed a lueta has to get someone to I -e

behind theodersandh the Bues and contributed ington, aid the angry Ket. n Ar0royl-) Moota d ats, .... 2 0
second p lace M glwauk e t Brav inge too. chum, still boiling over the of- | Fowler (0-3). Podblelan and
e Bmwo-rnd-ahPl r to g tr io tn t Little Le'ue Pnrk F d h Semlnlck, Landrinth. O

.tvie rer .' Idabgive-awayodecinio n."1
Ftroo yn beat thr Phillies the victory of the American League "Howanyou giv a y nt decis" A t Little League Park F it d-ay S ......* 4 11
othard rvaf ter niht be'red nafe si ess.ive wse- Ho chbonyou w w l thdeaw -y h b; an A A

Sheld na theDodges bles. as Erv Palica and Ray Moore chum "My boy leda allrte w .wro N 8. T
douSnd Aoredbled with coll borated on a six-hit pitch- nguul ue u taimu all Thver ehgm ewii ...ll dc
wso. out in the sixth. Tho he h m Ljob. Two ex-Yankea, catch-_ Theft ge-sbtlo a N Op E e bwi .

rwiked two men in the event it BPr Hal Smitho ando t s!orta to o my never got marked.3 th fiost *3d i-jnennDro .

d-aeml Mimnr figre V t n-n 5t s o rnneu n nThedreswas sno denying Carter thhFradM 'P osib NTOA Leu Totls
hit jcte Robron with a pitch, irand, ige thrhd pro was the aggressor through most the a epo saip Play ert and Club g a f ..... 0 1

ad walked Duke Snider to Ie ino the O ioles r hm OfthOe bout, but the champ slated to be PI at the Little LOan, wai ue 28 7r14 5s bR l .a a a
ipru n. o nchmtk onnected for a two-run homerwfourn himself unable to dwl.- League Park. Frlyeat 4:30. Scn .9t.AL.8so29.p7 13 .419 au ot..q e

.erre in lln in atrun LVnM h found ivautuaiol hbhashcop- Dell, duh. 9e 29r: .4 15.280 c-Je fat......0 0. 0
h P"l and wau greetedrIh i th e fifth and Mirandao sheuepar-d naite the nit-bxn uero. Th s. -a

nheum he Ifo rced cad t heon h Hmpji ampl 2.-L.r adShI reas to sks I $
mest afourtheroun, theorem Padth7 seco htfl champion- Bflitad Milwau. 324 12tamen 1 d3ok .saur Tho aaoa Chit
All tr"', Froolrl'n made onlytacular stops rnd figuring in two Zulueta to hold on momentarily skhip of thet4 Pwi Leage 'by Fo dy,-cago 9 37 7 14 .378nt -........4 I 122
threeits, butthey were enough skey double plays. Bob Grim after oring with two hard le winning tn gbt am. Poa, Cincinnati 937 14 s ondy, lb ....... 4 2
for Billy Loestoregisterto h feredohis second loss. alia was to te b bubtothe ise 1 63- beb l .
second win of the year even the dinner. land never was in any trouble. G.e t" $.T" 1

eT he thfad .ndlC cago Cubs. G mont In the American League. Benn Alloerstein thought o Grottoni7 28 51y Pwr 1C. 23 612n urR 1 0. 6o
xton e-on brove in five runs w th I oston got to Chuck S, obb for e the winner, 4af b e_ Ron C m Berd W nd rr- _er 3 r _-
ormnd-slar 1homerpuld Tfan sJin- 2 s only run In the eourh on a united P sooremar-d hadjt 9s ld Wva -eaguen nl 6-------- 6. Thal. 4 0n .Bat 130 6
1iMltwh the bases full. l iw Bur- pair of scratch hits and rookie a d en 0 9a 5-3. t L ea3
Svmttiwaa the winner but rookie lorm zauchmen's single. One 9-94o nt. wijdgtoronnes wCitCh Inty ehaat 31d -oe4 for und I T1hrp1
0 erto Robinson came on|I The Chicago-Detroit nams was tr's hoets for a sot at thee we- tarueaN h tee wioc nope tn s b
dm the Cgbuinpen in the ninth to rained ouret why Cleveland and terwelght title sooPst. GB IBOareuaN o Atto*xHO 5l Aes." lso -peroCrmp nrere op Jone B,

a ;gyIgs ,. I totreso oute t hel win dow.." 1i000 oo onstlro out, oh withe2 willo w 0 .4 cR ter -l-T (1
H e al nk Sauer with the 1 ransas Caty wy e niot n hednled. "Thoron tol .. the.wel.000 i t *e The Bo .Mi uelt- Bchsa-tta E..ncott l.44o n V. c 1. ^A-(P Ip 8. -
-o a n :|n chum admitted. "If you can't seco ArnCd hhckd F o racea-I A l-taroroe no tched7run srE

rbeat lehtweght, there's no I rrcoeddan team rd lost'u-.e key lead the Silvr City batmmen Adcok 2a, Thomion Chin7l-
Mac murayndGodmanfRily z- mednw nWmri o*
mak1 e up Mutual team oSnlrunfnt11 IWalcott (4 for 0), and Daqule t.aonily. HROscr4t
i t & t e P A A oLu rn e y ncathi c In t r a tio n a l Iaer rIA9 o -9.e I hllo Thee A mIow nAltok N reluieen bhwr o w n rsw than ulr et a o r ae 3
hasn e ca mebl nj The pt icago-etro fnce, theslonbere'as 1*mis foela(finorn 10crTThhe fTllowig anre the Ih dolnu, etr-dl, usty

1 T e pn medalist at ambO a Gamboao-7 under parspeaks whiler- le ai s Coa hd ogerd1-2 rnInb oy & t h e on cm. tto my a wi L ar a 8 tr e t e- B ak ere ? qmLo; 'l nsI
o10 0 6 H hnk auer w ith t0at M t. H ope. A ndre 1a r0 .- Jo nehas 3 A hhl4T
title nextMay 1h- MidlasnvSryutDude00onsn00-3r lnwur C p athlate tth rl D r tAV.
uwe bed ondl tounaPrmittislJonOcuorse c aishget-for ofsv e 01132t" 11400.ddec4m
-hti a2ltl oasdd an aouhait2nt 30ef thn f Aereso 2 Th tw em d hd base, nandyoan- Camp Bierdt Wanderers vs Sliver Jones tint he-3,a 1mp4
r the5 shouin hd be DhiK tinsg adedr n as neg- (urdolhee Field,.oh Warrerr aa h- C ity H eights; Er- or vs Milsat soe 4 In n2 rette S i
*pduita ,the golfingr soldier elected his golf of laterdae to the By United nre. ieaMnl^ed rrr a--| wo-u ag e t on et Ao top r The wam B r e di.n oblna n 0 ton1i. r sin
idnAmador. oodman netne jhoessureinofbuisenuJeohdn i. \ Aroaeiena atiShort If Aihon May i Slver city v Excel- Jones d -5, Andre bea.2 Thorpe2-1.
ootPredes and will play big iIs always the one to beat in any b p e h p t r o a W S5 M B

medal players and S ther 195araways a con ten derinharontol ....1 0 1.000 of the Boston Rusty Glazer as catcher, John Surrey Heights. Burdello (2-0). L-4ope (1-1).
rb Mitten, one of ns be' -am and th Oma fvr Haan .2 0 10 m-me marathon. Hamamura's time was :22, a new record. Luhrat 1st base ad Robert Be- May 15 Excelsior vs. Mid- ut. Dmscoli Waekw84-
gbu-ene r Bob Mi A.ulch I(n Right lad Mount Hoipe. y;Th:0. A-(Pad): 723 "a t
eur chamsfvrieemainimettoilmtin C u 1 10
Pnegerte amn'an-am, schdule
andfur Is fam iliar wihen e tWit h Bsre l or u Oeo. r 0 1 .000 or a eldi 2 W d e v a
wheiti T Armed ForA Aea-Starces OwAn tar suffe t ndjars .e aks*U. tLUffiD Iufuew r- le at hHope
e recen ftr 92bhole medal Playj-t a little luck coldenem-0 1 -116-1 at In ban, S Cm Biereeandrer vs Oliver
eattheAgofingdsrlwhenhealhis.fe STE idArss RESULTS

inESm, Rileyp Goodma won the o evir. .T com.paive newcome uiff aonosnPc. il a oper at er Bas tcherF l al 1-a Bl
ot4atede and willrplay fd.JsI Dickns, the topblgtInavry Havat naor t iWs 0 0MA-8-gilerhoyrsat or
Wallop Center flcnfibiu TStopt w,^ pitches, him. s ix t Houteof milidarynd vs,*wan_
r b hoa'is nalithiate fferet TonteyI tamus, iaed fifth iontraa (3)20 1. rick W1S2OSTNMRTH ON 1eo S c oOr Bpains hopel Badsipat 3rhb TOUR AMENT" TWODRAW Camp omptior with lthe highJI v

b, AM ittn, ed 8of ( theo i*Rmpsandthe wifavo-to be v ...'.201.000 (c)ros se as tfile Nltro 'wnnSerhes 59-o at r. tugo* the- Bostono Rusty OLazrN easoCat wheeapond ba I fnt. UHod
7 eh11 P, is 1, f"^or of willA good crowd ins e xpu c..ted 0 to00 scV2 ofd tournamentski spun- ney wla-Moalou t 2.
cote n sded-P- ret-%cLd I .3l P-Mirsnl ttlE ck-othern een d.Te xtheate-0) A1P-0r0k1-!/2For there neosgtitst
~1biiirii k onthe Isth musridentry list be homeve n larger barsa.h kt & Baro,! Arm ed F o r cestA l-S a sO A -a Owe man s e e the 171171 out towtch the 'oiii3 Iu t o red r by the Baboa Gno. Clu TBrtwo bits fC mtfhe
g rilsthwmstproveinIn lar- F romna o indtins and wthi y ueafs 2 .0 2 W aaallgt The
'of7the owlceapble y P u'thanlat tl luck hoeld bete longr (2inbnsi- usve Kiged anohersixru fst ig Ca n up eenun 'sixad lslayerur dol entryofeeositan

C****' h e ooked h ic fi th I a nd seta 12w e S t C lire I u B ai ino d t he -a ct 0 -" 1I-as. touram e ann dwd Gil consist of e as yet, the reawi llnbess wads

an the Istmiddl ane ay ae l r igt. ck s 01erl Playce. Cr-lin (Ag o and. Grit soi alolix-runsin topen-e r 'a l o J 1fov yard decimal af tereb

mae her fiststrt o te nsnR~j 5)ofUM) o-O

eve, anuste sot d ild p 79 lad AtoalofI& blpLA owtem' n ~lunouti- '-

- ^**'\


- ,*.;.j K 'r.


lbt of other stickout fighter ,
Wo le Pastano ha" tog g.u

D ',past dear old +f
m nn Jmoneyar.da kt. in

bma young scrapperW to Miami
Beach, where Angelo a. ,C tls
Dundee put him in the 4qr.
Imortam t coin. ''
OW promoters and farM. are
cftmoring for 'Is return to
Louisiana. *
Ray Arcel, who down through
Years has trained and s.e-
ode a full share of the sa-
paMtr performers and more-
centl. promoted fights, p'airs
thbe 65-pound Pastrano with
loYpd Patterson, the phenoien-
al-Olympic champion d -r -
lyn as two of the brightest
prospects to come along ia fyars.
SIndeed, Arcel sees the grow-
ing Pastrano and Patterson in a
future outstanding heavyweight
Pastrano, a good-looking Ital.
"lan lad, moved Into his natiofl-
AlV OII R04-40.TY11-







any-teevised batte with Willie
(SEA Telephoto) Troyn chicag oatune watn WUUce
eedttpltby n nrlght)!ed a batboy after-lateNovember of 1953, when a
reetd1e player lyMonthe.rvi n.,,-firsti inning against the Pittsburgh green kid was outgallo d by
,. pates In a game played at. New York Umpire is usiy Boggsa an l a professional n eptem- v
Giants won 12-3. ber, 1951, before he was 16, had
-" .....-- I won 28, .lost 4 and obtained a. .
draw In 3. He had scored eight
knockouts and had never been
t y on the deck.


e,," 1tas re'i explanation- larceny.This Is, of
f'Ah tis the moat on I'be Bm accident.
ofl "..F orIt A ,
f an its p ra one- Olson's complete rout of the
- ,te mloanrs and prpmo- ex-champion was no accident. I'D N
toW Rue 11e--,. without ex. Rdced stain, due to m By JIMMY SI
S o spotless cra r-ng the weight, was a helpulBRESLIN
.pe4r- e ,, it was a 0,damn-1 factor, but Olson's most effec- NB YORK ,A)- Bsbsl
od 90 th g Joey Maxim got tive collaborator was Maxim'si NEW hYORK (NRA)- rBsebl w
,o. Ih nd round. ')ck. of mobility and lhis veteran fans have simple formula for h
I'' -a? iZ t look as othe' ship. Olson n't have todisse enjoying a -game. e Usani a but w
Ce v 6 1anderhl ma a Wsuperior speed en- dog,' a cule of beer and a
le a 'ped him wtit. The rice on Olson was I-1. o_..a daSy, venws. ta trs 4ammed g
4oh.0 It w h.enS should hav. je been 20-1. Maxim
bin blhb ery was a perfect foil. He couldn't, gprs e
r cass, as i S .obtain more m.e.- at he -ner -could lht i
Trfte te: prmore lepn, -therefora 4ad -nothing to I ha bBe
-r- a t *A, L Iv.- tear. He dida t.fgtere I lose
4tCMA Pfelt e he was- roun.- Andt l-h.aa-bra f .

gh Tho were s Dles hproulih lwe cld Davt.e
11". ; -. p $ hd a clean -knol ka t t the sa-

'toat s a tleft the ould wen -*
rl ad ind There were a il two m- o
Th -I .-aHy f or .a n efn t. I nthte s t ou and w n w- poa ,
i 0 i e Id wknJn sggt cno, hont s -t- reimi r
the am lel.-tthf .pilg, and Iet.r was, to itpt; j ust s -Well
Aro he loore,- le Ught.-be a v ye that Olson didn't wi then. Norebo-
i$ht daitplo.-To such dy would have beuied It.
aelte lmtie IO l ron o had ll a as d toh
ktk ou t Mi, or h t e Max im, Old Guys Ge Quick
k -A' to- Ws .A l
the'result wonldht be worth .aa Olson. had Ma m on thp floor
quaftr to antyody, for Maximh a gain i the ninth ans d in post
'has lonskitled seen his t b sot fightutterances expressed the
diy'N,. alough At was not al- conviction ee hisn mmo is mtion re

ris of O sta oM- o. ,pri i pounds) he lerried could have
The last time I BC promoted been but a small factor at best. Pastrao has repealed such ase
a' sm match (Ray .Robin-IJ The older Ia fiter gets thel eBobby Des, Jackie La Bus, h
Wh vls evia ths. same Maxim), els punishment hecan take. I Jimmy Martinef, Jacques Roy- b
4,182 tc boyu put a421,et1 A soUad belt by a stiff ntter and. ,er and Tony Johnson, a rather
in the cash t il It s not altgeth- as a rule, the o ld lge ezer fa competent and strong young
er tncoeneivable tht AM James a art, almost nm tanTy Tat's Greek. He did not become na-r
Norris had the trexbltmt I-n g what oappeneda when o c khve t sonally prominent, however, an-
figures in mind when he suggest- Marclano onked Loits, u Wcott his custoUary stylish p e r-n
d an Olson-Ma n pairing. !and Charles. ,'formance made a tremend o u s
Wheo n doubt, belie ve thel O lso isn't a big hitter. He hit with V free loaders as he
aOt, s the popular ract on to was hitting Mlim with toh b repulsed Al AndrwIs in Chicago.
'li t deviation from the same punches Randy pln It was is flrt appearance be-
ex apK to gr so If the no- and Kid Gavhian assroimiln tead fore the cameras and his ninth i
tOdr l.y.M who without too much distress. He straight victory. j .
hase, a grooved seole, the prod- hsneault a one-legged man in
S dowhin I .th.e 8anuct of 10 years of fighting, and his late 's, plucked Pastrano
e t uTmto hange It now, courting. more out of the t. Mar's Cathoic
z tt *for d have badean power, watld not seem'to be e- Youth Organiration gymnasium
cries, of "fake'from one end of ry b right ae e i in New Orleans, where this ex-
the cauliflower map to the oth- What are his prospects against traordinary hstructor can be
Er. oMoore? hsfound every west-day night.
Pi"'gott That's where Esneault found

o 241 ain does not make ., or heavy. But If Maxim Is old Like other Esneault proteges,
S di.e of bonin mid- at 33 Moore certainly not Pasrano stresses defense, the rte Kell
a- Of ttQ.floore a le 8. o01 will h aRve0 professor fully realsIntag that all
tft vw is. of foot iand hand ngfor matches and Ies are won on oBfi Thba th erie out
IsDa NOo rbrthe "ft U., no mtter howv0 co defense.W e he Is a sharp SOUND- Te hii o
.g galdOt price- and a l SdItiona or bowstrong ethe S puncher, Wllie is anything but of his back, Ke as their
ch wind p with an I us Nqo=y bsie. a sd Is a ooker-ot. He just boxes bank on George
d no o laSy e to winfor..:, the other Imys ears eof cleanup matn.
o pe ad th e tBu tneult al taught him all water a week of wandering
WE int i 'and often1r .l .. an_ the triks .at at hly aes. t aroundBduout and clubhouse
d can be II r.the Ag Y.. 5u .Ouau, agsnaYt matInches that in the National League, the no-I
o hspo a.~I tche ot tion comes up th Rickey should
Sof his kaotn., o efm k the otw- get an award. All the guy Is
what tod o with h1 left hand. At least you can figure he spa-
hi knockouts r d from cuti
tb hdno8o" 'u p f .um s r per hearies out in a week o
Established 1893 'A married a Floridas.ta so Wit them, you're lost.
girl last year, now makes Mia- tatem at Monte Irvin me simple
Sm his home, where their first The i left fllder of the Giants
A W N ir dugouta mi p a iame.
"on4 b the1s i gof instruction, "Wht's this trouble you're
-W u + WtIson eof the sppsedl emh within Inside,
"a.--.nwartv. he-fl of comps- !"I .dont havs trouble with the

M -. g -dm.

.b --all D th e S

..f- a' ;V will""" S

IG LEAGUE WAY .u or. t A


Shooti ng ,tter
A BURNT Child dreadsb the
fire, but apparently solme grown-
Ppp aren't as mart as toddle
Browsing through a little pam-
phlet dealing with huntingaccl-
Jacob Schmidt Brewing Co. has
k indly published for free, I came
across figures allowing that of
the characters who had some
sort of accident in 1952, three
out of each 100 were Involved in
*another gun mishap during the
succeeding year- which to
i / I say these lads were 100 times
Vthe rest of nesota hunters. I

,,.noi2> ti b& -How come? Are such individu-
i it... esey ^ +al als stupid, Inca able of learn-
i how i ( se| i 4J. 0 ongfro bexperince, evn bit. the ac tda.perle In -
i on irpa and ter and bloody experience; or is group are just toon cuBeo t .
rcal reason for being thus ac- or example-Cae Hisor ry A
"cident-prone? met during my owner :wost
The 's no doubt-and Indus- p aienoe, Was M tine la
bla trial surveys alve already proi- out of one hand. lHe' ost it Y
t..... opoed this- that some eonnle are the smp emansaneu orlo l
.m.. .o.P I M& end for complicated physical a n d a loaded shotun off a car at -
is -- o go .-- .o bato." psychological reon more like- muzre first. he strilg a pgL. 'a
eaUHeGly to have accidents than oth- on a piece of duff- an e a
S era.He went woodchueta .,p a
.The reasons are too compli- me, presumably a thwier me,
r a1 otecatied for us, but I for one am four or five years a lte r.'
'InA 'caught him hlayNe g hio vo d iut
homu snctin^ rund wsf w convinced that at least some of cdlun -sheti a oad hed t
b t o. ,t o ,, an i,.i l" o ame c fron seat. lladed! .Ad1 e :
,Bidebl re ox III/ estate law, gIdillA the lawsn +s
3 ,hhM ccall CouS l knows, against thaelsu saah l i

leou al pg Haiinr u oeAs a ba eate fou I orke ju sti pun nSjLv stleade It
he pot'n-Up, Hitter Go Mcsall oul rht:ow bir IrSe,"

ndlehpn getaii ah iMonaio odethepp ae crtAnd CIL m babon-e hi L '
SPllesHave Started a whole new record book WAOO -
Sget o fne.' snapped. "When ou tet shooting a hbut hait d, a

S rere es wh e ter like Monte over there you "BAfterthe CI

Ped rther it-when ere are want him ripping. You go for Lead-off men houK w t wr l Kath Gray7hon In
ne Reco. rd.ot t n w habit of loading and closing .l
Somebody came to *erestue, scatter before atepping up

v hm oodpi,,, and thrd.t.rn r T.strate, Ducer tr Today .10
Anfer manag there opin th e buine, ping. Even to the shooting ts a little off the ed the me w Don Muer

eant that as a figure, would be quick to plate.rPt usO -n, -Be e "
ell ou that f he had men on Durocher made the issue ha- ed to ly and u alinvolvedIn
u st hitt wSwihozf, who runs a baseb al Iduck~-shooting party and be w"
is job to go for its more tha statistical bureau, quite add I n .Massignedtoamy bld re, Wel, a
alke Heor Mhaze take a crack figures n the Polo Oro u n d estrikeste looking limits of mawalk a
ou want a hit, not a ww d be balls. press boxmanger. Mr. Riced up the dtht formulaoys,
After all, a team has on-uphlyit- "hhhh" he'd constantly hisstartedbg htt staggshouleringd know that. pleaser
W. Ip. Vuetly dsa-at those around him. "Working marsh under our lads.

man In that class, so why wastehim. IHalfw
Sae a m"eay bae I,. with these figures is tough. Give to te ar I dor
IYou pitch llr ra n al me a break, will you? I make his gun w still ade4
Roberts conher used theam ke on these, the wh d been ale
aGo then stetaad an o hme, t.e whoe of the game crt- backbonly ht the oneall

out three out of 10 times,"
Pitch. Thte bat flew fro h I he Meant a wIhtlat s. "1
he' explained. "The percent age haMh=4'twnt _tth? t is why he bunfp bl

walk, would' It?"
inThen why should Irvin worry "He should Moave fielded the
-a bad.pitch? Justtaake It ,lSbtl-tli-wt tOitt".l. Tod ..
% a body crabkbd. T"That would havteT a25A.
great unr ocherstarted a whole new record book WAHOO! -- 1i.M
rt goi, t any "No, sir," Le D ufor Seymour to worry about."
WAY.-a h r get os i fn.' snapped. "When g'ou tot a hit- ior .o- o HumpheBogrt, in
."Bu tere are times when ter like Monte uli- there you I "BATTLE CIRCUS"
Le'd rather J-lt-when thers are1 want him ripping. You go fortLead-off men should get walks.
aen on baas. Thit's When you that walk if he's the tying run Power hitters like Irvin a n d Kathryn-Grasymn, In
gamble with hlmt-hrow him a and we have a man on first. Mize and Williams should knock "OVELY TO LOOSAT"a
curve on a 3-2 or 3-1 pitch. Don't But if we have runners on aec- runs over."
ive him a good pitch." ona and third, I want Irvin rip-, To illustrate, Durocher start- IDEAL Today-. 20, .10
Any manager In the business, ping. Even If It's a little off the ed the game with Don Mueller lan Ladd, In
you figure, would be quick to plate." in the clean-up slot. Don proceed I
ell you that if he had men on Durocher made the issue ha-ed tq play hit and run. Leo al- "TUN!BR IN T1113ASV
ass and a thumper of the Wi1- zier. "More hits are gotten off so had him taking quite a bit, i Macboalid Carey, in
lama or Mize type at bat, he bad pitches than off strikes," looking for a walk.
would want a hit, not a walk. declared the Giants' mana g e r. Mr. Rickey, t h a t formula, "'= LAWLESS
After all, a team has only one "A big hitter should know that. please?
man In that class, so why waste
,im with a measly base. on'
If the pitch is reason a bIy TROPHIES
lose, have him go for It. He m ercurm r
some place.eeAW ARDS
Roberts confused the issue
Gain. "You only hit the ball
about three out of 10 times," ,_,__'_,__ _"__ _.
S W -T -r -" "l + -. t 'i

FTIN st 0*

Also see the
with patented "SAPPTY LINER"

,Automobile Row, Panama
Tels. 3-4563 3.4564



.. '

* WlIOUT wnElr
*; -


rn Jaded- --

- *.7-. 4 ? *
-U .. A

-. -. ....
<'- ... ,' F..-

. ..- .. ; .. .- .



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94!W- -

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\ .yD ;.. t 't .. r- -' .-

GC7-7 7 .o.. .- ..i
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 9 *- *--s' -.* ^^^ t ..- *^.-. ^- "i? *-*llA '^' y*';l',"* -- **' **-**.i .i .-!?'^ ^ .*?
""i' "^ NIL' '-* "*B if^ f...... ,,-'", *^ ^ ^. /*- r'-"**^ ..' o *.*"
.....G ". ... O, ,,f.,.... ..... ..,r. -+.w- ,w,

.L .. .. pLRead


"Let the people know the tru&t

and the country i safe" -Abraham Lincoln~

L I [ "" I I-- i I l ] I I 11 i I^ -- A Ill



WUSWZ 4 3IwrU? ,nW WW r --' Wr. Si*t -, r -.-
"KEEP LOW AND MOVE FAST" is a byword with medics in moving a litter case through a conlbit area.

Jungle Warfare Training Center Medics

Get Plenty Of Non Simulated Clients
"Always on the alert for any Consequently, with two 0de-
emergency that may rise" tachments sending me di c s to
that's the duty of medical aid the field, a total of three are
men at the Jungle Warfare present daily for support of
Training Center. each participating company.
3WTC. which Is ow in its Armed with technical knowi-
from medical company, 3d In- edge, the detachments are cur-
medical detachments assigned, rently engaged in battalion test,
one performing duty with JWTC a ilase of training considered
the other working with the as their graduation exercises.
tiug battalion, B oth are During the tests, a ad men
Uim medical company, 3 3dIn- move with the companies qi
falntry Regiment, Fort Kobbe. part of the tactical force, tr esat
One .unit, on temporary dut ing real and simulated casual-
at Ci*np Pins, consists of 15 ties over the two-day per4 od.
men. Supervised by Ma). John They are gra0ed by umpires to
Q. Thompson, doctor from the determine theit know-how and
Fort Kobbe dispensary, f I v e efficiency under pressure in a l
men work in an aid sta t Io n, situation.
while two men are assi g n e d Always present when training
with each training company. is being conducted, medics are
The JWTC medical de t a ch- aware of special techniques re-
m nt has one man assigned to quired in treating injuries com-
each of 10 committees to sup- mon to the jungle. Most Jungle
I% medically, companies re- treatments result from anake
instructions. bite, heat exhaustion and mala-
tnent at the training cen- ra. '
la. Suppwised by St Crosby In treatment of accidental in-
R altedical technician, and juries, the most Important
o 1f 1 adien, technical pase, or medication is "ou-t h e-
Sad drivers, spot" action, 4en prior to e.-


ATHENS, April S1-(UP).-
strong new earthquake tod
"completed the destruction"
Voles, a seaport city of 50,0
persons about 10 miles north
The new quake sent panic
stricken residents of the ci
fleeing from their destroy
homes to the nearby hills a.
seatront, where they plead
wtih rescuers to "help us get o
of this damned land."
The caief of police at Vo
reported casualties thus far I
taled five dead and 51 injure
Soldiers were digging throu
the ruins searching for ad
tonal victims. Authorities feu
ed more bodies might be found


,000 Pop, Greek CI}
-A Radio communication was the their f raised peanmlenu, ear- medical- and engineeriq A&d to
ay only contact with the city, and ried them on teort bouldersp the stricken clty.
of the full extent of damage was and fld td the Hils. 0 a mia lhpn
DOD unknown. Complete confusion was l flewenthei ns with
of But reports reaching Athens ported. the Greek war ai" es 0"
ic- told of widespread destruction The governor rep rted the the U.L'mflHtary sad d at-
ity and scenes of panic among the power station in Voloas .was di- tachs foez an elf In-
'ad popu'atlon abled. Other persoibs said- slight %evctlbn. ,r of I
nd tremors still wer being felt in The mmiste of interior
led Some of the frightened peo- villages around the seaport. also flew to Volo toq-.supervilse,
ut pie were reported gathering a- There was no 'immediate infor- relief efforts.
long the uafrent and making matlot"Ns towhat damage these It was ndrstood that the
s frantic appeals to be rescued. may have caused, premier Intended tdo appeal for
to Others picked up a few of The Arrmy was ordered to rush aid from abroad.___


American sailors on destroy-
ers in Greek waters have of-
fered their help to survivors.
They already have donated
1,200 In cash to rassit ehld-
ten in the devastated area.
The governor's building and
hundreds of others collapsed, in
the new tremor. Previously, It
had ben estimated officially that
9500 persons were, homeless from
earlier temblors.
The governor said the new
quakes "completed|the deotruc-
tion of Volos," toppling build-
ing already weakened by pre-
vious tQmors.
SVolois te the principal port of
Thessaly and bne of the major
cities of Greece. A ity coex-
tensive with Pasasai, at the head
of thle ulf of Volos, it had a
population of 51,134 In 1951. It
Saleading commercial and in-
dustrial center. 'Thessaly has
beeta center of eathquake acti-
Vty trough the centuries.

Caros Miro,
Cauo Released

TOUGH TERRAIN is often encountered by aid temas as they
evacuate their patient from the "front." Regardless of difficul-
ties encountered, injured men must be moved to the rear as
rapidly as possible.

krRICAL AID MEN from JWTC demonstrate the proper
iufor placing an injured man on a litter. Preparing to
their patient to an aid station, left to right, are Sgt.
-. Hearn, 8gt. Manuel Montes, Cpl. Donald Burns and
Pfc. Nell Barnes.
mma ra m Mamm


I vacation to the next echelon, died in such a way as to pro-
Typical of their function is vide maximum treat m e n t on
the immediate application of a the scene and maximum speed
tourniquet to a limb affected by in transporting the Individual to
snake bite. Once the f low of the nearest hospital.
blood has been reduced, suction Helicopters are used, when a-
is applied to the wound in an ef- valuable. to speed evacuation.
fort to withdraw the d e a d I y With the "know how" posses-
venom. After initial first aid sed by 33d Infantry medic s,
measures have been admi n! s- they are as much a part of Jun-
tered, the victim is taken to Co- gle society as nmbat tro o p a.
la Bola hospital where doctors As long as there Is a Ju n g le
complete the cure. Warfare Training center r, me-
dies will remain an inte gral
More serious injuries are han- part of the organization.



ows: 1:10, 2:35, 4:39, 6:43, 8:47 p.m.
-- --- a
Fr aS! Fo R R l
if h' Greet LeblM &L.





A L Amrt ootnk Prewseonme
A Powel-PhrMbugrw Predcdmon
An ogle In Filims Ioeas

i/ !- ;



W *



Carlos MIr6, the brother of the
confessed slayer of President Jo-
se Antonio Rem6n, and Victor J.
Calvo, whose testimony helped
to convict ex-President Jose Ra-
m6n Gulzado, were released
from custody yesterday after-

Carlous Mir6, who told police,
following his arrest on Jan. 3,.
that he thongt his brother was
the Jan. 2 assassin, went home
to his family. However, Calvo,
who has been suffering from a
nervous disorder, was returned
to the hospital.
Meanwhile the six-year, eight
-month sentence imposed on
Oulzado by the National Assem-
bly on March 29 for complicity
in the assassination of President
Rem6n, was officially commun-
icated to the Ministry of Gov-
ernment ahd Justice yesterday.
It is up to the Ministry to de-
cide where Gulado who is now
in the COrcel Modelo, will serve
his sentence.
Madge Tackoberry
Dies At Balboa
Home This A.M.

Mrs. Made Culp Tackaberry,
a 67-year-old American resident
of Ba boa died at her home ear-
11 thIs morning, apparently from
natural eaes.
Mrs: T4ekaherry had been I i
declining health for some time.
A friend who was staying with
her last night called the hospi-
tal when -. she discovered he
companion. was dead. '
Mrs Tackaberry is survived
a brother, Oliver C. Culp, supo
visin plumber for the Mitau
a Dival on at Balboa.
Funer services will be an-
nounced later.
Benefit Casino
Opens Tomorrow
At El Rancho
-^ !risa'

All Hail To The Queen!
------------------------------------------ --- aae r rr

The Queen arrived from Italy The Queen Is a beautiful Ita- 0 Qit W K.
Just a few days ago. L a st lan doll and the third prizein fr and
week she made a surpr t a h- the Pair's Door Prize Raffl e. t W ( W1 19rt- Como0
pearance at St. Mary's e- The first prize I a round trip Clare BOoth t le;iho
my la Oplon. The entire student by air-P.AA.t--o Miami for two, Sheen, Ca an, Los've her a royal w nome plus a week's, stay at the Alli- retta Young vd Jacques Mari-
ad the 2nd Graders enthroed son- Hotel for- two. The -second tain.
her as the Queen of the Fl.t prize is a -troplcalized portable As usual there w9ll be a Won-
At the moment the Quee6 Is office typewriter, with keys in derful asortment. e .stuff
appearing at the Knights of Co- both the English and Span ish ed'anmals, qoveltieA 0o1pla, .
lumbus home In Margarita 'and alphabets' All who mAke6"-a 50 fish poad, carnivalh =e boal-
at the .end of the week, she will cents donation ,to the Fair will loons. Last ':b not'a.t thern
pay another visit, to colon, receive a free chance to win is a fine. Paty Ba Dos
wl e, her adrqirers can see her one of these three prizes. The Prize, plus free h Y~oift 1
at 11 and Front St. at Surany's. winners will be determined on win the ham bnly lf ua ar
On May 4, 5, 6, and 7, she the closing night of the Fall present. ,
will presi e at the Miraculou.s and you need not be present to Make your plans ngw to at'
Medal Church Fair. The Fair is win. tend. The dates May 4, 5, 6, j
being run to assist'the needy of The Fair is also featuring a at the MIracula i s Meda
Colon., wonderful parcel post boo t h. Church Hall, in Colon.

PRICES: .60 & .0 BROWNS: 1:M 3M W: h'#tM. -




- 1

. -." --... t. .


." i.

" '7

,-. ..
' ,'.

'a $






* "y~

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