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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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"Let 'the people knsw the truth 'nd 'the eo ryb is afe" Abraham Lincoln.

I. .I i ~ T-"".l. .

PANAMA, MONDAY. $r V b tim W.
.i,_ m.


AFGE Offering Canal 2onians Are Sorry .

1et. Gov. Paxson Is Leaving But Rad
Insurance Plan
*A m- i Canal oan aSm all walks and attends the Balboa Junior
,| Ms IK.... that m LL Q n ,~ Harry 0. graduateaofnd bos Hi School is Canal who at present is a freshman at
zone. The Principle College, ElMah, Ii-
The annement made late linoiLs. mn
a"dint and sickness Saturday night from Balboa The Lieutenant Governor and
p being offered Heights, stated that Paxson i. Mrs. Paxson have been active in UU'
Sftc dforfbw, t all mem- being assigned by the Depart- civic and church affairs in the
er of the American Federation ment of the Army to the office Canal Zone.
of Government Employes on the of the assistant chief of staff He Is now in his third term
Canal Zone. 0-2. as President, Council 801, Boy
Those who wish to sign up for The Lt. Governor has keen &. Scouts of Amerieca, and Mrs. 0- -
the plan within the nect 90 days tive in community life in the Ca- Paxson is serving on the Exe-
will not required to undergo nal Zone since he arrived here li cutive Board of the Girl Scout A spokesman for the U.S. Armed Forces on the Cl
examination nor July 9512. Council.Zn
they v to answer any Manypeople who have worked Zone today denied hang any knowledge of a
Squeationnaires concerning past with him in Boy Scout activities stalling a television transmitter here -
iunesses or opitalization his- expressed their deep reret that Lolrer sfied "As fr as we know, th Am re
NAVY LIEUTENANT C. DEABMOND, eomnianding officer of Naval Patrol Craft 486, receives a! tory. These once are being they would lose a "good man." for as we know, the Armed Forces have
grateful "thank you"'from Captain John *z of the sunken tug Tony B. The master and nine offered only during the charter Several said he was the most lutely no plans in that regard at this time" the
crewmen were snatched from their drifting lifeboat in rough seas al pulled aboard the Navy enrollment period which begins blc spirited of Canal of- After man said.
craft which brought te to Coco Solo val Staton. The rescue directed by the Air Rescue tomorrow. icials, and one man remarked
Coordination Center at brook Air ForceBase was effected through the joint efforts of the The plan was adopted in today: "He's the best man the I- The deal came following published rerts the
15th Naval District and the 2th Air Respe 8q uadro. Washinon when the national ad tration ever had." Spa shr llh least one Paama radio brod
(Offleial U.S. UAvy photo) Council of the AFOG met there "We Just hate to see hi go,o ma rai broadcaster hd to
last month was the opinion offeredby many A case against a San Bas n- broadcasting television programs within a year, but
1 On the hihlhts of the Zonlans. A case against adSan Bias in-
plan s ha ne wil Paxon is being succeeded by dian charged with lotering was the Armed Forces was set to begin TV broodc int
cover a llnes after the Col.HermanW. Schull, Jr.Jack-nornin Zone in four months.
ey is lsaed, regardless of sonville, Fla., district engineer r eah fore i decision wa Mal-
C aain tuw iofunthe aiment. The since Feb. 1952. The change in trate's CourtThe Panama government has Social Security
premium is the same st all assignments is not expected At first, the stocky defendant assigned sever alTV channels to West 17th treet, the
es, and the rate does not be effective before April. a number of individuals and'at buldlin Panama
Sincrease or the benefits de- Paxaon has participated In ames arvey, sai he ne leadt one of them, Fernando The Panama City broi.
%nd er10 orStheiaenefits de- cichurch-and school pro- an interpreter, and another San least one of them, Fernando
t in e 1 r S B a i e 1reasew i e how ama throg hou the CBaa was called to explain the eta has confirmed the report said telecast equipment
U n n makes no difference how ne throughout the C e that plans are beln made to In- be ordered soo s
.nT I O f11 S a n Isles many claims are filed during any one o Later however Harvey appar- tall a TV setup within the next out cert0l aB wobi
By OLIVE BROOKS converted to 'serve as a refrig- apt. Ralph A. Bawas flying e year, for the member al- Under his leadership the ntly under d what the re- a ma hs. channel hve uni
rated mother-ship for tuna ward the position given in the ccrd.ingto national vice- expanded considerably both in'lar Spanish court interpreter been ed for m thn e, E i of
Hotel El Panama late yesterday aud4m ly Vatr began to commanded by Lt.0. Dearmond president Rufus Lovelady, themembership and activities, was sayn and maer, wen n ine d ee ais
abig darkhalred sbpmater por Ithe h e -bll hdathe To- had take off ua wed from a ss .tot o per cent n h efforts in behalf of th fyorwmer ois nao dfnu it thlns .had bn Oea, asI
I.-_ ovet wht te B M no Ldv I" auw fou guilty :

'.6 .D

,, I


y .^
<***'* rt
itt-* ''^

d lNaB ewd athe o' nk at 9d s1ea. hb a e, bngoFfarkal
tUADIb bf C Rodn trough to fesh~ip Western circled until gas ran lowl
Swho aute tug Iplorer which relayed It a- was replaced by a steri t s he
Tkay B, to the Leihe shore. In minutes the call was piloted by Capt. Wlliam I, tomorrow, isosed ot
suddedly fl .up IteLsI- l eing answered by the joint Air Witt. The second amphibian g. pelations fo r a cver wi
ed na tie Caribbeaani ady IRescue Coordination Center at averted the British ship Port o0 subjectto medical an h
moni f. Albrook AFB. Quebec to the position the statements by the applicant
"We're Just thankful we all But aboard the tug there were lifeboat. This AFOE-sponsored l i
came out alive'. the Captain not.many minutes left. ance progra*n has been on

w lm
know what dausd the his nine crewmen tacided vy patrol vesel; they arrived'at said, and, Ii w accomplishn
Under a stny sky th.Ton".B. the tricky Job of launching a ,(Cntin .. ed ae. Colmn which will bneftmembers
was proceed normay up to lifeboat in pitching seas while ( Ie ae mn ) mendously.-.
about am. Saturday the Oa- their vessel settled under them. -
seas e l to th_ the scrambled Into the lifeboat, h rt I1'l a
ase 9SjIts crew are oqrrtomed fearful of being sucked down Expertsll Listen as Release er
to m P l.ort the hu.
faan The Mon anied ai 111t in

o _to me t evel-enant '- &lA jus, (uuMM nIm MPhW1 win'u
ne playground Aclte H .. ito stay .out of Amtdor after
-b ls e e i n th ZonT ae was fired from the -CO club
Civil Defense oeranlzatia where he worked up until Jan-
Inmed ately rtor to h coming 7 of this year.
to the Cah n Bone, he was, a His former boss, an Army ser-
member of rOe faculty of the "cant, was called up by the
National War W College, from JUdge who asked him how he
which he was graduated as a communicated with the defend-
student IW1950. Ant, because Harvey had said in
Lieutenant Governor and Mrs. ourt he spoke neither Spanish
Phison have two daughters nor English.
Nancy Lurline who resides with "He speaks both," the ex-em-
her parents at Balboa Heights ployer stated.

icans Praise Peiping, Declare

other advertise ing hea. C = n hatla Ra
'.letas plans to set up local 000 radio r is in.'
telecast facilities "sooner than has become saturatedd"
previously anticipated," was on people are now "ready far
the basis of the belief that the Ihntg new."
Armed Forces might be making
similar studies aimed at setting Of the number of TV
up a TV station in the Canal nels assigned Red Panan
Zone. na Panamerican Netwoer
Eleta says he has obtained affiliate of OGO,.Panam
)ermission to make the neces- fulltime English radio
sary installations for coaxial and has three, out the maM
power lines for a TV antenn a- would not divulge I .
top the soon-to-be completed go into telecastvl,

=rred a car- time. Within ten minutes, the
?n"" ^...... ---"--" "I "'sf S The Reds Best-Yet Job Of Brainwas
IIo 'oU=*W~ta qalued at captain reported, nothing was,
s aie hip as a sturdy Meanwhile from Albrook anIt's Theeds' e J
ormer nva B*heh hel been Albatross amphibian piloted by
HONG KONG, Feb. 28 (UP)- Mrs. Rickets and Beradban, de- reason to fear that other Ameri- to court 10 days ag sentenced to Mrs. Rickett maid her husband than berg,
A New York man and woman who ascribed by veteran observers, as censa In Red jails would be held 3 1-2 years in pris for esplon- still had some time to serve on a crime was
Ne cme out Communist .China examples of a new hih in Com. until they succumbed to Commu- age and ordered rtd nce term of a th he did not kow. r
singing its raise ad proclaim- unt "branwaer ve mat treatmentt." the time already been served. But it must have been longer munti t
.in their as "pies" denied entencesof 3 years r "es. Mrs. Ricketts parents, Mr. and
SM at Britons to ay they had "spouted the .Com- n onage." Mrs. Harold W. Austin, of Yonk but
munlst line" to hasten the release They had nothing but patse for ers, N.Y., suggested that she may ,- a
"- .. ":. --- ot --of -the woman's husband from a their captors and critics of the be posing as a brainwash vie. m-
^^" ^^ Pel g JaPl. tiated States "Inperlati" po. timto protect her husband and a **.
) -Most on to Nassau, Bahamas, Tr two, Mrs. Adele Austin, liles. "Ipri p los tofriend still In Communis ad a '
reve o f Jamalca today on the last lickett, 35 of Yonkers, N.Y. and The State Department in Wash. hands. C muiit
er "suntan tour." t Malcolm eorsohn29, of t ew iigton called their cases tragicc" Told of tais in an interview
's work-and-pla trip York, arrived in jiong Kong yes. and said they, apparently had been with the United Press, Mrs. Rick- The Ame
a d Thursay when she leaves terday from FPiplng. leaving be. "turned Into parrots" by their ett and Bersohn denied It. t .tu,
S the Bahamas and flies back to bind Mrs. Rickettthusband, Wal- captors. \ had no Idea of trying to lea-
ru*aib"sd 'Lomon. ter A., still in a Red praon. A spokesman said be saw no sen i sentence or effect his re
oa..-i.t a*- lase," Mrs. Rlckett said. "At
-of dresethe same time I know he is in
wo .the pLaI her a-goodhands.
low td She said ner parents should not
t Wto give worry bbout her since she is in the M
day t "'good health." They has suggest- Berhn
ch ed se might need hospital treat. -s i o
hutment after her long ordeal. in a
r t oh lBersohn said his parents, Mr. elnd
and Mrs. A. P. Bersohn of New ed Uder
te" u o w g ~York, were "under a misappre- sam fle
Vas t the of f i n we can I-ension" if they think a letter he
*0own daughters," wrote them -ecently was dictat-
Moody of ITeg- ed by the Communists..a
..."Not one word was dictated.
"-k. wish I would wear that They are under a misapprehen-
dres.4-btt lml"P i on because there are too many euc.ty
s s t-i e .:. l bes in the United States newspa ebu
fi~mLanc s~lt ., ", pers about democratic (Commu. en st t
w ear r .w'oBoth Mrs. B*ckett and Berson, p
asked.3Va.V D. *0. W aq of interviewed a, the Hong Kong
Shmeernss.4 I had lovely ouW- :Y.M.C.A., repeated yesterday's .n .
ets Ike heras. .I- would certainly statement they were both guilty l.,.f
do the An+, DOn't cramp her of espionage. es
itylp" erAs for 2strial and eonfessio, (Cnam
"o 1O "ermohn said "If t had not plead-
I ed guilty it would be a lie. Th e Touris
AED lik would haue been brought out at
thp trial and I would have bem e
punished more severely."
Mrs.-.ichet said everyoneicn
."ff they dI't speak the trath
Sboth said their parents w
sosnang fbeds for the tip eMaw
ad that they wae l as
4010 as pasew Is
They saw I ther"We 7._


-_ II_ ,..L -,



id. and sought lea
was arrested J.

isadt ovedto

. s I
ml "Oel
[C.. A .

I -- -- -


: '- -'-INC
-. 'I .. *

.,., ,.-, .,, .j


. k -

* <*. :, -.. ,. -1 -






nB. H 5TYraT P. 0. Box 134. PANAMA, R. OP P.
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IR X MONTHS, IN ADVANC- e8.80 13.00
SONSI YtAR. IN ADVANCE 18.50 24.00

Peter Edson,


There's a Solution to All Puzzles, Chinese Included

48 former Presidents C. Hoo Ver
HMi. .iaOtoone man who served as aide to
I PAAI r tIUA or, Roosevelt and Truman looked
Sill of them will be revealed ,p
Vice Adm. William Brown's forth.
S The Mail Box is on open forum for readers of The Panama America coming booki'",,'u rreden s
v. Veals characteristic anue-!
tyou contribute a lette don't be impatient if t doesn't appear t d otes about them in excerpts from Ha

pe dy. Letters are published in the order c TS ia with President Cooidgn the curand
Sty to keep the letters lim d to one page length. Secret Issaryue of State Fricank B. Heritage

Idntityrf letter writers is hld in strictest confidence. the histlogg for a conference of thok-magazine Amesow
| in---- l- from readers. m .enly conducted this column.

lean Republics. They stopped over
Recently there appeared in one of London's leading news- at Palm Beach and Admiral Brown
pers, the "Evening Standard," an article under the above head- volunteered to ask the President
he llirefers to as the "Greater London Crusade, which descend- "t f oud Ce
of 20 districts in London laschos for ivestigatio-, with a e ull coator thrive through he
and unprecedented "build-up" (for many monthsbefore behind a newspaper," Admiral
oVening) ever engineered In any country in the world. "When I told him that Mr. Ke-
lere are some of the figures recorded during the "Crusade." t,,g -hoadusld whe tohe hth ad-
4 Iutf t of 20, dIstricts in London chosn for investlgatlior, with a M-i coats for the drive through the
i dtao population of over 420,000 people, a total of 336 people came city or straw hats and summer
gor ard at the meetings of the "Crusade" in response to what in cities, he answered w it heo ut
Iy agelistic meetings is referred to as the "invitation. looking up, 'That's his hunt.'
Of these 336 people, 226 should not really be considered as "'Now Calvin,' Mrs. Coolidge
t erts at all, because they were already church-goerss thus said, 'That's no message to send V \
110 were actually converts in the accepted sense of that is the secretary of state.'
So"Mr. oolidge angrily lowered
his pape?, glared at me and said,
f these 110, as many as 75 had already lapsed when the 'What are you going to wear?'
venng Standard" had made its computation; thus there were When I told him he said, 'What
ift only 35 real converts out of total pop nation of over do yu think I should wear?' I ad-
0 e vised straw hat and summer
iu0 peopl,. clothes. He answered, 'Tell Kel.
tese are the results in London where the influence of the logg to wear a top hat." mars Whe 1n.
raade" may reasonably be considered the greatest; and it m
y therefore, be not unfairly assumed that the figures for out- When Herbert Hoover became S
Districts and th roughout the country would be even more President, everybody expected that
? ro tiflcant; so the "Even cg Standard" gave some figures to he wouW .wantto do a ot of fish.
this Ing off the Presidential Yacht,
ing the country as a whole, therefore, instead of only the "Mayflower.' While he was secre. ,
S10 ndon districts referred to above, it is claimed by the Cru- tary of commerce, Mr. Hoover had
d *&" that the grand total of converts during the whole series fished frequently in Chesapeake
of meetings extending over some weeks, was about 36,000 out Bay.
f total population of over 50,000,000 but of these about The professional and amateur
i were already church members, and accordingly were notlesherman all over those Bay di.
n atsall a It n any real snse of term.vulged their most treasurer e'r 'in ch e ll. I.n PN w Y o ri
crets under promise that the in.
y, of the remainder the 12,000 who were not chur ch, formationn would be used only for o -
D ays fewer th ean d 4,000 are still In the churches the entertainment of the new Pres-
er, 8% oewer than 436,000 restillwho came orward were between ient" Admiral Brown levels TWA SLEEPER TO itdoes attract a better class of business never quits you. .. Most
a d ther, 8% of the 36,000 wo came Iorwar were between HOLLYWOOD enemy" When General plec- of the teevee observers panned the
e eof 5 and 11 years; 25% were between the ages of 12 and noHe had a chart made wth all tr ic announced its man-made di telecast of the Oscar nominations
ars; and 27% were between the ages of 15 and 18 years this information tha t had been Rhonda Fleming,, just estranged monds, Mindy Carson suggested from Girlywood. Mebbe the movies
at i 60% of all the 36,000 who came forward wereyoungkept as fishing family secret for from her groom, has an offer from they be named: "Tiffoneys." Fare still trying to ruin television
M Ien or immature youths agll under 19yearsof agel Tusof generation. This was shown to Warner's promotion man Gary Ste. -- ...SuddenthawtatSiBon:'Too
000 converts presumed to e stll in the cures, ony aou resident Hoover, who seemed vens, to stay married. When her "New York Confidential," the bad everyone in Hollywood isn't
are adults. pleased with it divorce is final she may become new thriller has the endorsement as unhappily married as Joe and
d -"The next morning," says Ad- 0rs. G. S. The S.' Smiths of of the N. Crime Commission. Marilyn" J. R. Kane, amused
o during the tremendous cost ofcarrying out a "Crusade"miral Brown, "Present Hoover s Plain & Fancy" are trying topet Great timing. The biggest police lover our paragraph on Mr. Chur-
uch magnitude as was the case with this one (Billy aloneannounced at a press conferencetheir names inthe paper ... Yank fugitive story in N. Y. history chil's squelcho f2a granmarlan,
ownI a personal annual salary of $14,000, and there is a that the 'Mayflower' would be put catcher Yogi Berra wants to be breaks the same day....Colyumist ays an alleged word-purist once
staff of about a dozen singers, accompanyists, organ ut of commission as wealthy as Mr. DiMaggio. Tells Nell Morgan (San Diego Trib) and told him: "Prepositions are not for
s a stf of about 100 people in Minneapolis,pals he spurned Ed Murrow's his lovely wife Caryl, who emotes ending sentences with."
t ofe converts must amount to 4 ubjecL o Prelent Pto .roram because "they at tieleL4,Joqa lay house, are see-
g' n g his, plans are now being g8 1 1n 1D.; Hoosevlt and Hr wh a, me shuddr. How ng attorneys instead othead-exibam- e recently flashed a picture
another "Crusad this year. A A admiral B rown rela htes uoa can y et? Wal- ers. Gwen Verdon may sar over te screens -- taken at our
at : ...e advertising Valentine's in a new Broadway girlsical called fi st bproadcanstin the long ago...
oe noor old England, after all the terrible times she has "I grew very fond of Hopkins y chocolate hearts at a discount "The Girl From Arthur Murray's," The photo was sent by an old pal-
ethough in recent years,'really deserve or need such visita- during my first three years of asso- Her movie produrs are now merely an dea .'help in the Palace Theatre bldg. .It
and condemnations from abroa even from such good nation with him. But I grew an- amazed about Ava ardner's will- us: "Law and Order," a police was seen iby the Daily News pho-
gre as the United States of America noyed toward the end because of. ngness to travel all over the world trade publication for police chiefs tographer who took it, Pat Can.I
Perhaps "Brother" Beeby (a fellow Baptist "Evangelist" of his lack of consideration for the omoing erlatest picture. .nationally, is published by W. C.dido. Pat phoned our Girl Fri-
y's) would feel disposed to comment on the facts exposed by President's well-being and his lack ok, IMister. When you carry a Copp. Postcard from a reader: day and pouted: "I took that shot
"Evening Standard"I of cooperation with the rest of us.torch-the best way-is far away. "Amazing how the also-rans kee of Walter why no credit?" .She
"He was rarely in his office for denying your skewps. You'd thin toll him the picture contained no
"_____ T. H. Darlington any length of- time and it was usu- 20th Century-Fox Studio Vign- they'd wanna keep their iggirince credits but if he came right over
ally a mystery to the rest of us ette: A luscious young H'wood a secret" "Te Self-Betrayel" she'd give him a hug. .Mr. Can-
Answer to Previous Pu e where he was or how he could be thing signed up with a new man- by J. Wechsberg is called "A dido told her that at the end of
Pl atimee reached-except at the big con-lager i the 20th commissary yes- strong novel of these troubled that first b'cast (21 years ago) I
ferences. There he took charge of terday. I times, by Newsweek. ."Walter," asked: "Pat. tell me what you

IGameplayed 1 Alm Inbockey nigt, as What," he shuddered "and weeping." When people ask' "Why do you
o links Span shlar rt Admiral Brown retired shortly have you walk out on e talk so ast?" we give them this
SFootball play 3 hakespea ean after President Truman came 'to. B Ona Munson, who started with prop answer: "The reason I talk
12 Brehd iprclead 4ing.' th Whit HusO folowing Mr. ob (B az o ok a) B u r n s, Gus Edwards (when we both were fast is that if I talk slowly people
l Snprick f 4 ace 5 E IT 5 ^tosevWit'es de1khLh cI he Admiral who deserted show busin ess little kids), was greatly admired will be able to hear what I say
s2 Ba prea__ 4 S-- eol-ted when President Burns, who deserted show business by playwright Eugene O'Neill. and find qut how dull and umnim-
isSnicke SGreek te ..' s d- n ot' take the rtwo for the San Fernando Valley, sold He even named his daughter Oona portant it really is."
I ree .n t.. ae h own a a ranch for 000,000. Donaldafterna... He added the extra
t u' them 4P CetBury p 45 Domestcate Triumals dLt.-Com. James jilt teevee next season. He's too -that it sounded more Irish. be amazed if they knew her name.
~ 1'f .s ses them 4Century planr4m5KVamua'ticat and -- lne- tand. The alleged go-between "Dont you think that was a good Rer husband is the 2nd most fam-

8 Trim 25Food 4 Far .X* ardam r, an Rjne- -----------I
Ow ( 8Tuic) es Hl ssFoodn ig 4MFarm K j.. Varaman, I, any aughall. for the police dept. in the phone idea?" O'Neill queried. cus actor-if not the first. She
3LanId 10 TxOWr the re p ~ What to d all the uns company mess is Andrew Burke. "Certainly. Mr. OO'N eill," kid. commutes to N.Y. for psychiatric
p sihlt earled Firesn t 47Whaxp) o second-hand u atomobles that nof The controls all thalle wirPuble-appicg dd naFin. care since she s a kelptomane.
t nameOf ai m #Mr fysmdo clutter up American used ear Iof Salee of anous. Bn n Scuritie .. Dept. Stores know about her and
enhoo nt and junk graveyarplu s is suggested Window" is the mater of four pup- youth some of theson ssgn a man towatch her. The
S-16 .. "Bot I rather 3 Coorts 51 Wideclared appear- AN Y IKp a e nNc
a mg e h'3 iW in t Prague, Czechoslovakia, Patt ages pu ea- this: Honolulu's top disc jockey is her's prettiest roses (wed woses
a s20 Dress 35Wr l 52 Otoerwisevean lic b ne: a a Regithel Merman and BROKad- named J. Akuhear Rupule. (Hiya mean ILY) aid dohen he was in the
S prot 40Ovrturns 55F must Free w oa omane n Block) .. Some o n e hosp--came fro formerwife An-CY
11-*ithirnropeh Committee, the, ad read: wile it lasted)t a.Overheard: oughta remind Miss Merman (quot- nabella, who will see him soon....
S"Luxro wisThere's o ne thing abou t mon they, td as quitt eeng app bout horizet- Nv More, of the White Light
SIt can't buy you more friends, t button's return. Ladles show

i(Aaneee Distribmilesdore S A.) ) sf 6e St., New Yo
wi's- and ga. Sell. 00 kcs.p e as

9-"0As& 6-the r gadf ir0 e declared re AGE NCY "DICAL I R

( lsf l butd ores S. A.) of 6 pJ tNew york

. '.. DiabRbutorse f Has paid 83 consecutive Qu I l Otlvend approxay 9% earnhi in 194

ous Of LordsN FUND

tows1 oi ttaYCs fadnpkia

SD. r,-
*.E -

*I PRIM Pqjpt"~SF~

WASn 4.-,t iff hor*power lo mnotau ~ wa
wsse-.raicklj. Len a who rode European bidde were*i0w.
herd on the e1ybUen .Commlttee out unable tom tt .p icason
without rubn f 4r w the wrong d the lowet b, a lb,
way last w t be I nwas the Baldknh-Js *Hii a Won
that spot when the campaign gets Corloratioa of lldi Its
going, in '6. price: $19s i per esgie.,
Though Ike lkes heis American Loco U ..
bappGer with Jim ead ectado w u ta
FIthe Citizen o ow er-Gen. MotorsNa A w-
SCommittee; som aym et ever Ameriean Xocmnotie ea
one of the prie ,plusn od ivern- pmart enoe ha, to mnd a t um.
ment, the law buiUw eral edm m over as a S one
Anilie and FilmTi tt airator. w a fancy job,ib
German co mpaShis 0 o 4 0-I wore dolled up than pli fio,
rated by the u.S, governU required d, odtM A
The job pays about .o000.. experts, not practice for 1i*
For a time It looked as. If sex. se -
Gov. Tom Dewey was oated to But the Spanish rfallui:M."j
get General Aniline legal burine.i. Immediately fel lI vet Wit t,
Word came to the Justic De. demanded that uncle Sn4s uy
apartment from Dewey several them 14 of these pretty o
&onth ago that his old friend lives, rather than the pliMrat, es
At.rney General Brownellu, should expensive model. --
ean 11 Delmocratic holdovers Sam Emmona former top trol-
out of General Aniline. That wat ley man for Capital Tra1it In
why Jack Frye, a Republican Washington, D.C., untU finance
appointed by Truman, was ousted tycoon Loue Wolfson took over, wlI
as president. now have to decide for FOA
Dewey apparently was not look-whether Francis railroad men
Ils for legal business for himself, get what they want and whether
sow oer, but lr an. easy wayvby the American taxpayer spend an
which Len Ha.l mightretire from additional quarter million dollars
the ep1obllcan N atonal for glamor.
Committee. .'
NOTE-Top Jobs In American. AID FOR SCHOOLS
seized foreign companies have us. i- P
ally been politicaL Louis John- After almost two monthsof call-
son, fPrmer secrtary of defense, ing no meethigs of his House La-
was,former counsel for Gener bor aad Education Committee -
Anilne. yrye, retiring preslent, except one to organize good
is an old friend of former attor- old Cong. Graham Barden of
ney General Tom Clark who got North Carolina today is holding
him the General Aniline job when hearings on the school construe
Fryp exited from Trans Wor Id tion bill.
Airlines. Ordinarily Barden would be
strong for helping ducattaopH's
Blts Campaigning former schoolteacher himself. But
S. Ibc aims to block any school bill
Strategy behind- the GOP plan which carries any ban of segr6L
to hold the Republican national nation. And Senator Ives of New
convention at the latest date eer York, with Bender of Ohio, both
Is twofold: Republicans, /jolted the chances
1. The boys around Ike know of a school bill by tacking a
that he won't go for a long cam- segregation ban on the bill Li the
palgn. It wears him out, makes Senate.
i t nervous: interferes jlth doc- This will win votes In Harlem
tors' orders that he must take and Cincinnati, but will never get
regular rests If confronted with a school bill through Congress.
a three-month drag of oratory and Meanwhile, sagaclous C on g.
whistle- stops, they figured h e Cleveland Bailey of West Virgini,
would throw up his hands and democrat, ad Carroll Kearns of
refuse to run. Pennsylvani Republican, are ar-
2, GOP campaign experts also guing that nonsegregation is al.
figure that by astute use of their ready the Jaw of toe lapd and
advertising agent friends on Madi- the supreme Court needs noaddi-
son Avenue, they can accomplish tonal legislation tor. support its
the same political results in six ruling. So they have rsupded
reeks that they could in the cus- iarden tSo proceed School
tomary twelve. bill hearings. h
This was What happened last Democrat Bailey has also been
November. o smart enough to take Kearns'
thrst tried. however, In 1952 Republican bill and urge its pa
the blitz cam.~agin wasnworedsage, rather than a Democratio
cut by Lester weinrot and kRsser bll. This will get more Republi-
Reeves of the Ted Bate ve r-can support and should pass
touing agency. With Re d udeonress.
land film studio and spet a wholeaf b et
land filmstudio and son ole s. Republicans and ocrati
day filming and recording one- oth consider it inadequate.
mnyteTV and radio spots. Then
Reeves persuaded the big adver-
tisers to relinquish their network
Because most of the big adver- n yJ jpfW1,
tisers were Republicans (only one
big New York advertising agency ~JELMW' u W OS
is Democratic), it was a simple
matter to get the TV and radio
time relinouished. The plan
worked miracles, and present *
strategy, is to repeat in 1956.
'Things are not entirely a bed.
of roses between the U.S.A. and
dictator Franco in the deal to
establish American bases in Spain. l fI B .
An argument over higher priced llJ- d
and more streamlined locomotives V
for the Spanish government is one-
reason why. I
Recently Franco's director of The woman whose converse-a
economic cooperation, A n to ni o tion invariably centers around
Jiminez Arnau, let out a hot blast HER children is sure to bore all
at the U.S.A. warning that the who know her.
base deal might be ditched if thej After a*ll, the husbanft sand
United States persisted in refusing Children others consder Impor-
"adequate assistance." tant and interesting are their
Arnau had been steamed up in own.
advance of the speech by parish .
army officers and railroad oftfi- IN A HOURY "
cals because the Foreign Opera-1 LINCOLN CENTER, Me.--(UP)
tons Administration insisted that-In a hurry to fly on business an
they accept the low bid on Ameri- fishing trips, Earl Doring, 38,
can locomotives. The Spaniards, bought a ponoq light
however, wanted a streamlined, plane. The following Thursday.
high-priced engine, not just a plain Dorg took two hours of flight -
American diesel. atructlon, the next day an hour.
The trouble started when bids On Saturday he soloed after a
were opened in the Madrid office total of three hours, 40 mnautem e
of FOA on 14 diesel electric 1,600- INSTRUCTION. -<


By Colbraoith


|_ I l< MOP"


F* o r-:'.

* .-. -

'A. ;:*. .. "



REDS EYI MORE CHINESE ISLES-Large map and insets show the strategic coastal Islands
held by Nationalists and threatened with Invasion by Communist forces from the mainland. Hav-
ing gobbled rp the Tachens (upper inset) by default, the Reds now eye Nanchi (lower inset) 120
miles to the south. Only about three miles square it is strategically important because it is now
the nearest radar outpost to the huge Communist air center around Shanghai. It lies 15. miles
.off the mainland. Also ripe for attack is Matsu, just off the big Communist staging area cen.
tered on Foochow. Reds are rushing new jet air bases in the Foochow area from whleh Nanchi
and Matsu could be bombed. Nationalists have about 6000 troops on Matsu. The 3000-man gar-
rison'on Nanchi has recently been reinforced with troops evacuated from the Tachens. Reds are
Reported t1 have deployed 50,000 men opposite Quemoy, Matsu and Nanchi, augmenting this force
with heavy guns capable of bombarding Quemoy.

Zhukov Torpedoes Possibility

Of Getting Bid To Visit Ike

WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 (UP)- 1. The president had done
President Eisenhower has put off nothing in the way of checking
indefinitely any consideration of the pros and cons of a Zhukov
inviting Marshal Georgi Znukov, Invitation with his advisers.
new Soviet Defense Minister, to 2. The president "particular-
visit the United States. ly" would not Bake up the ques-
High administration sources tion now 'in tWe light of Zhu-
Suggested today thbt Mr. Eisen- kov's speech."
bower's war-time comrade-in- At his news conference on Feb.
arms had torpedoed chances he 9, Mr. Eisenhower recalled that
might have' had of getting an in 1945 in Berlin he had invited
Invitation. Zhukov to come to the United
The Soviet military leader ap- States. Zhukov accepted. The
arently ruffled official feelings airplane was made really and
in a speech he made. In Mqscow Mr. Eisenhowers son, John, was
five days ago on thea 37th anni- detailed to act as the Red mar-
versary of the Soviet army and shal's escort.
navy. The 'trip was called off at the
Zhukov accused "United States last minute in mysterious cir-
monopolists" and "aggressive cir- cumsthnces. Some hitherto un-
cles in the United States" of disclosed facts about how Zhu-
"openly and actively pre aring kov came to cancel the vialt have
for a new, war'" against tAe So- Just Pom to light. The facts
viet =laion 'Cfd a14 (th- sugguit t ht htakdf' nvr will
er Red nations, make the trip unless he becomes
undisputed top man In Russia.
Zhukov's charges, aimed Indi- The evening before Zhukov
rectly at the president himself, was to leave 'for the United
were poorly received at the States, word was received that
White House. Experts remarked the trip was off because Zhukov
that Zhukov's speech .ollqwe4 a "was ill" in Moscow. But the
sharper line against the United American Embassy there report-
States than similar speeches by ed his attendance at the opera
Red leaders a year ago. the same night.
It was noted' officially that Upon his return to Berlin
ZhukovYs attack came just two some three weeks later, Mr. Eis-
weeks after Mr. Eisenhower had enhower asked Zhukov why he
spoken warmly at a news con- had backed out. Zhukov, who
ference about his 1045-46 friend- had been to the opera, said
ship with Zhukov. something about "ear trouble."
The president, In response to But a Soviet official later re-
a question,' said he would not vealed that Zhukov's illness was
hesitate to talk over with his purely political. He said it had
advisers the question of inviting been decided in Moscow that it
Zhukov to visit if such. a Amove wouldn't be good for Zhukov to
might be durable. bask in the world publicity of
Asked toafy what had been an American visit.
dlope about following up that "In the Soviet Union," the So-
Idea, well informed officials viet official said, "there is only
made these two Doints: one marshal (Stalin)."

Defense Rounds Up Witnesses

In Phoenix City Murder Trial,

BIRMINGHAM, E Ala., Feb. 28
(UP) More than 100 Witnesses
were beng rounded up today for
defense a framer Chief Deputy
Albert Fuller at his trial for the
murder of crime fighter Albert
Pattern at Phenix City.
Defense attorney Roderick Bed-
dow left for Phenix City imme-
diately after Judge J. Russell
MlcElry granted a recess until
tomorrow morning when the state
rest Its case in the 1th day of
trial Saturday.
An alley in Phenix City, noto.
Soua former tusan the
UGera line 1I Olles southeast
of here, was h senem of the
hooting on the might of June 18.
eidow said that even "if it
takes 100years"heint toeded
takes 100 years" he Ifteded tW
riddle testimony of roeuti
witnesses who placed Fuller ad
Siotber defendeit, usted Solieft-
*. Arch B. Fermil, at the mur-
der scene.
Fuller and Ferrell to be tried
nmet, and a third oefleia, former
State Atty. Gen. SM Garrett, are
accused of plotting the crusader's
doP to i Phenix City's
1P,0,Uoe-a-yer crime empire.
tried= moenced before t h e
trial that h eoWd el0Sht

Beddow, w h o relentlessly at
tacked other major prosecution
witnesses, was "gentle" with
Padgett during hours of cross .
examining the state's star wit-
neas, a construction worker and
family man.
He afterward told epwsmen
be believed the 12-man ur y
would see the "ineomdstencies"
of Padgett's story-
Beddow said he t thought it
strange Padgett Waited until five
weeks ag6 to tell authorities he
was near the shooting scene and
that his wife, with at the
time, saw nothing.
Deason, asked if he considered
Padgett's testimony the keystone
of ths ease against Fualler,, re-
d, "d tel ot." -
*'m not relying on any one
witates but on all the witnesses,"
Deason said "There is a certain
little pattern it all falls into."
This patternu" In the prosecu-
tion testimony Included the ol-
lowing points:
Padgett testified he saw Fuller,
wearing a pistol talking to Pat-
terson, seconds later heard shots,
and then saw Fuller and a man
be believed to be Ferrell running
from the scene.
Other witnesses testified that
when Faller rushed up later to
"investigate" the shooting his
holster ws empty.
Jamea Radlui T lor a taxi
driver, sid he heard shatZ and
saw .fB .. from the
Mm .a eam,
1i m *w 'nlpe i wrel in
I dt". the Ces Wr ARtg 1




PANAMA, Feb. 28 Last
week's column presented the o-
pening portion of Sen. Fulbright'i
Banking and Currency Committee
questionnaire on the current bul
market In stocks "together with
our- firm's reply. The concluding
questions and answers' are as fol-
Q. If you believe there would
be any danger to the national eco
utomy in a continuation of the
stock, market rise at the rate of
rise between Sept. 1, 1953. and Jan.
1, 1955, or at the rate of rise be
[twee Nov. 1, 104, and Jan. 1,
1905, what/.are your 'suggestions
for avoldng this danger?
A. The objective of the govern-
ment should be, not to stop a rise,
but to see that the pace of the
advance is crderly and not too
rapid. The best means at the gov-
ernment's disposal for slowing the
pace would be to make more stock
available on the selling side.
This could be done through a
modfication of the capital gains
tax, by considerably shortening
the long-term tenure from t he
present six month holding period,
and reducing the rate of taxation.
We feel confident that such a move
would actually augment, rather
than reduce, the government's in-
come from this source.
At present, there is considerable
demand for good securities be.
cause of pressure of new invest-
ment money emanating from trust
funds, pension funds, insurance
companies, and investors-large
and small, which demand is dif-
ihcult to satisfy because few can
afford to sell securities when the
Government takes so large a per-
tion of their capital gain.
Canada has no capital gains,
tax england has none, and even
the British Labor Party never in-
stituted such an unwise tax .dur-
ing all its term In power. Why
should our Government be in this
respect inferior to them in finan.
clal wisdom?
If modifying the capital gains
tax needea additional help in slow-
ing the pace of possible future ad-
vances In stock prices, increasing
margin requirements and the dis-
count rate, plus other of tighten.
ing credit, could be sued.
IQ. Is there any evidence that
present government regulation of
the exchange and over-the coun-
ter security markets is inade-
A. None whatever.
Q. To what extent do fluctua-
tions In the stock market bring a-
bout changes in general business
conditions? To what extent do
changes in general business condi-
tions influence the stock market?
A. Ordinary fluctuations in the
stock market have comparatively
little effect u,n business conditions,
although a strong market for se-
curities makes it much easier fo:
corporations to obtain additional
capital for necessary expansion.
Ob the other band, market
changes in business outlook, eith-
er for better or for worse, certain-
ly do Influence the stock market.

son's car, the attorney-general-
nominee was entering when he
was shot, although Fuller denied
he touched the car when he ar-
ilved to investigate.
State toxinologlst Weaden Sew.
all id Pattersop was shot with
M boy and one wad cutter
bet similar to several bullets
found with a big collection of pis-
tall at Fefler's home, but the
r..rdwr weapon sever has been

DtOW=T.. IIP) A mnamsa

Debbie And Eddie Map Plans

To Insure Happy HLre Life

HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 28 (UP)- braltr. She looked much less By OSWALD JACOBY
Debbie Reyholds and Eddie Fish- than her years In an orange Written for NEA Service
er--h-bs apparent to the Janet print dreas ap a black cardigan
Lelghi'pIny Curtis title of Anier- sweater worn bakwards. .
tea's Za.yoite young married cou- "We plan to sall for Europe OamB (D) U
Ile---r mapping plans to insuie r wedding" she4
!wont r after the wddng, I
heir careers won't break ,upr t ateh
their forthcoming home life, s ; KJ
"I dont -think we'll have much We'll be there a ouple of QJ4
of a problem about staying to- months seeipg -s 'uch as we
getber." says Debbie. "Eddie may I--.l1cn 1'un1y, 'e4 n 46J98833 4XA
originate hik television show '"^-' c. ,' no^ner'.l KO $ *
Se f na abroad before, butI'll be VK 103 V 91852
from Hollywood next fall. That d l ..... .."- ---""in 6 T3 -
mean we4 live out here most of os.nthe. o0?ean twice within 10o 8Q9
the year and spend a couple of a few months. 4. 0?8 m m 63
months tn New York. The MOM musical star, whose 0
"And I don't have to work in a latest screen effort is "Hit the VAT4
picture .'til September. so we'll deck,' explained she will fly to -4*AT165,42' i
have plenty of time to iron out London for Eddie's Palladium 65
the wrinkles." date in mid-March, otherwise she North-South vul.
Debbie and Eddie take their would not see him until the day Nerth -&a s 8oe Wes
vows here in never-never land of the wedding. 14 1 IV 24 S
June 17-a year to the day of 26 3V Pass Pass
'their first daje,together. "I had to ket Dad's permission 4 Pass Pass
for the trip,' Debbie- laughed. Pass Pass
"I'll -ever forget that date," "And motlrt is going along. I Opening lad-Y
Debbie enthused "It was Ed- couldn't possibly go unchaper- -. -
die's opening night at the Am- onl. Wen the English team co a
bassador Hote 1" l."r' Wnen the English team comesl
The bouncy little actress tQok "Eddie and I have' been careful America for thet WanldChampion
time out to toy with her engage- about our courtship so people eip one of the players o ithen
rent ring-a seven carat rock wouldn't think it was alpublici- English team will bear the'some
only slightly smaller than Gi- ty or a typical H ollyoo fling." whatun-British nam of Jordanis
Just as you might suppose,
Pavlides came to England from
CAJNAL ZONE and Greece many years ago and is
now a British subject. He is also
5 IUSI GOVERNMENT a first-class. bridge player, as to-
U.. Rday's hand may indicate.
hMP LrOY r 1 The hand wabplayed in a match
"EMPLOYEFt ', I between England and Ireland, part
EMP Y Ff e of the European tournament in
which England won the light to
play America for the world title.
S' O The contract and the opening
Skad were the same at both tables
.'50 and $100 Deductible of this match.
Hospital and Surgical The Irish declare won the first
H p l d u trick with the .queen of hearts, took
Insurance on the family plan. the next with the ace o& hearts,
and ruffed a-heart in dummy. De
for details e your clarer continued by leading the
uLINCOLN LItF rPBUS NTATIVE queen of clubs from the dummy.
or call East stepped up with the ace of
H. W. Sander Agency clubs and led a fourth heart.
SDeclarer might still have saved
THE INL iN NATINAL the day for Ireland by discarding
THE LINCOLN NATIONAL' a spade and ruffing in dummy,
LIIE I URANCE V but this would have been a very
LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY doubtful play. South actually
ruffed, and West overruffed.
12 Tivoll Ave. 0 Panama 2-3883 Declarer had to use the king of
Across from Ancon Playsbed tiumps from the dummy to win
the trick, thus setting up a trump
trick for East's queen. South even
s actually lost the spade finesse, thus
Giving up one spade one trump,
- and one club.
Pavlides did better than this for
England. He won the first trick in
r* \dummy with the queen of hearts
and saw no reason to rush to get
the heart ruff. That trick couldn't
Instead, Pavlides led the queen
f r |of clubs from the dummy at the
S| \ second trick. This provided a way
"i' ... to get back to his hand (by ruffing
,c lubs, !E lter n) at a-&time whe5
the enemy could do hif no harm.
As it happened, West won the club
4eM trick wth the-king and led a
;f spade through the dummy.,
S. ,i Pavlides finessed the queen of
s' spades, losing to the king. East
"t returned a heart, and declarer
S7ftook the ace, Only now was it
Sf proper to ruff # heart in dummy.
Sa Declarer could then cash the king
of diamonds and get to his hand
"'7* by ruffing a club. J
The ace of trumps then drew the
S^ V queen and the ten, after which
Lg WPavlides. could spread his hand
_1 00e_ \ and claim the rest of the. tricks.

PALL MALL' attractive, brigt-red pekage is
always premnt In places where important and
distinguished people meet.... became it's the
cigarette of dis tion.0

PNople wbh know quality, choose PALL MALL
Sbemase of the superb blending of it.
tasty tobaccos. PALL MALL'S
exta length filters the
smoke, making it
mellower... prolonging
your smoking
plesur. PALL MALL
is the cigarette of
elegance, with 205t
moreAtobaccs than any
regular Cigette.

* -. .-- ^ B L


It's TAHITI'S for


0or "eer"$ 47.50




Congratulations to our lucky winners:

All numbers ending in 9 win. Check yours

Cenftrt'IAvE i 18-45

,4o~ y.V4Mw I^

Ko~id4!.~PR*WK 31, 1155



Hot pia breaks the lee at A

It Is correct to hold a

wedge at the

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*'''.. A.,.

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-. .. '- ~ I*'* *-;7-;: -*




J4 b n/olan S iared cLQh-Jail SeCre

,SS IX,1

, NA Beauty Editor faces. o a natural aid, high heels. She wears it just behind her hairline
S r ba working hours, atress Kathy Noladmits the 12-year-old makeuit she thade herself centere fr a softallersey hat. Neck In

YOUTH is wonderful and being I of scurrying to find suitable de r so that it will be in propr- Kathy uses color wisely. Foru
Wendy (left) In Broadway's "Peter Pan." But however youthful testand
n short she Is, 21-jear-old Kathy doesn't want to look 12 years not over-sophistieated. No one wouldmstake her for &.child is

petite is fine, but there comes a clothes in a size that can be made tion to her small frame. She evening, white faille with light
Time when a youthful and petite to fit with reasonable alterations. wears a naked pair of sandals touches of pink keep her looking
miss gts weary of being asked She does it well. Her sense of with double pride Mary Martin uncluttered. With her dark mid.
"Little girl, is your mother in?" her own proportions is so good wore them in a movie and gave dy suit, she wears dark tangerine
Kathy Nolan has this problem that she says many friends admit them to her. accessories and a dull brown hat,
In, spades. For, in addition to they hadn't the faintest idea she For going out in the daytime, for an effect that Is not mono-
wearing a size 7 dress and hav-i was so short I Kathy finds the very popu I a r Ichromatic but still doesn't de-
ing a sparkling young face, she Kathy also sews well, and if jersey.. cloche with around-and- tiact from her height with too
makes her living by act ing all else fails she can make her- around tucks adds to her height. many lines.
i youngsters. Curr ntly, she .plays self a suitable dress or suit that
the 12-year-old Wendy to Mary just fits. She does not shun full
Martin'" ageless Peter in Broad- skirts, but wears them in dresses
way's "Peter Pan." that emphasize a long bodice
S L line, or have other vertical in-
Kathy is 21 and hardly relishes terest. ss
being thought of' as 12, or even The naturally long page-boy
74, the age of the TV role she bob she jputs up for evening. She
played last year. does not pile it on top of her t /
, Her problem, as any very short head,. but rather draws it smooth- ,
* girl knows, is not so easy. In ly back into p fluffy chignon ar- -. S
Soothing stores, short girls often rangement. Her uncluttered neck-
, get shuttled to the children's de- line 'and a pair of properly pro-.
P artment. Some short misses fall portioned long earrings add to
nto another trap by wearing ver height.
oversophisticated clothes to makle When she isn't going dancing

4 r6 1

GETTING TO KNOW YOU-A big porker takes a good look at 2-7
Si r John Rotelawela, prime minister of Ceylon, visiting a small she"
. r. at Whiteleaf, Surrey, England. Sir John is in England to I- f Ving my *Water-the fuzz itohesl'
attend the Commonwealth prime ministers' conference.




! I "

9SW SrNMri

Big Man

She's Got a Way

PA m' u

Easy Way to Help

* ..-.j~*


mrar1=3? TNr ipRA.-


OOR. MeS 9061
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MW, a"m n, a am' ASum -,, i _I l _.I__.


Mission Acconiplished

Where It Hurts


Playing Dead



rr6AD, 3AS<'HO"WD OUlN
AWL'e-l WEoopL6 AiR-
4_1LT6 A.JD

MJ. POP Ah U ft


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ST 5 3. WL II~tl33

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00 / D. 5o37nd o. ,-a- ....
'*' .-,V I"/%. ,o .. i t mm

,O 0 de i de if you' re MRS. MURIL LAWRENCB from our indulgence? Of course It
tto al I make- s. Wye mis ui nelp bin lest he
~ that your Latte one oinb as'. s 3 moth. abuse our I dream. We must fore
IL. 4 4agseimah W ^ ~.uia, r~ftw W 4^ A Ib tt id u sLl ttl useh e d to Ofr noted the untidy e9p of cap, him to do what w ey today lest
would use a little help. uoat and scvf he'a leot on tne dun, tomorrow he think w don't mean
A *a L k.($ LLLast* "54 O ldS70 p A d Pr A m 1 0 *-m m T question then Is how ing-room table. She walked over what we say. d e
/. ',7.7 .'...... mu'.h, e ,, "fua The .osao.ui tle1. to the sunpo'rec where le wa Because we've hung up hil reaf.Taverv a'eu ngi iu
4 sb. of lnporking at his'new printing, press clothes today we ee ourselve
....a bMe. wer unable to attend deron ethe ~e to a roue as and asked him to hang the up. hanging them up for the ret of tMit .
the mleeinL Mrs. MarreLt w as a lnvlvel ve actor's climbing Half an hour later, the Clfthes rw IIv Self.fisruct is our probe
vited to repeat her talk at the latoea coat f grease paint. still lay on the table. His mother lem. We clutch at the ru I a be.
net meeting which Is t b held .Thene re: eM nuld add ghr solid cl "Stan, hang -p your uae It protect s a aain b
aO Satu ray March 19 at the bui .tloss. There's the old fa. tmngs- ". sequences. We have no cc
Shome of Mr a.d Mrs. R. K. Mor.t- vrlt, eld cream. There are g ^in, he refused obednaee. ldoce in our power to deal with -d t wal-lo -
rim in BellA Vista. This will be a k make-ups in a rainbow of fen minutes later, registering them. aeofm ae
upper meeting at .inm Thereare soft, medium 1his fact, she did not hesitate. Sn That Is why children of ri id .l
|'. ; owing"Informal discussion and hard powders to go over skin walked over to his clothes and parents have no respect for them..
efrshments were served by er any ofts ba coats. There with unruffled serenity took them these peoples intlexibily, they that ough get
-qMrs. irrod.-mixed and custom-built Iq the bali cloet herof au hung scnse terror of a y chanilenging 'bt,.e of o astac
Seou select re them, p. development. They ow that they Buckley's Cnad
Cormals hge Residence atev our select, remem- hen. jo. er son in the sun are shared authorities and that or 4 t to
lat raMr. and Mrs. C. .m I r s to look u. porch, s M Laid,I've hung up their igIdity i a
fr rand Mrsof Cista MeC, r-made-up beautiful your things for you. I'm gad to Igsw-n
thana d their reioence to the help you because I know '-you're I
Padravg a hard timn e tryig to learn
terms on Tranogpanni Stree in An- 4 how to reset the type. on yourai
a* S ide and now have quau?'dear, I s v halld et you Bgto ehang
n..L,-"- Il ,i Iprinting press. But tomorrow,P I '
them up yoursl I
tIYour dHearts t h sng In Ihall set yt r asson asa
Yout A new powder has Its own Ee removed them. e
P t. tAn ounec Br" ofl -- butlt-in foundation and goes on Acce.Oing to the rule that for. Moving -time is ot a good
riht "after nt a'p- bis us tobsver accept a chtd'otime to clean house as f a r as Reimi'i, '-nin "e |
by theRev. M .- A. Csr ebalod hist'd .. i. ... l"oetadh i, rudance. on to a new place, be ure,
,, c rh a O .n A ossibi lit tha oo I require es sneer to that are so worn and battered
S r, N w Cristo bal). t built found. exercise our own judgment of a Tryo arrange his same old fur-
.I.. m ._ a....... ,e .. t ,n.e 6. 8b .. child's disobedience but to depend riture as much as you can like
oau Omnd e w ei se it. oulda make ta n the rule-makers' judgment of It. his beloved former ome.
e T, ee,,ftseo7&0&h-. .... iseOto a- enor tn Mr. ......... r t oued h0 made ith rl a im possiblet el
.de .......nt .<.:y :,., ,, in so g S C l an .rs 4610116101 bin d ch k no whold a t. I G ." ,," ll dT cosm etics routine t h a t e IX) .

o- .o b I -T Doct aoveed ub o noewthet e bomd ppa totanh o. escle.fordStanmothert to giveahim ttheh 9I yo mov. have Bob
-she friends come to calo if you're

toIn te Agei ,igteporpacc.Ohnuce Be waas oalst Freag Ey:nthe rc paror t w tsit n rr Ps InZneedn o wder os F r e ma es t a l rie
""y Wc ..b. .'exasThisp"would give to an a ult absorbed still in the same city. ,If o

.n... a to do, Cu ba 1d n te D d ay uere, symolialag pplpcation irst- cuset bn e er is an adult problem niove to another city, d on't our
BaMeaRLtn WeeEkUs,, Ma.eest what the love of God can do then skitn lotion put on with Istm tan an r o r Oy, b lt I
--- Dr. ada Mrs. en Priir ofn or-][ oesp e ek's Meeti ng when wer f i rst listent o His voice ing. The instfc o 4ede gest sa s iow that on wvth the same

loThe Doctors' Wives? Club Is of love-when we become an In.(o the 1 oed andstimulatedI T r40r, the rule says it is kow tt along with the s a
vasnI ts e .monthly meeting h. a-nr io fC ls so v. s. dangerous s tou phis I clothes ol .n Mommy and Daddy, t .
lAdNewYor k lesen tro t Mrs. presidm H r. V.rk Po Seaord, ,DMresl. Goatron caed bumen t of Ghat ords chaoe s kin ro hent i wen he's toa Feult of new friends t be
om alsons uon e aBetrothal e last Fridwy, at the San F er adoi hchen on Wednesday, Mare he r each a note In the It needs no powders t baseb b iwh .... o.....hfotd
San cipn wi t o elsdorhe Clinic. R. at.12:3ric the Driftwood oom great of creation it- cause t t has been I a d o very ang them u himself.
at.Albrrea OfficerseClub. YThis rtup rle does not earn us A small outlay of money for

i4 Maat theWhy hu, f -o for- ths. wire is-trs. aaaOs hp mlscersorte c mor-a eo th I a f ee H h o in at he ho pa
a n, fa.u ll, annoy u p the f n- A pts For M rs Clade for X.n ed c t ,a [ ini honey which fGodloen ue in e ri n. exploit our self- distrust. aucer pays of in happi nes or e" I

agerne toan t p reaching. a- Mrs. Vestal Morris of y Ptunlostesses cfor the Oluncheonare .ti lthe inrme.w a pt fo t ntc and Pc 1
riago of taeldaart le at el. James SN Irl kotichl scOur prt Is to share with Him child's occasional disobedlie n c e? while you Mnish dinner: el i m -

ednvilla 1 hx, s" sy ,ail r,.eaceht aT Col l consequences that may r erT o u I tltablewa h rore.
.omelsdf orf Paeithie idTe ws itwere, a eovid shnher a p berelA door prie has .been don ated MY 0i 1h95 -res n
T weddinheg will a be th event aMrs. C. S.t MCormrac, Iby a Panama merchant. r b ndin' with _ev other. But- n e Red ross
/aof MatY itthe Churh obf Chrlst. Guests w ere Mrs. A. H. 'G. -Hei made the players o l free. Heasnl mn l,
rio, a., e d oPerkins Mrs. Philipn Thornton, Cogle Club vigve theintr hi, rn stumlents. ns weoe onCL
I, ses Dunnt, formerly of Si- Iadrs.. F.A t. Johnson, Mrs. W. T. Mee s io m orrow Many are playingh the notes on i ran othe TIL
ahenvlle, x lasis t senior stu-rBailey Mrs. Robert ed inger The Couple Club of the Balboa instruments thm at otit ofl ...... ,he.. ,m u.
d.ntin ealboa High School. Cpl. and Mrs. McCormack. Uncin Church will hold a meet. tune. Their brains play the score The local-rat e committee -rFASTES. TO
Womelsdorff, prior, to his induc-A Ing with a covered dish supeprs but the results are dissonance icted to assist with the FS -1955 *
tion in the meda Forces, wa s r as a Art Leau En:n the Church parlors tomorrowan d mha mony u nal Zone Rd s und .
Teraduate r s ster ont at Baylor Urs Meetg W th Pr iers at 6:30 p.m. en ayer play needs to stop opla- Ra ising campaign will hold twoi F i
varsity, Wac-, Texas, inds now dThe Canal Zone Art .League The speaker for the evening Inguforabhle, andtet od gveitneetings this wo e epc--one. ttneo eI _eCApRACa "i ASS .
thsem La Joiae andlet modroive meetinds tfs week-ne Oil eadishes L Nere' one
on active dutlwith ther903d AAA.i eld tpihe monthly mee ting onu il be Judge Guthrie Crowe. The aonl thtm Bei ti an: the Alaio mie o t Im n ei CO A r
Battalion, Fort Clayton. Pturiay evening at the ome of1n o thei Itmen e eun g theAtlantic ide -Smeeg 1 --stlmus.e
SDr. and Mrs. Vean Priere of Cris Special Meetingt Aheir nstrumnts once lmore usg. las Thee Pf sd ut led" for y a b pm e n Ie n
Alson Sea Family tobal. Became of the illness ofOf Alumni '36nwen atsoneeus scheduled for Thursday at 2 p.m.serve
Has Active Winter gPresldent R. K. Morris, the Vice-i A special meeting o fAlumni on with the symphony. in the auditorium of the Pacific -M-- .... m Mterpec
A New York letter fromiln Mrs. president, Mrs. V. Prioer, prpsid-. 'has been caled by acting The players this world have clubhouse wh.ilethe Atlantic ly In the new Supr-6
Alson (Lions) Seats brings worded. Plans were discuss d for as-1presdent'helma WOnter for to- not tuned their In astruments for ide seAssion will take place ati C r the mt o
of an active winter In Northernristing in the-.puhaseof a new morrow n iight t 7:30 in the Me r l na timeA Be i an ie re A vlnbw Cit QccuD Linal -- eper S, e
latitudes for this opgtl Isth piano for the iW-USO. chanicsC Olub to make pans l x know that I am 0._" "We love High School at o e.same hour. i ....."liners...S....
aaian family. Marian ANAGr sn -pfrnrA ppointmen
me m.ter snup for. Ap tents were m a d e for aneducatlonal program during smu" w re aus e first loved us. Stanley Loneyn will be cha- Ame-prossured v 4
six fultime sua b &ject .aumriathe eaux-Art Bal which w I the com ng.lMonth. Make this prayer o ft. Francisman of the local-rate committee ---
University and promising hersei be ald in April. y iser- lour ilr rand will have Harold Rerrieand m arnEdl. m f y

Ssabbatical year fromin t ng, F llowang h business melet.m- orio l tyTi0 T Om. orA.M. may.we arl Harc ris as hi vice-chat ho iumncm
Llonalh herself couldnt roest.s tdeg olins ote r give bo e 14lecM etl Of Offlers har ln l nwh y pr it; for the Atlantici and Pacific
ehancl o stud Wiith one of hett dTateh .os- d Te lath~ hitorical rocley maken.t*. asinst ents o fThy ides respectively..ee_ e ol. 0C 'of ---

sdoin wb .nd a Ceo the vo Ol1 wpadaRn9 160nstofof Fiers 0o o; awherenaa 1 )At lt WThese men will bed h SeeA *r ; 4. rgif
Sso o t A maq ofthee4a Rid A no omcheob n nd llsNewonvet;rherll-
a the min. n ao r i enn, n t artat te mee which will be sw o e t adun- bly scores of rsi
f Alvin r. S n ar ive aan -.l. A er-phed nTt he Cou iGuest o1ouse, s ou; e.rdnw tm named by thbe varlo. an-C.
ceuIld r i~ ~r the ab there o Ian oumIs H' tal mpa. orrowITE Pa '30 p,. nLn l on, wnere. there .Inl Dlvimoi headsO, and who wi
because he'dcbad a half year it sed the different freactls of 8kera forth panel will be' doubt, falth; w here there t a- under ake the soliciting of fund
Canal t onpjunior College but thee various countries to e de- Un atte r orma tod .n hope; where tere s dr-amon e ploe.

Flith e t alo pt Ger ce HeanDr art f spev r, hope; we te Is dr ao en plove-
he's trlig thq varsity. ve.opment of ar t, espedialy, th, _ry 'o Mr. t. K. Morris, Mr ness, light; and where there Is The general chairman ofthe
Bill Serars is y ouger brother. .ntedStates,, Mexico, a Fred de V. i ll and Mrs. HarryrepnR-TAU:ANoy. 195f RedTCross C a.el

Is doinwegi s on i e, nc, eao r1 W5eCirosn Coamfin Cs at A COMPNY .Lwr.a.

A ecpon. Choaor n P~re- diagonad ntes 6r piees o sereah proram atll be~ Col te as nsol tobetund er rtiok th dri e
o, oin a I to compete As man of the PaCifi ide owr divne Master, grant that we a.. Dubbs, will attend the meet- Te. e NAA Inc. I
* uradep scooo land maymem old l toe sa e -r may not so muech sek to beeon- ing, and will speak on matters
of the New .O I ving hi--i ... .. irent-Teace e era 4o n daesrn; th.o be ud C-o relatinglo the dri. 1.-
n -ins eare n rch. sttod, an toous nd lwatosm r
TheirOlder siste-, a lie host-GM ALA group To Meet -s u ena o el
ahei oi of her s to an TheParent andTechers Auo- loved,as tole;forit Is in g- ALTAMONT, .--(UP)-If you
Sons oan e atcrh f..aidtouh mtn of Dablo1,htShoolg that we receive; it Is In par- like winter radishes, here's one
an Nin all gathery for their monthlningthat w are pardon ed: that would make a meal.Joe Mar-
ftr a nth ut t a e is metnt the D o gym to- and t Is In d ying that we areo s said he pulled a 5;- pound
Chipper. Shee has had one Paris, Salami Pinwheels Make an Unus. morrow at'Hth m "bean to eternal life. bounced .",
Franvo rt nder, Iceland trip usiy Good Appetlzar- .I.T--Te ... spe., Febth eve- Pm
&md ,mntry's l ddethe saTami UP s itspeake r bforrt Imohve-
Into Nqiy--rk fr omM i ce. Fooda eachll ditwaredor. opesdnts and teacemrs are Annual Meetig of the Stockholders
Wre his ffilry and'was leaving Chicago Is a hospitable city. ones dally ito o '*attea4. lof
#orm ntVIl for South America. Apot we enjoy visiting is the high ro liston NurosTesA A OL BIG1a
., CI.- u- 'modern apartment of M erlan W e ea e ae THE PANAMA COCA-COLA BOTTLINGPn a at
ta s To ert e a L ofe overlooking Lake me. om .al a O P...
Ce First Lady Waf s Loofe, weil-known economist, Tion meetngN s w e1 IACm thAeN tcklds o
eA reception honoring the Pres-mand hostess never falls to serveicon -etrnceViroomet s T-nnual meetingofthesto lders no
cado*Aras hias been af-i-ned dinner. The knd .ttl.e sncks D witalk : on o -a.W ll-a," M h 1, 1955, at ,,,:0- p. a- twA

'A cup melted butter or martinternattot coBB AvBd-
sWlParty G rinet cup cheese spread. ad the worldoly into two class- mwe have for you..
pgr. and Mine.'Wiljem Goobertjix Cut to Geenter of each slice of a-.-thoge who are for cosumu- C
oC Zraxes Heights entertained at cervelat. Fold into cone or corn-Inls an Bd thaM who a agisht
their residence yesterday with a ueopla shape. Fasten with pick. ItIy
For naestu t..e ''.p.g the re"t .x to*:,'-he* said, REMEMBER to Favor the TWO for O#E STORE
Otrty honoring their son, Willem, Whip together melted buitter or-B qt jm- truetha BMr that REMEMBBril^-^BB EU RF to FWavr thet MO I~ ~ XJE *
o n il M Mt birthay. waarinee ad heexse., 7 icorn- w e 0tr esI 1 there wills oEm mon
with d Pamy e A* r Nwngthe rest faworld.' he sad.o
cgForc kiebe.e ChedlL To i. ToStore: Wrap in ___________
in.William J upry fwazged paper or aluminumm foil. TFVR O ,B uey
S Heihts served coffee at Keep In reriar.Engineering Gives byDs IT FAVORS YOU,.. Be sure you come to the
hrresidence Friday morning ninfireeze..-Egneigads.yrs tn I
ir"oher three .housegue"' "" Cols Glamor S, s correct address. Just 50 yards off 4th of July
Prd, bh of ew York and .... (Y ,eld 36 ..40 ,*.: sy.o s^ ******iilil Mi vn a -" f
b'fary uaphreys of New........ ... Corgiq Tech Grad Avenue...
One --ad ne-quarter pounds ___e _atW OI H I*n i ,
treunsbwiger, lemon jce, pi- MAMA, Ga., Fb. !.(UP).. Don't be misled we have NO BRANCHES
mento lives, topso f rea pineap.1- 11111nW. 11111t, Me Sir- tg! More licate han vy mak-.
.. A Kopersh whowil pl or green nes. inPIG Marlefta Cin longer than plain Ir. IN PANAMA.
Mrs nea x It Remove coa from braun- wmen to mooths n with its puffin 5 seconds
$15 makhis p th *e Sea .. Use ha to mold ad b u S on w because
W as *- oguest.p apleape. Brush ar otba t P0o* with to carry in your andbag
.Le Iseat olives in aw a ft, b sid, a No weta o so gl No pnesy ags ,i
M xr at*e nd brambwelger. to reeru No spilly powdA.
?suin P blltL~~a 00~"26 41. sor.*-M

a or 14BA
ke .rrsot Am AN F
ye*5de" nober -t.
S '. AhkuinWU Hx cooI WIAIO AW
'iJ iSio Aod kept tt e Ie- i Asu i A AA" cONS ift !f AY
as& n n e- f
a4 .a i -?-ptat e& *.. -- -^ ^ tf -.u -~t .*B .- ai -l .^ '" "iiH
'^ ^^r 'SiasSL am.t* UfLC *. S 4i ^^ ^ w? 1B Il ELB o fSDyFRiijs *H

fip"^~~~~~1. j-, ^.^ ^ S^ ?iS;-^^' S~Y^ ^

it .

- 9 4 *' -'





SLIERIA PRECIADO i street No. i3
i, MORRISON 4th "liy Ave. & J sL.
SJusto AroSenea .e. .nd 33 S
182 La Carrasqualia



We Have Everything
To Keep Your Lawn
and Garden Beautiful
During the Dry Season.
e Tools
e Hose
S Insecticides
S Sprayers
S Wheelbarrows
Econo Soil Spray

279 -Central Ave. Tel. 3-0140

5 to 10 p.m.-Adults. Pre-teens
& Teenagers. By appointment only.
Morninq.. ... Bolbo 2-4239
After 5 p.m. ...Peneama 3-1660

It not true to ae ao ,%did every-
hling possile unles chiropractic
sal I included.

Ds. A. and E. ORILLAC
'Palmer Graduates
F per Avenue Tel. 3.13".
1i bloch trom Lu Thentir

"Insure In
Sure Insurance"
ron(inl -
Phone Panama 2-0552
4th of July Avenue No. -1-29
Daily l9:9k,_ 12:1i0 snd I1.30 -1:00
I Saturdays :00 to 1,08

Limited supply of

Famous British


Speaker Systems

45th St. No. 3
Bella Vista
Tel. 3-12851

Before you buy a
REFLEX see the
Swiss Reflex Camera
You'll buy

PORRAS Plaza 5 de Mayo

IUCHARD L. KOPP. plaintiff
PATSY KOPP. defendant.
Case No 4103
Civil Docket 20
the above defendant:
ou are hereby required to ae
Sthe complaint filed In te
Ued action within ninety dayI
Stire PubUcadon.
case your failure to so a
answer, fudpmnt will be
you_7b d.ft.t for the rea4
tintWe ee .Wtnt
the Honorable Guth
Judee. United States D
fr ihe s atrtct of the Canal
rabs. edL 1kS
S C. T. McComitk, Jr,
s Prem, cham Devry
eifnp rnisions is served
Ikl.mrlr~catinm pursuant to the
"ae ', 1abta Brie F. C
I o the CanaI ZoMe,

. A ...a h ak P *

Cenual Ave. 143
No. a Lutte'y Plaza

Fourth of July Ave

Agen InterL de Publicaciones FARMACIA TA UNIDOS
45 Caeral Ave. 14 eutna Ave..
Parque Lafevre 7 ireest 50 SM No. 5
103 C4nral Ave. J. Fee. de la OIes Ave. No. 41

Vk lZBpaa No. 34

SHIRTS dry cleaned or laundered
the perfect way. Tropical clean-
ers Via Espaho 830. Tel. 3-
0871. Branch 24th St. East and
Central Avenue. Tel. 2-1346.
Dr. WENDEHAIE Medical Clinic,
209 Central Avennue. beside
Capitol Theatre. Phone 2,3479,

FOR SALE:- 3 air-conditioner
44 ton unit Sylvania. perfect
condition. Good for office or
bedroom. Calle 3-0226.
FOR SALE: Clearance sales
prices; dresses blouses, lingerie
and hundreds of articles at the
Big Sale at Vilanova.

Captain Tells
(Continued from Page 1)
Coco Solo before midnight.
Yesterday Bez and the two
American crewmen, Lyle E.
Gellneaut and Dominic Buja-
cich were a little embarrassed
to find themselves bedragggi
and almost without luggage in
the luxurious atmosphere of
Hotel El Panama.
One was further chagrined
to find that aU he'd saved wag
a suitcase filled with books.
Crewmen Donald Coleman, a
British resident of Colon, was
recuperating at home. Three
Costa Ricans and three Ecuado-
reans off the tug were resting
at Balboa Quarantine station.
Agent L. R. Cofer of Balboa
was reportedly conferring with
co-owner Carl Paulus of Miami.
who flew in yesterday. The Tonvy
B. was owned bY the Trans Pa-
cific Shipping and Packing Com-


Gramlich's Santa Claro Beach
Cottages. Modem conveniences,
moderate rote. Phoft Gomboo
past Santa Clara. Low rates.-
Phone Balboo 1866.

WILLIAMS' Santo Clara Beach
Cottageo.-rockgas, refrigeration,
2-bedroom. Phone Balboa 3050.

FOR SALE:- 1954 Germon
Ford. Excellent condition, rodio.
Duty paid. 2811-B. Cocall, C.Z.
FOR SALE:-1948 Red Dodge
Convertible, $400.00. Duty paid.
Telephone: Ponamo-Home 3-
4541; office 2-2283.
FOR SALE:-1951 Ford Victo-
rio, perfect condition. Reason:
Leaving. Tel. 2-0909.
FOR SALE:-1954 Ford Victo-
rin, W-S-W tires. radio, rear
and front speaker, Ford-o-matic,
5 months old, beautiful upholste-
ry. Must sell immediately, leav-
ing country. House 2107-B Cu-
rundu. Phone 4209.
1947 Buick, $300.00. Posttage
Paraiso 103, Apt. H. Tel. 4-639.
FORD 1949 4-door. Duty paid,
450.00. Terms avoalable. Coll
Guy, Panama 2-5298.
FOR SALE:-Please call Kobbe
6276 or 6179 for a very good
52 Singer, good tires, perfect
mechanical condition.

Real Estate
FOR SALE.-3800 meters beau-
tiful Coronado Beach property.
P 0. Box 306 Pedro Miguel, C.Z.
Telephone 4-498.
FOR SALE--3 bedroom concrete
house in El Valle. Fruit trees,
oll-weather road. Phonee Cris-
tobol 2170.

Democrats Seeking

Compromise to Avert

Split Over Tax Cut

FOR SALE --Westinghouse rae
frigerator 8 cu. ft., mahogany
and Rottan furniture. Leoving
country. Must sell. Apt. 3-B,
Ave. Peru No. 9. 7-9 p m.
FOR SALE.--Furniture. Juan B.
Sosa No. 12, apartment 6.
FOR SALE: Stork line crib,
S'mmons mattresses, like new,
$35 00. Rocker' $5.00. Phone
2-3697, Balboa
FOR SALE -Norge refrigerator,
60 cycle. compressor need re-
pair. $25.00. Springs for twin
beds. pair $8 00. Golde slide-
proiector. bipwer cooled, equals
new. $3S 00 Enlarger with leni,
Is' $2500 Folding camera.
3 45 lFns $.15.00. Qtrs. 552-B
Curundu 83-5286
I FOI SALE -Radio isctrola cab.-
Sne model, twin chests of draw-
ers. sofa. Rattan coffee table,
rug'. droDes. trunck etc. Alber-
to Novarro No. 6. El Congfelo

WANTED -Ladles to take ad-
voanage of thp great bargains
offered bi, the Big Sole at Vila-

Mrs. Ekart, Mother

Of Hoffman Family

Dies In Rochester
News reached the Isthmus to-
day of the death in Rochester.
N.Y. on Feb 20 of Mrs. Frank W.
Ekart. She was 88 years of age.
Burial was at Dansville N.Y.
Mrs. Ekart twice visited the
Itehmus, ,iri---nsrieinn

FOR RENT:- Furnished apart-
ment. Refrigerator, gas stove.
Via Espona. lost house before
Juan Franco.

FOR RENT:- bedroom sport-
ment with smoll kitchen & bath-
room, in Exposition Grounds. See
Fabraga personally at East 29th
Street No. 18, rear "Mercado
Vasco," 10 to 12 noon and 3 to
6 p.m.
FOR RENT: Modern aport-
ment. spacious, very ventilated,
ground floor, furnished or un-
furnished, reduced rent. 43rd
St. No. 58. Bella Vista.
FOR RENT:- Furnished opart-
ment. moderate rent. Via Po-
rros. Telephone 3-2568.
FOR RENT: Apartmeq fur-
nished or unfurnished. Telephone
2-2739 from 5.00 to 7:00 p.m.

FOR RENT:-IGI inspected fur-
nished one room apartment,
kitchen, refrigerator, utilities, op-
posite Ancon P.O. No. 17-18,
4th of July Ave. Phone 2-5133.

FOR RENT:-Fumrnished and un-
furnished 2 & 4 room apart-
ments. Contact Alhombra Apart-
ments, 10th Street. Phone 1386,
FOR RENT:-To one or two cou-
pies, furnished apartment, mode-
rate rent, American neighbors,
frequent transportation service.
Understanding landlord. Tel. 3-

FOR RENT:-Furnished room for
couple or bachelor. American or
European. Tel. 3-0443.
FOR RENT:-Furnished mom.
Frigidaire. 4th of July Ave. No.
7, upstairs.
FOR RENT: To responsible
party, nicely furnished,' large,
clean, cool room; private both,
hot water and good neis4orhaod
Peru Ave. 35-19. lower left.
FOR RENT: Clean furnished
room with all modern.m cnve.-
nientes, 43rd St. No. 13, Belli
FOR RENT:--Furnished bedroom
In family house at Bella Visto.
45th Street No. 4.107.
FOR RENT:-Room furnmished or
unfurnished. Telephone 2-2739,
From 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

We Guarantee


-Our Retreads
(finy people v ay our
r4reafd wear. longer
than new tr- )

a -maXa-ta

t A7L aa a



Philllps. Oceanside cottages,..
Santa Clare. Ba 435, Balboa.
Phone Panama 3-1877. Cristo-
bal 3-1673.

FOR RENT:-Chalet one bed-
room, living-dining room, kitch-
en, o General Jose de San Mar-
tin No. 6, downstairs.
FOR RENT:-Furnished chalet at
Bella Vista for 3 months -Tel.
3-0030 office; ofter 4-30, 47th
St. No. IA-02.
FOR RENT:-Chalet with three
bedrooms furnished, on 49th St.
No. 16, Bella Vista Call tele-
phone No. 3-0082 ofter 2 p m.
FOR RENT:-Attention GI-fur-
nished chalet suitable 2 couples.
Will rent separately. Tel 3-0443,

ATTENTION G.I.! Just buIlt
modern furnished apartments, 1,
2 bedrooms, hot. cold water. Tel.
Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT: Nicely furnished
one room apartment screened,
kitchen, porch, telephone.
garage. Tel. 3-5583-9 a.m.-6

FOR RENT:-Furnished aparr-
ment, sitting dining room, two
bedrooms, gas stove, refrigerator.
One furnished bedroom, kitchen,
couple without children. 43rd
Street No. 64, Bella Vista.

days and came down again after WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 (UP)
the completion of the Canal to Gen. George A. Smathers (D- nmm fa i irI
visit her several relatives on the Fla- said today Senate Demo-sWibwss si a e sssid
Canal Zone. crats are seeking a "compromise"
which would avoid a party split Mrtusow s
She was the mother of Carl P. over the House-approved Income Probe On Ma rusows
Hoffman, who retired from Ca- tax cut. Ifls e l
in 16 br t edt ly. i ands mathers said one pan mightness
SMrs. -ttre t the e delay the effective date of e
States then because of s.the reduction until after Con- WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 -(UP)
Ekar t's llness. gress reconvenes next year. -Sen. James 0. Eastland (D-
Mrs. Ekart is survived by her If the situation then made a Mis.) said today e is satisfied
husband, and by two sons, seven tax cut nwise, he said the bill that turnabout government wit-
grsandchimednren beoteng ,,h Eastland is chairman of the
granchldren r and 10 great- could be scuttled with no harm l m t o eHareoy Matusow 1i "Just A
grandchildren. doneo.s atooge 'rh s e
Among survivors well-knownEtlands Ca irman tOf th
on the Isthmus are her grandson The bill passed by the House senate Internal Security subcom.
Carl P Hoffman, Jr., who had 17 last week provides a $20-a-per- mittee which Is investigating MA-
years service with the Canal son tax cut effective next Jan. 1 .tusow's claim that he lied when
when he left recently for Wash- It is scheduled for consideration he testified for the government a.
ing on, D.C., to join the Geaer- by the Senate Finance Commit- against communist leaders.
lServic AdnistratTss tee later today. T subcommittee questioned
AC"vlbert taI]pncu-publisner efpMae
transportation accountant. With Committee Chairman Harry F tusow's forthco ing bob k "False
his wife and children William Byrd -Va.) and some otherWitness," behind closed d r s
Lea and Gretchen, he lives in Senate Democrats oppose the today. It plans to question Matu-
Arlirngton, a. measure, drafted by House lead- sow again.
..... .. er as a means o beating the Eastland refused to ide n t if y
Another granddaughter is Maj. Republican administration to the the persons he believed are using
Kathleen Hoffman, now director punch on expected election year the self-described ex-communist,
of administration tor the 14th tax cuts. Ia a stooge. Earlier be said he
Air Force Headquarters at War- tinks Matuscw is "part of a
ner Robins. Ga. With Byrd and possibly Sen. shrewd plan to get some folks
Local descendants are young Walter F. George (D-Ga.) a- out of troub some toiks
Elizabeth and Nella and Ann Al- against it, the bill appeared to that were convicted." AA s k e d
len of Rodman. face unfavorable odds in thelwhether -he considers Matusow's
In Rochester. the senior Hoff- committee, where the party line- turnabout and the publication of
mans are making their home at up is eight Democrats and seven'lis book as part of a conspiracy,
,65 Colvin Street. I Republicans. the senator replied:
S "Why do you think we're going
I I It \ e into It."
The book will detail Matusow's
'Israel's Progress Cited retraction of his past testimony
SIbefore congressional committees
SA a I I "i -/ 1 / A I land courts on purported commu.
'lAt Un ednist acuvities of dozens of per-
0_ XKahn emerged from the closed
-- -- hearing and handed reporters a
MIAMI BEACH, Feb. 28 (UP)- Abraham Harman,' Isr a e I's statement demanding that t h e
t.nited Jewish Appeal launched consul general in New York, subcommittee invqsUtigate Matu-.
it. 1955 drive today t., raise 100 told the gathering, that Israel is sows relations with the justice
million dollars, with individual surrounded by entries mark- department as a paid witness,
contributions already to t a i n g ed by internal Instability "in and. particularly his relations
517,650,0o0. an all-time record for which parliamentary ins t -it u- with Roy M. Cohn, former as-
a campaign opening. tions have given way to milita-' sistant U. S. Attorney and later
General c h a i r m an William ry dictatorshlpe or degenerated chief counsel for Sen. Joseph IR.
Riosenwald of New York said the into Impotence." McCarthy' s invesUgating ubcom-
donations represent "a dramatic Bu s,, .h ,,s .."a s mittee. Matusow had e ar g ed
and unprecedented response to__ But-.,' i -e "id, "hag thauc- tt Cohn persuaded him to give
!h' man needsde The announce- ssfully maintained its demo-fase testimony the trial. o.f 13
hu.n n ef te.' ntihe nsc.. e- cratic character and stalOl It y, second-stul &Commuist lead-'
and has been developing its iash-!era"
Ith closeonathree-day nat usnal t-n .s 0 1 me rue


Sa =
H CANLo.4101

DYou are a rlb re ui touAol
answrtheA Gmplat, J in=Wdaet.

Mtld a wNhiano m" afterI
In se yMiCa he o to. 4101
amstvouib Docke=t I

mYou are i y re to
answer the e pait ed uo seab W.
the firnt pubU _iw.. '

In caeu f e r!al-r to appeeJr
and answer. Jludrf w M& betap
mine Fd in the ft* F.
Court tiMe. M o5vea Z.
C. t'bsC5* k., Sea
To Harry't'I" L
I The huor ii nIIiiM I S

/a thes OU w

I ;-A-M_

inaugural conference. upo the bai of the rule
The assembly of 600 cam- ci law and justice th." e ne
paign leaders also heard Jack .' Harman said during the n x t
Benny discuss money matters .seven years Israel faces the task
-serny discusly. money tters of realizing Its goal of economic
S "It Is a privilege to gi. self-reliance and of continuing to
Saond 'It Is s privilege to g Jews s trivlingto enter Israel.
ibove- one's monev away when tn do so ,,,i,.e S.n Jewish Appeal
after can sustain hope, save liv e s, .has accomplished. eis the
ar1serve democracy and strengthen1 "e" as .-Sete i end of] Wartdt
ahumanity, the comedian said. Wars s the theestd of' World
ef War IM the greatest measure of
:e v Jewish iheratom pad robaUill.
Le it I station in the hstoy f Jewish
rZone people." he addeL. "It has been
zon |a powerful tnstren t for lift.
clerk igI u the Jewish people out of
al -erI the ruinl Ia .wch alsubl had
Jlet it."
upon M The conference -touched off a
e year-long effort 1o raise100 mil-
Aurt fr r lion dollars to be umed to p a y
dot ',I', "II for emerneny nation. settUe-
fal 1 10 4 Teee ,ro rent, welfare ad Mrehabilitation
it Clerk "Op m ean'do ri- ...... -f .a lW iOst 500'
i women ad a" ae
I a s fr6 Ja u rodvel ._ .
JOi10110.0- ,tORA .T



-rraafl. 8s3~e

for 12 words

have Indicated she had oeen
"brainwashed" or was trying to,
please ber captos, her father said. ALL WITrr HYD RADIO W/W TIRES
Mrs. Jusie Bersohn, Malcolm's
mother, said at her Park Avenue
home. he wrote a few weeks ago AND
but the letter was so full of Com-
- munist propaganda it could have .....
been di rated aaki
sheo and s. a BROTHER They're ready to run
he needed food pd elothim. she
said, her son plied: 'The Chi-
nee government doea sot pemit SEE TODAY
ia.m to go wi fd nd SEE TODAY
irso" leroha si d:er -
erved in Ch awt. the -Offlee of

He retunwd to ;II .' a e
war to wtoea ti .r -.f .1


'A.i w t I I{ ar itS Iii A I I I "ir.". I I I i I I ^
iA'S .VIC ", 4 &t.A. .....
afsIVY .~jf5t~k~rz.i

0&&-m- str asa

AGE s, ixI
I ,i









- I

-. I".II

0 |1 ....

fs Air University Facuty 3sod
crto P Sae an on r 1)

tI nea ctivty iiv kt AloTe
Tsie Se said he na p a msupp iedIsUUS. deputco
Inteligence with information a-
bout th R r aty.
Berso sael approximately tire
ame tihls about himself.
Mrs. Rickett said she helped
o u her hubi tIn s P work while he
w h s al te genca a nd
liter carried out esSionele in
"mUiltary, cultural an po aticl
matters for the United States.
hBersobn said he was "fPIl of
shame and remorse." He' said
everybody laed i n Red China
was-guilty because "the Innocent
may not be arrested in China."
"I absolutely echo his state- "
ments," Mrs. Rickett broke a. I
When reporters tried to witch
the questions to Mrs Rickett, Ber-
sohn said, 'Walt, I have another -
sentence. The Minese are deter-I ~
id ned to h ave y peace. Formosa. J

ed State:ha no rtit to ilnteAere
in this lnteeaual matter."
Mrs. Rlekft, who said "the pe el
pie's government has been partic-
ularly lenit with me." remark-
ed he planed to "turn to the
United mate., be an honest per-
son, and make up in some way MEMBERS OF THE AIR UNI- Jr., conmmandant, USAF institute
tor people who did nothingbut,brook Air Force Ba4e last night thew..K..felchelmainn, com.
harm people." from -Maxwell Air Force Base,.mandant, Air Force ROTC; Brig.
,Be Stats de, Bersohn's fami- Alabama for a five day visit to Gen. Edward J. Kend4cks, com-
ly c pressed joy over big releaseM the Caribbean Air Command mandant USAF School of Avla.
hut was reticent in discussing m headquarters, tion Medicine; Brig. Gen. J. Ii.
ports he n ad been indoctrinated The faculty board members Wallace, deputy commander for
y the Reds. His mother said his led by Lt. Gen. Laurence S. Ku- Education; Brig. Gen. Sidney F.
last letter read as though it had ter, commander, Air University, Giffin, vice commandant Air
been dictated by a Communist, were greeted by Maj. Gen. Reu- War College; Brig. Gen. Clinton
however. ben C. Hood, Jr., commander, W. Davies, director, Research
"The true... will not _.rCaribbean Air Command. upon Studies Institute; Dr. James C.
known unt e returns oe ,"i their arrival, alter which a re- Shelburne, educational advisor:
pesman for Bersohn's famy. ception was held in their honor Dr~, Jerrold Orne, director, Air
It was le ed Bersohn's law at Hood's quarters. University Library; Col. James
ed to try to phone Malcolmn, n receive briefings on the activities Base Wing: Col. Ladson 0. Ek-
iong Kong to hear for himself h of the Caribbean r Command ridge, thief of staff, headquar-
praongses of communismear or his son ex and will hold board meetings. ters, Air University: Col. Merril
pressed to newsmen, Shown above, left to right, are A. Kempton, commandant, Ex-
Bersoen would either. confirm Kuter. Hood and Brig. Gen. Lloyd tension Course Institute Col
nor deny this report. H e s a I d P. Hopwood, commandant, Air William H. Frederick, Air Unl-
ough spokeman he did not Command and Staff College. versity secretary; and Col. Chas.
aunt to make any comment on Others included in the visit W. Johistone, commander, 3849th
his s .on's release until the youth are: MaJ. Gen. Dean C. Strother, School Group.
i, "safe at home In the United vice commander, Afr University; U
e. Maj. Gen. Ralph P. Swofford, Offiial USAF Photo
Austin, 4 construction engineer, l .. '-_ _
land Bersoin have been working
together for months to try to win

/t e State Department ando Austin I t i r I L/| // I
State Dear tmenc an uin iT
ad planned to make a new ap- Batteries
peal for help on a trip to Washing. TIRES & TUBES
ton today. No 1
His wife said he still may tryAutom Row
to see State Department officials:Autmob eR a
today to see if they can expedite T. -424
the release of Walter R ckett,, _
their son-in-lew, and Harriet Mlls
another New Yorker and end NEW TIRUSED
the Ricketts. 100 Level
Asked if the release of Mrsa."lot Lne 600i161 t eI
Rickett and Bersohn had in-s let j 6701 I.$ .
creased her hopes for A her daufh-NTE 1 Mouths
Itr's release, Mrs. Plummer Mills I UARANTEED I2 Months
raid: "One can always hoae, but .710x!i5 ta
I see no connection between thae Size Black Wall White
two cases whatever ."I x y13.76
A Stab lDepartment official maid G xl6 $13.75
g Mersbin and Mrs. Rike tt la T70x 5 1475 16.85
been held longer by theC hnese 710x5 15.60 18.70 0115
Reds than any U.S. civilians re7-x160 8 820 15s $
leased so far. He said they were 760x15 17.05 20.75
sub ected to "very extends e 80 15 18.70 22.4 WHITEWALL $.00
Sbratn-washn" s 18.70 22.45 WIT WALL S.00
The officla, who said Mrs. Rick- 820x1 19.50 23.40 EXTRA
ett was a one-time Fulbright
scholar. also recalled the t we0 WITH OLD TIRES NO MOUNTING CHARGE
come out of Red China parroting CREDIT IF DESIRED
the Communist line. All others, he
said, have been very anti-Commu-
This led him to believe their
admissiono" of guilt and their- .
criticism of the United States
were the result of "a thorough
case of brainwashing L
State Department officials said,
however, they saw no reason to CA D ILLAC -. .Y
.fear that other Americans in Chi-I
nese jails would be held until
they succumbed to Communist' 1
"treatment." They said U.S. ci-I
tizens have been released in the
past without, falling victom to Red
propaganda. a1IAN&INp -
"We were delighted to hearI
Adele is free but we were not
was brainwashed," Mrs. Ha z e l
Austin said. "She will proba b I y
need treatment at a hospital for 1948 62 FOUR DOOR SEDAN
"She's my daughter and Is3,,1 knol w,, n.n.$9.I

half years under that type of Com-
munist pressure. 1.0-.. F R DOOR AN.
Itet ths child frm what is goigl Full Price.; .. .- $1655l 0O
She has to be given a chance to
recover fhm tin thing." da I
and son-in-law met at the Un5ver- lOCA2 i FOUR Dl DI fn lN'E"A
the Marine Corps and she w s as o- Full Price..... $164O. 0

ceived masters degrees at the U-
then went to China to teach En-d 1952l 62- FOI UR D K SDAN
gUsh and study Chinese in 1s. DOOR SEDAN
Adele in December, wrheen sh e-,, Price..... $2425.00
wrote she was wei. Her letters




j ',

1 6


a A I a 7A 1I.B

. .. ". ...-. .'.- '.. .- ..'. "., .T.--.. .--.

_* ,.. o ,.





t v o LtetL CENT1 R A L .U. L XTheatre 'I DRIVE-IN Theatre CECILIA Theatre"' VICTORIA RIQ
"" ..- 1.3-os.35 0.15 ."
RIELEASg1I SHOWS: .3:15, 5:10, 7:05, 9:oo p.m. o. 6 O Finally approved by the Censors!
F. -.ISO- arrest TUCKER HAYDEN GRAHAME -"an- Ida Lupino4
SPSSION" The greatest American drama since The story of a e with the MARLON RAND Absolutely prohibited for minor "DIAMOND WIZAD" "MAN FROM CAIRO"
C. Moctg pery Cornel Wilde "Gone Wifth The Wind" law at its heels! EVA MARIE SAINT Dennis O'Keefe George Raft

Mystery hBenefactor

Sends $120 Gif

S S f. 'TV ADIC To Seven Persons
AAPLETON, Miss., Feb. 238 -
by r En Lttoson (UP) -The only clue to a mys
bterious benefactor who mailed
-. u -- more than $1,200 to seven resi
ROLLYWOOD -(NEA)- Holly i;)wood,' is screen testing at Para. dents here during the week was
wood on TV. Flick the TV knob'mount. the handwrbing on the envelopes.
to Fllcka! Here comes Tugboat t Marty McGowan, publisher of
Annie! Mr. Belvedere time: Not on the Teleprompter- Engi- the Ap leton Press, said t'hoe
More characters made famousin reers scramLto led around with ca- handwriting indicated a "vigor.
movies are hI e a d e d for home bies and electronic equipment be- Sous, masculine hand."
screens now that major film stu- side an NBC TV mobile pickup Some persons thought "som e.
dies are leaping into baif-hour tele- truck on a Hollywood location. one had slipped a gear." Others
film making. j"Pardon me," said a passerby to thought it might be an amateurs
But can the old favorites com lone of the engineers,. "but Is this a psychologist trying to determine
ete with TV-incubated Luc'a, Fri. free chest X-ray unit?" i what people would do with unex-
s and Gleasons on popularity wR petted money.
Potts? CESAR ROMERO'S not crossing Athe mg e one w p
It's a gamble Hollywood's about Its name off the available-for-mov. though everyone was puzzled,
ts take and there's nothing chintzy ule. :ist 11' .. f his -tassport they hoped the benefactor would
ut the stake to Dan er" telefilms. He'l make (NEA Telephoto' continue his contributions.
Twentieth Century-Fox is spend tis s ...T .i ... sunmer, codti- EXPLOSIONS ROCK SUBMARINE At San Francisco. searchlights silhouette the submarine The seven persons received en-I
lng severall million" to recunvert rue % emoting. Says he. USS Pomdon as rescue workers pump hydrogen gas from the ship, which burned for two hours velopes containing from $3 to
A6 stages to telefilm making.I "I like to keep busy. It keeps me at its berth after two explosions in the forward battery room. Two men were killed, three are $1,000 last week. The only thing
Mr. Belvtdere, with Clifton Webb ol t of trouble" I missing, and five were injured. In the envelopes,-which were all
its star, unu Filcka are possibleI postmarked 15. was curren-
rles shows from Fox. Five stag. Channel Chattr: Roberta Linn, cywas
will have TV label at Warne No. I singer on local 'TV hei e. is IAI _I_ ac ownsin oewa a
-.ros.,'where other haeracters who plott ln a combination singing dra- O W lfter Winchell ble t exlsaithesuddenw
nee rang box-office bells are be. I matic Snow ert t o 'xa'ois aone'll (Continued from Pae 2) o cash. ie said there was no
n considered for modernized TV ay the owner of a smalltown pattern to the gifts or recipients a n
eg considered for m re cord sore. a ow come Jean Night set, weds L. Davilla (he which would give a hint to the
Wtn this new telefilm trend s lagen, who nas co-star billing with owns a Mexican hotel Apr. 15th identity of the donor or his pur-
for further developments. It's only I Danny Thnomas on "Make Room M. Will someone kindly explain pose.
the beginning,I I ear sfr Daddy," Aas nominated for a the pose of that model on page 7
h _.__ supportingg actress Emmy award? ELof the New Yawker? The new A local widow got the largest
The Witnet: A producer of west. She's to Danny what Desal Arnaz ho o n g. "GdnwstoanelAmerican" gift-ten $100sbils.O the g fts
em telefilms has stopped worrying:is to Lucy in every slipt. ... New ote a ws orrigeio aonut ----ncdeo
about he is te n'perilmentai cowboy irrend? U. S. noaverttsers re-I n Ct her .... .land s me nt $0 a $3.
hero, who has been threatening to r O r ms, from one- abouthe lanukds. Big excitement and $3.
bou e hs hteniI nta co ten d films from ons e aoled Pe teranu filmrodw n Persons who got the mysterious
some day et loaOed and you ireelers to features, for free dis- RE Pt ... gifts included two hardware store
won't be abe to find me for six tribution to TV stations this year. THEbREORDo : I 'loh the pnoniest s pot a ssccesse opera trs, a clerk indw a ts r d
weeks." got b eautiful voice and beautiful: h ong esfrte h sars ware store, a fomi at hIron
Last week the producer secretly This is Tilevision, Mrs. Jones: technique, stay out of the recording on es..operator. the manager o a liqour
filmed, with a double, a scene of Jackie Gleason's specifications for field. That's the strange advice .mr hn n ud e tore, a nse, and a shoe re-
his star being shot by a villain. king-size custom-made bed he from young Larry Grayson, whose agmar showed u in indy's store, a n e and a shoe re
If this star disappears, the next just ordered first recording is "Because I Love w-eari ng a high-.necked frock a l pa man.
ow will present a new hero an Tape recorder and telephone b ou on the new AA label. the way to her chinny-chin-chins ought ofthe recipients at first
I" e n t"What's the idea?" asked anl thought the money represented
nouncing:. Tape recorder and telephone built "If you are technically too er- ... g a. "conscience payments for o,
"They got old Ned, but I'm his the headboard. At the foot of fet, your records won't sell,!'" ar-. unb hered gag-writier .."- m I'mor thefts, or that the nts fo r
brother." b the bed, a low, upholstered cabinet ty says. "The singers whose re- incognito saidDa who orse
from which a color TV set rises at co0iings sell gimmick up their at least takes a daily show erelyasking that the cash be a n credited
HEAR IT NOW: The Stu Erwin the push f I button. voices. They deliberately develop atrons of Eae' say the that the cash be credited
'how, with 13(' hp.f-hour films on No built-la reins for nightmares, a recognizable singing style. On Larry Grayon liatchick there is from the nbility o his account
the shelf, goes on the self itself Jack. the other hand, there are some Aus Southern fae Scads o But as the days went by and
Marc 19. Future films will be reii ei t hnically great. singir*-far u. well -meaning. Broad iteB Ira thea n
issues It's "watch out, Liber ELSA LANCHESTER s testingerior to the top starswho dombardng us with the so-wialty l ey heard nothing more. hey
ace," now that Carl w risson is en- foa the Marie Dressier role in the sell. They are Too perfect." ltle' coutryish, maybe, but not news that a producer named Cohen arned that. others had received
teeing TV With a filmed-in-New- "Tugboat Anile" telefilm series. Grayson took his own advice. Hc too much. And I wear ties because and his wife Jocelyn have parted the mysterious cash gifts also.
York series. He's a ladies' heart- Prediction: Kitty Kallen will deliberately changed his we 11. I like them." after 13 years. Congratulations to merchants who searched t h e ir
tickler in the Liberace league. join the TV ranks starring on her taught baritone, and worked on a These ties he referred to are tiem. Maybe they can't stand the books were unable to find over-
Reason Guorge Gobel is experi- own show for a soft-drink firm. style which he hopes is "a male sling ties, the Eddy Arnold trade- eightt of each other any longer and due biUs for the amounts they
meeting with film for his brand of Jont James' mark. They started out as a con. parting is safer tan murdering eeived whih would indicate
humor: Short Takes: Greer Garson's tele. try-type cravat but some of the each other n their sleep. (Nowwho had sent the money.
ime to escape from Hollywood film series, which Bng Crosby's Decca is re-releasing more than I lickest of the city slickers have the whole bunch of yez, ged-oudda Therewasnochurchora
I Abfre Hi a m .. B,-ird, who never touched e stu link a ong the recipients which
to ck up a m on or so i night Cmpany 1 reducing, should be t of ilbeade's old records and copied the style. hre) A one- n a o hrc a
club dates a ~a playe bit roles in Alfre his albums. She made ec st a Eddy is In the process of drop- when her father was alive. s tr- %ould explain wy htey w e r e
cocknhaseplayedm biteeroles inallhisvalbum mVpfherstanyaydsohag o, gnesadehisasub-billing."The Tennes- ing to drown her marital grief inrsingled out, nor were they needy I
During the summer TV lull, Red ovies but h TV ssnse ri most of her standards have gone P Boy." eciall n 100 percent proof Beerl Hills persons. McGowan said.
Skelton and David Rose willatour wal iv.e pay ucthe host.t. Ruth of P new TV show That's being filmed pool. Chums are worried about
"The Clown and the Baton." Aside Hussey. who starred on TV's vef- Tin Chicago, and Eddy commutes her increased lapses of memory. .
to Redo Remember the Mason- sion of "The Women." has flown TV TOPPERS from Nashville a few times a week I
on ne and Paul Douglas. ..20,000 miles since October,. com- o ,e step before the cameras.' Before Robles wa. slain the po-.
VDrginiaG t eyeful who muting to andfrom New York for w A, CBPS -V) CarTleMorninge "I want to be remembered, when lice brass gave us the go-light to
playsa ne t heseyflhome-screennshows.,'CB-T I hang up my guitar," Eddy says.'n'ake an appeal to him over the
plays a extra on "So ThisIsHo-home-screenalowswood Is such a gentleman and "as Eddy Arnold, the singer, not air. The Big Idea was to assure
fellow I know who leaves tips at Boy." That reporters representing every I"
tell booths. paper in town would sit in on the "
Of all the country singers. Eddy questioning-and he could trust re-'
Now you'll be able to get them sings more popular tunes than any. p-rters, if not cops... To go to
again. Excited? As he puts It, he sings "down-the- ,the nearest station house-we'd
middle" songs. all hear about It-and rush there\
Pull up a plow and we wi And down-the-middle is wh6re at hear "your side of the story," A married man might as well
cuss thie phenomenon of the rec- low-boy should go. Or an ex-plow etc. Then came the gun-duel forget hus mistakes. There's no
ord business, alias -Eddy Arnold, oy. And brother Robles went to hell. sense In two people remembering
alias the Tennessee Plowboy. Jimmy Nelson, the ventriloquist. FOOD FACT them.
What makites handsome, likeable will make a children's album of
Lddy phenomenal Is a large dose|Norwegian folk tales he's translat NEW BRUNSWICK N. J. u M1 m111 a m 1m
of longevity In a business where ing. He'll do all the voices himself. UP, The average family, of h
singers come and go (mostly got, That's the advantage of beini a 'four buys and carries home three T 0 D A Y -
p "his record record is astounding: ventriloquist---you can do a hi.fl tons of food a year. according I|
He's celebrating his tenth year so-lo. to Dr. Walter A. Maclinn, Rutgers
with the same record company -University food technologist
(RCA,) and he's made 275 recos DICK'S PICKS: A "sleeper" is Kno-
in those 10 years. an item called "Knock, Knock ,'
I, Knockin' '" on RCA, with Carmen Billy May's "Sorta-May." And
I "And I'm not'ready to quit yet," Romano on the vocal for the Nero thev've also g ot BG In ii-Fi 0.30
be says, grinning. Morales orchestra. Others: "Any- vhich would be Benny Goodmanil"" 0 0-30
While he's known officially as thing for a Friend" (Dolores Haw- with brand new recordings of his
a country artist, he's almost as kins, Epic) "I Got a Sweetie" old favorites Welcome.
popular with the city, or non-coun- I (Jo Stafford, Columbia) "I Think
try, record buyers. And he's not a I'll Cry Again" (Rosalind Palge, M U U.
professional hill-billy. He dresses MGM); "The Ballad of Davy r
OLD. OLD OLORY-ITis U. S. Rag was flying over the Palo p normal business suits, and even Crockett" (rhe Voices of Walter HU DA
lto, Cali., library about five months before someone noticed li his personal appearances, he Schumann, RCA); "I'm Lonely Myi U ,
that It only had 45 stars. It was made some time between 1896 doesn't get decked out in chaps, )arlin "(Fess Parker, Columbia);
4ad 1907. Holding the flag are Wilma Reed, left, and Audrey spurs and pintos. "I Should Have Known" (Bob San-' WEEK-END RELEASE!.
Bartholomew, both of the library staff. "Some of them," Eddy says, re- 'Its Maria, MGM ).
ferriag to his compoti 'o, -"get all The bands are back, and it's nice
/ dolled up with frizzles and spurs. Capitol has two of the best band-
F o1 .o1A V" U s 1 don't. I go out dressed about albums in many a moon- Ray.
like I am now. The suit Is cut a Anthony's "Golden Horn" and

Needs Educated Politicians r m m----- -

WITER PARE, Fla.. Feb. 288desperately need more citizens grA I
e-chagedtod" man* cstiens'm1t1,1 Ing for the truth--more schoe- A .
church circles would rather have- The governor said that "with
thflr government run b "shady no desire to agitate old wounds.
I e they geel can I feet strongly that over the __
It Is paradoteal, bA hover-' healthy condition. ...
S thellwstrue that, hdu@- "The ovl hba not been con-
nemmema ... asdous tlsr fined t oany single personality tS S PM. S9S Msefm U
search for new and more effi- or group. It has manifested it- "-st"el he dug ters arF
nattes r heir goods; toiate and mases of our people. The term I I
msomnugaordes in wow-,'public duty' seems to have been
flUS _ere buolatq at owed away, to be brought out-
ag said an and puiis5s only dlr. V wSe lutes
at te famous nAS- lug campaign tlaep.

* at ene e am te eslt of what edu.- IU ,

iniussaid flor idMa e*te eailottde. h eFrom CTEPAN ZWWI
. to"*laOr w o an ft t Ta" at Vkh"| Btet NoveL.

"King Richard And The Crusaders"

In CinemaScope I

I M -

Rex Harrison as Saladin. the Moslem Sultan, Is entranced 67
the beauty of Lady Edith, played by Virginia Mayo. In a soaeni
from the CinemaScope and Warner-color production, "King Rich
ard and the Crusadera which opens March 3 at the Cenn
Theater. The Warner Bros. film is from Sir Walter Scott's m-,
mortal "The Talisman." (Advt.)


BALBOA 6:00-8:45

201h nay CY L
PumL F

PARAISO 6:15-8:05

SANTA CRUZ 6:15 8:00


DIABLO HTS. 6:15 -7: I.
Veronica HURST
"Royal African Rifles"
Thus. O"glen Mill lw tory"
MARGARITA 6:15- 8:$
CRISTOpJ, ..6:15 :1.,
E. -j..31 990116 .



6:15 -7:50
"E L"

CAMP BIERD 6:15-8:25
"Magnificent Obsesnion"

FL. U -.

,, ,, -, 1.


-a~, -

I ~
1 'l

Take it

from a wise

-a r


The world over, more people, -

ride on Goodyear Tires than on

any other make A

Now doesn't it
stand to reason
that the tire that
give. the met1
Satisfaction to the
latest num r
of people is the tire
for you to buy?


1 M;qUew

,-~ ,I"...,

?P.7 T 7: ~.r~7; -:F






bConstitution Day Handicap To Be Run Tomorn

Class C Throughbreds

In Feature Of Special

Juan Franco Program

The Constitution Day H
long sprint for Class "C" ii
be the feature event of these
uled at the Juan Franco rac
in observance of Panama's (
national holiday.
The feature shapes up on pa-
per as a wide open event in
which allt six scheduled starters
rate a good chance of winning.
The probable Inutuels choices
are Valley Star and Sugarplum.
However, the others Vu canl-
sado, Dixiprincess, Bradomin and
Turgot are sure to get sub-
stantial backinf too.
Valley Star was beaten a nose
by Blaketdere her last time out
with Sug.rplum finishing a
length anh anoehalf further back
in that sme race. Bias Aguirre
will again ride Valley Star while
Hector Ruiz will have the leg up
on Sugarplum this time instead
of Luis lIldt'
Vulcah dbo, W barely beaten by
Dixiprincess in the one mile and
five sixteenths Carnival Classic,
will again be handicapped by
_ei. J Tiffln Jimenez Jr..

weam aIrmeU u oa&# .vU
Dixiprincess will be a disadvant-
age lso because of the short
distance. Guillermo Sanchez will
guide Pedro Crisopulos' stout-
hearted filly.
Speedy Bradomin, which gets
into this race under the feather
of 97 pounds, will be handicap-
ped only by inexperienced ap-
prentice Andres Gonzales.
Another horse which may needle
help from his jockey is Turgot.
The Stud Montelimar's stout-
hearted sprinter will be ridden
by Inefficient Reinaldo Gomez.
Ten other races are included
on the card.
The Stud Montelimar's grey
flyer Atys yesterday stepped fore
and center as the odds-on favor-
ito to win the $5,000 added
Francisco Arias Paredes Classic
(formerly Speed Classic) next
Sunday when he ridiculed the
track's best horses with a bril-
liant demonstration of speed.
The three-year-old son of
Tonto-Peonv raced- tee fastest
aeMen furligs Anyelirs at the
lI" ova. while galloping to a
ten-length victory which now
makes him the outstanding can-
didate for the track champion-
i uben "Caliche" Vasques got.
'Atys of on top and by the time
they had gone a quarter mile
the eOey Ghost already led by
three lengths. He steadily in-
creased his margin although go-
ing under restraint and was
Fully vight lengths on top turn-
ing Into the homestretch.
All the other starters with the 2

Special Tro

TaTms W L Pet. GI
ecial Troops 21 4 .840 -
Ft. Kobbe 15 10 .600 6
Albrook AFB 14 11 .560 7
r Ft. Clayton,. 14 11 .560 7
Army Atlantic 6 19 .240 15
Coco Solo 5 20 .200 16

Spi Troops 5, Army Atlantic 3
St. Kobbe 7. Ft. Clayton 0
Albrook AFB 6, Coco 8olo 1.
Open date.
Albrook at Clayton (7:30 D.m.)
Army Atlantic at Kobbe (2:30)
SCoco olo at Sp. Troops .(2:30)
Special Trbops ended all doubt
Saturday as the Troopers clinch-
ed the 1955 Panama Area Armed
Forces baseball championship
with a hard-earned 5-3 win over
Army Atlantic on the Fort Ama-
dor diasmord.
$ But the Troopers, who have a
si x-game lead with only five
Shames left in the regular sea-
Sson, had to call on their..ace
Pitcher, Gall Miller. to relieve
and put down the Atlantic uo-
Satrta Mibier was credited with
the victory, his 10th against a
ainle loss .
Fort Kobbe, behind Jose Ro-
sarlo's careful pitching, moved
Into second place by tripping
ort Clayton, 7-0, dropping C -a

Smfceso Today 35, ZO
M Crosby Danny Zqe to



ton into a tie for third with Al-
brook AFB, which rocked last-
place Coco Solo. 6-1.
Troops had taken a 4-1 lead
'behind Jack Weaver's pitching.
But Weaver walked the first two
men to face him in the fifth and
Miller made his entrance.
An error, a theft of home by
Mario Martone, and Larry Sey-
mour's single put over two runs
before Miller got the side out.
From that point Miller allowed
three more hits but finished
without trouble.
Larry Robinson lashed a long
homerun for the A's first run.
Seymour had another single'
Troops' big hitters were Moe
Mirman, who had a single and
a double, Paul Leonard, who
smacked a triple, and Bob May-
er, who rapped in a pair of
At Clayton Saturday night It
was the old master, Jose Rosario,-
hurling Fort Kobbe into second
place with a dazzling 17-strike-t
out, two-hbit shutout. Rosario.1
who walked only one, extended
to 32 his string of consecutive
scoreless innings.
The portly right-hander alsoI
chipped in at the plate, rapping
a double and single, batting In aI
run, and scoring twice. Lpft
fielder Dave Stickler also dou-
bled and singled to knock in two
runs while center fielder Lloyd
Wilcox singled twice and catcher
Ron Dickman tripled in the
finally Kobbe tally in the se-
Righthander Dave King start-
ed for Clayton to suffer his sixth
setback in 14 decisions. Six walks
and two costly throwing errors
but Steve Kislo got back
oVr-AWJ .500 mark by stopping
OgagWlo on sx singles, walking
and getting four on
Right fielder Angelo
S t two of those hits to
Setting mark to .379.
g the Flyers, who meet Clay-
S battle for third place

.@ >Vi

Spring Training

For Big Leaguers

Starts Tomorrow

Rosado's Manager

Fighter Expected

x It i1 I

S- NEW YORK, Feb. 28 (UP) Ueil [
.. This is the day to douse the fire i
handicap, a $650 seven-fur- in that old hot stove league, for P.. Horse
imported thoroughbreds, will tomorrow baseball o ens a 1st Race
Sbrand-new season wi h spring ~
special race program sched- training under sunny southern
:e track tomorrow afternoon skies. 1-V. Darling
f It's also the last day for those 2-Gaucha
constitution Day which IS 0 major-leaguers who haven't re- 3-Pincer
turned their contracts to sign on 4-Double In
the dotted line before being of- 5-Paques
exception of Amorio King's ficially tabbed as "hold buts," a 6--Newbrighto
Prize, Main Road, Relampago II word the teams reserve for play- 7-Gonzaga
and Mirzatoats bunched at ers who aren't present for the 8-A. Fulmar
the finish. The photo showed tirst practice. I 9-Viajero
King's Prize second by half a Most prominetn name among 10-C. Brand
head with Main Road a nose in the unsigned, of course, wad
front of Relampago II and Mir- that of thumping Ted Will-
zatoats a head behind the latter, lams, the mystery slugger of 2nd Race "G"
Amorio wound up three lengths the Boston Red So.
further back. But the answer to whether 36- 1 .D.o Wendi
Atys' fractional times were vear-old Ted will stay 'retired" --n We n
were 13 3/5, 3 71,:01 2/5, 1:27. or will come back for "one more 3-Naranja"zo
Form was the keynote yester- season" will be supplied by the l- ra
day but there were a few mild Red Sox late today (about 5 p.m. -J-ulie
upsets. Postinovich returned the EST) in a special press confer- T lin
best win dividends $16.80. ence at Sarasota, Fla. A strong "6-T-. T"n
Kiosco was not far behind with hint Williams will be back was
a $15.20 victory. supplied yesterday when Sox. 3rd Race "G"
Ruben Vasquez and Bias Agui- owner Tom Yawkey and general
rre were the leading jockeys manager Joe Cronin insisted Ted
with two triumphs apiece. 'never told the Red Sox he was 1-Camaron
retiring. 2-Loteria
The dividends: It seems a cinch that the 3-Coran
Washington Senators will htve 4-Volador
FIRST RACE the most serious "holdout" prob- 5-S. Velluda
1-Pebetero $9.20, 4.60, 3.80 lem when the bell rings tinomr-
2-Royal Claim $3.40, 2.20 row. New manager Charley Dres- 4th Race- ",
3-Cruzada $2.60. sen will find the missing include ,
SECOND RACE such prominent team members
1-Alabarda $8.60, 4.20, 2.20 as infielders Mickey Vernon and 1-Winsaba
2-Cipayo $3.40, 2.20 Eddie Yost, outfielder Jim Busby 2-Piropo
3-Valley Breeze $2.20. and the clubs top pitcher, Bob 3-Sirena
First Double: $87.00. Porterfield.' 4-Mufteco
THIRD RACE Porterfield and Busby both 5-Icha
1-Coral $2.20, 2.20 met yesterday with Senators' 6-Consentida
2-Chepanita $5.00. vice-president Calvin Griffith 7-Sin Igual
One-Two: $15.20. at Orlando, Fla., but failed a-
FOURTH RACE gain to agree.
1-Daniel $9.40. 5.20, 3.80 The Senators and Red Sox will 5th Race 'Non-1
2-Valaria $4.40, 5.60 be among -13 major-league teams ,
3-Golden Bound $8.00. holding their spring drills in I-Dr. K
Quiniela: $27.20. Florida. The other three-the 2-Lady Dance
FIFTH RACE world 'champion New York Gi- 3-Historia
1-Don Goyo $4.60, 3.00 ants, American League champion 4-J. de la Cr'
2-Portal $3.00. Cleveland Indians, and Chicago 5-Que Lindo
SIXTH RACE Cubs-will be in Arizona.
I-Fol $5.20, 2.60, 2.40 The major-league teams are 6th Race "H" I
2-Charlier $3.00, 3.20 prevetned by baseball law from
3-Royal Signal $4.40. starting spring training before
SEVENTH RACE March 1, but almost all of them 1-L. Basur
1-Postinovich $16.80, 6.20, 3.40 have been operating "rookie 2-Firenze
2-Lion's Claw $4.60, 3.20 schools" for promising youths for 3-Red Oak
3-Donny Boy $3.00. several days. The teams do not 4-New Look
Double: $84.80. begin to play exhibition games 5-Quo Vadis
EIGHTH RACK ,against each other until March e-(Floreno
I-Red Rhymester $2.80,72.20, 2.20 10. 7-(Pairauon

2-,-Fairlyable $2.80, 2.20
3-High Heaven $2.20.
Quhnlela: $9.20.
1-Klosco $15.20, 4.80, 8.20
2-Pompilio $3.60, 2.40
3-Gay Spot $11.20.
One-Two: $45.80.
1-Atys $3.80 3.40' 2.20
2-King's Prize $4.00, 2.20
3-Main Road $2.20.
1-Ika $3.20, 2.80
2-Fru $1.00.

lops Clinch

Three Major Cage

Championships (an

Be Decided Tonight
NEW YORK, Feb. 28 (UP)
The drama reaches a fever pitch
in college basketball tonight
wnen head-on collisions of lead-
ing rivals 'can settle three ma-
jr conference championships
leading to N.CA.A. t o u r ney
Colorado can clinch Its sec-
ond straight Big Seven chainm-
Peoiihlip bsy beating Missouri,
While eo-lltders Minnesota and
Iowa bang heads in the Big
Ten and co-leaders Kentucky
and Alabama battle in the
Southeaster nConference.
These tense, long awaited
games usher in the final big
week of the regular 1954-55 sea-
son and, by Saturday night, the
league titles in the Ivy, Atlantic
Coast, Southern, Southwest, Mis-
souri Valley and Border Confer-
ences also will be settled.
At Columbia, Mo., visiting Co-
lorado goes into tonight's fray
with a one-game lead over mec-
ond-place Missouri and by vic-
tory can clinch outright the ti-
tle it had to share with Kansas
last year. But a win by danger-
ous Missouri, the nation's 12th
ranked team, would throw the
race into a tie with one game
each left to play-Colorado vs.
Nebraska and Missouri vs. Kan-
sas, both on Saturday. Colorado
won their first meeting, 80-71.
The victory In the Minne.
.0ta-Iowa and Kentucky-Ala-
bama games will clinch at
least a tie for the league cham-
pionship, but will require an-
other victory against another
opponent to clinch outright.
But In each ease, tonight's
winners will almost certainly
become the champions.
Minnesota, victor over Iowa,
81-80, in their first meeting, will
be host tonight. Kentucky and
Alabama, battling at Lexington.
Ky., will be meeting for the first


M a
'^ji Mp


Franco Graded Entr'
imported 6% Fgs.Purse: $ 75.00 Pool closes: 12:45
First Race of the Doable


J. Phillips 110 -Nothing 'I months
G. San. 112 -Usually close up
B. Agui. 110 -Ran well in last
R. Guerra 115x--Disappointed last time
M. Ycaza 102x-Lightweight could help
J. Gongo. 108 -Begging for mud
J. Jime. 112x-Dangerous contender
L. Giral. 118 -Dropped in class
A. Vas. 110 -Hasnt improved
F. Godoy 103x-Longshot possibility


Native 6 Fgs.Purse: $275.0 Pool closes: 1:15
Second Race of the Double


A. Ycaza 113 -Racing to best form
J. Phillips 110 --Will fight It out
L. Giral. 115 --Must improve here
V. Casti. 112,-Poor start in last
F. Rose 113 -Weak effort Saturday
A. Gonza. 107x-Doesn't seem likely


Native 61 Fgs.PF e: $275.00 Pool closes: 1:45

J. Cado. 110 -Could score at price
B. Agui. 113 -Should beat these
A. Vas. 115 -Dangerous in sprints
C. Igle. 110 -Form indicates
A. Gonza. 99x-Would pay long odds


Native 6% Fgs.Pu : $75.00 Pool closes: 2:20

J. Reyes 118 -Shouldn't miss here
A. Bassan 97x-Nothing to recommend
A. Ycaza 114 -Usually moves late
F. Godoy 102x -Could squeeze through
H. Ruiz 104 -Much improved
A. Vas. 114 -Hard to beat now
F. San. 100x--Good early speed


Winners' 4% Fgs.Purse: $250.00 Pool closes: 2:55


A. Vas.
F. Rose
C. Litio
R. Vas.
H. Ruiz

112 -Ebano-mare by Tabarin
108 -Long overdue
110 -Fractious last time
118 -Usually close up
102 -Fastest at getaway


Imported 6% Fgs.Pure: $400.00 Pool closes 3:35
First Race of the Double
A. Gonza. 107x-Impressive effort last 3-1
J. Gongo. 110 --lacks early speed 10-1
B. More. 118 ---eeks repeat victory 3-1
A. Vas. 115 -Reportedly improved 3-1
M. Ycaza 115x-Rates fair chance 5-1
H. Ruiz 108 -Will fight it out 3-2
0. San. 115 -Nothing to indicate 3.-
F. Rose 115 -Improving slowly evSA
J. Bravo 113 -Last was revealing even

7th Race "F' Imported 6% Fgs.Purse: $500.00 Pool closes: 3:05
Second Race of the Double
1-Matruh C. Iglesias 115 -Hard to beat here 3-2
2-Remero R. Vas. 113 -Showing improvement 4-1
3-Pinino M. Reyes 110 -Rates good chance 2-1
4-D. Club A. Vas. 112 -Could score again 3-1
* 5-Charming P. F. San. 10Ox-Fractious at times 5-1
6-Joe's Fiddling B. Agul. 110 -Dangerous contender 2-1

8th Race "H" Imported 6% Fgs.Purse: $400.00 Pool closes: 4:40





1-S. Spruce
5-S. Of Scone

V. Orte.
H. Ruiz
L. Giral.
F. San.
F. Rose
J. Gongo.
R. Vas.

115 -Improving steadily
110 -Not against these
115 -Rates best off last
100x-Could score at price
118 -Hard to figure
105 -Ran well last time
112x-Racing to good form
115 -Top contender here


9th Race "G" Imported 7 Fgs. Purse: $450.00 Pool closes: 5:15

1-My Dear
3-Turf Lodge
4-Proud Pearl
5-Sun's Moon
6-Henry Lee
7-Courtly P.
8-Bar One

F. Hidal. 108 -Confirmed in-and-outer 3-1
Reyes R. 115x-Longshot specialist 15-1
H. Ruiz 115 -Ran well in last 2-1
J. Bravo 110 -Hard to beat here 3-2
103 --.Needs more distance 10-1
G. San. 110 -Not in best form 15-1
A. Gonza. 100x-Would pay long odds 20-1
V. Casti. 40 -Jockey should help even

10th 'Constitution Day Handicap'Purse: $650.00 Pool closes: 5:40
7 Furlongs

3-Vlley Star

R. Gomez 110 -Needs better rider
A. Gonza. 97x-Rates good chance
B. Agul. 113 --Form indicates'
H. Ruiz 112 -Fastest at getaway
- J. Jime. 1lOx-Was never better
G. San. 115 -Distance handicaps


11th Race "t Native 6% Fgs.Pune: $275.00 Pool closes: xxx

6-Cosa LUnda

Reyes R. 102x-Longshot possibility
.1. Gongo. 120 -Has strongest finish
A. Ycaa 107 -All-out effort here
H. Ruts 105 -Light impost indicates
M. Zeba. 120 -No. 1 contender
R. Vas. 110 -Aiming for payoff


Panama's New Race Track To Be

Tribute To Pioneering Colonels

O -
By GOROBGB W. WESTERMAN his interest in the Sport of Kings
and Presidents.
Paanmas new five million dol- In the seond Iace It was
ar track ts to be designated at Juan Fran Rae Track,
SJose Antonio following an aftemea of usual
emon. the several projects sre ever the sae and en-
ow under coutruion n the tertaluamet w th peImal
lepubUlc weihf wil bear- the friends that aa amm al-
ame of the lao President, noae let medi his uwre e.
a more desto a of this dis- To the tbo l s of turftes
Anctioa PB th@ new .rae who frequent JuanFranco Race
rack. Track the spirit of Pres. Reiaon'
In the-Mit pee Col. Remoan presence will continue to bover
au atarit. e around the familiar enviros. In
aMi-l, Mort a lthis manner they can ae_
hloiS fmrbimb anAd wlOtantly the cele mention
olf tto him as be always malntaed Te
Isg- amtar I O Wp l W big
Wrs a dearth, and be S f

i'^^ l~ropwatJ SS~^Miij


I Tonight

Puerto Rico's welterweight
champion Bobby ltosado failed
to arrive atrday night and at
press time today promoter Enrl-
Squa Mazti and Rosados man-
ager, who.came in on schedule,
were w ed about the where-
abou 0 = the boxer. He is believ-
ed W In iliami.
i d may a 1ie at Toee-
Smengl-ht Ihe does, his
exh three-round work-
ovt far .te benefit of the Co-
lob 5Mig Commission will
Imet Ubkel be held Wednesday
aftqeroo.L The exhibition had
been diginally slated for this
Meanwhile, Joltin' Joe Brown
of New Orleans, who is sched-
uled to meet the classy Rosado
in the ten-round 146-pound
main event next Sunday at the
Colon Arena.; continues 4to dis-
play excellent form during his
workouts. ,
Brown Is not letting up be-
cause he cnslders Rosalo a dan-
gerous opponent at all times.
The Puertb Rican packs a knock-
out wallop as is indicated by his
22 K.O. victories. Joltin' Joe may
be seen going through his paces
each afternoon at the Colon
Arena with Herbert Douglas and
Kid Chocolate II.
Douglas. a still growing light-
weight prospect, is the younger
brother Of Young Finnegan.
Many experts predict great
things for this classy amateur
Semifinalist. Sylvester Wal-
lace and Hora el Ottis are re-
ported in Ito. fortm for their
eight-round 135-% o-nd clash.
Wallace will be abling three
conseetive knockout victories
into this bout. He hopes to add
Ottis to his list of victims.
The March 6 program also lists
two four-round preliminaries.
Eric Armstrong tackles Battling
Siki in a 128-pound match while
Daniel Ward and Sam Bruce will
swap punches in the opening
138-pound contest.
General admission for this all-
star card is worth $1.50 (one
dollar and fifty cents).

bell, Jr., oldest son of King Crl
Hubbell of the Giants, shows
his hurling form as Oklahoma
A and M starts baseball work-
i outs. (NA) I
the summit of a fruitfully ad-
ministrative career.
We note with more than pass-
ing interest that 'the Hippodro-
mo Jose Antonio Remon is being
built in Campo Lindbergh. This
is the field on which the "Lone
Eagle" landed when he arrived
in Panama in 1928 after his me-
morable non-stop flight to Paris
the previous year.
On his 7,860-miles goodwill
mission of 16 countries in Central
America, Northern South Amer-
ica and the West Indies, Col.
Lindberg was pioneering in air
travel, just as Col. Remon was
pioneering with a new economic
philosophy for this country. Al-
though in widely different fields
such as aviation and economics,
it is fitting that these two
pioneers should be linked to-
gether in the course of history.
The completion of Tabumen
Airport was one of the major
aecemplishments of the Be-
mon Administration. One of
the fine and most taodern
air terminals in Latin Amer-
lea. the Panamanian President
was completing for our day
and our time the symbol of the
N o r t h American aviator's
dream when he made Ids his-
tor flight Y 27 yea ago.
That fight had a two-fold
MpPose: the spread e good-
and the furubbhg of
proof as to the fesibity of
air routes through Central
Amerie and the Caribben.
Campo Ludbergh was elected
as the most appropriate e for
the new rae tack more G an a
decade ago. tis not without
significance that the Pct is
nrt ma* ltyely
tro* ad p*tie
action of oW sfgJ it-
am. e thou-
' of IirMltoftur-
f1 decided to tlotu
ammtHf, th h.eB^ not.

The Police Pals became first
half champions by defeating the
Coco Solo Brayes to 2, in the
playoff held at Margarita Friday
afternoon. It was a hard fought
ball game with the Police taking
full advantage of several miscues
and some timely hitting.
The Braves drew first blood
in their half of the third in-
ning, picking up two runs on
three hits and one. error. Lutz
and Karpinski had singles with
Brian %coring on a double by
Gary Hytenth. Karpinski scored
on an error.
This lead was short-lived, how-
ever, as the Police bounced right
back to tie up the ball game on
two runs donated to them, on
three errors, in the bottom half
of thp third. The fourth inning,
Kenway led off with a double,
Kleifkins was hit by a pitch, and
they both rode home on a double
off the bat of Jimmy Palumbo.
The Police added three more
runs tin the fifth Inning, with
Goguen, Bialkowski and Kllef-
kins getting the last three of
five hits allotted by Lutz and
Jimmy Palumbo was the win-
ning pitcher, giving his usual
good performance, allowing four
its and striking out 10 Braves.
Felix Karpinski, making his first
appearance on the mound, was
the loser as he gave up five hits.
Although not much has been
said in the past, one Important
observation can be made which
was largely responsible for the
Police Pals becoming first half
champions and that--s the fine
fielding support which has been
given in all of their games. All
teams make errors, but none
have shown the ability to shrug
them off like the Pals, a real
sign of teamwork.
This writer wishes to apologize
to the Coco Solito fans. Your
team did not finish' last, as I
showed it in the standings. They
tied for third with a record of 4
wins and 6 losses.
The second half opens today,
Coco Solo vs. Little Mottas.

Second Half Standings

W L Pet.
Seymour Agency 2 0 1.000
Lincoln Life 1 0 1.000
Spur Cola 1 0. 1.000
Gibraltar Life 0 1 .000
Police 0' 1 .000
Elks 1414 0 2 .000
Spur Cola 9 Elks 1414 2
The first half champs won
their initial contest of the sec-
ond half when they swamped the
Lodgemen of Elks 1414 by 9 to 2.
They took a liking to the of-
ferings of Mullins in the first
inning and scored four runs. The
slugging soda sippers smacked
the pellet for 12 hits. Everyone
in the lineup got a hit or two
except Freddy Chase.
In the sixth inning Curty
Schwarzrock unleashed his fifth
home run of the season.

While his teammnates were
blasting the ball asver the Jot,
Roy Watson, came within odb in
beating the strikeout record f
the league, when e-1 a down
fifteen Elks via stcIkbout. oy
was in trouble once, wheo in the
fourth inning he had trouble
with his control. -
For the losers, ere weroine
nifty defensive piyL. In thrme-
ond Stoudnor roU0pe plQber
of a hit, and on laxatter
Devore caught a W aftr bat
of Johnny Watsol th was la-
beled for extra bates.
The box score:
Players AB Ra
Rathgaber, '3b. 4 1 '
J. Watson, ss 4 1 1
R. Watson, p O4 .
Schwarrock, lb 4 3 2
PriU.. 1 2
CaldWell, cft 1
Chase, 2b' 0 0
Bowen, rf 3 2 I
ZeInick, rf 0O 0 0
Dilfer,l f t 4 1 2
Parentie, If 0 .0 0

Tilley, lb
Stoucnor, 2b
Corrigan, c'
Bright, lf-p
Pajak, ss
Burton, 3b
Hem, rf
Devoe, ctf
Camby. cf
Mullins, p
Bleakley, If


Juan Franco Tips

1-Another Fulmar Gosaga
2-Naranjaso ; Tuira
3-Loteria yolador
4--Wlnsaba Censentida
5-Lady Dancer J. de aw Crui
6-Floreno Maraninan
7-Matruh PlnnO
S-Espagrlc Teipestad (e)
9-My' Dear a.w OD.
l-Sugarplum Vulesani"do
11-Candelaria Vllarreal

Horan Dayton's

Johnny Horan of Dayton does not
make All-America this seson,
the Flyers will be the most sur-
prised people in hte n*tios.
In Dayton's 20 victorIel In Its
first 23 games, the 64 senior has
been most effective in the bi g
ones. Although second in scoring
to teammate Bill Uhl, It has
been Horan to whom Dayton -tu.
ed in rough coatess.
In 23 games, Johnny scored, 37
points for an 18-point average
and was the team's big scorer in
10 games.

A call to remember-'

There if nomore wholesomeand pleasingdriank
than good Scotch Whisky and hrm i no finer am
Smclc' than TMBlack & Wte ". Distilld nd
bottled in Scotd Blan & Wht" Is
Scotch at best Remembst. Remember
'(Black&Whitc" g t fmeyo cal firotch.

Distilled and Bottled in Sotlaiu.


wB ww K-- '

i "

. ,...' ... .'

* I'

il 39,..


Service Loop Pennant

; c -- -~~~~-r -~n

_ 1~ __


1';r` ~lr"~"Y~i j tl~r~~~-:l I:~


**.olrf. M


-~ ~
LI -



San FranciscO,

E ENISIVE DEFENSE (Harry Grayson is on vacation) I ..
ea v D E.NS E He's Breaking Training Rules; Conditioner
So MA 8latnCorresponden"
^ NEW YORK-(NEA)-The main
elran ,... Says He Likes Snow, Not un For His Horses
iM f 1N* DP cqi#,1 A game, tne -nouon iaLast ee az' ..
uoeaor, etoo point. (Harry Graon o vacation) get used to it. They're not right '
.iH B f [] Hvezenuers iaae een giving the By JIMMY BRESIJN for a long time."
impression tnat tne o"iy Lh'I NEA Staff Correspondent This is something Bunny Jim
I naBve been aierteu w gu*. U ratzsimmons of the thoroughbred OUT OF DOORS s is the possibility olhav- WESTBURY, N.Y. (NEA) training ranks has maintained
a M y u ig uate toin Slacher Werner is a little guy who fo r a long time. The old trainer
Baway ......a trains and drives trotting horses doesn't think a less hardy thor-
...comes as a consider leior a living, wbich is a tough e-loughbred should be wor I in
S/ f to learn that e Univer- enough way of keeping. your ribs the north over the whole winter
$m-, k l an ra., isclns .,nIIA o.e .itrom sticking out, corrugatel card- but he always has maintained .
,,- been doing handily t is year with board-style. i horses in Florida being prepped
S i ~ /WAIC iM 0- .riS A.V.da s aunu&& a Leawm aeenbe as can Werner, however, has made the for the big early spring races In -- o -- w
B0 .111A.f mbe brownn up agamist ttay a one- job even rougher. "I don't think,"INew Ycrk and Baltimore should ANTLERS THROUGH .>
Vi- l i ana, jump snooers. h e nys,, "there Is a trainer in the be shipped up In March so that THE ASPEN
A. hne Dons, In winning 19 of business who will speak to me they can get a taste of the winter By WARREN PAGE "
the&r firbi o engagemaoeL, haeILeu after this yeaoi." and acclimate themselves to the Shooting Editor
iwA_' p -the 'opposition to a mere oua points Werner's troubles all began cold weather which always a-
Sper adme. ias happy tLaUIslIc %hen the big night trotting plants bounds in the early spring. It being the youngster's birth
nas aeen uncovered by Homer around 'New York City shuttered "But I shouldn't, Werner says day I took him to the z o o.
ooke and Joe herman at me for the winter. When this happens, "be harping on this so much. I'a While we were looking at the
Nat onal u Collegiate A uleuc bu- each year, harness ple quickly rather keep it quiet. Trainers. you bull elk, an old walloper w i t h
reau, pack their duds and horses and know, don't like cold weather. seven sprockets on a side and at
iney found tiUe to add it up read for such sunny off-season I'm going to be In all sorts of least a 50-inch spread, the boy
fu -11-une 8 ore o keeping track quarters as Aiken, S. C., or Or- trouble before I'm through around popped out with a question I've
or sun as a ursiaUl, -.1 ,4 'r lando, Fla. I here." l ard before, usually from hunt-
.point-per-yame scoring average- Al, that is, but Werner. He is erarwhorsllnw t rohe&s-
iSUT/.- orr even '. rgnuda, wmuls pand dla I the leader of a small group of er- "Daddy, wi th al th anse
wAm_ .KI IL LAt PUS -'- TO -l a miserly 91 points each time 1 trainers who believe it is better hos how can he veun f one
WADD" I,TL RlMI'tD L" ,i E S|..1 ans ,, 1u0-. Ito quarter and train a horse in hgh the woods?"
L ALL HA. :n de~nive w train ahorsenOf course, that first called for
I AR A neDastounde g defensive Ifugure with e 'at's irght," Werner says, a short dissertatio sn on the d If
-... ..-- I"thesouth is no good for harness a ference between horns ani s alnt. a
---. J Kl f ".,....., cu e ,,s-[horse. They like the cold wb c" A heather P Tel-k sl rs t the eold weathe t-'he delk be n g one of the
Ssella, a 6-10 giant whose spring better and train very well in it. deer-typ or antlered cr Itte rs
adds inches to his normal height, Ibhe only ones who like the south," that d rop their hatracks every
has been worked into a one-man he sighs, "are the trainers. And By DR. PHOG ALLEN winter and grow a new set, but
defensive formation by Coach if some of their owners beg to ansas Coach answering hs real q u estion
Phil Woolpert. find out I'm right about this ere Written or NEA Service wasn't too easy b
1 While the rules have obliterat- will be an awful lot of trouble brush by the mai at s
ed the old practice of knocking set for me." QUESTION: How do referees Actually, of course, the elk, or aWkwaraness m et h d. A --
.. shPGots out of the basket Russell Werne is one of eight trainers determine whether a man is foul., ore properly the wapiti, was ear back huntng late th
,does a workmanlike job o ba... ....... n beh crt wnprs B -ed in the act of shooting or af originally a plains and open foot. Fmnnsyavaca season, I ue
tng the ball away before it gets o are conradiarmoning 5 horse~t Lter the shot is off?-John Aarasch.Ihill animal pushed back up into ldeer that dove through L
going, which ol s legal. aslani ommunity. Da, n the Lrod Answer: Normally, an omlc the mountain parks and timber of young birches. When e Aot e
Theholder of a fne the will ive the payer fouled two the pressures of advancin over to the line of wde-sp
flexes, he has been a murderous IhRooseelt Raceway, whose night shots l h emsses or only one If civilization. His headgear was ort tracks, there in te sow lay e
,article on defense. A pla er driv-, h ess racn g opens on Apr1 1. he makes the basket, if the foul ginally designed for anything but one but both sets of stue. -'
n'ugIJG tnf l.ayGup fnds the Wterr an company are int- 5~ close to the shot that a ques- spruce deadfalls. Usually an antlered or ho d
basket literate by Russell's ig r mounts-as are r ton arises. Moving slowly, however, bull anima has a much better
hands. A pivotman whirling to low trainers dwn south-for this elk with a trophy spread ,an his clearance n either sid
shoot finds Russell's hand ire dte nd the little Hungarian Q. Have there been any cases ghost through thick timber with you have of the width f yout
y in his line of shooting. orn hor se guy feels he'll be bet- of a team trying to put on a full- nary a rattle of bone againstcar between the fenders, bt that '
__-.... The guy gives scorekeepers a teroff when the first post time ame freeze this season?-BiJy imb, easing 800 pounds of bulk one made a bum guess
neededd breather. s up Wells. ..round with less rumpus than a Biggest skull decoration I ever
This conviction must be a strong A. Yes, there have been the careless rabbit. He can slip along:eard and saw om th
I IA recent item told of Dick Sis.Ione~, for it has been a rough win- usual happenings of this sort, with at a trot through hardwoods with- the woods was on an dan w
U Ar, who was with San Diego inter around here--too cold for any the Furman-citadel contest see- out much racket. .er butfalo one of the wild vare "
by the Pacific Coast League last seabreathing trainer. On one particu In g tth eba held for 14 and a But spook him Into a dead run, y, whose hangout was dense u
--sonleaving baseball for a pol. la' rday, with the thermometer half minutes during the second and even with his head held back g a hundred miles back of
tion with Louis Wolfson, a guydipping very gracefully to zero, half. "so the antler prongs a re least pur. A careless beast we in
SDan D a lwho has, until now, shown no Werner was out with Blitson, a a Ikel to snag and he may make well over a to, he just
IJf need for a co-signer.. I.five-year-old trotter, on the gushy Q. What is the "weak side" for a tremendous ,latter I recall bother to steer his heavy horna
Sisler appears to have all the training oval. a defender?-Allan Seiden. once surprising an old bull, when great scaly projections th
tate boxing admnitratin credentials needed for a com- Wrapped in a fur-lined leather A. I Us the side opposite which it was just too darned dark to get lured 102 inches from tip to
ST. PETERSBURG.d t a everae soo-be one fight, it was the ibatant in the financial wars .cket and pants, Sacher was in the bail is in play. Defenders a shot, on the edge of one of the He barged right en through
was beaten up ndmst deservedly of ofce, to a great extent, Wolsn ntrs Bac in 1 the sulky and working his horse here guard from a greater dis Beattys Cabins parks in the P- knocking or the greenery, an
Pennyslvanle commission, heaved o e took the welterweight be completely wiped out Brook- at 9 a.m. After a couple of miles t ae Wtn- normal, and they try cos high count of Noew Mexico. Iorn the crashing of s e"
by theN fAseo in which Johnny Saxton tookthefoNh. lyn bankrolls with his extra- of loosening up, he turned Blitson to keep the ball in sight, too. He busted u) through a grove of he didn't dodge many trees.
ham p d an.h e Democratic for NEA vi inning home run to give the Phil around and headed him on a two Q. Do hih school and cole- y young a ns like a wholeherd he neglected to d the
t s conceivable that eorge M. Leader,thenew orNEA s pennant on the last da of mile breeze. gste rules differ in overtime ses- of small boys rattling sticks along I whnked nto The
aroundto lntution wolade haveB guttenrvian .enan on. th. las.. ... ... 0o "You think I'm nuts?" he asked s?-Geoe aras, ...a e fc.
around to V n3tn yrewo Bu theAa O. .T ,southpaw swinging first afterward. "Well, we.cod pdt A. YeB. plaIUe l y five o Wda wC- ucsi s ,.whitet-d dorofd
mes focused attention on the crudities and abuses of Pe yl- c planted one into the seven or eight horses together on minute period 'and high sch if they're scared enou some you'll have a fat--
w o wd x n ubo He fired all p- .t --s track and do someracjig.and&o=legesn
vni boxing. and hastened the governors action field stands at Ebbets Field andts trk and do some rac and a hree- e period. ties ram their antlers through (Distribued y Na serve
three members of the state commission-Fmn.k Weiner, Georg as he rounded the bases, there wthi a day or so the word would
jones and Joh D. Holohan-the other day, and got out his mop, as e roudd ite ass the be around and swe' d have two or
broom and detergents d the Dodgerstodd s-onw he ona t l as wind ow lo.
The ennsylvania fight setup long has been infested with favorites, walked off the field, f, for the two-dollar window.
thugs, butit was left for a political upheaval to set the reform leaving their rooters the task of The horses aren't nuts, even If
achinery In motion. How far the cleanup will go remains to king up the pieces --and pay- we a ore s are," W rer smiled. "They e" H
s[no2.hfr l o like this air better. It's invieor.-I"
e 0 h10 a.elp a newspaper investigation into Pennsylvania's isle was, at one time in hisating. The feel peppy in it. They
liHeensed boxing personnel recently revealed that one man out of care er a St. Louis Cardinal. Dickgro at cots a e o
e fourf oppr o m I i n104 had a police record. And 84 percent arriveA too late for first-hand doesn't bother them a bit. When
Stse who ademe evolved with the cops had committed knowledge of how things used tothe eason opens on April 1, I'll
perry bydenying this damning fact.n be there, but stories about the take any horse out here and make
To make the situation the more piquant and give the Penn- way Sam Breadon and Branch him a favorite over anyth Ing
sylvania picture a thoroughly authentic hoodlum tinge, the in- Ricke used to run things cer-trained I he south.
dependent probe showed that no fewer than 87 license holders thinly must have been tol d to Take Orlando. It's warm down
had been arrested 308 times, and that.51 of these men had ex- him usthav1l t, yt O o. It's w armyowrain
je"Renced a glorious total of 114 convictions. thra zywa rm too. A wter hor. tra
i e o the way Johny Mize re hem In the sun Then you ackt
membersE things. When big John them off to this climate and it
SUGGEST LICENSE RENEWALS 19OL was a Cardina Frank Frisch was takes them a couple of weeksto
c ttamdIdoing the managing. "That old
The crimes listed Indicated a versatility In method and op- m C -les )utchman," John always moaned
eration which shp intrigue Gov. Leader's incoming commis- I was a real company man. He'd
sian. Burglary. lrlmned'robbery, assault, rape, narcotic activity WHEN a man fights, everytime kee his ears open and listen to
and Mrayhen fall hid th ir delightful devotees among the stink- he steps intu the ring it Is for a Rickey and Breadon talk. When-
d. b the dewunc a -tomn tor one turning point in my fight over the gate ;eceipts--which was
w much eeher.i f at s,, Is the situation in New YorkT Ing time it would have to be the nearly always-old Frank would PANAMA, REPUBLIC OF PANAMA
I don't know. "t I am aware of a simple method by which Joe Louis bout in 1950. put on a stern look and hustle out
JuliuS Delfand &-the new ring east in the Em ire state--and Gov. to the field. Complete Prize-winning Numbers in the Ordinary Drawing No. 1877, Sunday, February 27, 195
Lea s esing rman may rid these of the hoodlum I had won the heavyweight titleI "Then he'd bark something' at us
L inrity by beating Jersey Joe Walcott -in and somebody would turn his The whole ticket has 44 pieces divided in two series "A" & "B" of 22 pieces each
SIw ave suggested to Helfand that, as of, let us ay, July 1, all Chicago the year before, but he head, just cock It a wee bit, and
licenses IId under the 1VdeIc ot bthe N w .rk.commmission only reason I had the title was ooops! there'd oa $100 fine for
ebe do led. If Wl sehem e were adopted, the commis- that Joe Louis had retired. back-talking.e, o hustl FI Sft Ze 099 44,000.00
Sa .ceivable tat Helgnd already en5 gaged in some- He was the big name- to the h. the bosses and show 'em how
t4 'nh that t1pe of enterprise, But nothing short of people and to myself. So, I was much money he was sv ing
a or eading of the license ists, thro the drastic sort of shaky about being the *eim." Second Prize 7040 I 3,2 0ooo
ellaton, can achieve the kind r which champ until Louis came back new chairmen seek. into the ring at Yankee Stadium who had three for four, includ-
*.mer m e c*~r~en *e.. on Sept. 27 and looked to get the ing In le, and Bobby Wills with
I beat Joe in 15 rounds and P
In the mlid of the average follower of boxing, the legalistic fought real well that night. After FASTLICH LEAGUE STANDING s P No trm No Prim mo. When No. sm me. Pri m as s as en a
position of the Inigrs tril Boxing Club, which has been order- tat, I felt good. I knew I was mensseshese lo105N 22se Se 2eK asse. 2 m.N 4ss am e meeu s ae.n musee s e en um u mm se-u -meeJ
ed by the Supreme Qourt of the United states to defend itself the champ and it gave me confi Won Last Pet. 122K ae use l ( aL asu.K 21K isN.U 413 1 s2.1 as1 1 l22 aiK SILK nu s slKe 55K *5-K
lnthe federal court, it the most vital thing in the American ring dance. Ocelots ........... 0 1.0 UK !!2.K 2.5 12.66 UK ae i22.u 5K 52Ks s 2K mu iU.U K 1 2 UK sm
gi tlon0. Pums ............ 2 1 .600 ,s's 132 Sini z i22.K 24K 122. 2368 132. a.N 1mu Ms ie asse 13Le 14Ke aU3.K aM SILK e -i
vo to the praotic of tying up all -hc worth-while fighters, a e 1 Palomas ........... 1 2 .3336 K 12K 3. 3 i 6 m m!.u 3 122 4 13,.K I eO 12.K i l2U iS S m IRm i.
___ a,, bother _. vr much. r E si" L conoss-.. ....0 .000 e a e 1-mi as 4 12.1. I 1 mN 1a. 5K s* amm
, it. toward- the boxing publi than any nregipnal pro-t L" ---.......
IB mes be more circp t than many 4, those small boxing Monday: s Approximations Derived From First Prize
bdsI en Ve~e in their days of success. odTueay: Macaws vs. Conejos
then fi belv thhat th e h4] Is a l a Ing whioeyt ALL STARS TOP CONEJOS Wednesday: Ocelots vs. Palo- I K MU K me 2 2 m s a i 2
I bo ng tham the 130 ease is the need for ~ teen-age fans, e Al Stars kept Fridsy 7:00 pm. Balboa Sta-' _ridFro codPr
weI Whih wo-ld th rantee in thy honest ma-ther record intact, although dium. ""

agwhe'Ihde eaue ~ I Wafls f-any ure- wih-u-bi- Arora wZUiii it osa 5use1W 111 LU co-ue. -ee Su- s nIu ma u ue m ee mu ue mu i e_ uiie u w'
aaforget s isasw t at e nejos wre going to take all the Fastlich All Stars v. v albo no AS" M.- *SM sI3 1bt A -- 201A S."1 1 0 .|
naorn I Isis su iIszaeie Iiuea ne4u I thosea whoisu II&Uthrough
M o S aM but a se the less lareeaus, channels. marbles. .H S. te Is n TONs iim I s" s ef s t 62 71 .s se ne 1s ie a iau7se se es t02sIle
AIto important to i fHe atmd's asrapes to t is medical ing 7 to 2, the Cone'- Putmas Claw Way aI nto 7 1 i u see..
for Ori ms y jjpnicked away at the AU ptars tFlrlp r
- eB^S A they had driven Berb ScBnieider AppreimatioB. Derived F" Third Prie
It'C A it l aftSSe ther aMa und Geo Barerber, 'r O thiPlayingthe ba= VW they have
horaeifaaeI r ln, a m taebrighterandywereL s at l been cap "be 1but not U SL M IK'I-_ __a
a "tIL b, to h-y auemav ? I mA i l e a u lus U SL .l id" nm as Uum U n
by Orlando--pumas juanf~a ThfrP 1 N f-Klf- i- 1fi Mf3~ *.lfl~ 'sw3 1 SEii : ta
du. ..te1 115 -

alure to
om was t
OMrnAtM, al

F@terig qPhilip
-UM usto am R m*m
_ow 1- wI*M W

hit with mena en he Obb
be down ftaoft edinO t be bottm
bto r at ning.
mwan dd auch daa-1o $mafCis#
it ei oeiuehO c btd1-
mm z :.. IS ~

Prize-whlnina yumb of vegduW Lottery Drawng **m sold rt: First, Seond -ad Tu i IPnM
The Nine mBnn wtMeh 41*e"i sMinff, aId net "nRliGft ft fte hsw klit wIN rFulyr-V Deran (SM 0L.
Th 5af 5 *s ia A .A -
Th -" -ey W

-&-No-NowSON=Molsnau ouedes watc h aw & ermlw avA sai



- 'r~y,,-*.-'***


q. --

: +,i ," + -, *



Enters Fins

Read story on

--- .---i--~ ~.. jj-:.

* A

" Let the people know the truth and the country is sae" -Abraham tineoln.





Government Slightly


To L

(NRA 'L~OIhphoto)



' "i


S(NA Telephoto) TOKYO, Feb. 28 -(UP) -Ja-J Prime Minister Ichiro Hatoya. while the left-wing parties gained per ent of the totahTHE GOOD OLD AS Bostoni ants get a brief lof t
__ pan shifted slightly to the left In Ma's Democratic Party,_conser- a net of 21 .eats. The anti-Amer- nis and Democratstogether p0_l- R"UR N-OF Ti] GOOD OLD DAYS- Bostoni ants get a be l.t odq0d
sWINNER Richard J. Daley s elections, bt vatve but pledged to seek cox- 1can left-Scialists scored the big- ed 63.2 per cent, the two Social. "In ed clerks dole out foodstuffs during a five-hour recol ion of the "ay et
after defeating ChicaosMa-confirmed nearly two to one istence with all nations including guest gain, a 15 seat advance. 1ist parties 29.2 per cent and the Bred sld thr cents a loaf hamburger eight cents a pound, soap a penny a bar, mar fiv
- for Martin H. Kengelly in the vote its postwar alliance with the Red China, won working control The Socialists won just enough others 5.7 per cent. I cents a pound and milk 10 cents a quart.
Democratic mayoraty primary United States, final official re- of parliament and the right to seats to block a threatened con- -_ ---
emocra tic o r turns showed today. form a new government. s"vative move to r e v i s the
election He immediately rejected t a I k "MacArthur" constitution which
of merger or coalition with the bans fullscale rearmament and
other conservatIve bloc, the Lib- makes ti, emperor a figurehead.
eral Party of former prime min- Constitutional amend m e n t a re-
ister Shigeu Yoshida, and said qulre a two-thirds vote in the IF
he would form a one-party cabi- .Rouse and Liberals and D e m o-
.net. rats combined fell 15 votes short
$ ~ The House of Representatives, of this.
Selected in Sunday's record vote Big city votes, where Labor tu- A
Sty more than 37,000,000 Japanese nion organizations were- cocen- J f HOW
-76 percent of those eligible-- rate, moved the Socialists up to T
will elect the new prime minister a position of major political im-
about March 10. Fortance for the first time since
Final unofficial returns Lave In broad outline, however, the By RICHARD A. MLENS
the Democrats 185 seats, Liber- vote was a confirmation of t h e y I D A. M EN -
als 112, Left-Socialists 89, Right anti-Communist pro-Wept orun Its businessman will not find U *"" I am'
Socialists 67. Labor-F a r me r s lament of Japanese policy sines much change in the 1954 schedule a
four, Communists two and others World War II Both the conserva- fr reporting the profit of loss
six. tives, with a combined total of f hsbusiess or profession, It
The two conservative. parties 297 votes in the 467-seat house, is bsi nesopession. it
suffered a net loss of eight sets place friendship wit te we a- st caed Schedue C and s a
above all other foreign policy con- senate form which must be at-r---
s iderations. ti c h to F orm 1040. .j,_. o.-.---
Tw oocylssLiberal leader TaketoraOgata Altough the form looks mue,-ch
Two Motorcys his party would go into the the same. there have been mpor- DA
opposition, hut many' Libe r a IaU .nt changes in some of the code 3....... ;10. T. I
,,,, ighrw he they would support th new plicated rules for business, such ase I "..--*- ".., ... O.ROW!.|..
odatyama government, reserves for estimated expenses a,.,d ,miwow** msnow....pS
ft ..^^--H m hntew n catabUcral e a y ren.dic anto ad prpaid Income, research and ..............
Dul Sill elous n. :Liberals wod. .aendjo i eiental expenditures, an d ........*- ........... --
ly was angling for this in hik _These changes are extremely ~ ,, .. .......s.. ..... ........3
Two Americans, a soldier and tough stand against mer i or eor hnical If your business income 0" ....--- s.. -
a Balbo high schdw a30ool student co jltion. is -larige enough to warrant profes- ...
were in serious condition today The Democratic sweep f r o m tona n advice, ItIs well worth pa s. ..*.*.
at Gorges Hospital where they second position to clear leader.-. hle having an expert give his wl w-.......oo
are recovering from a motorcy- ship was a personal victory for rsonal attention to your tax itu.
cle accident Saturday night on the 72- ear-old Hatoyama, a pro- ron under the new Code. "sit |B-
Thatcher Highway when the war po lcian who was one purg. Some of you, however, may haveT
machine they were riding ceat- ed from public life by Gen. Doug- only a sall' sideline business Ir
pul ld down a 30 foot embank- as Maciur for "ultranation- XelaUvly little popert P EXCITIN DR...........A........... ....--
ais. toal 1e a t w a ome. B I ou have kept. alio erd ...... u.h D A
(NRATeephoeHarley ndid ng the year, you swn
river of the Harley thtMeod ot Ce u
tor eace of the the biggest of any canalodate for A rble to e fill u t s 1. Ex e C ymee-
n Ht l (NEIA Telephoto) motorcycle, 22-y ear- house seat .sif wlth the help of the o cial
SHARING THEIR GRIEF Mayor Martn H. Kennelly (left) Johnnie F. Jones of Ft. Sher- The Communists, in w I n i it jatructions andths article of the ....---- .. .......-- --*.
r Martin H. K n T ntruction thsis artcle of t ee s s c o .. s E Y
,iof Chicago, and his running mate, Morris B. Sachs, embrace man was reported to have suf- two seats, doubled their represet- Tax P rimer. .p.ars"1at e r (Fom
-tearfully in campaign headquarters after conedg the Dem- fere serious head injuries. His in the Ho Only persons in business by the """m i
r lyin at erm ened Thpassenger,tEdward Henry, 17, of They won 69 S t votesr Only persons in business by them patesi Icm it di. i TIMEm m 95
ocrtie primary election to their opponents. They both opEdward Henry, 17, e wt o es sou
Their mouths to speak, but no wors come ou. Cocoli, was operated on for in- Then__ _v oes_ un or 1._9_ selves should use Schedule C. This
ternal bleeding and his spleen means the man who owns his own
as l embcid hK ispln off ovshop orp1ractices a profession by
S U s e r t O.K G tim w e e Do not use Schedule C to .
Youths Face re reportincome t from a partnership e l
u rg r e W i Ba I Somewhat improve d today, but tcor any payments received as an lo4, y.
I h arg W ith Inhab t nts still on'the serious me list.h epmos on to sao e o s e n
cioge of burgint was oon-rAcc irdingt o a po ice report, i Even though you are an employee, oA ..-"----6 .* 3m,
A gw. driver lost control of the CyL Wou may also operate a separate '- ....

uh a C N P(yh dtorcycle ran of the left side thaonesty paid off with a beau- ar ct a1 of Fore10and our
te wyouaths, Claude D. t hey re favor more industry. the road and down the 30 ft tiful by-clustered gold ring for Schedule C. nSELF-EMPLOYMENT TA n mythical businessman i comut w OPENS
twoyouths. Claude nA. theyeallyembankment. The two young a p ty housewife lat Before filling out Schedule C. WI this fashion. List of those exempt Is printed on Instruc on.
McLean," 19, both Parnmanians. More thrn 80 per cent of the men who were injured were a- Friday. readeover the inforin on on uPander ho onDN .SA*
Tey re cced of enter city's qualified voters turned out wrong u a op of ive, alla riding e address S p the o ffal tin under deductonthe vaous es pro not subject to the tax shown on
ase '7 in Gamboa on Feb. 22 and voted 1,14 to 10 in eor u motorcycle es. The accident occur- to a Colon merchant while walk- "Business or Profession." Then re- vided. Deductions must meet the the back of Schedule C
t 640 .m. LBal of $300 was set Ing a $400,000 bodl issue toured at 10:45 .m. In along Central, Ave., Mrs fr to a copy of Schedule C. as following three requirements: Note that you may have self-
oan t youtbo, nadd e i.sey ANea for eastry anm lance from Rod- Margarita Montouts looked f you read the following tis: 1. Expense must be incurred in employment income as a member
dorLean ed until later this after- ment lnan t for cn of the F. W. a- man was summoned to rush th the name of the sender d di Line 1 calls for our total re- your trade or business. of a partnership. Partnership In-
noon. aactern ng Co. Injured to Gorgas Hospital covered that it was the ahitit t his large y a matter of come tself is computed ona se JV
i bo Some of the other motorcy- jewelry store.r il adequate records through- 2. Expense must not be for a rate return (Form 10 ). This
lists said none was driving Gue that t continued year. If youmade an capital tm. This means that if an information return which shows
m m m m fast. They reported seeing sparks jewelry, s e took it over to the allowances for returned goods, re- you buy something which would how the partnership Income is di- TME!
from the machine the two ICa- store without opening it. There bates; oi discounts, subtract such ordinarily last more than one year vided among the partners. Each
A ( 1I jured boys were riding just be- it was identified as a package amg unta from your total receipts or if yo improve your property partner then reports his share of
o afore It turned suddenly and containing several hundred du d loIndicated on the form. such x enditure is not deductib r the income on Form 1040 where it
S te plunged over the embankment. nars worth of Jewelry which had Ifou produce, buy or sell mer- except tough depreciation spread becomes part of his taxable in-
SiJones I with the Army's AU been given to the store's messn- chdise use lines 2 o 10 to com- cover the life of the property. come. s
SJungle Warfare Training Center er earlier pr shipment to -Co- pite ana deduct the cost of the 3. The expense must be ordinary Let um you ei
e as fat re rman and Henry at-rin via the PanI ma Railroad. eoods sold. The important thing and necessary in the carrying on Let's assume you have income
Stands Balboa High School. The grateful proprietors this computation is to show the of your business. from a business, -profession, or of
-LI _/ r.thanked Mrs. Montoute and pro- correct amount of inventory on Do not deduct expenditures from partneship and Int Is not there t
____p__neoBALBOA TIDES raued several trays of. jewelry hand at Jan. 1, 1954, on line 2, and your business for your own per- of income listed undba rbS e d -
S Er m TOMORROW trY thom which she was told tohe inventory on hand atDec. 31. sonal or family comfort. the back of
InTUeSDAY, FEB. IST, 1955 choare r hatshe wamented.o ho 16K on line 9. Thoofficial instru c Deductions are a allowed to pro. The tax will not be more than
an H J[ f I1M-High Low ..osen e at 14-karat gold rin a with ons tell how tohhure inv tory. antfe lonal and nbuessin h men for exy S 0. it will be less if you r self-
8:30 .m. 2: .m.. a ruby clusr h valued at aboat You may ha difficulty Ine de- pe s Incurred in attending bus employment income is less than
8:5 p.m. 2:56 p.m. $60. r Jtermining w v-hich expense you maY net conventions in other cities. 3600 or If you had wages from
I i I- n .. ..However if you take your wife or dWhuc soctae security tax was de.
SI family along as part ofa vacaon, ducted
Sut Dt Li u oIiI Iet turns out that your deduct- Be sure to fll out Sohedule C-a
income, you will end up with B and completely. 'is Information
net loss line M a of Schedule C. establishes ur rights to valuable
TThis lose-can be deducted from social security beneft Note that
So Curb Aston in ly Frtile Hutterates aenome y one name Is shown on
'AstoLisni Cg T-WW e H terores0Thi. ule C-a. If both* you and your wife
PFahttheloss excqeds your other have l1 ml aent tax to pay,
M PIERRE D., Feb. 28 (UP)- are i n Montana d C a.he Huterits catne to South Dako me y have a net oneratlg use a seokn arianin g edule C and C-
A bill aimed at curbing the The residents believe In a rigid to from Russia in 174. The aet loss wiiel can be used to offet for each.
spread of the Hutterites a lnterpretatIO of the Bible anr- began in Switzerland in 156 when income it other years. After you have omleted the
s mtra e religious sect that shuns jqet oadarm uriest ad infu. tm leader, Jacob Hutter, was burn- Some taxpayers may have spe-I arfte bedu l competed the
the p measures of the world-was ences as evil." The men ed at the stake. c|al circumstances, whlh o require o
halfway throu h the South Dakota usually are I and the wom- The "multiplication" end other. adjustments to the losses. If youC epfi or loss to line, .of e
legislature today f en war ad coveri l xs. ets of upLterite lM have stirhave a loss, it is advisabtp-to cheek of Form 1040 and th ese pl.
ut it appeared doubtful t he Despitthe absence of luxuries, r up resentment among some the .omputatioA with your tax col- m-,t tax to line 10 m 1,,,g,1,1
measure would go the remaining the Hutteriteo hqva b"6 describ- ,Selgbors- -and hence the fe lector or tax dvisor. For 1040 .
c stance in the hectic four re.- ed as'amon ha. "happlest, most queant attaem pts to curb them by Page 3 of Schedule coa Wedisa. =s... a. ,
S manning days of the session, wh~ichwell ustd m ups e teIlaw. U ea colony reaches a spaces for compae ul sel-/:
S ends Friday. world, a edam a i pt p, tis of 100 to 150, members employment tax whib. m busi- rets ad ther cme.
S The Senate has passed a bill healthy aid by Vie a ied.- to ora another colony and ness men have to ay. 770. is the "".
Z A.,which would outlaw communal eral gi res .- s all over, tax that bys meil unit ben-Pne. l mrs
I-curporations under which the Di g M. -" fits. Pi.e
I I rfwlng Hutmerite colonies are nile said--m Complaints against them are Fo 13$6, th- tax Ii three per p as U ,
i chartered would.force are pr aghe ._ udt they suddenly pack asehols ceat of t re N fm.ine. i. *
..future colonies to organize as dren. Last ri l lrs. dl agto "-e ta ._ ductL no World Contest, t

te"li. have been under fire mon .k -. wages. ...- -s"mok a
"I r sr' "ss than ,5)e h s ew. The

',t sev _r was se n ald d m in aheri es ofe*il*tihi i

~'? '

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