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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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.he truth and the country .i safe" -Abraham Lb.nco












LONDON, Feb. 1. (UP)- Britikh Prime Miniter Win.
Churchill said today he "vey nuch hopes" that Red
a .will accept the Uqited Nat i Invitation to Join In
rts to arrange a abaWfire fori soa.
1e prime -minister denied "HN Majesty' government re-
el a. fa "an teemateihal gards the Security Council's ac-
WK In which aznmmiber of tion .J. a genuine attempt to
r nations have become con- seek a peaceful solution and
ed." they .berefore very much hope
painted.-out that "a lot of the f ese government will ac-
so have happened" sce the cept w e Invitation."
SC4f- delaratin ,termed Tc e conference of Britls
zoi.a part- of C1nta. wConun health prime ministM
he.aqeti.on of' future soy- toady sidetracked Its search for
nty' over Form o was left F6rm a alternatives until the
Ktenmaed' by th" Japanese United Nations plan has a
e treaty," he sa 4. chaa to work..
he C.hubN l eo- m.adijan. prime miiater
!ed *lth a.ofluhaf dipi.- Leii. eietged am

a t "taeit" Formosa e
the current U.Nltlas-
l and St. Laurent dis-
the Far East yesterday
e prime minister's con-
ean. Today both Neh-|
FSt. Laurent were dining
tlh foreign secretary
any. Eden.
n sources have given
tion any firm ac- I
ECanad proposed on
diplmatls obse- |
S..SS?, BiNlr"

* *1~
* *.:
41 *


DW' ES GRAPFLE Minority Assemblyman Anselmo Castro (left) tgimaces
whie another solon holds on to Deputy Dioghnes A. P1io during a b rf flstflght which to
pl0 at yesterday's session of the National Assembly. Stenorapher at right scrambles to St
out,of the way. Pino, who heads the Assembly commission Ivestlgatlng the charges agiat
Impeached President Jose Ramon Oulzado, to ok exceptions to remarks cast by Castro regeat-
Ing the commission's request for ten more days to continue the probe. Following the short-
lived display of fisticuffs, the Assembly voted to grant the extension requested by the eais-
sion-and to continue the suspension for an equal number of days of the right to habeas corpus
andw rotectlon against search without warrant. 1

Briefs Congressmen

Wilson Urges

Echoes Of lis

Blast Disaster

Rise In Court

. -- ,-

* .'}


The Panama Canal Company was about $8,
deep in fresh litigation today.
It faced two damage suits, one for $25,000 and
other for $14,00.
The $2. dmoage suit was brought by Mrs. m'
Grakhoa,0 4, ,rk tourist, who claims she sopped ift
fell while ir* a Canal launch in Cristalbl.
. TMhe T4 J6 m o st woe filed byteh owners i
the molonhl I it for damageto provision and elul
.n4t durin We fv-death expho and fire aboard i to

The ownu of tIM Lisholt are also asking
Canol pot security or any judgments which a
tamed by any o workmen injured in the
Canel Zone fireman James McDaniel (now in t
has sued the ship's owners for $50,000 in a
court. Attorneys soy other employes may aolp
The two damage t are be- emisL
in hailed by th a-w firm of .aa f
Van Stlen, RaminIm and DO The
ICU,"....- i&^ i3.S

* ~

* ,' .+* -

ean of1 A"Amer-

encxd to si it ss
form Tan uM WM

Joseph P.

teRyan could h rteilved aa
fined $25,0500 d at c6-m

na large cash 'ae .

Ryan could gav relved a
prison selitec o T Ie years
Afd a *S.O0O tinze, -
The TO-yeWOMr fnotrm pres-
ident ofthe ncSe I theY -
shorMfWW5 Api*trln wat
found guilty lad week o1,ac.

wUU pulwDuurwK numn 4

a brief ceremony at the
a'the Congressional Re-
ian forces into battle

for his own purpoimw' to defeid Formosa against oo whvasln. Looking on are
0 .B *, Senate RepublUcan,Leader l land (left) and Sen. I
Henry Confle -*
Dies in ol gos Retired Navy I elligence
Henry t a Paa. I ,
oi~asi eU.S. Should Sti e First B14
W,2 .,I

HINGON, Feb. 1
Iaval effier said
be "suidedar' it a
let as enemy *til


WABHI TO L Feb. 1 (UP)
.. president Bseb power and Re-
:pubplean legldativ -mjrs ans-
cused the FormOL an5
the abUlty of VA. military pow-
or to cope with it for two hour
and 15 minutes today.
Neither the White House nor
the GOP eongers men would
give details of th.e usually long
i.rislative conferenO..
Senate Republlea in4ader Wil-
Ilm F. Knowland said the Con-
gresional leaders -wepsved a
briefing on the Far Wtern si-
tuation. He added tatbeI con-
nection with this review there
was discussion of the U;. de-
fense establishment.
Knowland safid, however, that
the United Nations ceaseftw ef-
forts and the dect4don to invite
Red China to participate in U.N.
truce talks "specifically wa not
Congreudnaml demandeP for
'"no appeasement" provioens
threaten to stymie a Senate'
resolution *apportln the U.
N.'s ceasefire proposal. Know-
land Is understood to be un-
willing to let the ceaseflre re-
solution go through without a
no-appeasement amendment.
In addition to being briefed on
the current-status of the For-
mosa crisis, Knowland said
"there was some discussion on
aspects growing out of the Far
Eastern situation."
He did not Identify these "as-
pets." however, and he refused
to say whether he feels the pic-
ture is brighter, darker, or un-
changed from the situattion as It
existed at the last~eglsltive
conference a week ago.
Sen. Hubert B. Humphrey (D-
Minn.) introduced the resolution
importing ceasefire efforts last
Friday as a follow-up to the Ad-
ministration resolution giving
President Elsenhower b I a n k
check power to fight the Chinese

Chief Believes

ow In A-War

Is country opened Its as- insisted on keeping the U.S. fleet
at Pearl Harbor in 194-41 despite
naval officer add the b a warning by Its command d e r
a deofoerule must not Adm. J. C. Richardson, that
war bet mast wait for an it was at a disadvantage in cae
to ib f m a first blow of hIstllites.
this country to lose The author quotas Mr. Roose-
an enemy with atomic velt as sayng he ew the fleet
en weapons. at Pearl Harber was having a re-
MI sramdng itaua I Japasn.
Oak a bowb mad .-Remveri the author did not go
'but s 'lc wh MV Rne Ad R. ,A. Theo.

^ ''sz -^ s ^S.

~1 aol

-~' 'F-I

3i-.4 .:


T4 Humphrey resolution and
I igMt-nation mutual defense
*t:4 for Southeast Asia kept
Senate attention focused on the
Far Bag even after th4 Admin-
istration.resolutton was passed.
lim .rey's resolution con-
m a mple endorsement of
the d. ceasefire efforts, which
lre carry the blessing of the
mand said last weekend
t t would be appeasement
toe. away Chinese Na-
S -held islands near the
Coqpmnlst-held mainland as
plt ofr the price for a cease-
dfie agiement.
Thosee disputed islands figured
Prominently in the Senate de-
ate over the fight-f-necessary
resolutl n. Some senators believ-
ed the .administration wanted
tihenw.-$l bargaining use and
hen of poed proposals to ex-
cludea M from the Formosa
odez N lnmone.
Mnrwhuile In the United
IaN- t N.Y.. Communist Chi-
na ided today that the
_nti i..atioas Junk a Mew
Idl proposal for. a Formo-
saq aefire and sumppert a
Rudm fesolutlon labeling the
Uzi States as an "aggres-
The dPnand was a broad hint
Pep nuld reject the United
Nato I, invitation to partici-
pate _tcurity Council discus-
sion o-te New Saland mea-
surle b would be welng to sit
In- icions of te Russian
measure. -
The SeuituV Council held up
furthej usion of the Formo-
san sit i- until an official re-
ply is ecpived from Chou En-
lal, the Chinese Communist
premier nd foreign minister.
But PeipWg radio broadcast an-
nounced in advance the reply
would be negative.
The Security Council voted 9
to 1 last night to invite Red
China to New York and an hoW
later secretary-general D ag
Hammarsekold dispatched a ca-
blegram to Chou.-
The United States voted for
the invitation but moade It clear
its vote did not affeteL US. op-
position to Red Chtues mmi-
bership in the United4 _tlon .
Nationalist China, wllch voted
against IJvited Red Cmfh, was
bitter o fertbhe U .N: iow. Hih
officials on Talpei real9 th
United tates had 1
Ung tbs.t
way tot the1mte EMQiaist
asked, .t wat e e pft
oal -,

M esTar n m a Com.W
S6 il Iftwevelt If tl
k a4 wa thev U
lil to m e If tht
war s the% i

- s-'

WASHINGON, Feb. lo. (UP)
-Defense Secretary Charles U.
Wilson urged Congress today to
extend the draft for four years
as the only way to meet man-
power needs of the armed
"Experience has shown that
we cannot maintain on a vol-
untary basis the total number
of military personnel that are
required for the formeeable fu-
ture." he msd in a statement
presented to the Haouse Armed
Services Committee.
"As a result we must have the
authority to draft any required
additional irsonnel on a short.
term bails.
The present draft law expires
July 1. The administration has
asked for a rouryear extension.
The Armed Services Commit-
tee turned Its1 attention to draft
legislation after airing publicly
the Pentagon's backstage dis-
agreements over the admings-
tratlon'a proposed cuts In Army
manpower. nGeo. Matthew B.
Rldgway, Army chief-of-staff,
testified yesterday that he fear-
ed the cuta would Jeopardize U.
S. security.
Committee Democrats agreed
with Ridgway that the Army
should not be trimmed in the
light of the fbrmosa crisis, but
were not In agreement on how,
or whether, they could make
President ElZsenhower b a c k
Assistant Defense Secretary
Carter L. Burgess, who present-
ed Wilson's 'statement to the
committee, said about 670,000
men would be. drafted in the
next tour years, or an average
of 14,000 a month. That would
be in addition to 2.100.000 vol-
unteers in the four year period
to maintain the scheduled force
of 2,850,000 men.

Bb High Senior

Losu Ey Ptlaying
Wl~h Ad in GM
A Balboa High School senior
who lost his left eye recently
after a baseball bat accidentally
smacked hfaI n the face, was
covering today in Gorgas Hoe-

v -iwor, Vinido Menden-
3,c wa playinR bal with
M his friends Thursday
If n the fm-nasium of
a Hh g hoo when
notde occurred.

MCel o, a .

sc m 'O


seb or tontvranpot easu-
sengers mam the Colombia at
the. dock at Cristobal and back
Mrs. Graham charges that the
accident in which she was in-
jured, was caused "solely and
wholly by reason of negligence
and carelessness on the part of
the Panama Canal Co." She
claims they failed to furnish a
seaWorthy conveyance because It
las not provided with emw&ays,
not properly secured to t dock
or wharf and pot proyerld with
proper llghtin.
In the $14.000 damage suit the
Norwegian firm of Skibs A/S
Lise, owners of the Lisholt,
claim that provisions which be-
hlonged to them were damaged
and destroyed by the Canal
Company when the provision
spaces were flooded to guard a-
anst further explosions.
A fire broke out in the engine
room on board the 5,651 reas
ton ship on Feb. 6, shortly after
midnight while it was moored a-
longsde Pier 6 la alba. The
fire was eventually S annlsed
at I in the morning, t. c-
cording to the lawyers, "not un-
til after severe damage had been
done to the shin and hepm#a-
chinery including the vessels'
They chargethat th e repon-
dent did net use care after the
discovered-gas in the freemen box.
and that none of the ships em-
ployes were advised of the dim-
covery of gas.
The lalniant alse states tat
the Canal uegjLeaty emitted
Its enployeuto reo al i the
vicinity of the free s4. MWto
smeke; and to r*t 'their
chemist to eater the dara
area without his gas teotnf

Deportee Ordered
To Serve Sentence
Imposed Lost.-Yor
or eturna to the
Zone after he was i
Mae" Ctii ibelggioo
a 0*-year senten=
tI& In the U. a.
at A&cs, but It waM
aS eth p of fiv ie
On A Gaaibos tof

For m HuNd
Two teen-mae a
who stole bi clot
thper p y nla tihe
I jail and were fined
nine petit larceny hm


The severe sentenced
poMd on 17-year.-old
Sanches, who was given a
sentence of 10 day to 1 sw.T
buddy, Lul E. Lepes,
sentenced to serve so da
jail. Both were fined $2S i
The youths pleaded guilty b
the thefts yesterday moning s
the Balboa Magstat's
The ludge took the eases
advisement for sMntUoe
later In the afternoon.
Jolntly the youths wen I
ed with stealfte an ai"4H~a
plers worth $1.60 fr% .W[lntt
H. Wymer, sun gtae o
from a car parked onWflj
son Place and belMng to "
ert While, girls a3boys

era I. ThomUpbwo Kuth-Va V
ad Laumon DOkiSy One wajW
a pair of trousers, whae owmuu
wal listed as Anne Crawford.

LOS ANGQM F1tg, 1tw
(up) DIm.
BArbara m uon,M
wife of Damuslm.M
niarbov ftwlo -ulilnhi M~v


. -

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,. d" t

P~~ic.~ ~+~:.





.-F. *


- i'
" *' /*. .

a .

09 TWO riU rANaM
*r ., .- ... .- 1 -,, ,

-ir k'

THE PANAMA AMERICAN ,, No Off Season afInd of F.
; ~ ':r. n *r P O. Box 134. PANAMA. R OF P. A -..- .r
4 N. ONE PANAMA No. 2-0740 (5 LINES) "'
+! c lm '1i 2.179 CENTRI AL AVENU lE Sin M-a IJ0 _UAA I G*1l iL
S nn.,*S s. 7 S JosN4uA e. PCfit eN. lOi -

S; T .. .. i. N "t-, ,ADVANCE.-" f2 S 15 f -.00

THIS "Up FQRUM THE AID1"0 "ITl'lways tak e a Fast Idictato t.

1t e M A IL u nd ser today 'ir%,.% \ I J
his opponents.
-- 0He has their legs and arms di g
The MolnEx is an open forum foa raiders if The Panan America located. He breaks their eardum. ,
H man ne be e r ibe te s e on b i lodper the a gives heth he wt treat. ..

am a t mt as ihs s is an e aratins

ePnere leadtrb o democrcun.s a
S you contribute a letter don't be mpentt appear theprocess-for the torturer not the

1 y. enre itary* of efs en te W io n ia on d d ot lint e oppup b, thei... .. s .b.ce l -o-
met day. Letters are publishe in the order re ive ul. toe rtured n which bucket of ice
lose try to koup the loners limited to one page length. water are throisn over the prison.
Identity of letter writers is hlditrictest confidence. ers until they are aiost drowned.

This newspaper assumes no responsible a ity for statements m e a op ens This dictator, Col. Marcos o r
sued ez mene, r uler of Venezuela,
-- -W- llaborleaders of democratic unions,.
Scaa eca dINSULT TO MILITARY 4MORALE i beaten for 10 straight days or held
a n e sect thn am nsn a k e 4d In solitary confinement I
Sir: l where they are forced to sit on ice
blocks. He also has them strung .
Sar. becretarp ofbDef ense Wilson has sounded an old line ofupby theirmpfeet our subjected. to
military canard. It carries with It an implied insult to the pa-I "tortol" the tightening of mes
triotisin of ever member of the Armed Forces of the United around the wrists until the pot
StatO e ical prisoners lose consciousness. ."
'Tho same skepticism of the faithfulness of US military men1 However CoL. Jimenez does not
iwa sounded by the then War Department in the early years of spend ahies ttime torturing labor
World War II. leaders and political opponents. i ,
Since Mr. Wilson was then busy manufacturing motors he He's a whe of a money maker i
ca- ot be charged with responsibility for the remarks circulated for his country. And he takes me

at at time to the effect that If a no military man has his family out to doS a right goo d buses th L art frnt o nrI
their behalf. In doing this business th s atpi

sb o it's to be presumed this leaine of talk was sold to Wilson by ol. Jimenez du sin enough stuff i a d h t he man a tng at the
so careerman thePentagon. int o the U.S. to undercut our miest othe planes,

But It was Mr. p Wilson who said yesterday for the worldatuo our railroads and our oil h inc Edus- anyc ne t he rn s aig
SanIf we eeer got into a war, the boys ould be more worried som e aro0 s "r iers s rin le aastheer.
adut how theyot their dependents badk horoesthan they would roads re ight*A strs, mta intepance
be about fighting, and I wouldn't blame the m." maena oil re rnery hands.
Well I have seen plen of military men with dependents in This is how it's done. Venezuela

an overseas target area In wartime, and I never knew of a single Ships us something called "residual don th n t
nrtance in which an Individual was derelict n his duty i n oil." This ais the stuff left over in. and the The trying .o lla mhis p
effort to save his family, o get his amly me process of refini crudes th ater the ie de
Unlike secretary Wilson, I should bTm thim heavily I ht th e material which remains o ur
beiaved in such a manner, in fact, I think he should be court so to peak,' n the bottom 'of il t e ma e o le an in
put Ialed. se arrels after crud oil has been erac rndd oe ar pcm eowna lrt
n a Repubric e Cngt essmal. P lCunning am othenan sroadngaau other aO ithr drilllay e a Thn the
Wilson that it would be only "natural" r military men to be at valuable products taken out.i ees th ohy la e it o t e o e

wa R bn n Ta naf al Cunn ing r with o boiluet he gaso td ot hecr ae f a e the th to n con tha onea ddion e
tCertainly it's natural. But t. doe. 0 n "a pledged It costs absolutely nothing to pro.
to delepd his country will welch oe hist e,--r anybody really duce this "residal oi. It's the oree
w of an American miytary man ove B Wa o s ci & to man after youi remove the iat .l. rWASHINGTON -(NEA)- U. & the blackin rket. up to h front of the hang S ar, I

Oan ant-arcral t gun but stayed at h e s ie coc edstuffIe t is sheer waste 'mater ila. est c ern the H un nt a e s so a e de o he p t
SBut it can be i burned as nex Information Agencyhas been pick. Why did you confess the at?" was n looe sat a giant piderweb,
'ltheg questiOn ooal 3milrtary.depsttiou....rsss is corn sive fuel in ships and Indu ng up 1from refugees escaping Icouldn't help it. 'The man about !feet long, attached to the
oplants t al Communist countries some of the whouestiond me had sold me allotherplane. I was o sa at
plI cat And It's co tly. Up to.a certi p it's a queto o l ats is o in gag being tbei.old clandestinely be- the sugar." this that I forgot what I *as doing

iisry 1oiri getting thte d hepoql e a andI housa and Becausate it costs nothing a be- hind the lion Curtain b a. These storased. From a Ce echoslovak e od ood ony in
a ore tecaus ol her goes ouorpncesnnid tnind te 4ns1rtanantitc Thesa snat tv aFr th a gehed toslova uI To ked up o avnly in time to
st the and tel ai g cause labor goes for pennies and ,are broadcast by Voice of USIA picked up the story of a see us hit the other ip. I know
Agin the trubleand cot o .mmand Venezuela compared to our scales Amrica and distributed trough professor who asked student, this sounday s like a screwball
welgs the assets orst bettered orale u Iy t ep. Ormance 95 percent of this "residual o the U. S. international press serve. his class: se but that Isn thecause of it
t ed In by solid family men wLno od en neor- is sold very cheaply in the -3S;, 4e to spread tht news of actual "Who wrote 'War and ;eae'? l s cause
.ord .w Lo Re rn ne u where it is replacingcoal and some conditions in Soviet Rusila and "I don't know, but I Bdnt"'Then there was the ease of the
oWhen an area shifts from a pote a riet area to a corn- oil as a fuel the satellite countries. "Often these stammered the shared, student. l n t o se ll a mphibi

Their actions reek of one thing, self benefits, This can be evinc o railroads wre rnsupo erting ls nast -------- -- ---- a---------------------------Te- h
d bat the lst en of tems ranted as requested, announced ican te U.S. oil producers and coal opt gh er- get more attentionthan Later the professor told a friend aircraft. During the demonstration

wns meeting. cldrtemn INo.elgthroubtry No.8aindea revalent toators are constantly being under- straight news," says a USIA offi about the student's reply when he flight, over Water, the plot-sale
evacauton problem. But here again, isn primarily logistical? cut and losing business and prof- rail had bqez asked who wrote the man was chatting about the merits

I have pi rad t a a father, husband or I imilaryserviceItSothsu rae Americans close oil One story making the rounds great Tolstoy novel. of the plane as ecme in for a
But I've known some pretty line ones, and mighty ew rats. refineries and mines here. Since 1thFast Germany concerns a local The friend, however, was not sea landing.
an American I recent this slur. -- the bulk.oft easternrit l freight is .Communist party secretary who greatly srtnprised and said, "e 'The descent was normal," the
:' Non-Dependent Icoal, the rairoads ,aru:gsuffering oallsonthe manager of an East I didn't do it either."$ pilor eporte later "Then th

P 0. rn ata otast W term said r ce ta Neew Ytb t rtw e e
hat buildings No. 1053ttor stationed 105 will be the last to ave had to lay The professor than told his story plane turned over. We climbed out
Abbe demoear abolished. That large families living on said buildingmnintheseet on the wins ad disc How has this hurt our economy? covered the
...wthat 15a of 31 of the nation's Gul You t se e t it, co de police He made no c s le. t but wheels in theo down Position." a
e o ndirectar or iePt ,result of the placed at the service of the refu- dent and' the professor'rhnd The d pping. hn is

Sad h t l o a co etm 1it6 on, raom this "resi dual g ee farmer ly s fleeingrothe clat Ar. Co1u e aem nation ay aeo T
Shave lost more an al pricious mel ancholy, joous-and constantly nagged by a sense of one all om allburst ofbut it was no sale.rhyth guar

......... ...I......... n 18._,.% .r the amnemrue hih, p, T.e Budap Julc aon s tahd uorotny infer o. B. l rned himself as anted -ooraFaer ty wirca y. s
olens_ prin-t~ s ee th e faolotwi ngsothatohep re. in arw i Te mhisstuff IS pouringn estre aa flood secretary. police official who toanld e hi y and grte sctre Sersta ws co sed
Fy rtin t the iAnswer at Previno g Puszwl able, they n are not com t nudisplaces a "But coml aspira tions. Nevertary e sophisticates who dismissed is an operatic version a le

o mon Cou e n nt A to-datie.t fi coal i vast that hit lested both e m anager, "we have a conlyse- workThs "corny." HThe never real Tom'hes Cabin" and sb it
u i e r ie So we ee th rg a would required a train f railroadthree of the finest eon Lvth e ly r econciled himself to the to the Metoper It was r eted
e smunity.d nd transport It1.e "That doesn't matter," said the arrested theoanbothyesterd ai d ,osai r deno ItWon'tvbe potsihe roto

sa uA making millions while our peM i perhaps the delight and dilem- pressive public image of Geore Some years later, Paul t
Soca un suerin g. Thin going on dictatorship w secretary, "The famous ers are full of core- M. Cohan. After witnessing oe m an was invited to baton th inau-
STher tn and Esex disolvethd dmocrate labor unions motivating actors-difficult movie biog that glorified him, Co- gural Amercs jazz co He

{d |Straighten A 5 1 and jailed their leaders, including th identify or explain. Tee drama- han declared: "That's the kind of requested a contribution nfrom
or abe-n Climbing stem at Inas the oi workal diggers ihave been dum i A joke currenthowever, ar clearly i I title guy I would have liked to Gershwin who obliged the National Co
inkaL e d- SIteaway o th e i fre ent on the unemployed heap recently ud h fascinating. Marilyn Monroe sub- have b. Leen." overture mCooperatives. Ca

asof Loa l r r n of thumbs ec s nose at use the. It es will ng jecret to thlice whanxierres anted twrocii- ness caused m a y of the 30 bin." Then the secretary who is usu
b.)was equal to tve. Venezuelan rrens but shortly suddhereafter released small-plane accidents n- While strolling through Centrigatedal n ver y serious public speaker.
I had e t d the other Local Ratcouncls by now "residucoal ol" comee o them. Bs in nd evolved in a financial struggle Park he once observe his crack d that: Some da the top.
ub cdein this stand but up to the present h low seen Intat a. mmVenezuela protests an left the police station he is a ht Ffth Avenue skyline. When Individual generally trugle so
o suction the press. Perhaps the groups that govern statistics reveal that us with empoyinged to ask the ma n who wasel ex I started walkinglots hav ere gitwenty-five fir permcely fo ffameai perhaps sok

these councils are all In assent. day 200,000 fewer railroad W workers trained r n i days. Joe: accid ents. a disapproving eye at a scientist
S d emg a that rs ago-mostly freight "For heaven's sakel W hat did Wrote one flier who had taxied and say, okfame an everlThig id.
The sudden ntet of a certaingroup in theLa Boa Civic and mainte Johance en. Notall f you confess to?"up, his plamen go down." Cother aircraft for far ou wasgh. You've got the
Their actions reek of one thing, self benefits. This can be evinc- ralroteds Were transporting less
fl by the list of Items *ranted as requestedtannouncedrIn the coal, but .& high percentage of
;an. 3oneeting. Items No. 1 througte No. 8 are irrevalent to a them were. s even one hungry fam-
'an asm wm they are only cove-rups or butlers for Item ily would be too much. W alt
No. 3 which reads: In turn, plants which oduce rail
That.i,. sNo. 1053K and 10. .. n:JoDtheery eoequipment have lost orders and
be demolished. That large families living on said buildings How has this hurt our economy? i l -
Ae -TneIM-tos report- thearnt fr om'918 eU.aly jNphag e w

I at ." o s cal mine -owners, oil e
2 Che- r a .,ttle 3,Batter Andre. coal he owner e e,_ mind all the publicity, baby. Get wrong, of course. Some of his ere- was not onl honored e was
L t0 3I,4.Ct rale 3 B.attle- An6Heread 'railroad unions and many others the money" native efforts were more durable loved. Si gnifcantly,. he v won
ILOVN 0d 25 Leave out 38 Rockweed 46 Heraldic band want the tariff raised against Col- than granite. The rousing classic, affectionfrom those who w're the
1 r Gament N Weird 40 Water lily 47 Son of Jacob onel Jimenez, dictator, torturer Fame has been Garbo's ghost. '"Over There," frixample. He com- targets of his wit. .. Will's humor
ra dis 'rillng (var.) i. 48- jerker 'and cheap oil salesman. She flees from it and it follown-. posed it in a half-hour back in and wisdom, oddly eoug were
B..r tts' -gb amounts 41 Le joints 50 Station ab.) -- --- a constant, unwelcome companion. 1917-to fulfill Nora Bayes' request I not responsible for his nim fling
SI // exile, Garbo is considered newsy Liberty Loan rally. Cohan tinkled sure cowboy in a Mad q.
enough for a biog in a national the piano keys experimentally, hit Garden rodeo--when a st ad-
R i M I IAI periodical--or a paragraph here. the three-note bugle call, swiftly denly stampeded and hea ed for
i The phenomenon is much easier to inscribed lyrics--and that was it. a box crammed with cele Rog-
SI accept than analyze When Gar. ers lasso'd the stampeding aliam
f I -- -- L. r- -..- i .. bo was the reigning movie queen, When John D. Rockefeller Jr. and consequently reaped p go one
r | she dwelled in a lavish mansion was informed by a friend that his publicity.-
Sis 7 -but used and decorated only one. modest office was unimpressive, As long as polite end so
-@ B room. When friends called, they he logically responded: "Whom do will oneo f his best qud "The
Wi,_ l- yo.u s-i- imually found her huddled in a I have to impress?" .. Unl more you reaebt-. t.e
room with the curtains drawn to John D., show folks are constantly more you have to a t each
a keep the lig ht out while she striving to create good impress. pirty looks woret has other."
two J --moaned: "Here oqe sits and sits sions. 'their professional existence -
S- nd sits and sits." -epends on contact with mulluas rsra. g ly the pinnacle often
V B The le9idd of ar'o's shyness ste rangers. This strange madejotf M ei of p p ft Ethel
SIhas its paradoxicat aspeets. In Mel- emnunication is better tbkai am yumere rleeb the trial
I l -lywood, she frequently indulged n as public relations. Such relations summit, then ease the adden
I MTD B n' "u lde swimming in her private require diplomatic subtlety, bold ee. She wa a
ml-- r r b-- poo. When horred f r e nds imagination and xesve energy. series of f ber P
Seai and.informed that Joan Crawford has n in Woe- era she b ie l was
l- i- I t- If you are invited more brid- serv were ing ma t R a's Hnme Com nlor"A movie rm ta dery-
SN 4 al showers than l win she le reed star t have uh of a socialM po t dy wa
afford to take l o, the to cea imte ve ife. me between pictures is for e M ry lo
don't accept all oa Lo oneo pubIappea rance, the parties, the e a W l w inl
p f person ought to hae to give hala Let the psychiatrists strive or press, te premieres you read her W0s, e tu t1 0Uth-
II Ia dozen shower p ent to a clinical mec.t' t U al bo:Laburt a n s -." T ,ale g lnig n tr uo Iph and edld
bride in addition to a wedding ians del wt adpI explain the diuek S the a u. .. Whoem mWht
1j ift. '-,forces. A reporter refects t Hoywod mariags. th perig eg1fl *1
SEag i lights aad dabawu o the hans. e adds; "B y aear nes t Is eti SIml sg .
-M&r'~j-Is 4'..'e'.nsg .-- '

. -- *

I -

The via been row!, cats cquirfe
4...,,i., White .. Mouse C.,Ir^^ I jt^.Oj
opec Il he hoped to head orn. 5i asnot

n acr eg so Rar
I MssuW, Ik e tcaneuta ra l r .o
manly of bi Joint o efs Staff Vision twom th et itemrs.tate s.
has been preing for military m Commsson Thi
measures against Red China to the mean that the railroads could ow.
Ptint that It Is beginning to wear er rates .wlb onl"e ar i oas
on the President's neves. or t rail l eor ttHng alinew
Now,. when it adorle raise the puk ot of t S, the- Inet s
assue, Ike can pas te. buck to the rates oler. "I
ngurress and po out that he is Flemm g Mn far has bueke
morally obligated to consult fully the two Cainet members. His ad.
with congressional leaders before viers warn that th ae abeve ro
taking important action. Private.- posals would -inea, the en( of
l, Ike even commented that vet- sMaUl rail lines;i that Mp;
erpn politicians like House Speak ct tdf the tflckt 5j woul
at Sam Rayburn would be Cno be taten overlySI u aor
hurry to put the nation's sons un- out of business; also art 0It
de arms again. air lines would gobble up smaller
This column can report that the aes until about five lines ran th
President's decision to share with business of the U.S.A
Congress his authority -to direct seeias of the backstage aga.
for policy originated strictly ment.,Slsenhower deferred to
wth him. When he brought up theFlemming and included so redoi.
Idea of going to Congress with the mendaton on transportation his
Formoran i ssu e, his advisers message to Congress.
agreed it would be good politics
to stick the Democrats with par- 1.- The Langer Mono
trial responsibility for our- Far poly Ct ttee has just waned
Eastern policy,. .that a a of mergers led to the
However, this was not Ike's me. dep a of 1890 and 1931; that
five, and he dismissed it impatient, a trlaflan is now experiencing an.
ly. Rather, he spoke of his con- oer merger rash that could lead
ception of the presidency, which, to another depression.
he thought had taken on too much NOTE 2 Unquestionably the
power uWer the Democrats. He railroads are getting the hairy -end
criticized x-Pr ent Truman for of the economicJ lollpop these days
arbitrarily taking over the coal -as a result of Ike's tremendous
mines also for sending U.S. forces highway i:taha- truA ers and
into &vea without consulting 'on. orfhelpaibslg air
great lines. Mea h the roads un-
Ike also cofid d that he In. like the truekers, ni!dain their
tended to use Congress as an ex. own roadbeds; and, unlike the air
cause for shushing up his advisers lines, build their own itations and
who have been trying to push himgot no subsIdles.
Into war with Red China. I
I n ( __i_ 3. s *_

Meanwhile his diplomatic and
military advisers were battling be.
hind the scenes--even on the day
the message was sent--over wheth-
er to defend the Natiqnalist.held
offshore islands. Secretary of Stat
Dulles is flatly against defending
any Island outposts, except For-
mosa Itself and the adjacent Pes-
cadores. He recognizes, however,
that it would be political folly
to say so. As a result, he has
tempered his statements in his
talks with senators on Capitol HU.
The Joint Chiefs of Staff, how.
ever, have long favored defending
key offshore stands including be.
leaguered Tachen Island, 200 miles
north of Formosa. This Is a vital
radar warning post, they say, to
wath for planes frp China's big
let Ban a SvudShanghai. Quemoy
'Island on the other hand, t
loca to directly opposite Formosa
4n04s a erto guard against
lny Ivad, atempt, the Joint
Chles declare. Low ogs also hang
over the Formosan Straits, and
Quemoy and other near-by islands
are needed as observation posts,
argue the military men, In ase a
Red invasies force trees to movq
on Formosa Udi cover. of fog.
Postmaster General Summer.
field is now telling the Treasury
Department how to run its bush
Ex-Congresn Harlan Hagoe
of Minnesota was set A become
director of the Burf tu ofiting
and Engraving. 1u. Rage had
made the mistake last ybar Qf
defying Mr. Summerflield and vot-
ng to increase postal workers' pay.
Like the elephant, Mr. Summer-
field doesn't forget. When he heard
Hagen was to head up the Bureau
of Engraving and Printing, he
rushed to tie White House and
stopped the appointment. It doesn't
pay to oppose the postmaster gen-
Two of Eisenhower's Cabinet
members are arguing inside the
Cabinet committee on transport.
tion for a revolutionary step to
free the railroads from all rate
regulation. Opposing them is Ar-
thur Flemming, head of the De-
fense Mobilization Board.


iEtq ,j aples Ue, aMark
Clark lA dsplovted that the so-
called evidencee Sealtor McCarthy
had bout. Ommunts an e Cen-
tral mIee4 4 b com-
pletely Wrless fCarthy
turawo rv his. a ellboeoed
materia to Clark last week and
Clark's invest ators 3ow have had
a chance tuo O -it over. They
have found it to ,. collection of
gossip half-truth co.d complaints
Sd gr intled fser CIA em-
los which a to precisely
not ng, ,
Dirksea ANg5 hIt.s41enator Dirk-
seM.ot Illinaols .'tr hang on to
his chairmanship Republican
Sedptorial Cam amttee.
T Ls- IMM} e i*ttee that
dMi nate OBq

sticking to the no senator
who willbe a candidate hidiadi
can head the Senatorial Cam-
paign Committee. (Dirksen Tuns
for re-election in 196. If he had
kept hip chairmanlP`p, he would
have been ina of llotting

Frederick Clarke
Wins Schola hip
Attww0"in U
MIAtION' W!t "rederick
A. S. Clam, 4am Canal
Zone, is among the t unaider-
graduate and profealonWl school
students in' thrtSnlverslty of
Wisconsin this year who are re-
ceiving University scholarships
and awards as rewards for out-
standing merit and to aid them
in efforts to continue their ed-
The scholarships and awards
have an average cash value of
$299.80. They are made to stu-
dents by the University on the
basis of the students' good work
in studies, their other leadership
accomplishments, and need The
University could make good use
of many more a e h olarships
funds, the committee points out.
Clarke received a non-resident
scholarship for this year.

By Calbraith







-i ~
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-!F!, I i -. .!WPM

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Herbert Hoover Recommends

Fewer Federal Documents

WASHINGTON. Jan. 31 (UP)- lossof sleep," to reply to oavpm-
r4rmer President Herbert Hoov.Iment queisunn. ...., anu uLaI ut
Stonigimn rcoiniprcte.i hirth various federal forms aid reports.'
Control of Federal. documents" to luring to another' ueid o, lea-
elminnatc some af the 25,u00.000..-' eral activity, he said the commit.
d100 pieces of paper the govern.- son has counted 104 agencies *"en-
D1th c r tvules. , !ear gaged in the business of lending,
He discussed this and related' gua-anteeing adl insurance, iB.
pro!nCts ot' "bij, igosei nmentc in volvang the government in these
a goodhiumi red speech at the an. kinds of financial operations to
3ual dinner or Nai alfri BLIS.C-,S over $250000.000,000."
publications where he received "I 1 'ghic also mention that (the
e orANi '.atfi i'. siher quAl a government has) accumulated sur.
rd for distinguished public serv- vtoa am oub.olete. xcalh g, pero
P, sqIstal operty, which opt about
i 'e 0go. ear-old former C h I ef $1A0.e00,0o,u he said.
t.i.ivc pried 1tec.d lth -sonmei Mr. Hooler said congress in-
eo'ple AI1 dislike" the recunm struced mTe commission to look.
i satircr.4 fo0 itielr. ccrdomy speefieially for federal "business
and efficiency that will soon bei cntUprises. wnich compete with
Inade by h1.% new .-' in ..ion m, the citizen.
government reorganizatiun. But' *So lar we know about some 1.
eo rJ~ d le wll -be cnnioricdd, in 500 of them, great and small, he.
Cie face of any criticism, by the s*aid.
knowledge that *old reformer -- ----
ever die... they get thrown out." 000 tb ks'
..i-s was n. allusion to Gen: IU, W etDoCKS
ouglas MacArthur's famous re-
har' that "old soldiers n e'v e UiDep rted From US
!2, they just fade away." I
.Mr. Hoover's prercriptipn for, VERACRU,Z Mexico, Feb. 1-
4irth control of federal docur'(UP)--ore than 080 'wetbatis"
mneMs" was offered during., discus- .;were deported from the United
i1m of a suwy recently iomplew States, boarq the Mexican ship
d byv lhis commission of govern. "Emancipacion" "yesterday.
spent paper work. Officials said the convert t e d
SHe. id th udy. showed it si, tarsportL has repatriated 10,400 11.
Ithe government about $4,000,000,. !el field laborers since t he
lo a vear tto prepare, sena out "Sealift" started our p aths ago.
4 file O18,00,O,000 forms and The "Zinmeanotalon" haj made
t6eitidnairel' and 7,000,000,000 14 roun6 tps om Vareruea to.
letters, reports and other docu- Southern United States ports with. i
sagnts. out any incidents or accideuia, the
He said his commission will re. officials said.
oemmend reforms that should
Save about $250.000,000 a year In
tis area, but he admitted that
ient expndfiires go thee days.". I tat ruins your nrure r y
Mr. Hobver said the commis- ou short of breath and endangers'
has not yeat completed a rour health, you wil nflB t my
~wiop study of bow much it to ai uns.y with
ce rjvtate business ard Indii, NwiO 4 te ditffeor
duis, n tarmis of "elericale serv.Y 3s a .!aewS
leeq, lawyers, accountants and :eI i um.

he Pacific Stealm Navigal pany

Royal Mal L Lt. *

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S ...................."..... eb. 14
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PACIFIC 8TNAM (ViGATION CO Crlstbal Tel.: 16i4/5
A c m. ANJ*lA-A-& P #IL. ToL 3-i
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.. '- : s4h4 _.t1w. ..m-n. d..t-h.AI a 4- a 4 o at a family ah r. U,, e Two m e 26th Engineer with untrained personnel, he, car.
SW -. -.. ae'l treutl ,i a ,a iptr- Battallon u ) were honor- ied ot all assigned missions f-
..Mui's i foatta of town whom e in sh re- -- ed at a reredt;-,radeceremony' ficientlv and capable while super-
.A If j opt of t wo M4 IM
7, of,",wvey we om to th a ae- rd at erCaytFon'srEng rising the administrative activities
S. Tiot goew o I t e or he eat sebellipa.. sneer Quadrangel. of the battalion anti attached units.
M. gun bolserh ubenH C rm
S-,M t'F, -o fev.ry HllsCaAra SheMtaeac oHp r t .M.ectme p the sub ct of Mar.y ri t.,tblt"' o s :onlyh lBronze Star was presented Untingo is a native of Tumon
r- t .nNew JerteF whers admtrhes comment as- atur r ay Guam.. Hender 'n. entered the

eIE MAtn ewM Dorc G wpr of Ca rn y H h o r hlo t tt a aweue havt dJ e. AL ,I f ae
MJf- Me, a ar~ly .depar t t p.m IUor. o /Se" accoxpaqr V, k wa.r;.mTTh, se to makthe our-vk'er adl et_ it to-n wih t'le at r nl gi w h e Th p l te
aroeae dAe tram ,Une sald omrae to c en.. M ri tt we P She cd our re oa t to enoyt I to re lac, made th
Dwasa ~lal thl P makweesad la wc Gats u91 /e sM a ood -. r. coiintlae reet ete ae10 dat.ns. Andi/CWO a-s ...benderson was:.a.

Then .a.oote oay CaTheDore ef eotem taort of his with l aet aw re what he.eawha 0h a k dro a
Bena marred-%des h uioC hu .oor. .n by a sudden ac tuallyu bn movremo eor cedthtee abardIn
In IhBooobaa anshobol ninune e ra sti.. Mrs. Mtoon L..Nas, was honor d spa _fba annrs by your athy an ou ue .l sand doeotion cth oft iae oerv Ei

ure d it Sch ol11d9an, n me 'ei sl t on Fnibn a from a h, wsih a e -old. daughter She w critical t e o a nd deotion to duts aile served O Uw
the v a q CXor. and. t aduat.f n thisst e venin gwith.a de.sseft r-ca- tmaoh wInyanotherIng with" the 78th Eng Bn CoM
June, nestaparty, by MrA. Tracys hn dark mea din her turkey' y room le t 1 -t. own with her andtobt0"Fulortn g .... .... .. .I at hendGatun residence. sandwich.. No, she doesn't want to Invite her to joius In crayomrngr-S.une 13, mmadi ng.officer.,
r -t S.politely ak Grandma for some iee n the ii a theoleiing booksshe r rS. wUbq CommandA off eer.
Baron d Bardene b hlce- Cam Festivi al white meat. She doesn't want to brought.o of Fonrt Clayton,a a d e I t h e
Bsaro o ndBath"Planned in Ga Next Week o i m m e a oodgrl and eat what she She will sense at once whetherpresentations. l
The sl*e tr f Italy nd The Dorcas narup of tu e tGatun ht or as. or not we are aware of wh atUnpingor a oend- t hepwar
ar one r )essan.e h~e unon Church is sponsoring anp uie' i she's been up agal. I we are, Unpingo rce ed the award i
ipFtrv g b r--n haresee t onsitCrchtmosinhn Bena eComwth) imKtarl e opera'
been the .hoher oests at a nu-- 'old fashioned Icep.ream Fes tival. .. ,,t80pI As sheJerks angrily away your she will rw quietn co tio ti t em betw en
onber of "' ,d in a le, in G Batun on Feb. 11th from 5: s nothing arm, it is clear that' She willrfeel the a uppo we are ons aga s al min_ f
iai. lr early l departure 0:0 p.m. o aKathy wants is to make you un. giving herand soon able to re- Je 3 I e. n. 195. eh"
or his eb pont In l Slvoadoti Barana spitl rM Sundas, oft f-t comfortablee ly exd sing herself enter the critical atme e phe re ing wihn Compa .e the h lIbi .t
Among the mqre aent parties drinks. coilee anrid home-madeate ac m uin, ad h e ubldon h iai as a problem child to'your rela-strengthened tolrhest' moIt howedn n e.oton.el onel .J
was a-dine es tandd by the cakes and pies for which Gatuanisd '-a subhn 1te a n tpe- tiVes. ,d r confildently. tsowed exnep9 sties.kabilty n .tell
Ambasr lor o t anu Mrs. famous wid be .served. Wtoa One them offers you dig- "peorn te ste. asl
..buen..o. Prdei e ,in batwb e asothingto la aor ath M Ii her behavior. She .ys: ior as devnton to dutaand skill as a taS
resoen,.* I member of befaom m aby m. oiand to teaa inchtn oro. 1 "anKt"iothy's. jesous of1 all the att New insuran leader
bpby- t ognandad. 'Juit'folo-i.the f_, omutbg aae, ft le,- tio= tlv Jimmy's been getting Unp.n. ': .d
TerSmithslt r The-llds arrrwswpnentyoua ut.tooGatn.tOd e-Ph Yo are being a had girl tomake Le ndnpgo .i om an eaespe-
Mr. ahd WM'. .l=am Bird who'Barro Colorado circle. Music Apprecidtiona' reVyone notice you too, aren'tsMaiesdA' Huid Tri caleeyffqrt u s abiityh t oorpdinaterh o
'are ebIr amoon uhhis.newsta- hro.oMeetyou, Kathy?'" the efforts of ps breeultales. He
o e "r 'l rThe Music Approt ron Gn-up Do- you accept this a t u pP s s obtaned maximum results from
guests at" aathr1 kt'Teai par mist Stepe n. will meet at the UO-JWB Ar'med sr1e? al i 11HOW bSi itS h ea le boicnst them-
ty given br Mr. and Mrs. Charles !Honored At Forces Service Center an Wednes.- .fw wirthorration, snseoativeea-d
L. bmith at heir borne In El Can. Miss Jennye Stephes.augterday, t p.m. Terengs no truthaon trt.THEHAG -A.nnu-mboerl o ofuo cr p vrt, ii a
grejo. of Mr. and Mrs. N. Z. Stephens, The program of elassteal. record-D. ehldht e delight Tin aAi fo-, t h Du etr o opie t I
of the Pacific Side. has been .e- ed m usic will be as follows:- 0 ,r-' attention attracted by his bad ue- ha ei li e O fac ausit c m ies f or Henderson'. ..oficer.... Iia e
Here Mhm I.pcted historian for Kappa AlPhpalture to Oberon by "Weber; Concerlvror. It is' resentment ofthDcl theake pldet a_ itis p Hbenders.on pers.,(ombatoer
....- .. .. i a,,nationa.-l women's social sor- to No. 3 in C .ino, .Opus. -7 b ,h .suggest that he does rutch emirans e s we a 26th Engeers.' oma r ort.
Mill-, Be fthmver...dy n--- the ca....s ofe the Umivers.i an. daughter's bad mannersother Dutch people resident na- Clayton will be awarded the Certl.
sthniiP f .d...a .ty ofOl ahoma. Miss Steohens Isl ....... o pe,,,t ,motlbn- honety Atbroad -- to take out sn inbur- ficate for his exceOtionfl perform-I
few 0*ya Ca n~1111 a 15 a sophomere majoring in the Cor- The program win be cotiu.te.. therage of seve, she has not dis- ,ane poHlcn o.r-a round rssi by.sance of duties while serving wth.
.... -.-, ,, MA Trriedoa l l. assi ge d o
st1,[aff WM. Aren pesn ~d that the eagI rated ad of reatves left behnd e e
Staff., is .. ..Mr. Lhams.lavished on h .erc Netherlands are Insured .othat u 'selasa
Ing t"of Th Magazine,. He'.. uki -Lewin arrived On the ,familisandther nublieoht ,,I' """.......containsreproachtowardher. ihfolde. flhm dieso tney, t ,opn aydsend personnel boacert
resides in Abe N6eW York suburb Iisthmusyesterday to spend seV -theCanal Zone and'.t.q. Repubhlio for aroundtrip to his native Working under trying conditions-
of H tatitie ", 'Xt5,'Forbis- slid f' months, vacation with h .,er of Panama are cordiaU' invited 'bg Thursday February. 3rd at'land.
their ,W qXg 5Pt S I rv ipee, tC, Mr and -Mrs. Sult ,.- to attend. d ar ta r e Cen t.e" A British Indemnity Insurance ,)WL CA's
Stepn .o m of FL.-,o,,e.. A,'-ormer "es --.. "- i*,, Room. Company re,,,sef"ted in the -
BOOM1"5ToCard Group la policy which will enable o.'
Mrs..,-arl Schilligg will act asiScottIsh Ladles of the persons specified in th inspectors at the state' agricu-"
hotenp for -breakfast to the Bal. Meet T-nblght policy-tovist-the other-in'event tural quarantine station at Horn-
boa Woman's Card Group on The- cottiah Ladies 8ofalor serious Illness. This "S.0.5. brook, used to finding almost
Thursday at her wevtwood Farm Club Will hold aseial meeting policy' coyera 9go of the costs .
home 9 a.m..I_ tonight in the Manchester Un- of a round t-io and also a cer- anything in cars they lpapect,
Those serving late or wishing tyHal to tract Important ta amount for incidental ere nay started we an auto
to spend the day are asked to businel. penises. drove up with an owl perched on
bring a picnic lunch. K.L.M..-has promised the in- the front bumper. The equally as-
call Irs. Merchant Balboa 3317 All Star Circle surance companies that in cases tonished driver could explain only
if you do not have transportation. Meets Tomorrow where an insured person wishes' .....L-e'lI-a-gebirds flew in
... .. -- The All Star Circle will meet to travel to Holland by air. Itscnat several large br -fMilew inu pl, .
for.its regular luncheon and organization In the Netherlands front of the car several tiles up Jui l5i*841gw
Teashingt.n business meetingtomorrow at I and abroad will co-operate by the road. ..i M owhoi ed bI
-TneWashington Couti Clubs Van. it the" Scottish Rite Term- arranging for the Journey to ,.
will hold a regular Board. M~ et,. In Balboa. ttke place as quickly a possible.HA.. 2,1 .,,,l

,E S YA A Short .rw urn-U

^^ ~ ~,BB y .(.. '*.7"''

A ..1 /, VA


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Paenme City.

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F .ru. y,.w'rs fflring special dis*

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YOUR A t *


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melMr Graduates
S X r MIr Ave Lue Tel. I5-1
1 block from Lu Theatrel

Ctral Ave. 10l
No. Lottery Plau
Fourth of July Ave.

U st* tMN -Y

FOR SALE- Rattan furniture,
household goods, electric stove,
refrigerator. Tel Curundu 3286.
FOR SALE. Zenith 21" T.V.
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radio phonograph comb. Phone
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FOR SALE: 9-piece mahogany
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FOR SALE:-Ratten dining room
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arm dining chairs, 2 host chairs;
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n inn .. t_.... ..... -Ik....

-LO.cle wI

1i -

-7 7- -W- -o. .. .-- .- ,r- -

S OR OUR OFFICES AT 57 "A0" STREET, PANAMA sven a of thep. Pla- P fts Boxing, te
0Agenai internal, d. Fblesrl e FAMCII S'1DOSAe UNIDOS 30syears ~f gove oent service
C central Ave aIrO s Ave. and fou r with laB than 25 .

IPay"ears of'te4= U4J aUnder Anti-Trust Provisions

N C Ave

Via lassfi No. 4

Automobiles DR. WENDCEAKE Medical Clin-
ic. 209 Central Avenuc. beside
FOR SALE.-1951 Ford Conver- Capitoli Theater. Phone 2-3479
tible. New top, white sidewall Panama.
tires, excellent condition. Phone
urun- ._DARIEN
FOR SALE:- Model A Ford Feb. lIth. 12th. 13th
Roadster duty paid License for Sponsored by Hotel El Panama.
1955, ooed running condileon. 3 Full Days. Leave February I th
Can be seen *t SAS gre" Pin. at 7:30 a.m. return late Sunday
34703. Prke $250.00. Must be afternoon 13th. Fishing through
sold before Sunday. the Pearl Islands. visiting with
pritintive Choco Indians, spear-
FOR SALE:-S-ve $71.800 on ng crocodiles, lack light hunt-
1954 Oldsmobile Super 88 hard ing cruising up the Sambu rver,
top only 4000 mile. Hd-, aboard El Panama's Pescadora.
radio, W-W tires, back up Bring old clothes, comfortable
lights, 2-tone blue. See Jack shoes and DON'T FORGET YOUR
Weir, Smeet & Peredea. CAMERA. For information, res-
FOR SALE--1940 Ford Coupe. ervation, phone Jungle Jim,
Excellent transportation. Also Hotel El Panama, Panama 3-
Cushman motor scooter. Both 1660.
for $300.00 duty paid. Will sell
separately. Albrook 86-3141. FOR SALE
l Six. ;; IFOR SALE
FOR SALE:-1954 Ford Cu!tom-
line Six. 4-door. radio, direc- Miscellaneous
tonal indicator. Call 3-3580.-

WANTED: Furnished ground
fio- 9 hL2.. n

Spin g mattress. xceptionOl buy. upr apartment or nuseur, or I
D E N TI S T Call Panama 3-6359. bedrooms, for one month only.
TivTU (4th of July) Ave. No. I Phone 2-2003.
(next to Braniff office FOR SALE:-Westinghouse Re-
D. C L rABREGA, D.D.S. frigerator 25 cycle, 9 cu, ft. FOR SALE
ltumr m Instructor Geor-. Phone 87-8162. F SALE
.two Univ. Wathinton .D.C. ea ,E at
Feat r Dltkt Dentist Pedro Miguel Real Estate
and Qambo a C Z W Ried P sit10on FOR SALE--Beach house 20x30
bed are: and l stUr furnished. Good well, light plant.
a dnuMS (nW ll YOUNm WQMAN, interested in Lawn mowers, trailer, large
i r f tll 11111N1i).g .hildren. seeks employment with garage, aloil fenced with Iron
Sl ervicI n:d 1 B1. family leaving for States. Write psts. Call Vero Allken 27-3,
aeld"ontia and C bwaMry. G.R.F., Box 3088, Ancon, C.Z. 4147. 2154C. Curundu.

FOR SALE:-Hollicratter 520-R.
Call 4295 Albrook.

FOR SALE: I Kodak Duaflex
II Camera with flash attachment,
515.00. 4 cots with mattresses,
55 00 each. Larke trunk $20.00.
$5.00 each. Larke trunk $20.00.
FOR SALE:-5 sections lattice
to fit cottage. $40.00. Taylor,
5852 Diablo, 2- 1327.
FOR SALE -Household furni-
ture. olso 1947 Dodge Coupe In
good condition. Reason for sell-
inga Leaving the Isthmus. Dur-
ing duty hours coill 87-7246.
After duty hours call Panama

HOUMEGLD acXnuoMGi M were ru 5ean U
J. rei. e I o-m Ave. 1. 41 certify cates for their
IS Those retiring. the
and length of servln
Samuel IL. Wtw
Port Captain In C
RESORTS years ine months
Th eodore a. zg
SHRAPNEL'S furnished houses.. nd 18 s.years f
on beech at Santa Clara. Tele- and1 lk
phone THOMPSON, Balboa 1772. Pnckney o, g
nine years, eight m6
WILLIAMS' Santa Clara Beach days.
Cottaoes-rockgas, refrigeration, Eleanor P. Horne,
2-bedroom. Phone Balboa 3050. clerk, 16 years, and
ThonAs lM. M Gci
Phillips. Oceanside co t t a g e s,., erator, macblhttt, 26
S9nta Clara. Box 435. Balboa. months and 22 days.
Phone Panama 3.1877, Cristo- Joseph E. Moore, I
boal 3-1673. tive assistant. Serr
Gramlich's Santa Clara Beach Division. 30 years,
Cottages. Modern conveniences, and 16 days.
moderate rotes. Phone Gmboa Clarence H. True,
6-441. gineer, Plant, Invento
praisal staff. 2 3
FOSTER'S COTTAGES, one mile months and 17 days.
past Santa Clara. Low rates.-- A native of Golden
Phone Balboa 1866. Englebright first ca
Isthmus in 197 Wit
Army and was station
FOR RENT Amador for a year I
Hr ue aing the Canal orpnl
Houses member of the Poln
~_____________ He remained with
FOR RENT:-2 bedroom chalet. Division until 1942 V
Living, dining-room, servants signed and was emp
quarters, g a r a g e. spacious the Mechanical Div
grounds. Phone 3-0715, 3-4911. welder. In 1947, Engl
Fd ho E- turned to the Poli
and at the time of
ment, was on duty at
FR CR T police station as ara
Apartments._ trolman. After hl,
Apartments he and Mrs. Englebri
make their home
ATTENTION G.I.1 Just b u i I t Ariz.
modern furnished apartments, 1, Hogan was born I
2 bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel. Ala., and served two
Panama 3--4941.the United States
FOR RENT:-Furnished and un- chief electrician du
furnished 2 & 4-bedroom apart- War I. He worked
ments. Contact Alhambro Apart- years in the United St
ments, 10th Street. Phone 1386, coming to the lathm
Colon. to be employed as
w ith the I oetrl il

I hoe: Panam () -211 ------------- ----- FOR RENT:-Furnished, 2 bed- Since that time his s
Sal s, I a A room apartment. Compao Alegre, the Canal organization
I LU S A l PAA Latin AmeMucan M s continuous. He has
o C O l i iv e w s In aflti il fl information phone 3-0985. to make hisefuture
-at s -S FOR RENTs-Furnished, modern Florida.
-m'='fe --Tr afIfllC III n1954 apartment, new concrete house, Mrs. Home. the o,
5,7i- t 10. Via Porrno 114. on the retirement lli
S Or l(01 Annual Capore" don. Claudia Davis and Martha All Tins a New i --
s- s Vt a e Miller. H it Al .eN IHighs FOR RENT:-Furnished, fine a- Ing been born in o
The annisi campbree sponsor- Second Class rank badges were apartment for small family. Con- She has been working
Clase s ed by the local council of the In- presented by the District two All-time highs n passenger Phonent prie V3-1374 a rasil 12. accounting division
ternati enl Bey Scouts of the Can- chairman, Mrs. Walters to Mary and air cargo traffic were.ree- Phone 3-374_________ Ine and has
al Zone and held on the Paralso Ann Brandon, Mary Anne Bow- orded by Pan American world on the Isthmus since
limit Lm SmIDSSF School grounds on Jan. 21-23, prov- en, Christine Huff and Barbara Airways' Latin American divi- FOR ItENT:-Furnished apart- er her retirement, A
ed to e one of the most success- Parker. silon in 1954, final figures show. ment: 2 bedrooms, living room, will go to Bradenton,:
er. last few years The, made The Miami gateway led in as- diningroom, porch, 2 bathrooms. she will visit her sla
lsot te p4es tfol- sanger travel with a totaFof 48th er No. 27, Bella Vitq A natve of Provit
CL1 ? ^ Z ~rose1o 45U t -1:i6L r,'leader 373,031 PAA customers for the FOR RENT-Furnished opdrt- McGlnn ham bten e
thi ran,*i tfied.Sq- r' t ppp welcomed parents year, up 17 per cent over 1953. ment. comfortable, bdrage. Reao- the Canal or aniza
iio ced byof boys atteM g and troop committee members. Passenger traffic throughout sonable. Ricardo Miro St. No. 52. 1928. He was I at el
Rger keCt.-h s yearwas the l largest ever. This was followed by a flat-rals- Latin America increased by eight Telephone 3-5229. a Machinist wit the
thue excep.on o1 the busl- Tbirty-three leaders supervi s ed nl ceremony led by Claudia Da- and a half per cent, from 815,- FR"N- cal Division and train
Sathsn ,class, which the c~amp .whichl. warn in charge of vis, troop president. Mrs. W. 383 to 884,859. Cargo totalled 46,- room, dining room, 2 bedrooms lock operator. A n
have Mts Uial meeting Paeifle district commissl o n Townsend officiated at the can-1088,000 pounds, highest ever, room, v m, reror lee k operator. A mtdalengd are c Onespeal feature of ceremony and each compared with 43,362,000 po tas 4o3refrerator.e ndependo.W64, Orfinal
aach- Oeth g rlo lit a candle from the in 1953. oa l.inn
ural drawing classes, which poree was the presentatan of ear- candles on the Trefoil and re- F RENT: -ptn,,"to 1919. McGinn will
Sstar 'ur yig foIlowtig leaders who gradu ated the Girl scout laws. She Biggest gains for the year were o n- rm ed- after his retire
ca s starting y fro w gleamwJu ad&Invested Mrs. George Peck- recorded by the Texas gateways, rooms, living-dining room, kitch- plans to make his fu
uessatrywingll "etursda e from Iamp 1W5llam Jumpe(Mad-r ahmai an i-t-t -leader ofBrownsville and Houston while en bathroom. 13th Street No. in California.
nd Thursdyre Dan T. Foster, James A. Has 1. Los Angeles also showed icreas- 16 Via PrrsMoore was born
sey Tedr elmeny;ry inter-DselT Romeo Ga Msler, eHarl r ipins and membership ea in both passengers and car- FOR RENT:-Modem two-bed- Tex., but lived sever
s eter elad nced account- B. Joh W. Pascal. Ever Gord were presented by Mrs. go. room apartment. Cold and hot Waahington. D.C. bef
at. e aniced account-. a. C John W. Pascal. Everald Gordon Thompson......syt.m Wnto D.C. eF
fis omeeter- edlmentar eB. a Robert W.l.e-. Vo T .omps a. water system, in El Cangreo. F to the Isthmus in 1
Wa eel E. -, Robert Walk., Ver, Vne 1 dge Aw a were made by Latin American cargo volume further information Phone 3- been employed with
ele ntary, second L aing. Sr., Vernel E La J rs. J. V. Carter and Mrs. G. H. through New York's Idlewild 4946 or 3-4282. Center Division ci
writing, advaneond Ivang, Sr Vee. Lainern J r.. Duan Lop ave is to the following girls: Airport jumped from 7,481,853 since 1
Sand secnced Ivan R. rinmall, JuArthur J M Good grooming and personnel pounds in 1953 to 9,884,202 FOR RENT-- Furnished rooms sinceIONnd at the
'e and secondtue- eie l ,Aerhu J. Mc- health badges to Mary Anne pounds in 1954. Brownsvlle's an apartments. Estudiante St r assetiremestntto athe
ester seleol.on and construe.- Kee.srmd roy Rogers who me- Bowen, MaryoAnn Dano co t.oi No 98 Tel 2108stant to the er
rtMeter caveda Mary Ann Brandoncargo otal hit 1,006,94 pound8.Tel. 2-1508. manager He and
Mt T s elemesntear ,e station was made on Claudia Davis, Cells Dorfmanlcompared with 803,290 pounds in antoager. e theandir
nih and sec- behlf' the council by William Jo Anne Fields,. Christine Huff. 1953. FOR RENT --Apartment: bed- Penllyn, Pennylvani
entry phy Jump,etera council member deryl Johnson, Virginia Ma'- room, dining-room, living room, True is a native
Y .. after the camp W u n amed.r n, 'Martha Miller. Barbara Passenger miles and cargo ton kitchen, private entrance and Mass. and was first e
safter- enam the camp was sam rker n d o
classes. in business ma- A llgt of the ceremony was ler and Celia Thompson. miles flown throughout Latin A- bathroom. 15th Sr. Rio Abaloo 1915 by the Canal
il S each Tues- the glilof a scerehlief to Mr. Child care Mary Ann Bowen, merica also were up. Passenger No. the Canal o
lidr a. and all en- Jump .ll L. Fawcett, presi- Matha- Miller, Claudia Davis, miles moved from 798,881,000 to i as a tracer the
classes will meet at dent of the al Council. Mary AnnBarandon. Conserva- 837,692,000 cargo ton miles from FOR RENT-A cool two bed ginrs.
tly.On Saturday afternoon at 2:30 to n-Mar Ann Brandon, Mar- 25,610,006 to 29,360,558. room apartment. complete fur- with the Canal In 19

included the original charge ar e tz, Cel gateways wth 1954 figures first, R ENT.-einea sionat
mbatos sedule .n the PA- General director for the entire Thompson. Housek-eperMa -ry followed by 1953: FOR214w a" n eeraa em-i thsin
0. were cancelled when1progrsm was Raymond George Anne Boe n, r..Mary Ann e Bran- FOR R ent. refrgeroor. G.l. it years and a structure
had a registration of leC. scout executive. Visitors to the O D r an nne aml-assengers 373,031 nd ma oreero9 P is unl 1949 Sce 11
SIn ed Clarence Taht owen. Christineuff. Musician 9 ; cargo pounds 21,476,60 been a general enne

willeat the ofcuni BySc A Martha Miller.o n Salt Water-a
nd. a al o t arbara Parker. SPol a o. and 22,076,067; flights 12,882 and plant inve tory an
o dtha y rde ica, i t en-" AidCer it 12,135. FOR R Tof qfN e of-
classes and a toeatthe'he ld Pe a er Bor to .

laan t ther Ad lraT. AFOR.yR T ry, aoe- e 2 15 10, FORNT RE lur rs h d o
:oftha Tothers. alboa. Junior High School B -l 1Nurse.ird. Han 1Woman il

-,I.n .Co..bth t ora l d c ot or p Nur osTeao e tasta knill dew o3 York (Idtawild)-PAanen- R wor. kwt l ls
in Which at leastTroop s ch old a _court of aws earned by Mary Ann.Brandon. iters d i,611 and l-d ; ca rgo 10 r-tr 4 0 U V t e

ss~ t w o fin through the al leasl foueencampen t which oxera thum em- 9 and a7n221 1 o poands 426- mnCar.gPonoms 44ri thn sUa -W
p lay titio w ill be Friday evening Jan. 28 at thelnee-Claudia Davis, Mar Armj' unds 9.884t,202 andui 1h,653; -r t F-nat
area. HBalboaG rold beout .house. T T0heBranonOeryo ohnso n.tlsRet Puhs984,2029andI 0,183 FOR RENT:o-Beautifullyfurnished I, h dQ b.

Balboa Gr SJcoutshousMe. The Umando Cher l enon il 4,789 blad 5,.edoo double couch, refrigera- Bla I 1. A 111. *
troop" celebrated its eleventh lhfery Johnson- Martha
birthday by singing Happy Birt- ler. A thlete-Cludia Davism Dv, Ma- New ior r senktchen ca net stove. beth h
'5 Com r day around &oak made by Ma-r BAnn Brandon, Martha Miller -. 54Mann8Mpunds 3 nmdltvoteen trance. s2tret, bah" h,
r .ry Anh n po.randon. Martha Miller My Troop, Charlotte 8chuato a 18. 341;calr pu nd, N. 83. Phone 3-0638.dr d-aste

Z",i The council w besenig InPa"a. Pck13 go T.z* B w u o AI Tir7 CiOe ad32 SelpEI
Sand rofara Parker. Claudiaof Iwme Pk --MaT Ann Brandon.,w 7:1 andorer 3,m ; Slih 1 D- t
f s vis, troo president'lit the can- Celia Thompson. Pen Pal. An-1 1 Furnished ro.M s.
Idles on te cake held by Barbraer-Margaret Morn. 4th of July Ave. No.7, upstairs. i i
Parker- Pott er. Dancer, Basketry, Star- a pa...ers3 ',05 FOR T -Room. furnished or -- hilW i
A naLh IMrs. Wesley Town~nd, C Cheryl Johnson. Slights Isa unfurnished. First Street, Perll i u
IZone GirlScoutcouncilea 18.-.,,193 W........... 1,4 9I No.. "73. Apartmen r 2i.
dte Johnson Cochrane. su-;dent, made an announcementS cosTo Demensrate Skills d..t 12.
ry baker assistant in the concerning the sale of cookies At Fb.oSnultepadesO 19,7531 R RENT -Furnished roster-. 4 wetm me I
ry Division at Mount which wil be held soon to help It will be 5 three-ring circus m& bedroom, house and kitchen,"
died suddenly at 9:"45 Mon"- raise funds t4 cary on with th..._diU atFeb.. 12 .at the 1955 and 7,798; cargo poun, ds 1,006.-4P-.eL' garoge. $75 00. month-- f1111111 1wee
ngt after sufferiqg what Scouting on the Isthmus. shit Sooncappies, when97li
4 to be a heart attck as also mentioned the first nation- cubs, scouts and' explorers will0 .ing single room, house and kitch- am t a sn
oertewalking through thejal Girl Scoqencampment hcve r th aloStadlum dem- Los Ange e r en privilege, garage. $75.00- -T Uwe id
te of the Mount Hope opens In ichigan in June 195o O5tnlleon. the e ," they have 199 and77,7 C o u 4 monthly. Panama 3-0443. p.ints' andf BOWS*=
areas. He wa s 48 Troops should be thinkidl about l516Of tbAsd
'old."Its qualifications now. UAWtM' the g t rection of 308. FR=RNT--.-d ,rnh
O- -.... bedroom, married couple, or -M-O,*f A-
win Boy, commissar uard Every gI planning to attendlRussell' Iy -. es, _-halrman of -.

rushed to his asslstaoe. e !The patrol willgo to gVin: the cubs under asumant district Boy scps fron Troop 3. SRI- amta.1
a call for an ambulance campment as rteam'_bkb hasucommsIner .C. ItI. Taht, boy 8.. IlB amR Troop G.,, fr
arrived shortly after fromrplanned together d campedOsc uts undsr ditr ict vice-chair-iCristobal, S. S... CLharlsMitch-:s. Of-.
Hospital. am-tWntaher so*tat -I _m a; A. .lby, and ex- elU: ,roop 15, A b rOut Al SM. raa

dea-at "Roundup." eaeb be 'S S portion of vll demonstrate tent pitching. +."o
The...s n mains wer~el Each utv ap at_ mube at the fli for 25 minutes first aid, fire by friction and sig-
a autopsy has been must have complet 4 the nlnt' Made with al Scutm s paMt pt- Explorers from Post S. Balboa.
grade at the time tho Roundup lx at t hesuenUde. uner advisor Wesley Townsend7OI ,- of
'Wo wast erm enr .. .b a Cubs fom Pk_2.,. boa:,a sd Post 6, c .lsta, under ad- 4.._ ,W ft
The Councl wl be ndiint..Pack 10, Pac 3I .,CoCo- visor R. IL Col wl build two W0-
Btanoh1off I5 i neofIOPack 1* t show rromCharlunde
bad beaabt~n- as they do throw a breeches
foms the o abl-,"te javelinte two to Sande. a cecu- sea Eq-.
=e- 6 ilo -.k_.,6 olthb expls.orerls from t L -.
so-11011111iwat.&" tal.l u der s t I Cildiae iV Gee

an' o : and o rem fro_ -s __ ud s -. -


_-lt 8. O _t S Dr. mi -finL Key et Arnwu on
fort/ wold port R ;*rn aeustpr.Kw7 -"n-"


ow,. ti that
* ire's tl- nit 4 ia wafe
is TOmra&it'la. it

atde wwatYM .Yn
me^t thei-w-- ilit^ilie~ii~
v UMaTmt-
"?^ w^^s~sgr ct.'ow"

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'Wr .

t mur





---- __ -- -------i -r v~;, la



ki a""et PTZmL; --

__ I IIIrl_

I .

I -



k., '-. 1".-in,


reimen -- o --
r years of WASHINGTON, Feb. 1 (UP) -Sol.a In 38b the court hem thal
The Supreme Court today cleared Congress, by facing to pat lSqis.
i r pitions the way for' the goveament to nation e brigi base.
e ows: the way for te d verm t bto'.l uer v r Indicated
r, `stait press ant ftrsf tt ai 'st"the S.Milled sii l -
ristobal, 2 International boxing Club of New But the eourt aisd M ch situa.
nd 23 days. York and Chlcago and the far- tion prevailed for boxing. If it ib
bright. po- flung Shubert theater Interests. to be exe"pt1d, 'that Iinqe Is for
our months In separate rulings, the court Cbgnss %t Xpeve* not t hi s
held that professional boxing and court," the trimnal hild.
i, wireman, the legitimate theater a e subject The chief justice said the base.
ntbs and 17 to the anti-trust laws. It refused ball decision cannot be Interpret-
* to extend to them the exemption ed as "a sweeping grant of Im.
accounting from monopoly prosecution It has munity to every business based
15 days. ranged organized baseball. 'on the live presentation of local
i, look op- The 6-to-2 boxing decision left exhibitions, regardless of how ex-
years, four the Justice Department free to tensive its Interstate phases may
bring its anti-monopoly suit a. be."
administra- against the IBC, matchmaker for Justice Felix Prankfurter who
ice Center most television boxing shows, the joined Justice Serman kinton
one month Madison Square Garden Gorp., in dissenting, said it would "bat-
IBC President James D. Norris fle the. subtlest Ingenuity to find
greIal en- and Arthur M. Wirts. a single difereatiatbg actor be-
Dry and Ap- Norris, Wirtz and the Garden tween other sporting exhibitions,
years, live own 8 per cent of the the New whether boxing or football or ten-
York and Chicago boxing clubs, nls, and baseball, insofar as con-
City, Ark., The lovemmeut charges the y duct of the sport Is relevant" to
me to the have a stranglehold .on big-time the question of anti-trust prosecu.
h the U.S. boxing, which gets much of its tion."
ned at Fort revenue from radio end TV broad- Frankfurter said that un d e r
before join- casts across state lines. law, boxing differs "not one Ise.
oatlon as a The theater decision, which was gal jot or tittle" from baseball.
e Division. unanimous, pecmats civil prosecu- In ththeater case, the court
the Police tia of Jacob J. Shubert and Mar- held that booking of plays and
'hen he re- cus Heiman of New York and musical shows across the nation
iloyed with three corporations controlled by is an interstate business that can-
ision as a them. The government contends not be granted the same anti-
ebright re- they hold a monopoly on theater trust exemption as baseball.
e Division bookings through control of more The Justice Department carried
his retire- than 40 legitimate theaters, the boxing case to the high court
the Gatun In the boxing and theater cases, after its suit against the IC was
do car pa- the court placed a strict interpre- dismissed by U.S. Judge Gregory
retirement, station on its 153 ruling that or- F. Noonam of New York. Noonan
iRit lan to ganized baseball is a sport and based his decision on the h i g h
in Tucson not a business In interstate com.rn- curt's ruling in the baseb all
in T merce that would be subject to case.
anti-trust laws.
hn Ashville, The court took the position Con- The government has lin k e d
years with gress had pretty much decided it former heavyweight champ i o n
N vy a ra Iwanted to put baseball in a spe- Joe Louis with the alleged con.
ring World cial category. sp.-acy. It -claimed he was to re.
Several The majority opinion, written sign his title in exchange for.ex.
al" before by Chief Justice Earl Warren, elusive to the services of
ius in 1945 noted that baseball first was ex- four leedlg eteiders and then
a wDiisi bpted from the anti-trust laws give these rIlt to, -Wirtz
erv ie with by a 182 Supreme Court decl. nad the three rms.

pn Well-Known Figure Along CZ
nly woman
ist for Jan-
nander, hav-
stn, Steamship Row Leaves Service
rg with the
as a dlerk
been living -
e 1924 Aft- Capt. Samuel L. Brown, asis- elatyl ntet n ag an still gets
Mrs. Home tant Port Captain in Cristobal lahi wheN e alls the
Fla. where nd one of the best-known ti- tk his filM ttlte-
ter. uhe' rte hi p ., e I ah th gh
den R.I., th-d ye a. lte m than to, Carnal.
tion since A r. b
mte oani completely lot W i Tx sboa,
nsferred to a a Sa a aaor Of t who
1938 asaloUe

tin Dallas, t Lake Bvlboa of t1se sa It l
visit lorir lEStSn aihtD'* "C ITfor everybin ih with not
ement andri yet OWi during the first oa s t O hu, he breath-
iture home n= 4War,: isecott officer ad a ttf ree and said he
on the Morgan liner T In had been especially worried since
950 he became master of te It w his co and.
In Dallas, S5 Lake BDlboa of til Tropical
al years in Steamship Co. and had sewn He w l remembers that the
ore coming years of experience as se cap- Navy Cptn was visibly upset
924. He has in before he Joined the Canal to find that .hi was also a firt
the Service organizationn In 1927. for the y6 ak Canal pilot.
ontinuously / He started taking ships Brown and'bhis wit the for-
time of his through the canal- as a full- mer Grace Evelyn Dltkeland, of
ministrative fledged pilot in 1928 and contin- Cristobal, will leave the Isthmus
vice center ued this duty until 1941 when he in March and wl t-fakle their
Mrs Moore was appointed assistant to the future home In M0thews Coun-
ioinu in Port captain In Cristobal. This ty, Va. Their new house which
a. v ob he held during the war is now being completed, is only
of ton, years when two assistant port a short distance from Chess-
mploed in captains were needed to stand peake Bay and Brown will spend
rganltion the watches because of the xr- his time gardening, fishing and
OffW En- agency of ship traftce. He has swapping yarns with an old
sit position been assistant Port Captain friend, W. James, who went
17 and was since 1948. to sea..with him during World
s a drafts- Brown remembers his dayS war I and who now also lives
dvislon. He spent as a canal pilot as pe- In Mathews County.
the Engi- ...
for ever bi
rse I No 'Drastic Action' On Key West
952 4e has
,er wh the
hra Says Navy After Anti-Vice Report
f Conptrol- O -
wn lir his WASHINGTON, Feb. 1 (UP)-.and the Navy received "unfi-
- Zoie ob- The Navy promised officials of vorable publicity from the only
res. .Since Key West, Fla.. today to with-daily newspaper (The citizen)
an active hold the "drastic action" It had in Key Werst.
watory and threatened to take to protect Its Thoma did not ermint i3ei
f with o personnel at the navd sta tionCobb, citien reporter, to atten
trical Ihere from alleged prostitution, today's meeting.
bei a rv a mblinR and other abuses. The Key West group submit-
S o i"ng i rp. DanUte B. F rcelI (D-Fla.) ted a nlane-pge i tao erm spe-
| Imreported the action after a con- ciflcally answering Navy charges
ilc w Fit l erence with Navy Secret.ary and saying "we will do our ut-
S harles S. Thomas during which most to correct the deficiencies"
" r city officials contended Navy that remain.
SanE charges against Key West were. The statement said we shat
I"unfair, inaccurate or based on do everything in our ipoer" to
Page 1 incomplete information." gee that then is Bo mistreat-
SThe Key West delegation was ment ofr naval personnel by K.ey
t t headed by Mayor c B. Harvey West police anh there was no In-
5l wht o told reporters the city will tension of Just yinr iuneces-
Sa.a "continue to improve" and If it airy use of night atlca," It said
nibe does the Navy "very probably the brandishing of firearms in
wll remain in the area." simple arrests was lofled on
ltha c' Faseell =aids he asked Thomas with diafavor and would be
hv r whether the Naw would "with- discouraged.
w and hold further sotion on curtail- The Key .West report said
he mVt" of personnel and actlvi- there were "peldtvely no house'
ties at Kay Nest in view of !m- of raomiltoutl. Ia Kay West, It
tat h ii mrovements cited by the delexa- said there has been a crackdown
ul) the Mon. on taxi drivers coo.eratIng with
a n 5 i "The secretary said he defi- proutituec on a "mepk basis."
J ultelv would," rasceil sad. "The It 4id the dit 1. an cra1-
1 w tl tituation will remln status aou." macce against -ris tin~g pa-
p Iore e s dP4 ityt c fclals would trons with drh-n4 a pl ie a
bhe be gv a "rtss if Umt to qmwtM M Wt l) euutinue with their work." "oul putle.".s said
em t dsere tasry of user Thea- the # "no ape. gambling


_I ____~~__ ~

. ,*l,- :-


-v t'~. -.
4 4 ..

* *41: ~P;r ~ty ~


. g. ,
* tuTURW'


Tab Hunter
Dennis O'Keefe a

MX:9. s;, t :a. A : p.a.,L


Ili.rur ,m i

U.0.- o..

SNOWIt 8:n, 4:59, 6:5, 3:51 P.M.


-S 1
P'" -m n



. .m .... -- --IIi


George Raft

A' '; / / third teaspoon 'salt. 2 teaspoons to 450 degrees F. Diaste every 15 ,.,
..,l d hes fatty bacon, tprika, one- t ird ca of beef bouillon diluted
a.'l'andw v w 'third can beef bouilon, 4 table- with 4 tablespoons water. (Continued from Page )
/ J Fo .. .lico.. R t ks. T pcons water. juice of 1 lemon. Reduce heat to 350 degrees and
--Cwontiaud For Roast lkes Try Stuff chicken with 1 sliced car- cook for hlf hour longer. Draw
This Recipe Usiag Herbs I rot, 1 teaspoon thyme, one-third off basting juice and mix with lem- z.
*- By GAYNOR MADDOX teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon butter on juice. Portion chicken by cut- star said: "You must learn above
star..aid:,"You must .........
rtha Dianer Iong list of popular models who or margarine. Put in pan and fast- ting along breastbone with poultry al not to waste yoursoul and ener
.al a Francisco Mora- will be seen in "Fuillow Your _eA enls Mlrgs and wings securely. Cover shears and along bothIe side of gy and bra and StrengthUponAll
tarts OJr.,enta lod at the t ce chocolate soufe t butter or margarine on side. breast and leg sections. Pour bast- long time to learn ames and,
The Caal Orcd Siety ter. w a and chocolate sauce, oee nuPero tongues. It has
recently wit h annerithe other da-oysters on half el Dust with salt, paprika teaspth lemon elon ing juice over each portion and -be en convaye with poatr y or mug.

at Armed Forne has been a member of the Norwood ece), roast chicken with e ,c or eed r

Service Center Friday, Saturday,for sx he lsomo ed 150-year-old Philadelphia hoe of t i the darkness f despots and
Sunday and Monday. I he Cremtobal Hg School r-a J"usty Fne' anc Sobs, n c.ked of the bgeht e rf liberators.
ewichocolatesouffles w L speaks numerous tongues. It hashave

The exhibition wnich will have ce Pha S n fine teas, herb and Sns, paces, was Fame comes in the form of talent
its formal opening Saturday, a at ve of that club.h He told the story of Mme. Start Februry 3rd and beaut. It is also tyranny and
000 a.m. will remain open frpm Tipp, a nne year sta Bcree's Scotch Bonnet. Ma mY cowardice It is supreme achieve
9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. dent of ballet, isearsageduri a slave upr met and abject failure ... Fame
On display will be orchid flown ry talented models appd&arng i n the West Indies, she maned MONDAYS and THURSDAYS s as wonderful as Florence Night.
especially to na for this Fow Your Heart Luene to salvage the recipe and seed- gale,the great and gallant lady
occasion from Hawa n, Calfonia, also active Canal Zone Scoun of the special p buswlated n her ill t
Sn e Gold Coast is leader of therFt.Gulic s t ipe rue
and Orego The C .ist.Oa w wie Sc, T p .n el when she escaped to United Beginners............ 5:00 P.M. .ther to be. ro .m ret il
achid Socipeety carom eCritoba.SJlBo ie o u- la tates. whatever." There Is onvy a brief
o present a speal echbition, being a member of the Canal is now made as It wIs in the inscription on the family tomb.
Orcha from Panama as wel as Zne Girl Scout Board of Direc century t t ants Intermediates......... 600 stone: "F. N. Born 10. Died
hybrids will be featured. tors. Mo n ar re grown under glass in Phfla- 1910" And fame is as dismal
Mrs.o Ruth or ast delpha instead of on a family es- Advanced. ........... 7:00 P.M. as the s days of Thomas Je
Th c. mittee in charge, Mr. dent of theCaribbean Co1 getate in the Caribbean Islands. person's life, when the ailing 83-
and omm. W Iiam Stevenson of lub, bis representing that organiza- Mr. Weaver gave us the recipe year-old patriot was compelled to
yel aha estdatrIot waslo mpellet o
nvtation to camera enthusiasts to been very generous with their serv- one of the most delicious we've head and havm a final r vesting
A cordial invitation is extended ices as expert photographers re taste in a long tme. ALSO place.
to military personnel, theirfal- the show. Photraphears were Mr. Rest Chicken With Herbs
lem, and the publc, both of the M K.Bailey, Mr. C. HaroldMr. Ja o Wa gr
Canal Zone the Repubc of D. Parker and Mrs Caltt SPECIAL MORNING CLASSES
PanamatoItend.The program for "Follow YourSPEC
Panama to attend e cluds with the modeling One 2-pound chicken, cleaned
Beta sg by M. J. L'ly. At the elop ad dressed; 1 carrot, sliced, one- 30 Lessons D.=-u .... r. .. It
Are of thet low dessert will bes erv- D *Chi r. OcV wtal0= 5
Beta Chapter of Bet-Simaed. Betty Salughter is comments- out of here.'" MONDAYS, TUESDAYS THURSDAYS t a-*i-:
Ph ld- its regular imonthl tor for the show. Tickets ma be The young paratrooper, who MoN DoE.n sYUYt.U, s. aubas
me in the horne of Maron fr
meeting in the home of Maro' obtained from member of the used to be a "bread dumper" at at Fb, r a. a tu
G.reentin-mgr ta jtiWedn-. ta l i moir i pearl in e the the Nationl Biscuit Co. bakery Sanrt ebru y 10th .. hng,~r I a Deas
Gnay. lne a ..5 eoels t Iedoor on the in Pittsburgh, had made six pr-_____
to putting the finishing fteu s evening of the performance. vious jumps in his eight months
Jn sow Yat the hat sn- When final details of the show in the paratroops.e of
scoring on aturday at the Washing- wes settled the meeting was clos- tefllar REGISTER AT ca
Plans or the show are cominged by Maro e, o stessafwr on n a millh ," edsal. l-
into shape and it has promises of th evening, wyhae n had lot o
g "L mr present were: Trudy dence in thatchute
and V. F. W. ve add- Gardner, Jean CoffeyJean J sBALBO A YM CA U.S.
." .s. D .Pa.. run ~sn as rea's nottinga the matter with Phone 2-2839 or 2.2759
L _n w i' 0 tthat ood parachu te l
ody D Styles, apar Y _

She Fails To Open, SPE CIA L SALE A

SParatrooper SLives
FT. RICHARDSON, Alaska, Here's the Sewing Machine you've been waiting for! .
1 Feb. I (Up There's an old It's Small, It's Light-Weight,' Just 41 Lbs. It Sews
6K 3752 saying among paratroopers that
V7* 3- "if the chute doesn't open, take Anything, Anywhere Comes in a Vanity .
.9 a 5 it back and get a new one."
.J This la supposed to be a joke-
WEST RIAT but Pvt. Stanley A. Melczak of
S46 6Q.TJ108 the 11th Airborne Divion is se- CANAL AGENCIES A Before 89.95
Q J 10 8 2 rious about it. He's going to take .
5432 107 of backs soonspt al. he getsout (Round The Corner Frpm Felix Maduro)
'Oam (D) The 20-year-old paratrooper CATHEDRAL PLAZA PHONE 2-0324 NOW
SA 4 3 ;from Pittsburgh, fell 1,000 feet _
VAK.O4 .into a four-foot deep snowdrift
J and lived to demand a better EASY TERMS __
*AQ p / parachute. He's in the Ft. Rich-
Nerath-Soth uL ardson hospital with a possible
501b was f1 gW6N fracture of the left shoulder and _____________________________
r NP 1 P.m back injuries, but he'll be as
2N.T. P IN.T PM Rgood as new in a few weeks. N EW'
pa PA Stanley was one of some 2,000 o et
m L-ratroopers who jumped Into NEW! compete compact makeup makes
.. the Al skn wilderness In the
-.... .._ Ipast two days in the joint Army-
Air Force winternmieuver "Ex- -
When both sides 41d the same ercie nowbir." He' the only your skin etal-perfect' in just seconds!
suit, one side is usually crazy. An one whose chute didn't open. '
excep tion to this rule s shown in Things happen pretty fast in
today's hand, played by Harry a 1,000-foot free fall. He said the -
FishosDn, oo America's great first inkling he had that things
experts, and p favorite partner of were not good was when the
mine In bridge tournaments. wind blew his seat pack uo over
The bidding was quite standard. his face and he saw it was stillO at -the
Fishbeln opened the South hand unopened.Tomatoes-te
with heart because It was too "I thought I better pull my re-
trong for one no-trump but not serve chute and I gave the ring With golden crea
trong enough for two no-trump., a yank-but before it popped I
North naturally responded with one hit the snow. Scared? Heck, I of seasoing.l Th
pade, and now South could show didn't have time to ga seared.
hi stregh by jumping to two no- "The first thing r 1ktMw I was with its bright c
rum. In a hole in the snow and trying with its bright 0
North understood that this anow- to get up. Mv back was hurting
id a band of 19 to 21 points, and and I couldn't make it. Then t01l t O r.
ie therefore knew that his own 7 some guys were there and said
into were enough for a raise to tTake it easy and we'll get you _. ___

West opened the three of dia-I
mounds, properly trying to establish
his lng suit. East played the ten,
and Plbbein won with the Jack in
is own hand.
What should declarer -do next?
He could take eight fast tricks,
but how was hI te' develop the
ninth? if he gw9 e up a spade or a
heart in the abapt to set oup -
ninth tri, the s enemy would
quld~d tas four diaMd tricks
asq de t tN l t.
I -seisd i*- prolem h
"I -6g a -amond rgft bek at
We2t Pet 1 West should have
rbewIs 05 U* big'Ca meds, ta
yo -- te attt
- .Mef u w vsLfar

potMWtE WAbst amA,

antIt z"r

9wo l. -er way, !t i l mst

Dans Dseamo I
w'a pee t kMf aI.

"fm I-- hme .P sasfl)t
fl t 4 MMN he
. ~il" *A / j^ h ....b^-- -
U- ^ ,V : W

New al-il-oe makeup! Puffis on
like powder... clings like foundation

O -4E -* PAT'
*wI ERne.lm'. own ipbftcnhg LanoIte

IWIW*)soIa5 eid"Aheia hsereem'bjeuded
A i mmal l, 41 ia we ,' 1-rtg .we

And.. asjeo m. i .
E5.- : -

" -



pi p -.






K- b um -


2. r.e s

eJ & re &e& .

With extravagantly beautiful
"Decolletages" ... the very new
skirt-fullness, suppressed
at the hip line by the snug torso.
Washable material in plain -
colors or prints
and in all izes rangingJ. : -
from 7 to 22J


No. 21 Centr lAve. No. 6 TIvoli Ave,..

a -----
', t..f..
I n s Ia II I"II"

; : A.,

reddest, juiciest tomatoes-are blended
mery butler and just the right amount
is zesty, tempting soup cheers you up
olor... peps you up with its sOirkling
terve Campbell's Tomato Soup snt




Our sprite ever drtg,
Our .E I srese *e u
W' e get ofr elm mmid wier _
Prom Csmpb*eHs fomVelt al

a.' i:

^ i -*ST ..- .
.,, A_-
" ?" -= -. ...y-.-'." ai

. b MA AMRCN- AS ip@1 J WS,, B






.F-Zr :


1 L I I


. '* ";?

.4 ~ 'flL3F4
I .4.

U '.4't'


4! ~ I

w .. '., *

,-. .. .


%, # l
., ,j .-~..: ~ ,.,,,.,^ ','T7- ,",,"/ ,- W

* 4~'*t4.
~ 1~

7.-. 44 5 7



A'' BACK AGAIN in an old and familiar role, House Speaker Sam Rayburn (second from
left) receives congratulations from his colleagues as he began 43rd year in the House
and 12th year as speaker. They are (from left) Chairman Jere Cooper (D), Tenn.,
of House ways and means committee; Rep. Rayburn: House majority leader John Mc-
Cormack (D), Mass., and Chairman Howard Smith (D), Va., House rules committee.

~ 5~ V

to w
1; 45.-' ,4 *


NEW MEMBER of the House of Representatives, James
Quigley, a Democrat, shows his wife and children, Ann,
Claire and Joan, a statue of Thomas Jefferson in capital.

!4fl 4

i 4.4


.'t.7 r,~



4,ll' '


., i ./ ^. .

'$K .GJIME in the heart of the Rockies at Snow Basin, 10 miles east of Ogden,
Maned to the peak of IVt. Ogden. Lift will afford a view into four
S '.M.htJiho,. Wyoming.and Nevada. It will be one of world's longest courses.

LINDA CHRISTIAN, popular actress, wears this evening
gown of dramatic red taffeta. The attractive skirt of the
gown folds into wide gathered fin which begins at waist.

HOW'S THIS for a switch? Instead of a watchdog, an owner in Dusseldorf, Germany,
trained this gander to guard his property. How about a "Beware.Of Gander" sign.

TO MANY TOURISTS, one of the most fascinating playspots in the world can be
found in what the encyclopedia identifies as a British colony comprising a chain
of islands, bays and reefs lying north of Cuba-the-Bahamas. Christopher Columbus,
you'll remember, was the one who discovered- the islands back in -1492. Whether
one shops, swims, or suns, the Bahamas can take care of one's needs. And for those
who are interested in the march of history through this part of the world, the Ba-
hamas have played a colorful part. They have been ruled by France and England.


.; <'

4 4744

..7- '


There are no stop lights in Nassau, but policeman adds a touch of color to the city.

r.4 .4 4

. /

& 4.
4 4,
'~. -.
.444.4.4.4~ .4 4



Sout Pdtke. It's near New Providence.

4. .47 : 5
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jSWIETN athe order of the day here a-.
i'.. sugary Adtltdwork on "the 7t
C.^' century Dutch house nade by five Royal Dutch airline
Shiepar I VIg and then chefs in H qece took 500 hours, 8,O-

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1. a MEXI C CITY Pit. V. P (UP
M en, ,=, ,,ome

I.)- iolS' Commn ut brtt B' b' fl re o' 'sae there is the right to .mp it iutomeblles
l-- .Ws ..o.mst or. the FI.oayth publication o-. ne-. t.a.teu.m and truckswih payet ool
nd .lw" q 1' That wouli be a pension no life. th t ecuied the Airican and p 45g toi af. 10 per cent f ntbrmal duties. -- --- ''
-No elalse aos ut r. r won- part twie ch A oure The Ministry's decree limited the A 'E FASTACT Dinah
-Nr MlXoC--aIrY naboet toti rnerI." wLou 'tprwi thhihe Pl use of those ehi, Ihowever (o E s fT: with
uretur ardh AMA responded with ( foTed ewa within en e ol n4 mlls (A ,eas w conNerri wl o
SJ .TAFFORD NIXED a hree- PANAMA, Feb. 1en s it hs bas iie out kiloeters) frm the brder. e s i i r
sre o toa, big V -enotmce- week Vegas offer in favor of re-. f ay s aritcle a ml itt mind about rega seven of .u tiem's top cancer Such cars and trucks will be el- sb sle-s aed an seet
tu to the al Idoach laing at home minus the e om A. Vere the as "worthless." center lowed further into Mexico twice a thn abeshe' d betermfsh
a hutnush-, tle- when her TV show goes off the known tvettt et Thei ok, entitled "Kreblosen- Dr. Andrew C. Ivy who be year ff ariods not exceed in m ro A ado auofr shto
fire.l news to me, d-ting The U.S apea Wt- Herbert BaIly of Chicago, former Maro, an d who has Iefen ded they will be required to leave olrario* a a irEP stoch ng I I
negotiutls. airea il rogre.. But Vanessa Brown completed her cepted the oa ton h t Ea, paperman and a free lance Kreblo.en as worthy of further cash or bond coverin the other B r /iorI
e w*n ty one clue- first telefilm, "The Legacy." (4arerta and j non writer, study, granted a rare interview per cent of the import duties. r inat ew York'. Plaz. Sh
Ith -au -have but It will I ey), i esprable. .t w ail-s It reviews the controversy *or to answer the AMA statement. After five years in border areas san in ibort nd r
r ep. I Nott in the -sript during a ed tion, but ust i st reep bloen and comes to agree- He denied Krebloen had been the vehicles will -be considered a s Le ose
"NIs la ay until the Skelton rehearsal: sort, a ting to per at with developer of the dr n a "fair or scientific test by "definitely na lied" ea and
p, "r?. per cent a year. that the AMA indulged in "polF the AMA or by anyone else." while they will be "pruovlsionl wrnD ttlc _ae sit e and si yle,. Poih .De'_, .
.e s aon of id .ans. Red picks up the phone and tells flation brings de a a.d a for tist" to suppress research with The job ofat reeareh is "still un-. nationalled" an their papor w-fll Dirc- to rescue.., .. D ..--"... ore_.
aeaanUwh icjuenf fhsr somdm t e the l rt:rto1le ans
hve i ing for som e te CBS operator: er wages iro or which t..aflshed," aid. bear a legend reading in panish: e. Jk eayn oril- anotr Let Me Go,
at tln i i's old (1M-lf87 1 'Pd lke to call India, please. Ptat cases .Mnufacture~ nd 'he boek also cites many ca- "It was iown at hearings un. "This vehicle cannot be intern- nia /.l vel Ity gnne TV st.
twAo-reela -o e sc.reen ~ ut Taj Mahal 4-3782." rchants to raise ILpce. Every-.esna which krebdloen, developed der death and n r denied aader ed into the itelor of the countryy ars ago, n- writes arry in uced on "
fr ~~yo l T he The CBS oper-ator (apparontly- I body. (except bondholders and pe. by Dr. Stevan Duruvic from the oath that nmu oth evidence if previously the tax is not paid. '-" e al mt a
e. t.e.Ho "lae ong te haoust l pie on fixed salaries and ) "nulated" blood of horses, was reore by the A was d The decree alto gives border res1 and .i- Bpn. L
--l.l '. fl skel ,on,. '.ust. e atw more one d fele s.d to have aided cancer suffer- a the maide super. wdeo who av at plied wiGt.wh .m. ve. .b o. ,"Pa sa of Pa
-.--'.......... -- .-o iO' .s t% .lw e. fielhsid requrereit nt duties be paidco.
..Ndw _.t dlldis an.e operator.' less and less. The controversy, one of the Ivy revealed about 1 emaner on all Mexican-owned vehicles a~.- __ their t haa p tht V, T'.1
usseW0 lthatL h e "o ermost heated in modern medicine, atenta still are ude oio other three month grace period. u
t'f*k" Te- tEa1t'-"su which bered aj is ori -just remen- .on i of n an ldy treme- nt r foh r years since Durovic -reatn with the d eII os Violations of any part of the de- cisu.n asFtiJ P. la-.- JL I
known InveSoul tarrd.oSke'ebee Chattradedrebio D, -.vhbyam eShe obtt
Ann Soutern stalrred. iSh' been ca '- ,n D ....a. C~cel t dous deb the government pileo first reported krebioen appeared tals "1a' re. thoug t he cree may be punalshed with t ae lms ut..amos bi re ile
filmon rhwtI es. -W111 .. hs ... i ,
Sred other shows to spetlightI apraor "Thank e you, Mr l.up still more debt, borrowing even to reduce cancerous growth and couttr amounting to the ll duty pluI s0 the closet lee weat up .few -
the ew o ussel-se sins t r yu Mr sltomake gifts abroad. In the last give relief from the terrible pain The oea beg ven them. per cent. fv la permnce ws t p .
and dances in- "The Girl Rush"-- ten ears, we have ladled out ov. of the disease. he ais a till from se original five performances..
t: ,r Roert---" ler 'blli borrowed dollars to batch t to this county by .
'Live teleion isn't for me. in g e Cumming is beamo-ie fmy Nth The AMA said the "recent flare- t ti YUOS.V i "'m ..u '
-'Ls T ealmers l you ap inro"e o hins wc o. m" world would act so improvldently. up o lubUlcity and propaganda to tory in Agentna. Arran events v Ill i I I
Slissa-in oner career cane L, his nWow. e as A bond bought 40 years ago, and plro krebloen no reason are beg made, he sa, for .
S ,"s o h ow *,l sound, Is today worth about for .the Aro chan from its produn a new batch. confirm bordr i iedeg S
hno.e dn.e..Nn .."s hate-d fnr t hriga teR 38 cents on the dollar one .out previous soun scientic psositlona Ivy deed kreiblosen is a "see-n ...- v (ra day ame.14,.
GENE SHELDON, talking about th eir t w 15 years ago, about 53 cents. 0- Ithat the socalled cancer drug isret" drug as charged by thei -VT Tr-Gnl i ll -. Autry ld td
a certain tlel series, quipped: day's $10000 bond may easily be worthless..". AMA. said the exact chemical l e measures u
"Always a happy ening-pre- worth 10000 half dollars by 1970. Dr. George F. Lull, AMA sec- 0omp still is unknown butl- A t h 'rei
ceded by a sad commercial." -. The notion that controlled infla- rotary and general manager, said analysts indicates it is a steroid BAELGRADE Feb 1 (UP) ut'y: w-Ayer e.e .made -l y-ltu-.I
W-h-enirgni G- b w f r a .if tion is beneficial in the long run "exaggerated claims are being of polysachrold. u LAvDfi con f i r e outtrad. Anywhere. page-by-paae, p.oture-br
When Virglina Gibson was first U I iJani jIa1S is absurd. Investors, however, must--- s P,,, ----- Yugoslav offleiasl confirmed today -- analysts of the Pebruary I !
Interviewed to costar. with Mitil accept conditions as they are. that one of their border guards The, on the da It was to cl Sunshine and Health and
up marke e lk 't r- nep a nckkBot

reinr is Id Supn rke eU lhod espit e h eavy taxes on income Army Manpower Cuos 'i Jae
der ndIBorellWnteC e and capital gains, therefore Mr. ermy LUe B n r
"Do you think on can play the Shaw favors maintaining lar y ay. decided t o e toe th ned from the malls
roleaoft SWg ex-' and bitIln learoilIdhowroom1 Authoritieidcled canombe.nt, dertlo was "e e th Way"oshieell;. "
tooy 0etft- brek82lwiitenspro p oricommon stoc. ivsen f n "" h-. k ....r.Wirylle "b lleH
for-exabra Tohlgt nves t menfunds.AutsAton t uedo m othieds had ptea qa take art lothe ro ni di.
=T e oproiStockls today tc ire hardly chep Opposed B Gen Ridg way icial rep t c m aie scenet. per e'." txe Juos
."C lan l Te" replied Vir- DETSOIT, Feb 1 (UP)-A mo. nor, on the other hand, are they la"On January o a Fen ita" wl ,. n For o- retw wt Tne toan lu
ginla.'i It for seven torit l the mareL for a new extravagantly high. Stocks of in- anoth two weeks, nywne and wd" er
yeardw" '.- tj car some day may be able to shop vestment quality are selling at a- i- feer andt and Ita eian soldieerr cros- o ,owing clse th p
san SeptHere") Moore ado io T r a o Armed Services Committee de- Ridgway, who previously re- rhowws Hadav d female

susserleiplacgdBent comedy Ihnw tubh h | manded hI give a "forthright an- gsed to say publicly whntder he "Afteg that, the Yugoslav m=lli. on at be g
n CBS. *pu response as been hswer" to er questions. and other members of the Joint tary authorities returned the of- d
SAlr d h for i the busmoile s upersman b out 14 times current earningand WASHGTOS-, Feb isa (UP) tionr apparently decidoved the Presh ficer to the potter sie and ater n ttorne F.e JonlRoi
So, ,7 iL Bdeay ahnor market," e n enterprising Detroit yield about 4, per cet. l on of Ignoring the will of Con.weo suit ourselves what typee giving sdeof the tran to the e ae t i pr eaitin h id
Sgh ws d ealer said today, course of previous bu market Con o ess yesterday tPresw d e n tof At tNavy or Air Force. we where they were asked by Yugo- er rse wio a aid he would ppii
rs.a t to Vi yo Te dele Thomas T. Petold. they have sold as high as 0 time seows scu cuts n nee wout otein about slav border ari a l li er argued at the p
o .r"Than y .ltm. aB iab oa el sa reefr o theseT1 ty sf 3govern treaent.rgcen

ries and has m s ot S.a h p w- unless It renounci Turco-Iraq mIn to 1,100000 men by June er hd other members of the The communique, which Gwill Rd to er we pha. ld out o o.r
Mayob rie e edvSli ex, 15s mthe h ou' prod" Delnst b Pact. huld redce th or a The com tee later questioned but one issued to itI Yugoslav t r e ''so -iaseell s b

Jack Reyn csolishlc is dlson of hw' market around y 140,000 men at this nwer cutes. beht Vinson toloed doohim press andthou radpe through nd upon to i -ailek d ts ll l aes.
thge aflelh rlolt. She's in ife M d, owner and median Today's Eptiadway, Ar a cal time," Rep. Overton sw'l have to hav the d effect halt. One ugosy Ta v border ard et ra w
wed Jane Crt is a executive a s e i t oci state "will we s objections topardze the cusafety of recess not cutitedn the Armyincidet except from r o TVo or

at the studio. ompap skslmu an d pri e oe bmo ent hiitih that frmioht urmyoiotnerth Fa sC Vinson demanded a "showdown" radio broadcasf. e pathways, oodTV into
J ri 1 withdraw from .the League I think we should not reduce with the admitrtion and said Sunday rag newspapers and trlve
Get ready or some powerful ert new. and th ejected b security ,"Ridgway replied "I think we it had no legal right to order the radio news programs not e- s w
esser is Ig a "Tar-er. cas od a s sed in three rook then sked if thte h ll O nib

Ao' btGr ae 'el be mSaio oi"pepidt- co btesd hta an Chairman Carl Vineon (D-G.) mittee "caLo on make no further stWants Mountba esfirearm "d g n
Goron S w reced Lex let toere choose for er members h ouse ent at this blasted ho es." Itant to bac up our commit, oder "Somebody once called Om
Sies, Informed ource aid the jor reaocaton of forces good description. The audience can
Promed and hoped fr: Frank reonclable vews of Egypt and word-w vices ommi," Ridgway relied,ay, who previous reeves be sure what it see on T
Feant e's clowning on a new mus ial er q have caused tle worstlever does not and fect just the ar East. LONDON, Feb. 1 (UP -Ther te It is hlear too that at thYugo is m.uolb. "ti v hem my Ia tcabe Adtfe, i.rAST^
leal series, "Showtime." split' re t cPedh. in the Arab league. The entire Army is gog to be London Daily Express said to- t ime w e an only achieve friend

t e bn c t 5n tCe est-yharr-olt th oine EtThe sources said the iompra sse actedd" t ing iay that Prime Mlnt'r Sir Wint shih with Spa through Franc. js.b dekw. Asn we'e
Itelda ad other due next A W l between Iraq and Egypt reached Brooks then he was ston Churchl should send tad-Nody hee this anxious to break nl ar w I lil
menr S, WO" a climax yesterday when a, f ive. deeply concern the noet 17 miral Earl Mountbatten to pay the ice with the tanii s dictator. I ena ...nhe d a'It aso o s os

ss ost s ma committee of the Arab for. cuts se "Red Chn i threaten a formal ca on General Franco He has long been to gaudy target the bsnspcdw a the b
Count Daa A dr w lin I pay. Su areI1i n aut eign mupinisters attempt to dreaft moa thrs. Aed f rmy e would- b r m ost n llolitical parties l t l I
asvousee comes along. His ro oe abrue .000man army reduction first sea lord, in an attempt to "

Independent fh.m company I"s all-, thretb yttesuu of the conference which would ffctt 100a000 men by June or h' Anglo-Spanish tenhlonbers ov. Referring to Mountbatte,'s fare- tw Il Andr s r w ero str
r _es a itou colas her --andsand b *iefenuses t twsolres Tuto o n roar Ridgway answered com mand last year, when nowbeat mtrao Y are L.eo n s lut

hepredtin: t t While rqi delegates refused to Army Secretary Robert T. Stev- n Colvin. the Express' for admirals rewed him from shore n '
aub rie id the hit b ubr intre told them. r anunced ten h A defended thA y b 1us men ahe=nhe eign editor, said in an article head to the hip carrying him home to anno- I"" p-

h; *gest bo~til yes'? m ol- mm.mS tion of their government to con- also appeared before the commit- lined "Would his gold braid im England, the Expreossu said: w dt ay w
tw ood We wont lee to make in lude the defense pact with Tur. e He said they were ptva press Franco?" tha. a "state anof tin t happen, but I do sayth g at.
toh lctu." hreenl ote tha I rsw key, Egyptian representatives hre "rouod and well thout out pr y swer. ping blocked see whas arisen. "A commander th Yuglavwho can 1 t 'ame i it ll't hap-
oe cIt'sleay a tos a h is r e omeab ot matei "h owroom' aot"ti mained determined to put the ry co'il tet wthe eoa the needs of There is no need owalar." ge six oof their admirals to row hfor is po- In TV I ht, e sanyw
S*an a into o bhan^ otn a pt- es meo t hinting that Eart might ounce. th e country CoFnIemnPaid. "We ar t going to barge, with a U.S. admiral as paMeNiwhaUly, to aOd TV indo
t ate t. ola do *I mab on, a te tr dars withdraw from the sources Leagu He sad th e reductions left the the Gibraltar i Spain, but we saidtroke oar not one whose words eOmbus" to surpri, o se every a
. ier tere s d ae o o and the projected Arab s ecurl tary it," Ridgway replied. think we it had no lel right to order thegic u would be lightly heeded by the week tube f o new proras. If.

more save the supermarket pn a ts endo the job." fullness to us io we are not frSeid. Supreme of Spain. t
oest in ou Im b e ist thi tomo pact unless her Arab neigh B ut Vinson said the administra- ly to Spain. Treduitios. story is relayed frotom Lerampe do.m oah
Sr i The traits which would endear ito censure Iraq. res."erek Hole
S ml Lemer is preparpoin a "Tar-N day, meo The ajtement appeawied in three Blrooks then asked if the United vens atydR dgas q-hitr, "andntyi sme-troyl

named 'wol 1 b t a. Ing- to Francs. Colovin Sh ws mr ta un9 mi tsb iduledarlof d tO ma dlay cperod Et'g ost influential pa- S rtatea s, under the cuts, will have La Pe apertitrs "a .Her. ( r |-
andan. Al AoaLsttteheso.e s chio e for pes fiast to bacisk n up our commit.-. *.h-e "Somebody once called 'Omn-i.
Gr o -tI ..h..rep.ace LIC themselves in a sort of supermat-- thatd the Aiaret ba holot"Dr ." bus' An srrons blin-dae"u
a r ll BAL A 6:15-8:00 bes League members had ended. "We re going to hve to mkean keresh diplomacy fUs san d I th
-nforeed sourcesesa tens a jo r mr s o fa t heO Ho ue." ---- Oneill sure w ndt hi val
Promised andhooped for: Frank 1 "reconcilable views of Egypt and world-wides" Rldgway r-eplied, "It d- nevr basurewhtoitll meeA
o pielic responsdwithbnine ,tiondother meyberes s dt oit, achieve friend- au id n othat way.
ed. "WeeeThersourceste Absaidegthe Imp a afAetedieAgog day that Prime Kinistar Sir Wino vshi w inp through Frsece ir iIael rogr.
c"ITdS NOatn ano-her du -next, otWay between Iraq and E3,mpt reached red.hiscal bret k Ia forats ole d "- sm
monr- Ia climax yesterde, when a five. "deeply concerned" about the miras Earl Mountbatten to pythe ice with the Spanish dctator,. yir to
count IBrooksphd, eign ministers attempt to draft g war." :o asked i the eihed- before taking up his new pout as for all our political parties." f nto uslu ltleN il 3l,_
as-.ou-se ases along. His l _.r~oaelt_ .ttoruibmo communique summing up tahe. tiled t.000ian army reduction first sea lord, In an attempt oten' fare-eto package,-....-.-
Sta, a, r me. TiS p-e, result% of the conference, which would "affect the nafy of the smooth Anglo-Spanish tensions v. Referring to Mpmntbtte
th ep to make p1cuvres far view-i .a igtulo American laborato webs opened here Jan. y im country." think It doel, air," or Gibraltar.well to his NATO Mediterraneand- _t ma "e.h ays, "that ind- i
pers With I hconductthand lt iratbyh te ri l. .u f Rhdgway answered." t, command last year. when slC ye thingsl are goui to
.irs hc s in--0- I a _i enpl anlet 1 tub eaTwDha "b ThIllua oTmawIs
he"' predlct bari,.; .Me worsiCfuttherm mnsP WthDle Ifnraqi delegates refused to Army Secretary Robert T. h tev- Tan Colvin the Express for- edmir-ls rowed" him from shorem m. Am .ow,'uC'I
S e yo sntin of their government to on- also appeared before-the comm it-ined "Would Vinsoold bridmmprengland, reSsesaioh _t It's
Mored. Weawo't teraonsMioede ~thdfeCact wit hTr- Brooksee. lHe said they were part of a press Franse?" that a "stlte ofi p to .hAl ,
.It's 4~LtBh6~i bidi aisloyuts.he.bois much bmtlm, ter mained otetermined to put the gramwconsiltent with the needs of "There is no need frt alarm." get six other admirals to row his pen.
r tconfer.m e on record as denounce, the country." hon demandedar"showdoing'to barta.Samla Meanwhile, you gount on
at i. ,hde ie pedl, the soures aid. He saId the reductions left the lose Gibraltar tO Spain, but we stroke aoa, Is not one whose words "Omnibus' to surprise ywo every
Get ready fs Ioo ,t Army with "an adequate force to can oie muth of Its strategic use- would b Jighthy heeded by the week. If you like surprtaIe.
'h'oma ,cdo the uob." fullness to us If we are not friend. Supreme Irpaq." Thstorywslredom"-Omus
-- '-srispeprnna"a, idligcas"minidepa-e.yttVisionnsaidithetadyknistsa-ilyetotSpain.
lThe traits which rould endear don, where the Shnerlck Hlmes
Zan" I n0StWINd th T YOUR sERVICE CENTER said, are the fact that he is "a the reel detcrve, ( In between
tbsejganr tltctgreat aristocrat with lordly con- mee rp, lbA"oty re Is
__tworpae tesleinasro____anAlATHEATE$ ,TONIflT!t nections" and "a sense of page. thut *y uSo dll ebodyenclle,'.oni
Mtantry and splendor." Anyhow, A. CeanniDoyltes bro.-

Igr dBALBOA 6:15-8:00 regIingtoavet e "Where British diplomacy fails, a "l,"reed I stha group
IiA.mjorn mde the Navy often cleans un the te :'_....

S"lROKEN LA-NCE' mess." C~olvin said. "So I reco;m. "Inou"- be migNt be, more'
... :I F*$ cinmnasope Colri mend Mountbatten for a quiet ,h.m e,
talk with the world's senior dit "Uien's no police like
tSAGAIWed. ,'MCI ic~Or TiRE,,N] hr."Holm~es." I
tJobale Ray is trying to pull
Jeff "Princess of The Nile"
..--, .,.__W__."_ T,. ,'J~iLLn GmEN "
, wo sasa Ttr~r
.. e TR MAN" I Thans. 1"L LE hsbu

.MARGARITA I:1S5 :15 CRISTOBAL -15 -47:60.
S 9eAmNn atV.wCame"osF LY
M 0 Rnamid REAGAN.
,. -. -.@- .. -
.000 5 rColorl "PRISONER OF WAR"
W"" ,W ad.isei i Uw irrr vow

8:15 7:56 LA BOCA 6445 *-98 Dr De tnAWmisswemodli
i _i

"-t l.:; --,.?.', "A,
... ...::,! ... I-~~
IllP. 4

:, .. ,: ;_ r /':: ,a" '-"i : '

* ". .'' '
-f. .( -: .' .. '.- ,
/ .-^-i. .

'7 .' %' A


ubleader On Tap At Panama Stdiui Thi
.J. ] ., ... ... ': .. "'*

Williams And Arthurs

Wo Oppose Smokers'

Sommy Hughes, Pritts

Georgia Tech

Again Upsets

Kentucky '5'

alNEW YORK, Feb. o (UP)
It again.
Teams Won Lost Pet. GB On their own court at Atlanta,
- Yankees .............. 22 12 .647 Ga., last night, the Iron men--
..........15. 559 who sprang basketball's biggest
S. Smokers ..............19 15 .559 3 upset of the season on Jan. 8 by
Sodamen ........... 10 24 .294 12 beating Kentucky, 59-58--did it
......... again and did it more impress-
' LAST NIGHT'S RESULT At Mount Hope Ively in an astonishing 65-59
triumph over the nation's No. 1
IS6damen vs. Yankees-Postponed-(Wet Grounds) team.
.n ,Kentucky has been on fire
TONIGHT'S GAMES (2) 6:00-At Panama for revenge ever since Tech,
r ...using only five players for the
S Sodamen (Williams 2-6) and (Arthurs 4-4) entire game, scored that first
,' VS. surprise at Lexington Ky.-
smashing Kentuecky's 129-
Smokers (Hughes 3-1) and (Pritts 3-4) game home court winning:
4 By J. J. HARRISON JR. and the Smokers play each other streak and 32-game all-games
'" three more times for the season winning strea. 1
A doubleheader is on tap to- two n Thursday and one onI But this time Tech led all the
Aight at the olympic Stadium Saturday, all at the Stadium way, sometimes b as much as
,httween the SC Sodamen and the Just when one and all belev- 14 oints, and cruised easily to
"jnokers. ed that the dry season was well victory despite Kentucky's all-
.;The Sodamen will use Sam on Its way, the rains came down court press throughout the en-
Willllams and Stanley Arthurs again and the game scheduledtire second half. ..
Agailtst .Tommy Hughes and for Mount Hope last night be-. The loss, only the second for
jar Pritts tween the Yankees and the So-IKentucky In 14 games, cost the
-. r. tee hYne e ildcats a chance to t kje over
Leon Kellman's boys are visit- damen had to be postponed be-. Ihe Co.encer
8 in the first game which will cause of wet grounds. the Soutneastern Conference
gin at 6, and hosts In the sec- .Atlantic Side ^ fans however lead Instead of moving ahered
.nd match. will still see another game ai of Alabama, which suffered It
SA double win for the Smokers Mount Hope before the season first leacrue defeat, 76-74, to
--., ni, t wIthin twin ndsx when the Rodamen engage Florida. Kentucky dropped tot

SWIMMING CHAMPS Last year's winners of Police Association, Cristobal branch, trophies
for the individual medley in the 14-year-old and under group. 1st Don Ryter, 2nd N~s Linfors,
3rd Herbert Spector. This year meet promises to surpass the 1954 meet in the number of en-
tries for both junior and senior events.


Due to a couple of shutouts
there was quite a sh ffle In tne
ieabue standings over last weex.
broaaway tavern dropped
back to second atter losing all
louft points to the Ace's. The
Ace's nsa no trouble at all and
won totally lo5 pins in spite of
spotting tne Tavern 111, M-c
heown's 525 led the Ace's while
Click's; 465 was the best for the
Tavern crew.
Naval Station also took a beat-
ing at the hands of the Police
Assn. The Police beat them all
three games from scratch and
Paso received 56 pins per game
pot. This dr6ps the Navy oack
to fourth and moved the police
up to sixth. Martin led the Cops
and class C with 498 while Gal-
ligan paced the Navy with 522.
Wright Bros. Plbg. went into
first place on a three point vic-
tory over Powell's They dropped
only the last game and It only
by 8 pins to take' total by 73.
Larrabee led the victors and class
B with 529 and Watson was high
for Powell's with 504.
Scott & Scott moved up from
4th to 3rd by winning two and
total fro mthe Post Office. This
leaves the PO in undisputed pos-
session of the cellar so there Is
no where to go but up. Robinson

I games of the lead. The Yankees the Smokers tomorrow night. fourth place.
-m ro -fourth place. ... .Captured Class A honors with
SOther surprnseo dstk nokd sawo 537 to lead Scott's while Hogan's
tII. .f Southern Methodist knocked out I 528 was high for the PO.
,. "m ^ -1 m of the Southwest Conference aj jy J W I III WEEKLY PRIZES
T 'i U nfl T eda and West Virginia out of Class A Robinson 537
SOKy.O J RaIalIt O llaw O r y the Southern Conference lead. Class B Larrabee 529
Arkansas, playing its best Cla C Martin 49
game of the season, unset S.M.U. Cla C Martin 491

Series Here Next Week it wfrmdespiteven points bey ntry Forms Now Available Teams WAon L
.M.U.s in despite 22 points by Wright Bros. Plbg. 12 4
S.M.U.Jim Kres. .M.U. hd _____ Broadway Tavern 10
ana' a .fans w.ho heard been tied with idle Texas Chris- ----------- --- Scott & Scott 10 6
9 n0an ad ans a w ot aveb hearl I J tian for first place. l ir Scott & Scott 10 6
and readabsoutbaseballina.......Entry forms for the Feb. 21 Naval station 8v
and wondered as to what Richmond romped easily to Ow els O s HS third annual Gamboa CiVIc Ace's6
t wo-de-e Powells Tops CHS Twice Swim M a -n
r of Wall is played there, a 106-67 victory over West Vir. Council Swim Meet are now a- Po PoiceAs 5 10i
et an op ortunity of see- rinla to take over first place valuable at the various U.S. rate Powel l '52i
t champion Tokyo Giants in the Southern Conference. | I playgrounds and gymnasiums. Post Office A 1
age local.teams in a three- Walt vsaght of R'chmend LT A. All arrangements for the hold-
Sseries starting Feb. 7, the tallied 25 points. but West Vir- I rease League of the meet, which will be ..ACE'S
after the current season. gln'a tasweevnRod Hundley was Ghibson 163176 120 4
i fay-atter the current seasonI ^*l ^^BH ;'in'a see Rod Hundley was held at the Gamboa pool, have:McKeown 190 174 161
nds t held to seven. already been completed. ibson 163 17 120
The Tkyo Giants won the in the nihtca a did Price ay teamsmust be entered on 167 1
a awo reas i u n S o and Mc ox scaugheyfor the Tigers. as teams,thats the names ofStn 167 168. 4
AtlaticTilighomr hniht DNo e( 1eall four swimmers on the team Spinney 116a14 154 4
orpt hae amereinow. agtout nat:s Doul ese (ranedrt Noth 2 Game) _ilvrbl o l
t .snteoo celebrated the return AanUi T w Lght BPseb (Firs Gt must be listed, place the list ofa 31
Japant h nia r Powells names of relay team at bottom 770i n. ,

JIa that steps if in c u hiet n t W3 L P et lb 0 han p.m.. February 17,
Presideabali and over the year s lneu p by trouncing Niagara new Powells v6. Navy 7:30 p.m.) r0 The box score Awards will be given to the
Sh been invited trom WINNER Pitchtheranked No 13 6548, as Rick- Navy 3 1 .750 ley, 3b 4 1 1 1 0 ins of frt ond n AG
or have rt baonthe ts topped al scorers with 21 B VOR SIMONS C.. 2 0 will govern eligibility for all
in dat of the ser game nts dropping dec George Washington ers age group events Please peor
The NeW YGork plants visited on' the regular Ja- 6761n despite Mike Parena s 25 The Atlantc A ide Twilight er B0 1 0 deliver a entry formsT toBae 8

vmh- m panoe e Pro League season, is "olnts for St. John's: All-Amer- J aue fans were treated to a I -I-1hles b foro theo eenswere doat" bs i- 1 .-
San othe three games the lead IndianState to an 87-56 victor72 Bg afternoowhen Poweellss Caft Errors Per, c 5 0 Melende (2 boPool, Box Xent. Gmb Cnal that baeball-[Ten wi over Purdue. while in Powells 7,GCHS 3 Price, lb 5 1 2 8 0 later than 6 p.m., February 17,
dodmen am and will play here ovsame league Frank Edowned n d afternoon and part o the Mauhe, p 3 1 0 roft 1955er .33
boxbeninvited to WINNER- Pitcher school record with 38 points in Bleakiey, 3b 4 1 1 0,VI_ F
Sthe lint ball ote 9 ninonier o r : O e oy Tm m e o1NS Bleakleyu Lune LInnqrs of first second andATLANTI 2 .000

S moker are Pro Leae Bo.ats (will not be l State nipned St. ohns (N.Y,. 1 5 0 ande Mgue c v .
ong date of thee dropping d Tulsa eged Bradle. 72-70. obal Hh Ha b 2 1 0 events and to members of the At oco.
t n e Giants engage fe siMa ng the regular Ja- me67-61. despite Mike Parentis 25 The Atlantic side Tw inning Ghtowers, If 3 1 0 TUEDA
n would rse le asonis fointsfr of e rst hn's: All-A League 25 were treated to areBoys, 7 Mooco Cola
e e (Feb 8) will sureto e the starting hurler lea Don Schlundt scored 23 o xcit ballames Sun- Totauxs 4 1 2 75 and under Pedro Miguel Civic (At Marrta

e. a i o Giants roster, in- h etr Vinne Ridne from the 0 1 ooper, 0 0 r pace elo e ncl. t Bae 2' 1 .666
eond gm e t record un- a wtive so Id hits and a ok, ed by the organization listed aft- M tt coCoa 1
ate ants go against a "re- in nw of. the three games the lead Indiana to an 87-56 victory day afternoon when Powells, aft- Errors : Perez, Melendez (2 e tle .
Sm andth ts will play here over Butler: Furman downed and afternoon and part of the McGaughe y, Bazan (2), Croft, a v

,onetst.L(Feb8omell beofnm axoimum e ff ot, al31 dunPLn ., ,-Po3to ow
contest, (Feb. 9) will be nekt'w against the Yankees, south Carolina, 86-72,: Auburn evening of maximum effort, Bleakley, Lung. LIST OF EVETS Bottlers_ 0-si- 000

tea. qamao c.a otAin eOudilder Jim Oreengrass sign- three hits, while tis geam-mames Hooper (2) in favor of the cops.
wan a "re-nforced" moker d and Smokerso nipped his 1955 contract today land rallied or onwice to increaseckstroke Wo- e first double play of the
Admirers o22)T trhe uni ed L 9S5: Je pair n tgue leffth and to 2 full each vsn OWELLS 25 yds. Free Style Girls 7 MONDAs recordeDUL
SS okers arwend y tPro oaLea e t (will not be hch sold lowed the Cincinnati o the secoxth and seventh frames e 2b-f 3 2 i 0 ig at to the second baseman

i:tChemp Boerd s ir Hide Fujimotoe ?P. 7. icher: d bid for a fourth-place to the the score up at nine all. .b 5 on at t throw, caught the run-
hampkeon they will for Individual games) 5.00; and Tulsa edgremoved orBradley, 72-70. Powes spotted Crstobal HghHal, ee Style b 2 1 0 9 1 Councilpo
St bebin. No vesid stand, 1.00 per game, o now run in the first Noel Gibson If-p 3 1 1 and under olce Aonrofessional ball players

Asson F eb 8- ... r a p hr o. rJ f ? i ro lke th is is goin K to be our I h old in g C ristobal sco recess lor Pe r ez, s 0 0 2T S a eD A
Sen Awoull l$y Go1, tcser isrueer of the first games and t Hakin ghley. t b 0 0 2 5 yds. Free Style Boys, 10 ARM LEAGE LASHolES
SMaor Leo Nocher 19 a Oreengrass batted .280 hit 27 credit for the win hs ourth o ce 0 and under Pedro Miguel Civic (At Mararita)
re the ornament. o fi homers and drove n 95 runs last the season. ViBazan 3b nce Ride from the HooperBalboa. Tea Wn L
fo _i and player re- w in deronre Hcosd un- Cincinnati general man- hill forwith five solid hits and a Aycok, c 4 0 1 -Men Elks Lodg tPOE altar, Jrs. 1 1 1
.nlted fr g forthcoming en- fr 2 i savers 1ESULTS
-Harry Dokery was Smith. rf 0 0 0 0 PlcPas?,- Coco

e_"e to] twhYonamine No. 1 were a hal ame n front walkbefors. azans 4-hry performance net r 0 440 yds. Free Style Men Winning pitcher: Palumbo0 2
as taken the spotl ht to m when Greengrass w called upon tory, buhalt the attack. Dockery, p 30 0 0 amo, Civic C LAST WEEouncil.S ESUL

be f the kn ry ia ka o 20,N out elder selne and closed he season errors sent Cristobal home with ero p-rf 3 1 0 0 0 Saturdays game at Marary
Sby both player waer No. first ba one ame behnd them.sonfolks" of the Atlany Croft relieved Bht 25 yd. Free Style i. 8 betweethe M f police Pals and CJr 2
4=14 ,. I) .hiba, assistant, NEW: YR Feb 1 League slow-balld te r o h Totals da under-- Poice Aseiso.:l co Cola was a well played close
t. Loney took the n- reenrss I(UP)ncreased an in held them scoreless oWELLn Cro 42, C Pbal. s t
3 -1 o er c Cincinnats "satisfied list" to on wl uer rure;utfelder Jim reenras sin- three hits, while his tem-mate rrors: ghley (2, eaux, Balboa test, i ons Kws 13

Sthe second, but dropped ao,31 with inelder Ted Kluew- wasth victim of 4 successive er- b d in aver of the cop
e final se tc.Tkehkot to be post-B ess d hi 1955 contract today and rallied for one inning tally Hibsonp f-b-y 3 0 2 2 0 Myds. BaFckstroe- 14 Thursday

Adr sae types stub- TO IJ|| 0A|||I Bud Podblelan, Jim Willis, John try for victory In the night-cap Dedeaux ss 3 o 0 1 iy FrAey
am irers le o beforeL.on l 'W"P 1np) sTtew art, Howie Judson and Don and this time he hung around Hwero 1 t Wo ns. F Ai Style er14 M. of Omaha 14 Kewis 0
s Chl wandri who defeated a r Clint Cslowedutne Cimencinnatiof the sixth and seventh frames (cod G a ican Legion, Unit 0 r hit to the second baseman,

D 3-6 6-3 6-36-2 b o returned his itnhod contract Paowes ahead 4 to 3 Again Noel m r t 1 1 -1 r oth Week rn
S ed some of his old form anuimoto,No. tcheRedlegs' bid for a fourth-place to tie the score up at nine to hall.t Geor r 2 n e Albo. The arm League got to a
waeMke.ate eri.Irl Itcher; (7-6). finish last season "feels great." Dockery was removed forsa 25 yds..FreeStyle-- aIr.I10,r e. some real -I

nrtorom thDeady to7o nwi t1 ) 1 D"e a Crntebal rally in the sixth ReeGp-e' e1ab r oa yds. Free Style r e- spndid nartffir the 1955 po-
.-ddle Henriquesa, o lowed Intecholastready to go now,"2stringer. RPlkA and h e ut the fire out without an uner 10 and ce on with the opening game play-
f ton. taking ha ok, Teams W No. 9 27-year-old slugg ar er said "I feel camld e among to finish the gamwin lc, i s Baoa. e a0t Pacific little League Park

ora o athet htef3lBHt s 1 0 1.000 cath like thr Isgsgto beo.U I holding CristaSon of the sea- Efrors: Hall, Dedeauxz asl 0 st Monday2 P00ic Li2t tmi I
S._ ti No.10 Jyun Hiro-000 ear-old i r, also eed two n.extra frames and ta kinPerez, 0 1 0 0 2d. FreeStyle- Women L ue old-and

., .. h, .. th l... -e, r Ridge hurled no-hit ball or mboa W en's .b .. Locrde of the S0.hoo._A
adttch between MajorL The Critobal gh Shoeol nne, "Yee know now that .280,ve s- four Innings, but gave up one andunder Police Assia- on and Rtion.e *
urnaent No. 12,ho to theBalboa B you'v cao tcour number one inglcatcn there (.191: ffth and ta-womore re Priceght b 4 0 2 8 h. were on d to
Major, who was the dogs at Gr tobrb Mt. Hope catchnmer." rne ld general b 4the0002 sxth that caused hs re- Balboa. e partpe in he opener cerem
o smd up standpoint of idium tight ctuao.1 i" developeda Frank Lane ot in his e movarmedl. Gibso t the frstarted banthe e M al100 yds mButterfly stroke rottc1
and player re- fielder (.275); Tuo Hroot hih Cincinnati general man- hill for the Tigers and was very hn eCI Men -- Elks Lod, measure of itor, r1
r. determined to Inter-chola whichag r the dabes onPaul says cost the effective tire the next five It 1414,sa boah io
S ted fortho coming en- ,le tRedlegs fourth lace The Red-ch en to come tof the pleague-lea- y, (B) e le e- ovedto their hoe 0 1
Richard Kashiwaeda,-No. 17, plce'Tee ,stron basfhei.Plumb rf 2 0 uif.....

fielderth busy ally fter-ence of theYonamne CNo.llege and rooke a half game in Bob Wyne Wllrs. an's 4 peroran Robnette. rf I 1 1 0 0 y F Stye 12at the Balboa
takn oet oTantes o. on : withn the fifth-place Philadelphia shown 5-2/3 innings was more the an an under -- lk' Lod g%-fPOt

#Iber ,ed Balboa al game had an 11-9 (.6or)*: Fit ched Tier- fMtui na-held his W ron ourer ,np. ataba g
s eera es at on the Trht to Phittes when Greenrass waste owadequte for victory, but 5 cos tly'Tbs 3 2 7 d 3142 CI tobalS W K RESULTSr

K azu sa eo 20, out s Mie AN, Italld Feb. 1r upd wayEoord.tCrnd t. Pee Iow thes Ws wee ibs d"
be5ub of thepkeen .valry u o.outfi t sidelined am hnd of France seaon errors sent Cristobal homeawith Srr ors:CroftPerezW- tye M 1 Monday
Sbyb a can hold t, n e European feather-amoun t of n.e fOmaha gns.ibraltar. Jr
ates. Loney took the i-(.212); Takshi Iwa e moto, ompos hin und Charlie Mlenes an'd Bieaite Ray Crofttrela i.eIved .Ba-I1L eh OE uTofsmaeh a
6-3j jumped off to 4-1 uu __, __r _.,__,. Cincinnati's "satisfied list" totoan well under rieseure" he too Manning,, 2b 3 ....2b 30 Bl oa yba13stok- -
n thed second, but droppedi .I 31 with infielders Ted Kluszew-o was the victim of 4 2uccessivewer-is.1 .1003Yft-e-. .,,,e ..
d set 7-5. Darkneis Eki and Bobby Adams. outfield-rrors In the ninth that brought eHall,, Ib 20 nesda
oueathf 11100tfin9eld-Italvn O H1.rGrotto 17?. Lifesavers
the final set to be post-ig e UU ers Lloyd Merriman and Anel about the winning tlly. R ehart 0 t s. tyle-- 14 Thrsday
f$orte. own day, Scul and pitchers Jerr, Stalev.I Vince Ridge wasgivenanotherHGihleo, if -b-p 3. 0 2 2 00ider-- Hnamadmn Gibraltar Jrs. 19. BalboaLionsf1
saeme type ofstub- TBud Podblelan, Jim Willis, John try for victory in the night-ceap Hidgahe.Sb 4002 w -
prevailed before Lone T oIpte 10nlphl Stewart, Howie Judson and Don1 and this time he hung around lHooper, ef o 1 1 ys. F0n Style --Pcs 14 lm. of Omaha-14A. KIwis 0
took the verdict 7-5. a Gross still to agree to terms. until two were away in the fifth Spaine,'rf 1 0 0 o ;, ou r--" .Hsadan P Lg
Chiari who defeated Clint Courtney.Kmeanwhile.Ifram e and left the game AwthAycock, c 2 1 0*1'S Z 100 7al (ux) news Re- Vargo ftne Iigbhts
u-n 3a -3, -6-3, -. return h is signed contract Powells ahead 4 to 3 Again Noel iSmith. rf 1 1 1 0.J ay-GMs, 10 andune -o e Week

a -Addle Henriquesd followed rInterscholastic BasebaUl ISox,' flaflty-rIg :rL erRebok- and he t te out winthouit' GAearmLe agueo
f ashon, t-king hlnTeats W L P let g Is ld attos .w-yesr- Ir.furtherd10e. Th. (422l -. slendd starPf or -the 1 5e a
1* n San-hez,.4-2, BHS 1 0 1.000. catcher4 and Bill Fieher, Z. was Ridge's sewnd of the sea-, Errors: Hall, 8 7, 321 rOW AssBalbo.ea. at Pi fie Le e t t P
thsmth.n e C 0 1 .000 year-old IUebher, alse agreed to son.a00Errors: Hal. De e l F. .y. ParfLc LI t-an
_matc betwenMeh ajrthe. Crtobam Hig Scol Ridge hurled no-Ut ball for I s-.ub Women's Club, + Lockridge,'hbed of the schoolb s
i bewenarTe Crit_,,l High Shool.nine "You know fnow that I've slin-cIAfour innings, but gave up one L.00 yds. re Style.- Mn -- Physical uesdin and Rm'
Major, who was the dogs at (Jristobals Mt. Hope catcher." Courtney told genera I in the sIce-__) Free Stye Re- prtpte in the on ceeao-
ived up to expecttlon Stadium tonight g 7 o'clock; It mnser Frank Lane on the' ,moval. Gibson.hiththedf hirstb-, I'c2 aw mi. Poll af. Muual of Omaha.tooktI
V r. determined to Interscholastic.. sm- ,which, I nthe day's only otherolr1 inen on to retire the next five ni. I MAT a aLos"
tu fter hmen to cometotheplat R-t"if le Re- moved to their home di
"% ._..._-_I- wayne Wl, kg .thCZwea"rokeBbWyeWI,.hisfirt"f
nbnoe ,SM&thonl with the Chih n p f Whilee You Sw e
im a'b'e d Balboa I si e elh. u.rbad an 11-9 easota'd n iT thTI Tiger future: WV" held his "a su garfer .b aT ,* '& -l
Harper- won, win las w r N-O while... Sea, hit .26 for could orfy hit aety Sour timesos

-Jai -.!r haveone oft h .ast 0-'f I bal chucker, who went all the pr iii s'
I&A 111mite" teams aeOd in CZ MITAN. Italv. Feb. 1 (UP) -' way, weakened and allowed the A N, r bUaadmM W* ..A
.M d li W uropenfeater-' amount of msuranc runs. s..._.

*-' *----'" .- fti n f h m -- -- rm ~ ~ ," -'.-'. -; "
... _,~ ~~... -- ,,.. -,- i m.. ._,! Z.- .- ...- -. ,' -+

Johnson 183 2 1I 1 38
Walker ,187 168 15 440
Glick iU 146. 154 485
Roberts 128 142 126 914
Edmonds 135 134 166 435
Handicap 37 37 37 111
743 7468 748337
Fortner 144 183 157 484
Cook 146 150 141 437
Oberholtzer 157 132 159 448
Martin 170., 170. 18 408
DoRaps 168 140 132 441
Handicap 58 58 68 168
842 811 803 48W
Shanahan 148 .1M 123 401
Breckel 121 118 139 S28
Raver 158 142 154 452
Ourcak 129 13 1586 424
GaUllgan 188 '170 184 522
742 604 741 2177
Banker 15 150.. 159 481
Wickingstad 129 127 172 438
Butz 185 145 156 489
Brassel 185 178 156 499
Larrabee 176 189 164 520
1i 198. 7 XS2411
Brown 160 118 148 428
Wright, J. 152 122 187 441
Watson- 156 173 175 504
Nordstrom 163. 158- 180 481
Wright, C. 142 143, 145 430
Handicap 20 20 20 60
193 734 811 384
Robinson 178 141 218 537
Louis 152 161 154 467
Stewart 201 135 198 532
Kraka 188 178' 170 520
Bartram 1g 1866 146 498
900 779 884X-583
Cowan 172 145 146 483
Blind 133 133 133 390
Wallace 177 150 145 472
Rudy 134 183 177 494
Hogan 157 185 18E 528
Handicap 24 24 24 73
797 8311, 2433

The first no-hit, no-4n game
was entered into the records on
Friday afternoon when Florenclo
Arosemena set the Kiwis down
without a run or hit over the
regulation six inning. Aroseme-
na, pitching for the Mutual of
Omala nine, struck out 16 bat-
ters, hit one batsman and walk-
ed 2 batters while his teammates
rang up 14 big runs.
Farm League games are play-
ed Monday through Fridays at
the Balboa Elementary School
playground ball park and par-
ents and friends -are urged to
come out and see -these "knee
high guys"' play ball. Plenty of
parking room and shady bench-
es. Game time: 4:30 p.m.
Team Standings
Teams W L Pet.
Spur Cola 6 1 .857
Lincoln Life 5 1 .833
Police 4 4 .500
Elks 1414 2 4 .333
Seymour Agency 2 5 .295
Gibraltar Life 1 5 .167
Seymour 8, FoHe 1
Seymour Agency smashed all
possible hopes the Police may
have had for the first half bupt-
ing when the Insurance last
sent the Junior Cols to a 6 tq. 1
Kenny Pearl toed the mound
for the BA lads and outside of
Third baseman Roe, no Copper
could get more than one hit. In
fact Pearl allowed only four
safeites, two going to Roe and
one each to lliot and clipper.
Opposing Pearl was Frankie
Ammiratti, but it was not his
day. In the second Inning the
Insurance boys blasted three bits
for three runs. After the smoke
of the battle cleared away for
the day. only one batter for Sey-
mour collected morelthan one
single and that was Dubbs who
had two. -
The Win for Seymau atted
them to vacate the posl-
The box core: -
3 0 0
Dehlngeu, If 1 0 0
Prtlelter. cf 3. 0 0
Ammitmatti, p .' : 0 0
B e'0 0
Co.l,':'. S 0
- m

t' P


2 4 0
. 0 0

: ~ ;, .1
.. :-. .
*'* .- tjf ^ 1

I- r~ ;i '' ''' -

I .. r

- '" -:

-ii" -^ ^^^ ^2..

mes Bvradde

? I




Knoekout Bait 14 Months ,-
.-A ?. -* : ,-f t -

A ^ Title Tri n- o w

NEW YORK (NEA)-The day IWith the admit nh
Charley Norkus was signed for a nt oda., beclt o.aime.
Feb. 1I bout with Ezard Charles I n
hi New York, James J. Braddock IphWicla playOer.
walked i&tb a restaurant aero ss ofm ftiail recogni
the street from Madison Square iomeoball.Leag& es"nowi
Garden.It'Is..oe. B li Levaules
Norikbis should study a ho on aafffliates i alofO i
this guy's life," one of theft iht which we now aift
guys remarked as the big, sll- In danger of witherin
fhlenduome former heavywel g Is t Net- fI dMa e o af Iiel.
chamlom m a his wayJa t ble. News of MCexicai
That anbod should i mentln. ca me from. Anuar Ca
Norkus in eam breath with head of the Monterey
-- Norkua hi the same breath wil i .B.^, about t .he ighter.aide
Jim Bradsock will cause a minor eau tldorf on Sunday ni
riot among the one-btme doc k 'It arragig ontda "
walloper's many friends, but when arranging contracts wi
you look at the ting closely there "Our I _rst bie w ob
S a gooSld reato to compare the W|rl, ;o8 es w.ith the
g, .anavitl said.
it' Norkn, should get past a I utman gave .
Charles, who OW figure to be iat Jli g And. o ery a
aliding quicklyI,,te hard-punch- c-l Jorge and Bernm
ig hGeavyWt l will be right tin can la mu which ma
line for a big money shot at I no way connected-N
RIbcl rarclan. This staw e of "Havanal is in theI
affairs was considered a distinct tILe. Juarezs wain
Impossibility Sime 14 months a- E' RADY- Carle Nor. Paso.and other Southl
igo Norikus to bnte blunt, was con- kus is ready to slw heavy "Mexgo organization w
oied li mot than a gl ass. weht: nents he's the mew tMexo orgalezatiuons
ed, washed-up never-was at Jmearado. (NA) rtl or league,
you'* remember back to Now, his confidence bolstered
raddock's time, the Irishman and his ambition high, thanks to TWO i
wasn't rasW much better than a recent marriage, Norkus Is -W
this when he began to punch his looking to big things. He's slow "The Mexican Lea
way to a title bout with Max -he knows It. But he offsets the same park, the R1
Baer-and the bundle of money that with a murderous p u nch. "Vera Cruz, Nuevo La
which went with it. Anybody he hits he hurts. A fel- complete a six-club ckt
To mak It n even more apt low/ ike Charles won't take too, some flying. However,
companion. Braddock fought outou many liberties. Nobody will. City.
of ew Jersey. So does orkus. Charley Norkus could be "an- "'Doubtless the ma
And the two look somewhat- a-other Jim Braddock. of Yucatan as arelicb
like. Norkus, an Alsatiap, hast h ,.. the gorgeous new bal]
determined chin and piercing Meril.I
eyes whih were the old champ's "Please make It e
trademark. Braddock was a gOed | ,ball organization, and
puncher who lacked speed. The L ..... ..d the a
same for Norkus. m gue/ and the 1lefi
All tlt remains fo Norkua gl A two clubs Ine
to make th e thing stand up com- HJ The Blues have hooked
pletely Is for him to get over l to be a Yankee fai
Ezzard Charles and Rocky Mar- | 9. "Adolfo Luque will
inno. This seems, on the face J I s been signed b Ty
-of things, to be an impossible h ubeen ag ed byaMot
order-but It s no more mpos-Ruben Aa bo, another
sible than the job Norkus has' *I I i The bull .Ihtk!
done since Dec. 4, 1954. iI fi d two wees ago an,
iat wav the night he climbed
into the Garden ring a 5-1 un- ., ul, UDGIhb A TASTI
tuerdog min an eight-round semi- Written for NEA Service
fntal bout against Ray Wilding, a The ridicuous and
U.ritish import. Norkus, who had quels when they were o
#Aeen stiffened more than a few not without some bene
times in his career, shocked eve- a better type of baseba
rybody by tearing into Wildung Few of those who j
battering him so badly they had to go with the Pasque
to stop it In the second round. prominent survivor is
Five days lar No was 'border to work for Luq
Clevela- fnd -tecnc canf" ecnici developed i
fhi Luclup taught Sal the r
Mtc0ey Owen, who
DBeanny a rd w, o *w ^^ l another player who jui
Diann, ardle, w lo Swa-s 8toephens, lingering on
Jto a a match at !pi up some lagniappe, and
The ws tei mat', you re- The jumper who I,
member, w h h Florida stillwas Danny Gardella w
hasn't gotten over. A 10 un-D Baseball for damages,
derdog, Norkus came off the not on the Giants, but
floor twice- to ainarll ip Nard co 1 briefly at at. Petersbur
apart with a six-knockdown as- I n the thick of th
-ault which ruined the once legally and slowly. No
promising Tampa Marine. __ i ti "
They began to talk about Nor- tion.
kus after that one, and when he i i-
won a return over Nardleo 'on h I
ational-TV he seemed on his Oedge B DOW ling S
"The Nardico fight was the one
that made me.' tharley says. "I WHEN BRANCH RICKEY sold F .T r
began to stay in condition around Eddie Stanky to the Braves in IIa l AI
that time. loday, I'm in even the spring of 1948, Jackie Robin- rOlliW I mOU
better shape. I used to think son was switched-from first to his
Condition was just a nice word. more natural position at second
oY, you find out you need it." base.
Since the Nardico match, Nor- With Roy Campanella coming
kus has- taken decisions from along, It was decided to make me
Cisar Brion- who once knocked a first baseman after two years
him out-and Roland La Starza. of catching as a professional,
And, of course, t was his pun- That was my big break.
ishing left hook which thoroughly I found the position for which
exposed Charley Powell In four I was best salted and where there
rounds in San Francisco. is less danger of injury than be.
The only mistake his manager, hind the bat.. I had played short.
Gee Lalco, has made with Nor. stop and third base for St. Jo.
kus was putting him in the same seph's College of Indiana, original- .
battlepit with Hurricane J a c k- ly tried out with the Brooks as a
son in March. At that time, the third sacker.
freakish :Turricane was blowing Another piece of good fortune
strong and only a Marciano could was being signed by the club
have handled him. This was in representing Brooklyn, where I
the pre-Nio Valdes days, before met my wife, Joan, and have since
the Hurricane knew pune h e-s made my home.
hurt. Additional good luck was at.
Norkus let the best he owned tracing the attention of Scout
fly at Jackson. He caught the Stan Feezle while in college. I
lanky. Hurricane with wicked was a surprised youngster when
right uppercuts, chopping right he sent me to a tryout camp at
crosses and thunderou Nleft Olean, N.Y. After I worked there
hooks. For his efforts, Norkus three days, Branch Rickey, Jr.,
received a few thousand wind- shipped me to Ebbets Field, where
mill punches and they finally had his father looked at me for three
to drag the Hurricane off him In more days and signed me,
the fifth. I That was in 13, when I was
That's the only blemish on 19, but it was not until three
Charley's record since he got hot. years later that I broke into or-'
And it's an excusable one. He ganized ball.
was not fighting a human that Uncle Sam had prior rights, you
night. see.


( S- NATURAL-..tony Spa.

<4 Sixth of 12 articles wr
NEA Service
--IABC Singles Campil
THE follow through is t

limw. tI


Santhng else ie n bowl
Simple movement which
one nastrely.
If it doesn't, you're ln
As in any game. ou'v
ilow th-Ml After yo

- "i

F-prIYearns For Golf Tour(
. lay .0ar i. Op

A*tPlay iMari*ni Op

n 9f the h "es League, Double A and : 'y G
aii O er ghbor rCepubUc, Organ.ted __",, -,_ \A ---- I NEW YORK (NEA)-.Ed I
h or legal, ge- ArIica gion, om acklounged n a h suite in
tintfehre O d kept tofrgn, leagues States Open champion was
aone, the Nt ial Assn. of Professional e A corned the hotel mihit Jul
th_ Natlo, A. ofP i l lr IW liners well have been in Detrpit, I
saoI %Wa5 rw there will be ma PacI TwI -L op or Phoenix -
i aMseball In the Caribbean region, witlo '
either tenuous winter associations that are -- Furgol flew in from Los
Le:" pe._ o' tion b George Trautman PACIFIC TWILIGT LEAGUE ert from third base. Dan then re- les to acce the Ben Hoge
Lnavati, vice president of the circuit and STANDINS tired the next three batters in ward at de. Metropo litan
navatl. e hopesident of the c ircuit and Teams Won Lost order ard was returned the win- Writers' Association dinner.
lofb. He paesA to see and hear something theLucky a 4 nin pitchingithe bottom bal Acquiring the Open at Bal
of the ame it the writers' show in the Wanact l r 2 of phe ing. Love in in- early last Ju opened a l
Eight, an nd at least a week here ....x.ning.ooors to nurglo e
t, an nd at leaubs t a week h American i 3 nings, walke d and struck out doors to Furg but he is f1
ith m1or leagtueclubsi 7481stGt 1 5 6 but allowed only 2 baehita. tell you that it hasn't help
elve .is to get into the Southern Little Webb Hearne went all the way magnificent game.
Texma eIaate,and the Southern Assn., suffering his first less as a- ,,
he WII4I R igalnsat two wins walkif five and" I'm here running arun
our Medexla League membership In the A. LlQoii'4, .461st Is Il 3 striking out 5 while scattering 10 radio and television shows
after we had7 convinced him that the Pas- W. lir- .4, Luck3 Strike 3 baseknocks. things like that," he says.
ardo, who were behind the outlaw Mexi- W eBbday Night'i Game Bill Carlin returned to the seems this Is all I've done.
de so much trouble f6r rhe majors, were ill p,.. line-up and showed his team winning the Open.- Every
ith our circuit. W. Distilleras 'v American Legion how to hit the old apple getting lse in this business is eith
Internatloial League with seven American 3 single in 4 trips. Bob Olud had te tour or getting in plenty
the Arizona-New Mexico League with El Ba til, flia were treated to 2 for 2 and Charles chipad in practice.
western towns. two il liM yaft-with another baet extra-cur lar act
Baseball ha .an official tie with an all- rnoon :at wl ium to his game winning blow. n tha go with the title have
which should lead to tremendous benefits with Aljeit'an eje-g out a. 4 to The box core. ended me up by 15, maybe 20
which cert*4nly ean stand help from all 3 in the 74 signal in (First Game) off the t.
the firM" .kiS d W0n1 To
tillers bad~lng the Luc e741ST SIGNAL To f
CU I M their first loss by the Identical Players AB R H F* urgol, who beat a badly wit
CLUB IN MEXICO CITY score 4 to 3 in the nightcap. Matumoto, 0 left arm to sow the way
gue has two clubs in Mexico City, using e Hman and Lefty Con- Kalish, lb 2 0 1 bonafde set of mierien iow
Feds and th eBlues," Canavati continued. rad hooked upn a neat pitch- W d cf right arm.
i a her's duel in the first game with Hale, If 20 right arm.
aredo, Monterey and Merida in Yucatan era d~ cer g iving up 4 base orton 2 0 0 He suffered the injury in a
reult. As you can see, we will have to do e he mmate 0 0 twice round n California
Merida s only two air hours from Mexico but alm an teammates Solomon, 2b 3 0 0 flying to Australia on a
g a v e him faultless s p- -port Landry,-- .3 O-f, 0 Hoe pea ust liaomenta in
jority of the fans 'In this country think whereas three costly errors by Stewart, 3b 2 0 l i Hedrippedunm"mens i
iJorty of the fvlization. But youshouldntry theink.. t teamproved to be Conrad, p 2 0 0 bleep had to return home.
SMay nation. But you should se .n walked 5 MERICAN LEGION ligaments healed into scar
I park, s,.-eatingaou 000 --, ---, and struck out 4 with Conrad Halman p 2 1 0 and havenoe .at ".
mphatic that our league isa not.a winter gng up basesorn al ks and W dru, t 2 I "It still hurts when I
has nothing to do with the Vera Cruz Bobr orbelt colleted 2 a s gles Rowley, cf 2 1 0 sometimes," he says, "you
csti Bob Horelt collected 2 ls Rowley, f 2 1 0 o ama i
SCt of Mexico League, which are op- in two offid trips to be theB3 0 0 a dm dy and tng
ge Neo Lared, Etito Torres nly batter toe e If 2tmesrer bc Inninst3 0 0 ta, .gol
.Mexico Ctywill have American managers 1 h1itsh Woolnd 7-, ... 0 Te Injurytcost go,

;hitsnInthe ega me. WoodytWood-h l oams100ablo, lb 0so
up with Pttsburgh, and the Red would e seventh d never had what bigtime g
clubff beat out a bunt and Pablo. Vol, Jr., with the LUCKY STRIKE Gld, 2
expensive rads engnered by the P alas sing run and for the only other Dany, rf 3 0 0 Pechette.Th c.a l 3l
peratnag the outlaw Mexan League weevo Laredo, tto Toreits for tike ne down to gntheir Score by nninirst Kolk, 2b 3 0 0 Crltions lbat 4

n ThMe fanGu erra will run Mgot a taste of lossn t Jnry b 3 a, 2
way, is .oing very wl" In the nightcap, Louis Charles' (Second Game) ue00, im. _or
two-out single to centerfieldIn oPlayers. AB R H so 3b r .
umed major contracts and reserve clause ld n the bottom of the seventh score s c 1 0 0 Carl t
sManager Carlin, Jr., with there LUCKY STRIKE Glud, c 2
d expensive raids engineered by the as-r winning run and kent the Lucky Cox, f 32 1 0 Peetter,p 0f 3
operating the outlaw Mexican League were Strike nine down to their first Kosik, 2b 3 0 .0 Carl n,lb 4
fntoa. The raftya down there got a taste former. loss run five gamerd. enry, 3 1 1 ade, r Inning
are trick o pacrLove holding curvg on-runMoon the W. rs,b 2 0 0 Luckysman, 3btrike
umped major contracts and reere clauses le with a wildn the top of the event Jones, cf 1 0 0, CharW. Distlle, If
ls remain in the gbig leagues The most wis relieved by Dan lsier aft- Owens, r,.p .
Shoal Magle, who skipped South of the er giving up a walk and two sue- Fasman, fl 2 1 0' Iler. P
wu at Pueblo, and froained run of the minentce,ive wild itches to put the Tri chert, c 2 1 0
into a crAfty al;d spectacular performer /tying run at ntird. Hearne, p 3 0 0 Sears by Innlmp.
are trick ofsensible a curve ri on the rul The game was tied up a mo- WMACK DSTILLERS
"e- .a-ft menbAster-w en-Nagler']et looseI w. dcXeown,s2b 4 0 0 Lucky Strike In 010' l 2
0 still is on i e boter of the ReS Box, i with a wild pitch to score Teich- Scott, as 4 0 1 W. Distillers ...-004, 7
aped. Blrt he hopped back, pronto, Vern ,_,,__ _,,,,,_ _
the Baltimore list. left the Browns, picked -
d hopped right back again.
lft the greatest Impression on the zqaJors
who sued Happy Chandler and Organized
was paid off, and gained reinstatement,| I 'ATRrl
on the Cardihals. They looked at Danny EuI
rg, and soon he slipped out of the game.
Dw the sensible campaign comes to frui-

Your Game: 6

gh Comes Naturally

dape's ftolew thruktflo aditematle ( A),
Itten for that you're going to throw the
ball with a natural movement
DO' and you'll, follow through auto-
ia MAaticaUll. '
-1 stiressthe automatic part e-
he same cause it held be concentrated
lg a on. All the instruction you've
should mad i ad heard-like having the
right foot On the floor when you
trouble, roll ad thi left arm out for
e got. to balance-sl exactly what you
qnye re- wMold do"without Istructions.
esp youre
Ision of If you think bit following
stop it throo Mf ppper stance for
hLl i.n yBtw n difficuhy.
.r~F Iee. rez aae a the pins and

-. 5 .- : .


that's all you

need to win one

of these three fine cari!

Tkeo- z r,


1 ___1





BUICK,A-door Sdan, 1955

CHIVROLET, 4-dew Send, 1935 -

OgL OLIYMP IlOtD, 1955

combined wih the drawing of the National
Lottery on June 19, 1965. For every 20 packs
of LUCKY STRIKE cigarettes, you get one
certificate and one chance to-win:

1 BUICK, 4.door Seden, 1955
1 HEIVROLET, 4.door Sedan, 1955

RP i4,V bAA^f A-..Ow Lukc gi kawt

Exchange your empty peaks l
fM following essabhanHnama;

21 JUe b. is" & t.

Our' .: er: truee,
ei phage sr


' < -';--, *-e.. .5-ho
JL fi. K^,^ .. .. -". .-v -.. -


_ __ I _~_ _1__1



; 1





i -~:~

> ;*

- ._,S



-*fi S&

. .'. "


: ,....:- ". '' .-. '" ".y -

en, He'

'I m.SS* 4iii I
NOWvfor the handsBome 4%.
Jniteitd New York MillsN. Y.- ii
con- he' has e mad.* ..
it ab ming ti e title, -d!p&
Dallas than he figured o. a
Thie doesn't tmea t t '
a proud fellow anMd.
Angels going to give im
an A- "I'm not gion to b i
Golf fellows they point. to irni
"See him, he was a ieor4 ea
tusrol der.' That's w I'n -
ot of 'bout sa U tim
rit to What me out uias
I his tall parties, luacheom
ners and the cups of
radio shows. A fA owe
d A idown ,maranc I
You're champl y f
"It being paid by the firme y '
since for.'
o d y Evata Furzgl phows a i "
er on with a aurpMn e re lvi
y of tendered y hospitals a T i
tutions for the l0 l.
ivils "We kave to wck and l
short- harder thAn molt people, .
years them pulling up his sis '
showing his pool eq1 ii c ,
arm. "
tiers, Furgol put on an exhlW u--
hered kids at a place edld.....
to all Cheerful in Cleveland." .-
ai a "I wore a short-aleevd I .
i his so the kids could Mso what
wrong with me," he related. t IS
prae- wanted to give them h egb6-
before them you can go on desWIag i
taran- physical handicap. :,
the "Qpe kia kept eircllng mw ll
The feeling my arm. I wa m
tissue what hie wanted. After twj
three minutes, he loos lke
S and said: 'Yep. you've got .
swing thing wrong with you, all right'
know, You see, he wanted to make li
s like that I wasn't telling them,
S tales '.
w h o "Wth people who have si n
oilers thing wrong with them yOui'v .
r'angot ,to be careful about tiw gq
even- '

woh ncanto Todly .25,,1
Lw WAHOO .... $15.0I ,
Van Heflin,,' i
1 0 Noria Karloff, la 7
1 3 "sABAAX i
0 01
* 2 IDEALA-TW IN. ,|

S10 2

NAPOLEON ROLE International financier Serge Rubinstein,
who was found murdered In his New York apartment, often ap-
peared at costume balls in the role of Napoleon. He Is shown
above with an attractive companion at the 1954 Ballyhoo Ball.


"BOY WIZARD" The late Serge Rubinstein then known as
"Boy Wizard of Wall Street" arrives at Federal Court in New
York to be sentenced to two and a half years in federal prison
for draft dodging. This was April 23, 1947.

Funeral Oration Slams Rubinstein
NEW YORK, Feb. 1 (UP) The final words about the 48- the slayers and even for a motive
Sgore Rubinstein we b cated ev- year-old financier and playboy for the murder, mingled in the
e.ndn death yesterday in a start- who was strangled in his bed last throng of well-dressed men and
in*fu,aeral sermon larli-ig him Thursday were uttered by Rabbi mink-coated women gathered in a
ass rinedles psychopathic mon- Julius J" rk, senior rabbi of funeral home near the Fifth Ave.
ey seeker who refused to serve Temple anu-El ind one of the nue mansion in which the fickle
Country he claimed to love. nation's leading churchmen. financier's life came to a violent
Mark's oration, one of the frank-
est funeral sermons ever heard Other detectives combed the ci-
here, fell'on the shocked ears of ty for a mysterious "woman in
Spe oe- anYeof them curinos-brown" who roamed the Rubin-
ity seeke.* attended the fi- stein house at the time of t h e
nal rites frllbinnteifl, whose ma- murder after angry men's voices
ny romances and hady financial rang through the five-story man-
dealings won him a host of ene- sion.
mies but few friends. At least two of the many women
Detectives, still searching for in Rubinstein's checkered life
aid their final tribute to him, and
Is former wife sent aspri of
myrtle that was placed in his
500 casket and went with him to
his grave.
Four red roses were left by
flame-haired ballerina Patricia
Sinnott, one of Rubinstein's ma-s.
ny girl friends and a ljvorite of
his mother's.
'Attractive Estelle Gardner, the
S last known person to see, Rubin-
stein alive as his date earlier on
the night he was killed, arrived at
the funeral home in time to join
the cortege to the cemetery.
"The. word paradox best de-
scribes the ambiguous, complex
and psycopathic character of Serge
Rubinstein," Rabbi Mark said.
'"He had a genius for acquir-
ing wealth but never learned the
lesson that money is a good ser-
vant but a harsh master,.
Nobel Peace
Prize Winner
Dies In Florida

IONED Estelle Gard-
Ives a New York City
station after being ques-
,ln connection with the
6f Serge R.ubinstein.
ardner was described' as
lt kzown person to see
&ublastein alive."

QUESTIONED-Patricia Wray.
blonde niodel and secretary, is
shown InNew Yo4 -City where
she .watquestloned.4n connec-
tiori with the deafh of Serge

ORLANDO, Fla., feb. 1 (UP)
- Dr. John R, Mott, a world-
famed Protestant religious lead-
er who won the Nobel Peace
Prize in 1946, died in a hospital
here tonight. He was 89.
Dr. Mott'served for Many years
as general secretary n the na-
tional council and international
committee of the Young Men's
Christian Apsociation. He was
made an honorary lfWe president
of the YMCA's world alliance.
He won the Nobel Prize for his
humanitarian efforts.

- ..Sf.
i :




kR *h

'U ~

.- ... ; ''. ... ..

*^ .-- f..;. ,
.* J .- ,,t ,-, .,h .......



Rubinstein leaves the New
York district attorney's office
after two men were held in
$535,000 extortion plot against
him. This was on Aug. 26, 1954.

Turkish Leaders Are.
Granted Private
Audience With Pope
The Premier and Foreign Minis-
ter of Mohammedan Turkey
called formally on Pope Plus
XII today in a history-making
gesture that underlined Turkey's
new relations with the Western
Premier Adnan Menderes and
Fuat Koprulu, on a three-day
official visit to Italy were re-
ceived by Turkish leaden to the
head of the world's 425,000,000
The private audience lasted 20
minutes. What the three men
talked about was not revealed.
Vatican sources a1 was
likely the Pope di1Md Tur-
key's postwar role as ,the main-
stay of allied police in the mid-
The meeting between the
Turkish leaders and the head of
the Rpman Catholic Yiurch was
particularly interesting in view
of the enmity that existed in
past centuries between the Vat-
lcan and the Ottoman empire.
Turkey counfp only 23,000 Cath-
olics among its 30,000,000 popu-
lation and has no diplomatic re-
atlons with the Vatican.
Gamboa Begins
Civil Defense
First-Aid Course
'The nev Civil Defense first-aid
course began today, at the Gam-
lboa Ctve Center.
.The course I a IS-heur course
~aty and t there are
r curses beto g~fd. One
be held from until 11 am.
and tmhe other from 7 until 9
p.M. Classes will be held twice
weekly for three weeks tor both
Peu deasUft to attend mne
of these courses have been re.-
t eir Nabehb 4. Civil
Warden.. .
..- .i .

. ...


President Eisenhower asked Con-
-- o --. gross yesterday- to approve an
eight point $71,750,000 program to
WASHINGT4N, Feb. I (UP)- federal grants. to states for pub. improve the nation's health and
Summary of the eight-point health lie health services,. make health insurance available
program outilned by President to additional millions of ftimlies.
Eisenhower in his special mes- K, H Heart of the program was a
sage to Congress. Expanded r&eearch on. mental renewed request for the'controver.
HEALTH IREINSURANCE illness, Includng a new program slal Federal health reinsurance
of grants aimed, i."t .rovii plan defeated by Congress last
Establish a Federal Health Re- the quality of are I = arr.
insurance Service, with an initial tutos and the of opoed bythe powerful
working capital of 25 million dol- the institutions A Medical Assn. and oth-
lars, to encourage private Insur- er$ i contended it might lead to
ance firms to offer "better pro- V NB allied medicine."
tection, particularly against ex- Authorize spending o on Rep..DanIe A. Reed (R-N.Y)
pensive illness" and to extend dollars in fiscal 1M56 f to blica member of theF e
coverage to additional millions of states to "strengthen aa 3ul6l ai aAd Means Commit-
Americans. their programs an ser5 or e, rmptly Introduced two bills
The program would involve "no the prevention d a a d f .carry oat parts of the Presi-
federal subsidy" but simply would treatment of 6V t deluquet- dent's program falling within Ju.
'furnish a system for broad shar- cy." indication of that committee.
ng among h riealth ura pe or- NTENATIONAL PROGAMS peakerSam Rayburn (D-Tex.)
ingAnzation of the risks ofexperl.- INEINAT7ONAL "PRO.AXMSwho strongly opposed the rein-
mentation." The present U.S. contribution of surance plan last year, declined
MEDICAL CARE OF NEEDY about 3 mIllion dollars a year to immediate comment.
the United Natios' s. sponsored House Republican Leader Jo.
Authorize spending of 3 il World Hlealth Organization "should seph W. Martin Jr. (Mass. said
lion dollars during the 1956 fieal be raised so that the effort to the program would improve the
year for federal matching of release men from the bondage of nation's health and "avoid t he
matching of state- and local out- disease through international co- menabee of socialized medicine."
lays to provide medical care for operation may be increased." Under the President's plan, a
the aged, the blind, the disabled, government agency with a In i.
dependent orphans.and others on e trial capitalizatn of 25 million dol-
public relief rolls. Tenement Fre Set lars would underwrite the extra
HOSPITAL CONSTRUCTION B fR 'I DEI risks private health insurance
By O- -Stove.. Blast firms would face in otfering cb m
Authorize the Health, Education e lOSr firms would ace in offering broader.
and Welfare Deartment to "in- 1 'l prebenal benefits and broader
strand Welfare Departmet to "rtn- Kills 12 In NY coverage to more policy holders.
sure for a sl premium mort- Private companies could decide
gage loans made by pri v a t e AMSTERDAM.. N.Y., Feb. 1 for themselves whether they want
tion o hospitals, clinics, nursing (UP) At least 12 persons, 11 to do business with the govern.
homes and other modn health of them children, were trapped ment agency.
homes and other modeand burned to death today when The President originally ad-
facuties, a spectacular fire raced through vanced the relasurante plan am
PERSONNEL SHORTAGE a brick-frame tenement build a substitute for former Presi-
Set up a five-year program of in ens dent Trumaun's cempul d o r y
federal grants to state vocational remen said an exploding oil health Insurance program.
education agencies for training stove touched off the fire. Other chief items in the Presi-
practical nurses. Expand Public Among the dead were a Puer- dent's program were a 30-million-
Health Service training facilities to Rican father and five of hisdollar-a-year plan for direct feder-
in caring for mental patients. children., l payments to help states pro
Eight bodies had been remov- vide medical care for the blind,
PUBLIC HEALTH PROGRAMS ed from the smouldering ruins eged,orphans and others on re-
Step up research on air a n d by mid-morning. Police and fire- llef rolls, and a 10 %-million-
water pollution control. Improve men searcnea for hemissing. dollar appropriation for a new
_______ -**I..-



' as

. .. m. .-

m -

_- Keaa


0 -
program of ilderal .faurance for
private hospital construction mort.
gages. .
He also asked expanded grants
for training nuraese expa d e d
mental health researd;, air and
water pollution control; 8 million
dollars to improve state pro.
grams for "prevention, diagnosis
and treatment; of Juvenile delin.
quency and 3 million a year to
the United Nations' Wrold Health
The President said is ever.
all program would mea "bet.
ter heaI&B Nfr a stronger Ameri.
ca," and stressed "the primacy
of local and state reMdbnty
for the health of the eomumaty. ,
He said it would "encourage
private effort, with private funds."
Urging Congress to launch the
reinsurance plan this year, he
said "man A private health in.
surance policies are "too limited
in scope.
His plan would cover "medical
care costs in the home and physi.
clan's office as well as in h6spi-
~Ie said It is deigned for these
famillea partieulrly .ba ruual a.
reas, whe-, find rent policies
are too expnsilv4 and bard to
The President said his proposal
involves "no government subsidy."
He IteSd it am a "sound and
effective" method of encouraging
private fitis toofer policies that
provide better protection .... a.
against expensive fiUaen:"


11.tO a.m.
11.41 p.m.

Flu. IST
5.01 e.m.
28 p.m.


; 35** 4:Q *:3;S :O D P |






a name one man breathed
in the dizzying, drowning dqpths
of ecstasy... Desiree, the trembling,
warm-lipped girl Napoleon held
in the rain in Marseille...-
who loved him first--
and left him last!






CamerOn = Mitcb' -lisb ele ChumAa.



Wants Heafth,. Instlane
"* ''.. ."' I'*




,. f RubLnen centerr) is shown in Washing
him freedOm to fight deportation pro"
1-'~ nbJ. le's looking at ecru h

-1 -- Izm --f





- a J.

'.Y .3 .:

1 "1

~PT ::