The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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th O*u p i tnk.c .. .a. da.. and the"~e41~tt If
us in I ha, snmtrei.. tlute tease otec. w.

A 4 P ew York's Find!
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M:1^^^ To0 Jin In Seoac '
l .

For Assassins
t o.. CM_ "
tw po NEw ORM., Jan. a (UP))-44 Siortly before De-
dtld closO number of ew .t- apartment th
t he deAtectie willg to Pn .Ws to yor's oi a re-
W d. It+-.=^.___=B__."0 e ,==- --- o H o fl.-a re-
oin the v ge.atinAintoti stifromtlp In
it- H -aSSIO a&m;itdtdsoe n .Jeanwhn u ithe the
at f~~--n r poliwch. .e ,eadgewrste avat r,-
nnouncedlay that obl*t ion lereo0
-o a AN th aesau is 00, It
a% plur ama the tr or'addedia 1 r a r
m -a-"n to gd' t@ si ow reg '' -
t ,r ite "al to rb .li ,L
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S SMOTONa. 8 ()-
Sen. Joseph L:aMcCarthy hurl-
ed a care of "'deliberate 4-
lcetion" at the Arin today and
demmndlt an immediate new
i nvei8stiu o af the celebrated
iPeresa casec.
That was McCarthy's reaction
I to a 10,000-wod %report issued at
the Pentagop J1 night on for
nmp" MOd. ,!ngPeress,_New
edlqnorabl,.W Vther the senator
labeled hI on"lfth Amend-
m2*nt ComwA 7Z-'.
The 38.--a.-ocument. taken
with. rela recent develop-
i mints, bad uplation soaring
ti wyoi aw. tical future o f
1.-~ :.;'Robert T. Ste-
venI mud M 'counsellor John
0. Adams. ,-+,*
Adams a 'dii. Den. Walter
LWelble ellutyChidf
at fEr titled as the
Office 1 P ess' honor-a teo)
ahY ge-o trough last' 'IIWi*A- -- In NtivilleT
of McCarthy's of 01-Year-ol Ben set, holds atative of
ci cono dq-o14great,-x"WWPd~gt
wan e rid of the n Joaft Sim oils. T
K. tiously S8'9Pdr,
theWanN4 ey.
4hia.ui e~.had weE Wgwwsw
cyspmnt ue'--- VO C0(l 0 a srdems"
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missile baiies will be instaffed in tau
O q. ries were made. a t at;
in f Niei would be inWtalnd i Itd tene
when th rtmient replied it f p
nature is field and that it c efo
WASHgG, TON Jn. 6 (UP) -- t Mt

Other Infonned sources pointed out, hOW
meretofolflit Ay to difsen priority Ito crilicl
areas in tls&ontinotal United States whe ho
Nik batteries be i
MaJ. a ateN. Gavin, As-'armed twit
nature isc6 ifi af thAr-t it 'c t te

myo sd In.. I -

onasqe e a scrforiaee po
dar as incodethat afW1ewr

oI t.e o

ware, sco ipP w-a
.. Naming five members. Pa
fis.J^VVR IUaMeWSI&ncl9D government
W, jonNast

." 4 er in Berlin discloses tat
.-sho under Soviet and CiamW
Sea.rol. former Nazis
Sleadin postions I
Apo life, zwlttr
LWt e ae has made obvious 7
JW fo to coneal the pa
r atlons of these public offcilto
freot the palt German peopl
at-d tem the world.
St itemot named Dfr.-Wl-
Smin. I Fteman, East Gedwkan
6 .0ii mieliter for llght industey&-lbu

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aven d
Wtj de

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-..w. .vcn o. p.erhn *


HOUS'IN, Tex.. Ja. 8 1(U
-MR W anor Roosevelt, widow
of 1) -late President Fraakln
beln -Roosevelt, said s erb -to-
da Adlai Stevensoa I "ts e
qualifIed cagdtdiw

'Tm not the kind of,1pemoerat
who ehangeaber spots" e
m First Lady of the i
"I supported him ( son)
the last time and I'l pprt
him again."
Mr. Roosevelt. now a syNi-
cated columnist and boar 4
chairman of. the Apmerican .AsT
sociation for the United Natlion
arrived here from New'Orlans
to hold a.. day-long, series of
meetings with civio .and religil
ous groUps p1rmotlng better un-
dersanding of the Unlted Na-
tions' organization.
She spoke briefly on the de-
feat of her son, Franklin, Jr., in
the race for the .ost of Attor-
y Gendtal of New York. She
aid 'ILt was obvious he didn't
have a chance as soon as Jacob
Javits aen the rue."



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fb. ^i

Stod lo4 help tlW
states meet a e of r06ol
bool class l n ,p rmM
urce said .
- The 1 lan,- w play. dowh
outright eder a ti0oi
for school aid. u
od by officia- bce
SMducatlop aI c.MNonalt
leaders. An in ,at, who has,
beea close to tS.disuuasion, said
the p$liAIa "Itls r idera-
tion. *
The Prealdeniid In his State -
at the Unain- i le.hg..raday
that he will C eas
special. mM1481 A l Arecom-
mending Io" IAtlrfiBk .
Action" t .. th 0 li cla-s
room shIor t -wln

fa.), retiring: of
I pouse Labor a i atlon Cols
ilttee, said pae mus l
"direct" aid, tf e .state0-*t.
meet the nshora Hes a fe ,9i
10 to 19 lma..ap IB no*,.
Meantise, .t Iinte
said tele rap h sponse to
appeal for 'un eating OellpS
ation" from' s_
eongres was t very
but wasc ep .ly unaeP od
In approval.,- -"

1. Democrat t aead wt

assertion that ala as Ruf l-
on his personall rect5iS,"
Senate Armed Ces -
tee will start tr-1 wi"
he next few Boje.
rmed Services ttee plans
a similar Inquiry, -: ,
2. Detnocts afile as RetAb-
lleans- were- 0 go alon .
no cuts IB corpapte and
tlxes this. sCp.jBut -chanceq
looked good for rslasll In these.
levies, and ia s .yev per-
sonal Income tuas In election-
year 4956. -
S. alarm, stale Stmocrats pre-1


tmpiaeut .lSe
meant IItflbf
ernment m

feet off
the Jfl
ta wu.


-7.. ~.

ACDiae COnmlttee Ridj
k& a bill to resfre t im
nEce!pB POPS

. I

' ment .also built lup as
ie i g. the 75 cenQrzhouily
um 'wai'e. but thr ., were
over w Ie t
boosted tq 90 to I
1.l5 The President i
S90-cent rate. .
In addition, Incoming x
man-Walter F.' Ocrgr ~.)
of the Senate Foreign a.
COmmttee. and ate

a defel pc tes in ear

G gpe said the Bomitait
sa" treaty worked out last year
an probably will b- ca-
tde itby h.'I committee.
first m itic ms before the dew

gSi Trylf

b P)-ecretary 'Oene
Ismtrksjold .and Red
[Prui-erChou En-Ial t e
sr. than five hours today i
third and ongeat tU ,I
W fate of 11 American
ailed on spy charge spy
a -7
-, The first report on today as-
l oa.came from Radio Pe. ng,
Cbd China's propaganda woI0t-
Hmmarskold had been .:t-
planning to leave
tnday or early Monday. J-
ppareny he changed hs
decided to conftl f
latMB. ^

4 ersO, -il'tirW atS e it "drastme nd u act
Seff l2,jb. ah'. -o. f a -....
Skyswejtra which reportedly pert John Davies
recently were Inst ied n th
Canal Zone, cost ,000 pe Vincent, al"sd da apert on
gun. stern aflpirs, some two
V0o rbetd fro&e the
The cost toaSaire and pre-pervice after a 25-ya r
pare the land to Install bat- when Dulles sid he hea
tan of Skyaweep is an aver- to meet the standard o
age of 2.000. A battalion eign service officer.
cqbslsts of thne batteries of five fired outright Po
guns each. iNov. 5.
The Skysweeper is ntendes
for defense against low and me-4 .he did not f.
dium altitude attacks. there m i no
-The Army has smld that there mk Duans,. ttt
Skyaweeper can reach aircraft ed for "I* t
four miles away, and can locate tion and-.
and track them as far as 15 ile .. ..
The Skyaweeper com bnea ria- the Stat,
dar, electronic computer, and' bout S1i" bae, 7iM
gun In a stogie atmnatie wy pe. ier .
Don. Its high-exlive s 'hell '

WP11ng To Joh

INw Omnas Army

can Foreign Servicet sue
The Jourpa preview
crcil$l&m*q Out
-WUent., -sp 4

Jan. 8 CM, add
(UP) The- fwspa
pst reports .more ta "
young men between 8 an S '
years of age questioned Iq a poNl
rejected the idea of Jo@itag a
new German Armayi ft
The newspaper, whieJ0
eose leaning to the' b r r
Party, did not say ma nr t
young men were qul onebat
60 per cent answer ^ao e h
asked whetberj ey would a the ofti e
a postwar o nan .Army. T a. ed sad
teen r t answered motion
and cent wer nde cI
* J t of the anti-Army youths standad...
that the formn4o of a 8
new many would delg or even "A similar sad
spoill the pOslty for a rir device 5es9 toN
uZification ofQerman the pa- In the ca ofj
per reported the poll pub- Jr., with eral M
Maled yesterday. re nIUMts taXWreI

i's US Employment:. 1
. 8 (UP) at figures show that the e i-j Despite the size of the de- jobs for
naton outlook isn't so good" a create it was only the third may m
rker Prdent enhower said te in 15 years that the De- inter. Be
an emlo-. -hIs iStas-of-the-Unon M ember decline hit the mUIo elaM 1eed
SLtt i e yesterday, eve aid. mark the employ t dro clas
the gov-...He add epli was attributed largely asn ....
Swas lowerfthnaIn 191 a m i52 al factors. U
lsd lttle .IQ 1 3 r th re There was a
fe rried on staWrted. up inJ obs l the W
Be-ale1' The omonu0M and LaborM b and In the pOa"Bl
Snot seek ts tidwholaysam.
agu IM thBu ist was more &
ey y "sharp redu

! "- r.m--.- ..^^. -."* ,.. .-..+.,+ >*; ,. -: .. *-*.- i






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* tiujtrfe
Dion of 3
or s

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t ^r.-'h-"H-

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k I





'- 4'

10 4:00

s4 ".. 3

VA 1' '9



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1 415

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p. 45 634
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A hie:o

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(epr ^

.ir" Oc--
- Sign 0-
Hym Of All Chwurchr RI

f -

vact or. .MrY "
rimre F' Mu!' (M)r

Mis Ahinld4 The Melody



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Much-Iladi lf-ThMe



.slm I ok Ver CA


.a M w ,l t48 A

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Mfrinul Meledi *=

Church Is The Wildwee

Mua" ReveTllIe*


Offc qd RecdM .

As I hM Ir

OM T he ecrmd ()r

Orr Tb oMrd (mrm'd)

MmI The Eienmimw


N-w .
Luachdm Moloun

Sw Yor d ,-


ode 0 f P16mmll

SmIB. I. Neibh




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mdr h Tds '

w.m e I' s lu i i

sfs ee yu rie( mnom

U.S. Amy SaDd (USA)

MoLm ,l And i M


P. m Ah bnr fr 4VOA).

as doget 6

,,-v /


Sir Oln -
Alum Cls*r C*b

t* Firm sh lIn
The Moon cIC)
Dae In .IMw m

=. AM r eoas

Pastr UIse
.-- siL *jk^|
tomb "M

Sm E .... o

WI's Tee hweie (It

Seemed. la She (UsAP)

halbT, hals

Ter Alaia Is 1 |B>


Aligg wtB

'*m (W

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Mm Ad
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you talls

hoN' Vea umi Iii

af eMaN SK)e

h' mhs lams IIDII
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J uvheim

II. hem eim Nes
ill )__

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MNow Sghesh 4VUA

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ow S WWisa

lasp Shi '

WWs I r Me~ r .


usYe Sl re"O ta"

Now't yw -mrs


hedamim Pt Muic (SE7

**lll~-- |tln--k

afggghe TIe

------ ---- -2 i2(hfK.~

li. ii- *.- .. "A-'-" .
+: ..- t."r^ ,' -*.. .- *

I m

r 3 B N 9 A Y
lisa ON -
Alhm dkar 60 fi

,,. _o .-
.- -

~ :. '

.- -I-

il tb U- "A T

,^,^ .^. A .

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.... } ,

lab., ." .


Si. Oa -
Alarm Clack Cmb (3)




A _hing Ir Cmr

ON The Isestil (I I

Nme -

Of h am 1

s Iin I


Ouur Theome Wrwer
mami H

Oa ie Mtee I*

Swoer And NB'te
Mi Th bdlr

N--s N"t iN- "


P. eox n '
Tmep,. HONN


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Inrumenal Cnipm

lisetMl Ahwia

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wh's TIesYu wl (4I

bh in The Air (DR

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wIS'Y Pmni MsUC)

iTe Aki eh Ar ( III

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ta IMP@lp be
hew 09 1mm (MDI)

ha'es Yam sl

WWI YMr fhir


Wm iiihm f eoiW - <-

Ame n .U voA)
y'e AdTd PSoml Is49

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MAP 2 -A

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" i- A Z-"

Madc M f a mal e a J Mo Ma ahm Mmi Of M- BM

Sm*s of Tb* F Iim 3m 01 o nKamen Sou 1 Tkhe nlem se 01 The 9M>B

anallegion de (Ibeggle me asha e

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H*1_, '. .. .-*. *.-i -. .'U I v' .
"I llp+"I =.:i 1 + ppI; iI, JI"I :bo o m" ,I I I II

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*':--**' i '

The flegardwtui

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dip 0. -

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The QrChisepl

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S "

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Me ar1 eAmrd edn

IamoMr.l Maledin
am MwI mmriat *

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Hu ft "abl'm l
OW Mi* BdlW *
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S9~ Ad No"* I 5Mr AM Mi*,I

6 :45





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2:0 P M.



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6:41 5

6:00 P" I


iI :

14 I


Likes CabinetMembers Find

Economy Going Up In 55

WASmINTN (UP) -Four o essfuy, and in remarkbl
members afthe Elisehower Cabi- short time." He said the Labor De-
net algaed today in their outlook apartment Is receiving reports of
for the new year 1955-a good 'rehlring an increased '-demand
year, they said, in such consumer industries as
Secretary of the Treasury George automobiles, textiles, televi l i o a
IM.Humphrey repeated his earlier and home laund equipment."
declarations that the U.S. economy "The m6st encouragig deveop-
lta I ood bape, and said the rmet," Mitchell sad '1t the
whla tree world "has continued to American consumer has right
advance toward our common ob- on making, steady gains in' Ia
jectivos of a healthier and wider standard living." H saidtake-
flow of trade and money." home PaY has continued to be "ex-
Secretary .o Labor James P. tremely high as a result of-wage
Mitehell said the new year finds increases and the tax cut of tnu.
"the economy moving briskly up- ary, 1954."
ward, and the job situation im- Benson said the demand f r
proving notably.1' farm products will be "at least as
good" 194, and neft farmer
For the farmer Secretary of income "should approach theorltA
Agriculture Ezra f'. Bens6o ftaid level of $12500,00,000."
1955 will be "one f continuing He said farmers' gross income
high levels of peacetime stability may decline lightly n te sew
and prosperity." year, because bf acreage -restrie-
Secretary of the Interior Doug- tions on'wheat and eettom,.batyro.
las McKay viewed the coming duction costs will probablybe low
12 months as "a year of the most er, too.
substantialegress in carrying out "We have been In a period of
the Interior Department's primary farm adjiltmeft in the new atsi
respolbllltles fpr development of cultural program initiaed'lby th*
the nation'mineral, water a nd administration," Bet said "and
aIer l resurces." -9 we have made a ed srt 4owrd
thl. said the greatest con- dveeplng effective 6v me t sof
I this, eountryw ea-make to dealing w ku most alaft
oiea at a il a ls a-.-'.:.
level of activity here In the Unid" He ex ed o 'o .dat
states" and he predicted this do- "we W, (Kthe 4 prro
Imae valuation would develop, table i w
MitehaUl said the postKorea re- seize t
aduiatment "has been hurdled sue- ing today

ig Year Forecast, For

'55 Automobil6 Models
-0 -

DETROIT-(UP)-The automo sell them and take lower mark-upe
bile industry wrapped up its third and hope for volume. Many V Ie
best year in history in 1954, de- bitter in their renrarks hat the
spite a bad start, and is hopefully industry was over-bta,
looking for even a better year ina But the producer'rbave plied
1955. that all that is need4 i ol4t fs
Heavy production schedules dur- ioned selling. They'eie d
ing November and December any move to limit p
a& the ear makers tried to keep up create a scarcity af ea Vdd h 1 1e
with demand for the radically illegal.
changed 19S5 models booted po. Most auto taker.a ielSm if
Sdueto to 5,487,0 car byDe. 1. nual market is on the uparide.T70
That that the year's produ- move to suburbs by fa W Ich
tio. past the 5,330,54 cars built makes a car m6re of a ,
qla 1 which had been the indus- the expanding population, .r0
tya' third best year. Produe- the trend to two-cars4o-a g.MUr
still was dowl quite a bit Iroma make them feel twe aret wi
st ,,m a43 bUils In 1 4ad the eat l .e ch Wye n.y.
record 6,0.W51, bllt I 110., Most don't feel there il ayi
In sizing up thtoutock for 1 of a depression or a recei
most auto isakeiu, y .e ft *tich .Mlud hat&. al busm ...
market would be around thoe IuM- .
S wt which Amodel 0IT horse Takes Five
been greeted probably will mea ..
the cars Wllbe p ee4t great- A

market *ipstf 09t"eant
155. In the past Curtice and for- nam of Portland, N.Y., said
mer GM president Charles E. Wfi horse was standing In bhe
aon have made predictions that 6ih rodia. The horse wasl
have hit the figure pretty well on onto the roof athe automda
the noe '. here it lay stunned for
WhI production was hitting its minutes. Then the animal seM0l-
thirl best mark in 1954 dqble g e4 off the ear and amtlled baO k
profits. were down. Dealers tound t pasture. The car saulan the
they had to disc ntthair cars to mos4 damage,
Herewith find solution to Sunday Crossword P .
sle No ,L. published .lUlay.
AN e bs,$ a0 Xo' a"ws a ,

-, A

I ---- -- p 7Now


: I

P.el"a hiOeas e
Paciic Iblad 1(SI1)
silumUamul Cmapr

Smlete Ainl-





.*L-.. ..

7 -f I


"V, ir

X.: 7 .f 4. .

tebm nothan wwm5 s asredawn O improvemedntst

*"r. A .,Aader:11 10isAfo I *to
'9 omomct&one of ofr at China, Kan 9

edM^ ^ the adpt Atomle. r 1900 % e ral sadi ashrp reduatis seffs h
.is Sa igbit a .i .. I. nu Se Phes .an. _aee m a -te iy ad ane .. .t m e
-6 nd of th wat-ban Ax IsaNeed o MI1ras 1SM but industry g0kesmen 1 to
t I I
t0.Th" oaW Nor! Atlantic i 2aas eae ore Ron fer ropt snoheih da a
.7b0L'Oh9. o bn pt.- 'to ash ---
south of.j ber CoiKt ait ra tew diop h att o wae bared ind Ca ags r well below 153 abs

In .. ". ; K .p... .. L aba_ i d avv .. t heart o the England. 's.h d lin" d a '
-. ,Atlantic as deep areh loglial e Adiscovetm, le scovertrainy drierlld finicni Amon ntsti .a
in: 1 50 inswa absat itsmrebaledhe Egypt sids r ., uofe ad St ra u e l i.e la
400 alle* east og ?b~7bitud antS~iaen's tomb waet V W =0=1a"EIA,- eKastern deity Nithras, believed to ight ame, the railroads' which jtilw 1
Slperai. lyero ago focused rd- ee : the otl tad a ideat be some 1, years old. ArcheuI bread-and-butter, is hg lb sens l power. a
.e.. ..dy ala, attt ..o .on ti6 Land of t a#o st the ecatasc W are a o alo* were umearthing what .b ellpl lngrin boles es, "Te y -"
!a 104ms y .aI On May a esA pae ea farm at Le NiAppears to be a complete Roman o experts noted. as
S the B. Twvnive Ita dacoveeui what feeag sac village a southwest- o*n between Caerleon d the Wto5 i n still
Ser. a e-. b iora aor five-year the funerary solar p ra' anc Rover Ush in. southwestoEngland. in strie t n s ay z lesylh. 3
to r cle o Pharao IQ in an under- "Chile a mle train driv ds- and wthb etivity in suchIndustrie o e
s MOyn4t11'yof i me. he Pag e mber near the Great- n July American selentIsts said averel th e body of a young Inca as steel, o and utonive
south _AtEl 12a. an ancleat shil.-posulbl the old9We puiuce eathed Insie. the upswing,me ouJook is brig
sadieItts lwt. Rea J in ot e- 1 o days later, another 5- it ever discovered in theo West- d cave. or then at this imt e a year ago. overthrow lue man5
iRD -. -. A. enn tpanb a t x, ia m p o a ea a eAgd rw found a gregate t income -of th s- York Central
1 i An iabsr yatorae Ca ar yen.t P ygamont e ratle *e upola sea l dlard eras Beal a rhenaf, fon d, T e Unied States Geologri a ao z av 13 f is a e c-t yea Sar.
au toa"aper&, the the totnb Dynasty mid the okld stanA as evidea Sur vey s Ad the remains of a to run In the neighborhood o3600,- lags fo i
a espo s a-i Det r adu 0of t5 ched O discovered earier at man Inhabited Amerlea's Sout Da lk reptile Trytylodon, r o awith 871,009,000 dividend, tob -
1 5IIjSOIU ad p m en p nurki n l 1 1 aib1er2m ad n is r mHes solk ,0 'C6al* tret in the Ice Age 12,000 year s sinc dint appear tab a 16oo5 In ire e st.peacetime yar ree T st rk
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ae, Natiowad'M*pmi Ipaojunctin. thc.e lietfe be empty, but the fld- The Indian Government reported ma here near aayenta, Arizona. .M te,0do'n 11 per
we.i Pl... .....u. htrh6 ntlonal G .hi_- ethinka the real berical shamb. that stnes -imjle nts of a 1 _.. ,5 e found in a uranium Strip ent from the revous year's rer
,,e n -by -n to r. r is at band. and perhaps In 000-year-oldc ture were und at nil ear Colorad o Springs, Color- od e
al as r..a tact. Durgapur, Wst ngal, ado, wereIdentified as the remain e ad s in

.i a i. l.o.i.S.S. A t ny Ij lXO l1 TCS r -owr 1 't/ean .... Ica road system in Peru. ofst counry 'astern trunk go into arrows.. i a
Sther Bst m a Msm Nktio MuageI 'Bof al light a t he Nebraska- Other discoveries reported a believed to have had no hu-n of a 5,00OOO-year-old ie nutr rs sn ap e acenosaurro of br e ad r sep
S t unoded seets ot .-e Tewm e... ~Colrardo boe g der oh e s the year: a 3,000-year a e habitation in that era. Near Hankaville, Utah, archeol o- an od of l abor peace and e ann kare

4. | ige%. 6ma proses depr Imn. vestiate ,i,,uc A.?o ,, Ara. "b3t t t s." s nt TheMy-eares comobened name' as _an engaeeer o eonstruon muey r.Pnue o oheentire indstrsen- ful to various rm e-M
t. ... ,, le ooer Of the nebulous, to versype over at Abydos, holy city of ExcavatorsM t d 'upr "lost li sts started digging out the excel- spc P orte to th allow.
-C1 M ol O r Ice Say.l ofo I -aminati ae,. i *a an Egypt; a vast red granite cities" believed to be thousands etly serve skeleton of a di i s amr.systes ao N W e

S at sct e ne 000 we t would be underctra to e AE. that probably lived tns ed around ,.the v Ore t S

a dditi t he S rwiy Antarctict ft-linfsnon iee Im4a.n o 2 Amedb, Itg wl- -a e h pt be u 0 re a she In
tlaest inte a*@Sunrv ah Antarctic bea5 newaf tereh sdraX*et..ron

WAS -ti n I S Lk oer tr a, the wor iatheh expedatpcnsponsoan u2by thl that tradeprtaid m a gG a S y
~1~l i er h g MSrc c States .is maom s ISe r Tea on P)- he pe toryn Those nevetwo firms cowent tola Yate s Is 7, wetto a rvater we re found ase nst vof a esopo- n

f egpvet-ma -pceooeb 2,45eete inml v es t -ernainaal A ei'ca a er Ai h a headlm B Te, but me's rised from a t-a- vice president .ouo eaIstern/lost valley" m e iewopuiea wlds.t Mtenar ndustry's earn- ful to various flno me for uo -i
eeo .tav near .rn Bl cal Year ofl when even wlth, controversy over nths used to describerk theo a 75,000- Pwor Scienan t, en a ti sts for the first timine be traced tor the as stf.a g pillows.
wo rec dsca II te a o h al still r -. by Middle South and the r The construction work led him coed a co lt range of the four biggest stern.systes alone ven the "
or eaptorakdn I n rtUi tre Sa esucete e a an, a Company to build a wealth and Southern ever seen am white man.opera- aren't wasted.

e coast cDaer, ogs mi Richard Byrd, who a blats hnearat emphis to send DIxon just turned 50 Then Decem. ower Copany's first hydro-elejob Dxon had was wcth .......... o northern Australia. An ethno-, AU A rLLA Ii
* r 'Ao ny beat by 2,948 feet the the Navy's big expedition to t p we r into Tenneasee Valley- Au ber. He's been a ton tric plant In 912. El ht yofrs Ia- 10 cal and geological study o the er a and ra
S s L otrctd lines t place powsr tNA oroe .10 year, and a story could tr, the fir Yates and I a was spo red by the Na-mb o

y e clue of aos movahead fast D t a. Yes. h oy what ouweat A three men anb Sws o0tccn11
..e -eret. c t aes sofLth eir c u tries elU ie I n s the Atomic Energy Commis- be called a t iocal American suc- made him vice-president r i and gen. tidal Geographic Society. ae
4t r. feet ie n S ae obeIrs on a, .aboutld re t ii slan i cess story. H e never went to cl-. as a dianager He later became Aan slwho Tentist visitTed a -
cavtled 2n,45 fe ar" to tro I thern.oal ,14 e v an has made headCae legs, but be's Erisen from a $75-a- vice president of Southeastern lostt valley" ion New Guinea stwild, Miniiu Stockde c C
w i EeibM d S t a tnIe o r Ctron.ork d le him cod d a clompn
S.mosntain, on Jn a Britv fsu. onh e ..nd vth stoadrm of controversy month junior clerk toma th a wer and Light,e tolhen had to try findl th ouj Isandso the S geh- r. b ie ri
Io= ppdratpd In a natural research I such fetlsa m o ratsUherarteily d many Demaom usameattl withhugeComermol.natsiver ehonendayiteh tahe has s r
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oceanography and gladology. postal, while most Republicans conu Electric Bond and Share Co. of lye was eletedrn nhevra Hisenwi mon. Nt- ER!A(
TpoftWor tend It will save the government New York. He did a little bit of Sout ern Company in 17 and ly expeditions n Africa. One team

y .te 31_ 3Fr co queslt loorst a-r .oAnd th e taxpayers money. everything, from seeing o ut the chairman of the board Imn 1950. found Imen the Kaoko Veld area o Members of
easth a Fchst c es aRcrBrt o u In Welt Meais, jtst across office on up. He move ahead fast Dixon and Yates had Oly what outh-West Africa three men an
Area 2. eet ap them es Coust.t the Mississippi Rone r from here, In 195, he became secretary od has been described as oddng an old woandow l oiene o An laifme- t b ,
IIy SwaisesgPrd oth- Australia set up what airs cte'rd9e 4linteew i t Cor.1 ar nines. years later gethr on the Dixon-lates pro- mada tribe of strdloopers. The
e f Italian monineera kn the Anarcic countria MiL d rsid on thal platnms conie been hen Mtdle S outh tlies was Yates first sought to Inpterest otm nem s ofd theat ienc 14, Tivoli Avenue, P*yama,
I t .r fot Brish .ent out a tw.year expedi- lol e bd ot wants to a. ormed in 1944, Dixon became VA In letin his firm build a. Foreign Legion, ar beint
SSt dt his ,4 h edtia t mountainous Palmer e- panda and annex nearby lbert1 president a job he still holds" to sell A power b' ut was' numerous and more seentary Tel. 2
at, mo tain, nnlri sula and civic leader, talk resily thxe es ya chubby maFe h with a I iy. dowal. He Was told to 1r7 In the Fiji Islands the Smlth-
Car 0 e hre a l '-YearMtmd ahe dsc ere xasing o f s ha t the plant will do for the receding hair line. An a 0hlete In the E d. sonthan Institution's Iationaolo ne A
Sahthat enoeto t h e tGreek ycargost woen n er days he ow Iakes Then a friend suggest'soIthat a seum collected Coor plant Pnm e d U.
peak sia the loftest eoarWs uhi behTV aM are oma woodwormag an rD. hiw plant he built in the Memphis mens, Including sohnotptesm-an.
.te.tta w .li V t 'loy ?i years before aaeh ar Cttyn d to ntheg .. obTe es a ..p ,a we or a de and B
oagpa enC a anhote Hnt er In s e ec scdenl X t* of t h Ur Ho ned tw ew],U

ettwh i S UtIlitI4es; Yate Is e balman proposal N ae good feh bo S
To' p off t eWord Ite ndof the board ofte te oer Nwgovernment dnd t tl b7. n

by thaet-frmide Masao _feseots rmst-is o ainV veStmene i n g e ntd
S/ "l o y ears before the Christian Wo pJed a xes weh heldd keep ao ar N

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fr.a 1 b. l scietsl l ocean. 0,s descent, m .adei in e te heighaa scale n e pt heDixon-r ats..o. -, ..... o o A T
= h s-r, .,ta-,n.-erslther, rotated. S
S' '.a Harold o. Edgert, e mof the -e a
tobBttielis emnnr Massachusetterrane was a prostitute e of Te late wildly ELM ne C WAL made ses attractive, and lower
iB of Ial U neS er logy, recorded ti and photgranphe a sid taxes wich helpd ke ep norp uat
udiBscntsts reported fed- characteristics of the "deep achtI tuedU make t of n i lanl ofoer earnings up a -,Dixend asb s at a .f

aM e a equipment ft lie e- Servie ship repadm there d~ ed the warmth of its p)reeessar al ertm and ot. r ven-
ni b' a' A"tu m "t t oino s i pof 1291. e Its participants were expe- I L
j- a -Joulay. .-A the rtile ancowls who aTurtnedprvwh ltlte ehl fiM AlIo ho bh n
|tr l Fr. "Na.. Bosw elld e of thpand operated o n s hoe- lie A p l I n oe .

A ther ee co cheered when the iAndustrical aver- b"e ae sa fr amonte lr a cd.d

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Ftt share sIarie SE X NW .0 Tsn wentl l met fi, .nae$ Tomato onsumpion aI 5Na n I
1 ," -e Na-ta l ...i tt ee ttredrtory the .aro m tho aree re. u o it ae'ead man, worn-
A Me~t^ioher12. Ithdvesr patslintaine waer e, and o te n te ate s .

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h wounds-straigt0 coffmthevione M 4000ecame..T p

The e or Ions -ua their purchases Is seond I national pee-.
Th was an i estment market erenc. Th average American
lt DoInvestint boyIntiidu i na 153 econumed 1 pounds s of i n o

Ibf...d. .., 1 ** I 1 W 1 I 1y a r ns, byb universe tie s,I oa-the-eb and frost en varieties. A1el
IJA ffSPIST, byft m V riniwat ce companies by uqian Third, among the vegetable fua- \s A .iIEUJ
S- s -t, ,w i ob b ksut an b Dy ott i voriotes was cabuge, with sightly e
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': I ; c I o' .! sttalons -Theirbuyng was mostly more than Ise pounds per capita. p .
S' or cash instead of on a tiny mar- Nutrition specialists for the comr- '

S .. l prices set n aerthe st papy which makes containers for
Sg prices set in after te list more than 500 food items estimat,
wAT flR had amered down on Sept. ed that about 13 pounds of ca
market men 'theM sahsand' sal-
S- ar mrkt was in the offing. ads and the balance consumed as .' Th t a issed by, a mile. TheyU." i1- sauerkraut. *
ad asinnd again in Prelctlos
q a d tUstment market -tha ap- eas ranked next, with a per
Sy knew nu turning. The po capita consumption of more tha .
ia aded miased migh 12 pounds a year. Company x-. ,.
St election tame when theyi-bU,. said this figure include In the beautiul, cool Valley other Moon. .
".I i M woMld fa Mon a bemp_ t eight pounds of canned peas. -
| -- BIc BP*"y_, T market ignored and r ponds of the fresh and surrounded by gushing tr ears, lush orange groves and fragrant coffee "flnou"
,l a s -noveamber reit en variety.
.1te. bpir o f wrNex In ode r uuI m walking and hor..back-riding durlng,the day
' .n.-beamwih the are, American
Si" Ih a5ve Ame rlaxation In front of a blazing Wreplac'eat night
-. In eks r:ate o sws.,ee.,1, as,, liock be .,o ",l
~,mdeu e-YakSinn .,, I* int" aveaqd l.houtth ree gracious hospitality combined with good food, good ceffei ind good drinkI
Sae hr, t lshote daily flights from Toemm airport to David
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* transportation to the Inn availale upon request with your reservitionr

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Sa Archeologi sts 0
I e mad qWA
SMexican 'Ca ve
13, A., By UNrTD PRESS
Bad men of the Old West came By ROBERT PRESCOIT lt

I IJ -'sse O00 this oonth ld tr
4.L -a a./ bo L P & Insonalain nto te bou thes crer w Uited PressaSitaff nowft mit
V P two oo os Wia about the carters of MEXICO CITY (UP) -The "There are
UoJnL s. Pm 070 9 Al 0 4M )Brother. cave where the sun hides at night lake in teea
a eas fast' as a snake coull a d a ostribe'."We a
*' ..,...'-i-j.-,s- 3!. ?s- o!s- ,M -.. .. ," l' :::, -;v-b. -- .
o m nI m a with a six-shooter alsobwra ti a th goal of ia 105 jlt;wll
himself, different breed ApmrleanMidan expedition into I nc.
Ie r ses it from the mine run 6f gunmen and the maed jungles near the The. h el ., Ic
Sf- eo no outlaws. He came from an old e Guatema ,b order. four th
Sof th e Georgia family and had an educa- o :,U Frederick Peter. sa Is I

best fe. tW w oe be 6P" cn com isd d g 27 11pea- ofMeto City, said their safsli ,a a
Ster of M l. and snow to anl *.oal .e .u ..HolMiay was educated as a den- I q 11I ssible" sc entil th l

ailal mie ao dlver War of Rthe mvolut 2ionn e tat oc ma lc p todyO to ctn s
1111110 t1 m tL a r W -D AOVE is -House in TabOga." a water color painting' r ea o un, lmme I 1 W .... K .....

lez. t _tu a t9t le:0. md. o10 Befoe Auisn -rek o onptra relative Ina. the p r ,ied t r on e of thevanilad.
_____ lea___ by thme Pen Woman artist, Etenor Edwars. e e W learned he had te econ-o -,- ...... a "."d f \ v a nis

w. brcL of the Naton League of Amserican nen W- P omen I s sumpto n-as TB was k inown M ya

B.... presided lock the ap ye ,tui o Istn, GsIer a aotruck out fo Texas He practiced Y" ayanck srtits wa y th_ '
DI w~elcom- )~until J 3~ S. c~ru~dn to be held on Tuesday at 6 b e a gthe le t on map between

a 'etedl eff- Co lee wl prent the fre- o member of the bar in Masachu- beomi persona non grata in Paterson said the "cav of the
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Sith, turer and rs Ro Foprteen arcades a r h, .in to one t eadin of order i ea dr.ati, t sme. ea
rt $ u phd Mr2s. John Har0yy in t"e show, 1 of whom are c Jl u le will address the auditor's abcordn to of the epadn ooder stylecof drama. sure ow many men he killed, than The .cdfad v
Sboa&d .of governcrs. lege studeyt and two of whom group on important features of theatre. John Gassnert writmg in on the other hind, faol to hae to wo wrte r kthe aoo DO New Mof e ay ciataionsm

ty. The fuo n show .s nde r Therliacal chapter of internal a Theatre Arts magazine, charges artistic signifleance, it GaGs- HOLLIDAY (Little rown). DO none s oa earn .civlso.. h T
y -The un snhow Is.un t Th-e chaprero terwo au-t, so far as American play- ners view, because they cannot lCif Zone- auni) lBgiima e y -'B"ecause it is taboo to the In- \.gh s.nle-tH
SGardner' direction of Sbert Turbyfll. an editors, while less than two years wrights are concernedthis is at be felt as contemporary drama. lfe s a timate love n- diana, who believe that the sun UnI l o W.i'
One-lan Shows the Balboa hilglh scool orcestran old, had monthly feature d, at least partly due to the fact that Another kind of problem, Gass- rters l Heoand a wean of the goes there to rest every night, we .
Opes At wB- 8 b which will play the overture and their monthly d n er meeting, they do not have many opportu- ner says, is faced by such play- Kte" loon called Big Nose o wif any traces of earuy mann
urrwntly wl at the; JB furnish music between the acts, prominent personalities as uest cities to learn much wrights as Clifford Odets who te tmedp rly hs ca- w thave Leen undisturbed
the field more or less teron
6i.Spjne bitonby Is under the direction of VictorPspeakers on subjects relat to uthi lac o so portunbties to cam e out-of tha socially militia tierhrlnddepie theoridzo ereaces, throughh the nturieso" said Pe- I
Sievant Gardner of oils and Herr. the field of accounting and audit- r, is no mere y due to the theatre of the Thirtiesr w ee may and rquent, terson.
water colors depicting scenes tn The re are no reserved seal- ing. w i tros u t fact thatthey don't get produc- "The intellectual crutch of the nto, r~emaned yrme o The 35-year-old archeologist and ANTARCTIC Ml b
C s Blo Haiti6 Ind Pan ama. or th e one shown Ofths ecol, In part, it is through such talktions frequently enough.' G a s s- Thirties can no longer be leaned n oedh i'fr years. Doc d ied in bed his partner penetrated nery a a 18-man British exp e
oThis exhibition is a ranked in le a comedy, and tickets are on and the fouownmg scusion pe- ner says "but because there isn't on," he writes. "But it has long .ot -ihh boosS. ,. i mile into te cave a year but the Falkland lsland (C m.i
operation with the Cana one e at the door. nods that the benefits ofer the or- enough debate ever a their succes- been my conviction that Odets eft e ege -ast~ hi thsicathaer were forced to turn back because occupied bases en the
.....-- tn-------- ganzatidcn are anserre or alure. In out' theatre we has a sturdy talent that needs no fore t, but h py"eyarc of lack of supplies. Leonard 42, continents Palmer
memership. don't think things out because we crutches. Ih would be a major orecatt u.d bd. whose specialty is anthropology, (3). rand is codidering .I
S m r t m fl i n The purpo..- o t ititu Odont fight things out. misfortune for the American thea- altons Were Different.. said that "this time we want to see base at Marguerite Bay
S jnproVe ne n internal Auditors is xpr ssed in Gassner reports that he hasIre if Odets could not make a see-rs, whose livesust how bi it really is, and I'm The main British camp Js
the current years moo "Lea been following the careers of a ond ascent and became a victim E ms s ere record bn AN hoping we' find evidence that Hope Bay (t). PdrffWens
A .. through Sha dozen or more promising Amer- of hstcry soto speak.' s am name T E DATON ma y have lived there centu- pedon s to m
AtomiC LOCOnm OflVe5 So0 n Eligible rest oent of Caal ican playwrights for periods rang- Of Robert Sherwood who "dis- sBnvm~THrE Sm(rdc HO r^ ties ago." .. tte ad Chilealt M Bft1
rZone or the Rep ubhc Panama can ing from twenty to thirty years played a sftong and increasingly and. it' H d Peterson said the three known the area, to o in po b
secure further information on without discovering that the y lueid relation to the age of the semoc htee y in no re- grous of Lacandone Indians are .formation about the
-- cerning the Institute f. Internal have been able to correct their depression and ins ur gent fas- nucaed th Daons le fast disappeearmg, and "we want to establish pbn frrd l
NW YORK-(UP---n atomic in 1944, they have now taken over Auditors by telephoning Balboa errors, eliminate their weaknesscism" Gassner says that he has l iterate whereHod to obtain all possible information :translar expedition.
t livenit s' 'erentf all railroad motive2575 Monday through Froday. es or improve upon their merits, not demonstrated "in nearly a was a professional man, the Dal- from them re we lose ever Navy reonna nc
ym'" dnon' hthei things tadvnces pro-use power and are riding better-kepther re swe,,,,,,,as,,.on losoewivy recon.a. ssane
ty the natin' s roilo ad and sre riding ,- e Organists Will writes, not oy or n u r o deal dr ati a u all withthe t were arm boys wh o didn't their traiti eat al. ds a t o aolle Atcd
"_ '. f ... Meet Tomorrow ... riters but maor one and for post-1940 world.' e rm. try to find another tribe of Lacan-some 2200 mlew Ja-
S alI, d M. br nul Tearomeril..,estmi n G u rai o gnistwi l English as wel as As american aner also discusses M a Three of the Dalton brothers- does which has been "lost" for 2l
mhe curret at the home of Mrs. Wl- tstein B rand acanme n ovitiESSfook by th I
lro m aodm S ing that both Christo p h Truman Capote. Wilam Saro yaL bn T n Em mett--fore
Eiil 5esi s ofsr2'-s-ya the Canal dozen or nuresp ?rf wa t ws k nown"
st oee most track mainten ne was Baoat 7:30" pm tomorrow.k plays h lton n a asRrt r i Toe CENTER THEATRES TODAYe '
w ole list of eye-open- tools.. Now fantastic steel m- and Mrs Broada this n. d ing up trains and were fairly suc- N
--. -. are already reading hi.s have taken over the wonk. Gregorla n Chats, ad ,rask. "ere s that brest newHorton Foote and Robert Ardrey.e ,sful for a time in the old In- O O SS IC' _.
metur tfusth er the gas tur- better riIe, so are the t rainmnen' pr on t.miseod o r a long e I homan o y. now a part of Okra- Diabl ts. 2:0, L:1 :. eI nda
bine-electri. qeomtive second and engineer. With radio tele- All organists and choir direc- .,,Then in an effort to outdo the e a roi NN r
e m to the 4jet, plane-f which phone, they can talk to wayside .to are invited to attend Fry and """Anderson hv been James brothers to whom tey a Gcns LOLLO IomA /i
s P etdy has 10 | stations and engineers 6r condue- te showmen as well as writers ou p- were related through their mother SWORDs .... .." I
,y- in ft i adancespro- pwer an re iding welcomequal and' 'a a poein man. the Dal- th t i .'
SNow there are 14,, wt ore et tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. t lar resistance to ose as on.
ea trl e those now the the club buld plays which were obviously t But the residents of Coffeyvile | e
S tin uropSan serve e are t expected Microwave is replaciag the tele- th rmlb itn i E will ted aswel r BAatadyas ofthe West re ognized the Dalton when they GATU N TUN Ih ihv h*a ee
;. 01o6 to4.*t to operation b grph, and the railroads are nbelrTm R co- r e_ ,turS Eond. set the oueess o neither rode into town. HardWre mer- B, andtmoem Champ" -.
Ko tht .Ndfr Haven and Rock among the biggest buyers of elec- with 30 Blaead White slides. Fry ad.MAnderson has effected chants Antickly pasLedn all the Tuedr D"ALAQ ti G
1 .dradsm. ./tronic equipment. Automatic block r, of 'Lcture a C m raEdd a.r renasodeI'nto-to'wn.tH ade m.,- s in their stock to etTsC who C m
Ntw passenger cars-many with signalng is now installed on 110,- mto nefi' fatonorit, ", ucI. have begun to deubt t i en proceeded systemac al y to
tijir -pr:pro M hCu 8 gang, although E tt Dorothy MALONg. EArahue d.
gouoth everymonh, eand bilt- thes on thacktofashdatan to on recousned saon pnn. Fry's careen on the commercial rie kill two of the Daltons, ob and inMargarita 2:bo 615, 7:5 rsttti 3:30 6: Sd

SIer pf auo tc controls wh tu. "Two points can be made wth erve his prison term and tase "LOOPHOLE" "REAR WINDOW,,. Ih
""" -ny"Two points aan bemad with Eimett 'ved o tk or teo

.-8 *l If the 'all shp Ir allow traces if engi- a u considerable cotamty- an mely to the lecture platform. *,
tBa h service.t- neers fail to hear signals. l that neither here for in Englan Medday "TTALAO Ii Aalp Showlfg MOD oA2?
t moving of highway The movement" of trains over .. ha his example been followed The book was writ, a few
a railroad hundreds of miles.ef now hahis Wa s any pamtilar success, and weeks after the Coffe le rob- A A Air-Cofdeow
revolutionize the controlled by a single operator theat even the farthest reaches of bery, probably by a arspaper-
id ls a by cuttreaing j botw h throrie .the-r a ilrpads'. Centralized sorWaist ini a U "ucess arro'mbuiabF tan ,rn Ahne -i man whose name has been lost. *00 4:o5 oo e
SandY cas ing trail- Tr fic rdl, and en eleetronu. MAtos Wisni- (U P)A Uani- sef o enot a any radical doe- Js Burtor to Whter e ert
A lowl$ly operated reservations b.ard, venut oe Wiscons sti sy's atoe f om the ind oh eeL tes thei f o te r ord .
-'suddom coming of age already' in service In the Pitts.- mnst implact upon thet worltso to whnch theAL El pih _,___ _
ljnomotive in reent burh terminal o the Pennvl- m al at life mos p o en sed VISMON The 1955 Harper Prie Novel, E
.to ma of the m ana R an earmarked fr the lbe can be deribd Fry hs tlent, G ner ad- A TRIAL, is Don ankewz e
move to s s a:30 semc a lar Joihntance to those rs thrhot loaln
t f thoe w an tthe dbte Han adndd a we o eclosteart ard mnd trOn th e whole, cannot call it unworldly young att 17eyearoli

itf the sreigrh n -e'f th on a be th, truth for dangerousely a pe iam.. Thekind of talent that ca Eng-n make t sie and igh school expestudrientc Angel Chavezin
Sareas i thnrue reporting of lany. oul rather than an -ornament. the the targed with urder and attempt
parts of shina and the Or o rawma, I suspects only when poe. hnan iedostseet pStriu* cne tyr
He added that 1it is too close tssdtrohod, emnprlW with the in the defense of a 17-year-olds

Sedown the trees, domesticate an- old effort to create a poetic dra- #o-8.18 peons p 5quair David Blake, the lawyer, was ol
SImala which need grain which, in ma, Gassner notes that this ma- mile for.Vermont and 87.7 per so engrossed with his ivory-tower .- m ip a
i teverturn, converts the fertile soil into jor error in such plays as "Win- squan mile for Formoi. o existence that the fund-raising ae- Cr l of t3
arid wasteland. terset' agl "1agh Tor" was try- tivities of his employer, Bernard Dta rA
tan-le did not alarm him. By the oirthy h.
Ppovd t aelps protectiime one realized he wbs deeply" aoutgh mmet vdot
holler involved with leftist elements in

Re-Surface Street FLOTA MERCANTE defense, the dame was done
GUTHRIE, Ky-UP) s GRANCOLOM BIANA, S. A. verityauthorities who had sent .
back' Ithat cost little because of the en- lence. and he lost the case. even t
Smvn Oterprise of city officials. It came Accepting General Cargo For: theolgh his client was innocent o fe
Sonie pranter released the TRIAL is a condemnation of the Iil D d0
brakes on a railroad tank car Sallings: Every Fifteen Days for: "trial by_ newspaper" and "'guilt hiausn'
h Ah- tilrads. Cntrlizd MAISO. Ws.-UP)A Ui. uccep arriutalefo ry im, an hos nae hs ben ost

which was filled with oil. The car ib associaton" atudes so wie- %%ft 00000'
rolled do the tracks and banged HOUSTON and NEW ORLEANS y discussed today. .
into' a railroad car. The oil tank'I' ', O s o lSealA-
sprang a leak. I Salings: Every Ten Days for:
A switch engine promptly pulled AND PROUD OF IT I ,,_,_.. .
the leaky ear away, parkn t NEW YORK.PHILADELPHIA-BALTIMORE AN o P BocA 6:
near Frqnt Street. All the oil it en (Gulf Vessels call at VERACRUZ and TAMPICO MEMPHI S, Tenn. (UP)-WITSS TO MU"m
leakd ne Foed street, which (MEXICO) every six weeks) Those new autos may look mighty
badiy needed a repair job. APPLY:retty, but one motorist figures
City officials, unwilling to miss A P P L Y : e'll stick with his T Z-year-o ld I M B
out on a good thing, got road re- RN model for a good reason. The m- SANTA CRUZ 6:15 '
a orews ut. The crews prompt- WILFORD & MCKAY, INC. tourist wa spotted driving aon In "Mark of The Rene "
spread gravel over the spilled Masonie Building, Crstobal, C. Z. his 1940 model with a sip on e
ORANGE bavarian eresm In fancy mold makes and tamped It down into aTEEPHONES: CRISTOBAL: 535 auto which said:"Out o date-but
Mte ldeet light dessert for Sunday dinners. solid, new road surface. out of debt."




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RJiERIA PRECIADO 7 Street No. 13
jBO [SON 40 a lJuly Ave. & J St.
Justo ArostenMa Ave. and 33 St.
182 La Carrasquilla

Central Ave. 140
No. 3-Lottery ianva
Fourth ofl uiy Ave.




Agencia Internal. de Publimlonesi
46 Cenwai 4ve
PdIqua ,Leievre 7 auiet *
160, Central.Av ..

148 Ceni

so Street
J. Fco. ae la O

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t No. bI
usa Ave. No. 4A
r ___

H Street No. 57

"I .. .

Vift 2spaa No. 34

FES ONAL Household Automobiles_ Misceleaneous WILIAMS' sto Clare each
FR SALE:--Coldspot refrigera. FOR SALE: 1953 Singer car, FOR SALE: A.K.C. registered 2-bedroom. Phone Bolboo 3050.
Store, 9 ubit ft., 25-cycle, very excellent condition. Phone Bol- Cocker Spaniel pups. Will deliver
if. ve good condition. 0430-G Fraogi- boo 2-1315, Buzby. choice. Phone 4-576. Phillips. Oceanside cottages,,.
oSt"WeekndaBRG Santa Clara. -Box 495,, Balboa.
EPTI NK St., Anon Week er, day R SALE:- 1950 Cadillac 4- BARGAIN;- 'For-sale at cost: Phone Ponnia 3-1877, Cris-
a 4j" I -? or e_.'En; others after01.0. door "'2," w/s/w'tires, excel- Tires & tub Gdrich 7. 1 Oxl 15; bol 3-1673.
O'e NA FOR S'At'E-Dveno-couch;,en- lent condition. Must sell. Leaving 7.60x1-5; 8;2QcS5, 4 and 6 ply;
SSEP'TSAN mel te kR en toble; *etal for U.S. Call Balboa 2-3697. black nd white sidewqals. F. aIc- Grmlich's Soata Catra Beach
Dresser lartermoster; 2 tw I No. I. No, I Justo Aro- Colies, Modern conveniences,
beds complete Qu other; 2 monster) FOR SALE:--1950 Cadillac, Hy- semrena Ave !Jhne 2-1913. m .moderate rates. hone Gomboo
A INew A ste i Natural I beds complete (Qi"rtermosteCr, dramatic, good radio, new bat- 26-41;
WasteDet Kills I new, never used Smith-Coro-$20b F RSALE:--3 Pekinese puppies. -" ...,.
ntw PnhneH4e ter-, new interior, $T below FSCT.4ESoe 1ie
Odors and Reduces Mass na typewriter. Phonle Il. 4116 dealer's price. House 53, Cristo- two months olti. House 86-E, S C
at Low Cot. Money Back all day Sunday, after 5 p.m week bol 3-2573. Paft Santa Glara. Low rates.-
rantee of Satisfaction. 3as
garstee of.........- Phone Balboa 2-1866.
-N-. "- FOR SALE:-'47 Codillac, radio, IOQUETrl isa trlopical paradise o 2-1.66.
F. NOVEY, IN FOR SALE:---Whiripool gas ou- Hydramatic, excellent condition, and the El Panrmonte Hotel is
79 trail Ave. tomatic washer. 0v. 60-cycle; duty paid. Phone Curundu 83- the best place to enjov the Val-
s p .30-gal. gas water heater; Bendix 2246. ley of Roanbows and cool moun-
g.TaSO~. s Qothes dryer; baby walker, toan air. Altitude 4000 fr. A*er-C0pmen COW LINE Io ASl W It-A famUri. posn'At la a
play pen, high chair; new 48-cup FOR SALE:-Used cars at in- other eorge re, taupt f am, et CiV v er. th a w.
coffeeurn; 10' gas '3/" pipe; credibly low prices. Make an o- graph orraes and reservations. ArtlN'ION .1.f1 Just b uilt two trays of milk ar set dut for the eats. w l .M .cote out
bridge chairs. Panma 3-5130. fer and tak e one. PANAMA modern furnished apartment, n the hastck. With utt
... ..N AUTO Colo. 2 bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel. cats, didaining to be near the wild, pus Jedi
|Me '&Ca e I't.e -JoR LE^:_ 1949 Studebaker /.. F R S L Panoma 3-4941. -there are four 0 thenm--eave only an their d.ish- I r'et t
AVEtti~o: FOR SALE: -i94 949 tude baker FOR SALE P.... Tlh.
e VA,T St tT dane T 2-door with overdrive. new point : eal Estate FOR E F~M- lodl s k. Photo theaily mearScene
M ,' --.A ,l~t. l'M | oI pa job and seat covers. Duty paid. Estatp 38th. hset No. 9. Tel. 3-1594. b
.b:o M..2-429190 tings 3-5752 FOR SALE--Due to trip, two FOR RENT:-2-bedroof* aport-
S 4 p.m..... Penr -3-1660 1 bedr-oom chilet, 2 bathrooms, mrenI,. living room, dining room rs Fr
FOR SALE: 1954 Chevrolet lvern-dlning room, kitchen, kith th Street San Fron-
I Bel- Air sedan, just like new. por, r rom. Ernesto T. csco, a Perras No. 16.
R n P08THDOT0599 A Boyano Street, Ancon. Leievre -Avenue No.' 86. Phone u
OPR ORCHICAO-(UP) Cellophane Phone 2-2744. 3-1028. FOR RENT:-Furnished and un-
O-UP Celaor l panero furnished 2 & 4-bedroom opart-
'. Jt.am8 HeLA aape is being used to close wounds 's e o r ments. Conaoc, Alhambra Apart- e
t 1 sr,, nl r erdste, Fand is proving superior to stitches us a mereri nts, 1Oth Street. Phone 1386 e le Toe -
01r HttOUtRS in m tany cases, according to Sci-i Colon. e .
-t 2 -eee oe nce Digest. --Digest_______dye
S. .onuaor. I s ,m Dr. Paul Williamson, of Walsh,' FOR RENT: n- Fused 1-bed- ONDO a Te first a o i eat ena fr
g ck from Lux Theatre, Colo., reported in an article that: o Record T a rSoortment, complete kitch- transatlantic telephone cable -Sead to ay, had oneetrateder
I.oa he used ti fhe tape iii closing 91 skin J ei i en, basement, private residence, an Anglo-American-Canadian eno shallow-wate repeater Thn d diole o te firt alee-

haeh o *| al tS s i8n Foresee l Record '5 G ains19 an 1 (9dbiasei entrc 5lere d a mer ,cad s;in oshtpe repeaters o e me o o
lacertions andl ,ha reslt f gaeln Pirst Phone 3-14r-
een encouragingarden, por, Pone ture that will provide a clear re. These had the -advantag of be- mile dee water edion will hrso
S T I THe skid there is a relatie ab-o Vista. liable, multiple-channel telephone ing large enough to- carry two- to be laid fn a sinl e peratfl o
He th er I ato rr' ab- 0- o b ti wr t b
of July) Ave, sence of pain compared with FOR RENT:-Apartment, 2 bed- hook-up between the twoconti- way sech trans hitters but had witou pause- or e cae may
toBrntaics stitching, and the final appear- By WILLIAM T. PLUNKETT market experts summed up tois rooms, living-dining room, kitch- ents-is now under construction the disadvantage of being housed buckle if the' edble ship has to
S .... ance of the wound has been btter. way: en. Phone 1464 Balbo. It should be completed next year, in large, rigid steel containers, stop during the'laying. For this
S- Wt1.t.ce d --etme o ante of the wound has been be tter a. P e er B aes
n n., Wahnton D being aso i speeded up, he Unite Press Cmmodty Editor Without wars to inflate co and ls i scheduled td be in opera- The Americans:' on the other reason it must be done in summer
Hr aDentist P-re ue, dSu hNEW YORK--(UP) The ccm- moity prices, and without a busi- FOR RENT: Two-room aort tion by Christmas, 1956. hand, had turned their energies when a two-week. te of co
1 a.ind Ci mn. C tCi V a'illimson said stitches "may .. ce rise in 1954 amiated ness depression to delete values, Bulding. col 2- r t anaan e ete eo teagte r e
.l i, ST OONTIA so.n become a cruel and archaic Wall Streit's stock .nmrket boom "stability is likely to'hold on raw ding. Call 2-1661 during of- phone calls of clear and constant repeater houalgs, and Be Tele- sbilj -
evtrtr an prj'ae*.'oL6., way to close minor lacerations." by at least four months., and finished prices in 1 ice hours. quality, instead of the present "hit- phone Labs had evolved and laid s tr b
Al fil(nsw techque He addad th-t stu4e alreadyre Coffee, cocoa, cotton, grains and Deeper. digging statistcans em- or-mss system whic depend between ithe U. .and Habana lakithis'eoming summe-
en w- metals spearheaded a rise which hazed the long period stability FOR RENT ent on good radio conditions. Also cables with boosteih-botsed in an ad in the summe '
F Roondiions. Also
and ClIldren Dtr phone tape in closing major& culminated in a late summer peak. in the Delprtmeat of Labor whole- more than twice as many uimul- ingeni u typ of -flible contain- The adantae s -
()-811 gical wo .Speed behind the stock market rise sale pried index, measuring the Roo taneous conversations will be pos- er retmblilng a steel nake, which bl are the wei
ti na* (23) a -so gicl w d '.. ] developed water the November elec- trend' of 1P0O commoditie s in the sible under the new system. may b-colled inside storage tank ment of the service,- p.
S.m. to 1now .m to tions. raw andi nished state. FOR RENT: Beautifully fur- drums, lhhties- it opens. p. A nt,
,- p. y. TipFor0 Cleaning The commodity features index That measure in the past two wished room, double couch, ice-. Need for the cable is'evideneedno
Tereached its peak in late July, ris- years swayed within the -narrow box, kitchen cabinet, stove, both by the increasing traffic: in 1027 The- Osadvantage of the- flex!- no more than 14 eove nare
M enu Stains ing 1 per cent from the January range of 109.4 arind 111.1 (1947-49 and private entrance. 52nd St. there were a mere 2,000 calls; in bletypreppater-housin is rence often makes or
start, then gave up about half of equals 100). Inference drawn from No. 3. Phone 3-0638.' 1051 there were nearly 100,000. that t rot large enough or a or It entirely.
or you buy From eit Linen the rise in the late Fall, when spec- the dial on the EBreat, of L.abor The new communications system two.h ,ehie. but can contain e. o only can tele
F.ulative attention switched to secu- Statistics gau w that the will be. a cooperative project of lment for o aeal e md
FLEX see the titles. price level ep -.has weath.Mc Britains Geeral Post Office, A- W s. Cn v the as
'NEWYOR K.*UP)oJ. a If o Lessening of immediate interna- ered the- Id.Dia- eb$u i o--meritan Tel and Tel. -., tBaeis5 e
RFL idi n enu~'t titteo In stains tional political tensions, tio rqrdr tve '
oa be tbledot, hersAre some cl eared the picture or the merhbalt[ rime I a ( C ,It revile .36 thuste.!
0, u, tips fr removal. December analysts peering ahead requirement tstwRd sbahere-nr rer*s e .Obn al re
ESy To erase cranber spots from to the New Year. after-barring any.' ad inter- cotland and Clarenville inap -pt..,1
white ,o street t stand The composite view o canvassed nationaJl politica-events. Newftdland and fromth e anadian .- Wh e e,

those feet onto the stain. Use the It will require the laying of two expressed it, and. a desged go a
sattle method for eclored clothes, WASHINGTON -(UP)- The undersea cables, each 190 nautt.) last fqr p minimum of twenty
but use warm water, not scalding. "deb" season is in full swing in miles long, and of a 335ndle single years.
Brush gravy or salad dressing the nation's capital. cable,, part overland and part un- As it is estimated the cost of
stains with soap jelly before wash- With finishing school behind derwater. One. hundred and eigh- replacing, a single repeater might
ing. Scrape away candlewax as them and their parents proudly teen "repeaters," or boosters, con. be as muc at u6,000 (upato igtee
much as possible, then sandwich watching, the younger beauties-- taining 300 valves and 8,000 other weeks, wior at araind a0 a
the stained section between two most of them in their late teens-- eetrical components, will ampli- day), It sla obvious that every care
RAS 5 de M clean white blotters, press with a are in the midst of bowing for- fy the sound at regular stages a- will'.taken avoid possible
wirm iron to absorb the, grease, smally to society. long the route, so that the voice fa '
,; and wash in warm soapsuds.. A girl does' have to "come will be as clear at the outeoming ,ends, ,ndlrshoro-
HEAVY BIRD Traces of coffee or tea on white out" to be 'in" Washingtons as at the ingoing end. ^r. .4,er stretch e n New-
linens can be removed with the young social whirl. But it helps The.story of the-malkig of the an' Ca e Brit-
ISLANDNeb.-UP)- same reatme you gve raner And senators, diplomats, cabinet cable ad the boosters,. and of aters a e to-be Ised; else-
e of the bounce out of ry stains. But such stains on col- members and moneyed local resi. the difficult laying operation is 'At AtaericaItpe. A volt-
shopper when he ored linens should be soaked in Idents like to give their young, a saga of engineering detensa- aje -.Zabhit 3,OWoIs will be
hebig turkey he was cool water then washed jn warm daughters that social stamp of ap- tion, skill and Imaginatiom* required to fee-the steers on
dpt of the grocery. It fell suds. Rub i stick marks first with proval. To effect this direct ink, wibch the main crossing
and fractured one -of glycerine, then wash in warm wi Among those bowing to society'lDiaiter of the two-wsysi
of-theYear- area er service than the radio-telephone is 7 of th two trnsat1antie

Barracks Now Haven

S.iron Curtain Escapees

B THOMAS WEYR meat provide for the bare daily
'- needs of the inmates, while at the
RrtNBlACHK Austria-(UP) same tunimetraining them to earn
potted gerani- a western living.
dclM's toys now
Sthe infamous Glasenbach I With the help of the YMCA, theI
where .Adolf Hitler's SS International Social Services, the
traiued for terror World Council of Churches and,
Sca ismp t t other voluntary agencies, the refu-.

m. e r 1ediv tfugee. must be
men, ww -uome aWll rU ;y ,ArAod L in teni-
b.. .. i ing e

and Mexican game called 'Pinata" is lots of fun for kinder
ers at a Leavenworth, Kan., school. Mary Bammer is shn
with goodies tumbling from a sack strung up near thec
which she punctured with a stick, despite the fact that she is
folded. Meanwhile her schoolmates seem to enjoy Mary'
... .. ... ..r _

-.'~8~ ~'71r -l'r



m^ FOCUS 01S nbi LENSMEN-With the country
Mfcn at bhr f Sj viy Leamna Naughtes shows the radiant
iechatrm eand figure that wonm her 'Miss National Pre
~otgrapher of 154M." A coed at the UnIveisity of Maryland
.. Le. a won e ewarid i Washington. D: C. _

Imelda Chavez Miller, blonde that has provided communication cables, a little more than one
granddaughter of Sen. Dennis Cha. for the last twenty-eight years, inch.
vez (D.-N. Mex.); Marie AbelU has long been the dream and-hope There is only one ship in the
Butler, daughter of Sen. John- of technicians onil both sides of world capable of laying such a,
Butler (R.-Md.); Lee Slingluff Sy. the Atlantic. But a number of leaght of. cable-. MS.. MOn.
mington, cousin of Sen. Stuart Sy.- scientific and engineering prob- arch, the General Post Offices
mington (D.-Mo.). lems had to be surmmoutewlbefore cable-layer, ad even this. ves-
The capital has no junior edition the scheme could be reaed. se has toe have the how sa.d
of Perle Mesta, but there's plenty The discovery. y Imperial Chem-
of professional assistance when a ical Industries, in 193 of a sub-
girl is ready for her debut, stance named polythene, and the l "'o
Typical of the party planners is application of this as an i ant,
31-year-old Mary Stuart Montague helped pave the way. Polythene I
Price, once a "deb" herself. has certain advantages over gut-
Miss Price said a debutante par- ta percha and Paragutta,, former- .
ty no longer announces -that a girl ly used to: insulate ubmar. M
is on the marriage block. Nowa' cables, and -is .bauidered to be i- 1
days. it is just a round of fun deal for this purpose. .Ii
before the girls settle down to the The new cable now being made
grind of a college career. will use 1,400 tons of polythene.
For papa, it's sometimes a big It will also require, for its 1,950-
price to pay. But for the "deb," mile length, some 2,700 tons of
Italian. life is one big whirl. She is squired copper, 11,000 tons of steel wire,
Ialn an about town maybe by a handsome 1,800 of jute yarn and 2.4 million
rt~er' aide from the White House or a yards of cotton loth.
wered Navy midshipman from Annapolis. Britain will Pay 41 per cent
,eling, She is cut in on by a stag line a of the cost of the million proj-
blind- mile long. And all she has to do is ect, the United States 50 per cent
s aim. mind her manners and look her and Canada i per cent.
prettiest. It will weigh three tons per
Miss Price and other social ex- nautical mile, and must be uad-
perts do the rest. They plan the ficiently strong and flexible to
party to the penny make all withstand pressures of op to three
I the arrangements and permit tons per square inch,. and the
the anxious parents to come as pounding of breakers at the shore
I guests. lipe. At places it will lie along us-
When a "deb" reaches the ripe dersea valleys two and a half
old age of 19 or 20-and is called miles deep.
a "post-deb." Miss Price make To construct such a cable, a
S;sure she doesn't go out of circular. new five-acre plant has had to be
",l lion. built in England on the Thames
She keeps these girls on her Embankment at Erith, elose- to
list. and carefully provides escorts Greenwich. This is known is 0-
-if necessary. ceat Wor*s, id Jis the p'6
-K ---_ ------- of Subidarilm Cablep U&l t win
FAMILY HABIT employ ever 200 techniIeans ndW
IH I NEW HAVEN. Conn. -- (UP)- wOrker, lnd will be capable of
I Ernest L. Ewell backed his auto- producing 4,000 miles of cable a
I mobile out of a driveway and Into year. .
a plate glass window of a stqre. A The present contract, which* is
few days before, his wife had for the greatest art of t tI1et.
backed into the same budding lad-NewfUO aA-d transatairtl 1
| frm the same driveway, braS r.f." 1
S inAg an ornamental marble b. I _1

GRAND ISLAND. Neb, -=( ) t

-Visitors to the 8
here were puzzled a
i quent references to
ward" in the adnal
ing. The center ofrt
South to be the 32 bea
cal Ash.

yearold Michael Kane fat New
York City, has a nmea r et-
tur e. Getting a' emlMdk at
-*ah other here a MiMke aMd


A. U! -*AM


- f 5..t

'. .r





- ----- -'~ .-~ ~ '" r

. 4- .

. 1 *> .


- :, '. ;'.


~u r

-..;.. S. .,-

I~I ~
* ~ri

IS 'j'.'.

Mwf n eer had sq.
.J ,. ,
ugh sabout...
or 9 NOR
.nou. w .o: teo


wth Denans O'Kleeke.- Margaret


Ateo: -i



with J.Cf Oshandli ,
'Rhonda Flemin .
V' *"i "- o "e



I ..
NBtBIO STAr: aspects
sad iSparat wUl get ev




tr The res B

.muiarm ace4
becas e she
MrI -ir it


r~; LA" -'..Z'-' ,t


ica a largI t freeing L .
white pelicans, big and IcveL,
bairs o eagui-to en-toot wimk.
spread, eriqhes curiously e-
anug 1 tWramWU Lase, iitvada,
in Le Milq~ oqf feared oedert anu
oltter! vitnmeCalauen waies, tin
hatulnalt eograpac boa i t
Sa ).

* -. 4'-. ,i

-. c". '" H- T r rs

ng ri assg t ase i animal i t toeaes in the rec business a
I, xaPllo T%=, -,B 'in trD as tvem mal a tee a dime a doe, sO have a ponny's e
bweran Arctie, ahtorenga o a bor:- .

o e dstaeroit s p .. sSAbout eight months ago Delores
.a. ous year, for some t'rs is d RAw ifter a gruet ng E pic
9 cruelal one. It's a tuevlage t- Nature provides her own ura- record session, relaxed by,,.,
yearwith old fa s hu ng de- aum test bod4as on.the orauo in r strange scng ea ed
clins and new favorites am de.g rB1awaus. .Mamei.a zone et- "George." This was just for her
UP posed by erosion on steep clif own amusement, but Columbia's
4. TV will spend more ime im- wants cyn be detected witau publicist,.r tmlrd, It
proving e non prime hoursto costly dritling. and felt m ra ,
a greater extent-momig, day- -- would be weiy' to be, d t.I
a, late nig In the days of far-sailing whal For moq l ti I d o. MA di1.
Those seem to be tha ajt ln di 6lps50ol u sea a tbLee iumai ^ ma g r e4 a VA
trends This iso, f coune a .aNew tnglain's old porUts, a car-tE rl a A l Atb er abouti.Co
arduous time to guess at in blest a c ataonian beach be- I o anD atgs
vision, because ', 's New Year is came wlaely known as "hiew Hay. 10 bootie 10s o Oe
in September. It's then that the en green 'Trhere Nvew Have n, and malted a to c key eat
brass dreams up the startlingJ a. Connecticut, sealers dried sq k im S1 friends in Akron, Clev and, Ce n
nOYvtSs. So an Spr before taking nem west to Lams trolt and New York. His p -
a y,as taert-m- L 6tra.- FIRST FILMED COMEDY: Jckie Glsen's "Honeymeners lucrative trade. played the rerd-nd you can e opened his hd,
skits. here with Audrey Meadows) on fila t(re a art of new trend. -uess the reMst. It is now Dolores' were aeep Sears at' "dic

Ce project t. start
la6g M *ucIeIiggest record of aL .
t are ptrm nt to suoessful TV shows told me he's .Souh America boasts many an ... -e work
df the coxailst able. While t etr looking around for another spot, history re witn a resulting Bean Bett .nedi'das, l als-
were often dull and savely eram-, eve t.hsshowis top-rated. 'Irish name, Bernardo O'Hifgini greatelt ks. diovery, w05,.01b.
leSed, they got high ratngs. Reason a ben onp fosr three er ted
ni1eramed Wwila. o A n founde I .dor -F h W iea l l., i 1 1e
questionably, this was due to the ears, and he doesn't want to ride named William Drown founded at the am Ma ri
high candle-power of the stal It down. He says they all expect the Argentine niv. Simon Boli-wtas s ta n tpWi sher ud I
lars (thiWas n3et t M Iton's "anssi the employed. oIt to bs to sp, even though var's chief aides included Danit1g, away from rd. N. me

enlpastheystmployt4pf In "l5. neus r t aheer"yensyefj" rn '
nm ore spectacular on TV 1 i "spel rereseMt a major the ust as high. Florence O'eary and Francis ae my i tait
han in programming philoso. o at be thee turning Burdett O'Co n Op' s y
chy. ang the i nas roitacullroi t z < < tC'lt I*, dr wea o *
phy, and the a eretal" program point for tuce Ba, Jack Webb ontlaWasck charf yBethy says, ,":a at- oy, l
ming difference between rad ioand the "What's My 14ne?" pan-. CT on strup in Wash ington of wae will be." So she went back 'Fte l y I hired a
pad TV. Radio.-romefinber radio ellets. New stars that the windup oUthe nationall She of toe irna- I again g s, yeiar, to rqneev theg bor. 1e as 15
was always scheduled on a es to be reMated in 15M culate Cmeepttica, which will be h played l
R yte sye. Every Sw q banetteabra the second largest church in dthe 7 a an aia tey o
t seven, yr namp, wa Jatck O a ow she's grewv-- united lState, will require l,- w
any tilne. 11g in*snt for I 000.cphic Sect of stoneg170j000
b-a. gse Coc); Cumminas, bap of cenient and v,5,000,000 J [r][ho
ut the ispec change 4 that., -e w. ogrlm duet nd backs. of d" ,s o I le
Your have to b a vh a soreelard a W ne- woasal ita ----- t.
aread to be sore what's aia t rei.t frt color- ftil shots Tbe .Bhati tribesmen of India's i GAL a ('pl y Ly tle i
be on TV these days. Your. a ime "Nom y." lofty Himalaya country live inu Mariie" s Radio L' re's Js f jW t
orey e a. no od. e wak thee o .r three dere't zone.o p l a mooly a n Ahaeat ,- red4l
asy be-4 spec, -the next week NBC-TV's pion eerIng, work corig to season p ay the mad t to p icl n
comedyd. th -prime-hour p ama- tribes move abouf among three lb
S last e twork-ABC.TV asproven, so success t a t villages, thohi est near the Ti- t- l, .
S old w is be t. -V s a. TV betan bord.i.aTe word B ,ad t I aw "Actea lly, rM -"
Ie .U gTle, ethe ag. :l means "' .- ofp Tibet".. 'the sortl 1 -t .'Sli6
s"sthrei a t som h a', i2e' 1a&_ ,r a */ t-rish ,I.
a- Se -.n ase tie tel ora .: Is e~.- Santa Fe proudlyWa.ils, Its lta area S W he
ways be Dasy 'th omas. But Mont's jda of moving its lonal terms mra United States Post Of--. and pop tem. lck bldds,. ,P.
both CBS and NBC are ,comralt. New Yek late. ight show, star- fflee built of dried mud,-a bend. Is the emissi., yeara
ted to spectaculars-hour-adnd-a- ring Erle Novie,- onto the full some, long-lasting structure of a- Ut. .- t
half or two-hour shows that come network. dqbe. .- i o m t b( re
on, say, every three or four Somebody recently told-.Bi 3 s1 .1n o
wl s. ABC-TV is committed to a Dr. Paul A. Zah, w T-L k1wn ey that there have been thro(tFrank
thOtTO 'Ts wNT pinks tents' 71e mosey wil be poured f. cyatr. strengthening its dyue 4iolNc t aere d ysiloe k o.'p e major ,liovement in popular mi ,p
local show WllN spread M. to the in '55. Bigger casts. schedule. The other netwo an .n alat aIdd is r sic-the waltz, the blues and 11Bill
Brighter colors. Bouneaer musit, plan to pour mosey and brains .. i ear it ain Ae eH al"er. T may or may not b Three
Efforts ate belns made to lure Into daytime TV, where theft is worldof nature in a e rk exactly true, but their can be wo.(Ai V
thelas -televiseo big sta r.util pSOenty of time available. Citya areint. Thw parlor len- Ue doubt that Bill -Haley and his Want"
Dapny Ksye. into a spectacular Tue documentary drama -ra agua --Iturtles fn s, Comets arei an exciting aew. som4 'Little N
thG year- I s"Dragneet" abnd 'Mo's ain aae. "troidal., a l newt sanlamd re, and rhythm in music. -., ..
The announcement late in '4 "M c'-ae bound draw ii- ekam asa bby .A r. The man behind lme a t
that Jackie Gleason would film ltators. O0e beingplannedn woul ,ksm-lmane.fI2w.s T a eina ei a ndCtol., .an abs
[e 11part of big mshow eat ta & I[".tm. tcr. a luewonty the fiedoo Fba las w top a ice and I .srs- a definition of his mus-which- a for ybody
eee decision by oa n can-Journalif hitherto alwaYs dr1 dragn' t..spee f "en doesn't have an actual name-l They've co,
Vt #1, tor to go on film, meant thatf I nMatied te I s.,n1 eary .. inches of simple: .ume set, ...
SWill see* the first Smed edy Music, pro 1 the worls a in I "We use country and westeaWorld L'bray of
shows. Gleason will only. first form of entertainment, has! 'TheolectionWAS at q uIred instrpe. pa y rhythm and tive Music," ove
the Honeymooners skits wi not bee too successful on tale- ., The. o rt was a q blues tmn and thi result is Poph a ud i verses ." lcve
Auudrey Meadows.- Art Caney vision. t some ef show busi-r r National eagraphicbl usic. anfd Feuiso caue*
3x- aes isA-a, rlmm as the' Fuarth B -Iwf another half-hour being s9ess' most imaginative men are: : .Magrect datioale It erbcr All musc. md teniu, and aleurlm
badla -andwho bussomore so.l9NO willI Ilk in inbanAsdopriws. cuting the Imhlef cme-ormer- plets, .
iwot average life of a toed tile- of Firogtone" sad, the Chicago 'a-'ne.e sax mau. The2i Some of thu lighter

aFi her rea' ileSq hieh inty olosts aana' see "TIhe phone Hour" enter .- fain dit, bsy-,rw ,alcFotou
mum beta tired of al evi Aw other plans are -int w n ad Spansh tart. (t liuhattun PianoPan
Is ob iane's sola "wquickerh tan a radio the wotts. Sl his Dena uakuvich's SA
*p a che w. There are already signs! Those Ire some of the possi- 0r 2m pswikces to p so ot us.8
Pety are that veteran favorites as "I W 6itWe for 155 in television. But r mom 2 aciiiwicohloes tal borese r d Yer e k.)t tlb
l L ovest' My "Dragne t," sad whet fakes V so exciting it its1tin las fa- Haley says it took several years arse Syspheg
Ita as- ,"s what a Youn.ster will do .from, to perfect his unique style, and York (Columbia).
M S A r on one of the most ans day -to the nat. 1

i tolAlVeg

ave .a .hoe
;- t "w^

Steel Makers Foresee Boom,

Expect 100 Million Tons

NEW YORK- ) -- AA 's- Another bright spot is the peak
steel nd which saw t pro-;demand for steel containers. The
de* of ,W tons rte as oil industry, farm equipment mak-
the second in petsimne, ers and Osplimaie manufacturers
r te boo oUt to all are expected to consume steel
, tttn the ma. IAt a high rate. .
aftorlIes 4ad .thy .'. new wage boost for steelwork-
E besess prTCfta wil he ert in 1955 is held likely. Until a
.onetw punch-br stlr I the L ew contract is signBed around mid-
S coming year. Year, industry sources forecast,
* fLe Customers used up 79,0000 base pd res wlrimnain firm.
- mor taos steel during 194 thanI Wage g e Granted
the industry predtaed. This alls' The steel industry avoided a
navy for a. vy r plenishing of hiven- strike in 1954 b& granting a five-
I tore a the Ime. ent-an-hoaf wle hike and other
et The l ety topA beefit o steelworkers. Then
ae t a copaaies rt e4 the price f steel:
.'O ovumproduat ad yfriae of $3.25 per
Wi e u as re-stockin eof inventories
Sr wA Me. a brig tspotin 1 55.
W .. .. ,t th aa r retin of lIs




t, t-

,- ,
V ."

" 3B

" -

a as heaba.k-
nefS railed ---l----d
.-.. *.. .'-shed -.
-L^. ._^^^^

- .. il: ,


1: _m

qiS Iuat

L~____~~ _~__ ~_



. -- ., w ; "* : '9" ..
.. I.", as U j. ,",'

es. emon CIassW


. .., ~ $"" -E .4

A --Z .A

S .,: -: i ;

.. i











IiON Z4S m n- .ORTI. ...

t.. 7LM -

* r", AibJ' 0a I i ii
, t .


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sw .. .im .. ,, .
0ilwy- .- -

--l *'--: '-. S ^-f'_ ;
.. .. A" 4
: 2..... .*'4-. 5' -4 -'.. .
-y-'.. -' ,; ,. ~ ~-.- '-. -." -L "r "


-- 4'

,000 Purse To Be Sg okers T0o. MPape

fered For One And rnoublehetr

Mile Route Race
a49,PRO LEAGUE s- -MO"day, a

-The new horse-racing track being built out at Lind e smo as e y er e
be .... o e la ..-n N an : W o
field, in the Juan Diaz area, which will be named an eea ....a. t rt
lWAdent Rem6n race track, will be inaugurated with the .. a e '. tnhe t
of a $20,000 open feature classic in honor of the. T o.o S. GAMs ( *as sI thesadt e d.00.e, a
lamented chief executive who was assassinated v r e o a s w at t i Any G be se @A
Franco last Sunday, it was revealed yesterday. Second Game:. Yanks r ud -tnLn.a..e National las.
3-2) vs. Smokers ( &Ipui 0)r.) 3. Tefollowing bletien
Panama Gambling Control ly fitting that the. .event bwe Gamerhat aav) .'ene Shaw's,0l1 m" 4 o w ,
(Patronatoy ruled Friday named in memory of the reaL A-) sm d the Na, S nala Cr e th od I An
Ir last meeting that the President and proposed to ave o w
i classic carry the name the race run as an annual ea- owBy J. J. j .
J.e oved sports-loving late lure.
e.; w bllbe Open to all t had been anned b Pres- The C.
a will be run over a Ident Remon to have t nhe w r nw V. s h n LAee g
of 2,800 meters (ap- track completed some time thisp w ith ths _t Go
lie President had planned he modern racing plant, which Starting epitchve- .firu
14 furlongs t oe- yueabuun official souce hav -'Em W ritin ILe-ttersj i'
t he i na u g u r a l la s s ic i s u r e to b e c o m e a t o u r is t a t b skorre noes A lwbe to O s .tei n..
Wuflder these condition. traction, will be ready or usetheI iesn ad Le r .. Osirfoth
d ruled that it Is on- before Lutdke has a 1-2 reo-rd and' .
S a .. ...... ...... e f- Osorlo has not yet won a game y HAlRRY GA Y ON on goes
PAN OPAXW O Ernest ode ,a Guar sI r., co-chairrma of against one loss NEA Sports sr Oe been he ,
the 195d andma Open golf tournament whih Bstarts Wednes. Osoro has been used chiefly prI tebo. Yu,,-f
TRVEIlub Isa sw nw oob Toln- atly inviting MaO. I ree this season and will be Pwat McMu try obrv sly Is a Yu a ther fight
-b e -.R..lboeoaefttki's contract golf efoahibitons are on c oG l d es seen in one of his rare starting stacnd-up-and-cheer fig ter, anod "The .bell for gld.t '"-
-" mf ea eadue to be co ncluded f next July 1 fArmCriblan toattend the too orh roles they're mighty scare thete da, is ond nthey i ttrv d ,
50 to 75and h av e been increased from That's eson, urn nt committee; d McGarr- Dick Bll Harris who beat the Smok. espeelall, among the bhe r y ybe Sue wl
-50 teo 7 at Wo0l a ratote. That's ar en co-chairman o etoua n t B Schmitt, ers three consecutive s tees be- weihas. s .Sea, had't a jt. r
BTLCeam L tt r t a P en Golfney opens with fore he lost a game wl oppose .
m io i nt h e w i n n in g p it c h e r a n d J D u r t h e W o r l d s C h a m p i o n s h i p a t .. -ar l
am Sta Pet. ee was charged with the loss hagoTam O'Shanter,hi the Paul H at 4:30 Wedneqday and cl nday afternoon John Fitzgerald, the bete MMurt is so trfllin that he his by
d f n 1 l- e S m o k e r s o u t h p awm an b e oeao n d 'In s p i r e s W e r a e a ng t h act u neh"T r es tt. '.S a
S 1.000 Th e box score 'in sures his being the top money with e vital and preshure-packed final 8 holes. moker southpaw i n sedon nspres letter i ti and that f found is rater even. our
2 1"0 Th10MoCAW winner of the oyear.(EAe game. in mst eases, requires a lot o wander du g the rest
I1 .500 Players ab r h o a AnFoycseX__ Successful&idlotJJa
1. 2.00 0Pl Ab winof th year2 2(NE Fans have expressed jr at ete". Jut ,e t ie
S.0 .000 Peaelon. 2b 3 2 2 3 0 eltisiactaon at the prospect In -q cy roi oto.e ; c qlasy l bl" u s eter
0 00 Pitmanp.a s 4 1 3 2 01 S xte O en uc ss uivas uuayaeflu Ar .billbSs li Prlnd, Oe youg. fbner._
-3w B n i 2 itmn b f 1 3 2 9 AA F iling vs an f pe-game comine ets :. oP 1" oe McMurtrya o ad o .
.. O ;, Duree, 4 1a g a c ,f m y served wn h irlarnes Id i. The be rjngs aga Yo
e vs. ConeJon. J.Chase., fp 3 0 10 1 400o mS l anolh ngcr ohe aa.t.m ,d.
E Y o u n g r t 131 0 0 0 yJ0 c a p a c i t yw .M a y s e l ,rv e d w i th
To.ll o ri". Rinb, e o. ch an T. 0etoPanamae St t ium Q rem -brought t h ppr dayne s wainh Pat'O ever move oO

t s .o Pelma. s u aee s T au ht ork nerb r Betweenr et ty tat t oBrown b eveni toTk hs

mt an scored Thru er s abrm a Pit- a ad Inw sondpace AlA GTs ulndr 13ounds hao kny ocg wbeen flin yu ao
a s v Mn a ca w s. H itc h c o c, 3 1 2 0 0 4 1 A m e r d Won w .e s p o q uic klyo B ut w att,
D"Mrtuon2C11011 ed out U of 12 professional oppo- The way he lmove., h' got
at----bttmPo- tl Ilr Si xtee ws in cn poAnd Ohio Sta te pressure Sprtsr aso asx-round decsio o' somethnn. s .

Oythe MACAWS Tota ls, S3 23 1 10 14 1 s xteein golfers. ancludl Ono pro-se r the oate s tat o.
at the bottom of thes CTssional starts amT Sneat J. e s the o the ,earte
m a to 7i.a theu nu-si Ol .aays 0 0 1 n rat Hoser enan B paul Bre- o s "McMurtry Is a type that the second round. fdi bf-sbbn
and the sor lf 4 3 peten onthebanama Open atour-e, n n n es had e r. e an erou

r toedul the Nufls. lbp 2 2 1 0 lnmet kiglx uan dr sanydelprha nder byim a fs the(aJaon.b afost ro"I'veoseendwineerineJPmospecls.-r.
t of the fourt, t. a e n startll TS a surrounded by 4-F, the fabut lous Ione stoke lead into the second but it's been many years since I qver. Your old l r
come h ad eIn ,br k 2 102 1 31. 0oolPaul Brown suffered him only los- round of the Los Angeles Open have bad one affectme -as this pound liee pals
r, T ofled thsoTe,12,ng e,21be 0 0 0 0 Fourteen of the golfers are only three of nine. Jam es in I 9U .i form er college star shot a th ree- .p
.o m ps.n. 2. .... .. .. ,eaving M onday at 4:45 p.m Jf rninm t o N ev y in 1 *, Brow & i un der-par 68 In the o rin -sw ept o ne who apparen tly has a l nth er wn t, even sa ying a
scnr knotted and Du. Bois. p 1 0 0 1 1 i _il Sk n ,Alex nder and Dor Je- w succ es e a Inhe Wd coa wp bYrI first round to lead v.eter n Jim t ol. l er.
ials t in l 0 1 0 0 0 mbus with hi from Washing rte Women s Open von sean ha n he size a build and best is off balance and at moves in
S-n, tah-LMasN 9 0 0 0 4mong thel other professionals ton High of Meas head ubUc bnks Gene yAn- a, youo Hes a ia a l down
n dthir and rid Mchnz r 1 ~1 ~ ~.0competing in te Panama Open, With .te san bnch Brown eh must be tlen alng "-a lon
the'. batter for Morris, b dedicated to the memory of the had in p ulus 3* Horvath 1 .ore tu wt t be t ulk n6y al ang. 1.g .e_ M-.
RM 25e13 9 15 t Prat-oseM a n,____thg-_a.__ArrelWr'_ aoscoreofa
.- Sta. ran for .M cGriff aIn t e'rd.o set.. ..'..I.. .... int=rdos .OMt .. in r. IdntIfae..e rIs-1- .
s--Lats ran for Crook in 4th. Cooper, Bob Watson and bagged nine sttMgbel b l,,cted FoTAer ". m fo-llo'.W .t w ot. N- zqos bela b
n o Arnold Palmer. Miami amateurs CoachoftheYt. 'The -t tall. WIDDOES WENT to Ohio U"l- ac a k .bt l th e b,
Maewi -107 13-12 will include C. C. Shaw, Ansel '45 the Widdoes-drilled Backeyes nlvers ity as-head man in '4 c and series of medleal exam tIaons -,. S tIna 0 -is.e-ee
ROd, Snow and Bob Douval. uc h .a ,s i a oh Uth r b e a ...d
Hi tTcbe .hcock, Mc Shorts a--. sinl ..e ct-t aong withl Icu ofthe Mid-A- stomahan.twthe enden-.rmor. r.neo hb ber sen so ma- came by ro
vo.P2OG 1 Enger, e. Thompson2., Mom- p sto angre nest that he be demo r leao u football The Al .. losnio nquet .snrcutt. l nniyIemmbrihet

u;"y-: .....o..y ree .base hits: T. Durfee, Bateman. The New York Kniokerbockers cy ash was shocoeba W faoes had iinoils d Ccinnat" Thle Bbc' Little Robi,. Freeman of Ohio object of so much pubicity inmthe out to do a job Ins abhuo4-mi
9lp: blocking Three-base hits: Batoman, Pit- have l noved Into second place ir squash was shcked. Wdd had losand Cininat The lasttse State tops hs college hssket- Pacific northwest. You're etteng fly.".a.
foul? d Su ma. oSome runs: Pitman,. stolen the Eastern Division of the Na- he was b ut up. a "I have the same type of b le scorers obay for the a little old and web -ou've .iat e MeMutry must.
S the defeAe has p base: Relse, Thamp 2. Pearson, tional Basketball Acatsont "rho bellov just coin't stand lrch at Ohio n ay 'fourth strag t week. Latest wked hard the last owyears thing ptra special t
Cofblr and Duf .ee a, Hitchcock., Nufhase, The Knicks beat Boston, 88 ,the pressure," was the general Widdoes, in New York for t e N.CA.A. gu~es show the five- with the, Joe Kahus the Harry timer nto writing a.
tw o r e isi tD Halvs a 2. Double plays: Pitmans last ni ht to dro the Celtics to ,inion, and Widdoes let it go at o Athletie a-, foot, 10=inch Freeman has a 34- (Kid) athews' an ,o ther s. that. K ep oe b
doe ter!es J. Drfee, Nuse: (all unassis.-k third p ace. In ot er games.,Port that. ro n msonveton. A point-s point per ame aver-lou're.almot .ead to qut..Tuthaveoa .t, .

e to a reb ond.nj ,ayoun 4,J rfe 4. Mnneapo out-shot Syracuse, man for '48, and Widdecs served a rllege all cut for football, ho.-
s Chase 2. Strike-outs: by Du- 117-106... and Philadelphia under him and for two more cam- Widdoes repied in the affirmativec-. out
Seofthe besl Dol s 26 Bateman 1, J. Durfee ,. downed Milwaukee. 98-7h. paigns with Wes Fpslor in charge. "if the set-up was right, al- '-- -
uireely nuder. it. If Chase 0. Hits off: DuBois 5 for T0baoo" fe juclhta ugh Inaem etremely happy at
-,' n utOhly .Y runs In 2-1/3 innngs; ant- Chatting with the totally un-
.t r e s tgdBat-f esman 5 for 4 runs in 21 inng- that .id d...oes, you asce ..ta .
t isthe most common B inga' a. Dur2ee 7 for 9 runs in 2 .It was't pressure at al tiat
nIgs; ., Durfee 7 for9alruni tr histiromptd hinNw to sep down at
ler on the plot 4 Ivnints: J. Chase 2 for 4 runs Ohio State.t epdw.t
|ceWn. 'in 2/3 innings. Balk: J. Durfee. WIDDOES, NOW'n, simply wp
Ca2the brk daown Dler Passed balls: T. Durfee. Winning caught between the ambplos
Ar The ball shuld pitcher: Bateman (2-0); Losine Ohio State alumni and Paul B rown.
y- deferders ca't pItcher: 3. Durfee (0-I). Uom- "Thtere" yer many factors, ho
clpr y ads. :: Liltinger-Dias. Time: 1:40. explained "Paul didn't leavkym
Bder happy circumstances, you'll
StOut of the Navy for '46 Br-own
i A NOTH E Rorganized the Cleveland Browud
," -1iof 'the late and unlamented All-A.
SOmerThercan Conference whem be io
.et no assurance that he would
SO teelome the Ohio State athletic dB -
.., .i etor.
-earown reek the best" boys 'e 111
Jpi r, o.jIinto the professional game. HeM
took freshman Lou Grozs
mores Dante Lavelli aId a-
-. ",'. ""6 and Bl Wills, among others. 'He
III.II;PO T! insistedd that the lads finish their
education, so when Saturday ro i.
ed around at Ohio State, the varit-
BIv left to play witl se-
So now the Carol Widdoes m.ys

ARVIlDA BAY more sedate -
U ted h.hglag M ,"









MY C _F 4 13 _;-; n-mw___ Ci__ _-. I

S .., :'.. -
.. '.i^/sS.. .... *-. o

- ~Ffl~" ~

~ *~'. i... 4
1~ *1~
-. -. -. *. 'A.
5 .z -

;+ o. -.,;* .,, .
_v "; -.., ;i ." ." *~ -_" -. ."

Oliver And Francis Gn

| Is Quief At Little Rio Gr
y JACK .BRlU T had a pledge Mf $25,000 toward a still plays, but in te e
ZNEA Special Correspmensft new basketball hail. and class in which it fita
*' J "The money never came and Rio S. Bush, the new coaeh
RIO :GRANDE, 0.- (NSA) .- Grands officials, unnerved by the talking fellow gaygiit j
Things have returned to normal runaway basketball situation Oil. to believe baska6tbal Uat"
at this. little town and its college, ver had promoted, expelled Fran.a* was anything b it uera..
nestled' almost cbscurely in t h e cis from school last spring. Whda he arrived.
Gallia County hills of southeast- the school made the 'announce-
ern Ohio. ment, Francis was fishing His biggest man, 6-4 d l
Just a year. and a basketball ..ay, i ar from a BDeve,o
game or-two after its surgeA for For a time, Newt and Be v o' adequate fq Ri o GR floO
Satn attytion,- Rio rande lved in a crasy world some- two of the play O i
SCollege i iback where it wants times close to heir dreams and to Rio Gra'de In ann .
to be. other times in danger of toppling build the school's spert
e .completely. Finally, Abe Saper- The rest--someof t h S
S That would be a tiny college stein of the Harlem Globetrotters prospect who tlted
I that apeci4iaes .In training, t u. took both off the hook with a Newt's Frankenstein I
dents to eeame- elementary and contract which brings them about'elsewhere the minute R
secondary teacher-. -$30,000 annually. decided to come back' to
S No more is the sport of basket. This left Rio Grande, after its Dick Myers, '6-2 phoms
ball-with evo Francis .1hutlng two-year whirl In sports hea d- Jack Gcasett, 6.2 j or
i nthe big time-the 41a-important lines, back where it belongs. team which won four eW
affair it seemed to be under the It is atill a four-building school six games this season. BSt
Newt .Oliver regime. with a student bcdy of 191 who trast to Oliver's r eqirSIM
Th Ion, * spend much of their free time!Grande won them quie
STh.e long basketballl trips, ex- hanging around a filling station lost them the same way s.
cessive sc edules and big arenas across the street from the cam-i Only 250 people .yel fo
S are gone too. Under the wateh- pus. The town itself had only 388 Grande this winter. h
e ful eyes of President Paul R. residents. I And nobody is wran "l
red Lyne and Dean William A. Lewis, eaketalis, Grade scoring records.
Io= rneer Rio Grande educator, has-
Ietball is being returned to little
Community Hall, a gymnasium
bluRt in 1918. It's 30 by 80 faeet
and seats 250. n 2nd WEEK,
Oliver dreamed of a spacious TODAY *.,-5 .
new gymnasium which would fill TODAY .75-- .40
the athletic coffers and bring 9 -0 q. -1.3-.l
. wealth to all -concerned. s A 1
The man who tried to parlay .
I the gangling 6-9 Francis and the 20*
S tiny Ohio school into a maoin j-- o r a

ds*Il mile and 1000, Mal vaulters etive, Rev. e lsC- i" -- athletic plant, once claimed he
tf adefi i m ard n Do a WHITE FLY LINES
Atmletic Unone ehampionshim m WflabouM, Eele aLindltrsnl 5OTHEJOB I
. -t Madise Square'Ragnar Lundberg and Don ra DO THE JOB
didUelmour-ng& Fishin Ed AoMrLi Pallerson Stops
Sdtre tVillanova sophomore who as\
Sworld' record a freshman did 144. "Wellbour Fishing Editor
foi maMte", s W 6., Is been toppd Richards with 14.9 In the
eRO u10 quote 4 mV, ce t is AAU idocr last February, the By WS WESTRUM I have been using a white col- W 116 Tol IIn 1A
German, was ,lmled in the first time the cloud-rdinC parson Written for NEA Service ored fly line for the past two
war, established in Man in was beaten in quite a speL and- months, and I know m fishing NEW YORK, Jan. 8 (UP) -
3. The marb appeared even stroem beat Lundberg, -who has has improved because o iterson, 16, a leading
...e ati whetn the Eu. done 14-7, for the European title Even when I cast 80 or 90 feet l contender for the wor ld light
soei t e n Berne with the east number of misses. into the sun the line can be (ol- heavyweight chaf ilonhid last
l.ati -Auigt al,* yfi nlve tla Licut. Parry O9rien broke the lowed easily, and I always know n heayweh chdotampio hip laat
1:. Twoof them, De indoor hotput record in the AAU 1 ,where hey fly. is drifting. I have knockouight punched south routechniovaler
fL k and Boysta, will run here last season with 59 feet 4 inches, used bright yellow and even spe-Willie Troy, 162, in the featured
lseintr an Stentala- the did 60 feet 10 in a meet in Ls cially-anade silverr lines for mo-. eigi ht-round bout h.d
ugaa wo o s i has Aneles. tion picture and television work'
hungaran who WOin. auivlent o t camer old Patterson demonstrated mark-
"aiiii1 to come. Breaking 60 feet is equivalent so -that thd camera eculd pid i.
t eld's world in the shotput to a minute mile. the up, but It wasn't until re- superiority from te opening
-14-..- -Whitils s cently that I adopted white for' g.H e was much faster than
every day fishing. opponent and landed more
I To most anglers,'- white line and harder blow s.
is sheer heresy in the pharp eyes-' There were no knockdown but
by I of a trout, but it doesn't work I tohiy was groggy and staggered
ork oothatway. The e popular colors c.n e fifth round. The Nw York Box-
So tow ale brown, mahogany, g A Service) never Commissioner doctor order-

ep as efaUlrm o 7and mist gray are too hard to see, little hammers on the ro o s, elmth eotrefsioereetostoptyfiht
ail a i especially wken wet 4y or nymph wherever sports s4L back and do bfothe re start of the ith
and f .tente of Jis Hednd,. Demoat, in i pe ns t d ground. t.
r e roil impotence. o Ig pp old ,agtpm According to New York leend of mne cas ale

d York Commodon eas has eNnercseedYoung wes tul' T.K.O. was registered in theear wter
d rdle over worlgani atS e-Wer ouinr losta nalan ew for myself. A floating line and l earn a few ns.ith es the
merk lme olext oihen eperbantamwein California,tEngland leader are difficult to see in the strute A Service) fifth round he e the s
a l B But. e m.oul .vrt mw of Bob Christ enbery, surface film. The white line s never got derway
ebap as ehAirS of $h New YJrk Athletic Commission, almost lost against the sky back-
and aml tsmeat of Julis He d, Democrat, ln his place, Is of ground.

' plo rteonttlon of Mexiqo's Raton Maclas. 'J A big headache f o r western
--t, In the final analysts, what the chairman of the New Ionservationists is the probelm ofl
York body thinks about any Important ring Iase of the greatest migratory fishes, notably the
weight. Chrlstenberry has been the chairman of the World steelbead trout. offRedIh t s th se u
i not in a healthy state in this country. For th is ding' because of warmer water. e secret
Cannp.C mt oftefus T
nPMclto i ft blale mmustfbe traed to the New York Commision. loss of flow in irrigation and o th e
SPehaips the illness has advanced to the incurable sage. Hel- power diversions, and the pres-i f f
anlt's-regime, which conceivably will endure at least through THE index finger of my th iow, ence of impassable dams. is otlb
th four year of. Avere rr s ere Harriman's ter as Governor, may di- ng hand looks like a minia Lumber operations hurt, too.
Coi ah mt acle anti-blotic. .And then again, it may decide on ture shepherd's crook, but figure. ew camps leave green strips .
ame y U k i ng. "lively and literally it was my big along the n vers, and with bull W h at-'he -<
i 61ta t ."l the tme, the hoodlum influence In New break, dozing wing damming, and hea-
Y a- We nai. lffld, with a racket- I suffered the injury while vy rafting during low water pe-
bad regimewic4coniv4aly wi Ullpped for the cam-. watchingg for Jersey City of the ricds, it s enough to drive the
Dii'-'b f- o .."lla a 'a / elInternational League, June 12, isteeea out into a cornfield,
Iba'-Bthat.Hel l -.oxn the xn,9. It was a bi-ateral crack on Only by virtue of a militant .. .. .
6oI O ta office tor a each side of the finger. few conservationists have millions A tOUch of this, a pinch of that, k
alhats r I~ a i e sEws for Frank The next da, the New York of steelhead been saved from go- a i ,.. i e .... ,
CltB .; ..-.. Gianta traded Walker Cooper to ug. aground in the back pasture. ,ind a bit of something else... .S ".
'.y t.. d'.l Red l for Ray Mueller and ut dalm builders, even more .
C;r-- -- .. .. --aded rCoer toinagrungd inthac
te tt e dalt Mickey Livingston to the active new, are beating their hot blended together make a
S, 'bwibenefiha al I had .10s doubles, 2 trI ples anda French auce a delicious treat,
t. oa m es with the ile Giants. Blending's the secret le
ane bnattil in te runs,, and i' the same in cigarettes.
Sobta fleaafelobbyrowl So then call came from the Polo o .bs fm
calm Gians Wkt I fC ol- sagoclao Groounds, ordered me to join the I You take a little Turkish, -m'
oySS^ ^i,^ ^ t ^ tec set of hangltson Giants in Clncinmati, June 14. I J ... ..' ,- e. i
'^ 'I .r I '--/ : M : 1I flew eut with.a piece arttape .." 1th Its sweet and pungent aroma, .,
.pnlHosebie' well-mathehd b gxt's nd 1 .Wthe broke -flnger, "... -- -- ed, AL-Va ...l. er, vn
l fa t^ ^ to s public whose I had spent flye-and-a-half years By DR .'. aLEN mix it ~iith some go&den flakes ":
aa a 1 t *,TVIM "'N in the minors, three more the K ansas, Coach .. .
ca CtiiactulM obligallq Arm. I ad caught games for Written ^for NEA Service Of pure Virginia tobacco, :
nd r pped back to Triple A for '49. UESTION: Is there an exe then ad some cured Kentucky
mo w iLIbda w omy h al to ma, k o r all fouls two-shot affairs? and you get a real smoke. '.
U1 t.h0 s. Relha knows th.b, gd .and h wasn't going to let a .

A ,are, o-Is t aWi eil my oppotuity. An wer: Ea ier ts only Pleasing and pleasant.
I.If, th-dmi lre Is-a ,bov kbalt, I caught fr .the Giants for four me shot e a doue" foul.c
if e nte!atal Guhd weea before Leo Durocher said: Q. referee seems tave .
is cooperating, the twas miot until thenthat ad closely. How goto That'owemake LUCKY STRIKES.
wh wths b, plfand took the fing er X-rayed. We on er a game W.blend the fint tobacco
-nt orfb fograd tomove Into athankless,,uplem-infested fr se that Use fingr tas heA w o?-Der MSHord. Wea bllend the- fies tuob
tukt mb ay not respond to treatment. However, Jule broken, Itook a brief rest a d A. noet so gao. Ol a all the world to make cigareetl
l a t be a Judge. finished the season, catching sin sem o O a.r a pl tft to your t.

e berr's craa wmeao was marked by-honesat rest stasesa tb two -Q. What Is the bes 7 for a en o '

', U t k l a d v a n t a t i- B, a l m a m ..
Othe service slfeto Pulc* 1h yen advisory ti-oa yardow manya.. t Apes of some do- i l
SS nqes s a s e cases are t-Robert Free.- -
10! WIT laDVSNG& DT O ,_tV t he country, like minors eier -em o e-4 ,tKasc

"c sJ"...... .. "Ar .AI Rahader, aage t- 1 h_ A. i r aempral-er tsa-t,, there .
he hp vo. IhewI umte rs t Inee h oe a 14-1, a a 4.b

ij..t geieNi _tcyacl_ eals thin to--eIalelst- HBe oaust _nhewypN. mLC KY .- :.I"E
.ft,-er .eganSam t up o. 'o o theT_ Ca figr rkewe O 33
fa be a Inds& finishe,.d the, se-aso._n, .+ catchin.,g ,a,, l~ ~ v,

P h UM nL h UC.Kji E

i^^ff Ci~~new^Ii~t

L 4Trmek



and EDMUND PURDOM a sTrEw .p"r ,
.ats MNaOM Cufm s.i .aglig,PHflWIPU pngi INin"P
I "kft

ENCANTO aIAmIS poustrj- sopn.l .
Tda.: av tarlas ViWetds Sl
a. arkts Methii, .
V t i 4-

-I L*

Three famops choracts rnpwreet '$;?'
LUCKY STMKES' tobacosthe VYip -.
ginio tobacco grower, the Turki's--q
Sultan and the Kentucky Colom.neL .
L', live

I '

No combination for smoking pleasure
^ ^ : .


S.'. ...

--amw M




- +" ..k- .<"i -. "

- ~i-._.

r IFEAM"m :

, w :. *

p5W.. -

* ^

* Sr.' .sT~r1 sr~~ ~
r .:
5. .. V.
-.7 .
~ -

imp ~ t

A dazzling array of the finest mname I2 er to-eves a ser.o at 203 strokes Iw Worsm l. be a ns6 -,. -
professional and amateur golfers (Nati Cr- apie e hleu to go. comer to Pas n.
egaerher" at -. -
..... in the Americas will gather at a :(, rowd amed t UCiri
". the Panama golf club 6n the out- (Pau a44 a lha-at ea w d"lnai
.- 4 skirts of Panama City this week land (Br ";t yie tou hoe u: a
Ato Compete in the $7,500 1955 Pa. Bass, Rd eefe 9~P a toq
nama open golf tournament start- O'Dome t l they was
ing Wednesday afternoon and The nt.
'r., ~3,athole Snead cansiV 101
coming to a grand lilmgx Sunda als hbne .ed caased'
afternoon with the final 18- e out .tt for a birdieto.lead not
und of the 72-hole medal ,ay and b.- Berman Baad
to ornament. Both pll the fairways with Co.) and Felled t s fifnma t
e greatest sporting show in Di drives number two and Cigarettes) are two more e w
"A Panima and by far the classiest L am tloIy ed to the reen fae i n the a
golf tournament in Latin Americab ,i edhis putt, and Don New In ana, that e
..will be played in honor of the ma, DS Roberto hckd a beaut in for a tainly no "new" is United
memory of the late President of Jal IdaD e West itie to te the Acore again. State.
Panama, Jose Antonio Remon rmae boiul. But what happened after that Brou, from dte alls, N.
Cantera. President Remon,'a play-oera, sJao l. Sb i, the v Y., has a sde-d 1 mtt
Ing member of the Panama golf Tnu. Jan o On par five itds as I as y.
club for many) years, was one of Cro e, ad ad host third 4lb 'it a drive and Torsa a ml elk
the original sponsors and found- of Dotuwlisprs a g from that bounc- uswip9ulp
ers of the Panama Open and from. thelubts. d-A e a grgen,rohlled a b oun
played an important part in mak- The tldoubt oral .t the back Pr gloisl
ing the tournament the gala affair edlabd was on in the regUl- ofl America
that it is this year. His absence any Wb s *okeu. Sbead studied So, although the. m Opens
will be keenly felt .inz chip for a moment, of recent years 'bead.
" t(CIVA) ALEXANDER. .returns to Panama in quest of the By the time the final scores i.. "a It nd then calm- DeVJenzo and D ead
title that has eluded him twice before, are posted on the board late Sun. Into the on u affairs, do not w a o thI. -
day afternoon, IthmiancepebtftewW. 0ttubheMOD eJ
.- .7' ors will undoubtedly be sunburn- ,uint .me pkooi ceiby s e ,bn giant battles tate
t-:.,-"." ,-,. t settl'e"" ""vid... as f lo W, A. M O"
,, .. ,ed, but happy, because this yesr'4 anal~m, pttad' et#Wdsld
entry list is the strongest ever and. .,, 1,00 1, K WU M1 A ,: fh -lii tol S tw. '- ~ e~dept ete ~ie sfaw~ acnn r-p o8anej, Jcso e .' 4-" 1R.
"i... ""the winner of the professional and "" 7. T Nul d
amateur divisions will be the guys $5 0, .
who can take the measure of the 'Branff l rwas -
;' finest in the game today. has donated *it e-r
'. : 'aj" "e trophy to be awi w scor-
""p ''/'SThe 1955 tournament will get or among the. .a
off to a flying start Wednesday T" V ... Ernesto de Gu a Jr. and
a",,-... ".. -' D e e -g r s/ Ly F e
afternoon at 4:30. First, Paul ,...Dick Dehlinger, a-rd
.. ... Hann wdill go through his bag of --Gerhadt and Antonl A-
-". ... trick shots that has brought ro- 9 ras are the guiding, h the
ars of approval from fans all ov. tournament together, tu
Ser the world. Jimmie Thomson meat of the stature of th Pans-
will be master of ceremonies for ma Open does not run by itself,
.the Golf Clinic that will follow amid to these men ahd their co0-
S Paul's famed show, and when the mittees go the credit for bringing
sun goes down every dubber ar. stch fine players to the Republic
ound these parts should know how of Panama.
D to break par. Gl.Tournament results are carried
b yDuring the Golf Clinic t h.e daily all over the Iorldd.y the
big boys of the tournament will .., wires of the United Pftress e,
Show you how to bit the baH. ANTONIO (BVD) CERDA... winner of -the recent Sarranqullia dciated -Press, Reqta. and the
Just watch them. It's easy. And Open and playing pal of De Videnzo. A hot shot from the Armed Forces Radio e'twrk, gwv-
with Jimmie Thomson's side re- Argentine, ing the Republic of fflama a
marks as the pros give you a vupable tourist at ton and
lesson plus the unbelievable Last year he showed the simon. for a par. But he was two strok- world-wide publiceityt"uauma ta-
things Hahn hits a golf ballI pures to the finish line with rounds Ps down to one of the greatest tion HOG will carry several 14a-
with-well, there should be no- of 73-73-75-73 to cop his fourth pros the game has ever known- ture broadcasts -direct from the
thing to It. Open title but his brother, Charley and ., there were only 15 holes to Panama Golf Club.
Immediately following Hahn's is expected-to be high on the list play. Bonito Suarez, pansager of the
riot and the golf clinic, National of those attempting to walk off oSenad poured it on. On t h d golf club, will serve a buffet dei-
Distillers will give a cocktail par- with the honorL.. fourth, 'a par three toughie, he ly at noon for the benefit of the
ty in the clubhouse for the specta. .: d u. d at least a 35 foot putt for spectators and players and the
tors and the competitors. The $1 In a recent, practlee reun a dle wile Bob got his par reula Panama Gl ub men
admssin fe tat illbe har Chrle th t ia e rfouru n d ab~ while Bob got his par. regular Panama Gal tlub menu.. *-
admission fee that will be charg- C parley thot a 33-36s,, four un-g ht ut Sam three strokes up will be available for dinner.
ed Wednesday covers everything der par. And in fashionmg his 69 alter our holes The low eijht junior golfers
-Hahn, Clinic, and all the La he had eight birdies for the 189 umber five hole is a long pdr in the recent local junior tourna-
Vents cocktails you can put awa holes, but picked up four bogeys. ufive fed belted one far down meat have been invited to om.-
Senorita Cortez, the only laNy The Firpt Vice-President of Pa- the Middle. d ut Roberto hit h is pete. They will be he aded by
PNAMA INSURANCE) HRAPER...the dapper bartender in the Republic of Pa- nama, icky Axrias, is always a ts ot out o bonds, and for aU Pa Rodrigue Jr, local Junior
ip -etg sponsored for the third time by Panama nama, will hold sway as she s l.- threat; Jaime de las Guardia has practi-cal purposes cSnead was the champilon, who will probably w
-0. '" the tasty cocktails which e&, chased Johnny'Naclurray home winner then and there. Snead fin- one o the asater r ies. Oth-
sist of Rum Cortez, Chainti Wlftl in so many totdreaments that he ished with a birdie four on t h e er Juniors who will play include
lime juice and simple syrup. must feellike his sadow but this bole while ROb~rto took a bogey Sandy Hinide, JIm y Des Leod-
To Oscar Kierluff of the seaside may be -.his yar. e k -ednan six. es Jr., Jack Hammond Cesar
resort of La Venta goes the hon. from Ft. Amador was only five -The, played out the roqnd and Camapg n Jr, tamon Arose-
or of being the father of the La strokes behind John lst year IaSeaIfinsla, with a 6 Bob's meaa andWeale Yong.
Vetscoktil ielu wipe wthrond o 3-3-7-/7 n eabn .......... ............ n aaditd Yusg
Venta cocktail. Kierluf whipped with rounds of 73-73-77-77: Anibal74 to win the tournament and the The Juniors will be given an
the National Distillers products to- Galindo is fresh from winning the chips with a record smashing 73- early stattig. time.
gether many years ago and to- Brazos Brook championship ever hd total of 271. General amsin tickets will
day the La Vents is to cocktail John Crocker; Jalme and Gonza- Roberto hung on the eke out be $1.50 on T raday and Friday ckes
ers what tea is to Arthur lo Saenz aree flyin In from CO- second place money from P te t and $. Saturday and Sunday. .A . lombia in quest of Johnny Macss (ESSO Cooper. However, "Season Tickets" an A O ) wU.*1ow tome at thU
Host for the patywill be Col. hide; Tony Jankus' blew 'sky-high Both available at r civilians and ropie wo a for
tinlDstles year, but be bac dk. nl and Sa wl aalal a 5 i cviin and ro il h Wdl nwnJzazgj'cvU" "3 Ouflt
Charles H. Deerwester of Na- in the final 18 heleo last year, but be back A an d s will Pete Cooper.- $3for all military -person ned. ,, thre,1ear -'
tinl Distillers. still finished fourth among the a- But it is doubtful If the t urna. "Season Tickets" cover Call four
Durin g the cocktail par ty the amateurs, eight strokes behind Mac- mest ,oami w ursday a days of the tournament and rq-
walcutta Poolwill be auctioned Murray. "a'j' threepit ignsi .. ,s,.r
and the names of the players re- affair Tickets for the "aln.e Ud
.. .... ... .. -...,-111411, ffir te ,a aVanes
-presenting the numbers on the ascMurfay will be facing a L The Natul reweu ib.- day are $1 and must be purchas-E
". -- th t .. ...... .... ... da are$I a~ fascingr hRsThet:National. Bre':'e"Is __". '".a"
one-two-three tickets will be tough field if he is to take home in, P 0,r,. AI ed apart from the season ticket. .A
drawn from a hat. The one-two-the beautiful sterling silver first Poa0rB,.tWrT of .But what that one d buys: TODA
three tickets are two dollars a- prize donated by an-American .cl n.lag .h cr-u ,, n h i t, drinks, ortune.daeb il shdosO
piece, and first prize winner will Airways id,."States ted and rm, al b re now available at alE0SpeoC:
collect $2,000. Tickets will be an Spectators at the Open this ,chats en .gw-nthe Isthmus; N.C.O. .1 C E.S
sale at the clubhouse Wednesday. year should look over the prizes Shet.1a ft ice clubs on mill- 44:1- 6:4t0;60-0. :
9A _-,d fat .erv...e,. .lubs on m.,
So, don't forget Wednesday at donated by Pan-American Airways. t t e t s res; and i the Re- 8:50 p p.m
._ .-,- -to.a_ ., ._ _and 'in
4:30. Laughs galore. Get a golf They will be in a- show case ia and an, e c t patter p o ama m at Sam Fried-
7%lesson from the best. Drink to the Clubhcuse. They are Rogers NationalD will h a v man' Las -ascota across from
your heart's content. And win a sterling silver bought through Gor- Ansel now os flr line a- the Al.on Post Office. Shaw's
fortune. All for one dollar. It don Dalton and the Merch rio Jew- aIsn th ear ow was oue un TivoliTravel Agency Nationai
S will be the best buck you ever elry Store in Panama CiGlty. der par atr t l ip 1 4., but Caph ReiJter: and inthe Canal
spent. In 1952 the Panama Open eqd'- had two bad y ithe.a l 36 Zone ath he Ct e National orNaa-T S m sVS
The serious business of the ed up in a two-way fight be- Even so, he ed 41th.-, tonal City Bank. TE'
tournament will start ea rI y tween Sam Snead and -eBob Do Cheteirleld IesbriPgng"Arhokl They may also be purchased at K
Thursday morning when the Vicenzo. The Wallopin' Gaucho' cPae current amasitbif cliam. the Panama Golt Club, or at the
first group of amateurs blast a. from the Argentine made the pion of the United Statps. who entrance to the club grounds on
way. The top flight amateurs a- famed Samuel eat his -dust.In recently tunnel professionR. Palm- any'day,.
Athe professionals will start tee- 193, Snead returned for revenge, er also won the-All-Am les last The largest contingent of pros
Ing off at noon. but left empty handed: as the year at the Tam O'Sh-ter Coun- will -arrive tomorrow nit on
after the first 36 holes, t h e Gaucho gpali scorched t h e try Club. Bol; Watson (Machater Pan-Ail itan'5 flight out of Mis-
field will be slashed the low 48 fairways" cop first pi-le. Last
-er n as) will be hakIlie is 'always M and they 'Will WvimbtedlY bel
layers for the final 36 holes on year, Snead fig he dt d Aed ig s wp s at b -e Tiqs d an
ad fgundbPy-cohd'P angru. -.I S ;.rseandj
Saturday and Sunday. lose tares'in a.srw to be V d-Ane .jyIWoingssponsor- WedeAy.Naturz al will
Highlightingthe 72-hole 1955 ed ebp CA and edn wist ,as that .a lthe -4d0 1
fition ofuthe Panama Open golf it took to beat him wCJ be longWwashDJII this year.'lie paijiolpate in
tournament will be presence of remembered In ai m a e.n was fourth i Ud. but onlybe da afternoon,D bt tos0 wil Pr-
mtch well known professionals as Opening round saw Spead blaze -of .one day. Theowest ab take a practice tour 'around
6Slammin' Sammy Snead (El Pa- a 6 one over the course record 1-hol 'i-n u # d was 66..'No the oLrse befot 1 the -clinic.
u sceenshud ItmbeadnThaPanattPa willbee-
tnama Hothl d, Don R.berto De Vi. Tf 65 held l Roy Pton pmai
UI LAND CO}MPANY). WORHAM,..Maklng his eezo (Lucky Strike A r n old 'Heaffzr. Ri~t De Ce way n- Alexande Skip is nowf0l- pen to local ,"t-
re.but millions in the U S.4. oaw- hi fl famous One Palmer (Chesterfield a, Skip Alex-fly "two strokes behind.. la ihP~~a~ rcygendyf hyhv t b t hg
S-i. -Sb.qoton.TV. "-.' ander (CIVA), Hermaun Thairoen On the second day blead aho aI Antonio Ce a,-be quiet Latiso application andl pu4tboentance
(Pfizer), Pete Cooper (ESSO), five under pir 67. Where was Ro- who. can do ai .xel job gi slush- fee.
Compny),Bob atso (Ls Ma or f snad oingintorgdphar out Cailto (Panama Insr-lin Yok can' pr .d. stt. G atl u
Ansel Snow (National Distillers), berto? Right beside him with a mgparonsoe by, VD.courdse -engT ake ad bhrut l a nL t.4Wd Jolate- fu
Low Worsham (Chiriquti L and 67. That made it 133 to 135 In isy- sosrdb .V ) cd o' n hil lt~gWdedy
ehateros'a Felice Torza (Panama Snead "soared" to a two under ance) Harper. by a lone stroke it's beet by,
cigarettes), Charloy Harper (Pa-i par 70 while Do Vicenno shot a e8 last January,. F ore! -'

5- -

'.f .- o -,

gt;-"' '7flbvE4' "
I' _______
0h0-sO,' .'~



%(.. .' -- a- -'V U
I 't-~ 1--- Pt'
-. a
jjjv.t:.~ 5 5 5
4 I I

~rt ..~.;
a -.
145 -

4 -9 .



ANSEL (NATIONAL T )sMW. -is returning It4
Puttingst ttin"will vehpat- poR"


A .3





:. -i^. ". ....- .-^ _
'. -

N -

... .. / ,:- ,

T -. .

HomeFashioned Party Packets

SHe'sLosin His Marbles

had a box of
agat to i a- ie-
,play counter at
his store aT-
ranged In the
manner at right.
Note that the
number of mar'
bles in the com-
partments on
each of the four
sides totals nine.
When a young
man purchased
foir of the marbles, Dooka rearranged the remain-'
tig marbles so that those on each side continued
to total nine. And when another purchaser took
four more, he did it again. How?

fl Aut 1 '-(liqJnM 09) } eiueSu,, pom a.g "punoj.a
Il '18 '-(uqq44W )I) IutwsMXUe. I UJi :aIauV

for Jrs.
party ? Junior or
Sai may wish to
help with the
decorations by
providing home-
made packets for
place settings.
These can be
made simply and
attractively as
Small paper bags
white); rubber
cement or other
adhesive: paints
or crayons.

CUt away about
one half of bag
tcut though
both sides at
once), an shown
in figure 1 at left.
Now cut a band
about 'oie inch
wide from either
t the upper or
lower section for
* -_ a handle.
About three Inches up from
bottom, cut across, scallop fash-
ion (figure 8), forming packet.
Attack handle to packet with
rubber cement or other adhesive.
Decorate with paints or crayons.

Party Perker
ONE way to pep up a party lai
to provide guests with a mis-
cellaneous cole tlon of old
,clothes, wigs, costumes, false
fanes, cork, make-up, etc., and
let them vie with each other in
working out disguises and make-
Divide guests into -group and
send them Into dressing rooms
where materials are available.
Pun is added, to the proceedings
by not having nlitrore in the
room so that the guests must
help each other with makeup.-


* V a w I&uD a x W it j t 2 o a. a -7 3x5.N 3M

* I I *I I*

* i I i 1 i i I e1 1:
. a 0 a .6 a a -h

*a a a0" a ""a a"a" "a "

. a a a a 0 a
.* a a a a a a a

a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a *

.- a a a a a a a a a S a a a a a a a a a a a S a a.

. a a a a a a

0 a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a s a 5 .

- a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a 0 5 0-*

a a a 0 5 a a 0 a .a a .o a 5. .

jJ a *
6 *

* *a a a a a 0
* *a a a a 0 0 4 ** a a a as a 0 9 00-a

S* 0* 0 0 0 0 0 5 a 0 0 .0 a 0 0 0
.0 a a a a a a a 0 0 a 0 a a 0 a 0 *a a 0
- a a a a a a 0 0 0 0 0 '0 0 a a a 0 0 0
- a a a a 0 00 0 0 5 0 *0 a *0 a a a 0- 0 e

* *

* *

* 0 5 a 0 a a *o 0 1 a a a a *

8 A 0 C 0 E 0. 4 H I J k L 1416 0 PC MVXY

YOU can make a picture of a mighty
jungle animal appear in the diagram
above by drawing lines as follows:
Begin at intersection 4-D, draw to 3-E,
to 3-F, to 1-H, 2-J. 5-J. 8-K, 5-L, #-K. 8-K,
4-M., 7-L, 9 M 8-K, 8-ft 9-G, 8-. 10-E,
B-D. 7-., 5-D, 6-C, 4-P, 3-C, 6-B, T-A,

11-A, 18-F, 14-E. 17-1, 13-1, 17-N, 13-L,
15-P. 14-0, 13-0, i2-N, 14-8, 10-Q, 10-R,
8-P. 9-M.
Start again from 10-R, to 8-V, 7-V,
6-x, 0-x., 14-s, .1X, 12-x, 11-z, 1s-z,
Begin 3-E, 4-E. 5-F, 4-F.

A BIRD in the trolley dminng car shown here
(above) In worth a dozen in the bush If you
like to observe antics and habits of our fine feath-
erid friends close up. When attached to a suspended
wire, the feeder can be moved closer to the house
gradually until the feeders are just outside the
window. Here, ot course, a bird's-eye view of the
birds themselves is obtainable, and, Incidentally, a
fine opportunity for picture taking. Construction
details are as follows:
Materials: Exterior plywood or other lumber;
shingle scraps fr roofing: nails: paint; etc.
Dimensions suggested in drawing may be varied
as desired.
Assemble feeder in two sections as shown in
figure A. Roof section (2) attaches to base section
(1) at top at one end and at bottom at the other.
Attach them securely with small finishing nails.

Numerical Sbarpshooter's Test
YOU may have mathematical -
skill but do you have sharp
wiitse A combination of both is -
important to the solution of this 6 1
test which ia, in effect, a numert-
col crossword puzzle. Correct an- 8
swere to definitions interlace
across ana down in the diagram m
at right. 10 %

1. This number when divided
by 2 is 40 less than itself.
3. Income Tax date 1955 is
Black Friday.
6. How many animals hiding
In: Dan exclaimed, "Swell! Amaz-
7. Number of U. B. Senators
normally elected in a national
election year.
8. Eleven minutes after
"straight up" on the clock.
10. After an angleworm aIs cut
in two, it the head end can grow
a new tall write 518; if not, write
11. Cost of U. S. Special De-
livery stamp.
12. Number of players on a
girls' basketball team.
13. DIference between an ap-
ple dumpling and an apple, in
15. Number that physicians
often ask their patients to repeat
aloud during chest examinations.

1. Cook book titles: "Bachelor
B--"; "Well 0-."
2. That w hi cah Shakespeare
made much ado about.
3. A horse with this many
white feet tos a good luck sign.
4. Quip made when the Staister
Trio Act lupped: "It was the
A-t time in history that hens
laid egg."
5. A sahib has toes on each
of the --feet.
8. The grave: feet of earth
makes us all size.
9. Number of places one could
meet Ike on week-end tees.
10. A let bomber could fly the
earth In 50 hours at what aver-
age rate to miles per hour?
11. Farm Slogan: Live -
farm and farm live.
12. Reads the same upside
14. When they called her cold
as -
She said she's waiting for
her hero.
15. Rhymes with swine.
: 6-92 0-1p 'E-z- 009-01 8T-6S '1-8
9-9 '[l-I -a 'o-c 'pg-t-naoua 6 6-n
-L 'T-9 IT *08-1'-WsoJzv tbMsUV

Somewhat Paradoxical
P OM what can you take the
whole and still have some left ?
L qS il.osl *u"o a '9Ioq4
A*V ORSA '*loo|OqA& :ja44lo


Small strips tacked at aides help contain food;
also serve as perches. Tack suet, meat scrapse, etc.,
to center bar.
Fasten feeder to wire in any manner desired.
Large staples, wire, rope, etc., will stffice. Or, If

Crypto-Quote J
RYPTO-QUOTES are sayings
which have been encoded-
other letters have been substi-
tuted for the original letters
throughout Object for the solver
ia to decode the saying and re-
store the original words. Today's
quote is by William Lyon Phelps
and could apply to all those who
have included among their New
Year's resolves a determination
toward betterment of their per-
..'ui l 01 S3SAJ5 lqilsua ou jo eq uw
oqi 08otqi joj ,adeIj silq-uuuareU0sl
* Jo 1s91 Iuuu 9eql i 'I.L.. :nammIy

Five in One

W AT common word of five
letters cqptains, besides it-
self, five other common words
without rearranging the order of
any of the letters of the original
word ?
There's at least one answer
you should find immediately.
'aji 'sq
*azjq '*jq *qi 0o1k pl|jiawaes q uvo
a11 '%oqu Ino pIaluod I* n *"pJO A
qans *1 ..,s40l., pJOM stqj, ieaui y
4, 6__ _

[ Dotograpb
T9O FIND out
what Snoozer
at right found,
draw connecting j1
line; from dot 1
to dot 20. Where
two numbers are
beside one dot.
use the dot for
After you have
completed the
picture, color It

When may It
be said that a
man belongs to
the vegetable
kingdom ?
ME mi
spuwO nq *&ual=d
-*i seo| u5qM
Why should a
fisherman make
a lot of money?
.1ijojd ISu *i JiJnjJ
siq iV knuasg
What is lighter
than a feather
yet harder to
hold ?
"tunsjq jnoA

Helping Yourself
A CONTINUING list of select-
Sed new or recent "know-
how" for home craftsmen and
hobbyists. Watch it for books
about your particular interest.
Carpentry tGovt. Printing Of-
fice Nd. WI-35-5-226, 269 pages:
75c). Manual in efficient use of
tools, laying out houses or gar-
ages, erecting walls, setting
forms, etc., for the week-end
builder. Too few persons exercise
their right to get inexpensive
"how-to" books from the Gov-
ernment Printing Office.
The Golden Book of Indian
Crafts and Lore, by W. Ben Hunt
(Simon & Schuster: 51.501. Re-
markable compilation of details
of tribal dress, with directions
for making replicas of bonnets,
moccasins and other garments
and adornments. All illustrations
in full color. A must Item for
collectors of Indian Americana.
The Art of Plant and Drift-
wood Arrangement, by Tatsuo
Ishimoto (Crown, 125 pages:
$2.95). Finishing course in using
a magio wand over even the
most scraggly, unpretentious in-
door and terrace greenery. 150
The Irish Setter in Word and
Picture, by Win. C. Thompson
(Denlinge's, 143 pages: $4.95).
Mr. T. leaves little to be said
that's favorable to the breed.
Sportsmen In a Landscape, by
Aubrey Noakes (Lippmcott, 224
pages: $10). Survey of English
sporting artists of the 17th, 18th
and 19th centuries; invaluable to
print collectors. Of 40 plates,
eight are in full color.
Coin Colleotor' handbook, by
Fred Reinhold (Sterling, 128
pages: $2.50). Careful numisma-
tists are the only specie hoarders
whose money increases in value.
Reinhold has some advice on col-
lecting but his book is primarily
a catalogue of all, U. S. and Ca-
nadian coins and premiums any
of them may command.

preferred, bore a hole at both ends just below peak!
of roof and pass wire through feeder Itself. Clothes-
pins may be used to keep it from sliding. .
Several coats of paint or other flndshing materials,
are desirable for weatherproofing.

I ,

How Many on Board? :

"S TOP the
Ss h I p." cried
the excited pas
singer. "I think
I saw someone \
jump overboard!"
*That's a seril-
ous charge e, 0%0
madam." said the
Captain. "Are J r s ,
you sure?" Ir p%.
"Well, I'm so 9 0'
nearalsghted 1 9
wouldn't swear to S \
it, but I did see
someone standing
next to the rail
and the next minute, he was gone. Is there any.
way to check?"
"We'll have to count noses. I suppose. Juniper,'
line qp the passengers and the crew. I'll check the"
rosters." /
"With your pernmissilon. sir." said the 1st mate,
"I can give you the total number on board in a
second-as soon as I solve this problem. When we
started out we tad CGE pahaengers, FG of these
were adults and BE children. Of the latter. AA '
were boys and BB girls. DA represents the crew.
bringing the total on board to FGC." How many
were on board? i
paw peJpunq OMI pawloiam asj paw ds aiessan sleass

What Does Auntie Like?

Ay aunts taste is strange-but predictable, too,
It yuu can discover the secret clue.
She loves bright red apples but can't stand a plutm
She's fond of hot toddies but never takes runm;
Ber hobby s pussies but she never plays games ,
She goes out in the sleet but stays in when t rains.
J pls;nd -nipp"middl--wse pq


I ..


-- uiz (ROsswoRD Wit //Wisdom om tr# f ibe
I~mw *h^^^ I ^^--e ^

By D. i. Woodman
7113S doodle may suggest many things to many people. Study it
from several angles until It suggests a defnite object to YOU.
Is the object animal, or vegetable, or mineral? Or, a combination
of thee.
Turn to the solution for an Interpretation of what your Imagina-
tion reveals about yourself.
,'Uvp IV IlIq
-lgoa ri l = IL uo o uwmna ~w umunow u 1w q 001l IuL,. :q pp4 iP
s- s o lq aq M qeo an ep 1 iaqum :log sq M
"Itp JrOA o jo p5uisi au Iaq na4 m 3ing 1 Inanogm noi S pu peoq o
.qfla i poppep sawq not A tuq ap pfp ease noa p iJ |IVI|_l-IM
fin w *rl *-ugjng ipn.m 00o1 ea*a "aq eIs o-xqsiA
ae am t n wU C UM MA a I= 'n gAsU
L.0MU .ao0 l w qad Jao4 d eq 1i4SO n *' 11 pala wS WS i Jg-iulWv
-*1 ae not leafqo e a 'naneg

Math Wdity
rAN yet write dows vA o*ild
-figures to a olmwnan 4 add
the up o total twnyT
Tw ty is eve on Mner, of
eou, d mIta wffl Mso beoeeo
aprM t to m st who attempt
the trick that It csmno be dapm

But It's simple enough if you
know how.
Here's a method: Write down
5. 13, 1, aml 1. AdM thems ad the
total will be AB. If Ifmmeo panats
out that this shews only four
aumaer. it can be state that
whule this may true, the terms
of the pIoMem wep to write
dewa fve odd ftgew and this
has be& ds. &, Z 5, I1 ad L.

By iugene Shefler
I-What is the 26th book of the
New Testament?
S-The y.,
-This che of the priests had,
seven sons (Acts 19:14)
14--and -meusures.
15-He received tithes (Heb. 7:9)
IS1-Was concerned.
17-The spleen.
18-March date
19-Aromatic seed.
26-What did Ananias and his
wife do with a possession?
(Acts 5:1)
33-A stone in Aaron's breastplate
iEx- 28:19)
36-Metal bolt.
3&~Gfve sparingly.
40-Shimei cast stones at him (2
Sanm 16:6)
\ 42-So of Jether (1 Chr. 7:38)
43-French cap.
44-LarSe. patrons rope.
45- ron L
A47-opeted la ee
S1-O wr iper'o mtent h
raeous. dper-
5-4 ed fig-tree of India war.)
e1-Its eapito Salt Lake City.
Ufewas ars oar the


1-Son of Zebedee (Mat 10:2)
2-Bathsheba's husband (2 Sam.
3-River mouth.
6-A color.
7-Inner cost of the Iris
9-Bright red.
10-,lts capital is 'Ottawa.
11--- bhe Red.
13-Citrus drinks.
21-Numbei of lepers who did not
return to thank Jesus for their
cure (Luke 17:17)
25-Abimelech was kint of this
country Gemn. 20:2)
28-The Styx. for Instance.
0-Davitd conquered this land (2
Sam. 8:2)
31-Opposite of good.
32-Specified time.
33-Hebrew month.

For the Backward
EXPLAIN to guests that you
intend to transfer a coin
which you have between your
teeth Into your back pocket evea
though your bands are about to
be tied behfld your back. Ask
them If they know how it ean
be done.
Can you do it 7 It not, study
the explanation below.

Wa 1 *fl Esm em aures B a*,

35-Short-eared mastiff (her.)
40-Feminine name.
41 -Annoyer.
48-Object of criticism.
48-Name which Jesus gave Simon
(John 1:42)

N THIS tricky setting; BlKck
has a two-way choice, but
either ends In a loss because
White's strategy makes allow-
ances for them. White checkers,
moving up tme board, move first
and win In seven moves.
*lqIt "'- I Ml 'l-09 *tv "0
sIRt l 1-1 SIMAj "1 -9

to 1,1 WMN "I *titM reeggagee






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* -~ ': ~ -

* ~-~Thf~? .:"


iA -


'S NO ACCIDNT-that Ameriea's champion truck driver, Aubrey Harper of.
Chattanooga, Tenn. also has one of top safety records in trucking industry. Au-
brey hasn't had a charieable accident in 17 years of truck driving. He preaches what
he practices, giving saety demonstrations for his firm and talking safety to school
kids. Aubrey proved be knows his business by winning the National Truck Roade
cnntest in Chicamirodatlv. It's a rumnd test of safety. trsit"e kwlation. first akid.. .

A, A


'i t .' L

'" t' .
y ,- ''-

', ~ -A



Auvbry Harper and Mi. .ally celeb lining 1904 National Trck Road*9 I
JIMMY DURANTE, the loveable comedian, is enchanted ... lebh, 41Wnnng 1954Nata TVC Roadeo II
with the southern accent of winsome Mary Kosloski, poster
girl for March of Dimes. Mary's from Collierville, Tenn.

OF THE most spectacular scenic routes in Canada is this one called the Cabot
in Nova Scotia. Son checks the map and dad takes picture for family album.

tiruu out'of the-ttminm l without giving

i IDIAN reservation hear Tu'cso', Aris., hofTnemade bread follows
(ct many generations. They still use old-fashioned methods to grind
rQown on the reservation. The women are .pttlng bread in a dish.

WINTWU SWIMMING In a heated pool' surrounded by
date palmrJs the lucky lot of visitors every season, at
many spots In Arizona, "sunshine center of the Southwept"

'A yy


U 'I.
~AA' **'~




t a rigid


Harper always becomes extra careful whernver he drives his track into school zi
.4. o. .....
--'-%A 'P5AkI~*


-. .. *. r1


1*-:"L "VI"W.


4cr ~rYirn%" -* w

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94- dO- <*4 1



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v, '.

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: ;*. C^
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-s i ** '-* "'*
F *-. O ?

"V "V
SU1. f

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.A:yIa :~7
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*.o "tr-...f.*

* : -- *- : .. ... .....
.A t .. -

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& UL~ '~Zr
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.- L r. .. fl^ ^ ^a ^ -.^

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-S -w




* --

-.. : PAN

WG1RLD-W IDE .. ..... ...

0 SOME OF THE battle lines of the new Democratic T9HEY SHOT FROM buh ro the
controlled Congress began fam ing last weak. In III wrt s
fact. It was only minute aftle President Eisenhower Friendly men were outli targets
tlnished his state of the .Union message Thursday the bright lights. Anthe pachine runners
that high-ranking Democrats were tel ling reporters
where they will oppose hek.. the hedge at Juan r ,ak a
There Is sure to be a ftiit over the President's pro- night cut downPanam* resident o .
po-sals to cut the size of the armed forces. Rut what with the horri efficiency of aCh T
really brings Inunediate' Dmocratle oppOsition is the wtd the horrible efficiency of a Chli le -%
agriculture program. A number of Republicans oppose land slaying.' 1 4to
it. too. The ig&gerwe, or triggerman, made his escape w on the
In his- address, the President praised the so-called in. the darkness. There are plenty of eaw wa out m-. p"
flexible pre price program approved by the last Congresso Frnco by iht. c e, J
..and appealed toAhe new Congress to contlW IL. of Juan. Franco by igt. detwtlv
House Agriculture Committee Chairman. Hamtd.Cpo And two hours late the President of the Repub- e10e". aCn"
Iey promptly declared that the flexible pr*i pro)aa lic was pronounced. ,dad: in Santo TomAs hospital.
is driving farmers Into banker c. Chalitp aleh" ..*
Ellender of the Senate Agricultn e inmldt. isd Mr. There is no public record available that he recover- ta s
Elenhower had permitted himself to indUlg. In some edconsciousness after he fell. ll4 a.
wi hful th~iking when he pralaed the present farrm .
Shul th whe prad the. His last words, according to. eyewitness reports
Most farm slate Congresbmen are taking the same were: '"They're not firecrackers," as the fatal bullet k's'
stand, regardless of pari.y. .
As for defend*, po cy... Chairman Carl Vinson of ripped into huim..
the House, Armed Serilces Committee says he Is in For he wasilpitst the merriest season of the year,
general agrqement witkt-.topenals for a strongna- -or he
tonal defense prgr. a tron na- when the children of the country he led were cele- .
But when it comes to administration plans for cut-. rating the alrival of another happy jrar by firing
ting down on the number of men Ia unifot'... that' firecrackers here anid re all over town." ai
somei.hln else again. J.B9th Vinson and Chairman b e to. C7e
Richard Russell of the Senate Armed Services Copj- B
mittee promise to give proposed manpower cute a Across the crackle of these happy fireworks cut .-Ina
thorough golng-.over. '. the deadly charter of an assassin's achinegun. And a-

_. ,. ".."' ,

$2 $N
ie w
ei BE

the at
RA Is. I

4 .


ge present middlwels

rthe mroyf.e voIftallri iAie -
smiths after five dr six more

The Democrats, in genekil,' are behind Mr. Esen-
hower's foreign policy... W t here xs where he sl run-
ning into trouble Inside M4 own party.
republicann Senator John Sticker of Ohio has 'ente
again I.troduced his amendment to limIt the treaty-
making powers of the President. a unsuccessful pro-
posal that split the Republicans wide open last year.
/ And key Republicans are maintaining' grim silence
about the President's requests for liberalized trade
laws. -
Pu' Senuate Republican Leader William Knowland
...who has differed with Mr. Elsenhqwer in the past
on- foreign policy... ad Thuirsday there was noth-
Sof appeaseent In the State of the Union imns-
Not so Sen. Joseph McCarthy. McCarthv said he was
- extremely disappointed" because the' President did
not call for "posl.tve option" to free the 11 American
fliers in Red China's-alls -
The postmaster General says the bargain air-lift
for three-cent mail is paying off... but five rall-
roads don't agree. II
Postmaster 'Generdl Arthur Summerfield says the
experiment to carry regular mall by air is saving
money and speeding delivery by 94 to 48 hours. The
new service Isn't nation-wide yet. And It Isn't gur-
.anteed. Only the air mail rate of six cents an ounce
Insures special handling and air .delivery. But the
service Is gradually expanding. It was started In 1I3O
between New York, Washington, and Chicago, and
now goes to other sections of the country.
Five railroads on the west coast have moved to stop
the experiment. They asked federal court In Wash-
ington Tursday to hold a hearing soon on their pro-
test... in which they charge tlhat the practice cants
them two-thousand dollars per day and violates postal
Millions of the world's Christians celebrated Christ-
mas Friday across half the world.
For members of the Orthodox Mastern Church -
who go by the Oeorgian Calendar Christmas comes,
13 days later than it does in the west. And in churches
an both sides of the Iron Curtain the faithful flocked
to services.
United Press correspondent Kenneth arodney re-
ported from Moscow that crowds overflowed the an-
clent Orthodox Cathedral for mildight services. Baid
Brodney: "They made it seem that 36 years of revo-
lutIon... never existed."

tn Palestine b I a c k gowned priests wearing. long
beards and gdlsea crosse led the faithful to Beih.
* l he '
As In Yuolavia. &rly_ haU the mopulaoton of the
Indspendestly Coomuanit eubtirt obeeveW the hop-
dIr in tradtonal ways. .
Marshal Tto says the world can live n peace..-. in
apte oat the conflicting systens of Russia and the
United States.
The teugolav Lebder, who has been showing in-
ereasing harness toward the Kremlin. made the state-
ment AIn an interview In the newspaper. New Tinme
Tito. now on a visit to Burma, said that country
and Indi could help peaceful co-existence. They
coud do so, In his words, "by retopltA opposition be-
tweroher states aid d so wlvqOtf ing geukerai
pro ." .
legal expert' have t a taoks on tb
thehIM4K 16

the most mysterious crime in Panama's historyas eweght Or used d e and
accomplished in a few crisp seconds. uppercut Monday night to win a unlmous-
S -- '- deola over Itaio ScoRfibi at New Wrk.
The killers are still at large. The practiced mo ud wpiaovera .sea eh ato pn
ner j.which their. deadly work was done indicated it. acortehinl, a stronger and ouhr ftghter, was
they were not men who would overlook heir lines warned three times -.mtg.
of retreat. the 'resident of the Natinal Basketball Assoela-
The ased detective forces of P ,anan tCr htion has an answer to theW s" of the players.
The assed detective forces of PknaMas .Secret MMurioe pdoloff says te Bna- sitlimort players
Police, under their chief Jorge Luis Alfaro, ad& the a o" n -lease bafns with ot r clubt. Podoloff
Guardia Nacional, commanded by Col. Bolivar Val.- t Players back alaes be UA firs
farino, went. instady to work. But the murderers rga ta te Bitumoc
had been swift and knowing. Only evidence an- -.the A
nounced as having been found on the scene is two eftnee oe' L lpy-
clips from a 9 mm. machinegun, and many sh4. 'ol eW5 I, t Is a .* n' ohr .w to et I ra
-- -tr.eeo eeBhbitioa are to
The assassins sprayed the scene where the Presi- Podolof admi tshe ayer w hva In
dent was enjoying the company of a few personal Obetlh. plabftng~Sa-t.rft a.mmt
friends. Noctonent with slaying the country's0 CdaM SaBS fth of >te j 7 ;
Executive, they continued firing till two others were Imoson u you mtwuseek- at -t.
dead, and four wounded. tr e .-.T.s
Not only the empty shells, but the bullet scars.eal there 4 e a the.
about where President Rem6n had been showed J qt.hJ..Se .
harsh determination of their bloodthirsty work,. -r3 .M.3L ian

0 ....- -I
It is not only in PanamA that angry resolve was
made to bring the assassins to book. Detectives came
from far and near to help Panami's own experts
avenge the crime.
Working on the case this weekend are detectives
from four other countries the United States, Cu-
ba, Costa Rica and Venezuela.
While no ope in an official capacity will confirm
or deny whether two Federal Bureau of Investiga-
tion agents are,,hard at work here tracking down the
assassins, it has, been, publicly announced in New
York that detectives Iom that city's police force
will shortly come to PanamA as "advisers and tech-
nicians" in dthe search for the assassins.

,Panaan's police moved swiftly in their hunt for
.speusa Many have been briefly.arrested, til their
ac8ep*t of eir actions C the time of the crime has
saddfed invqtigaors. Some have been held long,
when the account hey gave of themselves did not '.

au wya w1-"w.''m. *0 iord- wAbea,
plays In Canada peat s hson." Boyd =e c1nA
mne en what ITnts6 oei ld bt sAys e'WI decide
O'te f W* wtr the l-t-r a ae me Wweek .
froo monday. .
Ntb e t frank AOfftird of the Uw Tork GOlants
ale.s f -he b *seuoudly WthlnkW of Jumping to the
Canaman zLaue. Clfford says he talked th4 matter
oer recently with Anile WeInmester, a former Giant
tackle and crrWntly line eowah sor the -Vaecouver
ij.ons. -.
A survey by Dr. floyd Xastwood shows that 1
football fataxties were the bhthest *h the five
Yam.Mr. Mweod. who stu es .a bfaet. nd W.
Ameraa ?otbal Moachus AsMocatlsm at ?ew 1 Tori
tbmer were o dtret ad aX Indirect football deaths
this year. Of the direct fataltt/. 12 were in high
school footbalL two each in college and pro or semi-
pro p~a. and three on sadlotg.
The sitx l diet fethl nrentd Mo. sa .ta

headatuea- ft* uck twwIMLSD AMM-f
. a f faeta o A -

aer lafmore carerlp* xamfntlous and exten-
Mars et of X-rays as a eugxs of reducing fataltties.
---0 .. j.... --

Perhaps the most publicizd prisoner has beei aps
'United States citimen- who describes himself a
singing student, Martin Irving Lipstein, 34, of Re-
doedo Beach, Calif.
Even his girlfriend got picked up, in Meaco City, i
so dwspread are iWodenig s into ithg j&soj 'w
t so so. '-

noon a .d evVmu-s 15 g o h r -
seeing in the anal Zone.
It was understood lat night that. several OCap -'.
Zone ploy had confirmed -pr s t hIL acj ,
;Wn of i Zons wanderingt. Them seeded soae
ffi>^ ^d aitB~idiircmqJ^




IW44rrmpi a

1, ***



IN MOURNING-With his bead bowed In grief, a Labrador dog
keeps a vigil at the side of a puppy killed by an automobile on a
highway near La Crosse, Wis. The older dog remained at the
L_ side of his companion until the police removed the bodr. .

DOUBLE DUTY-This "convertible".autonobile owned by Alfred
Periman. president of 5e New York Central, takes to the railroad
tracks nar .Weehauken, N. J. The car is. equipped to ride on6
trails as well as roads so that Perlman's Inspection trips are made
easier. The car rides t4e tracks on versized pnunatctires, and
"as miniature fanged railroad wheels in front and, back to keep
the car on the tracks. Its speed on the rails Is supposedly 35 mph.'


By Colbraith


MN, -

Prqmisr Sunday Cross-Word Puzzle
*? r '.^ ^ *' __ ________'* __

the Best in Fotos & Features

... It's The Sunday Amerncan
111,1q- IJ

q 0 616 -






FouNDED v y TJAWseN .&NUSVjL IN lse
17. H STRuET P 0. BOX 134.-PANAMA. R. OF P.
348 MADIsoN AVE. NEW YORK., (17) N. Y.
MR MONTH IN ADVANCE __ 1I 70 0 2.5'



In Memoriam

Jose Antonio Rem6n

1908 1955

0 -
In memory of the late President of the Republic of
Panama. the Poet's Corner presents four selections from
the volume "Leaves of Grass," by the 19th Century Amer-
lcan poet, Walt Whitman. The poems are from the see-
tions of the book subtitled "Drum-Tape" and "Memories
of President Lincoln."


(May 4, 1865)
Hush'd be the camps to-day.
And soldiers let up drape our war-worn weapons,
And each with musing soul retire to celebrate,
Our dear commander's death.
No more for him, life's stormy conflicts,
Nor victory, nor defeat-no more time's dark events,
Charging like ceaseless clouds across the sky.
But sing poet in our name,
Sing of the love we bore him-because you-dweller in camps,
know it truly.
As they Invault the coffin there,
Sing-as they close the doors of earth upon him-one verse,
For the heavy hearts of soldiers.

As toilsome I wander'd Virginia's woods.
To the music of rustling leaves kicked by my feet, (for 'twas
T mark'd at the foot of a tree the grave of a soldier;
Mortally wounded he and buried on the retreat, easily all
could I understand.)
The halt of a mid-day hour. when up! no time to lose-yet
this sign left.
On a tablet scrawl'd and nail'd on the tree by the grave,
Bold, cautious, true, ind my loving comrade.
Long. long I muse, then on my way go wandering,
Many a changeful season to follow, and many a scene of life,
Yet at times through changeful season and scene, abrupt,
alone, or in the crowded street.
Comes before me the unknown soldier's grave, comes the
inscription rude in Virginia's woods,
Bold, cautious, true, and my loving comrade.



'Washington City, 1865)
How solemn as one by one.
As the ranks returning worn and sweaty, as the men file by
where I stand,
As the faces the masks appear, as T glance at the faces studying
the masks,
(As I glance upward out of this page studying yqu, dear friend,
whoever you are.,
How solemn the thought of my whispering soul to each In the
ranks, and to you!
I see behind each mask th'tt wonder a kindred soul,
0 the bullet could never kill what you really are, dear friend,
Nor the bayonet stab what you really are;
The soul! yourself 1 see, great as anv. good as the best.
Waiting secure and content, which the bullet could never kill,
Nor the bayonet stab 0 friend.

-- -


This dust was once the man,
Gentle, plain, Just and resolute, under whose cautious hand,
Against the foulest crime in history known in any land or age,
Was saved the Union of these States.

-By Walt Whitman

Ewwl~tlaO w

rA a


TirGtofe Her Outiif OtdE
C^ pL- -.



A Service, Ic.

Pearson's Merry Go-Round

WASHINGTON Herewith is a being a Communist. After four entertain American troops in the
belated salute to the foll o wing years of accusation and indict- Arctic.
people, big and little, who did ment, the Justice Department Bishop Bernard Shell of Chicago
something to make go vern went into court said it had no -for his great work for boys,
ment better, their country greater, case and asked that the indic- work which already has begun to
and the world a finer place to live men be dismissed. suffer since Cardinal Spellman
in during 1954. To-them, some of Val Lorwin-who though living forced his retirement.
whom you've never heard of, is under a cloud for four years, did Father Robert, C. Hartett-.
given the brass ring, good for one not become bitter. He said the ex- editor of the Jesuit magazine
free ride on the Washington perience showed him how many "America," cr his courageous
Merry-Go-Round. friends he had. and penetrating editorials on
SMcConnellof the Fe Joseph A Fameni-the Wash- McCarthyJsm.
Stanley Coe who saved the ington attorney who defended Rev. A. Poweu Davies of Wash.
nergy cmmss, abut $23,000 Abraham Chasanow, the Navy tngien-who has carried the torch
e energy commission ut 00 employee who lived under a secu- so valiantly for tolerance and free
byles languishing 23 brand-n a Midwest rity cloud for one year, then was speech.
warehouse, put there by a region- given a public apology by the Bish p G. Breomley Oxam-
al AEC bureaucrat who had someI Navy Department. who. despite unfair attack by
surplus money at the end of the Luther Youngdahl---the U. S.; members of the un-American ac.
year and spent it on autos rather judge who stuck by his guns when tivities committee, has not flinch
than let it go back to the U.S. the Justice Department tried to in his fight against witch-huntng.
Treasury. Lkterfere with the constitutional The Jumor Chamber of Corn-
Thomas S. Proctor--post office American system of an independ- merce of Orage, Va-which has
chief of production, who found that ent judiciary and make him step re-emphasized freedom of rell-
mailbags sent to Iron Curtain down in the Lattimore case. gion, freedom of speech, freedom
countries didn't come back. He Henry Ford-whose Ford Foun- cf the press, and freedom of. as-
substituted cheap burlap bags.'dation as been a stalwart chain- sembly by developing a park
Now the Reds don't bcther to picn of American liberties, around the tree where James
steal them. Sen. Wayne Morse of Oregon- Madison aid John Leland planned
Hal Klelastuber-of General who despite bitter attacks from the First Amendment.
Services, who found that 480,000 politicians in both parties never Sam Rayburn, Democrat and
worn-cut mailbags had piled up slackened his battle for the-public Joe Martin, Republican-who have
in the post office. They weren't good, never lost his sense of hu- shown that under the American
good enough to carry mail, but mor, never lost the earthy touch. system people can differ vigorous-
were too good to throw away. After an all-night filibuster, he ly on politics, yet remain good
Kleinatuber decided to send them ,went out to his farm next day to friends.
to the Foreign Aid Administration pack up his chickens for the
where they are now used to carry Gaithersburg (Md.) fair, where Cong. Chet Hollfield-who. more
rice to Indochina. the won 37 prizes, than anyone else i public life,
Helem Koles of Loraine, Ohio- te Wall Street Journal-which was responsible for exposing the
a 72-year-old, Polish-born natu- bucked the censorship of big busi- Dixon-Yates poewr contract.
realized American who set a fab- ness and sacrificed $250,000 of Cong. Brooks ays of Arkansas
ulous record selling government General Motors advertising by in- -who pioneered the bill for a
bonds. Feeling it was her duty as sisting on the right to publish a prayer room in the U.S. Capitol.
a citizen to sell them, she worked description of new General Motors Deputy Postmaster General
through both world wars, ped- models. Charge Hook-a young man who
died bonds on the street, took The Als Brother-for expos- gave up a much higher-paying job
trips at her own expense to visit ing some of the shams of the so-in private industry to devote his
Polish-Americans. Her totalsales called security system; especiallytalents to the public service.
have never been tabulated, but the dubious record efPaul Crouch, Thi is a croas-section of the
they run high-in the millions of the professional Justice Depart- kind of people that make America
dollars. She worked until her meat witness. Rreat-and a salute to them ea
death just a few days ago. Jack Mward and Charls this, the New Year.
Federal Prisoner at t e At- Serips-who have breathed new -- 0
lanta Penatentiary-who volum- energy into the Scripps Howard
tardy allowed themselves to be li- newspapers. SHORT IIORTS '
fected with malaria to help find i Anbassaders eari BMeiet of 1
cure. As a result, a cure for ma- France and Albert Tareblasl efDANGRROUS RKADIN
laria has just been discovered- Ialy-two tried and trusted bat- Fresno, CaHf.(-UP)--A ltt
the first in history. This disease tier for democracy who,' afterlearning, in the ease of Henry
laid low an equivalent of 6 Army years of htg fascism and Poe of Fresno, pred to e a
divisions n World War II. Nadism, ba'e heled to guide the dangerous thin. Poe, ser
JIggs Domehue former eem. destinies of their esentries is tho a term is San Qutte statca. .
malssioer of the District of Co- United States. wil be missed for seackl said that be"am
table for defend` without cost as they laWae a ton I e off the itiM 's i i hm
Val Lerwin, the State Department Deb stlie .iA. up Christ- t several hours la a
effeial accused by McCarthy of mas at haM *.aR a t ta" 1 Seglw to wpe Iaa





,,. *

Sj eEdson In Washington

SWASHINGTON (NA) Wil. set up by Proetor & Gamble's Eisenhower will run fcr a secod "
S.. *, Al.. .iam S. Paley, chairman of the press agents. term as Presdent.
u uI. P'Vb fWoalt at Cdaubla Brodeasting, During the session, Mr. McElroy "There are several factors
*. "- en.e thought he discovered a Com- was queried abcut his stand on wheb are expected to guide the
i.unis- l staff while he was federal aid for education. He made President's decision," Represents.
WEA"'ON THM BEAT, p a a he AFLservin s chairman of the Prei. It apparent he was opposed, al- tive lagea has written to his eon.
S, crusadtdeato tteriale Pelicy Commit- though this will be one of the big'stituents in a newsletter. "One is
A veteran Svieteer and asso-'anUti mBn ad-er'f treLa-d ee. toptes for debate at next year's the desire to gain vindleat m for
eiate of Russian spy masters wll dies Garment Workers' Uniol. So One afternoon Mr. Paley over-White House conference., the defeat his party in
po vy be exposed this the Communist party chiefs gave herd a, corridor conversation be- Later the soap company's pub- November. He (Ike) regards re
the ommimits ason man with orders to teitr pOandau ma. tween two young men on his staff He relations men get to wondering!tention of the presidency in GOP
tfe underworld. His assignment chine and other section to erack One of thet men said, "I think we if he had given the right answer hands and the recapture of Con-
now Is one in a long series of Scv. down hard on Dubinsky and his ought to take all the files, just as to this question. They called up gress as a challenge.
iet tasks given him in this coun- unian Watch for that assault. theyy are, and ship the whole works who bad een preset to "Another equally compelling r.
try. In the past he collaborated Dubinsky was the leader in the off to Russia." ask their opinion on whether Mr. eumstance may be Senator Me-
with the Russian spy chief who set fight .to. keep Communists out of' For a moment; Chairman Paley McElroy had blundered. Cary's declaration of open war.
up some of the most effective es-the AFL's Meat Cutters Union, thought he had bumped into a dra- Government information people fare. Those who know Ike intimate.
pionage cells and courier .systems which will absorb the Sovieteering matie exalnple of subversion t e chuckled over the fact they hadn't ly recog that he is shocked by
inside our government. Fur- and Leather Wrers U snio. waited to see it he cM hear a been mixed up in this. McCarthy's activities and that he
The Sovieteer I refer to is fun-'If the .meat cutters persist in tak-'further disclosure of the "plot." ----will end every effort to prevent
nelltg money, strategy and man-'ing ih this Russia-loving fur wort- .What he heard was this fuer ex- Native girls in North Korea are control of the party from passing
power onto the waterfront in the'ers' outfit, the AFL convention wfll-planatucn from his staff assistant: now being forced to marry Chinese to the conservative-isolatlonist ele-
tope hat he can build Communist suspend the meat cutters next Fall.' "Those files would get the Rus- Communist men, according to ment."
in uence on New York, Philadel. -- sians so mixed up they wouldn't I South Korean Minister to Washing- -
phia and other Eastern docks. Once I Meanwhile, the party has given know what to do for the next 50 tan Pyo Wock Han. This "diabolic- Atomic Energy Commission
he becomes the. "tactical brains" orders to all its people to get more years. l treatment they are giving our Chairman Lewis L. Strauss flew
of the mob, he will work closely1 "militant." This means get out and I "I tiptoed away," admits Paley. women in the north is part of an out to California recently to de-
with Communists on the west coast speak without worrying abrut be- "My mind was relieved about sub-1 attempt to turn this part of Korea liver a speech and tend to some
docks lng labelled Communist. The or- version. But it was not set very into a province of Red China," other AEC business in the west.
I repeat unequivocally that he ders went especially to the Labor much at rest about our report. I says the Republic of Kcrea dip- He was in a government plane
will be exposed within a week. .1 Youth Leagues on the west coast. There was altogether too much lomat. and was accompanied by one of
--- | The league was told specifically th truth in what the young man said." .. .his assistants and a security of.
It is always a pleasure to give its young people were. not tough -- He points out that there are nowificer, because he was working on
the Communist party's high com- enough, that the younger corn- There was a fine public relations only about three million natives confidential papers.
mand the jitters by revealing the'rades must give up professional stew in connection with the first left in North Korea, whereas the Bad weather slowed the plane
details cf some of their recent se- nd white collar jobs and go into Washington press conference held I population was approximately nine and it was apparent that the chair-
cret conferences and decisions. Ifactories and trade union work. iby Nell H. McElroy, president of million in 195. man would have only a few min
So here are their latest policies Proctor & Gamble. Mr. McElroy "The Red Chinese are steadily utes after he landed to shave, get
which were formulated so recently Now the party plans a national was recently named by President moving in their own farmers and into his tuxedo and make the
that the hot air of the conefrence conference on teenagers in an ef-1 Eisenhower to head the big corn- laborers to claim our northern speech. In the confusion of getting
rooms has not yet cooled: I(prt to recruit more youngsters mittee for the White House Con- 'land, Minister Han declares, to his hotel, Admiral Strauss' suit.
The party chiefs have just sent into the Red fold. ference on Education, which will "They 'are practicing mass geno- case with his personal belongings
directives down their closely guard- | be held next year. cide-perhaps for the first time it got mixed up with a traveling
ed chain of command to their union William Z. Foster Communist, Information people for the U. S. has been practiced in all history salesman's sample case.
S calls. These are orders lo the ap- party bcss, has laid down the new ,Office of Educaticn, the Depart- to this extent." Undaunted, he borrowed a shirt
paratus in the Mine, Mill and political line. He wants the Demo- ment of Health;. Education and I Undaunted he borrowed a shirt
Smelter Workers Unicn, Harry cratic party split wide open. He Welfare or even the White House Rep. Harlan Hagen (D., Calif.) from his assistant, used the secu.
Bridges' west coast longshore- has told his people that Messrs. might have properly been called makes this.analysis of the No. One rity man's razor, and delivered
means' union, the United Electri- Truman, Stevenson, Douglas and on to arrange McElroy's press in- question Washington is arguing his speech in the business suit he
cal Workers, the American Com- Harriman are not radical enough. 'tervie*. Instead of which, it was about. This is whether President had worn on the plane.
munications Ass'p and the Fur He wants a return not to the Tru-
and Leather Workers Union to get man administration, but to the old
as possible. So this is warning to "What is needed is a new 'ad-.,
i gifts. again where the New Deal left off alter W inchell In New YorK
__. The answer ... is not aI
The notorious United Electrical switchback to another Truman type -- o
Workers Union cell was told to administration '.
try and get into the AFL's Inter- So watch for party inceny and THIS WAS NEW YEAR'S EVE ishment is the solution. .One of than one of Kinsey's pollsters and /
national Assn. of Machinists, the manpower and Commie unions to |the most pathetic sights is theimore detailed, while the celebra.
world's largest union of tool and start agitating for "farmer-labor"I Happiness gangs are sprawled goggle-eyed lady. She giggles at Lion rages. He or she will proudly
aircraft workers. The. Commies candidates and an attempt to cap- ,across the cafes on New Year's nothing and. shrieks in the night, and loudly recite to One and All
won't succeed. If they don't, the tLure Democratic precinct clubs. Eve. Firewater is being peddled The alcoholic haze distorts and per how sinful they have bees. Not
cell was told to try Jim Carey's The party has its eye especially by the karat, guests are more verts. What began as a pleasant only that-but etceteras!
CIO International Union of Elec- on New York, Northern Illinois, clamorous than the brassy band sensual experience becomes an in ---
trical Workers. California and N rthwest Demo- drowning out,ffortunately, the em- evitable ache. And remorse can
cratic party machines. cee's dreary flippancies. All con- be more agonizing than drums Probably there is nothing more
The Communists believe they are --- cerned are happily preparing g them- in the skull. uderos tand te stahy mea.
in a particularly powerful position Personalities The teamsters' selves for the supreme glory of! oofr n M egat sri
in the M i n e, Mill nd Smel- Jim Hoffa. new rapidly becoming attaining tomorrow's hangover. Visitors from Kokomo, as well ing confidently, desperately to
ter Workers Union, which is now the most discussed man inside la-'. The arson ring of torch-car- as emigrants from less cosmopoli. retain a particle of their distin-
raising its dues to get more mil- bor, is considering buyi.qg another riers blazes amid the frivolity. Sur- tan areas, have their own way of gushed manner while sporting a
lions into its treasury million dollars worth of Montgo- rounding jollity intensifies their going-tc-hell while sillybrating the silly paper hat. They join the mer-
These ro-Soviet unions are In' mery Ward stock so he can cast misery. Some threaten suicide. Or inaugural of another year. They ryms ig with all the tredplaticn
the very teart of cur nickel, uran- them against the current owners what's worse-they spout intermin- line up outside movie palaces for of.a nudist aught n a crowded
ium high octane gas, smeltering, ip the proxy fight for control 'able monologues. House parties several hours in the icy winds for subway. .Nothing tests the dura.
radar, let and other defense in The steelworkers' Jim Thimmes, are extremely merry, full of de- the privilege of welcoming the new bility of bores like a festive event.
dustries and overseas shipping, second-in-command to Dave Me- lightful brawls and joyous epithets. years while gaping at Miguel And they generally rise to- the
The apparatus wants to save its Donald, has had a brain hemor- A sober individual is suspected of'Mouse's latest cavort. (They return challenge with melancholy gallan-
infiltration machinery by finding rhage and is being treated by Dr. criminal tendencies. And anyone home and impress Zeke and Hir- try. No party, nocarnval, no ball,
haven in non-Commie unions. Peter Lindstrom, the great brain who can identify the host and am with graphic descrinti-ns of the no banquet-is without them. It is
The Communist high command surgeon, formerly married to In- hostess is considered an intruder giddy goigs-on in New York dur- quite possible they devote 364 days
also believes that the biggest road- rid Bergman. McDonald rushed ing the Big Binge.) to conjuring ways for ruining one
blcck in the way of its speeded- Dr. Lindstrom to Thimmes... Lots of locals find contentment leve that their blah-blah is the
............... .... in joining the Times Square mob Many look for recreation in bars. primary motivating factor behind
S, at midnight. It has an almost ritu- This is the night vet holsters are the alcoholic orgy.
allst lure for them. Apparently, it outnumbered by amateur hieccup-,
..I represents the peak of their social baiters. Sometimes the pastime
'" ambitions. The grandeur of the I gets good and gruesome when brt- Some people derive immense joy
experience, however, may be ox- ties are crashed on heads. Drollery from poking their heads out of
,... -aggerated. Unless you obtain pro- reaches its peak when a rum- windows at midnight and whirling
fund pleasure from horns tooting drenched innocent bystander is noisemakers. The delight of this
in your ears. elbows in your ribs, I knocked senseless. The evening's pastime has its limitations, how-
bruised a n k I es and somebody ,comic inspiration is personified by ,ever. All nosemakers are noisy. .
breathing in your nostrils. .The dignified folks who gulp several Every celebration is afflicted with
theatre is no refuge. This is the scotches and promptly strive to an appalling specimen. On the eve '
night for inccrrigibles to transcend panic listeners with a prolonged of the New Year he reaches a
the artistry of the world's great and clumsy. exposition of one stale horrifying extreme. He is Joe Nul-
clowns by mouthing raucous in- joke (unprintable) and a million ADD WALTER WINCHELL
sults directed at performers. Luna. variations. Family gatherings sance--well-known as the life of
ties find this hilarious, are fine. But there's always one the arty-who is guaranteed to
relative who spoils the fun by be te death of any social occa-
Flirting with a doll has occasion- showing up with a mink coat the aion. The office party is full of
ally b e e n recommended as a others cannot afford. hazards. Your wife finally meets
healthy way of curing jitters. Un- the blcnde you described as rather
der the influence cf harsh bever- You can't miss the youthful ro- rowsy, and she turns out to have
ages and the gaiety of the evening, mancers who have hoarded lunch 'curvy assets. And there's always
sanly a Milquetoast has become coin for the Big Night. Here are the great peril that you mlght
Don Jian and every doll takes on the pioneers of excitement, the double-Scotch "yourself into telling
the dimensions of Marilyn M. ThisI explorers cf merriment, the con- the boss exactly what you think
form of selfhypnosis is more haz- querors of enchantment. Most as- of him.
ardeus than smoking hep. S h e suredly, memory will recall
might have a boy friend with a these moments when old age There are beer shindigs in tene-
I-arciano wallop. Or know a good makes the days tiresome. ..Stroll ments and champagne toasts in
lawyer, along Broadway and confetti is nmnthouses. Happiness is democra-
tossed in your kisser, mendicanfe. Laumhter is not derived from
Moderation is almost illegal, strive to reap the harvest of your the ben. Friendship must be -,
However, if you could recall the holiday mood, the rambunctious earned not purchased. Love is pop-
stews who become your buddies are en the prowl for street fights, .l on both side of the tracks. .
when you're sold cober you'd to mention several of the more you ean spot some merryjnakers
spend the rest of your lfe i- charming nusanees. in subways during the early ayem
blbing nothing stronger than celery onars, aees eted with, wean.
tenic. On this happy occasialon, Something inexplicable about the ness, ce olla rs w i te d, gowls
EINSi' TIaNes sent-r, aar- dru motorists (or pedestrians) eveniag's hoopdeedoo inspires can- creased. There is nothing that
of the Matr lalns euth Martyr Cons. jggacle. ire ifeoi a more et.n- doe.. A man (or woman) who is of ems so Meak as the end ot a
*t~S'follower. tn jude at the hearteIg 4 TehI.. elve arry e ensualties than an the opinion that it Is vulgar to dis- festival. Unless it Is the finale ol
"-.' ,in r dealing with ear-t- eno. te rest fa e psome I qet tot in a smll
te problem. Perhaps capital pun. year-suddenly becomes franker apartment.

~ J1

MEMBERS of the Executive Committee shown at a recent meeting Include: I to r, Archie French, Trustee; Dr. Henry Keane,
2nd Vice President: J. Winter Collins, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Virgilaf Pearce, Financial Secretary; T. A. Warnell, first Vice
President: La Vern Dflweg, Attorney: Mrs. Frances Longmore, President: Mrs. Thelma Bull, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs.
Lauraine Nilsen, Publicity Chairman; Mrs. Jean Bleakley, Treasurer: and Otis Myers. Trustee. ..


~b~;'1~b.l. ~b

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AT CONTRACTORS 4 Ba wi.a wer joa
*andMt is tba leJase takme hb cbsrls 50 rmaiJL

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fh sr ," .-X -ju

"_'_ _,._,_ _-'' -" "'" ,.-4104 in-aw n wuf, W ." '

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... ; <, .,-...*'-..: :+ \ .+
,f ,- ; o' '.,-' -. ... -*' f
i':- ... .. .. .. ." .,, j .. ,,
> *'. .. '* ,, .. ..

i ". r I .... +: -, .
S;+, .. .-.0; .: ._ .. .
:K ". : .- *,-',., -'", ,^ ^ ----," "

..-. -.*:^ ,.-. .-... *-- r- B-:..r:-:k.- -. 7- -,,,..#'.* -*_*1^,

.. : l .... ..3...

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... .. + ......
-' ":" .... -"' + .... ,ok ," .,- -.= ;-:" .: ..,+ ".,-
.~L ., .'- ., [ ., ,,,,-.'
__.F~ ,.... ,_ .. ... .., ., '. ;. .- ..

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,-/_]' "'-9 '_ !-
..... J M i iJ r ,,.I

Im 2/66d

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