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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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the truth

I is e" Abraham Lincoln.
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M- S"ue. .

Mt ,no-tOgWSUr for Pie. 1.. bhoti 'euray
S Caldwell t' on:hand to'play onohim
o ew r treatIo roowm.
(Army photo j Cpl. Jo Siegel).

C a. U : GoKm Patldpts
Gt'b w At.

-" .- .- .< ..: .. '=


Arias Tells

eal o inus ofe
Ita.Invastments in -Pan
id certain special ma-
cooperation In "lavo of
n Free Zone.
ring his message In a
Itapoken manner, Pre4-
i. also listed the dir
panted by the U.S. I
treaty, and praised th
-th negotiators, comult-h
nu those who contri-
I the realization of the

7 (NEA Telephotos)
RExi MAE In New York, Dr. Tingfu F. Tsiang
(left). NatlaAhOt Chinese delegate to the UN, scans documents
on his desk as Russian deogate Arkady A. Sobolev (right) de-
manded his ouster from cease-fite' talks on Formosa. The
demand was made In a Security Council meeting.

Reds Mass Invasion Fleet

,Fb. o( P)1ehoaol

lslanrd tsn

he nrith

Hope Seen In

Sidestreet Plan.

For Far East Dea

-0 -


UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., Feb. 3 (UP)---Tji U
States today contacted Indip's Prime Minister Jaow
Nehru 4r delbils of his "lsiestreet" effort to find 0
- outse the United Nations to end the Fo
shooting '..Ml
U.Sh 'ambaotador Winthrop Aldrich called on
dian prime minister this morning, at the London "
aires' Ro t' residence. where two days ego Nehru
ferred with ted Chino's charge d'affair in Britain.'.
High ltian sources said the two discussed thew:
mosan crislR b I. n-committal U.S. sources insisted .t
meeting was "only a courtesy call."
But the conviction was growing here that thg ,
hope for Folnoson settlement now rests with ,ehtt-#
plan for a "G -nevatype" conference of principal
than the U.N. Security Council mov ,
A id was no-doubt the United St as vM,
,ints0ted In Nehru's moves.
JP^d9: aW L ow*t4*tta~tc^u

... 4i". ih .,* ..g 'VA Y g Sex .. wh.Iit S sources a i upected now. w .- .h'

. So Se. bwsaa Oedn auurulyd bepa aSn. who a nav a s ator i taie Playground Coshntru
4Ntaie v y e a Cast otsoredorbsh u he c
terl. e r: One"' ? 1' the" se acin g e yc e Sh"op' aw, P e nlJ te an t tpoaf th e ommned sthplred N theUnied U Ofe odcr e f i.n ttore r esta.-in e 1Plyg round bCo si 4
ig ilaheretr r, tl o i .o P. 'l conWatinu e the trn an fro whic hevyU msa do Amae -- b r ed Chn 'O- Toe A e 'esumod

f I$ C a y r w l thoe -Amador b1 norhe wutoous The mighty Beventh Fleet wasm g
So... cf wor a ,nd o~ro. ii pr- to enleptae the Amy r to go nto action wwith ilr d. t
thed N ywt a p a ent I The ta"or aT Crtltobal co. ar or Tachen at a moant- th I factored at the

rt BWo bOand se F a Nv nie M M atoA te helom OitAINb TgrainbilyGore osait 1 T nd
Itsrael Ct wL s where V a two M aitectusosnfrmwion, how ever. ---." ai here or esrto beac"ingan

toef 'PMe thhr t.rh .pete htold" trodleS abot ainloer e ddml ot a weathe. Uni Elt es s Am ir Hopes ftor Red China's ace 0 games will be re umed -i
rT s 1si boade at e re ay. t i e cs a New Zealand for deIt n
esta ce age n. cbsa. cithw .... has B ,aper ed as on ..tabe .the. communique p aid Nation- cerS1taui its an erlowa casere t nhvskightfl l o
a a6. btathecoldnoascustots-u h fis t t hea rishna hi d r"em a ed d comarly ...rc tehafrn on dsies cnferaten eay mou i t e gr nlght t I sd

head ajt a e- e niuWht ilegnm poD3iateons around tin a Land Rover to ati children's Vernon oMighty panther" wkob- *m4n
we tova i th ml r h* Feby and nearby tatun a- meearg In Queen's park. ertn at a Freview of Trtm nitd.'us n t.
t"e-wv. '"'e.-.," GS- r- el W eekl.. W'IWIU. W ..V r I 'lAmador beoaushew- s sulxious M mighty Seventh Fleet wa.s M ea i
..housof P o and ouV ,o n tha n t Armi re -to oo into action with i

remt -8tprall f ter onae a aldo thftto
Inv whi a* I a. I S |un 'I oo eo-iO l...The cetass -c a colle"aiht'n ofs i
dyaatshGrnAtductonentbdnador mchofweamhericn Und tengteAbdri essfMaR gt Toe de iJ
.. Sr CocoO,. e (. ia on Nov. w 0r d en to the nnor A security blackout e- o
-" y 0 Ladies organzt Ion E.where he sae tIwdor action, however.
rate truck- l as o hi Ist bdNy opportunity to p njured Mnist of Defense te

ha utt arS inaapplicatto fat astoffshor fenr or r rme of the aerter rreshe un HL
h c-rheawrhc lked...dontonaad, le h asernot a c tcu tiyQuemoyrthe largto
w,.,,,.. Her,

On ~ a. 7 h g be oriz e ed -
t. Ogeterf b mor.Enlat n at ceptemind he w recently re- troes which lie z O PORT o hAI, Trindl d, Oow aeliHoea m
caln H Dean. saps. inUdl "D-.the
o-_i. Cud r.Lawrence D n at ineant p t a passport, e aid C'-hiang's forces on Qudm ghIghts a busy schedule on in of-aFo where .nyet prm f
Op tn.. t to tr e t,7i bot-,jecsm e : na edhin ed cot4 snterdf n A a l a ce ure ne a y Ithe RednC a nma nnnhfhre-eard O f Pri e
th C s. t,. .la n nbeSe liev Morl qn.dc ha naken the Intliatve a- the second full day of her car- conf ences are .nw of lie
among .h dayeah -n lel y communt forces maIsed lbbean tour. the PrLncess spento
.. "'"afte pin od thae" nwh tc e untIl tohmrrow eA m,. non- ... .t the RoyalovisitoAr to the city In.agarden party lat In the Sf wa sc ,d
_uit- .B 1-.... ..... ...ail.of. a st eayrartilleryashelledocorn at ,:v pm. the Prness drivesaserenaded C,,a
e a'-, _._w,, I. ." Omuglot- gun polos around in a Land Rover to a children'srVernon "Mighty Panthe." ,OIa ies.,,ow
to __ prote pvPa vice..- M'ym.He# M and nearby Tatun is-meeting In Queen's Park. lertats a reew, of Triiad's uiofD-ens
."n umayUbeu'sid-t ihs ships around A state barut Is scheduled' -Lenten Carnival, srome y quart-ers over
fet rivil tlaeplsland'nsUgiftltolls..o. ...ore tneree
iCoe .rfowde trd.ial.N iZ A she- 'tem Ndous AwarEnof this efltR*Ism. the

erans .-sawoA .u st I the I' f adomstra '.tho & teu evtaeryO". The m hi i p r a
agots-AMuW dlX a ndfoAd -t-eleoauer nfcofhWesterndmbiiemeru,,-r

pe e "t R a it o h 'c"n :" a"e atylt Iah
write....1. .9211.11 tW 1 O t ine anorwtro iy
InIndtenw a ,,, of$5wsotTh omnqesadNtoi erI.oipA 1:5a n tmo.adlstn+tse

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. I el



7. H STREET P 0. Box 134. PANAMA, R.,O rP.
345 MADsON AvE. NEW YORK. (17) N. Y.
(eTH. IN MVA--A-NC S 1.70 0 2 50
MONTH. IN ADVANCE 8.80 13 00
N YAN.. IN ADVAMCE E-- 1 50 24.00



The Mail Box is on open forum for madam of The Pana
irs are received gratefully and are handled In a wholl
I. If ye. contribute a letter don't be Impetient if It does
Wdly. Lette arue published in the order received.
Please try to keep the letters limited to one page length
identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence.
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statement
pMsed Is letters ftAm readers.


I would like to make one more plea to the peo
al Zone to look around ior Bitb.y.
Bitay' li an all-white, short haired male cat, tl
He was taken to the Vet at Corozal last Thurksd
oath extracted, but escaped before It could be
fever hb e he must be having a hard time getti
We have raised 'Bitsy' from a baby and he came
States with us. We are returning to the States
Id like 'Bitty' to make the trip back with us
In fact his reseivatlon has been made on the bo
et bought, and we're not going to cancel It unt
There 4wM be a' reward for anyone who can h
S'Bitsy.' Either call me at Panama 3-0760, or turn
Veterinary Hospital at Corozal or the Small Ani

lease keep looking for a white kitty he v
when he left home and is probably dirtier b
might investigate any grayish looking cats t


San Antor

This month comes in like Spring and it looks
groundhog comes out he will stay out. Only t
b back the foliage in the trees is lack of moi
ies5 of rain are slim. Quite a bit of flu in town
winner Frank Casey has been tied up with
L Caught with a doctors' convention here and u
ot a doctor all day.
Te cost of medical care and medicine is soarinl
going to wmnd up socialized medicine. Elsenhowe
year with the Republicans, now he is trying it
aocrate. Don't like to see it but the doctors are
a for the better.-W. 'Pop
-W. J. 'Fop'
Te answer to your problem is very simple: i
flen to another school. The prerogative is yours
r. oars for a Bigger and Better A4

S, ; .'Ate to Prvi

- I Pruldt 36 Baseball term 46 Be borne
Iaf ical 28 Upright 47 Blackbirds f
-exercses S30,Arrow.poeon cukooftaally
.-otadeerina $nlamer m.4 ma-n
S.0od 3tPeriod mpeior
ds 35 sCfCoesin SoPeminlbe
-Id ugng 40omtaewaette 'sellation
S,.p.. .- 43Gotthrough l5Ottractlom
Toward be (withover) 52 Essentialbeini
sheltered side 45Tomroads ILegaImatters
n. 'n r T

Labor News.




I MIAMI Seventy r five years
"L haven't dulled John L. Lewis, ei
can still wield an insult as sharp
< as the pickaxe he swung at '2t;
And witXi a-, much impacL.
The other day the aging misner
cut loose at some o tuLe Ar L
chiefs who have snubbed him.
ma American. Lewis offered a bit of tree advice
y confidential to Walter Reuther who is coming
down to this sunny Gold Coast for
n't appear thi the first time. That will be next
Tuesday, when he meets with tne
.* AFL leaders to discuss what are
supposed to be final plans for tne
s as opinions merger of the AFL and CIO into
one mass federation of 15.000.000
working people.
Said Lewis in one of his editori-
a"We'd like to warn the CIO about
pie of the that mid-winter meeting of the
A) L Executive Council in Florias.
three years The CIO boys had better go down
ay to have there well supplied with /2 bills
edone so and scratch sheets if they don't
ng f .oo'd want to spend their afternoons sit-
hre fromo ting around the hotel lobby."
here from Which proves that John Lewis
soon and doesn't know that times have
S. changed-and the AFL leadership
at and his too
il the last 'jhese men were never more qe-
I rious in their lives. They have been
help us to in a constant chain of committees.
him into They have been preparing state-
mal Clinic ments criticizing any iorce which
is operating against the best in-
was pretty terests of tne U. S. abroad. They
y now, so want Formosa protected. They
hat come want Germany re-armed and have
taken sharp issue with the West
e Dawes. German labor leaders and those
European Socialists who are agi-
tating against the new German ar-
my which could take the field
nio, Texas. alongside our infantry.
Under AFL president G e o r go
like when Meany, a special committee is re-
hing that vising the AFL constitution. A new
sture and preamble is being written which
, and our will denounce all sleazy elements
it for 10 infiltrating labor-and this means
was unable the mobsters who capture unions
and use them for shakedowns and
ig so high personal profit. This will give
r trl'ed it Meany a chance to swing out
with the against the racketeers. I
to blame. They have been working hardest
.. a perhaps on plans for talks with
Wri-ht Reuther, who Is scheduled to stay
Wright. at the Roney Plaza Hotel. In the
final analysis, it is these discus-
sions which, of all the decisions
here, will have the greatest impact
Send your on the nation. For here will be de-
sF decidedd whether or not there will be
h t,Force. a powerful labor federation com.
.. biing the far-flung manpqwer and
Me Puule moneys of American labor.
B This, among .'nsiiers, is refer-I
red to as the showdown moment.I
The issue is simple. Walter Reuth-
tJler and the CIO he leado will be
811k esed to re-jolfte!riod

SianW prejet. vur,r wt *agreeI
t beomMt&one of the leaders-one
of the vice-presidents-of the AL.
This latter move, Reuther is
loathe to take without one conces-
sion from the AFL chiefs. Walter
Reuther and some of his colleagues1
want the AFL to set up an Indus-
trial Union Dept.
This means they want a special
section, of the AFL set aside with
itp own office and own president,
to cover such fields as the agto,
steel and electrical industries: An
Industrial' union is one which taesI
in everybody in one plant-from
editorial writers to elevator opera-
tors in a newspaper; from skila d
blast furnace men to sweepers in
a steelmill.
The AFL leaders, at least as of
the moment, plan to turn down
this proposal.
Thus, years later and 1,000
miles south from Atlantic City, the
issue which split the Committee
for Industrial Organization advo-
cates (led by John Lewis) from
the AFL's craft unions, still may
keen the two forces apart.

a f
.... ...i


to eomfiod-ea
blades unfold
NIb rack atf an
WrN' oa a

- .'r 7-r.. -

; *.*

. 7 : = =


AN -. .
..... ... v4


.- -*J- -

Peter Edson In Washington
0 -

dition to the stock market Investi-
gation which 'Senator J. William
ulbright (D.. Ark ) will direct as
chairman of the Senate Banking
and Currency Committee, the U.S.
Securities and Exchange Commis-
sion under Chairman Ralph
Demmler keeps a constant cheek
on 11 trading and.exchasges.
SEC ne ver make& public an-
nouncements of, thq market flue.
fuations it. is investigating. But
any stock that goes up or dow;
against 'the -trend automItical
...ta an q= i. i &" ., ..

suspend him from further trading
on the exchange.
If a broker feels that he bhas
been unjustly dealt with he may
go to court and petition that SEC's
disciplinary action be lifted.
2: SEC itself may go to court
a4d request an injunction order
to stop irregular practices.
In one recent case of s kind,
the government got an laimuction
;galnst" a promoter who haa given
misleading information to. aNew
York financial writer. Q(lp[Jpigs of
the resultIng' b W usmed
t tout a ;tock. TMide. was

rumors ens. may swvw em; s ctUL a 7tturne ,a"aw1 su
about." )ut newspaper 'stodes, aa- against dealers ot-6en h .have
vertising, radio and television corn- used illegal means'aT promote the
ment in this field are all fair sale of a stock.or'inbueate trading
game. on the. exchanges. .Penalties are
two years' imarisoMament, $10,000
The law gives SEC authority to fine, or both, on conviction.
regulate exchanges, brokers and There have not been too-'many
'over-the-counter dealers. There SEC act. Evidence. Ir hard to get
are prohibitions against .mnisrep- SEC act. Evicence. is lard to get
resentaton manipulation and and proof of conspirady to defraud
other fraudulent or deceptive de- the public Is difficult to establish
vices in purchase and sae of se- before a court. In all not more
curities. than half a dosen of these cases
The hearing commissioner then have gone to trial' since the act
makes a report to thW full five. was passed In 1034.
member .commission, -which re- SEC officials will aot say wheth-
views the evidence. SEC may take er they are investigating it or not.
three main courses of action: but financial papers have said it
1: It may revoke the'. license would be naive to suppose that
of the broker and expel him or I there would be no government

follow-up on the recent Walter Win-
chell TV tip on Pantepel Oil Co.
In a Sunday night broadcast,
the attention of listeners was di-
rected to this company which owns
petroleum rights in Venezuela.
The American Stock 'Exchange.
price had closed at 6% the week
before. When the market opened
Monday morning there was a mys-
terious delay- in a quotation.
Orders for over 350,000 shares had
piled up. The initial price posted
was S--a jump of 2 ore over
SO per cent.
Total trading for the day was
4PSlUA' shares- 4the4-le slt Mi
eOar traded in a single sto k er
taisaexchangm and over 25 per eont
of the day's business.
Many of the trading orders-were
traced to Florida. But it has not
beed disclosed whether investiga-
tions have shown that buyers or'
sellers know about or planted a
tip to induce sales.
Such action by any person would
obviously run' afoul of the anti-
manipulation sections of the SEC
Since tLis telecast tip the price
of Pantepec has declined to around
The warning which government
officials now give to the investing
public as a result of this case is
to be extremely wary of all tips
in a boom market on which the
unprofessional investor can easily
get hurt.

Walter Winchell In New York
-... S -.. t

Tbose who know report that the MAN ABOUT TOWN time heart is pretty Phyllis Kirk
.high command will not yield The producers oi "Ankles
in this proposal. They said it would Leslie Caron and Alex D'Arcy Aweigh" have not yet found the
give the Industrial Union Dept., get hysterial when anyone plays male lead. They want a known
updoubtedly headed by Reuther, "Let Me Go Lover" Imo- personality-handsome--tall (must
rore -power than any other sec, gene Coca and husband Wm. Bur- nave sex in his face) and not
tin,. ton are talking reconciliation only that--must sing and hooft
. They .add that the head of this A famed femme entertainer will (Sorry, too busy) e1ley
department would have more in- be dropped from White House par- Winters, whose next flicker i
fluence than thbr-AFL president ties because a Senator Was em- "Night of the. Hunter," is dating
an'4 migt make George Meany a barrassed : Doris D4t6 hired 5 different chaps a week-so she
"paper' president a president private sleuths to find Der Ger- won't get involved. (These actres-
in name only. man Shepherd da g Senator es-) James Portego, an Ar-
Such a department could collect "Scoop" Jackson (the "catch" of mando's busboy, wears shoes that
dues. It could launch organizing the Senate) and Priscilla Morgan cost him $80 per pair For.
drives. It could easily outnumber Idueted at Tavern on- -the Green tune mag has a piece saying or-
all other sections ef the AFL. It,. Wm. Saroyan (hunting mater.-ganized crime has disappeared.
could make its own policy. It would ial in a 10th Avenue saloon got The "Boys" are in stitches .
be a federation inside the Federa- Into a good fight and wks almost Arleen Whelan and Hyatt von
tion. arrested Mickey Jelke's bride Dehn have that Middle Aisle Look.
So It will be up to Reuther to has been accepted by the family. -
decide. Either he goes into the Now visiting his matcr The The Runyun Cancer Fund (which
AFL as the respected leader of the bank account of a top teevee ac- rec'd ten million dollars with nev-
powerful auto union and takes his tor (featured in a week-night pro- er a penny ever spent for expenses
place alongside the other giants of gram) will be the tip-off to "his of any kind from the donor's dol-
labor, merely as one of them, or Communist Party affliations. Up lar) will be saluted as The Good
he tries to keep all CIO unions to now they have not be n heard Example by Federal solons .
out. That would be difficult, for above a whisper except -in Party 'British thrush Christine Nordin is
many of them want to join the circles. (Oh, Boy!!!!!. ) reported studying spliterature
AFL immediately. from Mitchell Dodge Socia-
Obviously Reuther's first visit to Ex-Queen Narriman's new fel- lite-actor Tony Dawson's enchan-
this play land will not be a vaca- ler Is Dr. Eugene Dianell of ter at I uis Petite was Lenore
tion. France Mae West is trying Lemmon Harlan Jackson
to cancel bookings to check into (groom of publicist Dorothy Ross)
I' a hosp Circus exec J. Ring- stages a one-man art show at Pan-
ling North's posies (at Mayo Clin- oras Gallery (on W. 56th) Fshb.
S ic) are from actress Dodle Heath 34th. Abstract painting with a Hal-
] V fU Avr c ,,, CVishinsky's dghtr Zinalda will ttan-African theme Norma.
3i/ F f I UDS wed a Mosciw medic oL IPapa Roberts (publicity chief for Ame=
stopped it long ago as "beneath" iean Home mag) weds Edis Kerd-
......---- .her Clark Cable's dates .(i man, New:rk social worker, Apr
\ nights in a row) were with actress 3rd Robert Johnson (fo
i \\ '*., Ann. McCrea Rumor ays Chase 'Bank) and Dorothy Shira
\" Lindbergh did an aspection tour more when the bank marries
.[. ,..VsIj"j J of Formosa Queen Axandra Bank of Manhattan Martha
I \ /. {9 -K S *and Peter are re ted a Farrar and Wm. Dowd wd on
I \ though the Lineoln's Birthday.
I was a ond ., ,1au
Le@.t Jpe .e af e.w ullbert Alley I gabbing about
ditty called: t twt p a mes in the theatre. Mor-
SBuselas...s Meat.p t"Io each other-bur advise
Sc. le's life-stor The e, a by their analyst to live apart,ThBe
-*, query on e date each night, anyhow Ihk Rubiastein d i Il homqe Fre and his beauteous wi-a Ms.
-. "Have you an aliBTI* vada Smith just bought the ether
Most parent t ind tak- .--- alf fM H. Perry Rothberg's a tw
lag a cariet of uw to a Greek actress .Irs Pae .O E. 41th. So how Mscoatee
party .if the t .arMe even (once linked with 'Ar report we red

Newman (he liked big at his de-
but in "Picnic" last yqar), next
seen in "The Desperat Hours,"
and his wife Jackie expect a 3rd
Image Geraldine Page of
"The Rainmaker" was at Bon Soair
3 nights in a row with producer,
agent Tom Hammond. Are we
scoopers being shewpt?
News You Never Find in The
Opposition Papers: Memo from
the ABC-TV Newsroom Veep:
"Here are the Nov.-Dec. Ameri-
can Research Bureau ratings on
your newscast; Boston: 16.6. Out-
rates the competition in the time'
period by 87 per cent Cin
cinnati: 21.5. Leading news pro-
gram in the market ... Los
Angeles: 8.9. Hlgbest rated news
pgram in jhe market. ABC's
tap-rated program on. Sunday. Out.
rates the average competition in
the time period San Fran-
cisco: 11.3. Leading quarter-hour
news proItam In te market .
Number One T ewsaist,.too, at At-
lanta, Denver and Washington."
Ethel Waters, the grand tgou-
per, to too,sik IA. Charles
Thomas, II (son of -the Na vv
Seretary) ad Gwmena Coem
unlte ia the aSpriat .. v
Hart and el&a Buregas (of the
Latin Quartr line) got betbretal
rigs last week Larry Dle,
Press. of Deepdale Golf Club (Na-
san Canty), sold It to ewis Me-
Govern for about 2 aml s.. I S-
cel 3. Sollvans, the talekated L-
don aeter (In STM For The
Piaectiem"), AeeMaite as A r-
Dee.' 37th. ge r_ _p
ft9 duty Fed, m ... d -.I
Sr(leilsehma's Yeat
nes) has a pld a pti to
match any saltye g ts tS t

S Slet l' s .isw -

Gable. !e *
a'SI'sV ^

cans taom C+USmI, poJ a alt". I.--.T -
The r was much n y it to carrot a
other eia!dinal e om .
one thing. Guefi et, un w-il
tually. Each wife s led y- e
uniformed naval or iflits a i T
to the nbevin
husband trailed F
sheep, Oaests r g
s hown pla4
given a lIttle card to act IL
who their dinner patter sht -b S at h watr o bef
where to lt in the State di th t bi. .w.e to
room. A loudspeaker also discrt wro -r"ihis at r ,NI
..r. .. ..ros t r f l r r't ftr 7f str Uk Texas
SO te turkeys
t 'e White House. .. s, do o.&t. give thi di.
All this was according g gto iia to those ho eat tmthey
Nd White IRouse protocol and z- do infect those handling and dress.
atly as other White House di-in- lg the brd--t.
ners have been conducted for tors reportedtI dl d
years -. whether Rpublicans or ,pout e c vered with --.
Democrat =i mr, lland- were throwne- 9i
However, the wis one Impor cri ,-tw 2
tant difference. As. Nxon aWtimel u. ayla
Mrs. Knowland did t Speak. Andlcut off, and -desed ..onfta
Senator I owland Pres. later iold as eay-toa.
ident- Nixon m 'tchm2 led a sticks.
cool formal gr.... The Texas panrot-fever has now
Desmratic h sanM I conl- subsided, but thb ,ian who failed
gressmen thadi a io th S to support his subdinate Inp
under their break ., ha b te Vi tors in closing do.i- wae of o e
Presidat who -ad lambasted infea ..d plants has wwe.e... .
their loyalty. But Oq the surfaceiedl to repla s ce Lade njw S Ithe
they were ust a politetand lenlavitally important post of -agricul.
as Ike himself was toward the tural.attach to Japan.
Vice President. Furtermore, th a
President had a cordial chat. with 'B "m .-BOMs AM I BAW-
Bill Knowland, despite the ham- One reason forM Pr-EI A se
mering Knowland had givenVb h oI wer'asolmn f Pdec sPuttings
regardingFormosa. 1 Of = -boob tests am e
But not e en when the man ad secret worry of tomicstcien i ts
journed to the Green oom about -the offU it ni lre.aer.
cigars, coffee and. lqqeura after Mons. -f-- A'""" "g
dinner did the Vice President and Atomic have arne. ha
Senator nowland enge in any that each-,s-
fendly coaversaloi, Th were henfldS
polite, aloof, cooLli the atmaosplJr V
E -- ..w.... etlUmate it maya ex o veo nf
'WHY T COOLNEW everta hupaaayersn4 u brief
the. a24k eUfl -tul
Other Republican senators at the le r i a
dinner of ome knew why. At te co ml wnminu,. to i
Chicago convention which nom ain, aind" d -besa ,s by
nated Zimahower in 192,. now high-altitude currents ar und the
land was offered the vice-prealden- world.
tial nomination by Senator Taft if, it many "-or .
be would desert his old friend, bomb are x, I an. moe" d
Gov. Earl Warren, and switch the active a e pumulation n d the af-
powerful California delegation u th am
ver to Taft. Seldom has a u ere would eventually danage
politician been so tem ted. 5Taftesrablea ceu and c--ii-- .id
was not a young man. And now passed don to fture gnera
land's sup rt would ht ave meat ions. In fact, scientist warn that
Knowland's probably succession to an H-bomb. war might aturate
.the pre4e the atmosphere wthato much r a-
Howev r, i4 lowland masined diation hat the human race Oul.
loy al to the man who had appoint- not survive.
dhim to the Senate-Earl War- The y a r that smira'
Sdl -h Jased by the transmTuta-.
6.b._- I, _j A l-l, A M -tIR ism gfib a- 1i nft:ia .,m .,,

ed the Califonial deleation and
led the stampede to Eiaenhower
in return for the job Knowland
turned down-the vice presidency.
Since then, the two young Cali-
fornilans have been engaged In a
bitter battle forcontrol of tie Re-
ublican. party in California-a-
attle which Knowland has been
'winning. The eventual winner winl
control the California delegation at
the next national convention and
have a leg up to the presidency or
the vice presidency.

There's more irony than the pub.
lic realizes in the ousting of Wolf
Ladejinsky as American Agricul-
tural Attache in Japan and the
appointment of D.W. Termoblen in
his place.
For the man who replace; him
was chief of the Agriculture De-
partment's poultry division when It
was accused of lax poultry inspec-
Last June Mr. Termohleb was
the recipient of a scathing memo
from one of his subordinates for
letting the poultry division ship in.
fected chickens and turkeys
slaughtered in Texas all the way to
Philadelphia. New York and Bos.
ton. ,
The confidential memo, written
by B.C. Pier, chief of poultry in.
section, and addressed directly to
Mr. Termohlen, chief of tbh poul.
try division, stated:
"We feel that during the past
year the efficiency of the poultry



~roetg=.u obW yirrdiathMi-a a e
lifetime. This cannot be avoided.
But ai this' rldiatlon is increased,
each raentm d uraadiatim chops
an estimad week off a persar
Tim' damage tW heredity how-
ever, is even worse. The- Weredl
tary coll in anyone exposed to
the H-bomb's "fall-out" dust can
,be injured in such a-way as-'to
ass on weak, traits to. childrp.,
Furthermore, if two persons with
damaged cells should marry, then .
the. effect of their children would
be similar to inbreedin. The
suit would be to. increase mental
and physical deficleneles and sus-
ceptibility to disea*, depending
on the amount at hereditary 4am-
Doctors are particularly worried
about cancer which s known to .
closely connected with radiation.
If the atmosphere is eharud with
an overdose of radioactivty, t
might Increase the cancer rate.
The radiation, Increase from
pSast H-bomb_ tests, it is estimated,
damags 1,800 germ cells a year.
In otht words,;. 80W pWa0ons will
pass hereditary w-weftsAe -ra to
their children each year as a result
of the radlatim rom .pat explo,
..Since this radiation remains in
the atmosphere, new explosions
wig add Jo it and neease- the
lqredtary ta t :fl)1pr, tsl.1
Russian and Aerican boamt
alike contribute to the radiation.
If both countries continue tea
H-bomb tests, it could have. a
lasting effect, in time, a0 the
world s unborn childmn.

By Colbraith



V "C ,
A .. ,7

.. :- ,,"7.1
Am' dot! ..: ,.



1 .1



.L~ + j ,, ._.- .-..-" .'' +.*-* .. ,; .' % ^ ^W ? t .' + T .* S ;:.*- :
l J. .- ,. .. .-' :..1... .
-. N' ,i'/ sT- ;^ r -?* .;

S *- '.- ,* -'
&JwTri. 1

: r

Kse Of Confmnons Debate Reveals
.. ... i^^ Is

Britain's Air Defenses 'P hetic'
LO ,W Feb. 3(tP-The g RA in a rtheUcaly weak aid the go_'er t hid placed
ra today th m ksw u and opposite otin on for air-to-air
t hen t- A A-

E esimG m in te U.Q.*UchSWIb aauva zary charges uat this couu- man1s.
l m f fao t fghtr la trj has. "in- ai defenses whatev. The lted itatesI has supplied
aH wj ethe. ebaeisi.. Tlart pfsrn ibb Rustan. air some grould-fired miailes to s Brtl I
sad NATO alr forie a ae. la to riiadore its anti-alreraft
es. T uproar started when Geor defenses. .
e ii ial-distlosure about Ward, undersecretary for air, sad Te U.S. 3rd Air Force ss based
li wept-wi tfighlt. the Hawker Hunter is the "hard in. Britain to block any sudden at-
frb te United States has eat-hitts5 aircraft in serve I c e tack and about 400 Sabres have
Iplaed a 140-mlllon-dollar on- and could.take the air tomorrow, been contributed to the RAF by I
Btrat, eame in a bitter House, o Labor member Woodrow Wyatt the United States and Canada.
Commons debate on alreraft pro ediately challenged him,
ttetip. How can you say it can go in-
.The Hawker Humer was devd- to action tomorrow when, f te OU a WS
oped with British funds, while guns are fired the engine stalls?"
thd United States and NATO coun- Wyatt demanded.
tries hav earmarked large sums "Is it not the case that-as the
for production models. Hunter cannot fight, the Swift Cubs and scouts from Balboa
The Hunter is in super-priority won't, the-Javelin is not available and Diablo are busTly rehearsing
production for the Royal Air Fore, and there are no guided missiles for their part In the 1955 Isth-
NATO forces, Denmark and Bred- to Rtplac the anti-aircraft corn- eanpades to be held at
en, and also Is being built under mand -we have at present no air the Balboa Stadium, Feb 12
4. license in Holland and Belgium. defenses whatever for this coun. starting at 7:00 p.m.
The debate revealed Br iain'stry" Under the direction of Arthur
Wyatt then asked "when defects Payne, assisted by Cubmaster
Should be red i the fHunter rid burton, Pack 3; onstitu-
which use. tt etngie to stall I tonal representative Charles WATCH OUT for crockery chip
whOAn ta guns are fired." Crosby, Pack 4" and Scoutmas- vance as Carmen Smith winds u
"It in true" Ward replied, ter Rober' fltoihe, Troop 4 and "Break the Dishes," one of the
"tbatt t. certain heights and in with the backing of numerous fun strip at Morgan's Gardens
erIthe4 conditions of flight a surge Scouters and parents, the Cubs Festival all day Saturday. Mor
is a sed. in the engine by the fir. and ScoUters are readying them tions are planned for the Festiv
n iof the guns. selves to present Scene 6, "The social hi
'It will be necessary to make Uen Who bid The Job-Roose-
Th eeePrtanl modifications which af ir ke. Goethals and onadso."
OSWALD ACOY now being planned to ensure that The following Cubs and outs on Scout
Wrl tev for NEA OSetvie in all e irumstances the Hunter's are participating in the scene
Written guns will not affect engine per- Office timekeeper, John Evans: Troop Reorganized
formance. steamship company agent, Fred
He expressed confidence the dif- RanLeee: labor leaders, Bobb BThee wiLuke's
St ficulty can be o-ercome. Bowman and Charles Crosby;l
NOKTH S2 An 4r Ministry spokesman said labor gang. kobert Dunlap. John
Se f r c by the "surge" was caused bi muzzle Cooper, John fisher, DonaldcSe- Boy a out Troop No. 5 has re-
Sei blast from the Hunter's four can- bastia, David Coclasu re, John gently been reorganed in An-
oThe deagners of Playtx ir- all boaom types from very amall 9 non which affect the air intake. Donaldson, RobertDonaldson on. The Cathedral of St. Luke
dles have made a new bra of ny- to very full. 6Q872 The blast he said. "causes a rise George Black: patient, Rick Or- Is sponsoring this unit. How-
ona d-elstic,. er, indicator s ra wrn experts believe thpprt. W Ad fall power production." visa Dr. Gor as, Dick Mulhol. d everit is teed but wbo arel n
Not-ad-ceathe.s Offcia souce said the Nort land: Ant odr Hd nominations.
s in tInmestb h n aosoms c be aided In de 10 Offeial sources said the North land; Ast.octor, Hugh Arnold teresTaedylorformerly with Boy

fashion,'lI "terest run so 9ln th al ecy. Here are s ew: o J Atlantic Allies have at least 270 Jr.: male I Snternm Meauml should attend the metinm lar-
Sf le. e -,h, t h r hete* P*-o AK QJ milli ton dollars Jainvested in Hunter oil spraymen, Paul Milton, and more recently with the explor-
Mad'eleinb'd Raoh rLanvi- clues that strengthen the pec- e*A54 *KJS contracts. screenmen, Greg Michaels, Wal- ers that hiked the famous Las
Cautllo; drape moulded bodices toral muscles. These easy-to-do ', Thegovernment revealed re- ter Monroe, Ricky Selby, John Cruces Trail is the Scoutmas-
over gh m lines. ven top exercise for e home, created srcen eitherat only one squadron of Adams senators Henry Kined, tero attendatlon blanks
i atmerican designers like by world-famos beauty authori-6 A 5 Hunters is on active service. Randy Giangle, David Parual Thee will be aa n orientation
fi chin Ce.hapsman dot Helena Rubinatein, and prac- 91 : 2 The 735-mile-an-hour Superma- Frank Romero, Mike Mulholland, meeting for boys who have al.
brl Ian%,pearlls firing, floe s women in bhr salons are evenlst sred has been plagued by constant sure, Reed Hopkins: President on Monday at 7 E.m. In the

bavely auiulyt su lp t d wl ar even oh ads a Ward tu i.tted s o n ilded in quaiworthy Ro ose r OrMfflth. ExploreB telephone 2-2828 or LtC CaI '
S e more effective when thcane Playtex e e e de trouble. It is not yet in quantity Roosevelt. Mik stage Buworkton. eaudral of St. Luke. All boys
oridiestes bra is worn for added support. RMo0t-S-1* W 1918110 duction, although promised for rers, Richard Casey: Cof. Goe- not registered but who are in-I

nealt oaf wh uic ,.ar indcates b- a ,,s, ins wor fo r added,,, suppor.i o.e example anl a warn du cn hom
ee that r tht owin recent Try these proven exercise ey 1 V Double Pabe t year thals, Douulas Marti: Snre terested in joining the troop
ly n oft eI 1t o Krkcade Exe"orcis er en theira s
my We4York Aeide- Opening lad-# Iw" Gloster Javelin is not yet in Arguers-boss, Gordon. Boswell. ents are invited but not requir-
lbraf eofcine These findings. Exercise I. Criss- roasfingers, service either. worker, Bruce Hill; President ed to attend. Aoplication blanks
y itwo eminent specialists on raise arms out front, level with At reset RAF frontline Wilson. Billy Mounts: photogra- will be avlable.
breast M. Clauden ulbert and shoulders. Press backs of hands fstrengtis limited to 10-year-o Id hers, Richard Keigley, Ted Mar- Persons desiring further In-
Drest. Else enlade La ROe, conclu- together hard and release. Re- Iweren't afraid of boring my Meteors and nearly-obsolete Vam- tl. Robert Boyd; oressmen. Ed- formation concerning Troo 5
D, Eley Indcte thoe. scing t peat several times. C readers I would probably print pires and Vvnoms. die Jennings, Jimmy Fnhns- should contact Edward Lcas.
ively indicate the-. esag some such hand as today a about Ward admitted no guided missil- worth: Roger friffith, Explorer, telephone 2-2828 or Lt. Col. S.
brea are th e real enei es of e i Id caneoth ce wee hta a a es ae in operational use, but Post 4, stage work. J. Beaudry, telephone 2-6382.
health andowleuty e o a- r horrible example and a warning
e that a bra that supports. Bubinstein lithe line overhead, to all adventurous bridge bidders
sand separate s i vital to arms held upright; p ress arms to mend their ways.
health as well as style. back In short rot r movements There is no excuse for a vulner-
The s we las ma saylinare o until arms are tired. Exercise a overcalln on the South hn and.
Minus wiring, boning or stif- Hold cane or lithe line across he hand may take three or four
toning, the new nlon and elqs- the back at shoulder level, with tricks, but that is hardly enough
tie bra just introduced by Play- arms outstretched. i ft cane to justify a bid that promises to
tex, lifts. firms. and separates overhead without benling el- take seven tricks
better than nature, accord to bows. l Repeat several time. In this case South was rom.
the makers. Designed aitr .w punished for his foloish b d West
years of research 'osent .Do you know how to choose double dprisply, and all passed
qiti. .the ,right flttin bra? le Ie', hO ; aving ekm at t-o .Le a &A.
flatter a thou h.t ,for YOu neth thu e s t and add flY-s was glad to.have a chase tote de
slon ,ives asallb o tYe m hm tinches.If the answer is an .opadfend with his balanced hand, and
rith, land support of the in- number, subtract an inch when South knew that he had heard the 1
est. tustom-made eanment, plus choosing a Playtex bra. The cusP crack of doom.
the comfort recommended by the tom cut of this bra, assures bet- West opened the eight of dia-.
medical professon. ter fit when a smaller, rather monds 'and East won with the
In order to understand why, than a larger size Is chosen, jack of diamonds and promptly
a slight knowledge of breast returned his low trump. South
physiology is important. Unlike Finally do you know the cor- played low, and West won with
the stomach, the breast contains rect way to get into a bra? This the nine of heart.
no ligaments to hold it in place. is another secret that often in- West led another diamond, and
These mammary glands are com- sures perfect fit. Do it this way. East won with the queen. 'ast
posed of skin tissue suspended Place arms through shoulder now returned the jack of hearts,
from muscles located at the up- straps. (Another advantage of and South put up the ace. For
per ribs, collarbone and upper Playtex Bras IS that straps dop't lack of anything better to do
arm bone only. train on these slip.or cut). Bend forward .so South led the ten of clubs and
musclds caused by bad posture bust falls into bust cups. Run let it ride for a finesse.
or overweight, minus the "sling" fingers around bottom. Hold The rpst was easy for the de.
support of a bra that controls, shoulder straps and shake slight- fenders and very sad for South,
but glvea -as you live, may ham- ly so that bust falls into proper East took his two remaining top
per the blood supply to the position: this assures proper urp- diamonds, after which the defend-
breast tissues and cause them to lift. erg took their two top clubs and
wither, grow old. This can hap- got out with a spade to South's
pen even in young women and ace. South had to lead trumps to
Is more the result of improper THESE ARE TRE JOKES West, giving up two more tricks
care.of the breasts than of preg- to the king and ten.
nancy, according to medical au- BANGOR, Me. (UP) An Altogether, the defenders took
thori alee. 11-year-old girl walked into the three truaps, four diamonds, and
How to mould breasts into the public library here and asked for Jthree clubs, setting the contract
,firM high rounded outline of to- Victor Hugo's "The Hunchbaok of four tricks for a penalty of 1100
diay ls smart fashions de _nds Notre Dame." The librarian asked points. This was almost twice the
first, on a bra that supports, for whom the book was intended. value of the game that East and
like the Playtex bra; and on The girl replied: "My younger West might have bid. They were
good 'posture, proper diet and brother. Ne ju t19ves football perfectly willing to accept the
chest eaerclaes. This applies to stories.," gift.c


'i '.- -
S..'. .. .

- ...1
. ..
. ,tw"@

I -

"Nuts" to the (7en'a
leaguered at Bastogne, .rplas
Gen. Willia a pe who..
yesterday. He go as *vnele W
a 15-giu salute adi a
guard -at -~edquartar ler -
Earlier ta, MCAM
over command of the U.S. iv.
enth Army to Lt. Geo,-.'.e ,- I
Bodes in formal eremonies

is! Paula Sullivan winces in ad-
ip in an impromptu rehearsal of
attractions of the Midway-style
s during the St. Luke's Spring
e than a score of varied attrac-
al, which yearly is a Dry Season

A new lens for Rollelflex -4 C
Zeiss Planar f:2.8/80 ta
Five glasses combined Into
four elements provide, in.
this new construction by
Carl -Zeiss, a new high f,
ficiency lens of Gauss typ
with outstanding quallt)l4
The lens Is calculated W
give almost aberrationi-fr":
performance even at

155 Central Ave.
Phone 2-1803


DECEMBER -31. 1954

.U. S. government. Bonds ..........................
All Other Bond .......... ............. ........
FIrft Mortage Loans .........*......
LoeaiL to Pli4yowners ...........................
Cash in Banks ........ ..........................
Premiums Receivable ....... ......... .........
Real Estate ..................
Stock s ...................... .........- .....

Accrued Interest ...................
Other Assets ...... ..............
TOTAL ........ $

Reserve for Policles .............. ............ $
ClaJms Pending ,...............................
Policyowner Dividende Declared ..................
Policy Dividends on Deposit ......................
Pr .tWnse in Advfanoe ..........**..'.. .... i.
Interet In Advance............................
Zetimated Taxes .....e.........................
i ser a e .. .... .. ........ ........ ... .
tl Labilties *........... ......................
S*rphy apud bcudty
. Vf R OBeuervd -u ii i. II....... ...I.....$
TOTAL ........$

$ 8,535,841.81

1 635,000.00




C A iumtnil

dWtrA8 $u.jt &.

&, u-iVA

The new and different Playtex Living Bra is "custom.contoured"
to fit and feel as i fashioned for you alone!

Now. elastic and nylon used in a new way, to g-i-v-e with
your every motion ... actually move with you,never against you.
From the very first moment you'll see and feel the dramatic
difference. Snowy White... Playtex Living Bra washes and dries so easily..
always comes up ... and never needs ironing.
Get your Playtex Living Bra in its Heavenly Blue Package. Only $4.50
Come in or phone- us

inn Store Branch Store

4, 2 -Ceral Ave. *

Both Ses IN 6 Tivoli Ave.


Agceift4,ap uetd.a

Ja~ fliIs~m


e A e* a a IR e e a


Kitten-soft fabric inside,
figuremolding latex owuide. .
Here's a smoothing, ulcekig miracle of lam ., ,
u ever so gracefully.. .cradles you in a
fabric lining, without a seam, switch, stay c"
Playtex Girdles are completely invisible undert4e.
revealing dothes. And, mr joy they wea t
in qgconds. Same price as in UA.4.A.
., t Ji

- -- :- -.. .- = ,- a' .- -
.. *'*^all^^? ^^'!-"$9

-_.~ 7 4c- II

ai p"i ^ .* :. ,, --.#-t .1

-* U7

C 1~

.- -,.
.f.-.- -,.

.*: LI $;'-

K. 26

-- r-4


V A'I I'A.

OfN[U M 1 IS 76,O000.000.00
-.. OVER 8 10000.000.00


* M 'e 4

t. : i,' :"'- 't .....






1 **'


: +


-. .-. Ju*. -._.-,t. t^




-. ~ *-t.* -

' F-

.sJUTINGUETTE, the famous
ch, Leg-la-la, lets loose this
at at vardyn Monroe: "This
an Monroe, never does she
aw her lege frankly to the cam-
-tr Always one knee is pushing
the the othel or she is standing
Her legs apart and the toes
hinted out, or ner dress s dclev

RT Ok' ROT! Alfred Hitchcock i
a scaredy-cat. The master of;pleasure in drinking blood, after
spense is afraid of-hold on to doing in his icuims.
ur skimmers-ops. "The man," grinned Hitchcock,
"Oh, dreadfully afraid of them" obviouslyy was full of old-worl
Sheiock says. "I know what it Icharm."
tarfed with, but I can't do any- STAR LETTER ROUTE;"Dar
t g about it. STAR LETTER ROUTE "Dear
Dick: *
'"ou geM, when I was a boy in Our television show and record-
agland, my f a t h er was v%2ry nlags for Columbia keep Paul and
dieu with the ltoUce. And'so, me pretty busy, but .e did find
there gpave me a note and had We are both vry happy with the
me take it to the police station, results. Paul was so Impressed
e er4eant gave me quite 2 he sat around posing as a 'man of
Iture about ben bad, and lock. distinction' for a few days. He
meIII ot a ce or a minute or came to tMe realization that he
o was making a pretty poor showing,
so he gave it up.

.My dog doesn't only chase cars-
b catches them. The other day he
light an MG and brought it
% ea and buried it in the garden.
'4- n
.."ver since then, I've been
araid of them. When one comes
am to lea me a ticket to the
Ieemen's ball, I'm shaking for
j' week afterwards. And I never
Stove a ear, for fear of crossilag
*hat with a pmeeman, Wail
fw years ago."
Everyone. Hitchcock says, has
o r more fears. And more or
jesa joys them. -especiaUlly if he
Sbows that everything will turn
right And there, he says, li
-Re secret of his success-people
!suspapse films keause they
ow toina w il tuw t uut OK in U
-"If My Jsow the heroine won't
at *ngled," he says, "people
A pease. Fear can be quite
S."yo-u'. we all have suspense
#la A -daIy ,vu -will we be
l to our taxes will the |
v tun out all rright-so
relief la suspense that
pie e l p el. AMant ,
ar sad Brie to a

"Timmy is getting to be a big
boy. He had his second birthday,
not so long ago We're convinced
he's the greatest living exponents
of perpetual motion. Like all
small boys, he has many Interests,
but the main passion of his life
seems to be trucks. He never
wants any other kind of toy. We're
sure he plans to be a truckdriver.
"Best regards from, the Weston
Cordially, Jo Staford."
dionlit was practicing, says Grace
iDowns. A neighbor interrupted-
,"Do you know there's a baby
asleep upstairs?"
, "No," answered the lausiclal
i"hum a Utt of It,"

Marilyn Monroe

Falls To Appear

For Traffk Charge
I. (pP)- Sey film actress Marl-
i Monro ws aousbt on a
4 stt r y eof a

.SE AUW N .f ^ Char Offn s
T* Suf te bench warrant yester.
y day tad set bill at 100 for Miss
air Monroe to retain her freedom.
D two new suspense films The actress was reported In New
ady "To Catch a Thief." York but no one answered for
it Car Crt ad Grace (What, her when her cae was called.
a?) The other. "The The actress of nude calendar
tle Harry," is described fame was cited Nov. 21, accord-
Hltchback as "a sort of gentle inr to police records, for not
storal.abt a dead body." having a driver's license after
fltchet for both professional she was stopped here by patrol-
and pers purposes, keeps up man H. P. Swantek.
.thie 1 i4erime literature. On
I. desk three books dealing Miss Monroe recently was in
th true. and he recounted Boston where she visited her di-
the gory with obvious rel- vorced hm hand. ormerr baseball
. One i aed a chap who took star Joe DiMaSggo.

1"5 ora 01o MARTRA WAINS

r THOUbII I WAS M.u50om0
|r NEoMAN--BUT WPMtItLU/ff't
opr \>o..r sw o sewa.fA ,
w ME L a> A OR-MAM-* SM r

I' A *'
n. A --. ,, a "

"I'm just wondering f this apron would look becoming
on a short man with a 46 waiSt!"


Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service


S.S. "MAJORKA" .................................Feb. 4
*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ...............................Feb. I
*S.S. "YAQUE" ....................................Feb. 12
B.8. "AVENIR" ....................................Feb. 11
S.S. "MORAZAN" ................................Feb. 11
*S.8. "HIBUERAS" ...............................Feb. |2
B.S. "MABELLA" ...................................March 2
*Banding Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo

New York Service


I.S. "B3FJORD" ................................Feb. 5
I .. "JUNIOR" ....................................Feb. 7
"MATAURA" ..............................Feb. 7
8.8. "MAFALDA" ..................................... 12
8.S. "FRABERLANGA" ...........................Feb. 14
S.S. "VINDEOGEN' ..............................Feb. 20
8.8. 'COMATAGUA" .............................Feb. I21
Weekly ullimp of twelve puasseger hlps to New
York, New Oremsa, L s Antele, San. Fnacle
ar d Seittle.

pc a roa trip tare fIrol Ciobal t New
Los Alelgi, Sa Francisco ad Seattle.
W.o Now York ......................$240.00
To Los Anpoles and San Francisco ....$270.00
Te Seattle ......... ............. .365.00


21 *


nflatAAW Lan AU e j?

PANAMA 2-2904


r=1 N'r ALL
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P JB^^^^^OF

It's a Wise Child

New Businen

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GolaE for a dW .




Breaknr the News




y LoU.3, TWULNa

A Cop? Try Me!


+504 Sp"rr VAT CEMEPl
I.Y 16 DEAD!-. WE 3ST
14 lWITHA 4 AR
oFr AM e0
di r^ HALLO/.

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-i ...A-, *" "4-i : ", r

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k- A
^^&^rwr aw *r^i$M^dl?

I.Uy .ente to o m e..I .a -..
." ". .. *& .", o
i i- I Il I* I* I I "" -'. 5..' _. ^' ,

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...-'..f --- "-. ,, ... .. .'
uwLOV.I f TVKNO low- 6W 4fo Club Queen of Cen-
tral and South a, i "FoBw Your Heart" model. Mss
tevenson,whO B1-known in both, the Canal Zone and the
epubl6 of, has appeared in many fashion0 show on
the Isthmus; she is sure to add to the success of the. Beta Sigtma
hi fUshion show on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at the Washington
Retel. Fashions for the show are being supplied by Metta's -
Colon and are the latest. Mr. J. ,. Oakley will be at the piano
during the entire show. Immediately after the showing of the
.apAnnent, disasert will be served to all present. Tickets may
kbpkt1iU et, from, any Beta Sigma Phi member or model
.- ppearg in the show, or at thb door.
Color.a it gaiety will Al" I on a tarday eveWnlg at elub-
homuse of tb6 P. ft 1414 oAa. BoeF Roat where a
."Shipwres4 ID s Ilao ed for p-s befs, their wives and
mlitted r"' a-'
ir -the aSI7JI

ge".w s eoSb's he :;a.spe al me' "
Srdn orB thae Odae nandbraktsat'.terward.
" P.,fR T Mi aSM t ,a* ,utsr nU # bA saldly_. invited.

T. Jrce Asi es For Visit' Mr. and Mrs. Bird
Lt. Albert J. Joyce, Jr., arrived Leave For New York
oar Tusadiy for a visit with --his Mr. William J. Bird, Panagra's
parents Mr. and M'L Albert J. "lor f eprasntative in Pabams
ig of avi L A baa. for the Ust tree yfirs detartd
-e 31aI to ere for aboqt early yesterday for his new am
o- A A an. italhoeBt thdin executive ofites of
the company in New York. he and
Bird were honored 'at a num-
^g, ^-S;- ~ .I desedidas.
the Diugh-
tafil es. Ar m y WoaeSmeuilag t Joquete ,
IS uar fcb eon M a*fL .. Luis J. Vares
a the o taon Of- Chitf are spending their honey
-fi b, an Tuesday, moon at Hotel Panamonte In Bo.r

tHiemeettIg' which-wAs press ded Gato.a Womentanb
e_ rby tlt m.iqt. Mrs. '.."ch. ValeTlne Cad Party ,. .
ai 'aylar The Oa..boa Women's Cb
S ltd It annual card party tell
os .ecaivei members or assoel. 11 at 7;30 p.nt.'at the civic e
ate members are invited to cont- Ler.
*ft Mrs. Taylor at Fort Kobbe 3135i Door and table prizes have

Delicous, rdtrahing AA

- .1ust &mS ex 9

*. F
- '-1


:-. I

i ha my be boegt'-at Sit ,.- ,. he board's deeiso-s a the
.fltrnifWWt acbidcU iddaetwere
@ipe Tea Tomorrow -. ierately aimed at effee ting
,, .,,r :-s.,, .
isthmlan Canal Rebekah Club # bar asat I thr law den
No-, will have a Gypsy Terntoe ,,by big ness, org a-
hrrow, Friday evening 7 and i
the public s united to um.,n AJF President George Meany
heun thr fortueSl to andl tgS aid lie felt "the administration is
fie fun of al4 the fortune probu es to the extent that the
la s. P rnaa the extent that
Ms. l l re of The treat mass of ig-
Mrs. lle M. Bennett, or an statement of the re
deML of the club, says there w Ident notwithstanding."o
ete ranment f oBr eve e, .This attitude is becoming, a
e says come out and ty
sl tea and refreshmuts and see
whal our Jortune tellers see in the Mir. MaMer Lanlado, of P u e r t o
crystal ball. at the Win Memorigl Armuelles, .nd Mr. and Mrs. Vic-
' salboa Road." q Mendez G., of David.
Or Bow Desoampenas s O Vaeltl.
thrd Atubrsado r a S. Futah A. Short and his
"ad-Mrs. Francisco Uno Osegueda Vfe. Mrs. Aura Rosa Tarte Short
have, issued Invitation to a ctek, Ft. Clayton have left with
.tail arty on Sunday In honor ot their little daughter Elizabeth for
the Italian Ambassador and Baro- a vacation in the States.
ness Rosset Dessanure. Bar o an ""
Rosset Dessandre has Jeen nam- (For more scwezy news please
pd Italian envoy to El Salvador. turn to page 7)
Big Canal Zone
Orchid Show Opens
Saturday Jor Four Days
The Canal Zone Orchid Society
is oepning fourth annual orchid
show on Saturday at 10 a.m. at
the JWB-USO on Balboa Road.
,Thereafter the show will Ib
open to everybody from 9 a.m. to
10 p.m. for two more days, Sun'
4ay and Monday.
, The Gold Coast Orchid Society
Will have a special exhibit in the
how and display orchids -ar, be-
JAg flown in' from Oregon, Calif- .
:rsia and Hawal.
uemeh Ambassador, Wife,
Entertain Costa lcans S
'The Ambassador of France ad'
Urf Lionel Vaase Were hosts last
evening at a dinner given, at their
La Cresta residence in honor of
the Ambassador of Costa Ri ca
and Mrs. Jorge Loaiza.
New Spanish Classes
New Spanish Classes- will start
at the Balboa YMCA-USO tomor-
row Thursday..The begnners will
meet at 5:00 p.m., intermediate
at 6 p.m. and advanced at 7:00
p.m. Mis Maria del Piar Vega,
who has taught hludreds of Can.
al Zon residents "1 (peak span-.
ish wil i the imti .Th. Th e
gap .L, meet' wem a week,. "i

w '... W

most at a. ..,i.tF
Registrations for classes may
be mded at the Balboa YMCA.
Gets In Boquete
Recent guests at Hotel Pana-
monte in Boquete included Mr.
and Mrs. Felipe Motta', of Pana-
ma; Miss Margaret Watt, of Seat-
tle, Washingtn, Mr. Armando
Cruz Cobos, of Habana, C"ba: Mr.
Vicente Coytte, Jr., of Panama;

4 ., --. b -

.... :, "-^a.-" -.





EAFP*u a



President -to 'restore eqial l -
tVe under the law-to the wkine
of this country" by naming a "fair
ad umblaed" member o*f the
NILR3 to. itifi~e AJbert C. Eec-
o,1.9o" ,06d A ...
leany A. the AF did not
have a,.ndLdati for the post but

Wholesale Prices
Of Foods Drop
% NEW YORK, Feb. 3 (UTP) -
Whole food prices as measured
by the Dun & Bradatreet index
dropped slightly behind last
week's figure, It was announced
The $6.86 registered in the
week ended Feb. 1 compared
with $&88 last week, $7.01 a year
ago and was 14.9 per cent above
the pro-Korea $5.96.
On the index, which represents
the sum total of the price per
pound of 31 foods in general use,
11 commodities declined. 5 ad-
vanced and 15 held unchanged,
from the previous week.





(Former Boxer) "Our Bible How It Cant'4tr UJ& ",

"Preaching that packs a

FRIDAY 7:30 p.m.

priday-"The Formation of the .M '
Punch Saturday-"The Bible Rpr.e 'rrt
Europe" .
NIN SUnSay---"The Making o .
RYONE NEW! HIastdriol Dramatio- mttm.1

- SATURDAY 7:30 p.m. SUNDAY 7 ,fl
-.. ". : ** ,^


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. '*- .





;J .
j ~1

1' ,~
I, -
r,'~ *~ 1t

I.' A '. .',

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(. ,* f ,
r. )'"- ,',, -

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e e e e e

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&rvoua FA
4 fr5v,,q r a
.... .. n 'j.i -. .

'/. .
I ,4 .' .';
?," / ; W--7
** .'. ,_ --.
". *,.-5" .'.
- : 1

'N-; W*. fvf
t $7

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"/:r~;- .. ""


"The trouble





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i i'Ad '7.




t. ye aveo a
Tea. Nq

.. -- V J f < I

sto:ife AvOeL t I
Semuad .
Pow wbwuator Ge-a.
k .M. -ahinst. D.C.
,It5let Defitbi Pedro MW"uel
Ad Gamba. CZ

th -rKf.Iusa
SrEfl .T ^G .'
tE it SL a SA
Vt AL.t ( )

* to IM
In or"-


Cenua' Ave. 14V
Nao. I Lommry -kLam
Frurl6 of July Ave.

Agend$ lb pwi|U m VUwclof FARM

P q 7 Susel
V, '. a. V 6 No .4


-J -- *
-LIT.-.; .0Sin"..ti. +-

i__ Pu t I -- .. L ,] cIL, -'

FOR SALE:-25 cycle Norge Re-
frigerator. Good condition. Extra
mptor. $35.00. Apt. R4D Rous-
seau, Tel. 25-31951 .

J iENT Two electric ranges,
"uu wwqher, 25 cy. motor. Bat-
t-.aool'.Rer frigerotor 9 cU. ft.
-1 7 cu, #,--Phone'Mi. IChollyl Wil-
Vh .M" Balboo 2-3 r66.
S. SALE:-Livin room. et, 4
"0 pieces. Very cheap. Poaltillo Air-
S '" ,p.' 5th St. No. 115. Can be
fWfl < peh mornings.
,. FOR $ALE:T-Electrlc fan, Gen.
*j q .Ironer, Wash machine. 11
j; ft;, lfrigerator. -Defroster And.
Freezer Camp., alH 25 cycle. 2
a-y. Q.M chests. Cot. 2 nmattrTsss,
iral Ba mboo blinds, "6/0 Penn. Reel
*& Rod,. 4 8 Studeboker./Land
S rultser Sedari. House 608B, An-
"j con Blvd. Phone 2-1251.

FOR 'SALE:--Mahogany table 6
choois. Pbone Navy 3300 or.83-
4208, Can see a 673E, Curundu.
"FO ESA-E -Bedroom set (com-
plate) mahoganyn; rnnersprTlg
mattress% Piano' excellent condi-
tlen, Call Panama 3-5102 be-
,twean 8 a.m.-10 p.m.

Help Wanted
. WANTED: An .experienced-
cook. Useless to qp0ly, without
references: Apply to 7 & 8 St.
Sita. lab" e No. 9063. Apt. 6.

DtOp--Lesa s in my studio or
ht'popils borne.-On Saturdoys
lessons 'in Cristobal-Colon. For
.Inforotlons call: Prof. Franz
Monfredi, Panama 3-1909 or.
CrInqbal ;424.
Instruction Jn modern piano play-
S In4erseby Zez Bennett not-
ed uaponal pianist-teacher
l-bmutroa leader,* yeats
experience;.' ; 2-
~ e ^a'B*l~n* __ 'n~c,

Sad Sat-
s a.m. On
as wil be

V 'nd end
,lon and
any of the

Walter Wincfil


Evel do



.FOR SALE:-1954 Ford Custom-
line Six. 4-ioor, radio, direc-
tional indicator. Call 3-3580.'
FOR SALE: 1941 Chev. Con-
vertiblq. Reasonably priced. Call
Ft. Clayton 6244 after 6 p.m.
* FOR SALE:-1954 Dodge V8
Custom Royal. Phone Navy
3300 or 83-4208 after 5 p.m.
FOR SALE: Dodge Coronet,
,perfect condition, duty pid. Bar-
gain. Telephone 2-1259, office
'FOR SALE:-1948 Cadillac. 4-
door Sedan. black, W-S-W tires,
leather upholstery, radio. Bar-
gain. Telephone 6333, Balboa.
FOR SALE: 1952 Plymouth
Cranbrook, 4-door 'Sedman, duty
'tOt paid, 2500 miles, new re-
cappdf tires, leather upholstery,
,$11150.00. Can be financed.
Telephone 3-4718.

FOR SALE: 1,950 PRlnouth
Sedan. "Lambswool Cream fin-
6h. New rubber. Extras. 34.000
Miles $750.00. Private owner.
Gatun 5-579.
, ---- -

- I

Real Estate
t*'FOR SALE.--Cottav,-o- Santa
"R'Cia. Concret,-Oart:. furnished,
2750.00. Phone 2-4255 or 25.
FOR $SALE Concrete house,
2000'meters of land, "Nuevg. A
rrailan." -Telephone 2-2809.
FOR SALE:-Concrete house ond
furnishing In Santa Clara. 8000
meters fenced ladid opdiopte
Williams Blue Cottage. Inspect
any weekend. Terms. Norman
Hodstte Navy 3295 or 2488
FOR SALE:--Magnificent lot. ex-
cellent.'location, Parque Lefevre.
Near of. Heights Bargloin price.
Teleplhbre 6333 Balboa, 2-1701

Feb. 11th, 12th, 13th
.Sponsored by Hotel El Panama.
3 Full Days. Leave February 11 I th
at 7:30 o.m. return late Sunday
afternoon 13th. Fishing through
* the Pearl Islands, visiting with
pilmitive Choco Indians, spear-
lihg crocodiles, jock light hunt-
ing, cruising up the Sambu river,
.aboard El Panama's Pescadora.
Bring old clothes, comfortable
CAMERA, For information, res-
ervation, phone Jungle Jim,
Hotel. El Panama, Panama 3-
1660. _
DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clin-
ic. 209 Central Avenue. beside
Capitolio Theater. Phone 2-3479

S iscellaneous
FOR SALE: 1 Kodak Duaflex
II Caomers with flash attachment,
$15.00. 4 cots with mattresses,
$.Ofeach. Large trunk $20.00.
32215A Curundu, Phone 83-

FOR SALE:-Montuo complete.
7th Street No. 7-46.

*OR SALE: Record player.
brand new, 60 cycle. Tel. Balboa
S 832. Mrs. Hill, anytime.
! O SALE--One Plymouth en-
5ilne, 2 clutches for G.M. 671,
I V'/ to I reduction gear. Colon

Boats & Motors
FOR SALE:- 12 ft. boat. 7 '/
hp. motor, troliler, an daccessnrie.
2507 B Tamarind, Cocoll.
FOR SALE.-21 foot Sport Fish-
ing Cruiser, Gorwood hull plan
with 90 hp. Chrysler, Cruiser 15
plus on 3 gals, 95 gal, aonel
.tank. Full cabin, slee 2 on
seat bunks, equipped for night
,fishing, 3 spot lights, $500.00.
See at Gatut Y.C. or call 5-357.
FOR SALE.--Triumph Thunder-

S FOR SAL-La odeI 0 hp.
'N W Joahnson, excellent rnnl .con-
tfbal"-1 ha ditlon, and 8 hot raci run-
profsloa has about. Call 6-294, of p at
ben at a faster rate 126-B, Gamboo.
h -an'pDatlon of the Unit- '
ed. States, rdin to Faots A-
out r published by theNew ilm WlBe
,menican rsea 'Association "
2% ,Week. (Imaw. A a i
Mtrecent 'f show. Shown At BaI s
employed register nurses for .
every 100,000 per In this Y h al
country compared to 55 in 1S G. U 11
1?7 In 1930 and 210 in 1940. D -' A weekend Youth RevivaJ Is
in thissame prOd the ratio eheduled for the st Baptist
of physicians and ureons per Church forr.
1000.0 population has changed day, and 8 r ML
from 1 6I1910 to 128 in 1950. night. Rev ,*U Kr .k
These figures indicate that the evngelist fromf Hammon,
reported shortage of nurses is dan, will be the speaker; r.
due not to diminishbir number, Tony Philips s chairman of
but to increasing needs for nus-, pans. Miss Dorothy Hicks Is In
e' service. Charge of music, and Mr. Ralph
Nurses like other'health Der- Mtaon is in charge of publicity.
sonnel are. not distributed from R v. Krooswyk, a popular young
coast to coat in direct propor- peoples" speaker. Is vacationing
tion to dopilation. Persons liv- for a few weeks In the Panama
n in Conncticut, District of a and has consented to hold
tolumbla,- o Masachll tts who a three day revival sponsored
tdw a Prolesei al gtereby the Baptist young
qurse e are locker than most In conjunction with -L.W
tese are over 40 em viva! the first showing a
nurethes re over 410000 employ-va n y released hfilm Or
hedre. in Californi00a, olorao, -How It Cam ToUs i st be
"lware. M-alion Ne oadew present t td t the Can l: In
. .l...r..e, ..., Nw people. One of the grl-t
amp tare, w York, or e stories o f h a hitry It
iaren there are over 300 retis-rof how the ible s
1 It Mr MAR OPlA Pltous through the a o
m .I ._ us-Pjalnrd The Amer ican e.
S w.0 eky n respe nsible forl-the I and
e.,tM10LS ramiatic document iT

s' tlofof0n l t lheI
fik -,,o .006nm. uu which traces the hi .t0d
a rsear, -,ttne. s ^ !the development of the anDaI irel

44t .a...av,,Soift In public ten, and then the tr'ad a
health nuretsil 74.000 M -private the Scriptures Into LIt

limes tea hungerr than most Ployed In the cast aWi t U a
eminloye4d w 1n dd 56. n3rT product.fe many AfMn.
cent ae e been married. ning research ad t
Medlin ag for actnv profes- in .
QtBara m U U&Is 3"M eiht ni"h On
ntba m th uithe me- feature
B at* t ble : on tiunaf
SIto1 Uie tud.Ste 3 Biblesaresf
top~a~oifw and on Sundaj -
- tenittleS. 8. oua^n n

Revornishiniq Job Retired E
On Admin tAiding W. J. Lo3jm

Cneq T' o' 11 da Dies At

at Balboaedaya
R -40yUfrs-..

PMi.pea. tta ...
Sonta 4c35, &
Phone Pag .I18 C3. rito-
bal 3-167

GramIwv AS .-tiaralm B fah
Coatta. IModf. convnmlces,
nmoderqt rote.. Phone Gamboo
6.441. .

FOST'ER' T iES, one' mle
past Sdta-C' C. Low rates,--
Phone Balboa 1a,6.

SHRAPN furnished haeuts..
on beah j aSpta Clara. Tele-
phone TNM ttolboa 1772.
WILLIAS Simanta Clara Beach
Cottages 'lc :refigerotiqn,

FOR RENT:-2 bedroom chalet.
Living, dining-room, servants
quarters, garage. g spacious
grounds.'Phone" -07,15, 3-4911.

FOR. RENT: To responsible
* party ni furnished eholet; 3
. bedroom. baths, mold room
SWith btt and garage. Good
neighbohod. 38th St. No. 4-
5 1. 2' "

FOR RENT.Fur-nlsbed chalet 2
Sbedrooms, living room, dining
room, IJt en,. stove, refrigera-
tor. Ogaag, garden. Sar Fran-
claco 18th- Streeit No. 8.'

ATTENTIOl 6.1.1 Just built
modern furnished apartments, 1,
2 bedrooms, hot. cold water. Tel.
Panar3 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Fumished and un-
furnished 2 & 4-bedroom apart-
ments. Contact Alhambra Apart-
-ments, 10th Street. Phone 1386,
FOR RENW:-Furnished apart-
ment. 2 bedrooms, lvin room,
dnlng. room, perch, 2 baltrooms.
481t Street No. 27. Beao Vista.

FOR RENT-A cool .w bed-
moom apartment. Conpletea fur-
ntshed for three Me)onths only.
Ave. Ce No. 12, Apt. 4, Tel.
2-1456. '
FOR RENT: 2 bedroom cool
spacious, desirable apartment in
best resl4intlol district. Call 2-
1661 jiing buJness hours.
FOR R4TRT:-Fumlshed, modem
Qoert ne concrete house, ..
$65.00 Viq Poars 114.'

FOR RENT:-Nicety fumished
one bedroom apartment, 911 mod-
emrn cohvenieces, Jocated at El
Congreio, AvlIlable at / once.
Phone 3 -46,f4..

FOR RENT:s--4petment, 2 bed-
rooms, living-dining room, kitch-
en.. bathroom. 13th Street N....
16. Via.Porraos.
FOR RENT: .2 apartments liv-
Ing-dining room, 2 bedrooms,
k ihenathtoarn. 2 apartments,
ti irip m, -1 bedroom,
tcafers Spacious loa.
S le ffce, ware-
house oat agencies. "B" Avenue
b.7th. Sf-t,.city. Tel. 2-1701,

POR-.RENT:-- BeautIful modern
furnished two bedroom apart-
ment". Pru Ave., No. 37-48.
FOR RENT: Apartments iI
building, '"Mirodor" Federico
twd A*ue No., 4. 2 bedrooms
wh bethrt n combination din-
ing-ilvtng room, kitchen and
servants room with bath. Phone
Pnamtne 2-1466.
FOR'itow.-.Two bedroom a--
partfbit with balcony in Belle
Panama 2-2601.
W T+.-M m n part.
meats InEI eOngreo. Hot wter.
I Furniasd or unfurnished Call
3.5692. Appfy at 2034 Sabonos.

ama city aon
ISuce thbui..W

Mexican ca half l .,

SCity at P.VM l
flight eRa 4 bm w ^i
Jat 10:45 a.m, 4r .City
at 2 p.m. '. -
Pan American allgbt.. Ol t
other six days u the nli~ on-
tinue as betbre, -mliIg en
route between Mexio' Panata City at Guat City,
San Salvador, Maa .?t'. ad
twice weekly at Tapi.b4a1 1q-
ICo. ;.
The more dires .fllg on
Monday and Tuayg'Wt_.two
hours off, the fornN. 'ta-ied
time, an Importsat all" to
through off the former hed
time. an impocta11a* u_1nc to
thi ;h passengers thatlon be-
tween the Mexic an d anoa-
niaui capital. ; '

Church 1Of Wdes
Pay $7 Millonm

CARDIFF, W ales, Peb.S (t)
-The Anglican church of' Wiles
Identified itself today s the, buy-
er that paid more than $,.00C,Ooo
for an Americanowned Offi e c
building in Central Lod6n..
The deal, disclosed .let month.
was one of London's biggit 'real
estate purchases in. IS yeru,
A church spokesman" .= In-
of 60 tenants on the u4 1re,
eight-story Bush House waoul be
used to raise ma lst.ers, salari.

Pane. nd the ueueteremu a
WH. ,. ,
The Nationalists, going ahead
without a firm U.S. commitment
to defend Matsu and Quemoy, !
were reported fortifying the two
islands, determined to fight for -
them. And President Elsenhower
.da yesterdaY the Communinta
would not be allowed to
Diplomats In London refusedI
lo comment on the impasso
whitel w! .xng o- ia PelplmI *

iM l ar.,j was growing a
meit for an unwtten easel
More and more diplomats
convinced the Red Chlese we
aocepto.. bid to Security Co
cu -debate on the "little ware
ly on te basla of Ruas
solutIon which labels the Un
States an a iL .
fThe'l lweow

I IForieanl n formaa ei
I PO =ItI warles
aU aty Hui, tao diugs tot
prFI and -mrmeyo e pub
There W never been mi
/%mpaty. for Ohng In Brit
where he ias eraUy been
Iardld r e pa2t 20 years
itdig a, eorrut and Inm
'dent gove iment. .-
The:Tm In ain editoralI
Friday summed .up the Brt
view'haiit uSaWl "Thedat
,of t out of hN

t0e the Offthw; d o
A. n b tof w idelm

--two .idea

I ofa s
owed that
= voters
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aI be '7 ca s t an
a reserved& Theyjuay be
ii member,
Tiih student orait dtfo,

wt18:lrw all plaa produc- .

mi'r r. -jss- orhPnaira.s

shof the Panama ine's N -
1Og a ffl ri e, retredfro-m erc :.
et of .. iaMea R u "

__ Also. 8Utln on the Grlatobel-
ThurYday areWa total df W ap
Suthwe at, .rp thif e .t h T oe complete CMI Cop .

Me. it ta. u'n the=d Mr. a s.aram e. a .n iM .
leao. dbd ueiand O one a psaengena Mr. and Mrs. u,-rO-.;
ti at, no. A Pwst soNe cYork t,.' .tor a f"; ....,.
Line. Pfizer, who was I"n "
Nh of the Panama ".el's Nt'R-.,

et 'w im ho t bt a office, retired from service 14d ,
fght Ath 'aes ad aot- h D all; er. n-t .. .,ft
lws to. n ear.,. on at .Lso. M. .aer: Mr. ad .._a,. er;

oplucme I circulationn durineo the Mr. Bgan; Or. and Mrs.".
t weekry by the andal Zonlde a his- ataey arp; Mr. ad Mrs. -

Pau L We-man, athorty andcnenaumi, r. and MrB. '"
author of tnhi novels about the,l. Dodd; Rev. phqa Donohne;.
/outhw est he Me, Ir. a.dc Mrs.. ale.e;,ae .
Sad Amerca ht or e crend
upremae. it woeatl err ad IwoMrr.atd_.
e" l tmplete list of new books Mr. aid Mrs. p. W,.Jn:M.
and thr w cuthors announced aby id MBL Lero i;. 7oAJ
e brarwi y thiU weekar fOllows: I.Kraybl; Mr a s '
aNon-fkctain: Prion, Probation, Mi W CarrelO L.. .ai' .. .1 .,
or Parole, KeIn: Irculation during the Mr. James oal,; Dr. and. .
we 0,e r Fbyath, nkeal Zone U- J. Stanley Carp; lMr.and Mrs.J.

eter, il etter, Meindek; woneMr. and MPfer: Mr. S
tor oflthe Southwest where te : An Mr.Donald piMer; s.. wmlh M.

*1!w w-pp Skobl, Wi~llaais: An,- DnlPie;Rev ~i~h:~




A~ j
_____________ 1A
-,T- AN NortHII~tR '*?; *

KIAY 10:30 FM.
7 It

',1-e 5cB Kiio 1ra "i w aU s aw
AHQY!T i6toR "SBRVICB crnag

7.44* MAN=
*-ij~asttm *^^"-

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MAC~t^'! Seteve both |
I~~enc. 52nd Seet

*i pr\iote- both

^llll^ P
*aaa--~aT~.a.. ^jja*e
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f *NICIADO I Sweet Me. 11
S U fi.og july Ave & J StL
.Arxsoumma Ae. and 35 SL
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realdent and eaqh

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f~~flf ~~* nac -^ f *
irfa~ SAW V. K
;Sa '.t.l".,-+ ..
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_..a "..- SUion%

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- .,. ~ 'r *.t)~r*.'~L.'.%.gT.~flr,-.-.winmy,.rp.7tw..rt...r.r-. -,
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-~- V

'3 -

-n~wrrpu "

Shows 1:1
.~ ~ ..^^jfr s =il

CATh pletu1te uA
--;'- Y: T O "SUe
SCARLET Chapters 8 S
TU*MAHWK Newsreel wit
TMWK w Other Pietures event.

8:o0, :S, Y:00. 8:55
Sh,.e been waiting for
iD E N L Y"
I lea. views pf the
i of 'ormosal

ShoWs: 2:00, 4:05, 6:35, 9:08 -
m... A, HE. BoIAMISTo
u "sphR Dgr J4 Ferrer IDA LUPINO
Hup l. oM- Jw errO'BRIEN
ra -seles n Fre. ,e.m- .







--Coiinnad / ^
-" -- HOLLYWOOD- NEA Moty. "Why ot we use real bullets
Earl balej P ... e.. 'Perfection which spna rs the At. wood and .rapeVuWE: Zippy las plere, too?" .
To Beett aSm k1niie U acter; W. 'B. V'bray,'Sheree North will come to bat for- *
othe t" 5 "zoo home in chairman of the DoMolay )Dviborthe benched Marilyn Monroe in Paul Glass 30-year-old son ef
Ancon pwas setng tor Alpha Council; Mr. and Mrs. 'inomas )'. "Hw to Be Very, Very Popular" let star 6aston Glass, is being
ft '. Sme ,Coinco Thomas Smith, PIB that she won't have to give a eload Yolande vow that its
n, c tin Gibsn, et 1te .ne ls th wt h hetuio rm raIetd o o otat.
M.C. of Paciec Chapter, Order of MMMmm MMMmmm impersonal. true. y taught Eva Gabor and
e4 Over the sort buaess meet. DeMolay; Rev. ,der. guest tion. The new North star wil be r l how to mambo for a
ing a which it was unannimous.l speaker Norman Davison, mas-Ilpping into Mal-ilyp's wadrobp ttr y set that Zea Zsa's kid ister
ly voted to send g .lO of the ter of oJoflurners Lodge, A.F. & and her role but not into her act. h preparing.
ch s .th 'AM.- Mrs Daniel H. udge,-
ter al deS e and Woty Matron of Royal a I m "I haven't even studled her wig. Alan Youn s attractive wife.
another $100M to the International Chai r No. 2, 0...; Mrs. ar-ge," Sheree assured *, ". Gini, makes r pture bow in
Polio Pdastmon e" S. Gulflickson, Mother Advisor cause I have one of my own." "Gentlemen Marry Brunettes."
VirginiaCopello,' gam t.. 'of Cristobal Rainbow Assembly, A fly by night Movietown Plays a fashion model.... Inside
man los the evelg7 introduced Miss Carols Aans, Past Worthy agent by the way is trying to talk reason why Jack ("Helen of Troy
Earl Dmln~', who, ,oi,. Is. Advisor of Blilboa Rainbow As- ens ok his hopefu doll clients inte ") ~p~rnas .the U. S.
tro "my, using tio"ll tns to sembly, and Miss Jane Jennison changing her name to Marilyn has tdo with his bid for American
prove the theories. Dailey Is well of Balboa special guest of the new Karamazov- i cimzenship before returning to
snown n the Isthmus of Panama master Councllor. **'- e.. h ar.
for his study f astronomy. Unhappy with i alth g E E. LEWI re-tell
Du the social hour refrh r were refreshments and Liberace switched doctors.. an ., .e LEWIS 1 re-tel ing
ing5 were served In the warden dancing In the banq',.t hall at being cneerea by nBw medical ophi- io abu Th w ,s
by oo-hostesses. Barbara Aycock the close of the Installation. Music inion that h did not suffer a hea rt ve .d.rin n r Sas o. :
and Potlly Zon. I for dancing was furnished by attack. Tes are being madeek at y,, Is,. fr ina, ce
Mu. -Pat Morgan, sponsor for Professor Murphy and His Melo. Cedars of Lebanon. a- lad .2v be ad.y" .
Alpha bChapter wa present. Oth- dy Boys. want to be technical, Betty -
era w in hcluded. Brbar. Ayuto'- o ad out of retirement DeserlbIng a very sad radio soap
a B to '41mB uBde nn ,LShe warbled tha record t o.r a, Bialance said:
M n F loe, Bette Swear- anO.0 o *wth*her a her fiw" a sai of aldec PRE.
inSep,- -a"Thopsn,- e g g 'y hi.. B. "'CfL' RDA "farewe l *PPeaanc" CIPITATION program."
Weqs W~s.e, Mary Robertso.. Plumps~f fe os
PWas attend this meeting r UU GINNY SIuS is ready. or a Shelley Winters Is working out
wer ie Na, Msargat Trask, U rh M Da lihaf returnto sow b ui ness P h daily at Terry Hunts to make the
Edith Dalblralo ad Iabel K. Boe. Ih I NV1 n Uvly mel atSea' sac Drtofa. sr siui e of Ill-pound grade for ler co-starring
ton. sculpture in steel: .. role with Jack Palance in "The

=i __ -- PARIS, eb. (UP)-D-51gn-
SThoms Ihnl .er b er Janne Lanvin today present
Highest ffice elaF ed a safe and sane spring sll-
nflomas E. Gibason, Jr.. Master houette, nether flat or busty,.
Councilor, and other officers who and very wearable.
will serve with him, were instal- Her creations were hlhUlight.
led at a public installation of At- ed by fluttering 'butter es.
lantic .Chapte, Order of DeMol- Big swung-back collars top-
ay, held Saturday evening, in the oed a curved bustllne and long
Cristobal Masonic Temple. waist. Belts marked "hipDy"
The group of mor than 175 at- hips In sheath styles while gath-
tending included members of At- ered skirts flared in an irregu-
lantic and Pacific chapters, Order lar line below a long molded
of DeMolay, members of Balboa torso on danceable creations.
and Cristobal Rainbow Assemblies, Perky cotton butterflies r.rch-
parents and friends from both ed on the pilgrim collars of suits
sides of the Isthmus, or quivered on the forehead int
lulace of a hat. A whole multi-
Johp N. Albright, who han com-. I colored fleet flew across a tur-
pleted his term is masterr council- iquolse linen dresM.
or, was .rthe pHdU l f the; Belts, slunR backward Ik&
or ti dllal .''e W A. t6e.colla, canmesin wide Rleplni
Van uiele,, Jr., ,M.C., se u or ilinm patent leather, woven under
couaclo;; Irl R, Sanders, Jr., P. full sKirts. Another version dip-
M.C. junior eouncjlor, John M. ped sideways at the hip like a
Puryl, iP.M.C,, senior deacon; cowboy epartridke belt.
Fred A. Newhard, P.M.C., aentin- This collection, essentially
el;- John F. Thomas P.M.C., mar- feminine, put the partisans of
; and Normal lade as organ- the bosom into the lead in the
5st. 1i955 fashion figt. Rix moro
As the officers entered the chap.- trend-setters, Including Chanel
ter room for their installation, and Jacques Fath. have yet to
they escorted Railbow Girls,. show before the question can be
Thomas F. Gibson, the new mas- settled.
ter councillor, escorted J. Hol r
son, wort .a dvisor of Critobl
Assembly Senior ,counrilor,I
Daniel B, entered with -
June aw ; ounlor Mal-I YOU AND YOUR
colti J. n with Diane Scheid- vne n
egg; saerie-tasurer, Jay A. Cun- KIDS WILL LOVE,
ningham with Colleen Salter; sen- p,,, ,
ior dekcon, Andrew Bleakley, Jr. j THE PICTURE THE
with Carol Newhard; junior dea. .
con James A. Facer witi Patricia FII IA Thatr
Eaves; senieir steward, Robert W. L r.i IlirLl
MacSparceu with Jeanne Lind- 1
gren; jur toward, Wilm IS NOW PLAYING!
iavs with-llce Chambers; chap. '
lain, JYMn L. eLdgre with 8sa-I The Famous Btory.. .Now A
dra Joif .1entmlAMark C, Scg- g Wonderful Pictel re,.
beare, _ary Davson wth mm
MauioBle dey' aomer, Philip
s. Eadst with Grace Aar. go, :
msa~ .a Laml wec i
wit lo Stevens orator,. John
Willqugh y with a Wray; first
reeL1Rlh 'Bgg with
pre-caleach;, seco" p.. e wptor, [
Coats; third *r p' William i
ourth c .Raymond C.
fort w ,h a Hghes; fifth
reepto, Savld Il. Stanley with
kann Fhbof; sixth prep i
tor, 4m aP. MIkrw. Wik i
Elrkhson and vOnth preceptor.
Howard I. MeGeughay, Jr. with
on* $ru.- :_

At the .Invttatla of the Instal.
ang Master Ceuniwr, Gibson in- ,
staleg .his son as master council
or, the highest office nla Atlantic
Chapter, arter b his instal- ,
hiBs sdwh a igaei of native |<
wodd to be used during his term
Rev. Paul Olarder, Mins-
ter ei the Margarita .lham Church
sat guest ep|Mher ol the evenling,
gave an iateres address flow-
the nan of the offers.
The traditional flower talk. De- I
Molay's bltd to o e ad d
and ulpedialty to motelr aH airi
w by Johp F. TIMa,

John. Albdm wa

mei ela neat*
P..; ia a ge *oa i ammenlvc.r
l al l re w e 1
Jaiii.^arilfJav Inu ~
ihO -- l ^L '--*. Uf
jgwai. *ISC. M rB d Ia niiiec

Ja! or5 Mi l Jf a& l

P1. 11"' -

k.e.~e ~

,YJ3 Bing Crosby I -
'V *Shows Improvement,|

"kidibaLt I 0Following Surgery R
k _'a abq b ein 1. p with Lint Folo in
l !veral I weu'ometh drama
tic with 330." I HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 3 (UP) I a
Handsome Lams stermed em TV Crooner Ding Crosby's conditlun a.
acoule of month ago in t ol ollowinr asuery two weeks a- | 1
Back in Dawei' and "that's the ,go was repored excellent today
kind of e role I'd le to daen at 8t. John's Hospital in nearby
the screen just Mice. Jult because Santa Monica.
I h ave an accent doean t mean I .
always have to dip my hair In oil. Dr. F. C. Schlumberger, who
stick in thra rows of teeth and performed the operation for re-
smile for nine reels. Thore .'minn' moval of kidney .tones, said B
-through roles get you nowhere." Croshy was "$ettinr along won-i i
------ derfu ly well." He said the film |
Overheard: star will be sent home next
Overheard" e.
1wa. wearing me of those dres. wek. n
Sthat Starts late ned ear. Crosby haa been conducting
".4IIORT TA : Singer Mon- iS busIness affairs from a pril-
lea Lewis and O'Brien called vate room and told the few in- |
o pla for wedding beh..... mtiate friends who have visited
ost feflm verioof "Okla. hi tht he was "enjoying the |
horn!" will be $0,000,000, the mnBt rest" In the hospital. 1 ^
expensive movie to date. The filmj ^ ^ _. _
was shot in the new Todd-AO pro- m m- --

see B, fIrl ous n.UU o nfl rIHB...
Bing Crosby's operation for a kin-
ney stone revived Bob Hope's Prs
the last time it happened. Said
Hope: "With his luck, it wlU prob-.
ably be uranlum."....TV panel show,
to end all panel shows is due soon.
The title: "We Know Everything."
S IScout News

a1 awM1a 5 Ul 'U '- i Jalad Edge." i
These past two yearsI'vee s_ r' edgea, at the moment) are Pacific Side Leaders
Smyids anad tUranghteuing Ot too round, and fally packed. Club To Be Reactivated
p. -- -The Pacific ide Leaders Club
S" -t e" palasked Marion Brando how of the Canal one Girl Scout
A howler In "The Court Jester"e felt about playing Sky Master- Council will meet next Wedne<.
had Danny Kaye swingl.g across son, the romantic gambler in Sam day at the home of Mrs. Maggle
a room on a rope. landing on the Goldwyn's "Guys and Dolls." "It Brandl, 2472 Morgan Ave. Balboa.
back of a stuffed boar on a 40-foot will be a nice change," grinned This is'the first meeting this
banquet table and then sliding the Marlon, "from hitting guys with year and all leaders, assistant
table's full length. (The boar Is lead pipes and mauling dames on leaders, committee members and
on wheels and slides on a track.) back stairs." especially "Prospective Adult
.-- Workers" are most welcome.
I can attest to the fact that Dan Fernando Lamas of the long
and not a double, risked his profile wavy hair is even willing to get a The meeting will start .prompt-
doing the stunt. But after six re- butch haircut to escape the ly at 9 a.m.
bearsals and three takes of the Latin-lover tag. I
scene, a white-faced Danny winced "Sure I'd get a butch if I liked: For further information call'
to the camera crew: on "TIhe Girl RLush" set. "I'm not Mrs, Joan Belden at -3271.



I m


U L ... aim-- m i

m- i m immm
075. o 0. Wu

2:00- 4:05- 6:35- 9:05 P.M.


- -. ..! .- a. ..-..~ ~ ..


a.BBBBB U**-





5~~rn hem
Lusdm ~rn pa
*mdrn~ ~
6.1dm sad lam
443bby -" W
--.. -~*~






- m m n


ii 0.60-0.30
HE: -


It Acain Award Ilimr


_____-nl m i i i -

NEW! complete compact makeup makes

your skin 'petal-perfect' in just seconds!

New all-in-one makeup .Pu n
like pow. der.'.. celnp like foundation

'~r .ai I I

. 1 -

* -n -.

* r

~ey aou in ywashedd ~ui


with Revlon's own a -ooftenha Lueaokie 4

A heavenly blend that Woa't streak, won't chsue .
color on you seuk.inee ofter hours tad
k 's! Won'drryeoura, because k's eresb-MUeade
with Revi wa.. kia LaoLsele.
Smoota eBn mini sieeIr}M i stamos "
Amditog't t

- --- -- ---. T--

L_1_ _~ __



. ,. ^JL





~ I--_



crucial Doubleheader At Panma Stado' c

AY)** J


Iean Sweep Will Give

rlnkees Flag; Smokers

nm Move To 1st Place


teams Won
Yankees ........... 22
n Smokers .............22
SSodrmen ............ .10

Lost Pet.
12 .647
15 .595
27 .270



Smokers 10, Sodamen 4
TONIGHT'S GAMES (2)-6:30-At Panama
Yankees (Douglas 4-4) and (Harris 8-2)
( Smokers (Osorio 1-2) and (Robinson 4-5)
lBy J. HARRISON JR. breather in the fourth but came
back in the fifth with a run on
The CV Yankees and the a double by Tuminelli, walks to
Smokers -meet tonight, at the l Bobby Prescott and Pepe Osorin
plc Stadium, in the season's and Churn's long fly ball to
Important doubleheader. right.
game starts at 6:30. The sixth was another big
arley Douglas and Bill Har- frame for the Smokers. Frank
the league's winningest Austin doubled to right center.
will oppose Alberto Oso- This was followed by a triple
in Humberto Robinson of to center. by Elias Osorio. After
temokers. Austin scored. C l y d e Par-
ithe Yankees take both ends lris hit a homer over the center-
twin-bill, they will become I fild fence driving in Elias Osorio
1954-55 Panama Professional ahead of him to wind up the
Champions. On the other Smokers' scoring for the night.
two wins for the Smokers Hughes entered the game in
put them one-half game the top of the eighth and was
p, and if they beat the greeted by a double to center
en tomorrow night in their by Alonso. Clarence Moore was
encounter of the season, Wsfe on Bernard's error and
they would lead the Yan- Alonso moved to third. Alonso
by one full game. Brathwaite was retired on a
Smokers, still not count- foul fly to third, but Hector
themselves out of the pen- Lopes singled to left to score
rat zsce, last night gave the Alonso giving the Sodamen
p I es s Sodamen a 10-4 their first run in 21 Innings.
iing at Mount Hope to Gladstone singled to left to
them s e s one and load the bases and Doug Lewis'
-*half games behind the hit safely to right to bring home
r .Ikoe. Moore and Lopez. Gladstone
40larence (The Bull Churn scored the fourth run of the in-
ed up his fifth victory a- ning when he came in from
t two losses by holding the third on Reinaldo Grenald's in-
en scoreless on three hits field out.
seven innings. T o m m y Johnny Fitzgerald worked the
finished the game and last frame for the Smokers and
up all the Sodamen runs. after making Sylvester McDon-
Vibert Clarke, who was reliev- aid fly to right, Issued a free
yby Andres Alonso in the se- pass to Leon Kellman batting for
was charged with his Alonso. Moore forced Kellman at
defeat. Clarke has won on- second, however, and he in turn
ga:ne this season. was forced by Alonso Brathwaite
tase hits and two bases to end the game.
Sbals produ d four Smoker
inth ftrst They niade It

S0 when they. crossed the
twice more in the third on
mtntflim's dinuble. Oranvllle

t an-

V'rS t, men v double and
yd doubles. Trophies will be
f to winners.
:b*brnament is open to
fibers of the Cabafla
well as members. Play-
ng for entry mustsub-
I form in person to
so. manager of El
Ca aba and Tennis
rfon or before Sunday at 6
trants will be notified
billty by tournament
e and time of first
Sby Feb. 8.
t committee is com-
f leanrlque de Obarrio,.
Purvin, Roberto Heurte-
Eugene McGrath, J. R.
and Clint Osborne.
here are Bill Hele,
CTa. Major Lee Hayes
"S borne, who took
-pe exhibition tennis
At Hotel El Panama on
A eight. All will take part
a lals tournament to be
.l Panama.
Colo0-.(NEA)-In the
f this eason, home
Ii g seven held only
Over vialting teams.
** ---
A (NEA,--Johnny
senior is the first
ba-- tbal player ever 10to
than 1000 points.

Tokyo Glants Leave

For Seatle; Open

Tour In Panama

geru Chiba, assistant manager
and second baseman of the
Yomiurl Giants of Tokyo, la
shown here in a pensive mood.
Chiba will try to help master-
mind the Giants to a clean
sweep in their three-game se-
ries against the Yankees, So;
damen and Smokers at the
Panama Stadium beginning on
Feb. 7.

TOKYO, Feb. 3 (UP) The
professional baseball team Yo-
miurl Giants of Tokyo left
here last night for Seattle on
their way to a tour through
several Latin American coun-
The team Is scheduled to
make its debut In Panama Feb.
7 and will be back in Tokyo on
March 15.
The delegation consists of 23
and is headed by club manager.;
Shiteru Misuhara. ,
Four players. Hawaiians of
Japanese descent who haveT
been vacationing In th eir
homeland, will Join the team
in Seattle.

Atlantic Twi-Loop

Doubleheader On ap

At Mt. Hope Tonight

a S r, Atlantic Twilight Baseball
Sam Old Story
W sh rDt Pet.
c i ^'.r[powells .,,...... 6 &a 1.000
Vtp' .b r h o a Navy .............. 3 1 .750 5 1 0 3 0 C. H. S. .......... 0 3 .000
EB l waite, Al., 2b 5 0 0 8 4 Casanovas ........ 0.. 5 .000
Ljoe, 4 1 1 2 4
Btthwalte, Ar., rf 1 0 0 0 o Today's Games
GOlstone, rt 1 1 1 2 0 .H.S. vs Casanovas (4:30 p.m.)
Lewis. lb 4 0 3 6 2r Powells vs Navy (7 p.m.)
Orenaid, if 3 0 0 3 1 --
Charles, 3b 4 0 0 1 3
McDonalt 3 0 1 3 0 By Trevor Simons
Olarke, p' 2 0 0 1 0
Alonso, p 1 1 1 0 0 The Atlantic Twilight Base-
Kellman 0. 0 0 0 0 ball League has scheduled a pair
To' 3of interesting games to be play-
Totals 33 4 y 24 I 4ed at Mt. Hope Stadium this
Kellman waked for Alonso in afternoon and tonight. Still try-
tI. ing to Ret in some of the early
S1MOKEI season rained out contests, a 4:30
Nuragon, c 3 1 1 4 0 game will be played between the
Cobos, c 1 0 0 0 0 two cellar-dwelling nines. Cris-
Austin, as 5 2 3 1 4 tobal High School and Casano-
L Osoro, lb 3 2 1 9 0 vas. Neither of the two have
Parish, 3b 5 2 3 1 7 been able to break into the win
Tumlnelli, If 5 2 3 2 0 column this year and this will,
Prescott, rf 3 0 1 1 0 of course, be the first time they
Bernard, 2b 4 1 1 6 3 have met each other.
P. Osorlo. cf 4 0 2 3 0 The nightcap, the regularly
Churn, p 3 0 0 0 0 scheduled 7 o'clock contest, will
Hughes, p 1 0 0 0 0 feature another thrilling battle
Fitzgerald, p 0 0 0 0 0 for the league lead. Powells and
Navy have definitely established
Totals 37 10 15 27 1t themselves as the two teams
Score By Innings that will fight for the '55 crown
Sodamen 000 000 040- 4 7 2 and with the first half of play
Smokers 402 013 00x-10 15 2 rearing a close the Tars know
Summary. Runs batted in: that they can ill afford to tack
Parris 4, Tuminelll, Bernard, P. another game onto the lost co!-
Osorlo, Churn, E. Osorio, Lopez, umn.
Grenald, Lewis 2. Earned runs: Pnwells, one game un on Navy
Smokers 8. Sodamen 1. Left on in their nrlvate feud this season.
bases: Sodamen 7, Smokers 10. will send their ace, Noel Gibson.
Home run: Parris. Three-base to the hill for this. "big one."
hit: E. Osorio. Two base hits: Gibson, who has already taken
Austin 2, Tuminelli 2, Alonso, credit for 4 of the A Powplls
Prescott. Sacrifice hits: Bernard, wins. relieved twire in Sunday
Churn. Struckout by Churn 4; by afternoon's twin-bill oaainst the
Clarke 1. Bases on balls off Mith School., and In amonu the
Churn 4, Fitzgerald 1, Clarke 5. leaders in the hitting drieart-
Pitchers record: Clarke 10 runs. ment of nlav. This is nractinallvt
13 hits In 6 innings; Churn 0 th" one-man team that Navy
runs 3 hits in 7 innings; Hughes '-1 have to face tonight at Mt.
4 runs 4 hits in 1 Inning. Errors: Hope.
Sodamen 2 (Gladstone, Lopez). BPrrlnv. who hal a 2 and 1
Rmokers 2 (Bernard. Parris). record for the Wavv. mn'old ',
Losing pitcher: Clarke (1-9). their choice to flce Oihson. Put
Winning pitcher: Churn (5-21. the tars ha1h a afw others whon
Doubleplays: Lopez. Al. Brath- ,"ihpt Pit the nod and rould he
waite, Lewis; Parris,. Bernard E. -1-ntv *fetiwv agantt the well-.
Osorlo; Austin, Bernard, E. Oso- haoared Pnwellq -'np Fp*har
rio. Umpires: Thornton. Watson, r"'vn or Cook could be their
Williamson. Time of game: 2:08. choice .


1 1^ 0A Imame -M A- a-A-




Coming Schedule
special Troops vs. Fort
(7:30 at Clayton Field)
Coco solo at Army
Albrook AFB at Ft.

Coco Solo at Special


Aching Back Forces

To Hang Up Basebc

(NEA Telephoto)
RECORD BREAKER Pole vaulter Bob Richards (right) hugs
Kansas runner Wes Santee after latter. set new world's record
for the indoor mile at the Boston Garden. Old official record
was 4:05.3. Santee's new time: 4:03.8.

Albrook Gains On League

Leading Special Troops

Behind Kisio's 5-2 Win

the Flyers off to a quick lead.
myth came In on a misplay
after Kislo's one-baser to right
for a 3-0 advantage.
Troops closed the gap with a
pair of runs in the fifth but the
Flyers clinched the victory with
wo. tallies n the eighth.
Meers, faitA gAlbrook fort
first tame, strengthened after the
third to hold the Flyers hitlea
until the eighth. He tanned 10
and walked five. Kialo, scoring
his second straight win over the
Troopers, passed a pair and
whiffed four.
Kalbo allowed only five hits.
The Flyers got six off Meyers,
including two each by manager
Herb Boetto and shortstop Bob
Johnson, one of the latter's a
Scott's Imposing performance
was capped by a winning two-
run double to the left field fence
by shortstop Larry Robinson in
the eighth, the runs breaking a
1-all deadlock.
He walked only one Kobbe
batsman in posting the highest
nine-inning whiff total of the
season. He struck out the side in
the third.
lnhilnann and BA d un r ta-----



"Fort Kobbe at Albrook AFB
Fort Clayton at Army Atlantic

Reynolds Avila, Houttentan

ill Spikes Asking 'Ms Di..'

Yoe Reynolds, the New NW YORK, (Feb UP)m- th ape to a
Yarnkee' su erhif"01 t American Learud batting cham- 5B.
six pennan-winning ams quit pion Beto Ava ants "m' dl- The gants little Di Lddle
baseball today because o nero," while pitcher Art R t- whb a 9-4 re easo
aching back. part Creek In an also is looking f MorAU 4 reerdhe at won the arn
The 37 year-old part Creek In- me a
ia r thapse gre ateat money--but in both eCM, they of the W n fo
a.. rhs te possetwar a problemW todY fr gone- a raiW Ot abox 10,G. *,aag.-
clutch" pitcher the post-war al manager Ha Greenberg of er Leo Durocber has announ
era, announce last night that Clevand Indians. Liddle will be a reguli staoe-
........ .the Cleveland Indiana. 314dde e at
he Is quitting bon the advice of AvilU, who walloped out a .341 this season- alonawith$obhiy
his local physician In order not batting mark last season, and Antonell. Sal Maile ad Rbon
to aggravate a back injury stem- Houtteman, who won 15 ames omez The GlUs also 1 d
ing from & 195 bus crash and lost only seven, conferred rellefer Al rhWl-.
Peilnde l whoaoo. .13 gm with Greenberg about their con- 3 record late In te '4
anyd "ols w f ol gam "S tracts Wednesday but failed to The Cubs sd8u Iofl0
athnudh lo ur las meina a reach agreement.- Davis. whoewon:Ii a .oet
though plagued fby the injury, AvE on vacation from his for -he e0 t it wina : f
play dSrin theo had fully ntene to home in Vera Cru,. Mexico, nreeptage *or .6 laSmleI
play during the l comingo the/ and Houtteman,"were sl te$ to the team. insewset, rumaver-
util the latest warning by the eet separately with Green- age with S.2. As. uasd
Reynolds annou n c e e n t berg again today. For second rookie righthaderI n
Reoy-noh d raone-'of surprient baseman Avnls, the meeting is who had a i-I10 neVI t with
brought a reactionals in New a switch la- roles-back horn* Des Moines ot the Westerm
York and disappointment from the owner of a baseba I e r
Yankee manager Casy Stengel e for a jeue reas Ow(.
at his home in Glendale, Cali. although he played part of the The Pirates rned their ton
"This is news to us," said a seasonn with a broken thumb. pitcher of 1954. Dick ttleftild
Yankee spokesman. "We hadn't Avila won the league batting who had a 10-11 record, and beki
heard anything from Reynolds crown by a comfortable 21 every team in the league except
about his plans for this year and points over Minnie Mifloso of the Brooklyn.
club vice-president Bill De Witt Chicago White Box. Houtteman Two veteran pitchers came to
had been planning on visiting hared duties with Bob Feller as terms.-Howie Jiudson with the
him in a couple o weeks' v the Tribe's "Sunday pitchers" Ciicinnati Redlecs. their 31st
stengel, who also express and several times the pair won player to stn. p.nd .Ned nwrver,
surtengel, whpr o b ease he hadnboth ends of Sunday double- who had a 14-11 record; with the
sur p r I sae because he hadnt 'b headers....t"orecord; th
heard from him in a while.", eaders. Detroit Tiers. -
paid tribute to Reynolds as "a The New York Yankees moved Brooklyn signed two players
tree-mendous pitcher." on with their campaign to re- who did well lat season with
Reynold reached the major gain the league title from the Montreal of the Internatilnal
leagues nIndians by s iring their first Leagne-..natchmi Charlesho teo-
leaguesm Int I with the Cleve- re ..ohsio
land Indians and, after five regular Outfie der. Hank Bauer, son, a .*05 hitter, and mutflelfer
seasons with the Tribe, was for a reported slight raise over tinn Cimoll. whn hit ."0. 'The
traded to the Yankees after the $23.000 he received last year. Whit, Pox Asined rookie r ot-
the 194 season in the deal Bauer hit .294 last season, one fielder Joe Retelv. whoM hit ,3l
that sent star second-baseman ooint under his lifetime mark. for Tulas. And .tlhe DittIlw
Joe Gordon to Cleveland. He was the 30th Yank to slign, orioles signed rookie Infielder
Reynolds won 19 games. In his but among the missing are the non Leppert. obtained firnm tje
first Yankee season to help win other regular outfielders, Mickey Yankees after he hit .15q *t lir-
the 1947 pennan. In succeed Mantle and Irv Noren. mingham, and pitcher Bill Die.
he 1947 pennant. In succeeding, 16 17, The world champion New York mer who had a 17-10 record at
13years, he won, 1, 17,, 17,20,Olants, Chicago Cubs and Pitts- Wichita.
Reynolds reached his peak in
1952 when he had a 20-8 record /
and led the league in strikeouts
with 160 and earned run average I
with 2.07. In 1951, he equalled
no-hit games against Cleve-
land, July 12, and against Bos- V
ton In the game that clinched at .. A
least a pennant tie on Sept. 28. A + A
All told, his record shows 182
major league victories against -- ,.
only 107 loses. He holds the OCELOTS STOP PALOMAS Score by Inning
World Series records for most BY SCORE OF 9 TO 3 Palomas 300 0y --3
games pitched (15) and most et 00 l-
strikeouts (62), and a tie for four Trailing 3 to 0 In the bottom Summary. rr 0o: Palc1-l
other Series records. of the second. inning, the Oce- 0- 8mlory. s Erro: Pa as
-, Oelot au.raj UD

La Boca Sports

High School Boys' Softball

Say Hey IX
Los Ticos


'upnoon a au mviu orey got
Smooth-working Steve Kislo two hits apiece for the A's and
turned back front-running Spe- Larry Seymour's double that set ;
cial Troops last nirht as Aibrook up the first Army Atlantic runt
Air Force Base's Flyers slashed accounted for the other safety
their second-place deficit with l off a pair of Kobbe pitchers.
5-2 win over the Troopers be- Bill Wood, Lifeliner first base- T
fore 2,500 Panama Area Armed man, clouted a triple to the G
Forces League watchers at Clay- right field fence in the fifth and O
ton Field. came in on Francisco Mares I
Kislo ont-tossed southpaw Joe squeeze bunt,tfor the Kobbe tal-
Meyers of Troops. each hurler ly. Y
now owning twn 5-2 record nn B
the season. The teams have split RI|L__ I II R
in four es now. Balboa High Ed esl
Army Atlantic rose to conquer
third-place Fort, Irobbe in the t, i t
other contest Wedneday a.s tobalHigh 3-0
Uroorlrw-owTnd Dick Scott., R -
qneedhbll lefty. struck out 17 i TL.r .-C I
pnd 0l'o,.,r orv four .t. T I rllli IU
.,as the first win over the T lfe- THE STANDINGS I
jInerq for the A's. and their third Interscholastic Bastiall C
virtfryv nf the season. Won Lost PLt D
The Coctn Bnln-port Clavton Balboa High ......2 0 1.000
contest on the plantic side was Cristobal High .... 0 2 .000
n.etntnn)d bw rain. i .. .
aireod in the fatur o "rnPof Balboa coach "Stu" Brown
qatuirrlmq ,-t..t"i'ty .pA '*"nis chose Hinkle to start against the s
trint,*' llIe s en vnerted tn hrlTigers at Cristobal Tuesday t
ups .ip .ir__edn h-nihtn and was rewarded with a P
ar. Cie cehot0 Ilnhb nArht con- br Illantly pitched two-hit 3-40 e
te et-- a, t- -ou n i n whitewashing performance that c
erl+ prlo f AMn r4 flOk. 1. gave the Bulldogs their second C
...... n -e ... e _e_ 0 n lwin without a defeat in the in-
.twn ..r.n ern4 teracholastic baseball race .
nnrn aga*nst r + in m i Both hits off Hinkle were In- .
Inning against Tro field blows, one by Gene Mc- c
n aughey in the second to open 10
the frame, and another to start N
.the seventh by pinch-hitter
A A Charlie Fears. Hinkle struck out L
A, S. A. seven Cristobal batters and had
near-perfect control, issuing but
E one free pass.
E Wa.mbo Lung went all.the way in
A | mP' kIC T for the TiRers and was some- i
AL ZONE, TO:I what of a puzzle to the Balboa !,
... hitters in his second appear- p
INCOUVER dance of the year against that
COV -E team. Lung allowed only four
Shits and two of them came in t
Sthe seventh frame and struck ft
1a 1P out four. His control, however, wi
l 16k 1was Off as light Balboa hitters i
strolled the base-oaths on walks. I
A base on balls given up to m
Balboa%' Hammond, who stole a
seond, advanced to third on s U
Swild itch and scored on Clcerd s m
ZONE e ne I h blow Into the hole be- oN
tiw borti and third, gave am
saIl as-nke run which proved ba
b^B they needed to win'. teh 01
,Id u a added pa at of
; '* ;. i,? ..:s 5- ~ *;. '-".-..* -,. *? .] .. -,a.

4 (

lay Hey IX 6;
Braves 4 F
Wreckers 7
Wildcats 11 L
Wreckers 11 f
Giants 17
Wildcats 14
lay Hey IX 15 L


Led Box

Yankees 4
roless 19
ndians 18
plants 8
ndians 4
)rigles 11
Dodgers 13


os Ticos
os Ticos

School Girl's Softball

W L Pet.
2 0 1.000
2 0 1.000
2 0 1.000
1 1 .500
1 1 .500
0 2 .500
0 2 .000
0 2 .000
Barves 2
Cubs 4
/ Red Box 11
Dodgers 3
Cubs 0
Red Sox 5
Yankees 6
Braves 6

Intersehool Sports
La Boca HI girls took two
straight from Rainbow City in
he Interschool softball cham-
lionship series. The Pacific Bid-
rs copped the opener at La Bo-
a. 17 to 5 and trounced the Gold
:oaaters, 7 to 1 at Rainbow City.
In the boys' baseball series. La
loca aad Rainbow City are tied
lth one victory apiece. La Bo-
a won the first game, 5 to 4, but
st to Rainbow City, 2 to 1, at
Mount Hope.
Friday, at 2:30 p.m., on the
a Boca Ball Park, the teams
rll battle In the third game of
he five-game series.
lsurance tallies in the last
ramS on singles by Napolef
nd Hammond coupled th a
air of free passes given up y
o GrIstobal pitcher.
The only real C0taba threat
6 Hfpkle's shutout came in 4*
urt& when MGtaushey T
th a single -toAD-ep h
uamonnd made a bea.tifulS0-
aded stofeOfrt blow Ibt Md
play ats fir Pri laM dM l
-o earilee bunt and
s d and
onukle VasBp aawow
adM usd No
or. flL..

lott took advantage of Scinel'-
der's&. wildness and coupling I
two bagger by Bateman and a
fielder's choice by Schock, man-
aged to score five runs before
the final out of the Inning was
This was all the DuBols and
Sanders needed to win, as the
Ocelots defense tightened and
held the Palomas scoreless for
the balance of the game. Schnei-
der was,charged with the defeat
Today, at Fastlich Park, the
Conejos will be playing the Pu-
mas. From the last game the
Pumas played against the Palo-
mas, they look like they have a-
gain attained their 1954 form.
WUIs or Lovelady will be the
most likely starter for the Pu-
mas with Webb doing the catch-
ing. For the Conejos. Kirkland
will most likely be the starter
with Watson or Chase doing the
relief as needed.
Million will do the receiving.
The box score:
Players ab r h o a
Fundakowski, 3b 1 1 0 3 1
Schneider.,p 2 1 1 0 3
Curdts, cf 2 1 1 2 1
Barnes, c 2 0 0 4 0
Pedersen, 2b 2 0 0 1 1
Winberg, If 3 0 0 0 0
Perez, ss 3 0 1 2 1
B. Sander, lb 2 0 1 3 1
Kline, rf 1 0 0 0 0
Feeney, rf 1 0 0 0 1


McGriff, as
Tubbs, ef
Nuflez, lb,
Bateman. c
Halvosa, 3b
Engelke, If
Schoch, rf
DuBois, p
McNall, ef
Stahl, 2b
V. Sanders,

19 3 4 15 9
l 3 2 0 Q 2
2 1 1 0 0
p 3 0 2 1 0
2 1 2 7 1
31 1 4 0
1 1 0 0
2b,3b .2 1 1 2 1
3 1 0 1 0
0 1 0 0 0
10 0 0 0
0 0 0.0 0
,p 1 0 0 0 1
1 5 3 15 1

Little League

Monday night Armed Forces
Little League aton saw Al.
brook nose out o ort Mi by a
1-2 margin.
Car ibbean mmand at Fort
Clayton and C3u tindu at West
Bank were both rained out.
Although Abrook slid ahead
to beat k by te uBn, ., wa
ip and tu P11 the way. Pitchf
ett and Hames Reyno".rI
ean. and Jim Tomlin pteed
for Lotbbt e, .
Packett. pitching the U9t
Inning a. rel-riUve by, T-
polda for the 7th-nning. With
the soe tiUedTo;Btl oft Kf
relevd Bean for the 7th I-
ning. Calling elgnals behind the
=sts for Kobb* was John For-

1 'Asa n am2?" 1 arm

batted lan: Pederseo Ptfea:'Mlk
man 2, Halvosa, n 1 k '*
Thompson, MOerif, Tub, Nu-
fes 2. Two-baa, hit: DBatema.
Three-bau hits : Thompron, N-
fies. Stolen bases: hgehlk, .
Bateman. Double plays: Stahl-
Nufe5; Curdts-Sander-scWhhel.
der-Perez. Left on bases: Palo-
mas 9; Ocelots 8. Bam on balls
off :'DuBois 6; Sander 1; Schnei-
der 8. Strike outs by: DiuBos 4;
Sanders 0; Schneider 3. HIts off:
DuBois 3 for 3 runs, In 2-1/3 sn-
nings. Sanders I for 0 runs, in
2-2/3 Innings. Schneider a for i
runs, In 5 Inninpgs. Hit by-pitcher.
by: Fundakowski (DufBoils). Me-
Griff (Schneider), Passed balls:
Barnes 2. Winning pitcher San.
ders (2-2). Losing pitcher:
Schneider (1-2). Umpires: Mohl-
Diaz. Time: 1:3.

Only Four Chisox

Players Not Signed
CHICAGO, Feb. 3 (UP)-Joe
Szekely. outfielder obtained Ja.
29 in a, trade with Havana for
Don Nicholas, has asignd his
contract for 1955 with the Cii-
cago White Box and only four
Box remain unsigned, t e club
announced today.
Leading of the list of the four
not signed are Orestes MUgo.
brilliant 8ox outfielder who is
usually as slow a signer as 'he
is fast a runner; infielders
York and Stan Jok, and' am
fielder Ed White. 6
Dzekely. 28, hit .31 jto I
games with TUa last 1.
driving in 72 rma.
The Sox ticket ng fr
Thomas J. Maloney. a&lT fT-
nounced that the club h
than 3200 ina advaAce .tbi
orders for the 195 season as
Feb. X. 3 per cent h her an

Along The Fairway
Golfn Gomslp Prom The
Ass 4 T dles
The Lade Day. "Bingie, an-
glek. Bungle" Tournament
First Fight: Ethel Peramtes
poRMn. 1 ..
Ry f ports..,
The golf ball for t-
Aputt went to ev Dloerw

tLiwith 2the UwN


e. Bicor "



W L Pet.,GB
speciall Troops 13 3 .818 -
Albrook AFB 10 6 .714 3
Fort Kobb&-. .7 .08.4
p!rt Claytor 9 .400 4
Coco solo 5 10 .333 7
Army Atlantic i 1s .188 10
Wednesday's Results
Army Atlantic 3, Ft. Kobbe 1
Albrook AFB 5, Special Troops 2
Ft. Clayton at Coco Solo,
postponed, rain.


1M/V "CUMA Di OUITO" Balboa (analP Ze :Feb


- T J.HONES: C A 2998, 1760, 2535

I -~ -- --

r I

. i _



.- s: v '. -- ._; .: -- .-: _..f :-. -*^; ,-: ; ... '1 .. *"^ f w v wa. ., --* *. i. .. T^l* A. --r^ 'l
r: .' : '. ..

.TEES.D ..V'. 1.5 5 -.

.= .. ,*W. . ".
- I. -" J -*. .

. "- "; o^W.. 0. 'W -. -

A3..1 .0A" 4 M. ..m, -.-. ?
"o.,CA -..L, 'UBIW D..." ..

1 .... .,: .-,-
., ., '

-* *.;-- ^- ^ .1 ^
-* .... "" "--"' -'- :. |
.. ,* a -.W .ir


-i A -

r'~ *33

fot Spur. C Iol o a LIEU ,ua Mu5a S* i, p-', a u u uaireay rugged scneulwe, er .
fist innlpg, when theLodgeman, Mullinsrf 2 0 .o0 ng their stadium and showing_ oum am ent
scared three runs without a hit. g of atop-
ror resulted in the three tallies. SPUR COLA fran GV M I nto Second RoUld
These three runs loomed very Chase. 2b 2 1 9i The risk with the Rams may
bi, because Tommy Bright the J. Watson, ss 2- 1 be larger. But so are the horses 0- .. .
i'ts chucker kept the Spurs R. Watson 3 i 1 he has working for him. First round matches are over Wagner, Huldtquist eliminated
away from scoring and until the SchwartzrocI, lb 3 1 .1 .. .. and only 64 go golfers remain Drennan and Cooper beat Burns.
big blast he allowed only one hit, Prill, c 2 0 1 ,. *7 as in the running at Gamboa. I In the Sixth Flight. Foster
a double by rival pitcher in the Rathgaber, 3b 1 0 1 lrf NWS The second round is to be beat Norby, Epperson eliminated
first. Dilfer, If 3 0 0 ri ck N e- completed by 8:00 pmn. Feb. 8 Cobb, Spencer beat Henry and
In the big inning for the Spurs, CaJdwell, cf 3 0 01 By H. F. M. Official starting time is 9:00' McClellan defeated Brown.
walk. a miscue and fielder cbolse Bowen, rf 1 0 0 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 6, if you can't In the bottom half: Baker
sot the stage for Ourty to pla% ... make other arrangements with (Oamboa's best chance) beat
the hero's role. The blast un- Totals 21 4 41 Sunday, Feb. 6: Surrey vs Mid- your opponent. BSerger, DesLondes Sr. defeated
.. .. ---land at Camp Blerd.-Excelsior In the Championship Flight, Samson, Judson beat Blake, and
S1 i Jvs Mills at Heights Oval. the big upset was the media lst, Balcer turned back Sheehy.
B w i g Y our G a m e: 7 Tk hi --s dea i Major Shine, being eliminated. In the Seventh Plight: Fisher
Bow ling Your G m e:- 7 Takingr their second defeat in Dick Goodman must have play- beat Youngblood, Hope defeated
........ .. as many. games, Silver City C.C. ed some real sharp golf when Eberenz, Malorano turned back
could muster only 52 runs lost he defeated Major Shine 6 Moore, Bass eliminated Pyffer.
S..i l I P rl Sunday as they negotiated with and 5 In the bottom half: Fears won
Hit ThIe Spot And Frind The Pocket difficulty the offering of the op- Mathison won by default. Mills' by default. Hadley defeated Gia-
Swposing Wanderers bowlers. defeated Sandy Hinkle. velli, Stuart beat Jamlson, E. M.
S-. A. Lynton garnered 3 for 9, Cherry eliminated Burgoon,.
ii :iBrown 3 for 16, and A. Luke, In the lower half, Dr.,Gerrans Matches to be played this week
3 for 17, while L. Thorne notched defeated Tony Ja.nus and.J.f are as follows:
21 runs, 0. Atherly 15, and H. Hinkle knocked out M. Muller
i|ivaynes 9, for the losers. to give the Hinkle family a .500 CHAMPIONSHIP FLIGHT
i| The Wanderers C. C. however, average. Dr. Mlttten beat Mur- Goodman vs. Lanza
it H jjust barely gained the win scor- phy and Norm Lewter. Gamboa's Mathison vs Mills
mng 53 for 8, thanks to some standard bearer, ellmi n at e d Gerrans vs J. Hinkle
sound batting by wicket-keeper Bean. Mitten vs Lewter..
Den Allen (15 and the timely In the First Flight: 0. Whaley First Flight
hitting of "rookie" E. Roberts won by default, Mahone beat Whaley vs Mahone
(11), and the veteran "Sooner*'Vamvax, Duffus eliminated
Lynton (15 not out), who made Meeks, and Euper defeated Ha- .
'the winning stroke. Silver City's milton.IIr
bowling featured 0. Atherly (4 In the bottom half uf the First
A.:I walt (2 for 12).DesLondes Jr., Kukllnskl defeat
ed Young, Sewell won by default !
Over at the Rainbow City Oval, and P. Trimi Sr. eliminated Shaw. I
the Mif1 C.C. were impressive In theSecond Flight: Gerhardt
In their debut, looking like won by default, Heidenreich de- /
champions In eamplhing 141 for feated Bell, Bishop eliminated I
& then dismissing the Midland McCue and Per Graham turned I
i=. for a paltry 47 runs. back H. Engelke.
J. Peters 33, H. Walker 29. C. In the bottom lalf: Dehlinger
Small 15, H. Cole o S, and 3.. beat arrington, Johns won by I
Brown 12. shared the batting default, May eliminated Stand-
honors while M. Brown with 2 fold, asid Stovall turned back
for 7. J. Peters, 3 for 7. H. ColeoPendergrass. I
2Zforo9, V. Small.l Iforo0, and In the Third Flight: Taylor
L. Warren for 16, highlghted defeated Krale .Wi.liams beat
Beathe trundlng.Bel, Roberts *onby default 1 1
Cyril f, ewit and 0. Naughton and Pearson overcameMorna. I
Isp scored for Midad With 17 In th 9 botm half: Hunsicker I!.
-and m rm rslpeve a bowl- best Martina wu byJ ewooby
vsA. Alng- (1 for 1), t Bee-ldefault, Hutcbins eliminated
iqle (4 for 43), and A. M lahlla Soyster and Crataerturn d back
.011 3 for 34) also starred. DIne.
Ai In thetwth li: Swart'
*-< FAR iO FUNiW beat Olihim, bidnht etinsedl !/t
W.9tern hr 6thVe uk S& I byGthe ; SaiS New Yeok (NKA)-Amn 0Meola, Maaue beat Wilkes .
.L IR"u.asnd Yuk dl r.havI ngXandiWalk*o buv t b Hs.ot&'
am -t *,,g e o, = A *.tIn -ir firstA thew-bet shal-No : Murphy
AV VWW d an" ma. mt go at It savin Ptlbeat Peavely, Mu fr ei.edminated
""- ., .. ...:.-=-- .

Dufus vs Euper
J. Smith vs. Kuklinski
Pswell vs Trim, Sr.
Second Flight
Gerhardt vs Heidenreich
Bishop vs Graham
Dehllnger vs Johns
May vs Stovall.
Third Flight
Taylor vs Williams
Roberts vs Pearson
Hunsicker vs Sanford
Hutchings yv Cramer.
Fourth Flight
Swartz vs M.:elnick
Magee vs Walker
Murphy vs Miller
Jacks vs Field.
Fifth Flight
Lally vs Moran
Hall vs Matthews
Herron vs Lee
Huldtquist vs Cooper.
Sixth Flight
Foster vs Epperson
Spencer vs McClellan
Baker vs DesLondes
Judson vs Balcer.
Seven Flight
Fisher vs Hope
Malorano vs Bass
Fears vs Hadley
Stuart vs E. M. Cherry.


B.IT "8 *'
.7 .. ... .. ". .sit l l u A'N

la hoe th Mrs. GWllmao
1sthe four children i th i next
it'll be his first Lbo Angeleis vi
l 15 years- or since he se
scouted Southern California for
Ohio State and there wasn't even
S a team Atown.
Se aid first talked to Ram t
owner Dan Reeves in early Jan.
ary, he wanted the job. But two
-" weeks of silence so discourage
him that, to save face, he elet
SH, impelled to announce be didn't
I want to be considered for the
'post. It was like a fellow re-
Ssigning before he was canned -
S from aob didn't have in the

I Perhaps the most highly re-
iarded football tactician snce
gI Paul Brown to desert college
I football for the professional verI
sion, tense-browedS id lists three
reasons for the change: (1) chal
lenge; (2) money; (3) the desira.
i -raising his family in
.sou er lCalifornia.
INote that the challenge of the
job tops the list.
S A coach is primarily a stu-
Sdent of football," he expounds,
thoughtfully stoking his pipe, "no
matter where it's played, and
I've always been a great admirer
of the pros.
Sl"Naturally, I've got to revise
m y thinking. In college football,
your passing game complements
your running game. Here the
emphasis is on passing first, sup-
poiled by a running att a c k.
TUE LO #ANSLL 4A M we're going to have to open up,
I .5 AI _L5*. -- with the ends split out so you can
ION TOze the entire width of the
C ,T GHIAW OFfield as a target area."
a r,~. rf E Gilman, of course, hasn't seen
W iSw ,YA r the players he'll be working with
a_ T aend will make scarce attempt to
see them before summer camp.
"But don't worry," he win,
S"I'll know them before I ever
ia i *I 'l ~meet them."
Hollywood projectors w n' t
whirr any more enthusiastically
than the one in'the Rams' sanc.
turn on Beverly Boulevard as the
S new coaching staff pores over
last season's films. Gillman's
coaching is marked by tie same
---- thoroughness, exactness and sys-
.tematism you associate with a
nerved Bright, because both Prill Paul Brown or a Bud Wilkinson.
and Rathgaber followed with As a matter of fact, he's right
safeties. This brought on Ed u there with them in the matter
Bleakley who put out the fire. o winning football, with a re-
Outside the. first nning, Wat- markable record of 81 victories,
son, blanked the 1k. and he 1 losses and two ties in 10 years
slowed only one hit. That was at Miami of Ohio and Cincinnati.
of the bat of. o wha lid The 3-year-old "rookie" doesn't
do ka beqautful. own fo J4nucipate handling pros will be
t first B ln and beat It any different.
out for a il2t. "Y1o've just got to be y
Doug Palek robbed C u r t y self,- he musiqu. "You ean
Schwaruzrck of possibly two hits, out of character."
when twie he snared ine drives This Isn't the first chance he's
that were labeled for extra bases. had to move into professional
The box score: football One of the entrants in
.4 'the old All-American Conference
PsELeF i a made a strong bid to entice him
Pluyner $B Ia half dozen years ago, but Sid
Stoudner, 2b 2 1 1 felt then that coaching the mon.
Tlcey, lb 3 0 ey boys was a precarious voca-
Cmby, b 2 1 0 tion.
Blesley, If-p 23 0 He doesn't any more, because
Hearn, ef 2 1 0 that was no rock pile be's leav-
Pajak, ss 1 0 0 hin behind him at Cincinnati.
Corrigan, c 3 0 0 The Bearcats are.expandlin an
nja..r4 .,_1f 0 A A _- ae

With the six famous "Rancho Grande Chtqroa.' '
Riding of wild horses and .fierce bulls; throwing ,'
and bulidoging of sto r .e
This show has created sensationas in Texas, m,
California. Spain, France and South America t r

On the serious side a


will go through his outstanding bulfighting -
routines "

POPULAR PRICES Children: 25 cents
in shaded or unshaded sections. 4



Fly El Conquistador, Braniff's superb DC-6s with mnllUon-mtnl
captains end the friendly eervl ther fmou hrouhou
Americas. Round trip fare frm Panama to.Rtla
I sleeiw es $162.00. -

-, oL,.usssueao..
Wives ~W. Sulspha SI
r ~
t3. :3 9'


CAMRIBBAN COMMAND LITTLE LEAGUI --Sitting, 1. to r.: Billy Riner, Fred Brown, Fred
Schultz, Jbe Rhodes, Mike Lindquest. Knbeling, 1. to r.: Herrick Hegson, Jerry Watson, Gene
Watson, Jim Knight, Bob Glynn. Standing, I. to R.: Georgb Metzger, Herb Schmidt, Brink
Miller, Dick Paret, John Frink, Mickey Cochran. Top row, t to r.: Chief Ronald Shepdon, Sec-
ond coach; Commander Richard 8. Paret, manager; J. F. Allerlero, first coach.

Team Standings
Teams W L Pot.
Spur Cola 7 1 .877
Lincoln Life 5 2 .710
Police 4 4 '
Elks 144 25 .25
SeqauraflDC?'ls-2- 1t '-0
s. Ctl 4. Elks 3s
Spur O retained their first
place position in the fast fading
end of the first half of the Pa-
cific Little League. Yesterday,
the Soft Drink Lads had a scare
thrown into them. The Elks had
a commanding lead until next
to the last inning when, with
bases loaded, Curty Schwarrock
unleashed a 180-foot home'run
drive over the center field fence.
This was Schwararock's second
home run of the season.
Roy Watson toed the mound
M---- r- S^1^ A- h& A M121FBh


I 1

FORT CLAYTON LITTLE LEAGUERS: First row 1. to r.: Bat boy, Dan Sperl, Larry Plerdolla,
Charlie Zelettes, William Winkenson, Jack Bur ke, Walter Poole and Kenneth Kinsel. Second
row, 1. to r.: Harry Metcalfe, Carlos Brandenburg, Richard Rastetter, Robert Beziat, Robert
Warford. Third row, 1. to r.: Robert Speir, Paul Hodges, Marvin Matheny, Billy Cox/ Terry
Cost. Last row, 1. to r.,Cpl. Lou Warren, Maj. R. E. Speir, Lt. 0. A. Winslow. In the fore-
ground sits mascot Johnny Jones.

Dog kdti~r
(First of three articles on pre-
ventive measures u* can take
against the major diseases of the
THE chief concern of dog own-
ers everywhere is how they may
proteet their dogs against the
dread canine diseases which so
often snuff out the lives of even' I
the most beautifully healthy pups.. I
Regardless of care and feeding,
grooming and training, unseen or- .
fanisms strike, either killing or
leaving the stamp of partial de-I
It is hard for the layman to get i
a clear picture of the problem or l
to know exactly what course of
action to take and when to take 1
it. There is no literature availl-I*- -'-
able to the layman. There is no which would norma
regular means for getting the certain muscle pattentr.
knowledge across before dogs be., While nursing, a mother
come sick. After symptoms ap- has acquired an inmitMty at1
pear, the vet is contacted.. At distemper passes it O to the
that stage in the game, the vet pies in the milk. Thus he
can treat, but he cannot practice nursing puppies of-a mother.
prevention. good immunity are
Let's consider the disease safe.
against w'ich we can tabL meas- Once weaning start,
ures. We can then discuss the it is wise to supplement the'',
effectiveness of the measure and distance of the pups with
how to carry them out. which has been procured
Distemper is the first dog dis- heavily immunized do4 s.a
ease that comes to mind, and well serum boaterss". can
it should be Distemper virus is temper virus from
so specialized as to be able to bloodstream for about 10 gSy i
attack successful any part of the Subsequent boosters ar l
body originating from the epi- advisable until permanent
theium. The Includes ts! s k I n, nation is in order-tis t atl
the stomach, and intestines, the three months of age.
lympth and other glands, the eye, Several pbarnaenutdealI
the lungs and the central nervous stories are now manufa
system., chick embryo adapted, live.
Distemper, therefore, may mani- tempter virus which etta
feat itself as an inflammation of very successful immunity for
any of these parts--n infection with one injection in mostly
of the corner of the eye, for ex- ties. It has proven itself i
ample. Or of the lungs- Inflam. a million vaccinations. uIlll,
nation of the intestines with ac- places where the Laidlaw-
companying diarrhea. Or of the method is successful, your .
nervous system, which may be so inarian can advise you. 2" r
affected as to leave nerve paths Thus distemper can be
exposed with resultant involun- against with a high percena r-
tary jerking or loss of nerve paths success. '"

.9 S u-)n*. $ P
Sound ,.,

.1 *" '*>




SI "S-.'sl -," -*" .. ." .' -o 'jr ';"i> -. '.'
R ....
.. *., -. ,,' *. 1 .;. .* *



*w*- '-r
. .n' r.. ; .. ,. .
* -,-H .. v *.'. ; "


S Rnd. .. o s.- :.t- on-
...' .... .. Read sf y :


Democrats Against Ike's Plan


S(NiA Telephoto)
Sea PRINCE University
- Illinois coed Jo Ann Stork
Rlvex In Paris carrying a
spif ne whose cover bears a
S t it of Prince Rainier III
oaco, the man she trav-
i urope to meet. PalaP e
Officials said the Prince found
Aj, Ann's request to meet, him
"quite natural."

cz 'Girls Neither

me, Sawed

$b r Conked It
Wither most girls and women
n. the Canal Zone prefer to be
ef helpless type or else their A WALK IN T
ShanUds or boyfriends are all a cross-count
fleyts in the saw and hammer This was phase
i. rtment. T w b
his decision was reached by

L 4:


(U. S. Air RFrce photo from NEA Telephoto)
'HE SNOW Paratroopers of the 503rd Airborne Regimental Combat Team begin
xy march on snowshoes following a mass parachute drop at Talkeetna, Alaska.
se two of the joint Army-Air Force maneuver, "Exercise Snowbird."
#4* 4 *

buly five women registered
ors in general shop (for9000 GIs In Nevada ATests Shortly
and women only) which
included in the general
ration schedule of the Ca- WASHINGTON, Feb. 3 (UP)- tests, Involving relatively small by heljoopters," the announce.
!qne Junior College Exten- The Defense Department an- explosions. One product of pro- ment said.
Division night school. nounced today 9000 survivors, in- vious tests, the Army's atomic About 2000 Air Force person-
Scluding a group of helicopter- cannon, already Is in wide use. nel will participate.,
he curse to e taught by orne Marines, will take part in They will be drawn from the
i.Anderseon former. Al- the Nevada atomic tests this It was disclose today a new special weapons center at Klrt-
School shop. eabcsw wv month, battalion of thNq i6 amn. gus land Air Force Base, N.M., and
d to give aemen -and uo military phase of the will be Bent owMeas M in the from the Strategic and Tactical
Aea T ATdM Wtet -he teots, dubmiAd "Oppration Tea- near future," a sneve' tat will Air Commands.
:aw t pot," la planned "to evaluate the bring to 3 the number of A-
W e c etg eit effect or new andnimproved nu- guns known to be In urope. Canal Wirem- an,
Omeleavwt .ame-It- clear weapons" In the nation's Canal Wireman,
SAever-growin arsenal, the de- Air Force planes, flying from
was to be done on apartment said. both United States and overseas pil
k to be done on a bases, will participate in the J n J. il
bawith each of the While the nature of the forthcoming Nevada tests with
n furnuhing her own weapons was not disclosed, it Navy and Marine aircraft. Di In
and constructing That- has been reported there will be There was no indication, how-_ es In orgas
bleb withim the limits of experimental blasts aimed at ever, that they will drop .any
ity.. Cloaes were ached- perfecting compact warheads atomic weapons. Most of the John 3. Prill. a wireman with
SMonday and Wednesday for a variety of missiles, In- "shots" from 8 to 12 are ex- the Electrical Division, died this
6:30 to 8:30 o'clock. eluding an atomic antiaircraft pected to be touched off prob- morning at 9:30 in Gorgas Hos-
oWayfe was cancelled, how- rocket. ably will be made from high pital after a brief illness. He
aonly five women ap- The announcement Indicated steel towers. was 51 years old.
fto register last Monday trpopa and fliers will maneuver Mr. Prill was born in Bloom-
the Canal Zone Junior under many sorts of battlefield Under simulated ato m e field. N.J. and had been work-
lLThis wis.only half conditions that. an atomic war combat conditions In Nevada, Ing for the Canal organization
n required for a might create, the military will make further as a wireman since 1939. Re-
S .A highlight will be an assault studies of such things as phy- centlth he waconnectedffice ofthe
of helicopter-borne Marines on seal protection measures, as- cth albDvso. e
there la still time to r -an "enemy" noston following sult tctcs and the effects of Electrical D n.
was announced yesterday. anxptonmd elosion. atom blasts on equipment He is survived by his w ifbo
The Defense Department said Fraces who lives in Bolboa with
ph women or girls appear the operation is designed "to as- The Army will conduct an two of her three sons, Joseph,
m the next week to sign up certain factual Information re- exercise. Desert Rock VI. involv- 12, and Ronald, 9. and a daugbt-
Scourse, classes wlbein quested for the maintenance of ing 4,300 officers and men, In- r Mrs. Carrol White of Wash-
SKMonday or Wedtesday up-to-date plans vital to the se- cludinq an armored task force, ipton. D.C. The other.aon. Da-
Sextra make-up class or curity and defense of our na- It will be directed by Lt. Gen nlel. sla now serving in the Arm-
ri -be held during the week tion." Willard 0. Wyman. ed Forces.
pout the semester's work. only in this way, it said. can The Navy and Marine Corps Funeral arrangements will be
military leaders be sure "their will participate with 2100 men. announced later.
pmen and girls interested in plans are based on proven facts A provisional atomic exercise
p enpcan registered at the rather than theoretical qon- brigade, commanded by Bri. E. J. Cochrane
kAl6& JuAlbr College of- cents." Gen. Joseph W. Barnshaw. will '
&"-*Me during regyar of- The Nevada proving grounds try out assault tactics "Includina Will Be Buried
5r's. are used for so-called tactical the art of vertical-envelopment
S______ In Carolina

range, who died Monday night as
he was leaving Mt. HBpe Com-
rissary area, will. be shipDed
back to Elkln. North Carolina,
v for burial.
There will be no funeral serv-
ices held here for Mr. Cochrane.
i The 49-year-old American
was a supervisory baker a" Mt.
.. IHope.

Sfrefesional Little League Base Ball Players and Teams
t0y125 Louisville Slugger Bats .............. eg. $4.95 $3.50
aios Buseballs. ................. Reg. $2.00, $3.00 $1.50, $2.00
nswl4sp No. 600 Marny Marion Gloves.......... $14.50 $9.75
.Rawlinps Gloves and Mirts.......... $4.00 to $9.00 $2,50, $6.00
and Sofball Caps. ............Reg. $2.50, $2.75 $1.50, $1.75

.1PiwFing Tackle, Golf, Tennis, Badminton, Trophies, Underwater equipment,
S Motors,' Bosts d accessories-10% oft. Rods and eels repaired.

Tennis Rackets Restrung.

* a:
' ?:;

Two Demeratsd on the Senate
Armbed Services committee urged
the Administration today to re-
coqaid sharp cutbacks in the
Army In view of the tense Formo-
sa trisis..
Sea. Sates Uefauver (Temn.)
a Se. lon C. Stenals (Miss.)
said cutting the size of t6k Ar-
my would be unwise until the
Forhema situation has been stab-

Chairman Richard B. Russell
(D-Ga.) disclosed, meanwhile, that
he has. tentatively set next Mon-
day for the start of closed-door
hearings by the Armed Services
committee on the overall defense
The emphasis, Russell said, will
be oa the Administration's man-
power cutbacks which will reduce
overall military strength to 2,850,-
000 men by mid-l56. .
The, House committee already
has held similar hearing, ,
Key Democrats were predict-
lag that at least some of the cut-
backs will be restored by congress,
but as a practical matter they
conceded such Congressibnal ac-
tion would have little effect on de.
cisions of President Eisenhower.
The President made it clear at
his news conference yesterday that
he is sticking to the cutback in the
Army despite the objections of
Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway, Army
chief of staff, that the manpower
reduction would "Jeopardize U.S.
security to a degree."
If the President remain a.
damait, a constitutional impas.
se could rest with C pgrs;
voting for a bigger =at ar
force, and tie President reinm.
ag to array out the Coangression-
&I wilL
The President told his news con-
ference "the decision has not been
altered and at this moment I
don't see any chance of Its being
He also rejected a suggest 1 on
that Ridgway's objections to man-
power cuts were based in part on
belief that U.S. ground troops
might be landed on the Quemoy
and Matsu islands as part of the
defense of Formosa.
The President said "There has s
been no recommendation of that
kind made to me at all."
The President generally was s
calm during the questioning but
he seemed to be slightly irritated
when a reporter said the Joint
Chiefs of Staff did not agree with
him that scientific advances make
possible a somewhat smaller Ar-
He pointed out he confers with
the military leaders seven r a I
times a week and said "I know
their opinions .. I know exactly
who agrees with me and who
Under his plans present Army
strength of 1,300,000 will be re-
duced to 1,100,000 by June2'0 and
to 1,025,00 by June 3, 1956.
The President said he made his
decision "after long study of. eve-
*7 opinion I could get."
While Ridgway has a right to
lis opinion, he said the Army
chiefs responsibility is "In a
sense, parochial."
He said it is up to him as com-
mander-in-chief to make the oven
all decision and that "was not
reached lightly."

THE BELLES of the Amador Follies chorus group, In an impressive display of talet. lie (4p
for a rehearsal of their song and dance routine for the March of Dimes Campaign, Theba be
one of .the feature attractions at the Amador Service Club tonight. From left to right the '
beauties are Ptc. Angelo Randazzo, Pvt. Oskar Mauerroeder, Pfc. Joseph Gates, Ptf.Joseph
Faro, Sgt. Adam Leddy and Pfc. Andy Nuzzi, all of Fort Amador.
(U.S. Army Photo by Pete Gaepa ll)

*X Amador Fellows
In 'Amad.r Foes'
Singing, dancin g,' comedy.
drama and satire will be feature.
ed in the "Amador Follies," a
S musical revue being presented
tonight by the Service Club and
the men of Fort Amador as a
benefit for the- March of Dimes.
SThe enlisted men, in an effort
to push the polo drive, have
written the scritts, designed the
scenery, directed the skits and
dancing, *and have spent long
hours rehearsing the scenes.
Featured acts Include a satire
of "rear Window," a piece from
the current Broadway auceess
Teahouse Op the August Moon.
a bevy of auntes" in a dane
chorus, a number from South
Pacific, a 4emo rstr0in of the
Mambo, a delonsttion-'T
square daaingh af r"tak
of one of the best remembered
scenes of the French Ine, plu
several specialty pump
The rder the
4uiervion of Mrs. itty Ho-
boostlek, Servie club director.
There will be no admission
charie but a free will offering
will be taken for the March of
Dimes. Curtain is at 8 p.m. nd
the performance is open to he

Seybold Goes
To Washington
Gov. 8eybold left by plane last
night for Washington V.C., on
official Panama Canal o. and
Canal Zone goVernment buasi-
ness. He expects to be away
PVT. HAROLD GLANTZ, star performer In the Amador Follies, from the Isthmus only a short
radiates some of the charm that has made him a hit where Lill Dtring his ne, t. Gov.
St. Cyr and her sisters have been known to fall. His act will I. Pason will1 act as5 gov-
ernor and perform duties of the
include an exotic dance and strip routine that in .the past has prsI dent of the Canal Co. which
relate to operations on the lath-'
left many an audience speechless, muS.





PRICES: 75c. 4O-

Official Groundhogs Vote

2 To 1 Winter. Will Stay
CHICAGO, Feb. 3 (UP)-- The That meant an early spring-at
nation's three "official" ground. least in Wisconsin-and Sun Prai.
hoges poket their n r a 4p though rie officials said it was " git
snow today but couldn't agree on our the garden tools and oil up
whether winter will stay or go a. the lawn mower."
'way. Tolerant weather forecaster;
Two of them saw their shadows said that if anyone wanted to pu
and one didn't. any faith In the groundhog, hb
As everyone knows, a shadow probably would be coused.
means six more weeks i' winter. Large areas of the country were
while no shadow means spring is cloudy, but in many sections thb
just around the corner. .clouds were broken enough to pep
At Punxsutawney, Pa.. th 4llt occasional flashes of su ab
most famous groundhog of alIl lgt
emerged from his burrow through "It all depended on whi the
six inches of snow, aw his g anadhog decided to come
ow and scurried back to sleep i hi. burrow," a forecaster said
six more weeks. It was generally fair In the
Both, where Misalsippi com
A driving snowatorm let u r em unted their dad fraom
long enough for a sha S m of ri tornado, and in the WeL
light to break through k ad cast there was heavy
the fateful shadow at u.aata Ud a.road aheI of w t
ney. Similarly, the grndb fUeg to southern New
Quarreyville, Pa., saw heis glaut
oa a mantle of new snow. snew accumulated tIs
But a* SQUN 4Prstr, WIs., tt i"
groundhog, a edli a Pla wso
ed Prince DEIs" ainrti
shadow. Th-7%4, ,
shp. ^^ e^g


Army Manpower Cutbacks

Whoeele pies Mto sdabs, teas, s"heo s and Government Lalo-
Tew, fatidly sportht g-d store.

4,bUU, U


_ ____~__~_ _

E^.: j-s. .^ ^*

' [ .' -

r *

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