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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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, .,





"t anata w cran

"Let the people know the truth and the country 44 sale" Abraham Lincoln.



^^ j1l
,^I /I' r

Survivor Picked Up

A fter 10Da sAdr t



Coco Solo Plane Seeks 6 Others -.. .. ..

A' re hat one Colombian who ed t ge a .
survivor washed overbroad In brook sasi rh ColCR= O E was
the Caribbean from the destroy- picked ip miles wtth ot Tur-
or Caldas was picked up after o Thurd, ten days after he
twi dys~~h the water has pre- and the. voters were wWehe
lpitatedl a new search today for oVerboar "
sik others lost at sea. A Navy C-47 was dispatched
No details of the rescue were from Coco 8se this morning to
received by the Albrook Rescue search the area between for any
Coordination Centert, but the US possible othr survivors.
Navy mission chief to Colombia The search for the seven Co-
Sombian Navy officers and men
'. Which was conducted by the 26th
Air Rescue Squadron and the
U.S. Nav y here was Called off
18 rla s arth3. Allwere presumed to
S. The stricken h reached
S etrc h Cartagena with an d jured of-
ie H a Beve s Ingle-e r, ro and seven reported lost atn
In, Setarch ea after it was struck by giant
f.s -wiasv50 miles from the coat.
The Caldas was en route from
.Mobile, Ale., to Cartagena when
F'or r er Gthe tragedy occurred.

FromKobbe o.n Traffic Signs
---JFound'in Germany (NEA Telephoto)
t teetn military erft and R .nERG Germany, IKE LOCKED OUT President Eisenhowerrings the doorbell
two pace onn by Marc 1 (UP) O.I.'erbeiny of the White House ueafter finding himself locked out. He had
S Colon, resident, aWe searching transferred to Germany a der gone outside to greet some students and found the door locked
for a light m plane lmising the arn!y divitsonstie switch, on his return. With. the President are (left to right): Lewis
since Thursday tight on a "Operation Gyroscope" wilbone Strauss, Nelson Rockefeller and James Hagertf.
flight from Sat Jose, C s I- up o German traffic signs
ca to the CanteZone with an w e still in the U.. &.Army *
board. a ignses pan a- he arming the German Nehru W rests Clasp Knife
No trace of the missing L-20 equivalent of detour, stop, t4il-
De Havilland Beaver single-en- road crossing, no parking, andI
gine aircraft has been found yet. bumpy road will sprout Up soon Fr
1Besids 1 Canal V' planes along the streets of Fort Riley, rI or Be A
S makinE an Inten search of the Kan., ome of the Tenth Infan- FirWulssass
arei,'wo civilian planes owned try lDivislon.
b C pilot Frank Scott have The Tenth is trading places
also ,c thrown ito the with the FirstInfantry.nowatu. NEGPUR, India. March 12 car and therefore commanded a
aearetioned at Wuesburg, Germany, (UP) Indian Prime Minister good view," he said. On his left,
sac'.repoiWtw' aid 14 July. Jawaharlal Nehru pers on a 11 y he said, sat the Governor of the
s rJgoff a wdd-be assassin Province and on his right the

tn.oven r waver u- --
t' n over jungle to Rio 1
and then to he Canal Zone,,
'The name ofthe passenger,
'an united man, has not yct
been released ending noill
cation of neft of kin In the
T Vtnlted States.
The search pl nes include
three SA-16 amp lansand an
H-I9 helicopter from the 2oth
Air Rescue service at Albrook,
one C-47 .Albrook-based craft,
eight Army planes from Ft. Kob
be, and three C-45s attached to
the IAOS at Sa6 Jose.,
-ott ,owateered to send two
of his M mission.
lie ha bpS 900 mile
Sa, so'ar* Sherman
to re
1 T ih s esb tKobbe with
his wfe and 144year-old-on.


$Swrks iedf6aed

Ticket Tearing
A NEW Yo March 12 (UP)-h
A red-faced patrolman vowed
today he'd bring in the prank-
ster who planted an ersa t fire-
plug on his beat.
The pwtohe an, Zdward Van
t don, potted a car parked
S the le hydrat, earlih er
this week iand ticked the car.
A hour tr h passed the
same spot and boh the car and
the fire hydrant had disappear-
Van Qostron was affled-but
not for long. Last piht the hy-
drant was back 9aga6. .
He pouco4 on it and found
it was a.0tly constructed fako .
,tesldeits in the neighborhood
merely smiled and shook their
heads when, with the hydrani
tucked under his arm, he sought
to find the owner.
So he took the hydrant back
to the staton house and tale-
S phoned the Owner ofthe _q he
a, had ticket@ to apolofgue. But nc
,"i apology. vua eeemay.
Te 6wowr af the ear. Joseph
Baroncd lnit d he'd never seen
the hydrl*-awL didn't, get the
ticket, either. -
Of gteA fUK's

; In April

o.- er Primg
'cl ement At
Ifaty tkeii
wMIl be
* Keameth Bar
acy's depart

u at Vs a
man. J~

NBW YORK March 12 (UP) -
The Furness liner Queen of Ber-
muda arrived here today ready
tO resume weekly round trips to
the island. It will leave for Ber--
muda later today with 450 pas
A strike by crew members last
Saturday forced the liner to re-
turn to Bermuda without passea-
The ranks of the original 300
strikers dwindled to 71 and 76
who asked to be taken back were
flown to Bermuda Thursday to
man the ship for Its trip here.
The crew members walked
out last Saturday to protat the
firing of three waiters.

D. C. Doggy Set
Ydpping, Flapping
-The District doggy set is in a
yap anfd a flap these days a-
bout its social standings.
Seems a brash newcomer is
the new No. 1 canine. A female
fawn-colored collie named "Son.
s" will be wearing dog tag
No. 1.
Sonsy is the pet of Thomas
A. Lane, newly-appointed Dis-
trict of Columbia engineer com-
missioner who has been around
only two months.
Sonsy' will- take over first
place on July 1 when the
new tags come out-from Teki,
male toy fox terrier owner by
Sen. Carl T. Curtis (R.-Neb.).
Nos. 3 and 4 go to 0-Boy and
Butch, cairn terriers owned by
FBI Chief J Edgar Hoover. A
canine source said they may
be considering an investigation.
Checkers well-known pet of
r Vice president and Mrs.Richard
t M. Nixon, had to be content
t with tag No. 5.

Lines Of Traffic
I MEMPHIS, March 12 (UP)-
It took a long time but Beverly
SBoushe finally got even with
hiIs second grade school teacher.
e Miss Lucy Kittle came before
Bousha, now a trafc judge, yes-
terday with improperly pulling
from a curb in her car.
After remarking that Mis
Kittle once taught him in
school, Boushe sentenced her to
write 10 times, "I will be more
careful pulltg from the curb."




Benefit Casino
Gets Underway
Be-it e-a ugm for am

..- f
dmi~~~mu owfBL 1 B-Bn
*Mite-r tdo*rtiW
mum'* sm-mj O*' so ^

-. a vMS fN.,. a-AMS t
Iot very dangerous," said Nehru.
-It is an Individual case of a
Soldiers, policeman and by-
standers dashed of the 65-year-
Iold Prime Minister's aid-In sec-
onds and attacked the knife
wielder, a rickshaw puller nam-
ed Babu Rao. Police arrested
Nehru was riding in the back
seat of an open car from Nagpur
airport to the residence of the
State Chief Minister here when
the man pulling a bicycle rick-
shaw veered toward the slow-
moving car. Nehru thought the
man was about to hand him a
But instead he leaped on the
running board of the automo-
bile waving what police describ-
ed as a six-inch clasp knife.
Nehru, who was standing in the
back seat of the car at the time,
closed with the attacker.
(In London, an India House
spokesman said the Prime
Minister regarded today's at-
tack as "a trivial Incident."
The spokesman said It was be-
lieved the rickshaw puller's
son had recently' died, and
that the man was distracted.")
Nehru told reporters "I know
most about the incident because
I was in a better position to se
what took lacee"
"I was standing in an open

Free Vietnam Army

Captures Ba long,

Rebel Headquarters
SAIGON, Indochina. March 12
(UP) The free Vietnam Na-
tional army stormed and cap-
tured the rebel headquarters
town of Ba Long near the Com-
munst border, the government
announced today
The victory ararentlv broke
the back of the dissident upris-
ing in the north against the
forces of American-backed Pre-
mier Ngo Dinh Diem which was
inspirited by the Dal Viet Neo-
Fascist party.
At the same time, National
army troops southwest of Saigon
stabbed out against the -more
important rebel Hoa ao forces
of dissident "General" Ba Cut
after a terrific pounding by ar-
An official communique an-
nounced that National army
units smashed into Ba Long yes-
terday, took over the rebel head-
uarters and captured, among
others, several men bieved to
be deerves from France's For-
Lya L itsiIL had sutlaided
the er and tven the
rebels a chance to surpioder be-
fore the fl attack Wms made.

der o unit t-
S The hds ad ato dst-
te thm during the Duw

4-' 1-. w

ri "a


AECTests Smoke Screen

As Atomic-Heat Defense

,Nev., Mareh 12 (UP) A baby
A-bomb exploded with the fu-
ry of 168 Btar-loads of TNTI
'today abeva. Nevada desert
smoke *sree in a test of a new
defense th r sy that smoke can
insulate h us and cities
from mucelhf the searing heat
of nuclear fsson.
"Operation Asbestos" was trig-
gered in the pre-dawn darkness
atop a 300-foot steel tower at
the Nevada proving grounds, the
fifth in the 1956 nuclear test se-
ries being conducted by the
Atomic Energy Commission.
It was the second test in his-
tory of the Defense Department
theory, only recently disclosed,
that artificial smoke can save a
lot of cities from the melting
power of the thermal radiation
of an atomic bomb, Just the
same as clouds stop some of the
sun's warmth.
Two years ago, a similar test
was held. But the AEC official-
ly reevaled this test only last
Feb. 23.
Today's blast, was set off on
schedule at 5:20 a.m.
It flashlighted a four-state a-
rea like a giant flashbulb, but
was far less brilliant than the
"granddaddy" shot fired last
Monday and seen virtually from
the Canadian to the Mexican
border in the western United
San Francisco and Sacramen-
to, Calif., residents, some 400
airline miles from the Yucca
flat detonation site, .saw the

ei "much redder than
one and -ot nearly so

e"e car. brightt"
"I was annoyed at his push- nx O was sighted In Phoe-
Ing in that manner and At this unofficial observers'
thought that probably he want-
ed to hand a petition or repre-
sentation. Import MIa
"By the time the man had
proceeded on to the foot board
(running board) he was over-
powered by the military, my sec- FbureS In Russit
retary and the police...
"It was a very small knife... Raai PrD n00tEn
I had taken it." R Wl 1ve 0ruvu n011
Police said Nehru disarmed
the man without help. LONDON, March 12 (UP) -
The promotion of 10 army gen-
Markt Mihtly Weak Ieral4 d the commander in
W I MW chief of the Soviet Air Porce to
bhe rank of marshal was been
by observers, today as a sign of
itary figures in the present So-
Prices Fulbright viet regime.
--M _n-- ic prm -zn were- anioui-- -

- Chairman J. William Ful-
bright (D.-Ark.) of the Senate
Banking Committee said today
the stock market is "mighty
weak" if the committee's
"friendly" investigation is res-
ponsible for skidding prices.
Fulbright's statement came
as stocks dropped sharply on
the New York Exchange, cli-
maxing the biggest single week
decline in more than 15 years.
The day's- drop amounted to 2
billion dollars in valuation of
all listed stocks. It brought the
week's loss to 7 billion.
Fulbright disclosed he receiv-
ed about 20 telegrams "com-
plaining bitterly" after stock
prices dropped earlier this
week. He said the telegrams
charged the investigation "had
put the market down and rock-
ed the. boat."
"It Is a mighty weak market
that this hearing could put
down," he said- -
Fulbright made the statement
after Benjamin Oraham, head
of an investment fund and a
part-time finance professor at
Columbia University, testified
he thought the Inquiry might
be having some effect on stock
. Graham said the market is
"very sensitive" -now and easily
subject to Influence. He said
he believes the Senate investi-
gation of the upsurge In stock
prices over the past 18 months
is "one of a number of factors"
behind a decline this week.
Gen. R. Wook of Sears,
Roebuck & Co. told the com-
mittee he Is not buying stocks
with 90 mil dollars in an
employee pension fuAd because
he is "uncertain" about the
present level of pr16. He said
he fesr stock prices may be

141 6 A6. 0:3 *am.
018TIM *1241 .m.

ne. promotions were announc-
ed yesterday in a decree of the
Presidium of the Supreme So-
viet. The, new marshals all hold
important command positions in
the armed forces.
Experts here interpreted the
mass promotion ab a political
move designed to reward high-
ranking military men for past
loyalty. They also saw it as a
possible vreliminry move to the
establishment of an east Eu-
ropean combined command of
Soviet and Satellitte forces.

Marshal of aviation, Pavel F.
ZhiAarev. commander in chief
of the Air Force, was raised to
the rank of Chief Marshal of
Aviation, a rank held by others
in his position in the past.
The six army generals made
marshals included Ivan K. Bag-
ramian. Seret S. Biryuov, Ane-
rei A. Grechko, Andreil I. Yere-
menko. Kvril S. Moskalenko and
Vastly L. Chuikov.
Two artille-ry seclallsts. Col.
Gens. Seroel S. Varentlev and
Vasll Kazaknv, were made mar-
bshls of artillery.
Two Col. Gens. of aviation.
Sereei I. Rudenko. chief stafff
of the air force, and Vladimir A.
Sudets. a former chief of staff,
were made marshals *of avia-

Gen. Cruenther
Flies March 18
For Week In US
PARIS. March 12 (UP) -
SHAPE Supreme Commander
Gen. Alfred M. Gruenther will
fly to the U.S. March 18 for a
week's stay, it was officially an-
nounced here.
The announcement sparked
comment in French circles that
Oruettber may be seeing Presi-
dent Oienhower while he is
home In connection with his
sume~~~Gn. Matthew Rid-
a Army C f staff.

position, some 45 miles from the
blast and 8900 feet above the Nle-
vadt desert floor, the explosion
flashed a white light that last-
ed less than two seconds.
It was the 37th nuclear deto-
nation in the continental United
States. The first blast was at
Alamagordo, N.M.
A blanket of oil smoke 50
feet above the desert was gen-
erated by smoke pots of the
Army's Chemical Corps along
one side of the tower. It was
sent up Just prior to blast
As a "control," the other side
of the tower was clear, and In-
struments on both sides of the
tower, which as usual. disinte-
grated with the explosion, re-
corded the amount of heat giv-
en off by the fireball.
Maj. Gen. William M. creasy,
chief chemical officer for the
Army, disclosed the smoke de-
fense theory in a speech last
February before the American
Institute of Chemical Engineers
in Charleston, W. Va.
He said that test findings al-
ready have shown that a blanket
of artificial smoke can help save
people and cities from the atom-
c bomb.

You Only Need 25c.
And The Label Off
A Milk Can...

identifleafon tag.
A spokesman for Civil Defense
Administration, said yesterday
the Pet Milk Co. is going to put
them out.
The metal tags, similar to the
"dog tags" worn by every mem-
ber of the armed forces, were
designed by FCDA.
Pet Milk got from FCDA the
design and specifications and an
okay to put them out at cost. A
Civil Defense spokesman said he
understood that if the company
makes a profit on the tags it will
be turned over to the agency.
Civil Defense headquarters
thinks that everyone should
have an identification t a g,
whether it comes from Pet Milk
or any other source. The tagd
are available, usually for 50
cents, at state and city CD head-
quarters throughout the coun-
Tr e approved design is a met-
al tag on which is stamped the
wearer's name, address and next
of kin. Additional information,
such as religion and blood type,
is optional.
David Becomes

New Diocese

(UP) Pope Plus XII today
erected the new diocese of
David In the Republic of Pan-
ami with territory detached
from the Archdiocese of Pan-
Simultaneously the Pope
elevated the Archdiocese of
Panamli to the rank of a Me-
tropolitan see.
The population of the new
diocese of David is estimated
at more than 175,000.


Thinks CZers

Doing Better

Than In


Pay raises for all classified employes seem gu
teed to be approved during this session of Congress, a riW
ungraded Canal Zone jobs, based on U.S. Navyyard rdt4-
are also due for pay hikes, according to Metal Trade .
Department president James A. Brounlow today. BroW
low heads on AFL delegation now on the Isthmus surv* .
ing local conditions., *
Brownlow, who was here last in December, 1953,
Zone employes generally have benefitted during this
od, particularly since they have acted on a union sugtI .
tion made at that time that labor officials meet mont
with the Governor.
This, he said appears to have resulted in "better ~ia
derstanding of mutual problems."
With regard to the US-RP treaty negotiations
in progress, the labor official said he concurred with t"
provisions of the treaty which will make for a "bette
nation for Panam6."
He added that he didn't feel a country of the eco
omic standards of the U.S. should expect to take a "frI 1
ride" for the use of certain areas in the Canal Zone,
stressed that their union has always advocated equal
for Panamalians, minus the 25 per C

M.V- e. I
reidenre ohatinal However, he stod
Association of Machinists, at the union has takn the stad
first press conference held by eae that the burden
the group, criticized the people lment of certain srv
of the Stle Department who should not be borne by the
though he feels they are highly ployes.
a ii n ttheir field, often Bronlow reedhe
lack "understanding" of what that general conditions on,
Walker called the firing line Zone would Improve. e said to
workers. trade union movement is
Sally concerned with the e
Walker expressed anjety over of the Panama Canal emloY
the constant decline in the num- Their purpose in ret
ber of machinists on the Isth- the Canal Zone was to
mus, and said there were indita- their suggestions and promuaA
tions this was also true of other made in December, 195s3, wh bi:
craft groups. There are less than similar delegation, also heid
300 machinists in the local union by Bronlow voted the Isthmus.
now, he pointed out, although "We are here now to talk ovw
he added that not every machin- problems, and see 'r we can
1st was a union member, of any assistance in a le
ab i vtal um
Regarding rumors that the rbeprenais ofn vital .
PanamsaRailroad might be nal'o.andthe ay hethe
diaontinued, the Metal Trades eo," he'aded.h ml
Department head said it Wa Brounlow said be was
Smatter of deep concern that fledtat a suggestion e
these worker, wh bad given their mgrou st time ws
the best years of their lives for i upon. "" refer"d to

tion," Brounlow maintained, and the gover a.
Howard Munro, CLU-MOl-
"the railroad should be keptrun-
,, i Istv r esen e Whova
though generally speaking, o the o
fimed the fact thate a
the union official said he felt gsh e facrs te na
lags ave resulted in a et
employes have benefits t during understand of thea
the last year, he said he w- asproblem.,'"
waiting to gauge specifically -
their gains and possible losses With tO the -ec..
after he has completed I t1u' ,-ann ounced-IO-AFL merg.r..
of conditions here. ts .. .....hmb
ly about the obligations that theomg te rtgerat on I-
the V,$. government has to the tiheb merger aet edat wh

ho worka occur seonomla lly ndt u ft er It.w 1 e a'SP
sov r the woerld a hend sadr th of the sid he nr ..- .-_

,t *failbd to leud tpto t o
........ .... he midth the mer uldd hst a ve
amionwogktr, here -ar
oi:n metberscoftho e CfeI

ovrIII woldII refItIoIt was difficult to d
Sxay how the two unn
im Work gout theia r
S I |he said, butwthe same
o|.would exist -here a inair

=Wtl thatwthemergermustnowo
proved by executive
both unions at their one
groups hestbheypan ed

phtId with whm r thme
Itais md efedW th
Armitowhih ,et o

(NA Radio TIepboto)
THEr'E WILD ABOCT JOZ W linger Johnny Raylmbe
atop an automobile at Aus8trt, to escape the
hands of fans who ff his cost and ripped his


_ _il __


Tr -" ':-"




. -. .


rhos TWO
a on %'ILAm.2194

57. H STREET P. 0 BOl 134 PANAMA R OF P.


,.GC ... a, 'l
* I 70 2 5 0O
8 80 13.00
18 50 2400


hA letter written by C. Thellte which appeared in the Mail Box
the other week should nut gu unanswcrco, especially if the per-
son is so misinformed as the writer of said letter seemed to be.
I am not the proud, owner of a Cadillac, as I am only a Pfc.,
not the military type of a rating.
Also I am not a key man, so I cannot live in Coco Solo Base.
Ve&y recently, practically all the Pfc's were told to remove from
tb. base, leaving at the present time approximnaely tV quarters
vacant on the reservation, with over 30 quarters being vacant for
OVYr a period of five years.
Thus a nice savings for the Government in upkeep of quarters
and also a definite help and relief for us taxpayers.
I have no children living here with me in the Canal Zone so
It could not haae been my children that C. Thelite referred too.
If the writerr would refer back to my original letter to the
Mail Box, it \vould be noticed that, nowhere in the letter did I
slate that the manageress visited all the quarters at seven o'clock
sharp. It merely stated "commenced."
., The part about not being compelled to live here, sounds like
Statement from a Government bureaucrat. The Government
birught me here and domiciled nme in the Canal Zone. If other
quarters were available to Pfc's, and all the big shots were ex-
,,ided, then 1 would be first in line.
S You mention of the rent in Coco Solito. You perfectly well
know that we ait overcharged for the wood and cardboard
quarters which we have to co-inhabit with cockroaches, centi-
pe es, scorpions, ants and many other different insects too
tnuerous tu mention.
Also the Iist uf the year we had our rent raised, being the
*onjy community in the Canal Zone where it was deemed neces-
lary. Incidentally this happened since we got the New Deal.
* About the i.piay truck, it seems somebody L, befuddled about
1he advantages of said unit. I am sure that the spray truck will
got prevent anyone from contacting yellow f( ver and malaria,
Stated in your article.
0 a And- furthermore the original reference was made to the
#drizzle truck," which sprays fine mist on grassy areas, about the
lime when you are turning over for another "ten."
? I also feel that your article did not vilify me but vindicated
tie. That I had a legitimate complaint in my original letter,
and C. Thelite failed to show where any information contained
n amy original article was not justified.

curity Chief

security Risk

ott McLeod, State Depart-
t security chief, said today
uldn't hesitate" to hire a
'flak if that were the on-
l to get, ? necessary joo
gone. "
He told a Senate government
operations subcommittee study-'
ing the security program he does
not remember any such case ac-i
tually arising. He said he would
not take the risk if it could be
,juthe said "our policy is not
S secure we can't get the
1 llo" For that son, ;eh
l Ul49 would -clear a Commun-
tmJ.,other type of security risk
" -, lceaary to do a job that
tel government had to have
McLeod gave as a hypothetical
example "a fellow with an un-
udual talent, some obscure lan-
guage, or knowledge of some a-
rea of the world. If he's the only
man we can find for the assign-
ment, we have to weigh the'
neesity of getting the joab
"If Mr. X is the only man who I
can do it, we'd say it's unfor-l
tunate that Mr. X Is a member of,
the Communist Party or some-
Ifling, but we have to use him as
a representative of the Statel

- I. M. Tenant

Would Hire

Inside Wall Street

labor News



BrRMINGHAM, Ala: You may
not bave heard of Baxley, Georgia.
Put I bring it to your attention
because it may yet be impressed
on history as the site where a new
civil war started. Not a shooting
war, but a shouting war, bitter and
It seems that the authorities of
Baxley believe they have devised
a system which can smash \unions.
The town fathers have sired a
law which could prove expensive
indeed to the nation's labor chiefs
if it spreads A "licensing labor"
ordinance has been passed. To get
an organizing license a union otfi.
cial must pay the community $2,.
000 annually
Under this law the union really
can't afford to be successful. For
it must also pay $500 for each
member signed up.
Before he can legally organize
in Baxley, (a., a union official
fist applies in writing to the mia-
yr and the city council for a
permit. The city patrons then in-
vestigate the "nature" of the or.
ganizaton and how they believe
it will effect the city's welfare. ,
Only then does a union organizer
get the privilege-if he passes-of
organizing under a $2,000 license
and a $500 head tax. Failure to
iremnlv with these regulations is a
criminal offers.
Naturally the AFL's Internation.
al Ladies Garment Workers Union
was not going to by-pass Baxley's
garment shops. The ILGWU sent
in organizer Rose Staub to union-
ire in the tradition of every other
state from New York to California.
And the Ba'Jey gendarmerie de-
cided to send her to jail.
She was convicted on the basis
rl a complaint to the chief of police
--who says that he doesn't "have
any idea whe made it at all.'
Rose Staub stood trial on the crim-
inal charge. She was convicted.
The Georgia Supreme Court re-
fused to review the constitutionality
of the ordinance, because.of a tech-

Conversation Piece

If N nicality in the trial. By BOB RUARK
tf N ecessarv It seems that a local lady who
fN e presided as- a clerk at the trial -- --
was courtnot although she assured the I have read with some fascina- (4) 1 suppose we fought a war are real. And I suppose you know
,co. unro attou rna e that she was sueh tion a series of advertisements for to protect individual thought, but what that trick of looking up and
Department," he said. union attorney th at she wasrsu a firm that professes to win you you've carried the battle into civil- sidewise under them does to my
McLeod, former il agent and an official. So the State Supreme friends and build you popularity ian life. blood pressure.
administrative assistant to Sen. I :ourt threw ou the unions .appeaplus business success merely by (5) You aren't fat at all. I like (3) Thank God for one smart
Styes ridges (R-N.H.), has the law stays on the books instructing you in the art of every- mature men with big shoulders. woman; you oress to please men.
gained a reputation for adopting An But not if the influentia day conversation, and am thinking (6) What a divine suit! English (4) I suppose you know that you
tough loyalty-security standards n Baxley. u not e nuentalf abridging this course myself tailor, of course, have the loveliest feet I've ever
as administrator of the Stateladies garment workers union, led U abridging this course myself, tailor, of course.
as administrator of the Stateurity by David Dubinky, can help it. The art of conversation, as you (7) I hate'the penalty they put seen. That curve from arch to
Department's Bureau of Security n fact, not if a nw and hard- probably know, has been largely on youth. If they gave you half a ankle. .
and Consular Affairse the sub- hitting combine of s ,o m 0 lost in a morass of "Now, let me ,chance you could run the company (5) 1 simply can't kiss a girl I
He testified before the sub- httg comne o tell you what I said to. ." and i with both eyes closed better than can't talk to,
committee in connection with a needle raes workers can p it, I said. or just plain;old J.C. is running it now.
proposal to set up a commission "I. ." There are no real con-i (8) You dance beautifully. There (6) You're wonderful on a dance
to study the controversial secu- .t .a .n rall y _vrlooked versations any more, just a serieslare very few people who can make floor; I'll bet you'd be as wonder.
rity programs. ib ha ee new doe of monologues staccatoed by in- me really let myself go on a dance ful in the woods or on a fishing
McLeod and aides reported .ut t. re p rnow trruptions and new monologues. floor. trip. Sunburn wouldn't hurt your
the State Department fired three194 thocAr isin g I ,It seem t med that a handy (9) What I like best about you nose. ..
persons as security risks in 1954. des blh' guide for ,dady convention would i your quiet humor. (7) But fitt hae to respect
The said.Ths isthe15 .were* "--w suspendedI. 1th ... ev o t" ". be' ""et
They said.15 were suspended. the Amalgamated Clothing Work be busted down into two basic (10) I oathe going out every yoqr thiWkft,: being pretty sa't
Subcommittee Chairman Hu- s.e d Jaca tnf -the lad. groups, the He's and the She's. night. I don't cook very well, and enough.
bert H. Humphrey (D-Minn.) ers, led by Jack otofskth textile This would follow the classic pat- it's just a tiny flat, but I'd love it (8) I wonder what color eyes
who criticized the security pro- es garment' wo ers ieve andltern of "Me Tarzan-You Jane," ii you'd drop around for Sunday our kids would have, it we ever
gram as inconsistent, suggested workers led by Emil Rievth e handtters and would run roughly as follows: brunch. My whisky sours aren't had any kils I mean.
the State Department grantilam Pollae anR the matters The She's to the He's: too bad. (9) Why don't you bring your
hearings to job applicants as t union ed by .ose. (1) You're the only man I've (11) I love it that you waited roommate by for Sunday brunch?
Atomic Energy Commission doe1 .Most of these men met in Miami met in years who really reminds a long time to kiss me. It makes I'm told my eggs benedict aren't
Otherwise, Humphrey said, any Beach, last month, right after the me of my father, so sincere and me feel cherished, too bad.. .. ,
derogatory information remains signing of the labor mergerpapers. genuine, so completely without And so, the poor bum
in their files and could bar them They discussed common problems sham or pretense. You make me ~as hooked. Now we have the He's This will cover, I think, any
from other jobs. -and especially those arising out feel so protected and comfortable to the She's: necessary interplay between the
Sthnd especially thosition andsmg ough (2) don't understand it, but (1) Dior would have killed him- sexes, and with the same result.
But McLeod said such a labor laws typified by thBaxl please tell me how a man as young elf if he'd ever seen you. You're Eventually the total conversation
cess would be "cumbersonie" and lar laws pd tey pi e hl S you could have learned so much a real woman, not depending on will boil down to "Hmmmm?"
might work to the disadvantage other slnanch sessions about the world? fashion. You'd look beautiful in a and '-Yes, dear, I'm listening."
of the applicant. Besides. he aid, There are strong forces-and (3) I like gray hair. Itf makes potato sack. Matrimony is so saving on the
"all the Communists would apply imagination-in 'this combination. your face look so youthful. (2) Don't tell me those eyeases vocal corps.
for jobs, just to see if we knew The needle trades union leaders
about them." are the ones who have given labor S
a modern touch and a new look vercowc oos
almost each season.
It was this group which first4-took
labor into pOlitics. These men were By enter Edson
the first to set up labor banks,
housing projects, hospitals, sum- --
mer playgrounds and resorts. They
b had welfare funds long before John WASHINGTON (NEA) -The Third week of the House hear- in the most recent 43-state survey
Lewis had eyebrows. They now battle in Washington over t h e ings will brirg out the story of oi 1952, to a projected estimate
have a bloc which might be dubbed U.S. schoolroom shortage is wheth- those who favor federal aid, like of 210,000 for today.
I "the soft-goods council." er the federal government shall National Education Association, Overcrowding in multiple-s h i f t



Our aquamarine rinxr
are designed to please
both her and him.
Our selection Is the
largest on the Isth-


-a. a f/tlich


Soon they plan to start their or- contribute much little or nothing American Ftderations of Teach- schools and temporary, improvised
ganizing legicns rolling. They will in the way of financial aid to states, ers, and so on. schoolrooms over stores or in base-I
seek ol-partisan help, although they feeding additional school facilities. The hearings will close with the ments and Quonset huts-the third
are all Democrats most of the This subject will be much in the views of the Eisenhower admin- 'part of the shortage-is found in-
time. news during March. as the House stationo, which presents the mid- 73,000 to 80,uO0 classrooms.
Committee on Education and La- die gr und of small direct school About 9 per cent of the total
This week they spoke to Presi- bor goes through long hearings on districts for most of the program. school population of 30 million
dent Eisenhower and sought his conflicting points of view. This in- The majority report takes the youngsters, or around 2,700,000, are
help. But they won't stop there, vestigaiton will be before the full position that there is no state now stacked in such overcrowded
They are determined to unionize '0-member committee, with chain- which could not do more to solve schools. This is the real school
the southern garment industry- min Graham A. Barden (D., its own shortages. shortage.
they will have northern industrial N.C.) an opponent of federal aid Dr. Samuel M. Brownell, Jr.,
help because many shops are to education presiding. One oft the main difficulties is to U.S. commissioner of education,
moving south and are proving The first week will be given find where the shortages are. Any says that a new 27-state survey
tough homoetition for high labor over to congressmen who have idea that the need is spread even- shows one third of this problem is
cost plants in the north. presented bills on.aid to education, ly across the country is all wrong. found in only two states. They are
So keep your eye on Baxley. The Ihere are at least a dozen of these Actually, the problem breaks Alabama, Which has 330,000 chal-
war of the needles is on. bills in the House, not counting down into threee parts: dren in overcrowded schoolrooms,
four principal' bills in the Senate. One is taking care of the normal and Indiana which has 365,000.
I. The Senate Committee on Labor school population growth fro m One half of the overcrowding
and Public Welfare. which handles year to year. This is 1,500,000 chil- problem, says Dr. Brownell, can
educational matters, may try to dren and they require 50,000 more be found in five states. These are
draft a bill and get it passed while schoolrooms every year. N e w Indiana and Alabama plus Missis-
W IO' MAKE fRIENOS the House is still holding hearings. school construction has been little sippi with 150,000 youngsters in
The Senate is much more in favor more than this the last few overcrowded classrooms, Minne-
s of federal aid for public schools years. sota with 144,000 and New York
than the House. with 130,000.
The second week of the House The second part is unsafe and
hearings will be given over to the obsolete school facilities. This is This is an interesting list-rich
opponents of federal aid. As Rep. the biggest part of the problem. New York with a high per capital
Ralph Gwinn (R., N.Y.). another Depending on standards used in income, prosperous Indiana and
opponent of federal school aid put deciding what an unsafe or obso- Mississippi towards the bottom.
Sit, "We want to hear from the de- lete school is, this need is put Solve their shortages and half the
fendants in this case." at from' 126,000 more classrooms overcrowding problem is licked.

The reason a man gets oft a
bus before the woman who is
with him does is because It he
steps down first he can turn and
offer his hand to help her down.
"Ladles first" i a pretty safe
rule of etiquette ezept In situa-
tions like this me, where a man
goes first ina der to be helpful.

Aldeo Johasos, a milkman, found
this note tucked Into an empty
milk bottled a. his route here:
"Please pear a ot a cupful of
milk t e ela t- into
the dish i n f ry. *"t U'. kit-
teol Thto U_,


I I '\l

Here is the inside reason why
Secretary of State Dulles suddenly
went to Formosa for an unsched-
uled conference with Generalissi-
io Chiang Kai-shek.
Dulles flew to Taipeh after
Cluang virtually demanded that
i.e show up ic discuss something
Le said was extremely critical to
the free world. When he got there,
Dulles iound tatniang was hop-
ping mad because he thought For-
eign Minister Anthony Eden had
persuaded Dulles during the Bang-
kok Conference to abandon any
idea of defending Quemoy a nd
Dulles assured Chiang the U.S.
7th Fleet will help defend both
islands against Red China-if it
looks as if an invasion is the pre-
lude to an' attack on Formosa.
Chiang answered thta he hoped this
was true because, if not, he would
have to ordoi his own forces to.
attack the mainland, even if it
meant eventual suicide for him
and all his army. I
Dulles wourd up the conference.
by urging Chiang to keep calm
and trust the United States not
to desert him. I
NOTE There have been so
many conflicting statements on
Quemoy and Matsu that some
people even inside the State De-


mail problems is Mona Free-
man, newly appointed chief in-
vestigator of correspondence
for the Hoover Commifssion
probing the government's paper
work. She'll study wayrFof re-
ducing the 4,000,000 letters
mailed daily by the govern-
ment at an average cost of $1
per letter. She and the com-
mission hope to save taxpayer
$255,000,000 annually.

By Colbraith

"I wouldn't wat wjob if an atom bmfll W..with # -A
ean, .

IT E7'p



WASHINGTON Prime Minis- apartment don't know 'whl there
ter Churchill has secretly request. they're going to be defended.
ed the State Department not t9
publish Its diplomaticorrepon- IKE'S POSSIBLE PURGES
dence regarding the Yalta Confer-
ence until 10 years have passed. D'PE is being cagier about I
This will be a bad blow to Re- then FDR, but he's quietly arrang-
publican politicians who have had Jug for som: senatorial purges ta
their tongues hanging out waiting Instead of giving out to campaign
ir,r the secret Yalta record to bo openly against GOP position seam
published so they could charge al ators, however Eisnhowe, is care-
leged Rooseveltian give-sways to fully building up candidates to rum
the Kremlin. against them.
However, when Churchill's re-
quest was relayed to John Foster For instance, he's broult ea-
Dulles, his reaction was that since Gov. Howard Pyle of Arzon ?Into
Eden and Churchill risked their theWite House as one of 'N
political necks for us on the For- special assistants In order l ve
rhisan crisis, we ought to adhere him a springboard. St
to Wnston's wishes. GOP Sen. Barry G-ld
So the Yalta papers, though al- zona, one of then raucouse Mc.
ready in galley-proof form, will Carthyltes on Capi ~l'.
be suppressed. Goldwater, of course, i, g ot
Churchill based his request on wind of this, which exlilps his
the fear puhheation would harm recent pessimistic statement about
American-British relations, the re.election of Republican isna-
tors. Senator Goldwater, ironically.
GOP DAPPOINTMENT is chairman of the GOP committee
SThis probably ends an attempt charged with re-electing senators,
so he served indirect notice on
by oupl- senators to pry the Yata the White House that some other
records loose. Senators Knowland Republicans mighthave a tough
oft Casftor e a ges ooK d Republicans mightrhave a tough
ot1 California and Bridges of Aew time.
dampsilire had continued an ap-
propriatson of $112,000 a year tur Another GOP solon 'the White
four years to publish documents House would like to see benched
pertaining to both Yalta and U S -- John Marshall Butler of Mary.
Chinese relations. Terrific pressureland, elected by Joe McCarthy and
was appliedst ctober to et le s Texas-Chicagr Tribune money in
tion before the November elections, 1950.
and Bill Reed Republican Senat In order to bench him, Ike. Is
secretary, even went down to toe building up Gov. Theodore Roose-
State Depar.ment to prod histQr- velt MeKe.i. of Mal whc
itn Robminson Mcllvaine to no velt McKeldi of Maryland, which
avail. was one reason why Simon Sobe-
GOP senators don't know it yet, Ikel's sot W to general, recent-
but actually te Yalta records are l ed inner incidentally, waMKel-
disappointing from a political pomt dnot ai n for by nobeloff. He was
of view. 'They contain almost notn. ust doing hs best to coo Hperate
u)g about Aiger Hiss, long suspect- wust do Republcasttocoopeate
Ed of selling the USA short at with top Republcan strategy.
,t, typi NOTEl1 --Goldwater got into
They do contain one typical OTE Gowater got
Rooseveltian wise-crack to t the Senate on something of a fluke,
fe,,t tht "ma .e we shou. defeating Sen Ernest McFarland,
Long Itsland t" btwelin." .. Democrat, who had done a great
aut on the wnole, Republican ob for Arizona but, as Senate a-
politicians are probably better off .ity lea .hadto.pNow .c
having toe documents suppressed land h staged a comeback, lastr
for lv years This way tney can fall wonad the governorship fromlast
talk about tie Yalta "give-aways" GOP G governor ship Pyle.from
without anyone being able to dig or Pyl
Lp conflict no facts. So perhaps NOTE 2-It's a paradox of poll-
Winston Churchill did the GOP a tics that tough FDR invaded
good turn. tes that ough FDR invaded
n.aryland to purge Sea. Millard
NOTE -In 1943 the State Dept. Tydings, Democrat, McCarthy 12
proposed publishing the se c r e- years later managed to do the
recordd of tn Versailles Peace Con- purging Now DDE, with different
ference, wne.',upon Churchill pro- tactics, wants to purge the man
tested. At that time it looked as McCarthy elected. Tydinge who
if the ahies were losing toe war was defeated. hasn't decided yet
and he was afraid the Germans whether to run again. He'd like to
would have a published record to for vindication purposes, but on
show how tougn tne allies were the other hand he's really enjoy-
on them at Versailles. The State ng private life.
Department acceaed to Cahurntll's
wishes ina 19% but published their
I conygren ret*W in 19o wh
tM tide tWwahad, W4e and &R
allies were confident of winning!




&&,MedI IA

NEA Service, Inc.


\- *
i' l. i

. S. I

~.**i~i~~: j.~



.. URCH N-OT"ICE)S Germa' Arming, Or Els
P.ohtt a d Bmees laoife W" ia m ZES@ad as t m PARIS. Mrch 1- (UP)-Pryme the senators Churchll
40.111111e11 a "me ed Cuee, Aspu t ""h Pagm,4eXlda h andeDMinister Wmiston Churchill hl a state met Jan. 12, a a
a of t ** m e***e I e *D Poss and Baseswarned that another nation wi the then Premier Pierre
Occupy France's "ehair" i t France. The o ermnt
A. ags, ITh Pe:am AmYlsea 7 its dlw8, be i Atlantic alliance if the Frenoh des-France fel tbre
#hmfe t Iln d uis a smg lumo We ims. rOS AMA DO5 fail to ratify German rearma- In his letter, P i"
WI-so dSn nd IBIae mmmi .S..i..i.s. Dm"' ent, Foreign Minister Antoine Churchill said Britain
i A ee e.m nt A1 a.. eqe'Ld=H ,m 9*00g se a, 1"y g we Sunday, I u n N in the Atlantic alnce.
leM so. a t Aa i I .S L e Mk w Ii5 a m oAnal Pinay told te Senate Foreign .o 9t1 bl tameone 'else would oc 3py.M
RuPlty lup LI Mmd wl40 hut61 %N--imi Masked fs b lan uuuinaTli...Affairs Committee of the warning Some senator prebent at
SM 0111 w-_ d- A me ei l.. e R CY caer ad.......1 es he launched a government committee meeting sai
thi b m in mU ay It sV4 'ela ...... at aMn """'"'' 1 drive to get the Paris arms pacts, ward they o e l
Unitarian th i n o -.............. .o A already ratified by the French tion the someonee else"
AL IO A RC BASE National Assembly, through the West Germany.
n-A: C0htlia Episcopal .M n .u0 ,-pper house by the end of t his Pin s some difer.
.n s i o 0r'e .....0:6.5
UaW N.PEARE sc aYouth .o....".......' onth with te Western loieth
=Youtu Gr ow an............AN 0 o The new foreign minister told Frances voice moroe
rex:IamST. NAILS CEUWD Ea b eS l aT.a, U.1V'NA ALE ST=Jh SON )MN.
WAU .. bm. Sunday Mam.; 1:: 00. :00.o 0: d o. andA : rut e wrne
SSunday School (uing No 1 earn a t
Jrw A .ise o Aim.i C = sVe.y m A DwMa coM a .. agreement only ul hurt
.. S ad a p.. tr S 0.ANLUt4.. u OL....................... L C. PITTMAN Commanding Ofer, Fort Am or,
Fizrd: 7:0 to 3:00 p.m. SUNDAYS 7:30 Divine Worshi 4iol Connu- meant signed bSe retary of the Army, Robert T. Stevens. Hop-
our on Medal Nov=: p a. mms k ode of umen in the U.S. Army Caribbean wn the kin, one of 1r men in the U.S. Army Caribbean who received s, posbly next a n

Oh e H Sundayp M.rTePi aye r0 Barot :s. FORT AMADOR the" ffth iterservice photography contest. Hopkins' potures,
,-- l. .l*on l 0s rl tStudy Club SMePAL im C' ed plSun t m omDa l T M as .....................he Assme bly last "W0, ar 0 t a h R A: taenwth mostr ratie.
S3. .......oo00md3 .m. da Mals ........3.....0. 3 O& M3 9:00 b.ath in 'the black and white category, were taken with a 5mm s
2 n lAohmeor r -mmm ................ ....... s.9 m O A...rTcaYTO. 7:15 camera. 3ad were entitled "The Wonders of Civilization" and By OSWALD JACOBY and
BAsican m raies m 6A, a rmie.d m:e um mIe, p MaM ............... ...A. 75 "Armed to a Different Sea." ALFRED SHEINWOLD arm h 00,000 Germa s.
p.mun : a nd ol, DR A y Sunoda Ms ...................0: I0 7- .o it

Frcl0aTia C w:mt imavot:0 P m : 700 pm. ~ y Counion Sunday ...............00 d :00 also wins the game. Many enthu-
CsundayA f CRU M = .... a... Dapany M ama ifls:00
.=low Bruna Rs PldasBible Class Morning Prayer ALBROOK AMR FORCB BASE Slastle pr s a aFORCEo se BiAS
JameLW e.Po Catem Class: ,1 to 4:45 p.m. andemon .............. 11:00 am. A OODaily M ..................... e O r o this fundamental fact and to
Muodri isowp ........S...... H* Thursay. tt 8 rSunday. Holy Communion Saturday Ma .................. 7:00o concentrate on making capo
Training onp OURLADYO.........s d m s F FATIMA-Cur i r' s m l 130 a .MSundy Mm ...... ..... 5 t- for their own sake. They some-
wxv- u Wopu Sunday M^a at 5:00 mm.m Holy Com US.----- NA:ST t AL STATO. Dimes'do su" ceed in making more Fine Fsrnltw'e
v p wru. ........ ... Ma aa :0m. 1Choir R ehearsal ..........7:30 p.m. Sunday Mass 1...... 0:00tim do su- n m
Mr .n 4tMod Sat- A H of people. m CHICAGO, Marlf 12 (UP) Avery sair. the Kefauver crime t alypsos, but they are steady los- Darin Mahoo .a*
rosWerbou ...... Monday .m to :00 al ALBROOK wAM FORCE BASE Sewell Avery, 81 year-old board committee uestiored Wolf son ers. amazing o .'
U mea ..eers .r C Clam: Saturday 83 0 The .lam h of S. AAdwM SaturdaYn.............. p.m hairma of Montgomery Ward & about his role in financing t he Instead of worrying about.
iPr teviMe d 0 Holy.ommunion. Tu eday ..............7p.m. Co., charged today financier successful campaign of Fuller sos, the suces sfuIl Ilayer Bdr om, D iing Re*a

M). l a.: moo m (4.,3Obc Shpuidn Cop. prat ST. thes-he cards to the ehuh ol y ...............
A .. .. M aS. 3 : Prear.diyChure s ATLANIC s Iio Louis E. Wolison seeks control of Warren for governor of Florida. merely concentrates on gat ering IJnIm Sets.
Sunday Massem at 1.00 and 8:131 m. Mornina Prayer and Semaea n a.m Protesmtant the firm "for the benefit of h i s '"It was d.,closed that Mr. Wolf. -s many tricks as possible. He
Holy DMasses at 6:00 pm. dHC. tSunday in Month). FORT DAVIS backers and himself." son and two associates agreed has discovered by experience or Pr
Weekonfa rday 3 ..:0 tolD 0 Evening Prayer 7:300 .m. Morni Worshi..........11:00 "We are convinced that t h e among themselves to finance the by logic that if he just wins most

60 7:0. S Sun daySc hol........4 ..940 515 k H ^'mon: Wd." poe e ^ eg amor e nh n* ^ ;1 ,
ae t aSunday Sc :hool .................. 0 o of investmentt which you campaign and that Mr. Wolfson of the tricks the calypsos will take I ewem Kedk a
Cate ism l s : S y 3:0 to 4:00 CMornin Worh ........ .. 11:00 now have would be destroyed if rcotributed more than $150,000," care of themselves and that he Feth Ave.
p.maClmn Cl Ne : 00 m. a V L shly, rbdleaa C CO SOLO NVAL h sTATION 90 he were placed in control," Avery Wolfson sa also win most of the g e. S -
Miauoust Medal v.,: :0 W OL a al mea S: :- ,unday S abdol.................
on Friday. m Eery Friday. Mora r i Morning Worship ......... 11-00 Laid in his annal report to stock- "One of the associates owned Now. this don't mean that you
Conve rt Istruts: Thursday .. Church Time Nursery .......... 10 30 holders, dog race tracks in Florida, andare supposed to ignore the calyp-

P.nMc 1 ^ SS^.^y BS' in .F.l oiat andl' are sp osed "lly o to ig nor the alyp- He siWlo
4 4. rGAMBOA 'thou He said Wolfson's "highly pub- the other wa' a citrus g r o w e r sos and the very handsome calyp-
8Ts ST vncrs--Paam Ci r s. Smon's Chrch oAVI o licized campaign" to win control whose partner became chairman so bonuses. It is quite proper to
a7 (I taL o natday the .e Morning Prayer. 1st and 3r. Fus problem eing theater the election." our trucks and to try to
Drawe "Baibo ets 6:00 and 1:30 a.m.) Sunday ................... 10 am. as............ 11.00 mail-order firm. Election of di- In January 1953,' Avery s a id opponents duplicate cards instead Avilabl

A albom I?" Con io: Saturday 3:00 to 5:00 and Holy Communion andu CC OL NaA STeodrION
Wilam EL ob Paster 700 to O pi. Thursday before Fs mo. 2d and 4th Sunay .. 10:30 a.m Daily Mass ................... 7-n rectors is scheduled for April 22. Wolfson and his associates bought of new caros. IA
h-ndaj mnE .........0 Friday 7:0 p.m. Sound ay School .... 3: p.m Sunday M es................ A v e r y reported Montgomery control of New York Shipbuilding It is also quite prop to
..: MI Mr .p. soT-o.... Ward sales for the fiscal year ..: orp. Wolfsat that: fi m e and particular attention to the i
BapUs 2as Us .... 0m Uon of the Cro: Friday 7:00g *. Evening Prayer ........... 7.00 pm n J.llrw cycles

CatechiClss: Ater 5:20 vss on MONDAYS
E tine onat ehismClass: After 8:30 oNI Fredly Society ... :00p.m. ORT GULICK ........ pm336,812, compared with 5999,125,- Everritt-Chapman & Scott, a con- a well-begun calypso and to try
amwerSm ........ o a.mS udtla: :0 p.m. 0eMday and WEDNESDAYS Saturday ........... 479 in the preceding year. ,truction firm. to hold back the few cards that
,, wo o d" ... YConvert Cl I. A and ,m thS5S Chu r ches for the year totaled "Now. just two tears I a t e r, the enemy may need in this sort
days............... Thursday. Evening Prayer and Sermon 7:00 pm. Earnings for the yearoNo t
SBi a ST. T A-CHURSDAYunion 5: Other Churches $35,232.600, Avery said, equiva- Merritt-Chap-an is offering to ex- of situation. -f you want to win.
Men'A loterhood iSunday Mass: :-0 a m. Woman's Auxiliary. and and ,lent to $5.20 per share of common change its stock' for the stock of however, you will nol concern.
Monday to moet ........ 1:D i. Holy Day Mass: 00 .m. It It falls 4th Thursdays ............. 7:30 pM CHURCH OF THE NAZAENZ stock. New York Shipbuilding Corp.."trate on these cards to the exclu-
Saturd-ecim :3 to :00..) p.m. O rch Aon C.Z. Montgomery Ward's huge pilelvery said "Mr. Wolfson's gain sion of your prime purpose-
a a a onday. e Rev. John Spear, Priest n Charge on Balbo 2602 f cash and government securitieson this exchange as of January which is to win tricks.
ba. CaConfessions: 110 to :30:a.m. Sunday. SUNDAYS Sunday School ........... 9 45 a.m at the end 0f the fiscal year to- 14 1955 was 5816,000." If, in addition to winning most
y. W. ohD Morning lPrayer andnChurch:Shool.. Youth rs I........ 6045 p.m thei
nday Shoo.... ....... ST. JO APTIST D LA L Choral Eucharist and Sermon 7:00 mm ornin. M W worship. 1.....00 am tied 5327,215,778, or 34 million lie said stockholders of the De- of the tricks you also succeed in

114T. *-.L ago. voe andw talaSS; Paln Co., also maw ing more caSp o thi f^ i^ w ,
SWorship .............. 5 ParquaLeere 10:00 am. Evening Service .......... 730 pm. dollars more than a year ag. e and Raynolds Paint Co., also mang more calypsos than
pt'T taininMauni ......... em.0 pm.amg : 6:30 and 8c30 a.m. aChwldren's mucharostn 3rd Sundays 10 N.F.M.Service..........7:00sm Working capital was 608 million, controlled by Wolfson, protested opponent, you will win a big
Wdnea Praer Srlee ..,.. Wk Day : :0 o yer Me 7 p.m. Avery .said. at the annual meeting last month game. This is something like win- I
FrI. and Sat First Friday meal: 6 -re. Holy Baptism 5:00 pmo.AO lh
SHoly Day Mamsa: 6:00 ia.m. to :00 EvensonlS and erman 70 p.m. panama n.. 23rd Street ast He said increased and extra tie purchase of 40,000 shares of ning a rubber of bridge with a e
p.m. WEDNsDAYS Rev. N. Mn, Mi rtu dividends r aised the year's di vi- Montgomery Ward stock by De- lam are ept ed thru a pd
a ionAy5 Con onsedm: a:s- to 410- and 1 e -to Hoy communion .'a. m. dSUNDAY: dead payments to $4 per share of oe & Rayn lds.
L Satl : rrdy Holy o T in shoo ...........:00 pi. common stock, compared wtib Avery said th stockholders f you win most of the tricks,
wUajoioug mead ipevena: r tday ,l y'A DAYSD. .an i:00peAR Sundyr Sheool ..............:00 m a man- Blbl ei o $4 pr sh re of w t ds. -
In 7A al. Divine Worship ... ... the year before. b ut break even on calypsos, you w h
P1m 3 s so 6 uda.u, s 1Avery referred to Wolfsonas bid of theircmpny's ads to fur, will win a.nnormala-sized pm soe.mtitoudaee
S : ;. wPA. PAA Ai~ Mv.. fqr control of- the comply as a ti~ Mr., W sm's pasionl am. his is something like winRU g a ,meeSeyineS
-.' "finanNial vcenne." He said h hi e ,qre control of rubber of bridge when both a ides T1o i.llgpemeks(wehlrs
Mm: ^ r'tinnJisAil'afbOVA SER -was led to this conclusion by Montomlsery, t" have made a gs
'~-~;.MGA= p., i l a Meeina Thu n y Wollion's record, which he cited Avery also cited the fact tha of the calypso game will tend ,
u sda bfor : pm N L O 7C R 7:30 p.mi. -- Wira mm.a ,10a in detail, stockholders of New York Ship- be just about the same -about resistant le ste.
CaThuecdhim y Cr 315 pt- o S unday0 m.-n c o u rcd CRoadh.Balb In 1946 he said, Wolfson bought building, which has bought 6,000 600 to 1000 points. y or rich eow.
sacred Hearts NovenS: n p.m. on Every Monday SirleN a.m. Holy Com O LATT.nDAT ATJSum m the St. Johns River Shipyard in hares of Montgomery W a r-d If you ha pen to be outealyp-
'A s WFriday. munion. Sunday meetn in the Jwa-uSo. Lia .acksonville, Fla., from the gov. Stock, have filed suit charging soed even thou h your side' has Caveliet Tem '
Conv111eCLSrt CUM:asm:0pmU. onThursay8.A Boca Road. Balboa. Primary and Print- eminent for $1,926,5. Theprop- Wolfson and some of his asso- won the major ty of the tricks, RADIO CENTER
a.. A o s hood :30 m.m. Meeting; unday School. rty had cost the government ciates with "illegal conspiracy to you will either win or lose the 7110 Bevr
ATLANTIC-- 3i00 m. Holy Coomimauno Sad Sunday 3:25 a.m.; Sacrament eating m. 102r0v gad ost the goehmn t 9 witheies-
o n'..MIRACULOUS MEDAL-CrIsdhal 2030 a Sunday School. For address w hee Atlantc Branchoriginally over more than 19 mil- use the asts of their company ame b a small amout h 1
i Snday Mm L Sunday Ma e: 7:00. 8:00 and 10:30 5:30 pm. veniniPrayer ad and 4th ervices will be held. call Crist6bal 2897 li hon. to further Mr. Wolfson's cam will happen very seldom.
w 4 alinesIeat o&Horly Day MSles: 6:00, s. am. and S oI. ot M0o Coco Slo5Lm. Prialth.oodt am. Sun- Within a month, Avery s a I d, .naigrto equire control of Mont- will happen very seldom.
ED Codealoa: Saturday 4:00 to S and Society. meal and made a reported profit "In contrast." Avery concluded,
X= C. IL Mes 00to5op AfterAM" Well. a m Rhev. CPaul PoRCH of more than 2 million dollars. A "the character of your manage-
aMedal NoMvena: 3 and en. D. OP., mod Office,wCurundu 51 congreCsional investigation subse- ment has been reflected inthe
l 1:00pim. on Monday. a"eC. A Cwell Home. Curundu 7116 quently disclosed Wolfson's b i d accoinplisharents of the Ia s t 24T
:Catechim Ch n:s.i las: AS after in m e AnSA SundaySchool ............... 3:4 was only $292 more than a confi- ears during which the assets
PAma'i d SchoolYearn iD ng irw You s aepn ............ i pam. dental appr,'sal made for t he ave been built up to 721 million
Mare i day and Tha Rev. ll einald Ae Evening Wo Ie........ 7 pm. Maritime Commission, AverY dollars including cash of 327 mil-
a al Ch nsd s. a.Nm i C5tSrdy: Ma ats:.m CH 4.SRA Osaid.l on." ,Institution Guaranteed by the State
14th. CCUVWH111gAr RAM c= amy Ow cauouCURIi Shortly after Wolfson brought
amOLY :FAMIL and:2dCQ-MaQ C IOde P. I. l as The A -- U the slipyward, Avery said an em.
d mM= G7 7:e0and9:3 st, LWet No. ploye of a Wolfson-cont rolled
.g-9am. end '51 1evt WeI acharI M d a r at SO LWPays 2% Interest Anually on Saving Acces
pHm.sinDaY S e Ts10 uhr c Sundays ai t company paid $25,000 to a Mari
O0 .aConfeeds: 4:'0 to iand 7 0 a. oy Comunio 6:301 am. time Commission official who fur- Nothing
s ..o. o,"a..nd 9 .'-"Ch c-in emd8-. b a of .hmtumm s ln e o a. INITIAL DEPOSIT $500
G ig ,, Model :10130 a-mp. C0 a--- Cah. I boo vice) F rirSunday o eh m shipyard's imentory.
Tme- so Club. 7:15 p. o Wednia. -7 p -70iIn 1949, Avery said, the Inter. brings oit the p-
lIL. o do10 11. WEDNESDAYS Mm agelmlttl Chrigls CUhu state Comerce Con mi s aion
3o:0numidy --& M 'te'hlass:d:eL Hoy hrw.S P1e T. gaveaWolfson tobu rWe make loans with guaranteesbon first meW'ta
6:00 Firs teo "m Friday Devotions: 7:00 ..m. BSmn tSeo. i..rasiniWsh
___:09 Young A6d7tt nntrmation the Capital TransitCo. nor other eurti
1."bo ISPM .d -a TCHURSDAYS at devm ogv0o a, ........ ei:S am wgto, D. C., on his promise notT
HUda Ma s, 5.a4 and 3:00 a.m. .m a.. Cdeni. huharbit auivine serwles elee et ....... .... m. dient. F &L'AVO R 25a- 50c, $ ,00 and
,aa ':aa anSATURDAa 4"Within a short time, however,
rasU I renmlm__w Mlramtim Meal Novena: Wednesday 7.30 pm. Comolne and Meditatl. Ap e. l and his assneates m the key po- Of meats
_er:.__ C. In-formal Tas a'l s dtions and proceeded to pay out
Convert Class: 7:15 p.m. en Meoday Co..hth A P51 which had been prudently set a-
Corner 51 1 ene a.d aCatechim Clam: 3:00 to 4 pmm. on GR CL study Ca .....Thuradaus l:0 pu.m. snde by the previous manage.
frm38 anLda- oo"-n- c am. It eae Ma e times ho aeide deposits are accepted thru a period
Mrs. N. K Davlmmm. Executive Saee- aahm as St, ChUO k ArJ Eaw. Waldmb. He. Ulewrt. haeob u
atrcnorNew. omm Wald" anR. pmaram .. a sh7 Iu me y." of 48 weeks.
Wil.&r. Wa lids anM R v M i. anpd *.ma *e.**a gospel icev
-maofl ~ en u day o heredn.P i, M Scis*. ,Individual safety deposit boxes, for jewelry end
tnu r sery evni.n.o Ca ue.: 3:20 p... e ay. F .nnye ae In So W .-m ap. sumd documents, in 4 different sizes.
.tI. r deret Heart Novena: :0 p.m. om l and u .I chioo l at the pme1 m. REDEEMER LUTHERAN CHUEC
rmm nei AuWom :ad A *II'-, "The Church of the Lutheran Hour"
The 3v. Nalnert .. Paterson. Supply Rd 7t..aInatueden: 4i pm. T aw,. 7 ..T.-, T= CHURC. OF GOD The Rev. Helrber T. enthat, Pa ser OFFICE IN PANAMA: COLON BRANCH:
S mlIam WehDdp Service tm' Morning Worahp......... m0 a.m. Sunday School and Junior and Adhln meag| uEalyt uhenc eSe Of 3Ur Sse.
Sunday School..............10"80 a.m Bible Clams at in0, am.; Worsbi Serr, Wesimseri S.use
sa l H .W. V N am es:r7sand in a .. s.p ................. iDee. 10:15 a .m R e Avered diA .OS- "O
Friday..o SWh,.l Paste, pm. Holy Communion the frst Sunday _loed i-aa,.
5 r .. P a l w i i .n- .e f o.o wa.i --. .- -.. Y i p.. m p e i u sm.. b e- i e. a .

ise a..P n .. ee c. in, ., ,-gular .aeanm Sunday School t He w To oI g

SS a bb t MeIC m N I e VTU B Tsi 3 :2 a.m t o 12 :N m --m .
i AY: EN.tS..s.. a s...............HA S .a. mSunday at 2:15 p.m. at the Mar. fI. itWrIitwoT. tr.

L .6.aa ^S, ..........1?. .?. ANN UNCES 1-
. ? sin ama and W p ............ munon the lE Sundayet _IGHEST QUALITY-COSTS LSS ERVICE

A / "UDADDE "exllin U. West mCaast Pin, M-ra 24, e
S- a WILFORD o ......AY I N
I m: wee pm jaabo WaraI Se!-n .e. .. ......196" am ..
-'sisr,.James w n "... -- ANNOUNCES -
lump"=*.. n,,-- w uWESTuCOAST SERVICE

%0 'ft- charrb M/s "CWiUfAD DE (AV #'saq bs9vS Woo(aPd

am, ff. WILFORD & XCK AY, I*C..


. %5. .

i 6 1 Mi- h


,, ... --- -

~a~a~-~u~F~~~~p ~ ._1



f *
, -*'' L-..^ T -

I ,


J asury Secretary Labels

^x Cut Plan 'lrrespofrisble'

WASHINCTON. March 12 (UP) OOP-controlled Congress lasu
,.-Treasury Secretary George M. year to help business.
mphrey yesterday denounced Formal Senate debate on the
e Senate Democratic tax cut bill was opened by Chairman
4Lan as an "irresponsible" poll- Harry F. Byrd (D-Va.) of the
ceal move that could lead the Finance Committee. He denounc-
tion down the road to "gloom ed the House-passed measure as
d doom." "unwise" and "dangerous," but
.Humphrey's statement touch- made no reference to the Dlemo.
K! off an angry political row cratic compromise.
that extended to both houses of However, both Byrd and Sen
Cagress. The battle erupted in Walter F. George (D-Ga.) have
a House committee considerirg announced their opposition tc
a 1954 tax "blooper" and ranged the compromise plan. Byrd also
far afield to include a scrap over joined Senate GOP Leader Wil-
the state of Mrs. Eisenhower's liam F. Knowland (Calif.) in
health, predicting the Senate would de-
feat the compromise.
Senate Democratic Leader Lyn-
l*on B. Johnson challenged GOP
senators to disassociatee them- TeOXil Wori0 rs
Saves" from Humphrey's charge.
SBe -said the statement reflected
on some of the most distinguish- je K 11
Skd senators,* including a former
eye president, Alben W. Bark-For nemmen
Humphrey made the statement WASHNGON, Mah 12 (UP)
f or e the House Ways mandate -The AFL United Textile Workes
eans Committee as the Senate asked for t-ngressional action on
1p~e ^ debate on a bill to ex e ^ nreo actn
ped dps te conparbiltn l n a broad fron. yesterday to relieve
ds paesnt corpe at beyond A- unemployment in the industry.
cise xes one year A Union President Anthony Vk-
1. Senate Democrats plan to e sibmited the union' plan
tffer an amendment to give a nte submied the union'smmittee
ciut of $20 to each taxpayer and investigating unemployment. Va.
$10 to each dependent, except a 'ente said many union members
*wife. are affected seriously by comr-
Democratic leaders advanced plete or partial unemployment.
lie said them are many causes
the compromise after they be- for the situation.
asme convinced the House bill Among Valente's recommends.
hiding for flat $20-a-per- tions were: an increase in the
'W tcut was headed for Senate federal mimmum wage, now 75
defeat. Butthe compromise also theents an hour. to $1.25 stopping
1twed an uphill fight with the of tariff reductions on textile im-.
own expected next Tues- ; repe a Taft-Hartley
e cay or Wednesday. L^w provision permitting states
3 The compromise would make to enforce laws prohibiting union
iUp the loss of revenue from the shop contracts, and prohibiting
SIncome tax cut by repealing the tsx concessions which encourage
Sax~ break given stockholders last the migration of industries.
fysar and by extending corporate
and excise taxes for 27 months
instead of one year as recom- Coke Decorating
IXlended by the administration.
# Humphrey blasted the Senate Students To Give
0lan as "Just as irresponsible, S ud v .
lut as political and Just as had I T morrow
rom every point of view as the Splay om rrw
original proposal" approved by
the House. He also said' it was Graduation exercises, high-
"silly and misleading" for the lighted by an exhibition in cake
SDemoerats to talk of increasing decorating, will be held at the
irevenal with their new-found Pacific Service Center at 4 Sun-
S plan. day evening by the Escuela Prac-
Declaring that Democrats last tica de Decorado," operated by
ar -were predicting economic Mrs. Una Raveneau Birming-
t Eloom and doom." he said they ham.
really "send the nation The display will feature sev-
r wn the road to gloom and eral. original designs and some
n4 bY repealing key sections of the finest example in the
4of the lax law passed by the art of cake decorating.

,. ..


(Single rooms available with private bathrooms).
C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc. C. B. Fenton & Co., Inc.

Fenten Building, Cristobal
Tel. Cristobal 1781

Terminal Building, Balboa
Tel. Balboa IMS


RECEIVES' AWARD----~A. William F. Gerard, operations
officer at Fort Gulick, receives the 1954 Americanism certi-fi-
eat efor the Atlantic side from Mrs. Frances Gilley, Amer-
icanismo chairman of the Albert S. Wald Unit No. 2 of the
Americain Legion Auxiliary, for outstanding contribution to
American activities in his community.



*. U*a wr W jS --- -W --I
Sailings: Every Fifteen Days for: ALLT
Houston and New Orleans
Skilings: Every Ten Days for: *0140O
New York Philadelphia Baltimore 'T41
(Gulf Vessels eal at VERAbCIU? and TAMPICO J~ AUT TRHO
(MEXICO) every six weeks) TI IN
Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Masonic Building, Cristobal, C. Z.

The Pacific Steam Navigation Company
Royal Mall lies LWd. o N B

8 S. 'HAZELMOOR" ............................ March 18
M.V. "SALAVERRY" ..............................March 30

M.1 EIUNA DEL WACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) .....June 2
8.8 "COTOPAXI" ...............................March 14

B.8. "DONGEDYK" ............................March 25
S.S. "SCHIEDYK" .............................March 14
All Sailings Subject to Chance Without Notice
PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION CO., Cristobal Tel.: 1654/5
FORD CO. INC. JPANAMA-Ave. Perd #55, Tel. 3-1257/8
iBALBOA-Term. Bldg., Tel. 2-1905


He's Really Sore


TMI.W WIs O PMt's I t W6.

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Coma Conversation


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*-- ujiTY; I, lens

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S. -. .


a a


i i

withSEAdo BNH

i- i |
r t, .-;, "
with James Btewart
ie: .
with Gloria Grlahame.

12:37, 2:25, 4:31,

A f -. *. U-.40
G:jP50:11 P.m.
;nm I

with -

I I.IlX T WIatr-ag. ""
1:00, 3;04.5;:.t7:00. 9:00 pA.U

with -
Tony CURTIS Gloria de HAVEN

'RIVW INi "'
with AUE M),PHY
a 1 a

CE :IlKTheatre'@ A
AlO: -
with Robert FRANCIS

"Nuevas Aventuras
de -Jesse James"
Chapters 1-3
Aso: -
"El Potro Heroico"

.-- ai m .. .... ..

with susan Ha rp
with Audie Murphy a

Social and,(Aewj
I / &

5037, Ancn

1 34, Panar,


a fl~m 4C.gqem*.&~ t17'~"''r' ~


WATCHING TE AMADORFOLLIES- OOR SIlOW at-oeft night'sa oliceman's Ball are seen,
S tight Col.Harry Lt. Gov. of the C l Zone rs. George Her-
man; Maj. teorg Hermau, Chief of Caal-l 4n lce; Mr. James L.. atchett, Pros. ot Canal

SCanal Zone Ba Conductors
.,* -,.',.... .. .*<'. .ii. .. .>. <.L .- "-

STUDENT CONDUCTOR, DON RANDEL, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Ran.el of Golf Heights,
cusses last minute plans for Monday's Band concert with Victor Herr. teacher and condue
Don has been studying music for the past five years, since he was 9, with time out for base
Starting with the study of piano, he quickly added organ, trumpet, accordion and rece:
vibraharp to his skills. Also appearing in this Balboa-Cristobal joint concert Us the pop
German Band. To herald Monday night's concert at the Balboa stadium, this gay group
musicians will be heard at various spots o1n the Pacific side today. At the concert they will
.,,. in ht1 t .,ditionawl Leiherhnqpn which were recently made in Germany. The Crist

Zone Polro we t home to their Band, playing this 2nd annual joint concert, will be conducted by Mr. 0. E. Jorstad.
Zone P As -* la ,--O o o i .'lends la t oveuag. L .. toth eir -- 1 i i i '
POLICE EEK Balboa Emblem CMl & II \
MISSING WINNER Initiates 15 Members
so|The Balboea Emblem Club No. i Li U p
Over 2,000 Zonians and their Panama friends turnedout 49 held ld their March initiation .
for the 17th annual Canal Zone Polces Association dance In nd business meeting Thursday YOIr H t
the Patio of El Panama last night. Missing from the crowd evening. March 10, at the BPOE IYou H a rs
was.the holder of the first rime to the midnight drawing. Lodge No. 'i4, on La Boca Road. F H 1. I -- '
Thetz is a round trip ticket to Miami for two, waiting for the Mrs. Jerry Warford, Chairman
hol*eof the ticket numbered 0029. Number 0029, you are f the Entertainment Committee I MOV s. TV RADIO (A Lenten feature of The Pan-
waonuy the Polleet ar-aounced that plans have been fl \ ama-American, prepared by
I, wau The: -fly winner able to make present, she is Worthy Advisor of ty to be hel- on Arpll 15th in the -- --- -- -. -- opal Church of Our Saviour,
immedteo se of th1. prize, was Christobal Assembly ~o. 2. lounge of the Balboa Elks Home -"-o- New Crlstobal.)
b oris Tsylb of Margairita. She Lt..Stevensonis currently on du- for me. bers of the E m blem 6 F !thpolsxaid.
held th k&to26 that w ton thetwith 'I" Company, 33rd IClub, El Club and their guest. H OLLYWOOD (EA) The fidoO!" the poodles exclaimed. OUR MOST WASTEFUL
a ts wrist watches offer- t regiment En terin the Tkt were distributed am o n g augh Parade: mThere's magic in "on Dieu- Zat's a name? How do MT
\ asit nd prize. The third .Armyn 1951, he took his basic ho y ,membersnto be sold. theta From, Hollywood" label. tCo- you spell AV it?" M0 '.TO
door prize winner was extreilit. Dix, New Jeiey. lumbia Directr Aanthony Mann The mutt drew himself up to his Read Isaiah 41:10-13. "Fear
upset with wa i ha erred to fort lfftezD new members were in. went by jeep 1 a remote mountain full eight and I with thee;
e lov are he efate the Club: Ferne LeVee area, 110 miles from Mexico Cit "o spell ID thou not; dfmayed or I am wittee;
rst n '6s Itnfant5 M y to scoot locations for Vie Mature e ia Is a
JIsitn na a Presi toa thecatarl5 e m an A ned athy-wonextemovie, leheside Rooster. IreW Ryan, t he. cobessenne nh od I will stre ness
..."orn a wol ened r two n news of a movietdirector perhaps best known for her o e1 year i wo helh tie off e
aternmta Hotel Much as Co ey, Emly owe, Dolore s M. from Hollywood spread from vi mestic servant roles. She's played Fear is one t
she wol te todelay their re- Albrook NCO Wives' ls b i Sestito, An Vache Elouse Murlage to viageand two small Mexi- the part of a houskeeperin at I eotst
turn trip olyboat reeva Insta New Officers M Ro ose n e Oys on horseback greeted least a dozen movies and on sev- fuemotionIs. Fear is always
tio. te Parkills can get t a k e s Albrook A;r Force Base NCO ly, ar ,ett Hackeor Anna sans n s he stopped to admire the eral TV so s. Recently she ad. o t be lookout for sof ething
thei away uinst1 .e Ag ety att scenic grandeur. vertised for a maid. One applicant else to h e afraid of, always wear-
With such ron among te prizevnewofficers. ew elected board r. ey new only onesentencen passed the qualifications on the Ing Itself ut about things which
irony amongtheepripenewofficers.aNewlyoelecthdb oard o
miners we su st that the ember who took officeat the Refrements were served nglishbut Mann wastheir man. phone and Irene invited her out to do not happen. If any of you

lice might ti e bolder of the inerparty held in the NCOth lounge after. oerthe meeting by Without stopping for breath, they t h he hs for a personal interviewI have a frie and that worried, or if
firstpri ticket, Is now vacation- Club were Kosemary Schr i m r, Vera Bolenk. Mary Altman and repeated over and over Irene says she answered the you do Iwa t yourself, you will know
Ing ia. 2d Vice President; Lois Mott, let Dia.a BrightWe rent our horses." doorbell and the job-seeker imme. how depleting it is physically,
,' hice P, resident; Midge Morriy rane, amnately recognizedher. With a fine an how often it is a contribut-
Sne'ol To Wd Pirese; Peg Carey Secretary; 'Members AttendI Hollywod television romance sense of humor the jobless oneea und f s ia wo t e
S IA. Davis tevens and Marge McCue, Treasurer. Cristobal Wom s Club e ote: saids fc
.n -Mrs Samuel H Row- The outg g board, were Marcel. "The regular meeting of the That "For Sale" to television "Oh, golly. e youn readyn tldme this week about
Icy of Gamboa hbave announced ia ,Bez 2n:ri Vice .Preside n t; Cristobal Woman's Club was held si on 2000 Paramount short sub got THIS Job, too.hi bth"rn w, "whe
the | emontct their, daughter Joyce Mann. lst Vice rese je t ects. But will TV pay the $ 000.e h the proea s si eel
June 'A. Wwley to IA. Davi Ste- Ruth Smith. Presidentsad JOdnhePrsient intris.t it e oMr 00 tab? Jack Carson says he's mighty healthy and spiritually-minded
vn sono Mr.: d Mrs.C.L. Val, Treasrer. Marge McCu e B sForesetr o. t Xo r A Bob p's telling about the fel.roud of his chef. "I sent him to man, Is Constantly thin ing thit
roud of het. h tkfe tsio oB.itoT he ,uotf L oy Hiscdtngtt
Ss teve sof- u e an tr e o r ered w ith honu st Presid of ten and an o r d low who at.his wife's funeral pastry school and heat people are opposing him or crit-
ya Past Prebside tb Cbwh "o i r director with flying crullers." citing him. It a car comes near

B \ ATs o*e Th and her fian. treasurerson served with the asout, mdlwhIs n stold oy the funeral d f w Hly w erte
c wr bora and raised in the ping board as secretary. eng on eI s w e re d that be-is to ride in the lead ar Hugh O'Brien went tOklahomathis car on the road, the driver
ana-Zo Miss Rwley who at. b prer th e ci ano t mo. T mai-lew. the other day to do a benef it. Be. I trye g to push him off the
terdedoAtlantic Side schools, was -duro t Impromptu seted her a h a specialclub the usnd utcause he wilo play legendary Okla- road. If someone says something
dustedd in. 19N4from Balboa IOpen corsage Mrs. Roth welcomed e ts wtis my whole daX."'loma lw man 'Wyatt Earp in a he does not understand, he looks
;h L hle ,1er attended In celebration of his birthday members andguests. Among the telefilm series, his agent caution-e for some hidden insult.
s.aid: Z264 6 College-.... A yeste--ay, Mr...and..M dwaR 9ge were Mrs R H. EmerlckDomestic intrigue at a local pub: ed him: This is not a psychopathic
e an Mrse Cernardt Customer to head waiter: I'd like condition; I know the maa I
.are bein gfar a r. P. '. e h asdt a table for two for one." "Be careful what you say bout he Is healthy and normal; but
P.l. h-ln are being made for a sh. n. e s nmWyatt. He' s a hero iei Oklahoma. It would become so If he let it
tion show, with members model-. Not in the Script'. ... When you talk about him, do so run on. Fear can literally eat the
"ing their own creations, at the Jimmy Cagney, explaining why i th reverence. Lets not have an-. heart out a person.
TILE FF t annual sp g luncheon, April be's seen only five of the 50 movies other Paul Dol ass cidenit--you
S .i f hlr 23Md. in which he bad appeared: "That'mnow what happened thim in the earasonlyone small fune-
S est guy up there on the screen makes south." tion in the world: and that is to
0( N D L @ NCE? speaker, Capt. Robert H. e- David Brian's telling about the Hugh when his plane landed. and g tectilon a far eas they can be con-
"1-ick, U..R., Chief of the In- three dogs who met in Beverly Immediately asked him about his trolled after that, all fear is
Sdutstrial Division, who talked on Ills. Two of them were pedi. work in Hohywood..Very soberlty, wasteful and destructive.
EEYthe "life of an engineer's wife Ingreed. French poodles, the other Hugh took off his ten gallon hat The antidote is faith in God.
the NavY." a nondescript mutt. The male poo- and said: "'I've been very fortu- The emotion of worship, of trust
Se haugh til announced his name nate. I-ve been chosen to P y of faith, is strong enough to off-
was Pierre. The lady poodle iden- Wyatt Earp on television. set fear. As we follow the life of
l I aNm'tiffed herself as Denice. There was a moment' s silence our Lord we discover this fact:
W /h Asked his name, the iutt re- before one of the natives replied, Jus never worried where He
amp plied: !'Fido." 'Never -ard of him. ...... could not help.
/ '1- "- IThe substance of His teaching
M, BAST.BTT, l rt r---- n Z e eIs this: Don't fret yourself over
FW1what you cannot possibly do; do
Iwhat you cp n and leave worry-
o PaIg One. He taught us not to
Solon" ab-o "=-Is fear or worry over other people
L f. aad tor tn t troubles or our beyond the p lace
O bo where we can be of actual help.
ddIm O ai w deUam" He fased a situation, and saw
e"e 'byo- P what Be hould do, and did It:

Am N bT s da the mercy of our emotions.
nal Zone Retired Workers Asso- I GOOD RISKS
Slato Is scheduled to take
onTU eA at 7 a at- CHICAGO (UP) Ex. GI's
,ke e p eI r the anste -to make.-d motgage.risks. GI
oofcr on oa re mont hor more
*2. over-duo amounted to only .22 of
one per cent last yer the Mort
fueuaw yi take At 1.4m1ka Ahl Uw Smut a or ed. Only 2.45 per cnt wore do- I
.. .. A m o __of the ebecut linquent for any time at all.


.am.misd acionm 2. 4lta sootins and
seMe your ow ilhS4ewlrw reievesm
w-stb*y, 'toalU''lhag And thas aot
a (illb Ma4uMir rlt o" lit your iMwfdi
, mo Ts w I t us" Pal pal
U'\-mw AdNi eUfw

board 0o fe hentaxuoua Boy
Soemts of the Canal Fone, will be
held In the study hba of Me
Paranlas Sehool tomorrow at 9:00
IMortanLt matters- Includin
plan for Ba Swat Week, wWl

Competent consultants to
fit your every hearing need
Instruments to fit every
Imagine your delight in hearing sounds you have long
forgotten existed. Listen with ease to normal con- .;
versation of friends and relatives, the laughter ofr
children the song of birds, far away churchbells yes
many other sounds you once loved but may havp
forgotten ever existed.
It costs you nothing to try.
No. 18 "J" St., Panami, R. de P.
Apartado 1890 Tels. 2-2386 & 2-3265

For a rapid ORAL treatment of

bntuy use VEGEMOR in DROPS
p of A potenciated formula with the anti-
obal t'' hemorrhagic Vitamin "K." A new
Wbal af.afJIL ._-i1a-1., V 11. Ua-l manUhAl,1 J .

specaty, vegea base a sou


nates painful attacks in a short time
-removes congestion-trees from dis-
tress-and cures.

When administered to new mothers,
it does notl affect lactangy, and is
completely harmless tq the baby. It
is Indicated also for varicose veins.

is sold In the best diru .
Exndlve &amt ,or PAfUM and
Cmtral Aseua




Ave. Cmntl 18-1&, ransm TeL. 3-4M


NOW! for sun-burnt, sun-faded,
sun-baked hair...
color-refreshing .

Roux color shampoo'

Ah, these glorious, gloria
./"- ~ ous sunny days! Oh,
--I': those poor, poor head. f
^*.^ ^ i hair! Lucky for you, we
B T 14 have a quick, easy, beaV.
tiful answer. With ROUX
ments you can repair the-'
damage the sunt-has done
to your hair color. Put
fresh new color, natural.
1 looking color, into every.
visible gray, or fade d
strand. And with Roux'a.
lustroux 17 colors, youe
can match your original
hair shade, or brighten it,
8 or darken It, ss you'd like.



according to direction.

"" "f -' ""

Ask for Roou Color hnem* at yemr Beuty SA


:W f" p, g' w -i'. *e .ri'? "w ,,
^ *. 1a : -* : ^ *. aj

Pa. t 3.QJ N I0 Law. r 0 a4 10 .
P..U.. saQ40 ,rO o As & 9W- o *.-4

_~__ ~


__ ___I

- I -I- -- -~ f. .- o

II I l

*",? *I



f ; r

' l- I. ,' .

,.; -' 0-, -s.-,^ .


- 7 ...* *.. "- ; .* : '

rIau gi s --




Inexpensive Want Ads Ming Quiek R ultas!t


7 Street No. 13
4th at July Ave. & J St
J..ud Arn*nmsn Ave and 33 St.

1t La CanauiaMlua
CetMal Ave. 4
No. 3 Loittery M

Fourth of. Jly Ave.
Agencia Internal, de Pubtliooiones
4S Central Ave. .
Parque Lefdera I Sf, '

--. .. .I. .

Ave. TihU Ne. 4
140 Ceatald Ave,
*Iet Ne. 1.

J. rea. o la OGm Aea Ne. 41

Via Xata Awe.

____________________maw_ __7_ _i I


We Have Everything
To Keep Your Lawn
and Garden Beautiful
During the Dry Season.
T Tools
F.oro Soil Spray
a* S Frirklers

.~ 27 Central Ave. Tel. 3-0140


V v- 1-.. U IRS
DOr. A and P. risl i.C
ralifer Gr adi .Te -
6f Peru Avenue Tel 3-.13"
1 n ii,,k fiom Lux Thr,,e,

"Insure In
Sure. Insurance'
Phone Panama 2-0552
4th of July Avenue No. 14-28
i.. -yi :O "
-y-~. -----

. .a1l Zone Dental rolyellnic
Dr. C. E. rAbrega D.D.S.
peniure-briJse wurk- air brasive
General Practice
Tivoli (4th of July) Ave No. 21A24
(opposite Ancon Sqhool Playground)
Telephone 2.2011-Panm*n.-

O A SO L Ws h vertible, e x c e lIe n t condition and any color for laphsediatir de- i.
AL NE .. FOR SALE: =-Westinghouse re- $1875.PP Balbe 3401,,,Cu. ivery...menetlan blinds, recol- WANTED TO UY: Smooth
ugNDiii of uil"'Aete _rlgerdtor, 9-cu. ft.; G.E. wring- tundu tohin ervices. Free estimate. ires, suitable for reconstructinll.
X4ADS of bepaty for Easter or was ing machine (both 60 cy- Call -3063r 3-04 Dist R E C 0 N S TRUCTORA NACIO-
'ces) ; 'Mahogany dining .set; up- FOR SALE:--190 'Plymouth 4- buted by Products de' Madert, NAL, Ave. Peru No. 7. Pho-e
Y M' CA holstered large sofa and chair door De Luxe $500' (radio and SAbu ted by Productos de'., between 2-0406. (U
S beauty Salon with innerpring seat and back; heater). Albrook 86-3461 or o.A., 98 Central Ave., between WAN of
seamahogany blues carved by hand; 86-213=. Kodak Building and Fifth Ave- WANTED--Modern set of'Enry- of
... .. l Te 1 C maihogany tables carved by hand; 86-213. Stoe. l Panama 3-4780.
radio; mis cellaneous articnles. E48- FOR SALE: -'48 Nash 4-door, FOR SALE:-San Jose, Costa RI-
good condition, original owner* can's best small hotel. Excellent
tmir Club FOR SALE:Dining table and5 275. Colombia Street No. 3, clientele. Owner wishes to retire court Newsfo
cIetamcra Cnud chairs $30 n buPfet $15; chin4o- Phone 3-1876, owcoieste smalltorte lenW f AL SerAceI
cha $30 buet $15; china Phone 31876 due to illness. Write to Mrs. Ru-
closet with gloss doors $20; large FOR SALE:-I949 Pontiac Se- per. "Tal Inn." \ 1OfF.o2
o Sponsor Picnic wardrobe with mirror doors $30 dan, good condition. Phone Tivol CANAL COMPA Scout Stan Yates, Troop 17, Ft. NORT
rocking choir $4; night table $4. Guest ouse.Room 201. PANAMA CANAL COMPANY Clayton, son of Ma. and Mrs. H.d
To Rio Piedra All solid mahogany, needs refin- OFFERS WATER HEATERS Yates of'Croza will be pre- A K
fishing. Radio R.CA.-Q44 $15; FOR SALE:-t'51 Pontiac Chief-. FOR SALE sented wih his Eagle Badge by e53hi en
Club Altrml1M yesterday con- late R.C.A. AC-DC 5-tube $15. tain De Luxe 4-door Sedan, hy- Sealed bids, for opening in pub CBol H. 0. Paxson, council pres- 4K84 h
ted a fleet of buses to take 658-A Curundu Heights. dramatic, all extras. $1000. Will lic, will be received until 10:30 ent ata ourt f Honor to be s 1 he
okers to Rio Piedra for a take suitable transportation car a.m., March 23, 1955, in the of- Ident,omorrow veni atour t of Honor to be WEST EAST (D) c
ry-style outing plnner by FOR SALE:-6-strnd Rttn so- in trade. Phone Albrook 3107. fice of Superintendent of Stor- held tomrro evening Ft. heartmn ing
club for undaYb. April 17. f Aexcellen to an so- houses, Balboa, for 2 lots (total at 7:30 pan. at Ft. Sherman in V 107658 2 94 h
b for Sunday, Apbin 17. excellent condition. Phone FOR SALE:-1953 Chevrolet 4-. 20 each) of water heaters 10 conjunction with the council K87 2 10 h
tickets to the oub wing Balboa 340. Curundu 3233. door Sedon, 210 series, power- cated at Section "B," Balboa Cmpre held over the week- A 10
sy. n additic o to trans- FOR SALE: Apex washer nd slide eight grey. Call Panama Storehouse, telephone 2-2381 san's record, to d reviewed s OU J
Sthe lub ll provide dryer, twin units, fully automatic. -2346. and Cristobal Storehouse, tle- bStan's rcordtoaserMike QJ0 d
tio the club will provide dryer, twin units, fully automatic.
f or dancing by Mle PerF'z Sacrifice $275. Phone 3-2331. PhAnTED16 )'3' KtoN. bh i S cot mat incdudhs odice fr3m n
d is "TelevsioaL o rchest FORSAE: Mexic dining WANTED 155 may be obted from the o 1ut, includes ser3 a
room "h len h t- Miv n dinginoom gfur above source, or fro m office of T enderfoot th rou gh Secon d Clas ,
Froo SALMnitr e xcan iing roolomAutomobiles Superintendent of Storelhouses, 1Frst Clan, Star and Life, Includ--3
-Ist.hian Highway ab.ot lamps etc Rancho Solo- Automobile telephone 2-1815. Ingu merit badges in firemanship, East-West vuf.
nmile from the police; n ^ Ss Rancho Solo--. ,pone 2 '5.hirt aid, public health, safety1 Ea South West Norot f
miles from the pone Ia 7th Street No. 7, Golf Hts, WILL PAY to $750 for good car. first aid, .publc healt, saty, 2 WedNorth .f=
rckpMant at Sabanita, is con- Phone 3-1846 Harvey, Box 3358 Ancon. (So.). Heightt7o. 4oO. lamping, cooking, swimming, 14 I Pass 1 N.T. t
a-sred an ideal spot tor thed by __I Hrvey, Box 3358 Ancon. (So.). Height t. 4 i. ife saving, nature, personal fit- Pa 3 6 Passf 3 N.T. tl
MSe-hed pucntc planned bnyess i t Iooom 'n--- ., bugling, citizenship in the Pass 44 Pass Pass i,

SnhurchenSeniors Dominate Balboa Highlecsanntreer I--- .
ng Churchmen i, 3-JTucker (Jr.)' collecting, woodcarying, plumb-H
Su n rack -J. DeoLndes(Jr.) In, hiking and music. -
a Commune Sun. T 5B. earon(8 He has also served as bugler, n the naonal tournament
Field M 6-H. Sorrell (Jr). atrol leader, and seniorpatrol When the ana tournament
He was formerly a mem- gins in Atlanta this ,weekend,
t St. Peter's o-ber of Troop 1, Ft. on deck to help defend the
ten Yesterday afternoon, the sen- 40 yds. dash: Broad Ju mp: Win. B. -Malo Pafc ll be on s aeakto defend th
took.o.thetrac ,IWomen' Team Championship that
ten services at St. Peter's Br class took to the track at l-. Perez (Sr.) 1-W. Coffey (Jr.) the coUrt. the title wi u be a ve active one,
La Boca, this Sunda* I Balboa stadium with a deterii- 1.P ecett(Jr.) toeOonlast 'yaM rs. Thiek' defense to
beIn with choral Eucharist I nation to beaomethermi- 2-E. Scott (Jr.) 2-H. Raybourne (Sr.) Recognition for Second Class the as Mrs. title will be a ense iven to-ne,
S t c E u track and fieldome t o B.HS. 3--"- Jenken (Jr.) 3--0. iutherland t( b.),.m J will be made to Troop s hand was a very e one.
li eta it. t r ae a ndnt h lyc h m p i n g 3 ---D ) S. 4 .h e r landO. ,r n -( w il b e amC hard et c rday sin d w a s a v e ry c e .
line with the monthly Cus- lowin t head opn. 4---8. Schroeder (Fr.) ado (r.),D. Winkoky (.) bal, Scouts Charles Atinton South got to a very reasonable
lowincleaisd png o hyc te aftJi S Herb v -s,6-J.elby (Jr.) 6-.J. Cicero (Jr.) Ds 20 ft. John Blevins, 4aames Bolemai contract of four spAdes. This con.
a then Spal You n W R rn and J Stevens, .I Wnoy ( So.) Tim e:cero ( D 20 ft.
en, consisting of the they closed the afternoon with a :5-D Wno (So.). TDAvis, T Droan, Rob- tract was actually made ath ep
a h5rt Geddes, Sam Katz, P tables of the tournament, so it
Sth pionship firmly tucked tahW cforhain e l a-J. De Londes Mr.) Leignaler Stanley Leon, ert would be foolsh to criticize it.'
dy er at t .i c .e the 1955 school away for 440 relay: 2 3-D. Fulton (Jr.) Mur Aex Stearns, Rbert When Mrs. Glick encountered the
pr ayer at 0 will be In leading the senors to vIc- -Perez Zumbado, Stevens; Fo- 3-M. D ~ n (r.) W ke. Franc anis W eas o hand, her partner opened the jack
Sei el (Sr.) 4--C Hu er (Sr.) as C. mMorrs enry Wells, and Walter W oa cubs from the West hand. Dum.
ye wio s te n ng tory Herb aon e, outstand- urrell, Wheeler, orrell, Mc (Jr.) ruff Troop Ft. Gulick, David ny played low, and Glick
aswellas wnck sor i t IDn ald'n(J r.). iy p Played- low, and LGlick
SwhU c tClasse s for in-as wella tracd reb player, Donald (Jr.)- / s-K. Wheeler (Jr.) Dit. 116 ft. Benon, Fred Gonzales, Wayne rose to the occasion by overtake.
pu.cI oWto h walk away with the trophy Ree. Tooa, Watsn 4 in Hopkins, Joseph- Lastiger, B. ing with the queen of clubs to
p.up.swilfe me. i eafor highePoint ans Jim Stevens, Behar (Bo.) O. simms and Richard ersagg mae sure of g the trilc
At the service, o i evensong, t 'a pr idne f .lmwtevensd 4-Ryter, Tate, Scihrader, Reiss High 1mp: Troop 12, Gatun, Tommy buan There was no problem about

S i events they usually compete 3-R. o (Sr.) al) rerai a. an Canil 1 no- the second the M t r s lm. k
will* c a LrIrc? Th e junior cla s was in tRoethe ".. T o aiEr.) G *rJ a H- il a. int eng ed theb trck, M orsi.
ibatte right up to the last two 5-V 1ohon .L4.Ir0, GambRecgnrit n -asos mondg.
LL I.--(UP) en r i -. Sen (r.)eents,:orin.deH e h e
evntscd ity hail a up or field events, however, they fell (2t .- ougt MLe-.. ;eon (opu0r.stowatopa
1mla bm d.. disthe ruayscrd in a stIe rtye: 2nd DaWsh: G A R RA D .ad OiftSrrel'-NTrPen etve tothe s on d of ia-mons.Baick
b-A" bmu? 17n8 d ons The ru sophoor a n o 1-H. Raybougne (Sr.) 0olo J D01okd caine ot her a den
.bble gtupt helsoode co4- Lshm oints. hesophoore( and 2--Rodgers Sr.) & urrell (Jr.)Siel n o utSori s e
F ALLS I. .sLn points respectively.; lw scHred o1:,a and 5--R. Royo (Sr.) n ll releve t unedae of trm .. e .reJakod

REScT OF r Ing I CLASS 6--R. Grenne (Sr.) 4 troope waste geH arImmetel. -

haiuf d en oer. th: Time: 24.4. S ( .3 .M eo hn tS, ai ou
banreprteruuas. rer: na.toVega to ==iiah.
i cb yadPi s. T H.a I-R. Foogel ( Sr. )1 1,ill to tna t a
2_.. ur. 8r.) 3--D. Huf (Sr.) A t Soh '.
1p-ns--T. H eti (r.) 4-TK. Fu(eton (So.) .1tthwa m
Ho"ie2---B. C&-gts (1a'.). Time :10.0. 5-w-M. Deaet (Jr.) t tl isa

CuLdt (Fr.) 1--T. Schredet (nS.) e,) --J. ( ro & r. u )e 6ra-
2-J.l r-n 'do (Jr.)

2-L .an .So'.).T e .1 W eer.(or.) .

N1-d :T ..fin ,- W (-. .. .


FOR SALE:-Mahogony bedroom
set: Triple dresser, chest, dou-
ble bed, foam mattress and pil-
lows. 6351-A Los Rios, Canal
FOR SALE: Two-door mahog-
any wardrobe, excellent -ondi-
tion. Special price, Phone 3-


FOR SALE:-1942 Dodge truck
chassis, 1 i tons.- Phone 1541

FOR SALE:-Unusual opportuni-
ty! Austin-Healey, new, 1,100
miles, no abuse. White with red
upholstery. Cost $2,850. Socri-
fice $2,450. Taking Stateside
delivery of another. Phone of-
fice: Curundu 5219 or 2238.


FOR SALE:---ees. Small apiary
with oil equipment. Tel. 6-225.

FOR SALE: 10 good saddle
horses.* Can be seen at Panama
Riding School, Phone 3-0279 be-
tween 3 and 5 p.m.

FOR SALE:-Purebred Dalmation
(Coach' dog) puppies. 6 weeks
old. Prices reasonable. House 612

FOR SALE :-Modern mahogany --.- ----- -- uDeLesseps, Phone 3- /1786.
living room and bedroom sets. FOR SALE: 1951 Plymouth 4
Norge refrigerator like new. Baby Station Wagon with ov r6od FOR SALE- hihuohua pups, 4
stroller. Campo Alegre, Cale Ri- springs. Excellent condition. Ideal moths old. Phone Coco Solo
cardo Arias, America Apart- for Interior traffic. 57A Ft. Kob- 8346.
ments, Apartment.No. 3. Ke, Phone 84-3137. FOR SALE: -,Italian accordion,
Settimio Soproni, like new. Ori-
FOR SALE:-We-tinchouse refri- FOR SALE: 1950 Oldsmobile/. final owner $300. Call Albrook
gerctor, 4 months old, self de- 4-door sedon, hydromatic trans- 171.owner 300 Albrook
frc.t, 8 cu. ft Original cost mission, radio and factory acces- _____
$385, sacrifice for $300. House series, a one-owner good condi- FOR SALE--One baby carriage
08!4 Balboa, Phone 2-2950, 25 tion sacrifice. Coil Balboa 2- and crib, excellent condition; one
-y' .,1515.
cyc cs. 1515. car bed. Ryter. Gamboa 6-318.
FOR SALE:-Living room furni- FOR SALE OR TRADE:--1953 FOR SALE:- Deepfreezer $75;
ture, consisting of davenport, Chevrolet Convertible. Powej air compressor and spray gun
convertible bed, 2 arm chairs, Glide, radio, w/s/w, etc. New ca $75; Boyce crone jig-saw, will
coffee table. Very aood 'condi- condition. Will sell at half price. saw a 50-inch circle, mounted on
tion. Phone 287 Colon. Finance available. Phone 3-1515. heavy table, driven by 34-hp.
FOR .SALE:. I -cu. ft. deluxe FOR SALE:-'49 Red Buick C6n- motor $90; Quartermaster Jining
Frigidaire, used 9 months, $250; vertible, Dynaflow. tires, radio. rooa1 table with leaves 110. Go-
Hi Fi radio phononrcch, speaker Finpnce available. Phone Clayton tun 124-A, phone 5-169.
in serarote cabinet. $200; com- 3213. _FOR SALE: Allstate 31/z-hp.
bination radio phrnogropl and FOR SALE:-1952 Pontiac For- Motor Scooter .(with windshield,
wire recorder $100' 4 brass up- dor. radio. excellent condition. soeedometer,'other extras) $150.
Shctered choirs $15 each; five- Phone Balboa 1317. Coldspot 19.4 cu. ft. deepfreeze,
piece reed furniture (settee. 2________ three years old $275. Coldspot
chairs and 2 end tables $30. Call FOR SALE: 1953 Chevrolet, 12.5 cu. ft. refrigerator $175.
Curry Heights 2278. low mileage, 15 months old Kenmore automatic washing ma-
FOR-SALE:- Attractive hnouse- $1300. Phone Albrook.46-3186. chine $125. Norge 60-cycle
FOR SALE:- Attractive house- electric stove $175. In good con-
bcr, all mahogany, on wheels. FOR SAL.E:--1953 Ford Country edition. Quarters No. 27, Albrook.
Owner leaving Isthmus. Coll tel- Sodan Station Wagon. Ford-O0 Coll Albrook 3242 for informo-
e'hone 1191 Colon or 37-8R- Matic. radio, etc. Bp-t offer over fion.
193 Coco Solito. $1600. Phone 5-459.fR
FCR SALE:-New Graflex cam-
FC'O SA' F. Table, 4 choirs, F'R SALE:-1949 Buick Super; era and accessories, or trade it
huf1't $1 : couch and chair, dynoflow. radio, plastic seat cov- in for a motorcycle or boot. Call
Fooklcnse ?25; vanity $10. No. ers, exrr'lent care, original own- 3-2506.
93 Airport Road and 14th St. er. $650. Neville, Balboa 2619
3-602. __during day. FOR SALE: Chrysler Airtemp
7ir conditioner, 1/3-hp., excel-
FOR SALE: Lawn choirs and FOR SALE:-'49 Olds-76 Con- ent, $85. Call 3-2506.
tobles $40; round breakfast table vertible. black, good condition.
and chairs $25; 25-cycle porce- Phone 82-4149 between 8:00 & JOIN THE TREND towards mod-
lain Kelvinator refrigerator $40. 3:00, after 4:00 82-5262. ern window covering, using match
Neville, 2-2619, House 0938 stick bamboo draperies and cur-
Amador Road, during day. FOR SALE:-1953 Pontiac Con- trains. Custom-made -in aol sizes

Gromnith' Santa Clara Beach
aC '"" M*- d iAk_ esRAnjnf

a-tMO@s.. o er conveniences.
rawsnyt. ts, PIIeI Gambo I o 1wBI
modrafm rotes. Phone Gamboa

past Santo Clara. Low rates.-
Phone Ialbooa 1866.

WILLIAMS' Santa Clara Bech
Gottig3-.r.ckglas, refrigeration,
2-bedroom. Phone Balboo 3050

Phfrq. Oceanside cottages .
Santo Clara. BcB 435, Balboa.
Phone Panama 3-1877. Cristo-
bol 3-1673.

FOR RENT:-Chalet one bed-
room, living-dining room, kitch-
en. on Generali Jose de Son Mar-
tin No. 6, downstairs.

FOR RENT:-Modern house in
Los Cumbres with large grounds
for $100. .6-105 Gamboo.

FOR RENT:-Ventiloted furnish-
ed room, independent with both
and right to living room & Kitch-
en. For single woman with good
habits, $40. Phone 3-2406.

FOR RENT:-- Best located fur-
nished room. Splendid for couple.
All modern conveniences. No. 13
43rd Street.
FOR RENT: Large furnished
room to couple. Kitchen privilege,
etc. Mexico Ave. & 32nd Street
'No. 14 (1-75)
FOR RENT:-G.I.-inspeqted fur-
nished room, kitchen, refrigera-
tor, dining room, telephone priv-
ilege. 4th of July Ave. No. 141 0,
Apt. 3. Phone 2-5202.


Apartment- *
ATTENTION 6.1.1 Just b u iIt
modem furnished apartments I.
2 bedroom, hot, cold water. Tl.
Pondma 3-4941.

FOR RENT-4,urnished and un-
furnihed2 and 4-room modern
opartment1. Contact Alhambra
-Apartmnts, 10th- Street. Ptone
1386, Colon.

FOR RENT: In El Cangrejo,
mc-'sm screened apartment, 3
EcJroomsi maid's room, 3 baths,
hot water, balcony, garage. Call
2-3483 or 2-3486.

FOR RENT:-Apartment, 2 bed-
rooms, hot water heater, ser-
vant's room. Ave. Cuba No. 58.
Phone 3-3329 or 2-1227.
FOR RENT:- Furnished apart-
ment, refrigerator, gas stove. Via
Espaoa, last house before Juan
FOR RENT:.- Furnished apart-
ment, gos'stove, refrigerator $75.
Long-term $70. 48th St. No. 3.
FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ment, one bedroom, living-dining
room, screened, hot water, go-
rage. Phone 3-4328 or 3-4845.

Wanted Position

experience auto ports maonage-
ment. Accounting, General Busi-
ness experience. Lloyd, Box 93,

MQDERN popular piano playing
taught. Beginners or advanced-
students. Bennett's Studio, Tel.


ated technician. Tuning, general
'repairs "a specialty. Phone
RAPHAEL, Balboa 4160.

$5000. to $100,000 in good se-
curity. Write 'to Box 3616 Bol-
boo, Canal Zone.

I I.* ...

JOIN OUR CLUB. Best furniture
at-iowest prices. "Muibleria Eu-
ropea," # 21-02 Ave. 7a. Cen-
PENTECOSTAL (Assembly of
God, etc.) Fellowship meetings
Sunday 7:30 p.m. Library USO
(JWB) Building, Balboa.
Dr. WENDEHAKE Medical Clinic,
209 Central. Avennue, beside
Capitol Theatre. Phone 2,3479,

SHIRTS dry cleared or laundered
the perfect way. Tropical clean-
ers Via. Espafla 830. Tel. 3-
0871. Branch 24th St. East and
Central Avenue. Tel. 2-1346.

Position Offered

WANTED: Sales agents for
club. Good opportunity for inter-
ested persons. Parisian Furniture
Store, No. 27-10 Central Ave.
WANTE6:- Driver for delivery
truck. Must speak Spanish and
English and have good references.
ELGA, Avenida Peru 72.

WANTED:- Two Barbers. Con-
tact M. Jopport, Barber Conces-
sionaire, Fort Gulick.
WANTED:- Efficient English-
Spanish stenographer for secreta-
rial work in New York. Write
Box 2153 Ponama, giving expe-
rience and ability. Send photo.
WANTED: Responsible auto-

12 WORI&

Boats & Motwor

FOR SALE: 13;ft. outboard
hull, perfect, new paint, all fit-
tings. Can be seen CQ"o U'ed
Cor Lot.

FOR SALE:-.New 15' boat wth
15-hp. Evinrude outboard niotop
and trailer. Licensed anid ready
for water. 5341 -D Davis St., Di-
blo, Phone 2-3505. 1

FOR SALE: Outboard raclhg
Runabout class "BW Mercury
Hurricane with quick silver unit.
Rigged for rqcidg $275. Call 5-
410 from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.
FOR SALE:- 23' cabin cruiser
"Careless." 60-hp. Jeep with
marine conversation, sleeps 4,
fully equipped $850. See at Dia-
blo Pier Sat., Sun. Brandom

Real Estate
FOR SALE:-Individual or group
investment. Landscaped end fur-
nished Santa Clara Beach road
houses. Partially financed. Act
quickly. Balboa 3050.
FOR SALE:-Beautiful new big
chalet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath-
rooms, etc. Boyd-Roosevelt High-
way (Lo florido). Down pay-
ments. Phone 3-3904.

FOR SALE: -3-bedroom house,
Las Cumbres. Phone Balboa 1524 -
or Los Cumbres 2022.

FOR SALE:--Completely furnish-
ed concrete house in beautiful
Santa Clara. All conveniences.
Patio, barbecue, gas stove, efri-
gerator, Hi-Fi rodio-phonsgraph.
Beautifully laridsaped. Ideol for

mobile talesmon. Apply Colon children and pets. Normon Had-
R Motors. Inc.. 10th Street. Colon. state, Noqv 3295 or 2488.
Miscellaneous Shapely Mother
FOR RENT: Offices in new Sopely Blonde Moter
building, Central Avenue No. 28.
A.I.l AJ rLu -- r, n. l, n...

tppIy nUadi nermanos, r nu hone
2-0487.1 J

Convided O6dan
*y. .. r ,. ,

SAN FRANCISCO; March blonde pahader, e
IE) Tina DUttton, 21-year- companled by boy friend Charles
d fur-coated blonde convicted Dutton, a non-workr stesl-.
begging along San Francisco's worker, appeared at WHall of
ain stem, was tossed in Jail on Justice long after court 9lourn-
bench warrant yesterday after ed and she promptly was hauled
e showed up several hours late off weeping aid. screaming, to
r sentencing. the women's section of catrpris-
Mrs. Dutton, a shapely mother on.
three small children, was con- If she cant raise ba, Jrutge
cted inMunicipal Court Thurs- Horn decreed, shell sit it outun-
ay after she told the-Judge she til next Tuesday when her atSe :
ooched quarters from sang- was reset for sentencing.
rs on Market Street to support through the bars of her cell,
er brood. Tina's voice could be heard in
The brood, she revealed, in- loud complaint. "I got here,
uded her children, her mother didn't I?" she wept. hat are
ho also owns a fur coat and they arresting me for?"
er unemployed boy friend. She- told newsmen that at.
They all lived in Tina's $15,000 least one of her problems had
ouse-along with her husband, been solved. Her husband, she
ohn Wende, who admitted .he said, left fo. Texas Thursday 4
id not contribute to anyone's night taking their three children ,
iport. hrto live with his m-ther
'uina didn't show up at the Tina, who pleaded 1inocen'
pointed time yesterday, but after she was arrested on -Mar
ie did telephone-10 times in ket Street for trying- to ea
act. The gist of her excuse was small change from piasersby
hat she was: "Worn out from talked herself into a conelcalo
ie trial"... "had been drink- Thursday. ,
g"... "very excited"... "very She admitted sbe made'abot
ervous." $25 a week on the main stem.
Municipal Judge Clayton W. "Begging's not easy, yet
oom finally lost his Judicial pa- know," she informed the judge.
ence and issued a bench war- "Sometimes It's very embarra,-
ant, setting $500 bail. sing."

*IHmII N Lr r T.IL- V CLA -

ACROS S PrinceCbharles
1- and Princess
'ousO 3im ot ASsitive
r e- r0 l 4 nglsh
. &- d tide bicyce
1- p-and allIftfpB
13 Century shaped
Plant 6 British stock
14 RusisO iveW 7 Knpdled-
ISCountryb hotel Jewi8 h S$- and 41ln. e.'
t Food egIous liability Divipe
prcusi tteture' t7 Lawyer's C4medy"
plants pas trons 0 1s16
18 Aco n 0 M and rights 1High notes' .4 NevadaciOty
, boosu toedo 30Yeesu ad. 4Mm r'-**
el g d 17Cp 1. 3lWIddew 4 4f,
21t Hearta oMnISChafM a amre*cdbtTt--.* i
2 Profanity Of awIg MWBd m'. S _
24 Ad by 24L 40 Bw MWd "S*W,
26ASMben 35 ArrW igMM' 5 fIth euni
27 TIn I -

a temt

42M1 tat In -
r1 It
a TWO".be &

'. "-
N P ~l-LA

- '. 4

.,'. I ,




I i


I -



- I



I I -1 1- 1 1




l ai


, I







rI Twosomes



I i


- Anwr to. PviousW PtPn

4. 4

3 P j.!

- -

DOG GONE-GOOD TRICK-Pooch, the Great, was just sit-
ting there in his basket (left) minding his business when
playmate, Tabby, came looking for him. Pooch wisely de-
cided to do a disappearing act, but Tabby's getting warm.
-... 4. -... .* 4 '- .

'. ,*'

REAL FIRST NIGHT-U. S. Ambassador to Italy Clare Boothe
Lucc pays a backstage visit with members of the "Porgy
and Bess" opera company. It marked the fiist time that a-i
American opera was presented at famed San Carlo Opera.
---- ^ IV^ W.TIm-



WINTER PLAYGROUND-Jo Moore (left) and Joan Sutton
don't let the frigid blasts of winter bother them. Reason:
they live -in Phoenix, Ariz., and the Valley of the Sun
where it's always bathing suit weather. They're tanning.

,.; .


n ii; -*


YEOMAN DUTY-A Yeoman Warder of the Tower of Lon-
don. waits for chance to guide visitors around the historic
fortess in ,the British capital. Once they were sovereign's
bodyguards, but now have a purely ceremonial function.
... .. .... .

COOKIE COWBOY-Roaming the range in search of bad
,guys is tiring work and it makes a wrangler mighty hungry.
So, this cowboy takes time out for cookie on Nebraska farm.





TAKING STOCK--Mrs. Florence Stephens, working at her
desk, is the only woman to run her own investment house
on Wall Street. She also publishes a bi-monthly magazine.


MURAL MASTERPIECE-Ettoic Grazia, Tucson, Ariz., art-
ist, works rapidly to produce his full-scale mural, latest
in a long series of well-known paintings with flower motif.

MEN enINBAD anwoeinpk bonetsan prmead reseo-

EN IN BEARDS and women in poke bonnets and promenade dresses of a
century ago filed into the Second Congregational church of Greenwich,
Conn., recently to celebrate the church's 250th anniversary. To complete the
pre-Civil war days, Rev. Daniel Bliss, in a frock coat, preached the same
serpnon delivered by first preacher. Here are photos of the celebration.

as a i l*1e *the p rish bpw -to l






I ~

'"'1 4




1 ,

. p .,-.q


'a ..'





: Giants Resume

World Series Mastery Over Tre

iWorld Champs Pound Out

8-3 Victory Over Indians

NEW YORK, March 12 (UP)-The new York
Giants resumed their World Series mastery over the
Cleveland Indians today as the National League
supported its claim of inter-league superiority with
a huge early lead over the American League in
spring competition.

With the world champion
Giants pounding out an 8-3 vice
tory over the Indians at Phoenix
Ariz., and the St. Louis Cardi-
nals, Philadelphia Phillies and
Pittsburgh Pirates all making it
two straight over A. L. foes, the
:.senior circuit boasted an 8-2
Grapefruit League mark in in-
ter-circuit play.
The Indians beat the Chica-
g Cubs and the Chicago White
S ex downed the Cincinnati
Redlegs in Grapefruit League
Sopeners Thursday to provide
the American League with its
only victories in 10 meetings
with their senior circuit.
S.The Giants picked up right
4 where they left off in the World
G.'eries yesterday when early-in-
1iang homers by rookie Eric Rodin
~and the fabulous Willie Mays
i ved the way for the easy
Stiumh. A crowd of 7,008 which
-tn urned out to see the 1954 World
I series "go on tour" saw rookie-
left-hander Joe Margoneri strike
S-out seven Indians in three in-
7 nings. The Giants also got solid
l, hrling from veterans Jim Hearn
and Ruben Gomez while the In-
dians saw their brilliant young
fty, Don Mossi, battered freely.
L The Cardinals hardly matched
thir classic, 7-0, one-hit humi-
f ltittion of the Yankees on Thurs-
;-d. but "managed" to make it
[two in a row over the New York-
I 6rs with a 3-1 verdict behind the
|s, steady nine-hit pitching of Gor-
Sdon Jones, Tom Poholsky and
:Bob Tiefenauer. Elston Howard,
; 'Negro catcher-outfielder, starred
bir the Yankees with three hits.
SThe Phillies followed up their
penng-day victory over the De-
troit Tigers with a 4-3 verdict
Sver the White Sox, yesterday.
W.ith substitute first-baseman
i Westlake's single sparking a
:dU.r-run sixth-inning outburst.
0dokle Ron Mrosinski received
Credit for the triumph.
T ,_he Pirates, who won a mere


led the Senators with three hits
including a homer, but it wasn't
enough to give Charley Dresser
his first triumph as a Washing-
ton manager.
The Redlegs gave the N.L. a
clean 4-0 slate over the A. L. In
yesterday's games with a 7-5 de-
cision over the Baltimore Orioles
while the Detroit Tigers defeat-
ed the Boston Red Sox, 4-1, and
the Milwaukee Braves downed
the Brooklyn Dodgers, 4-3, 'in
other contests.
Big Ted Kluszewskil who'd
been fretting over his poor
timing, blasted his first 1955
home run to pace the Redlegs'
eight-hit attack. TheRedlegs
broke a tie in the seventh in-
ning by scoring three runs off
highly-touted rookie Rinold
Duren. Rookie Jerry Dean was
the winner.
Bob Miller, Frank Lary and
Billy Hoeft collaborated in a
three-hitter as Bucky Harris was
presented with his first win as
Detroit's manager. Outfielders Ai
Kaline and Bubba Phillips struck
key doubles in two-run second
and eighth-inning uprisings.
Dick Brodowski was the loser for
the Red Sox.
Hank Aaron's two-run sixth-
inning homer provided the big
blow for the Braves as they
evened their spring series with
the Dodgers at one victory each.
Aaron's blow followed Ed' Ma-
thews' single and a double by
rookie Frank Torre. Rookie Hum-
berto Robinson gained credit for
the win while rookie Glenn Cox
was charged with the defeat.

Armed Forces

Baseball League

Season Ends Tonight

g Imes in N -.. coumpetIut n The Panama Area Armed
t season, scored their second League breathes its final 1955
. ... ..Cip Leage breathsts finaA 55
ight of the springoverA.L breath with two games this aft-
Shen. rookie Reno Dbene- ernoon and a Special Troops-
.' 1thnnin- ..idouble sgave Fort Kobbe attraction tonight at
anl-7 t ,.. Wash- 7:30 Fort Clayton's diamond.
Mickey Vernon Eyes will be on last-place Co-
Sco Solo's Angelo Guido this aft-
Sernoon at 2:30 at Albrook AFB's
Tn rn T Beam Stadium. The slugging
m F m m Au II New Jerseylte holds a .0005 edge
LEJL I J.t over another left hander, Ernie
T A Y I Heckman of Troops. Guido is
A Y bouncing along at a .35531 clip to
S.. mA first baseman Heckman's .3548.
0.75 0.40 Heckman does his fadeout to-
.. ..... m9 night against Kobbe along with
Shows: IZ:37, 2:25, 4:37, the hottest pitcher to hit the
6:49, 9:01 p.m. U Isthmus In a long time Gail
CPK Miller. Miller, who has blazed
HERBERT J. YATEM m three no-hitters In two seasons,
l J_. u goess after his 12th victory in 13
t arts.
SWith W ethe pennant long won by
***^*Mr I l-- Troops, Albrook needs a win over
I Coco Solo to gain a possible tie
1Hfor third place with Clayton
l Clayton plays a much improved
l Army Atlantic nine at Fort Davis
I^ .this afternoon.
[ After tonight's tilt the cham-
144' .. .j P mlpion Troopers are idle until the
t(l so start of the Caribbean Command
..... .. seven-game playoff March 26
1 under the Clayton arcs.


DIABLO HTS. 6:15 8:15
dmmund PURDOM

Sun. "Gambler from Natchez"

STony L ATBJ t A
0 Piper LAU3


CRISTOAL, :15 8:15
"Flame and The Flesh"
Sun. -Mon. "Cret of The Wave"



At Daytona Beach, Fla.
Cincinnati 020 001 301-7 8 1
Baltimore 000 300 011-5 8 i
Pearce, Dean (4), Podblelar
(7), Lane (7) and Bailey. Held
Harrison (4), Duren (7) and
Batts. WP Dean. LP Duren
HR Borkowski, Kluazewski.
At Ft. Myers, a.
Washington 002 102 020-7 9 2
Pittsburgh 010 400 201-8 12 3
Stone, Stobbs (4), Keriazakos
(6), Griggs (7) and Fitzgerald
Naranjo, Bowman (5), Schultz
/ (9) Kravits. WP -- Schultz. LP -
Griggs. HR Vernon.
At St. Petersburg, Fla.
St. Louis 000 010 200-3 3 2
New York 001 000 000-1 9 1
Jones, Poholsky (4), Tlefenuer
(7) and Sarni, Rand (4). Kucks,
Kraly (4), Burnette (7), Kon-
stanty (8) and Berra, Silvera (9).
WP Poholsky. LP Burnette.:

At Sarasota, Fla.
Detroit 020 000 020-4 9 3
Boston 000 001 000-1 3 2
Miller, Lary (4), Hoeft (7) and
House, Wilson (7). Brodowski
Brewer (4), Freeman (7) and
Morton. WP Miller. LP Bro-
At Clearwater, Fla.
Chicago 002 000 001-3 6 2
Philadelphia 000 004 00x-4 5 1
Consuegra, Chakales (5), Dor-
ish (7) and Lollar. Dickson, Mro-
zinski (4), Farrell (6) and Bur-
gess, Lopata (6). WP Mrozin-
'ski. LP Chakales.
At Miami, Fla.
Milwaukee 000 003 0110-4 8 2
Bropklyn 000 000 021-3 6 0
Burdette, Robinson (4), Mc-
Mason (7), Jolly (8) and Cran-
dall. Black, Cox (4), Templeton
(7), Drysdale (9) and Campa-
nella. WP Robinson. LP-Cox.

Jr. College Track,

Field Candidates

Preparing For BHS

Track and field candidates at
the Canal Zone Junior College
have been working out daily in
the aBlboa Stadium in prepara-
tion for participating in a meet
with the Balboa Hign School
athletes Tuesday, March 15, in
the Balboa stadium, at 4:00
p.m. '
Athletes from both schools will
compete against each other for
individual records rather than
for team scores. Balboa High
School track and field teams for
years literally swamped the op-
pofng teams of CHS and JC due
to the greater number of stu-
dents enrolled. All that has been
changed. I 0terest-killing team
scores have been abandoned in
favor of the individual competi-
tion. And all the boys like the
idea much more than they did
the previous method of scoring.
Curtis Jeffries and Robert
Fishbough have been clearing In-
creasingly greater heights in the
pole-vaulting pits during the
practice sessions. A shorter run
to the bar -may prove beneficial
to both lads. Ray Nickisher,
George Dansby and William
Campbell are tossing about the
discus and shot waiting the of-
ficial go signal next Tuesday to
try for Canal Zone inter-scholas-
tic records.
Bruce Orvis and Curtis Jeffries
are hoping to hop hurdles in
record time soon. Billy McKeown
has his sights set on some area
in the broad-jumping pit not
yet reached in Canal Zone coi-
Any other chaps interested in
track and field may report to the
Balboa Stadium daily for work-
outs after 4 p.m. Places in the
100, 220, and 440 yard dashes are
open, as are positions in the
mile, half-mile, high jump and

60c. TODAY 40c.



Morion BRANDO Jean
Color by Ds LXEL'

Tickets For Plummer-Edwin

Contest Go On Sale In Colon

Navy Blanks Cristobal Hi 10-0

To Stay In Atlartic Loop Race


Atlantic Twilight Baseball
Won Lost Pet.
Powells ........... 7 1 .845
Navy ............. 4 2 .667
C.H.S. ............ 2 6 .250
Casanovas ....... 1 5 .167
Thursday's Results
Navy 10 C.H.S. 0
Tomorrow's Game
C.H.S. vs casanovas
By Trevor Simons
The Navy Tars kept alive their
hopes of finishing the second
half in a tie with Powells when
"Ski" Sobkowiak, pitching all the
way for the sailors, limited Cris-
tobal High to but two scratch
singles and applied the white-
wash with a 10 to 0 win. It was
Sobkowiak's third win of the
season and he did it in fine
Cristobal High School had only
four base-runners all night, two
on hits, one on a base on balls
given up by Sobkowiak in the
last frame and another on an
error by Fernando, catcher for
the Navy. Sobkowiak retired the
first 12 High School batters to.
face him before he gave way to
a single by Bazan to open the
fifth and his shut-out win was
never in jeopardy. Ten CHS bat-
ters bit the dust via the strike
out route.
The Navy hitters, apparently
still smarting from the 7-2 loss
they suffered at the hands cf
the Cristobal High team in their
last outing, returned with a ven-
geance that wreaked havoc on
Wamba Lung. Batting out 11
hits and taking advantage of 6
walks and a season record of 3
hit batsmen in one game, they
dented the plate 10 times for an
easily cushioned victory. Jerry
Hall's three for five was tops.



Peret, 2b ...... 3 0 1 2 2
Bleakley 3b ... 2 0 0 1 1 (
Gibson, T. .... 1 0 0 0 n
Melendez3b 0 0 0 0 n o (
McGaughey c 0 0 8 0 0
Bazan ss ...... e0 1 01 o
Lung p ....... 2 0 0 2 1 2
Price lb ...... 2 0 0 4 1 0
Palumbo rf ... 1 0 0 0 0 c
Fears cf- ..... 3 0 0 0 1 1
Robinette t-lb 2 0 0 2 0 1
CoffeV rf-lb .. 1 0 0 0 0 0
Wall If ........ 1 0 0 1 0 0
24 0 2 21 6 6

Sg N

- -



W L Pet.
4 2 .666
3 2 .600
4 3 .572
3 4 .429
2 6 .286

Palomas vs. Pumas
Macaws vConejos
Ocelots Vs. Palomas
Pumas vs. Conejos
Macaws vs. Ocelot&
Macaws defeat uamas 8 to 4
Jumping on Jimmy Lovelady
for five hits and four runs in the
first inning, the Macaws kept
themselves in the funning for
the second half title in the Fast-
lich League. ,
Tommy Pitman started on the
mound for the Macaws, but was
received by Jerry Durfee in the
third, who checked the Pumas
every rally the balance of the



I I | "

Jerry Durfee pounded out an-
other home run to stay right up
there with the leaders in the
slugging department.
The box score:

Preist, 3b
T. Corrigan, ass
Lovelady, p
Webb, c
Reynolds, lb
Peddicord, If, rf
Torres. cf
E. Cunningham
Bettsak, rf, It

0b rh o a
2 0 0
2 1 1 2 4
2 1 0 0 2
2 0 0 0 0
2 0 0 1 o
1 10 01

18 4 2 12 10

P. Corrigan, ss 3 1
T. Durfee, c 3 2
Chase, rf 3 1
J. Durfee, cf, p 3 2
Pitman, p, cf 3 1
Days. 2b 3 0
Washburn, If 3 0
Hitchcock, 3b 2 0
Reece, lb 1 1


24 81215 5

Score by Innins
Pumas 012 01-4
Macaws 421 1-

Summary. Errors: Pumas 3
(T. Corrigan, Webb, E. Cunning-
ham). Macaws 2 (P. Corrigar
Days), Runs batted in:; E Cun-
ningham, Webb, Reynolds, T.
Corr an; Washburn 2, J. Durfee
4, Pitman. Chase. Two-base hits;
J. Durfer. Home runs: J. Durfee.
Stolen bases: Reynolds 3, T. Cor-
rigan. Double plays: Lovelady to
Preist, Left on bases: Pumas 11.
Macaws 6. Bases on balls offi
Lovelady 2; Pitman 6; Durfee 4.
Strike-outs by: Lovelady 32 Pit-
man 3; Durfee 4. Hits off: Love-
lady 12 for 8 runs, in 4 innings.
Pitman 1 for 3 runs, in 2-1/3 in-
nings. Durfee 1 for I run, In 2-
2/3 innings. Hit by pitcher, by:
. Cunningham, Bettsak- (Dur-
fee). Passed ball: Webb 1. Win-
ning pitcher: Durlee (6-9). Los-
ing pitcher: Lovelady (4-3). Um-
lporw. Dias-Kiernan. TIme: 1:30.

Tickets for the eagerly awaited
Jose Edwin-Pederico Plummer
144-pound ten-rounder at the
Colon Arena tomorrow night are
already on sale at the Manhat-
tan Bar and the La Carambola
BilmardO Salgon in Colon, it was
The available ducats are tor
reserved seats valued at $3.06
(three dollars) and general
ringside seats which cost $2.00
(two dollars). General admis-
sion tickets for $1.00 (one dol-
lar) will be placed on sale at
the Arena at noon tomorrow.
All on the boxers on promoter
"Curro" Dosman's 26-round pro-
gram are reported in A-1 condi-
tion, especially the two main
eventers. Edwin hopes to keep
his unbeaten status intact while
Plummer aims to start another
winning streak.

This fight is ot utmost impor-
2 tance to both boys. The winner
,Iwill be considered the "un-
Scrowned welterweight king"'un-

experience and reportedly im-
proved style, is rated a slight fa-
vorite over the youthful Edwin.
This will be Federico's first ap-
pearance since traveling to New
York where he sparred with
some of the world's best at StillL
man's Gym. Ferdys many ad-
mirers are anxious to witness
their idol's progress and are sure
to be on hand tomorrow.
A six-round "special" pits
former local featherweight
champ Chocolate I against
rising Manuel Prescott at 128
The semifinal will be another
six-rounder between 135-pound-
ers Carlos Watson and steadily
improving Marcial Molinar. The
latter is the choice to whip the
speedy Watson.
A four-round preliminary com-
pletes the card.

Little League

Upset Lightning

Knocks 3 Favorites Out

Of NCAA Tournament

NEW YORK March 12 (UP)- final margin after ervous
The upset lightning knocked timekeeper sound with
three favorites out of the NCAA 38 seconds and. Bradley leading
Basketball Tournament .today, 79-78.
Sbut defending champion La Salle At Phlldelphia, playerr of
and national chaImpion Ban theyear" Toe Gala taIHd 24
Francisco had no trouble leading points and 24 rebounds In the
the others in tonight's quarter- 33 minutes La SaUe requhed
final round. his efforts. He even acldental.
Ousted in first-rpund surorises ly tapped _a a Prineeton Co,
last night were Kentucky, beat- but the Tigers needed maeh
en 79-71 by Marquette: Vlllpno- more help than that,
va, nipped 73-71 by Canisius; At Corvallis, San Francisco
and Southern Methodist, rapped rolled up a 41-20 lead at half-
81-79 by Bradley. time over a Utah team tha had
But La Salle hardly flexed merely been ranked the fourth
Its famed muscles in romping best in the nation. First' half
to a 7S-4 victory over Ivy shooting figures told be stdry:
League champion Princeton, San Francisco 40 per cent, Utah
and San Francisco displayed 18.8 per cent.
its best-in-the nation defense In the other Corvallis game,
in walloping dangerous Utah, seven-three Wade (Swede) Hal-
78-59. brook scored 21 points In 23 min-
Other first-round winners -'n utes as Oregon State romned.
the four regional tournaments'Another key first half shooting
were: Iowa, in an 82-53, .romp figure; Oreegon state 60 ner
over Penn State; Colorado, by cent,.as it took a 50-36 lead. Se-
69-59 over Tulsa; and Oregon attle never got within 10 points
State, in an easy 83-71. decision again.
over Seattle. At Evanston, Iowa led. from
These results set up these re- the opening minute and used all
gional finals 'tonight: its 12 players In trouncing Penn
At philadelphia-La Salle vs. State.
Canisilus. I At Manhattan, key to Colors-
At Evanston, Ill.-Marauette do's ,trlum h was the victory of
vs. Iowa. Fix-seven Burdette Halderson In
At Manhattan, Kans.-Bradley his duel with Tulsa scoritR ace
vs. Colorado. B6b Patterson, 28-21, H oldorson
-At Corvallis, Ore. Oregon canned 16 of his point. during a
State vs. San Francisco. 10-minute stretch in the second
Tonight's winners qualify, for half to break the gai open.
the semi-f ials at Kansas City Last night's losers wil meet in
next Friday, when the philadel- consolation games at the same
ph a and Evanston regional win- sites tonight.
neas meet for the Eastern title
9nd the Manhattan and Corval- FENCERS BUSIESTr
Us winners meet for the Wet,- New York (NEA) Fencers
ern title. The following night, have the busiest schedule for the
Eastern and Western champions Pan American Games at Mexico
meet for the national champion- City, with all dv comnetitlon
shlo. listed throughout the 13-dasy e.
Kentucky, .three-time N.C.A.A. vent.
champion which had been rated "
the second best team in the na-
tion (behind San Francisco)
during the regular season, bowed
to Marauette only after a wild iS ,S
battle at Evanston in which the .
score was tied 15 times and the st
lead changed hands 13 times. i
A brilliant one-man show bv y
Johnny McCarthy carried Cani- 4 f"
sius to triumph at Philadelphia. .mi
Bob Schafer of Villanova tied
the score at 71-71 with two minm- -
utea loft,
radley, surprise finaWlsli t t *
year and with only an 8-19rec-
ord this season, got away to ah -".
early lead and never was head-
ed. The Braves improved their .
m-- DVI 1 m




TO DAY --030

Teams Won Lost
Curundu 7 1
West Bank 6
Clayton 4 1
Kobbe 3
Albrook 1 6
Carib. Commnd 1 7
Curundu held onto its slim
Armed Forces Litle League lead U
Thursday by shutting out Fort
Clayton, 7-0 as Asa Barley struck |H W
out nine men and walked three. MU nrH YGAYE
,Second-place West Bank. with
Ray Cabrera fanning a dozens VILUnom
batsmen; walloped Albrook, 7-3. I PP
In the other content Thursday,
Fort Kobbe blasted Caribbean
Command, 11-2, despite a homer M. ..-
over the left field fence by the | MA,,C.VoSL 'IO4 A V IU,.IIKMMmi I
Commanders' catcher, Yankee .
Rowan, Allen Altman was the
Kobbe victory pitcher. M INIGHT SO p.
Curundu and West Bank goat MDNIGHT SHOW 11 P.M. .
It Monday on the latter's field A N
to battle for the lead spot. Other* IWHITF TI AN TAIm -
gaes have Kobbe at Albrook "WHITE TIE AND TA
d Caribbean Command at
Clayton. i m m m / mu

HE mT mm MENTm mm DmmP


(Panami-Amaerea Reporter)I

mere i rm theu mas nsusive filming of Shakesmpear'
'iosttag dye, Never Wfore kar S
I t#O wayed to WdI ly dort hi n s
rodsaiom filmed in Veroua. Tesdir
wwiharking color w ll hold audwasw, bwoh yamg






., -I I m.I

SBAL OA Air-Conditioned
<"Br m3 UA2:30 4:30 6:30 8:30

* John Derek
* Elaine Stewart

i. haSr AND M oNDATI

Si-fA CA :15 7:4

Kf aE'3D :15 7:4S

L U X 3 -'- t TODAY

I I ~- 1 II


*. f I

With the 1955 season rapidly
nearing a close, Navy moved to
within 1V kame of the pace-set-
ting Powells. Still remaining to
be played are a pair of games
between Casanova and Navy and
a Tuesday night thriller between
Navy and Powells. With their
bacls pilned to the wall and on-
ly too well knowing that one
more loss marks the end of the
season and their pennant hopes,
Navy is expected loexert an all-
out effort for even the easiest
of teams. This fact is hammered
home all the more when the Na-
vy teamn recalls the scare thrown
into them on February 15 when
they had to go into extra in-
nings before defeating the cel-
lar-dwellers 2 to 1.
The box score:
Navy Ab R H Po A E
Baten 2b...... 5 2 2 1 1 0
Hall, Jerrylb. 5 3 3 5 0 0
Robkowlak p. 3 0 2 0 3 0
Guido cf ...... 4 0 0 0 0 0
Kinf If ....... 4 1 1 0 0 0
Smith,'J. If .. 1 0 0 0 0 0
Aleguas 3b ... 4 1 1 2 1 0
Fernando c 3 1 0 8 0 1
Thompson rf ..2 2 0 0 0 0
Maylan ss .... 3 0 2 2 1 0
33 10 11 18 6 1







V oo On Basepths; Many Players Rely OnSupersti

BIG LEAGUE ROOKIES. No. 2 i:ore'siPauR bard,:
Sthe game, is rihly qualified to
r O .. di.. ascauss ineder baseball strategy.
... /O BaThis Is the lout of six articles.)
NEA Sports Editor
cD-. Paul Richards, the thorough
theorist. even makes an ally of
baseball superstition in rebuilding ...
SAthe orange-chested Orioles.
"A superstition so strong t h I
Ato breaking will materially affect
Player's performance should be
w oided," says the new manager o n
of the Baltimore club, holding
court in the lobby of the Daytona
Plaza Hotel. "But this bit of ad-
vice will go unheeded by ball.
players everywhere," he says. o
"Because of this. a smart man-
ager goes along with superstition.
When a player convinces himself
that a certain ritual brings him
luck, he gets confident and it af-
fects his game. A supersttiious
person who believes strongly e-
nough in his particular anathema
sometimes makes it appear that
iA was responsible for a turn of
*rKS b ar events.
"For instance, if Hughie Critz, uGHTTOUCH-. Workmen install a bank of floodlights atop Kansas City Municipal Stadium, as
who second asked for te Realegs rebuilding work on the parks rushed for the Athletics' first appearance there, April 12 (NEA)
and Giants, felt that small bits of
,.. h. ppy.. ndo.... r d paper scattered on the bench were *
S.. 20-YEAR--OD a jinx to his hitting, he wouldn't
EXPECTPD To7 MA hit. RockyStil SameWorks
CLU.B .h41*7eORYo er s t "Ballplayers' superstitions be a
dtl.fN* FROM CtJ.A l s corpe second nature. At times, I
'C" O THE MAJOR*'. don't believe that they realize
just what they are doing It comes Hnches Even Harder
.r'6 A w o.l k Mn to being instinctive ang, automat-
A6Ag"Practically all players have a a Pche n H re
certain action or mannerism at By AL CARTWRIGHT chronicled. There is a short, orange on the rubbing table as
NG one time or another. Many of NEA Special Correspondent' pencil-line of a scar to the left Goldman went over him like aa
ALONe TH E them are discarded from one day Iof what passes for the tip, other-nchicken inspector "is nothing.
WINNINGE6T to the next, but others take their GROSSINGER, N. C. (NEA wise no indication that Marciano For the fi r t Charles fight, I
-RECORD I place." I
ORGANIZED in his book, Modern baseball -Up here where boy meets girl some day will bleed to death trained six months, and that was
and the left hook meets t h e against an undaunted challenger, too much. I know. I looked it in
A-. LAT RerStr a re gYpus(Prentice-Hallr oInc),o cheese blintz. Rocky Marciano en- as alleged. the fight, too."
YEAR" 8-4 Richards puts the linger on Leo tertained. "I don't even tiink of It," he The Marciano of Grossing e r's
AT TOclKTON Durocher of the Giants and the Ina show complete with inter- remarked. parring, e wearsthe appears no different t h a
(CALIFORNL. Cardinals'uEddie Stanky as n the locutorRockyW o r.kPet d two headguard with the cheek protec- Marciano of Yankee Stad iu m-
__LVAGLL,)? most uperstitious m a n a g e r sa pounds each against t w o spar. 'ion. Still the beak can be murderous looping puncher, irti-
Muggsy undo btedL h got thaway r g partners, another r o u n d reached. proving as a defensive fighter,
Wtrom The ipl his besom pa l on- against a shadow and belted the It was suggested tI h a t for asetill inclined to lunge, at times.
er whom e played at Brooklyn Spalding out of four specialized fight two and a half m o n t h sl trainer Goldman wn s asked if
and the Po Grounds. punching bags. And at no extra away, the champion was attack- Rocky had any flaws that might'
charge, Roexy perspires all over ing this training bit a might too reed special attention.
b three Grossinger towels wielded, thusiastically. i "No, grunted the little aIold
b by his coach. Charley Golman. "This," smiled the always re-lpug. "He don't do nothing' wrong
JO E W ILLIA MIt's a good buck's w r t h, al laxed killer, now su c k in g an-because he never loses."
J V W ILLIA M S Yethough the restraint in the crowd
JOs W L I M lis an incongruous background to
the regimented and furious physi-
cal outbursts of the fighter. The!
MIAMI BE&CR Few ballplayers, to hear them tell it, are uests are asked to neither smoke
ever traded bho* of personal shortcomings. The manager nor comment. You get the fe. ee
didn't u n n 4m. The club owner wasa direct descendant rg they were not impressed.
c: Scro6ji 'Tkhe bloacler wolves were murderous. Once in a G strange picture.b But this I
while thed Vadilt to having had an "off year," but that's as far rossinger's remember, not Still.
as theYl lgpin s elf-reproach. gan's, and the skate mob, n t!
c ian thea .nchanging act is always presented against a he fight mob.
backdrop lofty promise and stirring resolution with subtle The champion books good, if "
ndThis ash to Yanthey always wanted to play in. This was Eddie Stanky Leo Durocher there are anly around who might
sTishst hk of -t o the y Doder s ante Salotof Bolyin.'This was be concerned w it h this Cockell
the *manag 4 ays idolized. 'This will be the year that te concerned w ih this CockeH
ades them st. "Aftor a winning game," says thing. He seemed a little droopy
If Gen b k traded by the Yankees last, winter to the ihards, ','Dur ocer and Stanky h le Goldmnwas. taping b
seve th-pi oae Orioles, nA embittered, ,be isn't telling make, their players sit in the same his was t ibuted ro the db ily
anybody, le spgall1 sports writers. place in the dugout, do the same h asattri e y
Worie h&r4 along with the battery men, whom man- tJhings they aid the day before, nap he had just fi ished. There
ager Paul hard assembled for special attention, Woodling stand .continue this way until the tas nhothig droopy ab u t the
had a stock answer for the typewriter panelists. ,, club oses. Durocher and Stanky ons aend Felix Antonioe 1a t e r
"I'm ,ve happy nd 1l0k forward to a good season." will carry a certain superstition thatafternoon o e
The W al reare cn mca fellow wo suddenly finds he mus thro ugh an entire season. Marciano heav at 195 but
watch from champagne to Dr. Pepper is not usually one of un- "Baseball superstitions cover a carries it well even on t
bridled Joy, and the suspicion is that Woodling simply has more wide range, include touching a carries it w ell even o wi be in t h at
sense ancpoise than most ballplayers. certain base, stepping over a foul the 80s for Cockell, and will be
st. lme, throwin, the resin bag down there fLst at his present gait.
with a certain hand, hitting the The Nose? You have to stare
SCORNED STENGEL plate with a bat a certain way. hard at Marciano's turnip of a
"Hughie Critz would never per-bugle to find the spot that bled
What makes a team like the Yankees so attractive is that mit any kind of paper anywhere so alarmingly in the last Charles
it is generally a good bet to get in the World Series and that can near him on the field or bench, bout so alarmingly in the last Charlesat
mean from $6000 to $8000 in addition to the player's regular sal- recalls Richards. "Because scat- bout Someaoctor did wa great
ar). Nobody would know better than Woodling what scant teres paper was so upsetting t job on that gash and without
chance the Orioles have to get in the Series this year. (Critz, Bill Terry had a standing the plastic surgery that was
Ballplayers aren't particularly interested were they play. fine for anyone who thoughtlessly
Their paramount concern, understandably, is the size of the pay strewed chewing gum wrappers or
eck. Managers don't figure too importantly in their lives, other oDits of paper in the dugout. E
her. "Tfipy regard one about as well as another. They know "Bobo Newson would not pitch *
..ere is ri0 siwch thing as a miracle man. with paper anywhere near the
S It w*s an open -*rPet that Woodling had no love for Casey mound. Opposing players oft e n
engel bt! it never showed in his play and as long as the tore paper into tiny bits and threw LITTLE LIFELINERS-Col. A. G. Elegar, commanding of-
.nkees had a chance to make the series, the manager could the pieces near the pitcher's box
v..e been'a fugitive from a leper camp for all it mattered to the when 01' Bobo was working, and ,ricer, 33d Infantry ,regiment, offers congratulations to three
reran qltflelder. lte oig fellow wouldn't pitcu uhtilI -members of Fort Kobbe's Little League baseball club on their
Under different circumstances, it is conceivable Woodling the last scrap was removed. members of Fort Kobbe's Little League baseball club on their
might hMe welcomed a chance to play elsewhere but I'd have "Babe Ruth's best known super- :.second anniversary with the team. In a huddle with the regl-
doubt d at any ballplayer in the history of the game ever dis- station was his insistence on touch.
-d a nager enough to turn his back on a fat series bonus. ing tnird base with his right foot mental commander are, left to right, James Tomlin, David Bean
Woodlng's disaffection for Stengel dates back to the 1950 as he went tc and from r i g h
ties with the Phillies, when the manager did a silly pantomimic field. Of course, the B a m b i no I By SANDY SADDLER and Artie Barr. The players have earned spots in the regi-
ltation of the outfielder dropping a fly ball. -Woodling wasn't switched to f.rst base if the Yan- Written for NEA Service ment's "Lifeliner Hall of Fame." (US Army photo by Pvt. Irwin
Only Yankee in the dugout that afternoon who didn't think ces' dugout was on that side. Joe
was very ny. Medwick always touched t h i r d Kahn).
from left field. .....
EX-YANKS GALORE "Many pitchers believe they're
hexed when any player th row s i-
Wood also answered noncommittal when souded out on them their glove. Few pitchers
the 18-player deal which yielded Baltimore pitchers Turley and will step on the foul line.
Larsen and shortstop Hunter to the Yankees. "The next game you see try to
"Ought to help both sides," said the 3z-year-old Akron, Ohio, notice if any other infielder but
native. the third baseman attempts to
Richards is up to his hips in ex-Yankees. Bob Kuzava, Harry give the pitcher the ball to start
Byrd, Jim McDonald, Bill Miller, Don Johnson, Duane Pillette, an inning. V'c Raschi won't take
Gus Triandos, Hal Smith, Willie Miranda and Saul Rogovin. i the ball even from the third base-
It may come as a gentle shock to Stadium regulars to see man until he has set himself solid- "
Rogovin I/sted as a Yankee alumnus, but apparently that's the ly on the rubber facing the catch- p,'
straight of it. The Dodgers signed Saul out of Broo lyn's Abra- cr. .. "
ham Lincoln High School, but gave up on him early and the "Lefty Gomez always laid h i s ,
story Is that Branch Rickey Jr. peddled him to the Yankees for ;.love down in a certain position
a mere hundred bucks. Ind wan ted it left that way. Go-
This was in 1941. Ten years later, Rogovin was leading the niez mce hit a fly ball, and round-
:Americar~ League' pitchers in earned runs with a glittering 2.78 ing first b.mse n o t i c e d that
mark but not as a Yankee. Rogovin is here trying to catch on George Selkirk had picked up his
with the Orioles as a' free agent. glove. Lefty shouted for George
"Richards made a pitcher out of me once," Saul says. "Maybe to leave it alone. Instead, Selkirk
he can do it again. He's the best manager in baseball.' kicked the glove around.
Well, there aren't many who are better, and that's for sure. du"WenGoheiet the r e tdo .
the way he wanted it. But Sel- an.d.
kirk continued, whenever he got Sandy Saddler

the chance, to kick the glove. fo '
"The Yankees won, and when A telephone call from Hartford,
they got into the locker room, Sel- nnto lmn's Gym in New
A MAkirk said to Gonez: ""There e eYork proved the biggest thing '
Sour superstition out the wdow that happened to me in my life '
I kicked your glove until it nearly Now, the phones ring a 1lot at
came apart, and you shut the Stillman s, u on this day- .
A out.' March 6, 1944. one rIng meant a *; '.
"Yes. Gomez replied, 'but be. career to me.
fore you started all that foolish- The all was from my mana ,
J- l ..ness, I bad a no-hitter going. o '" er, Charley Johnston, who was mI
A ns a Hartford. Charley asked Birdie
rrisooe my trainer, if I was rea- 74

tiooD A train to Hartford.
S i I'd never fought for mm be-
S l 'i ,e', s roT-"d -T-'&l?.otten about. W tbe meant, on
otbr blenmhs e ymour a t he call, was whether 3ird e
Ixmb-9 rou T obsr OuIuht I could go eight rounds ,
t5Py N .m. m t. SOi, u k.tmy. mouth sbut
ge~ a tan eme= w .l and went out and whIPP Earl
CAN FILL TOUR NEEDS: "---'.,zsthe Cm a
i u law Z I' s, y ao. I -w rstitam,
We1dge.Siy&~W w id" catch" PMla
,- ., ; ,, W07. =@ at s mms1v~r Nr b

-' ,. '



Look for Navy to become a na-
tional basketball as well as foot.
ball power now that the Middies'
height limit has been upped to
6-6 and, confides Coach Ben
Carnevale, the admiral who okay-
ed the new regulation has a b o y
wno's only 5-z and stands but
S4 himself. also, it might be
noted he attends all Navy uasket-
ball games. .
Alex Lubbing, the snow man
who's parlayLd Squaw Valley and
talrfornia writers into a bid for
the 1960 winter Olympics, once
lived on the island of ban. al.
so admits he got into the ski busi-
ness ovby going to Canaoa on a
long weekend to drink beer .
anu wouna 'up breathing moun-
ain air. .
After setting a new indoor pole
sault mark at the Knights of
Columbus meet, me Itev. do o
Itichamus spent the next 24 hours
a, hopping a plane to Laiitornia
at 1 a.m.; n, addressing a sermon
to his congregation at Lo m it a,
Calif. after arrival that morning;
c) cor.aucting a wedding at a
p.m. d) preaching another ser-
zmop late : hat afternoon, a nd
e) conducting a youth group meet-
ing tnat evening. Sob wio said
cn the seventh day he re s t e d?
ihe Hicocheting Rever e n d,
Vaultirn Vicai, Pogo Parson or
Polevaulting Preacner (wnicn he
lists as some of the names he's
been ;-alled) is thinking of oe-
voting his ife to evangelical work
after the 56 Olympics a n d
denies that he's ever run down
the center aisle, bamboo m hana,
and vaulted into the pulpit. .
Keauymg itself tor roadway
just after the start of the sea-
son is a baseball musical caned
"Dami Yankees," based on a
book by (get this!) Douglas Wal-
lop. with a curtain composed
oe 1800 bona fide Spalding base.
balls and uniforms donated
by the Washington Senators .
Oh, yeah, Can Can's Gwen Ver.
uon will decorate the scenery,
too. .-.
He's not about to go broke, but
it's amazing how little Rocky
Marciano has. capitalized ob his


Crisobal shooters experienced
one of the most difficult trap
shoots of the season on last
Wednesday afternoon as they
vied for the Capt. C. W. Stewart
trophy. Gusty, high winds and
the 25-yard handicap accounted
for the low scores.
Paul Disharoon, Jr., breaking
41 targets out of the 50, proved
that years of experience is an
asset when the cards are down
and the going gets rough.
Results of trap and skeet
shooting for Wednesday follow:

(25-yards, 50 targets)
Paul Disharoon, Jr.
L. B. Carr
Bill Clark
Windy Sellers
Shorty Schexnayder
Ralph 'Dugas
(25 targets)
Bill Clark
Joe Kueter (410)
Windy Sellers
F. H. Smith
L. B. Carr


e*T. Bob Rlehardi
heavyweight title. with less
than $550u in endorsements. .and
only la retereeing dnq three
speaking engagements, plus t w oe-
television appearances in the last~-,
year. (Leo Durocher alone.
nan 45 speaking engagements uurt.;.
ing the winter.) .. Bill Heinz sna
gnosting a forthcoming national
magazine piece for the Rock onB
how it feels to be champion. .
And can it M, true that Ella Ka-.
zan dropped any notion of a Roe.'
ky Marciano story on celluloid bei,.
cause Al WciL mentioned that ne:-'
(Weill also had a great story to ,
tell? .
Bill Russell, the 6-10 San Fraan-
risco All-American who'll be with
us another )ear, only went *a u,
for track last spring because hW,
med the sweater awarded the let..
termen in that sport whiek
he promptly collected by leaping
i4-7% in uis early eitorts. .
Fort Wayne's chivalrous Char-
he Eckmann penned a thank you
note foi a recent profile. "Buti-
tell me," n' whispered to us,
"what does 'kinetic' mean?" "
The i.nicKs' lla.ry Galatin is tui
hocky Marciano of pro basketball.
lir uetermi tiion aiju steauy inn-.
provement. .. Know what Hot-
rtod Hundley of West VirgmnXl.
said after failing by a point to.
break the southern Conterence:
tournament scoring record? ....
"Had to hold back." shrugged the
Rod, "because I'll be around an.
other couple of years, and i waMt
something left to shoot for." .
The Wulle Mayas who gets hook.
ed for speeding in that big llmo."
sine is tue same Willie wool wa-r'
he first got a car a 0s Gipat J .
kie, trieu to squeeze 20 worth dU"
gasoline into the tank... They
could t make him unerstaud a
wouldn't hold that much. .
Between you'n'me, fighters arA"
getting chummier than ever. .
Don .,ockell's first words to Roc-
ky Marciano: "It's so nice to
wieet you." .

Fort Wortn Tex. (NEA) ,
Coach Abe Martin worked main.
tack during Texas Christian's
spring football workouts.

Encanto Today .35, .20
Victor Mature, in
Also: James Hayter, in

IDEAL Today .20, .10
Bob Hope, in
Alan Ladd, in

Make sure it's



in your glmas

I _j '

., .t


. i

,. .. -, I "



Humb erfto

Robin son


Dodg es

Read story on. pae 8

Star Esther Williams, who looks
as good on land as in water,
models a $1000 sequin bathing
suit at the Polo Ball, a society
charity dance held at Boca
Raton, Fla. The suit was de-
signed especially for the dance.

Red Powde




AFL Chief:
(Continued from Page 1)
"We believe the standard of
living of the Panamanains
citizen should constantly im-
proved," he said. "It should qe
on a level, as far as pay rates
are concerned with that of the
U.S.-eitizen worker, without
the additional increment given
the U.S. zmploye."
Brounlow pointed out that has
been the union's position for
many years, and that any
changes which may be develop
In the Canal Zone as a result of
the treaty, should be designed to
Improve the standard of citizcn-
jhip of non-U.S. citizens to help
mate them become better Pan-
amanian citizens.
lie said AFL president
George Meany, as well as WMun
ro would probably be called on
to testify regarding the treaty.
Walker compared the new
treaty to a "collective ibargaln-
Ing agreement," and said he
hoped they would be able to dis-
cuss the actual application here
or the treaty with the people
concerned, wao will be affected.
"What we learn here," he said,
"will serve as a guide to us when
we get back and make our re-
comendatoends to the men who
will testify nose the Senate."
In criticizing they senate hDe-
partment, Walker said his ex-
perience witr coun them was they too
uen o lack understanding pec
reogn I call the firing line work-
ers." group, ch include be-
ine contends that whether the
workers cnose-to come here or
wa pot, long as they are ena re,
serving tneir country they Are
wormy ot recognition "special
recognition," he ciaed.
The group, which includes be-
sia brouniow ana Wamier, kid-
ward F. hines, international re-
presentative of the International
AssociaIun oi biucburai iron
Wvorrers, and Russet stephens,
present ,o mtne American Fed-
erauop oi 'iecnnicail engineers;
euepnens pointed out that one
of ,his main objectives here was
low iUJip urganuz a union for en-
g4ieering. aratting ana technic-
al personnel wno have no re-
pr.aentauve group on the Isth-
mus* ie said he would try to
contact employes in this cate-

gory auris nhis say.
A mass raly has been set fo
a~bt atunrday morning at 9:3
at latblo theater at bhilch a2
U.S. citizen residents will b
,ne provisional itinerary
the labor group Includes mee
t with uion groups, the Go
* erw, military official
and if recommended Iy U
Aiammador fie den Chapin,
vl to Paiaian governme

1 A S A A
CJU#5A& 17


tanama AmerrIan
"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" -Abraham Lincoln.












BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 12 torney general in a hotly dispute, fense attorney Roderick Beddow. ly later by Circuit Judge J. Rus-
-(UP) -A jury ecivlcted former ed Democratic primary. He said he would move for a new sell McElrov who had held a
Chief Deputy Sheriff Albert Fuller Stony faced as he had b e e n trial immediately, and, that fall. tight rein over the sensational
yesterday of murdering the man through most of the trial, Fuller ing, appeal the verdict and sen- trial despite numerous outbursts.
who vowed to wipe out Phenix Ci- showed no emotion at the verdict! tence. The trial was shifted to Bir-
ty's crime empire, and fixed his Not so his wife, who fought Under Alabama law jur les mingham, largest city in t h e
punishment at life in prison. back tears as she sat in a back are empowered to decided the state, in a change of venue pro-
At the end of a 26-day trial the row of the crowded court room sentence as well as the degree seeding agreed to by both sides.
verdict was reported- by a circuit that had been cleared briefly of guilt within limits set forth Fuller goes to jail with the
court jury which deliberated only for a search for arms before in the judge's charge. automatic expiration of his
six hours and 40 minutes over a the verdict was read. Formal sentence, however, will Caond. The t year-old of f leer
mass of circumstantial evidence "I still say I'm innocent-inno- te passed in several days and had been s tripped of his guns
and an alibi cent all the way," Fuller said as no move for a new trial can be and ttle ing with most other
Fuller, moon.faced f o r m e r he was led from the courtroom made until then. henix City authorities when
gun-toting deputy accused of under heavy guard. The state had sought the elec. the rate moved in to conduct
taking a fabulous rakeoff from He appeared shaken as the im- tric chair for Fuller, "just as he Its own murder investigation.
slot-machines in the bawdy riv- pact of the sentence hit him but shot down Albert Patterson" in a Deasop said he would like to go
er town of Phenix City, was con- replied, "Fine boy, how are you?" "dastardly" rime. fishing for a "couple of weeks"
victed of the first degree mur- when a reporter asked him how "I thought the evidence justi- before toting a Frrell, re uted
der of Atty. Gen.nominee Al bhe felt. fled the deatn penalty, but I can- legal "rains" of the Phenix City
bert Patterson. But as he vanished into the Jef- not criticize the jury for the ver. racketeersin trial.
Patterson. 61-year-old vice foe. person County jail Fuller was ob- dict which they returned," said rac ers, on al
u as shot down in a Phenix City served weeping slightly. special prosecutor Cecil Deason. The third murder defend a n t,
alley back of his law office last "I am very much surprised at "I was in earnest when I asket Garrett, left the state and was
June 18 only three weeks after the verdict; the worst I expected for the death penalty." discovered and arrested at a Tex-
winning nomination as state at-'was a mistrial," said fiery de- Deason, who scored his big- as samtarium.
gest courtroom victory since he His attorneys contended he was
expelled the Ku Klux Klan from is attorneys conditended he wastand
Alabama sv y a had n no mental. condition to stand
I Alabama sevenyearsago, bad trial either for the murder or the
e r found witnesses 'who laced Fs. Birmingham vote fraud, which al.
r P u ts G n T ea r ler at the scene of Patterson's legedy was his "brain child," He
assassination just before an i h as not be e tradited.
jnst after the shooting. has not bee extradited.
|I One witness the "ace" around
quandary, Guys In Jail whom the hole case eventually araiso Library
revolved, said he saw Fuller wal lr
CALCUTTA, March 12 (UP)- In their village, they have a into an alley with Pat t e r s on T
Two shopkeepers are In jail, six similar custom of throwing the heard shots and saw Fuller run-. To NeW Home;
girls are in tears, and police are red powder called "avid" on.the ring away with a man he bellev-
in a quandary in a little village religious holiday-but there's a ed to be former Phenix Prosecut Will pen Apil
in India. far different meaning to it.. or Arch Ferrell, who also faces
In their hometown throwing 4rial. Will Open In April
All because of a Hindu reli- the powder is a proposal of mar- This witness Cecil P a d g e t t,
glous holiday, some red powder riage and it it strikes the girl withstood a torturing cross-exam. The Paraiso Deposit Library,
and a conflict of customs. she's bethrothed. nation and impeachment by Bed- which is now located in the Pa-
It happened in the t o w nof T. dow and stuck to his story, which, ralso Service Center, will be
It happened in the to w n of These sx girls got really clob- in the end, apparently was t he closed March 18 and will be re-
Katihar, not far f/om Calcutta. bered with the powder-thrown clincher in the verdict. opened in their new quarters In
The village was celebrating by two men. Fuller's alibi was that he was the Paralso School, the first part
known as Hll Now, in Kathar, The girls broke nt tears at the sheriff's office i the Rus. of April, it has been announced
ns he cusom to throw a red GionTewrsth eIntota s ell Cbuntry jail At Phenix City by the Canal Zone Library.
t's the custoledm to throw a red Gone was their chance of mar- for some time before the murder During the time that the P-
wder called th ar" at passers- ing anyone else according to and until the shooting was report- raiso Deposit Library is closed,
tom shoin goodwill. the hometown custom ed by another deputy. Libary service through that de-
to.h showing goodwill The orly solution, they said, Patterson's murder on the posit will be suspended. The date
was for the two shopkeepers to steamy night of last J u ne 18 osr the reopening in the Paraio
So, that's what the two shop- marry them. The two shopkeep- ste nth forA hoe reopening In the Paralso
keepers did when six girls pass- ers couldn't see it that way. brouh t the full force of Alaba- School will be announced later.
ed bypowdern tmhopkeepers-bewildered by the to the little redlight town of Deposit Library has been made
Now it happens that the si tur of events-were locked Phenix City across the Chatta- necessary by the closing of the
Now It happens that the six turn of events-were locked in h Parao Serie
girls were visiting Katthar from the local jail. hoochee River from Columbus, Paraiso Service Center March 18.
their own hometown in the state And the girls are demanding Ga., and the infantry training The Service Center will move on
of Behar. their rights, center of Ft. Benning. that date to temporary quarters
National Guardsmen took over near the Paraiso School and will
Srule of the town, stamped out its continue to operate on a smaller
D em ocrats Take First W hack night life o thoroughly that at scale until the completion of the
e oc r s ake Fr st W h ck the end religious objects w e r e new Paralso Civic Center.
being sold at establi shments_______
which previously dispensed ro u- R p
At Ike's Budget, Rap PO and youngwomen's bodies.whi oo0d Repair Job
Gamblers, bootleggers a n d
S -- statute trooped before te By Amaeur Redone
WASHINGTON, March 12 (UP) looked" its "primary duty"-that sons were convicted of assout rated
-Democrats took their f i r s t of insuraing 'the mails are han- crime ranging from vagrancy Pr
whack at President Eisenhower's died expeditiously" the re p o r t to murder. I r
budget yeste-day. said. Then in the climax, Fuller,
A House committee lopped 77 "Perhaps the problems a n d Ferrell and Alabama Atty. Gen. DONCASTER. England, March
million dollars off his request to complaints o, the local postmas. Silas Garrett-the man Patterson 12 (UP) Amateur plumber
run the Treasury and Post Office ter may seem miniscule but their was nominated to succeed-were Ernest Davies said today he
fo(r the 12 months starting July prompt disposition is a 'must indicted for the murder that start- would sue the local City Council
L it added. ed the cleanup. for wasting the taxpayers mon-
Thoe Demcratic-controlled A.p- Summerfield told the subcom- And the ,end may not yet be in ey.
The Dem mcratic-controlled Ap- mmittee last month his reorganiza- sight for years because the evil Davies said he called a coun-
propriations Committee also rap- tion drive already has paid off in of Phenix City was revealed to cil plumber when the waterpiles
ped Arthur E. Summerfield's Post better mail service at lower cost. have festered out across the at his home began to leak. The
Office Department for being so He said he expected to give back state. plumber was so late arriving he
"enamored" with reorganizing it- 3 million of the money voted Ferrell is even now on trial for fixed them himself.
self that it has neglected its job him by Congress last year. He conspiring to steal Patter so n's "Good job most profession-
of deli-ering mail. It ordered a asked for the same employes. nomiation from him before he al couldn't have done it better
prDompte reform. Th committee retorted S u m. was killed as a means of remov. myself," the plumber said. Then
Declaring it was time some of erfield should have saved 75 ing the threat to Phenix City's he ripped out Davies' repairs and
Summerfield'a promised "s u ib- lon during the current govern. 100-million-dollar annual racket fixed It over again.
stantial savings" showed up in meant year. It said the amount of syndicate. Davies complained his rent
dollars and cents, it chopped 69 mail was 4 per cent lower t h a n A state's evidence witness at had been raised because of coun-
million from the $2,754,000,ff00 re- expected. It said it was cutting Ferrell's vote fraud trial quoted cil complaints "of the cost of re-
quested by the Post Office De-arstarthis budget 69 million because of the defendant as saying G o v. pairs."
iartment for the fiscal year start savings promised through reorga. James E. Folson, just seated in A council spokesman defended
he committee in approving nation. an because Summer- a new term. was the man design. the plumber.
the firscommitteeularin approving of field may hAve again "overstat- nated to "close" one phase of the "Can't allow any Tom, Dick or
the first regular money bill of ed" the amount of all likely to vote theft deal, Harry to do this kind of work,"
the Democratic-contr o I I e d 84th sent next year. Fuller will be sentenced formal- he said.
Conreis.. al n took *urt ar U*U

bles of 84 million from Treasury
Secretary George M. Humphrey'a
1955-56 buegeE request of 604 mil.
lion dollars.

1. It cut 7% million from thbe e .' ,
Internal ReveInue Service, declar- .4 .
ing the tax agency has failed to
i lure the 1,4L0 extra agents it ask-
e Wd for last year and didn't need
ell the money it asked for this '
of 3ear. Tbe service was left, how- ..
t- ever, withM 278 million-$4,800,000
v- more than it got last year.
ls, 2. It voted to abolish the job of
.S. Aast. Treasury Secretary L a u-
a rence B. Robbing and his staff,
nt aL an estimated saving of $50,000.
Robbins has charge of govern.
ment rubber nd tin production
that the Treasury took over from
the new.dead Reconstruction Fi-
nance Corp. The committee said
ih effect Robbins has done such
a good job getting rid of govern-.
Sment faik'i s he isn't needed a-
ny more.
3. It whacked $250,000 off t h e
Coast Guard leaving this Treasu-
ry arm with $$185,32,000 for the
P -2W to m-1 5 year.
Criticismd the Post Office was
oet forth In-a report prepared -
a subeammittee headed by Rep. ( elephota)
Vanugha Gmary (D-Va.). FAST-FLTING TRIO After breaking the tranaontinemt record In DTh *ts,
"There s am evidence t h a t L. CoL Robert R. Scott. Maj. C. Ruby ad m Ca 't. iaon (left to riht) relax
g top manager t Ptmindale. N. Y. Scott the centoIy la SL4lmf utes,ua" 31sa D d b.-
it .. ,has ir imW ax s I nm .
_. ;A

: -, .
(NNA Telephoto)
NOT MUCH TRAFFIC At New Richmond, 0., a lone boatman paddles up the flooded street.
The city, 15 ipiles from Cincinnati, was hard, hit by flood waters from the Ohio River.




CHICAGO, March 12 (UP) -
A multi-million dollar storm
smashed the flood-stricken Ohio
Valley with tournadoes, winds of
hurricane force and massive
thunderstorm yesterday.
At least eight persons were
dead or missing and 15 more
were injured. Property damage
in West Virginia, Pennsylvania,
Ohio and Indiana was expected
to reach many millions.
Buildings were smashed, scores
of homes unroofed and hundreds
of power lines and trees torn
down in the four-state area.
Multi-million dollar damage
was caused at two Pennsylvania
steel mills alone when the wind
sent giant ore bridges crashing
to the ground.
Pennsylvania counted two dead
and West Virginia one dead and
one missing.
The Ohio River, whose flood
had killed four, caused 13 million
dollars property damage and
made thousands homeless, crest-
ed at Louisville, Ky., but the city
largely was safe behind flood
In the Southwest, meanwhile,
the worst dust storms in 18 years
bloted out the sun as 60-mile-an-
hour winds ripped up parched
topsoil and swept it 1,000 miles
Indiang took the brunt of the
Ohio Valley storm with two tor-
nadoes that hurled railroad box-
cars off their tracks and spawn-
ed lightning that touched off a
million-dollar fire.
At Connersville, Ind., a twister
tore the roof off the big now
plant of the Rex Manufacturing
Co., a division of Philco Corp.,
knocked over boxcars and blew a
row of refrigerators from inside
the plant into a nearby field.

Little League:

Boys 2, Girls 2

Only four babies, two boys and
two girls, were born at Coco So-
lo Hospital during the week end-
ing at midnight Wednesday, ac-
cording to the weekly hospital
There were 74 patients admit-
ted and 75 discharged during
that period.
The two boy babies were born
to American citizens. The par-
ents are Mr. and Mrs. Ronald
W. Overloop, of Gatun and Sgt.
and Mrs. John E. Simms, of Fort
The two girl babies were born
to parents of Panamanian na-
tionality. They are Mr. and Mrs.
Leonard T. Burke, of Colon and
Mr. and Mrs. Rolston Harewood,
of Old Cristobal.

Father Wins Patent

Squabble On Sheetls
Fashioned At Home

CHICAGO March 12 (UP)-For
the first foir years of her life
Sharon Kromer suffered a hip
ailment and was confined to her
Sharoa coulo not move except
by crawling and her mother could
not keep sheets secute in the
Mrs. Kromer sewed the bor.
ders of the sheets so that they
could be tacked under the mat-
Sharon's father, Edward Kro-
mer, decided the home-fashioned
sheets could be marketed. He
started selHip them at off hours.
Since 19W between 7 and 8 mil.
lion dollars odrth of much sheets
bove been sold, Federal J-udge
Walter Ji LaBy said today in
rolling in favor WM the Kror In
a patent If ee earn. .
LaBuy n tn tt
orders the Regal Co. of
New York to give m aceeounti
of and pa royaltl o sheets
sold under the Krw patent.
Sharon is mew U years al sad
After an aratoe. th bt her
=n a cad14 modify A d her
... m..--



Miraculously, no Injuries
were reported at Connersvlle,
but a twister at Union City,
Ind., blew over a house trailer
and injured two occupants.
Lightning at Union City struck
a transformer, touching off a
fire that wiped out six business
establishments in the downtown
area and damaged another
Police Chief Harry Bueber esti-
mated damages at a million dol-



on their auto near Washington
-A 90-mile-hour wind touched
off air raid Sirens at Steuben-
ville, Ohio. Plate glass windows
were smashed and the Steuben-
ville police and fire communica-
tion system was knocked out.
Heavy damage was Inported I
other cities and in rural greas
through the storm belt. In some
places punishing hail storms
were reported.

Winds up to 92 miles an hour Indianapol r &epnd -ll
slammed through western Penn. stones the sie of g hsm and
sylvania. northern West Virginia winds up to 6o IUles an hour.
and Eastern Ohio, while torren- windsupt68 iles an -our.
trial rains sent the Allegheny, Ohio River hit a peak of nine
Monongahela and Ohio Rivers on feet over flood stageIat LOUis.
the rise again at Pittsburgh. vie, lapping over riverside Lcot-
Covington, Va., was hit by a tages, boat clubs and summer
small tornadothat ripped the hom d
roof off a roller skating rink and nome
toppled a chimney on an auto- The city was safe .behind flood
mobile. Windows were smashed walls and residents of unprotect-
as the the twter moved nto the ed fringe areas had moved cut
Covington business district, but in plenty of time to escpe the
no injuries or deaths were re- flood. Thunder and hal storms
ported. *- pelted Louisville but were not
Pittsburgh was raked-by hur- sufficient to affect the river
rricane force gusts up to 92 miles leveL
an hour that battered down pow- However, Army Engneers esti-
er lines, blacking out large areas mated another lp dollars in
of the city and halting streetcar damages would ba done to the
service on two lines. The rains river stretch in the Louisville
flooded several streets. Three area.
persons were injured by a falling Downstream Indiana where
chimney. more than 1,000 persons already
In Ohio, six persons were n; were homeless, bned for the
storm, four when a tree toppled Ohio's crest,

S' NEA Radio Telephoto)
POPE RECEIVES GIFT At Vatican City, Pope Plus XII re-
ceives a model of the Iimalayan mountain peak. K-2 from
Ardito Deslo (right), lealier of the Italian expedition which
scaled the peak last summer.

PRICES: 75c.i s4c.,
1:00, 2:35, :4f. :50, 9:00 p.m.

It's a gig wonduw
wwed...betasm imn are In It



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