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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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C : -a.a to d
EXPLADMNG THE "-ET An otflaof-'e Am eni n iAdviory
group in Formosa xpiail te operatbi of action s in
a Sabre to a Natonlist Cuine pe

that the
itoe has
with a
heir sp-.

i.m. in

Ballistic Tests

Prov. Murder

Gun Found

UMItai teats today establish-
ed a Mpaelnegun found In the
home 0 the father of confessed
alms t- Ruben 0. Miro as the
w used In the Jan. 2 race-
tMkxlit of President Jose
Antonio Remon and three oth-
The tests corroborated identl-
flc ttop the weapon early
b ln by cadet Edgardo
S4taW wh told police it was
ae Schmeisser subma-
chbfegan he had sold to Miro
after mnuggling It'Into Panama
from OuatemalS
Police souhd the weapon dur-
ing' in early morning search of
the home of Miro's father. Dr.
Oresorlo Miro. n Firth Street in
downtown P1ainma City.
I 'The arica Wo made follow-
ig I atio received last
ht jrom a close relative of
SMiro. tan 3. valdy, 21-year-old
aviation mechanic, reportedly
uncovered the weapon on Jan.
23 while helping Dr. Miro and
his family move some of their
belongings to the ome ofan-
other relative.
uIv Y unwrap ed a suspl-
eloue-l& nsg pacLage found at
a top of k closet and later re-
portd h ind to one of Miro's
rilatv. 'Who Is aid to have
p to secrecy.
had d polic he
ad Nh d oleeiser.n
hamsa J and oWW aided Bo-



/ :-' (NEA I
WUICESS GUiSmTED Prihces Margaret Is greet
aral at alPrt-of-Spain Trtnidad, be Sir HubertR a
nOX of Trinidad and Tdbfgo. The princes- Is on a
C*Ibbean tour.

4 *

TryTingo j

Forrnosan 'n

LONDON, Feb. 4 (UP)-The prime ministers of
notions of the British CommonwWithropi'd am
diplomatic salvage operation today to Iek pedci
mosa through private diplomacy for a' Geneva-te
ference. '
Thi Empire premiers are expected to isvu up
appeal next week.
Chou En-li's rebuff to United Nations
efforts on Formosa moved the diplomatic initiative
night from New York to London.
The harshness of Chou's U.N. turndown caused
concern for For East peace at the curuef London
ing of the Prime Mnisters of Great r Hik Canade
tralia, New Zealand, India, Pakis Ceylo
deputy prime minister of South Afri
) Churchill u eharman con
ar veoed a plenary raon of tohe
ftL ministers in the cabinet Sa y .7
flsk as 10 Downng street to -

..i.or :'"Io,


P- wI.

mae photo rom I Tirehoto)
u Amnd n bareant (ight), a
A..t .W syors IO tae
TI under barbed wire.'

prib-Ct rlA Of 4 US. Seventh Plet, studies a bas
&Oarftgpua sw thettichen Wpatds with Capt. 0. D. T.
S tLynCh rt) o antO of th fleet, aboard the flagship
U- s. se esa.

Seeking Riding Instructor
rdirr's Tommj. Wiidrum

ST Ar..

0 ..- -. *

Pcur sewal o a rcu zwe-
ly Waont eed rhtleO on
inal rate qu rters antoiipead-
1 changes the crricula
@tt4tin Ameqican schoos.
*.. present aies of loeal-rate
1 Councuswere infOrmed of
the increase aqd changes at the
January shirt -sleeve conference
with Gov. gaybold.
SOfilal notification. f the
rent crease s been ed to
ll loal-pNte workers residing on
the ca saon t
The conge,- which meets
once a month to discuss civic
matters of a general nature af-
ect ing local raters, Is comprnised
of reprentatlves from the four
ocal rate Civic Councils, and is
haded by FliM' Pawcet, pinci-
*a- of Paraisd B 1 e mentary

Albrook Copter

Files RP Youth

in From Darlep
A 16-year-old Panamanian
who fractured his leg while
playing baseball, was brought
here from El Real, in the Prov-
ince of Darlen, by an Albrook
mercy missn at 1 p.m. today.
The teen-ager, Regle Qulnta-
na, was not eo'nsidered to be in
serious condition, but there were
no facilities to take care of his
leg in El Real, officials said.
The H-19 helicopter returned
to Albrook with the injuerd
youth shortly after 1 o'clock and
was transferred to the Santo To-
mas Hospital.

2:02 e.m.
2:41 p.m.

FE. ft
8:29 a.m.
1:93 P~.:.

S .
don't et o any
fasiS.. rv -A

* "s

asesination. -' .
What new testimoat Siro. i
lawyer, has made In th light
of this development wqu not
known today as police and the
National Assembly's Investigat-
ing commission continued to
withhold reports on the prog-
ress of the investigation.
However, Minister of Govern-
ment and Justice Alelandro Re-
mon, the slain President's broth-
er, Is reported to .hve. stated
that a complete report will be
given to the press by Monday.

nhQir$ow. Hair

PORT OF Trinidad, On the way to San kernando,
Feb. 4 (IIP)-P rcess Mar aret she will cut a ribbon formally
Is touring the Wt coast o this opening g Trinidad's south trunk
British West Wtan island to- road. After we g ceremo-
day, declaring a highway open nies in the sou tern city, she
an. dediati g a hospital in the will dedicate its hospital.
course of a five-hour drive.
j Margaret is due back at 1:15
Th1 2-y ea r-old sister of p.m. In Port of. Spain, where
Queen Enzabeth II was to make she lans to vls4 the botanical
a trip that will take her as far gardens later in the day.
as San Ternando 30 miles outh The Princess" Appearance at a
of here,'before she turns -pack. state banquet last. niRht w as
highlighted by her new hair-do.
cade "Empressj osephine" by
the hair-dressmL ishe bought
with her from Egland.
Rende, the halrdesser, said the
new hair style is."frlendft and
gay" in the front and raised at
thae bacl "for sohlscation and
as supfot for a diamond tiara."
Raindrops fell On the Princess
yesterday as she took a state
drive around ther'capital in an
oens car. She was cheered by
ousands of da*ip but loyal
But the onlookers comrplaned
that the car was goine too fast
and they hadn't had time for a
goo4 look at the Princess.
1ihe l-mile drive ended at
the Town Hal where .Margaret
was received by city officals
and local dignataries.
For the occasion, she wore a
pink silk surah dress printed in
a gray and white design tIth a
moulded waistline, and full
flaired skirt. She wore a gray
straw hat trimmed with a pink
rose. Her shoes and handbag
were both gunmetal gray.

CADET JOSE EDGARDO TEJADA Identifies a gun which came
into the hands of thi Panama National Guard as the one which
he sold Attorney Raben 0. Miro, confessed slayer of President

Tachen Refugees Say

At a noon reception, the Prin-
cess met more than 120 news.
men at a .press conference ar-
ranged at her own request.

Communist Ca my MU
discuss the Formoa bM t
only' at a "Geneva-Type" con-
ference where it co consider
itself an "equal" of the. great
world powers diplomatic quar-
ters at the United Nations said
India's Prime Ministir Jawa-
harlal Nehru was expected to
take the Initiative in lying to
arrange such a conference but
Indian sources said be would not
move abruptly in that direction
for fear of a snub fomn Pejping.
Red China's brusque refusal
to send representatives to the
United Nations to, discuss a
ceasefire In the Formosa Strait
except on s own terms appear-
ed to kill.Immediate hope for a
United Nations role In settling
the crisis.
The US. State Department
once again accused CoMmunist
China of "flouting" the United
Nations and made It cleal the
United States will continue to
work through the U.N. In ef-
fort to achieve a ceasefire.
Most diplomats here thought
that If anv program Is to be
made It must be done
secret diplmaey. They looked
to Nehru or pIerhas Canadian
premier Louis St. Laurent -
the latter more acceptable to
the United state to take
the lead.
A dispach from New Delhiamid
official quarters there which
usually are in touch with wPlpain
said India had hopes that other
mediation wbuld prevent a war
but that India wanted to be
sure both sides would be willingU
before India acted. .
Washington officials Rev-
ed that Red China, backed by
Busita and India, Is angling
for a wide-open conferece sen
all Far Easternproblers, but
indicated that United State
would be opposed to meuh a
meeting sinte It would go be-
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Uw -W-am Ws Isusi o
IMiand today A d Gen i
Chiang Kal-sheb said
had entered a "state of r
The NatIsonsst leader,'
first public statement sIj
current crisis begs, said
for "laughnl aounter-a
on .the la draw
Natioast bombel
re and .@vean"C-'-
Uiht-flghtersa strak 1I
vaseon bauilps in thelm
area nla thee w of .i
night-to-dawn- rads anad
ported two enemy WI p
and two others priuMb d
The Nationali ts Aid
munst artlery g
arrival at Am 6tO tW
regiments trom 'Uq i,.
that NatBnASI's
"eupresed them.1. -
C61. Lu Ta, OSp*
todys Taipvls
hold the Tacheps Against
sioh, but Viced.; .Al
Pride, commander of the
7th Fleet, said his l
planes were ready to l-
evacuation at a m BoSt
Pride aWid the t
Pormea strait
oa I pem h. d at
of them.

will beot
fund for

'We Were All Ready To F

as we evacuated North Korea. choking Jungle
pat4* as the French evacuated North Indo-
Chink. ,. crossing slight bamboo bridges as the
Brtaih evacuated sections of Malay... swayigI
in cattle cars heading into Hong Kong 0 the
Na t laits evacuated Canton.
A,, previous evacuations were like the
esa t ne, secompanied by fine promises of a
vawj Irs on a new line of "deployment."'
a line Is stl a visoln of the fatmaf it
s today believe there wI be any 6a.
.* 9F'etronter than a tape barrier guarding
sk-fr b*ult bride.
TWl mortar Is becoming an expert on ft
anr w reats and evacuation. Todays so..
I Am like newsreel flashbacks of yater-
datelIe is different.
words they speak are similar. Sote
is balancing two baskets of pe nSIf.
B- a bamboo pole ee-sa g W

e he think I- ask lat1
.- .. : _." ''- .

"It was not necessary," is the translated reply.
"We lere all ready to fight for T.ahe. We were
well underground, deep in the feek* There were
few shelling and few bombings. They were
seeing. It is not oar weakiem At has made
us leave. It was others. We do san derutana."
His slant eyes and black hair ae different
from the blue eyes and blond hair @1 the Amer-
Jean foot soldier I met on a froe.o "ad, retreat-
ig south of the 38th parallel a few years ago.
is words were spiced with Army aager but they
meant the same.

"What the hell are we bugging out farw After
an those guys got clobbered for estate, we
glve It to the Reds. We eaUt. fpir it ut.
Mere and morerefa ees ed dwn
plank. They pause brIMOly tM wa
white DDT powder in aimebl bt .
refugee holds out e -
Whlte-coated medics
MAother takes off his
-ficm S *B ^iiil~

files off to stand silently in an oPeN Ai.
next to a woman with a baby slape .
back. -
Theo I. pi fanf9rACqF
noewf a ago. a"

For w= I" I was his goao d l
had raiss his hope. UAL -l

how to mwatetchen fim
be dAto_, hmen asa
alub of wat to the a

on.A Gomm VAIO
pl$ ma

" .wF. ~u.*,



r .i / t i,. .g -.

member of
tionea._ nF


KEXLUNO, FOrmosu, Feb. 4 (NBA). Gray,
grim faces come swayg down the gangplank
of filthy Chinese'landng craft.
They are bent .ndae huge bundles. Ropes
crudely bold their entire pamessions. They look
like linea of ants bli crumbs thrice their

SThey a re refugees fu Tle an Islands -
A eads battered at thed oa counter of pefer
a: lands that tions ave beer

'.~ fVo tM hemoefre aa*6 dl
tJe! besa hne bt fi


S'. .r-

- ., ...:,

* .-** W ,




but their fes

40 -



mWSlPAM .. -

I '~
I '

57 F1OUNoEo my NELSON ROUNI"VELL IN 12 '.Labor News.4ofUnTrag
IsF 5. STREET P 0 Box 134, PANAMA. R OF P.
345 MADISON AvE NEp YORK. (171 N. Y. \r
_Ni____AM,_IMAPVANcr,_18.50 "24.00_By VICTOR RIESEL
NE A I MIAMI There has macentl, .,,
BiL D X been added to the files of the aI
ida State Pardon Board a series of Nta
letters -fr m some -very dift; .. 6 "w"J "" wy s e r
Squished citizens .pleading e or the I t hi s
IR CUB freedom of tvo sadtitle eonviemt.- SaIMi. .
T. C these thugs have barely be- ee A.- l i
S I amn wIrish, and I would like to know if you can have a rish egun to serve a 20.year rap for P a W ]= .- tor t .M.ih
ty club in the Republic of Panama, where you can spead or aFive y ears ago when theywere trel a i l
ctice the Irish languageERIN organizing for the Laundry Work. miltry control A !
era Union, they brought a 'Negro,,Finally, they're e f l
vs.o ALBROO K w wo had. been 'working for them, that llthe Presd
Sut to the lonely Everglades, on evey t h care Pbeliever in
With great satisfaction I read the letter by "Stop-Your-o the rdoad to M ham e ey took h im an tore ld beve
aning" which was in answer to "Irate Mother." My hat goes or the ride on the pretext tht a n.extredmoely bade
i h.n they' were going to *case" some fore he let Adm Arthur adford claimed t woul
stoehim. t wron building, which Dan Sullvan, di.- during a 25eminute ruhAlg stop defend tFormos s
It seems to me that every time something goes wrong or Iwo Jima, sweetalkh and
eone I upset, the blame or responsibility and work is pushed ofwGreator of the Crime tJ i mml ssionl a, s e t-talk hei aonu d Te Ta mo -Ad tie
of G ate r Miami tells me 'Wth^ Tebelieving Chiang Kaishek ould Ta- ns w= erels This wa "wh
re for our protection ahd benefit. w Ierentene. s. ---' a M rhe Lynoltop-psedmtl Rad.'-g abi
Don't you think the kiddies ought to takevthe second row ct were not up to them goons ford wa so dead set upon ag- s so
st once and not have everything put right in'lheir laps? standard. Once on he deserted 0WMate atsko n fi the M a rn eo a t no t iea mn e,. re
Move Albrook Air Force Base and leave dear ol' B.H.. its Everglades road they got hi resene ac Aedicn the FMare Co a ora, wad (ue t ha igho
ridiculous. Consider the difference in expense and overall trouble out of the car. Th eyshot him full commandat for the exact breaks
would take. of holes. They took an 18-inch down of Marine units and landing die
I join with 8.Y.M. in saying, and I quote: "My advice to boulder and dropped it on his craft available for that area. M- lm Red China hd no
rate Mother is to send her children to another school. I know sk re Indng crait, of cours, re on of attes, a .no
would be inconvenient,, but others do it every day and live .. e d only to put evading or rein rper. beev e
ough it." Unquote. They then heard another auto os .intg tro u ast e in; so or ist.r 'e 7-i wSld
u Unquaoty 3 nPro-GI e So they left their man for dead. had in mind some kindof troop ase- ,. -
2 st ...-- 3 o tao But the Negrt lived to testify la ending operation. When Wisenhow- AmEri-e r-tn hi,
Answer to Previous Puzzle against them. r head about this he exploded t ,or a ---t i
SongstressC t- xThey were tried. They were con- It should be utatedbhat hadford a i e01 .
A victed. They appealed on a techni- Isould be peaeo tdhorfl
cality. They won. They were re- should be peaceful. However he vacut T -. Admiral
Sial tried. They were convicted. Some beeves there should be a defnto e edord was bter 'abothe eva-
'I Songstress, gtat"on (ab) U i a meo nth s ago they began belie r monte ago t h er theIy began e e v
Sfiv r months ago they began ses showdown, and if it can't be ace- nation of Tachen. Me bited to
M Songtato (b) ing their sentences ful, be is not opposed to rskn what he alled "u g the' U.S.
Sonpt aMonIca R 1o Clutchalian war. Flee as terryeoat Amriean
She is a radio t Royal Italian am N The judga who tried them said: waU.S. Observer. Oe dangerous warships, he felt, mhi be used
S family name m "Those men'had two fair trials Far Eastern complication is the r to fight, snot fleo il a He
I Respect 2 Bamboolike L with two diftrent juries and two presence o American "observers" was overruled, an e acaton
1 t grass N different sets of attorneys. Both P on about 30 of the offshore islands. is now under way. The Navy ha
14 Rough 19 Altitude (ab.) f juries found them guilty without If a of the shold e killed n strict orders not t the
1 gHandlu 21eWrters'marks Ktaking too long to do it. There's 'aRed oabln eraeld war tension enemy. N y planeae alsoor-
San er22 Area measure 0 pota bit of doubt in this world of would mount Incidentally, Com.r dered to keep albw d certain
SSeed con m on3 Operated 31 Snoozes 45 Mimics their gault." ta munist fire has been accurate and slands where th 're most likely
Is Sailor 24 Furrows 35 Scottish. 47 Weights of Yet three months after they wen obvio es from w -trin to clash with RIt Order
S naue* 25 Greater sheepfold India to jail, the thugs, Dave Kayte sa d &alo-_bu__a____harswao__a _hie obviously. comes from weltrained to cilaw i Ro t irdl
furniture quantity 3 wfu 48 Essential being 7 Sol Isaacs, were rallied by some Islan w occupao ted in of Ylk heavy sainen i1Me p a,l
Mosque tow 26 Fae god 39 Moorish taboo 49 Solar disk of the nation's most prominent Ia- Isand with deadly artillery fire.
Mo'sqe -or27 Newstair 40 Tapuyan S1 Exist bor leaders. This is another Joe N There's no question but at'the
Oak seedll 2Algerian 42 Scandinavian 52 Hostelry Fay case. There is a list ofor y I wi There's no question but that e
s e w seaport 43Gaelic 54 Ha! ei elbor chiefs who 'urged that Kaye Redsare skilled in ern war.
Pes 30Fissure 44 Rots flax 55 Legal point and Isaacs be pardoned. There Ceasefire Postib.lies- Pres-
04 wheel ate other labor men, all now mee. BOB DsIeI I dent Eisenhower welcomes the f NOS
s op in Ig ay 3 I 8 0 1 1Z d ow n h ere, w h o a sk ed f or -, y B y B O B not b n A p a mo p o ea pe lc m es L t
34 Wanderer ig down he re, who asked for 'New Zealand overture to arrange
op revNw of the ease, a cease-fire. But it a cease-fire
S37p rl I Virtually all of these labor lead. --e-- propose, backfires the President *
N Networks ers lead clean and even crusading wants to invite other United Na- .
4aLlo It," unionsn meNbers to join -to n Invite- S a They.. .l ,dnitdd.dwta
Legislative umnons. I don't care what the other fel- whatever it was, I got witnesses. sonal point. tions members to join us in atrol- .
bodies t Wh y then did they support the lows say, I did not kill Serge Rub. I cannot recall a situation in These are the brilliant mono- ling the Formosan Stralts. re-
o8-Age / .t wo woAld-be murderers? Some of instein. and neither did the other which a man of such Importance manianes who start revolutions i l lers to this privately as a "police .
lagn them tell me that they were ap- fifteen hundred suspects. It is my was literally knocked by the pastor order to sell guns. These are the action," a term which a certain _
Body of water --roa- c-- -- h tenld by the AFL Laundry considered opinion that he fell and on the f.neral oration, unless people who stir up raciaLhatred h a Demcratic President was criti-
5B0 Mendo waerworkers Union leader, Sam Byers, hoited himself and that the issue somebody said something bad a- order to sell anythinghey have t als using in regard to Korea
5S M He is rei Erted to have told the should be closed. bout Judas Iscariot. That is what to sell at the time. And these are p ofdipAr mea- The idea of let-
.. ........ union o ltals there was, iew This is a peculiar murder must still fascinate people, that a the people who go tow vh yst isi the jailed Amer
Mi! r of beats / I evidence in the case. Apparently case. Here is a man whom nobody man could live for years, and wept, unloved, and ovf b lw .e actually originated ,
e ,,the Florida Pardon Board didn't really cares aboUt, tossed off the leave such small esteem behind -as the bitterest blow at'th eg .s i shiold, not Cho H
S c- -- think so. It turned down all ap- cian after the due process of law him. It seems -to me thi the be secretary is real-
Speals. J .in. any countries opuld notbring Apart from profestsobal pride, sermon preached in sur time Foster Dulles for
th ad by to bontk. I m kno that l the o aC 'e can't care which s a time of tr ble, and ve went along with
Whyd R man like Larr Lon and tha a that boy' death, and threat of the X was prnpoled Itt all to: u
|ed t.Lus Ft a ground nas been preac ed b3 .H ba N even Amup
shore tle app as in a manI ho, n theebd, his performed each
Long man who hep. a e lke vry It ot 1 eIrvice to the world. The service his or other ease to vi wli l
revolt at crime on the na- to worry about who bit whom, Wen they the b ders, beat I simply this. Today is the day him in Now that the Sta Sbout "'-
tion's ont. and where. ers, and chokers, I hopM a good to love th neighbor, and there is Depprtmentt d% aying visas t N"'_m it
Ae t His o 'colleague, the Seafarers They will find a murderer to rough lawyer in the old Will Fallon less and Xles r1oo0i the w rld any re-ltives who want to go to M thtM wat allM 4beut
Union ch Paul Hall, just last make the record neat eventually, tradition takes over, and uses for people like Rubinstein, who Red China. mar i
m6nth was the target of a would- and it will be disenchanted busi. enough Inmagination to make Rubin- eorn everything. mmarskjMol Mldm Or- km' un bs'-
be killer who was spotted at the ness associate or very -possibly Stein into -aninternational ill, and The brilliant individual who u ginaU the State Depa.rtment wa i n ~4 ime p .
.-... ....... ................ final moihent. But or the grace an unstable acquaintance, or some the cause of wars, -and the result the world and its people to Work so ta the U.N. sgeretary gea-
of God, ,Paul Hall, colleague of friend of some dumb and paid- of wars, and of people being dead his own evil is finished, I think, eral would succeed in his mlsion
Larry L~ng, would have been as for woman. Or some dumb unpaid- as the result of people like Rubin- unless you are willing to settle for to P9iping that it sent a special
bloodied as the man shot down on for woman, stein not being noted as erst. One fact. If' there were enough ro of dloats to the Far
the Everglades road. Trying to run down a murder I For here is the ill of the world; Rubinsteins around, the bi g noise ast hoordeo-o be all set to pro i
Why did Earl Jmerson, presi- on Rubinstein is like trying to de- selfish, brilliant, unscrupulous peo. you hear would be yourself, blow- ceed with the prismer-release ne-
dent of the Amalgamated Meat terrine who killed Hitler, since ple, whb anamit see or think in ing up, because in te end an ego-toIMleas sefnr o-mm erskj
Cutters, join the appeal for the anybody is a suspect, except- me, a straight'line, who will buy any- maniac is willing to blow up him- cleared the way. When the UN.
two convicts? Jimerson is as clean and I think I got an alibi. Let's thing to please themselves, wheth- self in order to prove a point. secretary returned without tangi-
as a boiled scalpel. see, what was I doing last night, er it's a jury or a government In the case of Rubinstein, some ble accomplishments, Secretary
Why do such meren take the word that wonderful night when some- official. who will sacrifice any- clumsy thugs saved everybody a Dulles gave him a private going-
of one of their fellow unionists body stepped on a skunk. Well, I body, anywhere, to prove a per- whole lot of trouble. over.
without investigating for them- Other MdIlators Prime Min-
It is this "solidarity" which does IAN U eneouran f direct negotiations be-
great injury to labor. It confuses lEN t1.en U nited otatisa'ed
the battle against the mobs who tweenas the United Staeesd
have Infiltrated some unions. China.ichell N ew Y orknted States
Lab*A really a coalition. It is oafrs slands.Y od puwtthd'aForfromma
not a movement all of which thinks unde Uf.Nshor trusteeandad put Formosan
an raor alike. Such solidarity o ra .N.
anc.. aik ..uh oiat.while, the Prime Minister of Bur-
makei~ difficult to fight the thugs, ODE TO A YOUNG BROADWAY you like Marilyn Monroe wanting Airport He squanders M1.25 ma is fit to be tied over the fact
for it then appears that the strug- HOPEFUL to Ptoduce her own movies? on $25 000 wor of ht-insurance that he's not been invited to Wash-
gle agist one official is struggle You wake up one morning- "Yeh, silly. That'd be like Joe 0.0aking hr the beneficiary ington. After visiting Ctou En-lal
again all. and make plans to answer DiMaggio demanding to pitch to .. He mails It to her witi tb, in China, the Burmese Premier
Yet there must be a struggle. An Equity call for a brilliant himself!" Overheard at Lin. "sorry was called out of town" announced he was going to Wash-
Just as this column once exposed young dancer. day's: -Every cop in town is look, alibi .. And this clincher: "If ington to use his furence for .ist-
the' two Florida convicts, so there Or maybe you sing-and you ing for Serge Rubinstein's killer, anything hape to me Baby I ter relations. So far, the State
are oothrrs who must be exposed warm up your throat, W at are they gonna do. Give want you to have this" Th Department has rnused to invit
for ss e. Or maybe you act--and you him a medal?" he plays it Cool for a few days, him. Result: he's loaf face and is
the tear-drenched letters of work- You're there bright and early- Big Town Sid-esw: They were for his "consideration" When Help fer Radiord One Of the ton -.Andrsa (D *. .
hng men who are terrorized and and fill out a card in stitchey over this one at Gol- he gets back he is received with best backstage supporters for Ad- heads a group whbih will con-
have no .p lace to turn. You're handed-and think: "Oh. die's last night .. It was a bene- open arms The asbestos falls miral Radforl is able Walter Bob- duet hea-hns into the develop-
THE ATOM-Silid to be the world's most accurate Thereors a group on the West this won't oe hard." fit dinner and the speaker asked as Lu enters her pad .t.For a ertsaR adfto t se .eo .sat te meRt, growth and state dhev i
thls "atomic clock" Is. the invention of Columbia Coast, for example, who for sever- You do a few time-steps-but for donations to a worthy cause intimate dinner by candlelight for the Far Eaft. ~ as been atomic energy Industry. HOe s,
o r Tf tas o a years have e tying tget they want Bal-lay! One voice cried out: "Simon Which sael cooks! saying privately that Chou En-laI's chairman of CYotn) Colan.d-
J. V on, righL Called "Maser" for its function, "Micro- an accounting of their union funds. And warn you-some stars you Ackerman. $10,000!" Another threats against Formosa constitute Committee onAomic Burg'
e tion, r Simt.alled "MaEmission of Radiation," it uses At a union meeting the rank-and- will have to portray. yelled: "Levy, Hall, Marx, $3,000." Times Square Circle: LIberace's an act of war and that any buildup t
cation by Stimulated of adton ,"si t s esd file elected a special auditing corn- That's when you 're told you've .. "Goldman Sachs $2,000!" said sister, Ann, becomes a bride soon. n
A a td by molecules of ammonia ats itatiming standard. mittee. But the secretary-treasurer made a poor choice, a third Up jumped a grinning He's in the construction bi ....

S ol cture frequency modulation, a nd e mate voice. Clothes. 114 Delancey Street. Free Dr. Robert Franklyn (they are
__ae n t tangats. You fall. You can't please. parking, open until nine every having It Renotarised), is getting

leader has done to his dad that the The show starts rehearsing. dered Serge RubMintein will be She's Nora Millen, an Arthur Muir-
boy urged his father to get a gun. awfly let "Down." conspicuous by his absence at ray tutor Robert Paul Smith
L a c t o n But you're 'Up" when you read Hope Hampton's Versailles prem- (co-authur of the Bway show "Ten.
hisLiong I presdn t uan told t hy that it closed out of town. ire tonight. TIe had a reservation den Trap") was brought to Holly- -
thn 1In hnr v hi~f ,.nmnl4 h ,I,. th i ,... .

tieIa PI KV uut ld. neIJrmrK ers. Mother -is Gloria Van version- Walkedout a-fte-r a w-e-e-k-/ 3
worker killed for $25 if he didn'tI Celebs About Town: Bubo Rocke.-Deweel. whose bigger and beauty No like working for flickers .
stop sitting with the opposition at feller at the Stork's TabLe 50 uO- were among the "Wish You Were Jim Moser, creator of "Medic,"
union meetings. recognizedd by the hep-set. .Joe Here" assets Sonja Henie ibh is being written up by Dean Jen-
There are sccm'es of such case I DiMaggio on the Waldorf dais for on another party spree. Gives one nings in the Sateveret. When Jen-
Surely no one wants solidarity with the Sports Writers' annUal affa,.- at Ciro's H'wopd in a few eveb nings was a star colyumistfor the
these racketeers. stealing the show Christie. for 300. Same number of guests at San Francisco Examiner-Moser
Jorgensen, Gramercy Park's new-ithe Stork here in March **Lul- was his copy boy Att'n Leland
'or resident .. Margaret Tr -laby" producer J. Mayer was at- Hayward and Rodgers & Hammer-
man, dancing wit sedds ofl ttacked by muggers and is in bad stem, who invented the plan of
,it Her escort was a shape at Bellevue Mae West giving all house seats to the Run-
football player type, whose nme was forced te quit the Cops Pity. yon Cancer Fund, which sells
':-- ..t-u .ack Dempsey, Severe cold Hy Heller. chief them at cost plus a donatim: The
AA IF who answer his fan mail." Sw aide de camp at LUndy's, is at Fund has been enriched by $W72,-.
.AI n' r I, (.1tng it to the Hot Tajs lower Hospital for major sur.- 141.47 to date. Nearly very wA
SIpublic atenog, Grace Moore e. ury The faces are very red now does t for us r-
rioll)wood's top p o~T*uFowrHsia orrmaaitdat. Nealypev ry
olwood's top ortrait phog- at Governor's Island. The gal vot- more's life story (in L R
rapher (Wally Se ) On The ed Queen at their military shindig .) will be in book form i A
Town Ro %2 ,here to was Pat Ward, star of the Jelke hum asked Tallulah Bankhead if
see his new boonknad who ease using an assumed name she would read it "1bel it
still f ces That Way .mnd-Now ... BtMy Clooney and PuDI Cam I haven't even fad my "ewl"
York Returns to pdwh Mblg plans for a June ending?
"41 he now dweSli as arlet Terry Moore's pitty- Manhattan Murals: The art
Lodge di at a. are now reserved forPe I oIn e "
44th, near h. sm of the N. Y. Giants clan o1 A
IGersten, appMarug ... The John Carradines are(II Ift
Sfor the first time aftearp I eadyiganother front page sml. entirely et
the Yiddish Thea&ter .th
1 IA~~ S. a ~ f FLtheRNE S s In "Flowering roe s411111'
CA A FLL, MR, NEEUS she waas ked toan vignette: e~asa A&&9: "Mile/
p 'ta t S ardib 's (the a big 'magazine T.e.-ABC-tr'wa-
oarn o so-o5"n the tightsy side" *Woe =
11110.r-ta mquired4" .Dates 1a doll er
1" nw.aesi

'- .;.-'YWX

'.: -.

77* --

WHERR -It DS .- A fireman walks away from the Ice-covered tenement house in Amster-
dam, .N.Y., where 12 person, 11 of them children, perUtid in an early morning flash fire.

Joseph Campbel. President El-
senhowe('s cholce for comptrol-
ler general, ran" into stormy
weather today when he appear-
ed before the Senate committee
considering his nomination.
Dmocrats hurled critical ques-
tions at Campbell, former atomic
energy commiesionez, who would
act am a sort of "watchdog of
the Treasury" in his new post.
Most of the questions concern-
ed Campbell's qualifications, his
vote in favor otf the DWion-Yates
power contract and the Issue of
whether the post should be filled
from Congress.
Chalrnf 'Jof ,L. McClellan
(D-Ark.)' o6f'- the. government
Opekatdo&s Committee raised the
question of whether some of
CampblLts business connections
would eonlict with .his pvern-
ment Jb. MoCe11Ua told him
to notify the cm ttee prompt
ly wh cTa pests he will drop:
Caim ben sald he already has
decided to quit as treasurer and
vice president of Columbia Univ-
arsity In NOS York If confirmed.
He said he also would relinquish
his posts as trustee of the Cen-
tral af ank of NeW York
and tVteoherim Insurance and
Annuity Aseb.
A Republican, Ben, MViaret
Chase Iith (Me.) ained
that thrsdent hal4l d his
man w ut consrulm ;'Con-
res.'~S'noted that thS-cod0p-
troller general is an "agent of
Congress," charged by law with
keeping track of all government
spendeig for. t le are.
"sTo oI s o fmroeM
Ing hearA .,itdvt wil holdman-
oter isAeom to hear ob-
Jections, ,he nomination from
Ben. Albe M. Gore (D-Tdnn.),
Gore Is a foe of the Dixon*
Yates power contract.

RRIt- l .
TIalon Pr,,sur

Who Failed To file
it-P, N. J., Feb. #.-
(U --A fbraer professor of ed
er4 taxation at Columbia Univer.
si, accused yesterday of faifing
to. ile Income tax returns "for
thtee years, was killed Wednep-
day night by a railroad train.
The dead man,, idmfled as
Jo. Scott Stella, was struck by
the train, just porth of the Erie
Statlo. here. -Poice investigating
the eae., refsed to say whether
Steal els or 3tiMped Into the path
o(t t.traln,. z
Wteul l earihad Vbeen ehaged
In an informatin Wld i IFe
al Court in Nqw Yorik w.hfa
ing to flot pemaal tax re-
Sturns from IU through In.
elusive. The information charged
Stella earned $500 during the
three-year period.
Assistant U.S. Attorney William
Esbitt said Stella was an attor-
ney and had taught'federal taxa-
tion at Columbia Universlty Grad-
uate School of Business during
the period in which he is charged
with non-payment of taxes.
Trial date had been set for Feb.
10. Stela, a 'rotdham University
graduate, faced, a possible sen-
tence of three years in prison plus
a $30,000 fine itf convicted.

Campbell now h o I d the
"watch-dog" job under a recess
appoint ent. Democrats, who
blocked consideration of his no-
mination at a special session last
fall, said then the probably would
be displaced when the Democra-
tic Congress took over this year.
Congress always has been ex-
tremely cautious 'about the
comptroller general, who acts as
Its chief agent in seeing that
appropriations are spent as In-
Campbell's predecessor, Lind-
say C. Warren, who retired last
spring after a 15-year term, was
a former House member highly
respected and trusted by Con-
Democrats also raised the
question of Campbell's lack of
congressional experience, and
cited the fact he was not an at-
torney previous comptrol-
lers have been.

Panamanian -ssel
Spits On HI Seas,
Heads For b. land
LONDON, Thursday, eb. 4
(UP)--The captain f ined
Panamanian freliter, Its Iull
cracked from deck to waterline,
radloed today that he would at-
tempt to bring his ship into Eng-
land despite pounding seas and
The T,160-ton liberty-type treigh.
ter Liberator earlier called for
help. A second mefiage from the
captain said the U.S. milit ar y
transport General Darby and the
ship Cape Ann had rendezvoused
with. the Liberator north of the
Azoies islands ana -were standing
by. '
"Proceeding to England," the
captain messaged.
Tie cracking of the vessel's hull
was-the second stroke of bad luck
for the Liberator owned by Com-
pania Naviera Panamerleana of
London. The liner Queen Mary re-
moved two injured crewmen from
the vessel last Sunday.


L;. '7 ... rn
r ,





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attractive low prices.
NYLON STOCKING.................

* ,, ,

T-'C" I!ves .Wai; t-

WASMWGTON, Feb. 4 (UP) -
Af re,. department scin-'
Winj -In the market for twP2
"Tbty sent out a call today for
I*as Mn as 12 pairs of Identicat
twin ft'vI to serve as test tubes
ii lslvtock feeding experimentajL
The acJutiats at the Beltsvlloe
Wd., Researci Center have use
WS atWra of Identical twins In
the paMt five years in tests which
have overturned some long-held
In one experiment, the scien-
tilts found that young beef an-
imals can be kept for as long as
four months on strictly "main-
tenance" rations--barely enough
to maintain their weight- and
still make economical gains lat-
er on cheap feed.
One twin was fed full rations,
the other, maintenance rations
followed by a later feed increase.
At the end of the experiment
the calves were almost equal in
weight and development and
meat grade.
The results were of major in-
terest to cattlemen who have to
carry animals on sparse winter
ranges or drought-stricken land.
The scientists will pay for any
twin calves offered. But they
hope they hope they will be a-
varlable within 200 miles of
Washington to cut down on the
transportation costs.


,u/, *,
I 77' ; .77

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is due to ...


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w a '"


4^^ ag "". '-ge j.. j.___ ;.. ** ^ ~ i^ ^ *
4 .---'''af B .B -

A..JU .

'7..'. .Y~'
-, 7.

Comptroller General Chosen By Ike

Gets Stormy Reception By Committee
-. a -



,, '


N ew


wolf ---"---- ----


" Ewa

K -i




.. ~~p,


.... ..-. .r -,

A* arm tAP *
^*-l.. ,-. *.;J. ^ f. a,. .... ,,.+ .. .. .. ,- ,.
./..-^_ .- .a p~ .,-. ..... ; to, -"

* '.- :4
* / -

.* .-..; ,. A 4 '
'\fi "SVS3f'

e Joins Battle, Refuses

o Cancel Dixon-Yafes Pact

VABHINGTON, Feb. 4 (UP) -'is that the Atomic Energy Com.
uident Elsenhower joined bat- mission "Is placed In a position
with Democrats in Congress to- ,that it should never be-embroi led
by publicly ref.ising to cancel! in polities: it all stems from plac-
controversial Dixon-Ya tea ing Dixon-Yates in the AEC."
:r contract. I Democrats now are expected to
he Joint Congresaional Atomic go all-out in efforts to kill the con-
rgy Committee, controlled by tract. which they contend is aim-
nocrats, voted 10 to 8 last week ed at eventual strangulation of'
usk the administration to can- the Tennessee Valley Authority.
the contract, subject of hit-
partisan debate since last sum- Anderson launched a new legal
i. i assault on the contract after,tell-
he President told his news con- ing newsmen he thinks it is at the'
since today he does not plan to root of dissension within the AEC.
go10. He noted pointedly that the
imittee vote was strictly a- He demanded the right to put
m party lines. before the securitiess & Exchange
democrats retorted that so was Commission a certifiedd copy" of
fall's committee vote giving his committee action last week,
reen light to the contract. The withdrawing a waiver of review
imittee then had a Republican rights granted by the committee
ority. when it was controlled by PIepub-
'he Lord giveth and the Lord licans.
Ith away," declared Chairman .... .... .
P. And erso (D. iN. M.) Anderson sald the committee
Ch$ fildM (D-Cll.) re- was told last fall such a waiver
d that the' resident "takes was needed before Me nEC could
position of re using to with. aPProve the flaciat arrange-
S the' contract.-cko "D ments for the contract. He said
i'nr Jackson (D- 3the AEC undoubtedly would need
.) said unfortunatess part, to know about the committee's a
h.") said e"unortunaep tion revoking Its previous more.

Y B T The A^C, nuw weighing a 5
Y.e mOUnd Irain million-dollar issue to finance, the
*W-rW**i~ *tL.UU IUYAA jDV-JW _l 1151. 1 *.11 a

ed supporters and opponents of the
contract to give their views on the
effect of the committee action.

Melhodist Leader

RETONIA, Ohio., Feb. 4 (UP)
Ive pullmans and a baggage ga
of the Pennsylvania rail- T il
d's Chicago to-New York
ham Limited jumped the $I/ liAio Is 'e 7
!ka here today, but 36 pas- M$2/1 Millon Inl 57
grs in the sleeping cars es-
ed serious injury. CHARLOTTE. N. C., Feb. 4 -
he 16-car eastbound train. (UP)-A Methodist leader called
trying 111 passengers In pull- for a "dramatic offering" for min-
* and coach cars, was run- isterial education today to keep
* a half hour late when the pace with the denominat io 1's
iage. car and last five Pa- building program and a growing
ger cars began derailing near South.
depot of this small Eastern I
o town at 8:08 a.m. | The Rev. James W. Sells of
Fone of the pullmans over- Atlanta, told the Methodist South-
led, but several tipped slight eastern jurisdictional convocation
Ld a number of the passen- that 2,000 new ministers are need-
s piled out into two-below- ed urgently now and that need
D weather. Others aboard would be increased manyfold dur-
cars remaining uprighoing the next 20 ears to meet the
red Inside and began read- requirements of a growing re.
newspapers- *ion.
tia-_da CAeud tA namina this

eck on their way to work ran
the traln and helped police
aiding agme of the passen-
re shaken,aby the near upset.

If hstere~




"The Methodist church must be
prepared to handle a population
that will rapidly expand over the
next 20 years as the South becomes
the center of the nation's chemi-
eal Industry," he said.
He called upon the council, of
which he is executive secretary,
to stop up its ministerial training A
:: = bem nI :I


i .
c ;.,.


ruCELcBi aUm ms r FRUmo

So LOnU, Frar

S'. .



Cable to Monty -

About the King

-. iM

5! 3~Q*I ~I 4SI3

.TH 92*t. M CA. %M N%%4%I.v wMMo t4 W* Aft w6 M
1VLW M .SM IM 9 HS V, Jo .ST 'OOL w LL .tSw, Wss
L .NMm1TTI teM W CI. II TH %$I hUG bV. W S ,
s0 sluT Mw 90M TAW so? Vook
C-.99h Il6 P P 1

j I fo. ;r mmuastersa rgmm.
Sells said momn than 11 mUon
dl dollars was eaitrbuted for hew
de* chburches in the Sautheastern jur
O ss dlction Ist ear. e" said a the
as years t,_ Jurisdictional council
and. has beet in existence, a net in-
e1 .a o TourX r" crease of 516,761 members ha,
'N J been realized. He set the present
now isbad sau membership of the council at 2,-
ed Vh.Tas !, 517,183.
*e -houMnds and ta now
ton es ofs ,rou r "d Sells spoke at the second day
Sr. 'A.t- 'S, of the three-day convocation at
t St .L -- G*lVi.'a the First Methodist Church here
f rom y r which has attracted some 1,500
t ,ihalmin lt em.I. delegates from nine Southeast-
Sa* ,frers sIir -d **V Wtolns ern states and Cuba.


rI ,NJOM ,wt momBN u

-. :.o


Faltering Philip!
.'hitp's If us t.illieo with bruised.
'eII-wofr steps and rags be ones.
tsparn ,would leave his home ke new.
* A. Classifleds. uast the right clue

I Away


It's the Upkeep

u' StIINK!


Might As

K a





SI4J6 0V*Tar
k& -.-AI4 -,

e4ifr -9E


B y35*foPn3
,. ,- ,- .

Here We Are

BT MS iUAlyIvu




unps Trcks,

bIssigrs Unhurd


-- --



I _

I =--


v Le, .as


y, .

mi tvi I



. .

drh* -.,.$1 4 months although he had iu ge his
n at Ss church wife was tortUring thebr .
118a .0hd00nago The boys' parts M. and. Mrs.
1s U u bad bee' ho because Lloyd George Stanley of Hous-
te *^ hSi's a24 ribs ^e r. ad I waa in Ig h t ton, Tex., were separated last fall
TO ~ A bt nd fac by i and see the and divided their ix children a-
To he w asict and bwyr co0dtloa., FImong re mabveri
g .his body. *. Mrs. Stantey has bee working
Her husband Lawrence, 32, an as a waitress In San Antonio Tex.
PAULILV .r'.39.. .Mrs. sThompson said in a wwilt unemployed ilf field worker, said but she and her husband werd both
- (UP) tjE confession she was converted' e didn' beat the boys himself at Lloyd's bedside when he died..
throat to a" i

Ahon aways (Rememner flotta s
dnied"f ir';' ": '^died, u S ..<'h-orrbly I '
theom ler a r ts no eites. .
ready". .. out IYd been to h
the courtroom took the cry SAN bOS.C, ta .ea. Feb. 4 badly be cou dot eat nor take
and -M'~s l d Arush- UP)"- The eoaThtIo. minority sedative. igurines
ed under ea S .guard back to her has denied to t the legisla-
jail cell.t. I ive assembly wbich stripped two He was conscious until about 6 Tableciothes
Sit.- anti-government members of par. hours before he died. On the way
llamentary immunity Tuesday. from Pauls Valleyto Oklahoma Fine Perfumes
i a City In the ambulance -some 65
"ir V -' T" e members tipped v of im t miles- h. kept screaming "take s Crytalware
w. were t F it pathiz- the iron away".
S ri sg with the revolt that flared on Authorities said most of the trd.
H c the northern border last .month, tune apparently took place 32 day
The 14 re oppotion leg- ago but they did nut fii out-
.latryesat terd. ay., bout it until eight days o .
I leaevw t mhaiber in the posse-a Jame.; is out of danger, aitough
M IRo N C.eb. 4- sion the 34 members who p plastic surgeons will have to re-
(UP) Police queo nead three dr r t em sa. e h ta ared a pair ac
men todayin noeuo th .. anti-government assemblyman an- Doctors said apeard a pair
entodain one o ith seey will not etr of scissors or ice k had been
toes of rg esi s sin The assemblyy split along rammed through bottom of
ctrS lodedwiV g ati e &lines, 31 to. 10, in voting to de- Lloyd's moth. leaving a hole that
nae and e-o ro gll e o er .reign M s t e r would not heal and prevented him 'a
blarw up. iy fMario iEchandi and Guillerno i from eating or drinfng ot takingN
Strio was arrested during nez f parliamentary privileges, medicine by mouth.
r e check by oice s- rendering them liable to trial. I Nurses said that when they tried
day' night of a 1954 Oldsmobile
d' %'- by James Ray Hemmings
of Mount Airy. Officers said they
made the check-beeause of Hem- .fa.
ming's pouliie raer8of public II
drnkn Hemn- IC$I OTTION$
Arree and boorsed oith bHemI-N S an en summr V d l IN
mines on charges of possession of iM
narcotics laws Avere Cordell Hull I
McPeak of Jackonville, Fla., and a 'I ,
Leland W. Camell of Bowling
Gr en, Ky.
All were hld in default of 20,- .
ro bond .eacbl. -' F r mm r
In addition otIste hitroglyctd-iFo Sun. m r *
officers said the-car contained S5,-
000oo in llal harcotis, a machine The summer cotton field is more colorful than it's been in
gun, a seg hammer, crowbar,
dynamite and other "br. yearns. There's a wonderful selection of plaids and.checks. .
officers aid the. arrests ca ofpatels and hock colors. .. of all the things you need for
during an Ilvetigationd of narcotics m .m r
traffic here .and reports of bur- an enchanting mmer
The FBI said McPeak was want- *
ed in 'Tlennessee on a complaint From 9.95 and 13.95
charging unlawifrul Ifight to avoid
prosecution for burglary in connec-, Sizea: from 7 to 22
tion with a grocery robbery at Le. 2
banon, Temr. Police said he also A
was wanted 'ia Jacktoi, Miss., on
Officers id4 till has serv No. 79 JUStoI AroA n aa r
*d time for atiterac g and ma..
slaughter ad Ioemmings waust- Tel. .I1126 (z
ascribed as. a convicted narcotesl .
addict. -



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if tou Have a
you Need
A New Amazing Natural
Waste Destroyer. ille
t Low Cost. Money Back
tuaintee of SatlsfSeties.
219 Central avA.
S Tel. 3-014.

9 p.m. Adults, Pre-teem
T9 wamaers. sVyeppqiten"t nly.
.Iml7 ........ elbee 2-4239
S34p.m..... Pnem 3-.1660

ki e t true to say "we did every-
*Ig possible" unless chblropraUctic
was Inoluded.


gU ParS Avenue Tel. 3-1
(1 block frem Lux That eI

AkIvonll (tob of July) Ave. X&16
(nesMAt to aran"iff fice)t
7 D. C. L AeIMGA, .D.DL
oras ellow Instructor Ge*or-
town Unv..Wmh.bStmD.C.
o n Dtrictr Denti Pedro Miguel
and Gambos. C.Z.

Bdp nYP bay a

Swiss Rdlex Cmera
Yoal buy

RRAS Plaza 5 deMayo

ish Rush
S(Coine3 d from Pale 1)
l4 the effort by the United"

wve, the pointed out that
t i ehower had left
door open to negotiations on
rprmossa c.sis outside the
in Jan. I4 fight-lf-we-
I age to Congress on
the President said he
recommend that his au-
t to act etplre when peace
security were assured by
Nations action, "or other-

ta s leat Ma mid
i mind the PosIMbilty
the-eene, intfe nal
weh could stop the
In the Red China-

IM thlitt tnh wpt U ,i
9a of an Invitatonto come
Me Security Council... They
it also this further flouting
le United Nations which is
Inmlar to previous Chinese
=Utnit actions in Korea and
the department said.
*- State Department said
Im government would con-
Wb other members of the
jfiteui-yCouncil to consider
Chinese rejection.


Central Ave. 1t
No. 3 Lottery Plaza
Fourth of July Ave.


Agenda lateral. d Publicaciones FARMACIA A UNDOS

Pdrque Ldeevre 7 a reet 0 mov No.. -3
1NCentralAv. | te e C v. N. D.rmd
Via I o. p.afti 4

H street N. &T.-

FOR SALE:-Living room set, 4
pieces. Very cheop. Poitillae Air-
port 15th St. No. 115. Can be
seen mornings.
FOR SALE:-Mahoany table 6
chairs. Phone Navy 3300 or 83-
4208. Can see a 673E. Curundu.
FOR SALE:-Double beds with
springs 26,00, Wardrobes 25.00,
Nie tables 4.50, Dressers with
mirrors 18.00, Dining room table
and 4 chairs 49.00, Wicker sofa
and -arm :chair 29.00, China
Closets 19.00, Modern vanities
29.00, Rockers 6.50, Kitchen
cabinets 18.00. Also: Mattress-
es. Springs. Pillows, etc. Gas
Stoves, Refrigerator. Easy terms
We deliver!-HOUSEHOLD EX-
CHANGE.-National Ave. No.
41, Tel. 3-4911.

FOR SALE:-Plastic upholstered
fi e piece livingroom set, pick
knack shelf. Other items. Must
sell before 14th of Feb. Cash.
9072 Apt. 4, 8th St., Colon.

single beds $10.00 ea., Double
Bed with innerspring mattress,
pad & cover, $60.00, Quarter-
master dresser $12.00, Bedside
table, $3.50, Chair,. $1.00, all
painted Ivory. Split Bamboo
blinds, Bathroom stool, Gross
rugs, Lomps, Desk & Chair, Pic-
tures, Magazine Rocks, Clocks,
many misc. items. All must be
sold before Sunday night. Sale
starts Saturday morning at nine
o'clock. House 822-X-B-Croton
street, Balboa.
FOR SALE:- Vacuum cleaner,
chew bench, wet tables, Ming
tree. kitchen cabinet, lamps,
metal buffets, pictures, Louvres,
books, book ends, toys, clothes.,,
table stove, rug, miscellaneous.
589 Boyano, Ancon.

Help Wanted
WANTED: An experienced
cook. Useless to apply without
references. Apply to 7 & 8 St.
Sta. Isabel No. 9063, Apt. 6,


0l N-Luons n my studier
at pupils home.-O-n Setur ys
lessons In Cristebol-Clon. For
Informations coal Bref. Franz
Manfredi, Panamt 3-1909 or
Cristabal 2424.
Instruction in wpodern piano play-
Ing offered by ZeG Bennett not-
ed professional pianist-teacher
and orchestra leader. 15 years
teaching experience. Tel 2-
1282, Panama.

Motor cycl

FOR SALE:-Trumph Thunder-
bird motorcycle 8500 miles, good
condition, Telephone $-360.
FOR 'AL:--1948 Hardley Da-
vidson motorcycle Ail Cond.,
$175.00. Phone 2-1303 or
5627-C. Hekler Pi- Oiablo.
co preco de 9. 120.00. Excur-

Kenlucky Serves

Notice No. 1 Cage

Team Net Colhpsing
NEW YORK, Feb. 4 (UP) -
Kentucky's natiosleading bas-
ketball team served mharp notice
today th t Itas no Intenteo
(gof coUspsiln ie lits troubt
with upsets -ad a resigning
player. '

Iebouiing from its' surprise
defeat by Georlia Tech and
ardly missing star player Lin-
to'lI c let d D, th Wlet"
pressdve ease, 8T43, at Lex-
tnfto.., Ky., last nighl to stay in
the tick. of the flght for the
Southeastern Conference cham-
Leading fre. the eypeiar
minutes as lx-serav Phil
Grayemeser led the assault
with 26 poltts, teasky little
resembled i these, neertain
club that a upset Georgia
STecbh, 5-S, en s*-Mtday
fa.V 4L Ik a -iatu- aLks-


The victory s
13-2 overall re
fifrtence rat
iei;sthe loon w
* Utah ranked
Uou behind Kes
Frinsiam. Mal

FOR SALE;- 1954 Ford Custom-
line Six. 4-door, radio, direc-
tional indicator. Call 3-3580.
FOR SALE: 1941 Chev. Con-
vertible. Reasonably priced. Call
Ft. Clayton 6244 after 6 p.m.
FOR SALE:-1954 Dodge V8
Custom Royal. Phone Navy
3300 or 83-4208 after 5 p.m.
FOR SALE: Dodge Coronet,
perfect condition, duty paid. Bar-
gain. Telephone 2-1259, office
FOR SALE:-1948 Cadfllac, 4-
door Sedan, block, W-S-W tires,
leather upholstery, radio, Bar-
gain. Telephone 6333. Balboa.
FOR SALE: 1950 Plymouth
Sedan. "Lambswool Cream" fin-
ish. New rubber. Extras. 32.000
miles $750.00. Private owner
Gatun 5-579.
FOR SALE:-1954 Ford Pickup,
*/4 ton., 5 months use, 4000
miles only,. as new. Apply Cia.
Istmefia de Plomeria, S.A. Phone

FOR SALE:-Best buy in town.
1952 Chevrolet, fully *quipped,
ready to go. Perfect condition,
looks and runs like new. Call
Kobbe 6276.

FOR SALE: 1949 Oldsmobile
Convertible. Rocket engine, per-
fect condition, excellent rubber,
$650.00. Clayton 87-7223.
FOR SALE :-Must sell! leaving!
1947 Chevrolet Coupe, excellent
condition $225.00. Phone Gulick
FOR SALE: 1953 Linqoln Ctprl
hardtop. Two-tone; 4-way elec-
tric spat; radio; white sidewalls.
Low mileage. Bargain price. Call
Albrook 3298.

FOR SALE: 1953 4-dear
Chevrolet Belt-Air Sedan. Light
blue & cream, W-S-W tires, ra-
dio, backing up lights, excellent
condition. $1700.00. 2127-C.
East Sixth St. Curundu.
FOR SALE:-1953 Porftloa 4-
dor Sedan. Like new with 2.1.000
miles. Mpst sale immediately en
accaut f leaving the county.
Sweciol berggln, Phene Colon

FOR SAL:- 9" Mercury Cwon
o Bid. "90," Apt. "A" 2nd St.
Coco Solito, C.Z,

Real Estate
FOR SALE: -Cottage' Sent#
Clara. Concrete partly furnished,
2750.00. Phone 2-4255 or 25-

FOR SALE:-Magnificent lot, ex-
cellent location, Porque Lefevre.
Near Golf Heights. Bargain price.
Telephone 6333 Balboa, 2-1701


WANTED:-Heater & Defroster
for 1954 Chevrolet. See Ortega
at Smoot & Paredes. Phone 2-
WANTED:-25 cycle washing
' machine. Tel. 6-1429.

WANTED:-Lovers of children,
horses and fun. Plenty of all at
the Pacific Saddle Club. Call
Mr. Hebert, Ba boa 2555. ,


Get Pensions
In Honduras
Feb. 4 .(TP) Ohief of cStaff
JWU6 ULOOM ieterday., pant4d
pensions of $400 a month for
life to former Presdents Vicen-1
to Me*a Ooladres, Tibureco Ca-
riam Andino and Juan Manuel

lag ehimple of the Soethe m
Conference, put the brakes on

th e ie r H Il

in 4tW leading has
night: CineLnnatn, rnked 30th
Once of Puckett. nationally, marked up Its sV-
team Wednesday enth straight victory by beating
]lph Rupp issued Seton Hall, 8-7, at Maldison
foerence. points behind a Ja
Twyma led the wV with
ave Kentucky a points; Ma than o unmd .
cord and a 5-2 John's (N.Y.), -881 Md and
rith a 4-lmatk ed M 0 subah i dowGned
third in the na- Sparrow f206t m
tk and Ban record for the Drake fleudh
ty"04 Its with n ;et
IS.M-a t .fter sotaM


.-'' -

Rooms with -bathroom. Special
price for AAA .members.
Feb. 11th, 12th, 13th
Sponsored by Hotel El Panama.
3 Full Days. Leave February 11 th
at 7:30 o.m. return late Sunday
afternoon 13th. Fishing through
the Pearl Islands, visiting with
primitive Choco Indians, spear-
ing crocodiles, jack light hunt-
ing, cruising up the Sombu river,
aboard El Panama's Pescadora.
Bring old clothes, comfortable
shoes and ?ON'T FORGET YOUR
CAMERA. For information, res-
ryvation, phone Jungle Jim,
Hotel El Panama a 3-

Package tour to Bogota during
February! Only $120.00 gives
ypu rpund-trip passage, airport
transportation, two nights in lux-!
. urious Hotel Tequendama, sight-
seeing tour, ticket to real bull-
fight, with world famous bull-
fighters Aparicio,. Pedres, Giron,
Chicuelo 11. Call Avionca, Pon-
ama 2-295,6, or your travel a-
gent for details.

Miscellaneous '

FOR SALE: 1 Kodak Duaflex
II Camera with flash attachment,
$15.00. 4 cots with mattresses,
$5.00 qch. Large trunk $20.00.
2256-A Cururnu, Phone 83-
FOR SALE:-Montuno complete.
7th Street No. 7-46.
FOR SALE: Reiord player,
brand new, 60 cycle. Tel. Balboa
2832, Mrs. Hill, anytime.
FOR SALE:-One Plymouth en-
gine, 2 clutches for G.M. 671,
I /2 to I reduction gear. Colon

FOR SALE: -'Cocker Sponiel
pups. 6 weeks, $30 and $35.
Call 84-5105 Sgt, Gordon.

FOR SALE:---6.00-6 tires and
tubes and 6.40-15 tires used.
0534-B, Ancon.

FOR SALE: Lionel trains, Vonm-
*Un bindsh eLertrwstelr din-
sir bicycle, Brimgs StrMt mo-
to, Singer sewing machine, fur-
nihed doll house, miscellianeur
items. 1503- Akee St. (Gviland
Area) Balboa.

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:-12 ft. boat, 7 h
hp. motor, trailer, n dcdcessories.
2507 B Tamarind, Cocoli.
FOR SALE:-21 foot Sport Fish-
ing Cruiser, Garwood hull plan
with 90 hp. Chrysler, Cruiser 15
pluson 3 gaols., 35 gal. Monel
tank. Full cabin, sleeps 2 on
seat bunks, equipped for night
fishing, 3 spot lights. $500.00.
See at Gatun Y.C. or cell 5-357.
FOR SALE:-Late model 10 hp.
Jhnson, excellent running con-
dition, and 8 foot racing run-
about. Call 6-294, or see at
126-B, Gamboa.
FOR SALE:-12 ft. racing run-
boet. 13 ft. fishing boat. Also
ponga from $45.00 up. Slightly'
used Evinrude 71/z, also 12 hp.
IElto, excellent condition. Reason-
able, consider trade. ABERNA-
THY across side street El Pan-
dma Hotel. Phone 3-0264 or

Briish Wesd Ies

Working On Details

Of Federaton Pln

LONpON, Feb. 4 (UP) Co-
lonial government experts work-
eM- toiy oa plan for a British
Catrflan Federation.

'Colonial secretary Alan Len-
nop-Boyd said yesterday that in
Hne with a suggestion from
West Indian countries, a con-
ference wouid be called "short-
ly" to ogaider controls on the
movement of persons between
territories of the proposed fed-

He said that Britain would
appoint commissions to make
" ial. "esl service and Judicial
arrange~ente for the federa-
thon" after agreement Is reach
ed on controller the movement
of' persons within the terriUl


Grqmlih'1 Sonta Clara Beach
Cot Modern conveniences,
moderate rites. Phone Gamboa
6-441j ,

past Santa Clara. Low rates.-
Phone Balboa 1866.

WILLIAMS' Santa Clor' Beach
Cottages-rockgas, refrigeration,
2-bedroom. Phope Balboa 3050.
Phklllip. Oceanside cottages,..
Santa Cara. Box 435, Balboa.
Phone Panama 3-1877,. Cristo-
boal 3-1673.


FOR RENT:-Furnished chalet 2
bedrooms, living room, dining
room, kitchen, stove, refrigera-
tor. garoe, garden. San Fran-
cisco 18th Street No. 8.
FOR RENT:-Chalet, 2 bed-
rooms, garage,- basement.
$135.00 monthly. East 43rd St.
No.'52. Inquire at house No. 50.

ATRTNTION 6.1.? Just built
modern furnished apartments, 1,
2 bddrboms, hot, cold water. Tel.
Panome 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished and un-
furnished 2 & 4-bedroom apart-
ments. Contact Alhambra Apart-
ments, 10th Street. Phone 1386,

FOR RENT: 2 bedroom cool
spacious, desirable apartment in
best residential district. Call 2-
1661 during business hours.

FOR RENT:-Furnished' modern
apartment, new concrete house,
$65.00 Via Porras 1)4.

FOR RENT:-Apartment, 2 bed-
rooms, living-ining room, kitch-
en, bathroom. 13th Street No.
16, Vip Porras.

FOR RENT: 2 apartments liv-
Ing-dihing room, 2 bedrooms,
kitchen bathroom. 2 apartments,
ivlng-dlhing room, 1 bedroom,
kitchen, bathroom. Spacious lo-
cale, suitable for office, dri
house B" eies. "B" Avenue
& 7th Street city. Tel. 2-1701,

FOR RENT:- Beautiful modern
furnished two bedroom apart-
ment. Peru Ave. No., 37-48.
FOR RENT: Apartments in
building "Mirodor" Federico
Boyd Avenue No. 4. 2 bedrooms
with bathroom, combination din-
ing-living room, kitchen 'and
servants room with bath. Phone
Panama 2-1466.
FOR RENT:-Two bedroom a.
portment with balcony iB Bella
Vista. Call Panama 2-2601.
FOR RENT:-Furnished 1 bed-
room apartment, 4 months. 52nd
St. No. 2, Apt. 6, Phone 3-3823.
FOR RENT:-Furnished, living
room, dining room, 2 bedrooms,
gas stove, refrigerator. Independ-
ent. 43rd Street No. 64, final.

FOR RENT:---2-bedroom apart-
ment, living-dining room, two
baths, maid s room, garage, laun-
dry facilities. 44th Street No. 32,
Apt. 4. Bella. Vista. Tel. 3-0815.,

FOR RENT:-Furnished apart-
. n t with balcony, one bedroom,
Ilvin%, kitchen, both, very cool.
T l,"3-1648.
FOR RENT:-Furnished apart-
ment, one or two bedroom. Tee'-
phone 3-0276--3-0811.

FOR RENT:-One bedroom a-
partment, dining room, kitchen.
East 29th St. No. 9.
FOR RENT:-Apartment living-
rmO, ne bedroomramodem con-
Vences.. Phone 3-0502, 117
Via EspaRFia upstairs.
FOR RENT:-Beautifully furnish-
ed room, double couch, refrigura-
tar, kitchen cabinet, stove, bath
and private entrance. 52nd Street
No. 3. Phone 3-0638.
FOR RENT:- Furnished large
bedroom very cool. private en-
trance, private bath. Tel. 3-

CIO Will Demand
Phone Operators
Work 6-Hbur Day
CICINMT I Feb, 4 (P) -
Joseph A. Delrne. president of
the CIO Communcation Work-
era, said today his uniom wlH de-
mand a sai-hour day tr 4t,-
000 tiSdphow opators m cr
the adn s a a m a or iem" in
1 negottatuou.
m e. hbre for banquet
5B the 1th uiveriu of
own ftt "aU head of the
unIT aa workers "wel-
coau t-tonlUd al advances."
-- i, -

.- "_, ."', i ,
BOY SCOUT reprqwsentatlves were'invited by'Oov. John A.. Seybold to attend the IL of a
proclamation designating the week of Feb. 6 to 12 as Boy Scout Week In the. Cali bne. The
ceremony took place in the Governor's office shortly before he left for Washington C. on an
official business trip. Lt. Gov. H. 0, Paxpon, as president of Council No. 801, Initroduced the
Scouts to the Governor. Above, left to right, are: Boy Scout Fred Roe, Troop 3, Balboa; Tax-
son; Seybold; Sea Explorer Stephen Childs, ap "8, Balboa; and Cub Scout Douglas Marti, Pack
3. Balboa.


Scout News
Three representatives of the
Canal Zone Boy Scouts were In-
vited by Governor J. 8. Seybold
Thursday to attend the signing-
of the Governor's proclamation
designating the week Feb. 6 to
12 as ]oy Scout Week in the Ca-
nal Zone.
The three Scout representa-
tives, who were presented to the
Governor by Lt. Oov. H. 0. Pax-
son, acting in his capacity as
president of council_ No. 801,
were Cub Scout Douglas Marti,
Pack 3, Balboa; Boy Scout F ed
Roe, Troop 3, Balboa and sea
Explorer, Stephen Childs, Ship
8, Balboa.
In his proclamation, Seybold
asked all citizens to recognize
the patriotic service being given
the community by the volunteer
Scout leaders and express their
appreciation to the various or-
ganizations which sponsor the
Scout organization.
The proclantmation designating
the week of Feb. 6 to 12 as Boy
Scout Week follows.
"Whereas, February 8, 1955 is
the 45th anniversary of the

Am"it .4W ,..- 4V "- **,
i h Scout pro-
gram has affecW the lives of
22,750,000 American boys and
men since 1910, nd n ow has an
active enrollment of 3,660,000;
and I
'"Whereas, the m o v em ent,
through its current them e,
'BuildiRn for a Better Tomorrow,'
dramatizes the purpose of the
Boy Scouts of America and the
rich heritage it has In the Unit-
ed States and the Canal Zone;
"Whereas, the Boy Scouts of
America, is a great force for
training youth in right character
and good citizenship;
"Now, therefore, I, 3. 8. Bey-
bold, Governor, d9 hereby pto-
claim the week ofWFebruary 8 to
12 as 'Boy Scotat Week' "In the
Canal Zone, and do urge our ci-
tizens to reqoptilze the patriotic
service being rendered to our
community by- the volunteer
Scout leaders and to express
their appreciation to the rell-
glous bode6,, school organiza-
tions, veteran' assocfiatlons,
fratnal* gr ti and service
clubs'which sponsor or Cub
Packs, Bov Scout Troops and Ex-
plorer Unlt."

- President Esenhower will
pay special, honor to 12 Boy
Scouts' and explorers Tuesday
for their outstanding service
in conservation work, it was
announced today.
He will resent the youth
signed ce-t captes of merit in
a White 6tUe ceremony. The
boys, in turn, -Ill present him
with their "report to the na-
tion," marking the 45th anni-
versary of scouting in this
The chief executive is honor-
ary president" of'the BOy Soouts
of AmerlCd' And a member of
ts .National Executive Board.
The 12 scouts to be honored
by the President represent the
nauton's 12 Boy Scout regions.

Ii Secret Police

l. Desertg

Bcon To Romania
VIENNA, Feb. 4 (UP)- Com-
munist secret police lined rail-
way platforins here today to
prevent further desertions fromin
a dance troupe being hustled
back to Red Rqumnla, an even
dozen members bort.
-Plainclotheamea from the Ro-
manlan legatie urroanded the
trmpe's train while it was in
the West station here-its last
stop In non-Communist 'terri-
Newsmen iho tied to talk to
eople leani g d of the train's
windows w$re purtly told to
"leave themT 7ce."

Heath Conunsisioner

Commends Progress

Of Puerlo Rko

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico, Feb.
4 (UP)-The rapid industrializa-
tion of Puerto Rico is being ac-
complished without creating the
mental health problems th at
have plagued such economic re-
volutions i In other countries,
New York City's Health Com-
missioner said tonight.
In an address at the opening
session of the annual meeting
of the Public H t Pt Associa-
tion, Dr. Leona Baumgartner
congratulated Puerto Ric o's
health department on its lead--
ership in the public health field.
She said "astQonishing prog-
ress" has been made in In-
dustrialization here "in a way
that contributes to mental
health." ,
For example, qhe said, indus-
trial plants and good hoUing

rapid bage. For_ tie uptrootg
of flamMiieS and the dhmnges In
ways of living which so often
accompany rapid IndustifallU-
tion can be destructive to hu-
man wll-being," the health
commissioner sad.

Bambi Leads Dog's

Lif In Fur

Bambi, a one-pound toy chihua-
hua owned by Miss Roe. Comer,
-is the most expenvey dolled up
animal in town.
Bambi has been fitted out with
her own $200 mink coat which
buttons under the dog's chin pad
ties around her mid-section.
Miss Comer, who has an ex-
pensive mink coat of her own,
gets a lot of second looks when
she walks fur-coated Bambi down
the street,

Rund Pie Tins

DETROIT (- .- idwar
stores have replaced the tradition-
al round pie pan with ., wI p
in. the interets lf
Y" over was
Sl been
made oa by n
SapId aun ngle,
th. pn hol se of pie
4nd as nrtehes oW th im to
mik e sure that a sev cut of
pie are mathematically equal.


BEST OPPORTUNITY for t ree persons

of good appearance, who are wftg

earn $50.00 weekly or more. Apply from
8 to 9' a.m. EUROPEAN F I

STORE Central and 21 E. St.

L -




ad SE A SSE 10


giBEBA PRECIADO 7 street No. 13
IOBBISON h o h1y Ave. & J SL
Just Arosemens A .. and 33 St.
112 La Carrasqullla

LH Lf_p* I g' ,






I- I


- 1 16



-1 -


-& -


+ &---- -I *r* ''***
.-r .' .
1.111 S .i iJ .._7 -.-

. ~..". '
oi a1.

. .r r .
. ..." "4-- ,

ON RABt |ar

. n- i l.i II

the picts you hae bO anratng t .r
Prank WtN
Newsreel with .w bw the
event s O. .pp4a
k.-- -- -- ------- I

' Shows: 2:00, 4:05, 6:35, 0:05

3mphMre Boganrt Jos" Ferrer
SVan mohaem Fred waeMuwray

Popular Day- $1.10 per Car


- -m


I ";: .

'v.' ~*-4'-

a 9 A

Johnny Weissmuller


AFL Pray Tags Labor Committee
Chairman ,'Man From Another Age'

MOMS TV -R ADI IO MIAI A BEACH, Feb. 4 (UP)- ed 84th Congress. The league is the
AFL President George Meany said AFL's political policy-making arm.
I by Efki J today that most-Southern congress- Meany.said more members seem
S r--- -- men "do not believe" In high wag- to support "our views now than
es and good working conditions. when me Republicans were in con-
0 1Meny said the chairman of the trol."
S" HOLLYWOOD N5A Guys the studio's failure to continue House Labor Committe, Graham | But a few committees in the
.. -- and Dolls: Ingrid Berman, the with theblg-star build-up started 4. Barden (D-NC) s a man "from hands of southern De m o c r a t
S C. T -F o- .. -most famous Movie 'Swede since in "Lydia Bailey." [another age," who has worked "a- bring no comfort to us," Meany
A. I 'I'A :.For tiGe -- reta Garbo is still spying "I Says Dale, whose new picture is against us on every issue." said. "Unfortunately, the majority
frat time, cial res ay d don't vant to be alone I vant to be "Top of the World" for Land.- of Democratic congssmen ro m ';
t 8e e 1 apn 'tven handling lone ato with Roberto n.f the World" o Land The AFL head also renewed his the South do not beleve in high
TV commercials than men. Coulu "i. Hollywood's again batting In rid "Somewhere along the line the criticism of Labor S e c re t a r y wages and good working conditions.
be why bness is booming .. f with fabulous offers, but ues studle lost interest and began to James P. Mitchell and the Eisen- "in the HOuse, of course, the sit-
Gloria Vanderbilt got all the pub- hubby Roberto Rossellini Is in- lead me out. I should have had bower administration. But ;.4 said uation is not so good. Baruen is
licity. but there's another heiress eluded in the deal, she will never the soMrt of good stories and there is "no disposition at the pre. against us on every issue. He Is
in "T'. Time of Your Life." play- accept any of them. gd direclors. But I didn't get sent time" to establish a Labor from another age, I belive.'
ing the bartender's daughter is News-6f an Ingrid still sticking tha. I don't say that I can act Party as a third political party. Asked if there is "any bright
Linda Berlin, the songwriters' rto her loyalty pledge was flashed like Marion Brando, but then no- side at all" to the GOP adminis.
pride and joy and heiress to the ked to me by Kurt Kpeuger, who just body took the trouble to find out." Meany told reporters aft e r a tration's labor program, M e a n y
Mackey cable fortune. She asked played her lover In a movie. The Remember Hollywood's Sufferin' meeting of the AFL L a b o r' s curtly replied, "No.
for no publicity Red Buttons film was "Fear," directed b Ros- Sue? League for political Education that
has si d w rs B Daveport sen n Munich and due or re- he feels the union's legislative pro- He said figures cited by Labor BREAK
and Green to "lifetime Vanderbilt Jimmy Komack lease in the U.S. this summer. The doll who could lose hus- gram "on the whole" has a better Secetary Mchell to bac up his Merced
contracts. anna bet? -- "I'd like to make a movie la band, children, home and her rab- chance In the Democratic-controll- claim there were fewer workers in Brus
o- h felt out the.audience. I dropped a 'Hollywood," told Krneger, bit-skin coat just because she liked Involved In strikes in 1954 than in
The mambo is going o e a lot of topical, New York gags. "but Hollywood doesn't seem tto keep green stamps n the old any year since World War I are -
cwmpetiMfes Or sastr el Smitha, I think I improved." 'want Roberto. And I won't work man's shaving mug. .raaa Ma "completely meaninglcss."I
who first varied the samb So does his sister without him." b Makes Bid Mitchll cited the figures in re-
with her "no Tico," is to ig a So does Before the war she was No i ply to AFL charges he has under-
new dance from Haiti called the Ingrid today? Kreuger says: at the box office with the 4-H fA P IftlIa PSr I mined union wage standards on
"merengue." It hasn't got anything "The Grand Prize," Broadway's "She's a sensation wherever she movie clubbers-four-handkerchief worl vWmll O u, federal defense construction.
to dowith the pie of the same newest entry, has a lot of tan goes. She hasn't aged a bit and movies lead the Hollywood cry p "I don't know if Mitchell wants'
name this o_ s pronounced spoofing TV giveaway shows and she still has that peaches-and- parade. us to pin roses on him," Meany
"mer-eng'-gay." the advertising profession. While cream complexion. She never talks Now with pictures that once % C Mv iI said, "but his figures alone don
S.the stars, June Lockhart and John back to Rosellini. Her acting is, made Aunt Sadie rush to the mean a thing."
"It's lik the old one-step," Eth. Newland, are fine, the audience better than ever-she even had theater for a good cry coming WASHINGTON, Feb. 4 (UP) He said the figures would have'
el says, "but done to theide, fell In love with two secondary ME in tears In one seene" back Ann Baxter believes Suf- A special site selection subommit- to be considered in the light of
with a little twist." players--Tom Poston and a gor- Best remembered for his Nazi terin' Sue will be "a lot more ee recommended unanimously to "the overall situation: the number
geous blonde named Betsy Palmer. pilot role with Humphrey Bogart honest this time." day the Democrats hold their 1956 of contracts that came up for re-
Sounds more like an off-tackle in 1942's "Sahara," Kreuger left "Hollywood writers," a r g u e s presidential nominating convention newal, the number of workers cov.
smash than a dance. Poston does one of the classic Hollywood five years ago-"I was Anne, "once made wamen all m Chicago. ered in the contracts and o t h e r
drank scenes to perfection. And at a dead-end street"-to play roe- while or all black. But women conditions."
he has the show's best line, when, mantle leads In German frims. aren't all one thing or all another. Paul M. Butler chairman of the If there were less strikes in 1954,
For a few years I've been hear- while searching for his missing Now he's back for more Holly- They filmed the same situations Democratic National Committee, Meany said, the Elsenhower ad-
Ing a b o u t a young comedian fiancee, he calls the city morgue wood emoting. over and over. Our writers wrote said the recommendation of the ministration does not deserve
named Jimmy Komack. His sister, and asks, "Who's new?" Just as I've alwayss suspected, themselves out. Now it's new site committee will be submitted I credit for It.
Roz, kept telling me about his the English movie industry isn't writers with new ideas." tion thefull membership of the na- --
career-how he and his partner Poston, incidentally, will soon on its toes. The word "falsies" tonal committee for ballot by a
were going on Godfrey's "Talent be one of TV's busiest boy* He's hasn't reached 'em. No. the Taylors, the Gables and mail. Lanadian Wrh l
Scouts," fiw he was doing plub been signed for ABC's coming 2%- Not that Mona Freeman needs the Chandlers don't have to worry s t -e .ced o
dates, and so on. hour afternoon pot pourri, "En- falsies, you understand. But she about the return of women's flick- Butlersaid the recommendation J
------- ----tertainment." He'll MC the whole had just reported at a London ers. Says Anne: was made after Chicago represent-1 Exports Ahead
iTOPPERS affair, which should keep him out studio for the starring role in a a ativcs assured him they w o uldt
TV of mischief. mystery flicker "Before I Wake," "You do a picture about men grant "certain requests of the site
GEORGE GOBEL (NBC TV): and the wardrobe mistress wanted and you don't need a women. But committee." He did not say what La Year
Nothing I like as wll as going to DICK QUICKIE: Jack. Paar, to be helpful, you can't .do a film for women these requests were. .
c arson: Metoo eln i ed the "And I almost :lipped," Mona ore tptant In a It has been reliably reportedan p Pb. 4 a- -
utou ve a car. pias have chang to winter oe la "wh e ed me: re tha a woman is a man's however, that the Democrats were 000 bushels ahead of last year
posses. o a os"he me na I b she'd Short Takes Mer le Oberon A 00,00 ltatmen t2llou.coearstartedasis tAu.1 the board
* 4ve p e tht I am- Waitb/WW inches I never heard 4e wor. I assured alied a role in "Alexander the plus a rent-free convention ball y mmioner sreortedl
gla to reit that Jimmy has her I didn't ned any built-up Great" with the explanation. 'Sor- Chicago previously had met the ofgrain co m s e I
arrived. He s turning down ofers, (Coattaud from Pae t) areas anywhere." ry, it's not great enough. cash offer but had not offered a' ......a.
.nd, i t o arriving, t less t Mona's career is zooming a ain British censors have banned Mar- rent-free convention hall. The board said that visible sup-
"It's all haP .d to me .e poodle to match), a shill for a now that she's free of an RKO lIon Brando's "The Wild One." plies of Canadian wheat dropped
than a year, ow n l asr. Ja" Sutton Place beautician The contract which gave her only two Roy Rogers is close to a Philadelphia was the only other 1,6000,00 bushels during the week
went on my own lasnew only all-.night Automat in movies in two years. She's In deal with United Artists for his major bidder for 'the Democratic ended Jan.. 26 to total 357,100,000
Sile the.: h..a ial town. Opp: Grand Central. "Battle Cry," and currently acting first big-screen movie since 1951. convention which Butler hopes to bushels. Domestic shipments dur-
Sengge them he lad en1S r;aheNi ht- A s in "The Man From Texas." The Linda Darnell-Phil Lieb- open Aug. 13. ek ted at 1,90
engaei g Cor. t alrecords; he Sounds in .the Night: At Forest Like Grace Kelly, she's the cul- mann marriage is on thin ice. 000 bushels while American import
appeaed c~a gnd the Hills Inn: 'He's alfexas p1aby. tured siren type-the tyPejoular o Canadian wheat for domestic
r dintop s.1 odd Hi lel"e .At p Du-lragi n I Hollywood now at the Montgomery M '.t r rted In Red Agent List .of.C Ia,. ....ator .s t
ma' p .acular, t Fo brow's: "I' s fairly evident nowun-cover girls have gone as far a New York hospital. iment un- red .. Farme ioi bus h S.'.e M st .
Forward;" an he's just b that the only one the Godfrey show they can go. known .p. Dean Marti o. te a tur InR i during the same period declined a-

-I had three show offers in one ly..T Lmbardos a e his au t hThe military government announce. movement of Canadian coarse
week." paid Komack, a pleasan- "T most da geruy sshecar u n ed today a list of Communist a- grains fell of during the week with
looking a-year-old. "What a feel-. wolf's car is the cluth." gents holding official position in marketing of the four grains down
Ing T Mrchid Garden: Jean Far- o Irato has been captured in a raid 1,20,000 bushels, overseas clear-
te. B o aA Red hideout outside Tehran. ances down 500,000 bushels. Cana-
Komack-as his sister alwa s nay 's jaz chunes in the Blue -Rooman domestic use reduced 100,000
keptosaying-is abut as versatile" ctSa b ^RentselaerS. i r e SECOND FLOOR Two persons were arrested In bushels and American imports 500.
as one human being can get. He o the Brinks Case) held the raid, and further arrests are 000 bushels below the re v
sings. He acts.e writes songs. He To Cro a" rthe ra .C hean ld r expected. week's levels. oesa lar
sort of dances. He's funny. He over at the Palace Zanuck's
s~ ~ ~ U or a ofe-SODdl da~ -H.s.f.,y e o~e"The Racers." a.kt theIMA,1. ..

designs sweaters. ne wira jA -- ."Skip The Build-Up!"
Deslps skaters? from the Ankles Aweigh" musi-
Deig de sweaters c, due in April. A dacey, zingy
e, i de weaters," Ji song Anybody's version of
my Msa.."A relid of fme maneml"April In Portugal" and "Ruby."
sweaters, so every once in a while ---
I design him a newbatch. I enjoyI Broadway Torch: What You
it." 'Have Left When She's Talen
Komack says he's learned a Everything Else'.
great deal in this full, exciting
yeaY. Particularly on a swing,
around the country, engineered by,
his looking office, MCA.
"Tey wanted me to get a taste a
of diffrt audiences," he say s. a
b "So D i p played a swatky I
Cil,. In Mtfwiiee they booked,
..t n a li'itavern. In Detroit .

I played a biij 1. In Toronto IT 1
got a taste of paying theater. I
MAred h J" act as I
*~~~ .* ^j1---
Six Reject

SON6 Charges

Of Geneva Violalion
MOSCOW, Feb. 4 (UP) Six
West European nations today re-
jected et charges that plans
for West German rearmament
violae Geneva conventions for-
biddug ua ,at o.Olson gas and
er warfare, t wa reported
Representatives of Wttdem
France, Italy.. Belgium, The
NetherMlaS d Luxembourg de-
UweredrflhBl ato Jan. 1s 8o- .
vilet note $0 AW N &a.t ?ofllgn
office tody'.1 '
The texts wM not mad. pul-
lie immediately, but reliable re-

They n Miu to P" 0t t
t .a Poop. "I on

ose your shirt


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S* Garden and pool
umbrellas ...........35.50
Pinic thermos jugs .. 9.75
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assessoriea in Stainless

SAir foam pillows
special ............. ... 7.95
* Beach towels with
attractive designs ...... 2.75
* Mattress tuck in aheets 3.50
* Bath room cates in
modern colors .......... 8.50

Aquid for htain plant
l es ................. ......... 0.75
o Plant food In pak... 0.40
SB bomb ffor pMsat me
fun = ................ 1.50so
e e lldget M de tool*





Three .

Zrtwe I

Nt t
7 5,

K FOR THE FAT MAN-SUpping undWs th6 wial3
es sports car is a cinch, even for the fat man. On d
isels, Belgium, the car has a steering wheel that
down allowing easy entrance for the driver.
-. *"'--*


r p2

/HE respect of J
Scommunitiy for a
loro Iron n It o.-v"I
roem a business to
i living thing w ith
a heart ... o place to go for ws'ch &r'
si engagement end wedding dings. TIhe" '
cross owe ounten today ore y ufl|io*f
er m eMa1 a w w 0.l....w :

V. ( Diamond ear tgg
14 K. gold mounting

Double Your Money. FWIE "-.
Our Big Weekly Raff


17-Central Ave-137

-- m- :T h-






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here and in the U. S. -
k- ^ -. ". : ,':

Ne4 Auspmobile Row




'wg* ;~&~
~ '~' C

4- -" i
S"F..-:-f 3 A.I.J ..
^^S.W lrll^l-l

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*t.- f '* -i **', '*r .. IT't.
... -. .4 ., ..-; ,
"I .-.,. ..^ -if .,, *- ..'.- -- "- '- ,' q. ", W H _',: '

, Preside
0 to cont
by 1065;
a from 1I

NOMY GROWS-In his econo
at Eisenhower said he expect
tinue rising to a new high level
Above chart traces the growl
900 to 1954, with an estimated prn

- all out&c


o, /



iU .......... 3.75
w-7 ... .. 10.0





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.. .., .. ... L00


war:"' *"+ -

13 5Q ? .
& -3-, .P". .,

au~ ua4e ~M 1.r uImtdi p~.u~ (pern ~mi, .

m- thespose a w j-."40 if j%3 3 -- -- -7
9--- L.00 d .o W.U-- o- .-n-"-.- between YN L'ys
2.0740dJ-0741 Di0ase. Its ae bI n s11%any You aresodm toi.d IMs-.
So .Stated Meeting .. things tbout eidre t use it or y or -deda.
Cohral Lnaptr No -a O.N.S., wl I thought &at .Dr,' FreduIckJ HR.
Ha"phenr csst of her tan c a, hold a stated meoti on .Tuesday Alien of PhilMdllpuin' Child1
were classmate -- t ary et.lo at 7:30 p.m. at the( baum MagoIum Guidance Center said the beat
Mr. Hal hen attended M inl Temple. thing: "The basic- W -;a- in
Park Juor F di an erd wrsi There will be business, ballot ehilds emotional heslib In the
ggraduated fromTulane University. ng anit 0 met. x interflow of spontaneous w rmt
He th ai received .is master's degree Lorale CMe Jt between him ad r. ~ A W N TAL
from the School of Law at Tirane of FernA L CIu .P e with nt meeting 's eis sfac nikt T t tt nt
j there he as evl t dro Wth guel on Maogdy, b. 1t. Din- holed him. I 2sked "WVobld'* y '
Alpha Usel ner will be ssrvesd at':A p l The say nursing cli infant r t .. .

sic message to A loM* 9o aroi t. th rw T eur singt Camr ntC t Women tt toa e ,mW Y'Sa'
rt me o'SchragsssBratge officer~oCalw oees f thoreal Cuhatzwet I nterflow of aepate ows eoKao rI.tge the m at.
Sthe nation's chrae r e F empllfy the degrees warmth between him a s
bf $500 billion For Visit -. A l o o l veaing Polt .
of UMr. and H. *a rd Schrag A mother ?" us bface it. That' statement
th of the U.aS. da ls 8CM .igHt e ..loookedatrd-mehwithlInoteraes
section to 196ot5. ,arrived last evening from Water ee e looked at e with interest ri t b tont. a
SIa aisi"Yes," he said. "I would as tm hndoib to mnalk s to a m tachal
Schrag's brother and, o a pBut ifyou quote me ing ayv a title. And the women who
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Cagley, of Bal- Mr. Jornnm of" please add nhat there is nnomaot br
SHeight. Army will be' tin -muest for the feeds baby to develop a phobia
..te evening ad wills and earf n-w tab pout d h has been towo."
rs The visitors WI spend several ven oI and ill show man d c outr s" For the i tall rs o oull
Seeks on the Isthmus. t ete o of et In ais taken while S now tat this noted child r tn are ie women who have w .

Sfo J alp n (anamta ly 7 ap hig she r te bn sare t hewo mohetheo
weeks an th Ist us stationed in:a da. Mr. E a r psyclatr ist has reassured moth esly a i ste a
previ Uot l shoed 5.m those 6o11, at neo s tou tqg bout o
G H o e A ,b wl previously showed those llUc at ora who mn't nurse babies, let me
SDesed ida the Diablo CamerCllub and address til propecti one who eir lves reail are, won't
Te r oIoFareina ceiver d many favo rable cmets don't know whether they can or to keeping up with the Joneses,
ty W K W '^K e~f^tions, Dr. Octavio Fabrega, ave from the members. nta .
a luncheon at'Hotel El Panamato- This is "-o'Slide Cliic night. n, o bttetric.ap ill not m a d ry s i re ,
of' Bverl ills oulday In honor. e Barof he Atoria Visitors are welcome.himanofrnandin B c h, your brsts will aeverypneeol Th hah taildren,
oday oin honoCr Baron rte io Visitors reb W r your decision to nurse or not to and trying to be seen as often a
osset Dess V tt the Coronet in 1951, and An dre the depatm has ma,ng Code Ala.
x, Italian Ambassador, and the Cos- nurse fr you. e many rit places as
Eta Rican AmbasMa in sador Jorge ma rLoa face you with t at a time when possible-l the gabbers can talk
za. o nl E ybasl da B lour pregnancy is becoming heav- ab6ut are the details of their end-
sily burdensome It will be hard e e
Members of the dplomatic corps WI l for you to ae your baby In the
Me wimll be hoststhis evening at awher weight youcarrry. Mostly, yde-elect and Ms Marta Reservats and t
cocktail p arty at the Panasmae ol i will see only that you wish y o u ly about last night's prtyo that

c cktail artatthie r Pr anaama lGo lfar es s as lM
Club in nor of. te talian Am-d your bdyto yourself again., you will know they were there.
r. u In yno o t y an you ask yo r yo They have to tell you about all
basdor Brones Ds drerfriends to help you. wi the parties daughter has been to,

annaerotoebabyyour life won't be your own I They have to disa r; all their
C; ol.jl, and Mrs. John C.L.- Adas s Kayl announced appointment today again. foir cmme on ths Pe ucas,'ivingtSand S
e te Ant, has been recognized as of tohe 19 members of the fisheries agam for months. P daan purcsdaes, 10giv Holy Coma n
I IY eslver star studentin th Co Industry Advisory Comm e wonderful d an'a A xil, t
...of Cadets at Valley ForgevMifitary Legislationting wc e, ate tt ah ft it
SAcademy,. Wa ., hv in committee provides the secret an ive ay s bottle If u e l nd l
earned of use 30 per cent of duties ol. are tired or Jim wants to take and or chance to be beard
or- 'percent withno ubject letha elected on imported fish Droducts yOU away from-the drudgery for because If they can't talk abo
to econdctef9r0resalYaoening." the rat race their live. have be.
90 percent, it wa4 announced to-to conduct fisher research and n evening."
,,day' by the.ean, He was one oddevelop and increase markets for SO'let the put this to you: cme, then they will have toface
Y 4 Cad n the Co domestic fish. It limits expend- Upo his birth, your baby will the fact thattheir way of living
In 'A/n l00 1p thin ron tures to 3 m ilnon' dollars a year be a primitive creature. His has become 'a rat race.
and provides the balance in the eyes, so long used to the uafocus- So the women who live by other
City, son of of oor.-,1ad:oone of.sthe.. D,,lancetw, oJuly Ahd e ill notu-see you. His standards, and are taking eife
fu-,ndotthex en5mld'oan yer. ears, so long insulated aisteasily and in stride, and-have
notdi 'exc'Plazae noeexeed S.million. will not register thwordsthought things out enough-t have
Beverly lls, Calif., have a nie the betrothal of theirmy, Zone College Club, wll Previously the amount allocated you speak to him. His infancy will some Ideas worth listening to,
higher, Sidney egina, toM Rberto Halphen of Pnam. hold it annual Carnival Tea at was a flat $175,000 a year. maroon him in remoteness from rarely get a chance to be heard.
of Mrs. Eva er d phennow o ollywoo, the Army and Nvy Club, Ft. Am- Those appointed b the comit. you which you will beunable to The gabbers tryg talk e-'
Stee and who wll serve until Julypenetrate by. any. communaonselves out of mowing how empty
., and the latbecoe the mEnrique' en. ador, on Saturday, Feb. 12p.m 30, 1957, include George R wa- familiar to you. Their lives really are, won't.-ve.
Mrs. F. R. Johnson has gen e r- lace, Morehead City, N. C.; Ha4Ty The milk that will appear
~~~oof BeverlyHills. .on h-painFtings F. Sahiman, Fernandina B e a c h, your breasts will appear to solve. 'They have to taik-beeaa7.
Miss George attende4th ca- 'ive her degree in iJune. to be given as a d por prize. F.;. Leon S. Kenr St. Pers. you problem of communicationL
dmy of the Holy Cross In Sh ewasesented asa debutan- burg, Fla and'Alphonse J. Weg- Its flow from you into your baby have to think.
ington, D. C.,'and the Clegio Viiieit the Coronet Ball in 1951, and An inWestingp r o r a ram has maun, Coen, Ala."
aMrl inIAa, Pe.'Se. Is'a member of the Ticktocklers been arranged by Miss Dorothy e ndle der ASeeks
R now in hier senior year at Mary-A of the National nharity League. Bnickman.hlaleader S e s Pf rgf
mount College where sheillr The bride-elect and Miss Mart Reservations for members dthe El em y ci orce To M y
~~20.00 their guests Xay be made by call- with their dnew p yrehint, M DivorceToMarlr
.......... son, who witl FannyeirKln presiding. M'..,
.see as chrman. Tht2-3151, or The committees or t a s r Film A tress
UNis Mrs. Cl Vs rd Russ~el t 2-Me were appointed and March & w w
The Thea'admisiaon pice, which will ,a a
Ileidertha doo prm.,will bes. $1 M eflrr~ta
b FDMetsCommitti w Mrs.ot eeamking'6
S,..r as o .Chariman. t e wa
W .. wonJo Huidquist won Rteagt
'h.mll The following members w re ra Anothooh .
merican Bible Society in Ne w psent: -Anthto t on
York arrived at Tocumen Airport Mrs. Fanny Kaplan, Mrs. Dora- ay dvoc from h wife of i
thi monin, t C, rs. ... years, Dee Keatlng*, the for ""
this morning. .. .a LaCrois, Mrs.wt Anne Mhner, e.Teatsday m e ,sFe ,o. '.-
Dr. Nelson's vit is in the In- Mrs. Virginia Russon, Mrs. SelmaVanDoens studio ad S eb. d '
Dr esnWaanio, M rs..- Jane Hulddquist, she planned to meet Anthony.
terest of setting up a Training Mrs, T Lowe, Mrs. Charlotte Tul.esh e turn tomorrowtbut
.....0$ BiblCenter for recruiting and training ly, Mrs. Peggy Prim, Mrs. Midge upon hit om owb e4i '
""Bible Society feld-men in Latin refused to comment on whether oftal, Hot ti T. a4
BibleSociety field-n in Lat Lat rrison, Mrs. Anne PeO ,.Mrs. she and the bandleader ladllowed by a t
0Creamy-rich is the be America. Jeannette Cain, Mrs. Millie -Bee-
Ltorce of conmpllete nourish- He will be a guest in the Bible ia, Mrs. Gerry ellueei Mrs. He- to marry. af iat
st oreyour *boplete family. It House, Cristotal, during 'his four lea Crow ins. 0 athieen M.He- ,Anthony and Miss Van Dolen ieeWngOfCieficusO am
days stay here. n, md Mrs. Doth Cougher. have been dating exclusively or at Deaney fok4 t ..
yur40IJidt abilno l" the past several months. dinneran d meeting of
and' minerals.'il love Names Committees (For more soetisy news pla7eP
the fresh taste of Klimas much A business meeting of the Cris- t-. to pte 3)
-' as your children do. + ion, the Rt. Rev. A. Heber Good.
Keepyouithlc fam ,, lowed by District Meeting of tb*

y "...Mrs' Rex V. Sellens, presiding,
RDept. of Youth it 2p.m-.Yoth
-- -Dinner and Convention, 6 p.m.
..-Friday, Feb. 11, Ho' Commts
AL~1 aF.W1.,vWA A. Du iat-u u 2t.'ua


I ................ *4.
ITLY ............ *

um ........... it"

i ................ B."4
NTHLyr ........... 1I.l




to reitn over our
carntar celebration
Feb. 19 to 22.

U*e* to play your dance
anorai ycarntial ti
Carenee Martin's
-'d the Carnmit
Entrance to the patio $
Enjoy the tempting
Oly $0 (includes

can MM s-Um

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hout buffet)
fet, too!
ce charge)

To gve "'New LwUf to your do h
'!*. i r *


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WikhaATA' A
ftfln I no poiwaioty d w dimos&s
WATINA glhw yaw d*.a -i sAL

aM4 s aoing dee.qrlr T

^yeeS -i mee^?
%sousE ywhedl

iuetr-so *IJU

"Im ars'miatsi mu
ustaso wAsU


~L'~ t


S7:u a.m., W. n earu mu a *n
b a.m. and Dept. of Chti tian .
ducalton; 2 p.m. Dept. 6 'Distritc
Missions 7 p.m. Bishop's liecep-
tion at ivoU HoteL,
Saturday' Feb. 12, '3th annual
convocation, 8:30 a.m. Choral Com-
munin, celebrant the Rt. Rev. R.
Hebe Gooden. Call to older 10 -.
m. concludes at 3:30 p.m.
Sunday, Feb. 13, Gueit treacbi
era in- A Episcopal.
on the Isthmus. At 4 A.m. ee
will be a Missionary ws ,j-fc
ice, Balboa Ball Park. ThA Rev.
Raymond T. Fearris, rector d
Christ Church, Nashville T en a.
guest preacher. .- '
Monday, Feb. 14-1, flerp re*
treat at Santa Clara, the ev. X.
T. Ferrsi, conductor.

Gamboa Adventists
To Hold Revival :
The Gamboa Beviath Day Ad-
ventist Church will open & i-
ries of revival services onm ui-
day at 7:30 p.m.
A song service will precede the
Sunday's topic will b"Peee '
or MPeo"?; Moday, "The Won-
der Book,"; Weduesdty, "What
nd Where Is Hedven"; Thurs-
day, Bible dula
E9 Panoomo Queen
To Be EleIed
Siunday iNot.
_t e ue_ wM o UV reln amer


.,_' '


S--- ocial and thene

ti. J Iw,,- ,%maAhn- &

S, '"
, .. +. -' T"





. 1.


1 .

.. .......
'-'^f~e ..

IP 4


s^TAi f

By Staff


-. ..... o- ..- ,. .. .ol- -

H endOestance s Only 50-50 Chance

ST o- Still Be Premier Of France Tomorrow
'Disn' be a o clirg n4 the poe to ta -. -- ---I
F rt al '.tiorm P vtted. 6Wive ml i er i.ri Mealdes-France tac l a tRe public (B0late). outcome. votea--votes that may be Vttal .1aW
.e 1W. yT e W E* a crucial confidencee vote at L .e S8peaking to an excited Na- in the confidence teat. d '.*
Cluinbe iMttu- laatl night tonight, with no bet- 1l oUpper national Assembly yesterday. Men- He represents 'an Algerianr _ldet$i G
lun a Presents ter tha n a 50-0 chance of vic- rove them by eary des France hurled- counter- constituency and strongly disap-
fe' ob a aft r. Jot. b. Sbad, wift &e tory. e. will be thro ri into charges agginsbt Mayer, whqse .proves the premier's poNey to;I *'M12a3 .. .d
noo. Te OPrsnt. r. Jt1 ernor c nama Canal Se f--- MAtdes-France and his o the Aebly and .I earlier drasi speech' thrbat.: ward Algeria, Tunisia and Mor-t,
. o p witi al y op the fourth ToB fy rit, Feb. 4 -molth-old government W C n lied t o t e ale at o .
Mn. V. '3. I The IrPr agrm Cibarmai introduced platbathe Canal ae l c Scelety down, the re ls grave tIML "M ore na*Seen _othl min He fears Mendes-France Is ,vli
'Ia whos takh .w e~5 a most In- and held ate 0-,JWB ', eaigse fi further delay in the In the
alk ad aH Willia m Stevenson of Gambo 3:158Sam1y K~Ye Show I m rearmament of er ac M an on 4tca hin e de -ee for the North African ter-
sh o wed I-S.l^ ^ tk- u -,v <,- .f _-a .. ,. te. ___r -nnan. u ._i -,o h e ,k at omp let"e *nep n-
h of.eMs. syr Charain for l. Orchid hl : usic For ay We tpet c G erm any. of a can d li"I and ep l
.te t lanWamd ib ,inter InO. thte o hts .tHf c ayn a tdobart see -r uaMmyNo are the o- .cnRP) dep t r c --
talk: was P5r7 musb ajiKed yby ae the Canal ZouSe howwll Faort e(gt' I of er n qhave intro ue dtwo motion at-A
r iqnt. be eant to xplane 3--Wha e our -, wr. hit e Aca. w here H warped h wold. rehfe to "The go hsas remain- t"ckng he policies of the gOV .
r.. E F. Krueger won the an answer questions. qut--pee one be three were killed t vote conl snhel nfa of ed strfly al to the poll- emnment In the three French tiWi *-ln..-
adnSv. en splo a h- .1 5: 3 1ore 40 .IiM Do a omw upsurge of ter- the gover nts cy. ratified
enthatole lon: Mrs. Acot een planned aSo wal are Ws:35G-Whet's Your Favorite mthamay affect. the A.- u e"tr dRne-
Mrs. J. I, Mrs. Boslend, caid lown to Penms from Ha- (cont'd) oe baok i .deei sn that the ye "Toke oh ouS eripro. ( our Ma
Miss Mrs F O.iwll, Californa, and Oregon, .- 6"0--Guest Star (USTD) 't- e premier's chances of su- bA Xe ao e t e n r cat ostro f oh e tbe sid our'
Chae; ts. DIttan Chiari, Mrs. el'aily for the occasion:' an e s:i-BLUE RIBBON SPORTS wes were conalderably narrow- government's -pcllpS *ur responaillltmr were avy.
d Mrs C. Curse city of Crast c 1 4eRIMW ed'yesterdaa when he lost the North Africa--ntold Catholicn M.Masharlthe because
Shrn aftOrcid-ort of he -premier Rene Mn- which his pni a eter what we ha, done e has ap
SDoole, r 8 p to show the vs WL 4 ence On The Mar his chief rival for leader- ied to b a proved n all voes.
Foier, Mrs. K. A. Frith, Mis. r. ornridn may be wnorn an a d :-NEC yOLU oN AIn ihse RaicAl classeml ,T h".e usong e wil b coun.em"ed.Ate .-
3. He udon, tr. W. N. uHornish, p vto._t devoted exclusivelygo n de rl n e to orchids ODI aetir.dive- /, -F?',..
Mrs. 'O. Knox,. Mrs. I. F a hybr from anam wll 7:-.Your Dancing Part The 30 vtea ontrolled by calling for del of a e- It l a eat debate between .
tot," s r F. D;. Miller, wi^ll cldm i-iat (res s... smallfreors'o
Pher, Mrs. Aytm at ill e e In esar to use a lma- (VOA) 8. uMayer may prove to be the dar da, the a reu ae tot the two bAen at lea der of the
Plpr lt I w-usonay ean o 3--(VOA) e f or the Mendea-P race fe- night. enode.-Prce's gdern- fo leas erp anl r h. areas.
'h R. Robertso we Mrs. e. eyi nthe display willhremai o 3NEON E DmtENims gim
eahmour s s CA ymour t M S p lahlt throu and oh a, a :5-ehisoura ri the ayef jct th e A Ma ,
MS .l s C. m arsd th"u from 9:00a adma to HOUSE P Y (ea- elated lneu in the Mayer commands frre Ss .to AVOSET Crea -
MrIS l.lT Mi forMs .i at an i W EDG1:00sm.dil.. e IU t0 ) 67-emembers ase f sno w
anrd r M. S. C.sTud .ham. 1A cordialinviaton to attendhe US (A. tads 29 to 2m2 hctrpndari
hoat ses preng 0esialb t is eded to miotarn 9:00- us.Ic.At R4a SOR m miers chances deenent aron h vtis I 'BIB = ou ....
an the mrnt. Oleur sonnelb and there families and to -e e pe n the h e esha sa
Fowler, Mm X. A. kMt, .R. ore Idsmay ofbthe Fwern a, and a dis- 1:W--ESaniORGANnIL- 9govenmt, mi theboll S rol "Thus he w l mols be mondu
de v the publi boi of (toh e Canal Z orne abont to coto a maort of gi A l V9
C.isnd tobal o and pthe Republic oef Panama. 'olnorw S tr, Feb..5 t e uncommted I ndentsci l I u
The Crl Armed Services by Games To Be lyerdo A.lo.inM. g"P a nd splnter- artly de tlco I e d atuour d r iayIi reat 1d .a b-e
rel gious and Educaionall ersw Te n tly Suday night Soetal 6:00-Sign On-ThewAlarmtClock mfetrictan a on the pred TD aofd
to be shown ..u a.-nday night at v the UeO.WB Armed Forces Club opwhion ptiemas anrk TOMOkRp. I N lream
3 i ih day at 8:00 p.m. Thi us evening a 8:1-S8lm Bryant And His th Geirman reamviment p r 1y adeeb I .Uso Rc AVOS wT le'
Fist fms r -own ll be one in s nsored by the young ladies of 8:30-PMusical Reveille harrs-or-eermany agree. end ho somethingtoso. H LL.S HALF
seris. enttled "Our Bible" at UMJWB Club. 9:00-News mens were ratified by a narrow i Iy there's a hoi o ACE because no other
r rScrbe d te g a 10:00-Nhews hroargin in the Assembly just. be- spegerns. *.er
-.Ar.-.Ms-.---e Informal dancing to lar 9:30-s-_As I see It fore New Year's, but they have' ---- ..oi ITY iS l
M, w -e....... ..dmou -reMrsD.willtt beoen sopen. ByU oE *P....Y (SOM 1 R mr na_2, ,. N6A T C
Si the m a f 9th Bble ur e a sei l ature off The Record restss O__F SIN! like AVOSET. .
ravl Tl, M oe of a series. Clarence Foiles, well known Ith- 11:0 -News 0)2 -cstay..s.r whips etd ,
a b AmeriCa C ontr aesinh mlotak personnel and their 11:30-Mee The E ntertainersyIs disd,
Hil sbe w thnrd CEn...misextende- T ec (cont'd) ____,__chances.dependent
It is planned to continue thi familiandes are cordially invited to 1~:00-News 1- Io aland deliro .mth
eror y Sunday. There awil att endo. 2 te-Lunachtime "Ine WEDiyLIOf safe a d d e cos
"--o S ho E"ift ; was r12:30-oweet And H ot 1

71aristoPIbaB / lArmS:--et erve AndsG m WORC]wTER V/C / itna IMfterit's, ic b1.a I
OrchOestranu SPODE, ROYAL OR TEReAoV$8101
S,.,1:at-On The Record ae,"-
1:4-rthm e as COALPORT CROWNS F HR
.) to:b0sh wnstrwneangcaperst e VFDrmeRF r"es..... -.
2:17-I Hear The Saloncand WHIPPING CREAM
Singi:- Bryang AnMice all pattens carried in open stock.

3:30-Music For saturday 9
4:00-Feature '.Rev.ew: 'Story.
5:5--Whats You Favorite K iV

7:15-Your Dancing Party & ee4atfe4y arw TO-h MO0 RROaW
srs tddun r -c7:30-RbOd t From TheUA -8e vou- aaisesse i a.: oi u*Te. ouej soi so T .. .. .. be-... ....I..
(VOA) ISeI0fr1e ea-,btteyhv .C.Yce.isSeiie
Sd.B- 8:00-Paris Star Time (RDF)
S8:30Variety Ahoy (BBC)
oiththetbe.eatureqesothSilfath 9:30-Ray's A Laugh (eeC)
"in t SNAPSHOT One of1 theeenreoIheFisthAr 10:00--Music From Hotel El Pa- IIe ,VeN EIT S"
nual St. Luke's caring Festival at Morgan's Gardens tomorrow, nama....ING DEI hI"
will be the Opporicanity illustrated above, to have one's picture 10:30-The Ow's Nest
taken iin company with any one, of a number of lilmportallnt pr- 3:00 AM., snday, Janep3--
sons who have agreed to help at the all-day afair. Above are Sign OifT '
pictured Leonard, genera l chairman of the Fiesta, eIr plantihon of Symiabols !el 0 ,/l
posing with Carmen Smith and the Rev. Kim Reno._ (fore-_ BBC--British Broadcasting Cor- ,
grnd) in the role of photogra her. On sthe ay of the fiesta, porationn. ,
t dignitary photos wfl be tken bya photographer who is RDF-Radiodfusn lrancaie. oVus
himself a dignitary. UtTD-U 1P' Department ***** inm*
o2:.0..NG AnAdHoEt Needlots of~ep?
": % -VO A o c e n Lo p e.AnedcH" IS S P D NR O Y A L W O R C E S T R ,'

1:ioThelRecfor, pdus
2:.. or iTCNuesatio-al odor-deCprping bits of ohShCWfle s-mH
W -- SON amIt: i,.. i. 'ti-.Rla0tl with epky01s e1.dnsu.., re, and an .
-N owN 1 I i...I t- "'s.!"***Aebd I 0LI'- $!1 body .. .. solves abodydl..eo lvsh (lo
.r ....g ......- ..rriedowners who ny mew KenI,-Lation.,
1 Ia aLATE SHOWS TONIGHT --10:30 P.M. Iaults.c
-:' HTS. MR I tat iteSdig ReL-Ratian today nd. uii* a

r :00-ad Lus .'Reiew:, 1:'Story,
ouo rAasrYournfIo (vM1MB

-0.60 -- 0.30 -AU
I SHOWS: 1:15, 3:10, 5:05, ll
'I g 7:00, 8:55 I i

I SINIATRAGuard the chasm me can't i
Us new, I c tonstr... ins M M.l
SEARSDon'tgv no lo V- odor &
chance to stag m rsyme
THE SCREENm Ie MicC to be near ... .
Delicarefl rgrat bMUM' is now
A A. i rI. to normal ser. WA
so me ordiscalr m f 1ics. W
SNARI.ING N63M.d" is hes*it

m .I.R-1 I
-3 .



alboa 4:4


u, ^

G AT YOUR SERVICE CENTER CannedIft s odl e 1d wit ik mn
THEATERS TONIGHT! Tii deo edWeat |... dsi& U Gou.. w-s
this fa(mo drink. Youngsters love o d dog irs-fmt
0, 6:20, 8:00 DIABLO HT.. 8:15 8:10 tu e i and thrive on its
........... CARTOON SHOW! i At meal
Tedml.colorI time-or between -
Eli a "AFRICA A DVENTUR" meals-V-8 ive
I them the rqfresh- .,
PEDRO MIGUEL 6:15.7:55 ment they -ant, KIN -R
"AFRICA ADVENTURE" and the nourish. D -
Ml IGAMBOA 7:99 -'

SMAROA rrA 6:1B- 7:M
.u @ur. s- sawer- u !mam Evqngelist BUDD KROOWYK FILM
H. OrGIY "Preaching that pes a pnob"
= IsA--3... I "AU. !',3.r pal ll
liil I:. l ,; nmlDAT :. AUTEAT II [

--N* .! .. .. .A... .. .. .i
B y".M .

: '*-- : ,- .- ,. ,
,' .'' "'-' ," -.' /I .,'
;* ,'. A

-- I. .., :f. .,- F m.


eeks 3-rd W- .oo;o
jerryy Slipper Seeks 3rd
? < ** S 1 ._' ,., +,__ .a i1 ,& ,-

.. "" "" :;I ; -:t : "L S

Stars Make Ready l

For Tournament On Saturday

uan Franco Graded Entrw
P.P. oro loekey Wft. COMMENT ODDS
1st Race "H" Imported 6% Fpa.Purse: 54M.N Pool eloses: 12:45
First Race of the Double

1-Quo Vadis R. Gome
2-Red Oak B. More.
3-Copadora F. Godoy
4-Tempostad V. Alvear
5-Gaucha 0. San.
6-Double In' Pita G.
7-Pincel B. Agul.
8-Gonzaga V. Casti.
9-(Newbrighton J. Goneo.
10-(Coronellno F. Hidal.

115 -Will wake up soon
105 -Distance suits style
10Ix-Rates good chance
112 -Form Indicates
106 -Should be top contender
103 -Usually close up
110 -Jockey should help
110 -Usually moves late
108 -Nothing to indicate
110 -Could score at price


2nd Race "I" Imported 6% Fgs.Purse: 375.00 Pool closes: 1:15
I Second Race of the Double I

3-Mr. Foot
5-T. Collins
9-More Fair

B. Agul. 110 -Dangerous this time
V. Casti. 113 -Should score off last
L. Girl. 113 -Reportedly improved
G. San. 104 -Usually starts slow
C. Isgle. 114 -Would pay fat price
J. Gongo. 103 -Distance to liking
H. Reyes 112 -Has late foot
E. Dario 110 -Rates chance too
F. Godoy 101x-Good early speed
Reyes R. 103x -Nothing to recommend


3rd Race "G" Native 7 Fgs.Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 1:45

S-- o The 14th Annual Isthmian'Panama has graciously contrib-
Mr. Dorothy AHilng Quintero's hard-running Bowling Champonships which uted its services to spot'broad-
rs. Doro y tart Saturday evening at the cast announcements of the rog-
Slipper tomorrow afternoon will be shooting Diablo Heights Clubhouse bowl- press of the tourney and wl
his third consecutive victory in the featured ng lanes are attracting the top make a taperecord of the
vbowlersfrom all over the Canal complete events at the ponsor's
one mile gallop for Class "C" imported through- Zone. Bal to be held at the Hotel Tiv-
at the Juan France race track. Most recetn team entries in- o11 one week following comple-
at the Juan Franco rae lude the Sears, El Panama, Sey- tion of the championships, at
ipner,a strong finisher, Despite his victories, the Slip.. mour Agency and Powell's ln- which time all troohles and prze
Sthe distance to his per is not expectedto go off the dians rom the Classic League, money awards will be made to
dHe is fresh from two mutuels favorite and should re- the H. I. Homa Co.; Fuerza y team and individuals.
t stories in which he turn substantial dividends again Luz: Local 595, National Feder- Bates has arranged a list of
u the final eighth to if he wins. The favorite will ation of Federal Employes: Sey- prices and trophies for the
Sing'aln ay. on both c- most likely be the Stud Montpll- mour Agency; Colonial Insur- players, teams, and in addl-
e was ridden by ace Co- mar entry of Turgot and Chis- ance: Mutual of Oma ahteaml t0on, gifts for each of the In-
"a ockey Ls Giraldo who peante. from the Major Bowling League; dividual sponsors and all other
an jo Ley is Graldo who peante the Sears Aces, Chevrolet, Ral- iadiliduals and organizations
be n thesade. Trgo turned in an mpress-boa Beer and Tecon Dallas teams who have contributed to the
Tie performance last week al- from the Balboa Men's League sacess of the championships.
though losing to Relampago and additional entries from the Tickets to the Grand Ball will
S rs His stablemate is fresh from an Curundu, Albrook, Corozal, Fort be Issued to each of the spoon.
y r.S igi eyelash victory in Class "E" Kobbe, Fort Clayton and Fort son and all those uests in-
t brackets below this group. Amdor leagues of the Armed vited to the affr, which Isex-
N w ? Merry Slipper also triumphed a- Forces, as well as team entries peeted to pack the huge din-
against Class "E" opposition his' from Armed Forces 'posts on the Ing hall of the hotel.
Iat time out. Atlantic Side.. Bates' arrangements include a
,, tmmamen.ou. floor -show, dance orchestra,
SYoyonder, Vulcanizado ,and In the individual and doubles dancing, door prizes and indi-
irty enad wo nDlprincess are hr others championships, Ted Melanson, vldual awards or nearly every-
thirtr men and women Dixprincess are three others winner of the 1954 Shigles one, in an endeavor to outshine
already turned In their en- which are sure to be well backedChampionship, will again be any previous Annual Bowling
S to Clint Osborne, El by their supporters. oyonder entered, competing with the Chamonships. ith prizes ar-
a tennis professional in n s third behind Blakemere and bowlers for the Indi al rang for teams, individuals,
of the First Invitatlona Lion's Claw last Saturday in a hamionship of the trney, sponsors invited uests and
S Trourwament of the El seven furlong Class "D" race. including Bud Baler, Harr oors rines for many of the
/" CCabola and Tennis The longer route should be a lg Colbert. Bob Wagoner,. l pectators and guests at the
S sthelp Billy Coffey and other sponsor's Ball, and with radio
S:: ~ also have the benefit of "Paco top-averagc keglers from-the recording and broadcasting of
these' from the CanalBravo's handling.
i.g "resefrom the Canal Bravs handling. Classic League, the event, It promises to be the
RoI are- Mrs.- Dorothy Chand- l The 1954 Doubles Champion- biggest athletic event of the sea-
Svers. Ruth Klopper, Mrs. tVulcanizado was the victim of lhin team of George Cowes-Bud son.
Sof Dreyer, Webb Hearn, poor riding by ulio Jimenez Jr. Balcer who scored a high 110P3- Arrangements for te opening
eMaorLee Hayes, Bob The same rider will be in the ame seeswill not comp n o te tourney are ust about
aes, Major Art Dreyereo saddle again Dixiprincess was 1 to e er i lete, with the Armed For -
mlceney. fourth behind Relampago o1, be teamed with Earl Best, this tr "CFN" radio station making
S an R ic Turgot ad Vulcanizado but this year, which is a tough teO,. a, live broadcast of the openinSg
From Panama particinanta are time she 1will have GuillermoHowever, this event ca nbe con- ceremonies and interesting news
been able to get more out of thea tn te nls Chmo np T nes r oe
cilia Heurtematte, T o mminy~ Sanchez aboard. 8anch~ez 'ha~ sidered wide open, since the Ho- throughout the progress of te
WMdr, Mrs. Michael papcum. be able to g e otften b an-Melanson; Coffey-Colbert; play: Panama Canal Company
ziri.Tiffany Richardson, Doro- Princess than any rider recently. Schmidt-Waggoner and Presho- officials and Armned Forces offl-
iegel Del Valle, Car- m e ros and Armed Forces e ht e-
e, Anorgel Del Valle, eorge Speedy Cormorant complete Colston tea as well as several als will attend and probably
eta, ieorne Motta, Geor.e S-pt dyoCororafntre ompte others compded of highkaver- inaugurate the tournament, bY
Nick Simon, jackiePe- the list of seven entries. Corm- age scores, will be on hand try- trying to outshine each other in
nfred Engel, Richard rant, ood sprinter; appears to to outscore each other for the art of throwing the first ball
nman, Hans omenistch, he hooelessly outclassed ovorthe Doubles Tophles. own the lanes.
g Berman, Chicho de la this distance against this group. In the Singles Championships, The Interest of Armed Forces
rdla, Angus Metheney Paul As usual, he will be ridden by all of the high average bowlers and Panama Canal Company of-
ralcik, Eugene McGrath, Fortunato Hidalgo Jr. of the Classic, Major, BalbOa ficials in the Annual Bowling
Tno r rs ae included TuMen's and Armed Forces Leaunes Championships this year is un-
Mercer, any char- Ten other racives amre included willbe trying to outdo each oth- precedented in that top officials
S a e on an attractive program.. er, shooting at the Isthmian rec-will attend and participate In
yers who apply for entry --ord of 756 for 3 games, set by the inaugural ceremonies. The
P 'submit entry form in per-| enn I,,"c Tir s Bud Balcer of the Classic league bowling alleys are being put in
Sto Osborne, on or before Febr. iI rn r drng the present season. Bal- perfect condition for the play,
t pm.ti tra4 wl be no- I l cer's 300 game, set several years and all equipment at the lanes
b.The H ataeys, remalnithe oxin per- .ofbowlng tivity:
Ir d ^ O ,feet game ever bowled in league
J VOf H 0 de Obarrio, -Tempestad Gaucha competitionon the Isthmus and
o Heurtematte, Eugene C. 2-Paques Mr. Foot is capable only of being tied Di
eore Purvin, J. R. 3-Montero Ika (e) never beatenDi
Ingham And Osborne. 4.4-Tampol Merza Matru Curly BateiP organization for oft l
S5-Mlml Jose de Is Cruz the championships is running in ta Nl I pu
tournament, n which lepsydra True Ble high gear with a great majority ef l Ianue
i will be men's singles and 7-Monte Rouge Black Sambo of arrangements already estab- STANDINGS
m as well as mixed doubles, 8-Tiger's Teeth Fol lished. In addition to a live Teams W L Pet.
-take place at the new El 9-Amat (e) Majestic broadcast of events from the Decco S.A. 3 1 .750
a tennis courts the nights 10-Vulcanisado Turgot (e) Bowling Center at Diablo by Navy 2 1 .67
b. 10, 11,12 and 13. il--Corwan Piropo CFN, radio itatlon "HOG" of Neptune 1 1 .500
r National Distillers 1 2 .333
I"Cervesa Balboa 1 3 .250
National Distillers, 5; Cerveza
Balboa 1.
Navy Rodman 13; Ceryeza Bal-
boa 9. /
Cerveza Balboa 8; Decco (Ideal
Bread), 1.
Today: Navy vs Neptune.
Monday, Neptune vs National
Wednesday, Decco vs Navy
II. .Rodman.

1-0. Pick
3-M. Matru
4-Golden Fan

C. Uno 114 -Runs well for jockey
0. San. 113 -Has strong finish .
G. Graell 118 -Competition too tough
M, Hurley 118 -Doesn't seem likely
A. Vas. 110 -Not good enough
A. GConza. 104x-Not against these
J. Bravo 115 -Seems sure thing
0. Ramos llOx-Would pay long odds
0. Alfaro 118 -Rates good chance
B. Ague. 115 -Dangerous contender


Native 6% Fgs.Purse: $300.00 Pool closes: 2:20

J. Phillips 106 -Longshot possibility
3. Jime. 107x-Distance handicaps
B. More. 118 -Usually moves late
R. Tejada 11Ix-Jockey is no help
J. Gongo. 108 -Usually close up
F. HBdal, 113 -Should score off last
A. Ycaza 113 -Back in top form


5th Race 'Non-Winners' 4% Fgs. Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 2:55
1-Papirusa C. Lino 110 -San Antonio-native mare 10-1
2-El Pasha J. Bravo 112 -Ebano-Air Lady 3-1
3-Qe Llndo M. Ycaza 102x-Closer and closer 4-1
4-L. Dancer A, Gonza. 103x-Showing improvement 2-1
5-Mimi B. AguL 110-Tamesis-Jam Rll even-
-. la Crus 0. e. 112 -Disappointed In last 3-1
7-Historn, Z. Dario 103 -Hasn't shown much 10-1,

6th Race -" Imported 6 'FPs.Pnue: $4#0.00 Pool closes: 3:35
First Race of the Double

1-Chic's Ned
2-A. Fulmar
3-The Bouche
5-L. Morros
6-True Blue
7-V. Darling
9-8. Spruce

7th Race "G"

1-Atom 0
4-Gay spot
6-L. Basur
8-B. Sambo
9--(M. Rouge

F. Hidal. 105 -Poor recent races
A. Gonza. 103x-Dangerous contender
J. Bravo 118 -Returns from layoff
V. Alvear 108 -Nothing to recommend
M. Ycaza 110x-In better shape now
M. Ycaza ll0x-Ran well last week
Mena R. 107x-Must improve more
J. Reyes 115 -Returns in good shape
V. Orte. 115 -Reportedly improved


Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: 5450.00 Pool closes: 4:05
Second Race of the Double
C. Igle. 110 -Barely won last 5-1
A. Ycasa 108 -Big disappointment last 5-1
J. Phillips 108 -Distance suits style 10-1
A. Vas. 115 -Could score again 2-1
R. Gomez 110 -Blazing early speed 5-1
C. Lino 110 -Dangerous off last 3-1
J. Gongo. 108 -Should be close up 4-1
J. Bravo 113 -Usually runs well 4-1
V. Orte. 110 -Deoends on improvement 2-1
F. Godoy 103x -Nothing recently 2-1

5th Race "F" Imported 8% FP.Purse: $500.00 Pool closes: 4:40

1-IL Rhymester
2-D. Club
3-Turf Lodge
6--My Dear
7 -Tiger's T.'

9th Race "E"

1-R. Signal
2-W. Fox
3-Rose Hip

B. Agul
L Giral
A. YcaZs
M. Reye
V. Casti
F. Hidal
M. Ycazs

L. 115 -Excellent workouts
L. 110 -Jockey should help
a 110 -Dangerous off last
s 118 -Dropped another class
I. 115 -Terrible effort last
I. 106 -Distance handicap
a 105x-Could improve here

Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: 55000 Pool closes: 5:15

M. Ycaza 105x-Racing to top form
A. Valdi. 110 -Poor race last week
L. Giral. 115 -'ougher field here
C..More. 107x-Rider handicaps
V. Casti. 118 -Could score at price
B. Agul. 115 -Dangerous this time
F. Hidal. 108 -Has strong finish
J. Rodri. 115 -Ran well debut
A. Vas. 115 --Improving steadily
R. Guerra 1lOx -Rates chance too


10th Race "C" Imported 1 Mile Plae: $r50.0 Pool closes: 5:40
1-Ooyonder J. Bravo 110 -Dfstance to liking 3-1
2-COrmorant Hidal. 108 -Prefers short sprints 10-1
3-M. Slipper L. Giral. 110 -Seeks third straight 2-1
4-Vulcanlzado J. Jimne. 112x-Rider handicaps 3-1
5-Dixlprincess G. Ban. 106 -Has strongest finish 4-1
-C(Turgot A. Vas. 11 -Hard to beat here 2-1
(Chispeante V. Alvear 108 -Back in winning rf9m 2-1

11th Baoe "H" Native 4% F gf.Prse: 1275.00 Pool eloses: xx
1-Coran C. Mendo. 114 -In favorite distance 2-1

2-Tan Tan

A. Gona. 10x --Ibro likes hitn
J. Avila 116 -Wa down In class
B. Agui. 2W -Seemss best off form


Ihematism ad Bdadche

Flt Thresw Year KlidS

1-8. Velluda
5-Don Pitin

4th Race "D"


The demand is for

Smootha.4a vmr and frigr< ane e qualities
lThe traot, judge of this

National Distilles 5; C. Balboa 1
' H. Moseley uncorked a seven-
hitter tlat tamed Cerveza Balboa
and gave the distillers a 5 to 1
verdict. Eugene Dudley suffered
the mound setback although
limiting the victors to five safe-
H. Brown %mashed a homer
with a mate aboard, E. Cragwell
led the hifters with a 2 in 4 ef-
Navy Rodman 13S; C. Balboa 9
Navy ,Rodman outslugged Cer-
veza Balboa, 13 to 9 with Holness
taking credit for the pitching
victory. with a nine-hitter. L.
Springer inherited the defeat
with an eight-hitter.
Scott. 2-2: E. Dudley, 2-3; L.
Springer, 2-3, and Sampson, 2-4,
led the hitting parade.
Cervesa Balboa 8; Peeoe (Ideal
Bred), 1
Cerveza Balboa finally vaulted
into the win column with an 8-1
surprise victory over the league-
leading Deceo, formerly Ideal
After a lone tally in the opea-
ig frame; the Brewers surged for
seven runs in the third frame,
highlighted by a booming hom-
er by Eugene Dudley.
Dudley twirled a A-htter for
the pitching victory. On the los-
Inr end was Vasml, who was
relieved in the fifth bY taves.
Both yielded seven bita.
Gill, 2-3; Castillo, -4: and
Gldson, 2-3., were the leading

BIG 'CATCH Sporting goods store proprietor Charles Aber-
nathy (left) and Sgt. James Hall of the Fort Clayton Special
Service Office posed 75 mackerel line caught in 122 minutes in
Panama Bay, which is said to be teeming with mnakesel and
red snapper at this time of the year.' *

Iy .by.

Dan Danim.

In electing Joe DIMagglo, Ted Lyons, Deany Vance sad Gabby
Hartnett to the baseball Hall of Fame, the Ul51 writers, who by
season of at least 10 year's standing in their national association
were eligible to vote, hardly exercised any Ingenuity. Perhaps
none was called for.
In any event, more than 75 percent of those who, prtlelpat.
ed in the 1955 poll followed the pattern of the 1954 election In
which Rabbit Maranville, Bill Dickey add Bll T4gye wae sau-
cessful. Giu0eppe, Ted the Dazzmarbin and Gabby topped the
also-rans th
In fact, the voters of 1955 followed last year's st~hding re-
ligiously right through the first 12. This raises the question as
to whether the Baseball Writers' Assn. is, altogether wise in
furnishing to each year's voters transcripts of the previous poll's
score, sheet.
However, I cert y hawe quarrel with '
1955 election. Mostr atlaay do applaud
Maggio. who after havi picked up 117 votes tT W- 17t
last year, came up with a gallant jump to 223 to beat We ut-
ed minimum by 34.
After his retirement at the close of the 1951 season, Joe had
to be out for a year before being eligible for electi l. ad-
herents were confident that he wouM make the M.llf Fame it
his first try. But he failed by 81 points. Ln the 15 o hI fell
short by only 14. It was fairly certain that he would win this
Only last week DiMaggio said that he would be interested In
returning to baseball, obviously in a nonplaying capacity, If, oe
of the major leagues were to place clubs In Los Angeles and San
It would be most embarrassing to the Hall of Fame and th
writer electorate if, after designation to the pantheon, Qiusepp
made a comeback.
Under the revised regulations which became effective in 1954,
no player is eligible for election until he has been in retireneht
from baseball for at least- five years. Joe and Lyons, who was a
Brooklyn coach last season, were excepted from the rule because
they had polled more than 100 votes in 1953.
Many of the reasons for the election of Lyons trace to hl|
gentlemanly bearing and his resultant popularity. Ted was oft
of those rare pitching geniuses who was able to jump fro, a
college nine, at Baylor, right into the majors, with the 1923
White Box. As he quit hurling in 1946, it took him nine years
to land in Cooperstown.

Vance. who came to the Dodgers in 1923 and finished up
with them in 1935, took much too long to achieve his place in
the Hall of Fame. The Dazz never took baseball too seriously.
He went about his work with k keen sense of humor which still
is his happy asset at the age of 62.
Vance was a truly great pitcher. He could have been a still
better one. As he learned away back, with his left foot kicked
high in the air, and let that fire ball of his loose, the Dems wa
poetry in motion.
It was Vance's tricky little habit of cutting his right shirt
sleeve to distract the batter as the tatters fluttered in the air
that forced the rules makers to insert 8.02 D. This sam that M
the hurler wears a garment with ragged, frayed or slit sleelS.
he is to get the heave-ho, and be fined and suspended'.
Brooklyn landed the Dazz quite by accident. Its scout, Larry
Button, went to New Orleans to look at a pitcher named Phillips,
saw Vance and wired Charley Ebbets to grab him, pronto.
Hartnett, who opened his major career with the CUbs In 1922,
and closed it with the Giants in 1941, was the greatest
socking catcher until Roy Campanella came along with 41 ,our
baggers in 1953. He had belted 37 back in 1930.
I know that Joe McCarthy, who was Oabby's bosa for five
years, will be more than delighted with the backstop's election.
'Hartnett's failure to make the pantheon was a source of chagrin
and disappointment for Marse Joe.
Now let us take a look at the little legion of the beaten to
the Hall of Fame election. It is topped by X Gree abrg, who
mised by 32 votes. "
However, the poll was a triumph for Hank, nonetheless. nOt
only did he stop his inexplicable skid In the jmauai elocti.tW,
which in 1954 had left himz with 97 votes,.bthe- nadu an 4*'
presaive gain of a cool so and now appears. to be fairly certain
of success In 1956 .
The biggest gain as achieved by M b O~be, a
foot. who went up 41 Wt, ot m= 55 to 1is. Joe ro tml
50 to INSand Bay wc t d h is te points, toT
8am Rice. for who,.q a .P lien wag
believeI t or not. Uo0 did notx get is w t
Quite a few lnet3be agaip polled voteLs. Vr this thw t-'
o r an.ot tobe A.a Vnich S f


- 1 V. '

Yurgot, Dixiprincess,

Syonder, Vulcanizado

Uso In Mile Feature





of course!

t `


. .

S1'M .- ". R
r ,^ .. ..- A.



3T NmWrrA?> ,F
....................................................................... ~ ..*..~ .--~___,I.* .k

thc b

S I .


* .. ,-
~: ~

IS. +At Pao ra miI i
Ses Stripsunday
By Walter C. Walson

Vs IThe first "drag race." his t ven a d support by his n, te
Sunday mori g the Kobbe team at Ladono .
S PANAMA PRO LEAGUE STANp INGS o ith anything Field yesterday, to e the Weist to bring ah
STeam-.. Weo\ LOst Pet. GB Cadillac who w ish to the Armed Thorces Little Leagp,. After a jky hut
I Y 4......o...... 12 .667 yrears1/4 mile speed,beo nt Aatans artedor t.wh three i l.-
S.. there Sunday. Altmand w art ed for th e loss immh hyd
IO sf .w. ...... .. e22 17 0 Take the ruad Mlwards ITom and was charged with th-- lo ._im_ st
1 Sia en 10 27 .270 141/z cumen airport. There wil be Between Altman and relief hurl- tch a aa
a sign to Wallyou where to er Tomlin they yielded eight runs i ds of
LA8f A IGT 'S RESIULTS (2) At Panama m ak a left hand turn, and o. on as many hits, while Bateman E
First: Yank.ees 1, Smokers 0 ee you there Sunday. es and allowed two runs on five hitter ,w
Seco.W: Yankees 5, samokers 2 hits, striking out eight men. o
TONIGHrSGAME-7 :30-At Panama Kid Gavlan lTries twot to the plate and 0hel....*, ,

By3 .A MN I the effort fell-.but togsed to Fritzs ComU ""l t" ll"r r 'ce
t,, .B .. IMrolewd. ahre Fe The West Bank team this year
the OsoGriffoco ib bforeIPenCN.u\has the making of a champion- With the first renpt
meet at the Os ro could h bk, to = hp ball club. It has one of the bout over, each tesa.
O at Diete the a .ByUDD best catchers in the business and faced each other once,
/lof the Yankees The was the decialve E YORK, Feb. 4 (UP) is good defensively in the infield son seems t e au e
wil[ I d'i bdu agnst Stan/-frsme..U .l plk." ,,.N.W as well as the outfield. a treaeoaiT
|rle todayth was KidGv D cen_. IaOR,th.e u .an siivedly the .taem s wle bacce ired. The turn-out o
T#9 today theMarolewMski, fanned and Spider and-samba mauler, says .. and several of the players can been encouraging, t
19 lielm hit a hap r comeback fight with Ernie Du- GAMBOA SWIM MEET CHAMPS Last year's winners of the Hamadan Grotto swim trophies hit the long ball frequently duct of te same very
Leue a ons, thanks that rolled all the way o rando ton ht will be far differ- for girls n the 14 ear nd under age roup. First, Orace Argo, 2nd Judy Englke, 3rd ue However, all of this would be improved oer what It
their'double win over the mok- left field foul line to the ence ent from recent return er- Lincoln. Entry blanks for this years meet at Gambo on Feb. 21 are now ready. worthless if coordination rcnt y .
er last nght at the Stadium. for a double that scored Phil formance by that other 'detty lacking and that where o
rae lawrence get the lips. and-dance guy, Sugar Ray Rob- Taht.n thne ver caable manner no on
s it,.WIN In the first Krapf struckout to end the "I no look like Robinson Seb a ll O ld -T im ers d Tx Butler the coach come m
m Smoker nemee s frame and Lawerence, elated night," declared the ex-welter- no mtPanam a Baseball Od Tieer who our
Bi won thecli er with hisone-run lead did not al- weight champion. "I be 20 ti Tht has arted all of h give a the
tolow a Smoker to reach base in fate than I was in October." baseball knowledge to these critcie
o ma moet oah ba h T Be Honored h The remaider
Lwren went the route and hebottom of the sixth and In the.Keeds' last.fightyoungbseb kamannoed that h crtiie. tem.e o
and was relieved by Vic Stryska. In the second game the Yanks title to Johnny Saxton at Phil-Towm em. respote nu
First game loser Alberto Oso. got In two runs on consecutive adepha. Although the decision r, runs a well disciplined ball clut. meeting in the order n
rio turned in a good perform doubles b Dickens and Maro- was very questionable, Gavilan -------- vto rin the nrstM uvs Coco 8:
awe andwa. liftedfor apinch- lewskiI te first frame. s far off form that night. e -- half Is certainly due to h isout- oc oto a Mut
hitter in the sixth. Johnny Fitz- ebly Prescett homered over lc hismachine-gunsburst of Panama's rorlous veterans of standing ability to lead these ha vs. Coc Cola.
gerald retired the Yans in the the left field fence In the hot- leather. u the baseball diamond will be boys and teach them the game.
seventh. tom of the first with the bases Some observers suspected he 4 OSSIp About honored tomorrow ni ht at the tue bttndnn a of K
Humbertq Robinson lasted empty to make the game In- had lost his condition perma- Panama Olympic Stadium in a He has but. two pitchers but nesday:
only three and one-third innings teresting for a while but the nently while touring Cuba with n.a special program which will be- they are both good and prod uc
and gave up four runs In the anks moved away in the his own dance troupe last year gin at 30 p.., before the re thim. Heceamon Little tta ......... W
eon conets.,HarryoPrItts.tbok fourth on a walk to Johnny He didthetoun between SUO I ularly scheduled game between .
over fow Robinson and was in Kropf, Jack Fall.' triple to pril 2, when he failed in his the Smokers and the CV Yan-..,.ager the ability to gefforto v. ol ............
turn followed to the mound by center and Harris' single to challenge for Bobo Olson's By WALTER C. WATSON kees. That extra little bit of effort an le aO ... ..
Fitzerald eenater tor two more tallies. naldd'eweght crowq, and At Old-timers representing the ou of a all player. on-u o ...... 2 '
The first game was a real Pepe Oneorio scored from third Oct. 20, when he lost to Sax- Atlantic and Pacifle sides of nd to Bob Taht. Tex ButleCoc ol.........
thriller all the way. No leo than on a force out In the sixth for ten Congratulations to Al Kubaki,Ls also Panama's national pas- the Isthmus will engage each and a real fine baseball t Coa Co
four doubleplays were reeled off the Smokers' second run and the Rarely do veterans of the ring and the fine Carts Vieja Yankeeotime. other In a two-lnning game
before the run was scored, the Yanks goi their final tally in wars return to form after song. -team on winning the 1954-55 If the baseball public of this and after the contest, certil. o
Yanks executing three. The most the seventh on Frank Austin's and-dance tours. Gavilan is 29. pennant. A wel balanced ball Isthmian community comes out flcates will be awarded to the
spectalcar of the twin-killings error .. and he has 117 professional club, Blessed with an outfield in full force to do honor to these honorees by the Panama Base-
camein the bottom of the third The Tankees,. who will t re fights under his beltf that would look good in many a veterans they will be paying a ball Writers Assoelation who
With one out Ppe Osorio n- present Panama In the Carib. Of course,te once-grat Cu- majr league park, pitching art of the debt, that we of to- organized the ram,
gld. to Jhelat& Osri" I n ean series in Caracas which ban never atu.1sld did depth and a manager that ca' dy, owe to these former stars A buffet wi be served n-'
.an-. aSlte eIg tel onfitb. 10, will'use Clyde u a i Ray' .-r. emr do nothing wrong an4 who ear who, under all worts of strain-an immediately after the .eeremoies .
in the owafd he? nound. Parrir, Hblbnson1 Fitsgerald and Ve terweight i Ray came in and year but has proven ihat sacrifice brought entertainment are over. q
Lawre ~ uht the bati and In Pritts as reinforcements. *nt of retirement, after two and he can select the best material in the world o sport to the sth- Comandant Raul Arango,
a half years of hoofing and for a team and do an outstand- mu chief of Panama's ireftghters,
-- crooning, on Jan. 19 and suffer- ing job directing it. We re baseball fan who is also president of the -- -
ed a surprise trouncing by Ralph When a team has the spirit to make a" sal effort to Panama.Professlonal League, has CONEJOS WIN FIBRST HALF PMA
S(Tiger) Jones. The Tiger was a and determination to win, fine come out and giv the tse old- announced that the Bomberos CROWN
5-1 underd ., fielding plays and clutch hits timers a big *Iad, band will be in attendance toC HeleIf 3 0
T he C lin ch ers For tonit'gnationally tele. seem to come just naturally and The nchedulerdgame between furnish music and add color t Scoring in every inning, the Lvelady, p
SCdaddbroadcast1rounwiampos tht spirit theeke Smnohkers will theevent. hone wonthefrst hal- C.ans 2
middleweight Durando of B.. and will to fight and win In a- be preceded by a two Inning It is hoped that comandanitpionship by downing the Fume
(First Game) (Second Game) "onne, N.J. is a 4-1 underdog. abundance. gAtlantic and Pacific ide toMe Arango, a one-time ball play 13 to 2. Reynlod lb 1 1
A iANKEES vA ES he oddsmakers believe avilan Many will rgue, through the lantic an Pacific side. Come himself will take part in th Led by Don Ryter's single and Webb, 2 0
cauManhwhllsargue, through out and give these fellows a full am as em
an salvage enough of his old- longrainy season, that the measure of appreciation game asa m ber of the Pacif triple and Kirkland'shomer, Hall, rf
Players ab rh a Players ab rh atime speedandsavvyto lick the Yankees won a pennant be- ..side team. while taking advantage of theT.unningham, rf 2 0
rafGraft 2b 5 0 0 3 1 Byonne bter, o thehard- cause they got the breaks in The probable starting line wildness of Lovelady and Wills, Torre, 2 0
Hardin, 1 4 0 1 2 2 Hardin, s 5 0 1 3 2 eat puncher in the 160-pound causo the big games. If this UN CLUBfor the Paci side group i the Conejos iled up a-subta- Cn, l
Ph5llpstrb 2 1 0 3 0 Phillips, rt 3 0 0 1 division but probably Its least- many of the n still more if thistn tial lea sd u the outcome wa. sl a ..b
Dickenli .f 2 0 0 2 0 Dickens, If 3 1 1 4 Oipollshed boxer. facet s true then still moreeam that NOTES Joe Reid,p lea In doubt. T l
DickeXU It I'If te eed is Clseo. .. .ormal, credit goes to the team,-at NOTES Ttever ,ndoubt.
Marolewsl. lb 3 0 0 4 2 Maroewal. lb 4 0 1 4 1 I he Keed is close to norm washable to capitalize on the Modesto PeMr a Wills homered and Roold s ..-
Wuhehv, lb 3 0 1 1 0 Wilhelm. 3b 4 0 0 0 1 eshobud Iw th comparative breaks. Ra.--o- on IRz. lb tripled for the Pumas o the Con.i
Krfopf.'t 3 0 0 0 0 Kropf, cf 3 1 1 4 0asebut f he has sowed-np RI A Babe Sa 2b fourth but by that lima the PumaC o
Dabek,c 3 0 1 5 0 Falls, c 4 1 1 8 1 enough to become a target. he We believe that this ability on Octavio rique as fourth, by thatimed down for th P.
Lawrence, p 2 0 0 2 1 tHarris, p 4 0 2 0 1 couldd suffer theefirst knockout the part of the New York Yan- Roland Casanova, the long, Cleveland ichel, Sb the winners. w (eddw o
26t. 1r71s5 p 0 0 0 0 0.o Gavilan ncareer. has been stopu ued.kees which most people call lanky, lithesome-limbed, lisping, Cal hlr, I,. A great deal of credit for the (Wills,T.
Totals 1 1 1 A ld he has ben floed luck, is what has made that out- Louisiana lover- from th Glo wpls, f Conad saeu this sa retRs a
SMOKEBR Totals 35 5 7 z7 7 et Andhnha rfit the great team that it is. dismal swamps o7 the back- pBantago "Cha go to Lem Kirkland, thed tee air e
waragon, c 2 0 0 4 0 SMOKERS three tmes-by Carmen Basillo, Kubski's boys riht through the woods bayou country, managed Maldonado, rf. pitcher as he has been the vie- ,
Ausin, s 3 0 0 1 3 P. Osoro, 4 1 1 3 0 Ihtoniht his next season showed that they would to hold his rusty, trusty scatter. A se letlon will be madeuP tor in all their contests. base hi
X. Osorlo., b 3 0 0 7 1 Austin, ss 4 0 1 1 3 comeback bout will be take full advantage of every gun together long enough toamthe following Atlantiq e Hpwever you cannot take a- hIs: ,. l n
Parris, 3b 3 1 0 1 3 Prescott, rf 4 1 1 4 0 byJones of Oakland, Calif, at break and error on the part of chalk up a score of 24 out of o ers: way from the team their fne baes:
Tunminel, If 1 0 1 1 0 Parris, Sb 4 0 0 20 Miami, Feb. 23 their opposltion and in doing so 25 targets to lead the powder- Manuel Carrnera, Jose Romero, team play that ha been.a.idi t."
Prescott, If 2 0 0 32 1 Tu ilnelI. i f 3 0 0 1 In Durando's las bout, D looked ever bit the chamnion- burners in skeet at the Cristobal Antonio Bunda,Justiniano all season. This combinatioUe l ,
BernardI, c 02 0 1 2 Narao, b c 4 0 0 5 a aI he had tough Pete Mueller shi club that they turned out range on Wednesday afternoon. driguez. Felix rutos, He- been the real reason for th Co- millionn .
P. Osorlo, p 2 0 1 2 0Naragon, 4 0 0 8 of Germany on the canvas to be. Windy Sellers, who Is in a raldez, Pablo Cobos, NI tok.Ro-- nejossucces s. u
A. OorIo. 1 0 0 0 1 Bernard, 2b 3 0 0 2 1 four tes. But7 Mueller kept The C.V. management haq shooting-slump and needs radar mero, Manuel Sangullen;, an- Today, at Fastlich Paik, lad ;
Roberts 1 0 0 0 0 Robinson, p 1 0 0 2 1 rettin up, and he finally sto.- made no official announcement Instead of bi-focals to help him Willimas-, Percy Ocelots and Macws tngl wi Strike-ou
Fitogerald p 0 0 0 0 rtp 1 0 0 0 1 ped Durango n the evetnh as et but fromvery relablefind the targets came In second Marn las e lt winner taking sole posset- l i
o. a 20 e 2 21 10 I tRoberts 1 0 0 0 01 ,und, sources we have understood that with a score of 22. m anuel Richa dis, JosemD l tha, son ofsecond pl ae. likely Yilit i ,
Totals 2. a 2 21 10 Fitzgerald, p 0 0 0 0 0 That was Ernie's third defeat Cookie 8temoel is to report to Due to a brisk, dry-season,Lenny Scott, Thomas McBean, The Macaws will most likely n .og
Roberts grounded out for A. O.o- ,oa. s 1 2 in six fights for 1954. He was the Kansas City A's on the 14.h trade-wind from the coast, th Percival Pa rs. Nicolas Joll* send Durfee out to collect all the 2 Inilig_. $taI t
rio in th. u7 ".?' stopped by Billy Kigore (9I and of this month and for that rea- elusive clay-pigeons were doing Benito Charris, Eduardo Lanu martl with T. DTurfe4 doing Inn ingS, i
Score by Innn Robert grounded for Pritta In o utpointed by ock Castellani son is not sure that he will be more tricks than a monke on .Manuel "Cholo" ,h., ro- the catching. The Ocelots wl Webb (
Yankees 000 10-1 70 8th. However, he knocked out Ted able to go to Venezuela for the thirty feet of gravepine. nd Amador,- and the Jeanmae have either Sanders or DuBols land (1)
smokers 000 .0.0-0 2 1 .,.Sore bylning OIla (8) and outpoltoed Bobby Caribbean series. Joe Kueter who handles a shot- ar..ers... to tt, with Bateman doing the lady (1-I,,-m
Summary. Runs batted in: Yankeet 200 200 100-5 7 5 kes and Jeetputnerd Er The Panama team i s allowed gunlke Sheeree North handles -catching. Dia.
WuhelnL. earned runs: Yankees Smokers 100 001 000-2 3 1 nle's record is 39-18-4. He rea- four players as reinforcement her hips, complained that the Schexnayder 18 5 .
1. Left on bases: Smokers 1. Yan- Summa: Runs batted : altered 28 knockouts. He was and they are John Piterald, brds were getting harder to Paul Bamberg 18 The box score:
kees -7. Twobase hit: Wilhelm. Marolews ., Prescott, sFall topped three times. Harry Prit..s. Humberto Ro -in- hit. -t I I
Sacrifice hit: Dickens. Struck- Harris, Parris. Earned runs: Last year Gavilan had four son and Clyde Parris. AIccrding That is enough for the excuses CONEJOS
out by: Omrso 3 Fitzgerald 1. Yankees 4, Smokers 1. Left on bouts. He outpointed Johnny to reports, the club will not be and alibis, so well will let the TRAP (25 targets, 10 yds.) lrl
By Lawrence 4,. Bas on balls bases: Yankee. 5, Smpkers 8. Cunningham and Llvlo Mneii allowed to carry a reolaeement boys from Balboa show us how it Playe ab r a
off: Qorio 2. Off: Lawrence 1 Home runsa Prescott. Three base and then lost to Olson and Sax- for Stempel so.eveavbody is hou- is done when they journey to the Windy Sellers 23 Fra gtonl. Sb 1 3 0 1
Pitchers record; A. Ostrto 1 run, hit: Falls. Two base hits: Dick- ton. In the Cunningham bout ing that Cookie will be able to Gold Coast on 8unday, Feb. 6, Art Sutton 21 Ryt asu 3 3 3 2 3
Shits in 6 Innings. Error: Smo.k- en MarolewkL. Stolen bases: he fractured his right hand. He' range a delay in reporting. o participate in the registered Joe Kueter 20 KI r ,.p 42 1 S
ers 1 (P. Osorio). Ladar pitch- Dikens B by pinch: Prts used it rarely in the April fight --- D.-rasnhOOt. Tommy Sellers, Jr. 15 Chase,rf 2 e 1 0 i '. I .
er: A Osorio (-). Wingit (Dhckei). s.truckout by: Harris ith Ose on, but claimed It was Gl0 Dickens of the Yankee. Scores for Wednesday. Feb. 2, W. Johnslton (410 ga.) 15 Watsonof 3 1 1 0 0 IDEAL T
pitcher: Lawrence (7-2). Double- 6,. Stry~s 1. By Robinson 3, okay in October for Saxton clean-up hitter delaxe and follow: -- I Mln. c 5 0 0 0 mO aS ,- i
plays: Marolewski, Hardin, Law- Pritt 1. PItchers record: Rob-.Com.mlision physicians X-rayed runs-batted-ln leader of the MusseI lb 3 1 0 0, 0SB i
rence: A. Osorio, Austin, E. o.- Inson 4 rtuns, 4 hits in 3-1/3 In. the hand last week and said it e*dgu. n relved hs con- SEET (25 targets) SKEET (25 targets, 410 ga.) ChaMn, 2b 2 2 0 0 3e -3S'i
rio; Hardin, Graft, Marolewakl: nings; Pritte 1 run, 3 hits in 4- had healed perfectly. A.ct fom Mianeapoip of the tt 0 2 0 C a ano
Lawrence, Marolewaki, Oraff 1/3 ngs; Harris 2 runs, 3 hits Se s TripleAe A.srlean A lati"n. R. Casanova 24 Joe Kueter /o 1t.rf 0 0 0 e 9 l -i
Umpires: Th ,ton. Karimanitl', In 3-1/3 innigs. Errors: Yankees Gip played aqalnst .the Jap- Windy sellers 22 Art Button 18 it 1 0 a-- f
Parchment. oft n e:1:3 8 (Hardia 2, Haris1 Wi1hlm, GUS S anese team that will. be playlrg Art Button 21 Brandl 17
Graff). 8okers 1 (Austin). Los-S E here next week, wbea he was in F. H. Smith 21 W. Johnston 13 Tetal XI 11 5 U 8
b-a : Robson (4-6).I, g. the Arkay stationed in .Tapasn. .
U11 I' IihM fmlab- W1 o pitcher: Harris (9-2) WlF Ira Gl o tells that they are real god
IIID1 rf M Do: Graft, Hardf, M--- -wuU *--I ballnlayers with -good control
,..,,, 'or's iiort, acll FLOTA MERCANTE GRANCOLOMBIANA, S. A.

-""w Yuk -TVkk" YO M ratftheweeokb8I3'n ANNOUNCES A NEW REGULAR SERVtE
a J, 0tA and a6 ,, t Is hopi th LOS ANGELES SAN FRANCISCO VANCOI W
aaobnrfise a fsertl/Vi'etADoaOUpITO"s-oBneblBeI I-





__i_ _T ___ __

- -T~-~Sj)--



Id- Timers

- Read

story n.

Winter Keeps

FId Grip


CAGO. Feb. 4 (UP) -Win-
ept its' numbing grip on
IV ork City and other East-
ters todayL while a heavy
nd ioe storm raged in the
.Plains and Rocky Moun-
.ation's biggest city
Itself for the second
t dy of below zero weath-
S anhattan's worst cold
in seven years.
4 -suburban Tarry town. N.Y.,
three-mlle-wide Hudson Riv-
coa frozen over solid. The ice
ariom four inches to two feet
i and it was the first time
e 1018 that the river had
so far south.
coast guard Icebreaker was
$ed to free two lighters stall-
Sthe Tarrytown ice with 100
Kr of new automobiles a-

ltrmer weather was promised
the shivering east today, but
avy snow and ice storm was
VMItv gathering strength in
toge Riant storm system
t atehed from Texas tn the
Im dlan border, beginning
ib freesinr rain and sleet in
KfLooe Star state and devel-
kgr Into wind-whipped snow
ta eight inhpes deep farther

e coldest weather yesterday
the East where the mer-
L skidded to 38 degrees below
at Plattsburp. N.Y., 15-be-
ngt Albany and even zero at
d York City and Newark.
ie thermometer hit 15-below
itan's Kingdom, Conn.
tovwere hard to start and
ong Island Railroad carried
extra commuters in the
fall, heaviest in six years.
h rjit outy10,000 workers to
It away.
anwhlle, snow that reached
19 inches swirled across
lng; -Colorado and north-
w Mexico during the
and continued today.
e snow reached out into
Nebraska in the Plains,
treacherous freezing rain
sleet stretched from north-
MN w1exteo to southern
f thatbase hasih as 3
.An hor bff*tM Reoek
I, Wye... along with

,teon inches of snow fell at
SCrOk pass on the Contl-
SDivide in Colorado, Lan-
o., had 17 inches and
1 Colo., 16% inches.
Smlouitin passes tn Colo-
were snowpacked and slick

over such of the area.
Same Western storms sys-
broucht rain to Texas and
homa while the Great
H areS had snow flurries.

lor rial

:.j.1-year-old Panamanian
purse-snatching, was
~~ eld for trial in the U.
SCourt at Ancon to-

eause was found and
o te defendant, Jose A.
wasl et at $250.
and larceny charge was
after he allegedly stole
fom Susanne P. Chanin
afternoon on an BIa
Amwon. The purse con-

"'Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham





- The House Armed Services
Committee voted 32 to 0 yes-
terday to extend the draft four
more years and sent the high
priority bill to the House where
passage is expected Tuesday.
After only two days of hear-
ings, the committee approved
the administration's request to
continue until June 30, 1959,
its authority to draft men 1812
through 26 for two years active
service. The present law is sche-
duled to expire June 30.
Meanwhile, the Defense De-
partment disclosed voluntary
enlistment jumped to more than
60,000 in January, largest since
January, 1951.

Ships, Planes Speed

To Save Damaged

Frelohler Off Spain
LONDON, Feb. 4 (UP) Ships
and planes in the Eastern Atlantic
racid today to aid the drifting
Costa Rican freighter D a r n e1,
damaged by a boiler explosion
that injured nine of its crew.
A rescue tug was on the way
from Brest, France, and the Span.
ish navy also was-sending vessels
to aid the crippled freighter, lasf
reported some 300 miles west of
Spain's Cape Finesterre.
Planes based in the Azores Is.
lands took off at dawn, .loaded
with medical supplies:
The Darnel's accident was the
latest of a series of nautical mis-
haps reported during -this week's
Atlantic storms.
The "anamania fighter Liber-
ator, its hull cracked to the water-
line on the starboard asid e, is
limping toward Britain, with two
American ship; standing by.
The Norwelian ship Tajutra,
damaged when it ran aground ear-
lier In the week, is adrift near La
Rochelle. France, and the French
coaster Monseigneur Duparc r a,
dioed for help after its steering
gear broke down.

Adlai Stevenson

Will File PetItion

With Supreme Court
WASHINGTON, Feb. 4 (UP) --
Adlai E. Stevenson was admitted
to practke before the Supreme
Cou'in a brief 'ceremony today.
After Chief Justice E arl Warren
welcomed Stevenson, the 1952
Democratic presidential candidate
raised his right arm and swore to
"uphold the Constitution".
Stevenson later went to the Cap-
itol for lunch with Speaker Sam
He told reporters he plans to
file a petition with the Supreme
Court in mid-February, but he
would not say what the case in-
Stevenson lost an attempt last
December to have the Supreme
Court delay a multi-million dollar
anti-trust suit and patent trial in
Chicago between the Radio Cor-J
portion of America and Zenith
Radio Corp. Stevenson served a s
counsel for RCA.

- IB Washington,
ata.etut oa am
MrkWK .. rh... d


Committee' Endorses

Extension Of Draft

About three times as many
men enlisted as were drafted
during the month.
Officials said the spurt was
due chiefly to the desire of
young men to get into service
by the Jan. 31 deadline for
qualifying for wartime benefits.
President Eisenhower recently
cut off such benefits for men
entering service after that date.
Army officers took a wait.

New Rules Govern

Employe Reductions

On Panama Line
Regulations have been issued
at Balboa Heights, govern
reduced employs rates on the
Panama Line following the res-
toration of these rates by the
board of directors of the Pan-.
ama Canal Co., 1t its meeting
last month.
Under. the regulations, U. 8.
citizen employes of the Canal
Co., and Canal Zone govern-
ment and their families are elil
tible for the reduced rates af-
ter 12 months of service, pro-
viding they have not accepted
Iree travel under Drovisions ol
the recent home reave lgsla-
tion within the proceeding 24
Provision is also made under
which an employee would be
required to refunil the differ-
ence between the employs and
commercial tariff if he or she
receives free leave-travel bene-
fits under Public Law W0 with-
in 12 months following the com-
mencpment of travel under the
reducTd ratn.
Under the revised regulations,
Issued in conformity with the
Board's action on restoration
of reduced employee rates, the
section pertaining to U. 8. citi-
zen teachers was revised to give
them the reduced-rate benefits
under their special condition
of employment.
The restoration of the re-
duced employes rates will pro-
vide much greater flexibility for
many Canal employes in plan-
ning their vacations, .
The new regulations make It
possible for an employs and
members of his family to make
a trip to the States every year
at the reduced rates. Many em-
ployes prefer to take a trip
once a year rather than ac-
cumulate leave for a two-year
period for a longer vacation
in the States.

Vanishing Voluplua

Turns Up Intact,

6 Blond Buxom Feel
HOLLYWOOD. Feb. 4 (UP) -
Voluptua, all six buxom blond
feet of her, turned up intact to-
day after a 10-hour disappear-
ance and said she dropped out
of sight "because I was upset."
The sexy TV siren, real name
GOlora Pall, touched off a police
Investigation early today when
her white convertible was found
abandoned a block from the
Police shrugged when asked If
it could be assumed she might
have decided to end it all.
Her boudoir program was can-
celed from a local station
Wednesday after viewers object-
ed to her kissing the TV screen
sndryratint about in filmy neg-
Other Hollywood-hardened ob-
servers speculated it might be a
publicity stunt because photo-
graphs of her, a red apron em-
broidered "Voluptua" and a
story about her in a magazine
had been left on the seat of' the
Shortly before noon the depos-
ed TV hiren called LtM A. R. Trout
of the West Los Angeles police
station t aanounee she was in
"She said she had been upset
and bothered," the officer said.
"She said he iruas coming in
to reclaim her earwhich we had
impounded beeain it was block-
Sinh traffic."
Officers said the bos omy
blonde apoloimed fOr "

asked became "she wasat
ed with anything except bn
don her ca.
. today ottte^e M M1
iff eager apartment sad-ffae-

and-see attitude toward what
they mostly regarded as a
temporary enlistment boom.
They emphasized there was
no lessening of the need for
the draft, which apparently had
acted as a spur to the enlist-
Before approving the four-
year extension, the House
committee voted' to exempt
from further draft liability
men who have served at least
six months in uniform since
Sept. 16, 1940. At present,
men who served less than the
full two-year term can be
called again.

Pilip Thornton

Named Manager

Of Service (enter
The appointment of Philip S.
Thornton to the position of gen-
eral manager of the Service
Center Division and of Jack C.
Randall to chief of the Housing
Division was announced today
at Balboa. Both Thornton and
Randall have been acting in
these positions for the past few
Thornton, who came to the
Isthmus with his family at the
ake of fvI4 was educated in the
Canal Zone schools and has
been connected with the hotel
business on the Canal Zone
since 1924 when he was employ-
ed as a clerk in the Hotel Tivoli,
now the TLvoli Guest House. He
has been manager of both the
Hotel Washington. and the Ti-
voll Guest Rouse.
Randall, a native of Brooklyn,
New York, also first came to the
Isthmus with his family at a n
early 'and was educated in
th> Canal Zone schools. He was
first ,employed with the Canal
organization in 1926 as a fore-
man and later as a gauger with
the Supply Department. He has
been withthhe District Quarter-
master Divilson, now the Hous-
ing Division since 1936 and most
of his service has been on the
Atlantic 8ide.
Before being transferred to
Balboa last May, he was hous-
ing manager in Cristobal.

Efforts Renewed

In Rubinstein

Murder Probe
NEW YORK, Feb. 4 (UP) -
Police renewed their efforts to-
day to locate the taxi driver who
took a beautiful brunette from
Serge Rubinstein's Fifth Avenue
mansion the night the million-
aire playboy was murdered.
More than 150 cabbies were
scheduled to be questioned in the
police effort to find the man
who drove Estelle Gardner away
from Rubinstein's home Jan. 27.
Miss Gardner was the draft-
dodger's "date" the evening of
the murder and was the last
known emon to have seen
him alive.
Patricia Wray, a pretty bru-
nette secretary, was released
last night after being question-
ed for the third time by police.
Miss Wray repeated her story
that the Russian-born financier
invited her to visit him at his
town house shortly after he had
put Miss Gardner in a taxi and
told the driver to take her home.
Miss Wray said she declined
the invitation because it was
very late and she was tired.
Deputy Chief Inspector Ed-
ward Feeley also was reported to
have questioned her about wire-
tap devices Rubinstein was said
to have placed in her bedroom
to check on her dates with other
Prior to Miss Wray's arrival at
the police station, Feeley said he
had "nOthing new" to report on
the case bt added he was hop-
in "something may turn up

Masonic Memorial
Services Today
For Mr. Log on
Masone memorial services tor
William J. retired em-
ply of the MsZ al a Dt giymm.

The committee also voted to
cut" the'' length of time men
must atay in the National
Guard to 4n draft deferment.
Ouardpmen now are subject
to the draft if they quit before
they are 35. The committee vot-
ed to lower this to 26, the
maxim draU age.
Both amendments were spon-
sored by committee Chairman
Carl Vlson (D.-Oa.). Like the
present law, the bill would re-
quire youths to register when
they become 18. But they would
not be called until 181-2 at the
Democratic leaders Imme.
diately scheduled a House vote
on the bill for Tuesday. The
overwhelming committee ap-
proval indicated it wodld be
pated with no more than tok-
en t'&position.

'Horrible' Dali

Poriraf Costs

Ex-Model $1000
NEW YORK, Feb. 4 (UP) -
Mrs. William Woodward, Jr.. who
thought Salvador Dali's portrait
of her was "horrible," has ended
her dispute with the controversial
artist paying him the $7,000 he o
original asked for the painting.
Dall withdrew his suit against
Mrs. Woodward and her husband
yesterday with the announcement
that he had been paid.
The painter instiuted the suit
last fai after Mrs. Woodward, a
beautiful ex-model, saw it for the
'first time and refused to1pay him,
Her husband, son of the late turf
magnate, apparently had a siml'
lar reaction to his wife's. He said
he took one look at the portrait
ano got "scared."
He described the painting as de-
picting his wife In an evening
gown standing on a beach "sort
of against rock with shells a-
Dali had little to say about the
Woodward's art critique ex c e p t
that Ie never had received a n y
complaints before.
"...For me it Is all right be-
cause the personal opinion of Mrs.
Woodward is-not for me so inter-
eating," Dali said.
"From an artistic point of view
it Is not Interesting at all."
Dali said the portrait has been
turned over to the Woodwards' at-
torney 0"d its disposition will be
up to them. The Woodwards now
are in Europe.

Russia Reveals

Plans To Hike

Defense Budget

MOSCOW, Feb. 4 (UP)--Soviet
Russia today announced a sub-
stantial boost In defense expen-
ditures over the 1954 defense
Finance Minister Arseni G.
Zverev. in his report to the Joint
session of the two chambers of
the Supreme Soviet said army
expenditures for this year will
be 112,100,000.000 rubles, and in-
crease of 11.800.000.000 over 1954.
(The ruble has no established
rate of exchange with the U.S.
dollar but its nominal value of
25 cents would indicate a So-
viet arms budget of $28.250,000,-
000 and an increase of $2,950,-
000,000 over 1954.)

HAPPY TBIO (Left to right), shortstop Milt on Oraff, pitcher Bill Harris and ca Jase
Falls of the C. V. Yankees are all smiles in the Yankee dressing room after their dt vie*
tory over the Smokers at the Olympic Stadium last night. Harris pitched the MecoI ate to
win his ninth game and clinch the 1954-55 Panama Professional Baseball League~- ship
for his team. Oraff was the star of the first game with four-for-four while FallbS In a
run with a triple and scored in the fourth inn ing of the second game.
(Photo by Fertguon)


A Sin, Says

Church Council

NEW YORK, Feb. 4 (UP)-
The National Council of Church-
es today denounced all forms
of racial prejudice as a "sin"
and called on the 147,000 local
churches it represents to halt
segregation practices.
The council sent a 500 word
text and 16-point anlo-blas pro-
gram to be read to the 35 mil-
lion members of the 30 Protes-
tant and orthodox sctse it rea
presents. The message will be
read in connection with the
33rd annual race relation Sun-
day, Feb. 13.
"Racial prejudice in any and
all forms is contrary to the
wVI and design of. God," the
council said. i,
"It Is a sin. Let this teaching
be proclaimed. He who wrongs
his brother sins against God.
"While professing the basic
truths of our oneness In Christ,
the churches are still largely
segregated on the bass of race.
Thus race becomes a cause of
deep division in the Christian
The council pointed out that
the second assembly of the
World Council of Churches at
Evanston, Ill., last summer is-
sued a statement denouncing
any form of segregation as
"contrary to the gospel and...
incompatible with the Christian
doctrine of man."
Church members were asked
to be alert to discriminatory
practices in employment, edu-
cation, health, recreation, hotel
accommodations and other com-
munity services.

ROA To Observe
National Defense
Week Feb. 12-22
National Defense Week (Feb.
12-22) will be served in the Ca-
nal Zone by the Reserve Offi-
cers Association.
Major Carl J. Browne, presi-
dent of the Chnal Zone Depart-
ment of ROA, announced that a
dinner-dance will be he I d to
launch the observance on Feb.
12 at the Army-Navy Club, Fort
The object of National De-
fense Week Jip. according to De-
fense Secretary Charles Wilson,
who recently visited the Zone:
"a continuing campaign design.
ed to impress upon every citizen
his responsibility for the success
of our security program."

Professional Ex Commuhist

Was A Plant, Says Prober

-The chairman of the House
Un-American Activities Commit-
tee charged today that turn-
about witness Harvey Matusow
was "planted" by the Commun-
ists as a government informer.
He called on the Justice De-
partment to prosecute him im-
Rep. Francist Walter (D.-
Pa.), head of the committee
before whom Matusow first ap-
peared as a "professional wit-
ness," told the House he is con-
vinced Matusow always has
been a Communist and was
used by the party to discredit
congressional Red hunts.
Matusow denied Walter's
charge at a New York news
conference. 'I was not planted:,
he said. "The things I am do-
Ing are being done opn my own
v tion." i'
Matusow said he had "not
been in contact with the Com-
munist party since my expul-
sion In January, 1951."
Urging the Justice Depart-
ment to launch perjury prose-
cution, Walter said that if Ma-
tusow Is convictedihe will "per-
sonally recommend to the court
that 'It fine him ani amount
equal to whatever he earns
from his forthcoming book."
The book is entitled "False
"No one is going to profit
at that kind of business Wal-
ter said.
The Justice D e p artment,
which used Matusow as a gov-
ernment witness In Redtrials
and the FBI which presumably
investigated him declined im.
mediate comment.
Matusow was served with a
subpena in New York Wednes,
day ordering him to appear be-
fore a federal grand Jury to
explain his recanting of sworn

Matusow, who claimed to have
left the Communist Party in
1951, labeled more than 180
persons as Communists or Com-
munist-sympathizers during his
two years as a congressional
witness and government infor-
He is now going back on some
of the testimony he gave as a
government-paid witness.
He has said he )led at the
trials of 13 second-string Com-
munists in New York in 1952
and of Texas labor leader Clin-
ton Jencks last year.
Matusow also "confessed" he
gave-false evidence against Far
eastern expert Owen Lattimore
at a Senate hearing. His only
explanation so far is that he
needed the witness fees to live.
Walter told, the., House there
is "no question" but that Ma-
tusow was planted by the Reds
to discredit Communist investi-
He said he assumed many
other GovernmeM informers or
"professional wneses" have
been delibeately, planted by
the Communist .arty with the
same aim In mnd.
Matusow told the news con-
ference he became a prof& -
salonal wipes because it was
"a good racker and "I was
trying-to fand py Identity."
"I wanted to see my name

Fo nt Cristobal
In NoWtoIwod
Mrs. Cadide tbem.
I*ee ng I
If 9LeM002AW a S pag
agI*Ng$ tiihmus

in print"', he said, "T appear'.
edto an easy to a
chieve both. I wanted t type
of glamor which pn lonal
ex-CommunlstC havi in the
United States,"
Matusow said he wrote the
book because "I hurt many peo-
ple and I want to pt matters
right now." ".
ie said he had
known Communisutsl 1.the irFI
"but I Identified oi .s .erly
on Aurmt*e"
Ne said he 14 rtl. Com.
munist Party in 1936 0"when It
was bUy to do so-before the
cold war had ,begun '
"I left it because I became
dIsaillusioned with it. because it
was too mechanical ad It wa
easier to-become an i-Ormer,"
he said.,. ."
Walter told i repWer 54 Is
too early to say wheot lhe will
recall Matuaow bet0 the
House committees, H aid he
wWl not make up his m Und un-
til he flntehe readI- Matu.
sow's book and M c- etkI. an
analysis of the thin.--

TODAY .75- .40
1:35 4:05 :30 -g:60 P.M.

|I F I











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*', .,v


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