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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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tives arriving
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Congress Studies

Sea-Levyd Canal
WA. w aGON, Jan. (19)
SA Sodl emmiatte of the NI-
tioenl Rit n mapd Harbo
Sa.. .will in8^es^g1

.s.nlevelt ae
S .+ Brooks <'i-(D-
O t of th conp,
1 "h- udy bo-
the p5 s PCmmaI et .
If eRe.-
qii?55D Ont of
J 1 tt"w walbecom-
l'* ~) O &tOf J.o crin-
Tu. d expCttlve'dieor
Tra 0; a Rove
S d P ea Ekrew

qs" W cripled

OA lMeeTms


be pt and- whei the
oungsters are through with
heir festivities. all embers
should be stomped out.
Kids are do- ywarnd not to
get too close jo the branches be-
cause the skp on the trUes often
set off sparks which lght be

Taitn CiMN

SUME, Egypt Jan. 8 (UP) -
A brand new 21 .-to. super
tanker, laden wlth o-OlUded
early today wth an empty 17,-
T2-ton tanker outaMie oea.The
smaller vessel burst into fenes.
A spokesman for the s6ez Ca-
nal Company sasM the* wefe no
ocerred befr dawn ina ne Red
SBe off Sues near the gatrance
to the Sues anal.-


Attack Ike

On 20 Fronts
WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 (UP) one of the most peoperous
Democratic ongressmen devot- years In oar history" The
ed special attention today to a President was aeuseo of fail-
memorandum from party head- lang to mention hat average
quarters suggesting 20 pounds monthly unemployuent In
on which President Elenhower's 1954 was nearly 2,0O high-
15 legalatlve program might ar than in 1953."
be attacked. The memorandum Oted -e
The emoradu dPresident aid the ad minstration
The memorandum, dated ;an. had sharply reduced *Aderal ex-
6 and originally marked "Onfl- penditures, making p eslble a
dentlal," wis prepared the very tax cut. But It retorted the GOP
day Mr. Zisenhower appeald in still has not lived up fa its prom-
his state of the Union message ISO to balance "bu. budget.
for cooperation from the Demo- The me-m anlum' -also at-
cratic-controlled Congress on tacked the Presldent'4.proposal
domeWacIiatoa D to Increase postal rat% i
at waa dIstributed to all Doeo-
cratiu.)eDato and congrecpn
bV Democratic ilatiomal cVar W.J ^ | -- -;
man Pal 33Butler.
ed my lqw!erw entin hlftatue
of thet. iub m Message,ao a s:a

too = 4

ent that Ru rengt is
Sew of tis o. t P resident
could Jusitfy hIs *r4 ed cuts
In the size of th aed forces.
The memora dum0, go refer-
red to the Prsat'i statement
that "undue reiancp on one
weapon or preAratipa for only
one kthd of war fare- ltnply in-
vites an enemy to resort to an-
It then asked, "May ot the
planned etb 6 .A. Amy
ampwear Inv-ite e. CorM-
munlr to resort to mall laud
wars that can only be eounter-
ed by troops?"

The memorandum said that in
roosing less restrictions on
foreign trade, "the real question
Is not the content of Mr. Eisen-
hower's recommendations but
whether he will fight for them
against GOP opposition Instead
o surrendering as he did in
It said the same question
might be raised about the Pres-
ident's proposal of 35,000 public
housing units in each of the
nezt two years.
"In 1953, after 83 per cent of
the House GOP had voted a-
gatg and killed Ik's public
oslMn program, the President
Ifuet to criticize the House

(NEA Telephoto)
84TH CONGRESS OPENS ienbersobf the Houle of Representatives stand in the House
Chamber as Chaplain Bernard Bfackamp reads the opening grayer as the 84th Congress
convenes in Washington.
-_. ,

T (NEA Teophoto) DEMOC 6S TAKE- OVER Rep. Joseph Martin (right) (R.,
STATE OF THE UNION President Elsenhower acknowledges ...
the applause of the 84th Congress as he prepares to dellir his MassJ e atuates Rep, Sam Rayburn iD., Tex.) who succeed-
State of the Union message in the House Chamber in Wa g- ed i-m eaker of the Iouse in the Democratic-controlled
ton. In the rear is Vice President Richard Nixon (left) ad M
House Speaker Sam Rayburn (D., Tex.). 84 Congrpes which asseknbled in Washington.

White House Reporte Says It Again:


The spokesman identified the The memorandum questioned ~
W2O1 as the 77223-ton tanker why thePresidet made nomen- Ar
Oymplc Tunder and the -21,- tion inhIs foreign aid proposals ML ._ ROCI" Ark.,
O n O cHonour, both about the .economic aid pro (UP) .-- Merriman Smith,
o by meA ne shUL, for Asia suggested by Secretary an White o u s e report
owp bedt y neArt. of State John Foster Dulles. United Pro ,stood pat
ItS also chaMentged the Pres- on his rent prediction
The Olympic Honouwas built dent's s-- statement that the ad- President P enhower wi
in Franbe in 1954 and files the ministration farm program, has.not seek a.econd term,
Liberian flag. It Is one of the' worked well. Democratic Party comment
largest tankers afloat and is 630 the Prewidhlt's State a
f cilt It was an route from "Farm income dropped $700 -Union speeh this week
Pers Gulf with a load of 000,000 in Ike's first yearU 1 "announc@ant" of his
i ice and dropped another daciy in 10
The Olymplc Thnder, plo an o0,oIN in the first half of 1H."
ouemtlzd carrier was build in 100 the report ad. "Farm price S smith o a
at a usPolt, Md., and have dropped 10% per cent since Arkansas Associatio
P&ae, bithe ly" pic Oil, n, Ike's inauguration." night that reaction of
S af Its home port Is It also ehgmgn the PrU- esMAs to R. Eisenh

"id bt the 6e*an h ea
Ge MThunder, in hal- that Ptesdent will b4
SSwimtheRep ..Party to
assasng BV109 To e
M e =4inr"But$I thlA$1 e t of t human,


Sa len !:.two

Sewer Won't Seek Sec
Jan. 8 as the world is stable and the further the Ie of any political
veter- country is well off." party, before ae Presidentwill
ter for Only if world emergency was make any In 1956," Smith
today threatened could the President added.
* that be persuaded to change his Smith also fended Mr. Elsen-
II not mind, Smith said. shower's trips away from Wash-
despite "There will nave to be on his ington and his frequent rounds
it that parb a feeling of deep responal- of golf.
)f the ability for the welfare of the na- "I made a sigious study of the
was an tion, rather than a desire to golf playing bl itsa of presidents,
candi- and Mr. Els power isn't near-
ly as avid a yer as the late
Woodrow W i S," Smith said.
to the Diiab d Tuna BoaI "Where Ike p on an average
n last o nce a we Wilson played
SuDem- n Ma T several times eek."
iower's wn ar"e / v-k
Le, and -- .. .... U
mae TflOZu- T oa-- xpcedt win

Tme cug Taboga is expected to
return to Balboa within two days
towing the disabled tuna boat
Queen Mary which reported her
main engine burned out while
tdldbw around the Galapagos
T 500-ton ship broke down
f4_ur j-s ago according to her,
1o0al aent, Panama Aenes.
TIWThuesg was summftd im-
mdiatey to her aid ad left
he net day.
.1 tmueatld that It w S
take beth s.a
da m t f w m 1ai =

Snd Tdrm'

Smith said Mr. Eisenhower
has to get away frm Washing-
ton once in a while to maintain
contact with the people.'
"The President also can fre-
quently get more work done a-
way from home where he has
fewer interruptions," Smith said.
He touched briefly on Mr.
Etadnhower's relations with Re-
publican Sen. Joseph. McCarthy,.
Wis., and said they bid deterto
rated steadily from h9 time Mr.
Eisenhower took office until
there was an open ea4k on Far
Eastern policy.

0- 0


Joins Manhunt h

Remon's Assass

Detectives from several countries are report
verging on Panama to assist in the hunt for -t
assassins of President Josi A. Rem6o.
Ace Cuban investigator Dr. Israel Castatlmi
Cuban Government'criminal laboratory arrived
vana early this morning and immediately at di
ting a picture of the investigations to ddte, a.s
for him by PanaMd investigators. Before oarri
Castellanos had Ift a check on the progress ,
tigations through A Panamanian embassy in M
Col. Guillernm Salazar, chief detective of G
consulted yesterday with the ommnder of
National Guard,- Co. Bolivar Yaot, d
Police chief Jorge Luis Alfaro. A' p-ttmenti
detective, whOe naceu has not he revalIed, hi
y due here' tQay. ''
uA 1pe9 aet r4ort is circ i t J
States 1Ma'1 Buri ,of I If.s

i. the fomaofion of* cS
*Irf "iI inititigation .Th
prise Chiae(Justice J. M. sezk DWax,
tial ndidate Josi Isaac F6biga and fomer
Government and Justice Dr. Francisco A. Fl6.
Thpollttical situation in Panw, here Tuesday aX. 1. l
ama Btmaina quiet. Only recent passengers M n1
chanrihas been the resignation employes of the o
of Mfislter of Government and Company are among, l
Justices atalino Arrocha Graell singer taking the
in favra of President Remon's A
brother Deputy Alejandro Re- The Royal Nethr y
mon. ; s hip Co. also r
Alesaio Remon is expected were arriving on
to bete over his new post that there have been
formally on Monday. cushions in the
MesaWhile three steamship due to the recent
ageneld said today that the Meanwhile United,
shock A President Remon's, zen Martin Irving
aulsMIon has not affected remains in the
the of Stateside turists Secret police, while hf ,
which had begun pourig last Sunday afternam
throulk ere a few weeks ago. ning is checked. .
AcC to their latest re- mon was machIni
ports, then ar. no cancellations ambush at Juam u a'
of any tra being planned, and trak about 7.30 p.m. n
the schalti. continue normally.
BoydUe- rs reports that the 1Is undew-tood th2t.j
Mauretsr which arrived here CaAl zone oua wd
yesuterd epects to sail this aft- rotnrat.ed LW .teias a-e.
ernoo 'iere were about 400 his wandering thro
DpaU "g who went on the during the sTanet mtt
shore .a irsion which Inchlud that rolae is
the usWiiTht-seeing tour of the ly. ClubbIhoi and
city. ry employee amre
The only change in the regular (Coet sMu*A Ploa
two-day, L over was the lack of
enter ent at the Hotel ElA
Pan t of respect for the 74- Year- U 1
o.te t. ooLeir
big tour here, BoyOn Reac a
B28 would be coming .q 7
from .. t Coast..The 0 l
ton s e Winds operated"
by thb formed line Ca'ib- ...t.,, ,,, B
"eBAm toSteamhlp CGomn- ideA -.,",
pay t here Jan. 18. T* M I J
shp left San Francisco today
and is due to make several t. .
before tying up here with i5V-N O W"
300 passmngrs. On its retumin itA Wh..f
trip, the d will be based at .rempu
MImlam&W ezpcted to bring the chest
n c- if to Panama wl __it bor to bl
the neot Is months. He died
The P s Travel Burea launch whi t
which eq ed that there have to.the OtiGat D
been w allations in any of medical irf
t h eintmid the Mieuw Ata-rod.
sterdfti tailed from Mew An autop: bs bf
York _y is due. .

mbat Planes In E

Ne ..High; 53

ermany, Jan. 8 to buy planes to m ekw up the by
P Force's Euro- extra service gained thrMugh the
guardi*n of a'combined results of the t wo t i
thousands of campaigns. MA
is more planes The Air Porse dsceleaum this at th
us than ever a year-end briI ftr news- sp0
p from Eng- men. 1
I The erty 4 ae ain-p
jeady to take dents to6 r
of a eansen- figure in
W" t t- anCt mid. amSK

Bas *in 0
SAFE pla'. ^

ate fort
than the
e wa

.j. -





"Let tics people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.

.- ,'





MW 4WiFo law

HAENODIO AlIA.l chiton
.3 REPRUISENTATIVqs, JOSI4UA e POWERS. INC. DN Com m ents aw A son
-US MARINE AV N_ YO7S. 2 17 0 N Y. 2.50
.. IN ADVA"N. 18 0o24.0]. By VICTOR RIESEL ....WASHINGTON Inle stoy chin himself six or seven times 0g
PORUM THE READERS OWN COLUMNI have found it easier to pierce Deputy Attorney General enni, has flown around
the Soviet's Iron Curtain than the er actually overruled theworld more times than I can r
Pentagcn's Brass Curtain. dent of the United Staes In member,"and ongagewon a re
Were I seeking military secrets in federal jude utaton as Congress' best friend
I would be delighted by the im. feWid et power ad prom. the C pital Transit Company.
army of brush-off specialist. But dridae New Jrsey Repu theoeey streetca
E A-- -- I have been seeking answers to can to the .S Court of Appeals he feels e urge to walk
D x is an open forum for readers of The Panama American. questions on mysterious changes a is consolation prize for step. millionaire, but he mo
a0sceived gratefully and are handled in a wholly confidential orArmyeregulations affecting rung aoide d S te.t Clifforda as kets
contribute a leter don't be patient if It doesn't appear theact on the disappearance frm Air ad ven personal wrd on CET CATO C
re published in the order received. o Force Intelligence of an FBI foe this wrI C Non's colleague, C ,. .
to keep the letters limited to oneaige length. on an important labor executive; 0ea. Alex Smith.also ofNew ee- As te Hcuse of eg
ofi t* writer held in strictest confidence. questions on what happened to Sen. was about to convene 4
newspaper umes no rspnsibility for statements pinions military men linked with at least ut t the s e tie, young Lye Snade., outgoing OP
oneSoviet spy.Bua edemtoutoinoug
,eto fr uesr red enrs. one Soviet spy. Roger1 had alsonade a commit elerk of the House, held his breath.
ment-namely, to wan le a federal For a time It looked as if the
Were' I alone in efforts -to ob- 'Judgeship for Josepnh cGarragh Democrats wouldn't eontr
.h ALL AMERICAN BOY DEMAGOGUE tain this and other information n te D. C. DirictCourt. As t happens atgetting elected
from the military hush hush long-time GOP boss o the vote- to Congessghto
crowd, I would mark it down to less Distrce of Colmbia, Mcuar- a conressman t- seat in the
following is quoted irom an American magazine thete fact that you canvote me the raghy was too mch of a pitico tt
Sof which will be revealed later: least likely to win a popularity M to risk appoimting him to the the congressman home territory
e President Nixon seemed determined to prove that in contest in that busy castle. r t also oi aly cert "
p g tactics he is one of the mst irresponsible-and ut recently the Secret Service evrany e oe e can be seated. And at
politicians in the United States today. His use of the Dept of justice the FBI nd had not
I4asue against men like Senator Murray of Mon. evencertainoWhite house staffers Roeres te d tz-ert 1i their s n a th
SMr. O'Manoney of Wyoming, his imputation of have been unable to get straight mote District Judge they were stte
as toward Communism" to the entire national leader-s awerso any anwesn appeals, court a cM- het h M rSlt h
of the Democratic Party, his cynical manipulation of subjects out of the Pentagon.thuscretanopeningforM c
of peace and war for partisan advantage, his ok The Pentagon need answer toGarray down below on the D tteleted n Democrats and
of the security "numbers game"-in all these no one but the President of the V.S. trict Court. Democrs
Nixon propagated a dangerous tendency in ou -for s actually a law unto A this was pulled off smoothly ou
that'could, if it goes unchallengtd, destroy the foun- self. without Houste las e er
Sof decent political debate in America. It need answer no civilian, no who is supposed to appoint federal ifth ese
in the U. S. have always been able to deal, in our newsman, no law officer, no fed-t f
S way, with our more obvious demagogues, but how eral enforcement agent or agen- about it, Bastian's pp tent couldn't be seated
e with the new demagogues, who smile as they cy. It has the power to defy al had already been sent to eSenate T Democrat have only a ma
into the mainstream of political life, who speak most all civilian authority-except for approval.
not in the raucous tones of a Huey Long, but in for President Eisenhower-on any Meanwhile, Senator S it h o i sets
Shining accents of Jack Armstrong, the All-American matter it chooses. Its brass ap- of New Jersey had spread word souri n a s e nent
ow shall we deal with a Richard Nixon?" ears before Congress and test S around the Senate that Ike had r M
Ses only out of fear of appropria-- roniised the appeals vacancy to John McCormacpofMaehusetts
Sfqregoing was not printed in the Daily Worker, but tion cuts. S toHendricop So when Basa- in
* Cmmonweal, a Catholic magazine of independent It can even throw a curtain o- tian's name am to the Senate encd a onofMsur
A, I is true that the magazine is-edited by priests who ver the worst crimes or the sleazi- instead, it made Smith look like a cave had tof"stand aside to
A Itepuiblican 'qualification of "egghead" or intellectual, est corruption that may develop He telephoned the White mention such
know deadlanguages like Greek and Latin and they and refuse the Dpt of Justice a House n a rage and accused the canas former speaker Joe Mar-
ut* ed comparative philosophy as well as their religion. nyinfrmation,asit has recently. F r un yPresident of "a breach of faith." tin of Maetts and Cong
t do about it the same magazine says: The Pentgo power was reat- eateGOP leader B D S o M
firmed in Public Law-725, passedeDewey
St for it ress firmed in P t a Law 72, passe of California joined in the protest. chairman of the Armed Services
ponibilityfor ending it rests squarely with last year. Went wa being dis- By ARK Ikedecidedhowever, it ould Comit
A nt lbho o wer, and it is a serious responsibility in. cussed, a Pentagon lobby isap- be too embarrassing to withdraw Howeve th h s o
Arw unles he checks it now, the sophisticated dema- peered and insisted that Congress Bastian's appointment water it had were n ber s Hoe
SRichard Nixon may prove more disastrous for add the following words tothe already been announced. So he Republca Snder was ot tempt
te sanity of our political life than the hit-and. act: Oh, the French they are a funny on them as allies unless you pay trust the nation from the Hotel tried to mollify the senators by of ed by t terescal ram
of Joseph McCarthy ever threatened to be. Werace, ndt eems to me that the Grand Px n anxiety. Crion to the Place de a Con- rn Hendricksc the ambassa actions
return to responsibility, tolerance and modern. "T Pbc a 7) in!rl tte l d lC- r H dco h ma -i
a return to responsibility, tolerance and modern. "(The Public Law 725) will not time has cctie to realize it, no Sure, they come In finally be- corde, which is certainly not very dorship to New Zealand. "Get those states in line he
national affairs. It will be a grim joke indeed limit in any way the existing au- matter if they did do us the favor cause they have to come in. But far. By this time Hendrickson was ordered an assistant, H. ewl
j ona affairs. It will be a grim Joke Indeedi this time Hendrickson was
as of McCarthysm now in eclipse, is to be thority of the military departments of recognizing Germany in the they wear out the welcome with As an ally it is worthless, be- really sore. He had agreed not to Megl. It required sevel urgent
the worse, because more "respectable," olly invstiteperson or offenses NATO business. They have hun the bargaining They also wear cause it s too busy fighting in for re-election, had watched telegrams to bth aschet
po y b* 4he worse, because more "respectable,"
SMr. Nixon in is late campaign."over which the armed forces has us on the hook twice in the past out the trust, and I do not par-side itself. It is too busy not know. Clifford Casewin instead, and now nd Missouri plus a long-distance
jurisdiction under the Uniorm six months, willing to throw us ticularly care how wide Isthe ng how to make up its own mind. the promised dgeship had faded telephone ca to Missouri How-
hope with The Commonweal and for the common.C- deofMiltay Jusic."I tle
hope with The Commonweal and or the common Code of Miltary Justice" all away ust to make their own smile of Mendes-France in addi It can throw out a government in to an ambassadorship "down un- ever Megilna got theirdele-
President Eisenhowe will do something about t. This e d the Secret Se bargain, and you begin not to car ton to the milk he drinks a minute. It can mak a Vichy if er." So he potedandrefused to nations certified the c
Cared very much whether Mendes. Another sad thin about theit has a new etain newsay whether e w ld accept or
theDept. of Justice any France drinks milk or doesn't. French is that they don't like ay Moscow if some Russian suggests not. Afterhis friend, Amos J. Peas-
risdicti over anything that The sad-actually, the saddest bdy, not even themselves. The t It's the country of great expe lee of New Jersey, ws appointed NO FAVORITES
Answer to PrevW Puzzl pens the armed forces. It -thing about France is the self- don't trust anybody. They don't diency, and you don't even have ambassador to next-door Australia MUSKEGO- (P) -
g Cadds bup to the fact that the Penta ishness that has made the coun- invite trust by anybody. And thy to prove the stteloent however Hendrickson decided he Muske oc
Sinh rimo Wtunde tbl. aren't tough enough to make this One of jhese days France is go. would lie to go to New Zealand skgin
aD o sa Tu oBBtan iBt 0 trials o h 1 of' a 'ndividu h ali stick, France is a Ing to haue to take. some stern after all. vorites when they issue overt

Er p h1 l rY.101 4otrti r d idn' want c. pk in
[. a .. obetn t r m etne traNGO ( ia a *tPo e from sho keepers on street o-ist trade. 5Se of t teru days ahead with othe r haerr a __-_ _,
WY aly istratively-and very quietly. Armentiere a the severe love Te French are technically with Fran s going to har e to leave Today the diplomats arse frnticai y car n _
7Helps *- For eA le, a Atti d of all the r Wa r Ib Americans. us now against the threat of Rus the neckline or thehemline for trying to straighten out the mess.
Ssa Ju sdgiment Er ort b All Grmans e France, ald sa. But In the Fren parliament, somethln sligh more i rmte
"S chos oette mota was recent ly con' love It, as a shrine. It was the there are a hundred deputies who tant, suMaa set-determina on. OLDEST SENATOR it
ogt victd of wtea un our ql hmene of all tourists when they left pay the equivalent of $ m5,0 each All because France now has no
SnDri vers cret thro gh her contact p hot e La Bel ep France-how beau- a year to the Communist party. real friends and no real enemies. The oldest member of the new
L lUnblechd V 4 g dvices a ti Colonel yand civilian em y tiful the name, bow lovely the The cooperation with Russia is to Se rying to play harlot w oi th C resas, 87-yearIold Sean.
1 W y fruts 2 Smal pe our forces Germany. i ne iw exactly the same as wa the everyoy, n and watching the hash Tbeodre rancis Green of Rhode
bsya 1 Ole l Woadd fuBitdhe dr t 4SeMdveles went-to jail for five years. But coo ration with the Nazis, sister while oneone, son, Isnd, plans to Frset a new' recor rl
:te ai Blegr one has been able to discover Except the French don't fight The thread of perpetual treason- come along and tealstei house. before vils session of Congress w o T n
Ia o blical meas 47 Algeran city Mhate cia w eo reei lyed cvora wel any more, even with ous indecision isso strongthat i The moonlight on the Arc de ends. O
h plrphe 3S t fSrom the ld s,0 Whyedo tha a eet They claw and scratch there were a war with Russia to- Trlomphe is a lwely thing. But If he lives beyond Feb. 26, 18.,
Si w from the lady spy Why dont at on another, and bargain with morrow the last best hope of our one o these days somebody is he will be the eldest active'senator
Msn 4 War god of uppli Monar viget those answers? their friends, right up to the last side would be to discount France ing to chan e the name-that is, in our history. That record is now
e Greece ao mound, For example, an Air Force C- bitter moment, so you c an't count as an ally, because you couldn't' the arch still standing. held posthumously by former Sen.
---rvere with cvinmee talftiath sa ehow th The e ratby the n"i RNaytreame of eea i. Vanyngt lofs Smhalot wt
1 Force Counter Iatellign e afies a w vd to b h b ie 8s years mnthsea

ltoe haade esolCturain hat Aerm
and NvyWoodylfruir sl po rh a .a T n Gersa t e b h he rates Ofr ca chek-e
the N as t nal Wa r cC o veg The s h we him to sio excellent, n
FBI did' a routine check and found conditions, and, hournh jusx ar been
SBut Van Fosson had the, file French trade letter reports that getting his employer's permission. at least the four confabs menton- tendon of finishing the tem at the
Copied late last year. There was nearly all the toys on sale in Paris Then as a kind of an after- ed above, maybe more ae of 92
f real hent and no effort and metro ltan stores this year thought the letter'poited out that "Then I may think about ret
Sa eeks by the Air were "cst" n nature Toy Nov. not Nc 18 was the of- The "old army ame" plaed ing" s Greenwith a wry gri
na e o t o retrieve this document makers abroad came to the con- cal Veterans' Day. so skillfully by the unofficial Meantime, the spry, bachelor sense
Who is rspcnalble flo this insou- elusion that French children are "West Point Protective Associa- itor is kept busy as the chairman i
#dance, wbfeh s4aay still hurt one now less eager to have soldiers, John L. Lewis' United Mine tion" was never In better form of two committees by day and on
s W Iof the most important fighters tanks and junisr-size military Workers Journal has made the than in handling the Margarethe the capital's social whirl by night
step against world Communism? You equipment for playthings, discovery that there will be five Schmidt spy case out of Berlin. Office ladies say he averages two
40 P 5 Golf II try to get an answer, The Dept. One exception was an "atomic political parties in the 84th Con Pent aon officials tried tin vain or three social actions a week.
of Justice couldn't. machine gun." But it was adver- ness which convenes Jan. 5. Says to get Xmerican military author. He'll take an occasional drink,
Gwth. H r Used as "absolutely inoffensive." the Journal: tties in Germany to release the but is a nonsmoker. Green doesn't VESTED iTEREST-New
SW Atty Gen. Herbert Brownell This was put down as influenced "On the left wou be the so- names ,f the two US cers who attribute his health to nonuse of t wrinkle in fashions for
ff IP fS work things out with by PresCdent Eisenhower's atom- called Northern liberal wing of had allegedly giv e order of tobacco, but to frequent exercise men is a fur vest now being
who) und Defense Charnes Wfson, a Ic pace plan. the Democratic party which we battle plans to F in Schmidt, and a vigilant hek on his diet. shown in New York. This ene,
o undertandably turned for ad eight call the "ADAcrats." Next for reay to the usans. The He's in the Senate gymnasium sev. modeled by comedian Jimmle
vice t the Pentagon's general Ian exactly opposite corner, would be the left wing of the 1Re- Pentagon wasn't even informed oral times a week for a swim, Komack, is of blue maledtu.
ei h hiGv. g ro eck- Major Alexander P. de Seversky, publican party which we might whether it was Army, Air Force, thinks the day is lost when he cast -
o1 t theetr ov or th mAJ ree iAn taat "eorld War III would come the right wing of the who had betrayed US and Alliedre
In t crimal cases. evitable." Democratic party which we could srets to the 2 .or- ldysp. SIDE GLANCES By Colbr0ith
Bruecker vetoed it. The Russian-born scientist over on the right would be the find her guilty and sentence beo t -
The Brass Curtain hangs over somewhat overstated the case in Republican "McCarthyeans." N.jto five ears in prison fcr prac-
Sother vital matters. For example World War II when he preached Five, Sen. Wayne Morse of Ore- ticing t oldest crime in the
SPentagon labor policy is set ain a that airpcwer alone could conquer gon is smart. He's got his own word. But eve after the trial
n series of Army regulations. One of the Nazis. But he did influence a one-man party." was over, AmereIans military r asN.- o r
these Is Army Regulation 000-19, bulodrp of air strength. thorities in Germany were pro.
It said, In effect, that soldier Now Iln a magazine article he Atomic Energy Commission teeting the identities of the two h t
sellors^- a" Air Fore me, when Predicts that the permanent co- Chairman Lewis L. Strauss has officials whose orine was evenio
po real punishmentand w ok effot c and mexisteneo storesthnism and de- been the cause of nearly breaking worse than th thin'k. A I1 1'

pa tnot under less favr mocracy is lmp ble. Unless one up or at least wakin up three -- .
able mia t iUens than civilians d aid collapses tiktnally, WW cabinet meetings an a White Substitute schoolteachers, who | I__ I
not du g labor disputes. caMot be avoided House press ccnferece recent were supposed to disappear from I ) I
Suddenly this regulation wasweeks the Amerledh scene the a-
ene outside the Pen Vteras' Addminstration get a It all began it a National So- ret and lo t sbhrts after I
Wtw n by whom. No one 0 ihtF r the other day from a purity Council meeting. In the World Wa II, are Wl around
the White House or the Dept. of War I vet@ao complained middle of the session ans alarm and gettit re numerous, says e
Labor was consulted. No one a that be had take ov. 18 off from watch which Admiral Strauss car- Dr. Frak W. ubbard, research
discover who set new pellcyhis job and had been fired. He ries, went off with a buzz thtdirector for Natikal Education
which contradicts White House pol- said be understood that that date, startled everyone present incl.d"'AssocileALmr --
i n the Pntag ally. Veterans' Day, was a national hol- .ag Ike. With over 3 ml/ionean Yu Iter
i n e to Pata n iythe eg la any vet had the right to Strauss apologtically turned it inU. S.- ds his year- a
to cha the ra at day o. 4ff but showed It to he grcup min of over a m above last year
without oculeany cv"- wtGa a VA of- d g so. Ike ed an inate- -school admialstrators had to
Ila force-though labor and ia- fltla. wrot Veterans' Day est and a eop f days later, hire 0,00. emirgey teachers
Zdwmdry are affected W a Inded nation l holiday bytflmrass presented one to the Prrs. this fall. TI IM m 00 more thaf
hi runs who in this land? tonea ,ft. President, but Mdent. last year, 1w a teacher total of
so one, wher veteran or. He started carrying the thin ,1 ,0.

-11 .. A,I, .. U

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SAW. mTuesday. V new flem.olda
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ft 14 OandrST.t. IMACULAT1 CWICt bON-O&mTafti. g420D- Sunday fh ..........10-00 am. inta 27 osga sne
2-M A ISL SuT. y INEtamss-6X .t.-Ra8uh MELIAY:16a. t! etn.4 m. stad way Swol............1i00 am.insteadwofnaserve. ANoh tsugaris ee
f~mzbAmba bs er" ol Dy amme 418AML and 6:00 z~jdjemy j U uuinWorhip ................1..5I
sf en which dreamed up this MeaS
20:30iaBaumand1toSolddeclares ehlldren love thearesult.N ALUR BL
Coatfeelons,4Mto50 ad710t- LWla 51 L0MNDUra R
IN_.MSaturday. .W ele Sv~~h.PdlNO JGINfJ7ON (DJJ
am DALan Stnday. s 006
Rhaolan odd oma:70 la 7
Frida. M ri.E OF P- Keg M.i NO DIStRBUTOR

OI aCme"m ovetheFriday

AV = a dTravel 40 miles on a gallon of
-. CurJca. w.r.. cso .00day IaitTe DIEsEL OIL (inexpensive). We have gasoline

-~ ..- b. Ea7#&p Modiels too.
Awa Crlea Got ,PAM.m. Pa s
'4p iAL rM3*m.* The CAR BUILT UK!E A WATCH

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loanAnd.Boes R ByBrks .wa adril .o nt

SALIuMenIsC Ohebegan to wonder why no
anI Sas1! dM hfeim0i. s .i g e =IN *ed wTow one had ever told the story r the
ann $1si--ge se"'e lie imtaM to- 20 N ) credible Kemal Ataturk, the fa-
Oin........... ther at the Turkish Republic. He
asIe aboviep." A mstl ed eesrie ee amassing data and 13 years
U *oom"**M** It lt tur4a u with ine of the fast. 4-
S............... eat moing biograhles of modern
Ssh P 5. uf. o w .... .iIG 01os on Horseback, the

S (Do, Sloane & Pearce Little, Vwx -- m. z.r

CeabsUt^ L: f0 M a m. V ^ lto M' UaTi 1ad1nan s Ae k tere "OILY" BIRD IN THE AACTIC-A. U. S. Air Force C-119 treamport dropu liatrrwi
c -U.. ........... .. is to an solated military installation on the Greenlnd e cap. A the
IA Ubitra fl rut Vriday:.TM t 8 m before a 3ag .*SI- s busilyr(wed g i de & Iow-lyin r p planes or landed by -rajiaports a 0 p
IlS 201 N *o 3, Motpha K&mrow a6.*t mpborn h-unn- honRi (. A. .da tf a
SM MRea" SLoelk a rs Divine WorNhivl Commu- lp rn Isr I f
*alrer G 2MaM w!1s?. .4amaot 0 O...... H d ndao ne the slrus fel h

Imy:. 64 5. -0 .11:15681.4 Ut* :: :::::::: ;U BIRD IN T iH .CI CU. S.. lye P o i onFor ce C 11 In-
os f HMDvotiion: T:00 p o -Sch o e wo h ..s *r b rMbuts aswy DENVER, Colo., Jan. 8 (UP)- ta A *relaielby s &
uarsn ...u.a 5 SS c.: 1:15 to 4.45 p.m. o c m- ao.l'ns .s ..... ............. pite wa lt. His en A 2-yar-old boy, whose esop- we c le a t
andnWO a6U ..D7:OM ATI 1A-:8uran WOr A ....ss1-0 moutn uedand aed ankA s SOeetbc ins -Yearnlo when o hlde eena th at ic bpe mn A

ma ssma tt'iw ?f. i Hyn Mas mam:T 8- a cm. d5 oo Communa n 'I 7:i stronger d e Germ arg 5stha n br as 8)
t5:0n0 and How Pr II. 20 ppa o ph.. .B d1230gpandwmillatorm on do n mn em o o r
ai B C aM Ct: Sa turda y 1:30 to 0 h d e Sv t retey .. ................ u m orl bd aro m rst oin ehi tuted a small length of hla In- I- There's a two-tiered rlandea ,

S. iW idysmn Hdly communion ATLATIC n ri' rn testlne for the damaedust hol Baby or
a406M-amsW .o-l..u.. TX. ,* ,P3H- r l r buh mehricans' y lklD to a person Nwho boleso I yaou' pres-a
tun S *.e m a.. num a M lb i. Cat 1 am CI .dr 2 :15 0 a nd Sro .. .nC1 dr ovcm7t a5ne m a e at P wNio o o 11 c a n t to ear an c sne. e toe wel

Wi wuhu as Pa CPnfee as: aIPy 3:0 to P*30 nd Mosal orablp ............... 11:oo0 0z et e to eo er, a s Met- ao 8el:0v of. yhour. ho1 h P 1 CaLrlO thing t r then worn as
the a the0 GeSSr-w iono. th a firs small lengthin the theSIMMS q

Atlantic aide l tlri M S^^ '^^^ ^ is "ajal -o t
TA 1:' w whiecth ,n I 1 ernmew t after the best features of a t ince he accldentay Ronald P. Costa, 11, was thoro down on a flat surface and
Sday te a ll 00 OT became a power. And when he delast Nov. 2. In healing, a six- his $10 bill. He had hidden it in companion; his e and so mdy 3: 0to: 0and Holy COmt nihal CILa SatudOaOSy:30 Nto lC cr e ed that Turks must adopt a ch t reth of his esophagus his shoe; ncus tor propping the bott.
7:0to p. urdaysbfor s u nd tW Dand ..a .. M ..* D l e l................ famil name the National Assem- had become almost a solid mass
rFami ely owhamn 300 pm. gen lk go prnw boayte ................. bl w hbter ofrr u

S O -a am a p O S (Edcaio uss d hia A spirit Hrospt atedaI lsa THt fAVING, kANK t1
Wl at 600 p". 00 Inaes oa t- edo Warce ace Knrklatnd owae social Have oathr Hours who ha nnrollo th
loa s tSrun asar. sT aIt0EHAtS-Cico0H o CinniAon F: O RT C ChOo worker in his 40s bwith wife and is a p inter HwerO was n
Hoe nda Mymas ss:S Ma.m. (and : m.8 1tTorhrh ..SA.........t alon fr soon The oe- "xt r wn er alnhmiryep-'c Institution Guaranteed by the Stalee i|
u .... Cftechm C day: 3 :30 to 5:00 an p.m. Thr M ............ W A. Jord rte. It was a chany decision, but M ound it.

-r.M a d:30 wa ntns: 8t0 htoe ar30slm. Sund.y. bAfYoehhriv t *nd seMmon 7:00 .. ted heas sn for. by o -. ,M V. Ml .
Friday 7.110 St:ll hl tm i St. n& hCORO perttrmed illnesses of. ethe r js. -

a a it JO BArra : LA : ALL0 Morning Pyw nd Church School ........Su a c.. 1602 in the assocsit. on with Life mag- DEmutoran To tlea 8(
U-bl Class -amaw n in ae rn u STAT !m Ytin oe lt.V e. A Ils ro dboy whse

*r sacJ:A ifl:r.*. rJi. Medal ovaent 3r uma .. .. & 5l m hlhispookre trdyhe ld INITIAL DEPOSIT $5.0i
tELONaA AL Clan.bc:am e to n4:45 p m.h ron a ndn........f aby.barely fitsh.i....o.: '0"p mM

taiW Ur Mrada 1..... .r.. rand (F rs Sunday H ol ms :00 au m H o. 1U.S .0 aN A re u lc.TATIONheROD M AN

r20 Col Dr s s :0 to Wds: enSe oa ...... .... ...o ...o h adre1e pn fd As t.he ti ed of hi book suggests, h eawd d k far n solu g pl

VA&..."6 .. .....T *:1 6 :o A. DY O F ATId r^O C ya mmunA ion ," ....8rphe (Houghton eifflin) recan a WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 (UP) or other "furaii goo d
a.bC a Ct -R. .. Se. r. ............ e ine r the bt feat of te siner accd c tao y R. CA, dLo .o. afid a m
H alnd:0 and 50 Morng P, Sa S.t:d M........ u the Lt aDul p Me 15 Newditwonmi S aterCionmmoded erl
C ei a f G oS tS A.aterda y AfPd 1= b'Ncame a. p r n ds .r has "covwe reasr.t rNov the Democratib. h Par- ill Hadh co.m an ion his s u z K
mamaA Sol' c:0a0: : p.m. Ca Clan Saturday 8:3 3 00 to 0 Tu0 an de l o

w p. .Dy B eoe .. -on i l ldaa. r Cm. M ............. 0 cation space in this book is any Party hadquart ald Butler
..y. 1:3. C : T Sn. hl o llMo dth.... chse Alsd -asti he Sr t am deposits re accepted thru a perio n.

p13 .sun yia Mea lieA Lo ATena 1 and Saerd Although hu Fdisaelaims the title ncon5 p Of48 we ks.
hni.leas_ Famoly nlyy M .oo. _oo _.m. ad _dt d_ nWallace Kirklond was pe r a so ia lp aerts n edic histy HaEnS A VII B

Ss ret rimasaturdy 4:00 to : nd Sa a School 1 s catn pr rtion of rad's more n last month. Individual afety deposit boxe, for jew ry and
Mvneal' AfomoyMiay. THRSDAS er, ew Hi' Hrey anery document.. n 4 different iz.
u wj Ham 600ua-IUan m an(t6 :0 ItP am LA OA ra..i.. T Nkc i n t sie oup f no t aw he d- the lye solut to s oa some n iuio n G ar ed by S te
^SafeHoly ay ar. nd ded photograpT hN -l 9SS: wa o ........ t h.hastorcsy aneed s camlnt-spattgnred overalls when r t 7

u o aa)t Pete'sCurc A3a con cSs to tS a n a wi.hC.Zifor.hy repnrd e 0. A. De ROUX CARLOS MOUYNES V,
6Wy.e'i5U te.63W Cyoneaaiow 4 to 5:2 nd 7am Sn So aA e 'aSr labornd osf-an oover bu t ha t hnBoboa26 c1itros e evdern eln ennttn aDmocrvraael
4a lb... ...G....SI" aSm has... L...r e 100 am. 00I

T Ms W a.. Ca Club: 7:1 .. o d e a snnd witn I. .0 Geed 7- Wo ora tin was e t or te frt WNoisA il la to 1:at $5. 0

C* teahsen eou: :o0 p^m. Thursday. me. WEamBbAyS Megg Balle A Flag In The City. by Christo- Mc~oakeey, 62 now vaca- BATU11DAT8: Iran I:@ am. to U:M pm. i
11111irldat rIdaD : 00 pm #:00 am C u a n. 00 -A DSTATION 0 Alm pvemiherit Lado chian ged as a tale tioning in Florid

M~ S (Lime:30ad2am pChre. 3r d Sundaa0e ere.......3 l -a *nle hides tahe ind a- -
zer ^ u 19er,'^ S day.abot.t he .mI e of1 ta ano oa ........ e s tur sne of wartime Iran with
M dr isn t M....... .m n:0a M pm s an Bapt.i sa.m. 5r or .er1 :o t......7 f:ga tr t e N fa for this book. I. b a
** fT 1~M ~ o on Fri.and Say 'V-00:a6:00uWid .He0 p-n Newend Tretheuirhe
Trnatet t cone aons: Samurdy 4:0 to s :00 a nd e a.jn. Chndr=aeron tMa. As the f titles reso listing the national ryia b W miah oh Pa h .
H o ly C om u unn. I A A A ** a h ig h ligsts o a n as nc e th a ta c c i d e n tR *l P o st a 1 1 w a s th o r o u g h

aI p.m. on tN vnad ncity 00 EThe D.aS PaaAAC uPryTa;...7 r rather (Houghton tIeln) recalls tWASIpNTON, Jan. s (UP) a or other bUwrItI
Suna a ndd:0a Sm. J .h. :3 Spe ar Pri Ctam 33-i n usy bIn 30piar.eiste nc av n be- Metthew H. s sng Phla-verbod. He
SS o IAt o od pri r m IO cnc er all however, th.e g ty book haa- delph builder and chairman os k MS .- ;

iofboe ago ade aw. to B..Nwrs. P6w documentary flavor, making it '<-"" A
6C:00an-:emt h.5l Monay TM pL NV. AL
asw. conC tSAr creed thete Turk mus adpta n hrhTCst board ofv the Philadelphisha

Cnsias: Saudur Ma y: 0t : a M 2 n4m. and h** sS unas.. 10, w0 a m ,o : a mi am haa t hra eNand odb ncd tswerema
So So 7 n Du some 15 Nury. .........ll Pd fro life. True or flae it'sr
7:30".L;S~lt~IIOAP PIRI .eqp e. ha 44ov' tasuer ofpt.0 DemocratiF Par- tissue.
___________________nYouth Fellolewhi ..p.a.b.b p.i.s 0 t b frt e Ca ul 0 11
Ir Medal Novena 6d p.m.. n V0 oTurk e. Gandhi and s, p- clok d dagger u d oday.

Sti ot e Claom: Fa p.m. oin undtY. a. P.Sundresident a but u the i llo-1 H
Mo CLscreT j arCt l ovenaw : 7:00 mpman. u ir a..oce Se Pca.tio.n saa c tThis bo i s ay tyhsT. medt hst ar tle

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Hear a masIei: 1 *** aS an -ol d omn suidliar. 2ndan Othae

so" IL -. e a.: S:. fulis h r...ay .v... p-CR O.E Mtdyti180-D LME ti
asu ayTse d soo SMe M I s o ajois Holy. NM: 0 .m YORK p (UPo o r Hpy w s h eis real p i tsp ater veedr __.1 when- *
worm oa.m Is .. F0 m ocorn addum ,. t CS.t bamC htr oubgh le -le i assador to Canada. Wood-ont Mi
pDI.. 1 Catech i Clan .3:30 to 5:00 P.m. on ThoSoea3eSp i destia C am Se"nathre t mpeoa large ward submitted his resignation.
Cho Salchl a Z eLb raranrtiOn eof rlrklan more no- last month. Individual :afegy deposit boxes, for jewslry nfd
IofeMolomig: Saturday 4:00ad :0 hucand 1emhi tr. mtaol Worship .bi en associatednwith wL ife m tb h e l
ST.JO Ns Medal NovenA: L:00-nd R0 v. D. s.e..nt. appear to dou ets n
pm.on onday. Massf3 Rev Paul Hlloway. aatore houhotr adwic ilinoEfn-arigOFCE AAM :CLNsR
Cat:iAter : a~m.iServic e ...... :0 m t o this book.I. CuruaNdu 51115
int the School Year. nad e tw0 L Sunday0 Shool6 hh se ar est
CHURCEMarDay N amest a:00 arm. t L a CU: t d Sermaa t h awpa e d
Sunday s : N 0atom4e30.and: 7TO to 1Hl and 3 :om mun ion P. 0

5tir p-na.i Sur lday. *0: Friday 1. Holy C. Sm IMINm. h writer, but.lh is book is faev7avictory tnMt e M s kylvai lat -
MIrcL=MedaleNovena:P7:00.........m9n am.harisand tmh Sae t a labor of love that technical on- vem be ilw endecratc ov- -'
A- Tee -ac e C lub:s 1:15 p am on dnad ay.. ...... 3 00 P c up.m eS ohlem ntrhMP l an d ad elp h ia
.. .Class, M eal:00 pm u a .L W ind H....... ise utoethe it. Du sAmFla in The Ciy byne r iweIn 0 bearsSoS f m:det fom
First Friday Devothom 7:00 pm. reas uolr Panam P.r
ST. so0nDA... *.dultMimflrmatlin Cliisel 'Unb of high-level e andseeaInthe

the hu, tubes resisting the i:btiotay A3
eMiracul us Medal CNn0 A AA'S cR163 government, and the RussIantedo-
6:1and TM IL T.ep.Compl n..e wandered t7tiP M. "Ina Lca SindfspceI bleeressins everybody.
myMeeSrm yr Curna t i nd aem a Christtpherwlanio arsen his
a1:adchooldaknown.pWoodward, one-ti menSt aie D r cts ee M

For addres ws 9ra Atlantic Branch.. ur matir climax andisome thertte-
LA am gund iav IL call b Wal2eetails undoubtedly weretInveated.
O l A Day O G~OOD COU sm. anSELr-.1:10 Pm.Tauntj e mservices fwllbh rg CsUm t h r i i One aD, however,
Na a*0Lo CZ-oSodpr ie a o am s n*
SM P=-and Mama : 00toa5.and SdaySchoolILSawrorahip: pm yIDaoolpTM cha rtersoano Inid s were l tIuy
p.0to .0 Rev. CaftrRoe IyechWmo
D + ua MedalNovea:7 nd Rev.D..I I d lI drawn from life. True or ae, It's
and M onday Ssm Namr ev PU. PaulE e Psoe top-fight cloak and dagger.
2MallowCatehian Clam pm. on Sundaat- WtbaTde r 1 enad n
paint-'rd..-SnAe. SOI Sm:ay
W TacHeL art Noven II-Ma: 1:00 p-010116011001r,- *SoL damensiondtowthenessaysinnatural
Or. a Monay. 0:30s-ftCbdn Bob SW.7:N DL sierstons re scondry. rnorwas eecte fourth irst Froe 1:0 mi
c a"TomassClu: 715 pm. n Wdn@1 730 A& IO= .Bo = tme n 2 yeas. ATU DAY : fom
66,M to lb&twbjm cass,4:0 10m Thrsda. TVIs emo enam a.P AFlag7n he Cty, y C rist, M.looey,82, s' ow vca-

---- r --~ Tr---F-n----~---- -- '~-:.--- ------ I---r-*~-- -

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* ',-~*.-~*;:~... V..,


-~ "91'- p~

'~:e: r~su

V's Role In Education Sought

, Canadian Schools' Test

DRAMA FOR THE SCHOOLROOM: Christopher Columbus
( l ht t ed b C nadian TV aet B Mors s

TRW PAXAM4. A m' A. .w. .. ..A .

Fewer GI Traffic' Deaths

Due to Army's Saety Plan

By ARTHUR G. HUDGINS begin .t uo no,-w lastead

WASHINGTON (UP) The case, -- ch' was m4de be-
army's traffic s a f et y program cause ofthe number of. acci-
is beginning to pay dividends in dents between the hours of mid-
fewer soldiers killed on the na- night and 6 a.m.
tion's highways. Mandatory i16pe on of service.
The safety program has been in drive. The theme is especially
existence for years, but was inten- for repair and maintenance in iso.
sifted during 1952 and 1953 when lated -lees have. been provided
statistics showed that off-duty to che':. and e im inate mechanical
servicemen were involved in a dis- detect.
proportionately high number of a-. A myrd o~q. ons concern-
tal highway accidents, especially ing ueity t rteu, however,
on holidays. without iof the in-
Results of the intensified drive dividual .- pad of this as-1
are shown already. pet particularly
Deaths of servicemen from off- proud, O. 'Eot V. Parker,
base auto accidents in the past Army safy re said:
fiscal year totalled 529 compared '-Th maIor r edjt for our Im-
with 650 in the preceding. 12 months 'prov doesn't go to
Army personnel were involved -in..e y program and cur
serve nper cent fewer highway ac- r-l .trbelongs to
dents- 3,291 compared to 3X077- the a n the Army
and suffered 11 per cent fewer in- who Vio operate and
juries. _sIume th r .p cities for
The Army believes these statis- safety o, a v ir-crowded high-
tics reveal an increasing aware- ways. ."
ness by off.duty soldiers of the *
hazards of modern highway travel.
Motion pictures, posters, pamph- Preparedness
lets, lectures and other devices are
bsee to impress upon servicemen EMPIRE, Mtch,-(UP) Bias
the need for safe driving tech- Alonzo didn't take any chances
niques on today's congested roads. when he got into an argument
Civilian press, radio and television with a fellow fruit picker. He call-
outlets have also Joined in the ed a Traverse City ambulance to
cdients-3,291 compared to 3,077- come to the Crchard where he was
stressed before holidays. working because he thought he
would be stabbed, police said. But
Personnel Praised when the ambulance arrived, the
luarnment was over and ha hadn't

*u*s), portray ea Dy L3snUuin a v .ctr n arry a..-.-, s...
first mate face mutineers in drama telecast to Canadian schools. Rules governing off-duty soldiers
have been made with a view to-
By JAMES MONTAGNES ward lessening the chances of ac-
cidents. A limit has been placed
-- on the distance a soldier on a week.
TORONTO, Canada8(NFA)8 Wi'showing the nation's part in the end pass may travel from the base
TV receivers in classrooms change lorth Atlantic Treaty Organiza- to prevent long, dangerously quick
the role of the teacher and some tion. trips.
day largely replace her3 Exactly j Daytime traveling is being en-
how ill they t into programs of TV manufacturers installed re- courage most passes issued
schools of the future ceivers in 80 schools. S om e 120
A large-scale official experiment other schools arranged for sets of I
Just ended in Canada may lead to their own. i
some cf the answers. Manuals on how to prepare for
While tests in the U. S. and the lessons and conduct them '
Britain have only included a hand- were distributed to the teachers.
ful of. cities, the one conducted Some followed them up by hav-
here for a month was national. ing their pupils make the things
Two afternoons a wcek, children they had seen, such as working
in 200. schools turned their atten- models of instruments used by
tioa to video screens. They saw Columbus.
programs on current events, his- Official reports on the test will-
toty, art, science, safety and liter- take some time to prepare. But
nature. Ian inkling of how it came off is
w a given by R. S. Lambert who di-
Half te programs were aimed recited the project for ChS. Lam- 1
at pupils In .grades .five and six, bert and his staff visited schools
the rest it the seventh and eighth in Ontario to note reactions of
grades. Five of the shows were pupils and found them enthusi-
"I thee wee prepared on astic. |
l ', id practically all were "The child mind is very recep-
raittk e by professional actors. tive to television," Lambert re- I
4 te tievied lesson was ports. "They see much more than I o
Vw i bo .Navigated." This we expect and much more quick-
the actual types of in- ly."*
Um. on his Caupda's educators want to
lB i bwwed muti- maze many more tea ro learn
ee wasn't the .Ist ways to use Tiaut mest
at~g east section'0 re 1 *nvinced area bat the
n s i' irir m Broadcastin program has merit. And many
arched museumsthrough- are willing to best that the day *
the world to find the original wll come when video is as corn-
Sthen made. exact re- monplace in schools as erasers
S pgrams. -and blackboards.
S e programs were carried by
, "stations and none lasted long-
than 20 minutes. A sampling Snake Ride I
topica: traffic safety; iron cre V..
-eeoMei in A- or i A 16 n W ALAT TV il I'WD. Vur )

d dflevelopment inm N or tnbern FALIS CITY, Neo. (UP)-
f 4 bee and Labrador; an histori- Mrs. Francis Morton discovered a
cal house in Toronto; new tech- bull snake hanging onto her car'
S-'ups in art in connection with when she arrived on a shopping
patterns for clothing and furni- trip. After efforts by a policeman
.t "?, and a famous children's book and onlookers failed to dislodge
eC-nter. the snake, the car was put on a'
-noda's External Affairs Min- hydraulic lift and it was "un-
% ler, Lester B. Pearson, took part wrapped" from the frame of the
In a lesson on current events car and killed.



b.j ..,
6L, P

2 ~

.LI, rW


been stabbed.
MEMPHIS, Tenn. -(UP)- The
class roll in Mrs. Nita Lowery's
second grade class at Treadwell
School here sounds like a picnic.
There are Janis Bacen, Johnny "
Pickle, Larry Raspberry, Dixie
Rice and Paula Hay.
I ,

,. U. Eq. u. U Pl on.
"I'm so disappolntedt We had one of the most expenie
decorators in. .tow.-but somehow the rooms Iok Jut
.the sa"m .

Rush Trip ,


Andyet on thln

is Dast:


d. ...-

.. .... ". -:" r ; 2
1 -..- *'p ,
",. ,'. ; .- .*._.,- .lfW T t -
j "*. '"- -: : -"' '
^ ^.- ;

i inny? B V.


m1KDt MArHtI


3~I~ U'b~svJmci~e


VI 4'-W -
.1g M.-

' t1

Promotion of Actien


0 V .I TO'
aGNt~rAWO I.

I ~

_T Vn r TI

l^h-' ro 7 < L \ ~a BBBBBBB

hace Remodeled?


V. :'

16 A 4PLeADo PBOLo6t ke
I Tie 1 oTAo A VAr,
AM AsA1^ /


1 1

El IA? rbsi4mu


BT J. 8. I 14

/ eimely Quastlen

--- ---- -- ---

* 4

' .




*.* -rk,

O r -.


1es.vouBNe vM e TO U HONisvous Buse, M.mou 6T N n FWCMes IouLL u e W
up AMw vo.e on y se.T ow iN rau. voMMa F sb ouwX acuLR r erPAS O "r.
MIu P w lM WM RN4 .. M A
glbrwWP oUe ewdrI

, I^-.O

T. a s OI



.d A~llll uialftm21 a~ ~4WI'b4M ?'alY ~wYit

-. I I/ rd .t
a and therwtde

.x 5037, 7Jnc,
'I s

auckd RecL J.or


Career, .n r Country

134, "nama -

., 1.g. ...sur LA .' was nothing *. g to distinguish 22
A old Kryst Bujnowska from the
S.. ..... t-line chorines of the JMazowsa
Sfolklore ballet company appearing
..t C thIe course .asit by Mrs Louise at the Theatre National Populaire.
Df PL rAU TO n1r & CERS tI- "' ,. oWs i"" il c ouse But "Kassia," as she was kncwn
DB TOl I A A Instructi ll include cu to r colleages, hugged a dark
t t-nO .e. ee lay will I ..e a public i- ... rs -ifruits and vegetables dried secret in the bottom of her heart.
2.nat' Theh Seottish ite Temple on boohI and exotic arrangsmentA. A trip the hem of her skirt was a
to Morgan Gardens is included ore ss o Pa olish couple who
in I.D leagues will start to-t Monday where tropical plants are found in reps ar i n e
J:at B. MIfthond, will be i- at mth St. Joseph's -o a"ge. Ap their natural sett .. a od
stalled as master counclllor at this prpriate cer ones t atte Both residents of Paama and ye et playedgo. to full h
impressive ceremony which wll first game will be held at 4:30 .the Canalone are invited to every night played waso full a great sue
high lighted bthe imresive- m. on the above date and place. gisterThere is no charge for the ever By night oand was a great su-
St tf f order Rotarians are asked t be present. course. Outlines in Spanish and cess But once danthe curtain had
DeMrdiys. The pDrogram calls Mr. Paul Seek, Chairman of the English will be distributed. Those fallen, the 115 dancers were sub
f trsu ceremonies as the flower Program Committee, announced wishing to enroll are urged to re-fr'. e T.o ke tuneaistirn sur.eAt"
talk which dedicated and direct- that the 50th Aniversary Ball will sister early at the Balboa YMCA- ota e omus ar eme.
whic-is of.idaiedrand.dl .r~eau,.......... ea _, .f t- n .... ur the stage door a bus awaited them.
e to motherhood, recognition but. be held Saturday, Feb.12 at the SO or call Balbo 2s or 2759. The seats were numbered and two
ton cermcy which is conferred Stranger's Club. n i e e uard checked the o
to ew members t la an interest- Guests included Mrs. Franls police guards checked the off.
Ito ew t om e m es ta. an ".r on eClon Bu of the b DClrn There was no sightseeing. The
iald of the St: Luke Cathedral. Mr. Hugh Fenton of Panama, "r -ewa urteh P r ae
ioa. C t A v "to f .... ot Dr Cat' 15 miles north of P aris owned to
a very oungguest of Charles erret Dr. Ca WAtSont o the Polish embassy. The "bosses"
e Pater C I IOrti of Colon, guest WIFE MAKES AMI STAKE had taken drastic steps to forestall
fo ianama to is t as nstall.g garopulos. WHEN SHE LETS APPEAR. any escapes, because two .years
r He i th tse or ciane Dr. Carl W. Ackerman Due Today ANCE SLIP ago in Berlin two of their members
ti highest tat n be con- r. had "deserted to the western
fred upon a DeMolay. He Dr. Carl W. Ackerman, dean of Shd ihsban i te to the wester
Svid Robles Jr..n of *..a. u" School of Journalism atI' iShe s 42 and her husband Is 44. sector.
f .e U ni. e. ity T ,is expet-iHe highly disapprove s of her wear- "To keep better track of us,"
*r Las Cumbres resident a]n- lgmmake-upiand.vsoetedoesnit said eew were all dress-
bageru of F ,d u Travelo ,ed o today from Lima -or a visit gmaep a d :whe oet sai b a
l Bid Rob lesyr.. 1t0-day. He will stop annt El Pana he twear any. ks eIed alike when we left Warsaw-a
fRid oiRnsan ten. Trs yn ea .i'sM He thi it s is foolish for a wom- red and-blue-plaide sk I r t, blue
it&d Ter nc t fe bar and is an to slavishly follow fashion, and sweater, navy overcoat and a ber-
ol ts e bOpar and i rs oe Di.lo.. t E To aaa 0 so she buys serviceable clothes and et. We were also told to take good
e t int popular and proff. a Dipomat Reo urnis T o ag e wears them until they are worn care of our outfit, as it would
dnt installing officers that has Mr. Pio de los a 'arest ot. hea mn whe e o
eyer perfo ed his tasks in l- First Secretary of the Spanish out. have to turned tin when we come
r s r.Embassy in Ma nagua, Nicaragua, But here's the rub: Durin g the back."
Refreshments will be served In bas returned to his Post after last two or' three years he has TIhey were allowed one suit-
tReres bqent il red .. f-.pending the holidays with his par- "started eyeing their women in case each. None of them had
wie banqthe stall io atd. theol- ts, the Spanish Ambassador and such an obvious manner" that more them than three dollars.
plais o sall ad ant com Cntess de Rabago. she's embarrassed to go out with After ten daysin Paris, Kassia
POW 49 cordially invited .tq,.come thatet him. began to wonder whether h e r
ou and give these young citizens I h
S n send off in their wll Return From Florida She woners now if she has made chance would ever come, because
rdusIneg en off e Mrl and Mrs Harry 8tr az, Jr., a mistake to shun make-up and she was determined to make her
serve w. dces" "Mr.a and Mrs. Manuiel Raul buy clothes because they are prac- bid 'for freedom. Then one day the
fesear FsIma-- Arias have returned from a trip tical rather than because they are troupe was taken to the theater
mr thm nto Florida. becoming and fashion-wise. where a film was to be made.
4MMUtk Birth ol R a to Florida. Of course, she has made a mis- They worked seven hours with-
SJiosed Mrs. Le Rocy Lachof e t take. Not one woman in ten thous- out a break. Then the "monitor"
8tb'jblrth of a son, R annondce Sunday t El an a and is beautiful enough "as is" to declared they would be taken out
rt orthuf a son, R mond Norosb. At El Pe1 s k 6 compete in a world where other for a breath of fresh air before
ris, on Thursday, at O'Connor e os- a ncT ed This Week buffet women help nature along in every the evening performance. In groups
pa in San Jose. Mrs. Leach is The cusomary Sun dayu t possible way. of eight, each ranked by two
e former Nancy Kaufer. will be cancelled this week at possible way. t
Both orments were bKaufern and the Hotel El panama, due toek the Nor can a woman who chooses husky guards, they set of on their
Mreared -d Canal Zone. reside nt J ose Antonio R the la pect to look very attractive when They were halfway across the
Sandarnts are President Jose Antonio emon measured by women who ask one broad "Avenue de New York,"
WMr. Mrs. L. A. .Kaufer of The buffet will be resumed next question of the clothes they buy, which runs parallel to the Seine,
Map i. week. "What does it do for ME?" when Kassia, who was bringing
O his father' s side, the baby l. Take a woman who can't depend up the rear, saw that the traffic
is ohe grandson of Mrs. Julia New Flower Course on make-up and beauty aids and light was about to change.
Leach of wampsacott, Mass., and Will Begin So a s m a r t and becoming clothes to "I said to myself, "Kassia,
thelatecMr. Raymond Leach. A new flower arrange meant perk her up. Then let her 4iscover this is your moment."
t- course/ at the Balboa YMCA-.USO that her husband openly admires When the light turned red she
CdWRotary will begin cnw Monday, Jan. 17. the women who have made the darted back, trembling in every
Meetinga One clasS wilM be held at 9:00 a. most of themselves, and you've limb, and the flow of traffic roar-
r testidet I. and sq identical class at 7:00 ot a woman sadly in need of a ed between her and her guardians.
Thursday meeting of thq p.. for those are not able to come build-up A taxi was near at hand. She
S al Colon Rotary Club was in the morning. And the kind of build-up she need showed him the address. He shook
ted to the memory of The course will continue f o r is not to have her husband tell his head. She had not noticed that
la1 ,LPresident Jose A. Remon C. e Mond follow. her how thankful he i that she is his black flag was up and he was
d r. ua., by abig flower show- on ,the so enk lble. going in the opposite direction.
T. u 4 T1 %Moday What she e 1s 1I the lift she Tndaunted, she tried the next one.
eet i4 t MrS. M or r will conddct will t from a new permanent, a Fifteen minutes later she was
bri lipstick, at let half a dO- being welcomed by her compatri-
e ..L of sweet-s p l otd, free at Ipt.
i .t and a ,ew r

ift ReNeatrch Patient
1ato r aei~ent, hb ability to un- WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 (,UP)-
drst .to elp the lotof WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 (UP)-
th oltaon man nd his fine Former Democratic Sen. Rush D.
capacity for executive administra- dHoltOf West heVirina has been
tm- I J ond his sorrow at admitted to the national Insti-
'th i tr a4di the tremendous tute of Health Clinical Center
Im la a i f o ip th peeop here as a research patient.
of PBma. a Ts fee g was r-e His condition was described to-
eeted by. alt Botarians pr4alet. day as fair. Spokesman for the
Itotaria- then rose and were center declined to identify Holt's
led, .by the Rev. 3itoir malady, except to say It is sclen-
A. o oM pln 0fthe Ctub. tiflcauly interesting. He also re-
-. ne nsAia included a re- fusea to discuss its probable fu-
part by Mr. Flaucis Brown. dl- ture course.
.rector '. l .Rotary Club Colon The center, operated by the
IoftbflI L-Ise for boys between Department of JHealth, Educa-
es ot1 anda 2 Individual tion, and Welfare, is a scientific
tarians .Ae spOrin n t h e Institution and admits only pa-
eaims and laying their expenses. tients with illnesses of research
Twen teams ,divided into four Interest.

Royal 1NO LhMs Ltd.I


MV. ............................... Jan. 15
,a. W v' E mu" *M. ..............................5ja I
.. WI 'A DEL PACR'ICO" (10 %no) ..... Feb.28
.................... ... .. Jan 2
.. "LOC AVQN" ............................. Jan
'LOCE WA ..............................iJan. I
W.v. O r .......a.............. ........Jan, 18

PAC N GAIN e TeL: 1/415
O. I {. hANfMI--Au. Pad 5s. iL -15i/8
rw iOA-TerI BMgi., Tel. 2-1%n

NEW YORK -(UP)- Next sum-
mer you can install a room air
conditioner and not worry about
whether it will blow a fuse.
"The reason: a new room-cooler.
that uses less electric current than
an 'oI'a or toaster. The one.half
horspwer unit draws 7% amperes
or 7t atts-less than the ordinary
Thanks to the fact it uses less
current, the air conditioner not,
only allows more satisfactory in-
stallation on existing house wiring
but also costs less to operate than
previous models. (General Elec-
tric Co., Sceheectady, N. Y.)
A stainless, stingless iodine has
been developed as a disinfectant
for hospitals and other institutions,
as well as industrial plants.
It may be used in cleaning oper-
ations, such as dishwashing an&f
floor scrubbing
Although "Wescodyne' kills
germs, tests indicate that the solu-
tionis harmless to humans. An
amber color in the solution fades
as the iodine loses its germ-killing
power. (West Disinfecting Co., New
York City)
A newcomer in the do-it-your-
self trend for home tools is a jig
saw that tilts.
The blade-holding part of the
power tool actually ma n tilted,
whereas in coventio saws,
the sw table itself is tilted in or-
der to maio'k angle ous. -,. -
With the new sawm, the Jaro-
or blade holding portion-tilts up
to 45 degrees either right or left
of center. This permits the home
craftsman to m a k e angle cuts
-while holding the wood firmly on
the horizontal working surface.
Weight of the saw is 65 pounds.
MUSKEGON, Mich. (UP) -
Crime didn't pay in more ways
than -ote for three juveniles ar-
resite here after they, broke into
three buses places. Their total
Wot amounted to one cent they
found ln a cash register of a prod-

USACARIB Artists Win

Prizes For Oil Paintings


- 'a 4 .


Paintings and drawings have The most popular palating was
paid off almost 50 in cash pri-I "Luquillo Beach,' the water-
-es to local Army artists as win' color by Cpl. Lopes, the hospital I
ners and runners-up in the cur-- patient I Puftert Rico. "II
rent United States Army Caribbe- First in all categories consisted
an's Second Annual All Army Art q a $25 dollar cash award with
IContest and Exhibition. runners-up getting $15 cash prize
l An oil painting titled "Trio" b es. The "most popular' prize net-
Cpl. Charles Keller of theauik ted Cpl. Lopez an additional $25.
won first prize in Category A, Prizes in the Panama area are
which were entries done in ols, to be presented by the various CAN- I Y0
while second prize in this divson post comma ders of the prize win-
N. went to Capt. Willard G. Baldwin ners. In ARFANT, they will
Sof the Information Section at. Fort be. presented as scheduled by the ,.
I Amador for his painting "T hhe Commanding General, USARFA-..
King." Third prize entitled "Puer- NT.
toRian Still. Life" was awarded
to Pvt. George Manupelli, 75524
AU, Hq & Hq Detachment, Fort.
Brooke, P.R. ctgr
In the Watercolor cate gorUy,
first prize went to Pfc Miguel Me- U ITEID FRUIT -C
dina Aponte, Hq & Hq Company,
7504th AU, Camp Tortuuero,P,
Sprizewent to Capl. Valentin Great White le
rez Lopez, a patient at the Rodri I
I uez Army Hospital at Fort Brook I New O leaa service
Ifor his, watercolor Luqu illo.
IBeach." An "Abandoned Barn" t-
Painting by Cpl. Darnell Fulgham "M NA" *"
Iof the 7433 AU, Fort Kobbe, net- IIIU A8 ............... .......
ted him third prize. SpS."SAL.... ....,...
1 M-SgL RobertIL Spence,7440th 8 .S., "YAq .. ......... ....5
AU, FortGulck, walked off with .. AA' ...............
Stop honors in the Cartoons & o.8.."'OVLANI '-- ...................-".
hi Drawings category with a scene .S. ER.................
"Kasia" celebrates he free- entitled "San Blas, Panama. ........ .............. .....
dem with a dane in front of His runner-up was Pvt. Aeorge :andlng Refrigerated Chinled an General g-
e MotmaSrtre Cathedral n Manupelli, 7552d AU, Fort Brooke
Paris. She wea's the same I whose untitled drawing won see-
ldothes into whe she aenaped ond prize. "My Favorite' by Pfc New York Service AriV
from the CommQUISIp. 9 Miguel Medina Aponte, 7504th AU
------ Camp Tortuguero, P. R., grossedn tp acGU
.......... third. S. ", COMAYAGUA" .................... CEO d
Category D, consisting of Prints, SS. LIMON" ................... ....
Kassia has o qualms regard- wastopped b Pvt. George an- S.S. "COPAN" ..........................
lng her "defection." Nobody back upeli with Night Carnival took A. Steamer.... ...................
home will suffer, because she has San Juan. Mainupelli also took A.Steamer---- --A
been an orphan since a944 third place in the "oils division S.S. "TRAJAN" ...................
"Every day when I wake up and second place in the cartoons
I cannot believe that I am free, a n d drawings category. "T h e Weekly saiings of twelve passenger si to
she exclaimed. Three Kings' by Pvt. L r oo New Orleans, Los Angeles, Sn
Gonzales of the same unit took Vork New Orleans, Los Angeles, .
"Free to go out, to window-shop third. and Seattle.
and go into any store without
standing in line for hours. It's a LAW UNBROKEN
wonderful feeling to know that you DANBURY, Conn. (UP) A Special round trip fares from CristObal to Nev
are not being spied on every min- liquor store proprietor, Kenneth York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Setle
ute of the day by somebody ready Clarke, tried so hard to obey aLF 1CIO d
to report to the political com- law banning sales to drunks that To New York
missar." in 6the resulting tussle his right ..... .. .240
ankle was broken in three places. To Los Angeles and San Francisco ....$270;00
Right now Kassia Is waiting to .To Seattle .... ,
sail -r the-United Sttes. Her#Ait

sail for theUnited States. Her visa
was immediately granted, and the
American consulate advanced the
necessary funds to buy her tick-
An aunt Mrs. Jadeija Walew-
ska, who lives "at Bayonne, N. J.,
is getting ready to welcome her
with open arms.
The little dancer's future plans
are, first, to be given the oppor-
tunity to dance in New York. But
what she really hopes is that one
day she will matry an American
and eventually become an Amer-
ican citizen.


Accepting General Cargo For:

Sailings: Every Fifteen Days for:
Sailings: Every Ten Days for:
(Gulf Vessels call at VERACRUZ and TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every six weks)
Masonic Building, Crlstobal, C. Z.



Rev. Harry Trover





HCJB Quito, Ecuador

Morning Service Sunday Evening Service

10:40 a.m.

7:15 p.m.

WEEK NIGHTS 7:15 p.m.


tovel est ?


DIABLO HTs. s6-15 7a
Barry tUVAN |


Rod CAhwoN alno" ColO....
"Southwest Posoageo Coloa
sander *TKNNmasu CHAMPer '

Nancy ELY
AIM Ibewl.g sUn. ms. .



Keenan WYNN I
Color -

B AL r A ^Air-Conditioned
Br\LUOA2:00. 4:15. 6:30. 1:43



2 Ii n

Whichever it is, ou-can
trust to find the loveliest,
the right haircolor for you.
R o u x haircolorigs, will
make every visible strand
glow with younger-looking
color and beautyI
Distributor In the Repube
of Panama and the
Canal Zone
No. 3 "A" Street
Telephone 2-2971, Panama
Col6n -

r nius ofthPrn
who w ud ratbir
romance than 'ruhtt

$Ki m mmlS m


PARAISO 6:15 7:3t

"Mark of The Bmntald"

- AOCA A :l1 I
"|| thee No Ntew

8" -R AROUND U4*

I ]e 'ue I i


i a m.-s-o-n-s-n- -ow


.T.LT.E ATE I. R .1

~a~a~a, a~a~~~S


Y~-~ I


-'." .

-T -, -I

, ...,

- ------ I~~ ~OW d


I An&4n&

.'r r 1t.r _- .4j .

*- ~..&


BRJA PRECIADO 7 Street No 13
OBMIBON 4ln 01 July Ave & J St.
Juto ArosemeinB Ae iind 33 Stl
1L2 La Carraaquli.

LenLral ,e As '
rso. 1 Loiiezy Nl.-
Ioiirinl ,t f iil. A. t-% e

H Sireet No, fl


S If You Have a
S You Need

A New Amazing Natural
S Waste Destroyer. Kills
dol *i't Reduces Mass
S' w Cost. Money Back
(ntee of Satlsfaction.

79 Central Ave.
Tel. 3-0140

o a .md- LORILLAC
IPAe] radu.tesW
oflcx. HOURS

(pxt to Braniff tti'es
C., .t' FA EI DI -1o
I tai TeL -13SAM
1 m f~o ..^< w The-,,,'

'fxt oBranif0ot0 e
Ct. C..E. FABRBEGA, n.D0.
SF" w Instructor George-
;ti'nm U,,v.. Washington, DC
4 te r5>risux.t DeniN Pedro MAIUM
S "I and (Gainbo. C Z

Agencia Internal. de Publlcacones
a cenual Ave
PLique Leievre 7 aCeeL
I1o Central AMe.1


Household Automobiles
FOR SALE -Q PA table and 4 FOR SALE -1941 Plymouth se-
choirs $15 couch $20 high don. Quarry Heights 3160 during
chair $8. 1953 Kermrrie vwah- working hours; Balboa 2-4171
ing machine, 60-cvcle 3200. after 4 p m.
2519-B Sago Ae Cucoli. C.A-
21 -. FOR SALE: 1953 Singer car,
IFOR SALE --Coldspot refrrgera- excellent condition. Phone Bal-
itor. 9 cubic ft.. 25-c cle. ver,/ boa 2-1315, Buzby.
good Scon .to 04 G Fd n d .,--- O
good 0ondtorn. o04 W G Frong,- FOR SALE 1950 Codillac 4-
pani St.. Aricon Week end. day d ., w t el
or evnn; others aer 6 p door r6.' H u/w tsres, excel-
or er 6p lent condition Must ell. Leaving
FOR SALE --1947 We'.Mnghcuse for U.S. Call Balboa 2-3697.
retr'gerator, 7-ft. good ccndi- -54 pl Olympi,
ton $12 Miscelloanerus QIoT,- FOR SALE--'4 el Olmp,
termater furniture cheap. Boa- not used Net. duty paid. $1400,
erm furniture cheap. or 000 and good used car.
boa 2-3d od. -. Phone 2-0718
FOR SALR -.Coldscr retrgero-
tor 80. Ho od doubl bed FOR ^SALE -1950 Cadllac. a. ,-
and spr ngH 1. Cool Bouloo drarraric. good radio. new bar-
nd n 1 C B tery. new interior. $250 below
. dealer s price. House 53. Cristo-
FOR SALE --Mr Mrs cr, est .t bol 3-2573
draoers.,cen, o mode r8e"t. FOR SALE -'47 Cadillac, radio.
Hsdromotc excellent cornditiorn,

FOR SALE ...- .
Boats & Molor, FOR SALE Used cars oft in-
S crediblei, low prices. Make on of-
FOR SALE 1953 E%;nrude fte and t ak e one PANAMA
7 '2 -hp. o'jtboord, excellent crn AUTO Colon
dinron- Webster Chicago wtre fl FOR SALE- 1949 Studebaker
recorder. Phone 86-3197 2-door wth overdrise new point
:I b ond seat cover' Dutb paid.
Help W onted ,ustl mm ediotel' Call Has-
.. .. ting. 3- 75

149 Central Ave.
5u &ireeO No. Gi
J. Fcoe. de In Usaa Ave. No. al

VIa kPatA No. 134

PENTE COSTAL (Assembly of
God) Fellowship meetings, Stur-
days 7 p.m.'in Librafy of USO
UJw8I, Blboa, C.Z.

FOR SALE: A K.C. registered
Cocker Spaniel pups. Will deliver

BARGAIN: For sale at cost;
Tires & tubes Goodrich 7.1 Oxi 5;
7 60x15; 8.20x15 4 and 6 ply;
black and white sicewalls. F. Ico-
za & Co., Inc No. 1 Juslo Aro-
senrfena A1,e Phone 2-1913.
FOR SALE: Baby play pen,
beoutifully decorated iMoiss i
youth bed. coIlopsible bathinette.
Phone 3-3658.
FO RSALE.-3 Pekinese puppies.
t*o months old House 86. E,
Phone 8584, Coco Solito

ican couple. 2- or 3-bedroom
chalet or apartment in suburbs.
Coll Mr. Madruger, Telephone


S-IiI c hi. pa O.TODONTI* w ru" Nursmai en, NEW Ballroom dance classes will
fl" fentiBred 1 'ise.nolt.,. neat. v.with references. Live in. OR SaLlEo an 1 a Bl
-'" AiBBA9IAv(new teiiueu 3.0-r / M Iaza Comp FOR SALE starr Sarurdas, Jan. 15th. at Bal-
f r Sental tlinS-). A'eare M LE boa YMCA for pre-teens & Teen-
ie eNrvires in X-rays Surgery -.. ___ 1 Ir agers ONLY. Call mornings Sol-
Meddntia and Chirdren DentIVry Real Eslate boa 2-4239, after 4 p.m. Pona-
Phone: Panama-n a(0 2-20 11ho rI Loa 3-1660, uite Il l. HAR-
tor p ipolUin ent FOR SALE Choler in Juan NETT & DUNN
lxur: I am 10 12 noon 2 P.m 1 Shows I increase Daz $1750 dopn payment a5 16 S
n Plu.meors to o i.L.,t, payment e t edLey
- S mJI fesre. 450 meters. near Munic,
111001 11M In 0ons l i0ctio ', me"r's. a0/Wanted to Buy
_In LntUIIUL II pal light plant. Beautiful lot at _______
u l as Cumbres, will accept small WANTED TO BUY.-Two-bed-
Irdown payment. A G E N C I A S room chalet in San Francisco,
BUYWLIF Phone 3-1069, Aportado 3404 259 Central Ave. Tel. 3-1069,
WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 UP) Panama Apartado 3404 Panama.
UAt 0aLe'i 'Ine L(onunerce and La- -- -
ANTITY bor Departments reported today
UANTIYVI construction activity reached a ftf
record of $37,200,000,000 In 1954.
S The point report, based on pre-
Ff 11 W A lu liminary estimates, said cq.a- JU i vS
14: truction expentidures exceeded S ..
19853 peak in each of the 12 o '
'months. The total was 5 per cent At ceremonies conducted at ohn Pabon, Brian Cox, Don
19o4 the elfhth s1 i h eandma the Atlantic District ball d Smith, Andy Bleakley and Ad-
Scontructonas yearo- bridge of honor held at the Ft visor R. E. Cox, from Post 86
talked $25,700,000,000. up 8 per Gulick officers' club, John Pabon, Cristobal. W. 0. Cotton District
cent from 1953. The high volume Post 6, Cristobal, was awarded Committeeman, presented First
y-Vo IPrivate dwelling construction .Th v luthe Silver Award, highest Ex- Class Awards to Benny Dial, Tim
S accounted for much of the in-'Plorer Award; and Wm. Eaves, Gilbert, and Jack Wr ht, Post
^crease. -Post 8. Ft. Gulick, was awarded 8, Ft. Gulick. Merit Badges were
',. | the Eagle Badge, highest Scout-;presetned by Neighborhood Com-
Phone .3-0985 The report said increased sup- ,In d award. Imissioner Al. Benton to the fol-
oe. 3.0 plies of mortgage funds as well Lt. Col. and Mrs. Royce Eaves lowing Explorers of Post 8: Wm.
Sa toe more liberal mortgage and Eagle candidate Explorer 'Eaves citizenship in the nation,
v loan provisions of the Housing Wmin. Eaves were escorted by forestry, markmanship, mecha-
SAct oz 1954 encouraged L home Eagle Explorers John Lingren, nical drawing, and nature; Ben
e"in r o u investors. pb. Brian Cox, and Barry Davison. Dial, camping cooking, forestry,
SBeJore you buy The report said public spend-.The Eagle charge was made by mechanic drawing usicNa
Ing for construction remained Atlantic district chairman Victor ture ica eaing, m asit
REFLEX see the a uL the same in 1954 as in Young who received Eaves' r e, pubraising, c speaking, rabbit
'1953. A decline In federal spen- ord as--ah a Boyarcout and Ex- .w ok aGrizzard, cooking-
SS Refllx Camera ing, especially for military n ord as both a Boy Scout and E work; gmsw iminand wood-
. sRefllexCamera tIng, especially for military instal- plorer, charging him to always and woodwork; Jack Wright,;
llations, It said, was offset by an remember that by attaining this camping, cooking, hiking leath-
ou'll buy inc rease In state and local ghest rank he was obligated o erwork saving, swimming,
Sewer and watesf r scostems a continue helping others to ad- woodworking.
sewer and water systems. vance up the ladder of Scouting r
A 'The point report said an in advancement. The Emergency Service A-
creqse in suburban development He commended Col. and Mrs. Bleaklrd as presetned to Andrew
l -lPl -- S In recent wears has created, a Eaves for their love and devo- Blealey Post 6, by Lt. John
n recent ydema rsndfor w has onstrue tlo in assisting their, son reach Taber, District Health & Safe-I
lion. It Said there is a needfor the top in Scouting. Mrs. Eaves ty Chairman. Ap rentice Awards
shopping area developments then p inned the Eagle Badge on were made by District Commit-
schools, churches, light, power and received in turn the Minla- teeman Robert Gegg to Lester
and water facilities, roads and ture Eagle Pin. Bailey Post 6: Jon P. McGraw,
office buildings li these new In presenting 'the Silver a- Ship 9; and Wi. Harrison, Jack
AS Plaza 5 de Mayo areas. ard to John Pabon, Explorer Donahue, F I o y d McDermItt,
Hospital construction increas- advisor R. E. Cox, reviewed James Thornton. Ronnie John-
ed for the first time since 1951, John's history in the nineyears ;son, and Charles Douglass, Post
-t lthe government departments re- that he had served as John's 12, Gatun.
Hiit W fl ported. cubmaster scoutmaster, and ad- .
S por visor. He congratulated John for Explorer Ratings were present-
.Jp his high Scouting spirit and for ed by neighborhood Commlssion-
i naire s ew ooks hdeendablityn carryingout,e Felix Karpinski to John
ns-, 2 ,LILU S, assidnmpentda .itn order to earn abn, emergency skills, Post
IV,., AJ UflJ,,ew. o othe Silver award, John passed 6 Jay Cunningham. Dan George, -
-hd W ow- difficult ratings in emergency and Jeff slaughter, physical fit-
Yea l Widow Fessenden Blanchard, famous skills, outdoor skills, physicalft- nestPot 12. The Ordinary Sea
YORK, Jan.8 (UPt for his New England and Chesa- ness, and vocational explora- D a vsaon d re
rf e of Mrs. Harrison peake cruising guides, is the au- lion. His award was pinned on DavisonSplana9.l pAresente
Swfdo of the multi- 1thor of "A Cruising Guide to the by Miss Reidge. tutional Reresentatl rms, Insti -
raC utilities finance. to 'Inland Waterway and Florida," Bide Boys for the opening cere- 'lick The Gold Awarve,lasFt. Gu-
Albert Edward Bismarck which is among the books plac- mony were furnished by Ship 9, Tbefor e Sil w rd, t setep
wint-Sced today by their ed in circulation during the past Cristobal, and consisted of Ken- before S was presented by
=week by the Canal Zone Library. neth Stone, Barry Davison, Phil- George Tully, Institutional Rep-
Books by Mr. Blanchard have lp Hadarits, Jerry Dockery, and resentative, B.P.O.E. 1542, to
announcement said Mrs. never failed to become "bibles" Mickey Ryan, with Color Ouards Brian Cox, Post .
s, noted in past years as lor cruising men in all sorts of from Post 8, Ft. Gulick, consist- IOh. .
,wwld'3s best-dressed worn- boatt, since he gives them ev- kng of Benny Dial, Bill Purvis, Other Scuting officials pres-n
Sthe count arandonerything they need including ay ys-Jack Wright, and Tim. Gu il abert. Arnold, Boa
late German "iron Chan- lot of amusing background and Smemberving as MC.of the as Council Exeru- MRMa i d Membxer B. i -
etto Bismarckda w for uro and charad even local cooking elcomme tssioner W. R. explorers an d Charman
nl l a private ceremony recipes, enjoyable for their own leran Scouter and ast Creouncil. He a Doyle. Te 60th Army
y pertorn med by Justic on by the is book is a guide from President or dmporanci nI l pl yd
.tfU ;m Aronsobi at idae- Norfolk down the whole Atlan-1 Col. John J. Davis. Command- 'or dncing.
Stick inland coastal waterway ys- o low:couting officer of Ft. ulick and a
Stern to and round- L rida and Worthme th ber of the council Execu- m ARI li ra
count, an Interior deco- Includes some forty photographs tire Board, expressed a warm Mom lall Wre c
left yesterday for Europe and charts. welcome to the Explorers and
bride will join him there Other books placed in circula- their leaders and parents. He May Re Mikdinn
alittorney Sol A. Rosen- tion by the library this week, 'stressed the importance of the *lMy WV i359U3
their titles and authors follow: IScouting Program from Cubbing ns se-
the fot Non-fiction Life Is Worth through to Exploring, and invit- US Nav Ai rcraf
Sfthe fourth marriage-forLiving, Sheen; Careers and Op-,ed the Explorers to "*come a- IUII
who is seting portunitles in Science, Pollac k;gain." Col. H. 0. Pa oo, Coon-
Sm bslhonlia Physical Tables. ell President, expressed the ap- ANIES, France. Jan 8 (U)-an
Smithsonitan Institution; Bmok- preiation of the Council to Col. A rescue team searching for an I
husband was a spe- ng and Cancer, Ochaner; A Davis for the wonderful hospi- Aterici Navy planehmiss in
klltt ilee. Twen-C sing Guide to the Inland tali Scouting had rec at carrier Randolph has reported it
; mad. Wrda. Nan-1G Ftu. lick. xplorersB were u oted an irrw :ar-shaped tma
S Gaschard; Youth's cdmpanIon, ting the Calt ZOlesue bthck a tmie eight bemewreckage of the
Buck; S&onof OnSft: lde Hal- (nose 5 ChM Hike ad" "e
land; Sh'osking SLife, schapS- 0 e1 1 1*11 bWflWIeCIL A special rescue caravan wi
rlcl o1 f t-~ he8-4 Cndd W p The ea was reported on the
4:14 2, 2`M1110, o"mr- g'side of a mountain near Pompi-
an, northeast Vallerangue, in
.e other 'France department
M- N __ vi=, ..' s 4.tbe ;

past Santa Clara. Low rates.-
Phone Balboa 2-1866.
WILLIAMS' Santa Clara Beach
Cortages--rockgas, refrigeration,
2-bedroom. Phone Balboa 3050.
Phillips. Oceoniide c o tage s,..
Santa Clara. Box 435, Balboa.
Phone Panama 3-1877, Crislo-
bal 3-1673.
Gromlich's Santa Clara Beach
Cottages. Modern conveniences,
moderate rates. Phoni Gamboa

FOR RENT:-Furnished chalet. 2
and 3 bedrooms, for 3 months,
from February 1st. Modern con-
Seniences. screened, hot water.
48th Street No.. 15. Telephone
FOR RENT-House No. 59 in
13th Street. Son Francisco. $75
259 Central Ave., Tel. 3-1069,
Apartodo 3404 Panama.


ATTENTION G.I.T Just b u i It
modern furnished apartments, 1,
2 bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel.
Panama 3-494 1.
FOR RENT:-Best located fur-
nished apartment. Splendid for
one or two couples. 43rd Street
No 13.
FOR RENT: Apartment. for
Clinic or Office, in Avenido Justo
Arosemena No. 73. Call 3-0294.
FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ment, one or two bedrooms. Air
Force and Army neighbors. Reg-
ular transportation. Mod e r ate
rent. Phone 3-0471.

FOR RENT:-Modern apartment,
38th Street No. 9. Tel. 3-1594.

FQR RENT: Fnished apart'
ment, refrigerator,G. G I..inspecf-
ed. Via Porras No. 99. Phone

FOR RENT:-2-bedroom apart-
ment, living room, dining room,
kitchen. 13th Street Son Fran-
cisco, Via Porras No. 16.

FOR RENT: Furnished I-bed-
room apartment. for one month
starting January 20. Phone 3-
0679, 1-2 p.m. and after 7:30
P M.

FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ment. 2 large roorls with bath.
toilet and kitchen between with
separate doors to rooms. All
screened, including balcony. 63
4th July Avenue. Phone Balboa
2966, Hopkins.
FOR RENT:-Furnished and un-
furnished 2 & 4-bedroom apart-
ments. Contact Alhambro Apart-
ments, 10th Street. Phone 1386,
FOR RENT:-Furnished 1-bed-
room apartment, complete kitch-
en. basement, private residence.
garden, porch. Phone 3-1 146,
Bella Vista.

FOR RENT:-Apartment, 2 bed-
rooms. living-dining room, kitch-
en Phone 1464 Balboa.
FOR RENT: Nicely furnished
apartment, including refrigera-
tor. Screened, tiled floors, porch,
parlor dining room, bedroom,
kitchen. $55. Apply 112 Via Be-
lisario Porraos, near Roosevelt
FOR RENT:- Furnished apart.
ment. living room, dining room,
2 bedrooms, gas stove, refrigera-
tor, independent. Bella Vista,
43rd Sireet No. 64.
FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
ments, Frigidoire, gas stove, Bella
Vista, $60 and $75. Very cool.
Phone 3-1648.

FOR RENT: Beautifully fur-
nished room, double couch, ice-
box, kitchen cabinet, stove, bath
and private entrance. 52nd St.
No. 3. Phone 3-0638.

FOR RENT:-Furnished room In
respectable Oamily home to gen-
tleman of good habits. Phone 3-
FOR RENT: Nicely furnished
large rooms, cooking privelege.
Rent reduced. Good location.
close to bus stop. Phone 2-4204.
FOR RENT: Large furnished
room, married couple. Kitchen
privilege. Private entrance. 32nd
Street No. 14.


buaines swnaulusB f



aimm mn

I fL'

Writ en for NKA Service



4Q10 542 KTS7
PKJ32 V Itew
*QJ4 OK985S
6 10 1J8754
Both sides vuL
semb WeeA Nefl as
:' I Pass 2 Pas
26 Pass 29 PaM
4 V Double Pass Pas
Opening lead-* Q

When today's hand was played
in the national champiazhijp a
few weeks ago, both tiw bidding
and the play were a bit peculiar
but the same thing could happen
In any game. All you need is an
er.. uprising player in the South
St. i.
In the championships, th. South
seat. was occupied by William A.
Rosen, youthful Chicago expert.
When his partner raised-. to two
hearts, Rosen decided that he
wanted to be in game. He bid two
spades on the way to four hearts,
hoping that this bid would confuse
the enemy. The bid of two spades
had a far-reaching effect.
West licked his chops and pass-
ed. North stolidly went back to
hearts, hoping for the best but pri-
vately wishing that he'd passed
one heart to begin with. And now
Rosen bid four hearts, exactly as
he had intended to do all along.
West could hardly wait to dou-
ble four hearts. After all, he had
both the spades and the hearts be-
hind declarer, and he knew that
everything was going to break bad.
ly for South.
West opened the queen of dia-
monds, and Rosen won the first
trick with the ace He next laid
down the ace of hearts to test the
trump situation, and then contin-
ued wih a low heart towards the
After some thought. West played
a low trump, and dummy won with
the eight. Rosen returned a dia-
mond from the dummy, and East
hopped up with the king of dia-
monds and returned a diamond
since there was some chance that
his partner could ruff. As t hap-
pened, South ruffed and ledanoth.
er trump.
West took the king of hearts and
led his last .trump to dqumy's
queen, expeethsg to g t at least
two spade tricks to defeat the con-
tract.'There was no way for West
to know, even at this late stage
of the play, that Rosen's bid of two
spades had been merely a bit of
the old razule-dazzle.
In the meantime, poor East had
been suffering from the sam de.-

U Sends Coal

To Italy Under

New Trade Pact

24 Marines Safe

As 5 Amphibious

'Ducks' Founder

ROME, Jan. 8 (UP)-The U,S. BEAUFORT, N.C., Jan. 8 (UP)
and Italy signed an agreement -Marine officials today blamed
yesterday under which Italy will 'fouled steering gear for the
manufacture goods for export foundering of five amphibious
and the United States will pay 'ducks" although all 24 Marines
for them in coal. aboard were saved from the
Italian budget minister Ezio rough Atlantic seas.
Vanoni and Foreign Operations
Administration mission c hie f Four of the Marines swam to
Henry Tasca signed the docu- shore as one of the ducks sank
ment embodying the three cor- In the shallow water off Beau-
nered plan under which: fort Bar Thursday night,
1) The U.S. will send to Italy I Twenty others were picked up
any quantity of coal requested by surface craft during a six-
by the Italian Government in hour search hampered by wind"
addition to Italy's normal coal whipped sea and darkness.
imports from the U.S. and other A spokesman at the by
sources. Camp Lejeune Majrin blatWld
2) Italy will supply the 1. the steer ing ear became
various goods for a value equi- on two of We ducks "m oa as
valent to that of the coasl th Ieb r ,1s-r
3) The U.S. awill d the Its-
liA goods to friey countries ne wtnset
under current aid lelrogramt ec. a '
shipments will be over ad '- to a waiting 1 andng
bove Italy's normal expor. D Ban Marcos, or a
No figures were given. to the Caribbean for mameuves,
ome 'r Marines 111 .rtI-
Detectives Arriving t fS the muW ofti

lusion. He thought that South had (Contlnued from Pha 1) The ducks piled up-.-a sand-
nine cards in spades and hearts a supporting Lip r.O tit ove, .
in which case he couldn't have be- among those aupporting Lip-bar One titled overt,-
more than a couple of clubs at stein's alibL. Its men Into the sea. ThM oth-
most. Since East had to discard -But meanwhile In Mexico City, ers were driven agroun tf 25
four times oat trump plays, he secret service agents have pick- to 35 mile an hour ntthw.,ster-
cheerfully discarded two diamonds e4 up Isabel. Alosst Barranco,, y winds. The-other sank.-SBiall-
and two clubs, saving his spades. Lipstein's girl friend. er craft searched the area' pick-
The two club discards were just "Several other suspects" were ;ing up survivors by the light of
what Rosen needed to make his reported by the United Press to- [parachute flares.
doubled contract. Now all four day as being sought by secret ,
clubs were good for tricks, and be police and agents of the Federal Uni-A
gave up only one spade at the end. Security Direction, Mexico's FBI. United Societies
-------An official announcement will A D aL
Sbe made soon, the informants SSn. Regrets -
Now Railway said. However, high government [Rem n's Dea'
officials refused immediate com-R Kemon S ueoth
musre. RAII ment on the report.
iV es l mol via Most of the suspects arrived in The United SocieUes Asoela-
Mexico City from Panama and tlon, which represents lodges and
im 1 1 other Central American nations other fraternal and benevolent
ll1nl1IIV V IIsl since the assassination, t h e societies in the terminal cities
sources said. of Panama and Colon, Issued a
SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia, Jan. 8 They added Miss Alonso Ba- statement today profoundly la-
(UPI -A crowd of more than rranco was seen frequently in meeting the death of President
200,000 cheered and a n n o n Lipstein's company before the ose Antonio Remon Cantera.
boomed a 21-gun salute today as American boarded an Italian The Association alo extended its
the president of Bolivia and ship bound for South America deepest and sincerest regrets"
Brazil dedicated the vital Co- Dec. 17. to his distinguished widow, dofia
rumba-Santa Cruz Raiway, link- All branches of the Mexican 'ecilia Pinel dd Remon, and
ing the transportation systems of police were reported Investigat- other members of the family.
both countries. ing the case at the request of The Assoelation will observe a
Brahllan president Joao Cafe the Panamanian federal secur- 15-day mournirg period.
Flho flew from Rio de Janeiro ty direction.
to Catoca, a short distance east Their intervention reportedly M n JJ .
of Santa Cruz, where he was'was asked through diplomatic Mme. feduy .Cayo
welcomed by president Victor channels.
Paz Estenssoro of Bolivia. Dies At. ne 105
Both presidents then rode a .
beflagged Inaugural train fromn raAner cr, Der Funeral Tomno-
Catoca to ntaCru, where t Dragnet cripter Funeral Tomorrow
formal dedication took place. lack Webb Takes"..edv "Ca
The public works ministers of ably one of the C rst
both countries delivered dedica- dWif nu e o rah e orn
tion addresses tressingthSecond W e nurses to practice on the
tio addresses 'stresing themus, died yesterday of natural
economic and political signifl-. causes at
cancer of t new facility and HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 8 (UP) -causes at her home in Panma
hailing It as sealing everlasting Actor Jack Webb, the idol of City. She was 105 years old.
friendship betweenthem television mystery fans. will
friendship ent rthae.,, .leave here tomorrow with former A native- of St. Lucia B.WI,
PBraili vssrn etersa ine theas actress Dorothy Towne for Chi- Madame Cayo Is survived by
t.h tn illbor..S t s cage where they plan to be several children, grandchildren
tonight there wUll be estate ban-married as soon as possible." and great-grand-chldren.
quet during which both prebs f The manage will be Webb's rtUteral services wil be held
aents will exchange their coun- second. He was divorced in 1953 tomorrow afternoon at the Bas
tries' highest decorations: Bra- by actress Julle London after a Miguel Church. Burial will fa-
us' Southern Cross for Pa Es- 350,000 settlement was reached, lowed in the Herrera Cemetery.
tenssoro and Bolivias Condor of
the Andes for. Cafe.
The 42,-mlle Corumba-Santa
Cruz line*supplies the final link
in a 2,300-mle railway-hghway
System connecting the Pacific
port of Ariea and the great Bra- J N. 0JL
lan Atlantic Port of Bantas.
Land-lockedr Bolivia thu gains
a direct outlet into the Atlatle. TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN:
Heretofore, it had depended on
iChilesan and Peruvian ports for
The MW r *lso fnls Bol-
vri' WUG&t, t 4 sWith I s o longer cumy yed a Sale Agent of
South jw j Wgtdue- the MJEDLBWAJPABSISN therefore we
part ao f ts are not respo ible. for any tru. acti.s
J *" made by hi.


- "


r_. ~..--li








rT"M,: '



CuceIs .M Fe
My S*MM A. UM I LO" s-c. _h"-V'
'wnotacut Wamif t s- or a u
tor. "cancer of the bi but te begininn gO fnoe s .
y queon was I neVtI l. life which e- gan dte res.

mylelie s wima
"@How long will I ive?" leswllii gloriousu rIl
TreY wanted to male It Sa of our mmortal tl

*p what permit, a"gee to be M0410
easy as possible. And 7et what permits diseh. M athe prejtude.
ldUs a "h o b to death. If thee o b
rcouldme# sAY n "Whon it pain eChrist bor pait fiM r &
cancer Asiares itrwit $lMmroPulTl
I WAS iKU o rd. I he~ex iTh e re antroC that uhas
pected to die some day of h enrt lmew harper ees wm' w
trouble, or a stroe, and I gutlook on life; the earth Is moml
dreaded t h 1at a M bkutifl, the sky aliUttl ler
sudden and per- and every moment of the dal
a maamect- precious, a thing to be eo, afeL
less death c a gl a that n e.t'"r-
Cancer doeeed t aaerrly thi nsc ut wSwo n*
kindly, almrou t read w hat die and incer h man's t
like the prelim- He end I entrance Into lmfe, I am p s pr*
,r sominge of u quitee understand uOe a 0o
tenhe nbut nphttof allting fear of cancer. 1" bv
Death to may,f rkown so many who did 8ItS'
"Not quitely w et fully ri It myesgt f &riens
o' time to y r who, with cancer of the lae
do some thinking and praying went qulety to hisroom.
i and struaightening out of life's months becwmin a .al
ledgers. I had awaysI, n 'the died with a mil;
Litany of the SwLte, aied with a womafl oolege wise the
great faeeing, "IFom I sudden school frM hbar bed, held atr.
and umprovided &dah 0 Lord, views, puhed forward the sole
deliverMe."eJ deweldiTo let, a snd
,dread of ae" IsgeaOtl z- th ait hl fI b.o S
aggered. People with cancer beeltlt I
-often 3" bag an sturdily.a" 60 1
Cancer dee not meessarin y Slg we dread raw 1d
withdraw a man from his nor- closer to 1 im. Since we muS
Mal routine. Since we all must die and since death s reallyiU
die, Ood is kindly when He mends entrance Into life, I am peWOOD
a messenger In advance with a ally gl that cancer, the N0d i
gentle but emphatic warning, mesenger, came quite a bit 1S
Surely we am all tee a little advance. Fe life seems wt-
time to get readrfor the Jflgs- :at when It edtls gently StoUs
-at. We that is tern IFrOm le
6..S a amss

- -. .- L

S' *:..K.

-- '.r.. ,y ~ -7
- ~ '1 -';

I -

1 '.
. I r .w "*-. '2 *' : *" ir

.PEI :~WsPAZ"~

1 .-- -- .r

-" .' i..T "

-1l -m m -i -- I Z > -r -- r -. -~ I4 .

I ^ I w -

Swith Job Iodiak

I s w f f
nrestftteker with ldIbilP

1:1 1. 4410,1, :4Af4 3:s5'

,- with -
and -

L- -
Ials, 4MW SeC p.
R L E A SEl1
The Talkil-Mule never had so
mu:h to toe... And you've never
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ompt Revew On Ft. M.onmouth

WDeINOTON Jan. 3' (NSerA) I ily, this Subcommittee was
.cS am B. eCleln, Ar.- t 1' taiLtshed to investigate and o -
p,-ecrat uan ne n uirmanI iMy eMleine and economy in T ,in ,
cnil.&e proms es that his md economy in 9overnmaent" .is n cit-ioresmto r Ne trom
99,,, W ts ,.. a ,, io broad as to l ...... various cities to New ork tW ,
.agas yiN- p ,vlaw 4 to in ld aCommunist a
Mpt tt p ive cae i infiltration, as uch might affect see the latest shows Many places
4 0 ?a lii or have an impact i over. have them. But coming i$
wii a Ctarwt Meatt neonomy andefen fro&M Paris. This, naturally Will
waen ma pl a Ql) WI il youshop ver TV ef P lane the a
w spLage. iragaComf me, ..e heaf. Or New York road bed is a Uitle .:.
uint lpsrtated Inwhere wIN you draw m lne? watery.
itoo I'ed troi 0 Ft. oA. In nmy judgement, the Sub- This first Interationsal show .

tes. over th cor b i0 ubcnommintesAf Pmagdel. It will arrive on Feb. 23 Orson Sean Andrey, Meadows
mittee reins from MeCarthy be-i peIgm to be televised. I do not a flight staying
tiuse the Democrats won the Sen. in, t ob we ca have a hard or i- c ha page I -
ate Ia thew 15 elections rule either wa the eadclar urt going up-on Runway a party and play games and
."lreumstances o the situation Fire. yru get paid for it, too.'
In a .os n- sold determine ---- The secret of success on panel *" "
itervew e telly o t Q. S ,you tn thk the Committee Ethel Barrymore was about set shows, according to Audrey, is to
e e b r t t s t fvestgate any specific to or a Broadway show, but be yourself. Neither she nor her .
Per. el wt 0d a t ities of the past two owas never made. Her sister, Jayne, another top panelst,
mbostr the ist e a epubl dhn admilstra TIn? t t2, doetot advised aga t it I try to be funny. i
s.imply Id .tiu fa watt .i es "If you re yourself," she says, '
im ply asd Red i r-,,'n,,ratwiel- A I do not think the Subcom. Being a TV sar is one way of "you'll be charming and cute-:,
ver amnd whenever they might mit ee should be partisan in any finding cut about people. Especial- funny.
oc*r ing S wenen t. respect. It ahoul d investigate ly how aise qnst people are about But its as Alice Cramden that
r foll the question. andwaste, extravagance, inefficiency curtains. shes mest famous. Gleason's show
tre e natorl' qre es ti and Communist infiltration where. This has been the experience of is notoriously non-rehearsed, so
t. WiFe you as the Governi ever it has occurred and exists, Audrey Meadows, alias hM r s. all the cast must be constantly in
.et _e oas the Gover- either in the past or present ad& Ralph Cramden. Playing Jackie alert for departures from the
wmh IYow X m SUBbeadITTEEondoneOE:t e.a-ImGleason's wife in "The Ho ey- scriptV someeody once as edca iod- PICTURE AT AN EXHIBITION-T is tiny Paslenne-*
whicd.lh yo wi hhedt.o cotihMnu(le MUtCOMM)Irts e HANGdh -OVER: Sen. Joseph K. McCarthy an ,QW "ilyourecommend that Gson'ers" portion o his CBS-tVrey if she ever had an occasion hl.bCT erEd wt h A hN e big cavIfotof-her-' i
lam ug lamulem .t ki (l ft) shakes hands with his sucessor,, e. JhMcClellan, as Comlite he e cmba show has been the scurce for this to ad lib cn the show. slight blanbewie rd rh tit' ",' pito."' It was s
twe Nlt-atu Subc"omm the MnCcarthy ends last day as head of Investigatipg Sabmmitte. according to the rules of regular research project. The set which "Every Saturday night,", she a1't 0iWs"h called "Statio.ulntt T..*
A. i will n ae to ask t h ourt procedure, especiallynas theaCram ens call home is a pret- said, is the occasion." at a.Paris sow clled" Siod
GoveotU nt Operations Cotiamit- wilt make an evaluation of it. If sWhat do you r i1hthey applto the Militiao of ty seedy looking place and no
t. Atinu I.vstig co- there further information that primary role of the Cominites i aen curtains y u e, e "sk
*uaua. UndertU liiMeg eshouAd lhi, dee or mmu Ia-sl mais .iUm, user t red rwes should developed or Commu- lavesti atpng S be altte -A. No not necessarily.In -many "The audience thinks we shouldI' boy, tas gone into the Jewelry
cf the Ut.' SthIate, i Is Its duty t infiltration that should be A. The duty, respoislbility and instances the ,,es of evide se have curtains." Audrey says "I bdunaess. He's Invested consider-
to continue such lanve atins th pi sed the Subcommittee will function of the Indsvesl tili in court procedure would be en. et many packages from people.. able In a share in a New York rs,! ..M S IdIeMo t LOCKS Se t
n -re dson thd fo r aish task already begun. committee ar e thu cover- tirely too rigid to serve the legiti. they're so nice. They make cur- concern. '
Sreasonble oundelle the Government ed by the-rules of the ate. mate objeves of an Investigat- talus for me. I've got nylon cur I revised lyrics: "And down ann m
urthate Co*bmd d sts thave in .non Committee asorga=- elby Ing Committee. We must dil- Ba in, se, otoen, oh. ne down I ground atnd ri t ed I go,', .ie-ed m
fiAt of hoev- the-i-t Democrats automaty get g erentiate between evidence de- woman sent me two pairs she 'see this pin, I' sell you, InBleroom, Cc
sera tet aa lt Be, |n who' re6lt heof the committee signed to establish guilt ilor no- said she wasn't sure of the size 'etc." ton ed o
Vie ba o lle continued iirasit twan directed by the sRepob- S A acencer and evidence necessary to of our windows, so she wasn't
fW~ ,w0 tileoSti imandb ftu it waens? -iV .vkbyforia.R -e, n o- COmmit- taking any chances and sent two' Never can tell what secret am-, CLEVALAND, Ohio, Jan ...- Guards later came tm n
SVa'6 .A." Itsh o u.,dtia s ., m e... m rl a nd aasrsu ti- ee and legislative action. sizes. birtions "liek behind a str's outer (UP) -Mrs. Ethel .Shep eard, 64- t ..,.,u .pW h s
-you.1tA4&isa M-10ib l flm-1' ao and a. 04er meto ad y ieft Besides dn te her gifte coveriL Cens ider Orn Bean, yar.0lt white-haired mother. e nofiooho

l.'-JFt '2 &90m Jt" comee s t ape one woIan th some instance a these days, pw, riht n the wse makes ood useofnpei .. e a. "thanks for every She te
oili en' g flpoprao ad Kgoe wans pae brd rtne wut omntte will desire and ekesewr,' t shod belt itm oed," ad paper. n ow nes ta ng an t dg." 'hat he did te O_-ta
ly etr-o1" ptan" fcepuous.i.her aeut ah .eith.tha ednd ormate n marked cdiro A l gdrey.t a lovely redhead, is one Art anstrucndon correspond enne ... .n could h have ofi heed: a,
A. f ltoWpaenyiwnhdivduasnat a fi o tin S whichs i in tho fled of thea dies boslet gys. She a pcrs ougse in cartooning. .. w, ad,. o De but new his wie -didoet
iI -lass mandate or the role tor ttee in It n such eases on auels with the consistency of "I don't expect to ae anoeth 'life by shooting herself the pleasant time" earlier in ther
sh ohver" ... anh A.. Gsialltellme"see ha suert.ak e to secure ~tewe arle it sas. oAeiwas a ra.lA Dnd he designs his, "'ig t ear with A .38 caliber troon a ai..o s o. .
.aoheh TV R weom ease of tht.. .. says, 'One n r adst a roker t rw c' ne a nMgo rwt o It was en that trip, it do-ve
pb. J o hn? egorat t A .hNo.o ursenIteis nd i uI stlsoatwsheitnitsimtede. saMadybeothtmeassusomethmgdhep .... r n ... ,. -
andbhe so is fas Iat mi wntmanc ao d the twing se p ritc h odt ieake good us e of pencil the note said. hanks for every e e
LL e LperaE d i P go he aptdicularithe bt will desire and kisser' I belt m one." and paper. Now he's taking an thig." rter he r s

a.erSg b e so in her debut with the med information marked confi- Audrey, lovely redhead, is one Art Instruction correspondence wa dddwht diDa'oedlde bhae bi *t.aefide
l class nd difdr therrole ,r.whichis-In the files of thed of TV's busiest galsm. She po conse in cartooning.ItwaetaedtDrea
Several s seasons. Miss Goltz-baa executive agencies. In such cases,On panels with the consistency Of dnect toe another Steve,' the second of her three l al *s voice-fo ith p the tIotpun wuhallundertake to secure n th e wela-drised toast. She was a reg O DuWalt Disney Bean says, "but I i onat whose home she had stay. ario fn
n wurg n ay oche o theh of er- ash t n on b i ed while r v (en .fromI
MoV ES et--nA y nr-aoifoetat Morr I ar hNtira l ofgrur fdob the orm- ithreaminformation h ul.. e earounelons -ortt odIdo get abt le cu band tofrbe omver f the bl
dosuln o pin.. o. agility for it. the stamina Subcommittee by proper uthort "What's'Going n" which folded I able to say things with itures stroke. It was signed Mother" I as a e
cudr t tre r hooses to display somuchof t he botrust no instances w IIoccurinOi love panels,' she rnayrn o Its, and profound about me but 1 note paper, made no mention ofhrSam

over wed: the why, wife, actress Margaret McGrath, foot work, and this i in ent will not be able vto cooperated e d
.f oP a aa ide-a-way comes will anp l for t flU. S. citizenship erence to the dancee ofteseven font o l C on f ed nrson la pdt f Mrsh sles sont' ea T It e
uat. S s we ada tiist.Karej ais 'Ltaveils" which she peroi crm o- erume. I d c.Wl recommend the end Hruw s Lyo r iGrup Accuu nt as Bfred a 9toke last fall, She prslow. r Come eso 's r
,ernando L nas thlBat is. Di upm whereA PieM 4 D a nrl leE off s bI was that inte rInable 'myoud o a o a ng eb en g berio be ll, Oh alysid, bu ere d are lap se inp the'ar d thoB uts e to a awps ina
The his deome star from the r- wath Jare- Dean, the East a in thd troule rd eari prcedr aha 0late stages of the 10-week trial oft
Roaiatie sd m d te l l uand 'roun ad ever th rad errange 0P o uniern g Dr.ate satee antt oed hei wife Belt is. J. Crr s-
name offAhy the contract list and fer e.Istbloreainard.twhichd rwas ---tothe a ieloTaelyf ro a therson.neyvdevn cteer.ahbnLo demt.t wro'
ti- -ned dcwn one offer after anoth- ner tcok off or the orient she if not to her. More the pity;'whena Ave been conducted?OfNotC whotering Rack sDr.Steverand thiswfe Boey, r. Ss f, ori,
ersince then because he's bad his shelled out for a bl onde beaver her voice reflected many of the A -..oam0w.-n -on.. ..I--llt ther re nge to aie r. am I e, s tve
-.. O f.pla y in geal o e i"eo rw hofd isc o v e re d thlb o d ybb ro k e oe er -- o a -- th h n e h'ar d a S a b 'e
.h e w r k -a re d a re ote th e R ed in k !o e.Y outb ifors tob ebiawa o n n o t i d utAote dm turge th.a mbS h ,mm itt e e .... ... .
cr I Rssa H rystale st ole aTe tig aet heis ano ilane lt.the itsls to requirtene the pr ncaen UP discldatte hring ki aeeto to e a t well oken upr the cider.Sam -
tesoesl n e ye--togq at least two members of t h aamesote WASHINGTON,Jan. -(Up),dance closed at the hangs aer .wok,
cost big Nmoney. with the power ho p aen a eprpte mittee to c o n sat Itdute aO '-A House.- Goernmient Opera- Detroit aroused the apprehension rothe later told reporters. o
"I wasn known as a dramatic. w through the heavy wall o orch es- uIr fo..r the hoding- Mo hearr r ons aubecpomitbaeedo acuses thenot on o some politically pow- Sh eriff Joseph M. Sweeney said by theu m f
act InArgentina;" Isay Fr Jeff Morro* nears he went tral sound required by te ro thetho o hea sub mittee ede y om itcllo atter the family left the jailr
no .a i RotRussellsS hopping for gifts for his nephewseposr.dIns either executive or publicly House Labor Committee today ofnerful labor leaders and tbeieir D afe tkh e fi l h ji o a lthA
ledmg moPan The Gir4 Rh .s.idn Ito astfore bsew Aoperm. e .t e a. M T confident the Subcommittee failing to take an "eobvio us and'friends who had prqfitd finan- Dr. Sam asked no t ot be left a- .
Butat Hlolus."waood raniteime f to stor i e sell nos He .Ther M 's oe via ong "aotSe. aoutill snd'pe.- fairly simple'. move to protect u-.cijay but of a few political leads .' Te.erlwans tda tber.t paoler tr sri
a lg H ol y wood, they east oM u rele n b- yst, lis uppedth, l ee M at's revival of "Salom e' w ag lW .a; e. ... .; It ..l d r lu l h the -io en d )row s l o w ,d ne got a se ew
O Vid s rl@hm L a4 m j s---a" g oeth e "a l zti o nth mts -of a tr i.h lma en tao uI, nI .. .t b g h o uh e. t", t .tored b y... .n am.... J e e T h e el d o orl w o ns d y the rifn. 1
ove and over 'as a Latin- lover. wen the salesman said:mt al to entlyhowever, s dhair- I union welfare f under s against labor er," the report charged. Ihl o e dtr.
"'These sit are*1dendt, A hisis for Utile fellows many-sided aiLd suggestive orehes- man Ican control that without a racketeers. ed normally, according to Mrs. 'hs We sentence. Tme
m de e rle i do tebicycles. whe calloit wsy.trl score, with Dim e tr e oh rule. I do act pro pose to hold' der's subcommittee was set
oe bee et Ai w.isawin. I los. ofthe'NeweYorkrlparmos-wh earnings ct that at leart tb The charge was contained in a up last June several months at Betty Sheppard, and at the break-.t r
ke w'.st filnri pe po ow0 D1uacond uci .g1Thia tt imbes dthe Subcommittee beoreport urging the Justice Depart-neor the other committee srippeds jlast table 'she seemed in. o o d ,us t
fal w FLA Sad Da -ympnonyd cothe o R-.amto rent and- I would much pre- went to prosecute several AFLIHoman s authority to con-, b spirits." I Oi pnttay
IJ Prim just turned -down BIlEaVck Ro"LSHES: rBad ay ha the rleoe r o d hai,"oVh. Do rl at all niewbers should be leaders In Ohio' and in the na-dut such investigations. j Betty left to go shopping about
orui Pma acu V ae Rock'--SpenceraTrawnay inteprole ctN roteb o n. rtald tetion'scp peaptl for alleged rackets, 10:30 n.m. she said, and shor tly'
bi_. U fe 7 Offer.ta tome Nw Bol- Ryan and Anne Francis uddled, dlssolut bo W~l final- present corruption, bombings, extortion, Outgcing Chairman Samuel -'.,afterd be left the elder Mrs. Shei,-" .-
am o daw mel odrama tas Tray sovesly ad the sene. to order.m bribery and income tax evasion. ,McConnell (R-Pa.) set up a nine- 'pr e tired to hier ta i be
ahna muicA'skowladme:a m er n a i western toSame cthed under te sesnhess The subcomnilftee centered its'member Labor subcom mie hu a .e to rooml
Sa-hara.i Le V ap s td m1..- -."The. .Bamboo prinm '-Robert of hi s soldiers. I. F F ti ~ a,,fire on the teamsters union in 0- conduct the intlr .t h.erepor tsid s M e ha e rd -inet abte D I' J
m AfaidIo shave It@dim, Francis of the Caine Mutiny bat- Salome was combined with a, A- ia, wis it saidtd thnerew s- a ne'vi- e ia Se S hoht -i caBfro
mar. Tere I wese sine h r ties the Reds'i n Koreab.rg. "Youg biatscae effort to establish t theIn rN eIw_ nn clous and unlawf-l situation" inlobtained sufficient information to "t,,,ne'D. S,'s7-
Aidoamofthem In arie Inthesl.'fel'Iat Heart"-oer.Itwas Day in a brghtbnt as an halte p ar o e th e A vending machine operations, and justify apy legislative recommen- reth-od ktcihn waere DsrpSa
m em are sNliving. 'remake f Four Daughters". epera. It wasa fll bauet-th --- a Washington, D. C., AFL!dations at this time." It 'esy al sof Ch wa p 'T
-- '-- ..i "The Other Woman'-bhind the story and ats and drama i Ta I l r a.ers un It also u r g e d ended that the inquiry be Con-'C., scle a n .o h c
E .wuimaond om Farela tinsel nn vi.sed b cLhar .ov. who S i~ .. stronger laws to curb the allegednued in the new Ccngress. nueu her wor .
Li berafcge, and Tom Far-, muc ws armt of Verdi, APOPKA, Fla., Jail... ..---as
sea of ,*bums partner1 iA whoM's repre-dmulce wasath on a! ert The Discussing the Ohio situation,' Betty Sheppard returned from
,tlo_ dtO So tI seated by .tUwlawyers in her 41-1cuedi h ere ndthere from.lesser A father and his. two little irls' The report was based on an in-, the Bender report said that in the her snoppan- siaoty bor noon.
place at thea of -January. Il'e1w0. wraie with JEh iuy v, known scores. "Vittorio,' ft Was perished In flame. which d0vegmgation coducted last y e a ripast 30 mouths there have been She tall her daughter Janet, ,, to a
met I a ilat both te 13t0 hd ,-,i-ftit; t= -R: "I den't rmindcalled, aad It was An esce4hgpy*astroyed their borme today ase byb a subepmmittee headed. by! y bombings in the'Cleveland lc ht ."
_'_ _wi,-attend th the wild gVussigIabout cur yes- relaxing piece. 'fought desperately-to save them. Ifor-mer Rep. George H. Bender;Ires, all of which are unsolved"l.n" up." ran ai a CI
.r because o dihe current chin. Is-ts. It's eom % about because -ao..restored to te_., reh1 ,MLv. tmne inhim r .53-wear-- old1I .)%, -w w was elected t h dt .t.p.I' Ie youngster came back down-'

--ta..-- sit he MbE e a atD.Sa a o
-' 1":"-ted fMemoter'.Ga.'

MMMEM.- -.- -


k = .

",._: .

-' T ...-... .: Vp i

S. -_:. ,,

T-7. -

ankees, Smokers 0

. d.
, .1



obinson And Douglas

oth Seek 3rd Victory

.TEAMS- Won Lost Pct.
oker .. .... .. .. .. 9 6 .600
k .. ... .. .. 10 7 .588
fd 'en, .. .... .. .. 7 13 .350



Panama Oninterest Soars As ToweyNewrs
;.-7 ,'" :.:t, _,______ -.
= l "- I ." I' 11 I_ --1 I1__ _

Columbus Acquires

International Loop

Franchise 01f Ottfawa

Thre Key G ies On Tap This Bass Plcayns Holes; Cerd

Ween ad In Service League rDeVicenzo Ariving Tonight

LAST NIGHT'SRJESULT (At Panama) Columbs. returned to oranis- ..--
Yankees 12, Sodamen 1. fe b asb mto tyhat the TH ESTANDING .
TONIGHT'S GAME-(7:30)-At Panama city has anqured the Ottawa T eam. L W pct/ witness th
smokerss (Robinson 2-2) vs. Yankees franchise in heInternati Iael SpiLa P Troos 0 1 America d
(Douglas 2-2) .TheC olumbs Red sB Fort Clayton 4 2 .6T. 2 merlca io
By J. HARRISON J trotted around the bases and fanci n the Aned S AFort Kobbe 2 .0 2 l tyw
I when Gladstone emerged there Losis Cardinal. was transfer- 0.0'O AO1t5 0 .147 5 wit WLucky
Smokers will send Hum- was a gaping hole plainly vi red to Omaha Dec. 1. Army Atlatnic 0 6 .000 6 (Lucky r
Robinson against the Yen- sible to the very amused on- The new affiliation with the Three key ame are o tap ea (
ahree oy la hare ttp-
Dougarlio as tonight at lookers. It was one for Rlpley. Trdle-A International League. this reekenyd in th6 Paham S A- ,, peed ,rrv
Stadium at 230 as The Yankees' ast three runs Fnlowed nurebse of Red Birdti T seedkey ges a o a i a
play the first cmtest ,ame in the fifth and Arthurs Stadim for S0,oo.I thas wee orcn n the s ama A h- ie eare .ad
taree games sotfo. did a good job of holding them a Armd ore Forth p f n
have an even at bayfrom there on In.Kobbe and surpr -stron era from the 1
-two record. Marolewaki was easily the bat- Fort Clayton get t econ will be accon
proximately onmonth ting star of the night with four- L tle Leag shota at knockin o neaten (CIVA) Alexa
ft in the season the for-four as the Yankees appear- first-placers. Spec al Troopse ama igarettle
r and the Yankees are ed to be sharpening their batting This afternoon on the Kobbe(Chesti )
tl i ed up for first place eye in preparation for their Tdiamond the defending champ riqu Land C
zndlgs .with the former three-game encounter with the ARMED FORCES LITTLE p- io-n Lifeliners (3-3i went after iqu LandooCpe
'" end tis ries one Lopez was outstanding at the Cfrea Albrook AFB tbnight at Dts)lerWs) on,
~1l' be a least one full plate for the Sodamen. He had Col. Harry 8. Tu:bbs. oI- H:0 on the Clayton.Glamond in.Brewery) Olive
Sin front and a lot may three hits in four trips and scor- manding Officer, Fort Clayton, .& struggle for sod place, Brewery) rrOlive
**-'.on m dme. ed his team's only run. Canal Zone, welcomed Fort Kob- move over to Fact Amador to_ zer) rnn
ing-ton L I tt I e League Stadium Ithe Troopers.
011 as- iM Thursday at 4 p.m. and threw The Orange of Army Atlantic, IThe entire cc
sl algter that was P out the first ball to Initiate Clay- "'tJij looking for that iniWl mark at the swanlk ,
e bytwe home rumsby BattingPractice ton's first home game. In the won column, faces once- They are slated
baseman Fr itMarolewoki Fort Clayton won by a 3-2 victorious Coco Solo Navy on the rounds 1e'day
one by Oil Dickens. SODAMEN margin over Kobbe. latter's diamond in the other Their fist of
Lawrence went all the afternoon tilt today. will be Wedne
W f hi Uthird win and scat- Players,. nab r h a In a brief introductory mea- While Clayton and Special 4:30 during the
Men hirnts. Lopez s ,4 1 3 3 3 sage, Col. Tubbs dedicated the Troops are going to It at AnadorHahn's great s
hurler George Socha Moore, 2b. cf 4 0 0 3 2 Fort Little League Stadium and tomorrow afternoon, Army At- will start the
or the Bodamen and did Brathwaite, Ar., extended his sincere apprecia- lantic takes on Albrook AFB at with Hah i ac
last an inning He could on- If-rf 3 0 2 1 0- tion to Major Dudley S. Shine I Albrook's Beam Stadium and Ceremonies for
i?-re two batters and gave Thorne, rf 2 0 0 1 1 III, Special Services Officer, and .. Kobbe crosses the Isthmus to and the clinic
tafo runs. Brathwaite, Al., 2b 1 0 0. 1 1 his staff, whose efforts were (NEA Telephoto) playCoco Solo. Follow Hahn. a
fr.a rs l ieved Socha Lewi ,b 4 0 0 8 1 responsible for the project. The A a TaM afternoon's contests get one Is. invited
*frdres Alenso relieved stoGladsow neThI f 4e010 8 I.b.p SPORTSMAN OF ?THE YEAR Roger aninister, first man to underway at 2.30 and the Sun-. Distillers spans
i Ws responsible far the rest Gladstone, cf, lf 4 0 1 4 miaet ball park cudesa large run a mile than tour minute, hals the trophy which .-".-.
th kees' scoring. Stanley Charles, 3b 4 0 1 1 0 grandstand for spectators. W presenteinto him In Lfdon at ceremonies in which he wasch afternoon frays start at 2 tyin the clubi
urs came on in the fifth and McDonald, c 3 0 0 3 1 For Clayton's narrow margin named "Sportsman of the Xar." 'clock. Mea tnwhile
thd game. Grenald 1 0 0 0 0 over Kobbe, 3-2. proved to be a ------....----_------- '- _----"_='- the.amateurs
ankees lost no time in Alopso. p 2 0 0 0 1 thriller to the spectators as well .. .. Fam IAflmmA IH.d continued to s
aw on Socha and in the Arthurs, p 1 0 0 0 1 as the teams. Clayton's pitcher FTTa-m P/i W p f rnn l 1- LeUaUg e lUH l group Is Jon
alk to Milton Graf, a was Bobby Spier, Catcher, Paul SIS Prin W esterm aU four-time Ope
e, by Eddie Phillips, and Oil Totals 3 1 7 s 14 Hodges. Clayton ended up with I-ml W currently defe
double, produced two 3 runs and 5 hits. Kobbe's pitch- 1 t I* I IpUlllI nI Opposition for
Y n h tANKEES IPr was David Bean, catcher was a hlet fana arom Colombia
wan ocha issued passes to f J4 ohn Fortune. Kobbe's shortstop, r I --
waki and Spider Wilhelm, Graff, 2b 4 2 1 6 5 Jimmy Tomlin hit 2 for 3. Kob- Next St d A
took over to pitch to Hardin, as 5 1 1 2 2 be ended up with 2 runs and 6 T ', .11|
S.Xropf,- who got a e Phillifps, rf 5 2 3 1 0, hits Both teams agreed it was In Organied Baseba There will be a workout for
S tcher Sylvester McDon- Dickens, If 5 1 3 2 1 good clean game with some top- all boys 8 to 12 years who want
dropped an easy pop foul Marolewskl, 4 3 4 10 0 notch ball being displayed. ',-".- o to play in the Pacific Little t"
Lopes seem- T.~p R 1. 3 0 Caribbean Command team at 12-page n re a laying together as a ph- urday at the Little League IAU Tickets
w' adl th the. .0 9-0 victory over the -0irbbean All UiTeaam

W os'rhane e were in front Sodamen 001 000 000- 1 1 runs to the Caribbean's 1 hit an T a team, how to coo rate with tion at 8:30 a.m. lay, Satur
rsabk minI t and t*e ]Pitchn for been C b n htshdd by States are a deb fte: fiber In t ne h ath "30 p star Stntu

Yankees 403 230 00x-12 18 3 no runs Pitching for Caribbean The pblif on, prepared by he other fellow for tm e advance- Managers Bill Stock, 'pdri ge sites. ..aa
of the third, with' Summary: Runs batted in: was Brink Miller and catching George Wdserman. associate ment of the group. Bur n,,e e ,er sf, o l tSa
Sn led to left and Dickens 4, Dabek 3, Brathwaite ws Oeorge Mettger editor of the weekly Panamai Sports o this kind have their ua en, og y w ams, Chrley 8a
tolend the I Inj tIw a nkechaskeorge6Me tsgen. Ibin a' Ja xas es
On Ar1 Brathwalte's Maroleweki 3, Lawrence, Phil- Tribne, a Spanish adaption lace In the lives of all peoples putn, 'ohn rnd and p1 Bec ment area
an t thein let fld lips. arnd runs: Sodamen 1. Albrook flew home to a -1 material comled by ving n a democratic society. i er on hand to mn t a e .
lwas the only time ankea ik e.ft on bases: Soda- victory ver Curundu at Curun- and published in a sports sup- In baseball, which is the national t1rouh batting and l g vin ov
scored last night men 7, Yae eas 8. Home runs: du. Pitching and catching forplement of the Panama.-Trbune ime of the United States, th.e six teat i 8 le ors mat pureh
uns there tallied for the Martoewel 2. Dickens. Two- Albrook were Hermon Smia and which he edi in v. 28. dedi- e big league typifies the apex The Fa- eag ill .. r i
m n l the bottom of the base hits: Dickens, Brathwalte. Billy Stephens. Albrook had one cated to ,the calflyera now of the philosophy of playing to- erwal onF JL an o whe BetUn- 1. y.
h included Marolews- Wilhelm. Sacrifice hit. Lawrence, hit and three runs to their cre- performing in the Uite lod States, gther towards a common goal. tearw Jn. 2 when tw e i N
Udtripper over the left Stolen base: Phillips. Hit bi dit while Curundu had one hit Panamanian United States Today, to the credit of the great aLittle ml en a, .pr the p acfic a
sace. .litcnh: Lawrence (Archie Brath- and one run. Pitching for Cu- sports relationship is pointed up American action, this goal is no e ea ar with opening 4. The
Fourth Dickens lined a waite). Struckout by Scha 1, by rundu was Asa Barley, catching by a picture of the late Presl- longer obstructed by barriers of game ceremonies being held at Travel Agei
[-clout over the 384,-foot Alonso 1. Base on balls off Law- was Joe Suarea. dent Jose A. Remon greeting race or nationality" 4:30 p.m. Au other ames will ama) and
In center field and Ma- rence 1, off Socha off Alon 1.1 The Little Leaguers will be at Chief of 8taff Gen. Normando To guarantee widest circula- be playeda onthe bai diamond mobile o
oUowed with as strange Pithers record: Socha 4 runs 2 it again. Monday with Kobbe A. Costello and Mrs. Costello at tion of the pamphlet the Pan-" t he Balboa emen-
the-park home as has hits in ./3 innings; Alonso 8 being host to Caribbean Com- a benefit game to aid polio vic- ama Professalonal Leage tary chool .
wit. nesed In the Pan- runs,'14 hlta in 3-2/3 innings mand, Albrook to West Bank and rims. This game was played at through Its secretary-treasurer C.' -- rr :Yans a (Lawrence Clayton will play Curundu at the Olympic Stadium on Nov. 25 Ilv has agreed to 'assist in l
v jSSK n*. VwX" "^r~ i, .. clayton. between militai, sars. of the ts distribution at games inPan- SnErrt ShnrtE ^OJ
9 "-9 .,, G:. _= t ,(Lopez). Losing pitcher: Socha --------- Canal zone and a selection from ama. Colon and In the Interior DVO )IIWflOii
PPweoebroke mh(3- Doubo Aloe pp erO GUN CLU rB Parseaas Proessl ehepaple.rt a -
GUNi&^ CLUB hn if a. Baseball, the national pastime contribution by the U8,B to o--r
Ifnce In.. lfte- Mar olews,- i Lewis i Le, O NOTES of the United states, calls tor tlarizing baseball on the I _- ADELAIDE, Auetralia, Jan. 8 cy Uni
S to thed e fth Umirole Waii ps Krim fli i teamwork which is a contribut-amus among Panamanians, two (UP) The .American singles
e w hetay A ik tin, Parchmne(t Time of game- e -- iong factor to the development of of whom are already signed by champion has reached the finals
was achile Marolewkd ti : a rcnnt11 Ti e o1 m rue: that country's .social composi- U.S. major league teams and syev- o thae south Australian tennis Bates 49 M.IT
e w e roe1. __ Scatter-gun enthusiast e y- ti In this ect the pa- eral others of whom are consd- r .am ent at Adelaide.u Penns lvania
I.*v,* a-_ e ed a regular Wednesday a ter- p et has the flowing to say a-lered likely big league prospects., Datd Cupper vn c Belxo a ot-r e Wilkes Colle e
I ,. i A- --- UII/ .I. noon Of SaOOtiLng on the first, _-. ..m.. |la e, Morvyn r.n on Altrty'."':.-.-an
yV LK Jl t on [ Wednesday of the new year, with ,.--- .-- 4-6, 8-10, 9-7, 6-3 ad 10-8, C athouc umv.
cne. fildan-'. 1 S 3 until the date of the annual /h fSt e. o g 7 d wll meet Lennard Bergelin dof -
"" m a a i I State Trap Shoot. This event, i itdp.Som aPalweden for the championship. S ,o
.., i ii a nkes (aIA c.Cthid year, will be held at the,'I Sai5nNv21 ae Two younger Americans are inl
etaI IWIII eg H udoeBlao. i t7sro.h ItsIditb ti the f he Junior double h ill
e p ( and timns will be announced at, r -Jerry Mouss of M CfoS p, p
ao-a" h rk later date. .i l "nia and MtGe rreS-o-f Miami em m (cOt
e a nlGameATomorrowwi; iM .I The annual meeting of the, -li o I [ .: moved up tha4-6,6-4.uf Bwl)
p nilel o otoe Gun rruo wi be held 6- wi over two Australians, l J
of t U--tlSunday (JTan,.9) at the Guni ...-.---.: uriJ North C.aaoyuit
Club, The meeting will start at W MONTREAL. The New York ton Unversit
SPacific Twilight League The probable line-ups: 11:00 a.m. Election of officers MAnG4U A LEAGUE I TEA TANDINGS football Gilants have signed the Fairmont St. C
open the 1956 baseball sea- Lucky Strike wil follow the meeting, voting -halfback who led the Canada College .
1 orow with a double- Koslk, 3b to continue until 4:00 p.m. Mem- It is with runt chance that the won Lst Big Four League In scoring andMorris Brown
scheduled tor .1.40 pm. Jones,. cf bers are urged to attend and to scores for. the U a night of the Broadway Tavern 4 0 rRshing this season with Mon- and M 51.
.n's Lucy Strike team Jendrysik, 3b vote in the Clubdfection. second halt e even made pub- Wright Bros. Plbg. 3 1 real. Fort Valley C
.th~e Womak Distillers of &ora, p Several t reaking Trap shoots uc. The piaM s. mihty low Naval Station a3 1 AAlex Webster says the Giants La.) 53.
im, Jr., em -the opener Ridg, r are to thei at the Canal Zone and tife uiwsas and p. were PoweU' 3 1 offered h.n mor money andoSewanee 7, e
l American ion, man- On lb Gun Cubs during the next three, more than plentiful. However Scott & Scott i 3 are et a good off West Virglni.p
I'Paul ,tkl on Fpaspazn, If or four, months and will be an- points were .wet and lost so the Post Office 1 3 season job. The former North 82.
it .a d by Teichert. c nounced as to time aad place. resua recorded. r Ace's _1 3 Carolina State star also says W i angtoi0 a
omo ad Philip LOp- Hearne, p I Sore for Wednesday, Jan. 5, Broadway Tavern is in first Police Assn. 0 4 Playing with the Giants permitsa noke 72o.,
e ond game. t follow: place, having won all our points --- him more time at his home In Wesltrl.'
F. A. Mura. e, Jr., ~p- Wemmlk Distmlen from the P Assn. with a to- WEEKLYE PRIZE' Kearney, New Jersey. I aTe se4 71
n of h ?PGanao 0PM- TRAPi, (Deauble, 25 birds) tal pinfall a 214 to 2000. Ed- Clas A-Gallgan 517 Webster gained 4 yards ang Maulaf d,4
Wind Tec- McKMew, ds led th wnne ...with 6 Class .Mc Z ew 516 I cored 1 touchdowns with Mon-jatCarolia
Se Windy ellheri e while Martin led the ops with Class C-Shnahan 4 treal ths ,year. 'Merker tY, o nU
.t .t P:a .fc w l ** t CM aanova El 423t5. o fc r...... .. f -.
f & JT".oeKueter S Gins ha etieird average S
0.._1?tc ,cot' unti 40 M FLOTA M ERCANTE GRAMCOLB


..r ,InRdnahE:t .A1Uan1dWem and 4 wei i .. .l___-
V^^Bi~alli bm ft" S a u &ar- wre OndSKEET (410 ig -I Nt) Pnat -f. I ACCUPTOi U.kKAL CAROO --1

- W. 1NU 1

rolling fan wee Mody- getting rT e to
e finest golf tournament in all L:ati
during the coming week at the PaOaNp
and the event will become more of teal.
e Arrival tonight Roberto de Viee10
ike) and Antonio Cerda (BVD).
P ftnama Hotel) States, and the Canal eBw iad
on d ..e at Panama.
* lute legation The pairing and startingig
rofisonl swing- times for all matches wh l be re-
United States. He leased shortly, although it ,i
npanied by Skip known that the leading profes-
ider, Felice (Pan- sionals will start each ay at.
s) Torza, 'Arnold 112:30. The morning action will
Palmer, Law (Chi- be limited to amateurs, starting
.) Worsham, Pete at about 8 a.m. Prior to Thurs-
r, Ansel (National 'day's opening professional three-
w., Bob (Macha- 'some, brief dedication ceremonies
Porky .(National will be held at the first tee.
ir,. Herm nn (Pfl- Johnny Bass, the first United
nd Charley (Pan- States pro to arrive, played 18
s) Harper. holes at Panama Friday after-
non with Panama ppro Anibal
onmtlngent will stay Macarron, Johnny Wright, DIqk
El Panama Hotel. Dehllnger, and Luis Chandeck.
A to lay practice Bas told The Panama Ameri-
y and Wedneeday. can this morning that the Pan-
ficial appearance ama layout."...s a swell course
sday afternoon at I just hit 'em around yesterday,
e Golf Clinic. Paul feeling it out. I think it atacke
how of trick shots up very well with the courses in
Wednesday action the United States. Usually, oua
bing as Master of courses in the U.S. are longer,
r both his show but much wider. What Panama
c. The clinic will lacks in distance It makes up In
after which every- the great need for accuracy at
Sto the National all times. A bad shot will real
ored cocktail par-trouble here."
house. Bass added that "Porky Oliver
he entry list from will like this course when he
on the Isthmus sees it. This cure' wso to be
oar. Heading the made for Porky's type of game."
nny MacMurray, He declined to pick a winner
n champion and or take a guess at wht hoe'thinks
ending champion. the winner will have to shoot to
John will come 7nab the $2,000 first price =non-
i, the United ey. r



ama Open Tickets

for the swectaeourw Paul Hanhow
thel, P lftGolf Club Wfdn 2_

nds, aednw _,e ,.'.
ckets for the t play on p hy n ;J-
y anid d 1sU l w be m a.y.
ticket ho'ng, days e .
also al eat eOsiderable a. Fr -
n tickets, ar a two par.per1n_
Ste day-by-day .adn i tary peuie
aue season ticeeto for a.M a our dolar
the day-by t feeu .
GoW Cub mn e Isthmus.
lA.. Clubs and rri ce nters.
. National nad National City banks In Bates.
felowing budaem houses: La Mascots, Tivoll
Bey, Shaw's, (all on 4th of July Avenue to Pan-
the National Cash Begister Co. Offie, Aat$o-

liege Cage Scores-
ted Press MIDWEST
Michigan Normal 89, Central
WT Michigan 609.
. 8. -Xavier (0) 67 (incinnat 64.
4, Harvard 52. loras 81, Coe 76,
m. Ithaca 72. Depaul 101, ltbiuurst 60.
rsiaty 85, Oalu- .nsvUle 79. Indiana state 76.
S St. Louis 85, Houston 84 (over-
-- time).
Illinois Tchrs 111, Illinois Nor-
UTH al 109.
Loyola (111.) 93, John Carroll 85.
Mlasisppl South- Wayne (Mich.) 6s, St. Francis
isoliMon, BSni I (PaJ 83.
V SWabh 78, Indiana central 78.
p chtn Ll Heelberg 84, Otterbeln .
ege 80, Hamp Indiana tate St. Vtncents
y 84. I -
ollage 91, Baem Memphite State 105, ArkaUas
Tech 102 (overtime).
70, Alabama A -
st14 as, Xavier SOUTHWEST
SiBrigham Young 92, New Maeim
lorgta Tech I 62. .-
Viginia ?Tc .Lamar Tech 73, MBad T L of
; Utah tate 8, o i4 a
4r 5, i ddle M, 6. an
SUtah 82, Deuver S
0 a5. .a a -44 W "
t, eabyterMte 70 UV;V!
t :foN -7L Ae

. I.-. ",.
-i ,! ;

_Wy^^.aaL.. -'...

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AWL~i ,~g

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S. : to, LmRD I






:-=..f- :-h


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I 2- .' ,- '

^meM Bevo ranct

By faBY GBA& K a
YORK-(NEA)-i Ot _.
r, thelittle guy who e this
to turning tiny Al eGrande
Into a Frani i
for the moonmth i- ls
m* aacfiam- a whle- back, hs
i to etote for a little w*.
You'll aj remember Newt and
flevo. Newt was the ccb and
c director of the t Ohio
be asket team
breintio -as much newspaper
ce as Seaatcr McCar it
much a- 1i3 pUints per gam.
Last year, e wave they rode
began to subside and It finally
disappeared as Francis and Ov-
or quit Rio Grande.
But they didn't disappear. The
nce-fabulous pair are part of a
ouring. Harlem Globetrotter a$-
gregatLon this seascu.

long with the Globetrotter produc-
tion as do a pair of table tennis
players, a slack-wire balancing ar-
tist, a juggler and comely las
who strut# on the floor to assist
in a half time show.
Newt coaches and Bevo plays
'for a straight-man team known as
the Boiton Whirlwinds. Their job
is to go through the motions is
opposition to Abe Saperstein's West-
tern unit. The Trotters, you see,
hardly ever lose. And never to
their own opposition.






SThei r statusI is so cut and dried ne riUd i ni ing o ru;
~ that Oliver, once a hawk on Be- 1 .. en
irs showing of the offielal motion pleture of the 1854 Wdrla vo's scoring at Rio Grande, isn't nI "-* iu '
wit. ringing Te Derm for the Giants professional radio keeping any records of his boy's I
today had failed to real the stricen aIndians la a shooting against the Glcbetrotters, l lm in M akeL I ti
favOrable eight than had been shed on their exertions at but insists it s usually anywhere uI UU'-So Jl ar h"A i
Pole Grounds and in their own stadium. from 40 to 60 point a game. ag
~ Hank Oreenberg, general manager of the American League's "He's still a scoring genius.a
luckless standard-bearers, was game eno h to fly In from Cleve- Give him the ball and he' score,
land for the showing at Shor'Ls. After having sa~ .through the 35-, If he were back in college that oi
minute record of the indignities heaped on the downtrodde new bonus rule would assure evo fi
Tribe, with occasional moments of relief contributed by Vic of frcm 10 to 15 m akoints I ucaI J u er.l ev
Wertz'a bat, Hank went winging westward with more salt on his game," Oliver say talking
slow-heaig wounds. with that almost super-saes By JIMMY CART1ER hl
"It looked no better, and no worse, than it had on the field," ship he displayed at Rio Grande. By JIMMY BRESLIN Written for NEA Service ju
moaned Greenberg. But there was a small ray of sunshine for NEA Staff Correspondent
him in the situation. He took with him a copy of the film, pos-. WEN RIO GRANDE e Iled e
sibly for showing to visiting Indians in this contract-signing Francis, Oliver left with EW YORK (NEA)-Height
eason. and tworomptly signed with in basketball used to be a simple
Greenberg and the 150 other viewers of the movie premiere Saperstein. The western e thing.
wereassigned to isn't considered lo-g s
spotted ,mny points in which the Indians were sadly remiss, werthe "assigned to Isn't considerr- A coach would put a fellowof ti
especially as they set record by leaving 3'7 men on bases. the "big" outfitGof Sap six-foot-eight or better out on the
But some of the onus was removed from the collapsing gaia ton-the Gs I the famed floor and if the man guarding himti
Cleveland club by the specta ular quality of New York's pitching ques aynes unit i tame wasn't that tall, the big guy d to
and other defensive maneuvers, and its timely and dramatic on*-but it'*.atiLta profltabl en- matter what his talents, had it
massing of its offensive forces. ough .Affair to keep Oliver quiet made.
Even at this distance from the October 2 World Series finale even thou he os osg games ns Tommy Blackburn found this
the film sparked new enthuAsam for a Giant team which had Everywhere ota e tour goekas, aBev. thinking almost as old as the cen- Y
done so expect and so thrillinga job on a club which had won Smart drubeting hs ept e- mp when his DaytonFly
111 games, for a new record, in the American League, and had Smart t action-and no mention ers met Duquesne at M a d I s o e
dethroneil the five-time champion Yankees. Is made n the glaring nadequa-Square Garden. lii
NO 'SHOWBOATING' ON WONDER CATCHR ,es in. game which colleges Blackburn paired his seven-foot
closer to his class quickly caught. Billy Uhl against the D u k e a'
There were no truly hot controversial points to be settled Bevo, you'll remember, made silugo Green, six tw-an-aes

That evening, and all through the rest the series, athI n m U. st' Thalft's and isstatemes no contest T he
to* ln in thenfall M sof19 00, Bane Jh e n e i! n

the3& aned hd Mays acd to the cented af d wal that f in c ol c obo- nd t Uhreathed-but isgo be pg Ateibrm, about t i ch I ave us fo
allwhen by all precedent it should have caromed offe th e t ence t r my not a smlik e it, but leaped. It wasn't even close. Du- "What's so-unusual about it?" opportunity g ers
beor at least a triplerst and setwo ruagains, ptheos even a homer. hisee ed New York sch ool; thed by quesne whipped downurt with he quelphi, to a suriwin.ed. "Take a look at my from the national
whI t asaarella thought every m ajor league ash quare te ball. practice. See what I mean?", GreeForty were neededJ u n- I was dele-
SPLA yS WILLIAMSd o QUEE a EE w Rt shown to be nothing more th tor s ymbolize the kind b et k I was successful in signing most
thaos s ta h hadtremd aaWirldiwkwardbeunne chanewit in more last year he received Aup es twohanded layupshese "In the 0wasll oind tmahn hn
fighted s erxpies sof wlerall the eighth th waning of the e America mention and now ranks of the Chicago White S su.

itrd contest D ced thattthhe score deadlock Miked, How closeDiver and his charge drive t through Dick Ricketts and then aWhatoff somebody wonder d, cee cided in inning th ze nan league
which yqueezed Henry Thompson homed, with nothe thrd run ame to soaring to heights neve inevitable Tom ingola of La would carriespen when the erstwhile 190pposition to the National, then
De caught Oarcia flatootd ad wth hen the Bear caugheard of in college athletics nobo- to a point whre the baset is be- the only circuit in existence.
Willie uitade the catch qoner 450 feet from hme plate. dy will ever know. low eye level. They say Sieugo At the time, I was pitching for

that way evening, and ally s through the made a bad throw to firM e scrapes his wrists on the rim. Chicago.t we couldn't havea re
and WilCamsC uttered thats y A 1 95-poun d whippet, Green is half as well as Green would be major league without New Yorkg
on hat bunt lhooke d nod o t tha t Friday afternoon Icn aure murder witoth hem. actually skins his elbows on the Formwas gen the el mission of exeant

Cleveland. Thetfil yitgupievend moreater utoe umry. ro r s c b k r ga tabkshing the club now knowthe thn as
Mh apyturn ade pts ad snd ,ane aped eand ead e t a timetable- Gallp and Albu- a nd s een meracan Association and mav

final fa We estrumeiled t W Wea r t fied The BalboHi g chool bae- Su.o hed r te bse hn as for is one. Excemay.n t nmei.dle r ich mnaged.
ed home without any ado. Highly team twogaes draw a foul. H best shot also struck. reer cThus a baseball wartunate

that t had had full possession oflball, and had muffed day, Jan. 10, at 7:00 p.m. inthe principle-never shoot while figure out how high a gymnasium the Washington club in 1912.
It on w le t a process of tryNewt Oler m not like it, but leaped. It wasn't even close. Du- "What's sounusual about it" ortuitbasket ceing should the Washington clubye
The movie shows that there waa absolutely no doubt e his feelings are neatly soothed by quesne whipped downcurt wthhe qusideried. Take a look until my f androm the
th outfelder had committed a ru o the mine error. Jan. 13, at the same tir.e ail. practi andce. Seewheels what I marounean? at Forty were needed. I was dele-nt

As the film unfolds itself, the obe thing that stands out on locales the keyhole. He leaps, twists and r ...
the a Whenever Abe Saperstein s ar Fisher pnted to his kids cut gated to get themtw hands,
FILM PLAYS UP WILLIAMS' SQUEEZER ound, it rings pretty geod, Y O U Green, of course, does an awful' on the floor..Seven of them raced-
on. know. lot more thn jump. A a sopo-to e basket, took off and dun I was successful The purpose of these ames in signing mostaway the basket. On
The UglyDucklingave tafor rememeran who twofold; they serve primarily as a morelast y up, he rnever derived Aine wo-aned layups the 40, was appointed manager

had been tossed to the Indians by BaltIhore for Bob Chakeles, a testing ground for the straight. It is an oblique move- g
got hi h Incd two doble, a triple, a homer, and qu, nd seco l America me twistson and now ranks of the Chicago White Sex, su
third contest, Davey wezemi laid down a bunt to Mike Garciae t eam with teammate Dick Ricketts and What somebody wonderedd, needed in winning the pennant in
which sueezed a llhryThompson hoe with thl e third run of ooHoase d the inevitable Tom Go' of Lao ld a ppens when the erstwhile.1901.
thatond. .ll .Sallve as the top players in the gocns tookit upon themselves toa I remained with the White Sex
Davey caught Garcia flatfooted, and whmn the Bear Is caught. U 11 InYk flum nation. !get some spring into their feet? through 1902, when it became evi-
'that way. he really is flatfooted. Mike made a bad throw to firstTSV s5Mvve e UeW WUWUmUSalr A Billy Uhl who could jump evenIdent that we cculdn't have a real
azid Williams was, safe. Reds Two mu A 195-pound whippet, Green Is half as well as Green would belmajor league without New York.
That bunt looked good enotOgh that Friday afternoon I nRedsInTw oG nes pure murder with the ball. De- devastating. IIwas given the mission of ex-
Cleveland. The film plays it up even more beautifully. troit motor experts could g a inVtablishingothemHub now known as
The picture supports a decision inthe second Ie N nnd fenethe
final game. Wes Westrum flied to Wally Westlake in right field, The Balboa High School base- plenty watching his drive. Once Nobody seemed to have an they Yankees. which I managed
i ne ball squad will meet BalboaSihugo heads tot the basket, he 'aswer for this one. Except, may- until the middle of 1906.
with Monte Irv on third. Wally dropped the band Monte al a t a either gts through for a shot orbe, t take e probelm to con- The final big break of my ca-
Mage r Al Loaey dashed o u The first Will be played on Maon- draws a foul. HU best shot also strucutcn hpedpe.,' reer came when I was .fortunate
at r Al Lopes daeall p th destroys another lcng standing I After a, `eI're the ones who enough tc purchase an interest in -
itoy hi e i% had full poesss oft ofnail, and had muffed day, Jan. 10, at 7.00 Pm. cage principle-never shoot while figure out ow high a gymnasium the Washington club in 1912.
oaywleln process of trying to a throw. Balbofa Stadium, and the second going Away from the basket, ceiling bshoulde. I managed the Washington club
The movie 'shows that therewe absolutely no doubt that will take .place on Thursday., Gree. drives in from the side,u__ti_1__ndsicethtim
the outfielder had committed a run of the mine error, Jan. 13, at the same time andIthen stops and wheels around at have been its0presidenth
Ao the film unfolds Itself, the eohe thing that stands out on locale, the keyhole. He leaps,.twists and h -rsdn
the Cleveland side i1 the dramatic poignancy of WortW's situa- e gets hiss hot off with twkehands,
tn. purpose of these g esi goings sawa om the bt n
The Ugly'Duckling of the series, the unwanted veteran who twofold; tey serve primarily a lay up, he never drives in
had been tomd to the Indiana by Baltimore for Bob Chakeles, a testing ground for the 19551straight. It is an oblique move-
gt bh eight ,including two dodhles, a trile, a homer, and squad, and secondarily as a last, meant. He twists his body, gives
.tt terc ball which ws auht by Willie, a to no purpose, opportunity for aspiring. cand-'defenders a side view as he lays
dates before the final cut. 'it in.
The starting line-uDs are as By DR. PHOG ALLEN
follows: Five years ago, fans got nu!te KanBas Coach
a kick out of watching a oig Written for NEA Service
VARSITY GRAYS fellow warming up. They'd roar delight when theguy .would go _QUESTION: During a Duquesne.,

Herring, as.
Hamilton, 1b.
Black, 2b.
Washburn, 3b
Cicero, If.
Hotz, cf
Peres, rf
Fearon, c
Jonets P
Delegado, p.

D. Cali2 b


Charles, p
Hina, p.

underneath and dunk hi ms lay-up Da)ton g am e this season, a
during cne of those three man Duquesne player went up for a
praeuce affairs most teams use. shot. He got it cff. then banged
Today, a six foot kid, which into a defender. The referee blew
now is minimum height in the col- his whistle for a foul. The shot
lege game, is a cinch not to make went in and the official said it
the team if he can't do the same counted then called a f o u I
thing. You find that out by going against the Dukes' shooter. Why
back to Green's Boys High School that?-Ray Carling
in Brooklyn. Answer: As eIng as the ball Is
MiKkey Fisher, Boys' c o a c h, in te air before the foul is con-
mitted, the shot eas for what-
SD lever it i s C Iw be. f is *so
Skene Relaxes a"ei i" as H It as had be=
Q. Whenever, a team starts an
Afte r Ron all-court press, there seems to be
a lot of body contact in the back-
court. How des a referee deter-
mine who Is JIoshag?-Eddle Bis-
(NA) A that elm

Mi ei hi e an mdef ..
b~AvWdr w b 1ie P&l~ =n Psat-SiEsBi!*
C^^hm~rtiiM Fa rl~j~u g.*-^SC^S' '

TIME OUT Out of baseball
for the first time in 70 years,
Connie M ek loeks mueh young-
er than his 1 ye"" sporting a
natty straw hat n mid-winter
while taking tTW ea5jy at
Fort Myers, FLA. (NEA)


IAA. *.n B' n a-lam a

20 ancr mriam ,u
SAifl F. ZA. SSucR Iluo Udu

w Tun

SPhotographed with the
ohneuftlo,,y n ew eMunMorpc e.1 1 ,

of 4-Trak
I ->Of~inl

De Luxe

and EMUND PURDOM as The r ap



Today: .35 .0Mari Victoria In "Estoy Tain Ennora4da
SSarita Montiel, in "S.e Solleltan Modoo" "

BORN 1820


-4 *'T~---** :1l-~.~
~ '- C
4 -

'" '



TILL AT IT-...Z~a Francs lef, ad ewt OUlr are
hums' jiii a Im).


Dan -Daniel

Boxing Needs lntellienu

P_'omotion, Not Probig I
Nd A Sports Editor
NEW YORK (NEA)-Juilus Hel-
and is the new chairman of the
ew York State Athletic Commis.
Helfand has been an able in-
estigator in the Brooklyn Dis-
ict Attoryneys office, worked on
murder, Inc., broke the Harry
ross bookmaking case. 1
But professional boxing has
ieen investigated since bare
buckle days. New York District
ttcrney Frank S. Hogan taking
solid whack at it moret recently
nd getting nowhere in particular.
As we remarked a few columns
ack. no one cares much about
ho is back of the fighters as long
s the fights are good.
And right now the sour science
equlres intellgent pro d-ting
astly more than a slick sleuth.
A way must be found to bring
ack the smaller clubs, although
ith the television problem no-
ody seems to know how. Brook-
ns For, Hamiltwn Arena, for
example had to chuck it last sum-
er. Operating outdoors from
iarly May through October, this
ub long averaged $5000 a pro-
The little clubs supplied the tal-
it and the few remaining gym-
iasiums practically are empty
ese days.
The International Boxing Man-
gers Guild could help mend the
gers Guild could help mend the, ul.
ad situation by not forcing
atchmakers of televised shows
put $100 fighters in $1500 semi- them pay three referee.,
nals. Inasmuch as only the main judges and two physicians a M
ent goes on the air, the pre- of 00 which is the case to hy.
minaries are meaningless to the The Managers' Gad culd
uge TV audience, so a lot of other assist by lowering the at ,
ink is dropped into them. ard rates of preliminary bay#.
The result is that future main This would help put clubsbcki
centers no longer are being de- action and pay rich divide ds.
eloped in the prelims. Thus, The main ides is to give youuge
ith the small clubs dead,. the boxers action.
source cf supply is choked off en- .
rely. Worthwhile scrappers in 1 J
Helfand could see that the poll. division can be counted -on
cians do not ram surplus doc. fingers of one hand, and they
rs, referees and judges down to e matched to draw much
he throats of small club promot- than the TV money.
That's why Bandy Sy dd 3
This alone helped reduce New doesn't defend the featherwei
ork State's small clubs to a championship, fcr instance,;
minimum and wiped out the game Top Davis, the No. 1 challeui
entirely in New Jersey. With the has lost 47 fights and -Percy Ue
ttle fellows folding left and sett, No. 2, practically has
eight, it is ridiculous to make his way into the bafttepit. ',A

_L __ ____ __

I I: ) __

mmom ~




.' 41,'
i, 'fl'll W^ 'w

E Am.


-- -. '..



L oop


- '-Read story on

(NBA Telephoto)
Spears, 17, of Gallon, 0., ap-
pears sullen after confessing in
* the sheriff's office at Bucyrus.
S 0.. that he strangled his sister,
Patricia, 16, in g tragic climax
S to a pillow fight. The youth
gave no reason for the slaying.

Ezra Benson Says
He'd Sill Fire
Woll LadeJinsky

* retary
UU fi

CAGO, Jan. 8 (UP)-Sec-
of Agriculture Ezra Taft

'.", '. ..^/ ^ DL/LY HEI JSPAPER '

Panama Amorican
"'Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" -Abraham Lincoln.


Meets Again

With Chou Over UPrisoners

(Copyright, 1955. by Times of In.
dia News Service)
PEIPING, Jan. 8 (UP)-U.N.
secretary general Dag Hammarsk-
jold rode two miles over snow-
covered streets yesterday to theI
ornate Shihwa (west flower) hall
in the ancient Forbidden City to
discuss the case of U.S. fliers jail-
ed here as spies.
Yesterday's meeting between
Hammarskjold and Chinese Pre-
mier Chou-En-lai lasted three
hours and 45 minutes.
Hammarskjold was accompa-
nied to the conference, the second
since his arrival in China, by U.
N. undersecretary Ahmed Bokha-
ri, public relations counsel Per
Lind and international law expert
Humphrey Waldock.

n said today the public Chou was supported by Chang
heard all the facts about Han-fu vice foreign minis t e r;
curity background of Wolf Prof. Chou Keng-sheng. an inter-
insky arid that unless new national law expert; Tung Yueh-
ice came to light he would chien, director of the internation-
re him. al conferences department, and
'Chiao Kuah-huan, assistant to the
ejinsky was relieved of an foreign minister.
llture Department post in It was believed that at the meet-
but then was hired by the ing Chou replied to the plea Ham-
n Operations Administra- -
or a more sensitive job as *.. .
r to Viet Nam. W P i nanln
ion told & news conference W hI Vl UW. E U diS
Ip raonally am glad the r
oInlemalional Arms



SUBPENAED These three members of the Jury which convicted Dr. Samuel Sheppard of eo.
and degree murder appear at a court session in Cleveland after being subpenaed by d9ffua
marskjold had made Thursday to It was also believed that the Another point possibly discussed attorney William J. Corrigan. At left is Jury foreman James C. Bird and at right are- Mr
release the American fliers, premier emphasized that the pres- was China's complaints of con- Louella Williams (right) and Mrs. Louise Feuchter.
Cou was believed to have held ent talks should include t h e stant harassment and espionage
his ground on the Chinese case discussion of other kindred prob- activity against the government.
that Imprisonment of the fliers lems such as the case of '5 Chi- I it I
was entirely China's internal af- nese nationals who are being held Hammarskjold obviously had pre- League:
fair and that the action was cor- in the United States and transfer sented the United Nations' argu-
rect in the eyes of international of Chinese war prisoners to For- ment Thursday, contending that
law. mosa. the Americans were captured
while in uniform during the Ko- B
ed as spies under international BG

r Mi------------.3fa fln dLt..

Tne .ninese stanLiU s thaUt e
.+ fiers were captured in Manchuria
on an espionage mission and that
they cquld not claim -protection un-
der international law.
Informed sources in To h y o
said, that U.S. officials were
quietly planning possible cours-
es of action in the event Ham-.
marskjold's mission falls.
These courses, they said, range
from another attempt to get ac-
tion through the U.N. to such di.-
rect measures as further economic
sanctions or an air and naval
blockade of the Chinese mainland.

Seybold Announces
New Member Of PC
Board Of Directors

The Infant son of Capt. anc
Mrs. John E. Tullbane, of Fora
Gulick was the first baby to be
born this year in the Canal Zone
The young man put in his ap-
pearance at 4:40 o'lcock in the
morning of Jan. 1, at Coco Solo
The honor of being a New
Year baby was shared with baby
girl Dupere, daughter of Sgt. and
Mrs. Victor M. Sanchez, of Fort
Davis, who was born at 7:49 o'-
clock New Year's morning.
* A total of 14 babies were born
in Coco Solo Hospital during the
week ending Jan. 5, according tc
to the weekly hospital report. A
total of 75 patients were admit-
ted and 78 discharged during
that period.
Babies were born to the fol-
lowing American citizens: Sgt.
and Mrs. Miles L. Sterling, of
Coco Solito, daughter; Capt. and
Mrs. Raymond Dupere, of Fort
Tnhxyl -n- Q- f1 l J %Are* TTI-P _

S-everyone's satisfac- 1------- The appointment of Robert P..Davi o ..n 8 andm
4 there are some i,, P. Burough- of Manchester, N.H M. Sanchez, o Coco oio
at...n oky's security bt to succeed Iarl R. Bendetsendaughter: Capt. and Mrs. John
EA Pa d u clion P o o l su cer r .*n Etlenb^ H. da ,,Ih e ,t0,^.,n
t have not been .HAMMASKJOLD I RED CHI (N A RadHa o Telephoto) who has resigned a a member Tuane, of Fort Gulick, on;
ablc th LONION, Jan. (UP)-West- (left), Secretary General of the United Nations, attends a of the Board of Directors of the an, of oco olto, son Cpl
discussth ern Euroe lined up five to wo cocktail arty in his honor at Peiping, China. At right is Red Panama Canal Co. was announc- an of Coco Solito,, son Co
dcated hey today ag ainst Frances bold plan China's Premier Chou-En-lai. Hammarakjold is negotiating ed yesterday by Gov. John 8. -co Solito daughter; Ena. and
,but ae for an International arms pro- with the Communists for the release of 11 imprisoned Amer- Seybold. Mrs. Elmo J. Hurst, of Coco So-
L. that they were also a ucton pool. ican airmen and other Korean War prisoners. Man in center is lo daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Rich-

SGermany. Burroughs presidentand nationality: Mr. and Mrs. Henry
thi i s t Holland, Belgium and tiny treasurer of the R. P. Burroughs Watson, of Oatun, son; Mr. and
o hi habsu a ma he-'Luxembourg, according to latest TaGH I, co. is a specialst il pension Mrs. Charles G. Brown, of Rain-
ie.o bon't eeliny my" heart- on-the-spot reports, also were I 0 VJOf S ospFo Doctors plan designing and admininstra- bow City, son; Mr. and Mrs. An-
I dont feel n my heart eion; he has designed and n- tono Esosel, of Colon, son; Mr.
bayone I know Is a Red nly Italy so ar had come --o stalled pension systems for many and Mrs. Owen Christopher, of
.. forward outright in favor of tbe Dr. Alfred Blalock, president surgery and Is an authority on of the leading corporations in Rainbow City, daughter; Mr. and
later addressed the French plan. of the American College of Sur- the so-called "blue baby" opera- the eastern part of the United Mrs. George W. Ward, of Rain-
sp ctdi m o s ar.CeNativone If these advance indications geons told the doctors of tor- tion. He has written a number of States. bow City, son.
f ar o hold good, Premier ierre Men- gas Hospital this morning how works, among them Principles of Babies were born to the ol-
craps shows a drco thom des-France is headed for a frig- recent advances in surgery had Surgical Care, Shock and Alliedi Bendetsen was a member of Lov Ate
t cannot d tid reception when he tries to helped many ailments. He spe- Problems, as well as articles on the Panama Canal Co. board Ovrs TTempt
elcan be blamed on hisell" his project less than 10 cifically mentioned the advan- traumatic shock, hypertension from February 1951, until hisarents of Panamanian
gr flexible price support pro- days hence at a Paris arms con- es made on surgery'on those sut- congenital heart disease, and resignation. During this period, Suicide Leap
o pt. Gference. feing froBurroug presidentnationality: Mm congenital and cardiovascular surgery he served for sme time asand Mrs. Henry
H a e te forward earlier versions of itreasurero eR urrou Dr. Paul Ramsey Hawley, whos University of Georgia in 1918,s

i. wn thinats a hardthia eranr arit t brief talk on t.he improvements in 1922 and took his residency in et n pen onMrs Charles Brown, of Raind

ofteAmrcatannC ollaee bfere- durxem r dinnn2lthndT2ueewen1h2tohseaurgeiptandorba nprsuudesnWey T Spend i p I
te flexible program was enact- third try comes when high W. Amercan Coe Bur- n 1925 and 1926. Between 192t o n the heart of the Mt. Mihara vol-
.. e on, wllfNthe-sporortalsowere Ubow'City, son; Mr. andMrs. An

e reduction ill come, f unofficially gather fr a Thetwodistinguishedsurgeons isnt rofor, nday Nght conotoselday of Colon, son; Mr
It comes at all from the cur- working groupItaly" meeting in hs com arrived on the Isthmus Friday Professor and Professor in Sur-talled Whpensionte Hsystems for many and themselves nto the crater n a
mfllment of acreage and pro- capital Jan. 17-. aboard the SS Mauretania. They' gery at Vanderbilt Universityr suicide pact.
Made necessary by sur Before thatright iendes-France are en route to the Inter-Amenr- and is now Director of the Deing corporations n Rainbow City, daughter; Mr. an d
Accumulated under the willFrench tosew up firm Italan lecan Can session of the American parent of Surgery at Johns -called "blue baby" oper- the astern part of the UnitedMrs. George W. Ward, of Rathe
S programm" he said. backing during his official visit college of Surgeons being con- kiopkins University and HospitaLn Thomas Ew Dewey, former gover- gaping mouth of the crater on
= 1 to Rome this coming week. He ducted at the University of San He Is a me e r of an ro New York wl endnearby Ohm Islnd late ye City, son.
at f then will try to break down Ger- Marcos in Lima, Peru. ifesslonal groups, in the United Monday night at the White terday. They missed the lava opit
irp p hman o sections in talks with Dr. Blalopk is especially well States and abroad. Amon them e as pnama ent Esenhowers but were stranded on a rocky
chaceor Konrad Adenauer. known for his work in heart are the American Medca Asso- guest bruary 1951, unti ledge on the ide of the crater.
-seetPiaso em enueiyatiano the American Surgical'
flele ricesupport o- dyh e pi so e denu nAssociation, the Society of 11- Assistant press secretary Mur- Pol ice battling saulphurous
iAM. fe ence f erng from os congenital a nical rdiovasculargery, the Coleo Bras- ray syder told reporters today smoke and heat rescued them by
AIero de Cirurgioes, the Society that Dewey also will be one of means of a guide rope. The
W esonp t All Hdeoues mal ,,Mr.Fac" frui,, tlesslyputrheumatic heart dseof Thoracic Surgeons of Great the h uests at a White House stag young man suffered slight
S corn and wheat f the sixforward earlier versBritain and Ireland the Society dinner of his DrHawleywho University that same night bruises and the grl was hosp-Georgiain
rted th yer a me brief talk on the Impro e e de Chirurgic. He is reside Hon- allied with a serious leg injury
I I ema Lond and then the P arisy young of the British CarI e a eer d and loverss of bloodwere
..h-nlevel that prevaied before lie dia erman rearmament.Hi in medical ethics due to the work surgery at Vanderbilt Ungversity,ngewey aTo ent. ,,lpof.a,,,lp,,rous pit In

thea nble program was enact-ir of the American College of Su Dr- in 1925 Hawley is a graduate of Snyder replied that Dewey. who Mt. Mihara in the 1930s was
dneeons. and n om the Un1041hversity of Indiana, reIhas just returned to private law the .mecca of lovers who chose
Th e reduction will come, offallygather ora The two distinguished surg ceived his degree n medclne practice wa "ust getting out double suicide as a way out of
es t of Br-arrived on the Isthmus Friday Professo r and Professor cin Su At one," themilsr trot b es.
itcmsat alnd lpfromt the cur-m'At ihiteHOh psuicineact
6ImIpnt of acreage and pro- _atlm G..1 .. aboard the SS Mauretania. Then'egry at Vanderbilt Universityo"

S Ii ,a r e Francerare en route to the Inter-Amr- and is now Dire the trs AD-
naey Wmlated roade, rat.h eiw ilcrytoiS WupffrmItaanicansession fWSIG ..8-- T fia aer of the-
a a i w d e oinos unerli d Hst Thomas E. Dewey, former gover-.gaping mouth of the crater on
e r hisoito ninsne nor of Na o ew Yorrkee will s e n near hlmaislandlatee
So e ducted at the University of San He Is a member of many pro- Monrd:_hyms sdtelv

$od"h ...aosG rsetmeneeral h B luehhwer's Ctaff.rnrom
S fo C n chahceorKonradAdenauer. known for his work in heart are the American MedicalAsso ue.ledge on the side of the crater.
-claion,lthe American Surgicalovernor
b Say. .Resicuers i io nical Surgeryt the Coleng o Braonray tiyder told reporters today smoke and heat rescued them by

. a Dr. Hawley like Dr. Slalociektthat Dewey also will be one Ofmeans of a guide rope. Th
A A A11 MlfN Th is a member of a number of pGra the guests at a White House stag young man suffered slight

f tessiadal organizations, a g
Sthem the Americrlan theSociety dinner that same night bruises and the girl was hospi-
I orary Fellowans, of which he Britisha Farl- When a reporter asked if he and lo of blood
"031 Cap, .. He entered the U.S. Army.

w Mclan in 19land: aerry-
tt was Chief surgeon in the

_1"0-1-. In
.- "iu 6D tdl' J~l Jzm Iloa l i~ lq F e sa le 4 Ad :
a ll'"-" 1I T 9 : +- i a +lt 'l.. -. + -:--, .. .. .."-- -.- ;. -.
!9 W ,' ... .. .



--- --
r INISTERS MEET Indian Prile Mintater Jaw 'N
S(right),. confers with nurmese.Pri Mf tet
their separate. arrivals. In 8ingapot 2 ron
esia for an iAsiatic conference. Aftef the fers Nte
told newsmen in Singapore that the Jhle...
S"without going into the question" in Iti"at*
for the 11 American airmen Imprisonedm Rn Cl in

15 -2:39 PRICES 0 1 NLY'
I4:41 643 0.60-0.30 i s04:0 s
S:50 p.m. IS"1 i .0 .




|- 0.60-0.30

I I. *I IL li






I .

* a.

* -: ..., F, .