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L4t the people know the truth and the oew j. safe" Abrahamn I~seobs.


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if~~M'7* ~4W



Formosa Crisis Enters

New Dangerous Phase

I UNITED NATIONS, N. Y., Feb. 14 (UP)- The Formosan orieis entered a danger.
Snew phase today.
SBothNationalist China and the Communist regime It Pelping mrved blunt notice
that the evacuation of Nationalist forces from the Tachen islands has not eased Cornm.
munist determination to seize Formosa.
Diplomats in the United Nations an4 across the Atlantic were alerted for new
efforts to prevent the Formosan dispute from flaming into war.
The United States has taken no hard position on whether and when it will defend
the Quemoy and Matsu islands, it was understood in Washington today.
President Eisenhower is understood to feel that if the Chinese Reds attack the
Nationalist-held Islande now the United Stites would defend the Formosan subfortresses.
Meanwhile India's Prime Minister Jawa harlal Noehvu, urged the world today to
'follow up" Russia's proposal for a 10-power conference on Formosa.

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Nixon Sold

Quemoyr Island bars entry to
CH awse Red port of Amoy.
W bloek the pert of Fooebow.
Noetinalist suns fn the islands
could e bottle up the ports. In
Red hands they could become a
springboard for attack on Forqm-
Adm Arthur W. Radford, chair.
man of the joint eblefs of staff
was said to hate made the point
that much more blood would be
shed in the defense of Formosa if
Quesmoy and Matun were In Com-
munist hands.
fClang said em FPaosa today
It had "beetn t de erfecly
esee" that the I 'V1 Sates

P 1sad has seat a note to the that could possibly,be done at this
t itad State testing the se- time.p
l by C0 Natinlsts of nowlad said the Chinese Com.-
atl PoBi fiUter and their munlsts have laid down conditions
ews la i~~it C a Sea, to an Invitation to discuss a cease-
Warsaw sradk jald teday. a fire at the United Nations "which
The Warsaw btoadcast, heard in would be a complete capitulation
London saM the pate charged that by the United Nations and the
the respoBsibi ll* for the seizures free nations of the world."
lay with the United States. It gave "I cannot conceive outside of the
no further detals of the contents Communist nations that are mem-
ofthe note. bers of'the U.N., that any other
self-respecting nation could yield
faPe iping adl, gPorg th to any such proposal," Knowland
fact the .8 7th Fleet and Na- said.
tioaalist qft vacated the
Tachemns eCommumst ia-
taference mei propagan _
'da claimW wars ^^^^iHwo

(NBA Radio Telephoto)
HOISTED ABOARD Civilian evacuees from Upper Taclen are
hoisted in a wooden box from a landing craft to the deck of a
transport which carried them to Formosa.


daIt t't e an h ed i n e
STc s, the out
ry. is about ay be abandoned, and their "liberation"
tween oy and also was claimed.
A CITT, robl14 called the e ation of The eds said "all the enemy
fU 1 "cRnW0(b aeut so I necessasn strategic oeluplei islands off the Chekiang
move but said It would make the coast are now liberated except th
at, the Qpmnunits more adventurous and soutbermmost, Naki," 80 miles
at -tond1aetea z they would attack For- south el the Tachens.
maid to ias a tself. Natimal Defense Minister
t David ei and a staff of experts
HBe said there was as chaeS flew tojQoemoy to eappraise the
a 5Zar1in out for a4 0 between Red Chia defenses of the Island chain after
l ad Ba% M uasl sad 1ea0 the the sabdonment of the Tachens
o *aIS t ines Cmmalt ref0me "a at its thern end.
s1. Ine s ul b~ p al They 'ddld in the island's
resident was said t sad a t a- utest Jortfleatons while can-
wh e = g .I atir"l V-.-W" Qnemoy and the nearby
I that the pr ChiaMl; made these potts: ,,Amoy and Tateng blar-
y be "too d L The Communists will attack adaway.
SFrmosa- Aserca ferce, after coam-
bn offie als i Quemoy and Matsu islands lthngt 4he evacuattsM of .the.
own "the mat are essential to the defense f Taem swu.gback to what
on yeN" theme to Formosa. wasa 'ran positios"
the inpe me 3. Changes in the Soviet govern- alog a defense lime bhesm the
the reo dree wuoeM ment show Russia and Commu- --1--afi -aMnd J rape
y7 peeinmm Prte nist China are moving closer to- Vice Am. Alfred. M. Prlde dis.
tinrgs ses d Ca gether. persed the th Fleet, but strong
ahs .Sunb'y ,14. "There is no hope for an 0- units remained nla the Formosa
recent wa repot- rienta Tito." traits. The Air Force announced
to lm of the rate The United Nations should it woldkeepa squadr of Sabres
e to Ouatemala. apply sanctions to Communist Chi- in Formosa IndetmUely.
PP sanctions toountry
SAmerican c try a for its otinued re on. Belatedly the Nationalst gve
werhdningsp- 6. For the U.N. to discuss a me formally announced the Tach-
tu a mearhlt asefire wih Peipig would bt en evacuation was over. t said
by overthrowlg a tantamount to Inviting the criml. there were no casualties in the
gme that had been' nl to tal over the matter in a withdrawal, inese or American.
Syear the sources tea or wine shop outside the law Pride arrived at the north For-
mosa port ot Keelung n his flag-
O0a s has beem al- 7. The idea of two Chinas is ab- ship the user Helena.
lto Guatemala. surd-the "loyal andt raltor ou s A Navy spokesman said later he
SAmerican ambas', cannot celst." "departed is viciaity" to ay
a Armour met Cm- 8. His government and people ama hi desttion was a military
tely to di cus cannot renounce tat "sacrd mis- cret Chinese sources said he
tuK te ionsa. oof ibera Unteir compatriots was b tr a sIr Sasebo, Japan.
aeMt n AtM on thne mainman Mtltary observers peculated
See o te tn I the .shield thrown up before
ared ma fos bal- Moscow radi meanwhile pledg- e'ormosa would remain in place
le ,bseed "Via ed Soviet mwort to Commun ist defni tely.
m rrmide.t Ca- w Chlina In Its n6ts to take Formo. Lay ggesThd te coma Is
s and branded the "invading ae. ais ws falw thr=h e
I tfones of the United States and th eilr e ater itso es tRepl
S--... Its threats of war" as aggression Tahe w ih I s ome t -
wa I Moscow broadast the text of an l r Natimalws Rl 1t ierls.
S. -editorial in the official Communist, TMhe Ismia***e Iae at Qa.
newsLp.. ieawper Pravda in con m ent,1 W ,w@Ig to thsees-
lag io the fh anniversary of the .
S ----- signing of the mutual aid pact be- euate Republican leader Wil-
SI~i.._ itween the Moscow aid Polling Jam F. Knowland (CalM.) predict-
Beth Moscow Mai olad Peiping definitely winl move against Mat-
S. radio filed tas air wit t g rala- ands aeaoy.
,a. Feb. 14 U P)- tory messages and mai ta ntple s Hea that only after the Co
r ud rapp s _a of ne .on isu ra g muls have gamed eotro of the
hume a r from, Formosa to Germa y. =e two islands will they "proeed toi
Se .u m om.. sam defilanl warned the We st ot o oe s Fora m"dt the
S it challenge the powr of their US P escade
Sthe seo. Kw-n- ade th statement
Sp -e, I ." e positi f the Soviet U- Iafmed ntriew with R.
i -h. between .a in the quesimn of Fmtrosaa sm e l. Keating (-N.Y.).in
WPOL- sMar is ear dwllw thue r im wee sina Imeoveral t levi-
, alu avda eda rWal sM. dodam5_n 5 o hea i ehater snd Buf-
S '7eSoviet Unt=o.nsides theft alo LY I
willbeq0i s Of FNMm a= ma? mh L-O. P Senate eder also
I lefg. Oi-L f oi f Cinsaadessess" the asi"the P eiit's fes-eal .
moteen d 0UAW *draw a Maue In thea sIA; E -be

St a ,- D*-
albe.. .mf .. m s f a :V MO--m en a

-.*... ,, B

ber as-

TROOPS ABRIVE FROM TACHENS The first of the National
ed from the Tachen Islands disembark at Keelung. Formosa, fo
of the islands is expeUted to be completed this weekend.

Money Alone Won't Solve

Of Teachers, Tax Foun da
NEW YORK, Feb. 14 (UP) ability and performance in rals
Money alone will at solve the ing the level of the profession.
U S teacher shortaff r raise the "The absence of a comprehend
status of the teacb- ,profession, solve examinations of teacher can-
the Tax Foundtm M said today. didates is in distinct contrast to
the rigid requirements in law an
IIncreased cmmpension, though medicine, professions with whi
needed in man areas, must be.eaching Is commonly equatgl."
accompanied -.y "mee rigIVd"
standards sgoveenrint A rin and Salary advancement for claS
advancement a df aehts, t b e room teacher. Is based almost ea
private research or %alt=o said. tirely upon two factors, the tous
survey of. St _a loo, 100 datlon said they are the academic
000 or more popul ANd owed the agree held and years of r
average -tartafg of school Few of the 80 cities surevyed paid
teachers with a Ba,= r's degr-. extra compensation for demons
was $3315, anS a doctor's treated 'superior teaching ability."
Phd. degree PS. It added.
The foundation agid there were' The foundation recommended es
10 per ent fewer teachers than tablishment of "merit systems'
needed at the start the 19s-55 under which teacher compensation
academic year, V" 'ndIkates
the need for a-radIN competent. .__
rerefUs to the B bio.a RId t
Genmrally t added, the basic
requirement for o, a new mawber is the ]pse i ks DonIn w n W lnn
of a a tlNe d $2ee. ,5 wta .. ...

Young German.Gob
Breaks LegAt Sea
A le-year-OeldO se5amman.
who Ja b be bbI wU. on his
Al th Le-i Ie PO- U

An American who broke down
the door of what he 10 wan
hbis own apartment BIn a
was fined S this momeg sI
the Balboa MA9WnmeateCoWk
=bu p ent the Oft w
=upe a0 condition thaA he
peay to have the door fltd.
2We defendant David L Du0
Ub'had last moved into apart
mesn z of Baouondi eeM m -
boM Me thought he w hin th
bet eouldnt open ash er
his eny. Whoreu ms k
the door dows. o egt
had likedown door ad
2 ofr a agem^in
.' b." "- .... :

A aa that his issocfrto
spent several days In.Cuba NR
week gathering information
from Israel Cuatellanos, Cuban
criminrlogist who was one of
the foreign investigators called
in to offer assistance during the
Although Escobar declined to
give any details of the Castella-
nos Interview "for obvious rea-
sons," he did say that some "re-
vealing statements" were made
by the Cuban with regard to the
identification of the bullets.
"My Impresaion from the me-
morandum he sent us was that
the investigation was incomplete
and insufficient because there
were too many details which
might have been robed and
were not," Escobar stated.
(NA R adio Telephoto) The attorney said that from
st Chineseptroops to be evcuat- Castellano they have been able
)r redeployment. The evacuation to get a "rough idea" of how the
Investigation was conducted, and
most important of all "what was
not done" by the commission.
Shortage E eele that be a
in toa ekig down the duies
sh hSeven v e it lomed nt hiNgw-
on aysver, e affirmed that the law-
yers cannot fill sthe ga lre-
- would be based upon ability and ertely left by the ont ie
performance. I nhedn, nmusnt da.euttrat On
T.On a regional basis, the survey' .tha r Pnl misilo "-
revealed, teachers with e babeh show the people Gul ado is
Sor's d in the South general absolutely Innent f the
d iy are thl lowest paid while those crime.
h In the West particularly Califor- In reply- to a query A to
nia, are des highest paid. whethig be felt the real culprits
____, __, __,"_ had been apprehended, Escobatr
said that was rather a "rash
O- S question."
Red ess (ails However he expressed great
L rka y L a crime w accepted solely on the
11 strength of Miro's statement.
For VI oerkl/ of t attorney report-
.. ae toasee GB a ldo le e t a week.
All women living on the P& which he terms suffilent for
cidfic Side, who have had Gray. his purposes."
SLady training, are being asked The Impeached president has
nl L the Canal Zone chapter of been locked up in a special cell
IteAmericanR ed Cron to vo-',for exactly one month. He had
lunteer for work at Gborgas Hon-lbem held incomunicado during
The need for more Gray La-I
dies has arisen sinc thet W
Iln of the new wards at Go.. asi i nW iN 0 VII
Sand the general expason of the.Jws
hospital fo9ow1n 1 the closing of tl
Sthe Fort Clayton aHospital. iaTJOOn n Tourn i
GIray Ladiesa also are needed tol
serve in the new recreation cen- abbi Nt n Witkin, field
I tr which was opened recently at director, National Jewish Wel-
i e for convalescent male fare S board, left today via mill-
tary aircraft for his semi-mnual
1 .. women with Gray. d pur of the Caribbean beU
, tenant, who wish to volunteer, er he will mae arrange-
s 4a tact Mrs. Thelma M a tSUr the coming Passover
@ pa, VlunD teer Services chaw W a d wi ll d niM servIM
mn Tuesday and WednsW_ f the men of the Jewish
lmlgs from 0 to 11 at S ad their wins
, Canl Zoe Red Croes Wiath viIne U
.- = OnGagl uiard M_ 0

hB- na eV aa**** N d
d S2-* l or 8-41 0 t glow am l aa -g
a and 6 P. .-_

this time, and had een no
paper reports on the
the investigation.
Faeebar sal= Gabl adiel
bright spirits despite the

for endlemnse atisamg. ,
Escobar nortd hat
considered ft a "deep.
that his word mas
against MNin1's.
In conclusion., mascar seUl
believed he wi have a *henp.
discuss the ground Sw tbe*
dlctment on Wt-n, slt
which -the tw. JWlim .Sw7M
plan to submit. nrtunNB
al the evideine I Uo toi
Guizado's position nd tm .
According to law, he M,j
trial, If ordered, mul be dpsl
the vubile and must take
where at least 100 people com .
Meanwhile, it was
from Eduardo Morgan,
the Panama Law I t
they have just e fJ
orttoo be nt to M
Assembly today, mahiltf
that the Amembly h Ua
to intervene In te O -
to ludge It. M ma J
aasociaton's declm w asM
this was a Unom Ad=
hto commu), which M ad'
to do with Guisado'

Moarsan asd, eft
which w m try t '
,try Guasdo



Reports Impeach

President Has

'Decided To Fight

Felipe Juan Escobar, one of two defense lawye
tainted on behalf of impeached President Jos=-I--I
zado, charged today that the National Assembly coNi
tee investigating the Jan. 2 assassination of Presideq
s6 A. Rem6n Cantera did not probe deeply into the C
and their report was insufficient and incomplete -i
of the magnitude of the crime.
"It is obvious," Escobar said today, "that if t%
vestigating commission had any stronger evidence,
would have presented it at the outset."
Escobar said he was "astonished" that the mothi
this crime has been accepted so lightly, "just on ft
Mir6's word."
The Cambridge-trained lawyer who saw the del
ant for the first time last Fridaywhe he spent 30
utes visiting him in jail, saiduizdo was in te i1
spirits "and has decided to put up a figh." ...
He predicted that if the Na- ________
tonal Assembly ealls for the H
ex-President's indictment fOI"
w eardbte sthedu dlsi
ova Wad4e4ier, the tl1 **



~; h.





r ~' "~


__ r _C


- 1 -

I | .. .

_ i __ -. R ~T- --~I-



5C~6~FP~r~_ ~~F:~:

I -,,.r'.o c
I SVO. r.

or -af'*'^* Bik
it.1 I -^B

, ;.



7. H STREET P 0 Box 134. PANAMA. R oP P.
MONTH. IN ADVANCE--_____________ 1 70 2.D
M*SIX MONTH$. IN AOVANC, 8.80 13.0
P" ONE YEAR. IN ADVANCE, 18.50 4.0





Just 10 days more and the fat stock show opens for the ten
day run at the Bexar County Coleseum and we look for the best
?bow and the biggest turnout in its history. This year one of
ilwe judges is a Colombian and that country is one of the big-
Lagt buyers.
From the run of sales and other expositions throughout the
untry, there is going to be some heavy bidding. Bull exhibit-
by a 13-year-old boy last week brought $13,500 at Houston
t that's only peanuts by side of the Decatur bull.
One third entered brought $100 thousand and the purchaser
e ects to get his money out of it. Wouldn't hurt him much if
h' didn't. He lately sold his oil interest for the small sum of
SAt last a long looked for rain has broken the longest and
w rst drouth in history and the farmers and ranchers are sure
h4ppv. Generally- the winter throughout the country has been
severe, but in this part very light with only one freeze that did'
aqv damage.
See .my old friend Crede Calhoun says they have had some
oitite cool weather in Boquete. Just so It don't freq e !and kill
my navel oranges. -
*~~~~~~ .._.. -

Peter Edson


retary of State John Foster Dulles
has been playing his cards awful-
ly close t. his vest 'in shaping
policy to deal with the Formosa
situation. Only top 'level officials
have been taken into his, conf-
dence on many moves. .
The result has been that many
second and lower level offitels of
the State Department hAve been
as completely surprisedd as the
press and the public, when an-
nouncemet was .made of recent
actions. Some officers hav4 stalrt-
ed sending.underlings to press con-
ferences to learn what policy Is
for their .own information.
A case in point was handling
negotiations for the United Na-
tions to arrange a cease-ire be.
tween the Chineqb-Nationalist and
Communist governments. The de-
cision to seek this cease-fire was
mpde at the big National Security
Council meeting last September at
the summer White House in
News that this cease-fire deal
was in the works did not leak
until mid-January 'four months

W. J. "op" Wright later. "
< Even then, the news was made
to appear that the Idea for a
SALVAGE SALES IN CANAL ZONE cease-fire had originated In Eu-
SALVAGE SALES IN CANAL ZONE rope. This came through the fact
that British Foreign Minister An.
For many years the Balboa scrap yard, was the employee thony .Eden mentioned it publicly
~ojurce of supply for old building material, tools, furniture ana for th? first tihe and Sir Leslie
yinnous odds and enos that could be utilized in their activities Knox Munro of New Zealand was
6 side working hours. There was no red tape and the sales designateS to introduce the cease.
"ught a sizeable revenue to the Canal. fire resolution in the UN Security
; Due to some dairy engineer's brainstorm, in the revision of Council.
methods, these sales have been stopped, the revenge lost, the em-
pliDyes upset, and items dumped. When Secretary Dulles was ques-
It is suggested a tip be taken from our latest branch of the tioned about it at his news con-
a*ed forces the Air Force whose personnel, regardless of ference, he had all the answers
Sro,. has been outstanding, particularly in any phase involving at the tip of his tongue. And with
*"lesslike methods. his tongue in his cheek, no doubt,
With no red tape, sales of this nature are routine, he said that the United States was
Many changes in methods and mode of living have been a sympathetic to any movement to
Jpforward in Canal Zone in past years of reorganization.' But find a peaceful solution to the far
m.and then some thoughtless bird gums up the works and no eastern problems.
weta the initiative to correct the error hope this helps That was the first State Depart-
rap yard get back to its profitable business. ment officers professed to have
4 heard of the idea.
S- F. W. Brathwaite What had happened, of course.
was that the .cease-fire idea had
..Answer to Pevo pu been conceive before Secretary
Dulles went* rinila for the
SISGn $ Southeast Asia Treaty' conference
I in September. On his way back
ErI~O ~lmW .Lfrom Manila, he stopped off on
IFirstexl*e r iIli I shek. Returning to Denver to re-
Island for DOWN port to the President, the com-
J.apolon -- P R plete strategy for dealing with the
SRi.ver island o w YorkI Formosa situation was mapped
S target sland immigration out.
island is landtob be It theif became necessary to en-
r aadoned Ilist the approval and support of
3 Climbing these policies by other nations of
3 Le rt &it d il Plerced, as s 8nw Secretary of State Wal-
in the worM with horns 38 Mistakes iRlrtson, in charge of far
L Aklo 32 Pertaining to 39Pauses eastern affairs made another
M fd & SCorret mailfservice 40Rivervalleys swing through His area and lined
u Island1in 28 Al 4l13allowr p approval of Chiang Kal-shek
ISAbtrtblg Hebrides 2 Man's name 42PolyesIan for the form mutual defense pact
IAittt TSip 26 Sketcher islands between the U. S. and Nationalist
Ult stely S Trim, as '$0 Biblical 45 Feminine China.
S rmewood branches pronoun appellation Secretary Dulles was in constant
pte 0w Odlebr an d es 1Father 46aFollower touch with major European gov-
ist Olter 34 Har48oh o50 Heaven ernments through normal diplo.
3PWx t fMr. 3ch 3Harsh 50 Heaven matic channels. But he was in
21.Pervolatei 10 ApprO.ach 5TeIn driver Poruflfed Europe himself in October and De-
l iI|cember and French Premier Men.
UItd I0 P I des-Frahce was in Washington in
S10 tu | November. So there was plenty of
Aw ed opportunity to sell his program
2. 0 g |firsthand.

I 0tfladora Nacional, S. A.



By orders of the Board of Directors, the
stockholders of NATIONAL DISTIL.
LERS, S. A., are hereby notified that the
annual stockholders' meeting will be held
at the main offices of the Company, lo.
cated in Avenida Bolivar, Panama City,
R. P., on the 25th day of February, 1955,
at 4:00 p.m., for the following purposes:

(a) To read the minutes of the pro.
vious meeting;
(b) To elect or reelect Directors
(c) To examine and approve the bal.
anee, profit and loss statement and
the aepert submitted to them by the
Porn-of DlrmetonM
(d) To idd and act ar i llthe
dm e deeard V n l-eI I
-r am 3 r arldiId y
uteekbeeMeassbmitas to them.,

ipmmo, Vria y 1I, 1n.L

A '


All these dealings involved a
number of complex questions of
international law. Secretary Dulles
has at his call a large and experi-
enced international legal staff in
the State Department. But ordi.
narily, on National Seurity Council
top levelmatters, Secretary Dulles
is the lawyer for the staff and
outside legal council is not nec-
essarily consulted.
In this connection, a storf has
just come to light on Ex-Gov.
Thomas E. Dewey's characteriza-
tion of Lawyer 'Dulles when he
was the GOP presidential candi-
date's adviser on international af-
fairs. Dulles was a fine Christian
gentleman and a leader in world
church movements. But before
that; Dewey observed Dulles had
been a Wall Strqet lawyer. And
if you weren't, careful in dealing
with him, he'd trade you right
out of your eyeballs.

Joe (dolege

Hasn't Changed

In Thirty-.Two Years
ST. LOUIS (UP) Rose Fal.
lenstein, who ought to knew, be
lives there's little difference be-
tween the college boys of the 1920's
and thdoe of today.
MIss Fallenstein has been at the
job of feeding college males for 34
years before she retired recently
as supervisor of food service and
dormftorles at Washingtop Univer-
sity here.
There have been a lot of chang-
es in the physical phases of cam-
pus life, Miss Fallenitein said,
but the male students are about
the same.
"They're just like college boys
have always been-hungry," she
Their eating habits haven't
changed much. She said that most
freshmen have been parent-pam-
pered and are bewildered when
they have to make their own
choice of food. But by the time
they become seniors, they hae'
developed some diet sense.
Coltege food fods bewildered
hr rom time to time, but a little
Inquiry would turn up reasons for
She recalled one Istance I te
IM's, about the time Prohbitioni
was aled. He
SdE166 developed a f-

Pandoro's Box


Walter Winchell In New York

Witness For The Prosecution
The Wall Street action has Sena.
tor Fulbright and the Senate
Banking and Currency Committee
curious ... They will soon hold
session, in "a study," rather than
"an investigation" ... The Com-
mittee mailed questionntires to
members of the Stock Exchange
I and brokerages) requesting infor-
mation (and theories) on why the
market goes up and down, etc ...
This colyumist respectfully su;b-
mits his observations ... The light
face type below: The Senate's
queries. The bold face; Our com-
1. What in your opinion. were the
principal factors, ca gthPe stock
market beginningn the Fall
of 1953? '
..The realization and recognition
that government support of the
economy was here to stay. By Fall
of '53 the deflationary policy of
the U.S. Treasury had demonstrat-
ed that it was financially disas,
trous, and more important, lWoliti-
cally calamitous. The Fiscal policy
of the Administration may now be
regarded as mandatory upon any
-_l a --A if if nr.' 10.^ in *j.

4. Are there any dangers to the I There is always danger In every-
cconomy inherent in the (a) pres- thing; that's why the sleeping pill
ent market levels (b) present'makers are so rich! Wall Street
market activity or (c) amount of sells 'nvestments-not "insurance
credit on securities? policies ... Ocean liners can avoid
the dangers of the sea by remain.
The time has long passed when ing in port-but the biggest risk of
Wall.Street markets are a threat to all is to imagine you are taking no
the nation's economy. For the sim- chances at all ... Dangers, Sena-
ple reason that The Street no tor, are not avoided; they are
longer has control of credit, pro- surmounted.
duction or financial leadership. -
financial power of the country is in 8. Is there any evidence that
the U.S. Treasury and the produce. present government regulation
tive power of the country is in the of the exchange and over the.
hands of management and unions, counter security markets is inade-
The Wall Street bankers and brok- quate? If so, explain and suggest
ers of 1955 are, so to-speak, finan- how this can be corrected.
cial White Russians. They affect
to wear the ermine, but it has lost This is like asking The Ameri
its meaning and power. Automobile Assoelation if it thinks
motorcycle cops are giving eat
; enough tickets!
5. If the rate of increase in stock
market prices between Sept. 1,
1953 and Jan. 1, 1955 should con- 9. To what extent do fluctuations
flnue for another year would there in the market bring about changes
be any danger to the national in general business conditions? To
economy? what extent do changes in general
hbusines condition influence, tha

This is as silly as asking if your
thermometer runs up to 105 de-
grees-is it likely to give you a

stock market?
If this question had been asked
first, the others would be irrele
vant. The National Labor Rela-
i BRad mad Tho Rio Bl in~t.

Administration i it 1wisIes to re- ons oa u *an rne Wusiness*I
main in power. It must provide 6. If the rate of increase in Big Labor negotiations affect the
the work for 63 million or they (the stock market prices between Nov. nation's economy fifty times more
63 million) will vote in an Admin- 1. 1954 and Jan. 1, 1955 should con- than the Stock Exchange.
istration which will do it. tinue for another year, would
-- there be any danger? Federal and State taxation are
2. Why was the rate of rise a strong second. Gov't purchasing
stepped up in the last month of Somewhere along here the Sena- is a mighty factor. Wall- Street is
'54? tor ought to define what he calls a merely the reflector and recorder
Study the sea. The waves come "danger, etc." in Senator Ful- of their doings.
and go. bright's home state of Arkansas
--- ... But In the cotton mill states To repeat, there aren't 63 million
3. Do you think there are simi- (of New England) lower cotton jobs. because business Is good;
larities between. the market now prices would be regarded by the business is good because there
-and that which prevailed in manufacturers as a "rectification," are 63 million jobs. And the first
1928-1929?' putting the textile industry on a political party which allows these
Certainly there are similarities "sounder" basis, and thereby help. Jobs to sink to 55 million is going
-but it is the differences which in the nation ... The Senator ap- to find itself out of business for-
count. A map and an ape greatly pears to be suffering from a ft- ever.
resemble each other, but their dif- nancial vertigo at the thought of -
ferences spell out evolution. The the. heights to which the market is
1928-29 market was created by going. It is well to remember here If Sen. Fulbright thinks it is
marketing practices which would thatrno one was ever killed climb- easy to put a ceiling on Wall
now send a man to Jail. It was ing higher in the Empire State Street, all he has to do is try to
rigged, rumored and rooked. Those BIdg .. It's the coming down that pull the gov't floor from under
practices are gone .... most kills ... It wasn't the 1929 boom cotton .. Wall Street is only re-
important, this warketunlkthe which stabbed the nation in the cording that the textile business is
129 onne) is baked" 7thbe U.S. heart. It was the 1930 panic-and going to be good because Senator
Treasury-thohgh it i cal' d by a if you don't think so-look at the Fulbright (and the other Southern
different name ... 'he Stad by prices you are paying now-for the Senators of the Cotton Bloc) are
Emergency Economic Program" same stocks at the bottom of the going to see that the price of cot-
was all ready to rat last Spring Depression. The fears of the De- ton doesn't go thru the bottom
-at the mere hint of a depression pression caused ten times more again. And this goes for all other
... A one hundred Billirn dollar damage than the extravagant hopes "blocks."
road program is only a oie the Big Boom. --
financial reserves ready. 'As a, --
matter of fact, a market erqsh at J Senator, Wall Street its pitching
this time would be a diplomatic 7. If you believe there would. be for higher prices because it ex-
and military disaster works than; any danger .. in a continuation pects Senators to be pegging their
Pearl Harbor in 1941, which-is why of the stock market rise ... what I favorite industries-with the U. S.
(I am told) it Isn't goll-to hap- are your suggestions for avoiding'Treasury-during the foreseeable
pen. "- I the danger? future!


Map shows ho it ait be d cold
across the Atale frocm a baae c.try taen heav control ak m over by the riN hI
and securGly landed In wlowlh m old t rad or h f st6a U.
,- ,. piahibe.. .. ~ U

WASHINGTON It won't be
announced for some time and it
may even be denied, but the
President has just about made up
his mina tMat when tne ume i&
ripe he will recognize Red China.
ine fact tnat toe Red Chinese
have overwhelming c01trol of the
mainland, ptus tne y atona.
list leadership of ChIang Kal-shek,
plus the dubious policy of risking
a major war for the sake of For-
mosa all contributed to tne Presi-
dent's thinking.
Secretary o0 State Dulles has
leaned toward this view for some
time. Eisenhower nimseif has
has come round to it more recent-
ly. But he has long been con.
Imnced-even before he became
President oft he United States--
that this country could not afford
to get bogged down in war with
The Eisenhower strategy will be
to grant recognition 4f the Reds
cut out their propaganda attacks
against the USA, agree to-a cease-
fire and agree to respect the right
of the Nationalists to maintain a]
separate China on Formosa.
All the above Is one reason why
Sen. William Knowland of Cali-
fornia has been running down to
the White House two or three
times a week lately. He suspects
that this stulf is in the wind and
has been doing his best to stop
In doing so, he has one potent,
Important ally Red China It-
self. Communist Chinese leaders
have become so cocky, so over-
confident, so brazen about having
the West on the run, that they
may thumb their noses at any sort
of agreement even if they get rec-
ognition in return.
ZING ABOUT The high collars
worn by Mrs. Pat Nixon, the
vice president's wife. She's self.
conscious about her prominent
collarbones A hair-pulling
fight between two socialites, Ruth
and Beverly Woodner--ex-wife and
sister, respectively, of millionaire
Ian Woodner. (The story leaked
following a grand jury investiga-
tion of Ian Woodner's federal
housing windfalls.) The snub
ex-Democratic National Chairman
Steve Mitchell gave to his vice
chairman, India Edwards. He
didn't invite her to his farewell
party, then explained he paid for
the party and decided to invite
only his friends The wrath
of atomic energy commissioners
at Chairman Strauss for accepting
Kenneth Nichols' resignation as
general manager and appointing
ex-Cong William Wampler, Repub-
lican, of Bristol, Va., as congres-
sional liaison man without con-1
suiting other members of the com-

-Cong. Carl ison of Georgia,
the House Armed Services chair-
man and great champion of the
Navy, is so anxious to whoop it
up for another supercarrier that
he has scheduled brand new hear-
ings. His committee has already
approved the supercarrier, so he
Is actually planning hearings on
a matter that the committee has
already decided. But Vinson be-
lieves it pays to advertise. By
holding the hearings over again,
he hopes to whip up public support
to force the Appropriations Com-
mittee to grant the money for the
supercarriers. Otherwise, they may
be guided by the advice of atomic
experts that one enemy plane in
the Mediterranean could wipe out
our entire Mediterranean fleet
with one A-bomb.

Foreign Minister Anthony Eden
may have jettisoned his great am-
bition to succeed Winston Chur-
chill as Prime Minister of Eng-
land by his 100 per cent support
of the USA over Formosa.
Immediatley a ft e r President
Eisenhower asked for his joint
resolution giving him a free hand
around theFormosan attaits. Eden
came out with a. public statement
endorsing Ike. This unprecedented
gesture had been arranged in ad-
vance with John Foster Dulles to
give vigorous allied support to the
President's message.
But after the British began tak-
ing a good look at the joint reso-


"I mliV PlAlie- ,

lution even Eden's enthusiasm
cooled while other British politi.
coe boiled. For the joint resola.
tion would permit the United
States to drop the A-boib on the
Chinese mainland without a dee-
laration of war even If China only.
concentrated troops opposite For.
It was to head off such a policy
that Premier Clement Attlee made
special trip to Washington dur.-
ing the Korean war.
As a result, Eden has become
political storm center. Even his
friend Winston is growling that
the Eisenhower policy Imperils
the safety of Hong Kong.
So, unless Eisenhower works out
his strategy of Red Chinese recog.
nation and a cease-fire, the debon-
air Anthony, who has been waiting
so long and so patiently for Chur-
chill to retire may be disappointed
in achieving his greatest ambition.
Just before he left on his Carib-
bean tour, Vice .President Nixo
told one of his closest friends that
President Eisenhower does not In.
tend to run for a second term.
Nixon said the President will re.
sist any move to draft him o0
the ground that he is not the nla
dispensable man and that a young,
vigorous candidate can wn for
the Republicans. (Nixon considers
himself very young and very vig-
orous.) Sen. Herbert Lehman
of New York has sent out a bitter
letter to Lyndon Johnson of Texas
complaining that Johnson violated
Lehman's seniority privileges and
cheated him out of committee
assignments he deserved. Lyndon
sent back an apologetic "I did
the best I can" reply, which only
enraged the New Yorker more.
The suave Texan seems to be 'able
tc butter up every Democratic
senator e x c e p t the man who's
been governor of New York more
terms than anyone in history.

School Principal

Uls Breakfast

For 150 Pupils
HOLYOKE, Mass. ,-(UP) -*
Principal William, J. Dean of
Trade -High School is a firm be.
liever in hearty breakfasts.
Before each dawn, Dean goes to
the high school cafeteria and pre-.
pares breakfast for 150 male stu-
The menu usually consists of or-
ange juice, hot cereal, bacon and
eggs, and milk.
."Too many .students~.kip break ,
fast," Dean said. "It makes them
unruly." '
He said there has been han im.
provement in conduct since he
started the program.

SUBBING-Sen. Earle Clem-
ents (D., Ky.) takes over as
Senate majority floor leader.
Sen. Lyndon Johnson has
stepped out of his leader's post
temporarily until he returns
after a kidney operation.

By Calbraith







+. T I -.
* r '. ,.-:

' .. .-.,, : .

:,9. *

I -.

' I'.'1

MONDAY, R3UAInT 14, 13

* *1

was senses amarcan -- an awawaeans assy wawareas -

- .__ .

Hoiver CiM sion Kickts ff. Films' Gall Russell W\,44O .a &..a

Senior ivif ervite' Durive WI b'Traffk Cops suco wnr m'
WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 (UP)- The commission said some of Troubled actress Gail Russell, Written for NBA Service
The newHoover Commisslon k its .proposals could mean addition- already facing a drunk-driving
ed off it government reform cam- at spending at first but .n the long charge, was sought by police to-
paign today by calling for a "sen- run would save many times as day after her snappy convertible -
lor Civil Service" of 1,100 non- much. It said a cut of employee failed to stop after ramming in- NOlTI a
political administrators to keep turnover from 25 per cent would to a car stopped for a red Ught L N
the government at peak officency save close to 50 million dollars. Mass Russell's agent. Yvonne J I04
from one administration to anoth- The task force said its proposals West, told police she would sur-1 8 $1
or. should save "at least 450 million render the film star later to- 40 af
It also proposed w unspecified dollars a year" within a few years day. But police indicated that I
additional number f adminfatra- after beingpt. into effect, because of the minor nature of ST
tioh.-piked executives to help car- Some of the proposals were the accident, no arrest would be a78,2 6
ry out and defend official policies. certaua to run Into stif objec: made. KAQ 2 6 4 A 4
Simultaneously, a commission: tons in Congress. Reps. ar- The mishap occurred in North ,KQJ843 4 A 982
"task force" blasted the policy of ence J. Brown (R-O), Chbet Boll Hollywood yesterday. Leonard 68 6852
requiring political clearance for Meld (D-Cailf.) and former Bot- D'eutsch, 29, owner and driver 80SMt (D)
federal jobs and accused the El- master General James. A. Far of the second car, and his wife 6AAKQS
senhower administration of weak- ley, all members of the commius- and daughter were shaken, up 7J10
ening the nation's Civil Service sion, dissented from the "seieor by the accident. /* I
program. Civil Service" idea. Deutsch noted down the license 4 QJ 10 7 4
The task force called for an end Backed. by both the task force number of the convertible when Neither.side vul.
to the patronage or "spoils" sys- and commission, it would consist it sped away after the crash, He Oh Wsot hNMr ast
tern of awarding jobs to the poll- of highly-qualified administrators, told police it was driven by a 1 6 2 .2 I
tical faithful. It urged creation of picked from federal agencies and pretty- dark-haired woman, and 2 3 3 Paas
a "distinguished panel" to nves- approved by a special senior Civ- that a black poodle was also in 'Pas 4 Pass Pass
tigate the administration's securi- il Service board. Its members, the car. 4 4 Double Pass Pas
ty-risk program, whicb it said has paid form $10,800 t6 $17,500 annua Miss Russell, 30, ex-wife of ac- Pads
"raised many questions' and "de- could switch jobs without losing tor Guy Madison was arrested, Opnil ead-$- 1 K "
pressed morale." rank. The would be politic a for drunk driving in 1953. She This"littleof
in a report to Congress on fed- "neutrals,' 'taking no part in ppoi- paid a $150 fine after pleading This famhy's Set-mle 'tA nIr.lbe" e e i
eral personnel policies, the full tical controversy or defense of ad- guilty to a drunk charge Jan. 18, ei SstlSa Its wna homeS at'she of ulef-
commission headed by former ministration policies. 1954. But her trial on the drunk It isn't necessary to think hard -tos t he m ay with a r ete-flia ore ch t
President Herbert Hoover, ignor- They would keep their jobs re- driving count has been postpon- about every single bridge hand, be- may mre. .
ed the security-rlak and patron- gardless of which party controlled ed six time? since then. It is now cause some hands practically play -- -
age hesues. It sent the task force., the government, but could be drop- scheduled for Feb. 21. themselves. The trouble is that no- T U w Ar I ry- A.... behe
report to the Congress without ped by the senior board if they body rings a bell to tell you when THE little wardrobe" isevery A pegbord might. be. a help
comment, failed to "progress." The commis- to think and when to relax. The where this year. With boutiques here, since- bathroom walls are
The" commission and Its task sion suggested a starting force of Tw fl lfl5N only safe policy, therefore is to blossomig on every city corner, notoriously hard and crumbly for
force split on the issue of veter- 1500 "senior civil servants" but u 1 U) think about every hand-even those women are .taking delight In col- getting hooks into. With a good.
ans' preference for government said an eventual strength of 3,000 that look like routine affairs. electing little *wardiobes of scarfs, sized pegboard, you mtay rea.
Jobs. The task force; .headed by "may be needed." Take today's hand, for example, jewelry and blus .. range and sqrt your beauty tools
harold W. Dodds, president of Brown said this would constitute played in last year's national chain So what could be more nat- and keep them at hand;
Princeton University, called 'for an "elite corps" and expressed H i as s pionships. The bidding was the ural than gathering, up the beauty Check over what you have and
drastic reduction or outright abol- fear such a setup would "strength- imalaya NOUnflai same at both tables of a team tools' here and' there about the consider the following' possibil-
ition of most veterans' privileges, en and further entrench the match, and at both tables West house and having a little ward- cities: a long-handled backW brush,
The commission recommended a bureaucracy." Holifield called the opened the king of diamonds. robe for beauty? Get ,them to- a hairbrush, cosmetic brush, nail
much less severe trimming., Idea "fanciful," Farley said he LIVERPOOL, England, Feb. 14 At the first table East didn't gather, discard the worn-o ut S, brush. Others nqt ,l the brush
Enfbrmed sources said the 12- had "some reservations" as to (UP) -Two British expeditionary bother to think. He played the en-. replace and keep track. Then, if category are: cuticle nippers, a
member commission, which in- whether it would carry out the parties left on the liner Circassla couraging nine of diamonds on his you're the: organizing kind, you pumice stone, tweezers, shampoo
eludes four members of Congress, purpose anticipated, yesterday to tackle two towering partner's king. West naturally led can have a special place to keep goggles, a, face sponge, a body
refrained from stronger recom- Farley, had similar "reserva- Himalayan mountains. another diamond, and the party them a sponge, powder puff, a comb an
mendations on this core because tions" on the proposal to put more A nine-man team under Dr. was over. South ruffed, drew three -" -- a magnifying mirror.;
it knew Congress would not adopt "political executives" into the gov. Charles Adams will try to scale rounds of trumps, and ran the five J And, if your washbasin is be-
them. ernment. Holifield called it "un. 28,166-foot high Kanchejijunga. clubs, discarding one of the losing gaining to look over-tenan tooth-ed
Today s was the first of a series Warranted." Dr. Adams was a member of hearts from the dummy. The de- ... how about adding your tooth-
of reportday was the cofimmst of isson is reated." Brigadier Sir John Hunt's expedi. fenders could make only two heart brush and, cup? Your washcloths
dying for Congress based on Its Farley and Brown opposed the tion which climbed Mount Everest tricks, and declare thus made his Fra A can go here, plus safety pins.
year-and-a-half study of ways to removal from politics of rural in 1953. contract. avmr If the .board doesn't fall off the
reorganize hen executive branch mailmen, U.S. marshals and field The other expedition of five men At the other table the defenders wall from the weight, it's mighty
o the officials othegovernment officials o the customs and mint. will tackle 23,440-foot Sankar and were Johnny Crawford and B. Jay A convenient.
The new commission, establish- democrats were sure to find po- will map hitherto uncharted areas. Becker who willbedefending their m Actually, there's no need to go
ed by Congress in mid-1953, is a litical ammunition In the t ask This group is led by Alfred Greg- e championship at th PI BURGH, eb. 14 (UP) overboard if the ideaoverhelms
second edition ot its predecessor, force's proposal for an "official ory, another of the victorious Ev-' year's national championship in At CambriaCounty Judge A.A. Nel- you. But many bathtubs are lit.
likewise headed by Mr..JHoover, inquiry and appraisal" of he ad- res team. lanta during the first week of De. son was dismissed today from tered with assorted brushes and
that made a series of government ministration's security-risk sys- ---- cember. Crawford opened the king his temporary assignment in Al- washcloths that h a v e no real
reform proposals during the Tru- tern by distinguishedd itizens of diamonds, and Becker did some legheny County Criminal Court home. A snappy pegboard could
man administration. Many now whose judgment cannot be ques- Radio Free Euro nking, just as he always does. because he told a lottery" case provide an easy-to-find location. -
are in effect. tonedd' Becker reflected that his partner jury, "I have played the num- Such a pegboard for the kids'
Among its recommendations the The task force reserved its I J Ukaisl had bid and rebid diamonds It bers myself." bathroom could be a real boon
pighresent commission called for sharpest' barbs for the administrae LjobIIsU or was therefore likely that Crawford Presiding Judge William M. to teaching youngsters order. Try
higher pay for top-level govern- tion's move to provide more jobs had six diamonds, and that declar- McNaugher directed the removal drawing the outlines of the brush-
went managers placement of for deserving Republicans. en h Waefrgs us baie er therefore had only one. W h a t of the visiting jurist who had es on the board for easy re.
more jobs under Civil Service) e- It said President Eisenhower's ivWla InI rUolau could Crawford have in the way been assigned to help handle a placing.,
elimination of political clearances removal of many jobs from civil of defensive strength forth is pen- backlog of criminal cases in Al-
for some '2.000 rural mailmen; service "has-weakened. the chain MUNICH, Germany, Feb. 14 alty double of four spades? Certain legheny County.
and an end to -political appoint, ot command" and reduced the (UP)-The American-sponso r e d ly not clubs, with the ace and king McNaugher said Nelson had
ment of U.S. marshals and field chief executive's ability "to see Radio Free Europe yesterd a y of that suit in the dummy; and been relieved as a "direct result"
officials o& the. Cuhtoms Bureau that. the laws are faithful y launched Itsutballen .world war, -certainly not trstmps,. a vipw of ,f his comments to a Jury which 7"
and V1.6. Miet. ieptedi" It has the tasa fare campaeige against a third Jron, South's.strong bddn acquitted former e tvict. r-
It also urged a review of "con- orce charged, 1 the carc Curtain country-Communibt Po. Becker naturally decided'that his rested on gambling charges.
flict 6f interest' laws that forbid ladder, and made e Civil Service land-with the words of a former partner had heart strength. There Nelson admitted -to Dist. Atty.
men to hold government jobs while less inviting and more In secure." top Polish official, was only one way to make sure James F. Malone that in charg- URI WL
they 'still have certain business It said the President's establish- The first copies of a 40-page of a prompt switch to hearts, and Ing the Jury Wednesday he stat-
and other interests. It said "com- ment of a new category of jobs, book by Lt. Col. Joseph Swiatlo, Becker adopted this way by over- ed: "I have played the numbers
petent men" may be willing to exempt from Civil Service be- former high official of the Polish taking the king of diamonds with myself." BEUPIAT
take a temporary pay out to work cause they are "policy-making- or Security Ministry who defected to his ace. Later, in the same charge,
for the government but are be- confidential," is "an invitation to the west in December, 1953, were At the second trick he led the Nelson commented: "No matter /.* *
coming increasingly reluctant "to the next new administration to attached to huge plastic balloons deuce of earsrt, thus indicating how you Judge this case, the* .... S tripl
give up their lifetime aecimula- take a clean sweep of hundreds of and sent on their way to Poland. that he had a high card it.the world will not come to an end."
tions of investments and pensions administrative jobs" formerly un- They will travel between 150 suit. (A player who has no high Nelson, 64, declined discussion distill
and other rights..."- der Civil Service. and 600 miles card in a suit and therefore cannot of the remarks.
The book puts in print for the stand a return lead will .open the "I try my cases in court," he SP.cifled in the Cocktaill
first time the revelations on the suit with a high-spot card rather said. "I have no' further com- British hkl Comn
'Good T ime Important To I inmates corrupt communist leaders hip than with a low card.) Crawford ment to make."
which Swiatlo has been broadcast- naturally read the meaning of this Malone' Said he regarded the SAYns aanuoteca sai m
ufing for the past several months, lead and the defenders promptly udge's-remarks as a serious
Of Leavenworth Penitentary Swiatlo's radio work has been rattled off three heart tricks to de- lowIto law enforcement here.
so successful, and RFE official feat the contract.
-- o said, that it is "generally credit-
ed with having caused the recent
S By PATRICIA FARMER The' warden seldom uses the removal of Security Minister Stan- islaw Radkiewlez, the Polish 'Be.
.-r grapevine method to check a trou- ria, and the subsequent dissolu-
LEAVENWORTH, Kan. -- (UP) ble pulse and is proud of the fed- tion of the entire ministry.
There are few riot jitters it, the eral standards for guards. He is chatter to a minimum. Ten-foot plastic balloons carry
federdia penitentiary here althouo' a respecter of the prison code Only 212 inmates, including lif.- the b oks from launching si t e s
more &tn 2,500 of the second- against "copping" (informing on ers, are serving terms of 25 years near the west German border to
toughtest convicts in the country fellow inmates) ana demands tesa- of more. Some of the underworld's their iron curtain destinations. A
(incortrigibls are sent to Alca- timony about what goes on in the biggest names have chalked off dry ice tripping device releases
traz) are,.walled in on a lit cell blocks only when grand jury days into old age here. Machine the material over a prearranged
tie patch of Kansas plains, action is involved. The only in- 'Gun Kelley died inside. Harvey FFE--
Most of the inmates are ap- vestigations held in years here in- Bailey, another notorious kidnap- PURSE RETURNED OFFERS PI
proachint Thiddle age. The aver- evolved fights among prisoners. er of the 1930s, still is here, ap-
age age 'is 35, nearly 10 years proachming 70. HAGERSTOWN, Ind. -(UP)-
higher than the average in the Only six guards are armed. The "big name" convicts, Loon Mrs. James Nelson, who lost her
nation's prisons. They watch the yards from tow- ey added keep pretty much to purse nine years ago, got it back *'
Warden C. H. Looney, the man ers. Talk among convicts is themselves. They dodge those who recently. It was in a package in PIZZA
S in charge of one of the federal restricted to allotted times and in- seek to associate with the famous. -- m.-"'rx addressed to her in
government's two No. 2 "big dustrial shops are designed both "Just like outside," the warden her maiden name. As far as she
house" the other is in Atlan. to keep the men busy and prison concluded, could recall nothing was missing.
ta, Ga. said that flareups else.
where generally are sparked by
hot-headed youngsters. But he
added that the big reason there
has been no attempted break or
riot scare here is more than 10
years is the prisoners' eternal ef.
fort to accumulate "good .time,"
or days subtracted from a max. -
imum term for good behavior.
Paroles are the' exception at
Leavenworth, Looney said, and
even the long-termers shun any
form of trouble as a threat to
their carefull' hoardec "good"
time. .
Yet 60 per cent of the mendis-
charged from bire return. Loon-
ey, a soft spoken, cheerml, part.
time farmer. carries about that
rate. He blanmerthe rehabilitation
program, is whose successes he
otherwIs@ takes pride, for short- .
comings somewhere. g .

He holds backgrounds partially Welcome to watch u make Pizza
responsible. Files I the vlacementme to watch u make Pizza
office, he, said, show that many. export style.
of the inmates -pever held a job. I LI._.
The records are a monotonous -ALSO---
pattern of early. truancy, correc-
tional schools, minor thefts sad LITALIAN SPECIALTIES
major crimes ano prison. Manv a Spaghetti (just mention style)
of the men'ere have spent most
of their lives behind bars, h FilMto a la orentina
pointed out. Muzarella "en Carrozza
Lifetime pattern like that em re.
hard to break, sal a mas who Lasagna made with S
serves his time bore doelely. W Scalopina.a la Marsala
most do, still finds it hard 'a
fj4back intothel.d Oe F0. U 8
town mayor.- Hniobws We alio. serve:
- ftwet WsaysAD
boy inity w a svs 'b Lotaemr, Shrimps,
boys" onhis b(ft Lmt.W ma
ble-gated er, n di SifeS .plttwr, Corbina, Steaks. .
k anO eye..gfl
A ftomer ral 'sethool teseher iMSe1 d ia4i i Steak ... $1.75
in vi ahas ended r
2 hr sU ears -I "WINE
AA .. C .- ', I0.75

- a


To These Folks


* 0. F. THUM
All Slips Ending In 4 Win!


-* l '. I
'* I"

62 PC. SERVICE FOR 8... $59

A!?v'.. 7aw14

---------- -


1 7'1
J G H '- ..- ,,

led ,
which won the








r^ i

Bubbling Concotion of Tomatoes, or Shrimp
or Mushrooms or Anchovies or a
combination of all.


For Sugrtions AI for "'ALVA


c~P~ pa?~t! ~

1 ____r ~ _~ ____



'r~-" d':"

P;T' '~C ~:

.7 .' .



1 J,-


'p" i.O :-; -:

.f .- .


industry And Labor Force YJJ .

rowing Throughout South. 1
y LYN OVERMAN Other southern states reported
a somewhat similar influx of bad-
RICHMOND, Va. (UP) ly needed industry.
'tere's a big race on in the South But in the back of the minds of sI
m-nd. the stake is "labor." slate officials who are quite fam.-
'The Fifth Federal Reserve Bank liar with the problems of unem-
1'ere has furnished some figures ployment is this doubt: Can the
tat support the trend of a south- increase of industry in the South y /
movement of industry, thir- keep pace with the increne in
for Dixie's rapidly growing the labor force? .
r force and optimistic about The Fifth Federal Reserve Dis- .
S onmic conditions. trict's labor forie grew faster than
the Fifth Federal Reserve that of the nation from 1940 to -
.sLrict which comprises Norti" 1950.
rolina. $outb Carolina, Virginia.,
ryland and West Virginia, the Population last year continued
force is expected to expand to increase at approximately the
an average of 88,000 persons same rate that it grew ine ach
ally through 1975. During the state from 1940 to 1953. The aver- "
s its growth accounted for 11 age of 10 months' total non-agri-
Ifr. cent of the national increase cultural employment in the states
Sf 7.3 million persons. declined fromt he average in 1953.
Reports from these states in- Manufacturing declined 7.2 per -" n ns
.prsFlte a vast movement of indus- cent in the United States, but only
with million dollar Investments 5 per cent in the five states, at-
*id iHillion dollar payrolls. testing to fewer hard goods In.-
i -J Virga for the 18-month pe. dustries more vulnerable to busi- ..
Ca ld s June 30, 1954, indus- ness fluctuations. On the other
l eal expansionn and modernization hand, financial employment in- 1."P-aI"U** ,am, 1
- tailed investments of $317,000- creased less, and the other indus- FMwrWMM. -3l
*q anid added an estimated 15.000 try groups, such as mining, trans The bought a book on how t keep children amued"
Jobw and 50,000.0 to pay- portation, construction and trade, "Thy bou, t a bo o h ep d -
,"0,000. declined more.
~" s-Ja North Carolina there were -- -
S|uw and expanded Industries I The increase in population
Total Investments of ,22,.- points up the need for growing f,
the fast naline months of employment opportunities, part C certain y Do -It-Yourse
jd 'I4.. Iaeiustries provide a po- cularly in basic Industries that
7. e t'slbor force grew f ast t e r create new jobs in service indus.-
-Mi~an, that of the nation from 1940 tries and multiply income within I
Buommunities. But Stay In One Piece
ptlers Last Days Showno
iferS LaSf DayS ShOWn By ALFRED LEECH Painting Provide adequate
ventilation when using paint-thin-.
I 5 CHICAGO (UP) The do- ners or removers.
Movie Made In Vienna it-yourself craze is fine if you
Don't chop off a finger, the safe- Ladders Place the feet of the
S- o -ty experts warn. ladder one fourth of its length
Br y FRANZ CYRUS the bunker, came here to act as According to social scientists from the wall. Always keep at
V By FRANZ CYRUS Agtechnical adviser, there are two basic urges behind least one hand on the ladder. On.
SVIENNA-(UP)-A grim faced The film is being made by the the do-it-yoursef pred section for stepladers, dont climb higher
group of men wearing Nazi SS uni. Cosmopol Film Company, with puttering. than the second step from the
u rms carried two blanketed hu. Carl Stokoll as producer Szokoll One is the creative yen, and the op.
emans to a shallow grave near Vi- a member of the Austrian resist other is the desire to save mo- Household appliances Plug
r tn's Schwechat Airport a few tance movement against he Na- y and beat the high cost of v- washing machines, dryers and the
S4yao ago and doused them with zis who also produced "The Last' lke into wall sockets, never into
S contents of gasoline cans. Brigade," Austria's most success-. another facto is the flight to overhead lighting outlets.
one of the troopers knelt to ful post-war movie. the suburbs, where the typical Power mowers Don't adjust a
a match, a bawling voice Szokoll, already under heavy fire new kbbm muda mower while the motor is running.
ered:-. from German newspapers and I-. work bench, if he never builds Don't uswhile an electriche mo wetor is running.
I Stop- we're going to do it lustrated magazines, which claim anything else. et gre an electric mower on
Ser again." !the film's subject Is "too del- As a result of all this, Industry t
...-Tbe "Nazis" relaxed and lit cig- icate," said that "Hitler actual.-sources report that the sale of Finally, the experts advise, face
rettes. The "bodies" rolled out ly is not the main figure of my. power tools has doubled In the up to the fact that some jobs are
the blankets and- stretched. new film, although he is in the last two years, bevong your ability. Leave intri.
Srs refilled the gasoline cans center of the story. I Naturally, min-jr accidents have cale electrical wiring, furnace re-
water. "I simply want to hit dictator- mounted, and Insurance compan- pairs and the like to the profes-
e, The G. W. Pabst, the director, ship, show how dangerous it is if ies are showing some concern. sionals.
mv e flal instructions for shoot- a nation's fate is in the hand of One (the Home Insurance Co.,
the most dramatic sequence a single man, a manager of catas- N.Y.C.) has published a booklet '_
E0W, wAlm called "The Last trophy such as Hitler was," he ex- on "how to do it safely. It of-
a re-enactment of the last plained. 'fers these tips(
-.'*4fdays of Adolf Hitler and his "We know very well that the ... .Keep Edges Sharp .....
,julistress. Eva Braun. The film's subject Is delicate and therefore Power tools Stationary tools
s 'max depicts the burning of their we hired the best actors we could should be securely mounted Tools
-l a outside Hlier's Berlin get." should be run only on voltages A MA AM D A
April. 1945.-, The picture stars Albin 1 da seae,' Bortable electric tool* r*U U I AU
Mari# eiaque, wh6 'as Hitler. Sda is one of shod b grounded. l
All Quiet. o.the iWetern most brilliant young actot ors e Clothing Wear snug-fitting
t," has script the new film Vienna Burg Theater, Austria's short-sleeved clothes. Take oAt
S the book, 'Ten Days to Die" leading theater. your necktie, rings and watch.
'.= which Judge Michael Musman. Lotte Tobisch, a rising young Hand tools Keep cutting edges -
1- !of Pittsburgh, Pa., reconstruct, Viennese actress, was selected for sharp. A sharp tool Is safer than
ed the violent series of events that the role of Eva Braun. Hermann a dull one.
'",lid Hitler and Eva to suicide and Erhard is cast as Hermann Goer- Blowtorches-Don't use a leaky c
*" s. ing; Berlin actor Willy Krauae is torch. FILL the torch out of doors
S Original blueprints used in the Nazi propaganda chief, Josef Go- If possible and don't spill the fuel.
eattruction of Hitler's under. ebbels; and Erik Suckmann of Saws Hold rip saw at a 60-
Eround bunker were used to build Graz is Heinrich Himmler, SS degree angle, crosscut saws at a
'- replica in suburban Vienna. chief. 45-degree angle.
,ost of the film is being shotin. Oskar Werner, also from the Screwdrivers Never use one CAN FILL VOUR NEEDS
iWde the bunker. Furniture, ear- Vienna Burg Theater, will play a on an object held in the hand.
poting and wall pictures duplicate young Nazi captain, one of thel Wrencles Full, don't push, to
tie real thing as closely as poe- film's leading roles. Wcrner won avoid injuring your hand if the
SSible. international fame as a German wrench slips.
WHIer's private secretary, Mrs. prisoner of war in the picture, Soldering Use tongs to hold
'IBUmA Juage, who escaped from "Decision Before Dawn." the work you are soldering


A Certain One


Jim, iV m N YO WIAuR S



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WS !P~ 'TO

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How to Get Rich

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On the Lam


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WAZr ag
1"~T ELL







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S., '-. ,.4-4 a- no

.4. '4~, *

.. .-

I~t4,wili. &50ZAlm
. ... 1 34. P a 4
0 j.ui i..a aJ,.

Wfa.#, .. u ,q-. w wvw j *wd -:s
. ... ^ ,. ..:. ^a ^.A^ ,e

mi l,.. .l. idne=r in
Na Club. Mr. an
i who ar Vi t from

-e. -a mad T. Ferris
Guest sOfeoner
The Rev. R mon1 T. Fe"ri'
was guest of honor at a recep-
tion g ven' b the Right Rev.
iaiId He r Gooden, a
of the Panama Canal zone nd
Mrs. Gooden to the cler a n
officers of the Convocat at
the Tivoli Ouest House, Satur-
day. A buffet supper was served
-I n the Fern Room. laces were
set fow fifty-five.
Colonia Tea
On Washingtoe's B rthday
A Colonial Tea, sponored by
the Panama Caani Chapter,
Daughters eof the American Rev- ''
olutgn, will be held on Wash- CAPTAIN 3 W. GRIFFITH, Assistant Chief, Canal Zone Police,
ington's Birthday as a charity Isa pitured above dancing with Mrs. Griffith at the Monaco Gar-
benefit. be I den, Colon. Friday night, during the Canal Zone Police's 17th
Tne tea will be held on the Annual Ball. Captain Griffith was named Man of the Year for
lawn of the Cathedral of St. his distinguished service with the Canal Zone.Police force.
i I Lukeitn Ancon from 3 to 5 p.m. --
V on P'ebruary 22.
The SoPF8 A (Society for
-ofteservIan-d EncouG P Chieftains Selecting
( [ ament of Barr Shop Iuarte '
Si S,, M iing in America) will be a
feature attraction at 4 p.m., and S t D
MSthe Y. C. Trio also will frniash 5 6 Conventon Site D ate
SMISS CAROL SERGEANT music. D.A.R. members, serving as
hostesses, will attend in Colon-
lal costume.- o
MISS CAROL SEGORANT OF BAJBOA TO MARRY All proceeds from the tea wlI WASHINGTON, Feb. 14 (UP) dates be certified to election of-
MR. HOWARD.WALTER HOOVE OF CHINO, CALLIFORNIA go to charitable enterprise. _President Eisenhower meets ficers far in advance of the
thar ean of bo, Canal special Interests of the local today with Republican PartyNovember elections. Connecticut
n ", s r.e, iebard C. aoa, Dk.AR. Chapter include: Maia- state lato to discuss thR time has an Aug. 15 deadline. Ohio's
geaft e1 .'lIpowar e.r Wter Hoover, the son of Mr. and Mrs. the Della Vista Children's ome venon at which it s likely he
walte rover e n, nal. n in Panama; a scholarship at the will be nominated for a second The President tdod a recent|
Tammassee D.LR. School; the term. news conference he believed auy
Miss Ser eant received her of their daughter K. Ann to Panama Canal Cheoter of the w e reug n Ida
early. school In the he anal George Downing, son of Mr. and Red Cross and Caribbean Gi' Mr. Elsenower returned yes- candidate who had been through
Zone, graduating from the Ca- Mrs. W. L. Downing of Diablo state. terday from a weekend at the the rigors of a national cam-I
nal Zone Junior College in 1951. He Tickets are 75 cents (children homasvlle, Ga., e s t ate of pain would prefer ate cam-
She received her B.. degree M ss Bird is a graduate of 25~cetns and may be acquired Tresury ecre ary George M. nga aspossi e.
cuse,.-New York in the class of Christian College in Columbia, at the gate Tickets for adults Hmphrey. He based two qual He didn't sa, however et-
a an Je Pomo n co ha u te uedin 'tsay, however, wbeth-
from Syracuse University, Syra- Missouri. Her fiance Is a grad- also may be obtained from anv and a common co ld. ho thy o ddao ,
'53, and was a member of Beta rate of Villanova University and D.A.R. officer or member. Offl- Republican national committee he will be a candidate for ile
Gamma. national commerce hon- is employed in the accounting cers for 1954-1955 are: chairman Leonard W. Hall re- election in 1956.
or society. For the past two department of Ford Motor Com- Mrs. William N. Taylor. Re-. Listed today's huddle on 1956 h i
ears, she has been commercial pany, Dearborn, Michigan ent: Mrs. Jens Nilsen. 1st Vice- procedure. The committee will The cold the President caughtI
teacher In the Mariposa High Plans are being. made for a Reent: Mrs. John W. Muller, meet here Thursday to discuss bin his weekend vacation, probe-
Schdol in Mariposa, Callfornia. summer weing. 2nd Vice-Rent Mrs.Robert convention plans. Ibl from hunting n ran and
Mr. Hoover is. a.graduate cf Miss Bir and Mr. Downing Lesslack, R cording Secretary The Democratic national con- cold nd Friday, was not con-
Pepperdine College. Los Angeles, were to. arrive on the Isthmus Mrs Daniel A.' Pagent,Cor- mention has been fixed tenta ous. Hagerty said he
and lA doing graduate work at last nght40 visit his parents for responding secretary: Mrs. Al- lively to begin Aug. 13 In Chi- .had^ slight huskiness in his
the Uqiversity of Southern Call-a wee. Downing will also bert F. Daniel, Treasurer. Mrs voice but no fever.
forn1i, Los Ho.. kave her ter and sonin- Maener Huff. Retrar: P~lladelphia. sstll Is
p. nn i gad WSra Geor-e Will" C. rinfs. R e Ht q W
Ssc edn s R e nd Mrs. N d ra i sl ane g rird e .
in rman l .Beatrice g ardisler and e I
asein le'EAtngaged Rudtlph W. Rubelli.
is ts the UNUN Janet'Cole Engaged The public his.been cordially bi m
Elem tary School. To Mr. Datid Dickson invited to attend. The Democrats turned down
A June weddilk is planned. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy W. Cole Philadelphia for lack of hotel
Bangor. Maine, announce :,Mr. William Altman rooms.
Tryouts Start engagement of their daughter. Will Attend West Point Hall would like to have the
FOr 'The Hasty Heart' Miss Jane Cole to Mr. David E. Mr. William A Altmtan. an of GOP convention in August too.
Tryouts for the Theater Guild's Dickson Jr., son of Mr. and MrR. Judge and Mrs. Fdward Altmnln. He hasn't publicly vo.c.d a pre-.
next production. The IHasty David E. Dickson of Pedro Mi- haq been selected by Norwich ference between Philadelphia
Heart' .will e held at the Guildt uel, Canal Zone. A summer Ulniversitv to attend the United and Chicango.
Playhouse Thursday and Friday wedding i planned. tat. Mllitpary Acar ewiv f. a Philadelphi na was the scene of
at :T':'P.m. Miss Cole Is a graduate ofa'hort period as a visiting stu-[the first Republican National ,

S* A a bJo a- asten Maine General Hospital nomanted Gen. John C. Fre.
rick, for the following cast: of Nursing. Capt. and Brwn month, who was defeated. Four
Nurse, -4derly, door, soldiers Mr. Dickson is a graduate of Honored At Dinner Danee years later, at Chicago. they
fro*, Australia., I.d, N.w Balboa High School and Is a A no-hot dImpner dance was nominated Abraham Lincoln,
Zealand, American, ScotWnd and Junior at the University of held Saturday evening at the who became the first Repqblican
Basutoland. Maine. He is a member of Delta panama Canal Yacht Club in/President.
Miss Claude Ayepok will direct au Delta Fraternity. Cristobal In honor of Capt and Those invited to thp White
the product) n, whlqh.i t enta- Ms.S 8 L. Brown, Captna grown ~ House meeting today included
tivelk scheduled to run March 28 Party At Washington who was Assistant Port Captain two Cabinet members 'who are
to ApM 2. For Mrs. William Clark in Cristobal, retired .January 31 former nationa.Gop chairman--
Mep"ners and piospeoctive Mrs. G, 8. (Amy) McCormack after wr years with the Naviza- Atty. Gen. Herbert Brownell Jr.
mele a re invit to attend of New Cristobal entertained for tiones Division. a and his wife and Postmexter General Arthur
tryouU. her daughter Mrs. William H. alan to make their home In E. Rummirnfield.
Clark at a tea given at the Ho- Mathews County, Virginia. Also Invited was Chauncey.
L Ann glrd Engaged tel Washington Saturday after- Robbins. executive director. NEW STAMP-- This 60-lre
To George Down n _noon. More than fifty guests at- Nicaraguan Ambassador Presidential press secret sap,hooring the Marin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bird of tended. Mrs. Clark and her small Changes Residence James C. Hagerty said the Y Y has just been issued by
Chestnut Street, Wayne. Michi- son William H. Clark Jr., are Nicaraguan Amb assador to would review state laws which Italian p ostal authorities. The
gan announce the engagement visiting from Seaford, Delaware. Panama and Mrs. Adrian Cua- complicate having a national blue stamp depicts "The Me-!
dra have moved to No. 31 Fede. convention later than mid-Au- donna of Pity," from a marble
rico Boyd and 50th Street, where gult. group of Michelangelo, now in
they will be at home to their Several states have laws whirnh a*, .ggPe uMeBagi" nI-
I friends. Their new telephone require that names of the candi-
number is 3-1559.
Consular Corps
Weaner Cabinet Minlster
The Consular Section gave a
I r rorecention in honor rof Minister "

-e .wd -I a o vveFormer sthbIasi

carry on your Irip Io Tour Inlerior. ile s ,s. m dlr-ai
'Bow Canada.' They are visiting
hup to h wi world news i ipa
it the Atlantic Side soon. Their
Home is now in Providence,

Priest Exoelled 4
Club .... 175 From Red Chiuio '
Arrives In Spain
HONG .OIO ,ob. 14 (UP) -i
"-"u z w Father v.eCrno_ ... i

~--r ------ ----~_ --- _____~_

Gamboa Women's Club
The weekly sewing circle of
the Oamboa Women's Club will
meet Wednesday a t9.30 a.m. at
House No. 125-B. Instruction will
be given to those who require
same by sewing teacher Mrs. L.
Bates. Center of interest will be
preparations for the forthcoming
Pre-Easter Fashion Show.



- *

Wi vve*y pwde dr .ndi a o W ..

m m- Mare wn an bs.I At'
&M Jay othprmes64p i

-.;TP-L AV"'. -a,,rA
5 4 hW.'* '' -~ .4 J--i;. _f *- *.^ .

%Ae maNes caseaeopifCtfd
Mff-- aAJ- Ad A B-TR

. wpm -_ .- ,--w
lot-Lla was* .~--* ''t I^- iL

P 04bt'ard t o tel tos1
Iwid W an Peter Wu-
'flOd lIM shuttles his MhW,
..LW4ir W loMI Holdke
>wem-d iaMA=dthei 4bae

SdM' (P) AK

Abe boeset
sc. Fera7t
enas ad-
0 tI the a
p MMoC

Check to see If you are on the 41st of

mm. Corad UnIe rda M/It. Aftft' sam
I' tCeu T. MeCse I TBg 8. BSigr,
ELi~mi D. Akers Y"IL A
ar Kerdes tasl C"
Ham dL.Shaw C. C, 'et
*G. F. Nads
Come to Rattan Ifeahpwir .
Shop Mahogany Rattan .. "Do-it-youra ,l
SMeta- Furiture "
The iwuiy piuwv wwher#, y4

Double. a l..e V4_.

fr.... .. JFiwe A i.
-~ A

444 s .

* ** *-. 4,..
* ., ,' .' '


4,, .~ -


J .en Sj w SOME Friday, your younc Jim. Wo
amauiv a a w u. u depressed afd beftig Told to!tyisFa
S 5 .m ^ ilkcarto atheened wdf.
C Plo rrerator, he will make it plain done ous ~~ th tl a
M T .. that h regards your reasonable I a(Age!ei

^tlfW. Graham In Golf Heights, what Lincoln's birth ay means to
aan ty, tomorrow, instead o hikmmust be handed I on Mon-tio announiced yes- day morning. jpJi d tha w e Iare,
terday. His. anger is lelf-distruit. In his tly to* h suspicions
Members will be foregather at teachers warning, your child has matMouiaa reat sp
club headquarters at 10:30 a.a sensed suspicion of his ability t day morala.J
br p c lunches, drink reduce by Monday morning. Anil W '
bathings saltsand cards. he had developed a sudden suspiII14
Wl me,,u Auz y dcion of it, himself. Iy__1.p O
Women' Au. U C So .we explain this to him. te te s
Of GabeabUeI ChUreh We sa : "Dear Jimmy, when aenbt awyrt that-the
The Womin a 'A liary of the people tel us what we must ive d b d Astrs of ei
Gamboa Untln Church will hold them by Monday morning we give what .is we e
their monthly meeting' at the let what they say go in one ear c ae i r anger. -, be
church Wqdneaday at V:30 a.m. and out the other. e just see how distrustfA of them, tt .,
Pli p for the annual church scared they are we'll let them ,A..."ndPstead, ex si Wm
b mar will be discussed. down. And how because they're oppfhedo, unweig tM -iwl t
scared, they want to scare us, take of hounding th m wo
Rosary Altar too. We stop being mad at them iown reminders of M 'day
oelety Meeting and begin to feel sorry for them. i1,ng. U er, .tU.hosaeiSS
The Rosary Altar Society of And sit down to give these scar. they m, y ub "" wab ..
the Sacred Heart Chapel in An- ed people what they need." their c poalto s.
con will hold its regular month- IF we understand what we're I Jiamny :le s to fe el
ly meeting in the social hall saying, Jimmy will, too. He will l1 lnaste.d a .ge ~ at
tomorrow at 7.30 p.m. following stop expending his energy in anxie- of sure, he can beso"fhe a.
recitation of the Rosary. v wable~person, to IL Fpr
After a sort business meeting co.Mp.son ir.ribly always
Mrs. John Litton of Diablo wi L mine at us as it oes aot
ive a brief resumeof her recent arch C mbsi l s Ice that we don't hrt it
wo-year tour of the uth Pa- fgo
cific. Mrs. Litton w labowo t x o
colored slides of her trip. ,ad lose 1o KOme to It, r e I .s I
display many intereAtng sour vh6i n hric st
venire. -and V6" 'it.
Co-hosteases for the evening For M lls | Airiner d
will be Mrs. Marie deo la Guardia.
Mrs. Maria Meriwether and Mrs.' ROME, Feb. 14 (UP) Search ,
Rosemary Monzon. parties clambered througiu wild --
hill country 30 miles north of I
All Star Circle Rome today where a Belgian Sa-
The All Star Circle will hold bena airliner was feared to have r4.
their monthly c a r d party, crashed with 29 persons aboard i ne Furniture made ,
Wednesday at the home of Lt. Including an Italian beauty Daritn Ma tany. NOW
Col. Kreldberg, House 79, Fort queen and four Americans. amazing low prc.s.
Amador. Mrs. Nelson will be the Ships and planes were alerted ,
hostess. Menibers and friends to begin searching for the DC- Bedroqm, Dining Re" .e
are asked to bring cards. airliner at dawn on the chance LIJvin oeB ,oet. -t
-- the pilot, en route to the Belgian
Meeting Of Eastern Congo from Brussels. may have PrOduCIts do Maders, S.
Star Tonight overshot Rome's Clampino air- arSu bt10061 O.w m
Coral Chapter No. 3 will be the port last night In drenching rain isft = .,..* 6
guest of Fern Leaf Chapter No. 4, and crashed at sea. ri ..
Orde rot the Eastern Star to. The search concentrated notrti 9 4
night when they exemplify the of Rome, however, for shepherds
de rees of the Order. reported they had seen a great
Proceeding the stated meeting fire raging in th woods some
at 7:30 p.m.. a covered dish din- 10 miles south ofVlterbo. L
ner will be served at 6:15 p.m. Although the area is only a- -
at the Pedro Miguel Lodge Hall. bout 30 miles north of Rome, It A s r s
is one of the most desolate in I ... -V ,-, M
Pacific Evergreen Garden Italy with rocky, barren hi;ly T.
Club Meets Tonight and valleys of underbrush which
Pacific Evergreen Garden Club have been the traditional hide-
will hold its regular meeting to- out of bandits. t
night at 7:30 p.m. at the usual The Italian beauty queen was i i i '.
place. 20-year-old Marcella *Marlani, a JV
S- ri Miss Italy of 1953. who was re-
Current Events Group turning from a reception at the If ydu 6ar ist* eag ftes-|
Meets Wednesday Belgian foreign ministry In Brus- eh .. d" _ya' e
The Current events Group of sels. Her mother, waiting at thf '. fral
theCanalZSoaeVCelleBa C1LBwiULIrpqt. wept when hs he b. earyrSI
met Wednesday-at :30 pm. tIpne p ane was o rdue.nsd' lese u
the home of Msa. C '8. LaClair;lt'_, .e ,, I IS
5783 Siebert Street, Di a b I o The plane carried 21 passes .-? -a
Heights. Mrs. E. Q. Fifer will be ers and eight crew member..
Shdarg of gther meett and 'e airline said there were 15 _u ,
will speak on Gardening In th el gians, two French and one bow adol rIis t
Tropics.k on ing Italian aboard in addition to th andru o t t t salw
------ iAmericans and Miss Marlan a t o w .
Curundu Women'sClub Three of the passengers wer bottles of ky
Hold Social Wednesday children. ture have been sold. f don' I
The Curundu Women,'s Club Crewmen were all Belei an that Ouu get you dowp.
will hold a social get together with exception of the British co. bottle sst t ,-ac Inx
on Wednesday morning at m. pilot, Patrick MacNamara. Buckle y'a CanadolUt
at the Community Building In your druggist todayl -s
Coffee will be served, Hostesses a f
will be Mrs. Edria Jones, Mrs. A Picture f Solid COmfort...
Heloise Heath, Mrs. Charlotte .
Kennedy and Mrs. Margaret
Johnston. ,i Genuine Manila Rattan... Sasruf! Seat |

-, ,/ ,. -


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f.or 12 word

imBERIA PRECIADO 7 street No
~ 30335GM4th ofJuly Ave. &J
MORRISON tt .inly Av.. *
S Juto Arobemen Ave. ad 33SS L
132 LA Carrasquillo

_________________________________________ I


1 CASA ZALDO AgenitafLt dA Publieeeonfu FAMACIA ut O
t Central AVe. 10 40 CNsal Ave.
Noo 3 Lottery Plaza arque ;tre 7 Street
Fourth of July Ave. 1O Central Am. ae&4.gaO&e. 4o 1
H Street No; 57 .. W *Via _aNo. .34 ,


"If Yo Have a
you Need
A New Amazing Natural
Waste Destroyer.. Kills
,Odos and Reduces Mass
at Low Coot. Money Back
OGuarantee of Satisfaction.
279 Central Ave.
TeL 3-0140

St 9 p.m. Adults. Pre-teen
Teneg By appoltment ely.
Mli.........Blboa 2-4239
Aftr 4 p.m..... Pe nma -1660

I I" meit txU't.- : "we did every-
tS peSMae' uniwa echlropractlc
S was tnctuI'ed.

'o A. ed 5. ORILLAC
re aduae tei-
it blolcodtte Lus ThBeatrel

tvol (4th o-.Uly) Ave. No. 1
(next to ranlMf ottice.
| r C. L. AbRMtGA, D.D.D'
r-emr fellow Instructor Geore-
Stown Uiv., Washington. D.C.
District Dentist Pedro Mliguel
and Ganboa. C.Z.
specilaiTzed in:! ROSVIOVONTIA
(dentue and Br3rdgewort;.
;..,A M iRASIV (new teehn'lue
feor dentsl fillings).
Services in: X-rays Surge *S
odeStla and Children Dentstry.
.Phone: Panama (28) -2011
"-'; ,* *tor appolummonto.
a to 1 noon p.m. to.

"pIm ur.mnd .
ltaure n


FOR SALE:-Living room set,
mahogany. Good condition. 15th
Street No. 115, Airport.
FOR SALE:-7 piece (6 strand)
*Rottoa living room set, excellent
condition. See at 168 Belisario
Porros (cottage rear) San Fran-
cisco. Phone 84-5105, Fort Kob-
be. Ask for Sgt. Gordon.
FOR SALE:-Mahogany dining
room set, $50.00. Call Panama
FOR SALE:-Furniture. Leaving
Isthmus: Estudiante St. No. 69.
FOR SALE: G.E. size electric re-
frigerator, $50.00. Mahogany
Hollywood bed as is, $8.00, 2
small tables, 2 garden hose,
$3.00. Small desk, $5.00.
Steamer, $5.00. HouAs 0433,
Apt. G, Frangipani St., Ancon.

Help Wanted
WANTED: Maid for general
housework, cooking and ironing.
2238-B. Balboa, New Area.

Wanted Position

WANTED: -European woman
with experience and references
desires positioA as housekeeper
for working couple or bachelors.
Balboa 2-1471.

Italan Leaders

To Meet With

Churchill, Eden


FOR SALE:-1952 Customline
Ford W/Ford-o-matic, radio.
Phone Clayton 4147.
FOR SALE:-1953 Ford Tudor
Sedan, two tone green, W-S-W,
turn signals, $1100, Balboa 2-
FOR SALE: 1951 Chevrolet
Fordor, perfect condition. Price
$1,000.00 cash. C. 0. Mason. S.
A .Tel. 2-4944.
FOR SALE:-1941 Oldsmobile
hydromdtic Club Cbupe. Tele-
phone Panama 3-4586 or Coro-
zol 3T27.
FOR'SALE: -' 1940 Chevrolet
Must sell leaving Panama. Price
$125.00. Call.Panama 3-5170.
FOR, SALIE-1950 Buick Spe-
cial 4-door Sedan. Specially pric-
ed this.week only--t $595.00..
Term,. Smoot & Peredes. Old-
Chevrolet Buick.
FOR SALE: 1947 Hudson Coupe,
Good transportation. $125.00.
Smoot & Paredes. Olds Chev.
FOR SALE:- 1952 Pontiac 2-
door Sedan. Cpll 86-227, after
3:30-86-6120 .
FOR SALE:-1953 Pontiac. Per-
fect condition. Easy payment.
Tel. .3-2315.

FOR SALE:-1951 Ford Victoria.
with Fordomatic drive. Phone
Navy 3166.
FOR SALE:-1954 German Ford,
excellent condition Duty paid.
Phone Panama 3-6082:'
FOR SALE:-Mrke your offer.
Good transportation. Excellent
rubber, completely oevrhouled.

FOR SALE miscellaneouss) .. .. ..
Sealed bids, for opening in pub-
lic, will be received until 10:30
A.M., February 24, 1955, in the
office of the Superintendent of
Store houses, Balboa, for claty-
shell and drogline buckets, well
clocks, water coolers, compres-
sor.s, drill press, woodworking ma-
Schines, .'floor surfacing and san-.
dei machines, concrete mixers,
pump, shoepfoot roller, and tran-
sits located at Cristobal Store-
house, telephone 3-1265; planer
and jointer: and point mixer ma-
chines located at the Commissary
Division Carpenter Shop, Mt.
Hope, telephone 3-2612. Invita-
tion No. 150 may be obtained
from the above sources, or from
office of Superintendent of Store-
.houses. telephone 2-1815.

FOR SALE:--One brown female.
six week old Dachshund puppy,
$35.00. Phone Balboa 2444.

REWARD: For the return of'
block mole Cocker Spaniel nom-
ed "Binge" disappeared Sun-
day morning from No. 4 51, St.
Tel.,3-0526, Panama.

GARY, Ind. (UP) A Gary
housewife, who was being inter.
viewed on a morning television
show, suddenly remembered she
forgot to give lunch money to her
three children. So she, voiced an
"emergency" appeal on the air.
hoping a friend would hear and
take care of the matter. But she

LONDON, Feb. 14 (UP) Ita-! Plymouth 1949 Sedan. Hossine, needn't have worried. The child
lian Premier Mario Scelba and Central Avenue 18-45. Tele- dren raided the piggy bank before
foreign minister Gaetano Mar- phone 2-3483 business hours, going to school.
tino arrive here tomorrow for ..
talks with Sir Winston Churchill *
and Sir Anthony Eden on Euro- kl:h m n'0f mG
pean and international problems. ah---U I o
Their four-da visit to Britain I
designed to rengthen To Needy $15 Politico
alianreilatio and to boaden 0 ee y, 1 uu ro C O i

PHlgm.. Ocdm Ct t s,..
Phonia na1me4 4-.81 Balboa.
Phohe 3. 3-l,, 8 Cristo-
bal it614.

Gromlich"' Santa Clore -Bech
Cottags. Modem conveniences,
moderate rte" Phone 'LGmboo
6-441. e

past Sonto Ceor. Low rate.-
Phone -Babo, 1I66.
WILLIAMS'. Santa, Clh Beach
CBttois-rcmWs, refripration,
2-bedraOrPyn" -pa"boa 35050.


FOR RENT: Cholet one bed-
room, living-dining room, kitch-
en, on general Jose de San Mar-
tin No4. 6, downstairs.

FOR RENT:- Furnished chalet
for 2, months. Moderate rent.
50th and 16th St., Poltilla, San
Francisco. Telephone 3-1897.
FOR RENT: -Chalet, 3 bed-
rooms, living and diing-room,
kitchen, 2 bathrboms,. gairageand
terrace. Suitable for American
family. Can be seen from 8-12
noon; 2:30 p.m. No. 18 Ave.

ATTENTION .I.I Just built
modern furnished apartments, 1.
2 bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel.
Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished and un-
furnished 2 & 4-bedroom apart-
ments. Contact Alhambra Apart-
ments, 10th Street. Phone 1386.
FOR RENT:-Furnished apart-
ment: 2, bedrooms, living room,
dinirig room, porch, 2 bathrooms.
48th Street No. 27, Belle Vista.
FOR RENT:-2-bedroom apart-
ment, livinp-dining room, two
baths, maid s room, garage, laun-
* dry ftIslities. 44th Street No. 32,
Ant: 4.Bella Vista. Tel. 3-0815.

Grath, Maj. Lee. Hayes, Bill Hele, Webb Hearne, Mrs. Marjorie Klopper, Maj. Arthur DrIyrand
Joe Cunningham. McGrath, president of the C ompaflia Panamefia de Beguros Which di
the prizes, presented the trophies to the winnf rs. Hayes was the singles winner. Sie. Wd
Hearne copped the doubles while.Mrs. Kloppel and Dreyer took top honors in the mInxd :I4o
bles. El Panama Hotel manager Cunningham aIsp participated in the presentation teewuy .

Ike Names Negro

Attorney To High

Washington Post

(UP) Pres
has named a N
successfully de
Joseph R. Mc
fluence" target
post in the Dis
The appoint
C. Hayes to ti
Utilities Comi
nounced Satui
ident's plantat
Mr. Eisehnowe
the sniffles to
hunt. ,
Hayes, 60-:
counsel of How
the capital, r
Lee Moss in a
for clearance
thy hurled co
against her. i
the Wisconsin
his charges o
munists" in th
The 49-year.
had been a co
lay machine op
card typist for
McCarthy said
might still be
munist, but shi
ly cleared ol
taint by De
Charles E. Wil
to work with t]
that did not.ln
Hayes replace
T k

t-r ,, Ve oasis for zutur economic -.*
S Sure Insurance ", beraim-.3r AT" 4 --- FOR RENT: Furnished, onri to te' three
A E NAS_ ... Mt RI.DG Th t e rs wl.l. OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Feb.' meter-advertising gimm i c k bedroom modern apartment. lumbia overn
AA52'(I P)M,' IstThe ministers dle review tbe 14eP) O klahman's r me r d h sen getting a lot Gare 168 Via Belisorio Porros. for thehree-
tc iRWat heof Pu A-/tlN. 1 international situation in the sponded with gifts and gab today of telephone calls about h.,.cam- F RE:-cFurnishea
oflte lf yAvWnle No. 14-28 light of recent changes on Mos-pafte rRnep iVictor Wickersham' o an. oORtlephonf tal ait h cm ....RENT: Furnished one- $11,000 a year. E
Dany s:eelsa-- ana t:au-5:0 cow and of the 0mp n atifi Re. ..r W---m Most of the callers, he room apartment, screened, kitch- gro to be nomi
D a 100-2Aa nd I: 5:3 cow and of the impending ratif- ,:aid he and other lawmakers in said, were offering used clothes' en brch n telephone, kirhe. mission
a osnfn, porch, telephone, garage mission.
. /'P---a -_ ura s"oaccord son the nation'capital couldn't getor Wckersham. Others offered: Tl. 3-5583. 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
r West European Union. along o their 1--,o0o- -year dvice, fa (1.
it"*- I .. Th __ salaries. I i Brain himself said he sent his FOR RENT:-Nice apartment, D u -hlI
S efre by I e goodwill mission of. the Gilbert Brain, a 300-pound clothing to Wickersham because no children, $30.00. A small, llllll
U b [* ** "Italiaan statement was arranged novelty salesman in Oklahoma he had outgrown the clothes and' $20.00. No. 59-12 St., Son c h
RE LEX I last fall. Eden will continue talks City, sent the Mangum, Okla, said that "Wickersham's been' Francisco.
when he stops in Rome both on congressman a red sweatshirt sitting on his tall in Washington -"FORnn-bedroom&p t-_
Reflehis way t andfrom the EATO and a large used pair of overalls, so long, I figure he can .use FOR RENT:-2 bedroom aport-
,wi1 a ,CI 8att, conference in Bangkok later this and announced he had started a them." I men, cool, screened, Porras Ave- lI
Sonth 'Bundles for Wickersham' move-! Brain, who travels over the nue 56, $65.00. C911 telephone Wih S o Vl
YOU'll bu' ment. He's had considerable re- state, saild he thought it "ridi- 2-2316 or 3-0234, key aport-
-Official diplomatic quarters sponse already, Brain reported. culous that Wickersham can't ment 3. TOKYO Feb.
f 1 e mi $a szed on the eve of the William A. Bolding, who was get by on $15,000 a year." But, he FOR RENT:-2 furnished olpat- tunist China a
official visit that Anglo-Itallan Wickershaam's o ponent from added, he was getting "promises e n o rhoAri-ca nPeg that a "protocol
relations are at their best with.H obart, Okla., last summer, tele- of -clothes and so forth and it s, regular trnsortaton. Tel. in Moscow Fri
the Trieste dispute out of the graphed to remind the congress- looks like everyone is having a 3.o l p047's Tel a in Moscow Fri
X* S' fay. No major problems is trou- man that he "offered to take lot of fun out of this." -W ________slaoand Red Chi
SK -bliK SLondorn-Rome hor I z o n. your place last summer, but you He said he was telling all cal- According to
'they pointed out, didn't want to five up this $15,- lers to take their bundles to a'. monitored in TI
This weekIs talks leaders will 000 salary then.' friend's business machine shop r 2 C Union will "incin
therefore limit themselves to a n Oklahoma City. I bedroom chalet with se- newly-built 2 Cha of equipr
S review of utua.l interests and Boldingsaid he still was wil- One of his callers, he said, was parade maid's cottage, on terpwriey-built or
^1 taiD I 5 B -h f their futtitre furtherance. ling to take the job at the pres- an 83-year-old pensioner, Wil- pa2te mrds cott. e U n terprises" und
SRA ti countries are reported ent salary because "taxes al- liam Truax, who said he was re- 2,800 t grounds. Unfurn- ment.
0; i'Interetted in bettering their ready are too high." Itired and livedon a small pen- shed for children., Itni thrpas-at
** -,-'* -trade- rlations; Italy moreover Wickersham aired his finan- sion, but though he could scrape d fRe children It Aalo that
S* lntertsted in emigration facd- cial woes while back a pro- other a pen to Rent 11000 Location: Al- also will ship
L r llte and n additional jobs in dosal to boost congressional sa- w cershan. lp tamira, old entrance to marine tools
this country for her unemploy- laries to $25,000 a year. He said; Truax told the United Press he .Oolf Club. ment, tractors
d.--. t _.. .,wh nTruax told the Un
Sed. she was going in the hole $409 had "some0ol a shirts, butt I don't necessary. for
L, The or) .. ... a wlmonth, and was looking for a think they would be ig enough WOLFF AND COMPANY conom .
i ,lll The absorbtlt of Italian labor side job to make ends meet. for a $ w5,000 a-yr congress- I au a exchange, t
In Britain has. been on a limited' Job offers started coming in man" twe Inly deliver toI
seale in the past and new ave- almQst Immediately from around th Street No. 22 tin, molybdeaun
nues may be tentatively explor-j the country. ', Tel. 2-238 silk, vegetable o
e of t.h C.a ed for more concrete future de- One offered him an exclusive f A '| other items."
Biphalb, of the Canal Zone velopment. franchise to sell tumbleweed ini' I W e
SPTaonr a .ubli lecture at W_______ashington. Another was as mt'
Memorial' Hall tonght a kennel keeper for a dog race WANTED
L..... .. CA NOTICE track in Lovan, Co. To w WANTED TWO
n t ine Pubtie lcptu s .three EGA No job offers came fromO l Hon e
three I n Pa aCtyhoma. Soonr State resident ebtsi. ,l ftuORS H
-I -ean ZoI ED aalZeneappa r- t ty mSubwaoy stlys: To rent by American
speakers for tonight will TE DITRCT O T j k ndmresponded. by chiding Executive a two bdr om house
s rretta formerly of CANAL ZONE ome rs smacked of' NE -quarters of a mil- e El Congrejo. Phone 3-5848.Passion
Go ndatW.resed Uta' 3 DleA o alb irritation, however. Contribu- lion persons were late to work WANTED FOR RENT:-House BRIG, Switzei
t Col -and Erd ln A. Sherood, plaintit, tor s a small fund for Wicker- today after a succfuton Of lSp- with 4 bedrooms, garden, garage (UP)- The cra
ite directorr t Pa-Va.torI,-to 'a-small fund fo Wi todayI alter aucc loB p ..-.-
re coo theW" suiart L: Sherwood, defndant. shawut aid there "are plenty of erator blowouts on one Brooklyn etc. in residential section. Tel. Express fictiondu
.. Playhom. sUMPONS ood and qualified men who will subway line. 3.-3424. many a cloak a
S Case No. 402 b lad to serve in Congress at The BMT Lines were .hut- was roaring eas
subJct --will be "Reigion Civil Docket 20 the recent ." down and in the darkfrom 5:34 when two pistol
IcFgr o as6d-oriamTI d defenOdant: OVPtituents Oklahoma's a.nm. to 6:30 a. ptilpower Picasso SWif Pissenge, ai
You re hereby retired to apear and th stt Wickersham's own was restored. at at P butl b ieep, totnd t
ha ft in tthe l complaint theY d* -epase pased the hat at operations remained at crawl, De C -nnes prc Trdi Ea
h ll. Located ac? after the first pubcat. ain ty a T and raised .$4.01. They until full power wa resored at c iori fee
eyM.A.. In BalbO case of tYaor alur 0 to s appear suggted he use the money to .7:5 an co tt t
!iid ansMwer, ju4isit will te' e bdy a few- hamburgers while he By then crowds were CANNES. France, Feb.'14 (TU) GR ot, .dead
n Pwn oub s theom blhilked home. i into the streets in a- Olga Poasso, wife of b welded.w
bi- ft MESSUlthf _onabt centre 7. I ain, who sells novelty baro-wayStations and ol-Of th-o famed pnPrib
Ie Je, nt*d tt strict ----- sands of Brokyn residents late Saturday night at the age a tragedy of ip
3d 1u11 1for W Dietr lof z Ca were akin thdir way to un Sf G ft was announced yester- AScording to
ig-T'- c. '. eerc ek, Jr., cMuu& Fishermen Battle familiar altssele. .routes to dy. jeanat, an emploi
wtho ectro will SA) wo Iisermen B tt rk, crowding -alhM flled Federal Railroa
literature. So S f TP cars on two oter inesa. rShe died in the small "Beau in a divorce acl
S To Sttuart y shCler. ToS S 0 fty Three traln g t 5R&OM clnit, where she was be- bearded the ti
The foeoing at nis erved A T tunnel under the M ted r paralysis she fdbe the f
u o ?2siff A oraw ler inkS or more than o bm B d suered for three years. Ae Seh
ris GuWWe t .S 7^, heat and only e l'pmley freebment cart'
str fat Canal Zen. dated GRAT YARMOUTH. Eng, lamps for light. iPn-n1 1,a m ai on -e
st 4~0% 0tU" --t j i"."hrough the ran upanZ'!iSt as
Ju t 4 Staa *acfshren fathrs m
e fth" en ebruary 2. North eais to safety today kep. war
gro41din a%2 r

otfh th l a bhz- wereback 1too I
Sand was.-I am., WithI trQ0

the when a genera
so -ma- per h

Clayton Halts Kobbe's

Bid For Second Place

LLE, Ga., Feb.. 14' PANAMA AREA lashed a triple in the third:'In
ident Eisenhower Armed Forces Baseball ning and scored on Glenn. Vot
regro attorney who STANDINGS Rosenberg's aacrife fly to. give
fended one of Sen. Clayton a temporary1- lead.
Carthy's "Red-in- W L Pct. G 8 King had two other tj les.,
ti to an Important Sp. Troops 17 3 .850 Kobbe rallied for tour-spot
[trict of Columbia. Albrook AFB 13 7 .650 4 in the seventh on tw.o hits; an
ment of George E. Fort Kobbe 11 9 .550 6 error, a walk, and a stolen base.
he District Public Fort Clayton 10 10 .500 7 The last of the'satentfh had
mission was an- Coco Solo 5 15 .250 12 Clayton's guns rattling off four
rday at the Pres-1 Army Atlantic 4 16 .200 13 hits to blast loser Jay Gerhart
ion retreat where from the mound. The uprising
r had.nothing but RESULTS SATURDAY featured a bases-loa.ed home-
show for a quail Sp. Troops 13, Army Atlantic 3 run by first baseman Miller.
Albrook AFB 9, Coco Solo 2 Three homeruns featured the
i Fort Clayton 6, Fort, Kobbe 4. Troops-AA contest. John Angelus
year-old general GAMES WEDNESDAY belted a three-runner over the
yard University in Army Atlantic at Ft. Clayton right fielder's head in the see.
presented Annie (2:30 p.m.) ond for Troops. Th A's scored
il11-months fight Sp. Troops at Coco Solo all their runs on circuit elouts
after Sen McCar-1 (2:30). two on a blow by- Larry Rob.
ommunist chargesI Albrook AFB vs. Ft. Kobbe inson in the first and one by Bill
She was cited by (7:30, Clayton Field). Duffy in the fourth.
Republican during -- Jack Weaver tossed his second
f "coddling com- Fort Clayton, paced by Dave straight Troops victory. He
e Army. King and Gordy Miller, rocked fanned 10 and walked three
i Fort Kobbe's bid for second place while yielding nly eight hits.
-old Negro widow in the Panama Area Armed Chet Swearingen had two, of the
mmunications re- Forces Baseball race Saturday as bingles.
operator and record Clayton rallied to take a 6-4 vic-. In the Troop's attack4 Anftlui
the Signal Corps.' tory. also had a pair of singles, driven
she had been and) The loss put Kobbe two games in a total of four .rns. Dal
an active corn- behind second-place Albrook AirI Baraka, Ernie Heckman, Moe
e was subsequent-1 Force Base. The Flyers dropped Mirman, and Bob Mayer each
f any disloyalty! Coco Solo, 9-2, while league-1 rapped out two 'hits in the 12.
defense ,Secretary leading Special Troops kept four hit barrage. Mayer had three
son. and put baekl games in front with a 13-8 vie- RBIs.
he Army on a job story over Army Atlantic Dick Scott was banged opt in
evolve security in-1 Thus, the Troopets drove clos- the second inning to give wpy
er to clinching the 1955 title and! to Jerry Meisen. ..
,es Robert k Me-, a berth in the Caribbean play- Albrook put p ano er ttt g
is being promoted offs with /the'Antilles' -fr14.t 1rw aganstcoc*a.ig-
an District of Co- champs. There are 10 games left going 17 hits. Ni Me Bob
ment commission, for each team in the PanamA Johnson, and pitcher, JoeSimith
year-term as pub- loop. a !each got three whiq-lHerb. Boet-
commissioner at King, grabbing his sixth a- to and Dick Swearingei had two
He is the first Ne- against five losses, -limited the apiece. *
nated to the comrn- Lifeliners in Saturday night's Smith gave up only six hits,
contest to four hits two by Frank three by Angelo Gul. "
--- Walden, who had a double in his Ted Zemojaki rapped in pinch
--- collectiOn. triple for the Flyers and Meho-
I Monsnl Besides his hurling, King was lic Boetto, and Smith had dou-
one of the batting heroes. He blues in their collections.'

lo ussia Should Upkeep Of Human Machines

,14 (UP)- Com- Be Deductible, As With Steel Ones?

announceUi U U a y
D on the exchange
" had been sgned
day between Rus- WASHINGTON, Feb 14 (UP)-
inaping R a o Rep. Oliver P. Bolton (R-0.) open.
Peiping a ed a drive today to give taxpay-
.okyo, the Soviet er.s-the same break on upkeep of
grease its supply to the "human body" that business
lent necessary for gets on its machines.
reconstructed en-1 Under his plan, taxpayers would
r the 1955 agree- be allowed to deduct all medical
and dental expenses on their ina-
m .m.n.i come tax returns.
communist Russia Bolton denounced as "highly un.
ol Chna u"n just" the provision in the pre-
oil darling sent tax law under which taxpay-
and other sup1pies ers may deduct only that portion
China's national e- oft heir medical and denta bills
Communist China which exceeds 3 per cent of their
Rom unistina gross income.

nussa fcung u.,
, jute, wool, raw
ils, tea fruits and



land, Feb. 14 -
ck Simplon Orient
al background for
nd-dagger thriller,
toward early today
siots rang out.
roused from their
ran itewardegs,
aler, dead .in a
tiraln. a nr
hey found E ar
of a se
ed the deaths as
passion." .
authorities, -Gras-
eye of the Baosb
Is, was J iMtlvjd
ion. sn i e
ain at L a

ras u.Af.L Me

much his proposal would cost the
government in revenues.
But he said-that "with the ter.
fibly high cost of medical and hos.
pital care there' is no excuse to
keep on the books tax provisions
that discriminate against a per-
son because of illness."
Bolton said the humaW body is
"the machine with' wiiehd ach in-
dividuai gets his job done?' and it
should "receive the same t a x
treatment ar the tro*n and steel
machines with which mpanufacturo;
ers get their jobs done." -
If deductions are alowed for the
maintenance of propery., he said,

He said he Will introduce a bill "they should bf rtf. .yo
tomorrow to give "a taxpayer a maintenance of tl'Ian bod1.
real Incentive to see his doctor "Asthe law noQwstaus, .te .ta-
or dentist before it was too late payer, In effectjjiys ta e4 oP0t l
to save his health or his teeth." efforts to preserve or mptwe .
Taxpayers also could deduct pay- efforts-to preserve or Impovehis
ments on voluntary health and health," he said. "Thi I. highly
hospitalization plans. unjust."
Key Democrats on the tax-draft-
ing House Ways and Means Com-
mittee still hope to push through TRADITION-BOUND
Congress a general income tax L;
cut this year. MERIDEN, Conn. -(UP)- City
They said the Formosa crisis officials were offered a variety
killed chances of an immediate of colors, including lavender,
i education but they hope tensions green and yellow, when they er-
will ease before Congress adjourns, dered their new fire engine. Tb"y
Bolton did not estimate ho w stuck to red.
I .. <

No. 31
Autembile oRew
TeL 3-424

100 Level i
'ru n 6 0 7k l1
1st Line .,

70-.mi 1 .
ml ia


4* ,






_ _

_ __ __





'' '';

' I*

- I" .t

t i., ft '



0o S.oi
Ricardo Montalbans

Jobhnny i AlI

0.35 -* o s
Maria Victoria-
Mari. Elens )%Arquoa


SI Eldmd O'Bri MURD

Edmond O'Brien

l g Twetre'""M9.3
BROWS: 2:57. 4:15, 6:26, 8:37
i Lo tie Hayward, Joanne Dru
Sad Paul Kelly
'"' .:. also-

IN Theatre

tOo 0.30


SPhil Corey


*... & 0.30
Terrifying! Man-Made Monsterl
PLUS: Thrilling Suspense!
Wendell Corey Evelyn Keyes
UrIImm. In UHnoli 1,

0.35 0.15

and -

-, I -1 ________________________ I ry~- a u _

MS To E eady To

Copper Shipments
\enhower administration has decid-
by Etkif ti. JAM" ed on what amounts to an embargo
of all copper shipments to foreign
S- --- countries. "
HOLLYWOOD -(NEA)- Holly- lieb has complete script and writer This drastic step-though it will
wood on TV: There's a backstage, approval, be camouflaged under softer lann-
new itd cab be- told story about --- guage-has been decided, upon be-
Red Skeltoa's. zooming p BS -TV Now that 20th Century-Fox has cause of the tremendous amounts
ratins' this season. The "new" entered the telefilm field with a of copper being shipped to Soviet
Red:Skelto has put the brakes on subsidiary production company, Russia Even American topper
breaking himself up over his own look for U-1 to follow, producers have been shipping cop-
jokes and ad libbing, sometimes on The studio shot a telefilm series per to the Russians, though, it's
the blue side. until he was prac- a couple of years back, but shelved been through third parties.
tically rewriting his show while it the idea when theater owners Shipments of copper out of the
was on the air. squawked. United States have been so heavy
Now he's sticking to the script, that in December 41,000 tons of
's you do the laughing and bhs VETERAN MOVIE STARS are copper were. in effect, used from
fanier tha he has ver been. popping up all over the place on the national stockpile to supply
What happened? Several things, ve dramatic shows. Some kind of the needs of domestic manuac-
Inhaiding tter scripts, a new dil TV progress. I guess. First it was turers. While the cop r was not ,
rector, iJac Donohue and shelving old movie stars in old movies and actually, taken out oethe stock-
of his owd radio characters..But now we have old movie stars live pile, it was diverted from the
most important of all Red took the A amount that was supposed to have
advice of another comedian. A water new to the US., who been put in duringDecember
And if you know comedians like speaks very little English, works The embargo of copper ship-
I know comedians, you'll.realize ..a luncheon near CBS' Television ments was decided upon by Secre-
thi; hasn't bhapned since Nero's City Unable to recall his name tary of Commerce Sinclair Weeks
court Jester ar% s.-,a visiting;= the .other day. a CBS fellow hailed last week. He will simply deny Frenhs coIlereare ntoseein
court, 3estert Commsto Paris, -T S lSk 0
court tr a hi m wi- license, for the export of copper o e to Paris. Typlea of t
"'Scram kid, -e joint's on r- "Hey, Foreign Intrigue!" abroad. The announcement, ex- scene I Jacques Fath's work
Frank ay. veteran vaudeville. pected momentarily, will not be 2nita hywgme wore for
film and night-lub -star, was the If Nina Foch doesn't accept an described as an embargo, \but
comedian with the nerve to slap offer to continue her "Let's Take that's what it will actually be. By ROSETTE HARGROVE
another coinmedian's style. Fay col-. Sides" the title fits Bob Mitchum R Reason for the Russian pur-
.Tred Red in New York last sum- to a T. The Ludovic Kennedy chases of copper may well be to PARIS, (14EA)- For the. first
er and said: whose teleplay brightened a re- build up the Soviet war potential time, 14 million Frenchwomen who
1ook,ich 2 1 n admit you're cent Kraft Theater show is Moira Whatever the reason, the Russian; are not wives of millionaires can
the greatest mo aologist in the baul. Shearer's husband. have been paying highest than the lookforward t his spring to buying
mesa,. But' DON"~ Taug at your ... .-domestic price here and have a ready-to-wear dress styled by a
own jokes. And DONT ad jib! John Guedei is .rushing through been attracting shipments from big-name designer.
.very other line when you're do- a new telefilm series, "TheFabu- Chile and other copper countries. This minor revolu tion was
og a sketch, The plot goes out the lonus Flsh," for Vanessa Brown. (Copyright, 1.65 staged a few months ago when the
vdow' when you do." All about a chorine who marries By The Bell Syndicate, Inr.) exclusive kingdom of the Haute
."And taking Fay's advice," says into a stuffy socialite family. Couture was considerably shaken
Red today, "was the smartest thing -. ando Lamas, on the "Gir a A to learn that cake of its most succe-
I ever did. People had told me the veao aal -Owned US ful and talented members the
same thing before but I never be.-I Rush" set, about a friend:lrius ah h dce
the g I '"He's the most meticulous man ,late Jacques Path -had decided
lived them." 'I eve met.e even washes-his to create models for the French
,,hands t M rchant fleet ready-to-wear industry.
LIBERACE TOSSED away all Gi D R .whno n eitd .r e a .s s Fath was among the first to

I ubtag: m -v.A rt A bo th- lls "Kirt Caron sdis a sked for, WAd Iv. yde. in r ey wanted lo as U ar lov ia..
Yes, that's Art Carne.y doing m. E ER the American Merchant Marine to go before it can hope to equal
personations as a night-club co Short Takes: R eginld Gardiner Institute reported today. that of the United States and
e inT "Pot G od,a i _ade mii 41Will star in a new telefilm series, The institute's monthly re- other European countries.
on TV. The film was made oi 1a e .Buckley," created by Donn Quinn, search report on the status of Its methods are .opeasly ar-
before he ever heard of Jackie who writes "Halls of Ivy" the American merchant marine chaic. It needs modernizing in lre-
eason. iAnother gag TV appearance for shows the privately-owned fleet guards to actual production, styng
one colet $ for a ack Benny There's a big gam- composed of 719 dry cargo and and sizing. Practically spealJng,
+ Spike Jone coects $25000 for e in a Dick Powell show comb lnatlon vessels totaling 7,- only reeszes are a' alable
TV .sow eb0. ac. foe say iv on Four Star Playhouse. Jack walk 516,038 deadweight tons and 402 small, medium and large.
hts.(", 0 each for e ils in and asks the itealer to give him tankers of 6,596,420 deadweight "IT. is paradoxical, the. spe-
t hol *hot. five nickels for a quarter. tons. eialiss ora " a
Joe Friscos biing i"e Jack Webb will psay himself in The 14 vessel decrease resulted ly dressed. _
0ntbe io r, e ad:. ". urtesy -an Air Force documentary short, from the transfer or sale for- ,,
ESyt ita" race rackk" 24-.Hour Alert." He'l even be seen eign of three tankers, oe over- m n R| U les
o- Santa t flying a jet-he was an Air Force age" passenger vessel and nine]V 111(l1HI I MIiii
leD v nw. bok "My SIr- ltistructori n World War II. dry caro ships. Also removed -
it0l Di 0 Ury, g. s D prte htcipof am- i a tstil "oveWr-age" dry carno'vessel plac- reae nIuvw thlas
S"" a"soldo ipredctsn permanent lay re. Cur-e
phwnoebe", pei ro d ucrA lex Gt- Sho, tTak Ps:angidm are time chartered to the Mill- atSSf thvUniedStts ad.
S eb larm- ng m tlry Sea Transoortation Service, H UR, Germany, Feb. 14
with three of the dry cargo ves- (UP) A German court drop-
bf =re ,he A roUfk ie~,Will Pass House i sells scheduled for redelvery. ned charges of using misleading

-A.w o FwRIitNDS WASHINGTON Feb.1. ( UP) charter at the beginning of the 'Mocca" that had not grown inr
-, .- -"+-' ....---- -Chairman Jere Cooper of the month. Arabia.
G~leason.AnHouse Ways and Means Commit- According to the Institute's re- Coffee import experts opined
aI c e etee predicted todaT that the port, a total of 27 Maritime Ad- in court that German public
S J7 Housa e wll pass thce administra- ministration owned vessels were taste in coffee drinking has
V l tion', tariff cutting roram by scheduled on Feb. 1 to continue changed during, the .ast de.
bt $ h for f iv 4.n"a fair margin." DJac w. under bareboat charter, one less cades. While Arab coffee" origi-
R < I in aThe Tennessee Demo crat. than at the beginning of last i eating from the Red Sea port of
Shoe committee has conducted month. The number of vessels *Iocca and formerly the only
length hearings on the liber- active under General Agency A- toffee quality 'group which was
o r a lized trade program, also told a I Treement decreased from 12 to lowed' by.Oerman law to be
/reporter his would be surprised 7 11, al operating for MSTS ac- advertised as '"Mocet" has al-
*I'- opponents succeed in opening count. Inactive vessels under nost completely disappeared
ol-h fl --' the legislation for amendment GAA totaled 18 on Feb. 1, two from the ,Germain Market.
S .after itreaches te House floor less than at the beginning of The name "Mocca" has re-
A ker vote or n this moaneuver f last month. n malned as a synomym for cer-
If you want to invite the expected Thursday. The National Defense Reserve tain strong coffee brands even
Smiths who are house guests ofm The committee voted 20-to-5 Fleet on Feb. 1, exclusive of tug, they are South American or oth-
the Browns to dinner, it is gra- dast week to approve President concrete shis, lightships, etc., er coffee products, a reresen-
elotis to invite the Browns, also. Eisenhower's request for a three- totaled 2,047 vessels and con- tative of the German coffee Im-
That is rnue even if the year extension not the reciprocal ssated of 2 Mariners, 28 "over- porters Association here said an
8mitist are clse friends of yonrs trade program with authority t age" vesselS, 22 World War Ipoexert witness.
a you know the Browns onlh cut tariffs on overall 15 per cent built tankers and 1,972 World The court ruled that under
slntly. ,in 'that period. War II built dry cargo and corn- these circumstances the German
bination vessels. coffee import law off 1930, which
WAH_ ,GONFe.4,(P) e- said that only coffee from Moc-
ir m JreCoCeN ftheR.camaY be advertised as"Moc-
SIIQWIN AT YOUR SERVICE CENTER ca," Was uotdated, d acquitted
o' us a TE T n d en omt -Accordi ngtotherithe accused coffee shop owner.
'E te e predicHtedtdy ta h ot oa f2 aiieA-I or htGrapbi

Ai4 A 6:15W-8:10 oD;ALoHTS. m a.-*is:
Max 0 Jmn WAYM-

OFTIE MARGAtrTA 6:1 7:45

-1. .j*I 7 WC2 ,
EHTw:IOe -.M. .....,f= ..
UP ,l

ear MJfode Jlts France

Norway Experiments With W

But Mountains Create Prob
0 -
OSLO-(UP)-Norwegian tech.'cal preparations re finfshe
nicians have been busy during the will educate tiho necessary aln
past year preparing a national ber of technfeians and pro
television system, but so far only editors," he said .
12 registered' viewers see those He also revealed/thkt there i
geometric patterns the technical transmitter in the. Oslo are0i
otaff relays from headquarters at ably will, be located at
nearby Tryvasshoegda. near the' 0loo Fjoid,. at' lea0 t
The leader of the preparations, trial station will be built thqrei
Crhistian K. Rytter told the Unit- replace the one at ryvaO
ed Press that the present station "We Norwegians ha'veTtSt
could reach some 750,000 of Nor- ed on the field, of telev o.
way's population of slightly over will shibbw h6w things de
3,000,000. If regular programs the parliament has the lar
were transmitted most of the peo- after seeing our report,"*
pie around Oslo would see them, concluded. -
Rytter said.

a Great difficulties are involved In
extending the network to the
:... *mountainous Norwegian w e s t
coast, not t o spea ofthe three
northern counties of Nordland,
"We expect the trial period to
end next January and that we are
able to give parliament a report
atllt on production- line methods as the ready -to wear ladustry in the spring of 1956." Ryt ter said.,
e fading, more expensive method of making clothes is tiss 1949 "Aftes a review o of o rs .
ooms in Paris, where midinettes are shown working on, the wedO'P ence e o epe-
r. her..!! maraeA ir MEM. fences and estimates, the parlia-
her rr e to A K -- ............... iment will decide whether regular
programs should start or the tele.

She has sixt times fewer dress. a wide choice of the new styles.
es than her American opposite In short, the Parisian mode is
number. She is more" poorly turn- flown by airplane all over the
ed out than the Swiss, the German world. In France it travels by
and the' British woman. bicycle.
"Yet she is cleverer with her Some people think that the
needle has' more taste' and more time will come when there will
dress sense than any other worn- be room for only 10 or so dress
an in the world. When' she is creators who will become the
fich, she is superbly turned out." fashion laboratory for a universal
Tht women seen in the Paris ready-t-wear indus tr y. O n I y
streets and subways do not con- thus can the Haute Couture sur-
vey the impression that France vive.
is the fountainhead of fashion.
Statisticiaqs estimate that out For every Dior, Fath or Bal-
of 14 million Frenchwomen only main whose turnover runs into
two to three thousand at most millions of frantcs there' are 20
can afford to spend from two. to designers who b a r ely make
three millige francs a y eatr enough to pay, for their running
($6000 ,to,1W000). on theli clothts. expenses. "
The-'other buy ready-made. .... .
make them at home or have a
htem made by the little dress-Al in N 1
maker around the corner. Aga K 'H eart
That's for one winter dress one Conditlon reported
summer dress and a coat or suit,
for which they spend around $100. --
Even so, it adds up to more A Impm 111
than a billion dollars, a very
'promising market, ind e e d, 'to C.,O, Fe. 14 ', ,-.iTe
ready-to-wear specialists abroad CAIRO, Feb. 14 (U he
For some time now, those who Aga Khan's pretty French wife
come to Paris for ideas and to said today his condition had im-
buy models have had their eyesiproved In his battle ithi a heart
on the average Frenchwo m en condition.
and are thinking of them in h.opeful t un'
terms of possible clients. "We are hopeful the Begum
"Why is it," one businessman Aga Khan said from the Semi-
recently asked, "that-American ramis Hotel suite where her hus-
women have for many years now band, 77-year-old Moslem roll-
been able to buy ready-to-w e a r gious leader, Is confined by his
copies of the current season's illness. .
Paris models at rea s o n a b 1, His condition had worsened in
prices? All the designers sell to nidweek after months of illness
everybody in the world except which he announced will pr.-
to thvir own compatriots. That vent him from being publicly
leaves Frenchwomen the0 o nIy. /eighed in gold by his followers
ones penalized." here.
In France, a radical change inI .
fashion takes longest to reach the "My husband's state has Im-
women in the street. By the time proved," the Begum said, "after
tht "New Look," for example, an excellent night...
was' vorn by the average French- "Yes, it was an excellent
woman, American. Swiss Swedish night," she said.
and English women had long hadI The Aga Khan's British physi-
Scian, Dr. Walter Hamilton, said
S today his heart condition was
receiving utmost care at this
stage of the illness.
This was necessary, Dr. Hamil-
ton said, because "the Aga Khan
previously suffered from heart
attacks while in' Europe."
Another physician was due to-
day from Cannes, France, to ex-I
amine the Aga Khan. His own[
specialist, Dr. Jean Stehelin. wasI
summoned here when the religious
leader's tempearture rose last
I week.

SLAIN-This is a high school -
yearbook photo of Ann Yar-
row, 24-year-old New York
University student who was
found murdered )n a friend's
New York apartment.

vision net be extended.".
Rytter stressed, that it 'stfll; Is
far too early to kay whether
Norway will join. the Eu.opeaa
television network, but he describe
ed that possibility as "most like.
"I should believe that Norway.
Sweden and Denmark at feast will
cooperate' closely in making the
programs because there are no
language difficulties" Rytter .Mad.
The younger engineer declare,!
that no foreign experts will b e
called to help the Norwegians with
their television system.
"As soon as the .basic techni-

't- .. ,.BP" ,- a
Dan s Dilemmo A
Loan's pocket had s o
11 + .^ .* l
For some money be Was plIta
Then a A. Want ,t
* ios i ted L o *.:" .d-a'i

Lanmas, Fleming, RpmIte

in Techntcoier f m er'"

'Lost Treasure Of The .....

Love in the Jungle is expressed in this i nantic *fftidi
tween Fernando Lamas and Rhonda Fleming from Paraounn1
brand new Technicolor adventure drama. "Lost Treasure Of .The
Amazon," due to open next Thursday at the Bella Vista Theat
Set against a, background of the treacherous Amaynnr. 1ili
"Lost Treasure Of The Amazon" tells a thrilling tale of treasu iJ
hunting in a region little known to man. Brian Keith co-stacrs v
the William Pine-William Thomas production. Edwpard Ltu"W L
directed.. rrAl

,/r- /40-


M/V "nMi' rmT M-a- Tfi iLmm I7m... M t

I'l/ W % v w M 'Wiv -

.. : .
:- -:-P

. iFO

r i V .:- .:. -V',1.'



* .i.-



g a p.. I_ S 5. Mmi

r_ I ______ ~ ___ _1_ __ ~ _*_ __ _




1 ~_

-. ...









L a /s -
fiki.i. 9-... I

WONDA!, vinsia~~ ii; ~p'~



To Oppose Puerto

Rico's Greason


Ianama Seeks Victory

Against Series Leader

The Standings
04g5-- Won Lost Pct.
I Rico .......................4 0 1.000
esuela ....................... .2 2 .500
.am (1................ 3 .250
ai ......... .......................1 3 .250
-Patnama 3,.Cuba 2 (11 innings)
Puerto Rico 4, Venzuela 2 (10 innings)
IPuerto Rieo 7; Cuba 6
Venezuela 6, Panama 1
TODAY'S GAMES (First 5:30)
Panama (Harris) vs Puerto Rico (Greason)
Cuba (Hatten) vs Venezuela (Cueche)

amu A U I

166 1.N
1-- SBN

Giants Worry

About Gomez'

Injured Hand

Oregon State Can Clinch Tie

For P.C.C. Northen Division

CARACAS, Venezuela, Feb. 14
(UP) x-asys were schedule 1 KReturlns roM Layoff
to be take of Ruben Gomes'
injured right hand today and
portant. part in the New York n n flf T w
Giants' chances for the 1955 pen T Ju
nant race.
Gomez, a 17-game winner with 0 -
the Giants las season, injured r tack champion Ao odds In the third race.
his pitchingRhand yesterday rioye srd returned from a Blas Aguirre, with two victo-
Its fourthrstraight victory, a 7 t two month layoff in winhiinrie was the leading saddle-
6 decision over Cuba, to assureform and triumphed over a smiIH
itself at least a tie for the Carib- field Class "B' imported 0ho-d
bean baseball championship. roughbreds In the featured $750 The dividends:
one vale 'gallop.
Venee kp It With jockey Alfredo Vasquez FIRT RACE
Venepus as ake its cham- taking no chances, Amorlo h15s- 1-Lujoso $5.o40240 2.60
plouship hopes &ive by defeat while 2-Numbers 2 0
ing Panama, 6 to 1. In to- te iong close to the Pacewhile 2- Rol 2.
night's twi-night doublehead- displaying unusual early speed.' 3-Roya~l Cwm s.2o.
er, Bill Greason of Puearto Rico He ushedto the front going SECOND RACE
will face Bill Harris of Pan- down the backstretch and then 1-Tempeatad $6.80, 4.20, 2.60
ama whil face81 arr of Cuan stoavned off Jaquimazo's chal-i 2-Red Oak $6.60, 2.W0-
ama while Joe fatten of Cuba Vsena with plenty left. 3-Paques $2.60.
opposes Emillo ueche o V- lwk his Double:$39.o.
lh~ r~t ^^ I tftg SS & h 'okdu i el:$9

W eii wn~Te iazer nauwr yas
ARACAS, Feb. 13 (UP) -;leached third and came In with euela. way from the ruck and got al-
am's Bill Harris will oppose the winning marker when catch- ow even with Amor o turning
to Rico's Bill Greason on the er Gus Triandos failed to hold The injury to Gomes occurred to the n stretch but t
nd this evening at 5:30 at onto the ball on a bad throw in the fifth Inning when he in-' ito te hi match in the drive t
versity Stadium, from the second baseman. Jured the index and middle Y wire. Amorio scored by a half
n the second game Joe Hat- Mays appears to be definitely fingers of his right hand after len th butit quite likely could
OS Cuba will go against Emi- out of the batting slump that he fell while trying to make a length but it quitore likelampago uld
Cueche of Venezuela. had plagued him in the first two play at third base. have been more. Relamagote rush
,ama won its only game of contests, as he had four for five Gomez immediately left Sthe inn Feiner, Persian Countessh
seventh Caribbean series yesterday which included a game and although the injury aind Lxden quit after forcing
rday, when they defeated double, was termed an "Inter-metacar- ath expae qu
b to 2 in 11 innings. Gil Zimmer continues to lead in pal sprain," X-rays were ordered Thew pacinner although mutuelS
en hit a bases-empty horn- the home run department. to determine whether or not any e wnr alhu mutunel
in the top of the eleventh to The line score: bones were broken. tfavorite, returned a sublongshotntil
b Yankees ahead. Humber-tCuba COO 141 000--f6 8 1 $7.00 artment Joe's $29.20 wi n the longshot
tteso as the winning Puerto Rico 000 003 013-7 13 1 After Gomez left the game, department was Joe's $29.20 wi
ter and got relief help from Bowman, Donoso (8), Munger another member of the New
c ryska the last inning (9), Lyons (9) and Triandos: York Giants, the incomparablew I
th 6ft out. Robinson fanned Gomez, Lopez (5), Sacker (6) Willie Mays, turned wut to be liV C 11
|.batters hit a single and scor- and Chiti. W.P. Sacker (1-0); the hero with four bits, in-
a ruin in the overtime game. L-P. Munger (0-2). H.R. Nelson eluding the winning one, In MJa Tie To
The lie score: (4); Vistuer (6); Zimmer (9). five trips to the plate a U r
aSna OQ10000100001-3 11 3 Venezuela beat Panama last T i
uba 002 000 000 00-2 2 2 night 6-1. It *as Venezuela's With Cuba leading. 6-4 and t. [i T i
-obinson, Stryska (11) and second victory over Panama in two out in the bottom of the I m
3lbek" pon the Series. ninth, Don Zimmer of the Brook-
galtchiz, Munger (7), Donopo Venezuela Is now in second lyn Dodgers homered with one pITSBURGH, Feb. 14 (UP) -
S Triandos. WP-Robinson.LP spot In the standings with two on to tie the score and Bob Cle- Formr welterweight chamiPon
ger. wins and two losses, while mente, drafted by Pittsburgh last Frimle wel i n history appear-
In Saturday's night cap a Panama is tied with Cuba for November, walked to keep the fr tz er his bylin t Sundpy'a
two-run homer In the tenth third place with one triumph rally alive. Mays then singled to ing under his byline in Sundreject-y's
anir by Willie Mays, broke a against three games lost. right field and when second Poffeittsburgh Press, a$15d he reject-$25,000
two- Ie as Puerto Rio '..The winners scored two runs baseman Al Federoff threw wild, ed offers of $15,000 against
owed Venezuela 4 to 2. In the second, single tallies in Clemente raced home with the Henry Armstrong.
T fhe troundtripper was Mays' the fourth, an. seventh and winning run. In the story, told by Zivic to
frIt hit of the series. their final two markers came Herman Franks, manager of In the store to Hu h,
yesterday, Puerto Rico beat in the nitinh. Puerto Rico, was ejected from Press sports writer Rchampion said Hugh
aC t 'to 6 to rack up their Panama got its lone run in the te gme by umire Pat Rice bribes were offered him in 1940
Striup as many fifth when they threatened to the sixth for protesting a call at be we late Eddie
triumph In qste the lea t t hrea to and 1941 by the late Ed
-bi the Series. take the I first bas%
~)jatS afan flg dio W t-th r .es ara ded.Meade, then,'Armstrong's man-
X'ays iigain, figured, in the nera branded. ';- -- -- -- ager *****
,iaetwo-onlt,-runt ths With one out,: Clyde pi hit a s In each eas, zvic said he
0 a two-out single In safely, Johnny Kropf walked inIn Oboys purnedtheoerandwentonto
.It i frame. and Jack Falls singled, driving s.udefeat Armstrong.
77UThe blumpj assured Puerto home parris. Before the first bout, in which
p at least Ltie for f rst Bw 'Em Overo wl Zivic wrested the welterweight
ATetin theSerleSa tnturcehas Spider Wilhelm, batting for crown from Armstrong, Meade
y to beat Paniama today to Alberto 0sorio, got a free pass to INDIANAPOLIS-(NEA)-When said to Zivic, according to Zivic's
ev up e championship, fill the sacks. Starting pitcher the Indianapolis Bowling Coun- story: "You know you can't win
*The wInners spotted Cuba a Julio "Carrao" Bracho was yank- cil holds it dance, Feb. 26, tele- tnis fight. Armstrong's too ood
six-run lead up to the sixth but ed for Bill Kennedy who struck vision'sets will be in operat"- r you. But I'll give you $19,000
cored three times In the lower out Milt Graff and made Bud around the roont so that bow' 4 i bills to take it easy."
If of that inning and got Hardin fly to center. won't miss the hirh s'1ool hr Zivic said he didn't reject
ome a single tally In the 8th. Kennedy received credit for ketball tournament t nipht. Meade's offer immediately be-
The game was tied up in the the win and Osorio was the los- T InTdiana, high n ol bas- cause he feared Meade "mightJ
ninth when with two outs and er. Johnny Fitzgerald finished ketball takes over the spors in- claim Armstrong had hurt his
a -rnner on first, Don Zimmer the game for Panama. terests of even bowlers once the hand or something and call off
ilt his third homer of the Se- The line score: tournaments begin, the fight." Instead, ne simply
bater ri. g fiee, Venezuela 020 100 102--6 11 0 John Anderson, Marion alley never contacted Meade.
SThe next batter, right fielder, Panama 000010000-1 7 1 proprietor, points this out. An- Zivic said Meade offered him
Roberto Slemente, drew a free Bracho, Kennedy (5) and Luis derson never has had a Friday $25,000 before the second bout
ass. and then Mays connected 'Ft. Claire; Osorio, Fitzgerald (5) night league because "everybody with Armstrong, but this time
SIUthb fourth hit of the game. and Falls, Dabek (7). W.P. Ken- roes to the basketball games on Zivic told him "no soap right
O. th hit and ruti Clemente nedy. L.P. Osorio. that night-including me." out."

ICI 1 g I I'9.. mum I
Complete Prize-winning Numbers in the Ordinary Drawing No. 1875, Sunday, February 13, 1955

The whole ticket has 44 pieces divided in two series "A" s "B" of 22 pieces each

First Prize

Second Prize

1 *'~-.,*

Third Prize

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$ 6,600.00

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Approuimatious Derived From Second Prize
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S1-Joe $29320, 5.20, 2.48
S2-Coral $3.20, 2.40
S3-Don.-Grau $2.60.
S One-Two: $73.20.
1-Chly $5.00, 3.40, 2.80
. 2-Fto $3.80, 3.80
I 3-Volador $2.40.
Qulnaela: $1460.
1-Black Gold $6.20, 3.00
2-Don Goyo $3.80,.
1-R! Rhymester $14.80, 4.40, 9.40
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3-.-Tilama $6.20.
1-Vulcanizado $15.00, 6.80, 4.2(
2-D. Sunset $30.40, 6.40
3-Lion'A Claw $2.40.
Double: $215.80.
1-Nacho $3.20. 3.00, 2.40
2-Valaria $15.40, 5.60
3-Avilsa $5.00.
Quinliela: $36.00.
1-Begonia $8.60, 5.60, 3.80
2-Nesscliffe $8.40, 5.40
3-Welsh Fox $4.80.
One-Two: $106.60.
1-Amorlo $7.00, 4.40, 3.00
2-Jaqulmazo $5.40, 7.60
3-Reiampago II $4.40.
1-Tap Lady $14.80, 4.60, 7.20
2-Srena $18.20, 9.20
2-Don Wende $8.00.

Colombia All-Stars

Whip Tokyo Giants

2nd Straight Time
CARTAGENA, Colombia, Feb.
14 (UP) Scoring five runs in
the eighth inning, a Colombian
all-star team beat the touring
Tokyo Giants yesterday ,by the
score of 6 to 3.
It was the second straight loss
for the Giants who have failed
to win a game in Colombia so
The line score:
Tokyo Giants 000 001002-3 9 1
All-Stara 000 000 15x-6 13 1
Nakao, Iritini (8) arid Yamo-
to; Lopez, Gomez (8), Llorena
(9) and Redondo, Noel (8). W P:
Gomez. LP: Nakao.

C1%OA DV:AfX-f


Little League

The Standings
W L Pet.
Spur Cola 9 1 .900
coln Life 6 3 .666
Gibraltar Life 4 6 .400
Police 4 6 .400
W mks 1414 3 6 .333
Etymour Agency 3 7 .300

Elks 1414 3, Seymqur 2

im uL"
1606 s.N
Iee see

Ii~wf lg tibers of veelteday's Lottery naispg were sold at: FbktU ecofd and Third In Panama
;/o w vhe ke aMs edilq Ea 4 and a"t Included l0 IfS win Forty-Fear Dollars ($.G) iml.
.the *asBI tibtet ma 44 wces which coaim a al5irlhu "A' sad "- W

e Te orftqry o ofiti Gowvenor of Panan PI WMI O LOPEZ

Iiir i .r -...
OfTh I


_ I

u nII Dni s The Lodgemen of Elks 1414 March i rule, anu n elp1 retre 1ruungt w a lam pgmn..
U Ibattled the Insurance Lads of
By UNITED PRESS Seymour to stay out of the cellar BEN
position in the league. Elks won c Sprint Soviet Malch
a close one by the score three to'
SWIMMING two. Champ Reg Harris Adjourns With
FPour Yale swimmers have Chunky Fredy Huddleston Ca R
smashed the world record for was on the mound for the In- e We
the 400-yard free-style relay. surance, Lads and a shaky firIS W ridW KrlORe vord8n l
The team swimming in the Inniing, when the Elks scored two,
annual Yale carnival was runs, was enough to beat Fred-i DORTMUND, Germany, Feb. LONDON, Feb.14 (UP)1 The
clocked in three-minutes, 21 and dy. 14 (UP) England professional .S.ASR. chess c h amplo h
threq-tenth seconds. That clips: bicycle track sprinting world match between world S
three-tenths of a second off the eHipitching opponent, Tommy champion Reg Harris Saturday Mlkail BotvinnikndVa
record set by another Yale team. Bright also went the whole dis- night scored a new world recordAntoshin wasadjourned yeter-
four years ago. The new record- tance, gave up only three hits in the 1,000-meter sprint with day with Botvinnlk holding the
breakers are Kerry Donovan, and struck out seven. Huddleston staying start of 1:08.9-minutes initiative, Moscow RadIo sAId
Davy Armstrong. John Niles and struck out 10 and gave UP four during an international sports today.
Snddy Gideonse. hits. Miscues in the first Iing gal in the local"Westenhale"
r Aruined'the Seymour -lads. IndoorTstadum. Ithe.broadcat, whieh ctled
FOOTBALL Besides winning the ball game,' the Botvinnik Antoshin e-
Bright also captured the batting! Harris. who was crowned world change the It of th
Northwestern's new football honors for the day, having a per- titlist in the professional bike round, reported that the word
cah Lou Bab" says as- fet dday,two for two. srI in 1954, Saturday night champion "adopted-en"origSS
sistants Bud Svendaen and Gene liced off one tenth of a second variation of his favorite re*"
Miller will remain on the staff. Today the' firht half schedule from the former world mark of defense.
Saban says freshman coach Don ends. The Elks 1414 take on the 1:09.0-minutes for the' 1,000- -
Heap has quit to take a job witn Lincoln Life. Elks will go out to meter sprint with staying start At one point, the broadcast re-
a coal company. win this one to stay out of the which was made by himself in oorted. Antoshin forced Botvin-
In pro football, National cellar. The second half of the 1952 nik "to ponder mdre than 0
League teams have signed an- league will start next Monday, o bi J minutes," but then "overlooked
other batch of collegiate play- I Holland's biking star Jan a strong tactical threat.." Bot-
an. The New York Giants added SETYMOUR Derksen, failed in his attempts vinnik capitalized on his oppo-
defensive end Bill Hillen of West to blitz the world record in the nents oversight and thi mate
Virginia. The Green Bay Pack- Plyer AB R H 500-meter sprint, but he equaled was -adourned with Dotinfilk
era got Wisconsin quarterback ston, p & 0 the world record of 29.8-seconds holding the initiative.
Johnny Coatta. The Baltimore A i, rf 3 0 1 held by Jacques Bellenger oI tn another second round n
Colts signed guard Bob Evans bLPearl,2b 0 0France. irt an:=4 0r-
of Iiaml of Ohio. The Chicago3 MosIs, Sb th0 1e
C&V i picked up Wal Vl MIeGowin. cf a 0. 0 Besides the biking competition over a
14 mand Tam Robinsonm. tackle Dubbs,c 0 1 featured on the galas show whichtor after pad
wih- the Camp Pendleton Ma- Bottwright, as 3 1 0 took place before 12.,000 specta- genously. aid
rines. l. Bockman, lb 1 1 0 tors, there was also a racath- M nw
-- R..Pearl, If 1 a 0 letic meet in which the top par- hit flgt
aewhere in sports: Mallory, If 0 0 ticipants were German twin and f B
-----__ European sprinting champion! n ilo|
L .batag: Doctors say bah'- Totals Heals Fuetternrer, nghad's IM a dw i
t contender D' European women bpd emp- test-
tt Italy sZht aUa 6 ing champion Jan mrWg otbr e W dU .
i- wWa eed at and England's abidle dist nce(h $ew'2
O ttheto J. s Ib a 1 1 track star John Dialet.
2 St11a.B' 1 0 5 T lbr
jS~~~fe~~~ftn ~ ~ o.notfn~ tw .e 0 The Woyard trftck Vm dju, i^^W Bo~
acS t 0 won by POatteter IS U No a laA..
fta. c .i e The 3AW-matmr vamas Weis
t 1 Aftt ... -.:I
IF~ I -4 nil
-- .--.uA



Appexlmutious Derived From Third PrizM

5 1S- M IM -- IM SB I
4M sa a s-_a a 106 3.m a
son "lion~e IL"an

- --- ---- --- --- .-..-.

i.L I I I


Ii m go



_ __


_ _

'" '


NEW YORK, Peb. 14 (tP) -
Oregon State can cllnch a tie
for the Northern Division title
in the Pacific Coast Conference
tonight by beating Idaho. Or
State can clinch It outright by
winning two of four games this
week, or even less f second-
place Oregon loses to Washing-
ton Friday or Saturday. The
Northern Division titHst quali-
fies to meet the Southern Divi-
sion champion in a two-of-three
series for the league crown and
N.C.A.A. berth. ,
West Virginia ean elineh the
Southern Conference regular
season title by beaten Willlam
and Mary tonight and second-
laee Geore aWashinton on
saturday. bt t N.C.A.A. t-
tle berth hib gs on the league's
post-season tourney.
Idaho State can clinch the
Rocky Mountain conference ti-
tle by finishing its league sea-
son this week. with wns over
Montana State on Friday and
Several other major confer-
ence championships could be
clinched this week, but each
would require an unlikely com-
bination of victories and de-
Minnesota, Colorado, Utah and
U.C.L.A. scored the Saturday
victories that meant the most
in conference races and, as a re-
sult, found themselves In good
position today for the final drive
to the wire.
Minnesota clung to a half-
game lead in the Big Ten with
Its double-overtime, 78-71 victo-
ry over Illinois as the Oophers'
Dick Garmaker and Illinois' Paul
Judson tied for scoring honors
with 23 points each. Minnesota
(7-2), Iowa (6-2), and Illinois
(5-3) each face two league
games this week.
Colorado's 80-71 upset of Mis-
souri ut the Buffaloes one game
ahead of the Tigers with five
games each left to play.
Utah tok a two-rame stran-
glehold on the Skyline Confer.
ence as a result of its 78-71
victory over Brigham Young,
Art Bunte's .29 points leading
bounded rom 'a 77-4 lbs to the
gam team On Fftay.
U.C.L.A. gained a commanding
two-game lead over Stanford in
the Southern Division of the
P.C.C. by beating Stanford for
the second straight nIght, 72-59,
and now can clinch a title tie by
beating California Friday and




Dan Daniel

Plans for further tmpering with National League ball'a
contours, fences sad erns-o encourage bettering tth ajot
record of 1197 hoenm set by that circuit iIN S and -aw1Phd,
last year with 1114-today evoked a blat by Waiter OwbUm .
Brooklyn president.
The Cardinals have announced their intention of removing
the screen from their right-field pavillop. The Rede plot ,e
manipulations Id right to give Ted Kluszewski addtioml help,
and there is talk in Pittaburgh of relocating Greenberg Gardens
in left.
Branch Rickey tried to revise Forbes Feld last season, but
'Warren Giles stopped him with the rule adopted In 1953, which
forbids such maneuvering once a pennant race has -'kot-under-
'"Since we have done something to our left-field*% n at Nb-
bets Field, which was 13 feet longer in 1941, when the National
League home-run crop came to only 597, I suppose I lay myself
open to criticism for attacking the tendency to tool around with
field dimensions from season to season to accommodate certain
individuals, or groups of players," O'Malley opened,
"However, such changes has have been made in Flatbuish
have been In the interest of greater stating cApacity and not to
produce more homers which, everybody knows, have become far
too cheap.
"It is definitely bad for baseball to redesign ball parks for
efforts to fit the batting characteristics of current personneL
The American League, of course, has done it, too. Very often
the change boomerangs and helps the seven vitgsiti eama.tather
than- the home club.
"I believe that the setting up of Greenberg Garbens In Pitts*
burgh was one of the worst examples of such manipulation.
"I believe the time has come to stop all that foollabluent.
I would have major clubs file blueprints of their fields with
their league presidents-and with the commissioner-and forbid
changes except for good and sufficient, reasons, like the closing
of a street or reconstruction of stands.
"Baseball experts keep hammering awayat the poor pitch-
ers, when it Isn't their fault at allW" O'Malley continued,
*,.- ; *
"The life of a hurler has become just too rugged. He has
little chance. The rules are changed, our fields are changed, to
help the batter. Our club owners seem to feel that the fans
want more and more offense, and to hell with the pitchers. I
think the time has come to go in reverse.
"Do you recollect those two splendid games pitched for us
last September by Karl Spooner against the Giants and the Pi*
rates? Do you remember the tremendous reaction of the fans-
and the relish and sest exhibited in the sports pages? *
"Well, that was a vital tipoff on what. the customers preftr.
They don't want continual tampering with the fields to make
things all the tougher for the hurlers.
"A batter, falls away from a pitch, but happens to set th i
face of the bat on the ball, and thert goes still another home
run. It has become ridiculous."
Just how difficult pitching in the majors has become even
for the most skilled technicians is stressed by National League
home-run data for 1954.
The great Robin Roberts of the Phillies was belted for 35.
Brooklyn's Carl.Ersklne. gave up 31, Warren Spahn, Milwaukee
24; Harvey Haddix, Card ala, 26; Johnny Antonelli, giants, 24
and Don Newcombe, Dodgers, 24.
In 1953, the National League became exuberant because It
had as many as four home-run stars in the, 40 class. In 1954,
it boasted six, Ted Kluazewski, Gil Hodges, Willie May, Bank
Sauer, Eddie atiews and Duke Snider.
When a league hits 114hoiaers and steaks InV. '5r,1baab^.
as did the, National W A954,esA-basebal appearS o aIE
our parks.-
'*, *' 1*, .** S
"I don't want anybody to get the Idea that I advocate gnia
back to the days when the typical score, day after day, was 3-2,
and 10 homers were enough to win a hamplonalbip In the ma-
jor leagues," O'Malley resumed. "But let's et reasonable about
this home-run business."
The Dodgers boss then took up the new scoring training ru"i,
which bar assembly before March 1, and exhibitions prior to the
"One of the drawbacks of the player representative system
to which we owe the training restrictions, It that veterans set
up the rules for the youngsters.
"Because of the late starting date for games, each dlub had
to lop off something like four exhibitions-the four In which the
rookies woul dhave their biggest opportunities.
"Letting some play in the Caribbean all winter; andbarriar
others from training before March 1 is thdrbughly llly 'and"wI
have to be set aright before 1956 zolls around.
"A pitcher whose home is in, snowbound Verpmont his to
compete in the exhibition season with one who has gone through
the Cuban League season, and what happens? The boy frOm the
North looks bad by comparison.
"I note that as the days pass, more and more major league
players report their departure for Florida. They will be spend-
inRg their own money down there until March 1. Let me say with
certainty that they will not like this.
"This situation will figure In a revulsion of feeling on the
%far.%_ I intla mA^ 1k&1v%.^- -^ +v_ ajlmi__ +. ^j..,4 Is--





Win g Can Be


Williams May










By JIMMU BRESLIN Ile basketball team is the darnd-
thing to happen since the
WILLIAMSTOWN, Mass. (NEA) season began.
-Williams College has had to de Their record has tossed them
a lot of running around in recent into a position which sees news-
months to correct some erroneous papers beginning to. check up on
impressions which have been pll- them, college statistical bureaus
Ing up. listing their on-the-court doings
To begin with, the school, whih and all the other messy nonsense
%as founded back in ITA, had to pmrmally attributed to a school
convince twnaseppla that It was which plays basketball for zeal.
perfectly correct for a sign to be Williams is bracketed, by most
erected at he, colleats. metance. people, with Holy Cross, a solid
"The V large Beautiful," as the national power of many years, as
town calls itself, doesn't permit a prime candidate for the New
commercialism in any form. Not England district bid to the post-
even a sign. season tournament.
"Bllt we got tired of. being con- The Willams team is led by
fused with William and Mary Co-captains Tony Moro, 6-64, an
which has no connection at all All.New England player last year,
with us," iRasph Renal, the col. and Ron (Bird) Wilson, 6-5, the
lege news d etor, notes. leading scorer.. But around, here,
There there came the through- the fact that. Tony was a junior
ly embarrassing situation brought Phi Beta Kappa last year and
about by the basketball te m. Bird has a Westinghouse scholar-
Williams won the first 11 of Its ship seems more important.
18-game schedule and found Itself Coach A haw aso has Jim MIRACLE MIS..Expecting to cash, the driver at right covers his face on locking wheels with another midget racer in Oakland.
in the nasty position f be i (Slip) symons, 6-4, from Seattle, Calif. By a miracle, the car at lat disengage itself after a split second, and no accident c erred. (NEA)
talked of for an NCAA Tourna- and Wally Jensen, 5-10 playmaker
meat bid, from Wauwatoea Wise. ymons
"Why." Athletic Director Frank is a member of te creative writ- The
R. Thorns, Ji., gas "we even lng class and recently received O T OF DO R within he Fairw ys
have heard that peop are saying a $5000 offer for a short story he OU Tae I DO R wtn
we 'loaded up' in'basketball." put to ether Jensen Is in on a Panama Wolpen's Golf
Williams' ykrslty roster con- scholarship Association
sists of players from such far-off "But a Willams scholarship," [a-
spots as Cin anti, Seattle and Ren ,#Ants out, "is strictly aca- a m The regular PWGA Tourna-
New York City,' .A first-flight rec- demfe. ment for February will be held
ord and an, out-of-town studdedk- If a boy- basketball player or at the Fort Davis Club on Feb
roster usually means a school is otherwse--doesn't qualify for a UNES TtThis meeting will also star
deeply tested In winning bae scholarship, he plunks $1500 down WHY HUNTERS GET COLD -- the Inter-Club Tournament fo
ketball games-and getting mon-for the school year. There arebe FEETel )b. Teams from the Panama
ey and publicity W e it's doing 1076 students enrolled and last By WARREN PAGE MAmador, Braos and Gamboa Golf
it. '. fall only 279 out of 1700 appli- Shooting Editor .uluns will compete for the tro-
But i Williams, as Renal has- cants were accepted. By GAB ARTNETT phy. Line-up for the first match
tens to int out, this doesn't Williams has been getting along EVER had your feet so cold it Written for N Service will be: Panama vs. Gamboa and
ex W 7 maer our skown aourmond the nath sm v. Brazos .
question 'about -' the school even team which ranks 12th in de- and teary-eyed when they start-
accepting an NCAA bid if it does fense among the nation's small ed to thaw out? Ever had a case Second match will be held a
come, colleges The Purple grudgingly of frigid dogs putt hecomplete ki- the Panama Golf Club on Feb
"There's .onT element on the gives opponents an average of bosh on a ays hunting? I doubt 26. Line-up will be: Panama vs.
campus here which frowns on 61.8 point per game. there a man worthy of the gone Amador and Gamboa vs. Brazos
post-season games," he observes. Oswald Tower, who annually name of hunter that hasn't gone Third match will be held at the
"It will take quite a fight to win interprets the basketball rules for through that ony one time or Gamboa Golf Club on 5 March.
them ove if S anything comes up. the CAA was the last big bas- another. And this past deer sea Matches will be Panama vs. Bra
And athlete scholarships! Why ketball noise Williams has had. son I watched it happen---qu te zos and Gamboa vs. Amador.
there's no such thing here!" And Tower was captAin back in needlessly. The Inter-Club matches will
The success of the Williams Col- 1907. This chap had the idea-whichn go off before the regular PWGA
for him may have been right- tournament matches on the 19th
that he just couldn't stand wool so watch the paper for starting
STVL*T L next to his skin. Allergic or times.
uOm a llecKk "- .something. So he started out into 'Members desiring to play in
the Maine deer woods, with four p the PWGA tournament at Fort
eluy Sory or five inches of snow and the Davis should contact their clut
mercury down around the 20 representative or Erlene Dial
Plmark, in a pair of rubber-b o t. wet indefinitely-and you don t Fort Gulick 8506, before Wednes-
cs l le rV o o Li n erl s tom d boots, one pair of medium get any great insulating effect day, Feb. 16, so pairing can be
wool socks, and a thick pair ot from the wool layers anyway be. made.
.- cotton fuzzy socks next his hide. cuse they're all jammed into
The first four hours he was tight wadding with no air spaces.
PACIFIC TWILIGHT LOOP took over the pitching for Legion on the move constantly, 'so that You'd be better off with less sock
Teams W6n Lost and on the second pitch the his feet perspired copiously. The weight and more toe room.
Lucky Strike 6 1 throw ot away from Pete Salas cotton was soaked. Then he sat Any boot likely to be worn in -
Womack Isatillers 5 3 and mor came in to score for two hours. Result, a gallop- temperature well below the freez-
American Legion 4 4 standing up with the winning ing case of chillblains. ing point should be at least one
7461st Signal 1 8 run. wActually, if he couldn't take size too big, and then not over-
Thf DwXi ( ae ool on his epidermis, he had loaded with surplus socks. Gabby Harn eh 1
TUDAc'S NIGIp T e GAME (First Game) oat least two answers. One, an I I keep two pairs of rubber. a ... .
A. Legion vs. Lu6cy Strike lid one Woulad ,be to wear a sar bottoms always In. service. One A catcher named Gus Red-
THURDA'S NGRT GBAME Womack Dlstlllers of ightF silk sokel undpr two 'lay- pair fits nicely over single me- mond had to break his leg slid-
1.. .Strike -AR R H ers of--insiilating- 4ool.and;.. andivim-welght wool,, soka. They into second base baele in 120ht
Baseball fans who journey~ Scott, as 3 0 1 needs plenty of wool Insulation- too cold and I'm walking steadily. In baseball
to Fort .a o baseball par Glaud, C 4 1 1 plus fe or sheepskin insolest hat The other air are marked 11t, and t r '
yesterday 'V treated to two McKeown, 25 0 0 0 can be swtiched and dried every any my shoe size is in most It was my first year in organ- '
exciting t I games with Wom- McGlade, rf, Sb 3 2 1 night. Or he -could have used the ljsts. The big a#ir will take deep ized ball, and I was the second- ,
ack DsIlern edging the host Carlin, lbr 4 2 3 Korean war development, a foam- felt nnersoles and two pairs of ri receiver for Worcester
7461st team $ to 4 and atUcky Pechette, if 3 0 1 rubber style of Insulator, and stay- heavy wool socks. They're for That was in the old Eastern
Strike !nudging American Legion Giavelli, cf 4 0 0 ed foot-warm all day long. late-season deer hunting., was inn tho ld E arnm my
8 to 7 in see-saw thriller extrs Walker, 3b 3 0 0 There are two basic necessi. Leather boots a r e commonly eagu not tonso far from my
innl n affAir in the nightcap o Riley, rf 1 0 0 There are two basic necess- thought to be warmer than rub- When WoonGus broke that bone in
the:tinbil Hagler,p 3 0 2 ties for warm feet. One is in ber. And so they are, unless May, I stepped in and caught
Womack kept their hopes alive Charles, p 0 0 0 sulation, and the other ventila- you get your feet soaked, or have 100 games and was sold to the
for a. sholat the flrthul bunte- ltion. Ramming extra thicknesses so doused the leather with pre- go o,, bs
ing with their victory in the first 7461st Signal, of wool socks Into boots the same sealing waterproofing that it can- tNe sar on Catalina Is-
game but had to go all out as Matsumoto, c, 3b 3 0 0 size as your feet cannot breathe-- not breathe. Then your feet get la aga was su ed to
signal playing on their home Waseliski. lb 3 0 0 perspiration-wet socks will stayclammy-cold just as in rubber. ,nd o w ssh ue e Bo
diamond With six and seventh x-Sexton 1 0 1' .... .. ....a s -w-dupo;te'ech: anare Bo.b >w
inning ralleesalmost upst the y-Landry 0 0 0 Oarie was uthe c c er"
Wh'iskeymen.Womaick e'a 4 Sh.ner. 2b 4 1 1 e t gn snthe ather ho
to 1lea s going into the sixth ale, If 2 2 2 kep ist in tonoe h
when signal pushed across '2 Norton, s 3 0 1 would listen.
runs on singles bY Shaner and Biehn,d0 cTe w 0t efoeth ol b n
Hale with the aid of 2 errorA b sr 2 l 1 he no f before the asopening
Womack. McCurrey, 3b 2 0 0 ... g1 o still didn't know if I wouldnL
The Womack starting battery Jacober, c 1 0 0 i e venticdidit khn l w. Mad
left thegame-in thisInlin l .thCorad, p 1 0 0 agen Bstickllith the pulledUb Man-
Dantn age& r astou r .Di &bdis-'-Coleman 1 13 1 tside age B said, "You're the first

orad laer shaoul Ber whily e Cae Sin l fo rI If mou l l th. sthind c asche o othr ta son.
dig oll c e plate o n ace PAmerlean Legion will hos o eneon a the Nal A chae ml e uite .a.thrll be- T
the ortleague game behind tlrNe

ceand aor steaoingJur so and CaW.Dstilloer, 013 0 i 4 1 1 Inton's pubs Is-5 9 2 that the University of San undue em-
ird was out. at te plate on a Ben Sals, b 3 2 2 ph-4 7 4 Francisco, coming up ketball wasn't then

flce block b. Willie McKeown Pabl alas 4 1 reon a star Kentcky playeraction,
as Lanury asaempsea a steal olSimpson, rt 1 0 left in a huff....or was it a
rome to end the game. nDanaby, rf 3 0 2 bluff?l choose the National Invtta- G avel a n lea nr
Hale was the leaong hitter Makosky, p 1 0 0 Despite continuing rumors of
or signal it two snges in Kirchmer, 3 0 0 poor health, the Blue GrNCAA cause Alex was Kssllefers old ba Ba-t-
wo ofacial trips to the pate and Lacky Strike ron, Adolph Rupp of Kentucky, By DR. PHOG ALLEN
manager Bill arli won an Atlas Players' AB R H merry-'t a to quit caching.... ansas Coac
Garden Italian dinner with 3 Cox, s, 2 ;eca never felt better.... Written for NEA Service
its in 4 trips to the plate one Owens, ct, If 3 2 0 and part of that feeling may be QTION: when can a cal Wherever distinguished
with sexton 's-r un ripe Jh drylman, sb 4 1 1 of the Dons have never been tostfresh

scoring ehi at 2, bs 3 2 4 0 1 N ask leg coa nd a tute et together, you're sure
In the nightcap Lucky Strike iJones, lb 2 0 1 hs to the game?-Irwins attractive, bright-red pa
ame from Dehte d twice to wir Schiauter, rt 3 0 1 Syracuse's Al Ceri thinks, like Answer' Only when the clock sicn of a distinguished
nd take a-ti rmer hold on first Fasman, I 1 0 we do, that professional basket- Adolph app s stoped-which is for a foul, p o adinngui c
ace as they nudged the Amer- ickisbler 2b 2 0 0 ball's time shooting lmit should ----j ump ball,. time-out or special
a Legton e to 7. The winners T bhet, c 3 0 be extended from 24 to 30 sec- 6 ime call by the referee. P ple who appreciate
ad taken a short two rn lead Medger,p o 0 11 onds.... to lessen the strain on minute barrier-and they would Q. What happened the oig PALL MAwhoL fore
twthe third only to have tne no_ L by Strie players..r frayed nerves are not print It.... Three of the University of Ken- AL MALL for
earon g aned wit a three' A. Legn 3-7 10 2 already begnng to Shotptt r Parry O'Brie, in tucky lasIt year?-Bn ryan Jordan. delicious blend
uits .l rapthetop o the ourh'Iwuen, e 002 00 3 4 Fr aIn Dwyro who staged training at the University of Ah Frank Ramsey is with the
nd Legion held a tw run t*lead that unscheduled joust on boards Maryland for the da-American rofessional Celtics and Lou E jL -
n the seventh after adding an with Wes Santee, was once slat- Games, wonders if Mexico city's T aoropeouloes and ciff Hagen are i
insurance run lntheir top ox the l'M r I 0 i eaed to be a fighter by his dad.... high altitude won't loft the Iron in service diii
. ht .- With tWO matesf aboard //s, 'I 1 U0 I who sent him out for roadwork bal a little further., ..the Salt Q. When freezing the ball is nc

n the bottom of seveth La y to develop a leg injured playing Lake City air carries a base- Ithere any set pattern -wnhic
ones unload a booming triple n basketball.... and found him- ball.... should be followed? Gordon
o right center with one away V W self with a track man.... Could Vic 8eixas and Tony Trabert Hansen.
-ut tne next two batters went_ i _U oaf exploring New York's bright make their triumphant return to A. Fundamental rules apply
ut oh Infield plays to sad the Dm lff M lights be the reason Santee fli- the U.S. scene at the nation.- everywhere and here, a team
amie Into. q* Ings. zled in the Millrose Games?... Indoors In New York this month should keep the middle open, not
The Leggionnalrs in the top of NEW YOm J. 14 "'- Coach Ray Meyer of DePaul, ....but the man to watch is an bunch up and keep the ball mov-
he ,eig3n Oa triple by Pt DN a r TOem e 14-(UP) the developer of George Mikan, unknown Swede, name of Ulf Ing.
alas andth con-Sebyiveot-O *eli Dwy1r has calls Minnesota's Dick Garmak- Schmidt....because snow-bound
les b egl uBamt08 PaMO Salas W- set of tah er the greatest t shotmaker inScandinavians are hot-shots In- ring... If you want some clue as
Lad %= lep Wk whatum aDwy basketball history." ... better doors (another S'wede, 8ven pa- to the locale of Rocky Marela-
ppeared to be a moamanAn wa, Nie and thn Ohio 8tate's Robin Fre-1vidson, won the same event artno's title defense, be au raph-
ea3Or" l g gf L tS W *i to an... year) .... Incidental, we hear ed a picture to a coaSA frtend
to 4. wi" teht5t i n the alter iM n Now Former mile king Glenn Cun- Trpbert lis rumored to be settling with, "ee you soon In Fran-
tl Klrvhir ao *fe m-h I lx and ningbam now on the speaking down In Los Angeles as a bud- cisco." ... Undef eat- d Gene
10 t -Ie thiir B 1 -* ta for more ~asn't 15n Ysn~ e di. bCankeu... Fullmer looks like the sturdy
1t5 BiS *ovum 1066 d Nepa I farm boy he Ln'tl...
PaOCrinh ftSI d M1 .." a m"'intan lb Tuf"W, Calfr .W" S o hebbA took the onlyno *1 John Jay Esoklnu. the atemis
a a nervous" ..tookhe N- sub bl der who stage the an-
Moaoel MeM l d e S ome relaxatIon-ran three and t enal BskinM Aoeliationm nual Hopkins Trophy matches
pittchES --r aSNih loew" a half miles on the high school who didis t of t"mU UP l l0-1 between Canadian and American
of" b^sa iman*OVW ib5*4to boi.%ac... clunningha also feels erank.. Ite olf oues. one bolt 73
4P a'l .S .S b 1Wf.*M O J e standard will he ea The top hevywght at Sanhimself at Pebble eah....
Sl to :56 and then still lower j a-to Is N U ....& Between you'n'ne. shouldn't

Boxing Manager Imbues

Social Consciousness, Yet
e b I J -.-, .....

(Harry Grayson is on vacation)
NEW YORK (NEA)-Fight man-
agers travel in droves. The daily
jump-off spot is Stillman's Gym,
where the slouch hats, dark suits
and billowing cigars mingle In
small, whispered conclaves, break- .
ing up only sporadically when a
flashy kid inside one of the two
rin gs beats a swift rat-tat-tat on
a umbering parmate. And the
wise boys make sure they don't
miss anything.
They eye each other fishily and
talk a language of dates and
money. The fighters they andle
are reduced to merchandise. To
outsiders their conversation is cir- .
cumspect, with suspicious under-
In looks, mannerisms and inflec-
tion, Constantine (Cus) D'Amato
1 doesn't differ much from the man- ,AVA
aging mob. His only distinction is
Sthe homburg he affects.
In "merchandise" he is unique. Floy4Pattesms
r He discovered, molded and now
guides Floyd Patterson, the best ancy. He Is a product of utterplO "
f young fighter in the ring today. erty. He wants t excel.
- In his approach to managing, he t m A
is also unique. "I TOLD HIM 2 want h .., t
d It aches D'Amato that fghtman- keep a scrapbook," says his ma.
aers are classed as a bunch ager earnestly "and keep It hi s ".
at front men for mobsters. Not aef, because i want h epm to b !
t that he isn't a tough raised ecause want him to
Sth at re scn'tatougho r ed ai conscious of his obligation as as .
mina rugged section rooklyn fighter, tolve up toh t
Sand left withits turn of speech on the public. p to s
. He also has personal courage-- a
otherwise he wouldn't be able to Hi d k from t
. hold on to a coveted kid like world of fsticuffs?talk from th
- Patterson.
"But where a pug to one man- also boughthim a tape re .
SBu strictly a cpug to one man er," continues Cus. "He talks, sad -
ager Is strictly a commodity, to then plays, back what he says. T his ,.
SD'Amato he s also a boy whose is todevelop his ablty as a e ,,i
ability as a fighter will increase r.We're called upon from tim. ?
only as his personality matures, to time to make appearances be,
His fighters are his friends. fore groups of boys or civic ,
t Patterson is a complexity- an tat ofn."
quiet, gentlemeanly youth of 20 .
,whose background includes a pe- eenly ite
riod at an upstate school for emo Keenly intelligent but edu
ionally disturbed children and an- tonally deficient because of his 1
other at disturbed school for ildrepeated tr an erratic school record, Floyd didn't 4
Sogress beyond two years at a
tradehigh school.
"I'm amazed myself how aive
he is," says D'Amato. "M Y b
you'll laugh but In the back
myn mind I've ,got another
eaI plan. I want to hir ae 1W .
tutor for him, when I th S .-ro
ready for it.
The immediate problem. is- 'w
k .ephs fighter busy in the
*o 0 07 /D'Amato was able tobag
Garden on tho seer attraeem
Garden date last Octobor 'J
eavy-weight ~Joe Gannn of
meane. ut Gaunon, n tave for
Several years and a lapJustre .
t boxer, wouldn't carry the ca him. n
-. self. He needed an attractlt op.
ponent. Patterson dynamic an
"w "flashy, was the only man who coun
5 HW }ofit the ebill. b i I
Sno n for eight rounds (Joe was out

D'Amato, with the aid ofk tht
car he desires and a happy en-ra

says, "I Sgie him a little t o
One time. I buy him a tuxedo
(cost: $165). The last time, bo A
he noa moutWillie 'rey,
him a little monkey. he loves a n > t
mals (cost: $0). Things like that :A
make him happy."

ness to boxing-at a price. It also
makes sure he keeps the boxer. An
emissary from the mob once of .:
mfered Floyd 20 grand to quit D'V
00 A Amato. ;

and interesting people
e to find PALL MALL'S
ckage, too... for it's the
the best, always choose
a reason. They like its
of fine tobaccos... they
like its extra large size
which filters the smoke
and makes it mellower...
and, most of all, they
like the elegance of
PALL MALL, with 201
more tobacco than any
regular cigarette.

A blonde with brains...

A sharpie with big ideas
.. And a luggr with a
Sudady puneh in a do- I
usbtfu) cmgodyl d




Enconto Todky J

IThe PALR ft-ll


F 't


_ ~___ L ..






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Il|--- ^SWarm Breezes Take Ee

n a Off r Bitinmg Midwest C6id
CHICAGO, Feb. 14 (UP)-Warm
southwest brew.a took the edge
off the bitt' cold wave in toe
..Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" -Abraham.Lincoln. relld for the ilverind proasedt a
S* outh. ^- : Ss
The coldest weather of the sea.
THITIETHI EAIR PANAMA, R. P., MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14, 1955 FIVE CENTS son grI Florida but tempera.
tures faIed to go as. low as ex-
g pected and the states's 50-million-
dollar crop was spared.
IIa\ I 4 4 I farther north InFlorida how-
ever, the mercury skidded below,
SnlnIHiN sOReiicy Tme SNfreezing and vegetable farmers
kept heathers gong in the fields
during the nigai tyng to save
The numbi -ero cold In
the midwest was chased by warm

*ir fro Texa which pushed on
palachlans. Midwestern temperf-
LONDON, Feb. 14 (UP) S- more radical manner proposed As regards Molotov's speech to government of the U.S.A. were tures clhmbed up into the 20's and
viet Premier Nikolai Bulganin by the Soviet Union. which Coniff referred, it rep- quite sincere. were due td reach the 30's by to-
I said in an interview with Amier- He said Russia proposed ban- resented a completely objec- Hearst asked whether Bulga- morrow-.
ican newsmen distributed by the ning completely atomic, hydro- tive evaluation of the facts, nin would like to comment on At New Orleans thetart of
li in Tass agency today that the re- gen and other types of mass x- and completely reflected the Lincoln's Oaettysbur Address. Mardi Gras awned with a tem.
cent reshuffle in Russia's lead- termination weapons, halting point of view of the Soviet gov- Bulgfnin replied hat this was perature of 35 degrees, but
ership meant no change in poll- such weapons' manufacture ana ernment, Tass said. a fine quotation, a clever state- scored to 56 by late afternoon.
Scy towards the United States. removing them from the arma- Smith, said 4t was not quite ment by a great man Some of the coldest weather
I P f The Soviet agency distributed mtnts race. clear to him how the attacks on Hearst asked whether Bulga- lingered 4a th ;East, with sub--
the questions and answers of the U.S. government could be nin had been previously fami zero readings in northern New
P3h 33 33Bulganin's interview Saturday Bulganin added that the pro- compatible with assurances giv- liar with this rotation. Bulga- Englaid Vad Nacross the upper
withImericn ublhe Willim P'Ss __ty^ shivered in a low of 13.5 de-
posa limiting experiments en by Soviet authorities that nin said he ha not. MississippViley. New York -
Randolph Hearst, Jr., .T. Kings- would yield nothing. Russia wanted to improve rela- vered a low of 13.5 de-
IS, Feb. 14 (Te Pierre bury Smith, chief u the V e Dions withoc America.noa AWCms t As a Pos v aie sweht
k ,Pineauv attemptseone t o resed n the International Coniff asked t whether an ad- Bulganin replied prthat the as- AcessaWIh Wai de ofester Pews ove andthlos b8 dWINTE MAK S A COME. a
Szero u 6 bove and two The n t ipres ross the nation from the West, it paused in c ire rto leav

sform a governmen today and News Service, and Frank Coniff, dress byforeigntministers oV.l u A.surancsfoereearnl too roveroito-isdint e PacIohr ot orad
eienthenenyres were reported in the this white warning f what'saonon the way. Here ts htse
urget call to S tighter e e Y s burgh rath .s At McKeesport, Pa. Masen brushes away theo blanket a he trir ti
k entca ni sct rihcan. reae he no Thh Faort g e no tios w r Fof abrl nis Itr e wt s D tors commeral buildings w emre h sar. h agy

tio Fa neau to attempt to gather Hearst ask ed B u I g a nin the 1United States wanted war.toomecilbMns we a ae Tl l r
u ear dr nAot think Rsa's change nin think that abstention from h meercial tand apartment buildia he At Fort Dodge, I., a warehouse ilt tOda,
Tex depreniegr10-dFr -old.In leadership meant amchan attacks onw the n sdcU.S.A.bofficialsman ComrmiOh0 de pd Ca No co n., ounds of carude An b* temp me oud oft

The e 0 attitude toward the Unitedh official personalities and on the a BEVERLY HILUL S Ca lif.,p Feb. lt hon howeverrber oenedly tegrernn inth siw a
criys which began with the StatesTs said. a l J D es oMr old e t he bha d lr o cw is destroyed (y .W wa. tr

e pr n tl erreMendes. Bulgandin replied, "No it does personalities would be e useful e a i 1 in e We en ula tie mca Awardst Asbradolhe
France thrw th fut .ur e of not meant th is. o strong : thening peae?" da me ?kp e or e nin the n tiiOr .

o Heamer st BMurdeclbani ear a of the to societen etsor e u toor car todayd he le s as bo xit wow, T e d pcot r foele sselrto marryherd
SWester European Unionn erussiawould be ready, evenopinionthis would beusefol te On whos' waited ina vain 11 yeatars for least 40 peraons wained thei nat on.
eran hmament o and H Hear staskedd wo e lwheth-r eaT din repliedethat. rhis' aaes a e n hadac tlto o ta OedosI Cali orni r t wo co a te city Saro
eafenioi before banning atomic weapons nieset ath abl n. mas M lined ing at t coast ut i oed
douN4thxsleepingpills$ to end her own life, I north of Santa Barbaro but w1e e P tret bneecue io aie ship,
tothe aoe concludeP with the Uneatt ed hEWY lir wlindury Okes w ar policereportedse today. armeanral DCvityo maka a ing their way to me.r t San t w s del aed Irer.
Ratification ogftheParisdIstates and other Western pow- u inst spokeman wanhe S a ateedro. Coast Guard reports saId
nhe lits has ee demla-y era an eagreementlimitin the m Ji ns Z therodnoato t nation migntss e The 31-year-old beauty, clad D In Tenne ae the tanker Orion Planet was tek-
i e tlr chamber of numbers of experimental nuclear Ta e Gi o ngs s pinr a w blue night ow hn, as d is-g aater an t ut rin thre holds and t i

ent spending the confirmation explosions. Dn toheny b tisr o t e o x bValentine's Day massacre of' cove b M sa d e a ker al h eth
Of a new premier and cabinet lan d It would bhn beh ieti th gone doen'

orpe e 5.. rtlledr ofIn deon the ogn am erwhat he e termedPanprohlb- chine oguniz a icgR gi st who said he had escorted The news of the death lastinbow damage. n a a o d hreadee
ahein ptarftu lnSoigast o fr a caryo f clebroed c oe nutp socnietieartaxation."y braen her to several nightclubs Satur- Tuesday of John Joseph Millett, Swies generally were faJr ine m f
efsta uparear fMeno a iy. Marks told police he became former employee of the Mechan- ld h
o ther Unted States, agree uato ies wrJ amon omen mdoThe Asociacion udontologIcri Thomas J. Donovan, vice presi- curious when Miss Adams did ical Divion a beer rcd 0

te UlnitedSatagree d hnon has el os r e ate receivecdau os t l Bhaca
toa l nr a to e amefia will join the Panama dent of the Licensed vra In- not answer her telephone. He by friends on theIsthmus. Beennaor.
dra up atytmpr ksogr. Hte soaid e thede 165dCanal Zone Dentalr Society dustries Inc, said recently releas- arrived at her apartment to find Millet died, at the Lebanon HOSE
mer hThursday afternoon at 2 p.m. at ed federal show "alarm- at t "adc n o b i t pror w ae
hell e esnf n the Arm Navy ClubIn CM- hng Increases time, bif door. The coroner sched oedanwas 59 years old

arltyen P which demisson of hi orske In ollapse memorat- on of the 25th banniver-s of nit tmohste e ire moeg oathode au inso aue on the ital ere T en nd thess alee ed ocarrh.t e Araa e l. eene a t n e b(ut
99oe 5premier-designate. in Da o er we 2 egod s ary of th e Zone nsociety.Meri- ete." w nnd bKotg. ac lop say of late grs inod firce t o theS toh D rt illah Fu eoure aw moier. J
fPineau Is head ofAi o a rnco-enArnc t e slam. nne ea ci a was born in Knox r- artMy Visit
ddspbine Oochaan or eeu He osaid that during 1954 federalen th ul. en. "Aoday I
markssenrered wibhsDr.eIsthmus in 1920. He was employry Dad
American Friendship Society in saMxic anday 1 Burn Dr. Daniel F. Lynch, president agents seized stills cap pable of pro- Mo-woa h an, who wao s w em oS-
ueNann-oedala boilermaker wath tha lee NWr YORKas")"ie
on fMr &,yelar.Sl, OscaPr awis .
merr. Adiausts sao re ^ C(UPY- At luast 14 personswee tion, which consists of 80,000 shine daily. H redplo te .cand Zone Qe Juliatackdthe hEgaenhw. u
tlidmmloyedt by lds. arrived

mdedaster :the eiathehrthe collapse, of bullring Inthis occlion. He wil address the courage by the huge profits made aland r mD n n nRoo oaao e di te
lad A thires, he S a fpnJIcaimeed asa aOn TherU
mc weh wcomprisee tothene The Negresmon of thiellargestsi-dar are setg ptco cot country ocl He feintee sd when boilermaker and later is &-a ship- s tte aca a turde esJ nhnhe bth
Sr iy Te stands In the bullring gave e e as much as $100,000 each. he heard MissuAdamrhharoddied fitter until Mso owhen h n retired Thes S. Juith iR-\ Royalcde.
Sthe e way under th e weight of a ca- t 6:30 the same day, mem- This kint d of organized prime After he was released frome from serviced by h ines O. p th e n V hevr aea w o' gthrest ornoirt

esI cm eofMondes-Frne r in hstycrowd of celebrants. bers of th e b two societies and breeds a oue T h or thi other crime, and uess doctor's, care, Jessl s id he H is survived by his widow-, asa er oed e o mp re te
ned vetGermareanr mfa tmKorleant. Ropubica' tt omtemn ve beaue thes Nlgroes forl sen wh drlas, ooeo l atied ie. ca ted t sup orttloait v aa final Oscarr aSsrtnSi
r ao lne a Auhorities said moat of the their ladies will return to the the government acts to stop tis escorted Miss Adams to Santa Mr. Roseitte a Mett of Carm wild international airport u o w n

B Oer eallit ust aect t e cauaea were among women t. Amador Army-Navy Club for 'prohibition by t axation,' the n o- Anit eea Friday and there was "no thageTen.: a daughter, Mrs. at e0 atr h gahead rh a Cr
l orheehiooewterue ttImsl ed a dsanea.o fah e a rmetun toa a indication"gthat she was dis- Rosemary Gilead, of New tYork-schedule because of strong tail c.sac i le ia S *
d eto a Pleft-oif-center, m r nInthe panic thho reach the exits crime that prohibition nvarably tressed. two sons, Thomas eletre windl a dRinge am ti rnea Cbo i e.
an attempt to end the r after thed seats collapsed. Life membership will be con- breeds," Donovan siaid. Kansas City h o a and John Mil- from Amsterdam. coner Mis Kelly ande har.kdra
en s A stone mural over ne gate ferred upon Dr. Alfonso la He issued his statement ont he "She h a rather frustngton D.C. s The prince, who will return to mnati prora Tin oaslert
hel o was of thatelbevetC h ldhsee a Netrheands on Friday, as C$4Cit5 S trv
ea o h fell i on the crowd crushing Torre of Panama City, Dr. Wil- 2th anniversary of the infamous life" Jessel said, "but of course grandchildren and several brotThe a ag
govranment. back fli

Pflimler thbarean. shr b1 mser. pesos.1amH.Grn ofA acnat Dr poiiit intos pol d aaniters. met Wat te a rp b Shaoiy
wreakutnetotwhen tdted. Cmoh ofle rthe ity Ghosting Knoxville Wactrf-sorla hotelt. mtand("MaObses-
nan to-try to form France's 21st sd ehdb ntodb GrrsnoUli a tw ch t R Far np D nis erco slothnv1
potwar govtmelment. M i*ami oteiHo iorsuGreatu oEmancipator si al mimi Ded hatstethe
Catyicaoled on MPflim att
tholec Popular Repu b 1i can' eat ou

Mr o s on homes, farm and section. Ma. Gen. John H co-a peech ared for a ewan country's umt
ineupins etgible Korean vter- Meanwhile Moscow radio, a mandg offer of the Wangtn na Ind.. rally, charg- Th t ited a
cH e Anor i n turn over in his grave," thl Harden (R-Ind.) discuss the rise of further trouble.T'co and other great Americans, son(R'),allnd Geor W.JB akne to
disappointed co-chairman of the the Republican Party in the South. Some 150 of the 450 guests Join- happen oitWash are con- seek to carryout the policy of (R-Nev. ake e
TheVeernsAd~nitrt~n e-Co-harmn esey arisnidntorerd he__ -os o eeIng --1g astth seaer'-ae anmiedfuctonswih4 eolesReubIc.ndcntne oMa.- tAcked.1-the-Kisenho- u.8o'

They wil have until Jan. 1864, Tcl which are "a travesty of Mr. Elseabewer Ma ea am ppablca ee instrument
or nne years after dischar e Lincoln's great legacy." weekend hunting trip to Ibew- O1 their *si.dae. maind
whiehever is earlier, to complete The Moscow radio broadcast, iasvle, Gs, issued a tatesseatm the DeMIDadticatr- at's
vocational rehabilitation. This'ap.a tired In London said:.r g Reputlea-s to lye up to. paw in the thirties and forties
ples to all eligible veterans ex- "Just take the foreign policy ofat Lin m's standards. At Somervnile, N.J., Sen. ;
certain hardship cases. the U.b. rulag quarters with re- "The rVastness of the Republi crick G. Payne (R-Me.) urg
disabled vetereas Who aspect to the grnat Chinese so PryiadwIbmau.ramaticsa" e f r HU 0AY 1
sat o ppy ora 1,gegrntDid ono the Chinese ep ae ed by he intensity df Its devotion Eisenhower in 11W H prodice
Bar"-- anmol= autombile the right, to use inoa's words, to the faith of ULincola, he said. the President wowd run again,
o r 0veyance m t apply to overthrow by revolution ar y Sen. Preseelt Bush (R-Comn.), In INM," Payne said. "Because of
threeyarsfter leaa means, whop they so desire, the rpeakl g before a Republi c an his deep devo tosty, I sa
loathsome and rotten perambst town s pdeaIe diWr et Man- certas the Pwill -r
tht erer .of hatocal bankrupt, Chiang chester, Mr. 31- favau'hlr."
~~~a31Ucal two
inslvesric nor "And Is ais nt a fact IMd e 14 eN 'U Is"the woParty Les AnUls=ab,=as
=WV annaInpech ares IN
prolam t 04,oes af.1810 ; af-ap eisb times asisfa MItroo& et '
vatrabs' ban ts as l nation it gave AgMeUde two Pras- fty w b
-. .. g. ideJ o dtheJ.staeneAbraleam hower. kiWOO
10for" os o er v4^41
(ir .. .. *- :. *0 **s 8thi se- Ciesa hal tel hre 4mowlh- aame

at o' a family from-
iO. Some so00 asmiM
vkicemen bawo tmb
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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID ESE3O6KBQ_JQ3KLV INGEST_TIME 2012-08-21T14:17:23Z PACKAGE AA00010883_00655