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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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i a peope know Aa trith and the country is sale" Abrahak Lincoln.



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TRUTHFULLY bt the cross-
roads, history. passes this
foster Day of 1955. Does the

Pressure 'On

future hold the iant X of\ ke To O K

the A-bomb, the brilliant
flash caught below in the
lets of a camera only, a few
days ago in a Nevada test?
SThat X could signify the end
of the civilization we are
familiar with. Can we keep
our grasp on the cross which
has signified the hope of
mankind since the day of
Calvary? The worship I n g
multitudes on their knees to-
day in American, churches
express anew their faithAbi
Christ's way as the way of

a'A-.- B .Sunday

father Probably Plea
Abrr t ,(UP) much. Fair or partly cloudy
will probably weather will be the order of the
t parts f the day.
r bureau said As for the Yankee-type weath-
er new chilling somje parts of the
Oaid, however.,]outh -- 'a. got down to 38 de-
Epeoted In Sees in Augusta,Ga., early -
in and north' day the we er man said the
mercury probably will rise to the
hi 7(s before Bunlday.
se-day Easter mureme northern sections of
4elymcattered the country probably will conU-
occur in the nue to have nippy temperatures.
Bu New' England is in for a.
-ot6new East- '"w ng- trend" In the next
t worry too couple of days,

isant Over U.S.,
- The weather man went out on
a limb and said "very good"
when asked about prospects for
Washington, D.C. But he asked
not to be pinned down too close-
ly about other specific places.
He said, however, the forecast
is for fair to partly cloudy skies
and mild weather in Ohio, Ken-
tucky, Tennessee and on Eant,
In the area that Includes Min-
nesota, Wiscorsiin. Iowa, Illinois,
Indiana and Michigan the out-
look is for aboxe-normal temper-
atures and fair to partly cloudy
skies. '

Ntw Lihner Here Tomorrow
fl eomthern Cros, new Ahaw South' Africa- and on her last lia, South Africa and Las Pal-
afi AlMbion vessel o I 2,000 leg home wll call at Las Palmas mas and will make four voyages
wadwht a speed of. 321 knots is (Grand Canary). each year-two In a westerly di-
al at. am. to- The Southern Cross w as section viaC the Panama Canal
=eono.v a will transit the Ca- -launichd-Wy Queen Elta.th4j 4 two in the reverse direction
iwJt.-a a id will remain mn Belfast. onB AtfltioMat I South Africa.
u. tntil 6 a.m. and is uader.conmmand of Capt. The entire .voyage will take 80
Tt _.-j .Sir Dayd AiMtchson, who was In days and as no working of cargo
the. Southern commWnd of 4te thlc tor the will be incurred at any port ev-
CtiiouO direct to Ta- Queen's tour f fO Common- ery facility will be given to the
:due-*'Aprl M, wealth: pleasure of pengers going ta,
gtn (New The Southern Cross Is engag- shore to'visit tese countries.
l e d in a upd._.p -worl.serl vice In the design of this vesel.
rala. from .thm tvia Trindad, eosldaon as been given on-
..t-j.proed Curacao, ~terpaMinat C alMTi- y to" sSy and the comfort of
-l t n hit[, lRJ. *ew 2 e a strai. (-entinuad e .Page 6, Col. 4)


The Administration as under In-
creasing pressure to permit the
Chinese Nationallsts to bomb
Red airfields being built near
the Invasion-threatened offshore
islands, it was disclosed today.
The argument being used is
that if the Red airfields are not
destroyed, the-tCommunists will
achieve air superiority that will
spell victory in a Formeosa
Straits battle.
This argument Is being AS.
vanced botM by officials of thi
Nationalist government on
Formosa and by Republican
It was learned that certain of
these e senators have been dis-
cu fng the question with Ad-
ministration officials within re-
cent weeks.
The .Administration, however,
is reluctant to permit the Chi-
nese Nationalists to take any
military steps that might pro-
voke general war in the Far

The administration attitude Is
summed up in the "mbmoran-
dum of understanding" .signed
between the two governments
last year as part of the S.8.-
Chinese Nationalist mutual aid
The agreement specified, in
effect, that the Nationalists
would not take any military
action against the mainland
without first consulting with
he Ufnted dNateL.
' ThE Chinese Natonalist pies
on Pormosa 8aid today Red C
pa has based t least 40 Rus'r
Ian-built Mig-15s on a newly
completed airfield within strik-
ing range of Formosa for .te
first time.
The reports, if true, are ex-
pected to herald a new crisis for
Formosa. Th% site of the new
base was said to be Luchlao, ap-,
proximately 200 miles north of
Formosa and just south of Tal-
ch6 Bay.
The English language China
News said its information on the
arrival of jet fighters at the new
base came from "unimpeach-
able" sources. American militi-
ry authorities would not com-
It has been stated, however,
that Red China was expected
to make a bid for .control of
the skies over the Formosa
Strait before any invasion of
Formosa or the Nationalist-
held offshore island outposts
Is attempted.
A high-ranking Nationalist of-
ficial, commenting on the press
reports, said:
"The Communists are known
to have completed Luchiao. It is
highly possible they already
have planes stationed there."
The newspaper story said the
Migs were taking off and land-
ing at Luchiao but it was not
yet clear whether they were
"operational" or were merely
testing the field's runways and

(NBA Telephoto)
SPRING IN THE AIR David Williams, 18 months old, ha&" a
touth of spring fever-the romantic kind-a--s he busses Miml
Daniels, 3, at Memphis, Tenn. David's father spotted the young.
couple and took this unposed picture..

Soviet Lad Changes Mind,

Returns To Red Germany
--!- 0 -*- .

ri A 9h. (M 8-
3t who fled 0 94.-NW*
tor of Berlin M h 18, today
"happily returned with his -par-
bntsIto Eist Berlin at his own
request because he feaTed his
flight would endanger them.
An American spokesman said
the -boy struggled with Ifls con-
scienc& for days and finally de-
cided ho would return to the So-
viet authorities to save his par-
ent from punishment.
His father, Air Force Lt. Col.
Alexander Lysikov, accompanied
by his mother and two Soviet of-
ficers came to American head-
quarters in Berlin at noon, and
brought the boy back to East
"The motivating factor in his
return was the thought that
his father and mother-would
be punished by the Commun-
ists because of his flight to the
West," John McDermott. depu-
ty director, of the US. office
for public affairs In Bonn, told
a press conference.

h-f-ruieflotfl hat ife
hitn sarnef he we'be treat,
ed .A a hero,; he h M.
* On instructions from Washing-
ton U.8. authorities here noti-
fied soviet headquarters the boy
wished to return, and his father
and mother came to.pick him up
at noon.
' Four minutes later he was in
an automobile on his way to So-
viet headquarters.
McDermott said the boy and
his mother hugged and kissed
each other, and the boy appear-
ed "happy."
"He was not a all downcast
or subdued or reIelllous," Mc-
Dermott said.

Shotgun Sis
Blasts At Bus
ABINGDOW, Va., April 9 (UP)
- Mrs. Callic McNew was charg-

"He dwelt constantly on what diator of a school bus and
might be happening to his par- wounding a male passenger with
ents and finally he decided eha shotgun because the driver
would return bomie," came too close to a gate in front
Mdflermott said however, in of her home.
the last few days before he an-
nnounced his decialsion to retuun Pollce said Mrs McNew fired
"he began to-spout Communist into the radiator after an arg-
propagandaL". ment with driver Russell John-
"We pointed out to the boy the son. A second charge struck the
fate that might await him If he foot of Johnson lather, Ogde
returned. We told him what hap- C. Johnson.
ended to other Soviet defectors No children were aboard the
who went home. However, he bus.


-0 -

France Drags F2

On Diem Dea

Say U.S. Official

WASHINGTON, April 9 UP) American ...
French representatives are conferring in Washington,
and Saigon over the crisis in free Vietnam.
Diplomatic sources said the outcome of thew
will determine whether consultations will be held laoRtl
a higher level. ,
It had been announced yesterday that high-leyve
would be held in Washington April 20 and that the
ican team would be headed by Undersecretary. oe.
Herbert Hoover, Jr. But later the Washington meet'
postponed pending outcome of the discussions now
way. -4'
Both the United States and France are pled
support the anti-Communist government of Premern
Dinh Diem in South Vietnam. But some U.S. officiab,- :
France is not fully living up to its commitment. ,
The problems before the United States and F
include preparation for the all-Vietnam elections c
ed for July, 1955, under the Geneva agreement. Th
some fear that the Communists may not agree to-
elections in the northern area which they control, Si

In' Saigon Frenuh and Red which ripped open tw-4
Vletmlah. military commanders the vwa. -.-
have aIIed. 9nultan
wltdriwal o trolb s t il~i^W !^
enclaves north jd south o 3f t e .r tlo..i
17th parallel, the C6nule "-'
atid today. -
The reported agree meant Spokesmen for the Dien'
came as new violence flared in e 8 ad the Boa
free Vidtnam's capital of Sai- telfbombed the villa as
ron, threatening to shatter the text for reprisals again
uneasy truce between troops Porters of the premier.
American-backed Diem and off, -
the. South Vietnamese anti- Thu s officials said th
gv n guards stationed at the
government front, mnd ot d fir
Official North Vietna m e s e (Contiued n fire
sources said remaining French onage ,
troops in Tonking and Red -"-
troops regrouped in an enclave Isthmin Engi
south of the 17th parallel willRa
start pulling out April 22. The Meet Tomorrow
operation is to be completed M ay ..,
Evacuation arrangements were 0To Organize Umn
agreed upon April 5 In H OL, A meeting
capital f Communist Nof Angn eetiand tora
the two billigerents. t Isthmus into a union willbaN
they were alidedbythe mnired Monday night at 7:30 In
They were aided by the m ed blo Cl house.
central armistice commission po- .Th* new oranization
licking the Geneva truce agree- al Canal, ArmyNay
meant which last July ended the allrceaenateeliy av
seven-year Indochina war. %er0oae 1Arne o 4,
A plastic bomb thrown from w original S st
a speeding automobile in Sal- modthby Rusueg
son damaged today the corn- president of Technica
mand post of an Indochines WhO viStd the Ishmu
religious sect opposing Diem. delegation of AL oim s
The explosion wounded one of4 d sa pected thatla
the men guarding Jhe commend apuication will be mad
post, villa of Gen. Tran Van Boat meeigand tempora
of the ioa Hao sect. OffiLal will be elected.
said the general was absent from Some of the point
the ill at the time of the considered are the
An automobile parked nearby clude U. re t
also was destroyed by the blast, conditiUona ndS.l,

Our New Ruling Class: The Baby Sitter

ARLINGTON, Va., Abril 9 -
(NEA)-Whea the history of this
decade is finally written it will
record the rise to ascendency of
a brand new ruling class in A-
It's the baby-sitting. aristocracy.
cf course.
If all baby-sitters should de-
cide to strike tonight the soeBil
life of the United States would

-. v-- ,Win'- 45s- -

come to a sudden, agonizing halt.
Night clubs movies and restaur-
ant would fold.
And worst of all, Ae household
financial structure fot the U.S.
would totter, for the tremendous
cash reserve: which biby sitters
have jeeum,'lated constitute the
biggest source of emergency fam
ily financing in the country today.
No longer does daddy shake-the
piggy bank to finance a couple of
Deres or a tank of g. He floats
a high interest loan from his
wealthy, baby-dsittg, teen-age

I we'll have to wait UI;
puts- the baby-sitter in
perspective, a reseat
teraturt provides some
it into tO matter..
mphdlet entitled "Baby
Their Care and Culti-
mrittUem the wyes
cficT e W&T uTele-
and is tb sad with
rea by" cld. 'x. L
out op ftas gI over-

races, determming whether you
leave store-bought or homemade
eake for the snack, or whether
yos have the latest Jumbo TV
.If yoi do find a satisfactory .sit
ter, te book warms:
guard her jealously, for she
S_.., U ..f ,.!.._ 0..... .

Fine, but the kidsll soon- get This note -f canutionWo
mad when Lhey find that ashe's ways. Sometimes thekid
e to all of their fiendish tricks. first aid. But there are a
could add that get- salve-, kids a
Then when the parent's gang frst aid for herr
come in for a nightcap there are The book eve dpwu
always plecty of volunt e e rs apiece of -dice k e
among the husbands to drive her S".One'lat"'04 i
hume- Sitter. 1 amA

Another piece of advice is: ;s just tat
"Be sure your sitter has sta. leg s
mma; it not subject to dizzy or a lity.
faining spells; s mentally alert 'Wht yo
enough to cope with emergen-. 1y, YW'r
eies." fbig at fat
And if she's the aged type make to do o
sure that the batter h ar hear. evelltIf i
n- id -is -charged up-mougqh -to A.-sw
last tha evening. pay I
A -dealtsitter is about .ua effi .
c;ent as a blind member of the
Groyad Observer Cor.
The booklet is baot mplaticA
about letting the sitter have only
sb much company.
A irl friend to study wiUbt
l rght. "But no more than a
-and no boy friend?"
The way to keep oat
friends is to lnck the iqur e .
aet and makt sure Iber's
win the ice box. I ..
The book warns:
"earn if the sitter has iat
u A howwell sha
aiM l." -- -*- *i

'4 4
n' r'



-..-- lAWAPA. M 3. tnAv v 1APRMI 1. I-I S

-iW-ia-- 26.0* w..aLAR g ktA d.- i L- w

c hl.S


1~ I -~- -~ ~ I






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...- liii

-1;1 _

k ,

~t'J aflA.;.W ~"~'a-Th' --
4- -
TSR when: namcsx

"- n" *. "' "- .- -, "7... '. .^ ^
#* '. .- .. ..* ,-. -"
11 .ium .i i 11 .IJ 11 ij ii r 'r

is as

S .::-. ...I

1 1 14
i > 1,'2 -
I .' ,f4'

*:" 5


WI I 0

1. 10:1

p 10:0

>, 11.4

I Ill41
1 lil




'' S




., 6Il '

so --:- J

Fi' .m
gSI' :'

'a" kt

ago a


: --,--"-



Ii' II I

., a 'i
d .E

*J .... '!>_ 1 : i +
f_-. t-. .-' n

- H' "

lrm O- !
Alrm C k Club (IR)





ee ---- ---

s If -

5 -' ..

0g Ma Sehindin nThe Melod.

-/ Wl
0 WEate. Anthelegy3

l Musical I rud

0 Much-idiinThA- I p

I "Ad .

o J r. ,

-. ~ -

w. vi.O ..OHY


0r Eut. Anlol


a am NI
w Melnl I*nwludi


WD Yes lend.rl *

; n has' N

uiQ s N
---- a-------^



N -
"^-- S---

*S elKSrYLb't^- k

Mimri A^th IS?;
r L C uMi -C
>" i -




0i -


I .
....... .. ,


Mlenal Melodic *

Church eI The Wildwood

MusIanl Selle'*

Sacred Hearn

A I So Is '



Off The Record (coIId)

Meor The bameraaur

Luliln Meloim fm d II

PAN is "011"e

DSwgr maAdoina

am Dk h e.
usyc Nap MSahe.
-. i Mond ay '

I e-

taw. Mlw R F

Wlate Yeas Fa IAn w


LUS 13UMN an p s

uaiehr. Muonaf Ni

.Me luM On e .


Nigce. 21 -* a5


n -



Sign On -
Alarm Cloc aub (I)



Morning Sales Coacenrs

Musical Re i le


Sacred Han

As I ISee t*

off he Record fcootdd
weOff t Andord (3I

Music Of Manhomtae


Off TheCd (B m. i I

#us C aL
,- '

won And Hi s


ilIc 01 Minhbmr 1

Mir WI Frgt T

ninfasYal Cwra us I

l4.ingA Aml..odti S

ri minbi Sbhr 'I

Ii.n .: I

J i m sl Ai I iis i
Ietdd Marde Sbaor

-- -

I' YAr Senrid (USA)I o

n i

otr cIIIIMs~l n s

it Reu oral (BOB) Hr
umia A o Icr Asd HI ye


d* FMdS VIm '

.t Ral. ~e^*
*I h Hr 1~~"
r "

.M. M M, .. -
,ft "ti s '. -.,.-- -U4b

.aar. .- V

J^ ^^ 1*^"'^**^>plum|



Musil Revell[i@

As I See It
i a


Lunchtime Nellodie

Of Otf The "eord (o
Ba. l .'

Off noll od ( I

dlinta lioof"m

am, And Hot*

Music Of h Periaon

heFir MenB l A)

Aenis as Iu iI


mef Th &orwd caretd)

i- "- 11. '

.unmA O
wa Aand Hot'

luilc 01 Milams.
ems Of Tb, Pnoora

hri Tou s ie I
(crer For aday' -

Ma A d id () I
'ha.. Yons ail. (ml
sels ol Mu B>at

Venue rng.

icON B3D0I N

ali~n 3

-weT Hall



- -_Us. Off

P. 0. Box 314
I-- lelphons 5-I-M

6 iA
~f eaa. u me*4lil


n "

I* i

S I I A -i nl
Musial R't 7-

Off The ba 1
s -
Ai I ta !

--~ufff PANAMA .. ._ .









9:00 '


9:45 '





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mori laThe Cole-an'

MuI Of IRealld (

S iend LHrmn (

Off T1e record mf)

Mosi Tba 'olw

ev, b
Sweet And iBMnif* Ho


ev.n -I
ILuhtimTe Nelodim'

In .=sumu I'-_

"os laauI I
Sinoi And Ho*

nmml C-p '

Music F Mbhiurtiday
s.otnam hem. -

pae dYour VPak .I (RI
Fisata y** ours sioindh N

Frech In The A hW P


>S e

SNight su
m ----

reolo From The

rae Ir From Ho

pa a----
rkalolue Ti l \T-


16- ,W, ^..; jjv
133 '2 .. -*'*" -** -*'

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--;: ^^s-w ^ .4: -<-- "



*". -. ,..

Z'WdI to.ti
yyut depli)
timaft are'j
* wuarce i y
* awa rof senus

.--u.--=. -

L'^' fA^V -' i




Madial Mdodl "

Cricll It ei "IYdood
asical RalCub a

i i
-- -



Umi Te ga rrtMaro
Music Ofl Rmel'
I .


Oi Ahd Horl R)


Mudc Of EMasIum
1Dm olid

ies liz
Wh.s AFYoar (D
t ION HollwooT


riom paedb k

"7 -
lUSh Fo0 W I
lu! OfM ORGN

MoUna RIvOeS
iAw '

lean On Thui *'


Night lunil


riec andbox




sic Di leak


ato an- Al 1 (00
Mfk Fi iWe 10:66

ohe a j

.l -! ,lii

. *Is io- and yto tow .i .,. ..
t. .. .-m tp in t or mso W

whalee ononO ... tt -
I" Vnat's yuew w4%V.0 this 4U -.
Maronl's fonoet. -. .' .-m-
,T.hve bad -twa l st.a ," h.r od

..014 g.o. t rw _I.g.f whIngoh dtffn a
long banUse I n1tgnl 107t41 radio i t4
cat'whkhIsker .d in tor-i t
Shxt I turnmeEdg"WhVy P1nlIrS
of BIgI rbonts (nS 0 .Wnkmn own) as N .
to return to th*t foam Inf
p ftioble variety whlIg nl qi.I.

I me In turn to t0@fi.'
tien In contemporary dvilltorin It more itrry than
ever in the mia-morning and afternoon shows Whleah are
aimed at women viewers.

What an antiollmax that televisltn fruit of the bright.
*at solentifio brains of this alsotroehe ago, should ~e. Wated
on women, & Olass of creatures Whia mlah- of
silence Is so feible that they haven't
hang up a te lphn. ;i
better by tar that televialion be dirt
further edification and instruction. .;i io
thinkers, those men of drive and in iM -
and performance, who find themselves I 6
a forenoon to spend refreshing hours wl
* barroom stoo .
What I was about to tall you, before bec ng
honorary consultant for NBC-TV, was that theVamn
sary Division, anaialed from time to time -i the wt e i
vestige of a Ouayami Indian market place, JIfmb1*
TV to the oisthmus.
It pleases me to be prITpged, to Iv the fll
thenticated repWrt .geoncrning rTVi rgt%
since .that'gnerst was so lute -th* Mi$
Service wasgpl* 4nto TV lq`ally thasM
with a fin.reoerler f eostndero=le coat 6in
near as much as the 922,500 that sourdough trom Alaska
wants to pay Governor Sayb ld.
Never did hear what happened to the gsneWial'&TV
eat, nome to think of it. Maybe a couple of apple-ptilehlng
untatrofiler saeioly dffdred to buy it.
But you'll be wanting to hear about t$ ot ntpisssiry
and its TV. Nothing eeoond-rate about L that's t,r Aure.
Exately the same as they get Sttaside. That it to say,,itMe
a turkey. --.
,My Ohdsdodfnlrf, 'at9wl iP. I AtJU

S. t10:45

Nto w 11:00
Off Th Rftfd tlem';d) 11:0
or 11:115

iW TMs lmllSu 11:

S' 11:45

Luchdm Medla 12:05 .
12 :1

,m Ioo
n Tome TM ob ,4

I l2;r ..a.
Neoa 1:00

Vincmn tops AS
His Oliemi

OI .ue t srdl' s
Ruhth 1Av ludieam C .1145

I The i* 31
I- I

Mi le Io hIs

Mure Ya.r sitrir ^ |i|
M .r 1

F R .41
a 4.15

Whoblic HiYm a li00/Pa()

-0IBBON 0 445

Mu Ill ufv M a Ills
Nows 5-50 (You r s (CSid) 5:35

Pok Nih 4u:i 00/PJL.

omNe FMas Te arl sid

VAife Ahop (BBC) *:)0

9 *f4

ROaf A NLaoh ISKSd :.1

n 9:45

'a SIlan o

I don't knOew about thae #vn. bu 3e*hN 1
reeds be some enalderabt daisy. tV&VuS&W 1, I
oId boets an a ept t 1: b106 from.
ta pai Als that ouldy tg of *ue1ri
cord r m saving for an entih purpose whish I uitt
for the moment exactly recall -
You. can't say the Commistary is not moving w"th
the timis when it stooks TV turkeys, tat Iike tienlt'
works, oan yu now?
Not that there'd me much time left for looking at
itolvision, what with' an the worry sabot whether or pot
to Itak the cellophane off the brute before shoving .1l"
the oven, and all kinds of other complications Inherent In
kitohenas. '
For me the peak of culinary achievement was the
perfiotion of the can opener. Further deyelpmetnhts are
not progress, but needless excursions Intothe twin f-iels
of the6retlcal, physics and advanced' engineering.
A touch-and-go buslfeies, comparable kin .me wAys tq
an adqiiral bringing his launch. down thi SahMbu riverJ"dtil
a jury-rigged log tor rudder, the original version lAving
got tselt embedded in the mud with launch and= admiral
and everythingattached. Ho, hoe, he.

A thing the Sunday papers don't give you much of
down here is good murders. Can't- Imagine why the b0ft.
Allen people -didn't worry Mhore over this deprivation %Ma.
.over the shortage of oos. -
S Furtfring this column's dedicated policy of be ig. ll all man, and to no women, I take some pr iMOn-
preetn th fing e following oial note from Lakview, O
rido, o that no one can coMiplainthat this Sunday piper a
any ate, does not measure up to the American Way'e
Lie in falling to supply Its readers with their acouit
mayhem before matins.
I quote from a United PrAEllreport.
"A man coated with shaving cream was found "ad
in an '-splattered houe .trailer, and poAoe, admitted
today, they are baffled. '
"Qharles Tassier, 47, died with his eyep, *are Aptd
nose plugged with feam. He wt clutching an egg Jh e
hand. An autopsy failed to reveal the cause of death,
"Frank Madeley, 41, a former Jtaicy wh"o .wai bW
trailer, was found unopncpus near the body. Hti hd.
was covered with a salad bowl that had been filled with
having redam,-. .- -
"One &rMn wa in a sling and a sheet 4ad boon pinrad-
around him.'Clothes pins wer pinned to his e f. '
S"T-M trailer was-sa tteret wi tit #k an -n.
ope orate lag on the floor neaor a ma of ber M
O1q er o he o. t '-r-Ib Ip *,-.'
_OeW to you, or. Maeon Tirnert Maybe Upeitl* did

M" ItaafIjke-e eRiaiftti SJr po'ktt'fM'inty~~ 4^Ur^S^'
m61'1 wi f^ f "^*B ''^ ^ f ^ ffs^t^* ^B ^

m, Fa, a '.

-... ." .a -.




.. .-.- ..

- -- ---- __-_ _--__

I r ----I-~11- --Y~--YCj-I--L-~j






.. .,, .

IH* r

T --


: ,._^ -. ^-._. -,W "\
* ; .4.,:; '1., 4...:
.- ,* ..- .' '

41 54;#-4 W c T.. M '1 ,7 ..".
:: f.:.-- ,- _. ,. m .:. .. ;. ., ,' .- ...; *- .-.- : *- -
M. ,, ,- ,;: ,' '.. ,, .. ,
"''4" '/ .. ;" 9
: "i"4" "' 'w J 'i.. '- '.. t"- .4' .

11-10 11 4



et exalted rule 6 1414,
teoztk: fn Whda. 'uelman and Barry 'idn, all
.nd. John Longren,.ester Bailey, andaust. $dvisor Wesley ,y0 all from

b~- i.
er other act
or or, a

"Our units ai I
growth and auth'S
gram Is rpug, *0


- ,- "

-' .bo'



-- I
Did a AzaS*gbfrd's iohg wake
}ou up tshi ma ti0 ? No, 'you
were t dreaOMg d Ole Virgi*a
nyl It realLy was a mockingbird
you heard, but he is sort of a
southern to the songster
you. remember from the Sta t es.
And there's a mystery surround-
Ig him
Twenty-five years ago there
were no mockigbirds in Panama-
.t least tote' had been -reported
b' ornitholog ,
Then, omntiUme after 1930, a
few were see in the Canal Zone
.nd around Panama City. They

r '-~ ;kj.
-. V

. : ,; -.

. V .^

aot for- m and ,o of
pairs ma .eir hom ty.,
Among them last year' was a
real rarity of the animal i-ug-
dom, an albino. This strange bin,
r female was mated to a auOmal
male and last June raised a Tfmi-
ly of three perfectly normal lit-
tle robins. I
She has been seen at Surdrfit
several times since then and per-
hsps will be nesting agaii n oon.
Look Lor her near the lily. pond.'

gradually became more numerous The third of our trio of "tropl-
until now they, are found all a- cal" birds is the wren. A.recent
cross the Isthumus. visitor from New England was
No one can be certain how they heard to remark as she was look-
got here. Some ialentists t h in k in? at the old Cathedral ruins at
they spread naturally- to Panama., ld Panama: "If I didn't know
for our bird is classified by orni. better I'd say I just heard a wren
thologists as mimus gilvus, the singing!."
tropical mockingbird, a native of She was. considerably surprised
,olombia. to learn that not only had sh e
Others think they may have heard a.wren, but that this little
come here as aged birds which house were is one of our besi-
escaped or wtre turned loose and, known native birds.
like so many other visitors, foun Like the northern house wen,
life hero so delightful they decided our Panama bird prefers thi com-
to settle down for keeps. pany of humans. Its bright, tumb-
But however he came, the mock. ling, breathless song can be heard
lngbird with his incompara b l e round most Isthmian dwellings.
song is a welcome addition to Pa- And also like all house wres,
nama's family of birds, ours will nest in a box or bird
house with, the proper kind of
Robin hole for as entrance.
Many pairs live in the rubin at
The robin however, has always Old Panama. The cracks and
been here. It isn't a "robin red- crevices provide fine nesting sit-
breast" but its song -is sweeter es, and the energetic sprites with
than Its northern relative and ex. thle cocked tall may be sen any-
cept for color it acts and sings tim one looks for them.
U'nd eats 'and builds its nests just So there. we have the robins,
like any other robin, wrens and mockingbirds-all per-
BecAuse of its dull feathers, it lectly at home in the tropics. ,
has been named the clay-colored They are among the birds fjst
iobin.' At thi time of the ye a r seen by the visitor to Panama..n
they are starting their nesting They' ale seen, in fact, much
season, so their songs will soon more often than the birds usual.
be heard everywhere, ly associated with tropical cl s.
The robins are common all Their presence in our dooryan*r
over Panama, but the Canal spells "home" alike to Isthmi-:
Zone Experimental Gardens at oweller and visitor from th e
Summit seems to be a favorite States.

Ike Says Military Secrets

3AlNlW,. district adflheement chairman, prepares to Introduce the distin-, Being Revea e
and council personnel who comprise the Bridge of Honor. .Left to right: Dis-
iCA) Sjoanr; Lt. Co, Royce Ea vU. district training chairman; Winm. B. Mallory,
si Win. Bright, ealted ruler, BPOB 1414; Gerald Doyle, council explorer chair- WA8HINGTON, April 9 (UP)
B. Tucker URN, comma ding officer Redman Naval Station and member exe- -President Eisenhower feels
0. a; Q. PUaso, ounc l /pr W eant; Col, John W. Oberdorf, chairman, council military secrets in some in-
tee, B. LYersaon, cbcl'" vice-preaient and president-elect; Judge Guthrie stances have revealed unwit-
ie'.penidt; MtaJ. Thomas A. Kirby, district vice-chairnian, and Vincent Bia- tingly through news m ade a-
t valuable to the press, the White
House said today.
.s ede ng rhe cotmhuloAr and'cbiairman, Aantcpresented Presidential press secretary
neighbor plant, presenteJaes C. Hagerty disclosed the
Sat P-ie. an. rit badges to. the following; President's views when asked
g Pet 3, kloa:rank M T- about a recent Defense J)epart-
Sr tienshlI pnte nlb k ad ment order which resulted in re.
Sn lor holarship; Noble, public speak- stricting the flow of news. The
aonlcton2 Eargle to Mrs. K iry to pin on g and rallroadsngy, Frank CC. order was Issued by Defense Bec-
t "reAdeTa a mature agm A for Kir- "ownsend, firqt amd and swim- retary Charles E. Wilson.
ast of awards by to in on. her. n, 3 From Ship 8, Balboa: Rob- Hagerty said the President
two liver A- orer Robert RalSton e,. B. Hamilton, scholarship; does not believe in censorship
t olorer '-a-) ey to the bridge and from Ship 10, Gamboa: Rex Dal- but neither does he believe in
Linde .an, Eagle Explorer Robert Hamilton sey, first aid; H. Ehrmah, Jr., giving the enemy technical mill-
-advancement becorted Mrs. Kirby to the archery and world brotherhood; tary information.
led over' the bridge. Stephen Herring, automobiling, Wilson, ill this week. is ex-
Capt B. Tucker, command- beekeeping first aid and hiking pected to explain his new press
are thp lead- ing officer of Rodman Naval Winters 0. Hope, automobiling directive at a news conference
livites, whith- Station, welcomed the Explorers and. first aid; Jim Richardson Tuesday.
thletics" Col. and friends to the base, terming automobiling and first aid; Don Under the order, no Informa-
COuncil preal- it a new and delightful expert- Ryter, first aid and life saving tlon can be released to the press
group of Ex- enee. From Post 8, Fort Oulick: Ben- without clearance by Wilson's
s leaders and Gerald Doyle, Jr., council ex- nie Dials, athletic#, citizenship office. The information also
plorin chairman nd rendez- in the community, firemanship, mut "constitute a construct
vous director, thanked Tucker home repairs, marksmanship,
increasing intfor all the privileges and faqli- reading, safety and personal fit- g l|B
tier, the pro- ties made available to the Ex- Less. Xta-iiio
It, plorer a for the weekend.hCaliornia Library
bt aliW poes rese the d eend. o From Squadron 15. Albrook
wha He then pe ente APB: Joe Blackburn, home re-
SAM u 6eft-Rare Book
teearsye ""-augh, 8 W td Y30 whom ,a are itvene thi e sth-study; Clarence Bright, first and
t whom of are leing e nd reptile Istudy; Willi am LOS ANGELES (UP) A
o the uli health ahd reptile copy of the first book ever printed
WO W O fieCrces Trail Badge attached for tudy; ene C.defto, cycling and in Guatemala one of three known
r pvuthis their serildes to the Explorer 1ome .repairs; QDn .oehr, -4rst to be In existence andwa raretex-
-u'u'_ .tearmn home anad planning, home ing was presented to the library pn
b JudpeGutbrie Crowe; newly repairs, reading, stamp collect- the ra Angeles campus of the
elected vYiC-president of the Ing, and swimming; Michqel University of California.
He ented the Bronze SkeUy,holme repairs, marksma- .The gift was that of MaJ. Robert
l Pm to Eagle Explorer shp, public speaking, reading B. Honeyman, Jr., of San Jua
Wm. sp 9, Cristo- a swimining; Herman Wllktn- Capistrano.
bal and old Eagle Palm to Son, basketry, public speaking The book is a theological work
._I Explorer RUbert Ralston, ad rpadng. byFather. Payo de Rivers. Bishop
S S Palm g earned by r .Led A ,Ft, Kcholarshln. icatio Apolegetica It was print
Passing an additional, five merit -rom P*lflJ District: Tphom- d aein a Thei on
baepm MXf a gle and the Gold a A. Kirby, automobiling, avia- ontainn 757 page, isboundi
S sing an additional tion camping, citizenship In the the origin vellum. Rpman ad
thlve ,omdPalm agl and nation, fimanshipature, paintingitalic type fpces wereused to-
tie i passing annature, painting ether-in the printing, probably for
k hr addition. five us.t badges past anti photogphy* the first time in the New World. s. Both gle, have contl- The following awards were The only other two known copies
u= -n-tal leadership in presented by Mallory: Second of the book are both In Spain, one
t ir -shAip and live up to the Class awards to Manuel Boro- at the University of Seville and the
En tiples of the Scout Oath and wie, James Carlin, and Lee other at the Biblioteca del Sacro
SSpaolng, all from Post 7, Cu- Monte Pt Granada. A fourth copy
For passing an additional rat- rundt; First Class awards to was lost when fire destroyed the
7 t Us- pWI ttheBroaen-te award. Kir- Thomas Alexander and Cesar Biblioteca Medina at I,Ama, Peru,
r te t W Gold Award to Meto both of. Post 3, Balboa; in 1943.
Wai ; Eavwl es, PdOt 8, Ft. Star awards to Frank C. Town-
< and Stall). send. Port 8, Balboa and B'nnie SLE FSERVkt
pW active $M A o prtt d the Brofze Dials; Pat Balboa and Benane KEARNEY Neb. -(UP)-Sher.
.6 ft frpamstg two ratMng5 D"al5, ta-8, Fort Gulick. ifK Wilbur Geweeke was ordered to
.i"; A.i fls i awArd pAt ap- The following awards were serve a subpoena recently, but
.1to1 8 A.: OCuylagam, oreeasntd by Al Sloan, jr., paei- found he didn't have far to go. The
; Charle D las. Ic dbtfrct commissioner: M.- bheriff served the paper on him-
SWn. n, plorer apprentice to Joel Eslif.VselfN as a party in a civil lawsuit.
J t .-o and jefferey fr .ad Frank c. Towneta, -- '
an fronta PaOt .L Ga- trdPost 8%, lboa;W Manuel Be Douglas emergency skis and
m: p p auu fitness; Daniel OGorge,
i *Wh tAwrfrowm rte Lee spduid"t'. eme ney skills; William Har-
BNO fr os, t e,_ m. LmViau; M Lik r n a emergency skil l and phi-
IE No. fon, Robert a Mike 11 fitness; Ronnie Johseon
SJ14 tl sp0ng to1 ai fol- lor and Jack W oa1iky, my Jkills and physical
,.B & Baleboa: William B8h ihfterey Slaughter,
J nas Galloway, Cleve Gr emeny skills; James Thorn-
OftMaxwell, Carlo. PAY V ton, p I fitness.
S go froma quadron. B drn. m, Al kA
Iunch, on out ,
AItSesteafe service .plogu' vbastmanal skills and weather;
-0: e2gaie '4n .a ^ L emRam .sal skMs

NA l b
8, IVIM G U M *

d By Newsme
contribution to the primary mis-
sion of the Department of De-
ferfe." ,
There has been considerable
confusion over whether the or-
der meap.s that only information
showing the department in a fa-
vorable light can be released.
Neither Hagerty nor the De-
fense Departpent. would say
-whether..the WUson directive
stemmed from.nthe President's
concern oveX disclosure of mili-
tary secrets. ior would Hagerty
cite examples of such disclos-
He also refused to discuss the
directive specifically. He merely
outlined the President's views on
the general subject.
"The President has never be-
lieved In censorship of leulti-
mate news." Hagertv said. "How-
ever. he also has always believ-
ed that there is no reason to
make available to the enemy
technical military secrets which,
by their issuance. could do
nothing but hurt the Interests
of the United States.
"To that extent. and only to|
that extent, would he'ask that
sort of information be withheld
from general circulation..."
Asked- point blank whether
the President felt technical In-
formation harmful to US. inter.
eats had been dlscloed. Haqerty
said: "We have felt that tech-
nical Informati 'las been made

Fine FurMnture' ma oat
DrUin Mahoja w. NOW at
amasin i.~~VHces.
Bedroom. Dialg Room and
Living Roeem Sets.
Products de Maktdea, S. A.
mBnsed1 w Its owe
Is Ceumustjmb
Wmfl ky S Efand
FMP91 .

Fided &,
a *rp
JL C'tt/I^W

S- e

.M melso MeS 8I.
1joy de 5lory ofa44k NMO ad-6
iWr'OmsklI Odly&eV-xN lUfelkhe.l
imiw... balasatd-me-.'msis

op rw, .

AD- {gMi~iS^''






. The new MOVADO self-winding Cal.
endoplan wrist watch, shows not only
the hour, minute and second, but, also
the dte. The automatic Calcadoplan is
a real utility watch built for yourvoiven-

THE KNOB located on the side of the
case, provides an Instantaneous setting

of the date. Othe watches tndnetb
tate turning the hands hundredsof dames,
in order to reach the correct date, The
MOVADO setrng mechanism UlnieJ
nases this annoyance;. completely.
THE DATE WINDOW located on the.
right side of the-dial, shows the ditd in-
a clearly legible manner.


Aslarrag&mtic protected Sainst riho"r soo aA msrprof -
self-winding thorsghly adarati.





. ..






While it lasts, we offer you beautiful bedroom setsa I
contemporary styles, maae of mahogany, finished
In French polish.

Thb sets consist double bed, two night
table,. dresmr with 0'" mirror, upholstered
tlE o ao easy chair, double
wardrobe th sde mlrors.

PRICE: $ 350.


* .,*; p '.


Y AND llv

7 '1~ -


low -






AE '


--l:: .:.

* :?Uz.,>

4- .. -

. -.

* --4

. .. ., .,. -c f.=. ..
* ,, *4r-.. ... 4.., Uf-l
-." .,. '-. '^ '2^. -
*** **4 .4 4. ^*:^X aL..N^

/Bloane Delwre -
atti c"r A ccen ab abl tat m.ta a i.e .a...

-,I b ddaeI in b l- '-d"h- ..o.... -u ,nq .>ct....e. wr /o nd or se",2 fle, onk' o &
NW r4-lI at a

raed and las e sI7rom o .. a oy

o..l.e. --brca,.furn, leto a ptd cle d colore u r s t ae-u yo g .- aen a dd her- ov .p h. p. d e a on head t

i" here ba grut t e oft new, s tr th mrhabl e ho e. d h e wate r.s produ teonha R Wt Her :at. .r .,e b a of A. relay day. dogs, esta,
:. h c-o--ae -h-- p-d i--at r d o e w th (e ter r.) SheM e coul pd mor. .cte.s.a.... or .... mou.h en'aj-tor even d olls.

are nt. -" -'- .' 'h e but stris yo pr ah.ef "e e or slat .

|sa long eSloane Delaware ANC T A bhw aul be world. an wa hds He meshsrter o re tl dth ere o, t
, laintosee, rihtthrough the gla bt -toppedotable, tthatmetal ; ;.. I-ah pencil.-. r --. .. .. o .
tens l ome furnishings this spring. Gold-toned min tallic e D iena ...e'esin Th beu .peial t EYaO th- The4 yta h er taND- do nds -l ; a hapy, oa r is-. ,, ,
i Imbedded in black-and-wh1te linoleum, accent Ironwork e a to e e NEW YORK (NEA)-Dovia t ae. .Ap -aas.. *,_.
of table frame and metal table accessoribs. ,li h" -ng. her beng. d r wre go h projects for amn fry, once-. c odrA iuw tsh .,
BY KAY SH IEWOOD /-dainties-h- horave. .he el_. aoobnIr go&.t
n eNEA Stafs rlf W rter / "n'etaIkes jus a little-oIngenuity.. inure p.capg
NoE ,t f W, t' W working withe "such 'tamlia p ly at sa
A "sparkling House" i t ,hs glowr o silver Fand pewter, pu- e househoto_.old an asehn wi.' eata psap al),aw. ^
g Is likely to referi as much Ished and treated to give it long- ap se tI iantrI, ao total ht a-ra ... .iaw4 c.b

as it dcns to the'cleanlng Gold threads form he plaid- you can help y our yon g ster et.
i' bts of the homemaker.e Lid olike. pattern an fabric In a c lol- ct iv.e asuc nmay. weth w .s dh.
and even bedspreads, asl IWashable gold pigments, area k d ..oepapaertt .
cM-colored me gtal chip en- sheen mas well as on heavier begla ours t er rollbprWUI WO*L*h heyteoonc wthy avet, theo ubeigs, bou tm-..,
ed I aw Alnolum. e dleamn drapery and Alpcover ..fabri.cs. 1aria at the omoCh nerI olehh ero,, tmea s ie o.yo one thA.haveatehandq aet
t tafured backgroundso 'iA nw,: sturdy, washable b e d- N o i U w ballet arainyee day. dogs criat.Wlihhea tui
k white, cocoa, flame. This I spread is scat-red over with (-e.o)w hl.FirstInhabitant for a monag- or ve dols
mooring comes in six-footm flowers, and In the center ofs ate tk ong. W aiold aeworr lnas b .h.desandtlY erlemlbt very well be ad oser- Anrlpe Psa f i .
aad goods and s mod- eah isaa rhinestone, wnhei crie hl d t aet th s dsn" shaed d new m kep .pent", r it, yould .ned to a a f iend. ort -..e t
priced. The c h I poa. I shines as bright as any star in h Wasotineto bright rhgroundu a wireoat n ha nger, q e
add. ar e nontarnish In g i a the sky.strips o newspaper, a coloring, fve or sa- plast
lastas lonn gashl e alin' .FRANCE STERNHAGEn, a who could be worldly and t- shade. s to make her the kind ed slightly and feathered Iset, two Small buttons, anmI w or m
d r Copper warms up kitchen ap bright and sweet young iad sa Illusioned. blonde tat can cross footlight with pencil, of red faM-p d ahmetal pl of lis .
ird-size brass strips and pliances as wie11 as pots and put in two years as a star with -pale and slvery. Bar liq d our .wasibrought tube of paste. (TI dI-a easy to ipaltlyp
Inserts are ready t pans. Copper-toned finishes for nthe Arena Stage players .in The beauty spe;ialestlt tthis They taught her stage make- down dSit'low r face to handle, pct .Vi). ,- "-' -
d with vinyl or liae, p, stoves are grow ing i populari- Wa thin. n, D. C. Then, ike famous salon.asisesed'Franceosup to bring out every flk of cut. .me W rl" o
dra a fracarefullyaandnuldtherovehntophertoeo at t ew wire. pl as
o pdramats floor. ty and copper colored t r I m most theatser-hungry young.o P e an eer over, tp her eu. A arr a i he o hanger, oe- he o t
strikes the eye (or aI bnrghtenr cabinets, refri g era- pe, she came up to New York. to toe. While appearing worldly foundation went around hrai sp -. bg .it.out mIto a straight- L pes s .
Seye) in moderate anditors, and ranges. Small a- a matter dependent upon herpprominent jawline. It alsoweont moobut, But. leave -tAhe c a i '. -am thm
furniture is the stress places such as automatic co- There she captured the role acting ability, Mi Sterhagen under her nose to cut its sharp- xe tac an the ad. .New. st wid,- f t4
1i ac .t handsomemlegm ad kcta s ar' retko .ut 'in'of a wealthy, disillusonled so-w w .mae mt, r t; aoime rapral a 1 .
ot ony the i lint of jgod or copper ins ihes as well psticate In the herrY Lane RouJ., .apecaa t -., str ip -
Ishows here, but-ta softas the more familiar chrome. heatersproduct on of1Rulinste an0m ae thr nchar-,IOer rather tightcupid's bo.wnewsMpape u-tV. t
.. d ... n ."Theves'aCarnival." She couldacterization Nem real. mouth was rounded out with hnewsef o hup Iviet mfts d s. iL
,. ., d, Of E- look It. .Her hair was cut to rid het -- -
Primcarilyiy intr erestr of the bun she woreIt was Her deepset ayes-were of'htr- '
so Miss / Sterahagben, a-um crisply cut in a *style that is be- "brought out"' with pencil and bena$ap
Saal t near-blonde, w.dispatched to coming to' France.s, the woman, a tilted line at the uter corner., p aorous ".
t H hthe Helena Rubinstein salon to and appropriate to Eva, theiThe eyeshadow was concentrat- Eva-.M'iha a happy -
TQ Ist miance rv Omell o e ebe made to looklike someone role. ed under her brows to emph-ending, for views were WASIITTON (NA)-Ou ed of cv
S.Her hair was lightened lb size her eyes. The brows weregood. man's voie can mean'.amgttnd tol
To a pretty, dark-haied Hip- "Aotuu'. t., .
o is who come from Eu. until tHe U.S. Navy took over atr. BCeal ut y ltaiin..Pa na.ed NobAeric at gv
-or the State will at this tr the war. Frances then married "" p ovah a her h- for or escape.
V-9year be remembering the 1 e manrwho bad been asking ee hw a5tm w dephaan ant guie that mim-
-of Ei.ste: with affection. 'for her hand" for two years. ....m-,l,. -udha ., .. _
from d(e religious an g I e,' He was the president and gen- If you want to do a quick Imi- '.. gave them the courage to em a no ketplaMi" suamme..
.*bd om the threshold Of: cal manager fi the Benson Smith tatlon jflahwfe, stand w.ith.cs Com.nt L. V..e
adAm e full of promise.' ug store ,hain in Honol ulu, butY ourhands. on your hips, other- ", I "ew a&-thetwos.. .-
tWicblessed; it.blesseth -their happy marriage was brought wise, abandon the gesture-it's XFL () ,.- y0on-gballet st .were able to na uxe- .9up t r
t ,Iives and him tat tea sudden end six years a g u unbecoming.S.L. ..teerc '.Glthfl.tW m mt the anpou.cer hey -had -cbnce .be]. - hakespeare's per "hen he died of heart failure.1.. .- ".u list to man mes Berlin fo. .
.1. aud is an annual e Frances then returned to the Sitting(_wity.rfet.arar-. 4 avrl Vice o a Fo u l w uiar
nq pleasure for -those Sta tes. and resumed, her ho tel, ,Partis. '-,an ugy Posture. Try ,,e th e at e o Wce .fw." Cso tr a to t "
Itight frame of mind career 'r New York, adding "and Reaeping Your .atkles tou cfingflhuey,'came'0 poflaI in mth Ion, tsoi te *'.
..A though this.climate is, that's ."e st r) if my lm ifen a slightly for a co...oruble-iook- don Festvl Ballet. f& .
'forweignors' must be forgiven rnthell. Well that may be so, lg sitting poatltot,. ... .. Btit0roa and8Rhbov-a1
from this safe, distance--bul theie are many who have nq1ts ky, as they are known to their map
a sno looks as it e'ces as she has nest pas? mI.ta..ed no fti eM ,h *o -d kOmt 'c'
su-nlight totcatall.N.w, ,tt.spaevsdehaeur', -wi00gs, an dU U Berli n-to make thawr M e -ir
of summer'. velvet buds. I Gave, sdog a bad name ard it,"". [bead prvide, f 100beds, amnd .' ioeg ll,,Pdr of appearce at ap @1 .
eagerly smell the first a.i ofi icks. Sc doe a mud pack. Which .antsepwtc"madien." vitamin.pillsh

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4-igos on.
dt mandmanagrj.ther axceltc l-a In ne .suveraMost Panapa-Ak
ami and n g the rwa The cain nvxat of a beau. a'5a5 etk -n. ta
'.aargOf 4? tenent gives. bth so t e co mmuttee
k i the hs M that 'is whole tbingI rpa.whabo
wed llhIs. At certe ainstes of the'ever nembgs'iya 'slims H -
A were see ti. t drilll, a d myse r u b s _ao.r_...
encere a he met fa ai rng "r;u 1- B t.e. .ltorAmy' toe. T he.;- '
DM transferrea ivury Isp a t e D tgof some ,nen trum JaMt MAsl. preViW deea
..te ainls Lew Interna j t. P8tVLn saaew. And thb ts .d -. -the Chrigh i..
SMhzko. City, which a. good'eehne, bv019010 j" 5,abNaie DkL AShd .NA) --- There are neck with courar at roie oM.. .
6B kma. sy. The clmate hast Ist io aul* s tdfna f axa h I on iin thuai m hay* I t enT

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ens. developed Jor summer in gh, q
hs. iuehwesatern city. The saows7&
sthw that DaltdeI t n e r a eat bheath : 'te
ult id to te reif O tW coun- 1 traahtut l
Iy are eUtWer Stet well- bel but o
iwoaed or fmbOM and very be Iaed to = al
She Minek bag;, tofa- '=.

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^^t~jnS'ear I

:.- ..No Vocotio

X..-. Then wil o e e

for here Reselene BrlraeA Brin, Shley Ransom, Mara Ou-gods. Ginny C&Bl f
bf : ^n .a d ,^ p4 Dolores Briea.e. W C O NEW
...'o"n"_ "e G'0 t ng at the- b-

.... .. i i IRMINGHG Ala.. Apri called on both parties in the V s t i. l IrSra n
at 730 ( ) la G James E. telephone trike to begin talk eseny M Vassaanrow,
De ree pll a of the F ed rp tod t endga n e e n eao o ls d tao.Chratma ards for Rev. Jo-l
precefded by a d at where Southwid labor disputes ,Commis er E. Marvin Scony. India. in the Balboa Room fr
e t. 8. Pllend every pos ble The spirit of iving bein what


Ellet r gr -n h "THE CHURCH OF THE C
m r iin 1 Pttee he hr. -

.. ,CT
c r of _
on'A0 IRf .'o J 1 :"o a o I : 0WVeOFTHe O BTil- Iday ahFUND COMMITTEErFOR THE OePHAlN HOMEpOF

lleto Pana-o.l L MA, meet to plan for AePit, T redo'Od The Industries. This fd risin dancea JUNIOR SERMON:
ee lyn arrntoi, Mrs Wll Hihway Patrol survey the lab health and welfarThoe plan ber of the Junior Grouppictured
t'q ki tpMW, .i *hlj er try.HS**,.Roselene Brlantic, Geyho Brin,eR som, MartsnOsepeds, Ginny

"T di -d ed m -" I4Ten Washi ton, Federal Mldel aes ft leir los nMatu m allaringo, e 4 Mdfa,

rorw oition Direcn Joseph F. Finne. Wednesday when the ompny, Sermon: 'THE ROADi O
d aid it could not resume Dlrs"ion.ract

rr B'lh.s W an s,.-ab talks ., tha; ,,,,n TWO CHORAL ANTHEMS
A 'Th e rf r m of the* prb reyeound otic la and re-
Swer# at f a.. or a tton- T s et together again Monday. s.

Sned peae nty oe of the follow--e the"'o 'roundholiday for Mrs.- WUlm L.

f "oo noif ft a U"folo- TlmRset

__ __ __ I

Ihdftd tess Staff Crtpondea
PJRWO, Hawai (UPt Dr.;
0, -With Gordew A. Macdonald is a hero
Wa wSfsit -answw.-Ws *Mtey in, the -eyes of -the volcanio.
dMa-f adm p irb B d peoplOO of the Puna cat.
i te' ThtAmob The 43-year-old volcanologist is
0010 C"ole. a" W'l the man they credit with v ig
ih ban at awwy Oeir Uvu even when he e= %
RSt aed", Fl. save their homes and land.
M ,t od@&* Maedos.d is a tall, xanglin,
S"- -holarly appearing Californian
"' *. looks every Inch the seile-
tast he is, but very little liMe the
B ia I hert to presidents of the
Puna district because he looks at
SV telest rola a human as well
as a seismic viewpoint. Ttey be-
Sbe le er gelv repoimbite fa
^.: Y*" HSwtU'x -reoi -"of nev.
If LO troIble e)tic- er having fatal volICA erup
laIg Mt U from the cup, tHon inamodern-times.
try Miiiuin. dt a different -cup.
We ll 1-e, xur another. Mome Mscddaled runs the Hawaii el
bl t pennralcickty about a cle observatory at Klawas erAt.
whlt-p tueM daitk:from. One r la tO- heart of Hawaii's vel.
we l knOw ikes only an adult's cano land. The observatory wis the
n- United*1sa tet territm r Hi wept
Doe it' san tedious to heat far' eym.. eI canl of 4uty so a
ibn fMo on roet"n Pua. t. e .
hif*asch [of 0 job was toustu
ftd1 ron eUIwpS a M e voa 'e a of the MPupMed ,ad
pS heat a the 1 ll ,t w with his *leye7
st ~o.ut.Wa a.le ren m thesee
.M h ,a of ,-a f m ,, I,, ,b1dam-
BufaTA oaaortoinloyi i ^^" ^ ^ *

_ _


.:-. .. -. .

, .. -T, .
, ". "


, *P.

" **' "i


'1 ,^ *

",,,s .t .-'.f~
* *.. > ,i., .*'
,* .r,, *- _. *' ,.^

" .. n n *. '53

/m 7-.-&-A,4 ,.-.-,--

^) '"-*A,,lr^JE- :1;-'

iaaris41e iJ| ,.' -


,' P.6. .
"" .* ; v.!


om 12 noon '
Lucho Ascarrafgls .*
I from 7 p.M.
rtin's Orchestra

t half price "
hlldre lt-
i! -I C .
.*0 ,-, ",

ners from
children a
for the c


IP iSERMCZSr-""-'-,-.

r- a. i

i, a. d t:_
ls ad
- g .;- _

saw gaes lor to noon
td0r W U.rim Mo. can
a, t-4l3;mr Coehran
00; M".. crum wx2ftl.

~9. are


We are very pleased to sammue that the
Telephone Directory for 1955 is ready.
to your home or office wig0 tit o ne
Please have your 1984 Direc y tbath
to exchaugs it for your saw d oi00fl I. .f '

If after April 25th you have mot r*ciwvdl
saw Directory aul your td-<|hm m-.10W.~ f
with "r p e Call -at *a Fill", Y bi f!
Build onl 106 CMiral AwveSme-lffor S
is "3" call at our Branch Oi ce li
Street, ear ohe Satmarie -aea d. 9
de Maria Cuch, 'or yoa cra t
Dkuetory .. ..*^

Additional copies of the IfU T
rectory may 0e rcN at V "
after April 2. -
.. .~ .' B

.- _*. .- ,
.. : : :, B-t .^ *--jAalB

- 4





, Pastor



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a' te

usual out-/
*r rtar un *
Fta .u ttr

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-.. ... .

p,9 IN .TK.

S. ; ...^,^ -.... .. .

*--'5***~ 1-

.. i .-
,- .. a'. = -j ". A. -. J ", t ._ .- *'.F -*. .r" "-


I street No 13
4th of July Ave. & J t.
Justo Aroemena Ave. and 33 SL.

152 La Crrasquilla
Central A 45
No. I Lottery Pia

I*---.I I r


10 p e,.- Adult, Pre-tfle
.i.n ...... se* m .2-42
P.0 .-i .. .


4.2 4th of July Ave.
pue'e Panami 2-0552

q*Ihnhmr.actle is the science that
ari mba will -ad happy."

Sn. A. and E..ORILLAC
rPalmer Graduates-
s Prer Avenaue el. 5-
bldck from Lux Thatre

|3lR Zone Dental Polyclin.

p, e brtidle work-oir* Iraliv
e Gnral Practie
(ai tt o Jul?) Ave No. I1A
WI Aa eon lhoot Peayground
TYlepeone 2.4g5l-Panamak

Swho are discontent ht
they are Alo for muswl
i/f f uc6. -nervee-T) -



FOR SALE:-Leio then year old, FOR SALE.- 1951 Studebeker,
purchased in States: Bendi heater, overdrive, one owner.
washer; 9.5-cu. ft. G. refri- Good condition. Reasonabli. 56-
gerator. 60-cycle; Molle wrought F, Cohe Seolte.
S iron living-dining room furni-
S ture, Columbia 360 Hi-Fi; card FR 197
,s table mat; electrical appliances; FOR SALE:S- 194"7 ldsmoblde
hot war heater. Leaving Pan- Hydrmate Si, Fordor edon.
9 m. Call 3-0581. Leaving April15. Phone 3.2371
or 5-188.
S FOR SALE:-Refrigertor, stove, FOR SALE:-Austin 4-door me-
dining table, chai, double bad, dium is e model. wonderful cen-
vonity. mist. Edifcia Deoveux, dition, many spare ports. duty
Apt. 16, CalBu.-I..l Congreei. .paid, Leaving Panama. $450.
Phone Mr. Osborne 3-1660.
FOR SALE: Furniture. Will -
trade 25 cycle Westinghouse FOR. SAL-ie- 19438 Packard 2-
warhing machine for 60 cycle. door. Original paint, undseal,
House 127-A, Gatun. Phone Co- radio, heater, fog lights,l troume
Ion 5-272. rims. w/s/w tires, like nw.
-Leaving for States. $395. Tile-
phone Ponomo 3-5161.
FOR SALE:- 3-piece set Chi- a -
nome rugs, raspberry color $180.
Like new. Balboa 2-1317. FOR SAL:--1954 Morris Minor
2-door Sidon. Phone 86-6179.

FOR SALE FOR SALE: -1949 Pontiac,2-
door Sede, Hydramotik, radio.
Real Estate extr.o, almost new tires andup-
holstery. Owner leaving. Phone
-g FOR SALE: Attractive. well Albrook 86-3132.
-built Retirement Homes in the --
le S%' City St. Peterteur.
Florida from $7.000. Contact FOR SALE:-Hot-rod ports Ford
TrotM44aya, 04, A. F."WHITE, 1949 to 195j; Cmley Hot-rod
S R fteltr, I 9th Street North,. and parts. Phone 2-4319, House
$ ,Ptetisburg. 5184 Qiabl.
a a a m a a a a-



'4.(8 lt Ex. muand
* Marldi Brando ilge'
Monroe to learn "I


V-M fidel
die; 3 3 p
caliber ti
C-3, 35m
vie; Keye
screen ed
1 Revere
m.m. $17
edition $1

Rt- AG*OR OUR OFFICtf57 "H" stfl MNJ

ftp"th jf J'ly Aye. v Tiell No. eJ. ireal d ab0tb k- ,
Agencia [nthrnif. do Publicaclones FARMACIA ESTADO0 UN* Ib THE PAN
a,Cemd A..m1 24 Centrel Ave. 17. .
P que Left e rsyIw e M Bsreet No. 53 Vta e ,-' ,

lealaneoius RHouses Apartments PHILnfPs r ic.. .
someClL a.A l S
E-.- Two phonewhs FOR RENT: Second fleew f ATTENTION G.1.1 tt bubuilt Phone Pane tl. 0b uIA see a i's
Is HI-FI; V-M portable evidence em General Joeee I modern furnished autpeqs I.. bel 3-1647. ..' 3 9
Universal portable -b Martse Avenue No. 6: Four bed- bedreNom, hot, eM a, .4.:-- 'a'
ltoe 2S & W .38 l. mao, living room., dining Phoe Panama 3-4941, FO R
ir pistol; Sevoge 2- kltehe., large porch. is -- ,
He 2 cameras Ague ,gound fleer. FOR REIWT-Frnlalhpte0d an- -
.-. Kodak Sm.m. am- faWalhed 2 and 4-.mi medpeqm & MO W Dre i
dtoRe Ia.m. proeser FOR RENT:-Small chalet. see ap rtmets.. CemlenANAM. .- i- .
qor.'Phone 3-271 or bedml, living dining re. BRA APAR TMENTS, I St, FR SALE:-2 mA rI ATFORD
khieuSp. Moderate rent.i Geenral he- 1386 Cole. X MeMrjny Mark 2 I. (- Uirj .,. l h CdrIIL M bu
Jo e de Sn Martin Ave. Mi. now.. Pheam 3-5395. ider.yy a tw -
1930 Chevrolet $700; e"aisemt. Vie Pikie.1 Ma. 51 rI LoM rclautoobe halana a

5; I Piano, good con-
25. 504 Ancon.W2-

FOR SALE:-Model railroad HO,
gaougel tk SxitS feet, 150 feet
.of treekhwJi 20 Aurnouts $30.
Other. NO *qipsent sepamt.
Phone 2-8671, Houise 5864-B.

PFORLt NT: Beautiful pnfur-
nihhed calet: Three bedromen,
two.dli, large living rem id .
dnilq 1o.m with beamed cet- .
lng, 'i4 hme, breakfast mak ?
and eliesed porch on pevwp
patHW|, pt water, color Ip.
two-'ea *wage, and g qo*M..
Fiftiesrseleutes center FeaiM&,.
Res 0able. Avoibble MI, -4.
por poilitment: Balboae S. .

FOR SALM.-3exer male. brin- .* .
die, months od, $30. Not rg- Indochine Crisis
Isteed. Trained.. Call 25-3133.. (ntmuad iro Pag. )' "
-, FOR SALSi--udges (Ishell per- : .
rokeens) ee *eac. $15 pair; bombis..In Uthe autonftB M
toys;, all es s medicines and taey .~p past the villa.
foods for budgies. ACUARIO But representatives of th6. R
TROPICAL Pat Shop, 49 Via Es- )o sect charged that the ut ..
Pane, Phone 1-5411. Viea. national army 'pl
FOR SALE.--1 De Luxe 4-door ed t ombilron ordeit m
1950 Chevrwet-to00o 1 Reven e -. n government.
soumr..prlejctor, 16-rm.m. $175; Fnch authorities hn
I PPio, good condition $125. to repothibility fi e
50'eot l373. to f iresponsibUity forM 7
504 Amon. 2-1373. bo-bm but feared it
FPit.SALE: -- German Police marW the start of a new wi
pups. Lavsnderie Tripical, Via of tWaW. ..
apeai. Phoe 3-0871. Dieti and rebellious warlord
had agreed yesterday to peace
talks to end Vietnam's sporadic
New Liner... civil strife.
(Continued from Page 1) A newly organized "Committee
passengers. No cargo will be car. Of the People for Conciliation"
fled at any timerwt4hat the en- handed the Premier a series of
iUre space of th;.sel, $ocept- compromise proposals designed
g tonily the spaer poelUne to end the Vietnamese eriat
i machinery. Is aif ble for pas- Diem promised he would give his
Singer accommodation, pubUc answer within 46 hours.
Rooms, swim K lpols. and pro- en. Le Vpn VieM, leader of
i zew edenkt.,,a d,. __ 00 rebel troops of the Binh

rUi JMLU wa. shut to. .Ugh w
Motor he car 'eo .-ue '" Ao t
he set outit #WrAt. A u emrn'

1942 Harley, 45.-c., m'ter o
overbauled ,new befery. ity 9Utd t0 tight ad, erem W Mi
.Heeghts 5139. Leeve rnme e 'ramf for epa*to the f
unmber for PFC Deve g beg to warm up.

+ =_ '- ,,=- .. '.-- -

S'It wia the latest either tde
has come to patce tealks since
the rilf y et*en te nft hbel'l
weats sml the Premier prupted
tito brief htliting 10 days ago

.ectn3-9he"Committee of the People
.- .."y'fte- fou t i hel y for Coniliation" was set up
6 "": ', c6mb". ni gh t v nt t fee tO deck sae, Thursday night at a mass meet-
N, April 9 (UP)- the camez a- ing in Saigon of elected repre-
I renouncing of its mu- ch a pu with the Edward go was hired t I en,- entatves .of all Vietnam com- a
pact with Britain dealt G. Robinson tribe He's living at m. T anger as d thenew The ship is oupped with in- munities.
SMinisplomater ic Ablow todany the Bon Air Hotel, Gluna, Edwardys is vJr der olayei several club dates. door and outdoor swimming -The committee -i headed by
diplomen a messageblow to Soviet 1 bleeping in the garage oa together and then new jobs took pools, two dining saloons, a cin- Von Van Nhut, president of the ,
minister V. M. Molotov Robinson home and his estranged them in different directions. ema lounge, smoke room, lounge. Vietnamese Red Cross. It has
minist, a M.ang for ljood wie. Frances, i dwelli"S ina 0Other day the, met in Holly- waiting room, library, tavern, called on Diem and the sects to
day, asking t or od small airtment. Onl y e ..vants od for the first time in. 19 years. hair dressing salons and shop. negotiate their differences in the.
|Rust- ia n ha e big Rbb eW 'eso. oth ire now televislqn stars. All of the passengers' cabins. interest of national unity.
office ",deplored" tharIn Hepburn and he_ The singer George Gebel. the two dining saloons, the cin-
ofc "deplored" coun-other are starting Londoners by lThe vollnlit Florian Zabab. ema lounge and the hair dress- Both Diem and the sects
of the Soviet -werin the same outfits cowIng salons are air-conditioned, which Joined foreN against
ra to request scrap- erf, hats and blue jeans 'Bette Davis' stand-in for "Sir Agents for the Southern Cross him have agreed to an Easter
194r treaty, conp 'onsance Dowling made a hur: Walter Raleagh" is Edna Mae are W. Andrews & Co. truce which expires Tuesday,
Sunder the thret of I r sedplane trip to flew York to Jones. A little moee than 10 years *-r-'- "-n Observerq believed stein firm
e n al .'" se her sister, Doris. Trodble-be. a, Edna Mae wa, under COn- LI ronliaton tep must:be m e
-.i corm i&,&wen'Dpris,~Pnd Art &e Sl, ? trat-t o Fox a actress witilf lrir F r p before the tOrce runs out If
ou tr o nVi t ro. starringi l. open warfare i to be avoided.
tr a tlsh to see hs dau r, tor aFrench army "Rooad office" Da-
ted- to set up Gina, when Shelley Wbters takes trols mAeried an uneOsytruce
tN as the next the two-year-olo to Rome with is R atn rivil wr-threatened-aion.
k" ber in May for her starring stint ieir ll Ra inH. The tatrol were formed by
Sin,'La, Senza." All the bittemris g o B ss Z. .- the French, who offered their
ow B opkesman said h evaporatedbetween Shelley EPSOM England., (UP) "good offices" to nevt new
council acted be- rnd her ex-hubby and they now Sir Winston ChurcflW. retired outbreaks of fighting between
governments. of Great change letters. but finding it hard t i Etill government troops and those of
of France had sign- drove to Epsom Dow t0ty for the rebellious political'rellglous
-their parliaments hadsign- He ree tl b f n t di ov e r n hs
Paris agreements brooch n the form ofi gold horse WASNGTO, Aprls a look at his race hors. i s tt.
t ermany w rubies d diamonds and in- The last of treat c ir The 80-year-old fa Prime Thus far. te t have re-
tobing her In military stlucted Sheiley to "wer it until Command's to r 8At air bases Mi slter mqotored from coirt- soled a number of minor con-
directed against .the itori s a16 dcan we asr It in North Afr c be ready for try home in Kent with his son- fine which tcak eared
Sherself." operations next month --.five In-law and aide. Chrltopher might have led to reewed street
7 Robin Raymod Is striking ro- months ahead of schedule. oames. At the race course in warfare.
m' antic sparks with Benton Cole, Cost of the -ua was the sub- 8 rrey, scene of the Elps Der- The French ron ut moved
*wr U r b.sin i manag oldtor .tAa Gard. rect of a Conrovel 1i thmea oe Unam5 "^n the
mnelr ner, Lana Tuiner ad Vn arHef cofla Cro in I stables inspecting his string ibl Une wsh s te
L ..r. sl. 'That CarlosMTatalban otag- M oJ. Gen. mf thrg Jr., ofi law abred Chrith mi t hael t1e te
y M cal a Lalm muiLcal abows in NewArmv Engln ee t sad the Churchill will leave the quiet and the Jo;. eeuws'
York a star i o' autbase ted miles of chrtwell, his former week- Chelon, a nd l ofaEeai
Y lbrotherke easst of nCaero and retreat, for a vacation n i with eout
. Mo.. April 9 ( miles from Rumtwie p. Tuesday. But, wth the sun of em t -
uaks of"oderate" Myrna Hame. ie USA of *'54r. oeratfonal" Lext ,th. shining, he apparenly did not Therewas on.the politi-
af. ,re.4 fyj ? of saof e ne tirex sytem -want to just putter around the calas well aS 'etllry front.
1t t adsk d.l rhoera TeYI*. MStynnl'l. WM u72- Manor House making repara- Thte e e minister w bad reign-
1* a' hdv drei;m dZ-.tiona.
r ;y drei The old stateman received a d from DIem'.'. iOten men t
"r :d unreoverale ftmar in- lchr on his deparure for the Foreign r mIVand.
ia~iee~ fr, wre' n has nwas j-iw from a small band of Foreign tOit Van
r dt41 flu tx ik.,tiowC9t ew ba Motor-weekend tourlb who had
-alls to %all ot In oi Ccartwells Ze n Kun with-
b* tell from tack. e's play]" 5* Nelson's al estlewte. Saturts sald. -W oIt' un ur di tl esfeugaton
coday'tes. unt lad Chur- drew
a rit. seiauologlst chil Is continuinlg a pursuita of after a uiuht of bargan-
Louta Unversty, sslaid- hesm another of the hobbl. he main- inwith De..,,. ..
r of tbhe quake wasabp ry r'. a1 and during g the fiU1 days of Tei'uu
south of gere. prbbabl xIi r siding Britain's n-rnment Thei otowi
Sn rok faults e, W famiy ae S. d he cabtnaet to ,a W O.,1mLift-
rom Crital City, t ondo wM' r ann-. ttan dt r8 Str _
-4ArM. r -ij I and his London &elars an' state. puttI^g

lasted f"e to 10
a e pleter, rover-
* long as five flt
res ta further way.
I fld 7A.2 a
wIed as a "mod-

a ftv 11

I ColAinabl Wbco
D ogs Una v-
ik i i =war

rs- .

,t .71.
S.4- L~


4e ears cor
rt bank 1I
I a bank e
Mm button.

iiI foi

PPpf pawsM t py V arc t 5IJJA
S. no babr teeth niteaus of anl

W_ WIT ".UCK-sf
Cop. MIwrt*n Pa As st
coul I-'fch tandngz planes do.Wu

tBhet.0away from theotW
*.uw Ina htin a am ins&nar.uiW

. ... n e>,
an )"*


It ic


a I
44 5


-' I'-.~



: I


_ ~




I -



'1 m


*..^ ^ 4''* afw *-
P -. ;., .--, ',..{., -. .. ,. *\ .- ., ; ..- -:** ,.,.. ^ ."- ^: i ... -- .... .. .,+---; :.'
,.-. .- ,. -. : ,. .... .......-.
"- ... ... .

...---.-. .-1''.s'i-1._..a.,L' t~.flW vta Ca. I

i m
.._ ,,% ..?, "i^ .' -. o */,, .: ',. i. .


Of aA r's Pre-Yalta Views
0!X I ~ (UP) diary, however. that on Feb. 28,
Tit an- 1.. 45.-wo week after Yalta--
iouae MacArthur had told him he ia-
i. -ear- v6ed.f Itrusian entry nto. the
3apaneie war.
t A.l on Louis Morton. a top Army.i-
Slt.40anse toriai. wrote recently t at Mac-
I 'Arthur wat thoroughh y th fa-
.-.' s ttt F"c. vor" of Russian participation at
Co .i ie the time of Yalta.
WIld oafl edf.eA.w.' MatAtthur and hid aides chal-
zat.Ohe 4I.A -fthe controia- longed the authenticity of such
.1-We tAW. n Yalta ,mnfer- repprtm..,
If hi --lew, had been When the Arny was aa.ed for
h / cThriftIeation, it classified all per
Other uurces have'contended tinent Inftormtlol as- "confi-
3! Was. t.favor of Soviet ari- dentI/ a -.nd -turned It over to
eiltion. the DefNe Department.
-Te department set no specl- The department made Its an-
fie dstq.fA*'Telase of the infor- nouncetenent in the midst of a
-ation..' ,W .' t the material growing clamor ftom the DresI
Wi befo r-|ad6 .t. .mmy D onfresmen ler.0c8pr
irit .ni aer!o'. [l^ flhe situation.
Comply et-o 7rel achel Schooley. depart-
fies an --. .i t man, said the infor-
The' R.ft 4lkey o bemade public "cnn-
Settle {r co(frsQ e-- efa be a narrative
1y;e'om 6ver,. wihI o% complete inchluaon of
The "i said. d t. mav rcc .dp9ments.
not-f ni f all Other odficftelis said the Army
offIota e wArtbur believes the release of al infor.
hLtas n~ h d done. It station. a 46manded by Mac-
%a K m.m.aav-be In Adrthu, "wOud reveal Informa-
the. 'fo dP a "urrative" sum- -[a.n edonsaidfd vital to an ene-
I p rp ... *.to an e
1 r1". ,' my' in regard to the plAnnin
Mill i f ifala.d lueu.rity and "orgahtiAtidh of' Unlted
offlei #A-'rveying all rele- 8ttes the mounting
Vant ,.rAJ' ldcUdisg a of a malor 'seaborne Invasion on
mbtmuesage bear- a hostile kbore"._
Ing o's ,pro-Yalta The --Ya .emment led to
o n chiefs of R uash21 ,y-A the Pacific
S,-. v r on. .
: Aft perw Japa l ter two T,.S.
Ac reree. ttaF u u.reI r er-

S- to :et, thi Vts
p-* ,,, r -aste war

A4.. :~



wonderful, ertul Day," little knowing
rit for her at her husband's ranch, where
.ek p r. f Uor e mven rothe al. The seene is
SnewrinemaSeope musical in color "Seven
Vu rehaet." opens Tuesday at the Bella

, -.

" DRIlV lN .

.... a ~- .4
a. .. .., -
a ~. **1.a...

* ... ,a~.aa.


S9MW0Lj1M I 1 Richard L. Neoberglr (D., Ore.)' I
ted oe 'a .a Qse defense he came In the U. S.
senate. eiir0Am rl'pe tested a White House order to rid,
the Capi06W s winsf AwQ4 "because they have been scratch-
inLg Ms (Prtlsatit m-E w ') putting green." The senator,
donated tS25I- f for a squirrel-proof fence to kwp
alive an "American 4mdjtftl.M-but not before accusing the Prei- I
- .dent of 'doing "pernamtaest id irreparable" damage to the tra-
.. -.' "; dilJon by'.TJlbng the squirrels. J


P~~llt- p:al-X, M E ', )^ .

SMargarits 2:30,. 615, 8:4
Humphry BOGART
| Jind FKRER
i. .a t6 r mABs."

sPASSIONw Teehaleoer!
2GATUN 2:90 -7:00

Clifton -WBB
CinemaScope and Color!
Ab" o howing MO.NDAT!

,4 A. E' A ir-Conditioned
BAl O A 1:45 4:OS -6:25- 8:45
Ih L WaiWINNES.1. 7..!.

tI N m
uw p W n t IIaI ja oui s AA II
*sewva.1banbjSJiumr WAauLo


* PfAR Q. .-:15 h DBOCA 6:18 s:o
i.t.g *frei! outer lspat j "Thy Nelghbor'. Wife"
-* -- + -* i t + i i I I I II.l

6:15 8mi
fri i~i 1

CAMP BIERD 6:15 8:06 '

m o I =-I -



~ &-aLj. *:: ~*. -:-. -.
.* a. *f~.

.6o TOD AY 0.30
i ,.! .o










'a' -

wMl. a.. .E W.U. W




- Also: -

l"th wodtWa

with I~ifiy Kay.


a V. a- a


A WHALE OF A JOB-This giant, 200-ton steel cylinder one a half mill
Sbecua ea hale of a problem when it came time to transport the water an&hauled
it frm. Holland to the oil fields of Saudi Arabia. So its manu- ing 114 feet long,
facturms pretended it was a whale and floated it part of the way. he ug h
Iade of materials gathered from eight countries, the man-made naphths Cinto high-i
MIby Dick was carried most of the way on the back of a loco- seas Company lmd
motive carrier, one of only two vessels in the world with a London. the cylinder
'innm capable of handling such a tremendous weight. About .
SM = aR WEEK mmmm E m -D





t trom Saudi. Arpbia,.'W l o7W e9 i .
d to shore by a tu4 shown'-abov.'" Meib -iJ
with an interior diameter of 14 feet- nine .
lender will be used to convert tow-.cew
octane gasoline. Designed by Arameo Over-
Lummus Engineering Company. Ltd. of ,.
r is a reactor vessel of a fluid hydrofierm t,
a name which fits sises. .
Sm LE .i
GO U B 7L [ .+

-" -.)----- 0.60--0.30---' ", +.- .0.
SHOWS: 12:0 3:54 7:26 P.M. SHOWS: 2:55 J:0 S:.0 P.M.

no Utmuag.r

--ALSO: -



Danny Kaye
mi m m m ii u

. d

-- ALSO: ,
presents. '

-. f
* ,

Nature's Half Acre I

AND- '

Bear Country

e e ea.:g


.. 1
A44 ~

enroy BRANIFF's "

gracious hospitality

. 4 ...


From the courteous, bilingual attendants to the

friendly million-mile capabnsyou'll-fel right at. "
home the minute yqu step aboard. Their asig-mn -
is your comfort and, Lyr plasure--t whf. .'. -
Braniff hospitality t sprvicea fwgre uiA twow." m
continents. No mel whether you go elin.. ,.. a
the luxurious DC6 Wper, or ~ fe
on fine DC-6 tourist flights, yot .-
withpa ip by rf *
P L *** '*- *-.--.*^a S~H ai



!-. .S **

a ~

i45. .
< '-p **. -

.+ .* '+ r
**- -Ny^

-- .i : ._ ;-___




'I *la .* 1:J


Open'B-C $7-501
a}.'/ .* a M

L~. *~. ~

n's Claw Goyonder, SHOOTINGSTA

Um azo, Bradomin Mengert Top

Prospective Thriller Bing's Mark

S .- -On Links
'.4 1 cleverly handicapped Class B and C import-. -
0oghbreds will match strides this afternoon (Tenth of a series)
featured $750 seven-furlong sprint at the Juan By NEA Service
race track in a race that shapes up as a prep- Al Mengert is a member
thriller. Spokane's famous Alt
h. llr'Round Table.
.among the scheduled the font Immediately after the The sharp-featured, blue
iCO raiomin break and set the pace for seven Mengert sat at Bing Crc
1w1 .AW wnich nave furlongs of a nine-furlong race desk at onzaga High Sc
rB einc 9ne 1i t.r last before falterin and winning up "At least Bing's name wa;
.-;'Iben .t.Se are lur- third behind Kilosco and Lex- graved on it with a p
qnr, JM oZaZO and den. knife," he recalls.
Vic h B x lveaiifEI Alejandro Ycaza will again pi-
Ono. m th, t lso-' lot the Stud' Cainthia's hope
,money rt=- .. which has been entered for the
Blakemere and Vulcani- National uarn, (aSSLC I
V -, a n,, n performin in a' PortunatoMHidalgo Jr. will ride
rn hiaO Mee st w Auiucate Lexden once more. The latter.
yare not in their oes will carry 115 pounds as com-
Iinweve;.they could suc- pared to 110 for Albatross.
:6.etuNxi to;top form IS The probable mutuels choice,
~,~* eoten at Juan Fran- however, is the Stud Monteli- t t-
-iW the moonanooters mars steady improving FAN.
.laet r This black colt galloped to
eduled Mtart- easy victories his last two
.Ij s Claw, JaquisnO. times out toha manner that
hdom n, rot an would indicate that he will
have been entered soon' be racing against the
National track's best horses. Rubn Vais.
)ts Ci- ones, as usualwill be FAN's
17 over one- rider.
ih v olavcr one- "Pancho" Rodriguez,
Sw Uerave the dual who now makes his home in
givW n the horses a Venesuela and is here on a va-
.Pghtener" plus. cation will be aboard longshot
to*t. an enough for S pa1itst Regal Chum. Emillo .
pIeame.e+ IDario will guide Dark Sunset. .
cls ^ D/Seyven tur- Di3idprinces will be under the .
u.i shapesa UP as handling of Felix Sanchez and .
db atle among new- Epire Honey, which goes In anAl Menert
Nsseo .. A. eNry with Albatross, will be rid- -. Ale.
tS, a ., A. 'en by hosting Manuel Ycnza
e, S X-81un-.t, Re. RWho only last week lost his Menger, of Norwegian-Gel
j0li y are three-pound -apprentice allow- stock, is 25, stands 6 feet
te- g.ovI-b Onee. weighs 186 pounds. He has
.. .. unset andRegal Nine other races are Included around golf courses sinci
.. ... bettleth on the program, started caddying at 10. He
C oforing in Al up- Atys returned from a three- ed in a caday tournament a
ac- of wsoragl in an u-week .layoff In fine form and In 1941, as a 12-year-old
Spel a ..... raced to a po-to-post four- turned in the highest sao
a tej._-r o,, ter". ,' end-one-half length victory in the Spokane City Senior y 1
%o linies'tneM t.d e featured 11.0O Class "A" nament, 103. By 1950. he
!.'.. w4 -- .-erA s to seven furlong sprint yesterday. won the same tournament 1
S; Sugarplum was adcond, King's times in succession to ret
Prize third and Amorlo. fourth. trophy that had Bud W
Ruben 'Caliohe" Vasquez got name-on it. He was the Nat
Atys off fast amd he outsprint. Junior champion of 194
i4 8ugarpluIn a :the run, to beating Gene Littler in the
the backstretph, qqkly open- the latter year. Mengett p
i- iliHJ:.lIWF'f a wi5it lead pd d turned footall for Qonzaga Higl
1 fiHB 4: "' .e!to tie IIr h sitrx tended Staeors Univerlt

A Kn's Prize closed a gap to Force that was called up 1
wiandu' ponly a length-an-one- for 15 months. Before and
halt beid Sugarp n after his service in the Air Forc
at4' Ithe latter by as much as worked part time in hs fa
Machine shop.
hte bntsat ne stage down He was runner-up to
.bthe b iaeh. h however A- Westland in the United 8
oe, which was sk lengths be Amateur at the Seattle Golf
hid n's Pripe most of the in 1952, when he won the I
distance, finished fastest of all can Amateur. He broke
to trail the Prize by only a Northwest Open record In
length-and-one-half at the end. kane with 265, topping Bud
Atye, an odds on mutuels and other professional.
choiee, returned $3.20. This was
chicken feed compared to the Mengert turned pro in
$59.40 returned bY Que Linda in ary of '53, played in five tot
the third race. Turf Lodge also mental on the tour before jc
surprised n the ninth With win Claude Harmon at Winged
Odd of $26.80 and combined where he remained through
with Beduino for a one-two that Mengert married Donna J
514' .M100' .46 tops for the day. Ien, daughter of a welL-
a-' neleh "Paoedo" dri- Iker who Uved .crO thMil
p: MaetSr ,* Ue* j eca *Iro0ohim ass ni klTR yi
i ly_ terI a'" ge.absence son, Tommy, 3. Mrs. Me
1Wth two Vlf tf- aboard plays golf well, too.
&"0nSIe GasV Iariant- As a sideMlia, Al Mengert
S re Tes o Yea dies an electric shiver ma
Am were Hn!l nd. .
ai. ti"It's safer then s traighl
... zor." he smiles. "And to
I 7 =0,4"A 0 with the pros, you often fee
Afi0 a using the other kind on
S +2-C)adora: 3.00 throat."
I % YED 8ACE XT: Billy UpzwdL
1-G ande B $4. 3.00 0
.-Bm --wFarlrab ,s''0 t-Irish Profit 20, .40
I _lt 3-Barlyon .0,i0.

., $i OneTw o

CE U--. s~o']-S-ugarulut
mcp .F 2-Oolden~ 5 .46, 2.80 1-Lad.. Dn.r .80.

.. --Gaucha. FOOTBALL

1--.ruwada 22, .0 told the Detroit h i
O 2-A. Fulbdt 1.I)0 doesn't know It be la
V '"- #y1.- ro other season. W&
gSAsmit IAL. been chosen on anth EIl4pro
al-' -

- .. -

4"I',+ .

. S -


or of

SNOW-.BRD-Usins m
-- -

Lucky Strike, Powi

In Three- Game Ti

:e, he in officer, 65th Infantry
other's accepts the 195 Caribbn
truphy rom 3ri. en.1
Jack CARIB. Col. Harrieon's
states to two, from Panama cha
Club win came Tuesday night
Mexl- Cronli pitched a two-hit,
the also presented Individual

)uanU Fort Amad
Foot, Ladies Han
ih '54.
Ires -...
v Prospective entrti.e
ngert Fort Amador Handicap'
ment must play an .8 holt
ped- Ityin round Uw- T
We in April 12, and 6:;0 p I
ht ra- April 17.
rn The first round. b pWy
li ~ this time will be qe
Syour roufrd. All subsequw t
til the beginning of'
ment will be pra
- The qualifying m t b
three-somnes, but tt u q
sary that all eineu*O?
threadome be
tournament. Ha :
Sr1 *Iwill be U
1.00 The tournamc a
play with 3/4 han all
USGA rules will be e
cqo.gwhere local u[0
2raetion of the tlr
in loss of hole._, al-A
should be referred'tow to
ment committee.
Winners of each mate
responsible for entering r
on the official score aheet.
rticipant will be respo
for posting the results 0
qualifying round on.the to
ment sheet and for acN
has score card in the tOurbi
| still box. Score cards tOst be n
y an- ed ;Tournamaw," U"ignler
has atte.ted by the players t
team thrbesome. ')
~~i .rst ua

2. ~,;


- C
A -.

oils M/eet

ie S&Ies

Lucky Strikef,. ilc Tw-
lghbt league c meet
the Atlantic i League
Iampion Pow a- three
V game=series with t.e gs game
scheduled for Bum
SAlonday night at7-
Powelis wA
I lantle Twilkht li
won both hsl a
hedule whle, *
trikers won
-the, taciflec T~ iltue
mad dfeted i tl-
lers in a one gI ab for
the title.
Don Bowen, Lck' Strike tnan-
ager, has his two' Mound aces
lefty Webb Heame and Bob Med-
inger, a righthander U iet to go
against the AtlanIc W4e hmps
1i either of these two f s get
win trouble he cn Wa on Owen
Sut erland or M a=Mora. .
anage Noe l libl n wiln
%rnd'" th" uiteb'nv. nhore* for
he AtMlanie with Hooper be-
hind the plate.
The second game of the series
will be played on Wednesday
Night at Mt. Hope and the loca-
tiqn of the third game wlR be
decided by a toss of coin.

lier ones Plans
vToMie tGavl.

- Col. Frank Harrison, command i 7 nl (
Regiment, Ca LoyPuertoRico SlT. WOUIS, Mo., April 9 (UP)
gi Command cLmp"onsL brb(Trger) Jopes, whb Up-
la own manaar's strategy
,. E. Laidlaw, chief of stau, AR noI- w n u chSc strat o gy
igles captured the series, four ga ni sth round over gorge
prpion special Troops. i he dec last niht, today ap
at Fort Clayton wn w Manar BO~_e 'lastr. ed lor Cuba ad &
11-0 win over Troops. 0en.. rla w GeK d Oarvilan -
trophies to members of both teams mLiddleweigh, .
(Offlcial-U.S. Army photo) blant rm hi convilncight
toryaoWed the TKO main beF
,, _, /cause, Ighnson opened a
ove right eye Inthe
or Golf Club round .. n 1p et
A 2*0Vedk (manager Bob 1'
d l ..0P wanted me to AJti.(
Sto a oes and tr-
dicap Tourney S 'W.s. ta .
S/lm thie late rounds," Joi
--- o a.M ..-.".
I .. .... ut'Ji 'en he opened thatca
the! There wil be priMes for the ], "U'e pefrad that 'd st o
wiN Sfrald they'd st '
urna- medalist (low net), and for the fght o I went all out the
qua- winner and runner-up In each flt h* continued
isday. flight. -, w ml n at 15
day, Ithee poun a -heavier than
..&,, i Ve up to .his nief
Bueba O Wrler t. He tk
11999 hS La M as '- Drin9 h
uin- A|I u theld from Tre .,
s un- JaHi Ju uu vMi with ar .tng body attack:from
rna- the tit rnd.
da L Thi Yonkers. N.Y.. Negro, loB.
red in vI Of uHea AfimV er inx out of his lt s
eces- rights etre la. ni ht, started
If the PITTSBURGH, April 9 (UP)- JohraaO dowfall with a t-
the The baseball world today mourn- lng :It-. hook to the jaw. The
of A- ed the death- Of James J. Long, righq a tWt 9 llwed turned
publicity iretor for the Pitts- J a b ggd and an
match burgh P Ira st7who had, been other obtn dropped him
owed. identified w th game for t6 helplsw acronm te rpes at 2:01
id ex- years. a.r- e ree:-bany r moved
y. Any in quten k to Ia .the fight.
result Long, 76, died ls Mercy nHa- Mlnk4ld arrangements for
stions pital of a itart attdk Friday. the: O adi# .mtch 'were tntsa.
urna- Be was st bmn at Ids desk a tvey o sita4 but hinted at
week alo lwas taken to the another poabty.
hospital asam mbulae. "We* B ht tk on Jeoy
h are A charter meinber of the Bhse- Glardl t ?pleadlphia t he
results alUl Writers Asslcatlon of Amer- is d l bl, he aid.
Each eia, Long wa4 an acknowledged Wat e y want to a
nsible historian of baseball. But he sel- shot ai the sh
of the dom consulted his voluminous M rida IL- 'uflfu we
)urna- fes when sports writers asked nemd' ainthb win or two two
Sthe for formation. Generally, Jim- I i."
ament my could answer the query from Whetr t Oavilan or Or-
mark- memory. deli, e' oponet Gl
SPnd The PittsbLrgh chapter of due at -.t ab veWtnin. t aam
n the the Basball Writers had a lm Good Friday crowd
laned to haer Lonrtits tha i leth
ry fe aMal t TaISday

biW =Crm cAsseri (0"l)- .1a- 4Pag1na

.ABerkam .

ap ,

3-Ocean Star
4 "-,a W-o1
6-Atam -
8-Lard Basur
it-. Of Scone.

fth Race "F"

1- Ieassliffe
'-Joe's F.
ir spagl.

sth Race ."H" Imported 7 Fg.Pu
P"F t Rae of the.'D bht'
1-RoyalCaim i.. --j_ fi ..,
IiZ=II i 1 1

v. 3ru *J11 ..

K. Foif 1Itt -
SVa. 11U -
VD..-ML 110 -
V. CtL 110 -


$not **.Y o'w l

7-Don Pitin

3rd Race "'I"

5-Pale Face
6-More Fair

4th Race H"

3-8. VeltUda
4-BuUl Flea
V-8l arral

5th Race "F"

6-T. Tilin

K. or. US11 --l a B .
A. -Dojftat belo g her .

o. deo L4on 1..m -eon t

..* ....

Native El QIa p g.W oo e. u:

C. Igle"las lii--uua1ft t t
L oTuflon' 03
F. 5 i ll. D e
M. p-y tsag aoW this time
8 .0h-arl M .mb

Native 7 Fgs.Prse: n$ 0 Fol

A. Van. 114 -Rern. to. tattea
F. SMx.-Nothi J. Bravo 118 -atesb t d
MenanR. 118 --Ran to bet t b
V. CanU. 118 o
i i ^* -^ l- i 1 -.


.,. <..-.Tw- .. .. ......<

.th Ra. r Import.edI li rn _.i.

1-D C.Rb A. V.e 3- 1.
i)' r I T

&-BaMiP Roal B. ASUL 11 -0 -

Im~st~ ; Fr uJ

S. 1oew

V-abaMPe A.

10--P Ino F. datd. al --tF

Ith Base "D' Imported ..7 lPar

3-DaWk Sunset

S..-(Alb atro

11th Bae oT"




, ; < '; .f ,
: .*\ *-
.* -

i ? .- .
.......... .


-I **-'At

A. U,
,*_: --

Ith Bai e "BAC"

1a ch mo +.

SWA Pod eIsmLi

F. Ban. 1B3x-Lat was ver p

E D "r-o -L"
F. Rad --. 110 .,ow, =
w Yaewis 115 -wa hE1t
A. Tem 1 10

I-la Baea J. ria10
2-Didal P
3 An A. VAX5 I|

*7! B. Ag3l. M
-TaItris F.US

.'k ". '

'.* .

- '-; --".
* '" .: ",,.7

i lil i

_ I~~d~Bs~ll~-~B~U


.-, "4 ,.

-. ," .. ,
,.'1 +. ..,. ,.*- I .. .


'*' .,'
JK\., *' ._,


la as t t-m were wings.
p ..att, wi



n .i. n n


ein be rescbm
ettd by nine-bae play*
_L- -1 .,' f --0K.

-, tt**.
.4 1*

1618 Ms the open seaon i
tbr way they loqk to an
aing fronts:
I- -


S White Box
S etors

S_6 *
I 4 -BAVES, IN ;B1 third season pt Milwaukee, ar
at for a nuimer of strgteasonM. Obsered at Bradento
Chaley Grimm'a t eed headed for a big year, main
lfe ftoyfAar=n, I Mathews and a big and deep p:
B Look'o4 Ao, .20 last year, to have the kind of
In they pay ofU on. Mathews ht 40 home runs last ye
wo at .200 when thin ended. He should be far better th
at. The ,itchingA-rretilahn, Gene Conley, Lew Bi
oBuhl et al-is winvi-g stuff.
I will nOt be breeze, however, for the entire league is
ly-balanced, wM the Woeld Champion Giants and Bri
Sodgers m jki ,t close. ,
1W E A16 ICAN UEAG1UE is different. Cleveland's I
Wa 111 games 15t year. exclusive of the .WOrld Series, an
$ty added erb core, a aputhpaw who ShQuld win a 1
'this deeal-th ing expert, it means a runaway.
Cleveland with its overpowering hurling, figures to
whut out the five American League-have-nots. The Yanke
Whte 80ox don't hayp the depth, this. Each time the
llwe tob, : y BD setU wil be simply handling Clevelai
othnr lengthlead. ,
-BAVING THS winner we'll turn to thi
r in the ,rooklyM mnde it 'close
at the t.l,M. .nd witb Ro(Capanear.a
comtoi s U Wa. A on's lub figuwM
*-. a. ... '-'a V'
x 7.5 "k ,i
~ 'i,, A_

D Marc o Of '51. Meant

No, thing In Hometown t

ON TE BASIS oe moie id sharA ft p.
NEW YORK (NEA) Fight picks the Clevelan4s to make It tw9 in a row.
Champions come along in a lot to hare him with 4 alylty. s e's a ane5 iA'
of different ways an -the trail ex-TYa kee I n fl as t a o4
that leads to the money and ater to a a a ia d n s e4
polarity a title brings always 1 Trainr Wrch Jacobs reports h saw
twisting affair. among the California three-year-olwa. Priumn nj
Like the one Tony De Marco, the grownup ollywodians who sact like threMw
the net welterweight champion. Drown Derby. Whatever becas n
came on. Back, in November of oit.y nM-a. MU rl, hw ,th w
1951, the stubby De Marco, a- I I heMa n. olligIn ol. A ni er t Stl W
package of. brazen punching, fu tan toin. n resin te r p ttlc bit by ,ow tflh
stepped into: the. ring at Laurel f the in after get Wt by o&
Gardens in Newark, N. J., for a vevuybdy I mein st lid eM ed t "to I
preliminary bout with one Stan- Snead to repeat in the Mastel P ghtf ca mhemap
cy underway this week. The Simnhme's
In the back of the-smoky club, now and is eeedi pepas. hI Set S
Sam Silverman, the Boston pro- In avemr was a frletm unde' 4. ,Wham
mother, was talking with Willie John Gallret "I'i so envious
Gilzenberg, who was doubling in hether-the rekopee Is to her htaw01=p
brass as De Marco's manager and least one profeulel" hafdieapWr rates rM new
oln a, .s h the Laurel matchmaker., me Tan, ahead of Nashua. Tru is t
place to mention how the P. 8.5str a eate ,
"Hey, there'a that kid frdm yo r team,, the Pittsburgh Pfrtes.
This does not mean that Brooklyn has the overall depth t town-De Mat o,"-Willie said as '
handle the Braves. Plus the fact that Milwaukee's Conle mrely the fight was about to begin. THE LABT -MXIJTE MANN I nmS 'n "Aft
traces? has to toss his glove.onto the field and the Bums are Mbatn. Silverman'his back to the ring, eventually saw The Jockey Club plan for a nw dilt
abt The Giants smesi to rle and fall on Alvin Dark's opinion. didn't even bother to turn. "Aw, Ing accepted, and the trot's program. for epanjlr
l ast. year he said they'd win if second basemal Dawy Wi v lms' he don't meaning nothing' up in Tony DeMarco aid ejected, would no doubt make ene
of the back held up. It did. This year he said the POo Grounders Boston," he said, and began talk- canty margin by which The J. C. plan survtt Issi
needed another right-handed pitcher. They ont ave ing about something else. was too young. Told him to come theow inAssecurembly by tsue was fromtes and through the Sa It atee
despite Willie May, he Giants are rated tid. Today y, $ m erman's back When he was big enough. The am grapevine source which advised thea b
HE CARDINALS AE IMPROVED and .wih M7uslal al- biggest i s't De Marcd He eam back-to say hello when that the trots would get what they asked for, haing
ways gre tough. Ken Boyer at third and ndj_ _tn the. out- never gt of hisight. pion. of their legislative following, views the, reve
field help. But once past Harvey Haddix ane eD*A2wflnc, "He an4 ine Basuio would rather than a defol
the pitching bogs down. do $250,.'O.W-dn Fenway Park. As for De Marco, he reminds haven't found out yet Just what dap .
.The Phillies once h ad two hurlers,. but. wt rt SIm nThenyo tVinceMarlnez. i sharply of Jake La Motta ex- "I haven't found out yet just what
apparently shot, only RobWn Roberts is left to gtreanfor an outfit Chico Veli. They're both big cept the Boston boy, boxing from man confessed Ia long distance from "W
which can't get the big runs for you. I :- matches" e says. a semi-crouch, slips punches bet- there was, eantl, did nt concern itself wit'
If Birdie Tebbets had .ven one major le po er. his Ted Buth i 'Sverman conjure fter an Is a tried and proven of the reet blt had to do with slyi of ml a
Kluszewakl-led murderer' row would be "wn e, ut Birdie up the profits ord' banger. it.e Repubi q proudlte .hat eld thumbs down. It w
doesh'S have any hurling at all. .such m ewas d ehisrIt, Repub tat proudly held thumb down. It w a
,a pick- The-Cubs sf f b w S Drake, the man united breath, for Deia rco hoe
e pick- TheCubs offered badlywhen olly Dra, man n breath, farco as a con A turn-arond southpaw, his Republicand, Who got a bad press out of the 'e"rle
n, ia., on to solidify a. poor outteld, snapped his le. Th le tract wit theternational Box left hook to the body is a wanted to be sure the public knew exabtl how .8he
nly be- onv tHank Sauer as an established ballplayer out there. ing Club tO "leet Baait. the strength-sapper. When he gets the issue.. A year from pow? Well, the pe le
itching Syracuw&sv.orlte, in the upstate" rolling, Tony throws a flood of memorlesand .the .Repubilckus, along with the 'Dews
a sea- PITTSBURGH IS RATED LAST, but the uesl would be fifth New York city as soon as the punches and has a knockout in decide that since they helped the flat they may.
ar and place stuff in the AL. If second baseman Glne Freese's knee match can be straightened out, mind all the way. In belting out about it. and help the trots, too. In f ot It's betta
is time holds up, he and Dick Groat, at short, will tow out more guys Btwee thanight in ewar ton, he showed class and now money that that's how It will work out."
urdette, than a night club bouncerthat night in Newark that he's champ figures to show e e B
In the American League, Casey Stengel will look for another -Wen he ifferned his dth in even more. A RACE .TRACK OWNER who is conversat'wtit
s solid- flag, but once past Ed Ford and Bob Grim-and Ed Lopat's once- the fourth fround-and the rat- York situation tells me The J. C. non refit 6 ratilo
rooklyn -weeker-he doesn't have the conasistent-hurling to do it. ing as r t e t 147-pound hi the federal government auproximateJy W 1O0Ji tl
Marty Marion's White Box rely on alt.Dropo to bat in runs i ethe m, there we re our er this is goo or bad for you or n4j 0atyerBs,
and Odorge Sell and Ferris Fain to get on base. Dropo is incon- Yearsmof IMpty pockets and fad- know. Concetvly, if all the tracks n the cotntI
ndians slstent. ,And Virgil Trucks, the hoped-br 10-4 te right-hander, l etamp's for Leoalnard .Lotta prof ,theaggregate sa tothe vetne wo
d they Is a year older. the newhmp's real nae. et bulk to affect seriously the .ovr-all tax sprej
Afte the a r thee two tea, 9 cornet The most Incredible col- t the tw nd connection, Mers. Murchins aSh4 Richardson of
election of nothing the AL has seen Its hbnry. Detroit..and tillenti, Silverma~'s as-i
almost Boston, now with Ted Williams appearing out, have holes. Wash- socntook b over in California and MIan with profits eaen s t
ies and ington has Charley Dresawn-and a lot of .iUsasd Spanish. p ighto w and h By NREARDON itv. Is this a trend? How fir will it go? Are oth
y drop Baltimore's Paul Richards made a big trade and so noth- .adpeu himm nt ring Writen for NEA Servicellow?
rnd an- in but headaches have developed fr~x .It. -. .SwitdOh axton inthatle QUESTION: Batter hits bsharp-
doesn't move without Consulng the Tak fontoffice Will lyback t the mound. The b a I LookU.lg at It seuliay, The J.
strikes the dirt and thee ricochets for Whe horse player, The foran_
e also- the Yanwees will bp ha n i anouble a their w this year' And s ~,J methliqg I couldn't off the mound ilto tpulterr lory possible hope for a le, nMde o .
enough the AthletiCs *11il besightt- see. .a. n e*W l o ce between the aite a firs. I d the wayhpeo a td
P Don topnl ont hit% tb pitching ru .' Wuhgat ustrotu S Ai
sto top Stley. .It e .a7'r' shlthe.this?"rmS t Ocadeami NeOW s
a f tm~ lhi tglel~l['-"u" ;I': : i. ; ,Answer: ItI sa foul bhil. AAy
sNout-in I, I for -uyg t hla Mhiiar e sany art of btoga, teurrnw ups fnc 9.Tbeht swemrt
I"ntoved him to the title. at you before reachbg first qr third base uor'
can't do this under commission s a foul.
V rulings today, so you're out. Do tbihe St. Louis Cardinals THE .J. C. PROGRAM is at once realistic and I
atlhave the largest farm ss- and as such is an exciting relief frtn empty
"De ?aroo left me after win- tern in the National Lea e--Al y-traeks. with which public gad preh s
ning nine straight fights through Rubin. years. New York racing 1has
4 1March of 1952. He told me he A. Yeu-they have 18 minor af. holders, and has never been attlve
was going home to see his par- lations. holders had no.mause for concern
ents and the next thin I knew Q. How many double headers with a more liberal betting arrange
he was fighting around Boston did the Cleveland Indians w i n trade. By then building costs h.
and Montreal. Then Rip Valenti last season?-George Ehrhart. point, new or even revamped ps 1
aske4 me if he could have him A. The Tribe swept 13, dropped the operators' take out of the b an
and I said 'go ahead.' both games only once and split cents, as against the state's 11. "B
-five others. nothing at all when the take was muit
'.... "But that's boxing. You lose Q, How mary players hb a v e pleas for concessions evoked sparse .
achampion-you get ofe. Ex- made the Hall of Fame? Nick program means the departure of pa*
Icept with me, I lose two. I chasedI Raich. men, that's an unlooted for, but
Ike Williams once because he A. 79. around.., ,



. u

Ha;.'W ?i
17ev mWt
.k. I V


4JrlL~ a.. 4

Gun Club Notes

Sthe ameMk had cleared way in the win column some-
45'sired In the place. Maybe those "handloads"
B qua Wila. Jaftay officiated as
K r last una, tournament supervisor; Archie
a 6reisted W hs Turner, Executive Officer: Strat-
6io wthi ford B. Duke as chief Rane Of-
8rfd e iefta eer and Prank A. Andeon as
Ious with a score of 246. Chief StatatieWl Officer.
to X t senood Twenty-two enthusiastic shoot-
o ividual ,waes participated in this Nailonal
or Qun ub member, "A- Match course with .45. Awel-
kderpn, with a 238. Third come sight at this match were,
BIVa PC- Wilwam R. the many new fads of competit-I
i -of It. Kobte also fired a ors from the Armed Services re-
of WI, Wt hs BO at 26 vd presuentng Ft. Amador and Ft.
fle a &AK Abe'"O Kee. It t hoped that these new
e the ixenc4 f ill become fapiliarefaets
r'm L then, thaed futUrp competi-
Sitrner Wi n at'the club and that more
of 314, lglEaIr mrksman new faces will be added to the

w Thuned sapid Total
iS ....., .. S
r ...... ...... .... S ,, ,1,

, .. ................ l 211
.................... 7 a
S.. ......,..... .. ... .i 78 61 311

CW I-:n .. 7 30

Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service Cristobal
S.S. "AGGERSBORG" ..A.....................April 12
.S."I ADOR KNOT" ....................I....... l
.S. L. CA L" ............................... April
*S.S. "M.O:AZAN" .................................. April
*.S. qHIBURAS' ...........................April
t ,andlmg Refrigerated "Chilled and General Cargo

New Vork Service


S "MRA BERLANGA" ............... ..........Apr.l 11
A 8 e a .......................................Ap 3_ 1
8,l. 4 L TECA ............................
A f laT....................................A.. t"
4 a sr. ... ....\- .\^ ;::. \-.... ;;;i.................
:: :.............,:: .:

Weekly sailis of twelve'u Mc drip to Nw
Vrwk, New Oream. Los Su Pru:iscom

Special round trip fares | to New
YT aw Yqeuie St S M SW b

', :."O :;. ,....grip,, a 0' ,- W..-.:'

-'*' ; v :. -;" ". ;.+:=.-,*:.; :. ..'^. ,. r- .: '11.
S .

KY ur n 4

-1 b...., ,
1b t ... .*" t- .^-

.0404*A. 2M 4-:9
-..-. : ..'-.. 'ELEP "". -.:_f'4 .;r +- S.* ---^
amAL- _






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I ~,1.
I .

lm ri d man taM UM andea taSM .
ego ne* lth whoe wei "hIa
,he Idealblendff L UCKY STIf
#wvhy they're mudw. .aw iet$


Vv o. wa. .- *-


--~C ---a A '-w- ---

.. .



I -- %-,-

- P, OP 1 a -

. I

R ow -. *.

.. ,





~L. ~




Friends Say No, But Worry About 'TI

- U

'Who Wants

Gregory Peck

As Premier?'

----- -


SIR ANTBONY EDEN AT 57: From his silvery hair to the tips of
his highly-polished shoes, he radiates six feet of charm.
LONDON, April 10 (NEA).-Britons are wondering what sort of prime minister Sir Anthony
Eden will make.
S Will Churchill's cigar continue to cast a long shadow over British politics?
Has Eden lived in the shadow of other men too long to have a substance of his own?

',Neither of these questions bothers Eden's friends. The Churchill Eden relation. -
ship, they point out, was a collaboration in which Eden willing took a back seat.
What worries Eden's backers is The Legend. He will have to live it down, they say,
If he is ever to succeed as Irime minister.
The Legend has to do- with hie perennial youth. At 38, Eden was the youngest
British foreign secretary in modern times; at 57, he was still foreign secretary. \
SA He is spoken of as the Peter'Pan of Politics, the Goldep Boy whorefused to grow up.
It has to do with his glamor, ment runs, but how would he
too. Stanley Baldwin once re- fare in a Home Affairs debate? C
marked: "Anthony is good for What does he know about econo- i
2.200 extra votes for the Conserv- mica? Has he ever had to grap-
ative Party in any constituency pie with a budget? Settle a ma-
he visits." And Baldwin meant ]or labor dispute?
women voters. Eden has never made a great
'A Women take one look at Eden speech his critics point o u t
and go home and eye their bus- Shrewd ones, brave ones, skill.
bands' waistlines criticaly. ful ones, yes. But never great U
From his silvery hair to his ones..h
highly-polished shoe-caps, Eden He once wrote a travel book
is six feet ot charm, in which all the e.Oches in t h e
Hih Bugs Bunny sDma merely world are chained together in 17
adds yt it.h h me chapters.
Hewha bad a t, the famous
blak tombur red after Knight In Armor
e-C .. pe Cosnnter-balanced against all 'h
W, t.-"But wo. these criticisms is the feeling
Minister" as one of his closest would have been indecent to I
friends despairingly remarks. name anyone but Sir Anthony h
as prime minister.,r
Divorce In this conviction they a r e
H Irdivone may have made harking back to the Eden of 0
His divorce may have made the i 9O's-the Knight in Shin-
but it is sti ated as a rpolle ing Armor, the youth f u I St.
SlIabilty SGeorge who tried to slay th e f
Wtiyof oatDragon of Fascism.
W X meming was forced to Almort alone of. BrltItbh oU.
give up ".t Britfshthroned b ticians. Eden was right about
cause h divorcee ussoln. He was right about
Eden obtlHaf@ his dereee on And he did, resign from the
grounds 01 di f orl 5 in 1950, t government rather than be a i
v a:s= UM, lord.Beoi- party to the appease menat of
ve k's. D Express (no these dictators. e
friend of Eden's found it neces-
sary to defend him, against -un- I.s
pleasant rumdrs.
'Not only's Mr. Eden free In the members' bar of the i
irom the astest stain in his House of Commons a graying
own priva ta fe," the Daily Ex- politician recalled those early
press declared, "but the mere says.
"- B suggestion of such a possibiit "Eda," he said "was whlt
is offensive".' every man serety ad m ir es
o ,and hope to be-an Idealist.
,. .ri ,mg "Unfortunately," he si ghed, o
T: Hembur he wore downing his glass on the bar
ater as ed for him. -1%i target of "ideals an luxurie, that few
,Eden us o,,e up can afford nowadays. The
Se e s i% at intn en in, the Kremlin use them
so" against ns. The question wellU
Stonal dblomay, o the ag- they twist them against Eden?"
Eden has been wooed longer
and more 4rdeatly by the Men
in the Kremlin than any other
Western statesmmn, and with
less coneluslye results. For -
den just cs. t seem to make up
his mind.
It hasn't always been like
this. At one time dictators were
immmue to the Eden brand of
Mfissolint called hi "t he
best-dressed fool in Europe,"
while Hitler referred to him
coltemre as Der d me

Ai fs eltagUr

opening of a second frost" dur-

rom trying to drink the British
foreign secretary under the ta-
ble at one of his famous Krem-,
in banquets (The match ended
n a draw ut 5 a.m. with Eden.
till on his feet and able t
toast the Red Army.)
Strange Contrast
They made a strange con-
rast, the British aristocrat and
he 6eorgian peasant, each test-
ng the other for toughness.
Had he seen Eden throw one
tof his tantrums at the Foreign
Office, Stalin might have alter-
ed his opinion of Eden as a
quiet diplomat.
For Eden has been known to
throw books across the room;
ie has also burled dispatch box-
es at the retreating backs of his

He inherited his tem r from
his father, Sir'William Eden, a
ed-bearded giaht after. StalinO's
twn heart.
There have been c- 1 o r f u 1
members of the Eden: family
since Charles It made them ba-
ronets in 1672: ambassa d o r s,
members of Parliament, bish.
ops, economists.. But Sir Wil-
iam was almost too colorful
When he wasn't chasing the
fox Sir William was- chasing a
:retty woman.
He was a crak "shot, an ad-
mirer of Byron '.ad a distin-
kuished water "olt but he-
etested shrieking mcIldren and
logs ("Chdldren,"' he once
vrote, "are natural and
Life with this particular fath-
er must have been trying, for
Anthony was glad to escape to
From Etor he wed straight
nto the King's Royal rifles and-
World War I.
Youngest Major
Eden emerged from the war
as the youngest bigade major
n the British Army.
He had also aequrLed the fa-
mous Eden mouInache (a little
fiercer in those. ds) and the
Military Cross a v i n g a
wounded man's IW near Ypres.
At Oxford he began to prepare

EDEN IN 1938: An earer one
was governor of Marylaud.
for a diplomatic career by .stu-
dying Oriental languaPe-p-er.
aian and Arabic passing Jis
inal exams. ith first laB hon.
ors. He also took ian interest In
Cezanne and the French Im-
The year 1903 was important
to Eden for two reasons: he
married a banker's daugh t e r
and stqod lor Parliament and
won against the "Bed" Countess
oh Warwick, an aristocrat turn-
elSocialist and related to E-
den by -marriage.
For the start of his political
career Eden was "Stanley Bald-
win's boy."

Prime Minister Baldwin with
a- genius for pickingfresh tal-
ent saw in Eden a winner.
Weh ne made Eden foreign see-
career Eden was "Stanley Bald.
win told him:
"You are young. You have the
most responsible job in Europe.
So far it has been roses, roses
all the way. But soon you will
get brick-bate."
Sir Anthony has had both. It
Is not surprising that when the
Kremlin showers him with ros-
es these days he still duck s
Americans who suspect Eden
exhibits a more than passing in-
terest in American real estate
every time he pays a visit to
the States are on the right tack.
The State of Maryland at one
time practically belonged to the
Eded family, who used it as a
sort, of private game preserve.
One of Anthony'Eden's direct
ancestors was governor of Ma-
ryland at the time 6f the Ameri-
can War of Independence, and
lies buried at Annapolis. today.
Another early Eden pirated A-
merican ships of the coast ofq
Both Carolina.
Anthony Eden's brother, Sir
7itnothy Eden, still styles him-
self as the Baronet of Maryland,
a title which is confirmed In the

ie Legend
19S4 edition seraa

It was the .uspiclon that an
thony Eden waq about to c
the Colosseum'-n Rome that led
to the most 'iamous jUlitical
feud of miodera "times: Eddn,
the Sling-Shot Kid, versus .Go-
liath Mussolini.
Some say that Eden's dislike
for Mussolinl dated. from- the
time he skidded on a rug -In
front of II Duce's desk.
In another version, Mussolini,
In one of his more operatic
moods, splashed the contents of
an ink-pet over one of Edqn's
favorite suits.
However the feud. started, E-
den pulled no punches.
It was Eden who got sanc-
tions applied against Mussolini
during the Italo-Ethiopian-war.
It was Eden who tried to stop
Italian intervention in Spain.
And he did e from the
British cabinet when he .discov-
ered tnat his own prime minis-
ter, Neville Chamberlain, w a s
making deals with the--rtalians
behind his bale.. .
Resigning from the Chambe-.
lain government was the smart-
est thing Eden ever did, next to
being born handsome and with
money in the family.
It was a bitter cold day in
February, 1938, when E d en
learned the. news of Chamber-
lain's sellout.
Walking back from No. 10
Downing Street, a shocked E-
den locked himself into his of-
fice, knocked back a glass of
whiskey and began to dictate
the letter of resignation which
put him ob the map politically.
Now that he was out w hat
would Eden do? Would heup-
set the government? Would he
stump the Lountry against the
An anxious nation awaited his
next move, which was to go off
to play tennis in the South of
Eden's failure to press the at-
%tack against Chamberlain if oft-
en cited as an example of his
inability to get tough.
It foreshadowed a weak-kneed
attitude toward the Communist
cold war, some say.
c Churchill
However, 28 months later
Cbam be r l a I n was out, and
Churchill was in as prime minip
ter,'with Eden as his foreign
Wirld War II made use of E-
cOen's talents as a diplomat
the full. -
It also brought him prsonal
Itredy, revealing a huLl an
aide rarely seen by the publW,
For some years Eden and his
wife had been estranged.
Beatrice Eden who loved to
so dancing ak iro's, made no
bones of her dislike of pocuqe.
Lok;nog back on it years-o$ l
er aN could say, "I was 4OW
so bored."
sut. now during- the darkest'
hoars of the war, their mar-
riage was 'to receive the blow
from which it never recovered.
Son Missing
It came in a message from
the War Ministry that their soN,
Simon Eden, was missing in ac-
tion with the Royal Air FOrce
over Burma.
Anthony Eden was scheduled
to do an important broadcast a
few minutes after reeiving the
meaisle. "
He Cent through with i, de.
parting from the script to con-
sole those families who had lost-
someone in action. Never ones
did his voice break.
As for Ieatrice Eden, she
fled to America and never re-
In 18S Eden gt his divorce
a. grounds of desertion. They

New Eden
.Britoms are seeing a new Mr
Anthony Eiln these days.
1 GOe is KEen the glamor boy..
NOW it's Edes in carpet. slp-
e and making s pipe.
handsome, T57-year41
tish foreign secretary is tr
uhad to acquire the b n-

e M~ilaua. rwlefe .

s r '. ,
Winston's only.a..inan proem
more than a little of MUn Oe. Visit'e ar oftea.
Winston's character d;wi eoio upon.
Not content wi b ib g a oldlti, air'
movie press ages,' a feature e-. sen,
editor of Vogue magazine.
Before that she deciphered Whereve. -_e\gos-, howev
code at the Fioregn Office, where Eoen j enteahsj urd1
.he couldwatch, the ring t he bxeat lath
of Eden from a distance.. asex stamped wlh ,tite. Roy
Chlri mam e Anthony getn ct her which contain' lpo
down on hi knees and propose docuntts.nm
three times before she accepted
him. e, cordift'to one of h
SThen Anthony came /id own STp e a d ptch. -a thewe
with jaundle and the afnounce- ofta rose ,bed, a5-to open
ment of. their engaleinnt, had aftir he s fin6h wee
to be poateponed. C Asrow.
Antics UncleWbhuton
Clarissa's antics have giVes The E
rise to many apecdotes.. Ctocei tosr-i, .0 r
she over-paid a New York taxi setweE d en
driver $40.becau .. wau S -do exSt
niee,~-s,we got talking out b

SAnother time, in 42repe~Un l0ynsf
loss of $2000 worth of jewelry, amateur artist, and Fden
she told police that she kept the proud of his art colectti
jewels in a butter dish under which includes a Constabt
the kitchen sink. orot, two Derains and a
Anthony Eden today is a much "We thought alike wietht
poorer man than when he took e ufation." Churchill hb i
office as Lord Privy Seal 2t njua Imeemo-"rs "
years ago. s 'r ..
_i. sa.a a "Churc paid & iiM
His salary as foreign scree- ute to Edenin letter
tary is only $12,000 a year, wrote in 1942, on' the ov
which taxation reduces to $000. Winston's second. iWt to .
.He has givenup the direrctor- on, to the late ng
ships of several enterprise, in- VI ..
eluding the Westminster Bank. WlUen in the akest da
eo. has soltr o buse *. the ltte still
Chesterfield-_ etret, -ie ,re Be r a s'Onrchill' poUtical

.Drummel once 'uve, Q.U welt as
Binderton, OWe. de I.'eAtate l"
Sussex. ,

His tailor in 8t. James streett
complains, "Mibter Eden hasn't
been in to/mee us for msqlmhs."

Weekenda tbet Ideas sneak
away to a ,y cotta in WaIt-
hire, w 6li" Mo"sW .

case of my death
by I am about to

L-A V9 Er D+iA

fIK .

a -AMM I
o +.. ** ,.W N -, ._-

. 1 '

_ f

-- |

^ f J'^ --/ : .+. .: *.r'' = '*-*"" .' ++

", ",..'X,--. -\ -.; -
r.144U#) 9a,

fle i .:
..-" 7,..: '.:-* ^.., ." -.- ;' ^ ^ .. ; .-- *. ,: ...' ,
,,.,I ',. ',"'. +t. -. L~.-'' --*i'': *.;....., -*Ba / : v' .- ,, *. .- ..
-. ^ ,+ ,, M ^... .. ..- .." .: -dB ...^ -,, .,fi i -


a.. a. -


_m-^4 f' '- .tf, *. -.. ., ,,
, .. ...1 .
^ ':-;*. 'I

". 1



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* *2.

4 ,- a.p. ')



ni'.: ...4 :*;

U' -



'* '

tavfs 1


a 1-

it to r- Hepn Vourslf

S walki AtC O NTINasflt List f1 elect.
iswalktoltohie s oe r or reset "knowow'to for
t tW t pml "hotmflM. Me craftsman. 4d ,6bbyrte.
t ri h* t the electrIc Wf of XJ-4ates a booa o f ee stfon-
t'a hol,, me at five
M||fot %e|h certlaO 55 .4- CLASS KINNAIND
SathueIp Et "-twee Vufoalal W aster-
|IW;itit stidWS ght. p br David .Ewnh. (Arco,
J4.ali b hp alt75). a : $7). This revision
planed well. At of Music for the Millions,'"orig-
.%ui tepdInto his inally published in 1044. is a use-
g poi,. IBterrupting, the ful companion to Ewen's "Home
S bhe*'t Ight, the gun fired again Book of Musical Knowledge."
'anagalLala81in instantly, -dell His new addltltos make It a cy-
Sshepr to the floor, four shots clopedia ot classical, operatic, re-
a *il to"y.v cital and orchestral facts of
Atrz '" ,p.. eaterd the prtIe reference value. An ap-
hou"e W remove the appars pendex lists select recordings of
RH I 4gW the police W won wrks of'each of the principal
-- .tit u death at -a hour he composer
r l^ i rtsteher but he bd to re- I A|. -- b -" "
Se tra n hast A s Masle, by Gilbert
al Sve a aa (McGraw-Hill, 738 pages:
OS i.-ibbl An. hA be e te-id thie It histryof the country
P .. t to ~ tris the m grim days to th, present
trate' bedi- he reafted too late In temas of muse--choral. In-
St he had miscalculated n one strumntal. orchestral, dramatic;
respect and aboriffginal, religious, clasl-
S What fatal mistake did Anton paL folk, ragtime and modernrn"
makeo? No one lse, It ems, baM. done
.."m m 'm j a1 ao good an account of our musi-
S, aa ol m l heritage; the book completed
.l 1 t ly replaces the Louis isleon his-
'Elo flf D stories of music in America.
.6. RLi,

aJ wwaom emy lmis
_r4Jp Trick
Chosen victim
r p0e0., of papqr. Offer
% aquaoter if he saeo.-
.utig- the paper tato
SPa, .. Be cutos the
llly to four -sal
Then looks for &hI&
Jook over the four
K--'Cut and hand him
"There's your qur-
the other three."

A lfew Approach to Stamp
oeeating, by .Michael Harrisoh
& Douglas ArmstrMng (Ranover
Hloue, W pages: 13.50), The
authobu believe that postage
stamp collecting, which ,/s said
to the largest following of
any aellecting hobby, has lots
more woon for persons who have
'fly modest sums to Invest. They
point out opportunitiee and pleasB
uren thelmatto or subject qol-
leating. which. ca be carried on
eaozpaatively Inexpensively, in-
stead of concentrating on the
collection of rarities.

'Ub fe '. -. eggs
-m a. you Smow.
rt tth 0Uui*ehl wO-
S ba*itt .h.; cot-
lst felt; cloth: con-
d. mpl'st hbat,
hf a crosiwa at light,
i yo will -probably
lintprvl your own.
M for eola and bat.
I"got 'O' tf "

t who

wim to
puch as

L~ri b


Iw .

53t etc. r, i T .

iDYInsertlng thea
A 4jatelythat pum w m
eEpreaston has coeiBo n 8,& g.r and j
*oiw" lately that 'Wed 8. In he blank
to te punsdered ort of effetaim square in thlis
-w at. or at least affected. Not no ....". you .

m a e *.a me
totals correct.
Number 2,. upper
left, has already
been InSerted.
Par for corn.
pleting the -ar-
tangement la two

mor aso sir
This expression, as you imy
havb g-eseed, la represented by
thWl doudler I don't know how
you 6ould miss IL The diresttop
are Zl there, and you don't ed
to get pfaut gfandpop's -eaditg
glass tU try to decipher the sn.
Each slab pays: "Five and a half
Miles to East Lynn by way bf
South Pacific," which has oth-
ing -t do with the puzzle what.

N ..that you have figured'It
out'taui to the solution below to
cheek your answer.
", : iMtINH liv.. e-luttl


strata..t be. an* !&
Slead eur *.- stheri
than a follower
when you play
this game. Try
It'at your next
S St person who
proposes the ..
gamu, is the lead-.
eor. He chal-
-*enges a group
of five or six to
play a form of
t') low the
leader, express.
l g confidence
that they will
not be able to
emulate him '.
more than two
or three times at
most. He a ksW
them to stand ui n
a line abreast of
him and for the
rest of those
present to sit or
stand facing the
group to check
on. their actions.
All of this Is a sham, of course, for he has
no Intqnteion of playing a game, but rather
of playing a trfck on those who challenge
His first action is to point to his left
(see illustrations above). Everyone does
this, of course. Next, he crosses his left
hand.,under his right, pointing to the right,
as shown (2). Next he' aumes a squat-
ting position on bis left tee (3). Glano-
Ing to be certain that everyone has fol-


ach figure. 0 to 8; utst'# e used Just once
.1 '8 :g9 's 9 LA.'O '4-dowS uailausiOg 'asOae

Something Rare in Numbers
W MiN you add 1000 to a certain number the re-
suit is more than when ou multiply it by the
same amount. What number.
.'euo el eq.mna *$ Jsa$env

-W r .
lowedeult, lie now announces that he has
reached a point wheremo one will I* able
to dubllate his next 'etion, bwhdhlupon
he genty ahoves the person on bis left
with his left shoulder and the entiM line
of parlt.ipants will tall over-to the
amusement of the onlpokers.
It helps, naturally, to employ K good
line of chatter during the performance.
A gentle put is all that's requited to
throw- .the othim off balance.

where 40 e I S*
marked Ie
ly. with 4M. m -
v lope ..' Ade-
quatemo irk er
which *Wl3 not
blow or wish .4
away, fat be
made' quidly n -
the home shop
Note the examples abo
These or dlutlar deig
be traced r'dr nwb o
Inch bspwood or othi

-v m-th- m lan .pro
could glw au a rudy
for .that one, Bat hen
bryptologist uuuid -also
Wlh a drufteat answer a
be right,. Ths rypto-cram
prove If your answer add
the right solution. The o
to decodethe letters. eac
la substituted for by th
letter throughout, i.e., If X
itituted for the first U It
stituted for C throughout
Today's quip Is as folio
a "-poversation between a
and hs girl.
She: "Do you have t
with one armn?"




DON? -
..snoA Op 'l\1 Jes wi .s
qulqa l.aop noa ung,. :saMI

Easter Colors
AN objected d- r -ea
A y tMA.S- \
able with -tin '
Eauttr q )Mliday
pearl .when s
megente of thte
dlxw~g amnfilled $01
ln in' saoMance
with the follow-
Iug color keys:
What Is the ob-
ject portrayed? f

have me not.
do ot wishlab for
me: those who
have me, do not
wish to lose me:
those who gain
me, have me no
longer. What am
-Awl y 3*OAG*
In what wa
are a recluse and
a milestone
-aMSilp .ajri diel
Qia ismuily


wn bue
s my
qurte -
ir thin

Y? A



wood. Saw or carve them and color them with ol'
paints. A coat of varnish applied afterwards will
further weatherproof them.
Mount the markers on dowels adx inches or more
in length. Bharpen a point at one end for tusertion
Into the ground.


bbably I HAT -to do _.
anSawr W with pencil t
imateu stubs Its ome- -
ome up times a problem. a
ind 4t1 Here's a use for
x should them whIbc jun-
t up to lor readers may
bject is find amusing-
b letter mal ng them Into
e same tops.
is sub- Materials:
inW ub- thick cardboard;
t. colored pe4olls or .
wS: It's crayons.
a sailor HoJd a cup
ermly, dpside down on cardboard and trace a ade;
t drive -or better still, I you have a compass. draw a tatrle
about 8 4.echea In diameter. Mark the center.
Now, draw a bright colored border around 'the
circle and put ple-shaped wedges of color Inldde.
MGAoR Cut out the circle carefully. Punch a hole exact.
ly in the middle. Puab a pencil stub halfway
TLA through the hole and the top sl ready to spin.

MG Try T Witb Pen and Pencil
L wasi a pen and pencil set. The pencil
1-' cost two doFli r mure thanl the package ofu spare
Fm leads for It, and the pen oust three times much
as the pencil the led together. The whole apt
t cost ten dollars. How much.was each article?
i *ult eAg-xeSei woe pi p p aag.u'Auet: eoA
peNoO Io eqj, "Juu a*eae uSq *s4j, saamew

for Jnior Readers





S It



~wV in- .9
~. :sc

* p-

(t)ut frinosswou4 Wit Wid 9 the oM ible
-~~~ ir w- M ON-- -* --- ----- -- -- -^^-^--^"^"^^" ro R B l^^ N

sO uOMge SAhfqr 63-Choijoest part.
64-Fairy tale monster.
HOUSONT'AL 65-See eagles
I-In what did Simneo take up 6S-Pro ltor
the child Jesus Wnd bless -COT lp hpno ualt to Pisgah
God? (Luke $3S) (Detl 4:1)
5-One of the places I. which A
the children of Jtdah dwelt curve.
. (Ne. 1125) 2-The love o maone is the


4t.-Act of construction, 63-Outside of the gate of what
lbftb- of Zersh ( Chr. 3:6) city did Jesus raise the
widow's son from the dead?
4Aw- urcJ |(Luae 7:11)
ods of abstinence from 5-Mohasmmeda n prince.
o.od. 55-Impe1
h.,Wamh respiratory sounds.. r tree.
51-Cateb&r' imIXh. -jgTj b. f enh.


- V

J ay erd Spper
N this checker setting. White
mnmeas up on Black sWufty
him inan ambush. mSe it Iyou
can take the White cbeck and
lead them to victory.
White moves arst, ui the
boa M, sad wins lh ae ae.

*** *.j^.J\^-aw,'

**.: -'-Aft
-.* r ..s







; ~ ." ,- 'i d "

f '

. A .




": "ESCAPE FROM DEATH-The driver of this gasoline truck miraculously escaped with
.s *minor injuries when the vehicle overturned on highway just outside Milwaukee, Wis.
The tanker-truck burst into flame and nearly 6,000 gallons of fuel were destroyed.

WAILER FROM WALES Seven-month-old Bill Smith
doesn't know that he's safe after his family fled from a
flood that ravaged a large area of New South Wales. His
mother parked him in a metal drum before going over to
pick \'p relief supplies at the Dubbo airport in Australia.


'" B

PI- I am .
HAWKERS 'NEST'-Britain's Hawker-Hunters, among the world's fastest jets, fall in
on the parade line at the Royal Air Force station at Wattisham, Suffolk, England.

SITTING PRETTY-Baek in 1947, this shy young baby sitter
wasn't attracting much attention. In fact. she got her
first publicity by "sitting" with twins of a Hollywood pro-
ducer. Now she's known the world over as Marilyn Monroe.
-r -- --------

WE SEE YOU-Peek-a-Boo canyon draws the attention of thesb tourists on the trail in
Bryce Canyon National park in scenic sou iern Utah. Domes, spires and temples of
red, pink and crbam predominate and these. formations cover some 55 square miles.


0 LD SAN JUAN is the oldest city under the American flag, but it's also one of
the most up-to-date cities, especially in the field of church architecture. New-
est of the religious edifices in the ultra-modern style is the $500,000 Santa Teresita
Roman Catholic church on the city's outskirts. It took nearly three years to com-
plete the church, which is constructed mostly of re-enforced concrete with marble
walls for the side altars and a ceramic finish behind the-main altar. The ceiling cpn-
tains acoustic material to make the church soundproof. The church, located near the
shores of the Atlantic, is in the charge of the Carmelite Fathers under the direction
of Padre Jose Sanchez. It was designed by one of Puerto Rico's foremost architects.


aWW POMTWINTY--Italy's Sim quen UaR "LnouoDngda received agn e
I pfren gsndxmes in Paris to W from the mobs of adnmrer. But, after
Spremiere, one of her escorts gaTptgaa11it saute on behalf of the police orce.

I E SU The long ara of t t e
betng to a kee detet-hel m .the belt
of Uiehael Awneapas he is taken into feaelak bpliduag to
ftce 4fring onuul night to escape W t i6a
sctionw a holdup of a food e ,ae
Seaa -- 41st).-w*p aao taken iY to face ssmIe-u Ja -
.. td, % weas,


- '7'

5.. .

~. .-.-~.






* .-







" I l

g 'i

ord.,Pan amc
.lll .li =i

,. rc~zixt_,nO Ma .--_

Pan ma's Oldest Church

I:s In 425-Yor Old-Nata



P*M*A3 ?, ~M4NS

J I f


* I


* Li


' II I ~

i- rY






i : _',.,_, ., .

?i .

I ;,,,--1


o or arruou tej w ** 4
ade. In roteAb fo
tratleqtU .eds ;fl

were exmp Now th

er. alliesU to rvee
sia step Ir azi"forcf*lIs
Ing blokade. .
.tis. wil require not onl)'iM. asen.
ed high cOulmleefoners In 0ermw be' ins IA
alrectly -from London, Wasagton and ar.
The Yalta papers have etfr* ',a side onty 'o_ o
It centers around General W as M5cflthw
his views dated -Fefrlary, getti ng M t s-
a into:. te War agau to J .apaT .. ..i
The Defense Drart eat a"nouncedthatitwll "i
makeI r at fat relea., n,' wti
man. sddhe papers will be made pu a on O s MW
The former sjprem oomaPer" Infthu re last has
said that It anyone hand aed l 3mbeforee the .Atr P
conference, he would have opposed Aumian entry In ed
the pacific War at that "late data." "
However other Army Soqrces hate said that Mac- wi
Arthur i voice is opinion at the time and that g
he favored Russian partlcipatioa.
The Yalta agreement provided that Russia would ad
join the war against Japan three months after the
ond of b We iatrope. The war ended In Europe
on May lb. Iand Russia declared war against 0
Japan on-Augus 8th, one week before Japan sur- jflt
squdered. .
Adlai Stevens p maknlg is first major speech still
of the year on Monday. will
It will deal with foreign policy... and is expect- Its
ed to take up the Formoean crisis. Stevenson has tow
been under pressure from Demoorats for some T
tme to splak out on the Far 3at situation. PaD
One week from tomorrow, the 1I3 Democtatle
candidate fore Psiet will leave the United A
States for a visit to South Africae ann
-0 cele
The Far Bast crisis took these turns: 24,0
Diplomats in London say India has started a new whim
ftove to break the deadlock in the Formosan cease- abo
ire dispute.
India's ambassador In Moscow, Krishna Menon, met
with Soviet Premier Bulganin. Ahd It is understood S
tUe Formosan question was a major topic.o
Some weeks ago, India, along with Britain, had tried f
to get Moscow to nelp wonrz out a ceeefire for- F
musa that would end the threat of war between Na- w
Uionalist and Communist china. P
The Chinse Nationalists report that Red China has' h
at least 40 Mg fighter planes stationed at a brand
new airfield w1t=l str&kingdistance of Formosa.
The Nationalists want perm sion from the United
States to bomb thet airfield. But the Eisenhower ad- T
ministration is said to be reluctant to grant this re- feva
quest. *
-0- s
Washington newsmen have heard why their job has wa
become more complicated In recent weeks. ,go,1
President Msenhower feels that National Security Is bu
not served by making public technical military Ior- '
nation. in
White House news secretary James g in
Outlining Mr. Eisenhower's views said that Mr. Mo
Isenhower does not believe In censoring legitimate cor
mews, but he is concerned about giving the ummu- A
ats military secrets. Am
STe Heagerty statement came in conection with
lU6tlol ~about a recent Defense Department,.order .ft
tat hes jut about shut down the flow of news from
te Pentagon .
-A o0-- -14M
A womer to the lsnhower aminstratiem
says he Is aurpried to lear that's jb ehas ended.
dwai Cor a pointed a spe adviser
Secretary of State Des three months saOr Cents wh
speeialty would be refugee problem. Be hbd been
endutrial eommlusioner for New Tork States am-
der the Republieam Dewey adIJallmlratton.
When Corsi was appointed to the State Depart-
ument Job, chairman Frands Walter of the Hone .
Uamerican Activities Committee charged thaU -
Cori associated with Coamutnu-frent orgaih Mri
tens. CaM and the State Department dned th
charge. -
0 On Tueoday, DuNlles told nge en Corel's Job was
only temlerary anyhow f, r -.
Premier Faure of France has started another effort
to solve or at east soften -. the North African
The Premier will use toce 14 Algeria, b, conellia-
tion 1. *. 1tW. reason for diteinedla-obvie
oMs. Algra hS been.annexed to'Pranuo and ihePre-
=ler afford tO let the Arab-Berber Nationalist
rebel movement grow there.
"But Tunisia Js bel g prepared for home-rule so It
s necessary to coIpe to agremept with the Natisab-
SA r. -
7 raaoent iigiven th P
power tor suppressing the trubes faJewii K
for nearly a ma months a few hundred tai bave
kept thousands of French troops pinned down. S0
Ir Is the North African situation as a whgle that
has bn tored, to. risk t- .ail 0ot r

:,: .: --m f--" ."e"l'-- .

*:; .$

S- a r.i -


were behlg bd t.
Swe.e climaxed bI*to
Ash, ye-r "''
bfd ottst L a itlhf 9i
IN the *aithfl through

Al be to *t *- a Uq tm. se0 W t
ra.01 sto toalke--atry." B M' lhe
The hat Uim the M amba resigned was hertly advi. s ta J Don
ter Pre det A s toeeoffflee after the arrest era."
ad Impeachment bf former Preedet Ji e -- o'-
isade. e There's a-l iereoe of oplWu
n The de of ret Zonlan got a slight Dr. Lath ec
out nnon nt that free travel leave mII.aa
That te new setuo wi agree. .Dr. han I
Io v.4iotlS .for employee but now It onoe over tWo utAlk. -ag, a -
be up to the Company to decide just how Stwauc M tpltt t o
going to cost to get workers back to their ieth. h.
he system meanx.mast mploies will travel via the
Line sts wherever possible. .r
irook Meld' 5 -00th Air Base Group received the Mo -. o r
aIkl Air Pree flying safety award at a ceremony Fe.therweglt champion SandI
brated at Beam Stadium. The sward represents title bout On a technical kno
75 hours of safe flying for the 5700th Air group, Kefly Davis of Los Angeles twice
eh Is equal to 4,45SM5 nautical miles of flying, or. beofWe te referee stopped It.
ut s180 times around the earth In a 2 year perie& D 1s Abught to-tO-tooe. uotz
o on the left eye. Sddt a
The Governor of the PFanamRmi Canal C& rItpw. adIht ppee, rnct ,t
d from Washlnrto where he spent 10 days en ore fun thousand f oP
fial buse Dei v he apared be- t, Montana. ,
wbe the fml Has and M uoreant Me_ R, "_ -'
*herelse committee at a specal herias during \WM-w g Tommy "aIp.~
Wbeh be peented an extsm* briefluger nWt, Ste .wa a i
faamS Carnal mad tsE opera
MoaawhIle, le usl pa s
sne to Sol" the..sia' srnrs e< maSr
Seawall. the Vhu. Isaa-, ..d ite Canal Zo-0 WI t

wo seamen, JiU American and a Puerto Riean, wive *$ grzpd wu
cuated to orgas Hbpltal after haviing bel -.
,,ad hrslps. an shi
William Peck, an engineer on the Arctic tMi,cwhich *
s fired upon off the Ecudoean coast wa under- 1w
n a tresaten for his leg which was shattered by a u meeting. -
let from n eu adorean patrol launch. His WOWdI- ....... .M.. ...
Swas rt aored. patrol launch. The 13"a caught upwnhh Ge
iPer o ea mael TJ. Ouan off the Grace .l G_ ur p..Mgo"
e siip8 anta tula, was injured. In Colombia in a desO -over ul.mer at* lBr
toreycle eaident, and flw hee by an Albrook the firstOM less eft i
ome plane. Be w]as Int seros nditon, and att n- mer's 1thIfght ^out
.scous. latest reports.
LweI-known Amdrican sales elerk from theb t-
sadorfP'rt Nmcbange was recovering fromIa s7the
nature and deep ha lasceratlohs she Aei w '; d,, --
-unknown amilant struck her on the head wit a us a ('S c f .
me of l ad ow wl she was working In her Sar- W as. ., SI
n In Juan DiML : w i. -i '. n.he "a.
he ld-timer Mary Zaiby. a widow who lives a
m.was fou the next morning by a passing neigh-
r. Five Utehtes were taken In the back of ler nesk,
d she suffered the hipinjury w en she fe -
'anamA secret police were Invdtigatlng the ee"
leh also Involved burglary. Mrs. lasby's house .
n sacked.
In (Caabl ess Coeuts... & dnrak driving harge "
was lodged alast W r Srt, how fud
or trvng escape arresting officer
mWad et In the attempt-... For steMbebg a bot-
m n '
--.A nale~ni .


'I *1'

- '. .



e waord of
gO eplay-

the physical
nable Moore.
lOZing Cohi-
d the champ
6 doctor dl-

me P Fllmer Monday.
e& out a one-aidel
i and handed Oen
career. It was FluB.
of service. The Utah
.tip and forced
.o-e. A left
ft t Z on

.'me up,wlth a

eadm s

"bniG -.

S." 7 .- ".

,to s-
-S^^ ', *5

, ,- .


I1~E ~ K ~S.. WI

- r I-


~- ;.-.4~

p ~-I. 4- .:~ -



1iiii.1~~ 1hi ft1
A(I.imiE~1i~I~m* ~4. ~
_I,__ ii __~~ ii,
_FIT it_ LI ii~

1, *-

1- 71 .

I.'4 .1_-

- '.-4'A

-"' -" -"- t

*; i

'eni r ~ ~ c I I Ipd Y -,rM t ""6 I~r 9 i 3 "1~ I

'- obe ,
-, nto ia *

-1 4- *.

wa S ""Oe .h de h ,in.ris

, w- fib .. w pis Mi ."
0 .. -- L
IF '-* .-F w. : wow. w ..- .. 0 .*,*** **'

.,'. I.


.-A I- ot I L -
W 75 ,l ." 83. *

S-* -- ----

.* .. -. 9 1 124
12 179
.o. 2.+ 1-

2-1 12.9. .


'.et, .

t '

'* US-piad


. 67--Ogapete

6,98 li4ke
, wife

60-Ait of


e T6-*lti
TT-Am e








11 -'11 i


125-L* t



vw. ,nc

14--- ttn c
. hold

38-A natMer
34-Large .

of flral
S orgspin

uw nal.


.. safie
in .
.. t~nns
58- -Maet.

efto -
65.-f -ran
Of coal
at -
83-A leaven

U -Ia04

m Mubstanc
in plant

- fever
S'1I-A el e
4 ort.)
by beer
a ce fot
* suddenly

S name

-I ..._.

.,Best In F s

*44*,--- ", '..4 ,".
-. .,,..,-*+., ,-
A. .4'".4
Kim ,, ..: :.. ..- '- ..

..: .+-. ;.' _, "A -W' W


,~ ~ir4:.<.

- ~.i


7 -Alp
t J" "-. -


444 4


Sam '
--4. ~ 4.~.


I -r -- --. --,-- --- -

k -"' k', ,,
^,': -:




. 4.

/ ;



0 H imIi. P, a. 4. PANaMA. orF P.
Tjal4rk PAWAMA *&" N 40 45 LINKSI
7- Mi.ttAoem- BM w PANAM ..
CoLop orncat 12.t7* ofrn*mt. An, A K IatwnM a.12T nA st ttfe
s49I-AD IS Awv. N-wvYwi,. 41> 0. V, .'
.. GCesL iv *As
PaU MOMTS. M VYA *8 1o70 2,4
Porn six MORNfu. It xpVasrrM '* B9. jw-


/ J

, j j t 4.,, .4 ,' .-, ,,> ,., 4. I

.HIS IS SPRING?-The weatherman played a nasty trick on
tour-year-old Jean Whitehouse of Minneapolis, Minn.. A little
girl expects a Io1 on the Orst day of spring, but not Anow, and
that's why Jean f sitting qo dejectedly on the steps of her bMe.


I: ,


WQ 4j


5? ./'
*^r *

I MAJOR WAS THERE-Preminent in the activities at the Na-
tional -Orange Show at San Bernardino Calif., was Major Hoople
Sand his wfe. They were fAgures o one of the floats. Theme
this year was "Favorlie Funnies."

4 1.

~ .- -
,c I,..ns

_ .'J,:.".,,.-..,.,,
- A, .. ,' .




y ,* :-*

f. I




WASHINGTON Two revesang
(vents have. taken place beina
the scenes at the White House
which throw .4mgt ghb on e
Irespdent's parent 'tod future I
1. Sbherman. Adtais, the io-J
Llooded little Yaokes -who-sits at
Like's right hand as assistant ifsbsi-
cent, has amergedas pecoad Aoasta
owerus iman mi America. This isi
eause Ike is away a lot and'
itgieat. e U .larity AA lot. Adams
is such a- quiet operator the public

ess. Real re

las beag ligtet h ip, yet he os rtil tory o Hare Stasseni I he's ahaent, they aren't dwtM n-
rejtaeed New York.; ex-governor cos Uc4 phave, toot .
loe Dewey as the power behind free Bis 1 wnm eifl pS -
The President. : pects in eas decided t to Sen. Olin Johnston e South Cr-
S. run again. Sstavessl t be known o)ina had some potent things to
2. oreign aid boss Harold .Sas- that he would make a good canj- ay about probing the Republican
se.n was almost hired instead of' didate tg succeed Ike. numbers racket on security risks.
Sappeinltd secretary .of peace-1 When word this got back to But aftce Congress opened, he ap-
ifr speaking ut of turn snout his I e Presldent -he became so fen-'pmted his coleague, ex-Sea. Guy
own presidential ambitions. Presi- P that be fired Sls u thCllette of Iowa, as counsel ofoan
dent tiscahower was so provoked spot whi deiai de, however, 'investigating committee. An tboe-
ie acted tkei a mar wno atienjedi'Alny med Ike aot it befe at public servant .-tt .a ri
lu run and wanted no rival nudg- I the.ff. became effective. W sl de makes no- "nd M wi
.-'c his elbow. l. he ooi down, he. apponte4 e-s. aso law practice to MuB upa a nest-
Here are tne backstage details: .er. to be a spe -al secretary of egg whiln the R t t, Gllette
wnen ta iti.. cr i rihi..a intoDeace instead. was bnrke when ir Onished the
the White House, Tom Dewey's November campaign. : 'e desekvd
-'ghost move inm wita nam. or u..e BUMOCRATIC- VACU tM 1i job. Defeated ,Kepbilean con-
irst tw. yeait, Dewey's men don-1 feasmica, of course, were given
stated tue. Wite Hause. mosn m-j ShorI-) betont the.geth Cohgress'jrbs by Ike. However, Gillette is
tluenutal was Tofr. Stephens, the convene last January you heard a Democrat.
aI, ponrtment secretary, wno a lot cf Democratic talk about
1rked at tae President's elbow what wouMd happen when that par- So kindly Olin Johnstn, eim-
. and decided who got past the r.- tv took the helm. Among other crat, gave him a job probing seeu-
ier )ortal. Anoer influential things, e Dixona-Yates powr coreo- risks. GilUette would a. oex.
Lewey man was Press Seeretary .aet was going to be tWoroughly, T ast r pr, l5mnm problems,
Jm Haety -wao guides the Pres- 'nv igated- a- e. h-t s ascu r rt amre a cew held
iuent a pubuc rOeauons. vae. to. be a jenetraUtI-probe of tr i A weter, maybe
S.. y, at GOP h ofe h get there la. th dad.
Tip-of that the Dewey iuluence so-caled security jiskg. .-A
A.* Aeshlau was Steihens un, Since e xactly three amaths WAUGH ON FIPEUNK
.xpeitesu rergemwti.. It was f hive' passed sad the aet result is
erally tAsumed Stephens wanted' e large and silent re. ..... T 6- Sam tu ditmer
to go sack to his law rm and jThe DIxon- Yates kvegutobi 1is has re sehd Beok-i
share in its Rw-found prosperity. ILas run up a dead-esd street Itr b- Aht eiR'
'.ver since tepheus' rose to mte ug thRe nubiHean cetrCMO WiBard lieto g Wah M
White-Hoe e,. hi toratwr law firani a GOO aseOaor a1 oAMty. B G Wet
)a- beew" *Aljaqo nsperecs. .-e, Daeb" 'n.etBaer i*A .b l

Ins*l4e rt, ewever, Ik that jst tia

.btam p ~a lb uo t all. Wb'm easiN -

-eema. 'am
.:psewas teen

O-_a CJ'
ps "te..?



.k%. IM

T h. .--j \" .W .. ...... ... .. .. ..R .

Te Wash n -G Rounmd-
.,-------^-My ,y ,',, ,o

.An .. A

b trac i V61 T or ar-
S' A -A t. of t tadards by'sti. v. proceed very d
I ... the .- ;af thing, w,,t. pretty well cae me* o al Labor
Ai "hirbp, ,-- 74 a*t m.e, -. st the man in -ekarp of t Rclatn. An .xamir
SJapan, try e not m evacuation ram ot gas on the ofr d i-
d. aand ta ,or any o the t Street k bridge over t ahe Ti w-Lea ro a .t
,' to violent ape, e wtiabor cary M (verimentt lopa. of e to otgan
Dlt okfd~leverelto v i'olen e. A-, .mat..Altre A Ooh. w.
S : opulsive every. 9 msay first Whh the Mret t. Thee's a new rule now. "Al- d bargat coletively sould be
Y" .; seU ...11 : A=eraiaa te er e wii the ePr- P, ye b ue your. gas ank i uphnwenever such *ati UM
.. Di^Dev el+U, ti ATL's rpire. Oh!e s." eQul, .cV ia'- r .mie r d his .calMset, Mr. Dulles M." .n sult oftir w free choice." ,
maqtasaive in Tokyo, has Judt P rt. Wart- m, cmer,- sent hbe ad come to. et better U Departy mt ef Agricultare At the .w he ouse ew Pho
S seri Fe the aew dra to U. Us ae- 4ther a leUI, plgiag a P uald .and rehage view ex y p ately that Con- grapes' annual diner in Was e
torn as *"one.of the-u ma blrnibe isot i tnt g iot Ar oA ., Premier smiled ad sd Os u rushebev's new e gto, D aemerat i peaker of the
S weapons used by .ommunist la -- noting. His ministers and a plat to put the Russian farm House SeaU aybgr made a ptin
the ar ...asw." Devera flew ia Lonely hearts -note. A fellw were seated around b. him i RBa- coBmy on a corn-nog baaia, like of getting from his meat at the
specuiay from Tokyo to tetfy be. 1v nan.e ordlfvy e Mtmuaow, Mar. Wise dreu nd sandals. Only the America's, is a lot of malarkey. raised Ja table and moving a
S fore -the Internal Security sub.I 'r-wre, ow is in toe. oer! Premier wore western style shoes First requisite for such a farm few places-o the right to whisper
committee. "orueetiuonal tasumuion atsLaxna,aiad loud socks. Forq fuU minute It a considerable surplus of something in the ear of Repubui
'itex., just outalce J reiaso,.a t mn d a half, the Burmee and Amer. cor r, over. and a above all can Presldhnt DWight D. Eisen-
Thin latest horror drug is an notcer and unvisited. He ls not gd groups sat in ailance s requirements for human e o n- shower. 'The President was ob
-- ephedrine hydrochloride comrn-'yet beenasslgaea any parucuir starred at each other. Though the pwnp in. Russia still doesn't raise served to laggh'heartily. All thil
pbund phich comes out of Sovie*.Prismo -duty. cutside temperature was tropical, enoughh corn to feed her people. vias in full view of the nearly 750
xed Chita via North Korea-sald- the othefal Burmese comdess, wai Therefore, no surplus hogs, since diners in the big Statler hotel baa
as debilitating tens of thousands of TWere i st l a threat of pickets .mbarrassinsly obvious, they don't fatten well on propagan- quet room.
young workers, and possibly sol. in aron1 7 010 e 0 ,oo niluu..oa. aa.a Then Secrctary Dules broke the da slo... This -little Incident was ia
S- iers, on whom we'll have to count'Looea sxili, ticket-takers, ana ush- Ice again, and the talks went on. if tne Russians do send dirt marked contrast to what had hap-
as all es should fighting Wtare in e1s, :reporal tat it nas no nad I There were two more conferences, farmers or students from agricul- rened' at a previous newsmen's
the Orient say counter-oofer wrom tne how both most cordial and frank. In tural colleges to America to study diner, where ihe President and
r xuk tiafmli ari is rea,,oat. k.-ge the erd Premier U Nu came to U. S. methods, this should be the the Speaker had virtually ignored
Deverall flew around the world slong with last year s wages. 'rs the airport to see the Secretary first thing they will have to learn., each other, causing some talk ad
at the request of the Senate and coumu teiay we upenmug on me ,u- and his staff depart. I .--rowing coolness between the two
at the suggestion of U.S. narcotics 'ional League season tor mue w-prid- You've read everything when ullmcials. Publicly, they had traded
chief Harry Anslinger. This is liv- cnamps. auc union reoui xs n sass One key official in the Depart-, ou read that the U. S. Chamber a couple of. sharp .criticisms of
inm evidence that the U.S. is vir-. ne supDort o0 all Ak L neip In tne went of Commerce test on evacu- of Commerce has now taken the each other's tax policies.
tually the only country fighting bail p.ris. alion for a simulated atomic bomb Teamsters Union to task for re- What Speaker Rayburn said to
and' exsoing the corrosive boviet- --attack came out of the exercise fusing to bargain with its em- President Eisenhower at the photo-
narcotics iahutration. weapon 'top AL leaders will meet soon with a very red face. The idea ployes' labor union. grdphers' dinner, to cause the
We had hoped to be able to use to ctie on me unal ve'raun Vas that all Commerce employ es The uioubl. began out In Port- friendly laughter was to the effect
the U.N. Narcotics Division to fur. -1 the constitution itey will pro. wouldd be given a one-hour a4vanhe, land, Ore., where the employes of of. "This will show you there's no
their publicize this meance-but.r se zor tie nfe-ged ArL-Llu uut- 'lert warning. They would then lt the Teamsters union, all office hard feelings between us."
pow the UN, over U.S. protests, is1it Tney will decide also or, con---
moving the division to Geneva, vcnlaon date ana site, so te 1 U ,
Switzerland, where it will languish can hold its .parley at the same I
in. musty iles. time. Wen Ductn eeranons cn o
I adjourn their sessions arid walk
S This column was the first tot a coman meng naU tol I I
e. xpose the maneuverings whci- launch the world's largest %oali- .
," ed in U.N. Secretary-Gener- lt'o oi 1.e0 tt\..e unioiiu. 'rLoLn..y -" -- -
S Hrilte N kjoti s vto a.en .n md-3 tolbsr..n New s BROADWAY NEWS WHO ,am faded what does this mak the poll turns out Address: Run.
we're backed by protests^. fa you" Child, it is a term used )on Fund (Box 71) Grand Cen-
Sw. hatorp Frederick Payne of Mnin, Meanwhile, George Meany and Garbo on the wing of Baron'u. oice-amoo.. Wonen a person bets tal Station, N. Y. 17, N.Y.. .
ad Thomas Kuchel of Califoe a. ai er 4euuikr Lm., ass~. Ar A Laie von Kothschild. sashay'd to'ou won't make your point, he Deadline is midnight (Monday)
There is loud enough noise,' w nd 'lO unions not to raerge wijh nier 'House it lowers' atse-sea, fades" you. The Maha-n ah a, 1 april 18th .Winser of the 1st
SHan keep the UN from burWie'each 63er ur tae wcoins taJes unrecognized at The Alvin through meant to report, was betting he'd Frize (a 1955 Cadillac) announced
ia Narcotcs Division and 'place topside cut the bordellopera. .Lark Li make his. .To EVvybod If we April 24th. .Other prizes: A $1200
mal it. instead a wr.pon aginat' -- Pons and Night uwt Jimmy ona-: meet -ask me to recite the latest Philips TV Console ..A monthly
S t.,e Soviet efforts to -ll of the hue (the Duness' ex-chum) table- nursery rhyme. supply of stockings for five lucky
Brains they can't reacL for wah-1 Harry Bridger won't deny, will u4wo'd in Greenwich Vinage at -- owners (for 10 years) from thu
K. B. # .",W
.-' S in the Orient. ". bec-tat ,one o^ u e top West 'Coast Lot. P er. Broadwayites have Three Eisters Stores. .A ward-
-. -Co u Communast functionaries ad.'rvived the (long-ago) rumors Madga Gabor's former husband robe from Lucinda of California
re s sed a grup of Paeftic Coast abota Dort S char y (shelving leads a lonely life at a midtown. .One wee aIn N.Y. (at the Mar-
L'On of Wiltr Reuther's c.sest LTngshoremer.'s Uniof leer on MG. with arthur Loew inheri- oitel. Devotes hours. sitting in the, N'ue hotel or other hotels owned
po olit cal allies already has Alar. 18. The commissar said thatS lg throne. Coasters report lobby mirdlns his own business. .bythe management) plus seats to
S zaun ee e drive to jacklr un "Thday of the independent (Com- I Lan a ex-husbadd (Steve rane) Phil King, who was In ".Okla-everal Broadway shows. .On .
S. ema- .et isurae payetsiiunt) unarion is over" s ad after is her steady-date, and that she homa,' now is a dance tutor at week as guest (with one wife or .
l*,.turu will help the cam' long harangue he t Ba tornay sees her ircedom from Lex ihe Dale Studios. .. Chet Whfi-kin) at The Desert Inn, Las Ve-
pasgaM '.r the uaranteed annual t 'r ta the newly merged AFL- arker in the Virgin lsl Hertorn has been u'd to associate gas (via TWA).
ale.lic as ot-lo nnen't.- as soon as psile daughter Cheryl ( t as sow an td at Tempo mag. .Previewers--
--4 c,.oapy) Williampa i s n t' i nch higher than her glamorous report -Betty Grable's imitation of
slbef hi se hi The way the comnmissar ut i mother. *The late Be-op ting Marilyn (in "'3 For The Ahaow"I Gladys Shelley, whose torchant
*.. l.I_ t el ,t "bee back ito tes mam I- arles Parher left 4nly a policyJas comical. .(Jane Ke-n's o4f- -How 1id Hr Look?" will remain
Uwe 14 hike jobless. %a. pm ~ a 'labo ue you. ,00. Nobody trusia "v aage mimiry of MM is devas- a s ag-orest, has anewy called
us .o. .o $ a week for, re to survive. Bridges plans to,,t-cit it. A' recoaling thripr .. .1,ens a on, of Ray ,,e's ,,.."W iere's Des ,.. is.amoc. the
n o0 r "u ..-s lmam Is amen m mo
S unot-voy tor ker s supotake 4a Isj at DtC "-cof the midtown health s 1ots MareyT" and a. o&r- 'Wi s be t ther good one is r
ng o. r Ma depeedats .... tb we.t-Iclung the f ac t ruw so awe greeap borsect, toe moeet Liberty"-(a few seasons ao, I (o thern Music 1o4 Rd.
S Governor a m pw e w o res en are o up. For the envios, no doubt. lays a waltr (a bit) in we1f a says we 've bees *it-
Swou a -t l oiams proim to the mTeamsters ua f1. ia lt thha t cIrctus.ry." What a waste of talent. arsor the break". .Famed
&I would maoentt tm. old. tub-hump in, leaflets, -- flea said $0 Marilyn MI Deborah Ker', who was sosre M's *il reopn at Water Mill.
Awoen f di Defense Commitees, e. :i she prettified #t'1 --i "-f'rity wigglen Of' with t in May ..Howcwm no Scuts-

n ong or how little e sy workBed: Bi idge previous der atlon trials wer a t de.l'" myaBa lar n a w Ehe Laso uea rlt
uthera guaranteed Annual the comrades. -' IF -_as
pla wound, the compn is w det ",as buzzes about the.kin of wood: chip on the shoul wheal had quite a meing. You
nue *Apay wags clash between the stasa" Cast der." can imagine which wound up -with
or another" 13 weeks. m it .r June-an. Bridges is e hed- .ho remind syou of the younger bas sw hd to blond The Blue
52 in all ff.the unemployed work- tiled by his tovarischi to fade Garbo Reck---age citWi-es meow .tw Blue
.aJ hld Jobs n tlhe plantsiWay. se Trast Gloria Comrade tt -she a as otp Sl Tom Moore and brother Ma t fu pearl Bailey who started
i two years o p .- emoally wel.te i Mussian Prs Mioore were oilent-ilm stars. Tom there( tialght. Every "na me" in
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Sle No 573, pubibnsed today. 1 nuy saly fram taly In the Miss twmwdo tepsrer, "t want to thank caed? First-o-Mas .Ted Gran- o
A Sun .. Universe Beauty oitiest friends and the friends of my ik'- law ona Sylvan Marshal
SAM wer for Sunday. Fe 27. A yptquLBO COULD Stasnt of Bediort Hiis, N.Y.) -I tidjd .brother Iom Moore for their(a isis b if will be imaged iM
SITH O IGHBOA ORK A TALL1T0Y MAKM "her husband ihad a baby boy at woMderful kinduess and remdm- July. Marcia He adersem, a
OUR OLfLEGE BASE TBAL TEAM OUT- ilame a Opera Pia Hospital. (ltil- brauoes. I also want to. Sa rgiv dreamy boo, is 'inatra's real n-
SSTAJDING? .u) .'ilenq Millers these who- filed to remember" ona, they say. Marcia's fee-
Wt. ,.Wmfze IPerry l.bmo's guest sa ,The newest garlic product ustred est the Petah Lawford tv
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Doms Day stars. ._.. P.. e rato. Ratesr's (at 2.d -The Sea Choae' is row. a Iav
calls theN Suies "Cafairy ca i hn opens its now spot In MOa- Lrd" learnta g. Lava!
-At Ill tud.) [bowfolks frorqld.
Ben MEW.e novel, OCntn BMa- town feast there until 4 a -o -
(wAttes hr i2) has swkm. Life cover girl 'Joe-
ten.e ..a eiir's .1(",s. Jane I. -

b cae ,' Over when-every girl a .'ps

I- &- ;- 1.p .. tI .k


I I-- -- I IC~

..~. ~

- -

The artist who didthe pen and ink sketches on thip page and on the front cover was Alberto Pallets Varasi an Eouadorean who lived la
Panama for many years.'He paignted and sketched his way through several Latin American countries. For a-period Pallets Varas was employ.
ed by the Foreign Ministry in PanamLa
As an artist-ldustrator for the United States Air Forces during Wo rid War II, .Pallete Varas was officially commended for his visual prie*
Rtatrns& for the. Six Air Force. He also did many origk~al posters for t he War Bond drives at that time. One of his posters could not be -used
c ause he drew facsimile of. a War Bond so exactly, that folks thou ght it was against the lawK to use it.
Pallete Varas had only one.failing all his figures looked Spanls h. When .he drew. a figure of Uncoe Sam on a War Bond poster, it loo.s
4... J ii ncl e qame from Bajio or Chepo and Mpoke only Spanish These sketches in today's Supplement were originally .drawn. on ap
... t f a fello employs at .Panama Air Depot and are reproduc ed -here through the courtesy a. Mrs. .Trutman -Hoerke who wnims th
'. reprictibn Hights. .. .
S. his color.-irk,. Pallete Varas was at his best. His mango trees bore fru good enough to eat. .His sketches of a palm .tree wit# qiol.
us selorita beneath it wbuld have brqugflt thousands of tourists to Pa nalm, if properly exploited.
.Hispresentations here of two aspect" of rural Panam& indicate the true-to-life quality of his work, and the intricate detail 1'r every skl*




S~T ~Jh
-~ -*~

*- j-

4i '*<*

* I.

* ~1


,."-,,lt IZI




.1' at


t 4'1


^^^^^^ K**. .

* 2
* *. ^

,'.a,7." ,. ; .. .'. .-; *'. .. ... p ..,, .-
AY wn permRa s s au size is enter the dock rea,r-,n4.dredging would be prohibitive in cost. Only fishing trawlers
0afe )ps, tJaas shown above.

Largest Maritime


S Ples and Text ate than ar identical ship un- Panama started to gain died mortgages on hlps, etc. be classified by the Americ sa
y RALPH K. EKDINNR der United State registry. worldwide registrations of ship- Then, too, Panama gains con- Bureau of Shipping, Lloyds ot
For- relghters t -is mig hIt .ping when the Neutrality Act of siderable prestige rom. t h a' Bureau Veritas, according to
Under Paname's red, white mean SI,M a year and foer World War I Prohibited the un- fourth-largest maritime fleet. I regulatls.
and blue flag are regit er ed lager ships up to a quarter of 'restricted movement of Ameri- Panama not only specializes' The requirements of these.
Ime 00 ships calling 4560- a million dollars, it is report- can-flag ships. Some trans fe r- In ship registration but also in great classification age n c I es
00 tonms. hee combine to ed. red to the Panama flag to have Incorporation of shipping comn-, would appear to guarantee that
make. Panama the fourth most Wages Is where the savia ng access to the seven aeas. About panies. Again this can be done Panama flag ships meeti stan-
Important maritime nation in occur. Panama's labor laws, le- Wtankers were reported traps- on an absentee basis wi the thdard requirements of safety
te world. Despite p"e e"act that, Vent in comparison with some fered to the Panama flag by conferring of a power of atto- and equipment.
* an t Wens_ oaw al- other. countries, ell out mini- one United States company. ney on a local lawyer. If siUps are going to teans-
S "most o sible ships. mum standards of pa. I Ships, from 3 different The same lawyer can also act for somewhere from under .
Panama's supremacy in parl- Under Panama law, the cap- eenutles ave registered in- as resident manager for the the United States flag, Amer-
time i on places her un- tain .of a ship- and each mem-4 der the Pausm flag. And.all company while, the real man- leans should be glad that it I
der the United States Gre a t ber. of the crew enter I nto a Panama's registered tonnage agement and all the stockhuldt- to Pan$=m. The reason Is a
itatn and loway but she covepat regardi salary. S r- Is ptvately-eow e tonageas ers remain in Asia, Europe or Htle aewwn understandingin'
topqsall tee eir nations of the tpg and fringis a e wl of atagaLst the naal or govern.- Africa as the case may be. said to exist between Vasamis
SWord in to age. te apta Wages, as rulde, a meat-owned dbippng of may ''1e0ne times In Paama and the United States.
are less. than .on an American s tries. are newsworthy because they It is that United States ships.
Wy g in e p. Re tn ._under the Pana- are se low. Less than a.' per- registered under the Pan am sa
'is66 p.1iT a msa ple .anama does not recogn z e ma ag can be accomplish ed sent even ocean inaloe over ag may be returned Immedi- -
Iansw. Panama registration "toregin" labor unions. And, without coming to Panama. Ma- a mUllo annually. I ate to United States registry
OHff lgai for Panama, and there are not enough Panama- ny ships under this ag h a ve And one further incentive Is if an emergency requires it.
eva mee s a far the hip ian M union members aboard the never been to the Isthumus of offered. Taxes are due only on. There is no treaty and no.,
opetors, ships to make any ifferen e. Pananaa. It is done through Pa-' business handled In-Panama, written agreement on this. But
a ship nder the o there s actually no n lon namanlan cnsula through out Cmpla4fits are some tIi mes that such an "understanding"
Mf calls for an Inl- control on abips under the Pa- the world. beard that Panama ships are t in effect was confirmed to.
tl per ton and an nma flg. subsotadard safety and oper- the writer recently by a repre-
SZ0 cents per ton. Another aing to ship own- With a national budget of a- tilng requireesntp. This 'vPuld sen$atlve of the Panama Gov -
e togis- gm is In epir arges. United bQout $42 illo, the casual In- appear as 0rif we enaidg r eIpaent connected with mirl-.
P Pans- tates registered, ships ust come of $ owhiht te that A Pana nag: aips mgst ime registration.
ma oRt Sgaranteeshavb repairs made in U L maritime registration's sat-
this10 yearly tax or a siwards unlesq an emr- ate to bring anto the ov"etl-
p r Iniths gey er e -n-,duty must le Ment0ffm Is welkan
reistra price can't gp paid en the of the -re- And aM lic. a wein
-up. pairs.. ae m apa ~rtom he rregIa-
T'here JAs lo such restriution en ntatim d U. any I- 4 -
This bfrtin Smoney for Ph- -Pa auet ships and_ hey caan *itI ..mlyb n,. ma
aop .arwd for low loat repairM ab i of sr-
warday-to-day peratthm ; n salign companies
thes g un"er aanama oegnid .aIt does oet a v 6 r.Y
ththe .hefta-wn- -mp-_ SI

thea t ne_ .oft .e, lo. ,the .t i -
ON 0 ia*.er an du n Banks and other
ft. .r to fall the m. lents infrom Ends h- n-


rs Cit hsv* ip wfr'
:~~~4~ #'-. .. ;. -,'


".- ,4, .. y :
e A6ijt rp ft
5 lot 1nuo,. "" O
wr N"*1Im ;"- **^ '^ '. -. .-:" ,:+. .l. -. B
,:+.&. ._.-. ,'' ",. --. ,_* ...; ,; .,,

World's Fourth




~-4. ; r~!
-~ A

------4r--I r I~l~e ~~rllllarru

h. ~

1 .1
i 1~'
~ :.j ;.


I. 4~






(See page 7 r stwy)


f- .'

--r. .*~ny~lr~lrp?~F)~GFs~gl~~

t.. I
'. ~ti,
,. -;. IU

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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd