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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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"Letdfe people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.



$5,000 Contributed

Towards Reward Fund

To Find Remon Killer
More than $5,000 was contributed in less than two
hours today toward a fund to offer a reward for any in-
formation leading to the capture of the assassin or assas.
lim who: shot down and killed President Remon on the
k 'lht JoftJn. 2. Contributions wqre still being received.
.- -lited among the contributors are:
tAneto S. Boyd, Jr......$..100
g........... o o Dmmer elts Ned

Ama DelvaUe .............. 10
rdo AlsenmaJr........ 100 A contract for the shing
dl, OkGuardia, Jr... 100 Fo i n
Smoot ......... 100
ALA"..... o:100 un Swil boird
Alhftdo Alemin, Jr,.... 100 A -contract for the aftiishing
Carielos ta A........... 100 and installation of a ;switch-
r. Aria...... 0 board for the new GatuB hydro-
ertoS. Aros ..... .. 1 90 electric station las been nego-
Ricardo Adolo de la uar- 100 tiated with Louis R. Sommer for
Sdi .....................* 100 $71,332, by the Panama Canal,
eteio A *la Jr...... 10it was announced today.
gannodto Arlas, Jr......... 100
o Ariasr .......... 100 Bids for this i m, whiel was
'bs hMad ......... 100 .art of the gene al bid for the
Sardoze........... 100 furnishing and installation of
fermanos Motta ........ 0fur new genera and govflno;
x B. Maduro .......... 100 units, were open d Dec. 10 by
qmraMdo masts :....... 100 Co0l Hugh M. Ar old, engineer-
rt P ............. 100. ng and construq Ion director.
& T Irh ........ Ls !be awitchbol will ro t
2.sdmim B _'_ _. "-W~nt nl';1 Ilha fih--m 1A 0212nri

u nt

ARCHBISHOP FRANCIS BECKMAN commends the mortal remains of the late President Jose
Antonio Remon to his grave in Amador Cemetery. Identified among those around the prelate
are the members of the Venezuela Mission, lower, left, Father ClaveZ, secretary to the Arch-
bishop; Erasmo de ]a Guardia, legal counsel to the Fresldendca: Deputy Alfr do Aleman, Jr..
Otillo Ulate, ex-Presidnpt of Costa Rica; Alejandro Remon, brother Of the slali president the
former Comptroller-G0leral and current manager of the Bp caNadional, -nriqut'Obarrio,
a brother-in-law, and &jejandro de la Guardia, at left of thq Archbishop. A far right i De-
puty Ismael Vallarn jth Manuel Arias Espinosa beside ki*






The government of Panama has asked for the lo.
United States Federal Bureau of Investigation ag
aid the search for Sunday night's assassins of P
Jose A. Remon. a t
Panama has also asked for the loan of a similar'
from the nnvernment nf Ciikn q

It has become known in Pananmi th
was warned less than two weeks before
attempt might be made on his life.
Meanwhile, following President Rem6n's tremendous-
ly impressive funeral yesterday afternoon, Panam6 began
its return towards normalcy today.
Government offices and shops were open as usual,
but bars remained shut under the ten-day state of emer-
gency declared early yesterday by the National Assembly.
Arrests are reportedly continuing, and most recent
reports list 50 persons as being held in connection with
with the investigations of Panam6's_ rt police into the
assassination.' *

AtthArftlmM ih


that qut

at President ReM
his death th tj

the aaslnauton was
nist inspired." He t
reporter that Pr
was "a vigorous antiQj
In a Country higFhoi
MAUt target lat"
efi le It was a
A deep feeling or.
stiln In evidence
-g yesterday ga
th*fun seral
And there w Af"--'

* aft.

ames B es.......... f
Cailo rmuljeu ....... I
Arturo Mul ........... ,
Octaviao Fbreia ............
RaulJimenel .............. I
Raul Arango ............. I
oIgenes A. Ptno ....... 1
Fak Raymond ......... 1
Eene W ~th .........
Just& Fabla oAroemena..... 1
VaMco Arosemeta .......... 1
Alfonsorid ...............
Anonymous contributor. ,. 2
Labod_ w Ni

N~f TeRUB Luc

Ieo VIMfi~

LONDON, Jan. 4-(UP) The
opposeitn Labor Party pledged
itself today prot to reintoduce
food .tt mft-l f i t comes to
P~ p Britan's next general
jy election but sad It would restore
bulk buying ad might restore
I. the.M ry Food:
In a sa l of slabor policy
on agricultral sarketing the
Party ul&t would definitely not
einroce raloning, banished
frm twln by Pome Minister
Sir WltoV hurrhllW's Conser-
vatives the te lnnear-
]fly IS yegas last auiner. It Was
the firAt uch :promise made by
the labOritnes since they were
boeaeed from power in the 1951J
The document did not men-
tion the Food Ministry, abolish-
ed along with ratiatua, as such.
t1.' lBut it. aid a mInulitryto "coor-
dinateand eteh uatathe activities

MW :' the work
be -ar;,
1986 by time new m-
erators, are to be urn h-
ed and 4 b the general
electric o.. Whetady, New
York, will be-comp ed.
These generators and switch-
board are the-first e-ulpment to
be ordered for the inversion of
the Canal Zone paper system
from 25 to 00 cyclW current.
Bids were advertised early In
November obran6thr portion of
the conve~ioh -projeet. These
bids are for the construction of
a new electrical'eub-station at
Mount Hope. They will be open-
ed Jan. 1 at Balboa eights.

Jacobt Aeuz

Wats To live
In 'Fre' France
PARIS, Jan. 4 (UP) Former
President' Pacobo Arbe z Guz-
man of Guatemala said in a
newspaper interview today that
he would like to live in France
because it is a land "of liberty."
Still in France after changing
hotel to escape publicity, the
former pro-Communist" Guate-
malan leader said that he had
made one crucial mistake during
the armed revolt which ended his
political career.
i"My only major error," Arbenz
said in an interview with the
newspaper Le Monde, "was to
belelve until the end that su-
perior officers of the army would
have a patriotic reaction toward
this aggression directed from

a, ^ .; '
'a -,.


AMONG THOSE PAYING their respects yesterday while the body of PresfdeUt Remon lay In
staid in the cathedral were Justices of the Panama Supreme Court Ricatrde A. Morales andEn-
rique, Gerardo Abrahams. &




*r : w "

E |
W i

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Who followed the
wrs him brother A-
ite ait oftt af I

the late
Al M

me Anto-
a and his
fnakn a

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ca!iedtjIeyaiatt Oetld the raW In.
any of Panaews known oppid. l4, firing an U owd l o....
tiUdn gunmen would have been urat into the liughte Iwtndd reses
capable of such efficiency. of the bar to keep the suaur- Posed of p r
vers' heads down. as well a top
An eyewitness said the three In New York, Erneeto do la friends and reltiv
killers first fired a brief burst Ossa, head of 'the Panamatiaan president.
from their submachineguns, ap- delegation to the Ltited Na- The aservno yesteci
parently M warning, and then tons, said last night he believed (Ceitibs eO Page P I


The Washington Post comment-
ed on the assassination of Pres-
ident Jose Antonio Remon in an
editorial today which said in
"By general acknowledgment
the assassination has robbed
Panama 6t it ablest leader and
most successful executive in
many year. 'Chichi' Remon's
record was a curious one.


MONTREAL, Jan. 4 (UP) -
The Montreal Star in an edito-
rial today said:
"If, as reported, Panama's
slain President Remon heard
rumors some weeks ago of a plot
to murder him and was.not suf-
ficiently impressed to have them
investigated, it is to be regretted.
Perhaps he trusted too much in
the fact that the political record
of his country, though marked
by characteristic Latin American

"Before assuming the presi- turbulence, was free of presiden-
dency after what many persons tlal assassinations. He was more
charged was a rigged election in soldierly than prudent.
1952, he had been known as Pan-
ama's strong man and king- "e was at one Panma's
maker because of his position as first resident to fal victim to
head of the national police; and, halNu' gu=s a nd evidently
ironically, he had at various her best residentL He was a.
times supported Arnulfo Arias. Pr.ofs.0l 1 soldier, came
"When Remon took office pruminemnce first as head o
there were indications that. he his country's polUee force..
might become the Peron of Cen- "He appears not to have been
trail America. His attractive wife personally ambitious, but became .
sometimes was likened to Eva active politically through his
Peron because of her participa- diastate for the disorder and cor-
tion in public affairs; and at ruption in the nation's affairs.
one time she publicly spanked "In order to stabilize a confus-
the United States for the failure ed situation which saw a proces-
to adjust Panama Canal tolls. slon of men going through the
"But the man who was ex- presidential palace, he permit-
pected to be a dictator con- ted his own nomination in 1952,
founded his critics by not be- was elected, and in the inter-
having like one. Remon brought evening. years had done much to
to Panama an unparalleled straighten out tangled finances
fiscal and political tranquility, and stamp out widespread cor-
and he instituted basic reforms ruption.
in such vital areas as Income "His tragic death is a remind-
tax regulations. er that in much of Latin Amer-
"If his rule was not democra- ica the processes of democracy
tic in the strict sense, it at least have still taken but shallow root
tolerated the opposition and a- in soil poisoned by violent emo-
voided the repressions assoclat- tion and passion."
ed with many 'strong' Latin-A-
merican regimes. Remon's man- Pope Suffers
ner was unpretentious, and he -
was genuinely popular with the Retrn Of Hiccups,
people. Recently he added to this CC S
popularity by his successful ne- lr To D
gotiations with this country fori arnea 10 1Rest
overdue adjustments in the Pan-
ama Canal treaty. VATICAN CITY. Jan. 4 (UP)
"These adjustments reportedly -Ailing Pope Plus XII suffered
raise the annual rental from a return of his hiccups last night
$430,000 to $1.9o0,00. return cer- and his doctors have warned him
tain areas to Panamanian con- again against overwork.
trol and end the long irritating The Papal physician, Dr. RIe-
racial discrimination by provid- cardo Galeazzl-Llsi. told the Ts-
Ing equal pay for equal work. year-old Pontiff he must Wet
"UnddstandaMy, the murder more t, Vatican sources
has shocked and stunned Par- today.
ama. TilM Central American ally
will have the Mastee sympahty justice J will be able to
of Its frlnds h4 this country, calmly te los and
jwho a -o ill o .e It a- It at- the gp work that P
*. -. -'" .
-; '-.*-* */'- '* .-t--*^ S..-

LONDON, Jan. 4 (UP). -A
London Times saW today U
"The comparative eelr
has cehaacezd *9wsS
paltics. in t" pkg
hJM been hBo sf b I*
"Ar hWping,
flueul o an -
an. fd t 90m

Very fr A*


equality wnth

for the removal
and superiority, i

makey why hewa
service. n who .

nomut n o rtbqrhot
no hfurthsr&

ahuf -


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DIO A. ONUIVLL.E Ino, And IThe Fliers' Lives Are Not All That's at Stake l lIW B
7. H STREIFT P.o0. BOX 134. PANAMA. Ft. OP P."And
e a 1X,72 CENTRAL AVENUE BETWEEN i2TH AND 13TH *TKr / uO tlID T t I I S T90ACe t

hleaks as if the Elsenhower admin- Knight Enowlandl

s-w, .. s os w we n e adsl entbandied about by the Trteqe u ti desfiotl fI t lT
FORUM THI RADERS OWN COLUMN nation attempts, dynamiting of scoffed at br used otorbe
cars and home, beating the looks as if le Eisenhower admin.
manipulation d millions of area istration had developed some in.
-Lt i wI i a nofrom union welfare funds. leaders I teresting t ch s ow iee ia* S
aJ- '' E Iof the incoming Congress planHereare some ilustraton: wom Vice Pr t NS
Si quietly to kill all probf Of mob. On Feb. 1 1 this wrter says he is not for
run unions. reported that Attorney Genral
"--*- Even the attempted murder 6f .., It not a crime er ir
e Ml x is n on forum for r f Tde Panama Amenrian the waterfront's Icne ctusader. the a n lrd athewr n riod thei fr
-A##" ismI B Ed groateully nd ar handled in wholly confidethl Seafarers' Uoni chief Plul BeH11 ,ro sin
which now is beginning to involve i regarding the purchase o th nited Sts. It's the
i n eotribute a le ter don't be impa tiet If It doesn't appear the powerful Midwest "Mr. Big," government l tankerse for whic A rian w fdi ,
LaFers are published in the order received not stirring the new eh el of o es Ju e Department la lt
ry to keep the letters limited to one page length. the congressional commies. o ndiced the same firms. Net a that M w
y to writers is hld n strictest confidence. No seriouseffrt will be made da Browne denied the story. et alo with Senator
app d l et ter wrmterisa I thelda to.wntredtestd thneaaory.
; newspaper esumm e no responsibility for sttementr, rs -ilons on the Hi l-ae.ording t press e nt ID 21 Attorney Geeral te U.S. Senate-even thou
p6im letters from readers. plans-to put the heat on shady lI BrowneUl ap earng in federal don't lke each .m .
-.c od l characters terrorizing honest la-B court under oath aditted te aeems anxious to maintall e
bor leaders, union rank-and-filers I truth c what he had dm4eed on3 ae dma t .
SAN ANTONIO BUGLE and businessmen. tfheb. 15t. cl eba to t aendye o!
Ban Antonio, Tex. Murderous civil war is breaking 2. On De. ecret o
S The number of requests that I write on e Pan files accumuated y crack i vese- Iutoar. p res co nference S at ncheo asd D g i i
&a American almost obliges me to think up something to i actors at the cost of re a press confered a "snge t efficient
8 at least once a week I give mail service. o thousands of dollars in the past r polie effientr
You may not know it, but our present Postmaster General two years will be destroyed or d- military defense \orders in a
lapped tm America in the fact with an Act of Congress sealed. Unless that is, there is an e big omnanles. Hi denial t has been hushed but
Or agrment with the postal union by raising the letter postagecutery from the people. That's a made desp n nves
1zn1 Snd tre with teB extn o rogeem maope.n ntv t- uhst i ci ce Dseparment N takd -
rom to 8 cents, and extra postage on magazines andredit. Hold mb e to it. od by Seator K ver int anta of the n
te instead of mob probes there will ccelaton ol Chrysler tank an a to try to ge ot off
ToLadles Home Journal that I send to a friend In Panamabe intensive investigation of big tracs in avor of neral Motor. w
O .extra 1.50 postage. business. tracts e cancatovr o f General m omt g
S 1 hbe get away with it? I know that he is up for in- The first such inquiry into indus.- ot he amaellr ontrat n favor o Ji e c r eds ra
Sva-utiUon by the new Democratic Congress. and from what try wll become a "billion dollar loaedll rmtat i n favor of .. re .
I have already learned there will be a hot time. story." I've been told. It will look Remn larby newsmen hat ae.s ed
The President wanted Congress to raise all rates to provide intobthe synthetic rubber- fields. 1 the secretary of defense gr
Iei a raise in pay, but they refused. Spearhead of the opening drive efficient prcducer"policy-inIaflvt re ea
Qur mail our biggest educational medium and we are go- against i st w Hou fficient pr d i heonl Aendent clai their a-
gaiaiE ES na w Idt toy wiethothe meo i e u e e A endht e l sihess chae irs .
.rto fight to a finish to keep a revenue-hungry bunch rom Judiciary Committee under the 153 the secretary of defense in swers might Incrimate the.
ch-king it to death. chairmanship of Rep. Emanuel ed and said: "I have held no off- To force w At.
SQmething ee next week. Caller. riis story asould begin tDhe-ecord press conference sincetorney Geneal Dwrownetlha'
W. J op) Wrgt breaking some two weeks after then." C ided to test the new imunt
-. e--*- --- .- --- .Congress convenes, according to e a on De Ne at law passed at the last aso
Answer to Previous Pzzle Mr. Celler's timetable. p oas e.He will ot e the witesc
Soup to NutS The congressman hopes to show Vice President Nixon bad inte. ntke against prmoeeuts
dss1 t ar It a tie-up between big business and veied to Pdend tt Ni t he security t'e o n t-
7i .
the administration. His target will
WN the sale of most of the 27glearane of atomic scientist Dr.
SACROIS DOWN be the sale of most of the 27 o- Edw ard U. ond on be revoked. u-staorn. I Cwthy retue, t ey
m Carros a- ernment-owned synthetic ru er oweverub onu Isn cOarg th -
roast of 1Curots nd plants to private corporations. At Butte Mont Vice Presidn on i .fact, te J e
e this writing, 23 of these plan ts nly boasted that he had person-this has already used a ct o,
4- chos 2 eraldic band have been sold-some still with.- ly intervened in the Condon case. e s t
4 d o nut spgress.Al-ie made similar statements g in s we rs.t.f
-,-and 3 Ersys out the required approval of Coni d l an Bs H tl tne mm
d ofa nu rste "is -rl but relented rather this fae es
S 5 Algerian city This okay may not be fortheom- other cities ug tempt ar
S'dsnn In Waihnnntgnnrma
S Washing ing from the new Congress, now calls
S |o ian machine narrowly held by the Democrats. I I I rect because Nixon h Another witness has adiate h
7 Knowledge 25 Helen of 40 French seaport Their strategy is determined by Iateren through the office of wi- talk I the Justice
S1 oward the 8 Sounder Troy's mother! Fsshiou this narrow majority. The Demo- i Attorey Gneral rowune ot wl eart e d
S heltered side mentally 26 Dinner 42 Soft shell crats whose northern power l ret to the secretary of the Navyer a witness who are ix,
I Cakes and B Fih sauce receptacle 43 In this place springs mostly from labor's pre- WASHINGTON --(NEA)- Clar- In spit eof this, Mr. Randa lll ic, textile and other industries tN riS e ted p ther mh
u 10For fear that 27 Remorse 44 Employer cinct manpower and finances ence Raind chairman of the bearded the lion in their Waldorf- whica must compete with imports N N Dw be ted for ont
I anhspd IIHardy heroine3 m 4,Rmove will nt atemt to introduce new board of nl and Steel has been Astoria banquet room den, and will. II ne up with therai beo l probably will t esut oa a as-
als 17M- n a 2hDert~ 47Revets laws which the labor popl want. having atogh tine trying to put tried to tell hem the facts of for- against the program whenen Another interesting xon st pree Court test o the law va-
I. Toast colors 1 Destnies e e -e believed would join with the Re- ei tra proam. But at last helmo"ern mgsp... .e onmtMeans Coumittees begin y b chiesr iins -" r-
Enine .rdl. r snt ina defTeating suoe motm so seems to be making progress. n As he was coming down in the on uedislation to ery "onut themanIger ani i his ra fbus r t .as
.Cleaving tool Slanting type 0 Three (prefxc) Therefore the Democrats wl Sine rin ,Ji out offelevator next morning, a couple i RtndeComtmission program. Hou ofntivsradtheU
concentrate more on investigation the Randll Commissio f 17 Con- whom he didn't know reognd The hancesfor passage House of Representatives nd the
Sethan on labor legislation. e a nd bus ers last him and smiled. The man spoke to three-yer aunsioo tie trade i.x t ha
27 Wooden plug I And'their cetratlon wm beJanuary, Mr.. Raneall as been Mr. Randall and said:W" /ofamhar omde aNixon telephoned Califorli as-t.Mli Inro
on big business-a move labor will working half-time asa Cte House "Come here, brother, and shake a look l-oa r t~ term en thanto they s influence Stheselered i.
"OZP I pr ma A hsaona aid w as
hiUnCongressforamterexc consultant. He has wed the hands. Gad, how I loathed every did a year ago. In the last Con-Ho ofth.Al len ith as
prgo to o sadkee if aege bugsword yes said l night But you sA e-year ex so ao
..t e mp olitie a cpH-pAndheas list Her ne o er ted m wibfie." n the a itinat eoUl od I c, h. Ci 6
Ro m af IreI ital out of this probe o big oil talk etia f "r d a e r e.o w ig rep ortedhainbern el a th t 5o m of. .o .s. r

-b" ....... ...... a oImei oh re "" th ..... coulr be..... .. -b;r STONY aLeNCE t haw ..t.t
aind rubber companiesnwhic hsubjectc. Assurancesho bend ali- W oo witG tryinge1 )4h
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IIRubber oducng FaeliUties Disa thi eoaui We".Van all, VallI ti eo u4&ilitkltl inW
pr osal Commission.f ets Im to boe al for b expandi0 i ie nterference.f ln n w t

Vda owcia s Theo op One of his prize e speeches on this eignade. It's the mhen whoaetoGe l the bottleOaPa.I is JeW tausoeR -ne x- t C
Se in es paid by the ompasubject was made before the big divided, sage will be bitter.Just how bi ter California between Sna o O so ; vsO

ThnatDstea b On 'offrsthis npritzeadech thissig a de. its thno e me n wt a reson o Gohe iteosle bate es 0. i He's elybarNracetaking place.In I mio r T eo
tor t h nAtew ,e. pr .a baraLrcmsioe itturers Ams., in New reork. This and a m eu are for It.lby the expenqne of Mr. Re aeondalls onte "s ie" PhN tm er r fmCres be
onl leaders have 60 days organization in the cun- .r farmers, is s d t recently cancelled n wino the GOP on the othe nt Deense Secretary 'A.
Wnoodwyflr uis b e ae ta tttw h e middles The national ,abr union ortan. s order bt e l au nse of th e pr ndeet I
which 71 t revie the oenmnadtherat on whoi l reciprocal trade ians are for it-AmericaFed part the Chairman has laedinA IE lbo
U --hi e -it.on.rthe.a l nisbelcome dPed., "
fore ses t t McDonald, bead ofthe stl- California delegates to the next department' sl eg ias sal ai v ..
Sa sb o stp business are for i t. coI es wo]Mr. rnall on many a labor con- an attempt to make its callers
nicnameically for politics, according tohave to compete wi t imports trat, was public member of the take Inland off their trades. tally the presidency of the United e t a e
.. Desserts th e Democrats. Some are in Cali- roabroad are dead against It. Radall hCompSion an d voted "ha shows how ti..... s Clat ur un e n, t
S ti o'_-.. .fornia, Texas Kentucky and West NA igs-so divided on th subject rt aleongdT the chairman o are, owwthe game be aStakes C irIois legselat u the bate ino tn t
.3-rNA ..ich W .... .. .. ...) diviDodon td .. I .e G D t oo Cooa n arenof he gam e is be. ., th,
-...Virginia. Others ar catter .that i refuses to take any policy pracicay ever Iue, played for te prie in s m on as psib
across so wide a territory. that. thati n of t own o the q ueston But m any e o cal unions of seua-e.on t oe ri isse
the entire nation will bintresButedt and ........-ns.... ..
iae-B Ge,' In the furor Congress and labor. SN LEC A h .... The new arangemeot" _
"A E";I'Swill raise duringbthat et-ray pe-ort t SILENCE ..s a.h" t dowN.Y.tSt.-,
IIeIl/There will be no White House Whenl bl w writer twas id Calmfor-lne (s a way fo t.,
emiand for renewal of the old con-in ,ue 'ny 'ewnYo r-
IeIdIamin is tr a to nn s otnIn ste a d u t, .iS m it fo e nale ',i n So u h =di e l w it C n r s.
the.c- Gregory Pecks next bride has tor gave le ld Californm-

i iA FIOi i l-" ') bracelet and rep'L ort -tosfi .. tt.i. ,,Jane lea.n .., wood H ,s het N.Y. State -,, ..I

,I ---- .b S bongos for hours at l1 cialite Laurie Topping and Gordon I
Warner Brothers are frewningalmost nigtly) is Ed Copp make Luehow's their rendez.
because "Star Is Born" is makinag E of the Lehman Banking woo ... Ilsders hear Carmine Deo
scads of loot for the tax dept and fltu Y. just can't count money Sapia (new Soe7 of N.Y. State)
the east. D&t not for little Jack all dayl. ... Fu Man Chu, who and Paul Butler (of the Dem o.
Warner, who sits in his corner, stage the horror show. "Daugh- High Command) do not see eye to
AIAINST RIBBING-Defense Starry Charles counting hs less than 15 percent. ter of Satan," is ackehelly named eye on PresMi t for 196. Carmine I
k bing a good*-natured "Sall .uy," boeane a pIrma- I I i.. ."Ghme Of Love," the French David Smterg. is committed to Gov..Elect Hamr-. .
ist r.0 t Ow "Saints and SinnMbf" a W.Ilton, D. C., .-film (playing to capacity houses man and stler to Stevenson. In- .
epla. He 9 shown on ventrieqai m B i gago I*4s at the Barnet), is banned in 8 the-knower report Mr. Truman /
placingsl Chlea McCarthy, durbl a eme W part e thetia*th ,* cities for bing too saucy. .. .Pi- John Alexander, who created I no longer doiae the Party .
Th* "Devil" In the background Is WIlliam A1 M wk anist Adriftae Kent. realty heiress the. Teddy Roosevelt role in the'Pat ar a, e thrushes ian
mtr le the Internia~tional O e Cg utte;3.l\l ~ gand ftosg artist, eloped to Mis- play "ArLemie and Old Lace" (and Steve Al-'s mighth" show Is
,..-N* sh --a** ppi with publishing executive in the movie and on radio), will back im lrcuiatit ... Wm. liar.
S.Norm Chase., .-.Carol Ann aexl do It with Helen Hayes On shall (he played Lord in
some hostesses are so afraid a fIn and rank Hawkes blend in'tee Jan. 5t .... Tr '~ Green PtulOes") and Cecilia
fro etontn. ylvania. ifu, -' I o R ed VTeehn. Bi M a e

1i nWt Phi"ip r B ithet eCrewaCutm reds )o hsn "Animal_ FR'g I a sab e "haer
.,,apt1W theJ r "%sit-,M.ct rr O 8M

Al" l b ol n r lat ia S-t.- a s.thI-. tem e t o has less tdhan ap detoO Queep ber,' hneent jumped ts e m C wfthl *
iM e him, har'etertain-h e D..-utsteatyouSrhis earnings Vf t ls 's .w -a .. hame.
aSa lmemgi y ._m e.. ..if-Imogene Coca kidnapped a top. tt..W.._- .. -
.-fnmfml gaa-ft no w s. writer. M,(y Webster) from tJads -.ho' '..I
46M 'm.o.....i. Ca"0"4 19 "61- sebIs19.hII*WWI Ua
w a k 2 1 C e i b a o f 1 1 slCaap o h o:l .f
.....^ -in af, '- '- ....l II g .u
G4IL 4i~,- i

, ., m -p. -, W. WW^WF^-. .. ,
-,. g s ,^-flR -. -

- -II~.~

_ '-'~ --.. sp..~

* 'U
* K *~ .,;F&


- Tle ly witaSm_ -to be called said the Southern Districts was of truffle, if you wash. Fill the
were the owneri o- the ship and altered to conform, mold full with the lobster mix-
persons comnewdT with the ship He also disclosed that the South- ture. Place in a pan of hot water
ping company, -gr said, but le ern Districts ran aground at tam- and cook, either over a low flame Se I
added tiat te Coast Guard also pa, Fla., prior to its disappear- or in a moderate oven (350 de.- a a /
hoped to find out now a vessel of ance. grees F.) until set. This should
the Sothern District's sise could Shortly after the vessel vanish- take about 30 minutes. Unmold on
"difap War so cppeely." ed, the Coast Guard revoked all a hot platter and decorate with
cerficates permitting unlim i t e d mushrooms which have been *
Tse freighter was two days -out ocean and coastwise sailing of poached briefly in the white wine
Of port In the Gulf of Mxiqeo 1T-type vessels operated as (or clear stock).
when report was-.reeeived merchant ships by commercial
but a -ea$thy search of the muth. interests.Prizes Awarded


TUMBLING FOR- BYS i'w.J.-an.4 (UP) .
.' "Pirst 1955 Maby Contest" spon-
an Ty& TeT for-Cr sorsanbetter hy sponsoring, a T
contest for the first calf and W S
ie PrehnMM Tots.F mr el was born at. S FORDS,
:u, Mi am; ss-day on the Charles S Jt3m 7
H amu1 r ".t( J.. wY.. So|usa faram near q I Gray, and t
am mpalgs f r se cteimawr the |t i tter of Tpigs was born tIi Mt ifMilit
r l W rmsai. C sat 1751. at '-a-a. S_ th eorM cawler a n N
faim me wr t sin.. s i e
mw Uprim wetsnIaoo Ol

t -'-. ..-.-.

- C C'

, 7 :. A ... ,'
I:. '= ^*^

50 .7,.-Ane s US PutsManyNewAreas

t.34' .,pa- Off Limits To Russians
. w t -' -
S.,,,a W ,M. B Pfl 3,/ 7 ,,,LU L m,,, a, s4 &P I e t WASHINGTON, Jan. 4 -.-(UP) Ala., Gadsden, Ala., Memphis,
-I .J .." --United States yesterday impos- Tenn.
.-. vf t miJ p P.m. 1-0740 0741 Lm.. 9:00 to 10 a-a. -o ed tight, new travel restricticas Travel will be permitted in cer-
4. wi Pd 4074c' 2071 on Soviet diplomats and other tain cities located in otherwise
Rupsian citizens for reasons of closed areas, such as:
S EfEL tt PLAN ED NESDAY "reciprocity and security." I Chattanooga, Tenn., Knoxwille,
; EVNIGO O JOHN M. NI The move nmakesRussians n Tea.Nashvill; exepeporareas.
TH manfy freds of John M. Kennedy sparked by a group the same r uls that apply to A- and counties closed to travel by
within Local M of the National Federation of Federal Em- mercians working or visiting In Russian citizens:
ployes, have organized a dinner and get-to-gether Wednesday the Soviet Union.
nilht as a send off for tie popular Isthmlan, prior to his Alabama-Colbert Lauderdale
deoature LFiday to accept a permanent appointment in the c notice for ilsse, I tSId The order closes to Runsian Limestone, Madison.
Uned tate hold submitted IN type- travelers most U. S. bo N r Georgia Bryan,
Unia svut .... ws,#tte term and malned to one offer a- Georgia Bryan Bulloc k,
The dinner will be held at the auspices of the program commit- sua'd uth use e d ieeiw. r easd cd o r ey poins, includ- Bsrke, Chatham. Effingham. Jen-
Army-Navy Club in Ft. Amador, tee of the YMCA, whose chairman by and I. the .Zilee. Noues Of 16 cities in otherwise open areas. Richmonda cen
at 7 p.., and the sponsors nope is Robert Worsley. meeting caume t a*eept 1 by to le. erwe p eas south Carolina-Alken, A I I e n-
tnat all of John many friends p, eState Department spoke m e n dale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Beau-
e ere. o Johne c will many e Birth Annosacemetid Arkansas, Florida, Oregon, fort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colle-
cua be tuare. 'Ike cuut will o e Birth Announcement Mississippi, North Carolina, Utah, I ton, Dorchester; Hampton, Jas-
$2.00. per person. i SPC and Mrs. Charles N. Lit. Cristobal Woman's Club Vermont and Wyoming were not oper, Orangeburg.
nennedy was at one time the tIe announce the birth of their Cancels Meeting involved in the new order e Tennessee-Anderson, Bedford,
Consul ad honorem 6f the Repub- third daughter Lorraine MargaI The Cristobal Woman's Club The restrictions are an Tennessee-Anderson, BedfordCamp-
hec ut Panama--nm es JMoine, to0- ret on Dec. lith. at Murphy r.ill not meet tomorrow out of re- slon of regulatIns Issued in 1952 bell Cannon, uheatham, Camp-
wa. He held this office simultane- my Hospital, Waltham, Mass aspect to the late Presidont. There which limited official Soviet re- umbeland, Dthn Ca y,
ously witn that Deputy bi a ite Sgt. Little is now serving at Fort will be no meeting this onth. resentatvesto -mi Coee Cub ad,s
Coiptrplier for the State of Iowa. Dix in New Jersey. from the centers of Washington DekFralb Dickson, e n t r e s s,l-
he oecaime so interested in tne, The maternal grandparents are Fleet Reserve Bingo and New York City except with Frato iin Gles, HoGrundy, Hamil-
small republic at the Cross Roads Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Schrifgiesser Branch 59, Fleet Reserve Asso- previous notification. The Ru 8- to, Hickman Houton, Humph
of tie worla through his colnotuar 96 Sunrise Drive, North We y elation and the Ladies Auxiliary sians were permitted under the reys, Jacson Knox, Lake, Law-
acvities, that in 1945 he took Imeuth, Mass. are sponsoring a bingo in the original rules to travel beyond MceMinn. Linco ln, Loudon,Mar
leave ot absence from hisposition The paternal grandmother is White Hats Club, Coco Solo, 8, to- those points on 48 hours written shall, Maury, Meis, M o n r o e,
to visit here. This visit has now Mrs. Carl Rowsing of 1632 ast morrow, notification. Montgomery, Moore, Morn, 0-
extended to a nine year stay I Avenue, Clermont, Florida. This is the first tme -that the vertonPmery, PckMoorett, Morkan, Put-
aenneuy pertoamed various au. At present Mrs. Little is stay. Hamadan Grotto U. S. government has set up out- vertonPerry, ane RobPickett, P o n,Put-
diung seA vices in Panama, and Ing at the home of her parents Meeting of-bounds areas andclosed cities Rutherford, Scott, Robequtchiert son,-
early in 194 was employed in the e Hamadan Grotto will hold a for Russians. Ame r i c fn d in vier, Smith, Stewart, 8 u m n e r,
SinSARCAe B e auha since be f special meeting on Saturday ussia have been confined by Trousdale., union Van Bure n,
USARCARIB.Re h as since been N Ll p.m at the Wirz Memorial such rules for many years. Warren,Wayne, White, William-
promoted to benir A or, e Lodge all, Baloa. The State Department said t son, Wilson.
position he held up until this time.ha bd h opedrelatively son
.he hansnWr omsegnedttoby acceptunsFOsan shllr o iwude-d t i.entby Russashre wou oen.
position in private Induistry-in-the Meets Tomorrow courage the Kremlin to relax .1t
bStates, and will sail on the USNS The annual meeting of he Ca- travel restrictions.
Gibbons Friday. He exppets to RIPLEY, O.-(UP)---Believe if nal Zone Girl Scout Council will restrictions
make.-is pea manente somein or not, but eight-legged frogs are be held tomorrow. The meeting "Uafortunately this oMeeta-
Southern Caolernia. Jumping all over Oliver Rush's will be held at the Albrook Offi- tiea has not been fulfiled and
hennedy an pt.amps best known, farm pond near here. cers' Club starting at 9 a.m. to today ar nomately 30 per and
and by the most people for his No one seems to know why, but be followed by a luncheon at of th e land a rea of the USSR F th
tree year term as reaiaent of scientist frm tWn universities are noon. remaint closed to ravel by A y to the
Local 5 .5 of the NFFE. His rec- determined to find the answer. rl c to tr f
ord in this job was outstanding, Rush first discovered the strange Highlighting the meeting will be merie clthsens or other for-
and his efforts, both as president, cr e at u r e s last September. He the election of new Board mem- eigeors, the department said.
and since have been unuring. He caught eight of them after notic- bers to carry on the work of the It's the grandest way N
was not a mant to alk about his ng each had more than the nor. Council. There are some eighty. The new restrictions. u n d e r
accomplishments, but there ar e mal number of legs. four Girl Scout Troops, includingn which Russian citizens will be cooperates with three c
many people in the Canal Zone to Some found their wa to Dr. Rob. Brownies, Interme d a t e s, and barred from about 27 per cent of agencies to offer you a
nay woo nave great reason to bLeit Hefner.- head of Miami 1O.) Senioers). with over 1100 girls the United States, were outlinedaagenitherS.ost,
greatful to Kennedy and his quaj University's zoology department., registered under the Canal Zone in a lengthy vote from Secretary o're in the USA. Cost
lilies of intelligent perseverance I never saw or heard anything CounciL of State John Foster Dulles to So-
and diplomacyigent perseverance like it" Dr. Hetner said. 'Oh, a viet Ambassador Georgi N. Zaru- as little as.$6.00 a day
? L few isolated instances ,of 'multi- Committee reports for the year bin.
Kennedy was -also active in oth- legged frogs but never more thap 1954 and the treasurer's annual .They apply to about 368 RuB- including everything. If
er civic activities among the cvi- 2 in a single pond." report will also be included in the sians in the United States. There check this with your ne
n eply of the Armed o Ohio State University so has umeetin .l T. are about 130 Americans in the
muaneplsoft h rm aed OioStaeUnvrsiyasoh as .Rusot g bSoviet Union who are governed subje s change Without no
es. H6e w active In the manage- been.supplied some specimens for president, will conduct the meet- by Russian travel restrictions. -
Chiva Taril and assisted in the or- of-bng. Many ofor the areas ruled o ut-
ganization of the Crundu Swim- The principality of Liechtenstei All Council members: leaders, atomic, military or prime indus
mg Pool organization carnivals one of Europe's six smallest na-. assistant leaders, program con- trial centers. The reasons for
He was & charter member ofrthe tons, has been a sovereign state sultants, Associate members and including others were less eob.
USARCARIBALR Federal Cre d i t since' 112.Poised in the Alps be. Board members, are expected to vious.
Union,,*- hkas. served continuous, tween Switzerland andA b attend th, aexpcdous.s s0rIaMM
Uso n MP a sind A ?tr3, Ao t 50 other Russians attach- B. d
lyir sintheof. Heaugu present ano- htestein covers 61 square I ed to the United Nations Secreta- or Braniff o Avenid
member of the s atisoresen t the istoto embsia e the aDime Ae Ys riat are not governed by the new H El Peansm6 3-
member of the l aory board >in o umbia. nVtCRs, on T eouldti C" to reckoe
which audits the affairs of the ambThOtaeda f regulations notdfficenotd
Credit Union. f R a The State Department note o
rJohedi mO's affclations eck DD S c t. hat inJune, ol, Russia re. -
both aid FourthfJulyAven- l l t .... Regis dueed the ist areas and cities a
nboth siden 1. sa Fourth of July Avon-. e saw. th r ni.?rwt. cuse les aeis E closed to foreign traveL it msaid
iueAinT.iR., p e i oiayhue_,GR $ t .. T Is.T a Red wa .

M .SO an h anasa4 ong bac r IV samonc A o p p ast, s ere er mtani d o
thing- Is than. will lead him to Th me. -ye. r a oma-e poeend an ste uHowevert mi ht ,no thing elserso
returned again, If only for one more thought to get his name.-arrived We wont to a regal hmehe In evehe en done
drink of Chagres water. at the station a few minutes after New York given y Mmine. Ory The United tes said It
or train number 120 had pulled out Ronderer of Reims, France. The would be wil lol to reemslder
Square Dance Graup. for Sheboygan. enu: clear consomme with hot Its &.strictleais lasia would
Relsumes Tomorrow cheese sticks, lobster mousse St. do likewise.
The Square daned group which While he still was contemplating Regis (a ring filled with lobster Apart from the reciprocity an-
has been so popular at the Balboa his misfortune, he saw the train meat, paussels, truffles and tin gle, national security was consi-
YMCA-U80 and which was dis- coming back into the station-back. bits of puff pastry, served with dered in setting up the new regu-
continued 'for the holidays will re- wards. puree of lobster sauce), French nations. Numerous members of
sume tomorrow at 8.00 p.m. rolls, endive and watercress salad Congress have charged that So-
Clarence L. Folles and J. Ross "Okay. eld-timer. Here's yor with olive oil and wine vinegar, a vie citizens here have engaged
Cunningham are the chief callers train," he was told. fresh fruit compote of grapefruit, n espionage.
for these programs. They have a Happy and incredulous, he got pineapple and oranges, fancy little Dules said in his note to Za-
repertoire of over one h u n d r e d aboard. He didn't know that the cookies, strong coffee. For those rub that travel will be permit-
dances. diesel locomotive had failed and who wanted It, French champagne ts throughout the U n I t e d "
There is no charge for this prog- that the train had been backedto was served from crystal bottles. States except in border zones
ram. It is conducted under the the Green Bay depot for repairs. Mine. Roederer, a widow is now described in the note, and in
incomplete charge of the 189- states, counties and cities listed
ear-old champagne firm bearing as out of boundils. te
,-Alh her name. Friendly, chic, alert, The department ited among
freighter Southern Districts 24 A ship resembli she seemed to reish the exquste the cities in otherwise open areas
foodhour aft an empty lifh herAmerican rng onc which will be closed to travelby
guests.Sviet citizens wth Russian pass-
For a very specin l holiday lunch- tegg DALLAS Tex, Jan. 4 (UP)- s:
Converted LT, laden with -or apparition-could be eon party, you may wnt to dpaprik AtlantaGa., Bdirector gen- m,

a cago of ulphur, left P rt of Hatteras the famed "grave nd cups heavy eard, uthoter, 24 r al of Unescoityaid today he be

NSulph ORLEANS, Jan. 4 (UP) east gulRock yard of and the entire Atlantic" the next mu"Fishr Cookery," how to dupliate wine ees t possible or the Allies
r.-A "routine" Coast Guard invest Seaboard failed to turn up a cLue ime, Roederer's lobster mousse, Believes All-e

tigtion began toaynto the mys- to the whereshibou, the Souf then Isouth B elow is his obswer meat with the a n a enee become another legend of broke in halresembin an Altant storm was n e blade, putting it through the forve out telr
the sea. oep le ffr Cape Hatteras Oct. 5 1951, grder twice. Or you may pounds
was found on a Florida beach. NC., but no trace of the vessel One pound lbaster meat, 2 egg DALLAS, Tex., an. 4 (UP)-

Thname nvashore offST, laden wlth -unchr app lifeboat, however, aund whitesugh alt, puree machine o r a n Luther Evans, d sretor getn-
F la. but the fate of the crew ret off Hatterase rescu famed, fin e sieve. Place a bowl ovtter, can'4 t be usedo. said todmilitary rhe be-
malped unknown. Milton C. Jackson, presidentyard of the Atlanticf cracked ice, place' the nextmixture ine ps.i he i t possible for the Allies
theport, e but vanished two days day. (or clear oand, with a wooden to develop the atom Inte aro-
A Coast Guard spokesman said charrew, ss A sisterhed the Southern Districts, poon work in salt pepper andwith theonally for peaceful purposes MELENDEZ Aenery
today's hearing by a coast guard told the Coast Guard that 8. Six of the -paprik to taswhite wiand the heavy without Involving the military
life aring the v estig tio n ofls the 3 Southerewmen Islesre ab e to spoon. Next, put the xturaspects of the problem in It."

was, 'buttinhefateu g we do change in the regulations governed Butter a ring mold or charlotte


en drive through the Uo So A.

Ssee things. Braniff
of the largest car rental
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f you're planning a trip,
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reerutsions, aNl your travel agent
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ure in announcing that effective January 1,, 19


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products in the



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ora Your Frnenaly rora dealers


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-- ~-, -- -* -
:4., 1'
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'p~-.. ~-4 --

-- -'


-ifx- *


IKE FACES A FARM PROBLEM-Armedi with a otiuon picture cam e, P idm nt
topN over to Inspect a couple of Black Angus cows on a farm adjonn his Mb,
P. The P dent and Mrs Esenhoqwwerg spending a weekend a
Lo tWi I .!


"u-- i -

- I

"I brought my list in writing this time! Last year you
ot my order all fouled upIl"

Screen Ape, Slubber-Doffer

Upset Boston's English
By JAMES GEGGIS Jr. pert who can fill holes evenly. A
pay cheater is a timekeeper and
BOSTON-(UP)-Workers in Bo a slubber-doffer splices broken
t~as employment security office yarn.
somedtaes wonder what the Eng- A raisin washer?
lah-er is it the American?-lan- "That's easy," Mersandante said.
guiae is coming to. "He washes raisins."
Modera industry, it seems, has
an ever-increasing number of pe-
cullar terms to describe various Dr. Sam Misses Oul
Jobi, and these frequently throw
th office for a loss.
o. exame, a placement ex- On New Trial Plea
p .aight piek. up the phone and
de ar e a rslu bbre CLEVELAND, 0., Jan. 4 (UPi
r- Dr. Samuel H. Sheppard's
"A what?" the expert asks. plea for a new trial was refused
"A slubber-doffer. And while today in a 15-page decision by
you're at it, you might send along Common Pleas Judge Edward
a pay cheater." Blythin.
homas Mersandante, the em-
ployment security manager, has The ruling was made on two
at abreast of most of industry's motions filed by Williams J.
coloquialisms, but sometimes even Corrigan, chief defense attorney.
ed Araws a blank. One motion was based on 41 al-

Employers report openings f
n apes, nose crimpers, pic.
m and passivating men, bat-
befs, knockout men, back-break-
we crumb .packers, snow men
a raisinv washers. What do
thmr mean?

leged judicial errors during te
10-week trial that ended in Dr.
Sheppard's conviction of second-
degree murder for the July 4
slaying of his pregnant wife,
Marilyn, 31.
The second motion, filed last
Thursday, claimed press cover-
age of the case was "prejudicial

according to Mersandante, to the defendant."
..boMa. mJma "I convinced there
S W ~ eBlytin said.
..- wis Ned a fair trial
l oper laces contai-, by an unusually intelligent and
the ea of metal aircraft Impartial jury.,
A picling and passivating
metal parts with a pro- The judge still had to rule on
mfhn to prevent corroding. a third defense motion for a new
out man frees fetal trial, filed last Thursday and
from inverted molds and based on "newly discovered evi-
: breaker removes surface dence" that would allegedly show
i* inom aluminum reduction the 31-year-old osteopath could
po. A batboy removes the felt not have committed the bludge-
machine spindles. on-slaying.
A snow fan chops ice and heavy Judge Blytin will hear the de-
Mtat from refrigeration pipes, and fense case on that motion Sat-
a erumb packer is actually an ex- urday.



Great White Fleet
New Orleans Service


S.S. "BYFJORD" ................................ Jan.
*A Steamer ............................ ............ Jan.
S.S. "MARNA" ...................................Jan.
*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ................................Jan.
S.S. "MABELLA' ................................Jan.
*S.S. "YAQUE" ....................................Jan.
S.S. "ALCYON' ...................................Jan.
*S.S. "MORAZAN" ...............................Jan.
*Handing Refrigerated Chilled and General Cargo

New York Service Arrives
S.S. "FRA BERLANGA" ..........................Jan. 3
S.S. "AGGERSBORG" ............................Jan. 10
A Steamer ....................................... Jan. 10
S.S. "COPAN" ..................................Jan. 15
S.S. "COMAYAGUA" .............................Jan. 17

Weekly sailings of twelve passenger ships to New
York, New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Francisco
and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New
York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.
To New York ......................$240.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco .....$270.00
To Seattle .......................$365.00


* PANAMA 2-2904

~.wr9dody ~ &assif W,


Dkk MIom meT Norms LII Tm

IPdKDR016N01. n
kjmcmoonwr mT^H^H

rpm QUMft/^U7r --


^^ ^^NORMAN!




The Pacific Steam NavIgaI Muy

Royal Malil Lines Lid.
M.V. "SAMANCO" ................................ Jan. 15
M.V. "SANTANDER" ............................. Jan. 16
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) ...... Feb. 26
S.S. "YAMASKA" .................................Jan. 8
M.V. "SALAVERRY" ...............................Jan 25
M,V. "DALERDYK" ............................. Jan. 7
S.S. "LOCH AVON" .. ...................... Jan 9
S.S. 'LOCH GOWAN" ...........................Jan. 8
M.V. "DONGEDYK" .............. ........,k.....iJan. 18
All Salling Subject to Change Without Notice
PANAMA-Ave. Perd #5, "TL .-1257/8
FORD CO. INC. BALBOA-Term Bldg., Tel 2-1MS


Magnetic Man

Where's Tunk?



More Babies

\ '



It Mut lk e




- *-,'





I. *.4~.



By T. T. RwA.a




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with Ida Lupine Edmund O'Brien'
Joan Fontaine Edmond Guenn

0.6 0.30


with -

CECILIA Theatre" '.
Also: -



- I~1- II I




with Ray

AhD A anWV
with Ja 0..P*. -

*^ Wits'rv. W ArO-W*^ ^
an&* gg leaUM
ffy\~~ -y-kIJo-t J----

HOLLYWOOD (NEA) Ex- Overheard at a movie queen's
exclusively Yours: Don Taylor and birthday party:
Phyllis Avery, who couldn't arrive "It's a delightful party what
at thea let's-patch-it-up decision tin did your husband give you?"
all their past meetings. are now Star: "A dozen beautiful ar.
days away from the bi reconcilla- ens."
tion. Don wIl fly to Iollywood
from New York, where his stage HOLLYWOOD Confucius say:
show, *The Fragile Fox," recent- "They never come back after play
ly closed, to write the happy end. in Tarzan But Lex Barker's
ing for the Taylor tribe, broken the jinx with a chance at
swashbuckling in clothes in
That doll who danced in and out "Duel on the Mississippi."
for a quick flash on a recent Lib-
eraee TV show was Joanne Rio.I Producer Joe Pasternak's admit-.
The film was made months ago tin MGM is takin dramatic li-
when a was sweetdesa and light cense with singer Ruth Ettin's sto-
-ad ubHlicit. ry in ."Love Me Or Leave Me."
Highlights hit by the plot are true
Veteran cowboy star Hoot Gib- with other things changed and Jce
son, who's been a millionaire be- explaining:
fore, may he on his way to an- "Soanetunes you have to fictio.
other fortune alize the truth to make it sound
O has bees discovered on. Tex. truthful enough for people to be.
as land he's awtud since 1928. L eve it."

Concern is bein felt for C. B.
DeMille's grandson, a muscular
dystrophy victim. The youngster,
aged 9, has been in a wheel chair
for over a year.

MIary Pickford is telling friends
she'll consent to "The Mary Pick-
ford Story" only if Hollywood
comes up with her counterpart,
approved by her.
There's been only one Maryl In

Hollywoodesef or a Mr. and Mrs. yearsso I glesist me os are
who spend all their time watchingM about I,,00 to
DOROTHY DANDRIDGE comn-. -Ashe was once Steve Cochran's
mented to her maid that. the Met- bi moment as starlet Trudy Wi-
ropolitan Opera was scheduling a liams-are expecting the stork in
performance of Bizet's "Carmen." May. .... There's movie interest
"Gosh,"said the maid, "they sure in Shecky Greene, the gifted com-
didn't lose any time turning your ic at the Last Frontier in Veas,
movie into an opera.' who describes a well-known mo-
vie crooner this way: "Hea so re-
Nothin that's ever been front. laxed that you can smell it on
paged about Hollywood divorces his breath."
can mateh Tit& Phillips' wordage
in candor n the second Installment CLOSEUPS AND LONGSHOTS:
of her life-with-Edu nd Purdom Frank Sibnatra's demands for 0
story in a Londoo newspaper. She pr cent of the profits lost hin.
charges a Hollywood movie queen the H9tphrey Boart role in a
.,stole my husband, and gives remakeip "Highn Sierr." ... sing
Ih. ame along with.. "a r ya m isedtoSw up

a Fox

Joye JBryant, clicking at the Co-
r coanut Grove, is in the running
for "St. Louis Woman" at MGM.
... Leslie Caron's new heart-throb
is Air Force Lieutenant John Lobe.
If British actress Susan Shentall
wins an Oscar bid for "Romeo and
S Juliet,' wealthy hubby Phil
Worthinton will reverse his anti-
career 6tand and permit her to
accept other filM offers.

aCorw s ,re 1"

japes and records with narration
y Lana.

A new pay-as-you-ee televise
system is about to be unveiled.
Lou Costello is one of the financial
backers. ... Marilyn Monroe's
dates with New York pbotorapher
Milton Greene were hush-hush un-
til I linked them in print. Now
they don't care. They were in the
cowd at Gene Kelly's birthday
party for his wife, Betsy Blair.

SDemocrats Doubt GOP Figure

Of 1062 'Security' Firings

THE WINNAH!.--Dr. Forrest C. (Phog) Allen gives a victory sigh with Kansas' new $2% -million
field house as a backdrop as it is named for the Jayhawkers veteran basketball coach. Another
faction wanted the 17,000-seat'stadium to commemorate Dr. James A. Naismith, who.originated
the game. (NEA)

S WW.ifnes S uck

Written for lNEA Service

4Q82 4None
VAQJ3 91090542
*1072 *J983
61083 4953
s;OWm (0)

Mt*9 .v e

4 Pass 4.T Pa
Pa s Pat
Opemng lea-4 2

r ,The hand shown today was prob-
ably. the most-discussed hand. of
the recent national tournament in
Washington. It was played in a
crucial team match, and the re-
sult of the hand was enough to
give the winning team its victory.
in both rooms the final contract
was six spades, and in both cases
the bidding strongly suggested
that the defenders would do well
to open a heart. There the Xre-
semblances ended.
In the open room, Billy Rosen
opened the deuce of diamonds
from the West hand. He was a.
frald that the appearance of haste
it l ajlt ** -h j~j& ^* A-.^. -- -L

,, i .h -er ctg"o ecr itI eae ets might
WASHINGTON, Jan. 4 (UP)-high percentage" of security suggest that he had prospects o
he Civil Service Commissio "firings" fell into h a t group, a trump trick.
reported today that 1062 federal Monroney said he will inssfat dur- After much thought, Sam Stay
employes were fired or resigned In the inquiry that 'we know man, the declare, woin dummy
unoer a aecurity-risk cloud be- how many .of the total were al- with the king. East followed sui
tween June 30 and Sept. 30. The tually ubversive" and how long with the three of diamonds, anm
total included '353 with subver- they had worked for the gov- Stayman decided that the opening
ive" charges in their iles. ernnent. lead had not been a singleton. Hi
Demewnt% enatoers prompt- Sen. John J. Sparknmat (D- reasoning was that East might
ly sales& the figures as Ala.) said the committee should well have signaled, with the jaci
mea s," a d renewed "by all mekna look into the of diamonds if he had held al
dtasds A for a fuli eonges- "numbers game." He thought the the missing cards min the suit.
asional investing n of what commission "gave a little more It seemed likely, therefretha
they called %e ad.I.nistra- detail" in its new list but add- West had led from length. If West
tion's seruty "numbers game. 'ed, "it's still reek to me be short in sdiamonds, he man gh
The new repdtt brought to In i ts p*YevOd repott the sbed. It in spades, Stayman reau
1008 the total number of federal Civil Service Coa a sion lest- omet tow be sure but teren dargu
Workers fired or who resigned ed 75 secuify firings or re- mem to be ur h e, ece in
under President Eisenhower's signations from the top-see- either direction.
security program from Its start ret Central Intelligence A- Thinking that West might b
on May 28, 1953, through las gewy, or which 41 were Rated short in spades, Stayman led the
Sept. 30. In the ."sex pererl "n" eate- ace of spades from the dummy
The commission said file of or. t the second trick. That was a
2096 of these "contained infor- The commission said in to- fatal misstep. West was now sure
matlon Indicating, in varying de- day's report, however, that "it of a trump trick and his ace ol
agrees, subversive activities, sub- has not been deemed in the pub- hearts, and the slam was de.
versive associations, or member-'lie interest to release statistics feated.
ship in subversive organizations." from the Central Intelligence In the closed soom, Alvin Roth
The other 5912 include 655 Agpency." led the ace of hearts from the
whose files "contained informa- The breakdown of the new fig- West hand. Rightly or wrongly,
tion indicating sex perersion," ures showed 391 employes were Clifford Bishop, the declarer, as-
2649 with information indicating fired during July, August and sumed that West probably had
convictions for felonies and mis- September for securityy ques- prospects of a trump trick and
demeanors, and other "security"I tions." that he certainly couldn't be void
categories including drunken- I Another 691 resigned "before of spades. Hence Bishop won his
ness, over-talkativeness, charac-Jdetermination was completed" first trump trick with the king
ter defects and mental or their cases where their files and discovered the location of the
medical difficulties. contained "unfavorable infor- spade while be was still n posi
A full investigation of the se-lmation" under the security or- th finesse forl w made wittht r
curity-risk program., stacked by der. th sa wa. ... ficultyd
Demoerata during the 1M4 alec- The total for the three-month rs have been auin
tlion campaign "potcal," is period Included 220 Navy em- from that day to this about th
expected by the Senate Clvilployes, 13 6Army Dersonnel; 682 er it is wise or unwise to lead
service ooqmmtee as aQon s it from the Air Force; 42 in the the ace of hearts in this situation,
--Is oruanled under the chair- Agriculture Department; 21 in anda bout whether a player who
imaW 0tp of Sen. Olin D. Johns-. theState Department, six In leads the ace cf hearts should be
ten (D-Sc.). the Justice Department; and two played for three trumps or for no
A.& iM roney (D. from the Atomic Energy Corn- trumps at alL No matter how leon
OkIL), 6 h heU tnIeg who miio. they arsue, the fact remasi e u iSt
mpeatftUe P g ittte l the ._ __ one player did make the right ds.
a 'S unut o f sn t7 rlna~, NO DILZ ION eiio a by a good guess, or.acec-
KM riate:; .. .rste intuition, or whatever you
J**he D Mnareis M meIam- MAD]y ,' WIs. (uP) -Ray want to call it.
i the C" WV- Ovwe Maonwa Village ordered
S m SS wilml 'is us some new checks froma a printer,
ee a slsre agawlrel s ta- sending algg a Py f t ones UWEWT ISS
sa*w.m kj| w-J uuift -- gthat.
S"RouteSo 5" Ide the ad- PEORIA, Il.-(UP)-A Peoria
1drels. The cheeks came back rea* couple ame home with Candy-a
te-Mg oweS- """W dbg: ,ay 8.0wen, WhmMeqU Candy Kiss weighing seven poad,
lp1111 011 i d, Meno=s V14#lage0 D 6 m et is C andy was
*aeing beli ef ibat a "ery Route 5. first id is Candy Lyn Iosw.






Joe's Swc

in Song
o --

WASHINGTON, Jan. 4 (-UP) Pittsburgh and Allis-Chalmers in
-Sen. Joseph R. McC a r th y Boston.
made his "swan song" appear
ance as chairman of the Senate McCarthy occa sionally ex-
permanent investigating subcom- changed sharp words with the
mittee yesterday but many of the witnesses, some of whom flared
witnesses "ducked" his questions. up during the questioning.
The Wisconsin Republican end- Briney, who said he was presi-
ed his controversial tenure as dent of Local 601 of the United
head of the subcommittee with a Electrical Workers Union (Ind.)
day-long hearing on defense plant was identified as a Communist by
communism. He will lose the post Frank Nestler of Jeanette, Pa.
when the Democrats take over .. t f .. h .
control of Congress tomcrfow. Nestler testified he himself was
Several of the defense workers a Communist from about 1943 to
McCarthy called as witnesses re- 1946 and was recruited into the
fused to say, under protection of patty, by Joseph Slater of Pitts-
the Fifth Amendment whether burgh. Slater, like some of t he
IhV ever were ,"- ra of. the other witnesses, was not called to
ia ,is rn l8. tedrti immediately becas9 ..he
asked for more time to obtain an
One of the Iky'wtnesses was attorney
Harold K. Briney, a union local
official and employee of the West- Briney refused to say whether
inghouse Air Brake Co. in Pitts- he~had resigned from the party
burgh, Pa. Briney testified he before he was called as a wit-
was not a. Communist at the me- ness. But hhe declared he had
meant add was not one when he "never given any information to
appeared at a closed session at anyone that would be detrimental
1:30 p.m. yesterday, to my country or my company."
But he invoked the Fifth A- He, said he was "sure the con-
mendment against self-incrimina- pany would trust' me."
tion when McCarthy asked if BriK "Then there would be some-
ney was a party member at l thing pretty wrong with the comn-
p.m. j pany that would trust a man who
After Briney's hour long ap- would come here and cringe be.
pearance before the subcommift- hind the Fifth Amendmat," Sen.
tee, McCarthy said he would rec- Karl E. Mundt (R-S.D.) declared.
ommend that he be cited for con- Briney said he was as good an
tempt for his "frivolous" and American as Mundt, to which the
"unjustified" use of the Fifth A- senator replied: "I'd like to have
amendment. McCarthy also order- you a good American at least all
ed a transcript of Briney's testi- day, not just since 1 o'clock."
mony sent to Westinghouse Air Briney said he invoked the
Brake Co. Fifth Amendment b e c a u s e of
Three other workers subpoenaed "hysteria" and because "min a n y
by the subcommittee refused to innocent people have been prose-
testify on grounds they were un- cute4 and persecuted."
able to obtain legal counsel. Me- --------
Carthy suggested it was an at-|D, -rl ,c n f n ,r
tempt to "delay". the subcommit- Rhodesin Copper
tee's work until the Democrats s H IltJ
reorganize the Senate later this In usry Holted
Sen. John L. McClellan (D- By General Strike
Ark.), who expects to succeed
McCarthy as chairman, promised LUSAKA. Rhodesia, Jan. 4 -
the group will consider contempt (UP) -The 280 million dollar' cop.
action againstone ofne the group, per industry of northern Rhode-
Edwin Garfield of Allston, Mass. si ame to a standstill today
Garfield did not show up for when the African Mineworkers
the hearing but telegraphed the Union called a general strike for
subcommittee he had been una- higher wages.
ble to obtain an attorney. The union is asking for a $1.50
Nearly 100 persons crowded in- weekly increase.
to the small hearing room to European mineworkers report-
watch what McCarthy described ed for work, but they said they
his "swan song" as chairman, would not do any of the jobs nor-
The hearing mainly concerned al- mally performed by Africans.
leged Communist a cti v 1it y at Revenue from the mines is the
vlansts of General Electric in mainstay of the Rhodesia and
New England, Westinghouse in Nyasaland -federation.



% _AN

ular entertainer Ethel Mermroa
starts her 25tb year as a star In
January. Miss Merman, now 45
years old, says shbe has no de-
sire or Intention of quitting
show business..

General Motors

Announces New

Issues Of Stock
NEW YORK, Jan. 4 (UP)-
General Motors Corp., biggest
automobile producer in the
world, today announced it will
raise 325 million dollars addl-I
tonal capital funds through sale
uf common stock.
Proceeds of the issue will be
i.sed for the corporation's pro-
gram of capital expenditures
and partly for working capital.
Stockholders of the company
will have the opportunity to sub-
scribe for the additional stock in
the ratio of one new share for
each 20 shares held.
The subscription price will be
determined shortly before the
offering. The stock today rose to'
a new high at $107.38 from a'
low of $101.50 and closed at
$105.15 for a gain of $7.25 a
share. It led the stock market in
turnover with sales of 654,000
Announcement of the stock of-
fering was made Jointly by Har-
low H. Curtice, president, and
Alfred P. Sloan Jr., chairman of
the board.


Don't cough and cough strangle. gasp
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move thick strangling mucus. 2. Pro-
motea free easy breathing and sound
sleep no you soon feel O.K. Quickly
alleviate coughingi, wheezing, seez-
Ingr. Get Mendioo from your druggist
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sleep tonight and how much better yon
ry feel tomorrow.
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Thursday "TALAG IT'

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Wednesday 'T"FIGHTER A'rACK"

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Wed. "For Whom The Bell Tolls" I Wed. "SOITrfJEST PANSAW!

Shows: 3:00 5:00 7:00 9:00 p.m.

PRICES: 0.75 0.40.

' Ill

"...Maybe if we'd
had a child...things
might have been


im -l-i Gf

Witien for the Screnu ami PgduYbC OLdiuE*ibLE ,S
hbedJ I .- l "

r-A tinm if

~ *"~' --1-- .~~---I "- r.-


' [ I I I I .. .

~ I



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b~nybo~ Raadr:e



fat 12 words




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Agenda Internal. de Publicadlenes
41 Leniral Ae
PdqCLe L.eivre 7 bueet
161 Central AMe.

149 Central Ave.
SR btreeL o. 63.
J Fro. de Ia Ona Ave. No. 41

Via Aspfla No. 34

Automobiles Miscellaneous
FOR SALE.-'51 Mercury, A-1 FOR SALE: A.K.C. registered
condition. onil 25.000 miles. Cocker Spaniel pups. Will carry
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I ,

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,r..- -.-un e wi-... gC --.r v ..- -,-L- ... -' -ry IF -E- .
S(Continued from Page 1) Mut live in. Phone 3-4935. in- Old County Fair bock home-o
I I terview 8-12. Agencies Glasgall. Curundu Exposition and Fair, Hous
Srmarked by a deep Inner sorrow Ave. Justo Arasemena n 73-A. Jaon. 14-23.
S on a. and F ORILLAC which the massed conerega- .- -.. FOR RENT:-For 3 months, com-
(P.alrnei Gradu iae, lion expressed by its silence. TRAPPED U/A 'Ir pletely furnished house. 3 bed-
I '* a 2 an -01 Thousands of people stood at NEW HAVEN, Ccnn'-(UP)-Al. VW lI rooms. Bella Vista. Dial 3-5283
Sar e, -,,- 12 o.m MiscellaneouORsREN
Sp Avenue TE. 3-13M mur to he heard from the fic accident. Russell Erskine was Miscellaneous
buranks. a the flag-draped cas- ordered to pay S310 damages. A FOR RE NT
e ofthe late President as judge ruled that since Erk ha WANTED:-2 mtol fflinf cabi- F R R T
placed on the flower-bedecked iLsned a note at the time of the nets in good condition and metal
D E NTI T white fire engine which began mishap promising to pay damages adiustoble storage rocks. Call Apartments
rtvoi 14th of Julyi Ave No I1 Its slow journey to the ceme- 'he must live u plo the agreement. Tropelco, Pan. 3-1285.- ATTENTION G.I.f Just built
next 1o Braniff office' I tery. Modern furnished apartments,
Dr. C. E FABRF.A, DD Six fire torches on the side of 2 bedrooms, hot cold apartments, 1,el.
w a-hins torl. oBig b2 bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel.
ErD e.1 casket was covered with wreathNe
iWer reii r,.ir.,ucr,--corP" U the vehicle were lit before the' I HP 3
.town Umv. ahJngtonDCs casket was covered with wreathsS Bg Problem Panama -- -4941.
er nd D buod "c o Z O oMiguel of flowerS. FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
anP pambti.ment. ga ostove, Frigidaire. Via
SCiallredin. PRIOSTHODONTIA The official mourners, were:! I_ meant. gas stove, Frigidaire. Via
i(denure and Bridgevorl.,. H. D. Meliton Arrocha Graell,, I Espao, house before Juan Frn-
-ar AlaMRAAsF.(new teclique president of the National As- IS ver PopationI .o
.. or dentl n) sembly. Lie. Jose M. Vasquez
A service in. Xray Surgery resident of the Supreme FOR RENT: Completely fur-
Pgrjlontia and Children Dntlry LaZ, president of the Supreme nshed p or 2 a
tone: Panami (28) 2-2011 Court, Professor Catalino Arro-. shed apiortment. I or 2 small
fone Panam t (2 2-2011 cha Graell. Minister of Govern- CAIRO-i UP'-The most funda.' hands in the fields or servants, in' families. North Americon neigh-
Hours I am n to inn- 2 p.m to I ment and Justice. Monsignor'mental problem facing Egypt now houses as suon as the. are old bar, regular transportation. mod-
8 p.m. daily. Paul Bernler. Papal Nuncio, re- is (ver-,iopulation enough to walk, thus adding a bit rate rent. Phone 3-0471.
Presenting the church and thel With the present population at more revenue to the family's in- FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
k, dip!omal!c corps. Dr. Jatme de 23,000.000. there are 1,500 children come. ments very cool, Elella Vista $60
la Guardia. rector of the Nation- born every day The rate of infant: To the fellah's wife, there is and e75. Acl screened Phone 3-
al Univerltlv rnd JH-'rinve Oba-imortalilt has declined in recent mcre security for her in con- 1648.
E BUY LIMITEh Irrio, representing the family of years so that now only 180 of 1,500 stantly producing children because
1 LIl the deceased. die before reaching adolescence. her husband, under Moslem law FOR RENT: Furnished apart-
Before they began the funeral The general death rate is less can easily divorce her for lack of meant, refrigerator, G I.-inspect-
march, they each lifted the than 1,000 daily, fertility. ed Via Porns No. 99'. Phone 3-
IANTITY of mourning ribbons attached to Egyptian sociologists said it is Sociologists put forward two in- 2068.
SUU I I the funeral bier, and, preceded practically impossible to increase ter-dependent solutions.
by Monsignor Beckman and a production and national income to The first is p country-wide ro-
group of Panamanian price the keep place nation gram of obligatory education. h'
U E cortege left for the cemetery., growth. Educational and health would have the double effect of an Line
-, lejandro returned here by a FAA crease, and production projects, in. their value as immediate capital
Sa Plane from Los Angeles, but be- eluding land reform and industrial- because of their beina bU
Cause the aircraft w delayed nation, can never match it. attend 'schools, as WeU ~ lWd-
Slightly, ie irved at thedral They explained that this increase ing education. -.dl.. "S "

ST VCathedral, but t wasn't until he To the fellah, a child is extra strengthening the female's position A group of only 3 passengers
Reached the burial grounds that capital which costs nothing, be- in the family as well as bettering are scheduled to small from Crs-
he was able to have a last cause children start working as the Egyptian family bonds. tobal Saturday afternoon at
Glimpse at hie brother's face. He hee clock for New York -
SPhone 30985 burst nto uncontrollable tears. board the Cristoba f the Pan-
Marching in the procession a- oma Line for New York. Five
head ofin a Nationalproced bat- passengers ae booked for Port-
talion ws an honor guard oft au-Prince, Haiti.
to t wa a e guard of an Among the pa engers for New.

Beo e y b the *. Armed Forces and la York are lstedHoward Monroh
Before you buy a delegation of cadets from Latin nrokaristepre setaHowa E. Monf
American countries. legitive representative of the
REFLEX see the sIn the Canal Zone, as a ges- Central Labor Union I s. Mu .
Sture of respect towards the Pan ington, D.C., and Mrs. Munro.
Swiss Reflex Camera lamanlan people in their hour of' A Pasengers for Haiti are Brig.
sorrow. District Attorney Row- !.B. Hinton and Mr. 'and Mrs.
Vou'll buy land K. Hazard this morning c illm L McKeown and two
moved the adjournment of court The complete advance passen-
-UP U t ftalhri in the U.S. District Court at An- he ompe a e .. n-
Today wase originally scheduled Mr. an d Mrs. Monroe e ach;
e sa term day in the ds tar H. Cassin; Mr. and Mrs.
traet court. It was postponedis" Seymur Cohen; Mr. and Mrs.
n ptrc t courtIt apo on ed--tThomas A. Hickey; Mr. and Mrs.
until tomorrow morning. Public
Defender William J. Sheridan. a Mrn Hel angr
Jr. spoke in behalf of the Canal: and Mrs. Michael Langford andL
Zone Bar Association, and at- I Mrs. dh Longfellow. Mr. and
T hi "torney Manuel J. Mendez ex- Mrs. Edwin o. Mc r.vaine and
Plaza 5 de turesseda Panamani thanks for the member- e". two children; Helen R. McNabb;
ii f'1 ..of the association, R n. hMiller Mr. and Mrs. Howard E.
Haad Teacing "n Dt H Munro; Mr. and Mrs. Herman
Oon"The terrsable tragedy ivolv- Packert; Mr. and Mrs. Donald
rghthe n peopen n ev y Pederson; Ruth Robinson; Mr.
'passing of the former chief exe-! and Mrs. Jack I. Smith and son:
.ht inlcr a-singmpah tof the formerochief po- -eMr. and Mrs. Anthony Tezanos;
cutveof the Republic of Pan-, HAMMING IT UP Sculptor Frank Dutt putsthe finishing Hazel C. Wilis.n o eano
Ttod JeBAver-lb. o. o.n ml .o v|HazelC.Willis.
o o aaAh dor oe Ap of c he ansd touches on a group of "performers" modeled of lard, the medium,
o l e i shocked the people of the Canal in which Dutt is a specialist. He re-created a scene in a tele-
SZone as I am sure it has all vision studio in which the star is a dimpled piano player. His work
18, Tenn, Jan. 4 (UP) I right-thinking people every- in an exh ibton at theg International i vestock Exhibiton. Chicag W li
,oday accused a 46-'where. WalstrTon. .ell
i m r o nAs a mark of r n (Continued from ae 2)
d Negro man of running," aaoresectsan-d s Woited m 0erg o
S for young thieves just a tangible expression of our Sactress Patn Whitee ergeoon.
re-fictotnal character Fa-!sympathy to the sorrowing peo- Shea from Baton Rouge ., An-
en "Oliver Twist.- pile of the Republic, and to his star Fernando Corena and models
tUve told Judge Bever-Ibere ed wife and f aly, I move star Fernando Core .. Hene alin oel
nahe of city court tha A-,te adjournment of court andMoya Deniese ... Hel iene Aimee
SMcNeil kept six Negro the continuance of the criminal cante ause at the Vieannese Ln-
w a part-s!trmndayKE nt il0. t(UP rrow morcn-tern, his ex-As. American basket.
under 13. at his apart- term day until tomorrow morn- ball star Tony Lavelli of Yale
to d lforhim Ofcials ffropm the Canal Zone, breathless .,. Some of the EllI
;h atten fodical froum the CantalZoer Morocco set will betcha Kim No.;
S, t. whor attended the funeral were vak is secretly seale to Meack
active Lt. M. F. Wilson saldIGov. John Seybold. Brilg. Gen.B ,trIowt.l..Goia
m *McNel master-minded I Reuben C. Hood, Lt. Gao. H.. 0.Krim., the chief of U iA ... Gloria
!s M of shop-lifting raids dur- Paxson, executive secretary Eu- being offered at 1500 per teevyi
e before-Christmas shop- 'gene Lombard, military assistant appearance .., The new p hune,
aush that had the policeoto the rov. Maj. David Smith, "No Morec reminds these ears of
Iti bent on the m ru Admiral Meltoh Mltes, Lt. Gen. the ole, "My Baby Just Caresm
o .n William K. Harrison and Brig. For Me" ,. The gal fren who
ny the boys to t down, tell .n. N. conciling with Aher millionaire
what he w a n t e d and groom is now divorcing her multi.
pmpt them ato their tactics. l Emillionaire husband. Money is
alng the children would'pSTORM ADVICE :7kit eFor Me s... suggestion for a
Gthe lttomMcNeil, usual, NcTe name Arsse Shaw's seven
ly s ,e watches, rings' Ewives. (Al right, got it?).
toy h ea collect their re-j -I a tropical vacatlop, here's! Then g m. NrLanu's five.
of i,- trot* 1 .,,e. It rmse re ra ig According wt groom a ... Now try Lana's five.
'Udeed thatbyst, h Davey Tree ex.Pa, the a enta Barker) ... Now try listing Ava'$
Jugthe os believed a ple Yul log te I -- five. (No coaching, newl.
i.vete',, ,ontothe fire. a, .,bad Now try Xickey Rooneys. .Ili






FOR SALE Thor washer. 60-
cycle. $30. or exchange for 25-
cycle Balboa 2-2387
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whiLe female spaied cat, January
Ivt Named Cndv Reward Cris-
tobMl 3-2496
G-Men To Hunt





SIjRLIA PRECIADO 7 5--rt No 13
O |OBB8N ul o july Ave.& a J sl
S,' Juto Arosemfna ,Ae. and 33 St.
-*, 182- La Carriaquilla

u N .... 7- M -



S- "

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H Street No. 5


r. .





' ."*.* ..- .. -F .- i.,- .
"" 'v

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.. .-. /M

Saliindo S l champion Of Brazos By.

in Crocker Pro Loop Calls TiB^ Dnlld T^ B ^ t7

r ~



w a e" "3- ... ,,r iyi lUUIUVyJ N e y

& 3 In 36-Hole Final Off Activities For Basketball Crown Tonight JOE WILLIAMS
S a.
Ani ia ndo Successfully defended hs title Fo TWO DayS It wou be hwlhly atlfyi g r cew y t i
S Club Champion of the Brazos Brook Country STANDINGS ee o n f ynomal security. a the beinitag oel fare t l
Aob on Sunday last when he defeated the skillfulYa nkeesuprmacy.. the court..
b on Sunday last when he dfeatdthe PRO LEAGUE STANDINGB Interscholastc Basketball ot only n wining the Cup four consecutive tis,.bu .
d experienced John Crocker i the 36hole final Tam L pt GB now. in losn It, the A usses showed us youngsters of a
deexperienced jonn inru11er m1 the to-no aie xrrn In w FL
Smokers 8 6 .6 71 .T W L Pet." precocity whose talents were developed In a well-conel
1a6kees ag i TS C.H.. 4 1 .667 expertly worked out campaign.
The owner rov himself a Sodame i 11 ,89 3 B.H.8. 4 2 .667 r Ken Rosewall and Lewis Hoad, who lost to Vic Selxan :
S W va worthy a mptonib plial J.T. 1 5 .167 .h Tony Trabert, are only 20. They have yet to attain their Ri
y ts t S the Ing the U holes of play in one NO GAMETONIG.T p eaks. Another year should find them more formidable and *pfl :
.l. PoW i stro r(par. (Nateional Mournag) To hit's Game havps even more determined.
t k o TOMer OWNIGTS GAME Cristobal Hig v. Balboa High a .Behind Rosewall and oad, the Aues have q to a s
do. g ". or for in the second flight, Frank At Mt. Hope: Yankees (tarris ndary force. Our own list at this tme adda 21-year-o 4 NaT
te th 3rdWdefeated Roger Orvs dmemn (Boo 1-) ton Richardson of New Orleans, and there we are.
he. cm e ate d Roger o rvls 3) miaimTime: 1:30 2 T OR SIMONS SIXms, the outstanding figure on the Sydney courts this
SoyerItO io week, is 31 and threatens to tap off from major teis.
.j .i So For our years the Cristobal Talbert. captain of the U.. team, rates Richardson
g c .". Nigh ISchool Tigers have domin- e move in. But H1m has won a RhBode Scholarship andw %
t. WI Ts hi. .t of respect t mmor of ted Sthe CE. basketball scene I ; off to Oxford next October, hardly n a position to devote awlt .
cr widv 'i Remon, activity has been sus- year rein has either of the Adding up all these factors, we are inclined to celebrate the
7 for a a. t ended d In the Pro Leaue until other two aricipa team ".Davia Cup triumph with tempered exuberance. It may be
S .' .' 1 Val ws tomorrow night When he Yan- threatened ner claim for the A falsee dawn," rather an the beginning o a new surte y
00 pRower k m .COIkt MSe Wk kees play the S.C. Bodamen in a brown. That challenge came in our tennis representatives.
with 44wiI. /O. 9,&0. 1 ..12 regular scheduled game at Mt. 1951 when the defending champs
t ho ahead a lso U llSpy r were forced into a post-season I.2 1 .i "
Trorarblrte playoff with Balboa, which they AUSSIES MAY FIRE OPMAN
at weabwou ld I" CMCAGO, Jan. 4 (UP) The The doebleh a d a r that won, before being acclaimed 4
hi madete Chicago White Box today an- ould have b e to- champions. American students of the Australian teams sn 1
Sc-, ountced a schedule of 21 night ht btwe te bThis yar once more the the threat from Down Under In 195 will be stre henei .
S 1 1tUr" game for the )055 season at snd the Yankee has een re- Bulldogs from Balboa have been *'.' appointment of a new captain in place of Harry H an
th- S nRe toMn eyAPark, with all to begin s theYanlkefort atan- obstructing the Cristobal road to .1S. Hopman has been under severe firefor beirtinet, for
h -m Itng thet p. (CT victory and have met with more subjecting hid young players to insiifferable disc pne, and for a
.n 1 *i n 4 than a fair measure of success. p f icayune system of five shilling fines for evrthin
saRe ei. Bof4I Eight alght games were slated h.. .R .. But their course of obstruction I racayuee s oy emt fm ow-

S n a Thursday. Cleveland, New York, ce bn neo wh te U d tb ro r tha

S for lthelog-htt o o bm ftrsfobasehenrR Limttle Lea ue ThnsetS r"l tth the united States by rel wi
Sr s Osido at y Detroit. Kansas City, and Bost aon th nin ga e st oemet finor thte fynirst time. Yn ri. The Y Ank hop preventing his player t rom ntvy tht R wal
each will appear three times at t ope tis season. c. an only after having e.. The man whose vote mde Hman cta of the 1
pe in l number of ght, Washington four times served lets, $1.2; ers finished the regular four Uar- d nis dead.o Australia's enthusiasm for retalngrry s said tO be
pan by sacrificing distance for a nd Baltimore twice. i ACmIC Ina, Es thertwo pay with a I1 t ea de- mothcra smt of fro not 10
accuracy. l 50 cents and standing room d ,4tyone extra period did vercse toid thati h r t
Scents xtr d There s possibility tht opmn will preclude a de
The x also announced the a a25 centsalboa emere victorious 48 to t fire him oit theU to wt ti
ur holes down with nine to signing of two more players to an on Dec. 14th, this time INTERVIEW Panama Pro League publicity chief Bernardo t comin g to he nt d a iee
was almost an impossible bring the number under contract onl' own home grounds, *
F on of Spur Cthese tao rival quintets battled wup lo int ew was ad wit h anaer iell u i we on n a e t thlis e hs w.
SGalindo y playedrforrJackson, who hit .280 s season to another deadlock at 48. This Yankee right-hander Bill Harris. The Yankees' hopes re hih It may be said with certinty that R sewall a od

L9HIWset down fourteen'oppoaents ita And now everything hinges on ur b Bernardo Nu tesze B., made to meet Harris. The worwthasle chc s h f i
with the k0Wledge that with four hme runs. and right contest went two extra quarters welcome Hpmns retirement, in vor

S. the strikeout route whereas the outcome o tonight's game bc relations chief of the The Interviewer was introdu- s. Tefou .
So wRager disbanded er Dic Dnov, with Balboa's Rby dropping In that Harris' sturdy arm will be deciding factor in the league race. proul, Jack Crawford or Co ihn Long. n t rtk, l
sh y WAa C. WATSN al together w on d ose eight with PACIFIC LITTI L AGUE the two-eptner in the 2nd extra Had's mother s td othb a
t y Wcourage all to face "Chichi" Rmon areseaond ore he period to win 50 to 48. Canadian cien, and soon mathea re a factor
oe atPC^X the 15th when she said that Lewis hadrun intha a slump -d o
over at he th i s oA l. wPas purchased by the Sox. Spur Cola 4, GIbraltr Life 2 The unpredictable Junior Col- e o no pne r
S_ Ph h rn o _hia lto_ w_ B BENAD NUREE_ B. He dbecoame "a victim of too much d isli neo." .o 4
Sat ovthe five, Bill Harrb.atrbut 3 yearn the meantime had four Th re th
R e S mdion sen chncuBefore a banner crowd, the stalled the Balboa drive fora ." .- '
1955 Little League season got championship with an upset vilc- C k
mr soDeh under way. tory over the Bulldogs, g png r N W o L TivingE a I attobal another good shot at The success the A an t m may be said to haoe t
Henry L. Donovan, director of their fifth consecutive cham- h Te r1 b uedaion ofth icyoatab-
Civil Affairs, and a staunch pionship.narnrsthe rulldovs us bnrl anIe better fls. ere -clipye o sr
basehl fan of many years bWith victory nowistill within uecep v In 1xp3 our challengnerb y s bilInning a e l.ed to Aus
rmd stem the season by atrowng their grap, nthe Bulldgs aga h hlves. There were reortIng a
hba..ce dntrcmahte huood eeahDr o Ierooutn the fir# l. It was a:er-f a ed the Ti ers at Balboa oen w bdi ..weron-h.Porrecalldidnotgetlon wh eitko
S ct strike andset the pattern Dba. 29. 'This time Cristobal did not takm debut in to Mobile, Class AA" So

Front; not frow e rear. follow these sports -any of Five.players collected two hitsmae th e tr tye 1b54-55 ao ajaunst the 11 jumes and lost 10 In that
fotherivltchers, Roy Wt-played like champs and took EDITOR'S NOTE: The fol- 1 Co-owner Angel G s A d something A b body cookedbe te tr -

Fr these sea his ssa- ence wa something extraord Watn brothers, Roy and John- "Emn m roug wth a" who w him work were very Harris had his only losing By -f -NM B T
son o rddlur Cqlhase of ndChuck ol e a 39 to 31 win to wind up lowin intemprview wa had with managrecord with Mobile in 1954. He E NIDER rar award or e- I

eewardld vslan Ises the more His denial, easy going friend- and Bobby Adams of Gibraltar. fina l 1d th ivNter had 12 wins again 18 losses buti NW TIh National Baskettal b
Lior they faled elRager for Olbral ar Life. Watson the season in a deadlock. Bill Harris, CV Yankees pitch- tacted and arrangements e r American team recovered te CupCd sa a
set down fourteeWoppoxients via And now everything hinges on er b Bernardo Nuijex, B., made to meet Harris. The worst hassle among tennis spouses devuiopeij the
/ what he 'we w h p d u o the strikeout ro ute whereas the outcome ofl tonight i ame o bI relations chief of the The Interviewer was o o ntreduc- 19 30. aThey fought each a-ther wi nnt uthel the ..i
t -- H nRager disposed seven po strike- at Cri stobal when Balboa ndi an Prlienal League. d to Harris, wh ncidenally mover db widel h seb'aratl~ y be do. Ca1 ..
WALTE C. WATSON adef ll together, would haveae himd ta o outs. C.H tangle. the winner to e Pin action. eaerHi a translated by was born In Nova Scotla d. hei s i tht f

kin among sportsmen. SPUR COLA n ecular windup motions made he did not figure In any decision Cr50aional u thlete of the In April, Sned won ahe a
Abuh, darknesssouraise T e tPanama "Chc siemonl Moremn provided the key his deleres confuin a nadian cten, nd oonMontreal although he made fyrs r suce fro n ld
the bIhTnpbmouo ttiasBrderrwa who ite number on e fa's memory. Watson J., 4 1 2 0 Sugar Bol cmons or .a fine co lately o balance. bEth prtis were completely at t- the annual the sgaie Janet Ta In lly, Ado
hp i vdecency nd hip Lon- three big l ds yuortre ______al- in-__ c
ha nation. Into s- R est i Peace n i Remond this w. e 2 0h tordn 1 tr i 1 am By BERNARDO NUigma fo, B. awhnd brought our team Into come t ltdi fnr hd ousy e-
It thatol .r ei ot emone nr frWhenDivine providence re- theba3ll Iame. However, they ad- N hwesThey we Harris revealed that he was ed. t arat t

Sfcpril, t 3 0 1 o Robin Freman, the Nationals' with marked precision. Curves Montreal." and expressOdi opti-1 underway among a nation-wide and otherwise Bad
d of t. tn that he3moves the head of a family from ded another tally n the fifth for Bill Harris' 190 lbs., oistribut- 23 years old and has had four The remarkable efectivenr f e yath tf y ai
chances midst, the family is usually a total of four runs. a all d Wsc ed solidly around a 5f 8' frame years of experience in organized Doaa Underll has arou s r ton hei was th ch A
S chichl" Rmon. one of the left struglin0 to find a new .All -mericn Dn c gives thempression that the ball having started in 1951 with produce even more setacular t t
greatestPanamanian ..ports- .. i -lpsinofPre- 'estarC.V.Yankees pitcher is an Valdosta, in the Class "D" Ger- The National Junior Cha e of Cw the s

SF T B chlundt scored 30 points to lead Harris was victorious In his and added that although he byant centerflelder of the the track of
the truest sene e word. He famiy has ony to folow the gv ry other award for his burst bell to win 20 ee the hh a e
fourth they scoredA two runbutriumphant ones. He became a Smokers particuinstlarly dangerous. to stardom in looks like romed off wth

ST *TheV Pif ic Co onference favorite amons the Pro League Before the pleasant i interview, as much of a shoe-ia as Ben orasor his snecUtculr r^
y to play the game- fa M u 3b 1 1 0trtism a s t By JOHN GI laFst fam the Intervieweouna gt opened Harris ex Presed a dI pa. chronic w situation.
wy. we believed that there w to du h he po n~blchartt Roy Watson tightened *ands m. posingnbatters of the Panama Internationa League where he fa-ns s a h
t a. ,t blanked the Insurance aggrega- NEW YORK, Jan. 4 (UPI Pro League his short stature Is had his best year up. to now.'
tln ra midr to.H el nerpsciede aathia fstion from further nder-pressure point scoring t beli a bouts business-like and I winning 25 games an closing on-s we
Trying b*v po k a prved am fiht- h Shool, along puwith Bucky snyder. Ib 0 0 top raphe final minutes by a star nam- effectiveto aners in which he' ly six. anid
tin the Jnmor Coge bs- Ha ru e friend. Baseba, The rl ing gem o a ed an hmann and a sub goes about the difficult art of Iway. ancy bels th voi
.was Bobby Brandontos bao-t-amf ed GeJanurry Moreman moved hurling tht hs made heroes oiM His outstandingreoe with
ofa, cree rcolor.Ing, orse r bnthe-ball running catch in short whood Nt ad L e n-ih 2m diamond greats. sMiaml earned hm a promote n'Jh o b
S f.pri al s televed that o an te or e center field. 'lWhen he made his debut Into Mobilea, eClao"AA" Southernl a
so rae, reedtforal ten. eboud.tlI 3ttustwhottoBcontention for national reco-dm drtM ieno OBel t
l h te ams ar o Theto b forT the pre-tounitionis basketball toda hthe le.ue 'n the first game ofl Assocation in 1953 and he r t and
rat the ,tercholastt l ge e ment favor, e must go either N e 1954-55 seasonC against the 11 games and lost 10 In that .t
t no n eam had te- them Blayeb wtholeto his pres- alece Rthgaber, the two a important t s. Smokers, th thousands of fa fast-steppng league. l E
s cor ablty. e de- braltar Lfe Insurance Company. W on brother, Roy and John- bi th who saw him work were very arris had his o nly osing! y T E N ID ar Howeer, te el-aer.
sliftlen at the hands of dirt e nary. n: Freddle Chase os 8ur Cola basket just 31 second be oore the favorably Impressed. record with Mobile Inc 19a54. Het ab can sae a loto
llames waste e re His en, easy gogen and Bobby Adms of Gbrltar gun to e rthwestern Clubhad 12 wins aga 1 los pitcher Johnny Antonel and ca up Wlle and
ti Re Rayes of Balboa teams n the December basket- The scores will be recordItdidnottaketheed n 12 wins aga 16 lr Dusty Rhodes ie he take
ase snoh eeel td ball play. B an ot the aadMa. I tesieSl -I Joe Adcoct l of the Breve 'o C
eien g -ve clean sports reah team. Cacapable pitcher in action. His fore' th-ason ended. Howevert. ofessionalAtlft'1 ht.
ii o spormn es w maonf d htsat Athletic Club the school bys AA two Ilr entry fee will be ay d e ns fio rstan Muslal of the Cardinals fAprI, ci won '
e s show in met. Ts team to a loaded on Mrean The prizes will be his deliveries confusing. His wth Monrea on monthly aards atboufor a placemade
Ate ha n da rofll games l PlA~rer b l Ainaznn Willie is the No.l
hih caliber weapons and per-r agtuehas .suspended all games' laer ab h ,points that give Louisville i continuously fidgety movements eight appearances. Mnan' Wli i t No. I monthly award. Misle..,I
w ;gfWa4 inpids were the tools of unWil Thursday night in honor of Rithgiber3b 4 0 3o73-60 victory over Notre Dames on the hill ad the Smokers candidate for a $1,000 geay d la a
theeInmouurderers who t number one fan's memory. .WatsonJ., s 4 1 O18ugar Bowl champions for a fine completely off balance. Every In reply to the question of encrus belt ths nual the se In June. ,
_have p aI t Into so- Rest in Peace' _Chichi Raemon- Watson R.. p 3 2 2 0 record of I victories in 13 games. nI tch was an enigma for the bat- where he would reortt to bis Hickock award to the No. I pro ok ltd r
roiul rii i Not one, nor friend of man .Schhwirrck, lb 3 1 1 01 In the others, Ohio State's ters. They were well mixed and springHarris said. "Back toperformer in sports. Balloting a aga the
.....".............--. Pril3. c 0 i 0 Robin Freman, the Nationals'with marked precision. CurvesIMontreal." and expressed, opti- underway emong t nation-wie and otherwise mi. Ct
Cbsse,ft302 leading scorer. tallied 39 points that At first Appeared to be go-,msm of his remaining with that Lroup of expert and the wner n .m yeu
'II A r Dilfer"..r 2 0 0 Otopace an 83-76 victory overIng outside suddenly cameover lub.will be named on Jan. 24 beating t e l
0- AZelnick If 2 0 0 A nationally. walled Wisconsin hitters found his fast and Harrs believes Therei. be ethers on the I AntonPl-i was theA
V' IC 'N I (chlundt scored 30 points to lead Harris was victorious in his and added that although he buoyant centerneder of the en the track of hnn
(0m. d n m lTetals 2 410 Indiana to a 95-77 win over first start. And his second and consumers all baters tough, he: Gints, who has won most ev- 'first Giant lefty since -W
vs. GIBRALTAR LIFE[Michigan. thfrd appearances were also had.found Clyde Parri othe cry oher award reu his bur bell to win 20 gaes fli
a TThe Pacific Coast Conference triumphan-t ones. He became-a Smoker particularly dangerous. to stardomI in 1354, lock lke romped off with September f
it ui lusnieMarquard. 3b 1 i a a opened official league play last fans und the Interviewer thought ended Harris expressed Mas sa-, Hogan wa.. ' wor. Series .
I nightwitharndonsnssge game at Pull- it fitting to seek out this roly- ttsfaction of hving` come to Hogan. Rocky Marciano, AllieBy October, the little
___ t Adams, m s 0 2 0'man, wash., whch resulted i poly gent to find out somethingPanama man aske that the fans Reynolds and Phil Rlznto oe the geiu She m a er- w as +

v te In, the Juanior Co.ea baa- al,_ RichHard Conover. and Carl Hethinson. c 20 0 lle adin most of te way. fancy belts. -the votes were con,,ce..-rnwm i
'. k tourna.ment of january McLaUghlin score points when! OrrIf.m0I IIIIm IMays was One of the wlnnerslI
*. Iand a8may prove to be risky needed. And in towering William Steiner. gf 2 0 0 01 lin "pro -athlet h" I Ca_'erwonthe November' .'
biuness. Maynard, upstate New YorkJackson, rf 0 0 0 0 polls, scoring in June when he'-ward or taking bac, his
Stored in u Buge at morea nlrom 1emarco. brao1am
b..e.cept.onal.Went. rebound.r...a.tre Totals 13 .......into the contention for the Na-IBobo Olson are leading
th ree Caonal tonenthardwooudestarvr.E nal u a t i
#?uze'tcanis mapped points The tab for the_ pre-tourna-_ tonal League batting title and ber candidates and theynr

thwa and AIt eelttimn. made so by raids on nearby Ar. seriptions to the trapshooters', m AS on the ballot. Boxers Ezzard f
'lot too much is known of the my bases. The Isthmian champs magazine, the "Sportsmen's Re- MIDDAY DEPARTURES TO Charles, Paddy Demarco and
ton playing ability of the in the military play, the- Fort view." Mua .Jimmy Carter made It along
up representina the Al- Kobbe Lifeners, supplied the Start the new year right by all with olfer Sam Snead, hasket-
A. -l N. .Svy out- BAC mn gr known stalwarts. WA T ADs S l ig out saturday and join- iNTRAL A ball sar Nell Johnston of Phtl-
C-LaL cla ug s on as Howard acCuum nand otters Ing the fun. i a --s adelphis and jockey Willie Shoe- I
SCoach GIi O-heu of O ADVICE ON HENS A.l ybee named yet but it Wk kf
UInwastice braltar LI Iasranee toast has tsvry Teday and may W ly will be Otto Gm hamOf th
af ae. two many yar of eoxerience oa the as be kept warmer and drier dur. Per hfl iefoainere veer eel wedeer f oCut hisil pewro n football sewith..
*g rods. Who has not ~en a the winter by stra~w tfts Sewli Aees S.A., II TWtOi A.. Teld. 2-2111t. out Ws pro football earber wi
.a. ple o Wh "i IM sway Cn Fe UR E is chitbycke1 usst cTlof ts a brilliant performance In the
'Tom. a a wea bb way CAN F VUe Nswind oo l exI c wo thaw ar d lestv
t s 9' : t dfjk fh Iw '" aewa dto poultry.z WORLD'S i5 r AIRLINE fli Ifagainst the Detroit lton
.w^ESe.W f b IE = ,__w:z S^ WI uMi a l Beat s. F19 ever.timereabouid be. ~, ef- _r t1 won_ the awarld
Tro"ae M".e"""' above a straw loft to In -ry a comr ativei. dull
-l aert- m moisture sad yet1 math fur Rsional Mans.
g et A. Returned from the M a perteotae heat l his sharp, two-round lockm
^ Wa igiBam 'a. a landtlesalso is sut. & e aJt em o ob atmterfie m i.
aS threat om the bebaaetball __ a___ _am__vi r 'u si tr y 4 Johasste Wohed off ,b' Feb|

- ~- C a -- t.~ -



~ ,:.1. -~~~-.

-...,. _:.:;

rfl ;--*1 -7 77.7
** 1 ;


". Hi e

B. S.

age .


story or


Panama American

et the people know the truth and the country is safe" -Abraham Lincoln.

Orders Veterans Benefits

Back On Peacetime Basis

eriment court of inquiry is f-
vorable to their claims. AUGUSTA. Oz., Jan. 4 (UP)- which is 80 percent of the war- feet too many other laws enact-
President Eisenhower yesterday time basis. ed in connection with the Ko-
mne court is expected to wind ordered the nation's veterans. It does not affect any war- rean fighting.
u discussions of the ni lf's benefits put back on a peace- time rights which anyone al- The free school provision of
c tomorrow and make its re- ime basis, effective Jan. 31. The ready was have or may accumu- the so-called Korean GI Bill of
. ., Thursday. The sources said move will eventually save bil- late between now and Jan. 31. Rights is the biggest single
lt .the report favors granting lions of dollars. The exact saving to the goy- benefit to be terminated by the
1A.jPt part of the 15 pa cent Mr. Elsenhower, winding up a ernment can not be determined. President's action.
i easee the NUR may advise a yuletide holiday, issued an exe- But experts in Washington fig- It provides up to $160 per
..w.s p.ponement of, the cutive order and proclamation ured war veterans benefits even- month for as many as 3 school
atriW t in an effort to gain still ending these benefits for future tually would cost an extra $5,. months enough for a four-
mote favorable terms. servicemen: 000,000,000 to $6,000.000,000 for year college education for men
The rallwaymen demanded 1. Free college scholarship each year they were continued. who served as long as 24 months
tbter perease last year They re- worth up to $5,760. The Little White House here during the Korean war period.
eilved part of it then are de- 2. Mustering-out pay up to pointed out that the order does In Te absence of supporting
mending the full 15 per cent $300. not Impair peacetime veterans legislation, Mr. Eisenhower's ac-
now.g special veterans unemploy- benefits. tion would mean that men now
ment insurance. "Persons serving in the arm- in service, and to remain in

But the walkout, which could 4. Loan guarantees on homes. I ed forces will continue to re-
paralyse British industry and farms and businesses. ceive entitlement to substan-
out down the moving of vital 3. Special hospital privileges tial peacetime veterans' ben-
morts and exports could con- and pensions for those whose efits provided by the Veterans
,, ably still take place against ailment are not due to military Administration the Depart-
Sion orders, service. ment of Defense, and other a-
The order puts compensation gencles," it said.
*The powerful district councils payments for service-connected These apply mostly to com-
the NUR, meeting Sunday in disabilities on a peacetime basis sensation and hospital and med-
key provincial cities, passed idal care for service-connected
utions calling on the union disabilities only, retirement, in-
go through with the strike aA e FIht surance and death gratuity.
S le the 15 per cent claim 18 JSUdi r Figll The order does not end the
.1n full. h tn untilae state of national emergency pro-
d they threatened unofficial M R claimed for the Korean fighting
aes if the union recommend- rssic s in 1950 by then President Tru-
hey accept the government's Cl a .man. Such an order would af-
W*F le Minister Sir Winston 1W i ll s
as ls mebeta rith his cabinet ALGIERS, Algeria, Jan. 4 (UP Meds-Franc
a 'to hear a report fromfught t -Mendos-France
bar' minister Sir Walter Monek- -soldiers fought a pitched bat
;.t4 on the stymied situation, tie, yesterday, with 14 outlaws f --.
.: Labor sources said a further near the Tunisian frontier and
*cabinet meeting is likely once four men were, killed, authorities I
't.!e NUR has heard the court of reported today.
etquiry's findings and decided The battle erupted 70 kilo- r i, Cu ill
*vhejiher or not it will accept meters (about 45 miles) north
of Louenza. Officials said one PARIS, Jan. 4 (UP)-Premler
soldier and three outlaws were Mendes France has sent Neo w
killed. At the same time, three Year's messages to President
Soldiers and five outlaws were Eisenhower Britain's Winston
wounded. Four outlaws were Churchill and West Ge r m a n
taken jfgoner, Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, it
There was speculation that the was announced today.
band was attached to that of Mended- F r a n c e hailed Mr.
Tabar Lassoued, a Tunisian fel- Eisenhower as "firm supporter"
A 1. lagha bandit who filed to heed to peace in a message holding
D*AY 0ftAv 1 the French amnesty offer, out hope that peace would be
I- $1 O -9 Q In Blda, police shot down 27- established in 1965.
L4 rsA-: 1R41S 3:00 -5:1 year-old Sidi Ikhleft Mustaphal "At the beginning of the new
7:30 .m Ben Belkacem, whom they were year, I send to. your excellency,
0 p.m. trying to arrest, after he drew a in my own name and that of thel
revolver and hid behind a cup- government of the republic, my
board in his home. sincere wishes for your happi-
Police said the revolver was ness and that of your family,"
the same type used in the at- the French leader's message
tack against a *policeman of said.
which he is charged. "I hope that the year 1955
CiNTUR N HS Elsewhere in Algeria near will bring to the world, thanks
Batna. some 10 masked and unl- Lo the friendship of our t w o
LOOK DOW.. formed- outlaws reportedly at- countries, the peace aspired by
tacked the Taga village. 30 kilo- "ll peoples and of which you are
NPON YO meters (8 miles) south west of he firm supporter."
Batna. The outlaws also raided
.ismlt a house and cut telephone lines.
A clash near Fourm Toub be- v, ho Says Z
SM kll. tween security forces and out y
*laws took the life of another
f outlaw, authorities said.

Four Permanent No Votin

EmIloyes Added In connection with the fo
gary of the Panama Railroad,
Swill be placed as a monume
Alall Zone. The locomotive, which
TO P ^^* ** *n Vl oldest now owned by the Rail


Pmtg~i a




Four permanent employes
three of whom were hired in t
United States, joined the Can
organization during the last tw
weeks i nDecember, according t
information from the Persona
The three employes from th
States, their birthplaces and po
lions are as follows:
William F. Caddell, of Pini
hurst, N.C., lock operator, Atlai
tie Locks; Marie B. de la Guas
dia, of San Francisco, Cal., clerk
stenographer Personnel Bureau
William R. La Chapelle, of No
ton, Mass., supervisory store
keeper. Commissary Division.
The one new employee hired lo
call was Marian D. B o w e
clerk-stenographer with the Pf
lice Division.

J The Canal Zone administ
s, the centennial observance I
he views of residents of the vat
al for the most appropriate-loca
'o ment.
to In order to obtain a wli
iel following list of suggested site
are asked to indicate their
1e before the location preferred.
d- The marked ballot shou
Panama Canal Information
e- tomorrow afternoon or placed
n- located in the lobby of the A
r- boa Heights and the lobby o
-Intersection of Bolivar
u; Cristobal.
r- ---Balboa Heights Railroa
e- -Gatun Locks area.
Pedro Miguel Locks are
0- Pradq or Circle near BI
a, -- Miraflores. Locks area.
a- NAME ... .

service after me Jan. 31 cutoff
date could accumulate no furth-
er eligibility under the school
However, Rep. Olin E. Tpague
(D-Tex.i, new chairman of the
House Veterans Committee, an-
nounced he will drop In the hop-
per on Jan. 7 a bill to save the
free schooling benefit for all
men in uniform on the cut-off
His bill would let such men
continue to accumulate school
rights on the regular basis of
1/2 months of school for each
month of service up to the
maximum of 36 months.
Teague said this is necessary
to prevent unfair treatment of
mnen who may have Joined the
service voluntarily in the belief
they would get full benefits of
the 01 bin.
Other benefits of the GI bill

John Barrymore, Jr.

Fund Gullty, %

61 Reckless 9dikig
TL V AC S-. M Y- jA
I M ~ lI, A*VUU

-mustering out pay, special
unemployment Insurance, and
loan guarantees are avail-
able In full to men any part
of whose service falls before
the wartime cut-off. No reg-
isiation is needed in these
fields to assure fair treatment
of men in uniform on Jan. 31,
Teague pointed out.
Here is the way other key ben-
efits affected by the order work:
Loan guarantees the gov-
ernment guarantees up to 60 per
cent of a GI's loan for a home.
with a maximum guarantee of
$7,500. The maximum Interest
rate is 4V2 per cent. On business
loans, where real estate Is in-
volved, up to 50 per cent is guar-
anteed, with a maximum of $4.-
000: on business loans without
real estate the maximum is $2.-
000. (Farm loans are closed as
business, with real estate).
Mustering-out pay $100 for
men in service, in this country,
less than 60 days: domestic serv-
ice longer than 60 days is good
for $200: men with overseas duty
get $300.
Special unemployment Insur-
ance good for $26 a week for
up to 26 weeks.
Hosoitalisatlon veterans of
wartime duty can get free hos-
oltal care, for ailments not due
to their service if beds are
available and if they say they
can't afford private treatment.
(All veterans get free hospital-
Ization for ailments incurred in

Pensions payments for total
and permanent disability, not
due to service, and dependent
on need. (Not to be confused
with compensation, for ailments
Incurred in service).

Ike To Ask Dems

am .was.tBe o 'ro To Approve Buis
son of the late "great profile" o1
the screen, was free on M300 bail
today pending sentencing ed B 610
on conviction of reckless driving. J ttculed vB G P
Young Barrymore, convi c t ed WASHINGTON, Jan. 4 (UP)-
yesterday in the municipal court President Eisenhower's state-'of-
of Judge Walter Rnichards could the-union Message Thursday will
months ined ailnd tenced to ask a Democratic Congress to
Barrymore was arrested Dec. approve domestic legisla t o n
22 by police who charged he and scuttled last year when his ow;
his wie, actress Cars Williams, Republican Party was in con-
drove their car in a reckless man- trol, Congressional leaders said
ner through this resort town while today.
celebrating their wedding anni. The facts of political life be-
versary. Ing what they are, the President
The young actor denied t he stands a good chance of getting
charge. at least some of these measures
A more liberal reciprocal trade
onIa H a Ve agreements program, for exam-
.on ns H ave ple. Mr. senhower plans to ask
for a three-year renewal of this
program with new authority to
Righ s cut tariffs. This idea was initiat-
g Rights? ed by the Democrats 20 years
ago and it still gets more sup-
nort from Democratic ranks
then it does from the GOP.
irthcoming hundredth anniver- The President also probably
on Jan. 28, Locomotive No. 299 will find greater sympathy a-
'nt at some site in the Canal among Democrats than he did a-
bears the date 1904, is the mong Republicans for addition-
lroad. al public housing units. and for
ration committee in cahrge of revision of the Taft Hartley
s interested in obtaining the Law.
rious Canal Zone communities On the other hand. the Dem-
dtion for the locomotive-monu- ocrats are expected to resist his
de expression of opinion, the proposal for higher first -class
de expression of opinion, the postal rates, and for Hawaiian
s appears below. Canal Zonians statehood without simultaneous
preference by marking an X Alaskan statehood. The 1 a st
ld then be forwarded to the Congress pushed through a bill
Office at Balboa Heights y increasing the Day of Federal
Sin the ballotbo xes whchary Civil Service and postal workers
administration Building at Bal- without an i n cr eae in "maUl
A the Cristobal post office, rstes. Mr. Eisenhower vetoed the
Highway and Randolph Road, bill.
Democrats succeeded in link-
Rd Station area. ing Alaskan statehood with
Hawaiian statehood in the last
a. Congress. They will be out to do
alboa Service Center. the same thing again. Whether
the President would veto a bill
................................. providing statehood for both re-
S .. .. .. .. .. mains to be seen.


Won War

BONN, Jan. 4 (UP) -A West personally ordered an Investlga- bassador in the absence of am. the epithet appeared in print in
German diplomat was called on I lion. He was reported gravely dis- bassador Hans Schlange-S c h o e- London.
the .arpet and suspended from turned. His chief adviser on for. nngen. 4Adensuer sent Loens hurrying to
his job yesterday because hi one- eign affairs, Walter Hall stein, After the customary Christmas London His preliminary uir
time beauty queen wife called was put In charge of the inqury. and New Year greetings, F r a u showed, the Foreign Office said,
Britian an "enemy" coun ry at a Hallateln was assisted by Joseph Schlitter spoke of the positions of that the incident "undoubt edly
gay Christmas party in London. Los, Foreign Office chief of Germans abroad, was described in an exaggerated
Oskar Shitteu-, acting am as-prtol. "What she wanted to say," the manner, and that i"me ebthe ex-
saor in L andon., off' his res- "The Incident is extremely re- government statement said, "was pressions attributed to her were
ligmation from the diplomatic er '. rettable," the Foreign Offlice tht every member of a GermanInot used by Frau Schlitter ina that
Ice. A decison It waa put off. statement said. foreign mission must always re- Iform."
Meatime ae was luspened from t explained that the offending member that he is i a foreign She had been quoted in London
his remark was made in a speech to country and that the frightful as saying, "my husband and I
w ,the former Bar mess members of the Geras embas- events of the last war are still find again and again what trea-
Dal r freyberg, wh.o sy In London by Frau Shlitter, far from being forgotten cherous ground London can be,
was 'Miss x w o Sat L 1 and 4. "In this connection Frau Schllt- Tand realize again and apia that
then did a ,brn I the movies as Her husband asked bt to depu- ter chose the unacceptable ex-'we live among enemies.'
Daisy d'Ora, ex pressed her tize for him at the that moment pressien 'enemy foreign country.' In any case, she and Sehaltter,
"eepest .rerts,. the Foreign at the embassy party DMe 2 which the guests found embaras- known as the "best dressed diple-
cesl Is.n statement um. Schlitter bad to to a rceptin sing and which found its way in- mat' in London when he serve
LtL. a acti, it British ;m. tI to tBb Britisht pre." there before th war, wea r W-t
-t Kona Ad&auer hs ctet np fratv ls l e faMt wA la(eb fire w MhMmeM. e w -- -






.--. -. .:
OUT FOR A SLED The grandchildren of President and Mrs. Elsnh er ent
sleds at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. Their parents Maj. Eisenhower and his wi.i thn t .
Left to right are Barbara Anne, 5; Dwight David, 6, nd Susan, who was three on. W.
sleds were Christmas presents from their grandparents. .


WINTER ON THE FARM Farmer Jack Todd brings his pet burro In. from the- to
shelter in his barn after'26 inches of snow fell on Fort Scott, Kan. Vicious winter a tsba
lashed across the nation from coast to coast, stranding hundreds of motorists in deep anoW and
isolating scores of towns.

'All's Well' $Says

Message From Re
4 (UP) U.N. Secretary Gen-
eral Dag Hammarskjold reached
Hankow on Red China's Yangtze
River today and elected to stay
overnight before proceeding to
Pelpingtomorrow on his delicate
mission to obtain the release of
11 Imprisoned American airmen.
The first message from the
General Secretary and his party
from behind the Bamboo Cur-
tain sait "all is well."
Hammarskjold, who has been
entrusted by the VUN with the
task of obtaining release of other
imprisoned United Nations per-
sonnel In Red China as well as
the American Airmen, reached
Hankow .after a 500-mile flight
from Canton where his plane
first touched Red Chinese soil
at 8:30 a.m. (7:30 p.m. Monday
Hankow is a major Chinese
railway center and is about mid-
way between Canton and Pel-
ping, where Hammarskjold will
begin his negotiations with Red
Chinese Premier and Foreign
Minister Chou En-lai.
The first message did not give
the precise time of the party's
arrival in Hankow except that it
was in the evening, Chinese time.
Peiping is 13 hours ahead of U.S.
eastern standard time.
Hammarskjold and his party
were met at Hankow by local
Chinese communist officials and
by Hammarskjold's nephew, Pe-
der HammarskJold, Charge D'-
Affairs at the Swedish Embassy
in. Peiping.
The party made an eight-and-
a-half hour non-stop flight from
Calcutta to Canton via Burma,
Thailand and Northern Viet
Nam in a special Indian Airlines
Skynaster plane.
From Canton, the party flew OFF FOR PEIPING Dag Hi
in a special plane provided by erai of the. United Nations, t
the Petlpng government. UN. Henry Cabot Lodge, as tl
Per Lind, executive secretary the first leg of his j
for Ianmmarsklold, planned to
file periodic messages to U.N.
headquarters for distribution to US Agrees To Pay
newluma here. He took no news-
men with him. Except for report- $2,000,0
ers already tn Peiping, or on UUU
specil 09, ;' ent from coun-
tries w mat re Damages To Japai
with Red China, the world's only TOKYO, Jan. 4 (UP) T
other access to information on United States has agreed to p
the mission wS. through Peiping Japan $2,000.000 as compena
Radio. tion for damages caused by U
hydrogen-bomb tests at Blk
Sf t early this year, it was learn
Infant Son t dy,. 7
Of $- ofstmostea r Forelh n Minister M a m o
Shigemltsu reported the sett
m et offer at the cabinet's fi
Di tal meeting of the newer tod
1'- -co -n g.vZ' to 'JLM .Tm e MUM

The Inant of Mr. and Mrs. The cabinet Immediately approv-
David Rse of Balboa died Mos- ed the figure. MX -
tday atersem at 3.30 p'lock min
G Corgat Hspital. The baby was SAPT RECORD AMFOB
imly two sts cd. BROCTO, s. (UP) -
I ts. epodtnster at Red- George P. PautulIs of Broyno. two
taof hau a an t4 aIn35W.x

U'6w r .' """'
--. -'- "I- = """ """ -.- -" "".
'" ".t.- "" ;' t .,; .'. ._..'. -. .

. -.
,.-=; Ti. -


:May Delay

Ig Strike

LONDON. Jan. 4 (UP) Lead-
er of Britain's 440,000 railway- L
men may postpone a threatened
nationwide strike for a week in THIRTIETH
an effort to persuade the- gov-
ermnent to agree to their de-
Munds or a 15 per cent wage
ke informed sources said to- I
ny. .
The sources said the 24 mem-
*lrs of the executive committee
. of the National Union of Sall-
waymen may suggest a week's
postpnement of -the strike -
nsheduled now for Sunday mid-
night if the repo.brt of 9a.ov- v U

0 ..

; Dag's

'd China

ammarskjold (left), Set-
alks with chief US, defBiitS e
be secretary prepard to depf on
journey to Pelp Chgi n. ,
Express Hi ,
n Condoences -
e o TA -4 ". -'"t

bin' finleuM^Sn
nod md todaym
eMues", over thtb
tlu Reio 'e n t.
t President la6
17,1the Foeign viBsr~ta

Frau Forgets

__ __ ___

. 1



". .



_ :, :. ',

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