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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Costa Rica War

Virtually Over;

Last Rebels Flee

WAN JOE, Costa Rica. Jan. 221 onment "expects anni
(UP) -An oofflc emmuniqe loor surrender of thee-p
nast aiE sad the fighting l. during the dy."

the rSaguan border.
S The fall f the towns robbed
-the rebels of their last bas. The
insurrectionilts landed Jan. 11
on the Pacific Cost prepared to
kuh 175 Amle sodthward to San
Joe the Costa Rican calital.
.The drive never materialled..
f ignres desrlibed the de-
-old teat of theasurget. a."lews
S militrimphip kan a viie-

Young Cyclist

Still Critical

After Crackup

An American teen-age boy
from Curundu was in .ttcdal
o tion today at Oorg s H
t after the new
he as drinl home
nt the wooden plaster of a
Cu ndu residence. .
lIen-y e a r-old. Albert F.
h m received a rib fracture
whih ctured hi a lung. po-

coa4k l on a turn atum U&UU-
Sonto street.
A police report said he was
tra*ellng at high rate of sped.
The motorcyte went out of con-
irca, slid for about 172 feet and
crahued Into house 2005 In Cu-
I was recalled that the same
yth was featured another
hirrowing expert -elast June
w en a ee- shark bit Into
Sarm at A oor Beach, and
h d onto h for two frantic
n re worked to
IL. b" I im.1Blaitl Mr4 lfftI



Canal Zone women who are
parrMed to husbands who can't
drive a nail without banging
their fingers and girls who ex-
poet to-mjrry this type of male
shbuld* be interested in the
eoure In general shop which is
to be offered next semester by
the Canal Zone Junior College
Extension Division.
For the first time In history,
-the Schools Division has decided
to give the women and girls a
chance to develop their carpen-
tern ability In a class reserved
1triy for females.
shop classes for both
men a d women were offered
last year the response was poor
and school officials feel that
perhapl the women would rather
alone when they make a mess
of a fte piece of mahogany.
At oy rate the women and
will noW have a chance to learn
of tha,4eep dark secrets that a
surroud the making of a set
of kiteen shelves or repairing
the leg on the dining room ta-
ble ai those students who wish
to cre with a capital "C" can
learn e finer arts of making a
tray a table.
AE rk will be project work
wit students being placed In
e class fits their ability.
Th ,have the use of the
.1 t1, h Schnnl h ..n and

BrMish Believe Chinese May Keep
US Flers In Jail For Long Time

LOIDON,. Jan. 22 (UP)-Brit-
ish o0rveres aid today they
viewed Red Chin's invitation to
famnlies of Jaed Americans to
visit them as a else the impris-
oned men will not be released
These observrs regarded the
proposed a time-con-
aming preeloe which would
require the almen to remain
behind bars f1imonths.
British qfficiali withheld di-
rect comment on the Pelping
gesture but two assessments were
under study. They were:
1. lRed China might not have
made the offer f they planned
to release the Americans in the
near future.
S. The Americans, jailed as
"spies" or held under other pre-
texte obviously are in good phy-
sical condition or their families
would not have been invited to
make the long trip to see them.
The offer truck Britain with
great impact.
The Times of London said tlh
offer ldlahtethe men appar.
gently are "well and comfortable."
"More than that, the ChineAs
government are ijearly anxlodl
to make a propitgaory gesture to
the feelings of Aericans an4
keep the internatlal tempera-
ture- low," The T es said
The NeCs-Chro e said thab
Red ChIne.e 'Preo er Choq En-
lal undoubtedly wi "playing- an
elaborate propaganda game.'
"All the same It's better form
of propsagands th the abuse
nrliktq-l l (kthla Jll- .- t4.h .,*

(NEA Telephoto)
Republican Leader Willam F.
Knowland (Calif.) speaks to
newsmen outside the White
SHouse after being briefed by
President Elsephower on latest
deveIopments In Red China-
N- nationalist China fighting.
the infmandar'.Bf the Aunerfort

Communists Have


TAIPEI, Formosa, Jon. 22 (1t) Netienafist
has begun the bvacuation of the itof 000 CiviliIs
other non-combatents from Tache ond, now thM
ed by an invasion fist of 1000 Commulst wars
junks, it was reported today.
There were persistent report te OAn Momn
garrison also would be evooeuld but official
ments said the outpost.20 ma u north Formosm
be defended "to the Iest mn.o"
A high NationalibeffIeid hinted tt the Hotiel
ist army would soon, fallow wlen he said bitterly,
don't have to guess (our intentions) ew. Secrw
State John Foster Dulles has made it crytal clear T
is not vital."
Disclosure that eve.aioen ea tim m outpod
miles north of Formosa was oalrey co as three
aiScraft carriers were rep.lte M woud
mose area and $Oe sitqf thf gw
miles of China Coast., .. .

sop to the high schoo, weren't for MY nti"- a tne

der clash Tuition for four hours of class W. l. to go, but myDend tIn .
work per week will be forwIle.f that
e" ihOffwere saureide-* Canal employee and $36 for other A caen liprisem by n The parents of it. John W. the ommu awere pethat
.i.- r ore surrendeI nj United States citizens. general game, s lae- BuSck said in Armat bhwalte, Tenn.. ,- par n n
away IntoI the ?Jl The classes are scheduled for was teee tlon to the roiIP that "It's good bows." but the to Ival en te
pr traes e border to Nlca r Monday and Wedneda y nights to to .is t them. elderly farm couple declared, nearby t ,the group am ed t reted
Usof eleven uusitlon a from 6:30 to 8:30 o clock. At Tha maln objection ws8 the "We don't have the money for a when-thye 124 urU-es f."V. (rom
t of eleven aMi lt onsa Weleast ten students must register cost-a-ywhere from $1O0 to trip like that."y the ere tken eon f y
A fighter pilot reported a prny available the Pan- before the classes can be held. $2000 eoundtrip just to NmE off the Wa a outpea.
Sq. of the .. bel oto, l n transfer vacan o their with a number of other they wouldn't afford an tyhlag they would like to see their son tion here tM three A- land It ao~1 e
Sa d ror, eb n tr..fer 1acan balreth.l unlor College extension courses, likte, that. asain. Buck Is 'Z7 and his wife is merican ev
Sna cro lght. h ,h. wee y will be held Monday nlght from Others wondered whether the 71. cuate There htrel dy, 1. .Qi- _.i
-re In the 6:30 to 8:30 o'clock n the office visit -would do any good toward Mrs. Una Schmidt, who works indicationm Was .n th
Officers returningI frm the e n e of the Canal Zone Junior College getting their boys relesd azid in a Boise, Ida., variety store. Congress m~t be wto au- e
r aid small bands of reb- a ,--~.--- -- building reusedd home. said she would go If free trans thorle the moe of _y planes hout a,
lg were aurrprndering through- crWt1d p. o But Mrs. and Mrs. Harold portation could be arranged. and shipsfor the f tfbk plaet uThn
oh Victo Cos- ble employes ad 8--$ 4al Wol Pparents of Capt. HarOld FisCherl Mrs. Philip Pecteau, mother of sarge and T w each fittd
Sn airliner pilot daftedby ho etJr., said one of them defiilbely civilian Richard G. P cteau, who to carry l.,nem, left Manila tp a ai
net to fly one of loyment and Iwould accept the bide said: "It would cost ut $2000 and on the way td "eerelias" In this t
97 9Ster planes, said he t e IAnthnur Th-sid their son had said the government couldn't ar. trouble one, val. quarters re
f.r. practically no targets innstIn- seve times in letter#,hat "the antep us protection. I don't hink Ported.
e prateepiclyn target i work a Creltl m omnjalts have aaairl them a trip by us to China would do The rep t followEd thp dis- n--
Sl fede ,a et ,enerHln 1 Armis5 heW b released Dicky any ood. lose American advisers had
rT anstetwso uryg te d MustangR vI U2 aiS Id they m seiL4 md Robert Cameron, younger left the nvsaun threatened Ta-
ts executed victory ill in othe, ,att. WASHINGTONJ tan.22 (UP) ," Ae ho as the brother of Lt. Lyle W. Cameron chena, 'a the north end of the
US.-Ibalit planes over the vsor' milk product -.-en. Herman Welker (R-Ida.) CbQ'n FischeraL. srhad of Lincoln, Neb. swaid he tho ht battle ine. .
city.: O"--?o itlons oenOIn. t today introduced and asked for wrtmhis sen eab uti ajI. the invitation was "another The threeV.. offleers and 10
e thp elud: T ~ immediate action one legislation sibl .t taking h ~0a porpagandsmove." t n Rot- lsd -e oly a o w men
-The titi m of this a Ital ka operator, that would Make Gen. Douglas and boy bh re that W. 0. Parks, father of Lt. Ro- death by unistbooibs oa
Kb a e tal worker. bae of- t Ut e jhe a-th e a "good th Csat "diffiult withdrawal fr
.". PFolice atE But- tehe only by the late John 'i .ment relateim" with T ,Benefit Casino, aun',to wagt- ,w aboa ip. .ez.
for But Senate President pro tern- Mrs. 'Hery Stiter, for of 0 nIL r W n d eeen wli 't s aa t roe n .- ,... eh .-. ..
RussiaiC2 o nvo S pore Walter F. George (D-Ga.) .CapL. mier I1. lrewf ,said gpnbor t, dsa wstoyed.30 0thermem
dCMi RUSsia Calls Top Envoys CA W ca

ade E nvoysaid the measure would be re- nVista., Calif., that lb would guOats, destroy 20 oth s me m
Police issued erred to a committee. "c5 *t make the ttas soon The benefit ambUn e p O and d m.ged another 40 Dle T t
iHfor Jo s itaD Welker asked for Immediate as ble" if she had te mon- at El Rache Garden wl eam.-Ins g a di all along the for "lly
e For on approval in hopes the new title eY. ti n operation tonight and CO .
Hom e For onsultations could be bestowed on MacAr in Akron, 0.. Josenh Klb a. over the *e nde .twi, uT abe w. i ,. r
al- ad thur at a 75th birthday dinner father of Airman Steve Kiba. Flay features roulette, dies, at wl W .Tae, & an unced w. l
LONa NedJan.2 in Los Angeles Jan. 26. said "I would like to go but I blacekjaek, chuck-a-luck, and lea.eats for "snrrd f Civil relDefense.
.. n b ofg *LON]N J, 22 (UP)-Rus- pike the West's Mgun must have House Republican Leader Jo- don't make that kind 6of money heard games. or death." inali. toreo The meeting wIl be g
li tp nvos from ow them ther rar eph W. Martin Jr., introduced as a boier-maker." The benefit is for various were ae both north and dr tha
w e, Clsa inm (a ). dWesern, capitals w drive is headed io r failuml NOW similar legislation Thursday. Mrs. John K. Arnold, wife of Panama charldesn ee -of the landd laster. ease S--- .
a~r .-a move wa bly presagig the Reds, mpt decide whether to
Sine dfil a offensive over make some wreql hofer 'to .h
Sovi 41 .,assador to Lndo, cation, or accept erman ..ARREN,WINDS EP ROCKY, BELEAGUERED"
SaeoJ b Mau eomleted the Mos. meat and prepare its treatemed ,,_ _____[_,,_... .....
*ow-b ound t11194100e whenB be counter-meassures in Zasteda = t- -
t Oefffrom LMMo airprt short pe. d *** ^ A ft-
o t Tacnhens Are U Invasion Rolte To
Be waited twohouirs, 15siniutes is taoes n ea basic
P4.r asarport vshrl, Plp l' murprim lel -in NEW YORK Jan. 22 (UP) the heavily defended ilIds where massive raids as Tuesday's 206. kqm mmtals. Other important
rt*ted .Russian amb.Ias* ow* relatives -o visitor J The Tachea stands, a series of they have hewn formidable de. bomber attack cqld wee the lads to the south, al wo
te W Geor -can pr$,- c n there. ,barre, wind-swept rocks jutting fene in the bare rock defenses and cut off supplies by rocky ill masses, are strast
:envoy. yesterday. No tioruMian was a a out f the East hins sea, were The major island in de group sea from Formosa. n.ow
h1 e11ve0 to 0', Sergel V.- ethe the Soviet ambessadopu ned by the Chinese three centu- is Taehen a 20 5- uim-m i e The loss of Yikianghbam island The next Important Nati j
rm wus nt on 1 -the V his ban retailed to ago as f bases for two inva-. moutaintop guarding was a body blow, for the tiny i- held island is Pisha., 20
S .a He ew from talks. of Formosa. to the Commuaist port Halme land is 13,000 meters-not quite to the south approxaSxalya
Parsa we" yestea. lacea ied by his we "To Chinese Nationalists rem- barely 1i mies away. eight miles-to the north and way to Matau. e main
Ao told washla lrwtit ae that and look upon the islands It Is laced with ma.. that is easy range for modern d to the north a re
5 w .ol ba s rm fleet .Me k i- miles north of Formosa as chinegons and heavy gr e- big artillery. 114t.and iB Chi.
teia ms diplo. lM He paiil a ipiag stones for Commaunist in- plaeeants, J achen is really two islands the the wain d val ste eia
S d th i l h. upper and lower, bo is at ia an.
BR^^^ H ^^^ vS sultthfe f^ 16 ~underground n providing a home for g Ca t o it
l. siywould like to hold them Unaied Press Wi- residents. mosly. fishbme "la son9
not heowhow1sm 10" their l0,0-Man garrison, lia NMir a It Is so fthata
Malik wilw be swa ." bet modern Communist airpower floe6 .b tia a, grass. a few worth.
*27 b e Jitoow==L do s. r.ldgrovs .atoW. e .an sthlm
gst iI betofrelbde sources in Talk we &oudthere.
!P1 lDT* x.Theconrodor offtIt




-A Ai

LSa. the people keMw the truth and the country is fe "


- Abrahas L Uncn.



* 1.


"w, ,;m,

_ -- -1-- _--~~~ ~.P -.- -- I

"; .; :: ,' -,,,5^.:- j i.
:. ..;.-. ..." '. .%
... .d l ^ p .*': **- ..**, .'


A :t~ '*-~~.*~ A~
.- a

- : .


S l "limaoA r t ?" ," &. r-.. ,.-.
'T WI O .-i,-

1.- --- .-~ -- .. _. .. '

57 H STREET P. O. BOX 134. PANAMA. R. OF P. A --I .-. i
345 MADIs N AVL NEW YORK. (17) N. Y. Com m ent ul...

A AR. IN ADVAN1. .50 24.00 By VICTOR RIESEL t '
BI '~i: ... _.* I k UA "boss" has a boss, headache \ sk i t G m e lh iTT
IS YOUR FORUM THI READIRS OWN COLUMN -Aheer h las s a bosi' adachesm o m ie a .
1aorto behadnoauthortytob
,All of which falls into the "man- \ I---- h DUt.4ed 1 S -s. 0 ts
i L A A I A bites-dog" kind of news. For in ad a ed the meeting resetted ati
r M A rl~ l nL A C the past few weeks a prominent wit e. wth Wt Chou Esno ow pe or
labor chief and his international l i I thrott.,_ liWhois at- t-he A as to what it ,wti
Mull. .. ia.---- *.f h mAmen .headquarters have been threatened t. ched the swe il l nbassy in about such internal roble
Thel Mll Box is an "an forum for readers of Th P Am by a strike-with picket-by the Pei And ber 6a~l n he had unfreezing Chi i
are received gratefully and ore handled in e wholly confide.tial union's big office staff itself. telegraphed Premier Nehru of In- Therefore, no fin.'a-.t
EpMer. Another union has been hit by dia tt he would to there for was made. .
If you contribute a l ofr don't be impatient it it doesn't appear the the National Labor Board as guilty I A AWSOE Important talks and with te hope
t dAy. Lettersn published in the order received. of unfair labor practices-towards Ip getting Nelru's aoophration.D -lt D
lese y to keep the letters limited to on page length. its own employes. --, N ghr, felt WOud hat
Idtifty of etter writers Is held in strictest confidence. Throughout the country, judging suasrive influence with the DWhat the C
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements am opinions frcm my mail, many a union Neh-R e ltwua t hoe
rewaMl Inletters from readers. fice staff is eager to take on its : ANA SWIEET "-YcJ L' Wil" h iIn New Delhi, however,.he et witht* i termui
own employer, tne union chief who i BLESS/y his first wet blanket. No oly i without act
AMERIdAN WANTS TO BUILD REMON MEMORIAL is out battling the business world A L i OT ... Nehru refuse to go to the airport 1ase of the 11
ir: ,in behalf of the union' member- AiERE1r .OM ] \ to meet him, but later Nehru out. peid on how
"Chichi" Remon was a man well liked by almost all of the shi. p. ,ER c /, \ lined his own terms for the rl ease saf d. *a
Aericans who live on the Canal Zone and by most members Union staffs are generally over- \ of the 11 Americans and wouldn't hen Red Chinan
se American colony in the Republic of Panama. looked by the millions of union play ball unless he, Nehru, ran h demands, he indated the
The feeling seemed to be mutual. He expressed it from time members and generally taken for the show. Hammarkjold left with Prismers would be released lee.-
, time in official pronouncements. But iL was unnecessary for granted like bus drivers and police \ \ no support fro Nehru whatso. ,eaL The tals, of courMse w
him to put It into words. Down the n Neyears, from the wime wen Year's Eve. But there are ever, and It was no consolation cnu acted In diplomatic 1an i
e was sub-official of the National Guard until and after he was several hundred thousands of such if that Nehru's sister, Madame Pan- and much depends en the welr
acted President. he demonstrated it in countless actions large white collar workers in-the nation' dit. later bawled Nehru out and ttion given them by Mr. Ham
and small. t 70,000 local and 214 international .o. 0 I tcld him he has becoming increase. marakjold.
After he took his high office we Americans of the isthmus unions. These workers feel they're ingly anti-American. I NOTE -One thin t Hammar-
twere sometimes irritated with him. There were moments in con- entitled to the same kind of living I n Peiping. ammarskjold found snold did atcompliso was the
function with the pressure being built up for treaty revision when wage and other "fringe" benefits. a 1 the Chinese foreign minister in no transfer of tae Amer.s an prion-
we felt he attacked us unjustly or encouraged others in his ad- for which their headquarters fight ood to trade easily. He wanted ers to better quarters. Tey wer
'ninistratlon to do so. .on the outside for the membership- ^a pound of flesh, plus a lot more, transferred just a day or so before
!imninistra| to do. so. on the outside for the m aembership- inoretuoT ftrate reeasntHeowantedjh aoved .
But our irritation ran no deeper than that an individual feeo s at-large a n return for the release cf the 1l he arrived.
toward a favorite cousin with whom he is having an argument o some weeks ago, the world- ATOMIC Americans. One.flier in particular NOTE air ras on
t As one distressed American official put it on the night "Don famous David Dubinsky, president "E E my tnant be onleased h a ll-a lieu the Nationalt Tacen Ilad a
iChchi" was killed. "The two of us didn't always see eye to eye, of the AFL's crusading Internation- A WILLli r4 VA teat coonel who e sed a "con prto haJe een ber
out we always got a square deal" al Ladies Garment Workers Union fess I on ." tmed for Hamniars visi
Almost every American I've talked with felt a personal loss found he had labcr trouble of iO ACEFJL n Choumade a ter fic point of pull-
this man's tragedy. Now that the Isthmus is again taking up his own. His office staff of 93 AND CONTk jj '- hou En-lal .showed the cones. ing the Seventh Fleet out of For.
t n normal routine, some of us have been wondering If there is bookkeepers, stenographers clerks JRPyE e on to Hammardajold, together mosa wnd probably wanted to test
t some suitable way of expressing our regard in permanent and researchers demanded increas- Asi s iht 1om [ uonpposed to how maroratd tgethe his wa to the
nrm es of g between $5 and $7.50 a week. ls .F be "Incriminating evidence" ei.ted ate. by _M whetherspo
This occurs to me. IsThis would jack up by the payroll .n-- -- ..- i.. ... ,The lieutenant colonel's signed ethev. th Flt .rw iuritervene
Remon was an avowed admirer of the ideas, the programs by roughly $30,000 annually. state ent admits his guilt as a spy agn d Ta.,b. bardment
the personality of our own President Franklin Roosevelt. Labor leader Dubinsky was sud- nd states that he was over Red s.n mrd
ly recently the Panama Government, at..his direction, honor- denly a hard-pressed "boss." He a China whahe was shot down. A
'ooevelt's widow. Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, for her contribu- argued back. Then one day he CThe lieutenant colonel, accord-. Memet the Justtie Depart.
one to social progress. picked up the newspapers to dis. AA .sn to information gathered by .tslo antitrust division hit the
In Panama there is a memorial to Franklin Roosevelt ap- cover what so many employers be- L/ U T Hammarskjold, also appearedin a cein wh ed that At
racing completion that Its construction has been -slow de- fore him have learned exactly theDio Red propaganda film whih wi te General frawineIt had in.
acts nothing from the valid expression of regard it represents,. same way-the union at his or- By B B RARed s propag eased throughout the tervened direly i the criminalwll
Why not, therefore, a memorial of some kind to be paid for ganization was set to strike. This y .a Communist crd to prove U eri- antitrust case against the ansas
funds contributed or raised by American residents of the Isth- union is the Office Employes. In- can espionage. His statement will City Star an ordered the case
i i resent. oastand future? international Union, also of the AFL. undoubtedly be broadcast over Ra- against Roy lobtts dismissed.
Should it be a statue on the Canal Zone? AFL vice president Dubisky HOUSTON, Texas From the tion of a woman's anatomy, which ert Le Salaud, will advocate prac- dio Peiping. This was done lastFriday, on
My idea is that whether small or large the memorial should then wired the leader of the Office slightly distorted view of a man is patently untrue, since the knee tical nudity from the waist up. ourtday beore tha was
something useful that will further in some degree Remon s Employees International Union: looking at his toes in a hospital in my time has always been the If Dior drops hems, Robert Le THE CHINESE DEMANDS to go t trial in Kansas City yes-
fgm or bettering his country. "Lr d that Local bed, Mr. Christian Dior has to go. demarcator of what you could Salaud will lft them to ballet skirt Iteday.
If others feel as I do. let's form a committee. Let's get out of your International Unicn plans Mr. Dior has now almost destroyed legally see and what you weren't briefness. If he outlwas knees, we Briefly summarized, what the Up until the day before this,
cur ceck books. Let's organize benefit ball games, penny socials to st rike against our general office womanhood with his latest ukase, supposed to, and a mighty pretty will put costume jewelry on them slim Swede, who took the bit in members of the antitrust division
so on, to raise a sizeable fund to say it in bronze and con- We receid no offici notiicatio whih remove the knee and the dividing line, t especially when and make them high style. The his teeth by flying to Peiping, get adnot own at m
A. a trtrevekly clad kn ee, r hesyl.aiowerflothin andrhistee this:egoingtolbenmadetoi r_ ser
e. and structural steel. that a strike is contemplated a elbow from women, in addition to dimpled. A sleekly clad knee, press is-a powerful thing, and I was this: going to be made to ta P.b, ter
SWhat do you say? courtesy we extend to a firm which the bust which he has already crossed negligently over another, ate to pervert it, but in this in- 1. Amerclan fliers would be re- oberts out of t case. The had
3- Extranjero is not a sister organization, but dismissed as unworthy of notice. is one of the most quietly satis- stance, as any harassed bill payer leased piecemeal-not all at once knowp, of cors that Roerts,
with whom we are in contractual I am weary of Mr. Dior, and 1 factory sight in the wcrld, as. any will tell you, a slight perversion -depending on how the USA co- who was one of first to pro-
relations. The InternationalLadies am weary of people picking and fellow wil tell you. is worth while. plies with Chinese Red demands. o Elsenhower for president ad
S| [ .Garment Workers has had continu- punching at me, and sticking ther- I am an elbow man, too, and a It seem to me, as I look at Thus three or four fliers would be n a frequent caller the
ous relations with the, AFL Office mometers in my mouth, and leech- bosom man as well, and I will my toes-and a horrible sight they released, then three or four more, House. He had dined or called
Workers U nion since its inception ng off a pint of blood every 10 thank this frog to quit sneering at are, painted yellow which, not be- and so on. tIet ome o
I almost40 yearsago Althouh minutes. Twice a year Mr. Dior, all three vital segments of female ing a striking brunette, I do not b. In return, China complained Washington and spent sever a
we regard our offer respecting the high-fashion fellow, upsets the assembly. At the rate this bum is look very 'good in-that there is about the following and wants the days hero -wath i at ey, El-
wages and working conditions as nervous system of the ladies, ruin- headed, he will do away with a no style that can make- all women United States to act accordingly: ton L. Marshall, ni. month.
fair, we repeatedly suggested ar- ing their wardrobe and the dis- few more things, such as leg and look well, and that this A-.esence of the US St epth They also knew that Attorney
S=- bitration of all issues and dis- positions, as well as bankrolls, of head, and we will haysve. otiag nual pandeAing .ts d saisfaction Fleet- in the Straits ..f r General Bt m de 'sug-
Sputes to resclve the impasse. their husbands. left ut Mr. Dior's dressiea has tot sia and Mr. B. Lack of U.N. recognition o. *- oI
"" F-i"Wey, 1 *wi are reluctant to believe lack apea I witheut.i stuffing. The Dior ltil W j MRR u ed be fiat, ,,,- t on_ .,_.,,.,
othuatonrinternationalprefersa He is tire best public relation way e b e nlast .summer, "o s C. ree aese i 0
strike to binding arbitration as a man in the world, in his own be- they lacked appeal even with stuff- Dames are wearing sweaters American banks., v., r two years. But Cs
o- method of settling a dispute with half, for he has a semi-annual ing.) with evening gowns now, and they D. The rdturr of Ch e aug estiq we
another section of the labor move- way of choosing one particular spot In my quiet, ill-tempered way, I think they look chic. They do in dents. Incidentally, very little was te ass sant at y go n
me nt T- in a woman's anatomy and mak- intend to have a word with the deed. They look like chic wrestlers, said about them. Chou mentioned charge o 'the agtl t t di in,
mir ( V> Then Dubinsky offered to abide ing it unpopular. This always hits fashion folk, next time I am in The poor dumAb broads will do the students and said the United Judge Stanley Barnes of o
An i.I^ by the arbitrators' decision. A the front pages, suitable comment Paris. And I aim to set up an anything anybody tells them, no States should release those whom nia a Republican a toted with
Scopy fo this wire was dispatched is made, and Ma rushes ff to opposition camp, devoted exclu. matter h6w much oLf.a caricature China would name. However, thebacking of Chief justice War-
to AFL president Geore Meany make herself modish again, and all sively to checkmating Mr. Dior. they make of themselves, or how seemed to consider them a com ren.
who said that a strike oeone union according to a bald-headed French- This will be easy, because I can repulsive they appear to the male paratively minor issue. O n siday, howeverL ronell
/ against another was "hi hly im- man who sit on his big fat salon invent a high sounding fashion on cookers, if some long-distance
oare e and giggles evilly at the mischief house, and put out my own bullet. prankster tells them it's hot sWff. CHOU BLSTS RAYBURN i
Meany pick an um pre. The Ma- he is making. tins. I have decided Mr. Dior must go.
\chinists' Elmer Walkerwas ches- The great man has now de- If Mr. Dior straps down chests, En garden, Chris, you have made He was much more vigorous in City case appeared Judge
en.Aritration is now in motion. creed the knee as the ugliest por- my house, which we will call Rob- an enemy. urg g withdrawalfthe U.S. aev- h D ca d tate
Another f a m o u s union, the Fect he also sounded off against ge -e government wa ask-

xaminer hit the Oregon Teamf W alter W inchell In New YorkR auran i
sters with a critical 70-page re- o t Republican Senator Knowland advertising, is going w r.
[% port which sprang frm a dispute in boosting Chiang Kal-shek. Afterward, a a
SA -- of the Teamsters with the Office CAT OF CHARACTERS lent Men." The last movie she the old Riviera in Jersey. Big In discussing U.N. recognition, mp asked the Star's attorney, 5'
Workers Union. It was the AFL made for that outfit was in '38. .. names (signed) include Teresa Chou told Hammarskjold that Intn Marshall:
:.-- -.- --. white collar outfit which brought The Julius La Rosa-Dorothy Me- The bockies say the heat is off Brewer, Tony Martin, Sinatra and dia was ready to make the move Did you se AttoS ener
cM.11 bAis*--"...*W AFL Teamsters locals and sub- Guire story (which we revealed .. roadway's still chuckling Ray. Len Doyle won heaps of to seat China at the appropriate Brownell when you r n Wa
MWanremm. I-,a sidiaries up on charges, over the air) was overlooked by over the ad on page 61 in last orchids 12 years ago when "Time time. Obviously there had been ingtonlast mont h"
all Night Beat scoo p experts for week's Variety.. .Add giggles: Ro of .Your Life" won the Pulitzer earlier conversations on the sub. What right d haveo
"'rm going to eat over at Tommy's-they're having chow Typical of the charges was the several weeks in Manhattan, where Rogers (he uses a horse to catch and Critics' Awards. When he ap. let. tien me?" rep ied. Marsh ru
mein for break fast'" one which accused the Teamter Dorothy and her husband, Sgt. villains) has an auto sponsor... plied for a role in the revival they The question of unfreezinr Chin- ing to a telephone toa
-- -- -- -. .- .. 3 .... .- .. _- joint council of trying to force its Johnny Brown (back from Korea), Remember Gus Arnhelm, the turned him down Alan Gale's ese funds seemed especially to good news to his client.
employes to quit the Office Work- ringsided at the Copa and other, batonecr? He now auths special Joak about the swank Fontaine- stick in Chou's craw. He com-
ers Union and join the grocery spots. .We happened onto the material for singers and femme- bleag at Miami Beach: "By the gained that the State Department Forest 5?b'air^d
and meat local of the Teamsters "secret" in Miami Beach, where dians. .His tv fans call Ozsie Nel- time it's finished, it'll be last ad ageed to discuss this with a KENT, 0. (UP) Re@Dlock
a Answer to Pvious Puzzle Union. reporters were informed: "Arthur son "Ozzie." His wife calls him year's hotel" special unit of Chinese financial trees are the first-aid stat*ios o
Christaos Plans I a J In all,f e of e 23 office work- Godfrey is i n with the Mc- Geo. exr a durngre eases thew s Mgu abope wha
----V ai r supported the AFL office union husbands". The husband of one Las Vegas gaming casino deal Latest on the nuptials of critic the American prisoners However, f u dseshgu o e
ACR08S1 5 Enervates A instead of the Teamsters local it (of the 3 sisters) governs the Run- ers must not sport mustaches. A G. J. Nathan and actress Julie Chou claimed the United States rne s oeecvr, a aret kepo ut t
.8 MPasge in .self or because they responded to yon Fund office in N. Y. And house rule based on the fact that Haydon. .They plan merging on had suddenly broken off these talks Daveyd iei, tree expert. -L.
theass brain. o ^ government subpoena. The Team. he was not in Florida. .Ah. ha! movies invariably show crooks tea- the island of Curacao (North of h u y eeeD y e s br
tree57 Look a ters were also charged with re- .Next stop: The front pages. during lip spinach. .Jan August Venezuela) in early Summer. Sev- SiDD
^ChristlO~inastree *" l uu li~C 'fusing to bargain wih the union New York gazettes had different (the pianist with talent) opens eral fi'st-night chums will fly down SIDE GLANCES 0 C broT
ornament DOWN Bl their em ployes had chosen-name- "confirmations." One carried "de- I with his trio Feb. 7th at the Mer- for it. All backers for Geo. -
Eietins college The Federal examiner ruled that Another reported that Mr. God- ters' latest disclick is "Slncerely." kee," will be from the list of an.
Slafdrink SDash i.. the Teamsters Union, as an em- frey was happy about "re-uniting" Coral shipped 100,000 in a single gels who had faith in "The Pajama _____
S Operatic solo 2 o a player of office help, was subject the estranged soldier and his wife day last week. .The 4 Lads'Col. Game." They will rate first choice I1.- I D_
l4Stead Christmas 17Mental 29Vegetableh to the Taft-Hartley law's unfair'. .Insiders do not believe La umbia platter of "Two Ladies in Intimates can't figure why Ii11I 'i
$Hedlik labor practices section. The AFL Roa and Dorothy will wed even if De Shade of De Banaa Tree" one of the top producing firms i 1
edt lik!es falls on it soundness 31 Deny Oregon Teamsters wre ordered he and hers older divide .. Jul- (Harold Arien's hit in "Flowers") wants to dissolve. They gave us S
sled to' 4 Sharp points li Beginning 33 Owl cries by the government to re-instate the ius religious faith. etc. might do for that show what Eddie the delightful "Wonderful Town" *I
Christmas S Seed vessel 23 Ledger entries 28 Respectable discharged AFL office workers. Fisler's "Wish iou Were Nore" ... s thetMiiigomery Clift with VS.. Ill
Choice seats at 6 Ocean-going 24 Curl 40 Doves' homes with back pay. The Teamsters Overheard: -Do you think Gloria did for that musigaL .. Two real a sprainot tendoe at Roosevelt ,W*Qt ^f, I4j
in~y?91 rank 7 el 25 Arrow poison 41 Come in were also told to cease discourag-1Vanderbilt and Sinatra will mar- sad oldies were heard on a bar hoep? Private room. private *** .'
1XKenrank 7Fall behnd 26 Off bottom, as 42 Vipers ing membership in the Office ry?" ... "What! And end all room manner. 'You're Breaking phne, no visitors .. A top exec .."WI

AooIit i-oldolo ar anchor 4.3.reeporth Workers Union, and to cease re- that pufflicity?" Rodgers & My Heart to Pas thi TimAway" of a Vwy gency (not Moris) i I
beIng Military 27 Precious gems 44 Mth fusing to bargain with it. lHammerstein can start worrying. and 'If You Can't Tel the World has bees adv g i clients to sup.
assistant for Mother's 46 Fomerty These are the rules-for one and Steve Allen revealed that his big She's a Good Lttle GO, Just Say port a fased ft drink. Al a re-
10 Stagger Christmas 47BRetm all. ambish is to write the score for a Nothing At All". .D ntag li. *d-Com a Cola will no longer hire I
ldel 11o llActress 28 Component 48 Pronoun Broadway musical Hoagy drops will be Hollywood's Ant any Of his agency's aCetsl
lE Eleeanora- part 50 rench month Carmichael and Mitchell Parrish. trick photography im.
S1`- the song-writers, have an added -
honor, The needle-in-the-arm set Love Letter: "Dear Walr." .
ile refer to nose-candy as "Stardust" writes Capt. Eddie -Mkad5b r re papers that John
e 7 Some entics complained aboutI of Eastern Airlines. "I Wre s a sa Waiit home
B l ve- -- -RI- l--lr S Truman Capote's libretto fer'ed what you sakid a ot -l biWWg M a ish imeT% t reminds
S p I I "House Of Flowers," the new hit. a pioneer, but if aiRym d4lIv" this roy W he e S
---- .. Have they forgotten Capote's shortleredt for belpig to 1 hd MtiBU 0it- u Yn I h Mget1 u was
story. "House Of Flower's," won I Betach ls w M ym-rld W* *II
I ri_ [ ran O. Henry Memorial Ward? ...Iha0iWis i.& I. sIi
Miss Vanderbilt's front pagwitisibd inJoe" s
gave City Center 'the first selloutpbe a preat del d. .
t .II'in its history with "Time of Your who have aprdled s J im .1 -
S nifr I "-' e," in which she is a minute de tol IpAa" sh -d e toama m
S... Sudden Thaw: If Godfrey's to yen flrevera-"-& /
such a tough boss howeum no body g
ever quit his program in its entiJsre Item: M"AteSs
history:_tlll l ., .,.I!W! I
me .Flash from Shelley Winters: "I. aonC .. ,I
I'm temperamental, then i'm also "" l
a hockey player" (Atta Goal!). .POW. .
Some people seem to think We just read that some flop tee -
that the way to make friends shows in New Ycrk :will" moe o O --..W
with a shy child is to over wer Hollywood. That's not far
Ihim with ttnoa!. Actu y, a .l.l What Irony I Zamu.k..e.1.
AIy SA & to be treated Marilyn ever:'bdy's DreamOA
fNow she's Zanuek's
...- -.. ..' ow s ay .is ... .
4+...,.teyiy..-_ : e.


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,rch of CWrt rThe Christ ro Ts om outh m!
leas d ordinary ie rai O odL All fr Thee, my o'Fa An ship will hold as
.. l._ n, Bn r* .. a y *like broken redrd. Butb e f
IelZ d ioe m" hs h W ie C"a lme cad ws Is J ut a dull o of Mndt; ke t oen roen But before ra tonight i
Ceh rchoo CIh S d oae mmS d Pw W.Is Postsand Bases 7d r'a S harty the p Pierre Mendes-France, who has a sermon b t
a a Aa ple Maisw, the Th mi Am seses Ieds bel rotestnt UeoUiti 0tp of our EOE SUCH DRAB AC- put promised new talks with RussVice- of the group who i'
d ne-, u S cSo lMg ild ,M W l h O0 PRrAADoiyesterdays.TNncan be converted into Premier in command of the For- iary in Ban Jose, o
Sas aL Litsa ea wSed es e ftuhe bno U -uv 8ehniaYnfphool (rBuilding No. ) wecanprayer,o conditions mustbeegnOffice todaywill be featured.
a*l- me a two sageae at e ieds A "OSc ChMees Ad roT rCLAroN a.............. and dedicate our route. fulfilled. We must not have Mendes-France last night step-
~ rf ri."/ A eId a l i le fw rvies Ay pMta. S Lw~~uldin gNo. 1's) .J:0 The way t a: simple as tmhe five serious ina on our sou. God ped from his second job as For- A delegation from the o b
t ** A. leM n s t bma ind H ...........105 fn"gr on your hand, five words does not accept offerings from eign Minister and announced For Youth Fellowship .
S_ ....Mia_, sA*m ah e muesies mand apf am *ssda ft um W-rtohipj ............... that .onuorate a day to God: filthy fingers, the appointment of Edgar Faure Costa Rica. headed by Mim .
i mews deAk t by We desdj man a la POR son (Building L... "A tr Th secondly the work Itolf must as his successor. bar Jackson, also will shee forh -Iming, se~~sa pe. mTO 8 worhi p ............... I4 my O l" Sa net be a n. Otherwe you Faure's appointment wa part the rally,
SUnarian o p ...........isa B thin M haw the absurd situation of a significant cabinet reshuf- Dur ther s i
SrL w .... l: a nd It will man having a brick through a fed aimed at political enemies thyw be t ,
S-r, Ar kic DAS meanthatevey- Jpwler's window, coopi who have steposped up their cam-tey will db the guets ,
MoAntn t, M cSho. .. .. L H .T.D, worship, (10:. thing you do bracelets an4 brooches and rings paegn to depose Mendes-France Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Marshad
SundSa M sSlSund.y aropl ............. Mendes-France did not pick:
day an : :00 an south group ................. :30 a day t the while he piously murmurs, any portfolio for himself, but Paraiso.
am alt 0 Worship ............. 47'30
mma -m.I H.ol aY m: i' 3e0, 11AL STAION. RODMAN O'00 o hem7o
Hl Day .a1.: ioB siL =is ma.. M mM. md u.s wAAL oiSnon 7:0 .rng to-"All for Thee, my (oall" seemed clear he plans to devote
JU 2 ASS Dyg: t51 0, Ra CASunday School (Buldng No. 3:0 ACTIONSTEATAT BADau- himself to the nation's economic has one distinction that may
Fs .. C and a. m1 a., unn pOr

mraI .am aa: atr ta so 1maim bclam. .... ...... e MLan ion ha fint unda y in the M'Wboad, or a houilf at ward. What I am talking about night at a three-hour cabinet
l gm2S LA s sha tClub *ae V*** MS Sund'ay of!a Ben t). catuene m lt,@Sboa whether 70u are the vast majority of actions* meeting on the eve of the Na- He is the only one of the -
warner. fe&Caunies and roT AMADOR ram a typewriteror an a truck that i In betitween-the thous- tonal Assembly's return to full Three foreign minister
nom. 1:3 &:3nd U =m Sau Prya ammto ISWorh ap..............1:09 T Wtat-ally rule themselves out. problems.

te t A ntit rideJ *a.. ............ ass a.m. Dai a..................... whether you fll teth r fill as andi of "neutral" actions, all the debate this afternoon, speaks Russian. Getting to p
ayanS wz'se to MsA mass NWYDIAT aslp ys sl anl I fl-the goododNil Waccept way flWo baking a cake to fl. Faure had been Finance Min- It across a conference table f
: 1m commyS M u...... m ..................... 30 at a prayr. e kmows. that ing out an income-tax report. mater under Mendes-France. Soviet Foreign Minister V.
y mil rellaw INe a.m.aed:a:00 P..s SAL ui

SCHURCH or ov AVIOu So r uAL iRot awaR alni- Somewhere I h ave read that Long reckoned the strongest ooo will doubtless be o

ts.t ans 'rm. Thi SotreetNew u S .............1t m bat l bow also what the most gorun aingt th man on the Premier's team, hehis chief
arrbidy 7: a rn p.s Holy Communioa .........7:0 a. n 1 s that ding al h rt rult of the u pourg It

ar Hprt De : .. Church School ........... AdOK A FORCE BASK efth time we ae gaing so golden bam on millions of tiy
icocon sa e atchism Clas: 3:15 to 4:45 pm Bole Carning Mayerm Dal Mum). b g-bad; wh r you thbe vast majority of ation th meeting on the eve of the Na-
we Sm~-- u Wad toRT F AOADO% nta ypewriteror m atruck; tat He In betwesn-thethous- tonal Aasembiy's return to full
n So A ntn a .... .. ........ s mad.e ailM SS .................7:: you tpa r o uta ng lthe

eases vanger Thurdaly. _rsa Sunday. Holy Communln> U.S. NAVAL STATION, RODMAN If yoM ay that amttto prayt Stmosphere. Just o, one golden
aUy W."...*a o LADT T-Ane H union ...... ............. 10.. 00 each meg and mean it, It good Intentgion shining un al REVIVAL ANNOUNCEMENT
a 01.H Wsip .... aR am a.m. MA -U rUd l Commnr R sio.......... 730 pm Ay es wIl..., I. a way, turn a cooking the thousands of tiny, grimy, In-t E M-France
....e w .. .e ... at ;: aon Choirg Reheaa.. the stronges MOI~tOV will doubt o a

.:u to l"y r FMaw atea.F The:av.M A Houw n A. CPr o on Put o ....1............. i30 -- e or k epatdar lathe snto sifieant worekady Itens t

rag m5u c do1 C at r .........7: iu .......... ..3 .... aI Str. Yo can repea t the our ordinary, day transforms
on ar T-.aiw^^ ,..M8 ct: saturda*30 to 10 -Rev. WHlam W. Baldwi prar during the day. course tMs lntoaspectacleofsplendor Beginning Sunday January 23rd and continuing
p.m.* w urT. SjocMha P.. ad Chi ch. ShoL. A otI sa Z Aet ew 1 Wia a' Iso den beyms of O through m oJan y 30th their w of t special .

S Holy3:15 ta M s gr r and S wam:U ma w sA ho lducstion Cen- --" vival Services each night except Saturday at The
ld... Bi Cl t :ong P arr "ot. roa or.................. ..:00 Church of God on Monte Ocuro Road in Ro

CE c a c Satsurday 3s : oo: to 4o:0 and W er 1 .OR n& Ala ma A SAbaj.......o.. .. A E rain Aba or it may be known to you as 16th St
Caeh....Uhl Sh oo...--.......R..... 3:00E N

Claw: 3r :h 00 S rdy. AH lson CoU..0NAAL STATIONpo 10: 1UIU W 1UtLe.og in Rio Abajo. This Church is one of the Churches
do" .... .. 0 oly ayf Ma a ML A :Hou Coi offm for: pe m 13op0- .Will'am Is n
Macuu M, ....l- Nv eCn onessom: i00 tona -n amt- ma. oe rido Mn mcr. ndka Sfc.l E.....309L .

asumAcssP tlam d Tra10MorninOg Athoe PANAMA CITY1 Fla., Jan. 22 The local choTCter of the Af "th Chsd tine Btervich each night begin. rw
.?*.- .CK Cl Chue Rn St.l s oa CL Anre a Daly Me ...................-- ( A .o reward was o- meri n Federayn o G n nig t 7:0.
B m I m.Wedb .ast Pal T*. po --u rel o Pn.v .. .ad Churh .a. Clrtmetat r the en m theretwillaeo"

;Jn Speadr, PriAt in Charge. T-mld Civil r
sun e mani au m s MCC l bunL t 1.:0 and 5:0 0.m. IPrnn Prays nd erai T. .m Ce Tss e vevw r i or dlli
.a uSa m ,v- sly 8t : 0 c .rI.m. an Sltr th ae a S)..............10: M......., ... .P 22. locl c h ter of te

..a.. -WS... 6:00, a:nd...- 3:.0 ma). 5:00R rHoly Communion .ad S- OthLN Chu.hes nudebodywas.ounerd f- ivil ervce Act Fda on AfG ovr a tr
"iv--' nlng 7:30 t. DA :D :
7e:0 to. :0 -: ,y b foe F "iosta Sundmy Shool. ...... pse Pote a nmty" om s ove............d..... f dof the m ent E npryey jt tt n n lNA

Modaky la Mai)........ Ctdchaiy 7 lp:a Y:uPp.e. o T.. 0 pa C OC SOnitrW A. Jordn reward after the mayor to1d Republican. The bill was intro-
assmar w edama93 C URTB MAnCt -ains 8:00 to 81 a m. Sunda. U S s0 ur Box 58, A C.Z. Bab m th o ,m wo a or child ducked by Senator George Pen- 0, a
AhwA....... l t as o choral ucharrtnd700 m. Sunday a ** 10:30 m in.ton of Ohio, a Democrat. .......... 7 fIt
pciSSMs AT. JOHM AMT toS:A ALg m. ornig Prayer. d Church hdoo l lWshoobp...p....m as0there0 soa C r
.f.o t3he:3 LPSIdaayShy ........y. 7.-DAmi...-:MDA. Amytno asper mo

1.. ..... Sunday M e: aya: a and M .m. I imnA s tiuchyrit. 3 undy 10 n ............o. -. fiendish montoter guilty ok t cs callparties. e v

*:*: lU rHol ndy ANt : Sr 0 ndy m:O p.m. Hol Praye p.m --t Cunty mno preu.pucnn Rev. HARRY TROVER VERN VAN HORAL
Clam. ..... Ce ci la m.: 00 -to :00 D fienl... 600 .m. FORT I0 t oo PmaNo ut ewi d. ao t eero te o

"v a.,v p-- Convr: to 6:3 p.m. Ttd ar n me nani P y.m. y aadsrn 70 pew .....................f A Reward m oTe icean Feeratin ver niaTo

ThursdayM THuUR oDAYSMe dal Church es Ms. Elle nmnesbhefore he th Civl Svice emert s s e
.............. ..i -STp. a nNA'WaryFridoy Com mui p. on-- so ..'............: a .

an Friday.ff.1s5=9a6w Me:sh 5:50 ma W...oman' Auxil....iaryh.:dadt4fnud bJody wans found bh er2 busr- Tr bhe Civi lService At wC r SU N D A Y
Mea m Cat.chism Cai 330 op.m. n un. MnS. Fetsiuo ws C. u h Old wife, Lou Een. tdent arteld by a demented ......V.E

faat Ca: Manday The. John Spear. hare a o Jones found his wife raped and ob-seeker.
rAv. i m ol' 5o : t o :30 mant Sda. SUNDAYS BT Aoo a sla0 late tuesday e e ro Oca me Civil Servc ie b w -a n
SAcmMis d :00 nd1 S S 1 m.) .Holy Communon lnd .g A O O thanhd c r cenatoreor he- EVERYONE WELCOME NURsSERIES PRVI
'DCnsi ons:am ST. JOnBAPISturday 31A st0n o :0 mon.g md rnd CWh Sundysrch So 30 SMCoco rs1em
I..I Sunday Muse: and1: W )N C SdreYeSl .. a p D m10y... ...................

s:sh0 toh :0_ -Tusdysb T mdeo. irrs t0 vTnrmya $0.B0bo.. r eThe couple'sa three-year-old ian employee, onc e hired, can not
..... SAL Miraclu M ea Noveo .......... 7: PM Cun Mo ma-slayer of b u l yi ark in s a s
.. "...... ..- am of the a: da y 7 Thdr n e eNDa.A Bose..r mmindswhensoner wiltod his c allaServiece tteBAPT
rnda ......... Y IT. IgLA -o I Woman' ..........5:41 liary: 60 x
S w A-s o--- : g mads o s3s e. Me:niund achoo. Daffin said residents si0n the aR civil service, one must be IC

s a...... ..22......... oo:: : DNEL DAY 'We.sdr ... orW reeakoe atr hwi aort r epl an o BA A H HTS C.

-Hotl Day ne e.o. soo Pame Mnd eeting. Wed .70 p.m. crin m isd" ull otheh ones hme Near s ae probatiohre c eriod,
Frv. andn Sat., Firts t F riday aim:600:00 am. HolyBap- TuAsdK Yrn They saididured wy cenan eoye Pen-
= ]e Cloans: SatudayC: to : d y nd o mUND ion anbe f ipssurd ot pn onie. Ther after, ev. TRE NAo

s0T O6 3-1m H: oad 1: pn Pra yandSrrm Stri wEpatescraptpons of the ar .nd Quirement .s that the agency
Cisat p :3 on 41n and. *A tF AYB Homine C.urundu 7 the man were sketchy, but Da ate its reason tor dismissal in t
T.S! p EMn CaIs3trd Hi .. Y.S .5B Su-n al .......... ," i n broadcast an alarm through- writing and give the employee an

urse s y n xpo 3 tlon a -day D: r- a .Th u so .na hS.. ............ p.m.. p tthe ga g e | | ned soan gr whEVC
avrN CCX AL BA... we s o "SmY.- Ev.a ,.int Wo p ........ 7'0 pm. l bie on the aler t for th e ar Government employes, through
eO ... Holy Day Msis: 0J. 6t:0 a m Iittnd fan-LA IBOC p CmHURC OF THENAZAR

a s.C.Moo w H sa tury : aS.m.) t oo a An on, C.Z.u u iCe described ted a o ther on-the-job su stones, r
-3O:30 to 1:00P c .a m .St.d r oe 0sC. nrc Seree .r afhterifou M e mafr tolddRpublicianved t he tha passage milton

a r0 t" ... So o a The aev. John S a te Prist in Cha e e N.r W. i ord

u Al L. 't:S.U NlMn .. M- m mC.n Br .. ......... 3 a: m in.g o a onea ys ns afe 2- ron ge d by n thieo, synaoD Premo t It
WrV firt TC rriD t ndinaye S al3ha -r"S i aW sa6 D home from nearby Tyndall Ar the here-pade o peitio. o This a .
I't 7o -J. a "hF@ 1rce m Aduat Cl B'1ase n10:00 .m Astheoriies said Mrs. ones had has areadt resulted in menr
..yaM r t ...... woaineffiientaburaucracy ChiwheresERhYEId SundLaCrM 10 E*lnES PRrvie IEO Duied ostergltyof claim oe

S5s. oSa a Novena: Every 3hr a coaA. IN MERCHANDISE
Las&. MUSevlceay to. 7.3. A qn 73 p. citeda -r ao leachSUIT PURCHAS C
Sac sSr to 4:00 p.m. oen Si0 a-. m. rly r son, Curswpts s tin keeps Government employes out $10.00 in any merchandithe be .re
20osabo: I a 8Mady0 aFrA.a Houn Cola-i a

pv rS u e say. 76 p a D*a.. w dd S m bed trying vainly to wake up The truth i s far different. Firston ru NY Nt
Stw .Convmer. Cli C e uNy.BoASa. Bal Pri myc taon Pv mman othey wohn Je wlckd onn oo aull to gha dentn eeto th
u US !Coi ons- 3:0 p.u. o4 Saturday. Holy Communion .......... a M & Sord 5:5w0 aP. M nd ttg Sho the American people. Forf te
g Am y MiraculAOUs Md Axvst :0 p1.- S i Su : o. Samun 10 q t. ROME, Jan. 22 (UP) Dome-thexample, the three suburban con-ervice, one must be

s d 3 S unda y Mas 7:00 5:0 and 100an: n: p.a. m adunda0y. Fom.rna. dd-unew e nreAltLeclii, hc mnr w ho gresalonal districts In Maryland ofsenNew ShipbiOu Of
Snuaaa cL iars Rt Hlrt Noee h:lOd p. m. adn CStMre A l school t o. snatched Benith..o Mussols by at sort rearPon e ftrst BL BOA HI

oly a~y m-c : :00op :00 m.. an d nay I m or coco Solo P .thoo a .n end"M u ll up to the Jones home1946, ington, D.C., all w ent Reriubod
ca m ca PBL day *o.....09: 0 .mh The American Feby ademeraton ofted

s^e p av Chedo IAC7LAT: C00CEpON- f Da he neo'actIlian Socal Government Employes annually. AfteRar mcn e- a. je
.ueo'i.r Sundau Me.d: N-30and *o5 ma. .y Dy fc R." Pau owaw s Molatvemen drOVt (MwI) a"t high speed"frar, ex- sponsors National Civil Service-
sa i la hm Holy MondayM..: ..O. nd OD wC unai 3utO ec to nounsc O hreaion of dek t tell the story of thte a r en
1 -H .0pMe. Me Cuu.rdu 7U6 pthe man were sketchy, but Daf"- stte its re ar somn for dl sm ssl
ndsna'ry Au aiaL Atwel Youth Metting 6 pam. out the South for law officers opportunity to answer them.a
ine School r. InWorship ......... p to be on the alert for the ca n government bureaucracy whereough

LON13 MpnI.- Saturday: Maim at 1:00 ain.
anHOLYPANiYCHUiatUEariday 9 tuM.. VOL:. IL rimcthree or four years old. saved the taxpayers 44 million
h.-Classn:15iman&am.nwCowoMUM NaIS soACuthritieswasitiTyndagaiont ollbe tired.
Male.'ID &aline m n aL 5 and 3:0 am.nOweot

Ca-&at TRvEDoB'ruwryEmm pwe. Kelp tnarlat: Snday ml 1:t ast.
mm.....*,du41ao 56add5 to SUN ,!DAYa uadUinqdaaundh Da bean the massidvenob o career civil service, one must bes year aone

uliva J.Nalowi -n emSaal e-e0 o-a-m.:_, ..Meetaappointed through open, com-
W & laiem HalyDayMond ::00. :00.andMonda.y16JOa.TChchSchoolorCocoSelos3 Priesthoochanceupto theslyrwsa air- civilmjervIs a probationary poll
:ow m.rdcuaGFMedal7 day School06811out-ILmTendacqutrnintedTwithstheco during which an employ are I

M IllC.J&MINNO oTen-agelub:5pmnWdnCUR-Smntde man went nto the house and eecorsbecoml increasingly ptime. Therevtlentr,
110na tos"-. day Clam: 4:00 p.m. Thurday. DASt MerelSwanm. Hwhen later drove away "at high speed." v for most employes, the only re- to
a., mL a is r i.dMAWy De vt: 7 00pdmA. 6n m Hel Pau lHloaPsrqiremntmathe agency.
aofc, .Curundu 5s thoresr sai Mrs. Jonketchy, but Da state Its already resulted ismissal in
'Swide.Mme: 5r45 a=d 3d:00 y.S. TS ..,...... f n broadcastan alarm through- writing and give the employee and worn-
p'Om. UaII!da1i rhe My:ScooSYar. Evscn inor lp t ....a..... P to be. n the alert ror the car government employesthrough
alPrtandMesC.Momentarly with Stu 7:0 y:0am.STCHURDA which he described e -abouttheir on-the-rob sugfgefultton

Id ndrl V :m p. m.

,I----ihiLLSNDAYngh school afor a career and it is discourag-A
uoty tn ianme,- Mhcuou Mea.lvna: Wedeay :00 Jut tioning military personnel on the Thos e who are already in the areer

m~anila mfd ..... amall Ha. 6:11 iand 7a0p.m. 7.0 pam Camp Hly and MeditatiLs:0 mi '7'g flald --U IM MJ
SMWT -90mCr eia"eo fmn 0tofmS- chance the slayer was an air- civil service at present are poll-
En h aIScrMedHartNovena: 713pM a.mhurhSchorste, agh mencqutntedwith the Couple. tsl clearance tests which are
2T owulMor-SuDAy .solemorn-sIDALTc The Air Force used lie detectors become increasingly prevalent

311011-SndaySch---lCa40-ury one Ms.Psoli when the men submitted volun- each SUIT PURCHASEDpromotion to

rd SeaM, ad rnd ThueaytDevotions: 7:00.. G in dis. .... -- -l e .. n.- 6houl keeph The Hnatch Act quite properly
7as.4ieenOULAY GOOD.- C etr Sr mou cm the her-paid positions. This
Holy. DayC Masss6 aL. 5 Authorities said Mrs. Jones hadyes are any d different than I Now is the time to purchase tht
ut. t"a"mnion :P.....a....m-apl c ievr .0. ... .....

.. s a. bep. ,. 5th an 1st Sta of the American people. F or
M"-aculemm Medal Novena: 700 p~m. today S-i.. .s ,,o.J" ,-.-n

phm. __u__, an n si woroe athe neoraicn fedain of54.

hienw Pries of four men who stole MussoS .a a.
ad at Pm t A"be -r.:= -------------------erv-. a"T menaales..
ays ST =It'U-aI A: Biblm e laele. ': Morni worship ........... m: m a Milan convent, where it was ll
l-- m_ ...., a, nd -Be Stuy -r, ven os ip ......... tnlater recovered by police. Present, T ( k DIF
Nente v wvuwu ALLMSIZE
pm. ueo lc tionof the Fb osacoselydr..
mmdJuoDt Confoemoe 4.6 to 15- and 7:00 to Pacific sde-Pamn a & Balboa Rev. Wlliam Uvins1 m Past guarded government secret.
U:.......... s...D..atr. P.a... --.WA..Wal.-.... S..ool .......9.3. aDcn Red Dronnne *
cl==les -9a -.a onsK,. yrM3a. SO gss s- o M ,r. sj -wa _v-..0aDacron

S11-Sama.Sud Tfm fata Sunday schooloo --r----- oiowina BRT an schoolchC-dren, It was learned to- -(U Jops ..." .I.." cu
= 610in Flwship. Miraculn sM Medal Novena: s 10 p.M. CboVea- AVT J. F. a eoI a l Na nT worship -........-.........---70 DOUBLE FARE On Red Doc ine Tr..... .
'S Iv : m m p, -. Ja N...w RIA ,Co -( i...And remember ComAls rcl l
.*"' dp. .......o. s... ...
SuniBafO.> T"AO f On st a t o.L' A Mi-.OM ov 2M ---Several houses which straddle Oro!l on ....

B amos 4 Ste.- Rio Ama.1.. Ne.du. iersgOnm Pan.R. .P he linebeStween this city and t s p iisd .*
in om if "B "(IM 1 A Ni ll1 Statiosm: Panami Colc. Chorrllo. LA neighboring town, Newington ard tlon Minister Giuseppe Ermini Tropic ors e
.i- a "aasCiu --pam--iMitrs: ar t axed p a t amo tsb has ordered provincial school
tmM.ChuA tn 6. Mnise. Ma ames C.parrw sten w8 taxed proportoa. te amounts superintendents tsro crack down

a l -- do o o
eie a garg.e DLe-act eTs aCss U. Ja J ^ AmA. A r Trt an- both municipalities.t an e s
i at held everynammunst and neFascistOU DON'T N
Ubm p.. 1 pm.. 7:15 p"M.a : Pm attempts at Indoctrination of
v-aoaw fl ing e schoolchildren, it Was learJedt o -Justs:ap
Ps P aSam(Tl 6 an&e mt..3pM.i n snwn LIs CEU I ad circular letter, Erm0 / ACCo1 iS aopatI
p.m., f" p p.m. --Cho l ine o-- She L s .. u '-CnosMarchWour loHour
MLtr C mMa... 10 ann. si tes d, amhee watch out against politi eay
VIF _a o1-__. 2 p--s --&3 ...43.......... 0n a M A biased text books, refuse Sab-
-._W"i-gj. %2t t & Unmi T oA AvL.-- Cab
TT, Bble ecla at 3-p. as: w. mf b Sm-siv.sdies and prizes for IdES ahil-
40 W 72 MVdren from political orgaistlonz.
t&--mom--aasaj OanODbansee)rofasmet smth, wth m t 5 wn
-- -5.~m~1 K. di r Bs o t e SOr.GOd Mae.Smd am. wtth3:1mun "Ideololes contrary to the pro-a
-- ml__ At_ ,----, .-,--,,propsaaed.... ,- ...,
ta. M rs 2 :.r R,. l. Nal j m O ,t M w a _, N r ade t a l e d C e n u o fm l ao l -go m _o.. ... ,:-- 'S U

b. .X~.'- ~ "V.
.'-, *.J .W.; -
~ -~ --fl'~ r'Lkta~Jc

'. t'*

mmm" ;. .. -- -.- -I.. WON" _

I .


_ I_ __i I_ _____

i ".^ ^ *' a:



P -

-~~~- -- --- -

NFFE Opposed To 'Mingling'

Of Retirement, Other Systems

S WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 Op-I effectively for more than 30 years.
position to any merger or "ming- They should continue to be made
c, ing" of the Federal Retirement Iin that way.
System with Social Security "or! "The Kaplan Committee says to
other system" was voiced today Federal employes in effect that
by the executive council of the Na- by mingling the two systems they
tional Federaticn of Federal Em- can have all the best features of
ployes, meeting at the organiza- both, and more- without extra
tion's National Headquarters here. cost and without any possibility of
In a statement, the N.F.F.E. exe- loss of benefits which are proper-
Cutive Council declared: ly theirs because of faithful pub-
lic service and substantial salary
"The congress of the United deducti':ns.
States now has before it the report;
of the Committee cn RetirementI "Federal employees are not so
Policy for Federal Personnel, the naive as to believe that they can
so-,-lled Kaplan Committee. get something for nothing. B e-
"This report covers many hun- yond that, and more important as
dreds of closely-printed pages but patriotic American citizens they
the crux of it is a recommenda- would not countenance such a si-
tion which, of followed, wouli tuation, which would be contrary
bring about a "mingling" of the to the public interest .
Pectral Retirement System with
Social Security. "Frcm every standpoint, there-
'The recommendation is not fore, maintenance of the separate
new nor wholly unexpected. For integrity of the Federal retire.
many years there has been a con- ment system is vital. The Execu.
certed drive in certain quarters to tive Ccuncil of the National Feder.
merge the. two systems. a step ation of Federal Employes urges
which has no valid basis from any Congress to take a very long and
standpoint. searching look at the Kanlan Com-
"Federal retirement and Social mittee Repcrt before taking any
Security in fact have little in com-. action, one way or the other."
mon. I The council stated that the N.F.-
"Federal Retirement was estab- F.E. would seek lioeralization of
wished as an essential part of a 'the retirement act along the fol-
system of progressive pesronnel lowing lines at the present session
administration. It is an element, of Congress:
and a vital one, ]n a career public Optional retirement after 30
s' service, with recruitment upon years cf service on full annuity,
fitriess, and retirement as the end regardless of age; at age 62 and 5
result of long and honorable serv. years of service on full annuity;
ice. at age 60 and 10 years of service
"To their own retirement, Fed. on full annuity; at age 55 and 25
eral employes contribute a sub- years of service on reduced an-
s- tantial six percent of their an- nuity; at any age and 20 years
nuil salaries. of service cn reduced annuity if
"None of these conditions exists involuntarily separated; annuities
with respect to Social Security, to be computed on 2 percent of
which has its own' immensely imr- salary for 5 highest years, not to
p( rtant place and is based primari- exceed 80 percent.
ly upon need. Adjustment of Federal annuities
"It id first of all crystal clear rates to maintain their purchasing
that the Federal retirement sys- power. The council emphasized
tern, which is an integral part of that in this respect present rates
personnel administration and was were "manifestly inadequate."
Sso set up by Congress, should'
continue to be administered by
the U.S. Civil Servi Commission. BACK TO TOBACCO
"Moreover, it is equally clear
t0at any pronrsed improvements ROCKLAND, Me.- (UP) -
in the Federal retirement system, Edward B. MacAllister, one of the
I some of which are necessary and nation's oldest practicing attor-
proper, not only can but should *', '.n1-f his vow and is once
be made within the framework of again lighting up cigarettes and
that Asytem. It is not at all neces- patiing away. whenever he feels
sary that the two systems should it. MacAllister determined
become improperly mingled and that he would stop smoking when
administratively confused to bring he was 85 and resume only if he
them about. Betterments in Fed- reached 90. First thing he did on
,ral retirement, based upon sound his 90th birthday recently was buy
persobnel policy, have been made a pack of cigarettes.
a --


Accepting General Cargo For:
Sallings: Every Fifteen Days for:
Sailings: Every Ten Days for:
(Gulf Vessels call at VERACRUZ and TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every six weeks)
Masonic Building, Cristobal, C. Z.




The Pacific Steam Navigation Company

Royal Mall Lines Ltd.
S.S. "COTOPAXI" .... ...............Jan. 25
M.V. "SANTANDER" .......................... Jan. 21
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) ......Feb. 26
M.V. "SALAVERRY" .......................... Jan. 25
S.S. "YAMASKA" ................................. Feb. 1
S.8. "SCHIEDYK" .................................Jan. 26
S.S. "DIEMERDYK" ...............................Feb. 1
S.S. "DONGEDYK" ...............................Jan. 24
M.S. "DURANGO" ...............................Jan. 28
All Sallinga Subject to change Without Notice
OnD mCO. INJ PANAMA-Ave. Per6 #55, TeL 3-1257/8
FORD 0 .INGC. BALBOA-Term Bldg.. TeL 2-1905

Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service Arrive"
S.8. "LOVLAND" ................................Jan. 27
S.S. "MORAZAN" ...............................Jan. 29
S.S. "AGGERSBORG" ...........................Feb. 4
*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ...............................Feb. 5
*S.S. "YAQUE" ...................................Feb. 12
S.S. "AVENIR" .................................. Feb. 19
*S.S. 'MORAZAN" ................................Feb. 19
S.S. "MABELLA" ................................Feb. 21
*Handing Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo

New York Service Arrives
S.S. "AVENIR" ...................................Jan. 24
S.S. "METAPAN" ................................Jan. 24
S.S. "HEREDIA" ................................Jan. 31
S.S. "BYFJORD" ................................Feb. 5
*S.S. "PARISMINA" .............................Feb. 7
*S.S. "MATAURA' ................................Feb. 7
S.S. "MAFALDA" ...............................Feb. 12
S.S. "FRABERLANGA" ...... ................Feb. 14
S.S. "COMAYAGUA" ............................Feb. 21
Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.
Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattlc.
To New York ................. .$240.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ....$270.00
To Seattle ...................... $365.00


* PANAMA 2-2904

6mrYbRodea& Oaoiwi4

Three Lost Months


She Gets Around





-----s p.,eway
M1 MY(OTHE I "INT ,TO N ounmp
WUP~tA, M1Mi, R IngS H11 I
AfU.t-- m omREA, 6Pae.

WITH 71W c ISmp OFi A0l.M
* h1.II








LLE 0o+

Travel Suggestion


Nice Guy

COQMA 6I l&.\.
SaE. thM? V--- %Q. ,

4 AlLw.ri


&wulmh va w A WA OvPoww
TO Imkn\as iim wcnf^\arvwtef -

.* /


Wash Is Suspicious



More Money



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It N

*TLnyaL VSAo




Man of Ideas


_ __


_ I-


.s: W



Sdaf and Ohier wls e


ix 134. Pafmnam

Zk f9i

p,, e, k--..--# SARA'S Aunt Dot is a childless,
1... 4 .t < .' pretty., woman in her early orties
L who has reasons bf her own to
SJ .... ",-k~ 1.-0740 0 7 T T prefer to.forget that time passes.
One Saturday after shopping
;.- ,_, .........." ..... 11 ... Wth Sara and her mother, she
S0 3 UlMNIZED p Iinvited them to lunch at an ex-
U. I X pensive downtown hotel.
I h 1np of Wi C. Kampker to Mr. ba P. U HIDS I1JX P Giving the order to the waiter,
iJ tek t e tat S dM l Heart Chapel iB Ane- mth IAunt D.t said "... some Melba
"W ser.. A. Dme effleiating. toast please and the chicken sa-
"aa tM .rMs. W e f West Pwelt, ladJ lr the child."
nlaw lo / t late Mr..ep er, wsei~ t the alt by After a moment Sara,'s mother
T-. -Vomt. l. felts, Iewlp the 9 am. se at the ehapl. ae nmen, tr 4Ms found the courage to meet the
the s9Me glthted her trth ti the a aoft Mr. John P. Cor- WrmAn e. S ya d eves across the tablemU
reIh, "nw *1 Wiashigltn, .3..C. and the t Mas. Corrigan*. e t Imm s a "s- oe. And to the question of
c-f s,.C,....h.aI an oh b avm agonzed appeal in them, gave an
The bride, who were a ballerina. monte included Mr. ~a Mrs. y .Lm t t im ,M o imperceptible nod. Then she wait-
dleet o f shell-pink silk Loring Dam of Philadelphia, a b mc ed, hoping that ,the words would
shastuag, carried a bouquet of Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. Ernest B. come out right, but knowing that
orc-ds attached to a prayer book. Coxhead of San Francisco, Calif; St. Mary's PTA riht or not, they had to come out.
Her aid of honor, Miss Doris Mr. M. B. Holt, Mr. Tracy KL Meets Tomorrow Sara said, "Aunt Dot, pte a se
Edete, wore a blue-grey shant-. Hastings and Mr. and Mrs. N. A. The regular monthly meeting don't call me a 'child' to people
Oag with fhihia accessories, and Niaa, all of anama; Mr. May- (,f the Parent Teachers hasocla- any more.
caetnd pray of orchias. er Lanlado and Mr. Jacky MR- tiop, of St. Mary's School, Bal-
Beat man wis Owen J. Corrigan; lul, both of Colon0 boa, C.Z. Will be held tomorrow AUNT DOT stared. Then, flush.
and the followig served as ush- .--- at 3:00 p.m. All members are ing angrily, she began, "Well, of
ers: Peter T. Corrigan and Jo-, Ms. Steveon urged to attend, all e unpertinence I ever-"
Sh S l. dM. Entertain Newcomers when she was interrupted.
"t 'owine ddig- a break- Mrs. William Stevenson In Her sister-in-law said, "Please
fast was Nvn at Abrook Officers Gamboa was hostess on Thurs.- fritish Believe do wast Sara asks, Dt. How good
Club for intimate friends. day to the Newcomers Club from this sweet butter is! I'd forgotten
S T bride is a member of the the Atlantic Side. (Continued from Page 1) bow delicious ..."
nouring staff at Gorgas Hosp- The secretary of the Orchid I hope that all parents of people
tal. her husband, -t ifeo f ZI Society exhibited and explained land Parks, Omaha, who said he around Sara's age will support
ean is with the Terals ivi- the cae of a number of specl- was "quite wary" but "we might them in a similar fashion on these
son of the Panama Canal Compa- I means. She also. spoke briefly on attempt the trip because It has occasions.
ny. art and showed her guests lovely been a long time since we last It is an age of special strain in
S--- ceramics and interesting bateas. saw him." our society. Among primitive peo-,
Fai BemsegMestl She also discussed the use of arti Mrs. Hurley Baumer, mother
Fbr The Holdreas in therapy and rehabilitation of Maj. William Baumer of
.Two year-old Glen Holdren is work. JLewlsburg, Pa., said "It wouldn't Governor Wonders
the envy of his neighborhood in Later the group enj oyed do any of us any goo0 and 4
the Fishbowl area of Ancon. He luncheon at the Gamboa Golf know it wouldn't help the boys Citrus Fruit Hard
has feur grandparents visiting Club and toured the Summit any." Citrus Fruit Hard
from the States. Experimental Gardens. A New York Industrialist,
'Houstguests of his parents, Dr. Members and guests present George W. Scrimshaw, said o
aad MWl. Robert HoIdren are Dr. included Miss Marlene Gers- that if the Red Chinese offer .. .
klda's mother and father, Mr. pach and Mesdames Leo M. Ret- Is sincere, he would pay the WINTER HAVEN, Jan. 22 -2
Mm. George F. Holdren from linger, Mechel Rice, Lorenz Gers- round-trip expenses of two of (UP).--Gov. LeRoy Collins warm-.
pinipbg, Pennsylvania ,and pach, Miss Marlene Gerspach, the prisoners' famailee. ly praised the citrus industry to-
XIs. Hldreu other ls thi, William Maynard, John Camp- He also offered to set up head- day, but couldn't resist asking
j, Ms. a~d Mrs. 3, L. '=lso ho bell, Hank Tryner. W. W. Wood- quarters In New York to handle why It is so difficult for Flori-J
rrive_ from Spring Lake Teas ruff, Tony Johnson, Duke Wil- any offers for the "Fund for 17'" dians to find top-quality fruit
lst night. son.. J. A. Moudy and Mrs. Mou-;that might come in to subsidize and Juices.
S--- day's mother, Mrs. Frances Bout- the trips for other families. Speaking before a "Governor's
Plows Ofoco i e 1on who is visiting here from thea Rep. Keneth B. Keating (R-. Day" lunch at the annual Flor-
W. Il- w .., ... of States. N.Y.) announced he will Itro- ida Citrus Exposition here, Col-
ry W. Bigw,. Jr. of-- duce next Monday a bill to pay lns discussed the history, value
Coco So has received or ers Mr. an A expenses of any relatives who and problems of the 685-million-
trMinsferring him.totheHydrogr-a. Back Fro quete. rceept Red China's ottffer to visit dollarr Industry.
e Office in. Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Arze, P, the Imprisoned American air- "As a Florida Cracker and a
Mr. and Mrs. Bielow, with have returned to Panama city men person who likes citrus," said
Their son,James als T hJa i28 after a wedding trip during Keating said the bill would Collins, 'I have been surprisedI
nw the MSTS FGoe 7th. e which they stopped at Hotel authorize appropriation on funds and disappointed to observe how4
ntew address after Feb. 7 Ehw Panamont in Boquete, R.P. to meet all "reasonable" e hard it Is in our state to find
be 2207Gaesvl Street I senses incurred by next of kin citrus products generally avail-
Washington at home" to any church of Saviour who make such a trip, able in hotels and restaurants.
r eThey tr de aan n ie r ano Hd e said if the Communists a Let us strive to make good
friends en Wednesday evening hethrd annual Fair and make goodon their offerhe oranges and rapefruit a n d
2, at the home of Mr.mand Barbecue on the grounds of the sc interei. not~a tax- citrus, uices readily available in
Porter licHan, Margarita. Episcopal Church of Our Saviour, .ayer In our country w h o all public eating places, at rea-
P.ii_ O -New Cristobal, will be next Fri- woiud object to shin what- sonable prices, to our visitors. I
6:y3 daY. from 3:00 to 10 p.m. ever the trip mays t." earnestly hope that the citrus
Oupen At Col g ,.u mom- Meals will be served from 5:00 TheV s ement told industry will cooperate to the

arth e M. 0 .a.,fu llet-wly this months. oaremartukjoad ,na
e u with nal te he families they must gon at our schools are
'Entertained at U l A band co ert by "hI the Communists yet, for these in making this reality.
Members ofI thee a enoug ;e"s pschuc
'.m o lan eg Bo m ro l at .ned te Nations ands goh Aogother manor problem, suaidt
twh o have been stopping here etd hnese radio at Purse n Colthroughout the nation, is a fieldu-
urig outh American tour conscience encourage those that should be trusfruit.goroue said pro-
M.hih Ef deapro fer ,rltchs -was-- MOBh, A a 2ee tr mad .off gotwig po fasf new
Cu _.,-, X., o .d mhekks must be
... ...____ _____e__~I_~. '_,-Ge ral a g Ha nim a isk ioldfo und *eu tliq.distrlbut eon
M a- 'nsg M -t-os,-whos- ---m Scduringde heir talks in h e she e nor alh at o a ut he
e "o-to r. e rtin-o No pr ew y lthis month. Hat narakJo thlarnd
jinte s wtnwenlt to Red China to seek the ,"Chilaren in our schools areut
p orormV!nN4. ,.h 4on Floida L r itl, ee uhof American airmen lm- using more and more citrus. And
aeter ta ed at eUnion b he pr open t s o ee out ar'isOnnd ba nthe Communists. lyet, for their own good, they are

AVer givetotire. Juats Lopse Icld in heV Ial w s aThey heaeay thev e oror tuat
Members of the. Chamber oe M n r ri huassed Te Sate De partment an- not using enough The school
commerce of Uortland, Oregon.,_ mn.ounced "the United States gov- program, not only in Florida, but

who have been stopping heror at Inlan n erviet be nent cannot of course in throughout fr the nation, is a field
during a tSouth American tour tood conscience encourage those that should be vigorously devel-
were ntertaened at the Union .n ,whomayi w sh to gointoanarea oped." ,
y stday by panara Air- MOB Ala. an.nt portsad: "Se norma proteneralctions ofDag
McLeMiss Jilm Laa de Lope of The transaction was onerp. of the Han Americas passport cannot bea- The governor also advated
he Conuic Side ento Plcet ained withrtargest shipping deals in-n recent bout the safety of those mem- soulgh program of research tL.
the visitors with lna~nman of all cap ialstock of the "m-- I t upbraided the Reds' for the combat such disease as "citrus
music for M Matos, Inviting atarsP and bers of familes wishing to visit eclne" and to develop new
rge roup o riends.Gulf Florida Termon-alCoem., In. hina ught uon therisonersr me Buct and by-products from.
M Entertained The properties were b o ug h t fn imme and brantely lift the offer as-the fruitm
SJ. Humphreys of th e United Staterman ea or 8de .ned rimarilens to achieve "For, Wo that any of us now
artagehts entertainm Wed. He announced he w main but an A roses telegram know, the new orange and grape-;
iMwlta pkeplace on Jan,3 a e n b-1 fruit juice crystals which are be- t
astray thea dest pfd honor at Jint annouc cment by Cerand t t iers fmby e ls theme. ying produced for the first time
Sermon VanZ ldcorman Nicholson e Waitthe them Informthat ion aboute- this season may In time become r

i llmig Jan.27. n sh tof tsecuritycom-de gMients to those who accept the Bo n Thse
Oe eta p e rgetwn, s.C., Char- ls ean ofhe gly se w even more popular than powder- s
Dr. and Mrs. Harry Eno are ton ny. C cksonve la., merican amen t ailhumed as "ses." coffee.
..., s ousI z Included In the sale were sev- hgthey have esusd the de-g
at her Ft. t lic homresidence. Mmi Tampa, Panama city anused byTwo are cn ans also held citrus growers for being amongn
S a vit to guests partiacus Psaola Mobile, Ala., New pee esAn officandal Uthe N.our poesmanthe few former n s in tchrd Fcteauntry
SOrleans, .alveston, eand Houston, rmn shot down during th o- ciret ciry-eneral gn-
Miss ilma Lr d opeof Thetraex. sace n War d has no t released with tenced With the 11 airmen.
th acificSide enterta to proined witharest shipping eals recenbout the safety of those mem-will a, on L. Wallace L.
a tea for Min Matos, imvitin a years". .. ibers of families wishing to visit Brown, IBanks, Ala.; Lt. John.W.
large group of friends., McieLan of Winston-Salem, N. d'China to see their men." Buck, Armathwalte, Tenn. Air- a
-e ... -- C., raluso pirates McLean Truck-i The State Department did n man ve E. Kba Jr. Akron,
MA.. n senn.weIb long hCo., one of the 10 largest Inimmediately lift the ban on tray- 0.; A, irman Harry M. Benjamin

hBell, was oted Into the club and hea-lan ced t e m but an Air Force telegram upon the e of W.nnewood, Pa. Va

e the official business s ida hbut-. But he said regular aro-pas-ndthe fliers' fam ilies impromisoned A- el.Sc hmidt Por-
supp er was servedan seve.cntinue weekly service would be contin- mereanss a harrowing dilemma," on about. Tlan, ., Howard W.
The white elephant was won after the new service sa i- the State' Department said. h airmen sentenced as
The club pre dent, Mrs. Leslie McLean also said his trlcks-g Eleven of the rdu is onera Pelping A-oth is. h y i
rWl. and snced that a care c pston, S C ofl purchalie ,from Jmeican. to Jan. 10 that the Jih TDnexam ye Br tam i

prwill be held net month 8re Ant an A"a" Red M y of na g to ves htmaeresa
,k in their Atlantic Sde home ,-Miami, .Tampa, Ppnaa City andi Two are civilians also held a s IConn n d T iowey, C.. Fectau,

ember attending w Mr. wicT he will combine ih S mentI Wa r bu t not released with reca- edr w to ex e airmen. s
ee MI uMewest holding aid i company other war prisonthe prOers. ot he

CrMSipom lrs. cart Gree, Mrs. It was nlot know that "ar- flf.eatumg moths scared eand1
, Mrs. Louis One of Amec's largestbre" for the is uldlived O cause millions of dl-
prt ari.. flourishes i Pyramidk W U. N. observers regarded the la worth of tree damage.
S- ada, in the idst ef seared des- announcement of permission for
?ape to em ert and bter eesalcal-Ianeu wa- kin to visit the prisoners as the
'Sa gw at Hotel Pa- ts. most optim sthe l- RADIO- REPAIRS
ed American wuld= reled. Rapid Ser
They thoht t nliely ChouRaid Servie
Should have made this extraor- Pick-up & Delivery
MEMOML SI IS FO THE ATE os If the Chinese Finest Parts Used
Reds Intended keep the flers
a la lAuthorized distributors
.10 Wait i dow, i TSw alW"AN.e -
m"ase Kam m I W4 p Service Dept. for

who died in St. PsWabrg Flrida. January 21. som, Met e W CR
S Ms, w Mbe hql as the Ohuroh of Our vimer,, 6 mefsI I ad j r- WEIOR BOEN
Thd i Now rietabe, Jan y u 2a 1965 at i 1hvd i' NATIONAL MAGNECORD
COLa r. a Jr. .Over Tropical Electronics
"M* Rem M. WAL W- Cb n wtMis etett 1. a" L45th St. No. 3

-. 3' wm y: Tel. 3.1252
uII.; Iswumt

SWhy Top-Quality

ro Get In Fla. .

who have not gone begging to
the federal government for price-
support programs."
"It looks to me as if the Flor-
ida citrus industry is getting a-
long all right," said Collins.

Bethel Mission
Church To Hold
Week Of Services

NEA Food and Markets Editor
A large basket of New Jersey
sweet potatoes was sent to us yes-
terday. They not only taste good
but are also a rich source of vita-
min A. We baked some and
served them with roast loin of
pork. Made a fine dinner.
Often we make sweet po-
tato pudding and serve it with
roast chicken or turkey. It's a
rich and special dish and easy to
make. Use boiled sweet potatoes
(or canned ones), lots of butter
or margarine, brown sugar, and

The Bethel Mission Church at "llp *IIamond.
Paraiso will conduct a week of ,Btter a round casserole dish
evangelistic services starting Butter a round casserole dish
evanglii sv starting and place a layer of sliced boiled
tomorrow through next Friday. sweets on the bottom. Sprinkle
There will be different speak-with brown sugar and chopped
ers, lively singing, stirring ad- nts and dot liberally with butter
dresses and special numbers each or margarine. Repeat layers un-
night. til dish is filled, being very lib-
Tomorrow evening at 7:30, eral with butter or margarine.
Elder JHeights. WeRodgers, pastor of. bakes, poke with fork occasion-
the Salemt Church, Paraission Church Co- Over top pour about. S1 table-
Ion will be the guest speaker. On spoon pure maple or 'maple-fla-
Monday and Tuesday nights it bored syrup. Cover dish and bake
will be Rev. Beebee, pastor of in moderate oven (350 degrees
the First Baptist Church at Bal- F.) for one hour. As pudding
boa Heights. Wednesday, Rev. sid. bakes, poke with fork ccasion-
Walters, pastor of the First Bap- ally to permit the melt 7:30. teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon ground
twist Church, Paraso,and on or margrioes, 2 toabl get about. Serve
Thursdayand 'FrayRev, John very hot. .
MacGregor,or butter, 3apln eggs unbeatof Ften, 1 teob-
be. Southern Sweet Potato Pie
Services will be held e sech (Yield: servings)
night under Building 131 beside
the Paral gymnasium co the Three-quarters cup sugar,eheated
mensing at 7:30. teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon ground
cinnamon, 1 teaspoon ground gin
fl/l,1l )A ger, Vs teaspoon ground cloves,
RuAt ?VKUM 2 cups mashed hot cooked sweet
potatoes, 2 tablespoons margarine
--- or butter, 3 eggs' unbeaten, 1 tea-
WOMAN ESOUDNTHTELL Am 9-inchunbaked pastry shell.
WOMAN SHOVDN'T TELL A, Mix the first five ingredients.
MAN Add sweet potatoes and marga-
n f t t arine or butter. Mix well. Cool.
Even if true there sire some Beat in eggs. Stir in grated lemon
things it isn't wise for a woman rind and milk. Pour into a 5-inch
That marriage sus y Pie shell. Bake 40 to 50 minutes
That marriage vs usually the or until done in a _preheated hot
woman idea, even when she sells oven (400 degrees F.).
that M. +uca.

tat id mea to a man so subtluy ne
thinks he swept her off her feet.
That the reason a woman appre-
ciates a man's efforts to help with
housework is purely a matter of
sentiment. Any competent house-
wife can clean a house quicker
alone than with the good-inten-
tioned help of the average man.
That knowing what not to tell
a man is one of a woman's greatest
assets in getting a long with him.
That though she may complain
about a man's "helplessness" a
wife wouldn't for the world have
her husband able to get along with-
out her. When a wife goes away
rom home she is happy to hear
hat her guiding hand is sorely
That she isn't capable of having
as good a time at an all-woman
gathering as he is of enjoying him-
self at an all-male get-together.
That she is fully aware that he
s as dependent on her strength
as she is on his.
That the hobbies she shares with
him are more the result of wanting
to share his Interests than in her
being interested in the hobbies as
That for all of her efforts to re-
form him, she would have little
respect for him if she could turn
him. into exactly the kind of hus-
band she thinks she would like
lm to be.
That no matter how understand-
ng he is, if she really wants some-
ne to understand her point of
iew she talks a matter over. with
a close woman friend.

Wich colo i .

Yl^t^H0, I* *''"j

Whichever it is. you can
trust to find the loveliest,
the right haircdlor for you.
R o u x halroorlgS, will
make every visible strand
glow with youtager-loklng
color and beauty!

DistriMbter lthe "W-k
e f Panama| a".a
C hanM sad sugar Muur. a A (.of C..-e
H "uI, vos *O A ***.
No. A"W I keet

Engineer GuardiaTi

Of Plans For Darienl

.. inTae

- Sacrame.I Tierrow
pie who listen with respect to what ,
the human body tells them, there Members of the Order of Saint
would be no question of granting Vincent connected to St. Peters
Sara new dignity as a person who Church, La Boca, will make a
has crossed from childhood into corporAte communion tomorrow
puberty. morning in tribute to the patron,
But we civilized people like to saint of the order.
pretend that nothing meaningful The Order of Saint Vincent is a
has happened to Sara's body, national guild for acolytes, with
though it is 'capable of mother- headquarters in Washington, D.
hood. This is very confusing to C. Members are obligated to
Sara, whose biology insists on one make- a corporate communion
thing and her Aunt Dot, another, each year within the octave of St.
HER own uncertainty makes Sa- Vincent's day, which falls on Jan.
ra very sensitive to our charity or 22.
lack f it. If we fail to realize this The Rev. John Spear, chaplain-
and do not support her right to warden of St. Peter's chapter, will
new dignity, our failure'-will be be the celebrant and preacher at
remembered in the adoles c e n t this service, which begins at 7.
flight ahead. a Morning prayer and chu r c h
Time and again, the fits of irri-Ischool follow 10 a.m., and at 7:30
station that suddenly seize on peo- p.m. will be evensong and sermon.
pie of Sara's age are resentment
at our refusal to accord new sta- W. A. Installation
tus that is their biological right. Th officers-elect .of the Wo.
It is even unwise to rebuke them Iane Auxiliacers-ef St e wo r's
in terms associated with their an'sCh Auxiliary f Stalled on Mondat r's
childhood. I, for example, had a Cnurch were in stalled on Monay
relative who was prpne to correct evening by the district president,
all that was unlovely in me as a Mrs. Rex Sellens. ...
small girl with the words, "That Comprising the administration
isn't sweet." for this term are Mrs. Edith Brown
I can still remember my sense president; Mrs. Ethlyn Ingleton,
of outrage when she applied the vice president; Mrs. Eulean Har-
phrase to some 13-year-old corn rLs, secretary; Mrs. Wihelm i n a
meant I had made. I knew then as Layne, assistant secretary; Mrs.
I know now that it was used to Mildred ,Parris. treasure; and
thrust me back into the convenient Miss Virginia Wallace, chaplain.
nonentity of prattlerhood.
We all have similar experiences. / Let's use them. ..A me can f7enU

Pays 2% Interest Annually on Savings Amcent


We make loans with guarantees on firnt mortgage
or other securities.
25c. SOc. $1.0 and $5.


deposits are accepted thru a period
;9t 48wkeks%4
Individual safety deposit boxes, for Jewelry and
documents. in 4 different sizes.

IN Central Ave. at
eerow of "I" street

. A. DcROUX,

Proet St. at eenrs
of 7th 8t.


Vri $:N a.m L to U:3O c .
SATURDAIYSta fr M asm. to U:0M p..


nwm there irp
It maly a look the msae i
bottle but it m very
dftreet whea ym drik it.

How erys to Jb l f
S yo bay OiP

Rum is always marked:-

pnouc1u c

51~aft~--: 'v'. 't-FC: q...~ -1~~

The weekly meeting of the Cris- gathered hr
tobal-Colon Rotary Club held ElMtIhe
Thursday at the Strangers Club, Guardia
was presided over by Mr. James portant part of
Butler, Jr., club president, can Highway not only fbo
Tomas Guardia Jr. Head of the tire project, ati 6 lm Rt
cartographic office of the Inter- the econmmy of P
American Highway, Panama Sec- it is hoped thsatast
tion and professor of architecture start as early t
at the University of Panama was Committee repo
the guest speaker, and offered an standings of the
interesting talk on projected plans League by Osmond
for the construction of the link In livery of rice to the
the Pan American Highway from Home by Ray Nash, d W
Panama to the Colombian bord- nouncement y P ul Beck
er. gram chairman, tat t
meeting, Jan. would be h
Guardia has made two explore. the Cristobal Armed Sntevie
tory trips through Darien, one CA, with J. C. GrQ'nr of t
directly across, and one following York Office of the Afrted ^
the suggested route oft he highway ices Department of the YMCA
from the City of Panama to Co-. speaker.
lombia. Besides our speaker Guardl
The engineer observed that con- the guests were Miguel Ab.o
trary to many opinions an inland Colon, guest of Jose ev
route for the road was not only Constantino Villalaz from
feasable but presents less difficul- guest of Tony Tagaro i
ty than will be experienced in Gump from Colon o
building the road to Costa Rica dur; Edward Castano from
in the north. IBogota guest of Mao1120
He estimated that bout 200 miles Captain of
of highway would link together Danginn, uet of
the countries of Panama and Co- Rotarian Tracy ve
lombia, and would cost about $30,- Miami guest of Albert
000,000, an amount not considered Rotarian Garden Shekeo f
excessive in view of overall Pan Panama as guest of rank
American highway costs.
The inland rather than the coast
route is preferable as it presents REGULATION
fewer construction obstacles, and
also will open up productive re- NEW HAVEN, Conn. (UIP'
gions hitherto inaccessable to de-jThe Greater New Haved R
velopment because of lack of trans-1 rant Association d
portation to markets., some with its lack of
A commission has been set when it announced the msau
up which will make a survey of its annual banquet. It served
the route suggested, using the icup, soup, salad, chicken, i
data and information already Icream and coffee.


Institution Guaranteed by the Sta .







&.---.---.-------- ---.- ..3


If You Have a
;" You Need
A 'ew Amazing Natural
Waste Destroyer. Kills
Odon0 and Reduces Mass
at Ljw Cost. Money Back
Guarantee of Satisfaction.
'29 Central Ave.
Tel. 3.0140

On. A. and E. ORILLAC
S.(Palmer Graduates)
9 12 and 2 -- p.m.
Saturday: 8 12 noon.
I Pert Avenue TeL 2-136m
(1 block from Lui Theatre)I

'lyoli (4th of July) Ave. No. 1t
t (next to Braniff office)
rm.vrellow Instructor George-
rtown Univ.. Washinston. D.C.
!etraw District Dentist Pedro MiSUa)
* and Gamboe. C.Z.
e iionze4 in: PROSTHODONTIA
(denture and Brfldewevki.
AIBllaA8IV (new technique
for deal ( liUns).
4s ervicee In: X-ray Sursery -
4o4dqlpta and Children Dentistry.
mne.: Panama (28) 2-2011
it 'far appolntments.
I: a.m. to 12 noon 2 .m. to
r pm .n. dally.






IRIA PRECIADO treoe No. 13
-KISON ss of July Ave. & J st.

Justo Aroeeman Ave. and S lt.
182 iLa Carraqullla

Central Ave. 149
No. 3 Lottery Plaza
Fourth of July Ave.

Agenda maternal de Pubilealones

Parque Lefevre 7 Street
160 Central Ave.

143 Central Ave.
50 Street No. &3
J. rco. de Ia Osla Ave. No. 41

Via Zpa6a No. 34

FOR SALE:-1950 Plymouth 2- ,
door Sedan. Excellent throughout.
Let your mechanic check it first!
$750. Phone Gatun 5-579.
FQR SALE:--1940 Nash Sedan.
Good transportation. Cheap. Tel.
2-3363. House 6338, Los Rios.
Row No. 29, Panama, we hove
for immediate delivery German
Fords in all types a n d models.
Phone 2-4721 Panama.
ATTENTION auto owners:-We
have for immediate shipment
1955 Models Ford Victoria
Coupe, Mainline Fordors, Cus-
tomline Fordors, 8-passenger Sta-
tion Wagons with Fordomatic.
Agencies .Cosmos, Phone 1625
Colon, Melendez Ave. and 16th
Street-Your Friendly Ford Deal-

FOR SALE: Pontiac Station
Wagon, 1951 model, six cylin-
ders. Apply "Cia. General de Se-
guros," Johnny Arias.

FOR SALE: Highway 8 ton
trailer, brand new. Apply at In-
versiones Generales, S.A., Ave.
Jose Francisco de la Osso No. 38.
FOR SALE:-1951 Ford Victoria
Hardtop. Excellent condition
throughout. Call Curundu 2130.

Help Wanted
WANTED: Cook and general
housekeeper. American family.
Must live in. Inquire House 501,
4th Street, Los Cumbres, Sotur-
day or Sunday.

MODERN o i o n o instruction.
Rapid method for beginners.
Coaching for advanced students.
Bennett's Studio, Phone 2-1282.
LEARN SPANISH by Converse-
tional method, used successfully
for 15 years. Mrs. Rormero, Estu-
diante Street 77-A, No.' 2.

Chiang Begins
S(Continued from Page 1)
the Nationallsts had renewed
here their desperate appeals
that American sea-air forces
go to the defense of the Tach-

PENTECOSTAL (Assembly of
God, etc.) Fellowship meetings
Saturday 7 p.m. in Library USO
(JWB) Bulding,, Balboa, C.Z.

FOR SALE:-Limited quantity 9
cubic ft. Firestone, slightly used
refrigerators. For quick sale. Bar-
gain price. On display at FIRE-
STONE, Automobile Row.
CAL PET SHOP, a small paying
business with a big future, un-
able to manage. Phone Panama
3-2845 or 3-5411.
PIS for the exceedingly low price
of $25 each. (Not registered.)
Call 3-2145 from 3 to 7 p.m.
registered, 12 weeks old. Phone
Panama 3-5371 or see them at
"La Choza," 5007 Juan Diaz
Road, near entrance to Old Pan-

FOR SALE: American police
dogs,' puppies, at Sixth Street,
Golf Heights. Phone 3-2807.
FOR SALE: Room oir-condi-
tioner, 1/3-hp., good for a small
office or bedroom. Very economi-
cal $125. Call 3-2506.
FOR SALE: Graflex camera
with accessories, complete devel-
oping and enlarging outfit. All
for $185. Call 3-2506,


Real Estate
FOR SALE:- High lancLdi the
hills overlooking miles of field
and forest; 20 minutes from
center of city on Trans-lsthmian
Highway; water, light, telephone;
1585 meters; part or all; cash
or time. 3-2564, Miss Prija.
FOR SALE: Lots: 415, 416,
417, 418. Total of 2256 sq. me-
ters. Las Cumbres. All 4 facing
highway. Will not sell separately.
SPhone Balboa 3339 or house
6201, Los Rios.
VALLE, furnished modern 4-bed-
room chalet with beautiful hill-
top view. 7'/2 acres. All conve-
niences, including hot water.
Rnlhvin :t n;n

FOSTER'S COTTAdS, one mile
Past Santa Clara. Low rates.-
No reservations necessary.
WILLIAMS' Soata Clare Beach
Cottages-rockgas, refrigeration,
2-bedroom. Phonr Balboo 3050.
Pkillips. Oceanside cott a ge s,..
Santo Clira. Box 435, Balboa.
Phone Panama 3-1877, Cristo-
bal 3-1673.
Gramlich's Santa Clara Beach
Cottages. Modern conveniences,
moderate rotes. Phone Gomboa


FOR RENT:-Small chalet: living
room, dining room, kitchen, bed-
room. Suitable for one or two
persons, Inquire 50th Street No.
6, downstairs.

FOR RENT:-House with three
bedrooms, sitting room, dining
room for $50. Information: Ines,
Apartment 2, Bolivar No. 3019,
3rd Street, Colon.

FOR RENT:-Concrete bungalow.
Three bedrooms, three services,
parlor, dining room, big closed
p o r c h, kitchen, maid's room,
washrooms, g a r a g e, hot water
connections, $135. Sonny Boy,
Sobanas 810. Phone 3-3041.
FOR RENT:-2-bedroom chalet,
1 block from U.S. Embassy, 39th
Street No. 31: Maid's room, two
bathrooms, garage, terrace, near
bus line, $140. Call 3-0068.

FOR RENT:-Chalet three small
bedrooms, living & dining room,
kitchen, garage, terrace and big
back yard. Carrasquilla 643, near
Puerto Rico School.' Price: $65.
For more information call 3-2808
from noon to 2:30 or 5:30 to
FOR RENT:---Chalet: Three bed-
rooms, dining, drawing room,
porch, maid's service, garage.
Ave. Chile, house No. 8, near
American Embassy. Phone 3-
2703 Panama.
FOR RENT:-Good opportunity,
furnished chalet Jn nice neigh.
borhood, hot water Installation.-'
Phone 3-0220.

ATTENTION G.I.! Just built
modern furnished apartments, 1,
2 bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel.
Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished and un-
furnished 2 & 4-bedroorm apart-
ments.. Contact Alhambro Apart-
ments, 10th Street. Phone 1386,
FOR RENT: Small furnished
apartment in beautiful residential
section. 43rd Street No. 13, Bella
FOR RENT:-1-bedroom, parlor-
dininq room apartment in house
No. 45 Ave. Jdse Francisco de la
Ossa. $60. De Castro. No. 24,
Ave. B. Also one furnished apart-
ment suitable for- bachelor or
married couple.
FOR RENT:-Unfurnished apart-
ment, Bella Vista: 2 bedrooms.
cool, modern, sea view apart-
ment, hot water heater, garage,
also available if desired for pur-
chase: stove, washing machine,
refrigerator. Panama 3-0911.
FOR RENT:-Modern apartment,
bedroom, dining living room,
kitchen, bathroom, garage. Near
Hotel El Panama. Unfurnished.
Suitable offices or small family.
Phone Balboa 2870.

FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ment, refrigerator, G.I. inspect-
ed, Via Porros No. 99, Phone

FOR RENT:-Unfurnished apart-
ment, consisting of porch, living
and dining room, 3 bedrooms.
kitchen and independent service.
Apply 43rd Street, House # 15.

FOR RENT:- Furnished apart-
ment for 2 persons. "L" Street
No. 3, first floor, facing Lesseps
FOR RENT: Furnished aport-
ment. living room, dining room,
2 bedrooms, gas stove, refrigera-
tor. Bella Vista.o, 43rd Street No.
FOR RENT: Furnished aport-
ment, for one or two families,
moderate rent. North American
neighbors. Phone 3-0471.
FOR RENT:--G.I. inspected fur-
nished large room with kitchen,
Frigidaire. all conveniences. Op-
posite Ancon P.O. No. 17-18,
4th of July Ave. Tel. 2-5133.
FOR RENT: Completely- fur-
nished t-bedroom apartment In '
private residence, refrigerator.
gas stove. $75 monthly; $70
long term. 48th Stoiest No. 3.
Phone 3-1146.

WANTED:-For ~AeItM o* -. .

REPAIR and Bamboo
Rptton and other furniture. Lum-
Henry, Phone 2-4791.
FOR SALE:--Bargain. Roper 4-
burner gas stove, 36" wide $50;
Apex automatic roll-away dish-
washer, like new $125; electric
water heater $120. Phone 3-
2735 or 3-5057 after 4 p.m.

FOR SALE. Apartment size
household gas stove, all porce-
Slin 60-cycle refrigerator, 60-
cycle Bendix Economat, child's
chest of drawers. Call Ponama
furniture cheap, with option to
apartment, $45. 28th Street E.,
house No. 6-15, Apt. 5, corner
of Peru -Avenue.
FOR SALE:-One 9-cu. ft. refri-
gerator, one davenport, dresser,
bureau, two 25-cycle 10" fans.
Any reasonable offer accepted.
H.W. Bigelow. 310-B Coco Solo.
Phone 3-6-698.

FOR SALE: Mahogany dining
room set, china closet, extension
table and chairs. Reasonable. 3-
2904, Margarita 8201-B, 6th
FOR SALE:-Mahogony love seat
$42; glides with cover $8; .couch
$5; metal dresser $7.50; table
$1.50; trumpet $25; assorted
venetian blinds and miscellaneous
items. 887 Morgan Ave., Balboa.
FOR SALE:-60-cycle Frigidaire,
venetian blinds, end tables, mis-
cellaneus. ,Leaving for States.
FOR SALE:-Philco refrigerator.
60-cycle; Detroit Jewel gas stove;
metal bed with spring and mat-
tress; kitchen table with 5 chairs;.
2 small tables. Buyer may also
rent apartment with telephone.
In Bello Vista area. Phone Pan-
ama 3-5386.
FOR SALE:-25-cycle automatic
washing machine. See at house
5768-A, Apt. A. Sibert Street,
r0| SALE:-Bron4 ndwqTefriger-
, .. cubic feet, 25-cycle for
5239.50. Apply at Inversiones
Generales, S.A., Ave. Jose Fran-
cisco de la Osso No. 38.

Wanted to Buy

S .W ANTED TO BUY:- Household The source sketched a gloom yI ....... .....
SI fOrnishings including kitchen, picture of the Tachens situation, FO RENT
for family with children 3-3646 and voided doubt the 10,000-men
Nationalist garrison could hold Rooms
LOST & FOUND the islands against overwhelm-
g Community air power. FOR RENT: Beautifully fur-
Phone 3-0985 LOST: Identification bracelet Britain has dispatched in- nished room. double couch, re-
engraved Lynn E. Dean, Jr., UF structions to her consul in Tam frigerator, kitchen cabinet, stove.
19421925. Lacona 3428. Sui to protest the sinking of the; bath and private entrance. 52nd
-- British freighter Edendale to the Street No. 3. Phone 3-0638.
Nationalist Chinese government,,
Before you buy a CCdents Greater the Foreign Office said in Lonthey said that as comamnder-
don today. in-chief he already has all the
REFLEX see the HazardThe Foreign office did not dis authority
~Swiss Ref lex Camera TI0 n LE a But t was understood that Brit Ala.), a member of the Senate
|Swiss Reflex Camera Tban.Gun Battles
,l CHICAGO-Ifor the loss of property incurred said he did not see why the Pres-
S You'll buy CHICAGO (UP) Mre po-,w hen Nationalist warplanes dent needs a resolution fro
l(emen are hurt in routine acci-sank the 1717-ton British vessel dthe 7th Fleet Is
d^ dents such as slipping off a curb in the Red China port of Swa- charged with defending 7 Formo-eet is
t MEs ^^ han are shot in gun battles withtow Chaged with defending Formo-
bandits, a study shows. Senate Republican Leader Wil- a
The Civil Serv ,lam F. Knowland indicated in; The President, it was said, be-
Thurged i tha erli ce dAssembly Washington yesterday he expects lives his power to use the 7th
urged that policemen and firemen President Eisenhower to send let became questionable after
for city emp safety y programs Congress a special message next lthe Korean armistice. He ap-
for city employs.week on the Chinese crisis, pos- parently wants to make doublyv
S"Although the nature of their sibly on. the use of U.S. forces sure he has clear congressional
Work may prevent a low record there. authorization.
$,.A PIwMAy m accideits there il no doubt Knowland dropped the hint Tnformed sources said the
that most police and fire depart-. as the United States and its cease-fire talks involve two maj-
menti have a needlessly high fre. allies stepped up their search or proposals-formal action by
DHE A N quency," the assembly said. for a quick way to end the the United Nations to try to ar-
BER THAN POLITICS fighting between the Chinese range a halt to the fighting, and
It said the city of Detroit re- Ntionalists and Communists informal behind-the-salenes talks
tFFALLS, S. D. -(UP)- Dorted a 50 per cent reduction in before it explodes into a major with both sides, presumably by
t Dunn, the unsuccessful lost-time accidents after install- 'war.m such allies as New Zealand or'
-'ratic candidate for the ing a year-round safety program. I Primer Minister Sidney G. Hol- Britain
e& Representatives in the "lankl of New Zealand, a central
sional district, travel- In Cincinnati, the cost for in- figure in the cease-fire effort, ,
miles in the last sixt dustrial compensation used to be $1 lunched with the President be- N clear Energy
of the campaign, and didn't for every $100 of payroll money. fore meeting with Secretary of
e scratch But he was But last year's rate was reduced State John Foster Dulles Th D e N Th e
y to fa vor Do eh erN otTh Threaten
sinbsg with his four-year- to 60 cents, for a saving of about chief exbcutlve and Dulles favr oes Not r
ghter, Carl. after the ele- $86,000, through the installation f a United Nations attempt to end Coal I dJ.sat.
and cracked a rib when he an accident prevention program, hea warlU n Industry
ever a davenport. the assembly said. i Knowland indicated a presit -
dential message was in the of- SPRINGFIELD. Ill. (UP) -
fing when asked about a con- An economist predicts that
f ,erence Thursday between Dulles nuclear energy won't compete se-
PruSITION WANTED Bilingual office and congressional leaders. ril with co for 10 s to 15 ye e
He refused to discuss the meet- SteDr W H Voskuil of the Illh-t
ilerk with many years of experience in all but said he "wouldn't be tate os l t
p es of office routine offers her services. surprised" if a message was sent Ithe Illinois Mining Institute that
For information call 83-5146, Curundu. His statement followed author- displace coal in existing utility
itative reports the President ; .
llak 1 Congress for sp e.ific a-- of dIoskUle saidtthe principal cause
... ..Igesfr e i fiin-ofdeclinmei the coal industr in
S--proval tousefend U.. forces, ifn recent years is that railroads have
essay, to defend Chiang's Islanuf been switching to diesel (oil-burng
bastion of Formosa from Red at- ing) locomotives.
NCAccordin to these reports,
S.American forces also would be
FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY used to evacuate Nationalist
CANAL ONE troops trom the Tachen Is- We can
K 4Chairman Walter F. George of
the Senate Foreign Relations R e t r e a d
Committee said there are strongg
6 Cylinder Mainline Fordors indications" the President may 09 % of
send Congress a message Mon- 99% of
6 Cylinder Cuternline Fordors day "presumably" dealing with
VS Customline Fordor the Formosa crisis. All Tire Sizes
VB Fairlan~ Vietoria C~ou But the White House declined, Al I ire IZeS
V8 Fairlan. Victoria Coupe to say whether the President
V-S Station Wagon 8 Pass., fordomatic plans a special message. It also American. Europeu,
refused to say whether the sur-
At Vol' Fri( Fwd Dealer; ject was discussed at National English
Security Council meeting Thurs-
.da fyand yesterday. GOOD / E
-.. F.Key congressional Democrats
-clear the' wi lgior the will w the E ..)
Pre t _PuthClt to use I. .' e 2-U21

THIS OL' HOUSE: Four members of the Pioneer and Ammunition Platoon, 3d Bn, 33d Infantry
Regiment, construct a- roof on a jungle kitchen near Fort Sherman. The roof, made out of
woven, split palm fronds, is extremely effective when completed. It, like the rest of the build-
ing, is constructed without the use of 'nails or rope, and will be used during forthcoming op- .'
rations at the Jungle Warfare Training Center.


I.u nn rcJJ hi

tment Parley To Spark Zone Red Cross

SHemisphere ExchangElections Tuesday
HemsphereExchanges All Canal-Zone residents wb
are Interested in the work of
S- The American Red Cross have
n the part'of United meeting place for potential U.S. been urged to attend the an-
nessmen, Industrial- Investors and Latin American nual meeting and election of
nanclers in investing I business interests with sounds new members of the board of
Latin America was proposals tor U.S. capital. It is directors which will be held at
re today by M a c k aimed at stimulating the flow of 2 p.m. Tuesday in the Ctnal
e Magazine Interna- U.S. investment capital to Latin Zone Chapter headquarters 16-
esentative from New America," BurKe said. cated in Building 0610-B, Oall-
is travelling. through In adaltion to the City of New lard Highway, adjacent to thql
erica in the interests Orleans and Time-Life Interna- Civil Affairs Building in -AZ-
ter-American Invest- tional, co-sponsors in the Unit- con.
rence, which will be ed States include the Chamber
w Orleans, Feb. 28 of commerce ot the United Reports of the various eoula
rch 3, under the joint States, United states Council of mittees will be presented be-
of the City of New the International Chamber of fore the election of the Board
d Time-Life Interna- Commerce, Investments Bankers of Directors is held, 'it wa an-
lAssocmatlon ot America, the Na- bounced.
o said that scores of Itional Association of Manufac- The elections of officers for
proposals from Latin turers and the United States he coming year will be held by
countries have already Inter-American Council. the board of directors following
ved at conference "Well over sixty interested or- the general meeting.
rs at Tnternational ganizations in .Latin America are

flouse in New Orleans. also co-sponsors of the New Or- nancial sphere through a frank
"U. S. businessmen and inves- leans conference Burke said. and full exchange of views be-
tors have indicated diversified More than 150 Latin American tween businessmen of both can.
interests in investment of cap- businessmen are expected to par- tinents, who speak the same
ital in Latin America," Burke ticipate. language of business, .whether
said. "interest on the part of Latin they speak it in Spanish, E
"Already over a hundred lead- American is widespread,"' Burke lish or Portuguese," Burke sall
ing businessmen 'in- the -U. S. l"Onep Caribbeanteoutryd, anv "TW + fe s f W m
have pressed interestt I a "One Caribbean country plan wo f e n BOO
types ed. tf cpt nvestmenn n vto pd a delete tion-bf nearly Hrt rsosw4d .for' m tf De -
ralng. from mining and -a.. Peop to pr lyfesent nr to i.*e .-ic a v!
cultural pursuits to manufac vesment opportunities. Other dMilfly by each of the -a it
Sand Sctio large delegations are c o in g American eeantries in attiMjd
Sadcopaes ratructnging in size from"Central and South Alher- ance. U.S. participants wi-466
from the largest to medium and kan countries." free to attend these meetings
small-sie operation mehavum ande- The conference is being or- according to their own part.
pressed interest in paint manu- ganized bothas an assembly and cular Interests.
facturing; ice-cream production; as a work-shop.
establishment of small indus- Speakers at general meetings An Investment Opportunity
trial plants; chemicals; joint in- will include men of interna- Service will be operated during
vestments in construction proj- tional eminence in the field of the conference as a means or
ects; Vement and concrete oper- business and industry and there bringing together United States
nations; mining; advertising no- will be ample opportunity and Latin American participants
velties; insecticides; poultry through panel discussions and in the same field.
supplies; fertilizers; farm chem- over-the-table talk for consid-
icals flour milling; sugar refin- eration of specific investment "While there can be no as-
ing; lumber and logging; power ideas. surance that aziT proposals will
plants and many others," Burke "Every effort will be made to find acceptance, Burke point-
said. see that specific proposals are ed out, "the Service will provide
"Latin American interest is properly presented to interested a central exchange t h r o u g h
continuing to increase," Burke investors," Burke said. .which United States business-
revealed. "Each participating country men seeking information about
"Proposals or indications of will be provided with a- room Latin American investment p-
submissions by conference time which will serve as c o u n try portunities and Latin American
include many feldsofinterest headquarters during the confer- businessmen seeking Un ited
These include expansion of op ence. Co-sponsoring agencies States capital will be able to get
rations of construction compa- from the individual countries together."
nies byof increasing present e- will staff the individual rooms
equipment. expansion of gold and and will supply the necessary In sunrmary, the conference
zinc mininopperations by addi- information about their coun- will be conducted in such a way
tional equipment; tire manu- tries, specific proposals f r o m as to provide every opportunity
facture; cement plant -- bus their countries and general in- for the United States investor
transport operations; coffee and vestment climate information. interested in foreign possibill,
livestock plantations; establish- Posters, photographs and other ties to canvass the situation -in
meant of a dairy products plant; promotional material and litera- :Latin American country by-
sale of timbered and prairieture will be provided by the par- country, either in general terms;
lands for farming or grazing ticipating delegations." or in terms of a particular kind
growing of cotton, sugar cane, "Sponsors of thq Inter-Amer- of invEstment; and to enable
rice, potatoes and beans; and loan Investment Conference be Latin American participants, on
others. lieve that much can be accom- the other hand, to put propmoal
"The Inter-American IXnvest- polished to increase inter-conti- personally before United States
ment Conference will serve as anental co-operation in the fi- businessmen and financiers..



' Minimum
SI12 words

H Street Non 57

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J12 atrwvg Xqu -. o

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iLsk I

I psu.: -
SWatlner Brs.. news-
reel with the funeral
of Colonel tT Anto-
nlo Rem6n C.

1:15 3le 5:05 7:00 8:55 p.m. 1240, 2:16, 3:55, 5:35, 1:20, 9:05 p .i. Release of Our First
with Edmond O'BRIEN Ida LUPINO with Tony CURTIS
P- CIA'L New UNIVanSAL news. 11:00 P.
Cornel WILDE Yvonne de CARLO reel with the funeral of the late President "U N D E R C
of the Reouble of Panama. n

1.40 M.3
- Janet LEIGH






'v1CT orA

0.35 -O P
.Douglas Fa rtia Jr.
Joan Crawford

hI bvkEnJAM"

jxcoin BRW

SWette far NA Servic




Swollen River

Floods Paris Streets
PARIS, Jan. 22 (UP) The
swollen waters of the Seine
River streamed into the cellars
of famed Notre Dame Cathedral
tndav and urgedd across streets

V 4fj "y yy 'y in Paris fashionable Passy.
hld ---f 1 ... .... The guardian of Notre Dame's
HOLLYWOOD WitNet: Edna Feber's experience still for a contrived story thatcher NO appeal for help. here fire hous-
with a movie studio will be re- iet dachshund had swallowed all 6QJf a KITTY KALLEN asked her son, es rushed equipment to the me-
vived now that Hollywood's abou ner jewels. 9 83 a sharp six-year-old named Jona- .- dieval church, that is Paris's
to film her latest novel, "Giant." Paulettc pondered the idea for a QJ 8 I than, what accounted for his pres- most celebrated land mark.
She went to a movie based on one moment then said.- ent greatest passion--feeding pea.- Officials said, there was 40
of her stories and after the show- "No, i don't think so. I wouldn't I WEST BAST nut to elephants. centimeters. (One foot. four
inl the studio boss said, want people to think I have only 4K85 6732 "1 like to see them pick the nuts inches) of water over the medie-
'Well, how did you like it?" enough Jewels to fill ONE dachs- QJ4 9 K 10782 up with their vacuum cleaners," val stone of the cellar.
"It's a good movie," replied Ed- hund." A 10 8 5 I he said. Premier Pierre Mendes-France,
na "but t i na't my li I wo. A2 W6J74 announced today he will make an
der if you'll let me by Y story And it was- Vivien Leigh who i 8OUTK (D) Juliana Larson's cat, a beauti- on-the-spot survey of France's
back 1 give it a new title?" said it when she arrived in Atlantai A104 ful Slamese named Monsoon, is flood damage and almost simul-
The boss thought it over and for the premiere of "Gcne WithI VA95 Ian institution-but it almost be- tdneously the murky waters of,
said: "Okey, Edna, but you've got the Wind." The star was met at K74 came an international incident. the Seine River poured over
to give me an option on the movie the railroad station by a band 6 KQ 108 This happened when he and her Paris streets.
right." playing "Dixie." Vivien, turned to North-South vulBedford Sharp, were in[
lo a Hollywood friend, it's said, and Euro h Bu h P The cat is insured for trkla l Nelson Case The swirling waters seeped
rights. s playing "Dixie." Vivien, turned to th t v N Bst A Eurpe The cat is Isured for Patricia Lafman The swirling waters see ed
Edith Terry's explanation for smiled: 4 o* 1 N.T. PWs P p $5000, and the French had never through sandbags hastily p led
Marilyn Monrce's fame: "Isn't that nice. They're playing N. Pa heard of such a thing. So they against the still rising river, and
"D slt with a ishke in their the song from the picture." Opening lead- Q insisted that the cat be listed on known as "lower Case," although flooded the street along the
wake always rate a doubletake." ... Sharp's passport. actually he's taller-is a student Qual De Passy in one of Paris'
wJf M wy w MORIA TURNER was shopping --" Later, Sharp had official ECA at the University of Miami, in most fashionable quarters.
Jeff Morrow danced with a mov- for a sweater and after trying on business to transact in Italy, and Florida. And young Case has his Wharves along the Seine have
ie queen at a Hollywood party several the clerk suggested: How is it possible for a good started off. At the border, they own local TV how and is com- been under water since Tuesday.
and accidentally stpeped on her '"Why don't you step outside and player to g uoown at one no- examined his passport, and there mitted to a TV career. Hundreds of cars splashed
foot. try one for whistles?" trump in the hand shown today? were a lot of questions like "Ou through a foot of water over a
"*a g d flag," she hissed, It actually happened, and South est le chat?" and "where is the "I told him" upper Case says, stretch of about one hundred
"that te producer who cast yea "I Search fbr Adventure," tea- was a good player. Unfortunately cat?" They wouldn't let him cross "that he should be a sensible busi- yards. Police were expected to
in 'Captain Lightfoot' never danced turning world-famous adventurers fcr Soumn, however, West was an until he called his wife in Paris nessman, but no. He had to go be detour traffic.
W1it ow narrating films of their global ex- even better player and she assured the border official an announcer. Bui It'll be fun for
wit -" periences, is a new Hollywood tele- t.-tt the cat was safe and sound us both-we'll both be Nelson Case, The road is the main artery
A iREZN O'HARA went for film entry for national syndication. West opened the queen of hearts, with her. so maybe we can work out a m leading out to SHAPE (Supreme
amto tripwith a couple of Other day famed adventurer Cel. holding the trick., since East had Almost a catastrophe. opoly." Headquarters, Allied Power, Eu-
American pals during a film loca- John D. Craig was about to face signalted encouragement by play- rope).
tioe in Mexico. During the, trip the cameras to tell about his ex. ing the seven of hearts, West con- Blimey, guv'nor, but that Patri. Mendes-France and Interior
the party was twice stopped at citing and dangerous exploits in tinued with the jack of hearts. cla Laffan is quite a gal. Miss Laf- Most of those beauty queen- Minister Francois M. Terrand
road blocks by Mexican gen. 47 different countries and under South held up again, quite proper. fan, Britain's top TV performer "The Girl We'd Mot Like to Be planned to look over the flooded
darmes. Twice they waved Mau- four oceans. ly, and West led his last heart and a leading movie actress, is on Trapped In a Pushcart With" and regions around Paris in the
reen'scar through after she smiled The brave colonel looked at the to force out the ace. her first visit to the U.S., a comrn- the like-are pretty phony. But Sein-et-Oise and Seine-et-Marpe
sweetly: confusion and general bedlam typi- South naturally went to work on bination business trip and vaca- here's one with a scientific basis. this afternoon.
"Friends of the governor." calo f all movie production, turned I best suit by leading the king tiou. The aviation electronics crew f
"I didn't know you knew the pale and said: of diamonds. -This time it was --- the USS Tarawa played records of Be" N
governor one of her pals said "Gosh, this can scare a man." e. wau neld up, thus showing TV TOPPERS ocllthe top girl singers to their Be in Newspaper
vern o t th e hold-up lay works just oscilliscope.
Don't know him." laugh The fabulous prewar parties giv- as well for the defenders as tor JERRY COLONNA ("Comedy
e. "But I met Tom Dewey en in Hollywood by Basil Rath- e declare. Hour," (NBC-TV): I had a bad They found that Joni James e o s l. Pleck
Sbone and his wife. Ouida, cuedi South continued with a low dia break. I bought two decks of cards, voice produced a perfect sine wave
-- wit BDanny Kaye on the enormous, pal- mond, and West played lcw agi u, trimmed the edges, marked the -whatever that is--and nov c Jonn, I ah
O erhl to te.- toMW about ,the ace.nseta of "The Court Jester." allowing dumity to witn with the back sewed the aces in my sleeves is "Miss Oscillisccpe." Goody forjI$ Nel D ea
ring o n~eru e ir owit Iopd ja k. East discarded the nour of ,-oand lost $7000 in an hour. her! En T
ph at der :-hta exprienc ian d n. banIers ying and hun- clubs' ad it was "lear that 'de. Bob Hop.e Lost? How is.that BERLIN, Jan. 2 (UP) -The
Sevui A^UCET of show bnainjss Asier Irma-brali.ed cut e who he turned to Rathbone and said: again profitably. Colonna: It wa a crap game. said today East German Prel-
w in Columbia musical, "I didn't know Oa was giving There was a chance that the Clnna tet wa crhelm Pec suffe red a
di w ith Beverly," lsted her another psrt a p a d u ed would provide enough WEntdr IAat Wnr den t W ec s rd
ilma c i eits fo ano ter studio's a ry e tricks fr th c aso nd She' a tall, handsome, green- ofe W in he stroke yesterday and is n .ear
ula e. Among them adr net l the u en yedbeauty and she waswearing (Continued from Page 2) newspaper said several
oshe included ie e m erit rideL for a finesse. West casual- looked at with green eyes through berry shortcake, so it's not too East German s specialists were
"Reverly with Beverly. ly played a low spade, instead of a red veil, man, youain'thowhere. tough in America." called to the be side of the 79-
Overheard: "There's heon he I Feb. 27 And the green eyes geared as year-od proessionalrevoluton
thing. you can be sure of when a It wasn't unnatural for South to she talked about how she likes it ary in his official residence, Nie-
woman driver puts e other hand a el believe that his finesse had suc, here. One thing wevtake for grant. derschoenhausen Castle, in East
riveFor Far cilion needed. -He led a low spade from ed that she.loves is our air. Three veteran songwriters. Pete Berlin.
-she's alive Vthe dummy and finessed the ten "The air' so good here," she Wendling, Sam Lewis and George Similar rumors swept Berlin
W EN PAULETTE GODDARD TOKYO, Jan. 22 (UP) -Prime of spades, whereupon West pro. said. "If I'd batted around as Meyer, have a song with a future but they could not be confirm-
s a reigning empress at Para- sister Ichiro Hatoyama today duced the king of spades to win much in England as Lhave since in it. Title: "I Wonder." Jane ed.
amount some years backe a studio --mally announced plans to the trick. West then cashed the I've been here, I'd have circles Froman thrushed it for Capitol. Pieck long has been in ill
mount some years sted that he j dissolve the lower House of the ace of diamonds and got out with down to here. But the air is so Don't complain about your wife's health. He had a serious stroke
press agent awordWide publicity Japanese parliament and tohold a spade, forcing South to win with good-no circles." goldfish. Richard Aldrich's bock two years ago but he recovered
codgea____ po_ _\a fair and clean election" Feb. the ace. Nope, not even an arc. about his late wife (Gertrude Law- after treatment in the Soviet
27. At this stage South was re- Patricia is going to give our rence) reveals she once had two Union. He was in Russia when
The House ,of Representatives duced to his four original clubs. panel shows-she call them "pan- Siamese cats, a peke, an English the East German June 17 revolt
S Oc f t I WS s expected to be dissolved next He led the king of clubs hopefully, el game"-a whirl. In England, sheep dawg plus two canaries.... took place.
'v- -y. but West carefully refused the he appears on several. She also Howard Kingsbury of the one-time Pieck was a professional revo-
prime minister said that trick. South desperately led the makes TV films there which are star vaudeville song- and dance lutionary who devoted his life to
e annual meeting of the Lo- his 6overnmen't policy was to queen of clubs next, but this time shown here-she's in many of "The team (Kingsbury & Hall) is now the Soviet cause. As a reward,
The annuancil, mernational B strengthen and consolidate the West took the trick with the ace Vadis." And her latest movie head barman at the Bryant Park he was elected President by the
acout. of the Calna. l one was nation's self-defense power and of clubs. ies, she was Nero's wife in "Quo Tavern at 40th and 6th. The pet rubber-stamp East German par-
hoe t the Pralso hool this peedily establish and independ- He could now lead to East's Vadi." And her latest movie, thirst-quencher spot for Broadway lament when the Soviet zone
eld he Prient defense setup so as to make established jack of clubs, allowing"Devil Girl Frm Mars," Great stagehands. .Add showcaffy re- government was established in
week t ere the possible an early withdrawal of East Jo cash the king of hearts I Britain's first venture into outer portage in the N. Y. Times: "It October 1949. He was reelected
Special f tu were e apm the foreign armed forces (A- to defeat the contract. space, will soon arrive. She plays would take a casuitry of the most last year.
provl of the Camporee program erican) stationed in Japan." the Devil Girl in question, involuted type" They mean
and Ia tinM o f th f"olwi) His diplomatic policy was "aim- i -- i g -- g "Panel games are quite differ- dee thinking ... Eavesdropp e d: Nature provides her own uran-
comm to plan B oy ScouTed at ensuring world peace and ent here," she said. "They seem "Wat's Marilyn Monroe's trou- ium test borings on the Colorado
Week for 1955: Romeo iller, enpce and to change when they cross the ble? She's making money faster Plateaus. Mineralized zones ex.
chalrman, NathanMS.,BryaWi ith other nations" he said in || ocean. 'What's My Line?' is much than she can count iut" posed by erosion on steep cliff
Ilamn Jump, William Arthur, a speech before a "lame ducki,, faster in England. And you do our "Yeah, but not fasterhan the walls can be detected without
Daniel T. Foster and Verneel E. session beof parliament duck"A.IUo 'One Minute Please' much faster guys around her can count it." costly drilling.
session of parliament. here."
e Olans will include honor- 60 0.30 Commercial TV, Miss Laffan re.
SCo H. 0. Paxson, president G Knight Says ports, is due to start in England
of Coucll 801, Boy Scouts of A- 1 f July. It'H cot about "1fiveo quid"n
IfWleri 8 moore, HeWillNot Run Shows: 12:50, 2:1, 2:55, -fvlyte pod about $1&-te con. FLOTA M ERCANTE GRA
ph .. Moore, who ince r 7:20, 9:05 p.m. vert an exiting British TV set -.wo

1q "" i"s up we sew commercial
Al S channel. After seeing her first TV
o eA f ads, she's quite impressed.
SI'm going to have to try that
ipstick that doesn't smudge," she
Sa She's full of British expressions
that seem brand new. Did ycu
Sever hear anybody say, "Bob's-
jeyour-uncle?" It means, more or
less "it's a deal." And instead of'
saying she was "on radio." she
aid she was "on sound." But
there's one thing that needed no
explanation-those green eyes.
coc !
We're liable to have two Nelson
SCases before long. The old estab-
i shed Nelson Case Is the very
succeful TV aanouiner. His son,
SNelson, Jr. inevitably, he's

nearly eight years ago, has been ForP resident i
its treasurer, was g v e n a SACRAMENTO, Calif., Jan. 22
",Thanks Badge" and a letter at 4JP)-Republican GOov. Goodwin
a special ceremony held during J. Knight of California said to-
the course of the meeting. Moore day he will not be a candidate
is Returning to the United States. for President in 1956. The gov-
The presentation was made by ernor added he will support pres- I
Alfred Z. Osborne veteran coun- ident Eisenhower.
oil member. IKnight told a news conference
The observance of a minute of that "I'm for President Elsen-
silence by the entire assembly hower...I hone he'll be a candl-W
In memory of Col. Jose A. Re- date and I think he will be."
man C., assassinated Presidentl Asked if his olede -of sup#rti n
f the Republic of Panama,.went to Vee President RichM g -
.brsght the morning's session to M.. Nixon, a fellow Californl
a dose. .. nFht rolledd: I'm for whoever
The afternoon session,, devoted the President is for."
an"oig other things, to nonalna-
tlon, electitlon and installation of ..
offteen resulted a fllowas: lis
L. Fawcett, presaldent (re-elect-
ed); 0. L. A. Davis. lat vice-pres-
t BE p Perkins, 2nd vice-
: Alfred IL. Osborne,
So mmlsloner (re-electedI. I
Thq Imtbllation ceremony was a
f1 WJ.Z. Mom. retir-e .

Squadron 45

low Comdr.. ..STIre. I .. I

et *as- T 11A W -,s

-re t It o aft he he d af " oaU wa _w r
.ftwn." ".r.t o _was t ofw-so e e a
Mo tg MA I ft, lumh.m. .-
-e. -t I -m'

Ii1 -- -






SPIRITUAL PUSH-Six "Fraternitas" monks, who tour Italla
Communist-infested areas to preach the gospel, giv their o0 |
reluctant Fiat a shove in Bologna. Called "Flying Missionaries,
they direct their campaign to Italian workers who have flock ,
to the Communists in northern industrial areas.
-- II "- F



DIABLO HTS. 615 8:3(
Technicolor i
Sunday "APACHE"


MARGARITA 6:15 8:0
Techntolor 1


,5~ 0'


"APACHE"- Colo!t "
'B *KANSAs PA-e miC
9LMIO DVrcHsAW" e~st
I ACZ- WA, t
dy A SLASn"
**'***'***^ ^*" *"*"******(i.S


CRISTOBAL 6:15 8;-
Spencer TRACY
Cinemascope Colort
Also Showing SUN. MON

.: --4.










I. ll^


M/V "CIUDAD DE CAL" Balboa, Canal Zone, January 22, 1955




- TELEPHONES: CRISTOBAL 2998, 1760, 2535

- m -m i

Inauguration of



11 p.m. UNI-FCOVER" -

84' x 40'

LI: -~-- ~Y

- m- 7-r r6~. ~*

_ __

--- -Ii ~~...~I..-

_ ____ __ ___

I If~ # S 177I

~ ___ __

_ ___ ____~~~__






' I




ankees Defed League Lead In inl To
ankees Defend ue In wnWTon

i okers Trim Margin

Vith 8-1 Victory Over

st Place Sodamen
-, o0-

*TEAMS- Won Lost Pct.
lbikees.. .... .. .. .. 16 9 .640
fSokers.. .. .. .. .. 14 10 .583
Sodamen.. ... .... 8 19 .296
Smokers 8. Sodamen 1.



Easy I

Moore, cf
Brathwalte, Al
Lopez, 3b
Brathwaite, Ar
Lewis, lb
Orenald, If
Gladstone, If
McDonald, c
Houradeau, ss
Socha, p
Alonso, p
Charles, p


2b 4
rf 2

0 2
2 1
0 3
0 3
0 0
0 7
0 2
0 2
2 3
0 1
0 0
0 0
0 0
0 0

31 1 4 27 12
Kellman reached first on
fielder's choice for Socha in 7th.
Thorne walked for Ar. Brath-
t.p. In oth.

Joe Brown To Arrive Tuesday,

Tickets Go On Sale In Colon

Powells Defeat Casanovas

In Atlantic Twi-Loop Debut

Atlantic Twilight Baseball

Smokers- 4 Teams W L Pet.
TONIGHT'S GAMES (2) 6:30 At Panama Naragon, c 4 0 1 7 0 Navy 1 o 1.000
Smokers (Pritts 3-2) and (Robinson 3-3) Austin, as 3 0 0 3 1 Powells 1 0 1.000
Osorlo, E, lb 4 1 1 7 1 C0S 0 0 .000
SVS. Parris, 3b 3 2 1 2 0 Casanova 0 2 .000
Yankees (Douglas 3-3) and (Harris 5-2). Tuminelli If 3 2 2 1 0 --
Prescott ,rf 2 1 1 5 0
By J. J. HARRISON JR. radeau' at second. Bernard how- powis, cf 4 1 1 0 0 Thursday Night's Results
S m ever, failed to touch the bag and Bernard, 2b 3 1 1 2 5 Powells 7, Casanovas 4
%'he Smokers take on the C.V. all hands were safe. Fitzgerald, p 1 0 0 0 1 Sunday's Twin-bill
Ankees this evening at the This was all for Fitz as Hughes Hughes, p 1 0 0 0 2 Powells vs. Casanovas (1:30 p.m.
Olympic Stadium in a double came in and made' Clarence 27 8 8 27 10 first game)
header with the first game Moore fly to right, but Alonso Score by innings:
starting at 6:30. Brathwalte was given a base on Sodamen 000 000 100-1 4 1 By Trevor Simons
Harry Pritts will oppose Char- balls, forcing in McDonald from smokers 000 003 14x-8 8 2 .
ley Douglas in the seven-in- third. Hector Lopez then fanned Runs batted in: Prescott 2, Al. After a week of steady rainfall
aing opener and Humberto Rob- and Archie Brathwaite was out Brathwaite, Naragon, Powis, Ber- that caused.the postponement of
inson and Bill Harris battle each, pitcher to first. nard. Earned runs: Smokers 8. 5 Atlantic Twilight Leagl4.base-
other in the second contest. i In the bottom of the seventh Left on bases: Sodamen 13, ball games, the loop finally got
b A double win for the Smok- Bernard was hit by Alonso on Smokers 5. Sacrifice hits: Lewis one in on Thursday night. Pow-
erso would put them out in the first pitch and was sacrificed Socha Prescott, Hughes. Stolen ells, making their debut for 1955
,frout by one-half game and to second by Hughes, Bernard bases:' Austin, E. Osorlo. Hit by against the Casanovas, scoredin
manager Stanford Graham, coming in to score when the next pitch: Alonso (Bernard). Wild runs for pitcher Noel Gibson n
fully aware of this elementary batter, Hal Naragon, singled to pitches Fitzgerld, Socha 2. the very first inning and went
statistic, told this department right. Struckou by Socha 3; by Fitz- on from there to score a '7 to 4
4Wsemorning, 'I am not mak- What had been a good game gerald 4; by Hughes 4. Base on win.
rqyi predictions on the out- became a farce in the lower balls off Socha 4; Alonso 2: Fitz-
I-of tahis evening's games, Ihalf of the eighth. Ellas Osorlo gerald 3; Hughes 5 Pitchers
il can say one thing for singled to right and stole see- :^ord: och3 runs, 4 hits in 6 S O
if t. We will be going all out ond. Parris and Tuminelli walk- i sPasrd.dSportn hitss I I -
icdp both matches and. if ed. With the bases full Prescott Ftzgerald,1 rr,, hts aisJo "
St, et e e team, in- field to left and Os and O lo and Par- innings (noneoutsin 7th);.
ng all my pitchers will ris scored as Gladstone threw Alonso, 5 runs, 4 hits in 1 in----
s" a action the ball far over McDonald's ning. Errors: Smokers 2 (Fit- s
Sto head at home plate. A single by gerald, Ooro So d a nm n 1 paralso intramural boys soft-
oie same teams fly to David, ad a double b Bn (Gladstone). Losing pitcher: o- ball league finally got on the
Srow brought in the final twotallies, cha (1-4). inning pitcher: Fitz-way nesday afternoon be-
e Smo et a ki with Charles taking over and ral d(3-1). Doubeplays: Lo- fore es tero n
o the skept pe a ith ng Hughes fly to enter and pez, Lewis. Umpires: Thornton, rowd
at the Yankees' l ea d as they retiring Naragon unassisf eted atn Williams, Parchment. Time of The opener was a thriller on
atthe S.C. Sodamenp8 to -Ir. game--231. diamond No. 1 with Oswald
g t to-m thi n 'one and Tuminelli for the winners wlnth -- d odef e R-
i t s dJohn waite and McDonald for the los: ld Hoeder e ttle ireld1te.
a mes ofste d tw o tee and Aons Br Little League Red m sre te Vonly
third so era with two for four were the Litt e e ag ue runrin the 5thD on a ngl D y
an histhird win against fourC,.R ot P lifton Bailey drew
Sle and was relieved by best hitters of the evening. Robert pa ', l e. a
y Hughes Ih the rchie Brathwalte made the it was rough eoing for the a walk and the Oswald Healay
e Socha, the loser, hurl- outstanding fielding play of the hometeams in thursday's Lit-sacrifice fly to center field, when
t gamefor five innings game whe. he robbed Parris of tle League action which a w Eric Samuels threwwide at 3rd
t ;n hot water in the sixth a rl extra base hit in the fourth wins ted by urundu, Carb- base t send the winning ru
SSmokers scored their stanza with great gloved, one- bean Command and West Bank.cross the plate. 2 Gbert
ree run Andre s Alonso handed, running catch n right The losers in each case were on diamond No.
Over fin'Ofe seventh but had center field, the home team. Moreno ansas city took the R -
H riman I ..Curundu overran Kobbe 9-01per hand on Ado.pho Reys Rich
behind the clever pitching of mond by out slugging them by a
SFf've tal-WIili I Joe Suarez, Ray Amato was his core -.e leading
rdd 0o B Pank At nonnyoi P hanama The Caribbean Commanders hitter for Richmond with thre
Sthe o ordio i on .'flyv | At |l El Pa beat Albrook Airmen 4-2. Dick for three.
teinthe sixhy, o paret pitched to catcher George .. .. ... .oft.allI
Jioeu iglesl.byClyePar-itnm rrw vnnn [Metzger, allowing only 3 hits, The girls intramu ra ftbl
SJoe -Tumionelll and Bobbyv lAmovUIIUe of veyIIc[i a and struck out seven. He gave league is all set to open on r-
Iat pus-ed one run over,i A movie of the Olympic aqua-up 4 bases on balls. day afternoon.e
nc a In Prescott endin tic events and train period Albrook's Bob Rataczak set Five teams .have be registered.
I;Up. a.s co n d which were held in Helsink. Fin- down eight men, gave up three 'Roma. Grant-Little Rock. a Dac-
S hindr oGladstone's throw landIn 1 952, will be show to- hits and walked 3. Steve Stev-nicWalker-Dllas, Norm: C-_
t laer do'*d both coming morrow night at Hotel El Pan- ens was the catcher. res-Jersey City, o Adella B ne-
t on two wild pitce.. ama. Meanwhile, over at Clayton's Adella nine and Violet Gasin-
E en.t. wen.. Sylames Mi The movie will be shown with- Little League Stadium, the Ju- Lake View. .
doubledto left enter, out charge at 6:30 p.m. in the nior Leaguers were edged by Next games (gi)
.1H .. wk Balboa room, through the cour- West Bank 3-2. Bobby Speir 24-Lake View Adella Nine
es were loaded when Lna*'tey of Matt Mann II, interna- pitched, giving up five hits. Cay- 25-Dallas -Lake View
wt'n l bat dn fo hin o Iwtionally famous swimming coach ton gathered hits on the wood 26-Jersey City Little Rock
i er to sh ortS which -Austin who is giving special swimming work of Dick Rastetter, Carlos Next games: (boys)
t- nand shr to. ...i coursesB under the auspices of the Brandenburgh and Mary Ma- 21--Snotors-Red ox;Rich;
i wan dthrow to fo Bere -Panama government's Physical then. Torres and Cabrera were Richmond Indians
i an at-enmt to force Hou- Education Department, the stars for winning west Bank. 25-Kansas city Senators.
ar3 or innig wst Bnk.25-Knag



Winner 1955 Panama Open






Low Amatea 1955 Panama Open


' .

Wildness on the part of the
Casanova's two hurlers was that
handed) the victory tb Powells,
for the loser outhit the winners
9 to 4. The Casanovas appeared
to be experimenting when they
sent Pratt to the. hill to tart
the game. But their starting
hurler was not around very long.
Looking like anything but a
pitcher, Pratt walked Manning
on four pitches, all far from the
strike zone, and then threw
two balls to the No. 2 batter in
the Powells line-up, Bucky Hall.
Mulligan' was brought to the
mound from his position at sec-
ond base, and he too met with
little success, walking Dedeaux
and Highley .and unleashing a
wild pitch that accounted for
the three runs without a base
Mulligan settled down for the
three innings that followed while
his team-mates pecked away at
the 3 run lead set Powells.
Then as the fifth fram rolled
around, Casanovas appeared to
come to life getting to Gibson for
four hits and a pair of tallies.
The count knotted at 3 all, Pow-
ells came back in their half Of
the fifth. Hall and Dedeaux led
off with successive singles and
Highly walked to load the bases.
While Stan Smith was being
tossed out at first Hall scored
Hooper doubled to right center
scoring two more runs, and all
that the Powells nine needed to
protect the victory.
The losers nine-hit attack was
sparked by their catcher, Alley,
who had three one base blasts
for .four trips to the plate.

The box score:

Players abNr
Torres, ss 3 1
Guse, if-c 3 0
Menard, lb 3 0
DeDominic, rf-lf3b 3 1
Pickenpough, cf 2 1
YArborough rf 1 0
Supry,3b 0 0
ITlrbI 3b-lf 0 0
Alley, c-2b 4 0
Mulligan, 2b-p 3 0
Pratt, p 0 0
McLaughlin, rf-cf 3 1

Joltin' Joe Brown of New Or-
leans is scheduled to arrive at
the ToVumen airport at 5:30 anm.
Jan. 25 via PAA to complete his
training on the Isthmus for his
scheduled ten-round match with
Panama welterweight champion
Tito Despaigne Sunday, Ja. 30 at
the Colon Arena.
Brown, whose best fighting
weight is 136, will be giving I-
way nine or ten pounds to the
tough and hard-hitting local
champion. Tito can come in at
the weight limit of 146.
Despaigne is training hard
daily at the Panama Cym and
expects to spring a big surprise
against the talented Brown. Tito
hopes to land a few solid whacks
to the chin and send Joltin' Joe
to sleep.
This will be Joe's third visit
to Panama. He stopped former
Isthmian featherweight champ
Federico Plummer in e ig h t
rounds in his local debut. He re-
turned and halted Isthmian
lightweight kingpin Wilfredo
Brown in five heats.
The local "experts" are almost
unanimous in picking Joe to add
Tito to his list of local victims.
However, there are a few smart
veteran ringmen who concede
the Panama secret serviceman a
good chance.
The semifinal will be a return
bout between Rodolfo (Beau
Jack) Francis and the veteran
Sammy Medina, now riding the
crest of a successful comeback
attempt. Francis scored an easy
win over Medina in an earlier
comeback effort and Sammy is
confident that he can avenge 1
that defeat. ,
Ducats for the Jan. 30 program
are already on sale in COlon at 1
the Cafe Manhattan. t#e Botica
(Drug Store) Panamericana, the t
Colon Arena, the Bodega Colo-
nial and at the Cafe Esquire
where Herbert Molse may be
contacted from- 9:30 to 10:30 p.m.
every night. .

tLane Expects

0 0 2
i 80 Three Holouts

i 'i IT:Be-ToU

CHICAGO, Jan. 22 (UP) -
General manager Frank Lane of
the Chicago White Sox took a
look at his prospective 1955 ros-
ter last night at the end of a
week's letter writing and tele-
phoning, and said three of the
15 unsigned players might take
a little extra bargaining time.
No. 1, of course, was Orestes
(Minnie) Mihoso, the fleet-foot-
ed outfielder who is usually the
last or among the last to sign
with the Sox.
I The others are catcher Clint
Courtney and pitcher Bob
Keegan. .Lane said he didn't
'anticipate much difficulty
with the other 12, Including
shortstop Chico Carrasquel.
Lane, the White Sox office re--
ported, hasn't heard from Mifo-
so since Tuesday,
But he heard from Courtney,
whom the White Sox obtained
in a six player deal with Balti-
more. Courtney, in the off sea-
son a tobacco grower near Cou-
shatta, La., said he was upset. at
all this talk about Sherman Lol-
lar going to be the Sox No. 1
catcher next season.
"Lollar will have to 'beat me
out for .that No. 1 spot," Court-
ney was quoted as saying. "On
top of that you, ought to give
me a $5,000 raise because of the
way you bested (Baltimore man-
ager) Paul Richards in that
Lane has admitted that he
would have kept Courtney. had
he been at Baltimore. He said
the Baltimore club has in Hal
Smith a good catching prospect,
but one who has not yet proved
himself in big league play.
Keegan, who had a 16-9 record
and was a vastly improved pitch-
er last year, was offered a con-
tract and rejected it, asking what
Iane described as "conlsderably
more" money.
-Lane aid he regarded the
negottatleMs with Keegan as
something that could be work-
ed eat through deals, but that
Keegan was asking more than
he was going to get.
Courtney's reaction to the Bal-
tmorChago trade, one of the
first engineered by Richards aft-
er he left the Sox to go to Bal-
tmoCe as general and field man-
ager, and Richards' recent state-
mient- that the Sox were going
to have trouble making third
plse in 1955, moved Lane to say
Richards "'must be beating his
chest pretty loud to make It
heard all the way out to Chi-
lanti in ted the ox win have
betf club .iSthe Itrt o0
I then at th end of 1954's
mw-' when these were in third
6; tin leaMu standings.
prt Kobbe neirng Army At-
lantie on the C Silo diamead
am Coop solo playing t Clay-
e C ofrom COCO





0 :21
1. 3 2
0 0 0
1 0 0

Totals 28 4 9 18 11
Errors: Torres, Guse, Mulligan.

Manning, 2b
Hall. lb
Dedeaux, s
Highley, 3b
Smith, S. cf
Hooper, c
George, If
Spaine, rf

2 1
3 1
2 1
1 1
0 0
0 1
0 1
0 0
0 0

Totals 22 7 51 1 10
Errors: Hooper, 2.

Gall Miller Hurls

No-HiI No-Run Game

Oer Albrook Flyers
Teams W L Pet. GB
Special Troops 11 0 1.000 -
Albrook AFB 7 3 .700 3%
Fort Kobbe 8 5 .545 5
Fort Clayton 4 6 .400 6%
Coco Solo 2 7 .222 8
Army Atlantic 1 10 .091 10
Ga1l Miller, who turned in the
only no.hit, no-run game last
season, fired another classic
Thursday night at Clayton Field
where he handcuffed Albrook's
Flyers without a base blow to
give unbeaten league leading
special Troops ts 11th straight
win and increase its Panama
Armed Forces League lead to 3V,
games over Albrook.
Miller was also the hero at the
plate, doubling in Ernie Heck-
man in the seventh with the
first run. Miller then scored on
Dale Baraks' third single of the
The ace right-hander, now 4-0,
whiffed nine and issued only one
walk in facing but 29 batters.
The closest thing to a base hit
came in the seventh when Fly-
er shortstop Bob Johnson rapped'
a grounder near second which
shortstop Vic Haddoc failed to
up with.
Baraks got half the winneW
six hits off rightle Steve Ko,
who hurled outstanding ball In
going down to his first defeat in
for decisions.
The Troops have to face the
troublesome airmen again Blu-
day afternoon on. the Albrook
diamond but the leaders can't
relsx tomorrow afternoon U
they take on a surging 71 b-
be but the leaders eMn't relax
tomorrow afteMrnoonas they take
on a s mU Fort bb otft
on the Port Amador field. In
another afternoon mine tomU r-
row tail-enders Coco oato and
Army Atlantic clash at CoCO So-
g11ala (3
suft out


:~ Id~i

SAFE AT HOME Smoker thirdtbaseman Clyde arrt is safe
at the plate In the sirth inning last night at the Panama Olym-
pic Stadium following Bobby Prescott's sharp shigle to left.
Sodamen left fielder Granville Gladstone's throw was short and
bounced into the air off catcher Sylvester MacDonald's chest
protector. The umpire is Dallas Thornton. The Smokers went
to score an easy 8-1 triumph.


In CZ Interscholastic

Baseball Loop Opener

In conjunction with the Jan.
28 100th anniversary of the
Panama Railroad, the BHS base-
ball team will be host to the
diamond-cutters of CHS.
In 1855 the golden spike, was
driven at Summit and the first
trans-Isthmian railroad was
complete. Not too many years
before this, in 1839 Abner Dou-
bleday made up a game in Coop-
erstown, N.Y., that was destined
to become the American National
This game, baseball, and the
PRR have progressed together
through the years and it is en-
tirely fitting that one should
the other.
This game between BHS and
rHS will follow the formal de-
dication of Engine No. 299. and
wilT have as honored guests
nany of the old railroaders who
nurtured the road through its
nany years of faithful service.
lProm this group will be selected
the pitcher, catcher and batter
*or the first pitch of the 1955
Canal Zone; InterscholascBase
ball League. .
Thus far- the Bulldogs ha
confined themselves to a sched-
ule of exhibition games with the
lalboa alumni, Junior .College
G r e e n Dragons and several
Armed Forces teams.
The Balboa coaching staff has
been hard pressed to find re-
placements for such excellent
baseballers as All-Zone out-

fielders Jimmy May and Billy
Martin, All-Zone pitcher Lou
Charles, utility fielders Ed Tink-
er. Pablo Balas, Jeff Goodin and
Manuel Rivera all of whom have
been lost due to graduation, re-
duction in force or transfer to
Latin-Americafn Schools.
A&t the present time ,lt appears
that th 1 BHS pitching depart-
ment will be made up of two' a-
ble starters, Lambert Mantovani
and Sandy Hinkle, with lefty
MarlQ Delgado being called upon
when relief Is necessary. Behind
the plate will be reliable Herble
Raybourne, backed up b# novice
Bob Fearon.
The infield will find Ramon
Reyes at first base, Versatile Ed-
die Napoleon at second base, Ed
Scott'at third and Jackle Ham-
mond at short-stop. Patrolling
the outer borders of the realm
will be Isaac Perez in left hand
Joe Cicero in center. The ques-
tion qf who will beJ in right field
is still in the debating stage be-
tween Tim Hots, Dean Wash
burn and Owen Sutlrtrlad-I
Ther,-Isjlttle donbtVb wlhl
.Balbod M ,g Atlu
ever, the important- q0etie
"Will a good team be stroa .e-
neugh to beat Cristobal High?"
The word is out that the Gold-
Coast gang a loaded this year..
Game time for the Panamna
Railroad BHS-CHS game will be
seven-thirty at the Balboa Sta-
dium on Friday evening, Jan. 28.

Pacific Twilight Loop

Twinbill Tomorrow


Lucky Strike
American Legion
Womack Distillers
7461st Signal





First game: 1:00 p.m.
American Legion vs. W. Distillers
Second Game:
Lucky Strike vs 7461st Signal
Wednesday's Game
7481st Signal vs. W. Distillers
American Legion behind the'
shutout three-hit pitching of
Frank Makosky defeated the
7461st 4 to 0 last Thursday night
at Balboa Stadium. Makosky-
gave up a single in the first a
double in the second and a single
in the third and then held the
Signal hitless over the last four
frames. Makosky struck out 10
and walked 7.
Red Wallace pitched for the
7461st Signal and pitched a good
game although losing allowing 5
basehlts, walking 6 and striking
out 4.'
Benny Sals of the winners
and Al Kalish of the 7461st each
had to two hits to lead the bat-
Sunday's doubleheader opens
with the American Legion and
Womack Distillers In the first
game at one o'clock with Jack
Love on the mound for the
Whiskymen and Eddie Kirch-
mier toeing the rubber for the
Legionnaires. ..

Gamboa Swim Pool

To BeClosed For

Cleaning Monday
The Gembee swilma d0%
wihll deua day N 7m-y,

ereatI B.


In the second game the league
leading Lucky St~tker will be
out for their third straight win
sending Webb Hemane to the
pitching mound. Red Wallace
_;ay go for te Signal. team but
Manager Jery Solomon may
call on one h recently signed
new players.
The box scores t
Players R H
Halman, 3b 1 0
Salas, Pete, 2b 0 I
Rowley, 0 1
Herbelt.dcf 0 0
Salas, a 1 2
KirdblMier. rf 2' 1 0
McCune, lb 1 0 0
Woodruff, If 0 1 0
Castlllo, If 1 0 0
WSaas, Pablo, lb 2 0 1
Makoaky, p 2 0 0

Matsumoto. 3b
Kalish, lb
Biehm, If
Hale, rf
Stewart, as
Cash, c
Wojtowlcz, 1 f
Norton, If
McCurrey, 2b
Wallace, p

3 0 0
4 0 0
3 -O-0
3 00
3 0 1
1 0 1
'2 0 0
1 .01
2 10
2 0

Score by Inning 1
American Le" on 00 1-4 5 2
74silt Sgnal B 000 0-0 3 s

W3=mo wn
U wait

L. i--- e#- --
k f. ww .'fl"


_ 4~___ 1 11 _~

~ __






t~ti ~c~il


e 7


- Braskt, a~yfl'a~ imr

I tMAi MA AMIRICA -- Ml i NmEi DAB.I SWWUt- ----- .......

IM Bullfghter A t Macarena' Tomorrow A'

Bette Ford Celtics Shoot From Outside1 I

To Fight2 To Se AllTime Scoring Higs

o 1 jo B url tson, evthe free-sahootng Boston e
uedofB ullsoa l L a in t l otet hatsavomeo anes spre n

moreal,, pspn|u rsyo bullfighter will be featur-doin

: 1o 1 X S g d ua -Irl t =a s tod o W i t tl i n"A M "resl o t h e al o ta b l l g She w il l "9 e rT h esCeltic s ,a y o u se e r rido n 'tw
closing MI thA t wetrllected.that Notre damrd ac- against two ulls from a, l bother hustling the ball close-up

o the extra point mustered considerable stretch n t patterns which se up screens as actress turned bullfighter, displays some of the f ss tht
Rules mm te hich adop six o there change. fhtormanc of the former Nw fense forces tnem. tomorrow afternon at ethe buring n 8ln
Lt'skick that extra point nto the discard and make the York model turned bullfighter. feeforceserdetoyorrow
touchdown count for seven,'- Bell proposes. She will alternate with a n Ish "That's something nobody has--
"In professional football, the convention, as It still 1 called* btbethfo ,th er eath seen l a y time i n askethawork r T
narcbicalla, virtually automatic. It lacks drams and exit Pretty 2-year-old ttFordKnickerockers points out. hey UT OF DOORS with
.inent. who ap ared in several Broad- dn e w.s te
"It does offer opportunity for fouls which our rules do not way am radrl o shows in the Unit- or what you do to theo jus Tas
punish adequately. It the defense is offside, what happens? The ed States before she took up bull- long as they get one of those three
-kick tried over again.- fighting, will only remain her guys loose out there. I'Then they
"If, 4uxsng the booting of the extra point, a personal foul long enough to fulfill Sunday's murder you."
called, there Is a 15-yard -penalty on the ensuing kickoff So engagement, before going to A- The three Celtic hot- hts-
what? _hi pro competition, that sort of fine is thoroughly in- caplco, Mexico, where she is acauleyt Coy and Sharman- DT E ShoAE S-
nocuous." scheduled to appear Jan. haveim on unbeliedth e d stffcult art of Bcertay WARREN PAGE
Miss Ford is depraipn .,Ar- long range shooting to a flick ofI Shooting Editor
pprned impresario who saw her Sharman, the six-two f or mer THIS chap, now, he was a di
PROS MISS ONLY 4 PERCENT perform recently In Mexico. SO Soutnern Lalifornia star, is the rect descendant of Natty Bump-
being "as nimble as a g92l0e." deadliest of the three. He has a po, and by his own admission the
"It Is my belief that dropping the extra point would encout- IAmillita considers her more one-nand jump shot that carries greatest deer hunter of all time
age more field goal9,"Nell continued. .dexterous and proficient than him on unbelievable streaks. -certainly the most accomplished
"You will reco ect that there was a time In our league at the girl bullfighter who appear- Against Minneapolis, he fired in slayer of whitetail bucks in camp. .
which our fans felt that there was a glut ofthree point efforts at La Macarena during the seven in a row. Hot, he's u n. He knew all the answers all the
Now sentiment has gone the other way. The customers wan last bullfighting season, stoppable-making his first move gimmicks of bamboozling bac-
more field goa. So do I. There is something special about that Armillits rates Miss Ford with at the basket with a good head trail watching bucks, hadn't fail
effort. the famous Pat MacCorm in fake and then laying back and ed to put venison into the freezer
seventhpointhsbthe fam.sous Pat MuCoesta, i-"
'"lIking the seventh point has become so routine that dur- jured recently by a bull In Mex- tossing a soft shot with his right' for the past decade. So he said,
Sthe_ 1954 sen onl, y 4-percent, a L ere 19 out of 400 tries, c ,o an. loudly.
were Afled. Alternating with Miss Ford wll One topic on which he held
"Just take a look at the 1954 performances of our top kickers. beNavarrito of evilla, Spain. But Slarman's game average of forth was the lack of chivalry
'Doak Walker of Detroit went 43 for 43, Lao Richter of the IRan.s ms-__-----'-better than 18 point puts nim among buck deer, their persis-
kicked 38 out of 38. Ben ApgjanIan- of the Giants had a clean cnly third in Boston's individual tent tendency to let the does
slate of3 0. .column. The incomparable Cousy stick their necks out into any
"Lou Oroza of Cleveland kicked 36 out of 37. That one mias, LET HIM OUT-The man's got some scoring to do. Boston's sBill s the team's leading scorer. The epen space possible under the
against the olints, was blocked. Sharman finds himself wedged between Jim Pollard of Minne- dark-haird former holy Cross muzzle of a hunters rifle, white
"I concede that it college football, where the kickers are apolis and an unidentified player during All-Star Game at Madi- All-America is one of those once. they, c o a rs e louts, sneaked
much less expert, there is a certain amount of suspense in the; son Square Garden. As usual, Sharman got free enough to score in-a-lifetime players who com- around. in the shrubbery, not
effort for conversion. But to let a game go lost to an otherwise 20 points. (NEA) bines a daring style of behind- showing their masculine forms
superior team through a mischance on that seventh point-well. the-back dribbling and pass i n g until the last moment, if then.
I say, out wit hit, and good riddance." with a fine outside shct and a mur. All of which is a well-founded '
S, iM By JIMMY BRESLIN wrong. The best shooting we've derous driving hook with either tendency among the canny white-.
SNEA Staff Correspondent done this year was about a month hand. tail clan. Every deer hunter has
ago in a Saturday afternoon The third member of Boston's at some time watched a group of
TOO MUCH UP TO THE OFFICIALS BOSTON (NEA)- Some bod y game against Philadelphia. We never-miss clique is the 6-8 Ma. does parade past this stand, any
wanted to know what was the hot- scored 116 points." cauley. The old St. Louis ace has one of them a sucker shot, and
Bell then took up the charge that there had been a lot of test shooting night the Bost on Bill Sharman had other ideas. a one-handed set which h as if he saw the buck at all,
"dirty football" in the National League this past season. He By CARL HUBBELL heltics have had so far this sea- "No question about it-the first brought him a 19-point plus av- glimpsed him only as a shadow
referred to the blast against the Rams, by Tony Morabito of the Writtefr fo rNEA Service on and for a club which works so half of a game we played at home erage. pussy-footing along behind under
'46ers after one of the roughest battles the circuit had seen in closely together on the court the against Rochester was the hottest the cover of a clump of spruces. TODAY
years. answers were strange, we ever were or probably ever Boston works it very simply On a crowded bus no whitetail
'*"I think we should ever more toward the college rules inr will be" Somebody races at the basket buck would ever get up and give
the matter. of a player downed," the Commissioner said, The Celtics-the highest scor- ,i ..... stops and flips the ba bakward his seat to a lady, tats for sure. how.
't pro football, piling on, wrestling and crawling are comn- ing team in basketball history- "That's right, Bob Cousy cut stops and flips three outside dead We his seat to agree wlady, th t his for sur. ows
inpset nteh ihaddtoaagee withd,
ra. g, removes asyer for an njury, bu thea clock must be kept To couldn't get together on any- in. "We got 62 points in that half tohe thr h outside dead. ck whe th we e utt

mruningforb. 0 A aflerhheoeis taken outn Ih 1 we .hadwsan/ /do sJ Tlha wa eyes. Then either Cousy, S birh timber. Fairy d on that one point'i *,
m tto t he il ury, t las thin0 seconds, during and it was no contest. That was man or Macauley puts it thrcuh but it gave the crowd a gre up-

Ih t ve ad a p"aSWForYo. t'unhee JRe Th bo ys were cuttingitfine. t ine. l -tors heer moving adown off the mot- i
s woud rena i the team with a legitimate InuryWe wn,, but 11- t 's a fact of National asket a a ing op tiator, tain, and finally made out dex four- d H
play stopped. 'Ifhe falls and resumes running in the open, I court and we didn't have 'Association lifet- t a wintergray f s peratioanan ppng do.wn r

nhlJ want h while" ,to1o rig hatic-are red-hot any time. MIAMI, fla. (NE A)- lly through the rdsin sge i
"want a 'm touo right on running.a this sea- All you need is a Cousy Or anyway.
owrules B t the rs tu etkingnjuris. To eli h other imin suspiionNo" said Ed Maauley "you're In their first 37 gameshnt Shaman. Or a Macauley. Seems he was park on the
% tking I want this rule;-'If, in the last two minutes of play, edge of a rassy road bulldozed
a team in. 27 mposess eting, somon of the bal National which either deadlocked, or er along a Mame ridge a few years
trailiPg, removes a playerlor an Injury, the clock must be kept r i e back when they were cutting
running for 20 seconds after heis taken out.' e th e e t r e birch timber. Fair uly open second
"If a team Is faking the injury, it lasts 20 seconds, during -W U rowth above. Suddenly he heard
which it could have made a play. for Young JOckey ar, and finally madew ou t four'
o"This would penalize the team with a legitimate injury, but ntr-gra fincrm miadppn down

o Thy general pt le" ouldtlike-to-see just one set of footbl Phelps hopes 1955 will treat him The buck must be Tal En l
rulesn,"ut thepros and thelcolleges are jealousy of fachotherb more kindly than its predecessor, Charlie as usual, thought he.
In the Jan. 27 meeting, some of the National League clubs will t556 U university, Miss. (NEA) ta deerobucs are n ot onlytn .iehs
fightto lift the layer limit from 33to 35 But the weaker out- Boyer Leds Colonial Insurance Team 203 204 46 Denver Braeen scored were: last mer Pchivalrous about letelting their ad ndhe raised h

B^^^^HB^^^HP-" awfu ,l. tt followed with 239, 203 and 2041 e -Mssissippi's 685 points in the first i adied take the brunt of possible b e fo
fi" iland Ip twasn"irsf'trit was abvi .u.s a. eBob Waggoner coming in with --- booming the 6-4 pivot man for'right unmannerly and insist eOB S i.i. *
i ppoehencrasefroviosraleris; Bo 280tGithI.$11o. until winter Returning to action, taking the two jumps to cross
Series; Bowls 280 Game o 1 1 the promising apprentice won a- Over she went. One doe and h
Theis 181 172 170 54 23 board Fine Alibi at Tropical Park, followed her with his sights, An-
Bob Boyer of the colonial In- Gauer 1 112 173 464 and the next morning was tossed their doe, and he swung the mus
Carl ubbe surance team ran up a terrific Cypert 138 200 191 529 heavily by King Men, a juvenile ket as the next made the cross
BULL 80 s series Tuesday y Lu knocked oght againstRogers 13 158 168 489 in the J Jones Stable. He came ing. This will be a third doe,
theH. I. Homa kegers in the Filebark 220 12 210 622 out of the fal with a broken arm thoughoutstandingt he and h8922616 rifle muzzl
JUST beino an Oklahoman bou Major Bowliig league at Diablol that will keep him inactive until" coursed along as deer number ( A
to like basell was about the rights, bowling gaes of 200, 881 834 912 2627 the opening of Gulfstream Park on three bounced into and out ofDA
closest thing to a break I can find 200 and 280. His 280 game is these Mar. 4. (NEA) the clear. Now for the antlered
in my career eres ive highest game s win the Association C. Insurance 18 fourth and the pressure went u .
it You s te d to the a ll of pointhus far this season, and knocks Waggoner 213 178 225 16 239n his trigger finger. "Miawd, the
ame nameddiretor o the n ou t eam. B ob ofeneys 279. Thomas 179 17200 149 4980 REBELS' BIG WEAPON buck was number three!"

the minor legue ink na Colonial took all three games Lowande 1883 9025 543 All of which proves that whiteN
ful lot of liking the game to 'With totals of 101, 9 t and 1081 5 Markakis 203 166 18 556 University, Miss. (NEA) tail deer bucks are not only -sn-

-A4with it professicnallyt There taiwere a 3041 score for t4elanson Mmp el anson 23 203 2 646 Denver Brackeen scored 253 of chialrous about letting th i
an awful lot of ,bus rides. Un followed with 239, 203 and 204 Mississippi's 885 points In the first ladies take the brunt of possible

AT Verow .............. Sensatoal Bullfihtin ogugh to like baseball we u a 62 witha atton 1 86 16 9 All-American basketball honors. pushing ahead of the fair sex ... m
nd ad 3rd w ......$ I.., enugh to styou to it whearn thingyour way smothered final match fby the eve-Colonial (Blind)4 54 154 175 4762 I-o- | isa mrma

2nd and 3rd row ...$2.80 l[:.4t' enough to stick to it when things IThe final match of the eve- Hudak 154 142 175 471 ,wr og.nn a eoreuWsig alo 8 5 4 5 -u u

.................SL were tough. ning saw LeTourneau-Westing-Jamlson 161 150 140 451
Chdren .. .............. 1 the presentation of The 15% years I enjoyed at the house split with Seymour A- Bowen 158 181 214 553
any section PoloGrounds and what has hap- agency, the latter team taking one Glelchman 156 191 189 536 T
mo ,Lady ltfighter opened since were well worth the game and pinfall, dropping two _.. 1
struggle and waiting. games. Billy Coffey led with 047 793 839 908 2540 TODAY 35 md .
RFTl]r r, Jriam [&w. ---------- for LeTournedu, while Armstrong A- "
DI I fV W"i rmPmyumWM) ...... --led for Seymodr with 582. IMax R. Stempel & Son H :. A
S th a la i r of Canal Zone Reents STILL TOGEER The present standings of the Foster 147 141 161 4409 V '
of ftts w sa I !teams" -Dailey 181 154 154 49
rse n btu bathing sUits and Cama model Chapel Hill, N.C. (NEA)-- Kaelin 169 167 148 484
-F" Frank McGuire, N urth Carolna Team- W L Ave. le 153 213 574
a basketball coach, was a a play. C. Insurance ...584 131 .812 -
or at Brooklyn St. Jcm s when Local 595, N 38 39 33 .5421
z 14 V ARR IT0 Tarbeel freshman coachD Buck Fuerza y Luz ... 3- 3 .4L e Westlnqhouse 80ANO182D
Freeman wasn head coach theri. M. of Omaha .33 39 .458 burgoon 122 12 148 44
3he bo.t ee la -I gpa ) 8. Agency ......32% 39% .451 Klumpp 145 160 163 4 STILL GOING
In ._H. It. Boma Co. 31 41 .431 Woodcock 187 195 145 477
seen at the best In AAM. It. Stempel Coffey 168 247 231 647 / O
S i, r Ti l TC Hn Co ........... 224% # 43% 85 Balcer 224 187 186a Ti
espulMand-Asfead eti s .Le Tour-neau- I
l ie.ibo T 1 el0 h gh-ra average r A
bowlers are l-folowsa S nnour Age 1c 5 173 317
? .. -- -' Name Gaaes Average ticks 133 179 172 484
a,..let Balcer....... .04 202- 0 trong 183 213 186 582
ft h eta. k a Coffey .... L..40 19-2 %Huddleston 160 178 217 555
T Va^A ,, -- S--rFi 3* 'T 2 ~Melanson .54 1"tn-4 Bate 170 163 174 5 flii J/\.i
Swa naout ~u a Colbert ......456 198-3 -- W a k r i J
xW gner ....54 195-28 795 938 922 26M
S- ... .. is Bowen and coft wn the FINE OLD SCOTCH WHISKY
... -"....-- 4ow=andMW.-,-Coffey,- Vanthe
f MENafo-

'9_1 IYY*--~n.-._L~ -~----- -- -- b --`- -__.r"- ~-~--- --.


\ "



i4 -


I '


/Chiso Pfayers
*X "

(NEA Telephoto)
)CKirk. nationally known crim-
Inologist. has been hired bY the
BheDpard family to seek new
evidence in the Dr. Samuel
Sheppard murder case. Kirk
said he would investigate the
case with an "open iind."

Japan Should End

Ia e Of War With

! s -L S, lpemilsu
roI YO" Ja. an (UP)-For-
e "tn eria.ste Mamoru Shigemit-
l s today that Japan should
S e end the "extremely tr.
state of
Swar between Japan and

i a pOlry speech before both
es of DietM the co-leader of
Srulhg Doocratic Pa'rty
"apart from the question
w eer coexistence is pos-
for the two blocs, free and
[ t tlst, It is a fact these
b cs are actually living side
tpsde, each struggling for its
';:igstence. *

)wing to the refusal of the
umunist powers to subscribe
the San Francisco. Peace
sty, a state of war between
an and the Communist states
prevails, It was continued
for 10 long years since the
of hostilit s. We would all
"to sMe this extremely ir-
aa d a'anal. situation

!' e idea that any attempt
o part to restore peace
Sthe Soviet Union might
our relations with the
ied States is, it seems to me,
, erficial. I am convinced that
strengthening of Japan's in-
t tional position through
r Cooperation with America
I 'rove a short cut in bring-
', about the adjustment of
iAet-Japanese relations."


Joe Didn't Go

President and Mrs. Eisenhow-
er apparently won't be seeing Sen.
and Mrs. Joseph R. McCarthy
this winter social season.
Whether or not the McCarthys
were excluded purposely from
two formal dinners at the White
House this week became a na-
tional point of Interest yester-
Mr. and Mrs. Eisenhower held
a formal dinner for Vice Presi-
dent Richard M. Nixon and his
wife on Tuesday night and en-
tertained Wendesday night for
House speaker Sam Rayburn.

To these two dinners were in-
vited the new Democratic chair-
men of the top committees of
the House and Senate, plus the
ranking Republican members.
A Washington protocol goes,
McCarthy should have been in-
cluded in his role as ranking Re-
publican on the Senate Govern-
ment Operations committee.

Washington society reporter
noted that the controversial Wis
consin senator and his wife wer
not on the guest list. '

However, the White House tool
an attitude of studied amaze
meant at the mere suggestion by
reporters the McCarthys were
Press secretary James C. Ha
gerty conceded that the McCar-
thy$ were not invited to the two
for0i l dinners this week, bu
on the point of deliberate ex-
clusion, Hagerty said, "r don'
check on Mr. and Mrs. Eisen-
hower's guests."

Anil-Union Remark

Causes Coal, Steel

Strike In Germany
DUSSELI)ORF, Germany, Jan.
22 (UP) German's Industrial
heartland was virtually paralyz-
ed today by a strike of 800,000
coal and steel workers.
Germany's biggest post war
strike was called for 24 hours in
protest against the alleged anti-
union remark by the operator of
a coal mine.

The strike hit the booming
Ruhr district and affected basic
industrial plants throughout the
Mid-morning spot ch se k
showed the strike was largely
effective although three hard
coal pits still were being worked
near Bochum and some mines
on the right bank of the Rhine
continued to operate.

But at most plants only emer-
gency crews tended the coke
ovens and blast furnaces whose
fires must be kept banked to a-
v o i d disastrous consequences
from the hardened metals.



mantra ieAbran
"'Let the people know the truth iad the country ig .4e" -Abraham Lincoln.




hardened criminals surrendered
"unconditionally" yesterday and
released the 11 hostages they held
at unnnint fnr fnur davs at Mas.





e sachusetts State Prison.
The four desperadoes, who
had threatened to kill the host-
k ages unless they were give a
- getaway car and a clear path
y to freedom, gave up after two
e dramatic negotiation seislons
with a seven-member cltines
- Erwin D. Canham, editor of the
SChristian Science Monitor and a
o member of thI committee, an-
t bounced the end of the riot. It
- ended at 2:00 pim. after ai s'.%
I hour session cith four rebels in.
- side the red-brick solitary 'confine-
ment eqll.block they had used as
a fortress...
Canham said the four "turned
in their guns" at 2:30 p.m.
The committee and authorities
made "no concessions," he an-
He called the conferences "ve-
ry impressive." He said Joseph
A. Flaherty, serving 35 to 47
years for armed robbery, wv a
"He was remarkably eloquent,"
Canham said. He asked for a per-
manent group of men "the pri- ...... ..... .....
soners could trust" to police pri-
son administrations. (NEA Telephoto)
Canham said the conference ON THE SCENE Otis M. Whitney (Ift), asmachuetts Corn-
"was a most amazing scene." missioner of Public Safety, lolds a riot club as he stand at the-
"There were 11 chairs, a table, door to the solitary confinement cell block in Boston where five
a pad and a pencil. We were im- guv.rds are bqing heldaa hostages by prison Inmates. Capt. John
pressed more than I can say," the C. Blake of the State Police is at right in civilian clothes with
editor said. an unidentified policeman.
"The prisoners served ,as
cold water and coffee. Then they nation-for the second and sue- Canham quoted Green as saying
stated their urgent and tragic cessful session at 12 noon. "I wish only that I could give my
plea for hope. They admitted Canham said the rebels "now eyes so that some child might
they had a debt to society." are in custody." He said further se."
It was Flaherty who first ,p- disposition of their cases is up to Green previously refused le
preached the Rev. Edward T. the warden. tearful peas of his 60-year-old
Hartigan, prison chaplain, about a Father Hartigan said the four daughter, Toby,- to- give up.
possible negotiations group of im- were "not in solitary." Canham listed some of he pris-
partial outsiders. -The hostages went immediately owner complaints: inadequate pris-.
The seven committee members to the prison library. ons- delays in getting trials re-
summoned mysteriously dur. Canhamn said Theodore (Ted. sulting in io waits in -jail; long
ing the night from their homes- dy) Green, bank robber and es- sentences' /which deprive prison-
were appointed by Warden John cape artist who led the mutiny,, ers of hope.
J. O'Brien with approval of Gov. made ,a moving plea for better He said there were many were
Christian A. Herter. prison conditions. Green also "familiar prisoner complants."
Tbey met for two hours in a pleaded -that prisoners be given Father Hartigan said the prison.
pre-dawn session and returned to an dpportuanity to redeem mem- ers' chief reason for the rebellion
the ancient prison-oldest in the selves. wps "ite lae of hope,'

Transatlantic Telephone Cable To Be Laid This Summer


i ies. tas e ma.... sh~--'. wtu lwbubMe ,,m le,,
will e. ntn 37 t feaset pe .U tme stoel w 15* te d juea, 2. U ,
of .si~rs 9~.Ja sil *job -* Oft"

The world's first transatlantic
telephone cable is now under
construction and is scheduled to
be in operation by Christmas,
1956. It is a cooperative project
1of Britain's General Post Of-
fice, American Telephone and
Telegraph and the Canadian
0 v e r seas 'elecomamnications
Corp. It will cost 35,00.,000 and
will be the longest In the world.
Britain will pay 41 per cent of
the cost, the U. 8. 50 per Cent
and Canada 9 per cent. The sys-
tem will conast of two amdersea
cables, earth 19M nautical miles
long and a I35-mile single cable,
part over lad a&d p rt under

whole of dep-
water Me be laid
In a :ii iifm without




Ir t~' slt~etwoeuuahseh..

Fm~ Cvmy



Canham daid be "' iud a ve-
ry modest supply of wapons" in
the cellblock. The rebels sur-
rendered them 46 the citizens
committee. *
He said the hostages "were all
treated very nicely" and "They
seemed in. fine health."
An uneasy truce hung over the
bleak, ancient prison as the se-
ven-member committee-compris-
ed of clergymen, two newspaper
editors and a prominent lawyer-
twice entered the besieged cell
block to bargain with the rebels.
The committee included: Sum-
mer H. Babcock president, Bos-
ton Bar Assn.; the Rev. John J.
Grant, associate editor, Boston
Pilot; Cathelic archdiocesan news-
paper; Erwin D. Canhami, edi.
tor, Christian Science Monitor; the
Rev. Edward T. RHartigan, Ca-
tholic prison chaplain; thb Rqv.
Howard Kellett Protestant prison
chaplain; Dr. Samuel Merlin, pri-
son physician; Patrick J. McDo.
enough, governor's councilor, who
had talked with the convicts face
to face Wednesday.
Earlier, O'Brien had his first
face-to-face meeting with the reb-
ls since the riot began at 5 a.
m. Tuesday, Previous cohnmunica-
tions between O'Brien and the
ringleaders were by telephone.
Previous pleas by the chaplains
and doctors failed "to move the
hardened inmates.

..Originally they demanded a
getaway car and a clear path
through .the nearly 200 state and
local police that have rflged the
prison sauce the rst alarm was
Th thrtenedtokill a host.
ag.6or evSry bullet or teas gas
rboetlfit eat'rt-ftress. .
Authorities replied by warning
that "if one of you ills all; of
you shall dfe in the elect ri
O'Brien permitted relatives of
the four convicts to make person-
al visits with the holdouts in an ef-
fort to end the -revolt Without
Every appeal-and some of them
were tearful-fell on cold, defiant
The four stood watches during
the long nights to keep control of
the hostages including five guards.
Outside floodlights poured a
brilliant light into the building
throughout three nights the con-
victs have been holed up,
The convicts, armed with at
least two guns, originally had
hoped to scale the tall, brick wall
that surrounds the prison com-

Their makeshift ladder failed
toarr them to he top and the
few had to retreat bfck tate
the "C3r4i hey setdU wfre
bnm atea are ReK They
defied utori sand N*t down to
wait out pdliee.
On the third day it became ap-
parent the foir knew they would
notetgt out alive.
They began complaining of treat-
ment in the 152-year-old prison
which will e abandoned starting
April. 1 when a maixmum secun-
ty prison in nearby Norfolk is
There was less talk of "out and
out freedom and more of gripes
against Massachusetts' penal sys-

Su er Weapon Does

recently joined the ramparts of
West Europe's defense.
More than 0 German and A-
metian Journallsta got the first
p look in Europe at the
t John. a big and mobile
w Tyl rocket. The Germans,
wI dpelped the supersonic V
Se a d an ago. showed close in
ter",t f the weapon, but were
pparet not overpreed.
19e=l" battrie of t.he a
Wtem Warbead cIeryier Honest
Joht recently arrived In El o*
pe, and have bees int
A L 7th Army units 4
oe smackSattas a slhm
1r ore aThe isUka -IL
;pt t oMM3 ar
W i rp. U aI i

(iMZk'gephot ). '
RETIRE8 P30MM PUBLIC LIFE Gov. James F. xynsa (left)
o oth Carolina ended a 47-yeal pubc career "V e ,
U.S. Senator. U.S. Representative, U.S. Secretary of State, su-
preme Court Justice and advisor to presidents.Brne retired
to a role of elder statesman as he turned over -the governor
office to George Bell Timmerman, Jr., (right).

PICTURES AILOWED President senhOweITelepaks t
news conference In Washington Whefe photographers were per-
mitted to make unposed pictures for the flrst time.

CZJC Extension Divisio

igistratibh M riodayNigI t
s A-
t fr classes to be the modem world which
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r of the Canal Zone Junior Col- ond meeting.
lege Extension Division night clas-
ses will b held Monday nig ht
from 6:30 to 8:0 in the office of I le
the Junior Colleg Building
A total of 37 courses, including
a class i general shop for gIt
and women, and -a ety
of business and commercial sub
jI are being offered ,S JAl Ifu

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and c nt erta Y tHae you er bauNf
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are set for Saturday ra 3i=nce tomorrow airnooU at
from & a.m. untilpnoo.. ttmhe
mathemaUcs, social studies, b hid#1S di

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tion of the engineering cia t the public te ot -
which are scheduled for Saturd t tits mouth ae shows .td e
mornings, the modern world ,pef. public the fangs adr wdtaws one
ties class' timed for 7:30 BYa y venom from the. inal into- a
night a fd the 1b- ,uinea jdss gl-M.M ,
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Wednesday nights, and general In the Bradley W1ibit besides
shop clas on Monday and Wednes-. the snakes. He as, a beautiful
day night. Jaguar, not the nglish variety
Courses in which fewer than ten that you see the sports driving
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third meeting of each .lass ex- birds, including a mynM, the
cept the engineering coufres and clearest talking of all birds.


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