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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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FOBD TO In Red as tileChou-4 (right center) surw
i..lothl detecfves and tedodntrds asa he arriv a the airport in 81Op= ,
ll 'h i plaanwa tnreed . it Tb Commi. unist leader lter'flew to Babnaug, Indo1esla, for the Afro-Asia

'* *'* .

Bndung MefMay Help Free
d : .. .. ,

Red-Held A American Fliers
-. .""
*n .DWAt) s. K3NNEY| Carlos Zomulo Is a demeora- Meanwhile the United Press
S : Lc spokesman who can use his reported that Communti came
BAnnprOiIndo.n P& l 16 own .homeland as an under surprisingly sharp attack
(N The r p iren eamplei America's determin- yesterday as "a new type colon-
now hJedg held as prGisronp y atln, to nUioIam and to im devoted to conqueas and
th oAmunists a a asda. Ait A eanomlcally. donnatlbn" at the opening of
Ireedom as a by-pro- Behind the seetes, Thall a n d the 29-nation Afro-Asian con-
dut O thiBaIdung Aco-A*a S be active In the Western ference.
,n,a Mnetral source.iji. oasu. Palilta.. will be more Both Iran and free South Viet
inf Aeriyle exclusive. opedn I its tWern support. Nam warned the delegates, rep-
ly ns there Turkey and .r .may sur- resenting more than half the
on e the coffee and turn world's peoples, of the dangers
lyWe, blues ,,:.l the Ch ine se of Communist enslavement, ac-
era or all ... uOrsts a nd.4h eutrals. cording to UP reports.
' SE S3SSrs i ,apan remains sun g on the
eOM awstyeileeloallsm and
IW**HW~nk^*i^ ..y.. -.h- .mer&S. kin .ft. wk1-. am->. Zioltnim *lLs'**pe listedl vh

ae. t m flK __ a 'p1 my. malhnged about a

S.'s i nd d arecdit the epr cmps but not acknow-
U:- ed 8tML -t. led by Peiping.
helping faces three naLlons Opti0aam grows over the pos-
'1o joined in the fight for Ko- ab1thy that the BandUng con-
r:a- The 7 ifllpI e Thailan d femace may turn oVt to be a
SPakta victory for the uninvited Weste

UI Pressing El

Americans Still
W m -- ..
N, I


ea~ I
them. I

eti M as the major
thE e

ea'liio 'sa compnilst props-
AAda circus, sat sprngely al-
.Dr. r.asihl b an.ll of Iraq
warned thee nwly-4ndepedepenrt
nations of the M 1dle and Far
#ast they would be "Jumping
from the frying pan into the
fire" If they fell under Red in-

0 -- S. Nguyen Van Theal of South
Viet ~am distributed a speech
Fmorts To Free d In wm .h e described the Com-
tfo To. -Fr "e e r munlt rule.In North Vlet Nam
as "a dita al regime, which
completely Ignores uman val-
I IHel ByReds ues and personality and the bai-
eld By Ked Ic 'right of men."
Jamll's speech drew long
S.- and loud Ppla- e. He looked
d ir atl at' the Red Chinese
House Democratic Leader John Premier as he delivered his at-
,W. McCormack (Mass.) called tac oan international conunmm
S ree nations part ting In nnism.
AfroAdid .onferene. in He told the conference dedl-
un, onesa; to egot the catedto the promotion of world
p r i a o0 release 11 their peace, that there can be no
prisoners, hope for until the Reds agree
to m that theo wlbt termed physical and
sIiem tsyhe oeal, darmament..
.repr tatives of Communist ,,Co-- a-... .al_.,,
would be in a position fl ,' amaliu wIrI-
where they could not very well 'He as ...l.. ..
fto ha a ieest,' he said. He was o sClalghtly less bit-
erencehas a real op- Ilu.2a *B keon Zonism
p tfor aervB in this I A S 4L.~nsutg force in world
,ier. a' -Ad h a eased upon the
-. .eI e $ brand Iqrael "an
Mi_ ean r eptted that "the I .p Fae CoL 5)


RP Pays


Owed US

The Panam government lus
cancelled two bu ttotaling $1,-
046,215.28 owed to the United
States government it was. an-
nounced tolay.
One bill, for the sum of $174,-
896.35, was the unpaid balance
of El Encanto land claims a-
greed upon by the two govern-
ments In 1951.
The other bill was for $871,-
1U8.93 to cover payments for wa-
ter and other neesilities sup-
plied by the Canal Zone govern-
ment to Panama.
Last week, Comptroller Gener-
al Roberto Heurtemattte while
on a visit to Washington had
told newsmen the U.S. was de-
manding payment of the two
bills before submitting the new
PanamA-U.S. treaty to the Sen-

Number Of Pages

In New PC Phone

Directory Reduced

Copies of the 1955 Panama
Canal telephone directory, a
streamlined vrson of "he 5

Mben ane or ote
will be mad this weeL.
This announcement, a well
as the fat that the telephone
directory has been reduced 52
pages from the 1954 directory,
was made by thWe Communica-
tions Branch today. The stream-
lining was accomplished by the
reduction In number of cross-
listings In the "Personnel" (yel-
low) sections, and the elimifa-
tion of residence listings in the
"Organization" (white) section.
The commercial section In the
last section of the book was re-
duced by six pages through use
of the new Remington Rand
"Flexoprint" system which per-
mits reproduction through a
photo-4thographic process using
zinc plates.
Another new feature of the
1955 directory is the incluMion
of house numbers and towns of
each subscriber in the "Person-
nel" section and addresses of
all persons and companies listed
in the "Commercial" section. In
the "Organization" section, the
mall address of all company
government offices and orga-
nizational units are listed.
The lUstin of names and tele-
phones numbers of business
firm In Panama and Colon was
continued in the directory as al
co"venbzene to the pubHl& ,

Will R

lINE UP FOR SHOTS First and second graders at the Klt
Carson School at San Diego, Calif., lide up for alk polo vaccine
shots. San Diego ws the first community nation to start
this springs mass inocullon with the serum.
4 W, *"'

US Kids Aged Between 5 And9

May Be First For Salk Shots

- The

GTON, April 19 ( P) I for Dr. SaO.
p tinmA. nA lioeon- AIMcra t leth nei

dren In this age kroTfpace te
greatest danger hereore
need the most protection.
SThe nest hgst priorits
expected to be assign to
children whte are less than
five. Followob that would be
youngsters between 10 and 14
and then -those between 1
and 10.
President Esenhowet ,person-
ally called for the conference
to make sure the great new
weapon against Infantile par-
Ivsis is distributed fairly
throughout the country.
Taking part will be represen-
tatives of the medical profes-
sion, the drug Industry, local
public health grouD an 'ie
department of health, educaten
and welfare under Mrs. Oveta
Qul1 Hobby.
Mrs. Hobby is known
hopeful that the
will agree quicklV-P-tO -i.l
day on a voVntas control
plan assuring every id that
needs vaccine an equal opr-
tunity to get It. -
President EsenhOe. mean
while.- invited Dr. bTO BSalk,
developed of the vac M,.Ato. th
White House next' i ._0 -
eelve his personal
The President 1W-9I -
mended the "D raIM
"4f"w IhfleA I~m d *M7A

muu, b"s UUUn

is at d Pi-

is expected tobe aipriority syi-
tem gared to serve the neel
of the childrt who appear,
statistically, to ben the great
ept danger.
The five t nine group rank_
highest on this ote because
accounts -for more than' 7 per,,
cent of all -lio cases$.
The childif under five are
close second, accounting fo
more than 21 percent.
The 10 to 14 group stands at
1t percent, and the 15 to-I ate
8 percent.

West Berlin ayor

In B For Talks

On Red Blockade
BERIN, April 11 (UP)-. bft
Berlin Mayor Otto ,Su fle to
the, West- German capital t
Bonn tody'to discuss. 40. -
'mists,"pockltbook lok
of the city.
r aar, an advocate of
counter-measures, went to n
to Attend La meeting of -
ment's committee for AiP -r
ma Affa m and Br aU. e-

The committeee called its meet-
Ina epeeap~y to discuss the
new comunst road tools for
trucks bringing supolles to a
lish the tlls, the Wes st
Impose an economic
blockade. L
Be has advocated the nhain
of tradq shipments from West
Gerihany to the Soviet sone and
the banning of shipments, from
other nations to the Wast asero
Wet oermany.

Popov Sale Bemins
On Zone April 28
Disabed veterans of three
wars, working in veterans hos-
pitals and convalesient work-
oomns, have made approxImate
e crepe paper me
i to be worn- lu honor of
fallen comrades on Poppy,
'e American Legion Auxillary
i of l on theaa
R d winlbe-lrm AprieU 2t

at work tht-ua;otf the wlar


. 9 .*:


Six hundred children in Panam6,City will be vd
ated with the new anti-polio Salk vact~ie beginning
week, Dr. Luis Vallorino of the san Fe@M
Clinic. "
Dr. Vollorino said today that he was expecting
cubic centimeters of the life-saving vaccine to be a0
his clinic shortly, and he will begi, the vaccidatlfi I
Although there will be no charge made fori e Ai
he said, persons would be expected to tontibute t
polio fund which is being set up in Fae"nm City.
He said he believes an announcement to tho.efI
naming the commission and the polio fund, will be 10
tomorrow at the Presidencia.
A shipment of 3000 cas arrivedca ditrbutor, uit1
on the Isthinusk last week and a applied r their
was sent to a pharmacutmcal wold Stock r ak
firm operating In the Col6n FreeI 1 their phnau,
Zone. locally to doctors ad 4
A for the ira ad erns.

a pharanchto,

CrewfighW Sbip'

Rei .s PC Transit
Bout ForRussia

The British frihter chay
was completng her anal tran-
it today. It was iterpted
Sunday by a f a a h-
nes crew memi o i snip.

age utl tithe brawl between the
tewards' crew and esuneerla
crew as straighten .ou
Since there was no evidence
of a criminal offense within the
Canal jurisdiction. Canal
one authorities who were In-
esigatip g the cae said there
was no ation to be taken a-
ast anyone aboard.
It was reported at most, It WM
a case of battery which had bc-
curred among crew men before
the s arrival in Cristobal.
No ati wa taken by Zone lu-
ti amuse this bhad hap-
m o t ah eass a for-
e ship was an-

The end troey of hr1W
WEa automiUi* mcw.
In w f naieh

A spMoken sa
board I uof r I was
Up to look to the anee
T7ere was no hage
condition ofthe three
wo wre hut In the a
TOIeboyg, Samull Uaaa

from an& #Ad bruises.
not iiiadiil to be in 'M$


LoNm. iwmi to awIl,. '
Iam on as m, 2

For P7l2Aon

A .h


,s. -

M~-~ '~'
~iim m


~ A

out the f
lease S



. i(.;."tP.WO

* .. I



Fi "~'~4P V~,

.4 r ..%

1 .


* m~ -:~t~


PANAMA AM, "Con Take a H
LS14 MyT PANmmA ,Am""" T5' Nw i r ""
l B i A oec et-. .TrCev,
Il, H smiarT P. o. Box t44. PANAMA, OP p, t P6.
TELEPHONE 2-0740 (O LmN$S)
4 MADISON Ava. New YOanKn. (17) N. Y. ent
I ne he -no It-I's the fnmon to | -
S-"-- take miracles for granted and l 1 e
9 sORoM A THE -EDY a the blessed hands and Q et
READERS OWN COLUMN brain of Dr. Jonas dlk and
other men in white will be bat- -A
tling in the obscurity of their U.. spends
M A L wel t o t (. labs the other dread diseases ad e t
It was Dr. 8alk himself who
,. -d. told a vast television audience ,. h ol ,
1 *) l l isa n open forum for readers of The Panama American. the other night that the most he
ai received reatefully and are handled in a wholly eafidential ghastly disease of all tillr

_:haunting us Is m mental illness & Y Ie Mt4
l sttoss are published in the order rcelived. polio, for the anonymous army r
try let keep the letters limited to paF ng of researchers*is preventive me- h eh
of letter writers is held in strictest coufidensee. dicine.t
.nwsp e1r. essmms no responsibility fr stategsi s pinlens Dr. lk's observation inject-One d?,
d in letters from readers, ed new life into a campaign in nedI
Kbere- o .this field of mental health o g e pg
J Il some one please tell me why it is that I cannot travel for some years now. This udop.
R t Panama Line 9t gacatlnG rates,eJust because dad anld the amnicain Federation of d a .eean.
r had to take t oelr vacation when they could get It, which Mtate County and Municipal .
rts Ut cod weather. l olUAF, Is led by Arnoldok H
Dad and mother did not want a, lnter vacation and they Zaner, the nation's only labor wld
Itd 21t want tQ lea ve re behind With a mald But dad could chief with a Ph.D. t
t leave at any other t.ine after being here 21 years. Its experts have long known .. tE prote.s
then school was out, to take the family to the States, but he zed for mental Illfes than for p I. "
su always told that they needed him or that there were too poolo, cancer, hearteailmentsn.TBdo.
4a off on vacation at the time he wanted to leave. So dad ndA other diseases combined M
op took their vacation in the States for four weeks In the The s6elel alts oand o_ en J ,
Mother became very ill so dad brought her back. Ie stlas h employed byn tahis tkrl woo be ] o a tO. hobnob with Bexrs otl
I.want to go to the Statoe, I haven't seen my pqgpl@ n al d1 have long been wa ot eor enar g, t
ir. Dad couldn't take me with him when he ad l that the are nearly 1 at a nooth oy." te oe a
vacatlon.,*ecause I was In school. IpersonsaesutCdIn mh al .. Km sduf hr eeh
.-m really homesick to CeeCmy relatives, my' friend, and hS ek --makin up more on DIPLOA Ots t
grandmother w.ho is very old, and she isn't going to than half the number of e a te m DIPLOMATICe a ba u. oera
u hlonger. I need a vacation the same as the rest of the pIltits In al hospitals for b manner in which it
aDL- g r byn t thoted acfugtr oThe v an n wc Cne ttellow o
l d i n the country. S al-shek won ov secretary ed the mn' dp .
dad signed for his two more years down herere The alme o te m e that m000m state DullWr wi chCi lat "That"'snC. MottN McCarthy
that I could go to the States when school was out. ron are admitted to mental T M m
x)mleeati no t. on For sa ted h u stoheldes 'then 'Me
mhe Is told that it will cost $187 each way to send me o pita each year while ta ked out. u te hm. gle stockholder In enral
Line, which he cannot afford. least 10,000A00 AmerLCans -one Dullea tkre ou asi per- r" -
.tt to know why they are so unfair to schoolchildren, in every 16- now suffer from suaaeve r Wcea r to p Joe didat wastt tahee mina
Why s Sort fmentl d er, a to e acus the re ute. He walked up to rMott ad
____ :though only 2,500,000 persons Qimngo e and aftudtrde th e t w
COMPLAINTS AGAINST THE MILITARY are.bee treated each year bye and ns, the two were cham
OsII tre -li cMs and talks. -' o -But Chiman wn s more rttaM lifelong friends.
qVe .gen in the service for six years and of those six, Train all this has come an- Bu Civ. ntg wad oreCOugP my aw
ave been on the Isthmus. In that time, there have always clal headaches as well a socio- BROADWAY DIGEST Sea" book has this quotable quote 'he mot hie. InsteD RWS cn e oe o
avebeenontheexhaustiong thing In ife is ocalUfcf insi ncer. That vinet h thley o e T Itroi tho e Mo. e
ea derogatory remarks in thhs column pertaining to the mill- Ingical difficulties. The cost to vented hlmshlf t lt the on blured. 'McC wof e the
og e. one. of which I am a poud member, and pertaiing tlte country for mental onstitu- The N. Y. Critics' Circle elected "Cat on a Is why o much of social U exhausting.., allsts not o h d stay on ant Jean (McCarthy's wife) w.
g Wheels n p on the hill (Administration Building). tions is one billion dollars a IMot Tin Roof" as the Season's Best Play. It got Tonight's top event is at Toots ,Shor's-a party the islands ut the UA. cook the potatoes."
Wheela up nfb th year. 9 votes to 8 for "Bus Stop"....They voted "'Salut for Damon Runyon's guys and dolls-coming as sould he! hold them.e.
coMilitary oulemen The cost in lost wages is In- of Bleeaker Street" the "best jnusleal" Several their favorite Run on character..Seasopal note: Most r problem o Wen mo areMd D
1) Military ol men Calculable. Industry loses some weeks after it was Interred, costing "backers There's a Percy Winter on Spring Street..The mo isa SnraAtmoot e firmly in t owh
2) and Schools nine bllon dollars annually in 1100,000..Thel ,erltles' posies, however, are ap- reviewers agreed that Polly Bergen. Don Cook Nationallt soldier kas family
A ebbe Beach sickness ald accidents, and bll- proi te. Considering flowers are often sent and John Dall are tip-top in "ChampigneCom- tie on the mainland. Only one WASHINGTON IP I
don't want to take up the whole column so I will hold my lions more are slashed from toi nerals. Most of the votes for "Cat" were plex," a mild amusement..Reminds pIs of the in 13 Is married, and only offt-
o w minimur. profits by routine absenteeism. ast by revw on s nagse and off-Broadway sketch that was always on 3rd in the vaudeville cera are permitted to marry For- he Youngstown Vindicator
inlet me remindthe writers of these lettersthat there The Federation of Statem. journals. /ost of the Aisle-Sitters on news. bils..Critic Atkinson enjoyed the cast, the mos states that It d t expose the
leaving hernde weekly for your convenience (pretty good County and Munio al am papers ted for "Bus"...Tennessee Williams, scenery, the direction, the wit and he stressed O obOt t,
.l:Are they afraid to leave and go back to the States ployes' research ha ve author. of "Cat" has won three awards from that the dialog Is "bright and funny." He also ur meting Y
for a living (minus the 25 percent)? ma re thas t mental ande "Catls' Cir and one Plitser'medal..His hailed the playwright as a st Rate writet...14 daurmtr wsaftn"a
~o like to suggest that complaints as sll as the ones moonal disturbances are atir trophies Include an extensive collection Just didn't like the show. Invite. e U. w to Inlu
forth be ondist anerected to the pros are of dollars..ul Mun's lay, "Inherit the Wetr an.ear
f orth be directed to the proper athorty r not ak y rocketing absenteeis Wid," got money-n-the-ban notices beyond Dinifed periodicals are getting sooo go this will give
matlwly tondemningof the safe award hich Albroot sk y-and aroketide g abemot ee. Broadway borders...It is described as a "con- sipy. A Satevepost's essay (dealing with a movie excuse for apro battpan" .t l
t24,075 hourstng of sathe flying ( awarithout h ttng a single There was a time when. treversial dramas," a popularity-guarantee al- star) recorded he ps~'ychlatrist's Intimate re- sthor than a ser olfr*l
),07 hour of safe flying (without hlting a gle Thre ws -ce ..... ..he.thestmost an- apar with having a o Called, ,"S ", port.. Ball fans ll enjoy a retired umn .e' ,sa Br rh -wm..
) ommon old waste tw.. After two years of marr e, Eddy Duehin's confessions in Look. His1 opening crack: "I'=ii W RRB .~I-
m O- I A i Of-I t -_ .r.. ..widow, .- u" a f a e" an anaul, of have hailed my guts, but at lest the
Iso Wf.A tobp one sot an e o a Pel L t. -etolam s Taran rolewsand Cox 41
mb e -i ,-. nIdaho er stay In the usahes. moving au n- .
eo1 .percent -- town, Pa., he was hit and wouwd up in the hosp -L"
of romsuchm14 suffer Astress Ruth Roman and groom have knit ..Fame Is Like This: Marquees for "Bridges at
There ar also t of re- the slit... Lee Sharon Is at the Hotel Capitol Toko-Ri_ ow bill Grace elly And forget;BillII
Ted arels a i o re- tndng'froa sinum s op. Pre caring a new act Holden (After all, I t's been it whole year s nce Though Senator McCarthy .I
late problems from -no plans to marry -anyone. Press agents for he won *n Oscar).."La, La Lu" from D now on th sidelines. tha work
lthesemaladsjustmsnt ich obscure actors use her name to crib free space "Lady and the Tramp" is a ofwI Ae: 4 he didW emtth.-eaf.ltae
,ump raeoulgy but uwlsly We want the plu back we gave the miall alcome relief from the ro teDoer... D ,artmena -1- wp -go r
updert heading Of"grl Not only knoc your hat askew (or off) a's photo is spread acres pages In Esquire, anult 0w
asces" inadvertently camou- but when the driver puffs anything but Bank (Quite a spread), g. lcarn ried 6n .by'*f.ho herm
fged thereby as routine labor- ,, e. o urdseegars,, obrutherI... ow a bout those air raid -- eol arin. n- nfr i
aagemebt difficultIes. sirens. Five p. m. Is fine over at this midnight- Coronet reports that Ley Llano (the id been o t # I P ht th e ve4T r.
pte_ terrific impact Ok to-dawn reporter's house. That 10 a. m. stuff deorted back to Siolly gant chief) is pay inge rs- Cot and "ne S Inor M.. r
every facet of our lives, little (or even 2 p. m.) must wreck alumbers for all -. S 'pace' dets ( ) n N. Y., Chi stook their meteoris. an ctin n oe maet a move..
attention h0 bn pd to the night workers...And wh t about ill peoplead c get hli U*' tour around Europe But their The Air Force has certainly
Illness, whic has been obscur nap-snatchers?. .In her dqIghtful biog "Mem- guY buldupT..The lb st-In theater ticket l estou. s crrtic sm, pus the bu t ei a r ov
d by the more draiastle fights ories") Ethel Barrymore reveals that she Suf. (for some of the sen-due sausicas) doesn't design of Joe McCarthy, -has recul pg 7
on polio, cancer ana heart dis- tered stage fright at every first-night in her sl wise. You cannot help a shaky his by tilting whitted its appropriations down nmn to ne m rce, a
orders. There are only two life. srics. The theater' s urvivalW depends on super- from $122,000,000 in 196, the featuring a N plane. The
f .,,-. New Terk; and M- or shows, not taller tarifft.. Reports from ~Flor- Ike took over to onl ner was pulled by an .ver-
i]tasts-- which meet The "Ankles Aweigh premiere audience will da msay Felix Yo g o fed s vh Miami Bse h77,000,9 today-for the le tia agency wl".ch .ts.
eral mental b1lmth facilities include Rear Admiral jwgcoe H. Hillenkoetter, and will sell his L'AgISon.. Ugahamps' former wold.- / Force contact on-
-. Commandant of the 3. .lvTval District; Vice- owner (H. Lustig) m buiy I..B way people r In contrast, It's estimated the of secretary the i .r
l 1 Admiral Laurence T. 4 oe, Comandant of trying to purchase entrol of the San an Communiste spend $112,000,000 Talbott. Nb copetetp
S h* D. Struble, Military 8taf1 Delpgate to tCe headed by Willie Geckatea, landlord of Me- that Moecow aot three
mayy be hi*' aides and laosu,,a;l., da Dahlberg (she 0Glns' Restaurant..Ari YoeR Beady? Last sea- U 1"-for p dpc of
of amany of the wears a huge ri n's hot weather rage of Bermuda shorts for In s a
4meono In .W, many of athug. ,
th.ei .un ,i i -eNe mes&e..The odd-n action must inclua e or konfused, Mon?) t io w hih we casino -e-- wae t
o h grj, thia unkin't Tkeae New Elg, a starlet at "The Honeys," -Seven--[tioihwhich hasYput itO owarmen loasr, is Cwoge sin al At.. ,
S im" ,- At _t!i J .h, hetryout-bhmdl, getting a new 3rd Liberace's Easter ift tSonia Henle was a in of tile Voice qf Amer- peting concerns abroad

h rlugh e A .d other wears a girdle...p. i t Page's niewy, "Nr "Goldbergs" tv film...hSalute to the many budget. for .e
dn l- w .- Sher.. an -,,---- was asked: -. thousand members of the Atlantic .oast mnd e- rae Isnowhere near to vel an tom
his rad dba fmili inbare doing bet te others" for the annual New per gathering.. but b did O esh a

,, o i an immense betteri lla., despe t e ( the sumg of" DR)hand dsom' of Carthy's old- inton of thesair .
a.-ed ofbI... a eree H- b o. h...
30U. p_&a-h ._ .. -. ae- Story

.tadofo a o.,a. wp w ork o eor. M Hph. .

So e A-. ,, o, InM r-

"These men ae overburden- i'i
ed and taen =from their busi-
nw 6f aurin People. -Who *M :M- O". .. '
Would e"pct%. Balk, fr e-o ..
smI b e to have Ignored his polio ..._._...... ._" _:-_.-_ _,,_'
vas c ein ss In order to fill ..
oqt abaeee forms of his labor. -
'Mm fMiel has been surveyed
ythe wiPdispatched.
eli ~mannicl-

fPtutleii cover- .... -
Me" eA '.,

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l~~~g lfl-~~~~ ~ 4'- ^ ''**-'- '/'
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last*..-o'. h l .. r .. .. .. T
A'. latho ld

.,g t Okinawa.and the southern Ryu- d When they gooe tobk but c1
io, htn cart TIl p i Okinawa Last Str nwgh

SS'A is la today I i the tmand er, or dept t e s.oveor,
P n at. e of U.S. lilt. t. Maj. Gen. JaUMoore. Th *

S n a neth ntand a new bre ed of governor aee I Fa*t co and-
W tlsecular mionaries It plro- er en. Maxwell Taylor. who

SO t ItheP" T he ine duced as t World War ILi sBit rIn Toko.
shut.t a .ie ond- t uling i former JIpabe The l.Amine o .uce evi-
.,ad"W,- In. had On- Ul Fkitte southern yOu-e aencedOfa an oE i.awgood job, but

,yus niie ows no Inento on. fe mOninwand at*oland onowners,
Of-lh. rdio olag- hlA fina b-Isl. bt n aieacher. ;andnese m poureout
Ae o n tht of war i0s anIdealtales.or hthef foreign ners'dmisun--

0 s r eaion as the.. United derstanding" f thi msonectr-
-*oait t e -States U Bu1 political control. prle' view point and ds. Here
sh_ ;" ,.- .h" -. ... .... hln tab atd athe d US, andi adom lstra- as in other occupati ons, the for-
a. ,ea. hr a, tots, boMh ,ilvilan and m ai tary, e gn ruler is not wi. dely appre-
t n ey 0o people of the south- ted or applaud.

Sshowns afor i usi," ay in musi o e re adds wf n lch fo
rNrdtarwn. "If they ant oau three -ations werte t U. S bureaucrats wor kng in
mob. mn a, -theay tu- ia a southertt part of apn. a ll fields of government h ave
,,,Increasingl authority s ileing produced sold progress here

,,Ih th given the new and lnexpelenc- with libl d,
Of I. e s sedio schoolsrCAeed iy atve "gov ernmnt oaf e money and thousands of. j obs
d a Ryukyu. IsIs" h but in kssey or dispossessed farmers.
Se the- neL thathe arss. n ,ei- Rtters- the. rn. Civil Adm n-

tput n real- s e orst they n rai sosina inthe Oriental Islanders, building wol 1 the h I O'GHy e OaS ,

1 11601 6 .W .th Mini o .- schools, helping establish10 ndus-a tththe
ae.nd t 'rrtinp- _t wlls ts o a I rn acti a at ui se i eYork th Gt andpreaching .s ste de- s Isn'tafrid'ofthe whites a-
u'P ra uTewI'n o, r k Sa k-trs Gleta Se l mocracy. b bu'
oorAl (P) N. T y ,.. e.rtw e ..... a .e ,a s When they take stock they can

e ad's lery art hmae a tieh sr on music more andt b lain t fn- prep areas thein for a stuen riepa s su t TO outs nMfmcatalstialulero ofo
Str. o id o ncb4109dr.hodMCIl-ex1 W n Mhe nOfH operdan miracles as:
1V:h 6awouf roal u expensive,mandrTV: eo da Mto ic Oneastudento, n hourdeep Inth aoowad sodahrateredce

oy h ,.l et-- he -nnin i d dhers art' i ed to cultivate hin hQ et dr a or o p r thou e pd e wa y. tor
do. ali s TsmeJdbd ",-g .hter n on Darwivns t fi d and sopm nece lie I ome1 aa e y" Oper -thousand to day. l
nt io-stion. as n t i o with vacnesto f a country .s. Tdi a r a e a.t'D a r w n At the Invitation of the U. S. ubrculoaL incidenceI down
tUt--O F p MH 00sone keeps re.g wit says that's-oq ofiathe most lu- Naval-tat, Coco Solo, c 0 olom 1o90 per 100,000 prewar to PE
roMi'. yn he adlo teo noPto learn the finte art of psinnng One graduate, an Englih girl, seph'i. h hIls School, Colon
rie helo ok -w receerdNtried desperately to lose h e r enjoyed an outing aboard t he 9,000 newspaper subscribers

_thtAican L o tell thema lom ah" 69oen e British accent. Whe n she YTB-1 l i on Easter M o n d a y prewar, 1 50,000 noW. ar
hnen noslcan t expect to o knin couldn't, she turned instead to morning
title; tJ. Aintona Wr. want to work outside. and-1 re upstate New York station, where companied ithe students. standing at nd of war, today
t T .S d, xcemerine "o pe cey mutt Comubla nTehey rt on plar. one fo rs pushedwasy enjoyeh er
Ecyt fdtb ro.~ Aa M gre (U ) oThe week, they canny get a job. A ther eef opular. one fo urr some, as enjoyed as
t t s a tt iwe gthon u ad- They pick t er own music on the tug pushed its way past the This doesn't make them love
t h e l f o r p : o nas a r f o r e t o f o o t fto fbwee cta rh en i n o t A m e r i c a n s a s r u le r s T h e y
a iAbt3?e ine a up' nese arwaed o 'ter tis year, it Th a udi ftionb il for Soc oth getiWclearance i erlo Bay and into the t. Hope want to "belong" and be gov-
wnas o000 f 1e dslos mast thing that can't be tilght- the from the copyright owners, tale shipyards. rned by their own people.
S Major U. i concessions avert- ability to mae se out of stab at ipts. On the way ack the students Some kws Itervewed
at a l ee r hd a ined sandsll in whated crea d. aWe can toc students' shows, Darwin ays had a closeup view of the agreed with the American claim
p at NiAa llo pW0 WerlI Jtanome artdeSllt aw h ineih ooad sueand veare are often better than some you wall and the entrance to the Ca- that the people here never were
Sr would have eoy e t e d but we can't teach theheaT overthe air. nal, while they watched mer- S Well before.
ts04 W f co e t U.d defense planning o In t h et be smart enough to read with Needless to say, many hours chant ships move slowly toward
0.e dfernset. a nfeeling."I" ....o oekare spent In practicing that grue- Gatun for the Initial locking on Jobs are the biggest factor.'
Wlp~ed the count be s pro- r when a prospective dis lock some necessity, commerce a Is. he shortt way" to the Pacific. One-fourth of the total labor
1 i e ae, atntk ee U.8. eeoncel, ordered by ey passes theaudition-and5 First they ly red the sal- Fr. Terrence Mooney a n d force, or 63,000 men and women,
in we y per cent ot--heyembark on es messagesThenthey try ad Fr. Robert Long, Catholc Navy are working either for the U
-t o o w toer t. W a sh i n gt on,00w e0rel o rast d e pear n rce nt C ha pl ai n tf room8 01 0,arin e wfo rc e s o r c o n tra c to rshtohthePU .S.oH E R E 'S H OWO"N
rtinig he alo uied f p thenew ednserva 100-esstoh course.nAt BOAthey fibbing from a a hscripto e uns oe
Supt thinking he asto hs goverpnMtnh of Prime W l can take those 100 lessons one thy advance to straight ad ih, paed the students. m ob Thandst hefu .
mo the A eo Ichiro aatoyama, w h ch a week, two a week, three hand lbt the slips fail where they obsm t'arstothee market-U.
Sore ambitiously than he lacks a Prliamentary majority, week or even five a week. may.
dvpni, an id if t s sble, stay inofice while Japan re- They start by learning the fu- Hardest thing for a stud e n t Brish Sub To places. oCametioandtryhi
t aor T s monse s.a ent uow ahtveo isl nd e-'.
bacomea Amerianbecause at most smallerSta- In, Is the rule o not over-talk- SurvS.pie thesegaensom0
n tIBa g einsdiscjockey must double og. Next is the art of playing viks tthe
office aas a staff announcer. And the music for everyone, not j u turned some day to Japaneseg
lfl ~L5 months wu.resothd after t w o learn to operate &a control boara himself. He finds lazz fans want fl -, ule, according to U 8.-appoint-
ro.remonths qf e .tiaIos that:chieftxecutyirgvernmet
W -.arring t-iact of Gd because few stations today are to program strictly jazz pro-l Oef cefnsexe cutivee u uhn Hrga 111juj '.n is'
.na -eof d 1. JadWl increase its able to supply a separate studio o Rrams, and the classical music Aoitato fo re. versionn to Jpn i
next-com-fae b t engineer. The..955 disc jockey eylover mans out test programs LONDON, April 19-(UP)-A Is generated b a
Bstottalsh of yN must "cue up" hs records, e tal woun sel bsom in os- British submarine, shortly to smal minority.
suk tou as 00 I b le r able to fade them in and out ton. .. e sai round the Cape of 0"o d
OVA an 000. e s rwitchan to microphone,. and be a So the din N jockey school tumne wad ck thr u gh the

d,0 .mo atd tpo they rach the stage where they ma cure softer, earth's crust, the Admiralty an-
be.a forMel sloe- squadrspsriateprocure-t heyor@, whtern t much. 0tradutve im- s ciec w go
iZoncal, g dHMS Acheron, omma n d e di oFine oFurn ealre made_ of I ,, .
wb th' e.nisp"- more of a". by Lieutenant Commander Pe- Darldn Mahgany, NOW atI ,omsrl "
b, .oa pn wl de Iti tIter Hay, is to make a gravity mag 1 0 1o0 I" 98. -.. ..
, a ng- eo- .forwoMs tI apan wmto thecrea soettofUl D survey of the portion of the m.. .
dt fomte etbUSdfnseotesubs u u i h n n AN Ur earth's- crust beneath the ocean. I" ,'
Iswork. $42,000,000 below last year. In Do n't .uff .from disgstinga provide a level platfsorim on chi liC e 'e- .e An't as- +effect the United Etates thus and d ns skin blemishesuch awhid alvari ationrt mo onIs s beat aov n
". V .i, O n next0 co m _. P = that am mount m ore m ove I mpl t e Ra ash, R hiw orm,b wh ih variom ionsu in the m otion'Cent r a dAven 'uSe A .. .. .
-.m t h e e o n v e n C .h i y ea r fo r Its d e fe n se e ff o rt. a nt yi o t .aybad ski n o f p e n d e lu m s ca n nb e o b se rv e d 3w.m i. Fi ft h A A ,ue .-. -
mtakinnd..ala au. hoAe
s-.3. apn wi use this saving badk ake people think you are -'
H j.1 s.7=aadm r- .to Pay for the defense agency's llseain- Clean your slin soft and
n ,t..- by .forces. or Jointly." ,IA.
a"from l anyointnment you have ever .SIR
0rX !% ; = o .o -..clear y u ik n-to. m a ou Ek ..IOI

skin. 3.T It helpe na 0tr e hel ME lu bl. my 0km

LDwt& at. b teWBctee
o0. MaAm l. .*uSk. o ue" by
19a- a wk= l; -kw
.ood..ent told a MArch 16
mwIonW. Sacnaw no "am

W 4be s eVs o combinate
.d Welcome to watch us make Pizza .to."

a ..pon..
hI.--,PU iso a .* Spaghetti (just mention style)
Fileto a la Sorrentina
SMozzarella en Carrozza
e Lasagna made, with eggs.
o Scalopina a I[kMarsala

We al tsrvez :
Lobster, Shrimps,..-
+' batfood platter, CorbIna, Steaks.

. ,- j -. -.


Special lzzI ak ... $1.75

w -ti 1

*'* .;
T:-. ;
'*-, 'i^-
KW. A- JUT, ^^
' i
-.,.- mmhf


...' .


* C

4 -- / .A

** l.: '. a ..t/ ,r :t
.* -.. "r -, ^ '.-. .- .
/ .-. *- 'o .,v" ^ ^ -
. \ o ^a t ; .^^., i. l .



. Statue Of Davy

HVILL, Tenn., Arpil Il worked up that never fails to
The men who carved get the same answer.
a pes in Tennessee histo- A youngster will Inevita b l y
ilntly are getting t he asks: "Where's Davy?"
off from the young er Looking properly puzzled,
idch to more interested In Young will reply: "Davy? Da-
"who killed a bear vy who?"
was only three." "Davy who? Why, Davy Ciock-
there sla no statue of ett king of the wild front l e r.
dary frontier figu r e. That's who."
rskett, in the Tennes- Another point on the tour
C pitol nor in the other which brings cries of outr itge
ilUnas. The youn g e r from the youthful visitors is the
ration wants to know why. replica of the Liberty Bell on
the Capitol ground.
0 state's youngsters a re "Didn't Davy Crockett patch
ending on the Capitol in ev- the crack In the bell," they
creasing numbers. This is ask.
time of the year when they
the government buildings. "You've got the bell; w h y

a the past, they would walk
the statue and'busts of Ten-
iee's historic figures In the
pitl corridors and listen po-
ly, but probably with little
es the explanation of
M dde.
hat was the past. Now they
want to know, "Where's Da-
Cocke t?"
Ien Lolle Young, chief of
I Capitol guies, is somewhat
She can sn is, "Go to tte
library building and you'll
t's bench that one decorat-
vMy's law office In Alamo,
zat won't satisfy the c h 1-
J hey want a statue.
mOtu has a little routine

Lasker Winner

ed NewYork
CO, Dr. a.-

S bar work

n r
do bristle
i (codL)

aont you put up a statue of Da-
The matter is fraught w it h
political implications &a t he
thousands 1f children constit'ite
what co be the most power-
ful lobby the state and offi-
cials are becoming more a nd
mqre aware of that fact.
Agriculture Commis s i o n e r
Butord Elmlinon,' Oov. Fra nk
Clement's chief political lieute-
nant, agreed that the situation
was "serious. We've got to do
something about that ani
quick." '
Until something is done, the
Capitol will continue to respond
with young cries about that that
man who was "born on a moun-
tain top in Tennessee."

"Anwe to Pviz ;As
F- o0 0BL L1NIiL 1k


5 Assist
lAir (comb.
SArmeWd confict
S Hebrew
10 Monotony
12 Approaches
13 Ruulan river
1a Moist
0 outmr 3

aerolowers 3
25 Female hore 3
20 Vmsd's bow 4
u Musical <

S. "CU CO" .... .................. ................April 27
S.B. "COTOFAXI" .................................May
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (1,S0 Tens) .....June *
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ...................... ... April 30
B.S. "HAZELMOOR" ...............................May 2

M.V. "DARRO" ...............o........ ........ April 26

S.S. "AMSTELDYK" ..............................April 20
S.S. "DUIVENDIY" ...........................April 25
All SailIngs Subject to Chance Without Notlee
'PACIFICJ STAM, O CO.. Crilaba Tel.: 1M54/5
3oRD 00. INC. fw.. Prd #1.T0d. -1'l/s

Faltering Philip!
'ballpu .f to His e with briet. ba
Nell-won e te d lw be me
R0palr would Mm bb M hometlke new.
1 A ClulSfledl tmt the right duel

Hard Wrds

sBI WILuA s m ou

, '4 4

L ^igS-*< ftW ~

The Ood Thhu -.

" 1

_A hi, ._ *



s- 6 o 9.0



Well I


Come In, Boey

r .s1

L;L!~bl ~

', ii ~rt;a o I.Hou


-*r- IUJOM Bou aoT T 011 WAS

5-< ^

C.- I


SI ~~AE~fU


Ig R.T


_ _L _~_C__~___ ~~_ _

Mdwmmu --k-kwuawl -

-- -



. ..K -" .




A < _.V

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* "&;:'I

S ,. '.'. -"
Qi:^ f'l?^ I


.N,. : .

SAvftcados urprise Or How To
.. .. ake Nw fr Prm : thing
tlInwthe hole nhe
w--p...... dougshnut. Much hc 41 1. writ-
ten on the subject Codena Calr-

nar tloday kings y ounter 09
tee m of the hole mixte avocado,-
*il B by a tnd what to do abtbt'ttlI

t e ripe avocadoe and eu u half
.ftmes wLoo. rosswlse, not lufgthwtse.r e-
e ant o move ed carefully. Fill each
_JEE I A oavityG with soale t bdeese nImx-
at 't towure, Placitg l Ahae center a
sharpt. 'Intyouthe fr a1 es a o eUsedw bt pitted ripe ort rn op-
....lper a.... sTe.s 0 reo lt Ive. These cheese matures are
w a n egrformuast .e rt r -t esty and attractive: Cottage
f ince group tiue. OIN1 ( Wr Ches e, aeamped oheuse and
Wsinmeare flCh Tccemse. For the olives you may
p5ilor at4 theda p o nnuts or chopped chives.
N -- --o 14 La t Nei- wow replace the halve to-ff
r h'"~'~d(. A Telephoto) et her, wrap the whore avoca-

PSaibSa ptIo U. tCh e who FbKnre l ona-
boa liftoatair Winston nd Lady C oU urchill place and t lchIlL .
t h ir( (left) stro li members of their prty, th roughthe
n, in ahltTh eve rao roue Sir of .-ig Sacuse, Scil. The ChurchilLs are Now for the surprise: When
A 14t tn SA t e ae u tain theosaety re sunshine re ad to serveut In tic

Jan': fusand' Mrt1 Sy cn- Tare po ondC ton, arefghtes .vondf. rings m ak an aattrac-
tive salad plate placed on a
The,) re sie d "Milth pre f t Pr ogrmo l cWbed of lettuce or watercress.
4, .a- lo '.urTor t imcctiU apOur ..P F the the h or Russian dressing
JryW UR S1 : tt an i E oi t comp ler reci ete othe disto

ahen Thl.. rt ster Z ertruo 'Ifue orola s you have a nutritionally
M.go ters Velaw h a year; balanced, light luncheon.
Wlekram won BMeyP111 ort KobbEl Pamnnde rsa at conscious from the minute re-

V .... p'. e whIEch wD e nb o by all echelon b E- ouloer l full veplae sounds uenl t tapis sp eial nt 01ers ce
I& ebor.It"was e pr am to umber ,8ome excellent examples of
gtt a a 7, Apreah 2 oe 800 w.m.d of losto timae Lob il al-buse ttop safety recarda can bet found

h to n ormalember thr go intitut Ora proIn which "dcomp any, n-hb ptraoi April*15nto
e, the ar1ve n .crd l nvyedr. to .-atn. u ~d akthletics o a e 1 ompa o 2ndl battaler c onme .1 t
110 Th lel thmber Celb nf Directed by CoL A. t. 3rk Headouartets battery, nm504 FA The Property Dsposal Officer,
"Jean euffus lSand Mrs, I. gar, post .c*am rand C.o. battal on;, 5th Flrefighters and U.& Army Caribbean, today so-
3g*J WItuBg, the two mebersint'- j of the 3yr0 l e, im B8616 AU_" he concluded. licited sealed bids (n 40 items
tihte tw ito embers'-iai.ohe3program Is d4.',ned to maken w Units cited have the best safe- of foreign excess personal prop-
100 msi ere se rved In he all ost residents safety c o n- ty records on Post. In all cres erty, located at building -24, Co-
apiu mI aI Sts s- loune after the mbeetin s- lcious In an effort toreduce ac- the units have recorded t h erol
-dg ski r t.r a tr 0B1m30 Cailby, M r e cidents through nelect' or una- least number of "lost time" ac-
;# o perBennett PdEugen cg w cidents within their respect v e Among the teams u offered are
1 0 Gambeo, Club )Teo Hold a nwheare of, tetr safety year. bulldozers, I life boat, marine
r tl At lower levels, battalion and equipment, type ster, miscel-
a.The Galboaod and CII legar to Capt- IClrTence .os- comply, safety councils meet laneous spare parts and many

S, ~.a" lIAaW mrs ad their instituted. vast program which staUdrde. l rdurinX the period April 15 to
e cr danll Invtd to.- atentd s nduel acw ea o to r n Corpayl councils have come May 9 by contacting the proper-
-6,& g. a the eI^ O r oordialy invited to Attend. .5 tes in, pn to r c e p
Se l This will be the Club's final no a o nmea with the post up with numerous safety me a- tydiso a officer at Corozal.
',,, .teIal affair before the e leti ofH I o' llt ,i ncludes str toured which the Post Counc Ii e ora
Sal' o Qrd Officer hs, olea'm. he 'eendents has adopted. Bafety re q u I r e- Bids will be accepted on May

oa alt that stary amlc 51e &eedno, Ico.ments inhesrson t-ans ,eatc hifnge1r1 Bah
,.wMAY: 1.-b*. To da .i tea an t ee hchta. -. rl-- ments n leAsonplans, patching 10, tr1,e955 at9 a.m. in building 630,
390810s c will be provided by c ,,ncil, ,been ti d ato rnd s arep a few of the pre-d nC h_ l_ d
toA --ftero. the Kds- 'arr o e9. o r at tflo a bae ht r. nig ~er -Adv e ntist C

at t ,tar.t b of. antohf ki'd of: or hv metmi mol rmgAeasresae ,. th.cose .
fir b of t*" ose orCt ll i
oz.andf u lee re i- a lafU Ul Api C-ay t 3pSunday
ofhl trItaprt PinrOf.oiromumoTo' and 1n, pdoelao A Special Sunday afternoon

eOh e ontr clud- dn i a w a ; n pae concert under the au spices of
showsth e eL ion of fDv, sear tbeadsarttd o tth Athe'le onth raymeAventist
w L orea will play or AI fort h Church, Colon, will be held Sun-

4 1411, a t oar- _ma's offiAe f t fI o. "'t es hi probr a. aot adayat3:30 p.m.
Lfor tm.-tfle ymr0. *mar..a a Uad uAuxriliary, fet reservecantMosdy expn, 'We have a Qumzdl CiTolu, April 19 -d
hstra.ion, was held at the D problem. here of curl o- (UP) A* official organ of the This concert Is for he purpose
Heights country ci dents In such a way as not to omand ta4 elisch a I d of making special Impovements
S chare, but any voluntary cm- cThe floeng iT .i'roM AP renda" byhas asinedhis own fmammond prgan.
Zj)! trlbutons be dqpMte# in was the o t d tain ro ;o death warrant" by'lmposing in

the, strictive moyasurties on the Guest artist on the program se
4"a he optIwrean bc ed,i"Is1-to church. will be organist Carlton V. Rol-
.-abtMiGr 'ca tc1e, o r vd.alaet L'Action Catholique made tihe lox, who will be hear in some
be Trer.s Insld Mrdnas.g u dtnl a rial.T the dlynewsapr ae r The choir under the direction d
]ii Crt.a nPlt atai n sonsotmred byn the archbi how's of Edwin Cob-ai
Panam..-r.1 t. for was etoeach ouT palaTe and its religious views special anthems.
fh e ClubePaau&4M0. offIc-aer a .of-them the o ,hebelrvsy tedda those _
bars of OfW0te ofenorCatholic see In

us ,'.nOthers m eti' n- -ncluded Ed na .. o ismnInewspaertcomme ntedu
1. FPIS Lr Ta ,.' Paeord rtoheArgenthoin e go, ternment ,s
4IWA.'thW 'P ,a t, t e!vR lodan.p It as uchels. Hwe poatd It wasl th I
d"pBrakde, eft_541 ta ribay te do atreligiou hs edudaticm and
'o.terya:now, ElaineHa ltord, Al e e"Na v Industrial won -nhi of morale In schools

-"aWainwright,-BttyTanyeIs" thrministrathive e.

loot la ,. arertail#
INoAmn drlton Invphd of 10 years e-eVth Ioe&

7. "Hcome tO, make everyo.e submit
m~tlim andllw '.1 ,_Oo ',,= us... be-, -,.- hi auh rt o', r. .' ... ,., eve th.lil. ..
.... ychrc te
,ca'l. .-t,", 'uldln 3 UW itle U anDI M imll "

- ~ I W ~ f I I~ NnU I~nu



,*i:, e w,
.o.n.n. l Aeoup dimc

AoAtNeadho -ft-

SI E 'y

We have Just W





1 J..,


New idea for tropical furniture,
looks like bamboo, hbtoas the
STRENGTH and B11 TY gi f
mahogany. ..

c. 'r' '. 2 'i.' .. ,.

Feather Foundation
A light non-drying
liquid cream-to give
the skin a radiant
udlasim tt# a d.a
f ,' '.*- .-

Yardley Lipktkk
There's a Mnor t '
beif'w b ibo the.

bri fMosaUsw


r J "

your 1ovs~


B^ '
,: "'
5.,- .. ;-
i- -' '."

' i ,.- .L- ate aeai..... .-- 'a


0 9 d

g is









...:.r~'t .L..-~ -

-~ r.;v : *e;




L YOU CA I, OP. O 0R AT,-St 't

Inexp ensive Wat A







7 Street No. 13
4th of July Ave. & J St.
Justo Arosemena Ave. and 23 St.

AT 57 "H"-



U. U .-_~ .J...

1i La Carrsaquila
Central Ave, 45
No. A Lottery Plaa

Fourth dt July Avw, \
Agencia Internal. de Publicaciones
45 CetraidAvs-
Parque Lofewe t Setwe

* nn .. n n n-, i

; +i.------.-

'I. th' of July Ave.
';< WtPanami 2-0552

- .I

('r? Inelp YOUl with
., hiropractic"

r ;^t^ACTORS
-- D: A; an- K. ORILLAC.
. 3' ., tPalmer..GrdurtW ,'
; "p Avenne'-- Tel. 3-12
i.bloljti trOm Lux Theatre)

IOr7 TIR' 5 A.
~~k Sippen '. Mow
p*i 2-2451.- 2.2562
Learn Riding at
Riding & Jumplinl tcarses dail
Sto 5 .m. 3-0279
: by 4 inmient.

ed skMipper of .the's-
, hpdr aircraft o arier, the USS
T~rrest&L He se a Idedmfd
. e: ter USS 'oft.ot.. The For-
:w* il a im ltd to w e com-
ned next SalL
., *** -,,- *, -.+: .



FOR SALE: I dinette set,
foranice top, black legs, 4 chain;
bamboo blinds. 0303 Cable HH..
FOR SALE-25-cyle rfriger.-
to,. Ffeeze chost srof. top.
Real 'bargela. $75.00. After 3
lm. House 1528-8. Almond St..
FOR SALE: Singer feather-
weight portable sewing machine
with attachments. Lke dew.
Con be seen at Qtrs. 317-.,
Albrook. SlOu.uO.
FOR SALE:-Colling all Iaclfic-
SAtlaomc sdersl Complete scrap-
rekrop. Retinish your bamou
katton furniture. Low cost. Free
estimate. Phone 2->463, Pen-
4me. Lum Henry.
FOR SALE:-! set RipMk a2
chain, 1 footrest,- --d6" dim-
maier cothie tableI, 485.uoi
SI 'ragioeire with tresr Ick-
or, n, >.SU.Uu; 1 smy spin-
a6y.1, new patrh. 4m-
pitely re ualt. $'i.Oy. Call
TAM & &ater 6 pP.M.--w10,-M
isyano at.. Ancon Old Ceiral
* Aeal),
FOR SALE:-2 beds, 5.00 uch,
S.2 bci seat Cuotemalan chair,
2.:i eo, I mattress .00, book-
case bl.uU, wooden tile cabi-
s. t $ ,.pu, m dressed with mnlr-
\ Clayon" anytlmo. Telopiwbe
aU 2u8.
FOR SALE -Wslhing mackhi*
SRey ,pi,-t4,.'L OcI, .,Vws
aou, arftet o widftIelwr Roe.d
S,dfi*a, 23 io, Y.M pMi *.
e ajii/jll bHnditie. CU BW-
b., 115, beitwve 4 *aW# p.m.
house 6443 Leo RO*.
FOR SALE:- GMnetel 'Shlecae
eliskht 'machine in Nery good
condition. .Ao Able. II St.
House Ny. 2831 dowmalteiM.
FOR SALU:-2 ruNs-one 9x1 2,
*n vM.5.,1 tH .* -meho-
A 4 '



FOR SALE: -Buick Sedenette, FOR SALl:-4 deck unheated
Super 1949. 2-door, dyneflow, broiler finishers. Tel. 3-3683.
good condition. New fires. Tel.
5-323. FOR SALE: Approx. 6000
shook of corrugated meatoal
FOR SALE:-1951 Ford Tudor IAPMI roofing. Material may
Sedan. 6 cyl.. radio, excellent be seen at Hangar No. 2. Fort
condition. Cash or terms. Call Kobbh. B1Idon, Inc. Telephone
Navy Pacific 3461. Clayton 1209.

FOR SALE:- l Leaving Isthmus)
1953 Ford. Tudor Sedan, Cus-
tomline only 7500 miles, with
beautiful 8-tube radio. Excellent
condition. $1325.00. Please
phone Balboa 4433.
FOR SALE:-1949 Dodge 'z
ton pick-up. Telephone Mr.
Foote 3-3168 working hours.
36th St. No. 67-A, downstairs.
Need a car? Call H. Pretto
phone 1064 Colon 6007 Front
St. New or used cars. All makes.
Always a gobd buy. 1952 Mer-
cury Station Wagon. 4-door.
duty paid. car like new. bar-
oain. 1950 Ford 4-door Sedan
$650.00 Excellent naechanical
FOR SALE: Ford VB 1953
Customline 4-door Sedan $1300.
House 500, Ancon. Tel. 2-
FOR SALE: Mercury 51. Sedan.
4-door. Good condition. 8th St.
2180-A. Curundu.
FOR SALE:-Leo Francis Sports
car. 4 seatcovers, all aluminium
body. 100 h.p. A real bargain.
Call 273-5110 or seN at Cu-
rundu 2211-B Bob Mcllvaine.
FOR SALE:-1952 Hillman Se-
dan, 27.000 miles,. duty paid.
clean car, good tires perfect low
cost, $850.00. Transportation
for appointment write Box 344,
FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet 2-
door Sedan with power glide,
perfect condition. Will sacri-
flee leaving for States .Phone
Kobbe 84-3212.

FOR SALE:--Spinet piano, like
new. Accordion 120 boss. Ac-
cordion, 12 bass. Combination
radio-victrola. small radios. Call
ofter 5:30 Panama 3-5101.
FOR SALE:-1950 Chrysler 4-
door Aedon, excellent condition.
new tire. $1050.00; "Cowes"
MoHd mehosany dining suit,
$225.00; 25 cycle washing ma-
chine $50.00. 87-5209 after
FOR SALE:-Famole Boxer two
months old. registered AKC,
Phone 3-6480.

Scout News

Col. Paxson Visits
IGS Executive Board
Last evening Col. Harry 0.
Paxson, lieutenant governor of
the Canal Zone, attended a
meeting of the executive board
of the International Girl Scouts
of the Canal Zone at the Paral-
so School Library.
Paxson spoke of his experi-
ences with the scouting groups
in the Canal Zone and praised
the work that is being done for
the youngsters in. the various
communities. Miss Egla Gooden,
council president, expressed ap-
preciation for the support that
he has given to Scouting.

Others p
llta McFal
Mrs. Elisa
Unsa enc

__ ,, ---hc rlrm_______ an,
I troop com
LOST& OUN Milred;
LOST&O UNDtee chair
-- PMs. Rod
LOST:-Boxer des fawn elor,M W
ne collar. Call office hours 2- Hu1
1544, after working hours .-

1687. Reward.

oa tov, refrietr LOST.-Smell female eat, fray.
goodc ietn. ocheap. 44t h St. short-hair, vicinitY Coroe l orea.
Nan. 9 nApt. 6 Please PhIno 8-160 or 6.287.
FOR SALI-5 Venetian blinds Wanted t Buy
45x72, 6 Vetln blindsI U uy
* 56x72, wardroeh, table bathi-. ..
nott, 3 'let'ic .l'ks, radle. WANTED TO BUY: / V or
House 2810-A. Cecell. Phone hp. 25 cyle Please cell

rneD IATES Of AUMERICA Nav 3113. .el Bbe1 5 s-3uu. -
V UMi8 Zone -. __ _

I..Pnt i (nowland Says Red Air Power Buildup

0 1 Wa: long China Coast Threat To 7th Fleet
Ri hin l pty day s a.ter
.- -
614 n9 1beQ. fe- WASHINGTON, April 19 (UP) iad disagreed, with published
uff S.; J. o- jI- e Republican Lea4er Wil- remarks by Adm. Ro b e r t B.
,.s.oe Gut s V. I.llan F.nodwiand said today Carney chief Ot naval opera-
,.s o re. the bul U.up Of rComnlt ,air ion. that a Bd attack on Mat-
power-alc.;A;he Chinada coast!su might start B11 mId-April.
~- ik, oI tat to the U. a. 7th- Knowland, o long baa urg- a vs"e" mWeet u nwel a*s to Formosa. ed a more wMtrtant attitude to-
hPte DOputy I 'k a tp p3in Walfer ward Red CMna. expressed
Im i e0 0Krge(D-a.) of the lSenrat.e concern over 5 e' disclosure.
nt d~tgcmvmw=to the Relatjo= Comitttee
J=:o.'wodid not appear to be particular- "If the Re6 nhe aid gain air
t Dt C ly, Imo i p tre With disclosuitre of puperlority eavr the. Form o s a
fi tedad t Idup by See- Straits,1" he a pihd "it would cer-
reta of t a e hin oast ater alnly ral inestion as to the
sDulle Bu Si eorgae said security of thO Seveth Fleet."
did not t -hia b'elre was "an y-
c Ikn I dthig wa te it jnowlasd said he does not
ChAesM P t thin newt a. Mat 1,n tois ut know whether the Par Eastern
W D les, who made the state-a Stlati Bu reachd C ag "K&lcrisis
ment after meeting with Presi- P oint."But he a id that "when-
________ : dent Eisenhower In Augustia, ever a poteUtialaggressor
,abeenanbuildsU PIp ts Striklng power so
.ensvie buildup" of Rede air t can acOMopeh Its8 stated ob-
"powerte og t Chinp coast a- Jective, it besomeas a matter of
p cross from o Hnosa. He s mai jor o4."
y CAA 8PA this country arned about it OD- The 7th Fleet is In the Formo-
itra1 2.-.W..;. .-, ly the pas .lw dfays. sa Straits guarding Chlanug Kal.
;Tl, 31 .. ,wWfiedtL .f d that Dud- shek's Island bastion from DOS-

. uSa ey. -
"nsi Ma

w and Adft. Arthur W. Rad-
>rd, chairman of the Joint
Wets of Staff, be called be-
re the foreign relations group
it. week to give it a secret
briefing. Sen. Alexander Wiley
It-Wils., top OOP committee
imnber, agreed the committee
d be "fully a ed.
Jut Oeor said Me commit-
* has a ful schedule and he
4 ant, set.ow It obued arrange
J..M th-S a iA Week. Dulles
i edueW to teftlfy betYore
M group tomorrow on MState
k:attawntn oI the Yal-
,. --An00. ool j aid the
a. bat ,msttr was "more

sible Red attack. The admfisa-
tration apparently has reached
no final decision on what the
fleet will do if Quemoy and
;Matsu are attacked.

Colden Bells Club
Reues Activities
After- appendig actlvties for
the LeptWl season, offlea and
n fW. the Golden Bells
Sand. Dancing club will

suber of both par- |
ithat .
1 H.9. WN lBD
-&MIT 1 .c.h-

?a~ij~a6c'*t ^
^^gh~iwtals _

present were: I
rquhar; vice-p
Davis; treasu
ore: Atlantic
Mrs. Viola
nmittea chair
man, Mrs. Er
ElUott, M I
,and *et ,
m, 'Meitmv

Mrs. Lul-
rer, Mr
an, Mrs.
a Ellis,

Paok-1 Has Sucoessful ?ltt-
On Friday, Cub Pack I"Mar.
garita, had its annual bluv nd
gold picnic at the Crist0ol*,t4
lice Range -park. very i '12N
contributed to the. covered, o.Ji
buffet which Was delicious. .'ot
dogs and hamburgers were cooks
rd to perfection by several dads,
Including Mr. Cooper, )f. Park.
and Mr. Wallace. Mr. ,C enter
served sodas. "HaIpp rhdaR".
was sung as Mr. Wibergcut the
first slice of the huge q ko cen-
tered with a gold Wolfbea&.
Judge Tatelma eeiec&Md -en
2 as winner of.te' blue. ribbon
for the Den whose taldq cdra-
tlons were most rit. bDr.
Wilkerson presented the award.
This was the first event at
which each Den carried the In-
dividual flags.
The picnic was followed by the
March Pack meeting:
Second arc awards were pre-
sented to all boys who were
present and who'had also been
in attendance at their respec-
tive Den picnics; Day vid Foulkes
and Jon Jorstad jtoed thd pack
as bobcats. Wolf adfget were
presented to Ter ce Conley
Billy Acheson anat Wolter Crouc
Bear badges were pseWnted to
Allan Park, Dick Conrad and
Franklin Brooks. A lion badge
was presented to. Coop.-
er. Gold arrows W 4wraed
Thomas Roy NOT-
erson and Ronfer
arrows were aM p
Sullivan, Bobby ntw
Thomas Ro bp'
Wynne, Ewald
Molino. One-y
pins were
VAucher and
two-year nm W
awarded Romer N
At the c .
ngS. Carpet.

, :. o, sAve. Tivoli ft.
S41 Central Aw .
,f.-*r4ARMAC1A VAN411*it0d
--.*-Street No. '

Apartm w

modern furnished tgt, 1.
2 bedrooms, hot,. te.r,
Phone Penama 3-4
-------'---*"-w' .
FOR RINT:-Furnil nd .
furnished 2 end 4-. r a m
apartments. Co AWAM-
Phone 1386 Colon.
FOR RENT: UfI d i 3
bedroom apartment In 2-mily
house. Fenced yard, reti,
laundry. Refrigerator and stqvo
furnished. Phone Coepo* S-OR.
FOR RENT:- Furnishedepert-
meat with refrigerator. *Porch;
parlor diningroom, bedeom, .
kitchen. garage. $60.00. W.iesW
I 1, Via Belisario Perrae, mear
Roosevelt Theatre.
FOR RENT:--Modbr I bpd-
room apartment neer I" ho
ama Hotel available r ,Mt* ,
1st. For further infornmpfti ,p
4.3421 from 6:00 p.m. #d4401
FOR RENT:-Small furviihd 2
bedroom modern apartment wth
terrace. Corner 46th St. and
Venezuela No. 19. Phone 3-
FOR RENT:-Furnishd -part-
ment two bedroom, living room,
kitchen, both. all screened, ,tile
floors. Also shop or storage rkm
with 3 drive jn doors, bars. on
nil windows, 1,600 -"Nmi foot
floor space. Houe No. 63%
4th July Ave. Inquire for Jani-
tor at No. 63 or call Hepknis,
Balboa 2966.

FOR RENT:-2-bedreoom aport-
ment with balcony, in B11e Vis-
ta. Phone 2-2601. 8-1 umorn-a
Ings, 2-5 p.m..
FOR RENT:-R-identiat e -t.
meant 2 bedroom, 2 porches,
hall, iHting and dining romn
moad's quarters. Price: $125.
Phone 3-0351 46th St. No 8.
FOR 'UMNf Fuminhed amn
Sb4dremm iprtment qAv ide .
Pers f dngt .he psh Tlephpa
I-0746---3099. .
FOr RiNT".F= Urll opeart
ment on Tivoli Avenue. For In-
forps~tqin pho e 2-3015, Pen-

FOR RNT:-Cholqt. 2 apart-.
moant, pileme, modem. 2 bed-
rom ist built. 16th St..' Pad-
lIe. Tel. 3-6155.

Bandung Meet
(Continued from Page 1)
Illegitimate state and an ag-
gresset ."
Japall joined Egypt's Prime
Minister Gamal .Abdel Na r
in denaading that Arabs be gw -
en baskltbi territory they wiereo
foreedto yield to create the
state of frrael.

"Arabs" he said, should
given -b what is right
theirs. Historically, Pales

-not to-just on. Aral
give up the fight tor
The Arib opuptrl
on the inchplien of t
Palestine am= ng the
to be considered by.
ence, despite its excl
the five-.ant fgend
Officially 'lle4 i
ence consideration
Issues: .
1. -Edwome

determ '.
4.' lProA t

and -aelf-
aof 4A ut


6edom. -Af4~-bin.
de No.
6. ownstalt -. .-
FOR RENT -'- ele,
amad's reet o
1 re .. va5 .

FOR RENT: -" swte
:Kpse in Lem. !u.15 miles I
from town, $1 em0eg
FOR RENT: q s4ofleer of
residence on M I. id Sea
rtin Avenge .5fper Od-
rams, Iiving sam", Iiq m ream,
kitchen, large -uplb. _m agire
ground flower. -. 'N
* FOR RENT: FtrMd resi-
dence in Bella VjWVita.T bed-
ronm. mold'ir ei gaM etc.
Completely creeed. Not water.
Call 3-'3380. .
FOR RENT:-Cbift reintly
painted with Jinr- eoml. liv- .
ing room, ga ,e $65.10. In-
formation Cello '1V to. 17-21,

Each notice ftar tautoin bi1ti
column dioald 45w d = typo-
wrills = Z usiag~eslto ams 0d
the box maubers listed daily to "Sa.
cial and Otharwmbe." ea slllvCTe
by hand to the office. NOtki- m
peetlns cauol be accepted by tele-
Ft. GuUck Offleers'
WieW Club
PMot Gulick Officers' WiTve0
wll have the4; monthly meet-
ni an.luncheeo' th F OHG-.
lick .S I '_

IAWC To Hold
Board Meeting
The Inter-Amerilan Woemn's
Club announces a Board meet-
Ing Wed. April 20th at 6:30 A.M.

Movies Tonight I
At Balboa YMCA
The Balboa YMCA-USO pre-
sents "round the World Tr a-
vels" through the courtesy of
PAA. This week's movies will
be the second of this series to
be Whown tonight, at 8:00 pR .,
"Wings to Hawaii" and "Wings
to Berimuda" will be presented.
.There is no admission charge
nd the public is cordially tnvlt-

)s, Tf 7".rt Kobbe Off ierr
s. "Wfve'. Club-"wll old theatr
., lusicm "hs month on Thw .
t day,. Ap2il 1 at the Fort Kobbe
of Offer' Open Mess. A very
,an speal pregam has been p lau-
ner, ..pdL' Te _t speaker A. be

and a1kbilt Qstnets used 4a
Spamish dandss
Hotels this month will. be
M. mith, Mrs. F. -W.
:rs. Ru B. -.

u may be m a e
by ~~L E. X ~,
M oon Wedneday.
.- p. ,

e.V de a ~w, Ae. W X.
... -.

3aldwin's epa 'q at
Seat. Clare. P4 3
for reservetie.ns.
on beach t. Sofuit. -
phom THOMPm I

PHILLIPS, Oeoesd C" t
Santo Clara. Bos 435, Abie..
Phone Panae" ,*117,, C .ste-
bal 3-1673.

post Sdntd Cla Lew sese-
Phone Balboae 186. .

WILLIAMS' Smitae lo eea.hi.
Cottages rockI e
tion. 2-bedroom. Phoe Bei =.
Gromlich's Santa Clareo leh
Cottooes. Modern -conveniencs,
moderate rate. Phone GambEa

- ,+ ..



_ .. ,. 7.>. ,"


Peru A

k keeping the umbrella oVee her hked, a ow
The man at left is puzzled, too, vmen t
S beside her at bus topin Ao m

Wisr~ tIIsr


*,.~' a: ..~



r -


" I ""'~"'

. .. ,,


. ww

- -.P"16




mff--- m



.. I

. --..'..- o- -r j __"

" r T



S ; .- -.. .. -
'- ... ,' '- --
r ." .-,: '' -.' +'e' '.. ...
,.-r.w ai so asw s. ,La. ^- .v,-^. ,-4 -' 'q. .. .. r ,-. r -. ri r H-.-.- '-- -t :.A.5-".. "- **. *
. -a *. K .. .., d e 2 2. -.S .p

" '. .AN -



_. ." Y '. .. .* '- ^^

'- : -- ,.
...- .... a ..:
U k .M.7.7,.,....-.

.;' .'.', 0 j. _.

SW' ~J

2~ *L111ffl44 I -
-i 'lagibe. teu6a4~"

1giphcharle take

*. A, 5*StR,\ SaW pa

-with -

2:55- 4:- C:0 7 .t:


- With. --




with -
with -

AIO: -

with Sabu
it mx a B.

8 O LI AT"
with eor, e naf"

am ___I E---~-~.. ~ F.

'3if$- ~r

-_* ,_~


3Sl..APnlj SThaWy.dThf -over t'M. th of His little rind, a sad but
I -,-lo I rA i1. Tb t. terrier was killed instantly e *a
hit lD A

Sedf. -' -
-..h P 01--..' 4++: : i II P l

Hungry Proclaims ew Era Radio Programs

olowi urge Ofimre Navy ,HOG 840
.0-- o -, (Telephone: 3-2M)
VIENNA, Austria, APfl' 19 trial CommittJe wch char g d (W,..h elae. h -oe -MOl
(UP)- Red -ur!t hyg prca- him wth "rightist devia t i.on" Whre 10000 People es
ed a new erao' M ivy in- Since men he b.aa been under Prosen ts
dustry and cOii* uy ties steady attack by RIakosi and rr ets
to Russia itll ..i of the ether Red .lea
purge of alWi""Iger t Ire It was buellve here Nagy is
Nau whoadtsdti givethe genuinelyIll and Is hospitaliz- Today, Tuesday, April 19
naatfE* e ato sre bood s d ed either In ,Budapest or Mos-
conaumer goods. c- ow, It ws doubted he will P.M.
The purge iws a cirbon-copy ever he brought to trial, although
of We recent SOi: government the chare of deviation and in- 3:15-Freddy Martin Show
ahtaeup Int which former Prem- effciec. levf)M against him 3:3o- Alusic For auesuay
ler Qeorgi- MaleBkv was kicked are among the Iaet serious pos- 4:00-n-ature Review
out of office becautf h. t too, silble 1 a regime. 4:30-What's Your Favorite (re-
had emphaslsed -q nsu goods The new Premier, Negedues, quests-please phone be-
and food prodQlon above na- Is a Rokosl protege who, untilI lore 3:0o)
vy Industry in the rolet Unlon. now, has only background roles. 5:30-News
.Na.y was replace by Andras He is exWeted to lead Hungary 5:35-Wnat's Your Favorite
Hegedues, former. l ft dep u t y on an all-out Industrialization (cont'd i
premier and agtri .tural minis- campagin under the watec ful 68:00--U.S. Army Band (USA)
ter. l". guidance ot Rokosl. 86:15-BLUE RIBBON HPORTS
'The proceedings were veied,, REVIEW
by Iron Curtain experts as a' Although Nay's downfall was 6:30-Norrqan Cloutler And His
carefully rehearsed puppe dra- long overdue, there were some Megorable Melodies
ina In which Cmunit Party i surprises in today's Budapest 7:00-NESCAFE ORGAN MELO-
boss Matyas Rtkost pulled the' developments: DIES
strings. TI, o M haly ,ark-' 7:15-HOW CHRISTIAN SCI-
soLp w xMnPlledri n The as form ofr ECn MEhaly Prk- ENCEB EAS,
Alisgoement and party as o r Hungarian defense 7:30 ep rt m The USA
his ov nent n pry minister who had been believed 30 Report rom The UBA
Re was not present In Parlia- by observers re to be a rising 8:00 NELSON EDDY'S PENT-
ment to her his oster announc-, iure oa expect^e d... p I fg HOUSwaEPAR TYea-
met t h dh d The appointment of Lasslo P]11 H S)AR k
Sed. The toppled Premier l easI a member ot^h fin-man grams V.O.)
been relatively Inactive since ,s as a member of the five-man 8:30-First Rehearsal (BBC)
last fall and is said to be illparty secretariat, apparently 9:00-You Asked For It (re-
with coron thrombols. ice Pa rkas, also was a sur- quests please phone be-
Rakosi, th first acretary of" ore 7:30)
the Communist Party's all Nagy's dismissal was viewed 10:30-Music Prom Hotel El Pan-
powerful secretariat, still rates ees a scslear victor for Rako-a
Sa Hungary's most power ful am. tha succee a ks i 10:45-Time For Verse
figure. .as Premier in July 1953 and 'r-"11:0-SymphonyHall
The ouster. of Ngy had been claimed a new policy of more 12:00-News-Sign Off
Brdicted t- alae lat wl ater food and consumer goods. In the
predicted. since last wl n t e r sucoeadng months, he wok Hint-
when his ,new course" econom- succeedg months, he took Hun-
1- I program was shelved. Pako- iLars ta om csr tham an-yloter tomorrow Wednesday, April 20
.l announced that Huagary was ainlt enoanomc t han any other . a program of. hea- stelleto na*ckgro rae
Y en ndItwas aa and let Nagy assume full. r- :00-Sign On.- The Alarm
S. Radio Budapest T s l t forhis"newcrse. Clock Club (requests-
aBthat Navy was 11. Todaybth Nagy and the "newi lease phone by 7: P
I On xarcth.b. e came under vio-course" bit the Communist, dust. 7:30-Aording Sa~pn Concert
lentattaok by -te party's-Cen- 8:Ch The Wssood
waflel .

.B.f-- .. ..-.-. -- o0 S W1 A L J A C O B T .
Sof lee. Their ld Writen fer NA Service Rat, Ba. UHave
B I II -ifi .aet ndtrea, V if ft ever b.ea., _an a ts nav
f to rescue .a jet .ter- WHEN TO SCORE: No points
pi ot forced down iio Ithe Arle wce t uV al -our oeals have Bult-In' Radar,
I^ l j8r-ana, _. oee. pstyd,. tIIimIGI IIggUI
S bas ti said, '"the Soviets claimed that the, U
.a eP- c TCALM M:To Pssychol sts Say
iteoua tr (Aunquest. study, exp"orati, e- COMLT "AoItS
austan ar rnate expuiotation and ti usplant" core 00 pints fot your first rUs
t. --w .-.a} -t fB ....e --:.- -- -uo calypso, 76- polpts for your se-
A = A sof then -'bns of ci ond -cab-pso in the some game, BERKELEY Calif. (UP)
AIed s-. ot ^antid h at the only re.Iand 1000 poipts for any subse. ,.ats can be as blind as bats, but'
frnuaiW i StaSf was U'facities for quent calypso M the ,se. both can find t can find their way round
ttmspoiwO. wBS .nti" ucj a sliolly aoe zu, total darkness by a method mimi.
tIs .t -'asPm ". nd ealionmlly make a second lar to radar
is- ,,e0 .. er Stpudies calypso you practically never Three psychologists at the Un :
S.-,a ah n.,,a more than two in the same erslty of Caufornia have obtained
II 1 10t -U- ;' ....... o- -lac +s of--s- *i-me.1*-) "o th t positive evidence that
t haes s e.) like an produce ultra
A- eady, h sai.d,'% e Rus INCOMPLETE- CALYPIO conic series and caun hear sounds
apl"i elaimm- la pr ekn ofYou secre'20 p61nts for each card T- .
'p ia resf lai to he ha t is face up in an incomplete erft a sprther, showed that I
ptute" has rersdtoc lypso rats use the ability to get around
aBS;,hn_ .....* rTHE TRCK -PILE: Count 0in the dark.
i move more base P finT r eah ard In the part. I The u on.ic noies boun
J..wu. back .tbe .,-K Ol ,- 61) ershln t l back to Je animals off solid ob.
l-,e r-'. --.t.ey-.., threuik revealing the loea.!
our major citie rs. PARNpRSw "' INGA: A ged~ thebt~es Teir
t,"flit. -Adfat hM we. guP here -rgle sOeis k both Part.'..... .te..c... the animal to
..G--. rin.. -. .. t? ers, In,,bridge. a n anasta. f. d their Bway through a maze tof
SpU i Gulggssaid other. i.. iblctfeaof .. obtainn -the prtnership; score.oa food box.
ff, "* tjaeimfo expet d.ot wou .e tdteiadd the talliede fo nsr paper's The. three psychologists next.
t 9 ad (comlet -sd ieo- pian to test othr animals to learn.
sae t maeat ItvabsecaU ..station on tbe, lete) and *heft add 10 points for Just hqw common "animal ridar"

--. .... Wc S aw *ia nd Davi Krech wil
cap. ...t b... e tcc." .. e ei. 'h s. aerd David Krech wilt.

.F. sa vt_ *tOrok uI wF.- When q port th ingsin a fth.
?e apBl/ study .. .rtn ,. pror. have been f y co a. Issue of a .technical jour
.. .e:d e b r.y metdaro y z!and partners .c.rea have he'n ful l. n .
ice iiiaapetic Vtarilitions In abasinwritten down. subrrinth.mall.
mag. P"r .' -,c .v scare from the larger. The dif-
f ence Is t ie Iatli of victory.
.... and the .sidewitB. thb higher total
is the aSor. Thk. Is no bongu
torwinnin, the $!yse.
b1. nsmet gaire dgr player Ma
laes to ge eillypo and the
fererce I k~ 10q6t .'e-Ids and l. S
oint care& Oduhariy. therefore,
the u'margin .vileory Is tnly SO
to 390 pdlats 0eiaonally. one
of the Dia.vfe-f jk eond eayp.
uc, and'tha pe ,arginof citory
la. about.e-" poWI .t.
game I .el eastists rdf. o
aetlvf iZ96oe eah deal
oult t1e (5 -or six mins.

P mD than i*W. xpe. I
*-ced p~~ert. usualw .take. labs

0"of ua-
shon' 'u flflhul#WN.'C8177611

9:15-Sacred Heart
9:30-As I See It
o0:05-Off The Record (requests

FiRST?-Sister Miriam Terea
Dimjunovlch may be the fRiMt
American-born nun to bcumne
a saint. The Vatican is con-
ducting an official religious In-
quiry Into the life aof Sister
Miriam, who belonged to the
Sisters of Charity of St. Eliza-
beth hear Morristown, N. "J.,
before her death in 192T at thd
age of 28. Born In Bayonne,
N. J., she was well known for
* ,. helping the sick. .

peas, pnune Dulore
11:05-Off The Record (cont'd)
11:30-Meet The Entertainers
12:05-Lunchtime Melodies
12:30-Sweet And Hot
1:15-Music Of Manhattan
1:30--Sons Of The Pioneers
1:45-To be announced
2:00-Date In Hollywood
2:15-Singing Americans
2:30-Tex Beneke Show
2:45-Hank Snow And Hiq Rain-
bow Ranch Boys
3:00-Festival Of Waltzes
3:15-Sammy Kaye Show
3:30-Muskic For Wednesday
4:00-Feature Review
4:30-What's Your Favorite ire-
quests-please phone be-
fore 1:00)
5:35-What's Your Favorite
6:0-Serenade In Blue (USA?)
6:30-Melathrino Musicale
6:45-Fran Warren Sines
7:15-One 1Ight Stand
7:30-Re From The USA

grams V.O.)
8:30-Having A Wonderful
Crime (BBC)
9:10--You Asked For It (re-
quests-please hoone be-
fore 7:301
10:30-Mus BY Roth
11l:00-84gyOsy HaBll
12:00-New--Simn Off

Explanatolen of ymbels
BBC-British Broadeastlnu Cor-
USA-VUS. Army.
USAF-tU.S. Air Pores
VOA-Voice of America.


eggs in one "basket" is Charlene Balk oD
unique hair sblou 'was created by, al
student who dont have to be'
.. bi

aU her Easter
Ijt. Mick. The
.beauty .ac.,l
sq1 to d.
A^ ^j *f\ a

.. cd 7._ .
Wd Iteadins eleotwise' on the eamgmwo Indicate
atop 'tol fhr w ar the rax d bu p patterns ofI a
four-axle vehicle followed by a two-alo viebel both of which
have just bed weighed. The tol operator has pressed a three-
axle key, not noticing the h taller truck belchecked has dual
rear wheels. This error cause the hdiator t flash the patters i
an the screen, telling the operator to ehee the m elhle Ccar-
ret his error. This is a new part of the tol collection system to
be used on the .Oble Turnpike.
.. Wi .
.mm mmm'mm m_

m'. hs never been such a wv story I
There has never been sch emanesl
There hao never bee. such eter I
li I .n '. .

,_ % a

* : W- A u d l r S" : -


BALJOA, 6:5I -.- -^ i4, -
I .r. ppi.. o-nj *I '-





=N = IO "I


O O I" r P- i* 1 B' -* B^ I'

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C.I- 4;' Vf'

- *--"r ~

-^ f 'p r .- ; 'r, A' *- "&- N
.' : '

lt~ ~ ~ N N ,IE

T NA -'AMAN A l EM -m m

rd K keeping rm ran .-


Snd Yank Star Vows in The Int ernatioStnal Lr To V

he'll Win At Least 20 LetterBox 72nd Straight T ht
-0 Sports Mail Box NA NA A
NEW YORK, April 19 -(UP)-Lefty Whitey The anama American' :" o NAx TIONA I .A. -.
Sir: YORK April.t Sir:O .....--.t..
t.rd of the Yankees vowed that this was the sea- The nternU opens 0 .....
S n he would get off to a fast start in the spring what are rules for?, ltnterndti to- ..
'-ltd go on to win 20 games for the first time in his Well, the Little League season gilt t0... ew. ..o -

^J^ dWeepail the Li ttle League season () 4
g e ague career. are sorry thatn Is, because they ;a x It..rt
Soda, the 26-yearOld blond' tworun St. Louis homer. Joe might not et to play n ext year... -r .

T if t. o t or j ot t wo ot o e ; hal l wi t h e l eohe ft o m I m no t I t a l i n a b o ut t h e b o y s F r ang k 3t o;urI ,te r aIsn a d l i n o i l .0. W; .-
5the OthonPlt cs ah ibn s e -uo xn g 6re a a e o C

.1, do withon stu th .-e hitan s et g o o pi h Ian umpdrteen r ullr h -. ba oe"n re' 'at ,da- '"; '-'
r h me r ita n t ou a to h al f victory. the p but about e is io n the Armed t lrc league e. 4
it n d da on o un .he e a d I n t han Itesa a as wt o PittabDrg 0 4 -
: k e pi htching that w Da defeat Chicago when Eddie have had their chances for a wan.. a Brooklyn t r

."e held Bhll ma vi P rioto d eoerte, i .w d olt 8c ... in o -. -g gS.u.o .
S nt ta lntn oryt l easily Mathews hit a two-run double league next year knocked coi the rod a n :. k a

e a orsa l to hold the8 r m arl n inth mnd ou t of lp h ae ea bout isit Rule 13 whic t t Ll eren (N i dgh (am e) A Tor Ob ** .-
Bundty, the thetic slum gi the Buca h ition games aat rot
.* bec e te n acd o there n thoe eighth inning after a head a few graownuPs Wa yho n eA- proT

d Iseven ictor In a shutout Chel, Th at" I" not read or do notna i r h
Ynnkee taff in t rhe har!n.wn t their sixth defeat h row.. n rad o rier r pret the own ed a
ist; r.b ht. hot-,Cinio d ru ow single by Hank Aaron. eI were you managers .e 'n e 1 | 0 -

i .. e thet h o e po. r w-ouldnt betn too much an hav- -
Imore, 6-0, with just three hits, hits before e elading to a plnech If an umpire calls a hbad thone, Montrealat oa-b a erond-.Chicag, e c
t Mick ey M a, nteV i tP a R b rLose0ee noou 8 > ...... ,,..
two 'rn homeland I ry NorenI The Giants pummeled the Pt- when it Is to their whim that champion, Buhl(14), a..

d- i merl le ndnue teim hd tes ith the rame gleei a all they w ant an all-star game rtey .g ,in o -re,, of a

Sdouatble, a Scots Whisky Ringer Tour n a-R aty Co- 'S^ "'ve a ~cath
fos Snider three ra d a thee- ment being played tree not thinking of the potiu nb ets, Ph e n Nih 4am.-je to
.ko easier. hish ioer tr he rst t iem sc far, putting over eight in which they put; the kids. Ian d h i New YForgk 0116 l:i2t0 r g t(4 ).--l i S- w -
e t Washingtnnon rhe held the s e a u in a riotous four-th Inning.te eg ase l a c p.
ra~ ors tte i t o e i '"he world champs made 15 t sh l The first rule I'I kiln'- .em t. ". oo o. ,c ,; (1-0, ), n.

At asas City, the Atheics slump against e Dt eS LeLwho "E.xhibition gme are p i amestotro -::o to Ps- c--l-,-.a i
....e er Lh d t ooHD.PomMrgamen am-- ed ,to-- ,-- Rt( ). _---t, ,- ..
ie he Sa all inc min ouVof th ir out is ul 1 3 sae ..l F t and "- I l.-. ..
ijit an -0 lead, then blew an have lost six amesand have ed. An exiabmtion Is any gae t 4. opener .bl r
S l the ndians et to win one. Whltry okman played between regular uniform- ,d M ro S-
-.14 deyshio to Dick Marowigh by G ame

S tarry Dob t nthre e-i had fu hits in a o edteams of the same leagueo- -I or l
S edr with two out i th. ble and homer to set the pace. different leagues for any pur- rec.. r t Bo 000 0005iou- s" -'-.

Tertenburn with two67utIn the ble and homo Vher- Bo -ky th -be"?*" ?n
I T he T Athleticsn hitn iveoh cha iddle,y Mo nnhed anfr n- oseoer than en htoesab lh senators s 1t5r- 'h'1e ....... To 'o i ae nal .J...
an, S due Erak5-e- tb -4 rtto,(3-0) and Campanelia. jtm d
S ebY Jim d nlnrae cuhside-the-park honper by rookielea gue champion." la e -e crowd r whle S o e a- Wolerhr (-., Loeq h ,i. ,

Vr'" p. t slr. Bill W ilsonViec Power Robertm s o Clmente, yo elded no t r t h lo o dr a n p r c..' '_
f ad Jill Renna but their pitch- th s err ntil he t red In the Call t an all-star game or bout 8, 00. t -i tp r an d Lopa i .nd
era failed to hold the early mar-lninth And required relief nelp whatever you like, it was still an In TRichm arni rowd of L-8" .- --.l.
.in. and E,,ell Elackwell served fro,1 Mary Grissom..Orissom exhibition same..West Bankwas bou Io iinte when (it Gan ') ,0 0 -/Ue 3 .-
up the fatal togs to Dom e which stopped the Duos after they the recogn league champion. -17 Mayor Tom Bryna Ntrows out rincinti 040 200 010-,-* a L

sed atohrelow tcrow o 3. tooLttlernth Basbl n. 0Pl 2b- ---first ball.3 ha t. Lou is .020 0s C02000-4 10..H ot
se. t .a n o o c f r e d oe R ule. 1tt iiUn l eAsp l au- icht or Ie hNuxhal r(1- t .. r n a d -n,-
home full of dismay ** K Rule 15, s a Kan-

>a r heIp when Wilks la to -1 .t anrr blows ) wf 0 1 n Montrea 8 e em n. 8n- ,s mh e f lrs tan- do n lo e .e.i. the s:e*
SCit's first nieht gare. stry th ed by the commissioners will burl tt W n s gains a l
In the Natonal Lear',,e, the ,Whiltey Ford of tohe ankee, ittle League games ha nonbe a a a fte rad i b w th Mont reals Ke dmnaRachi (0-1)t.e ,,, ,LaPme, M-g i, ton'

ut b iies& Brooklyn Dodgers who pitched a three-hit, 6-0rbe played after sundown unoaer itate's Crow a Pel a minterco at gee ovy loain gat e winner In 1 4 frd f a m b- dr-ia ndIts. iw
@uea4 It seven victori7s In a shutout over the orioles for artificial lights, etc." Inr "....00r L -' 0q lcp. J a either
I eh re,.,icinntidrunbd- ___-- So if I were you managers o -m-f the circut;M... 1houfteal.r g8 n bregi

S S t. a -4 a.tnd Md lwau- [ n h hr--* ed -r-- fi the Armed Forces Little Leagu i, Mu a Yle a la y and 2 11 .ii, a Danny ,
t" edged the C rs. 2-. Ob er ie F irW OnVIb! EI wouldn't gbet tooR rmuch on ehayv- Cn R r b a I
A.mgerlamn League team had The Mc allum's Perfect rliIng an all-star game next year. The Maple Leaf, -Manageddby

1 wail and*wier into its secnd V hl of play with Inittle League Baebl iskabt, ar copy-ng 3S the hard-hittn Fort Cljtnt g rai sy. Mhaql BIa
e odate.Y B oots s r Ringer r n a- You ay not even have a Iran U- Luke Sewerll, ate h-gnerally TTwen-two1 1ind.vid. i r
T so You oynhuedattefae nin e fs f irst course of- th 1th A ualr. at onal
'"V0.0e Snider rapped a three- meant being played attheSumoh plahLitleLague base- r CanLone
,f t bonmefr hib over the rht mit -ilq Go! Course mv Iballat A, and don't forge t tha second loss of har-tn e aguermi S aat

all .d w 5:1 C:V 9q pm 8 Meoaa cd ....... 0 othe home b hoo Isao l ue ra t ittleLelguePBaseballw a copyepn Tha toa a
I Erstne kicked I n wi R the Wilk s- e a de on g tbothr the ..righted name. The CmmI.on- ElstonH rtheY Neeear amost r e- of 183 s outo f r a pos lrw. 0.. o

arunne for thDoderas. Men's and Ladies' divisions. er and the Board of 3 Directorso ur's CurtTL LEAGU P1 aned Heow YarthLaoverbe. -Of t8iour&Jea O -
sc,.ored a, their runs Johnny Wilke holds a f ive Little League Baseball Inc. 120 Psmacked tPeabj:r the ben pe.( Pr-cfl...... 0 u11. 0 rlet. a 31htter s t hou r b,. 8 r. r vfonlenter l i x te
', xth Inning, but Erskine stroke-lead over Dick E goI W. 4th ......S 1 0 Pa., 0 1 2 hhghge iinl aaBod o ar a prd 5fs s eo tn atr. Ofww tt at s
S, to have relief help when Wilke is 'down t o 1 with f probably waiting 0 for an explan- special Post Season Series R. Wata n (Spur) c ... 3 1 1 Blimingham. hih ir al. inett e 's iip t
1.o lapsed 'in the same trailing at 66. Other sub par Ption because they alreadyha veThe squad composed fivel Anmmarrati (Pu1) lb ... 2M0 1r ,treat In expected, bg. M-,|onin match oft Sh ouldty-to-nIeu r
Ro -eE rhdeoebucakyvscwra have been turned in the two column writeup that w payers eachnd rm spur Cl SPbo..... 0 0 0 t t ma th -.,a ......... ,

sBll. e n- in Th e Paama er lca. olce aned tElks 141rn 4 edged .houta ma (Spur)3b S a but 1J 0hihme itthe!ntr. d r

hitless ball Totalr OC 35 12 IS 27 10 day, whena niaa aarder dil theca 7T at tie
lg 'IntoUhatheM trep u harme led circl w the group from Gibraltar Leo, (.-WBthtsonoer b 1 ur) b ...I0 i ub rn aoon- wMit N. ar rean.d Batt o

B91gSero ve ne teoubl etn etteenbournewatd 7 Po Mri Vherc- A Fnnap Lincolno Life and 8euelour egagwnst wdhe p)- A.o hn10c hmi ote 7the W
M p. d ou e, J iIne.orAg eion -bM t ...o 0 The 0m0oxphertcha cyina closelycontested gane T ley' (ithoas core. of 74 :8ta d
al Wll eam b.Eleanor Wlks is htleading the the r- aend sl C tlu) cf..... h1 0 r.. ".T;, n hlri w tha 2S.....h i"h.....
In secondInnlnqIn wichT chae by egSontnyandyPc a Again Rajhb "pieky" Parkeran (igh lkssn) orf S i,,( 1 0A 0 f7%s9eId fl* 23
gum i.h5th a'fou r-run .ra ll.y ladies with a 79 and is beingCo rd i an ( oks u. rht n ch.a. hIk er h ek Yh .. A1 ot only 1e m etr e
$A We.. $0drinnlngnen whichmchaseldrylseggY wontanye andm a.r, i; Of24al S a" .
SW0tohring pittailduel tlolm er t t sro la t
1 iIe 44.dr 1Glen Got- cRutheCherry with 81saI 6p2 re- and ar th. in do p r uh l To itals 2 t3 poC, ar e two teamsfom n.unb. e a,
-..,. .- w i S .Pittsburgh AD R H 0 A season, the bat. ce of Spur Co- Clab. v r ....llrd, .m. o 4eo notop o 5

Storal.MuBio\ Color Holman lbto dbleplay... o. 1 F0r06 fo ateon e s rk un wo ark el crP, lo. feathiteeofigmt v iee S, 1o3 i nF 1M3il c ou x
.hi.h. Smith cf o......... 11 0 0 la s one-two punch In the fom s e ...............

rem1i ThThis 'nddkhasn for the cou not iealt expleB. b nw h n e n... ,of,.,,,, u Aerk m pe .. .. ....... or .T8.:E .. ..
-'K i Toul FreeeeB 0 0 7 of Ra, Wanths-n Sr aE. theandere tue onea Ie wl.e alr76 00a1 wisthon dauo a a 6 ..isscr wa s evn i a n W
PRCtfl: Sou --k B-Clemente rf ... e. 4 1 2 1 1 schwarzrock, l Ied the down- N rn o. -C e "dl. t 5 a
'4 tnrThomas Iff .......4 0 23 S fall of Lncoln Ia fe's parker. InNeitherhhan -u -' n .l... 0 s

SGordon b......'s 0 0 1 sthe tfirstIa nnt Spur Caoh's Roy nors er as compare .t.... 91 I ,r1. tha 1 ua

-TO AY" 0. Freesle b 2 0 1 l 0cwarone pele diIng t Diy Herbert Mile Sohooting and the-.fee.. f at that m a
'V IDAthepelletflyingreut46n sneoxt or lead Peer. pereghtblg Grin n d fom r the first t, me.. th eore._. a 3
-' t:36. t:S I, 7:l ,prd c......a2 0 2 1 0 of the park for a homerun and th out a dob the Colp n h N.A a ,.ed ofcs Mr

bla. .ostou rom theocenrdth tothe Ward lb....... 5 0 010 0a soia to tar ally.W iaoti e t be-ur a i s am t h h orical sorthm 1m da f.s1 w.n W ?lt ,,= ,"
aMty fr th Toendphtehe Cl o r ln.........................................4 0 1 63 This lead was01te w eati ostn r calsno tstNaM.N..
a aSurkont p.......1 0 0 0 0 cause in the second Lincoln r msoApVnIby19(P) Fie t

"pson r ockma......inentm. i scs u han ui ase. asa i r-r'--- _" C olon_ t o. s rc t Th 1 9at hletoe li ned, hoi .... ."- .-.
.unwald p0 ..... 0 0 Ifes Victor Duo a t safe on Aie frombein them o ra- u r dseto rare to hRa Officer;ad Statistl el a .n
,tHEason 0 0 0 0 JacksPon cametrotlth rwtascnAVoman y "pe Io0thPe t arn iot's S Me
,,luper po ........1 0 0 0 0 safe bingle and a dule .. .san- ddyon, bn efoye wa mad o- t, the t.h
i.-_IrY............0 1 0 0 0 other Gibraltar Lifert, utch ra dents.that are downright ufni jnotrdicn hin ne145. ]0fr the home of the BPO Elks, ldge No. 14 m ".
Totals03 9211gens. Sunabie" an t -roT arseofrvo avse, The.medalsand awards wr

manL ......n te n I g t l ied t SundayIpt ae icas in hpe tn Boston eA.A.relnd was Mr N..Dil an Presented
T.NI New York _3 n1 bl again changed sides when Pole enditeion a nopero ighp n close s-bl marase Adbluin M-u .. a z L I
1i ,"-liadde b.u.... o Pace 2n 4tp- 3Mike Klipperr f WW prker forth cOmnanb y the Gnut fnofw the mainbpnera TArm Jandeond A. ersen .e mYch aadoa t m
1 -W, o-w ......2pahit. Afte r b att.retired the eventhi g1* g. the evening's .pns triple-threatrentry-.Sada-eR s nt......e,F
Diarkas22n 2 2net twoubattErs pey steou vitiesOnbrought an. other- di T t Yashitaka Uchie a u A tot$ of 12 m a r mn
** l M rrors~g Sb Wiis..... 3110 Ived upx to thi p t t he nam. A h asostoriotiou. cnimax, exer i llent chances. seowd Thetof ficl w rehs ar pas.....ows: -n4
Thya.a........... 5p1 3 5 Othe home run mi .z bTheleaguewis ull uevaning to an obatrep- o andR wndia neHammamurare o-,
ZB-MUsICA l Irvin ..f, rf_.m, rq,1_. 4 1,In 0Spurs urtguhwharu- erock J.uited rso ot, u ofe imathe poor _Japaoe Keo Yamad, whoT _ea...... mup

I f *'.......-' *.. .+. .. .. Hp~er 1. Ortlaom I. B.O.--iddle 1, outcome- a- tle. Plu.m.erhd put.In-o 11 lac B .. Bh"ma t ...A .......,. .i : .- -3
'* -S_ Si rissom 1. ts off--t irkont 8 afternoon, I i ef this ht-Ibutiti Anthe Johnny KeUey, noI or. ....... .......... 1t"
S3 1-3: Orunwald 4 in 1-3; p ur's Roywas. evi nt tiat.h t sf at the I45 winner, wth- Chase ... i
ace 0In 1 1-3; Pepper S3ins; ;braltar'sh was ot Plumner. ,5s drew his entry. A soldier orVe tbb .- .** 11*
NUIE ddleB a in ; (pitched to S bat- *clea#ptho a NM Lod paIteoned t, leave -
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ns and earned runs-Surkont era, it wtsx jhaa k gish t
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AlSta-Withof the t roy in Written for NA Service ... has attracted a field of 1. ure storyonthe.Saghqrg a
SleA.oe ds '" .. '. o l -' R -l Ie s. T h.-1 -

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ad a Jouple oarunlve a din ctaace of a riated m h e sp ad t elpdltw
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of 1*.ts-rIn. Tfltm t e u *n amen ya a M s d a M-o a f 2 P d n I
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FirWXtshi s(lBe i r(* S l vat Flig2 poundht Iec- l .. i ..n.s.j &SCr Mu nia.-.IS.. three D n. Mhm e-un Istw of Rl

slaenremoteehebI bt i 0 Moyl ln vs.S.Fep t e I _o .....n -_ .-.3. Ived. .On subo Ia n .-- L. J -L.R Writeor D F blea.l f-
noriB.-a d thU rt o it t he Wo- eeDA u ... tovle vs. Bwas. I- roed w-.ta y a n I. ACI Io A I M- te mo ds lat-.

r fest r .Wla to hep part downsi odbt d. Celm vs. PN. Johht thA.r.p ..o- ga1 4 anic h Goa oAoti o a. e co>-ni n cc
- .. .i ,, ,,-* i..d--eme ameI_.., the W,.,k Loi out _s o fs no* l Si ns. Ark. P l-ofl **MW |. ...... I ii l S" .
Sat Na shus and Bum er one's C re I sIprs ie I. Rb dnson Cin vs. S n".-. ca rner a ow rl r. Jth U AeeFdl. T.el s ewardu "DaI e Robth ian t nl o '

so5n aechim 9 las tSanta A a star w- nuien:su Da laahuesntere- ht aoutof unds Und thea neldo o- en i teS.Ub-,notleroki the e15.00pr first Wao- 0
o P o.uio ei one1 Int oah neesr o ec ,Lr ls .i-., e s s o y li v te ee .

Tan"ta'4 ot i ke, Citat bo i"hon n ntlaear u aof tbemhl Second Flight Howil ev' sl_ bal -a-he ... .. n wl e pla h] a t .t Sprne sGaolf la v alentea 47 wh. e i, Thi o. p ith M:-

i a you di't berieveoo n he d ve f thlittle n Hugl ehes vs._B. RhOdes n o ft .,.th te w',th ,n orop .da ..aeo' 24.e ,. t er e to ol I
racing, eve, looks more rnch vs. F. Twome O f- --,, a, .,.o
h r-. a eo t oin tk thelmonrt, p ea hera e/ N, lock vs. z. Davlrs--- j1j j,18h. "ef ,,j, wls "leto ,,al ,,o -ir Jee Cflov -dR) -li- Joenbo Rh' tLrmiiw, 1U--Ipon's campa.-t D enin, PI- .

KI ,S*us. st tt xhe a all 1 lbM e 1 L i e r i hl 's I .Lt. w t.1 3 t Ii e e-o sae" o.u. IRoners worrlsl because he fdrc f
DSoetwt nolt, oo"", bon" t' We trt- 'n h 11 u uMnhausnn/ a, a- h d rcop oo...x. a heawas'teta. ae ,ion, noug h to 'rlav '
iy Woltw o-hwrse Lazy ad a. coupeuof. r _re Thirh Flightl w. "_ uthg tehnhl o a The drL ic a tIon came after firrm base .i thfe Texs Leangte :
COl. tSt'abl'. C Will Pri nce oN let every body ,. per. vsll. on Brw nmo ja csuei o the fBlals wwl neeed eeldnad aasheo rANoA wna as i,-a uLn BrUavoord Le

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of e I tbu snl&g.b there Iston Innamo, but aould linMker Oiey vs. N. nIe gor nt I s on a apprentice. jlbockey aelpe G oA oyColns ear.d l fr s

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thfl as d m t t p sc wbon lt ty O amt p A iI- D n s Gn m a we vre ar an a M on ca "
l ce O Chlut 'Stake s Matwas T da entered the fint ron of there onn e edown o L .l teie by oan, io Reves, th.e tnre f llyas _oontadt rya ap:er "Roe wo kw i a
n s a ne w e. s Merur o-JuvenP Toruamn ep l i t Oter u of he dereurlo- singlet .was r u n formance.Ntha did e the ac- b repution- kept e i .
ary b a t Ta ,t' atb o w i er at t hie Sm it his to erGltle fCrl oungbblos. to -eks: d re e Mr efhet leM Wa lkere-e s -that with

Iflydou ahwev ; h:b asM figtl aoun w coos'l a P to 3 ave torvahen h mel proke vs. ak | ly 18. mor. l.h hv.FbwmywllA loW Af Aec td
1 6tb (J imm ) to eAm Ie1,"nel4tr us and 'yva Carpenter....E. ...Net hthey won
str0 Mrs.wr race. a sum- i eu h McNall.....Ne mates. thir e. sp t F en pit FJigh t -ehy l eo d thelesa wt.thaTh f dAtim s rluent io.t t .I.Rete au r ,

1P.A o.ulDom Rileystavedz ao ff J anJim Hkle hungo F toa tlio seoa l oh fnd tvo bekept in the on March i. auwndBtatoo
YorkATa h ad teethe runningtbuck ni one ra y ao s lea d tothek lu hr d au eel y. C4
i i, b. n sm at an they as iu- Sconv w Dinnu ngon the lmh e.Goatg holp add sthatd eio' 'mIbrIh hsr ti nee
auveniles.6,, .lj fli u-giioF ht man .wa.. y. uma. is n to y ,uI bupti r ctmis ng lhb. n eiel a Ahorstop, Woth Beravo'ls suspension there
s5 -nM 'NethedoZ asito 15l th hole t before-he wo s able to his gIO: .. a- ers dn dmivte and e I bi o tbhe tplloiho
bS _i2 ebi h "L obwb PNa be rolpya ..... sot gae wOdd 12y pay- etn ut t-nooorartorogodhms Phoien
ts ao h dbo1sn_ "-po fthe n', ptronwlbe a elm Ing ate Gtoorg twiey ip. pass.rd wSt & 2m t wlt e anasrityrinthePreid he&- Sifs .
mI .S aWr a d th a d ta R e hd a e g theend f nt e h olesin 1de v. 5ae, "te be only a si Ruben "Calche" Van ez Is

b d w a.nJd" g a r o u n d a n d p utt e d b ea u i u e to B u n s t r ac d I n a r tt ed h o t or c o e o fenh e nc o rga i n es A s r ae m att e r a l s
i r wa o use or tram ow- win the g ball with a low to o th oe sr E the ra on win St- Flight of act, a utiity infielder Uon of 1 meets.,bileFrae it mw.
D ts. pt. .. ning or & h whi l iAl fus n- l eU i M a bsurph' ieat the tine. I caa te tem sto t .-
*er "'. a *, I t er & wellaxhad.. be _pa T md ,.imeet May Asg ew in thoe Jfinals when he elmd I a.tedcHa S oteyi eu .' PAi'sBbo S ;-
to'To rk i a ey-uro Tu ra, ull as Mrs. Askew defeated Marion BeaU 4 & Paul Moran advanc- I a e o my recor, or ac GA I b
S Seco nd ndtaeohThbbs 4 & 3. a led to the final round with a 2 of one, as el .INecded to dolv- met lasith rs leI that
W d....hedon to sw -ULM..ovr ,oClln.e -toCarkbGleriwhhnsi theappabroorF Si t hers.c Aeysj'ndroi. ,
adagebehPhyllThe-ladles'..first.flight7wnin-umatc h by s Riley h Ip TA P ithPass.PflIOUvicthra 3ertrenor ride In retthe fr.s Aeces1was2
run -n ",.it were t'leaanor WalksandThirdtFlighthyrtenturnnru abond o sueo r mes d Asu ma ap r- ro f le Isn thg 'olua n fr iday,
I.II A I hat l et 400 Wag-- n ee-s i.o, k h ofl/ tMarh e Mazy. Mrs. Wllks- was 2l ca s requires eoanlO. the Y lonmwrote a petition ton.w h
d Irr wales TgodPiatessfor O holes eesotnouw.on Mohndo abnyd ftha rinasw hamo rhemaida o0 hlsjcnttto1g 1trl broes
aptm.."a1 a o i, i at the end, of the first nne Jack Lh ll cr ed big rabbit o I tacci pa tl y nel_ on the rth Board si that th
w ewaloingd th s aa eunso to wiln very bl little nroubll tealaM to Tlo g rin G nl e be lit rTlwo othr, b t .
t a o Thph cdar.s Fsl us ths Mrs.n azye moeatedMinto the naly Mllown 5*4. P oa kervnc flirst ometrOcrdGri l -c A
handicapao.t.tycue dhmee Ppi t nd 4 ith h 4eco e hotlrorndewitembero.o',Engelmdec tllcmalast i ayterl ..edthe
YWI tK-( k- o", .1o k t az!awiMnoverBob final 4 Wlorma4toCla r&kSlGrfmpn over Shiv. becavf sonal-ptT.we lbro4ther s.A....a .dro
I Th--pr--30e Jim ilue-Tony Jan ku o sFelth Flight Gr bawled out Mneo nloelett fori,...
19 gaI : i f Ewe what m Ih atch ws one of thoe atai e M. tenhrowing,.his money__ound s
U_ Bl.i. at he tom t could have s tigon e nP ither Du r spy. Rhoades edged Ma nn vo but rsal n ot n intraoog hr .oAleft
Il~ltl~lP t ol "et .bs oreoo ea. AndIthe onway. The mile the turn w ith 1 r nup. Gaumooa Golfcls .eo iuTfield Go os.ejGos.ln:sr-
~Et d...a b plth h oRa n i ey thare up, but rao ki camn Prexa Joe Baker elimitnated his eloays for ,a.te....rend erofnth ieollhen
Q l l, a__la h _a 0 d ha n h N roarge bacr trhe win 10, 12, irAe counter-panh from Summit How- sean. r .t
'O ldLalesTo._P i_ ratl.oes up neat thae esvend things with ae par on ard Tettbtaurn winnit SUp I n Clark riffith has Mince told .b
o vr Pol. Ildthrteen. After halv-ing 14, 15, lop tie batte of nh e pretadenA, n T that he never regrettedd that '

IIftdtisofnhatwi veyltemr Rbleylaia ee-s hot with ri seas.t Perantie Jr. moved Into 'dthe by;T o-r
s teX& 2feet of-the up. Jankus WAS l-_fina l round & 2 w Iori tCK I ACTION
t- his club's shorto uda h pi, chip, but Riley closed out the leted himself .notSher sc a4Pl Hot Bprins, Ark. (NA) -
A a- lsr ato.r rttotooai but s t Imath byd swing his putt. Woit a 4 & 3 victory over oe F.or the first time sine 1928,0af. the
emes sn When hewef t re ed e iaeopg Jankue was shaken a bit on Satero. thi reort will hold profes-
t ee. a .,tat IeS u -W the fifth hole. Reyy had puled, l final .round mtches of honal golf turnment. w It
omsa e o- his tee-h ot out of bounds e ndattp aMseburo-uvea famous the .15,00r Arlinon Hotel
St five. it looked as though the hole be- watch t aDournamen.t will be two-pen tkng place on May 12-15
up & ileave t ie. h _. TearsU.n..a"" ... r longed to Janlu.e However, RI- ball matches and will be play- at the Hot Spring Golf a e I 47a. Vheae N*. i-RUI
.th __ fwht __. e.C AiLed reofA ~ W. Iyee wasTe long off thetunhhI tee w Ithed .Sunday, april -4. Immel Coun Club.d
-j la e DI h .dGeift owr at i his second ball, reached the' ately followig the. ou lui o on
M- .' l m i b. f the Pitn.I "O LLE.T .L........ green with his second shot, and of the matches a bu.fet lunch- c
ofe-e -ly t if IR e e g brngi-s _- n sank a long 30 foot putt for om will be served at which
--"st s- ll p -u-ch -jy neeol re. gnd..G ansdt., from. to eagle with his second ball but tim Mr. Henry -onmefreuno, commaS ir-1
l..A M LI rsnlstin fr m .e sathisfed with a a pa r epresenting Mercur 2o, S in. ,.r- ns I WIn oF nDIA'.C."'
A.-A-clubniso f a lhirtor o llege f t. Adt e on te hole because of the first will pre1ent 1uvenia watches to ..fthhassin o-l
M vchard. ha b the fa" pitcher theyshowed Cnoge," Y.... n ,ith the green r8F iners-uhiln p th flgt...
SWrOM 0.redi aomlfeheBiyllaid4,thtl he opportunity tor ast.or..the na rod e
,fe game- n Orf k oudnt b Hat r a on w. te hole. It ws very plain that 0 l"rou i&. Men's Fift Pligt-: -
knsideRIfe witchm and chain to the amopus. Perantie vs. Youngblood. 'c C"
tir!o reyoeIL*r".y aslaki n ksusm i t9:10 a.m. Men's fvo uryt h e fi r .
.. .........dtihs we ns puteo h .alvetoe Plight Rhoadeshvs. Eker..
..j._-,_is_,k :W Ii atheaasfta hole. d:20 arm. Men's Cmampcon- a:,oram w
nw*p ou mu-s. e Am or's Dick Goodman don- s ht JTim Allu1ey -va'-o.s1
lom w tinued to shoot his fine game. a n-i
h p I f Y "T- b y emi W .of...tup.9 Riley. Goodman Is notoriously Ship Flight Burns vs.. Aekew.Country
_ef .u.t.. .back alive, greeDOwishort game was fat from e- h emnkte v. Swartz.b.ff
.s f-l _t f ro FaCr- aoaxrie or apInfg s at the end of nine holes annd Fliht Wilkl vs. Haewve
C*Anbns eSorvie then practically matched 10:00 a Mn. Men's Seeond
A pc. ma1te0honWhiondOthe battesfrd b George stroke for stroke on the Plight Duffus vs. Moan,
m cidoer .-ollhgefyweight m thadhtowinstisid8thaholeito v Fli.gcoht Lilly vs. W alker .I O

A & SL m- a JIn ont, us. .A t w.- e n ..'wth .+-....-91

first bel*, when i Campanel-
rs a slow .uaA.poped to the
.ta TWISTeld..f
Alvina r ..laN s' short-
stop, let then tow- TWIRL IT...
O ~~~ed to th ecodbaeant
n to -force Robl mn. d.put the a rrI.
4.. --slo w" "",I s .t h is. S
-0-d.6i LURL IT..
Sma rr t- mgtb haveit
guns.i q51*TURY" "'-

he IveI

-, -Waf A
MI. t" Mai s... .

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r~il.~L~- r It

.it<.tiy. a gtU
-r .(, '"*., ; .H

sh Group '

ye Against? g an. 0 ,. criran

per Strike lreca e-

Sdisclosed formation of the .
rNDON wh MOSCOW, Apr19 19 (UP) A Uth opl been established by the Lon- cul gotiations ould be con- of Russia andAcoln
establish ed Russi today proposed a five- don and Paris agreements. ducted with the East," he d 1 which Russ a DAINTON pk
ar haranteedA against atop-M TE dmRTET1
a by strikes In this newa s- In t a l w
leads city. ."r "r e .ri- ed

thede d fr e Jed n le 1 o T amrrican, 2hth bg- a Itc e led Dh TL thro
sixmen. including noa Linb- erCl s Foee
l oard and a Millionaire gen-
eralu rsclosed formationof thet
T h e a id m em ber s S o

1athe oeetdoor bdet e r a d t e hi el ved ol/eaten r et 'y h r dl l a d ,"
Br which our lib- MOSCOW, April 19 -nd (UP has been established by the Lon- ful negotiations could be con-f it h.i. b-

are but2h" 's984d Rsitoday proposed a five- don and Paris agreed s ducted w tht e E s ah c15e which Russia 30C. Di -,
tbe trip of a handul of oer conference in viena In "It had always been on the Zd sad Britain "certal orthe desre.for aa.

go e so-iet onlte t J ^ ,t e j t statrement o faense at n threonats um w hf onoed eaS
mnlo n aderi s, any one Of "e nearest future" to. o cl udeobasis of that unity thaot success- wlo-ed" the joint atemen of Aut ria treAt so at.. n
M lands the power toslid sign a state treaty restor- -,"' Asa ta et an- s t
waiting prees of i. ng Aust .rian independence. He said Britain wh
nthey said. epro alcalledfor dieredscussing method u :ma po"e.
wer would et ( foreign ministers of the Sovie etduo .h ese o a ne g o oe

parting works Incit'u Austrian representative$. ted ,
Soutput of millions of bad suggested a "cl rifiation" l.

aa meeting at ambassa doW rial level. soThe o dilo c qa*r
oPairzerse included oivrd Londo l en d ip rmat i it-c_ ,quar' Be ign Th r. al. 'T

r ,a onl ordbera Land The Soviet call for a foreign IdeonilclSoruiub Th.. ."ibre.ato.s io.

Sr H arold Wernher, ministers coonf erence was made B
a ofhllgvtroluz 4 Ltdpidentical notes hande d toelo U.A H oles UOnrA ushwWABHINGTON, Apriel 19 (UP) tic 4n46.wb 3. 5?lgwa .tey aa -. orA1 e, ay. Craw-o amea~i gtaosdst hwado Charles Vun..oh-rB ...,orh-n p

an author and econ omist n, itcharge da'ffair as ti ntheohet -F or me Ph t od t T i r- o ith ,J. .".
Awprip10yntes eera tuagy etepUie ev, ingorSonata.b l ceeo oepb urpus o rhml r .
o hi b.are MOCOWan(Ure th arig edtur ed to hisbs obelovedSenate o received l ndw -. .honors fn hz ..
Drown and Edward Mar- C.IMn wstowe P t aind Fr cha rgePosedh.Cor. -tdoheUi ed r he fothmer Puetee

n te eohyts thrown a tres etrh aan St senates to I & "the current led t nation -.through
Sand io dicalscould by ooo amis ni sterV.I.oo Cai coges o '

by u "Te ohr tou b Krem li fc tat e D q re nc e s e p e receive a on-eaforsoe ofteeastcisinor
unow... lieot aS oitherKm ioffanpeth a vet notes today m th the U.N's Gen A bly. o nisttry," Jnbtm --A a e

um Of imparting In- hour intervals. u /ns ual o .i-_ o .. Deo rtc Part nd .e a
o e itn Corn.) is also at The sources said t he notes re- hetis weeetntvaielableof.e mm ten i on a or ah-s 'drr4

,Trs.ove t .e 11 ra t ., ... oow. or .. or.cti- w.-_omia re wonaT won w ronv w base obrvne t^at meianD^^CrR
,. 1i9 e r -- ..... .whe ,oblet w i ws as le olelagtiownh h" righst-i go hi-a- -powertorbe
e N nced by engine ers t on. a a t they Soviet w n ee v d a ni atio s row 'o btk
ricsa ls trik e s.e Auosptrioan Chatn r 3 un1 a sTeh oft ot heenC agent Je uhe I d I u d can afford to Ignore."e o n
taton astmrikbyllwtt nmees.r a doattchweenGering goupestring is always p t v o

rM ofe the rschsni of ab flew here last. week anendn ie b thw en dun las caulded E lenh
f Bu press bonly be prefer concluded an agre cement on the sv o ise to Moscow of Auste re a iod e ad it has e n h .theawo ld r TuM an tit.

l thods rsoun t i tif ihere oI on -sught Aurtoi r ste I s At t t ChancelloriJuli Communist a b.'and from utte r Psie Itnt p rl fe t-tthnemrcya

lest one orgaisa t on trewtV, p wo lo tovy. er r- o i, Feine FL was f ounded e years .ag o. a o inBi 4 Ii
It w asb ele et -enoeo s a tea fr omLt ihhe aW"e unte rtKtteabnv dd -the botesI?

.. vm t -a nd Int latio a b oth the Wen &III" m- aloe fe ouica ve e es mayofithdra we -r om-th ted--N Z o. oa1
lot to, .o an y ph th e rt n c e fr ,O f.h eom ad, .",epi- ,.

Si.hw and sf raaets not to ..the w utee 1r ne .rlsl are htt u rts aand p pust. Austria- ,he said auritor emr 01 ttlru Untee r
ha 1 t en. d A d robablywinotheform a a o
g=o.mgreomvared reSo t Austriaso LrMonf -o ct o and get ready to, g t IO nto" d ev
lagement mean-..o p tio t eathat ofdneutral AS Proposedn yt rry Ti i es ?,..* bty th the.eB .,..Three.
MeetodayTSwitasiand p. "'? N-yeoB-W
t^t could have a t.ony Eden relteat$ that Brit- Dohien saw F oreg Miiter goo moa het gave is visd A
o~~zWel mt' sn al5 Is anxion.s for talk w it the al p re mlln office at noon,. (moe- n- n pth
a ows paner pub- The Prime Minister said bIe c tow time). Later British Am f r fmnmzm b u 51E"W

w onH. CMO4.COMIte48 asa.a a

Ation Wsand IlaehC
aas noerus a -e agntd I-ns ea t In te ""

home relet for the
Im," 'f r S V..O : .'.. ..
_,''n w ho ,. ..solders an mba
,Ething.o Pad On. omeni t thIe. _eblle ..i

-. *i atr e, h wr al e,-
A-it. until410 a
of Sb daty. al tesieMe "o

,-i. F "o scum..
e et. "unt i i.2ns. South
atI.*ldenc* ol Pro.

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