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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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ILI I,- ,1

esU Of ^fer .Verdict May Come Tod
rch 2 (UP)- Brtain losed today that the United tates has of

fre u.e Hi armed fora by 2,000000 men, France by 300,000 and Brit. -
in by under a disarmament plan that Rua ha rejected. a

SiBr Js nler of state An- third across-the-board cut in Nuttin said the West's plan iV 4 s I V I' rl i '
Sthony Nutting revealed to a troop levels for everybody. p o reductions that "would
rema conference the first full de- ThFrench delegate to the establish a fair balance of forces
t of the new western disarm- talks whmch underway her between the East and West, and
Sanent pli The United States for almost a month between the would break up the mass armies ,
hai no~ closed the details. United .StatOW l~ain, Fr.anc of the world." i --
rane discIosed only part 0of uskla ahd sada, pointed out-.*
thie t lost.nlht. that Ruauuta-ow has the largest But he,shared, the view ex-e trial of im reached president Jo Ram n Gu do oe
Sfiurs3ie" ,he sade the gte ames Wad ? rth.inti. seventh ad4 possibly last day this morning, when attorney Felipe Juan
1 n, tim nd maot uu orthdo ouTt thate cobar will continue his final speech for the defense. r
hA deposetht euor ve' m.lMo ,h ,w e n- R with its proposal for
or powers reduce the man- moR e m n Ue u -flat one-third cut was trying to Then it will be for the National Asembly to reach a verdict in .s
wetllngs of their armed am nand,. e-comobined p perpetuatee Soviet supremacy i n .. ... .As
oreea to ,.ep folowin levels: wol e h nder their pro- ai e upremac and, if the verdict be built, to decide what sentence to impose on
v on Nutting said toi i the first eti
t states, 1,9, to.- ped ______ Nout tinz aid this is the first wealthy construction engineer.
f ".m .... time the western powers have nt '
30, tholics cling on manpower.Inn The pros eution has asked for 35 years.i a ther a
rBritain, s amen; A ... liernlan thed c "m A woman, described by anofficial of the Ntional doubtful regain the
lsai se f. ues oM Aolt treductons t specify- (NEA Telephoto) Assemblly as a crank, caused abrief flu f eIxcitem t t atAmr.c n
cutting ,hsaid these figures -mf mi g the size of the cuts. LYING DOWN O THE JOB Tom, a none too Industrious ...t 'a' e f f sitt Itn A i I p
would represent a cpt under Nttin added that the So- striker, takes time out from his picketin chores to catch a ct- during yesterday afternoon ss of day the killing.
resent levels of 2,.0,00 men A ln P lm viet wfnot accept the western nap in a Memphis, Tenn., rail yard of te Louisville and Nash- the trial. Ls o.arw ..hnelas
so the ~nited states. 300,A00 B gi Vilan and have evded giving ville Railro ad Born and raised in the yards, Tom feels it's h W" cl ered o s
enfo race, and 250,000 mlhe necessary details for their his duty to back up the 25,000 non-operating employes who .Shouting that "there was too much injustice hre coar said he q
f The et Union has re.fu.ed BRtJ88S, March 6 (UP)- action are on strike. she threw a stack of magazines and newspapers from her esp.en here
to say wIe such a cut woul~.Thirty thousand m arching e- set in the galle onto the floor of the Assembly. refused. ala c
leaveit with, has rejected. the Catholics delaying and anti- /..A l T. TA I The incident occurred shortly after Escobar started casteUanos ha. prof thau
its oldi dma d for flat one- a runnistreet battle today y l Ig 10 1l IS his rebuttal and attempted to belittle the ease built u aan Fanco rtr
-with pou who mounted a by special prosecutor Josi N. Lasso de la Vega against Jan. 2 and that other
cavalry' chat"A -nd opened up i took part in the aa
rinith ire hoses to put down the Guizado, on trial for the Jan. 2 assassination o President The dene Sawj
bas e tIso Put down the AMr.
By..eglyrftenoon mo From Strong Drink And Loose Women jo. nt.Rem6n. -

m ld.f..l a e_ nWA nNTL am ach (, aeu de. l a r er ts.d no rs, would condonee a lot rof dnk Asth aseitrnetl .to irowo e b yte
ofd h a. In rur N G ro cher h ce oihU a. .m itho a oemben dI
Ss rt -A House aed rvte Ub- seBrook,'ve their country said Defr Escobar, wh foowead u- e t handa o d ea eo

trun- =W00= woman, id^ 121; -- 1 Efl9Mfl-lb Boy L. W' Z
Sthe ke committee wrangled today over manx, James P ed was womendon thatt a m an like Mi
n ld lhere was "absolutely Pariamerit They decided to try again syla do oe ar o i pu0esa o could b I influenced Into the de la VegsteJarMi -

no truth to reports that h roa Mountd endames charged erWickersham asked a Marinedela commission of a crime of te year senencefrt
Wghes drove badly and dan, Into the rewm and Went It The issue arose as the sub- wnSheher the Marines lein e oe.oin. or a 35-year .en. mnitude of assassination by on the ground- that toe

gerously." reeling back to ard, the con- committee neared the end of its te for _ufado who wasFrst Ga 10do who by. nature as ton knows that the... ..
The statement said It was a finemest area of the boule- overhaul of President Eysenhow- and ma s b wrendeetnder.slain-Pres- "nth e oor.enalt that can be i
m e" when a rench police- var her's proposed military reserve mae between voluntary the corps o ones no such co A mbly r- own n Panama
an opped the Dukes automo- andreure fire houe r raining pro grambecomes trainees and recruits. They notrained- duct by Ecobr canMarined at 11: watlast night. E- He quaed the

bile. sttwner br-Or t ht into w nation to It includes a modified Univer- euxL rie nra d LEICESTER, nl. March Th Ldela, Vu e ho br dclrndd that r reisea r rqeeA s
e did gham Palac efende youth within the alryrow lae. sal military Train Program ed both might be training in ut erham Insisted pre as i a e to Cistellanos, Cuban crimanolo- thwart the snsd
t* handeyiv ab signal f the Due Tho two boulevards and t ahe or y s of predrat age 17 e CKam ednt moral a eirl" reng wre ot bed by i oas giu a rd waived here somedan the Assemble r
police ar behind Prince Phad streets connecting there f wero e Nod 18-year-oldsi rdan servicemen n as clients and u n orthe -erstiemond o -f m w tud ot yinuestio unt amongbl thar'nm
car," the statement saad. lacb ruc k w ereth toward the Members could ot agree on any half of them classified as 1Y en who ibe taken into thoe pol e station patrl Ina tal of eight lawyers
end of the vistadue the lia e n lgth said he p thad oiveh e aheha reivet girls, authorities ne told a court w hile A bly officials the Ivtl latoradround tha

peiesnd Pringh Pison Chts 6No"D n with (u-000ltersic i abotherevndACONIAt N.Hd. March 26 Thurd reraldRbn ^icyoCaWa V-e rto nmethe gro
the French Rivieral fighting broke out pear the S osel tard n ill yourare trlin to train them alld et oeardn thepou e pw they should ante asked.

ButIn statement a atch a- Nrth Station when thloe mob prevent them f rom being brand- to serve their coun said De- rEscovearedtheblaododii. hait en aoEs teo ared thde
valuable". by the palace, a spoker- triedto head uptown towards C4 as "mama's boys." vereux,, aMarine generalEandTRv A. Msobarrh T hedndfonta oed EGuillermoeMar-coqat hat ikth

Swe ragla betwee' trucheon saeguards or a servicemen ear-old misonary s offer A children's officer told the recessed until this morning aocould b Influ st anencednero
idhere was police and demon- The committee previoly the investment to raise funds Juvenle Court "the boy was d 9: BENO A S, March 26theaccued auit

ntruth torepoatorr fot pots aon oate s had decided to leave the ques- for his church in the Philip- sometimes by the Americass, The defense counsel accused (UP. Approximately 200 dl- to aume that they ar
a de Brouckere. ton of protecting th young pine Islands.i sometimes by the girls H Lasso de la Vega uing his summa- cose st we i in the 20 ea lon of the
highness drove" badly and danI nto the r ereaed at means morals up to the Civilan His parents, Mr. and Mrs. methods were the nearest thng eth tate s nge yvil courts of. Buenos Ares to- the power to

V March 26 fis ilefore earnshing police National security Training George Cardinal of Laconhan to the London call girl racket I evidence before him in a man- day at the end of the 90-day obliteration ofan one
a Pr e st an D.Peron "A t theb advanced, engmlting Commission, rather than the sad today their son is sending have yet come acrohs." nor that wao "a negation of waiting period provided for In their way or threaEB
garously."id tt reeling back towards the cn- committee neared the end of t n 200 bond to ell here at Chration prineples, t he nation's new divorce aw. Inerents t t
he statement straer weras a fe beaten It thethe boe overha of Presid-entded this rov- The b oy said in a s tatemen He declared that the prosecu- Divorces were prohibited in defense ale
t e wh en Frel been The dare cavalr char 's- n to include all servicemen ere ssued b I truce Ameicas to my ton made no effort to review tholic A rgentina until De- o de la Va

tsghtabou'vie ad edWlSdrawn "sabraan'd, dur he fprst ed x months of therChurch ofot. Jam es t sser andot rand gt G ? ity inSorbefore' whe the new blw wa mns to a
man s topped the Duke's automo- iby backed by thressure fire houses program. Pr antigo Isabele on the IAsland taefl the y ive me tose 1b p ro of the dsw
SweW brought Into action o it includes ao modified Univser- r E ar. h p declared Lasso de a &Vega had obar declared thaton Dr. Iaet
Sdi s as cstin ainl e sale ita r Tratining the Prog. AT- mredE"l U P in roh i. was Te An faned b Es cobar casda b1:as t es HeS qaie t
Sn a the* ar ervi heaven is approximately 1,000 His name was withheld by the tan h alldene tstellanos, Cuban cr the
undestnd a signal from t5 o T e boulevards and th. ide for youaiths of pre-draft age, 17o oes purc ohose n ie i nclouirthet osfters.wer hna heuld a isot e an at aee s the Ietl
npoliac vcrbehind Prince P ii' streets tconnet barngt o i were and 18-year-eailds. ctlletn l bnd redeabe at o weegrs ietor sne bi- l a Peadainrlc eaisthaerm o
car," the statement said. "At the black bi ythe s mailing shoutlns Rep. Overton Brooks (D-La.) -inHeae tanid by either the men or Guizado on the testimony of his

complim. aentedhobatPtle shh lD letters about the resaer ven uem.Thursday. e k t rl A th pres t a et
his m wcaSto nitwer) Lwnwitheo n Collgard m fand "most of them LACONIA, N.H., March year-old Cuban Victor Calvo t be-to a fund to or
mixed with the bang of fire- alT" upoth e question u selling bentds redeemable at mong the girlscor whom heyapd 9:0. ter colOdnt yMake Promp US whI the postldn

oB.y 135 pm. a pitched battle civilians allowed to provide Rev.Ma rient Mr. a s32At the bey said tion's case untilsAssp the Ambly fo Wne prdent

; 5 iJMarch 26' first efore onrushing police National Sec u r it y Training George Cardinal of Laconia, to the London call girl racket I evidence before him in a man-iday at the end of the 90-day obliteraion of sa,' one
(utn D. Peron but then advanced, engulfing Commission, rather than the said today their son is sending have yet come across." ,ner that was "a. negation of waiting period provided for in in their way or three,
said f that a tic od man 15the lnee.bea e ral. otthe e xteddertices,5th. nh The boy said in a statement, He declared that the prosecu- Divorces were prohibited n The defense also
thap he who ba. merely been The re4darme cavalry charg- sion to include all servicemen The bond were issued by sIsintroduce Americaris to my tion made no effort to review Catholic Argentina unw laWs no-
Ty tusrngthe Church of St.Jamsatterisand ot rlandgetGuado's personalityIn order member when e new lw a t I
mgan ast acasuinterpreedn byubacked nby lawtreeifire pumps,n Ie. Jamest Van Zandt (Ri- Santiago Isabela on theIslandgive me to prove his ue lt, of the fer
many a an answer rcentsueeedin clearing the place Pa.)a reserve naval captain, ofLuzonin the Phppins. money caue hoyre sure hat yi divorce wa granted i-ed for unk
criticism of his government by %rte "i a distinction be made Thea Inscribed; his bond I ask the Americans for crga- would se ableAtorconvince md because the. in the plot toamin
top le rire- were in 'almost between the youths in the UMT is nonredeernable here on earth rettes for my da, too. He knows Lanos.L 40 la Vega's arguments 11945.
a',n e- cono ihbu aio n tteotherl program and those in the reg- but it's redeemable 'value in. I do It." weredoesribed by Escebar n u alb~~W hdbcu e e
iIpubli; kchooli And of the confinement area ular services, heaven is approximately 1,000 His name was withheld by the1 "a mta ,-, The defense at.. the oouWl-had- legally sp- auc uittal
not be-M:nartW North Station re- He said he did not want the per cent on presentation and court which ordered him. hldd' temm-y desci'bed his oppoent laratedod v since last December, viewningauegei
9, 04mbe Ia.39rtoWiod130b l c Xpuwntrstors still try- Civilian Tralning Commission collectable any time after date two weeks while authorities In-I h. world of u-.a
Inl.t vf.-.f wilnent, using their welfare Ideas" on of purchase." -vestigated further. ear a .lnimm roswulon' case.
It. I"-s-h' w e-w-

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., ... .... .., ,y ^ ^- -.. ,l i' ..-. .. ..
.*'* ,' ..... .*^ ^ .-* -_ + .1h.
.. ... ; a .. .


840 KILOCYCLES PANAMA, R. P. "_ pa'AA A A..t ".-i -e..' H
.... {' *^k iar .* _^ 4.. r-A-A. ||

_________________ AsAub (RI As.aok aub (I- II Cl ( l Q J .....
:'P> -- s o A ,,4- l O -- s i -- f .,
a I.- CM Atoa a" 1" s, au 1t In 'Cci ( GLCs1 I "I I -Ar l0:0 .

.:1 ,. -

7 ""i1 I A I -e i A I S Ir* "I is *19s,
s I:1 I "1 N "I~ I o

0-- 0-n a, I /* / .. C l M d. /sd / T ,,. OIltA -In a s

Tel* Mullal R pll d M5 i lle* Mual t in Ui a R ill Muial mll M al .b t U 3:
*;4 / I / / / ,, / ~ "* I" Is: 1: "'
N ON VOICE 01 PROPHiCe News Ne m Nww New s N/w/ / : 00oo
.125 & SK- Mt Mached Hwan Sa-end Hn Land Hun .c.d Hl. TIhe ,Wpbt 9:15 ..
S70:00 Meo nhi T Melod New J ie JOURNA, N ,-..,. e .E T J.A N.. ....

8i ^ 10:0 Music For You (tC) n. Ma n t 10i

S. :4) H ,
Iu -10 I r 5 / 1 I 0--:45
11:00 VOICE *OF POHC Newt NO" No 11:00
9"1) Sa" !- an-hated Hun"S-red.s N -ew '- -lT ,ew,

1 1:1T o Mouics] ,i ( ) lat,* .es;I IS O -AItludeh" NsI 4II InI bAmI.111a 'as 1As I.. A. 0 3
100 e Re e The Pa ,The e" ,Se he neM e i e e Pi he 10:030

S. / 10:,, ). u_ _.. Is w- oo
1-00 M AT j N /CL /- .j o^ i- I,

i -*9 Eacursion__Law We For *Gn hre Te Spira Of u h e VikiBe (RNS) Solns Of Pmc. dRDP) Rhdhm And Reooo (NSC) 1:5M
*1 12:13

:0a cal. tle o n. AiT Te b*d e Ce** .tAnd m Mw.a c,* hAnd Hre A ll oo IDsm CAnd rs' DSwm l HoAyd ad |ewmen al CTu e T s 2:56

S 2:4 p spas1* Amerca* SagBn Amwrcses Si as Americ --- Siles Amercan. Slnsin, Aicans | Hur The Southiid 2:15
w n E__________s___ Hisirie

1:3M SWolu es*die (byC T* Sans CM TTheB F55h 5. ew Fle o C-e- Th Beio. ShS TO Be*O. S Chiden's Recrda 1:3 0
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^;. :

previous acquaintancelhip, because I had never -been in
Piping or Shanghai wr the US.' Army, of tho e
establishments at all, ever.
But thinking of. those Oriental flytap reminded/#me
somewhat of Calcutta, where I oice logged a few paqesener
hours In rickshaws, and thinking" f ha61t s ilh. nmled
me at Red, the cheerful ..harJoter, who had raAtty h4d
his riekshaw greased, and it hadn't gonb so smooth ly ine.
That time he hit upon the notion of putting tires on the
wheels. I
They may have been solid rubber, yes, bui':tkti for
ali that. I ,, ..
rTho graduating student at this stage called an inter-.
mission in our researches into the everlasting verities of
Manchu philosophy to speak a little. of sharpshooting,
which was an eminently reasonably transition of the type
we have come to expect beneath -Sinbad's. su.ds.,celling'
for did not the Chiteeei invest gunpowder? ..
The scholar illustrated with a striking gesture how he
has the skill to sendra bullet just whistling past my ear.
It became apparent to me that -he had a new angle
to this feat of steadiness and judgment. For he ilfitrated '
a course the bullet would .purpsu- in whizzing past .py.
ear on the inside, towards the rooks. .
The striking gestdrb struck me convincingly. It was -
quite worth the fear loss of one eye to become acquainted
with this imaginative advapce in the field.of marksmanshipp.
A mere nothing, one,eye. -Why, some of the post*
graduate research by alumni of the Sinbad Institute of Ad-
vanced Learning could rid a truth-booeeker of his tirer'
stomach and th .greater p&rt of his laroe intestine, and
furthermore rot Ii p iocks, -
But markmanship was-my theme. My thoughts turned
to a picture I saw In the paper last week of a fellow name
of Laidlaw handing round -honey like Rubfrosa after an-
other settlement from an heiress.
Said under the picture that the chap was a general, -
and they had the circumstantial evidenvo toprove It be-
oause right there in the photo with him was a colonel, two
iJnajor and oW "apTaIT 1 hTod-Fs"aidaotriTM1h'ilThi'.p- .
mont for any general.
I'm pretty sharp on circumstantial evidence since fol-
lowing this trial down in Panama, .
And why was Citizen -,J dlaw rIcajting such a dash
with the cash? Well, seenita bunch-f the guys had won
the FoLt Amador officers bo w t'lbague, and the cash is
What they got for doing this.
Now I don't know much about bowling. Seen sme '
creaking yokels wheezing about the greensward beoigd
English pubs- on long sunmner evenings, waving wekly
wim pieces of chamois leather at round missiles they have
niarmlessly heaved after their doddering fashion at ad-
verseries up thq.ptlier end pf.ths.paddock.
But this business of hurling hollow gourlp at in-
offensive San Bias Indians crouching for protbctibn behind
a row of insubstantial pins is something new to me.
However, I've heard sqmewhqre that the exquisite
sensation of cash in the hand can be as bad for athletes as
ob many of the other exquisite pleasures which coaches
Ulrge them'take a little easy till after the season. Bad for
amateur athletes, that is.
Was a fellow narhe of Thorpe, who used to move about
the place quite hastily, and sometimes throw things, and .
for this the King of Sweden gave him medals, which
weren't very good to eat, but this Thorpe fellow seemed to
like having them around-anyhow.
And then someone got the word that at one time Thorpe
had got that old feeling, of cash in the hand preparatory
to picking a baseball bat,.and the King of.Sweden didn't
think cash and medals mixed' at all well, and so the medals
were all taken away from Jim Thorpe.
It would seem to me that anyone who, collects cash
for success on' any CanaT Zone bowling alley is either a
professional or a Russian. Russians don't have any pros.
Just civil servants on special olympic duty, or leave of ab-
sence from Siberia. -
If Isthmian bowlers are anything like the smacked
ancients footling about the English turf maybe I will give .
no thought to the matter' of their ever wanting to ilay in '
an amateur tennis tournament, or to "scurry roun' and -
round in circle. In piked shoep, or to-bounce basketlalils
about. *
Bit if the entertain any -suoh ambitioles, I wouly're- .
mind them that I read somewhere once that once the palm
had been crossed with the crinkly green, In any sport, the
body attached to said palm was as professional as Ted
Williams, whose amateur status is about "-000ACO.: lt
* doubt.
Montionel this bowling bullion to one of iny- ee-toileri
in Brown's Foam Foundry, and he mentiefed rigt sck
that he believed it was my turn to set up't eonext ro'4 id.
He added that- h had heard Canal Zone, kid' often fire
I for small eash prizes on local ranges. '
If this is so (and I did not pursue the'-atter further
because I haa the daty of hasterin to put myself-in the
strategic polelft of -h m_ whg nm a round) the DaI'l ,
Soonit of today might conceivably be- doilog -'a p ,of
pims :a l.e Colleg. champiohe of tomorrowlIn anyalt
IIey eare to name. .u
Know s. l ttillgr'.about she ing ettii.. n .
thing is to keep. bx.twards theblunt endaf the oulverit,
they used to tell me. ", ."
May e b evolved is the d.,i ir heH ,
/ehave ,.l ie+ -
inikou smaS 'e
ettLngt~x that iL nies n got tc



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rJ 'c..'' ,-"* ;' ."
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41.- .. ..- -.. Z. 4 1 1 : .

tu~ UWDA? RN.I~*N

I .':.7- -- ~- --'1.' .

:d. .., .,
3 stp ,S'*SPe W ho d have zstvpnedto Ft. Clayton for discharge after tours of duty in the United States and
Wou-tc A iin,4 tp the ivRplS et Compr 23 .DIY.F Ft. Clayton, the men. together with their Army job, the unit they served
with andteir hodt& UW at:., FrOnt irftleft to right): CpL William E. Pierson, medical automobile mechanic, 10 Inf. Div.,
Ane tn;P. ROIL S Oliver 0..SPhSI casnuoneer, 10 Inf. Div., Ft. Riley, Kan., Colon; Pfc. Gilberto B. Thorue, cannoneer,
,. -PI IT W phl Q ?iii2 iA.M e~rthur, artillery. survey chief, 10 Inf. Div., Ft. Riley, Kan., Ancon; Cpi.
00M pa.e.V p ,_ ft j)antlel GLord, f .so tau- clerk 533 QM B3n. Ft.D evin MauL.Rainbow City. Second row: Cpl. Harold F.
1 0 t. DIv. Ft. aiRey, Kan., Oristoal; Pfc. Thomas 0. alexander, switch board operator, 10 Inf. Div., Ft.
,,op.r;t_.. A*,-, r rt 4Ih. ll. bsuet repairman. 18 Ord. 80th Bn., Germany, Gamboa; Cpl. Firpo R_.Spogreen,
3OVe yD si,..p.m 1mUa; (t., f rt 0 l. F., _A. -Arr interreter, 7867 A. U. M unch. France, Colon; Pfc. Thom as T.
iCr_4nW~s, to.-.. 1 T vFtL. iley, _Kan.. Paralso; Cpl. James R. Nellis. special services, 10 Inf. Div., Ft. Riley. Kan., Oatun.
Tmhq. ': ,. L _" R.Xv'uran l Jr., special service, 10 Inf. Div F ,C"Riley. Kan., Colon: Cpl. Charles A. McGlade, recon. sgt., I0
In.: &rq., !.% N KnaR.B alboa.,Cpl. "ThozsT. -B- re,-gunner' 10 Inf. Div., Ft. Riley, Kan., Cristobal; Cpl. John A. Duvall, comM.
ebLnf. D D-F. 3iMRgDi-Ftil.ey. an.,Balboa:C. Rchar C. s h .eldegg, radar sec. chief, 10 Inf. Div.,' Ft. Riley, Kan Gatun; Pfc.
Ren Aid MA. R. Un a.. personnel clerk, 10 i.. t.Riley, Ka n.. Colon: Cpl. Harold A. Lowe. squad leader, 188 8egt. Combat
team, Camoe,KY., Panama; Pvt. Wilber 0. Griffithsuply snect., 7822 A. U. Stuttgart. Germahy. Rainbow City.

I New Books
22 Isthmian Inductees Back Home _
-- -- "Men of the High Calling" an
The largeSt single group of been since the Selective Service unusual anthology of 14 stories
Ian Zone. Inductees to return was made applicable to the Ca- in which the central character
the Canal Zone at the same nal Zone in 1951. of each is a minister, a priest,
Lme arrived at Fort Clayton this 'or a rabbi, Is among the books
reek nd wil be discharge There were 60 from the Canal placed in crculatin during the
tomAMy service during April t e Inducted Into service in past week by the Canal Zone
ad May. May 1953, tht being the highest Library.
number calle l; any one month
The 2 soldiers have been on since the draft started here. Edtedby Charles Neder, au-
luty at various posts in the There were 45 called for service thor of "The White Citadel,
Inlted n4tates and in Europe, from the Zone in April and 40 in stories provides a wide range of
'hey been assigned to the June of that year. plot, characterization, setting
-eiaem t company, 23Mriz Di-and style. The authors Include
n, St, Fort Clayton. There have been a number of .uh welVlknown w it
Canal Zone residents who have Stephen Vincent Benet, 0. H.
Their home addresses Include returned after service in the Chesterton, Tolstoy, Franz Wer-
nbst of the Canal Zone towns as Armed Forces, 'but this is the fel, an d J. M. arrie and several
tell as Panama and Colon, largest nupiber to arrive for dis- others,
They are among the large charge at one time. Seven of the h .....lee list of new books
groub inducted into service dur- 22' men will be discharged in A- -The complete list of new books
wi April,. May ad June, 1953, pril and the others will leave the and their r authors as announced
vhen t-.dr"ft of canal Zone service in May. by the library this week follows:
s a at the highest it has thon-ficton- How to Know
utb W at the h t t has ^the Minerals and Rocks. Pearl:
The Hydrogen Bomb, Shepley;
Men of the High Calling, Nelder;
A Philosophy of hour Time, Ba-
ruch; Higher than the Sky,
Greenman; John Ruskin, Evans;
SThe English People on the Eve
of Colonization, Notestein; To-
kyo and Points East, Beech.
L,, (,b, .w. .-,, F dlction Philippa, Ball; The
Golden Princess, Baron; The
Butcher's Wife, Cameron; The
Black Prince, Grau; The Black
Italian, Jepson; The Goodby
MN. S. KUNGSHOLM ead, Wylie.
Nwest ofr esie e Unrs. MS. XKUNGSIOLM"
to aly-eondialbd throughout, even to ndivitual con-
tral of both tbmpertue and air eirculatla In eabtu.
very emubn Is outas.

-TO- When or


Minimum Rates $275.00

Tane a delightful cruise to New York aboLrd the luxurl .
a KUNUSIHOLM All abin have priv. bath or
publiut room. Culasine d rvi the wedish A-Cal
murkeh Line tr d osn.


C. B. Foston & Co., Inc., C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc.,
Featon Baullfig, 113 Terminal Buflding,
Cristebal Balboa

I Great White Fleet

..W...... .................... i
.. .........................A
I s.. ......... It................
t 50ogv ..........................A
.... ..............................
..******.**** ........
.. ............ .. ..... A
I6 obswserso cause ased erw c

with 1951. programs a rura l
Benson Accused or L fftg "Prospects are that t trend lephones, and
Be s nA c u Foa r i willll continue unless strong ef- loans. +i
forts are made by Congress, the
Surplus Frm Crops Pile Up Agrcultur toha it," the con
mittee concluded.
It said the farm plight in the
.south is deplorablele," With more
WASHINGTON, March 26 (UP) subcommittee's A ,-, Repub- than 55,00 firm aMes ds-
-The House- Ap p r opriationn can mespbera s Il no minority placed s a- result of curtailed Ffine a rus are
Committee has accused Agrlcul- report, prouemably n indicAtton cotton acreage. About 130,000 DardUn Maho Y.
ture Secretary Ezra T. Benson they did nbt 'dtagree ubstan.o ner southern farm families amna i f
and his aides of letting surplus tially with its findings. With income of $1,000 or less will
farm crops pile up deliberately suffer further lo0ses of $100 or Bedroom, Dnig eema ~dS
to discredit rigid price supports. "Evidently," with the Depart- more this year, the group said. Soi
Committee members charged ment of Agriculture...political The committee 'ave the de-
Benson is using the farm pro- and other considerations pre- partnient $17,494,S4 less than it ProdnctoBe M4e
gram in an. attempt to win sup- dominate to the point of pre- asked in cash appropriations, B
port for the administration's venting action," the committee This was partially offset by an m -dS S ae
flexible support system, which asserted. 11-million-dt\ir increase In re- Aweh ,S r
becomes effective with this year's P e quoord an authority. for uh
harvests. "Proper actions by the Corn-quted lan authority f ch
modity Credit Corporation agri-
They said the plight of the culture's price support agency
farmer is getting worse and Ben- are made subsery vent to a host W hat -- .
son is doing too little to help of other cnsderations, many of th s
him. which, In the opinion of a ma- t i 1
Surplus stocks are piling up at jority of the committee, are un-
ever increasing costs and the sound ,
farmer's share of the consumer i"These actions bC the sere-
tole ru tings atreagily e hseitiosa o bel hearteef sfelf-vinding chronom eter
dollar is dropping steadily "due tary of agriculture a nd others
controlled crops and the low plan to use CCC had largely means to you...
prices of nearly all farm prod- overlooked" its responsibility to ..Or... : .
ucts," the committee said. sell the surplus crops it buys to !...
The committee assailed Ben- keep up farm prices. It said l ..-
son "and others about him" in a "there is reason to believe" these .' di.4, f
report to the House accompany- crops could be sold overseas.
ing a recommended appropria- CCC would offer them at "co-
tion of $6878,625231 to run the petitive" prices...

cluding its price support pro-
gram In the 12 months starling
July 1.
The report was prepared by a
subcommittee headed by Rep.
Jamie L. Whiten (D-Miss.) The






We will close definitely on
March 31.

All merchandise at less than
Factory Price.


I- i

ily the best will do...

rve these noble

ifornia wines...


April 2
aprU 6
April 9
&prUl 1
April 15
Apu 23
April 23

..........March m s
.. ............................... Mach
......................6.......b... is"r
.........................Ap U
....... .............. r .. .......... s i,
.. .. ........ .. ..... ......Agi
.... i i I i 0 Ja y --
.........................a' 11
II ( 'twet des~* to Nw
W a 1

.t. Ai b Sa-r FrIciscI ii I fi
i I Yj t *...................... 6 40.

s~r s-. '':" *** **a. &&o po ** ** .- 0o

superb flavor in the

S... famed for their exquisite taste and
traditional manner of the world's best.

Made by California's most honored winery at Asti, Italian
Swiss Colony wines are a sign of good taste and true hospitality
wherever fine wines are served and enjoyed. Choose your favor-
ite among these incomparable Italian Swiss Colony wines:


liaT SwtiS Cokony

-1 .4 t

Agriculture officials have ies-
tifled they are selling surplus
crops overseas: However they say
they cannot "dump" them with-
out Impalring our relations with
other countries.
The committee demanded that
stocks on hand be reduced
through sales during the next
fiscal year until CCC holds only
such amounts as are necessary
for a one-year security reserve.
It said CCC has invested to
date more than 7 billion dollars
in surplus crops. As of February
this year, the group asserted, al-
most $3.700,000,000 worth had
never been offered for sale a-
broad at competitive prices.
The committee said while sal-
aries and waqes in other fields
have risen, farm income has
been "dropping steadily each
year." At the same tithe farm
costs have been rising,' As a re-
sult of this "price-cost squeeze"
net farm income was down near-
ly 20 per cent in 1954 compared

*^-- 4




It has been specially made,
speciallyy adjusted, and has
passed stringent govern-
ment tests for accuracy. Par-
ticularly good chronome-
ters are awarded a distinc-
tivc notation: "especially
good results" pfinatd on

the Official Rating Certifi. "
cate. Before you buy a
chronometer, look to see
whether it is officially cer-
tified with "especially good
results." Every Omea
Constelationais I ,




While it lasts, we offer you beautiful bedroom sets tn
contemporary styles, made of mahogany, finished
in French polish.

The sets consist of one double bed, two night
tables, dresser with 36"x50" mirror, upholstered
stool, one upholstered easy chair, double
wardrobe with Inside mirrors.

PRICE: $350.oo





1. ** '*

* -, j

* .,D** -. -


- ---




: -_


Bics flr~

* *..~

- ~~~ I'
.. '~.

~www .. .


I .

to/et ?low q/oom. Sweetly

CA ic S ring eofffures

Those engufi hats :rnd

have taken their tcil 6f our
After being tu c k ed up,

And it's not just the brown-'
a swho-ve suffered, the gol-1
and white beads are a
uch on the drab side, tog.
One of the answers to t h e
oblem of evolvingg h a l r for '
ring hats and smoothed-back
lffures Is the raft of tinted
ampoos that clean the hair
then add extra glint and
S rkle with a touch of color.
SBrand new is one tinted
ampoo for the light-headed a-
ng us-ythe blondes, brunettes
white-haired. This shampoo
at touch of thecolor of rvate ringo tme e toak
King's favorite flower, t h eoI ledeo r wldait ed .mI
olet, for a heightened luster., S me sheaMuse that Impets
Secolor was mixed exactly by. a delicate violet tone to hlr.
famous beauty expert to t dd;
S lights to blonde hair., ail- vigorous -massage, and equally
y glinto to gray and white vigorous brushing. Then tw a
yc'or the routine to go with the hair should have a height-
tI color shampoo, the maker ended color, plus a glint of vio-
ommend washing the hair let, to welcome spring and Its
lest once a week. First a frothy fashions.

S Primarily Of 'Interest

To Isthmian Women .


A millionaire is always inter- New York City, It will be e
eating to meet, especially when first presentation of '.th-is ork
he is handsome. But since this in Latin Amercli.
in labeled a woman's page, re- '...h
..tantly I will tell you all about Hale ayou eve watched the
bb lovely wife! way womien walk? I don't mean
-oking aside, Mr. and Mrs. models, because naturally they
.Feest mith and their chatrm-e e, tauht to walk perfe@tlye
Sfamfily were most dell g'i t- but'just glance. t me imper-
people to meet, and lookfug. fectobis ia of us ave .w han
back on the hour I spot *ith wAlklng or sitting. sesimple
them, I know why. exercised are easy to tol Io w,
people with plent.. one i t'd wonderful for good p o:s-
asen preoccupied .t4 th on-tirf e .. '
legs worries, are unn P acM-J
ble because of thp#r importan.e_,I Stand against. wall and pull
edaen up with ther: Own suc- your shoulder b ak, even It e-
coa, or merely swg ed I an forts to touch the wall with
samra of "godlipew." ,.. at least your AHpin z- qd ddauTa rdo
t t' s how it bo ib Net uNothurt Hold yourhandse at your
soat wthForest. #Ad oa Mr middle and you'll be surprised
sMith A mor tula e that. th the waaistine pushed
aminh fm-I aI back-the abdomen is flattened
tMy atre. _7" t tlr ,'"'Stand Ien:
netd get rest r-
s f 1rpm the ha
anPwdoWnAand let it
t w ,a, 4P .11 1y., .UU918ln- that your

Ciforni a ,the aychel ..Otierly kn o w n
.. the Blboa Oarde, this res-I
.When I a t1oe,'Mkry if taurant, under'new anage-
l helped ri aI, ae, ment, .since Dem rbwer, Is n- I
y a.atay- dou edly one of the best places.
1y at hOitfethe cab- to dine in town.
I And sh .u iM ro-
me to her flr.habndome; The reason is easy to explain.
ids Forest ( Michael John Oustin (k.own .a "us"i i
71?-, Susan (11V l'Pam el a is t1' owner, .~ d he Is an ex- i
(g. part in this buhlnesa. Some;
The Smiths left. Pnapa on years ago ;anjMBaed the ElI
W4aay morning, AM r"' Ox.Hachp ardfn, and whda he
4W. here. They arrive d on left the Isthaua he was in the.
Sluxurious 112 ft. twin Die- 'saine trade in various Latin A-,
e. yacht, the "Toluca", W ch pMerican countries af well as
ts maiden voyage since "back home" n othe States. a
. just bought the veel. I
.. six crew members and The Okychef only has an or-
.Wilul family, including R o chestra for dancing on special,
Up father, Fabin icha r t,Occasions. Th rest -of the time
Isle, Newport. Califor- you hear lovely muic playi
(W the BSmths live on: soft---certainy, not t
lN h for the family's your easw. Y es, Is I rand a
S-le gea voyage, lasting Place, with aupprb o.
five moBtb
'sthe rst time the chl- Incidentally, Ja erg e
and I have ever been out rac, handsome Jreai band
f tthe Sates" Rose Mary said,: of Ginger Rogers (bot *t wut
W you can imagine lust how were in Panama recenmW), was
r.'trful everything seems to m.ost impressed with the 8 k y-I
w chef. When we had dinner there,t
tioming at various places on he was most interested in talk-
way down from California, Ing to uas about restaurants in
Acalpuleo, both she various places,, and t o I d me
uasbSad were-enchant. frankly that this was the best
Panama. Feeling that restaurant he had seen in Pana-
muld ra net be centrally o- "ma City.
If they stayed on the, -
their visit, t he, Starting at 4 p.m. today Is a
moved t the Ho-. I Horse how at the Panama Rid-
I "which make ing School, located In Old Pana-:
and beautWl head- ma opposite the amator facto-
im e Mary a d d e d. So If you want something
oiMed to M anuita a Pleasant to do .take the family

Women s


1WI>I __ .i I il W J Il

Leather "Leads In Fashion

Shirt Coat Typfiies The Slim Line

Ideal For US Spring Wear

From squarehslnea w the iM s
a violin plays.prAnks, evAi dnt iMblqas S ltar.

Ei NEW YORg (N.A -Ias a-Be U tile greattbug s on h
n O the 192l', there was a fa- tie." 1 c .
mous ad for a correspondence e No matter whbre she plays
course that would make a p&a- theaters or night clubs (and
S nist of you intend (or so) easy she's been all over the world as
Lessons. a trouper, many times a e
Itr r an something like this: get& notes from women In her
They laughed when I at' down audiences Wi a n t in S tp knDw
to play but when I got up, they where she buys her dressed '
.yelled hooray!" ..
SAnd .once iin awh ,e, eve in
Well, ever yti. Ri.dina a night club, sh ,ieta e asts
Scores on stage with hor violin,. for classical m But Alfe
something very, much like that sn't crying her heart otlIn the
happens. Only tahe audie nc o meantime while she plays -p ot
doesn't laugh; it yawns. But the fiddle. She likes tOe u n of
Syawns evaporate immediately. t dressing up, the gis the
spotlight, .the response. of, t.b
Put a violin into the haids of audience, She st ita the suipf
a pretty girl- and the pretty girl ming up a real trouper.
is Immediately, capnceled o u t. .
.Because most people tend. to
associate the violip w eith either i e
(a) miserable music lessons in
childhood or (b) longhair mu si

1p W o,'w re in Esel ot r oihoacmr shtaeoa .Another shi rtwalt Jackets(ra c lwhyre pat' h eentw ae d.nT htWill T e l o
oa matenran stand-up Aollar, big rockets. Ao l thee l at the Palatbe (the mecca of all
Ac at eo w hi i gt toetele .compnanyrwi th .t h mr.. o is spring'se bas e s lo and tsk-r-t v a a re illar pa tc. So racts) got the sur-et oft
advatae o g d do rs on w o t tore t at's heP ia p erepriser and a devseof del their blase lives,' awhenr- e
SRima t and her fiddle appeared e e ohr-' a nl t h
NEW YORIC o- 8lim,-Ilv silky, lightweight k i da k I n. The shirt-coat, In mauvy pink casual cut in keeping with din the spotlight. Because her ers The toothbruh-n a thiI tn a
boyih co $U that ggst ih e This hs long easy lines.Anoth- leather, is. In line with .spring's narrow, boxy silhouette. ils an act nearly unique in van- sits In a cup and gets n 9a
920's butre taufilne feel coat In a favored spot l the other shirtwaist fa s hions in deville, a place where practical- tw ice a day. That ured toheso,
ts rn Litthesealy everything lhoo ben d m ebut-no lornge, h .e ohetoothbrush
Bg yi ether. nder, beltless she cat in dreses, coats and sweaters. As' A full color range for th se or thi as been done be n longer Te oods
lasi ao ata ple African grain kid, a matter of fact, there are ma- k leather coats and Jack ea in- fore more often than not- gets used
coat s i t h newlongnarrow "of -the new pjorter coats u e, tert pastel. a te l after each meal these days.
toe Al om e e l ,and llow, cornflower blue andw bis-education a dpot he, b u that fdllinr
" kq use ho..s a hoau- l s
rf omethe ,ean hvecus red. Bach lor and Maste ners h u- ittlepa t1ic c d y ,
'- ..'"' i' fsic, a shrewd grasp O__f au- these pasti caridb y g e s r
.7%,.arodience psychology, a hot viOlin ,womm. There are too.h..ob
and flashing good looks. in o ice powder rooms l a d
ato e A eF ash ion She opens up with a IIt t I e toothbrushes In fficerdwert
Oe out-. e..... o speech about her learned musi-
-. n mcal background, T .:audl~ nl C For children's dbntal
dies. She myd s hre o tecraohing uut I Nr ec ondd that eeat.
head ein o a I the classics and the audience a rin sp fruit, appri for instance,
pF rolls over once. Then she iopenslc ater n a f ,o
__"_up with her Hollywood squa re tooth-eroding food. For worn "
evts o l e doosOHave your tweed in a pink tin IAnd the audience revives and trotting out an appie in a res-
By KAYnh spWOOD .this spring. Lightweight and a 'takes another look. In a mattertaurant, the use of a toothbuh
Sa joy to behold of seconds, the people in t h e in a powder room Is a good sub-
N PpWrter -- theater are having a wonderful statute.
Flashing ingqes ous deslqn and s' 'p-Black chiffon is back for eve- time and from that moment on
otng the jc.ototeal advan- Kirg, in both short and long ver. there with Rima all the way. In or own bathroom, yu
agues,- ktbsh- mibnets are on ;s~ons. lts touched up with v e I-' She doesn't kid her audience. I ought to have more than one if
the nove.' Into the bathroom, vet for pret contrast. But she does kid the violin. Her you brush after each meal. The
the playroom, the hiidrens c eHollywood square dahce is a brush you use ougt to be dry
room, the laundry and even the F ~ ~ Pleated dacron .pima blouses satire Her version of Gerahwin'and clean.. And, aecordIng to
rem o t cabinets to rLhat need no ironing are a real is flashy but it's based on sound many dentists, people use thair
vie neat, --ook and blessing to thecareer-bound girl. musical ability and her a u d I- toothbrushes fai ,tooon.
moderately price storage upake.: o Nice on amsences love it. ore y 'een brustingM, your.
One o-teetdo eoha plphe ohf' PrettyandLractial.Thele oper number _of
One outfmee example of aa Pretty and practical. The Iaht.b "Even the bow on my bustle minutes each thpe, yaoUrtooth-
thisIareA kft obine reofa- n.V o rIs Just for fun," Rima a ayos, brush ought to be replaced er-
thcaits ed th nge e o nylon- and orlon. Velvety to t he her black eyes sparklig. "Ac- ery few Weeks. Don't *s a
bie doors. Ha v g cracked my and hteua lly, my dresses are so tight scraggly one, it won't. do the
head more than.once on an o- &.I couldn't possibly sit down In job. Sterilizing cuses a tooth-
pen wail-clbinet door In my kit-The coat cress looks different I them. They're just to look at brmsh to turn Inpe, a BMof
chen, I Ai. ready to grant the this spring because it's in w0ooel and they're fun for me to wear. plastic. So replacedon't try0,
advantage of glding doors on thatiger than ever anina designed all of them, even to reJuvena!.
thitcolor that'siefreshng to the eye:
miserly n.. thqr space useagoe, 1h.,e,
sliding doors are practical In IPastel stories in two colors are ".'
tight o 'teft mid ti n areas. combinedd in the new necklaces. -AC
Wlt& then. cabnets, the shop- Pale blue azd: pink, for instance.'
per tow her choice of textur- r no:,ever.... o w ....
o.g .rkdood doors, eepn. Kephip.e! (." yours.
..._orp ..The doorilltwi ,!Itrel.paunsg "otice.

ia and all of them out and watch the sow.c c wpr w can be painted, LM vg. iM, 6
at iprs l o the About 20 a ltet tbak- i tabr"ie. Try adding a little ambi tr flaps. 'tape it shut for a near- of ready-to- a.Most of the
the countryside, t h e Ing part, headed by Fred Rude- I abin.ets are extra heavy with the onions for Spanisb rice. airtight container. Iew prettihled up by n ry s t a
the music, and the "fa-s heim, owner of theable and St fS hed ihte and pro- It' a very -nappy touch.: -- rlan, pr floentes or lace.
ruins of Old Panama. the man responalbib for teA;h- toted a Jglat i t, and corro-. How does your mailbox look?, e o l
Sm and very youthful, Ing the youngsters how to ride lon. Th* 'af hiN on th e It s your doorstep representative ;________
doi Mar, told me that and jump. wall, or ount on leg or a There is a difference: tinting and may need a little cleaning.
first stop "for flying aft- Jumping will highlight the It "fo a ?ree-stand- calls for water as hdt i P 95-
a would be Pinaa show, and besides being Im- g chest All are 13 inches In"sible from lap or teake ., In, '
$ienB La Plata Island offpressed by the youthful riaers depth, bt range in width from dyeing the water jau held, petty to most men, .
abo Blanco In Peru., themselves, specttor o sure0 to 42 Inches and in height at a simmering tMpetra. but women know that hangers
LIma. They are due, to be amazed to see the Ih 1b from 15 to 3D l'ches. Interior Tinted- garments aref ot 0- inserted underneath the linings aA
tt Isle on June st. Jumping standard attined by shelves are- adjustable. lutely colorfast. of Jac*et do not increase the AA
YuKtkii that will have -horses formerly running on garadeit' appearance.
the minds of everyJuan Franco racetrack!
a board the yact To get a water spot o of To- cure scratches on redtln-
ashems a memorable I have fashion velvet, hold the W p o-led mahogany, use new o-.
uPp. notes, "Ifted" from New York,1 ver the spout of a 'teaki8 for d .Wm
Paris and Lemgo. Here an the a few minutes. Then wRve It
Bye a V details (as the n ado a.== cer back and forth over the radlt- FUL INT

30" utis tiiokis 10al1 wash up for If two kids shae thaan '- A
A-i1Z5i8fti- ?A a ed 0- a :Baby room, try this. AssignL a lw to Tb eId mfasioned piano stool
IA 1606hasa 4and each and then put iees t lasp-l oierted hute a b
O s^ "aglc.If o I priately col-6ored ,* a -2 YU ..
ghto 6ZeaSrya of each. Nar
a dder AIs crugttodbrinng

a toddler A corrugated b is fit b l ilghtd
oit keep tul for store. as I-, .:7i 'e- -
L mttsb kano I. w. uwla I wleaed eas itu




" .
! -&-., ._

* ,*."* ,, 1'



--~ *;-

- *H fK ,-i, j .* -JH .

k *r"

.^t~L A M



AMr. sandMn. Robert Austin Jones of Curanda, Canal Z1e,
And'lei 6.!a, Va., announce the engagement of their
I y, son a oft Me"Oew Casoild4 aid the late Dr. Lewis C,
oSdy of -shnton, D. C. The wedding will take pIP s
.el asen 10th.
Miss ones is a Junior at the George Waehnon Univer-
'Itg, WaSpngtoD, D. C., maJoring In Foreign Affai. She is
"a _a or -" "Dt of etu Alpha Fraternity and i a me=-
ar of Alha Lambda Delta, assetss, .a.d DelphL
Mr. csidy'is a grmaute of CMtle eight Military Aca-
demy Lebanon, Tennm. He has attended the N eorge Washitg-
ton nlverIy Sand is new attending AmeMan University
akgita la Ajim t ratioln. He Is t president of
5 tpi 5s FTi ty and Ie at present employed by
tMhltrlcthtle Insolranto Company an Washintton, D. C.
e will enter law school next October at American University.
I tlieatr i m ,,. .-----

M a t. Mt Alicia Oits Pete
ItasSa From Sarasota EspetaneOta Cnadra Gutlerres
Mrs, Dors Motta and her ,
daughter A rnmae recently pa- On Satuttday, it the Ghit
ed two w@rt visiting with Mr. residence in 31E Cangrejo,
ad Mr. Andrew Sandergen of. lunches d canasta party w
aWtaS. Florida. The Bander- given In hWor of Mrs. Adria
renSwho- lormedly lived in Pan- Cuadra Gutlerre7 wife of th
mi,v 4ed. AnAma to spend Ambasador of Nicaragua wh
er h ol v with them will soon leave with her husband
in orld fofr his, V In Hondura.
A=, A '

e '..-r, r- 'F,- ,; *
1 I, .- ;**.^ "* wpm: *


l" N' Street No. 51
, .i :.' ,,-' .* *, '

a City

Telephone 2.1483

STakes pleasure in informing its clients
ofi the arrival of a new shipment of as-
'a' mted plastic backed materials for up-
',' steering furniture, foam rubber in
sheets 1.' to 5" thick which can be cut
th* ele desired,loam rubber pillows
"; ,~dmtremes; hie prices of which have
Sbeen reduced. Pay us a visit and see for


S-- a ,7 n
7 "" "

tftW-."A"- -** *


The moaUtal 0OheW 1i
wnl be W atthe
Armed ce Se e e
Spuday, M0&, .tr.. a p.m.
to 11 pD.
Muquic will be provided by the
popular George Miller's Chic
COmtbo. .
SSponso for the dance are Dr.
andMrs.C ene Cohen, Mr. and
Mrs Matfred Engel, Mr. and
Mrs. Max Steine and r. and Mrs.
801 Parbma u ,
The young ladles of the USO-
JWB will be present at this af-
Military personnel and their
families are invited.

Change of RedIs ene for
Costa Ris Anba~ab I
The AmbasdPr ,O Ota Ri-
ca and Mrs. Cars le la priel-
1a and their announce
that they have move dthe em-
bassy redsdence And chansellery
to No. 6. Avenue Iouador.

Hal Roach Of Movie Pame
Arrives In Papma s
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Roach of
Culver City, California arrived
on the tmus-Friday and are
stayint at Hotel il panama.
Bl"k Party
A Bloc4,party sponsored by the
Endelve Oroup of the Woman's
Auxliar of Oatan Union
Church Ul be held April 15 in
Limon rtcie, Gatun, from 5 to
: P '* -
An a .tw
sic foe r t nblng. hamburgers,
franktuaer' p, cakes, ice
cream d soft drinks Will be on
Dorothy maAddreses
yTh Wives
ClubN Wn
March l2 t the ho t Admr
al and M. B. Miles, while
the Cqmmunilty Houte i being:
Mrs. France Kal'ei program,
chairman.introducea gutaem,
Miss Dorothy Brickman and Mr.
Pred Buseh. in the beautiful
arden setting of Mrs. Miles'
is hme, Mr. Busph spoke on the
a different plaee to see and visit
During th dry season, San Bias,
1n Dariea and San Jose, Costa Ri-
e ca. He displayed a very unique
collection of wood carvings,
id ads and shells from the San
Blas. Island
SMiss Brickman, assistant di-
rector of JWB-UB spoke on
the activities of the JWB-t80,
and PanAma. She was dressed in
a beautiful pollera, that was em-
broidered in blue with yellow
trim and accessories. Miss Brick-
man and fBaefr A)onas Pinson of
Pahama, dafeed three of the
Well loved Panamanian dances,
"The Cumbia,- "Punto," and the
traditional dance of Panama,
"The Tamborito."

DeParin Army Wi ve Honored
At Yellow Rae Luncheon
CoUPages of yellow miniature
carnations and table decorations
of yellow alamandra wire used
as a tropical lmprovlslon of the
Army's traditional yellow roses
in bidding farewell to sixteen
ladies who were being honored
by a Sherry and ,Dessert Bridge
luncheon given jy Mrs. Norton
L. McDonald at the Fort Kobbe
Officer's Club.
Guests of honor, all Army
wives soon to be leaving the Ca-
nal Zone for new poets ad e.ta-


With this nweenrW a
C' n crM eOft eM

W a
61 11 WOW.1 11 "m
-MiM~ nxTxn
hyipolr y fnf

em taehi
lI *" It-

IMby tdotel-

prUI -at I ajm. t-the comi-
mun bu1ddg Isn Curundu. The
anpna election of officers whli
be the main business at this
meeting. All chairman officers
are required to submit a written
Coffee and refreshments will
precede the meeting. HostesseS
will be Mrs. Florence Lyons,'
Mrs. Beatris Mills, Mrs. Irma
Quintero and Mrs. Jen Meltzen.
AthAntac Camera Club
The Atlantic Camera Club Will
meet Monday March 28 at 7:30

Program scheduled for the

tionm were Mrs. Joseph J. Far-
lay, Mrs. R. W. Scott, Mrs. Ohio
Knox Mrs. R.. Whitus, Mrs.
PhUlip j. WetIman, Mrs. M. A
Kreidberg, Carl NelZQ9
Mrs. Henry t, Mrs. Morris
Swartz, Mrs. efagr Wilson, Mrs.
Wallace R, a rrTison, Mrs. Wil-
liam J. Trotter, Mrs. T. W. De-
Vore, Mrs. Oharle8 B. Badgett.
Mrs. H. E. DUMt and Mrs. M. C,
Bridge prizes were won by the
following ladls M e s dame
Kreidberg, Qhanluer, McGhee,
McComas, Or, Vore, Durs t,
Welchman. i'gite, ,Dadgett, Me-
Kenxie, skuSaut Id Swarts.
.' .'

PEVA Pee No. 10 Meeting
The regular monthly meeti R
o 1Q deral Vetw eo-
to o evesong at 7:30 pem
members are requested -to a' -

the US ae cordially invited to
attend as guests.

.. .*, -
| '

M'4' '.9

- -.
. 9


S in theU

SProes o.a

Treat your fajpil
floors into '

gf trance $
Special pricM

S, ember today Is Bru
a Sunday Buffet Day
10 e to our Suwdsy B
e anytime After i
stay until time for

C a Max. -1668. for
S ab reservations f r II


to e unusual spectacle of
OYESi~rom El Panama's upper
.nk! i COME. & FANCY

r undeharp 12.yers, $1.-
efor children under 12.years, $1.-

11I -0 a.m.
the fi tl



': : :flB4



-* ,t
,.: ...p(if
* V
*. .

A Kirkebyv hotel

I.. '

.. 9' 1


9.'' t~t
I ~

- I

"" i~i

~r "P

: J ,, .ai09

n *' amni

A- *i s**Y
^*L* '**'o-

4 -~
C -~
~ ,. ..

19S:$ 9,

*A-. -~

S.mazennilorm sens
M _._sO k*

bra discovery..

SC~lery .

...wlth the exclusive cnur band that curvei and sepratee 2.00

At your favorite totfe now I

Pure genius-this confour band Curving up betweltt the cdps:::.elgin.g just

enough to prevent slip.upond-wrinkling. Today,sievr '-
PRE-LUDE,'ds 6, n'fFower.-frs white embroldere broaddot '

A, B Ond C cups. Ako in fine white., pimo br6bdtIft ... -

S Of t." .' '

'. -' -
t '1 ai..' 4 *-


I ~ #~.9
1. -9.

-i LA'.WZ
-= awie


n ._.,

9 1 .'1
gl! "9
l' v'9I;
** .* *< ,.ti .



.9,. 01

; ., '1

.' J.' -,..
I. *- fa <
. .' ,-

'1 ,. : r
': *;' -.f

.. ..... s 9'
a- .
r -- ?
( .. *9 ^-

.9 ..' .. M ,


.4. 4'
~9. .4


*V -I -

* i f *


'; ; -. ~. ; '

n-. -~i



Inexpensive Want Ads Bri

"ot Oof
i ',;. :,... ,,I'" ,.U N.T-S.ri ..::- O.. .",R ,-

. ,,. .'- -- .

.. ... -'*'*- '






_ __- .-- _r _-_

7 Street No. 13
41ah of July Ave. a J *L
Just Arosemens Ave. and 33 St.

M Ls aaw if
Cenlml Ave. 41
No. 3 LottMer Plak

Fourth of July Ave.
Agencia Internal. de Publicaciones
45 Central Ave.
Pirque Lefevr T Stree

145 Cseb4Age.
MS etie., U

" NA' do ia m AvV 6 .41
SSt.reet No. p
Via EXaP Aew.

alml I h I m m

- ~L ~




we E thiP
, nL--L Vrt, LAwn

SI WO memey -' r
and Garden Beauti
During the Dry Seas

S* Wheelbarrows
io Econo Soil Spray
5 Fertilizers
Se Fungicides

a270 Central Ave. Tel.



5 to 10 p.m,.-Adqlll. ro-teens
,& Teenagers. By vpopltment only.
Morninq ... ElSeio 2 4239
Aftr 5 p.m.....P s 3-166

Drs. A. and JL ORLLAC
S Palmer Gr@0iiM*'
Chiropractic addt ll ?.V4.
and years **.
n Pero Avenua til. I-s1N
1 hinck frnn tr i tre

"Insure. In
Sure Insurance"
P hne Panama 245 2
41l ( of July Aven No. 14-2
Vatui-y* g:90 to 1:U

Tiveo ("4z of July) Ave. No. ISAU
oppositee Aw ceu cheolt riPlioe")
rTesplse 2.ell-P;s.w-



FOR SALE:-G.E. 12-cu. ft. re-
frigerator, 60 cycle, 90 pound
freezer with separate door.$375;
O'Keefe &.- Merrit table top gas
roeige, fully outomotit with grill
$185;'hew Speed Queen electric
ironer, 60-cycle $80; new eight-
piece living ropm set, sofa makes
into double 'bed, 3-position re-
clining choir, makes into single
bed $250; G.E. vacuum cleaner,
new $65; 2'7- ,ch Mainovox tel
vision set $375. Quarters 30-E,
-First Street, Soco Sollto. Phone
FOR SALE: 8 Quartermaster
dining chairs, 4 venetian blinds.
porcelain kitchen table. 118
Ridge Road, Balboa heights.
FOR SALE:-- Complete house-
hold furnishings, including
kitchenware. Phone Panama 3-
FOR SALE:-Deepfreeme. afrL-
gerator. fean, wall hond divrer
tall 25-cycleo Cabinet, br with.
glbises and decade 1 I'b"40116
with side wheel,. vnMtftWbli .
1950 4-door ChelsevItj4A ra-
dio and plastic upheistery. House
2811 -A Fourth Street, C eoli,


., ,

I I __ .1

ASUI6,*ts. 2:3S, 6:15, 7:50
'. enn FORD
a Gloria oQAHAME
'oen "An Amicar In Paris"

L or e ^U q 60 o wf n-0-0
or jansled rha4in:; at the 1
SPnan M~ltas-il-on. Tel. S- o .-
mmtq. 636. from o10- o o to

to i
El Panaea Massage Sa s'I

*Ridmeg Jumping claue.s da.ely
3 ta 5 p.a Phone 3-0279
Sr by appoatment.

PAA To Cut

Plane. Fares


S In a major mole to aUmIAlate
' travel and coamnerc, betweao
SMexico, -Cetral America and
R. Panama, Pan A eri 'World
SAirways .t introd g special
S to Twist ares which
=( saai uch as V p recne
s slash as nmvehas 27 per Cent Off
present rrates.
The new. reduced fares permit
s good for 30 days. The fares
..ftiW ffet April 1. subject. to
val of all governments con-

Sre is the- round trip fate
ple to an4 from Mexico
comparing the new low
wit h the old fares:
temala City, $81 now. 031.-
!:. S a uNalado 1r 5 and

Automobiles .
FOR SALE:--1952 Dbdge Kings-
way Hardtop, w/rbdio, w/s/wv
t i re s, completely undercoated
1800 low speed miles. Albrook
3137, Quarters 115.
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford 2-door,
excellent condition, $450.. Call
85-4282. 7-4 weekdays, or see
at Colle 51 No. 30,

FOR SALE:- 1951 "Henry J,'
economical and cleon. 2212-C.
Phone Curundu 4f93.

FOR SALE:-Due to trip: 1 0
Cadillac 4-door sedan with ra-
dio, new tires and upholstery.
First Street No. 16, upstairs.
FOR SALE:-'48 Oldc. Hydra-
matic 4- door, good condition,
$350. Phone 83-71-37 or 7268.
FOR SALE:-1951 Pontlc 4-
door sedan, new tires, $9Q0.
6427 Los Rio$. Phone 2-443i,
-For 1953 outomoblil. payingg
difference cash. 1950' Chryler.
Windsor. Phone Panama. 3-

lith or German. Quarters 402,
Fort Gulick, from 5:30 p.m,. o -.
Capt. Marle Vald6s.
Position Offered

WANTED:- Panamanian aslem
parten (man or women) for ex-
clusive shop handling European
merchandise. Must be fluent in
English and have at Jest 2-3
years selling experience. Good
salary and commission. -Phone
Monday morning, 9:00-12:00,
for appointment 3-1795.

Real. Estate

FpR SALE: ..mttractive. w a II
built Retirement Homes in the
Sunshine City -- St. Petersburg,
Florida from $7,000. Contact
Troy Hayds. c/' A. F,'WHITE,
Vealtor, 195 9gh Street North.
St. Petersburg.

u I-

Petr M el i-6 I':
"TjBW GIN oW_'r

._ t I^W

.,,,', ""*.+..: ,. ..' TuesdO PL AR eUMpW .

'lame aia The leih"
Technicoarl 1
Men. 'DdFtfy. a a* Qumta"


0 Marin. RMANDO
"D ES iR E E"
CinemaSedpe Colorl
Ab Sheowbl MONDAY!

L:t i kelpyo u reate your i-..
dividual heidlo for Easter's part
has. Holiday specials. HAZEL
Entel 6 GENE Trader, expert
heir stylils. Genll's Cocali
Beauty.ShW. Navy 3812.

lated technician. Tuning, regu-
lating and repairing "a special-
ty." Phone: Raphael Balboa


JOIN THE TREND towards mod-
ern window covering, using match
stick bamboo draperies and cur-
toins. Custom-made in all sizes
and any color for immediate de-
livery. Venetian blinds, recondi-
tionin services. Free estimate.
Call 2-306 or 3-4904. Distri-
buted by Productos de Madero,
S.Aa, 9 Central Ase between
.*lad*'luilding and Fifth Ave-
nue Itre.
*" "FO OS 4 Electric Mules
IYobe) with station for charging
batteries. Bargain price. See at '
Muefl I ngle. Phones 2-055ct:
2-0551. ^
FO1R-,5ALEo-Kodak IIA projic-
tor with automatic slide chang-
oe. beaded screen, mirrors, con-
kole tables, twin beds, reeker,
wingehair footstool, Westing.
hisee refrigerator, 1953 Pontiac
Six, low mileage, miscellaneous
things. Phone Balboa 1514.
FO SALE.-Studio couch, ex-
cellent condition. Phone 3-

Good Shooting Marks

For 33rd Infantry

At Gunners' Exam.
When six out of ten men in
a 60mm Mortar section compile
perfect scores.. that's "good
This is exactly what the Mor-
tar section of ",0" c1 pa n, 33rd
Infantry, did dut e A enil
'Lq4far gunners'i exsminan
held recently at FO Davis, C,.
The entire sectiori scored "ex-
pert." Lowest score .compUed
within the group wad 192 4at
of a possible 200.
"Despite our loaded sched-
ule," commented Capt..David I'
Levitt, company coalmandel ,
"'each.-mau In our Gmm aw
section achieved an expert eorer


I PRICES: 0.0 -- 0.30


ATTINTION 0.1.1 Just built
modem furnished apartments, 1,
2 bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel.
Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT':-Furnished and un-
furnished 2 and 4-room modern
apartments. Contact Alhambra
Apartments. 10th Street, Phone
1386, Colon.

FOR RENT: Cool 2-bedroom
apartment,' living- dining room,
scrsene4. $60. 56 Belisario Por-
ros. Key apartment 3. Informa-
tion Phone 2-2316 or 3-0234.
FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ment, one bedroom. living room, .
dining room, porch. Phone 3-
FOR RENT .-Unfurnished apart-
ment: Two bedrooms, two baths,
maid's room, sitting-dining room,
porch, garage. $ '00 At Peflo
Vlkt. N Qborrio Sireet No. 23.
Se 6 e Castro. Ae. "B" 9-42,
Phone 2-1616. Panama.
FOR RENT:-2-beodroom apart-
meat, Duplex house, 'ficed
yard, rerge. Call Gembop 4-
S206, Cooper.
POR RENT: Furnished smell
eartments, 50th Street U I. 30.
11a Vista. For a bachelor *r a
aoVO. Phone .3-0947.
FOk RENT:- Furnished epart-
me 2 bedrooms, maid's room,
orapg, near Hotel El Panama.
6erardo Ortega St. No. 4. Ast.
4. Phone 3-4640.
FOR RENT:-Large apeieui:
3 bedroom, 4 small perches.
Very reasonable rent. I; ie Fa-
brega Avenue No. 7. Pamelena.
for information phone 3-3491.

proving the efficiency of the
section end the excellent gui-
dance by the section heads."
*"F" company, 33rd Infantry,
also has an "expert" 60mm
Mortar section. Two men fron1
this group compiled a perfect
score; low score was 182 out of

the section s ani tc. R 7b,
ert Pagoin-sanutu il the pa.
toon sergeant.
"Fox"' company's martar-mer
are Cpl. Victor BaldoW Pfe
Charles. Mayle, Pft. Oharlei
Tanlma, Cpl. Bores King, Plc
Will Herman. Pfc. John Haw-
thorne. Cpl. Pablo Rivera-Jargas
Plc. Robert McConnhhep. Pfr
John Hartley, Mfc..-John :Samon
and Pfc. Ellio Guerrero. Sic. An-
gel Negron is the section ser-
i --- -- --

"' ...


2:00 -4:15.6:30- 8:4S5

.fhsU, i.IcoX0u1

IlMP.../i <

abs li Mmi g

. .
Phone Panmame 38Ii, Cristto-
balI 3-1673S.
G6Mmlcetg Sii B ch
moderate rotet Photr Gaoibo
-^-i-- ~ ~ J ___

POSTER'S- COTA6E, one mile
past. Snto Clara' ftow rates,-
Phone Balboo 18 6. r

2-bed car. ah&tlkwi05a


I; I -

FOR RENT:-Small chalet, son
bedroom, living dining r oo m,
kitchen. Moderate rent. General
Jos0 de-San MoatinAve. No. 6.

FOR RENT:-2-bedroom chalet,
furnished or unfurnished. Miguel
SA. Poredes. Nq. 26, rear'of Gdlt
Club. Can be seen 9 a.m. !o 1-2

OR RENT:-Vocatieo itu
Aj-.May-Ju.,. Coell .



TI3MWi lilL HONEY, wlho w*1 retire fro the Ca I Organization at-te a- d .
a sso~pr~t l 4 ye~ra o; service, all of Rft Ckp spital w"ahr
*all contfinhitk $100 in -caI as i '&e4 0 his fell .
Pharmacy. 'The presentation was made by Col. Howard W. Doan, super
Hoeapital in tWe presence of August E.;Iulerd' t- aaltnt
. Roy High (far left), Efrain Estalona ri ( -
pital- pharmaielts. Mahoney is not olt leaavlng the C iaisber. -m bzt, sxccpm t
e *11il soon leave the Canal Zone for Jamaica where he was born and
make his future home. He first came o the Isthmus I I tad -went to work 1*nti
shortly after the present buildings were conwpete~ Fo tbe 0t several ytrh
employed as an-attendant in the pharmacy. "

S Autoiatle Recordehpagers
Sales Service Parts
7a. Central. 26-79, CaUdonia

R.. :
.++o + 7

$J -~l


* -I ..




AL4SO oWuioae mEA O mt1n-

.W ......


* -77


To f



- I lowderick Crawferd, uas na n .
I to save Ruth Beman fenm'3
M.E I g ae Ie from "Dw T
o p-ea Thurtday at t
I f

- .a. R


~ J

isat Mexico, land of coonb.r.. Z' -B
. Will a long way... D'owalts t'f .l
bullfights in.the world's lar'glt bufng.
Daily service in PAA's famous Constellation
type Clippers* with'pressurized-and air-condi-
tioned cabins.

/ 171.0
you save 2 0

(DMs. Round trip-. limit)

Stop-overs permnnied, both ways,
within a 30-d.y. ithe.

Vitft maIr fmwA

amuo ..:


lANYr CIR P m wi -fIv ICi:i :r
"*17MMttp -Br i "KNoCEM WOOD

-j1 -.- I


, ,



< ,
Lf^+l i. ."" ..



5r -.

* .'d..~-


111 ~.-.. ~-I--,---.


, jr

I _

- I-

... 1 -


_ I I I

... .. I;


- P



~1.1 .


_ __




* i-

^*;' */. ..
t '- '..
, ; ;
. .

.',, *}

-- ... ~.&

.' __t,,.
. -. -, .>. -,- i+ .* f +,

A.* ..- .-'.v
*'.. -.1.
* ~ .t~7. "~~'~~A* ~

-- L:T ~ t '
c 0.35 M.20

. Arturo de o6rdova

Hobr lautte"
ti Tin'L-Ta~n

TRAL. O"".' E
HAL~if "jM..M|i


1:" 2:57 4:54 6:51 8:50 p.m.

IDA I IWFI060- l

-;15* 3= 1i- 1:06 ,-7:00 9:00 p.m.

m IN ,.. ,..
wth Stealing Hayden Coleen Gray

with Oatia LollobIgWia VittorliO
Ganua N feoeora RIat-Dta .
-Alo : -
with Martne Carol

o-riCTOlt IA

.COpters 7 and 9

____ __ ,_______

S.a5 @S

withe Tayl
W LL.1 ,, ^ : ,.-:;,+.

with WMEinner f~




S,-" -'.-- -- '"r alli Thursda -1 aweal Brides For Seven Brqthers" with Sunday S: 'Green Fire" with tewart Granger Grace Wednesday 6: 'Beau Brummel" with Stewart Grangrer-
ouement board Ke --ahe PoeKl. Kelly Pau.Douglas. Elizabeth Taylor Peter Ustinov. .
d~~a T_ Xz-ee InM-mart wltV1.1 ---r-r- -1m ur.ezvz doupus neeL ema pc

n-Mayer a- -; i day 1: "Betrayed" with Clark Gable Lana Turner -
,rt a' oming Thurs- V ictor Mature.- *
S-j.. fantM, tie Bella "saturday 2,a "Lest Time I Saw Paris" with Elizabeth
Ga?. by day: Taylo.r Van .J h.a



Monday -4: rDeep In My Heart" withn Jose Ferrer -
Merle Oberoh Helen Traubel.
Tuesday, 5 "Bad Day At Black Rock" with Spencer
Tracy Anne FrT",'-r! Robert Ryan.

This super-Seativail comprises three Cinema8cope ple-
tures and four MetroScope, and the'seven of them in glort-
ous colors, and I'lon't.forget, events like this will only take
plMe at your favorite theatre, the Bella Vlata.








S ,lAX RR ME't.." Lachie (John Catron) asks Margaret
(Bobette Millard.)

::. oIng One's Wife is a Cinch".
+ ^Lovng._One~s Wife:_. is Cinch

(a ger-pergerac Interview
When a man and wife in real life play the roles of man
d wife in a film. It is always interesting to learn how the
. 'I .Ceinp with the "reeL" The iatSOcouple to inter-
S thb aitl with the celluloid worlds OGinger Rogers
jtaequ" "ergr ac, O's of "Twist of Fate," a tale of
i 4 ahd paml- slated tP -'open here at the' Lux Theatre
STlif through United Artists release.
As- Ot r arnd Jaoques waited between setups in the
-a boo tng stages of "Twist of Fate," we thought it a
d. o rtuty tW satisfy our curiosity (and yours tool
| tr fe ltabou being in love and "aetihg" In love,
a' lot of retihars&l time for Director David Mil-
Oaltter. "After ral. we don't have to be told how
-. ike two people in love. We Just do what
W "%1-

i Stage

To most people the difference
betweerte a comedy and a trage-
dy is that in the tragedy some-
body dies at the end of th
play. For instance, in, Shakes-
peare half the,cast iadead d when
the curtain falls (or at least. the
ending is dihhappy.) In a cotm-
edy, on the, other hand, every-
thing ends happily anid there is
a great deal of laughter during
the course of the play;
Taking these popular defi n 1-
tions as a start, it is imTmsi-
ble to tell what kind -of a play
Is "The Hasty HearVt which- Is
being presented by the Theatre
Guild at the Ancon Works h o p
,beginning tomorrow.
There is a great deal of laugh-
ter too, as well as some senti-
Mnent that may leave a lump In
the throats of the. sectaros.
tw ."
Claude Aycock, o 1 be
remembered for her sir Xn
stage portrayals, is one of the

E plia Bull ,
erenads Break Up

TEL -AVIV., e Ma h I .. TANK (John La Farcel teh.d ohle to roll over to have.I] .j Da. .
(UPP WIralit aUthorit esMWv -
today A-beV of E-yP tl l're-, founders of the Guild, and now tent effpts'of the solders to say um ly, "I've n'er
gulars'.hurred ?hand grenade directs :'The Hasty Heart." She find out,what a Scot wears un- bee ch.elin ma' laife."
nto the midst of a Jewish we inits however that his play is'der hid klts. There is the stead- play h at can be easl-
ding celebration Thursday mid- no tragedy at all but -a comedy fast rp!stance of Lachlen, who ly' ) d," ."The H as ty-
night ind then op eied fire Awith with ope dramatic imp lIc a- Is 14rful that Margaret is lay-I Heat's was%.described by one
rifles. tons. "'The abundance of laughs ing. a marriage trap for him, Ne X rik wic as a "touch-
aj.nhe major consideration in me to the nurse's suggestions that, frequently moviw ai
One young womas7. v' killed I classify the play," .ays she prepare special dishes for w! and by another
and 18 other perusb are i'MI* Aycoc h.. i merriest pieces
and eh zren. w wo1en n were ..'e H__,y .. '- ." ;_ .he Ideed, much of the good-nk- do
ana enifr" en ,w wnere u. ", n t.e.zz h .. T .
reprts~Incr~a'c~itl "The I,,,,.-,is,,t1h..e- o-turaohumor in Tle HaHasty Tlilq z esat Io n of,
Israeo inuthoritas *tk -i the at- e01e7pO .ad Me aOt- 'Hekt" springs from the Scot's, "The Hat Heart, which Is
Itack tb. h o itis hi of be &e M with unasweving stubborpness and being staged by John Letnarer.
inx a metlcx5 o ~ pv, r V or em'i- British p.u self-rellance. There is will acwtaiue j t~e Guild.Work-;,
litary oper4ilo .. I I to Des- one scene in whichhis compa- ho!p for ix perf o r a p c e pces
itr tere numn- Does nions discover that Lachlen has through Saturday. of 41 t invested all his money In a T.q cast includes:
Soy in Scotland. Returning to 3Jbin Catron, John La Falce;
The. f a nD ome of his own -is his cher-' e 811 dmonao, Dave BOard,
ment, 12 nis vI 1 ter- 'gktede hat he mige ,be lonely]Iarl Boone, and Ruth'erford
ritorythere a by h f. Lah Ih n IBlice.r
der. door..


- .. ...

1i033,..dN--,..-- 181 .... Ii-NTRAL" 'AVENUE. PA-- i i^A--

,P-A N A [ ..- ? .-"C "t-





"--, --F 1- J -
i a4 pumped rifle fire tru
the windows at the crowd of
ettJern celebrating the wed-

"Ol a t alcle saved te
freoi ,irtuml slaughter,

M .. tiuer uup

S. A; -'


-M/Sr "Wf l ( sda t bLW C Md
;- ... o,.,,,, -P*1h~k..




MAL 299 t
^ ^, -"-II B
-- *.St


y4".-4' '" -*,' ;_,
i -:+ + + .-, ;'" .... -ii4 -..+, -." 11. ,-.' .+ -if-' .,- <- i-....... .... -1. ;. .-t ,,. ; ,, *- *-- .. ,- f ^ -,'.',y --.- '
[,' .-' o;.-"'.'-ia *. *.- -. *- .... If ,. ,^ .- -*. *f -. -. .
S ^ ^ ., ; r ( ; '

_-* '

* ..



t"e Guild s. ram.ea-C medy (
-'. .4.:, '+" ++ !. .

- .-- .. ad""M"


R g L B A$'1' ( -;"



- I'- .


~"' ---- -- ---

: i-i J:,-. .~- : .~;~c~. .: ,

- ,, .. .

a A

. t



-~ l~' i Qj,

v I ." *

tel Matched $750

.fFORCES LITTLE LEAGUE 1955 CHAItPIONS front t row 1 to r) James Hamilton,
RU iatfors, Robert Bovee, Jim Sutton, Arwin Janssen, Ramon Cabrera and John Torres.
l g I to r) Fred Walker, Thomas Hadley, Manager Tobert C. Taht, Frank Rybicki, John
t Alan Scott, Bonner Hadley, Coach George R. Butler, William Peterson and Douglas
e (U.S. Air Force photo

6 ilOATlS 1 SHOULDER In an attempt to tag out Dick Rand at second base in
Sinnngof OSt. Louis-Red Box game at, Barasota, Fla., shortstop Milt Boiling (right) of
B ox bits the dirt after colliding with the runner. Boiling dislocated his shoulder and
iot ot fct on'ifo at least a week.



ALw wiI



;- .y -.

.h., ,

* ,- /
^ *;. .-" .
-^" ,.'..


Immediate connections in Mexico for all North America




NIKAL AGENCY J. F. 4ela Ossa Awe. INo. 1 -- Pheams Tel. 241797


WU LOSANamELESOWS 0 5.00 T 30600 J

_ 1

. ~. '~ *.* **~;~. '.
*.~~JA9.* *!~~



.. ... ; ;

MileRaFe--e -e T '- -
Mile Race Features i IIPrIi iI"
= r a E I I: I+ "a a m ;' *+ I t, '"1 a ,

11-Fru Fru

P. CouIUntess I-*v*W, \-.--,. -w. --& -- -
Julle in.

Curundu Cub Scout

Track Meet Results
-0 -

A combination picnic and
track meet was held at Summit
Gardens last week Saturday, by
Pack 7 Cub Scouts of Curundu,
which included cubs, their fam-
ilies, cubleaders, and representa-
tives of the sponsoring instltu-
tion, the Balboa Lions Club.
The Cubs participated In a
Den relay, in high and broad
jumps, 50-yard dashes, and base-
ball throws. All the events drew
the interest of parents and tubs
alike, however, the den relays.
the final event of the day,
proved the most thrilling.
Following the track meet, the
Cubs joined their families in
picnicing, and, after such a stre-
nuous morning you can bet thai
the soda pop didn't last long
After the picnic, a regular
pack meeting was held when Cub
achievements were presented to
the cubs parents and the Track
Meet awards to the dens by cub-
malte Carl Widell.
lNlowing these ceremonies,
CCuber Widell announced his re-
tirtment as Cubiaster and of
i11M Webster as assistant cub-
Iatr and introduced the re-
cents for the ensuing
charter year.
Johnny Gough, the new cub-
mkter, and Jerry echoch, As-
5tEat Cubmaster closed the
eIgrmonies by leading a rousing
cub .cheer of thanks to the de-
prtIng leaders. Bill Webster Is
retiung to the states, however,
I DCubber Widell wU re-
I active in Pa 7 as Chaar-
Ia of the Pack ActlttVe Cam-

Dooins Den W
1 13
2 11
eS I

High Jump Group I
Place Names Den
1st James Dykes 4
2d Bill Webster 2
3d George Hovan 1
4th K. Underwood 4
High Jump Group II
1st McNair Lane 4
2d Bryan Vaughn 2
3d Dick Bacot, 3
4th Robert Baggott 1
Broad 3ump Group I
1st J. McCarragher 1
2d Gibby Freund 1
3d Bob Widell 4
Broad Jump Group 1i
1st McNair Lane 4
2d Dick Bacot 3
3d Carlos Baechner 4
4th Alan Valentine 5
50-Yard Dash Group I
Place Names Den
lst K. Underwood 4
2d George Hovan 1
3d Bill Webster 2
4th James Dykes 4
50-Tard Dash Group n
1st MeNatr Lane 4
2d Bryan Vaughn 2
3d Dick Baeot
4th Birhldboch
Baseball Throw Group I
1st George lova 1
Sd Jambs Dykes 4
Id James Barajas 4
4th K. Underwood 4
BaseblH Throw -- Group II
1st McNair Lane 4
2d Dckt Bacot 3
3d Jamnes Hoan 1
4th Robert Bagott 1


-- B.S Tracmen

Blakemere, Goyonder, racen

Persian Countess And Top Winners

Lion's Claw In B Race At Final Meet

I In Friday nights' interscholas-
...... A. 1tic meet, BBS took nine first
Four apparent' well matched Class B import- places and disqualifieu them-
ed thoroughbreds willdispute a $750 purse In today's tomknthe.tecond e, and
featured one-mile gallop at the Juan France race alboa disqualied themselves
tr.o. i from the 880 yd. relay by run-
-t. :., ."ning an ineligible man, after
Jose Mainieri's vastly im-I The dinner, third choice in setting the near"ecord o Jwae of
proved English bred four-year- the betting, returned $7.40 win. 1:37.. Cristobal automatically
old bay horse Blakemere is sure Manuel! Yaza gave the winnr took. over first place and five
to go off the mutuels favorite as an r.l1e rt ride. nub6Vn, VA,.points.
he goes In quest of his third q4_ er, was the day'a tapi
straight manr event triumph. .oder th three victories. The outstanding event from
r Castio, as usual, will be OGir ld and Jose Braio copped point of performance, was the
board the son of Niccollo Del two each with leading -lider Bias po vault. t years winner and
aboardteaSn oN o Aguirre failing to hit the win- record holder, Curtis Jefferies,
Lrca's Calaw, an Inmpressiv her's circle went out at 10 ft. 6 in. leaving
winner last week, will be riddenI I-T RA uff then Hc eare n1 faind
by his regular rider Bias Aguirre.-LordFRST RACE -BHu DonB"le lkne finalis
onder third last week ehnd I or asur $5.20, 3.60, 3.20 ft. 8 In. In succession.
King's prize and Persian Coun- 2--auCha $3.20, 2.80 On his. attempt at -a record
s will be und er the guldan e 3-AlabardA $5.60. Jump of ift. 10 in., Huff clear-
utess, i b .Hectr ur .0 ed the bar but caught It on his
of Luis Girald uonHetor Rsi an- SECOND RACE Iway :down. It appears he will
gain ha the leg up on Persian 1-Cbronelino $6.40, 3 00, 2.60 have a good chance of breaking
Countless. bvit his2--ROYal Claim $2.60, 2.20 the record in the Ralboa Relays
Blakemere, by virtue of his Fdot34 on Aprn 1 .
llast two tcmpresdve s c$ irst Dou5ie-:$180. 'The times posted b the Inter-
wll tote 122 pounds compared scholastic teams should add
to 110 each for Lion's Claw and THIRD RACE steam to the AmIs. l BalboA Re-
Goyonder and 108 for the red- 1-Filon $24.00, 5.80, 3,00 lays ,
hot Countess. 2-Golden Wonder 5.30, 3.20 Results of the meet:
The one mile distance suits ,-Metto $3.00. 120 yd. HH: 1-B. Orvis (J3C.
the style of all four participants OneTwo: $67.20. 2-R. Greene (BHB. 3-D. Smith
and this, plus the clever handi- (CHS). 4-J. Winklosky (BHS).
capping, gives the race all the FOURTH RACE Time: 16.7. ,,
earmarks for a thrilling finish.
This race can also be consid- 1-T Tn $27.A0, @. 4.00 Shot put: 1-C. Morris (B ).
ered as an initial test for the 2-. Velluda $2.4e,.20 2-Nickisher (JC). S-Dany
forthcoming big classics. The 3-Consentida,$2.40. (JC). 4-McGtughey (CS).
p $3,000 National Guard Classic, Quinlela: $9': DWst. 46 ft. 4-3/4 in.
scheduled for April 17 over one- FIFTH RACE 100 yd. d4sh: 1-Napoleon
mile-and-one-ei hth, and the 1_j. de la Cruz $10.80, 2.80 4BHS). 2-Zumbado (BHS). 3-
$15,000 President of the Repub- 2-Lady Dancer $2.20. S. Smith (CH). 4--E.Bmlth
lie Classic, slated for May 1 are SIXT' H RACE (CHS). Time: 1.8.
the big blue ribbon events in the 1-Remero $3.00, 2.20, 2.20 Mile run: 1-Fogel (BBS). 2-
offing. 2-Cruzada $3.80. 2.40 DeGroat (BHS). 3-Toothman
Ten other prospective thrillers 3-Golden Tap $2.20. (BHS). 4-Morris ,(CHS)..Time.:
are on tap this afternoon. &:13.
-- SEVENTH ACE 440 yd. dash: 1-Raybourne
Manuel Pinchevsky's incon I-Bradomin $3,60, 2.20, 2.20 (BHS). 2-Stevens ,(BHS). 3-
I sistent Fol yesterday was in run- 2-Kiosco $3.20, 2.20 Scott (BHS). 4-Pabon (CHS).
ning mood and raced to a four- 3-Regal Chum $2.20. Time: :54.0.
length victory in the featured Second Double: $530. High jump: 1-Mantovan
Class "C" $650 seven furlong (BHb). 2--Zowe.(CHBS). 3-Que-
dash. EIGHTH RACE zado (CHS). 4--ufftf, McGee
Turgot finished second by a 1-Majestic $4.40, 2.60, 2.20 (BHS). Height 5 ft. 8 In.
short head over fast-closing 2-Quematodos $2.80, 2.20 440 yd. relay: 1-Sutherland-
Lexden with mutuels choice Red 3-Lifeboat $2.20. Zumbado, Von Chong, Napoleon
Rhymester winding up last In Quiniela: $7.60.u (BH8). 2-Tagaropulos, McGau-
the four-hourse field. P st ino- n huy-Lowe, Smith (CHS). Time:
vich, a scheduled fifth starter, NINTH RACE :46.1;.
was scratched. 1-D. Club $14.00, 5.20, 3.20
Red Rhymester and 1Turgot 2-Matruh $9.60, 6.40 Pole vault: I-Huff (BBS). 2-'
Turgot battled head and head 3-Tiger's Teeth $3.0 Jefteries (JC), Fishbaugh (JCO
for half the distance before Fol One-Two: $2857. GCoffee (BHS). Height 11,tt. 6 in.
rushed past them to draw away TENTH ACE 180 yd LH: 1.-Orvis (3C). 2-
to an .easy victory. Lexden, 1-Fol $7.40, 3.20 Greene (BHS). 3-Von Chong
which was off last, made a game 2-Turgot $4.00.. (BHS). 4-Tagaropulos (CHS).
recovery and finished strongly. Time: 21.0.
..- ELEVENTH RACE 220 yd. dash: 1-.Zumbado
1I-Daniel $4.60, 2.80 (BHS). 2-Lowe CHS). 3-S.
2-Yosdklto $2,60. Smith (CHBS). 4-Blackall (BHS).
I -.......- Time: 23.8.
S0 n r T 8I yd. run: 1-Rogers (BHS).
SJuan ranco iip 2-Perez (BHS). 3--erkins
(By ONRADO BKBS). 4-Price (CHS). Time:
SBy CONRADO 2:09.9.
S m -- 880 yd. relay: 1-Quezada-Pa-
S1- Nmbers Pau bonm, Mirachi-M c0 oug h e
2-Welsh Fox Pjaluo 4011). (BHS) disqualified from
3-Piropo (e) Proton first. Time: '1.37.8.
4-Don Wende F uto Brad jump: 1-McKeown (JC)
5-Nacho Golden Bound 2-Coffey (BHS)., 3-P re
6-Turf Lodge Tempestad (CS). 4-MRaybourne E(B.
S. 7-Sally Spruce Explito Dist. 20 ft. 2-1/4 .V.
m /-Lo* t OTrouble onzraga Discus: 1-Nickisher (JC). 2-
S -F.A.. Vedette Fulton (BHS). 3-Campbell (JC)
I A L- A rri. ia RIUa) -Dist 128 ft 1I

1--Henry Lee
2-My Dear
3-Ocean Star
5-Bar One
6-Turf Lodge
8-Courtly P.

7th Race "F"

1-Don' Cuto
2-M. Rouge'
6-S. Spruce

J. Phillips 105 -Doesn't seem likely 151
Bravo 120 --Has strong fi4sAh 9-1
F *.R 3S'-Mi-Notln.-IsNfota ;m iS. 1 I
M. Ycaza 102x-Rates good chah e 831
M. Reyes 115 -Long ove due. 1
B. Agul. 116 -Dropped in claou 3-3
I. RuIX 113 -Could scoe it iee i-l
A. Reyes R. 102x-Nothing recently l-i

Imported 7 Fgs.PrWe. $500.0 Pool Alehs: 4, 16
Second Race of the Double

M. Ycaza 103x-Vnpredlctabte hler6
J. Bravo 115 -Excellent effort last
R. Vas. 115 -Gets reta .
L. Agul. 113 -ood cea
0. e Leon 105x -Not with this rider
.. Hidal. 115 -In thiek of It too
L. OiraL u8 -Rates fair dIace

8th Race "I' Imported 4 Fgs. Purse: $375.00 Poe el- es: 4:4I
-Copadbora ; espR; 104x -Distance suits itle "
2-L. O Trouble M IYcaza M7x-Racing to top form 0ven-
3-Newmnster R. Gome 108 -Has early speed 10-1
4-Firense V. -Cast. 115 -Usially moves late 4-1
5-Floreno Ruit 113 -Lacks early loot 4-1
6-Gonaaga J. Jlnie. 109x-No. 1 contender -1
9th Race "E" Imported 6,i Fqs.Purse: $550.00 Poet : 5:1
1-Guayaquil J. Congo. II -Could score 41
2-Fan R. Vas. 115 -Last w een
3-Greco 0. San. its -.BI) ';-
4-Cormorant F. Hidal. 41 -t3 1
5-R. Signal B. Agul. 113 -4-al-1
6-Gay Spot M. Ycasa lOTx-Quit
7-Vedettd J. Bravo 116 --xcelll 1.."-I
8-Joe's F. H. RuIZ 108 -Bad start. I' "-1
9-(Hurlecano Mena F. 110x -Distance t 1-1
10-(Proud Pearl L. Giral. 112 -Quit badlyit 10-1
10th Race "B" Imported 1 Mile Purse: $760.0 it closes: 1S4i

2-Lion's Claw
4-P. Countess
11th Race "F"
3-Fru Fru
5-L. Moon
6-Golden an
7- (Loteria
8-- (Pregonero



At Sarasota, Fa.
Chicago (A) 000 000 010-1 3 1
Boston 000 020 00x-2 7 0,
Pierce, Fornieles (6) and Lol-|
lar. Courtney (8). Parnell, Susce,
(6) and White, Daley (6*. WP
- Parnell. LP Pierce. I

At Tampa, Fla. Seven
sings Rain
Brooklyn 022 200 0-6 61
Cincinnati 100 300 3-6 11 1
Podres, Labine (6) and Cam-
panelUa. Howell (6). Minarcin
Acker (5) and Baley.. HR
Xlumswk$, Cammpa"iW. SnidEr.

At Ft. LEt@ M fl 11 XtaI

Diam (11
(11). anA

- A

8 L

V. Casfl. 122 -Has beaten better even
B. Agul. 110 -Racnib to best form -1
L. Giral. 110 -Good recent races 3-1
H. Ruiz 10% -Was never better -3
Native 7 Fgs. Purse: $275.00 Pool eloses: van

F. Rose 113 -Last didn't convince
F. Hidal. 106 -Ran well last week
C. Chavez 13x -Dropped.nclim
J. Jime. 115x-Ras trdO est f
M. Guerre. 10l -Returns rom layoff
L. Giral. 118 -Dagpts econpede. ,.
M. Ycaza 102x -Ditance handicaps
A. Gonza. 103x-Racing to good & d
R. Vas. 115 -Excluded from betting

- ..
Nashua Wins

tlonally maddy trek
The Sle. the Im
oue-dtgh see was 1I

Nahus beat MeLLmW 4L
meek and MO Cmalil wad thi
ithe Owe paiue .LUOwM
IS aJ Pir tn y

(A) OL UMs aijm.m

lantA, atfiht. "OlL





-. Iy~'.-,-~-'.,-,. .. ....
... .
-. -*- TK.*. ** I ~


Jan Franco Graded mm
INK. HMO p Joey Wgt.C6101.,i-

euistic.opf thembub e ."
1-Our Fancy A. Ubwida 110 nov 1
3-MoreFair A. Reyest. 1x-0d ear e k
4-Astoria M. Y 02x--Dlstnesuts

8-Pale Pace r. ose 108 -Reportedly Improved "(

2nd Race "G" Imported l mt1e Pur..s: -$MM Pool de",,: 1t4
-Seeonf Rt" of the Doublq
1-Pinino R. Vas. 113 -Could win again t a
S2-Welsh Fox A. Valdl. 115 -Distance *in.agal ,
3-R. Emblem F. Rose 110 -Journey too long
4-Sedur K- Teres 110 -Would be bbigVyotf oif
5-Bedulno J. vb 112--Showing imprmet SI
6-The Bouche L. Olra. 119 -Seeks second win here 3

3rd Ra9e "H" Native rse: 75.00 Pool elhees: 1::

u i" OHali. Y 14 -Ranwe Ilaswek /
3-M--la A. Gonza. lO--Al.wa .danerour hte 41
4-Proton J. Rodri. n8-Retw n tgood"Emps V4
--G. Glass R. Vua. u -Better.I. S sae 1.
6--lropo J. Bravo 113--Form Indlcates even ,
7-(Candelaria J. Gongo. 113.-Could be winner too oev

th Race "G0 Natlve 6% Fg *ftg: W7 Pool dpoleia i

I-JalAalat E. Orte. 11 -Will Mwin soon 10-1
2-Avivato A. Gonsa. 1lOx-Not against these 1.
3-Mufteco B. Agul. 113 -Won last trme out
4--Fuel J. Gongo. 107 -Could go all the way .
5---Maru, J. eyes 112 -Ready for "golpe" i-
G6'-Regia J. Phillips 115 -Dangeroua contender 2-1
7-D~.Piun Da lo 108 -Not off lat 1race
8-White Fleet F. Rose 113 -Not agafhst these Sl
9--Don Wende A. Yeas 114 -Racing to bet -lfom 3 -
10-D. Jaime C. Johnson llOx-Improving slowly .!1

5th Race "C&D" Native 7 Fgs.rPurse: $25. Pool 1i5
1-Ika RulI 105 -Quit when challenged 3-i
2-kina Rol F. San. 10Ox-Showing Improvem t 1
8-Chepanlta R. Querra lllx-Dangerous contender $-1
4-Golden Bound R. Vas. 116 I ight it out 2-1
5-Valarla J. Phil4ps 107 iher competition 3.1
6-Nacho L. Giral. 117 -Should win again 3-2
7-La nea J. Avila 120 -Nohing in months 2.I1

6th Race "H" Imported 7 Fgs.Pwr: "4-' 00 S iO eldomes: 3:31
First Race of the hDouble '

i m m l l


----: r--IF;.W : -


,. ,11. .

' *' I

* o -';."\









M. ."fr .. li +..-

wi ler On Circuit
S-. N- i '.

'.** ; ,-. v *% .. *
us *i8E 11^ '
"Hf -*'* '* tt ,** r
s^.^'1'.' .-" -.,


lu ..Ip Indr Meumh
oMatle e w aos
le Ot ho
'bpdy in -golf today has a
tter swing an ittler," ob-

t a o Is more lw
tt,*ByonlI en tttan ay
K....4.j~Uiw man little's

the United States Open
ol. Hp triumphed in the
lek and Phoenix Opens

and led the money-isirning
ade.'lm mraeenaits the Thim

bird Golf Club in Palm Springs
is a highly-efficient Spaldin-
consultapt and he travels the
long tourney trailer with hii
pretty 23-year old wife, Shirley
and' tletr year-old son. Curt.
"Gene's weakkess, if any, Is nhi
wedge shot," remarks one of his
fellow pros, "but that ice-cool at-
titude of hl4-makes up for any



Houston and New Orleans
SIjMl'timvwy Ten Dafys Set:
New York Philadelphia Baltimore
(Gulf Vemeks aD at VEARB S and TAMICO *
,-(y1 ZCO ) evewy h week!)
,..0,.. '.. f .i ... .8
OWiforld McKay,. Inc.
M iadle dlinga Cristoba C. Z.

2W .1 7. -. -

A call to remember

O 'here 1 no more wholesome and pleasing drink
than ge d Scotch Whisky and there is no finer
Stob than "Black & White ". Distilled and
bedd fI Scotland, "Black & White" is
at a its best. pleImber to ask for
V wiM6youcallforScotb.

D tioiled and .qttled in Scotland

5R A &V MMr8W 7


ILIs w

,:" ..ois*... I m.., @

IL SEg s. A.
: ;: ..4mmpmLt AV'l,-
, ._ .- .%.. -.. 2 ,,..+.. .

.' /

"I lke baseball. too much to
have problems in it," paid Eddie
tanky, autographing ,a ball for
one of the 299,09 old pappy guls
who decorate St. Petersburg's
famous green benches at Uts
time of year. "I have concerns.
My only concern now is pitch-
Ing, period."
Muggay Stanky hoped to have
Vinegar SBend Mizell out of the
Army by July, buzt now it's Oc-
tober. Vie Raschi suffers from a
slipped spinal disk., S Stanky
Is attempting to build a staff a-
round Harvey Haddlx, Brooks
Lawrence, Tom Poholsky. and
Gordon Jones. Pdholsky hasn't
shown enough to write home a-
bout in two campaigns, but was
handicapped last terai as the re-
sult of being sidelined for nmre
than a month with a broken fin-
ger. Pitchers shuttled in and out
of Busch Stadium In 1954, but
Jones claimed and got away with
par squatters rights.



TROPHY PRESENTATION Col. Harry S. Tabbs, Post Commander of Fort Clayton, Canal
Zone, presents Bgt. Donald A. McRae, manag er of the Headquarters and Headquarters and
Service Company 28th (Combat) Engineer Battalion, the team trophy for having won the Fort
Clayton Unit Levld Softball Championship. Me tubers of the championship team are (front row
1 to r): Cpl. Newlon Rowland, Cpl. James Kirkley, Pfc. Wilfred Yoshida, Pfc. George Nishlya-
ma, Pfc. Donald Sharpe and Pfc. Gilbert Hoffm an. (Second row I to r): Pfc. George Lopez Pfc.
Rex Adams, CpL Carl Anderson, Pfc. John Wana maker. Sfc. Bobby Sisco, coach and Pfc. Floyed
Darling. Sgt. McRae in turn presented the trophy to Major Lee G0, Miles, his commanding of-
ficer. Their 7 wins and 1 loss record enables th em to represent Fort Clayton in the forthcom-
ing USARCARIB Panama Area Post Level Soft ball Tournament.
(U.S. Army photo)

(US Ary hoo

Gold Dust

Io By HERBEUT M0ISE fight as he told the board he
Howls from ull, o r should we would not press charges against
Ssay nearly all, boxg circles are Tess with breach of contract.
w .bei _ng voiced ovej: uspensionI On the other hand, president
The blokes In the red blazers of featherweight, ampion Pe- Delgado'made it his duty to con-
led the league in batting, in dro Tesis. fer with the parties directly In-
nearly every offensive depart- This move by the Colon Box- volved in this imbroglio and al-
ment, Including stolen bases. ing Commission pas, caused so so to many who have influence
-But they were a panting last in s mch comment on' d #ti des that on them.
pitching and runs scoredgainst, we finally declddto cIgtne for- All this went to ao avail. Tesis
The relief pitching wa atroctoW ward with whatever bit of Infor- was adamant and so was Mal-
us. When the starting pltche m t aon we have46. t that tose nieri. Manlri wanted his "cut"
departed to keep n eary date Interested in the subject will be and Tests was not, Inclined to
downtown it was a pretty w sur fjtrfied with the 'acts of the give him.
thing that the" Cards would take case. .
another one on the chin. They Here and now, we must define As -a result of this stalemate,
lost more high score games thant our stand in this particular sit- the champ drew a (delayed) six-
strategist Stanky cares to re- uation. Many times Joscelyn month suspension which goes in-
member. They dropped 30 or so Evering, Cblonn orrespopdent ot to effect on May 29, 1955. (The
adter being on top in the se, another daily, ana hI have been Tesis-Malnieri contract ends on
venth, eighth onrninth inning. angrily accosted. by light fans that date).
l n.rb o Who believe that ..we are mee W have been told by Delga-
8 t Wa ri sll wo.iate the ers of the Coloss Bxlng ibnm- do nd vice-president Jefferson
brass gave the-Reds Gekty Staley mission. For those .anid mah'y Joseph that this suspension could
and Ray Jablonski for Fireman more who have cherished but be? revoked if the parties become
FranK Smith.- Theo harassed have not ye t expressed this er- reconciled and made application
Stanky obviously fears the worst roneous belief, we are correspon- for the, lifting of the suspension.
for in addition to big Smith, six dents and nothing else. Our duty We regret that cooler heads
others, five right-handed, al- is to report the actIvities and could thrb some Iritff the picture
ready have been assigned to the praise or criticize the commis- to find the solution. Teshi lost
bull pen. They are, perhaps i sioan whenever the ocassion de- a golden opportunity, Malnieri
the order of their Importance, hands it. In tthis case we are lost a good prospect, te game
Bobby Tiefenauer, Tony Jacobr, Just reporting Information gath- here lost one of its pillars -'
Stu Miller, George Schultz Paul ered from creditable sources re- and te commission lost. f
LaPalme and Herb Moford. La- lated to both sides of the con- friends.
Palme is the lone southpaw, so troversy. We saw a draft of a iettead-
if the former Pirate has any The Tesls case has been un- dressed to the Colon adxlng
luck, it might be well for him finished business on the agenda Commission In behalf Of the
to purchase a motor scooter, through five meetings of te meetings of the champ. This letter will be made
Stanky suggests that you re- commission. This apparently public in a.later column.
member the nae a of Tieenauer unnecessary delay was an effort ly. we hop.hfhat this letter wVt
a 25-year-old who developed a on the part of the part of the board to have have the =ame effect that the
knuckler at Houston and de- Teals mend his differences with
mands the work he is quite like- his manager, Francisco Mainieri.
ly to get. Schultz, recalled from The origin the rift between
Columbus, and -LaPalme are Tests and his manager has an
other relief workers with knuckle obscure origin but its affect has
balls and Joe Presko, who hopes far-reaching influence on the
to start but has never lived up game in Panama in general. ,
to his early reputation, has de- With the limited amount of -
veloped one. good boxing material here on the
"It looks like a fellow can't Ilstbmus, the loss of Tests who
pitch any more unless he has a incidentally Is the champ of the / J
knuckler," observes Del Rice. 126 pounders, means the loss of
Jacobs. who. stands no -more al potential box-office attraction.
than 5-9 and weghs only 155 Many are taking thisview to at- -o
worF25 games wL lelosan 4 In tick the Colon Comish, but. is
two years as a Triple A fire it any better to be pricked by /
fighter with earned-run marks short thorn instead of a long y
of 2.63 and 2.91. Moford bagged one? A thorn is a thorn long.. .
17 for Columbus. or short; on a high limb, or on
P oa low limb, any one would re-
From Rochester with excellent quire your immediate action.
earned run averages come Jack According to two officers of
Faszholtz, Larry Jackson and the commission, this Is Pedro's
Gary Blaylock. Luls Arroyo fourth change of managers. Each
pitched Houston to the Texas time, according to these geitle-
League play-off championship men, Pedro's actions were not
with a phenomenal strikeout Justified. The first inkling of any
record and an outstanding ERA. disturbance in the champ's camp
Tnis Puerto Rican southpaw whl came when promoter Luis Craig
get a good look. presented a program for the
Long Tom Alston and Joe Cun- commission' approval featuring
ningham fight it out for first Tests against Isidro Martinez for
base until Stanky gives up on March 20. At this meeting the
one or both. If neither hits. and champ flatly 'denounced the
Virdon turns out to be another terms of the contract and flrmnly
Wally MoonM as predicted. Mua stated that he Would not fight on
slal beingMuslal will give that date for terms agreed upon.
the infield hal of what it has by his manager, who had made
lacked since he returned to the all arrangements for the bout.
outfield. Boyer, a big, good-look- From this very meeting the
Ing kid, is fairly certain to sup- board started seeking an amica- -r"
ply the other half. ble reunion of Teals with hiA
Meanwhile. Eddie Stanky's manager. Days went by., then at
lone concern la finding guys who another meeting the commission
can get somebody out wack made to know that Tests
hat (signed personally, which is
fl Ra i Illegal according to the clauses
When He ies of his ontrct with Francisco
Mainleri) for a bout in Veaesue-
It Is T e aw la on Marc 21 aga Sonny
It I Leon whom he decisloned here
at the Colon Arena.
OCeANPORT, .,.-(Nn Tempera flare this meet-
When Don returns to Ing but the violence was inosuy
he lMoa a ith p jockey room oratory as Mainlaor asserted that
lthis sseaonojeO fad it a lot he would not anoroved of his .,

i the Jersey track
at Florlda this win-
6 F sme, had to get
1-' In order t
-* ,^

Grand National

To 100-1 Shot

Quare Tlnes

LIVERPOOL, March 26 (UP)-
Quare Times, a iuu to L snot,
today won the famous Grand
National Steeplechase at Aintree
over the distance of tour miles
and 856 yards alter completing
30 Jumps successfully.
One jump was eliminated be-
cause the tracic was in bad
shape after heavy rains.
Quare Time" won by twelve
lengths over Tudor Line with
Carqy's _. cqtae jdano~ht
xour lengtns back. T.for Line
was quotekAt 1Q to 1 I".G are1's
Cottage at 0 to -
Vincent O'Brien, Quare Times'
trainer, made It three In a row.
He won with Early Mist in 1953
and repeated with Royal Tan
last year., Owner Mrs. W. Well-
gns colle~~~'~. -total $02,068
as;. betre.a itlay 50
pounds ruling .6 wl, plus
the winner's pursue '

T ej-I a:- Mainle rti oncUlation
would have. Il'7 being wrItten
aa..s plea ftod-tthe fans to lift.
the suspension.

'iKen- S .. ..,
~ ~ ~~.. .,-.

e.WL~i I.


The Wright Bros. Plbg. team
went back into 1st place oy win-
ning threepoints from' Broad-
way while. 'owjirs.r losing
four to, tWhe Aces.- W pt wO more
of nmgetSlfam Sl~t and
only 1V points separan the
first thra teams anything can
Wright's dropped only:the 2nd
game In,their match with Broad-
jay. Latrabee led the way with
533 which as good -1f lass A
honors, ea m.m&t.n rq. Il post-
ed a nIw hlgh gme to 220 for
class while ier'r 494 was
high fbr Broadway.
The Naval Statibn Jumped
back into contention with a four
point win over the Scott &s Scott
team. Scott's were off the paco
and 0nly came close in the first
game when they lost 774 to 783.
Ourcak led the Navy with 530
while Bartram's 494 was high for
Powell's ran Into trouble with
the Ace's and tho they bowled
their avg. It wasn't good enough.
The 1st game was close with the
Ace's winning it 8$9 to 901 but
ilpm. there o, theyihad fto trou-
"Ite, aking total by 116 pins.
Splnney led the Ace's- with 531,
Wateon s,507 was high -for Pow-
The Post Office again inspired
the opposition to take them for
four points. 'This time It was the
Police Assn. which came tkroun
tha -.8 th


r- o-E T Ia .-

Iro' !pr I
Shfvr I.tetsttlne. 0et OAI.ON
W&e add hf i better tomorroW.

arg. Martin's 5S wa
Clam'o and Fo er'
B. Rudjr led tbhe+ow
Reorganization eUti
held at the Mar tac
on Wednesday, -hA
ficers will .be .ai
members and
to be present. -

wBny aa "..T.

Claus C-Mart -

W:Ight-Bros: Plbg. ,
Powell's 29 ]
Naval Station 29!,x 1
Police Assn. 26 3
Ace's 23 8
Broadway Tavern 20 '
Scott & Scott 19 2
Post Office 14. _


Rex Harrison, in
Also: h Scott, In

.so i
-.~or oun. In



As upward the gray smoke curled
Our here were grqtly heatedd
for LUCKY STRIKE was created...
The beat cigarette In the worldI





. N I t

- -_ .. .


m~w--M-mw I

-- (.



.... .. .. ... .. :: .... ^ _+^. ^M+
y, : t. -3 T; ", .. .- .2+ -;' -w+ .. .
.ky HZVaIiy)A

,, C- '" "- ', ".
7...%--+ + =.' -- :- -,
,,.,0., ;, .. ,:e ;.,.L: .......
"., :' ";: : i :.. -, 'N-"N",.... "

---.I J-AL
: vrf^.







To i


4 -

K t, -.-1 ..
^ *: 1

- I- .

Can You Jump

Over The Bar?

-0 -

K. ," Text and plx by
This afternoon there All be
real treat for the kiddies at
Panama Riding School. It will,
'be just as rewarding for a-
dults who go, for there is a
fine display of equitation and
jumping plus mebbe a little
humor on horseback.
Today at four o'clock at the
Panama Riding Clpb, which is
just before one amves at Mor-
gan's Bridge. en route to Old
Panama, on the main road, is
the time. The price is free.
Rudy said all Sunday Amer-
ican readers are welcome.
Having seen a dress rehear-
sal of this show. I can recom-
mend It for everyone who likes
horses. The riding circle Is set
at the bottom of a slope, down
from the large stables. It has
several shade trees which form
an attractive backdrop. Across
the r6ad, a sentinel row of
palm trees waves in the breeze.

SUSIE MAGEE reports this midget Shetland nony to be small but frisky

There are seven jump
eluding bar jumps, wall
angd a barrel jump. Th
these are lined up unde
'trees which surely make
This course of Jumps
close together, it looks 11
borpe just lands front
Jump when he "takes o
And the size and a
these jumpers will as
you, I ami sure. Take 11
old Susan Whitmore, wh
the front cover. She ha
jumping one month, an
how she clears that 3'6'
Nine-year-old Kathy
is an experienced rider
gets better every lesson.
There are some 35 rid
the school and the ali
mighty ~oPd. I Vdt.t gi
tures of them all but"
will give you an idea wh
can see this afternoon.
Panama Riding Schoo
been in operation ove
years and has about 40
30 of which are Jumper
The school is managed
S. "Rudy" Rudeshelm, a
pert horseman.
Assistant manager an
ding director Is Mrs.

ps, in-
iree of
r some

CurlRg Heath, who has been
riding since she was 10 years
old. A good Instructor with h
sound knowledge or riding and
animal management, Sheila
makes fun to learn.
Ther e is no age requirement
toW booe a student here. Just
the wVllingness to cooperate
and learn.
SNew students get quiet hors-
es to build up confidence and
let the Instructor survey their
ability. The new student prog-
resses from a walk to the trot.
Posting brings accent on the
seat and hand position.
Next comes the canter or
gallop.At this time, accent is
placed on developing a good
knee grip, essential lor jump-
When Rudy decides the stu-
dent has enough balance to
stay on the horse over a jump,
the tyro tries a two-bar jump
and then progresses according
to. ability. From 10 to 15 les-
jons usually brings the beg-
ning student to the two-bar
jumping, stage.
Riders are not separated by
age groups, out only by rid-
Ing ability.

a them The equitation performance
features 16 riders who execute
8 is so carefully planned and dia-
ike the g named maneuvers which keep
n one both horse and rider alert. .
ft" on You will see such Intricate
movements as double reverse
.clkcle, figure eights, and riding
the wheel in singles, doubles
and fours, etc. It's really pret-
age. of ty
stonish 'here will be Certificates -of
-year- Aceomplishment and s o m a,
o0 is On ts. Gaby FredriOk does'ft..
s been compete lor the prims as she ""
d look is advanced beyond the other
bar. riders, but she will do some
Rambo exhibition riding.
r who The young people taking
part in the snow are listed in.
lers at apcending age order, and I
l look .ope I have all their hamei&
et pic- Beth Whitmore. Georganne
these Albough, Mike Arnold, Julli
fat you Fowles, Kathy Rambo, Ruth
Phillips, Sussane Whitmore
and Brenda Wagner.
Also, Kathy McConaghy,
Shad Howell, David Fairchild,
el has Lacy Hinkle, Miriam Conover,
er two Gaby Fredrick and Janet Ad-
horses, kins.
rs. And, Susie Magee, Burnice
I by F. Betz, Billy Kirkland. Maxine
an ex- Coniver, Loki Boeck, Renee
Duke and Ricky McDonald.
d rid- See you this afternoon. Bring
Shella your camera, tool

KATHY RAMBO, nine years old, jumps 3'6" course on Rusty.

;" .T~'I .& .4. .,.,.w.: :Pn, .1'. 4'0. : G i. 9:05 -~*To

YOUNGEST at in the show Is seven-year-old Beth Whitmore, who canlift her horses up
and over the bar every time. .

*-* .*



o C-.IRr

EXCUIj R S are, 1 to r, Maxine Canover, Lacy Hn

TWO AT A TIME Is the way David Fairch ld and Maxine Conover do th4ilf umpsi.

m ,... wm i ..m m


~E ~r k4-Z

',,'p al
.' "St

I, A

_' .j ~ l .1 -


~T~o~~l ~o~ir~


,' "' .o
,. ......^.. B .. .. '

L^. sa7yls)s., of.
-w.. ld WGY

au 44ea ta olty wnow vl4. <
. beMom wiouwmtimr.ed bea.

Sc~pUn Baffol i tr I.and

Sbai bck to ty, if they rt
| tml n. It i U. l bbe a end-
pls p ir to observe thir m-

S Dr. Somber, In a new pamph-
/ leta. AtMsUMF BW r 'oro
l Makyard (AU-Pt, Books, 66
pages: 1). toiM how to set th6

A SI A "Um t4 p w"
r-Pbt to ,Ppply1 Iet.ahefl
of walpaper. a w,.-eeq
flew into the room. t prompt'
ly swung his..brush and Iillad
o.none, wberuz"pa t his coastere.
nation, the natiber of survivors
was doubled 'by new arrivals.
Top killed another. and the num-
er ad -thdiae .n*slhfag' was

Ib tpath bee


FIND the missing 'ettrs'of the
Sdiagram abuve and retire
the keywords. Hers's how:
Copy each of the lettiWi.nsj
showing In the blank or blanks
directly below them. Then, by
trial and error. Insert letters in
the empty spaces to form new
' abort words.
*p 9A[oSeq "umi qarqa Mme a iO

Bird Hop'

Bluebra-............ .x,
WIe ........... 4x

'rgab ... ........ te
ReoU'.............. l
Ctlra .e .......... 45
Tree SwlUow ....... itw
Nuthatch s, 4
Woodpecker ...... 664

stage for the daily bird mbw:
Provide food and.aelter, or, food
alone, and wat~r for drinklia or
bathing. A bWd eats its weight
t in food every day, if It tcan. "They
Swill take everything you ofeq in
the .way of food. water and Bsel-
ter, .and the only appreciation
ey win show you is to ppe
agaIn and stay. But in exaage
they WI-entain you and uay-
be the, wil teach you," Dr.
e0hdr baerves. ACeuMly< a
authors f. other boo9 attest.
r there are aay. itance o, Wild
biras-rotlna, crows,-etcj s.Wa-
tag to become homriag houSe4ta.
Some designs for bird bmusep
.suggested In Dr. Beecher's bpok
I Afeptmduoe4 abovd. Al os)e

"ta are kaftU datGUq
What b~~ poplation yuu at-
tract. Other authority pro-
W, the h peolflcatlns for nest-
1 g houes gv e in the box.
. .,,,.. .

books. XXX-denotes a book of
exftreordinary value.
The Art of Tile Setting. by E.
W. Carls & L. G. Wines (Chaa.
A. Bennett. Co., Peoria: 5.75).
Tile ais a utilitarian and decom-
tive building material that has
Sbee in tofavor since 46O B.. C.
because of its 4gillty ana the v47r
tietyof color it affordsr it can be
fairly easy for anybody' to instaU
with new adheesvee-or so the
authors say. They provide a
io om e Instruction coaua for.
weekend builders and remuodeleis
in use of ceramic. glass, metal.
asbestos and platio floor, wall
and ceiling coverings.
==X--av1tet. Bateolal Rec-
ipes of AMaeria. selected by
Marlan Tracy (CIst & Dunlap.
318 pages: t.1a). TransaoUi-
Sental cookery from soup to nuts,
withthhe specialties of each State
and region singled out by the per-
sons a ,. the best positions to' editors of popular
newspapers whose job It is to
discover the best of everything.
Hobles tor Fleasure and Proflt,
by Hurace Coon (Signet: 85).
Practical information on making
vocations of a hundred varieties
of avocation, from raising Afri-
can violeta- afd collecting an-
tiques, to wood carving.

Dotagrapb for nior Readers
0 .. _..*.' ., ......r...- ___A

-- .,.? Y

i. $


*13 Ia .6
1 13

IN5 .IO "



Building Data
rea OpMig Depth M

r 2%- -8-W a

I 1a 1.
b 1%" 8" 1

3' 10-ir
*i.. *"



OR son' apty fun. stage
Phoon:'me ilon show."
Stretch a s t over a door
between two Doms or suspend
over a ropes.atretched acruma
room. Place chair on one dide
this e6teen and facing it, with
strong light beInd them. Tu
out al lights on1 the other side
the soremn
Divide the guneats in two group
and seat on e'roup. Save nme
bears of athe other group pa
aigly between the deaif and th
light, so that their shadows a
thrown on the 'sreen. As the
do so, they endeavor to disgul;
their ill or, proflles a
prevent V recognized. Tl
point of t ar g e is-to am ho
long they are.bucessful.


CHAMPION Beletound Steal-
away Bealawas is lost and if
Pete the Dogcatqher catches up
with him, he's likely to go to the
pound. Can you rescue the pup
before Pete nets him ? Begin at
the small arrow in the upper
right corner of the diaSram.

1-Raill bird.
S-Beds. for bales.
10-After casting out the beam In
our own ey we may cast out
what from a brother's eye?
(Met. 7:5)
- 14-What book of the Old Testa-
ment comes between Joel an4
15-Weird. :
16-What Ss *mount Sinai In
Arabia? iGal. 4:25)
IB-A. duke qf Sihon (Josh. 13:21)
-1ields kof ombatL
21-One to whop Paul sent greet-
Sags (Rom. 16:151
23-Mohmminewn prince.
a6-How man servants did the
wicked husbadmeet beat?

It's Crazy "Man, Crazy
among the
younger set o
Abe expressaloa n
S ented -
S eClue-Doodle. /i
The remark la i
sometae eveno I
heard from the
mouths of those
who are no long* \
S r babeas, It is J
even sometime
sung although it
e a not to be con,. _
a fued with The
Bell Song from Lakme or "Du blat wie eine Blume."
Ly Here are your belpful elue. -Since there Is no
K home in the doodle, you can'elimlhate the posbibill-
a ty that the figure it left is the endless horseman.
,f And, although the figure at top right may have
a some equine characteristics, you can be assured It is
rn not a body-less horse. The figure, lower right, is
of somewhat mer diffult to Identify. It ls the letter

S You can nOW certain recognize the popular
S 5 ge, expreeloa indicated by the doodle. If not,
Turn below.

* .poooD opoaqeog.. iinalli

Can You Figure It Out?
ad NSERT the necessary sign or signs among the
pd figures below to make. the equation correct.
)w 9 8 8 1 8 A m 7
.noj *"ei Ao Aq pepip aql9 e eaq *IN s.olmbog


Lot o0 Latitude GieMn Here
ITS easy to confuse latitudes on opposite sides of
the world. For Instance. you should have a'fairly
good Idea of where Formosa Is. Would you say its
latitude is approximately that oft New York City
Havana Montreal?
-eUaRl 0o aIO i MixZoslddi leMm n1 7s a4sUAv

63-ArSd cleo=ag.
6b.-bouthAmid monkey.
70--Bib"Ud wod.
72-.Uaxpct d lcultles.
1-Feminilne. me..

-.Duihtpr oftpherlh (Gen.

7 ofel1 U Chr. 7:7)
o oamptment.
l.w. faced..
1 biddemaI
O. Isei book of the

B iN eew wtwhppis

3 a 9L

SWhast h i Agy?
TAC SPRAT I pyeaelb eJ

.i g g i S eSnt -. -inb *


r .. wtt a traveling motif-road

CRYPTO-CRAX are gag say.
Inge to which' the original
sentene ha been encoded by us-
ing subtitute letters, ths same
letter thmoughouL Object is to
decode the garbled letters and
restore the funny line to Its
original sense.
Today's crypt concerns the old
codger who was belng questioned
In a courtruom by the D. A. as
followai "Aie you acquainted
with any of the jurymea?"
"Mure than half of 'em," was
the. heply.
*-Are you willing to swear you
know more than half of them?"
continued the D.A.
tcniking a glance over the jury
box. the old gaffer 'replied: .





for a guame
rovm j motif?
''mt who have
t"Oen lon auto..
tripe may have
the answer
tuoked away to a
bureau drawer.
Wiy not decur.
ate the rmom
maps. napstots,

Rtad maps cap be pasted to walls almilarly to
wallpper. Trm ~he edges rnt. If desired, cover
with a coLt of clear shellac later.
81aphuots, olstcard. etc. may be fastened in ap
propria places to highlight events. Attach wi
paste, tabs, small frames. etc.
if you do not have sufficient maps on hand, a
friend or neighbor may be willing to provide some.
Or you may wish to keep the idea In mind for the
future-perhapp after your vacation, when you can
include your latest trip.

Stringing You Along


TPHNK you know how to pull strings? Lets see.
* Take a look at the drawings above and deter-
mine, if you can. which strings would actually be-
come knotted If the ends were pulled outward st-
multaneously. Some will and some won't Which
are which?
Time limit: 2 minutes each.
TIe the knots with string to prove the answers
If you prefer.
*ou-- mA-- *oon-3 'ou-- '60-V :!Jo.wuV


0 0 0

HINT: The old man refers to
hlimelf at ieast once in his
A..*asioid uin eqi 1 o lie
uej iTqa eu" oo 1 I0.1 M. a Mu v

Colorgrapb I

C in the maze R
of lines at right-----
is a scene from
an old favorite
fairy tale In
which a gallant
young man gets
up in the world
via a most un-
usual means.
See. If you can
determine t h e
idenUty of the
person, therein
by shaidi the. A
various segments
with colored pen-
cils or crayons
this way:
Br-Brown R
1iVwg sip
pnw -r r :a***uv

Why are ..ULttle
birds sad. la the R
(anp asp JOAO
Why s a hog R
more Intalligent
than a human?
naomiA -on U. EMMAC(.(SKoa
onlt s ijf | y. .- ,*,-_i

47-Reader defective.
40-Tetrarh of Ituraea (Luke 3:1)
58-oxy places.
55-1 vegetables.
57-Grot Luke.

61-This place.
62-One of the tribes of Israel
i Rev. 7:6)
-65-How many brethren did Jo-
seph have? (Gen. 42:3)


It6 Your Move

e'. a
oil TI, In -l


I .

J [UST when things look bid, the
J wheels of fortune smile on
White and be rallies to win. Can
you plot his strategy?
White. moving up the b ard,
moves first and wins in our
el& t-=3 *Il 1-e '1i8 1,r-.
NiM *gC-! X es B u im g on 1 7

-T- ~



i S .. -.
d- A -i *; i :.. *.. ..3.. .. -

-. 1 ~* -
~ ~



"* 2 f '.. .

. I


-Tr ....


;WORen With Wisdom 7ro tlthe Ibi

. A .. .



.. 1,




. .. I .

I ,


-n--- --



I ~
~ I...-

--- C



HELLO, GOODBY-Eye-soothing Kim Novak, an up-and-
coming movie starlet, waves from the window of her train
at Grand Central station. She'll make a television appear-
ance and then duck back to west coast to start a picture.

.kHOT AND COLD-Anyone who's grumbling about the' zero weather can feel a little
better by considering the life of a fireman. This two-alarm blaze razed the top floor
of an apartment building in New York and firemen had to battle cold as well as fire.

CLICKS WITH PHOTOGS-Screen queen Joan Crawford receives the first annual
"Golden Shutter award" of the Los Angeles Press Photographers association for her
courtesy with cameramen. It said she was "perfectly developed and always in focus."

* DUNK IN THE DESERT-While winter roams over much of the nation, these lucky va.-
. cationers in Tucson, Ariz., go for a welcome swim on the desert at a guest dude ranch.

SALUTE FROM SPAIN-A group of Spanish students pay a
visit to Italy's glamor girl, Gina Lollobrigida, to tell her
how they admire her. Gina showed off some other talents,
which included singing, dancing and tambourine playing,

FLIES WITH THE FLEET-Britain's Royal Navy will soon get 'the De Havilland 110
twin-jet, supersonic fighter, the most powerful to date, for service with the fleet.
Plane has an all-moving tailplane in place of fixed tailplane and movable elevator.


AKINJ IO A RIDE-Boston Record-Amercan photographer Ollie Noo-
%an (rig1r).reported fer work one .day & drew an assignment with the
abMnaine Grenadier. we was told ^ i.M the sub froxm New London,

Conn., to Boston. It would have bees pleasant, bat a cold snap decided
to move in then and foul things up. Ollie, bundled up against the
cold, got this shot (left) and cowunm ted. "Boy, was I cold out there!"

&~. 4.

- -.-- L-~

;.11," "* 7' ,f'

,. ,

' '' v

0: 't< '
~ ~ a
L~ Q.
I ~1'S Sh-A*NZflLLZ1IM.S.,SILY~4t'!

.., .

a ." *..J \ ... ,-4-. .-

. '* .' ..Kfr-

S ? ,. ,

.- ,L- .t-
r -


P 1..




...-...-" W

," an

.. : .. t ,- .. .

- -,M =-I- U W W4

* .- *-..**A"L`.~ 1 -













i :

THE FLURRY OF talk about a ig Pour confer4 0 POUXTCAL NOOholy., '$P Za Md fer tbe start of base- '
ence ia really based on two conalderattonh. First, I titude W o wa rd te me -wd te oi tiiii gis changed
seems to be an attempt by the U.S. government with crime by pl b4 sml 4f a stand -
the aid of the Democrats to offet some of the bad an acting the the players.
reaction abroad to publication of' the Yalta secrets. Rann Odad n ea a the p. .
.Second, It appears to be degned to fore fr an issue connection with wtJa$. 3 s r fetreit a "The ru
with Russia as soon as the German arms treables are Joed Anton}p Re .. ." rooklyn ad
finally ratified. Special mu L- c H XltHtf a .-udy
The second consider is the most important al- toow the oor for of date at gpes that would
though the first is the most urgent because it may sessions held by te ahae raced a
help premier faure to get the German arms treaties day and yesterday, moved rom to tneral Manag Pal of .Cettinnati thinks
f*ncdly ratified by the French senate. other as he built up his cn M ,tmpeachid ng March i enough time to get in
The rearming of West Germany o not popular in. President by eitlng the web of evidence ut a to e principle of
Europe, even among the West Germa pt themselves. he contended Implicated Guimde ln pipt. to kill ti wlwho get paid good
And the apparent reluctance eof the Unrted States to Ren. aI8 .- e" for: who pay the
negotiate With Russia makes German rearmament T MUin are aeefthe.trial deadline was
even more .unpopular with the mBurpeas. i 1of G ain"by t, eting a nitd flp' fdaaiVerIreIpengves.
Therefore, Sen. George's proposal for a Big Four jugg aad y, got wit the --.o i.
parley appears to have been.welcomed by the iEsen- Asemblys p eetr l Dr. y St. Petersburg
shower administration. It provided a chance to state ig his ease al h s the i crident and On 'O t aftr etalar finish.
strongly once again our willingness to talk with the ending with a plea f*r emUuii after Otnisdo Mdd tf l@a'e day aj t behind Jay ."
SRusaana n as o Moscow win give some evidence it had o ut ity of the hage. ebet f Wf lecOff shot
really wants o do businowweeess. Crncespo w followed on the floor by JLatso de la Vega fl nder-ar 7 r the flal o Herbert -
President E.senhower went a long way in his news who during the conse of.plea for conviction of Gules- play ing te ,threeome soAred to a two-
:con.frence Wednesday to clear away some of the con- do, impressed hia audience with his meticulously pre o -par 74. Md d made sure of first place by
fusion created by the conflicting statements Of Sen. pared files and referene from which he ad-libbed, sin g a 30-foot put$ on the last hole to win by twoh
George and en. Knowland about Big Four talks quoted and drow conclusions. stke
The President doesn't want to meet Soviet Premier Middlecoff the Memphisdentist B- finished with t
Bulganin face to face without careful preparation on Lasso dela Vega,. who represents both the state and a '-r-hole score of 784. That gitesJm top money of
a lower level. He won't have Red China involved in Mrs. Ceellia Pinel Rem6n, widow-of the slain Presi- P2500. Herbert came in second at 7. Following those '
settling European problems but he stressed that the dent, took 12 hours to wid up hs lst discourse, two were Art Wall Junior, at :.. Billy Maxwe ll
United tatea is willing to make eonces ons to Rus- At the end of the e or's discourse, and National Open hampn d rgl at 278... Leo
sia for peace without spelling ut what those con- Gutiado, who had been to a barrage of B tt and John a m at ... 'and Mike Sou-
rcesslons would be. t questions before the trial tot underway, designated h, Bo Wininger. and Julius Bros at 280.
esit Ew enoet- o n m and h defense counsel Guillermo. MaIrques Baicefio as his -- o -- to t
A fight between Premier Ngo Dinh em and the spokesman. -Outflelder Williams will report to the Boston
rebel religihs ectn in South Vietnam may .force MAqures Briseeo tore ntoe the h atieon case Red o camp at arasots. Florida, and sign his $100,-
I western intervention. p with fury and elolluese, but Made his speech 000 0 fa ,<
Sgroup of the sect leaders has 'handed. tCatholic short and voelferop, In c lsoaarlsa to lasse de la The United pre learned several 4a4 ago that Wil-
-remier Diem an ultimatum demanding that he guar- Vega's ltag and measured flow of words and ev- l.ams was to have reported last ek Saturday but he
Steel them the right to keep their prtate armies and Ideane. was delayed duet, business interest. Those interests
ive.themnvirtually a cbntiollihg vot e lnctelire oVrn- FelIpe Juan Escobar then todk the flotr also in de- have been settled 4nd Williams will begin workout
ment. fense of Gulzsado, who according to confessed slayer immediately. -
SThe leaders of the rebels. Gen. Ba hCut, also-savy he Ruben 0. Miri helped to plot the assassination and n. o i
It aeralnst having South Vletnam's army trained by had promised Mir6 the post of Minister of Govern- An 18-year-oldt from La Canada, California, has
,the United States. Ba Cut apparently wants a guer- ment and Justice for his part in the MsussiiliMon. scored an upset a the finals of the North-South Wom-
rilla army trained alongsCommunlst lines, although men's Golf Tournament.
c e says he wants to organize South Vietnam to fight Escobar, also made his discourse short by comgnpar- Red-haired Wiffy smith won the 53rd annual Pine-
Sth Reds son to Lasso de la Vega. He wound up his rst speech hurst, North Oarna Tournament by defeating Pat
Premier Diem has angrily rejected the ultimatum, by attempting to tear down the case build up by Lesser of Seattle, three-and-two. The National girls
find says he will put the rebels down by force. He says Lasso deola Vega. challenging the prosecutilot to build champion of 1954 was three-up-at the turn. Miss Les-
Sthat to yrive in to their demands would amount to up a stronger ease so that he and Marques Brieefoo asr won the 10th hole only to have Mis Smith regain
we l'tndin the country over to the Communists on a could ri that one to pieces too ,-, the three-un lead on thS 11th. Miss Smith also took '
u' silver platter; In his seetnd deearse, ln rebuttal de the ~de the 12th hole.
The French who .don't like Premier Diem and fense argument. Lass de la ,Vega- asked fto the Mei Leasser rallied to take the 14th hole with a par
object to the support he is getting from the United death penalty, banmed the electoral laws for wl-- tour but that was the last rally by the pretty Univer-
v 'States have been clamoring for a big three confer- tical crimes and aske for an Inre'se Jln the basn Sity of Seattle co-ed. WillSm stlwl par on the 15th
! nee on Indochina. pay of potieemen I oder to iare a ah.ater cohe- and 16th holes to cloe but tmemM ..
ST.Last'week. Foreign Minister Antolne.Pinay claimed slon and loyalty among member of the pollee- -- o ,
Ste United States and Britain had agreed in principle force.. Playing golf will be a rather dangerous sport this
: to hold such a conference soon. .. year according to the Institute Por Safer Living in
beTs .heUnitestoates as Sout hietenamtogh The Prosecutor also ucoduced othe schbcisser u- ton..Smith therdSaf alving
Thnerenc e States rs at beetn eo in aIs kuchea machine gun used in the assainaton and a smlr The Institute estimates morehan 10,000 golfers,
fe are tochin e weapon. which Police Chief Bolivar Vallarino lhd ob- caddies and club personnel w'beinjured on the
fhey are toe wllinm to taa to ersude then Unitedlt stained from a Guatemalan colonel prior to the ind- courses. The injuries will come. from being struck by ,
that's andBrite i to mto k at d easwi d the Reds to g of the murder weapon n the home of the father a golf ballor lightning as well as sunstroke and heat
a andh iaho to ak dalwth of confessed slayer Mtre .prostration. The .rintute says there were 150 in- -,
turn the whole of Vietnam oer to the Communists. We Would up hls .retttal Frsy afteraepn with stances of players or caddies being struck by lightn-
HowViet thecoud torce a new civil war Int South a plea for a sentence of 25 year t_ ...alssde .iji last year halfof which cause 4eath.
Tietna culdofore thiseP anbrDinabout no e eaM_ for the murer 1 ad ltomhl yer ........ .....
oly consultation among the western allies, but in- asproid by the Penal i taking the life A Irbace driver from Columbus, I ana Larry
Stearventson t-prevent or stop the fighting. t c a Pn~dent. SCrockett h e' M killed at the Lpghotrne Speed-

,.e. os ience. t te raceS opening the aster; big-car s eason.
T he R lns claim ntht the oy is too young to In rebuttl lso. MArque. Br ce wqnt perodii y Cz~oq ted from head and chest ineurses three
At first g ce.e the Russnns would seem to Ve a d up his scose with a tearful resua for ac-.he e he ver I Kellr of Blom

point. Uaench. t orreekladofthat age ITL wh o ..-. w Jerse -- was hurt n a collision In the il
to ied Saw andt en th Un t ed a ici scobar.who a~arentiv had reserved wla strong- quealfyin race. .
TheaProsecut. for .lsfin rebuttal also hammeed.wao t n.-
Tolitica thslut, he msot likely would be handed right ethe n Baltiore-New York Yankeer .
But that sot seamblA pre.oired- t go into sret deliberations to, MnagerO Stengell ofs the Yankees is losing
FAmerichareuts neoveoh aveisettanyoha.Wefe- ".-in 1 a verdwictl. pat ence with Larsen, the lsky right-han er
-esi f. In dl ng eeaes w r awa fr g afomt -- who was ticketTed Juiju ta.rting role. Larson won three
home. A teet ,ng t isra mi.o',r under the law. of thed'noseahfrder n In theIome ofcra fathichag..ob al l.nor lightbut w aueted to aho a

.mle north l ae, '4.
teartsan and ofrte. how ae pa ablthat h an' wIdi de t oftw and theAdsl cra tt s "Whyi 20 p d o vr'
t ta e h a natrty udgent and mantled U.. Army heopters to sene Of the. weight and I hav ha't aeen him throw ball yet." Lar-
was justi ad in leaving hv parents .... .s got off onrig ..oot by reporting one day
WJ.-Gen. Ge.on. e .o numen. Iun commander m Bser- No reports as t the, ntfy ofte lit. and now e lof a son, arm. The 230-pound 'v ,.
.in, he made ala i effel t In the case of the been dse oe the -v cBh-.. e..atl..e. sp ntsaan des r painful in
,. unHmum pba. valery L ov the son of Soviet o~ comb..edof of..... c r whices la r i eso much rn..i ning during ear-'bgh
Hownneler o f theRusseanheld'& find himse.if a job u, hfree'thfed0-toraIst r f- 5Y mf ore .-,ing l.astyer"--lw uch c ause.,bed,

Com unim la .very .wae-pread among teenasers in t provhr. ideth Penal. wis = c(elif ''c i u r about LI n, manager r ya
terventn I ard rbee uaaeny thBfg .ondreain says he n oe
anoe epo t ofte ,eh p ro haTbl w Jll ealloe d ....a 1 mi.l es.c -d. and piaher Arnold Porto-...
oIa- nTheii hibecasso de I&,hurode

Working class girL'on grounds it was unbecoming testaeinet w rie m Jak vat to Its new pae watso wait a few weks before making.
In an officer's son. reWtsng place in the library -near a 4 R. l
S -- o -- Before delivery at the Lib ot Conress, the vol- t"ers -- oa-- .i t
The bodyof Walter White, executive secretary of ame under eav guard was brought to the The ew owner of Yankee stadium In New York is
the Natio Asoeation for the Advancement of White House, where Presdent Elienhower leafed ardent John Cox of the General Package Corpora .
Colored Pi fb, wa eremated.Thursday following fu- through the preelous document. .He was Imoreshed by n Chicago.
leral aserfc at St. Martin's Protestant Epiacopal the Aranaid writing, the firmness of the Ink, and the .Anold Johnson, head of the Kansas City A's, an- (
-hu1 I9-!n-Nftwher. wh"bian radg.arenoteh. "sra

Church n N Yk brilliant red marina tes. bounced the sale t the team's Florida train camp
White died of a heart ailment Monday night at the t.Wet Palm Beach. Johnson had purchased Yankee
age of .1. The Malek Yonan family once of Persia and now 0t im before buying the Philadelphia A's and mov- '
back*tohisparetobsIoirmnsted-on rdItt

Channin Tobias Cairman of the board of the of Wasnton turned th nscrt er to the to Kanas City The American league im-,.
NAACP and o a long-time associate of White. deliered Library of Congress so, h can s t. n ty ordim d.A nl to sell the New York Sta-
a eul T e Bible has been in the YOnan fmls possesson diu. .
Sr" n a a,- for 50 generations. .o-. o ----
widow, Mrs. pSd oy Cannon White, described the Netro The ease of three oastev rd qala b f.e.up inh Lheag have oncer ftnMr ani halfback Cel
leader as "a vigorou champion of justice and equality WashhiWton during the weeK. E.i.s ae d idn on ofllt al el Johlin Granso.
for all our elatwns." ma EPresidential news secretary Jiames o Berty admit- The Eag yi Jh Who players KnsIsr cont ao. ar-1t
o -- Yed the soutrrels had been reonr teas tee White aHev e eam' oda toa aet rcm"
A ea led a uricele .treasure Houe. lawn. He said they were traded and released Not at Iv Arena Brooke on
a ..... t 1e.i e itodaT. e two .ln-a.Wasmhlt on Park and one ta Annu oth. buyoan dteik oned Wayne Bethea Monday
S.ham. o rii.of thearo the. W ..e night at Eastera Parkiway. T a r
to com to wo Berli to ast him.Pt hbprd sie. at he LuIa ttem tb h


f/M t m

'LAE. AA 4 -a.

a -
.-. ;~; ~*
~. *. I.


r"I wouldn'twant you tw to stop dreaming about owning'
your own Jet take a bus to the store"

R. ~-
,, I', .


- .. *"

S.. .
33 d-6 bUna umr
-a *' ~ a. -~eseay-e*



f 'f

5.Bar for
S raising
I weight
20-Draw up
pine knife
31-Very fast
to call "
of 3.

53-On 98-One of a
shielded Biblical
side tribe
54-Fungus 100-Hindu god
5T-Deviate 101-Put again
from to proof
vertical, 103-Pigeon
of lode 105-Native
59-Increase 106-Nearer
60-Indian 108-Construct
61-Young 109-Measured
.oyster rhythm
62-Bearing 111-A support
plate 113-City on
64-Thump Rhine
6 86-Lifetime 114-Attract
67-Ignore 116-Moon's
69-Teller age at
72-Sailor beginning
74-Surface of
a mad calendar
76-That year
which 118-Girt
imparts 120-Medita.
circular tive
motion 124-Link
78-Filah 125--Jester
79-Com nen- 129-Very hard
atilo 130-Specify-
82- und- ing a
mental condition
94-Part of 133-Amount
fishline 134-Frightful
87-Smite giant
88-Shed 185-Glowsy
copiously fabrio
90-Meaded 136-pecauae
91-Immense 137--Be bird
93-Born o prey
94-Culture 158-Rip
-. medium 139-Flower
96-Cover 140-Finisher
liner side 141-River.
of rool, ddek

2-Hot rock
3-Of grand-
4-Mineral in
ous tree
S-Piece out
10-Of college
13--Of lowers
tral in-
26-Fastidl- -
S1-At this
flow ag
to Daube
point of
37-Pacific -


50-Of fingers
52-Of the
as bird
of wine

of early
god of
112-A quick
23--South ,
131-Set in
antag- '


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.- |a---- --|---

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^-- -a- -T -j~ a

^-- --- ,- -- ,--- *- ---

i i ^iiiOS ^-0iii .T

3 11 -~ -T -% -a -u a -*i
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a; '- -~^r "w -PT- ^ 5
__ a._ 6 -- -^ S--- -- -- --- _-

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'..-. r. .'rf *;..,; .- ,
7 H ST1r v v p Bo .o*a,. WaN*. i of
.TUJ.EPONI ANATa rl.O 'B LIsntat
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COLON Orrics 19 17.CiftAL AwivuB O#? mr TH '2a *S A" Irpil
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34p. MAOnis-.Ay. .teV YONR '"71 N V.
NOW MO "rH. 15 P VIe- O __ s
FEW SON MONTHS t nf a *OV A 0 Pa
F40 ONE eaNr ImASvMANCI4 O 2

"Don't you have any murder stories where the detective
uses polished English like.Sherlock Holmes used to do?"

Herewith find solution to Sunday Cros' ord Puz-
sIe No. 577, published today.
Answer for Sundiy, Foeb. &1, Crypteqaip: SUC.

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CAM" LeaM To Sell
a .Houe TI Wavy
Toq eit 1s fto' vic" V0
Price ve Mll u tr sMu stto
vm w.Mg oou m e Inte Went
Ad to ***, Penme.m Atm rw.

m yo'm buviwg. A rnt
hiring w swepping, me
ae WentA A

-- I.



'~ _~ ~--Y-

.i 0

OOUGHNUT LEAGUE f Camilli. home run threat of Brooklyn's 1941 National League cham-
pions. knocks out doughnuts now. The guy who once hit 34 hoei- in the pennant-winning season
now bats out 150 doughnuts a day at the San Francisco sinker emporitim he own?. (NEAt ,

Pearson!s Merry o-Round

DREW PEABSON SAYS: Synthetic rubber dis-
posal complicated by rubber monopoly probe;
Mlrest8ne's attorney is chairman -t federall
Trade Commission; Firestone's son-in-law
intervenes with trade commission f ro m
White House.
WASHINGTON-Here is more of the inside
story showing why some congressmen are wor-
ried over the monopolistic sale of the govern-
ment-owned synthetic rubber factories.
Toward the end of the Truman administration
the Federal Trade Commission started probing
a monopolistic. scheme by. which the big four
rubber companies purchased synthetic rubber
from the big oil companies,.. then turned round
and sold their tires through the filling stations
Of those same oil companies.
Thus Shell oil had a contract with Firestone
and Goodyear to sell their tires through Shell
filling stations and not sell the tires of any oth-
er manufacturer.
Any Shell filling-station operator who sold
an independent brand of tires lost his Shell
agency. In return, Shell got an overriding com-
mission or rebate of 10 per cent from firestonee
and Goodyear.
This practice, of course, made it extremely
tough for a manufacturer outside the big four to
sell tires; so the Federal Trade Commision star-
ed to investigate. At that time briefs were filed
on behalf of Firestone by its attorneys. Edward
Howrey and S. Chqsterfleld Oppenheim.
SMonths passed. The Elsenhower administra-
tion came into office. The son-in-law of. Harvey
Firestone, Charley Willis, joined the White House
staff, became right-hand man to assistant pres-
laent Sherman Adams..
SHarvey, himself a big Ike booster, was a visi-
tor at the White House, attended Ike's famous
stAg dinners.
Simultaneuosly, the following Interesting
things happened:
i. .Edward Howrey,. attorney before the Fed-
eral Trade Commission for Firestone, was ap-
pointed chairman of the Federal Trade Com-
2. 8. Chesterfield Oppenheim. other attorney
for Firestone -before the FTC. was appointed co-
chairman of the Justle Department committee
to rewrite the antitrust laws;
3. The FC investigation f P'ictoae and the
obher big rubber manu(actuZgotlost In the
FTC shuffle. It just evap .ed appeared,
nobody heard'"n more about it now dead.
Ed Howrey, FTC chairman, proto1d the Sen-
ate that he would keep hands off matters per-
taningn to his old client. Firestone, and doubt.
less he has. But Charley Will, son-in-law of
Harvey Pirestone, has been reaching into the
FIC. putting i nnew staff persomel, easing out
old trust-bustes, just as be has reached into
the Federal Communications Commisason, the
Interstate Commerce Commission and the Civil
Aeroriautics Board.
fo with the FTC probe of the big four rubber
companies and their oil company b- ou, drop-
ped. let's see how the sale of gt rIovereme t
rubber factories affects their hI a
o o t -
Coureuman Yates of Illinola testified elo-
auentI ol tka ,

synthetic rubber for there is frequently a b.aort-.
age of synthetic rubber, and production will now
be controlled by the big four and their oil com-
pany partners, not rationed by the government
as i the case today.
"The most naked combination between the
oil oastribution and' the tire manufacturers"
testified Yajes, "is iound in the proposed pur-
chases of the government plant at Port lIeches,
Texas, by Goodyear-Gulf Chemicalkand Texas-
U.B. Chemicals. Goodyear and Gulf Oil togeth-
er will manufacture synthetic rubber. The syn-
thetic rubber. will then. be 'sold' to Goodyear to
manufacture tires.
"Gulf will then distribute the tires f6orGeod-
year at Gigf's service stations. OGulf- will, of
course, allow Its dealers to handle only tires ap-
proved by Gulf. The vicious price squeeze and
discriminatory practices which have already.
been mentioned in connection with the Integra-
tonr of Shell through Firestone and Goodyear"
are readily apparent.
"The commission's disposal program," con-
tinued Yates, referring to Eisenhower's cosmts-
sion to sell the rubber factories, "also dwows
U.S. Rubber and the Texas Oil Company to-4bm-
blhe as purchaser of the Copolymer -plt,. at
Port Neches, Texas. '
"U.S. Rubber is owned and controlled, togeth-
er with General Motors, by the Du Pont cor-
poration," testified the congressman from Il-
"The IDu Pont Corp. owns the Ethyl Corp. In
cQual shares with Standard Oil of New Jersey.
"In the past. Standard and Du Pont. through
the Ethyl (orp., maintained a natlon-wida sys-
tem of price-tlxing of retail gasoele until stop-
ned by the US. government.
"But the U.S. Rubber Co, also sells its tires to
all standard companies and filling stations
through Atlas. When you go to a Standard Oil
filling station you can only buy Atlas tires.
"Finally and almost unbelievably." cone u led
Congressman Yates, "tho Eisenhower plan a!-
lows. Goodyear, Gulf, the Texas Co.. and U.S.
Rubber to combine together to purchaRe and
operate the largest and most efficient govern-
ment butadiene plant.
"With these saLf the government is turning
over an entre*lhdustry to a few select compa-
nies. With iuch Interlocking and Integrated pat-
terns, it is silly to talk about jfree competition."
To countuact Yates' testimony, Chairman
Vinson of.-1te House Armed Services committee
argued that the big rubber and oil combines had
agreed to sell a certain portion of their rubber
--formerly rationed out equitably by the govern-
ment-to small manufacturers. To prove his
rolnt, he called Stanley Barnes, assistant at-
torney general, to testify.
Barnes was formerly against the sale to the
bio rubber-oil combine, but was reversed by At-
torney General Brewnell. And being a good sol-
dier, he testited as Brownell directed.
Since no member of the Small Business Com-
SmiLee was permitted. to.ask quUtioz of Barnes,
chairman Wright Patman prepared a list of
puestloes and requested his Democratic col-
eague fe.l- jhIBoio -Congressman Mel Pfte, to
ask them. % tsa member of the Armed e vice -
cozpmitte and entitled to ask quesUoUns, Prie
agreed. But when the oweti was called, Price
was ahefli
The BenetratioR Patmnaa 99uetion were never
asked and Barnes got off with mailing nods from
..aX~n. aiirtA noUATteai hea^
Wttte INIMPWfBNrw i~C 'uiK

b. :

ra o

3 C0
40 Q"


#.~ '~-' !


;)'- .. f -,: -..

17 '- .-*"
.... -..* .* .: ;
., r .\ .. -,;.- '
; o,..-N -.-
,xq xs r r-

mjyA^>hntoMb orf labor

1MotIoN-l taps esktmatet by experts at 1,000 a year. are
concentrated in Washington, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Mil-
nenpaoll"s *at St. 0. o : ".
J.hy of these skilful wiring and the use of hearing Sim-
rn'ets, which include a beam capable of picking up a conversa-
tli n at avy given spot across a room or a restaurant, are being
petd-for by the mobs who have decided to Investigate honest
Other ta;s are used by Midwest labor officials to cheek on
their lieutenants who are on the take. In four Instapees, labor
chiefs have tapped telephones because they feared belfig killed.
One was murdered.
Now the Congressmhn who plans to rip wide open the wire-
tapjping scandal tells -me he's going to prove this electronic
eaveedropplixg.inside labbr. The news comes from Rep. bnaqW
nuel Celler, who will launch a House J4diciary investigation of
wi oetapinl this week.
"Wthl in.vestiglton will be thorough," Celler 'said. "We wilf
check on these illegal taps of labor leaders whose privacy has "'fRkAN. SAVI MY PUP!"--This advent'
been invaded by Irresponsible racketeers. Our witness list la areroft Va.,. but was too scared of his sjia
ing .complete. St such. an expert au Bernard Spindel should called the peorby Bailey's Cross Roads fire de;
co P W. K. Thomas made the rescue
Spindel. a husky private eye and private ear, Is the nation's
leading expert on wiretapping Inside labor. If he testifies and
plays the tape recordings he has of a thousand conversations, W*I
h, can shak,0 ,he entire labor movement..: al
Last weekend I apent half an hour listening to anti-Corn-
mmnirst rioting-'-and the whine of Soviet Army lank shells and
carbine fire-id East Berlin. All on record, of course.
A terrific production by the U.S. Station RIAS (Radio in the -
Americal Sector; in Berlin. The recording brought back the
-vOl the'Ichants, the tears and the excitement of the almost IN THE WWITNESS CHAIR
forgotten June V17 (1953) riots-which should never be forgOtten.
Thlb-Hvtin evidence of the Soviet Army putting don a (The following is Sen. Capehart's examination
strike by force in which workers died should be played in every of WW over the latter's network.)
union hal and on zadlo, too. The recording. produced by Don- WINCHELL: I am ready, Senator.
ale H. Gabor. president of Remington Records, Inc., is available QAP3HART: Mr. Winchell, why should you or
-free for-any union or radio or TV station which wants one. anZ radio or television commentator ever refer
Just let me know. We'll ship It to you. It's yours at no to a stock as a good or bad investment?
co-t with no strings attached-Just your promises that the story WINCEMELL: I never recommended stocks, I
of the June 17 anti-Communist kes will be played so all A- never knaoked them either. I never did It. I
meria can hear the sound and fury of anti-Communlsm ring- offer news In advance most of the time on the
in z out as it did that day. plem of t he alth and wealth of the com-
poos litaH o 1 Mboth stock emeh gs.The
For the past few weeks, in several cities from Detroit to pasfnden efthe AmeBesia seok exhan ge t s-
I ew York, certain unidentified groups have been organi lg op-tilded bufe eour eammittee that Wngheles
portion to Walter Ieuther's plan to raise a 25,00000 trike marketfat are aeeurate and that i wasi n
fund. They won't be successful, but they will sound off as the irre omnsbl
.in t fairly voal crowdd to attempt to take on Reuther at the CAP1SHART: Would you make a distinction
Auto Workers Union convention in Cleveland, between yourself and say, the New York Times.
This group Is led by delegates elected on a no-Increase-in- that is, the financial pages, or the magazines
dues basic. They hope te.ain support from the delegates rep- like Time and Life?
resenttng sheet metal .a parts and aircraft plants covered WINCHLL: I feel, Senator, that they're In the
the United Auto Workers, but not directly involved right now bitnasse of reporting the news an' so am I.
Sthe fight on the big auto companies. CAPKHART: How many specific stocks have
They will fight Reuther's plan for a $5-a-month dues In- you mentioned on your broadcasts and telecasts?
ease which will be' assessed until the war chest has $25,000,000 WINOBULL: More than- 0. 42 a 19M4 and
-and then reinvoked every time the strike fund dips below $15,- some in 1953 and. of course, in 195. Once a
090,00.a The oppolon wants a time limit on the money the week at least.
members will be ed o pay into the kitty. 'CAPUHART: Have you or any member of your
e(e r* leye on the various United Nations' meetings In family ever been paid or received anything of
Am il-epeiaally anm the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs. The value for mentioning any of these stocks, Mr.
U has just taken a terrific beating on this front. Winchell?
That session will see a showdown fight between us and the kWINCHELL: No, sir. Nobody could ever re-
reet of the world on whether the UN is going to stand up against ward me In any way, Senator, for any news that
the Sovietlzed~ hinese opium trade. This cruel smuggling bail- I publish or broadcast. If that were true, Sen-
S nees brings Pd[ing $60,000,000 a year. ator. I think I'd be before some grand Jury or
That's the dollar value amount of- the opium the Mao gov- the district attorney and in some jail by now.
ernment- sells to the global underworld which in turn, takes CA)PEHART: Then your answer is that you've
in t60,000.000 annually on it. Any cop will tell you that dope never taken anything of value from anybody?
is the base stock in trade of all big mobs. WINCHELL: No,sir. his Is what I weld like
Our fight will be led by US. Narcotics Commissioner Harry to get Into the record, to TThis Isf tront he Asn-
Ar-jiger. who will use. among other data. the Information just sedatd Pres, a fewhour a frim York
br dght bck from Tokyo by Dick Deversal, the AFL's repre- It came eff the ticker. An offealeof the Secar-
sentaIve there. Ittes and Exchange Commission for the United
Ansllager will need all his ammunition for the final effort states Government said todiby Walter WInched
to preventt UN Secretary Dag Hammarskjold from shifting the s "no eumyvlola y S e la
UN nareote division from New York to Geneva, Switzerland, mos."n givity of violatihgs regulatseisur
Where, of course. It would wither In obscurity. o law In gvinlse h t' se
Thie ted Nations chief rebuffed our demand that the ltles." The off=lal, whea maMe i isInnk Par-
divislon be spt here. Hamnskald, instead, worked with the cell, New York Regional Director, said there was
Brtisah andi Pch. who collaborated ouletly with the Rus- a'* l Incorrect In the Intformateion east
stans on booting the division 4.000 miles from the spotlight of ', Winchell, such as the recent mention of Pan-
w(. id opinion, the UN global headquarters in Manhattan, top.e O-Oil.
Vice-president Dick Nixon, who has been the whipping boy "OAPEJART: Well, now, what about Panteped?
of many labor leaders, sot some friendly, even waPm words from WICE ILL: Pardon me, Senater. Mr. MaCer-
too labor chiefs last Tuesday. miek tetified about Pantopee as follows:
He diet with 35 labor men and discussed the White Hoiue '"Wtoh made nO m-tastemnoents of fates os-
flFht to 16lp the Negro workingman. He sld much had been 'eto our bIvestigati.
doe.-but that labor had- to be patient for it was slow work and CAPIT: I heard him say that so I can
that labor 1elf had the same lems nde its ranks vouch forksvou '
Nbi aidX be neew that he AFL and CIO were working to W AII1IL: Senater, I have a meme here I
giafla Negso and white workers the same rights. woeul lie to ad_ In1963, I reported advance
AL wedent George Meany agreed with him and said so news abost Amre OIL That empany denied
SIn a 5peechb It after my news semt their sck up from IS to
Late. firebrand Jim Cgarey got up sand =nIvngly admitted eet Idw ato t
It was he first time In a long time he aeed with Nixon and b to I at an ls eom ee
labor : 0sNMlt in Cents America. lift t cem'meq,

S --. an" e ala. no er al"
4s~ I1 w 10r.Macwas %
te e e af the p aa ntt
t ai4 7ea gd e that WIhie was aturate
and that the mpsy made a false etatlent.
CAM Ar. W datcks have you or the
Eafta" of WMI

urous pup 'chased a bird onto the thin Ite of Lae
ky footing to make the return trio. Pausors-by
apartment. Capt. e. G. Brimsely. left. and Pvt.

ill In New YorK
WINCHELL: Senator Capehart, I have never
bought a stock for myself. I did buy three seeur-
fties over two years ago for my family.
CAPERART: Did you ever suggest Or Infer to
your listeners that a specific stock would go up
or down In value?
WINCRELL: No sir. I only recommended
United States Government bonds, whlel I bought
In bunches. I have often said to people lan the
paper and on the air-anvestigate Before You
CAPKHART: But has any officer, director, em-
pleY or stockholder of any corporation ever
asked you to mention any stock Ed which they
were Interested?
WIMNCELL: Senator Capehart, I am not aware
of any private fltanclal .Interemt I my news re-
ports. M person ever knows the name of any
firm on the big or small board I intend to dis-
eN *en Sunday nihts. My sources see me Fri-
day nights after the markets are clubed. Some.
time. not until Sunday night about eaurtalin
time. These sources usuaHy tell me Wat rumors
are down In Wal Sineet. What the touet, the
iptera a e lhe e down there ealam
SeI am r eft o. ay. I I- 't stop that or them.
enate Capehart. When I hear what the rumors
are I, of course, do t mention that eompany.
The answer Is no. Ihelientafy, F dlent Me-
l the ASe Stek Exlge te
oat thea Rn mat was accurate bus
at the as mofalest U 0A orders for Pante-
or "."resa m rwhom they ull had a big
heartahe became they had't ma~vs orders.
CAJP ART: s Eraany statement about a stocF
you ever made turned out to befalse?
PWINCElM : Well, ft has been testified by
reddent "MeCormick that I never -made any
s-at k e et. I tbink that's the answer. I
the So any. I would like to know. I hope
e SC s eoanu1 I Jnvestigatomn and I'd
like -know the names of anyone who gave any
mslheading or false Informnatlon and I would
press for Ceriminal action. (Ed. note: it Is against
the law In N. T. State to give a newspaper o0
newspapenrmn falbe news.)
(Note: The following two paragraphs were not
heard o e air becauseof a commercial Inter-

I recently learned, however, that one company
has been bannOd-1rom operating in any other
state but Its hoe state of Texas-after oem-
ptlante by the Better Business Burelu and tnhe
Govenam My news about this firm was true.
BRut the oi ai beUeve deals with the back-
_rowd ot ma ofthe people enfneeted with It.
Mo elm ittant, Senator, there may be some
crimsslal al 011 1two public relateons
figures 2LT.-ostop olywod movie studi.
o0ne s aeeetee a bunue f shares fro
a W R ulphur R ema as payna n gto plant
an ~tem which was trao That is a Federal violsa
tion. te the fat that te op emy bad
beo waru t wat U oS the Aov.t eahesaeks
om liepS1 ti p phfad Mey was planted on
ma ywa ,* aso" as I h abmit It[Wh-u.
e4 the 0 m I nem meo *St 14 drd a"s tamqd
ow the 14 o1 to She U tales

OvU- T- 'w elatriy lrilvidual ar eg e yo-
an stock the father oily or In writing?
WINCRIE.L: Oh, yes, r, That's how I get my
news. '
R : IU asked, Mr. WpnchlU. would you
-nton:*Td awer th questions

r.' *' *. **'



>aciic Side

The Pacific Siders are in for Thorpe This Elks show has
the treat of a lifetime when the without a doubt become the
Atlantic Siders bri:g their 1955 favorite bit of entertainment to
Annual Elks Olt Time Minstr&t hit the Isthmus in a long,
to the Balboa Theater, Thurs- long, time; variety, humor and
day 31 March. The show was talent being the keynotes that
Colossal the opening make it outstanding.
performance Afargarita The- "King Cork" is brought to life
ater. Tickets 'Were sold out two when "Sambo" Louis sets the
weeks in advance, so get your pace with his struttin' "Cotton
ticket early and be assured of Blossom Dance" and the tempo
a seat to dhis two hour fun goes on from there. "Fish-
packed minstred, produced and mouth" Burbineywill have every-
directed by lMrs. Etta Cheek With body swooning With his rend-
musical arrangements by Ivan tion of "Dusky Little Shadow"..

Our singing interlocutor Robby "The Voice" Robinson, the
straight man of the circle.

WATCH FOR MURREL DODD. He will prove to you that the "shuffle
that it can be done with your eyes closed.

and. lide" is so easy

"MOANS" LOWE just completing one of rhythm catching songs he does. so well.

im Sfkmt SUNDAYMARCH 27, 1965

No, nobody is behind "Rastus" Russon. He just acts that way"
when he sings Tain't Right."



and "Isux" Ruslen will Mbri e-bythm with bbW, when he does Were BOrn" and you, will think 4ba houe lis ,k .s al-dg ; hty % 9@are, Wack ofi :' Old, plauta-
t ."; "'Tambo" Bar ..lDbs 3 a typical minstrel tion Tla* first i l of the show
41. ",you t tP ng 6Ut |p us ,lheWiy .arklea c teri loewiti
... : ., : ..- ....... "Mo ms ULo e. do n 'Ab's Gc;'
r a Oal t-in Every SLate."
Between. acjs the olio takes
the spotlight with George Tully
ai, M C. Here s ou are treated to
more tip-top entertainment. Tex
Watson and Deonne Parker as
the "Hawaiian Beachcombers,"
Jeff Slaughter with the "harmo-
nica harmonies", Mike Plcado
doing his calypso numbers,
Bobby Lougee singing sweet and
lovely, Murrel Dodd with his
"shuffle and slide," W1llie Mc-
Keown as the "tenor troubla-
dour," the novelty number with
"Spike" Pabon and "Smitty"
Slicker, and last but not least
our director, Etta Cheek singing
for you.
The straight man for this
S fabulous outfit is none other
than Robby "The Voice" Robin
son as interlocutor. Anyone who
j. saw the show last year remem-
S bers Robby as the singing star
who opened the show. This year
he is even better when he cracks
the whip and keeps, or I should
..say, attempts to keep those zany
Send-men in line.

From the program you can
see that you cant afford to
miss the Minstrel, an evening
of, fun and relaxation for the
entire family. Tickets are $1.00
per person and may be pur-
chased from any member of
the cast or from the Balboa and
Cristobal Elks Homes. All shows
start at 8:00 p.m. sharp. Other
scheduled performances are at
the Margarita Theater on .the
14 and 21 April. Proceeds go to
the various charities supported
by the Benevolent and Protec-
tive Order of Elks.

The producer and director of the Elks Minstrel, Etta Cheek,
takes time out :-nd becomes a performer when she sings in
the odio.

'*Pishmouth" Burbine trying to keep "peace" between "Sambo"
Louis and "Moans" Lowe, but "Sambo" seems determined to
make "pieces" of "Moans" with his razor.

"RASTUS" RUSSON making tracks from that long razor wielded by "Sambo" Louis.

"Means" Lowe gives his all when he sings "Ah's Got A Gal In
Every State."

Faltering Philip!
Pftlp's ift is ilhed with bruises.
Iell-worm steps and rugs he cases.
Plpairs would Ie hIs home like new...
' a i. ClUaifelms. Jt the right eluel

'D CHWH 27, 1955

Those fun loving rib tickling end men "Tambo" Bartram, "Samba" Louis, Interlocutor Robby
Robinson, "Moans" Lowe, and "Rastus" Russon all giving their short orders to chef "Bones"

S!aday Amencu SuP sec JA AGE SEVEN

flt~r;~tSg~T .~iji,~i~litit~ Irj*ai

-, r A

- '- I A~ --



(For more horses, see Pe 70 of Th1 Sudy Aas
I' *i: t -l *


.i -. .-I:-.




1YOUR PIRt0 4e

pA Lorop NOTOiery M THNS
IM-L- W em T Y ou I'D ,I 1 WAS JUl
W^SCINK!A ;?74

Comic supplement



g^6MNW %w a IMW^





- -.


P' I

CI AWLY y).g




.?;.,V ,,

s~e CAM cancs our.'Cou-o-
WrLI.,'" *C

,, 'E" T 'No 1

m ,,. '.k!

van ^P iIngm -m
0 ca aW- m lR- nomTH
I aws AIser Wa m
Ao mvEifge5 nowoalm w

1 '1IE

_- -w


.| M U~

*xC -----



" *

I =- ''' I~iaLd~L~ir

" -


l mm R 14 TO =

CaIwitOu Aqx WD aXrRAL,

MMS8 -A )BSStAt4T)AL 0I1at TO ThE 9(WOt.
Fort bEow -O PFMasWWMS HALL i co T o
R ANJo 8 `6 B U T A C C E P T T

....,..... r- :' -- ---- -=----.-i.

mn -.i"

. -I^ -'

ft4"P9 -



FA .


tV$T-O t'.c

-' .-r ^ ^^

I ~I..%.




* ; ( : 1* *V ?_ -* .- .

I uEJr lPf

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