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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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- 4





S"Lt the people know the truth and the country is #afe". Abraham Unedlb






3r States

G VWAS, NOW., March 29 -
(W Another secret atomic
J fehWapon, most powerful
bt aMs test series, explod-
ed dwn today with a roar
tDdI mA t c liing '75 miles
aSwr shook a 1, -mile ra-
-t kir three states.
pkbi the power of the
Dleveled Hiroshima
khi, the nuclear de-
gqred by the atomic
eaMWry oinlMsson at 4:55 am.
Atop a 500-foot steel tower at
ti W&_-ptvtDg range the
Mfr of-g unique double-billing
of atom blasts for today.
WeCther and radiation fac-
tot n muatting, another nu-

Ike Believes

Reds Not Set



WASHINGTON, March 29 (UP)- President' Eisen-
hower does not believe that Red China is prepared to at-
tack Quemoy and Matsu islands In the near future.
He disagrees emphatically with those U. S. military
and naval leaders who have recently been saying that war
may begin in the Formosa area by mid-April. On the
strength of military and political intelligence reports avail-
able to the White House, he feels that Red China does not
yet have enough airfields along the coast to undertake
a full offensive.

detonation, this time a
-0 altaude "air drop" 15,000 The President does not dis- Some administration leaders,
W ae e the tes range, count the danger of war In the and some influential Republi-
was uohedded for later. Formosa Strait at some later can senators, argue that uncer-
ae fh -dawn "whopper," un- date, when Red China has mass- tainty about the U.S. reaction is
of atedl as having a kick ed more strength, particularly an invitation to the Reds to at-
dl 0'tons of TNT, was touch- air power, on the coast opposite tack Quemoy and Masu. They
ed f. Amidpt the most elaborate Quemoy and Matsu. want a flat U.S. declaartlon now
W. tiv- defense and Qatsu.
!aI sacvi deiensfe es His o bjetin is to recent news that the islands will be defend-
S elahr eaged in fire years stories reporting that some of ed.
here with nu- tp militady advisers regard Others, including some Dem-
Itw a "schoolroom" tes f the conflict as imminent. ocratic senators, agree that the
It a sa 'choolroom" test for The White House believes uncertainty s dangerous: But
eMarines and the De- that it knows who Inspired they would end It by drawing a
Department's air arms these reports, but the clear defense line across th
eamts covered 67 ctego- dent does not plan, at present, Formosa .Strait, putting Formo-
.l .to administer say direct per- sa itself gnd the Pscadores un-
it was hslf the enal rbuolltul ". dbr U.8. roteotion,butakin
te !ist -l9l* fe HS UL. Lkows & utMW Will
~lMlL& .d .-no t fig t for eao d Mat. w
st ware talk sh e a'suflicient .
it warning to the offlWals w" Ir Elseibower's view that
O eltM 1 t Ooe. cerned. war is not Imminent is under-
Uth; = Na .; d. A The published reports that a- stoo to have the baking of
S. f., a radius of rou roused Mr. Eisenhower's ire said be national Security Council.
Ise0in essome of his key advisers were It is based on both military
S. ,"- urging him to make a definite and political factors.
Sa declaration that the United Politically, the Pr e si dent
f K geSOl IAu States would fight to protect doubts that the Chinese Reds
mn 1 1 Quemoy and Matsu from Con- would launch an attack on the
SImunist seizure. eve of the African-Asian confer-
Ni ngS Iael So far, the United States has ence scheduled to begin April
carefully avoided'any flat com- 18 at Bandung, Indonesia. The
Arab mitment to defend the Nation- Reds hope to use this confer-
jilaeu B- Arabs cmalstei whic r dl-
By" I re alist-held islands which are di- ence to make propaganda with
N ATN T rectly off the shore of Red Chi- their claim to be a peace-loving
NATIOS N ,- na. power-a claim that would be
(UP)-Arab delegates It has said U.S. forces would reduced to complete absurdity If
e' htree security Counci mosa and the Pescadores. su during the conference.
r condemning the Is- But administration sources Militarily. the intelli ence re-
ral a.tack on Gaz. for the have said that President Ei- orts avable to theresident
mieatetone in which t crit- enhower himself would decide. indicate that the signs of a ma-
le f Isrel when and if events made it jor Communist ihvasiol build-
ncilwassummoned to necessary, whether the defense up have not yet appeared on
condemnation measure, a n d es also to resist an attack on Mr. Eisenhower does not feel
uick passage smee assureda Quemoy and Mates. that Quemoy and Matsu, with
dA -, srab protests as that it dn i If the Communists staged a their strong Nationalist garri-
n condemn Israel as an purely local attack on the off- sons can be taken without a ma-
01, Sp shore islands, the United States jor Red assault. And he sees no
ad tha t Israel be declaregt' d these sources said. But if the sembled the aircraft and troops,
an a.sor andoreorred attack seemed to be clearly a or completed the ar bases and
ma-e r.ation5l fo the attack part of a plan for the invasior %nting Icraft, for the kind of
the army officers of Formosa, they said, U.S. fore- maor eort required.
y ofihe yes would go into action.
In seo wThere is no indication that .__.
pThe second western resolution resident Eisenhower is ready
puts into effect four-point yet to draw precise eprintA Pat
Proposed b Ma. o n. of U.S. Intentions regarding o Attack' Pact
~.L M. urns of Cnada,hlef Quemoy and Matsu.
of the truce supervision orga- ReportedBetween
nisaton. Itc calls or: ga He does not feel. *at present. Reported Between
n n. It that it would be wise to tell the
inepato long sensi-Commun exactly ha theUS AndChlang
ti"i ectonw-0bhe demarca- United States migh or might not
line. do under all circumstances. TAIPEI. Formosa, March 21-
.This "keep guessing" (UP The Chinese National-
2. Negotiation of a local agree- stand is under fi from two ist have refrained from attack-
n~tt to prevent border infil- sides in the capital. Ing Communist invasion build-
tistiieon. s on the malpland because of
t .I "written agreements" with the
3' Erct~onof a barb d ideIV B myra c

&. Erection of a barbed wire t n Ce
obstacle along parts of the line. "W" HI Ralc
4. ng of allouposts and F les; Faure
Sr a troops. i,
*attte "Infiltration cat be S u V ley
useWda to a noetalsonal uim-
Iee it an agreement wes eef-
f 'fted-between the parties on PARIS. March 2i (UP)-Pre-
tae i he has proposed" mier Edgar pandre appeared
a e prs almost certain today of win-
S r- ning the speal owners he
i h Diplomats wt from the National As-
o sembly to reform France's ob-
S r Ike's Views olete economic and financial
SOaoy Isle 4 taxess strike" that
fizsled out yesterday took much
M arch s (UP) of the steam out of the anti-
Britih dimat tak movement led by Pierre
ked PrSideM Ztsee-7 Poujade sad left legislatoFs
view g.n ttmore.M W illin gM to follow Faure
SMI AI' tbl y ealkd a 1 aeet-o
hlg to menduge ts deutate on
rIatbot W"Wl 6Wl tim-rewas

United States, It was reported
An authoritative American
source said the agreements were
contained in an exchange of let-
ters between foreign minister
George Yeh and Secretary of
State John ftter Dulles at time
of ratification of the Sino-A-
merican mutual defense treaty.
The agreement provides that
the "use of force will be a mat-
'er of joint agreement subject
to action of an emergency char-
acter which is clearly an exer-
cise on the inherent right of self
The American official said any
decision to hit Communist inva-
ion preparations would have to
come from President UEsenhow-
etr probably on recommenda-
tions of Vice Adms. Afred M.
Pride, commander of the 7th
The official said the United
States utHJ hope, for a peasetul
solutim toe the Fornuea ers.M
Meanwhile Commnnmlt CM-
adariea today, the NatioAal-
inslatry of defense ripoted.


Al-Night Secret Session I

Convicts Ex-President

On Homicide Chaige
,_ 0 -

-Former President Jose Ramon Guizado was convicted t*
.day of complicity in the murder of his predecessor Presid ,i
Jose Remon and sentenced to six'years and eight months ,
On receiving the news at the Panama City jail, Guizad&
poaled and said: "That is what I expected from this assemi
bly. They have condemned an innocent man."
In addition to the jail sentence, Guizado was ordered to pay the costs of
trial, and to forfeit his civil rights for the term of the jail sentence, and was onui:
from the Presidency. Since Jan. %lirhtd-bein suspended.

"While reclusionn," the type of jailing ordered by the Assembly, usually mutt
I served at Coiba penal colony, Guizado's sentence specified that the term be se
at o place to be named by the Assembly.
SThe Assembly vote on the W Wt wos 45 to eight. The dilberation-l
ed from 7 p.m. yesterday without ste~ tkrough-the long, weary night till abbot
o'clock this morning
.. G owo uW)0 yrst in jail, b int

GuIdOs COW and sentec, ., Tavik -ehalce of .Justice question. What o an I do?
this morning Assemblyman Felix ingI." he adedd.
Oiler reVealed that during the Chief defense counsel 70
course..o I i lght's delibera- Juan Escobaro. Is receiving
tons iMs coae gue Jose D. Cres- callers In his hospital room,
po presented a proposal to have also was unable to receive I
confessed slayer Ruben O. Miro phone calls.
testify at the secret session.
Oiler said that after some dis- Deputy Mrs. Acracia ,Vi
cussidn Crespo withdrew the one of the two women in
proposal.. sembly at the Vime oft1
Oler also accused Assembly- flatly declared,. "Justioe
man Carios Ivan Zufilga of try- upstairs." The other
Ing to obstruct the session. deputy. Mrs. Serafina
Later, ZuiAlga declared that he was called In to act wheat
thinks Guizaao is innocent. prosecution challenged then
~ Zufilga was one of eight who gibility of Luis N; O Gulsade.
voted both against the verdict accused man's brother, to 41
of guilty of being an accessory on the trial.
S to the assassination or President Tired and in some eqs
Remon and the original ten-year hevelled deputies emnergin4
sentence, which was reduced to the night-long secret
six years and eight m aoiths. stated that even before
The other seven deputies the building anonymous
who voted along with Zunflga nhone calls were condg
are: Aquilino Boyd, Juan B. the verdict.
Arlas, Juan A. Delgade, Plinio
Varela, Simeon Conte, Tomas Bit in the streets of th
R. Arias and Francisco J. Li- there was no visible reI
nares the culmination of one
Explaining their vote in a greatest trials in Panama
four-page brief, the eight de- tory.O
duties said: -."119

BREAKFAST is borne through early dawn to the non-s

Subversive Activities Control I

Attacks Attorney-General's Lis

-Harry P. Cain, member of the
Subversive Activities Control
Board. said yesterday the attor-
ney general's "subversive" list is
a "heinous thing and represents
trends that will kill this coun-

ganizations listed in paragraph
U below?"
"It Is beyond the capacity of
many persons to answer those
questions Intelligently," said
"And yet If they make an er-
ror they could be subject to cri-
minal Irosecution."

Cain, former Republican sen- '
ator who was appointed to the Paragraph two on the Defense
board by President Eisenhower Department form listed the 282
In 1953, has been attacking the organizations which have been
administration's security pro- added to the attorney general's
gram since January. Usi since it was started in 47.
In an interview. Cain directed ."I don't know the status of
his sharpest barb at the list of.r any of those groups," said Cain,
"subversive" organizations corn- ."and I doubt If anyone else
piled by the attorney general. does.,"
He said some persons in the ad- *.
ministration share his views. The former Washington sena-
The list, he said. Is used as a tor said the control board, set
basis of the loyalty.eystems and up in 1950 to determine the sa-
"It has people Seared today." tis of orianlzdtions desxinu.xed
And, he added, "they h a v e a by the attorneys general, has
right to be" scared. been petitioned to hear only 13
"I am not soft on Communists cases.
by any means." Cain said. but "Other orgala tons only al-
inless some way 1i found to ad- leged to be sndeslve mav re-
judlcate the attorney general's main on that hateful roll for a
list it will remain eM the scene hundred vears." he said.
in perpetuity. "No attorney general. should
I People wx afraid to have the power to br "- a.
Join anything. Tey will fear lroup unless he dmultaneonsly
that in terms of evolution the announces his kItentions to test
group could b6 te d anLazon- Wh allegations before a tribun-
Itie and I=w 1 lose their al."
lobs 26 year -_ Atty. Gen. Herbert Brownell.
Cain picked.,ir fm which Jr, has added- 61 lpowi to the
the Defense t asks rolls. Each was notified ind.. f-
contractor fill out. feed the o p~rtiatltp e a
He a.,ted : .. ....
b~in~ te 'p~ be00%,m

1) They feel that Ouizado
should have been tried by the
Supreme Court.
tqp secret session. 2) That there is not enough
evidence to warrant the charge.
ar M e ber 3) They feel Oulzado's crimi-
nal responsibility had not been
Board' Member amply proved.
4) Miro's confession cannot be
SI legally introduced as evidence
st As against Oulzado.t
st As 'Heinous 5 The prosecution was notI
able to produce two witnesses,.
as provided by law, whose state-
"halt this, dangerous trend," ments coincided on the manner,
Cain said. time and place of the comnmls-
-sUsi- on of the crime.
They claimed that the evi-
deoce wis based entirely on
what Mire said and what other
Causes More Trouble :"-. t he.ts "" "'"h
The sentence was signed by
Tm Assembly President Ernesto Es-
IhVUolnVEi i W ll. l lenoz and Assembly secretary
Gavino Sierra Outierrez and
BRUSSELS, Belgium, Marcl communicated to Gulzado in jail
29 (UP) The Belgian Parlla- at 10:30 this morning.
meant worked today for swift set. The verdict agreed uoon by the
element of the inflamatorl majority of the Assembly was In
school aid issue that has wrack-,keeping with the renest of As-
ed the nation with violence for sembly prosecutor Ell X o Crespo
the past week. villalas who wound up his first
Despite legislators' appeals to discourse by asking for Guizado's
keep the fight in parliament. conviction as an accessory.
fresh rioting broke out last night Soeclar aroeecutor Jose N. Las-
in Tongeren, ons, Coullet and so de la Ve"a. en the other hand
qther provinal cities over a had asked t Shat asdo be folud
proposedd l0.000,000 cut in a ulltv of ivruI4 tiny ne nlottt*w
propriations to Catholic choose. Ithe auamft n of Rf n. pnd
The biggest' riots came Satur- I 5ddltioww' vea herous, the
day in Brussels when more than victim was the preadent of the
80 were Injured and hundreds er e. .
were arrested. 'I T fe qet at te lmteorile-
Cathoa.t.ek berg of -a Par- i( a"on M enit g who, m'-
lamentarn committee -amlnlnit be eareloe mW wit'h$4 wd
a schools Reform Bil that fte y apt"A1 UIs v feM
touched off natlon-wWu riotingel *- d Asa IW S.
annoued today they will boy- ua 'y ty'
cott future a ,5. --
The Calue, mWa et he ha. s
4tst-LIbe0a eognsel 4l01
M snuf
I hlllo -ion,

Bevan Be ats
Avoids Ouster

From Laber Pirl
Left-wing Aneurin
believed to have saved U
from expulsion from thwi
Parly today.

Bevan appeared for two
before a special
mittee set up to
future conduct and t1
mine whether be
kept In the ranks bf ti
Whose leadership he hW
It was doubtful th.
sliver-tongued w
said either "I'm
behave" during
with the political court
But informed or
after the secret
were solid I
had "bealn the
Tomorrow, thb
speal tribunal's
be ended to tiw S

whether to
.t" ...I j


-ul I

.m .-r -' -



4 t ,

kT to ,, 'i 'i wI a s a







..S w.. 155 ra~" -m ..------ .. .. ---1-

*NW Wil a THE PANAMAA ALabor News.A
S P. 0. Sax t34. PANAMA N R P. Ai
PANAMA NO. 2-0740 I 5 LIN 1
O/Pq0N 1VI,0 CONTI7AL AVENUE IETWEIN 2'I' ArA 11TId aI4W 5* mkA-f'
SAve. rw YoOWL 117P i, .men
S.. I' 1o l c-- iSO*'o4.00o By VICTOR RIESEL

" V I MA THi MAb OWN GLMH And now Walter Reuther has
_. __ _, ___ --___ __ TI soturned movie producer. Iin e(cl-
or. The CIO aqto union he leads
has completed a ,
smoothly written propaganda
T .M IL film to h flashed around the
country. In lmple terms, it tells
S Reuther's story of the ouaren-
MaSexIs e fo de.The PanamaArie. teed Annual Wage (GAW).
T M Asssud ogrt pen d forum or handled in eidetia To. Insiders, the nation-wide
an. distribution planned for the
S menl. e-a-l e -de be impatles it dean't Peser tIn film seems to tell still another
41y......W o p-l- ,n -- -- story it seems to them that
sroe .." I ..the lelis ,mited to *nuoPe O lN@no. IReuther is now thoroughly ready
J of. iulfs write, Is hold in stittest s~ eden. Ifor an auto strike. Few really
f dpesemutes no respibilltV for statement oplioi expected this until late this past
----- Ieem e tove t e reader s.,wDeek, but a walkout suddenly
d- seems to be a serious possibility
,, this summer.
.FSAN ANTOrom deep inside Detroit's
ir. executive suites there now come
Made the grade, and completed my 92 years yesterday, and reliable re s of a stiffening o
b. me.Cards l' reports of a stiffening of
surprised how many of my old friends still remember me. Card the auto Industry towards Reu
pied in from Canada to Panama, and from the Atlantic to the the and his demand for pay by
Pacific the year instead of'pay by the
A bunch of friends dropped in, the oldest being Thomas Bb- hour, day or week.
don with a bad case of Panama fever. Lile me he loves Panama, The word is that General o.
and you can look for him about June. f things go well. Mrs. tors and Ford are on the
bdon is recuperating from a major operation andhopes t of ded to take on a lon
able to rake me a call soon. As perhaps you know, they hae strike, If necessary, to fight the
three ions on the Zone. ,nec GAW.t
First day of spring brought us freezing weather and most of Thus the odds shift. For
the peach crop Is killed My weekend outings seem to be over months now, it was believed
until last art of June as myv son-in-law is'putting in ten lurs :that Ford would give the United
a day six days a week getting plans of work to be ready for bids Auto Workers tJ(AWI some sort
before June 30. of Guarateed Annual Wage
And did we have eats. Had two big cakes and at 2 p.m. here formula. T7tewerre an sorts o
coImes the postal wagon with a big one from way off Vnitu, Okla-. rumors Ineiding the-latest,
homa which had Ford willing to guar-
Sincerely. antee its workers at least 75 per
Pop Wright cent of their annual income
should they be laid off.
Lasa. w B ............. But in the hours orecedinR,

RIO HATO Sunday morning's opening of
ir': the UAW convention, the word
I'd like to ask that joker that vehemently denounced the in Detroit was that the men who
plan to move Albrook to Rio Hato just what he proposed to do really run Ford are going to -.
th rolve the problem. stand pat. The best they would
He didn't offer any plan lie just seemed real disturbed offer, according to these reports, _
that somebody wanted to pry him out of his rut. Well listen, Mr. Is the willingness to study OAW
Air Force civilian empoe. I think you're wrong. I think Rio with the UAW. I *
Hato is a dandy place for an air base, and I know because I was It Walter Reuther is to be *
-tatJoned there In 1944. taken at his word, this will
Matter of fact, most of us were grateful to be there rather mean a strike. He want the for- 3
than In the South Facific or Greenland or the E.T.O. Liked it mula In action within a ear Wn h
so much we wouldn't come down to the Canal Zone unless we not under study. The 0oda are
absolutely had to. that he will take Ford on first.
We liked the wide open spaces and the freedom, and we liked One hundred and thlrtyfive MEMOS OF A GIRL FRIDAY
the people, too. The "Interoranos" are real nice folks when you thousand men will go on the
nt to know 'em., and smart too. We taught them lots of new picket lues If a walkout comes. Dear Mr. W:I havetheAPtickersheet ongMr.
technical skills and they vwerc good. honest, hard workers. I And as the strike ripples Baruch's testimony before the Fulbright group.
th the residents of the town of Rio Hato would welcome us spread outward, feeder lpanta This is the part you prob'ly wanted: "Capehart
back. will begin to lay off help in asked Baruch how he feels about so-called tip-
S heir community grew rapidly with Air Force wages, and scores of cities. Detroit will be sters such as broadcasters. Everybody. knows
anyoe welcomes the circulation of money. If the Air Force real,- hit like a Nevada desert during who you are talking about,' Baruch commented.
ly-eans to promote its "Operation Native Son" what better atom test .time; Within I few Once C~aeaart Identified W. Wlnchell by name,
plae to do it than Rio Hato? weeks, the sdol Industry will BS3 r.4id: 'You can't control a man's opin-
Id, friend, their town isn't God-forsaken. They're doing aIlb" .o aA. "Mills supply- read in the papers every day predlc-
te beWat they can with what they have. They didn't crawl into lag Ford will then have to-be- tions on who Is going to win the pennant, who
an establishedd community" like you did, and they're not work- gin to cut back. will win the fight. I can see the nothing sinls-
ina for va',:'av and rundov"n. They're -.orcing to ritakc their ter or improper about t. Baruch sald".Good to
co utrya better place for their kids. Can you say. as much? Inlide the White House. which see the Senators finally listening to Wall Street
SAs far as the misgided students' demonstratloino clotl -db ave to del he giants, instead of midgets....The N.Y. .Times
fan'the base goes. let me refresh your memory. W"nMta.we evenurW. Is ane apparently couldn't decipher his own
Dommunlst-JJ O 'f. Inspired plot which was denounced e ver potmsttn.b.uto a o .Because when you compare the stories
twlonsal Panamanian citizen, especially the people of he in-Ila- r to work things out for y match.
Werior. themselves for a while. they don't watchh
You failed to notice how firmly the late Prealdnt Remon I The White House labor experts
It with the Red professors and Communist party. WL e peo- believe that it would take a two Flying Saucers are a big business. More than
don't cut off their noses to spite their faces. Think about t, months tre to start lowng 98 booksabout them to-date. That's just on
hu, isn't that what you're doing? down the national economy, this planet i.. Too bad about Sonny Tufts
k hnuThat's only 60 days. (Some auto I, Aweligh." Variety's H. Bone (at
-Another Old Timer union walkouts have run pat a vesn ) gave him I patty-cake...Joanne
---- ---- .... -"- -- 110 days). Then President Elw w i UI) MlRav 'do goes bp g with the Wal-
Answer to. VIVAru m*Tnor Rosetta Thurpe's throat op
Answer to PrtvousP e ,enhower woudi have to invoke t B do goeselt bi Tharpe's throat op
a| a". .w..,I hi:. Ila nti m the Taft-Hartley Act and the g.i"te m B. Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald had.
___________, strikers would troop back to isdthe same B. Crosby.. Chamberlain Brown
work for another 80 days as re- odes on vocal chrends..) will celebrate his
.... whh "quired by law. ,Broadway's veteran )l. l l brte h
A01MO1M VSIMewith the That would take this explosive O0th year in The Thittr on Ar. his birth-
S Fold industrial war right up to the day, aRosoff's.. MI n Garbo's new fascinationi,
I sU.UatSg Thanksgiving and Christmas a n-orn artist named Lugi Caglian
1 20ty seasons a tough time for any whoever he who?
less ..M i t" her union chief to have his men tl th mail about the new
*v ab W t hitthe bricks a p, -, .. n. ag .e eol might not

i l l ttss l d velops -a sepeope

g004 IodSA Sounder wntbaee 30Naisnnldnon eruc'tinga.
e abrbh metey 40o l Etoo uw. *-.Witi n agowO yourd ay.ight want to send $1e
therve a core wear w nw he. aThe wht on betc nidet wefs t an b wrtn

"*r^. m _^hen~t c mpartmet M8ih@ iions of dollars. literary figure. w, tS av the Pinza role in ::So.
i^bsmn ..k -- ,, __ Pe.." Ma-4tl at G Center. (Plu. Over). He's
vau v lt I i 0 o This explains why Rethe the a o he to o rtue in Sweden, like Tr.8.
has his prpaandv machine steel ov here ho ido'ms "The Wild One" hasd

e ton a ps button bais-a not only been banned by fritain for teen-aoers.
S. 1 theme song, a movie and ter- wbvt adult too. Carol ("Pajama Game" click
as .- a P ule radi e and TV t overae. Hane has a NJ. f elUh in which every mem-
.. --T" -- time Routher's strikin ber nust have an Idlrt-Sov haircut llke .CArol's
YVA 4k*el d31s y*t \ iW lemons will have to march ..Producer Peter Arnell caught the first Robin
ach m without White House support of Spring. She's tv emoter Barbara ane Rob-
SSpga l beh -ind them n Mar Mcov says Hed!n. Fulbr"gh an

[ as nid r because you helped, kTen the marll et o and le
SReuther'n effort to whip up the politicians crash. (Goooood Olrll).
,u"t lnhbhn nnlnlrf will h bas.,m d



his radio and TV liropdcadts.! P. J. Morlaritv *woet W. He tolo ilhotnr-
They cover Michigan and parts! ranherq and renora e "1e'4 do sa. when ***v
of Ohio and Indiana. Handled, helped ret bark that fake hydrant whih
bvy the mellifluous Guy Nunn, landed his restaurant on front nages...The
they catch millions of workers, hvdrzpt will be a feature at his sth near 52nd
at 6:15 a.m. in "eye opener"I rold How;e's) *po* to reelvp Runvem Fund
broadcasts and at 7:15 D.M. in 'donation. N;e?...Mr. lWerla*ity want you to
dinner time talks. Add to that' supuiv the loci *- o wntly else ha-s key. iec
the CIO's nightly program and .Thb hare fart*: 'The1 fined inee... The
0 broadcast at shift-change %i re facts: The wiq bi iq at 1q "1-thiie b'.h.
time. In some areas Reuther's tbhuk, to tv...Th.- vmail i ,nsjl,,ruPle. Ton
men hit the air four times a will hp-01Iv h; ','bl to g thru It. Wmw rot
day. 52 times a year guaran- throw It away? Will resce what might't stale.
teed daily broadcasts. ___
For Walter Reuther, this Before last week' traWdy IP Missouri. Amer-
could be his make-or-breakilcan Airlines had the great s fety recafti of 5V
fight. Billion passenger miles without a fataWy. Much



11 In New York

safer than driving a car...Marilyn has 16'
seamstresses working on her March 30th cos-
tume lor the Ringling's circus benefit. The
whole thing Is only 2 Inches bigger'n a midget's
hankie... Medics have warned Grace Kelly to
slow down or she'll be the prettiest, patient in
the hosp. Despite the layorf, she worked tool
hard... Vodka) ice cream (vanilla mit vodka)I
is the latest kick in Saloon Souselty...That re-I
minds me. Whatever became of New Year's Eve?)

One of the top girlie photogs gets a mickey in1
every 501sh bistro he visits... The reason Bab7y
Lake got fired at the Latin Q. in Miami Beach).
is the hilarious rpremise for a comedy play. She:
worked in L.Q. 4hows, 93k years ...Param u t'sI
"Mambo" opens at the Criterlon on the 30th. A
violent luff-story starring Shelley and her hus-
been (Vittoril)...Billy Daniels gets only $12.500,
er week tApril 15th) at Stage Coach Inn...
The Spindletop's new drink, "The Poon," is
sparkling burgundy, gin .and dash of lemon
over-the-rox.. .Grace Appel (school-chum of
Pat Ward' will not plead No. 5 (as she did last
tome) and will Tell AU. They musta had a fall-
The Queenwich Vilitch apartment shortage
is sending a new crop of tl'uggling artIsts to
the lower East Side to live. (You can't hardly
suffer where you,want to anymore)..."The
Fireball" (an old Mickey Rooney flicker) is
now on the Late Shows. Features MM in a
walk-on without the famed wiggle... A girl
you've never. seen, Jeanne Williams (of "Why
was she fired fromta 'lgismet'?" column fame),
has been signed for Carol Channing's starrer
"Dellah" ... Is' true what everyone's saying
about Dinah Si re's "?best record yet"-"
Whatever Lola Wants." Dinah at her bigtim-
iest,..Why nnt 9aH the' new Runvon Contest
entries (on "Wh Should Be President in '56
and Why?") PtcIidemeles?.,. Phil Foster's
6tk bout a tavboyment ed in the Pat
Ward vice -ake "h i 'do ybu like that bum?
Now. he's a celebrity. A year aco he was just
an Initial!"
Too bad you haven't used Faces About Town
on account of that all Street thing. I had this:
Bishop Fulton J. Shen, -le VIP:..Very Impor-
tant Parson (H'll ~e it: put .in the pkperl)
.. .Mad about "Nothing At All" from the "An-
kles Aweigh" aco*!. Something about "WVlen
you're with me I feel 11 feet tall but when
you're not, I'mnuttinatawl." (It's Spwing, you
doapl). Some-of the chicks It the show are so
little-girlish that a newcomer Titian in it (her'
very first show is in the sick bay with the
measles.. .Loved Patti Moore and Ben Lessey at
Blue Angel... Milton Q. Ford and his talky
parrot rate a plug. (On Radio WABC midnight
to 31...Hennv Youngman has anr-iffq for a
Bwsv show. Rates it. Funny Rur. Opens at the
Sands (Vegans the 30th. .Feature eds might
like this: MezzoDrano Helene Haley is a hat-
chick at Reuben'sa
Jack E. Leonard walked into a record store
and bought a copy of every Buddy Clark disc
in the place...Radio Station WINS contest
winner Dominic Tropeano did a fine thing.
The prize was a week with the N.Y. Yankees
at training came. He took along an under-
orivileged kid (recommended by PAL). He Is
16 year old John Greco. another Yank fan-
from Bklyn...Movie tycoon Bob Goldstein sent
this iag from London: "Ja hear about the a-,
went trving to sell his best actor to a show?1
The producer looked at the photos and said:
'He's a fairy, isn't he?' to which the agent said:
'No, but you can't tell!'" -Girl day.




M/5 "CHDAD DE (AUF" m I West PMb 3 S
'r'' '. t"?



.* l ,.. ..


DREW PEARSON SAYS: Britain sur eahq ifd1.
in peacetime atomic uses; Ex- OP* c ininl
ley Roberts now lobbies for Wag.Si,
insisted on censoring Yalta papers to prte "
military, *
WASHINGTON The British haw Jumped go far. "j .
us in the race to develop peacetime power -Eom atomhler
that Eisenhower is appointing another commidMon. .
.While we have been concentrating on weapons
in 1957 will begin getting electricity from the worlds
cessful atomic power plant. .
Belatedly the Atomi energy Commision has u
So Elw er will naine a comminion of businessmen
toric scent to study What should be done about the'
time use of atomic energy in the U.S.A.

Not once since Congress convened have speaker Sa
burn and majority leaders of the House been invited toil.
White House every Monday... Naval intellUeupe bat poA:
confirmed that Russtia now has an atomic submariuwe;..-A; Afr
bassador Bohlen reports that ex-premier Malenkov Ia sWa -
shoved further and further into the backgrounds by thesw
Russian regime. Malenkov is reported being watched- day-,am
night by secret police and Is so worried that he Is loi1a4e 1
. Prime Minister Churchill is getting worried over W'sS
talk now being exchanged by Marshal Tito and the new Rua*ftl
government. He has urged the British foreign office eto bew
of a Tito double-cross....Secretary Hobby, only fady
of th4 cabinet, has kept herself so aloof that Dr. Mdift ,
of the. children's bureau hasn't been able to cosfUlt her boss
six months.
Wesley Roberts, the Kansas boy whom Ike fired as chair-.
man of the Republican national committee, has a new job"*,
this time on Wall Street.
He's the representative of Lehman Brothers for winning and
dining members of state toll roads and thruway commlslentWln
order to get the big New York banking firm in on some of the.
Juicy financing that goes with the thruways.
Most people don't realize it, but a whole new chapterwn'
financing has sprung up with the advent of high-speed
thruways. New York State alone is floating nearly one i
dollars worth of thruway bonds--900,000,000 to be exact.. Ne
Jersey is floating $600.000,000: Illinois, Ohio, Indiana aabsut
S300.000,000 each, together with varying amounts by OklMhoma,
Kansas. Kentucky and Maine.
When you add up these amounts and deduct 2 per e'at
for financing. it comes to a lot of money, and the banking has,.
ese are fighting for the business.
The bonds are tax free, and since a lot of big Investwor a r
looking for places to put their money without paying income
taxes, the bonds tump to above oar immediately after.thqy'r
sold This brings in further profit.
So Wes Roberta. who was fired from the Republican Aa-
tional committee for lobbying with the Kansas le"islatu, !n
nuw jumped to big-time lobbying.
No longer is he merely Interested In the sale of a KeU
hospital at Newton,. He commutes from Wall Street to WqIi.
Ington to Indianapolis to try to persuade his old Rep*I0ea
friends to let Lehman Brothers manage their state Igway
So far he hasn't got his old friends in Kansas to eiane
finance managers. but he did persuade his GOP friends in tU-
dipna to reduce Smith B&rnev and Halsey Stuart frbm domin
nattne the financing of Indiana thruways and put UL"4%,n
Brothers in the saddle Instead.
He also made a pass to reduce Halsey .Stuirtand .
Fol'an. both big Chicago finance houses. Ih lheir i' a i.i.
of the Illinois Thruway Commbesion, wouldn't budge. HeO e
Illinois bankers to handle Illinois bonds.. .
NOTE-Chairmen of the Republican national committee
from Kansas seem to switch from the pralirt to bItL.Bilpss,
The -last chairman from Kansas, John Hamilton, ended u as
attorney for Joe Pew of the Sun Oil Company in Philadelphia.
Here are three deletions from the Yalta papers whilb Amerl-
can officials made last year when the 'papers -Iere a ul-
hurried scrutiny:- ''
1. A wisecrack by President Roosevelt that as a concessaU
to King Tbn Saud he might give him the 6,000,000 Jews in the.
United States.
This was omitted on the advice of Gen. W. Bedell Smnith,
former undersecretary of state. However, it was leaked by Re"
publican." to Newsweek magazine just before last Novexaber
election in the hope of hurting Franklin Roosevelt, Jr., In la l
race for attorney general of New York against CongreIman
Tack Jovilt Javts won.
2. An important reference to getting an American corridor
to Berlin instead of leaving Berlin isolated from the rest of al&
lied Germapy as It islaoday. It was failure to get such m. orLi-
dor that caused the ,U.S.A. to stage its historic Berlin airlift.
This reference took the form of a paper by a junior office
urgtin the United States to insist on such a corridor. H wever,
th6 joint chiefs of staff at Yalta ignored the Jtubll OffleW'
This omission was made from the Yalta papers at the Ue.
best of the top Pentagon brass, who wanted the t&tU Depart-
mert, not the military, to bear full responsibility V I -Ber
lit blunder.
Perhaps also they had in mind President TruXan speeh
in Ran Franiroco In October, 1952. pinnihg par t f he lSio 0.
Eisenhower for not asking for a corridor to connect Berlin with
the rest of Pilled Germany. Truman claimed thatt Potsdam
Eisenhower. then in command of allied Germany, failed to ponat
out this danger.
3. Reference to a report that Averell Harrimma, -now p-
ernor of New York. then ambassador to Russia. had cleared'.
so-called China "sell-out" with Gen. George Marshall and tft
Ernest King.
Why this was censored is hard to understand, since the
are manv other referendets i the Yalta papers that the .V.
loint chiefs of staff were aereeabi eto sacrlflcing China. .
Suanected motive in this ease was political-in case
ernor Harriman runs for President. f t
NOTE--State Department officials who worked on the
ments protested these cuts by the Pentagon, were overruled
hirher-ups. ,
= :, -" _::.:_ = .-. --.,

" GN MoHe for Old

T'd bce sMeir1 Au'--,
.~. hekb 14kw 'Om.W
ob. VON fM am
w -e" Ad.

o -' woo

r ; A

..AI- -


* -~ ;-,/-- *..


4 I;

i, *

'^' '

- -

L lip

"'' I.*.''IIM
.. .. .


;. i, .,. ---.(j ,i;2
,*: ";" \ .* -

* .:~':~~L il i;[ji

* '-.


*IIIi4ifa S w

A 2, (UP) -p) w, their in t.he southeast and a
,fl of 'seven Southern few snow flurries In western New
Sestnmated dam- York, and western Pennsylvania.
.gge r ea 1Ulkn1 At least 10 persons died in ac-
w does i M i-* etdents attributed to the cold
l wave. Hundreds of families, driv-
simr began othl- en from their homes in Misals-
$ag tale wthand 'qippi and Alabama, by floods
a"w today1ut too late to which preceded the freeze, wait-
mave- and fruit growers ed ot_ the bitter "weather in
frot -etie ruin of crops. makeshift shelters.
lh~Wsahlngton, federal- offi- Three persons, two men and
d a damage survey al- a girl, apparently died of ex-
eaoytisunder way so emergen- posure in the Gulf of Mexico.
y. oanm an be made to hard- Their boat was washed up ni a
hit 8odtlhern farmers, small island in Mobile Bay.
Metnwle, the total of weath- An oil rig worker was toppled
er-ca&$d deaths in the nation Into a bay on the Louisiana coast
since Abe start of spring lat by 35-mile-an-hour winds which
Monday climbed to 82 with re- accompanied the freeze. A crip-
ports of new exposure victims pled Negro froze to death at Bir-
in the South. mingham. (Ala.;) a woman froze
in a Knoxville, (Tenn.,) street
Thehtauge" peach crop, con- where the theriqmeter dropped
cetttated n Georgia and the to 14 degrees, the coldest Marcn
Cardibat .suffered the most 27 recorded in 74 years; North
from 'the tecord-breaking cold Carolina recorded three deaths
wtht about 30 million dollars in from exposure and Virginia one.
peaches -.declared virtually "a The Jarmers Home Adminis-
complete loss." tratlon announced in Washing-
T valuable tung crop In Mis- ton that it would make emer-
siastip and Louisiana, which agency. loan where necessary to
furqilahe oil for paints, var- Southern farmers. Administrator
nishes4and plastics, was hard hit R B. MU elsh said the FHA
with. total damage placed at would start making emergency
milliUon.doUars. loans "probably within 10 days."
MaOy farmers faced a possible ,The FIHA makes emergency
crippling financial loss. loan to eligible farmers whore
C. M. Miller, Cornelia, (Ga.,) cannot get credit elsewhere. The
said he had lost virtually his ean- ageqcy-has .a revolving fund ofi
tire orchard of 12,000 apole trees 30 to 40 million dollars from
and 'It would take 12 years to which to make loans.
replace them." -LA state-by-state breakdown of
Clvde Auman, West End, (N the damages:
C.,i- fquer or-f the North Caro- Georgia: Peach crop "wiped
lina MUtua4 Peach Groatvers So- out" with loss 10 million dollars.
clety, called- the freeze "a com- Pecans about 75 per cent gone
plete kill. I've never seen any Most truck croos planted were
thing like. It In all my years As killed or severely damaged.
a peaph grower." South Carolina: Peaches gone,
Only Florda appeared to have with loss also estimated at 10
been, pared any severe crop million dollars. Early truck crops
damage in the Deep South, al- also nipped by cold.
though a rain and sleet storm North Carolina: Peaches, 5-u
turned into snow along the north million-dollar loss. Other early
Florida Gulf coast yesterday. The blooming fruit as well as pas-8
unusual for Florida white stuff turage, potatoes and other crops a
piled mrp on ears and lawns at suffered.
Panama City. Tennessee: Peach crop 90 per
In the Southwest. 'exas offi- cent lost, other fruits anywhere
ciask maid the cold wave would from 40 to 75 per cent loss. Esti- s
go down in the- state's history as mated loss 1V2 to 2 million dol-
a "multi-million dollar killefr lars. 1
freeze." < Mississippi: Estimated tung ,
Pexache, plums, corn, cotton loss 6 million dollars with Pearl0
and truck garden vegetables River County, chief producer of i
were, dmaed in Texas and the tung, losing about half of that I
loss g te coastal bend in the amount. About 11/2 million worth
Houstom areas alone was put at 5 of fruit, mostly peaches, and t
million doflars. .. another $300,000 in cabbage lost.,
The tall end of the cold and Alabama: Peach crop estimat-
snowstorms, which swept out otfed at 4 million dollars gone a- w
theb, oky mountain in a series long with some 2 million in pe-
of blats last week, hit upper cans, and undetermined acreage
New York ctate with 12 .-toot in early corn, truck and other
drifts t at blocked roads and crops. me 2milliondol
stranded scores of motorists and Loulsia.;Some 2 million dol-
kler.. lars In tupg lost .nd an esti-,
toti swept I"nto nmated .5 million in other orops-
Caii~ra, QtIug many towns of Strawberry crop at first thought
the ea n hat the nation to be heavily damaged but esti-
except for cloudy and rainy mates lowered td about $500,000.
^.-s"-" '*^ \

Frncnh LecoImlve

Ing 198.&miles per bhou
day to jet an unoftc
But tbe'train comD
75 mtl ~ftU from B(r
Morceae nine minutes
The speed record was
the electric locomotive
as the 0C107, streaked
curveless 35 mile stretch
south of Bovdeaux.
But at tahe tpd.of the
way officials on and to
its r ecord- shatterl
checked their vatches
and wagged their hen
the locomotive and its t
singer e cars failed to a
Nine minutes later.
screeched to a stop. I
faced train crew was u
explain where the nine
w e r e lost. Electronic
devices at the village o
confirmed the record s
Trainmen said the spe
have been even greater
one of ,its trolleys broke
shower of sharks, just
spepd check began.
The previen.s world
record was held by anot
liar French locomotiv
was clocked' at '14 m.,
February 19$4.
Officials of the Fre
tional Railways assured
lic it was not'intended
normal runs at scvh sp
Yesterdav'S test. th
was intended to d e t e
stresses and strains f
welded-construction eng
Passengers who made
ord dash behind the 107
foot locomotive said it w
upset them if normal r
made at such high spee
said the train rode 3
and comfortably r
Trainmen also testifle
'perfect 4tabilitv" which
said was due to a re
axle and wheel correction
The French Railways
use the new engines fi
of fast freight and to
smoother passenger ser
main lines.
Today, an even lighter
the 80 ton B9004, will
similar speed test.

If gh Blood Pre
rou 4isy, have palon
heart, keadaehe., short bi
14JiUon, pWIlpltatlon, a
Sane, C-negOt moG
tome with UYNO X J
chemist for iYNOX trodt
me Irow a fe a kwd

Hoodlum Holds Teacher At Bay

Wib0Others Bdeat 4te

k .. I I.
French NEW YTkORK March 29 (YUP)- Bilackboard Jgle," a 3y
Srocke x teenaged hoodlums yester- that opened oai roadway h
eat1-tak- day invaded a Bronx high school week. But .O ei e
a yester- English claswWhere one menao- to the uperla ent of 4C
al world ed the womn teacher with a said today poident was "q
bayonet scabbard while the oth- first time I've Ver hard of- e
era beat .up two students, a thing happen."
leted the Then, as students and teach- The ditura -brok ott' I
rdeaux to era rushed .from other class-'bout 10 a.m. he the i tood
late. -60o d to Investigate the dis- lums, al Neleg sonrmed. t
set when tirbkane, the juvenile terrt;rlr- -high school tim .. A jA
e, known ran. down a flight of stairs and tor on duty. r -th, do* atdeqpt
d over a out of the- bt .ingn, PouL ha, ed to bar tB iway but' the
h of track they disappeared' without a pshedthim. ani d raced u
trace. the stain to 4 2.
irun ral- Officials at Evander Childs There, a to identifi b
oPPaup l vi School refused to disclose school authtU only a. *
ng .speeQ minr than the bare det3ls of [Mrs. Greq. *-'- giving- in
gravy the incident, which apparently strqution in ..'Iwth. Tile ap
w"d was the first of its kind to occrIarent leader .the ga u;ral
three pas- in a New York public school. Into the room rushed up to 1he
arrive on Hoodlumism in the schools Ibrandished thq bayonet scab
has been a much-discussed topic bard under her nose and force
the train and is the subject of "The her to' back up to the black
The red- -. board.
unable to "Stay quiet. -and keep. out,. o
h1nutes this," the hoodlum shouted a
m minutes i y .8. Clementsa Mrs. Green.
f Yohoux f k While he stood before her, hi
peed. Frm Ae rC nnl(s(rMV companions icked out twi
Yoeed x FoIner IVI|IIII1/, Vwhite boys in the classroom anm
*ed would ii IU Sll puitched and. kicked them.. One
had not EinloI V u16es i u was struck on the head. with the
ken in a w bayonet scabbard as -the six de.
t as the Henry B. Clements, for m e r parted.
employee of the Commissary
'q speed Diialon, died .March 22 at his Teachers.and. tudetns i. pth
other sim- residence in Silver Hill, Md., ac- er rooms hea.d the noise af.
e which cording- to ne*s received by Went to investigate. The 'al
p. h., in friends on the Isthmus. He was hoodlums apparently heard then
83 years old. coming, for they bolted from the
Mr. Clement; first came to room sprintMd -down the staik
nch Na- the Isthmus in .1915 and waes em and fle.d. '
the pub- played with the Commi ssar y ..The bat .tiudents w'dre
to make Division for the next ten years. Identified as-. Imece capra,
peeds. first as a commissary assistant 17. and Ray BMoi eo 16. Capr
ey said, ar4d later as a meat cutter. He was- treated f a..clp lacera.
ermine resigned ad a left the Canal Zone on but retu : to-' school fo]
in light, in 1925. his afternqL '
gtnes. Surviving him are six sons, Dr. nl iVA, ier, schoo
the rec- Henry R., of Miami., Fla.; principal, said he believed the
-ton, 60- Ralph F. ofFortLauderda 1 e, invasion wa the aftermath o
-ol nt F Ra.l Ln B., of Tampa .'Fl an after-school street fight Fri.
Youd not la.;Leo B., of Tampa, Fla.; n day. Two of his students got in.
uns were Alton A., of Silver Hill; Jo h n ig................
ds. They A. and Raymond J., of Wash- to a fight with a gas a.t thai
smoothly ington, D. C.; and two daugh time, he said, and rt, ra
S teas, Miss Mary. E. Cleme n t probably wes .In re-ii .it on.
aAd Mrs. CecMflta i,. Mlder, al- Ita was reported, 4 ower, thai
ed to itp so of Washington, D.C Capra and 'isesio were not th
ih t he y Funeral services were held in fistudents involved i the Frid
designed Silver Hill March 25 and inter- fight.ectives estioned st t
S menttook place at Mount detectives 9estoed en
hons ve to ve t rt Cemetery.0-and teachers in' 'an effort tc
or haul ie learn the identity of the t ven
provided aaes. le terrorists... ....

lHsu- Bedrom, tuning reom andat
rvlee on

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- .5----.- ~ ~..9S


A' 1
II -


-. -c

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44MM~V ~ ~ -,




'A" l-eeper swrvic .
You cap now enjoy qpiet, restful sleep.
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ver-ocean airliners. .
ive a week toParisl

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tinkling at your elbow. With hours
d'oeuvres, of course. Nowthat yobr a&-
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MUaim's-ofzParis are served at WuW e n *
lioen-eovered table, not. a l tray. Wheth
er it's Breast of Chicken' Verutnque -
Fuilt Mignon Rossini -- or some other.
delicacy-- Marim's gives it a umaque
touch ,of-eiteitement and rominc "

Pn ty of room t r mPresidenmt Ter 'ems
Pwhe of room to ruxe ""f U pS(desigted by Dreyfuss, qS Mt
Take the stairway there, amidships. prdtaey. for couple or 6busma m si
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oipal travelers to ehat with over spark- bedroom with upper adlueowerber .. .
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S_.- .,;a .r -. ,

... 1

&'o~cL Cop~ ~ 1~ .

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'I~'~'''~''~::''~;~"~;~'.~"r"~,~F~;~*~- -~'~~r:

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= -y ag g.. M 0- 4 a I f
th "T'I bet bh's skinny because he doesn't et enough to eat!
* ^VWhy dohn'yqu let hini scrounge around he neighb rhlod
IZ s like Sport does?" '

m at TongueLa-shes Ike

As Hypocritical, Unualified
-- 0-



T ,CLEVELAND, Ohio., March 291 In Washington. the White
i (P) Sen. Matthew M. Neely House said it doubts "anybody'
ID-W. Va.i, in one of the most in the United States wi;l oelleve
. hitter personal attacks since thel criticism of the President made
President took office, tongue- by Neely.
lished President Eisenhower
yesterday as "unqualified," and Asked for comment, press sec-,
Scled "hypocrisy" over the chief retary James C. iagerty said, "I
executive's religious habits. don't think anybody In the
The hour-long speech to the United States believes it."
CIO United ,Auto Workers' 15thl "I would like to call your at-.
I constitutional convention delay- tention to an old adage that I;
eA union action on methods of know 'What Peter says abouL
,sing a 25-million-dollar strike Paul tells more about Peter than
Ii6ol support demands for the it does about Paul, Hagerty ad-.
*Manteed annual wage. ded.
jaaders of the 1,300.000-memi-
btgloup were nearly unani- Neely predicted the President
moUs in the size of the strike could seek a second term, be-
liud, but some of the 3,000 de- cause "the big business groups
l taes disagreed over. methods that pushed through the off-
o raising it. shore oil lands giveaway and
y's speeclh lambasted the other eeals" wod' see ;o it.
ent on every front. ,.,
e1 critelsed domestic and Thi qestwrrda ji|o' a, -
foreign policies, called 'Mr. El- ator called the Presment "first
semhower as "Alice In Wo;der- in war, but he is also first in
lu ," an umnmr'ed the ag- confusion and first in repudiat-
sr Tower ing campaign promised..
3 to aso I. "He'.was unqualliled ,when-he
haaau iword'. howewrr, was ,-otnInwrted, ,KflWlified
were saved for the President's when he was elected and he has
igous.habus.,.. demoDafi=eL.v ...da l .ice
Eenhower never joined a that heoen' know here he
church until -after he became is going or what he's going to
President," Neely said. do when he gets there."
"Since' then i-s attendance at
church has been well publiesied. The Neely speech, interrupted
Next Monday, I don't want to repeatedly by applause from the
have to see in the papers a pic- delphi, forced revision of the
ture of the Presidept and a story conveM Imetable calling for
that he attended this or that an early v Qon the strike fund
church. proposal.
"Away' wlth.; hpocrisy!" he p
shouted. "I doo't care what re- Becretary-treasurer Emil Ma-
liglous group is involved. If that zey, in his original report, called
Is an unfair.statement thay for the fund to be raised by ad-
can make th .Jiost of it." ditional $5 monthly dues in-


m, irwteh would halt -when beqtt(et
he m was raad. sal was ttained.
.,. Mazqy aMid the t
Mae's plan fr "floor" to million d11 in
the ftud .tdre 'dt cla Om amrNie 2uiA .e .S d
mine quat iBaltu- es he s W
d u*h the the oar .in' three
fund ped to l million dol- Jun 1, the time wh
Jars, bu som le dgates want- with Gene Moton
ed a 20-million mtiimum with expire.

mth; by

The Pacific Steam Navigaflon Company

Royal Mall Lines Ltd.

M.V. "SALAVEMITY" .,...... .0.....0 oI. ... March S3
.S. "cuzco" .................... ..... ,,... .April 16
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 ToMs) .....June 2
M.V. "SALINAS" ...............a............March 27
M.V. "SANTANDER" ...........................March 31
S.S. "DONGEDT ..........." ,..................... March 30
8.8. "DESEADO ......... ............... .....April 9
8.8. "PARIMA" .1........................... .... April 10

All SallHn

Subject to Chmee Without Notice
NAVIGATION CO., Cristobal Tel.: 1654/5
JPANAMA-ATe. PW #55, Tel. 3-1257/8
MBALBOA-Tdpb. Bld ,, Tel. 2-1905

Great While Fleet

New Orleans Service


"S.S. "MORAZAN"N'................................April
S.S. "MABELLA" ................................ April
*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ................................April
S.S. "AGGERSBORG" ...........................April
S.S. "FIADOR KNOT" ...........................April
*"YAQUE" ........................................ April
S.S. "L. H. CARL" ...............................April
*S.S. "MORAZAN' ............................... April
*HandinC- Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo


New York Service Arrives
S.S. "MATAURA" ...............................March 30
S.S. "LYMON" ..................................April 4
S.S. "FRA BERLANGA" .........................April 11
8.8 "CHOLUTECA" ............................ April 18
A Steamer .......................................April 18
A Steamer' ............'.. .................Apill 25
A Steamer ............................ ........ May 2
S& "MATAUA" ... ................ May 7
S.S. "MABEf.A" ................................. May 21

Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans. Los Angeles, San Francisco
and; Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To New York ........... .. ..........240.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ....$270.00
To Seattle .......................$365.00


21 *

PANAMA 2-2904

SOn the Air

AMW~raON O .


Know What She's Doing


Dry Humor

* liii
~I 'f r

S1 :-,

AimD ms ranpmM



e- % pt
p ? y H4 Lu6is FOR US.




0g TsRr r IY n JUST SOT A
MU65Le 16 ALMost oVe2f- 6go A REMMT
PE A V rF O R A T ZS T F L I d M T \ I le ML. I w
M.'ENAT w Acco1A1EU S \ OD fo t me
g~p%^^^AM rr^^s^a




: L=
ai M
rWWTDUL 9- [

* 1!' -. -
* ..,

I *~ .-.


i... iA~ OC~~

You, Too, Doc!

A Parrot

We Meet Again



l'AMN *r'_ Si m b.R /M
SA FORTH 10 rr/.
7 ^ Mi6 6uv P046r r |iMd~
TO 7 *TAKEa^ OP M*illn




I: 'p



------ -- N---

~rrCIIIIC~ -- ~,

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T.n li
m eW--K

IM T. IL G^ .16 ft



S.2 *

* I thnar 1 .... 1



" 0 O l w
j izand thjlerwide

S ith -
Olt ftIlftN TODB.

5037, eas.a

io 134, Panama

P.4. 'j aaj h JU L U v ,As ,L0.
pasm. 907,,eje0 2.0741 Aw a 0 d "J 10 m4

Members sent were Trudy
Gibson, Do Leeer, Joyce Bur-
kart, Jesse Gardner, Mary Da-
ielson, Else oberg, Mateb .
Hoffman, Jerry Keatins, amad
Nancy Ramsey.
Pledges parent were Glenna
Thomas, Dolly Styles and Peggy
Rushees attending the meet-
Ing were Beatty Slaughter, Ruth
Morris, Clyde Parker, Mary Cro-
nan apd Hetty Ogilbie.

Balboa Yacht Club
To. Give April Fool Dance
All members and friends of
the Balosa Yacht ClUb are in-
vited to an Informal dance at
the club 7:30 Friday night. Ad-
mission will be $1 and mixers
will be available. Snacks and
beer will be on the house, the
snacks having been contributed
to the club.

Lift Up

Your Hearts

(A Leateu feature of The
Panama Anlerican, prepared
by the Rev. M. A. Cookson,
Episcopal Church of Our Sa-
viour, New Crlstobal).


with the.

Shower Planned For
Nancy Paxon
F1ezldsf of Miss Nancy Paxon,.
who'e a 'agement to William
58 tol is u recently announc-
ed lby her parents, Col. and Mrs.
Hary Paxo, t I-o be -honored
at a shower Invitatons have
bee 1sued for a 9:30 aam. par-I
ty b iSf At th Alxroo*.O.-I
flce, Ctub. The hosteses are:
Mrs .Welvp DooUttle, Mrs. Har-
ry anon Mry. A. M. Patterson,

Fer Motta
ason of Mr.
and s Rbet Motta and hins
Vums .m of Mr. are I
SLU1R.e4ae are spending
sir school holidays visitin
teaunt Mrs.a ylvia de Paz a
hZboh in Ban Jose, Costa Ri-I

Party Pi' MRS. C-adra Gutierrei
Mp byOIS Riba
O~ fdI gMr. and'Mrs. Jo-
sq A3W Riba, gave.aI
luneon at their residence "on
Via spafia, in honor of Mr. and
3" A gra Qutierrez,
Aum or and
h mlly leave this week for
&Agua and 'egucigalpa.

l! M. r!

i tbler t.A1, 1ay WWM

.31W-IN Smi


-with -



wW Laa Cmty V.

S.... i Alo:- .-

, r ; with. John hyne.





-4Ato: *.


I... ,l.
* .~.
.. .~



MS. H. O. PAXiNO0 places the blue and white ribbon with the nMtal Silver Beaver attached, the highest award a Seopt Council
can make, to Col. Paxson at a colorful ceremony in the garden of the Tivoli Hotel. Members of the- special Court of Awards
lool on: Left to right: Vincent Blava, Judge E. I. P. Tatelman, Robert Woraley, R. R. Arnold, R. E. Cox and W. R. Price.

Homa Only Bidder

On PC TB Work

H. I. Homma, was the only
bidder on contract for tile work
to be done in several buildings
in the Canal Zone, bids for
which were opened yester da y
morning in the office of the En-
gineering and Construction Bu-
reau dire tor at Balboa
Heights. The Homa corn p a n y
entered an offer of 17,638 f or
the work.


IGS Leaders Camp
Overnight At Camp Bierd
As part of their training pro- ..,. i r b ,,m.. ,.,.
gram, and to prrepare them- coim son dwu'lis t t t-pe'
selves for camping out with written form. W.mi a..uto ose of"
irls, eight International O I r 'eo u eI su "ll-,
elal md Otherwie," or delivered
scout leaders went on an over- y ig to tme o~*i. N,ai ....-
- night camp held in the area of meuaw ean"t be aeuopted nby e-.
the Scout House in Camp Blerd ,*h"
v last Friday through Saturday. Canal Zone College Club
The Book Review Group of the
Mrs. Rose Spence leader of Canal Zone College club will
Troop 16 was in charge of a meet on Thursday. March 31 at

S.. The tile work put for bid lively campfire program hel d 9:30 a.m. at-the-J.W.B. with Mr
dMrs I. F. MellheUy, of Dia- Read St. John :48-.L Je-" Includes the relaying of.the. ex- on Friday night. On Satur day Within and Mrs. Bathman
sus msaid nt them, Verily, Isting tile floor in the kitchen of morning leaders went on a hike hostesses. Mrs. William Tuck
ke their home after abut April verily, I say unto you, Bef.e the Balboa Service Center; the and held a sunrise scout-o wn will review "Forthy Plus ai
Abrahm was, I am. They installation of new tile in .eer- ceremony. Mrs. Viola M ill e r, Fancy Free" by Emily Kimbo
Lon tLl She wasem- k up .stopi there fore h ta actions of the DT arb.lotroop committee chairman ough. Member" are.advi ed
a s at be I: bt JO us i HHId Service Center; the re- planned the menu and did the note the change of ineeti:
u acsie- himself and went out of the of approxima tly 1.155 shopping. Miss Beverly Drew of
y ti uitwtteoeemp.u t i h ok a cd T a a
S i depar t f the temple re feet of tile In the Mount Troop 7 set us a trading post
.haalAee been em-h day to let you- a erf and-the.-aying of which carried chiefly toilet ar-
self standd confronted with Je- a new te floor In the work tiles and candy. The Cam was.
sus Christ, exactly as those space back of the bar In the Ti- christened Camp Flamingo.
the Porras will take place Sat- Pharisees did of old. They were voll Guest House. am r were Mis Norm
urday evening, April 2, under good. conventional religos peo- DCamper s were Miss HOW t make t he
the auspices of the Swimming ploe like we are. They were do- out of His way, not daring to Ey vely n Shaw Mrs. Rose
Pool Association. C rundu. ing pretty well and thought they face Him, being afraid to look Spence, Brownie scout leaders;
William C. Kongable, is chair- were doing much better. Then mint oHis challenge, 1a a polite Mrs. Delcina Baxter, Mrs. E- BST
man of the committee and will iame perfection and stood a- lorinm of throwing stones. It is A dith McFarlane, Intermed a t eI
be cruise master of ceremonies. mongst them .Way of getting rid of Him. But I scout leaders; Mrs. Pearl Pas-
ba at 7 ol a They must oin one or two veryhea ofin, as cl, Senior Scout Leader a n BAKED HAM
four hour run In the tropical directions-they must acceptI "a.nia M-,re Sawye'r, P am so
mloonlght,. the full challenge of s ter c e f or neighborhood committee chair-
moonlight, hefull calen e.,,, of esus, to-r The fatuous belief that we man. Mrs. Aids C. Hutchinson,
Sthey ust r.jec t. e toured can work out our o wn life and executive director, is cou EVER
The upper deck will be con- over them in moral majesty, as mu-or w l a e.ecutive de rs nduct- I
vetred intA_ a ballroom with the|He does over all. They must bow ,ma raGe .our.destin..through Is.. .ingtetrain ram
Albrook Skylarks, an tghbt piece or they must resist.Elithcr con- ou God our Father through is being carried Out on b o t h.
dance orchestra, edue for science follows that to which it our Lord Jesus Christ--that sides of the Isthmus. ATE'
continuous playing ,. from the J; drawn, or that consclenleC- s constitutes the ,prde which
start of the cruise. ntil 11 o'- slung with conviction and madr Christianity cons iers the very
clock when the Prdeant Po- r-a-erable ad- turns with anger heart and core of sin. And which
rras will return toMr Ganmboa towards .heWi r brought about Of is not guilty of it in some Cured 6-Year-Old
pier. the convit degree? -
The Curundu people are out There are many who seek to d.'o thing no Christian can T0 Help Ike pen
to raise the lmst few dollars for keep outside the range of Chris- d.rHe an .oth nd.I" Con r cDrive o i
their community swimming poqol. tian challenge for no other rea- Christ and say that he is with c T ve .
During the evening, the country son than that Jesus disturbs apd out 4in. And he cannot say that
fair expert will convert the low- upsets them. He judges the sel he isso sinful he Is hopeless. WAHIWNGTOR.(arch 20 (
er deck of the big ferry boat in- 1shness, the idleness, the -pir What must he do? Be honest to- Eisenhower office
to a street carnal. All during -lual uselessness, of their lives. day with God about where lie is~ ly will open the. 195 cancer dr9
the cruise the carnival wheels They think there is some neu- Confess his sins in all candour next Thursday with the asist-
will spin and other' country fair tral ground between accepting r d ask for- forgiveness.Accept ance of Leroy. Curtis. six-year-
ames will be held. Jesus wholly, and throwing God' s great gift to him In the old Denver boy .who ha- .beqn
ame be held. ne at im, as the Pharisees ross of Christ. Do not compare cured of the dilpase.
There is to be a bar where did. e ourself with others. This is a
free beer will be served and a But really there isn't. Keeping personal matter. Stand before Leroy will call at the
barbecue chef will hand Cout hot hist and accept His will for House with his mother, s. M
dogs. you. A good look at the Cross on Mary Curtis. and Gov. Walter
Calvary will give lou courage to Kohler of Wisconsin, chairman
The size of the ferry boat re- U L. A-.1,. do t. other board of the American

LaMllet Manks Cl esr Of strict reservations to 500. More
Pefe Miguel Church than 300 tickets hnad been sold
]M of the Women's'Auxr at the beginning of this week,
r te'pedro Miguel Union which means that persons inter-
kCfc ] ha4. a luncheon at the ejted in sailing Saturday eve-
on Saturday to commem- pnig, April 2. should get in touch
p l4 e the U Aumrillarv with Mr. Kongable at ne. Res-
aidthe c e of the Pe' p. Irvatlons also may be made by
Union Church, whk i 'ontacting the Association Pres-
l It last services yesterday dent, James Price or the secre-
Attending the luncheon were tary, James Harned.
r..Btelen Adler, Mrs. George ---
.,e Mrs. Daisy T'r termi. aml eceptlan
J :ora jcobhson, Mrs. Fran- At Spanish Embassy
'IiMBEmM.R. Bee Mable, A reception was given by
S ,MU, rs. Veda spniih Am niba5eor-to Panama
a M. Ann low, Mrs. gM e Oefida de Ratago at the
Ir ,.._ vera sPil- euba residence l evening
I,. B T Kht, Mrs. Mar- w t occain of the vsiat o
Mrs. Min e en- the Spanish Naval. Training
Fdatlne Womble, V,;- hip, "Juan Sebastian keano."
Wardell, Mrs. Ma -- I
pernwood, Mrs. Lyda Comandaute PA
Usa roweU, Mrs. Al- Recelves Ajb, li7 .
I[. Mu. Nita, MUs. Hol A reception th Om-
Stewart, Mrs. Watts, mandant of I M| TrauftIg
I Mrs. Bramlette, nrs. ship, "Juan f-iE no"
all M 3, aghe. aboard the I ocked
In Cristobal at 7If0.
6*06^^i9 &*** *

Usia Sigma


- I


BALBOA 6:15 8:30 DIABLO HTS. :15 7:4
A .CONM~ONE I Edmond O1P.ra
Wed. sFAcZware

Wed. -meIbloA)r,

MARGARITA 6:15 7:41
Abe ShowrtIVDATI
wtunesW WPSW'

i _- :
5 Sea

Bake that ham with French's

Sisterhood Meeting
The Sisterhood of Kol Shearlth
Israel will hold a meeting at
4:00 p.m. today at the Commu-
nity Hall Ih Bella Vista.
Rabbi Nathan Witkin will give
a talk,
Rebekah Club
The Rebekah Club of Balboa
will meet at the Wrsz Memorial.,
April I. Officers will meet at 6:30
p.m. and members at 7:30 ,p.n.
Mrs. Edith Voss will be hostess.
Refreshment to be served..


Cream of Aspereges
Crem of Celery
TOme P

Clem Chowder
Bleek 3pJs

Mustard. French's flavor never e *
fades-out in cooking! Att-t t perfect Acundatio,
S Prepare smoked ham your usual to add a breathtaing new
way. Remove from oven 20 minutes to your beauty.
before serving; score fat, stud Feather Fdiadati o-a tidated quid
Ssre s wit h eoa perfect surface to hold
1 c. brown ugr,2 tb. flour,4 .he e oom of Yar.y we.-
French's Mustard., It hid ty blamiA aUd keeps
S ake till glasses Is golden brown. your skiun asma ugy nipple and se4t o. touch.
I p" WI New Na* LWOeh,-10 W, o Aw- ght, fh foundatn y,'
Prepm HaMl" Wdltoe LT.fmaskCl, or hot, hum.d cliates. '9, N. Y, U.S A. As &i v j
Ai, MA=dm, mad BrO.

P .- .m m -'. ''-" m

S'-. -'

-5 WA" ..o..... ..
A- 2

~*h~j~'~ uoq.54 O*r





. ;...

I -Y

*mu ud ,4EO



;.,- I

I i"'



so of creuky b.I

this MIDICATED wayl
Me m ecded powr en ro.
liev your baby's Dip Rash.'
Diaper Chk*, Uri"s Scald d
Prkily Bea l ank s Asuo
- bai s w ,a, se dt

a i.l .


'~ 3





I' -"

1-i.-..- i


. ;'i'

a kmI


I J1











Jaa~l. ,

- a.r 1 rw ..**-:.K ? r


SIneiewive W.nt 'Ads SI







I Strit No. 13
4Ih of JalJ Ave. J .
.uste Anresesdo Ave. ae

M1 La Carraqul
Cenal Are. 45
No. LettUery MPa

Fourth of July Ave.
Agenda Internal. de Pubiuadiones
UI Central Ave.
Parqu Ldewe stodet'


Ave, tlyNl e. 4 J"K aA i* e AvW : -

Sstret'eM. S Via N m Ave.


A. end 1. ORILLAC
(Palmor Grduuatee
"Chlmprectle adds life to vyers.
and years to life."
r* Avem e TOl. S-1m
(1 block rn liAm Theatre'

"Insure In
Sure Insurance"
contct -
hOgne PmiaB 2-5t52
4th of July Avenue No. 14-2
aft 9:110-11:1111 1:M-5:U
1 ncps 9:1 to 1:

Canal Zone Dental Polycllni
Dr. C. 1. FAbregr D.D.S.
Deture-bridge work-air abrasive
Genoal Proealee.
TfJoU (4h of July) Ave. No. 21A24
(epposte Acon School Playrefomd)
Telephone 2-211l-PFman.

BANDS of skill create
HEADS of beauty for Easter
Beauty Salon
Balboa Tel. 3677.1


FOR SALE:-lImnmdletely. kam-
bee end .meshony living and
dining furniture. AIMe kitchen
table with 4 chelrs, behmbo
blinds Ione 9-ft. one 4.ft.)...
Used 6 months. Good price. Call
3-4137 Paneme from 3-5 p.m.
FOR SALI:-9-cu. ft. percelein
refrigerator excellent eonditlen.
Margarita., C a I Redman 25-
FOR SALE:-13-piece 4-strend
Rattan living room suite; dining
room ite Mohr, table chairs,
chine closed; room suitpz
mahe-ny dItblt bed, in I-
spring' mnakreses,'koIt of 'Vw-'
oen; fhiorge tr,' W0-cycle; -1l
steve.'4-burner; ironing board,
two table lamps. Can be seen:
House No. 7, Apt. 15, 45th St.,
Belle Vista.
FOR bL w thid sm sOJ
pliestid( utt ed) mehogeny
tables; mlHy double bed;
Ineyolopdes. Amerlceno w/-
boekcse. Phone 2-077.

FOR SALE:-21' sailboaeet with
5-hp. auxillery engine. Sleeps
twe. Tel. 2-1478 or 2-;742.


FOR SALE:-1949 Ford 2-door,
excellent condition. $450. Call
85-4282. 7-4 weekdays, .or see
at Calle 51 No. 30.
FOR SALE: Leaving Isthmus,
1955 Plymouth Belvedere Power-
flite. many accessories. Call W.
H. Goebertus, Dutch Line 3-1218,
after 6 p.m. 3-2192.
FOR SALI- 1913 Ferd Con-
vertible. aecrife sale. IoHellent
condition. Ieadl, w/I/w, iuder-
coat. Make on offer. Phone 4-
6182 evenings. Kebbe 11-A.
FOR SALE:-1949 Chevrlet 4-
* doer edmn,., "ed condition.
5216 Marrise Sroet, Diabli.
FOR SALE: lergain, 1953
Chevrolet $1200. Leaving for
States Saturday. 5330 Davis,
SCll 2-3138.
FOR SALE: 1950 four-der
Chevrolet sedan, excellent con-
ditien. Call Rodmen 25-3124.
FOR SALE: 1954 Chevrolet
"Sel Air," Powerllde. die,
Sinted gle w/i/w. $1425.
House 51 New Criistobl, 3"i
: Street. 3-2700.

POR SALE:-1954 Morris Minor
2-door ceden. Office 83-4225,
home 16-6179.

Investigffor Recommends

MASSAGEE Mo ,Money Fr Education
For every kind of muscle ache and
or angled jaded nerves, at th El "
Papa A Manaue Solon. Tel. 1660, WA SN, March 29 He said the money might
LRen. se, from 10 a.m. to 7 pmi. (UP),-The ationwill peed to come from increased state in-f
21 Panama Massage Sal0o spend 10 billion dollars more a come taxes or possibly sa les
year on its high 1963 taxes, which he saidhad work-
to attract t n4old htgher-qull1 .d., well in Ohio. -
'T ty tea rsa .growing ; l, I0,One things t. ,Whitel,]Oit
|TBANsWRTS AAXTnR. S.A. ho erc ta
o school fllSl It woorl conference till :'e fler,*lt .
SkMver today y. lroy said, is ways to organize
SPmne 2-2451 2-2562 Tne forecat was made by the school system more eft 4-
Learn Riding at Neil H. McElroy, chairman of clently and economically. He
PANAMA RAJiIN SC$OOL the White Hous Contrenc said, for example, that not e-
SRUdlag Ju )1ng cleasli daily Educa'tio 4 e" a.o sa i. I enough Is being done to ward
S 5p.m.-. Phne -0279 tion will ne a pulling together a lt of these

called for n r atric
DawP major astminlist atte m pi
O 10 OgramS to find out what the nation's
schools need and how to pro-
i 8iAf0 vide it. Money was appropriate: H ES
Sa ed by the last Congress to hold
W preliminary state education o
conferences and bring together
Your Community Station their findings in a national con- '
ference later this year.
(Telepbones 2-3016) McElroy said the conference L
Where 100.000 People Meet. is not set up to promote federal
Presents said, is to assemble facts a n d

Today, Tuesday, March 29 He said one responsibility of ': ifor NEA Service
P.M. Mart ho the conferees will be to f ind
8:lS-Faeddy Martin Show how needed school prog r a ns .
3:&.-Music For 'i ue-aay can be financed.
4:.-Feature Revicw "If local and state sou r c e sa
4 Whats Your Favorite (re. are not adequate, then the ques- 5 A
huest--pseme phone be-
I etp p) tLion of federal aid will have to '
1 ore 3:00) ,
NoI re:00 come in," he said.
: v McElroy discussed sc hools -
5 What's Your Fa orit needs and the work of the White
(contd) a House conference in a co p y-
.S.Arm y Band... righted itervew with U. S.
.' ..A RI SBON SP T News 9 World Report, a week-
stL LSPORTN ly news magazine. r hr fI
.:CRoIX ,.,Wtr And H. i He said a study by the Nation-
$[' orm'M onCMeloi ndHs al Citizens Commission for the
Memorable MiElodi Public Schools, of which he was
6114Nr 2POROAN MLO- a member, found there would
rhave toMSea 5b per ce n t1 in-'
W RSTIAN SC crease In present school operat-
7- Report Froam The USA l 8ing costs throughout the nation
(VOL I to meet eaty hteW hfg school
.:00 NELSQN EDDYr S nv NT enrollments and raise teaching
0 ROUSE PARTY ,SENT- quality.
OUSEPARrams V..) Sea- This, he said. would requ ire e
3 a -Th"y Fought lone (V an added 10 billion dollars for;
-Tyou AskeAd For It (re- high school bttb gats a- year. But
u"ests lease phone be- he nOt4d that total U. S. output
oe?, 7:30)a of goods and service*, now, es- ALop
-. u--sic From Hotel El Pan- mated dt about 360 billion a
*-. c,, yea-. may be 525 billion by 1965., I didn't do well when I joined
.6 .-Time For Verse "It then becomes readily ap- Brooklyn as a 21-year-old kid in
:tO*.- mphany Hall parent that the thing is needed Ithe spring of 1930.
0- T--New ln Off is not to say, 'Can we afford But after two weeks of bench.
it?." McElrovy said. "You can warming. Watson Clark. fine.
i*go dnsdayMarch 30 afford it. The question is, "do sohthpaw, basket Wilbert Rbin
ednday, you want it?' son to let me catch him. I made
S On The Alarm 'two hits that afternoon, and when
o Club trequests- quests-please phone eivethd to the Polo Grounds
-phone by 7:1)00, tore 3:00 1 t n i
fl nng Salon Concert 5:30-News That mar m .
8 rchIn The Wildwood 5:35-What's Y ou r Favorite Thathe me theregl ar
cal Il I (cont'd) catcher.
6 rntd) jA Another break was catch ing
6:00-Serenade In Blue (USAF) smart pitchersImu c h as Adolf
6:15-BLUE RIBBON SPORTS Luque. That was an education.
REVIEW Another help was to draw good
i.:.. 30-Melachrino Musicale Indianapolis clubs -consistent
l(rtquenst6:4---Fran. Warren Sins wi;nner--as a manager This
Sphone before: 700--NSCAFE ORGAN MELO- didn't do me any harm when it
7:5-S- came time to name a new man-
K fg' l .",-7:1 R- e Ntiht Stand aer to the Clevela nd udian.
,M s (cont'd) 7:30-Report Prom The 08A
hi e i!tertalers w(VOAi
grrals V.0O.i0
9.11 :30-Jdav.lVng A Wpnderful --m- --b.
Crime (IBBC) -a *. .'
0:0-111 ,aed For It (re- ---- -- -
7:0) 1 QUESTION: Under the noew1
S0 C Roth rule prohibitlg the catcher to I
oi Mai ave that 43-inch boa wutil the I
f- Ot ball has left the hueri had.
-sB '-whantt Pf of the wiane
WRJw both ftuwmttfa 1." a

IagA cor- A.we:IW #
.Impa wt 1 MWhW as delJ
, .*e .. ** a~m to l


Mus 'Pe I T Vae.eion,. Visit
"LA POST~1~,7 42 Centrl
Ave., where in unbelieveblo
pre-inventery aele n records is
taking place. L2 for $1. ene for
10 aets. Ceaenln now!

h, o es. .. ._ Boldw tm.o.. te or -r
l I Santew Clra. PbhMn Ielhea il
FOR It *Smiall chalt, one for rervetion.
bedroom tying -dining roo m,
kitchen, Wideote rent. Genesdr SKAPIf 4L. forhmed bhe '
Jos6 d.&t S-lartin Ave. No... oe ch 0 oste Cleres. Tele-
downmto p',"la .'TrO W, l elbpe
t m. 1772.-
FOR REK t..i2-slery bhono, t R EtNT:- bsh-house Sea
laeert 4. I.rems. btfrem. o FK RlNT:-mBe.chi.eNe Se
Ground AenriJving-dinhew Mer Cliff AeMw/Slesmp 8. Phone lel-
kiJM. (Aild's mrt a bee 8022 ffow 5p.m.
eord, 7., Vii Porras, I, d .
No,,7. ph -1569 FO$TER'5 COlTAoES, .ne mile
-Na-- i-m- 3-25 ---9. past Sonto .Clam. Low rates.-*
MOR RENT- Large modern Phone. l.baoae 1846.
Shewn in e Ls Cumbros for 10,e
hse-10 e. C e $0 WILAM Soota Clara Beach
6-105 Spphpa. .inanvn_


2-bedrom. Phono Balboa 3050.

Phfllps. Oceanside cottages,.
Santa Cue.o Box 435, Bblboa.
Phkonei Pnm. .3-177 Crisi.



ATTlNl GN G.I.1 Justbuilt' bol 3-173. .
od~~*r'frrnlshed apartment, I
2 bnrns, hot, cold water. i%. Gramlich's. Santa Clara Beach
-4941. ,, Cottages. Modern conveniences.
*. moderate ratesl Phone Gamboa
FOR iRNT:-Furnished and un- i -441.
furdalisd 2 and 4-room modern
cPeprfnira Contact Alhmbra .
Apa etn. 10th Street PhonFOR RENT
rt Colon_. Rooms

Sdwroempe. 4 emeg p.lsh FOR RENT.- Beoetifully fur.
Very reasonable rent. I. do Fe- .seldh large room, kitchen. Bel-
brega Avenue No. 7. Pasedese. Is Vista, M6iWeo Ave. 69. Tel.
For Information phone 3-1491. 3-0553.

u" "'


phenomreph-tii eemlN-
mon. 60 ele. e r 00,
esking $150. ieuse."21.'
, Gapbeoe. Phone (736.

JOIN THE TREND towards mod-
*rn window covering, using match
stick 'Wmboo.draperies and.cur-
tains..Custom-mnde in al size
and any colar for Inirm*dlqt de-
livery. Venetian bllrids, aohdi-
tlontn services. Free lqeimate.
Coll 2-3068 or 3-4904: DOiri.
butid by Productos de Madre,
S.A.. 98. Central Ave.. betwn
Kodak. Building and Fifth Ave-
nue Stdre,

FOR SALE: -4 Elctric Mules
(Yale) with stetiorfor charging
batteries. Borgdin price. Sea qt
Muelle Ingl6s. Phons '2-0550.
2-0551. .
FOR SALE:- Kohier 1/-Kva.
electrle pledit. fully touste
$350. 3-0025. Ask for Rich-

FOR SALE: POstoWeo s"ewi
machine, Univelrsl mter $S31
WesmIglteie l Aundroniot.-Tel.
-4502. Ho. 16 Jose do Fomre.
go, Aportesoet Ne. 3.


Miscellaneoaus -

WANTED TO BUY: -'fimth
tires .itable for r ns ; "
R i"t0 N S TR AJ -"
NAL, Ave. ,PeruNo.
2-0406. a "

Position 01% .

WANTED: Cleht nI n '
aImting Ofoiwnkn ..A..
I297 -.


mellre 0 Da
formIn. "_", by oplMi
moorings i .JIA2, elts
5 p.m. qel m PuMsehid .
Pen. 5-1640 suite IP.oaSIT
wlH start April 2nd oLD at$
10:30 atcal YMAW4 ;
* p.m. BR.2 p.m. oat IPmm .
Hotel studio. ONLY"|I
ScIhaw will he hold a t&
YMCA 16-/' Howr Id'M
FHm Dne hok. O.LY $10.00.

(Consm"tie Contract)
Project Ne. (C.n St. Themes,
Vir e 'Jlends
As naerd ead t for Readwey
il. 1955
Geveranemtefftfe Virgin Islands
By I snWing Office )
Public Works Commisioner.
Government of the Virgin Is-
lends, Charlotte Amelie, St.
Themes,. Virgin Islands.
Sealed bl. ia single copy for
furnishing IU lebr, equipment.
and mata and performing aIll
woak for So project doserlbed
horjil wil, be received until
3:00: ,, Atlantic Standard
Ti ali yl,.1955 In th eo* .
fiMt- e P*le Works Canmd
m'aMI- C__. tte Amalie, et.
Th Vif Islands. and
the publicly aned.
liberation eagording bidding
metriMl, bid guaroute end
bogdg.-plans and speifleodHa
on#+ ohr contract documents amr
epeqier public Inpection at ho
office of the Public Works Com-
missioner, Charlotte Amalio, St.
Thomes. Virgin Islands; R. L.
Kenen & Associates. Bell Build-
ing. Montgomery. Alabama; A.
G. C. Office, 1113 Congress
Building. Miami. Floridp; Build-
en Exchange. 46 Northeast 6th
Street. Miami, Florida; Urban
Renewal Administration, 2nd
Floor, del Volte Building. Soen
turce 17. Puerto Rico; and F.W.
Dodge Corp.. 119 Wet 40th
Street. New York IS, N. Y.
Plans and specifications may
be procured from the office of
R. L. Kenan & Associates at the
Bell Building, Montgomery, AlI-
bomo. upon deposit of the fol-
Pro;poed Waterfront Roaed-
way $20.00.
Deposit shill be only by cer-
tified check payable to R. L.
Kenan & Associates which will be
refunded to bona fide bidders
upon the retuit of plans and
specificetlonl'in good condition
within fortyfive (45) calender
days from the date of bid open-
ing. A bone fide bidder includes
any .person who submits a bid
for a general contract, but does
not Include a person who sub-
mite a quotation to the general
contract bidden. To persons who
procure plans and specifications
upon payment of the above estt-
ed amount and who do not sub-
mit a bid. seventy-five (75) per
cent i4 the deposit amont will
be refunded upon the return
thereof in good condition within
forty-five 1451 colander dayse
from the date of bid opening.
No refund will e made for re-
turn after that time.
After the bid oponine addi-
tional copies of plans pad speel
fieatione may be oblenod from
R. L. Klnon & Associates. at
commercial rates, ples handling
end mail'-' 'h-rga.
Fah bid muit be aceompe-
nied by a satisfactory bid guar-
anty in an amount et lase these
5 per cent of the to el bid.
The successful blid- r will be
required to furnish a perform-
ance bond and payment bend,
each in the amount A 100 per
cant of the contreqt oce..
No bid may be wiltrIa4i un-
til thirty 30) eeClbpdear days
after the scheduled ldeing time
for the rwecpt of bide.
The Government of the Vir-
gin Islands mirves right to
ward a contract fort an or eN
items of any bid. wichever
course i in the beat iNmt e of
the Government of te Virgin
The conM*e heu'4-*4 road-
way approximately 7.10. fet
long aleon the seaswll In Car-
lotto Amalie Harbor wleb *I-
13,500 C. Y. CoImmoI eacV-
4,700 C. Y. Solid Uek lps-
1,434 L. F. r.Clvort Fle
31 Ea. Roadwav "j
12.900 L.F. .Sondard C bil-

2;0C.Y. Cu0= mery
Curb Wad -
2.4605S.Y. Ct sed,m
6.30 S.Y. CoIMnciete i k
25,700.1. Y. Dry Me e*4 s

"Gle. Coorest 6hilt

25,700 S.Y. Sta 'hlsdal ,ta.
25.700.3Y.. @

- -m 'I

-as afit en.'; we
ead*.PI el *F ..iI
Ad b te l ,I-- a

u !-w:

I. .'-

-, V. -u'-'

in atad -

M.1 4& IF I
Am PI* maef-

44 V *.*

r -.


* -





"" "

* *'.*


F 9

t-. "

i~~ ~ ~~~~ 1 P, .ff^


Igp g


I__~ ~__ I _1_____ ~_ _



I I -


- 1-


. .; 4.:i-

* '


I i.i...I



I I f

FOR RENT:- Furnished apart- S
moat, diing living room, w Au n tr *
bedreooma geo stove, refrigars. AUSlBll U ellor
tr. Belle Vista 43-64. upstairs.
FOR RENT:-Small screened 1- Ac s In
bedroom apartment with dining
rom, screened porch, kitchen, Ta a0a Pa il
bath. cedr dry cloet; located T V O3W ri iy
near Zine. Rent 555. Phone
PanIem 2-0027 or 2-0763. VENNA, March 29 (UP)
FOR RENT: Apartment, two Austlan Chancelor Julius Raab
bedrooms, 2 perches. very inde- accepted today Russia' invita-
pendent. Furnished $85. unfur- tn t go to oscow for Au
nished $75. 43rd Street # 1-91. tan eaty tal
FOR ENT:- Furnid pert- Atrian offi/alsad they
FOR i.- insurnted VieP s- hope the mission to. Moscow
mont. 99I.- P would break the diplomatic log-
99 jam on the long-stalled tate
FOR RENT:- Furnished apart- treaty for Austria and'clear the
ment, bedroom, bath, living- way for new big four talks.
dining room. kitchen, balcony. The Roverntemt's- announce-.
Cherming, cool, $90. Pheka 3-,r Ihnt was made after long cn-
1701. ultsatonsaamonRaab RI, s cab-I
in etand Austrian ambesadors
t. i Moscow, Washington, London
Report On A-Bomband-Pari. The envoys flew
home last week-end -after the'
Victims I n Japan invitado was issued by Soviet
To .Be T..e .ast foreign minister Vyacheslav M.

It was not explained how April
LOS ANGELES, March 29 (UP) Ill was chosen for Raab's depar-
- The first nationwide telecast ture. But it was presumed he
of the medical reports on the consulted Soviet authorities here
survivors of the Hiroshima atom-'about travel details and will go
ic bomb will be aired tonight, Ito Moscow by a special Soviet
it was announced today. plane from Voeslau airfield south
uf Vienna.
The report will be made in co-i He will be accompanied by
operation with the' American'Vice-Chancellor Adolf Schaerf,
Medical Assn. over the NBC foreign minister Leopold Figl,
March of Medicine program and foreign: undersecretary Bruno
will feature a personal report Ereisky and other advisers. ,
from Dr. Robert H. Holmes,, di-
rector of the U.S. Atomic Bomb
Casualty Commission for Hiro- Students Being
shlma. It is a half-hour show be- ..
ginning at 9:30 p.m. I interviewed By
Dr. Holmes will discuss the in- Club Altamira
cidence of leukemia, cataracts
and genetic effects among the The scholarship committee of
survivors of Hiroshima and Club Altamira started conduct-
their off-spring. ing interviews at the Pedro J. So-
school yesterday to select a
AmigoS Del Pueblo Bnedy primary school graduates
miTgos, U ,De,, ,, fora scholarship award.
Ve Co n Hed The Interviews will continue
Vote Count i-ei daily between 4:30 and 6 p.m.
until Frlday and from 9 a.m. to
The first count of votes of the noon Saturday. Students apply-
Los Amigos del 'Pueblo SocialI ing for the scholarship, which
Club. popularity contest was will cover the first cycle of see-
held lit Friday night and ondary education In a Panama
showed the contestants, in the City high school, are required
following order: to bring their sixth-grade re-
Elvira Simpson, Dolores Allen, port cards.
Elvia Quintero, Joyce Burne:t, The first scholarship offered
Viena Vernaza, Dora Morgs%, by Club AltAmira last year covers
Thelma Pickering, Claudia Pai- a six-year period.
more, Beatrice Moodle, Irepe
Joseph, Lelith Bopner, AUldia c .
Francis, Lilian Jackman a&d US .vangelists
Jean Slrton. '
The second count will take Conauct Healn
palace April 23, it the Mechan,
S lub. Service Tonight
-- Evangels Hatrper Hunter Jr.
I'M&* A u ^and Romer 94e will conduct a
LA UAL N TICE salvation c dcajW g aertled at
UheChTrTco .lo the Ch oft Pro ecy
,- r .Cnazfto A Church .I San Mi el.
UMn tes Dmtrmt canr seTr Ti The two w e glst., who are
Robein sIzneh .s e -* 4 nK ere friam tha States,
e m_ a will condut a-imil arservice to-
ae.lP.toIcME s uUIf.u morrow .night, at the Jamaica
sut-ymiCue H. CUBo ,Civu Dlaodt, ocety Hall.
. A r Both services will bglp. t 7
yo de: .. t .1 -


N6. 31
Automobile Row
Tel. 2-404

100 Le vel 606
1st Line 6701.5

GUARANTEED 12 Months '

Size Blk.AWaH White 760115
600x16 $13.75
670x15 14.75 16.85 OI80k l5 &
710x15 15.60 18.70 8$ JIM
760x15 17.05 20.75
800x15 18.70 22.45 WHITE WALL $iI .
820xIS. 19.50 23.40 EXTRA,, "



___ ~__~~_



I --



t' r


Costs Lse To t .
a House ThiiI W



-'I.. -.


. .'t... ,- --.

.~.I}',: ~.

... ;-i

ay Hurwe rRe&

I om-G i -kTo" G _
S.... .. : i "'I. vI oP.EU
-. *~ G. -- -

Ft62, ,March 20 (UP) -Oly tur. of
tirm Ing day pltqhrswer ~*xpd to
t oft fir Ke Apr-i11iw4 12 wkm the
Ap he 195M major ge puuant
. ... -,... .- ..

SCommrissions Approve By

Fights For April, May i. J

1 000 000-1 7 0
002 000 00x- 6 3
LaPaIme (7) and
leld. Bowman (7)

harrison jr,r

Te ?Jaws. of wrote to th..e
The Colon and Panams-Boxing 3ac 30 asb. an I .to e aa t atm _
Commissions last night ApprOv a tiee on .Humberto' ons o bb! W s i B4-g with i-- .
three programs for April and written by-Lou ChApman Qf the Brave. thibb i +.s caue L
a Chocolatito yI. Joe Brown boupage...du .... expressed that t oi.nsoiie' '-
for pril 17 and a Isidro Mar- Chapman qotes ucky Wal-ake he grade and that.omrS
nez vs. Davey Moo re contest forters former Clnclftatt. Reds' J:n seems now to be shared .
S t Co A.'f pitcbig ta and mamgar,.now Mr" I It
approval for an April 24 return othe,. things .M Bob., h .t. 'News:
match between Rodolfo Beauot wer h.intgsithattho "hitsNews:h
Jack) Francis and MelvInWe Tl:--- ..Butwith all ofthe teats'
Bourne. This. will probably 06u",ie a heroics of late -,'nce Grimm
...... ,laugh among the local Ibaseball (mana oer Charley) -began 1 0
The Colong roup voted 4 to n .....a reg6ularly with experien ed ch-

1109Ca5 a uuudup ya .aau- -C a--r a rru .rwwu'ie aumarrio fn- Deen'.eratha undoibted mant bf
Atd Art Di- At Phoenix, AIM(. 1l1301in11) pIe m. an favor notoriously ppi hitter,' ettng th.spring

S i sWhit more y .t h .t b t the At T09 Fla.(Ch)aga (A)- Panam s Gym cbaott writer Isted b o er1se0 t i,
use o -Chicae 0 002 14-4 1 date beos
t on n ls to lead the Cubaf8r At do, o. Boaton (A- or thep r 1cdolal. The 61f- Bof C la o at 12 men hemm he dowa a

o r o i X ftvoes iedeagoCubt t t r 1.- rook- hvetomaplae b eker13h undemrdthatn, "Ars this w Rd obin.
E the ca for he r Fl ela g ms .. r e- (A) "B"-B a ston (A) "B". ladl',Mth-" Doe could I.hvhave the May we h Pan"ao,,
Sf portea tred d o ad l At th a. Milwuked al a ouced a winter league. He t alo uner

t'o ben for the till in nor the inratIU Bol (N)-A.Hant as .-- d an belfnalusetd for promoter e I Sd tain whe h thenr h at to

mare ob Rush o r the Ing at .borthtop. eat White At TAp, Fla,. Biring- -Loui Cralf rorain which *AJ startybll pitcher. .iat rebleve
.*va -IArt m ? n o" th y le p hom o.-- 0-cnCt .on11 rL"B d features eFan- aaeadyt bth. rtmm is ce.o in
to try t g- U int aKk.

l11si CRO five s w tm At St. Peterbur, a. Erne bantao wei ht cheeeamp i "dht "In a four-lnnh ~ fmob pelal

r cnnLfagiev. adtw the Ad* PACIFIC Is. E h t ome ok the 8oard rrtay of the BHS-CHe a nehte .t Mount Hope. o on
ato r p s: d ieJemst, At8 anmais New York punches inw4out major league batmenn tr e
fogS oA erterfeldc 'r wel at ( ot Dosman's May 1 program fea1-pu mathA. Quite aoe hans t o f tune on Mr-anam ,
o nto r t whle tothe Dtd SeAad Hrale Team Standinge tureis also announed against winThted a rt. d on't you thinkr-

o n of the ll n for the Teams W L Pt highly rated U. featherweight
3t6b f 1 N pur Cola 1 .875 Davey Moore finlit for pten-romounder at OTHER ITEMS FOM t
f Gibraltar 2 o ..7 e AlS 128 pound-. The-semirolrnaI which Spotar Ne pitcher. on Pnmnianev
t tt kLincoln f 4 4 .500 a betweeantamwe alaar and Ma- M a job for him, asperially
n Seou Lit Top Cear Von Chon sse the nuel Precott in a 126-pound ix s gers 'ted this mor- r of

1h3 Single s Petce 3 8 .3a 1 round bout. makethe C13nnati 8 dle B order-;
l e lackwll Is expected to be |ln- K L 1 e to James Stvens In the final lap the 880-yard relay durin the. that ed will ta kle for- Pt Sntlebry and sixoe, tt
i ntc h e r c a B i l lh e d o Aot oL s i r i s o t f e

[t uk the Sp e tor Cola re Seent a- an d.cuss. shot last Friday aht. Evene ama hapion trbin WulIiml on the Havaner*K
LS lo ,-, otthe theeeadehI the te low-to beat in this pair w fl be Charlioe eMorris ha beer n topsIn i al w pitcher t h
o mae O ear t uhb and two ond- PhaC by hp thee uellen of the Albrook the Bshot and Dormon Fulton in ra 1 O pM I a" may be p tro uothe e tonh

p'catcher t hhtlli fOUR mou F Sr$ M t ay lye In the '8 Relays he the discuss. Charlie took first In r for .ch wrk.
ohttedreg l"ar job (ewr A f p l p. started out a If awere I program fea-i Quitei a. han TO of tune on Mr
Sr te hit r ewor owvere thtad-neam I tan d Ray Ninchser uresqn a Isidro Marti Harnesst Thisteds j do n't you lthlnkl'

1 6 o ud tdh of VaHtagd w at ehyrhl ed becauPe T hh'ae string alone ton placed $hd to f h er In race an thro host France ha p In oth ip eam p isedat f
^teons i~asy the th o drtak'rtoa8--te -d with Georo-e Patterson formerly the discus. r dtomelmtul ik l Hee op H had
v es f w ith an a vil n c e a run S even a th e U n versity of M ain e, an d T h e A th let ic C lu b offers L ou ie C raih od ared th ip s m o r -h n e de r s .e eBg t .b t '
r arkers ame rontl of H Br. 504h F.A. Hooper older in Canal a d featherweight
0 9 Wte mt a 3i Wbba3 5on L Pho th e tt h eo n o t h esarm e o nC h l c i r c l e s a n d B o b- -nd t t h e i rw l a c l e h o r 'e s h o r t .
Sme %G i L aa l artA rt 1 9>". 5' .j am- tao wen oeof iba H ar F o ro eM eatM o f h ore d. d r er Car E R I T E M S F R O M t htl
m r y. I on the C e hwa r received .t pll offers Ray is representing. It would between a n sra ladeatable a ornd and with ash ame

tna r r di begis t it the v er on the d s something of a surprise iith t Fndano was pur- Vshowed beter adaae.
lifteyet. hewarelevedbyZeround but. The itnnat tht Lopez s porter
rrrh o 3 6ni353 c olan1 1d.875o1wd wplun dsIhpp r mate l will-Majort o
S2 hms lu rsb I 1 S l a Todn welpl-take a l.ook ato theIn the shot, ad.JoTe Ioen them -_-an n ed Pat Soantlebury and six

io. "h'll for Aht eymour Ia rance bs low'to beat in this pai ugheyithe Balboa Relays.e e harlie Morris hr been tops ntrott an p nhoI p a men ead in heTe

t rulador obHandicap st 'dnSoutsIe. 3onCamp Losey Takes. 2-g.0 ..4 e nbeut t.tPat
o r i. s oo lo t h-tso't ale atn the Ain the shot 4 f and. o o Inche' a.
f 1 to r t wse .r-3w iothteven nthts..rthe 'shthdse Ge n et th lr.erh surprised i

diorwteheh luaj.. "s r n 1 i..a. Fs .R. .las.r i y i.. e v e h a nd sh w e ed hS to he n E no *d .- t....1'p
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to e0mo r HL aeb Thr d ot s riedkd I *ni t alape @d "withatteron t d Tmrmew wl cv t eprrteessb -t Ge ne M crawnn.ten scu tgc Jacob forthe rg a -o :

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did patim to win nothe M an- thniUnfn onsl te pre i n g iu l d be en rno n wn istroti ng 5 "unbeat e 1---- In *

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d d o Iwr d got another lifthbetn b th ezWAH
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A d own cc r d itable fasn .2 d aypnig h t toetakeanentewin an d en tered .' "nd th e P ortlan d Ph c hlc C oast -StN N' R '3 H O L D A Y "
K A M b1beorsetw adosit0uV"iornPeople Lea ue Club in the apring of Wili
C.Parockman. If 1N 0 0 ridonan ra mmant ga me d o fot es e.Ca-r n, ohw'f oretoh 194W7. .. "FOLL.OW THAT WOMAN" a-:8
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anora h orican
"-Lefthfe people know the truth and the country is safe"9 -A4braham Lincoln.

.. ........ M -. -

at any price'but peace with hon-
or." He said "the road to ap-
peasement is not the road to
peace but to surrender on the
installmont plan."
.I know ofno waar party in the
United States," Knowland said.
"I know of no war faction in the
United States."
The Johnson-Knowland ex-
change came against a backdrop
of mounting tension in the Far
Some military officials pri-
vately predicted a Chinese Com-
munist attack on the off-shore
Islands by mid-April. It so,
Knowland and others want
prompt U.S. retaliation.
Others reported favoring a
stiffer attitude in the Far East
include Chairman 4tyle Bridges
of .the Senate GOP Policy Com-
mittee; Secretary of State John
Foster Dulles; Adm. Arthur W.
Radford, chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff, and Adm. Robert
B. Garney, chief of naval opera-
lions. ..

Convicds Fighting
Hunger In 3rd Day
IA| ni.._ h .... iI

rTT.- iTT Tfrn CTV'*V I -A ,** "s

MMh mctu.yn ....l.

*ntr BaInsHuWWIJosHNson

' L "*. t. "*'1

i TL: i

Th^e we
velopments: -
1) Sen. Joip.. 3
(R-Wis.) a M I
of deliberatede AN B
may be an unn'M10i
fi to make
tions toward Qdi
Matsus. I .
. cCarthy, who faw
tense of the islands,
the President tod _
tion'rplanhms at onoe.
2) Knowland osid it
a "great mistake" t
Bi Four meeting
United States has;
differences" with
Far Eastern Daft. A
"another Yalta or M
be fatal for the f
3) Sen. Mike
Mont.) said he-
news reports quotlnB'
ficials that |he
may be in a Far BRte
He urged JohnO
at the White nloune
were "planted" and, 1
whom and why.
Johnson to|d the 8e
optimistle thai "p ot
eign polcy program wi
from President am
al leaders.

7- -7 ,

Few Brit

Maksus A,
PHOENIX, March 29 (UP) -
British ambagaNdor Sir Roger
Makins said la t night that
"there isn't m h feeling" in
Britan that "Qnemoy and the
Matsus are worth a world war."
The ambassador spoke during
a question and answer period a]
the Phoenix press' club during a
one-day vist.
He saiod "we regard the off-
shore islands as part of China,
and therefore the Reds have
some claim to the territory."
Sir Roger said the position of
the British government andr that
of the U.S. different with re-
grd to the offshore Islands, but
I similar on the problem of For-
Much of the difference is the
result of Britain's recognition of
the Red Chinese government on
the mainland, he continued.
The ambassador said that an
having diplomatic relations with
Red China, Britain was "recogn-
izing a fact."
"We don't consider diplomatic
recognition as implying a moral
approval," Sir Roger said.
Meanwhile in Washin g t o n
Senate Democratic leader Lyn-
don B. Johnson touched off an
angry Far East policy row by
.hcariinir that some Senate Re-

house Group

OKS Modified

(JMT .rogram

WASHIN- March 29 (UP)
.-.A Rouse armed services sub-
aommittee ywterday approved
slation i poviding for a 2.-
man military reserve
program. It would include a
m difled form of Universal mil-
itary training.
The bill, approved by a 9 to 1
vote, embodies many of the fea-
tures sought by president Eisen-
hower early this year to hold "a
ready reserve which is in fact
ready" to fight. It will be con-
idered by the full Armed Serv-




lees Committee Apruil 18.
, Under the new modlfled UMT MOSCOW, March 29 -(UP) consolidating the country's divli- ratified the Paris agreements Bridges (R-N.H.), chairman of
pro,. ueb to 250,000 young Official Soviet publications slon for many years," Izvestia for rearming West Germany. the Republican Policy Commit-
men 11 and 18-year-olds would clearly indicatedtoday the next said. ceetiothe isennoerts re- before .. uydam talked to re-e..
receive six months military step of Soviet diplomacy w I I I captive to the idea of taks with Before Suydam talked to ro-
.raining each t year, followed be to tryto prevent or slow Im- Izvestia also said the. de. Russia If they hold promise of porters BritishForeign MinlIa-
*.tr ,,.. ear duty in the re- plemen*-ion of the agreements bates in the French par lia- constructive accomplish m e n t. ter Anthony Eden told the
-er.ves. to rearm West Germany. ment were a. "shameful histo- But he had insisted-along with House Of Commons 'that t he
s-erve. |Asia warned the west it ry of submission of reactiona- oiner Western leaders-tiat the three Western powers had start-
Men not oinina the UMT pro- woull carry out Its threat to ry parliamentarians to way first must be paved f or ed talks looking toward a possi-
-Ta ,would continue to be sub-lestablish-an "Eastern NATO" shameless pressure .on .the' rearmament of West Germany. ble Blig Four conference .
e"tto the two-year draft. as soon as the Paris agree- part of the Unites States and Senate Democratic Leader "The fact is that the three
m, ents are ratified by all na- Britain." Lyndon B. Johnson (tex.) said wers are in consultation on
The vote against the rlan was tions concerned and repeated its ... .. today he hopes the Paris trea- h -matter," Suydam said.
*,. i__ .. oP. ,i ..I...._.........., __.. ... 1Ut also calue Ii a fllaranlt Uei can be brougniht before th lEden said the procedure may


cast by Ren. William G. trey threats this would make the reV 51U UUgA JAL IAU "w sG1FA11 Aa
,l nd) He saidhe obIe.nted unification Germany impo i- tervention of American a nd cena"e for approval oy Thrus. involve planning seasons at or- nublican leadersare'talking war,'U0 Irl KeVOlI
2R--n.l.ory reserve duty, ptle- l- "e British diplomacy and Its Bonn day or Friday. He is pointing dinary diplomatic levels. He to President Elsenhower. h sd the Prewdent an
ularly for men returning from Izvestia, the official govern- artnersIn the French Repub- for U. 8. ratification before the said this might evolve into a Johnson accused the OOP LINCOLN, Neb., March 29 G ha. n W *ter
extended active duty. ment new aper, said that "as c's Internal affairs. Senate starts its Easter recess foreign ministers conference chieftains of prodding the Pres- (UP)- Nine rebellious convicts nation e Comnate e
ene... ave ui. far as the oviet Union'and oth- The laborpublication. Tr u d next Monday. and possibly a top level con- dent to fight back if Red China fought mounting hunger pains aont eomt4 .,_
Under the subcommittee blll, er peacefulstates are concern- noted that "anyattempt to be-' Benate Republican leader fcrence between the chiefs of attacks the offshore Nationalist today as they kept two guards sey agremen" on
the six-months training pro- ed, ratification of the Paris a- 'n implementation of the Par- I William F. nowland (CalI t.) state. held Quemoy and Matsu Is- captive in a stone fortress for p"Neith
ram would be strictly volunta- geementa did not catch them agreements" and setting up said he knows of "no serious op- French sources in Paris said lands. the third straight day. ty or hn J n 5r
?y. Members rejected by tl vote Tnawares.,, rmy divisions In east Germanyt position" to the pacts. France hopes to set up a work- Said Johnson: "We don't want Gov. Victor E. Anderson, who tycr enst pose ren-rty,
I Defense Department request unawar to recover former German ter- But Knowland said Sunda y ing group soon to coordinate Al- a war party to emerge II thil took personal command of the ch eis o d.
that it he allowed t ,-"- tei ..This was clearly stated, as ritory "will undou btedly re- the United States should insist lied olicy in any meeting with country and we don't want an Nebraska State Prison, stuck to .
draft if necessary to fill the pro- is known by thegovernments of ru'nednthe ca Pr of cmas rre- on signs of good faith from the Russia. Soviet Premier Nikolai appeasement party either." a watch and wait policy. He re- "
gram. the se ,ster at the I .'scow con- d ,Russians before agreeing to a Bulganin indicated Saturday the Senate Republican Leader WE.-fused to act on the rebels' list
..feee. .t.the end of last year "The declaration adopted In, new international conference. Kremlin would favor sauc h a liam F. Knowland fired back of grievances until the guards
The sb mmlte s re Decemberof year b y Hewas supportedby Sen. Stylesmeeting. I that "the people desire not peace are released o l
The ~qmn ~mlt 1 r:(when the Eastern Defense Al M......w c...ece. ..... _,.I ey wsAsppotedbyoen.Styes eerisoPn ......i.i.. ...
cted by ,e ,voteFi nPmei Hmri lance was formed). It w ,as and precisely defined the atm --- apparently staked their ho,,-
ro give the President nuor stressed in the declaration to- I I apparently staked their hoves
to evil u to 7.50,n0W reaF ew 'e- Ithe conferences that in case o ofsations, "ITsut ones tsubmisngi the convicts nLto
serves to .active duty instantly ratification of the P aris agree- sa V H eart' M iss es O nly Few Beats ebs n
inae of"raemergency. .g EThe rebels, nine of the tough-
In case of emergency. ments the peaceful peoples will "Ruling circles of America, est men in the prison, have .-
Both actions appeared to be take measures about ensurel n g Britain and West Germany ex- "The Hasty Heart," a tragi- bulk to carry his part. It called Blossom, the Basuto. With prac- probably not had a bite to eat
a con sion to members op- securety In Europe by joint ef- erted unprecedented pressure comedy by John Patrick, open- forth chuckles on cue. tically nothing in the way of since breakfast at 10.a.m. Sun-
a ton al-ontoUMT pro- forps- with the aim to. achieve unre- ed last night at the Theatre The nurse was well cast. Bo- lines, Bob Beecher does a job of day.
pose o "an 'Desplte their assertions by served ratification of the Paris Guild Playhouse in Ancon. The bett Millard gives the right projecting for every moment An hour and a half after
gran. the advocates of the Paris a- agreements," Trud said. audience enjoyed it. combination of femenine soft- such as is seldom seen. It's too breakfast they staged a sudden,
However Re nverton rooks agreements they are Imcompati- Yesterday the United States, The author, whose current ness and professional efficiency bad the director has not used revolt in the prison's .Isolated
r... t5 n of the suh- ble th German reunification Britain and France set diploma- play on Broadway is "Teahouse to the part. At times her voice, this character in more of her maximum detention building.
o, toe. ,th es Iees -18 for mey are directedd to ward tic machinery in motion looking of the August Moon," is a mas- could have been thrown out a groupings. It is really too much They grabbed guard Warren
... ... "1^ ," -. ". a haace stllua0 ^ ffim ^ S S uer Szrom oennn me^ W oars,^--
be ,d b fore the (tll rommi'- r toward a possible big-p o w e r ter of the light and-tender touch. notch or two more, and her per-] to keep a character still simply Miller from behind the bars,
tee. He favors toth r0'opo-P ," conference with Russi a, the This story is set in a convales- formance will surely be more because ohe actor, through his stole his keys, and later captur-
anrd predicted thev tand a geod nln er r State Department said. cent ward of a British Army hos- polished after the first night. ability, is never stac. ed uard Eugene Swanson.
-ha-e- of be ingIncluded in the EngineerDescribes pital in Sputh-East Asia. It re- Earl Boone and Bill Millard Thanks Aga to The Theater The guArds have not been
bill hatgoest the House floor. i Department spokesman Hen- wolves about a Scottish soldier had small parts, well done e- G or peasant evening of r uri he wodays and
,% ry Suydam said the three West- whose battle injury, unknown o noug.. Ilv .th two nr irlah .r _othasol td.
Sr the f e, reserve ern allies are holding "qut him, leaves him few weeks to This brings us to the prs of, dollar tp. Theater Lover. Bty
*lute w eOlde tandatory for A A l fAf Mill active" consultations on the ailve. But his true bat...tle Is ,on them if Anderson orders a
bth dratee and members ef On LOeractorsMp possibility of a meeting t h at within his "hasty heart"eand to o o d et .t mA eon -oy,
4he #Ix-montith trani,-,1, ro- might ease some of the long- learn to accept the friendship of t.p pf 0p abn t stone detention building. t tre
tavng ~h hic stnoig Est es tesios. is ellw ptiets Nie MnisersResgn romCa8toatoeedtenionbuidin.n
im. At nresntt, men eavig The carOe and skills with w which standing East West tensions. h op n The captive gards sent a ipte
he service go into the re- both the contractors forces and He said the talks, being First night audiences at the to the Governor late yesterday
served but they cnnnt be com- Government personnel are car- conducted for the present at Theatre Guild are somewhat of skino for food and cigarettes.r
"ego* t keeP up their military tryingg out the job of removing least through normal diploma. an acid test, consisting mainly n ,-" : i i but Anderson did not relent. He
nt.* 1,700,000 cubic yards of roc k tic channels, were stepped up of experienced actor-members of rungdIng et11 am RIO Orse rsI said the rsond would probably be
"an......0 ...cyrs fro lu gn V e am It W reCrss sai1d the food would probably be m h.
,% .. ... .and 350,000 yards of Cucarac a last weekend after Fra ncea the Guild. Their la u g h t ear grabbed by the hungry convicts. m
,The bill would require them to ^shale Contracto^rs Hill throughout the play, though this The rebels may have had a
sitend weekly drill and take a g.aphically 'described by is not a pure comedy, therefore small food cache in the build-
to-week course of activ dtty Charles McG. Brandl, assistant ID bat is a good forecast of the enjoy- SAIGON, Indochina, March 29 part of the 20 loyal battallo nsaing when'theariot brokeerout., An- oe
I the supmer. As an altern- et engineer at Contractorr O lIfes e al e ment of future audiences, to- (UP)- Nine ministers resi-summoned to Saigon at the out- derson said, although there was
tive they could skin the weekly i in an article in the current r. night throuhSaturday ed today from pro-Amer ean guarded no evidence of It.
drills pr go on active duty for s f the "Military En gi- 1 The spontaneous applause at Premier Ngo Dinh Diem's cabi- Diem's residence, the indepen-
s m orth each summer. sue o Mltary E n g i Uy D an the second act curtain will sure- net, plunging Free Viet N a m dence palace. 'S
Bneer.ahu ly be repeated each night. deeper into its political and mll-
If trainees failed to live un to Brandl gives a history ofethe M Yes, this is entertaining thea- itary crisis. The leaders of the three-sects
eir reserve obligations, thev 600foot, ra from the3i I rc ll M y G l ter, though admittedly, not up to Eight of the ministers werb I -Cao Dal, Binh Xuyen and Hoa "
would be subject to a draft call I was first discovered in 1g u- the extremely high levels of per- members of the three religious- Hao--gathered this mornmg at
tv il early 1954 when the action t 'g'o1 9 ,IP _
for two years active dt..Ity, lL evelohento the Uac LOND N, t UP)- formance of the last two Guild political sects which have been their headquarters in a suburb
land development of the crack Aneurin Bevan went on the car- productions. feuding with the Premier and to discuss Diem's offer to nego-
*x-draftees faillnq to train had progressed to such aL stagelpet today before a special Labor'- This is Miss Claude Aycock's which have threatened to use tiate the possibility of a cabinet
abuld be called back to duty a- that the stability of the hill wa Party -oTribunal." seekinR to first major directorial work. She heir private arme in a civil reorganization.
considered questionable and tthe wart their privaten armiesrstnmajorvdirerorialnwortion.
ppbst their will for 48 days. considered questionable and the .vert a wide-open split in party can be proud of it as such, and war to bring down Diem's gov-
future safety of the Canal be- ianks that could torpedo Labor's Isthmian audiences can look for- ernment Dem had Ignored their ultl
brookn said the pgram wa came of rave concern, chances in a general election. ward to her future development. matum to reorganize the cabi- 2nd ANNUAL M-G-M WORLD4W UE
tdrnpd to prodituce a ready re- .The article describes in detail The eight-man committee will There were some weaknesses e e Defense Minis- nt along lines they demanded.
e force of 2,00,000 men by the difficult. nature of the prnj-call on Bevan to apologize for which will probably be overcome Ter Ho Theo ng Minh. Anti-government eementde ap-n 1
sere force of 2,900,000 1e y h ae ,gis at la-nwtefrtpa-ih spt ter Ho Thong Mirth. Anti-government elements ap-
O. ect and the precautions which his rebellion against party lead- now the first play-night is pa.t. The nationalist-minded sects, parently won the upper hand in LM T IVA
.%have been taken for the safety or Clement R. Attlee or lace ex- Specifically, some key lines In grouped in a loosely knit anti- today's meeting and a sect F L F1
; While the' UMT plan would of Canal traffic. Of this, Brandl pulslon from party ranks. The the first act were not sufficient- government "Nationalist unified spokesman announced a series
cpver up to.1.^A0O men P year says: .etwming Maverick. leader of the ly emphasized to clarify the ront" took the dec a vision to of acUonae s DAYCn 7 GREAT PRE IEe
defense officials have spit ftie,,- "The nature of the rock and hate-America bloc in Commons, situation. In peak moments there learonve the cabinet after a nur- DAYS! 7 GR A IRM I '
wonld like t start It with about its proximity to the narrow w already has been read out of was some hesitancy in giving ried meeting. They said "any 1. The Cao Dalst Pope sent IT
100,000 the first year. Gaillard Cut precluded the tk-the party organization in parlia- warmth to the lines.' cron gi ii mting.Thepai 1 sTheCo rsntPo the An THE
ing of any chances. For exam- .nent. The sit, typleiM of the craft- conciliation with ah premieruis the collective resignation of the
impossible and harmful. four ministers of his sect."-
ple, nothing is allowed to delay The special committee was ap- manship of John Leitnaker's Pm og Te "Pope"dp, of 2. Gen.Iran Van Soal, com-l| p
or cause alarm to the ships that pointed by the party national -past work, brine the play into ao D ndSdng mand n-c fotheHoaao P
Welite Fr p.nd ppss below. No rock must fly executive committee last week immediate focus and gives good t frnt ent insect informed ministers of his
Olter Urnd when a ship Is close nor canin study Bevan's case after a working space in a difficultmuremt message to absentee resignation. miser "o h
Pnv blast, no matter how care- personal plea for political "mer- situation. e ss a o n r h DAY M l h 1
Se 'Um fully planned, be fired until any cy" for his rival by Attlee. To- John Catron gives a clear Emperor Bao Dal onte frenc 3 The Cao Daist Po cabled THURSDAY-March s3t.
eonroarhine .ship has clear a d ,iay's meeting will determine portrayal of Lachlen, the dour Riviera urging him to form 3. The Cao Daiostto f a Jean POWELL Howard Ld
in.41est Ber in the Cut. There cannot be. and the final decision by the full 28- Scotsman, about whom the play nowgovernmen inBaorm- ne"da a request to form a SEVEN BRIDES FOR SEVEN B THWRS .
there have not been, any at- man national executive tomor- revolves. He is oeftainly to be The Buddhist "Pope" inform-new. "democratic govern-I "SEVEN BRIDES F O PE
_BRLIN March 1 (UPI tempts to make short cuts in tow. complimented for bis completely aedBaoDalrthe situation In th"e sent. In CINEThCPs..ewl. i
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I Churchiil goes to Buckingham John Lefalce as Yan. the sec- gency cabinet meeting to exa-
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LAST form the Queen of his intention speeches. ias Binh Xuyen sect 8:21 a.m. 2:16 a.m. I C
|, 1i. t:3.s. 4:40. 6:45. 9:A.5 p.m. of retiring from political life. Dave Board brings a physical several Infantry battalions, 8:42 p.m. 2:43 p.m. MODAY-4 --






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F1T Uzi=

Soviets Seeking To Slow Down

PlaOns To Rearm West Germany

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