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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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'"". an e m

Is Willing

To Modify Attitude

To Russic

WASgiGtTON, Marbh 2S -
(z ) -- Predent Essenhower
eU today that he would be
wvfliag tt make a let of con-
oeMloUs.In his aMtit..e toward
RaS iJd woald faver Big
Fur r **rato talas amuaC
to a., to= r after the
iS n t rtoream Germa-
The Preident, howe unt
questioned the wisdom of a
meeting of heads of state. ,_He
ruled out such .a meeting until
expmorAto talks are held on a
lower .level.
e. related his desire that
Bassia MOAsUtrate go. faith
by deede' baOe any sort of
Sonfere to held. But he
made it plain he would not
lm ae uIeslastle exploratory
SOn the subject of conditions
preceding a big power confer-
erce, the President said that
generally what he wanted more
han aP else was an i-
dicton, tattle Russians were
wlliUng to talk busln6ast after A
long rw of violating their
Spromiss and leaving Us out
a limb.
He concedeSd'that ty e m. t

- 5.

* -I

Britain, France asd Russ*. West
Ogrxpanyuand even other nations
might be Included in later tlaq .
3. If anl when a our
meeting is held, he twpll twite
George and Other member of
the Congrea to attend..
4. Noth is in s og p a now
toward negoti & cuMf r
In the Formosa crisis. dBut he
adM. the British, who hzave di-
plomatic. representative Sn Peli
ping, conttnualy .put fOSwrd to
China the Uie State view-
w9oud receive emeast at'0ntnl
,he. He mad teo ClhiaS t
so %r had. expresed no Intbel
In lese imove.
Mr. Eisenhower opened the
conftrene wth t : state-
ments concering. ot 'mot tters.
Thep porters be to hurl a
barrage of question .borught on
by the proposal from George that
this country taker the Initiahtve
in bringing, about a & ig Four
meeting of the heads of state -
the President called it later a
meeting at the summit with-
put waiting for evidence-of good
lalth from Russia.
S. _141k 1 -

an. zlut nwer
s~uestionof a-i

I v

'1 O

Lasso de la


IMMPACM D PRESIDENT UIZADO, on trial before the National Assembly on homicide
charges, waves to his wife In the gallery. Mrs. Gulftdo has been present throughout the trial.
At -left, with briefcase, is QutOado'l defending attorney, Pellpe Juan Escobar.'

School Dtseo
7 1 .

J- l ,1 %f .a


0 -i



*-~I 2

13 FHours, Still In Action;




--- -
Assassinated President Jose Antonio Remon signed his death sentena
the day he rejected plans started by impeached President Jose Ra*ao
Guizado to obtain for Panama a $34,000,000 loan guaranteed by the &
creased Canal annuity, special prosecutor Jose N. Lasso de la Vega'de"ek
ed today.
Taking the floor at 10:20 a.m. to continue presenting his case agalit
Guizado, who is being tried by the National Assembly on a homid
charge, Lasso de la Vega cited evidence aimed at proving that Gul
had a motive for plotting President Remon's assassination.

Lasso de la Vega, who has been speaking since yes-
terday morning (with time out for lunch, supper and sleep)
also cited the possibility of a fifth person being directly
involved in the Jan. 2 assassination of President Rem6n.
The four he has mentioned up to now are Guizado,
confessed slayer Rubdn 0. Mir6, and one-time Guatemala
polytechnic cadets Edgardo Tejada and Luis Carlos Her-
The prosecutor asserted that Guizado was miffed
with Renr n because the slain president had rejected an
"impgctical 1nd uppej"ousinms plan fIr A k

could not carry out the 11am
lanation on a moonlit nighX,
The prosecutor gave thnin-1
the reason why Miro di
carry out the assassinaUtdoj
til Jan. 2 after falling to ,db
on Dec. 4 last year.
The prosecutor also t2jlgn
Remon's adm ini tratloa,
problems he confrrated
took office, the, progress
made up to the tm ? uot
ad the possible reuons-l
rejection of Ousado'a
aina. ^

Her tons u ndork b oad the .-I WA-IM, larch -,1 rlu k eeHe Will .take court owllI parcipate in WeEthe istlion of a casino iih n Hotel El Pdnom6, said At erdy teria
a sodin he. would (UP).rb r Court an- hts o ath day. the oral arm ss
e oonce.adoiley e gen Lasso de k Vega. nw ln i
perrWaS r'- ram causel arn onor- e yeaI It *l begin Cle Hrold B We The states are Delaware, woh po e o whe.t h- ,i
n hop ering nts Apr 1 that Attorney presenting h Caoa r a Like the housing plan, the Guizado had no aunorlty to aall rbs**
a 0 WJ Snrbd hope. sas, Arkansas, Flria uoh a loan.
news confer d s. how.and when th states ould the parties te s sas, Arkansas, Floda, Mary- latter proposal was pigeon.-hol- n ate suh a loan. al n whh he
i Four qusons, d e carry outts decsior abolishing ces are no o land, North Carolina, Okl&aho- ed, this te on the bal of theatake of t s of Gui
Big Fouthere hadbeentwrelattivs d- conacmere woultad develop racial segregtion in pu b i c new s ae te gy "ntiv ma and Texas. objections by Honrique do Obar- not reaan th ortac his business ealate
sthaeo.nuw-.ean l eaMd- andd nom Importw"ever a m Gn e
there had bee n htw aone os ee re* .. Jthem dtuch t e as to givle rlThe lce Depar t m e n t, rio, then Comptroller General, of his rejection of tui s Mla ideh zt
cent chances In zam a st Muc h .neMasp Iedba
* ership and.this might lead to world L ,peace, 9 .ho..
t.lksneen added I. however s!i .r .ll H .outlad ll t erin6ulnr n e s e urged the,-cout to allow t ut bes Tboth these p althant sad o do oe ea t ....d
S would be alul.that with the Goerman agree- sgrega nIn a. isoric ruling ower courts t supervise have d

oulhdilgh soltsien hishdicud- he believed there then should be vacaaed by te deat poslble; to comply withits dedon rWady beprsted to thfor Remon started bulding up Hernandez, coul nationpeace coneren, t he Chief ment s for ratificati posn, last .on announced at tue coss next schoolnts haw rh wuld e de on- r envision negotiations between we cadet H ae,
e hat is tdhe fe aren't sibly leadn latest to meeting bunemtings Mondan aratchoo t However, In Lasso de la fVePanama and the U.8. and the own testimony, wa tw he at the atprumm i nt.t. The ht.ring orgesnally was The dategration iargut e nate sa" ved" S bye gS opio, t .... ct htht Bemon had counter- from David ouza h

Sa eaost eve to dioas He repeatedly referred to the schedule to start Dec. Bt areeC ed to last ut a all or b Septemr 19 at hen a aded ome of testified he had t
S byot inel ed diiculties o arranging a co t wa delayed by enate failure wek. the e.lan whic Guado ad al to the treaty negationrom his house on the
arranimets r'ferece. He r erence on. this level ut did not ed out immediately on t he arng- The Justicerthe outrt to tm 10 time Power, been negotiating to pro. d J. 2n but under

the o rule t out If exploratory lan nomination, whh Pr s states and the o Co- ready been 00resented to the Lasso de la Vega id, however, aminaon he admitted
Oe meep- heb howev there. w.ouldbee vacancy caued by the de .ocompy with Iubmsttdedt n biohtheegresvolV-.M in Nationl Cityd Bank with eth at the actu lI asssenation toTocumen
d that on ce the Parie poses or o n lew eoratory tal acclowmplh- Novemberf. t ed Usual the orilal five segrea ers for Ue Nero pareased annuity negotiated with ate d open of the trsuccessful Ther t prosecutors
aioreenents on Geremany are out vel nt bead T Senate ,y confmed tosannounced at the court's ne e recthe ew oS.-PAna e i conclusn o the treaty negotia- theat iw Gsado n
natiodAlipOsce-conferenc: Jsacsnte, but p- ....biness,:m-etIisMonday.. .eparate school sYsteoweer, .. .....e reV mond,
o11he aMd beee ofecurren ofnt dsibI leadinglaterto4meetingnbl d e P

Sson*wirp beenwit.lor Iesbynext*hen R em n furtusher instructed maoonded of zad os t he

~kso among his country.on Great a a Obr o onot t ore. u P mn.he, t oealon hls d G ountaer w houlr hDave arrisvedo ha
MW IVAdsHreason0"i_.e repea"elf-y rexred to theschedule to start Dec. 6. a.. t ejast Labr o-a fall or by Seotembr, 1,50," nplaen ewhch Guszado had &ae to the treaty ngolrao tbetlns.f hi chosen th
Sthe pIoinluing 1e dfcuns of arranng .a coh- It was .delayed o by Senate failure wk. the out5,,a at tty eeai r
thCeina i.nay ferec11. 0e fence on this leave, but did ;iot to act immediately on the Hat- The Justice Department, 10 do." ready -been negotiating to pro,
saiwd the question se rule It out.if an exploratoryIan nomination, which.PrFerasI-dstates and the strct of o- C.oa. -r 4,0.00 loan from the LamsodeIs Vega said, howeverramintlon he dmbtte
s t ohmeensowed -there dent Eisenhower submitted iniahiCbis, ahythe Negres invol- r i ty Bank that the actual assassination to Tocumen.
C. j said tatt once the Paris possiWtiie0 of real accomprlh- November. ed'is the original five seorea- )a eeks Increasedannuity negotiated Is cate ended On the succ
regents on Y are outTheSenate lydtionneasesohave:notified athe nw U.S.-Panama treaty as conclusion of the treaty negotiu-tohat tf ezado 1 hl
S hl e re iate so r e ce e bIbrd a tons an on the phase of thet L rs around 4
k amng hsmncu ersountc. eor tloon. ,which he admits,
et re, barrio -to notify Cornelius F. e loan which Gusado w ve iv t
SPos A Mlinaire oente, assistant manager of bent on getting would not be ot between 4:20

all A millionaire's 16-year-old son
IaIi SaeTa n I Marlin record leaves Balboa's
Pier-18 tonight bound for Cba-
*Punk" or, as he is-known
Arrmaeemeanta haveabq -. Is one of 16 persons aboard the
eIn accordance .wit .h .-'110 'foot yacht Toluca which
.U..: .psfor. has been tied up at Balboa for
th ZolmIur retail store, I + ,, several days.

wp. wyrz on **uUf6-
1the service Cefe.
curtaled lunheen
ric In tbe cwnnissaj
and wil offer A .
food Items for tbA
.still required onI .UI
hb Il aited ervlTee
.,+, he elnteded. e,
*ai'^WtlunaBT eona

Owned by Forest 0. Smith,
Jr., a 41-year-old handsome'm l.
lionaire. who operates a chain
of restaurant on the Wot
Coast, the modern, radar-equWp
ped yacht carries a 12-man crew
and six Smithb which include
Rosemary, k lovely blonde who
looks too young to be the moth.
er of the four junior members,
Punk, 16. Michael, 15 and two
daughters, Susan, 11 and Pam, 9.
The Smiths, who believe travel
for their children is broadenil ,
set out from Newport Beach.
California Feb. 19 for a five-
month leisurely cruise with flah-
Ing for black marlin, their main
According to their tall, wiry
vigator, John Vitalich, who
to be a fishing guide for
e Grey, Punk Is already
oethingof a fishing chaia-
and is now out to hbeak the

ulp f


- +bees ao


~!! ci

a -

q ..








A& a'




Labor News




T 'IS15 YOUR FORUM I- THE 1RS OWN COLUMN There is fear in some highly
IS IS YOUR RUM TH RADRS OWN COplaced labor circles tnat oo
many unions and tnelr leaders
S MA IL~ A are becoming bankers, lana-
TE lords and business men wni.e
|I' M A11 El 0 A4 running their unions.
Had this concern been ex-
S-- pressed by anyone but the AFL's
Te Mail Box is an open forum for readers of The Panama American. zlrst vice president, Matthew
L4te : are received gratefully end are handled in a wholly confidential Woll, It might be written off as
m oner. Just a sigh in the wind. How-
If you contribuleo letter don't be Impatient if it doesn't appear the ever, Matthew Woll has long
aiit duy. Letters are published in the order received, been the AFL's philosopher and
Please try to keep the letters limited to one page length, one of its policy makers. When
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence, he says the following, It has
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opinions impact:
stressedd in letters from readers. "When unions become corn-
i -- o .- mercial bankers, construction
ATLANTIC SADDLE CLUB corporations, landlords at-large
ATLANTICor owners of general private
81 profit rather than trade union
That observant citizen 'Just Curious" should be congratulat- cooperative insurance compan-
ed for his concern when his tax dollar is expended by the fuel lea and owners of large blocks
annex to improve the Atlantic Saddle Club. of stock In big corporations,
With the surrender of the Atlantic Club Charter, shall we they are suoject to the charge
reflame it as the Navy Fuel Annex Saddle Club? that they (the unions' are
What next are we coining to with this obvious excess of em- using their members' pension
plyes and equipment? Are we to expect sites developed with and other funds not for non-
mushroomed home.; at Navy expense, or is this a Navy operation profit trade union purposes, but
"Etercise Goodwill"? tor commercial ends.
Curious, too.

The letter from "Just Curious" regarding Navy employes and
equipment doing work for the Atlantic Saddle Club is noted with
.great consternation.
My wife and I both work and pay ove' $3000 a year in taxes.
We think our National Defense is worth it. However, we are
greatly concerned when we see what tooks like a Navy official
spending thousands of dollars to gain prestige for himself or bis
Is someone trying to get his horse boarded or riding lessons
Wree at the Club?
--*. R ^ __tw "nt -h -1 .* I l-- J .11ll" ghffnrtwl --.1_o uni. Jrl*ojr tl*hp

"From this it would follow
logically that a demand will
grow for the treatment of
unions acting to any extent
as bankers, landlords or com-
mercial investors exactly
the way other bankers, land-
lords and commercial invest-
ors exactly the way other
bankers, landlords and corn-
mercial Investors are treated
and regulated," Woll wrote
the other day.

wslt. Wie.ll I,, NM,,, Y V,

e ncI cannu oe caulle a -guuuwo m dw i ull wiei you cnieB me This would be bad for labor,
membership of the club. Woll indicates. He adds that V E WW E E
rate Taxpayer with the growing union treasur-
les and multi-billlon dollar wel- *---
Sir:. blems for which he has not RY
The year 1955 marks the 20th anniversary of the -founding the "or answer or the blu print Producer Ella Kazan is having quite a year.
of Alcoholics Anonymous. During its two decades of service thou- He dsoe sa ha lb.r t Directed "On the Waterfront" and toe new clne-
sands. of otherwise hopeless alcoholics have been helped to re- .learn how to usts vast fun magic click, "East of Eden." He is a ring-
coyery and restored to a normal and useful life. learn ho tousel-svas fuuds master for Tennessee Williams' new drama, "Cat
Its roster is replete with the names of the famous, the near with the high ethical values on a Hot Tin Roof," which kot out-of-town
fagnous and the lowly. It recognizes no criteria as to age, sex, and non-commercial character swellalujahs...They say considerable dialog in it
race or creed. Its beneficial influence is worldwide in approxim- of our fundamental aims is "the roughest ever heard on any stage"...LII-
atPly 10,000 groups of over 200 00(1 members. which distinguish a union fom an Roth, the star entertainer and author of "I'l
Its record of no relapse alcoholics is about 60%. Of the re- a corporation Cry Tomorrow" (the best-seller), now gets $2,5p0
malnder 30% recover after one or more relapses. Due to physical per lecture, telling people not to drink...You
oaZd/or mental detoriation 10% never fully recover. There is a bueprint for the cannot tell a movie by its title, folks. The poetic-
Prior to 1935 alcoholism was considered an almost Incurable solution of part of this pro- ally christened "Rage At Dawn" is a bang-bang
d4lease. Its victims usually ended in an early death or confined blem and it has been on Western...Sammy Davis, Jr. (according to ob-
to-a mental institution. the desk or files or perhaps, seervers) pulled away from the Lindy's curb n
Contrary to popular belief AA's are neither crusader&or re- unfortunately, in the waste his high-powered new car) like a jet-plane tak-
formers. They have nothing to offer the moderate or controlled baskets of many of the high Ing off and cracked flippantly: "Here goes the
S" either advice or opinion. They have never solicited AFL leaders for some time. other eye!" Some kids never learn... Gabbing
dlt'oz charged-for their services. This solution suggests a code about the Jelke re-trial (of the sinful set) some
They administer no drugs or "miracle" pills. They have no of ethics. one wondered why star witness Pat Ward (The
mnsterles to solve or texts to study. They make no demands and It is proposed by an attor- Call-American Girl) hadn't rehired lawyer J.
egract no promises. No cne "joins" AA. The newcomer becomes ney about whom was first Roland Sala... "Mebbe this time," said Copsa
agillated by his (or her) own decision and remain or leave of coined the phrase "labor law- comic Phil Foster "she wanted to be the Star,
,I.UJr own- olition. yer." He is Louis Waldman, ..".
Coincentia, ,. ,,S&Ialso marks the 10th anniversary of AA chairman of the New York. From Picture Week mag (out Tuesd.ay e
lJM~elf u .,tA The tw ru$ .(Atlantie and Pacific) may be state Bar Committee on Civil Didn't Amurex's denial take speculatorE 2
20a1ted.M dbox 01, Anecn. Canal zone." ghts, and president of, tif, lion poorer (Ed. Note:'on paper) after W i hll's
." ,'" .Sin.erely Brooklyn Bar Association, report made them $2 million richer? And what
SAA This proposal might well be interested parties, if any, shared Mr. McCor-
NA A H O S TThis proposal might well bea mick's 'headache' when accurate market infor-
SNATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY studied b the AF and CIO nation was given to the general public? The
lawyers now drawing up the factis that WW has seom been handed a
I do not want to add fuel to any fire but I feel obliged to new constitution for he merge. weeter opportunity forrighteousindignation.ed a
er information on a current issue. ed labor organization. Wald- ou
No one seems to know how High School students are select- man, pointing out that a code Wall Street att'n: Why does The American
Sor the National Honor Society. of ethics could not cover all Bank Note Company enjoy a virtual monopoly
I As Girl Counselor in a large high school in the States for problems,- says it should cover on the printing of stock certificates? Why is
S years, here is how that list was made up: the basis from at least the following practices, the cost of buying and selling of stocks paid by
ach the student is chosen is scholarship. "1-The investment by a un- the purchaser? (To make the brokerage com-
S The office secretary simply got out the files and made a list ion official in business enter- missions fatter?)...The Idaho divorce won by
w the too 10% of the class. In a class of 200 students, that prices which deal with the un- the wife of the ex-Ambassador to Russia (Mrs.
wld naturally make a list of 20. ion in which he exercises power Joe E. Davies) was a skewp here many months
NOw this list was sent to the faculty members and they rated and responsibility. ago. Most society pages denied it.. .W Wright-
St-u1dents on character, leadership, and service, rating only "2-The participation for pro- son (of the A&P family) weds model Jean Christi
can clear see that thunless student rankd hiadhd in class. fit by union officials or mem- (a lovely girl) May 23rd in Jersey... When actor
a can clearly see that unless a student ranked high in bers of their immediate family Alec Guinness is knighted (as expected) his title,
warship he was not on the list In the first place. In other in such lucratie businesses as "Sir," will not be advertised. His new film, "Paris
Trd schol earship is the basic requirement of thie N.H.. obtaining insurance policies. With Love," opens for a long run at the Fine Arts
Throughout mr years as Girl Counselor. I foed this to be true: particularly for welfare and on the 28th...From yesterday's column-late ed-
lIe students ranking high scholastically were tle students of pension coverage, from unions itions: "The William Cohen for whom a bench
o begoodater wen sportswastudents high n seredvice and leadership in which the official exercises warrant has been Issued by Judge Thomas Mur-
n Dept. gives ts w as not considered because the Physical power and responsibility phy (for his arrest) is the same Bill Cahn named
m n Dept. gives its own rewards for that: in College no by Pat Ward (in the Jelke vice case) as one of
% = man is admitted to Phi Beta Kappa Just because he is "3-The holding of union of- her first procurers"...He has a long criminal
10 1'fball hero. The Music Dept. also gives its own rewards as fice by persons with criminal record.
C i Dt. records and the circumstances
so I say this: students go to school primarily to study. ang type of criminal record Love-Letter Dept: Seattle, Wash.: "Dear Mr.
ompuisa is Placed oh scholarship, heor no premium placed which should serve to disquall- Winchell: A few months ago you mentioned Mis-
St faith the school slastemic average, there i something the fy any such person from hold- sour Pacific preferred. I bought 20 shares at 53.
t- In Europe It's Different Inq. union office. It fell to 42, rose to 52, fell to 42. Then it climb-
S4-The meaning and con- ed to 90 and is now 85. I'm very happy. You
t ent of such phrases as 'con- have every right to discuss the health and wealth
l l D answer to PMWUs .Puzzle duct unbecoming a trade union and advance news of American companies listed
i I it officer or member frequently on all stock exchanges. Thank you. Good, luck,
--I l employed in international and Alma Jonson."
local constitutions, but rarely.
Sif ever, given specific or defined Clark Gable's ultimatum: "I have no intentions
N ?M. dilk 1 meaning, of getting married. Girls, yes. But marriage is
S T.mdu s r of out." Clark's statement includes the best 2-word
T qM uae i IT ,.. .i ,. "5dawn-The minimum standards Jdefinition of happiness: Girls, yes!...The sets

2Ad"m DOWN
i ehnrity I Take ss-one's
t. S Transporters
epa r t 4 O rl n t a l c o in

f- Iqaedge

it g to eIghtof
Ipampses OWickeder
(SI lounokarda


11 Pays attention 35 Freebooter
19 Meditated 37 Bondman
20 Spires Form a notion
26P Fraeity g MuueII drama
28 Toward the .41 Ceat wa
sheltarld sidA, 4Wrel
o0 Old 43 Mohammedanu
Testament priatse
(ab.) 45 Challenges
31 The soul 50 Diminutive of
(EyptL) Leonard
34 Mount BS Palmleaf

o Ue ULobservI uy uulor uniunsa o1 gesC j wenA areb ureaiulesly beauIi-
in the conduct of their inter. ful...Now there's a ditty called "Ookey Ook."
nal affairs, such as meetings, (Eeeceek!).,..The teevee reprise of "A Connecti-
elections, financial records and Iut Yankee" retained the charming vibrations
reports, auditing requirements, of the Rodgers-Hart chants. Unfortunately, its
disciplinary procedures. \ with wasn't...Actors love acting. Some, how-'
"6---The receipt by union of. ever, earn as little as $30 per week In the off-
fictals of gratuities or good will Broadway shows... "Bus Stop" Is a comedy click.
gifts from employers of the But the theme Is sad: The tragedy of lone.
members they represent, wheth- liness... A wag that the Wall St. inquiry might
er at holidays or on other oc- do for Fullbright what the crime probe did for
casions. I I
"'-The carrying on and en-,
couragement of wildcat strikes
during the life of a od ectivel TOMORROW
bargaming agreement resulting _i i I
In failure to abide .... with
pacts solemnly entered into.. .1 W A K A W
waldman would Mothen ple-I WHAT KIND OF A WON
ment a code which wOald cover 1| C.
these points through a national i ,
"Committee on Laber 3thles" I .
Inside labor to I rIand
apply Its pro vlq s. otherwise
the job would g ily half
done. ,
4 Would tol me." lays


Kefauver..."You mean," chuckled another com-
ic,'"make him a Forgotten Man?"
The WW-teevee-radIo situation as of a f6w
hours ago: Both sponsors are expected to con-
tinue with us until Dec. 25th on ABC...We in-
lormed them: "We never walked out on a con-
tract in our life," and we will, of course, go
along... One agency said; "We didn't buy tne
network, we bought, youl We will go wherever
you go"...The other agency will denlitely con-
tinue until Summer and, probably until Dec.
25th... Negotiations with two major networks
ifor 1956) are in. discussion... The problem:
'We'd like to continue a national habit for 25
ears, nine p.m. Sunday. The big idea is to
lind that open spot tor time near It) on televi-
sion. Radio is no problem"...NBC execs told us:
"Variety's report tnat we are worried about your
comment about Washington officials did not
come from any of us. Hen, you helped the Eisen-
hower crowd get In!"
Marleae Dietrich's recorded album, "Cafe De
Paris," offers her unique throaty cuddle-up coo-
ing. The album, inaidentAlly, is perfumed...
Do..n'aefk sws 4 hI 3 Ea-Jtle Saint pol-
Ished her skIlf ayln W f of radio's weepy
serials for ya. IeIddes, It helped pay the
rent...It's onl* money dept: Some sponsors pay
as high as 14,500 for a single 20-second commer-
cial...Coca-UQla and the D'Arey Agency (han-
dling the account) have no contract. Just ,a
handshake 5 years ago. That's mutual respect
for each other's Integrity... The seads of Time
editors (with whom this colyumist lunched Wed-
nesday) look lue people. No kiddl'!.,.. Lunch-
ed? We didn't stop gabbing for 2V hours...-
(P. S.: They wouldn't sell it)...Wonder if a 4-
page thing (containing advance Wall Street
news) caifed: "WW's Wall St. Weekly" would
sell?...No partners, thanks.
Are Oscars Important? All right, name the
actress who won an Academy Award last year
for best female supporting role. (D. R.)...A mag
says Jackle Gleason is rich, famous and in love
but Is an unhappy man. (Sorry, I'm out of
tears) ...Never give up, kids. Piper Laurie was
screen-tesetd and dismissed by 3 Attudios. Marilyn
Monroe was dropped by six...Hardly anybody
can spoil "Unchained Melody.'t Although some
of the rocknroll yodelers are trying hard to make
it sound like noise...Skeleton-Rattler: Sheree
North, the she-whizzer, is a brunette who wears
a blonde wig while performing.
Teevee comics are again accusing each other
of gag-piracy. Why should any of them swipe
the other's yawns?...Martha Raye's latest show
was frantic & funny as ever. Such strenuous
fooling,..Some twinklers are durable. Lana has
been inhaling beautifully for 18 years of movie
queening...Despite the critical drubbing many
of his spectaes got, producer Max Liebman has
the final guffaw: Just ink'd a hew 5-year con-
tract... Doris Day's attractive quote: "Just call
me Kid Lucky. Here I am, a Hollywood actress,
whose only role before I got into the business
was that of a duck in a Mother Goose play"...
Pageant's eyebrow-raiser Is an essay tagged:
"Kinsey's Case For Virginity".. .Cyd Charime has
forty pairs of shoes, in case you desire some-
thing more exciting than stock market news...
We still adore the oldies like "Ruby," "April In
Portugal," "No Other Love Have rI and "Mambo
Number 5".. .Bat have you heard Judy Garland's
platter of "You'll Never Walk Alone"? Only
wonderful)..."Lucy" falls out of First Ten
List... Moral: The parade always lasts longer
than those who lead it...The Jelke trial is mak
ing Sin seem like a Vice.

m mI me m e-In


.. -.^


5 7 H STRerr P. O Box 134. PANAMA. R OF P.
rl rPHONI PANAMA NO. 2-0740 45 LINEs I
345 MADisoN AVL NEw YORK. 4171 N Y
. MONTH. IN ADVANCE___, 1 70 2.50
0. O! ONI YEAR. IN ADVANCE 8BO 50 24.00

, 9


w~ M~e E;~w I

imnAwmLS4Ufm nME rgi*n.5omT N

-I I. --, N

.E W .1%.

PE ARWPFiASON s 'y* Synthetic rubllr fa 440 .wil
cause rubber prices to soar; British to ob rsere S
atomic experiments; Stassen black-lits s.itft ue .
icon cofteges. '
WASHINGTON.- Congressman Wright Patan- oi-Teas
chief defender of little business, has made an important predic-
tion which I hope will not be 83 per cent accurate. 10 pradltts
that the price of rubnet and proportionately the tires uyou
buy wul go up to go up to 80 cents a pound this fear.
he price Is now 38 Cents. But already, says Btan, It's
gone up from' 22 cents qn the prospect that the big te and oil
companies will controL, all the synthetic rubble of the U. 8. A.
after they get the goveibment rubber plaits Saturday.
"The price may eye. go pp to 80 cents a pound U Obangru.
approves thl deal," Patman told his colleagues.
"There's nothing to stop it. and the little an will have to
depend upon the big monopolies for his supply. If the price
goes up, as It did In the case of aluminum, the little rubber
labricators will be squeezd .out of business just as tlhesm
aluminum fabricators were'squeezed out."
Congressman Sterlifg. Cole of New YOrk, a 'Republican Whose
father-in-law is a high odfleoll of Corning Glass, and who wahts
'to go even further than Eisenhower in giving government-de-
veloped atomic patents to big business, tried to put Patman on
the spot. He asked when he had made up his mind to Introduct
a resolution stopping the sale of the government factories.
"Honestly, my friend", replied Paunan, "I thought that this
was such a raw deal that somebody on your committee would
Introduce the resolution, or that the committee would other-
wise take steps to stop the transaction. I only 'came inU when
It was absolutely necessary."
Cole didn't reply. Patman forced Democratic chairman Vin-
son also to run to cover when Vinson contended that small rub-
ber fabricators would bq protected .by the rJustice Department
under our antitrust laws if the big rubber companies shut oft
their supplies after taking over the government plants.
"Mr. Chairman, you Are not that naive?" questioned Patman.
"That is Just like sending a rabbit to the corner grocery to get
a head of lettuce."
Amid laughter, the Texan explained: "They (the big com-
panies) are going to tae care or themselves ilrst."
The State Department .doesn't want it advertised, but a
British scientific team 1s been Invited to observe the atomic
tests in Nevada. This is leping with the new law, permitting
greater exchange of atoic Information with our alies... Brit-
ain's leading nuclear solnatlsts, Sir William Penney, will head
the British mission... What worries the State Department Is
that the McCarthyltes lght raise a clamor, citing the cases
of two British atomic sciedtitts Klaus Fuchsa. who was con-
victed of slipping atomic Information to the Russians, and Dr.
Bruno Pontecorvo, who departed behind the Iron Curtain...
The joint chiefs of staff have recommended a joint Chinese-
American command to take over the defense of Formosa. This
may lead to the appointment of an American as Chiang Kal-
Shek's chief of star, the same as in World War II... Gen. James
Van Fleet has been angAfg to get the job ever since he returned
from the Far East on a special survey mission for President
It isn't supposed to be known, but Harold Stassen has a
black list for American colleges and universities
Stassen has used a long string of colleges to help in foreign
aid, and most of them are going good jobs.
The University of California is assisting the University of
Indonesia in developing its medical school.-Columbla's teachers
College In New York is helping to set up teachers colleges JA
Afghanistan. Cornell is expanding the agricultural branch of
the University of the Philippines. Georgetown University is as-
sisting five Yugoslav universities in establishing English-lan-
guage institutes.
However, on Stassen's black list are Syracuse University's
school of public administration and Roosevelt Qollege in Chicago.
They get noVjltaion to.eop In overswo lt i J Ljn .'2 a W. .,
Wk en~Roeb.Malnrfaean of po tfal ze "at'8y -
cuse, heard about the black list, he came to Washington.
,"You'll never get a contract until PFul AppifSY Iaevb y6or
school," Dean Martin was told by Stasseh's office.
Appleby happens to have been right-band assistant to enry
Wallace when he was secretary of agriculture, and a close friend
of Milton Eisenhower. once also a top assistant to Wallace.
In fact, both Appleby and Wallace intervened to keep Mil-
ton in the Agriculture Department where he was serving as a
holdover Republican appointee from the Hoover adminntration.
Jim Farley wanted to kick him out, but, thanks to Wallace and
Appleby, he remained..
Roosevelt College in Chicago is on the Stassen black list not
so much because of its name but because it was established with
union-labor backing and is closely identified with the labor
Note 1-Appleby .has been appointed by Gov. Averell Harri-
man to be New York State budget director, so perhaps Syracuse
will now be removed from Statessen's black list.
Note 2-Despite the fact that Syracuse's public administra-
tion school is on the Btassen black list, 14 of its graduates are
employed by Stassen, Including his own executive secretary,
Joseph Toner. Syracuse University itself is not on the black list
and is working with Iran's teacher-training school.
Stassen is spending $25,000,000 through American colleges
on foreign aid. Among other colleges he's picked are:
Oklahoma, A & M. $2,434,000, to set up schools in Ethiopia;
Penn State, $75,000, to help Formosa establish a department of
industrial education; Purdue, $250,000, to aid the rural university
of Minas Gerals in Brazil; University of Southern California,
$710,000, to work with the University of Teheran; Texas A & M,
$1,700,000 to assist the University of Dacaes in Bast Pakistan;
Texas U, $230,000, to teach engineering instruction at the Uni-
versity of Chulalongkorn in Thailand; Wislconsin U, $680,000j pa
hc) 2 India's Bengal engineering college; University of Wyoming,
$115,000, to help the government of Afghanistan In rh to
agriculture and neglneering; University of Maryland, ~ ,000.
to help British Guiana develop economic and social aide1 Hlar
vard, $17,000, to aid health in Peru; Colorado A 6 M, 600,000
to advise the University of Peshawar in Pakistah; Michigan
State $226,820, to help the University of Sao Paulo o bumlner


-~ -

&~1I ~~%~*W

, jh.

S .g~ -~

** r----- *f"
I -'



Be toco jb adV@ e to'
iY hwith basin
'a- v Y win
b _' v ,.,* a ,< -. .a ane

iii m age to]

love to a besviy made-
Cdo was"y ewawt-" i i

o a odonas tacky el llt i
which was iale tW dissolve In
dust- this I A consn of
IL S. Tama L &AflhBTORX OF
COURTING (Dutton).
The .nUp q dosed ears ini
atat changed. eourtw g
.i IQ13r. writes, because
mcars oftW youcg coup le pri-
vacy aind espe from their par-
bents' watchfufda, and the me-
vies altered steanaras of desi r
le Walt$ in weethearte.
Some. critle of aindg os-
toms 8lat* epyonn nodples should
be gu 8arntel more lpr.ivacy.
However Thuer sontsleb e that
most airestrea relbrtantaet cohrt
In dea o ate h a places eblre
are odethtape play In designate
eat vu ues the ..m
Bertranlard lanar.- win e of a
Nobel Prise for Litearatdrs. wte
with clarity 'depth and a tse of
trpery about passionss and their
eost rupet human desti to hint
Human dSeeo t'in Ethics 'ans coln
The authoT starts by' exlamining
the meaning od stutb words as
good, bad, rightwrong, n, guilt
andl consciehce He frequently em-
ploys oatorlcal events as enam-r
rtles to make his points vivid.
One ofnthe atore important ofe
what constitutes the minimum
vueasulary fethlues-are mistaken.
Russel argues s the righthess oa
wrongneps of an act depends upon
its probable eaomqra uen es, and not
ulo .ta belmging to some clans
without rard to theiroeffects.a
gueseol believes that no authori-
tarian rdr superstitions- ethic; can
provide basis heor a world peace
tr-a, world ecnimunity. Love of
power, love of excitement, fear
and hato can now set off the H-
bamb. If mankind l, to achieve
some grater destiny,, it seems to
RuseFl that. the primitive cde-

For Russell the bridge Is that
men "will have t learns in all the
powerful countries of the world,
or at ah y'rate in America and

tress, aie a destill-beautiful ac-
tRussih twho to learn Fosea's
secret of immortality.

- .,. *1
7.. ~

(NMA 'Telephoto)
711, UNLUCKY FLIGHT Fuselage of an American Airlines plane lies In a mriddy field at
Springfield Mo., after crashing. Twelve persons died and 23 were injured. The plane, flight
711,was en route.from Newark, N.J., to Tulsa, Okla.

kti h a ;llet i. .

Mothers Should Teach, their
Suas-ni'wto-BU a aHome ''
Mothers -o don't teach their
sons as as their daughters
the simple tanics of running a
home ougi.L not to complain 01
e.en be surprised if their daugh-
icrs-in-law don't tlove them very
In Uw'

With these pivotal characters
and a flash-back narrative, Si. By the time he marries every
money de Beavoir presents a bril- mother's son should know how to
liant but unwholesome picture of make a bed and be trained to
small peope n All Are hangup his own clothes instead of
Mortal 'World Publishing Co. popping them on the floor or toss.
The princess of the existentialist in tem over the backs of chairs.
set" has her characters talking Sy the time he is head of his own
and living b in a world without Iue h every young man should
values and deals.- love or sym- know how to cook a simple meal
p thy. The author suggests life so tat he can cook for himself
Isn't too much worth living, either and his wife if she is ill.-
for eent.ries or months. Any young man of marrying
." age ought to be able to fix small
The plot involves Fosca's mean- repairs around a hose without
derings through time. In-the early yelng at his wife to find him the
14th century he drank an "elixir hammer. hand him the saw, etc.
of immortaulty" He survived a
palace massacre but was doomed He Should
to a living death. When people Shoulder Responsibilities
rey withdrew h enids tips. An He ought .,Iso to be capable of,
sometimes Fosca became bored and responsible for, answering his
with them. That was the case with own letters. writing regularly to
Regina who was eager to steal his parents, and penning his own
some of Fosca's eternal youth. thank-you notes for gifts.
As watched him wal Also the gift line outoublm the gift line he to
o 1 4_into mrce.tib able to nelect gifts, and should
of her, w .eanoth..eser centery. know when a woman expects to
there .was desp terror and receive aa The husband who
hopelessness inane scream al doe n't buy his wife a valentine of
ia ItS of the Eist- some sort just hasn't been well-
iaut doctrine, trained by his mother.
He should take enough interest I
I'n his- own clothes to take good
care of them and to at least tell
his wife when he wants a suit
~ sent to the cleaners.

vCob, Suojm w

' Th of Music phosphb whh
hip womed" fea-uu-St an us-
hbe" paklVe Itd's smlaft li
so 1 P- a -, 3-speed prifl5Me...fism
hla he-id 1> | apple I

eE". switca

1..3. .- d

d0 mw aitTaMS

Young men who have even this
much preparation for marriage
not only haoke more considerate
husbands but are happier them-
For. all people feel more secure
if they-have a sense of independ-
once about small things as well as
big and boys who wll some day
be husbands and fathers are peo-
pe, too..


S Idmli Inv..
-., naw '.cim i-w. .aih s :.:....,.-
am714ib-r ATh. m-.w. -. of" .
emi s OW adN aettL.
.,' 0ff-**L< 40ia- '.a t -

4^~MllMMl~i^M~ie *~ F'*^2-^"^*_*

SURVIVES CRASH Dr. Gene Farthing and nurse Mrs. M. 0.
Roybal administer to Paul Robinson of Bronxville, N.Y., who
was a passenger on the American Airlines plane that crashed
at Springfield, Mo. Twelve persons died in the crash and 23
were Injured.

6:00-Sign On The Alarm
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Explanation of Symbols
BBC-British Broadcasting Cor-
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RNIS-Royal Norwegian Infor-
mation Service
USAF-U.S. Air Force
VOA-Voice Of America.

U -"iM- 1

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Crime (BBC)
9:00-You Asked For It (re-
quests -please phone be-
fore ,7:30)
10:30-Music By Roth
11:00-Symphony Hall
12:00-NewS--4ign Off

Tomorrow, Thrsday, March 24

LOVE ISY1~I AIL--Irving Stone
HEAD-Haamilton Basso.
MX' .
guerite YOrceoar
Frances Grey Patton
K. Gann '
TH INING -M Nbrman Vincent
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ING Grantland Rice
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Darien Mahopany. NOW at
amazing low prices.
Bedroom, Dining Room and
Living Room Set&.
Products de Madera, S. A.
managed by Roberl to'we
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Between Kodak Bldg. and
Fifth Ave. Store
Phone 2-S390

Munestr of a a tehik soup made
mostly of freshokbook" to vegetables. Prac
ticaily every, village, city and
town in Itamr has its own recipe.
Americans' ie it too, so we asked
Angela Cantanuaro, of Milwaukee,
-uthor of the new "Mama Kia
Italian Cookbook" to give us a
good minestrone recipe.
Mama Mia Italian; Cookbook
t272 pages) contains over. 500
tested recipes for antipastos, pas-
tas, vegetables, meats and salads
.n the bgst Italian tradition in
terms the American cook easily
understands. Miss Catanzaro spent
12 years compiling the book which
gives many of her own family's


No. 27 Ave. J. Fco. de Ia Osa


What th"i new

self-winding chroaommto

;means to you..

ratemel i

l A W. tOf*
O|q| vw ,iuah
f?: '^4 ,*M

'It has been specially riade, the Official Rating CeAgdi
specially adjusted, and -has cate., Before you ba a
passed stringent govern. hronom took as
ment tests for acptracy. Par. whet*hr it sffi sEp- e.
ticularly good throsome. tified .
ters are awarded a distinct. results." ."vUy
tive notation: "especially Cm"a/w i isJ Ia
good results" primd,


Euw* 126 adinst)%

.1 .



NE to. rwc p'.
a.' :. ,


'-I V


'-*^ r .r

ya "'... ,

W '' AU mdo is 1p
Sdaw or dwotrehrmoagh apie'eofwpm-. ng ads.. papr ... paud at "oigiar' -

ad Go..Pc..Iao&t0bkm"of...aodouag

Ed V i -^
-*Tl ms uamyip^

- -' -a.
-- j.'.

*- V. *

* *-"%
- ^.

* 1
:n- *
B -.






Ii I I
. .


o "de-,

Since 1928 passenger have
SI I i.. A, i. -' ..nown that they ean count In
Fig Ptanra to be the firt with

0 Im 'S C4, to Cale (Colombia) an id
SQto (Sudor). No change of
pme. ity Panagra, the world's
2. 0 _' ,< ."*,:.. -
i ,,.M, ,,,'-. ... I.



of the Dry Season

Drive a New

1955 Models-
1955 Models

Calamonldea Minestrone
(ervea 6)
One' cup 4ried kidney or navy
beans, 3 tablespoons olive oil, 1
clove ,garlic, chopped, 1 large on-
ion, chopped, Lup canned toma-
toes 1 cup shelled peas, 1 cup
sheled fava beans, 1 tablespoonn
chopped- parJey, 1 celery stalk,
chopped, 1t. carrot, diced, 1 cup
raw, potatoes, diced, 2 quarts
soup stock, salt, and pepper, %
pound spaghetti cut into M-inch
pieces or-TL cup uncooked rice.

Poa- ,dried heaps overnight.
Drain.- Pour oil into sou" pot, add
garlic, union and -vegetables. Cov.
er pOt and simmer for 15 minutes,
stirring often. Add, 6Aed- beans,
soup stock, and seasonings. Cover
and nim#;. until tecans are ten-
der, about 1, hours. Add spaghet-
ti or rice, and simmer 15 minutes
longer. Stir occasionally, Serve
hot with grated Parmesan cheese.

(Compiloed by iPWshers' Weekly)

__ ___ _

* r




1610 Ii- o

." -. -*


/ -


IReport On Salk Anti-Polib Vaccine

To Be Made Public In Three Weeks

ANN ARBOR, Mich.. March 23 ceived the control substance In-
(UP) The long-awaited re- stead of the real vaccine wall
port on the effectiveness of the have priority for future Inocula-
alanti-polio vaccine will be tons If thq vaccine is declared
S public three weeks from effective, according to the 0'-
o .it was announced today. Connor-Francis statement.
*April 12 release date of the Francis and a crew of 100 ta-
p W8 c report was announced in bulators. decoders and stathti-
jo t statement by Basil 0 clans have been working around
anL head of the National the clock evaluating the result
ourdation for Infantin ePara- of the Salk experiment. Their
and Dr. Thomas Francis Jr., job has been to process the flow
Itr of the University of MI- of medical data from the 217 test
chqab polio vaccfne evaluation areas.
Q'Gonnor and Francis said Should the vaccine be declar-
mullops of school children a- ed effective, it would mack one
orcq, the country would be of- of the most. dramatic medical
eatrd the vaccine free of charge advances in recent years. If it Is
.itf it ILproven effective in comn- found ineffective pr only partly -
*battin paralytic polio. so, it will mean more years of
S"Cldren in the first and sec. work for researchers and more
coc ,,grades of public, private years of anxiety for parents.
,nd -parochial schools in the Francis and his assistants have
United States, plus those who taken special precautions to ,
,Ipatidlpated in last summer's make sure that word on the
pak.zeripent and did not get, trend of their evaluation hasn't
the I serum, will be offered I leaked out. However, there have
the ccine as soon as it is a- been advance indications on how
v ale." the statement said. the evaluation might be shaping
A tal of 1,800,000 children in up.
i et areas" throughout the It was- disclosed recently the
on v participated in last sum- national foundation has ordered
n ar mass Inoculations, hailed 9 million dollars worth of vac-
As t biggest medical experi-, cine. Parke Davis & Co., a lead-
dn| of all time. i Ing DetroU pharmaceutical firm.
the total. 650.900' children: announced only Monday it was
p oculated-440,000 of them starting production of the vac-
1the real vaccine develope:I cine for commercial sale in May.
I'. Jonas Salk of the UnivEr- Harry J. Loynd, president ef
t -of Pittsburgh and the other Parke-Davis, said the vaccine
S16,000 with a harmless control cannot be released to retail out-
Subsnce. The other childi.:n i lets until it is licensed by the
t artalpatlng were members of National Health Institute. He in-
he overall study aroup. dicated he expected such ap-
t ie 210,000 children who te- proval to be a routine matter.


Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service


S"TYAQUE" .................... ............. March 20
. L. H. CARL" .............................. March 27
."MORAZAN" ............................... April 2
"HIBUERAS" ...............................April 9
"AGGERSBORG" .......................... April 12
S"MABELLA" ............................. April 12
" AQU ... ..............................April 16
Bapdinu Refrigerated, Chilled and GeMaral charge

Vxok v Svice


.S. "BYFJORD" ...........................March 27
.S. "HEREDIA" ................. .......... March 2U
.S. "LIMON'. .....................................April 4
S. "FRABERLANGA" ................"......... April 11
aS. "CHOLUTECA" ....................... .... Ap

.,AkIy Maiiogs of twelve. pausgeng4hip. to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.

SSpecial tolud trip fares from Cristobal to New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To New York ...................... $240.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ....$270.00
To Seattle ................. ..... .$365.00



* PANAMA 2-2904




Accepting General Cargo ,For:
Sailings: Every Fifteen Days for:
Houston and New Orleans
Sailings: Every Ten Days for:
New. York Philadelphia Baltimore
(Gulf Vessels eall at VERACRUZ and TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every six weeks)
Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Masonic Blldian, Cristobal. C. X.

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Nap Flit

M LTI T LA l 1.ld
^B~yewM V

o~Jt,'T LIT~o TU'~ Owtw

nlide I~mfrma

bS ALv, VU3B



M^er GN'*6 AA9URGM614 ,
LM I'M 85RIND SC4 O LtND Dy, ,
SUzeM 1 PLAP4 A pAc ;- OOJT
6IIFT6 oo rWORK AM o *
AL6S Foece AVOT Ti i *
61ize COFCIouK a eA>.-/
INSSia AlewV- 1*/faly&^




SU61W14 TmAro P.-riiHY /r.B's OUICKAS
0 S^^-"-446V MWWZPJ .


S v,' Y

.B TdI'Ea nIm. WBWPrWM
^ M"- -

-I ', '


mi ma~ir urirku




.1 -

dBT aiil 'I
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M9 W

I mm



- .$'.

--- _-_~__ ~- .. L ~



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From~ ,* selting *ef U. S. Secre-
tes ef Ail Dics with British Fonian
Miimater Antwiay Eden come reports that
WuMJ 'tos iacoimiderin linking Formosa,
Soth Kore O JJalan in a North Pacific
defense pact with America. British news-
papers report wht the U. S. looks forward
to linkig tie ped Northeast Asia
Treuy O qgeaaien at some future time
to EATO, is almmdy existing Southeast
Asi comuntrport. Map shows how the two
ouinMe ie weSI4 line up as port of the
genrl Pacific defense barrier. '



I-- -

State De iment'ln Harmony'

With Proposal For Big-4 Meet

Enlarged Gorgas

Needs 6ray Ladles,

Reaistrallon Ooens

AID""inbu5rumn'rae IIJequ. ina ra' e I -
-S-- B. Terhe s rnr, Mrs. William Peel, WASHINGTON, c th 23- But later, after consulting
-tB-. ,-Mrs. E. J. M Wt Mrs. amu (UP)-- The State pWhrtment| "higher authorities," 8 uydam Pacific aide women between
Jo %%*I& S Mrs. E. I.-Bri Mr. a W1ts, Mrs- Ao
,rryn..bagy Wse t.-rM.-.James HamilL. itd a Isa "i harmony"sad many points" would have agesof21 and 55 who are
.. ---- biga hi,-power meetli th Rus- Isuch a conference. He sad this esn becoming Gray La-
S. .this .. year -t-If t Russians included the question of wheth- dies have been reminded that
T IA.MBODELs8 APR IN MOVIE AND IN PERSON A fashion 'show wasl come In "good faiti." er the Russians would "be com. applications must be made this
tday evning at the rdanForce Bas e Office Its statement ease aCleruben-g n good faith" week at the Local Red cross
on- lot Vfft~ezIwIVe`=lt ir husbands to'formal udiher denes. Dining by eandelighto its statement came after Be
.b and.uet were.elightully surprised when a move Introduced.the "Duchss ate Republican leader William "I do not think that anybody chapter on Gallard Highway
bk Si6w. upes phAtogsphed more than a month age by Captain Paul Van ven, F. Knowland reported P res- suggests that we should go to a either Wednesday or Friday
Swe. wed through 1 earl morning scene wh brought the enceeely dent enhowr s against such conference where good moin betwn the hours of 9
i thb "e" of the models. ue f were owsi how the Dhess" b her day. inni a meeting now because Moscow will not be the rule on both to 11 a.m.
f IferMseawned a .compsilep n t e of t n.l .y mods. of ther Swives club and has shown no wIlIngtas to set- sides," Suydam said. "That, we
Searl. ap tre worjntd ghfl erday, en o, y s the major cold war I. thought, goes without saying." The training course, which
1 06I ceiZ a po- o-- -. .pct-d hi --il- record of events.
White House press secretary George has said he thinks the will be held at Gorgas Hospital
Aod c tbretary Wsol. John J. Davis, Fort Gulck tending. A St. Patrick's theme James C. Hagerty said Know- meeting should be held regard- under-the auspices of the Canal
hrSrthe sywh kmt Comma andatARe land had reflected the P lessofwhether the government Zone Red Cross and Gorgas Hos-
c*JupW',thi~gbout the show] Col.1wal used for the setting. The
Sm s i rovded b vades on the.oteses were. Jean Alexande v accurately.The has advance assurance of So- pital officials, will start Monday
A e asp orchestra. impqrtance of their place in the Tudd lam, Eleanor Bailey and hi ti e itoviet cooperativeness. Comment- morning and will continue
lar r rthe M eModda. hi oiion on th atng today on the President's re- through Ar Classes will be

MRoy ile-l acted adsors for l Smith., ndsecre thn resented. news confe re nce pow conference, recreation room In Gorgas Ho-
*tVhl m lsPresidea o4 -ga veJto Mrs.h r itIlectionsf o c a p Ks o we d tisd newos m heldn eachmorning during that
wE J ttld Clark. Mrs, I.a a r s M. Itwere held. Th y are President The President'sced attody weey Whie consolidation of ho
er FrS larle modeel te out e F ulck Owfficers'Mae. Si b VePret reported by Knowland, did not ers
tire'4 ,.tO withmC air stan f0e1 Wive club. a ritheSnewcetrerec aar.rtSgbleyVr-PlesotenteEd-ossi...ity .of" a If you are going to wait un- period between the hours of 9 to

d m ha"sia Othe and Dryd o Treasgrer Eleanorwi rkoint of brother etig wth gna athe world, you'd want a meeting
r* a e-h and Mrs R hrvern Vice recent; Mrs of Governors DorisBrdenbagert Paris pacts to rearm of jubllation" Instead of a big With the opening of the new

ot Ms In eee n cts Maif ,& ,pis HUthrcT af -* -o to eert rl r clearIs Knowland aid e that letters for patlenfs signature-
S ao Bud l u o w l present at or New Critobal). Geor e, chairman. of the Sen- purchasing mall it

emeanbles nounewd b-- !ber.rJur- wat Treasure' and iMead e--s toevDertm eltd Wn es-eknoin lead notold n ew thm erenroom pand te inr asel nture

5U'3-Na snn otMs br r.totfi r a on l l dew hoeeworl a un ec e, m a d et n o a yt gesei n al l eaes 'uthaehos renlhan dicraftae a tn
b .r Pm .,.. d.. S. oBen The che in our day are sat n e s ca d ot espee ly j

w b o i C Capt p hn lf n Thsteadertimes naricte th viewpi of tsnhe t g vernmen ate nts id th e achitn inclue vsi

th. -, noo.* aernd -h manl eoslry1go wor rela orcei tar i& lacr s -ae rat-l 8uedm' tar otem ny t a ton ,hn c t
a r" M derpsp& areBi Bnha L ve ead m n recent e frs t declined to say wheth- meant position. It became even ed was held in the Goras os

hI eeiIPAI lo the inS Nh3e icker. NO seats are cone piris yop l high pla esr In tr this country would Writt leon said he feels there are no con- a l or ig e
fe. a'jo r aud o o kets will e o e n rable Nei sItuton.; and we priorte chirei o f Rsn will e f eiets in the views of George, cti

b of are a S t a'td nhy.'f to e Blnt o r..i in.t e be rera to a ittlemamer t es th ,. e De apartment and -h essetio
'Uqousd men withr0dP cons- tbesotta'h e Ll

w "_.. tlb@ --yer-all t he i ab "o Heights rThete r a be-. monte adu torereC i wou e prematu r uhnt t a sehostes inbby I nwe recrea
bn .. nM e Emble anu by Luncheon l w aet s tha t I I re l o dous tles

-r Mal 1.&"b-P.lem ClH e i-.b No. ., o. e dolno, tha,, t eou t .. t

AS1i or t?.s chool dried ect r id Cristobal Emblem Club d a n now yth ce w lin ne sch-a m etg *epre pe o r ua corn- Icet -- hadcrf .
M tiedo No. % enjoyed a luncheon in the Huniverse, eand ale no great I
S l t hei h ome' Tand Fern 1 doom of the Tiorwo u- t~efst 5mean 0.31gdou mn I a gs miel de r t
th do. th h I -~o fS t r the enueceo t in crds at patients I the c sst ci o b

bu-! mp *d AAqn ee=@@d p Monaco !ALeonduct uat uebe theproo ths -al byr 's sgAgonwi a Grer al r cet as~d

0 'and C apta'gN i n ursid en t YtE m ble i c lub N o. 49. a ou r icr a o upr ep ed G e r eI f ,a rt top-le P d h dow n yRed thCro t p be wrki tin
ofib blem Cth. R2, e.laA.e owr k n onm eth ing with Rsithsya
B. Pgand moip m War oh asc for the bur-yEll cam wlther fweOrae this oe theerld WaraDaat ii oe w thot hot, wrtatue mami
er .. lM for dhein three actB'l lItn-ganal Zonerhetbenteposi camerevenpurcdasihelditemGarg

.TiM aj the A.9a VrBd Boleot, Mary Daye rett f maytui npre ea /ont abo bNew r t l).Gorcy wenn w
ofa TB he DiLalb l soeighrher at rer b .hi f p s, aer R pist o nsC it wo sd he p feowe to the br-epcal tubo.y

.. too HetThor ed tt he Sty or disho* ed9 y does te a Ah-h you'll byy, asull.n .
ka rcr he ioMSs n eDoel.AynSfth Lfnl ntartter euher'a The oimy In tfe iit t t se .thsstohteItaD r tmnk-n
?1ofnt1rieseidGbe tn ou n by., u bti t lTuar v ona the bal is t lof that need ar e e olean sins teeoage ofor as tk yerr druoc im t for ae.
at. bi dre toMsL na er. ioed mater boeld aucht. b mto MaO or eotie of quick-act. plMt
.fn L dis alstant director of Masou e o e Caaatl Matw tod

Sgo-Mn s-.-a h ndlb d tTe Larrs een ,Arrange do"her re tig er the sank weeds oa of I.
S i nin ttHgteqtshh din ,dn.. Yoe cannot f ethe i n
e f l *htcer probleB elti that oiitheb o aeset Gt

tte ar r h ,u i

b r be sheow.l ..4 C ritoa e Cu Ldd n ei c ino
osee rs ofna t ln torethe u a mcprenson 'poeu tkS h E I F clrtr o.w

gt her..ome ^ f joo o the vi Ge... e an..ung, 1. edy min.up
Wm;n whoe rA Hrr n epyM. ttIouaeww n i ..
CfO Irtg Adttkt b -wl reor e
-le. Ag "m
y, mf theo rr aeg

p.. g |" rh ?u oaI.s, the 'os on se ,..i,.., you b vtt a sp m... t etigoI
Innadto bthe ruest urenobGtdw adonotfaebey
attnhotr, nibers attndin one. e ots
l "neheqs wireda Anaco, -Y ur conducting bt um
sJoent f Ermblem Club No. Ilw thset yourcdt ytur areew raki
Sep---resident of or ratherlt
Club No. 52, Adelaideb.shing you toward m, thet plm.COU Gpt
Toleda pman NO.4p0,9r;Y0Altan, Mara belief that itv ndt enogethlo
af TIM tm of tv e Tivori eallygmatteors.And. Sohn

Lyle tt reyMsalJal matters e forert st
Or PCI ttur honesty rdeh. a minute ... thou

=0eh tfhlkuPre ident Oforrather, is oboeula.tobepa
eibo lNo.5 Adel oileb hiefh starveesd honestyhing(Camadiolitetoda

.9ni lo DoM. halm Cgh. tf dooerYou cannottgrow
OrivHe otchei a nd 1t hi o t v-.

tWolf, I thing a an t he bad#fofUthaitfoete 'peL lt that IgoaskYount doe
d a bath igata
Pim. Oak

9018 _____t a I te tmmsmew30 oT~ M YSRKE--JLiil


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3 ~,** ,

S sor Pie. 07#0 '

wys a heavy dller, reelbt|
'1N4, a slt dip belm aM
1385 gfur. he shown above. The
meet miled decrease wae In
detho- dfW" to 9,

Ursigurc you 0UHe.
Modem Living Room
Set $149.00
Si tM1I "CUI J
for S12.M wB pa1ment
and we deliver set to yo.
You may pay only $.1
per qumcema.

Any funature Is yoe
under this plan at


41 National Av.
(Auto Row) T- 4f '
We Pay Ca s er Ta

- a"

I '.1


Panama City

RI, -

Telephone 2.1483

Takes pleasure in informing its clients
of the arrival of a new shipment of as- "
sorted plastic backed materials for up- "
holstering furniture, foam rubber in
sheets 1" to 5" thick which can -be cut 1
to the size desired, foam rubber pillows .
and mattresses; tbe pies of whtkh have
been reduced. Pay'lW a visit and seefor
yourself. .

r. -



m--.o. -i.
4 t

r I


Amauing? Yes. bIt true. The
now Tehite AM.Trumnitle
Herinc Aid b actually no
brgW than t|:photograph.
About the sieofa book o
matches and lighter than a
wrist watch. The new small
Telemite may be worn in-
viibly by womnU bw picu-
oudy by men. It can be waon
in the hair. beneath clothing,
under tie, in pockets, or ea
the wrist bik a watch.
*This raw TWb la 9


Grawford ,A

bMringaid aonthWAb tW -
day. Wlfient bouaeWlie L .
the h toe w"
*vaig. And it sewio t b
the Tekx ranls.
Se your Telx Hvori

H E A R I N-
C N T t

T. W wo- wrs


.. ,~


Federattn'si Beard (turn to Colon it 4 p.m.
Holds Meetiag wihlng to attend are naed
The officers of the Panama make tseir reservatioms
Federation for Christian Service Miss Gladys Peasod, tel1
met with Mrs. Frank Buie, Prea- 20; Mrs. Requelde Castillaoe
Ident in Gatun. Plans were laid j*one 739: Miss Carman CQAtlo
for the 82nd Semi-Annual meet- telephone 667; or Miss Lux
in to be held at the Cathedral blr, telephone 34175. .1 8
of St. Luke's In Ancon In April. ,
Officers present were: Mrs. Malinbew Ass.em No,
Frank Sulc, President; Mrs. Rog- Miss JUie Ro 0*y, Worthy A
er Green, Past President; Mrs.,visor, will presid. at the regaul
Harry Butz, 1st Vice-President- meeting' of Oh.b A
Mrs. John W. Matthews, 2nd No. 2, Order n A f t h Rainb6w
Vice-President; Mrs. Laurence irls Thursday evening, MB U.
Chambers, Corresponding secre- 24, at the Cristobal M
tary Mrs. W. C. Merchant, Re- Temple. :. i
cording Secretary; and Mrs. This will be a formal mee~
Clarence Jacobson. for business and initiation. *
The hostess for the occasion Eastern Stars and Master Ma i
wpas Mrs. Bule. are cordially invited to the meet-
ing which will start at V:00. -" '
St. Mary's Alumnao e ,
The alumnae of St. Mary's
Academy in Colon will hold their
annual Day of Recollection on AT
Sunday, March 27, directed by i
their chaplain, Rev. John F. HOUSEHOLD
Xing, C.M. H U SEHOLD.-
The spiritual exercises of the EX C ANGE
lay will begin with Holy Mau at .'
I a.m. in the Miraculous Medal Use Your
Church, followed by a breakfast
n the parish hall. Busses will
eave from the church to Mr. Bft- UM
[ray's country residence in Puer- m5 |
SPilon at 9:30 am. and will re-
r "HoUSANDn MAIS ^'' "7. F'
|a----- ..... .CuMetas Comerciale i
i T otkeCrod t tCrd
S- To take out the
920UMewbl M


S -m- I

I m

I -. rql


--: ~;;s7lra~

.. r
' =.="/




I -

[-' i

" ...^J-*
**;**'** mEi>1>^f>j


" "" Street No. 51

W'-A ''%F '.


W .si, r

IgAZL g~ 5wv5maR


Inexpensive Want

-' CALITI A .TH-, ... .' "1,<. -

..., .: .,!
i _- "' "s ,

LEA E Y UR DW'H "-- ,-%.,'k.




7 Street No 13
4tb of July Ave. & J St.
Justo Arosemena Aie. and 33 St.

182 La Carrasqulla
Central Ate. 45
No .1 Loiter% PlaIa

a .I-

Fourth of i*9dy Av. -
Agencia Internal, de Publicaoiones
45 Central Ave.
Parjue Lefere '7 a irke

Ave. T HvU Ne. 4
14 Central Ave.
s street NI2. a

J. co. de Ia Om Ave. Ne. 41
8 Street No. *T
VIa lga*-. Ave.

. .*,: a ,.., ,-,* .

.- w' .. ;


Household Automobiles
PROFESSIONAL FOR SALE:-Clothes dryer, FOR SALE -I-953Cher.-.Ier 210
_Westinghouse. 60-cycle, 220- '-door sedan. 2-one green. gcod
.olt S70 -crib. with innerspring condition Clol Balboa 2 3186
SEverythin mattress. $15 House 552-A Cu- afotter 4 p.m.
STo Keep Your Lawn runu He-gh. FOR SALE--1951 Custom tu-
S and Garden Beautiful FOR .SALE -25-Ncle Westing- dor V-8 Ford. dui frre 1725.
:During the Dry Season. house refrigerator wth freezer See afier 5 p m oa 0 'r,,-, Ba-
compartment. 3-year guarantee: ano Street 'Old C.erol Areao,
Tools mohogonv dining room set. table Ancon
o Hose and 6 chairs. one Near old. small FOR SALE- -97 Ford rer-
to.,l h, bFOR SALE '-iI95. For, Corer-
Insecticides Vr,,,3n blnd. c lumlnum, or bi oll extras. unjccr,: ,,' 0
SSnrayerg Tvr, 3-3 .o,.:e 6 te.r bv 5 feea. -m c- Pne Nw _: 6
S3 2 bun 1949 Chero'et FOR SALE -1947 Ko,-er sedan.
heelbarros 4.c.c.r e-,r. Cn be seen oany- 53 ,i0 mle Or,.nol on-Fr,
Econo soil Spray tn .' 6-12 Dos B :as Street, Los 3":0 .565 .B Diablo 2-
-_ R__ 4 4- 12.
Fertilizers -i_---FC'S Ae -'".___4
Srink FC-" SALE Ape washer and FOR SALE -1954 Buick R,,re-
.nrin ieCrrs dre. tn,,n uis fullv outamoc. r.:.. urdercoai. all exrao Excel-
Fungicides sar f.ce 275. Phone 331. |lent. Phone Navy 3763 or 3736.
GEO..F NOVEYt INC. FOR !ALE -Bargin! Di.rno ce'. FOR SALE Lean Ithmus.
S t ve Peu 61 Phon 3-325. q9 5 PI,nmouth Belvedere Pcwer-
279 Central Ave. Tel. -0140 F ^ LE F ,refara- 't ,r many orce.ores Call W.
S--,. )-C--u ft '- qace refr,a.ra- H. Goeberius, Dutch Lne 3-1218,
car- ,r-n oli:.. r.lta.. f.'n. 4 ot-r 6 m 3--. -2 1
-A CspTflr _n-cr. [Phone Cri -2412. FOR SALE -1953 Bel-Ar hard
1. B &A(li01 FOR C LE F,,g,,1i,re refr.oera-. to convertible rod,o. whie side-
t.,A. "E-. ri p. q Puh-c f-et $45. A irp e exrrll.-rt condition.
Drs. A.nd ORILLAC Lc,-.n;' 7-B Phone ?2'3 C ill 2-324 Bolbtio
"Chirpracti',C FOR SALE- "4. Ch ;vrolet
and years to lhfe." jFO B'ALEoth aoj ndlt.on.
55 Peru A venue Tel 3-1399 SEd'in Both \r-,. a J:i o ,nditc on.
I ,k er'I L, li...-re l F Call Balboa 2-67
----FOR SLE 952 Pontiac For-
-I __ sFOP SALE --C .m.letel. furnnh- dnr radio e-,'"'lnt condition.
eu Ill Cd conr~ete huse in beautiful Phone Balboa 1317
*Insure i Sr,.a Clara All cc.nveniences. ----- --
Sure Insurance" P.3,.c barbecue oas stoe, refrn- FOR SALE -1949 V-8 2-door
-- rqnIl peo. r:. Hi-Fi radio-phorograph Ford and 1950 4-door Stline De
AJ3ENCIAS JIM RIDGE Be, ,"full landsa.oped Idenl for Luxe Chevrolet Call Balboa 2-
Psanama *2-0552 chiljr-n aond cet Normn Had- 1874 after ; p m.

I I ,one i g" I .-" -- -. .
4theof July Avenue No. i-f8
? ,%..'fTrl' .4 00 If I |l|

'Canal Zone Dental Polyclinic
Da C. E. Fabrega D;D.S.
Deare--bridje 'work-air bratlve.
Ceiernl IPractlce.
Tivol (41h *I.q July).A.y. 21A24."
(opp4ite RueOt-jrhOOl PlayIImoud)
W.-1-99-9-M I "-40a** 1

A ele emasage by experienced op-
1eratr 'Ill do the trick! JUst pass
b Massage Solon It poolside or
e4an ,r apointment to El PanamA.
Tel. 3-1jW, Exteno 36, from Is a.m.
1to 7 M.B
E( Pananma Massage Salon

Packers Shippers Moven -
Phones 2-3451 2-256
Learn Ridine. at
Ridingr Jumping classes deli.
3 to 5 p.m. Phone 3-0279
er fby e tappotet t.

Bgm ApgKha~s.

SMilkary Court

Wins Lincolshire
I LINCOLN, England, Itarch e'
(UP P Military Court, the Be-
Pu. n aM Khaen' five year old.
; von the L~~colihire Hae, lcap
Sday i frn MM. aaley's Harry
L~e. Three Star, owned by G. P.
Graham, was third.
"Military. Court won by three-
!arters qf a length with three
t lengths between second andj
Betting was 8-1, 22-1. 22-1.
respectively with Minstrel 7-1
favorite in a field of 29.
The race; .hIch was run over
Sone mile. Tha_ he first leg of
I the big spii4. betting double.
The second lei-s the Grand Na-
Monal Steeolechase, which will
Se run at Aintree. Liverpool, on
Heavy * left tle
olmn Tr=cke V ftcv5m-
and a strong" crb- wMd

r Ut a In 1vd.y.t
IH 1o t*lw*cffr

staGt F"J 32'5 or 2488
Fd, FA LF -C .,c,nus hou.e on
brach 'at. Included: fence, elec-
tr,c I;nlht Dlart. Cn he eqen any
time Marrh 23 to April NULL.
LA VENTA, one mile beyond
Santa Clara.

Wlopean Sinmal Adjustment Tech-

Thanks. To Women
One of the many. many un-
usual features of the ghostst stor
to be given by the Canal Zone
Junior College at the Diablo
Heights Theater tomorrow is
that the cast has more women
in it than men. Very few profes-
sional stage plays have been able
co make such an arrangement of
the players, but then "A Mur-
der No Been Arranged" is any-
thn-but ordinary and usual.
.tnda Reimann, In the role of
-Mis@ Groze. Charles Jasper's eec-
-retary opens the unusuaL play
l, 'a dialogue with the orches-
:tra leader, to be played by Vic-

FOR S^LE ---I lI Chevrolet 4-
d0or Poser G'lide dutN pd,
ne" seat co. er', excellent con-
dition M't ,,,ell before April 3.
PJhone 3-1256.'
FOR SALE -1954 Austin Healy
red sports car. lire new condition.
Con be seen at Qtrs. 24 Albrook.
Phone 86-3195
FOR SALE -1932 Ford touring
sedan, V-8. House 5189 Parsons
Street. Dioblo.
POR SALE--1951 Buick Special
De Luxe 4-door sedan. This car
Is in excellent condition. Oriqlnol
owner. 20.000 miles.. House
3206 Empire Street, Balboa.

tor A. Herr. actual director of
music for Balboa High School.
and director of the special fea-
ture band wh'gh will plav the
overture and between the acts
of the murder play.
Assisting Miss Reimann and
Herr. will be Arlene Vandergrift.
college student here whose home
is In Gatun. Miss Vandergrift
has the most unusual of the va-
rious "character roles" in the
murder play. Herr will be "dou-
bling in brass," as will be other
players of the complete" differ-
ent show. since the situation and
the incidents which take plqce
in this murder stnrv of Diablo-
Balboa-Panama City offer dra-
ma fare 'whteh is not of the or-
Tickettl for -"A Murder Bas
Been Arranged" will be on sile
In the lobby of the Diablo Clab-
house efore curtain .time on
Thursday. rch 24.


SHRAPNEL'S furnished houses..
on beacd t Santa Clara. Tele-
phone THOMPSON, Balboa 1772.
past Santo Clara. Low ratesx--
Phone Balboa 1866.
I WILUAMS, Santa Clara Beach
Cbttag~a-fockgas, refrigeration,.
2-bedroom. Phone Balboa 3050.
PhllUp. Oceanside cottages,..
Santa Clara. Box 435. Balboa.
Phone Panama 3-1877. Cristo-
bal 3-1,673.
GromlicW'i Santa Clara Beach'
Cottage-.. Modern conveniences.
moderate', qtes. Phone Gomboo
6-441. i"
Baldwin's apartments for rent at
Santa Clara. Phone Balboa 3681
for rese vations


FOR SALE: 10 good saddle
horses. Can be seen at Panama
Riding School, Phone 3-0279 be-
tween 3 and 5 p.m.
JOIN THE TREND towards mod-
ern window covering, sing match
stick bamboo draperies and cur-
tains Custom-made in all sizes
and any color for immediate de-
liery. Venetian blinds, recondi-
tioning services. Free estimate.
Call 2-3063 or 3-4904. Distri-
buted by Produclos de Madero,
S A. 98 Central Ase. between
Kodak Building and Fifth Ave-
nue Store.
FOR SALE:-4 Electric Mules
lYalel with station for charging
batteries. Bargain price See at
Muelle Ingles, Phones 2-0550,
FOR SALE'- 3 air-conditioners.
3-ton SIlvania unit. in perfect
condition Good for office or bed-
room. Call Panoma 3-0226 be-
tween 9 a.m.- 2 noon. 2-5 p.m.
FOR SALE.-GM 6-71 Diesel
Marine ena'ne. Call Balboa 2867
working hours.
FOR SALE -Kodak. case, filter.
Cost S75 Pr;ced 6ery low. House
1532-B, Gavilan. Phone 2-1669
Want a GENUINE factory radio
in your car at COST PRICE? Lim-
ited amount of brand NEW ra-
dios available for 1949- 1950
Ford. 1 92 Ford and Mercury.
1953 Ford and Lincoln, 1954
Ford and Lincoln Get yours to-
da v while they lost. COLPAN
FOI SALE Cocker Sparniel
pups. 7 weeks old, $15. Phone
3-3907 Panama
FOR SALE:-Four used tires. 4-
ply 660x16. Reasonable. Call
alboa 4393, after 4:30 p.m.
FOR SALE:-60-cycle converter,
750-watt, 110-120 volt capaci-
ty. Phone 5-465.
JUST UNPACKED a beautiful qs-
sortment of "Catalina" bathing
suits. Beautiful style In Cptton
and Lastex. LA 'MOA AfER I -
CANA, No. 102 Central Ave.

Scout News

Out-of-Door Training
Course For Leaders
The second out-of-door train-
ing course for Girl Scout leaders
and assistant leaders will begin
Friday, at Mindl Dairy.
Campcraft, out-of-door skills
and program for Girl Scout
troops are being taught under
the direction of Mrs. Evelyn
Trotter, camp chairman.
The group will meet at 8-45
a.m. at the Margarita Service
Center and proceed from 'here
to Mindi; the sessions will last
until 3 p.m. Visitors to part or
all of the session are welcome
Leader's Club Meeting
The Pacific side Leader's Club
will hold its monthly meeting
tomorrow, at the Balboa Little
House at 9 a.m. All leaders and
assistant leaders of Girl Scout
troops are invited.

Starlinqs Short
23 (UPi A flock of starlings,
apparently seeking refuge from
a snow storm. huddled next to
a generator yesterday and short-
circuited the village electrical
About 100 birds were found
dead at the base of the genera-
tor when technicians investigat-
ed the cause of the short circuit.
-- -- --- ---- -- --- qt-~ l _____ ,



ATTENTION G.I.I Just built
modern furnished apartments. I,
2 bedrooms, hot, cold water. T-l
Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnshed and un-
furnished 2 and 4-room modem.
apartments. Contact Alhambra
Apartments, 10th Street, Phone
1386, Colon.
FOR RENT: Cool 2-bedroom
apartment, living -dining room,
scrc-ned, $60. 56 Belisaria Par-
roa Key apartment 3. Informa-
tion Phone 2-2316 or 3-0234.
FOR RENT:-To responsible par-
ty only, modern and furnished
two-bedroom apartment in Com-
po Alegre. "Cristina" Building,
Avenida Manuel M. Icazo B for
$150. Fbr further information
phone Quilano 2-2718.
FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ment. one bedroom, living room,
dining room, porch. Phone 3-

FOR RENT:-2-bedroom apart-
ment, duplex house, fenced yard,
gar'pae, laundry tub 9th Street,
San Francisco. Call Gamboa 6-

FOR RENT:- Modern one-bed-
room, parlor, dining room aport-
ment in house No. 45, Avenida
Jose Franciscb de la Osso. Rent
$60 De Castro. # 24. Ave. "B."

FOR RENT: -One furnished a-
partment. with Gas Stove and
Refrigerator, to responsible ten-
ants. preferably Americans. at
"El Dorado Building," Juan B.
So.a Street No. 22. Rent $85.
O t h e r semifurnished in same
building $75, unfurnished $60.
Call Panama 3-0990 between 9
a m. and noon and 2 to 5 p.m.

FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ment. moderate rent, North
American neighbors. Frequent
transportation. Phone 3-0471.

FOR RENT:-G.l.-inspected fur-
pnished one-room apartment with
Kitchen, refrigerator. Aross from' r.
(Ancgn busstop. No. 17.18, 4tb
f July Ave. Phone 2-5133.
FOR RENT:-Ideal living, bed-
room. kitchen-dinette. Calle Dar-
ien No. B Inext street from 4th
July Ave.).,

FOR RENT:-Small ch'let, one
. bedroom, living dining r oo m
kitchen. Moderate rent. General
Jose de San Martin Ave. No. 6,
FOR RENT:-3-bedroom chalet.
Betania 301. Comfortable. Phone

tires suitable for reconstructing.
NAL, Ave. Peru No. 7. Phone
WANTED: Baby crib, maple,
solid headboards, adjustable
springs .Call 6-422, Gamboa. .


FOR SALE: 1953 AJS Motor-
cycle, 500cc. singlel spring
frame, excellent condition. Priced
right A/IC James Boll. Phone
Albrook 4261 before 3:30 p m.
FOR SALE: Two B.S.A. Star
Twins. good condition, new tires.
743-B Enterprise Place or phone

Help Wanted
WANTED:-Maid able to pre-
pare meals for American couple,
also wash and iron. Must live in.
References desirable. Phone Pan-
ama 2-4612 for interview.

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE: -- Boaat, outboard
1 5'x64" NEW. To see, call R. C.
Carter, Phone 2-1861 (call from
7 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.). House
0437, Apt. B, Ancon, C.Z.
FOR SALE:-Boot, 14-ft. run.
about, 25-hp. Evinrude motor
and rroier goad condition, $550.
ICobbe 84-3179.
Wanted to Buy
desk, drawers on both sides: also
small band sow.'Coll 2-1412 oft-
er 3 p.m.

Marathon Speech

(Continued from Page 1)
coming in. Hernandez accord- to publicidng the Galsado ad-
nug to Miro, came in from Da- ministration.
vid on Jan. 2 to take part In Lasso de la Vega also stressed
the assassination. that Guizado had done nothing
The prosecution also centend- actually to help the investiga-
ed that Miro and Tejada each ltion: that the request for special
went on the morning of Jan. 2 foreign investigators came from
to the Panama cemetery, where Remon's brother, Ernesto de la
each claimed he went to place Guardia, Jr. and Roberto Heur-
flowers on the grave of a rela. tematte, present Comptroller.
live. -

Lasso de la Vega went on to
say that Ouizado's and St. Ma-
lo'A actions after learning about
Remon's death were what he
termed 'abnormal."
Lasso de la Vega pointed out
that Guizado did not arrive at
Santo Tomas Hospital until
8:45. Oulzado himself had tes-
tified that he feared a revo-
lution at first, and since the
news of Remon's shooting had
not been confirmed, he didn't
know where Remon was.
St. Malo, decided to go to the
Drive-In Theater, the prosecu-
tion stated. But when he found
it closed, went instead to El
Panama Hotel. After dinner, St.
Malo testified he learned Re-
mon was dead.
Laseo de la Vega claimed It
was an abnormal action on St.
Malo's part not to seek out Gui-
zsdo, who was his friend and
partner, to be with him during
The proeeation malntaied
,tl., these actions, ealcuateod
to j ve a --a-
e artlf"
S special prosecutor ited
dn other actions :by Qulza-
so h as his obj etionto the
ppotitment of Alejandro Re-
-ol ;brother of the ilain Pres-
idenast e Minister of O fe rnment
a"Justice to take charge of the
*te -- A _

do de. la Vega
S fact that 1
mOn was shot,
S the drafting
odd have given I
make ehang.o h
- '* 2
|W[ SAml I te


PRINCETON, Ind.. March 3-
(UP) -"M. H. Hall of Birming-
ham, Ala., should consider him-
self lucky to appear in court to-
day on speeding charges.
Hall was'charged by state po-
lice with speeding In a truck
loaded with 21,000 pounds of dy-
namite. Hall's truck overturned
in a ditch and the dynamite
didn't explode.

Bird Speed
LA PORTE, Ind., March 33 -
(UP) The weather was so bad
in La Porte yesterday that even
the .ids were walking.
A flock of robins, their wings
apparently iced ,by the frozen
rain tied up traffic-at an lter-
set ion when they hobbled a-
cross on foot.

- 9-

So s.. :




Four door Sedan, Hy-
dramatic, Radio, Fully
Equipped, Excellent-
condition. Priced to Sell

Four door Sedan, Hy-
dramatic, Radio, S/Cov-
ers, W/Walls. Good Buy.

Four door Sedan, Hy-
dramatic, Radio, New
Paint, S/Cdvers, Good
Appearance. Runs Well

Four -door Sedan, ly-
dramat'c,,adio, A 0 /-
Walls. A- g9&.
to Appreciate it

Four-door Sedan, New
Tires, Good Paint, Stan-
dard Shift, A-1 Shape

Catalina Green Super
De Luxe, Radio, Hydra-
tmatic,, Good Paint,
Beautiful Car

Two door Sedan, Hy-
dramatic, Radio, S/Cov-
ers, Good Tires and


Two-door an San-.-
dard Shift, Goo" Tir
& Paint, Beautifuru
ning Condition

Bel-Air, Very Low Mile-
age, Radit -.Wi ,
Standard Fh iftt ie

Four-door Sedan, Pow-
er Glide. A Clean Car
Four-door edan TwS
tons kety,4 ABe
Buy, ". ".


Ivy., I "
"I '**

(WA $4.^

'a ~*~r.;
P. .'L v..~.

., a .
.? U-





AL A:..

I -

. .~.

i I I



SFOR RENT:-Cool. comfortable
Furnished room outside city.
Kitchen and l,'na room privi-
leges. Phone 2-2299
FOR RENT F-,,r.hed or un-
furnished room. F.r r Street. Per-
eilf No. 7-130. Api 12. Phone

Ballroom Dance Classes for Pre-
Teens & Teenagers ore now form-
lIo. Rep4t4ir nnw by callinra
rhorninat Bll'oa 2-4239. aftpr 5
p m. rnll El Pen"ma studio Par.
3-16d-swui'e 111 Cloes weil
start April ?n'1 nt 9 ; m. & 10:3l
PT Balboa YMCA 12-30 p.m &
2 '.m. at El Panama Hotel studio
ONLY teennae cla'Ps will ,be
held at Balboo YMCA l1-4z
Hour lessons & FREE doaie book
ONLY $10.00. HARNETT &

Position Offered
WANTED Secretory, English-
Spanish, with some bookkeqoir
or accounting experience. SUbmit
application stating minimum sal-
ary acceptable, age, experience.
and give complete addFrss and
phona number. Address "Alabo-
mn Coroorotion," r/o Apartodo
1494, Panama, R.P.

WANTED: AUtomobile Sales-
man Must be verve active, neat
In aooenrance. Write Box 5035
Cristobal. Send photo With letter.


.. -- I

?.'- .??C4. **{ I **
tefe'^tte^'f1'""'''^*'" -*1'-****
y m~j y^a-n mu

S .. ,

* -. ,r.~ :*'~7~

., 'V..

^- r *~~ *^ ^ ar^^ j^^^^^^^

L 'Withl WNyara
.ta~st pDS"

0.' 5 0.15 S
with Scott Brady
with Jonm Wayne

with MOIRA 8ARmaB

!Iwo -mw~wUw -tow .311

with fcLOYD iU GoES



ILIA Theatre ;. a

Atlso: -

Also: -



Gold PdMe. U.4'
"Captain Scarlet" ,.
wi;h Richard Greene
Geo. Montgomery

- -

spring Blizzards Cause 7 -

Death, Injury In US ..- -. .
S .. e Written for NEA Service 1
'ICAGO.. March 23 (VUP)- 'h South was plaed *
e i. g b elarlea and floods from tWrwtia ralna<}
arm smashed acrota the while the Paific "Northwest ,A, i
west ,an the Ohio Valley caught heav wda. As
tIy cae ,tea- lac where uses a nd taxi bs 10 8
lWSageI md t e. storm in nearv t A \

"d- daof prtoa [stopped running. Schools were 4A *o o 0 + E
SA least II os were closed at Appletqna pandbusiness 442 J. 1 7 / 5
e,'mostly i but some Iirnia closed at noon SoCmTB a
e) mW tt ow or ]ka- In Indiana 70-mlle-an-hour 4 3
.*.the .--- .s winds, blasted out windows, V QI .. -K-
ui idin0, srd knows swept knocked over brick wall and Q 4 i K
ilo.. ndlans and south*%ftelled trees and power lines. I

Telephoe and power lines stones a half inch in diameter Pass Pa
were torn down over a wide and gusts up to 86 miles an Opening lead- 0 }
*rl; rOads were blocked with hour. *_/ __i__ _'_vu
w d traffic lnarled, air At Erie. Pa., school child 1I
line ,operations were halted in were sent home in mid-morng When Mrs. Olive Peterson lay.
lome areas and many .schools when winds up to 80 miles nd ed today's hand in the recent dur.
were closed. ehourt. were forecast, and at Iott- nament in Atlantic City, one of the' Ps. b
Fotecastetr warned that an. burgh the wind knocked out spectators missed the point "It! I ria ...3-10
other bll~ard was brewing in power in two districts and haltm- was a very -easy hand," said the
the north hnd was due to sweep d a trolley line,, kibitzer, "as Icg as the o ponents -Oh, It isn't s upposd to be anything in partiloular'.-It'
South Dakota by tonight. Meanwle severe col were obliging enough lead modern art!"
Chliap aght', raging bli below zero t Bemidji. Mlnn.- spades for you. ...
Iar tatS owed the pace of followed the stom. Lows of 5 "It was-nice of them,wasn'tit?" .-. -
'a etropollA ad turnedany to 10 above zero were forecast agreed Mrs. Peterson. Of course
lburtB into waatelands where in the southern Great Lakes Olive was far too polite to point out
abilitytym in the wind-driven region tonight with tempera- that her own play had forced the
w as erly zero. Hundreds tures in the 20' expected a opponents to lea spades whether
oqinultrs were stranded and th e Ohio Valley. the liked it or
Sinor airane operatlaon5e r-eaha ndi
e Idet t ~ lcan ame. d shifted toth six or diamonds I Td BRIDGSna -*:
et shta b r tonig. Ma, fierseolnwth the ke o g ingeo og dionleds a
3c, 1 %iVt,. esp ft I. Mcann nbamedeg anB E

VW .i .eandt ak A "r. ar t lheeda trumpstodur ms ten, Of c
Iresae tito waslal Lnle elariflh Wrltr othd rump s to dummy's queenG r** .'J 11
i "a Porte, mld., about 5 iW ^yip^MI wwo i and ruffed dummy's last club. ONlYw TOP SUSPEN8E I U.... i
robns, rounded with ice-cov- ....... Having ruffed out the clubs ad NL DRAMA! THEATRE
ereit wyin; halted trafic at an WAoIntont.t Marc 23 (Ua fr'draewn trumps, Mrs. Peterdon
tse Cl untI th an- The White House announcedcashedteco fdiaM on and
ed to pa today that Kevin McCann w it ave up a diamond trick, not car
B a urlnn tratn erve Sull time as Presien.1- S which opponent took it. II -- -- m
a 'nhower chief speech writer. ast h peed to win the third --
wa r onI- the en Mccann has received a two- round of lamods. If East led an.
cowt er was cut ear leave 6T absence from Doe- othr diamond, South would di
Sance College in Ohio of which oeard a spade and t ff in d mm.

S s d,., dre,, r McCa has been serving spade and hoe win two tes
e" t n oo t periodic leaves from the col- in ti. l in Et led the
df-g. of t falling wires ... seP dentEenhow eight of spades, however, Mrs. P-' I -' I U/ U T
,o ffie: teron played low. West had to putIIl V II, Ili!

inlet a weather task ble mer released on leave for two years spades, howev r he would then be
geno y light.- through 195. "Kevin now and forced to return a spade to the D
feqnwbie severe thunder- hasB been for many years one of ace-queen. I trump, MrTs T o
ats mov eastward, brtag- -y principal associates," the d Just for the fun of it, see what n dFO I I
g a warning of possible to President ad. describing Mc- happens to this hand if declare -
nadpes' frd' Martlnsburg, w cann as a "friend on whose draws trumps" and lives up the [ s -1 -- -. _I
Va., to near Dover Del. talents I rely heavily." diamond trick without first ruffing o
out dummy's clubs. East wins the 11 L V L LJ I
-mrouf ofo i .diamond, and w uls.
out safely by returning a club. U with JQHN DEREK
A Lanc Colg ink A Ohi of whc car a Now declare must ruff and gPELA
: i L FRIDAY! must lead thespades herself. No JOAN EVANS
ewas killed Whtrt spematter how dor plays the ik
M an has been s erving hereOs aides, slhe must l se two spade
i BOY SCOUT BENEFIT SHOW! the c k-ifnshthseuith st let hersl
In gN--tyr-----r 3 vc'Easter Parade o
as "'./ I [ oN STAGE Show, Dance To Be
V4.8igI 0.M. ONLY! pHeld At Elks Club m 'e
Sday for Alfred Blachkman's -an. th-
n o bnual attter ParadEe show and e I
Thisp year's show will be
t FO RT sented at the tlks Cl b on -e
trial Ave., starting at 9:30 p.m.
AMADORnno osibeto reiand will bi in hothpr of As- tishndidc
rAMADOIR semblyman Alfrgeo Crstwell. Stat$ SAT

a. .t o e o FOLLIES ethe ,w a aon nte. ^dmi io YOUt'RE SEEING IT FROM A FRONT-ROW
If prices are 1 for men and 40
,..__ cent for women. THE I OADWAY Music

BALBO A 6:15 .05e I DIABsO eiTS. 6:1N 7:45.
mat-EOnerow dlerrnployssth
C Joanm. DRU
"Dtuff of San Qudutis"

8 MAR@AMlWa 1:I 5:45

.- .,.Pm-ns."re well'-nderwwayma


H. Atkimson, 5S. ib the U. S.
commander of the unified
Army, Navy and Air Force de-
fense of Alaska A veteran of
30 years in the military, Atklin-
son served in England, Africa
and Italy during World War IL



E-^t l N


j IllM.1*
P 'j


r. -.*Wb .* ,. ,)..LH 7S. .-. '.
.., -t.a
.- -'/-.i .

Syria Accuse
Turkey Of Trying i

To Sever Relations
DAMASCUS, Syria, March 2i.
(UP) Syria yesterday accused
the Turkish premier of. attempt.-
ing to provoke Syria into sever-
ing relations with Turkey.
The Syrian legation at Ankara
-aid 'urkish Premier Adnan
Venderes summoned the Syrinu
minister in harsh undiplomatid
terms and rejected-a conciliatory
note from this country.
The note was an attempt to
assure Turkey that Syria's pio-
jected defense pact with Egys).
and Saudi Arabia was not anti-

Mrs.Ledgister Dies;
Burial Tomorrow
'At Pueblo Nuevo
Mrs. Agnes J. Ledgister died,
yesterdayy at the Panama Hospi-
tal at 6:20 a.m. *
A Jamaican, Mrs. Ledgister
was the wife of the late Charles
Evans Ledgister who died 10.
ears ago and Is survived bvy er
-hildren, Enid, Roosevelt, Jenls.,
Dorothy and Alice who Is in the C
U.S.. six grand children and in
three great grand children. at
Funeral services will be held, bi
at the Panama Church
at East 16th Street tomorrow.
Thursday at 3 p.m. and burial,
will take place later at the Pue- I
blo Nuevo Cemetery. i

Anniversary Dance
To Be Held Soon I
By Windsor Club |
The Windsor Club will hold I J
a semi-formal dance on Aprillr
30 in observance of its fifthh
anniversary, it was announced
today. I
The dance will be held at'
the Casino Vifia del Mar- inf
San Francisco de la Caleta with [
Armando Boza and his orches-
tra providing the music. I
Invitations are being Issued I
at Sealey's photo studio and
members of the Windsor Club.



*4> f I',.


- m m- -_* u.J _'..'
i -- -m l -------I-----IF':

1* .-.0-.p .
; .'-- ,'* ', -^ -**'^ ^" i '



____~_ __

r II r-- I-;-_--- C ~ I rl


--I'~:" ~'~.'I~;



ATCHING THE SPIRIT-Two U S. Marine trainees in Wabh-
gton practice hand-to-hand comrbat, using protective equipment
nd pugil sticks. The Marine Corps says such bouts with the
g sticks stimulate Interest, enthusiasm, competitive spirit and -

~ l.d


rarGP 'Ir.T


Seven Rookies Already


CENTRAL 4,7-I eU. R. Shantz. Duser (3), Boyer the way to the female members.
C (7), and Fricano (9' and As- It was rumored (z Its a fact)
Tel. 2-2604 troth, W. Shants (7). WP Cox. she also showed t way to her
LP ricanao HR Neal 2, husband Sunday moving!! Any
= M *Moore, KeUent. comment B. K.?
; .., .J> --A i' ,- p ------- r i -



j. j. harrison jr. ,
is__i t- is *

Six Youngsters Ready JoaquinCapilla,

For Opening Day Roles Pat McCormick

By FRED DOWN Sweep Diing
NEW YORK, March 23 (UP)-A select seven By HAL WOOD
of the tl oadd rookies who reported to spring train- MEXICO CITY, arch 23 -
ing o- March 1 stood out today as "having made the (UP) Joaquin Capilla of Mex-
biff I r irra-de -ico and Patricia McCormick of
big uau :R cg rde .Los Angeles are in the process of
There are still "sleepers," of Howard, batting around .400, sweeping all the diving titles In
course, but the newcomers who has been used in the outfield the Pan-American Games.
seem certain to occupy key roles and at catcher this spring and The slender Sefior Capilla
with the season only three weeks impressed Casey Stengel in United States champion but a
distant larb pitcher Herb Score both positions. He obviously native Mexican. goes after hils
of the Cleveland Indians, catch- can't beat out Yogi Berra be- second crown tomorrow the 10.
er Harry Chiti of the Chicago hind the plate and isn't like- meter (about 32.8 feet) platform
Cubs, infielder Don Zimmer of ly to win a regular berth in title. He already holds the three.
the Brooklyn Dodgers. infielder the outfield but Stengel has meter championship.
Ken Boyer of the St. Louis Car- indicated Howard will stick. Mrs. McCormick, holder of
dinals, outfielder'J. W. Porter of It's even possible he'll see serv- five U.S. titles, bagged the
the Detroit Tigers, first-baseman ice at first base. three-meter crown here yes-
Gus Triandos of the Baltimore Other rookies with g o o d terday while two of her
Oriolg and catcher-outfielder chances of making the trade at team-mates finished second
Elston Howard of the New York this point of spring training in- and third.
Yarkees. clude pitcher Ed Roebuck of the As tne second annual games
All except Howard are ticket- Dodgers, outfielder Angel Scull moved toward a successful close
ed to be in opening-day line- of the Cincinnati Redlegs and these championships were decid-
ups or, in the cae of Score, to outfielder Bill Virdon of the Car- ed yesterday:
operate as regulaS. Howard, dinals. In the American League, Women's valley ball Won by
who will be the first Negro ever those with a ood chance are Mexico after beating Brazil yea-
to play is regular American catcher Hal Smith of the Orioles, terday 3-2 the Mexican girls
League game otr the Yankees, catcher. Hank Folles of the In- have a 5-0 record, with one game
will be retained as a pinch- dians and Infielder Harmpn Kil- to play. All other teams have
hitter and extremely timpor- lebrew of the Washington Sen- lost at least twice.
tant utility y ayer ators. Baseball Title clinched yes-
Score, though suffering with Bob Porterfield was the win- terday by the Dominican Repub.
several minor ailments, has al- ning pitcher as the Senators beat lic with a 13-8 win over th
lowed only one hit in six innings the Dodgers, 4-3, yesterday while Dutch West Indies. United States
of Grapefruit League pitching the Cardinals nosed out the Red- finished second after beating
Manager.Al Lopez concedes "he'.1 legs, 7-6, the Boston Red Sox Venezuela, 13-2.
stick and start a lot of games downed the Pirates, 5-4, and the Women's basketball United
early in the season" in an effort Chicago Cubs scored, a 3-2 States won its seventh straight
to make the Indians' "big three" triumph over the Cleveland In- game with a 62-43 triumph over
a ".ilt four." dians. Chile and cinched the title.
Chi a 220-Pounder is de- Women's three-meter diving
scribed as "atiother Gabby Hart- Won by Mrs. McCormick with
nett" by Cuba,' enthusiasts anc. 142.42 points. Second went to
a ev aJeanne Stunyo, Grosse Point,
'regular job. Mich., with 137.41 and third to
Zimmer's brilliant sp r i n g | Emily Houghton, West Lafayette,
showing has pushed second- a ue Ind., with 133.12 points.
baseman Jim Gilliam into the L Water Polo -r- Argentine head-
background and the only ques- .ed for the title with a 10-victory
tion seems to be whether he will over the Dutch West Indies and
open-the campaign at third base needs a victory in one of its two
or second base. Don is hitting a- By UNITED PRESS remaining battles. U.S. which al-
iound .350 and has proved him- ready has two losses, trounced
,self a bettor dluble-play* pivot- At Orlando. Fla. Mexico, 11-2.
man than Gillian. In the 10-meter diving yes.
m enr, a .319hitter for Hous- (10 Innings) terday, Capi took a com-n
ton' ast season, will open the n msnding lead In the six core
either third base or shortstop. Washington 010 200 000 1-4 13 0 of 88.6, i ith his younger
He's been the most consistent n. / brother, Alberto, in second
Cardinal hitter this spring and' Loes, Darnell (), Lam elord wth 81.10, followed by Art
has Impressed manager dde (10) and Campane lla. o1fa y of Miami, Fla., 76.42,
;tanky with his defensive abi. Abernath, Porterield (6) and and Gary TobiLan, Los Angeles,
wity at both third and short. t ger ald.Olds 3). WP 76-23. The four optional dives
S Porter, a a-year old-right- terfneld. .P ltaSorda. HR ated for tomorrow.
lded slu ger, will start in the Ruiniels, Hodges, Fitzgerald. The qualifying round for the
ert outfi iong with Al Ka- finals of the 200-meter butterfly
line ad a Tutle. i De- o.' swim for men found twQ men
troit one of the youin t t T A .- shattering the old Pan-American
both -leagues. Porter as smash- At Tueson, Ari. record. Eulllo Rios of Mexico was
.ed tprin and clocked in 2:37.8 and Walter 0-
S a = job CI go1 20 0 2 1 campo, Mexico, had 2:41.7. John
a Cleveland 000 002 000 5 3 Helson, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., led
Tr I f Nd th P mte rn (6) and hi the U.S. qualifiers with a 2:42.4.
"hom2Oi t ose Or P u ll t i 2?6( Tomand.k peti Finals are slated today in the
b beginning o fWoletos (. p Tomanek 17 400-meter free style and 100-
bp but manage- ain ukeea mR .- pll0t L meter backstroke finals for men;
Paul s a yesterday, W HR ope.and 100-meter freestyle finals
"He' -baseman 1 js t and 400-meter elimination for
as 1 a, keeps meeting 'the women. There also is duet com-
all Grapefruit At Bradento.Fla petition in the synchronized
i bg tI g average is a raent swimming.
S t.1u e Toledo (A.A.) 000 020 100-3 7 1
Milwaukee "B" 200 000 000-2 9 0Along The Fairways

Enoi Toddy .35, .20 Willy, Stewart (5) and Leguna.
SdI'eMASCOPE! 1Gigi, Cave (5), McMahon (8 Golfing Gossip From The
flM Mirek. in and Queen. WP Stewart. LP Amador Ladies
V vNTRB OF Cave. The winners in the "Medal
HAJJI lk A" Play" Tournament on Thursday
Alo Van Heflin, in --- were:
T0- __ fr At Clearwater, Fla., Mllwau- Beulah McNelly Net 70
454? Today A jAi ke vs. Philadelphia. canceled, Anne Moynihan Net 73
1PAVISHI rain Second Flight
D v90M.P deRonda,n ----- Aline Wood Net 64
e Una Mer" Mary Roman Net 701 tie
ante, in At Daytona Beach, Fla., De- Phylls Bass Net 70
OR AL GRITO troit vs. Baltimore, canceled, Congratulations to Aline Wood
SGUERRA rain. on her good game of 81 gross,
and to Betty Hayter for her low
26 putts.
A "Best Nine" Tournament is
At Sarasota, Fla. scheduled for Thursday, with %
|handicap allowed. A golf ball will
I Pittsburgh 000 000 103-4 11 1 be awarded for the least putts.
VE Boston 000 100 04x-5 13 1 Come on out and join in some
'Cur4 Vt:Kfun and good exercise on Ladles'
King, Face (7) and AtW'ell Day. Take advantage of the dry
Brodow ski, Schroll (6) and Da- season roll and the excellent
ley. WP Schroll. LP Face. condition of the greens.
There is a little over a month
to go on to the "Ringer"' Tour-
nament. Please be sure that your
At St. Petersburg, Fla. score cards are properly marked.
BASKET A I Al Cincinnati 001 000 014-6 10 2 left with the weekly Tournament
Ross. Podbielan (5), Collum (8) Ruth Cherry and John Wilks
and Bailey. Moford, Jacobs (5). Lead McCallums Ringer
Tlefenauer (B9. Smith (9) and The McCallum's Ringer Tour-
HOE Rlce.- WP Jacbs. LP Pod- nament sponsored by Duran's
Sbelan. and being played at Summit
Hills Golf Club, showed a lot of
AT progress last week.
*. *i A lot of good golf was played
At West Palm Beach, Fla. but not enough to overcome
I i -- *. Brooklyn 'B' 020 000 044-10 14 1 a grao 68.B. Maurice Cherry and
/l gfglqft Kansas City 001 330 200- 9 14 1 Carl Sergef are fied for second
with 71. "Creepy" Surface leads
Lehman, Bessent (5), Koufa' the club with 4 birdies.
(T), Cox (0), Black (9)- and How- Ruth Cherry continues to show

Foaltering Philip "-.IE
Ahml's rfe io iled w" bruises,
we.-wern ae am ip rgs be Al.
o*pe' Woul UM hkaig blhome lme wm.. L .
A. O ,MIeds. mithe rwght ,h. .. .,
ra ,' n .' .11 Ss stf.w i_ "_17A





I _



- /

j. o.-*




HUMBERTO ROBINSON, the orator thAt helutoday, we' ot
24-year-old Panamanla pitch. -,worried aboutn-hi sightae H
ing star, has caused majorlbuald and ar htn ao
league managers,., playes,.fanm ls s atight.s'. tZ.. ii
n baseball writers toit be able to lold bisown
. and take notice, and from all in- the esta-ed tars of -te big
Sdications Rob y is Ing to stick ti e.
-with the aMil wauee Braves of We recall that juu It arf
the National League, that is. back, a young man, '
ffnIHumberto's latest feat was his Shants by name, was a 2o-he
, *blanking of the Chicago White winner for the then Phi&ladeTpjp
Sox on Monday, in four innings Athletics and we as inthe
s in which he gave up no hits, no American League that. :aga.-

r In his stints around the Florl- Robby has demonstrated cl
da training camps this spring, against an kind of competition
Robinson has worked 12 innings, et as me aup to now, and ti s
permitted one hit, (of the scratch and again has risen to the oce&.
.^B ^^ ^B .7. ...variety, 'against brookyn): and dion when the odds were fetml..
Ie allowed no run and no free ny insurmo ptabl we
p aadses. ,"We hi Panam e RHunt
-.(lNEA Telephoto) bero Robinson has arivetd:
STHE CHAMPIONS -- Coak Dudey 4 Q 'fthe victorious Duquesne University basketball team The March 16 isue of the
Sis borne triumphantly on. the ou.lde* of 1Tayers after his team won the National Invitation Spo rl News carries a piece OT h R PAtAeWANIrA~d try.
Tournament at New York City.' Duqe downed Dayto, 0-58. by Red, Tisted, in Ing for p n the bi le
which he, says that Milwaukee are Pat Scantlobury. (linea.
manager Charley Grimm Is ati Redlegs) and Heeter oe-
Sstrumming 'his well-known pes (Easnas city Athlete.
Sbanjo with even greater enthu- Pat has appeared on the ill
iasm n U .S j shnowadays, because fcseveralutimesspd bag wf 11e
FiveAChSmH.. AWAS. A n Bete G the greatC amise some of the game. Lo en promi.

To Show At Panama Stadium tt: battedtoropez,*h
__yl e," goes on to say .in part Lopes is adapting himself tb see.
-......-Robinson throws pretty nd base in a manner wb has
Five tp notch athletes fromgood, too and has a natural Impressed the manager and his
the w.. will comp etes sinker theac Ocould make him very coaches and as of now. there Is no
SU. w oe valuable In relief If nothing else,.eauea to whether this well-built
local track and field stars t Iotut th ere a' till a queuti n ue o awseer pokab well -bt
night at 7:30 at the Olympic ,o lad or- Spook Jacobs will be the
Stadium. .ow often -he can work. He second baseman when the
V-. a Capt.. ..b .. weighs in at about 0 M pounds. begins....,,
The visitors are on a goodwill An o, course he has such sea- -...
Latin American tour and to- ei r a1s ase o a- ., W If = ,'
night's p has been sor- ed firearms ahead of him as O P
as t of the events listed are 'le reveals: The poWer ofo
forts w ie Mr. Thisted's fears a- Prescott, rookie atfielder
for men and -st rlota Goode bout Robby's lack of bulk and Hollywood, has a ht the
.I| the most outtanding of the Ithe tight competition that. he of manager Bob_ ta a. t
Panamanian girlsstar who will be up against on the first his first three days f ra
will partciat. divion Milwaukee club, mI e Hll
S'The events for men are. 110-e we... -.. ...ight with the Hollywo Sta&r, (Pa.
Smeterhurdles, 100,200.400m- be well grounded, we in Panama, ic Coast League) Pi e se ott
meter flat and these; 100, 200 400meters, who have seen Humbeto blo washed three drives far over
era flat and the 1A50meters, ,o out from the green teenager, the 390-foot left field ,fene at'
broad jum, shot put, s'discovered" in 1950 b Cristo- Anaheim. The PA am
Jack Davis, who after having o il land in e Colon chaser, playing with Denyer la
Jag ovincial-Amateu, 'A League, to the wester nr eavelI
been defeated by world famous the cool and effective moundop-batted 311
OC T TbHarrison Dllard 'n 152 has witho a^ndeffel oun oin'd,1 w u ls 1 ,
compiled 78 consecutive victo- ,
rules, will be the main attraction
in the 110-meter hurdles.
In the 400 meters, Lou Jones
who holds the world record for
this distance, set in the present
CASH AWARDS Brig. Gen. W. E. Laidlaw, Chief of Staff, US. Pan American Games, will give __ _i _
Army Caribbean, presents cash awards at the Army Navy Club onlookers an idea of his class.. t
last week to the Technical Service Officers team which placed The other Amerlean athletes
.first in the Fort Amador Officers bowlte league. receiving are Johnny Kelly, 1,5 mad .
the award is team captain, Capt. J. A. eroth 23rd Quarter- n5,0meter artist who has
master Co., Corozal. C.Z. They are (left to right): Brig. Genc. two taken part in the famous PACIFIC LITTIE LEAGU,
Laidlaw; Col. Willard R. Seymour, QM, USARCARIB; Capt. Boston IMarathen; Joan Ben- SondH .. ,...
Meroth: Maj. John R. Dooley, 7466 AU, Corozal; Maj. Morris nett. who boast a second in ecn Half Team Stan4In Mclhm0e, | b
Swartz, 7440 AU, Ft. Amador. Members of the team not pictur- the recent Pan Americanr W L s e tJo er, b ri
ed are Capt. Bob Ryan. Hq. 23rd Inf. Div. Ft Amador; Maj. Bill Games with a jump of 26 feet Gpi r Cola 5 1 .833 LsAmbert, 2b 1 3 .
AsOden, 7440 AU, Ft. Amador: MaJ. Jim Ball. HQ. USARCARIB; and Olympic hu apon Parry Gibraltar Lfe 5 2 .14 B.eck, Sb 2?
ana Capt. Gordon Field 25th Medical Detachment, Fort Clayton. O'Brien, the shot put and dis Lincoln Life 4 "3 .71 DuboIs. e a *
Technical Service, who won 63 and lost 21 games, was one of the eas specialist ~ho won both Seymour Agen. 4 3 .571 Parker, p q .I
eight officer teams that bowled once a week from November to these contests In the 195 Pan Police 2 6 .250 Engelke, as 3 0 0
March at the Corozal bowling alleys. American Games. It is ander. Elks 1414 1 6 .133 White, If t 0 *
(U.S. Army photo) stood that O'Brien will try for --Bowman. If 5 0 1 ;
a record tonight. Lincoln Life 3, Gibraltar 0 Basett, rf 1 0 *
There will be no charge for the Gibraltar Life yesterday top- Crook, Ife 2 0 0

S11,I ketb0ll 0sties of Parker 's fire ball." ---
Tubbs. If / q / j .tat 1c Baskaetbal 2.- | sonly once was Perky In trou- A
program wb 2inc 00a s e pble, in the final rame Dickle ATLANTIC I I'IE
game t 0 0 A o/. a ol. dM HFirst I Snyder nicked Parker for a safe r, f
Slow, and after the next batter Fightin hard to 1
o__ p 0, Ag~m 0* -tu w(. gent downb vida s thestrieol t scond- ha lf r ia s tepolio # S
-- r ,'55oMeeting rMonday Boby ds cold ae o behind the defe
OCELOTS TRIP PUMAS 8 TO x-Morrit is batted for Dubois in hispsecondosfeenck. ish orat -C Boa o 1Braveso to S. tith
S 8 9st o ra'ndon ere5" 1:4i rs t on apced a atru Basev .no tieg a
5th. The Atlantic Basketball Lea tcue, loading the bases with to play off, the
Playing good ball the Ocelots preparing to get underway n onl one out. However arker into sndla the
took the Pumas over the hurdles vs. PUMAS their sio th consecutive season regaied his form and retired Jimmy Pa e lumbo was the win
by the score of 8 to 6. will hold their first meeting at th next two batters on strikes nr over Brwthe wt
Although defeated, the Pumas T. Cunningham, 3b 1 0 0 0 3 the Margarlt Oymnasium on to end the rising boys itchiran Lut., with bqoth
gave a good account of them- Corrigan, s5 3 1 0 2 4 Monday night, (March 28) at 7 tBase-on t ahitisewasi th terms.pJiM o almost equd4.
selves. A timely hit in any of Lovelady, p 4 0 0 2 1 pm. downfall of the Gibra ltar team out el ht wa hks, struck-i
the outcome. Wills, cf 4 2 3 4 0 The .League plans an early dw a of th ndInninb, Lincoln alsou ei e h-U,. ak 5 Brian.
Orlando Nufies was the victor Webb, c 4 2 2 3 start,-probably, the last week in fe, taking advantage of Butch 10 and Walked ur.k
and Jimmy Lovelady the van- Reynolds, lb 4 0 1 5 0 May, and will therefore be an- e's lack of contol, put live o.
quishep. Billy Halvosa and Bruce Hele, If 4 0 0 1 1 xious to get all preliminary busi- agers o th bases byc'o waycOl fivIThe'" ......
Bateman hit for the circuit for Torres, rf 2 1 0 0 0 ness out of the way at this first menon three of these walks in the wh a
the Ocelots and Bobby Wills cot- Priest, 2b 1 0 0 1 0 meeting. wa. and. t t s iote -irs
elected a homer for the Pumas. First item on the agenda Mbn- were converted into runtls t.h on b a ..r
Today, the Madaws play the Totals 23 6 6 21 12 day night will probably deal with sThe "walko cgam eGibraltar hit bya g royt .. sced on
Palomas. Lerry Durfee will most the number of teams to be ad-sto ofs tveu gamn .wfr tickets P by P91_ ,erigpht'.
likely start for the Macaws op- Ocelots 004 121 0-8 mitted into the 1956 league. p tche gave up ten.ree tic h tw P r it bac .to soe-
posed by either George Barbier Pumas 101 120 16 Franchises for last year's part, to first base whereas Ralph two runsetht a hit.
or Jefl bline.eTommyrDurfee willuParker allowed only two. These
or Jeff Kline. Tommy Durfee will Jcipants will be given priority, but were to the same man. 2 the third the bs--'--
catch for the Macaws with John- it is believed that pol aibly an- another texture of the g... a ,a it wj .
ny nodgrass catching for the Su nmary. -Errors: Ocelota other two team might gain ad- er threl.4 doubleay the a 5 to 2.
The box score: Webb 2, Hele, Priest. un abat- as any others desiring to enter bow of the c@mbleds l along. ThIs wo, ut t I
ted in: Halvoga, Bate an 4; T. a team for the 1955 Atlantic Baa.- blow o d ickie outdo'
OCELOTS Cunningham, Reynolds, Wills 2. ketball League, are asked to of Butch Rgeor and the walks, back ou thd f
Players ab r h a a Bateman, Wills. Stolen bases: 2530 or 3-1833 as early as posal. Lincoln Life n 8ee gh.
McOriff, as 3 1 0 2 4 Laatz, McGriff, Nutez Bate- ble or have an authorized re- hitting power to.wi t -is "--. -
Halvosa, 3b 4 1 1 6 0 man, Thompso., Reynols.2.S- presentative at Monday night's GUBALITAB Luts u p
Nufiez, p, lb 4 2 3 0 0 crnifces: Corrnin. DoubDe play conab.- GIDRALnA a w ,-t. s
Bateman, c 4 1 3 10 2 McGriff to Halvosa. Left on bas- .'.___,,__, AB R reIli-'' xuowrm L
Crook, rf 3 1 0 0 01es: Ocelots 7; Plnas 8. Busea ___ ____ i t, ,lbp 3 0 et th -- g- .-"
Schcoch. 1, c 0 0 00 Sanders 2. StrNke-it. by Love-,i td, Sb 3 0 -e Ia
Tubbs, If 1 1 0 0 0 lady 5: Nu ea 7; Sanders 2. mnta ___,__,__-AdJ ,,b S 0 9 ... "i
Laatz, If 1 0 1 0 0off Lovelady or 8.runs, in 3---s=r nf3 0
DuBo3sSb 2 0 0 1 0 5-2/3 Innngs. Sandea for l "-1 0 0" .
Sanders, p 0 0 0 00 ders. Winnng' tehr- NKi40 7AN M RFI lEIU a c-n-o' 2 0 '
Engelke, p 0 0 0 00 (6-3). L a e : Lo ch.. .on,,a 0 ve
Total. 21 3 9 21 oTime: 1:40, o-, .. T _

: .- I.., .. i' ..".' : : .- "

''. n i ', Ir .I I

, s,.-...ahu ., N.6



t-la '-Oti" '

- .

Tr Mau lar Tracek Meet Iidy
*.: :: ,,

A o .
..... It's A Shame To mp

Jr. College On All That Enthusiasn

SAt alboa Eddie Joost Tells Gra yso
.1The plastic T rae k By HARRY GRAYSON ,
Set, skills of Jun- NEA Sports Editor
ot b High 4hoo .ath- TUCSON, Ariz. (NEA) Edwin
be held at David Joost, who is here at the
p.m. e Balbo Cleveland Indians camp as a
the Blba.Bdido utility infielder, gives you a
SI the ee al .w l be a Bob gum pretty good idea of what Kansas
Men ilme? C M b lambert Mau ova. Balbal igh Schol a stie so f two letter Bou, City can expect from its "brand
nr and high jumpijpgstr, clera a thebarat slxfeet. t He l l wU was elhnted thsesp new eamjor t league baseball
for arecor ump of 6 ft e n the Balb Rel by i teimates. Bob has team, the Athletics.
Ser.April 1sa re.r iatJorb t he sp "The Athletics," he says, "have
St events, broal home Pe-its no more than five major league
Ia the absence of WdIe Nape. BALBOA HIGH TRs T AM -. Returning let tnmidn who will carry the load for the Balboa players on the roster."
eon. Bulldo in the comg Interscholastic meet and the Balboa Relays. (Left to right, backrow) Joost should know better than
ba A alThe shot pt, pole vault, broad l Blakall Dod Napoleon, Robert Fo el. Jack Winklosky, Mike Deroat aBryant Ro- anybody t was his job to g-
by W saojump BHand 440 yd. relay events era, Jim Stevens.'. (Fr ,t row Willim Coffey, mbert Manto i Herb Raybourne, Is aac Pe- manage this team last year,
w t jum shwdt g dttn lbegtweant Bg swhen. they dawdled throu. h a r '
will again lead the parade. rez, Cesar Von Chbu.l 'ab Zumbado, captain. s when.they dawdled throu ha
SIMLastweekaMr c ld Mors a 103-los season at Philadealphia. n .
JO E WB.H.S. put the shot for 47' %" That was Eddie's first shot at
H ave Stute they sk for K eias t maJor league managin b.e. do "
J OE .W L Abringing him within 4% in. of a major n league managing Inb.
the 47' 5" mark set three days U s Arnold Johnson, who brought
.-e toe Pa e he earlier by Ray Nickisher of J.C. aiver Jtoo y the team to Kansas City, talked
MIAMI BZACIL--Let those among the faithful who have The pole vault will narrow only briefly with Joost them
en assailed by doubt be reassured. Baseball ei not only acutely (own to a battle between Don went out and hired Lou Bou-
ware of the presence of disturbing problems, but is moving huff B.H.S. and Curtis Jefferies e dreau to run his club.
ftly and vigorously to forge effective, .lasting solutions. J.C. Both boys tied for first at'll on1 .1- N
lere is, or example. "Play Ball Week," which started to-it. n the past week. StiA l h isfe "I guess Johnson thought I th
ay with an exhibition game between Baltimore and Washing-1 The broad jump will have sev- wasn't interested," he says. "I
n in Daytona Beach, Fla. Arrangements have been completed ral men who should go 20 ft.; wasn't atall surprised when the
or similar dedicatory exercises at all other major league train-. lay Nickisher .C., Bruce Orvis By HARRY GRAYSON The catchers, Stan Lopata and job went to Lou Boudreau. Re-
Sbase / J.0., Jim McKeown J.C., Herb e Smoky Burgess, are adequate gardless of what happens to that
b eI taybourne B.H.S., William Cof- CLEARWATER, Fla,1-(NEA)- -and can hit a bit Hitting, as a Frenchman he always winds up
Sthe best that can be said for the plagiarized ideals that it,This event should be an exciting highly pleased with the new Burgess does. right... $50,000 a year. Edde
'an do the game no harm. I'uel. Clearwater park, Jack Russell Joost makes no secret of the
However, baseball L* less in need of promotion than of pro- The 440 yd. relay could' see a Field, named after the.old relief That brings us dov)n to pitch- fat he feels Kansas City is as stand Finigan asking for more.
However i a oe staes.o: urng, and the danger h*ere is that[ poor a club as can be found ins He'll do a good job, but the other -
ection-protection from shortsighted, avaricious owners wnese record broken for both Balboa pitcher. n
ad rush to fatten on TV-radio fees has dealt a glevous e, .nd Cristobal have come within Bob Cr center delighted you no longer start with Robin the big leagues. uy can't hit the ball ar enough
the minors, traditional proving grounds of future big leal a few seconds of the record m with the lies' new a ger, Roberts and Curt Simmons. You "Arnold Johnson has a mil- core anybody.
What an indecent mockery "Play Ball Week" must their earlier duel meets. Mayo 8mith, a driver from Bir- now start with Roberta, period. lion dollars ticketed for player 80. according to Joost, all the
etropoltan cities such as Newark and New Jersey,to Last but not least the mile minam Who started in the Simmons last year became a purchases they tell me," he new Kansas City Athle
woonc trenchant forces n the high minors, now aband I n with Robert Fogel B.H.S. Yaee chain tender pitcher, when he lost 15 snaps, "but where is the guy go- quire is a half dozen pit
nost ccwns with no baseball representation beyond the i 4 redicted to lead the way and But the trouble with the Phil- while winning 14 with an earn- inu to get them from? two catchers, three infielders
hool and Industrial league levels. ~ e 880 yd. run with Bryant Rog- adelphia Nationals is that Owner ed-run average of 2.81, the low- Talk of the league helping two outfielders. Outside of that,
Sand Isaac Perez batt t Carpenter is still searching for eat on the cub. This boy whoKansas City because it is new a the A's are well fixed on the
Play ball? The embittered echo of a colorful, thrilling bae e finish line. Both bongare what the club has needed since promised to make you forget a silly. The league didn't hel d..
all P;Lt across the river scornf1lY ask#: "With what?"e nish line. Bt boys are he bounced in with the banish- Ihe agu didn'thelp ield...
ll p across the river scorn ly as With wa" nfdent they canbreak the ot of southpaws now complains Connia Mack because he was old, Hank Greenberg, who has a
own here, the mockery was al the ore offensive byreas cord of 2:0'. With Eddie Na- ment from baseball of Bill Cox that pain is constant in the mus- did it Baseball is a cold-blood- way with older hands, telep-
Sthe otentatious seal, official solemnity an mpressivetra. oleon over a selge of sickness as far back as 1943 That is a cl es surrounding the long ten- ed business. ed Joost, asking if he could ay
What whill Florida fans o for baseball-aftrs pPlacey Ball Week"I he 100 yd. dash should pick -u second baseman and an outfield- don which goes over the shoul- Bobby Shantz's arm has to 100 games. Eddie, who will be 8,
What will Florida e anm s beo g r btasekalnrathw r dTayyll d wht (uite a bit of speed; Eddie doi er who can bat in runs. der. There is talk of his not come back if the A's. as present- in June, advised Cleveland's en-
sended and the teams beg n tre northward n Thery s no adsswh atarge .- do -.The eventhy',
s in a number of other states do: turno the the 100 in 10.3 two wes ago The Phllies, even whe they pitching until June-f at all. lv constituted, are to have even era manager that he couldn't,,
radns in a grccounts obig leaguof other states d tur which swamp their areas Lambert Mantlhani, I f usiqh- won in 1950, lacked the blg, in- those five ble *leaguers. assert. guarantee how many he could
I. Behind Ria e r e o J couli~er wUiat o nolo bet and Simmons Jooset.iHe big la rst thatser i tw s
radio accounts, o big league teams trainhere, Florswamp ust ed by C or spiratonal player. Del Ennis Behind Rberts and Simmons Joost. He list the other two struggle through, but that
Because 13 b ig league teams train here, Flunion.An d must be easily break or ie the bi and Granny Hammer never quite re Herman the German Weh- pitchers as Arnold Portocarrerc knee was all right.
the moat .basewuball-m n f id tatl b a ts auan k. nd ys arThee jump record of 6' 2' ." In last filled the order. meler, the ancient and honorable and Johnny Gray. The other twc
dnl U have professional baseball of any kind this year heThursday Hamner is back at nsq.tstop, Murry Dickson, B o b Miller he considers big leaguers are Joost wants the job, "I'm not
crme nlg sickness which has been decimating the minors since ThurSday's meet with Cristobal w hbeoswihhul
Owners sold out to the air wavefinally struck here. High School, Mantovan lear where he belongs, which hould teve Rdk Ron Mrozinski an Third Baseman Jim Finigan and a plutocrat," he said. The mos
bi ed the bar at 6' .1 help, but the outlook is that Bob- Bob Greenwood, the latter hurt Outfielder Bill Renna. I ever collected as a saertatop ,
Friday night will be the last by Morgan will have to plaw see- th an automobiles accident lastt wha s-00 beol d ,Mar
i preview of the track teams of ond base and the Oklahoma Kid t ear. "Renna definitely has poten- couldn't afford to pay anyo re.
Theopp a Balboa High School, Junior Col- failed to live up to the early rave Jim Owens, Johnny Meyer tiality," says Joost, "but with me, Even though I would now .
he average ob owner--a dstg ed from the few lhge and Cristobal High School notices of Branch Rickey. and Lynn Lovenguth, a trio of he ot hurt and did nothing utility infelder, I still hav .-
rts t who-- oldfancIt oth as to before they take to the track in right-handers from Syracuse, are much. Vic Power just didn't live wife, four boys and two hol
Sant skull a ewo ibe at to admit, or even ree- the Sixth Annual Balboa Relays It's a bit premature for a con- spectively. Because he is not ac- well liked. up to his recommedations, and to keep up for ht month"
,call anousdhe wo r-involved lsp onsorng a "Ply being held on Friday, April 1. clusion, so let's say that Ted complished as a flychaser, there Windin up and letting the Gus Zernial would have to hit Meanwhile, uie Jost ke e
the cal e nsIt -may .a si tateswhr All who are interested in s e- Kazanski, the $40,000 Beauty, I1 talk of employing Schell in Phillies are it, the one-time two million to help you. an eye on Kansas OltF. s ,,
S e his are in ted has not developed. Lou Ortiz, up t field, where he can do the Whiz Kids are now the Wuz e "I see where Finigan and shame," he conlu to
gredhad helped paralyze the st in the ffst Perhaps tending tllFrida meet arhe invited to at rom Roc4ester, Is the ly oth- last damage, and Installing En-wth not g much to look for. Spook Jacobs, the second base- that tel a 3i'
.13 .etraa .re P'ae7" onnFridaynthe nMarlfchf r s25 at 7dfIs dallandlEn-1,wIth o. S a c ob a; rttec-
the drthat their -losfinol leader. George M. p.m. In the Balboa stadium qr canqfldte. He's big and a good I is in right. ward to. man, held out. I ,Wag00er- .1mD -
Trauman, cou4 e acom lish nothing even it ?,e so willed. In any There is no admislon charge for loveman, but a soft ball hite.
case, e` seems to simply as a puvpt forhis big league this Interacholastic meet. bSthefaceslIn the infield willTorgeson i I si e i h
. flturlly, "Pla Ball Week" has his articulate endorsement. whothas taken off some we J ight, BIr vin I gt Iand e aith
In fa t, his ofieias ruhed bulletins of procedure to all minor at third. Jim Westlake, younger
leigueclubs ursng theiryfull participation brother dof the Indians' Wally
It goes without san t at Mr. Trautman sends his pro- and left-handed all the way B is "
Idund regrets to Newar, Jersey City, Miami and scores of other:. a big first baseman acquired w
fme baseball towns which have been killed off by big league from San Francisco who mav
Invasion via the air waves. a stick around for a spell. Floyd ,
S" Baker stays as a handy man. PHOENIX, Ariz. March 22 -
W ile Rome Burns Frehman foreman Smith's (NEA) -Wi-Wliht Mays may by th
Hairline recedes a little more attraction as the Giants workout
Of course, "Play Ball Week" is not the only striking move when he ets past Enns. now at Phoenix' Municipal Stadium" u
the baseball fathers have taken to make their product more at- bWuwearing lasses. and Richie Ash- but the baseball peoples' eyes are
tractive and. hopefully, 'stop the downward box-office spiral. Ashburn nthe outfield. The fleetes on Monford Merrill Irving.
(The Yanks won five straight pennants and attendance dropped By BOB FELLERA shburn this year anticinates Irvin easily could be at the
five sy303 FEUER breaking OussieBuhr's National eos caree we a tie
five straight years.) Written for NEA Serivce League consecutive game record a ege a to fstep doitwnitsime
Possibly it never occurred to you fans that unless the width by the way. The Tilden Towhead itr s always said when a star who
of the catcher's box was reduced to 43 inches, the entire s.ruc- has 750, the mark is 822 has lost that step wants to hang rh
ture of. the sport might come apart at the seams overnight, andhaslotthstpwn stoha
Len there would be hell to pay. The other outfielders are Mel Irvin this spn appears to b
Thank. goodness, the fathers were perceptive enough to do Clark, Danny Schell. Johnny Wy- stepping into the inside pitch the _
aomething about that, so this year if the catcher steps out 01of rostek, Bob Bowman and Larry he laid off too frequently last sea- "-.
t box before h pitcher lets the bal o (this applies to i- Novak. the latter two highly-re- son, when his battirEg average Al Rosen Monte Irvin '1
tnt fonal passes) it's a balk.arded youngsters recalled from dropped from .329 to .262, his
's hardly noife e, to i remind anonte lat a threat to the r Syracuse and Terre Haute, re- runs-batted-in from 97 to 64. There is no sentiment in base-
d.mocratic way ot liae, need, to civiliation itself, li. the pitcher AND WHEN ON FEB. 25 some- ball however and Durocher is
ahro takes more than 20 seconds to deliver thne ball. The lathners one remarked that he was 36, tho ready to move. Hespeaks of try-
are a good care o that o. Wth nobod on, it's oin dignified Lincrln University alum- ng Bobby Hofman a first base
The fathers have stern-visaged umpires down here holdingg nus said: "Don't say that. So aml id.b Wh i rtL a
wee on the pitchers n ering tly a Irvin is conscious of his age- An alternative would be bring
he h ou er te new resra me o and his right ankle. He was the ig up 23-yearold Gab Harerins for
soethire ar wh arythatifg t ooew York Nationals' bi player enrst base. Harris, a big Tennes
Welle oewgxermtI temnr comtinue whatofol before suffering a multiple frac- reean and left-hande al the way,
the mhJors, in their present form, must follow. W4 hmee t Irvns and ted
the fathers can always have the comforting satisfaction of te a n ht her d ba
lowng"the neer eglcte th ly ita prbles o th "third base in an tion exh in game',13 runs whiee hitting 30 Wr
n t e e d u a l tA r Wers in Denver tn early April of 1952. Minneapolio. He figures to be
.wo. 'TthiTe l ar g e outfielder had been hack there this year--at least at oal,.
magnificent in the World series uthe start.g h
.... sb.r.t Ihe previous tall with sl hitp in 241 Reference to Irvin's ankle re- .t
.byaThe ankdeeiscstill on any mind," tAlRotsenofIthe Iendndianls ist WAvTCHDTHAT.WIDOe eaofavortey. ar mob
ohe0a hays Irving. oI doubt that it wll tLIR hand camped by the jammed I esas Phoenix. .ero_ tehor Sa. Petersburg,.New or., ,
ap a auu I ever heal to the extent where lile.p index singer of his throwing, a ouis Bst-tI, 7, decide to hold some "
eowon't think about it, say when hand, although the injury was in-e own. He'sa bit rumpled, and a brok
'aaboItdaplslideinto third ,-urred as far back aslasts sring, i e.nh.ot,.oui.ts stread-e, esn'teven o fn

meiy biggest r assi t came whenCy j 4It was Leo Durocher lacko g aeldal as Jim Rivera ran into the
y lapnick was made vice-p rea- hd' thproui t comple lAy ner o Seres__theIn-
ilent and general manage ao tithort al figure tlo53who was playing ,,,___dan__rvealed'hwbadl__the__r
As the r Joo an'd o ef scout,h rn nooes laothr fhal. Rre can boud th finge r a'

He wanted the Indians' trainer,
Ley Weisman,t wo kon n
hMd mdpitch DptL
fesionai bail in usd around Cleve-
lind until my ain came around,.',
The result was at I never saw AN O CE
The mlorms. A NOUNCES-
Ana"e. break: was VSam A. L -
Sin my elbow WEST COAST RVICE'

la heM/S "CHUMDE CMJW nex salih b Wisi (ue49 hcu h
plawo b. am u-CAST- Vw

htwo mneoe. Whn I hurt .ea
..,.SA" .. A5-PP 'I. .... -
- .-.. ig, ___-.,
... .doe.. M DERN R
,-,-,..,, -. L k : .. =-- -. ..hur-t- .. .. .. "

*M- A-.

__ ___~ __ __ ~_



: I

TI opS Athletes rm He.e 7To


"Let the people know the truth and the country Is a --.I brakmmLincoln.

i l I. i* i* Hi I *

4St. Lawrence Seaway Opening

W ill O utdo Ca i -Ex erts RETURN FROM TOUR ON NAUTILUS At Groton, Conn, members of the
on Atomic Energy wave from the deck of the submarine Nautilu, after a 20 r ectio
DETROIT, March 23 (UP)- and international commerce will River to permit flooding behind Robb said Windsor, Ont., cruise aboard the world's first nuclear-powered undersea craft.
Completion of the St. Law- .'have been tapped, the dam on July 1, 195, to aKow lying within the sbthows of
rence Seaway will have more "Optimism has reached its trial runs of generators. This the Detroit skycarpers on A
impact on world economy than peak and every small communi- would open the seaway for navi- the Detoit River, s inna better VA Pus E h s a A
the construction of the Pana- tyalong the Great Lakes coast nation, he said. position to become world
ma Canal, the nation's water- dreams of salt-encrusted ships Some foreign ships first start- t thn the mtor city Itself
ways experts agreed today. tying up at its harbor docks." ed using Canadian and United b of better planning and u M c Pro r Jord n f Second
The seaway will add 2400 miles Since that report was prepar- States Great Lakes channels in hical features.
of coastline to the heart of ed in January, other sources 1854. The first discussions be- recent report issued by I
North America, opening the way have predicted the opening of tween the two nations concern- a foreign relations sub- For A g YVeeranS rder C
for some of the world's largest the St. Lawrence Seaway as ing joint development of the sea-. comml grain was listed as "
sea-going freighters to reach early as 1958. way date back to 1897. the item to be shipped WAON March 23TEL AVI Israel
Detroit, Chicago and at least a .. With the advent of the raf- throu the seaway when it is W(UP) TNheVeterans Ach 23 ( A rael ster
dozen other major "inland March 3, Martin W. Oettersha- rods, water transportation soon completed. tion sidnt yeatprday it is put- ed a oradan of aey ao
n e Lf Crcapode.ut..icsur Irtiansaid yested It Ispto
p- rorts." trato of athe i Seaway pD velosp only after trd War at d A table prepared by the sub- ting new emphasis on its emphasis on is medi- I s .
ECORD HOLDER Parry A recent report by the Wind- ment Corp., said the new.waer- n vessels aiorin started us committees owl that 12,100,000 cal program for aging veterans. to investing mistice Commisalon
O'Brien, holder of the world sbor, Ont., Junior Chamber of way may open within the next th vwaterwaysa. to move own the new water who are becoming more of a
record shot put toss of over 60 Commerce said. "Construction three years. to move down the new waterway problem every year.ea

Itatripshn and by 195- w e r u th sch year w0 this age brace wll include 17 on to th United Natio
ao., tonight will s, sl, c t ad g t On Detroit, Milwaukee and million exr ce men and uce observation organiatio
Sbulldozers are movinalon the York State power authority e t subcommittee fixed 3b,- women. baaedmon an alleed attack at
BertsRetbavdrr.00,000 tons of cargo as the bus

Olymc disum.Th i L e rivr ch inited States and trip, and ectbed to 1 ,e doneidt d r u estabhing e
4, -s42,foron, th recently said the 8t. Law-the first year the deepened sa- specialized aclities
Spho was takn arenIhe saway "is already in op oy iina ine ome ratonrwith ne fn d le ati reter- tondyf Lsrelaled ft
wfore ietshifiea A rc.itec t w .keadsuc trutee obseratio olgainto,

Studies lsthmi n BuId gs dBert Roa2bb director of the o 00, os a year. SHE'S A DREAM Actress d ed t
States expecterways experts re Facilities geared to thespe- Janet Leh is "the young man's
sd, hp ieter the A c h ie tsea-g CMisl the first year to the deepSt Law- cal needs of aged patients have dream of what he epects o
ow chnels eteiway r ini operation, with4 e been built- into six ner love." At t, that the op
I hustaf Birch-Lndren 8wed-| Upon dis return to Sweden,.vacation-he and his wife visited now able to negotiated nar- recent eawav lla rprisient bedandoltno n ewd ^tng research let ththe o i
foreign vessels made 254 visits tH6'S DREA A4tre0s atl yeair 4r1
s t d esganinorts.sAll the itnadlan and Unit SHE'S A SDo tA Act

la hospital architect, left Pan- Bich-Lindgren wrote articles on Latin America. low channels and the shallow larger savings in shipping costs psychiatric hospitals and three ion of the American Photo-
S ama with his wife yesterday for his favorite subject for leading He was architecturally Im- locks of the St. Lawrence River for both exporters and im- more are planned for hospitals graphic Society which named
the United States, after a three- magazines of the -building trade pressed with Panama City's high- Pre necessarily small. Most of porters than does the Panama yet to be constructed, the state- her "The Golden Beaty. The
day stay on the Isthmus, where and "that's how I started." est commercial building, Seguro the ships are about 250 feet long, Canal ment said.
hie has bee studying the archi- Social Social Polyclinic and the with a fO-foot beam and have One. firm estimates tht or00 photos also ve her a
S tture of hospitals 1 this cli- Up to that time his studies had Medical School of the University. between 1,500 and 2,000 tons cat- gaOnatfirmon nowstim es that rin V.A. has also Initiated a new miniature gold camera.
mate, been confined to general hospi- o capacity to the east coast by rail, unoad service to help aged patients .___. __ "_
Vice president of the commit- tals. Then wanting to learn a- He was amused to learn from become at least partially se- J ll :
tee on planning ahd construc- bout building University hospi- Panamanian architects t h at When the seawa is completed, ing the grain there, and re- become at least partially sng their -el
ttpn of the International Hospi- talks he applied for and was cople wanted Gothic-styled vessels of nearly twice that se loading it on out-bound ships, alpporng by discovering their r Pata
tal Federation, Birch-Lindgren granted a U.8. scholarship from hospital "like they do in Eu- will be able to make their way could have three cents a bushel skills and helping them find
aid while here that this impor- he Rockefeller Foundation. rope," and he was pleased- to see into the Great Lakes. in shipping costs by loading the jobs. OnnoOut
nt aton h ust Besides being resp ble for hat modern styles and designs Several motor ships of ,50. shipsn Great Lakes ports.n o ae older eole see to
dup equeo studying Besides beg responsible for had been chosen "sinchee thy are ton capacity are now under As Mayor Claude Ver Duin of ause older people o .
t04 U hdrtls. s plannding, gzallng constructing absolutely essential for medical construction In Hamburg, Ger- Grand Haven, Mich., put it: respond more readily to treat- *v- Iay,,
Subject hih ha be e n t, ich-Lndgren opening of the seaway. One don to New York is no closer homes, V.A. s social serve icei s5 ..
ari 1is my life-long Interest," he has also been called upon by shipping firm has ordered five than LondontoriePa., which ow trying to place eligible Pa- are u
i aT ithoa n he p on p- celba Scocheseach, according to reliable e- tance toward the great Midwest homes, ratherthanInhos-e tar
v't to hospitals in Veaneguelahelp in hospital -building. ehaoorthel -cities on the Great Lakes water- petals, or In private homes I gangfight today by reprien
an educational." In Ethiopia he modernized and I America's share of the seaway way." their own communities. eurn Bevan from Imedate
It was over 30 years ago that enlarged the hospital of Emperor I calls for expenditures of about Bombarded with save-Bev a n
Birch-Llndgren, studying to be Halle Selassle'; in Liberia he de- $105,009,000 for St. Lawrer.e telegrams and faced with an
an architect in Stockholm, first signed two hospitals. River development only one- early election if Sir Wins ton
became aware of the importance third of the total cost of t: Churchill retires, the committee
of hospital planning. He was Other countries in which he Is protect, and all on a self-Uqul- decided on delay.
awarded a scholarship to go to architecturally involved include ROME, March 23 (UP) Pre. dating basis. It set up an eight-m ember
the U.S. and studied at Harvard Germany, Belgium and Norway. mler Mario Scelba won a vote of subcommittee t "inter vie w"
University and Massachusetts For many years he has also been ,confidence in Parliament today The twisting, shallow St. Law- subcommittee to "inter i
Institute of Technology. His in- called on to give lectures on the against a last-minute pro-con- rence River poses a bottleneck to the committee s fin
terest in hospitals grew and he subject in many other countries munist move to thwart his de- States is responsible for 46 miles The declon put aff the furor
"went everywhere to see hospi- Referring to the Hospital Fed- parture tomorrow for the Unit- ofthi rpoi for4 les Th that would have surely erted
talks throughout the country." eration fBlrch idensadit ed States. thi s,nincludi ngthree locks 800 inside the already spli par If
was essentliI for him to study feet wide and 30 inside the already spit p
tropical h it thus for his The Chamber of Deputies re- feet deep, and two canals, both deran had been booted out to-
Ii e t own o. interest t combined with a Jected a resolution introduced 11miles long and 27 r ilar t handedthe Bevante. ee.
oi S--d"... Dies by the leftwing Socialists of locks and some longer canals and ringing victory by demonstt-
S, R Pietro Nenni w ich asked the must deepen the present Welling fg. the executive committ
government for assurances that Canal. uncertain on whether he oughtC-
Schedu d BefU Trip Raimp rsvery elb uld make no decision Many cities along the route to be out hae th
in have begun extensive prepare- moderate Partyleaderhi
.newly-discovered oil fields al trade by deepening their har- t demonstrated Bocial
J(Lwell-known canal Zone r-r- Of bora and enlarging their dock voters an earnest effort tobe
U ,fAi, DUrIModns Scelba had labeled the move and warehouse facilities. Most fair ad unrushed in the eva
Origgel died this morning at the a d"pretext" to embarass him notable amon these are Toron-rs
hope of her sister and brother- HONOLULU, T. H., March 23 dur ing his talwithi "lead to and HamilLn, Ont., and Mil- cAnd -all-important-- the de- 20 Y
in-law in Balboa, 13 hours before tUe Rain and rugged terrain ers. e made rejection ofthe waukee, Wis. lay gained time for the Socialt
she was scheduled to leave for a today hampered the efforts Socialist resolution a confidence. Other ort have been severe- to ee whether Sir Winton
States vacation. crews attempting to recover ithe e. ly criticized for failing to take thurchill resigns nxt mn ont
Th e 58-year-old American remains of 68 persons killed in Ol om n Soiany steps. to make ready for an which would mesan they would
Sian, who was a dress buyer I Hawaii's worst aviation trage- is iComn thnista r Sc p al-or nt uxofbfore. n vessels. tor have to fight an earl election
.h omissry Divisionatdy. Migans d ha
4.8lope fth many. years, came Twenty-two bodies were re- the anti-government motion. In of the h Waterways The moderate Socialist who
~t. om the Atlantic side yes- moved yesterday but ef r t debate yesterday, theme leftist at- .Commission. effective March 31, frame today's put-It-off resulu-
7ay to send` the night with were halted by bad weather and1 tackers had charged Scelba was because of what he called '"Mi tion counted on at lest stalling
and Mrs. Walter A, Wiem i the fact that parts of the wreck- planning to "amble in Wash- chigan's vacuum of inactivity" the date of van' political x-
i albobefore taking off for age were still too hot to ap- 'nton with te oil resources. In preparing for the seaway. ection until th Tories call an .
SHoutn toni ^^a tc I pa -nal14hhtoalarmse election.
eMrsa. Wleman reported that he preach nearly 14 hours afte: Then theoretically, alln f iEg-
StThe in our-enginru eng AS3ed MATS R-6-D. om n e
411sJllon. This mornI wh e and Marines from 28 separate;
dro Mrs. qrIggelappArent- s tad tes. A family group of three-k'Win r
ty j r a heart attack, anc' a sailor, his wife and daughter
S l~floor. -were among the victims. NOT IN SCRIPT-Ha4ins been dunked ian olruaud river FLINT, Mich., March 23 (UP)
m aiZ one police who arrived Besides the Navy c re w of while making scene for their forthcomg. -Smoke Ilpa, N- Stron winds turned bac he
o the scene summoned an am- nine, the plane carried 17 Air- Piper Laurie doesn't look too hapi ad a wardrbe woman hands time hr lestertA.
riggel was pronounced dead at and 22 Army personell, the hands of an outdoor lock at a
am. woman and her child. The serv- rate 'of several revolution pr-
-".me was bdrn in Leon Junc-,Icemen were .returning to the mnin t.
Texas and has been a real- ; United 8taJes for leaves or re-
~on thlethrius'*ace 191.*
abive~d by two other siterse o t possbility t h at tS t.
Ka pC. Lows of Nalboa and I freak atmospheric condit 10on .
Rnn Brown of Fayetteville, Iwere responsible for the crash.
aHa so i Db, v)d Moo in C ous w the plane r Former Prime ite
w h goi a nl sentR.Atticihd oy miutes from motR. attlee-as. efbrdk decided ool iO
later The alrcrat virtually diso nte- n

-alresraft was attahed ton S.teubCh a7ea
Maasgtzo saordofdYaltatwe s furor m dam

.aibf ei nt i5h ad ..A, :O *OME At the Western Front s_ .eot F M n v
a be; "

.-em. o--.. E te- olst element of the r-st, Marine Divi- -
g"4 on their homeward-bound journey. He i
40fthe line for the first time aince 1950 after wre
W anchor of the now vldat KTean tg
..._ |t-... "-A-4tj'Djo._
tb4 2"*AN'WO



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