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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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\\ ivtovs. ..


pan o hn murrainc

"Let the people knoio the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.




&iMm7 SWat


Bathing Beauties To Baking Beauties

WMrs. Anrrica' Contest

.+0-'ir-- -+.: ** ... ,, -, ---
4 .; ;" "" "'*- r ...
E 'YOM April 4 (UP) an reply. I'm justia housewife'
Houedresses will replace bikinis when asked her occupation?" a
at the annual "Mrs. America" contest official asked. "Well, we
contest this year. are out to make women proud of
Fot the first time in the his- being housewives and we want
tory of beauty contests, there a winner who can carry our
won't be a bathing suit parade. message to the rest of the world.
Swimming apparel will be "It's really more of a home-
worn for swimming only-and making than a beauty contest,
when the judges are looking the although we must emphasize
other way. that a person who is a good
"We don't care if tfie girls are homemaker will know how to
knock-kneed or bow-legged, as keep herself trim and attractive
long as they can cook," a con- through a knowledge of nutri-
test official said. tion and personal hygiene."
"They can even wear falsies, The "Mrs. America" contest
if they think they look better was strictly a bathing beauty
that way. They can hide any- classic when it started at Pall-
thing they want." sades Park, N.J., 17 years ago.
More than 40,000 housewives Later it moved to Asbury Park,
from 21 to 90 have entered the N.J., where contestants com-
17th annual "Mrs. America" blned bathing beauty and kitch-
contest, to be held at Ellinor en comliness.
Village, Fla., from May 9 to 15.
Their-average age is between 35 Last year, under American
and 40, as compared with a rel- Gas Assn. sponsorship, the con-
atlvely tender 25 in previous test was held at Ellinor Village,
years. where each state winner lived
Only 49 of the women vying with her family in a separate
*wtnamops, needles and egg beat- cottage and kept house practi-
ers will land In the Florida ft- call under the judges' noses.
nals, however. The winners from The finalists had to model
the 48 states and the District of bathing suits as well as aprons
Columbia are being chosen in -but this time the Gas Associa-
local contests at which they are tion has ruled there won't be
demonstrating their skills at any leg displays at all.
sewing. cooking and keeping There is one other major
house. change in the contest this
The queen of the housemak- year. Husbands, are welcome
era will receive $25,000 in prizes, but the children will have to
including complete equipment stay at home.
for a kitchen and laundry and a "Womin can cook and sew bet-
fOur-week trip to Europe with ter without the kids around,"
her husband the contest spokesman said.
Contest officials said the move 'Besides, it isn't fair when one
fror bathing beauties to baking contestant is tripping over a
beauties was inspired by a "Mrs. houseful of children and others
LAniica Homemakers Council" have no kids to get in their
cat aign to boost the morale of hair."
the nard-working housewife.
"Have you ever heard a worn- N ara e Ice

Wounded Seaman Jam Cleared Up
SOff Ecudor By Warm Weather
~J HM WWau g a.

r*I weH fare

4 (UP The giant cork in the

Willlam Peck, wounded Amer- fast-disa paring Niagara River
Ican crewmember of the ArCtic ice Jam broke loose last night,
M4d. whcbh was A rupon off practically ending the possibility
tht Eeuaddrean oaat, was still of any further Riverside proper-
iBOo rgas fpil tody while ty damage.
unEergoing treatnMnt for his leg
shatter bullet, from an Thousands of sightseers were
Eeadoreanptrol launch, on hand as a giant section of
n of the 42-year- ce, about one-half mile long and
old chief engineer Is co isidred 200 feet wide, broke out of the
to be good, and hospital author- middle of the pack oft Youngs-
ities. report he s "getting along town in the lower r4i er and
finp." floated out into Lake Ontario.
PekX arrived here by p I a n e The fast-flowing. current and
TUurSay night, after *he was warm weatherr ftaI :accom-
evc fre m a hospiAl in Dished wi dynamite beating
o.aU. A dctor there sa d had failed do.
U ry may kwep him
frqm alk ng the next four On both. a.&d es of the mid-
iqnl ... ; stream lhamnl huge ice forpa-
Pc the Stat tons I Ued for miesup-
Sin- stream o ngs
t let Cliesa area where close to $l.Ao0
the Ecu rean s of damage wa amused by thoe la
Smd, BBat the o ams fat Meithu tMn-
de 1- 9.f c a Owaft
.' .. 1 .- 4 :." -
++. ++; ; ": :+.. ... "^;. ;uL+ +

The more than two feet of
snow reported here had fallen
since 3 a.m. Sunday and was
continuing at mid-morning to-
day. Highway crews fought to
keep the roads clear but their
battle was hopeless (for the time
being except on the fringe of the
storm area,
Winds up to 60 miles an hour
made travel by almost any
mom *._tta _erian area .'-

The two miotomint5 xjcosted
missing; not immediatelyIdeentl-
fled, were en route from New-
castle in northeastern Wyoming
to Sheridan when they disap-
peared. They had not been heard
from since midnight Saturday.
The Red Cross set up an emer-
gency headquatrers in Sheridan's
downtown section after the
town's hospital was cut off from
the rest of the community. The
hospital is located on the west
edge of the town and was isolat-
ed by drifts and the blizzard.
Hospital authorities reported
by telephone, however, that
everything was all right within
the hospital.

Five Trespassers
Make Balboa Court
Four youthful Panamanian
trespassers were each fined $5
this morning in the Balboa
Magistrate's Court and a fifth
was given a suspended sentence.
The defendants, Daniel A. Ri-
quelme, 17, Jacinto Garrido, Jr.
and Jose M. Cedefio, both 18
years old and Eloy G. Medrano,
22, were fined $5 each. Donaldo
A. Ellis, 19, was given a suspend-
ed sentence and placed on one
year probation. *
All were apprehended in the
Tivoli Commissary.

Church ills

Safe Flying I-

From Albrook

Wins Award

The 5700th Air Base Group,
Albrook Air Force Base received
the annual Air Force flying
safety award this afternoon at
Beam Stadium.
Members of all assigned units
of the 5700th Air Base Group
stood at attention and passed in
review following the presenta-
tion of the plaque by Maj. Gen.
Reuben C. Hood Jr., command-
ing general of the Caribbean Air
Command. Col. John W. Ober-
dorf, commander of the 5700th
Air Base Group received the a-
ward on behalf of the entire or-
The tSAF flying safety award
repr ents 24,075 hours of safe
flyini-qr the 5700th Group.
This Is equal to '4,453,875 nauti-
cal miles of flying or approxi-
mately 180 times around the
earth In a 2% year period.
According to Capt. Clarence
Schauberger, flying safety offi-
cer at Albrook, there are many
things necessary for the achieve-
ment of an outstanding flight
safety record.
Schauberger s t a t e that
probably the main ingredients
of sale flying are the under-
standing and cooperation of
*ery person in the unit who
I vofsably affect that rov-

Each must first. Tnterstand
fully what is expected of him;
how he can contribute to flight
safety, then he must work
wholeheartedly toward accom-
plishing his part of the job.
In commenting on receipt of
the award at the ceremony 0-
berdorf, A l b r o o k commander
said, "It is an honor for me to
receive this highest Air For -
flying safety award for the o"
cers and men of the 5700th '
Base Group, and in addition t.
those officers assigned to other
organizations but attached to
my command for flying pur-
"The mission of the Air Force
stated briefly is to fly safely the
best built,,the best equipped and
the best maintained aircraft in
the world. I am happy that we
have contributed to this mission
to this extent. It is our duty to
do so."
"It is my earnest prayer that
we will continue in the future
our unblemished contribution to
the mission of the United States
Air Force and the Caribbean Alt


2:33 a.m.
2:53 p.m.

8:42 a.m.l
9:07 p.m.


(NBA Telephoto)
KING AND QUEEN14 OF FILMDOM Grace Kelly receives a kiss
from Marion Brando after they ere named the best actress and
actor of 1954 at the Academy Awards presentation at Hollywood.

AEC Chairman Rejects Talk

Of Injuries During A-Tests

.-4hataan Lewia L.-4rlaus of about -a the' iewopapem.
the Atomie Energy Commission He said hey "never have been
yesterday branded as "Irrespon- reported to the AEC" and "I
sible" any talk that radioactive don't know whether it is so and
fallout from the Nevada atomic don't know any of the circum-
eats has caused human injury. stances."
Fallout from the "Ne vada
tests has brought no injuries to The Defense Department re-
anyone," he said. Strauss also ported the eye injuries after
said he knows nothing about both it and the AEC repeated-
eye damage reported to have ly had denied such reports. In-
been. suffered by at least four formed sources said Saturday
military personnel in 1952 and the AEC was quite angry with
1955 weapons tests. the failure of Defense officials
The ABC chairman said on to report the injuries either to
the NBC-TV program, "Youth it or the House-Senate Atomic
Wants To Know," that the na- Energy Committee.
tion's top experts on the ef-
fects of radiation agree the Strauss also said Americans
Nevada tests have been con- can expect the development of
ducted "well within any dan- atomic reactors for home heat-
ger" zone. He said any fallout ing in the "reasonable future."
would have had no more ef- He made no exact prediction
fect on an individual than an but said it will come as soon as
ordinary chest X-my. atomic energy can be m a d e

Only a minimum amount of
radiation from the tests lin-
gers, he said, and even that is
dispersed over a wide area. He
said it would take 10,000 of the
small Nevada tests to equal the
radiation created by the larger
tests conducted in the Pacific.
' As for the eye Injuries re-

cheap enough to compete with
other forms of electric power.
He said "power demands in
the world are increasing so ra-
pidly that atomic power for
homes will supplement other
forms of power, not replace

ported Friday night by the As for atomic-powered air-
Defense Department, Strauss planes, he said they are "ahead
said they may have been the of us and will be realized, In
fault of the observers. He my opinion."
said all military personnel Asked if the United States
were told not to look at the could defeat Russia in an a-
atomomi fireball without proper tomic war, he said, "I certain-
glasses. ly believe our. country ie invin-
He said the first he heard of cible in any kind of war."


Candy Slippers,

Chocolate Cigar

Retirement Clues,

LONDON, April 4 (UP) A sugar candy slipper
and a chocolate cigar have convinced political forecasters
that today is Sir Winston Churchill's last full day as Prime
Minister of Great Britain.
They regard a sparkling dinner party Churchill is glv.
ing tonight for Queen Elizabeth II at his farewell salute
to the monarchy he has served since Queen Victoria.
The cigar was on the slipper and the slipper was eo
the cake baked for Churchill's wife on her 70th birthday
The fact that the forecasters deduced the bedroom
slipper could only signify approaching leisure for Di
cigar-smoking Prime Minister indicates the horse-playi
aspects of some of the reasoning by which Churchill's hi=
toric resignation has come to be expected tomorrow. i
Nothing official has been said Queen Elizabeth went0 with
even yet. her husband and children to 1
But it is ,irmly and generally quiet religious service at thA
believed in wel-informed quar- royal chapel in Windsor Gr. i
ters that the 80-year-old states- Park yesterday.-,
man will drive to Buckingham Her path and Churchill'5s w
Palace tomorrow evening and draw together tomorrow evhne
hand his resignation to the in a solemn audience she K
Queen. erant him at Buckingham
Hi" expected to. reomma e '
-1pr-o 1 M..-l s mM.. ,I

StAfr A lt SB f rm a new
Co n s e r v a tive government as
prime minister.
Then while Eden girded for an
election, Churchill would go to
Sicily April 12 for the first hol-
iday he has taken In decades
without the weight of political
If Churchill does not resign
tomorrow it will be. thunder-
clap news.
The expectation that he will
quit has grown so universal that
his failure now to do so would
detonate volcanic political re-
Conservatives and Laborites
alike already have started par-
ty campaign machinery mov-
ing to prepare for a quick e-
M.P.'s right up to Eden have
cleared the decks for any fight
at the polls. Eden's recent can-
cellation of a May 31 ergage-
ment with the lamest of excuses
put the political pointer on May
26 as a possible general election
Good news from local elec-
tions put roses along Church-
ill's path from power,.
Mounting returns sh o w e d
Conservatives mowed down La-
bor Party candidate wholesale
in Saturday's council elections
in 11 counties. The Tories did
the same Thursday in the first
20, counties to hold elections.
The Prime Minister quietly
spent what may be his last week
end at "Chequers," his country
estate outside London.

East German Officia Spurns West's test Against 'Pocketbo Blocka
East German Official Spurns West's Protest Against 'Pocketbook Blockade'

BERLIN, April 4 (UP) East
Germany deputy premier Otto
Nuschke tody rejected a West-
ern allied protest against the
Communists "pocketbook block-
ade" aimed at vital truck ship-
ments into West Berlin.
Nuschke. in the first official
Eastern reaction to Friday's note
to the Soviets from the Western
allied high commissioners, told

them to stop "meddling" in Ger- to the wrong address' because
man affairs. East Germany is sovereign.
Nuschke's statement, in the
The U.S., Britain and French absence of an official reply by
high commissioners demanded a Soviet high commissioner G. M.
stop the "politically inspired" Pushkin, was taken by Wes*rn
and "exorbitant" taxes imposed officials to mean that there/was
on Western truck traffic, no chance the Soviets *buld
heed the Western requ est to
Nuschke wrote in the East Ber- bring about abolition of the new
lin newspaper ::Neue Zeit" that tolls.
the Western protest was "sent
In addition to the sovereignty
.' a s argument, Nuschke said Western
"* trucks on the Berlin run were
S. using East German roads and
damaging them and therefore
Ltim would have to pay for their up-
.* '. keep and repair.

Luggerman Fined
: $25 For Stealing
... 133-Cent Avoset

ALLIES PROTEST The Allied High Commissioners have pro-
tested to Russia against a Communist "economic" blockade of
the 110-mile highway (1) connecting isolated West Berlin and
West Germany, shown on above newsmap. The Cmmunist
Sappd te road tai tain an avTerage of fle to 4doUa

Charles S. Mason, a luggerman
who works for the commissary
division, was sitting in the Cris-
t6bal jail this morning after he
was fined $25 on a.petit larceny
charge. The 29-year-old Pana-
manian defendant was found
guilty of stealing the 33-cent
bottle of Avoset from the Mt.
Hope wholesale warehouse.
At press time he hadn't paid
the tine yA

(NEA Telephoto)
READING THE BAD NEWS West German truckers on their
arrival at the Allied checkpoint of the Berlin-West Germany
highway read the news of the heavy tolls imposed on truck
traffic by the Communists. Western Allies have demanded that
the tolls be lifted. France, Britain and the U.S. said in notes
to the S vtie Eigh Commlisasier that the tax was "p~iltcal
t.* ^ -^ ^-

.ignarak cma w recommpuiuwl -
summon Eden to form a govewtw
ment as his successor,.
After retiring as Prime Min-
ister, Churchill is expectfS to
continue to serve as a mern.
ber of Parliament in the
House of Commons, as elder.
statesman still cloaking thM
Tories with his reputation
popularity at election, time.
The Queen is expected to
fer Churchill an earldom or eVIL
a dukedom. But he is expde
to turn it down because pee
can not serve In Commons.

Catholic Congress |

Set For Panama;

To Open April 17
More than 100 delegates from
Latin American countries and
the United States will converge
here April 17 for the Third Inte
national Catholic Congress
Rural Life.
The congress, sponsored by tbh
National Catholic Rural LifI
Conference w last six days u
til April 23, and will take place
at the Maria Inmaculada Co
lege. j
According to the executive
rector, Mons. Luigl 0. Lgtutt
who Just arrived on the Isthma
to take charge of the congress,
the purpose is to "maintain
lively interest in the spiritual
and material betterment of thf
world's underprivileged rural
population, to foster a greater
production and a better dSftrI
bution of agricultural products.
and to encourage the balaacto
of industry with agriculture.
Delegates who are expected
attend will be arriving here frol
Belize/Colombia, Costa Rica, Cu
ba, Dominican Republic, El Sald
vador. Guatemala, Honduras, Ja-
maica, Martiniqui, Puerto RIe

Puerto Rican
Flown To Gorgos
Still Critical
A badly injured seaman
the Grace Line ship an
was still in serious
day at Gorgt Hos li
was vacated yestry
Albroo -I ue plans
IT seam
m a 26-y
n. was Veriowuly
was flown here In
SA-16 amphthLbn
Capt. Carlosu Ia.x.



* -r &, "

.~~ -








= I

" "- *. '. '. r-

THE flUAMEASSubminba

"'m 6 eTR p. o. 0O t, n'o-tA : a ,t '
t... LP9M PANAMA NO. -0740 f l...
1 0 1 CvTRALn AvI Le *lW N ..
NIa N XMkVM NTU TNive, JOgHUA D. PO_ .. 0e 0
45 MAICION Avg. NEW YOnK. 117) N. "

Mail Be X i4e Oe epaorum for reader' dtliq^ A
"received grotefullv and are handled ror %W .

Lets ,ore* pblihed In the oirdr received.
to to keep the letter limited to one page length.
ity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence.
mspewaper assumes no responsibility for statements as
S i letters from reader.


Admiral Carney says World War III is going to beg
11 1; Presidest Eisenhower says he doubts it. Old Sain
a h wjd a like a little clarification. I'd like .t
S*S2 can at( maybe I can because I doubt that he.ha
atS c 'the fdl wing highly confidential. Informattn.
br Carney which I just happened to stumble over wlh
ork detail one afternoon in the South Pacific about 10
Ai ago.
I say confidential because during the war there was ci
p of mail and I may be dumb but I'm not stupid and aft
r omen went back to talking about their operations an
a all had sea stories of their own which they had n)mde"
transports cping back and everybody .knows tlgt thi
hasnt a chance so .where would I have been with a
y such as the following:
Adnlal Carney used to be stationed on a South Pacid
1 that was pretty safe so far as jungle rot, moo-moo, an
tqtti were concerned so that meant that he wasn't aloE
, on that kind of Island you always found lots of Adi
generals and Adjutants and Staff Officers eating very
-i the hog and relaxing quite aways down on the
W te beach, of course, if I may use the word private).
So when Admiral Carney got tired of looking at all the e
enI sitting in, their tents or down paving stateside price
fee and donuts at the Red Cross canteen and when th
i got tired of watching the junior officers playing pa
bikikng *ith some of the older nurses in the regular of
i he just got away-from it all pronto.
IHe had his diver spin him down to the 'docli where
, oice landing craft that the Admiral thought they wo
(tup the line where the Marines were ta ng Islands
t the Nips and he went aboard the landing craft and h
wain who was some farm boy fromeIow I Whose-0
iure her boyv was out there winning the war... the Ad
coxswain to take him over to a little private Isla
where he wouldn't be bothered because over their
r than a chicken colonel or a four striper wao

a rrval Admirai Carney went straight id a little
built with appropriated funds but which the kini
to think of as his very own.
'called Mix Place and you usually just saw the
the younger nurses in the parchesl games out
Carney had such a fine old Irish name that h
ty known as "Mick" Carney. .. .





irZ PANAMA, April 4 There Is
4i4tl a Wall streett adage that it's "al
ways a gooa time to buy good
pep she stoc.s." "lire is coside r aole
leal ot the LOD of the 1929 bull
me that buying the right stock is
More important man ouymg at
lem te right time. If you buy the
ji -zht lock, even at me wror
7. time, }ou should make out all
igni in tne run.
suppose, foi example, you had
bbugnc 10 shares 0o Dow Chem-
ical at the top f the 1929 bull
Market. 'The stoca would have
gin on cost $500 (allowing for subsequent
RaY- stock sphts.) The market value
i help of your investment, after hitting
s had a low of $150 m l32, would li
about $4500 today.
ille on
or 12 On the other .hand, you might
l:a-ve felt that the market w a a
toc hign in 1099 and been fortu-
ensor- nate enough to pick 193 as the
er the market's ottom. Even with this
id the .ertect timing, at still w o u I'
up on live been possible to pick tb#
e first stock. 'or mainee, Hudson and
a true I anhattan Railrbaa was selling
between $ and $32 a share in
1932 but has recently gone Into
1C Ml oanmruptcy.
id Jap ,
ne be- One of the "right" companies
mlrals appears to me to W Alunminaim
High Itd. Thirty years ago, wori pro-
beach dUction ot aluminum was only
200,00 tons. In 1953, 2.7 million
enlist- tons were produced. While t h e
:e for price of other metals soared dur-
e Ad- i1 those thirty years, the price
rchesi of aluminum has come d o wn
fliers' trom 28 to 20 cents a pound. This
icer lowering cost, together with. its
great versatility, accounts Ior r
there tne greatly expanded use of alu-
uldn't minum, a trend which seem like-
away ly to continue. -
e told Originally the Canadian subsi-
ther~~ illary of andrew Nellon's Alumi-
Imirinal uim Company of America, Alu-
'd" in minum Lt. is now completely in
e any dependent and Alcda's chief com-
e ayretitor. Becauseifl. ass to'
CORT" -plentiful cheap 'ppb. Im
S .s the worlds icest host r -i'

d .Ad-
e was

mea on Eknow the Admiral thought the taxpayers on
E aWide of the International date line had built this club
WIa that he put his picture up back of the bar and he
f p dear little message on it:
S 'iss MiCk of Mtifftaceapiykh*. -
., It is nrw hope that this chaitning club, ,
designed by Comdr. Red Hepburn of the
STransit Grouv, will always be a bright
asot for our allied comrades-in-ams.----
will note that, the Admiral said he hoped that the club
'Always be a bright spot. This makes me think when he
war starting on April 15 that he may.b- remember-
old days with a nostalgia that could be clouding
'thel Admiral ii that jjore attentia
-in-chief who has done pr good job dc
i s t eventbin a civilian frame o reference and If the
he may find someone right ere in Waslto
clarify the situation, j Rayburn t
1 ,tanden
S *; ^ i -< -<


that's rugged for

your roughest,
days a..

k A
mu. amrpre-"f, dary--'. askaqmrt, )u-fpreuarade

ow of m e aaof
e As Ihiat of srie te British Govement e
aw thatd could stand the t hea -
|g soWkd aqti MAz/pMda trit a

ctraepfd 1.-a
Omega ..a. ( ""d %ahs Nav* B
wfw m. -

er. t b
Its productive capacity has beep
enormously increased by a nearly
completed $10 million expansion
program centering bout t.s .new
sinmeiter aid hydro-elecc Ital.
lations at Kitlmtz.u "
ha. Bauxite ore r s S
Laribbear., Africa, Asia and New-
four.dland are believed ample -for
50 years' production.
The stock selling around 84,
yields a little better than 2 per
cept the $2 dividend. P r o f its
which amounted to an estimated
$4.2 o share in 1954, will proba-
earning power for some time to
earning power for some time to
come owing to heavy depreciation
For anyone Interested n a solid
growth situixon over the lon g
tqrm, however6 Aluminium
should prove a' satisfactory

S oCrack Down.

'Uraiir Ore'

Health Centers

The Food and. Drug Administra-
tion said today that "uranium
ore" tunnels and health center
are nothing but swindler o
"We're going to. crack down on
them," a spokesman said. "ura-
nium ore has no therapeutic
The tunnels have mushroom-
ed throughout the otoszry. The
spokesman told the U d Press
t ey "prey upon peo by sell-
ing falst hopes" tawtheir ail-
ments can be rellOevd If they
sit in a room filled with low-
grade uranium ore.
The FHA has sp idea how
many "centers" are operating.
But it regards them as. come-
ons to capitalize us of radioac-
tive and atomic by-produces in
medical researchh.
The spokesman said that use
of radioactive Isotopes for diag-
nosis or treathient b- research-
ists and doctors is a far cry from
"exposing people to, light or
non-existent radioactivity in
The FDA said the tunnels
usually are set up to a store
building where e walls, and
sometimes the flour, are lined
with low grade im ns. ore.
Fisitors generally charged
Sto $3 an hour to d .bech-
es in the places. meters
have variej the *M by
upholstering a ith M ore-
fmled Dads or placn a b pads
beneath cots.

The centers
booklets reM
and skin
In the letI
him a aj



- -F.

*Oh. I '



P. A. C^

I -. *M.
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-' -t /-*S-- ;t4 .:


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S' o t e Department next day plad deow

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of the otiI rey pei s whc Lno ru fo now c d wa oThe gayer dos havehbloomed se a o Quemoyinds Mata
uterityh afer e tes war the Paladu and CaU fr eKe Pie ,yo dandemboie oa is cosdo sit o
EA Slral Carneys sif6 t -$am

e ni less d o dg- Rc e or l s m-- or .gog a t eir. n big- wigse t that.
-nse Crau wihrtito perormrs e dY up to E s as tcheirm re d ari aLs Unitod taotmae md liy
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io. nave fewer eeoupon sm te-d t taar her ftr meas aIdlk thambae le, a rtmheano th d an te mai
SIIn g I Old City Asia-Afrlia wi Wlood

couple of years, to aL e become i The entertainment worlh sparoutc ode umbn relia and t h bpper.w the reago swi Foreir Msit
terighter ~a syer less grim. lary seems o have ssuateds aohe n-saet wa ne bo u trey t avecr n t ater PearSon 's statement If terc-
int se l have whl off someng Rfocus from Rome to London. AtI in br htened up a bit. eomel~ Cto ada haem sy Awolmer .ld

aof eold'raesy iatslmism which fLo endon run aI nolw considered anof e ngayer dogs s have bloomed wi r over ymeu aondt Ma mc
floted it s the noireary clays oe tpium ofor an mercan play, and ut in bright wekits of bright Weat Du c d atoe 3rto

austerity after the war. f tu e Paladiu% m and Cafe .de Parisnred, yellow and emhroidered bsrea di at a cn losed-door seson ofm
hse etane isp difficult e to diag. are more or less msts fr Yankeen de. An the ladies are o ing a heird Canadia bied gow to la
mLa n-ee naen ad Lthoer pser apld ad Inc ave n Mditt Euatxor Clu t Cambrdg dgappr some rar
nose. Crtd with restrictonspereormers. in Anaked up the asheir more dar 'the Unated Stah hd dwly
o hae s, anr mayoe Engand jst pThe whole whiord a hies an od Raingrs a New Yor and the, tho wnm ll t Ithme s ofit i
t bored wiher touhe panl nob-e e The entertaoninm ct whos de pict g ray tperemas and theo close to thne Core ne mainlan
Brhtve t- e ononer erg less grie p.ary sems tmh sta s uhrt of the nrln ht lut andlthu it hIs ex that a od swimmer can swim to
whih e defense, less on(and js ely s asd charm as a to ancient e aneleras to steed up a bit. Sm earson d. he sid ana Clan
afee the sswar when all he losers landoark.u is more remscentd ato 'rowned e kimo here ag the loomedvorAcsem o wy hd
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mold Engane nighs ooticl todire more ofess ustsor Lucys. Ever. lly knot h atl very pleainnt meat of thoinesen thap he wasg cn-
nor ame r, tWe th restritlo hrhey fim ca likep sakee the old oity milin m Keyag inl onee e United tes would go
last ee o reweoupons re-d, nrto havere frbeome Hollywood. A talent know, mbu hava been firm ld clo oto lnd

Ia behave ,that today Londn is thie s oreMthe was sad andh *suy mre tt war od swimmer eu nid Mats
eetion of the S acial a government cereaingly mre thbean sh w in Mhe and algew mion people tro h t t h betid for la
wich brighSned. Uh the ciai. Per.tam or Holly rood.. pnemonia the other Baturday to tion" His Cm anlisteerswe r
eenps it i pr less a e to a Enu- The ancient cis hmorve remiiscen rt, dance rve rmething happen rwl rc Aofad th U.A. Wo l
land' o quaches, pains and h undry of New York and Hollye wood thran it Englishmane 0rd. sa C.mi e atom bombs to m i

mesrt u 0epighte cubs eat ou o."ys21 w e s w ean ovrtrcIngkis ono w hat ..oL i ou m eato r oferhin Chto nds of-

aner the war, when al tne ulsersllIadmarks. It also seel m add toarowne e sh mo here at the mo-hdivorce atement, .so Why he
lere .wi nsh e pearce'an. .lo..rme to have ,eon leand .md government. .Ievnt a n t o F Minister
o Engnd ws oong iltelevision-as od as Holly. t it is ac very plosart tocAnth eaono that he was cone

1 'bi ; e t toda Lot is haberdashery ins W lub like IqsuatheorClu b s th .ag M ore t he s o
X afterpdark.ytelie"- I be Spesng & iory, the "nan long "th h. ,a 'horea r W.
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This was almost drect con-
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Defense Department CleC -
- ....a&.& Air Sws. Mamawrt

week's scare adlines. Now let's AWN=% ,A r nuq o-
look at some more bekgrouand. Trevor rd rMr t
I Background No. 4-Does of the guided, missuie a,
InTlation I n er Dulls -present the view of the rived.
In l a ion D ang- Commander Chief, President ..,
Eisnhower? As far as this writer ..ahon mde'--his
can ascertain-and I have every after a secretly, ue-h.uoore
By Peter Edson iais t believe it's accurate- Inl of a HouWe aitry app
Dulles does not a suom heb
--" No later than last week the Crts Lmay, head of the
WAHINTGON -(NEA)- Dat ~Iever be lo er than 4 per cent, ness plenty of incentives, et credit P es dent coml d in a f eou
l debbil "Inflation" -bugaboo It is his opinion that it was not o where It would Eve esryboy o eneS oreab d A w guided ma ile
WAHNGN,(E)- a rytoey tb lo to hrah o ier two ,mall J eOuP msle
of tie war years and tIe imme necessary for te Federal Reserve knows hoi that ended, to I o to wa r over t wo. small o- e4u
lste Postwa. penrod-ha reared Boaed to r. a se thesrequirement The fisat policy today is char. s a c d thu all d kaes toa w reporteno Brt e f vtoe VW
is ugly -head again. from 50 to W per cent, as it did acterized aI eoking to provide a would.v v w he U itw riedl SBiutionr eo rs m isdi r,
The cost of living has gone up recently financial ma to promote busi- wouM have e -l- ys i- we trsi.ul, nt oS f Oive- ia OfnW-
a little ove one rr cent i the Marriner S Eccles, former FRBi nss groh. To whatever degreesto d efen i aid Matsu a re c ni
last three yaers. The value of the chairman, says on the other hand these policies may be leading to-I The -dent indicated that he hr o dcrib at
olir has remained fairly table. that the margin should now be wards inflation they would appear fnew Isohlg aboutthe Ia, lt
The little guy hasn't beer. touched raised to 75 and radually to 100 to be nothIng when' compared to l dmofh thnnwht we would hove dowa n dStry My
-yet. pea cent to curb inflation. the fiscal policy which the Demo-ealli -f ld ao
Ful bright's senate Bankng com. Take your pick. .:atle leadership eems to be build.- es e nd Formo bomber the world
Ful s senate Banking com. Mr. Funston pants out that in up or its campaign alone, but t we defended ther l ont l le
mirtts aivot4tion of the- stock stocks are not the, daly things be- r am. Quo mo and lMatsu. Thus the againstt which enemy. d
market have crept a number of Ing bought cn crdit now. Last i' B favoring greater federal ov- Pre was a -defisite disagree would be "almost hopelegly i-
warnings of danger. year 70 per '*nt of all automobiles ernment spea4nd for d t aids on met with his secrtarof state ficult.
The question of whether the were bought on time. Eighty per tehool construction, hwae con-
stock mathet ~oom of threat year cent of all home "owners" have struction more pubm c e- big. i \
is in itself inflationary is debat- mortgages on their houses. rei defense budgets, and a returnt SIDE GLANCES By c0lbreath
able. So, if there is need for curbs on 10 fixed 90 or cent of aprity sup. -
1 .. a stock market loans, there would port prices on basic fard crops,
Some Fulbright committee wit- also seem to be some need to keep the Democrats eem to be head' t
nesses and leading government an eye on other forms of credit, in g towards greater government I
economists sa) the market has not through direct, controls or indirect. deficits I
ben inflationary so far. Bt they 'y through taxes to curb consume The aim here is said to be the I i' j
wara that if the-boom gets nto spending, promotion of more employment, -
the stocks priced at under $10 a which is of etarse worthy. em- I
charge. It will be inflationary and Market experts have told the Ful- ployment of over three million peo- p/e- ,
watch out. bzght committee therb is no com- pie Is the one lneonsisteacy in to. J *
At this point the question of curbs prison betw'.en the present stlua day's boom. '-,
on stock market buying through t'on and 1929 Evrything is now But if this is correct only at
raising margin requirements comes stid to be dandy. It is being re- th expense of still moe inflation,
iato te t ,re. New Yorks banks .called however, that there is con- it may in the long rm hurt more t '
have t rented that loans on Fiderablc similarity between the than it helps End re~l merit the A
socurit.ehave reached a new high. fiscal policies of the mid-IO's and label which SerretarX the Treas.
G. eith Punston. president of the mid-1920's rry George M Hu reyhas hun
se Oew York Stock Exchange says The idea 30 years ago was to cut an it of silly, flisca lrUgp lblJ.
the,/ margin rqeuiremn.t ulod 4 taxes to the minimum, give busi- .
.... I \lM.A .9 I'

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-'^ ^^~Pk ~'*'. ^-,^:^ ^ ^^-*.
::'^ Te i^ '" :" /::: + ";; *1 *.'," :! :: '.", *' .*, *..' *
- ,,. ..y,.J, .-.,i ,,,.,;,. .. .._.. -.'.,. -.:-y '*,---, .,*, .... --". .. J
,'S -.. -. ..-. 4 .- .
m qr.... m ;.. ., :" -- .
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'.... /- .; "
, ,* .... W
r' W7

WM IPAAM4IA -* AM D rALY n .-.. .- .A D .


... .... .. num Compan ... ierL .
+ ... .. dows of the tocmeato
-i^ J^ ^Mfl m I F c --Tera! shots nar anoor rla.
".. trance and eve'al- flat lights
"..--- brqke out.
,.e fo The Heighya ectr1' refused,
ftf' Ar Te4f The for he Goe n the request
P uthecult COW of 12-man Maky police to
Seph o e Co, eacuatldy n Phut the union to.three ic ontI intervene.
down its exchaogSe I' com- ryville Sat yr 8 toke .al. the 4 mpany had
Immunity of 0.' 7yster- police blok -two intended to maintain regular
bS. SLoday, allut b mina' g tele-* mishes- tt plaket a service at all coat as It has at
ot pht it is one serce here, "to prevent Offica Sai m t he most other points, but had to
,ha &.shsed* tense pit. lines was picketed Yator b '* ~~i withdraw at the request of May-
tu b striking n.,c CWAe embers andd .y Pseetlc or Lee Calloway.
ai Company officials an night
e force of management el
Pat I N, .. t e o d 13 othet. employes drew
YOU, 1.1 f= thezabolding at, 4 am.,
after a ee rQt CIO IMuni-
A 411111 a ~ w tre nations Worers of A Un-
mother, "Bu t t h e A ot loj threat to clear o -
really your U .Typay7 moved by for o r
I'in only adopted Thomas .Stokes, dstriot.
g"You pre my :it gilobecause manager, said the eyae.ation
ila"" a Lo Bacih, I chba-h ouse I plaked you out andc began at about 2 a.m., "ter a
l i; Lons achCa-chose you espe ally tq be my warning that "It there s any-
l1U h. tornia and Acap Mexico. own tlfat I may lQve you and be body still in there at 4 am:p we
t .an a Th- Kungsholm, 8i sail from with you, and that you may love are coming in to get Yo|"
Aprl 10, V rough me." losnthe exchange knocked
tWO -tfli e Panama canag and on to- .oThe love #that mother and out 12,500 local teleuhmes on
wards New York. her emphasis on choice brought the all-manual switchboards and
Jlfp ,.whkh car- a M are and wonderful response left Maryville with nine emer-
e om r id from the heart of the Chl. It agency lines serving as its only
ande alls created an unusually cl el a- outside communications link.
nar Norden.sol, tiosihip. Before leaving the building,
e ,w dish L It we recognize that Jeaus our surrounded 100 to 150 pickets
1 a ori hr le'tet: Lord has chosen asgot we ~l-m, armed with matoes an eggs,
wi~I~i p it gftres our live .new meaning the officials plugged In the nine
tenedfigb d and new dignity. It means that circuits directly with telephone
b *kw.l 'wa, we are the appointed represen- exchanges at nearby Knoxville.
bfthr a' tEr tatives of God, called into His The circuits were connected
fellowship, and seat to oetenn with the police and fire depart-
IIfle d D that fellowship,. It ia pathat ments, hospitals and several
Ssh () -- Marlftme police an d has seen thatinuswhicdowntown nations for emergen-
to encircle t nounced to that Ito porter we ourselves have. not seen. cy public use, such as 1otal calls
ten inMr ioad i a edaconfes-, If we had a clearer. ense of to the pollee and fire depart-
1'04led I N. ew on idenln I all members of God's calling. there would be ments.
S crSe e pPa- i rlr W*hich sank the cargo ship more of gratitude in our lives, "If you wnt tfl call for help,"
fom lyy Manta Marta in the hih seas and that would' beo-our motive an official explained, "You'll
J oget of last November in a plo to Col wer. 5t is expreEed at hap- have to find a Jay station and
the ni, let more than $100,00 tism, "We give thee humble make your caU by long dis-
hae 0JB ,,e. U ,asmrce. thanks, That thou hast vouch- tance,"
a k fDla meralsexports, wh confirmed Insafed to call us To the knowledge Maryville radio stations went
mpiners steenth conew of thy grace, and faith in thee: on the air at regular intervals
Sdat mI -n guilty and have con- during the dy with company
S ee eVrythng." He denied announcements explaining that
Kir'l 1 y.6tmsdbeingl ethe materminde ofl thde 3 Day Mission all private lines were out of or-
;e ncheme, howeveri, Boegin der and describing the emer-
it oxITW" w al, Delgado's confbulon namedBe n TodTo y agency serice.-
S. tor Bt dlhan firms, two Iecife The exchange was the first to
ph i sopetin th two engi- aCt KOrO ol be closed In 21 days of a vio- r
dAp nee No n il-a te shipe and ro oS oolence-studded nine-state strike.F
A nez1 ehseNfa es anderThe WAecalledi ts 50,000 mem-n
himself as the members ,of the A three-day Mission will be ben outi in a company no -
rig.held at Coco aolo today, tomor- ike"
tha-le JtaMan- Earlier maritime police said row and Wednesday, primarilystrike demand.
ila, Hng Eurico.Klinger, the Santa Mar for military personnel with theA l \
KOg tms, a- ta's chief engineer, had confess- endorsement of the Catholic increase this knowledge, And
psa.1 -ohlu n 2 11o6, Ha- ed that he personally sank the chaplains at Ft. D avis, (Fr. John confirm this faith in us ever-
.,-d'i Ship by opening the sea cocks at Kraka and Fr. Walter Mifcovic more." (Book of Common Pray-
.,r .. dawn NOv. 22 whhile the ship's and Fr. Robert Long of Coco So- erh.
captain slept. Kunger said later 1o. At baptism a person has a
~.; f ..M the confession was obtained un- Novena, sermon and benedic- feeling of being accepted and
.er dureds and repudiated it. .tion will be held ech evening belonging In the family of
.All hamd aboard the Santa starting at 7. The Station of the God. The service concludes
'4esHelp Marta were rescued by a French Cross and a short talk for chil- with these words: "The Al-
freighter which answered its dren will be featured at 4 p.m. mighty God, the Father of our
distress call- but arrived tho late each day of the mission. Conies- Lord Jesus Christ,.of whom
N ditar to save the ship. sions are to be heard afternoon the whole family In heaven
Accordlnk to the police, the and evening. Morning mass is at and earth is named; Grant
'declared t' a ftuduleal man1- Fr., K0ng, 1. will pea. might. hJNhin.tbi-- "
two A 4insuredLynh on Tuesday. Fr. MdWovic ft In your hearts by faith, ye
for lb .50,000, several ~wi conclude the Mission on many be filled with aUlthe full-
.t etes' e value. ednesday evening. nw of God."

The Ideal
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- 1~.....q ...,-.*- -'

..t:.;.. ... .
.-.- -..> : ., *W, "^^ ^ ^ 'i "-1' -^ .
.,,* ,,.. -, -, -,. o: .,i^-. "t

.. ,
-- ..
*.. .. ( ... *
.' ;* : f ." '.. ...
A MA it .S i

reductions; 'The Dick Hyman z
rio" (GMG) makes soft, interest- IV
rig sounds; 'Lullsbies In Rhy- "
Inm" (Barbara Carroll, RCA) and k
Marian McPrtland at the Hiek. J
iry House Capitol )are t K l
.ran pianists who, know the /.I
Io the keyboard.
Two fine new classical orclstra Il
I L. 4.


H E RECORD SHOP: It looks'`
a big, varied year for Peg- j
!L. The beautiful blonde who,
gi, writes and now acts, will
y the nightclub singer in Jack I
get") Webb's production,
Kelly's Blues.' And she's ,
en the lyrics for Walt Dis-
Ye's first full-length Cin em a-
cartoon. 'The Lady and
a Tramp. She'll also sing
of her songs in that one.
SPeggy says her 'most flatter
g offer" came from Dinah Shore. Lee
iah asked Peggy to write the'or arr ,a rich W I
weal material when she did her teach itfimy wife ch.
show from New York. and I have four chil .'
ow other singers are coming to o f
r for song-writing services. OlfAS
But can she cook? dBin
Step right up. ladies and gentle-. ~ osih las wa cad I
men, and meet a genuine throw, many's Irving Brll" Beac
buack. This it Morton Gould, a ,uy came a German cUlpp
1Usuical-type throwback, which talked about In
Gould is the brilliant composer, Berlin, the Lotar Ollas
conductor, arranger and pianist. America.'
al tale. Today, musically as DICK'S PICKS: The first
el as nther ways. i the age of se from the coming mus
e specialist. Nowadays, compos-. Damn Yankees," looks lil
pra compose Corductors conduct. big ht. It's 'Whatefer
angers arrange. Pianists play. Wants," done by Mercury's S
d seldom the four shall meet.auh a Oners: 'What Wa
-"rut in years gone by,' saysTo oDo" (Arline Tye, MGM);
S It wa comm. .it waso dthe Mood" (Crazy Otto, Dec
.g. A I think it wa. Most of All' (The Fontan
Idea. Too much specialize. terms, Dot): 'For Better Or Wo
iohurts. When I write e (Kay Starr, ACA); 'You'll N
I e anwrite for an orches V.alk Alone MahaUa h ac
merie as. a conductor, I know Cciumhia); Oiochi-Pachi' (
problems of. orchestra ia on. i ada' t,' Merur... 'So
Jwhen I nduct, I think .bous ( lorcuryes Haw k
lbeer be ls perhaps Ic a orni,. ,,Gu' ire"ows H (C
estnd Wit ,"the composer p C; '' v
F twing to do. Or Lrave "(Lena. Hc
_"--"___--- __ liCA.
.. I P'le a santIenlr.g "'
IU l -I'rom DIsn nd" (Jack P
l ,Decca) is an album of be
f ully-done hits from Disan
propaganda is the other side's Experl un Women
put so convincingly it an-
ills success in both these ca-
i is clear. Currently RC- 'How fs Done
H dleasini, composer Gould's II 1 D
lee Varidtions for Two Pi-i CHICAGO. Anril 4 (UPI -
and Orchestra." with a pret- .I. AO ,, a ,
conductor named Stokows man came before a Conven
g M And coming are con-f 700 women today h
,Go. .. symphonic r them how to become an ex
Snf "Okla homa!' andi ar on women.
arraged by arranger Simply admit, he said,
you know nothing about thi
.s quadruple-threat activi-i The simple -prescription
RCA are best summed given by Frank Baldwin, C
surnnmor-up Gould. "I seen of men at. COrnell University
doing a little of everything. I the National Association
i need is a roomm" Deans of Women.
ti this activity a p p a r ently Baldwin. disclosed that he i
with him. He works hard was asked to take a Job as i
from 9 a.m. to 3 the next demic dean at a woman's Ju
but thutves on it. college, bat he turned it do'
4, .It tan from my work "The reply was an easy on
bhe says. "When I'm write," he said. "Even a
the most. My fiends my close associations with
'Norto,. you look wonder- grandmothers, a mother,
Meen away?' But when I do sisters, a wife and two dat
ty say, Morton, you're terms, I did not yet claim to k
tite oohard, You should anything abozt woplen."
a easy. t The school shot back a r
all his talents, he prefer within a week.
posing. Especially serious mu- "Any man who admits;
Sitr quartets, symphonies knows nothing at all about A
suc mh Bit he does other en is thea-man. we axe lool
Like writing the music for for" said 'the message 'from
ma Holiday," to make school which Baldwin di
e, e doesn't feel conde- I4entify.
i about it, though. He likes "The chal I e n ge was
'eld. too. Igreati" Baldwin admitted.
Cous composers these days. "accepted the offer and sta
says, either have to teach four years."



Next Sailing t S. West Coast Ports,
April 7, 1955


.:.rriving from UNITED- TATES and CENTRAL
on APRIL 8, 1955 and sailing for BUJENAVEN-


,,, WILFORD & McKAY, Inc.
sis. Masonic Building, Cristobal, C. Z.
ever TELEPHONES: CRISTOBAL: 2998 .- 1760 2535
n s, _ _ _


iti. Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service



"MAIA ..................................April 6
"HIBURAS" ..............................April 9
"AGGERSBORG" ............................April 12
"FIADOR KNOT" ...........................April 16
"YAQUE, .......................... .........April 16
"L. B. CARL" ................ ...........April 23
"MORAZAN" ................ ..........April 23
"HIBUERAIS'............................. April 30

*O'ndlng Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo

New York Servi.e.


S.S. A BERLANGA"......................April 11
A ...... ...- ...... .... .... .. April 18
S.S HOLUTECA? ...I....... .......7.... April 24
A Stan" ................................-.... Apr l 25
A St i ............... .......... ............may 2
S.S. KMATAURA" .................................May 7
8.8. "MABELLA" ...............................May 14

Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
.. ,. ,.. and Seattle.
Special tound trip fares front Cristobal to New
York, LUs Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
. T Newjork ......................8240.00
T, Los ingeles and San Francisco .... $270.00
TU *tth ...........' . .$365.00


21 *

PANAMA 2-2904



__s_ Hi ___

n, -

9 .

.4 .
2 '
4, ~

Thh World

|LETS rACe f

4-,'-- ..-

* 1

L: vOl A

.SoakLi It Up

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~2.~ I
~ I,


2*~ ~ ~

~-~' in
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_- 'I


Stand By!





"The Stuff?"

,t .. : *,
.- ,- ,*



Mel Gets the News

wvu.sB.wuar Tsniu


THS 16 SALL a IMN 05 -18sw,rw
A Y WTWJA6gTA NT *aiTwjrs
^^^^^^^^^^^*k~ ___ AP~~.i .1* '-1--l


Monty's Pals



Nw JA MAvn4w;
'. ) : 1
S'LA+, 1
V' r,' a' ''..

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5MW' -Wl IN
rtTira CHAiR
waee PiCTuCet


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piBV44W MON"V. |
fto max owT

4 .'.. : 4:-- 1 ,.. .. ,
.ll f T. ,ll .ll


,:- N .,4*
^^IM~iiH W ~ i-i~l'

, ._ -, .. .
.' L ,- r ..






hifiI -Ar .i~4J*

^-4fr- .M-

.. .._

tCi at their table at Sua ay
r of Colon, Ann MAfd BCn-

0M ma -- m
the Hotel Panamante. BDoquete
vkM__? mg were; Mr. and MS.. A. A. f
0 1t B l ,oa, Dr. Ind U SaTo
Arias, ofjPanama, 1f. ir
d o f the Smith- do N. Boyd of Pnm. Mr. -
Inmam DAL an ae lVt tentaht to lio K. N yemor, ta Mr.
SwS ofarhe *0 and Mrs..A. Wot% Panma.
2J tr. Wetmpe began his studies
ari st t Me love of
urba. frHle t4 Atriv- MTm p'6
cai0ro el *here Dr. ".-
to thitfla He ad.s this mora-
ft aegemfl trip rye made notes on over
M nd a ind Habor, Florida. The e i .
eIfl r .6 t v and had t he o M .
S- -calt led by _m ,
?WW415 .erSb yhen eW Sjj *_.
r I-to.e0. and. were u- m. ..
Mad t o_.FhrdayM-?* theirplan e ia. W Cub

a raffle ands pr aes.

.F ri aBo & L -Co." ..Idt its .. i. b i
aeawlfwill Thet slvation. Army Colon meeting on Tuesday, April 5 at
More a- City Sildaftlol Army will unite -
S n ql riday service from e T rans Of Fore Wars
Ko to. tA. n ata
F4o tothe p ro graM On Mona. April 4 the l Ladles
ber barsl idby ocspeakersl AuxlflT ofWe V lbt 2376

S thei Thieso tootk held s heoccasionion
e -M. : pardtFredCck athanlel Year- This
May BI wood, LatS r," o r lat
ay 1 Lt. Moumw Memorial Post

a *11 M e,,n .mus. 011n. IJCept bal d.H wtl
t* '.41d Wf com tt .t ioit 1th tltdian Bar- t'b l ,,do,. "
tlay Ian FIVA e*doffeld rYoung I his lenM Acssolalation

T ofl P l, ..u Pe 8. 'IneWoIn theWe "-
e t-amw ,, Me tr 1 ue Rl nIrchin
e si _t abl o at7:lw.ill.talgkoen w l3
MrS, mS SoIJ.rams osf of ; an Wirt nCtib
dAMI. There, Msited b locl of I The Balboa Woman's Club will
Va n. .____- hbOld their budneus meeting on
Wadnadao dwoning April 13 at*
Lord Frederick I atp04owir emoral In Dal-
M ..,, *7 nIle I mebol. The Rcm oa n of Qftlcera will
S- Clab, To .n-,-*r ow a eorfe an program.
ClubT Th Spo T1nsor tee gesr-t eal wM be Mr.
r~t~t O ngM April 17 1urti ofGmboa who will
is )t O ut- i. nk OB larly in n Civlita
AlSwimmlnr, j nes and music lon in ran ft. goe wil l
in for dancing wiU be offered April 4l0n his excellent collettionpl
'.g 7le,. p'aned by Lord uw ,as and Pottery -foud"
Preder clI ind Cultural Indi n graes.
Club. Hosteses for the coffee wili
Wtro .p The mtsle will be by the Da- be Urt. 11y*f arrlngton, Mrs,
S ad-wqo teU.e RO I XeeiMkuer and Mrs. dRa
hwri m the -e- UO


L, Ow It


WI. .



IcIIHT itgls d. April 4

the Eng0lih. g nnel whn the.
exutlon lttXd tbrovio its
T six cr aen on board ee-
aad deathW leapI over-
Sorto t war. lutO fire,
fighting equ ent fro'hr
town and t puap-oqqiped tdg,
battled an hour to stem the
flmea fed IV N0 ton Of gaso-i
ine. '-
Firemen flodd two tanks to
prevent total on of the
vessel and towed It into mid-
harbor to prevent fire spreading
When the 1tremen boaded the
little tanker -terward; they
found the brdge, pump room
and midship t .iks 1f Lamblmes
4nd damage throughOut .te rest
of the vessel. "
But in the cabin of Captain
e. Cheetham, who had spent the
night -ashore, his canary had
survived unhurt.
It was onedot three shipping
mishaps in the fog-bound En-
glish. Channel today.
The 488ton Duteh aster,Vol-
harding crashed Into royil sov-
ereign off Eastbourne and ra-
dioed its hold was flooding.
It raced for the New Haven
escorted by two vessels.
The 7,000ton Itallan ratgC
liner Valinttna Bibollnl and the
12,000-ton British freighter Alva
Star colWdd-twoo mile off
Brighton. oA i 'veaeWi apruni
leaks. First report ad4 one crew
man was injured.


, ..**;

No. 16 Tivoli4



- 4

. .- .


Quick Me a Bonny
Her mo. sEws




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4' .7 >1


sire WI

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aC.- --1.ia J

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*f-*' `

r' .




7 Street No. 13
4th of July Ave. & J St.
unto Arosemaens Ave. fld 23 St.

1S2 L. Carraquillsl
Central Ate. 45
No 3 Lotlery Plaza


re&ofl o I AvA%
Agencla aitunal. de Publicaciones
5 Catral AteU
aausqu Lofeens I Stret


S AMa Tiv lNo. 4
- 1 S CntuMl Ave.
a S eiSt NO S ,. ..-

~C" I I S 'I -..J-- S


Beuqec, o Ii



FOR SAU: PFfgheJb,*o., FOR SALE:-1948 Packard 2- JOIN THEThENOD towednmd-.
L T AT ~~r freesr tsp,. 60-cycle. $125I t.- door. Original point. radio, heat- ern w i n d w cheering. usin
LIFE INSURANCE nopriong mtltress & box sprng er, fog lights, w/s/w tires like match stick bamboo drperies
$60; electric waffle imn with new, chromium rims. etc. Leov- and curtains. Cusatom.made in
CALL grill plas., never used. 4$2; Ing for States $500, Phone Pon- all sizes and say slor for- Im-
metal e .lr $2 each a b1dbn ime 3-5161. mediate delivery. Venetian
JIM RIDGE chain sd1 .Sas, t eh b. -blinds, reslipdlRea..O -n,
-' $41 oo'hsi Rd P'no asCMOR ADE 5 uFreeo stintetk v *Calld or
14.25 4th 'o Jily Ave. 5141. TO TRADE:-1955 Stude P- 3-4904. DbtflbOted bf Mduc-
Phone PanamA 2-0552 -" --' | Ident Coupe, w/s/w. redio, etc. to. de Meder, $.A., 98 Cntrl
__ __e ___ FOR SAI:-Bdreoom se e, for '51-'53 used car A-I condi- Ave.. between Kodak BuildIng
frlgerator, very good rendition. tion and cash. Phone 2-1716. and 5th Avenue State.
'Chiropraut~csthe i science that Reasons*lp riced. First Street --- ..... ..
makes .peop le happy." PareJil 7-69. Phone 3-640. FOR SALE:-On y $675. 1949 FOR SALE:--27" Television set,
.... ,Buick Convertible Coupe. Tires automatico.s steve, ironer, a.-
.FOR SALE m et in good condition. Motor excel- tomotic ca et, 12-eu. ft. G.LE
eOd', :hTo r w wow.ii. P-lent. Car runs like a top. S refriger fr (P90 -pound frees-.
Ds A. adli ORILLAC lporcelai i 0e04UN SMOOT HUNNICUTT, S.A., oru. pvacuu cleaner, mbeg .
par adurany. ch.i, carved go og** hst, Phone Colon 800. Phone _1.SCISSCea Solo .S
Pe~~~~i~~~wr~ ~ 0.ayeai___ _____- Pae8-5 oaSio

&mmich'a Spnta Clar a h
; 9eee-- Modamn covekisnses,
medlatv rote. Phone Games
Pest Siat Cleara. Low rates.-
Phonr Bolboa 1866.

bHILLIPS OQoenside Cottagee,
Sante Clara. Box 435,, BIlbs.
Phone Paneme 3-1877, Criste.
bl 3-1673.

Boatg & Motors
7 l SALE: -. 18 -foot. Cab.
Vsismr with 25 hp. J hMint.;
. Ug. construction Ia
palet condition. S. oat 611

S-n f i.
. TOR W (a .FOR Jtiwr' I
Heoas L is2ellaoEQ Rehdpal .~

1 l rea. I1 h d own Am I n .


l .

FOE RENT: Ifue of
reside on GmmW eS '4 ;
Martin Aveneu N, 4 S -
orem,, living room, .dl ess
kitchen, large. nl.. Jhuse.
ground fleer.

FOR RENT:-Small lel, a-
bedrpm, living dfimal em,
kiNshe. Moderate ut. Geuenl
0Jos d. San Martin Av. NM.
6. downstairs. .
I JR RENT: Fumlrnis elft
with three bedrooms, Ie b th.
rooms, hot water.- Med neigh
Sbers. Call 3-017, '.
FOR RENT:- Cmuu6mbamu@.
low: 3 bedrroom, er'viUs,
prior. dining rok -bki dadM

OmR RENT:-Speso p leb for
*a* or sftr. M g t aflte
pawm with Amft s-lr ea-.
mses or dooeem, wetl Wo dleed.
Iron bor on oall idmwn. be
HOPKINS es ienrlw at lo. 5.,
Poith July Avenue.

Room '

Rdhu hgatiems. @,
* S-i Carw Seet, R I.
447*.'. ,

Position Offe#e


p 5 14,

n -'
* '



6s Aumi [eL .-17 j *..ur. r.iten run.a.. uzua. Quarters 0- Fi t Strem a Ancone or call 2-1634 albo a kche-n, w .
from Lu. Themri -.__ ___ w.shrem .h,".t. -._* .b
V *i --'--_ -' FOR SALL:-Studio couch, liv- FOR SALE: 1941 Studeboker. FOR SALE:-Very good upright POR SALE MADCAP: 3 t w-ashroms g1re. 4 wweer All
ing room st. and end tablis.- 3 tires like new. excellent motor Hambourg plane. Phone 88-262 pt. g e.n he, l u Shmea. Pkon -s,$150. SO MR P aa p
s~hal Zqne pDital Polycllnic Leaving coet,1 Phone 3.4848, $125. Balboa 3.4265 after 3 Fort Gulick. Blbo Yecht Club or call Al- Tm. Y- o e
-'k.p.m. FOR RENT:W euind edon-
Dr. C. E. F w4eua D.D.S.. FOR SALtOF915e dialg FOR SALE: African Violets lrt 220), c FOR RENT:-Wi e t : '.
aDmu, ea r..d. roam j f' fable ,od 4 and other plants. Meaer 2483-A c ret house. t .op flee: W(P.boi(dl-ie
Deu .bd k r- br hlts, Ieledi tdks. I dou FOR SALE:-1947 Buick Sodaon upstairs, Pyle Sreet. lbe. FOR RENT t m; floor NEWY li u4(UP) da ta'.t
A o Aen hchosl ble bed, I pirt lfetowing. ism $275. House 2164. Apt. CND .ORty, liv.-ing-dining r oma .. kiKschn. Gen. Dougla, MacArthur a aid document g t, ir u ed
Mve (i of uly) Ave* No. 21*24 chineM. 2 c hei-rs LappaillC 4Acon School Playiround) chairs (rocking). House 5049, Curundu, C.Z. rR$70. Via liisau e. Peso 15th t41 and selective release of Ar- barring their igitag for
nt-an ATTENTION I.! Just bu. Street No. 7. Pono.-2 69. mY documents concerning his tion Prtiousl bad
FOR SALE:- Hseholdgoa FOR SALE:-1949 Olds-. -AuTo See ShiLemsuia Into the War bgainst gi. I
CANAL X LA. compDil the -lwing;. the extras. Priced to sell. PhonefPhone Panama 3-4941. ed0, r prp d c y it o ,i

-'- oMCA S E i "'-T ""-m"nlie d"* "' "'*"i" TOeOn ArlR SAL-Pt atee rlM C$deha I, Asm, HOtGhew tth eea un d|r u

ar u t premiely with a major political -. tl ee El Cathero. 3a-2477. hed h mi ge- dwner qo

ENERALto SPOT na todaL. hEr Z.. nmo r'd ras- 7Ah 1. a p'p d
thle:h 1354a ofdmane, .wa roa- pp.n ", K0h

EA Sfbe t oEater e FOR SALE snble prie 1949 Fo Japanese newspapers criticized rfurnm wished tpeta ent: ddroeom, mmth ,e.
the e, Ales f ad lew aters Ne. 1604. Apart- smll used piano. Write ox Hatoama for 'talking too much' ath, living-dining room, hitch- s A
.i JI e;eSh nS;Oes. 1em3'two-doorsedan.e ment No. 119 A o xcellentncn-.nwe n vr u Canal pata bllmdhu J e hera t lon $ .. wf s 3 dt O

rhiffonir; on, Ttwry table. Al- ."lost face$when Secretary of 3-1701. s .d --, a p" e .lA tlhe 4-el ints aci l.
Fla i I A llie was too busy to talk wiB t po- mR R TMENTSMod 0 twe-h U. A.- 0 Ifl ne to the aonfrloewg
SIFSC FRsy U5S, Oplpstes ion aris an eve pn 3-3. .e ... .o.nre .
Be au ty o nO position p a ties a end ; even uStreea NO. 42p. Call Zubiste S:3 -M usrBo r afit 'TFa n-I
seTsl 37sirtome of the Pteiene Minifster's ownheegn Minister Mamoru_________ 4uhFgemeatt; n p ormer Sard ore ep" o t .-e o b y.

For Ratifying Paris Pact % esaeteO48 0t?=tn miy there re

it-is*otWatnooedoetto reven Ume to meet with the Japaneie ticali -. Re"le t *ea
majiordimploma-nmsat edante bodto B y Ra t W go he ateniedWah t 2, 7). "3 l, Ma-.le l e

-rsot r ticfaxns ostes lies w denssia
byerceqiueisaformthevis hitSwasesr, .Caoindmthoa rais eceyo. Te vtsre r lerft t2 te HsPo
ngT o April 4 -o ( thler6 Pod et b ey e to n m do U mi i Jo 4N e. 2 l 7 Ur w U O V ae D a
W W/ho AM d .v1.1 .e esar iunffo r m No. 1604. Apart small ,d Write BOXki' emtofr- I 5matMe 'ta g t o m13t hn "n C l Znn -a, *, t-

e a eet. y stho te hon d t n ten. atinal Zo u n e .o oandblamedthimobecauset Jap mwn, hot water, balcony $90. Cl l allA Y aatco
i s.m, et acts a ee ratid in e "lost fane" when w leret taryof t -1 een t.e t9od 6 0 *B,- 3 5 S OU ien olev uo u

itISs nt st toolo"at oprivtw tieu s tot a t wo met wih the tg "" the aew
anti Surplush r 1oe mewara eaeluo n F ath ao dretieMoscow, e s hr itn Ml'rdt oah ree n r 1o 6 116 %R8:0--sa l %RAlll0 11ar

ebra' beeng teas move4 jnW r nema P rot7: -JD nsssa atik? mb sfc.aplaspobo :0 ting the p s
tlpoiiomi n he t h of tte cit .easld l roos bo sio a t oym a t b ie d e re S l ot eedN. po t. y *re 1:CalflZi d LYE

S dr ng t ppier ya te Rid prm t ft h t- tt l tt woth Dpnttem becomes h b h lr o er to r and reven : ee -0-. t o

e upW a1 ona heaing asoBu t S nf visi befon re"a scrtaning the endenm.Funihd $, uenm- 7- : e s Sor Of Peruvian w* ^..S
Tr11a, fAt.P as mdeoith w nmes for uso rnep honer3etes.kue ll. h sb- inEat P IrT ( EI d SeE.'

*BAS1rNGTON, Aprl 4od r? *'"Iere agr has mWaret oanaae". stasndheegnminser eb aeadnal Z oeus Ca t oi.ak grams V0 .) ps /0 Doeaar
SPo ----- of C r aC act detor Amticmembersu and uedo vineLa papeNT continued to 2:l ltg Amerfans S ALV r () Pu M S ,ata
Se2d24I 2.2562atFor Rnifing ais government o lf a major diploma-.eng hands atp to our times 2:aao,.n t Der.t odt VBi.t dr

nat1ion a he ale ea ncr trate tunv ilm was photographed by Carlo their normal vaql -A. 2:E11aehow.ad8H:SPRaon-betweudl y. Wfl PUG Net pri4
xr uarier are concern LONDON, April 4 (UP)g thS r Montuorie, tteyW e mll an active camera- baoP n Be- an3 o tawe#s ben a on Pa. far m yest to
u t oos becausentonChurhs Conera- SINGAPOREs 4 (UP) man. An enterprising f"Cm of win:r 20 C WRo of the Pertvi wa
and canibeshped e asi-o s' pats nave been ratified, to ed n.t first labor ieographed heet o latt For T

council elp incomplete re- govenmeet new cons ews p results and Jtoth 4:e-e teview .n soral e ; tola ahited we t
m rit iw s nf yett oo tuoc aotiv ero o prbuto reqnS "W I, I I r w o rs
ur In de de Voroshl d ov w aean soP muc Ienge-seet as s pearhe nd ed ato un-Tdo.le b ow:T0-usdl -AJ agN her wita w hi p e t
cerom remt ort fotr th elebrang i iT he m ov irea nmo.We" Gert ,- ..-NOR A"e

tu ohfar deve! op 'ed orwed tiont has cr Pta inl the niPar is: aembly to ter up copies went "like woldftre." 1:1-a5-Wytod 6 m FamriOE Albriel Clciksp mHItdale.a t o s 0
ao" fot r ting the a -lot dto0tal a- a t'd)
N e wa z i t r o o p s H e i s h e dm g m 5o r 'Bu t W.. r a t i eeSo vd e r a d e v i lsaa n d m o n s t erbe fooef Op"osse rsta i niy bte e -r edt h e n d o fp o n e b e o r e 1 : 0 0 ) c e i v e dF o rl i e s m a n t o's Oe e d l n g t bwa t

r e e iauet seaid. -Peo pe the Clbss till post ble to ld C aup nTe infernof them r so oaide.pmn- The m

waeoera-b Osviationt oanthe ceve M 0o tecee o)5 la between Work OFlaThEtdelidge-upoveWit a slsa

Sa d co*rn ed 10 and ofioiat 19. c o f t lahI t for th e uci t bler M im al56lea into the Hudson River e -m c our of Inquiry W g :gD-MslDY tl t cu t l. W
f tons. His speech s bntroadc ste atind o ar t he bN y hed ATo hrtigan .9t 7uontooteewlconflilst.'oo 80--- ON G gotTou
Sthree-ara of orre West c ratiatiou of the Paris sdin itay Meneessary for us to rhe ehtte then. A HOUSE PARTY (
a h o dtiereg the feas ihwed. capc- the parents has made over angd" hr William T. eer to the s e edlA to l Cmle D en gram gbs
NGTOtuAprilse4(UP)o- casgtir t he Soviets. wt e o the Angloe -Sov es ma k ge" Le y classic ISbeforeapo e-a..s t t from 4th of 8 --proudr WeeHall (USA 8N ( AN ER th e d -,Germany, Apr..

rsmc huge st .iur ons for county cou Franci e metreat. IP d'aean c" ape e ansore nthan 'I "uaaba an so I rw ia s-wlht
hrode Oli n ouns tha bs*ld the in f Re therwise :the sohldvbeeom ei ered Divine bf J R -s *" n -to"Gcits"t"
s or in event s of b ascfrrm er roament were a pa(te s screen behind which Britain's o )ean pstoe
by attack d it was disclosed to- ad this buildup and France's ruling circles woulda-1
tthat the hueplusns plwed up aorodhilovwarneduthatght htheHacremainspa ungdTk "
sa id w rh e snatio n'sd e maon r n a md then t so m tihvenge-seeker o st e nch gov rnpear n mhe atd cedr "1 :00- --N ewn w o bje ce d bc ausehe d wa

U nionsanetheoEl ctnhcal Tra1he worsts, for them ."The S vi t A p i .Uonr nen d h s on
uL d.. mlThm p-ro e off tc w r n iept i o3 es mewhad threatened bi wor.ouldb e tHeisl a ti e U o vo t d SAtr da t o- reject' i r a would iwhei phed Mri Ee T

u bhrtPiato bth. paperis e et t he ra tific oaion ml of y diplomatic notes to London 1 I alanaiste-yL OhNA pe
ah Parisgn oul tai' mP aubjiect t appeared dim to day for tht2o
_" .... _, .,fan..t.ian otioapictre, ad wa~gasetdemend of the -day old 6: jS0eTherAlarm Clock wspermitted to leave the Os e. .r t d ,t

or" eno eretall re aeing in-iv w ,war nas becomes- hmore a-t rstm, devis and mon sisters ou of posi bly before the end o 1 Sot,&0)Ea -ION t"e
intc w w te," he satd.CoPeoples of the Sivensgistatem sTthfrtdisatediletante'sIfernoy said-thy thmnth.:MINISS Soled A
o.C i l-defense 'sof-laoviet Unio enddtherpeoples's he a s an w oea s g the screen sor the seh- 8:0--N fthmelPode ebraines a olvad.o a.
and w ovrl foo. ofi-cias'ncessarv p welusionsfrom ts to begin before renMew r LtOhWe I t. aW learned today, three-mai r ouintof inqudrbWott8:3eg61,60-- l R DrausWernert told the tourt the .
efactdnnd will mobilnn their Jorces treaties. scheduled toopnhearig-'on 9:e a.strict measures were merely part
fia nteHehha increasinghtheaendsste0MtourRatitimesion2o:Ieeeuby Producer Dinowde.urentlhthe casemtomorrow.dItmwasnot : 4 1 '.U
t-- -...-teo ngao od e p cufSA aOlthtandidefensiveicapacintPy the parliamentsiof,.4etl engag d in e to cope ts find t : S u san then Pa u ed or
lO. oeirntouotresandFranceithe.istfw weeks making the Lev Tolstoy elassicra-gsn beforeThursday and theregfirmofwin 10:0e -sntL .s te
uers" a re coeu: Artu1Yeste4day the-Sovietsiwarned haveassured Che/#: approvalrt War and Peace," last week forniseemed little hope orianyhpapersI(` t l d fh k0URonrhA a,.-
ca bies" kmep sgt se .be- that abrogation of ed u ss ia'sd l though some co unfotri l have "Sy "The Divine before the Eastetweek-end.a
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ananddFr can atbot n.rmade' una y .ON Itab an Cinemae o The700wtskl1gFmembertfoftl-pleasephonFe before 8:t0) Ung the t actea. d t
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a ,I I a udcW ern bUnid o nlyt to pu b own er elle 1;n)

poI, ll fr e ttin# tc- t the first time in a sound picture op arbitrate on.s we strip ke leaderse" Qv'E-%eWkV
femdin mines. G oldh e d erst,tsrl eutgeMtr- A- 2 922 mNn dsyforAA r ispeWo rkboth i: b15 au g s '- a si a n L a d
,-...ep, workinFiflg th, CO-ihmld 1 di ip Cl1 Tad -Theestarred then world-f-mous ed booksan magazines or their 1: We Foet In El Salvador
-'anfdro- LW I .-,- I a.enne, stage and screen daily reading and bott

i"- --10-foor0 -tts erl at t e r h a tm bal ,in th e roleHu f D an te H e ch an g h an ds t"up to our:tIinII
three.-areas Of Y o btr W estlluIu ipfilmew p h otographtd by Curlo th eir n orm al vlt hLm I2 :4n- AakMwea-lbetw een .o
I plannerss ar o eeinN .Apisl.4sh.we."(UPc te.airI fm-st.. ,t t on ruoc Will an tivea am era-! A g eo. W bS "w ta y when a l o o t
be. kep t without refri- ves gained 164 seats and c ostThe people ofWtsap oratur-e makerserc ame uptodaywith a 3: b kl ,.,#W on ,.a inof

Youn there began last Thuo-dag. Although laJTfrot with e al oe at oasr in .- .

IT~ --- -- --

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t n ..F .... '. .. ".. '' "-- .
..-,- .1. A A ... .-.. '-/- A -.4: :.. -
...^^. T ^ .. ...... ...' -* .*- ,* ..... -<' ~ .. ''i .-.'.-..-

x,- +'+ r,+:, ." ,
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..- --:.A t 4 '- -.. .. -..
3. 1J1 .. ... _. .- i
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' .** .^ +'-;'/ ., -'" ^ .. o .. ; ^ .: ^ ^ *
, .,- ., -', 4 V 0 "t -' ; : ." "
,- '** ,* -' "L.. -.- : .
I ,%&-. ..4^ .4J_.Uv*....)l .i-

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'" A ^, ^ ff ^ L .. 4 ,o ,. "* ...-*(.. .f~ fc S
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.. ^ -<. '. "*' .. -* ,;
n, ` 4.'"-: DARK ..
"'I l ~ mav ." I ,.h w .7 P m I .w pk. ,.
... 9,+ .. $
tu" b i -. ..,, ., ." .
,,"4 4#+ 'I''-.--,,


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*'' -A : "
A ;' &' :' : *.

'*.*^'^w" ^ .
TP- ^'m i-U .*f -k

,W th but ou don't Mee him
,* nm every ^yr
, ,, I'. .

||r6f VMW


I**M April 4tM -- -b t-

warm sun bathed "ome yester-
day "as thousands of Catholic
faithful and foreign p lgrimsa
flocked to 425 chreOhes to re-
oeti the tradition l leaves
TMa' olive branches 'BuIS-

The sound of church bells
rfg -. out over the traffic ule
as' pnday crowds m'
to places of WerI*ip A-
tgtt- them, the proud center of
little family groups, were thou-
iands of children
white to receive their first Hly
Co lmunion.

After the services It Wal also
the children who generally car-
ried the olive branches otr palm
eavae" given out f at
fiPrli ,to commetaOpte those
waved before Christ on hi
triumphal entry into Jerusalem.
_o8P Plus XI a earlythi
miqni to o.faa
mam in his private ApM a-
joling the papel psi bedroom. He
later received his palm from the
hands of'Mominor OCaO Van
Uerde, papel v iO for the Va-
tican tty. _
. But this specifics ceremony was
cancelleddue to a 3- minute au-
dience, which the papi hKd with
members of the t world. con-
grees for the prevention of workT
accidents, currently underway in

Gina Lohlbriulda

ToSuielmCo. /

B-',C" Film Fl -that could Ubecom. 'd|i
Bwor colector's item:. Vl rU rumecey-
Sf Saboxt! eari9 a dainty pik up al
teast.e wa. d.ishesa in.'We's t6 AM .ROM -April 4 (UP) ovie t
*tge & e. -4~vlaus- bV1tAron-ueemHn Gina LfllobBlBt4a mld
4" Jrando for the Rocky GrIlao last night tibie s Ming one of
] $eped m S by 'dfilflm ibgraphy at mB. IItSy'q top film companies Mn
Sfrst innig grounds it gave her bad publici-
BOW he's. scttioe It sounds like a Goldwyiusm, butt after she-turned down a role.
M.te 3lA DL, or ;Calthon's wife, Ae id ti The lush-bOsenmed actress,
p f 6 W a to ILersuw *limpiu bru a'attil whose stock hit a pow peak aft-
hf e ved or "e" and: we croes them." er publicity trips to tit ti.S. and
9JM d < 4' Argentina, announced through
fiiet iy- "- her lawyer the.eate Is let for a
k. I M dj~R.. .. ome tribunal May 4. It cites
tl say Closeups and Lonshots: MGM Goffr0do Lombaudo, perpident of
.l"o;n 'It fashion diigner Hle Rose, who the Italian Titanus movie com-
,cart, a whipped up wedding gowns for Liz pany which produced "Bread,
S-T : Tlorano and Jane Powell, wl do Love and Dreams" and its se-
p --Bob wids up his new a4 ihe ainne.',r Debbe ReynoldsO. quel "Bread, Love and Jealousy."
jmnetn he takes off tor .epal B Jes.Barker ied for psBP dur- Gina, bursi g out of her
o%..a &iiglcr wwith wie Dorothy. inSt me Fa. fireworks with Susan ragged peasant, ,grl's cowtume.
HIward, back o Work w thet both fil. But
",eet. warnedd oree money l .thelwhen the 'eompay asked her to
SEfAC'8 TV director. Dukefirst two months of this year han mak a third "read, love and-"
d wife, Ogi, de.- e did ir. all of '54.. .*No shore movie he balked..
SMas...e. for Geor .Horsmel thes
ttwah Via ayseHM 1, IiU eat Mareh -4 the Titanas
ri18Iv the Coast ',Guard idelesms m company told the press It was
tion?" dropping Uo b from the new M-
,i v,, .i ,,,,,DISCUSING A NEW ...len. A giuel because abe was demanding
| .J WI At a Hollywood-, mm,, ',Md A alft o tls a t P eftimated at
tion film, Ponlddead Planet'o ao t ee (,d000)
.lo9y noduet.hT Co-Prd sa d t was hiring
sheer bim Wn Vr mlue: 40 Sophia Loorenolnu1-and-
m^Iw, =W. bre?4'1 "o ... ".. ..- I rl, to pla--the lead In-
. e e ,-a Ie
r:':' "I turned down the role be-
-. -- Dick Wesson, forced to shelve caUs do ot believe in install-
e. e ,...tad Ii"movie career because of a seri- "ea",. said. "Th.y
SUaes. Is back on health lane. I i .....of
'1 ay Important role 1 in WA wMB M 5rI qutiton of
112 o ,money."o d
=, .
.v,- /. --'...*V-..- ,--- -- .- .si-ng' 'no : he E iun-Noram '--
..* ", aymes children a.e now living vmaren.owaHyJ
S..with Nora's mother, who w as IEIU9UI G
,-'i aod, Jones M r: o lice Err hl' -ou-keep...r. .. k h m

t Eebw tt be very. v0 60vent, I
nSheree rep= ar -
rca-tee e1 lb, a Mam e Is *'ow tA BE Very S 07Q$Mp l.. April 4
~'.. ted rVery V,,las paM' 6f ldms iat -fUP)-- llin l public health
s s' -., baTe.s se.e M .,,sla, le,.years q.,udops r oan mlnos,-
._ m b e i ,s,~isot e -p ,S ha r ,.,I ria ai tU PvJoq O, .M O vce may
'u_ "a me 1Oeot yw. b e t4M.. io^B.e.ev. anti-polio
-, .a ,- .1 wapia.-er-phapi better than
., __ ___ ..- -. the .a acci 6- "
.. .- .. ._, "- -_ I, .. .. bauMoned that
fi T -t" -are ---- Ib.-

1... ..3.. .. .
r. -


Inoculated ith the Iunai-
CuIO BTU. 6:1 ::* ***epetee vecene Ia toin t
e :a "aIo wms,.las 'ywar. I
SE IaroNo 4905. taten
WTORT VRNGEANCE" pawe bAbisd1r:.fiAoe
Co.. I of the l"ra C nt children
S- n --polio.
Aa M-. : upm id m i la are munt

aii, d J atatsidDmr m,'s
en e m- %l'

i +a-. .
* I :uS, 5' $: 0;1 gas
S 'REL iL '8 -.



,IF.. _-.-0
"o, -st


* with -


i uquaid flor.


. A.


w^ -



4. --
Ip ~,, .7. -

-'Also: -


vi, TY,

'" tMA" t
Also: -


u*. AsACH3WAr
wr.i.h thelley

- .. :-


,- 9 Ip


^,ur' J


h ... 5 Year ....

OwAnO y

cinbs usa.s ewS s
dlume 0 fromt
Taussi ..m
a This await is Wt

11 Elude 21Difea fU *tha D
13 Analyyse.I .a 2I I ladiSl d cnl.
senmm, "75 Gnt 2Pse tt f ldsPA S. OU1
13Table. .dramw a t "
Attendant 17 WArum 3 40 I ontoa

3 Platparut ISIik* t 33 Cu s paint 51 Nickname .
24Maelum. | .
14 Muenacs
27 NatUveo f
19 Maleo -
30 AttePmpt
2 -|Era
( Cmb. reto- -
25 Everlasti ul

42 OrleatalL ole
41 Dun
45 f |

-mg *
543. S.1

These twb paintings, the Rlesurreeuanc ulthe Nli Me N nr en (.DL1-t tMbut :m ; m at e a-ttrtl
ed to an' identiflqd rrench monk\who hadr 4 1i t mastpibttlj.IlUis Btlng manusci
Their gloetous color seems to symbli1 the miracle of the Resurnt' iAndtoc ommqn
the tenderness of the Rise BSaliour's eating with Mary Magdaleng the gajrs. eat
als may be seen in the M. H. Do You M.emorial Museum sBan law. (Ns
- T ** *1 I -'



Rather than buy one? 0

These folks who won in our


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* Ri
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* WC

* Di
e Li

obert C. Calvit .-Q ol, R, M. Underwood James .j a-
gt. Edward J. Calvin Jr. E. W. Wirtz, Robert ,.x ., *.'-'
.E. LeBrun Elenp Lyon a TiersaDe" Wil s
e dn Elirss0 Arosem na ,r
lia 1. Justiniani Evir 0. Arosmna Julia P.* ernal
ora C. de Campos Anana V. ded pefia a d
e, Dr. Joaquin Vallarino "r+1 o.-,
ucia de Romo Felicia "On Raquel ITtt I "i


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-. A"""'""

A'. '

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A .


I .2

: ..-.
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gnAu pit
.*ffian WI.U

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a ...,*


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- Al -- i- --

!r I



.':.::. : ; '**.




,.- ; ^ ^-. y^.f"- '. .. .' ., :. ii.,at.;, ,*' '.,'-
.:. -i,-, i .-.'; "' .. *. .. .'*. .. .
... ... .. .... ...... .' ". ..... .- ....... .;.. .
S' -. : : = ", i --
* "A -. -.- ''--- *1* "' a .--" -^ '( a'Nf '' *



:; ~'~'
* ~ ~
* -=*'J- ,
I'. ...... -S S ~ ~ f~9*V~ ~


yVes t Thi
I, P, 16"L'W e y -, ii:-'y" -.- .- ----.. *.l ,

|;.e c TWA hi s -.1iM"wi -l Sr u ?fiIT
shoueo Reach T PACIFIC LITTLE L EA GUE t ae
SSeco nd Half Team Standing' Play ere Antonio-en aru

I ByFEt lD tO eth lo TPea yPa i ed e r P 0 rmo FRt en D N1nc10 LiH'rd the
Col,.yFR DDOW a_ ...2 77_,0 g 'o brown gve-y Tr-ot 'on-7.

So o ur Cola 7 2 vouorlu, m, Phidi.'2.e-Bellatr -,r thei ,
NI EWYORK, April4 (UP)-lt'sIno lli*-it yN Gibraltar Life 6 3 6l8 Corfiga,.lb-p l- i -behr sBm h ? "
,. .[, '& Li nco fe 5 5 .500T TliY l b 1y, I g ?..- e oo r .- -- .
d ugouts when theM ik Ek 412 .20ln, oo aley0I Bu"t@I1,S. ; o- h.

e' Norm Zwo o in ed the league leading par Co lal EClross, e l o4 a s on e i a 2 / .. the .
I. t- ". team.-. Fourteen would be htriesand ters1 rnsPorto 1"- "0 ...i :2. 3. t Wa ,c'.'.Sh 1 km I
... sa cInh tosAle tt, went down on strike, and -d r.t.__ ,tt .ho1 .0h ay r isthe..rh. am R.-

0tL ctw o go t on bafe v.d Poatoo .as t
hfi- Par I oee wa ouchedfor ou hiR, o.,. MOP hea, v ranst ovr the e aet. i _he
:Rthe aeluouere ,bcam fie one belnl another home run ford Re. d he. with- Tutrled al0 from.. --the
o '&Sueh Ue phher o ei hCurty 8ec warzrock, wway to the homestrete hw e i -
, le ....n S al- ninen' er tf th iS ani-nThe 'oda sipers'" got oftoan"
S d n t hics Mce ante.,. no. e F rr an b 1 batter in theecon i- arlonna, If 1 0 r 1 on fight i.t out w th ..
r last easn ia tr an a Cey aa D 3200ning connected for tha caslrcu Ait scGow1n bard j 4 0 ky S i Beat Wttah
m t came rl1ht back, takin ad- Corrgan, b 1 e tr' earl bttl O
hcint In otk bp-ad olmVI OfCw
becmh werheheyeef ir"Ml-prorec a sCl Bby oe t hi scon wlk yendreme het.
dhtwohotoo. nsei an bounced ,taas CaleJa, 2b 1 1 lead was too much a he ar ":. :
yatK e Littl art ta fsin theryhd passted a.Ca. ,
ru- -iedie ls crdtor ns t t p-cf. ,_ .

S M iihe to go eight IIn- Athet. be _t Sava dah., 84. off Parker and went to third on R. Pearl, if 1 1 0. ey, n rtura ed. 4-,1' .-. ,. it h .o"'

gs wh e he lt h ra he hdf at 6 dLe d byn Brod Forces .

bIts i JB crs fhr'a In r shudr arstebx t w o0 bttrb0. -d werefcdmittn d Plaeet w 1offKs ot .
.-pha it Cattanoo a, no -S sht trike outs 0" 0 -- "Ane TLANdI LTTL E e AGh starting 3- ul l M u p0e We e .
$era'ls^ byug ger spin 3t 0e r.o wibth tw t e inanterhme

S eyr ait aa sJrien moa" an 3u 0en -e Roy Watson allowed less hits theiBo wr last tea H I, -A W e er 4o were. te day' to r l l e
B ledrok2' run i ,nkiey mean._ C I on balls inhe second h2t 1m, schedle, g e Little 0:t Toh U rd Isn t

P,- rlem'er t he Php dei- .* ompse s o wol be played for the second, n l t r ror4thI Mot a s 3zzl 80.% bo m Los. _'s b_,. asM.. Howe- b, n,. ..
.- .rdue* o ger.a then PerkyamII, b the tou ae b rmed.lyles woir d Ih me d F rte 3a .i

*le, Carlson, IfB 2 2^ 0 felln on toa'". f o witl a Bgg.
eg6 e w r .cOl. h rnJ on wpuola loeee s, Gibraltr t as the clincher_ boarkeat inotolteed three ,b TS h chader mp
"Y !nconnec t e d f o ro his c ircit m n i fing aM e I or o t -nde Two. !1 0. rE.......uc k

IN EMAtSCO hS sro f. in IL to- 4Bt dh Corrnan 2bh Rhmstr sealybate sfra
-dIahotheCe l whc rune snado itWonthekhine-drive.ase ah alt edarh tFwn ohn ntht o2. The MottK est e a otie ,l .. .t i m" an

ev ethe, aso *\ e- .o ne aem aionsp On p toopla y o- ff w-h the r a o les. CA.LtOaf.
lI 1,- btween hese tawndoe rn. li $. ,6.0, .0 b do ae
"y g rus.. orrly -r o o 3 Le ay o y" ".-
eeL amt R ohe fs tMbrea V 2e40 l we t oth 8 0 e he
ae02t nnmaas .T hen s it theoGibraltar Life wins hc bbe 1 25 r cBRaBmotnd w e2aFS ldSI s, ebe3 020llFeTl0o S eilhorlondfr ie

Wts onto ro p e-ihileln zl ro -1 1aetahree Pgmtea" wou4 lad dea d- okehteo soend n ttfr ede dhc Rtla 1 0b lnand rye, l k. .

,rth wa th d- a 1 2ddt a y.en a nc; nord b. ectsudddn -d atoe4wr' and :-r thtee 8-4eTrR the b of4 tord osn h 'tn d eh, -r th e Se 5 l w A wgtirihek- f'tr

limited lran d ob le_ T ba ,y o oeb hDer, bt -- Bae 3 -d ,t, p 4 0 0 0 1 Bob -id wourned -
Idd11 when h 4 Totals almoldo 3 1d
second U? on 0, U defeour in
d e ay he gaa* 8rrwta .so, arr. La era payed we featot hoe ae pt de rfuo rote -t t 1 2. m p. 4 mon s -
Gillam' hom .0-gam w ne PI Ii ge Cot- etheday's

U Nryh Pan doJimf 1 1dthe Mero.ncd h fnuithenu t th e r o rr t eanr aiu o the rherht l9e5 ot reep p it S toerl
frhwi nohedue aehudm t1 hkrto hi f it r dg rae fe eT : B 60. n arie e e- es.. 0. 0 ye a tnd vrs
_ea lsIittru6 the hampionship 1 cours seasn d more colntrodnIn ohel OlthUT RAmE hemazaB- npblsInhsearcthe bB ase
,P rlepd erh clkeedr C a ancouldgend1italltod y zgin to a2 god m 0ounu ri ,$068,30Tragbhi3ab2ed geinwir h 64n tlesPTh a i Idre Foe
o ...e icetry oene tltar Lfeer-P g 40,60, sa y eories or, ref s n e h a h r.

e.. o ddDingatboosot NC Tshe blgd ir bn poayed star ther b o cnoled 0 -tte hcah-ieoswt Pnmas roope rps n drove M ey ota00 .pern tue h d

w .bt1Fbn's-dita.tonoe, nn Nt Anhr.pe1 e c I m, o ,. L80the
thhmhee f riinse, on a ohn Th Muts scre on rubny eft rs d ihereFIaTH a toh the cliche. arvba cleten thee eir e wa s
a" ] o f .o, rN0NTnoe sce uleandfthaoIthe e Soft.nknBtheefistone oht.pnted thidoc o$ 0Thtotentad liteand'o fysFne os
s ren led con- boys.tece t w .tot e yMniyra eurnw t R ob -liey$i0, 2 .210d Fo r a b h t ni0e 1.3
Ja c nornededIwteymou r a or y tAbrns Wevr p hwb e r 3 4 .d..o.e.heto f
thIewa R ,,acgr Moelan andato-bgnd bIT RAC... n atnnthe 11- e sit. b huh r"arre scoro W c ... .---
-4.- A N TO;~ bhnndil P s Sieymu r ns loha mE ere ted ieniethe ne T hy p1ick d heeBirrs w .20 2.20 :uew. ar,,(Vil ,rm, G e 4 0.asbrt.
/ Y. h- mo o5Aveth eieeth aro l tI-orlp e rited s b or i sewal layeo b th e Iu sg ond tn Es athe r O f all, t y Moral 0- Monte Ra. CE0 1k o 8t da a b.tea
P .is who's alsoStp tue tur*iAth f l q andmpso-vhl.lown S anHge z agin hedr an0 0acou- i -lVlvl RA4.00. ,-C-MLr '00anO-P tr e inoonb,

wo rk m s t d M g" Wgaatsond lrne- e 0 Mof tofrtihan ,c ts cllel d orh 'a e .$2.0. Io 2 0 a e ou1 laer rubn 0 0 0 $ rup
the- _d l second shltana 0 /'theyc twd he oet r"tox3-"IPIS .22 aR. ..
themNne; in [ti woulldereete'Vs0fr4oaI5.hthe tFoS:Mti- 4ro3in, r h w o k, ... "indUst e5 s tai0%1t
ln al : s-mopeir oi a In ofwhichwas1 titanhip fc ses .easoad- andtwofitm es EGHT ;lRACEtman 1m-lna 4-fi e ld e wo cleartthe b
theChoc "- LNern by SimsurColacouo/Aendtalle.itoio1- art8.n0,-.80,.J-The m..esh cod of t 4 00 31 02odgin lta lte
.. LOW ,u_1 ou t 2-3'viN...Teig, irse t on p ay s Tar "tthebo hons 2e-00h sa Troop osahi. P.iMeyersolb 3 0ut 110o 0r Cef t h i.ed tl_. ,
fentactdywih arJsiotosthc rn d e ef cte.-er, -. clout over lefto- n
_r____safeWSW=... ymoroInoor ad Jhny M.rRACEtel r.00 Came
runs. twPlases, on 1ba l lsa'hn it 1y 1 $ . 711LA nt. h ifo r T2oo52 5 er f'lr a h msaIMt
C..-., F .. ... S n h zoei dcorin S .

n.'"earlh atndr s ydd12estoran rhaw If 3le n 1ut 0 e T e victor __.;
.eR Da eb0-3a: poi tCm e 2Lk t ri0

m1 0 onan,rf1 1 MoI-Tatwtan

--- o e y y h v C d rn.dI -3-thIr02flt g u

ama,. u high-quality tried material ag used in ,. when the.. delfete Cnawick, Fgnt Henry vs. Rhodes; Lutz and 2; Baker edged Lme 2 uS ah I 1 i teiIs Kfwm
2.arefuly appllity. respectively at the Summ dit H I ad li e Wiham0 s.Wd. Fith 4 t2
Sil i ully piduDon Td Judon, and Bi LeBrun vs. Torlan; Mann vs. Tettenburn; .O WW AX"b 4 1 1 0 t
now carefull app e sly at the Summit Hills and Willie WUiam vs. Wash- Was MgOd Of 4 1B
Soolg control of t ten mperature Gof lub. burn; Fifth Flight Perantle ii 4 t M t1 1 2m M
mln e -evs. Sampson: Pouter vs. Melnick: Peratle rafes ann U niaUi 5 .M4 01
&u t. m l rWomen's Medalat Cleo Burns Balterlo vs. Honn; and Hazvsy v and 1:.ampaaa- tb1
4 FIal Inspection inside aid otide also advanced to the second Youngblood.up: and.aw4 b2 0 g
assures safety. round with L very impressive vi 4up:00
tory over Copeland. Women's Champlonsbi Flight and 1: Je 00 0
'L. vUP to more thaf, The only mqktehto go beyond Burns vs. Carpentat;.Perant.le usi0 0
~ j 'tire eagte. the 19thihele two-e first round vs. Trim; Askew o.Judson3*14 3: hAte3 o*
mItdhes was 3 fifth flight Tubbs vs. Banks. firt 1Esgt ohtf SI l ....
M-asygurtface-bato which saw Cherra v. Wikei getaae va. 6A
Mgg.r win the match with a par Dane s Hazy vs. Me~ulty; and
S' onasth. hoibr hSurface was Robinson vs. Cooper.
k.. Autmombiler Row .39, I- asmm -I. kIng a ,_ v *A
Tel. 3-4903 and 3-4 04Se eod pnd ma tches ma ,be Champlenship Flight
^B^^ *is>o =-m week this *k with
eoffOnastartrng time-set for Jim Riley edged-Chadwick I 5-
pr'vicio, Para uto,, A -- L 3:00 Lm. Wundap April'0 no up; Maer defeated LeeauS3 and and -
w cotw..A geurlo aa .. -. -, e a- muat agreement has Vaskus-defeated mlued 3 and OW
O" barauem. been be the oppon 2k Muller defeated NAmmond Rvan
--gWs f Da I -it forly. and 5; Sandy Hn defeated
PatUp1s fer: iaeiod round Judson 3 and 2; Qe@rge Riley
Samldsa, mateherW: M. edged Graham 1 up Jacks won man a
*by default @ovr Iw ter: Good-ain W&
lmandefeated Gramer 2 and 1.
4_4. Ankus n. F1114, "Ef
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i mar et to m e ankee player-boy' fund narby N 0 w .000
co Flrnamdez .'H exhibition tr ere from Flori The Pacific -rlaAonal seotAll
Crico at a s Hock di. west coast ttA after r Beturn Lgue now tutrs. Into its tMl
beflr to St. Pete he l the clb for two weeak of with a hectic
a quick return tn o the y e. thrc-tnteam ttl n for the f
s rany man, tA. CI N *1...,' 4 Beo O
ydMonte l Dida't meet peleta 3rer 1.w.* the e Je~- w
etivl y and Vad g o w al t g o T' h fthonoAF. 2r e 4 3 2.
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ison, 36: Roy a 3 'who shscted golfers the So, lifetun
trto fhow to be am; 2 id toed oa, private c ,. oSc
Carl Furillo. 33, are a year e th k's flare-up '-the last found on e more t tH f -
It wae 't d t o put a the St Petersbury O~O w t.he rot wlan 1r of
on r lns tbe vDeham rgot I a 1
e f 1 yComing qut e0 the AT' an harangue with a ni1ervita overs' Fr:as :nuet wuJJ d.fl
,Dn Newnd toP whether or not he ( oucha) had sime wienth e tSs NdAo.nd .,#
nil Injured the ulsar nerve i m busis Go pith asason It wTuld drive is we

ampanella i gripping the b around Asheville,. .un stay solvent, our agent advises Also hi ting t last tw
although the athig ed of the d another P m ae 4o ore te nt m ter iks of l s he close fig

thSRE^ .^-K, I;^^!^ Arf e aT f ad A#% AbD ^ J g a r
eXfamous battery doea't it: c'tly equine cfrles than ae a ads for top ba ttn bl nors. Just 0
look good carrying at least $0 Unforgettable: the elder dew- Gulistrem gest-grnter. soluteseaarte the first five r .
Sa e poundsoexes e. a spcatocr,' all-st f ar k Col t of -theailock ay cleadlon "a t e orm on
Yes .oCha..eal, dhf raaAll ltseso Ree e and Rob ne of the order .and nitnele re.or SgoPlS Vt1 .o.u

tCarlOrb left fielders a nd this particular r ypirly at IS .T; to e rt mete wir weet es. te in the re tpe otn O be t ue t .. S
.m pe v ic o agrpp t otWthe p t Im Gulatrhe s naro ev ferts. stu sw eat, po arente t :ase A1lso- h h Dh t t

calinging. If left-hnde continue early dates on ovorida's racing agais ShoiP out all the Io K i ) 1 Udtr (NN *

Jta!^ A 1i t.d fl.4
f aattouh f relod thm ea em.n aedf e ITat hSc aequi e e Pi n()rer t ISiV2. 2of 1 t "4 6 i
mF, Do Rcbison on first base. or u get in the botne h Roman (ND) 4e 16 .

r* -b h n t e- & t o u h. .,Good golf- IW O I aMuns 1 a S h
olsrs Han ex ettlu.h mm n e holes gveoet n the Ptbr llghl2 W irt 6o d I mat Weisal rr Ietaen d"S 25. 13. 1 M

om p Setts un erorioet reeke hesele tSep eotin a ,o r go e. of b y nice. Tc w d e ut f i selt a I b- e
NEWCOMBE. NOW APPEAR a frt T uget heMies bfrtd gearly a fht ae But mRoe sa upgislator#. Miby &I, ie s. be up sosesom *ooJ
i sta .np knows, maybe wext year e u mr gil expecte d to th prto- -- rr; e t akhe utt o r n wey n a l Lec t_ three fto er e t
". .,et ll to .,waytie m ind r on a' Second b a y, r b a ,u, .tt ,,urg 001 0J-1,. ."10 4 ro rrid h -- ev fr a jag'me'. l3 winW. l los. -, i '
y set dbfsBrth. "windd
That lfttle P re ane'tor comfortable sitl s he starts a illam is anything bute are cIe n nrIn0 u 0bula 1b o lo yea rrlFil ( 4: C#e s h -
:a au l. At hvbAi. rat cc o tMop cler W wr. Jus .02N UpS

P C *l refly ffyearHaeylay. ya 1a n i a a-t y p sala? 17), w) 4n Shp -. yer his
third year a pilot of he Pittsburgh te. Having fi Scho a nst pivoting on as d fraetntn, T e. Wde (, td o ,r te e e rs
. prace d al hr two ar- t eget is na oe _Itn the loal, pap enrsy m e .* Friend hav- coispp the glue.. after" hdncaa Apr) 00 1r0 .1et
hardly can be cnsiered es s l lW Friend. L Kual HR *e fso ou t ang Lase top eit ar vh. $une lea. i md.
SMaai ting h jea ourney Cfbre l oie tha r toy tsna h' s he torg tests toob- u. iouando, epard mCity amld a Itory I. athe t
,han icti.sp anr u mest tur Se Butgest, the Pe llies At Met -e om vere 1 SlAaonl rty en th e e t hen

Sl, finishes and foisl n as e le nrts s aee a s snymewh- t 'o a e rod wth an co)n. Reu ee' '
h* s Mft~t year s Promnow o nhe yobu areh *. cacher. F- htbus t ta boing pls a doubnd SD, petiion witho Mooe e him- n A 4: re -

to hone. First-claSs stock makes Iopest w lay him
Slawbyerode theadr e JiaClveellt N d o N 002' 00 04 .10 r l lblc h
le Haney Iammunity from the wolvess.o ien the s .ay lend 00, 0n e- e a t te a wl "S.

.1: t l- Hughes and Clam La Wn.e eyan H ( 3)- BdWtt, ov -J. a. at. waxes and real-t Fk fa : Ndyes. a h
nNgrelan l ke i s the one cnhtie pained countde- o n ao ()'de rar a ho a isB H ... l. .and waut n ee i i our sh s7
Shn't- wasn't ak f.or it. Though bpen's lIstaed ask. general New candidates are Edde Roe I. L Neweour t IR Alli. M.h for three nan g or -

to keep him ot of cstumea -tage dg te gd fie, w es ha ad am h h rih
Sa mystery Alfred Hitchcock might like to play ith bl. Negry has good stuff. Fowler, Par ) ad Sem basbal promotion wit be- .
'2 ef *SMHWhen t nick. Abernathy, hmit (6), bind the enl te pat I es and pnicsSi
S r tS E Ow ca BROOeLYN stumi Currie (8) and OlOw. orcheck in the vast cn floid spates. .|F .M__. orA, eefA__ r., .AA No_ ,

SCied in a not-too-bad second b(8). WP Curi e. LP Pearce. but a you Imag e Larry3 D
PRODUCED BY DISNEY last year. Dramo now in an -ad. HR Greengras, Yost. ading you potao salad?. 5 S a P
As : rtqult, Mr. Fr Haney, manager of the Pittsburgh ball insists that the Dodgers should At Houston, Texas
s cally has to to get his name in t he local papers. have s the glue. Maybe the Chicago (A) 003100 300- 7 11
uR n w ander RI ey must be like playing "Truth or Con- guy is i ght aIf they stayed up T Louis 40 004 d-12- 10 0.
2.One 0ight sprl Haney haf lotmon An atbr A lgg
r oute duty, nothing bett came along. anyth can happen with a Ftouch (7) and Lol or. Lawrence, L-d

rl, be had played hIm 93 games last year and the young of improvement, although the a 0, Schultz (3) and Sarnd. PANAMA. trPUn 'or rANA.4
vtg hadved hi m and chhd witot evnr a pr m-ban' 8 Rehur. Nm, Dr 0t. complete Prrewinog Nubers in the Ordinary awing No; 1882, S u Aday, April 3, l19g

iasisa th aet eathe o hu At douton, Thesa. (e et n o n
his. first pted ye a -ther eri s n gopa e nHpantiey c anept whu. FMayrbe led 7) Kn C(0)ttao Ten d- ThI A LI oT t, has Ro is ad h l e ro TeHE IdsI A" of 's April each

Sen on T8 Io ETHe BOtiLAYt a w er in Mcoldernley anFeae | S? 4N wI i sst PrIizde a8 b. I r e

erl Zens w aes tid ot oe t marke an ot afie, e ray twonse ofP H. rs- R o renr LP r BunWe Sul iv
f a e can't doed, Rickey wants to be th first to Dry EANS REu-DON Kinder 8 and Whiter. WPp Ora ri N s is N i w i ils ayMe A ." .
Wh o ft all the w a the ina Wreitten w hor NRA Serve t-- sse' gam s.. s- .ss a -s ta -
rou caic"h At Atlhnte.rGa. (1st gpns, 3 f -it is --" 1 l
mlVat Prejuly,.ay had snaped. "A left-baancah er can do Q nand ae catchr withknin) ea2 003 wholen A40. hsesseoas 44 aee suo r

h ,up ch r cand, krope third strike, then throw Atlanta, 111 100 9000 4 1 4.2 INN as. ta m -- I .1 .'-
anything t otst shand lcatch an." te. or euhn -o-s-con first n -enpo bnate D-et r t 100 c oe 000-4 a s "m"Ius sui.i g il '0' .
Dre!e s es y "se~y Memphis aln 00e 0- 1 5 3 mIse

rqbOIt IaeaLast yar he hitn .b280 and had 2 stat aDthe Hue shf ers (6),m-1
.frthmere as sa ruerot ofs ant oe wI oca. d opprutios Der Fro First Prizem L

seaqor one out. However, If the Fcwtuck. n 1
TtSmnhncWJ blv o asoeni,bhis At Atlanta, Ga, (oSeS game, aIN
oBL, A he TrulEd- "Just th AMBICAN oon his out. a-(8x Innings, derkaess) s e. es Isee g s e so
A I w a r Alants (Soe.) 000 000-4 20 O. c Pri P Second
ald t eat' nom e moded iane. a na e club a -er Gn-r Clle -be e rK n U1 0dlp r b
'Thn57e woualdcats sed4k to mie a u seler S pfoon Horn-m, era ........ CRo7ert ad Wursons. bursvsa,

S itt flat three lubs:. the AmelhAn a got nothing. Any At-eS5 ua 1 m A n (1 ) esl lI S- m(.4 ) !0 4jS- I I| eJM 2; _. W0 4L70t UA
-ItfK lfrYiso A ny- to the fo n, stes In IM LP GrbowskL HR--Wouho n- aM Sun ... 1 M M m a
dw lwinpm o, Nations?. Its- .h" e i. A, 8,.. ... tio l .m MM t n = IN 1i0.ff l I ..,.
bathRs a lifr a 01 asg@An eai
b=ste to we w'd a Tribe.w _hs At Ann_ 7n. at bek from -in S.. F-- 0.
nKfibft&^^&^KiZ^^ wm p, nlit of mooIres Chris Dunph%. WPa- PtLt. L? -ADitmer, HR u D P Thfri
BhIiIl t e hh .1 ie saine, c m 2, Io ger, Pins i It .

fe wwo-,- -S.t,...e,..It. A",..

caum lrs test ale SeMs inew mI mDs
S22 ... WnWIs S. eas te 1tause a 'r
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... .. .1+


e lief And 0 ua

ove Into Philippine Quaka A a
jrPlants carrying food,
b.plasma and PresidentA-.
l-man relief and .4 .".."- -.
CttWgasytask force lande r* '2 Lei the peept. know the W.81tii teCOwUrrit1t-hh. u4
reconstruction task fares lnded .
e today to ease the misery of
oirthquake survivors.,
. .The death toll as tabllated -" -"-O-N ........... a t MO' .. ... .. .
b Philippine news ser *Astill
Sat '.40, well above the .-
"*evkno disaster record mark: ..
i, u rirnIMwhen an earth-d
qi ke killed some 400 persons
,; ..mantisa."...
I Iinmediate care of the more .

yodredsl of in- !Red Chinas Powe in
11f teams. HONG KONG, April UP) it was thought- their technical iaest oVerture fa t. U wtd
Russian, European si to and. training might have been hpful attitude is toghep su
They fanned out around the Finnish freighters and tasker s de- the Communists. The United, 41et A
desolate lake shore where earth lv morewar R8d The United etaehtema ad RedCh.Mat CM- Iated 1)0 it- h
ist sentn pothe waster eintdemi

adend the ri i r during March th an as have been in contat atf ae ds.
naifait 27 muiiicipalitiei t month since last summer, weon. vs on the prison problem fra l~ $h u SP
veppiainist 27 municipalities ERHlk N WlPNS-An ArmY barracks is half demA bw rh h edwall ~ ed W e a asouces ruot- onutha yer. Miss .
Friday. ERDOgRN I!LPFINES b An Army barrafbuildngs wal4'tormdasy. n sucsrpot ota a.Mtings have been The United StatesralWohaW
Bieucompletely gone, i result of a series of earthquakes which crumbled' th hsanda of buildlnpo *, tdY held at the cn let; c hie- total trade- embargo la a
lf teams at Mindanao, Phiippine Islands. At least 200 persons were reported kilsthted in the tr
Sn eah solte vllaesarundPhman, Eropenymo teuls, sai 13 lybecus tihe iled btesn hasl+u ,tlwed China. i~ +

S reach Isolated villages around Philippiner, nd 16 are reported missing. Thousands are homeless. These sources, who vust f'l no diplomatic relations with the Officials said in considerate tn ea e
an laae that have been block- mat inaneeymous, said ta ddeps ed Chinese.-wa being gantoI g e
-deote lategslruneareedollvted strategic ca t, There were no Rsi in official nacl or cont -in. o h ls
ofhys and the wrheroinfert ,edl twy. e .ramill gt e d s..l ld inrMa rtese port A circles the Uited States was pro section with the -isne .que

I out determining immediate T- tion.. .w Al o".
ow best to spend 500000 in One of the Polish ships was t"e

.tetoring essential services. utili- )Homeless survivors picket U tanker Wrapolpraca.
t, A- teand communications to the through wreckage that drifted The nex biggest month mince
itr ken area. to shore lefor bodes, ford t mae sumfreh rwajoJoranroyhrwhen
SA plane s s s or Care" 1005 rcogisp ble parts of gleatroye- oe Fintish two Czech dnOn three si otthe ee ds Ma l e1 e d
S skageles ewas also flown in and cWhomds and for personal be- lai 0 pdns2hayaids stopped either et Lap-
te shipments were reported llongLg all of which were agMel iad, 5 miles from

SAdditions! seriously injured Magsaysay flew back to the stlRiver estuary, or centimu- ..
ors were exhl ected to be zru ndanao disaster area yester- admup the Pearl River to Wham- n
to Manila later in the day day after holding* an emergency pos, 1thh port for Canton,
a relaevh overorowned hospihl cabinet session in Manina to
a csolitfet h ere. speed w p .vreamlief measures. Hedi Cas is e ina ralon e twas e ie to

i nadd r b E b ofpo hty after a damge asFallen province whip e 4 e cls
out deter MagasaY's or- hurried. u r of the Orionesa -ad where thes Co.-
" how best to send $500.000 In

tur squ~intke r e r epol rted a lia
festoring prompt action, offserv ic ials stick Homele survivors pkedtgalishar ripost wath e
ti already given Lanao priori- tano the an ouInh wreckvase that driftvase force for a
o ken 0 a bricated thr o hre looi af ImmedIo ate tack on the Nr was JanualistsbN Iwhen
achoo houses. Material for tour 4 tbp Lanao lake dianishtwoCzechterthree
f shelters was being as- gi d e the- pot pernt Q beIT L Above newa shows where a shine Mar 2t lone te o
ahll ents were*ef nortedma lcy nn waves, b th e seven- s.rdes i of e th e o the me a dsn n ton, gaming Hong Konsig tby
returned way.had hit Oamis pr fleu e k he Riverw esa at Lap Sapu-
hAddtion seriously inured s a ona r s ew n beackt o e a oa avt he outb -on L thea -

uu~m.sru U Maor SaudaE Jaysid ~ f nseScreiaryW lo Talks one of Wins whc fr
srdto be Mindanao disaster area yester- pot, the portforC nton. m

n fwas comple an eely eUS' 'T n o S n P ON TEE MOVE- Venolmr Ccmbaty
.~w tOMis, a.Th wateres the gpse*troport fr C ato-n,
relieve overrowned hosp cabinet sessheon Iw n sl toeCasn a
speed up relief measpeed WASHINGTON, April 4 -(UP) detr an enemy from such as at- ear the a i -e ts
rhad; rrite &WWfterWae, ve

a t d .o ta'oh the waves in a rae f Defense Sereta Charles tac, awhe second, reb blunt an re t

U drnwf Some made the protetn -r sadfd teamnsr-sc act if It comes. 'Is posiblltasrasex-a.
amp and urned to is, h ut other were caut aren reaspeveloort a "sound, long it edt ain
already ive ee nn .rso apriori- Oatn ao theoack r n tohed Cohnar.e Ia d
IISrt-fabric t re se-aimmediate

how :atehd thred- Th-B3,ln h a tayo A rc a n odhe almt hopedi thate I d
s oehol houses. Material for tour g A rhp.oLasso. lake dia ajser, i slandt
a. -ep;lShIiMarch 25 alone five for,

Wd. odSuseviVbors said thet' tegiant s ,iso r es e dthe rp theL United Npatsnsononge -eO r

in as f as moviem c h ea- t an in- an E8 dHeIn PH nIL NE8 -wit pbovedes fore new a cnet buoll Uere bat e that Iat wudlaretolds 6
aa igewofn maltigPAs hardest hit of the group, with some 200 personal dead, 2000t only a few mals.
werto e sod a lakei andaifthhomeless, and damae estimated at abouritone million dollars. The arrivalne of se at Lap SP
.-longlsonake Ofrom

were: even ____,___o______o,___e__e__e__rata_________"-____o_
hwmany ad dinled. batc te dow Cocaumitsorcu sStriki ArC Cowm .rethhrn to'edh .

er a -er wa .omO ;,. ..-. r me**=n t ene bym din ofte ue .. -itd oteflr 1 SM .a i .a rh SP ... pahrt -
Torumeandtr Appleanford these. rreiooTeBl, sog the flnta of Aerican studeins wur USere
ole a ir offica l Me d ayor Saud o f vesin sSrO

thatd the eb erntcdlot eMmeMetary th o pia sub ~ poee r fit," W replcd stleiigthei lsU ited Nains s r e 1 ma t

r e starp weo_ a erorne_.hfs- *ITOth ,Are l 4Ug h effeteeen lsupoveyofth d, o th a d the r jeta bo mbr enordesJ'ro."derease Dare". Himares eroid's e *flhlast,. .. rIuM r .
S. seahtl._ g lbs. tdm m elongopeo n tdermaer n Pras wnedt Tiinah saan. m ratonso n ai te av'sroppigveg3a00eaeided nlosr profaUS. beneua th eagp .ber e u a eionsomcltl y u p. .toera. h... ,ol" ,i n.h isdeligsw i srn Pi.
theNI I in fulrc or tryt h" bel -e Sen te~ t 0000dfnebae teom Tohe. t-asklo they h nt y be, alled ieave te ColJalsm tsr ho ed thsit .'plo... i teNae,. ._. ,-,'.-s Bk
"t rstr k" b"se'Tralt war n susotriking Porwmr s a t e .
risan e s awfayre ff om lo o s l@ anede o"d Wilson ade thedestr a tem e Sthefleh A r e' tueed a. Autoille4tu n. aTMhe Wae.t. qgnTbrs, ...he b...

"'zrher- Onahroer- h whetolUn haprdd beforoe4hr the Sea-dn carrier Forrsta tothe loearT. Aericandct pimansarone beo C U) r Ngo rm DeS( *e ofat atdcah ar ea. w.hichm has + "" ai

A las 10 eron wre Th GorsaDeocat wo n ~eoca, i c M iiar Apoprition sub-om 'Wevefeel confdn,-huad hl nj~ s ,n lid Cheina, e l'tucrth sad strongg fomihlset w) tartboifr Alg u amn iuin Th'roda y" food hntoefet
itrsltarted whnoakero hh WASHIT O A-r nil. 4 UP) comittee iNsu port 4t ea ttheran e r forsce=oese herorn re aro theru- ainto acto Haoa re h ido on ht- .. ed_ b
eat Ming, system etode Fer Prsit ma plans tmnisraton' pose "d $34,00 .I d i e t y redao w i ben oren permisi s t o d ea prioate hew or I 4 a.a

net Tfre fer e ra t-ltd Ar etm tohi belmotsved oSn te adefensteatin the on t o thed tk they mdigtin bte cled leave the mulsers, 4t d" s s .o at esetsi i
roujhthe trupciture adWe d aofsWitnes rathe frthn wIcm J$9r4a eg e. ti we nwnteamltft

mate.'.ineenr- aweappbrtie d l sr e a r co aleo e b the -lThae 7pCan- hr tae. Meri ass di.iit atuds r e al Up l ;
"es tudsenrso 0setSp emudythemrotebunctng masttr tIod a ysutheul a indtr -.heS9ifttr oma .l.. ".

S a &W 0e org bb Miitary leaders 01 W e FnIh tates wahn, On oUticd.e ne
Ltmho to eputment hitsu- 'asnedYet

t' i md wter af ero- vAille. sa AodndidaWe, alor cutthesecarto in po the ad-o R satr t o e t e hes hnee e
i '.. MI heatunbidsttm ex l lse but oter-r slwetTrecughtnupladefen/ s e ton programd with00proides fnorpracontinu r ed uldpbtu-, tit "elwoeu-ld,

bie oR.eign Rea-dualsertes wvicea pCstha join ci efse lot oft h --
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a .- mainu exith sthought se oan C l r- osb'e rev szor Wei lson yand h isdfese unisteoae rform.acAte. 'retrebrnandAm icmneaut The .ae. .. T
thoiwmany truha toUited.1al~ hre.vencarcsd ftesbon ru&Te.B36 on hegais a v f Aertiscanount7, hobut thei e~qarter ad"to4frq'hdSls ilsataanTusa, cu.ta oe ta
1 00 aeros were Te Gieori Dflstem ratTho t fend mhiostrl ateione romlra b theocs.- The 7Chi se studeghtp sionna armyh *- by the D .u .. sd Hs Ha. G, au -.y
"t n jgred, soam entsofThe mantdthe formeriilPrdntap- 'e Quesres e rsth.pat wazsoa 5rsudepowtuy.will beorepl.cedn-" gth enUie aftie cr the' os oagainst
nit- Th ey weren trampledAil,,, h Wold b ee mos t conMe e were openly ctivcly -br eakg the Knorea warte ouskw e to s e riv forces It t
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