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ruth and the country is safe" Abraham incoln.

"OPERATION IEAPOT" "Operation Teapot" boils up over Yucca Flat, Nev., as the Atomic
Commission fired the fifth atomic device of 1955 from a 300-foot tower. This photo shows the
fireball a iJew seconds after the detonation.

Bangless H-Bombs



LONDON, March 15 (UP) -I
Foreign Secretary Anthony
Eden's statement In the House
of Commons that explosions
are no longer necessary to hy-
drogen bomb tests jarred the
jittery British ress today.
The statement brought out a
rash of bi headlines ranging
from. "Wo-ba ..q -t^t

late fldy Ll e remain bei
the pally ,ie aI of "the
silent dangers" and the News
Chronicle said "No check on H-
test now. "h
Eden did not clarify what
tests could be made without
an exploSdon, but the Chrond-
ce theorized that it was either
research based on Pat explo-
sions or experiments In radio-
logcal Vaare "
Vra l x preA believed it

FEVA Meeting

Tonight Likely

ToBe Lively.

What promises to be a tontro-
versial meeting ts auled by
members of the FederA lmploy-
es' Veterans' AsSociation In the'
anal Zone, tonight at Diablo
Heights, beginning at 7:30.
yesterday a report of the pro-
posed meeting al that O tthe
agenda would be a election of
L member to I0 tiaour o
aslritaP t t.S:to re-
WhH. o re-
signed.' who i
HoweviW, today, HEMI, who is
an VA dIrestO_ today dented
that hed no ed
Said uik :"MIU4 ot resimn
from the ice af istaInt ad-
lutant. A resigned from was
the exe ve abmMlt ee. I am
not rea from he office of
oassistt adjutant untl-such
time a s ost O hbas an office of
its own where tie files. etc. can
kept Intact'?_I mean a Post
M e A when sm eone Is
Maa who Ii capable of doing
iSlht. To dat that per-
S!t! shown up.
5I V.A t l tly a bust-
t fon 4ad not a so-
al r fraternal organization. It
was formed solely for the pur-
pose of drotectO the veterans'
rights of all veterans empled
any U.S. Government Agen-
cy. Therefore the F .VA. In the
Canal Zone will have no wom-
on's auxilary." Heath eoaclude

CaOr KHilk Woman
On Rio Abaio otd

AccordtLi. r MHe-

wao the former and pointed out
that Russia staged a hydrogen
bomib test more than a year ago.
$den made his statement dur-
ing debate yesterday on .the gov-
efament's policy to m)anptfacture
tW hydrogen bomb before try-
ing to get a world disarmament
agreement. I

F ir- L lrY;Y F- -

"There is a fundaitental dif-
ficulty about it," he said. "Un-
fortunately aa4'eiwlsdu is not
the final explreu i*F what Is
going on. Tod ckft exclude
the possibility of- experiments
being carried out now without
explosions. '
Meanwhile in' Nevada, the
Atomic Energy Commission post-
poned the sixth shot of the 1955
est series for 48 hours today fol-
|ldt.. ga weather briefing held
one I'r before the blast was to
The AEC said weather condi-.
tions* were unacceptable for
Sthe 'shot, whc*" it described as
"sensitive." .
Another weather evaluation
meeting was scheduled -for to-
morrow morning to determine if
Zthle blg bit can be field Thurs-
The blast atop a 500-foot tow-
er at YUcCa lat was to be larger
than recent "baby" shots Ot the
The ABC said 550 troops had
taken iosiltions in trenches 3500
yards ftoip ground zero before the
test was postponed. More than
100 Air For e planes were, to have
participated In the exercise.
A day after the explosion, the
AEC said It will send two-man
teams into the Nevada desert
to trap small animals from 20

to 200 miles from ground zero.
The animals will be tested for
effects from radiation Jail-out.
Of the first five shots of the
series, only one-the fourth-was
a major explosion. It too was de-
tonateji atop a 500-foot tower.
Three were. set off on 300-foot
towers and the first shot was a
smalL @Drp frWm, an AJr f'#eu
3 i,-' % -
Th yields of he
were estiMated wnofrioa'ly o be
equivalent to form 5000 to 20.000
tons of TNT.
The "Grandaddy" shot was es-
timated equal to 40,000 tons.

Report Says Naval

Stalon In Trinidad,

To Be Deactivaled
PORT OF SPAIN, March 15-
(UP)-The United States naval
station at Chaguaramas will be
deactivated before the end of
the year and placed on a care-
taker basis; reliable sources re-
ported today.
The naval installation was the
biggest of three U. S. World War
II bases in Trinidad. The Army
and Air Forces bases already
have been abandoned.
Chaguaramas was reactivated
in 1951 after four years of "care-
taker" status. Some 1,400 naval
personnel are believed station-
ed there.



Sto 4Market

Sk4 Ifs

NiW N l a-. Mud 15 (UP)
-Stoa. Ie l4, y after a
smli ,fl fie te- pas six
e= b had h Uhd 0,
On frm e vale f a listed

The recovery pas a continuat-
tson -f owe that eas yesterday
in th last ur following a
decline o ,hV' severity that the
induAtrial laetal was knocked
down 13.38 points. It recovered
A I* cent of Uat loss in the
lost haf hour.
Net gains I opening trades
today .geanerily to fractions
v'hlc were well dtributed over
a biad list. .
Meanwhile ton, trea-
sury sicrtary Q M. Humph.-
ze testified thewake of the
break sto prices since 1929
that the Eihenlwer administra.
tion is watblngFtae market close-
ly. r -,
But thwe ver tIme of is
statement d. tS 8aste banking
comaotee Wasu Bat the sharp
i8 ,a If ek t I In the past
18 aoths a generally
healthy. :
The commIttee Is conducting a
frndly" tion of the
market boom- '^''
The market i reflected "in
part the rebirth-of Lonfidence in
the functioning f our free enter-
prise system .Humphrey said.
And he ave no indication the
aam strain cot lUng a-

t Mo d I n e, eks t Its
.ivelgti UM recat '
ket drops which wiped out $10,-
000,000,000 in market values.
Committee chairaia, L Wi-
Pam Fulbrigbt (D.Ark.) said be
could see no "legitimate of uJs
Uiflable reason" why the inves-
tigatlon should "cause a break
In a market that was otherwise
"Was It assumed that this mar-
ket would go up indefinitely and
never go down?" he said to a re-
besides he said, the investiga-
tion is not aimed primarily at
showing whether stock prices are
to high. It would be improper for
the committee to make such an
evaluation, he said.
en. Homer E. Capehart (R.
Ind.) charged that thle "tenor of
questions" put to witnesses by
Fulbrilbt and other Democrats
on.the committee indicate t h at
they believe 'Stocks are too high
nd that we might expect anoth.
er crash."
He said the "entire investiga-
tion should be called off" unless
the committee has "information
on wrongdoing or rigging in the

William P. Maddocks, United HIGH W LOW
States Consul General here, re- 8:34 e.m. 45 a.m.
fused comment on the report. 8:48 p.m. 3:06 p.m.

0 AIAlw n the AaiUmtb
.w -*-t tdvg:Le (La 1 r.)I


* *

white shirt-fronts clean this
dusty time of the dry season
in David, and that's a fact.
And a fellow's got to look
smar t. It wouldn't do to
wrinkle the impeccably-
dressed family tradition be-
fore strangers. So the South-

GwuIlermo TribatWio slnc
landing at Puerto Armuelles
round Carnival time spruces
up before stumping off to
the fish course. Like a well-
bred visitor, he has shown a
courteous interest in local
dishes also, such as small
animals and reptiles.
(Phofot by Dr. Aleldr Mendel Pe.-
redra, director of the i8am N Museum).

For The Lo
LONDON, March 15 (UP) -
Group Captain Peter Townsend's
denial that he knows of any de-
cision by Princess Margaret to
marry him made headlines in
the British press today.
Newspapers that had largely
ignored the engagement rumors
front-paged Townsend's state-
London's conservative Daily
Mail broke its silence with a
page one editorial scolding
Townsend for saying anything at
all and it indirectly appealed
to the princess tc end the sus-

Only the prim Times of Lon-'
don kept intact Its. record of
making no mention of the nine-
day sensation.
The Daily Mail said, "We can
at least hope that the group
captain has spoken his last word
In hurried and unconsidered in-
terviews and that if there is any-
thing more to be said the Royal
family may be allowed to say it."
Townsend said yesterday that
If Princess Margaret has decided
to marry him she has not told
him about it.
Townsend's statement was the

'Copter Evacating

Britisher Injured
By Shotgun Blast
William Christenson, a Brit-
isher, reported to be seriously
Injured in Santa Isabel from a
shotgun blast yesterday, is being
evacuated to Coco solo by a hell-
copter from Albrook Field.
.' The 26th Air Rescue H-19 was
Expected to return to Coeo Solo
i from its mercy mission sometime
* this afternoon.
* The only information available
* Indicated that Christmnson was
injured by ea calber
S d wam as 0 reporM8 to be in rtour
Aboard tWbhe r, pited
Sby Cap. William wasfMight
MWrg e Capt ue ALIs MNAIL
TA e '0pter 10 Albok 4t 6



i O-


House Committi

Lops $108,000

From CZ Request-.

WASHINGTON, March 15 (UP) the House f ...
propriations committee voted today to reduce the ad -
requested for home travel for citizens in the Panam6 ` -`4
nal Zone by $108,000.
The Canal Zone government had requested $3311,0. -
to pay travel expenses during the remainder of this fi
year for U.S. employes who are entitled to have r
travel expenses to and from their homes in the Ui
States paid by the government under a law approved
Now Where's The committee recommended $230,000 today, ql
That Towel? "The committee was advised that the estimate
based on the regular commercial rate which is approWi
mately three times the amount charged employes trli.
ing on the Panah6a line.
"It was further estimated that approximately 50
cent of those traveling would probably use the Panoiw ,
"The committee has reduced the request on the
0 thosE estimated to be traveling on the Pon
.d therfor could

ho of ec athe newregular
S Merrill Whitman, assistant to head of the new regular
he governor of the anal Zone, rations bills because y
has requested $338,000 to pro- r re maki up
video funds for soverninft-pMd de. ".
home leave travel for. U.C.-ci-. The House has scheduled
oen onlans. .bill for action Friday, and. .
Whitman made the enta- ate action may be expecte4w,
tion during recent closed hear- in a few ee.
lngs of the House Appropriations
committee on .a 6 supplemental 4 .\
lapprriatlon bill which Includes jIA ffL M Tw t
^T^J ^B B K *a nufhber of nrants;for various I ,
., ageneles whose regular I -55 ..
l appropriations were Insauffcient. Adm n,
His testimony was made pub-on M
lie b the committee today. w o
Since the Canal Zone regular ;
appropriation was made last 4 PM., 0 v "
Sear the Congress has approved fro W..
ye O fPerte a. law providing for paying trav- ---A

Royal family, commenting direct y urnro n up de from Fifth of M
ly on rumors the princess would r--." -her... ..., ITlya ta
break with royal tradition and lthiman said It Istm or Delegtitons Z Ill 0el'
the rules of her church to marry ed that the annual rae fr country were aI
the divorced Royal Air Force u pensewill rs- noon totdy to te
hero. Imately $W,00, u obut that onlY pilgm orn iede rei
He said flatly any decision of $33,00 needed for the memo or th dateon|
the princess to marry him was matador of this fiscally. on which PresdiIt. .Mn
news to him. He said he anticipate tha nounced he would seek a
The princess has made no during the third quarter, 75 em- of the 19 Treaty between
such decson known to me, nor p oes with families aVera In ama and the United-A
have I any reason to believe she 2.1 persons will travel to t The rocesion along.
has made such a decision,. n vacation, and that in add- Ave. to the Cemetery was
Townsend said. tion 12 nurses without families led by President Ricardo
He told reporters that hence- wll take advantage of the act. and i crtne
tor 'the door wasclosed any During the fourth quarter, he it was to, lidote
further interviews on the su ad, It is expected that20per- men, government o fi
ject. sons with families averaging 3.4 foreign diplomatic r
persons, plus 171 nurses and tives, in addition to
It was noted his denial of any teachers without families, willof Panamana.
knowledge of a decision by the travel to the. UBS. taldime oera
princess dil not include a denial He said the figures are esti- ere n to I -
there ever had been a romance mated on the basis of the com- doors early. fteaop
between them. It generally is be- mercial steamship or airline rate low their w\ S
lived in London there was. to and from the United States. in the p i tog .ov i
The statement, while still not plus a per diem allowance of $5 President%
ruling out a marriage in the fu- a day while on board ship and on Jan. 1
ture, did seem designed to re- $9 a day within the U.S. from
lieve the mounting pressure the point of landing to the home
borne by the princess. destinatlon.A 3rc
Townsend, who met reporters AspiropriatliOon w Anise DbA OVdits e
in front of his Brussels flat, told chairman Albert Thoma. sa-
them after making his brief 0ted that a limitatin be im A
statement that "I shall now be written to ensure that stop-.
forced to seek escape from meet- overs in foreign pts woueald
ina reporters." not be allowed, and Whtman
he flier returned to his post aid he would hve no objee--_ ..
as air attache at the British em- tion to it. Three persosM fol
bassy here today. The suggestion 11 m I taUton, rest in connection it&
Endin a two weeks local leave which is expected to appear In Ing of PreoSdent JM.e
He came to Brussels two years the bill as reported from the Remon and oth
ago after earlier rumors linking committee, would read as fol- Franco race twOc
him to the princess forced him Iowa:.. .d ered
out of his post as equerry at Provided ... the most direct Atty.
Buckingham Palace. route of travel within and with- Alvarado
out the continental United of Jose Miey45
States must be used. and a safe partner oat
mOOk rlnOMS and most economic method of Jose Ramnt*
travel must be used in the con- jada, the
QA-- -- M e -- tinental United States and out- Tejada, w i
lU II sided the continental United machine g#1
State sna."tion
SI m sWhitman said he thinks "that jlad's
For LOSt Prane is an entirely proper lUatttlon ad under
u.d as a matter of frat. It is Atthe
A dozen Canal Zone planes to- the general standarL under denied a
day continued their sarith for which we adminlster tl set." of Carloh
the missing Pt Kobbe aircraft la mnwee to oer m mmit- ranged th
which ws lost in flight frmn t.a. W M MM K n d
Ian lOM Coste fivare days is mauiaterr that the cate-ged
-o the adp 1to r* The
CM.Reaethmaat al 6 s bh efte t14 qia l
jJws Cal John D. .S.. 4A
rtB^Stn Mirt taf t to an i.^^t sianA.7 .-^'^^*^ ^ufl----i
l-^F~te ~awSrtMABi~ (.51ibSs^^iiaojM5i^^lB^IIIIII---l

- 1 .

* -


t ,

.* A* -oas H




"Let the people




_ ~__~__



-------~ai ~~-''-I gs I --






I nvt,

o u r i f, -



j J


: V.v 57. H STREET P. O Box 134. PANAMA. M OF P.
rLIEPHONE PANAMA No. 2-0740 (5 LVE1)

Labor News



F MONTH. IN ADVANC- 1.70 8 2 5O I
ON* S M ONTH$. IN ADVANCE 8.80 13 00
o0 oN lEAR. AIN ADVANCE is50 4 0 oo By VI TOR RIESEL
ternatinnal (ommunist ageni
... .. .. A\Chinese-operating on the
.THE"MAIL ,U B^ ,Coast.
T 1-lhE MIlsgm V T e r assignment is to distr
S-- -- been serving their Sovietized
P.T.A. ON CANAL ZONE try well. This dope is pouring
Sir: West Coast schools, slum h
It is interesting to note just who the selfish, self-centered factorlfo and crime-crawlin
adults are in a community. Tnose who go all out lor bridge, bin- phalt jungles of big western
gu and places of entertainment for adults but who can t see Some of thi% Red dope is
I why teenagers must have a place of their own for recreations ing through to midwestern
w'Ih adult supervision stakes too much time away from grown- eastern cities. Because it is
up parties), nor why there should be aucn an organization as a than the narcotics which ai
Parent Teacher Association, with such high purposes on the Ca- Ihted as they are smuggled ai
i ni' Zone. the w)rld via Europe into
n A recent survey taken In the Atlantic side schools proved York. the*g heroin is s
mote than interesting when stuaenths began telling parents Just enough to kill eastern addi
how the various faculty members regarded the questionnaire ask- .nd it has, harry Anslnger's
ing "if the parents andteachers were Interested in a P.T.A.. and tral Narcoti. : Bureau record
If not what wodld they suggest in it's place?" lcal.
Such choice unthinking II hope' remarks such as "We don't But the ful story of official
need a P.T.A. Your olks can come and see the teacher any time ping opium smuggling will n
they want to," f they can cacn them as they fly out the door told to eersof the I nternal
after school. ing Senate Iunternal Security
Or "P.T.A. is a good place to have tea parties." committee until a ruddy y
Or "Now you can give plays lr your parents to come and chap flies i arom Tokyo esp,
sly to tell wiat he knows. I
Or partss to sign 'no' b Dick Deverall. Far Eastern
Or "Tell your parents to sign 'no.'" isenaive of the AFL's
Or "This P.T.A. is lust a v aste of time and I am to busy to Tdesentaioe n CommitteeA
an ymore meetings.?Tiade Union Committee.
"Iatrend an ymore meetings." tI Deverall iq returning at the
S Allthis was amusing until I heard a few of the purposes of cia request o the Internal
the National Parent Teachers Assn. They have just celebrated rity sub-Committee and the
their 58th anniversary. A few stuck in my mind; The emergency call went o
"Parents and Teachers organize to, him after Federal Narcotics
"Raise standards of home life. ieau chief, IEarry Anslinger,
"To bring into closer relation the home and the school that tied before the committee
Spatents and teachers may cooperate Intelligently in the training Tuesday afternoor--and said
of-the child. the AFL representative in Tokh
S"To develop between educators and the general public such the "best authority in the wr
united efforts as will secure ror every child the highest advan- on the Sovietized Chinese so
tan In physical, mental, social and spiritual education." opium trade bureau, which
There are others, but that is enough to think about, and try .ubdiviaion of Peiping's Mi
Stomnderstand. of Finaice.
Our young people in the Canal Zone are missing so much It was decided at this hea
S b out of tWe States. I that the AFL be requested to
True they are having experiences that stateside children do DeveraUl bac from Tokyo, d
not have, (some too they would not want to have) but our chil- it maintains its central Far E
dren will soon go up to school or work, and the kind of home ern headquarters similar to
training and amount of love and understanding they receive now European one run by Irving B
-Vrom adults will make for better men and women in the future, in Paris.
I Only a Mother The Senate group's asso
:, counsel, Dic'k Ahrens-a spec
ALBROOK FIELD who heads the committee's
S jr': publicized task force charged
In all this controversy about planes vs. schools and Albrook ve'atching Communist infiltratiE
vs. Kobbe no one has come up with the logical answer. Since' unions-telephored the AFL Ih
Blboa and West Bank are heavily populated, why jeopardize, quarters lat Tuesday. TheD
the residents ia ged t6 summon D
Fifty miles from here by air there is a mammoth air strip1 il.hTeSenate investigators
Where no one but the cows and fish would be disturbed by he would fl back before Apd
th roar of the jets and Flying Fortresses,, committeeuwfy hold oA
Move the Air Force up there and the kids could study hearings until he takes the si
In peace, babies could s:eep in their cribs, the sick folks at His story should shock e
,orgas wouldn't -be shook out of their beds and Church wor- parent of a teenager, every
ship on Sunday would be as quiet as the good Lord meant tc.ry manager, every union c
ito be. Deverall is the one man
I am not Indiffdieht 'to the cost' in taxes but I've tried knows that Moscow's World
to calculate the value of my kids in terms of thousands of eration of Trade Unions is a ti
dollars, and there isn't, enough money in the Treasury to world pipeline of Comm
pay for them. i i i' u opium, among other things.
Neither am i ifdtIerelt denfered fWhm mucit 4oi h World Federation of T
reasonable to haft your airplanes a small distance from atomic Unions (WFTU) is also a coi
radiation if the Canal were bombed, and in a positIon where of- Communist money and n
they could intercept trouble before it hits. That's why RIo tower, spying on and sabota
Hato was constructed in the first place, I believe. the US.- and its hundreds of
With Jets it would be only a matter of minutes before tary bases around the globe.
the, planes were in the air over the Canal in a position to According to D e ver a 1,
strike, not sitting ducks on the strip like they were at Hioam.. F.TU Opriental bureau
Plid a few years back. I iL, is a section specIalizing in t
Perhaps the lamented president R versive activities,. I et was tof
something like this in mind when he E P 8 activities that Secretaryrof
on the air base. He was a very wise, 1 honorable man, ohn oi Le referred that
knew that the defense of Panama ahe Canal Zond !as he said the" there day onenthat
one problem to be solved by unified action. He laid the ougid.- verhais t greatest dange
Work. perhaps the area As) st dange
Everyone would benefit itf his successor can follow throth.i To promote such pabversive
S-An Aitain. tivities this special section of
S* -- : WFTU furnishes illicit drugs
have been in the u night school Communist groups and agents.
I have been in the Jtuior College as a night schoolaStu- sale of these Red Chinese di
dent and I have heard planes' zbom over'ind shake the desks such as philopon and heroin,
and window glass and with the younger occupants of the ,build- only raises desperately needed
Ing I shared their momentary terror. eign exchange for Peiping, b
tatalastic philosophy, but it isn't the attitude. hat opens the and provides them with money
rueafevlof shelac tun adc t to Srenta
mind and makes it receptive to, learning. I- Jis'ot necessary, the corruption of Oriental u
It Isn't fair. .' ists.
Many have suggested moving the schools. p ume he It so pays for propagand
.mean_ tome, mhe .Elmtentry.u o a, e Lide vitally needed unions In
Where is there a large enough tract of land to locate them!:aysa'. acnda oneiao Ana it
'tad accessory playgrounds, stadiums. gyms; football fields, base- Japan and egpr ted by a
ball areas, shops, and all the additional buildings that make experts flabein rethe Orient
Up the existing campus? aexpcotics trade will help pay
There isn't any place reasonably close tq the established the enemy's weapons.
ontmmunitles. Deverall is detailedly fam!
It's as simple as that. Cou can't move the schools because with all this and will put in
there isn't any place to put them '. : record the extent of the subvei
But you coul move the aid strip. Move it back to'-where of Asiatic unions and their lea
It was in World War II. Move it to Rio Hato, the biggest,best by the money made through
aitr trip In Central America, and ideally located right in the narcotics traae. It is now rou
ufddle of nowhere as all good air strips should be. put at $W0,(O,000 a year, muc
I am sure the peOple of Panama would anree to the plan which comes from Soviet-Chi
because many of their children go to the Balboa schools and agents operating in Hawaii an
nuch to their credit, Panamanians obviously love children, our West Coast.
hlybody's children. This World Federation of T
,I truly hope that the Brass and the politicians will get Unions has its supporters and
before, they find themselves responsible for a far former officials in the U.S. An
w- atr17 disaster than was on the front page the other night, those who once were active is
ShereIn 26 people were burned to death. WFTU are notorious West C
S Our children deserve something better., waterfront leaders in San Fra
i-- A Student. co. I don't name them here
--- 4 Ste cause I don't wish such refer
es to interfere with govern
action against them.'
*But soon, once and for all,g
Know the full use to which
\mCommunist world puts its gl
labor netwo *k-which apparn
'- is warring on our school kidi
S- --well as our nerves.

Cleff Melodaires
C To Sing April 10
1 ^At Service Centei

B The curtain will go up at
p.m. Sunday. ADril 10, at

Pacific Service Center on
Edith Cavell Society's present
tion of "Harmony in 3-D,"f
turning the Cleft Melodaires.
The Cleffts, an all-male
-. semble, have' become pop
through the years through t
appearances on programs sp
scored by civic, re gious and
ternal groups. This will be t
.firstappearance of 1955.
V OL iekss an eingmold by ran
.ofthe society andi

Exchiange Deal
1OWELL, as. -- (uP)
Ii wtolefte uNlmee plaimof
a 3 Tewkqburyn'sc


ate o -
title I hear tell that the do-it-your- tacked from behind and hospital- if the plumbing goes haywire, I
rith self trade has soared to a tidy ized. Turn this boy loose with a merely call a plumber. Why
of six billion-dollar- a year indus- power drill and I'd be jailed as a should I cut in on his racket? He
ad- try,, and I am getting dirty looks menace to public safety, doesn't tell me my business, al-
FL from the old lady every time a Last time I tried ,to cope with though some critics have said that
ier. pipe busts and the eqillng caves unnatural forces was when Mama i write like one.
Iso in-as it-did the other day, wreak- aet fire to the stove and hollered Having been wounded grievous-
lat ing considerable havoc on the rugs at me to come rescue the steak. 'y in the past by electric toasters,
1. -because I will have no part of i dived bravely into the fiery fur- card tables, collapsible chairs, sim-
all this home-handyman business. nace and collected half a panful ile tin cans and easy-to-open bot-
nd. Other men build furniture and of hot grease on my writing hand, fles, I have given up the battle.
cry remake houses and fashion cabi- and was out of business for a I claim to know how to shoot a
ac- nets and fix plumbing and go month, which proved costly as well gun, but the gun always kicks my
lef. smirking around as if they'd just as painful. From that point for- second finger to pieces and I bark
Yho conquered Gaul and were thinking ward, whenever I hear a shriek my knuckles on the belt of a rifle.
ed. about discovering a fresh trade from the kitchen, I just cover I have difficulty untying knots,
ns- route to the Indies. Not Buster, my ears and hope it's nothing even and am reduced to raging
aist here. I ain't gonna do anything serious. desperation by anything an aver-
arounf the house, including an- Some people are mechanical mo- age retarded chimpanzee could
aid sper the tephone, th j can rons, and like Abou ben Adhem, solve in a second.
iult c'on lse into doing for I claim I leadalltthe rest; To thts .. .. / ....
a' rhe. day I do not know where is the So .the, do-it-yourself dt
ho I' e a riheaded editor friend carburetor in a car, and do not shall .b t 4d my .jp cents to
Swho seldom'-writes editorials any wish to know because machinery six billions of dollati per annumi,
more, because somebody gave him makes me nervous. I do not know As a man who sharpened his fl-
the one of 'those power-tool sets for how to change the fuse when it ger in a patent pencil sharpener,
In Christmas and he spends most of blows, or even where the fuse box I say let wives, friends, and cas-
ub- the time in the basement cutting is located. I can, under pressure, ual strangers build the barbecues
ich off his thumbs. It is hard to hit a change a typewriter ribbon, but and turn the bath into a ping-pong
ate typewriter with your hands in a the red part always comes up on ioom. The telephone is ringing
ien plaster cast. He, like me, is a man the high side. now, and I shall let somebody else
ib. who is not geared to the machine As a child I never watched an answer it, because one time I got
.is age. excavation, nor did I ever own a tangled up in an extension cord
to As a kid I never drove a nail steam engine, since I could never and dang near strangled myself.
without driving my own nails be- figure out what you could do with Let the other brave souls solder
ac- fore the hammer hit the iron one. -t. Recently I bought a tape re and paint and remodel; I will sit
the In more recent years, on the few corder, and am afraid to approach and scream for ice. Got mixed up
to lare occasions when necessity it, for I distinctly heard it snarl with an ice tray once, and never
'he forced me to approach' inanimate at me. Mowing a lawn with a pow- again. Durned thing bit me when
gs, objects, I was malevolently at- er mower to me is not fun, and I wasn't looking.
t Federal Hot Water
nts FederalHot Water

By Peter Edson

U- -

WASHINGTON -(NEA)- Prac. and is finding the going tough, before the regulatory agencies-Is
tically every one of the so-called In oversimplified summary the that too many of the examiners are
"independent"' and also-c a 11 e d ain troubles are changes in top New Deal and Fair Deal appointees
"quasi-judicial" regulatory agen- personnel and changes n adminis- now frozen ino their jobs by Civil
cies of federal government is now tration policy guidance. Much of Service, prejudiced by previous ad-
in hot Nvater rifhgt up to its mul- this is the natural result of the ministration philosophy.
tiple chins. A few examples will shift from Democratic to Republi- GOP extremists argue that all
five the pitch' can control of government. But Democratic holdovers in these ex.
Federal Communications Corn- even after two years, the shift is miners' jobs should be cleaned
mission is on the pan over charges not complete and there is much out and replaced by deserving Re.
of using coached witnesses who confusion. publicans who would then stop per-
have now recanted their testimony Many Eisenhower administration secutin& business.
against Edward Lamb in his appi- qrpointees to fill vacancies on the This brings up the second main
cation for renewal of an Erie, Pa., boards and commissions have been question, which is policy guidance
TV license, held up in Congress. This has de- for these regulatory agencies.
Federal Trade Commission, re- played the handling of pending case It is only natural -that the Re-
organized last May and now re- There is a further complication publicans haye tried to influence
viewing some 4,000 past decisions, at the second level of personnel in the thinking'of -these boards and
is charged by labor union leaders these regulatory agencies, jtt be- ccmmissions so that they will
with scuttling the consumers' in- low the 5 to 11 top members who hand down decisions more in hear
terests. ure presidential appointees. This Is n.ony with GOP ideas.
Civil Aeronautics Board has split in the "examiners' who make the The easiest way to do thit Is by
on straight political party lines in preliminary investigations of com- appointing to the q u as i Judicial
five major, decisions in two years. plicated business situations, on agencies men who will promise
National Labor Relations Board which the boards and commissions early to carry out Administration
has been without a general counsel rasa final judgment. policies The more subtle way is
since Dec. 20. Unions now charge through the indirect influence of
*that NLRB is antilabor in its deei- There are 277 of these hearing politicians, interested cabinet offl-
sions, just as business interests in .xaminers in the government now. cers and even the White House it-
Democratic days charged tie agen- Their pay is $11,000 to $15,000 a self. How much of this goes on is
cy with being prolabor.' year. They aie supposed to be le- rarely ever revealed, but in the
Federal Power Commission faces gal and technical experts in their end result the slip shows.
big test? in handling of natural respective fields of railroads, coin-
gas and Hells Canyon power license munications or power. They are The nonpartisan view of this net-
cases involving public venrsds pri- supposed to be non-partisan, im- work df ulatory agencies is that
vate interests. partial and as pure as honest judg- they should be as free oad m-
The Eisenhower administration e. fluenced as the courts. AAsr
is apparently attempting a rewu- The contention of many business, they were rested by Cu .Mi .
venation of the superanuated In- executives and corporation lawyers carry out specific laws I m o-
ttr-state Commerce Commission -particularly those who lose cases eral ublile good.

. II 1 I I I [ | I -/ 1 TIl i -rA


e- .

- O


WASHINGTON Under the the Farm Home" A
Dome-till operating on a shoe- will loau up to 90 e
string budget, the Democratic Na.appraised value a
tonal Committee may raise Ten- ioover Cdo.umsoriom
nessee's assessment to the com-, wants the 'H to "
mittee to make up for Go#. Frank quate equities under
Clemert's wnoppmng expenses last programs except d
fall. The govern gave speeches emergency crop and
for the Democrats ony ix mid- Thou v this
western states, but tuned i an FHA l In Ho
expense account for 4,800... In toughen Its. a d
contrast, Tennessee' r u g g e d wiprivate J -j
campaigner, Sen. Estes Kefauver, uroee of FA is to p
went on a barnstorming, peech- to who lave
making tour through over 2 dwhn by their lCal I
states, coast to coast. Yet he sub- The over r f
mitted a Dll for only $1,200 ex- that the Congress
penses .. Deputy Attorney Gen. hutere--es, b regm-u'
ral U Rogers, wno escorted new charges a ioer
Supreme Court J u a t I c a John tive expenses. ae o
Harlan to his Senate hearing, the Treasury, ar li
warned him ruefully: "A Senate The ct o this wil
hearing isn't a judicial process, interest rates t the II
It's more of a fraternity ini- up to 12 br3 pqr
station. The White House is te biggest "admfistr
quietly working out a compromise sea," for example, Is t
on reciprocal trade with te Sen these small farm loan
ale's protctionist Republicans. De- This has resulted in a
pite the victory given him by FHA repayment' reco
speaker Sam Rayburn in the The Hoover propp
House, the President is willing to practically knock o
back down from a three to a two- farm ownership
year extension of the trade pro- justification tat "ti
gram. He'll also write In special except in disaster and
protection for hardship Industries loans, cannot approve
. The Democrats have coined subsidies to a fraction
a new title for Secretary of the p-e from the taxpayer
Treasury Humphrey, whose influ. Yet in the same break
cnce Is felt in all departments of mission proposes what
government The Democrats call "indirect subsidies" t
him "secretary of everything." ers who; mysteriously,
. The Labor Department, al- the beneficiaries of
ready hard-pressed with the prob- Hoover recommendation
lems of manpower, will delve into
a new one next week. A confer- NEW KIND OF DI
ence has been called on how to
make best use of the nations wom- This same thinking
an-power. the recommendations

It will be a blow to the little
farmers, but the Hoover Commis-
sion, will soo*i spring drastic, new
xecolnmendations to tighten farm
credit. The main effect will be to
transfer the benefits of farm price
supports, in part, from thd farmers
to the bankers.
These t o heck with the -
farmers recommendations aren t
supposed to be made public for
several weeks, but this column
I has received a topy of the forth-
coming Hoover Commission's re-
port on streamlining the farm fi-
nancing agencies.
Most jolting to farmers will be
a recommendation "that the Com-
modity Credit Corporation cease to
make loans on commodities and
that it confine itself to purchase
agreements on commodities." .
This would revolutionize the,
whole price-support program,
rice 4bost farmers draw their
ice, supports. advance' ip the
fom of commodity loans, At bar-
vest time, the farmers repay the
government on as much of their
crop as-they can sell, then forfeit
the rest as collateral.
The Hoover Comission's Idea
is to turn the juicy, $3,000,000,000
annual crop-loan business over to
private banks. Explains the forth-
coming report: "A considerable,
saving of administrative expendi-.
tures could be made if the corpora-
tion abandoned making loans to
farmers on commodities a n d

been tWnd
urther urges
require 5*h


at per sent
rd. A A

of enw ct
of the peo-
Sat large."
th, the com-
amoune t to
o the baenk
seem to be
so many
is applied to
on crop in-
on crop b*k

surance. Urges the forthcom.
ing Hoover report: "We recom-
mend that premiums charged by
the Federal Crop Insurance Cor.
portion be increased to an. amount
which will cover losses, the cost
of administration, provide reserves;
and provide for repayment of fed.
cral capital and thus its mutuall-
zation and ownership by the farm-
Again this would result In an
enormous increase in the cost to
farmers. In fact, the cost would
be so high that most farmers
wouldn't be able to afford federal
crop insurance. Rather than lead.
to "ownership by the farmers," r-
would more likely kill the program
altogether... :,
The Hoover. Commission will also'
come out wits a host of minor,a
technical recommendations on
streamlining the Farm Credit Ad-
ministration. Almost without ew-
ception, these recommendations'
wOuld tend' to increase interest
rites and generally dry up rural-
cif. -N 'V gs;gS
ON% tv t Ue -iSTle rsae eon
look forward to a new kind of
droughtL-a credit drought
Copyright, 1955, by T Bell Sy
dictate, Inc.)

Eisenhower Goes,
TO WpIterR ReeI,
For Tretmbnt

used the method, of purchase WASHINGTON, March 15 (TU)
agreements alone. The far m er -president Elsenhowqr went ino
could with such a government cons Walter Reed Army MedIcal Cen-
tract finance himself by loans on ter yesterday for another in' a
his commodities from private in- series of treatments ior bursitis
statutions pending his deterina- in his right shoulder.
tion as to when he would sell, and The treatmetna consist of'an
thus the private financial machin- exercise routine. He received two
ery could finance the crop at a last week. "
conside-able saving to the govern- The White House said then the
ment." President would make continu-
In other words, the farmers lIg visits for treatment.
would be forced to go to their -----------
banks and pay commercial inter- N G rl
cat rates for their crop loans. The New General
farmers wouldn't risk a nickel
sincee the purchase agreements Counsel Named.
would be tantamount to a' govern.
ment guarantee of the loans. To Replace Adams
What this would amount to is price R c sc m (
support for bankers. WASHINOTON, March 15 (UtiP)
S-Frank G. Milland, 63, former
TIGHTER CREDIT Michigah attorney general, to-
day was named general counsel
Another Hoover recommendation of the Army to succeed John 0.
that will knock the little farmers Adams. I, -.
for a loop; calls for tightening Adams, a key figure tn last
credit on farm home loans. This year's row with e. Joseph R.
will make it next to impossible for McCarthy (R-WIs.) has 'an-
little farmer to buy their own nounced his resignation effective
bomes. As It now stands, at the end of this month.


By Colbraith

a7 i

.V I!




. .. -i

-- I

I I I I .



- I

_1 _

. '



* WM;it Un


rafr Lair i

4OurlI sI| :tournament bridge differs from or.
4Tonment IAnary rubber bridge. This is a
Sw kepat ood time to explain one of ttheb
S4 Adiser i / differences, since the national
UOf d (-prelx) championships are just about to t .
BI GRiA, 15 --"Pi -' acstbegl n in Adf a this weekend.
i Persian ftiry One important difference is that
0 Doney r a you pley a hand as safely as
s hosears a c possible in rubber bridge, giving
.'block -up sojme of your chance for over-
S serves tricks i order to make sure 'of
the contract.
SGrl.s name In a tournament, in most hands MRS. VIRG INI TOWNSEND, president of the Canal Zone Gr
PSk y ou have to play for all possible Scouts, of the U.., awards the"Curved Bar," highest rankavail-
pc lat M a s-tricks, even Is tttrick en ts isks the con ableto lnteredate girs, to Marguerite Engelke and Jean Sea-
tract for the sake of extra tricks. e man of Crstobal Troop 33.
gA sThe difference is illustrated in the
ifOS 'CCUSauls Ton lakps hand shown today.
P*.West opens the seven of sades,
S East plays the te, and South wins
SUSSR Normaize Relations ith the jack South counts one
spade, four clubs, and one heart.
He therefore must develop the dia- S c u t
]ELGRADE, March 15 -(UP). to's accusation, made some mtlld monds to make his' contract. o -
-..Marshail' Tito's accusation of counter-acceusatlons, including a At rubber bridge South would
a iMurty" has stung the USSR reproach' to Tito for insisting on do his best to develop the dia- A two-day primitive camp in Scout Vesper Song sung, followed
Into a re.isal and t fr the poalst chnstead of theitureand monds without allowing East to tents and a Court of Awards was by the reverentia recital of th e
into edne~y~in^^ can 'a t oa te fuse the past ^nt"d. t-u and
irtmton of ita desire to frma- eXplainesd away the M o u to v oain the lead. For this reason he held recently by Girl Scourt Troop Scout's Benediction.
io. relations with Yugoslavia, statement by saying the Mfor- wo uld cash the ace and king of 33 of Cristoal at Mindi Dairy. Scouter guests included Mrs.
nd- lthe' Yuo.slavs accepted 'the eign minister was talking pbout diamondsinstead of finessing. This srs. R. E. Cox is the leader of Townsend, Mrs. Brundage, vice
Rlussiani position' with'-only minor pre-post-1948 periods instead of play would d-:,p the queen of dia- the troop with Mrs. Harry Sea. president, Mrs. Riccio, dist r i c t
eservatins ao w e o n g ex-o two periods after 194 when mounds, and South would then pro maas asi t leader chairman, Mrs. Curtis C t e,
ed here. t ke about changes in Yugoslav ceed to make the first 11 tricks. The Court of Awards was held council program chairman, Mrs.
TI 'dere chred a t We a Y. e under the star After a torch fire Alice Hagbrg, Mrs. Marg a r

Titon Imsde. -theeharge in. a vollecy. rn l l eswudoead c ligtn by M" Johnso ar n D z an M
speech last Monday stating that This too- was printed, at length Mind you, South wouldn't be x- lighting by Maha Johnson a n d Brandl and Mrs. Aice Egelke,
the' eastern countries' were"cast- and mostly in direct quotation pecting to drop the doubleton Mary Louise Washabaugh, Kath. -ssistant leader of Troop- 50.
d a ngourpeople" by without comment the ug queen of diamonds. If the queen leen ox co ucted a simple but,

"bea- to see the error grade at the moment reuperat- threat ppen tohe contract. Proficiency bdges were then 5.Ag f .
jt their ways, a nd that even Rus- s.g from a ong spell of prl The only point is that t awarded as follows: Rosem a

nfora n minister o ches entarad o r icial act afrd to loa thirddiam i theo West and ekson, life sver; E le Cox,
Het aidcc weor w ith th e facts" comment togethe. I fina He that Wesrefore does whatever spade an D a recital Diet, Homemak-t
Thispart oft a ech was ared in his mor g's Bor- ead from the West. hand would not Promise. Marguerite En
bl hed textua oi R sal a," in a very ser carefully In a tournament, South would e es outd sety pes o un
ess, a fact o see the errYugolr rded, c the moment reeuperat- try to en the loss of a tract. health, pioneer, saltwater by
t their ways and that even Ru- al whhmg ro aobviously oepfpra Theon altogeithsther. No d hcan awarded all sports;. Martha John a o

olotov had madei en tytooka little time gett their r cannot afford toefuse itto East. sports;nd care cook, rawhig andre
sor to elgrade with theVa V It id osavnt oguld there. I fin a f, a- e th d ereby take the chance pai housekeeper Dietz, oswimmemakr;
koe, was unexpebdly recalled to psrve and welcome" a good part that he will Wind u5 with one'trlck Andra 'Nash, cat and dog,
Thiacow ar"for consultation." of the Pravda" comment ing and les than anybody else who plays ook, salt water Je M arguerite En-

eS ietsn I ay, tontos oke194epd, Et ot V
The rst comment fu rom the wepa t on teo' dor so detai bu th hand.bim S h ld outdoor safety, prs o n ae
ussian side came Saturda in a there w iere also "erta views altogether. Noalsports ; Mary Louse ashabaugh,
O Prva W article hic denied Ti. which require explanation" So e ve r yd tou refse the layer chld care, sewing. a ,
saor to' de, Vsawould win the first trick with the paFirst class rank was then cn- S N IRRTATONS
ko waj sd to pe ad w a g nd lead the ten of erred by atlante district chair-n
ow "for consultation of the "Pravda" comment a monds for a finesse. The fin-man, Mrs. Betty Ricio on Ellen this M
o esse would lose, and back would t Clute, Eileen Cox, Darien Dietz,
The first comment othe went on come a spade to defeat the conodo Ruby Hon alltbut the hand. bird, Martha Jsaetyhnson, and dated powder ca r
tract. Russian side came Saturday in ereMary Louise Washabaugh. ev our baby's Diaper Ra
Pravd articlewhichdeniedT. In this case, every tournament The coveted Curved Bar, high- Diaper Chafe, Urine Scald and
Stwouldicks, and the v e r y fine rubber diate Girl Scoat, was then pre- PSer doesIT
Suck of spades arence. of erred by atlantic district chair-
Enesse would lgee and Jean Sea- atese, and back would utd to eoohe, protect and hel Eileen Cox, Darien Dietz,
WASHINGTON, March 15 (UP) 1. In that period he said there billion;me and Asian and Pacific n-Ruby Hall, Martha Johnson, and No unmtedcaed powder can re-
hto w ndrdee- om nists epng It th 1, ter re pnart y p rLouiseWashabaugh. ive e inv yourbab y'sc Diaper R s A h.
to o e eiHe e and 930 million roundsof am union, 20 en coveted Curved Bar high-son, Medicated Powder toScald andy.
dent isenhowe announced yes- dollars in foren.aid funds have motor w o vehic d. 2.200,000 small y eight etrank available to an Interme- Prickly HensR at our ex
terday. been earmarked for Middle East, arms and machine guns, 416 snted by o N Mrs. Virginia Town-I o tria si an abso
In a report to Congress on the(U). Asian and Pacific nations for lanes, 8lio 8 naval vessels, 36pa 714 t r whoo maent to t lysho e, ted n.or i
ThU.S. foreign td'St progratesIs he said fting was a son-militarnt purposesle for the 12 anks ar 3bos arery piees. i fortheeplanning of the cur- ture wonderfully-me tadis to oft,
the nation already. is finelig mof operations in Asia.t Jun..where Of act 30 ualitems delivered from rent primitive camp. it promotes dealing by cushion.
lmosght of the world's nomi derits and Thi sts is the largest wedge ofup i the roughed ent pointed out fer e sin eeing baby's chaOferd skin c. gaind
o1 regions to keep cmmu la a Africa. $5,300,000,000 foreign aid pie, that Rusa is making a cs 50 Mllone pins by Mrs. Margaret Brandl to further irritation. Get Ammens
terand Latin America outside of direct arms aid, for emsn effort t convine guns, 6,416 dra Lee N as h fdormedr o a llnd
in a rp o rsthe 12-month pacfi nations for plan less-de, 868 n aval vessels, 36,714 that The Troop enacted two short pe lForia zcanab
He made it clear this empha- itary purposes for the 12"Communist way is the best way frtheejoyment the utelYfreen':postcardwith

.Sa wilfo erotinue. He noted the Money for arms and oeto achieve rapid economic elrg e auieneo ardmeWt adest Met
buek of nathe aiads population, still accounteding for the bulk of30.

the greatest nd area, m any of the 12-month program, the larg- He noted that Soviet bloc coun-G
basemost. of ind are "the ma so e o hther U S. military llgest wedge ments with free w ointed countries ndsBristol
1oAMtrnatinatinAs ia, Africa $5,300,000,000 foreign aid pie, that Russia Is- making a conhen- For ther closing ceremony,.(Offer expires 2

rilaecc wa'rd "hardware" for the lasts o1
of e p eloped areas," he and Yugol dva received 700 In less-deve ped areas that the GirlScouts and Scouters and the
Hade it clear thisemphva- he1 t "Communist way is the best way

s will, f etesources should theliMoney dollars worath.r an oterI

fall under Soviet influence, the The grand total of UtS. mill- g
rid, toh the Communist end goal tary aid actually delivered since
of worlt dominatlop wuld be 1949 totalled 1036 blion through
madthe wtlvely smooth.uable" last hrDe. 31.goint Euro pean coun tries added :5 new trade agree- st

human and material resources North a n an t iAllies plus Spain

the, siM months ended last DeC. Eat and. Afri nations. one I


pk. row look
L- vi t
dMull h-


GEORGE C FOX, above, will
leave this week-end t#r Palm
Beach, Fla., to attend the" n-
ternational convention of out-
standing salesmen for the
United States Life Bsurance
Co. in the ity of Mew York.
Fo, Hife uapee peaor

Iuancfliae O


A.-* '



* As leo ahets wit SthepAir aummedadga
S Ia. i TeiesI fon Is E iv
low PNo'h per week l=a s Cawe.m
we -- r t. --sA-
Feel. 5.A a 1; 32 A

'~1'~ -
t F.*"-~

-'" ,. -


New Strong Roof Combine S6ps
Truss Is Developed For GoodFlavor
In III n NEW YORK (UP) Imag-
In llinOIS nation and a few'. spices are
about all the housewife needs to
URBANA, Ill. (UP) Re- ilve winter soups the gourmet
search in home building tech- touch. To make new, soups, comn-
niques has produced the design of bine two or more canned soups
a nail-and-glued roof truss which chicken soup. To make, comn-
provides one of the strongest and blne 1 can (141 cups) of condensed
most economical types of truss chicken with rice soup and 1 can
construction yet developed, of condensed pepper pot soup.
Stir in 2 soua cans of milk, add
Test results of the truss were i dash of curry powder, and heaL
announced by Purdue University Don't boil. This makes enough to
-nd the University of Illinois build- serve 4.
ing experts who said the nail-glue
truss surpassed eight other types
of roof construction for strength. I

TRlte new technique was devel-
,ped at the Wood research labors.a-
tory at Purdue by Stanley K. Sud-
datb and Byron M. Radcliffe,
both assistant professors of for-
estry, and by Hans Granum of the
Norwegian Building Institute, a
Fulbright scholar at the Universi.
ty of Illinois Small Homes Coun-

The nailglued trusses can be
built at the site and require no
special equipment. The glue pro
rides the bond to hold the truss
members together, and the nails
providee the pressure necessary
while the glue sets.
Instruction sheets on how to
build tie trusses were distributed
o more than 400 builders who at
ended the'Small Homes Council's
annual short course in residential

Fine FuMore VI
Daridn Mkahoyn,
amarin k prei ..

LIvingo Bs4 Afto*.
Prod-ctM d Mader S.
Pf01 2?Sr3^8 $

Use your Cuentas Comeroiales Credlt
Card to take out the furniture you like.
Double bed with brand new mattress 48.00
Sign through "Cuentas" for $10.00 down '
payment and we deliver bed to you.
Your monthly payments are only $3.80 or
$1.90 per. quincena if you prefer.
Any furniture is yours under this plan
at Household Exchange, 41 National .
Ave. (Auto Row) Tel. 3-4911.


In conformity with Article 13 of the Articles of Incorporation, and by
decision of the Board of Directors, shareholders of SPECIAL ORDIJ
NARY STOCK of the Company are hereby informed that the annual
Ordinary General Assembly of the PANAMA BANK & TRUST COm
at the company's offices, No. T-2-30, "I" Street, Panama City, at 31000
p.m. on Tuesday, March 29th, 1955 in order to consider the follo t,
ing matters: ;:'"

-JL.-epourt ul ut oaru a directors.
2.-Presentation of General Statement and Profit and Loss
counts at close of business, December 31st, 1954.
3.-Election of Directors.
4.-Matters proposed by stockholders.
Panama, March 14th, 1955.



* The Secretary. W

] I l I s*' I -

cAA E x.1sTL~7 :ICH.M



'' -b *a' E
,. t.


r' ~'* -

* a'~



I. i '. '


* '. ..v
I *

1) CINAMU vewm NAs "
r -.^ -^ *

-. *i'~ ~'

"' .- .

~ -- -1Y- --- ----- TI



- -^ .- .

SrAGE roc

SMarines Take Gander

At Miami Goose Girl

"MIAMI, March 15 'UP) A on schedule."
shapely blonde wearing shorts. Patricia echoed French's con-
abitted uneasily on nine goose fidence and renortd "everything
eggs yesterday while passing is going just fine."
tourists, wide-eyed boys and ca- The big problem was one of
gpr Marines gave her words of poundage, and both French and
encouragement. Patricia were brooding ov'/t it.
Pretty Patricia Ann Oodbee French said Patricia now wr.ehs
settled down to a month's un'i- 134 and is expected to go higher
sual employment while a hlllbil- because of little exercise.
ly band blared "Turkey in the "If she hits 150," said F:.cnch.
Straw." She hopes to hatch the "we will start worrying about te'.
eggs within 29 days eggs."
W. C. French, the man who Patricia indicated she ni!l he
Jatched up the sit-down stunt, worrying about her figure as
agreed to pay Patricia $300 for well. She has received two mod-
her maternal efforts In the hope selling offers since the stunt be-
of drumming up more business gan Saturday night
for his all-night service .staton3 French was "somewhat disap-
and drive-in restaurant. pointed" by the size of lhe
Under terms of the contract, crowds during the first 24 hours I
the blue-eyed 21-year-old wait- and announced he will install a
ress must not leave her 'nest" shower next to Patricia's '*brood-
more than four minutes at a er house." a glass-enclosed ,trutc-
time. ture around her reclinmn( chair.
The egg- are packed carefully "The crowd will be able to see
in tissue and imbedded in a re- her head when she takes one of
clinine chair, which serves as her quickie showers," he prom-
Patricia's bea at night Ised.
4 "We're also using a heating But Marines from nea.'bv MI-
pad because Patricia's body tern- ami Air Station already were
perature is three to five dcgrer flocking to the scene. Man.' ston-
lower than a mother gonsp." ped by during the night o.) see
French explained "But I'm ure 'Patricla in two-plece parn.'as,c
Patricia will make the rade but Patricia .-aid "I still man-
Sand we'll at nine goslings rigiLt aged to get a eood night's Aicc, "'

; I Greatest used car sale I
I r ir n I









Sm m m m m lem


* 4I




. ." ,; A-..


Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service


S.S. "LOVLAND" ...... .... ..................March 18
'S.S. "HIBUERAS" ............................. March 19
'S.S. "YAQUE" ........... ..................March 28
L. H. CARL" .............................. March 27
'8.S. "MORAZAN" ...............................April 2
S.S. "TELDE" .................. .............April 3
S.S. "MABELLA" ...............................April 7
* S.S. "HIBUERAS" ................................April 9
.S. "AGGERSBORG" ...........................April 12
"S.S. "YAQUE" ...............................April 16
*Handing Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo

New York Service


S.S. "METAPAN" ........................March 21
S.S. "BYFJORD" .............................. March 27
S.S. "HEREDIA" .. ..........................March 28
S.S. "LIMON" ............................. April '4
S.S. "FRA BERLANGA" .........................April 11
S.S. 'CHOLUTECA" ............................. April 17
Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.
Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To New York ...................... $240.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco .....$270.00
To Seattle ....................... $365.00


1 *

PANAMA 2-2904


7% ee'S 4RTIe



Discharging cargo from

Reguw and epeBda!e Schedules
For Sailing Dates and Complete Schedules, Consult

Cristobal Telephone: 2161 Balboa Telephone: 1258

Moin Office: Miami, Florida

In a Hurry


lU'stb Tb s
*' 'Ei LSSbj ---
6a,;;. .

f CEL3 I i ANe I lFS l DItIO






Ir waw Not Hm rtWORMW -Pyam U WE!,M,. :a fOWWsWO"
ATOUL HefA i--HS Pl&
r-J"'16- ^^ iB^^^frlMr^1 7

Boy With Ideas

Visiting Firemen.



Sopllingthe Good Thing

i1 :. BUINN!


Crying Shame


soMN, B"u -'15 I WHS TOOK CAM Or' 'H4TM CHAP
iRuov JoK DTF .0, I


v It

/ // -4 HELLO THaRe, MA=OR!
l AT tyOuR r WAS OOPLE -
.OICIEC, _-, I PLE ?
OF CoURsa/ m /TAA

. A '..


-! .,u' ma, :

- The Pacific Steam Navigation Company

Royal Mail Lines Ltd.
S.S. "HAZELMOOR" .............................March 22
SM.V. V-BALAV3r ............. ................ ......... March 30
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) _....3Jne
S.S. "KENITA" ................................March 17'
M.V. "SALINAS" ................................March 27
S.S. "DONGEDYK" .............................March 30
S.S. "DARRO" ............. ............... April
S.S. "SCHIEDYK" .............................March 19
S.S. "DIEMERDYK" ...........................March 20
All Sallings Subject to Chance Without Notice
PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION CO., Cristobal Tel.: 1654/5
FORD CO. INC. JPANAMA-Ave. Permu #55, Tel. 3-1257/8
1BALBOA-Term. Bldg., Tel. 2-1905






it the Hospital


- __ ~----"-lh~x. -I~~I.~L 'I r--~n'''''"'--

1 -1--



.. ...


I j


...* *

I.. 1


inu [9

t1iit '. "'. ..*." '.-
"- Il .i. --3- ^ -

' : "-" -, "

* (1 .4 I ." ."Ij ra r .il.- .

-, m i 4 $ a _.. L. ,$ *.. .
,- .'.'l" m *Sb i Sm t Ea'r n" "
'I:.,, .. ... ... i-


*a t

, 'So. oi.

erday Mr., et Mrs.
Andresn and Their
,, arrived from .their
e a CiV, N. Y. They
* some time visiting in
af the Gaudersen fam-

ireseM, Mrs. Gunder-
r is making hi first
a hinam. -

manias. The guests gathered
qarly around -the Gerhardt's .plI
and their fatousecockteil flag
was hoisted.
Navy Wives
Twr Panama
Ti Wilma Miles Navy Wives'
Clu, took a "Tour of Panada"
wth Miss Mirla Rosa Meji as
I f two Nav -buses, the croun

biag int tU the Presidencai, where
the ladles had the unexpected
tonor of meeting President Arias.
- After visiting the French Plaza,
the Church of the Golden Altar,
Blaboa's Statue. in Old Bana~ a,
and many other interesting high
-ote of Panama concluding with
I ncheon at El Panama Hotel.
Pellee Still Seok Pernee
Missing Fros beace
The holder 'p the Policeman's
Ball first prize ticket No. 002 Is
still at large There is a
Miami for two waiting for t h e
fugitive if he or she will g ive
themselves UP to the Balboa Pe-

....*/..._o .. F., 13 ,.r

.. ,' -- p o w t .
t 4...-..%- --. ..,- .. +--N~ u ~~u ,,- u- .
.- -= -.= .. .- .. ,.,. a .


Eas sli c or IbI- a S
tooe Mi emet I
shu bJo t MAo w- to -.

Balboa mI=e* CiO No. 4
Member a ithe aoaboa Em-
blei Club No: 49 and the Cristo-
balliJleam t:lud' Ne. 58 are hold.
30at joint no hostess luncheon in
OIt e r Room of the Tivoli
uest House, on SaL March 11th
at a p.m.
Members wishing t* attend
should cotact Mrs. Mar4g a ret
Giaham at 2-M51 or Mrs Floda
Monoco at 2-1331, before Friday.
Caribbean College alb
An interestag program of color-
eo flower aites wiu be shown at
tnis evening's meeting of the Car
iooean Llouege CluD at the oied
Cross Buliding In Gristobil.
Balbes Woman's Club
Th'e Balboa Woman's Card
group will huld a desert card
party, at Winr Memorial on
thursday March 17, at 1 p.m.
Mrs. teggy Parser ara Mrs.
f-.. mta.,f ..--- -------_- _

f '. lice asy tae station hause re-. o cnnie cpeuse are nosressis. e -- -r ;- a- *.wi oCUU r. i W -u ,- 9U
S ,.- ports that detectives have deter. Uuesti u a cordially 4ttdW talk to anyone." e friend recent- dcation of resumption of
j mjd that the missing ticket was --- said about manouer. read conditions.
S -Neck sold fronto IBlboa Cub Hou Music ApprVeljatlo Group What ar the Oalities in a per. The Ohio River was falling ra.-
-las f at- Panama- s.. ,-Police officer Henry Perry. Under me direction of PFC by sen that make it sy for him to pidly in Indiana but in the proc.
ra awwere you last seen there? Domnitch of Quarij Hights, t talk to anyone? ess three more flood vlotims
bour, "e s..,. today to b u Ap eiatlon Group w ilhe Th y re _qeall ties that can ere uncovered, raising the total 1
Mpvill becultlvate. The d Most important to seven.11
etur to their homes. Coud Women st at tue US-JWB rm d is anticipating with pleasure theo
Accompanying Mr. and Mr a. Visit Taboga Forces Service Center, Wednes- meting of str anger. The person 1
.r,, is h _ter Mrs. Julleta The Curundu Woman's Club day, March 1Wth, at I p.m. wo likes to kl- weo ple meets P -3
Mauro, w wM sperd some held a outing at Taboga recent- The program of classical re-them tha0 an t t Ps ,
time visiting in the States. I,. coided music will be as follows: easily felt and is always flattering. 1
S --- Swimmir4. hiking and sigh-see. Brahm's Violin Concerto in D Ma. Another factor in being able I tot
Iey Brandoas Ing were the program. Joi; Tschalkowsky's Violin Con- Attor anMonu.e s. I baconidene.1
e p Panama A luncheon was served at the ertad in D Major and Brahm's A _ffi t_ un't cond ence.'t 1
avg 'their home in 8 d an et guess Piano Concerto No. 1, in D. Mi ".rng over whether is a r*
ciape'I ; California., Mr. and Members and guests attending nor ryins over whether he is making 1
embarkd.n a a were mesdamnes Alice Thurgood Military personnel and t h e ir m p gooda I ression or sayig just A new arcessory that will de 2
oS tpoa a plea- JLennie Mashburn, Diana Brighi families are cordially invited to em ts inha He ale to t ease light Babys moer i ot 2
Ie trS f flea. Lily Bumbrg, Grace Colbert, and himself that e is able to con- is a storage cabinet and clothes 2
ti a lat .ie Marg arl Joumbg earoline ncentrite on putting the other per- hamper The storage part swivels 2
at TM agt aroet Johnston, Carolines--.a.o..y c
t eller vist at t. brown, Daisy Torbert, Ma ri a Gambon Church son; at ease. out like a tray so you can get at
eir n Mr. St. hke, Seavour Cummings, Edris The Gamboa Union Church Aux- Don't Have to be an Expert ..the hamper. The whole works is 3
que a ars. Fidan s, Virginia Hall, Irma Quin- bary will meetat the ehafch at Bing. interested in many things covered with circus-printed vinyl 3
RSdm Pn ha T a ,aen l tt y p' 't donr bvst e an AXs suds for cleanliness. 4
sta fir r. uI W beurr rett on ia sub jed ct If are just Babsy' fir .L.msu rl-v T
ai. '- terestod enough to 4- able to cloth. Today they are of cotton,
'. ---- a i sk intelligent questions and listen nontoxic and colorfast. They maya
GAtw-" ats Mf"vivt d. sni rthe answers you get withoutle machine washed and may e- 5
"Party Sila its boredom- Iven be sterilized. Some c o me
of .M Hans OppenO And, then of course, there isn 'ith otys to match.
heimer and his brother Rudy, of F I the important ability to make If Baby thinks that his little
ew Ycrk C and Mr_. HtroldN y I oJewok small tal. Many intelligent people .poon ,s a teether, there is now
Catcherwof Y o lstar, N.R. thel lack this ability and apparently just the product for him. It's a
Ger h-.dts gave anM normal out- -even think it is beneath them to'soft rubber feeding spoon that's
oor sup party to. introduce .try"to do it l-ppeallnx to bite (to him) andl
thir ato- -group-of Pana- White nylon lingerie that's still' No one who's ever done it feels Y to ran be washed in hot soansuds or6
_.... --_in the prime cfI its lifl may Still that the homemaker is "nsunom- small *, n vr ma wahd in h.t soa.suds orI
aepress a woman by its appear played. And by the time she's d mo t d an oiled It holds its shape forever.
n *I A 6/ ance For, as everyone knows by raised a couple of kids and giv- ve to put two pros o LONG DRY HAUL 7
Snow, war and laundering turns e up on exct her husband r t s during the difficult -UP)-A 90
lt V eO, white .ylo to a gloomy color t,..... move the sofa si.x inches, a moments of getting acquainted. ROWLEY, Mass. -_UP --A 90.
sime ltime called "lon colrr woman begins to think of hers'el Being able to talk to anyone is ton shio was built on Rowley Corn
SFrom he originators of n as dray hbore a distinct asset-and one that it mon in 1813 and then hauled more
J oo a four- a-te tods ; Wome in th- middle -yea-r is Imporant for anyone to cult. than a mile to the water by 100
word out to rewitea these ought to guard against being a vats. yoke of oxen.
'. rnylons at home. beast of burden for any reason. __ 9:
V da rk, very sophisticated Ihis is the tame when one ought
liicka ssoometig that'onPly /a The first step is to wash the to realize one isn't as resilient B "T IWN
orry wel, garmentsthorougly with a a ap as formerly. BIGGEST VALUE IN TOWN 10
'restoOS Fmust see iee m. or detergent. Do tt by b a nad or Take these posture precautions 11
W i n the- lighter ran in the machine, depending on the ib your housework as faih.ll OuTr SUNDAY BRUNCH DANCE!
ontte -li stiek-e garmez4's construction. as you take vitamins and" 12ol e "
eed, ss one package ar against disaster as wellfrom 11.30 to 2:30 p.m.
a* bunts out i -iN *? commercial c liso fatigued lt Complimentary cocktail Your choice of a really
"r! w aw..colors In t elipsticklne gallon of hot tiater (10o de. the day's end.,-
asnufacturer's palette a right grees F.) in an enamel contain. Let your legs bear the burden mouth-watering menu for
Shs range They m t out a er, Add wet garments immediate. ben you must lift something oy $2.25
er we knows wat Ie s t lp and str gently while tempera heavy. Don't reach ove r. Sort only .25
cii ,,ents her young skin; or tits is maintained, of sit or squat and let your Jegs

Sntil no odor oicolor remover One. Get your groceries divided
Semarins. If whiteness s not re. in two parcels and carry them ______ ____
stored, leave garments in for an c'ose to the center of your body.
additional 30 minutes. Do not When you bend over, bend '
e t temperature go ober 100 de. frotn .he hips, not In the back. -_ .. .. .._ _
gfees. Work on rousterd and tables
Third. add two tablespoons of that are the right height for' you. _
SliQuN bleach and two tablesonas If they aren't saw le s off or e slai. tI
Sof etergeni w approximately oqe footstoolp or phone ook as'or da1
i allou of warm water. Immerse cusalons to got you comfortable. An ex auuite bOU iUet l

Ia a nO

ma t

" A. .A

Slin Pat Away

neow a e aMW


in every dapt
heeflrS &..

seco n to none.
second to none!

Sipit... favor it...
nd you'll know why
connoissears g"n this &
ItaliNan Swiss Coloy
Sherry a specalaplace
.of aor omthr tables. It is
mooth aad eflow...
with jat a touch of golden
Capralm sun... and a
ddi Bt w Saer alis own.
This Sherry is pftbe ffamous
family of tanoss t Colony
wir...p,*3m4d by

asl-** *a. coimy
.wi ..e e. our.

gemsA I CART
blw~ FT



41 At't~t

Your Comwlfy Stidoisl
(Telephone: I-.3)
Where 10 lM People Met


FfriSweep Georgi Woods
** ;'- A ... -' -" S. .
arch 15 (UP)- blaze, bu ab the northern
t of the March edge of the o 8 m p
atrnad "alo t o a rage
Sarolna and a 0- me stretch f timber if
Sglb Utinder dr. break loose.
rgi a, Flo ri 4 a Fir hers reported that t he
wids had died down today- and
SP rsons died In they "wer holding their won"
s due to mis- over titless of plowed fire lanes.
t lially attributed The tornado swept down la t e
S We Sunday night on the small far m.
t k 'as _00 acres of valu- ing ommwut y of Ridge Spring in
Sab e were burned out eastern South Carolina, kil I n g
It Im tea are where fire- two Negroes. and injuring five
wr fl s t o a of blazes. others.
ut t.e Mprch r was little -Almost every building in the
more than a u to the rest of town was damaged to some ex-
the nation atu e winds eased off tent, and two tenant houses were
in the Southwest "Dust Bowl" a- i.rushed when the black funnel
sea and QOle .ilver flood waters blew over the concrete block front
Sebbe. of a Negro business center on sev-
/ The nfle a r was acute in eral automobiles.
a0j10 9r t ad Ala b a ma Hall the aie of hean eggs ac.
knd rthen Florida but the At- #oMpaned the sudden i to ra
lanta Weaer Bureau said some and widespread d a u a g e te
showers mipy ease the threat with. orchards now Jn bloom Ia the
iu the next ay- or two as a cold region was reported.
air mass mere ig over Canada The vflent winds also inflicted
swipgs south damage to other cities and towns
Sin a three ruunty area in the
Tesh ge nr thee ia Georgia state's famed Peadh Belt.
sad l'a' sad mor e than The storm also may have ac
75,0" another 51,m0 counted for a third death as an
5 ere wl ted Is have airman passenger was sucked-out
m countless fires of an Air Force jet plane by the
S."'.""n ^ a% .turbulence. The CAP began an
Offoilals f (the three states said immediate search of the .a r e a
the blazes appeared to be under near Klngstree, S.C., where the
control temporarily although the pilot reported he had lost his pas-
gituation was still "critical." enger.
Georpia's mot destructive fire The jet was en route with an-
raged along eight miles of the other plane from-Sanford, Fla., to
maln New Yrk- to-Florida High. Norfold Va.
way, U.S. 1. Foresters said the Springlike temperatures which
accompanied the varied weather
n"ii a led to sever:d other tragedies as
,.fl f tff l three persons drowned in Georgia
two ooys who were wading in a
-.. creek and a fisherman who fell
overboard-ar.d an airman drown-
Self-Conul~det Guest Puts Others 0d while swimming in the Gulf of
In Party at E Ise Mexico 30 miles west of Panama
l. I City, Fla.
"When or I am entertaining, In the Southwest, however the'
people who don't know each others strong winds which whipped up
,ery weD, I always like to have great dust clouds had abated to
Mary a ues s -aue *hi can tla haw.-. ne A 4sm.

1:00-Sign On The Alarm
Clock Club (reQuests-
please phone by 7:001
:30-Morning Salon Concert
i:15--Church In The Wildwood
:30-Musical Reveille
: 00-News
: 15-Sacred Heart
: .-As I See It
):05-Off The Record (requests
please phone before
8:30 "
L:05-Off The Record (cont'd)
:05-Lunchtime Melodies
3:30-Sweet And Hot
:15-Music Of Manhattan
:30-Sons Of The Pioneers
:45-To be announced
:00-Date In Hollywood
:15-Singing Americans
:30-Tex Beneke Show
:45-Hank Snow And His Rain-
bow Ranch Boys
:00-Festival Of Waltzes
:15-Sammy Kaye Show
:30-Music For Wednesday
:00-Feature Review .. ,
.0--iWhatAaYourt f rlte (re-
nuesta-please phone bhe-
fore 3:00)
:35-What's Your Favorite
:00-Serenade In Blue (USA")
:30-Melachrino Musicale
:45--Fran Warren Sines
:15-One Night Stand
:30-Report From The USA
(VOA) .
gram V.O.)
:30-Guilty Party (BBC)
:00-You Asked For It (re-
quests-please phone be-
fore 7:30)
:30-Music By Roth
00-Symphony Hall
:00-News--Sign Off

Explanation of Symbols
IC-Brltl"W Broadcasting Cor-
AW-U.S. Army.
A--U.S. Air Force
A--Voice of America.

em' eGo ngh and eru B m as
te boe w
r from M a tr ior aEfim Whh 11

9t -un---f

- -.' 4..,i /

ARRIVES PROM RUSSIA Rev. Georgm lUittte, 4
the Russians expelled from Moscow, is trtoed tn til a1i1
New York by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Georges Baisown"l
Central Falls, R. I.

I Greatest used car sale

Today, Tuesday; March 15
3:15-Freddy Martin Show
3:30--Muaic For Tuesaay
4:00-Feature Review
4:30-What'sa our Favorite (re-
quests-please phone be-
tore 3:00)
5:35--What's Your Favorite
(cont'd .
6:30-Norman Cloutler -And His
Memorable Melodies
7:30 Report From The USA
grama V.O.)
8:30-They Fought Alone (VOA)
9:00--You Asked For It (re-
quests please phone be-
lore 7:30)
10:30-Music From Hotel El Pan-
10:45-Time For Verse
11:00-Symphony Hall
12:00-News-Sign Off

Tomorrow, Wednesday, March 16



-0 UI -0 L D S -- C5HaEsV

7=ri B^ 0 puIER 4




C: 11. '.

of our LOVELY CARDS for

ST. PATRICK'S DAY (March,17) i

EASTER (April 10th)
Choose now from a beautiful assortment -


(Both across fro the Ancon P.O.) ,

BUY one of this beautiful A


Pana-ahogany (Rani leb)

W.lA $1.50 M liy $25
940 ./

F*- '



-T It-.

, -..



_~~__~_____ ~___~ ~___~~ ~ _~L ~_1_ ~__ _LI___U




-...r;..... ~..

_ 1~___ __ __

___~_ _____ i~___ ~_ ;__~ __~~


r .-" ., ..A r AA

IA ,. ;- w .i K :^
.,' *'*' *.** ** ...i l
* _-. ,- -.'. -.^ .
-" -. --


I, *~,i .,


74ti4 -

-~~ -.. -. ..


Ineinensive Want A

'~~Fi&;b~"' I~

* .. .




7 Street No. 13
4th of July Ave. i J St.
Jutoe Aroaem Ave. uad 33 St.

. m

182 la Carrasquflla
Centra Ave. 45
No. 3 Lettery Plan

I "... IA.. ....44
1Ftth mt .J'm .
Agencia Internal. dq PUliiwoe#

"Mse teM v.' xe

Ave. TivefR Xs
,14o f. "M"M -
N. ftt t q .

IL -

3 a. ..,r -
"-j .-,' ...e' .A

V. d.oin is k. A14 N Av D N4. ,

NoVtoMigs AtmIS

ii I: I m ~ 1-. a7 4


: We Have Everythinl
*To Keep ,Your Lawn
and Garden Beautiful
using the Dry Season.
P Tools
> Hose
:. Econo Soil Spray
* Fungicides

4 Central Ave. Tel.


Dn. A. and 1. ORILLAC
Pelnmer Giariviae,.i
. hirarestic adds life to yenrs.
SMyears to life."
Srhvesue Tel. U.-IN
S I debk fmm Lus Theatre)

Insure In

FOR SALE:-Westinghouse refri-
gerator. 4 months old, self de-
frost. 8 cu. ft. Original cost
$385. sacrifice for $300. House
0814 Balboa. Phone 2-2950. 25
FOR SALE---G.E washing ma-
chine (wringer type) $75: Ma-
gic Chef 4-burner gas stov. $50;
Norge gas heater $75; Ncrge
deepfreeze, practically n e w.
$400; Frigidaire, 9-ft., $175.
Phone 3-4215.
FOR SALE Complete fusnish.
ings, double bed $20, refrigera-
tor $25, chest $7. rugs $5. 25-
cycle fan $15. couch, misc. 1941
Studebaker, cheap. Cristobal 3-
FOR SALE:-Crib and mattress,
practically new, $35; 11.4-cu.
ft. Frigidaire 60-cycle refrigero-
taor, I year old' Friaidoire elec-
tric stove. Call 4-397.
FOR SALE.- Refrigerotor. 9-ft.
$50; studio couch $25; bookcase
wth heating element $5. Phone
FORP. SALE: .DMing oomr and
bedroom, sets. Ownr ;et,faving.
50th Street No. 2. Apt,. 7. "An-
ayansi" Boilding.

FOR SALE --4 maple living room
chairs, dropleaf table, venetian

FOR SALE:-1942 Dodge truck
chassis, I tons. Phone 1541
FOR SALE--'49 Olds-76 Con-
vertible. black, good condition.
Phone 82-4149 between 8:00 &
3 00. after 4:00 82-5262.
FOR SALE:-1950 Plymouth 4-
door De Luxe $500 Irodjo and
heater. Albrook 86-3261 or
FOR SALE:-'47 Lincoln Coupe,
good condition. 4 new tires, ra-
dio. overdrive. Call Clavton 7250
after 5 p.m.

FOR SALE -19/47 Chevrolet se-
dan, good mechanically $325.
Terms available. Call Guy. Pana-
ma 2-5298.
FOR SALE:-1950 Buick Super
Convertible with radio, excellent
condition, w/s/w tires good $800.
Can be financed Phone 83-4242
after 4 pm.
FOR SALE: 1954 Ford Main-
liner $1550. House 5343-B Da-
vis Street, Diablo. Phone 2-2645.
FOR SALE:-1946 Hudson 4-
door sedan. House 255-8. Phone
4-458 Gatun.

FOR SALE: 1953 Chevrolet

FOR SALE: 10'good saddle'
horses Can be seen at Panamb
Riding School. Phone 3-0279 be-
tween 3 and 5 p m.
JOIN THE TREND towards mod-
ern window covering, using mafth
stick bamboo draperies and cur-
tains. Custom-made in all sizea
and any color 'for immediate de-
livery. Venetian binds, recondi-
tioning services. Free estimate.
Call 2-3063 or 3-4904. Distri-
buted by Productos de Madera,
S.A., 98 Central Ave, between
Kodak Building and Fifth Ave-
nue Store.
FOR SALE: Pure-bred Great
Done puppies. "El Trebol," Tele-
phone 2-3004.
FOR SALE:-Set of Encyclopedia
Britannica. $125; eledTric fan
$8. Call 2-3284.
FOR SALE:-'51 Olds-88, baby
bed, high chair. 213-C Pedro
Miguel, after 6 p.m.
FpR SALE -Cocker Spaniels, six
weeks old $30. Phone 3-3907.
FOR SALE:-26-inch boy's bi-
ivcle, large English bicycle, saw
and joiner with motors, small
Triumph and 500-c.c. Norton
International motorcycles. Balboa
*-- -

lSadwirt'S departments f c rent at
San'aClore, Phone Balboa 3681
for' d.
5l3A i furnished houses..
pn- beW arnt Clara. Tele-
phOlIn TN O N, Balboa 1772.
"PdI*1p.q Bhside c o tta g e s,..
Sacnte Car" Box 435, Balboa.
Phone Poanama 3-1877. Crisqo-
hal 4-t67f.

italnI~~~isi -ot Caa ec

O, aonli !whri nte Clara Beach
ialK M dern conveniences,
m rot. Phone Gamboo

FQ'tfER'S COTTAGES, one mile
.pst -Santa Clara. Low rates.-
Phota Balboa 1866.
WIIt.6M ,Santa Clara Bedch
Cotboges-reckgas, refrigeraoton,
2-bedroom. Phone Balboa 3050.

FOR 'RENT--Small chalet, one
bedroom, living dining room,
kitchen. Moderate rent. General
J0s4 de- San Martin Ave. No. 6,
F&R RENT:--Furn.shed or un-
.furnished chalet, living room, din-
ing room, 2 bedrooms, garage,
ardamn. 18th Street No. 8, Son
* francisco.

apartments -
ATTENTION 0.1.1 Jut* bulUt
modern furnited aparrnwtsc ,
2 bedrooms, hat, cM water. Te
Panama 36494 1. ,:
FOR RENT:-Fumlished ond un-
furnished 2 and 4-rom modemt
apartments. Contact 'Alhambrq
Apartments. .1 th -Street, Phone
1386, Colon..

FOR RENT: -- Completely fur-
nished luxury apartment, Campo
Alegre,, with Jiving room~dining
room, air-conditioned bed-sitting
room, second bedroom, two bath-
rooms, for rdnt at cost $165
monthly from April I to June 1.
Phone .3-3444 commencing 7
p.m. Sunday.
FOR'RENT:-Apartment, 2 bed-
rooms, 48th.Street, Bella Vista.
Phone 2-2601 from 7:30 a.m. to
5 p.m.
FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ment, moderate rent, frequent
transportation, North American
neighbors. Phone 3-0471,.
FOR RENT:-Concrete. modem,
spacious I-bedroom apartments,
main street. Pueblp Nuevo. Tel-
ephone 2-3483 business hours.
FOR RENT:- Cangrejor Modern
screened apartment three bed-
rooms. maid's room, three baths,
hot water, balcony, garage. Call

"I -I..... ..... ..... _............. py g6Of-3483
Sure imuree"8 blinds, dressing table w; mirror, Power Glide. 210 model de luxe, FOR RENT:-2-bedroom chalet
e meer o4th misc. items. alboo 2- I1,000. Phone Balboa 1382. i at "Miraflores" iBarriada del FOR RENT: Furnished apart-'
S AGENCIA M R IDGK A c -Maedrol. Phone 2-4088. ment. refrigerator, gas stove. Via
Plone Panains .-0553: FOR SALE. Household goods. tai 2-door de luxe, 7200 miles. IM De k NsFranc last house
of July Avenue No. 14-2S 5089-A Parsons Street, Diablo Phone Balboa 1 382. Franco
"ali -1"'1 .E:0l.e jni S0-EN 1 Heights. 2 '-FOR RENT:--G.I.-hnspected fur-
Sktr; FOR SALEt-Modern mhogny FOR SALE:-1953 Chevrolet 210 DocumeniUW n shed one-roNm apartment with
1 living room, dining room and condition. Coill Balboa 2-3186 Ancon P. 17-18 4th of yite
al Zone Detl. PolyclnIc bedroom furniture. Norgbarw- after 4 p.m. STOCKHOLM, March 15.- NEW YORK (UP) Renata
r. C. X. F#breA DJD.S. geraror. bobby stroller. Catba (UP)- Security p o lI c e who Tebaldi, a tall, noble-faced prima Ave. Phone 2-5133.
pr. h a-. egre. Coilq Ricordo Arias, Amer. FOR SALE:-1946Chevrolet backed a communist spy ring donna from Italy,. has been the
* -ltw-arldged .work--air hlsive ica Building No. 3. .ton pickup. five excellent tires, in Sweden said today they had sedsation of the current New York- .1 i.
4 noe.arsl MOMsie d o $350. Call Panama 3-5335. izntSwed dodyte ha era season and two1,sold out
nI r e No. eA2 FOR SALE:-Btffet, couch.frame toniku. five excln t ti captured documents showing nday ra cning reacitsal n he vast lly
IsB eFORucam.the ringoperatedthroughoutArydayC'oroing recitals in' he vast
T -Alehinn&.:1 ,grinderm'wheel mounted on stand, PdScandinavia.nit1OperaHLe a
Platform rocker, large bsket for sition Offered ecurty police n Denmark incitead Role n build's
bicycle, G.E. record changer and and Norway were contacted gers are in the much Sma lerN e R l
records, carpenter's workbench WANTED: Sales agents for Immediately and informed of -aid much eare sier to fu T maer
AL ZONE LADIES8.. and vise. miscel ous. L. R. club. Good opportunity for inter- tl captured files listing nu- wal it takes conrtidrable excite. rri
of skill elreate Evans, 0809 P Street, Bal- ested persons. Parisien Furniture IeIrous wetea, aes ad Nor- met mong ta eratic publitN, Cl Joh
P of beauty for aster bo Stre No. 2710 Central Ave. wpan. for siprs and the managers'to Cpl. John
Authorities investigating the hire the really big balls, In the central role of thei. lonely
Y CA ring in Sweden ordered four But Tebaldis schealed appear. Scottisbe rge4nt .IA den ic-
o Bieauity Salon PU tHM S \communist "diplomat" out of an ces in Met productions hau oeen Lachlehti in the Theatsre Oild'i
STel ccioni36 Son Sweden and Imprisoned an at- sold out weeks in advance and presentation of John Patrick's
tractive housewife Who turned a recital seemed in order, tne ae- comedy-drama, "The. I a s t y
Ordered To Su and Py to prove her love for one mand increased, so-the Met's own Heart," which will open a six-
riD A.TERVOUSrIcaome of them. house was rented. Even tnat big performance run at the Guild KEIT
S- NThe action brought to 15 the house was sold out well in ad- workshop March 28. sion
assage will make you feel By OSWALD JACOBY and number of persons a fected so "ance, so the second recital was Catron's role of a young sol- aar
r old .self! Just call Tel. ALFRED SHEINWOLfar by the crackdown on the announced. dier who hides his desperate od of
660, Exten. 636 anytime Written for AEA service ROME, March 15 rUPd -The nationwide Red spy .network in Thei rst given Feb. 27, with need for love, and friendship be- iun
between10aamooequpi h 'Pieo-ecuor seThda Sw ede b i te nasuanlin, baritone, as cLiao. gonism, is a difficult but reward- Hrlg
n M Sm Here are sum questions that t Piero Picclom, son o Ita- The Swedish Foreign Office orating artists, revealed the ef- I. ng one, since the complex char- Iate
I Panama Massage SlO nave oeen bothering many of ourb s former Foreingn Minister, be number of persons af fected so .r.e.b certainty of Miss Tealdi. acter of Lachlen demands the amou
.laderi Perhaps they bother yoa. conmi ntted for t fa il jn man- communist Ministers Jaroslav lart I portrayal of such conflicting to ao
also. I certainly hope that some slaughter charges in the drugs Vleek of Czechoslovakia and Although the stimulation and qualities as bitterness, sensitivi- ed t
Strlcky problems can be solvedand sex death of Roman beauty F.nclsco Otroe of Romania direction of an actual operatic ty, fierce pride, and humor.
r. Montesi. and notified them three mem- production were missing, sIe un. The title of this Broadway hit ed wv
Sndead ha ,b..c.... hbers of the Czech legation folded the most poignant moments play, which infuses comedy into recent
M -1nderstand that game Public prosecutor Leonardo staff and one Romanian repre- of Desuemori. in uledo a n d a profoundly moving situation, re-
Guaranteed Parts no int% n utthroat caasta. colis ordered self-styled I tentative were no longer wel- Violetta in "La Traviata witb!h fers to the brooding Lachlens
Guaranteed arts ver need e than.120 points er Rome Police Chief Saverio come.stunning emotional imp act. A cautious philosophy that "sorrow
SGuaranteedi Parts meld to tan dEigerg n who cadn convey uch Is born in the hasty heart, thac 2"
f Nor ' meld? Polito........... ... i. J I- ,emotion with voice alone o a-iis. the heart that Is too ready to
Pick up And Delivery a No 'rou 30 i a the and abbettingPirccioi i 'Stent O Ipread' mn the a ges true rarities. accept love
pid 1ervice itilal meld L druly !20 points. Spread--,meng toilgsh. .... acpt"lve
Rapid Service --- Are required to ask whese, er rso ConStqnt Problem. -peaking ot singers, the critic. The setting of- the play Is at
Areou required to ask were accused t giving false te- "oere quicK 1o puint out unat iiase British army hospital in Burma,
a t ,ermson before you can meld timony in the length Investiga- ST. LOUIS (UP) If you teens' voice does not comf6rt- where Lachlen meets and rejects
Cu.ou inedtthroae canastaon of the mystery death. They, Iwant to knou, secretaries' great- ably deal with the lower registers the friendship of his fellow-pa-
Cive us a Call ne- Ifyou are one of two part- too will have to stand trial. let secret Worry, it's how to avoid I Orfeo's part in Glucks 'Orteo tient and a hospital nurse.
aners you must ask permission at the di e.aded stenographer I d Euridicc which the Met re- WhVn finally the lonely soldier
'45th. St. No. 3 et. If mong these are pretty exist- spread. vived with Pierre Monteux con- makes friends of the others, he
entiaist party-girl Adriana i- F r hund.'ed young womencducting. This is unquestionably learns that he has only few
Senll.Vista 'i denied, yeu need not ask again. I.accia, and Journalist Sllvano tdok tj.bday ofe 4pj an informa- true. weeks left to live, and bitterly1
If y. ou are the lone wos, o- f course 1 Muto first broke the story yve, workshop that included ex- But one can give a little on the decides that he has not been be-
Tel .3-IU 5 you need not ask permission tOlthat eventualy rocked "he gov-(pert advice on every subject from vocal side in order, to have 0the friended, but rather pitied. I
so it..You are rei.ponsible 01111ernment of Priemler Mario personality to bow to get ahead, gain which comes from Miss Ste- Amon those who teach the
rIc' rel. S celba. But the hit of the day was an vens mere presence on the stage. headstrong Lachlen the meanting
S E& a Do scores run higher in Ilustrated lecture by Prof. W. C. She is the superb actress of te of friends hp ate an easy-going L
m- Moers cuttI' roat than in regular canasta' Eerhardt, director of physical Met company. A Orfeo, she con- American called Yank, to be
S-. | A Yes. They nun about twice I Mr. Ida Lord .education at St. Louis Unyersity, veyed by the subU.eties of posture, played by John La Fakce a tough
'Lear. RiIng t as high. People who liue to play I a L' 1 how to keep the tummvy in of presence, if manner of loco Australian known as& Digger, to
"MSa SCOO afor smehing u"saly cut t Dt "o Funelrl and the chest out without look- motion, and of the co..nentrated be portrayed by B ilBeech, and
*PA MMDeFIylM l something in half when they play f force of a very few gestures, the Tommy an irrepressible Cock-
,eil cutthroat canasta. .elatrim young house wife de valid significance of classic ney, to played byDve Board.
:,.- I Tomorrow At 4 nstrated the posture improv-iealism e
My nusband never make servg exercises he ,described. It was an ennobling experience, fat in 10-e i s-sr
an initial meld from his hand. Funeral services will be held to witness ner Orfeo. Nor was her acJlen Bobette M@lHbl ha t
SNo matter how many points are tomorrow afternoon at 4 p.m. n paced pamphlets ex ling the vocal prowess diminished by the only feminine acting agnment
needed for the Initial meld, and the Panama Ba ptist Church for exercises on the spea s' table. igh praise merited by the singing in.thi caomedy-diftrma
,Ir dO r exrie on the --.uwa a shrpaenuseakers comedey-rian o
no matter what sort of hand he Mrs. Ida Lord, who died last t ad a ~astot ec tre of .Hilde Gueaen as Euridice and alk ove n f 2'er ese-d
may hold, hejust sits there and night in 1 anto Tonas Hospital a a rt sh si RobertaPeters as Amor.New York,y
.tries om the discard pile. Is thisj Wrusfr thtable' 'successful A twytS tour,
S iupposet to be an expert play? _A Jamaican, she was 57 years Neither the violin concerto of' -
old. Burial will take place in the W ifeliner brahms or the viol"'concerto of i
S- Very gotten it is, but !I Pueblo Nuevo Cemetery. P.artok has been considered wodn't say it's always rig to INDIANAPOLIS, I1d., March enough work for a violin virtuoso
I25 ) play at -4hat way. It depends on, Mrs. Lord is survived by her, 15 (UP) James M fundell 26,for one evening. Yebudi Me-ubidi l
I I11 fl1e the nature of your hand, and theI husband, Fitz, and her daughter,: told a Judge he reanweda with- i his concert with the New York
.ahSe (number oft noat required for the Merline, in addition to her als- out bothering to get a divorce Philharmonic Symphony, .lt ,
...S Snti: sl meldd ter, Mrq. Daily Parquharaon and fro i his fir wife on his return them on one program. .
her brother, Hl bert Giings. from the Army. Andre Kostelanetz's o
lt happens when you "She acked me who I was." Saturday evening cmn
0LJ6I. T pick ip te la ad 1o'tac I I-l a. RulSdet saidi "I thouht she the orchestra hvetp t
gle* s three a red Initials Carved wouid known n Istartlig disclosure bout *
hree? He W mntetoed to six called orchestral *-r .. -
?- A g A You must put that red; 9y College Kids mn thmlImprisonment on bigamy People just think of som
a thrie down on te table, and the chareas war horses; aaly.
fers hand ends immediately. You do MADISON Wis. (Up) Ste- itte known animals s
k- ,Ott meld =4 vo-tv.wo t discard. eents at the university level The orchestra
A. we .,y a-..dWed ca v'e u initials tton W e W illRetread -1m- '
sasta ad sometimes six-handed desks, iteerding to John Ponti, et h revived it Li aeda Ii r
samba. .In such gamine what isl arpeter hbp supervisor at the LL h ,es had been last play- I
the, rd w 1 or wafts to. Uvervity el WfNoAi5. U193e and eve MoXarts
W in. inWeise Nachtmvsiki d d e
a b ZhelVa. who in five yea .
e^^..n^kv ta v 'f Tires 'Spa ce
.O.Wthem.ak.""" f -nd% I'S
MO...T,-M turniTs St the una..n _
r. stui pu in
r- ON- DAY. today q
men abo '
,resand, al.l" ....

1 ~mn 1

SHIRTS dry cleaTor' ifoindered
the perfect way. traical tlean
ers Via Espifa 83U. Tel. 3-'.
0871. Branch 24th St. East and
Central Avenuw. Tel. -J1346.

WANTED:,- Unfurnmis e2 .or
3- dmem chalert, ivl-Ingd '
Soe, .pnyPh, Fyardt, lt tea ,
.Ie afla 4' 9 09. Hei*hte, tUl-


FOR RB"T; CJean furwnished
room. Cooking aclities. Best
4sldehtlal secton,'. 43rd Street
No. 13, U14S Vista.


a -

M, O

ti6 suitable for frupcniMf r
. RCONSTRUC rT' 0e 'f,
NAL, Ave. Peru 4c .ePiorie"

Wanted Position
GRADUATE NUE offers-hte
service in private homer. Phone
.3-2406. .

H J. LANE, who was recently transferred to the Locks Dlvi-
as a look operator wlueman, has Just received a $30 cash
-d or an employee suggestion concerning a convenient mat- .
stripping the lead sheath off scrap cable. The -resenta-
was made by 3. Bartley Smith, Panama Canal el trical
Meer (left) in the Electrical Division office at Balboa
its. The.method which won Lane the cash award wa oarti-
d and used by Lane atO Gatun Locks whbre a considerable"
nt of scrAg electrical 'cable was stripped and the lead used
ike dudt pads and cable Identification tags. It was estlmat-
at the method, saved the Panama Canal Company severnd
red dollars. Lasl, a native of CoUfornia, has been employ-
Ith the Canal organization since 1951. His service until
tly has been with -the Electrical Division as a distrilbtlot.
foreman. .

Greatest used car sale '





No. 31
EAeP obile ew
^^IIIIR ^IIIIIIIIIIIII~f ^lllll~lX_" 26lllllllllll'V

IM0 Level



" t Line 4

p0<9 $1.76
a-" 14. 16.85
11,60 ..A 70

),o .

*1' '-

ii --f



* 1*~, .. 'C.


* ,I.t ,




' ~


. .

* ^-*t.JI

-" UI .

.:.... .... . .. .'. ..-

"- "' A. ve r '
,, .. -o
I ^, 1|e #,___
* '~aI,11 V ...* ? *' .iri : ,.liH,_.

S- .' ,.4,

--_ ~-. -
.. -V r~. -


with Jame Stewart
A- Alo: -
wIth Glorla Grabame

C TRA-Ti .

with -

- Muslim le
have condemn
and have decla
mitted under
Uproar agal
dancing rose f
Mrs. Cynthia 14
censor to cut
film showing

leaders in Malaya t
ed "belly dancing" [
ared it is not per-
the Islamic rell-
inst this form of i
rom a decision by
Koek, Malayan film
parts of a Malayan.
two actress in
riff doing a "belly
n of the company
d the. film, "magic
was based on an
say "arid as such
y to Islamic reli-

I Mohamed, secre-
layan Muslim col-
raduate of Cairo's
erslty, said. "Ma-
resses should not
actresses in other
world do. We have
y of life and cul-

Iah Yassin, secre-
ilim Welfare Com-
was "utter non-
m that the "Isla-
-rmlts the kind of
round In Egyptian

Bin Abdul Rank,
f of Kuala Lum-
ould like to point
asm forbids women
Lrt of their bodies



AY 1
Comment d
tuIre ,



3:15 5:10 %:05 9:00 p.m.


0.60 030 1

Shows: 3:15. 5:10. 7:05, 9 p.m.

S. m m m


4 in -






Nr Tm T W bml

If W~I

*ur PW n m IIM fl ElwlU U1
55 Ib.d hI
m u m m m ...m m .nnm m n

DIABLO HTS. 6;15 7:55
Piper LAURrE
Charles COBtURN
Wed. Thim. '% GrMF^A"
"Weak And The Wicked"
Thum. "AniBJ dy See My Gal?"
wed. ,Or8=TWT rASSAGI"
GATUN 7:00
Thrun. "A Is Wdun"I
MARGARITA 6:15 7:50
, m.M
W.& W. i niUSA

FM LA WOCA 4:39 7:0
- "T&OW TM&




- Also: -



Also: -

7J -*-.*1j I~I 1r II II I I a a

S Officials

;SeekTo uive Nehru
of eer Prolection
NEW DELHI, March 15 (UP)
Security officala took steps
today to prevent a recurrence of
-- Saturday's attempt on Premier
Jawaharlal Nehru's life, despite
-. o --- his tendency to laugh off the in-
"S RCO 1 0: Pattil cident.
Pe wa, the rst gal ier t The rickshaw man who rush-
a S t Miamis fancy n oew F Ined Nehru in Nagpur with a kunfe
ta i eal ktLi le here, she has been charged with attempt-
mit wr sl I tfrombreehr nome ed murder, and high secret serv-
to ''ttuia, "If. I ce officials are i the central
, ns lot fair ",atti said. "If
nso n u apl acelike that Indian ciy investigating the
i. Tid=', nobody from Miami background of the attack.
%ould tome" The knife-wielder, Babu Rao,
26.said he only wanted to tell
A FeW FAT-FFA'CS: Most am- Nehru "there is no justice under
bitious feat d. the season is Bobby the present government."
Bnerwood's new Coral platLer ofi Authorities here said precau-
"Yes, Indeed' and "Brown Eyes, The De John liters tions for the protection of Nehru
'by Are You Blue?"' Sherwoou "--- will be "quietly strengthened."
ma W like as t.e orewutro us- One official said if he has his
ing tracks -he rord 10 in itty ailen, Decca), "Go Baby way the Premier will not be al-
atrl. a quartet ard, aolo Go (The Four Topiatters, Ca. lowed to mix with crowds "as
Voc Ma-d .himself lavedt "enee: "Tell it To My Heart" freely as before."
and .lng' every note. Wait LesJack lashell, Thunderbird); Perhaps significa ntl y, Rao
Pa 'h rs about TMIS. Best l"How bittei My Sweet" (Peggy comes from the same district as
buyT h season is Snook LaL Lee, Decca). N. V. Godse, the fanatic who as-
son'r A.w Camden EP four lop sBak assinated Mohandas Gandhi in
rops foi.. 9 9ents .-Camden's em- Background music for you in 1948. Security officials here re-
brked on a ca er of'this so the foreground: "Music to Remem- called uneasily that they let
of u nd it may break the lber Her" (Jackle Gleason.. Cap; Gandhi persuade them to ignore
ponl.rpri log-Jam. .. Label tol) Ha" larney With Strings an attempt on his life shortly
,' H, ard, thinks (Cleff),, snuggled On Y o u r before he was killed.
he -has a new star in Dort Breoks. &houldes" (Leroy blmes, MGM);
er first two sides comiu oon. Passion In Paint Henri Reme, "We had a warning before
Songwriter Gladys onlbey RCA). Gandhi was killed." a high police
Is current champ, measured to official said. "We did not take
terms of mst songs a out at the Some relatively little known, it seriously. We cannot risk it
same time her M, "Don Juaa but lovely recerA classical re- again."
John" (Jill Whitey, Coral). will leases: Lalo "Symphoni Espag Nehru said at a meeting in
loic .'The Man I've Been Look. nle" Fournet and Orcbestre Des Nagpur Saturday night the knife
g. For" (Denise Lo), "Wbo Coheerts Lamoureux, Epic); Char; Rao had in his hand when he
Knows Why' (Bil Lawrence), enter'ss "Impressions of Italy"to the running board o
"ibe Dragon" (Teddi Kng) and i.nd Aubert' 'La Habanera'h sprang to the running board of
-,o Pi, He Look" e U louresfler and Paris Opera Or. the Premier's car during a ride
ib). Only trouble with GI ochestra Angel); the Spanish pi- through the city was a "small,
.nist, komoru,, play'n his own rusty thing."
- laziness., o "We should not imagine big
Piano Pieces" (Angel); Bizet's s hind this and magnify
TLe for singers who go on the carly opera, "The Pearl Fishers,"' thin behind this and magnify
road is generally pretty. griam. But, done by the French Opera Com.I- suggest ytheou removier said. "I would matter
thanks to four shopping bags, the pany (Epic ) from your minds, and don't wior
Dejd~a 1Sifters have a home awa) rv.
fro* home. .

Susim Leaders
Uniug. ma -.LkA-

dio): Msrraare Is a darned ex.
Spensve way ,f getting your laun-
done freW,
Ordinarily, touring singers must
Pat in hotels or restaurants. Once
in a while this can be a treat.
But ever' day is an overdose. So
Julie and Dux DeJuhn cart along
fcur shopping bags full of cooking
equipment, fird themselves d I
fiendiv hotel, and presto, home.-

"The first stop when we get their bare mid
to a city,' sags Julie, "is a dance."
super-market. We buy every- A spokesman
thing- ete salt. Our Sunday which produce
diasers are the big thing. We Fan" said it
Lusuy hpse antipasto, soup Egyptian fanta
ravlol., roast chicken, a couple Is not contrary
of vegetables, salad, dessert, gious beliefs."
coffee, nuts and fruit."
This as or.Jy one way the De. yInche Zulkifl
Johns nave outwitted life. The two tary of the Ma
Chester Pa. girls are new to lege and a gr
stardom, so money is still slightly AI-Azhar Univ
scarce. Doing their own cooking is lays film actr
a help "we eave half of what Imitate what
it woula cost to eat out" but parts of the w
they have twc other ways of econo. i a different wa
izing. tuare."
First, theit mother minakes all
their dresses 'She makes ev. Inche Abdul]
erything we wear. except sweat. tary of the Mus
er,'' saysy Dvx. "It costs us may milttee said it
be $ ; or material for an evening, sense" to claim
own add we get somethnF that mic religion pe
ould cost ,us around $150.' Ibelly dancing f
And ally there is a brother films."
leo. who can't sew but collabo. FINDERS KEEPERS -Pro-
rates with tb rls in writing nli vied, of course, Gele Robert Dto Yahya
their matamrt, even their hit rec. should get lost in a crowd. But territorial chief
eals an Epi -y- "No More" and her press agent says that would pur, said, "I w
"A Prese Tier.ob are fain be improbable, because she's out that Islami
uily tro. sa. ir feet tall. The long-stemmed to bare any p
say t e escoy- Amrls Cabaret .
i. V. ,u record-. .

2 FPt A ,) r, at l east, US Missionary
a Bt w eag-writing royas, Fl 3500 Mie.L
To the girls life is currently R 3 Mil5
very pleasant, Older (and larger) 0oo aTn t
s'ster :tlie and kid sister Dux SQuito it
W e rntil. name Is Mary Ann, butll ARK
tle nikname comes from the La. PARK R OIDGE. T., March 15
ta meaing *'ruler," because, heri (UP) -- Merrill Piper. 32. mis-
,mother 'ned to say she rules the alonary for the Wycliffe Bible FRID
ousel alybeeame stars lately, translators, is en route on a solo
a b has happened to us flrht to Qulto, Ecuador, 3,500 T
sine as& Novefber." as vsDux. miles away. i Most-
" sti an' be eve It. W'd been Piper took off in his remodeled P
,m tilr Mee or four years. four-place plane Sunday for .P
I som t6ld me that I haed to Mexico and Central Amerilca to
gr baik to Sears Roebuck tomor, reach Quito in the Andes Moun-
r 3:sa:, .uldait be at aNltain4 He will teach the Bible to
surprise" Indian& WLL
~- i _____ I

SI~ ~;B: Perry Come has
rewivel of tIMe eklie
S( tCA Owtn:- 1
~DL~L( gum *.h

Ot. TODAY! 40. '

A Zstr j



NEA 3taff Correspondent
HOLLYWOt D -(NEA)- Holly-
wood on TV The "Halls of Ivy"
hre crumblug-and visual Lucy.
type comedy Is taking over.

Thro may, be roars of protest
from rh TV intelligentsia, but low
ratings on se televersion of the
k.ona CaolmrI-Benilta Hume ra
olo hit cued the move. Action re.
places conversation in f u t u r e
chapters with star'Colman learn.
ing 'o square dance in a big
laugh sequence. oA, the first"new"
show due around April 1.
Current howl between Jeff Don
nell, who plays Alice Gobel on TV,
and the reas Alice Gobel, wife of
comedian George; Jeff's butcher,
delighted with his new celebrity, in
sists on callmh her Alice Gobel
' --J A1._ -th.. Q--. Ir- 1J ,-U-.

e if -.

with Luille Ball-
Alis: -
with Mickey Rooney

)LLY WOOD .. I Greatest used car sale

ing on, and no gal ever worked Dean, Dy the way, is not his real V E R
harder at making it happen, r.ame. 1 E V E
"I made it up seven years ag |
T H jS IS TELEVISION, Mrs. Just for kicks,' he explains. His
Jones- Paul Douglas, Arlece Dahl teal handle 1% Dallas Burrows." AAr T 9 Ai
and Hag.y Carmichael rated all -- | f U I 6 rAKgj
the ballyhoo on TV's version of the Edith Terry overheard it whis.--
1943 movie hit, "Casablanca," but pered at a recent Hollywood wed. B U I C i L S S
John Hoyt, as the French police rung._ BU I K LLDS CH E V
chif, stole the show. The reason "Whom Calfornia has Joined, let
je wasn't even billed, maybe? not Nevada put asunder. i em*
Lea'ie Ban.ung, Jane Russell'3s
:,ster-mi aw, is back in the swing
::F ai actress s after taking time out
for mamahood. She's been acting

Not In the Script:
"It couil be said," writes Trudy
S:Iberschein of L A., "that Eddie
Fisher made ; pile of dough sing Fo4
Ing 'I Knead You Now.' It could Yi
te said. Trudy. but I'm not saying
: ti |= *T^ 'ta-

andu wathe outir ay Jeu toldu Mra.
aG.: .
"Since becoming Alice Gobel I'm OH. NO, dert: There will be a
even getting better cuts of meat." Liberace edition of an inspirational
"Well." replied the real Alice, tome ,The Magic of Believing,"
"I wlih yo'd ltroduce ME to with a prefacec'4y the ivory tickler
your butcher My meat hasn't been and a dust-jacket portrait of him
so good lately" It's Liberace's claim that he hit
stardom m by following the philoso-
HEAR IT NOW: If Max Liebman phy outlined in the book. No, it
ran get Fox"' okay, Marilyn Mon. wasn't written by George. Claude
roe will star on one of his big spec- MN. Bristol's the authors.
taculars. Orson Welles hops ---
from Rome to New York in June
to star in a live TV production of It vas an intriguing tip, but I'm
'"King Lear." ,."rry to report it didn't check out.
-. A TV alley nil insisted NBC was
The n-w Nat:knal Audience Board, 'dumping all of its used kinescope
TV's equivalent of the movies' Na. film in the Atlantic Ocean to
tional Board of Review, just de. avoid qny chance of a black mar-
creed: "Killings and stabbings on ket in TV film.
TV are lusti'ied when the story is
an account o! actual history, and "And pretty soon." my pal said.
when the children are informed in "You'll be able to walk to Europe
advance that all the violence is on old kinesropes."
make believe anyway." But the facts destroyed the in-
Actual history is "make be tc resting po.siuility. NBG sernds its
llefe"? Contusing, isn't it? old kinescopes to Rochester every
-three months for salvage value.
The Sally Kemp who appears m f s
regularlyy on Robert Montgomery's THERE'S A million-dollar con-
bhow is the 2? :ear-old daughter of"tract :rewin,' at CBS for Orson
the late Hal Kemp. ... Revue Pro- Bean, ..irrently in Hollywood for
ductions is pniing Cornel Wilde for a movie role in "How to Be Very,
more telefilm directing following9 Very Popular." The netwoei spent
his debut wi'h "Tb. Blonde Dog. almost 8100,m00. on a kinescope test
June Havoc's "Willy" is latch- of a vatietv show for him. Orson

The American Legion will celebrate the 38th Aniversayof el its birth March
lA America oins a aslue to ohi "All American" team

St .

15 to 17. 195i.

's been long, long tra il from Paris, France when on those March 15 to 17 dates. a hand-
.ul.o As veterans moet to g nit'The Anieem en.e.4
The American Legion. the world's lugest vetercns' rganlustis. has been dedicatd ad
ways to the interests of America and the defndr of from
tion to continue serving "For God and Country"l

e,. tonal Secuitv and Rehabilitation were founded on those basic principles

We wha Americang o aires a over the worl. d lay MM In legonirthdy.
Eligible vetercmAs of World War L World War d the Kor Warm l make t the
greatest by joining The American Legion today.

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Tz.: .13 -2.
* i -- -/, .-.-- _..,







in Miya lonoemn 1 ----- i- -
'Belly Dancing' RELEASE

p p
* ft
-' A





BALBOA 6:15 7:50


we Thsen w
",.-. --,,.,se-

JCoaSTn s 0amd oi
_" ________ WW. *AM A5nC,4 0 MARM"

--*--C'~i T--- -

- -


i, ,








*-~ V..

1dL IAf.A~A I.. ~..&.. i... L Ai.~Zuik' ~ ~.i'.,....j

Musical, Schoendienst Bea:

0 -

Two Great Old Pros

Whole Show As Cards
&./A**/ ^*^****^l -* *Sff^^WCS <_

Crack U.S.

Athletes Set
ma an


ig Down Like 1 .ki
.,. ,. ,;. -

Armenteros Arrives; To Give

Exhibition Tomorrow Night

anq o- Pan-AmMark Cuwelterweight Ton Ar-
-- -- enteos today was scheduled to
0 n-Am s8 Kobbe Ballplayers Cubntr-t rh e4A
By FRED DOWN By AL WOOD workout for the benefit of the
edReprese 1 Ya s Colon Boxing Commission at the
dNEW YORK, March 15 (UP)-Stan Musial and _MEXICO CITY, March 15 (UP Represe t 130 Yards Colon Ara th afternoon. The
ed Schoendienst would be excused the luxury of were in the process today of port last night 'to complete
ome "spring gold bricking," but the two great old spoiling the Pan AmericanO F c training here for ura" a'
ros. were bearing down today like a pair of rookies thefcompetition.g a ru y f o mchedel Schdootg i S e-oh
in to make the grade with the St. Louis Card- Smashing records with gay a- OrleansJoe Brown New
ing to make the abandon, Yankee Doodle Dandes gradeThe workout o the Boing
sals. went into the third day of two Commission is obligatory for
w weeks of competition with so One hundred and thirty years all visiting fighters seduled
Responding to manager Eddie Bill Skowron also homered for many points to their credit that of formal schooling is represent- to make hefs first local ap-
ankys "hutry up,. and get the Yankees whose four straightttef
.'blrr e the battle already appears to be ed by eight members ofhe Fort pearace. It is merely a for-
ady" program, the 35-year old defeats had marked aclub ree- of second place. Kobbe Lifeliner baseball team maHty in the fis of well a-
usial and 33-year old Schoen- ord for a Grapefruit League
twerevirtually the whole start Joe Adcock hit two homer e U.S. team has 135 unoff- a sad i cairm e oege tablshed fighterslike Armen
ow yesterday as the Cardinals for the Braves, who have lostcial points compared with 43 for students.
tthDetroit Tigers, 9-1. It three of five games. The Cuban welterweight and
atth ro ger 3-. I hree of five games. unnerup Argentina. Coach Leo More than half of the team 1lTs managerwere met at the air-
Sfor the Cardinals and bergs contract problems reach-inrepresen-
a the fourth victory in five General Manager Hank Green- Johnson's track and field set roster is made up of college : ort by Louis Craig in represen-
mes for the Cardinals and berg s contract problems reA -imany new Pan American Games trained people, the majority of action of promoter Enrique Mar-
arked the Tiger's third defeat e a new crisis a Tcson,Arz records. the group selecting teaching as t
five Grapefruit League out- when American League batt Shotputter Parry O'Brien, hun-their life work. Armentero i schedule to
g. ca.. on oy hA r bock dred meter sprint man Rod Maj. James L. Walker, team give a three-round exhibition
Mumal, who hopes to win his negotiations hee b Richard, four hundred meter manage and regimental S-2, hasagainst ant ama r Her-
eh National League batting for his Ve u eio hoe hurdler Bob Culbreath and seven former or future teachers bert Dugla tomorrow night
ampionshp this year, d umpernsideringotheoregulareweekly.ama.
pionship this year, b last Avilalnslstedhhe would notbo broadjumper Roselyn Range all on the club roster. Of the seven, .- during t oregu orweey hma-
tripledouble an two singles for lessthan $32,000 about won their events. one has a masters degree n ur ing the regular weekly ama-
ur trips to the plate wh $5,000 morethan Greenbergha In fact, the only U.S. defeat of health. / teur olngtro
hoendinst weighed with offered. Avila, who hit .341 last the day came In the women's 60 Majority of the graduates plan Armenteroi dl staging a great
e as the pair account- season, s ebaastunsiHnedeI e eat
ee sing the pairaccount- season player last it now ap- meter dash when Bertha Diaz of to -go into high school level comeback. He defeated Joe
for seven of the Redbrds pears that he won't report for Cuba beat out Isabel Daniels of coaching on completion of their Brown in December, only to lose
pastha he wo'e t the United States by the length Army tour. Of the group, five the return' match in January by
southpaw Harvey Haddix, at least 10 days. a listi name ahin caeer a te t h i ury
ho posted an 18-13 record last Manager Birdie Tebbettre-oday's competition was ex coaching careers as their TKO intheeighth round Tony
Today's competition was ex- first order of business. hel .. hed Raul Perez to a draw in 12
n, yielded only one hit in ceved encouragement n his pected to continue along victo- Men with coaching experience rounds for the Cuban 147-pound
ree innings in his 1955 de- each o opi g tog ry lines for the Americans. The to their credit includes Bill Wood crowd in 1950 He was spped
t and rookie Floyd Wool- with admitted battin power pole vault tops the agenda and Ernest Beals, Don StillWvel, Nor- in seven rounds by Wilfredo Miro
e followed with another when orky alentine, Gerry the three tomen n the world ert Hummel, Don Piersma and in 1952 andhas wn one and lo
three rounds for the taley and rookie ery Lane l- the Rev. Bb Richards, Don ene Pehotnt assCho
ardinas. It was the second laboratedn a four-hitter that La and Bobby Smith -are Wood, graduate of Texas.Tech- one gn st the cay Cttros is appa
p e outing of the spring gave the CncnnaRedeg a 10 umpin for the U.. nological college, coached foot- bck n esor now
4 Whoeisnotwin over the Boston Red Box. It uhe back in his best form now,
or Wooidridge, who is not win over the Boston Red Sx. It he discus is on the agenda ball, baseball, basketball and
en listed on the Cardinal was the first test of the spring too and the world's best is For- track at Pettit high school, Tex- The Cuban will have a
oster. He limited the New for Staley, obtained from the tune orden. as. as and basketball erJt
ork Yankees to one bit In Cardinal in the deal for Frank makes up prior experience" for Joe who nevr mkes more
three scoreless innings in his Smith Then there Is the finals of the Beals. He coached at Plymouth than 138: Joe will be seeking
rat appearance last Thursday. Dusty Rhodes, World Series eight hundred meter run where (N.H.' high school. his fifth consecutive victory
Manager Casey tengelofhe pinch-hitting hero, delivered the Yanks have usllfed Mal Mound City (.) Commercial on t t
ew York Yankees breathed a key single, utility outfielder Whitfield, Lon Spurrier and Ar- high school contracted outfield- Sed Federtho Plum.ser, Wi to
er, meanwhile, when center- Bill Taylor hit two homers and nold Sowell. er Stillwell to handle baseball, do Brown and Tito Despaigne
ider Mickey Mantle broke out "problem pitcher" Jim Hearn Track and field men. of course, basketball and track functions. and dsnond Tb DeRpa
his spring batting and decisoned Bbby Rosado.
his spring batting slump to hurled tree sores n aren't winning all honors. The When not on the field, Stllwell BOOKWORM Waiting his The supporting car includes
rk the former world cham.. nings as the New York Giants American team is surprise taught a series of math courses, turn at the plate, Lifeliner six-round semifinal between
plons to a 12-11 decision over th' snapped a three-game losing leader in the pentathlon and For Gene Pehota, graduate of Norbert Hummel catches up Chocolate II and Lupe Pancho at
Milwaukee Braves. Mantle wh streak with an 11 verdict weight lifters from north of the University of Connecticut, it was "on some reading about the lat- 128 pounds a six-round "pecal
had struck out seven times and over the Chicago Cubs. The Rio Grande are chloolne in with football and basketball coaching eat developments in football that pits Hankin Barrows III a-
gone hitless in 12 trips to the world champions resume their an expected number of point at Fort Devens, Mass. His plans tactics. Hummel is one of gans Marcial Molinar at 35
late in four previous losses, spring series with the The undefeated TT... baseball include a possible coaching pos- thirteen former college stu- andan opening four-round pre-
blasted a rand-slam homer and Indians today at Phoenix. Ariz. team takes the field tndav tion at either high school or col- dents on the Kobbe baseball liminary in which promising a-

burgh Pirates, 3-2, in 12 innings; The U. boxing team, however. Hummel coached a football John Blake, a political science
the Chicago White Box defeated is absorbing more than Its share squad in Louisville, Ky. Both major from St. Joseph's college, Tol A 0t
BELLA VISTA iA'S who have of licls. Both U.S. entrants plan to return to coaching on plans to study law at George- i
HRCDA.Y !- O"team routedSan T The two remaining college Mary, H a McCullen intends Tur a
MaryHoga rd McCulien lntdnds
THURSDAY! o f the ar Texas League, On The Allegrads plan to enter other field. to enter law and insurance fields.
cph dthe Dodgers to a 6-3 vic-l Tra*
.ery Baltimore. --- -
Fu,, r.sre ei rixe bowling teams from the wells, Navy In D decisive ualTrack
armed forces on the Atlantic Cristobal High School will be
She side will compete tomorrow at host Thursday afternoon at 2
WyIaIU nChes 7:00 p.m. at-the Fort Gulick Al- PAt .m. to Balboa High School at
S00 p.m. at-the Fort Oulick Al- Battle At M t. Hope Tonight an interscholastic track meet.
SExh ion Matches This will be a tune-up for both
The event will be the National -- -- teams, before the Triangular
ontin ue This We Telegraphic Bowling Tourna- championships on March 25 and
0 inUS iSent~heldannually theU.S, STANDINGS five games have gone into ex- the Balboa Relays on Alrl 1.
ntinue Ho nolulu, Alaska and the Canal tra innings. The largest gap be-1 In the high hurdles Wink Lus-
STwo exhbton chess mes onolulu. Alaska and the Canal Atlantic Twilight Baseball tween winner and loser has been ky, Balboa's top timberman,
Two exhibition chess games Zone. Awards are presented on
are scheduled at C r is tobal the national level to the team Won Lost Pet. a mere two runs and on two oc- should et some competition
r T sMCA-USO Friday and Satur- with the highest pin fall for Powells ........... 7 1 .875 (asions only one run separated from Don Smith. Cristobal's top
day, March 18 and 19, aV 7:30 three games. Navy .............5 2 .714 the two teams hurdler. Both boys started from
dy *a1*.l- p am. Casanovas ........ 2 6 .2501 The last time Powells and Na- scratch last season and really
John Bvans, winner of the re- Awards are also presented na- ............. 7 .22 vy met, was a week ago tonight showed plenty of form with one
cent tournament held at the Ho- tonally to the winner of the u .I when Noel Gibson blanked Navy year's experience.
ne ( .tel El Panama, will meet Homer high single score and high triole. Casanovas 8 C... 5or a 2 o 0 win. m Kin, the In the 100-yd. dash, Balboa's
]I Weeks, winner of the last Isth- Teams who have indicated they tuavys kine of the mound, ac- Eddie Napoleon should havelit-
mlan Open Championship. This will enter from this area Include Tonight's Game (7:30 p.m.) ace, but was deprived of victory mate Lumbado and Stan Smith
,Swill be the second In the series Naval Station, Coco Solo; Fas- Powells vs Navy when a pair of walks "nd one from Cristobal. Another top
Sof five games which the two men ron $105: Fort Oulick Reds: Fort scratch hit in the seventh added event will be the 440-yard dash
willtalMCAs The falrst ame beCr- score of the teand Fort D av. he best ByTrevor Simons on to a passed ball gave the win- Herb Raybourne of Balboa should
T tween Weeks and Evans played three ames will be sent to New All eyes will be on the Atlantic ed for victory uns they n des to run the 880-yd run in-
Eiwcnto Today -.25. .15 last week at Balboa resulted in York for the national standings Twilight League baseball geme Before Powell's broke out with stea d.
WAHOO! $115.00 a draw in 37 moves. Awards will be made locally by at Mt. Hope Stadium tonight. the runs, King had retired 18 ofI In the weight events, Balboa
James Mason, n. rhess enthusiasts from the At- the Cristobal YMCA for the win- The game s the last scheduled the hard-hittin haPoells atters will have its double winner
MANDick Bogarde,EEin lantvision will be made whereby triple Iamn and high match of the 1955 season and in succession and though he ris entered in the shot put and
AppDick Bo rdintment In London" spectators can whe play. features the two teams that have received little offensive support discus. Gene McGaughev. th
., I Lonon There will be no charge for the In the saved the season from being a from his team-mates there was Blue and Gold's strongman, will
There will be no charge for the In the national standings for total loss with their knnck-down nary a fan in the stands" that Itry to give Charley some comoe-
1 A Today .20. .10 exhibition games. 1954, the team from Travis Airra.out fiht for league supre- ever doubted that he had the tuition in these events. The high
force Base finished first with a Macy. ever doubted that hen ha d the titJumpon in theshoulde events The ht field
S ANADIAN MOUNTIES SHARP SHOOTER total ln of 3031. Naval Sta- low estatio well In han d and that jump should be dy besth field
1. ATOMIC INVADERS" EAST LANSING Mich. (NEA) tion at Coco Solo came In twef th Powe a Navy wi ee for it was only a question of time event of the day with five top
Chapters 11 & 12 Michigan State's Al Ferrari set with a total pin fall of 2.,431. the ousixth ticome ofthis year and on before- plae one run would den the school bumpers entered in this
Also: TWO PICTURE a new Big Ten record this year Competing teams are anxious to ed wheoutcome of this one will d- plate decifor Na and the ame event an and offey of al
"lso."J : TWO PICTURES! In hitting 21 straight free throws a ........... ........... would be decided. I aantovanl and Coffey of lay-
n one game formake 1955 tourodshowinnament. Coast fans have seen the last of Gibson was nicked for 6 hits in boa; and Robert Lowe, Eddie
f-"r baseball until the 1956 season is that game but was extremely Smith and Ramon Quezada make
_____________________- ______ __, _______ ushered in. tight in the clutches, particular- up a top field. Anyone of these
SA Powell win would end it all, ly in the fifth frame when King jumpers could win. the event.
while a Navy victory would all aided his own cause with an in- l w t .
but throw the second half into ning-opiening trip e but died on 1
tie and assure a play-off to de- third as the Powells ace struck
de the winer. Navy still has out othe next three batters to face
played, but Judgig from past Gibson and King will usbe fac nds ...eManaer,
vas only two wins of the year Gibson is looking for wi No tn Ah M
over CH8, that one mDight Nust on the Pason. King, who saw ;,
n-as well be tan ed on to the Na- very little action cause of
vy's win column, service iearn,-e demands, s w -C x maa
Qc rev the pr- ut a victory.-l only other apS COAnS fRr x S a
tenders far the, 55 crown,, we Powe]s-Na affair. ws in e-e;e don C itndinityata
holds a 3-2 edge. Three of thefto rnins r Hail who was nall for re-
iBoth Powells and Navy have a fusing to allow h ter, Cho-
nowerful striking force, alr-ti4ht colate II, to leave dreasng
thaense and a pair of pitchers roni and appear in the second
.whm eo,]d go either ,.I but colatel thethl o
AN"NOUNCE5 Idoatho i and lowell s t ha u te_
WEST COAST SERVICE and e'en i, they l t, y-
maeaua-f ileayga~wr

~~In the P Wa"-otfben'fl7 eMiJ b fa f~rtM omafi's U
UP -- afi~~~d scond afeiugiwo8E~lWSgvn Ove theloaud
AD DE CAU" ndWIng S IUS Wels Cs Porks, March 4,1955 e n b T tn
w~ho ...... l 'a qlZm- 0
APPLY: ese tw tke it
--CRITOBAL- 20N- TELEPHOMUg0 4ISTOBAL 208' 00, 235 IPHe'NENIX,', y
C. '.'---=., .. "..- ,Cha ,npioi m .
WIIO ,& CAYI. j oonn'""'
D. SACEA 1TAIte;Lock"nP
0. .. AT o' : At- .k tnl- I
= I'. .. ,s. et, -

SCHECKING L P-Correlation checks with Leonsrd his grbom,o
at Hialeah Park stable to make sure everything arrived in orders
from their California base. Correlation,.wdll be in the $100.0001
Widener, Feb. 19, at the Florida track. (NEA) I
V-'* .* *' '" "*

I *



.MIAMI BEACH. The canonization of The Dazzler as one
of baseball s immortals was appropriately garlanded with gloriong
testimonials to his vaulting skill as a pitcher, whose right-hand
fireball contrived strikeout records in tne National League Which
are still in the books.
But The Dazzler-or Mr. Arthur C. Vance, to present him
mnure lormally-was vastly more than a mere baseball pitcher;
h was (and still is) a completely human sort of person witn a
lhely, wimiscal mind, and a soul where gaiety and good cheer
have long owelled.
In his own particular design for living, The Dazzler attempt-
ea to strike a practical balance between the tedium of toil-ttd
the esthetlcs of pieasure--an uncommonly delicate exErcise
w.ich calls, among other things, for a superior type of discipline.
Obviou&sy, this has never been a Iruitiul ileld for the dull-wtted.
the weai, or the timorous explorer.
The Dazzier was one of tnose rare and enviable persons Who
get the Job done superlatively well without giving it the gkun
importance of a hie or death effort. In the end, even the- 41al
of Fame selectors-who are disposed to frown on the frivolous-
could not fault the validity of his credentials.
On being 4bA W1 hat he had been tapped for the Coopee-
town crypt, The Daslier commented& !*..1 1
"I am depth fitrateful. This is a mark of distinction time
will never erase."
The Dazzler has always been precise In his speech and ar-
ticulate with it. but this sounded much too pompous to be a true
reflection of his attitude.
"I'll admit it does sound like pure tongue-in-the cheek
Vance," said our Eddie Murphy, who traveled with the Dodgers
when The Dazzler was in his prime, "but I rather fear time has
caught up with him, and as generally happens to old bail-
pi.yers, he has mellowed."
Mr. Murphy seemed to feel this woul dbe a great pity, some-
thing like rewriting a rugged old classic to give it a prosati
Hollywood denouement.

It was Mr. Murphy's joy to travel with the Dodgers when
TLi. Big Four was a going concern. As its name implies, this
wis a small, select group. The Dazzler was the High Exalted
Ruler. Jack Fournier, first baseman: Jess Petty, pitcher, ind
Rube Ehrhardt, ditto, comprised the rest of the membership. A
haughty disregard for training rules was the chief recommenda-
tion for .membership. The club itself had only one rule that
wts rigidly enforced-"Never get caught."
"One night Fetty got caught trying to slip into his hotel ar
curfew," recalled Mr. Murphy. "The Big Four called an emer-
gency meeting and Petty was dismissed in scorn. This was hie
first year up, and as he took his membership seriously, he was
quite distressed. A newspaperman wrote a letter for Petty In
which he made a plea to be reinstated. The letter was eouehd
in rather ornate phraseology.
"Did you write this letter?" demanded the High Exalted
"Yes, master."
"Read it."
"There was a paragraph in which Petty admitted he had
beun inebriated. He couldn't pronounce the word. Flustered he
protested that nothing like that had happened to him. e mil-ht
have been drunk but no one could say he was inerbl. or whtt-
ever that word meant.
"The High Exalted Ruler found Petty's squirming perform
ance distasteful, and it was duly Maoved and ordered to black-
bail him for life."

Petty's inability to blend play and work with effegtve geo
suits probably worked against him, too. He was the only .npem-
ber of the founding four who did not help the club. lfurAler
hP a rousing .350, Ehrhazdt had his best year up to then. and
The Dazzler won 22 games with a nondescri team that- vomWn
up in a tie for sixth. ..
The Dazzler spent 10 years in the min before making tae
big top for keeps. He left them laughing Red Cloud, SupeWro
and Hastings, and they loved him in St. Jo Memphis and ca-
mento. Maybe if he had spent as much e developing control
as he did a sense of fun, he'd made it much sooner.
The Dazaler always had a reasmal eiplanatuin for aw-
.tbng he did, even including the skl4ln, whihe he wlt wM
a healthy release. /
"I learned to be a pitcher in the o ," he said. laea I
fiaully got to the majors I was read/
Nobody could ever say he was't. For another 10 jmarn oC
aj he was the wheelhorse of the Dodgers staff. Fa' 9oven lgh
veers he led the league in strikeouts. One spring he lk _olt
and got $A00 to become the highest paid pitcher In -basMcL
And be was worth every dime of It. The Dazzlor was the ge
u thing to hit Flatbush since Steve Brodle.

Faltering Philip!
bvwfp a m (aSe. Moh bWe am
w .me s -me l w a nne s % .Ma
WW wIsEw ITu --b -. MS gl -W
-& 1Mf-L4tlu- B t'*

& a

*. .
- ,

'C .

Ip d' .~.

_ __C


i mI -- i i .. .. .S .- ... .



/ .

r t '


- I


I .

MAY, a. ce. ,

L .lr 'r ~y...

- --- -- -- --- --


Vezi a Standings In'4aturdaym base between
W L Pet. Polle Pak, the ter came out
4 0 1.000 on he long end of the count, 6
lN@f oe 3 1 .750 to The Colamen played a
Sa n 3 1 heds ball ame time
S2 2 500 and It looked for a while as If
Pa 1 5 .165 they were going to pull the up-
P 1 5 .16 aet of the season, and defeat the
First half champs.
: aArter the first three innings,
A 11, polle Poie 8 du g which time the Coke
t boys played on even terms with
thof We Xs 1414 the Pollce, the Palsu suddenly
of& broke nto mralied they had a ball game to
the5m t Uw lrgM wl and proceeded to do It.
tlnde'q '.t the half, at Kalth ]enway was the win-
the o e f olce. Both ning pitcher. lCelth seemed to be
teof now tied In the team a Ut U off on the bedls of his
ained a bL he was atU able to e the Bot-
l in n og, but t W tlern I the clutches.
BeL lf ltan oahe boun Johbny Cronan was Keith's
md then wt shead mound opponent, and although
In ,nalng.S e gave up the same number of
the Mipe w shnts, eight, found the going a
the of s. However little rougher as the Pals lower
the sp-..m up with a reller end of the order came through
chufek. @efoterm ot Tomay to bet him.
Bright s arutout the Junt. Several of the boys had ,ore
law enforcers from further scor- than one hit, however Dick Cat-
Ing. penters hit in the fourth follow-
ed by Cenny Smhtlh's triple were
In the sixthh frame, Elk short- the damaging blows struck by
stop Pajak started a nifty dou- the Police.
ble play that snuffed out a po-
tean tialdally of the Police. Pajk POLICE PAL8S
fielded a hard smash, stepped on j
second and relayed the ball to Players AB I H
first for a twin killing. Kleefkins, et 0 0
Pajak also was the batting star Ebdon, lb 0 1 0
of the fray, collecting three hits., Kenway, p 3 2 2
bne't which was a pomerun in Palumbo, ss 2 0 1
the second inning. Bialkowski, c 3 1 0
. in the second Inning, Frankie Egger, 3b 3 0 2
Ammirati connected also for a Goguen, 2b 3 0 0
circuit clout. In the last two Carpenter, If 3 1 2
games AInmlrttt has smashed Smith, rf 3 1 l
lomers ..
ITotals 23 a I
Tht box score:

I,. --I M I

She -'ooks At Gift Horse
-"An.sCongs' Too

-And, 15i OClocig^ STOO

II _

I 4-0,

-- I




I -

- _... __YLi



Perez 2, Fundakowskl..Pedarsen. Left datlw"es:'P o
Sander 2. Pumas: Cunningham, 6. Bases on. bals of.t e12.
Tom; Reynolds, Priest. Runs Barbler 1, Lovelady 2. Strike-
batted in: Palomas: Kline 2, outs .by Lovelady 4. His off:
Pedersn 2. Pumas: Webb, Love- Lovelady 3' for 4 runs, in 6 In-
lady 3, Cunningham. T., Hall 2, nings. MiKne 7 for 15 runs, In 4
Reynolds 3, Corrigan.2, Hele. Innings. Biber 0 for 0 run, in 1
Two-base hitsFine.Three-base Inning.- Pied bU : qodran 1.
hits Reynis. Hom runs- Pe- K aw nogasl
dr. toln Winning pitcher: Lve L
ski, Bl 1 Dolan. Reynolds. LoveIn- g pitcher: Kline. Umpires:
lady. Sacrifices: Lovelady, Priest Mohl and Dias, Time: 1:10.


Pumas Trip Palomas, 15 to 4.
SAllowing but two hits and
striking out four batsmen while
his teammates were pounding
the Paloma pitching at will, Jim-
my Lovelady again pitched the
Pumas to another win and kept
his team In the running for the
second half title.
Norman Pedersen clouted a
home run with Pere aboard to
score two of -the palomas runs.
Joey Reynolds slashed a triple
with the bases loaded and wad
thrown out trying to stretch i:
to a homer by a good relay, Ed
Dolan to Johnny FundakowskI
to Johnny Bnodgra ss. Jeff Kllne
was charged With the defeat.
Today, the Oqlejos play host
to the Macaws a'Lnd the four
should fly in this one. Jerry Dur-
fee will get the call with Tom-
my .Pitman ready to play fire-
man. Lem Kirkland will toe the
slab for the Conejos with Charley
Bradshaw ready to put out any


Snodgrass, c
Dolan, Bill, It
Sander, lb
Feeney, rt
Dolan, Ed. cf
Kline, p
Barbler, p
vs. PU,
Cunningham, T. 3
Corrlgan, as
Lovelady, p
Webb, c
Reynolds, lb
Hele, cf
Hall, Uf&rf
xCunningham, Ed
Priest, 2b
Toussleh, rf
Torres, if
Hall in 5th.
xx-Curds singled

3 0 0 2 2
3 0 .0 0 0
3 0 0 6 2
1 1 0 0 1
1 0' 1 0 0
2 1 0 0 0
1 0 1 1 5
0 0 0 0* 0
23 4 2 15 16
b 2 4 0 0 1
2 2 2 0 5
3 2 1 0 2
2 1 1 5 0
2 1 1 9 0
2 1 1 0
2 1 1 1 01
1 1 0 0 0 0
1 2 0 2 3
2 Q O 0 0
2 1 0 1 11
21 15 7 18 11
filed out for
for Feeney in

Second Half Standings
Teams Won
W. Distillers 4
American Legion 4
Lucky Strike 3
7461st Signal 1


March 20th
First Game 1:00 p.m.
W. Distillers vs. Lucky Strike
Second Game
A. Legion vs. 746st Signal.
Ed Kirchmier, American Le-
gIon's husky 16 year old right-
hander, pitched a 1-0 no-hit no-
run game over Lucky Strike Sun-
day afternoon in the nightcap
of the Pacific Twilight League
Kirchmler faced no more than
four batters in any one inning
as he set the Luckies down to
-make a one run lead stand up
over the seven inning route. Ed
walked 5, hit one batsman and
struck out 3 and was not in
danger until the seventh, when
Jendrysik walked and got all
the way around to third on a sa-
crifice and an infield out.
Kirchmier issued an intention-
al walk to the left hand batting
Bob Ridge and then got pinch
hitter Webb Hearne to ground
out second to first to end the
game and preserve the no-hit
ng-run game. Only two balls
were hit out of the infield during
the game by the strikers.
Legion .scored the only run of
the game in the top of the first
on "Orillo" ReyesO one out double
and a two out single by Bob
Rowley. Rowley was the leading
hitter of the game with two sin-
gles in two trips to the plate.
Bob Medinger pithed all the
way for Lucky Strike allowing
one run on six basehits while
walking seven and striking out
three batters.


Score by Innings

Perez, 3b
Funddkowski, 2b
Pedersen, ss

ab r
3 1
3 0
3 1


002 020- 4
127 50X-15

Summary. Errors: Palomas:

* --.-


,BA Staff Correspondent

"They sit me down and I look
around-and what do you think?
Right across from me, only four
seats away, were two people from
Danvers. I guess they've been go-
ing to the races for years on the

cordially extends its invitation to all local golfers to

participate in this OPEN TOURNAMENT.

Evelyn Foly is, at first glance.
evrything you would expect of a
gray-haired New England grand-
mother from Danyers, Mass. She
is a quiet, properly dressed wom-
an whose background would
seem to place her in the cake-
baking and church social cate-


Players AB R
* Bsamnes, 2b 3 1
Roe, 3b 3 1
Ammlratt, lb 3 2
per, as 4 0
Corrlantf 0 0
Brown, et 2 1
Bliot,if 3 1
Crawford, rf 1 0
Bettis, rt 2 0
Dempsey, "1 0
better, e 0 0
Priesterp 0 0
-Browder, p 1' A -
ELmS 1414
Tiley, Ib 4 2
Hern, rf 1 2
Palak, b-ss 4 4
Bright p-as 4 1
Corrigan,; 3b 2 0
Camby, cf 4 04
Cross, c 3 0
Beaudry, 2b 1 0
Mullins, p 0 1
Bleakley, If 3 1

Wilder. D., If
French, L., 2b
Wilder, L., 3b
French, W., ss
Cotton, G., c
Fernandez, C., Ib
Cronan, p
Rankin, cf
Dockery, rtf
Sanders, rf
Burnas, rt

3 0 1
3 1 1
3 0 1
3 0 1
3 1 2
3 1 1
3 0 0
3 0 1
-1 0 0
0 0 0
2 0 0
27 4 1

Halmans. as
Napoleon, 2b
Raybourne, o
Rowley, ct
Pete alas .If
B. Salas, 3b I
Dansby, rf
Kirchagler't~;; -

3 0 1
3 1 1
3 0 0
2 0 1
2 0 2
1 a" 0
3 0 0
1 0 0
,a 0, .4

It came. as something of a
shock when she leaned over and
said, confidentially. "One fellow
in town held all the bets him
himself and he was ruined. The
horse paid $U234, and I had a
little bit- of that myself." :
This, housewives- of America,
is what can happen when you
enter one of those 'name it' con-
tests. Mrs. Foley got herself into
the horsey set by selee nig the
winning name of a horse.
The first prize was the horse
itself, so Mrs. Foley, the proper
New Englander, now is the own-
er of Fillequine, a two-year-old
Which has been inthe money in
three of its seven starts this
Right now Fillequine is at
Lincoln Downs. R.I., and, every
now and then, Mrs. Foley wUl
take a little trip down 'to the
track and, proper New England
background and all. stand along
the rail with clockers and hand-
leapers, watching, carefully as
her horse takes a morning work-
"The time Fillequine paid
$23.40," she says proudly,* "was
at Sunshine Park. We won a $750
purse. I'm going to put her into
a $7,500 race at Lincoln-Downs

[. ,* *'i ..
i;,. r
Police Pals vs. Mutual of Omaha
Coco Solo vs. Little Mottas
Coco Soltoevs. Police Pals
Mutual of Omaha vs. Coca Cola

Scott, as 2 0
SKosik, 2b 3 0
Jendrysik, 3b 2 0
Mora, Ib 2 0
Jones, ct 1 0
Ridge, rf 2 0
Sutherland. If 2 0
x-Hearne, 1 0
Teichert, c 2 0
MdAl4or n 1 0

Cleo Burns served notice on r a ru '
one and all that she will be the r e ru
gal to beat for the Cerveceri *
crown. She toured the lengthen-
ed Gamboa Coarse in just 7 over
par for a 79 and was never in Au
danger of being over taken, hr
nearest competitor was 5 strokes -
Pairings for first round of At Swr sota, Fla.
match pay to be completed prior Reds 000 000 001-1 8
to 3:00 p.m. Sunday, March 0i Boston (A) 000Q000000-0 4 4
Official startinigtime will be 9:00 Valentine, Staley (5), Lane
a. each Sunday provding ()and Baley; Nxon, Smith
mutall ateedthp ca no be(4)th, Sullivan (7) and Morton.
rrangdare t n W .-Lane. L.P--Sullivan.
Championship Flight At Brade-ton, Fla.
Burns vsl Judson K. A. (A) 212500 110-1217 2
Johnson vs. Glickenhouse Braves 403000400-11 13 2
Little vsLCarpenter Cereghino, Russell (4), Sturdl,
Danielle vs. Perantie.e vant (8) and Howard; Wilson,
Fhwt FHht Gorin (4), McMahon (7) and
Bisho vs Askew Crandall, White (7). W.P.-Rus-
Lincoln vs. Waring sell. L.P.-McMahon. HR-Ad-
Trim vs. Prado cck 2. Skowron, Mantle.
rench vs. lghes At. St. Petersburg, Fla.
Reynolds vs. Thlor Detroit 000000001-1 5 1
Rderdvs.MTaylorSy st. Louis o'foolx-- 10 1
Vailson vs. Rhodes Black, Frosts (4).- Zuverink
Mtovati on AbftR, (7) and,WU$son, House (7). Had-
SThoalFlisat dix Woodridge (4), SdultS (7)
Twomey vs. Howard aFh Rice. W.P-Woodrldge. L.P.
cherny vs. Howrd Froats.

San Francisco,

Labile Advance
To NCAA Semfinals

.NEW YORK, March 15 (UP) -
13:h Kanas
Come Friday n ihtt Kansas
City. It's La Sase ampast Iowa
for the ,atsern -camplonhtlp
and San Francisco against Colo-
rado for the Western title in
the N.CA.A. Basketball Tourna-
ment that already has seen its
scoring record smashed three
Defending champion La Salle

were rated the slight early fa-
vorites to win Friday and ad-
vance to the final round or the
national championship on Sat-
Brat all fo r teams an med-
,hot and oeeky after brlUiant
t aerl-fiva trie mpso Satur-
-day fgt at four regional
ites, and Iowa and Colorado
were not conceding a .Angle
Inch to either of heir rival.
La Sale advanced to the Oaml-
finAls by winning the PhVladel-
phia reetnal.1smainahinx the
Iornys 51" e-ame Zcorin
maark -for the secondtm i
e games by wadlopin Cant.
slurs nWM. ow advanced by
whing Marqucte, g I-81, in
the f-nams of the ,Ill.,
"Mi ranUciMc, ranked the na-
tfon's No, 1 team at the close of
the regular season, won the Cor-
Vanis On.. reglonals, to probably
the t e's mos t Ma dramatic
NOm sfo, 57-56, over Oregon
ae.Colorado, victor now in 15
of Its last 1 games, won the
wanhatta, Krns.. regionals by
drubb mcradley, 83-81.
LaSa I o f poenm eclipsed
viep n Ordof M6 U0e exorers
got JA n tak"eir e
li Mayrund Mame 1 pro.ns
we"t Vrolla But the neva malrktI
11-M xa t
,mas "

The whole thing started when
Mrs. Foley took a minute out
from housekeeping chores to fill
out an entry blank for the Ken-
tucky Club Derby Day contest,
an annual affair. With one
sweep of her pencil, she became
a horse owner and-a couple of
weeks later was on a plane for
Churchill Dwons and the Derby.
"They presented, Me with the
horse right out on the track,"
Ashe says. "It was such a pretty
thing, I liked it right away. I
even hired a trainer Frank
Cornell. I'm on my- own now, as
far as expenses go' but I'm not
going to sell F1llequlne. After
all I could hit a stakes race and
thin we'd really have something
to put into that. secret purse I
hide around the house." v

.Loa Croix vs. Tubbs
Copedand vs. Dnai
Fort Ft
rft& vsa. Bess
ClarN wL Cooper
IdllryVa SA

Fillequine In a granddaughter
of- Equipoise and this breeding
is keeping the hopes alive of a
big payoff in the normally con-
servative Foley household.
Another horse is up asu top
prize for this year, a chesnut
granddaughter of SIfr alhrG d
I, now being readied at Keene-
land, Ky., for a start in the Ken-
tucky Oaks on Derby Day.
Mrs. Foley, once over opening,
flusers, has falen into the horse
pattern eailJy. "I bet on Fille-
quine a little," she whispers,
'And I forgot all about what'
people would say #bout me being
around race tracd the vry day
I got to the Derby lat Year.

At West Palm Beach, Fla.
Chicago (A) 1 Il401--0 13 0
gonsas City 000002 010-3 6 2
Trucks, Fornmeles (5) and
Patts. Lollar (6): Trice, Ceccar-
ell (4), Dixon (7), Duser (8) and
McKenzsle. W.P.-Trucks, L.P.

R. CANWMCCANDUJOHNS IGBSS At Clearwater. Fi (12 Innings)
L I M m INR Pirates 011 00000 00-2 11 1
The McCAllumE Ringer spon- Pbilles 010 100100 001-3 13
wre4 by Duran's entered its Friend. Qawver (5), Seholtz
thirA week of iay with Rutoh (7). Barboa (11 and Atweh.
Cher leadif the ladies race. Mans n (a): Wermeier. Rohelrts
Join lks slow forth mean (5. Miller f10) and Lonata, Ln-
w 'an even par ". Carl Berger nett (A), Nlarho s(). W.,-MI1-
and WOUt &p the hon5nfor ler- L.P-Barboa. HR-Ward.
mrds*m with 3 each. n .n.'
With three mote was un. At Miami
mU tue nm a fit Orioles (A) oMlOM8-4 8 1
ttm spuleyftaonc Brooklyn W 11 23 Of-S' 9M0
lowArjoIrs irm IS Ine finea R codo" ad tbe MeC~alnSml (7) And Smth;, Br One, POCK
JBSeIh nt.sM y^otns'ss oa. jmy^ -rt gm~s"-
onjts to %;mtf fl =i t wyP-Erknne. L"^-xop

Q- C J-jouls b ON" Was mieaco 31~& IN 13
SSJU &-f30 -IVA ^ SjS i 2
HaffJ'S~f J" 14.? nhweh -i.i~a Am -d --'


ons krchmer Hurs -0 No-Hitter Over


Victory Puts

Team In Ist

Place Tie











The Board of Governors of the Summit hills Golf A Country Club




e nge p
x-Grounded out for Sutherl
4100@ The PGII'W0yS in the seventh.
Score by Innings
A. Legion 100 000 0---1
CLEO BURNS MEDALIST IN Lucky Strike 000 000 0-0




Making Runa



Sanama uercan
@'Le tihe people know the truth and the country is safe" -Abraham Lincoln.


Democratic Leader Suspects GOP

Of Vote-Catching Tax Cut Scheme
WASHINGTON, March 15 (UP) tax cut this year, there will be man who is "trying to do a job Ing" that would "hmrt the little
-Senate Democratic Leader Lyn. none next year. In a very difficult pn t." people' the Democrats "talk so
don B. Johnson said yesterday "I believe I violate no confi. 'He said Humphrey has "gener- much about."
S tl. administration has refused to denies when I say I did not get won the respect of Congress
,aisure him it will not propose a such assurances," he said. and the country."Johnson, after comparI ing
tax cut next year before t h e Johnson did not say from whom The showdt.wn vote on the tax Humphrey to Mellon, said that
presidential election campaign. he sought the assurances. cut Ia expected to be close. John.- "this tax bill is the responsibility .
I believe the administration Johnson formally submitted the son refused te forecast the out- of Congress in whatever form
has something in mind for next compromise proposal yester- ccme, while Knowland predicted the majority wishes it."
April, before the political conven- day. This insured it will provide the Rapublicans will defeat it. -
t ons.' the Texas Democrat told toe first major test vote on the The issue may be decided by a "We are not going to pay much
.- .the Senate. tax bill, probably later today, margin of one to three votes. attention to Sunday night state-
Tthe compromise has been of- Jo hn a a o n fired his blast at *nents" from the public informa-
RKS 6TH YER ON THRONE oe us wearinghis "A wee little shot in the arm feared as a .ijbstitute tfor the ad- Humphaey when asked about an t.on section of the Treasury," he .-
ARKS 16TH YEAR ON THRONE o s de getatoria to help business some next year. ministration' amended b Ill to unusual Sunday statement issued said. RECUE MAN ON BIDGE Subdued and tied, an n nte
nal robes and triple crown. Is borne on his golden getatorial gh "If they cmn do that for bus- continue corpration and excise by the Treasury secretary. young man is lowered by a safety belt into the arms A polce-
chtir into the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican to attend a high r.ess next year we can do it for sales tax rates for another year He added the Democratic bill nn standing atop an emergency truck. The man, who refused
mass celebrating the 16th anniversary of his accession to the all the people this year," Johnson beyond Apri 1. In the statement, Humphrey would extend "to everybody" tax to give his name, had attempted to jumV 300 feet to his death
Throne. said during debate on the Senate During yesterday's d e b a t e denounced the Democratic tax concessions granted business last from New York's Williamsburg Bridge. A oliceman cl ed the
Democratic compromise tax cut Democrats and Republicans bat- cut as "unwise political tinker. year. Structure unseen by the would-be-leaper and collared him.
plan. ued over the qualifica t oun a of
President Eisenhower had said treasury Secretary George M.
Mop-ups By Vietnamese in his budget mesa e to Con. Humphrey. Th A
gress last January heAhoped" Johenson said he has reached
t e go government's financial situa the concusi n uihes Ooooh, Look What Those Nasty Russians Say Aout Boston
d ton would make it possible for trying to be the st big bu s
leave 10 D ead; 100 A rreste him to recommend tax cutsar. Mellon headed te Trsury De- WASHINGTON. March 15 (UP) NEW YORK: "Real center of the White House, and the govern lshig houses at present form
ya Mello ed t heTrear y Do- reor of the White Hose IV tl g ovrn .
SIt was this expressed hope that nartmeat in the Hoover admit -According to the "Great Soviet wodopolistic capital in the United ment agencies-particularly the hotbed of arrant ideological re
-- prompted thL. Democrats to jump Istration. Encyclopedia Washington is the .tates. Where Wall Street hous- Ministry of Foreign Affairs (State action..

tsdo e Bhmne -cutgmslican Lead Rrearm me Plans of aStreet aent and es the management tof the rlar- met and theWarMinisv
SAIGON. Indochina. March 15 city mounted. The Binh Zyuen the gun in proposing tax-cut legis- Senate Republican Leader Wl Loe Wall Street agents a n de the management of the larg Department) and the War Min is.
UP Loyal south Vietnamfl ese se rat, which control thre police ttion, a o ham F. Kusob land (Calif.) fired warmongers Boston is depress.-eat concerns antns, center sa o thyenlon. pcgreat u o b U erhe InPalsnr Colti
(rces pushed decal er into ter- of Saigon, countered Diem's de- back that Humphrey Is an "able ed...a hotLed of arrant idealo- o, political parties and business rialistic reaction strivingto
f -ores there began in Boston, as in oth-
ritories controlled by dissident ploymen; of troo s by ordering The c o m p r o m I s e, which and sincere and well qualified" gical reaction andetroit is firms er cities in the U.S.A., e growth
rligiou sects today and ten in- its special assau t forces In t o would apply mostly to families edsead na ice phrases WASHINGTON: Popul"In the schools of Washington, o a mass labor move t.."
surgents %ere reported killed posts within Saigon and its sub- with an income of less than These and other choice phrases" WASHINGON: Populated by racial discrimination is strictly
.antd 0o arrested in scattered ur normally occuped by po- 000a year would prove Ve Eniced are used by the Russian "fai" r government empioye s anid sa-e enof e wa
fighting. lice and auxiliaries. b20 cut for the taxpayer a aod book to describe America's cities. gents of Wali Street." Industry maintained The children of Ne-
units pressed Diem was reported to be de- $10 for each dependent, except The 30th volume of the vast en- forbidden because of "fear of the goes are not permitted to go
egu clar betw enOts ard e t ecty I Te rene oss o J n2 To All Seniority 'copedi work has just been industrial proletariat. The out- we t d o 0 win Sud
their week-long mopup action in termined to wrest control of po- the wife, effective next Jan. 1. Alllpu edwmaking som e 20,000 skirts preletat.e by Thepo t- 'whites' are taught. The level
ntho ami long the Bassac river from the Binh Xyuen leader, Hal set by leaves on business and Many cities still remain to get are in great contrast to the luxu-generally, is very low."
Brief fighting flared up near The Premier said this was the he administration has de- In Former Job' the Russian treatment, I a r d e d ious center of the city and the ATLANTA Ne roes in Atlanta
Rach Gi on the Gulf am, first step necessary to rid the nounced that plan, and the Househere and there with typical ro- dstrits inhabited by the r I c live under a regime of cruel ra-
where the Hoa Hao sect opposing country of corruption, graft and approved $20 tax cut for every- WASHINGTON, March 15 (UP) p.ganda phrases. i-government workers." cal discrimination.. "Joe M. Swain, well-ow
Premier Ngo Dinh Diem's re- venality, body bill, as irresponsible. -The Supreme Court ruled to- One still to be described is Chi- "- the eyes of progressive
ehas its main camps. About The Bin Xyuen and the other Johnson said that when he was day a veteran returning to his cago. That is because the sound mankind, the residence of the DETROIT: "The automobile tired Canal employe, died
ime has its mainc smps.ources political campaign to unseat drafting his compromise plan, he old j p is entitled tothe exact "ch" comes far down in the Rus- President of the United St a te,. magnates have complete rule o- 10:4 st Monay ight
en rebels were slain, sources two sects opened a military and sought assurances from the ad- position on the seniority ladder rian alphabet. ver Detroit. The suburb of Dear- Gorgas Hospital felowtng a
Meanwhile in Pnom Pen. Cam- Diem after he announced lans mimnistration that if there is no that he wouldohave occu .plI chad e UN lilal Fles l c ong pol Fodcetr. Theep ,. A nat.v of J aksi
bodia, an official communique for reforms which would deprive ogoneoIntofmilt Some U. S. cities get littemspacemongo oraT s M. SA n came to ats i
announced general elections that them of privileges and preroga-! s.14 in the Soviet's official roundup of N
nnouncedgeneraltives and pave the way for ern reversed de world information. Miami t from Europe (chiefly from mi r he just prior to the completion
el i neSept. 11. The vote will spell creation of a Western-type dem- FaureSislons by lower federal courts. rushed off in one paragraph as o Slav from Europe (chies) fs especially se. from t he Pai Can ad work
out whether C a b o dia will ocratic government. a It spelled out ore speciflcall "a resort for the American bour overe. )uriNng tt weod crisis for a short time with the
ouetre, wurihg C m d Will crsi 10 it ss hort TOte w ith th It
pr wotn- B nl O f t he r m n d o l l e a d rnd Ga s h e s fr o m 1 9 9 Jto 1 9 3 3 h u n d r e d s o f m l a n Cat C o mm.o n Hs ]
maintain her present pro-west- Binh Xyuen leader Ven ha n the courtad ever done han the courted ever done eoisie. Nothfrom 1929 to 133 hundreds of m Canal Commission.
em regime or go neutralist. refused to release hi control p arv o rma before the extent of veterans' re- mate. t thousands of workers were thrown er'joined the Canal orgiz
The decision to hold free elec- over noll e and security unless employment rights. Justice Stan- Los Angeles g e mabou n 600into the streets by their employ- and was employed
tions in the former French col- absentee Emperor Bao Dalaends ley F. Reed cast the only dis- word .l e as the center of NEW YORK, March 15 (UP)- ." i t n Meh |
Gay was made at the Geneva orders to do so from h, r Rearm sentinghvote. of Hollywood as "the center of NEW YORKo, March 15 (Up)-era.t
conference ch ended the In- dence enon the French Riviera. Th igh tribunal upheld an the cinema industry controlled by Ma. Gen. E. L. M. Burns, Cna- BOSTON:Many industries
dochina war last year. Even then, the ro w re- PARIS, March 15 (UP) Pre- appeal of Paul W. Dieh Jr., the banking concerns of ockeel- an chief of the U.N. Truce in his retirement
An assassination plot against norted prepared tn flee to the mler Edgar Faure took personal Bethlehem, Pa., who returned to ler and Morgan." ervision Commission n ales- the area undergoing prolonged his
a South Vietnam official height- hinterlands with it entire o- charge today of the battle for his ob as a carman helper on Here is how th Russian e tine, flies here today to report crisis due to industries going to been making his homreate in Pa
ened tension yesterday through lice for and oin other sects in final French approval of German the Lehigh Valley Railroad in clupedia sees certain cities: to the U.N. ecurty Council r parts of the country...great que efevre in Panama Ct
tned tor lan d.W F ori1 a III r y tens aon y eontee rdcen t ro gh h a rd ship for the w workers .E ven H e Ls s r i e by his
ot this strife-torn land. a u~errtila war against the gov- rearmament with scheduled ap- 1945 after World War II military Thursday on therecent Egyp- in official reports Boston is in. Mrs. H D. Parker, of Byrmin
Two powerful religious sects ernment. pearance before a Senate group service, tian.srae lased calrea orn the is In- ha s D arkerlao wir
np-iosed to Diem were blamed hi that may make or break final ra- Diehl contended he should P Volu tor istIh c EgCptommission blame Mixed elud areas in the U.S.A. .Harvard Funeral rvces wil be a
for the plot against the life ofAll hi government officers tification. have beenpromoted toal the bet- Armistice inrComm lission blamed other colleges as well as pub- nounced lar.
Poruth Vietnam's governor. Tran day follow hea bod guard to-n Faure and Foreign Minister ter-paying job of carman me- Ser Israel in a preliminary report
Van LhVam. s T day foltlowig the assassination Antoine Pinay appear before a chanic ahead of four other men for aggression In the Feb. 28
The governor narrowly West and southwest of the city, joint meeting of the Benate For- who had greater seniority on the In Hospitol h which cost a total of 4 i m m m
s a otaedwdeatht et owhenttime n i nc e Affairs and Defense Cor- company's records because they Eganr ptian and eight Isra lives.
planted undet re ismo InrichCochinc hinaprovinceh 1 ttees. 't had remained on the Job while r Asa l Israeli appeal to the Truce
rcrep d as hewasa et unodercomrnomand f rbel thee Parisagr ents on Gher na n e kn e it the luan tdervibon Commission on the I REL
oemb plante under hIas L- troops of the dissident Hoa Han Both committees will vote on Diehl was absent in uniform. e ank ee oth e Pvlat n Su-rvuioncw s srec the
butSr tea r e It.oe e was e under Command of rebel the Paris agreements on German ,ngin eertwthe the Plant volng was Wre t d. 1 T OM0
.Te assassination attempt was Gen. Ba Cut still were engaeine sovereignty and rearmament to- The high court agreed both ventory and Appraisal staff, s13 Burns made a personal Inves-
Interpreted as a "declaration of large f o r c e s of government morrow. Their decision may with Diehl and with the Justice on thhe seriously ill list af Gor- Itnrgatlon of the scene of the
war" against Diem and his re troons ordered into the area by determine the action of theSen-Department, whidh had support- gas Hospital after suffering ;sighting in the Egyptianf-occu- R E LE S
private troops have been bat- number from 5000 to 10.000 men Thursday to fix the definite dat at any disad antage in civilian his home in Ancon. his findings.
tlin D!em's overnmPent forces sre anti-Communist but oppose for the full senate debate. employment cause hea A resuscitation squad fromi The Security Council has be- l___
iIn lar'e scale fighting both the government and now con- Farln ken tmeout to bear arms for esucitation squad from fore It an Egyptian complaint
isoth and north of the capital. trol a large area in which they that the Senate start the debate his country. the Balboa ire Station, who accusing Israel of aggression and
STension and dancer nf an out- exact taxes and collect booty, next Tuesday. In other actions today the answered an emergency call an Israeli counter-complaint say-
6eWak of civil war within the a But discussion of the Indochi- court ruled, 6 to 2, that a mem- put in by Mrs. Mother, used Ing the Gaza incident followed a
Pick nocket Sent na budget is scheduled for the her of the Jehovah's Witnesses an inhalator for 40 minutes long series of provocations by
same day, and the enemies of sect is entitled to draft exemp- before he could be removed to Egyptian armed forces, spies,
To emboo Jail, the Paris accords will probably tion as a conscientious objector the hospital.. saboteurs and murderers.
seek a postponement. even though he said his scruples Medical treatment was given
F h Y The action by the French Sen- against military service would by Dr. I. Robert Berger. of
For Three Years ate is generally conceded to be not stood him from fighting "on Gorgas Hospital. who arrived MickeyRy
the crucial one for the accords, the orders of Jehovah" in the with an ambulance shortly ke
A plck-Docket who stole $3 which form the basic of the scrl turally prophesied battle after receiving the emergency a d
from a sailor was sentenced to West's defense plans. of mageddon. call. Jo I arr ne
T 'Y -- 75c. -- 40c. serve 18 months in the Gamboa
penitentiary during this mor-
1:01, :35, 4:40, :50, 9:05 p.m. ning's session in the CristnbalJinJelke ast
DiviClOncourt.ho C.hiaDstrt Lnla. Foreign Minister Promises5 NEWYORKMarch15(UP)-
The defendant, M4rcod A DII Defense counMsel brought the
lalba, pleaded not guilty to the names of noo rs John Carr he
charge of grand larceny. M a t Auen eo a ctors John. Catordie
The 22-year-old pick-pocket .ele and Mickey Rooney, "I
had four previous vagraucy and VrougniWthatebFthhhadoentertied
two ti larceny convictions Pat Ward, 21, a cafe-sod
with e Canal Zone courts. TAIPEI March 15 -(UP) -Na- t Kuomintang party's Tao Hsi. of George Washington at Mount girl.
tionalist Lhmna's Premier .0. J. sbqg told the party's central v'ernon and then attended a lunch WCkhidtn n Herao in his orge
7-Yr.-Old Posts Yu today made new assurnces cbmmitlee that Communist Chiea given by F.ireigii Aid Director htement to the r jurinhs .I
that Ma'tsu and Quemoy landau would met off an "all-out war" If Barold E. Stassen. soony on e e nrt
Rew ards For' would not be given u to the Col.a she attacked Matsu or Quemoy Menzies, who arrived here Sun- Roone once entertalped

ment) as fighting flared at Que- Force esterdi wrecked a floti- East. He met with President El- him,
OHICAGO, March 15 (UP) -A raoy and rumors spread that the ail 'Mimmur l junks near Que- senhower yesterday le oa p ite a ived the
plate of fresh food each day on Nationalists were evacuating e, sink seven lfe of a prosaittue and coot-h
the kitchen floor tells of the i'ians from Matsu. Red China fleet of 70 ves- The Red fleet attacked ~ Ith a procurMr
faith and love of Patricia Paris, "I have repeatedly assured you sel was caught concentra ting Chlang' planes was co before" she met oleo heir
T, for her lost Peppy, a 7-month- gentlemen, Yuo told the lelat, evn, dalles southwest of Quemoy. 0 armed junks Wandl F. (licey) Jelke.
old doK mixing since M,,rch 1. ors, "that we will defend these the Nationalist clalned. boats, the Air Force said. It otdelke isn trlilcstwoehar Ts
Each morning Patricia puts islands. This was the fts attack car- three of the gunboats and seven of com ,Wl Tt .
out food for her dog In hopes he "Quemby and MHtau are not en- rind out by Natioalist China in cf the armed junks were sunk l g id u
will return. She spends all her ly vttl to the defense of Formo- smor than three weeks. The attack was reported be have Tlte Cord0Ua a
I .free time searching for him and so and the Pescadeorn but ala, Mesanwhile l Washington, Aus- bIeen carried out In the fice of *.
n orh chain af the free. world." .do n a n.. es l secretar! of traft batteries om the n s a r by -

.c ea efir e Is 1 q !1tr1t at E sL the com m un ia u e said N sal t th at

CMCAGO, M&reh 15 (UP) i iiii m 1x iii Iiii- _G oa ---"- :
7 T Fefr Oiq121me" Fcrredbout24; ig
Oft Dinwasz
nodM oea #aalpst
b th atShe b of fitillswa

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